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File: 1534395259754.jpg (454.64 KB, 500x500, 1483239887242.jpg)

No. 665995

Finally a real thread about Tosh/Bronzecatworld and company


>Tosh Wharton is 27 years old

>He is well known for having a messy anime/kemono/tegaki/azpaint/early 2000s art style.

>He usually draws characters from children’s media, most often including Pokemon and Animal Crossing.

>Pictures usually include themes of loli/cp, guro, bestiality, self harm, bugs, vomit, rape and general sexualization of minors and animals.

>Was recently called out for grooming minors, sexual harassment, rape and drawing/sharing/liking pedophelic works/irl cp content on his twitter and tumblr accounts.

Here is an imgur link showing a decent amount of his nsfw artwork, saved from his pixiv/twitter or though his now deleted tumblr or google images by searching his usernames:

Tosh’s active accounts:

Previous accounts (some content still up but most are dead link - all accounts are inactive)
Last two links have a decent majority of his art still up

https://34rfrees3s34.tumblr.com/ link to a blog including callouts/testimonials from victims of tosh saying how tosh groomed and abused them sexually/mentally.
A lot of proof on this blog is either deleted or broken but is archived/censored so check back on the previous imgur link for proof in terms of sourced art.
More nsfw works of tosh are included in the link below but almost all of it is censored.

Here’s the link compiling all the proof from the blog plus other images to keep it archived:
Warning for cp and loli art and anything else that tosh draws that was stated earlier

Aside from tosh doing these things he also has a girlfriend that goes by Moni who is equally as problematic. She draws a lot of the same themes/content tosh does and generally has the same attitude. She’s pretty quiet on her public accounts but has a locked twitter which is most likely where she is active.


>She previously went by the name Picorna and actively posted nsfw/l works shown here:

https://e621.net/post/index/1/picorna warning for gross content (scat, cp)

>Her new public accounts have no signs of nsfw of a similar degree being posted but she just might be keeping them hidden

Her current active accounts:

Previous accounts:

Tosh seems to be extremely aggressive in reaction to these accusations coming out probably because he can’t prey on minors publicly anymore. This hasn’t stopped him from doing it though, Tosh has an obsession with collecting fans of his work and making them have his interests and even draw like him or at least similar content, a couple of well known people included in his group are:


Most of these people are suspected to be minors or child groomers themselves and often pretend that they don’t hang out with tosh despite openly interacting with tosh’s girlfriend and also following and interacting with tosh on private accounts. There’s probably more people in their group but these people are the ones who make art and have a following which makes them more dangerous because they could lure in potential victims.

Proof of them all mutually following each other and draw art for each other:
It’s difficult to archive twitter follower lists but those screenshots should suffice

It’s already proof enough that these people draw exactly like him but according to most of them that shouldn’t be a reason to assume they all hang out with tosh.
Unfortunately a lot of these people are very quiet on their public social media too for most likely drama reasons but it’s still necessary to link these people to warn others/prove the extent of tosh’s manipulation.

In the last months tosh has tried making a comeback on twitter and was promptly called out so it’s unknown if he will continue posting art there again.
Any other info on these people is appreciated. This is my first time writing a post like this so hopefully it has all the correct info and not too off-topic.

No. 666000

Thank you thank you thank you! I've wanted a thread about these people and the community around them.

No. 666007

the art is bizarre or whatever but i see claims that he raped someone, wheres the info on that??

No. 666012

File: 1534397547882.jpeg (196.27 KB, 1241x1256, F4811F22-39A1-47B8-821C-98B0A6…)

my bad, the person who claimed that tosh raped them is max300/twindriII

I wrote about them in this thread here >>664954
because they’re kind of a cow themselves but here is also an archive link of them stating they knew tosh in person as a minor and was sexually abused by him plus other accusations they haven’t released proof for but say they do have the receipts, said here by max300 themself >>664573


Also source for the picture

No. 666013

>drawing animals fucking/gore is problematic

That is such a non issue please don't equate real pedophilia to Pokémon fucking LOL

The real cp is gross though ew

No. 666014

The issue is he’s drawing this content while trying to attract impressionable minors to draw the same gross shit as him so they can be apart of his weird circle.
It’s an issue honestly. It’s like he gets off on successfully getting people to be just like him

No. 666015

Ive only known of twindrill for like an hour but because of that other thread, and i hate to be That Bitch, they should post more proof/details. They already seem extremely unreliable (the other thread has a cap of them flipping out about some dumb game shit and then recently they tweeted that they are "only putting themselves out there to share their interests uwu"

No. 666019

File: 1534398421352.png (1.18 MB, 1080x1692, 20180816_014347.png)

No. 666021

File: 1534398496494.png (206.28 KB, 1080x932, 20180816_014209.png)

"Being helpful"

No. 666034

>I just want to share with others
Didn't another anon confirm she got links taken down of certain games she's elitist about?
Lol I think it's hilarious twindriII is kin with Mayuri when Tosh's girlfriend Moni is the only other person who posts Mayuri content.

