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File: 1529869996792.png (561.72 KB, 1242x1924, IMG_3699.PNG)

No. 620138

>black girls are kawaii is a Facebook group that is infested with cringy and insecure black weeaboos
>most of them dress like shit and are fat
>they hate Amina

In recent news the shit has hit the fan and Amina is suing Micky and himeka. Let's see how this turns out.

No. 620149

File: 1529870575284.png (196.35 KB, 1242x771, IMG_3700.PNG)

No. 620150

File: 1529870644230.png (97.4 KB, 1242x740, IMG_3701.PNG)

She has filed the law suit

No. 620188

File: 1529872266867.png (298.86 KB, 1222x989, IMG_3706.PNG)

The drama has been brewing for months

No. 620194

File: 1529872822052.jpg (65.39 KB, 634x610, article-0-15A93FF2000005DC-883…)


She brought this on herself.

Now it's just a matter of time before she comes in acting like she's empowering herself, all while doing the exact opposite.

No. 620199

I thought Amina threads weren’t allowed anymore

No. 620203

If Amina lives in London and Micky lives in Detroit will this lolsuit hold any weigt in court?what exactly is Micky being sued for?

No. 620205

>suing for internet drama

No. 620211

It seems like it'd be cheaper to just block them or stay off of drama sites than wasting all that money on a lawyer but to each their own i guess

No. 620215

File: 1529874726608.jpg (18.73 KB, 275x89, IMG_3710.JPG)

No. 620283

File: 1529878203189.png (367.57 KB, 1242x1390, IMG_3713.PNG)

Who is Ben?who is the guy they're arguing about?

No. 620284

File: 1529878258971.png (294.03 KB, 1242x907, IMG_3712.PNG)

No. 620289

File: 1529878485925.png (480.91 KB, 1242x1682, IMG_3714.PNG)

Is this one of the girls from black girls are kawaii, Micky, himeka or some other person she's had drama with?

No. 620295

File: 1529878895507.png (217.87 KB, 1242x1817, IMG_3715.PNG)

No. 620300

File: 1529879223431.jpg (342.75 KB, 901x1200, IMG_3716.JPG)

Apparently this is the guy they're fighting over. They really love white neck beards don't they?

No. 620301

The neck beard YouTuber Benpai from the drunken peasants amazing atheist show. Amina had a short fling with him and it turned out he’s married and does it to fan girls a lot. Apparently she got together with a bunch of girls and they called him out on reddit. Guess it kinda worked because the other cohosts left the show including the amazing atheist and called out this guy for being a sleaze bag. She wasn’t really public about it but I saw a few tweets on Amina’s twitter. It was shortly before she got with her current bf. I think the girl on reddit was Ben himself. He turned out to be quite a lolcow actually.

No. 620302

I really think she needs to raise her standards. Does she only date neck beards?

No. 620303

File: 1529879333080.png (347.03 KB, 362x420, C8E9E30A-19D2-4896-B0D5-66B6E2…)

Huh? Where did you get this? Who is this guy?
It’s Ben the metal head neck beard from the YouTube show DP. Amina fucked him before her current boyfriend.

No. 620304

That’s not the guy anon

No. 620305

So she wasn't aware he was married?ive never heard of this drama.

No. 620307

Does she have a fetish for repulsive men?she can do better than this.

No. 620310

She was never public about it but the Amazing atheist and all his friends and girlfriend follows her on twitter and likes her posts. It wasn’t really a case of #metoo but more like Onision in the sense that the Benpai guy finds fan girls and lies to them about being married. He has over 200k subs so he’s very famous too and amina’s Callout post got a lot of attention on reddit. Don’t blame her for being anonymous though. Their fans are autistic

No. 620312

Please tell me this was a guy who paid to have sex with her and not someone she fucked for free.

No. 620313

I think she was using him for clout. He’s ugly but he’s the best out of the amazing atheist skeptic group which isn’t saying a lot. She said he flew her to Seattle, took her to nice restaurants but played her. Then she got with her current neck beard right after. I’m surprised this didn’t come up earlier because this was big in the Drunkenpeasants fandom. It split the podcasts in two and the AmazingAtheist ans Paulsego went and started their own thing and called Ben out for his infildelities. Amina really pulled a Yoko Ono but kept it on the low key.

