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File: 1529818218264.png (174.16 KB, 508x502, tumblr_n1xrk4cAfE1sm1433o1_r2_…)

No. 631315

anyone know what happened to her? one of the weirdest tumblr porn artists i ever came across. was into this dude, mr crocker, that "dick the birthday boy" bear from rockafire explosion (iirc) and would draw them puking/shitting into a grimy yellow tupperware for her to eat

No. 631316

I don't know why she left but she has a private twitter. I can't read it but going some of the replies she changed her name to Holden

No. 631317

Towards the end she changed her tumblr handle to ocdmrcrocker. I vaguely remember she was a school teacher and part timed in a fast food restaurant. Maybe her work found out about her online presence?

The puke and shit stuff was gross, but I thought her art style was kind of cool.

No. 631318

Honestly I liked her.
She obviously had some issues but I liked her attitude and how much she loved her waifus.

I'm sorry for how she was treated, she got bullied to the point she left the website for good and migrated to twitter and deviantArt. She was also diagnosed with some sort of sex addiction that she got treatment for.

I hope she feels better nowadays, I was sad to see her leave in such a negative way.

No. 631319

Her last months on Tumblr were worrisome. I remember her posting pictures of her thrown up spaghettios in Tupperware containers.

Her public art Twitter: https://twitter.com/krocodilekore

She always had a good lead for working towards recovery, but somehow the situation would twist around in the end for the worst. She found therapy, but it turned into her therapist suggesting she sleep with people who aren't her boyfriend. She finds a website for people struggling with sex addiction, suddenly everyone who watches even vanilla porn was set to be an abuser. A few friends of mine followed her when she went to Twitter, but she blocked them when they pointed out this sex addiction recovery / anti-porn website she was sharing was sketchy. I legitimately have respect for her for getting diagnosed, but the diagnosis became massive part of her identity.
She just got engaged to her boyfriend. My friends and I thought it was a little odd she was still with him since he was known to be into hentai and I remember reading on KF he tried having sex with her when she was sleeping.

While looking at the replies to her private twitter, she has a close group of friends who give off a kind front, but are very controlling. You can tell when you look through their profiles how manipulative and authoritative they actually are. She used to hate these groups, but I have a clue since they're so personally /nice/ to her, she's shamed into acting like them. I have a feeling they enable a lot of her bad habits too.

Like other anon said, it sucks she was bullied off Tumblr for liking something that wasn't even harmful, being attracted to older and "ugly" characters. The puke and shit stuff wasn't even that bad either. It's hard to tell which parts of Nemu are herself and which parts she's imitating from the people she knows, I just hope she's doing OK overall.

No. 631320

Is it bad I want to see some of this artwork? Call it morbid curiousity but I tried looking for the art described and couldn't find anything. Can someone share?

No. 631321

File: 1530093832194.jpg (Spoiler Image, 734.44 KB, 960x1280, 18-06-27-05-03-16-648_deco.jpg)

No. 631322

anyone got that pic of o'hare in a sailor suit? easily the nastiest thing she drew of what I remember

No. 631323

also, how does one be aromantic and have a bf she says she loves

No. 631324

faeku luh

No. 631325

tru… iirc she met him at a mall and introduced herself by asking if he wanted to buttfuck. and now they're engaged!
then again he does the voices of her husbandos in bed which kind of warms my heart

No. 631326

File: 1530185773977.jpg (82.08 KB, 599x589, 7cK1bdQ.jpg)

I used to follow her on twitter as well. IIRC she broke the ice by complimenting his Transformers shirt, and they buttfucked after hanging out for a bit. She was also 17 at the time, and he was well over 18.

Shes always struck me as someone with severe daddy issues. Apparently, she had a sexually abusive father that died recently. Her fetish is ugly, fat older dudes who absolutely have to be virgins so its obvious that she has a thing for being seen as desireable to undesirable people. Pretty strange, considering she's actually very cute apperance-wise.

Nemu is basically on the same coin as Alix Henriol, only self aware enough to not let her life go down the shitter.

Judging by her Twitter, she seems to be close to a relapse. Though she's anti-porn, I've seen that she still at least commissions other artist porn of her self-inserts with her waifus, so it's not hard to imagine she still draws it herself. Her friends all seem like enablers too. I know one of her closer friends was a tripfag and used to post nudes on 4chan's /soc/. She's also another one of those obsessive waifu girls. Holden recently drew a diary comic where she admitted that she still has sexually charged convesations about fictional characters with her friends.

I'm no psychiatrist, but I theorize that her obsession with a certain type of fictional character is some kind of coping mechanism for her. Like a sexual security blanket. It's really unusual to see someone like her not be some greasy neet living in their parent's basement.

Her Instagram is "Kerozeene" btw
At the very least, its cool to see that she's still into cosplay.

Bonus: She was forced to resign from her teaching job for going SJW on her white students.

No. 631327

She was ppauly originally, then Nemu-nemu, then Malfunction52. ocdmrcrocker was towards the end of her tenure on tumblr.

Her leaving tumblr was a really good thing I think. That website is the worst for people with suggestable, easily addictive personalities. I've seen people go from reasonably normal kink-wise to sex-obsessed freaks over the course of a couple of years all thanks to the way tumblr works. They follow a bunch of like-minded blogs, so every time they log in their dashboard is a slideshow of degenerate shit. Almost like mental conditioning. A person I used to be friends with went from having an interest in BDSM to wanting to genuinely fuck animals in the span of a couple of years. Combine that with the echo chamber community and you've got a recipe for warped sexuality. If Nemu hadn't left tumblr before she was bullied off for wanting to fuck Crocker's mother, then she probably would have left of her own volition when she started her recovery process.

No. 631328

I never followed her but damn, good for her for getting help. Reading this and other posts in this thread, her life seemed fucked up. Wishing you well Nemu

No. 631329

is this the same girl that used to draw cosplay comics of her and her significant other as bleach characters? those were so cute. that was a long time ago, though…

i'm glad that she's doing better and getting help she needs.

No. 631330

File: 1530199983760.jpeg (131.56 KB, 1029x1065, 3C686112-F558-4434-9A77-76C152…)

god i miss this bitch so bad!!! it seems like she has really dialed back her fetishy stuff and is making a conscious effort to be less nasty, but i will forever cherish the absolutely wild porn she made for years

No. 631331

oh wow, deets on the sjwing at white kids?

No. 631332

The topic of affirmative action came up in a class and the way she explained it confused a couple students. A student said the procedure seemed unfair and she shot him down with, "Well, your opinion doesn't count since you're a white male." A couple of other students in the class didn't like the way she talked to him and they left negative reviews of her after the class was over.
After a couple of days, she had a meeting with whoever takes care of subs and they told her she shouldn't bring up politics, especially since she's not in a permanent position. She gets fired/resigns from her position.
Afterwards, she posted on her art Twitter about the situation, also saying the students in that class were unsupportive of LGBT, special needs, and POC. Reminder: these are children she's met for less than 9 hours. She explained to everyone she's better than these students because she's kind and helpful.

This was a situation that was going to happen at some point, she tweeted art weeks before about not being a mother to immature boys and mentioned how the girls in her classes are always nice, but the boys are loud and don't behave.

Maybe a bit OT but it really doesn't help her closest friends are white SJWs, especially when they act like they're God just for being nice to POC. That's all I saw who were mainly supporting her in her replies.

No. 631333

File: 1530311251518.png (Spoiler Image, 161.24 KB, 428x358, tumblr_inline_p9ifkqfobp1s56do…)

why don't anons post her art?

i google her and theres just drawings of cute vomiting pictures from a tumblr post and nothing else. i don't think vomiting is tht big of a deal and i can't find any of that "super nasty" stuff people itt are talking about so i'm curious. post the weird shittt or at least some screenshots, never heard of this bitch

No. 631334

File: 1530314093765.jpeg (229.93 KB, 538x1620, 2BB4F4E6-6CB7-4D75-BB68-8143D6…)

i am desperate to find that one image of the little lorax man shitting in a school swimsuit. please tell me one of you has it

No. 631335

File: 1530314573573.png (Spoiler Image, 293.33 KB, 527x608, dfssdfdfsdsf_by_mintypuke-d9lu…)

I really wish I archived all of her art from when she was really into that Lorax villain. I think that's when her content reached peak wildness.

Managed to nab this and a few other images before she deleted them from her DA.

No. 631336

Here's some

CGL archive of thread just like this one, makes me wonder if she self-posts…

I used to have a puke fetish too, yet all her art just bores me. It's such a tumblr-y art style, idk why you guys are so intrigued by it.

No. 631337

I'm glad she's happy in her relationship, but she used to be super open about her sexual proclivities and imagining her eating her fat boyfriend's vomit and shit sounds like something you'd see in one of those humiliation JAVs.

Good job on getting all her student loans paid before her mid 20s though.

No. 631338

Yeah the art style is really Tumblr-y, but I think it wasn't such a popular style yet when she was around. I adored her for being into characters mostly ignored, but she only liked those characters for that exact reason. If she knew of anybody else who said they liked the same character, she'd seriously get jealous as if the character belonged to her, yet try to find another obscure character to like instead…

A couple months ago she found out she had her own skinwalker. She was into the same obscure characters as her, one specifically was the singer from Interpol. Made the same kind of art style with the ta-da lines, pastel colors, and quirky writing. I don't remember any info, but I'll try to dig up some stuff.

No. 631339


>A couple months ago she found out she had her own skinwalker. She was into the same obscure characters as her, one specifically was the singer from Interpol. Made the same kind of art style with the ta-da lines, pastel colors, and quirky writing. I don't remember any info, but I'll try to dig up some stuff.


No. 631340

File: 1530325576191.png (2.03 MB, 1300x1360, 13497 - artist_wadesu game_tom…)

There's some more art here: https://booru.vineshroom.net/post/list/artist%3Awadesu/1

They definitely changed the name they use because their DeviantArt is gone, but yeah pic is one that I can find that imitates it the most.

No. 631341

File: 1530326210671.png (Spoiler Image, 86.34 KB, 666x484, S1Q0Gq3.png)

Oh wow. This is a direct riff off of Nemu's art.

Personally, I think she'd be just another overly obsessive waifufag if not for her art skills. Her personality was weird and she was really open about some TMI parts of her life, but she isn't particularly milky otherwise.

No. 631342

I REALLY don’t think Holden should have a thread here. She is a severely mentally ill but completely harmless person. I don’t know her personally but I have been following her in some capacity for about 7 years and I’ve never seen her hurt a fly. Her brain is sick and it has been for a long time. This thread trying to pry into her life is cruel and unnecessary. Please leave her alone.

No. 631343

What makes her any different than any other 'harmless' lolcow? I'm sure at least a good 90% of the cows feature here are sick in the head. Nobody here is viciously attacking her.

No. 631344

Polterheiist, you want a thread for yourself too?

No. 631345

File: 1530488832666.jpg (39.71 KB, 583x583, 1486434020768.jpg)

>The onceler

Interesting thread tho, I feel like artists like these are never talked about. Tumblr is kinda good at keeping this stuff under wraps

No. 631346

Didn't see her dA posted anywhere, so here it is for people curious:


No. 631347

I always wondered where her massive fixation on having babies by her husubandos came from. That seems to be the third most reoccurring theme after vomit and scat.

On her instagram she's posted herself wearing a couple of handmade "____ got me pregnant" shirts. I think she wore them to cons but she's pretty bold to wear them out when she works in teaching. I don't think someone's harmless net history should be grounds for getting them fired, but America is notorious for getting rid of teachers for the most trival of things. I remember a few years ago a middle school teacher had to resign for taking a picture of herself holding a full glass of beer while visiting the Heiniken brewery on vacation.

Holden doesn't release her real name, but she does post her face way more than she used to, and she draws in a pretty recognizable style. I think she should be a bit more careful with her online presence since she's kind of infamous.

No. 631348

If you remember, she did get in big trouble during her high school or college days when she got caught putting drawings of Pauly from Professor Layton in the school papers.

No. 631349

Stuff like that makes me wonder why she's so overt with her obsessions. That's bordering on Chris Chan levels of insertion.

No. 631350

If I'm not mistaken, Holden was a tripfag on 4chan too. She made a username for herself based on Olimar and once posted images of herself in her Homura cosplay.

No. 631351

File: 1530603209186.png (36.9 KB, 584x335, oaWyQrO.png)

Anyone else feel like Holden goes out of her way to lecture/explain why she does the strange things she does? It comes across like she's more trying to justify it to herself than educate the people around her. She really is one of those "I get to do this weird thing because I have ___ condition and nobody can say anything about it" people.

No. 631352

You're right but I don't really blame her lol. I mean, what would you do if you found yourself with an ugly side character vomit fetish and the compulsion to post about it? You'd need to give yourself some sort of a palatable motive.

No. 631353

I always thought it was funny she tried to separate herself from waifu girls by calling the characters she gets crushes on fictional others. She's using the term wrong since it's meant for characters you relate to rather than ones you want to fuck.

No. 631354

Oh geez, I was wondering what happened to this person. IIRC she booted herself off Tumblr because a few underage shits tried picking a fight with her and she had to remove herself from that nonsense. Tumblr a shit.

I always thought it was weird the characters she was attracted to looked like literal man-children considering her job but I tried not to read too deep into it.

I'm honestly not surprised she'd get fired for going SJW on her students. She's extremely naive in that sense.

No. 631355

>She's extremely naive in that sense.

That's something I've always wondered about when it came to Holden. She's smart/driven enough to stick with uni and get a teaching license but she's got this weird naivety about her. Do they even let people with diagnosed conditions work that close to children? I can't imagine she's as open about her disorders online as she is in person, but she does go to a therapist regularly.

No. 631356

She is open about that stuff. I had a friend tell me she was making comics and sharing pics on her Facebook explaining her mental illnesses. Her co-workers would like and comment on them. It's a little different for her teaching job since she was just a sub and moving around schools.

No. 631357

there does have to be some kind of motive since fetishes don't just happen on their own ‍♀️ for the vomit one she says it's that she was sick a lot as a kid and her mom would give her the one specific tupperware

i thought it was like "significant other" to make them seem more real/waifu implies female anime characters as opposed to ugly male background characters from western animation

No. 631358

I remember this girl from when she used to post her nemu cosplay comics on /cgl/. Wow, she's a whore, neat.

No. 631359

I remember her saying that she had some kind of problem with her vagina for most of her life, where she couldn't have vaginal sex so she only ever had anal. She also had frequent urinary tract infections.

I know her dad was weird with her, but I wonder if she ever had sex before her fiance. She must've if she was so eager to take his virginity before knowing him for more than 24 hours.

Unrelated, but she's also Slovakian apparently. Does anybody know if she's an immigrant or second generation?

No. 631360

oh yeah i remember that too! she had a particularly bad case of vaginismus.

No. 631361


ain't nobody got pics?

this girl is a "literally who" this thread is a twilight zone

No. 631362

I followed her tumblr for a while and the only time I saw a picture was momentarily through a stream before removing it. To my knowledge, she's very private since she works/worked with children

No. 631363

File: 1530787441719.jpg (57.93 KB, 640x640, q14uM32.jpg)


Her insta is full of pictures of herself.

No. 631364

File: 1530787957554.png (1.42 MB, 1440x1920, nemu.png)

I feel in my heart of hearts that 98% of the posts itt were made by one person and it was either her or her stalker.

Mods, can you check for samefagging?

No. 631365

tbh i think her weirdness is a widely known thing, just on a low level due to how harmless she seems- seeing this thread hit me with the biggest wave of mixed nostalgia and ???? solely because i thought she was just my personal not-cow

No. 631366

I definitely smell an insane samefaggot in this thread.

>shes just awk and crazy anon so quirky

No. 631367

I don't agree at all. This thread feels so off.

Some more sus things that fuel my tinfoil:
>A LOT of the posters itt have very similar typing styles while claiming to be different anons
>This isn't the first time she's been brought up in the exact same way, like the /cgl/ thread I posted a few days a go that was eerily similar. She's been brought up on this site before too and the "people" who were talking about her then said the same exact shit.
>Virtually all the anons itt are dickriding a gender special pervert and no one is questioning it. Very weird because this is fucking lolcow, not cc or anything.
>Someone said that she regularly posted on /cgl/, which means she probably lurks here too
>She's clearly crazy, so it wouldn't be surprising for her to self-post here

All in all, this girl is still a cringy, disgusting, irrelevant snowflake who looks like Suzy, shoe0nhead, and a mime cross-pollinated. I don't understand why else anyone would be praising her so much unless they were her or obsessed with her.

No. 631368

Honestly I noticed this too I just pushed it off as it was because she was nice to them once. why are anons licking her boots

No. 631369

I thought the same thing. This thread is just incredibly strange.
>Ah, yes. That wacky, lovable vomit porn enthusiast from Tumblr who went SJW on a class of students! So naive. So cute. I really miss her!
It's like being on bizarro Lolcow or something.

No. 631370

she is really nice to people, i wouldnt rule out that a bunch of us interacted with her, especially back on tumbl when her obsessives would call her mama nemu and ask this fucked up person for advice because she had her shit marginally more together than them

if these anons are tumbloids, that comes with a homogenous typing style

No. 631371

keep trying to justify it, it still feels like there's a samefag among us and it's probably you

No. 631372

File: 1530802087694.jpg (1.72 MB, 2560x2560, 18-07-05-09-15-53-665_deco.jpg)

>She's so nice, anons! Totally harmless!

She would mention how she was better than channers.
She knows this site exists and is aware of this thread. She has made posts on 4chan and on here before. She acts like she doesn't use "decade old websites for gossip". Twitter is technically the exact same thing, minus anonymity and she's gossiped many times.
One of her bigger stalkers already posted on here >>631342 they're cows themselves.

No. 631373

Wasn't lolcow made as an off-shoot of /cgl/? I honestly don't know, but I saw someone say that once. Since she used to be known on that board, some people that came over from there might genuinely remember her fondly. That's the case for me, at least.

Anyway, not everyone is here to ridicule the same things you do, anon. Just because we're on the same site doesn't mean I agree with you on what is cow worthy. Sure, there might be some samefagging, but your logic for why that is is kind of idiotic.

inb4 "you're the samefag"

No. 631374

Sounds like a fully blown cow to me. Crazy stuff, I want to know more.

No. 631375

File: 1530804447573.png (Spoiler Image, 176.87 KB, 665x412, d4fb7e1d-da6c-432a-bd51-5e2299…)

I found some old art she drew of herself getting fucked by a hanar from Mass Effect

No. 631376

Got any more? This is the first actual porn I've seen posted yet everyone is talking about her wild disgusting porn.

No. 631377

mainly the fabled pic of ohare in the dress with the shit. whered you find this son?

No. 631378

I searched ppauly on Twitter, couldn't find any other of her art under her other Tumblr names, unless there's a few we missed. There's another anon who said they have a collection of her stuff before she cleaned up her deviant art. Right now I'm trying to find stuff on R34.

No. 631379

She had her tag on Paheal purged years ago.

No. 631380

eh, she was pretty polite to me on tumblr and i don't harbor any ill-will

you on the other hand, sound like one of her friends trying to derail the thread. or are just mega jealous at the attention

No. 631381

File: 1530826030043.png (90.04 KB, 1318x367, Screenshot_2018-07-05-10-47-18…)

Why is it always these people who've said stuff like this have the worst SJW freakouts years down the road.

No. 631382

Her telling children that their opinions dont matter cause of their race top kek.

No. 631383

>no u!!
If I was her friend, why would I try to derail the thread when people are sucking her dick? I think it belongs in /snow/ at the very least, investigated for hardcore samefagging at most.

No. 631384

This girl is fake as fuck. All the anons in this thread reminiscing over how sweet and uwu she was, but she used to be a tripfag on one of the bitchiest boards on 4chan and still gossips to this day. It was obviously just a diversion to make up for the rest of her personality just like how the porn positivity shit was just to keep people from kinkshaming her. Everybody in this thread giving her a pass because she is/was nice fell for it.

She knows that if she was anything but kind and sweet mama Nemu she would be one of those lolcows with an ED page or kiwifarms thread. Especially if she's self assured and tactless enough to tell children that their opinions mean less because of their race.

Her boyfriend apparently had issues with her low libido after she got help for her addiction. He'd try to do stuff to her while she was asleep. Marriage material right there.

No. 631385

There's a couple posts on her on kiwifarms, but they're majority like 80% of this thread going "aww she was so nice, i hope everything's ok! she's never hurt a fly"
honestly how hilarious is it to tell a bunch of kids their opinions don't matter because they're white when she's white herself.

miss "i love kids so much i want to be so pregnant and have tons of babies and take care of them" doesn't actually like kids unless they're submissive and able to handle abuse from adults

No. 631386

>she's MEAN on 4chan so she's not actually a nice person!

I mean, it's fucking 4chan. It's obsessive to give an actual shit about what people post on there as if everyone should be sunshine and rainbows on every facet of their life 24/7

No one is saying she's a saint. Her personal life is fucked up, but there are much milkier cows here by comparison

No. 631387

I remember her posting pics on tumblr of her sizable Bad Dragon dildo collection, with her favorite being a huge horse dong. She would mention that she could fit the whole thing inside her. She'd also talk about her and he boyfriend engaging in scatplay together in the bathtub, and that poop tastes bitter so she personally didn't care to eat the shit.

I also think it's odd that so many replies itt talk about how sweet she was…She was a shit show that was fun to watch crash and burn. This girl clearly has issues and isn't the type of person I'd associate myself with irl, regardless of how "sweet" she is online.

No. 631388

that first paragraph needed a spoiler. jfc, that's repulsive…

No. 631389

File: 1530986352276.jpg (13.2 KB, 236x243, main-qimg-43c50f3b7b92b5bd3ba7…)

>this crazy disgusting bitch can have a bf she loves and gets engaged to
>i'm still single

No. 631390

>i have a huge fetish for vomit in yellow tupperware containers if you couldnt notice
this is one of those things where i'm deathly curious as to why/how this person got the fetish. i can understand puke fetish, but specifically in "yellow tupperware" what the fuck? lmao did she do that as a kid and somehow the disgust translated to arousal or what?

No. 631391

also sorry for not condensing this i'm a samefag but her art looks like a huge ripoff of p-ro's. a pretty popular internet artist back in the day. http://nomorepros.tumblr.com/

No. 631392

lol i see a LOT of influence.
i think this can also explain a lot of the less "normie" things she likes such as transformers and eyeshield 21

No. 631393

yeah especially p-ro's old stuff. p-ro used to draw tons of guro and male abuse type pics, was one of the only artists around doing this "cutesy" style of it too. so i can see her copying. pretty lame of this nemu person to do.

No. 631394

it was a specific tupperware container her mom would put next to her bed as a kid, probably more so a feeling of being taken care of turned sexual rather than disgust but idk

No. 631395

I think anons point out how nice she is because one:

1. snowflake threads are usually reserved for shitty individuals

2. Despite how weird and disgusting her fetishes are, it stands in contrast that she is not an unpleasant person to talk to

Like, no one is being "fooled" here. As far as personality goes, nemu's pretty average

No. 631514

File: 1531045373685.jpg (429.52 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20180708_045733.jpg)

I cannot be convinced this is her actual handwriting.

No. 631542

She used to trip? Where and what was her trip?

No. 631562

Kind of ott but I have such an interest in these sorts of weirdos/cows because I feel like a lot of us who grew up on bbs boards and tumblr have the potential to have ended up this way. This kind of scene is full of girls with weird issues and broken self esteem, and we know what 4chan can do to that, also like >>631327 said
Looking at these things is like looking into a dark mirror of what you could have been. It's disturbing in the most familiar way.

No. 631573

File: 1531056853177.png (Spoiler Image, 243.31 KB, 500x663, nummu.png)

Something she drew of herself getting fucked by Pizza Steve from Uncle Grandpa

No. 631622

jesus fucking christ i remember this. it’s all coming back to me. please tell me one of you was on top of saving this shit when she was active, i’d almost forgotten how wild it got. anyone else remember when she wanted to fuck toad? good times

No. 631654

File: 1531071966772.png (155.45 KB, 254x585, tumblr_mds020ZeAo1ro8ahdo1_400…)

So I searched around a bit and have compiled a list of almost all the aliases Nemu went by on Tumblr and some on other websites before she migrated to Twitter:

nemu-nemu, nemulife, clockworkpauly, angrypauly, angry-pauly, paulybreath, pushypauly, nemuart, nemuporn, ippycake, mintypuke, ppauly, breaker137, malfunction54, toganou, ocdmrcrocker

It's kinda hard to find her drawings, a majority of the ones I've found are the pukey ones mostly through her friends and stalkers reblogs. I don't think a lot of people reblogged the self-sex ones so whatever's out there is scarce.

That drawing of herself pregnant with Toad sitting on her lap was tame!

No. 631686

So does anyone have caps of actual weird shit she used to post?

No. 631694

File: 1531076184171.png (52.23 KB, 391x291, tinycartnemu.PNG)

No. 631697

File: 1531076344690.png (Spoiler Image, 500.49 KB, 500x521, nemukrabs.png)

Nemu being fucked by Mr. Krabs

No. 631756

i remember when everyone wanted to fuck him. i miss that time on tumblr, so weird yet genuine. But it gave me flashbacks to vid related.

No. 631766

File: 1531082690836.gif (3.2 MB, 480x480, tenor.gif)

>are you feelin it

No. 631787

File: 1531084961306.png (576.16 KB, 511x492, nastyteach.PNG)

I made a photoset of what I've found through my searches of her old usernames https://imgur.com/a/Bk4olcx

No. 631871

File: 1531090446746.png (Spoiler Image, 200.89 KB, 496x444, pizzasteve.png)

my hero

No. 632003

she definitely put on a ~super sweet mama nemu~ front but i think anons saying she was just trying to avoid kink shaming are right. i don't really care that she was into scat/vomit, honestly. gross? yeah. harmful? not really besides that it could be a health hazard lol. i do remember her always posting about her and her bf's sex life, and mentioning one time that he wanted her to draw a pic of the girl from wreck it ralph getting a frosting enema which is really creepy considering she's supposed to be 9 years old. the guy seemed like a real creep.

No. 632037

Oh jesus I remember when they went to go see Wreck it Ralph in the theaters. They went multiple times and I remember Nemu specifically saying David would reach up her skirt any time King Candy or Turbo would come on screen to fingerblast her. They definitely had some sort of exhibitionism thing going on. Also the fact it was at a children's movie was… Gross

No. 632068


Wow her boyfriend was her primary enabler. I think the fact that he knows heroblems) too intimately and that he has similar fetishes keeps them together. That, and her attraction to ugly fat guys.

