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File: 1524865942462.jpeg (481.67 KB, 750x916, 61C1A6A3-B352-4591-A4BC-BA2FB5…)

No. 567471

Summary from PULL: Problematic “goth girl”, always posting drama then deleting later. Dated Tyler (Online personality Zalvid) super weird dramatic breakup along with more deleting. Dated Connor (Probablyconnorward) for about 2 weeks right after Tyler and broke up with him, more drama.. super rude to anyone who disagrees with her or just outright blocks everyone. Changes her hair once a week, smokes cigarettes and is super rude to anyone who says anything about it. Also posts controversial statements about killing herself and depression only to delete it all again.

No. 567473

She's an 18 year old attention seeker. She's obsessed with MCR even though they've been broken up for 5+ years and she has no real identity of her own.

No. 567476

You forgot too poor skin walker in the bio. I'm disappointed.

No. 567483

I just browsed her ig and she really does change her hair every week or week and a half. How does she keep it healthy looking? Jill could learn from this cow.

No. 567490

>smokes cigarettes

No. 567540


No. 567622


She dates people and colors her hair a lot guys!!!

I am interested in the skinwalking tho, where's the milk on that? I know who Layla is but idk who Ashley is

No. 567635

File: 1524880100168.jpeg (547.3 KB, 672x1000, B4162DA9-008C-4639-80BB-3A2DA2…)

layla’s rose tattoo

No. 567637

File: 1524880131485.jpeg (245.5 KB, 750x734, BC2511FB-985A-4083-B54C-E6B37E…)

And Ashley’s

No. 567674

I don't really think she warrants a thread.

It's posts of highschool friends & townies taking mirror selfies and posing in Walmart parking lots and graveyards of some flyover state.

Some teen as basic as her name Ashley Renee. Who cares? lol

No. 567797

right? this is such a pull-level flake. i feel like literally any slightly known or semi-notorious social media personality or instahoe gets posted there just for like… existing in a way they can nitpick at. she’s annoying but no one cares and there are way milkier (ur at least funnier to observe) people in this circle and in similar ~instag0th sadgurl~ circles. if anything she belongs in that miscellaneous instahoe thread

No. 567851

is there any special reason she can't go in the instahoes general thread? >>>/snow/210611

No. 567931


literally nothing is happening on her instagram, what is milky here? some generic captions and song lyrics ("I am doll parts", really?)? creepyyeha corset harness and choker necklace? suburban z-tier art school bathroom selfies?

so fucking basic and recycled from every other instagoth teen.

i was surprised to see the 100k+ followers, but then again, there are LOTS of teens on instagram. only a teen would be fooled by the paper-thin, regurgitated facade of a personality. But she doesn't belong here.


samefag or selfpost tbh. omg she dyes her hair, smokes, and listens to a popular band!

No. 569361


i agree. can't you let stupid teens be stupid teens on the internet? all they do is look ridiculous and pretend they're ~dEeP~ like all the teens do. who the fuck cares if she changes her hair often or tries to look like toopoor?

No. 585962

File: 1526554119741.jpeg (284.29 KB, 1125x1742, 7A838C74-0601-48AA-A468-9CA933…)

No. 586076

who cares this is dumb 16 year old angst drama not milk

No. 613340

File: 1529252653107.jpeg (248.29 KB, 1242x919, 37CD5AF9-EB4D-4EE1-9ECD-587BD1…)

sooooo edgy…..this girl tries so hard, it’s cringey af

No. 613656


yeah she's a cringy tryhard teen, but no1curr. she's a suburban art school student named fucking "ashley".

nobody cares about her basic ass

No. 740809

She actually is very nice in person. I'm friends with her boyfriend (Simon's) brother and have met her a couple of times. Sure, she's got some problems, but she isn't a total bitch like everyone on here is making her out to be.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 740861

bruh why would you put your entire name and email lol

No. 740955

this thread was dead before you necro'd it with your newfaggotry and it barely had any milk to go around. "total bitch"? there's barely any posts on this particular thread. go be a normie elsewhere.

No. 740967


No one cares about this basic irrelevant Ohio teenager. She is boring, and a copy of many other edgy instateens.

No milk.

No. 784344

She does not really know how to take care of her rats but shes a beginner. I just don't get how shes mad at people for looking up to her. Shes a model so of course thats going to happen(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 784588

Ashley is honestly superficial and an egomaniac. I’ve known her for a long time in person and she picks and chooses who to be friends with based off their aesthetic. She dropped all of her old friends (for no reason) and moves friend groups relatively quickly. She’s not a bad person, just extremely full of herself, which I guess is expected when you have thousands of followers, but it really went to her head. It’s so sad, tbh.

