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File: 1523512902997.png (289.04 KB, 318x419, 58A1BA56-D53A-4462-B063-A47613…)

No. 553256

Recent story:
Seems to have had a couple of plastic surgeries in Korea. Especially new boob job. Still being rather on the quiet side but has started to post on TAG again, possibly trying to gain new customers.
Also works at an icha kyaba at the moment.
Unclaimed rumors of working in a soapland too

Has had yet ANOTHER BABY this time with a host club owner who wont claim the child and is dodging Sere. Leaving the child document less and legally without rights in Japan or anywhere.
Claims to have moved from rat-den but still seen stomping the kabuki and shinokubo streets. Toyboy has officially gone MIA and has no been seen or heard from in 6 months..assumed broken up.
Shopping her fatty self to oblivion and living a lie, her visa status still questionable

TAG - Tokyo Adult Guide:
Jennifer Maddingly

No. 553261

Old thread

No. 553270

That instagram link is wrong.

No. 553275

No. 553276


No. 553370

I'm always surprised how few followers she has. Why do even care about her when she's such small fry?

No. 553390

Because it‘s fun. There is no other weeb who has such an entertaining life lol

No. 553564

The reason she has no followers is because of all the bridges shes burnt over the years

No. 553658

I'll admit her milk is generally rather slow moving, but when she does have milk, it's usually pretty grand. The bad plastic surgery, the porno horrors, her several children (two of whom she is no longer allowed to have any contact with), literally getting physically removed from a host club, her catfishing and prostitution, etc. all make this weeb nobody a fairly amusing cow.

No. 553677

just another vendetta thread getting bumped by the same people making all the weebo threads. small group of wannabee hostesses trying to ruin each others business

No. 553718

Shut up sere lover. She is the definition of a cow. How is it vendetta when she has milk? Are you dumb? If you think her life is fine and this os vendetta you probably have a lot of milk too. Moo moo.

No. 553739

read the old threads. lorena threads were started by melissa because she wanted to steal lorena's boyfriend

No. 553753

The old threads started when she was throwing money around at host clubs, buying glass dolphins and being milky.
Even if someone was a vendettachan you cant deny that this girl is a trainwreck and it has gone beyond vendetta now.

No. 553842

While there might be some truth to this. I'm fairly active in the Lorena threads and I've never met her or any of the people involved with her. Additionally, I don't live in Japan, have no interest to, and definitely have no interest being a hostess. I just think her bizarre obsession of living and becoming successful in Japan, to the point of ruining her own life, is absolutely fascinating.

You really can't deny that Lorena isn't a complete mess. Or are you here just to whiteknight her?

No. 553843

Melissa and her boring lifu
At least lorena has something going on

No. 553873

That doesn't sound fake at all.

No. 553911

Whatever you say, anon. Is it really that hard for you to believe that not all the anons in these threads are desperate weebs like Lorena and her circle?

You sound like you are just here to whiteknight this thread into oblivion, or to try to derail things onto other random weeb hostesses. If you'd like, just go make a thread for them or post into the gaijin gyaru thread?

No. 553925

File: 1523578149900.png (61.02 KB, 1782x309, boytoy.png)

So I guess this post explains Lorena's situation with boytoy. Is she seriously looking for a new guy to be her "pet"?

Also, looks like her and Gaya are getting along just fine. Gaya both liked her posts in the thread as well as gave her input. They are seemingly still friends. Maybe, Gaya and her pimp/husband is who she is staying with if not her new indies musician boyfriend?

No. 553933

File: 1523578487002.png (95.97 KB, 1017x512, what.png)

Sage for samefag, but here's a couple other funny/recent posts she has made to TAG recently.

>yummy big boys

No. 553968

you do realize that tag logs clicks and ip addresses, even when signed out?

No. 553969

No. 553985

tag doesn't look too kindly on lolcow. don't be surprised if you get banned

No. 554000

Who cares? There are other ways to view even when banned?

Who even is this? Clearly all the same anon. You don't seem particularly keen of this thread or grammar for that matter.

No. 554049

>keen of this thread

No. 554069

i am also in the "don't live in japan, just enjoy the drama" category. It's like watching those trashy Knocked up at 16 or My 90 Day Fiance type reality shows, but it feels more "real" because it's not on tv… it's fun to watch a train wreck.


This thread was interesting because two people wrote in defense of Sere; any idea who they might be?

That said, I do get worried her Insta is getting more and more negative – the "kill me" name, the calling herself Gomi[Trash] and Menhera[Mental health girl]. She makes posts like "shinitai" (wanna die) a lot more than she ever did before.
Even attention seeking aside, she sounds severely depressed and self medicating through drugs and sex instead of healthy options…

There is at least one infant/todller that is sometimes in her care, and for the safety of that child alone Sere's behavior is kinda terrifying

No. 554125

File: 1523589833412.png (81.17 KB, 1794x281, loan.png)

>what is autocorrect

Interesting thread! It's funny how offended Gaya got and began singing her praises saying that Lorena has "saved her life". Her English is pretty horrible too, my favorite line is where she goes on to spell "access" as "assess".

One guy commenting goes on to say that he had once loaned Lorena a substantial amount of money. I wonder how often she has to take "loans" from her clients in order to pay bills, rent, island hop, etc.

No. 554183


Hahahaha gaya getting all worked up. Those TAG boards are really full of socially awkward people. Yeah I know men go to prostitutes all the time, but when you start spending your time actively writing on an online platform about it, you know something is wrong. Everybody in that thread is butthurt af. Especially gaya, how can she even expect to get any business after showing off her psycho vibes publicly?

No. 554184

Is Sere selfposting again lmfao

No. 554187


Ikr. Just looked at seres current insta profile and it says

155cm trash human.
Mental trash princess.
Can't turn this into money.
Suffering (mentally).
I like liquor.
Let's fight!"

Girl is going crazy for sure now

No. 554189

Maybe, but the dude running it is so incompetent that I'd have trouble believing he's smart enough to figure out which IP addresses to ban.

This is the same dude who tried to cover up some shady shit, only to have Google index the entire thread exposing the entire thread for anyone who cares enough to look.

No. 554192

It's possible. There's definitely someone who keeps making saged posts trying to start infighting and derailing. They seem to be gone for the night, but their english almost seems too good to be Lorena or Gaya. Grammar is pretty awful though, so maybe?

I can't read Japanese, so I had no idea that's what it said. Wow. No wonder she's getting physically removed from host clubs. Is she coming unhinged?

I think that anon was the same one trying to call this a vendetta thread and derail/infight. I'm pretty sure she was just trying to scare me off? But even if I did get banned or Lorena got my IP, who cares. It's a shitty Tokyo prostitution forum. That's still pretty hilarious about him getting exposed though. Weren't they outed for faking their reviews and such?

No. 554197

OP of the thread here. Derailing anon isspouting bullshit. Ive been on TAG for years watching all this shit and then coming here and look! No ban. Fuck off no one wants you and if you have no info to share be gone pond scum

No. 554199

Hahaha wtf does he know this money just went to hosts

No. 554200

Yeah. Lorena was at least. Not sure about Gaya. I think Lorena is banned from posting ads/it costs too much for her to post an ad, which is why she's barely active on TAG anymore but heavily active on other advertising sites.

No. 554203

LMAO oh god. This guy is like in his late 60s and borderline retarded. For how long he's spent mongering (basically his whole life), I'd expect that he would know better but I guess not.

No. 554206

Sounds like toure a bit out of the loop. She and Gaya have been back on friend terms for the last 6 months

No. 554247

That new photo on her Instagram advertising a bar party featuring herself and some other girl named Akarin, is that the girl with the giant face/head that she went to lunch with recently? Girl is more tragic looking than Sere!

No. 554255

Lorena selfposting alarm

No. 554258

File: 1523602697037.png (920.7 KB, 591x595, hm.png)

None of them are particularly attractive, but who I am really curious about is that tall, blonde gaijin chick in the back that she made an obvious effort in covering the face of.

No. 554261

It‘s weird that „her“ bar doesn‘t have a sign outside

No. 554269

File: 1523604063182.jpeg (38.61 KB, 299x317, 799BE9EA-B133-4698-8EFE-54BDDE…)

Looks like a man

No. 554347

just another prostitute i guess

No. 554459

Wow, she posted an ad on TAG. Guess its ok to post fake reviews if youre friends with Gaya.

No. 554472

File: 1523629594498.png (1.11 MB, 640x1136, B23F56ED-6DEB-4FCA-AA20-A98E4B…)

On drugs again lorena?

No. 554618

Post the link

No. 554646

File: 1523647393606.png (1.26 MB, 640x1136, 9449EC2F-2C63-4AA0-87B5-0E1FA7…)

No. 554734

idgi, the place listed here is shown on a real estate site as being available to rent

~$1500 US monthly rent, $12k upfront deposit to start renting, and it's a tiny spot with just enough room for a bar and one burner (assume they won't be selling much food there).

TBH, I could totally imagine at her height, and with a backer, that somebody was willing to invest in the teeniest tiniest 'snack bar' possible with the highlight being that they have a gaijin lady. Or that a few friends together could put up enough $$$, especially if some are Japanese nationality and have access to credit (credit cards, small business loan, whatever).

Anyone know more about credit in Japan and feasibility of this? I'm thinking "shot bar entirely in Sere's name" is basically impossible, but "one or more of those sketchy drugged out looking dudes she's always seen with opening a bar and letting sere work there" doesn't seem that out of the ordinary

No. 554811

Aw, I was hoping it was someone we would know of. I've poked around and she seems to be a promotional model, like Akari seems to be, not a hostess, as I was expecting. I'm curious as how Lorena got in with these girls as they don't seem to be cut from the same cloth. Akari and her general group seem fairly conservative, old fashioned, and for lack of better words, very normal? She doesn't seem to do anything particularly risque and seems to mostly work as a coach and promotional model for various brands. I wonder if Lorena is trying to network her way out of prostitution and into a promotional career? I can't imagine she'd do very well though, in Japan, considering her excessive and hard to cover tattoos.

Are these new or old? Isn't this the busted indies jewelry maker she was foolinf around with when boytoy first dipped out? Has he returned or did she retire this guy for the indies musician guy?

Weird that it shows a status that it's available to rent. The photos seem very outdated from what we've seen of the inside a while back though, so maybe the listing just hasn't been updated in forever?

Lorena definitely doesn't have the type of visa to be a business owner in Japan, if she has managed to secure a visa at all. She definitely has someone who is the official "owner", but I don't beleive anyone really knows who. Anons previously suspected it was under boytoy's name, but with him MIA lately, it's pretty unlikely it was him. Maybe it's Gaya's husband or a client or something? She already has a history of having clients giving her "loans" it wouldn't surprise me if she has them involved in other shady business dealings.

No. 554831

She likely has a sponsor who is providing a space for these "events". In return he or she is probably getting a cut of the sales or something else.

No. 554836

Well, there's definitely already evidence of her having sex with her "business partners" given the fellow on TAG said he's previously conducted "business" with her before he had sexual relations or "p4p" as he put it, with her. Even going as far as to loan her money. It's definitely likely that's how she's keeping "Fake Star" afloat. Though it's also very likely she's little more than just a promoter of the bar than having any real hand in the business aspect of running it.

No. 554849

No. 554858

File: 1523660622186.png (127.67 KB, 1759x748, ad.png)

>The elevator opens and she steps out.
The people all watch as she glides through the room. She stands out like a diamond, sparking in the dimmed lights. She radiates luxury and grace. A tight white dress covering silk embroidered lace. Skin soft and sweet. She smells irrisistible. You can tell she’s beautiful even with closed eyes. Her soft hands slip into yours and she leans in to you. Your heart beat quickens as you look into her big beautiful eyes…

I'm dying, anon. Did she seriously write this about herself? It's like a terrible fanfiction written by a teen. Also, despite all her best efforts, she still managed to misspell "irresistible".

She finally had enough of us mocking her "ass like a coke bottle" though and has updated it to be "body like a coke bottle" as well as claiming college degrees. Seems like she's been lurking here as these are all things we've relentlessly brought up as of late.

I also appreciate that she claims all photos are accurate even though she has included those very photoshopped ones. Never change, Lorena.

No. 554862

File: 1523660970472.png (283.86 KB, 449x383, okaylorena.png)

No. 554894

Shes apparently 'sparking' too.

No. 554912

Oh shit, I didn't even catch that one.

>sparking in the dimmed lights

Lorena, please. We're supposed to believe you have an international business degree when you don't even know how to work a spell check?

No. 554918

And "consessions".

No. 554928

who would want this type of arrangement (as a woman)…

No. 554935

> photos are accurate


No. 554936

Lorena, apparently. It's actually pretty common for hostesses and prostitutes in Japan to pay for male company. It's a bizarre cycle of prostituting yourself to buy yourself a prostitute, I guess? There's a documentary about it on netflix even called "the great happiness space".

No. 555002

File: 1523670431149.jpeg (995.79 KB, 1078x1519, 3A9B1287-1B76-4C94-9D19-65469A…)

Whis this bitch kidding hahahah

No. 555005

Did anyone notice shes advertising incalls to Meguro?? Not Shinjuku

No. 555038

File: 1523672310900.jpeg (170.83 KB, 750x1245, 4BC2E869-FA59-4B65-8862-239C9E…)

Her photoshop skills aren’t getting better either. You can see how she tried to make her ass smaller….

No. 555103

Lool and those stocking look painted on

No. 555108

lmao forget about her ass, bitch chopped off half her face!!

No. 555137

Did she take this in a lingerie shop changing room or what?

No. 555154

Little aquinty eyes

No. 555161

Most of the promo models like Akarin prostitute on the side.

Lorena's bar isn't something she owns or rents. She's just using the space inside another establishment. She probably knows and is sleeping with the owner. The wallpaper makes it look like a host club which is probably what it is.

No. 555164

Even with the heavy editing this still looks so bad.

You can also see where they distorted the line of the stocking to the right via the shit Photoshop.

No. 555176

Orange roots…

No. 555211


No. 555213

What does it bring her to shoop the tattoos away? When she meets up with a client or well if the client googles her beforehand they’ll know that she has a full sleeve on both sides…and ass pimples

No. 555222

It's copied straight of Kimi wa Petto, it's cute in the story so I guess it's easy to romanticize. I'd say the appeal is having all the power in the relationship (being the breadwinner and also playing the mother role), but it is weird that anyone would actually want it for real.

No. 555242

File: 1523688023966.png (1.01 MB, 842x724, yeahokaylorena.png)

>photos are accurate
Who is she kidding?

No. 555260

Thats Tanzaki Toshimitsu he owns the bar Royce in Kabukicho..he and Lorena arent an item lol …he takes photos with every customer that comes to his bar.

No. 555295

File: 1523694414587.png (1.03 MB, 640x1136, 7ABE1A2F-9F2A-46D2-B8C5-77AFB8…)

No. 555299

Who is that guy?

No. 555306

Random guy who went to the bar the same time as lorena

No. 555310

Pretty sure thats a girl haha

No. 555313

File: 1523697008402.jpeg (133.66 KB, 640x768, 654B1E41-5163-44C0-93DC-641FD8…)

She calls herself god?! Wtf

No. 555322

Kamisama Sere hahaha can she fuck off

No. 555327

Sage for translation
(Its a screenshot of Tanzaki Toshimitsus post about his birthday event at his bar)
Today is my birthday event. Were waiting for everyone at Royce with ponytails(wtf lol)
My Co-workers get Influenza way too much.

BAR Ippatsu’s Kaminaga Maria
BAR Fakestar’s Kamisama Sere

By coincidence Maria’s real birthday falls on the same day as my birthday event so we celebrated with an original bottle, Thanks!
Sere, thanks for coming two days in a row!

No. 555331

business law?! laughed my ass off. those bad lies

No. 555571

Tbh sometimes in Japan being 'menhera' and having issues makes girls look 'cute' and 'vulnerable'apparently. So she could just be going for that. Or she could be being sarcastic and using it as a defence so people can't use it to insult her

No. 555638

Or proud to be fucked up

No. 555654

I think she should get the back tattoo removed because that's just random lines…

No. 555767

I think it's supposed to be the outline of a geisha's face/hair, but it mostly just looks like someone drew on her with a sharpie while she was passed out drunk.

I'm honestly surprised she hasn't had her tattooist friend do some cover-ups or at least fix up all her horrible, blurry, and half finished tattoos. I'm assuming she hasn't since the tattoos she already has have hurt her "business" considering how they're often seen as pretty undesirable in Japan.

No. 555778

In the sex industry in Japan tattoos arent that bad.As Tattoos on woman equals= easy sluts to a lot of Japanese men lol

No. 555782

Sure. But Gaya has already had to defend her against dudes on TAG who said she was undesirable due to her tattoos/look. I'm sure there's been plenty of Japanese men who have passed on her for more "pure" looking women as they are plentiful in the business and just as accessible as she is.

Her only real drawing point is that she is foreign and can speak English. So for traveling men who can't manage enough Japanese to hire a Japanese speaker, or for men who are looking for gaijin hooker. Otherwise, her competition is generally going to have a leg up on her.

No. 555794

Oh no I agree with you there. She looks tacky af so I can understand men passing her

No. 555891

File: 1523761658798.jpeg (420.16 KB, 640x1018, F02A2566-669A-486D-A2A0-DC5524…)

Bitchhh you must be Sere or her tattooist friend cause look what Sere just fucking posted. NOT A COINCIDENCE CUNT

No. 555940

No. 556000

Calm down. While that is pretty spooky, I'm not her. I'm surprised she didn't have her fix them sooner, like when she was literally living with that chick in Australia.

Lorena and/or her goons have shown up in her threads before though, I think. They're English is usually pretty telling and they tend to white knight her.

No. 556020

I was thinking of the back tattoo because that's one of two tattoos she completely erased on the shooped photo. So probably half sleeve is going next…

No. 556021


Nice try Sere but as long as you're in Japan, "fixing" them won't do anything. You'd have to get RID of them to become more popular.
Oh well but we've had this topic before, these days she's only hunting for non-japanese clients anyway. Apart from the work at the ichakyaba. But luckily those places are very dark and customers drunk as fuck

No. 556026

Umm if you're talking about kyabajo maybe, but that's definitely not the case with "normal" people?
I work at a Japanese company and people behave like fucking adults. Someone might be called menhera behind their back but nobody would be proud of it.

She's just really going for the broken psycho girl thing now. The Japanese might find it kinda amusing, because it's not common to have a blonde gaijin walk around calling herself gomi menhera. They'll laugh at it saying "this gaijin has the most hilarious vocabulary".

But usually, if you have someone calling themselves garbage mentally disturbed princess at 30 ( if she was 14 it could be an emo phase ) with a line that says "let's start a fight" on their online profile, you'd stay the fuck away from that shit

No. 556039

File: 1523781781584.jpeg (161.76 KB, 640x1045, E24DB8D2-2B48-4B3D-BBEA-043E48…)

She fucks customers in her dirty sex kyaba too lol

No. 556081

does she want to attract foreign customers like that?

No. 556082

This was in the old thread

No. 556087

File: 1523792392526.png (412.01 KB, 420x420, edge.png)

> "this gaijin has the most hilarious vocabulary".
pretty much this. that's the only thing she has going for her with this schtick.

