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File: 1406912620739.jpg (111.41 KB, 426x640, tumblr_lz7wmqp95V1r4iqtlo1_500…)

No. 290770

I think Felice Fawn and her scams are pretty well know. Are there any other lol-worthy ~thinspo queens~ around?

No. 290771

mila mortice/lllunabelle/anca http://milameux.tumblr.com/tagged/personal

No. 290772

I haven't heard her story. I've only heard her name in amature modeling, like tumblr or something. I thought she was a wanna be model.

No. 290773

No. 290774

I know Felice is such a fraud, but I can't help myself. I find her so beautiful and her dogs (or furbabies as she calls them) are adorable

Urg Mila. She is such a crazy stalker girl. First she wanted to be an elf princess like Kota Koti, and now she is copying Felice in everything.

No. 290775

The way Mila shoops herself is also outrageous and very creepy. She doesn't even look real anymore.

No. 290776

File: 1407009243270.jpg (126.37 KB, 640x480, image.jpg)

She looks like this fucking animal. Are her eyes actually that big or is it shoop

No. 290777

do you even need to ask?

No. 290778

>her whole biography
Holy shit,is she narcissistic? Who writes about herself like that?

No. 290779

Just started reading it.
Holy shit, this reads like something out of American Psycho.

No. 290780

Y'all heard that shmegeh is homeless now (speaking of thinspo tumblr girls)?

No. 290781

For being homeless she sure posts a lot on Tumblr.

No. 290782

i think her shit is queued.

No. 290783

Wasn't she in rehab?

No. 290784

File: 1408795205938.jpg (96.76 KB, 500x667, tumblr_n53tdtjOEs1rsdowgo1_500…)

Not a thinspo queen, but Ashley Finch. She's pretty mean online, but seems just really sad and her mom seems very abusive. Wish someone would help her, but I don't see how she can recover.


No. 290785

holy shit what the fuck
how is this not dead yet?

No. 290786

holy fucking shiiit how is she still alive???? she's sooo thin she looks unreal

No. 290787

File: 1408796143719.jpg (36.73 KB, 704x396, 1396790271348.jpg)

It looks like a monster from my nightmares oh dear…
How is this thing not dead yet? It's some /x/ spoopy skellington shit right there

No. 290788

Does she have a disease? Or is she starving herself on purpose?

No. 290789


She has an ED. No one can really ask her about it because she's very sarcastic and defensive. I can't believe she's not permanently hospitalized.

No. 290790

File: 1408797753688.jpg (21.98 KB, 516x223, add.JPG)

No. 290791


She's not gonna be alive for much longer I can promise you that.
I don't know how long she's been at that weight but her organs have likely already begun catabolising themselves.

If she ever does recover she's going to end up in her wheelchair from arthritis and osteoporosis that's for sure.

No. 290792

No. 290793

omgf i cant believe she's been this since 2012. girls that arent even underweight die from eating disorders, how the fuck is she still alive?
doesn't she have a family that could help her?omgd and it looks like she loves her eating disorder.she must feel so miserable, she should be hospitalized against her will because she's going to die!! its not only about her looks,but about her health too. where the fuck are the parents?

No. 290794

People that keep saying her she's beautiful the way she is are mentally sick!! She has an ED and needs to seek help! It's not only about the looks, but about her health. She can't live like for very long, she's already missing a couple of teeth. Her hair is going to fall out and she may spend the rest of her life suffering from ED's consequences. People are fucking sick. I'm a recovering bulimic and I know that those compliments about your weight encourages you to starve/purge. I went through all of this, having an ED feels horrible, it's hell on earth.

No. 290795

I'd die if I saw her irl.

No. 290796

File: 1408814754217.jpg (11.56 KB, 280x390, BLOWUP-DOLL_449061a.jpg)

How is she even alive

No. 290797

Jesus Christ, she needs to be hospitalized as soon as possible. I'm surprised no one has called 911 when she looks like this.

No. 290798

File: 1408821942686.png (488.84 KB, 607x606, Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 20.2…)

Well, this photo's from July 2012, so somehow she's survived at least 2 years like this… Amazing really.

No. 290799


camera adds ten pounds yo.

No. 290800

This is spooky as shit,someone please call the 911 on this girl how is she even alive Christ on a bike

No. 290801

If she doesn't want to go there herself they won't do shit, somebody that thin even treated to sue me after I called the hospital when she collapsed on the middle of the street and I was like wtf.

No. 290802

Oh god, you can see every bone, tendon, muscle. It makes me sad knowing she did this to herself, but doesn't have control over it. I doubt she will be able to ever recover.

No. 290803

At first i thought she put pads on her shoulders but omfg thats her shoulder blades

No. 290804

What's the story on her mom? Or has she only mentioned it?

No. 290805

File: 1408823404362.png (65.7 KB, 544x593, Screen Shot 2014-08-23 at 20.4…)

There's a lot of real messed-up posts about it on her Tumblr.

The way she says 'Me and my mother will never be that way again;' makes me wonder if something traumatic happened as well.

No. 290806


>you can see every bone, tendon, muscle

I think it's fucking cool tbh, but, that's just me obvs.

I mean, it's amazing the amount of abuse the human body can take before just shutting down. Most animals wouldn't even last a single night in this kind of state, but not us.

No. 290807

I agree, it is fascinating.

No. 290808

That's sad.

No. 290809


I'd like to know why though.

I've never been a believer in humans being some sort of "supreme race".
We can't breathe under water nor fly, and we make up for that with a terrible cunning, malice and greed.

However in terms of longevity, strength and physical perseverance, we really do trump all other animals.
I wonder if our level of sentience has anything to do with it.

No. 290810

some tortoises live to be like 150 y/o


gorillas are stronger

I would say that, other than our intelligence, the only thing we have going for us is our ability to withstand massive amounts of drugs/poison.

No. 290811

File: 1408827408333.jpg (107.69 KB, 999x607, jj.JPG)

No. 290812

Poor woman, She seems to have had a lot of family drama.

No. 290813


>gorillas are stronger

I didn't mean physical strength, more resilience.

Humans are resilient as fuark.

No. 290814

Plastination is cool. This shit is scary.

These people are physically and mentally ill. Look at >>290784

She has no thighs. It's a wonder she's able to walk upright.

You can eat all the micro-nutrients you want, but if you don't cover your protein needs, your muscles will eat themselves. It's the body's prime choice for stored fuel. Probably not news to anyone here, but it does mean her heart is wasting too. Just wanted to put that out there.

And I know it's a mental illness that often has to do with the brains concept of ones own body being fucked, but man… these people see anything as "fat". They'll see muscles as fat. Organs as fat. Fucking anything as fat. Look at how huge a bodybuilder is. They usually have close to no bodyfat, despite being so big. Bodyfat is most of the time just a uniform veil covering muscles and bone- hence why bodybuilders get rid of it; to show off their muscle fibers and veins.

They must know on some level they're killing themselves and that they feel like shit because they don't consume nearly enough calories. Why they don't seek help is beyond me. Sorry about the ranting wall of text but this is just so fucked.

No. 290815


Well I'm >>290806, but I'm actually speaking as a recovered anorexic myself.

>they must know on some level they're killing themselves

We do, or at least, they do.
A lot of people don't seem to grasp that for the majority of people with ED's it isn't necessarily about wanting to lose weight and look good.
For me (and this is probably the most common one amongst anorexics), it was was to do with this striking fear I had in regards to adulthood, independence and responsibility.
When you stop eating your body and mind reduce themselves to a child-like state. You become unholy amounts of irritable, your breasts shrink, you become lighter, weaker, more helpless and your periods stop to name a few symptoms.
All of a sudden you don't have to worry about maturing and having to look after yourself. Suddenly your weak and small and pathetic again and everybody wants to look after you.

In many ways it's a result of being coddled in childhood. I was never spoiled as a kid and I've never been rich, but I was never allowed to do anything on my own, never allowed to get a job, even part-time, and it resulted in me never having really learnt how to do anything and then developed this fear of responsibility. I wasn't allowed to control any aspect of my life, but the one thing I could control was my body, what went into it and how it developed and appeared.

I was never as bad as this chick, my lowest weight only ever having reached 102 lbs at 5'5", so luckily I escaped the potential of having being marred by long-term damage, anal fissures from the chronic constipation aside.

No. 290816

I'm a recovering bulimic too, It makes me so angry when I see these chubby fucking social justice bitches saying "Oh you're so perfect, don't let anyone tell you you're wrong because you're beautiful". No. I was hospitalised because of this shit, My organs were shutting down because of this, my lips were blue, my hair was falling out, my gums were receding. It's not fucking beautiful, It's painful. It's all pain. She's suffering so much, and she swings between self hatred and posting loads of pictures. She's really really ill.

No. 290817


Were your reasons for developing bulimia anything like mine >>290815 ?

No. 290818

No, it was a bit different. I was bullied severely for my weight despite being a normal weight all my life until my eating disorder started. It just gets to you after a while, my mother was bullying me for my weight every single day and after a while I began to loathe my appearance just as much as everyone else did. I still hate it. I still think I'm hideous. But I'm not dying anymore at least. I starved myself and made myself sick to make my mother love me basically. I really wish you all the best anon, I'm glad you've escaped the worst of the damage x

No. 290819

I don't understand why you wouldn't want help in either of those states though… I have a minor eating problem, but it's just a side effect of depression. I just got to the point where I thought "wow, I feel so terrible I really need to do something about this or I'll go fucking insane and do something really bad".

Bullying is so vile.

I really hope you guys can get into fitness and stuff. I felt loads better about my body and myself when I started being able to go out and do stuff without coming home feeling physically exhausted. Supplements are so important when you eat way below you macronutrients, but I guess that's no news for you guys.

No. 290820

It's because we evolved to endure relatively long periods of starvation. The method of hunting humans primarily used was exhaustion hunting, we just chased after shit until it couldn't go on any longer, humans who couldn't do this died off, so the trait was selected for and evolved in. That coupled with the harsh environments early humans evolved in and you end up with a pretty robust animal. Tribes people and long distance runners show this off pretty well, they're both extremely thin.

People always say "A skinny person can be just as unhealthy as a fat person!" But it's complete bullshit. Humans are supposed to be on the skinny side.

No. 290821

File: 1408873337257.png (517.57 KB, 521x1409, sd.png)

Her blog is making me sick

No. 290822

That grating, sarcastic cheerfulness is what gets me.
It makes the whole thing much more nauseating.

No. 290823

I think what people mean when they say that is
>healthy = skinny
>skinny =/= necessarily healthy
Like there's no way for a truly overweight person to really be healthy but not everyone who is thin is automatically healthy either. I'm bordering on underweight myself and I'm an unhealthy sack of crap. Still better off than someone who is 50 pounds overweight, but not exactly something to strive for.

No. 290824

oh my god, i feel exactly the same!! im the youngest child in the family, i didn't want to ever leave them .they didnt spoil me though, just that i didn't want to grow up,i was scared of adulthood, i wanted to disappear. ,i felt to insecure. i know it sounds stupid but i didnt want a feminine body, i was ashamed of my breasts and tights and i wanted to be completely flat and lose as much weight as possible, i wasn't ready for a "responsible adult life". im trying to lose weight on my tights but im trying to do it in a healthy way.
i think in most cases ED isn't about losing weight anymore,its about wanting to disappear,to be completely helpless so that someone could take care of you.
sorry for shitty english.

No. 290825

i can't believe shmegeh has a fan page. these people are sick, they support her ED.are they sadists?they're literally watching her slowly killing herself

No. 290826

How come she still has teeth? I was bulimic for 2 years and I have enamel erosion. My teeth are fucking transparent and they keep chipping.. I have like 15 cavities. FUCK BULIMIA!!
Luckily I'm getting them fixed soon.

No. 290827

Pun intended?

No. 290828

Well bulimic and anorexic are not the same thing. Throwing up ruins your teeth, I assume she just doesn't eat.

No. 290829


>dear god my toilet is going to hate me

Yeah she's throwing that shit up.

No. 290830

File: 1408895733995.jpg (138.45 KB, 1080x720, tumblr_mamrlbjiD01qzt48xo1_128…)

Before anorexia.

No. 290831

File: 1408896003953.jpg (25 KB, 287x433, tumblr_n0vlmriHnJ1t8c9i7o1_400…)

Er, you're linking to a Ashley Finch post and using a shmegeh photo?

If you're going for a pre-anorexia pic, at least use one from way, way back where you can actually see her body.

No. 290832

File: 1408901070930.jpg (1.11 MB, 1728x2304, 1353889261227.jpg)


That isn't Shmegeh pre-anorexia, that's pretty much her now.

Don't get me wrong she's horrendously underweight and definitely anorexic, but it's well known that when taking her own photos she employs the use of angles, makeup and tensing her muscles in order to make herself look a lot thinner than she actually is.

There's picture of her taken semi-candid at conventions and she is nowhere bear as bad she makes out.

No. 290833

i completely agree. i guess she "loves" her ED and wants to look as thin as possible.
i honestly don't understand those thinspo queens. they look like fucking zombies, they want shock ppl how fucking thin they are. do they want ppl to feel sorry for them or what? i honestly don't understand. people HATE their eating disorders and they wish they didn't have it. this is what i've heard from ED victims.

No. 290834

For anyone wondering, Ashley is 28 years old.

No. 290836

File: 1408908462366.jpg (65.1 KB, 640x480, id_by_ruaridoll_by_ruarridoll-…)

You just reminded me of Ruaridoll. She was reportedly anorexic/bulimic and the same way, though she didn't have a Tumblr IIRC, just a deviantart and YouTube. Fuck I miss her
For those not familiar: https://www.youtube.com/user/ruarridoll/videos

No. 290837

Shit, this is all so strange. It seems that her mother had driven her to this point. I googled her name and it showed me to a pro-ana forum and saw that even they were really fucking horrified by what they'd seen.. also apparently she's a racist? (some black people were rude to her on one of her pictures online or something, so she hates all of them now apparently).

What I'm wondering is… how does she go out in public? Without anybody saying anything or shit, calling the cops or something?? There's a video on her instagram where she's at Krispy Kreme ordering a dozen donuts for herself…

No. 290838

Of course people say shit to her when she's out. She's mentioned this before.

As for calling the cops, who would actually do that…? Most people wouldn't want to get involved.

No. 290839

>japanese take out
>2/5 were actually japanese dishes

No. 290840

I'm sort of familiar with ED's, just anorexia since I used to read about it in high school, but is this alien chic able to stay alive for so long because she eats a bit and then purges on top of being anorexic? I thought they were separate diseases, or do they often overlap?

I'm surprised her body can take all that greasy ubhealthy food at her current weight, that's assuming she does eat what she orders.

No. 290841

It's not complete bullshit.

look at some of these girls. you can be slightly overweight and not have acute health risks like these people do. But I guess it's not a fair comparison then.

Just because you purge doesn't mean all your stomach contents are voided, and that you haven't been able to absorb some nutrients (probably quite importantly, monosaccharides and amino acids) through the stomach lining. The latter is broscience, though.

And the two have similar psychologies. WP states that people tend to alternate between the two, so yeah, there seems to be an overlap.

I don't understand why she's so cryptic. Or maybe I'm just dumb, idk. If her mom is anorexic too, that'd make sense. Two teenage girls, one supposed to take care of the other, and both unable to take care of themselves. But some kind of triggering event? What would that be? I thought this kind of thing was gradual.

She seems cuter than I remember. I don't like being attracted to crazy girls…

No. 290842

No, it's not a fair comparison at all. What I'm saying is it's almost universally better to be 10lbs underweight than it is to be 10lbs overweight, for normal people. And on the extreme ends of the scale you're much more likely to survive being skeleton thin than you are being massively obese with fewer complications if you come out the other side. As I said, humans were built to be able to withstand starving.

No. 290843

>And on the extreme ends of the scale you're much more likely to survive being skeleton thin than you are being massively obese with fewer complications if you come out the other side.
I don't know about that, anon. Permanently fucked up teeth, bones, arthritis, withered organs, barrenness, extreme malnutrition and the possible inability to digest properly, throat erosion in the case of bulimia, etc from being full hungry skeleton is probably much worse than having a few joint pains and heart issues after losing a lot of weight.
It just seems to me like you're trying to justify certain things.

No. 290844

In the case of anorexia and bulimia, yeah. Most of what you listed are condition specific side effects not due simply to lack of nutrition though, which is what I was talking about. If you're going to play it like that I could just as easily list a bunch of shit specific to extremely bad diets (i.e. people who drink so much coke their teeth rot) rather than just overeating on an okay diet.

Even so, the list of the possible complications for being obese is four times as long as the list of risks for being severely underweight.




It's still twice as long if you include all of complications of bulimia, which are all due to vomiting not lack of nutrients.


There has never been a period in history where overeating was a risk to human health besides the period we're living in now. We have simply not evolved to deal with an excess of calories, where as we have adapted quite a considerable amount to dealing with periods of starvation. Starvation has almost always been a threat to at least one population on earth at any given time.

I'm not saying being anorexic isn't fucked up, even without the physical aspect it's undoubtedly an extremely fucked up thing, being that it's a mental illness and all.

No. 290845

It's not even that cryptic, she's pretty obviously saying her mom has an ED too.

While the development is sometimes gradual, it can also be triggered or made considerably worse by something traumatic happening. Obviously we don't know how Ashley's ED developed, but I think anon was just wondering because she does remember a time when she ate at least somewhat normally.

No. 290846

That's the worst case of anorexia I've ever seen.

No. 290847


Let's not forget your butthole getting all kinds of fucked up ;__;

Nobody ever mentions that kind of stuff when they try to glamourise anorexia, but the sad truth is that when you're eating very little your body slows it's metabolic rate in order to attempt to extract every last little bit of nutrition from whatever food you are ingesting, and this leaves the digested food to collect, and in 6-7 days. maybe even longer, when you're suddenly ready to poop…

Oh my lawd. Never again.

No. 290848

File: 1408972105445.jpg (41.18 KB, 640x480, 10262275_10151963355826065_685…)

Ashley and her mom.
(from her facebook)

No. 290849

File: 1408972305357.jpg (38.36 KB, 640x480, 1507748_1420362774894686_16781…)

Her mom actually looks quite sweet, which is jarring. Looks fairly underweight too though.

Another pic.

No. 290850

>Her mom actually looks quite sweet, which is jarring.
My thoughts exactly. I wonder if she looks at her daughter and feels like shit because she actively contributes to her condition and makes her worse.
I'd honestly like to slap her in the face even though I don't know the full story.

No. 290851

FUCK look at her skull

No. 290852

>Looking older than your mom


No. 290853

Is she wearing a wig?
Her hair looks good compared to the rest of her.

No. 290854


Sorry, I know this is a nitpick but I have to point it out-

Why is it that I ALWAYS see girls who claim to be such huge, dedicated EVA fans cosplaying Asuka with her interface clips the wrong way?? They're always either upside-down or completely sideways.

No. 290855

Hers looks ok to me. Her face is making me sad. Asuka is full of life, this chick should cosplay Rei instead.

No. 290856

Asuka doesn't seem like the kind of girl to wear heavy eyeshadow either. Or much makeup at all. I haven't finished NGE yet because muh feelies.

No. 290857

Huh? She's quite vain and takes care of her appearance.
And you definitely need to finish the series and watch EoE afterward

No. 290858


She could at least smile and not do the slack jaw :O face. Its kind of a stupid look for Asuka, who is more vibreant and expressive and photogenic.


Shut up, shmigger. You're not the only true EVA/Asuka fan in the world, you know. I saw 3.0 when it came out in Japan, suck on that you skelechan wannabe.

No. 290859

>didn't even finish NGE
>jumps straight to 3.0
What the fuck are you doing

No. 290860

Oh, I thought she was just "naturally pretty" and that it was part of her sort of arrogant, "acting like she's superior" character.

NGE is just very hard to watch for someone like me because muh depression making and identifying with Shinji making some episodes near excruciating to watch.

No. 290861

>making those assumptions

I have the platinumbox set, I've seen every episode. In none of them does Asuka make a surprise cockface, not even in EOE in Unit 02 when she's all "aw shit, its the Lance!" After fighting the EVA series. And she was in her plugsuit, not her Tokyo 3 uniform.

Shmiggles just likes to drop her wide, manly jaw in the vain hope it'll make her squirrelly cheeks look hollower. What she SHOULD do is use all her makeup and Photoshop to do the shriveled up maggot covered Asuka corpse we see in the bottom of the lake right before she snapos out of her coma. That would be hilarious, and it would play right into her wheelhouse- that is, her inability to make any other facial expressions.

No. 290862

Yeah but she still never once in the series putbon raccoon eye-shadow. Asuka's makeup is very very subtle.

Yes, she's vain, but also she's not there for anyone but herself, so getting all done up doesn't make sense. She's only interested in piloting EVA and showing everyone how great she is.

No. 290863

I definitely know that feel.
I feel like watching NGE was good, though. Made me feel less like I was the only one with problems dealing with things, plus it has a (sorta) hopeful message at the end.

No. 290864

I know that feel, its much easier if you just remember "Shinji is a pussy. Shinji is a pussy."

Focus on Misato instead, she's a boss.

No. 290865

>Shinji is a pussy
Nah, Shinji is an average, depressed 14 year old forced to do shit he doesn't understand by shitty adults while surrounded by other depressed or otherwise mentally ill people.
Seriously, anyone who hates Shinji or doesn't recognize that he tries his best over the course of the show has to be retarded or inhuman.

No. 290866

The creator of the show made this, or at least based the entire show and Shinji,during his depression

No. 290867

I'd Misato so hard. She's compassionate, carefree, loves to drink and she's also pretty competent.

I guess you need to keep that in mind a little. A 14 year old boy is barely coming out of childhood and entering being a teen. But ages in anime are so weird. You have 10y/os being sexually agressive and weird stuff like that. One would almost assume Shinji is 17 or something.

And while taking LSD, right?

No. 290868

File: 1408989206009.jpg (Spoiler Image, 5.52 KB, 256x192, 0.jpg)

Not at all

No. 290869

Yes I know but she's cosplaying her school uniform. With that expression she should be running around in a hospital gown. But that's not kawaii.

No. 290870

Agreed. I watched it when I was 16 and it made me realize I was depressed. I didn't seek help until my mid-20's, and sort of ironically?, told my family while I was in Japan.

I look at NGE as helping me realize I could get help for my depression, so I see it as hopeful even though it has a lot of depressing moments, especially EoE.

Rebuild I've liked so far and I'm interested to see how it all plays out.

No. 290871

>last night
>dreamt we had someone emaciated in our cabin as a guest, much like people in this thread
>in the middle of the night they pass out from hypoglycemia
>try to get them to drink some juice before they loose consciousness again
I think I need to get out more. This stuff is affecting me.

No. 290872

File: 1409049801750.png (2.31 KB, 437x63, Untitledno.png)

is this person serious rn

No. 290873

Be it a morbidly obese hamplanet or a literal skeleton, these cocksuckers are always there, giving them compliments.

No. 290874

I have a feeling it's another girl with anorexia rather than a beta who wants to get inside her.

No. 290875

>they must know on some level they're killing themselves
Not necessarily. A lot of eating disordered thoughts are based on the belief that you are in a way superhuman, and, well, when you go days on 500 calories as your friends have more than that for breakfast and are already complaining about how hungry they are before noon, you kind of start believing you really are.
A poorly fed mind helps.

She's probably a binge/purge subtype anorectic. Which means she doesn't purge all the time.

It's a love/hate relationship. You hate it, but you need it, and you hate that you need it but you still do because it's not a choice. Putting yourself out there is "good" because people tell them they look great and so thin and sometimes they're worried and you feel your eating disorder validated because you yourself cannot believe you are actually thin or that it's a problem.

You wish you didn't have it, but at the same time you are glad you do. At least that's how it's with me. I feel glad and relieved when I look in the mirror and see myself as fat at a BMI of 16.4 because it means I can see reality and I'm not deluding myself thinking I look thin. Does any of this make any sense?