No. 784662

Ya I noticed this, if you aren't a part of the nostalgia goth aesthetic, you're automatically lame. I don't know if she's milky because I haven't kept up with her in a minute, but I know she's obsessed with trying to be a model, and she's kind of signaled towards looking down on people that aren't in her "league".

No. 789139

I once met her at a con with a bunch of her friends (I knew one of her friends and actually went with her). Extremely full of herself. Nevery even said Hi or interacted with me. She literally looked at me weirdly because I was cosplaying an anime character at an ANIME con. She was that one girl in beetlejuice and I wanted to compliment her but she was such a complete bitch. Now she acts all high and mighty and hates instagram even though she uses it almost every day? Trying to hard to be "artsy farts glossier girl who loves rats and is moving to new York for?? What???

No. 792601

thought i should comment about this. i heard someone i know met up with her one night and she drove the car extremely high on xanax, backed into another car and laughed about it and drove off. she then let this underage girl have over 4 xanax (it was her first time taking it) with alcohol, and she got incredibly fucked up and then developed an addiction to pills (was recently hospitalized for it). i just thought this was absolute bullshit. she is addicted to drugs and has these thousands of teenagers who idolize her because of her beauty, thats just so messed up to me.

No. 792602

i meant that this girl was addicted to the pills after she provided them to her. this might be a rumor but it is so specific i seriously doubt it. dayton is a small town and things go around fast.

No. 792660

This thread is shit, you should all be ashamed

No. 799638

its true she gave the girl pills(no one cares maddie)

No. 799731

I just saw on her IG that she moved to NYC? how the fuck can she afford to live there with no real job? always gotta be suburbian trust funds that move to nyc..

No. 801991

Who did she give pills to? I’m local and genuinely curious because I am just now hearing about this. I’m not surprised though.

No. 802234

i think she gave it to some girl on instagram named dollltears but im not sure(stop posting yourself maddie)

No. 802282

y'all are fucking petty picking apart a stranger's life cause nothings going on in your own. Go out and do something you snotty bitches

No. 802321

you've been trying to bump this thread for ages, just stop.

No. 884422

File: 1571979431060.png (Spoiler Image, 287.56 KB, 1015x592, vivatits.PNG)

lol she is doing insta slut videos for cash now


No. 884426

oh! i guess it has been going on for awhile

https://motherless.com/C8FE7A2 (gets undress finger herself)

https://motherless.com/8C026BC (in the shower)

No. 884529

Damn everybody does porn/porn-lite these days, sad. It's cool to see people's naked bodies for comparison reasons tho.

No. 885327

Her and her bf broke up and she was drunken a trainwreck on her insta story because he was hating on egirls or something.

No. 885386

They broke up a while ago, which is why she went back to Ohio. She’s deleted the story now but was absolutely fucked up at whatever party she was at ln

No. 885765

File: 1572276882831.jpeg (794.94 KB, 1125x1601, 24BD37B7-2FB1-4922-AD67-A19CDE…)

she really thinks her followers are stupid as fuck.

No. 886762


right? like yeah MAYBE you weren't drunk but you were on something for sure>>885765

No. 887011

Any one know her old cam girl name she said she used to be a cam girl on her twitter(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 911415

That screenshot ain’t shit, @clownpee who goes by @awfultune now (a proven pedophile btw) copied the ever living fuck out of Ashley and tried to cozy up to her because of her following. She didn’t want anything to do with him (he has a horrible rep of being a piece of shit 24/7) and he threw a tantrum and started bashing her left and right and she defended herself. I saw all of it go down. sorry if this sounds like I’m defending her, I am not but simply correcting a fake story.(babivampire)

No. 911640

File: 1577699962605.jpg (408.17 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191230-095135_Ins…)

meant to sage - I hope it's okay to start posting in here - shes had drama the past few weeks. consistently shaving and changing her hair like she was manic. then started posting herself using poppers and that shes moving back to New York (where all she did was party) despite making multiple stories about how she was abusing drugs and wasnt using them anymore months ago. she got mad when people called her out on instagram about the poppers telling them to get a life (or along similar lines). then she posted this today saying shes going to rehab

No. 911641

File: 1577699990419.jpg (1.05 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191230-095150_Ins…)

No. 911656


Swear its just one person continiously bumping this pathetic thread. She cams and does drugs, truly groundbreaking. She's already been discussed in the general e-girl thread, there's nowhere near enough milk to justify her own thread.

No. 913320

It's going around that she gave fentanyl to her friend's little brother who is 15 years old, and to two other people who both overdosed twice

No. 913367

screenshots??? proof???