No. 556295

her tits are fuckin gross

No. 556338

this was ichakyaba, not regular kyaba lmao, can u even read the whole TAG thread?

she's not working there anymore

No. 556390

Are you retarded are understand English I said Sex Kyaba which it is cause you know theres SekuKyaba and IchaKyaba. Wht dont you learn how to read

No. 556401

No. 556629

File: 1523835424125.jpeg (Spoiler Image,165.02 KB, 634x1070, 55A4ADDD-DB7A-423D-9852-1FF9C3…)


No. 556715

There’s… nothing sexy about this lol

No. 556751

Does she think that getting her more clients?? Disgusting

No. 556840

At least she's in better shape!

No. 556843

Atleat she isn't as bad as Shiena who just sleep with customers and post about cheap cake and shut from month ago. Everyone here is pretty much praying that Lorena won't go get her tattoos removed to become super beautiful so they can't find anything to criticize her about then. She us obviously doing well financially now because she has a house. Meanwhile Shiena just bought a bunk bed to sleep in and actually gloted about a memory foam bed. Wow

No. 556850

Do you actually believe what you are writing? As if Lorena has a house, come on. And stop bringing Shiena to this thread. She has her own ffs

If you call using photoshop being in good shape lmao

No. 556854

Hmmm someone‘s Shiena obsessed and protecting Lorena, who could it be?

No. 556857

>Super beautiful

Pick one.

No. 556887

Omg stop fucking bringing shiena uppp!!! If you want to lick Sere’s asshole so much why dont you go to her store.fuck off already

No. 556888

Photoshop and angles

No. 556891

This reads exactly like Gaya's choppy ramblings when she came to her defense on TAG.

Whose house is she staying at then? She can't own a house on her own.

No. 556925

File: 1523866619764.jpeg (Spoiler Image,118.77 KB, 750x764, 7D314681-A3CF-4F3F-B59F-97551F…)

No. 556926

Very curious at to whats been done to the back tattoo

No. 556954

While this is definitely one of her better attempts at editing her photos, that waistline is clearly fake. We've all seen the recent candids and her waist is nowhere near that pinched in. It also looks like she's changed the shape of her nose and plumps up her lips quite a bit.

The outline up top almost looks like flower petals or maybe the tails of a nine tailed fox? You can still see those weird, awful squiggles all over her lower back though. She easily has some of the worst tattoos I've ever seen.

No. 556978

Is the latest photo japan? That bath doesn’t look so Japanese.

No. 556979

Who’s to say it’s edited? Maybe she got a nose job and fillers, wouldn’t be surprising.

No. 556982

Nose jobs and fillers don't make door frames warp in the same direction as her definitely not tiny waist. I mean, we've seen the porno.

No. 556992

maybe a love hotel

No. 556994

She recovered from a nosejob in one week? I don't think so anon. She did get her boobs fixed and lipo a while back though and she has had fillers before, so maybe on the lips. But chances are she's just shooping again per usual.

No. 556998

ass acne blurred to oblivion

No. 557002

she's really short right? most really short people don't get such a super defined waist.
(i said most not all, before you attack me)

No. 557009

Bra is super nice though

No. 557124

Those lips are gross

No. 557332

looks like a love hotel

No. 557594

File: 1523935498345.png (491.62 KB, 883x585, whereyourkidatho.png)

>Always forget my hair irons when I travel. Oops
I think you meant, "children" Lorena.

Seriously though, where is her kid at. Did she seriously dump him off somewhere while she's visa hopping?

No. 557661

It would appear that the taxi ride was a ride to the airport. She is in Korea for probably another Visa hop and/or more surgery.

Who the hell has her kid!?

No. 557665

Looks like she definitely is in Korea. She posted a new picture and when you click on the location it says dior seoul. She could be fooling us again but who knows.

No. 557669

No matter what she's wearing she always looks so trashy.

No. 557671

File: 1523943027777.jpeg (426.73 KB, 640x1039, 0C592F22-F1C7-43A9-800D-EE4FC9…)

Yes shes in Korea lol. K-road and all …doesnt take a genius to figure that out

No. 557673

Look like she may have had more lip injections too. She posted a video pouting and showing them off lol

No. 557678

There is a side profile picture of her in Korea. Not sure if it's that the dress is unflattering or does she look pregnant again?

No. 557709

File: 1523950198174.png (528.71 KB, 480x612, lipfillers.png)

She def got her lips done. She's one step away from having anus lips right now, but maybe the swelling will go down?

No. 557711

File: 1523950470643.png (Spoiler Image,184.6 KB, 475x595, shoop.png)

More incredibly shopped photos of Lorena. You can see where the windows in the background are pulled in at her waist.

No. 557713

You can also see how she tried to erase her ass again…

No. 557733

Why is she so late with visa hopping

No. 557736

The last time she documented herself going to Korea was August 2017, so roughly 7 months ago. Maybe she did a quick hop in between or managed to snag an extended visa.

No. 557751

why can she do that all the time?

also RIP third visa child. seems like your mother doesn't care about you

No. 557756

who is that with sere in the OP photo

No. 558066

Another prostitute i guess

No. 558482

Nobody curious as to who she is in Korea with? Someone is taking pictures of/for her.

No. 558547

I'm more concerned/curious where her kid is tbh. She's already abandoned two previous kids…

No. 558610

24h care :(

No. 559028

File: 1524079256964.jpg (57.36 KB, 640x640, tS8ptp1.jpg)

shame on you lorena
leaving your child for days

No. 559044

Look at that smug little face ha. Bitch whatve you got to be smug about

No. 559129

year 2000 called… it wants it's jacket back

No. 559172

>year 2000
she's probably had it that long she's so old

No. 559177

I was just going to make a comment about the jacket. It looks like something from a "ouji" costume or cosplay. Totally doesn't match the style she goes for, but I mean, we still see her wear those tumblr fashion leg garters sometimes. She has zero fashion sense.

No. 559403

Look at me i‘m high class and sooo rich

No. 559528


lol that food probs cost 5000 won ($5 us)

No. 559638

Anybody ever wonder if the kid is actually hers and not a friends and she is just pretending in order to extort some host that wronged her?

No. 559645

She was definitely pregnant looking around the right time for it to be her child. She has shown that she has no qualms about having children, often, even though she actually has little interest in being a mother.

Gaya is pretty much obsessed with her, maybe Lorena guilted her into watching the kid, or left her some money to keep cycling him through a 24hour service.

No. 559856

That poor kid. Someone rescue him please

No. 560652

File: 1524220319231.jpg (22.46 KB, 640x359, eZd4Fs5.jpg)

seems like she is already back.
she is visa hopping for years now
why japanese immigration?

No. 560911

File: 1524250878460.gif (25.16 MB, 728x910, pNHsmk6.gif)

No. 560984

Hello Lorena. You‘re not kawaii. You’re ugly af

No. 560992

Instead of filming yourself at kirari, take care of your child

No. 561017

What is she even doing with her hands here? It's cringy enough when you seen young weebs post shit like this, but when it's a 30+ looking mom of three… just stop. She's so incredibly try hard.

Also, what's up with her wonky tongue piercing? Does she have on in the middle and off to the side randomly? It makes it look like an accident or like she had one that didn't heal correctly.

No. 561027

It’s probably a self done piercing.you can buy tongue piercing guns here at donki hote for like 20$ the result is HEAAAPS of people with tongue piercings that look like seres

No. 561034

Lool straight after the kirari selfies she posted about going to the host club sense. Getting some host pocket money beforehand, huh Sere?

No. 561037

Having to prostitute yourself just to turn around and buy the company of men. What a bizarre sad cycle she lives in. Doesn't she have enough baby daddies at this point?

No. 561315

Ahaha even hosts hate lorena and talk bad about her

No. 561321

Hosts hate all the customers that come to the clubs and talk shit about them, not just Lorena haha. Dont think they dont talk shit about you

No. 561340

talked with her ex tanto. he said lorena is disgusting, drug and sex addict.

No. 561346

How did you talk to him?

No. 561351

met him on an app and went to a bar together. he told me he had an australian customer and she was crazy. after that he showed me a photo of lorena and him lmao

No. 561377

What drugs?

No. 561451

can't remember
he also said she sexually harassed the stuff lmao

No. 561455

Not that anon, but if that's true, I bet it's meth. Her face looks like it plus her fluctuating weight and it's one of the more common hard drugs in Japan.

No. 561492

also she wrote in her old blog about taking drugs

No. 561632

File: 1524343030846.jpg (34.41 KB, 640x359, 2zsdHJJ.jpg)

poor host
his face says "help me"

No. 561646


It actually says "wtf why did this app only shoop half of my face?"

No. 561793

Lool what app?

No. 561795

Hahaha was wondering why one of his where fucked

No. 561837

She calls herself queenofkabukicho again on her Instagram profile…

No. 561945

I’m sure she’s had a million tanto over the years

No. 561995

File: 1524375058701.jpeg (513.23 KB, 640x1075, 474244F6-7A4A-45C4-B4B7-FC3311…)

How is she not embarrassed posting pics like this haha. Bitch these guys arent your friends

No. 562084

yeah hosts love mee and they're my frieeeends

guess she thinks like that lmao

No. 562087

File: 1524396615879.jpg (25.18 KB, 320x400, lmao.jpg)

"i totally care about my kid, look!"

No. 562123

Goes to a Host Club once after a long time again, immediatly becomes the queen of kabukicho. She is pathetic lol

No. 562129

I don’t get it why she needs to throw her money at these filthy hosts… she could do so much more with it. Taking care of her kid for example or invest in her health… (not plastic surgery but actually eating healthy etc)

No. 562133

guess she find a victim to play father

No. 562218

why do girls pay to talk to guys who look like they are still waiting for puberty to kick in

No. 562287

File: 1524422409363.jpeg (88.44 KB, 640x325, 43F0B41A-57A4-41C2-A782-3DC76E…)

Find the joke

No. 562290

oh yes I too aspire to abandon many children and fuck very gross dudes

No. 562305

File: 1524423845732.jpeg (353.76 KB, 640x979, BDE9DBFF-5DCA-421C-B3D7-DBC651…)

No. 562611

She cant even grammatically say kindness is number one in Japanese haha

No. 562653

Is this another new place? This one doesn't really look similar to the previous one and I can't imagine she's snagged herself a two floor, modern, american style house in Japan without a legal job or visa.

No. 562716

Another victims house

No. 563016

She looks so hagged and messy in these pics..then goes on about the ugly house next door. Girl look after yourself first

No. 563177

File: 1524502700861.png (953.58 KB, 1104x714, burp.png)

looking disgusting as always

No. 563281

That highlight though’. Yeah bitch looks like an unblended smudge on your face

No. 563709

But hasn't it been a couple weeks since Cody Sanderson commented on the pic of her and her son? Does that mean he's back and probably "funding" her lifestyle or whatever?
She's so quiet since then and now she's posting a lot more ? ?

No. 563715

She's also hanging out with @ayebruhwhatsgucci (Evy)!as of quite recent, could she be the one paying for all these hosts ? Because I doubt that Yushi would want to hang out with "the queen of kabukicho" on a general basis.
And Evy doesn't call her Lorena, I notice the comments are "queen of kabukicho"

No. 563735

I live in a house in Tokyo and going through the rental process is hell. They are incredibly discriminatory against foreigners.

I have a stable job earning nearly ¥10million per year but I still had to be scrutinized. They do check your visa. I have a HSP visa which is good for 5 years but even then the real estate agent was like "you only have 3 years before you renew your visa. This may disqualify you from some properties."

There is no way that Lorena has been able to rent a house. The house she is showing her is definitely different than the one in her pictures where she says the house is huge. This is either the house of a friend or it could be a private daycare being run out of someone's house.

No. 563751

Lol there's a huge list of gaijin friendly rental companies online, many of which do temp renting, it's not that hard actually.

No. 563770

Its the same place as the prev pics. Look at the kotatsu and the leg of the white leather sofa. They're the same. Though, its either not hers and she got kicked from her old shank so took all her shit, or she went to a gaijin friendly place

No. 563870

As long as someone is paying the tab, I doubt Yushi gives a shit.

No. 564227

i think her new victim rents the house. not lorena

No. 564608

Um have you read anything anyone has said? Thats what weve been saying

No. 565100

File: 1524653740737.png (1.33 MB, 1135x867, hoe.png)

wtf is she wearing

No. 565103

God she's such a narcissistic useless cunt.

No. 565108

"work" illegal working as prostitute
you don't pay a shit. your victim does

No. 565142

What's the status of her youngest child? Has Lorena done something for once in her life or is her sprod still a ghost?

No. 565202


this is basically (very bad quality) porn, no? doesn't this violate insta TOS?

No. 565241

I think her hand is just resting there. Can't really tell if she is or isn't. I think she just saying it to say it. Plus, I've seen more vulgar stuff on instagram.

No. 565678

She always looks so messy. Like at leadt wear a camesol under that shirt and fix your fried frizzy hair

No. 565697

Lol at her sad slumping fake Hermes bag

No. 565743

Tbh, I'm more amused with the fact she's wearing those awful 2012 tumblr garters, thigh high boots, and what looks like a tie with that outfit? Is she trying to go with an avril lavigne look or something? Her outfits are always so bad.

She still has the kid, but that's probably only because no one else is around to take him from her. Her first child was adopted and cared for my her parents, who don't allow her to see him and the second child is in custody of the father, her ex husband, who also doesn't allow her visitation. The father of this child is avoiding Lorena, as it was seemingly just a drunken host hookup that led to the pregnancy. She was posting all over various forums trying to get him to contact her and she even got physically removed from the club he works at for trying to confront him. She seems to be working on finding him a step father now though. Given her current living situation, her hanging around the nobody studio musician, and trying to portray herself as more than just the usual street prostitute.

No. 565820

Yes she never been known for good fashion choices lmao

No. 565853

For some reason, most gaijin in japan have a really bad taste in fashion and don’t know how to properly dress.

No. 565862

Thats just the weebs. The model etc dress okay. Minus Dakota of course lol

No. 565871

most weebs in general have no clue how to dress.

No. 565919

Yes, thats what I was saying

No. 565926

She is masturbating in this picture. Or at least staged it that way. Didn't you read the fucking caption?

"Rubbing a quick one out before work. It's so refreshing!"

To "rub one out" is English slang used almost always only by men to talk about masturbating.

This is so gross, I have to bleach my eyes… Lorena, you think you're edgy, but really just crass.

No. 565965

Remember back in the day when she thought that avatar of Kiki in the PULL banner was her and photoshopped it LMAO
Those were the days…I miss the fuckery of her Pull thread

No. 566062

Maybe she was drunk or on drugs

No. 566189

File: 1524747406316.jpeg (515.45 KB, 640x652, 6D3BF1E5-6303-4987-A9FC-4E8976…)

No. 566206

No. 566426

That giant floating head…

No. 566497

1man for lorenas shitty bar?!

No. 566531

I know this has already been posted, but seeing it again… I'm surprised she is using her actual prostitution name to advertise her bar. Is she escorting in/out of the bar then too? Seems sleazy.

No. 566710

It’s 1man for men. Women pay 2000 Yen.

No. 566800

Why she gotta advertise like that tho. It's like she used MS Paint or Meitu really shittily

No. 566809

No. 566816

$100 to go to a tiny, dingy bar to party for only two hours with a bunch of nobody prostitutes?

Also, kek at the $10 off if you bring your own wine. Are they worried they aren't going to have enough to supply their own party?

No. 566882

I think shes put her escort/porn actress name there as a lot of AV actresses attract more fans etc to events and places if theyre there….Lorena is a nobody 2x porn actress though so its not like she has fans haha shes just trying to look cool

No. 567903

File: 1524914786986.jpg (74.73 KB, 640x799, EMWwf8P.jpg)

that photoshop

No. 568022

2010 wants their horrific living doll shoop back

No. 568257

she tags her photos with model lmao

No. 568450

Id love go know who takes all her pictures

No. 569000

Her new victim

No. 569026

File: 1524996852286.jpeg (211.24 KB, 750x1019, 0845350A-4FB0-4308-BEF7-34D555…)

“hermes” bag but her old ass nicotine stained nails are hanging on for dear life, good lord!

No. 569045

All she eats is that ramen. She must be super poor.

No. 569053

I know she’s done this to herself, but I can’t help feeling sorry for Lorena. Her life is such a dead end.

No. 569057

I just feel sorry for the current kid. at least she left the other ones with people who care.

No. 569058

no, she is doing great. she is so rich and a bar owner. and living in japan!!!11

No. 569235

was her yt account ever posted here?

No. 569237

In old threads yes

No. 569928

File: 1525080242554.jpg (55.46 KB, 640x427, wydPAni.jpg)

No. 569938

expectations >>567903
vs the worn-out reality >>569928

No. 569942

ngl that sparkly corset/skirt thing she has on is really pretty though

No. 569949

it's not her bar
it's under her former boytoys name

No. 569955

We all know that. Are you new?!

No. 569988

File: 1525089031971.jpeg (258.6 KB, 640x855, 1A4A932F-BC04-42CB-9581-9B0AD1…)

Lorena is a psycho

No. 570066

Her body shape without the Photoshop is really unflattering but what can you do when you have 3 kids and an alcohol problem huh.

No. 570204

File: 1525108946111.jpeg (98.72 KB, 639x597, 4294B495-BD00-4DAD-BCCD-2A36E8…)

Yep psycho

No. 570420

Eww what is she wearing it’s hideous haha

No. 570427

Psycho lorena doesn‘t have any fashion sense :(

No. 570445

who is the Japanese woman?

No. 570460


tbh the bigger mystery is the fact that the bar is listed as being available to rent.

Maybe a Tokyo based lolcow could call the number up and pretend to be interested in renting (not actually go there in person, just innocently ask) to see wth is actually going on there.


THIS. Holy shit that is a small living human who has no clear parents :/

No. 570528

Its Akari whos been mentioned here more than a few times now. Please follow the thread

No. 570531

Nether does this person >>569942 it seems kk

No. 570533

File: 1525131397834.jpeg (441.93 KB, 640x1080, 2D0C87B0-599F-4D8D-8537-C53553…)

Is anyone going to mention here hideously bad cover up tattoo?

No. 570559

Why is it always an outline, it's barely covered properly. Is she that poor that she can't get it properly done.

No. 570745

Apparently its only partly finished..supposedly lol

No. 570779

Most people do tattoos in sessions

No. 570850


..I like the jacket.

No. 570855

Youre the only one them haha

No. 570859

The jacket could be sorta cool in a more costumey coord tbh. Like an ouji sorta thing, but with her white trash style it just looks really awkward. Same goes with that see-through lingerie looking black "dress" she wore to that wine event. Some of her pieces aren't all that bad, but the way she coordinates them is usually really tacky and looks cheap.

No. 570897

It can‘t be helped
She is tacky

No. 571337

File: 1525214623109.jpeg (138.2 KB, 631x1077, A2E73151-9AFD-4A3E-BE35-1FE11C…)

Posting pics of her new vibraters ew

No. 571357

Why does the immigration let her in all the time?

No. 571366

File: 1525216359168.jpg (62.08 KB, 702x721, sere.jpg)

It's hard to say how she's managed to stay off their radar. My best guess is that she's fucking someone, somewhere, that is helping her get by all this time? I don't know who, or how though, but maybe someone at the specific airport she's been going through? She's definitely been doing something to sneak on by all this time.

I mean, it's even plausible she has some Yakuza connections by now considering her clientele and her line of work, as well as where she has worked. A lot of Yakuza require a cut of the money being made though too. They have been known to sneak people across borders for sex trafficking, it might be how she's getting by.

Photo is her with one of her yakuza clients.

No. 571637


I wonder who took the photo

No. 571641

It looks like it's in a bar setting, so probably another client or prostitute. Gaya even maybe?