No. 632085

Knowing the story of how her and her boyfriend met, I'm wondering if she just so happened to hit the jackpot in finding an equally deviant boyfriend, or if she turned him on to the vomit/scat fetishes? Or did he turn her to it? It just seems such extreme fetish compatibility would be damn near impossible under those circumstances (nemu picking some random dude at the mall to ask for an assfuck)

No. 632091

ew oh my god. what kind of a person do you have to be to do something like that when there are children in the theater with you? not that it'd be ok if it was a more mature movie but like you said… it's a kid's movie.

yeah it seems like he really enables her, which is pretty slimy considering she very obviously has severe issues. which isn't to say that she isn't responsible for her own actions but it kinda seems like he's exploiting her issues for his own sexual gratification

No. 632202

Since I was looking for her older posts, does anybody else remember all the other weird friends she had on Tumblr?

There was Xan, who was her personal piercer and would touch her unclean dildos. I read up on KF she moved out of the country to live with a diaperfur who threatened suicide any time he thought she was going to leave him.
Bitsy, who you might also know from the Josh Macedo saga, she had a lactation fetish and her blog had a tag dedicated to getting turned on over women breastfeeding their children.
Jelly was an open book and frequently posted how much she loved Nemu and Xan and she was their "jelly sandwich". She'd also reblog porn and tag Nemu in it.
Adam, the guy with the giant fetish. Nemu would joke he's attracted to the State of Liberty a lot, but he wouldn't deny it.

Tbh I wouldn't agree Nemu is like looking into the lens of not leaving Tumblr. I still have a Tumblr and not once got near what the Nemu experience was. Besides, David never went on Tumblr and he was her biggest enabler. Only recently did he start actively using social media and now he's trying to be a SJW.

No. 632208

Is she a real teacher? Pretty gross to be calling yourself a "nasty teacher" but worse if she actually is one.

No. 632237

tbh to me is stranger that she labels herself as bisexual when her entire list of fictional obsessions and real life relationship are men

Probably had him at "anal" and doesn't care/is actually into those fetishes as well, men are disgusting in general so it doesn't surprise me

yeah she is

No. 632241

Can we get a list of the characters she's been obsessed with? Just curious how deep this rabbit hole goes, she has some of the weirdest tastes I've seen. She looks seemingly normal too, makes it all the more curious to me.

No. 632299

they're not all men. she was/is obsessed with mr. crocker's mom and draws her self insert with her, and i'm pretty sure there were several other women, but yes the majority are men.

No. 632690

File: 1531176283760.png (25.3 KB, 913x1117, Dolores_Day_Crocker_image.png)

I really don't understand her taste in characters at all. It's almost as if she's purposely picking the most obscure, least attractive characters for the sheer shock value it brings?

No. 632772

File: 1531184285005.png (615.73 KB, 960x774, Swift tailor_b235e8_5410057.pn…)

Remember when she first started dying her hair blonde instead of black and would talk about how everyone, even the kids at school, started asking her if she was Taylor Swift? I saw this pic in another thread and it started flowing back to my mind.

No. 632785

why do all of these posts say "remember when…" like… im tinfoiling with other anon that this thread is an elaborate samefag, because i find it really hard to believe so many anons here were this invested in some obscure tumblr fetish artist

No. 632801

she’s less obscure than you might think considering she used to have a real presence on /cgl/ and tumblr! she isn’t actively producing this sort of content anymore so i think for a lot of us it’s like.. gross internet nostalgia? honestly i hadn’t thought about her in years before i saw this thread, she might as well have been a fever dream. she really left an impression on a lot of people i guess

No. 632857

File: 1531195173594.png (310.17 KB, 527x590, farq.png)

I think people here that aren't familiar with her are seriously underestimating her popularity as a tumblr weirdo back then, when she literally had posts hitting close if not over 100,000 notes

No. 632925

If she's drawing pedoshit and into sexualizing kids cartoons I am highly concerned abt her working with kids

No. 632950

I know I'm missing a couple but here's a few.
Ganondorf from Legend of Zelda, Scrooge McDuck from Ducktales, Pizza Steve from Uncle Grandpa, Lord Faarquad from Shrek, Candy King / Turbo from Wreck it Ralph, Olimar and his wife from Pikmin, Mr. Crocker and his mom Dolores from Fairly Oddparents, Junkrat, Torbjörn and his wife Ingrid from Overwatch, Professor Oak, Brock, Deoxys, and Cofagrigus from Pokemon, King K Rool from Donkey Kong Country, O'Hare from The Lorax, Pauly from Professor Layton, Toad from Super Mario, Mr. Krabs from Spongebob, Paul Banks from Interpol, Enoch from OFF, Yamada Hifumi from Danan Ronpa, Professor Ochanomizu from Astro Boy, Michael Angelakos from Passion Pit.
I too find it weird the only women I've seen her be attracted to so far are the wives or moms of the men she's obsessed with.

I found Nemu's fiance's Twitter: https://twitter.com/M0MS_SPAGHETTI he's a he/they guy now. I bet he's trying to cover up his sex abuse if it ever is brought up to him lol

No. 632963

Was the Twitter always private or did he see this?

No. 632964

>she literally had posts hitting close if not over 100,000 notes
so does everyone else on tumblr

No. 632965

File: 1531217372472.jpg (109.11 KB, 355x600, 24ed5be28a3d2daaa974d81511ecf3…)

Thanks to this list I was able to find this fanart she commissioned by searching for Pauly's name. It's second on the Google search for "Pauly from Professor Layton" which is worrying.

No. 632966

File: 1531217476809.png (Spoiler Image, 337.16 KB, 800x580, fop_sketches_4_by_mintypuke-d9…)


No. 632967

The last time his profile page was archived it was unlocked in December, but he locked his profile well over a month ago.

No. 633015


Urgh can we spoiler her artwork, it's fucking vile.

No. 633064

>Paul Banks
I'm in stitches. Also, is there any weirdo on tumblr that is NOT into Junkrat?

No. 633122

File: 1531240250111.jpeg (510.79 KB, 1675x1665, 3B0BFECC-CFB4-4665-B3B8-3E59CF…)

her being obsessed with musical artists is the least weird thing about her taste…. then I realized she wants to fuck the puppet in the “evil” music video.

enjoy her husbando/waifu chart (2017)

No. 633133

Holy shit, the lazy town guy has to be the worst one. Talk about sexualising a character from a literal toddlers show.

No. 633135

wtf… people itt that are talking about how cute and nostalgic her art is are fucked if this was the bulk of her character inspiration

No. 633138

i don't think i can play junkrat anymore

No. 633194

Just found a deviantart looking up the name mintypuke pretty sure its her


No. 633202

Yes, that is her deviantart account. She has the link in her twitter bio.

No. 633212

File: 1531248344804.jpg (1.34 MB, 833x2465, sa_comic_by_love_ribbon-dc4voh…)

She talks about her sex addiction in this one. Not really sure if I count having sexual thoughts about fictional characters (which is all she mentions in this comic) as a sex addiction issue, weird fetishes or not though.

No. 633214

File: 1531248588938.png (299.22 KB, 1020x560, w.png)

Disturbing that she got the voice actors to play along in her fantasy but they probably don't know the extent of it.

No. 633220

Is she promiscuous in real life or is her sex addiction only for fictional characters and her boyfriend? I have a feeling that there’s likely non-mogamy in the equation.

No. 633225

was wild to see this thread. i used to follow her too - fuckin hated her gross art but liked the cute shit she'd post alongside it

she also had a radiation poisoning fetish - that was what made me unfollow her in the end, she was talking about how hot it was when ppl were dying and having their skin fall off and shit and how she jerked off to those poor men who died in that japanese disaster. vom is one thing but..

No. 633297

File: 1531253543329.jpg (292.74 KB, 1080x747, k.jpg)

Sounds more like porn addiction than sex addiction unless she counts having sex with fictional characters in her head as sex but idk.
ngl, I didn't know this flake before but I'm pretty fascinated by her right now. I know she's mentally ill but that doesn't excuse you from being gross in public.

Take this picture, which is recent. Judging by the comments on it the cosplayer wasn't someone she knew before… Imagine being the AM cosplayer and this woman walks to you in a shirt that says "All Might got me pregnant" and has the audacity to ask you for a photo. I wouldn't take it too well kek

That's where her username malfunction54 comes from, right? Trying to find out more on her googling her usernames I found this thread https://desuarchive.org/d/thread/7300896/#q7330893 from the post I linked to on, is it her replying? It sounds like her.

No. 633320

Shine on you crazy diamond

No. 633470

Those scribbles are lyrics to Best Friend by Foster the People. how the fuck do you listen to that song and think about throwing up with Mr. Crocker?
I remember she'd often imagine about snorting lines of coke and abusing inhalants with her waifus…

>my friends always talk to me about my crushes. often times the talk becomes pretty kinky…
So even she admits they're her enablers. Why are they still her friends especially if it happens so often?
>i guess i'm considered "vanilla" now?
repressing your sexual fantasies doesn't make you "vanilla" lul we don't even have these thoughts cross our minds in the first place

No. 633494

I'd give her a pass on Ganondorf, Anderson, and Junkrat, maybe even a few others that are less bizarre. But then there's shit like Scrooge Mcduck, Doctor Barber, Jabba the Hut, thew mayor from Lazy Town, and that hideous bear from that meme. Does she actually want to fuck a talking slice of pizza or giant sadistic space snail? I just don't get it. It's not like her tastes are linear either, even though it's apparent she has a fetish for old, ugly, sadistic men.

No. 633509

what the fuck i completely forgot about the radiation poisoning fetish. didn't she draw toad from mario dying that way? i wish i'd had the foresight to archive this shit when it was still being produced

No. 633573

File: 1531278043847.jpeg (311.9 KB, 750x917, F8F3CC15-F981-4272-90A3-F3A178…)

i wonder if she has a mommy dom fetish or something like that

No. 633580

Can't tell if her fetish for loser/gross men stems from poor self confidence or she's just trying to pander.

No. 633583

File: 1531279118244.jpg (1.54 MB, 1920x2560, 18-07-10-22-16-51-107_deco.jpg)

Found a couple fanarts people have done for her post-Tumblr. I wonder if any of these people know the whole "never hurt a fly" front is just a facade

No. 633622

File: 1531284733538.png (509.65 KB, 915x547, GrlJLbq.png)

>she also had a radiation poisoning fetish

No. 633674

Lol you're saying "we" as if everyone in this thread is like you

No. 633679

File: 1531296320011.png (498.6 KB, 454x469, 1530681847017.png)

From what I read about shit in her cosplaying escapades she seems to pursue the most pathetic lonely men at bars and shit and found one desperate enough to stay with her.
You could be a smelly hambeast and do the same, but really it's not worth your dignity. I wouldn't worry too much about that, anon

No. 633686

File: 1531297315488.png (19.56 KB, 639x228, brockluvr.PNG)

Nemu basically seeks out these voice actors to drag them down with her fantasies

No. 633723

I think she's just kind of into lonely, loser virgin men. I can kind of get it and her love for Crocker since I have a similar thing, its the least weird thing about her tastes. I can't comprehend the other ones though like the pizza.

No. 633724

That's extremely weird and I highly doubt the VA would be comfortable with her telling this story publicly, it makes him look like a creep who prays on fans… of course she was the one who was creeping on him.

No. 633746

File: 1531310731432.png (Spoiler Image, 279.81 KB, 497x508, 3C433C74-E599-4541-99B1-AFF81B…)

I guess she had a thing for the villager from Animal Crossing too

No. 633750


No. 633752

VA of Brock? Brock from Pokemon? Kek dude's 50

No. 633754

Like >>632690 mentioned, she probably chose some characters based on shock value to make a name for herself and get attention. But I believe it was also somewhat genuine, since there's a point in hypersexuality where anything with an orifice and face is fuckable to you.
Sauce: was a horny weirdo in high school who had weird husbandos that I got off to on the regular, but also who I mostly chose because they were "unique." and yes I'm drawn to this thread since I'm getting very personal second-hand embarrassment. Narrowly dodging becoming a cow gets your heart going for sure.

No. 633755

Okay, so how much of that happened in her imagination?

Also, I'm curious as to what the hell happened to this girl in her childhood to have her end up like this.

No. 633783

… is that really a 'sex addiction'? unless she's going out and fucking people all the time i wouldn't say she's hypersexual or an addict. she's just horny and needs to get laid if she's fantasizing about sex all the time. that's fairly normal as opposed to going out and fucking random people all the time. she probably just uses the term because it sounds less pathetic than being addicted to porn


>some old man asks her on a date

"Those scribbles are lyrics to Best Friend by Foster the People. how the fuck do you listen to that song and think about throwing up with Mr. Crocker?" might be my favorite thing i've read on lolcow

No. 633784

what you're describing isn't hypersexuality. it's just being horny and possibly with a porn addiction. y'all aren't hypersexuals or nymphos or whatever cool word you want to use you were just frustrated and masturbated too much.

No. 633806

Nemu talked about how she would bite her knees when masturbating and would eventually upload pics of her freshly bruised knees with spit still on them to show off. Not even a few minutes after publishing the first couple pictures, she got anons asking to tag for gore and would say how gross the pics looked.

No. 633808

Put off your tinfoil hat, it reads more like she means we = vanilla normies

No. 633812

You're right, it is just porn addiction.
Sorry to cop a word from people who genuinely struggle with that sort of thing.

No. 633845

About the Torb one: What the hell is "Högh"? It's not a Swedish word, that's for sure.

No. 633854

huh i thought her art reminded me a lot of that bonnie venture person… they also fixated a lot on weird old men characters

No. 633856

Receipts for stuff like this? Especially the radiation fetish but her gross oversharing is worth posting too. Shame more stuff wasnt saved from her old blogs but if it's on Tumblr it has to be out there sometwhere.

No. 634010

File: 1531345371395.png (345.92 KB, 1439x923, Screenshot_2018-07-11-16-26-53…)

Her liking Vault Boy had her produce some odd ass art. When Fallout Shelter came out, she was really excited about the pregnancy feature.
archive of her knee biting posts http://web.archive.org/web/20130118060433/http://angrypauly.tumblr.com/ the 3 posts are clickable too and you can see some replies

There's an archive of some 14 year old kid who accidentally stumbled upon her Fairly Odd Parents posts getting asks from Nemu's biggest fan threatening to spam them gore and saying looking at her blog is illegal & they're reporting them to their ISP lul http://archive.is/itsmrsmiley.tumblr.com

No. 634075

File: 1531354480376.jpg (240.98 KB, 1920x1080, brockva.jpg)

The Brock voice actor looks like a creepy, desperate, gross, old neckbeard who would ask barely legal fans out on dates. kek. Right up her alley, I suppose?

Don't get me wrong, I totally get having odd tastes in fictional characters, but I've never wanted to have a sloppy makeout sesh with a midget cartoon grandma, fuck a piece of pizza, a hideous, animatronic bear, or jabba the hut? Her choices are so all over the place and almost seemingly random, it's difficult to take them seriously. Some really do seem like random choices based off the reaction she knew she'd get?

Yeah, shit like this definitely convinces me part of it was the reaction it incited from others. Maybe she got off on how grossed out her fantasies were to other people more so than the actual fantasies and that's why her choices were so random?

No. 634109

File: 1531359673819.jpg (Spoiler Image, 52.83 KB, 500x667, tumblr_mgsri0mJD91ro8ahdo1_500…)

She really is fucked up. Here's the bitten knees picture, its not that gross but her oversharing definitely is. I put it under a spoiler anyway.

No. 634113

wow this is a blast from the past lol

for newfags nemu was one of those tripfags who was kind of weird but their comics were cute. Until we found out she ironically liked throw up and everyone was kind of skeeved out

No. 634156

File: 1531369406522.jpg (372.11 KB, 1843x1929, 18-07-11-23-21-30-832_deco~01.…)

Ippycake is a "kawaiified" version of the substance ipecac.

She also considered selling used panties at one point.

No. 634200

Its weird how she depicts herself like some supermodel big tittied goth gf in ALL her drawings but all the full body pictures she looks kinda homely, it's kind of sad in a way

No. 634203

File: 1531377445936.jpg (89.01 KB, 566x480, creepy.jpg)

I had this thought as well. Although I don't think she's unattractive by any means, she could definitely be cuter if she'd take it easy on the cake face foundation. It's like a creepy mask, plus the way she does her eyeliner and the red lipstick reminds me of pic related.

No. 634212

I think she really wants to play up the 'cute girl with ugly guy' thing she's into. I remember her saying she was thinking of joining Suicide Girls a long time ago. She's not the cutest thing ever, but she has enough tattoos and piercings.

No. 634257

I'm smelling a lot of personal investment and vendetta in this thread that's too suspicious to wave away as coincidence also

Personally? I don't buy how someone (who is not posting in this thread right now) happens have incriminating receipts from 2011-2014 on a minor tumblr celebrity stashed away only unleash them around the time this >>/ot/245134 was posted

No. 634264

I followed her on tumblr for a long time. She would post frequently about how arousing it was to her when people died of radiation poisoning. She would share photos of people with skin burnt off from nuclear bombs and post how horny she was over them. "Malfunction54" was literally radiotherapy for cancer patient machines glitching out and delivering lethal levels of radiation to the people inside, causing them to die horrifically. She was sexually aroused by this.

She once posted about how her boyfriend would have diarrhoea in a Tupperware box (always Tupperware) and she'd eat it. Just a really sick person.

No. 634267

I have receipts for a lot of her old stuff somewhere (I used to share them with a friend that wasn't on Tumblr.) I stopped following her at some point but I should have receipts for older stuff.

No. 634269

Her boyfriend is a lolicon, rapist and abuser. You're better alone than with that.

No. 634271

File: 1531395058336.jpg (Spoiler Image, 325.28 KB, 639x551, foto_no_exif.jpg)

(spoiler images like this)

No. 634273

File: 1531395159250.jpg (Spoiler Image, 419.46 KB, 757x437, foto_no_exif (1).jpg)

No. 634274

File: 1531395183566.jpg (722.3 KB, 726x635, foto_no_exif (2).jpg)

No. 634275

File: 1531395215368.jpg (832.08 KB, 712x702, foto_no_exif (3).jpg)

Painting in the background is her boyfriend vomiting.

No. 634276

File: 1531395855724.jpg (106.92 KB, 563x911, foto_no_exif (4).jpg)

Pretty much all you need to know about her boyfriend.

No. 634277

File: 1531396044126.jpg (71.58 KB, 577x843, foto_no_exif (5).jpg)

No. 634278

File: 1531396060485.jpg (91.42 KB, 577x876, foto_no_exif (6).jpg)

No. 634279

File: 1531396115008.jpg (65.93 KB, 577x823, foto_no_exif (7).jpg)

I'll have to see if I have more. I never followed her Twitter so I only have Tumblr stuff. Should have radiation stuff somewhere. She was a personal lolcow to my friends and me for quite some time.

No. 634288

what is she talking about when she says "vv"?

No. 634289

She has vulvodynia which means her genitals are sore constantly, even just being touched by underwear.

No. 634330

oh no, this one is the worst

No. 634416

Image spams should have all but the first and last image saged.

No. 634507

Sorry about that, will keep that in mind next time.

No. 634511

because she wants to have children but won't as she's scared she'd either abuse them or allow her partner to, so I guess she uses 2d babies to fill the void

No. 634522

File: 1531416285151.jpg (21.08 KB, 640x271, 1.jpg)

No. 634523

File: 1531416312844.jpg (72.81 KB, 640x797, 2.jpg)

No. 634525

File: 1531416325278.jpg (32.54 KB, 628x434, 3.jpg)

No. 634606

File: 1531422661969.jpg (17.49 KB, 400x400, 1530874926069.jpg)

My fetishes are fucking bizarre but none will ever come close to this image, jesus christ

No. 634642

Dear god I hope this nutjob never has kids. She might be able to hide the fact she had a fucked up online presence at one point but her and her bf are so deeply entrenched in this gross fetish lifestyle with no ability or desire to keep it under wraps that goes kids would become fucked up in no time.

No. 634695


Hard to say since the link you posted from OT is broken but to me this girl is a fucking weirdo and is definitely some sort of cow. How fucked up can one person be?



Does she still have this tumblr and twitter?

I agree anon, let's pray she never reproduces.

No. 634741

File: 1531431117856.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.21 MB, 2560x1920, 18-07-12-16-32-39-318_deco.jpg)

No. 634759

File: 1531432194427.png (2.33 MB, 1112x2093, Screenshot_2018-07-12-10-43-26…)

Oh fuck I just noticed Vault Boy's erection in the last reply

No. 634787

I liked vault boy but after this I have to question if I really do or not

No. 634836

This image physically smells like unwashed ass crack and Nemus face is right there. Did they think this was a cute quirky cosplay pic?

No. 634856

File: 1531435371371.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 209.92 KB, 750x1065, CBBA86FC-176B-4BC2-89D5-5DE51F…)

No. 634870


What the fuck.

Thank you anon for spoiling that.

No. 634904

No, she left Tumblr after a callout post documenting her pedophlile antics and masturbation over those killed by radiation went viral. I'm not sure about the Twitter as I never followed it.

No. 634919

File: 1531437416421.jpg (33.87 KB, 640x384, 5.jpg)

No. 634920

File: 1531437449853.jpg (57.67 KB, 640x800, 4.jpg)

No. 634923

File: 1531437487031.jpg (77.04 KB, 640x742, 6.jpg)

It's not just that ass that's unwashed.

No. 634930

How do you go so long without wondering wtf the soap is for?
Or wondering why everyone else has cloths and sponges and loofahs in their shower?
How did she go 18!yeats without anyone saying ‘you are the most filthy smelling woman please bathe for once’

No. 634932

I was fucking hoping someone archived that thread once I saw her name mentioned on here, thank you anon

No. 634934

she honestly might be making it up entirely just to masturbate over it like she does most things she says

No. 634940

File: 1531438172195.jpg (71.56 KB, 640x800, 7.jpg)

this is the last I have from her twitter as my source had to unfollow her after this tweet. (understandable.) She doesn't specifically name nuclear poisoning in this but I hope this reaffirms that what anons are saying about that is true. She openly admitted to jacking it to car accident photos and death videos. If you believe Nemu is just a kooky weirdo you're taking her bait, she's pretty fucking twisted

No. 634944

I flat out refuse to believe these searches for extreme content haven't made her seek cp. And I don't mean cartoons.

No. 634948

Is this what lead to her suicide attempt?

No. 634951

I didn't know she had a suicide attempt?

No. 634955

She mentions it in an apology post on her old blog ocdmrcrocker (it's the only post on there now)

No. 634959

nah these tweets were made long after that post. everything in that post was lies to get the tumblr kids off her back. she was posting the exact same content she was posting on Tumblr but just on her Twitter. Unless there's evidence of her being hospital at that time I don't believe her suicide attempt was real either

No. 634960

Right after this is when she started shaming people for watching ANY type of porn. She found that Fight The New Drug website and started calling random people she knew pedophile enablers and pedophiles for having crushes with canonically adult characters who had "young" features. Only putting young in quotes because she constantly changed her description of young.

No. 634962

It's that level of reaction that has me absolutely convinced that she has real paedophilic tendencies. Think about it, if you were in her position and were called a pedo, would you react how she did if you were actually innocent? She made so much 2D pedo content back in the day and I honestly believed it was just that - 2D. But her whole reaction now is exactly that of someone who was really, REALLY trying to hide something

No. 634963

ironically she's back to drawing porn again, she probably never even stopped

No. 634965

This is so fucking gross, why on earth would you share this publicly?

No. 634989

File: 1531442064316.png (54.81 KB, 276x227, 7543.png)

TFW you become a SJW to cover up the fact you get off to videos of people dying. Not saying all SJWs are hiding something but… All SJWs I have heard about are hiding something…

No. 635022

>i’m horrified that i used to be “vomit and shit girl”. i’m a wonderful human being and there are many facets to my personality– i’m embarrassed that i used that as my main face.

tfw when you unironically call yourself a wonderful human being despite fapping to gore, snuff and child characters

No. 635119

File: 1531452141168.png (135.54 KB, 1440x436, Screenshot_2018-07-12-21-48-52…)

Nemu definitely knows about this thread. It sounds like she's "admiring" her old blog layout. Probably looking at the archives in here. Her followers came by when the thread had single digit replies, now I bet she doesn't want them coming back after all we dug up.

No. 635177

File: 1531458009450.png (220.56 KB, 454x444, 1528523196742.png)

>I didn't know i had to wash my ass?
I'm speechless

No. 635238

File: 1531468408802.png (1.27 MB, 1440x1233, Screenshot_2018-07-11-16-25-40…)

No. 635239

File: 1531468551074.png (1.3 MB, 1439x1890, Screenshot_2018-07-08-04-56-41…)

More voice actors being dragged into her fantasies.

No. 635242

That sounds like she had neglectful parents. Has she talked about her childhood and family?

No. 635247

on this episode of That Happened…

No. 635253

She has an older sister that's pretty well together. Her mom is empathetic with her fictional crushes and seems just a little bit narcissistic. Then there's her dad who was a sexually abusive drunkard.

No. 635325

File: 1531485080880.jpg (27.54 KB, 640x239, Sdlu88.jpg)

>super high IQ
>constantly doxing yourself along side admitting to jerkin it to dead people

pick one

No. 635333

File: 1531485557748.png (474.87 KB, 523x799, n.png)

No. 635335

>never washes ass or pussy
>sex toys are very sanitary tho

No. 635360

Who tf would want to buy her used furry sex toys??

No. 635394

She has a brother in the military too

No. 635399

Was she the only one molested? Or did she just not cope with it well and not get help? Since her siblings seem so well put together, even the sister.

No. 635404

Her sister experienced it too. people just react to things differently. Also her sister married like an actual nice guy, not a man who regularly rapes her. support networks can make all the difference, and if you insist on staying with someone who enjoys exploiting your past abuse because you get off on being a victim then you're going to live trapped in that life forever

No. 635418

File: 1531493840452.png (256.1 KB, 1440x880, Screenshot_2018-07-13-09-56-12…)

Click through to hear Nemu say every Pauly line "off the top of her head". It sounds edited and like she's reading words off a screen.

No. 635437

it really does sound like she's reading the words off the screen but I fully believe she would know these lines off by heart. She would share the same screenshots of Pauly on a near daily basis for years on end

No. 635454

surely never washing her vag and ass could have something to do with it being perpetually sore and painful?!

inb4 self cleaning oven, i know but if she just lets the water run over her body i doubt she washes properly with plain water.