No. 941004

Recently, the girl who collects rats as pets had a mental breakdown on her Twitter account and made threats to delete her IG account cause people were up in her business (didn't she publicize her personal life on Twitter and IG?)

So, the girl who loves rats finally deleted her IG account, or got banned and had her account erased. Bet a hundred bucks she just makes a new one to cry about how she went through "hell". Poor girl, gets worshipped, never holds a job and gets supported by mommy and daddy…showboats how cool/shitty/depraved/hot she is..yeah, real role model ha ha ha.
Good riddance. Enjoy your rat friends.

No. 941060

She fucking ditched the rats in new York lmao

No. 941085

Not surprised…she ditches friends faster than she changes her hair. if she had a baby, she would probably ditch that too after a few days, and blame it on a mental illness.

No. 941093

It always weirded me out how she claimed she loved them so much, made them a huge part of her 'identity' and then ditched them

No. 941167

File: 1583379007385.png (390.39 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200304-222706.png)

Is it a surprise when the psycho writes garbage like this? She makes a public account and posts her daily life and is then shocked when people actually care about her. I mean some of these idiots even draw pictures of her and dress like her…real hysteria and psychosis. I never knew there was a hate page…bitch deserves a little bit for her drama and lies.

No. 941179

File: 1583380586401.png (426.3 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200304-225349.png)

Yo, she waz going on a temper tantrum about her porn businezz. Lol, like what…her posing nude? You a ho bitch! Now you look stank nasty!

No. 941181

File: 1583380856852.png (1.33 MB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200304-225416.png)

Yo, this skank looks like a dude in drag. You sure this isn't a guy?

Jesus…butch hair? Anti-guy? What is next, dyed hair and hairy armpits lmao?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 941185

Stop namefagging, retard. Report and wave girls.

No. 941189

Stop bumping the fucking thread and sage your shit

No. 955745

ashley thinks shes a lesbian
two weeks later has a new boyfriend
went to inpatient treatment for an eating disorder (supposedly)
immediately starts posting pics of her body and her meals

lost cause
pure waste

No. 955875

after going to rehab and being clean for like three months now she has a new bf that sells drugs , makes total sense right?

No. 955942

>those stupid forums about me
Is she talking about lolcow? Because her thread is pretty dead compared to other cows’ threads. Even when she wrote these tweets the last post in the thread would’ve been 2 months old.

No. 956196

god her sobriety didn't last long. why does she have to jump from guy to guy and become obsessed with them? her new guy is pure ugly it's embarrassing

No. 956708

Not really milk, but she also doesn’t take social distancing seriously at all, and constantly posts her and her ugly ass greasy boyfriend constantly going out on her instastory.

No. 956729

She kept saying during/after she went to rehab “don’t be friends with people who don’t want you sober” or whatever but as soon as she gets a new boyfriend and moves she starts getting high with his friends and posting it on her story, disappointing that she managed to get into rehab and within like two months she’s back with those friends doing drugs

No. 957715

Can't believe this thread is still going. I thought she was supposed to be sober and making life changes. For what? Like five seconds ha ha ha ha…she wins the prize for relapsing less than a day after finishing rehab.

No. 958103

post caps

No. 959132

She posted a video on her spam today of her laying on a bathroom floor while some girl snorts coke off of her ass laughing about it, Idk if any anons have screen recording
that follow her spam I wouldn’t know how to do it myself

No. 959767

File: 1587023570424.jpeg (190.16 KB, 750x1074, 820B4E02-205C-45A0-8BB1-3B99CA…)

looks like someone’s noticed at least..let’s see how quick she takes it down so that her followers can continue praising the zomg MCR queeenn111!!

No. 959925


Where are you getting that she's on Heroin Anon? I thought she was only on Fentanyl, Xanax and coke?

No. 960009

This one was pure speculation - I only noticed the comment by chance. I imagine someone who knows her in person may have taken the time to create an alt to comment that, but again, pure speculation. I definitely would not be surprised though

No. 960223

she did ket on her spam ig. idk where did yall get the heroin from

No. 960237

File: 1587081245235.jpeg (186.78 KB, 640x805, 88FE4F46-487A-401F-954B-02C1E6…)

Saged for non milk but she’s getting a lot of comments at the moment (she deletes them pretty fast) criticising her for the very public drug use

Also Idk how residential rehab + her multiple hospitalisations works in the us but I’m assuming her mother/family paid for it, must suck to waste money like that

No. 962225

Anyone have insight on her spam account?

No. 966510

i have access to it and she hasnt posted since april 15

No. 966622

Is there anything interesting?

No. 966645

Caps? Image board.