No. 571659

Yakuza are stupid, but not THAT stupid to deal with a trainwreck like Lorena.

No. 571675

Are you kidding? She's had clientele who are yakuza and she's an illegal prostitute in kabukicho, which is the red light district of Tokyo. She's on the yakuza radar for sure, and probably has to give them a cut of her money. The yakuza are notorious for running sex trafficking and moving gaijin in and out of Japan for profit. The lower level yakuza she's dealing with are hardly glamorous, mostly just trashy thugs.

Even hosts and indies jrockers have been known to have yakuza ties.

No. 571959

And where is your proof of her yakuza clientele?

No. 572013

>rubbing a quick one out before work
>so refreshing

lol what on earth why would you talk like this ‘rub one out.’ whores stay nasty

No. 572028


You sound stupid. Being a call girl means you deal with crooks and thugs. Of course she deals with low level or even mid level yakuza, it’s nothing to be jealous about unless you’re a low level piece of meat yourself.

Are you trying to say she’s not a prostitute?

No. 572031

This is a bizarre argument.
Whores and gangsters go together in all cultures, I’m sure Lorena is looked down on for being gaijin but it’s not like they won’t use her up and throw her out just like every other whore.

No. 572043

Different anon throwing in my piece. Tbh she probably has dealings with them through her bar and thats about it. No personal relationships…Pretty much every bar in Kabuki pays off the Yaks. Can attest as ex bf owned a bar in Kabuki

No. 572057

What‘s her secret than?

No. 572077

I sound stupid for asking for proof of her yakuza clientele? You obviously have never met or had any interpersonal relationships with the mafia in Japan because your stories and ideas of them are delusional.

No. 572080

Her recent Instagram post…
Horrible editing
Stretch marks
Armpit skins discolouration

How does she think these are sexy?

No. 572109

File: 1525298070478.jpeg (513.02 KB, 640x998, 8A4985F9-36FF-4988-84F9-97315B…)

Had a good laugh
Model and beautiful woman

No. 572269

Literally the photo right here >>571366 is one of them.

I don't think Lorena has any serious connections or relationships, but it really wouldn't surprise me if she was trading favors with some of her more shady clients.

Probably a client. Maybe she's been banging someone at the embassy? Who really knows. She has had a client openly talk about loaning her a large sum of money already and we all suspect she pays Cody with sexual favors for his tacky jewelry. There are likely others.

No. 572299

since there is no anchor baby law in japan (i checked) she either married someone or actually used the bar to say she has income / taxes

No. 572306

Here is another image >>474149

No. 572317

Yes tbh, you do sound stupid and delusional if you think a whore never has dealings with low tier organized crime but you do you, hon.

No. 572320

Ask Lorena for her secret stash of dick pics, you can check for pearls and dragon tattoos, kek are you for real? Is this some sort of weird status thing for you? Love yourself, anon.

No. 572333

File: 1525317231307.jpg (182.85 KB, 1398x1794, sere.jpg)

No. 572339

What stories and ideas are delusional, anon? The yakuza are a multi level crime syndicate. I'm not saying she's sleeping with mob bosses, but rather that she's been seen rubbing shoulders with yakuza thugs before, as well as has taken a photo of one with his head between her legs.

Japan is notorious for it's sex trafficking issues, which is big business for Yakuza. It's not unusual for people to be illegally moved in and out of the country for this purpose either. (For reference: http://news.livedoor.com/article/detail/1197963/)

I'm not saying this is the case here, but that it's possible she could be using her "job" as a prostitute to get favors from people who are capable of helping her through Japan's borders. I'm not, by any means, saying it's fact. But we've seen her around yakuza thugs and it's well within their business.

No. 572340

Different anon…but random images of guys with lots of tattoos is proof? Okay…lmao
I know that Show guy and he isnt a yak hes a kickboxer…

No. 572342

You clearly haven't been around the seedy bar scenes of Kabukicho if you think a gaijin escort running an illegal bar has zero dealings with any sort of yakuza.

No. 572349

I’m with you anon. I don’t even get this particular nitpick. You have to be willfully ignorant to deny the connection.

Stupidity is not charming but whatever, I guess.

No. 572361

File: 1525318866939.png (892.94 KB, 930x597, k.png)

Yeah, Show's friends all seem like upstanding, totally not yakuza types. Where would anyone get the idea he could possibly be affiliated with yakuza in any way. So… weird…

Also, doubtful that you "know" him, anon. Any of us can google his name.

The nitpicky anon seems like someone who has only seen yakuza portrayed in movies. Why in the world would scuzzy lowlife criminals be "too good" to associate with an equally as scuzzy lowlife prostitute?

No. 572461

Oh for fuck suck I didnt say she didnt have dealings with them. She would do since she has a bar and is a prostitute. I was pinpointing that the guy your ralking about in the pics, Shou isnt a one

No. 572463

Oh get off your high horse idiot. I didnt say he disnt know ir didnt have affliations did I? No and yes I do know him I met him through one of my friends who goes drinking with him and that owner of Bar Royce Toshimitsu

No. 572464

fat doughy gangsters
what a bitch society

No. 572469

Should have known it was you this whole time, spergy anon. Good to see you've come back. Have you visited her bar lately? Any wild Lorena sightings? Or are you just spazzing out about how you "know" this other loser guy now?

I wonder how close to her inner circle you actually are. You always seem to come here to derail, but don't know how to use the forum otherwise, including how to sage.

No. 572482

Lol think what you like. Me and>>572464
arent even the same person lmao. Im the OP of this thread and the thread before this…Ive never been to Lorenas bar or even live in Japan anymore. You do realise the world is big enough for people to know other people right?

No. 572483

File: 1525334601730.jpeg (19.5 KB, 543x271, FA10D525-C842-421B-B551-B8170B…)

No. 572486

File: 1525334921009.jpeg (145.34 KB, 633x912, A67FFDA1-6E57-4158-A982-CBAD42…)

While yall are bitch about who if Lorena knows Yakuza. Can we just take a moment and talk about the fact that shes taking drugs like Spice while around her 1 year old child? This dirty bitch needs this kid taken from her

No. 572491

So does she live on this sofa or what?

No. 572502

Could be one of those pull of beds considering she's living in Japan and I doubt that she could still afford her own "large" home. Where would the baby stay ? She either shares with her kid or she'd have a seperate room right? In case she bring home fuck boys ya know

No. 572507

I really think she has some connection. Nobody can visa hop that much

No. 572526

I mention it because she's always there and there's a blanket and pillow.

No. 572589

File: 1525346689768.jpg (192.93 KB, 1080x1078, 5oGT18W.jpg)

No. 572592

File: 1525346970326.jpg (155.4 KB, 1080x1350, 4mBvPxz.jpg)

No. 572594

So you all go back to complaining about stupid shit like she only sleeps on her sofa weh weh wehh. Shes taking Spice which is a synthetic cannibis which literally makes people crazy..it’s literally the drug responsibile for all those face eating attacks..and she has a child in the same house as her WTF

No. 572595

Lol those are the only people who turned up to her bars party

No. 572596

ah that's why she is batshit insane

No. 572611

She's out all night at clubs and bars. Drug abuse is, sadly, a given. Talking about her sofa corner isn't diminishing the terribleness of the life her child has to live with her. I hope she finds a stable figure to leave the child with, she's doing it untold damage already with the number of caregivers and type of care it has had.

No. 572621

You can’t sleep with people for visas, and no low level yakuza has that power. The only explanation is that she has married someone (since there is no anchor baby law in japan)
Maybe a yakuza has introduced her to a husband that she pays, but marriage is the only plausible way she has stayed this long.
If she’s been in japan a whole year and given birth to a kid she’s married to someone, it’s just that maybe the someone won’t take responsibility for the kid or doesn’t want the kid to be theirs or something because they will divorce her after 3 years (usually how fake visa marriage goes)

No. 572626

She looks like "Melissa" from those theories about Avril Lavigne.

I doubt she's actually using it though. What dumbass would eat spice? (Note the Insta picture of her talking about it on her couch)
She's most likely just saying it for attention because if she was using it, you would barely be able to shitpost considering that its effects are stronger than normal weed which either makes you really slow/lazy or alert/hungry/jittery depending which kind you take. I'm not taking a stab at you, anon, but that's just by taking a look at her lifestyle rn.

Back to main points though. Where'd the baby go while she's out partying and taking drugs? Probably still in 24hr care?

No. 572640

File: 1525354669366.jpg (77.45 KB, 600x400, avril-lavigne-melissa-vandella…)

but only her hair

No. 572665

why did lorena tagged sakurina in one of her ugly photos?

No. 572673

File: 1525357727672.gif (17.5 MB, 728x910, PBlRhvI.gif)

No. 572732

So now you meant to say all along that duh she hangs out with yakuza? surejan.gif
Btw hon, eating spice is a stupid way to get high off of it. She’s already in Asia, why not just buy the JWH straight from a dealer?

I feel like the main poster in this thread is an angry twelve year old who isn't too clear on how the world works. Yes, Lorena is an idiot, but the things you’re sperging about are all really dumb and embarrassing.

No. 572784

Did her boobs got smaller?

No. 572839

>what is gravity
When you lay on your back, your boobs flatten against your body. Your stomach looks more concave, as well. That is why this pose is so popular among pro ana.
You have to be 18 to post here.

No. 572913

Lorena is ugly old and fat so she has to do some tricks

No. 572943

Who are you talking to? There’s more than one person posting on here..You sound mad about the fact Sere has Yakuza connections and you don’t.

No. 572954

Are you fucking retarded? That is an edited photo of someone else you dumb shit.

Just because she has pictures with yakuza because there is probably a connection between them and one of the JAPANESE WOMEN in the photos does not mean Lorena is in any way affiliated with them. She just happens to be there.

You all are giving her waaaaay too much credit with having possible "connections" to the mafia.

No. 573005

Well kabukicho is full with yakuza

No. 573017

This is so off putting haha. One of the comments on it was, ‘your belly has become pretty’ bahaha

No. 573049

You all need to just stfu.

No. 573060


especially since I assumed she meant she ate spicy food… I am not sure the drug spice is not a thing in Japan lol

No. 573091

Spice is a thing in japan lol

No. 573316

Do you all even think Lorena can afford drugs? You all aware that a gram, ONE GRAM of weed costs 6000yen or more. Now imagine how much any type of chemical would cost.

No. 573386

Yup since there is verfication from others

No. 573421

That guy on the left looks like one of those gangsters that you see in anime. Usually the loud mouth.

Is anyone really surprised that she's involved with the yakuza? I highly doubt that she's involved with anyone high tier, only the low tier dudes that the higher ups don't even care about.

No. 573435

KFC on paper
how classy

No. 573471

Didnt she say theyd be food made by herself? Lmao…it seems not

No. 573901

Lorena spagnolo messingers new nude photo is gross af

No. 573968

It’s photoshopped to hell and back and that doesn’t even help it lmao

No. 573977

File: 1525478464694.png (751.75 KB, 566x589, shooped.png)

She's been going really wild on the shoops lately. She used to just use heavy filters, but now she's desperately pinching in her waist/warping her butt bigger, etc. non stop.

Even her clothed pics. Just look at how warped the lines on the wall are behind her. They aren't like that in the 2nd pic she posted from this same spot. Also, good god, she forgot to make her feet smaller along with the rest of her body. They look hilariously huge here.

No. 573979

How did she manage to warp half the whole image just to shift a small portion of it around her waist and butt? If she's going to edit she should at least work on her skills to make it look believable.

No. 573981

File: 1525478570730.png (432.02 KB, 915x445, lolok.png)

Sage for samefagging. But here's a bonus pic along with an amusing caption of her bitching about her new boytoy asking her to make breakfast. She's definitely living off some new dude.

No. 573985

She edited more here than her waist/butt. She stretched herself taller, slimmed her legs, waist, touched up her butt, and edited her face here too at the very least. Her feet and hands looks unnaturally large compared to the rest of her body here.

No. 574035

The feet, lmao

No. 574194

She really IS living on that fucking sofa kek

No. 574235

She edits her photos and tags them with model and beautiful woman lol

No. 575008

File: 1525608405598.jpeg (332.66 KB, 640x645, 34386412-1D4A-4B5C-A7D8-C6FB41…)

No. 575046

That girl is gonna end up totally fucked. I feel sorry for her.

No. 575082

If she adores her she is already

No. 575276

another poor naive victim lorena has found and took to her bar to rinse out

No. 575307

File: 1525640817880.jpeg (403.22 KB, 640x640, 69E83FE7-7B2C-4FF1-A8C6-39E5AC…)

No. 575320

she should pictures on completely plain backgrounds since she sucks so bad at editing at least the warp wont be as obvious

No. 575324

does the Japanese model speak English? I feel like she came up to me one time and tried to be friends with me.

No. 575374

Yeah she can speak some english

No. 575406

File: 1525648063757.jpg (31.33 KB, 620x474, grandma-selfie-58b8c2435f9b58a…)

No. 575409

Almost thought that was Taylor R

No. 575508

Are you completely blind anon?

No. 575560


No. 575614

How is this girl a model? She is hideous!

No. 575627

Neither of them are real models. The japanese girl is a "promo model" but it's likely she's just an escort/prostitue like Lorena is. Especially if she is okay with being seen and doing business with her so publicly.

No. 575631

That yakuza guy in the pics with Lorena is a customer of Shiena's. He is old news on her thread.

No. 575633

Go to Shiena's thread. The guy is one of Shiena's customers. If you look on his instagram he tagged Shiena in a picture. She is all gross and haggard looking with straight hair and a pulled down dress while he is laying in her lap.

I think he may also follow Lorena on instagram. He definitely follows Shiena and she follows him.

No. 575673

She only follows him now, he unfollowed her. He and Lorena don't follow each other. He is just run of the mill low level yakuza who has money to kick around and likes to hang out with girls who escort. He also hangs out with Harutamu and a lot of AV actresses. Lorena, Shiena, Gaya are all just escorts in and around Kabukicho who fuck these guys so they can eat out and go to parties and get the occasional present.

No. 575682

Post the picture and his insta..cant find it

No. 575690

File: 1525676464390.jpg (163.01 KB, 720x923, Screenshot_2018-05-06-23-59-59…)

Just go to Shiena's thread.

No. 575693

File: 1525676637004.jpg (175.31 KB, 718x1058, Screenshot_2018-05-06-23-54-03…)

Shiena was also hanging out with the Bar Royce guy around the same time as Lorena. He posted the picture with Lorena the day after he posted the picture with Shiena. I'd say they were there on the same day but his jacket is different in the pics.

No. 575694

So are her and Lorena still friends? They used to take pics together all the time, but lately they seem to be keeping their friendship hidden?

No. 575700

This is the blog post with Shiena:

Here is Show:

I'm not sure why there isn't one with Lorena. She was on his instagram and there's almost always a blog post for each picture collage.

No. 575702

I think it is very likely that they are still friends. Shiena never unfollowed Lorenas old account and Lorena reached out to her in a comment on her art account.

It could also simply be that their associate circles are really close because they both escort. I know someone is going to say that it's because they both work in Kabukicho but their mutual acquaintances are guys who hang out with AV actresses, escorts, soapland girls, and high ranking hostesses (like, they own their own clubs kind of rankings).

No. 575703

post with Lorena from 01/10


He mentions her bar. He also says she works at a soapland.

No. 575719

Um…Obviously you dont speak/read Japanese as nowhere there does it say she works at a soapland lmao. It just mentioned her bar and how she came two days in s row

No. 575720

It says it in the IG post for the night

No. 575775

Yeah because Lorena only hangs out with those types but those type also hang out with regular kyabajo just like anyone else in Kabukichō.

But Shiena isn’t seen with any other escort girl nor Lorena for almost a year.

Best you have is they went to the same bar on separate days.

No. 576115

File: 1525728922564.jpeg (285.69 KB, 640x743, 52F9791B-E7F6-447E-BA05-D501B6…)

That‘s not the couch ?!

No. 576313

Can she stop showing off her saggy belly

No. 576318

File: 1525741938467.jpeg (61.76 KB, 640x224, 48EB6C22-BCA6-4D6C-A31E-9AD6F6…)

What are these tags though haha
Im guessing her knew fuckboy is tall

No. 576447

File: 1525749958014.jpeg (758.79 KB, 640x975, 19AEA82D-EBC9-49D6-AB12-229BDB…)

Also wtf is this mess that literally is always licking lorenas asshole

No. 576577

yeah, and I wish they would actually add to the discussion.
so she is a prostitute to fund her lifestyle. she doesn't care about the money. this woman is nuts. a knew a few pros like her but to move to an expensive country is crazy.
shes a pro. she will say anything to start a conversation.
nayrt but I was going to call bs. but spice is from Russia and the middle east. there are a lot of Russians in east Asian whoring. so I guess spice is in japan. I think she is talking about a spiced drink, however.
how many times do we have to tell you that isn't shiene. stop posting this pic. these people have too much money for her like >>573421 wrote. they are too tough. lets all agree to stop posting this pic. I wonder should I report it.

No. 576681

Did she finally take out her nasty af extensions ?
She still look nasty af but slightly more masculine? W/e just nasty.

No. 576688

No-one said this time that it's Shiena in the pic. The context of the photo was about who socialises with who. But I can see you're busy replying to three-week old posts so I won't disturb you.

No. 576730

lorena searches her new visa guys on tinder lmao

No. 576918

Please learn English before you reply

No. 577279

So she is partying with Yushi (hosts) again and has hired a personal trainer. I guess she is doing well financially?

No. 577324

personal trainer? isn't that a guy just working at a gym?
that ugly yushi guy. no taste in men. and for that she is paying money

No. 577348

Shes acting like they are friends after going with cody sanderson to the store. But Yushi doesnt even like the pics/comment or follow her hahahah

No. 577558

Either way, she can afford a gym membership.

No. 577619

Guess her new victim helps her out

No. 577741

Most average people can afford a gym membership though? She might also be going as a guest if the person she is going with is a member.

I don't think she's making a lot of money or anything, but with her working at the soaplands it's probably a more steady income than her previous traveling escort hopping hotel room to hotel room, taking the train to get paid sort of deal she had going on previously. Not to mention the fact that she's obviously living with whoever the "fuckboy" is that she keeps bitching about. Maybe he doesn't make her pay rent and she's boning him to stay there. Who really knows.

The sad part is, this is the closest she has been to being a semi stable person? She hasn't abandoned her latest kid (yet), isn't getting physically removed from host clubs, she even sort of fixed her frankenstein titties and attempted to cover that awful doodle on her back. She's hardly what I'd call "successful" but this is probably one of the least bleak chapters of her life. I wonder how long it's going to last until she manages to fuck it up like she did her first marriage?

No. 577752

Oh you know it isnt going to last long. Once that child hits school ahe shes not going to be able to send him to school in Japan so shell need to come up with something

No. 577757

Do you think she could sucker someone into marrying her and claiming the kid? Legally that is her only option now, isn't it?

No. 577948

Yes if she stays in Japan. She can also get the kid Australian citizenship and move back but we know she won't.

No. 577957

Sorry I’m still not convinced she works at soap. Where is her profile? Won’t believe it till I see that.

No. 578029

My bad, I guess this one is not a soap, but a kyaba?

Not sure what this second one is?

But she is listed as working at both of these. Then on top of that, she has made this post…

Discussing having sex at the kyaba. She also made some post on TAG talking about working at some place that exchanged tokens for sexual favors? Which sounds like a soapland. I'll have to see if I can find that again though.