They overlap quite often, because undereating eventually causes binging - and, well, you want to lose weight/not gain, so you throw up. Throwing up is addictive, so you end up doing it again and again. On the other hand, throwing up is also terrible so if you're bulimic you're likely to eventually starve yourself so you don't have to do it.

There's bulimia, anorexia and under anorexia there's binge/purge subtype. They're "separate" diseases but the line is very blurry. There use to be EDNOS (eating disorder not otherwise specified) too, which is now OSFED… the lines are all very blurry. You can be a fasting/binging/purging person with OSFED and eventually lose enough weight to be considered anorexic, or you can start b/ping enough to be bulimic, etc.

No. 290876

She's 25. She's a "90's kid".

No. 290877

No. 290878


No. 290879

File: 1410156324760.jpg (155.08 KB, 1080x720, heh.jpg)

Actually …

No. 290880

i was one of Ashley's friends for ahwile, until she started seeing me as a threat and dumped me. [I have an ED, as well.] her mother is a horrible, disgusting, terrible human being, trust me. idk know exactly how, but i strongly suspect Ash-chan's mother is 95% of the reason why Ash is suffering so badly.

it infuriates me i wasn't able to do anything to help either of them.

No. 290881

' I just want to say that I’m simply amazed at how I actually have people who WANT me around, and WANT me to continue to be alive. It’s like wow- I’m allowed to be here? Just seems odd when you’re told on a daiy basis that soil is more valuable than your life. I fucking love you all, you have no damn idea.'

what could Ash possible have done to make her mother treat her this terribly.. her mother got a cat earlier this year, and actively notes how she chose the cat and how she does not/did not choose Ash. She also treats the cat like a fucking queen purposely to antagonize Ash.

No. 290882

Why did she start to see you as a threat?

No. 290883

Where you friends irl or just penpals? I wonder if she carries herself irl just as she does online.

No. 290884

well the whole uniform is wrong color, it doesn't look like she made much effort to look like the character

No. 290885

latest from Ashley/ghostxperfume's tumblr..

Mother: god, why don't you just fucking GET UP!
Me: mom.. I'm tired.. I can barely stand up, my head feels so light, I'm just so exhausted.
Mother: you don't fucking do ANYTHING! You don't have a job, so how could you even KNOW what it's like to be tired!
Me: ..having an internal battle every day wears me ou-
Mother: ONCE AGAIN! Use your little 'sickness' as an excuse!
Mother: then if living is so hard, STOP FUCKING BEING ALIVE!


No. 290886

apparently my "body" and my "life" were too perfect"… she started to get jealous… happens with every one of us. I don't hold it against her at all though.

penpals/online pals

No. 290887

Am I fucked up or does her mom not look underweight at all? What?

No. 290888

How much does she weigh?

No. 290889

shit, being with her mother is toxic but she doesn't want to accept any kind of help either


No. 290890

tbh i have a hard time taking anything ash writes on her personal blog seriously.
like, all we know about her relationship with her mother is what she chooses to relay to us, presumably with her own bias added in. and the way ash responds to her followers does NOT make hers seem like the most lucid perspective.
i wouldn't be surprised if all of this–her ED, her internet presence/following, the stories she relays about her family– was just a bid for attention and sympathy that got blown out of proportion.
I've never seen her behave once as though she cares about other human beings, she doesn't seem to care about her own well-being in the slightest, she uses her mother's treatment as a crutch to excuse her behavior while at the same time pushing any source of assistance away because she feels 'threatened' by someone who's better off than she is.
and she might be right to feel threatened. her ED is what's given her e-fame and perhaps finally a sense of importance in the world. recovery would take that away from her even if it made her capable of living her real life.
it's not just her body that's sick, her personality is self-destructive, childish and toxic. if she doesn't accept responsibility for her own actions, if she doesn't even try to make things better for herself but just wants to bitch about her unfortunate life on tumblr, then i can't have any sympathy for such a person.

No. 290891

Regarding money she seems to stand good.
Constantly buys clothes, orders $75 worth of food and then throws it up ( >>290821 ) , owns an iphone etc
I don't think she able to work at all so she gets money from her mother or maybe disability checks?

No. 290892

File: 1413688976555.png (40.39 KB, 690x454, wat.png)

yeah… this girl is off her rocker.

No. 290893

The fuck is she even talking about?
>I'll judge you, and give you the best eating disorder I see fit.
>because you wished me well and want me to recover

No. 290894

Ugh, she is such a fucking loon. I realize she's got mental problems, but in terms of her actual personality, she's a huge bitch. I honestly can't bring myself to have sympathy for her, she's just too much of a brat.

No. 290895

So basically she wants only compliments and asslicking

No. 290896

Her brain must lack nutrients or something. And why isn't she being kept in a hospital?

No. 290897

Judging by her recent meltdown on her tumblr, her mom pretty much gave up on her and is now ignoring her existance.

No. 290898

weird question, but does she ever post anything about working out?

i had/have anorexia and i used to NEVER exercise at all because I felt so tired and awful all the time. however, my doctor said i should try pilates for mood and posture benefits and it weirdly helped with my ED. i started to feel more comfortable with my body, more energetic, more in control etc etc. i still do 40 minutes pilates 4-6 times a week and it helps a lot.

idk, i get that telling someone who is anorexic to exercise seems dumb but in my case it worked lol

No. 290899

she once posted that she has exercising rituals and does them until she passes out. i don't think she does them to relax, though…

No. 290900

I can confirm that ratty thing on her head is a wig. We met in person and it smelled rancid. The net was showing thought it was fraying and clumpy.

No. 290901

Please tell us more in Ashley's thread >>>/pt/40939

No. 290902

I guess everyone knows now why Felice has blanked out her internet presence.

For those who don’t, it’s because she racked up a shitload of credit card debt under her Felice Fawn name and is now trying to use a different name in order to escape from it. Which is a dumb idea. But Felice has never shown herself to be someone who’s particularly intelligent so it’s really not surprising. She goes by Lauren M now.

No. 290903

Oh yeah? I was wondering why her blog and IG weren't updated at all.

No. 290904

File: 1426794364274.jpg (36.99 KB, 540x540, 11072065_10155303587725321_645…)

I only know because of her dude's FB.

No. 290905

No. 290906

Thanks anon

No. 290907

Wait, so was her legal name ever "Felice Fawn"?

No. 290908

it feels somewhat satisfying to see this brat get what she deserves but i also feel bad for her even though she's a wanker. surprised to see she's still with Rich… but then not that surprised. they're both scummy af

No. 290909

>even though she's a wanker
>even though she's a masturbater

there's nothing funnier than using the wrong insults

No. 290910

oi m8 dont make me put a foken donk on i t m8

No. 290911

nah, her name is lauren cook

No. 290912

Apparently the name changing deal in the uk is weird, like, you just start going by another name and can get papers for it, but some documents still state your birth name or some shit like that. At least it seems you don't have to apply to get it changed? Junky business had some posts about it a week or so back. So she was born lauren, changed it to felice and has now swapped back because auditors or something is trying to make her pay her credit cards, or so goes the story at least

No. 290913

Doesnt surprise me at all. whats strange is avout about a month ago I looked on her webpage and she was advertising her photography skills for business, wedding, and family portraits. Can you imagine her Working with a photography studio with kids?

No. 290914

File: 1427068126912.jpg (35.77 KB, 500x500, 11062135_240327886137702_17267…)


No. 290915

Reviving this thread to speculate about internet's original lolcow.

Is she currently living in Cornwall to avoid debt?

Anyone managed to dig up currently active social media profiles?

No. 290916


No. 290917

File: 1437260271264.png (62.47 KB, 383x284, fell.png)

so beautiful, much queen

No. 290918


I know Felice used to regularly abuse Photoshop, but posting a timed screenshot in which somebody is pulling an emotive expression in order to prove that somebody is "ugly" is seriously the most retarded thing.

Like, are you brain damaged?

No. 290919

Didnt say she was ugly, just showing she isnt like OP's pic and its much easier to use a screencap than a photo

fuck i didnt mean to hurt your feelings, but please keep insulting me if it boosts your ego

No. 290920

File: 1437261609222.jpg (115.57 KB, 500x752, felice-fawn-78.jpg)


Dude don't get so upset, it's just a common tactic that those fucktarded Freelicers used to use repeatedly on Tumblr and it got to the point where I ended up hating Freelicers more than I did Felice.

Anyway, even if I don't think Felice is remarkably stunning IRL, I always found her shoops pretty to look at.

No. 290921

Dude perhaps take your own advice? You are the one who called me brain damaged, you sounded pretty butthurt

and fuck no I cant stand those freelicers, bunch of hypocrites imo

I dont think felice is ugly AT ALL and that wasnt my point, but she doesnt look like the supermodel she shoops herself to be in all of her photos and its difficult to find one thats really her face so I looked for screencaps. same goes for mila and joanna and dakota and wylona, its real sad they feel under pressure to change their faces so much because they are not "enough" and this creates a vicious cycle. Personality wise tho felice is ugly by I know we are not discussing that XD

No. 290922


As far as I know, this is the only profile she uses right now. Going by her real name 'Lauren' even though she has claimed that it triggers her.


No. 290923

The page is gone. It will probably be back in a few hours, like the e-shops she sets up to scam money out of stupid fans.

No. 290924

I think I found a ~private personal profile on one site but idk if she's still active on it. Will keep an eye out…

No. 290925

File: 1437267329868.png (305.14 KB, 530x693, fel.png)

Is felice a lolcow rolemodel? she has spawned a lot of copycats (mila, wylona etc)

No. 290926

idk what it is about Felice even though I know she's a complete dipshit part of me really likes her in a cheeky nephew kind of way.

I want to pat her on the head and send her on her way with 50p and a Freddo.

No. 290927

Lol shes more like your little brother who will steal your moms wallet and then when your mom asks where it is will say nothing but sneakily point at you.

No. 290928

Kind of but the only thing lulzy are her scam fails.

No. 290929

Girlnah anyone? https://instagram.com/girlnah/

only lulzy because she tries so hard to look like model-material on instagram but her irl shoots are fail

No. 290930


I feel like I could snap her in half.
Do these modelling agencies just look for literal human clothes hangers? Because that's basically what she is. On one of her photos she claims to have eaten only white rice and canned veggies (fucking barf, why not eat them fresh? Is she so lazy she can't chop some fucking vegetables?) for dinner for three days. Bitch needs some protein, she looks seriously malnourished.

No. 290931

I follow her tumblr for milk. She's the most pretentious, precious baby I've seen in years and seems to think she's a poet.

No. 290932

I think whichever agency booked her told her to gain.
Like I wish I was that skinny, but I just cant handle her ulgy mugly

No. 290933

Yeh wtf with the canned veg??

No. 290934

File: 1437283459183.png (1.5 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-07-19-00-20-09…)


Looks through eyebrows for every photo, hair and complexion are shit because what are nutrients, looks like a beta white boy, acts like thinspo queen, uses the phrase "oh heavens".

The pretention is real.

No. 290935


Really tho somebody shop out her hair and she's instantly a warboy from fucking mad max.

No. 290936

Did she attempt to shave away a widow's peak? It looks like there is stubble at her hairline

No. 290937

She should rent out her forehead as ad space

No. 290938

No. 290939

File: 1437288161933.jpg (136.58 KB, 500x500, girlya.jpg)

I actually adore her I think she is so cute. But yeah she has a precious little lamb persona and it can get boring. other than that she isn't a bitch, she is juste a depressed lazy girl.

Worst thing about her is her lips, they look like they're about to tear themselves anytimes.

Yeah I remember her saying that she had to gain in the hip arrea. You need to have very precise mesurment if you want to perfectly fit in high fashion clothings.

Yall can see her disgusting lips right here - > https://instagram.com/p/3OttOvQ0S_/?taken-by=girlnah

+ her tumblr (kindda hard to find sometimes…) http://oeut.tumblr.com/

No. 290940

+ I wish I was skinnier, but not as much as her, I can only imagine how disgusting her ass must be u_u
But I doubt you have any sex drive anyway when you are this manourished.

If you go to the archive of her tumblr you will notice color variation in what she is rebloging, blue, yellow, black, etc. I actualy think it's really cool and creative. And that you must have too much time on your hands to do that kind of shiit.

No. 290941

File: 1437297715837.png (626.85 KB, 637x638, topkek.png)

oh my god. you're right. she shaved herself a massive forehead and covered the stubble with make-up.

No. 290942

I hope looking like an egg isn't about to become a trend though

No. 290943


Not sure about this, but some truth blog (j-b)said she's living in a trailer. And some other blog posted her (Felice) saying that she's got a job, probably part time and in some art related? Can't find the source because I ditched a full folder of bookmarks relating to freelice. They seemed to have turned into social justice warriorism and how to bash cis people lel.


Is it just me, or do her body shot photos seem vertically stretched?


This expression… you've seen one photo of her and you've literally seen them all.

No. 290944

File: 1437299095923.jpg (63.71 KB, 500x495, such a scared precious kitten.…)

so cute /s

No. 290945

No. 290946

File: 1437300111848.jpg (52.16 KB, 500x255, felicesaidwhut_tumblr.jpg)

No. 290947

File: 1437300468209.png (394.95 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-07-19-05-06-18…)

No. 290948

File: 1437301812473.jpg (119.79 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

Top keks.

No. 290949

Lol, doesn't surprise me at all that this is how Felice repays someone who let her squat in her house rent free for years.

No. 290950

I can't stand this bitch. Look at that hairline. I genuinely believe she must be mentally retarded if she thinks that no one can see that she buzzed her fucking hairline up to the point that her head looks deformed. You can see the little shaved prickly hairs and everything, it's disgusting. She looks like fucking Prodigy. Its beyond me that she doesn't see how that's nasty.

No. 290951

idk who this girl is but wtf is that, a new fashion trend or something? does she pretend it's natural, i don't understand why someone would do that to themself

No. 290952

She's a tumblrina that is wealthy, and although the word privilege has an SJW stigma to it as of the past few years, I would definitely describe her as far too privileged for her Internet persona of being profoundly sad and reblogging Silvia Plath quotes all day. I'm assuming she did that to her forehead in order to look more like a model but she looks like a retard.

No. 290953

File: 1437329255958.jpg (83.84 KB, 500x667, tumblr_nmrajcS6I81rhpssho1_500…)

eww it's so obvious

No. 290954

If she wanted to be a model, she fucked herself over so badly by cutting out a giant triangular patch of her hairline…how stupid do you have to be to think that's how an attractive hairline would even work? I can understand wanting to remove a widows peak or help with overrall attractiveness if you have Neanderthal forehead (such as Kylie Jenner, who would look more attractive overall if her forehead didn't upset her facial balance by being so short and ugly) but this bitch had a normal forehead what the fuck.

No. 290955

Can we create a thread for this girl instead of filling up the Felice thread with somebody else's drama?

No. 290956

i have a 5 head so I have no idea why anyone would make themselves look this ugly on purpose

No. 290957


I don't understand this girl because widows peaks are actually considered attractive and prized in my area. I wish I had one.

No. 290958

I think she was trying to go for that alien look high fashion models have, but all she did is went full retard

No. 290959

I just realised why I look like shit with a side parting… Thank you, now I found out I'm not actually going bald. Very informative.

No. 290960

File: 1437331619938.jpg (71.41 KB, 570x708, o-GRACE-KELLY-570.jpg)


Ahaha no, you're actually very lucky, widows peaks look great on women.

Even Felice used to pencil one on her hairline with black eyeliner, and sometimes when I have my fringe back I do too…

No. 290961

File: 1437331976773.jpg (152.06 KB, 350x478, ugly.jpg)

Anything would look good on grace kelly.
Most of the time it make you look ugly IMO.

No. 290962

File: 1437332225137.jpg (96.38 KB, 500x700, e401580322e001bf0d4c9e7ead32f2…)


No way they're beautiful and vampiric and I want one.

No. 290963

But that girl looks good.
What's fucking her up is that disgusting "messy bun" bullshit. I'm glad that shit trend's dying

No. 290964

My one looks more rounded at the front though? XD

No. 290965

No offense, but most undesirable traits can look good on someone who is above average in terms of attractiveness. Widowspeaks on anyone who is not in a decent range of attractiveness, with a decent sized forehead, will look uglier than their full potential of attractiveness. Widowspeaks in general are super ugly, undesirable, and Neanderthal when paired with short foreheads especially. I can't believe im derailing a thread with forehead talk. It's true though. But enough lol.

No. 290966

Might be old news to some of you but Nightvenus changed its name (again) to Kasavara.




^ Felice hasn't changed the facebook URL from nightvenus

No. 290967

If you were referring to me then no offence taken, you would have to see the person to judge if it looks good.

No. 290968

File: 1437334351539.jpg (28.84 KB, 304x450, aecf6012001ae79d4cb07597.jpg)

Wow, Anon. I've always wished I had a widow's peak but penciling one in never occurred to me before. Thanks for the tip!

No. 290969

It looks more professional. Well done Felice, awesome stuff!

No. 290970

Too bad anyone who orders from there will be lucky to get their items lol

No. 290971


I'm sad she moved her Instagram. Anyone have the new link?

Also, lol @ her boycrush blocking her. Can't imagine why…

No. 290972


Here https://instagram.com/kaysmetsers/

She wouldn't be interesting at all if she weren't so thin. I can see why she tries hard to hold on to that.

Must be nice to be wealthy though. I'd love to go to cafes all around europe and eat fresh fruit and sushi every other day.

No. 290973

You're awesome, anon!

No. 290974

She looks so retarded it's actually aggravating me slightly

No. 290975


i fucking hate this bitch so much.

No. 290976

Lmao kaysmetsers blocked me because I asked her why she shaved her widows peak

No. 290977


She looks just like any other thin 'edgy artsy weeb model' who tries hard in pictures, blogs fruit, plants and travels tbh

No. 290978

It's not even just her widowspeak itself, she goes so far back that she has a fucking reverse widowspeak and no hairline that isn't receding actually looks like that. It goes up in a triangle, when it should be rounded. She's so retarded lmao

No. 290979

File: 1438730729723.jpg (84.36 KB, 663x653, image.jpg)

HAHAHA how embarrassing

No. 290980

File: 1438730760069.jpg (80.64 KB, 610x507, image.jpg)

No. 290981

Wtf has she done to her hair for christ's sake.

No. 290982

Her hairline makes me sooooo angry

No. 290983

Another anon pointed this out earlier so I can't take credit, but it's very likely she shaves back her widow's peak and covers it with makeup

No. 290984

She says she's only 5'7! She looks much taller. I guess because she's thin + long legs + short waist.

No. 290985

kaysmetsers is kinda off topic in a felice fawn thread

No. 290986

This isn't a FF thread. Read the description

No. 290987

Where? She's listed as 176 cm & 5'9.5''.

No. 290988

On her IG, she said she's 175 cm.

No. 290989

Sorry, you are right. I didn't know 176 cm was 5'9", hecause google says 5.77428 feet. My bad.

No. 290990

omg this is not a natural hairline is it???
can someone find an example??
i want to know if she for sure shaves it lol

why doesn't she use chapstick for godssake

No. 290991

If you look close you can see where she shaved it and covered it up w makeup. So gross lol

No. 290992

She for sure shaves it, it's pretty obvious. It didn't use to be like that at all, either. She started shaving it and putting it progressively farther back and now she looks ugly as hell which is funny since she did it to try and look high fashion

No. 290993

Does anyone know where Felice is these days? IS there any online presence? Has anyone seen her IRl?

No. 290994

Am I the only one who misses Felice drama mostly for all the Freelice fuckery that came along with it?

No. 290995


Yes that was like the best part.
I remember I got so annoyed with Freelice once I started up a Freelice exposure blog to rustle the.
Somebody Anonymously sent me an ask with links to some of the primary users Tumblr accounts, and fuck, it turned out to be legit.

I published all 5 complete with personal photos from their Tumblr and surprise, surprise, literally every one of them was a goth/wiccan wannabe, 2 were obese to really top off the goth ensemble, one of them had an old DeviantArt account containing Felice fan art drawings, and all of them had at least 2 photos of themselves that they'd straight up ripped poses/makeup/clothing/objects off of a photo of Felice, like Mila used to do.

I remember when I published it to the Felice tags they fucking exploded, the fallout was fucking glorious. They were all screeching about invasion of privacy and data protection and how they've never taken it this far against Felice (which is patently untrue).

In the end like 3 of them deleted their personal and Freelice Tumblrs.

No. 290996

Haha, holy fuck. Do you still have some photos?

I do really miss Felice drama but she gone. The renamed shop of hers doesn't even state a name and address which is kind of illegal.

No. 290997

No. 290998

No. 290999

File: 1438786548062.jpg (32.52 KB, 600x600, 10426184_238828992954258_50462…)

She finally dropped photoshop?

No. 291000

This photo is from march 2015.
Welp, they're really back together? Last thing I knew were he had enough of her crazy shit.

No. 291001


They were all posted to PULL, which is now gone sadly.

No. 291002

File: 1438787020586.jpg (117.42 KB, 1000x751, tumblr_mquk5q8A3l1r7j1kso1_128…)


Oh well I found this through Google images.
This is one of them. Priceless huh?

No. 291003

You don't need shoop with a cam quality this shitty but she doesn't post photos herself anymore anyways as she wants to make it look like if Feelice Fawn died. She’s also allowing them to go after Maja, since she accumulated most of that debt while she lived with and mooched off her. Classy as always.

No. 291004

File: 1438787092293.jpg (36.77 KB, 320x240, tumblr_mqu0kcKB1t1qlr815o1_400…)


And another (I think this was the one that used to do fan art of Felice).

No. 291005

Because he is also involved into her dept.

No. 291006

Jfc, just ridiculous. Thanks for digging these up.

No. 291007

HAHAHA I remember this. This bitch was obsessed with Felice Fawn and her ~freelice~ blog was full of her basically hatefingerfuckingherself to the fawn. Her personal blob was nothing but her imitating Felice to a T. I think she's Irish or something. God I imagined every ~truth blog~ as this fat heffa after that.

No. 291008

File: 1438803762185.jpg (53.41 KB, 640x480, image.jpg)

Do yall remember Emily Crockpot who was so obsessed with Felice she got the exact same piercings as Felice, most of her photos involved imitating Felice–like really specific things. The spirit hoods, outfits, wigs, hair color, poses, everything. And generally most ~truth blogs~ rim her ass and try to claim it a coincidence.
Her tumblr is emilyologist if you want to peep her tagged/myself and if you scroll far enough I'm sure you'll see various creepy examples

No. 291009

yeah she's ugly and creepy. tryhard

No. 291010

File: 1438804116874.jpg (328.39 KB, 1280x1919, tumblr_nsm4g8FfVC1qcdl07o1_128…)

she looks so much better in photos taken with a dslr

No. 291011

Oh nah she's just began copying that Johanna Herswhatever chick so she's changed her hair parting and (still shitty) eyebrows

No. 291012

File: 1438804257665.jpg (40.39 KB, 360x261, image.jpg)


No. 291013

File: 1438804515724.jpg (46.89 KB, 360x260, image.jpg)

No. 291014

she's an above average white woman imo.
her eyebrows could use some work though, but aside from that she has big eyes, a small nose, full-ish lips, nice face shape. I think she's really attractive there.

No. 291015

File: 1438811196235.jpg (69.84 KB, 997x372, image.jpg)

That's a very generous opinion but I don't agree about "above average" in the slightest.

Pic not really related just Sum Laffz.

No. 291016


You know, she looks so much like this gay guy off tumblr I used to follow a few years back. Face wise and espesh when she had blonde hair cos he had it too at one point

boyghost he went by

No. 291017

File: 1438812097181.jpg (254 KB, 1046x1920, 1409444353947.jpg)


now he goes by "ratqueen94" http://ratqueen94.tumblr.com/

and apparently is now into drag…

No. 291018

File: 1438812328877.jpg (550.55 KB, 1280x857, 1409444353947.jpg)


the weirder you look the more tumblr loves u

No. 291019

That giant mole bothers me so.