No. 966885

File: 1588205444348.png (1.05 MB, 1080x1678, Screenshot_20200429-210739~2.p…)


here you go.
there's not much really just her roommates and ugly bf. she said she wouldn't be using it anymore because ppl started calling her out on her drug use.

No. 968290

This is pure speculation but she had a friend die recently and her ex posted “fuck fentanyl” which leads me to believe this person overdosed. Also p sure Dollltears, who runs in the same circle, has admitted to doing heroin. So I think it’s reasonable to assume that vivadrag has also done heroin at some point. Dayton has a huge heroin problem. Just throwing that out there.

No. 968300

anyone know what the fuck happened between her and her ex simon?

No. 968640

File: 1588552609104.jpeg (262.8 KB, 640x638, EF9D119A-A697-402B-B219-AE0CC9…)

She got a stick and poke done on her forehead/hairline

No. 968643


Saged for samefag but iirc he was incredibly abusive to her mentally possibly physically too (strange bruises + she alluded to it) , she posted some screenshots awhile back of him texting her and telling her she was worthless and how she should kill herself I think she also said something about when she moved back to Ohio she had to get friends to go with her to get her stuff from wherever she was staying in NY bc he was threatening her

No. 968676

She seems so naive. What is she even doing for her future? It doesn’t look like she has an education or an actual job.

No. 968707

What I recall is that she had moved to NY to model. Clearly, things fell through. Does anyone know what she’s even doing now?? Is she planning on making a career out of being an MCR fan and posting grimy photos in her backyard?

No. 968731

she said shes going art ccollege after quarantine is over (not that shes been observing it lmao) n that she wants to move back to NYC to model but she cant rn bc of quarantine either. apparently shes gonna do both after

No. 968732

File: 1588581820106.jpg (599.3 KB, 1079x1236, Screenshot_20200504-094334_Ins…)

also… her leg. really kind of sad to see where she is considering she was in recovery with her mom in jan

No. 968735

She constantly says stuff like that but never does it, a while ago she wanted to be a morgue makeup artist

No. 968738

>she said shes going art ccollege after quarantine is over
I really cannot see this girl being able to make it through college, at least right now. She seems unstable.

No. 968740

does anyone know where she’s even getting the income to be living in this big house with all of her friends

No. 968742

her boyfriend'ss a drug dealer, I'm p sure he and his friends fund her lifestyle through that

No. 968746


She occasionally sells nudes and custom vids she also posts people on her main ig accounts stories for like $10

No. 968836

im pretty sure her current boyfriend used to be friends with her ex simon

No. 968846

File: 1588613136732.jpg (277.12 KB, 1077x1013, Screenshot_20200504-182608_Ins…)

She did say that she'd known him for years, pic related

No. 968902

File: 1588620061739.jpeg (150.77 KB, 750x523, 34BC0873-89CC-40E8-8382-447C1A…)

in response to someone asking about her face tat. the story keeps changing lmao

No. 969006

File: 1588629951850.jpg (423.81 KB, 1080x1872, Screenshot_20200504_230602.jpg)

Her art, she's also not posted any art for a good few years

No. 969032

her face tattoo is awful and makes her look really stupid. I dont understand for how much time she can keep up her "im a drug addict" shit to keep excusing her lack of interests, talent or goals

No. 969081


It’s either that or “I’m mentally ill you don’t know me!!1!!1” even though she seemed better when she was still in ohio after rehab before she started dating her new bf and almost immediately publicly posting her drug use again

No. 969601

whats up with all these egirls getting face and neck tattoos when they barely have any other ones, are they retarded?

who is doing their tattoos willingly?

ot but this cupofjasmien girl on ig got a neck tattoo in quarantine, wtf is going on

No. 970116

lmao yes! she live streamed herself getting the face tat and one of her orbiters said they hoped she was taking care and she replied "well yeah I am but you know how it is when you're bipolar, like I have bipolar and substance abuse issues so!"

the livestream was so weird as well, this girl doing her tattoo kept singing along to the music interrupting her - even ashley looked uncomfortable. lost my mind tho when the girl said "yeah I'm shaking really bad because I dont usually sing in front of people" while she was still halfway through doing her tat!

No. 970269


Is the girl who did her tattoo not on of the girls who lives in the house with her bf? Fucking weird to get a face tattoo from someone you’ve known less that a month though I think she posted about making sw content with the same girl Also she really can’t take any responsibility for her actions legitimately a case of “muh bipolar”

No. 974537

she started using her finsta again and now she says shes not as dependant on xanax anymore… wonder how much thatll last

No. 975386

Someone reupload the video of her spreading her ass on Motherless + any new stuff of her online again… all the old stuff that's worth having online has been purged.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 975396

Fuck off scrote

No. 975758

File: 1589826193440.png (417.11 KB, 750x1334, 6CAB76AC-578E-465D-AE80-0A8E64…)

Her relapse is a joke to her. Unbelievable

No. 976059

She has no future

No. 976206

shes posting videos and pictures of her hanging out with dollltears..
they made out n shit. what about her bf?? i seriously don't get these people.