No. 578048

Yeah. That’s the icha kyaba then the other one in Ikebukuro looks like a delivery health. It would be incredibly difficult for her to work at a soapland without the correct visa documentation. They’re so tightly regulated I highly doubt they would risk losing their license for hiring her under their roof.

No. 578050

Even if she marries someone they will have to adopt the kid. Wouldn’t be Japanese for a few years.

No. 578057

so her first victim was ryoya
with him he had her second baby to gain spouse visa
second victim was the weird host guy. she used him to open a bar
third victim
a designer from tinder.. but seems like he noticed that lorena is crazy af and escaped
and now?
that musician guy?

No. 578081

Thats not how it works in Japan..A child born to a forgiener and Japanese national in Japan out of wedlock has to have the father recognise the child(sign birth certificates etc saying its his) before birth otherwise the child loses all eligibility of being recognised as a Japanese citizen. That is why is was after that host lol…The time limit is way over for that poor kid.

This is a good example of this law


No. 578088

you can hear her child trying to get her attention in background of the video while she ignores it and keep posing. poor kid.

No. 578091

File: 1525957447166.jpeg (214.7 KB, 640x1094, 28D38D46-7A3D-4AFD-9D28-63C871…)

Seems theyve updated part of the law though…still the kids fucked though lmao

No. 578092

File: 1525957473256.jpeg (224.25 KB, 634x1092, 28AF36A9-5A33-4539-8A3C-5C1F46…)

No. 578095

I don't know if you replied to my comment by accident but how it works in Australia is different to Japan. The child is born to her, she's Australian, she doesn't have to be married or even know the father. She can apply for Australian citizenship for her child regardless of whether it was granted Japanese nationality or not. It's pretty straightforward but I think she won't do it because it could lead to having to take responsibility for two children, and maybe she wants rid of this one as well. Having papers and the Australian govt asking after the whereabouts of your child could be awkward.

No. 578312

File: 1525981671319.jpg (75.09 KB, 1080x1350, XMhPReX.jpg)

No. 578604

No sorry replied to you by accident Im Aussie myself so know the laws there

No. 578620

Haha what fucking crack you smoking? That’s not how it works here (aus) at all.
You can even goto the offical govt website. It’s in dot points

No. 578642

File: 1525996975288.jpeg (160.86 KB, 640x1097, B37447C3-0119-4DC7-96DF-371DEF…)

No. 578680


Unless she still has her Aussie citizenship (because you do lose them as you can’t do dual citizenship when you’re an Aussie)
The kid gets nothing. It’s also a lot harder when it’s not from the UK or America.

No. 578968

That second link, her profile says she is into golden showers? Did I miss read that? lol

No. 579038

What are you talking about? Lorena doesnt have dual citizenship idiot

No. 579042

Yes it does lool

No. 579046

File: 1526016091965.jpeg (181.92 KB, 640x1003, F9C2ED96-2A44-4874-9328-6EAC1A…)

Lookslike shes working at miss universe deriheru a lot

No. 579049

File: 1526016205056.jpeg (198.88 KB, 630x1048, 03049F3A-7052-4DC8-8F85-FC9471…)

Translation: Today Maddingly-chan is coming to work wearing cute feminine clothes! She here from 11pm till last

No. 579195

She's just an Aussie citizen. Dual citizenship is something she'll never have to worry about lmao, and Australia now permits that anyway. There's nothing stopping her applying for Aussie citizenship for her child, except she doesn't want her own visa transgressions to be found out or to have to be held accountable too much for this baby. I'm sure she intends to dump it as soon as she can get what she wants.

No. 579234

what does her new victim thinks about that.. does he notice what a wreck lorena is?

No. 579702

She obviously doesnt want to apply for its Australian citizenship as then shed have to try and figure out sometype of visa for not only herself but the child….the kid cant get a visa to stay in Japan

No. 579830

I hope karma hits her hard again soon

No. 580044

yes and she can't get what she wants that way. plus she'll be responsible for the kid in the eyes of the Australian government, which is the last thing she wants. so this poor child goes undocumented and stays in her posession until she finds a way to get what she wants.

No. 580986

Honestly, I kind of get the vibes that offline, her kid is somewhat like a accessory for her. He's a cute hafu baby (desirable, not like her first Aussie baby). Maybe that's why she keeps him styled so femme too? I really doubt she'd want to keep the kid if it weren't half Japanese. Maybe she's still holding out hoping he'll help her stay in Japan somehow. Or that she can con someone into claiming him?

She may have gone after the one host, but I wonder how many others she had tried to con by telling them it might be theirs? She is a prostitute after all.

No. 581071

you cant con someone into claiming the child, she would have to get married and get the new person do adopt the son. Then the kid could become Japanese legally by age 5 or 6, and prior to that could at least have a family registration and visa in Japan.

Until then he would have no insurance ID or visa unless lorena has registered him as aussie. (then he would be aussie and maybe be on a dependant visa? but only if she somehow has a real visa.

No. 581134

That's what I'm saying though. What if she was able to convince another host, client, etc. that the child was theirs and they decided to step up and claim responsibility? I'm not saying it has happened at all, but I'm saying I wonder if she has tried it.

No. 581145

various anons have been saying…. its passed the date for that. you cant claim a kid over a year later like that.

No. 581471

File: 1526236379955.jpg (111.02 KB, 1080x1350, C9quLRq.jpg)

did she photoshop her tattoo?

No. 581837

Do you not know how to sage or reply, anon?

By the looks of it, she photoshopped everything. Everything looks really washed out and fuzzy. Look at all that hair damage though.

No. 582000


No. 582176

File: 1526274702560.jpeg (434.09 KB, 750x790, 015BD73E-2C47-4097-A172-549D08…)

Her granny eyebags. Even filters and makeup couldn‘t cover them lol

No. 582253

She really would need a valid and real visa..

"If one of the parents is a Japanese national, the baby automatically becomes a Japanese national. If both parents are non-Japanese, the baby needs to get a status of residence to live in Japan. But either way, the first thing you have to do is to submit the application form for a Birth Report to a city / ward office which deals with the area in which you live within 14 days after the baby has been born.

If you fail to register a baby’s birth in time, you can be penalized."

No. 582254

No. 582266

Also I read this article about the situation her baby is in.
Japan’s Archaic Civil Code and the Plight of the Unregistered: https://www.nippon.com/en/currents/d00385/

No. 582315

"unregistered persons were denied such social services as enrollment in National Health Insurance"
So she is basically depriving her child of all the necessary vaccinations the child needs. This so fucking pisses me off because these things are actually FREE, so make sure her child is vaccinated isn't going to cost her shit (well, you do have to pay into health insurance etc which…)

"In Japan, prenatal and neonatal care is carefully monitored."
Fucking THIS, where and what the FUCK was she doing? If we have proof she was dicking around and getting her tits bodged up, she must have done none of this, damn even I was sick of prenatal check ups WEEKLY.

No. 582317

this child has ben neglected since the womb

No. 582454

true :/ doing porn while pregnant

No. 582543

Lol it's not free, you pay 30% of all medical expenses, and even if you literally don't work at all you pay ¥2000 a month, which increases if you do work. Not eking but get your facts straight

No. 582742

No. 582854

Fuck this is just sad..What is she thinking?!

No. 582855

Looks like she rolled in poop

No. 582958

File: 1526340835619.png (1.97 MB, 1080x1349, shoop.png)

Why is she so bad at shopping her pics? Her backgrounds are always super warped. kek.

Can't tell if that's just a really awful contour attempt or if the dark circles under her eyes have just gotten that bad.

No. 583059

Fuck LMAO is anyone going to point out that fucking tan line one her feet hahahaha

No. 583061

File: 1526345162327.jpeg (40.85 KB, 155x274, 343FF091-6B2F-4EF0-8633-55DCAC…)

Her new fucktoy taking her pics

No. 583073


From the second website ("jo kyoushi"/"Miss Universe"), here is a little manga explaining exactly what happens therein. It's in Japanese but even without language skills I think the reader can figure out what kind of place it is:


Honestly I'm not sure why the idea that Lorena has sex for money would even be in question at this point. She's fairly open about it.

No. 583084

Hard to tell, but it doesn't look like studio musician guy. Looks like another shitty host.

No. 583091

Lmao that manga

No. 583093

File: 1526347010784.jpeg (205.13 KB, 640x605, DB4BF6DC-1974-45F5-8F8F-AB0D05…)

No. 583096

more information - she is listed as a New Staff (新人) and her number of Repeat customers is "increasing".


Name: Maddingly, 22 years old
Home country: Australia
Hair and eyes: Pink hair, grey eyes
Personality: Bright and cheerful
Previous job: Currently working as a porn actress
Why did she start working here: Because she was interested
Charming points: Soft breasts and butt + Good at blow jobs!
Hobby: Fashion
Her "type": Nice people
First time [having sex]: 17 years old
Thoughts [on first time having sex]: [blank]
Sexiest part: Breasts
Favorite sex position: Doggy style
Favorite [sex] play types: Cunnilingus, 69

[I am too lazy to translate the cherry-picked "Customer Reviews", but will do so if there is interest]

Available for the following [sex] options:
Wearing a costume, take home her used panties, ripped open pantyhose, vibrator egg, garter+fishnets, peeing, watching masturbation, vibrator, electric vibe, golden shower

No. 583101

This nasty hag is getting peed on to buy bootleg designer so she can pretend to be living the good life in Japan?

No. 583156

22? who are they kidding??

No. 583179

Ikr?? She’s been 22 for how many years now? Lmao

No. 583332

Don‘t think that‘s him
That‘s a poor host who had to take lorenas photo

No. 583388

Lol what so she just walked up to some random and got him to take photos of her throughout the day? Sure thing anon

No. 583392

File: 1526377252771.jpeg (153.05 KB, 626x729, 622F131A-1791-45A1-9CC1-60E8FC…)

Wtf is she wearing

No. 583410

Maybe dohan?

No. 583430

>>582543 Ok so it isn't actually free free, but you aren't given a massive out the ass bill to pay there and then on the spot for vaccinations.
If she was LEGALLY in Japan she would hopefully be paying something to keep that kid healthy and I am not talking just food and a roof over his head. But shes not and thats why this kid is going undetected… shameful.

No. 583802

Found a brief news clip on it too
So a "mukosekisha" (undocumented) child can't : get national health insurance (including subsidized vaccinations), can't go to public school, can't get married, can't get a passport, can't vote, can't open a bank account, can't get a seal (Japanese equivalent of one's personal signature), can't buy a house or car etc etc…

The woman in the story was born to Japanese parents but since they both remarried the child wasn't put on either family register.
She couldn't go to school until 5th grade – and then she could only go to some special school for undocumented kids. She works at a general goods store her friend runs and is a single mother.

Bright future for Sere's child…

No. 584031

And people still insist that Japan is not racist…

No. 584059

Lol did you read anything written in that comment or the article it happens to and is about an undocumented JAPANESE woman. It doesn’t just happen to half children etc. learn some reading comprehension idiot

No. 584188

Japanese people don't consider her Japanese though. To them she is an outsider, ie gaijin. While to us she is Japanese, she is not to them.

No. 584292

Lol sure keep telling yourself that

No. 584296

why else would they treat her so badly?

No. 584462

can you read? Her mother is JAPANESE. her father is JAPANESE. her problem was that they neither parent gave enough of a fuck to give her a family name/legal rights as a citizen and because of that, she is fucked. this is about how Japan's ancient ass laws about citizenship fuck over even native Japanese people.

No. 584463

stop me if i'm being too optimistic but do you think lorena is peddling her pussy so hard because she's trying to make all the cash she can to take care of her baby??

No. 584488

She uses all that cash for hosts

No. 584579

File: 1526448933087.jpeg (106.27 KB, 634x804, FCE5C728-14B2-46CC-8C9D-9F28CB…)

Swamp monster

No. 584601

File: 1526451394456.jpeg (130.56 KB, 634x804, 38DC458D-C647-4D6D-A463-3735D8…)

That shoop again

No. 584603

I give her credit for trying to get in shape and eat healthy, but no one loses weight that quickly unless it they are starving themself.

No. 584604

The length of her bellybutton -hilarious.

No. 584670

The lingerie is cute though.

No. 584676

Because of her shoops somebody already complimented her for doing such a grear job
Her answer : i‘ve just started

No. 584818

Don’t piss yourself in your excitement. Seems that my point went over your head.

No. 585117


wew this blew up
Anyway yeah the woman in the video is 100% Japanese blood, the reason why she wasn't registered in her case is because her mom wanted to maintain custody of her, but her mom remarried quickly after divorce. Japan has a weird law where if a couple divorce and the woman gets pregnant right away, it's still assumed that the child was conceived during the marriage and as such the ex-spouse is legally required to be listed as the father. So the mom just didn't record the child b/c she didn't want to share custody with (or lose custody to) her ex husband.

Nothing to do with race or immigration. It's more about the legal framework of Japan. In the US you get a birth certificate at birth which serves for the purpose of identifying yourself, getting a passport, getting a driver's license etc. regardless of who are listed as parents. In Japan you need to do an extra step and if you can't or won't do it, then you are undocumented even if you are of full Japanese descent

No. 585138


In the case of Sere's child[ren?], this is relevant because she also chose not to register him[them?] because she was unmarried when the child was born so the child wouldn't qualify for Japanese citizenship, and she didn't want to register the child as a single mother, most likely because she doesn't have a proper visa to remain in Japan so the child would be deported.

If she can get a Japanese man - any Japanese man - to acknowledge her child as his own (regardless of actual paternity), and the judge buys the story (sometimes they ask for a DNA test, other times photos and whatnot are sufficient), then her child can get a Japanese citizenship and if she maintains custody of the child then she can apply for a proper visa, probably teijuusha (long term resident) visa.
It's a long shot but basically her only chance to legitimize her continued stay in Japan.

Sere must realize she won't be young forever (she's already beginning to show signs of aging due to her heavy drinking/partying), if she can get a resident visa and eventual permanent residency or citizenship in Japan through her child, and then guilt trip the child to caring for her as an adult (traditional Japanese culture states that children esp. sons will care for their aging parents), that would be basically her only way to survive once she is too old and haggard to draw in clients.

No. 585539

If she truly cared about her child, she would have gone back to Australia and at least had him registered as an Australian.

She's been peddling that pussy for years now, abandoning children left and right. He's just a cute accessory she created with an ideal host specimen by her standards. Maybe she's hoping he grows up cute so she can try to be one of those stage moms.

She looks kind of trans here, esp in the face. I wonder if she's going to start getting "that" look as she ages and continues to get plastic surgery.

No. 585841

File: 1526534953528.jpeg (33.4 KB, 326x451, 7912C7A2-7319-46DF-A40D-522DDB…)

The next ryucharo lmao

No. 585885

Fun how she hides in pictures a child's face but can see the instagram story post.

Kid looks nice

No. 585933

File: 1526549330463.jpg (146.97 KB, 1080x1920, fugly.jpg)

no lorena, it's cheap hoe style

No. 585940

is this Vort building the location of one of her sex jobs?

No. 585942


Why is it half these foreigners in japan always look like title shit? Venus, Dakota, ect ect they all look like they either need a good wash or a decent wardrobe that fits them better. Instead of clothes too short, too tight or skanky looking.

Is it me or are the most decent looking weebs from more Europe? (I know Venus is) but say peachymilky for example?

The majority just look horrid. How is this classy? Fake bag, skirt up her hole and a tiny top with a birds nest set of extensions on her nut. Jesus Christ…

No. 585943

Total shit *

No. 585958

>skirt up her hole
Huh? I'm not sure what you mean but it's just a plain black skirt, it's not even tight or short. The top and skirt combo are fine to me tbh, her tattoos and nails will make her look tacky and classless no matter what outfit she wears though.

No. 585961

Does she even know where France is?

No. 585973

there is a legal office in the vort building.
guess it's about marriage

No. 586042

calm down, grandma. that skirt is almost knee-length.

No. 586106

is lorena still fighting with ryoya? she still go to marriage lawyer

No. 586125

Do you actually read the other threads? They are already divorced for almost 2 years or so. No legal office can do anything. Maybe she wants to get a spouse visa with the help of a lawyer.

No. 586302

Your examples of foreigners wearing clothes that are too short, too tight, or skanky looking is Dakota and Venus? Dakota tends to dress like some kind of hipster granny most of the time, in loose fitting clothes to hide her shape. Venus rarely wears revealing clothing, usually opting for casual lolita looking outfits. There are so many other examples you could have chosen that would have made more sense.

>Is it me or are the most decent looking weebs from more Europe?

Either your fetish is showing or this explains your shit English, anon. Peachmilky is just another greasy weeb who abuses filters and constantly has her tits out on stream.

>skirt up her hole and a tiny top with a birds nest set of extensions on her nut.


No. 586356

Thos is another example of seres terrible fashion. Nothing matches..shambles

No. 586357

File: 1526581258877.jpeg (185.77 KB, 559x991, 73DAB550-0939-4667-A8D5-FECADF…)

Whats host club is she hanging out at now?

No. 586398

File: 1526583206415.jpg (48.99 KB, 1080x607, hxvcFdX.jpg)

look at me i'm friends with yuuushi

(and spending tons of money)

No. 586417

Who is he? He looks kind of horse faced and has a gummy smile. Boytoy was ana garbage, but at least he had a cute face.

She looks so old lately. The wrinkles under her eyes are so intense and her hair is extremely frizzy/damaged.

No. 586420

just host trash

also lorena checks her lolcow thread 24h and hostlove too

No. 586491

Do they still brag about her at host love?

No. 586497

someone posted that photo on hostlove and lorena wrote "beautiful" lmao

No. 586823

File: 1526598865474.jpeg (116.51 KB, 610x923, 7D5F0CAA-F4AD-42D8-9AEC-D0CFE0…)

Old but didn‘t have seen them before

No. 586829

File: 1526598996481.jpeg (Spoiler Image,60.69 KB, 609x406, 528147C8-0870-45F0-B420-EF8D16…)

No. 586830

File: 1526599029011.jpeg (Spoiler Image,75.24 KB, 609x407, 5EB1B4FC-8883-4DD2-8539-81B850…)

No. 586831

File: 1526599052212.jpeg (Spoiler Image,111.85 KB, 611x911, F4823FD9-F855-4DE3-A0A5-E4E08F…)

(spoiler needed)

No. 586832

File: 1526599077336.jpeg (Spoiler Image,63.59 KB, 609x407, B0F683AF-A055-4137-8276-9B6914…)

Acne ass in action

No. 586927

These have all been posted before.

No. 586930

Can you post the link

No. 587050

VORT is also a small residence complex in azabu, close to roppongi

No. 587101

File: 1526620804416.jpeg (82.02 KB, 640x665, D4917C59-E507-4202-A6F1-012416…)

Seems weve stumbled on where she lives guys..The vort apartment layout matches that of what we can figureout in her pics and from the front of the building you can see there are some residential houses out the back..she must be in a back apartment facing that house she seems to hate lmao

No. 587102

File: 1526620837261.jpeg (174.8 KB, 637x1053, 50C34614-6314-4CBA-A83D-29DD81…)

No. 587161

That‘s a building for offices
She went to a lawyer

No. 587162

No. 587165

Doesn't look like a residential building or layout to me, anon? While it's possible she may be sleeping on the house of a business/studio, I don't know if I beleive this is the place?