No. 291020

I never understood the fuss over emily-shes basic af

No. 291021

Seems Felice hasn't entirely disappeared.
She changed the name of her online store AGAIN.
(Most likely to avoid the word going around that Night Venus, and all her other stores, have been scams.)
She didn't even change the FAQ, it still says Night Venus lol.

No. 291022

File: 1438954607533.jpg (54.55 KB, 380x431, mm.jpg)

is that this girl-monopoly moon? she was on the freelice blogs for starting shit as she was white knighting felice hard (this was at a poit when felice was in hiatus) and also ranting on about fatties pretty hard

No. 291023

he looks like some new pokémon.

>also ranting on about fatties pretty hard
despite being a fatty herself? lmao

No. 291024

She's also trying to sell her autographed pics for five bucks on her FB page (Felice Lilith Fawn).

No. 291025


You're retarded for believing it's actually Felice running that page.

No. 291026

Yep and she got called on it as she called anyone who disliked/called out felice "fat and ugly" which is where the drama started.

No. 291027

No. 291028


Because it is obviously not Felice running that page and instead some scammer.

The fact that it only posts pictures that are either years old or have already been widely circulated on the internet instead of new, never-before-seen photos should be clue enough.

No. 291029

Not to mention the horrible spelling. It's just not Felice's writing style, at all.

No. 291030

File: 1439150854831.jpg (241.31 KB, 962x899, dsa.jpg)


And the fact that the account is posting images of random girls and pretending that they're Felice.

Pretty sure that the girl in this one is that Victoria cunt.

No. 291031

File: 1442336278601.jpg (181.71 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_nu0meuC6241qcdl07o2_128…)

why doesnt emily have her own thread?
> pic related

No. 291032

File: 1442336372925.jpg (202.57 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_ntwve4O3Dv1qcdl07o1_128…)

I MEAN HONESTLY she's so full of shit it's hilarious

No. 291033

She's alright now, she should've had one before though. But seriously she ~changed~ and is pretty drama-free at the moment.

No. 291034

Make one in snow then. That'd be fine

No. 291035

Why do people go full retard when doing ancient Egyptian-esque makeup? Pretty sure they didn't look like a cheap Halloween costume…

No. 291036


Nah they legit did.
Their makeup application was shit because they didn't have the tools we did today like foam applicators or bushes, they had to apply it with things like feathers, burnt charcoal ends and their fingers.

No. 291037

I actually really like Emily for the most part and she seems to be doing pretty well in recovery, at least from what she portrays online. She definitely looks a lot healthier than she used to. But I'm surprised no one has cried "cultural appropriation" over this Egyptian thing.

No. 291038

cultural appropriation is a bullshit concept in the first place. im pretty sure people did try to call her out on it before realizing how dumb it is to call someone out for something as minimal as doing cleopatra-style make up.. fuckin ridiculous. SJWs trying to put a copyright on culture smh.

No. 291039

holy fuck, she looks so different than she did the last time I saw her. damn…
and oh my god that makeup is atrocious why would you even do that why why why

No. 291040

Is her fetlife account really her or is it someone pretending to be her? Because for some time the account on there has been looking for a mentor and shes "single" I thought she was serious with her BF. She adds a lot of old men and has 100 pics on there lots from satanists asking wierd things https://fetlife.com/users/2021701

No. 291041

File: 1446933923862.jpg (88.62 KB, 640x640, 925487_140132989490408_5676253…)

Felice's recent scam shop:

No. 291042

File: 1446936190386.jpg (23.01 KB, 529x200, dellat.JPG)

You sure?

No. 291043

This has been established at least 2 different times already in this thread

No. 291044

No. 291045

File: 1446941688327.png (8.86 KB, 352x87, 342.png)

She really does write wierd weeb shit on the FB walls of her "husband" and friends.

No. 291046

She's probably brain damaged-thats what happens when you accidently the whole cocaine.

No. 291047

dang i hate when i accidentally the whole bottle

No. 291048

Remember when she said her name wasn't Lauren

No. 291049

It wont even let me add her as a friend on facebook wth i need to snoop

No. 291050

File: 1446992545912.png (78.78 KB, 1072x597, Capture.PNG)


No. 291051

I've been searching for 2 hours to find her new persona online to no avail.

Anyone else?

FF is my fav old school cow, I miss her brand of crazy.

No. 291052


Wow I could of wrote this comment myself. I was googling all sorts of random shit earlier today to find something, what is my life haha.
Felice is my true drama queen and my life is empty without her dead baby tweets tbh.

No. 291053

For me it's always been Felice and then quirky. Too cows on complete opposite ends of the spectrum.

No. 291054

Can you give me the condensed milk on Quirky?

No. 291055


dammit guys i wanna know where she is. she is one of the people i loved to hate the most. surely it can't be that hard to find her…? but i'm probably bad at that kind of stuff.
but how does this person know? are they connected to her in some way?

No. 291056

Just message eldiablo on PULL.

No. 291057

Basically she was part of the #pizzasisters4lyf hugbox on instagtam. Fatpeoplehate naturally targeted her. Someone on reddit found her nudes on the BBWgonewild sub. I linked them here, it was funny. I found her reddit and audition tape for biggest loser (a weight loss show here in the US). Her reddit was damning because it revealed how she was not so kind and feminist as she proclaimed to be. This whole time she is being anatagonized by fatpeoplehate, she is trying to get serious and land some ugly molerat dude. He gives her false promises and leads her on. She would be on insta saying in April they're gonna live together, it gets postponed, ad nauseum. The guy can't take the heat anymore since he has a daughter and they break up. She left shortly after. Really wish she came back. I don't hate her. I just think she's hilarious

No. 291058

Ok so she's back but she's not? Like which is it? It's the internet, if she's currently around someone else would know something. That person sounds like an ass.

No. 291059

By the sounds of things she's keeping a low profile? But obviously not a low enough one for her to be completely unidentifiable (maybe photos of bits of tattoos or something is giving her away like what happened with her secret ana accounts a few years back?). She's apparently doing a lot of the same shit she was doing before she disappeared and hasn't changed behaviour-wise.

But, yeah, it's really annoying for someone to be like "Oh I know where she is, but I'm not going to tell you where to protect her privacy blah blah blah". Like, if someone cared for her privacy that much, it wouldn't be mentioned at all because obviously people are going to try and figure out what clues Felice didn't erase from the internet forever which gives away her current identity/online usernames/whatever.

No. 291060

So is she straight up dropping the Felice alias?

No. 291061


It's better to be 5 pounds underweight than to be 50 pounds overweight, maybe, but being at the top of a healthy BMI or a tiny bit over correlates with a longer lifespan. Being morbidly obese might fuck yo up but being very slightly overweight protects against some of those same complications.

No. 291062

Okay but the NUMBER of different possible complications means fuck all. How LIKELY are they and how LIKELY TO BE FATAL are they?

No. 291063

Don't think so, like how one post of her new brand credits "Felice Fawn" as model at a photo where you can't even see her fucking head. I am pretty sure she will continue to use the name in order to get more hits on her brand's sites which means it gets a higher ranking at Search Engines.

No. 291064

File: 1447593301987.png (163.19 KB, 301x347, loz.png)

this is her new twitter i believe, set on private ofc

No. 291065

File: 1447593403620.jpg (32.19 KB, 604x433, loz2.jpg)

on a fanmade VK /felicefawn this pic was posed with a hashtag NEW

No. 291066

In the comment section one girl explains that it's from her closed twitter profile

No. 291067

I've never hated her, I used to feel sympathetic because she was obviously confused and not completely right in the head. But it's annoying how she claimed her ~birth name~ was so horrible and triggering and made her go into panic attacks… and now she's suddenly completely fine with it. Fucking stupid.

No. 291068

Clearly her birth name wasn't ~goffic~ enough for her persona hence the name change. It was stupid she wouldn't be up front about it though.

Although, it makes sense why she went back to her birth name because of the lies she told her fans about it triggering her, they wouldn't try to find her under that name because it contradicts what she said…as if she never said contradicting things all of the time!

Good work, anon! I dunno if this is the new twitter that the El Diablo was referring to (in their message responding to the screencap here): apparently you could see from the twitter replies to the other private twitter account, that she was still drinking, but this new one has one reply to it that doesn't indicate anything like that (it's just a smily face)…

No. 291069


Apparently the final nail is being hammered into Felice Fawn's coffin: the Kasavara website has closed. The insta is still up but hasn't posted in 6 weeks. Same with the Facebook page.

It's the end of a bizarre-ass era, guys.

No. 291070

It looks like she's living in a house now, not the caravan in the middle of Cornwall as she claimed?

No. 291071

One part of me is glad shes gone, the other one misses her shoops, drama, persona etc

No. 291072

damn. this is it. felice fawn is officially gone.

No. 291073

File: 1447604906445.png (1.04 MB, 1080x1920, tumblr_nwc9z6I4eE1u1dwkpo3_128…)

from the VK site, recent pic

No. 291074

god i hate her hair

No. 291075

I'm following an account she has on a site that she's still semi active on

But it's not a site where you post stuff so no milk unfortunately

No. 291076


could her under eye area be any more photoshopped

part of me had really hoped she would've recovered not being in the public eye, but i know better. i wonder who her audience is now.

No. 291077

what happened to her "self harm" scars? they're p much gone now, plus the shoop, did she drop the ~edgey~ ED cutting bs shit now?

No. 291078

Remember when she said that her birth name was so triggering and all the SJWs insisted on calling her Felice Fawn? And Rich always called her Em or L, but now she's fine being called Lauren?
Can't keep her lies straight anymore. So much for her name legally being changed to Felice kek

No. 291079

I wonder who it is as well? I mean if she shows her face or tattoos then someone would recognize her and everyone would know. So wtf is she doing exactly that is gaining her "attention"? It's not like she's particularly talented at.. anything other than looking pretty with PS.

No. 291080

Is she trying to be the hot grill in the gaming community now or..

No. 291081

Confused and not right in the head?
Errrmm she scammed a bunch of people out of their money.
She racked up a huge debt on her friends account and then moved to the country to hide.
She knows exactly what she's doing.

No. 291082

It's a privacy setting. You can make it so only friends of friends can add you, you know, so random creeps from the internet can't be sending you friend requests. No need to snoop.
I do wonder if she accepts follow requests there. I want to know what she's up to, I've missed the Fawn drama.

No. 291083

eh what is it anyway? maybe we can find other accounts with the username.

this is weird. "em_loz1" she was usually so pretentious that she NEEDED the exact username "felicefawn" on every website and even message support about it when she couldn't get it. i forget which site that was for. she doesn't seem like an underscore/number username kinda person.

No. 291084

Same. The brown on black irks the hell out of me.

No. 291085

She looks so photoshopped here.

No. 291086


FWIW these pics, whether legit new or not, could all have been taken in a static type caravan. I've spent time in these things and the wall colour/texture, width of doors and light coming in through windows is all spot on for a caravan. I doubt she's moved from the hovel; there hasn't been a lot of evidence of her running any type of store for a while, let alone scamming anyone so at the very least it's only benefit money coming in (assuming Rich doesn't work, maybe he does) and there are still the pets to pay for, so I don't see how she could have saved enough money to move out. Especially given her tendency to blow all her money on make up, clothes, shoes and shite.

No. 291087

Yeah, reminds me of one of those grim holiday parks by the sea.

I imagine Rich still works, I'm pretty sure he used to work at a call centre or something. At this point he's probably paying for her to sit at home drinking, playing video games and eating salmon all day. God knows what else she'd do since she's always been a hermit and doesn't even have an online presence anymore. Even if she wanted a job, it would be hard for her to get one. She must be, what, 27 (?) by now and she's never worked, that's going to look suspicious as fuck to any employer.

No. 291088

>that's going to look suspicious as fuck to any employer.

It's illegal for employers in the UK to ask about age anon, the only thing they're allowed to ask about is whether or not you're still in school.

No. 291089

Yeah, I'm aware of that, I live in the uk myself. It isn't illegal to ask about work history though, and it's obvious just from looking at her that her school days are long behind her. She literally has nothing to put on her cv apart from some sparse "freelance" photography work from years ago. She doesn't even have GCSE's, as far as I'm aware.

No. 291090


I've just read El Diablo's latest post on pull (haven't been there in a while trembling) and if it's the same person who was using that username a while back in the freelice/truth blog circle (sounds like her typing) I reckon she's right. Rich is probably the one doing the actual legwork for the store, she's just gaming/drinking/slyly resurrecting her online presence and using the position of "buyer" at her shitty store to satisfy her impulsive shopping. Also El Diablo if you read this, glad you're ok after your blog disappeared without a trace.

And yeah, most people have their d.o.b on their CV, so if it's missing you'd probably wonder what was up with that and discard the application. Doubt she'd get to interview stage and even if she did it would be painfully obvious she's never held even a basic job in her life.

No. 291091

Even if she never mentions her age, if someone does meet with her face-to-face it's going to be obvious that she's at least mid-twenties. And at that age all she really has is 'management' experience, web design, and social media influencing that she can't put on her CV because a quick Google search to confirm any of her claims will send potential employers running.

No. 291092

She could, now it's on lock down have a linked in and hope everything has filtered down the search engines. Unless it's a graphic design, photography or banking they won't be looking for your online history / portfolio.

No. 291093

But put her as Lauren Cook into Google and nothing incriminating. As long as the felice fawn thing doesn't come up she's safe

No. 291094

File: 1447802725583.jpg (561.78 KB, 1242x2208, image.jpg)

Lauren E. Cook is a pretty common name

No. 291095

File: 1447829238180.png (153.13 KB, 771x542, google.png)


She better not give her middle name to any future employers, cause Encyclopedia Dramatica is the second result.

No. 291096


It looks like they're still there, just very faint. I tilted my screen back and could see them very very lightly. Obvs she shooped them a lot back in the day, but they weren't entirely nonexistent.

No. 291097

Don't want to link it in case some dumb anon spook her, but do this - look at her accounts on various sites and observe who she follows. One or more of these accounts will probably stand out to you if you are observant enough

No. 291098


or you could tell us and stop being weird?

No. 291099

Not the same anon but what if she still lurks all sites mentioning her name? She prolly would delete the account if she sees that it got posted somewhere.

No. 291100

Days like today make me wish I was better at being an internet sleuth.

No. 291101

File: 1447920399702.jpg (155.88 KB, 755x373, NEW_LONG_X_BOY_PRODUCT.jpg)

So i was looking up what a "shoreditch twat/hipster" was and this image popped up lol. she could have had a really good career, why did she mess it up?

No. 291102

File: 1447920623441.png (22.07 KB, 390x206, gurlgamer.png)

nah, shes been doing that for a while, one time her twitter was just full of skyrim tweets

No. 291103

So much cringe.

No. 291104

Anyone might know what theme she used on her anonymous anorexic blog?
Sage for OT

No. 291105


No. 291106

God how thirsty is this dude.

No. 291107

No. 291108

I'm laughing so hard

No. 291109

File: 1447951828964.png (1.71 MB, 1080x1920, tumblr_ny1ythMbts1s7jplbo1_128…)

Oh-oh spaghetti-O's.

No. 291110

well done anon

I've noticed that she goes by this name especially when promoting her art, but haven't been able to find an active account

No. 291111

Stating the obvious, a lot of (presumably) her Lauren Aster profiles are located to Sheffield. Really intriguing, wondering what the story behind that might be.

Also she looks like she's done the whole cocaine (again) in here.

No. 291112


Aw dang I literally JUST moved from Sheffield otherwise I totally would have spotted her.
Would have been a bizarre experience.

No. 291113

Has she already cleared out the profile, because none of the ones showing up on Twitter search match this?

No. 291114

She looks…old? Idk somethings odd about the pic

No. 291115

Yeah wtf.

No. 291116

Maybe she lurks and cleared it out as soon as the screenshot got posted?

No. 291117

Yup. Even her steam is private. There's rarely a reason to do that. Fuck I hope people took more screenshots. And Lauren, if you're reading this it's not too late to fix your fucking hair.

No. 291118

Kek and I was called strange for not wanting to put a link to her profile

This is why, anon

No. 291119

holy shit, her arms. all dat lanugo.
recovery my ass.

No. 291120

it seems like regular arm hair to me.

No. 291121

oh come on, now you're just being nitpicky.

No. 291122

nooo i missed this whole thing god dammit gimme screenshots! i bet she went into the whole gamergurl streaming scene and now everythings gone :(

No. 291123

Is she shooping out her tats?

No. 291124

File: 1447982554524.jpg (159.78 KB, 500x682, gallery_40510_13386_106282.jpg)


Nah she just doesn't have any visible in this photo.

No. 291125

Shes giving me theprosepernia vibes in this pic-is it the photoshop?

No. 291126

It's more the other way around, but I know what you mean.
I'd put it down to the fact that Proserpina blatantly and desperately thirsts to be Felice at the height of her e-fame.

No. 291127

Um no. I know victoria copies felice with the whole gawth thing but i am specifically talking about that pic alone and felice is the woman of a thousand faces and that specific face looks like the one victoria shoops herself into also, which is why i put it down to le photoshop.

But yeah the e-fame thing, you can spot a mile off tumblrina's who do that and its so pathetic, is felice fawns story not a warning to anyone?

No. 291128


lol yes thats the reason it was featured on this site, here's the post i got it from http://justlittleneckbeardthings.tumblr.com/post/131943635414

No. 291129

It's probably the long loose curls and dark contour.

No. 291130

The brown in her hair looks so BAD. she needs to dye it all brown or all black.

No. 291131

What a fucking loser. Why do these idiots act like women gamers are unicorns? they're not. thirsty af

No. 291132

Because the only "women" they know about are their 2d waifu's so are shocked to learn that real women are in fact human beings and surprisingly, may like the same things they do.

No. 291133

And the chin shaping.

No. 291134

Oh man, I missed her doramu so much.

No. 291135

To be fair, she's probably waiting for her hair to grow a bit and then she's going to cut the black out. Black box dye is INCREDIBLY hard to bleach out and it looks fucking horrendous for awhile.

No. 291136

tbh I'd say that Felice actually seems to be using less photoshop nowadays. If you compare these to her candids, aside from lacking her demonbby circle lenses, it's a lot closer to her 'real' face, or at least the one shown in her live videos.
anyways, I'm not sure what you're trying to get at here. You think Felice wants to be Proserpina now or what? Nobody's that stupid, her personality is rancid shit and her photoshopping is mediocre at best. If this girl even has a lick of common sense, she knows it's in her best interest to stay far, far away from the internet after her history with it.
Don't get me wrong, I love watching trainwrecks, but I can't imagine even Felice being desperate enough to try a piece of Proserpina's edgelord e-fame spergcake.

No. 291137

i'm so excited that she's still on the internet but she needs to dye her hair badly, haha. she commented "Meow :3" to some scrub on steam, ew

No. 291138


so i did some basic google stuff!
she made a post in a forum, providing some screenshots of stuff but didnt cut off the background, theres a saved photoshop quick link and you can clearly recognize her -also browser favs say “Lorna Twitter“ wasnt lorna that maya chick she supposed screw over with money?

and also shes still (or again) on twitter, and from her follower tweets she isnt very happy (about being exposed but doubt she told them) but idk you cant just scam people, disappear and build a new persona and act like nothing happened this is not how it works

No. 291139

She's always had awful roots tbh

No. 291140

Is anyone going to actually link her profiles or nah?
Screencaps? Anything?

No. 291141

>be using less photoshop nowadays
>You think Felice wants to be Proserpina now or what? Nobody's that stupid

Please calm down white knight, i wasn't attacking felice, i was commenting on that specific picture alone which i have said twice now. I didnt realise doing that would produce this much salt. Its also the reason i said i put that down to photoshop, i dont think felice is trying to copy victoria at all i think its an effect of the photoshop.

> If you compare these to her candids, aside from lacking her demonbby circle lenses

Yeah I dont follow these people anywhere near as closely as you evidently, just thought in that one picture alone she looked a bit like victoria's pics in victoria's thread, thats all.

> I'm not sure what you're trying to get at here.

I'm not getting at anything. You are paranoid. I just said two pictures of two different people look alike. Take the tin foil hat off anon, i assure you no conspiracy here.

>but I can't imagine even Felice being desperate enough to try a piece of Proserpina's edgelord e-fame spergcake.

Again I am at a lost where you think i suggested that at all?

No. 291142

File: 1448078266051.jpg (695.06 KB, 2000x538, lauren-art.jpg)

No. 291143

To be honest I was slightly impressed when I saw it. When I first searched her pseudonym I figured it was a different Lauren Aster because "Talent? From my Felice Fawn?"

It's not super incredible but it is surprising that she actually has a modicum of ability. She could have actually gone somewhere in life if she focused on art from the beginning.

This is, of course, assuming this art was actually made by her.

No. 291144

i miss felice fawn :(

No. 291145

Why? I'd hope for the milk.

No. 291146

No. 291147

She has a Reddit account too

It's all stupid gamer shit though

No. 291148

Ok so 100% the "felice fawn" persona was all fabricated and used to carefully manipulate her audience, but I've been reading through her reddit comments and she looks genuinely into it. Destiny, that is. There is none of that typical "love me I'm a girl VIDAO GAEM" shit. I'm happy for her.

No. 291149

Video games are just fun

No. 291150

File: 1448108142121.png (470.6 KB, 1366x522, ember-still-wants-to-wear-laur…)

>>and also shes still (or again) on twitter, and from her follower tweets she isnt very happy (about being exposed but doubt she told them)

Are you talking about the laurenaster one? The tweets @ that account are from October and there's nothing about her being unhappy/recently exposed in them. Got any screencaps? This is an imageboard after all…

The laurenaster twitter account is still cleared out. But I took a look at who recently tweeted at her, looked in their followers lists in the hopes of finding a new Lauren account and found fucking Ember.

These guys have 133 and 178 followers respectively so like fuck Ember just stumbled across the accounts by chance
and followed them. She still wants to be Felice/Lauren and it's fucking pathetic.

No. 291151

I'm glad she's doing something she likes now, instead of faking all her hobbies and character

No. 291152

File: 1448120984466.jpg (323.05 KB, 1440x900, o7cg9Mq.jpg)


I'm just gonna drop her “new“ twitter, its already on tumblr under #felice so she's gonna find out either way, its laurenxaster, some tweets at her are already deleted since yesterday. also pic is the screenshot she posted to a forum

No. 291153

kek, of course Photoshop is open, and she's in the process of editing a selfie.

No. 291154

I actually feel kind of bad for her that even after years of everybody telling her to drop her persona, stop seeking attention and get off the internet, she does just that and people are still trying to hunt her down.

No. 291155

Yea, I think she's just trying to enjoy the game

No. 291156

She did this to avoid the people she scammed (which she was doing with Kasavara until she closed it a few weeks ago!) and debt collectors. Not because she grew up. She's still seeking attention as a gamer gurl and she's still online: just not as Felice. She never once apologised for all the shit she pulled. She just disappeared to avoid it.

No. 291157


this exactly. Don't want people to watch out what you're doing after scamming money? Don't pull shit in the first place, but second how about apologizing for your shitty behavior so you can go on without being looked out for. So she found something she likes doing and tries to be actually genuine? great! But trying to just ignore what happened? Making a new online store? what the fuck

No. 291158


You're not a "gamur grrrrrrrrl" if you actually enjoy/frequently play games, which it appears she does.

And how is she trying to get attention for it? As far as I can see she actually hauled ass and deleted all her shit the second she found out people had caught a sniff of her new alias.

I feel sorry for Lauren. The scamming I don't even care about at this point.

No. 291159

I think it's adequate punishment for all the scams she has pulled tbh. I hope she will never have an online presence again until she makes up for her mistakes.

No. 291160


She doesn't even have an online presence now though.
Having a few private accounts you keep hidden =/= online presence.

No. 291161

why even make a new alias then? to scam people further and to get attention. everyone wanted her to completely leave the internet. and that's seemingly what she did by making her facebook private and stuff. but now we found out she's really been up to the same old stuff. tracing art, seeking attention, and selling cheap shit via her kasavara store. she will never change.

No. 291162


It doesn't look like that to me at all, and how exactly is she seeking attention?