No. 976333

Y’all know nothing about her and Simon’s relationship. He wasn’t abusive jfc she was toxic as hell for him. And he didn’t threaten her he tried to give her her rats back and she ghosted like 4 times she didn’t want them enough to go get them so she ditched them in ny(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 976384

Lmao she made those rats her entire identity and dropped them so fast wtf

No. 976420

omg sage your bullshit

No. 977528

File: 1590117997585.png (847.12 KB, 750x1334, 5E08BA1D-8DD2-4843-9E98-7D4C92…)

Dolltears is such a sheep, especially when it comes to Ashley. Literally just wants to suck as much fake confidence and ye ol’ goth points as she can from her at this point. They made this video of themselves pretending to know the words to this Christian Death song (which in itself isn’t milk) but they start the video after the first part of the song and in the very first verse it literally says “Burning crosses on a n*ggers lawn”

No. 977531

As if she’s not problematic enough lul

No. 978399

It's really pathetic to me that she keeps getting stick and pokes. They're all so uneven and ugly. Girl wait for shops to reopen lmao please. Thought you modeled? No one is gonna take her with those hideous things all over

No. 978430

Anyone else notice she's always got a drink in her hand now on her stories, etc.? Didn't she used to say she was an alcoholic?..

No. 978656

File: 1590363494356.jpg (Spoiler Image, 351.84 KB, 1080x1887, 20200525_003830.jpg)

oof shes kinda getting to Luna levels huh

No. 978658

File: 1590363530944.jpg (Spoiler Image, 283.11 KB, 1080x1880, 20200525_003848.jpg)

No. 978849

File: 1590413767698.png (Spoiler Image, 1.4 MB, 750x1334, 3C77550F-D230-480C-B083-753220…)

she’s got her coochie out on her finsta, looking drugged out as hell

No. 978850

File: 1590413800443.png (Spoiler Image, 1.32 MB, 750x1334, E3E3761A-BFA9-465B-B103-7DE5FB…)

No. 978928

Alright alright alright, CD isn’t a racist band. Do some more research lol but it is funny to watch them pretending to know the words it’s so sad .

No. 978996

Someone please post the stuff on her finsta(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 979071

Sex work isn't even a real job. She'll never be anyone lmao

No. 979443

File: 1590524049054.png (1.78 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20200526-130621.png)

What drugs y'all think she's on now a days? Her roommates don't seem to support her sobriety at all

No. 979557

File: 1590535519689.jpg (350.83 KB, 1080x1383, Screenshot_20200526-121211_Sam…)

"No, I'm just copying her everything"

No. 979665

File: 1590547233917.jpeg (512.91 KB, 750x1214, F17F4796-414F-4A34-B07F-2B362A…)

apparently she’s sober now, i give it a week

No. 979666

File: 1590547337258.jpeg (205.86 KB, 750x968, 7633B43A-A42F-44F0-86C9-7BFF35…)

and breaking news, alcohol is no longer a drug because it’s legal! i find it hilarious she claims to be an alcoholic when she has no idea what that even means

No. 979707

File: 1590553897220.png (778.92 KB, 1118x1147, Screenshot_20200526-213050.png)

I don't find it shocking she's owning up to the alcohol but I'm sure there's more. She's been posting the alcohol for quite some time now. Her and dolltears were annoyingly drunk on a live and got off shortly after someone called her out for lying about her sobriety to her fans

No. 979710

File: 1590554740718.png (335.1 KB, 768x768, Screenshot_20200526-214321.png)

Imagine putting these on your body forever.

No. 979714

File: 1590554803171.png (332.69 KB, 728x728, Screenshot_20200526-214448.png)

No. 979773

File: 1590571791350.jpg (382.59 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20200526_131034_com…)

This was from earlier the same day

No. 979980

Yikes that's on her public account too no less

No. 979989

It's technically sober living since alcohol, Kratom, etc are legal right!!?? Lol this bitch

No. 979990

Oh fuck is that a stick and poke??? Good thing those are easy to laser off, god that is so bad / ugly

No. 980022

It's embarrassing her entire identity is "goth kween" and MCR lover, it's like she feeds off the validation to survive because she's got no real self

No. 980185

Not to gatekeep but shes really not goth. Not sure why she claims that. Emo, sure. But mostly just an alt e-thot. Knowing of the most base level overhyped goth bands like Christian Death and black bangs is all she has that's gOtH. She hardly ever wears all or a lot of black. She likes alt/pop punk/emo music. Shes an mcr fangirl. I wouldnt even call her "Goffic" kek

No. 980528

she’s so obsessed with her scene/emo phase, most people cringe when they think back to their early teen years but it seems like she genuinely misses it which is pretty fucking pathetic. she even made an instagram @vivadragarchive to post old pictures from when she was cute and wasn’t a dropout wannabe drug addict who has a breakdown every few months and restarts another sad little phase

No. 981272

She has so many pics of Simon on her Twitter still I find that weird. She has a new bf you'd think she'd delete those.