No. 587169

File: 1526634610695.jpeg (87.14 KB, 570x935, 9317A21D-A4E2-47E3-88CA-FEE455…)

LMFAO someone posted this in the hostlove thread! That fucking photoshop

No. 587173

Is she now advertising herself as being hafu?
That says "Blond half almost foreigner"

No. 587174

File: 1526635794345.jpeg (355.89 KB, 640x990, C375705D-54FF-4E87-BADA-1486FF…)

That‘s where she went to

No. 587202

File: 1526640340987.jpeg (39.47 KB, 390x520, BFCE6C78-4DEA-40EC-8043-CFF79D…)

No. 587224

How do you know it's this specific business she went into? It seems like there will be many businesses in these buildings?

Just for example, here are two VORT office buildings:

No. 587237

File: 1526644933528.jpeg (211.11 KB, 750x835, 4D44A30D-9698-4A93-BEA5-678A32…)

Is she serious with that shoop?

No. 587267

The building has only4 floors
That‘s where she went to

No. 587819


wow this outfit would look super cute on someone else

like anyone else

No. 587898

The shirt and the skirt need to be the same shade of white

No. 588077

She's posting on her old account again.

She changed it to @prettyxreckless

No. 588103

This must be where she is living. Explains why she is doing outcall in Meguro

No. 588128

LOL that is valeria levels of bad photoshop. How can you seriously post this and not cringe??

No. 588165

It’s @prettyxwreckeless

No. 588637

File: 1526758260844.jpg (46.24 KB, 640x799, x06Pu45.jpg)

No. 588638

File: 1526758351104.jpg (57.93 KB, 750x937, ELKcjLi.jpg)

damn she looks bad

No. 588640

I think she looks pretty good here, aside from the bird nest hair and dodgy eyebrow.

No. 588712

That's Azabujuban. No way can she afford to live there.

No. 588748

Nah she looks like a drug and alcohol addict

No. 588818

This is an office building
She is living in meguro

No. 589088

File: 1526798237619.jpeg (238.62 KB, 750x993, 6110FDB0-C996-4DEF-961B-E7BB34…)

Someone is hurt

No. 589167

Yah sure she doesn‘t know lmao

No. 589213

File: 1526818250437.jpg (65.12 KB, 750x750, SMtmYGm.jpg)

the only bedcover she got

No. 589216

File: 1526818402702.jpg (44.8 KB, 1024x1821, mzCtg2s.jpg)

gross as always

No. 589583

You can tell this her bedroom by the bedding but there's that weird sign on the door and the obvious existence of her old plastic shelves from the ratden. I'm pretty sure she's living in a share house. That would explain why her room looks like it does and why she only takes pictures with the stupid couch to make it harder for us to tell.

No. 589616

Yeah that doorknob also doesn't look like one you'd see in a home plus her bedroom is tiny which makes no sense if her house is so huge

No. 589649

It‘s not a sharehouse
It‘s a normal apartment

No. 589688

No. 589695


The idea that Sere could be living in a regular apartment/house, especially in a nice neighborhood, is kinda absurd. Japan is incredibly strict and even regular gaijin(foreigners) who have proper visas, regular jobs, etc sometimes get rejected for housing.

As an undocumented, fuuzoku(sex worker), single mother, AND foreigner, Lorena is literally the least desirable kind of tenant from a Japanese landlord perspective. Literally the only way she could be any worse is if she was Chinese or Filipino (I don't condone racism but Japanese landlords are racist af).

Like it can be hard to rent an apartment as a single mother even if you're a Japanese woman with a proper (sei-sha'in) job because the stigma is so high.

On top of that, there's no way her child can go to a proper nursery/daycare (hoikuen) either. Probably at an unauthorized daycare or baby hotel.

Her life is interesting from a train wreck perspective but in all honestly it's sad. She's literally at the bottom of Japanese society

No. 589840

Sharehouse makes wayyyyy more sense because she can't possibly be renting a house for all the reasons everyone has said.

Her room honestly looks like a hotel room and if it weren't for her comforter being there, I'd say it was. There are SO many sharehouses that look like what she's living in. Especially in Meguro.

No. 589849

She should just post a house tour or at least a room tour.

I'm not convinced that the pictures in the mirror with Hermes bags are in the same house as the pics with the white sofa or these new bedroom pics. Like, the layout of her house doesn't make any sense and it's weird how she pics one location then switches to another without posting from the original one again.

No. 589880

She obviously living with a new guy and her baby. Sharehouses dont allow kids

No. 589953

Many sharehouses allow kids. It completely depends on the place.

No. 589988

Evidence of that?

No. 590039

Plus what happened to her accessory dog? Poor thing

No. 590091

File: 1526895029697.png (276.67 KB, 302x483, kimo.png)

she lives in an apartment
her victim is renting the place and she pays

No. 590096

That fucking stomache eeghhh

No. 590125

File: 1526900538008.jpg (371.51 KB, 1900x1180, sere.jpg)

You should have seen it in motion… yikes.

Pic is side by side shoop discrepancies from her two accounts

No. 590137

Why did she suddenly start shooping herself into Valeria?

No. 590145

Holy shit
Lorena is becoming more crazy?!

No. 590191

Sharehouse dont allow dogs /pets either so she cant be living in one atm

No. 590258

Year sharehouse Is bullshit

No. 590480

File: 1526937467506.png (318.2 KB, 309x489, kimo.png)

No. 590484

lol someone one hostlove called her hen na gaijin and now it says she is a hen na gaijin on her instagram account

btw she went to the gym in the vort building

No. 590513

Its her writing about herself in hostlove

No. 590605

Bitch needs more than este

No. 590835

That's what happens when you yoyo diet and have three illegitimate kids. kek.

Did you guys see the part where she was trying to enter a model search? No wonder she keeps tagging her shit with "model". I'm kicking myself for not screencapping the story she posted with the contest.

My fav part of her shops that she always forgets to make her feet smaller with the rest of her body so they end up looking hilariously huge.

No. 590872

I saw Lorena walking around in Kabukicho last night. She was loitering around the building that SENSE is in probably trying to catch Yushi on his way out of work.

No. 590880

Ew what a creepy ass stalker. Do you reckon hes makura’ing her? ( Makura= fucking customers for extra cash)

No. 590908

why do you arrogant weebshits argue like shitty 2000s era translators notes?

No. 590927

Wtf bitch is crazy

No. 590936

No. 590941

>makura’ing her? ( Makura= fucking customers for extra cash)
quit being a fucking weeb and just say "do you think she's prostituting"

No. 590943

I read this the other day and cringed haha

No. 590982

Well no because in this instance she would be paying him to sleep with her

No. 591040

100% she would do that

No. 591240

File: 1527014823064.jpg (66.66 KB, 1080x1080, U8iGGl0.jpg)

No. 591348

Im not being a weeb you idiot. Its a term in the host world..it’s something the host does for the customer to get them to continue paying big money at his store etc. sorry that your butthurt you dont know anything

No. 591352

Shes been known to do it in the past with her previous hosts.. but depends on the host. Some guys wont do it, or will only do it with specific people

No. 591481

>it's a term in the host world

it's one that also has a fucking term in english though, you only use japanese terms if they're not something you can explain with english. it's the same kind of prostitution that strippers do after hours. it's illegal under the table stuff. don't be a weeb. just say she's paying him to fuck her under the table.

No. 591558

I think Makura should be translated as “pillow sales”
It’s not under the table really they talk about it openly. It doesn’t happen “in” the store so it’s not illegal. LOOPHOLE!!!!!!

No. 591723

I think using the Japanese term is fine but you should either use it and assume everyone knows what you mean, or don't use it and explain in english instead. Doing both comes across as thinking you're special for knowing what it means.

No. 591769

I fucking translated it for thise who disnt understand ..what more do you want lmao

No. 591812

File: 1527070062702.png (306.17 KB, 1212x2097, IMG_8628.PNG)

She's working at Miss universe now too

No. 591815

desperate for money to spend on hosts

No. 591817

Youre a bit late to the conversation….. this has been talked about and posted more than several times now. Keep up

No. 591824

File: 1527073573003.jpeg (40.26 KB, 500x751, 38C71CED-D3BF-4037-BC81-30B9D4…)

she looks like what dakota would have looked like if she had never gone the way of kawaii uguuuu barbie desu

No. 592712

File: 1527162477370.jpg (264.45 KB, 1080x1349, dclfkKQ.jpg)

that photoshop

No. 592759

The wonky background isn’t even the worst about this. But look at her mouth!! Sere please if you shoop at least make it believable

No. 592766


omg look at the white line of the zebra crossing rofl

No. 592806

Fucking hell, that's some Shingles level shooping.

No. 592929

File: 1527188453205.jpg (203.96 KB, 1080x1920, QYwQFIm.jpg)

it goes downhill with lorenas mental health

No. 592943

File: 1527190206222.gif (1.24 MB, 1080x1349, deshoop.gif)

i dont follow this thread but i laughed at the wonky lines. here is a shitty deshoop. Tried to quickly straighten the lines.

No. 592985

What is bringing on this terrible ‘real barbie’ shop all of a sudden? Its so random..mental breakdown??

No. 593017

Could be a mental breakdown

I feel sorry for the guy who got orderd to take her photos

No. 593075

Her hair is dry and crunchy looking. It's as though you can hear the rustling noise from here

No. 593436

File: 1527233609643.jpg (106.6 KB, 750x936, 1QYj3l7.jpg)


No. 593490

Her wannabe phitshoots are horrible

No. 593491


No. 593821

File: 1527279939465.jpg (58.71 KB, 750x750, 6gpe4z3.jpg)

again at club sense

No. 593831

File: 1527281146544.jpeg (564.13 KB, 640x1013, 34F1D252-4EF1-46D9-8744-C243BC…)

Shes such a creep

No. 593833

File: 1527281297104.jpeg (734.22 KB, 750x936, 79E6EAF8-FE77-4875-8E29-667930…)

She looks like a drug addict…. I remember how she pitied the girls at hostlove for going to host clubs, and how she never goes there and how pure she is… if you lie, lie better, if you photoshop, photoshop better you’re bad in anything lorena

No. 593836

Looks like she is on drugs

No. 594058

maybe shes paying to sleep w/ hosts bc her first attempts at having a visa baby failed.

No. 594070

would explain her weight loss

ok she still doesnt look like her shoop at all but is definitely a little less chunky than before

No. 594074

It will most likely end like her other attempts… she will tell the host that she’s on the pill or whatever, if she gets pregnant she will hunt him down. Because I doubt that any of these guys is gonna take responsibility after a ons.

No. 594076

But isn't that still her shoop anon? That is her other account. Anyway, from recent candids we've seen she still built like a fridge.

No. 594081


please no. she's fucked up one child's life already, let's not hope for another one

No. 594238

three, isn't it?

No. 594251

File: 1527327726876.jpeg (175.43 KB, 640x839, 4C087392-C07D-4B80-8637-C4C309…)

Can confirm shes build like a fridge

No. 594252

How the heck do you even run into her??

No. 594258

She‘s always in kabukicho

No. 594265


which means this anon is always in kabuki, probably a host-lover too. sav, mar, shien, dan? one of the low levels trying to distract from their own thread…i smell a dirty weeb monkey-fucker… no need for fake "insiders".

No. 594266

they are talking about lorena and how ugly she is again in the hostlove thread.
while lorena is whiteknighting herself and commenting how beautiful she is

No. 594267

better take care of your children lorena

No. 594269

More likely a nobody host addict than someone recognizable from a mile away

No. 594270

File: 1527332321982.jpg (824.29 KB, 1080x1349, fixed.jpg)

The thing is, her body is nicer without the photoshop, pic related - fixed the shape according to the warp.

No. 594272

btw this is the shin okubo donki, not in kabukicho

No. 594274

who is sav and mar?

No. 594275

well the other 2 actually exist to either the japanese/australian government and can function well in their lives at some point. they'll do okay. this current booger will not live a happy life.

No. 594288

I doubt they are as happy as they could be with no mother. But agreed, this current child is getting to worst of it all.

No. 594289

that shoulderis still bizarre tho

She has a pretty face and afaic a nice enough body, it's a shame to shoop to this extent

No. 594297

she looks like fridge
her face looks haggard

No. 594579

lorena is this you? Lmao

No. 594586

it is her
she also posts on hostlove all the time calling herself beautiful lmao

No. 594606

Pathetic. Stop trying to relive your early twenties and go look after your kid

No. 594686

?! Wrong post

No. 594736

anon "under the table" just means it's not paid for at the establishment. it has nothing to do with when/where it's discussed.

you translated it poorly, you shitty weeb.

No. 594755

Why do you keep coming here and raging lmao

No. 594988

Some people get butthurt over nonesense

No. 595017

File: 1527409051570.jpeg (62.08 KB, 640x329, 4322719E-483C-4322-B3F7-0E5DE3…)

Wtf lorena wrote again how beautiful she is

No. 595024

File: 1527410245584.png (656.54 KB, 466x598, bigfoot.png)

You guys forgot this one. Back at it again with the bad shoop and the giant feet.

It's funny that she has now taken to trying to blur out the backgrounds to cover how warped her shooping attempts have made them.

You didn't deshoop enough. She's more blocky than that from the front, though now that she's had the lipo and fixed her boobjob she does look better than she used to at the very least.

>>594289 She shoops her face anon. Refer to >>553256 which still has a filter over it and she's wearing a ton of makeup. She isn't hideous, but I'd hardly say her face is above average? She could have probably been attractive once if she hadn't followed the path that she did.

No. 595026

File: 1527410814951.jpeg (78.34 KB, 400x545, 02BE7A49-181F-4CC4-AA9A-E993A4…)


No. 595031

File: 1527411190286.jpeg (154.25 KB, 750x1132, 71FC937C-4A5C-4404-9C71-45D518…)

No. 595035

Has she drank herself permanently stupid? These shoops are getting worse. Her foot is the size of her now tiny head, her noodle legs and arms, that waist that just keeps getting more and more tiny with every shop.

No. 595036

Lmao the warping on her thighs

No. 595039

What is the link to this thread? This wasn’t posted on the sense thread

No. 595041

No. 595054

This is Chinese Living Doll lvl of shoop

No. 595110

File: 1527429420743.jpg (103.17 KB, 1080x1349, tqOdRnc.jpg)

the horror continues

No. 595132

She looks crooked hahaha, her skills get worse and worse

No. 595247

lmao is she even stretching her eyes out in desperate attempt to look asian now? Holy shit she is gone

No. 595282


she did start claiming she was hafu in her ads …

No. 595307

yeah but only half argentinnian half australian

No. 595312

File: 1527449793391.jpg (Spoiler Image,6.66 KB, 350x196, wy3KbOz.jpg)

No. 595500

Yeah both her parents are white af

No. 595501

This is dakota levels of shop hahahaha that fucking hand

No. 595533

Could you imagine agreeing to meet THIS and being let down lmfaooooooooo from stick insect to deflated old hag

No. 595734

Her hand is bigger than her waist…

No. 595739

Why does it look like she's screaming?lmao
Doing porn is one thing. But having porn of yourself out on the internet where you look this ridiculous and ugly ( wasn't her best time then, ratty plastic extensions and weight gain), idk what it'd do. Maybe kill myself. She must have been on drugs when that was filmed.

No. 595757

And pregnant

No. 595759

she is spiraling down. Let's wait for a crash.

No. 595863

File: 1527512909765.jpg (77.97 KB, 1080x1080, aAxa3Lf.jpg)

it's from her prettyxwreckless account and an old photo but who is that?

No. 595928


No. 596101

Hair too thin for sandra

No. 596279

This is sere were talking about, when has she had a ‘good time’

No. 597452

what happend? lorena didn't upload on ig for days

No. 598112

She's done this before, but it's typically when something is going down like a less glamorous visa hop or some other situation. Curious to see if it's milk or not once she returns. Maybe her new boytoy kicked her out?

No. 598351

File: 1527751701502.jpg (139.67 KB, 1024x996, lorena.jpg)

It's okay guys, she just had a migraine.

No. 598374

Omg hilarious

No. 598455

File: 1527773797383.jpeg (298.64 KB, 640x700, 5CE59992-F937-45DF-A85F-C87B02…)

Wtf is this bahahahaha

No. 598510

File: 1527782464435.jpeg (746.97 KB, 750x1224, 124BAEFB-AF1F-4A14-B4CF-D1F7B9…)

Wtf is THIS… she‘s disgusting

No. 598521

that horrible shoop

No. 598524

She should pay Kota for some shoop lessons…

No. 598642

maybe she wants to be a model too

No. 598809

I think it's hilarious she's trying to photoshop herself into a "model" now that she's three kids in and almost 30. Does she seriously think she still has a chance at that kind of career? Especially with her reputation?

No. 598846

Eww that does not look tasty..at all. Try and fool us all you want with the photoshop but if your eating 320g of steak we know your still a fridge lorena

No. 598909

If it’s a migraine why that bright light?

No. 598916

I’ve been in Tokyo a few days now and I can’t help but notice how bad some people look here? Especially foreigners. Like I’ve seen some foreigners in kawaii shit and everyone looks greasy as hell. I bet this girl looks like total shit Jesus

No. 598918

Yeah greasy weebs look terrible the only forgieners that look well put together and nice are all the fashion and catwalk models in roppongi lol

No. 598935


I’m kinda surprised
Most Japanese look rough as fuck too

No. 598969

sounds like you been living some weeb fantasies

No. 599015

I'm wondering if Sere ever went to doctor appointments during her pregnancy? I though docs recommend not to have breast implants while pregnant? Yet she had those botched tiitties and was doing porn and prostituting in a Brisbane brothel lmao

No. 599046

Yeah, only a weeb would care about how foreigners look in Japan, like they need to impress the locals or something. No shit most people don't look their best while traveling, they're most likely dressed for comfort and with packing in mind.

No. 599059


Well, pregnant foreign residents who have a proper visa/resident card are supposed to attend the regular checkups every 2~4 weeks, just like any pregnant Japanese woman would, and fill them out in the Mother-Child Handbook (boshi techou).

Sere has none of that so probably she went to few, if any check ups… so sad… part of the only reason I keep following these threads is because I feel badly for her children and keep hoping there will be some sort of positive resolution (I'd consider her parents/ex husband caring for the other children reasonably favorable)

No. 599455

Most people in this world are ugly… counts for Japan too

No. 600301

File: 1527968163603.jpeg (146.24 KB, 640x759, 29E23E00-AA15-4A80-961B-C98D17…)

Lol proportions all over the place

No. 600384

Wtf way too edited

No. 600490

Her face and body look different in every shoop. Also, what's up with her laying in a pile of fake, plastic flowers? Is she trying to disguise her bed/couch situation?

No. 600538



No. 600550

Dw hes being sbused at the 24 hour day care

No. 601646

File: 1528113615127.jpg (98 KB, 1071x1339, gtyYbqY.jpg)

wtf it's so blurry and fake
chinese shoop level

No. 601673

I wish we had the candies for these. She shoops harder than Dakota, I can’t inaine what she must look like irl.

No. 601747

lmao what the fuck?? This is all so horribly distorted and blurry and then suddenly HUGE CLEAR DEFINED FEET ????

No. 602357

File: 1528206768354.jpg (81.45 KB, 960x960, ibcIJuY.jpg)

that photoshop
that hilarious pose
what the fuck is she wearing?!
remembers me of dakota.. no fashion sense and photoshop like hell

No. 602358

Why the fuck does she suddenly seem to think that she is a model? What's with Kooter/Valeria/Chinese Net level shoop? I'm beginning to believe that anon that suggested that she is on drugs, because this makes no sense whatsover.

