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File: 1535446247397.png (1.15 MB, 937x1200, 1.png)

No. 674885

Previous Threads:

Christy Lynn Walker is a 26-year-old Nice Lady!, Tumblr artist with a phobia of pencils, and 4chan tripfag obsessed with putting underage characters and characters from children's media in graphic, disturbing, and often sexual drawings and fantasies. They usually involve vomit, radiation poisoning, and scat, all of which she very vocally fetishizes.

This thread is also open to talking about her orbiters. They are extremely aware of Christy's actions and are just as bad as her, if not worse. Many of them have stuck by her side since the beginning of her creating her first Tumblr. One thing to point out, Christy has trash talked many of her orbiters multiple times, thus confirming they're delusional.

She can be summarized with a sentence from an anon in her first thread: >>637932
>She's honestly a combination of Shadman, Suzy from Game Grumps, PK, and Nick Bates (minus the actual child molestation conviction, yet) with a heavy dose of Tumblr thrown in.

Her MO includes grooming teens (for example urging a 14yo to get her nipples pierced), encroaching on children's spaces like the Fairy Oddparents wikia, where she linked her fetish deviantART page, and calling herself a "nice lady!!" and "mama" whenever she can. As if that wasn't bad enough, she also used to be a substitute teacher. Despite desperately wanting children, she has decided not to have them because she knows what she would inevitably do to them. At some point, she decided that she had a sex addiction and renounced porn altogether, harassing others for drawing or enjoying porn while she kept fulfilling her weird-ass fetishes.

The first thread started on /ot/ and was intended for reminiscing about a *~harmless and kooky and really nice!!~* artist, which was then moved to /snow/ and almost immediately suffered an influx of whiteknights and ex-friends coming to relay their witness accounts.
She's known to excuse her degeneracy paraphilia with tales of child sexual abuse at the hands of her father and being groomed by 4chan, though former friends have spoken out in the last thread and it was implied that she admitted to lying about it.

She has an obsession with fucking "fat and ugly" (her words) incels which includes her boyfriend, David, whom she cheated on with the help of a GoFundMe campaign under the guise of getting away from their abusive relationship. In reality, she flew across the country eat a virgin's ass. Her boyfriend David Hoernlen himself has come into the last thread to speak at length about their tumultuous life and has all but confirmed that she's a manipulative psycho and compulsive liar and he also doxed her while sperging about her age.

Some of the fetishes she has claimed to have acted out irl:
>eating a shota WarioWare fanfiction at school
>stuffing vomit up her vagina or having her vagina used as a barf bag
>a threesome with her boyfriend and their dakimakura involving decapitation
>wrapping pizza in saran wrap to stuff it up her vagina
>shitting in a bathtub with her bf to engage in scatplay and eating it

Her main orbiters, but not all of them so feel free to discuss others:
magicallgoojelly/monstertingles/Jenelle - former roommate and colleague
polterheiist/Milo - got caught sharing CP on Twitter and bragging about experimenting sexually with their sibling
drdala - has been called out for dating a minor years ago, also Nemu made a public blocklist once with her name on it
mandibleism/The_Bad_Batter/Ersatz - notably lived with Christy at some point and is one of her biggest tattletales
Kimispace/lustysheep/otacum/Kimi - she's been on Christy's good side despite her constantly talking down about how Kimi worked with HotDiggityDemon
Piinkhamster/Debirukotchi/Gabu - Christy's token latina friend that replaced Xan
history1970s/RadRoach1994/Emma - an ex-nazi fetishist turned SJW communist, also part of the early web / animecore community as discussed in >>665145
impiccat0/iwpiccato/Eris - has a shit fetish and is wants to fuck one of the female M&Ms
faunafauna/fauna93/Jenna - mostly known for her Prince drawing that got popular after Prince's death, currently making a tokenism web comic no one even bothers to look at

Upon getting called out for her freakish behavior and her thread making the rounds on Twitter, she has gone into full damage control mode by disabling social media accounts and announcing to get mental help for the umpteenth time, so remember not to post links or screenshots without archiving them first via archive.is or the wayback machine.

Known usernames used across multiple websies:

Social media and other links: [some defunct]
Google Drive of her art: https://drive.google.com/drive/u/2/folders/1mmwKfLoopbVQ1Y1vPJezlMUnRicknxyq
DeviantArt: https://www.deviantart.com/love-ribbon
Public Twitter: https://twitter.com/krocodilekore
Private Twitter: http://twitter.com/_miserymire and http://twitter.com/castlecrush
Fairly OddParents Wiki Page: http://fairlyoddparents.wikia.com/wiki/User:Malfunction54 changed to http://fairlyoddparents.wikia.com/wiki/User:000trachea
David's Twitter: https://twitter.com/M0MS_SPAGHETTI
Mod The Sims: http://www.modthesims.info/m/8498272
Old /cgl/ thread reminiscing about Christy: http://rbt.asia/cgl/thread/8003819
Her fake voice: https://vtt.tumblr.com/tumblr_n5oddqOasw1sm1433.mp4
Revealing her normal voice as David tells a bedtime story: https://the-little-ghost-mod.tumblr.com/post/59281939060/ppauly-david-tells-me-a-bedtime-story-about
Kiwi Farms thread: https://kiwifarms.net/threads/christy-lynn-walker-olimar-puke-chan-ppauly-nemu-holden-malfunction54.45546/

No. 675026

kimispice also works closely with people like Shadman and partakes discords full of guys into lolicon. She is also a lover of father x daughter shipping, the age of the daughter never being a problem. She purged most of it, unfortunately. Last I saw floating around in that vein was a lot of Handsome Jack fucking his daughter.

polterheiist is fucking insane. I didn’t know about the CP thing. I knew he fantasizes about getting fucked as a little boy but was quick to call out others for less. His thing he loved to fap to was Danny Phantom getting molested by the old guy Vlad.

My friend had a story where he wouldn’t stop going off on them after they were no longer friends with Nemu. He wouldn’t stop ranting so they muted him and he began going full suicidal for attention and pity asspats. They weren’t aware since they muted him and he went nuts at not being acknowledged and sent the other orbiters after them.

I guess after that he was crytyping in baby talk and saying how his therapist said that he’s “right about things”. He loves to play the victim is my understanding of it.

I don’t think there was ever a Nemu tweet he didn’t interact with. The caps of him trying to comfort her about the big mean farmers in the other thread were always commonplace. Any slight conflict in her life resulted in him making entire threads on her posts about why she’s innocent and right and everyone else is wrong. I think it may be some sort of preoccupying obsession tbh.

No. 675027

File: 1535470592537.jpeg (7.04 KB, 300x168, index.jpeg)

i cant find any proof on the cp thing im starting to believe the claim came from the poster*s behind

No. 675047

there's an underage character folder in the Google drive link

No. 675053

Kimispice is like Nemu lite, only fatter. They're both the same kinda girls who will infiltrate places full of lolicons and /r9k/'s finest to try and be their goddess since any male attention is good male attention to them.

No. 675065

in the previous threads anons made it sound like one of her friend rt actual cp

No. 675077

Milo retweeted suggestive art from a prolific CP artist. She deleted it when someone called her out about it and made up some boo hoo tweet about how they didnt know the characters and they dont check who they retweet from so how could they be expected to know it was bad.