No. 635458

There were multiple times Nemu would talk about having to distract herself from thinking about her boyfriend because she would remember he's dated people prior and had past sex partners and it would make her very jealous. She has to force herself to believe he was a virgin until they met or else he's not living up to her fantasies.

Lol I had no idea Nemu once claimed she had a MENSA IQ. Good tweet.

No. 635459

meanwhile Nemu literally flew to California to eat the ass of a dude she met on the internet using money from a GoFundMe just a few years ago. I wish I was joking.

No. 635461

I'm going to need the details of this. I knew she was a cow but I had no idea the vomit-filled rabbit hole went this deep.

On tumblr she complained of frequent UTIs and blamed it on 'unfortunate anatomy'. Her urethra would have to be at the bottom of her vulva for that to make any sort of sense unless she made a habit of cramming shit and vomit up her pussy.

No. 635467

File: 1531498460255.png (114.43 KB, 1440x621, Screenshot_2018-07-13-11-06-53…)

CHOMBIECHO. This guy got extremely attached to her after she left and would send her multiple messages guilt tripping her for not paying attention to him.
This was the guy her therapist suggested she have sex with? People donated over $300 to her to fund her sex vacation? I'm cackling.
The guy never had a job before and deep in my heart I believe he must've been a virgin, which is why she chose him. Him being fat, unkept, and brown was a plus so she wouldn't feel guilty and just imagine he was her boyfriend back at home.

No. 635470

I love reading this thread, it just gets wilder and wilder with each link and screencap. I'm wondering where the anons who made her out to be a harmless sweetheart and literally called her vomit art "cute" (gag) back when this thread was in /ot/ have all gone to now.

No. 635477

You would not believe how deep the Nemu rabbit hole goes. The people calling her cute are either stupid or don't realise how bad she is. If Nemu were male she would have blown up CWC style years ago.

The guy who's ass she flew out to eat was Chom's (Chombiecho >>635467)

After Nemu's boyfriend raped her and got violent (started throwing stuff around the apartment) Nemu opened a GoFundMe in order to fly out to a safe space, that space being her friend in Chicago, and while in this safe space she would start the process of splitting with him and sorting out somewhere new to live.

Once she got the cash from the GoFundMe she announced she was taking a detour to have a sex vacation with her online friend in California, who was a disgusting unemployed white trash neckbeard that lived with his mom in a trailer park (or at least moved out to a trailer park with his mom shortly after Nemu's visit as he refused to get a job.) Honestly when I saw that go down I was waiting for her to blow up any day. She essentially stole hundreds with a sob story in order to fuck some creep from the internet (idk if they fucked but she ate his ass, most likely his shit too) and then returned to her boyfriend and posted as if he never did anything wrong.

No. 635485

File: 1531500173843.jpg (53.67 KB, 577x722, diofd89.jpg)

This is the level of sexting that went on between her and Chom (she said it was Chom who these sexts were with in tweets after this)

No. 635486

File: 1531500228263.jpg (48.83 KB, 577x722, ei889hH.jpg)

Here's her tweet about the GoFundMe. I censored her email address as she used her actual address from university that contained both her full name and the university she attended.

No. 635488


Oh my gawd anon it just hit me how rank she must smell if she let guys puke and shit in her pussy and merely lets after run over her. She is beyond fucking gross

No. 635489

anyone else remember the time she shoved a fucking candy cane up her pussy cus she wanted to fuck the king candy dude?

No. 635499

File: 1531501039294.png (889.73 KB, 1274x2100, Screenshot_2018-07-13-11-52-13…)

Ohhh my godddd check the dates on these tweets she made the GoFundMe not even a few days AFTER her sex vacation!

No. 635501

wait did she go BACK to Chom's with the GoFundMe money? I know she definitely visited him in the same trip she went to Chicago

No. 635505

File: 1531501434338.png (1.01 MB, 1257x1312, Screenshot_2018-07-13-12-03-04…)

Actually disregard the other screenshot, he might have been talking about discord or something, but she definitely visited him very shortly after putting up the GoFundMe

No. 635506

yeah she 100% visited him on the same trip she ~ran to a safe place~

No. 635508

File: 1531501792232.png (2.01 MB, 1316x1550, Screenshot_2018-07-13-12-08-08…)

>hanging out with cute girl
Nope, definitely doesn't sound like a sex vacation

NOPE! Not one bit.

No. 635512

File: 1531502161622.jpg (Spoiler Image, 549.17 KB, 582x586, foto_no_exif (11).jpg)

How the fuck would anyone argue this person isn't a lolcow?

No. 635513

File: 1531502291331.jpg (Spoiler Image, 365.61 KB, 584x649, foto_no_exif (12).jpg)

>tfw people mistake you for both kawaii Asian princess AND Taylor Swift

No. 635515

File: 1531502349887.gif (5.04 MB, 500x333, 1415030249695.gif)

yes same, where did the anon(s?) go that were reeeeing that she doesn't belong here, isn't a flake, no milk, harmless etc lmao

No. 635516

File: 1531502460442.png (567.44 KB, 455x600, 1BwjCI0.png)

You're telling me that she flew across the country to eat out this guy's ass with the money she was supposed to be used to run away from her abusive boyfriend, whom she is currently engaged to be married to after almost a decade of dating? You honestly could not make this shit up. This girl might be worse than Alix Henriol.

No. 635519

She's Nick Bate level of fucking disgusting and morally despicable. She kept all her pedo content to the early days and quickly kept it hidden once Tumblr got wind of it. She uploaded videos of her eating vomit out of tupperware boxes back in the early days of her Tumblr, as well as phots of the boxes of her boyfriend's shit. I seriously have no idea how anyone could ever defend this person or find them cute. She's fucking vile and thought nothing about openly sharing phots from victims of Hiroshima talking about how she was jerking herself raw over them.

Yep. Pissed myself laughing when I saw they got engaged tbh. Filth deserves filth.

No. 635520

File: 1531502772572.png (1.51 MB, 814x1483, Screenshot_2018-07-13-12-25-31…)

Anon, that picture is too recent. You're putting him in a good light. He only cleaned himself up after he got a job. THIS is what Nemu lusted after.

No. 635528

File: 1531503174444.jpg (98.34 KB, 577x1024, iiiu.jpg)

literally still too flattering

No. 635530

File: 1531503500415.png (101.17 KB, 1404x545, Screenshot_2018-07-13-12-38-17…)

>Hi, Nemu please come for another mental health vacation ;-)

No. 635532

File: 1531503617511.jpeg (51.23 KB, 545x363, DD7BA99A-11C9-4197-B685-218F30…)

How does someone become this fucked up? I know PTSD is a factor but still wtf. I can only guess she has such low self worth she can only see herself with the lowest of the low. I’ve seen similar people who want to fuck weird/ugly cartoon characters but then you quickly learn they have autism or have exceptionally low care for themselves.

No. 635535

Usually when someone opens up about being into something fucked up they're met with multiple people shutting them down or at the very least telling them to shut the fuck up about it. This stops that person being fuelled deeper into it. Nemu originally sought out 4chan to post about this because she KNEW she would find people who would enable her there, either by sharing her fetishes or being such desperate virgin neckbeards they'd still call her cute despite it. Nemu moved from website to website, only leaving when anyone dared called her out, with her bubble of people who saw her as nothing but uwu soft smol girl. She feels she can get away with absolutely anything and she gets off on that. I think she's a ultra narcissist tbh

No. 635542

I still have a feeling it was just one samefagging anon whose attempt to make a circlejerk thread backfired

No. 635545

funny you should mention nick, that chombie guy looks just like him

No. 635547

Nemu would be all over Nick Bate if their worlds had ever collided. Nemu wanted to fuck Chris Chan for the longest time and she mentioned she would have done it if she hadn't been with her bf

No. 635548

Yes, she's a big narcissist. She victimizes herself as someone with a dark past and totally over it. Anytime she reveals she's not over it she repeats the cycle, but this happens every couple months so anybody who's been falling for it believes it as just a tiny relapse.
She guilt trips her friends into blocking/unfollowing people who've either called her out or won't stop publically making it known she's not actually over it.
She compliments herself (saying she has a high IQ, cute and sweet and ditzy, says words like in a 50s-60s children's cartoon) and tries to shape her own image.

No. 635549

Huh that’s really insightful. So, because she is surrounded by people who support her weirdness she has sank deeper into the rotten hole she’s in now? I can see narcissism in that, the way she writes about her relationships with people seems very similar to that of a narc, specifically a narc who thrives off people’s pity and sympathy, but I can also see that she has a very warped perception of sex, and relationships as a whole. I don’t pity her, I’m disgusted that she would use other people’s tradegy as fap fuel, but I think if she hadn’t been able to be around people who entertained her bizarre behaviour she might of had a chance at becoming somewhat normal. The people who pretended what she was doing was cute and not an issue are also at fault.

No. 635552

There is a reason she constantly shares how abusive her bf is but refuses to leave him. I understand that abusers can control their victims so they won't leave, but usually those victims would hide the abuse entirely. Nemu is extremely quick to share anything abusive her bf does at all, leaving no details out. Why? Why would she actively WANT her followers and friends to fucking hate her bf? Because she loves being a victim. She calls herself hot and sexy constantly. She used to post nudes all the time boasting about her body. She would post all the time about how she loved how ugly and disgusting her bf was as it made her look even hotter. Imagine posting about how hideous the person you love looks for the world to see.

I think those dark thoughts were always inside her (like pedophiles usually have a lust for power and control over others from a young age) and she just worked on building a bubble around herself to enable it. She is absolutely a narc. Lots of people go through abuse that warps their view of sex and relationships, she is making a choice to channel this into enjoying others pain. She has had people call her out since she joined 4chan and her reaction was to bully them or shut them out. She had to leave 4chan when people started to realise what she was doing.

No. 635565

She absolutely made her friends hate her boyfriend briefly before she went off to California with Chom. It sometimes feels like it was a cover-up to make what she did less worse than it actually was. She wanted to fuck Chom, but needed to soften the blow.

No. 635568

That's exactly what I believe. She had zero intention of leaving her bf, she knew she was going to come back to him. She only wanted an all expenses paid trip to eat some creep's asshole with the added bonus of people seeing her as smol sweet lady who needs protected from mean old David uwu

No. 635570

I want to believe she made up the part about her therapist suggesting she sleep with other people too. No sane therapist would advise something as sick as this.

No. 635572

She absolutely made it up. There may have been a grain of truth in there like "maybe you should open your mind to dating someone else rather than David" and she twisted that to her advantage like she does everything else in life

No. 635616

Not to seem like Im defending (tho I do have a softspot for Nemu) people to regularly resell Bad Dragons as they are really well crafted and are made of 100% silicon, so sanitation is just boiling it and maybe some mild soap

No. 635618

>softspot for Nemu
have you read the fucking thread?

No. 635626

well im gonna be honestly i had only got up to that part of the thread when i posted that. Now that ive read the rest… eeeek.

No. 635675

File: 1531515584192.png (1.66 MB, 1439x2179, Screenshot_2018-07-13-00-32-40…)

Nemu posted this on Instagram the same day the screenshot of her calling K. Rool hot was posted in this thread. Definitely lurking.

Also, there's another post on Instagram with her and David's sister posing together in cosplay. I don't wanna post the pic since I'm sure his sister is a minor. They were babysitting her a few months ago and let her spend the night a couple times. From what Nemu told on Twitter, she helped David's sister make her OC and taught her about otherkin. I think she also said David's mom was hesitant to let have sister sleep over? I might be wrong about that though.

I honestly cannot imagine what Nemu does that she doesn't tell the world about, especially learning more than what I already know. I hope to see some 4chan shit and early Tumblr material.

No. 635680

Can we do a full post about all the crazy crushes this girl has had? I saw in her IG she's thirsting for Yondu from GOTG and Inspector Gadget of all people as well as those posted earlier in the thread

No. 635715

The fact David's mother was hesitant really says it all. As mentioned above in this thread, Nemu admitted that she desperately wants children but will not have them as she's scared of what she (and her bf) would do to them. I pray to god she showed that same restraint with this girl.

Nemu was actually 16 when David fucked her up the ass in the toilets. They didn't start actually dating until she was 17. Idk what the age of consent is in Texas but he was FAR to old to be fucking a 16 year old girl. He's a sexual predator and Nemu is by her own admission a risk to children

No. 635717

What is their age difference? I didn't know he was that much older

No. 635719

I think he's 7 or 8 years older than her. Not a big deal in adulthood by any means but when you're having sex with a 16 year old it sort of matters

No. 635722

I understand but if it's going to bother you, just date a virgin guy. No wonder the guy you asked for butt sex randomly in public isnt a virgin really.

No. 635731

in Nemu's head she pictured it like a hentai, she was fulfilling this lowly ugly nerd's wildest dream

No. 635735

File: 1531521318344.jpg (Spoiler Image, 231.61 KB, 581x585, __commission___99_picarats_by_…)

Correction: Nemu lives in Tennessee and age of consent is 18.
There's a link in here where she gets relieved thinking the age of consent is 13 in Japan because she had a crush on a young character from Professor Layton. She even proceeded to have a commission done with him being tied up(character on the right).

She pretends to stress that she only wants people over 18 to follow her social media, but as always, some tend to "pass through" which I didn't understand recently since her Twitter has been locked for a few years.
It's also hilarious she still gets crushes on literal cartoon characters. She was into Dr. Two Brains from Word Girl and made lots of porn sketches of him and her milkman OC, who was just her in a milkman uniform, and even cosplayed him. There's a post on her Instagram in Dr. Two Brains cosplay posing with two elementary school children and her saying she burst into tears when they noticed her.

When she taught at the schools, she said she loved working with special needs children. She's said she has a fascination with special needs animals, too.

No. 635736

File: 1531521484850.jpg (48.92 KB, 739x194, tt.jpg)

I believe this one hasn't been posted on this thread http://dr-phage.tumblr.com/post/107647975949/malfunction54-i-think-i-got-embarrassed-and Warning NSFW and it's so gross I don't even want to save that on my computer… not sure what's going on there anyway, I just know it's some gross pedo ice climbers porn.
Anyway this explains to her pointing out "we don't know the ice climbers age" absolutely out of nowhere after her uwu-feel-bad-for-me story threaded here https://twitter.com/krocodilekore/status/1007825329644363776 She clearly is defensive because she knows what's shes done and probably keeps doing.

>>635680 Don't ask for the impossible kek, she's also horny over some characters from a videogame called Day of the tentacle/Maniac mansion 2 and All Might and Cementoss from BnHA (and the microphone guy whatshisname). That's about what I can tell because I know about BnHA and she constantly draws the Harold guy from that obscure game. She has just too many waifus.

No. 635739

The ice climbers porn was about her (and nana?) getting impregnated by popo

No. 635740

Oh my mistake. Yeah she only posted about her actually being 16 when they had sex once and it was only when she was explaining how she was friends with benefits with David before actually dating. Nemu interacted with people younger than 18 regularly on her blog back in the day. She didn't impose the "18 and over only" rule until Tumblr started to come down on her. It's sick how she'd wear a cosplay that clearly makes her aroused and pose with kids. Nemu's entire thing is about control. She wants total control. She controls every part of her life. That's why she's so compelled by 2D "fictional others." They do whatever she draws them doing. It's why she's obsessed with children too. Makes perfect sense that she'd especially like special needs children/animals as they are especially vulnerable.

Nemu has gotten away with everything she's gotten away with by doing the thing then saying "here's my excuse" immediately after it, before anyone can get in first. Nemu is mostly attracted to tiny, small, childlike characters. She wanted to fuck Toad for weeks. Fucking Toad literally looks like a baby. Yet she'll accuse people who like anime characters paedophiles. Her bf also has a dakimakura of Mami from Madoka who is 15. Nemu can't keep up with the whole she has dug herself.

No. 635741

File: 1531522112698.png (Spoiler Image, 132.82 KB, 238x644, tumblr_inline_pbd3i1NBJh1rq83u…)

Toad fucking Nemu

No. 635742

totally not paedophilic at all guys

No. 635747

Three tumblrs Nemu had towards the end. They're all defunct now but I'm sure you can search their usernames for more stuff


No. 635750

>She uploaded videos of her eating vomit out of tupperware boxes back in the early days of her Tumblr, as well as phots of the boxes of her boyfriend's shit

Please tell me someone has these.

No. 635751


>Makes perfect sense that she'd especially like special needs children/animals as they are especially vulnerable.

I think that's why she's in a relationship with such an ugly guy. It may be one of those things "if I didn't choose you, you would die alone", since she's more attractive

No. 635752

This was over 5 years ago, the odds of someone having those archived and then finding this thread are small. It might be possible to find them if they were reblogged tho. It was when she had one of the pauly themed URLs

No. 635754

I guess she only approached him because she thought he was so ugly no other girl would have touched him? Pretty brutal.
I have a preference for virgin guys but if its causing her distress she shouldnt have dated and married a guy with past sexual experience.

No. 635755

That's exactly it, she posted that herself! She posted calling him hideous and disgusting constantly

No. 635758

File: 1531523546759.jpg (81.95 KB, 1080x1080, tumblr_mgsri0mJD91ro8ahdo1_500…)

I feel bad for her bf. I found this picture on her Instagram, he is fat but he's not hideous. No wonder he acts out against her if she is constantly putting him down.

I don't know why they are together if she obviously isn't attracted to him (only attracted to the 'contrast' or ego boost he provides) and hes apparently so nasty towards her (I expect she is exactly the same way towards him…) and she has problems with parts of him like the virginity thing.

Its funny. When I first found this thread I was surprised to see that Nemu was quite pretty, but after reading all this stuff about her she just looks ugly to me.

No. 635761

Don't feel bad for him, he's a rapist pedophile who has no problem feeding his girlfriend his own shit. They really so deserve each other. I don't think you've the whole thread or something as you don't seem to understand how disgusting her bf is. He's as bad as her. I never thought Nemu was pretty, she barely looks human in any of her photos due to how heavily she photoshops them.

No. 635762

File: 1531523902933.jpg (163.62 KB, 900x935, tumblr_mgsri0mJD91ro8ahdo1_500…)

Another case of her forcing innocent strangers into her fetishes. She likely told this guy to kneel down so she could sit on him, pretty fucked up considering what we know about her and how she gets off on being 'better' than fat/unwanted people like this character.

Assuming its not her boyfriend (looks slimmer or possibly female?) and that she doesn't know them since she didn't tag anyone or mention names.

No. 635763

I have read the thread, I can only assume she had a hand in making him the way he is though. She was into scat and pedophilia at the least.

It's still no excuse for her talking down on him. No wonder the guy has issues if he does.

No. 635764

I'm pretty sure that's her boyfriend

No. 635765

That's her boyfriend

No. 635766

dude come on. Their very first exchange was him, a man in his early-mid 20s, agreeing to fuck a strange 16 year old girl in a public bathroom. Do you seriously think anything else he's done is out of character?

No. 635767

that is her boyfriend (that's from when she was much younger) and they're cosplaying characters from Dangan Ronpa, those characters have that type of femdom dynamic. Nemu said she loved cosplaying as these characters because they were exactly how she sees herself and her bf in real life: bratty pretty girl with fat virgin nerd

No. 635768

I guess it's not a reach to assume she has a race fetish as well? All of her closest friends, or those she framed as the closest to her were specifically brown, overweight, and virgins. David, Chom, and Xan.
Xan is the one in the photo of them in a fitting room with her autographed ass. Nemu coincidentally got rid of her as a friend once she met her long distance boyfriend and had sex for the first time. Nemu told everyone following her to block Xan in case she tried getting in touch. Probably because Xan was confused as to why Nemu wanted to cut their friendship.

No. 635769

Sometimes I wonder if there comes a point where she’s no longer just a cow but a seriously deranged and disgusting predator. I’m extremely concerned that she works with children, she’s a threat. It makes me wonder if she’s actually molested someone.

No. 635770

He looked much fatter in the other picture so I couldn't recognise him. Not as bad but still publicly engaging in fetish.

Not saying he isn't sketchy but being around her no doubt influenced him. The changes of asking a random guy for butt sex and having him be into scat are very slim. If she is putting him down no wonder he isn't treating her well in return. Not excusing either of them but she is definitely a primary cause.

16 is the legal age of consent in my country and she was the one who asked, but if it is illegal in their country/state then fair enough that is bad.

No. 635772

What was the story Nemu gave for falling out with Xan? They were pretty close for quite a while but I never got around to seeing why they did fall out. That's what Nemu does: blocks anyone from her life who dares criticise her. It's why she fled 4chan, its why she fled Tumblr and I'm sure she'll flee Twitter eventually too

16 was not the age of consent where Nemu is from, so socially David was fucking a child and he clearly loved that. He's already a paedophile so the odds of him being into scat too were pretty high.

No. 635773

Her explaination was simply, "Xan is friends with people who do bad things, please block her. You can try to help her, but she won't listen to me. It's for her safety. I hope she's OK."

No. 635776

what were the "bad things" ? I assume they did worse than boast about jacking off to dead people and cancer patients and drawing born of baby-like characters?

No. 635777

File: 1531524678984.jpg (108.65 KB, 912x548, tumblr_mgsri0mJD91ro8ahdo1_500…)

Her massive ego is disgusting. Funny that she brags about being so hot and pretty but consistently gets almost no likes or comments on her pictures. I've seen butt ugly girls doing better on instagram than this even without using tags.

No. 635778

File: 1531524828546.jpg (44.07 KB, 635x447, 7678886.jpg)

raging narc

No. 635781

The more I look at her face the more I notice what is wrong. Her eyes are too close together and her lips stick out awkwardly from her overbite. Her face isnt fat but it looks kind of doughy regardless.

No. 635782

Not as bad as videos of people dying but Xan is dating a guy with a diaper fetish. He's not into piss or scat, or so he says.

No. 635783

she's probably eternally butthurt that she doesn't get catcalled or a second glance in public so she just makes shit up to make herself feel better. same with her bullshit about voice actors thinking she's sooo000 beautiful and talented etc., it reeks of overcompensating. she looks like Suzy and June combined their FAStard powers and created an abomination with a vomit fetish, you know no one is buying her jack shit at the bar - especially once they get a whiff of her "unwashed pussy and ass".

No. 635785

Piss scat and diapers are absolutely nothing compared to Nemu

No. 635786

She is ugly. She really does look like suzy, shoe, and foreverkaitlyn.

No. 635787

there was a huge scandal blowing up on Twitter about a very popular artist who allegedly raped someone and Nemu's contribution to that conversation was this
>>635513 humble bragging that the rapist told her she was a kawaii Asian girl

No. 635788

She looks like Taylor Swift with downs

No. 635790

File: 1531525735492.png (815.43 KB, 815x748, finished1_by_mintypuke-dax1elv…)

>• Tumblr
>• Girl hate!
You mean the website that started digging up how messed up you are? No one hates you because you're a girl, but because you get off to children's media, masturbate to pictures of abandoned buildings, and while knowing all this, work with children.

No. 635793

Interesting that she loved Tumblr until people there started to disagree with her. Also
>dislikes porn culture
She probably dislikes porn culture because even the creepiest porn obsessed dudes find her to be disgusting

No. 635794

File: 1531526259055.png (521.7 KB, 452x682, bookl_by_love_ribbon-db54hze.p…)

Here's her Word Girl OC

No. 635795

>Likes: nuclear radiation

What the fuck

No. 635796

File: 1531526329167.png (777.16 KB, 714x810, meet_by_love_ribbon-dbx2cnp.pn…)

She redid the meet the artist thing a few weeks later

No. 635797

You should read the whole thread before posting, this was discussed. It’s the whole reason behind her online name, Malfunction54

No. 635798

I meant what the fuck in the context that this was otherwise a normal, cute bio. I know about her weird fetish

No. 635799

This looks like a fucking Shadman drawing. How the fuck does she not see how pedophilic this is?

No. 635801

Just doing what she does: grooming her new audience gradually to accept her behaviour

No. 635802

So this is based on an elementary level kids book series and she drew herself looking like shes melting cum onto a monkey? Classy.

No. 635804

Does anyone have any of her Interpol related drawings? I'm dying to see them

No. 635805

File: 1531526878201.png (Spoiler Image, 54.38 KB, 392x421, vb1_by_mintypuke-d7o0abw.png)

Valt Boy radiation porn

No. 635808

File: 1531526985749.jpeg (13.35 KB, 113x124, 14B3B270-9C4D-4C0B-8DF3-2896CC…)

>nuclear radiation
you know sometimes… it just doesn’t seem worth it anymore

No. 635810

She scrubbed her Interpol drawings after the dude from Interpol made a comment in an interview saying seeing drawn porn of himself really upset him. I’m sure it’s out there though as she made a lot. Obviously all the art was of the main singer throwing up

No. 635819

No wonder she has constant genital pain when she just recently learned that you're supposed to actually wash yourself.

No. 635845

She said her vagina had little tentacles, too. Along with that, she claimed she had a third nipple that was surgically removed, but still has third breast tissue under one of her boobs.

It seems to me now she was constantly and silently trying to one-up everybody. Whoever everybody is.

She starts to be a furry. "Every furry is just some dog creature. Why don't I identify as a Burmese python and a warthog lady!"
She decides to like a character. "He has to be ugly. No one else must like him. He's mine and only mine! He needs to be a virgin that way I can make him impure."
She has a scat and vomit fetish. "It's ok for me though, I can flaunt it all I want, you know why? Because it's not affecting my life!"

No. 635893

It's less the ABDL stuff and mostly that he flips his shit and threatens to kill himself every time Xan talks to other people. Though it's funny they stopped talking essentially because nemu tried to get xan away from a basket case but I'd bet money if xan tried to tell nemu to break up with her boyfriend she'd get pissed.

No. 635897

File: 1531537811274.jpg (7.89 KB, 173x134, IMG_20180713_230943.jpg)

>Guys think I'm Asian
>Guys buy me so much stuff at the bar cause I'm hot
>You think I'm ugly? LOLOLOL
>Imma hot goth gf
She is delusional

No. 635904

File: 1531539577994.png (3.27 MB, 828x1372, Chombiefornia.png)

I made a quick timeline for the Chombie saga.

No. 635923

File: 1531543739468.jpg (34.14 KB, 502x867, nu19VHj_d.jpg)

I bet she made up this catcalling story too.
>Heyyyy miss teacher, I've been bad!
Who in the fucking world talks like that besides herself?