No. 981594

i live with her ama

No. 981618



No. 981839

File: 1590978046840.jpeg (1.33 MB, 3088x2320, 8CC0B1C7-631A-4F24-91DB-BCC504…)

No. 981840

do you wash your ass with water and soap?

No. 981841

i unclogged their bathtub for them, they’ve been showering

No. 981842

which one in the pic are you

No. 981849


No. 981857

macaroons, yay or nay?

No. 981866


No. 981867

what's ur favorite color

No. 981871

are you the one who announced they're male and wouldn't fuck shayna in the shayna thread?

No. 982230

I just find it hilariously sad how these e-girls or whatever they are at this point self post and literally act like people are hating on them.

No. 982237

Those tattoos must make her mum proud af hahahaha

No. 982241

A lot of her "haters" are people that are concerned or commenting about her lying or sobriety. I found it interesting she deletes comments about people mentioning the drugs, but not the girl commenting really cruel things about her self harm scars in her latest tattoo post. I would've deleted the comments and blocked her, but hey she probably wants those sympathy points

No. 982675

File: 1591149099186.png (457.95 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20200602-185026.png)

The lack of self awareness hurts

No. 982677

Your name is showing in the reply. Still time to delete and repost.

No. 982678

i'm sure creepypeepeepoopoo's reputation will be wounded by this
anyway white girls and any girls can put up pictures of themselves without
the left needs to shut the fuck up

No. 982709

She hasn't spread hate towards anyone really and I don't get why you brought the fact she's white into this at all it has nothing to do with anything.

No. 982720

Her vanity is atrocious

No. 982723

Based username anon

No. 983104

>i'm sure creepypeepeepoopoo's reputation will be wounded by this
sage for OT, but this comment tho. kek.

No. 985278

File: 1591733568698.png (660.6 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20200609-131002.png)

It's been over a year since they broke up for whatever reason and her page is still covered in him

No. 985279

File: 1591733642696.png (856.98 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20200609-131040.png)

Also I found this gem. Whether these were prescribed or not, it seems like she's promoting drugs here to me

No. 986329

The baggie looks like what a drug dealer might use for the pills, not like a prescription bottle from a pharmacy

No. 986474

promoting how? you kno people do drugs not just for attention too right?

No. 986483

People who do drugs not for attention don’t constantly post themselves doing drugs lmao

No. 986667

I obviously know that. She's "showing off", not promoting then, does that wording work better for you, princess? She's showing off her drugs to her following. Either way, I disagree with that. It's a bad message to send to the idiots who look up to a girl like her with no future or goals in sight.

No. 987845


its not her fault people are stupid enough to look up to someone like this. a lot of people post drugs, she aint special just because she has bot followers

No. 987958

i dont think the posts of her and simon are still on her twitter for any reason other than her being lazy about it
they are both in different relationships now i dont think shes holding onto that shit

No. 987973

It's weird to delete all evidence of your ex. It's the past, who cares.

No. 988239

Idk about bots but she has a lot of dead followers.

No. 998837

File: 1593471810261.jpg (880.29 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200629-235107_Ins…)

not worth making a new thread but since these two are pals; did anyone see dollltears' story today?

No. 998838

File: 1593471837834.jpg (1.01 MB, 810x3966, Screenshot_20200629-235125_Ins…)

No. 999018

Being assaulted and robbed is horrible but also how does she just trust random men that offer her alcohol and to also get into their car?

No. 999127


not sure how to feel about this it's a horrible thing for anyone to go through but she immediately starts a gofundme the day it happened?

No. 999941


>wanders off tipsy to drink more with strange men

>goes home with them, goes downstairs with them
>says "don't rape me" but not "I think there's been a miscommunication" or anything else
>was groped while drunk in a stranger's basement & ended up only losing her phone and wallet

idk this cow but she can't be this brand new. She could have been brutally raped and murdered, but that was hardly anything. No strange man just wants to give you free booze.

No. 1000820

Maddie is a stupid drug addict that will never learn. She claims she was raped before when she went to a guys house to get drugs, now this.