No. 666042

>He is well known
>40 twitter followers

op go kys with your shitty ass personal vendetta. there is literally no milk here

No. 666046

All his current active accounts are made after the fact that he got called out and mass deleted all his previous social media which had large followings. He just recently came back and is slowly gaining back his followers
He is largely known in twitter and tumblr groups and you can figure that out by literally googling his name or searching his tag on tumblr/twitter. I tagged him by his most well known name and linked all his previous accounts for a reason so stop being so mad because you cant read

No. 666053

File: 1534403549990.png (Spoiler Image, 241.6 KB, 500x600, 1444726326.bronzecat_jhghhj.pn…)

No. 666056

why don't you post real receipts instead of cringy delusional uwu chats because all this just looks like inner circle friend drama

All these peoples active social medias are <1k and even if they were "famous" before account deletion, their current follower counts are abysmal

No. 666057

http://archive.li/PuVAz have more of campanella/max300/twindriii and her friend harassing a 16 year old over kinnies

No. 666099

theres no recent milk here, this is mostly old drama

No. 666133

Is this tosh guy a cis or a trans or what? Either one changes the way I view this interesting cow.

No. 666136

he's just cis

No. 666149

All of these fuckers have less than 500 views on their deviantart page, you are all garbage the lot of you

No. 666162

I've wanted a thread about these people for ages, because they're sketchy as fuck and definitely have sordid shit around them. The only problem is they're also pretty cagey and don't bring most of their personal shit to the public. You need to be part of their in-group to get the real fuckery.
They're definitely Nemu-tier (I'd also draw comparisons to PurpleKecleon and Omocat but far grittier/more disgusting), and like it or not, they're not irrelevant. They may be a tight-knit group, but they have a significant underground following for the whole animecore/early web aesthetic.
Anyone here who's part of their circle or been involved with them personally who can talk about personal experiences? It'd be nice if max300/twindrill/Pupcore came to drop some more shit on Tosh.

No. 666212

>You need to be part of their in-group to get the real fuckery.
If it's not public, what's the point? Friend group drama is not milk. These low quality threads about artists that seem to have been popping up more lately suck.

No. 666222

>If it's not public, what's the point?
Because it's still a fascinating trainwreck. Snowflakes don't stop being flakes when they make their IGs private.
Like I said, they're relevant in a scene (whether or not you're into it), so it's not just friend group drama. The Tosh callout post has over 200 notes for a reason.

No. 666253

>200 notes
This is such a small, niche community and judging from the lack of interesting screenshots or receipts this probably could have gone in /ot/.

No. 666258

How is it a trainwreck if there's literally nothing to watch? 200 notes is hardly even anything, people on tumblr reblog and believe stuff without even actually looking into the situation or even reading the callout posts. Look at all the people who immediately hopped on the "omocat is a PEDOPHILE!!!" train when she made that stupid shirt. Lots of tumblrinas were like "oh ho i knew she was bad" without even looking at any sort of evidence.

No. 666500

Look into the imgur links and there is chatlogs of tosh talking to minors in a weird way and also him liking loli porn on his twitter and irl cp on his tumblr.
This dude is an actual weirdo and a thread about him has been requested every time someone similar in the community gets a thread like nemu, shoppingcartfullofpinkturds and others.
Just because someone has a smaller following doesn’t mean a lot of people don’t know about him.
Maybe because this thread is up more people will be willing to share more info since its a proper thread so stop trying to downplay this tosh orbiter

No. 666511

wish i had more to add than anecdote but the toxic aspect of this “scene” is how many 13-15 year olds get involved. it may not be intentional for all of them but the cutesy art lures edgy impressionable teens in and makes them vulnerable to people like tosh. the drama is admittedly entertaining but i wish there were more reliable receipts than anything else.

i used to follow max300 on tumbles and they’re exactly as much of a baby now as they were then. sucks to have such an unreliable narrator for a gross and potentially dangerous issue.

anyone remember tumblr user flew? they were big in the animecore/early web/whatever scene and their art blog was weird as fuck. they were also kin with asuka and talked about their CSA in detail on their about which was fucking weird. a little worrying when they were very into that shotacon anime made in abyss. no milk here really, just vendetta posting. :)

No. 666525

Bitch do you know how this site works? Post screen caps or gtfo, it's called an IMAGE BOARD for a reason

No. 666576

Are you retarded? You should ask yourself if you know how this site works. If you did, maybe you'd have read the full conversation before replying like a sperg. I'm not the OP. I find these people interesting as cows and literally asked for milk.