What, you think just because a woman plays video games that makes her an attention whore? I looked through her Reddit posts, they were all legitimate posts discussing the game Destiny, none of it attention seeking.

No. 291163

if she's not being shady and has nothing to hide then why delete everything again?
i didn't get to see anything before she deleted everything but i'm assuming she was taking a lot of selfies and still photoshopping them like in >>291152
it's totally possible to be into games and talk about them without posting your face. if she wanted to lay low in the first place, why would she do that? for the followers, likes, and attention.

No. 291164


>if she's not being shady and has nothing to hide then why delete everything again?

Come on Anon, I don't believe for one second that you're so stupid that you don't understand why somebody who has a lengthy history of notoriety and has hundreds of very specific individuals hunting and tracking their every move, why them finding your hidden SM accounts would prompt you to annihilate them and begin again.

As long as people know who she is, they will follow her for any juicy tidbit available to them. I wouldn't even put it above that nutter Ember to try and chart her fucking menstrual calendar from what I've seen of her.

>for the followers, likes, and attention.

You and I know that there are far easier ways to get likes and attention, and keeping a handful of lowkey profiles with a fake name is probably the lowest way possible.

Neh, I legit believes she's done, but that doesn't mean she shouldn't be allowed to keep a few social media accounts to herself and upload her "art", traced or not.
Stalking her when she's made this clear just seems unnecessarily cruel to me.

No. 291165

interesting that she has maja/lorna's twitter as a bookmark, considering it was her house she squatted in essentially, and had debt collectors still knocking on that door after she went into hiding.

No. 291166

i'm just saying, if i were her, why would i fucking still be posting my face anywhere? she's an idiot for doing that. well, hopefully she'll learn after this time. how many things should she have learned from though?

No. 291167


Well, I've had a similar experience as this (sans scamming) and made pretty much the same mistakes myself. It's a learning process.

No. 291168

Because it's Felice. If you know her personality, you know she did most things for her persona and to get attention. Now she gets attention from desperate gamer dudez who kiss female gamers asses.

No. 291169


People who dislike video games do not play them regularly and post about their experiences with them in secret.
I am so fucking sick of this goddamn "fake gamurrr grrrl I'm the only legit one!" trope. It needs to die.

No. 291170

She likes them. Doesn't mean her reason for picking up the hobby (or any) wasn't to get attention and impress other people. Remember when the guy commented about how cool it was Felice played games? Yeah. Felice knew female gamers get attention, and yes, that's a big reason she took up the hobby.

No. 291171


I don't believe that for one second.
As far as I know played games for a while, and this is evidenced by her spazzing out back in Feb 2013 over almost 3 years ago now back when she couldn't get her name for the Playstation Network because it was already taken.


No. 291172

Some female gamers do it for attention. Same as some people who cut do it for attention. (Ahem Felice) Especially women with personality disorders who know to pander to a certain audience. It's a fact that female gamers are worshiped by desperate gamer dudes. Yes, she picked up the hobby back when she was still Felice Fawn and proceeded to post about being a gamer all over her social media descriptions.

No. 291173

Can't believe people on lolcow are kissing Lauren's ass. Holy shit. Realize what site you are on and gtfo.

No. 291174


Oh booo :'( Sad that some of us are making sense?
This is lolcow, a board for catty bitching about people
s continuous misdeeds, but NOT the last time I checked for unbridled stalking.

Call me back when she actually does something interesting. Until then she is maximum yawn.

No. 291175

Making sense about what? She traces her art and she cons her fans.
What is giving you the impression she's a legit gamer girl? I don't remember a time she ever posted as much about other games (other than skyrim for a little bit) as much as she's posting about destiny. Her post were mostly about how she hated christians and loved to drink.
She makes sure to pick games that are geared towards guys to get more attention. a lot of girls here play games yet I don't advertise it online as hard as she's doing all of a sudden. Anything advertised is being used solely for attention. I don't get why you are defending her so hardcore.

No. 291176


>she traces her art and she cons her fans.

The bitch has no fans, her entire person is fucking dead, and last I checked art-tracing may be a shitty thing to do, but it isn't cause for a thread revival. The milk is weak.

>I don't get why you are defending her so hardcore

I don't get why you are attacking her so hardcore.
We are supposed to have higher standards than this eurgh, it's like the Berry thread all over again…

No. 291177

Why do you care that people despise her?
Also I didn't "attack" her she is a con. Either you are a fan or you you are her. chill out, people are going to talk about her whether you cry about it or not. chill out
Her attempting to sell traced art is just as good as the other crappy threads gossip and hate. Chill out.

No. 291178

didn't mean to type you twice. jeez

No. 291179


>or you you are her

Haha oh wow, fucking smelt this one comin' a mile away, cause' people on this board can't have opinions that differ to yours in anyway way, that's IMPOSSIBLE.
And no I'm not a fan you cuck, I was even the last person to catch her tracing her shit right before she vanished.

No. 291180

The only thing I'm saying is that you don't have to be angry with people who are only stating that she has returned, and we smell trouble. No need to get pissed about it and force us to think like you.

No. 291181


Who's angry? And from my position you're the one trying to force me into a different opinion.

No. 291182

File: 1448143097233.gif (1017.62 KB, 423x261, whateveridiot.gif)

wtf? How am I forcing you? You missed the point Whatever think what you want, stupid argument.

No. 291183

And how the fuck am I trying to force you into something?
nd yeah, the argument is dumb. This entire board is effectively a house of opinions, so don't get your labia in a twist just because somebody has one that parallels your own.

No. 291184

Oh do shut up

No. 291185

I love her so much I'm glad she's not completely vanished, even if she's not Felice any more.

No. 291186

It's only a matter of time until she makes yet another persona/name up and makes accounts for it and we find it again. That's enough milk for me lol I think it's really funny. She never stops. It's like an internet scavenger hunt.

No. 291187

I read on the new Pull that Felice does have a new store and is selling.

Also, I remember from way back that she used to play online - something called Furcadia? At any rate she played videogames before of that tweet. Not trying to defend her or anything, girl´s messed up.

No. 291188

Not denying she enjoys playing them. But what was the point of going through the trouble of taking and posting this picture >>291109 if for attention? DSLR propped up, timer control in hand, face full of make-up, hair curled, skimpy clothing, boobs pressed together with her arms, and Destiny just oh so happens to be on in the background. Bitch please, don't tell me she was just innocently taking a selfie with no motives behind it.

You can be a gamer without taking very posed selfies like this to try and prove how much of a gamer nerd you are. Like, the gamers I know who also take selfies, don't feel the need to prove the gamer aspect of themselves in pictures like this. But whatever.

No. 291189

Wasn´t really arguing against the fact that she enjoys the attention. Felice, Lauren, whatever - she IS like that. She is the make-up and the nicely done hair and the pose. Otherwise she´d be just another pretty girl. Of course she´s doing that for the attention, I was merely pointing out that it is not that new for her and hinting that she is a liar, if she said she "just" got into it. The Furcadia goes back to when she wasn´t even calling herself Felice.

No. 291190

Oh man I was just wondering if her scamming had a resurgence. Like she has such a long, LONG history of scamming that I will eat my hat if she ever changes. Grifters gonna grift.


>her eBay Store
>Black Fawn Boutique
>her Depop store
>Evil Trinity
>Ghostly Chic
>Night Venus

And with Kasavara she's now showing 1 price during checkout, then actually charging people a higher price during the PayPal transaction. Disgusting.

Not to mention the Tealecoco images she didn't credit, the Black Milk leggings she didn't return, or the photos she never finished retouching for the photographers, OR the photos she sold without getting photographer permission. Let's not even talk about trying to sell, then rehome Rocky and then getting Troy.

Like, she's never changed her MO. Ever. Even when she was out in Cornwall waxing about simplicity she was still tracing photos, scamming with Night Venus, and trying to scam BTCare by complaining loudly on Twitter.

Oh and buying expensive Alienware crap under the Felice name so she wouldn't have to pay it off as Lauren Em and grinding to 100% achievements to set up her gamer gurl persona.

Can she enjoy gaming? Sure. BUT not as much as she enjoys grifting and cheating.

No. 291191

Oh how I loled at the shops name. If you add one letter you get a fun little word play right there: In my language "kassavara" means the money that is left to the company after expenditure. I guess she's trying to multiply her "kassavara"…

No. 291192

I wouldn't call Furcadia a video game though. It was (is?) a virtual chat platform like Habbo Hotel or Second Life, but for furries.

No. 291193

You forgot her multiple storenvy stores, anon.

No. 291194

"Anonymous asked:

What did you mean when you said Felice gets rid of people who know her that can't do anything for her? How do you know her and how did she act towards you when you and her we're friends and what let up to her blocking you? Didn't she delete her private FB and now has a new private FB goes by her birth name, Lauren Em? From you observation, how does she or did she treat people in general? Why did she move away? Sorry for all the questions. Does she use generally people?

This is going to be my last on felice fawn- Before I start getting hundreds of questions . I didn’t know her that much. But one evening we sAt chatting in a pub for 5-6 hours. It seemed like unless You were big online or could offer her photoshoots or something she needed to get more attention- you wouldn’t be in her life for long. Which was a shame because among all the accusations going around about her- I still liked her. She has now blocked me because a few months ago I messaged her saying we should finally meet up again.

Appearance wise (for those who asked earlier) - she is no different in real life. Yes her hair is that thick/ shiny and when it was long- it was all hers- no extensions.
Her skin/ makeup = perfect.
Yes ,she was just as skinny.

The thing people don’t understand with photoshop. If someone ps’s the corner of their jaw 3mm -you can see it next to an unedited pic- but not in person.

Anyway- she was nice, never bitchy- just opinionated &smart. Rich was a dick though- he called me a cunt when I met him.

No more on her please. What I’m saying is my opinion- I’m sure she’s changed since I last saw her and I’m sure she’ll change again.

( whilst she’s on topic- does it bug anyone else that she wanted to be a photographer, she put in a lot of work, built her portfolio, reasoned that all her self portraits were for the purpose of photography not modelling, then as soon as she hit her peak online- she gave it up for night Venus. … Bugs me because she was a decent photographer. )"
I'll just leave this here.

No. 291195

"Anonymous asked:

Thanks for answering my 20 questions about Felice. Going on what you said how Rich was a dick, maybe her actions is partly because of Rich. It makes me wonder if she's in a controlling or abusive relationship. I know they've been together for a long time. I have never known Felice to be mean, gossip or bully anyone. She's got so much potential and seems like a really fun person to talk to and hang out with.,She also has a cool sense of humor. I just hope she's doing ok. Sorry she blocked you.

Everyone worked out years ago that he’s controlling. He used to not let her have food. My guess was to keep her sick so she wouldn’t leave. and then she found out he had been cheating on her for months with different girls at work and online( which is then when she tried to kill herself and I had to get In Touch with her sister) anyway
Yes I hope she’s doing well, I also hope for herself that he has redeemed himself and that they’re both doing well. There living a different life now seemingly offline. I wish them the best"

And this.
I think it's time to leave it. Let her have some peace man, there's nothing to milk anymore. No one would like to be bashed for things in the past, she has/had enough trouble herself i think.
And the 'scamming'- well, nobody MADE them order there. sucks yea, but it's the fucking internet. Order your stuff on sites where you have a guarantee for fucks sake.

No. 291196

>gets scammed
>well yeah your fault for not ordering from a major corporation

The mental gymnastics here is astounding.

No. 291197

Why can't you post the source to what you're quoting? It's off of some girl's tumblr I remember reading and pretty sure people were questioning if the girl was even telling the truth about meeting her in a pub. I forget where I was reading about it but it was an actual screenshot like you should've just posted.

No. 291198


Not that Anon but there does exist pictures of this girl and Felice together.

No. 291199

diff anon but I recall reading those on the VK fanpage. It's in the FAQ or something: http://vk.com/felice_fawn

No. 291200

No. 291201

Considering the original Egyptians were neither white nor black and their culture is considered "dead" it's not actually cultural appropriation in the books. Also, cultural appropriation is a load of bull.

No. 291202

INB4 Cleopatra was totally a Nubian Goddess

No. 291203

Seriously. Cultural appropriation is such bullshit.

No. 291204

File: 1449192751247.png (664.12 KB, 961x642, kasava.PNG)


She didn't even make up a new Instagram account? Hahahaha

No. 291205

We're also being told that food is cultural appropriation now. If I want a Mediterranean meal, I'll damn well have one. It's culturally oppressive to deny buying them Chinese takeouts after all. Such ostracization by those SJW's. Do they not know some cultures need to sell all those MSG's to make a living? Plz

No. 291206

No, she is a lazy ass these days.

No. 291207

Yes the early egyptions technically were black. Nubians occupied that area longer than anyone. But just like napoleon, whites can't accept that.

No. 291208

File: 1449238064959.jpg (28.12 KB, 294x267, slaves1.jpg)

>she doesn't know they were slaves

No. 291209

That's cool but Cleopatra still wasn't black or even Egyptian. She was an inbred as fuck Macedonian Greek.

No. 291210

We still don't know 100% what ancient Egyptians looked like though. More and more reports I read point out consistencies, typically with the hair (everything from natural hair to ginger hair). The jury is out on that one.

No. 291211

And the stereotype is complete!

The Ancient Egyptians were also technically white as well by that considering they were never either.

There's some evidence apparently suggesting a bunch, at least, were not slaves but hired individuals to help carry out the jobs

No. 291212

kill yourself

No. 291213

File: 1449253496478.jpg (50.53 KB, 472x600, 567577.jpg)

It's funny how to irritate whites, they weren't white, nor were nubians all slaves. Whites in Egyptian times were extremely pale and the hieroglyphics showed how different the whites were from the egyptions. They were black. Get over it

No. 291214

File: 1449253793972.jpg (26.54 KB, 294x267, 1412434970341.jpg)


Hmmmm kay' ;)

Even the Egyptian people of today will become offended if you try to state that their ancestors were black, and they know better than you do,

No. 291215

This looks like it came from Snopes, lol. Pretty sure it's fake. Anyway, who cares. More Felice, less race-baiting.

No. 291216


Nope, it's a legit relief depicting Nubian slaves being mistreated by their Egyptian masters.

No. 291217

Dark skinned people kept other dark skinned people as slaves, it doesn't mean they were white! The west Indians traded blacks because they hated the Hebrew bloodline. You are arguing an argument you can win because all evidence proves my point. Back to felice please, the ignorant orange is giving me a migrane.

No. 291218

Please seek a therapist and research what nubians are. Also to add they believe the last people to carry true egyptions blood are gypsies and Sudanese people theyou are the closest to resemble the egyptions

No. 291219

i think some people just can't comprehend that simplistic modern ideas about race can't be applied to the ancient world

No. 291220


Bitch who's arguing that the Egyptians were white?

No. 291221

They weren't black or white. They were Egyptian. Y-DNA testing on modern Egyptians shows that their prehistoric ancestors stayed in one place and were isolated long enough that they became a highly distinct group. They're related to other northern and eastern Africans patrilineally through genes that spread across the region in the Neolithic era, though the impact of this event, whatever it was, is limited and Egyptians of the time were probably still very different from their neighbors. They went back to isolation afterwards, save for some Middle Eastern influence. As a result, dynastic and post-dynastic burials have a mixture of black, Middle Eastern and indigenous North African traits. Burials in Upper (southern) Egypt and northern Sudan show that mixing went on in those places during the historic era but the same can't be said for Lower Egypt. Muslim conquest didn't have much of an impact on genetics.

Basically, there isn't an easy way to classify them based on modern race. They're somewhere between black and white. They're related to North Africans, Middle Easterners and Northeast Africans, but they're very different from them at the same time.

No. 291222

So like a very light skin black? Or were they their own thing entirely? This is very interesting.

No. 291223

Pretty much their own thing. You can't call them black or Middle Eastern because their ancestors mixed with those groups thousands of years before the dynastic period, but they're not typical North Africans either. When someone ancestors of a different race 6000 years before they were born it's not really accurate to call them mixed-race anymore.

As for skin color: As far as I'm aware we don't have a way of knowing. For reasons I don't understand it's impossible to figure out the skin color of a mummy preserved with the Egyptian method of mummification. You can sometimes tell the hair color, though.

No. 291224

*when someone had ancestors

No. 291225

Weren't they summed up to be similar to modern day Copts?

No. 291226

I've heard that too. Probably. Muslim Egyptians aren't very different from them, though, but you'd imagine they might have slightly more Middle Eastern ancestry. Neither has changed much since pre-dynastic days according to genetic research.

No. 291227

omg your history is terrible. The muslims didn't invade egypt until after the greeks. By then egyptions dispersed, were wiped out. They were black skinned, wore goat hair, braids, and had very distinct african features. Stop derailing the thread with idiocy.

No. 291228

Why doesn't anybody research anything! Egyptian blood tests proved they were same group B as the populations of Western Africa on the Atlantic seaboard and not the A2 group characteristic of the white race prior to any crossbreeding. Research.

No. 291229


I'm pretty sure that exact test was conducted about half a year ago, or they finalised the results or whatever, and then the results were deliberately withheld on account of how inflammatory they would have been upon release.

I distinctly remember reading something a long this vein, or maybe it was another race argument…

No. 291230

>tfw you bought the exact same necklace for around $3
>tfw those 'amethyst point' necklaces on the site are available on ebay for ~$2, the only difference is the chain

these mark-ups are ridiculous.

No. 291231

Hey anon, I know this is super late but it's 'Because Of You' by MakeMeSTFU. Here's the theme code with the "defaults" replaced with the editing Felice did to it.


No. 291232


What blood test are you thinking of? I can't find anything except mentions that 2% of modern Egyptians are haplogroup B.

As for "a2" I think you're thinking of this DNA test:

>iGENEA, a Swiss personal genomics claimed to have reconstructed King Tut's Y-DNA profile based on screencaps from a Discovery Channel documentary about the study. iGENEA found that King Tut belonged to Y-DNA haplogroup R1b1a2, Members of the research team that conducted the academic study published in 2010 stated they had not been consulted by iGENEA before they published the haplogroup information and described iGENEA's claims as "unscientific." After pressure to publish Tutankhamun's full DNA report to confirm his Y-DNA results, the researchers refused to respond.

Basically the Egyptians looked into Tut's DNA but didn't release the results. Going by what was shown on screen in the documentary some other researchers guessed the result to be R1b1a2 (common in the Balkans). Since the Egyptians won't publish their results there's a lot of controversy around it and it could be what >>291229 is thinking of.

Meanwhile, five mummies tested in Germany came up as haplogroup I2 which has it's origins in Western Asia (i.e. the Middle East) but is common in Europe too.

Ramesses II's mummy has red hair, which shows up in some populations of modern North Africa (Berbers, etc).

Ramses III haplogroup was found to be E1b1a which has origins in East Africa but is now common in all of Africa.

Tutankhamun's skull is a mixture of African and European and is thus considered "North African".

tl;dr the Ancient Egyptians were basically the same African, Middle Eastern, and Mediterranean mutts as modern Egyptians. Black Americans need to realise that not all of Africa was their lebensraum.

No. 291233

wow great, thanks for the amazing milk.
the best part that I liked was how much it had to do with the topic of this fucking thread.

No. 291234

Ate there any archived posts etc of all the drama or just her blogs? I missed a huge chunk of the drama and a lot of linka are deleted or not working because the blogs and sites deactivated or got deleted

No. 291235

File: 1450395620309.jpg (73.13 KB, 575x442, mummy-scan.jpg)

Wrong, The Did DNA test And the early egyptions were of subsaharan origin. Of course latter after greece infiltrated egypt there bloodlines intermingled and were eradicated. This image shown is obviously an egyption with typical black features

No. 291236

File: 1450395888637.jpeg (28.7 KB, 448x344, Black-King-Tut-39642903698.jpe…)

King Tut is BLACK. https://atlantablackstar.com/2013/10/25/10-arguments-that-proves-ancient-egyptians-were-black/

Obviously when you look at egyptions they resemble black. They weren't white or europa until after the greeks invaded. There were more than one Cleopatra the first was Nubian. Whitewashing has always existed it's still going on. I'm prettier sure with how stupid society is today whites will be saying native americans were white also. Educate yourself. I'm done(no one cares/off-topic)

No. 291237

omg did i land on fucking eupedia

Ok, why not. Re: Y-hg I2 in mummies I would not trust any study by Carsten Pusch.
If I got hg R1b1a2 in an ancient Egyptian I'd make reaallllyy sure that one of the many white guys excavating/studying/curating/labworking didn't in any way look at that sample too long, it's by far the most common hg in Central and Western Europe. Likely contamination.

Not saying that ancient Egyptians couldn't actually have had I2 or R1b1a2 but those aren't the studies you should cite.

No. 291238

Shut up you stupid cunts. How dare you make me think there was some Queen felice updates with all your shit posting that nobody gives a fuck about.

No. 291239

My thoughts exactly. Stop the nonsense.

No. 291240

Yeah, girls, c'mon, we're not supposed to discuss things intelligently, we're supposed to be bitchy about other bitches like a proper female should. Know your place, sluts!

jk i actually find off topic shit v annoying as well lawl

No. 291241

Admin only blocks people that talk about black people. Notice admin never blocks the threads that derail to glorify whites, Admin won't block racist chan, or posters in threads that constantly derailing to talk about marilyn monroe (because she has nothing to do with anything). Which I find more annoying than anything. Whatever I didn't even start it. Why not block the people that START the derail Not the people who answered.

No. 291242

File: 1450456554813.jpg (36.88 KB, 400x313, ff.jpg)

Funny thing is her e-fame hungry white knights keep posting in her tag even now, like that monopoly moon girl but i guess that doesn't count?

No. 291243

I actually noticed this myself … Interesting.

No. 291244

File: 1451216968239.jpg (152.78 KB, 1600x900, Storage Hunters UK_ The bidder…)

Felice and rich in 20 years time…

No. 291245

Admin has said in a thread before that racist chan has been banned multiple times for derailing.

No. 291246

replying to bait and fuelling the fire can be just as bad as starting it, admin was probably trying to teach you a lesson

No. 291247

File: 1451374026726.jpg (111.89 KB, 1039x380, tumblr_nztr94x9NH1qcdl07o1_540…)

it's good to know that felice is still an inspiration to some people like emily

No. 291248

I've never seen that photo of blonde felice before. Huh. She looks terrifying

No. 291249

File: 1451375781797.jpg (5.44 KB, 189x266, images.jpg)

i believe it was for a photo shoot, sorry for the bad quality of the pic, couldnt find a better one

No. 291250

Could you please stop posting the same damn picture into every, even slightly related thread. Nobody gives a shit

No. 291251

my apologies, i thought it was pretty funny.
but i have only posted it on this thread so im not sure what you are talking about.

No. 291252

Reminds me more of Yolandi Visser than Felice, but idk

No. 291253

Fuck off and go chug vanilla extract, Emily. You aren't relevant anymore and Felice ALWAYS did it better.

No. 291254

i seriously miss felice. i thought of all the cows out there to actually get away from the efame, felice would be the last person to do it.

No. 291255


felice ripped yolandi, and at the time everyone went on about how lame it was, though she obviously pulled it off WAY better than suburban trash emily.

and to me that picture never gets old, emily is even more clueless than felice and i didn't think that was humanly possible.

No. 291256


Emily, wind ya fucking neck in

No. 291257

File: 1452665312909.jpg (199.51 KB, 700x542, male tears.jpg)

Was Felice's hair during this era legit, or was it extensions? It's so full.

No. 291258

Extensions. Some also said a bit of photoshop on some of her pics but i wouldnt be able to tell tbh.

No. 291259


Actually when one of her ex-friends came out to speak against her one of the things she did note on when asked was that Felice's hair was all real and just very, very thick.
I can't see why she'd lie if she'd prior to that verbally dragged Felice through the mud.