No. 675079

oh so this is all about some shadman tier shit
k just saying say what you want about loli but you do realize calling it cp is deceiving
They are both illegal but one is kinda tolerable and the other is insta arrest/witch hunt

No. 675084

Can anyone in this godforsaken shit saga of threads sage

No. 675088

anyone remember spacemarinescum/carol? she was one of nemu's close friends back in the day and was heavily involved in the lorax fandom (was obsessed with the once-ler, drew fucked up creepy stuff just like nemu). she's still on tumblr and is like a broken record constantly making sure people know she has a "professional" job and how smarter she is than every one else on the site, holier-than-thou type shit. anyone got any dirt on her or know why she and nemu fell out? new urls are debug-fly/strawberryhitscan.

No. 675115

i remember her and her shitty attitude and obsession with generic masculine game dudes and vore. didn’t know she was milky

No. 675121

She mentioned not being cool with Nemu when someone linked her to the first thread.

No. 675138

what did she say?

No. 675142

The post got deleted fast but she mentioned a friend sharing Nemu's thread, either this or the kiwifarms one I can't remember and her reply was basically 'lol I'm glad I jumped ship off of that crazy train'

No. 675143

she's delusional imo. she calls other people crazy when she's just as bad, sad really

No. 675154

>anyone got any dirt on her or know why she and nemu fell out?
This was a while ago, but Carol made a post saying someone (can't remember who) said they didn't like Undertale or some shit and Xan got upset about that. Nemu got pissy and called the person that didn't like Undertale a pedo for having a diaper fetish and that basically split the group.
The post got deleted quick and this was a couple years back (about a year after Nemu left Tumblr for good and started the Mormon anti-porn shit iirc)

No. 675201

i still keep up w carol and its still the same shit w video game dudes and her fetishes, but she has cut ties with nemu and think theyre insane and spineless too.
i do remember a now deleted post about nemu,nemu asking if she could use the word queer bc she thinks its kinky and basically using bi as a fetish. im sure theres other stories carol could spill

No. 675211

anyone remember when Nemu used to refer to herself as “bi+”? she wore a bi flag as a cape to pride and kept going on about bi plus

not to tinfoil but i really wonder if she’s actually attracted to women or just uses it for attention. almost all the fem characters she likes are basically just moms of male characters who look just like them with eyelashes added

i also remember she hated olimar from pikmin’s wife so much for being with him that she wanted to kill her and then it just turned into her wanting to fuck her. maybe to “keep her away from him”? she just doesn’t seem to be legitimately attracted to women

No. 675236

File: 1535495522337.png (84.14 KB, 1440x549, Screenshot_2018-08-28-17-28-19…)

Oh THAT'S debug-fly? I recently came across a text post they made that got some rounds. Looking through her blog, she seems unsure about how she carries herself. Like she wants to be offensive edgy so bad.

No. 675295

File: 1535502581688.jpg (12.18 KB, 670x571, qD0UsqC.jpg)

anyways i hope carol posts more about her experiences with nemu, the two seemed close. i also remember she was friends with krystal and moth. i dont know if they still are or not

No. 675415

polterheiist changed their twitter handle to kurumaitsun. all tweets responded to polterheiist give the other twitter handle instead.

No. 675417


thanks i think a lot of us still wanted to keep tabs on them

also wow… milo really was out there defending known child porn artist kalematsuba, huh

No. 675424

Funny thing about kalematsuba, their Pixiv used to be filled to the brim with really creepy shota porn up until they got attention from the actual developer of that old game they're obsessed with and started their own Kickstarter. Now it's all been purged and they refuse to answer asks about it.

I find it real funny how shotalolicons will grandstand their love for fictional children and go on about how it's totally okay and normal and not gross as fuck but as soon as an opportunity to make money or any measure of notoriety comes along they're the purest thing.

No. 675442

Fauna hasn't been an orbiter for years now. By all accounts she's completely insane, i'm talking "i'm going to send someone to your house to kill you" insane, so it's funny as hell to see her take any kind of moral high road with…anything, really. I don't know if she did that with Nemu but some other mutual got that treatment awhile ago which is why so many people were afraid to cut ties. She's pretty infamous for her instability.

No. 675500

File: 1535535347639.png (1.11 KB, 184x28, deact.PNG)

polterheiist also used to go by xprinceling, particleghosts, and princelingexe.

No. 675517

As far as I'm aware they're still friends which is…really funny considering Carol complains about pedos and babyfurs when she's friends with them.

No. 675550

So she thinks the person who drew porn of teens is "spineless and insane" but the people who drew literal, actual baby characters getting fucked and Louise from Bob's Burgers in dominatrix porn with Mr. Frond is worth being friends with? Damn these people just won't stop sucking down the Kool-aid.

No. 675615


she stopped being friends with krystal for those exact reasons years ago

No. 675687

File: 1535566885587.png (257.03 KB, 1440x1038, Screenshot_2018-08-29-13-19-55…)

Poor Justin…

No. 675693

Weren't they drawing stuff for eachother just last year? i swore i saw them interacting still.
i do know for sure carol and emma (history1970s) are still friends despite emma posting cp in the past (and is a racist)

No. 675708

File: 1535569032536.png (250.85 KB, 1440x1858, Screenshot_2018-08-29-13-43-09…)

transoffdensen/huvely/Trevor was one of her orbiters, don't know if he still is. He's a trender with 26 kins, including Daggett from the Angry Beavers and Vegeta from DBZ. He also has 6 "system members" who all have their own Twitter accounts.

No. 675766

File: 1535571687408.png (354.3 KB, 720x1027, 20180829_204043.png)

I lost several brain cells reading this.

No. 675791

Kimispice was also in a fluffy pony abuse Discord.

No. 675817

shnubs/tummysoup had a thing for nemu's art back in the day.

after that, I don't remember what else happened or if they even cared about nemu when she left.
I had stop lurking since then.

they also have a big shit/sick/vomit fetish too.

No. 675829

Who made this?

No. 675835

File: 1535576422936.png (456.79 KB, 1440x1519, what in tarnation.png)

Holy shit this is a fucking ride gathering all these orbiters

No. 675884


No. 676096

File: 1535598184568.png (Spoiler Image, 174.38 KB, 446x732, tumblr_inline_njqzwaEuk91speh1…)

nemu orbiter i haven't seen anything from in a while:
kat (@fearfuzz on twitter)

known for wanting to fuck underage characters such as dipper from gravity falls, teenaged spiderman, cody from total drama island- as well as weird niche characters like fear from inside out and the catman from fairly odd parents. commissioned fetish porn from nemu a few times (see attatched pic)

got outed as a pedo and disappeared from twitter but apparently has a new account out there. anyone have any intel?

No. 676108

i think most people who like pussy mostly just like looking at the vulva and would agree that internal shots are a bit much. are these people really that hentai saturated that they think fetishes are the norm and having a more mild, subtle preference is something neurotic you need to make an excuse for?

No. 676220

Didn't she get over her fear of pencils AGES ago?

No. 676242

File: 1535629692656.png (639.71 KB, 1292x1868, 7373628282662.png)

A couple people on her Kiwi Farms thread has been posting some memories recently

No. 676433

I remember encountering Carol in like 2009 when she went by DOOMchan on deviantart and she's always been edgy and kooky herself. Her obsession for marine dudes has always been present. I checked up on her every now and then and she just always gave off an aura of dishonesty on how she presents herself, it's off putting. She became friends with a friend of mine, then shortly after made fun of his friend for his furry latex fetish copying that dude's art and that was it for that lmao.