No. 1002102

Why do these types of women put themselves in such stupid situations over and over again and be surprised when the same thing keeps happening? And this wasn’t even that bad it was obviously a miscommunication and the dude stopped when she felt uncomfortable why does she feel the need to play it up for the cameras and make money off of it

No. 1002122

It's just an excuse to beg for money.

No. 1006216

She admitted to doing meth in the comments, she's drinking, smoking. I know she's been a fentanyl addict before, who knows. She was only sober in rehab bro she can't do that shit LMAO doing drugs and taking hoe pics is all she's good for

No. 1006595

Her story right now kek, as if it wasn't obvious enough she's checking the forums lol

No. 1006654

Post an image to this image board then. Not every one wants to clog their feed with losers.

No. 1007286

What was it?

No. 1007774

can someone just make a thread for maddie

No. 1008410

Not much, her and her loser friends said fuck you to us lolcow haterz on the count of three like a band of disgruntled middle schoolers

No. 1008413

It radiates tweeker energy. The Instagram live where she gets the stick and poke is on YouTube. Hella cringe, the girl who's doing it is horrible at it. I almost feel bad for Ashley but she choose to get it on her forehead during a global pandemic instead of waiting to have it done well at a tattoo shop

No. 1008414

She got an only fans lmao girl grab your cash. If anyone even wants to see Maddie like that, she's built like a tree. I have no problem with only fans but Jesus she seems desperate for money and attention

No. 1008417

The only fans is not good. She’s covered in bruises and has a child’s vagina

No. 1008423

She's 18 and it's legal if she wants to do that but I completely agree with you

No. 1008424

In my opinion the bruises are from either addiction, abuse, or self harm. Either way the only fans isn't a good thing for any of those issues

No. 1008430

>>1008414 it's depressing as fuck, how people can get off to it is beyond me. also she's begged people to sub because she's about to be kicked out several times in the last few months, but still lives at home and complains about her bpd spending sprees on band merch and $100 food binges

No. 1008531

Nothing says I want to move out and be independent like dumping your money into stuff you don't need lmao

No. 1008833

Love how her and vivadrag both use their mental illness as an excuse not to work and be a productive members of society, as if the majority of workers aren’t also mentally ill. I wish I had a BPD diagnosis so I could use it as an excuse to sit around on my ass at my parents house doing drugs and being a toxic slob

No. 1008942


No. 1009231

I honestly think that anyone who willingly gets off to maddies onlyfans has some kind of child abuse fetish. it’s sad and pathetic

No. 1009240

File: 1595075169967.jpeg (501.25 KB, 750x1055, 8A5C14E8-55E1-49F9-BC94-638D8E…)

Does anybody know why she keeps doing such weird faces and poses?

No. 1009241

File: 1595075234231.jpeg (446.95 KB, 750x1016, 0694BA9F-1141-4684-ADE9-77A1F9…)


No. 1009242

it's because she takes screenshots from videos of her posing instead of actual photos. the weird sideways duck face she always does cracks me up, especially with the stupidly overdrawn lipstick

No. 1009245

I mean Maddie used to be so pretty, like rly she used to look like an angel (something about 2016?) and now she looks so weird? You know she’s still nice looking girl but she nowhere near this 2016 look. is it weight gain , drug abuse or just loosing this teen charm that made her uglier?

No. 1009246

File: 1595077005164.jpeg (477.23 KB, 750x996, 9B8E7B3C-DBE9-47F1-A725-9EA306…)

agree, she looked great here

No. 1009247

File: 1595077273237.jpeg (321.42 KB, 750x473, 0D385A78-3719-4C8B-9ABD-73DD7D…)

No. 1009249

I agree; before the decline in her makeup skills, dumbass lipstick, and fried perm she was really beautiful. I think there was a lot of editing involved though, her chin/jaw is a lot bigger than it looks in the old photos

No. 1009250

I blame the purging for her swollen face. Also, don’t do drugs kids

No. 1009251

It's so annoying following her though, she's /constantly/ posting throwback pics from anywhere between years ago to the week before saying 'i miss this time :(('

No. 1009252

I know! I used to follow her bc of her pretty face but i couldn’t stand her + what’s goong on with all these kinds in her ig story or pics; like she hungs out only with 6years old or what

No. 1009255

i think its because she used to be more genuine at her teenage years and now she's just trying to be how she used to be instead of being her actual current self. she's got issues and she keeps getting herself into trouble… of course she's gonna miss the old days all the time

No. 1009257

I second this. she was close with another girl on ig who I was friends with, she was lovely, messed up but with good intent. Now I can’t stand her because of the relentless throwback posts and weird bpd rants