No. 291260

her hands look monster huge

No. 291261

I remember pics where you could see she copy and pasted hair

No. 291262


she claimed it was real time and time again but it's fairly obvious that when you compared her model shots to normal candid pics that it was a completely different length and texture/thickness

No. 291263

Post pics

No. 291264

File: 1454794509363.png (72.77 KB, 335x264, tumblr_lqaj5m6WiW1qgzthio1_400…)

I didn't want to make a new thread for this and I can't really ask anywhere else, but does anyone maybe know where to find this theme:

No. 291265

Might be this one, just edited https://wordpress.org/themes/delicate/

No. 291266

Will try it out, thanks a bunch anon!

No. 291267

File: 1460746202551.jpg (96.85 KB, 640x691, image.jpg)

Felice Fawn is back she now goes by "Lauren Aster"

No. 291268

File: 1460746226262.jpg (68.19 KB, 640x795, image.jpg)

No. 291269


She's not back and you're about 4 months too late >>291109

No. 291270

damn i got so fucking excited

No. 291271

fuck you. Why would you hype me?

No. 291272

goddammit I was so hyped

No. 291273

god dammit i miss the fawn so much
>the one true cow

No. 291274

Such dense, rich milk

No. 291275

A lot of people miss her, but I guess it's best for her to stay hidden :(

There's also a blog that keeps posting her pictures. I still hope she might come back, even without the drama but we all know that won't happen

No. 291276

I'm sure I've said this before, but she is honestly the last cow I ever expected to leave the internet and (kind of) get her shit together.

No. 291277

I know, right
After all the shit she pulled, I don't think she really had a choice tho

No. 291278

True, but that didn't stop her still using the internet for validation. I could notice a shift in her attitude when it came out Rich was fucking other women, and she didn't want to admit she was back with him.

No. 291279

She didn't leave the internet, she's actively posting gaming videos on YT.

No. 291280

she didn't leave b/c she got her shit together she left b/c of credit card debts, that's why she changed her name to lauren aster as well lol

No. 291281

this, and she left her ex best friend (the owner of the house she lived in) dealing with the debt collectors and the damage done to her house by her untrained dogs shitting everywhere

No. 291282

What's her channel?

No. 291283

I'm not sure they're ex-friends; they still interact on facebook but I think Maja is too forgiving/tolerant of her shitty behaviour

No. 291284

Heh, she's not bad.

No. 291285

Well i think that atm she doesnt do anything else in life besides play that game so obv she doesnt suck

No. 291286

If all you do is play 1 game, I'd hope to God you're not bad at it

No. 291287

Destiny sucks so much -_-

I miss the Fawn, she was my fav Snowflake forever…sad, she choosed the shitty Gamergirl Hypetrain

No. 291288

She will choose whatever will get her attention while still being able to sit on her ass all day

No. 291289

She isn't really attention seeking anymore though? She isnt even talking in that video.

No. 291290

>How much does she weigh?

Probably 50 lbs by the look of it

No. 291291


I have to disagree with you.
If attention is the endgame here, posting voiceless, textless screenplays of you playing widely popular online shooters to a reasonably anonymous Youtube account holding neither images nor personal details relating to yourself, well it's probably the worst way to go about getting it.

No. 291292

I think if it weren't for the fact that she's in all this debt and stuff, she would still be at what she was doing before.
I wonder what was the final straw and what got her to finally stop. Or if anyone convinced her to or something.

No. 291293


idk man, sometimes people just grow up.
She could actually still be regularly posting, she could even be on lolcow, we would just never know.

No. 291294

she should create a twitch account
she could hands down easily make money via that

No. 291295

i think it had to do with the mix of debt collectors actually getting her info because of her online presence and her embarrassment over rich cheating and her staying

the bitch has to have some sort of anonymous thinspo something out there tho, i just think people don't care anymore to find it

No. 291296

Nah felice doesn't seem like a boob streamer.

No. 291297

I miss the Felice drama, her train wreck of a life was so addictive to observe. She could of done so well for herself but completely blew it, kind of sad really!

No. 291298


Felice is kind of endearing to me but my favourite part of her drama was the bit when she collaborated with that E-publisher and she Tweeted about waking up with dog-shit in between her toes or something.
The E-publisher unfollowed on Twitter her and then later blacklisted her for being unprofessional as fuck, and oh lawd Felice was flipping the fuck out.

I never once believed that she was abusive to her animals though. Even the people that eventually rolled over on her always said "yeah she's a total shit, but she loves the fuck out of her animals and takes very good care of them".

No. 291299

She loved the shit out of them, but I'm not sure about the taking very good care of them part. She did the bare minimal (feed, water shelter, etc.) but there were a lot of strange things that happened with her old rottweiler Rocky that leads me to believe she had no idea what she was doing taking care of another animal.

No. 291300

Yeah, the main issues people had with her as a pet owner were her smoking inside with them around, and posing them for "lol so random" photos where their body language showed they were uncomfortable. She wasn't the heartless animal-abusing monster some truth bloggers made her out to be, just totally clueless.

No. 291301

And it just didn't seem like she did any work for them, Rich did it all. I remember her tweeting about how Rocky would shit all over their condo and how he'd destroy the home to the point they didn' get their deposit on it when they got kicked out.

No. 291302

Did she give up Rocky before she got the dachshund or after? Either way I remember she tweeted about how the dachshund or Rocky II peed on a pair of headphones and she didn't know until she put them in her mouth.

No. 291303

I think she got the dachshund after Rocky? Not 100%, its been so long.

No. 291304

R.e. the art tracing, can you be sure she's not just referencing? I mean obviously she adds nothing creative to the source picture but it doesn't really look like she's just drawing over them.

No. 291305


Not the anon you're replying to; but if digitally drawing/painting over photographs that don't belong to her with a Wacom tablet is "referencing" whilst simultaneously earning money from said photos without credit to the original artist… then fucking hell, this is a cruel, cruel world for genuine artists out there.

No. 291306

File: 1462906733300.gif (528.55 KB, 250x333, trace.gif)

She definitely traces.

No. 291307

It's almost as if she cranked up the brightess on the photo and used the smudge tool to give it a painterly look.

No. 291308

Anyone reckon she's gonna come back?

No. 291309

If she hasn't come back yet, she probably won't tbh. I mean, she is still around but just totally low key. She isn't going to go for the tumblr fame anymore.

No. 291310

No. 291311

I hope she does I really miss all the drama

No. 291312

I know this thread is dead af but Felice was my favorite lolcow and I'm not going to lie I miss her. Through lurking Pull briefly this was posted and seemed really legit (posted July 15th) and we're waiting on proof, but really who would lie about knowing her in 2016. I thought it was worth contributing to this thread content wise. Has anyone figured out where she's at right now?

>I knew Lauren for several years before she became Felice, and we continued to be friends for a few more years before I decided I'd had enough.

We met on a social game called Furcadia when she was a teenager, which some of you may be familiar with. It was a good place to meet people and a thriving community at the time. It's not really like that anymore, but I digress.

During her time on Furcadia, she was primarily focused on her artwork, because this garnered her a lot of attention. In the game, you can have a custom 90x90 pixel art portrait, and making them for people was a good way to get some easy and consistent work as an artist, not to mention a lot of exposure in the community.

She did quite a few of these pixel art portaits. Some of them were genuine, others were half-assed "referenced" pieces. She actually has considerable artistic talent, but she would often cut corners when she needed to get something done quickly, or if she got bored with a particular project. As time progressed, she started spreading her art to emerging social media and other websites (DeviantArt, for example) in an attempt to grow a larger audience. Most of these have all been deleted. She doesn't like to leave trails.

She and I became very close during this time and for several years to come. We talked every day, spent huge amounts of time together, and eventually formed a romantic long-distance relationship. We would talk on MSN and Skype and we'd cam often. It was nice at the time. I didn't know about Rich until this had been going on for some time.

When I found out that she had a boyfriend, her immediate response was to completely downplay it. She'd act like they were on the rocks and she already had one foot out the door. She'd make me all these promises and say everything that she needed to say in order to keep me from walking. Of course, we all know that she never left Rich and never will. And just in case you're wondering: No, I'm not Andy. I wasn't public with my relationship with her, mostly because she did everything in her power to keep my mouth shut. In addition, all of my friends at the time knew who she was and were judgmental of my relationship with her (and RIGHTLY so). I should have listened, but I didn't.

She was very difficult to deal with. Her mood changed at the drop of a hat, and I had no idea why. Sometimes she'd be so sweet and loving, and then she'd just turn on me. Everything was always my fault. When I threatened to leave her, she would beg me and apologize and claim that it was a temporary mental condition or a new medication, and that it wasn't really her fault, and that she loved me, blah blah blah. If those explanations didn't work, she would threaten me. She'd tell me she was going to tell my friends all my "secrets", and she would go to elaborate lengths to fabricate falsehoods about me, and get all her little toadies to harass me until I agreed to speak to her again. I found out about her alcoholism during this time. I still took her back.

Several incidents of abuse followed, and I eventually broke up with her. I realized we were never going to be together in real life no matter how many times she promised, or how many planned meetups/trips she flaked out on. She did not take it well. In fact, she literally stalked me. When she realized I wasn't going to respond to her increasingly over the top threats and numerous ways to get around my social media blocks, she went silent.

Some time later, I began dating another girl. Lauren found out about it and started talking to the girl without my knowledge. She then started sending messages to me ABOUT this girl, which of course I was stupid enough to read. Without boring you too much with the minutiae of this exchange, she ruined our relationship with deceit and turned us on each other. Then, once we had broken up, she tried to "console" me. I was upset, and I allowed this to happen. I didn't know that she had manipulated the whole situation.

Shortly after we started talking again, she messaged me and told me she wanted to talk on cam. I got on cam and she went on this long rant about how we were meant to be together and that if I gave her a chance she could prove to me that she was different. She admitted to all her wrongdoings and told me it wouldn't be the same as it was before. She said she had stopped drinking and wasn't on any pills. After this, when it seemed like I was receptive to her apology, she proceeded to take her clothes off. She then wrote my name across her bare breasts in black marker, and passed out on cam.

Later, Rich found her naked with another man's name scrawled across her chest and our chat log open, and messaged me to ask "WHAT THE FUCK DUDE?"

Believe it or not, she had an excuse for the whole thing. Of course! Someone had slipped something into her drink at a meet and greet (this was when she was Felice Fawn at this point, so the idea of a meet and greet didn't seem abnormal). I told her she could fuck right off. More begging. More threats. Blah blah blah. Apparently Rich bought that story because they didn't break up and she said he knew about me and was "okay with it", which I'm sure she left out when she talked to HIM about it. This guy must either have the patience of a saint or the intelligence of a goldfish.

I was DONE at this point. The only thing this girl cares about is getting people wrapped up in her. She has secret blogs everywhere, and undoubtedly courts many online suitors simultaneously. It's a never-ending rotation of attention seeking behavior. The most infamous of these is, of course, her "thinspo" blogs where she would post body pics of her anorexia progress (in addition to cutting). When she and I first started dating, she wasn't skinny. In fact, she was actually a little on the chubby side. And you know what? I liked it. I didn't care. Then she started to get thinner and change her look, and it started to get her attention. I didn't mind it that much, because I thought she was doing it in a healthy way. Then she takes on this weird "Felice Fawn" persona and starts becoming obsessed, and the more people started looking up to her, the worse it got. In situations like this, she quite literally loses touch with reality, it's like she gets high on popularity and she does the most batshit in insane things to keep it going. She's sick, and I don't think she'll ever get any help. I certainly gave up on trying.

Her blogs never stay a secret, no matter how sensitive and personal the subject matter is, or the lengths she goes to hide her face or pretend to be someone else. Keeping things hidden made it hard to become popular, so it didn't matter how secretive her many blogs started out, she'd leak it all by the end to see how much attention she could get. When things started getting too hot to handle, she'd burn the whole thing down and start over with a new setup. She doesn't completely get rid of old attachments, though. She keeps coming back to get her fix on a favorite flame. She can't stop.

It took me a long time to get over her, and the damage she caused to my personal life was pretty irrevocable. I'm not entirely innocent, because I let so much of this go on for so long, but I guess the purpose of this post was just to share my story to people who might be interested in hearing it. It's cathartic to finally just unload the whole thing.

No. 291313

sage for apology on fucking up the formatting, also source (https://prettyuglylittleliar.net/topic/178-is-felice-fawn-really-dead/?page=3)

No. 291314

in the beginning I took this with a huge grain of salt, but prepared to consider if it could be legit. but now that I finish it, i don't believe it at all. this sounds like one of the old obsessed freelicers trying to spark new shit to get people talking about her again. this must be at least the 10th+ time some mysterious friend/classmate/acquaintance/family/ex comes out of fucking no where to tell juicy secrets about THE REAL Felice because "she ruined muh life and was a horrible person" to some gossip forum now that the anti-felice anonymous ask boxes are dead.

even if this were a real person, he's a creepy shitbag. you don't just randomly find PULL by googling Felice Fawn, it doesn't come up. they'd have to do some questionable digging on someone that "took a lot time to get over her and the damaged she caused"

No. 291315

Just for the sake of clarity I googled "Felice Fawn" or "Felice Fawn 2016" and that's how I found the PULL post, it's one of the first few results.

I think it's reasonable to believe she has exes who lurk, because everyone sort of does it at least once and she did have such a ridiculous online presence. If this person exists, it makes sense for them to not really be over it and might still want some weird form of justice, regardless of how small it is.

I believe it only because he's a very coherent writer and the Furcadia details, especially with the MSN chats and her artwork. He's not really trying to convince people of anything ridiculous, just that she is addicted to attention, which everyone already knows. The tone came of as very apt to the situation, but maybe I'm more likely to believe it considering everyone forgot about her and moved onto someone new to criticize.

I don't think a "freelicer" (so glad that's not a thing anymore, oh my god) could come of as collected and recount anything foundational.

No. 291316

Honestly, I feel the same way. Yet I still could see it being believable.
during those times rich found her with someone, that's probably when they would go on so many "breaks".

No. 291317

>I believe it only because he's a very coherent writer and the Furcadia details, especially with the MSN chats and her artwork.
I never even followed Felice and I know about her pixel artwork and Furcadia. There's a section for it in her ED article, it's called "Felice the furry", lol. The rest of it could have easily been made up. Again, this is far from the first time someone has pretended to know Felice and wrote some lengthy story about how they used to be friendly with her, how she manipulated them/did X bad thing to them, and now they're here on some gossip forum/blog for a Tell-All story about her because she "deserves" it or whatever.

and it's always the same thing. a mix of information that's already online (pixel art and furcadia), or that everyone already knows (she likes attention and manipulates people), mixed in with a story that can't be proven (took her clothes off on chat, wrote his name on her breasts and passed out).

No. 291318

but it's 2016 who would do that in a dead space like pull when she's been gone for years

No. 291319

why are you so keen on believing them? being convinced only by their timing is grasping at straws.

No. 291320

That is Victoria

No. 291321

Furcadia portraits are 95x95 not 90x90 and anyone that actually played the game would know this. It costs $10 to upload a portrait to the site, and if you uploaded an image at the wrong dimensions it would look all fucked up and you'd be out the entire $10.

I knew Felice, and played furcadia, and I don't believe this. She did have people she internet-dated on the game, but none of them have spoken publicly about her. This is just another attention starved weirdo pretending to have deets.

No. 291322

Ah, I miss Felice.

I wonder if her hair is all red now.
Guess I'll never know tsk

No. 291323

Stop bumping this thread and giving me hope that my favorite cow has returned.

No. 291324

Her new Twitter with a new profile pic is under the amen Lauren__Aster.
Protected account.

No. 291325

Seems legit. Anyone following her? Does she post anything interesting?

No. 291326

No. 291327

read the damn thread. this has already been discussed.

No. 291328

I honestly wish she would come back or someonr knew what she's up to today, but at the same time I wish people would leave her alone. She seem to have stopped with her bs and is trying to hide.

No. 291329

>552 posts
>over a year old


No. 291330

>joined feb 2015
>6 tweets

probly not

No. 291331

Any updates on her?

No. 291332

I caught someone on osu catfishing as her… that's about as much Felice as anyone gets these days

No. 291333

No. 291334

Is she a furry again?

No. 291335

There are hundreds of profiles on almost every social media site with her pictures of catfish profiles.

She also deleted all her videos from her YT channel.

Does anyone know who runs the tumblr blog?

No. 291336

No. 291337

looks like it
Felice seemed to play mostly with Tracer iirc
But of course it's possible that she (finally) decided to take up a new username.

Btw anon, what makes you think it's her? Might as well be a random person or (accidental) selfpost

No. 291338


That's a confirmed account of hers. It says her main PSN is Shruna. When the Twitter was public the profile listed that as their PSN name.

If you look at the cached tweets it's relatively obvious it's her too.

No. 291339

Thank you for clarifying anon

(I don't have twitter or really know how it works so I didn't see anything)

No. 291340

File: 1490793888656.jpg (27.01 KB, 500x375, q8r0zPJ.jpg)

Anyone recognise this image?
Recent or old?

No. 291341

File: 1490794119083.jpg (32.17 KB, 604x433, f98SQO2.jpg)

Found this on that VK social network

No. 291342

File: 1490794245327.jpg (31.59 KB, 500x398, Xa3wvfh.jpg)


No. 291343

Apparently found on facebook

No. 291344


No. 291345

sage 4 no contribution but does anyone know the name of this girl??? it's driving me nuts

No. 291346

These are all old

No. 291347

Wasnt it Emily somethinh

No. 291348

>>necros old thread to give no answer

kill yourself

No. 291349

That fat bitch. I remember her from tumblr. She has Autism and complains about the shitty stuff that goes on in her pro terrorist country. She is also Agender, which is more lulz.

There is not much to dig up on her that I can find. Besides her owning a freelice blog back in the day. Shes pretty retarded. She seems to have lost weight but not enough. Her hair is green now. Looks like your typical tumblr SJW.

No. 291350

I hate newfags more and more as they keep doing this shit. Can no one lurk?

No. 292211

i've lurked plenty you retard, and nobody has mentioned her name.

the reason i asked is because we're from the same country and.. it's not pro terrorist lol. thanks though. do you have any links to her?

No. 292213


No. 320533

File: 1495630685358.jpg (955.14 KB, 1634x961, felice-fawn-62.jpg)

sorry to bump for nothing much, but I was looking at some digital artworks and came across this and immediately recognized it from a picture of Felice. this is by an extremely professional artist (and they did not mention her name or the reference), given how she used to react to "fanart" i think Felice would have pissed herself if she saw this

No. 320568

kind of sucks that they didn't credit her, even if she's off the Internet.

I wonder if she still lurks her tags etc. I mean, she probably does lol

No. 320869

Is this official MTG art? I know the character, but the style is very familiar too. Would be pretty shitty if this gets printed on cards/merch.

No. 321309

I really hope not, would really suck for her and that artist is a dick then.

No. 321603

Just looked into it, it's fan art. Artist is Livia Prima.

No. 513012

Your icon is showing.

No. 513016

File: 1519436305284.png (111.54 KB, 637x647, xabb2.png)

Sorry to bump this thread for basically nothing, but I was curious what my old favorite lolcow is up to these days.

I searched her name on Twitter and it appears Felice has either left Rich (LOL) or this is another Andy situation. xAbbreviation (real name Robert) is well known for being a PvP god in the Destiny community and was one of the top players for Trials.

If you search Felice's username in his tweets, their relationship appears to have been going on since at least 2016.

I believe this is the same Robert that Felice had multiple times in her bookmarks from that screenshot of hers that someone posted.

Sorry if I did this wrong. I'm more of a lurker.

Thanks anon. Edited pic.

No. 513053

Omg thank you for this anon. I miss felice drama more than anything! I remember after she ghosted from the internet, and was staying at friends places and actively dodging creditors looking for her bc she owed so much money from credit card debts, moved into the little cottage with rich and the dogs and tried to rebrand herself as a twitch gamer gurl, bought tons of expensive gaming equipment suddenly, all at once (while never mentioning this passion for video games really ever previously), and started keeping a low profile on twitch and twitter. So I’m not surprised, I assumed after her tumblr fame crashed that she’d ditch rich in a second bc he was really no use to her anymore.

I wonder what her style is now fashion wise. It’d be hilarious if she rebranded herself as an instahoe, baddie, IG too-much-highlighter “model”. I’d pay to see that, bc the milk has dried up and all we’ve been having are soggy cookie crumbs.

No. 513081

2bad nobody gives a shit about destiny anymore, wonder if they met irl tho lol

No. 513714

File: 1519515667209.jpg (68.4 KB, 480x654, felice170225.jpg.a32ff67830200…)

No need to wonder what she looks like now, anon. A few days ago a user at PULL found Felice's Twitter unlocked for one day and took screenshots. She has since deleted her Twitter account though.

No. 513715

File: 1519515694371.jpg (45.96 KB, 428x548, felice170717.jpg.c27286b930962…)

No. 513717

File: 1519515732805.jpg (83.17 KB, 622x470, felice170726.jpg.7afd3a24ad8af…)

No. 513718

File: 1519515766602.jpg (79.5 KB, 604x538, felice171011.jpg.87c81f36abd46…)

No. 513719

File: 1519515804321.jpg (63.15 KB, 600x437, felice171013.jpg.5dcc03367c6db…)

No. 513720

File: 1519515839829.jpg (134.45 KB, 788x532, felice171222full.jpg.d3ec2ad6a…)

No. 513728

File: 1519516722615.jpg (154.26 KB, 580x1134, felicetwitterfood.jpg.f657a9c2…)

Sorry for bumping this thread so much. I'm glad she finally got rid of that shitty red ombre she had going on. There are a lot more images of her tweets on the PULL thread.

Honestly, it doesn't sound like a lot has changed from her Felice Fawn days. She is still rail thin and tweets constantly about food, video games, and being ill. Also, she no longer seems to have Troy.

No. 513738

Seems she's a big Overwatch player now
Her Twitter is still linked in her bio with "@MissShruna" as her (now deleted) Twitter handle

No. 513740

File: 1519518502676.jpg (28.37 KB, 367x375, shruna.JPG)

She still has her Reddit account up though

No. 513782

Oh my god is this real? Is Felice back? I miss her and her drama so much

No. 513785

File: 1519522531607.jpg (168.48 KB, 1258x946, shrunaa.JPG)

She left her MissShruna alias linked to her laurenaster PSN
There's a Youtube account with an Overwatch player as the icon dating May 2015
Could be legit hers but it's all private, as is the Twitter dating from the same time period

Her PSN though is backing up the Overwatch videos though

>Before she wipes this too


No. 513794

File: 1519523467629.jpg (22.35 KB, 775x381, twitch.JPG)

No. 513795

Wow so she's dating a black dude with a huge Afro who is 20
Didn't see that coming

No. 513805

File: 1519524146356.jpg (193.01 KB, 586x1024, felicetwitterfamilyandpets.jpg…)

I'm going to post the rest of her Tweets that got screenshotted for anyone else who is curious.

No. 513806

File: 1519524182379.jpg (321.59 KB, 584x2644, felicetwittermentalhealthandot…)

No. 513809

File: 1519524217135.jpg (748.64 KB, 586x5182, felicetwittermisc.jpg.510b983e…)

No. 513810

File: 1519524237247.jpg (238.85 KB, 590x1820, felicetwittersleepingandhealth…)

No. 513814


thank you, kind Anon
it's been one hell of a ride so far
her bf seems really pro black too which is weird for him to date Felice in any case
but he plays a lot of Overwatch and stuff so I guess she found him through there. she's just still selling Ark eggs etc through Reddit it looks
also there's a snapchat under MissShruna and Shruna so who knows?

No. 513824

File: 1519525684735.png (26.15 KB, 594x92, tweet.png)


No problem, anon.

If her relationship with xAbbreviation has been going on since at least 2016 and the screen shot with her bookmarks of him were from 2015, then it seems like almost 30-year-old Felice was dating a teenager. This is so bizarre.

No. 513826

My timeline is probably not accurate here but if she disappeared from the internet in 2014 and was with Rich in 2015, she jumped from one relationship into another. Not shaming or anything here but how do you go from a longterm relationship to a teenager when you're almost 30?

No. 513830

tbf I think she should have had been about 25 in 2015.