No surprise she hung out with Nemu at one point.

No. 676451

tbh carol debug-fly/strawberryhitscan is another can of nuts with a drama history that should deserve her own thread.

No. 676493

that’s funny when she posts pretty transparent latex kink shit herself lol. she has this preoccupation with making fun of people that she has a lot in common with. comes off as insecurity/projection imo

No. 676506

>with a drama history
can you elaborate? you've got me interested.

No. 676585

Interested in this as well, I understand some of these people are past orbiters obviously because they don't want to be associated with Nemu's rep, but they're still nasty

No. 676916

alot of carols antics are lost to time/no archives but her deviantart days of trolling were something. and her lorax onceler/oncest porn while advocating against porn of childrens media was the height of that.now its just boring

No. 676931

why are people not saging in this boring thread?

No. 676995

a lot of people are. if you don't like it, don't look at the thread.

No. 677072

File: 1535715383669.png (34.6 KB, 659x239, 20180831_123135.png)

i wasn't kidding when i said she's a broken record. this is what feels like the millionth time she's posted about being an 'adult' with a job. she feels the need to remind others constantly she is this mature hard working professional who has a life outside of the internet, above every one else. bitch is insecure as fuck.

No. 677127

Does anybody have that one picture where nemu drew billy bob being crushed to death by her oc/self inserts snake then he vomits?

No. 677256

Kat apparently wanted to literally fuck her underage cousin who she met irl, I don't know if anyone has the caps of the tweets she made but it was disgusting. She was ostracized from both Nemu and her ex-freinds groups for lying about everything from abuse to money problems. Everyone found out she was just a two-bit pedophile and dropped her. If anyone finds her current accounts i don't doubt she's still up to her pedo ways.

No. 677336

I followed her for years and that’s not even accurate. She drew ship art of underage characters and talked about a teen guy she thought was hot at a con so she’s still gross but she never tweeted about cousins. She didn’t even interact with her family after she came out as a fakeboi. She was obsessed with a troon who was dating and fucking someone underage. I don’t remember his name but he was into metal gear solid, big boss and puke. They buddied up because degenerates of a feather stick together. They met her bio mom for the first time together and she was freaked out by it and was spotty on Twitter after that and then he dropped her and the exocommunication from the sphere happened when he started talking shit. She was dropped by Nemu for unrelated reasons prior to that. I’m 99% sure he threw her under the bus to hide his own shit. Not that she’s innocent by any means but he got out pretty clean while being just as bad. He had a teenage ~enby~ gf who went by H while he was 20. They’re both sick regardless but what you said isn’t even true to what happened.

No. 677340

Forgot to sage oops.

No. 677380

tinfoil but what i’m getting is the whole sphere is pedo potential only just a handful get caught

No. 677390

That's exactly what I think too. When someone close gets caught their orbiters either act like the victims are brainwashing others or "shame" the one who got caught to go be nasty somewhere else and put up a front that they're anti-something morally decent.

No. 677416

I'm surprised they kick out the vocal pedos, most of these online cliques double-down and bend over backwards to protect their "smol bean friends"

So she wasn't creeping on her cousin it was just another teenage boy,cool. That's totally better.

No. 677427

Anon, it's still disgusting. We just need our recollections to be accurate.

No. 677450

File: 1535755937534.png (277.83 KB, 550x780, E8F7192B-7042-43C3-A242-853610…)

I found art Nemu commissioned from when she was into One Piece. I think her character’s power was vomit bending (lol) and making others vomit. So the usual.

No. 677458

billy bob who?

No. 677476

From rockafire explosion.

No. 677567

File: 1535765826152.jpg (91.96 KB, 333x358, voNfl5i.jpg)

i know that exact picture you described anon, her snake-sona also vores him in the end,probably for the best we cant find it

No. 677708

Apparently this chick lives in Clarksville, TN and works in a university? That's not too far from where I live. But the only university I can think of there is Austin Peay. It's barely a step up from community college. What is she supposed to do there again?

No. 677867


I thought she was a sales associate now? (Not sure where)

She was fired and banned from her substitute job in the district anyway

No. 677906

currently she works in IT i think, she mentioned that and fixing peoples phones,laptops etc

No. 678139

One friend I remember of Nemu's went by Angel(?) and her tumblr name was "barabait". Is she still around?

One of her fetishes was mom/son incest and lactation/nursing. She drew both together including the son have huge milky tits.

Angel didn't seem particularly milky back then but who knows with having Nemu as a friend.

No. 678296

she’s around but all her nsfw stuff has been wiped and confined to a private twitter. she was essentially chased off tumblr for people calling her problematic for shipping herself with josuke and okuyasu among other things. good stuff.

she still wants to fuck giant disgusting fat guys and is pretty vocal about it.

No. 678433

i wish i had screenshots but i remember sometime in the past year when nemu was teaching kids she noticeably acted sassy and used an obnoxious amount of nail polish emojis whenever she'd talk about random black students

No. 678581

i remember that, it was fucking weird.

No. 678661

i used to know a friend who was close to nemu and she mentioned how nemu used to say the n-word and faggot all the time in their private chats with no remorse because she thought those words were funny. nemu was also really jealous of xan for being in a relationship, basically hoping mara would dump her for being ugly and being dirty.

No. 678678

I was going to ask why the fuck Nemu would be jealous of a friend for being in a relationship when she herself's been in one for almost 10 years, but then I realized that it's Nemu we're talking about. No wonder she kins as a big fucking snake. That's exactly what she is.

No. 678738

File: 1535917034283.png (203.17 KB, 722x831, ohare.PNG)

only nemu can have a relationship anon! she tries to one-up each of her friends. i'm tinfoiling if that Dead to Me drawing she did about her was partially because of xan losing her virginity, she was no longer use to nemu anymore, only saw xan as no use after that. honestly sad.

Also does anybody know more about protagonistheavy/Adam? Adam is obsessed with Hex Maniac to this day. Nemu used to do sexual RP stuff with Adam as Conan Edogawa, the little kid from Cased Closed. They'd also sext even while David was at home, she's drawn a couple things for Adam too.

I've also seen a user called Lucky67/sticky-gem draw art of O'Hare for Nemu. Looking at Lucky's deviantart and NSFW tumblr page, she draws pedo, shit, and shota art as well.

No. 678851

File: 1535926405892.png (444.1 KB, 567x404, 165165165163516546513216546516…)

I went to go see if I could find any photos of Adam and I'm unsurprised. Literal neckbeard.

No. 678855

File: 1535926832636.png (82.66 KB, 407x949, propro.PNG)

No. 679420

Adam’s GF is a girl he, while being well into adulthood, waited on to turn 18 so he could date her.

No. 679487

File: 1535942882388.png (1.69 MB, 1440x2148, Screenshot_2018-09-02-21-44-39…)

How long ago did they start dating? Adam's currently 25. If you search his full name one of the first results is from a Tumblr post from Nemu reblogging something and adding his name to the caption. She really has no respect for her friends'privacy, but privacy for Nemu is required and cannot be revealed!

No. 679525

She's blabbed her full name all over the place for years anon, it was only once she left Tumblr that she stopped broadcasting it.