No. 635927

File: 1531544685619.jpg (Spoiler Image, 272.19 KB, 1280x1920, 7XuYjdv.jpg)

She actually had porn commissioned of her self insert fucking her waifus. According to the dates on the artist's blog, this was during her whole anti-porn-I-hate-porn-culture phase. Even when she was supposedly recovering she couldn't help herself.

No. 635944

Literally… I wonder how much Nemu spends each year on commissions.

No. 635999

she got off on being ~nasty teacher~ so she was clearly getting off on imagining this happening

No. 636000

she never had any intention of stopping. it was just another part of her performance.

No. 636004

no one on this fucking earth is cat calling this girl LOL. the only people who try to humblebrag about being hit on constantly are liars who are ugly and insecure. they can't get validation from random gross strangers so they give it to themselves. it's so pathetic.

No. 636009

the fact she included a full body pic of herself almost to prove how sexy she looked. if she was actually upset by cat calling why the fuck would she include a fucking photo?

No. 636015

Looking at the kind of friends Nemu keeps makes me wonder if she intentionally gets close to certain people so she can be the 'hot' friend just like she does with the sweaty neckbeards she lusts after.

No. 636019

I think that's pretty obvious. When she hung out with Xan she'd post loads of photos of them together. But there are very few photos of her and Jennelle together as Jen is so much cuter than her

No. 636020

There's a whole story with Jenelle as well.

Jen was one of Nemu's university friends. Nemu ended up begging Jen to move in with her and David in an attempt to stop David's sexual attacks and also have someone to take her side in things. Nemu actually brought in her female friend to a situation where there was a huge risk that she could be sexually attacked. I wish I could have been a fly on the wall when Jen was living there. Jen since moved out but it wasn't really mentioned why, so I'm sure you can make your own conclusions.

No. 636024

File: 1531566057333.jpeg (99.26 KB, 605x632, A9466059-3D57-42B8-AAE4-EB4689…)

Oh man, Nemu and I were friends from about 2012-2016. I really looked up to her til about 2015, I was young and she seemed to absolutely exude confidence. Someone vaguely mentioned witnessing our falling out, so I’ll give more details:

About a month or so into her anti-porn kick, Nemu made/said pic related. I pointed out this was inappropriate to wear to a public con, especially during the day, since it was a hentai term. She tried to argue she only saw it as cutesy, and refused to accept the connotations. Somehow devolved into her screaming and linking some biased propaganda Mormon website, which me and another person warned her was untrustworthy. She blocked me the next day.

Funnily enough, someone came to me just yesterday asking about this situation even though it happened two years ago. I have the entire thread screenshotted, so I sent it to them thinking it would prove Nemu was being hypocritical, but I got told I was a piece of shit for reasons I can’t comprehend. I have the entire thread if interested. I also know some things on this thread other people haven’t mentioned, like the fascination with tupperware coming from a specific bowl her mother always made her throw up into as a child when she was sick.

No. 636025

I thought jenelle got a boyfriend and moved in with him. She talks all the time about how she wants to fuck nemu and some other female friends so I doubt she left because of any nastiness that may have gone on in that house.

No. 636027

Jen had a boyfriend when she moved in with Nemu. Jen was debating on moving in with Nemu or the bf. Nemu said all this herself publicly on Twitter, that she begged Jen.

Look at the first posts in this very thread: people defending Nemu. Nemu can get away with murder tbh. Nemu grooms young people by subjecting them to sexual content and arguing its "just cute." Feel free to share the thread and more info on Nemu.

No. 636030

File: 1531566623079.jpg (178.59 KB, 752x1061, porn_addiction_1_by_mintypuke-…)

Nemu made this during her anti-porn phase.

Unrelated to the photo but I remember her talking about someone who might have moved in with her after Jenelle moved out, Ersatz. She always mentioned their name but I rarely ever saw posts from someone attached to that name.

No. 636031

Okay, here’s one no one mentioned:

The reason Nemu never went on to become a school teacher is because she had an honest to god crippling fear of pencils. I didn’t believe it myself, but it’s true. She called them ‘not-pens’, and when I met up with her in person, she drew with mechanical pencils only. She’d have panic attacks before work because she was, of course, surrounded by pencils.

I don’t know if I can entirely blame people for defending Nemu. A lot of this stuff I didn’t realize until this thread. She’s always been very charismatic and charming, easy to talk to in person. I don’t think all of it comes from a desire to hurt others, she’s just a very fucked up individual. Not excusing her actions, of course, it’s still bad. That’s just how I see it.

No. 636032

Just when you think Nemu can't get any specialer of a snowflake she outdoes herself.

Also, Nemu and David are in this vlog if any of you want to see her in motion.

No. 636033

File: 1531567133250.jpg (171.82 KB, 545x370, foto_no_exif (13).jpg)

showing your ass to an audience of children. very classy Nemu!

No. 636042

Holy shit, I know the EXACT person who sent this DM and showed it to them, unfortunately they won’t let me share the proof this is their DM for fear of getting dog piled.

They’re kind of in disbelief Nemu would take them out of context so much. I still don’t know what she expected, surrounding yourself with people who love porn for years and then doing a complete 180 in a month is going to raise some eyebrows. I wonder how many friends Nemu eliminated during that transition period, it had to be tons.

No. 636044

The Nemu bubble is very thick and hard to burst. I was online friends with her for about 7 or 8 years. Even before this thread was made and I had decided to end our mutual relationship, I had a soft spot for her while knowing these things she's done. I just hadn't the time to put the puzzle pieces together to see the full picture. Along with that, I'm still friends with a few of the people wrapped up in her spell and I really hope one day they see through this. She's extremely controlling and keeps note of those suspected to one day out her.

I looked at the last days of her RUINED84 Twitter before she made the now current _miserymire one, which she did in late January of this year. She was accused of being a pedophile and tried covering it up with some dude she plays video games with who messaged her every now and then. She could've easily blocked the guy, but no, somehow she made it seem reasonable to just make a whole new account. Her hugbox is very open with letting everyone know what's currenly going on if you look at replies to her.

I'm not sure if she has any actual newer friends besides those from the crowd she gained from her Tumblr days, but back then she definitely searched for people to become closer to who were suffering mental illnesses and people who are narcs just like her. She feeds off of peoples real issues and tries to insert herself in them so the ones who are at their lows feel a better connection to her.
She has a massive case of "I'm not like the other girls".

Looking at that Youmacon video, Nemu carries herself extremely different than the image she made of herself. She reminds me more of Emma Page's character in Juno rather than the "oh so sweet, delicate, innocent, and courageous/stubborn when she needs to be" facade she made of herself.

No. 636045

I know one of her closest friends used to post nudes on 4chan's /soc/ and tripfagged on different boards back in the day. I don't know if they ever met but since she's fat I suspect she's Nemu's replacement Xan.

No. 636048

These Jenelle videos are interesting
At 5:10 in this video, you can see Christy prettying herself up to meet Junkrat's voice actor.

No. 636051

Post the thread. We need as much proof as possible so nobody falls for her "sweet and nice" act again.

No. 636059

File: 1531573910533.png (284.61 KB, 500x723, not affected growing up.png)

>i'm a mature responsible adult
hmm… sure

No. 636060

It blows me away that people are friends with her for that long and don't see what she is. She doesn't hide her posts about masturbating to dying people, her fucking username was Malfunction54 for fuck sake. It is all right there for anyone to see. Even in her fucking meet the artist she has up RIGHT NOW it has "radiation poisoning" as one of her likes!!! How do people not see what she is IMMEDIATELY? Because she draws well?

Also that guy she played video games with I'm pretty sure is the same dude who would buy her Team Fortress hats for nudes. Nemu would bully the fuck out of other females on 4chan, its one of the reason she fled to Tumblr, because the women on 4chan were really done with what she was doing. When she arrived on Tumblr she was a little older than the average user so she immediately established herself as a mother figure meaning no one would feel brave enough to call her out. A twitter handle she also had was @castlecrush.

I still remember when Nemu would post vocaroo clips on her Tumblr with the voice edited to sound like a helium baloon and she swore it was her real voice. Compare that to her voice in those vlogs. What a fraud.

No. 636065

Nemu should've kept her third shift hotel job rather than going back to be a substitute teacher. The only reason she couldn't keep the job because she wanted to have a "normal" 9 to 11 sleeping schedule. She absolutely refused to adjust her sleeping schedule and played it off as circadian rhythm shit. She said she got a psychiatrist's note written to have her move to first shift or either get less hours. She even claimed her job was abusing her for not accommodating for her mental illness and was able to get some cash from the company for doing that, but she said she decided to have the higher ups be trained to work with mentally ill people better.

All she needed to do was fucking sleep at a different time and everything would've been fine. None of this substitute teacher stuff would've continued.

No. 636066

This is good advice but coming from a disgusting person, it's easier to see why people fell for her act when you read stuff like this.

No. 636069

She isn't subbing again, she's only working as a sales rep in some store. I remember people talking about it in her replies recently. Idk if she'll ever go back to teaching. I remember when Nemu said the boss of the hotel had a crush on her because he would email her about her job.

No. 636072

She did sub for a couple months before moving onto being a sales rep person. This is when she went SJW on the kids and had to resign.

No. 636073

What exactly did she do/say to the kids? I remember it being mentioned up thread but no details

No. 636075

This post gives a pretty good run down >>631332

No. 636077


>queer adult lady!

I hate when people use exclamation marks for everything, I read that in a high pitched anime girl voice

No. 636078

File: 1531575557768.png (811.08 KB, 1440x2844, nemuallcensored.png)

Here's what I have. Unfortunately I don't have everything, about three conversations were happening at once. It was also mentioned that she shouldn't wear a pin like that in public in the first place, but it got lost in the scuffle. A third party has been removed upon request which is why she's @ing two people, they raised points I never screenshotted at all which is why the conversation swerves the way it does. Hope this is interesting.

No. 636081

this is so fucking funny. she was trying to shun people for drawing porn and her friends for liking non-mainstream stuff.
>give women the choice. i am a woman
no shit, but she's definitely making a "it's only okay when i do it!" excuse

No. 636082

I can tell from these few screenshots that she is incredibly manipulative. You politely questioned her action and then she spun it into her being a victim and how she has to throw away the pin because everyone hates her… classic manipulator behaviour

No. 636085

>I'm allowed to have my own sexuality outside of the porno sphere
What does that mean? Seriously, what is that meant to mean? It's gibberish

>tries to make this a feminist argument

>tries to use an anti-hentai article to justify her wearing a pregnancy fetish pin around children
>somehow links REEEEing and cries about not being able to wear fetish content around children to her being anti-porn?????

She said in her O W N W O R D S . H E R O W N W O R D S that this con would be a "pregnancy fetish con" and then wonders why people have called her out??? The Junkrat tshirt was fucking disgusting as well. She DID NOT "detach in a cutesy way" as she LITERALLY SAID HERSELF IT WAS PREGNANCY FETISH MATERIAL.

Fucking narc sociopath.

No. 636087

She uses exclamation marks on everything she posts to push her ~sweet lil lady~ image. It's a lot more calculated than you'd think

No. 636091

File: 1531577286803.jpg (38.68 KB, 577x440, PKE1g2yT.jpg)

No. 636093

File: 1531577368682.jpg (Spoiler Image, 51.05 KB, 577x720, _wSBbjK6.jpg)

Even when she wants to post nudes she frames it in a way that makes her look innocent

No. 636097

Fuck I remember seeing this floating around, didn't know it was her. I bet she just wanted everyone to see her nudes.

No. 636103

Her friends were trying to warn her about going back to it, but she approached their concern with negativity and the whole world being against her.

>I'm not allowed to enjoy my own personal sexual fantasies?

Yes of course, but not in a public space where there's children present such as an anime convention.

She's talked about her dislike for people just like her, but it's all just projection at this point. Once Tumblr got a whiff of her shit, everything has been projection.

Me being friends with her for so long was because I was closer to her friends who weren't submerged in fetishes. Most of the disgusting stuff she said was fluffed by our friends who came at her side and virtually patted her head to tell her everything was going to be okay. I was extremely mentally ill during the these years and she made people like me and a few others feel comfortable because she made herself seem so vulnerable.
Towards the end when I got better mentally, it was like being part of a disaster you just yearned to see how long you can hold on for. I eventually had to get out because it was just too much.

No. 636107

>Once Tumblr got a whiff of her shit
Good one anon, very literal.

No. 636108

The bubble of people surrounding Nemu are whats allowed her to become what she is today. It's interesting just how many people left her at a similar time, the whole " anti-porn for u but lots of porn for me" seemed to be the last straw for many people who were close to her. I think because it was the most obvious move to date that proved she was obsessed with control.

No. 636113

File: 1531579757580.jpg (29.74 KB, 501x206, foto_no_exif (14).jpg)

Another old username of Nemu's was clockworkpauly (I think this might have been her first username actually)

Here she is admitting to taking creeper shots of dudes that looked like her waifu irl

No. 636115

I thought Jenelle and Xan were both pretty for being so confident with their selfies and having unforced smiles.
Christy did have a thing for spamming the worst shots of both of them. There was one of Xan playing a DS on a ferry and the angle just made her look unflattering. The one of Jenelle was her looking sweaty with smeared makeup and a cheesy smile in her Tracer cosplay.
There was never one with Christy looking bad from what I can recall.

No. 636118

File: 1531580378638.png (27.66 KB, 401x707, nemlife.PNG)

I think nemulife was the oldest one, this was reblogged in January 2012. clockworkpauly reblogs came around in March 2012.

No. 636119

By the way, for whoever asked, she wears so much foundation because she has a few acne scars she is very embarrassed by. IIRC she uses Glamoflauge as a foundation, which is a brand of cover up meant for hiding tattoos.

No. 636128

Who is Christy?

No. 636129

File: 1531582797547.png (1.25 MB, 1074x743, dr2turnt.PNG)

In the AWA 2017 video Jenelle made, there's footage of Nemu in her Dr. Two Brains cosplay drinking a Four Loko going, "It's me, Dr. Two Turnt!"
Very worrisome, especially for her being in cosplay for a character mostly children would notice.

No. 636133

File: 1531582947733.png (1.65 MB, 1293x741, crispy.PNG)

No. 636138

No one should be shocked by this. Nemu's biggest fetish is inserting sexual shit into children's content

No. 636141

Pretty meaningless comment I'm about to make but its a thought I had.

Nemu will literally slather paste on her skin to high acne scars yet regularly jacks it to people with no skin. It just sums her up entirely. She's even jacking it to fucking radiation victims thinking "wow, I'm so much hotter than this!"

No. 636162

File: 1531584375910.jpg (50.81 KB, 507x157, foto_no_exif (15).jpg)

How would anyone ever believe that this actually happened?

No. 636167

File: 1531584652297.jpg (40.41 KB, 514x159, foto_no_exif (16).jpg)

No. 636170

Nemu desperately trying to get the virgin dick while during her break at work kek

No. 636174

File: 1531584868568.jpg (Spoiler Image, 426.44 KB, 416x665, foto_no_exif (17).jpg)

Found shotacon artwork. This was for someone else but 1) she had no issue drawing it and 2) drew plenty for herself too. If you search the character (Duke from Professor Layton) it is visibly a child

No. 636177

File: 1531585077575.jpg (12.83 KB, 440x88, foto_no_exif (18).jpg)

She used to draw A LOT of porn of the BABY from Warioware, 9-Volt. This was the first thing she erased when she was called out. I did find this quote from her to confirm that it did happen though

No. 636178

She's an incel's dream, lmao, as long as they can stand her narcissism and disgusting fetishes.

No. 636179

Nemu once saw Passion Pit in concert and according to her Michael Angelakos, the guy in the band she coincidentally has a crush on, puked on the floor before a song.

No. 636186

File: 1531585341067.jpg (35.2 KB, 535x235, foto_no_exif (19).jpg)

yeah she went on to draw drawings of him puking a lot too. she had a drawing of him puking as her icon for ages, all tagged under his real actual name for him to see if he should google it (which he did)

Here is Nemu enjoying what appeared to be both a lolicon and incest drawing (I can't find the original drawing but just look at the tags)

No. 636191

File: 1531585574913.png (114.79 KB, 883x429, enabler.PNG)

Here's a good list of a few of her enablers. Minus chibihisagi (Xan), I'm certain these people reply to her tweets about once a day.

No. 636194

File: 1531585896343.jpg (Spoiler Image, 94.32 KB, 433x626, ss.jpg)

looked up the poster it seems to be this drawing, which is super disgusting

No. 636196

kingjder was blocked from her twitter awhile ago, and I think she and mrfrond had major falling out. Not sure about everyone else.

Actually, I just remembered, didn’t one of her friends get busted for CP? Does anyone remember who?

No. 636198

what the actual fuck. what the fuck.

Nemu calls people pedophiles for liking big tit anime females that are somehow age 15, yet is openly liking this fucking incest shit with tiny children? god she makes me fucking sick to my stomach

No. 636200

I thought it was mrfrond who got called out for CP cause they got caught drawing baby pokemon getting fucked.

No. 636202

what is wrong with getting a new job when you don't like your hours?

No. 636203

I wanted to say it was mrfrond but I wasn’t sure. The way she described it made it sound like there was an actual CP bust when it happened but I think they’re still active, so I guess they just got called out normally.

No. 636205

File: 1531586289693.png (199.85 KB, 358x532, littlegoils.png)

Nemu getting off to Pauly wearing "little goils" accessories.

Are you talking about Krystal or Moth? One of them made Bob's Burgers porn of Louise and Gothita from Pokemon as a baby.

No. 636207

No. 636208

File: 1531586525965.png (Spoiler Image, 765.38 KB, 800x630, w.png)

I bet she would have a crush on Incel Andy, spoilers because hes disgusting. It would make his day if she was interested in him and he looks right up her alley, I'd love to see these cows collide.

No. 636209

Her bf's skin looks similar to this. She posted a pic of his back once. Wonder when nemu will open her next GoFundMe to go eat this dudes ass?

No. 636212

He goes on dates with random girls all of the time and always tries to get some but fails. Nemu if you're reading, you can make this guys dream come true.

No. 636215

I remember this story, she said it was from the second or third grade and a teacher walked by so she ate the porn story.

I thought it was super fucked up she was thinking about having sex at that age.

No. 636216

If you go to 04:47 in this video you can see Nemu rubbing David's back with sandpaper

No. 636217

ot, but what is this? How do you do this to yourself? Is it a skin disease or??

No. 636219

That's a very common symptom in sex abuse victims. She did continue the sexualising of that baby well into her late teens however which I feel turns it from "misguided childhood sexuality" to predatory

No. 636222

she's openly sandpapering her fucking obese bfs back in a vlog. idk what to say

No. 636246

Not really a problem with getting a new job due to hours. I just thought it was weird Nemu specifically applied to a third shift position and couldn't do it in the end.
My main problem is her new job was back to working with children, since she's a threat to them. Sorry to word it weirdly.

No. 636257

Wow, I used to look back fondly on Nemu, can't believe I never realized how disgusting she really is. Bless this thread.

No. 636264

I believe this thread was made to get people circlejerking over her. Boy did those people make a bad call.

No. 636272

"Nemu, so innocent and unknown to the internet by now. Such a relic. Nothing to see here guys, just us reminiscing about this cute lady who fell off the face of the earth after being rightfully accused of being a danger to children!
So sad ;__; She'd never hurt a fly
I hope her bf still does cute voices while he sexually abuses her in bed."

No. 636275

File: 1531590479396.jpg (Spoiler Image, 254.17 KB, 495x571, i99d9J8h.jpg)

For anyone that believes she left the shota/loli shit back on Tumblr, here she is posing a loli character with a dog dildo in 2015

No. 636276

Glad this thread is exposing her for the creep she is. Wonder if there’ll be any milk out of it.

No. 636279

she'll do one of two things:

-make an apology statement identical to the statement up on ocdmrcrocker, probably making up another suicide attempt for a nice checkmate in there too. she'll say that ~she's changed~ and she's super mentally ill so pls dont bully. then she'll leave twitter for a few months and continue posting as if it never happened


-she'll delete her twitter and re-emerge secretly on a new one a few months after. will probably say she has to leave as she's "being stalked" but then be found easily in a few months as she continues posting the same content

No. 636285

Well, we all know which twitter users' replies to check up on if any of those options ever happens.
It won't take long for someone to out her with a "WELCOME BACK HOLDEN/CRISPY!!!!! WE MISSED YOU ;;"

It's funny, a lot of her mutuals are currently going ham about Shadman when Nemu is literally right there doing the same things under their wings.

No. 636289

Nemu is a big Shadman fan. She used to talk about him all the time. She cosplayed his Vault Girl character too. Would love to see if she's criticising him now, another part of the cover up

No. 636290

I actually don't think anything will happen unless people on Twitter start talking about this thread. But without something like a callout post or people @ing her to talk about the stuff posted here she doesn't have a reason to publicly acknowledge anything. If she brings it up herself she'd have to admit either she or her friends lurk here/KF looking for mentions of her or she obessesively googled herself or something similar that she would have a hard time spinning her way for sympathy. So she'll keep quiet up until a point where it's blatantly in her face how exposed she is.

No. 636293

she can't help herself. She is OBSESSED with appearing as a victim. She WILL mention or allude to this thread at some point. She'll make up some excuse like she was looking up people's comments about her art or something. She literally shared a hate thread about herself on 4chan to her tumblr in order to flood her fans into it. She cannot help herself

No. 636296

File: 1531591652940.png (90.04 KB, 520x769, 4days.PNG)

Oh they know
This person is the one who also who made this reply >>631342

No. 636300

I don't know if this person is a victim of her or just as bad as her. These tweets honestly make me feel ill. The fact she has groomed people into being THIS delusional.

No. 636303

Nah they weren't groomed, she's just as bad as nemu and knows if nemu gets called out for being disgusting while mentally ill then it won't be long before she's called out for being a piece of shit too (though not to the same extent)

No. 636305

Honestly Nemu's orbiters could have a thread all of their own

No. 636308

Vivian James? Was the character really based on her? I can see some visual resemblance but I find it hard to believe, Nemu isn't that well known

No. 636309

Fuck that piece of shit, thank you whoever is posting these screenshots. I’m so sick of people giving certain people a special pass when they are called out, because they are “a victim” or “the good they do outweighs the bad” but the second some random artist they don’t know gets called out they jump on board like the true people pleasers they are. I knew the tumblr/Twitter art community was bad but this opened my eyes, I hope more nemu’s get exposed as well as the hundreds of asslickers who defend them.

No. 636310

TBH it's a whole mess. I know Kimispice is/has been long time good friends with a girl who recently got caught pretending to be half Japanese for 3 years.
All of her orbiters are in their mid to late 20s too which makes it more insane.

No. 636315

Actual children on Tumblr called out Nemu, a paedophile, for being a paedophile, while having a lot of proof that she was indeed a paedophile, and these adult orbitors still harassed and bullied the kids relentlessly while not even allowing themselves consider that Nemu was, yes, a fucking pedo.

I don't even know what good Nemu brings. Everything positive is extremely calculated to groom her audience and also make her appear god like. In my years of following Nemu I have never once witnessed her do anything positive that wasn't self-benefiting.

No. 636316

Is she from Georgia?

No. 636318

Tennessee but she's been going to Georgia cons for the last year or so.

No. 636319

She's in Clarksville, TN at the moment

No. 636320

File: 1531592978012.png (4.58 KB, 385x85, gore14.PNG)

Seriously, Moth, someone she dropped for being open about their pedophilia threatened to send a 14 yr old child gore. They were the only one sending this user non-anonymous asks.

No. 636321

Nemu purposefully shares people who stand up to her as she knows her deranged dick suckers will go crazy on them. Anyone who used to follow her but was then dropped for speaking out against her knows how it goes down.

No. 636327

Christy Chan's orbiters like her so much because they can vicariously indulge in otherwise cringey character worship through her obessiveness without feeling like they're the typical greasy/unattractive fandom loser.

No. 636328

File: 1531593908266.png (32.25 KB, 580x287, bored.PNG)

tfw nemu knows she's guilty and for the past few days she's been on the down low, only replying to her friends tweets.
she's back and currently tweeting about being afraid for her black co-workers saying the n-word at work. tinfoiling but i just know she's trying to make herself seem the hero as more stuff surfaces and she decides to say something about this thread again.

No. 636331

I didn't know about her before this thread, but everything is too much and I kinda started to hate her. Is it normal? Saged for rant

No. 636332

She's changed her surname on Facebook so there's no way she isn't preparing for a lockdown. Mentioning this n-word thing is most likely fabricated as a means to raise her sweet smol lady points as fast as possible.

No. 636334

File: 1531594420657.jpg (494.71 KB, 1037x1718, 20180714_145406.jpg)

>she's back and currently tweeting about being afraid for her black co-workers saying the n-word at work.

Not to be pedantic but shes actually tweeting about her coworkers making jokes about themselves and being a weird white saviour over it.

No. 636336

Anon if you have access to her account currently can you post her current tweets? It is likely she will abandon the account and go into lockdown soon so its best to preserve her final tweets or anything particularly milky now.

No. 636339

Even better, archive her entire twitter:
(just use a throwaway account for the sign in)

No. 636340

oh god it's even worse. nemu, we don't care about validation from white people. we're not weak, stop sticking up for us.

also thank you for these tweets anon you're a REAL savior

No. 636344

Can someone explain why she was into the Interpol singer? He's not ugly (or at least was not at the time first album was released)

No. 636345

I'm an idiot and forgot her account is protected. You can use a full screen capture plug in on Chrome to capture her timeline though

No. 636346

She liked the music, went to see them live and the lead singer vomited on stage. That's pretty much the only reason.

No. 636347

you can archive a private accounts tweets as long as you follow them from the account you're logged in with

No. 636348

I'm not even surprised

No. 636351

File: 1531595354167.jpg (977.65 KB, 1051x1127, FOP.jpg)

Here's her profile on the FairlyOddParents wikia. I can only assume this site is mostly filled with kids and she announces straight away on her profile "I AM NICE!!! I AM SUPER NICE AND ALSO ILL!!! SO SHUT UP!!"

No. 636355

god this is so disgusting. she prides that she's "a little bit crazy" which in her mind can excuse her for doing a lot of things such as going on sites as a Nice Lady! to gush about her sexual perversions to childrens cartoon characters

No. 636356

wait a second, is she trying to claim that lead singers from both passion pit (see >>636179 ) and interpol coincidentally puked when she saw them?

link if anyone wants to read her posts:



No. 636358

This is so predatory, she even links to her Deviantart account which has fetish material on it. Kids are going to end up seeing that.