No. 620316

Amina seems highly insecure but also very pragmatic. She probably thought she’d get a youtube career out of it

No. 620317

How was she using him for clout If she was keeping it on the dl?

No. 620319

File: 1529879847031.png (529.17 KB, 1242x1625, IMG_3717.PNG)

No. 620320

File: 1529879910419.png (267.64 KB, 1242x1896, IMG_3718.PNG)

No. 620321

She only kept it on the dL after she called him out. I think she was planning on quitting the idol stuff and wanted to do YouTube and planned on using him for it. Must’ve kept it on the dl because she likes to maintain a posh princess ditzy reputation and fucking a fat youtube stoner wouldn’t help it

No. 620324

Damn she's thirsty

No. 620326

Sage for uncertainty but I think she called him out on twitter before too. She’s definitely vagued him on twitter before and gotten his fan base to go after him. There was a guy called ShirtGuy who was famous in the DP fandom who she still seems to talk to on twitter. I’m honestly surprised this didn’t come out earlier. Ben seems like a scumbag so if anything it would make Amina look stupid rather than “bad”

No. 620331

File: 1529880412069.jpg (44.63 KB, 639x655, IMG_3719.JPG)

This is too funny though

No. 620334

File: 1529880455894.jpeg (24.39 KB, 190x266, 04EC2010-448C-447C-B528-02975F…)

Amina also had a lengthy affair with the pedo anime creator and Mangaka of Welcome to the NHK, since she was a young teen. He’s a former hikkikomori and is in a cult currently. If you go to his public Facebook posts from 2015-2017 it’s full of posts of or by Amina. He likes her insta photos all the time and appeared in her YouTube video about the Japan penis festival. He’s really weird and is mentioned on 4chan a lot. She seems to fall hard for 30+ year old neck beard hebephile Z list celebrities. Makes me wonder why she’s with her current man.

No. 620335

File: 1529880457026.jpg (65.44 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3720.JPG)

No. 620337

File: 1529880510731.jpg (61.55 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3721.JPG)

The thirst is real

No. 620338

He sent her a photo of his hairy chest and said something cringe which fans took the mick out of lmao. Let me know if you find it

No. 620340

File: 1529880531860.jpg (59.53 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3722.JPG)

No. 620341

File: 1529880579239.jpg (56.73 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3723.JPG)

Well that Japanese guy looks decent. I can't believe she fucked this ugly mug for free.

No. 620345

File: 1529880629073.jpg (44 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3724.JPG)

lol I found it.

No. 620346

Clout. Ben is ugly as fuck but compared to Paul and TJ on his show he gets the most attention from girls for some reason. I always thought TJ amazing atheist’s brother Scottie was the most conventionally attractive but they’re all full autist. Don’t know why she was so desperate to fuck any of them

No. 620348

File: 1529880777425.jpg (55.32 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3726.JPG)

I can't believe she sent them nudes. She doesn't even need to be this desperate she already has a following and can do ok on her own.

No. 620349

Where does it say she sent him nudes? 2016 was her gravure dvd stint could’ve been then

No. 620352

File: 1529880916754.jpg (66.59 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3728.JPG)

Why is she all heart broken of this fat fuck?hes gross

No. 620353

File: 1529880985545.jpeg (88.55 KB, 800x480, D5D8AFC0-A49E-491B-83DE-DF044F…)

When did Amina start liking white guys so much? I always thought she would’ve dated a Blasian or middle class Japanese otaku Guy.

No. 620356

She always seemed like the type to want attention from the kind of neck beard who posts on 4chan. When was he last time he washed his hair?

No. 620359

That’s not her. That’s the girl he supposedly threatened to commit suicide over or his ex he was moping to her about. Go to r/drunkenpeasantsdp and it should have the full post with photos. He protected a pedo admin in his fan group and threatened suicide so her callout post is more on that.

No. 620360

Imagine this thing on top of you breathing and sweating on you. I just can't.

No. 620362

When you fuck old men for a living I think your standards drop. People really underestimate how much women care about money, clout and power. Most gold diggers can’t give a damn how the fucker looks. I’m itching to see how her current man looks tbh

No. 620363

Has she ever dated anyone under the age of 35?