Her jealousy issues were HUGE back in the day, that's where all the "only kissless virgins" thing came from, which led to situations like her being jealous of a canuck diaperfur. At some point she dropped the "must be virgin" prerequisite though she still had a tendency to go for ugly or unpopular or straight up random background characters.

No. 679970

Anyone remember when she said she wanted to fuck someone from Family Guy but wouldn’t say who? It was Chris lol

No. 680154

Tbh I'm not surprised at all.

I've never seen a photo of Adam before and I was honestly waiting for someone she's into IRL to be at least lanky. It's always the fictional YOUNG boys who aren't fat.

No. 680300

it's been a long while that we've heard from her. any anons know her where abouts/if she will ever return? the ongoing silence just makes her look more guilty than she already does.

No. 680429

discord. some anons have said they've seen her in some overwatch channels. i'm not sure if she's left them and just stayed in an channel for her and her orbiters.

No. 680559

maybe when she went “inpatient” a pysch told her to keep her nasty ass off Twitter and other forms of social media so she can’t spread her shit

No. 680630

anyone know which ow discord servers she was in? i'm in a few myself, maybe there's potential milk hidden? if i remember right, she had an LGBT ow server that jenelle was also apart of. (despite nemu barely being LGBT herself lol)

we all know she'll never stay away from social media, she'll be back as soon as these threads go dead. like other anons, i'm still waiting for an explanation from her.

No. 680700

File: 1536079564023.jpg (80.69 KB, 423x813, IMG_20180904_114538.jpg)

Searching "LGBT Overwatch" on Twitter brings up a number of servers. There's an "official" one though. Might be worth a check. I think her Discord name is Milkwalker.

No. 683676

Not very milky, but I found this old thread asking about Nemu's whereabouts

No. 684246

Does anyone remember her obsession with Micheal Angelakos the singer from Passion Pit? I remember she made a post one time that he was reaching out into the crowd during a live performance, and she grabbed his hand and tried to suck on his fingers. Also she made fan art of him vomiting, which he saw and it resulted in him making a post on twitter saying he was uncomfortable with creepy fan behavior. Does anyone have that art of him she made? I can’t find it anywhere

No. 684252

No. 684263

This was in the same time period, I don’t think she made the drawing described in that post though. I distinctly remember it was a cartoon version of him barfing that she drew. Side note, she never showed any remorse after contributing to freaking out that poor man to the point of him withdrawing from twitter.

No. 684269

Fwiw Nemu did later openly regret drawing NSFW pics of him and some other singer I forget. She owed up to it being creepy as hell and while there's no proof he saw her vomit pics she pretty much accepted it was a possibility and her potential blame in that.She never tweeted it at him like that idiot "fan" but her art was popular so who knows? Anyways she stuck to debauching cartoons after that.

No. 684302

The other guy is Paul Banks from Interpol. There's an interview out there where Paul talks about the piss fanart and it upset him. Nemu was the one who said this so she might've been lying, but she went on an art deleting spree during that time.

No. 686023

she also obsessed over pete wentz in the happy tree friends music video for a while

No. 689105

She had a friend in high school that she was really into and one time he told her he loved her like a sister and she asked him if he was into incest.

No. 689321

I know a few already know Nemu has some incest fetish, mostly due to her sharing that same incest porn video of the woman and her dad at the family table every couple weeks.
Poor guy.

No. 690196

something i always wondered is how/where the hell nemu found a shrink who's so accepting and understanding of her waifuism. sorry if it's been discussed already. presumably there are shrinks out there who are versed in it given there's so many waifufags out there but I've never been able to find one

No. 690201

I'm pretty sure her shrink never knew and just used them as an excuse to continue her shit. No way a therapist would suggest someone have an open relationship.

No. 690332

tfw a retarded farmer thinks they have a psych degree xD

No. 690337

File: 1537209604634.jpg (45.96 KB, 960x720, sage.jpg)

Who? Therapists advocate for open relationships? Are you retarded?

No. 690351

File: 1537211118471.jpg (473.6 KB, 1056x1331, 20180917_150209.jpg)

Somewhat off topic since this is one of Nemu's orbiters but doesn't this bitch have a husband? What is she crying about someone not texting her back for?

No. 690358

nemu is very manipulative and it would be great if every shrink could catch every instance of manipulation, but they can't literally read minds, so that isn't the case. Just like a medical patient can lie about symptoms to a doctor and get a misdiagnosis, narcs can and do sometimes successfully manipulate their own therapists.
My point is, if she's revealed her waifuism at all, she's probably phrased it in a way that makes it seem like not a big deal and makes her even more sympathetic. So instead of saying "yeah i have extreme sexual obsessions with obscure childrens media characters and constantly masturbate to them vomiting" she says something like "oh gosh oh gosh this is so embarrassing and i don't even want to say it b-but…sometimes…when i'm really upset about my childhood trauma…i'll imagine romantic situations with my favorite tv characters >_<" to which the shrink would maybe say that that's ok in small doses. Then nemu gets to say "see!!! i was honest and everyone still thinks there's nothing wrong with me!!!" narcs are great at doing that

No. 690406

Gabu is an open book about a lot of things so much of the stuff she posts falls under the category of "why did you feel the need to tweet this?" and "why do you keep bringing this up?"

No. 691786

Her and Nemu’s other orbiters are so fucking obnoxious. It’s like they try to out-weird each other by liking the ugliest and grossest characters.

No. 693058

File: 1537483835181.png (297.6 KB, 1432x1342, Screenshot_2018-09-20-17-48-09…)

I can bet this didn't happen

No. 695265

File: 1537734258013.png (24.44 KB, 520x348, NEMNEM.PNG)

One of Nemu's popular Tumblr posts showed up on my dash and these comments were added to it lol

No. 697959


She never revealed the kind of feedback she recieved from her therapist unless it was in support of her sexual fantasies/hang ups.

She never even told Chom that she got an "ok" about having an open relationship when talking to him. She just declared it, flat out lying to the guy in order to trick him.

I really wonder how things have transgressed with her, David and Jenelle after its been revealed she loves to lie and slander her friends.

No. 697962

Also that she lied so fucking hard to David and he trusted her. Is this idiot seriously going to stay with her? There is no way after how she handled her former friendships that she is going to just suddenly have a change of heart.

David is a fucking mess if he wants to stay with such a major source of pain.

Jenelle must also be deep in denial about everything if she didnt step up to Christy about her trash behavior through all this

No. 697963

I've seen at least one picture of a guy with Nazi tattoos at an amusement park so it's plausible

No. 697972

Jenelle did make a new Twitter a few days after all this unfurled so I have no doubts she had a really long moment of having to put puzzle pieces together

No. 700017

I really want to know Xan's side of the story on this tbh. She had a front-row seat to the crazy for a long time, after all.

I have vague memories of Crusty retweeting a Princess Maker screenshot talking about how she played it as a kid and used the breast expansion pill on the ingame daughter a bunch and it made her "feel funny" or something. Just gave me an uncomfortable vibe, Princess Maker is a skeevy enough game even without someone mentioning that.

No. 700291

Xan made two statements when this started taking off

No. 704666

Has there been any development out of her? Its been months, wonder how theyre all fairing

No. 705092

I think she's genuinely in the hospital based on her total lack of activity

No. 705156

i still have some bits and peices of "fun" info when i followed nemu. i remember there "girl code" was very, extreme. iicr xan and nemu were crying about who could own lanky kong. damn i miss nemus crazy ass

No. 705220

Please, give more memories anon! I remember so much of Nemu's time on the internet it's so odd. I wasn't even that close to her, but she really made sure her presence was bold.