No. 636362

File: 1531596244316.jpg (252.73 KB, 898x445, foto_no_exif (20).jpg)

She faved art called "deviant shotas" on DA and it was fairly recent too. She can't even keep her own lies straight.

No. 636364

It's grooming. That's how pedos groom kids, they present themselves as VERY sweet and innocent and then present sexual or adult themes along side children's media to get them used to seeing it. She clearly knows this and gets off on it. She most likely got off and kids seeing that drawing of her with those characters and them not know she's jerked herself off over them.

No. 636365

that name looked really familiar!
This is the girl is toycapsule who successfully pretended she was half Japanese for 3 years and acted like she knew shit all about discrimination towards Japanese people. She even got a few popular tweets with a couple thousand likes on them.
delusional collides with delusional

No. 636367

thats fucking hysterical. Nemu is friends with a fucking asian fetishist shotacon and publically likes this person's shota art while ranting about SJW race shit and calling people who love anime titties pedophiles

No. 636370

Does anyone have that photo she took of her 3ds, when she smeared her vagina juices all over it while the screen was on Pauly's scene in PL? It was something else

No. 636402

File: 1531601839542.jpg (25.77 KB, 239x331, Diana-Barrows.jpg)

not milk but i was watching friday the 13th VII last night and it struck me how much this character looks like nemu. she was supposed to be a dorky, plain wingman to her hotter friend that gets the guy they both like lol.

No. 636407

File: 1531602342975.png (37.05 KB, 555x387, ARTT.PNG)

is nemu subjecting her followers to shadman's art?

No. 636425

She's probably one of them replies asking for more

No. 636430

This is probably about his recent piece with a girl sitting on a fathers lap during The Incredibles and he gets a boner seeing the Incrediles moms ass while shes sitting there and gets arrested. It's pretty fucked up but Nemu herself has done and praised worse.

No. 636433

That is literally one of Nemu's fetishes. There is this one porn clip she would share a lot of a jailbait looking porn acress sitting on her "father's"lap at the dinner table but under the table he was fucking her. She gets off hardcore on baby daughter and father. I know a part of that comes from her own sexual abuse but when you look at the big picture and everything else she's into she clearly enjoys the child's abuse as she enjoys the pain of others

No. 636435

This looks like a hotter version of Nemu

No. 636436

She shared genuine porn and people still had this 'sweet, innocent' impression of her? I assume this was in the age before DDLG was a normalised big thing too since it seems like she left Tumblr a while ago, surprised if it didn't raise eyebrows at all.

No. 636444

She was a baby girl before baby girls were a thing. I wish I had a screenshot of ONE of the times she shared that fucking disgusting incest porn clip and what she wrote under it. She actually added "babygirl" into her twitter bio briefly (at the EXACT SAME TIME she added all the anti-porn stuff to her twitter bio) but took it out. I think because it was just too revealing to who she actually is

No. 636452

lol true. and it's funny because the character was the EXACT inverse of what nemu likes to see herself as. she was the nerdy dumpy girl who would have a better chance with a nerdy guy, but was chasing after a hot bad boy who her hot friend was already fucking.

No. 636453

"…and everyone stood up and clapped."

this bitch is fucking delusional. everything she writes sounds like a 17 year old who has no idea how the world works trying to convince people she's definitely an adult with her shit together. but she can't stop stroking her own ego for 5 seconds to realise that nothing she posts sounds like it takes place in reality.

No. 636455

File: 1531605765926.jpg (58.29 KB, 292x215, babygirl.jpg)

anti-porn website in her bio alongside declaring she's a fucking incest roleplayer

No. 636456

yeah, i remember her sharing that clip. definitely right up her alley.

don't forget when she posted on /cgl/ she told everyone she was furiously masturbating over hate comments about her. she's probably getting off on people hating on shadman, too. what a coincidence this situation catches on fire right as this nemu thread gets sicker.

nemu seriously knows about what's going on. a few of her long time friends are trying to interrogate other long time friends. she's trying to make them turn on each other. she is telling them whoever doesn't defend nemu is a person who hates mentally ill people, women, child sexual abuse victims, and anything else under the moon nemu puts herself under.

No. 636458

No. 636466

File: 1531606572996.jpg (44.1 KB, 581x156, foto_no_exif (21).jpg)

This might be tinfoil but is she asking for make up recommendations because her foundation was criticised here?

No. 636472

No shes talking about switching from ipsy to sephorabox and recommending it to people.

No. 636475

File: 1531607515424.png (26.26 KB, 807x188, w.png)

Account from someone who visited her blog in 2014

No. 636498

File: 1531609512570.png (27.3 KB, 1289x216, w.png)

Apparently a quote of something she posted.

No. 636500

I feel like this was the reason her pussy stank more than just not cleaning it. But if she was having her pussy barfed in AND not cleaning it…

No. 636519

She was posting this in 2014 yet people in 2018 in this very thread were trying to argue she wasn’t a cow

No. 636520

I want to kill myself after reading this

No. 636533

anyone who stanned for her mustve either been a total idiot or had something equally disgusting to hide.

I don't get the "but she was nice!!!" thing at all. nice furries exist but I don't see anyone but other furries stab them. rly makes you think…..

No. 636535

Stan* not stab

No. 636537

God, I feel like I'm reading about glitchedpuppet all over again

No. 636545

Also she wasn’t even THAT nice. All her “niceness” was stuff like those made up stories posted above that serve no purpose but to make her look like a goddess. She never actually DID anything for anyone. She just talked at mentally ill people about how she was mentally ill too so it’s okay for you to do literally whatever you want. She also called out people (including friends) in order to get her following to target them. She’s a bully by proxy.

No. 636549

File: 1531613587328.jpg (62.64 KB, 300x234, dumbbitchaward.jpg)

This. I'm lol'ing at the anons itt like >>631395
>Like, no one is being "fooled" here. As far as personality goes, nemu's pretty average

No. 636552

File: 1531613624328.png (444.9 KB, 1440x1514, Screenshot_2018-07-14-19-11-37…)

Some mob mentality going on?

No. 636557

I am convinced those comments were left by a very small number of people working very hard to throw the trial off Christy.

Who is it that they’re reporting?

No. 636559

yeah honestly her "motherly advice" came off as condescending if anything, and like you said it was just the ramblings of an utter lunatic with an ego a mile wide.

I do think it was people in her hugbox trying to kill the thread, and I bet it's because they're all sick fucks with shit to hide and don't want lolcow to dig up dirt on them.

No. 636561

I wasn't stanning her in this thread but back when I followed her I remember genuinely thinking she seemed nice and genuine even though I was disgusted by her fetishes. She is very VERY good at manipulation and it's hard to explain unless you've also followed her for a while. She uses the disgusting fetishes as just a way to make her seem like an honest open book and like someone with nothing to hide. It's like a false flag. How could she be hiding anything if she'll even tell the world that she's into scat?! But what her followers didn't realize is that she was hiding the fact that she's a dangerous narc. She's really good at making herself seem too mentally ill and troubled to help herself, but also trying and making progress!!! I also followed her long after she had covered up her pedo shit, but was focused mainly on vomit/scat shit. I think the kinds of people who think she was nice are either
a) overly empathetic and easily manipulated by narc "poor lil me" tactics
b) insecure impressionable sjw kids who don't realize sjw thought policing =/= being nice and fall for her muh mental illness line
c) as you suggested, people who also have an extreme fetish who feel they can't throw stones in a glass house. even if their fetishes aren't as horrific as hers, they probably feel like "how can i hate nemu when I'M into X"

Reading the entire thread and seeing everything out in the open makes it obvious how much of a guilt-tripping, self-important, manipulative, sadistic piece of shit narc she is, but when you only get exposed to little bits and pieces of her persona, her talent for manipulation is more effective and it's much easier to fall for the narrative she tries to push.

No. 636562

I don’t think it is this thread as someone says “this person is just here to harass you” which makes me think a specific account is targeting her somewhere

No. 636566

Isn't vomit very acidic? I know it burns the teeth away of bulimic people so I'm worried for the condition of her vagina.

No. 636567

Christy released her full name, the city she lives in, the exact places she worked and her university countless times. Don’t know how you’ve retconned that. She was SO confident in the obideince of her audience that she flaunted her real name and wanting to be a teacher along side pedophilic content. And no one did anything about it.

No. 636574

She also posted pics of the house she was buying to move in with Jenelle, address attached and all

No. 636584

She got off on flaunting how much she could get away with. She really did feel untouchable. How times have changed for her.

No. 636593

She's also mentioned how relieved she was she never had a topic made about her on Kiwifarms. There's posts about her, but they're literally like the first couple ones in this thread.

No. 636594

no offense but it really seems like it's only like 2-3 people (at most) posting in here? who even is this person and why should any of us care if they've fucked off already?
stop with the personal grudges ugh it's so boring.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 636596

I didn't know her, but I'm finding it quite fascinating tbh.

No. 636599

Which one of her orbiters are you?

No. 636601

This is hands down one of the most interesting cows on this site.

No. 636603

This thread blows my mind. What does it take for you guys to leave her alone? Going through this thread, she appears to keeps to herself in her group of friends, posts artwork occasionally, goes to therapy to help with her problems and is actively trying to get help. What good does it do you guys to drudge through 5 year old Tumblr posts and stalk her Instagram and replies to her private Twitter?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 636604

So.. I'm guessing she linked this thread on Twitter?

No. 636605

yeah it's not really surprising why she's in pain so much constantly, but if she wants to wreck her body in the name of a sick fetish then so be it

sorry christy/christy's orbiters, cat's out of the bag.

No. 636608

Her Twitter is gone.

No. 636610

I've never heard of her before the thread, but she is definitely the most insane person I've ever read about on this site.

No. 636613

She’s extremely lucky KF haven’t take interest in her as her (and david’s) full dox are basically sitting out there and are extremely easy to find.

She had 70k followed on tumblr. Are you going to tell me she had 70k close friends? In this thread alone you can see she joined a CHILDRENS website, the Fairly Odd Parents wki, and linked her fetish work on there. Fuck off.

No. 636614

She's a danger to children, anon.
>5 year old posts
You mean one of the more recent tweets from a few weeks ago where she posted hinting she's still attracted to Ice Climbers despite their age?
The escapade from two years ago of her guilt tripping her friends to collect over $300 dollars to eat some virgin's ass in California?

No. 636615

I knew it. Will just have to keep an eye out for her new one now

No. 636616

This is why I was telling anon upthread to screenshot everything. She was going to go full lockdown imminently.

No. 636617

Bye Nemu! See you tomorrow ;)

No. 636618

Wonder if they got anything

No. 636619

How is a post about how she thought the Ice Climbers were her parents any admission of her being sexually attracted to them?

No. 636621

Anon check the link in here >>635736 she drew self insert porn of herself and Ice Climbers fucking

No. 636622

For what? What are you looking for? What is your ultimate goal here?

No. 636623

Why are Christy orbiters so uneducated about her content? She drew a lot of porn of her having a three way with them and one of the images is archived on this thread. I URGE you to actually READ this thread before you continue defending her.

No. 636624

Read the multiple accounts from her past friends in this thread. You are being manipulated.

No. 636625

Because she’s an extremely dangerous person who slimes from site to site gathering more vulnerable people to infect?

No. 636630

Extremely dangerous how? She doesn't work with children. She tries to educate people on mental illness and addiction. I don't get how you guys are so fucking warped to think she is somehow actively hurting people

No. 636631

Anon, look at links and images and other info posted in this thread. She's narccisitic as fuck. You're being manipulated by her. She preys on children by telling the world she's a nice lady and asking to make friends on a children's website at 25 fucking years old.

No. 636633

Do we have literally a single shred of evidence of her preying on children or are you guys going off of "she says she's nice and she likes cartoons so that makes her a pedophile!"

For being a bunch of anti-tumblrites you guys sure are acting like them.

No. 636634

Nemu thought she could get away from this so long, no wonder shes losing her mind that even when she's gone into hiding you can't escape people finding out you're a toxic person.

No. 636635

Please just read the fucking thread. She doesn’t “try to help” the mentally ill, she grooms them. Look at the “advice” she’s given out for fuck sake. Please just read the fucking thread. If you continue posting like this I’m going to assume you ARE Christy and are purposely trying to derail

No. 636637


No. 636640

Anon, please. I was friends with her until a few months ago. Please look at the evidence before typing anything else. She's a predator and you're a puppet.

No. 636641

Oh my god anon read the thread
You’ll see everything

No. 636642

If you are actually a friend of nemu's you are not going to be helping her by posting here, you are absolutely going to (and already ARE) making things worst.

No. 636646

I'm going to highlight just a few posts about why she is a danger to children if it wasn't obvious.

Drawing porn of and sexualising a literal elementary school kids series.

Describing herself as a 'nice lady' (very groomer-like) and excusing herself of all sins by listing her illness, and then linking her fetish DA account on a kids site.

Commissioning and drawing fanart of underage characters.

Mabel is very young. Self explanatory.

There was so much more I can't find in this thread anymore. She expressed relief at 13 being the age of consent in Japan and said that she didn't trust her or her boyfriend to have kids. If anyone can find those in this thread, link them. The thread is long but this proof should be compiled if her minions are going to come here and deny her pedophilic tendencies or danger to kids.

No. 636647

Are her twitters actually gone? They’re still showing for me

No. 636649

KF pulls thread topics from here pretty frequently. It's only a matter of time.

No. 636650

Her account is locked with no profile picture and all stats hidden. She could still be using it.

No. 636652

File: 1531619908880.jpg (160.69 KB, 1054x1119, 20180714_215916.jpg)

Art one is still up, the locked one has been purged.

No. 636653

KF dudes strike me as the types to have a lot more of her porn saved

Damn. See you next account Christy!

No. 636657

Oh God the X's. How dramatic. You're caught, Cristy Lynn.

No. 636659

That’s not her real surname, she changed that today after she saw this thread

No. 636666

Wait, she legally changed her surname? Lynn is her middle name.

No. 636667

She changed the name displayed on her facebook.

No. 636668

Oh, no I mean Lynn isn’t her surname. I’m sure she’ll be changing her surname to David’s soon anyway

No. 636673

She deleted her Instagram

No. 636674

i followed her on tumblr back in the day, fortunately i have quite a bit saved from when she was still active.

major tw warning obviously, vomit, gore, etc.

No. 636676

The link isn't working

No. 636677

Link isn’t working, also be aware Christy will probably try to report this the second it goes up

No. 636679

Imgur might take it down if it involves porn, you are better off posting it here if you can. Just spoiler and sage.

No. 636681

sorry, about that. if imgur does remove anything involving porn i guess just save and go if you're fast enough ?

No. 636683

Doing god's work anon. I wish I could have been around when her Tumblr was active, her posts are absolutely wild. I'm lapping this rich milk up.

No. 636684

Oh shit I forgot about her snake bestiality stuff. This is the weirdest time capsule ever

No. 636685

File: 1531622156025.jpg (71.72 KB, 605x803, AykwMKC_d.jpg)

Here's her relieved thinking the age of consent in Japan is 13. Grabbed it from the other imgur just in case.

No. 636687

Jenelle took down the videos from earlier.

No. 636688

I archived them. I can re upload them somewhere if it’s required

No. 636690

Nemu thinks she can run but she can't hide. She should have considered this when she was posting all of this explicit and incriminating stuff online.

No. 636694

Nemu most likely sent a dm out to all her mutuals telling them what’s going on before she left as it’s awfully strange not a single one has asked her what’s going on with her twitter

No. 636695

At least two of them came here at the same time so she definitely posted about it or let people know.

No. 636696

She definitely told them to stop @ing her about it too. I wonder if any of the orbiters she’s shown this thread to will defect and start posting here

No. 636697

File: 1531623275890.png (8.65 KB, 326x443, castle.PNG)

lul she left her castlecrush account the same exact way.

No. 636699

Having one blacked out twitter account is bad. Having TWO is a huge red flag. It won’t be her last either

No. 636700

I hope Nemu's hugbox realize this is a manipulative cycle. She'll keep running away from her criticisms until the last person leaves her side.

No. 636725

I read through this thread slowly over the last few days, and I'm fascinated.

I'm curious, did she continue to claim to have OCD after ending usage of the ocdmrcrocker account? There's a lot that she does that lines up with treatment of sexual OCD, but with a number of MASSIVE red flags.

No. 636731

she'll find new gullible idiots, it seems to be her special talent

No. 636740

Did anyone archive her IG? I looked on Wayback and unfortunately couldn't find it archived.

No. 636743

File: 1531629522910.jpg (208.18 KB, 612x1015, IMG_20180714_233628.jpg)

Nemu wrote this for a cosplay Facebook page.
She calls herself a Lady all the time, it's so weird.
The paragraphs about her getting compliments is so extra, and of course she lets everyone know she's mentally ill.

No. 636758

>super high IQ
>didn't know how to wash herself until her 20's.

Disgusting. So she scammed people out of money to eat some incel's ass only to go back to her "super abusive" boyfriend?

I don't doubt that David isn't an absolute piece of shit. If there is any truth to what she has said about him forcing sex on her, bribing her with things for sex, etc. On top of sleeping with her when he was in his mid twenties and she was only 16?

>When she taught at the schools, she said she loved working with special needs children.
Terrifying. Someday I fear we're going to see her mugshot on the news. She really should not be allowed around children.

I think she only seems "cute" at first because you sort of expect a filthy looking hambeast behind a persona like nemu. She's surprisingly thin and average looking minus the creepy mask like makeup and shoop. >>636402 is pretty spot on. She's not particularly good looking or anything, just not as awful as I feel you'd expect from someone who literally wants to eat incel poop. And whatever the hell this is >>636498

No. 636767

Maybe this is shitty but growing up on livejournal and then spending a gross amount of time on tumblr, this sort of thing is normalized on the internet and in fandom. Like, no one bats an eye. There's still people out there who see a difference between 2d pedophilia and rl pedophilia, making things like "commissioning and drawing fanart of underage characters" moot.

Does anyone remember when LJ had that big to-do about underage Harry Potter fanfic? People just starting writing disclaimers about the characters being over the age of 18 despite any knowledgeable person knowing that they weren't. The majority of pornographic fanfic and fanart for popular anime includes underage characters, as well (highs choolers, etc).

She seems like a sicko, but she probably still sees herself as a child because she's so involved in these fan-based circles where the age group skews young/her peers are younger. She likely can't see herself in any position of "authority" and doesn't know how fucking weird it is to be in her mid-twenties hanging out on websites meant for children.

No. 636784

Another Nemu story I just remembered: back when she was into Wreck It Ralph, she had one of those pull back and drive King Candy toys. She was driving it across the counter at work (Bojangles), when it went too fast and dived into a vag of macaroni and cheese. She hurriedly picked it up and licked it off before her manager came by to see it.

No. 636786

it's one thing to ship high schoolers (still weird but whatever) and another enjoy fanart of Mabel from gravity falls eating ass. I mean come on.

No. 636788

I’ve checked out the pages of the people replying to her. Holy shit, they are just as fucking batshit as her. Several annoying lolcows who are also obsessive over sex with ugly cartoon characters.
This is a fucking goldmine.

No. 636789

This would hold water, but Christy often goes out of her way to call herself a 'lady' and reaffirm that she's an adult to just about anybody who comes across her. Don't forget that her whole persona was crafted around being a 'mama'. She knows what she's doing and she knows she's a grown ass woman.

No. 636816

Is it really surprising that people who circlejerk around some batshit bitch into fucked up kinks are also batshit? No-one with half a sense of moral would associate themselves with somebody as gross as Nemu.

So many of her stories are so r/thathappened. The fact that she probably believes her delusions might explain how she can stroke her own ego so much when she doesn't get that much validation from others.

No. 636846

Ex-friend of Nemu here, just wanted to drop by and add this to the conversation ; she lied for years about being sexually abused by her dad and when she got called out on it, she blocked everyone who was doubting her "real life trauma" and got a pity party from the few friends she still has. Boo-hoo ~

No. 636848

File: 1531644106485.jpg (519.81 KB, 720x1140, 20180715_034040.jpg)

Found this while lurking on instagram

No. 636851

Can you elaborate? I never saw that and want more information.

No. 636852

She made up a story once about her father's friends who were alledgedly of the same kind who proceeded to ejaculate on one of her barbies only to give it back to her after. When someone doubted that it actually happened (or that any sexual abuse happened at all), she got extremely defensive out of nowhere ?

No. 636854

I think Nemu’s definitely been through some abuse because humans don’t come out of the womb that fucked up (though she said her mother admitted to being on drugs while pregnant with her) but it wouldn’t surprise me if things were embellished/exaggerated.

No. 636855

Anon, I cannot believe clear how she shaped her image. Because when you mentioned her being abused by her dad that exact story crossed my mind.

No. 636856

People who used to lick her boots now publicly denounce her and I'm glad this thread is fruitful because of what she's done to me and many others. She defaced many people, calling them abusers and shunning them from her little "inner-circle" but yet, she doesn't even know what abuse is.

No. 636857

Ah, her mom was probably drinking when she was pregnant with her too. That would explain her face.

No. 636860

File: 1531646780638.png (575.83 KB, 1440x1574, Screenshot_2018-07-15-04-26-50…)

I am howling. This is one of her orbiters.

No. 636888

>Her peeps are younger
Anon, c'mon… they're 2 or 3 years younger at most. A majority of her friends are her age and older.

No. 636900


>a vag of macaroni and cheese

I realise this was a typo but I did a double take considering who you're talking about

No. 636902

"growing up on livejournal" meant you were most likely a kid yourself and a kid wanting to fuck Harry Potter is not pedophilia. When Nemu commented on that extremely graphic Gravity Falls drawing she was in her early 20s. Also it's not like pedophilia is the ONLY interest of hers, she has a whole array of sick shit she's into. If the evidence of her being a pedo was dated from when she was 15 no one would give a shit. But its not. She was posting it not only when was was in her 20s but when she WORKED AS A TEACHER WITH CHILDREN. AND SPECIAL NEEDS CHILDREN. This situation is SO much more serious than you think.

Also: she PURPOSEFULLY seeks out fanbases with a young age, it's no co-incidence. She CONSTANTLY refers to herself as "lady" and (much more disturbingly) MAMA. She had all her Tumblr followers refer to her as Mama Nemu, and many of them were under the age of 16. Please stop making excuses for her. If she was a dude you'd be phoning the police. Imagine a dude joining a kid's website and writing "I'm a sweet gentleman!!!!!!!!" on his profile with a link to his fetish art of that child's show.

Btw to whoever is doing the crispy account on twitter I suggest you leave comments under her Krocodile account tweets. Even if she blocks you others can still see them

No. 636908

Does anybody remember what Nemu tripped as on 4chan? I faintly remember something relating to olimar and pukey

Also who is her close friend who used to trip on /soc/?

No. 636909

I remember that she boasted on Tumblr that she would collect male orbiters and turn them against women that would speak out against her. It's why she puts "DISLIKES : GIRL HATE!!" everywhere to overcompensate for how much she fucking detests other women

No. 636910

Her minions could have their own thread.

This reads like some pedophilic JAV scenario. Absolute fantasy, what grown man with an interest in children ejaculates on Barbies?

No. 636914

File: 1531657325042.jpg (309.71 KB, 800x492, liar.jpg)

Christy would constantly, and I mean constantly, refer to herself as a "nasty teacher"

But sexualisation of teachers has ALWAYS triggered her. shes just a sweet lady ok!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 636915

her entire life is a JAV scenario according to her

No. 636918

File: 1531657618974.png (66.47 KB, 480x195, ladyy'.png)

i swear any of her interaction stories, everyone referred to her as "Lady!!"

No. 636919

File: 1531657884893.jpg (44.06 KB, 577x1024, ErYc1jxK.jpg)

The Therac-25 machine is where "Malfuction 54" (her username for a long time AND her username on the Fairly Odd Parents wikia site for children) happened.

The Therac-25 is a radiotherapy machine (using nuclear radiation to kill cancer cells) that killed people in six incidents by administering over ONE HUNDRED TIMES the amount of radiation it was meant to and killing the patient inside in what is regarded as one of the most horrific ways you could die.

If you would like to see what kind of damage we're talking about simply google "death by radiation burns" (EXTREMELY NSFL/W)

Nemu was deeply aroused by this. Both the machine and what the machine did. Look at this tweet. Think of every person that has died by nuclear exposure. Imagine suffering from cancer and getting treatment in this machine only to have your dna torn to shreds. Because that's what Christy is thinking about.

No. 636921

Did anyone catch the fucking book long post Nemu's bf (David Hoernlen) just posted?????

No. 636922

File: 1531658474419.png (304.96 KB, 1794x780, david.PNG)

He deleted it? Here it is.

No. 636923

He deleted it about 30 seconds after posting it. Awesome, thanks!

No. 636924

She is so bad at hiding her own quirks when writing a fake story. They always perfectly mesh with her fantasies too.

No. 636925

Hey David, you still raping her?

No. 636926

I wonder how he feels about her publicly calling him disgusting and ugly all of the time.

No. 636927

>We've been together for 9 years
She's 25. You just confirmed you've been with her since she was 16.

No. 636929

can someone tl;dr this?

No. 636930

>Who she was five years ago or even ten years ago isn’t who she is today
yes she is you fuckwat, she's is trying to make friends with children on a Fairly OddParents wiki at 25 years old.

No. 636932

This is disappointing to see.

Furret, Serena, and anyone else involved that’s willing to reach out to me and put an end to this hate, please contact me @ david.momspaghetti@yahoo.com

Some of you have clearly been involved with my partner. Some of you have clearly been blessed or cursed from your experience with Nemu. I’m her to field any issues privately you might have, because this has gone on for far too long behind my back where I’ve been unaware or simply unable to do anything. Here I am, for you to contact me so we can sort this out. We are human beings.

Whatever grudge or complaints you might have, I want to talk with you to sort it out.

I am not making myself vulnerable here to create more problems, but to reach out with an olive branch for those who feel jaded and angry.

I am genuinely, by and large, unaware of her Tumblr days because I chose to shield myself from the culture that surrounds that website, and only occasionally have seen the results. It was only this past year that I became active myself on social media via Twitter. Even now, I’m still at a loss of words for how much my intimate private life has been made spectacle for others. I’m not angry, but I am disappointed.

I am disappointed because I know most of the angry people on here were at some point a good friend. I am disappointed that I can’t change the way people were affected by us. But I am hopeful that by reaching out, maybe something good can come of this.

I will do my best to explain, from my narrow perspective, what I see from this thread.