No. 666605

File: 1534461981876.jpeg (96.8 KB, 960x960, 7F9443B3-FBB6-400C-87BC-733D48…)

Is there a thread on shoppingcartfullofpinkturd?
I couldn’t find one on him, but I’d be interested in one.
He fascinates me in the weirdest way.
His art is awful but I can’t stop looking at it.

I can’t tell if he’s autistic, or just extremely mentally ill.

No. 666606

I had a heart attack when I saw "petday" in the thread description holy shit, is there any actual milk on her or is it just bc she fits in with the tumblr animesque kiddy art style group? sorry if this is ot, I'm just a bit curious since I was friends/mutuals with her when I was like 15 and she was actually pretty chill and seemed harmless, and had even implied some fucked up things happened to her so I don't know why she'd associate with these creeps… sorry if I seem like a huge WK, I just always looked up to her so seeing her name come up on here is a bit shocking

No. 666611

chocolate milk yummy

No. 666613

by the logic presented in this thread isnt max300 a degenerate lolicon too? bisuketan is literally loli garbage, she looks 12 and has an official figure of syrup being poured on her ass.
if youre going to out someone for liking made in abyss, lets stay consistent here. (also post caps, no one knows who you're talking about)

No. 666618

There’s a thread where he’s talked a lot about some here >>112827 it also mentions tosh too but I don’t think he has his own thread outside of pull and maybe tumblr since he’s uses the site

>is there any actual milk on her or is it just bc she fits in with the tumblr animesque kiddy art style group?

All the milk on her at the moment is being mutuals with everyone in tosh’s circle and even interacting with his girlfriend moni.

That should be enough proof that she is in their circle too which was always speculated because she draws very similar to him.
They can pretend like they don’t have any ties to tosh or that they’re oblivious so they don’t get in trouble for hanging out with a child predator but it’s the truth.
I expect potential milk coming from these people when it finally starts spreading around that these people actually hang out with tosh

No. 666662

Lmao okay your "milk" is hidden behind super secret deviantart pages, you and this group is fucking cancer

No. 666671

Don't know why OP didn't just add this info to the other thread since it was still on topic, but Olias and History1970s we're just as relevant. Both of them attempted to get into the more successful milkbbi and omocat's friend circles as well.

History1970s was known for being a Nazi fetishist and openly hated fatties, she's now a SJW commie dating a Venezuelan guy and she surrounds herself with non-whites to e-beg to because she's "so poor" to while vacationing to Disneyworld and spending her money on Tamagotchi and other expensive video game / anime merch.

Olias is known for being a retro Nintendofag and sperging about his "homelessness" and being "vegan". He also lived with minipete and their boyfriend rent free for a few months. The early web scene had a LINE group chat and Olias was known for sending pics of his shits and random strangers.

No. 666759

You're so fucking stupid it hurts. Stop posting and possibly kys, you're just shitting up the thread you seem convinced is already so shit (but somehow can't leave).

No. 666767

File: 1534474665113.png (40.69 KB, 585x457, aBaI4dM.png)

Pic related, Olias bitching about being mentioned on Lolcow.
Also, his callout post: https://archive.fo/Nu1EB
Ragequitting the internet 5ever: https://archive.fo/HD8XT
Him complaining about how bad it was to live with minipete: https://archive.fo/y6wN4

No. 666775

There’s so many animecore bloggers who don’t talk at all, just post, but talk in tags and constantly post. It’s creepy. I’ve only really seen it like that with these blogs.

No. 666791

File: 1534478023805.png (72.79 KB, 1437x385, Screenshot_2018-08-16-22-50-08…)

Not to confuse, but Hissy and Olias are two different people.
The fact hissy tries brushing off her personal choices by saying she was in an abusive relationship is the funniest thing ever. She's still as misogynistic and racist as ever. Her calling out Olias was the icing on top of the cake, she just wanted to cover up her own tracks. She recently changed her url to radroach1994

No. 666792

Holy shit witapepsi diving in with the words of comfort is there any tumblr group she isn't a part of lol

No. 666807

It sounds like wita stopped being friends with all of them since history1970s and her became friends after her Olias callout post, now hissy is warning her friends about wita

No. 666833

who the fuck are these people

No. 666853

File: 1534484997715.jpg (265.85 KB, 640x1136, tumblr_nkgd28mgh71qzedoqo1_128…)

This is Olias

No. 666895

this is literally a screengrab from the nemu thread a month ago. i'm gettting a hint of vendetta-chan from your post. not a good look.

No. 666916

Why does it feel like there’s a WK in here trying to ruin the thread?

No. 666922

These tumblr artists were/are pretty well known esp before the call outs and had a lot more followers before they changed accounts. And certainly have cow like behavior and pedo-suggestive shit that they try to excuse or cover up. Idk what all these random post saying “no milk here” “no followers” “you’re all garbage!!!1” is about? Half of them are unsaged, repetitive, and some are clearly written by the same person. Did someone link this somewhere?