No. 706000

there was also another time when someone asked why she gave a male char a pussy,(forgot who) and admitted she did so to get off to it, and constantly through out the text she kept reminding you that she toadally doesnt fetishize intersex or trans people. i sound sjw here but we all know she was lying

No. 706210

She's still on Discord. She's almost definitely not in hospital.

No. 706221

how do you know? proof?

No. 706222

Several people mentioned it earlier on the thread.

No. 709125

Haven’t seen anyone post about it but does anyone else remember that post she deleted extremely fast about pyramid head like raping her and killing her mutated babies she was forced to give birth to

No. 709286

I feel like I've seen that tweet. I swear someone mentioning pyramid head being one of her waifus in one of the past threads but I rarely ever remember her talking about him. Now it makes sense because her fantasies about him aren't Nice!

Was this an Ohare drawing?

No. 709538

I remember that. She went through a period where she posted A LOT about that type of
Stuff with Pyramid head. She seemed to keep her Pyramid head stuff on the down low since she got more tumblr followers

No. 709956

YEAH back on tumblr i believe
i wish i screenshotted that now, aw damn

No. 711104

if memory serves, this was before her ohare obsession. when she was ppauly possibly

No. 711221

yeah Pyramid head was proper OG Nemu era. For someone who got off on ugly, unpopular characters, she really did start to go after only extremely well known and "acceptable" characters like O'hare and Lord Farquad, leaving characters like Pyramid head, that Astro Boy professor and even Pauly behind

No. 711947

File: 1539452685622.png (18.34 KB, 581x413, cuddlefuddle_by_mintypuke-d522…)

iirc, she said that many characters that she left behind (like characters no longer on her waifu squares) were ones that she still loved, but associated with a Bad Time in her life?
then most recently on her twitter when she was talking about the curious village game for mobile or sth like that, she mentioned how she was glad Pauly was a robot cos she could erase his memories of how gross she was back then (something along the lines of that)
Pauly always was her waifu for laifu…

No. 712483

will she ever return
it's been a whole 2 months

No. 712627

File: 1539540268337.jpeg (219.55 KB, 1024x1820, 0C32AF12-7979-45B3-BDEC-33001C…)

No. 712636

Yes. She'll still be active somewhere, just give her time and she'll come back out. She can't help herself.

Interesting, I really thought she had dropped Pauly quite some time ago

No. 712640

holy fuck where did you get this picture anon?

No. 712644

not very milky but i found one of nemu's youtube channels. the only video is a clip from astro boy. maybe there's a few unlisted videos?

No. 712714

It's probably from discord

No. 712717

Is this photo edited or does she really have fucking huge nostrils?

No. 712725

File: 1539549012228.png (459.46 KB, 1167x807, nemugaialovexshine.png)

I found some interesting stuff she used to post on Gaia 12 years ago.


No. 712726

Her nostrils is big not sure if that big

No. 712727

I pray

No. 712732

This is full of wild shit
Reminds me of the one Gaia person I defended for their extreme poop fetish and having scat all over their profile

No. 712734

I’m kin with the ducktales shit

No. 712737

“I am a pedophile”
“I got in the shower with my baby cousin”

No. 712797

what’s with the ring around her lips? she looks like a clown

No. 712808

“I am a pedophile not a chaild molester” bitch ,i'm sorry what the fuck?

No. 712860

12 years ago puts her at 13-14 which was PEAK 4chan Nemu and goddamn does it show. Especially the "pedophiles aren't bad!!!" shit. This would be about the time she thought they all liked her and they egged her on to take lewds and post them. Of course she'd think pedophiles were fine those were her "friends." This girl is like a case study in what happens if you neglect your kid and let the internet raise them. 4chan and Tumblr, not even once.

No. 712865

That's an old reaction one she used to post all the time

No. 712874

It seems like her mom was a factor in this too, unless her stories about her mom were /thathappened

No. 712890

It’s not edited. Was a Twitter post she deleted ~2 years ago

No. 712899

File: 1539565737401.jpeg (236.77 KB, 1280x720, 772B236B-B1FE-47E5-BCAF-A6484E…)

No. 712922

does she have reverse body dismorphia or something? with all her talk and fetishes about being the ~conventionally hot babe~ stooping to date ~ugly~ men, but she looks like this? doesn't even matter if some people find her cute in a quirky way, that's certainly not good enough for her

No. 712929

Basic psychology anon. irl she had body dsymorphia so in her pretend life she was 100% confident. Like most of her quirks it was all fantasy to mask an unhappy life.

No. 712971

I'm sure her pedo pandering warped her self esteem a lot. It's easy to think you're hot shit when a bunch of older guys are giving you loads of attention and acting like you're totally irrisistible.
If I had to guess that's probably where her obsession with ugly/weird looking guys comes from. She needs the validation of being the "hot one" and she's far too insecure to handle being with someone who's equally or more attractive than she is. Basically she has to surround herself with ugly, gross, slobby losers so she can look better by comparison.

No. 713626

she's mentioned she has severe body dysmorphia and horribly low self esteem. she said she bragged about being a 'cute lady!!!' as a fake-it-til-you-make-it thing. all of her 'ugly' selfies are fake 'teehee i'm so goofy' poses.
she said on tumblr before that her dysmorphia is so bad that she had to do her makeup in the dark, because if she saw a spot or pimple she'd sit there for hours picking at it. i honestly suspect she's the type to spend a lot of time practicing smiling and posing in the mirror. her candid pictures always look so dead-eyed and fake. she's trying her hardest to look conventionally pretty at the expense of looking actually happy.

No. 714135

She did have body dysmorphia but she honestly truly believed her face was 10/10 hot babe material. Her dysmorphia came a lot from having small boobs (which I didn't think she had, she had like, slightly below average size especially considering how thin she is)
She seemed did start posting bikini pics and topless pics so I think she started to embrace the whole lolicon/flat chest movement going on atm.

No. 714141

As disgusting as this is I wouldn't expect anything less from a child that age who did most of their socialising on 4chan. What makes it so bad is that she continued a lot of the themes mentioned here into adult hood. She was still posting about that infant from WarioWare when she was 20. She was also posting vore, bestiality and gore porn shit when she was on tumblr too and was posting about jerking off over car accidents and radiation poisoning as recently as the castlecrush twitter.

Also compare the "no pedophile shaming" to "no kink shaming." There may also be a comparison between "I'm a big boob sexy woman and these children are amazed by me" to "I'm a hot sexy babe to these ugly nerdy virgins who are amazed by me."

No. 714152

About a year back, she said her tits started growing, so I think the bikini/topless posting was related to that.

No. 714397

I faintly remember her talking about having body dysmorphia over her acne scars on her shoulders as well. She recently said she got them to go away by washing her shoulders every night.

No. 714433

the most authentic and realistic nemu brand is washing your shoulders but not your vagina

No. 714528

Nah it wasnt small boobs, it was lopsided boobs cause she had scoliosis

No. 714631

It was small boobs too as she posted about her sister calling her out for wearing heavily padded bras and how that wasn’t okay as it was to help with her BD

No. 714875

i thought they were lopsided because she had that surgery to get her “”third breast”” removed. anyone else remember that shit?