For those unfamiliar with BPD, one of the biggest overall issues that I can see from these receipts is the warped sense of reality and perspective that have been published. You only see her social media life, however, I’ve been with her for 9 years and lived with her for over 6. What goes on in day-to-day life will hopefully offer you a better perspective and maybe offer some understanding and context to these posts.

Something simple like laundry can become a daunting task. She was never given responsibilities as a child, and so, even simple chores can be an exhausting episode. If I ask for her to take care of a load of laundry, it could take her four or five days. We go through plenty of detergent because I will come home and smell that scent of mildew forming from laundry that was neglected. I will simply add detergent and some vinegar, start the load, and when it’s done remind her that there are wet clothes that need to be put in the dryer. This cycle might go on for a few days. In her mind, simply mentioning that she’s “forgotten” her chores despite a great desire to complete the task can create huge mental turmoil with her reality. What if I am this evil person who hates her because she “can't even do something as simple as laundry”. While there have been hurdles in our relationship that occur as a result of this conflict, we work through it together by communicating. She tells me “It’s not you, I know you don’t hate me because I can’t do the laundry, but in my mind, that’s how I see reality is that because I can’t even do simple tasks that you hate me and want to leave me”. What my job is as her partner is is to communicate with her and reassure that no, I do not in fact hate her. While it can be exhausting at times, I love her very much. I have to be patient because for the most part, I’m a fairly normal person who’s in a relationship with someone who is mentally ill. This is something I know I will have to live with for the rest of our lives.

This alternate reality affects us in mundane ways. Her perception of reality isn’t always factual. She would take things that were true in her mind and present them as fact for others. We can call it what it is, lying. However, context is key. Lying from a derogatory standpoint would picture her as a compulsive lier. What’s different is she’s not intentionally lying to anyone, especially not for any personal gain. It’s what she truly believes is real and sometimes it is difficult to get her to understand that her perception of reality is different for everyone else around her. Her BPD creates these universes in which she’s a lot of things, but the reality is she’s just a person who’s been abused, has mental illness, and is trying her hardest to get help and take responsibility for her illness by getting help and acknowledging her actions. 

She nor I are here to excuse her behavior. She may have done things in the past that were truly despicable. She’s trying her best to take responsibility for it by seeking help, and growing and moving forward. It takes time. Who she was five years ago or even ten years ago isn’t who she is today. Right now, she’s a woman on the edge and I’m fighting to keep her here. 

She is my best friend. We laugh with each other every night about stupid memes. Every night is like a sleepover. Whatever exaggerated life she leads online, I don’t really know. What I do know is the person who lives with me in my home isn’t this terrible person people are making her out to be. 

This online persona, this “alternate reality”, I’ll call it what it is, is a lie, a fabrication. She has made progress over the years, and anyone can clearly see she’s trying very hard every day to fight her own disorders and illness. She’s seeing a therapist, she’s on various medications. Where we live, the opiate crisis has caused some issues with access to healthcare such as opiate prescriptions she has that are no longer being prescribed so she has to find alternative that aren’t as good and it’s a rollercoaster sometimes.

Part of her BPD means that we could be having a fantastic time watching some TV and a mundane comment from me turns a personal attack on her core psych and she spirals into her alternate reality. By communicating with her why what I said upset her, it usually boils down to “I know what you said wasn’t intended to be hurtful, but my perception and reality is different. I’m not mad at you, but I was affected and so it will take some time to overcome this hurdle in my mind that I interpret what you said as a personal attack rather than the reality that exists which is you just made a simple observation and it wasn’t malicious at all”. Other people have seen it happen in real-time so the people who spend physical time with us have seen what my life is like. Jelly is one of those people who truly understands our situation because she’s seen it happen with us right in front of her. The alternate reality she suffers is daily, and sometimes, when she’s deep in those thoughts she takes to social media and posts her feelings.

This is where it all really unfolds for me, because up until I joined social media with her, everything going on in her life was one-sided. How her friends viewed me, probably think I’m some horrible otaku with a bunch of weird fetishes who’s trying to take advantage of someone with a weak mind. This couldn’t be further from the truth, and anyone who knows us in person understands. I’m confident that I can’t change your opinion of me based on whatever wild exaggerated posts she's made in the past, but I implore you to at least try to see me as a human being rather than this caricature that I’ve clearly been drawn up to be.

Some of you think I’m an enabler. There's no way I can defend the online caricature you have of me outside of sharing a piece of myself with you today in hopes that maybe you can see me for me rather than this exaggerated person she’s posted about online. Every day I do my best to make sure she takes her medication, goes to her appointments when she’d rather sleep only to never wake up from this fever-dream that is her life. Make sure she eats breakfast lunch and dinner because her parents neglected her for so long that she doesn’t know how to practice basic self-care.

I know to some extent that once I joined social media, several of her “orbiters” as you call them changed their opinion of me once they realized I am quite different from the person that her altered reality has presented to you all. Not everything is as black and white is people might want, and changing their opinion of me isn’t being traitor to their own contempt when they find out a new truth. Even if someone is truly despicable, if they take responsibility for those actions and strive to better themselves it’s possible to let go of that anger and hate and change how you feel. It’s not invalid to hate the online person she was. I know damn well she hates the person she used to be so it’s okay to hate her in that circumstance. Every day we try to be better than who we were.

I go to my 9-5 job, come home, and depending on whether or not she’s comfortable with spending energy to spend time with me, we either find something to do together or do some of the dishes/laundry she was unable to take care of while I was at work. I struggle internally with mental exhaustion when I pull so much weight in our relationship, both financially and emotionally, but my love for her exceeds those feelings. She isn’t malicious, and she isn’t abusing me because of her illness and that’s why I fight so hard for us. Some people we know are in toxic relationships with abusers, but the defining trait between abuse for us is the ability to acknowledge her actions and take responsibility. Her disabilities offer an explanation and insight, but in our personal life she’s never once used her illness as an excuse.

Everything in her life is compounded by her BPD. She suffers from PTSD and let me assure you that when mundane things cause her to spiral into alternate reality, the real problems in her life cause her a great deal more of suffering and create more questions. I didn’t find out for years about her sexual abuse. Part of it is because of intrusive thoughts. Did it really happen? Am I making this up? What if it didn’t really happen? She was hesitant to tell me at first because she knew it would hurt me that she hid it, but also that there were times she made mistakes and was afraid of the consequences or if any of it ever really happened at all. I’ve spoken with family members about her childhood abuse and very much if it is quite real. Seeing her mother be raped by her father, her father being drunk and hurting them, seeing her mom attempt suicide, neglect because her parents were on various drugs, smoking while pregnant resulting in upper respiratory difficulties growing up. These are all things her sister has confirmed. Her sister, by traditional standards, turned out to be a very normal person and unaffected to the extent Christy was because her mental stability and strength is much higher. 

There have been too many close calls in our past where I thought she might take her own life. Tired of fighting herself over what’s real and what isn’t. Deciding on her way to work if it would just be easier to cross into the other lane than face her own fear that she really is the monster you think she is. She’s not that kind of person. Giving in to her disorders that make her feel like reality is so much darker and scarier that it truly is. The reality is most of it’s all in her head.

I can’t stop you from attacking her based on your perceptions, which are likely valid based on what you've seen, but I am pleading that you take a step back and analyze your own role in her life, as well how your own online life might contrast with your real life. 

We are currently shutting down all social media because of this, and honestly, it’s probably for the best. We aren’t running, just tired of fighting. I am right here ready to face whatever backlash we get. We may come back in the future, but hopefully I can bring some solace or understanding to the friends we've made that have become filled with so much contempt for us. I’m sorry we let you down, but every day is a day we will continue to strive to better ourselves and take responsibility for our mistakes. We're trying very hard to grow and become better people every day. I can’t stop people from bringing up her online history and generating this image of who she or I are online. But I wanted to share, from my perspective, my experiences in our personal life myself. There were a lot of times she apparently posted about me, some of it fabricated, some of it reality. I am not here to defend those actions with you. Whether you believe me that I’ve made personal strides in our relationship to overcome mistakes and take responsibility to make corrections and become a better person, that’s up to you. There is little I can do but open up my own self to you in hopes that it might convince you to drop this vendetta.

If this isn’t enough, please contact me and maybe we can speak privately in an effort to come to an understanding. I am making myself available because Christy, despite how much she’s loved some of you, is unable to handle the stress. I, however, have a different constitution and am willing to make myself available. I don’t want you to feel like I’m just trying to sweep this under the rug which is why I am making myself available for contact. 

Last words: She is my best friend, and I am filled with sorrow that she is in so much pain over the mistakes she’s tried her best to overcome. I am sorry things didn’t turn out better. I am sorry that we’ve caused so much pain. Please reach out to me if you still harbor ill-will, but please, understand I might lose my best friend. I don’t care about me. I don't want to lose her. Not when we've fought for so hard for so long to make things right. Please let me know if there’s anything I can do. Thank you to those who earnestly take my words to heart.

No. 636933

I reposted because it deleted my page breaks.

No. 636934

TLDR is essentially

>I, her bf, didn't know she was posting this content

>She has bipolar so sometimes she wants to be a pedo and other days she doesn't
>She is not responsible for anything she has done as she has no grasp on real life
(despite going to work and being a ~professional lady~)
>Please forgive this poor fragile innocent smol bean and allow her to continue what she's doing

No. 636935

>based on your perceptions

We have direct screenshots of words spoken posted from her own mouth. You're as bad as her.

Do you know how many people marry and have a normal family life with a pedophile, and only find out their a pedophile when a victim comes forward? Pedophiles and groomers work extremely hard to make sure everyone in their 'vanilla' life doesn't suspect a thing. She's no different.

No. 636936

>What if I am this evil person who hates her because she “can't even do something as simple as laundry”.
She is lazy, blaming her mental illness and manipulating you.

>Her perception of reality isn’t always factual. She would take things that were true in her mind and present them as fact for others. We can call it what it is, lying. However, context is key. Lying from a derogatory standpoint would picture her as a compulsive lier. What’s different is she’s not intentionally lying to anyone, especially not for any personal gain.

She is lying, no way to sugarcoat or excuse it and has been manipulating CHILDREN with her lies for years. She has also used her lies to gain reputation and fame. Do not let her blind you to this.

>I struggle internally with mental exhaustion when I pull so much weight in our relationship, both financially and emotionally, but my love for her exceeds those feelings.

>Some people we know are in toxic relationships with abusers, but the defining trait between abuse for us is the ability to acknowledge her actions and take responsibility.
You are being manipulated. This isn't how a healthy relationship works. Her abusing you and then apologising doesn't make it any different from other abusive relationships, if the cycle continues that defines it as an abusive relationship. It is a cycle of abusive action, apology, repeat.

There are SO many red flags here it is unreal. You seem like you have some sanity within you, 9 years isn't too late to get out. You aren't as ugly and unloveable as Nemu made you feel.

No. 636937

David how does it feel to get cucked by your fiance?

No. 636938

There are two possible things going on here.


a) You are as bad as her, you know what she is, and you don't care (or even embrace it.)


b) You are also being manipulated by her and have been with her for so long you've lost touch of the real world.

Either way, this statement you've made makes Christy look even worse than she already did. The fact YOU are posting this and not HER just sums her up completely. She grooms and manipulates people and others rush to pick up the pieces for her as she moves on to her next target.

No. 636939

I wonder if he knows about the ass eating incident. She must be pulling some master level manipulation to have him stay with that along everything else.

No. 636941

She said he was okay with her fucking other dudes so I assume so? He's not stupid, he must have known she ate that dude's ass when she went to visit him. Unless… he didn't even know she did visit Chom?

No. 636943

File: 1531660154634.png (148.51 KB, 577x1112, niceladynemu.png)

She's digging a deeper hole

No. 636944

>five years ago
>made grooming profile on child’s website one year ago

Nice lady!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 636945

She didn't realize the mistake she made by linking the deviant art despite the deviantart having 18+ stuff tagged. She has since removed the link because she agrees, that's ignorant of her to not realize that.

Many of our "stories" that she's posted about are in fact lies and people don't realize we're only actually 3 years apart.>>636925


Bipolar isn't the same as borderline personality disorder.


She has taken responsibility for what she's done, either through righting her course or growing as person. Most of her fetishes are non-existent at this point, and as far is reality is concerned, most of that stuff never even happened it's part of her online persona that she's had to change over the years. She was immature early on, and still makes strides to move on from her past life.

She's not lazy. It's slow progress that you don't see on a day to day scale but on a much larger timeline. When we first were together there were lots of things she couldn't do, but now, things have gotten much better. She does the laundry more frequently, cleans up after herself. It's not something that happens overnight.

To your second point, yes she is lying, but it's not intentional or malicious. She has manipulated followers in the past, she's admitted to that and publicly, from my understanding, has been vocal about her mistakes. She gained reputation from those lies, but correlation=/=causation.

I would consider it abuse if the cycle never broke, but she's proven to me several times she is able to overcome those hurdles, little by little. When we met she was unmedicated and undiagnosed. She didn't see a therapist for a few years. This progress of "abuse, apology, repeat" don't occur as often as they might be portrayed.

I can't confirm whether this is a lie or not, or a lie perpetrated by Chom himself. I honestly haven't read most of this thread because of how far-fetched some of the stories are. Whether she did are not is moot. Because I trust her. Regardless, I'm not going to let people who aren't willing to confront me directly about this affect my personal trust with her.

No. 636946

File: 1531660367822.png (36.54 KB, 573x328, not hiding.PNG)

>I'm not hiding anything, I'm an open book!
We know your tactics Nemu

No. 636947

damn, this thread has taken such a milky turn. it's great.

>She said he was okay with her fucking other dudes

No. 636948

SHE said he ate his ass. She also said holding hands with Chom was the only time in her life she actually wanted to hold a dudes hand. I have the screenshot if you’d like. All of this came from her, not him.

How many “nemu didn’t realise she was grooming people” excuses are people going to make? Every single apology statement she’s ever given she’s continued to do what she apologised for months after. Stop this.

No. 636950

Don't even wait for an answer, please post the screenshots

No. 636951

I'm telling you as someone who has been in an abusive relationship, you are being manipulated and you are in an abusive relationship. The red flags are there by the dozen and the defending of her actions is classic.

You don't have to believe the stories but at least take a look at the screenshots. Take it from her own words.

No. 636952

Pedos totally do stuff like that. Psyching a kid out and fucking them up is part of the fun. Perhaps she does have a history of lying but you don't get this fucked up out of the blue, lies included. Anon didn't say why the claims were believed to be fake?

No. 636954

Christy was sexting Gesi for a long time, David. She even admitted to it. Unless this is you >>635485

No. 636956

It's interesting to see what people will take at face value online. It's especially difficult when the source is so unreliable, but even then, it's interesting to see this thread filled with anons who have no credibility being mad about someone who evidently has little credibility to begin with. Even if it were true, I don't hold it against her because she was battling addictions during that period. She has since taken responsibility for what she's done by getting help and you really aren't doing her justice by only being able to reference things that happened a long time ago.

"She said" is basically the point I'm getting at with all of this. "Did this really happen?" "What is real" is a big part of that online persona and the lies she's built up over the years. That's what you don't understand is she might as well be an author to her own fictional autobiography.

You all really don't know her. "she's been grooming people" is the most asinine claim I can think of as far as who she is today. She's recovering from several addictions, and this is further proof of her recovery. It used to be worse, it's better now, but she's got room to grow. She's overcoming those addictions in steps. She hasn't drawn a lot of porn recently at anywhere near the frequency she used to. You've already shared her screencaps. You want to hold her previous behavior is truth and yet aren't willing to accept her growth in the current screencaps as truth. It's hipocritical to say "we believe her then but we don't now" when the inverse is true. She's working through her BPD and trying to suss out what's reality more and more each day and that involves overcoming addiction, acceptance of past trauma.

No. 636958

At the end of the day, she still takes this criticism seriously, and is taking steps to make right.

When someone pointed out the FoP deviantart stuff, did she not change her behavior? Did she not admit fault? You have receipts of her great work of fiction but aren't really seeing it as a whole. Cherry picking things from her past that she's already done to correct, and even now, still trying her best.

No. 636959

File: 1531661347258.jpg (57.15 KB, 577x692, iF_7ylWZ.jpg)

>You all don't really know her
No David, it sounds like YOU do not really know her. You know her about as well as Josef Frizel's wife knew him.

Here she saying you agreed to an open relationship

No. 636961

DAVID. She she's literally grooming children to this day. She says she's 25 on her FOP Wiki profile. She's 26. https://fairlyoddparents.wikia.com/wiki/User:Malfunction54
Even if she edits it, we have it archived. She's not recovering. She's pretending she is.

No. 636962

File: 1531661455717.jpg (39.4 KB, 577x526, SVd3Y-a6.jpg)

Here she is saying she's only loved holding Chom's hand.

>I know she said she was cheating on me to 150+ followers on twitter, told them all she ate another dude's asshole, loved holding his hand more than mine and posted sexts between them but that doesn't mean she did anything wrong

He's too far gone guys. We've lost him.

No. 636964

>Cherry picking things from her past
I know a lot of this stuff is from 5 years ago, because she was on Tumblr and tumblr never forgets, but we have stuff from 3 years ago and 2 years ago and even a few weeks ago.
Nemu also deleted her tweet thread about the Ice Climbers on her art account. She's sweeping things under the rug.

No. 636965

Honestly other than her "that happened" stories a lot of us assumed what she was saying is true. If you're saying EVERYTHING was a lie, that means she is a pathological liar, and you're then trying to convince us a pathological liar is not a predator because she told you she's not.

You (and Christy) are digging this hole deeper with every post. The fact you won't even read what she's written posted in this thread proves you KNOW you will be hurt by her if you do.

No. 636967

>Cherry picking things from her past

It was about 2 years ago she said she was jerking it to car crashes and drug overdose photos. Those tweets ALONE are fucking terrible. If someone is able to "cherry pick" tweets you made YOURSELF, TWO YEARS AGO, about jerking off to dead bodies the problem is with YOU

No. 636969

File: 1531661771451.jpg (208.07 KB, 640x640, HRFyXJA.jpg)

Hey David since we've got you on the line, mind explaining what you were doing fucking an obviously ill underaged girl for so long?

Something tells me that if anybody called Christy out on her supposed lies any time but right now, she and her entire troupe of orbiters would go on the warpath.

No. 636970

File: 1531661851420.png (52.27 KB, 1193x444, recent.PNG)

She came back after a year of not posting on the Fairly OddParents wiki to update her age to 25 in October.

No. 636971

He's vomited in her pussy, I'd say he's been far gone for a long time.

No. 636972

Very interesting point. If Christy is truly THAT detached from reality, that would mean she would not have the means to consent to sex.

So which is it David, did you rape a (by your own admission) severely mentally ill vulnerable woman, or is she a very aware predator who knows exactly what she's doing?

No. 636973

File: 1531662084942.png (53.31 KB, 823x249, date jump.PNG)

look at her profile contributions on the wiki page too.

No. 636974

Uninteresting remark, but why is David the only one mentioning BPD? She just talk about having OCD and ~s00per rare~ schizotypal PD. Is BPD too "basic bitch" for such a special lady?

No. 636976

She only added in OCD after she got called out on Tumblr. She throws on an illness every time she gets called out pretty much. This time next year the list will be 20 illnesses long

No. 636977

>It's ok for her to prey on children! She has OCD, PTSD, schizotypal PD, and BPD! She's recovering…
that's how you sound david. fucking disgusting man in his 30s.

No. 636978

He also fucked Nemu up the ass when she was 16. He's a predator himself.

No. 636980

I'm not sure how being an adult author on a kid's TV show's wiki is grooming. You keep bringing up grooming, but I don't see any evidence of anything like that other than "she's an adult writing for a kids wiki". At that point anyone who produces content for underage people are grooming because those shows are produced and animated by adults and appear on channels that are run and controlled by them as well.

I never said she didn't do anything wrong, far from it. You are putting words in my mouth. She's admitted to giving in to her addiction in the past and has taken great steps to overcome them. That's from three years ago. It took her only up until a year or so ago that she finally removed him from as much as she could because he was a bad influence on pushing for relapse. If indeed she did sexual things with him, I can understand why he tried for so long to be with her because she gave him attention. I'm familiar with their relationship to an extent, but from my perspective as long as she was taking steps to recover I accepted her for who she is and who she will become yet.

Saying that she thinks that Ice Climbers aren't kids and are married because source material said so then deleting is because people are trying to stir controversy where there isn't and it's not worth arguing about it, so I can understand why she'd delete it.

You aren't wrong in assuming I know I could be hurt by reading this thread, but also I understand that there are periods of her life that she shared with you that weren't very accurate and were misleading. Going to read them is moot because they don't matter. It's not who she is anymore. You demand people to change when they are shitty people then ridicule them when they do. Bringing up the past only serves as a reminder of how much she's grown and matured. We're still both "growing up".

Pathological liar assumes that the liar isn't doing it for any gain, but it's obvious it was for shock and attention. That doesn't make it pathological, it just makes her a liar.

Am I a victim or am I the aggressor. Or is not not black and white? Maybe both, although this is no admission to either. I agree that had this come about earlier, things could have gone worse, but she was prior to this point at pretty steady pace for recovery and I'm hoping we can recover from this.

Her birthday has already passed for 2018 so as of that screencap, that is true she was 25 in 2017.

Well, if you look at the intensity of 5 years ago to a few weeks ago there is a stark difference in the severity of her behavior. "eating a guys out and cheating" was 5 years ago and the controversy right now is "she is a FoP author who ignorantly linked her deviant art to it", looks like progress to me. If you are going to cherry pick, yes, who she was was bad a long time ago. It likely peaked at horrendously bad 2-5 years ago and has been on a steady road to recovery from there.

No. 636981

File: 1531662798978.gif (6.21 MB, 437x336, unnamed.gif)

oh fuuuuck David didnt know his gf has been fucking around on him for years?

No. 636982

File: 1531662815012.jpg (77.1 KB, 598x371, foto_no_exif (22).jpg)

How DARE people share PUBLIC CONTENT someone posted about how they JERK OFF TO CHILDREN AND NUCLEAR POISONING!!!!!! GRRRRR!!!

No. 636983

Idk why anyone is wasting their time trying to "save" this creepy cuck anyways. He won't change his mind, if he breaks up with her it's back to incel island for him and I'm sure he knows it.

No. 636984

There is no "controversy right now" (and the fact you have split things Nemu has done up into "controversies" is fucking hysterical) EVERYTHING she has done in this thread is the problem. Everything. You are simply picking at things you feel are easier to brush off in order to derail the thread and convince people everything else she's done isn't a big deal.

>she gave in to her addiction

She didn't just "give in to a moment of passion" she literally tweeted saying you said you were in an open relationship.

>Am I a victim or am I the aggressor. Or is not not black and white?

What fucking planet are you on? You stressed that you were here to "offer an olive branch" and explain things but you're answering "did you rape your gf" with shit like this. You aren't a Skyrim NPC. Answer the fucking questions.

No. 636985

File: 1531663114252.png (290.33 KB, 448x468, tumblr_ny5p0n7oNl1r3dyiwo3_500…)

>shit eaters

No. 636987

File: 1531663203310.jpg (24.82 KB, 351x121, foto_no_exif (23).jpg)

Looks like she's started building her next nest, this time its on Discord

No. 636988

>If indeed she did sexual things with him, I can understand why he tried for so long to be with her because she gave him attention.

So her boyfriend just found out about her cheating and is now trying to excuse her behaviour.

Dude, I know it's been 9 years but you can break out of this cycle. She is abusing you and manipulating many others including you.

No. 636989

>Am I a victim or am I the aggressor. Or is not not black and white? Maybe both, although this is no admission to either. I agree that had this come about earlier, things could have gone worse, but she was prior to this point at pretty steady pace for recovery and I'm hoping we can recover from this.

Okay but what about that question up there. Or was the whole fuckbuddy with a high schooler thing another one of her breaks into an alternate reality?

No. 636990

> That's from three years ago
alright tubby so no you're pushing forward the time frame where she's not like her past?

No. 636993

Oh dear David. Since you were with her from age 16, that means when she was taking creeper shots of other men at her college, she was in a relationship with you

No. 636995

fucking kek Gabii is their token Latina friend her and her hugbox like to flaunt around

No. 636996

what is it with Nemu and brown skin???

No. 636998

She has a race fetish, anon. She's the "white pure lady" who looks down to these "dirty brown virgins"

No. 636999

She not only has to be the 'hot' friend but also the white savior/good white ally lady. She's not like those other mean, racist white people you guys!

No. 637005

What you don't see is she lied to me about plenty of things too, but we've worked through it. We haven't been sexual in years because yes, I absolutely feel guilt that she wasn't honest with me about consent. I was under the impression that things we did were consensual. Yes, we exercised poor communication. She's spoken with her therapist. Honestly, up until the last few years life was rough. But I understand that because she has disabilities, we might never be intimate again and that's something I'm okay with, and I've expressed that to her. Not everything in life is sex, and we are both coming to terms with that reality in our life that she might not ever get to be a mother. Her father abused her into thinking growing up the only thing she'd be good for is sex, and a lot of our early relationship was problematic because of a mismatch of morals and responsibility.

You act like she's personally preying on children. By her own admission, for years she fed into the sex positivity and didn't realize the damage she was causing. She understands that indirectly she was normalizing negative behaviors. She admnitted that what she did was wrong and has taken steps to correct those mistakes from the past.

Even if she did, it wasn't until a year or two ago she got help and I've forgiven her for those mistakes.

Again, at the time, it was public, but most of that stuff is only available via the receipts you keep sharing. She's since removed everything she can that was bad. She already admitted it was bad then, and when you share you are contributing to the behaviors that she is currently working to fight. You have to give people a chance to change.

There are plenty of documentaries about Klan members who admit they did really fucked up shit but are spending all their current energy to right those wrongs. You can't stop people from bringing up the past but when they've owned up to the mistakes like she as, it's hurtful. She can't change what she's done, but she can change and has changed what she's doing.

A long time ago when we weren't good communicators, there were times she consented but didn't mean it. The #metoo movement really opened my eyes to how easily I was led into the culture that reinforced that what I was doing was right, but upon reflection, I was completely in the wrong. We've privately discussed it although it's unlikely my side was ever accurately posted on her tumblr. I was never a part of social media then so a "public apology" likely was never published so people probably thought I was a shit person. Since then I've grown to understand interpersonal relationships much better, and I am not without fault in this mess. I come from a similarly broken background although how I managed to overcome my struggles is apparent in how different we are handling life.