No. 513832

No, your timeline is correct. I think the last pictures of Felice and Rich together were 2015.

xAbbreviation is American (he has an American accent in his Twitch video), so I doubt they met playing games since I think they'd be on different servers. I'm guessing she must've sought him out for his PvP skill during her Destiny phase since that's the game he's best known for.

No. 513838

My mistake, anon. I think she is 29 this year.

No. 514028

She looks good. Wish she would just come back

No. 514065

This is a mirror selfie and yet it’s retouched.
I can only imagine how rough she looks under all of the skin smoothing. Age is not her friend, but I suppose all of the drugs and disorderly eating habits catch up fast.

No. 518559

File: 1519982665335.png (84.12 KB, 635x448, 123.png)

Felice's Twitter is back and isn't on private at the moment if anyone wants to take a look.

I looked through it for anything interesting to screencap for you all, but it wasn't as interesting as I'd hoped. Like 95% of it is gaming related.

Only strange thing to note is that it seems @xAbbreviation isn't following her on Twitter.

No. 518560

File: 1519982784599.png (97.26 KB, 627x578, Untitled.png)

I doubt she works given how much time she seems to spend gaming or watching Netflix.

No. 518583

File: 1519986995545.jpeg (63.73 KB, 750x287, 930EC479-782F-498D-A1CC-B8C5D7…)

Wow. What a cunt.

No. 518604

I wonder if she's leaving the profile public on purpose? Idk how twitter settings work, but usually you have to switch from private to public manually

No. 518654

She'll be 29 in a couple of days… yeah, she hasn't matured in the least. Dating a 20 year old kid?

Oh, Felice bae.

No. 518658

Maybe, but she's not all that interesting now. You can tell it's her, but she isn't trying to be EDGY for shock value since she has so little followers.

Still remember when she posted a picture of a dead baby on her twitter as Felice.

It's kind of sad she is still photoshopping selfies and looking for asspats, no job. But she's mellowed out into boring territory. Not much milk in this new find, sadly.

No. 518671

She hasn't changed… at all. This is like falling into a wormhole and being back in 2013. She's less gothy, sure, but its the same kind of selfies, same kind of make up, same hair, same grimacing stare… This is bizarre.

Not to mention her tweets just show how she hasn't grown up at all. How are you 30 and still just stay home, tweet all day, and play video games.

This is wild.

No. 518687

Most of the “milk” I dug up is just her being a cunt on Overwatch and bragging about throwing comp matches which is… pretty pathetic. That and being too wrapped up in stupid things like being gunned down by a silver mercy and OMG I CARRY MY TEAM AS TRACER MEMEME. She definitely hasn’t changed aside from being more boring.

No. 518716

They don't follow each other so I'm p sure she's single.

She also follows Onion lol

No. 518920

That is pathetic. Bronze antics. She's probably just not good and when someone flames her for it, that's when she starts throwing and says "haha I meant to do that." I don't know how she can pose herself as this ~gamer girl~ since part of competitive gaming in general is not doing stupid shit like that simply because it's tilting as hell when it's done to you. No one likes having their time wasted, but I guess since she has literally nothing else going on it doesn't bother her.

No. 518931

Thanks for all the caps, anons. I'm with everyone else who misses her antics and wishes she came back. Feels nostalgic. If she broke up with rich, I wonder where she's living now since apparently all she does is sit on her ass, still. What a life. It makes it even funnier how she used to romanticize every single thing about her life. And it's weird how that twitter wasn't open to many people (showing from the likes and reblogs), but she still felt the need to post her photoshopped face every once in a while. At least it's a lot less shooped than before, though.

No. 519007

Her Twitter is back on private again.

It's been a trip down memory lane for sure. I was also wondering who she must mooch off now, since Rich was the one who worked and drove her around. I'm gonna guess she's probably living at her dad's house because who else would support someone who's nearly 30 who doesn't work and games all day.

It's kind of sad to see she hasn't done anything with her life since disappearing from the internet. She really could've made something of herself with her photography and retouching if she had an ounce of professionalism. Heck, she could've been successful with her online stores if she actually ran them properly instead of scamming her followers.

I think Felice and Robert broke up recently. She had a pinned Tweet saying how sad she was or something. I still think it's odd she was dating someone so much younger than her.

No. 519114

File: 1520038162192.jpg (104.19 KB, 607x1080, slpMu25RtlM.jpg)

Someone posted this on the VK site yesterday. If it's true, then I'm genuinely surprised Felice and Maja are still friends after everything that's gone down. I google translated the caption

"Today, Maja Stina (friend of Fel), published a photo of Felice, where she wrote how she admires her (Felice) retouching skills. After a while, the comments fell with questions: "where did Fel disappear," "where is she now" and requests to give a link to her Instagram. Maya removed the post. But I was lucky and I managed to make a screenshot. I share with you!"

No. 519527

File: 1520085356770.png (774.91 KB, 750x1334, 9CD28EBE-CBBB-478A-8B13-1ABE28…)

Anon, your profile pic is showing.

Found Felice’s Facebook profile. Wasn’t hard to find and I assume she uses this for gaming as her friends appear to be from all over.

Anyone else bothered by the name Shruna? I can’t move passed it!

No. 519544

I wonder of she'll delete it or change her name/pics now that it was posted here.

And yes. It sounds…Indian? If you google it all of her gaming, reddit stuff and twitter profile show up. Even a Felice Fawn video.

I'm surprised she's not hiding that much anymore. Must've gotten bored of it.

No. 519745

Shriveled Prune-a.
And Nerdette? Eyeroll.
Lauren is almost 30, and this is something a teenager would do to impress loser nerds to make up for the attention she doesn't get irl.

Sad she didn't get off the internet and actually grow as a person. Doubt she's even focusing on her art or photography anymore. All about leveling up in games to impress teenage boys.

No. 519788

The name Shruna is just shrimp meets tuna
It's not all that aesthetically appealing

No. 519903

File: 1520118023521.png (53.37 KB, 497x206, lol.png)

Nice find, anon! For some reason I never thought she'd use Shruna on Facebook too. I thought this forum post of hers was hilariously ironic given how much scamming she used to do back in the day.

No. 519906

File: 1520118128612.jpg (49.8 KB, 830x830, 27972300_343715662797224_23406…)

Gonna post the few public profile pics she has on this Facebook account for others to see in case she wipes it.

No. 519908

File: 1520118143619.jpg (23.34 KB, 388x388, 28167000_345284849306972_53220…)

No. 519922

File: 1520118680452.jpg (14.86 KB, 400x400, 22448253_290076164827841_55682…)

Link to her profile in case she renames it.

No. 519931


Her dad looks like he is having fun. This is a sweet pic. Saged for lack of purpose.

No. 519936

Looks like she got those finger dot tattoos removed or retouched them out of the photo.

I agree. It's nice to see she's on good terms with her dad. I really think she must be living with him and he is supporting her financially.

No. 519956

it does and I wonder if she still has the thigh tattoos? now that her goff phase seems to be over

No. 520002


Her thighs tattoo were the least goth one she had though lol Her size piece, on the other hand…

Maybe they faded out. They were prtty small and finger tattoos are prone to fade easily.

No. 520056

File: 1520130122207.jpg (6.15 KB, 225x225, download (1).jpg)

What about all those shitty satanic bible symbols she had on her shoulders.

No. 520058

File: 1520130228192.jpg (6.96 KB, 189x267, download.jpg)

Or this, such cringe.

No. 520062

File: 1520130357451.jpg (45.09 KB, 500x748, 4a9a683e978305196af07f8f051ff4…)

I'm sure she must regret this gothic atrocity.

No. 520093

File: 1520131591946.jpg (105.44 KB, 600x814, BBkp2eRCUAEL6PB.jpg)

Does anyone know where this suit was from? The one time she looked nice and it's because someone else dressed her for a shoot.

No. 520151

This was from her Orient Express photoshoot with Daniel Lehenbauer. It looks like Chanel or something Chanel-inspired. She looked great here.

No. 520163

File: 1520134523736.jpg (209.4 KB, 500x750, large.jpg)

I don't think it is real Chanel but a knockoff from Mango or Topshop or wherever. The buttons don't look right.

The bag in the photo here looks like it's from Aspinal of London instead of Chanel (or even an Aspinal knockoff). They probably just didn't even have the budget.

The whole shoot was inspired by this:

They did get an actual Chanel perfume bottle at least for one of the other shots.

No. 520170

You're right, the buttons don't have the CC logo.

So strange that she went from being in beautiful photos like this to being an unemployed shut-in gamer.

No. 520173

I actually just found this:

I'm not convinced it isn't a knockoff though as the buttons look different.

No. 520200

Idk you can say she’s a complete loser for being 30, jobless, and doing nothing but gaming, but before everyone was just screeching about banning her from having a social media presence. If this is what she wants to do so be it. At least she isn’t influencing hundreds of young girls into developing eating disorders and cutting themselves anymore.

She was such an influential and highly poisonous presence and there was nothing edgy or cool about it.

I’m fine with her living like this. My little sister was one of the young girls who got sucked into the Fawn madness and thinking about how profoundly it influenced her and many other very young girls makes me want to spit in her face if I ever saw her lol. But I’m glad she’s not got that power anymore and that’s enough for me.

No. 520209

Good point, anon. As much as I liked looking at her photoshopped pictures and lapping up the milk she provided during her reign as Tumblr gothic thinspo queen, it is much better that she no longer has the toxic social media notoriety she once did.

I never thought she'd disappear from the internet and be able to give up her narcissistic supply. I mean, it's clear now that she never really disappeared. She just changed her target audience from young girls on Tumblr to young dudes on PlayStation 4.

No. 520212

She tweeted about working again and only one mention of alcohol. Good for her uf she is living a better life style. Id be down for her becoming more public again, even if it lacks milk.
She may be testing the waters right now with all the privacy setting switches. She must still lurk sone where. Ir some influx of idiots messaged/requested her

No. 520218

I'd be down for that too. Despite her toxic presence, her pictures were lovely to look at.

No. 520222

Yeah, I'm surprised she hasn't been doing photoshoots or photoshop professionally. Seems like a waste of her talents. Drawing too.

No. 520253

I’ll admit, I was heavily influenced by her weight. I’d be lying if I said she wasn’t a major motivation for me to stay under 100 pounds.

Strange thing is, I look back at her photos that I once thought mesmerizing and see them as laughable. I can see through the layers of smudge tool and skin smoother and see what a haggard joke she was. Even now she looks so chrone-like and I’ll, I am grateful she’s disappeared. I see nothing but smoke and mirrors when I look at her. I was far too young and mailable to understand what an obnoxious fool she was at the height of her mania.

No. 520293

File: 1520151424870.jpg (104.9 KB, 500x667, tumblr_mobbsdJYuh1s7bnfbo10_r1…)

As lulzy as her behavior was, I was influenced by her weight too. She used to post a lot about eating Cup-a-Soup, so I started doing the same.

It's funny, when I first stumbled upon her Tumblr back in 2010 or 2011 I thought she was so impossibly beautiful. I assumed she was intelligent since she would go on long rambles about religion and various religious books she said she had read. Of course, now I know she didn't know shit and her rants didn't make a lot of sense.

Seeing her unphotoshopped self for the first time was a real eye opener. Without liberal use of the liquefy and burn tool she did look really haggard and it was obvious that the eating disorder, excessive drinking and smoking had caught up with her.

It's been kind of cathartic to see this latest update on her life. Saged for blogging.

No. 520302

hey we all knew she was legit about her eating disorder, so it's just really sad how thin she looks considering she did mostly avoid the spotlight she once had. i was hoping she would at least be at a slightly more healthy weight..

No. 520303

Yeah, it's sad to see she hasn't really recovered much at all and she still tweets about food a lot. Her legs look tiny in that picture.

No. 520312

i understand you were too young and reasonably fell for her filters and i'm sorry it influenced you then, but she still obviously has and has in the past suffered from a very real eating disorder. did you honestly expect for her to have body dysmorphia and starve herself for thousands of strangers and point out the most unflattering parts of an eating disorder? that's not her responsibility.

there is nothing but resources available pointing out how eating disorders have the highest mortality rate out of any mental illness, speed up the aging process (especially on your face), and atrophy your muscles (the weird webbing on her legs that she actually never hid and her nonexistent ass). the real problem wasn't some random girl in england who self consciously photoshopped herself, it was that people like her were put on such a pedestal to begin with. pointing fingers at anyone but yourself over an eating disorder is selfish blame shifting, and to blame some woman you've never even MET is actually insane.

claim she "influenced" you all you want but you had every available opportunity to find someone more healthy to look up to, or take the time to confront within yourself why you looked up to some tumblr girl in the first place.

No. 520320

it's cathartic to see her visibly suffer? why, because she was really skinny and that's all that mattered to you?

If you could sus out her rants on religion were unintelligent, how were you unable to read the off-the-charts levels of sodium of cup-a-soup and still decide to live off on them? Surely you had access to boiling water, basic vegetables, and basic seasoning, yet you chose to let a proven liar dictate your diet. And then you go on to insult a woman who is so mentally stunted she hasn't grown in over half a decade by expressing catharsis that her aging process has been sped up. You sound like a genius and a great person.

I don't even like felice but anyone blaming her for their shitty decisions is a dumb fuck ban me i don't care. You're mad she's clearly unstable and therefore living with family as a shut in, but you lived off of fucking cup-a-soup because of her you idiot.

No. 520337

I posted this without thinking and chose my words poorly, but I think you're assuming a lot here. I feel the need to clarify. I meant it's cathartic to see she isn't the impossible beauty I used to think she was. In her latest pics she doesn't photoshop her face to hell and back and looks more like her regular, unphotoshopped self (above pic was from google images, "felice fawn no photoshop" or something).

Of course I don't want Felice to suffer. I don't think any of us do. Eating disorders are truly horrible and it's sad to see she still hasn't recovered after all these years. The buying a bunch of Cup-a-Soup thing was dumb but I wasn't living off them. Was my decision to do so after seeing her post about it, was not blaming her for anything.

Hope you're doing better these days, anon.

No. 520362

Anon you are reaching, there is nothing in anons post says they wanted to see felice suffer, calm down. It just sounds many here-anons curious as to what happened to her after she disappeared.

For me the life update was "cathartic" to use anons terms because I heard rumour she was dead.


No. 520421

Erm… nobody said they liked her suffering? The fact that you got that out of anons comment is a little strange.

Dem cognitive skills anon

No. 520425

Chill the hell out. I was 14 years old. Yes, I had an eating disorder of my own accord. I’m not claiming otherwise. No, it was never her responsibility.

But her platform was tumblr. A site full of teenagers. She knew what she was doing.
Nobody is saying her eating disorder or suffering wasn’t real.

This is a woman that purposely emphasized her disorder, photoshopped away the reality, often made posts about her food consumption and dietary choices, and glamorized an ill lifestyle to such a degree, all the while taking advantage of and scamming her mainly underage demographic.

I never said she caused my disorder. I said she was influential. Let’s not remove her from what she was at the time. Let’s not pretend she was a martyr when everything she did was still absolutely gross and exploitive.

No. 520455

File: 1520183252839.png (555.44 KB, 500x667, 489740248.png)

Honestly, Felice was indeed lulzy but she was fascinating to me for some reason. I never saw her as thinspo because I never had any problems with my weight, but the way she spoke about her life and how she seemed to always do interesting stuff or make even the smallest most banal shit seem like an enlightening experience made me really want to be like her.
I was a freelicer on the ole days and even a lot of truth bloggers I talked to agreed that there was something about her that was really interesting besides what she made her appearance to be on the internet. Maybe that's why all the felice copycats weren't too successful, they didn't have her je ne sais quoi.

No. 520600

Uh…is it just me that still thinks she looks really beautiful in her unphotoshopped pictures? Obviously different than in the 'shopped ones, but I'm not getting this ~haggard old crone vibe. Lol.

No. 520631

File: 1520198021975.png (605.67 KB, 898x671, 2B834994-1374-4466-9723-6B9693…)

Have you even seen an a photo of hers that isn’t photoshopped?

No. 520646

File: 1520199134090.jpeg (33.23 KB, 500x375, 27B75C79-A68F-44F5-BAF2-B9B462…)

Does anyone remember Josie Vague? She was friends with Lauren until she blocked her on everything randomly. Made a legendary tumblr post giving he tea.

I followed her before I ever knew who Felice was and it’s weird getting nostalgic over seeing her face after years. She had identity issues of her own and if I remember from her older blogs that she’d delete all the time, she had schizophrenia and a lot of identify issues. I remember before she latched on to Felice she was obsessed with the movie black swan and started doing ballet. I hope she’s okay.

No. 520685

She still looks good without photoshop, but she does look a little "rougher" compared to the photoshopped version. So would anyone though.

I remember this girl's post talking about Felice and Rich's engagement party! I wonder why Felice blocked her. I hope she's doing okay now too.

No. 520698

Lauren really did have a certain something about her. I guess otherwise we wouldn't still be talking about her so long after she ditched the Felice Fawn persona. She even made living in a caravan to avoid creditors sound like she was living an idyllic life in a quaint cottage to be closer to nature.

No. 520731

Exactly, anon.
Her “something” is bullshit. Glamorization.
She uses flowery novelesque speech and paints things as ideal and cozy.
She used a photoshop brush to make her look glamorous and used purple adjectives to make everything she did sound glamorous.

I will hand it to her, she was the OG. I’ll give her credit.
But she crashed and burned hard. And given all she did to those that cared about her, it was due.

No. 520818

I remember her real face being quite jarring back then after being used to her fake face, but looking back now it's really not that bad.

No. 520856

File: 1520218773431.gif (1.82 MB, 357x296, dhMeAzK.gif)

TY anon. I think a lot of people have romantized her a little because many miss the milky drama and conviently forget she was still pretty shitty at the time.


No. 520982

Yeah I’ve been a little surprised at the subtle, kind of defensive (and oddly enough I don’t think intentional) stanning ITT. Yeah we miss the milk but let us not forget she was an annoying cunt that had a very young target audience and it was getting quite creepy as the years crept by

No. 521025

Shruna fb is gone, haha.

No. 521150

It's not. You're either not logged in or blocked.

No. 521328

Its the nostalgia anon, I think thats why. If she was still around and in the background maybe people would not be so easy on her, but because she just up and disappeared maybe people just want her back. As you say they forget how insidious she was, especially given her very young audience.

No. 521336

I know josie. She did ballet long before black swan. She appears to be doing a lot better these days battling her demons, by her social media anyway. She isn't a cow and is pretty private, so i'll leave it at that.

No. 521342

Personally i want her back, it has been a super long time (especially for some one so social media dependant as her) and people do change. She appears to have learned from her scamming scandals. Im curious to see if she would publicly apolagise for her wrong doings and how she is these days. I often wonder if she still has a personal blog some where

No. 523193

File: 1520445531199.gif (2.48 MB, 320x240, GAkD.gif)

more cringey tattoos

No. 523197

we know anon lol

No. 523205

It was more than just her scams that made her notorious, like posting puctures of dead babies etc she was edgy but why do you care if she's changed, wouldn't you want her back even if she were still super shitty? I mean, she would still be a great cow if she comes back the same as she was before

No. 523327

are there any more? just discovered that one

No. 523358

Roman numerals on left shoulder
"Once a little girl who was born the devil in the flesh" on right shoulder blade
A personal sigil she designed on right upper arm
Sigils of "a personal pantheon of demons" from the goetia on the left side of her upper body
one large anchor on each thigh
dots below her finger nails
the alchemical sign for sulphur and/or other signs on a couple of fingers

This is all from memory but I think that's it.

No. 523817

Thank you for replying. I’m glad she’s okay. I followed her for so long, I think she was one of the first people I ever followed on tumblr years and years ago, and she’d always seem to pop back up even if she disappeared for awhile. I suppose I took that for granted.

No. 524998

File: 1520630524171.jpg (71.92 KB, 500x405, tumblr_ml87cdIBUa1so8477o2_500…)

yup almost forgot about her finger tattoos

No. 525039

File: 1520632620658.png (746.8 KB, 960x696, безымя́нный-1.png)

heres all her shitty goff tattoos

No. 525058

they aren't even done well

No. 525099

File: 1520636691196.jpg (43.62 KB, 500x500, tumblr_m2lm19TDCh1r0aqf5o1_500…)

I think her friend Maja did some of them and she isn't a professional tattoo artist…

Does anyone else remember this chest piece that Maja tattooed on Rich? LOL.

No. 525137

Yeah, I remembering feeling sorry for the poor guy. I bet this was Freelice's idea.

No. 525231

File: 1520647402926.jpg (284.78 KB, 500x686, tumblr_inline_ms4170Ff731qz4rg…)

She sure did. Please note that the tattoo gun is laying next to a bottle of party juice and a probably not so sterile keyboard.

omg, yes, and I also remember Felfel writing a post about how hot it was lmao. And that the design was copied from a picture of an ornament found on google.

God how I miss all that sweet, sweet milk.

No. 530814

File: 1521183321621.png (51.46 KB, 634x278, ren.png)

I guess they're back together?

No. 530819

Lol what
I mean it's possible…but like two weeks ago they weren't even following each other

No. 530868

Lmao @ going by “ren” to still have some sort of edge, 30 years old and still can’t just be “Lauren”.
Also my theory was they didn’t follow each other as a way to throw people off from finding her account.

No. 530988

I always loved Felices asthetic and pics, even if she was a huge scammer. But this whole gamer shit now is superboring. Wonder, why she isn't into cosplay yet …

No. 531050

Because she still can't show her face publicly

No. 631561

she's back on twitter but she's on private(read the rules & usage info)

No. 631576

That's old news if you're talking about the Shruna account

No. 633101

What's her twitter name? It looks like she changed it from miss shruna.

No. 633226

File: 1531249579096.png (1.65 MB, 826x1234, Screen Shot 2018-07-10 at 12.0…)

From her sister's insta with a location tag in Norfolk. Could it be her on the right?

No. 633232

Doubt it, the body looks too big.
She's still really thin in the pictures from her twitter

No. 633620

And after all this time, you trust the image she presents? I think there’s a possibility she’s gained. She’s always been a liar and a scammer. So I don’t see why anyone gives her the benefit of the doubt.

No. 633714

you mean the left…? felice is clearly on the left and the right is her sister nicola

No. 634782

I think Nicola is on the left and someone else is on the right. I don't think Felice is in this picture at all.

It's really funny that she's now leeching off her dad after all the shit she used to talk about him and her step mom.

No. 644016

I suppose at first she has deleted her twitter because I wasn't able to find it even through the ID (not just name) and all the links to her twitter from other people didn't work. But it seems now like she uses this account again.

No. 645976

File: 1532441251362.png (1.06 MB, 750x1334, 7D48502F-8E32-4B89-89D3-8A19D7…)

I think you’re right. The picture next to it is of the same day and you can make out Nicola’s distinct horse maw .

No. 655386

anon are you blind??? this is clearly felice. idk how this isn’t immediately obvious. that’s her head shape, that’s her straight hair and skinny legs. nicola has always been more heavyset. in >>633226 felice is on the LEFT and nicola on the right.

just compare them to literally any photo in existence of them together. also even with felice sitting lower than nicola you can tell her legs are longer bc she’s taller.

No. 655435

File: 1533289061430.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 338.39 KB, 1240x1676, A5177927-4B4F-453A-A9F9-B7AC7A…)

You obviously don’t remember what Felice looks like, that’s just Nicola and her friend. Felice doesn’t have an overbite like her sister

No. 698498

Lmao freelicers were the shit. Never seen such a bunch of pretentious idiots pretending to be all smart. I still remember how el Diablo posted on tumblr that anyone believing in Cyclon B being a chemical weapon used on holocaust victims is an idiot because it was just an illness and concentration camps were never about killing people, but they “just died of illness” and every proof of homicide was fabricated. Everyone who disagreed was called an emotional and irrational person (lots of people from Europe called her out on the bullshit). Good times. Too bad they deleted everything, the milk was condensed.

No. 698501

Don't bump the thread, it's disappointing because it makes it seem like she has come back. Don't hurt me like that anon.