No. 602362

look at the middle set of steps going up towards her hips… how can she be so fucking dense to the obvious shopping?

No. 602370

or her brain is not working normally due to drug abuse and alcohol plus mental

No. 602545

The face shoop is the scariest in this one

No. 602655

Those fake lips and the shooped chin

No. 602687

At least this time her feet are a relatively normal size? Her butt, hips, face, etc. have all been shooped to hell though.

Also those ridiculous, over the top, heels, with what looks like dingy looking workout pants? Top model. I think she's just having some kind of early midlife because she's about to 30?

No. 602714

This outfit is triggering me. How can someone look at a pair of workout pants, heels with butterflies on them and a puffy sleeved crop top and think, OH THIS WOULD MAKE A GREAT OUTFIT.

No. 603161

Her feet look HUUUUUGE mate, what

No. 603179

Yeah, but compared to:
They are less ridiculous in size than usual in her recent shoops.

No. 603433

Maybe she's going for the foot fetish market :/

Anyway, I'm still mostly concerned about her undocumented child that's in her custody at least part of the time. It's dumb and probably I'm just being hormonal but I love children so much and sometimes when I hear about a child in a bad situation like this it keeps weighing on my mind. Probably the main reason I keep coming back to this thread.

Other posters suggested that she leaves the baby at a 24 hour unlicensed nursery, but even for those they would need the mother child booklet and whatnot?
Here's an unlicensed baby hotel in Ikebukuro that allows people to drop children off pretty much any time of day or even permanently full time there. It has no play ground, only provides 2 meals a day, the activities are mostly "free play" or "napping", and the few pictures are heavily cropped (seems like they might be hiding obvious problems like overcrowding or sanitation). But even this place requires you have documents for the child.

No. 603435

At risk of creeping a bit too hard, I think I found the baby hotel Sere would use (if she is indeed using one). There is one in Shinjuku that is cheap and shoddy like the one linked above but doesn't say anything about documentation. They also listed the age of caretakers, and their employment, and the age of the children and there's one 2 year old under 24 hour care with a 29 year old single mother in the "food and drink industry"…

Could be a coincidence as I'm sure there are many Japanese single moms that would fit the boat, but despite the perception, it's really not THAT common to have a 24 hour unlicensed nursery that allows undocumented children to stay there indefinitely. Demand for spots in daycares is already through the roof especially in Tokyo, so most can afford to be picky, especially with the stigma against evening workers.

No. 603583

Wtf you are crazy. How much time do you have to search for the place where sere gives her child in her freetime? Creepy stalkers here

No. 603598

No. 603600

Lorena, better take care of your child.also stop that shoop, evetybody knows you‘re an old ugly fat cow

No. 605118

File: 1528467447344.jpg (70.9 KB, 1080x1350, 4V6sG93.jpg)

lmao that shoop agai

No. 605119

why would she shoop everything else and leave that neck??

No. 605639

What is even going on with that dislocated shoulder and that bowed out, misshapen forearm? Everything else is hilarious too. Her head is huge, her proportions are all over the place, her face is so white and glowing compared to the rest of her skin.

If you look at her neck, you can actually see a ghostly line there from where she shooped her jawline smaller.

No. 605878

Lol fuck you can(emoji use)

No. 606680

File: 1528625575231.jpg (92.34 KB, 1080x1341, FMft6o3.jpg)

the shoop continues

No. 606682

tfw your calf is thicker than your thigh

No. 606683

>blur everything to hide your shoop

except that just makes it more obvious, what the fuck even

No. 606911

why would she think this looks atractive

No. 609350

lorena changed her insta profile again
"I speak Japanese, English and money so I’m trilingual. "

No. 609712


No. 610342


More like bye-lingual. Her Japanese is still as horrible as ever.

No. 610469

File: 1528985901715.png (328.47 KB, 311x503, L7rKQ-qB6ZbRxSMDKNO.png)

that doesn't make any sense

No. 610557

What was the context on the video lool..

No. 610572

No. 610600

Wtf shes finally lost the plot. Talking like a mad woman making no sense lmao

No. 610751

She's calling a crow a murderer, flipping it off, and threatening to kick it? Can anyone translate the Japanese?

Lorena has drank/drugged herself stupid?

No. 610777


I've seen this special
duck moving

No. 610853

moving as in moving house

No. 611164

So bizarre. So it reads something like…

I've seen this special
duck moving (house)
I wanna kick you in the fucking face!!!!

Holy shit, she's legitimately gone mad. Why is she harassing this poor bird?

No. 611366

She lost it haha

No. 611591

the second line says "I saw that special"
pretty sure she means 'special' as in "NHK special' (documentary series)
probably a documentary about crows affecting the duck population.

No. 611675

nope there wasn't any special about that

No. 611677

File: 1529087661635.png (516.85 KB, 597x657, gross.png)

another gross and shooped photo

No. 611678

Still her Japanese is so piss poor were all scratching our heads trying to fugure out what she’s trying to say haha

No. 611683

File: 1529088397180.jpg (112.65 KB, 1080x1920, VNQkI3Z.jpg)

No. 611728

Another porn?

She got her frankentitties fixed yet they still look botched.

No. 611732

Honey, those extensions are sooo bad…,

No. 611767

as if she really that slim

No. 611780

They look better than before but wayyyyy too far apart.


For a moment I legit thought the strand of those extensions down the left side of her chest was a plastic surgery scar

No. 611890

special isn't used only for NHK documentaries though, It could have been any documentary.

No. 612185

Even the commentters on instagram are insulting her

No. 612192

No. 612246

File: 1529135516118.jpeg (49.89 KB, 750x422, 60FE4208-3176-4543-B2F8-CB3A47…)

She posted a caption like you don’t deserve me and someone replied like!

No. 612262

Love that guys comment

No. 612284

Must be old. Why else would you have to block out the dates.

No. 612286

That’s not old. Anon probably blocked the dates because of the language. Don’t be so stupid.

No. 612308

her naked photo got deleted lmao

No. 612312

why can't we see the language??

No. 612316

Maybe because anon doesn’t want to show where she/he is from?

No. 612332

Yeah, I use Instagram in my own language. It was a post from earlier today.

No. 612347

She must have deleted it then

No. 612364

nah I reported it

No. 612404

File: 1529162191332.png (355.35 KB, 577x591, shooop.png)

No. 612523

File: 1529174639603.jpeg (398.76 KB, 621x877, 73DF2A6D-4F87-409D-9B8C-A47590…)

Outside ikebukuro kirari lmao

No. 612526

her customer had to take this photo?!

No. 612801

Kirari staff probably took it for her.

No. 612888

shooping your “outtakes”… sad

No. 612936

Why looool

No. 613060

>>612404 Why does it look like she has "yaoi hands" does she literally shrink her face but forgets the rest.

No. 613064

She shops her face thinner, pointier chin, bigger eyes, etc. So she accidentally stretched her hand out in the process. Similar to how she somehow always stretches her feet so huge in her shoops when she makes herself thinner/taller. She's a mess.

I wonder how long this weird russian barbie photoshop "model" phase is going to last?

No. 613071

I wonder whats next. So far she has had a gyaru phase, hostess, host/dansou, highclass escort, pornstar and now model. She is hilarious.
When will she realise she is just trash

No. 613079

She also had an emo phase back when she had her first kid. That's where some of her earliest shit tattoos come from like that awful tiny bow in the middle of her chest. Lorena clearly has some identity issues. When one identity fails, she simply goes on to create a new one

No. 613130

She didn‘t look bad when she had her gyaru phase

No. 613306

that poor kid

No. 613349

Oh yeah that’s the face of a happy mother

No. 613352

a child's face only a few inches away from the medusa strap on blowjob tattoo is creeping me out

No. 613356

do you think the child got FAS like her other one?

No. 613427

Jesus those roots!

No. 613439

The probability is high

No. 613533

y'all quoting a deleted post?

No. 613749

if the post gets deleted after the replies are made, then the quotes go green like that. I assume deleted because of the kid.

No. 613957

File: 1529319921226.png (1.09 MB, 1232x636, gross.png)

yep, she totally lost it

No. 613960

She is so dumb. If she was that thin then the jumper wouldn't pull in at the waist like this, it would be oversized. The girl has no fashion sense or knowledge though so thinks she can get away with it.

No. 613962

Those fucking socks lmao. Someone het her some fashion councilling

No. 613972

no fashion sense, ugly so she has to shoop her
also did you see her cellulite video?

No. 613979

The one where she is sucking in her tummy and standing awkwardly to pretend she has a thigh gap…. Embarrassing.

Cellulite is hard to get rid of and a lot of women in their 30s have it, so fair enough touching up your pictures. But shooping yourself to hell and back and going that far to pretend you're ridiculously slim when you're not…. thats another story. She has real identity issues.

No. 614004

but where does this "self confidence" and the "I'm better than everybody" attiude comes from?

No. 614017

She always had this attitude. Sometimes it’s on hiatus tho and now she’s full on that mode again.

No. 614102

hi newfag

>working on my warp lines

you need a lot more work…

also why is she trying so hard to warp her face into a shooped asian? Everyone can tell right away she's not asian in the slightest??

No. 614366

Underlying self esteem issues …she just says that but doesn’t think it perhaps? Then again its been bought up time and time again tgats shes a narcissistic so that coyld explain it too

No. 614382

File: 1529361028502.png (561.44 KB, 806x596, wideload.png)

Does she really think this video is evidence she isn't shooping? While she has lost the baby weight, it's obvious she looks nothing like her shoops. Look at this mess.

No. 614397

File: 1529361674059.png (300.48 KB, 641x335, croneofkabukicho.png)


No. 614398

She blurs/defocuses the background of her pics a lot like in >>613957 it’s an old trick that instagram models use. You shoop yourself skinnier, pulling the pixels on the image twords your waist to make it thinner, then you blur/defocus the background and around your body so the wavy lines, blurring, and pixel pulling are less evident due to everything in the background, and the edges around your body, being blurred to high hell .

She could’ve just used a solid color backdrop like white or black, would’ve been less obvious tbh

She looks a lot thicc-er and meaty in this pic. And her waist and legs look thicker. Not in a bad way. But definitely not as skinny or as thin as she’s shooping herself to be. Don’t know how she thinks that proving anything.

She probably edits her videos like kota used to, or using the snow app, then cropping your video to not include the “snow” watermark.

No. 614645

Good grief. mediocre rage mode This used to be a entertaining a super-milky kind of way, but the power of the milk has faded and we're reduced to talking about instagram insta-shit and 'shooping. Can we please get back to the real milk. Insta-shit isn't insta-milk! It's just like those other insta-gossip-shit-sites where girls are gushing and backstabbing each other over who shoop'd it better. I over expressed it for the milky goodness. Go look at other /snow shit. up your game. seriously.

I'll shoop the shit that comes out of my ass and make it look better than her. There. It's a relative comment to the whole theme we've go there.

No. 614675

Agree. Unfortunately it takes time for Lorena to find a new low to sink to.

No. 614690

Thicc is on fashion right now so girls be flaunting that ass and thigh anyway

With her comments its clear she frequents here as much as people check her page

No. 614764

Thicc is not in fashion in japan though
Rail thin is still the thing here and she's trying to go for that in shoops but then outing herself as overweight in videos lmao whatever she is brain damaged

No. 614805

Can you at least sage your autism, anon? Post better milk then?

No. 615384


Let's talk Sere's child

Ok, real talk a child is not someone you can just let alone for awhile, particularly a small baby/toddler. So is the child at daycare? or what? Even legal Japanese toddlers have a hard time getting a daycare spot. There are literally hundreds of thousands of 待機児童(taiki jidou= children who need a daycare spot but didn't qualify for one). So I'm not so persuaded by this "oh she just leaves the tot at daycare" argument.

Who the fuck is caring for that child? I don't give a shit about poor quality photoshop or host club drama, but the idea of a small child being abused (left alone all day) sickens me

No. 615457

We discussed it already but unregulated 24h 'daycares' exist in Japan, some specifically to serve the needs of sex workers: https://www.vice.com/en_id/article/kbwxez/inside-japans-dangerous-unregulated-baby-hotel-childcare-industry-en-id

Think about this though: she went for a visa trip to Korea and the kid is unregistered so no passport. It would have stayed in one of these places for days.

No. 615623

What we suspect is the kids at an illegal 24 hour care place..which there are a lot of in/near redlight areas. These are not registered or controlled and being an unregistered alien child they would turn a blind eye on documents etc.

No. 615739

File: 1529486594080.jpg (70.56 KB, 1024x1821, QbdMkmV.jpg)

in her new instastories.. is she on drugs the whole time?
also gambling lol
and who is that guy?

No. 615746

Not many things fuck me up as much as child abuse.
>The toddler's death is, sadly, not an unusual case. According to figures put together by the Cabinet Office, nine children died in fatal accidents in baby hotels in 2015 alone. In March this year, 14-month-old Kento died at the Kids Square Nihonbashi Muromachi center in Tokyo, less than a month after his parents began to use the facility. In the same month, a six-month-old girl also died in the middle of the night at the Kamata Children's House in Ota City, a ward in Tokyo.

Both of the girl's parents were in full-time, permanent employment, and had not been able to find a place in public childcare by the time their parental leave was over. They found Kamata Children's House online and paid the 24-hour nursery more than 60,000 yen ($570) a month. Two members of staff were working at the center at the time of their baby's death; neither possessed any childcare qualifications.

Ot but if another Australian would be willing to adopt sere’s child would that be difficult?

No. 615828

The child will only become Australian if Lorena chooses to do the paperwork. Or the child does it themselves when older.

No. 616019

>Not many things fuck me up as much as child abuse

Same… same :( I'm already in tears over the ICE thing in the States and now this


God, how sad is it that the best outcome for that child would be for Lorena to abandon the child (safely) or pass away? According to Japanese law, a child whose parents are stateless or unknown will become a Japanese citizen. Then the baby would be institutionalized in an orphanage with very little chance of adoption/fostering because Japanese culture frowns upon raising children that aren't of your own blood descent. Plus the social stigma from being hafu. But at least they would have a chance to go to school, eat properly, etc.

No. 616222

I'm pretty sure Lorena is living in a share house. There are a few around Tokyo that have built in daycare.

No. 616227

I'm not sure we've explored the possibility that the child is not Lorena's. It could literally just belong to a friend and she's using to to make a bunch of drama to stay relevant.

1) She never really appeared large enough to be pregnant.

2) The child only makes an appearance on IG sometimes and there's been no evidence of her having children's toys around any of her homes.

3) She had plastic surgery at the time she was allegedly pregnant which no surgeon would allow/perform because of the risks.

4) She doesn't seem to have enough money to afford any kind of child care.

5) It would have cost a fortune to have the child in a Japanese hospital without insurance. There is no way she could have afforded to or afforded any of the parental visits.

No. 616229

What also worries me is that not only could there be physical abuse and neglect, but what about sexual abuse? That scares the shit out of me. I'm sure there are sickos who work at the unregulated daycares. And this dumb bitch is also working around people with questionable morals.

I hope her kids get taken away or she does the right thing and give it away to Australia/Japan wherever where it has a chance.

No. 616238

She's also never been spotted out in public with her child. It is super unlikely that Lorena could (either financially or because of the daycare's policies) be able to leave this child at a daycare for weeks at a time while she goes to Korea to visa-hop.

Plus she must have a few friends who have haffu kids who she could babysit.

No. 616253

The first video with the kid in a Pooh outfit is from January 22, 2018.

This means that she was probably pregnant as early as January 22nd, 2017. She would have been pregnant by March 22, 2017. If the kid was a year old then she would be been pregnant around January, 2016.

The first post on her new account was on March 27th, 2017. She started going to the gym with a waist trainer in June.

In July, 2017 She posted that picture in the flight attendant costume where she is quite skinny plus those naked pics in the hotel room.

She went to Korea in August 2017 and appeared to be escorting there while she visa hopped. No way she wouldn't have been showing heavily by then. She couldn't have gotten plastic surgery if she was pregnant and she would have been showing too much to lie about being pregnant.

Assuming the kid was a year old in that video, Lorena would have gotten pregnant between January 2016 and March 2016. She stopped using her old IG on May 16th, 2017.

She looked pretty heavy on November 13th, 2016 in that mirror pic with the pink shirt and scarf. I'm not sure she looks pregnant though.On November 28th, 2016 she looks really skinny again in the black cord with the grey fur thing.

Plus she was hanging around with Shiena in 2016. Not sure Shiena would have wanted to hang out with a pregnant Lorena nor could Lorena have been escorting enough to pay for Shiena to hang around (meals, shopping, host clubs, etc).

I just don't think this is her baby.

No. 616321

I was thinking the same thing. I also started thinking she might post a lot of her nonsense on purpose. She obviously lurks here and cares enough about it to make responses on ig. That stupid sentence in her bio also shows she lurks. So maybe she just posts pics from babysitting and overshoops herself so badly on purpose to stay relevant and keep anons talking. It's all so stupid she really might be trying to troll.

No. 616364

I agree. If we look at the evidence.

+ Lorena posts pics on IG with a haffu baby
+ Lorena complains on hostlove and other places about the father of her baby not claiming the child so it has no visa
+ Lorena has abandoned two children before

No Baby
- didn't look pregnant during the time she would have been
- visa hops a bunch which would mean leaving the child somewhere in Japan
- got plastic surgery when she would have been pregnant
- never seemed to stop drinking/partying for any period of time

Most of the evidence of this being her baby comes directly from Lorena. We know she is a pathological liar, lurks here, and is obsessed with the attention she gets from her drama. The no baby evidence is logistics problems and taken directly from looking at the timeline taken from Insta pics (not pics where she is trying to convince us she has a new baby). I don't think there is any way this is her baby.

Besides the attention she's getting since this baby situation is like half the thread, she might also be getting sympathy from other people by playing up being a single mother.

No. 616542

She was pregnant. Why would she be posting about her baby looking for the daddy and being thrown out of clubs if it wasnt her kid. She has had baby stuff in the BG of pictures too. Its definitely her kid. Even that Cody Sanderson said "cant wait to see you both" or something, you guys are really reaching. Lorena is insane yes but shes not going to make up a kid for people on some forum to keep talking about her. You conspiracy theorists all sound nuts too. >>616364

No. 616566

Where is the evidence of her being pregnant? Please point to the pictures where she looks pregnant. They form exist.

Also, she could have told him it was her child. She's a liar. She lied to everyone. Why wouldn't she lie to him?

No. 616567

Also, she only said that she was thrown out of a club and posted a bruised picture. She could have gotten the bruises anywhere. Maybe she did get kicked out of a club? She's psycho so it's not surprising

Also, like…she could easily have been posting on those forums for attention or even trying to extort the host.

You're taking Lorena's word for everything. This is a woman who abandoned two children. The first she abandoned to go live out weeb fantasies in Japan and the second Because it couldn't get her a visa. Making up having a child is way easier than giving birth to another one to try to get something. Why is that hard to believe? Shouldn't it be way harder to believe that any mother could abandon two of her own children?!!

No. 616577

We all know lorena post old photos and they arent in any chronological order. Remembering she wasnt in insta or any social mexia for a long period of time in 2016? The kid is a year old as of Jan…so of course she wasn’t pregnant in August 2017 lmao. Stop with the conspiracy theories..you can also tell its just one person posting too

No. 616610

You are a psycho. Its clearly her kid. She even looked pregnant and then she went awol around the time he was born because she was in hospital.