Yes, it's a break from reality. We were both in college when we met. I was introduced through my neighbor who was in one of her classes. People keep saying she was 16 but she wasn't 30-9=21 for the math challenged, and because you might not know our birthdays, not realize she was 18. Right now she's only 3 years but for a few months I'm 4 years older.

As far as her treatment of me "being the fat ugly brown guy", this behavior is largely nonexistent these days. She told me how she treated me online and it definitely hurt. My self-esteem hit lows. Never as bad as her own low self-esteem but we've gotten much better with our relationship. But we moved on. We support each other. That's part of being in a relationship that started when we were both so young as we hit life challenges in different ways and at different stages of our life.

I know online she probably puts on a mask that she thinks she's beautiful (I think she always is), but she has low self-esteem and body dismorphia. It's not just a mask but a shield.

No. 637007

>There are plenty of documentaries about Klan members who admit they did really fucked up shit but are spending all their current energy to right those wrongs.

You believe that Klan members should be forgiven too. Explains a lot.

No. 637013

I believe that people can change. I have family members on the white half of my family that were racists for years, even toward me as a family member. But as the years passed they've changed. I never said I think they should be forgiven, but they should be given an opportunity to stop doing it and correct their path.

I have filipino staunch roman catholics in my family that for years preached stuff that resembled Westboro. Ten-twenty years later and they're in their communities helping lgbtq people. Atoning =/= forgiveness.

No. 637014

File: 1531664915572.jpg (41.32 KB, 577x555, vw-8gBaz.jpg)

>I've been under the impression the things we did were consensual

Firstly you fucked a 16 year old girl in the ass. 16 year olds are not able to give consent under any circumstance.

Secondly, there is a VERY real chance you are a rapist coming in here gaslighting your victim. You've said yourself you raped her once by fucking her when she was 16. You aren't a reliable source.

No. 637015

So when is Nemu due to change? Because it wasn't after her first apology when she left 4chan. It wasn't after her second apology when she left Tumblr. It wasn't after her third apology when she left her first twitter account. 4th times the charm?

No. 637016

David: FUCK TRUMP. but forgive Klan members.

>#metoo movement

ah we got a male feminist ally in our hands here. y'know all of those guys have turned out to be sexual abusers. which is fitting.

No. 637018

We can't "save" David or bring him out of the delusion, he's too deep in there and too caught up in her manipulation and lies. It is typical of abusive relationships to excuse everything your partner does because you love them and you can see the "good" in them and how they're "changing" but this is really past help.
He will excuse the cheating, the lies he's only just uncovering himself, all of it. Because she tells him that she's sooo mentally ill she can't help it. She is playing on his heartstrings and he will never realise it, he will forever see her as a poor ill victim who hates herself oh so much and simply can't do the chores. She has him right under her thumb where she wants him, her manipulation is going flawlessly and he might never see it.

9 years in is pretty deep. He could only get out if he actually allowed himself to criticise her and their relationship which clearly he is incapable of without excusing her immediately afterwards.

No. 637019

Honestly I don't give a shit about saving him, he's as bad as her. He has seen first hand how friends leave her in droves and is still standing by her. I think he's trying to clear his own name more than hers as he's made her look even worse.

No. 637021

When we met:
Her age 18
My age 21
Met via college. 3 years jesus you people are dense.

If she said otherwise in her early years it's likely because she fetished daddy dom shit back then. We're passed that. Also, if people followed her on 4chan I'm not the same guy she was seeing then when she was 16, I wasn't aware of that channer's existence in her life back then but I did find out early on about when he was in contact with her.

No. 637022

File: 1531665521703.jpg (55.29 KB, 275x202, 1531605765926.jpg)

>in her early years it's likely because she fetished daddy dom shit back then. We're passed that.
2 years ago is not the early years. She still calls herself a babygirl.

No. 637025

File: 1531665670997.jpg (26.02 KB, 532x204, foto_no_exif (24).jpg)

Posts Nemu made kept appearing on this Tumblr:

This user seemed pretty young from how they were typing. I found this (see screenshot) where it appears Nemu told this user in conversation that it was "cute she was masochistic"

This user is age 20 in 2018 according to their bio.
I looked up the date of this post, it was posted in 2012. That meant that the poster was 14 and Nemu was 19.

So at age 19, when Nemu was churning out porn on an hourly basis, she was not only aware that children were following her blog, but felt totally okay with interacting with them about sexual themes.

No. 637026

She's 25. You said you've been together for 9 years in your apology. 25-9= 16

No. 637027

She was sharing the irl porn video of the jailbait teen and her "daddy" on ocdmrcrocker. Other people can attest to this. Ocdmrcrocker is not what anyone here would consider "early days"

No. 637028

lol anyone remember that incident with sweet-bitsy where some semi-popular tumblr guy made sexual comments towards her when she was underage or something?
it was kind of a big deal back then, it's so weird to have all of this flooding back

I followed nemu back in 2012 because she reblogged cute/aesthetic things, I never thought I would see her pop up again, especially like this

No. 637029

Even David's tripping over his own logic and has the audacity to call us dense. David should be 28 if his words were true.
Yep! Josh Macedo / confusedtree / joshishollywood Man, tumblr was such a good place to watch drama go down on

No. 637030

File: 1531665997525.jpg (543.22 KB, 530x592, foto_no_exif (25).jpg)

This same 14 year old girl also referred to Nemu as "mommy"

That's hilarious, apparently its only pedophila when dudes do it

No. 637033

File: 1531666259386.jpg (43.89 KB, 542x205, foto_no_exif (26).jpg)

nemu what the fuck. she was 14. what the fuck

No. 637035

Wow, this is straight up blatant grooming. The cutesy heart and the way the kid obviously looks up to her while she tells her that its "cute" that shes masochistic, likely encouraging her to share sexual thoughts and normalising it…

No. 637038

I am not gaslighting her currently as I've become aware of what behaviors I had contributed to it. Years ago, I admit that's what I was doing. I didn't know any better, I was a stupid kid (even though I was in my 20s) who made a lot of poor life choices but they became a part of who I am today and lessons were learned. It wasn't inherently intentional, but I made my mistakes and I own up to them. She came to me after a therapy session and told me how she felt about our relationship. I took every word to heart and spent a long time working on myself.

I'm going to quit responding to comments about this wild assertion but I'll continue to offer insight on other things.

She's gotten better each time. Is that not clear that each iteration you bring up things aren't as bad as they used to.

I don't like our president. If he turned a new leaf and started giving a shit about our country I'd welcome it. Both my parents are military so I'm not without an education in patriotism. Country over party. Let's not derail this thread with my politics that have absolutely changed over the years since I was a kid.

She turns 27 soon and later I turn 31. 27-9 is 18. I'm not sure why she put 25 when in October of 2017 she was 26. If you take her age now, it looks suspicious because for a few months there's a 4 year age difference and without accurate data of the months we met, you could, at worst, surmise she was 17 but that's beside she wasn't.

Regardless, we live in a weird state where a 13 and a 16yo or a 17 and 20yo are legally allowed to consent. The South has weird laws.

2012 is a long time ago and was the likely during her really bad days. She's since admitted that she made plenty of horrendous mistakes then in what she did and she has plenty of guilt. But as of now, she's not directly contacting users online that are underage. We've gone through this before that she didn't realize exactly what she was doing back then bc, to her own detriment she was also groomed by channers and that behavior was normalized for a long time. It took almost a decade of therapy to get her to where she's at least remotely stable now, although though this thread is doing her a great disservice by trying to unravel all of her progress.

It doesn't excuse her behavior, but she's not doing it anymore and is an active advocate against it and that's part of her reparations. She's working through the damage she caused. She knows what she did now was bad, but back then, we were both ignorant and young. Doesn't excuse us, so stop saying we're making excuses when we constantly have admissions of guilt and ownership over our actions.

No. 637041


I honestly have no idea how you think you're helping this. You're making it worse with each post you make.

No. 637042

>She turns 27 soon
no she doesn't she was born in 1992

No. 637044

Wait, are you saying she's been older than she's been telling the internet she is?

No. 637045

>The South has weird laws.

No. 637047

I just read and you are right, but I said that was -if- she was 17 (which I was wrong about) but she wasn't, she was 18. She was born in 91. Anything posted on the internet isn't really sufficient anyway as I could actually just be some close friend who's 18 and making a bunch of shit up with this fake email but here you are eating it like it's a peer reviewed research paper. This is why journalism and news are down the shitter because nobody knows how much effort goes into reporting and having credibility.

No. 637049

I'm sorry thread happened, I hope it won't cause any damage to you and Nemu.
I don't understand how people can't accept apologies and constantly gloss over the "Nemu literally lies on the internet" point you brought up multiple times

No. 637051

i honestly cannot believe how dumb you sound right now. so now you're just saying her whole tumblr is fake. because she listed the year she was was born in her about on tumblr.

No. 637052

Wow, your passive aggressiveness is really starting to come out. I think there's a lot more truth to what Nemu said about you than you'd have us believe.

You said here
that she was 25 in October 2017.
what the fuck are you even doing?

No. 637054

so which orbiter are you? why not share your name and email address like David has?

No. 637055

I created this email today, and you are putting truth into my words because inherently, you want to believe that what I'm saying is true just so you can argue against it. The account owner is a mister John fucking Doe with a proxied phone number.

No. 637056

Here we go with the fucking rpg npc gibberish again

>FOOL! You merely took my words as truth! Nothing in this world is black and white hoho!

No. 637058

>finds out a person is a liar
>but this thing posted on the internet is fact
>gets told repeatedly that the author has little credibility
>b-b-b-b ut muh facts

No. 637060

It is a FACT that she was talking to minors about sexual things and fetishes.
It is a FACT that she was drawing and praising sexual fanart of minors.
It is a FACT that she is lying and manipulating to this day.

We knew all along she was making up stories, it changes nothing.

No. 637063

Nemu was born February 10, 1992. She's 26 years old.

No. 637064

Now that David is here I wonder if he can confirm if it was his shit and vomit that she was eating in the videos and photos she posted on Tumblr. You can say she makes things up but those had visual proof.

No. 637067

It is really that surprising that someone would lie about their age on the internet?

I'm not sure why people want to treat her life online as 100:100 scale accurate model of her life and not the fantasy world she's clearly presented to you.

While some of those are facts, to many she's admitted her mistakes from years ago.

I'm not sure how old some of you are but it can take very little or a great deal for a person to change over time. Pinterest radicalized my friend's racist druggie 60yo mom into a pretty moderate liberal who went sober in about a month (been clean for over a year). It's taken my alcoholic father his whole life to accomplish nothing remotely close to quitting.

If there are videos that exist I wouldn't be surprised if it was her own vomit/shit.

Do people really believe anything anyone says on the internet?

No. 637071

>do people really believe when someone posts about jerking off to drug overdoses and little girls getting fucked by their dads?

So not only was your fiancee cheating on you, telling the internet you raped her, she even lied about you shitting in a box for her to eat?

No. 637073

have any of you ever actually met these people or is everything you know about her just what she's posted on the internet

fucking LonelyGirl on youtube played everyone for suckers until she came out as a fake

bunch of people arguing over how fake this bitch is(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 637081

David fuck off

No. 637087

David shut the fuck up about politics no one cares. You're derailing the thread because we can see through your lies. You're brushing over a lot of shit.
There's proof out there from the local Clarksville newspaper saying she was in 10th grade in March 2008, she would've been 16 years old. 9 years ago she was 17. You had sex with a minor.

No. 637090

>If there are videos that exist I wouldn't be surprised if it was her own vomit/shit.
I'm not sure which is worse but she claimed it to be yours in the posts.

I'm at a loss for words at this statement. This woman would go as far as to eat her own shit or vomit just to lie and her boyfriend seems to acknowledge it as unsurprising behaviour.

No. 637091

David came in here too tell us that every post Nemu made on the internet for the past 6+ years were lies and got caught up in lying about cut and dry facts multiple times while doing so.

They really are made for each other.

No. 637094

David's my new favorite lolcow

No. 637096

If this spills into another thread it should be the Christy + David thread rather than just Nemu

No. 637098

Sounds like something someone who is starved for attention would say just to shock people like she did for years

"I just finger blasted my ass and pussy to BME Pain Olympics with a big horse cock" "look how quirky and cute I am because I'm a girl" That's probably what she sounded like back in 2012 so nothing really "shocks" me about

I know how to use photoshop so I could technically make a spoof of it so it looks like a screencap and adds to the drama you all seem to love.

Again, you're making statements regardless of whether you know it's true or not.

"she cheated on you"
I mean, is there proof?

"telling the internet you raped her"
Do you have credible evidence? There are gray areas in a lot of relationships. My stepmom is catholic, "women are obedient to men" is the logic my shit dad uses to have sex with her. Marriage isn't consent, and legally I'm pretty sure she doesn't have to have sex with him but a lot of christian women will anyway. If she came to me and felt we didn't have a consenting sex, analyzing why the mismatch happened is part of communication with your partner and if that's the case, I'm guilty of a really bad situation that I put her in. I'm aware of myself more now and much less self-centered when it comes to communication.
It's my fault she felt like she was in a corner, not hers.

"she lied about shitting in a box for her to eat"
How do you know it wasn't a smashed up snickers bar and a little bit of water. Have a little skepticism on the internet my dude.

I didn't post that, this is my post.

You are basing that assertion on knowledge you have no way of knowing checking the accuracy of whatsoever. Do you know how many Christy Walkers are in Clarksville? I know of at least three that were born the same year as her, and one with similar numbers but the month/day are backwards and it's lead to some weird primary care checkups where they were asking her about past ailments she never had.

See my reply above about the snickers bar. A friend had a baby and during their celebration did a weird doodoo stain viral thing about identifying what kind of chocolate bar was smeared/clumped inside a diaper by smelling it. People are weird.

No. 637099

In case anyone is worried about my stepmom's safety, I have expressed my concern over what she's going through, especially because he's drunk when it happens. She still believes that the bible is right and what my dad did is okay because "catholicism" but currently it's the big point of contention in their potential divorce right now.

No. 637100

>do you have credible evidence
read. the. thread.

>do you have proof she cheated


Oh my fuck dude you have no idea how further you have dug yourself by revealing your friends smell their babies shit.

David please just stop. Please walk away. Every post you've made has made this worse for both her and you. I don't know why you're doing this to her. Are you getting off on this finally hitting the fan or something?

No. 637101

From never having heard about these people, but keeping up with the thread the last 3 weeks and watching it evolve into this monster, all I can say is: wow. I'm glad there are so many anons not backing down and willing to expose her (obviously people knew something was wrong if they realized they needed to keep all the receipts). Keep it up, 10/10. At first I thought she was doing all the drawings for pure shock value, but it's clear she does have fetishes geared toward children and people need to be made aware of the behavior of both she and her enabler (David). Thank you, lolcow, doing the Lord's work as usual.

No. 637102

Re: Grooming, you have admitted yourself that she manipulates people. By painting herself as an innocent little old lady online while sharing porn of characters marketed towards children, she's encroaching on children's spaces, sexualizing them, which is called priming and is part of grooming. She normalizes hardcore sexual content related to children's media. Again, you admitted she's manipulative. You admitted she's a pathological liar. To assume she doesn't harm children with this just because you live with her, when you yourself admitted that you don't have much of an idea of what she does online is naive at best and enabling at worst.

No. 637104

>Do you know how many Christy Walkers are in Clarksville? I know of at least three that were born the same year as her, and one with similar numbers but the month/day are backwards and it's lead to some weird primary care checkups where they were asking her about past ailments she never had.
David, there was only one Christy Walker that graduated and attended the Clarksville High School. Even if what you said was true, her birthday and age are still correct lmfao

No. 637105

She has fled the internet in this EXACT same manner using the EXACT same excuses three times before. She will NEVER stop.

She made a fucking GoFundMe to escape from you because she felt so dangerous being alone with you in the house you fucking idiot

No. 637106

>it's ok if im a rapist because there are "gray areas" in relationships


No. 637107

No one said her full name on here until now. You just doxed your fucking fiancee. What the fuck is wrong with you?

No. 637108

Since we're apparently debunking her lies and shit can anybody tell me how Slovakian this really girl is? Was she lying about being speshul white or is she actually an immigrant?

No. 637110

I'm dying right now lol this brainwashed rapist incel is providing more milk than ever

No. 637111

How does it go from "I wouldn't be surprised if she was eating her own vomit and shit" to "It could have been fake!" when called out on it?

You're just as bad of a liar as her. I'm not surprised anymore.

No. 637112

Oh shit. If everything Christy posted was totally a lie, that means she essentially stole $300 from people on GoFundMe.

Hey David, when Nemu used other people's money to go fuck Chom out in Cali, where did she tell you she was going?

No. 637114

Neither of her parents are Slovakian. I don't remember where she said the slovakian shit came in tho, it was one of the most boring things about her so I guess I just didn't make a note of remembering it

No. 637116

I'm sure many of us were refraining from using Christy's full name on here and David, her fucking fiancee, just steamrolls in and shouts it

No. 637117

>th-that wasn't poop, it was just chocolate!
i love this thread

No. 637119

its even sweeter than that
>It wasn't MY poop it was HER poop
>wait… no I mean actually it was chocolate

No. 637120

Yes we were, I thought I doxed her at first then realized I was just mirroring David
my sides are hurting. please continue David don't forget to give us her ssn while you're at it

No. 637121

I was hesitant to say her full name as I thought once her full name has been attached to this she'd never have any reason to stop doing what she's doing.

I'm actually speechless David has stabbed her in the back so quickly

No. 637123

I don't think it was intentional, to me it seems like an autism thing, the information just slipped

No. 637125

David isn't autistic

No. 637126

I always had the impression that he is, idk. He doesn't seem normal either

No. 637127

David's not autistic but he's certainly a dumbass. I can understand how Christy's got him under her spell.

No. 637128

looks like a lot of these were deleted did any anon save them?

No. 637129

if David was autistic Nemu would have wrote that in every profile and bio she has. She'd LOVE an autistic fat ugly boyfriend. Unfortunately for her he's only fat and ugly (her own words)

No. 637130

He obviously is, just look at his posts. The autism jumped out.

No. 637131

yeah I've got most of them, I'll post them up here

No. 637132

he's honestly just that stupid

No. 637133

I hope they break up

No. 637134

File: 1531671344023.png (81.76 KB, 680x680, dav.png)

David for the past 3 hours

No. 637136

and have both of them trawling the internet for new victims? I hope they stay together forever

No. 637138

File: 1531671560241.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 53.58 KB, 480x455, image1 (1).jpeg)

Dumping what was posted in the imgur url

First: Bestiality vore/gore porn with the teacher from Fairly Odd Parents. Note the blood on his penis

No. 637139

File: 1531671584404.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 22.42 KB, 480x255, image2.jpeg)

vore/bestiality shit

No. 637142

File: 1531671653731.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 35.9 KB, 480x438, image3.jpeg)

mr crocker fairly odd parents vomit stuff

No. 637143

File: 1531671681956.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 59.06 KB, 480x438, image4.jpeg)

hentai (not really milky but may as well archive)

No. 637144

File: 1531671706697.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 35.37 KB, 332x480, image5.jpeg)

Lolicon/shotacon (?)
its the little girl from Yume Nikki anyway

No. 637145

File: 1531671729613.jpeg (63.14 KB, 310x480, image6.jpeg)

masturbating over 4chan hate

No. 637146

File: 1531671744690.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 44.39 KB, 376x480, image7.jpeg)

extremely uncomfortable minions porn

No. 637147

File: 1531671759046.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 34.8 KB, 480x397, image8.jpeg)

ice climbers vomit

No. 637148

File: 1531671779434.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 38.61 KB, 480x470, image9.jpeg)

Despicable me OC porn

No. 637149

File: 1531671803395.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 40.08 KB, 343x480, image10.jpeg)

Fallout ghoul porn

No. 637152

File: 1531671882454.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 27.86 KB, 353x480, image11.jpeg)

Vomit porn of the emo kid character from Horton Hears a Who. character was voiced by a kid

No. 637154

File: 1531671949423.png (275.36 KB, 1068x930, xan.png)

Xan gave out her side of the story

No. 637159

we've already had several of her friends give their stories here, I'm glad to see someone who was super close to her can also confirm what's being said here. Hopefully Xan doesn't let any of the orbiters bully her into retracting this statement as its very important

No. 637160

Luckily, she's blocked the entirety of the little community that surrounds Nemu. Since of course, they didn't believe her when she pointed that Christy was abusive.

No. 637161

>most people think fondly of me
I will never drop the theory that she goes around imageboards making threads about herself, then she circlejerks about how ~·°.surprisingly quirky, nice, and cute°.*~ she is while pretending to be different anons and she made a terrible mistake by making one here.

No. 637162

I hope those people see the content posted here. It's laid out for all to see. Even Christy's own boyfriend is making her out to be a pathological liar and sociopath.

I'm glad Xan is doing well, I hope everyone who've had to go through the Nemu bully wringer are doing better now

No. 637163

I keep thinking of this post in particular every time something more gruesome comes out and it cracks me up

No. 637165

this is komaeda from dangan ronpa, an underage character. from what i remember she had no problems with the fact he's a minor

No. 637167

This is really important. It's especially important that Xan came forward with this and attached her name to it, so her minions can't accuse it of being false stories from those who didn't know her. Xan was notably close to her and it adds so much weight to these confirmations.

No. 637168

isn't Komeda in his 20s?

No. 637169

File: 1531672625031.png (719.72 KB, 706x738, nemumel.PNG)

Nemu made art about Xan when she left

No. 637172

I didn't know if that was about Chom or Xan. Good god. Nemu honestly believed her friend was trapped in an abusive relationship and her reaction was to make this, a drawing of her fursona crying. Where does it fucking end???

No. 637174

The second fursona's is her friend Jenelle's ; who was also friend with Xan.

No. 637176

Of course they didn't believe her. Any time anything emerges that implies poor Nemu is anything more than a victim of her terrible OCBPSPTSD or ~4chan grooming~ then it's met with denial like:

>she was also groomed by channers and that behavior was normalized for a long time

>Do people really believe anything anyone says on the internet?

>is everything you know about her just what she's posted on the internet

>I mean, is there proof?
>Do you have credible evidence?

(I really enjoy how David claims there isn't any "credible" evidence when back in


he recognised that it was indeed all real, and that it being posted on here was somehow "contributing to the behaviors that she is currently working to fight" because, as always, it's everybody's fault but her own)

No. 637177

yet more proof that Nemu never ACTUALLY does anything nice or caring for anyone. She believes her close friend is in an abusive relationship and handles it by blocking her and drawing her and another friend's fursona crying so people will run to comfort the true victim, Nemu

No. 637180

And turns out the "big bad abuser" she was so afraid of, is literally calling Christy out too.

No. 637181

File: 1531673146698.jpeg (85.62 KB, 500x756, download.jpeg)

No. 637182

she drew that and some other DR porn for xan, who has him as a waifu. xan can shit on nemu now all she wants but she was into shit just as bad before she ran off to canada, xan talked about eating shit and wanted to fuck minors too. I hope they both end up spilling shit about each other, they were best friends for years there's no way they don't both have dirt on the other.

No. 637183

Your rape apologies are far too extensive to be normal.

No. 637185

there's a lot of Xan's on the internet. What makes Nemu so much more interesting is that Nemu systemically bullied anyone who did what she did. as far as I'm aware Xan never made callout posts or bullied others for liking hentai. Nemu went out of her way to do it. I don't think Xan ever demonstrated the same grooming tactics either. Again, I'm not defending Xan, but Xan just seemed like your standard hentaifag. Nemu put huge effort into targeting real minors

No. 637187

File: 1531673294521.png (93.31 KB, 1023x777, 1419139640423.png)

Old comics Nemu drew and posted while namefagging on /cgl/, nothing graphic or disgusting but thought some people would be interested.

No. 637188

File: 1531673311697.png (291.94 KB, 1042x1180, 1419139703453.png)

No. 637189

File: 1531673334547.png (180.92 KB, 1024x776, 1419139789960.png)

No. 637190

File: 1531673357404.png (180.21 KB, 1023x1177, 1419139854138.png)

No. 637191

File: 1531673378680.png (230.02 KB, 1038x787, 1419139947915.png)

No. 637193

File: 1531673397070.png (97.17 KB, 1023x776, 1419140045861.png)

No. 637196

its interesting no one seems to have anything from when she wanted to fuck that robot bear, Rock-a-fire explosion or whatever, and flew out to see him

No. 637197

Why did she and xan stop being friends?

No. 637198

File: 1531673788684.png (15.51 KB, 500x544, howifeelreadingthese.png)

No. 637199

No. 637200

Cause Xan got a bf and went ahead to visit him; and Nemu doesn't like her slave having free-will does she ?

No. 637202

File: 1531673940812.png (34.33 KB, 517x375, mararec.PNG)

Mara giving his side of the story. A lot of it seems similar to others stories.

No. 637204

She held onto Xan because Xan was a virgin who would look up to Nemu. When Xan got her own guy she had no worth to Nemu anymore

No. 637206

File: 1531674061936.png (82.59 KB, 509x723, rockafire.png)

All I've found so far is this.

No. 637207

it's interesting to see someone admit to letting her get away with shit because she'd had a bad child hood. she seems to have maxed out that excuse with A LOT of her old friends already. I wonder how much more her remaining following will put up with?

No. 637208

there was pics of her and David with the actual robot but I think I forgot to cap em

No. 637210

She was obsessed with the fucking Mac Tonight moon too and I'm pretty sure saw him perform as well.

No. 637211

I want to feel bad for xan, but knowing she was friends with nemu for so long it wouldn’t surprise me if she was equally as messed up.

No. 637213

wonder if Nemu will snap and give a reply statement about Xan

No. 637214

Everything I'm seeing here is either legitimately harmless, shit she's long since acknowledged as bad and apologized for, or stuff you're outright exaggerating and lying about.

No. 637215

Since even David seems to be adamantly believe everything she says online is pure bullshit, the terrible childhood sob story probably was too.

No. 637216

File: 1531674331404.png (754.24 KB, 518x730, rocka.PNG)

No. 637217

Hi David was lunch good?

No. 637218

hey, care to share your twitter handle? which orbiter are you?

No. 637222

File: 1531674445198.png (903.38 KB, 508x879, mitzi.PNG)

No. 637223

Hey David, Furret here. Did you know that she claimed her therapist told her she should sleep with men other than you? Did you know that? I need you to know she said that. Even if it’s not true, she believed it.

No. 637226

Which category does her continued grooming of children fall under?

No. 637228

Also, I almost forgot about her sister. Nemu said while she was helping her move, she found a box of personal dental equipment and photos of teeth among her sex toy collection. Haha, weird right?