No. 714886

I remember, she posted a pic of the "nipple". Shit looked like a mole.
Everyone's got some lopsided boobs I swear she just wanted to be a unique reason as to why.

No. 715073

Nemu's like a case study on how advanced 4chandamage in teenagers doesn't even stop when the teenager in question stops using 4chan. Early '10s tumblr was pretty much an anything goes environment so I'm not surprised she just managed to accumulate her own little circle of pastel emeto enablers.

No. 715117

Agreed. It doesn't excuse her behavior but it explains it. It's like a severe case of arrested development, kind of reminds me of VenusAngelic. Both girls are in their mid-20's and just now figuring out how to be adults. I think she's like those people with gambling addictions, she can't handle being online where euqlly weird if not worse randos can talk to her. She can't control herself. She needs to take the hint of all these callouts and stay away from the hugboxes.

No. 715175


Yeah, part of the reason why tumblr is so insane about fetishes now is because the pendulum swung too hard in the other direction back in 2011/2012. On Livejournal the hardcore pedo incest rape also someone is drinking piss for some reason fanworks were in members-only comms or kinkmemes that you actively had to look for. on Tumblr you could be browsing a totally innocuous character tag and immediately get smacked in the face with it.

There was also very little judgement on other people's fetishes no matter how out there, that's the only reason why nemu was allowed to get away with talking at length about how hot she got over pictures of radiation victims. It's worst kind of environment for someone who developed maladaptive tendencies as bad as Nemu did.

Basically, a bit of this is on tumblr, a lot of this is on 4chan but frankly most of this is on whoever the fuck did such a bad job raising Nemu that she felt she had to go to 4chan to get attention in the first place.

No. 715195

The pedophile thing is concerning and confirms what we already knew about Nemu, but whats with the cream cheese?

No. 715310

Honestly not sure. I don't think she explains that in the comments history.
She gets really jealous of "ugly" people with a sense of self esteem. It's been like that for years. She always talked terribly about her friends in private, even recently.
She always told her friends how creepy and uncomfortable she thought Harlot was, in public she praised her.

No. 715369

A lot of that was also the paranoia and the undiagnosed schizotypal thing. She thought everyone was looking at her all the time, that cartoons had feelings, that people were watching her and stuff. It's like she lived in a cartoon land with a Big Brother vibe. It's especially clear how detached she was when you would cross reference her version of events vs. another persons. it was all exaggeration and sometimes straight up lies but she believed it because to her what she thought was reality. Didn't help that her echochamber on Tumblr and Twitter was full of people who didn't question her outlandish stories it was always "wow Nemu that's so crazy" uh yeah it's literally crazy. But no one spoke up.

No. 715378

A lot of that was also the paranoia and the undiagnosed schizotypal thing. She thought everyone was looking at her all the time, that cartoons had feelings, that people were watching her and stuff. It's like she lived in a cartoon land with a Big Brother vibe. It's especially clear how detached she was when you would cross reference her version of events vs. another persons. it was all exaggeration and sometimes straight up lies but she believed it because to her what she thought was reality. Didn't help that her echochamber on Tumblr and Twitter was full of people who didn't question her outlandish stories it was always "wow Nemu that's so crazy" uh yeah it's literally crazy. But no one spoke up.

No. 715381

File: 1539814389025.jpg (900.92 KB, 758x6000, dJGb6CJ.jpg)

The day she left social media, I used a program posted in a previous thread and saved approximately 3000 of her most recent tweets and retweets, if anyone is interested in that.

>She always talked terribly about her friends in private, even recently.
Does anyone have any caps of her doing this? This has been brought up a couple times but I haven't seen anyone actually post proof. Not to say I don't think she's the type to talk shit (honestly everyone in the ""fictional other"" twitter-sphere does) but rumors without proof aren't very interesting imo.

No. 715395

File: 1539815332716.png (376.37 KB, 452x524, 43D5C9F1-C93E-4A3D-83F5-3D5930…)

her being schizotypal makes sense and i don’t like doubting people’s mental disorders but i seriously can’t even believe it given how much she’s lied over the years. i see all her lying and distorting of things as unchecked narcissism from having to seek attention so much as a child since her parents obviously didn’t give her any. i mean hell, i believe david more when he said she had BPD in one of the previous threads, though he was unclear if he was talking about bipolar or borderline. both can have psychotic traits and, if gone unchecked and untreated for a long time, can make a person almost sociopathic in how much they lie and mistreat other people.

No. 715396

Were the tweets from her private or public? Either way, I’d be interested. Nice work archiving.

No. 715404

Way back when she was first out of psych ward she posted her paperwork from the psych ward. I dont condone her actionsat all but they make perfect sense when you know all the puzzle pieces. Abuse, neglect, the kind of disorders…there is no way someone is just "like that." Her untreated/undiagnosed time on Tumblr was the wildest shit I've ever seen but even that makes sense in retrospect. I think that's why everyone still talks about her, we just want to figure out HOW a person ends up like that.

No. 715412

as time goes on i'm curious in what her next incarnation will be..following her for so long i doubt shell change

No. 715579

Good job, anon! Is this all 3,000 of them?

No. 715830

File: 1539847150888.png (327.4 KB, 1440x196, Screenshot_2018-10-17-20-12-23…)

Damn I wish we could've seen the full tweet about Chom

No. 716132

Wish we could've seen the full tweets about/everything/ tbh

No. 716214

How the fuck does having scoliosis give you uneven breasts? In her tit pics they are clearly just differently sized breasts that 99% of all women have.

No. 716224

Do you think Nemu give a second thought about the mental conditions of any of the people she's hurt or harassed? I also think people are so quick to sweep ALL her behaviour under the "she's ill ):" blanket because Nemu herself has set it up this way from day one. Yeah, she clearly has a mental illness, but no, that does not cover every disgusting thing she's done.
Also David said himself that he doubts any of that abuse was real. Please stop putting "puzzle pieces" together when most of them are concocted by Nemu to get sympathy points. Some people are just born fucked up and horrible.

No. 716274

i didn’t know there was hospital papers, wow. still, given how she manipulated people’s perception of her on tumblr and even with her own fucking boyfriend, wouldn’t it make sense she’d craft the same elaborate pity-seeking narrative for professionals? that’s the scary thing about abusive narcs, they love distorting people’s perception of them to protect their own ego. and like >>716224 said, even david doesn’t believe the extent of the abuse she’s claimed. if she were truly schizotypal, i really think she’d be less performafive and self aware about it. not trying to come after you or anything, if anything i’m frustrated with myself for how much i bought into her bullshit over the years.