No. 616656

You do realise a lot of what's posted here is pure speculation based on ig posts? There is no explicit proof she was pregnant and gave birth in a hospital. It's possible but her bullshitting everyone as well.

Also Cody Sanderson asking her about the kid on her ig seems curious to me. I don't know, it all seems fishy.

But no matter what's the right story, she's crazy anyway. If it's her kid it clearly has a shitty life and if it's not, it's insane how far she'd go for online drama.

No. 616686

Her natural inclination is to have babies and treat them like shit. It's actually a lot easier for her to get knocked up than creating some elaborate ruse which wouldn't get her any closer to a visa anyway.

No. 616794

Women telling elaborate pregnancy lies is actually really common, anon. It wouldn't be too much of a stretch if that's what this desperate cunt was doing.

No. 617545

Yes but her MO is just to have the kids, so…

No. 617662

Can we refrain from general woman bashing? I think it’s okay to complain about liars, psychos and child abusers but “women telling elaborate pregnancy stories in really common” sounds like misogyny.

No. 617663

Yeah. We don't know why she had the first baby. The second one was supposed to be an anchor baby. The anchor baby thing didn't work so it wouldn't make sense for her to try again…especially with a host. Plus like how would she possibly know whose baby it was since she's an escort? She picked the host to target him for something. That doesn't prove she ever had a baby or was even pregnant.

Seriously…where are the pictures of her when she looks pregnant? Anon already went through the instagram timeline of her pics and there wasn't any indication she was pregnant. Especially because you can compare a lot of pics with the same ones on other people's instagrams and you can clearly tell she wasn't pregnant during 2016 or 2017.

No. 617738

How would borrowing another woman's baby lead to her getting a visa though? Even if she conned some guy into acknowledging it, someone else is the mother anyway? Like, what is the point, visa-wise, of this elaborate ruse anyway.

No. 617796

This isn't tumblr and women do do things like that. There are even cows on snow and pt who do it(Raven Sparks in pt for instance). Men can't get pregnant so why would I say that men do it too?

Sere is a known liar and shady as fuck especially when it comes to kids. I'm just saying that it wouldn't be beneath her to do something like that ffs.

No. 617916

File: 1529659560384.jpg (43.96 KB, 1080x608, NvBnDxL.jpg)

where's the shoop?

No. 617917

File: 1529659623337.jpg (67 KB, 750x1334, lmaaaao.jpg)

No. 617918

She seems extra aggressive these days. Is it the drugs or something?

Funny she says this now. Her old boytoy was anorexic.

No. 617924

you are just fat lorena

No. 617968

There ain't no fixing those ramen extensions

No. 618040

No. 618042

No. 618057

Why are her friends impressed? This isn't even impressive.

"She's doing it in stilettos!"
Unless she moves the foot that the band is under, it doesn't really matter what she's wearing on her feet.

No. 618060

It is her baby. She was seen with her baby ones, someone uploaded a pic on hostlove.
And do you guys really think Lorena is that kind of person who would babysit sometimes for a friend? Or who would borrow a child like a few days every week just to take pictures??

Yeah you can‘t see pregnancy pictures of her on Instagram but around 2016 she wasn‘t active for like a half year. When she is visa hopping or doing something else Gaya could take of her child we know already that she is crawling in lorenas ass.
The time when she had her surgeries were after her pregnancy time. Thereis no 100% evidence it‘s hers but the chance is higher than she is just faking it.
Lorena is stupid yes, but not as stupid as to try using someone else‘s kid to take a visa and also not kind enough to ‚borrow‘ a child and taking care of it a few days. Also what kind of mum (or beter who) would borrow a child to Lorena and for what reason?

So please stop this ‚Lorena is faking everything ‚ shit, she is that fucked up to have a third child, accept this.

No. 618118


What the FUCK this is actually inside kirari, I can't believe it.

For everyone's understanding: kirari are the hooker "cafes" where girls sit on sofas with a magic mirror in front of them. The men behind the mirror can see you and pick you for a talk, but you can't see them.

Too bad she's prob scaring all Japanese away with her loud and crazy behavior

No. 618124


looooool everybody else in there must be so uncomfortable

No. 618199

Her attention seeking behaviour is just so fucking weird lmao. Shes like a 13 year olf edgey kid in a 30 years olds body

No. 618439

Or she wasn't trying to get a visa through a baby this time. She was just extorting the host.

No. 618559

This is Lorena we are talking about. She tries literally everything to be able to stay in glorious japan. Even if it has to be anchor baby number 3.

No. 618562

She's only glorious on this site, because people here idolize her. Outside of cow/pull, she's a nobody.

No. 618593

This is very true. Even outside of her threads she is a nobody. Yet she acts all high and mighty because a few people take interest in her shitshow life, failing to realize they are laughing at her and not with her.

No. 618625

Nobody said she was glorious. Learn some reading comprehension before you comment..Eurofag

No. 618943

File: 1529746995119.jpg (121.43 KB, 810x1440, WnF2sMX.jpg)

gross as always

No. 618945

File: 1529747146593.png (455.06 KB, 587x687, lmao.png)

she really thinks she is pretty lmao

No. 618946

Still trying to defeat those warp lines.

No. 618947

japanese guys don't want her so now she's into chinese

No. 618950

That shoop ommmmg those wobbly lines in the back, sort it out!!!

No. 618967

File: 1529750343534.jpg (271.44 KB, 1080x1350, F6poSre.jpg)

lorenas calves are disgusting

No. 618970

Into chinese guys? Since when? Also guessing this dides chinese?

No. 618976

yeah he's a chinese guy and went to japan for holidays

No. 618997


No. 619113

File: 1529769023830.jpg (127.82 KB, 810x1440, bvQ4SM4.jpg)

No. 619228

guess she was thrown out from a hostclub again

No. 619366

Lol no Im guessing the gym

No. 619728

Whoosh. That one was too hard for you to comprehend. (Tip: Look at the post replied to.)

No. 619731

Not that anon, but what?
> She's only glorious on this site, because people here idolize her. Outside of cow/pull, she's a nobody.
You make no sense even in regards to the post you were responding to? Also, learn to sage?

No. 619890

Another anon, think they meant “glorious” in a bad way, like tranwreck that keeps going.

No. 619926

This man gets it. I'll drink this umeshu in respect to this anon.

No. 620099

Exactly lmao. What you said makes no sense in regard to the comment you replied to.

No. 620139

Oh shut up weeb

No. 620470

Both links are broken, if you're direct linking instagram stories, I suggest you download them with https://storiesig.com/ and then upload them here

No. 620494

She has been spotted in public with the kid. There’s a photo in a convenience store or something.

No. 620818

File: 1529921370280.jpg (113.75 KB, 1080x1040, 6McdDdx.jpg)

wtf wearing a ribbon around her neck

No. 621568

With a cheap looking rhinestone cross necklace tucked behind it, and a grey sweater dress? She's starting to dress more and more like "people of walmart".

No. 621787

File: 1530008902260.png (287.33 KB, 303x485, fugly.png)

No. 622556

File: 1530072428538.jpeg (122.21 KB, 750x669, 815C62A5-B0FA-4808-B990-907E0D…)

She really only has this one bed cover….

No. 622558

File: 1530072540104.jpg (136.85 KB, 862x810, lorena.jpg)

No. 622559

Did she finally get her mattress up off the floor? Good for her!

No. 622722

She has moved to another new place. You can tell by the walls, if you look at her old insta posts the wall in her bedroom was white. So she is out of that sharehouse or fuckboys house she was in before.

No. 622732

Still same house, curtains just closed. The colour on the wall is just sun light reflecting off a box or a plastic bag you know she's got lying around on the floor.

No. 622799

File: 1530112562524.jpg (102.43 KB, 810x1440, 6uIGDBx.jpg)

No. 622823

She's tried and failed to blur out her ass acne, gross.

No. 622888

Lol that photoshop on her ass..

Also wtf since when is she in a band? Lmao
From failed kyaba>whore>failed host>failed porn star>whore> to failed rocker!

No. 622894

File: 1530122279867.jpeg (398.95 KB, 640x782, 422B9D54-AC40-48B2-B7EE-8CF0E7…)

Im literally crying tears of laughter. Her ‘bands’ photoshoot. Shes hit the next level of 2edgy4u 14year old

No. 622913

what a joke lmao

No. 622989

File: 1530129410113.jpg (106.41 KB, 300x450, 277_6.jpg)

No. 622993

No. 623009

Why does this delusional chick think that she is entitled to a career in hyper competitive fields like modeling and music despite having no talent and barely mediocre looks (despite having a lot of surgical enhancement)?
What drives this level of narcissism?

No. 623022

When she worked as host she called herself the boss of the club

No. 623026

Even if the band was somehow amazing, nobody is going to support a trashy foreign prostitute with 3 kids, 2 of which officially abandoned.
I’ve seen some Japanese band with a white girl singer who was MUCH classier and actually educated, but she eventually disappeared because newsflash japan doesn’t actually give as much of a fuck as you think they do.

No. 623047

did they do this in someone's lobby?

No. 623127

Shes so fucking cringe

No. 623142

She looks like a non passable tranny lmao
I bet ppl think she's okama when out in the wild

No. 623213

Jeez, she's posing so hard and still looks like a granny from behind. You can really tell she's had 3 kids by her worn out waistline.

No. 623261

What suddenly happened to that tiny waistline she always shoops? Did she forget or was this background too difficult to warp around and hide? Also, look at those unfinished concrete walls? This looks more and more like a sharehouse every time she posts pics of it.

Yeeees! Her new phase? I thought she was trying to "model", but I guess a terrible music phase is even better to witness as it unfolds and flops.

My favorite part is that they are all posing, dressed like this, in some public lobby. You can literally see a bright orange advertisement banner right behind them. Her bandmates all look like washed up old dudes too. I wonder how many of them are hosts or ex hosts?

No. 623644

File: 1530210042198.jpg (128.97 KB, 810x1440, RCiNw9r.jpg)

thank you for my shitty live kamisama <3

No. 623934

Could you please translate this?

No. 623954

Different anon.

>Today I prayed to [something] god.

>God, thank you. Thank you etc.

No. 623958

I guess the last sentence can be translated as a very over the top "nice to meet you".

No. 623970

is she in a band or just modeling for them? (aka fucking some member)

No. 623977

File: 1530240357969.png (475.78 KB, 922x595, 4dc.png)

She's been hanging around with one of the members for a while now, he seems to be her new boytoy? No idea who he is outside of this band, however, seems like a regular nobody.

No. 623978

File: 1530240466874.png (460.31 KB, 933x598, studio.png)

Sage for samefag. This was posted roughly about two months ago by her.

And her in the studio. Looks like Lorena is their vocalist? Hilarious.

No. 623979

tokyo is oversaturated with wannabe bands. she's nothing special

No. 623993

Honestly, it looks like a band made up of washed up, old, indies band dudes who thought maybe they could use a slutty, foreign chick as their last ditch gimmick to make it big. I look forward to hearing and seeing this hot mess in action though.

No. 624128

I do too anon I do too lmao

No. 624188

Not really, it's basically "Look upon me with favor" so that works in this context.

It's Inari-sama, the fox god.

No. 624192

why pray to the fox god?
for more visa babies?

No. 624262

File: 1530282016284.jpg (124.24 KB, 1080x1349, Kk8CeSk.jpg)

ahahaha infront of kirari

No. 624264

File: 1530282102780.jpg (93.54 KB, 1024x1821, GcHzuNs.jpg)

No. 624285

Number 1 for what? She isn’t a hostess anymore right?

No. 624288

No. 1 at her deriheru escort job
What an achievement

No. 624321

she bought it herself, you can see the receipt under one of the boxes

No. 624339

seems more like a letter? no?

No. 624430

a letter just just happens to be receipt sized, hmmm

No. 624480

looks too big for a receipt

No. 624715

It's a certificate of authenticity, Swarovski gives them out with all purchases.

No. 624915

Swarovski is cheap and bad quality though

No. 625054

just like the acne ass queen

No. 625112

File: 1530332454911.jpeg (447.92 KB, 640x862, 7E7608A3-14CB-4818-BC45-F12C67…)

The guy on the far right is this dude. A known druggie and thief. Hes a failed bkei band guy too lmao

No. 625157

You guys always have to badmouth everything

No. 625173

She seems to be with the right people then.

No. 625184

If he is friends with SiM then must have some decent connections.

No. 625194

It's not that difficult to get photos with bands, esp if you are in a band or working in media. Hard to say if it's an actual connection or just a chance photo.

Welcome to lolcow. I'm indifferent to swarovski myself, so it's just whatever. I don't recall it being particularly cheap, just tacky?

No. 625309

Who is SiM?

No. 625319

Some shitty pop punk band that has gained some notoriety via a couple of their songs being featured as videogame and anime theme songs. They peaked a few years back, but their newest release hasn't seemed as well received.

They aren't a huge deal, but I could see why they would seem like big fish in a small pond.

No. 625362

File: 1530351379910.jpg (304.44 KB, 1080x1350, Iy5Z02N.jpg)

she looks trans
and again..that outfit..ew

No. 625363

Sim stands for super irritating mothrfuckers and they have face tattoos…Just the type of ~edgy~ people you'd imagine sere to hang out with

No. 625393

hello summer

i lol'd

"let me just blur the whole background as if no one could possibly know my usual hangout spot"

No. 625812

hoe does she always manage to look so dirty

No. 625815

other workers and japanesse people would give us milk. they seemed to have left.
I don't think its her kid. I don't think she lives in a share house. I think she is couchsufering and that kid belongs to her Japanese friend. the background of her pictures up top look like she lives in a corner. sure she could be living with a guy taking pictures with his kid but I just don't think she is that wanted in japan. from reading t.a.g, host sites, and this other site– her and alice seem to only get European clients.

No. 626011

File: 1530407429434.png (1.69 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180628-135047.png)

Her extensions are nowhere near her actual hair color. This looks so vad, even after all of the heavy editing. Can you imagine what she looks like in these without it?

Also can we take a moment for her belly button.

No. 626045

looks to me like she read this thread and decided to take a pic showing stretch mark belly. still doesn't prove anything.

No. 626068

File: 1530414690770.jpg (723.63 KB, 1007x2071, 20180630_171052.jpg)

Her weight loss is very apparent and good on her, but damn that loose skin!

No. 626072

Between the lipo and the three kids her skin is permanently wrecked. Even the filters can't hide that shit.

No. 626097

Next will be tummy staples.

No. 626157

Can this anon who constantly says ‚it‘s not her kid‘ stop? Get over it. We consider it’s her baby for now.
What kind of proof do you want? A video during the birth??

No. 626194

That hideous belly buttom lmao. You could hang up that skin with clothes pegs

No. 626246

with such an ugly body as hers.. she is a prostitue

No. 626333

File: 1530456095586.jpg (121.5 KB, 1080x1350, lbUkcw2.jpg)

the shoop continues

No. 626357

Prostitutes usually look ugly

No. 626369

holy shit this looks genuinely disgusting. Why would she show her belly when it's looking like that?? Yikes

No. 626396

Her way of dressing is always so 2000. Does she not want to look at least a little sophisticated?

No. 626403

The calf. How is this cute tho, just looks like every other bogan in Australia .

No. 626799

Well she is a bogan lmao

No. 626884

>>626011 That belly button looks so so so sad… it looks so aged, and in b4 anyone rants at me about the fact she had kids… YES I KNOW

>>626068 Oh goodness… and that is when she is STANDING. I am not one to hate on body type/shapes because I have been pregnant but damn fuck her arrogance and belittling others for their body… when her body unshopped looks like THIS…

No. 626897

I've seen women who have had 3+ kids who don't have a fucked up navel/stomach like that.

No. 626936

It looks like this due to lipo and constant crash dieting. I imagine her weight yoyos a lot based on how much she is working/drinking alcohol

No. 626946

Agreed. She’s constantly smoking and drinking..shes been yoyoing in and out of tubby to slim throughout the years..and she hasnt eaten well either

No. 626955

It’s the faces she pulls in her videos that annoy me the most lately.
Why does she stick her tongue out every time. It’s gross af

No. 626976

File: 1530532481300.jpg (101.31 KB, 768x1365, 0prbEm0.jpg)

what's wrong with miss piggy?
she sticking her tongue out every video wtf


No. 626982

Shes obviously working out a lot.
Good for her… If only she invested as much time in taking care of her children as she does in taking care of herself.

No. 627116

saggy boobs

No. 627534

While it's good that she's trying to upkeep a healthy form, her lifestyle still isn't healthy so it's for the wrong reasons. She's still drinking, doing drugs, and selling sex? I guess good on her for not wasting the money on lipo and ballooning back up like Momokun though?

I feel like her new obsession with fitness, modeling, and a music career is all due to her nearing her 30's. She knows her looks are fading and she's desperately trying to hold onto them, get famous, succeed in some way, etc. She doesn't have that much time left before she's too old to be doing what she's been doing.

No. 627775

Even the gap is still noticeable after recent boob job haha fail

No. 627787

No. 627796

You realise these get deleted by instagram when they expire, right? You can preserve it if it's important enough by screencapping or using Stories IG.

No. 627797

You can tell she is sucking her tummy in. Yes she has clearly lost weight but when she pans the camera back up you can see her release her belly lol

No. 627802

Omg her navel looks like that of a 75 yr old grandma hahahaha it's so wrinkled and sagging wow

No. 627902

probable the real reason she covered her face and didn't stick her tongue out

No. 628061

I admire Lorena a little

Her life is so fucked up, yet she keeps going

I want to die sometimes. Then I say to myself, I won't do it as long as I haven't fallen as deep as her

Please continue to upload crazy ass psycho stuff

No. 628107

you're not psychotic, that's why you will never be as bad as her. take a look at her old blog posted in one of the other threads, she got diagnosed with mental illness before she even came to japan and she sure isn't taking any meds now

No. 628171

There is nothing to admire. People like lorena are narcissistic. They can be the most horrible person or have a fucked up life (in lorenas case it’s her own fault) and they still think mighty of themselves. You don’t want to be like this, maybe it goes well at the beginning but give her a few more years and her life will be a total disaster.
I also won’t call it ‘moving on’, she fucks up her life more and more without noticing it

No. 628186

definitely a narc. constantly befriending naive trusting people and then sucking them dry of money and whatever else she can. wouldn't be surprised if everyone in this thread had been scammed by her and were just following her, waiting for to get her comeuppance.

No. 628219

The gap in the middle of boobs has nothing to do with surgery. It's the natural position, if your boobs sit more on the sides rather than the middle, you'll keep the gap. Implants won't change that unless you go for abnormally huge melons that'll touch anyway.

No. 628230

no, it's because of the implant. regular boobs will close the gap when pushed together as the whole boob will move. implant boobs only move the implant (unless under the muscle), leaving a weird gap like that. she doesn't have enough natural boob.

No. 628232

look at her boobs here >>611677
you could fit your whole fit in there. natural big boobs would have spread out over her chest more instead of half hanging off the sides. just another bad boobjob

No. 628305

>a few more years and her life will be a total disaster
She's a cheap sex worker with a wrecked body, an unregistered child she can't get paternity for, several other abandoned kids from failed relationships, likely no visa, and can't even cut it as a sex worker in her home country. I'd call it a disaster already unless you think her recent weight loss somehow negates all that.

No. 628377

File: 1530676799138.jpeg (73.85 KB, 636x721, image.jpeg)

Looks like sere has resorted to selling cheap nudes on Tokyo Craigslist

No. 628403

You made me laugh anon. I don't know how this chick wakes up in the morning and feel good about her life. What will she do once her "beauty" fades away?