No. 786262

I miss her on the internet. I actually wish she was more public with her gaming rebrand. She definitely made some big mistakes, but there is always time to grow. Is there anyways to follow her?(necromancy)

No. 786266

No, her profiles are private and she doesn't seem to accept anyone that she doesn't know irl/games with. There's also no "rebrand", she can't post her face publicly without being recognized and called out on the scamming since she never apologized or returned money.

Yes she had potential but she fucked herself over with the scamming.

Also please sage next time since there's no milk or new info.

No. 786268

File: 1552510794345.jpg (15.66 KB, 300x300, RNw2kFbATzo.jpg)

Also this was posted as "new" in February 2019 on the VK page. Idk if it's really new since she always took a shit ton pictures

No. 786525

A quick reverse image search showed me this is her "Miss Shruna" twitch profile picture. It might be new. Or new-ish.

No. 788872


I miss her too. I can't believe she actually disappeared from the internet with how much she loves attention. I wonder if the rumors of her getting into legal trouble for scamming are really true.

No. 789841

anybody follow her twitter? I miss Felice so much

No. 789843

That's not a new photo. It made it in 2016, but we can see it only now(namefagging)

No. 823904

hmm, i feel like when i was here last there was another twitter UN that was posted of hers. it was probably 4 months ago tops and i tried to add the twitter account and then they blocked me almost immediately xD I created a new twitter recently and wanted to check on that account again that blocked me ( p sure it's felice's/lauren's personal twitter ). does anyone have any new info on her twitter account or any instagram? i'm kicking myself for not remembering to save that UN somewhere(xD)

No. 823947

File: 1560937023884.png (797.04 KB, 1125x2436, 85B1599E-6B46-4435-9171-432A69…)

Her new user is vomexis, will probs change it again after I post this but w/e, nothing milky to note.
You can search her name on the app and see all the people tweeting at her/convo threads she’s involved in.
Seems to be searching for a new job and in the meantime living on destiny 2 with gamer boys who drop the n bomb like it’s going out of style lol. Classy.

No. 823948

File: 1560937057578.png (946.67 KB, 1125x2436, 312F6CB5-4DC0-4E1D-9858-CA188B…)

Just another ss

No. 824343

Yea, she still hasn't paid back the people she scammed. Also her entire persona is still tied to negative crap.

No. 824403

Thought the same thing. She is the person I thought it would be the least likely to ever quit the internet. She was online 24/7. Every single thing she needed validation for. Her clothes, her makeup, her drawing, her relationship, her mental illnesses. Everything. It's still surprising to look back on.
I guess she traded most of it all for private greasy video game orbiters. So she gets her validation while still being able to work on her (credit card?) debt.

No. 824405

Yeah, I've always kind of wondered this as well. I guess she was able to coast over it in the past but it all kind of caught up to her? Like it's too much to try and ignore now? Maybe if she had continued spamming the FF persona with content her scams would have eventually been buried, but since she tried to disappear it's now the only thing that really comes up. Running away and trying to reinvent herself just made it all the more obvious how badly she fucked up. I think when your currency is your face, and your face is associated with lying and scamming, there's not much you can do short of hoping people forget or changing your face. It's not like she's a writer/artist who could hide their work under a different name (although she tried). Too bad she couldn't continue her illustrious "photography career" (shooping pics of herself) behind the camera.

No. 824463

Didn’t some people talk about contacting the police about her before? And there must have been PayPal issues too. Any proof anything happened about this?

No. 824715

I don't think so?

No. 826456

Man I miss this cow, one of my firsts. I remember following her tumblr with that shitty playlist in the early days of her scamming when it was still her first few shops.
I wonder if she’ll ever make a comeback.

No. 832992

twitch clip where i'm pretty sure you can hear her voice


No. 834990


Searching for a new job? Since when has Felice worked?

No. 834992


That is not her voice. Not even close.

No. 848537

You can compare the voice with her videos. Def. not her.

No. 863058

Any news on her?

No. 867271

File: 1568191827736.jpeg (307.85 KB, 1936x1936, 3073809A-3B00-46FC-ADF5-40D935…)


I found this on mpa in a thread about felice

Don‘t know if true or not; found nothing more

No. 867273

since when are pics of suicides put in the paper?

No. 867278

Why, is there a UK law against printing the image of someone who committed suicide? Or am I misunderstanding, and all pre-death photos of suicide victims are destroyed?

No. 867288

Ofc they print pictures of suicide people.

Don't tale the word of some kid from mpa and spread around death rumours. The Mail would've referred to her using "Felice Fawn", but google it and nada.

No. 867293

Jesus, calm down anon. >>867273
probably misunderstood and thought the poster meant a picture of her actual dead body.

No. 867295

MPA clearly requires fucking brain damage to use but that doesn’t excuse this obvious and blatant lie. Felice isn’t dead ffs, and her real name is Lauren Emma Cook.

No. 867338

Maybe it’s Felice herself trying to get people off her back once she disappeared from the internet.

No. 867342

File: 1568205869616.png (32.83 KB, 571x341, image.png)

If she really kys'd herself then this must not have been her real twitter account, otherwise she's on the same gamer shit and very much alive

No. 990930

File: 1592778443227.jpg (29.59 KB, 500x750, original.jpg)

Saging as not fresh milk but as part of the new J* drama it was pointed out that the eagle from here is actually a Nazi symbol. Wonder if she knew?

No. 990932

File: 1592778515797.jpg (57.75 KB, 656x443, EaR3C4FU4AAUQhv.jpg)

No. 991252

Even if she knew, she wouldn’t care. But it’s old news and was discussed a lot in freelice circle.

No. 991429

She 100% knew because everybody flipped their shit at this, she just didn’t care. Aesthetics over morals.

No. 991452

I didn't realise anyone had made this connection with her before. Did she have any other Nazi things?

No. 992201

She wasn’t a nazi, just a narcissist, so long as a person isn’t fat she will call them beautiful to get people off her back. It’s just fat people she can’t force herself to pretend to like or appreciate, because she wanted all fat people to suffer and feel as bad as she felt when she was fat. But she wasn’t a nazi, just a thoughtless narcissist, so she didn’t care that nazi symbolism is insensitive. She’s nowhere near Crazypants Lukyanova.

No. 1028071

File: 1598275084313.jpeg (538.43 KB, 750x1040, 13C73BEF-4AD5-49CD-93D7-FBC7DD…)

Shmegeh is back. Emily is still there, now we just need Felice and Mila to return and 2020 will have official four horsemen of apocalypse.(Necro)

No. 1028075

File: 1598275533469.jpg (38.18 KB, 342x480, 7ceb72793cdb1fb01d661c02271a65…)


Boy London has used the nazi eagle since the 1980s for fucks sake, no one gives a shit, they are not nazis it was just for edgy punk points back in the day, they are basically a staple of high end fashion streetwear nowadays and no one in the fashion scene associates the symbol with nazism.

No. 1028081

You're replying to a post from 2 months ago, anon. It's alright, I'm sorry that your favorite clothing brand's logo is uncannily similar to Nazi regime imagery and you feel the need to defend it, but please calm down.

No. 1028120

Dog no one into street wear or high fashion has thought about boy London since 2016

No. 1028148

No. 1028205

Who the hell is Emily? If you’re referring to Em Crockpot, she’s not anywhere close to being on the same level as those other three and it’s sad to see you’ve started drinking again.

No. 1028320

I think she's talking about crying emily

No. 1041787

Posted last month https://youtu.be/RyMFWH5nSXs(newfag)

No. 1114074

Her Twitter user is now @xShruna
You can find it through replies to her old Twitter accounts, Vomexis etc(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1188273

Same. Can’t believe anybody’s still talking about her in 2020. She completely changed the course of my life. There really was something about her, even after I realised how milky she was I modelled my behaviour after hers.

No. 1192654

File: 1616676874801.jpg (418.31 KB, 1080x1291, Screenshot_20210325-134902_Fir…)

She's doing a pretty good job staying low key. Also might be shooping a bit less.

The VK profile is still posting her old pictures kek

No. 1203923

She still heavily edits.

No. 1281602

I always wonder how people find these pics because her accounts are always closed lol(necro)

No. 1281622

For the love of god you piece of shit get the fuck out. I thought there was news. Learn 2 sage.

No. 1281679

My heart skipped a beat seeing this thread, fuck you nona

No. 1347719

Not sure if this is new tea or not but im pretty sure I found one of Felices old youtubes she made last year.(necro, namefag)

No. 1347720

1. sage goes in email field
2. leave name field empty
3. link it or leave

No. 1347723

Ok Rain Poznanski thanks for sharing

No. 1347724


The whole name and even the writing sounds like her but idk.(imageboard)

No. 1347730

Yeah that’s her. The Sims community is fucking weird.

No. 1349298

what the fuck

No. 1349560

people can click a link, it's the internet. no1curr if her sims larp is not archived

the over modding on this site is what is killing it

No. 1351400

>>1347724 She's a student now?

No. 1393263

I wonder if she thinks Bullets is MCRs best album? Hm

No. 1418474

File: 1642304550747.jpg (15.08 KB, 272x272, IMG_2111.jpg)

Blurry but safe to say she looks the same.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1419045

File: 1642365352890.jpeg (454.99 KB, 828x837, B1F3DAB0-2A7A-4922-9485-FAF5BE…)

There’s a girl on Instagram/tumblr that never shows her face but weirdly reminds me of Felice like the way she speaks, her piercings and dresses as well. The only issue besides not showing her face is that she doesn’t have Felices tattoos and is a bit fuller. She goes by saintlilith on Instagram

No. 1419051

File: 1642365713126.jpeg (537.75 KB, 828x958, 597986F6-7D05-40A5-94DA-91072B…)

Here’s another one but it’s hard to tell when this girl literally never shows her face. This girl also claims to be 23 and from Australia. But I do remember back in the day Felice on one of her tumblr accounts lying about her name and age when she was trying to stay hidden. This girl also posts animal crossing…idk it could be me just reaching but lmk what you guys think.

No. 1419068

>not even 800 followers

Stop selfposting.

Doubt she'd edit out all the tattoos (and the medusa) she has, especially the ones on her hands.

No. 1419149

This is so cringe. You may as well wear a banner that covers the face staring she knows how ugly she is.

No. 1419178

Wait, where is this picture from?

No. 1461652

That’s not her, just some wannabe butterface.

No. 1509955

anyone see this?? i about CHOKED.
i've been keeping an eye on this channel with notifs, she uploads the occasional game and there's been a couple where you can hear her voice but LOOOOOOK.

No. 1509968

If this is recent, this is huge. Lauren was one of my first cows

No. 1509973


No. 1509975

it was posted SEVEN HOURS AGO!!!!!

her look and room are very normal/modest now, eh?

No. 1509979

File: 1650767722862.webm (2.05 MB, 1920x1080, Shruna-WAIFFUUU-(1080p).webm)

archived, thanks nona

No. 1510001

omg i missed her so much

No. 1510002

holy shit my first ever lolcow from way back in the day! this is honestly amazing

No. 1510097

Oh this is great news. I hope she's really back and it's not just a one time thing.

She looks a lot better than I expected but she might be using filters.

No. 1510178

the queen is back?! I'm so glad. Her lodgings look very modest, looks like a flat/houseshare or a shared student house.

No. 1510212

that's just england, anon

No. 1510243

She checks here so now you’ve all scared her off again

No. 1510280

Man, I wish she'd come back. People have done worse shit than she did in the past. She could just apologize… unless she's still in legal trouble.

No. 1510284

Wait what’s her name channel?!? Also really wish she would make a full return.

No. 1510301

File: 1650811347560.jpg (568.18 KB, 4634x3730, Shruna’s YouTube Screenshot.jp…)

No. 1510327

The video is private now boo

No. 1510354

damnit :( it sucks since i feel like she could apologise and be welcomed back online, honestly.

i miss her so damn much. not even for the drama, i genuinely loved her art and style SO much.(:()

No. 1510406

She probably saw that her video was posted here via analytics

No. 1510497

She looks exactly the same here as she did around the time she disappeared, what, nearly 10 years ago? I'm not saying it's impossible she hasn't changed her hairstyle or gotten more tattoos in all that time, but she was an alcoholic NEET with an eating disorder. It would be impossible for her to maintain that weight with or without recovery. I can't guess as to why she would post it now but this can't be a new video

No. 1510504

No. 1510568

I'm pretty sure the vid is old, pull fags found her twitch and other gaming related accounts years ago.

No. 1510626

It might not be that old cause that song came out in 2019 I believe. Idk I’m pretty sure she looks the same to the day in weight appearance yk

No. 1510695

It might be recentish. She looks older. She still has a shitty webcam as well which probably helps smooth things out a bit.

She is probably maintaining her weight with her eating disorder. Idk why you'd think Felice of all people would want to recover.

No. 1510733

File: 1650846408887.png (571.98 KB, 834x1672, 7fca890943ebdffdb4fb4cfc19fb0f…)

b-but anon…

No. 1510787

She started losing weight when she was like 14 and she's over 30 now, do you not realize the kind of damage sustained malnutrition would've done to her appearance by now? Of course she wouldn't want to recover, it's a mental illness, for all we know she might actually be dead from it by now.

My point was that either way, given that she was not an active person, liked to binge drink, and her metabolism has only gotten slower, what are the odds nothing about her body has fluctuated at all?

No. 1511138

File: 1650892754087.jpg (13.95 KB, 339x342, Screenshot_20211215-110749_Pho…)

Mum can I please have some new Felice Fawn?

No anon we have Felice Fawn at home

>the Felice Fawn at home

No. 1512271

What is this?

No. 1578745

If she still lurks up on this website im honestly surprised I mean its been years she could literally make a whole new Instagram and start showing her face and yeah some people might recognize her but i'd didnt think she'd care still.

No. 1578890

I think she's too tired to keep up the persona anymore, besides she'd have to start from scratch

No. 1579591

she probably knows this but still chooses to remain offline publicly. I also heard she has multiple suitors online who she basically uses lol

No. 1579631

I found one of her accounts she uses but I know as soon as I post the pics here that account is gonna disappear. lol

No. 1579633

Multiple suitors???

No. 1579672

Men she entertains online. I used to see tiktoks about updates on her in 2021

No. 1579679

what were the tiktok names? I wanna see them cause im nosy lol

No. 1579683

No. 1579688

Oh, I’ve seen those but they aren’t really new updates on her just the basic old stuff.

No. 1582904


Who cares? Post the screenshots.

No. 1584506

I wish there were real updates about her. I miss her scams

No. 1588140

File: 1657832814654.jpeg (50.76 KB, 843x633, 3D18F0A9-EAF1-4B6C-9E26-AC01C4…)


Fine but here y’all go

No. 1588141

File: 1657832842883.jpeg (92.16 KB, 843x843, 79FBDC6C-2AD7-4C2C-BA4B-538BEF…)

No. 1589029

Does she even have any other hobbies besides fucking computer games? you would think if she's sitting in her trailer and drinking all day long, she'd at least read, write, play some instrument. idk, maybe it's bc she just doesn't post anything than gaming, but that looks like pretty empty life
maybe they reminds her of her past, and thats what she's running from after all

No. 1589945

You do realize it’s not anyways job to impress you, right? If she wants to sit and play video games that’s fine. She doesn’t scam people and she doesn’t have an internet presence outside of gaming. Let the bitch breathe.

No. 1590211

is that other girl Maja? Any other news except that she still hides and left her "goth" life behind? Also, good find, I can't find anything, but I might not be searching hard enough, kek

No. 1590221

Yep!! Apparently their still friends and she doesn't look "goth" anymore. But it looks like she doesn't photoshop anymore. Though I could be wrong. Also for social media she goes by Renda.

No. 1590473

jfc, calm down. "let her breathe" how am i not letting her breathe? it's not me stalking her obsessively and scaring her off the internet each time, finding out all of her hidden side accounts just to circlejerk over a couple of private pics. it's fine if she wants to do gaming, don't get so mad. this thread seems to be entirely made of whiteknights and psychofans, imagine stanning some boring girl so hard that you jump at ppl's throat for as little as saying she does nothing.

No. 1590702

yes, seems like she photoshops way less, maybe a little bit smoothing out the skin texture in her face, but that seems to be it. Good for her, hope she learned from her years online.

No. 1591021

that’s not her sister? i remember she had a sister with a name something like “nicolette”. who looks a lot like the girl there. but idk bc it’s been awhile since i’ve seen her sisters photos.

No. 1591035

the first picture looks more like grey-black hair on that woman in the background, her sister is the one in the second picture and I would say she does have a different hair structure and colour than the person in the other picture.

No. 1593281

thats her sister, basic instagram normie

No. 1593469

She looks very pretty and the photos don't seem too edited. Crazy how people look so much better once they quit their internet attention addiction. No more try hard makeup, clothes, editing. Just having fun with friends and family. All the other cows can learn something from her.

No. 1593933

Perfectly calm, not a fan, and you were complaining about her lifestyle like it’s any of your business. She isn’t a cow anymore sorry to say.

No. 1597620

She's aging poorly due to her lifestyle and health issues but she's still pretty.

She should have edited that top lip.

It's funny how much shit she got for editing her pics when now it's the norm and every influencer does it. I always thought it was stupid that the freelice blogs focused more on that instead of her scamming and general lolcow tendencies. Oh well.

No. 1612722

Was it a new Twitter account?

No. 1618407

Imo she still edits her photos. Her nose is more bulbous irl and her laugh lines are much more visible.

No. 1622912

Honestly who cares? EVERYONE edits their photos. There was too much focus on that and not her actual milk and lolcow qualities.

No. 1623744

File: 1661292643871.jpg (1.12 MB, 1407x2048, 300943761_1812992108871264_219…)

Here's another one

No. 1623763


Honestly and objectively, in retrospect there was no milk. She was a run of the mill viral BPD anachan. She even grew tf up and logged off. I hate to pull the oldfag card, but ~back then~ her schtick was novel and exploitable and hateable, nowadays photoshop is the norm and given even for normies. Yeah she cried and was dramatic and ran a couple of merch scams, but Felice is basically the classic novel you read in your high school lit class vs all the other better books she inspired. TBH she is Pixyteri tier and should be regarded as such.

No. 1624042

Anon I respectfully disagree. You are remembering her antics through rose tinted glasses. She scammed thousands of pounds out of people through her various shops. The last one was running long after she abandoned her blog/persona. Her photoshop wasn't run of the mill normie shit either. She'd photoshop herself skinnier, accentuated her self harm and even photoshoped cuts and blood in. She was always in recovery but never gained weight. I still remember that cheesy 'choose life' shoot she did with a plate of food while straining and popping her bones as much as possible. She didn't grow up and leave internet, she ran away because the scams were catching up to her and debt collectors were looking for her irl.

No. 1624841

Umm there was a lot. Remember when she had a weekend long meltdown because her family went on vacation without her and posted a picture of a dead baby? If you only followed the freelice blogs you wouldn't know any of the real milk because they mainly focused on the photoshopping which was dumb and boring.

Remember the Rich cheating drama?

Remember when she and her followers bullied mila mortice when she was like 14?

There was honestly a lot.

No. 1625283

still looks the same as 10 years ago.

No. 1625315

I think about Rich's hideous tattoo all the time kek. My favourite Felice related milk was her unhinged WK/former FWB blowing up in efagz.

No. 1625321

>her unhinged WK/former FWB blowing up in efagz.

No. 1625354

They're talking about Andy. Iirc Andy flew out to see her while she had a temporary breakup with Rich. She immediately ignored Andy after that and implied they fought all while we was defending her online 24/7. I vaguely remember something about a restraining order but I can't remember if she actually filed one or if I'm misremembering shit.

No. 1625374

Tbf Mila was a creepy little shit

No. 1625387

1000000000% she was.
And damn I miss the felice days, she was so entertaining and ridiculous. (Minus the scamming, that's messed up)

No. 1625467

Andy. The one who was always there when she went live on stickam.

I remember when he got one done by Maja and it looked awful. I wonder if he still has it. I wonder what became of Rich in general. He was more pathetic than Felice.

No. 1625485

I used to love lurking efagz until they went private

No. 1625900

he seemed like a cuck.
are they still together or is she single now?(will you ever learn to sage)

No. 1626048

I don't know but I doubt they're together. They broke up a long time ago…before she even disappeared from tumblr and she dated some younger man in America during her gamer phase.

Maybe the anon who keeps posting new pics of her will know.

No. 1626126

I think I'm still a member I could look into old things but not sure if its necessary or not

No. 1626544

anything juicy?

No. 1626595

I’m the one who keeps sending pics and she’s in a relationship but it’s not with Rich anymore I believe. Idk yet

No. 1626682

Not really, there was a thread where merry commented once and that was the juiciest it might have been. Otherwise people just doing the same thing they’re doing here

No. 1627029

Good for her.

No. 1627081

Anything about Tahti Syrjala? I know she posted there herself after her friendship with Felice fell apart after Felice scammed Tahti.

No. 1628227

I followed her a few years back, she had a normal office job and was engaged. no social media presence anymore

No. 1630793

File: 1661869282848.jpg (423.42 KB, 2048x2048, 302220907_1817613485075793_204…)

It's not rich she's dating.

No. 1630801

I always wonder what happened with that huge chest piece tattoo she made him get

No. 1630855

Gross. Not that I expect someone like Fel to be able to get quality men but this is somehow worse than expected.

No. 1630876

they look cute and happy, good for her

No. 1630892

Looks like he deals ket

No. 1631035

He looks like a drink spiker.

No. 1633212

File: 1662075126195.jpeg (47.69 KB, 843x633, 50C34ECE-C9C3-4F88-9EBC-87450C…)

No. 1633213

File: 1662075158632.jpeg (49.46 KB, 843x633, AACFBEBB-240A-4D3E-B6DE-F64908…)

Here another

No. 1633258

Wow she looks the same. I always wondered where she went on the internet, bc she seemed to be the kind of narc that would always come back. Happy she’s not dead at least?

Shout out to efagz (now renamed) one of the only reasons I never deleted my lj

No. 1633265

> Wow she looks the same.
Or Photoshops herself the same. As you know, this isn’t her real face.
> Shout out to efagz (now renamed) one of the only reasons I never deleted my lj
Same, Nona, same. I still get nostalgic about the efagz day. Remember the video that unveiled her real face? The good days! Tried asking where we could discuss those efagz cows but “cows you miss” isn’t that active. Anyway, fellow LJ user, I wish you well.

No. 1634971

She looks pretty.

Before anyone replies, yes blah blah blah photoshop.

No. 1637061

she still looks very thin. how old would she be now? isnt she in her early 30s? she’s been anorexic for a long time and that’s about the age that anorexics start dropping like flies. add alcoholism to that and she can’t be very healthy. she would pound back bottle after bottle of wine every night. being an ageing anorexic is bad enough, never mind being an aging alcorexic. i don’t seem to recall her ever mentioning any health issues though, other than the obvious ED and alcoholism.

No. 1638037

Oh, she mentioned many! She had a brief period of time where she went to the hospital a lot due to liver problems I think, and she'd always have new shit going on with her health. People at the time thought she made it up for sympathy so she'd get people to buy her shit.

No. 1638893

oh damn, did she mention if she had cirrhosis or a fatty liver? that would make sense given how much she drank.

No. 1641495

Actual Rich here. AMA

No. 1641503


Yeah lmao and his new gf (hi everyone) you are in for a uhh treat

No. 1641508

No. 1641525

File: 1662591340673.jpeg (135.85 KB, 1200x1600, 05B3F258-8D77-4B7B-83F2-751668…)



No. 1641530

Wax your chest hair and think about your choices in life.

No. 1641537


Far too late for that. Not even the worst souvenir from that relationship.

No. 1641538

So you've got no pillow covers and a rash

No. 1641539

I'll never understand why someone's new partner would feel confident shit talking their partners ex. It's embarrassing and you should encourage him to move on kek.

No. 1641540

tell us a story

No. 1641542

Yeah, you look really pathetic right now kek. What are you, his rat dog? Get your shit together, you dumbass. You're too dickmatized to realize you can be doing something better right now.