No. 716336

ive been diagnosed as schizotypal in the past I was reassessed and its identified as post traumatic stress badly recognized because of my eccentric nature.
but in her case at and I preface this saying I hate her obsession with this diagnoses and her using it as an excuse, - she seems genuinely to be schizotypal.
I followed her since I was in early hs, and felt relatable to her to a point (definitely no longer), and a lot of things about her weren't consistant but the one thing that was is how her low days were like. her personality she puts on is incongruent but when she was otherwise it was always the same tone

No. 716342

there is the fact that a lot of doctors discuss the legitimacy of schizotypal existing and it being a factor of other things and more or less an excuse for 'hard to diagnose' patients. but when it comes to her fooling doctors I don't think she does it on purpose because I can be a wreck mentally and go to the therapist and carry on because at least for me its very important to maintain my composure even though im paying that person I don't want to push my 'pain' on them. I don't think she's exactly like this but I think she has a hard time dropping her own persona

No. 716349

I think she can't conceptulize other people well enough to empathize with them completely, I don't think its exactly malicious or me first. I think everyone is something of a npc to her, she's impulsive acts in the moment and stubborn in admitting her way of thinking is wrong because then she'd have to change the way she thinks about everything (see the porn and fight the new drug phase)
I take David out of the whole entire puzzle because he is kid fucker no matter what the fuck is up with the fucking yellow Tupperware mess. both of them are untrustworthy but I don't doubt a past of abuse with nemu the details I have no idea I remember posts about their finances (her parents), their drug issues, and her relationship with her mother versus her father

No. 716351

I don't trust the details I do trust that there was abuse and trauma even minute things she said that weren't meant otherwise to be attention grabbing or venting or otherwise there would be strange details evident of negligent parents

No. 716431

A lot of us do have to remember, Nemu's persona is internet exclusive. Some of us have seen the candid videos Janelle had before she wiped and she was not the same person she made everyone think she was. We have links to her voice being completely different around David and not all high pitched when she'd do so for the internet. Her friends who have met her after knowing her online have also said "She's so cool and completely different than she is online" but they say this in admiration.

I don't remember if the papers she posted actually stated she was schizotypal or if they were just the name of the mental facility next to her name proving she went to go get tested.
Either way, it's suspicious David only mentioned she had BPD, when he came here in the first thread, which was something she never ever brought up, even after getting tested.

I believe she has BPD and she's def a narc.

No. 716695

fr, for how much she talked about her diagnoses it’s really fucking suspect that she never mentioned BPD once. probably because it didn’t fit her harmless kooky girl persona.

No. 716709

I think her whole group of orbiters needs their own thread. They post the most embarrassing shit.

No. 716723

did she ever say what her sai brush settings were? i won’t lie her art is still impressive

No. 716752

Read the OP, this thread is open for her orbiters since she's basically inactive right now

No. 716848

Whenever she first went to the hospital she was diagnosed schizotypal + OCD, then as therapy went on PTSD, and after she remade her private account she got BPD. I stopped following last year so I don't know if there's anything more than that. I don't know if BPD stood for borderline or bipolar she only mentioned it once. When I left she wasn't drawing very much because some medication she was taking was making her hands shake. You could actually see it in the lineart. The only thing that makes me question the narc idea is how she admitted how low her self-esteem was. As far as I know that's not something a narc does. Borderline would make sense though.

No. 717043

Nemu has never talked about having BPD, borderline or bipolar. Not on her private Twitter or even in private chats. The only time it was brought up was when David mentioned it in thread, and even he didn't know which disorder the acronym meant. I don't think Nemu exhibits very many 'classic' borderline symptoms and to be honest I think everyone here just calls any flake or cow that's a manipulative bitch borderline.

I followed her private right up until she found out about the thread and she still drew, she just didn't post a lot of finished art. I think once she stopped drawing so much porn and fetish content, her output slowed down. But she was posting unfinished Inspector Gadget doodles and even got super into Retsuko and had a self insert and art for that.

No. 717774

reread the David posts and hes definitely referring to borderline not bipolar, he inserts nemu into almost textbook examples

No. 717887

Someone on KF a few weeks ago mentioned how it was odd she never showed "complete" progress of her art. She'd post absolute scribbles and then when she'd start streaming, the lineart would be practically done.
I remember she'd proudly brag, often, about how she magically progresses from chicken scratch to smooth, pronounced lineart. I don't doubt she traces and acts like she figured it all out by herself.

No. 718255

she just uses the default binary tool i believe :)

No. 719164

Sai's default binary tool + an overlay.

No. 719166

I honestly wonder how long David and Christy will last. They've been together for almost a decade now. They kind of has an Arin/Suzie thing going on where they've mutually settled for one another. David definitely couldn't get anyone else if he tried, especially after being subjected to Nemu for so long, and Nemu's dirty laundry has been aired so thoroughly that it wouldn't take too much to find out she's a complete fucking nutcase.

No. 719173

> that’s the scary thing about abusive narcs, they love distorting people’s perception of them to protect their own ego

this is so important to distress. she doesn't have to tell the whole truth to anyone, not even mental health professionals. she can even think she's technically telling the truth but tell it in the most flattering, sympathetic way possible. a really good therapist can notice suspicious things, but at the end of the day, they can't read her thoughts and figure out what she's covering up.

she might also get off on the challenge of tricking everyone to think she's a nice lady including therapists. if she was all humble and scared of her insane inner world being exposed, she would never put herself out there to the internet including fucking 4chan the way that she has, and never ever link that persona to her job at a teaching institution. i mean would you ever do those things? she does some really ballsy shit for someone with so much taboo content out there, she's certainly not paranoid. she seems like the type of person to think that they're so good at what they do that they can even trick authority figures and people who could dox them and ruin their life, aka a delusional narc.

No. 719195

yep, she's certainly convincing.
i have a strong feeling she's taken so long to come back is because shit hit the fan really hard. her threads were active and she even got featured on KF. her tricks are harder for her. i mean, no doubt she's probably just keeping her presence to a few discord channels, but her narcissistic chicken tendencies will force her to go public again.
under a different name? who knows.
tbh it really does look like jenelle cut the rope with her. i wonder how that all went down.

No. 719529

i doubt it. jenelle was probably just told by crusty to keep quiet and not to mention her. a lot of crustys circlejerk friends still talk to jenelle, so they're probably still besties.

No. 720159

She only ever "admitted" how low self esteem she was when something crept out of her past showing how she had systemically bullied and targeted other women online in her younger years. Every "I'm actually super fragile guys ):" was in response to something.

No. 720161

They'll last forever. They're as vile as each other and have got each other perfectly trapped. David is a rapist manipulator who will literally starve Nemu into doing what he wants. Nemu, is Nemu. The pair will be together forever, neither one will break the cycle.

No. 720172

I bet the only reason why she lists "girl hate" as her dislikes in her Meet the Artist drawings are because we can see through her bullshit. She lives off men's attention so she plays off any girl who speaks reveals her as being jealous.

No. 720576

She would tell me about unpleasant stuff about her friends on occasion. Where she'd end up saying "okay im gonna be petty for a moment" and would say stuff like "this cosplay would look better on me". She also told me about how Xan was really dirty, had piles of clothes or trash, and food left around her house, pet droppings, etc. How Jenelle smelled awful too. As well as the story on how Harlot was a weird perv and kept trying to molest her.

I havent checked this thread in weeks and i probably should have never come back, but my stupid self and impulsive curiosity brought me back.

I cant see her without getting hurt all over again and am reminded just how much of a bad guy she wants to make me seem. This shit is traumatizing. The tweet is just another twist of the knife and a reminder of just how awful of a communicator she really is.

She actually told me a few times she was a compulsive liar when she was younger because her remembering something would always be different from reality. But the thing is, it seems her lying happened regardless of weird memory parsing. Looking back at it, it was a huge red flag, but i wanted to trust her.

Honestly i feel bad for revealing even more private stuff about her, but at the same time i want her to see the damage she causes.