No. 620365

>I'm itching to see what her current man looks like

There's a reason she hides his face I guess. One thing I can see is that he's overweight, which isn't a shocker. Did Ben even pay her?it seems like she gave the pussy up for free.

No. 620369

Wtf is this detailment against Amina?!

No. 620370

He flew her to Seattle and she stayed at the amazing atheist house. Amina is alt right so that was probably enough to fuck her
no it seems to be her required age. guess she securing the bag

No. 620372

It wasn't intentional derailment. I found some conversations that I thought were Micky or something but it turns out it was one of the amazing atheists dudes lol total accidental milk

No. 620374

I found a conversation they had I think. Idk if this is him or her. The audio doesn't work for me.

No. 620375

File: 1529881754873.jpeg (17.39 KB, 227x201, 0220E4FD-A2BE-4288-B097-36B3BA…)

her current man

No. 620376


Just seems very suspisious with what is going on

No. 620377

File: 1529881796885.png (1.18 MB, 640x1136, 01E455D0-F9F1-486C-BD00-1D9B1D…)

so I guess this is an Amina thread now even though they were banned last year ?

No. 620378

Well seems like the edgy type we have seen before

No. 620379

Wouldn't be suprise if Angela & Micky's gang of goons are responsible by trying to bump other threads to move theirs down the catalog.

No. 620382

Not shocked either. This all happened last year lol

No. 620383

File: 1529881920900.png (59.38 KB, 1242x492, IMG_3729.PNG)

No. 620385

File: 1529882068578.png (59.48 KB, 1242x350, IMG_3730.PNG)

Well according to her she wasn't using him

No. 620387

>This all happened last year

LMAO I knew it. These bitches are so pathetic. Posting irrevalent shit as a "get out of jail" card.

No. 620394

On the topic of the lul suit. What exactly is Amina suing Micky and himeka for again?i really hope they go to court because this will be too funny.

No. 620398

Years of Stalking, attempts to destroy her career with accusations of CP, threats to her life etc. Read the Mickey Thread.

No. 620400

I wonder if she's seriously going to sue or if it was just a moment of anger. I really hope she does sue. The milk will be plentiful.

No. 620406

she is sueing a fat whale

No. 620410

File: 1529883151678.jpg (37.01 KB, 275x227, IMG_3731.JPG)

More screen caps from the law suit drama
>sexual harassment

Why are all these bitches so over dramatic?micky and Amina just need to fuck and get it over with. They have been at each other's necks for years.

No. 620411

No. 620416

I can imagine them all in court. Micky wearing clothes too tight for her, Amina looking like a frightened troll with a ratty wig, himeka wearing a tight baby girl tshirt and dress like a preteen while looking 40.

No. 620421

File: 1529883542345.jpg (41.23 KB, 203x275, IMG_3735.JPG)

Idk if these have been posted already.

No. 620422

File: 1529883572851.png (20.97 KB, 275x70, IMG_3736.PNG)

No. 620429



No. 620431

It is tho

No. 620435

File: 1529883843508.jpg (35.05 KB, 352x960, IMG_3737.JPG)

Me replying to myself here. Another screen cap I found. Proof that Micky sexually harassed Amina. Look at the tags.

No. 620438

File: 1529883911662.jpg (90.23 KB, 259x275, IMG_3738.JPG)

No. 620440

File: 1529883952835.jpg (38.71 KB, 241x275, IMG_3739.JPG)

This is all the caps I got for now

No. 620445

"fantasizes about amina tbh "
sexualizes amina….oh


No. 620446

No. 620447

That's probably why they hate each other so much. They're both bi. Must be some sexual tension kek

But it's funny that Amina thinks she's going to be able to go to court using a tumblr post as proof of sexual harassment kek

No. 620448

As much as I hate Mickey - Amina cannot really use shit like this as evidence, for this one doesn't even name her. It's so vague that people who didn't read Amina's post about her pregnancy wouldn't even connect it to her. Sure it's very clearly directed at her but only Amina and others close can connect the dots. Doubt judges etc would.

No. 620454

She probably won't even actually file a law suit against her.

No. 620462

If Micky is posting that Amina spread child porn alongside a photo of Amina with absolutely no proof that can 100% be used as a means for a defamation case. People have been sued of less. They won’t go to court however. It’ll probably end in a settlement agreement that Micky can’t say that anymore.

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