No. 1641553

what happened between you two? what happened after?

No. 1641574

Kek you can't let this shit go already? You're a male BPD thot. I'm glad she ruined your body with that ugly tattoo.

No. 1641591

KEK this is so pathetic, deep down this fat balding moid knows that dating someone who was tumblr famous is the only claim to fame he has. The new gf is a laughingstock/tragedy to think that we care for her being in on this. You’re just giving her a laugh and an ego boost.

No. 1641623

What were her eating habits like?

No. 1641680

RICH. PLEASE spill the tea, I’m so curious. We want to know everything.

No. 1641687

Even if this is a troll and not Rich I still hope this gets going. Felice is one of my favorite eldercows.
Rich/not Rich- tell us all of her gross habits.

No. 1641689

hey rich! i hope your doing alright in life - dating felice must have done a number on you, huh? ignore the salty bitches in here, they do it to everyone. thanks for whatever tea you spill, in advance…

i would like to know: what is the worst thing felice has ever done? it could be something you saw, something that was done to you or someone else, or something she told you. like, what’s her deepest darkest secret, basically. what’s the thing that she desperately doesn’t want other people to know, that we don’t already know? oh yeah, the second best thing you could do is post raw, completely unedited photos of her here that were never uploaded online…. im sure you have some! other than that, tell us what you want, whatever you think would piss her off the most lol, as i’m sure that’s the reason you came here just now

No. 1641692

oh and also, have you heard any rumours of what her life is like now? is she doing anything else than gaming all day long? you must have heard something as i’m sure you ran in the same circles and people like to talk

No. 1641695

Talk to us, ignore them.
What’s the point of insulting them away? You’d rather continue to speculate and yearn for someone who wasn’t real? Pathetic.

No. 1641702

exactly, the man posted proof and there’s no need to be a See You Next Tuesday, he’s clearly been through enough and wants to talk about it…. to us! this is a gift and all you bitches are being rabid for no reason. anyway, rich, there’s been more than a few of us who’ve shushed the more rabid among us so they should quiet down now.

No. 1641745

Didn't you two date before she got Tumblr famous? What were the biggest changes in her personality during that transition? Did you really help her not eat to lose weight?

No. 1641752

I swear, if you nonnies chased off the milk truck …

No. 1641777

Put me in the screencap, i'm keking at this.

No. 1641780

How serious was her alcoholism? I always felt she was more an alcoholic than she was an anachan, did she actually recover from it? Also why did you split up?

No. 1641782

They seem to have done so, and over ~FeLiCe~! I cannot believe she has fans in 2022.
> uwu looks the same uwu
She didn’t look like this then, 10 years ago, c’mon. After >>1633258 mentioned efagz I went back and reread some of her antics and she was a horrible person. >>1624042 is right, she wasn’t this ~harmless but mentally ill doe, and even if she were, we have threads for those too.

No. 1641811

This is soooo pathetic imagine being a man in your 30s looking for information on your ex gf on lolcow

>you are in for a uhhh treat
You explicitly came here to post photographs of her from her private Facebook when she has no other social media presence whatsoever for attention and didn’t even bring anything worthy or interesting. You two are clearly very pathetic people kek.(sage)

No. 1642033

What really happened with the shop scams/missing parcels? Why did she abandon the Felice Fawn persona? I remember her posting from your account that you cheated - what actually happened?(sage)

No. 1642052

Stfu cunts, you whores ran off the milk. And sage next time for fucks sake.

No. 1642384

cannot believe the newfags ran off lauren aster cook MILK
you should be ashamed

No. 1642457

I’m not a newfag, by the time I came they had already scurried off without saying anything. So stupid. If they really wanted to post it, they would have.

No. 1642770

If this is real he hasn't removed that shitty tattoo. kek.

Very pathetic. I see that hasn't changed about him.

No. 1642773

Post more recent pics of her and stfu. We don't care about you or Richard.

No. 1643190

No1curr stop feeling personally called out on an anonymous imageboard

No. 1643365

I hope they come back after the ban, this was the opportunity of a lifetime and you cunts had to ruin it

No. 1643542

I meaaan what is her bitter ex going to tell us really? Before anyone says he's not bitter, him and his current gf are stalking the thread of his ex from like 10 years ago. They broke up before she went into hiding.

No. 1644358

True but I don't think anyone cares he's bitter and he sure as shit has more insight than any of us. We don't have to take his word as gospel, we could've just enjoyed the possible milk.

No. 1644693

I hope so too and I don't care, I wanted to hear him out. I mean, why not?

No. 1645006

Same, I'm >>1630801 and I wanted to hear his thoughts on his ugly tattoo. I think about this more than I should and could have finally had an answer!!!

No. 1645026

We don’t know the situation, maybe Lauren didn’t leave it be as it seems like. She’s a raging BPD addicted to attention, would it really surprise you that she dragged it on for long time after breakup and try to meddle with his new relationships? Obviously she won’t let it be spilled on social media, as she loves to pretend she’s above it, but it was her tactics always. Create and stir drama, but pretend online that she’s unbothered and “living her life”.

No. 1645787

Then he should have just come here and said it. Instead him and his girlfriend wasted time by slowing posting pictures from her personal social media and then got banned like the retards they are.

No. 1646008

To be fair, the guy has over 10 years of “dirt” on Lauren. Where would he even began to start. Newfags did spoil the milk.

No. 1646148

He could have started anywhere he wanted. He chose to start nowhere and act retarded but that's to be expected from him.

No. 1646547

im the one posting the pics not the random fake rich or whoever is most likely impersonating him.

No. 1646877

Yeah, you’re the one who found her next account after the abandoned Renda Twitter. Newfags can’t even read and ruined the milk.

No. 1647121

Omg i hate you all for ruining that full fat milk

No. 1647130

Literally kek. He could have put out the juiciest and stankiest parts first. But no, like the male he is he had to make his grand entrance dramatic along with his little rat squeaking behind him. Boring.

No. 1647148

you overly hostile newfags make me want to a-log SO MUCH…. i’ve been waiting for new ff milk since she disappeared!!!!!! cunts!!!!!!!

No. 1647150

Then do it, lol.

No. 1647239

Richard, please. This is going to be the milk of the year.

No. 1647528

Don't do it nonnie they'll just mass report you for hurting their feelings kek.

No. 1648426

How many times are you guys going to comment this? I keep seeing the the thread updated and when I go in it's another retarded "wHy dID YoU RUiN it??!?!?!?!"

No. 1648583

……because someone fucked up what could have been milkmas because they didn't like that rich asked where he should start in his 10+ year knowledge of one of the most mysterious og cows…….. like hello why are we even here if not to milk the cows? at least you're seeing the one at a time saged updates and not getting all excited over 50+ unsaged updates and then seeing the cow go to slaughter or something

No. 1649885

girl bye

No. 1706980

File: 1669158640983.jpg (60.2 KB, 960x960, 316118330_1884664545037353_797…)

No. 1706981

File: 1669158663679.jpg (202.33 KB, 1200x1600, 316407214_1885357324968075_250…)

No. 1706988

christ he's got big features. thanks for the photos anon!

No. 1709968

Rare pic untouched by photoshop. Good for her, she looks just normal and happy.

No. 1724235

Is that the dog she used to have? India I think? She's still alive? wow.

Felice was always bad at keeping animals alive.

No. 1724240

Wait….what do you mean about her pets?

No. 1744085

File: 1673656704759.jpeg (220.29 KB, 828x1102, EF633E4B-D210-4FD5-9279-D21FA0…)

More Felice for yall

No. 1744087

File: 1673656731184.jpeg (156.09 KB, 828x626, 8D7A5E50-0482-4B5C-98B7-1C092E…)

No. 1744088

File: 1673656754159.jpeg (153.72 KB, 828x627, 9CFDEEA6-C90F-4F28-BD9C-6798CA…)

No. 1748855

She looks happy, that's nice to see, thanks anon

No. 1765865

Still posing in ana way. She seems happy but not recovered whatsoever, also the faces, the plushies, her interests, it seems she reached the typical ana brain death where grown women experience mental age regression.

No. 1766789

No one expected her to be recovered in any way so this comes as no surprise.

No. 1768673

Lol(sage your shit)

No. 1768699

Hello, I recently found this thread as I am a friend of Lauren’s. I had no idea she used to be this Felice Fawn. I thought I’d share some insight into her life through the past 10 years or so. I met both her and Rich online and we became friends. They split up at the start of 2022. In order for this comment to make sense I am gonna do a checklist of some sort. I have not read through the full thread as it does not interest me, but I’ll list some of the things I’ve seen posted most recently l.

1. Lauren’s alcohol consumption: She drinks about two bottles of white wine a day if not more now that her and Rich are broken up.
2. Gaming: She spends her whole day cooped up in her filthy gaming room playing destiny with racist Americans. She must have at least 10 000 hours on Destiny 2.
3. Hygiene: She has the most awful personal hygiene I have ever witnessed in a human being. She does not shower for months and spend her day half naked sitting in a robe. She does not even go to the bathroom even though the toilet is literally 2 meters away from her room. She actually just stands up and pisses in cups that she keeps on her desk.
4. Cheating: She cheated on Rich all the time. He’s told me about at least 6 online boyfriends and 2 in real life. She violently masturbates with them and pretty much the whole neighbourhood can hear it.
5. Mental health: She has diagnosed BPD and is VERY abusive. Not only to Rich while they were dating but to her friends and family as well. He tried to leave her at least twice a year for the past 10 years but she AND her family would threaten him to come back. She was not only mentally abusive but physically as well. Breaking things, throwing things, biting and punching. One time she had an argument with her online boyfriend and put her ps4 in the shower and threw her MacBook out the window. She also throws her mouldy piss out the window too, when the cups get too full.
6. She has never worked a day in her life. Rich was forced to care for her as an official carer by her family and if she killed herself they would take him to court. As her dad is an actual multi millionaire it made him stay. He worked about 10-15 hours a day caring for her and making money to support them. He tried finding jobs, but Lauren would not let him leave the house unless to take the dog out or go to the grocery store, so he had to find ways to work from home.
7. Lauren is a very bad person whom I have come to hate. Although a lot of the stuff said about her and Rich that I have read is just not true. They have never had a pet die and even though I hate Lauren and am not a huge fan of Rich, either of them would never harm an animal.
8. Scamming: Lauren did not set out to scam people, but she did. She did not do it with the intent to scam, but she is extremely irresponsible with money and has literally no idea how to run a business. She would keep the business to herself and even though Rich tried to get involved he had to work extremely long hours and take care of this drunken toddler that he did not have time to micro manage her scams and mistakes. She mismanaged her business and would just move onto the next when she’d get called out.
9. She was more involved with pro ana than she let out. Rich did not have any part of this as he even though is an enabler to her behaviour, disagree with it. We have spoken many times about how his enabling behaviour made the situation worse for himself but he was scared of her many outburst and threats of ending her life and let her do whatever. She did have a blog where she would post about pro ana stuff that was very harmful to young girls.
11. She constantly lies about herself and gaslights you when you catch her out on them. She is a terrible person and even worse friend. She will make up lies about people and wrangle herself into their friendships and relationships just to destroy them.
12. She lead a very secret life where all her online friends on her separate discord thought she was this struggling artist who lived alone. They did not know Rich even existed. This lead to him not being able to move around the house or shower when she was online gaming as they could hear him. Whenever he would make friends online she would force him to block them as to not talk or interact with people other than her. He basically only worked and dealt with her problems for years. He went months without speaking to literally anyone but the people at Tesco where he had to go to buy her wine.
13. The homeless thing: When she set out to go feed the homeless around Cambridge one Christmas, she decided she literally could not be bothered and cancelled last minute to go out partying.
14. While Rich and her were together after they moved to Cornwall she would not leave the house for weeks or even months on end. They had to move there because Lauren’s insane spending and behaviour had caused them to get kicked out every time. Rich had to work on a farm from 5 am to 5 pm and then come home and work online to be able to save money that she would instantly spend on stupid stuff. He once bought himself some couscous for 60p and she shouted at him that he was a wasteful piece of shit that does not deserve anything while holding her bottle of wine.
15. She traces most of her art. And she steals from other artists and claim it to be hers.
16. Rich had told me that in hindsight she could have left but he was too scared and this is the only life he ever knew since they started dating at 15. She would gaslight him into thinking that she deserved unconditional love and that no one else could ever love him. And he knows he should have left but didn’t and he regrets that so much and all the pain he caused by letting Lauren behave the way she did.
17. How he ended up leaving: Some of our little friend group decided we should meet up in person. By this point we knew Lauren was abusive and wanted to talk to Rich without her to be honest. Still we offered to travel to Cambridge and meet her too. Lauren did not want to meet us. Because of this friend group Rich had been kicked out of the house several times but ultimately Lauren got him to come back. However, Lauren knew that Rich and this other girl were very good friends. She did not want them to meet as she was scared she’d talk him into leaving and helping him. Rich was still determined to come meet us all, two girls (me and the other one) and some guys too. Lauren basically panicked and she said “I’m gonna call my dad if you go”. Rich said fine and she got him to call her dad. Her dad came around and she told him that he hit her and stole her money. Her dad did not believe this but asked Rich to leave for the night. Rich then said, no I am leaving and once I have left you now have responsibility for Lauren and left. He signed off his stupid carer shit that night at 2 am and stayed with his parents.
18. Because he left so quickly he had to left all his stuff there. Lauren and her family refused to let him come collect his stuff for a long time. They took all the money in their shared account and packed up his clothes into garbage bags and told him to come collect it. It took literal weeks for them to even allow that. Lauren wanted to keep his Pc even tho if she had 3 just to she could watch TV on it. He took it back though. But all the important sentimental things he had gotten from his family is still there in that stinking, smoke and piss covered house.
20. He hates his tattoo. Lauren’s stupid friend did it and she actually sucks so bad at doing anything especially tattoos. It was a dumb young decision which he massively regrets. He has an even worse one that Lauren did on his leg. It’s just a huge spot of spotty black and a fucked up depressed looking fish.
21. He is now dating that girl from our friend group, they have two cats and a nice flat together, good jobs and yeah.
22. They tried getting the animals from Lauren as she is not capable of taking care of anything let alone animals but her family refused.
23. The guy Lauren is currently dating is a dad and he should really check his decision making as Lauren is an abusive alcoholic.
24. She probably still fakes her stupid seizures and being possessed by demons in her mid 30s fucking cringe I know.
25. I loathe this stupid site, but will check if anyone has any other questions.

No. 1768707

Sure, Jan

No. 1768713

Lmao ok

No. 1768740

You tried I guess

No. 1768746

>tl;dr hall is the blonde one

No. 1768749

tbh I was mildly excited when I read that first sentence, but obvious troll is obvious. Better bring back Rich.

No. 1768843

okay, you are most likely trolling, but you could be real, so tell us more about her current situation, with a little proof (screenshots, pictures, something we never saw before) or tell Rich that he should come back and tell us more.

No. 1768950

File: 1676494137455.jpeg (2.9 MB, 4032x3024, D8E56564-D62A-4DA6-ABC4-984F8B…)

Yeah no it’s real. I’m with Rich and his gf today

No. 1768955

I’ll ask him to dig some stuff up. He got banned last time when he tried to share stuff himself. He told me about this site and I got interested.

No. 1769046

Just spill or gtfo. There's no need to try to build interest. There's only a few of us left that care about Felice.

It's also a bit sad to follow your ex and boyfriend's ex from 10 years ago…

No. 1769047

I do have a question though. Were her shops always meant to be scams or did she fuck up and decide not to fix it?

No. 1769056

Jfc, she said she'll try to get him to post, calm down. Some of you anons are so fucking aggro, no wonder we never get any milk.

No. 1769081

Are you serious rn???
She's literally an idiot who is self obsessed and scammed tons of people and couldn't keep up with it, this was like 15 years ago it seems. Everybody knows what happened.

No. 1769090

check number 8 in their post.

No. 1769096

No way in hell Rich is a “victim”. Sounds like he is spineless and has boundary issues. Also, if she has a millionaire dad, how is she broke? Why would they need Richs money in the first place?

No. 1769387

I mean he is a millionaire who does not give two shits about Lauren. She’s an embarrassment to him. They did not have contact for the longest time because he cut her off due to her being literal filth.

No. 1769389

Like I said they broke up in like March 2022

No. 1769391

I can understand how it seems that way, but you guys have not seen the inside of that house. He was trapped with her for 18 years. It’s not so easy to leave. The one time he actually got out she tried jumping in front of a train but the hospital refused to section her lmao. I can understand that you feel like he is complicit in all whatever Lauren did but it’s really not the case. I’m not here to tell the story of how Rich is this blameless victim, just that he is one in many ways. He would love to share his stories from living with Lauren but he got banned last time and so he literally can’t post on here

No. 1769394

I hope the other anons don't scare them away, again. I wonder why they have to be so hostile all the time…

he can post from another IP and hopefully the other anons here won't jump on him again like last time.

No. 1769417

What are her current social medias?

No. 1769458

So you’re fucking her ex and decide to come and post about her even though she hasn’t been relevant for over a decade. You sound like the problem, also I’m not buying all the claims. Of course she’s a anachan BPD probably totally insufferable bitch but from all the pictures recent and old she always looks well put together. Not some goblin pissing in cups and throwing it out the window. Wtf

You obviously feel threatened vendettachan. If she’s so gross and so bad why are you here?

No. 1769475

it's because we think you're a whiteknight or a troll without evidence nona.
come back and spill, both of you, all you want.
it is what users here would call curdled milk but some of us don't want to admit it's our favourite flavour.

No. 1769535

You newfag bitches, stfu and let these people spill without your unsolicited comments, you literally know nothing. Whether you like it or not Felice is fucking iconic and you’d be a damn liar if you didn’t check in on her every now and then to see what she’s up to. And here’s the opportunity presenting itself AGAIN and you’re still running your mouths like anyone cares what you have to say. You’re obviously here because you want to be, so settle down or leave the thread already.

No. 1769629

chest tattoo pic please

No. 1769681

You stfu. You white knighting for him isn't going to make him come back. If he wanted to spill he would have spilled THE FIRST TIME but he decided to troll and got himself banned AND LEARNED NOTHING.

No. 1769703

>violently masturbates with discordfags
>10000 hours on destiny 2
So what class does she main

No. 1769758

You expected them to learn lolcow etiquette first? Sometimes you just need to sit back and enjoy the show.

No. 1769825

As mentioned they weren't intended to be scams in terms of people buying something and purposefully not sending it. They were just poorly put together businesses with no basic standards or processes. Mismanaged funds lead to there being nothing protecting the customer, any money coming in got spent on Lauren's social life almost immediately so refunds most of the time didn't get processed for weeks or months.

You could argue the jewellery was a scam in so much that it was cheap shite produced in poor countries in probably terrible conditions, dressed up to look good and sold at massive mark up. Definitely morally corrupt at the very least.

No. 1769827


Shotgun hunter

No. 1769828


Scroll up a bit

No. 1769860

hi I don't care if other people are yelling at you for old milk, thank you for coming please tell me what in the flying fuck the tattoo on his leg is even supposed to be

No. 1769883


The worst tattoo I ever got and thats saying something as you all know.
It's a ribbon/banner with a black background and a half finished fish. When I was 18-19 I was dumb as fuck and I said Lauren could practice on my leg. I did however assume it would at least be a coherent design and not two completely random things on top of each other. The fish was first and then she just started doing the black bit, by which point it was too late and we just stopped there.

No. 1769896

That’s so strange, even tho she is a cringe edgelord and scammed a bunch of people I always thought she was gonna become a model or fulfill some kind of aspirations.

Not in a lifetime I’d believe she became a borderline incel who pisses in cups + dating a Neanderthal ginger/online scrotes. What’s up with that? She’s not ugly by any means, is it just sheer laziness? Depression?

No. 1769906

Her dad didn't include her on a few family trips and she made it her fucked up, woe is me personality. Aside from the fact she was really fat before she was anorexic. She's always been a nut but for selfish, silly reasons.

No. 1769911

Based I'm sick of these fucking retards scaring away the milk. Let them drop whatever they have, and then you can give your snappy one liners or analysis of their motivations. No1currs to read that shit we care about the legacy cow's potential milk.
Learn to sage newfag and "stfu" while you're at it.

No. 1770092

File: 1676614995297.jpeg (45.32 KB, 464x700, 642D6ABF-8FBA-46D0-BA3F-5C2FD4…)

what happened with freelice and tahti syrjala? they were friendly online and were planning a shoot. then tahti ordered some custom boots from freelice and they never appeared so she had to open a paypal case to get her money back. always thought it was weird that freelice would rip off someone that seemed close to her and had a following

No. 1770220

No. 1770224

She literally always been like that, she just quite good at putting across a certain image. The people who point out Felice was a character are completely correct.

Irl she's actually pretty gross. I would say after the Felice era that got worse with declining mental health and lack of doing literally anything besides drinking and playing video games.

The cheating comes from wanting that kind of attention. She's cheated from pretty much day one, it's just who she is.


No. 1770227

If she’s so gross why spend 15 years with her. Stinks like vendetta. She hasn’t done anything wrong in recent history you just sound bitter

No. 1770231


I don't actually remember Tahti unfortunately. It just sounds like Lauren either couldn't deliver on what she promised or just lost interest.
Just because Tahti had a following too doesn't mean Lauren cared more. At her peak she had the ego the size of the moon.


No. 1770237


I get how it sounds and you're not completely wrong. I'm sick of people like her abusing and manipulating people and just getting away with it. Getting to restart their lives over and over in a wake of chaos they leave behind. She wasn't even chased off the internet, she left on her own terms and got away with it all.

I stayed with her because I was emotionally manipulated to stay. I tried to leave over 30+ times over the course of the relationship. Like bags packed, leaving out the door. Every single time Lauren would do something like hurt herself, try to end it all etc. She'd plead for me to go back, her family would blame me for what happened. So I would eventually because I felt responsible.
It sounds insane in retrospect because I could have just stayed away but that's how abusive manipulation gets to you. After a while you get so tired and worn down you just stop trying to leave.

So yeh it is personal. I get to finally talk openly, answer questions and stop any attempts at Lauren gaining a new platform (which I think is her next step). She doesn't get to keep restarting her life again and again and again without any consequences.


No. 1770241

Goes without saying but y’all need therapy. Thanks for the milk though, this sounds like many have suspected but I guess hoped wasn’t true. Her photoshops were pretty and looked sleek. Even seeing her obese era and her unphotoshopped potato-nosed goblin self it’s difficult to picture her pissing in glasses though, that seems just like an outlandish lie.

No. 1770255

Are you able to tell us more about her relationship with her mother. She wrote alot about how bad and abusive her mother was, while her sister seems to get along very well with their mother. How true are all these stories about her kind dad and her abusive mother?
Also, she told everyone that she changed her name officially, so did she change her name back after she made go of her Felice persona or is that still her legal name? Or was that all just another lie, like most of the things she told.

No. 1770257

If she wanted to come back, I doubt a ex and deranged new discord girlfriend posting a few vague points about her cheating and being suicidal is enough to cancel her away from the internet in 2023. Even the prehistoric “scams” and photoshop seem tame in comparison to some of what the other bitches get away with on the internet these days.

You need to let go and get over that she has a new boyfriend.

The piss thing seems so sus, a total moid kink fantasy.

I can believe she’s a neet bpd ana freak though, we all knew that 10 years ago. Get over it and get those tattoos lasered already.

No. 1770259

It sounds pretty crazy, but I actually believe it. I followed felice before she was ever as big as she was at her peak. She definitely is the type of girl to talk about piss,shits, farts, etc allllll the time back then and she had no shame constantly making stupid, cringe poopoo peepee jokes non-stop to be quirky. Aside from her constantly crying and moaning about being fatigued from her eating disorder and barely showering or brushing her teeth she was very public about this kind of stuff for sympathy,so I can totally see her lazy ass pissing in cups to avoid getting off of her boney ass to pause her video games, definitely.

No. 1770264


Yeh that's all true, her family is as insane as she is.