No. 720585

Yeah don't hold back, you're brave enough to reveal who you are. By the way I hope you come back and see this, has Christy even tried to contact you when this whole thing happened?
I've heard about how she criticized Xan and Harlot, but not Jenelle. That's new for me.

No. 720609


Now that ive started, ill probably be checking it a little bit at a time.

I havent heard from her since she said she was "extremely emotionally tired" from us fighting about how shitty of a friend/girlfriend she was being to me. That was way back in April.

Her friends already had blocked me way before then, because apparently they thought i was being bad to her. This includes Jenelle, which i was surprised to see, because i thought she knew me better. None of them tried to contact me or confront me either. It feels like a high school clique shunning someone because of a rumor. Really sucks.

No. 720613

the way nemu can shut people out of a circle with a command to her orbiters is really scary. i’m sorry you and xan had to go through that all because she didn’t want to deal with you anymore. thanks for the info btw, it’s helped the threads a lot.

No. 720622

It's honestly scary. There were people I didn't expect from my friend group to still care about her. While all this happened I saw a few discussing with each other about 'poor' Christy being bullied and saying she doesn't deserve this because she's recovering from being 'groomed by 4chan'. Some of them weren't even following her and they were still an orbiter.

No. 720856

Nemu probably told them all to block you to be honest. And she was almost definitely bitching about you (and possibly telling lies) to all of them too. That's how she operates. She'll completely demonise anyone she doesn't like to anyone who will obey her

No. 720858

A lot times she would send screenshot of conversation to justify the block. I remember that when we used to chat

No. 723541

File: 1540848579773.png (513.99 KB, 1177x1156, Screenshot_2018-10-29-16-21-45…)


Nemu's Steam account.
She changed her name multiple times to hide her previous names that were posted in the last thread.

I'm also skeptical about the date she decided to do this. In the last thread, they showed her Steam name changes a month before August. She changed her name a few days after anon pointed out she might be lying about her military brother ever existing.

No. 723689

How she treated you is transparent and that’s from her own accord of what she’s said and what’s she’s posted and this tweet where she seems to be afraid of what you have to say about her - you contacting her, she has this narc delusion that she was forging about you contacting her which otherwise nothing has been mentioned about you harassing her, meaning she’s just afraid of what you have to say
It’s her twisting the knife and trying to change the perspective out of petty fear

No. 723690

I have a photo of him she posted. He's real.

No. 723737

??so post??? you already know people are going to ask so may as well go ahead

No. 723738

that pfp… oh god don't tell me, she's lusting after the snake from the animated robin hood movie and inb4 fox princess fursona getting hypnotized/vored by him, i called it guys

No. 724072

After everything's that happened she's still forcing her fetishes down everyone's throats in whatever small way she can. She can't help herself even for a month or two. I'd be surprised if she isn't already back on twitter somewhere.

No. 724073

Nothing to be gained by posting the photo of him, its a photo taken of him on duty. Besides, look at her father's obituary, it confirms he exists.

No. 724354


>petty fear

This is the same conclusion ive come to and its really sad she did this at all.

I was always willing to let her talk to me about her anxieties when she was having a crisis, and id at least try to talk her down from it. But obviously she had stuff she didnt even want to mention to me. Often thought of herself as being too big a burden on me, no matter how much i told her she wasn't. I cant change her brain or thoughts tho, so… it came to her freaking the hell out and making shit up again i guess

No. 724369

Not saying she doesn't, because, well, she does, but i wouldn't really call a pfp as forcing her fetishes onto people…

No. 724553

Oh fuck off. That image is purely pornographic to her. She literally gets off on flaunting her fetishes to everyone, and she is literally still doing it.

No. 724559

anon she literally had a fetish for snakes choking/crushing people,she self identified as a snake and drew crush porn of her snake oc and o'hare for christ's sake.

No. 724561

maybe forcing is a little strong of a word choice, but it says a lot that she can't help herself but make her pfp something that turns her on and caters to one of her many fetishes. she made that big sobby post about how her life doensn't revolve around her fetishes anymore yet she can't even pick a damn steam pfp that isn't sexual to her.

No. 725346

File: 1541166598740.png (896.19 KB, 1319x2248, Screenshot_2018-11-02-08-49-28…)

Some milk from the KF thread

No. 725430

File: 1541182340733.png (220.13 KB, 500x500, 3B38AB45-165E-4E07-91C9-48D56F…)

i know exactly which orbiter posted that and it’s hilarious to see her playing with fire on kf while she’s an embarrassing lolcalf herself. the milk is good but exposing her would be funny as shit if there were enough receipts

No. 725467

KEK of course, is she as much of a sex freak as Nemu?

No. 725696

She exposed herself earlier on in the thread, even the kiwis pointed out how stupid that was. Glad to see she's still as dumb as ever.

No. 725714

i wanna know this as well. there's one kiwi on the sapphire thread who berates her fucking serial killer ghosts, yet is also a hybristo from tumblr. wouldn't surprise me if there's more closet-cows on the site after the lagoona blue fiasco.

No. 725750

Give names, a lot of us don't have time to read through 3 different threads

No. 725774

sage for slightly off topic, but Kiwi Farms is legitimately full of self-hating autistic and otherwise mentally ill people. Lagoona isn't a special case, she just got a lot of attention by alogging cwc and she left an easy to follow digital footprint. Lurking on KF and looking a bit into the posters reveals that a good chunk of them are insecure about their autism, diagnosed or otherwise.

I've noticed that this type of person joins KF over vendettas and partakes in more aggressive behavior. They're markedly different from someone who genuinely goes there for laughs.

No. 736773

Bumping this just because I wanna see more pictures of her nude(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 742346

It's so strange when people you know get lolcow threads (for me, Christy and Soren) and you wish you made them first kek. These threads don't miss any milk at all and that's amazing. I don't have any myself but I was definitely underage when Soren started messaging me, about sexual subjects. Since she deleted her Tumblr and I changed urls, they're unfortunately gone. They were tame compared to what else she's said/done but sexual and creepy, for sure.

No. 742618

Anyone have any updates on christy?

No. 742628

None yet, I happened to have checked her orbiters' follower lists yesterday and haven't found any suspicious new accounts following them. It seems she's migrated to Discord channels, Facebook, and playing games on Steam in terms of online content under her internet presence.

Yep, Christy's milk is too memorable for us all. It's insane.

No. 744002

Tried finding her on Facebook, looks like she (and david?) deleted… I think it was /lovexshine?

No. 744003

Tried finding her on Facebook, looks like she (and david?) deleted… I think it was /lovexshine?

No. 744076

that's crazy. both hiding from the internet? they can't be gone for that much longer.

No. 744187

they absolutely know that theirs no coming back without consequences, and honestly there's no win for them. ether leave the netsphere forever or come back so we can document

No. 744226

I wonder what she thinks about what’s going on with tumblr now. Do you think she’ll try to reinvent herself on another platform ever?

No. 744236

i could possibly see her use mastodon, as that site has a pedo problem of its own. probably other sites that arent mainstream

No. 745097

Y'know, i was just thinking about this today actually- if tumblr purged nsfw content back then like it's going to now, would that have stunted nemu's popularity growth at all?
I feel like the thing about tumblr is that it's so so easy to create tight little bubbles for people and a huge part of nemu's rise in popularity may have been because of how easy things spread around on tumblr. idk, just a little food for thought.

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