No. 628418

I really want to fuck her honestly, the more whorish and broken a women is the more attractive. I just want to throat fuck her. How do I buy her services lads?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 628502

Omg if this is really her then shes hit rock bottom hahaha

No. 628513

I'm done. Probably when she realises she's old she'll be offering "mature services"

No. 628549

No. 628564

No. I have implants an I got this explained right at the first appointment because it seems loads of girls expect it to close. I got implants, still have a gap and it looks 10 times more natural than the butt in the middle of your chest. There's tons of stuff for hating this bitch but a boob-gap is huge nitpick and nonsense.

No. 628574

She looks so awkward… like a silent scream, its not even a sexy or sultry kind of toungue out. Cringe!!!

No. 628576

>>628549 it legit looks like she is gurning. She makes a shocked face before sticking her tongue out and it all happens sk fast honestly i feel triggered watching that

No. 628606

wtf? talk about defensive. every woman has a gap, implants or not. they don’t look bad like lorena’s because they aren’t bad implants. her skin doesn’t move right because of the implant.

No. 628672

File: 1530719383728.png (607.36 KB, 591x657, fat.png)

yeah ugly af

No. 628693

She still photoshopped her other pic anyway lol

No. 628841

Asexpected she still has a pouch lmao
Also she looks so old and busted in that video

No. 629511

any kabukiho lolcows similar to sere? she's getting boring
shiena is boring as hell too

No. 629653

I think there aren‘t many foreigners in the kabuki district… and if there are some they are way less crazy or good at hiding/not in this weeb/gyaru scene

No. 629677

File: 1530826023047.png (400.67 KB, 557x354, sere01.png)

Still using filters as always though, her face is super smoothed out. Funny how her waist size almost doubles in the unshooped pics too.

How old is she actually again? She looks so old in the face now. That video was telling.

No. 629708

Lorena is 30

No. 629715

Shes actually 29 lol

No. 629787

no, she has to be older than that surely?

No. 630042

File: 1530857642553.png (297.32 KB, 517x259, beforeafter.png)

No. 630110

She turns 30 this year

No. 630156

File: 1530882046112.jpg (104.3 KB, 1080x1920, BY04ZCI.jpg)

lorena = trash <3

No. 630253


is this girl self posting

also what is コード does she mean コーデ

No. 630257

her japanese sucks

No. 630784

I also wonder if/how she still has a phone contract

No. 630808

You know they dont keep track of your visa if they keep billing and you pay ..all is good. The only isdue shed have is if she went in to cancel the contract, update info ect. As they only accept a zairyu card not a passport ect.

No. 630849

You can also get temp sim only contracts on tourist visas

No. 631055

Yes, if you already have a phone or pay out right for a phone you can sign up for a plan. As the anon said before.

You just can’t finance a phone. Like spread out the payments for a phone over a certain amount of time. They do a “credit check” (I’m on my spouses plan, they ran a check on him). I’m on a spousal visa. We couldn’t get financed our first try, year later finally got it.

Sorry for the lack of grammar. Lol, think I went off in a tangent a little sorry ADD.

No. 631066

Or someone pays for her.

No. 631537

File: 1531051218689.jpg (109.69 KB, 1080x607, togUjhA.jpg)

wow another couch

No. 631638

We can give her the nickname „couch potato queen of kabukicho“

No. 632190

So does this chick ever visit her kids or at least think about them like wtf?

No. 632272

most white women in kabukiho don't stay long or they are living with a guy spending all their money on him. there are cows but they stay off social media cause of their boyfriends/husband. its not so much the boyfriend, but the cow wants to pretend to be "the perfect wife". if you can follow some of the bandomen. they will lead to milk but it dries up quick. sere is quite rare that she is actually trying to be a star.

No. 632288

ah like charlotte

No. 632685

Yeah, I've seen plenty of desperate young weebs pursue their delusions of the perfect weeb life in Japan, only to crash and burn. Most either grow up from the harsh reality and go on to live a fairly normal life there or they go back home to whatever country they originally came from. Then there's the ones who only fall deeper into the rabbit hole, like Sere. I'd say she's probably the most extreme example I've seen, given her history of illegal activities, prostitution, and multiple children. Most just end up burn outs like Yukapee did.

No. 632962

No. 632998

I couldn’t see her kid but shit shes looking haggard lmao

No. 633001

Why is she standing in a baby pool or floatie?

No. 633009

that C-section scar….

No. 633046

you can hear it, not see it

No. 633518

File: 1531272934673.png (876.28 KB, 529x943, cap1.png)

Posting a few caps of this mess.

No. 633519

File: 1531272969920.png (857.7 KB, 531x942, cap2.png)

My personal favorite. What was with that weird facial twitch she does halfway through?

No. 633520

File: 1531273051534.png (892.65 KB, 532x942, cap3.png)

The Kiddie pool in question. Her kid's probably crying because mommy is taking up the whole pool taking sexy boob-grabbing videos for her IG when he wants in the pool. kek.

No. 633720

File: 1531305746145.jpg (127.79 KB, 810x1440, uk5smnB.jpg)

her apartment is a mess..
poor guy and kid
also wearing shoes inside is a no go

No. 633842

Is this a new apartment though?

No. 633927

In all honesty, doesn't look that messy.

No. 634007

I think shes just started taking pics out of the licing room.

No. 634090

No, I think it's her tiny bedroom, but with the door open that leads out to what looks like the kitchen? We've seen the countertops in a previous photo.

While the room outside her's looks okay, her room is pretty typical for her. Barren, yet cluttered, full trash can, cheap plastic bin full of her things that she brought with her from her old place with her last boytoy. But hey look! She got herself a tiny pink shag rug and a framed Japanese ink block of gay sex? Upgrades! I wonder if her bed is still on the floor and if she's still using those old, awful floral sheets?

No. 634171

I wonder if she is living in a dormitory. It isn't rare for adult entertainment businesses (host, hostess, kyaba, soap, etc.) to have entire apartment buildings that they use for staff dormitories.

No. 634173

Her new victim is renting an apartment

No. 634198

Those Rady sheets are not cheap. I don’t think it’s that bad. I might buy it if they lasted this long. I’ve been stalking those sheets online for awhile.

No. 634214

Usually people have spare sheets to change them in between washes. She is literally using the same ones for years now…. it’s not like she got new ones and I doubt she has them twice.

No. 634228

File: 1531382244597.jpg (92.3 KB, 1080x1350, 1viyyJJ.jpg)

where is the china shoop?

No. 635840


No. 635847

i only have one pair of sheets and i wash them during the day when i don't need the bed like a normal person.

stop reaching.(no one cares)

No. 636057

lorena is dirty af so yeah only one bed sheet forever

No. 637000

File: 1531664016901.jpg (100.95 KB, 1080x1350, fPW4FoE.jpg)

new shoop style

No. 637080

That…doesn’t even look close to her. I wonder what her current goal is to be honest.

No. 637151

now she looks like an alien with huge eyes, huge lips and shooped lashes

No. 637249

is there actually any lorena left in that photo?

hair - fake (extensions, dye)
eyes - fake (circle lenses)
eyelashes - fake
boobs - fake (implants)
lips fake (injections)
skin - fake (photoshopped, injections)

No. 637287

Her fugly tattoos aren't fake, although she wishes they were now

No. 637391

not sure when she wastes money when she could have gotten them lasered off by now

No. 639970

File: 1531914589671.jpg (109.52 KB, 810x1440, 8rvdosA.jpg)

lorena does the "ask me a question" on insta

No. 640259

File: 1531941635450.jpg (116.26 KB, 777x1382, o5BmrrT.jpg)

No. 640431

Do no harm she says lmao

No. 640595

File: 1531961583853.jpeg (246.64 KB, 750x1217, 008EF9B8-6C9A-4FAE-A598-CC13C5…)

No. 640759

LMFAO as if she has the mental capacity to trade in any stock market, plus which market would she be trading on? She has to have valid Japanese banking accounts/ID and pay taxes to use stock services here even forex apps. If it's in aus accounts then she would need to be paying taxes in aus.
Fucking liar just say you're an uneducated hooker lol

No. 640852

Crypto currency?

No. 640880

So she's straight up lying about her sex work now? We all know it's been her main source of income since forever.

The fact she thinks her "insta" lie is believable when she only has 583 followers is just beyond hilarious.

No. 640881

She claims insta to be her work guys. Insta is work if you got 50k followers and more. Also the bars ok, we know about them, but companies? Do you think she’s still pimping minors as she did before?

No. 640927

Her first bar doesn‘t exist anymore. Second bar ..she isn‘t the real owner. She is just a dirty whore

No. 640982

Probably takes PayPal as payment for services ? Lmao

No. 642195

I’ve heard some girls sell naked pictures/dirty image requests via insta these days lol

No. 642210

And that would explain her sudden activity and amping up the shooping.

No. 642619

File: 1532118701895.jpeg (491.64 KB, 750x740, 55E85BCD-8039-4571-AA6B-C3262B…)

Businesswoman and high class escort

No. 642625

File: 1532118905709.png (3.55 MB, 750x1334, F336EDA9-28F6-4176-B1B9-CF07AE…)

No. 642635

Oh god
Can she just go to a therapist and shut up

No. 642703

She probably propositioned that dude after lol

No. 642745

hard to turn away from a trainwreck

No. 642794


its not often they see a trainwreck in real life Lorena so its hard for them to look away

No. 642808

is there an echo in here?

No. 642918

Yo tits rocking out like that people will look, especially if they think your not looking.

(Not saying anyone deserves it, or anything.)

No. 642930

Especially in japan. Blonde huge boobs and tummy on display, of course people will look

No. 642955

Not even all that. If you dress radically different from everyone else you’re going to get a few looks, no matter how much skin you show. Especially in Japan where conforming is very important. I’m sure people would stare too if she was in a burka. Lorena knows this and likes to draw attention to herself.

No. 643164

I still don't think that it is her kid. If she had continuous access to the kid, she would post a pic or video of him when someone brings it up on IG.

I also really think it must be a hostel or sharehouse she is living in because like…she has all that cheap plastic furniture and shit that no one would bring with them if they were moving in with someone.

No. 643165

Okay. Her latest IG story seems to confirm what is actually going on.

She is at a BBQ with a lot of people and the kid. It looks to me like the place they are eating and the mixture of people indiciates that they are all in a sharehouse.

This could be her kid or just the son of someone in the sharehouse. I am leaning toward the second.

No. 643171

Screencap evidence

No. 643177

She plonks the kid in 24h care.

As discussed, there is zero she can gain by getting paternity recognised for a borrowed kid. It makes no sense.

No. 643244

Please stop with this ‚it‘s not her kid‘ nonsense.
Give us evidence whos child this could be or stfu

No. 643426

her new name is sayonarakabu
sayonara kabukicho lmao

No. 643447

Lol a few days ago she had this story picture of her walking around half naked as usual and a bypassing guy staring at her. Then she wrote something like "fucking predators, always staring, I hate u all" on it. I don't even get it. She basically lives off men paying for sex with her and she always wears trashy af clothes, of course people are gonna stare? Hell I would stare at her if I saw her pushed-to-the-sky fake tits irl. Such a weird woman

No. 643655

It was posted here stupid lol

No. 643884

That guy is straight up making a disgusted expression at her though? He looks like he's judging her more than checking her out. She's so delusional. She's a heavily tattooed, fake blonde, skimpy dressed, foreign girl posing in the middle of the street.

Also, topkek at "preditors".

No. 643886

‘I have three degrees’

No. 644089

what the hell

No. 644531

Kek how did you find this?

No. 644584

lmao… that’s a look of disapproval. She is so delusional it’s unbelievable.

No. 644827

Her insta

No. 644830

Thats one hell of an old photo lol

No. 644885

Did anyone notice that her follower count went up by 1,000? She is buying followers lol

No. 644893

Definitely. If you look at them thr accounts all have no posts or barely any posts and minimal followers/following

No. 644933

She did the same with her old account

No. 645562

She has 11,8k followers now. Definitely bought.

No. 645582

What a waste of money.
Buying followers is so lame. What exactly is she trying to accomplish? It's not like she is someone who is even internet famous. She's just an old bogan prostitute with too much plastic surgery and an completely unwarranted ego. She's not a model/musician/tarento/artist/etc.

No. 645808

Hey hey hey dont forget shes a famous vocalist of a vkei band now!! Keeek

No. 645812

No. 647373

File: 1532562498850.png (559.93 KB, 1080x1173, IMG_20180726_014731.png)

No. 647455

All bought followers while her posts only get under 100 likes each time…. so famous

No. 647623

I make money from insta!!! She says kek

No. 647666

I can't believe she actually went as far as to buy 15k+ followers after we made fun of her follower count. It's really funny how desperate she is to keep this facade that she's some rich, young model/entrepreneur living in Japan when she's just a cheap 30yo prostitute.

Anyone else remember when she posed with that stranger's luxury sports car that one time and claimed it was her new car? she's not even a very good liar.

No. 647668

Also sage for samefagging, but she's even linked her paypal now? And the account name is "god celebrity"? Oh dear.

No. 647735

Shh the next thing she’ll buy are the likes kek

No. 647782

Can’t wait to see her insta get hacked after buying those followers

No. 647861

Car flashback >>189698

No. 647870

File: 1532604425882.jpg (48.68 KB, 751x1335, ok92uPy.jpg)

No. 647897

File: 1532607396599.png (4.04 MB, 750x1334, A002C6A3-62AC-44AA-BB53-94694D…)

Tries to pick a fight with a cheap bikini online shop lol

No. 648370

File: 1532646903296.png (110.85 KB, 1080x336, IMG_20180727_011224.png)

No. 648548


No. 648554

This is so embarrassing….

No. 648562

How much is she spending for these fake followers?

No. 648629

Does she not own any glue? Things like that easily fall apart and it’s not really the companies fault, just stfu and glue that thing back on

No. 648662

Can afford to buy IG followers, yet cries about a missing plastic rhinestone on a shitty overpriced bikini. Their swimwear is $100+, so she's probably just trying to scam some money back or get free product/credit by making a huge deal about it. She might be able to buy followers, but this bitch can't buy class.

Did she post this recently after this >>647666 ? Lorena already has confirmed herself to lurk here, but I didn't realize she checked in so often.

No. 648711

lorena lurks here everyday

No. 648978

now she changed her insta to pay my rent and changed it to 200 dollar instead of 500

No. 649058

Wtf she's really falling deeper and deeper. How entitled and delusional is she to think anyone would pay her fucking rent for nothing? Go get a real job that pays your bills bitch

No. 649201

I wonder if it’s possible to report her account because of the bought followers. I don’t think Instagram approves of that and it’s obvious that she didn’t gain these followers because she is so hot.(this is cowtipping)

No. 649227

Report her for spam. But if her acc is gone dont cry when you have nothing of hers to look at.(this is cowtipping)

No. 649268

Can you be anymore cringey?

She's a sex worker, of course she has a real job.

No. 649332

Anyone else wondered what happened to the poor dogs she owned? Since Lorena lurks here maybe gurl make some post to prove us all wrong.
But best guess is she left them with boytoy in her rathole, worst guess brought them to the dumbster (wouldn’t even be shocked if she did so)

No. 649375

When she first started posting selfies at the new place there was a pic with the grey and white Chihuahua, ‘Ai’ in the background on what we figured out was the baloncy. Havent seen anything of ‘tunamayo’ though

No. 649412

File: 1532773524728.jpg (167.28 KB, 1080x1920, C4duDBN.jpg)

No. 649466

Usually she’d shove them in our faces because precious trophy pets

No. 649700

You‘re the same girl, why are you constantly lurking here if you don‘t care

No. 650638

Looks like Shiena got grabbed by immigration. How come Lorena has been able to avoid them??

No. 650726

Because she isn't an illegal kyabajo

No. 650729

This isnt the shiena threat fuck off

No. 650781

No. 650842

She’s worse tbh but I these days I’m also wondering why immigration never caught her? She’s not only been reported by other foreigners, but also by Japanese citizens. Lorena MUST have some kind of connection to someone in the right position

No. 650946

I really doubt she has any connections to anyone. She was able to get a spouse visa for a while. Then she's been just doing the whole holiday/tourist visa thing with bouts of living without any kind of visa at all. I think she also is less of a concern to immigration because she is white. Shiena may be from Canada but the Japanese will always see her as Chinese.

No. 651513



I have literally had Japanese police tell me "We don't really concern ourselves with gaijin like you, we're more focused on ajiajin*, they're the ones really causing problems here"

*gaijin means "foreigner" but it is used to mean "white people"
*ajia-jin means "Asian" but it is used to mean "Chinese and Korean people" (maybe Filipina Vietnamese etc too) . Don't ask me how the fuck Japanese people think they're not Asian.

No. 651514


asterisks messed up

No. 651525

Plain and simple.
She married someone who is employed by the place she is working providing her a Visa and the rights to work in that business. It happens A LOT, even in Kyaba. The owner of the place I worked at offered to marry me so that I could get a Visa and continue working at his club. Didn't do it because it is pretty much signing your life away.

No. 651556

I agree that it’s common for store owners to arrange a marriage to apply for the visa but after only just getting a divorce, I’d be unsure how easy it would be for her to apply so quickly.

No. 651562

Why would she make visa runs to Korea if this were the case.

No. 651566

and also the baby would not have paternity issues.

No. 651670

No. 651691

Hopefully they start cracking down on these flyjins

No. 651726

Omfg this is insane!! How did you find out about this article?

For those none Japanese speakers, it says basically shannon wong a canadian citizen has been arrested for fake marriage. To some guy she met at a cosplay convention..they married june 2016

No. 651727

She apparently also worked at a fuzoku place

No. 651797

Lorena also works as fuzoku in two shops

No. 651853

File: 1533028238049.jpg (103.07 KB, 1080x1124, MxeO06h.jpg)

meanwhile lorena postet about her problems

No. 651880

Lol at leat shes aware

No. 651969

If I was Lorena, I would be worried that Shiena might start trying to throw other girls under the bus to get a lighter sentence.

Save yourself Lorena! Start dishing all the dirt you have on Shiena before she tells immigration all about you and your businesses and whatever lies she could make up.

No. 651973

Definitely my thoughts too. Shiena also would have needed witness signatures on her wedding documentation, if one of the witnesses is Sere, shell be fucked. Immigration are going hard atm

No. 651992

hope they will get lorena soon

No. 651998

The Tokyo Kawaii group is gonna get real intetesting as they all turn on each other

No. 652007

can you guys stop tinfoiling when you know nothing about the japanese legal system. not everything works like it does in burgerland ffs.

No. 652114

Shiena has been under investigation since Feb and no doubt cops have been following her around for 6 months. Katie and Lorena WILL have to go in for questioning.

No. 652534

So someone mentioned lorena fled to korea?

No. 652597

No. 652604

No. 653278

Why would Katie and Lorena have to go in for questioning?
What if they aren’t the people who signed?
Plus Lorena has a baby I bet she’s hard to deport…

No. 653302

Gurl, your hair is going to fall out. It has never been THAT fried

No. 653420

The baby probably isn't registered still. If circumstances come up where they would deport one, they would deport both.

No. 653497

lorena is very quiet atm

No. 653528

They both knew about the fraud wedding and didn’t say anything. Lorena was also the witness and Katie may have been another legal witness.

Shani also knew about it in 2016 but didn’t report. The cops are following the digitrail and closing the net on these girls……