Oh, and Nemu’s sister is a dentist.

No. 637229

yeah, Nemu sister's fetish is teeth. that's about as milky as it gets with her though, her sister seems to have little to do with Nemu and seems pretty normal. I think Nemu actually said the only weird thing her sister had going on was the teeth thing

No. 637233

That's just fucking gross lol I wonder if her brother has an odd fetish too

No. 637234

oh shit can you imagine if Nemu made up that teeth thing about her sister

No. 637235

I'm not sure, her brother is in the military anyway

No. 637237

You’re missing my point. A teeth fetish is one thing, but she’s a dentist with a teeth fetish.

No. 637239

I think I'm so desensitised by this thread I didn't even pick up on that right away. That's wild

No. 637243

honestly there's no way nemu, the sex and porn addict, coincidentally got to touch and see her sister's sex box.

No. 637244

I really hope this isn't true. She would be a danger to her patients if this is true.

No. 637247

wonder if David can tell us if this is true or part of Nemu's fantasy life

No. 637250

File: 1531675379170.jpg (34.09 KB, 400x550, CbSBnqJXEAEEILm.jpg)

No. 637251

speaking of,

crispy twitter account person, tweet Chom and ask him if he'd like to give his story also

No. 637252

Did she post this or Chom? Getting Chom's insight on this would help, if she really did abandon him I imagine he would not mind sharing.

No. 637253

she not only abandoned him but she told everyone he was stalking her

No. 637255

then proceeded to ask all her circle to block him so he couldn't get his point across.

No. 637260

File: 1531675801271.png (172.37 KB, 837x434, locked.PNG)

Christy locked her art account and also lost almost 30 followers since yesterday.

No. 637262

Silencing him is wrong. He's welcome here to tell his side of the story.

No. 637264

I'd imagine thats a combination of people unfollowing her and her blocking people she thinks would leak

No. 637273

File: 1531677207952.png (204.21 KB, 1440x729, Screenshot_2018-07-15-12-52-31…)

Another orbiter! Yes, we're filled with hate because she treated a lot of us poorly and lied to us. We're also concerned.

No. 637276

after reading all this, wow, i'm disgusted and horrified at ever talking to this manipulative scumfuck.

thank you so much for compiling all this evidence tbh. i'd still have been blinded without it.

No. 637282

Can someone give me the cliffnotes of how this thread progressed? What's going on?

No. 637284

>Seemingly this thread was started on /ot/ to reminisce about Nemu and not to declare her as a cow
>Her pedophilic tendencies and sick fetishes started being exposed
>Anons were disgusted
>The thread was moved to /snow/
>More proof posted and increasingly getting worse
>Nemu flees Twitter
>Her white knights invade the thread
>Her boyfriend comes in to defend her and ends up making things worse

No. 637288

people who are groomed are extremely likely to be groomed again. yet another white knight who is only making Nemu look worse

No. 637289

Her bf also doxxed her

No. 637291

>I am the only person to ever be groomed by a pedophile so anyone who doesn't like my pedophilic friend is a hater

No. 637293

File: 1531678458881.png (60.41 KB, 555x535, w.png)

I don't think this account from an ex-friend/victim was posted yet.

No. 637294

Part of it was posted earlier yeah.

No. 637305

People weren't talking about the pedo shit when the thread got moved to snow, were they? I remember people were still sucking her dick when it got moved here (>>631373 was the last post). A few people thought it would fit better in snow, so I reported it for that reason and the mods moved it a little while later.

No. 637308

I remember one of the turning points being when someone linked her being relieved about the age of consent in Japan being 13. So much more came out since though.

No. 637310

I’m a little late, but Komaeda from Dangan Ronpa is technically 18. There’s a weird plot twist at the end that says two years passed without any of the characters realizing.

No. 637314

the masturbating over dead people/radiation poisoning was when it really REALLY changed

No. 637315

This is the best horrorcow I've ever experienced and seeing it all unfold getting increasingly worse and worse made it even better.

No. 637317

The age of consent in Japan isn’t 13 by the way, that’s an often discussed myth. The country’s age of consent is 13 minimum, but every prefecture has it as 18.

No. 637318

Thanks Anon, I've just been reading the boyfriend's posts upthread and they are not helping. It's like a friend "supporting" you by confirming everything you've done and spilling even more info.

No. 637321

soren and that fugly goblin who pretended to be autistic were better, but nemu has earned herself a solid spot right next to mystery and ginger

No. 637322

I’m still not sure who to believe about Xan’s boyfriend. I lost the skype messages an age ago, but I remember Nemu claiming they drifted apart because her boyfriend was controlling and constantly wanted her online at home to play mommy, and that Xan called her once crying. It’s been established by Nemu’s own boyfriend that she is an unreliable narrator, but I’m still not entirely confident Xan’s boyfriend isn’t at least a little controlling.

No. 637325

What a fucking waste of talent. She has such a wide variety of unique styles that could be used to make some REALLY COOL SHIT. Instead she ought to be arrested for 90% of what she puts out.

No. 637328

Xan confessed online that those allegations were wrongful. No clue about her bf but for sure, we know Nemu's lying about some info on that.

No. 637333


Pretty sure it was mentioned that Mara had pretty bad borderline + mommy fetish so some of that shit reads true. the bad blood between them is a pot calling the kettle black situation imo

No. 637334

Most people in an abusive relationship aren’t going to admit they’re in an abusive relationship. I’m not saying Nemu was necessarily telling the truth, I’m just a tad suspicious. I do indeed hope it’s all a lie and Xan is happy with her weird little babyfur BF.

No. 637335

These types of posts should be saged.

No. 637337

Idk if she would've travelled back and forth to Canada twice to see him if he was really that bad but yeah, I also hope she's alright, she seems to be getting better at least.

No. 637351

Why would anyone believe anything Nemu has written herself? The sister dentist story has to be made up. She has come up with worse and a major MO is passing off her fetishes as normal because others have them.

Nothing she writes about without further proof should be believed. She leaves a massive print of things behind her so checking stuff isn't the hardest. I know she is in lock down now but the internet is teeming with receipts.

No. 637352

Something I've just now remembered, nemu was getting into Inside Out (the movie about emotions) and started liking that one character and one of her enablers posted on their vent twitter their discontentment about nemu liking the same character as them and that "it was their fandom, not hers" and to be honest, what a fucking mess of an inner circle.

No. 637355

I thought this was gonna be just some eccentric artist thread to give me a light chuckle and I am fucking horrified.

This is one of the most riveting and gross threads I've ever fucking stumbled upon.

Nemu does not seem changed in the slightest. No one's who changed deletes all their content so nothing further can be found and sics everyone willing to a gossip form.

Honestly hope that Chrom will speak up to keep this thread going.

No. 637356

Even her closest friends debunked some of her stories. Trusting anything she says is plain stupid.

No. 637369

it was confirmed she got fired for the SJW thing. There's a lot more truth in her stories than you'd think

No. 637371

And she got fired from that hotel place cause she had a mental breakdown on job, but what do I know right ?

No. 637378

File: 1531683564647.png (216.03 KB, 544x353, break time!!.PNG)

Christy updated her locked art account

No. 637379

File: 1531683617448.jpg (88.71 KB, 577x741, tqSrgaex.jpg)

David seems to have vanished since doxxing his fiancee but I was wondering. Did this actually happen?

No. 637381

>uvu i'm a very ill lady!!!!! please be patient with me as I take this break!!!! i'm being stalked online. i'l be back soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the fact she says a "break" and not "i'm leaving the internet" shows she thinks this won't effect her in the slightest

No. 637384

Who in the world would remember Vector's name off the top of their head besides her? Sounds fake and gay

No. 637386

File: 1531683860727.png (65.87 KB, 350x356, Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 20.4…)

No. 637387

it's hilarious how she's even using her own boyfriend as a character in her narc stories

No. 637389

Did anyone screen shot this ice climber tweet before it was deleted?

No. 637390

She's deactivated her Deviantart as well.

No. 637392

the link to the tweet posted gets automatically archived so we're good

No. 637393

File: 1531684108540.png (85.69 KB, 325x402, Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 20.4…)

you know someone is an upstanding citizen when they take freelance work through an email called throwaway666666666666

No. 637395

this orbiter has now set their twitter to private. if you were truly just supporting your innocent friend what would you have to hide?

No. 637396

File: 1531684335613.png (39.58 KB, 555x353, lolol.PNG)

Nemu's twitter has been archived 6 times and I found this at the end of the oldest one.

No. 637398

File: 1531684479007.jpg (26.92 KB, 577x219, VDYX8KCx.jpg)

I had tweet notifications set up for her (for a while, switched them off when they started to ruin my day) and I lost my shit when I looked down and saw this

No. 637399

File: 1531684539114.jpg (29.95 KB, 727x159, hghgf.JPG)

She's deleted all of her tweets except for this one as well as her replies.

No. 637400

Good news! There's an archive of the full Ice Climbers thread! http://archive.is/xWykq

No. 637402

>I take responsibility for my actions


WHERE. Your BOYFRIEND came into the thread and said you were just fucking LARPING this entire time and you are absolutely not responsible for anything. YOU have said NOTHING.

You said the EXACT same shit when you put up the ocdmrcrocker apology and were back to posting radiation poisoning and bullying people on twitter a week later!!!!!

No. 637406

She has almost definitely contacted Chom and fed him a sob story to stop him speaking the truth.

Chom please do whats right and share your story.

No. 637409

One thing I remembered when she was teaching, she brought this stuffed white mouse, who she called Steven named after her crush Dr. Two Brains from Word Girl, to the school with her and let the kids hold it and play with it. Nemu used to sleep with that stuffed mouse and take it everywhere with her. I have no doubt she did gross things with that mouse too.

No. 637410

No wonder she gets fired everywhere she goes.

No. 637414

oh absolutely. she was sexual with every toy she had named after her crushes. that mouse wasn't going to be any different

No. 637416

File: 1531685185513.jpg (125.52 KB, 1200x675, c437b224d71cd251c1e61f83d3e2d6…)

Here's her and Steven in the hospital.

God, anytime I remember something new my stomach gets a dropping sensation.

No. 637418

such a cute plushie too. what a shame

No. 637425

File: 1531685988810.png (118.65 KB, 400x467, Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 21.1…)

No. 637427

>Kinkshaming is when people tell me I need mental help because I like poop

I'm sorry Nemu but eating poop and vomit is literally not healthy. The same goes for having people throw up in your vagina.

No. 637428

she posted this BEFORE she admitted to jerking off to REAL photos of dead and dying people. so much for "fantasy"

No. 637436

File: 1531686962733.png (35.95 KB, 535x311, davidlikeswhat.PNG)

These tweets confuse me a bit, first it's because I can't see Nemu's tweet but is this person implying David likes an underage character but it's OK since they're in his "sweetie square" instead of his "waifu square"?

No. 637438

David had Callie from Splatoon (a very young looking character) in his waifu squares. Nemu was emailed asking why its okay for David to have an underage looking waifu but no one else. Then he made a statement saying that Callie wasn't in his "waifu squares" she was in his "sweetie squares."

This is coming from the same dude that has a Mami (15) dakimakura and loli anime figures.

No. 637440

Also to note, nemu cosplayed Shimakaze (the loli boat) since it's David's waifu, she got a fuckton of shit about it but it's okay cause it's in his sweetie square.

No. 637443

SJW talk is getting out of hand. Either it's a kid or it isn't.

No. 637444

She also took lewd photos of herself in that cosplay. She even posed a Shimakaze doll with one of her dog dicks

No. 637445

That's the cosplay she posed in and told everyone someone bought her $60 worth of liquor for being hot

No. 637447

File: 1531687809681.jpg (57.31 KB, 577x743, 3Gv0cbyM.jpg)

not sure if i should spoiler this or not

No. 637448

File: 1531687830845.jpg (Spoiler Image, 120.54 KB, 576x1024, RvA0PtS3.jpg)

No. 637449

please note she is in a PUBLIC ROOM at a convention (MTAC which is an all ages convention) when she took this photo

No. 637451

MTAC also has 18+ rules for certain times of the night and there are 18+ panels. Its more than likely it was taken in one of those.

No. 637452

Holy shit, it looks like she took this in a convention panel sat among other people? She has no public decency or shame and exposes so many unwilling people to her fetishes.

No. 637453

even so she still took a pussy shot of herself dressed as a loli, and david is sitting right beside her while she's doing it

No. 637454

I'm still so curious what parts of Nemu's life is a lie. Obviously all the r/thatHappened stories are, but what about the fetish shit? She's clearly a degenerate but was her brain-dead fiance shitting in her ass or not?

No. 637457

File: 1531688565409.png (54.51 KB, 519x422, pheish.png)

Orbiter who tried shutting down the thread when it was fresh

No. 637460

Earlier in the thread he basically confirmed at the very least that she eats her own vomit/shit since it would be "unsurprising" to him.
I wish that someone who was around in the really old days had the vomit/shit eating pictures and videos to share. I have no doubt that some fetishist out there would have saved them and possibly re-uploaded but tracking them down would be difficult.

No. 637461

Nemu is going to put the victim act on again about being bullied into the hospital when in reality she needs to be in the mental hospital for her own behaviour and the danger that she is to others.

No. 637462

this bitch really going to pretend Nemu didn't go to mental hospital in order to continue her manipulation huh? interesting how they use the word "bullying" after Nemu herself has been bullying by proxy for yers. I'm sure polterheisst is one of those bullies.

Also, how do we know Nemu isn't larping being in the hospital? I mean, we can't just believe everything we read on the internet, can we David?

I believe he shit in her ass. Nemu posted about it A LOT and it turned out he himself was lying about somethings in his posts. I think the vast majority of Nemu's posts are real.

No. 637465

some fetishist WILL have those videos and photos. she had SO many followers back then and a huge number were vomit fetish dudes from 4chan. there's a chance someone on KF would have them as they attract the 4chan types

No. 637473

File: 1531689276642.png (123.04 KB, 640x778, IMG_3036.PNG)

No. 637475

File: 1531689294032.png (487 KB, 673x671, nemreblogpk.PNG)

y'know i saw little similarities between nemu and pk's art, mostly the colors, the ta-da lines, and the topics they drew.
also, this is confirmation nemu followed and reblogged posts from purplekecleon. i saw another post of PK's she reblogged with slime furries having sex, but i forgot to save the link

No. 637477

I wonder if Nemu would have gave a single shit if any of the people she's bullied ended up in hospital? The height of her empathy would have been drawing her fursona crying with text saying "ex friend in hospital ): "

No. 637479

they're very similar in that both have an overly cutesy, kiddy style masking extremely dark and disturbing themes

No. 637480

I don't remember exactly why she sent her goons to bully Capitolscum but I can confirm that it has indeed happened ; idk anything about Furret though.

No. 637483

The Furret thing was when she freaked out over them concerned about her jumping back into her porn ways by posting about declairing a con being her fetish convention and showed off her Breedin' Sow pin

No. 637485

yeah I think that's the breedin' sow pin thing that was possible earlier in the thread. whats the story the other person?

No. 637486

It was the same thing, they both pointed it out and got the ban-hammer lmao

No. 637487

So she's in the hospital right now? I hope they do a full workup of her and put her in a hospital day program at least, but I won't get my hopes up.

No. 637488

yeah she's in the hospital. she's been in multiple times. its routine for her to check herself into a psych ward when stuff like this happens. she tells them some lies about how she's just a sweet cute lady who wants to be a mommy but likes vomit. then she walks back out and just keeps doing what she's doing

No. 637491

she literally has to go to the hospital for this hissyfit or is she making it up?
she's wasting like $3k to lie about why she's having a breakdown lol

No. 637498

Furret is kingjder, which is why you see that URL popping up in the thread from time to time.

Indeed, Scum was the other person involved. That’s why I tried to censor her name within the post of the Breedin’ Sow story, she really, really doesn’t want to be involved in any of this for obvious reasons. Xan is about to take down the tweet on her behalf, so don’t be surprised.

No. 637500

that bpd stuff is such a crock of shit. having a personality disorder doesnt make you beat off to children being abused

No. 637502

File: 1531691182060.png (164.92 KB, 485x641, radio.PNG)

Nemu's radiation poisoning OC

No. 637503

Nemu doesnt have BPD nor has she ever claimed as such

No. 637504

she hasn't but David claimed it for her

No. 637506

File: 1531691344150.png (285.42 KB, 583x933, nepo.PNG)

Nemu reblogged this with the caption "so fucking good"

No. 637507

she didn't need to, david did it for her when he was sperging all over the place

No. 637508

File: 1531691534231.png (Spoiler Image, 101.32 KB, 500x261, tumblr_ndxhbg3K3t1sm1433o1_500…)

More Mass Effect fanart of herself getting fucked by a hanar
The second part of it is here >>631375

No. 637509

This looks like it was drawn by barbiecum/desikeera aka an edgy Shadman-fangirl lolicon who used to run a gore blog on tumblr and is mildly cowish on their own. According to the URL Nemu's using in this image, the artist was defintely under 18 at the time (she's barely 19 now).

No. 637511

her level of insanity is well beyond even BPD. idk what the fuck is wrong with her but even if she does have it, it's only a tiny fraction of her issues.

yeah it's unfortunately very easy to talk the mental health staff at hospitals out of taking any action as far as programs go. pretty expensive trip just to get asspats. I bet the doctor totes told her so is soooo beautiful and sweet and kind and is too pretty to suffer uwu

No. 637528

she might be there or she might not. I don't think I'll believe she is without photo proof

also she literally listed her mental illnesses at the top of her fucking fairly odd parents wiki profile but bpd wasn't there

>stop shitting yourself over what porn people prefer
>literally bullies people off social media for just liking porn at all

No. 637536

File: 1531694993346.png (107.94 KB, 588x493, Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 23.5…)

"This will all pass someday"

No. 637541

How funny that Harlot / Cinnamom comforts nemu when she's one of the people nemu talked about behind their backs lmfao

No. 637544

File: 1531695494834.png (141.04 KB, 1440x366, Screenshot_2018-07-15-17-57-58…)

>I wanna make them feel bad
Nemu has got you so good

No. 637545


No. 637548

File: 1531695765671.png (11.83 KB, 574x130, lol.png)

nemu trashtalked kimi for months behind her back, calling her all sorts of name and look at this fucking buffoon

No. 637549

details? any receipts?

if someone falls out with you and that person is able to share screenshots of you saying you jerk off to drug addicts, dead bodies and have a fetishistic sexually charged username on a children's website (FOP wiki), again, I think you are the problem

No. 637551

>personal vendetta shit

>"I'm taking responsibility for my actions"

pick one. If Nemu wants to get through this she need to EXPLICITLY explain what she has done.

No. 637555

To be honest at this point anybody who's still defending Nemu is just sexist

No. 637556

or retarded

No. 637557

Its worse than that, they're pedophile and predator apologists. They're abuser apologists.

No. 637562

Yep, I explicitly remember Nemu claiming Harlot molested her.

No. 637564

how can you be an emancipated ghoul and still have enough fat for tits

No. 637571

Oh definitely, but they're no doubt doubling down on this hardcore because she's such a Nice Lady!

No. 637572

Remember kids, being a pedo is perfectly okay as long as you're a uwu lil lady ~

No. 637579


what kinds of stuff did she say?

No. 637582

When nemu gets jealous of more successful friends ; she starts talking shit about them. Kimispice worked with Hotdiggitydemon on something and it was suddenly a big thing for nemu, the only thing i remember from then is her spreading rumours that gig just for attention-whoring.

No. 637585

nemu also talked about how she was such a bad person for working with hotdiggitydemon

No. 637590

This is…. very upsetting to hear. Do you have any proof of this?

No. 637592

For how long it's been up, no one has been privately messaging the crispy account to try to prove a point. they're all doing this publicly and I bet it's so they hope Nemu will see it and be closer to her than they already are

No. 637594

If you try to reach her through dm's she just blocks you and orders her gang to do the same, that's most definitely why everyone's doing it publicly.

No. 637595

Yes that's exactly what they're doing they're just there to make a bold statement and leave

No. 637597

Chom is active right now, posted 33 seconds ago, did you get anything from him? I think his side of the story is vital to all this.

No. 637599

Not yet but it seems like he's going through this thread from looking at good replies, mostly upset he posted photos of himself

No. 637601

I'm sorry you're upset to hear that but I can also confirm this, I don't keep skype messages but she vented pretty firmly about a lot of "friends".

No. 637603

Do you remember any names or certain topics she vented about? Hopefully there names and scenareos familiar to a few that are part of her hugbox or even past friends who knew something was wrong.

No. 637604

If I remember correctly she also only started bitching about hotdiggedydemon on twitter AFTER kimispice worked with him

No. 637608

OT but does anyone know what krocodilekore is referring to? Considering her other fetishes and usernames my first guess would be that she has a fetish for the effects of krokodil, but maybe it's something else.

No. 637609

It's a stage name in Donkey Kong Country

No. 637610

she has a huge crush on king k rool, she has a tattoo of him on her leg

No. 637612

It's likely both. The effects of krokodil line up eerily well with her other fetishes.

No. 637615

she definitely mentioned hotdiggetydemon before and i remember her saying how "disappointed" she was when kimispice plugged her involvement. i have no idea if she actually spoke to kimispice one on one. and didnt kimispice then distance herself from demon? this is all vaguely familiar but i dont have caps of it

No. 637617

she probably just threw a little bitchfit and then let it fester, she seems to only cut people off after theyre mean to her, not for any actual moral reasons

No. 637618

No. 637619

Another fetish Nemu had was objectophilia. She got aroused by abandoned buildings and abandoned theme parks, which play in with her radiation poisoning fetish

No. 637626

her jacking off to videos of bugs and all that shit she's drawn / her animal dick collection….is it safe to assume she's into beastiality too?

No. 637629

>her animal dick collection
the one she doesn't have any more?

No. 637633

Don't forget she made a drawing of her snake OC being fucked by Mr Crocker. It's possible.

No. 637634

she also had a snake OC with willy wonka

No. 637637

Yep, I have screenshots of her tweets about getting gangbanged by ewoks

No. 637639

File: 1531702228499.jpeg (292.69 KB, 1116x1443, 39A36E37-A94D-414E-98F0-46FD1D…)

Ewok gangbang

No. 637640

File: 1531702261310.png (15.85 KB, 505x328, nopedo.PNG)

>Kurapika is my baby boy. (no pedo) i wanna cosplay him
Haha, guys, no pedo! She's kidding!

No. 637641

File: 1531702281410.jpeg (273.25 KB, 1125x1401, 88AB857A-5AE1-4BA0-B358-56860A…)

“Furry little balls”

No. 637642

File: 1531702733644.png (32.21 KB, 499x698, newidentity.PNG)

Nemu admits she has a private f-list and plans to keep it private. Why even have an f-list in the first place? The way she writes this vague stuff had to have had people curious back then too.

No. 637643

>pedophiles patting each other on the back for drawing porn of children and convincing themselves its okay
kinda like you and your friends?

No. 637644

I remember that flist. It was fucking ghastly. I remember one of her fetishes was her sexual partner dying during sex. Her flist caused a lot of trouble

No. 637645

>no pedo
That's an awfully suspicious thing to say… maybe if you weren't a pedo it wouldn't even come into your head to deny it. Nothing inheritedly pedophilic about saying a character is your baby/son but obviously she thinks of it that way.

No. 637648

>and i dont come because it is uncommon that ppl w vaginas cum from insertion alone

holy shit lmao. i mean she's right but how fucking funny to shoehorn troonspeak and gynecology facts into her crazy fantasies to make them more palatable to her sjw audience. Did the ewoks remember to put on their condoms because aliens with penises typically leak trace amounts of pre-ejaculate fluid long before orgasm?

No. 637650

I found it hilarious too that she had to shove some element of realism and facts into this absurd Star Wars creature fantasy.

No. 637651

She’s literally sexplaining while masturbating

No. 637653

File: 1531703477007.png (53.9 KB, 1165x309, throatthemedname.PNG)

Nemu edited her FOP wiki and unsurprisingly changed her profile with a vomit themed username.

No. 637654

What the fuck? What the actual fuck? The fact she changed her username confirms that it was sexual to her (as if it wasn’t completely proven anyway)

No. 637655

plus "disappointing white girl ass." White people are so icky right guys? She's laughing with you! Sorry for making you imagine a disappointing white girl in this otherwise dreamy erotica!

No. 637656

She's able to do that from the hospital ?

No. 637658

This reminded me of the tumblr post she made a long time ago mentioning how she actually tried to shove a piece of pizza, wrapped in saran wrap, in her vag.

No. 637660

She made the edit at 3pm central time, if that's helpful to anyone

No. 637662

For a short while she was hyper-obsessed over Pizza Steve from Uncle Grandpa, go figure.

No. 637665

I remember that too! And she couldn’t actually get it in because it was too squishy

No. 637671

File: 1531704289054.png (79.58 KB, 1068x348, 08.png)

nemus cult followers have been white knighting her for years, heres a screencap of someone threatening children with sexual violence from 2015

No. 637675

I'm sure she has a phone. It's not like she has a horrific accident, she's just there to have a little cry.

No. 637677

Would it be possible to find and contact the kids who made that callout post? I’m sure they still have a bunch of receipts, not just from nemu but of the kind of content her followers sent

No. 637678

no it doesn't

No. 637682

god how fucking sick are these people?

honestly. nemu acted like someone who truly cared about the safety of children. when i was her friend i looked up to her for that. and to witness the moment when a child speaks up and talks back to her, she slanders them with extremely powerful and hurtful words with no remorse. it was disgusting to see somebody just do a whole 180 and bring her immature friends along to slander these kids behind their backs. children don't have any societal power and nemu takes that to her advantage.

No. 637687

Welcome orbiter

No. 637691

those kids got taken down with their own unrelated callout post if you can believe it.

No. 637692

File: 1531705099841.png (1.5 MB, 719x720, customer.png)

why don't you come take a seat

No. 637693

Oh lord that’s hilarious

No. 637699

She got a lot like that towards the end of her tumblr run. She started saying F/Os instead of waifus because a single person told her it was racist.

No. 637702

File: 1531706377905.png (16.61 KB, 505x266, def.PNG)

Here's Nemu defending exposing children to her vomit fetish art and saying it's not "mature".

Orbiters, I don't know what to tell ya.

No. 637705


>hey nasty ass bitch, can you at least put a damn warning on your nasty ass posts, ya human filth

>hello! drawing vomit porn for me and other freaks of nature to jerk off too isn't mature, thank you and good day! i'm literally disgusting!

No. 637708