The thread is a day old guys, chill the fuck out. There are tons of threads down on snow’s catalog of smaller cows with much less milk and they don’t have this many protests this quick. Do they not know how to hide a thread?

It was already discussed in meta forever ago that if you think a thread is vendetta or non-milk, etc. to say so once, or twice and report. But don’t shit up the thread for everyone bc some people want this thread and are interested in it, just bc youre not interested in the thread or you don’t know or care about this cow doesn’t mean everyone else does too. this happens too often, even in moo’s thread.

Though tbh maybe this should be a thread with multiple cows. Like a loli artist general thread so multiple artists can be discussed in one.

No. 666926

I know it's so fucking sus, I'm pretty sure one of the more active farmers here is an orbiter of this circle of people since the Nemu thread had a WK as soon as it moved to snow.

No. 666927

Not a vendetta, I didn't know these people (aside from Tosh) existed until the Nemu thread. I posted the links and pic because they were related to that anon's post. It's weird that you'd jump to "Vendetta!!1" based on someone posting shit about a snowflake that has already been established. I'm getting WK vibes from you, and I think >>666916 is right. Cringy.

No. 666940

File: 1534500492878.png (Spoiler Image, 418.75 KB, 518x505, bFhjfzd.png)

There was the early web artist/animecore thread, but "some people" got aggro at OP and started shitting it up and complaining that it wasn't milky enough (probably the same one, or ones, ITT making trouble), so they deleted it and made this instead. I think all we can do is ignore the "No milk!! Vendetta!!! You're CANCER!!!" crowd. They're trying very hard to sound like they fit in here, but most farmers just fucking ignore threads they find uninteresting after saying "This isn't milky" maybe once, instead of flinging insults and getting into arguments in a bid to derail. No one would give this much of a fuck unless they had personal stakes in the matter. It's most likely at least partially someone's friend or personal army.
Pic related, Nemu-tier art by Tosh of an Animal Crossing character puking (from the imgur). inb4 one of the "totally legit and not a whiteknight, just, like, angry about this ~*low quality*~ thread" farmers starts trying to convince us all it's "cute" or not "that bad" just like Nemu/her fans called her disgusting art "cute" before shit started coming out.

No. 666941

how long are you going to samefag repeating the same shit over and over you hamfisted retard

No. 666942

He's been mentioned in sorens thread. Think they're mutuals on IG.

No. 666943

>this is literally a screengrab from the nemu thread a month ago. i'm gettting a hint of vendetta-chan from your post. not a good look.

What was the point of this? It’s relevent to both cows. That’s why it was also posted here like >>666927 said. That’s not what vendetta means kek


I agree. There’s def some wk-tier orbiters in here samefagging and failing very badly at integrating. Especially when theyve been discussed on other threads and are well known cow(s). And farmers never say “everyone on this thread is garbage and the lot of you are cancer”, only people pretending to be farmers to derail say that hypocritical mess. Best to ignore them.

No. 666945

Lmao, I changed "early artist/webcore" to "early web artist/animecore" after realizing the first was a typo and deleting my post. Sounds like you've had the thread open for a while so you could repeat the same shit and yell at people.
Way to out yourself as an idiot WK who barely even knows what this site is. You don't even understand what a samefag is, and probably don't get any other terminology used here. Go back to jerking off to Pokemon scat like your idols already. This will be my last reply to you, you're really fucking bad at this.

No. 666948

then keep talking to yourself in the vain hope anyone will give a shit about your boring interfursonal issues

No. 666950

Stop derailing, no one cares, you’re using terms incorrectly and it’s embarrassing, hide the thread if you don’t want to contribute

Just ignore them and report their posts

No. 666953

File: 1534503145679.png (110.72 KB, 540x458, tumblr_ogprpecDfm1r2gpygo1_540…)

For anyone who was wondering about the shoppingcartfullofpinkturd drama but doesn't feel like digging:
He's since stopped using Tumblr, and just hangs out on IG: http://instagram.com/fluffy_ass_goth_
Also, according to the sterility thread, Tosh has a sissy kink? Fucking kek.

No. 666960

Fuck, this pedo has 9k followers on Instagram? Typical.
Also, what's up with the way he types on Tumblr, he sounds like a broken record.

No. 666963

No. 666970

Careful, don't feed him/her/them/it/xie/zer.

No. 666971

>I'm not stupid you're stupid!!

No. 666974

I like how ichikaras actually fucked dogs and here you guys are freaking over some dude drawing underage(?) animals fucking

No. 666975

No idea who ichikaras is. Are you gonna post receipts, or just complain?

No. 666977

It's his "style", like a lowbrow form of poetry.

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