No. 1009258

right? i always thought it was dodgy putting multiple pics and videos with stranger's kids on her public insta where she advertises her heroin nudes

No. 1009259

she looks like a grandma here. i wish she would shave off her hair and stop making those retarded faces

No. 1009260

File: 1595078082171.jpg (687.92 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200612-033436_Ins…)

also does anyone in her house own a mattress cover kek

No. 1009261

File: 1595078111631.jpg (899.88 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200529-002720_Ins…)

No. 1009262

She said it was not her fault that she was poor and lived in filth. I know people who are REALLY poor and they do not leave in filth; you dont have to be rich, own super new furniture to have clean house…all you have to do is clean up

No. 1009264

i remember when she put videos on her story of one of her hundreds of cats peeing all over her bed and carpets

No. 1009341

File: 1595089565695.jpeg (436.13 KB, 1784x931, 37E90532-219E-4D45-8718-DAFED7…)

glow down of the century:(

No. 1009347

I genuinely wonder why she keeps straying further away from her old look, it's only getting worse. Plumped lips just really don't suit some people

No. 1009365

Drugs make all of them ugly just look at heroingranola (holli), she used to be pretty as well and now she looks like her face is meltingggg

No. 1009400

I remember this live between vivadrag and dollltears really well because I feel like it made people uncomfortable watching it. Maddie was rambling on and on about how ugly she was after Ashley left. Ashley got defensive , I think because someone mentioned the white claws they were drinking and she whispered in dollltears ears for awhile, said she wasn't drunk enough, and almost abruptly ended the live. Yikes.

No. 1009402

I feel like Maddie is really influenced by Ashley , I don't know what else they've done in private besides the poppers and alcohol but their friendship is just weird to me. They wouldn't know or care about one another if not for 'clout.'

No. 1009404

nothing those two do looks real. all their friendships seem fake and they only hang because of their two stupid fanbases.

No. 1009405

that was so embarrassing to watch. i feel bad for the people around her.

No. 1009407

It must be uncomfortable for her knowing Maddie is taking notes on everything about her to copy

No. 1009408

File: 1595097402161.png (2.44 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20200718-113359.png)

Because killing your brain cells is so quirky and cute lmao

No. 1009411

File: 1595097461751.png (2.53 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20200718-113433.png)

No. 1009413

File: 1595097491183.png (2.4 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20200718-113436.png)

No. 1009414

That's poppers, not whip-its. Still LoL EdGy

No. 1009417

They also did that super cringey photo set of them making out recently right?

No. 1009418

Yeah they did , did you see Ashley's story today? Her flabby ass twerking out in public without a mask on made me vomit in my mouth a little

No. 1009432

No. 1009434

Y’all know one of these girls are 18? You’re comparing pictures of 16 year old, underaged basically children right now, lower/middle class children. of course these girls don’t know what a mattress cover is. And no I’m not one of them. Just seeing the ugly in thread, all 18 year olds drink and do drugs for a period of time. It’s not milky. It’s normal.

No. 1009435

be quiet dick sucker, it’s reasonable

No. 1009438

Okay creepy

No. 1009447

So meth and heroin are normal for kids too huh? They know what a mattress cover is. I'm not the one posting the compare pics of Maddie but don't take it so serious it's a forum. They make valid points about how her appearance has changed pretty drastically

No. 1009451

exactly. meth ain’t normal for an 18 year old

No. 1009571

They almost never hang out irl, Literally like once or twice a year and when they do they just take photos and drink

No. 1009709

lol Maddie just went on a huge rant on IG live about this thread. Missed most of it though sadly

No. 1009748

anyone know what she said? she's live now but she's just apologizing for how boring and poor she is

No. 1009749

Her internet connection sucksss so much she keeps disconnecting every second i cant understand a word

No. 1009753

I'm quite disappointed I missed her weird ramblings again they're really funny

No. 1009756

she thinks weight gain is the sole factor in her decline in appearance, ignoring the weird far apart brows, overdrawn lips, bulimia cheeks, crispy faded green hair. her weight gain hasn’t even contributed, if anything it’s a good thing

No. 1009824

she just uploaded some stories to her finsta secretly recording her mom in her car telling her she's tired of her and that she would drop her off and that she would get a job… this is not the first time she's done this and i get that it hurts to be told such things but man… whats the point? does she want people to pity her? that's not gonna change how she feels. it makes me feel bad for her

No. 1009835

its hard to get back up on your feet after years of drug use. but she HAS to push herself. she's tried multiple times, but it always falls back to impulsive action. she has my support, i just am worried about her. she always talks about change but NOTHING is going to happen until she truly does something about it, and i don't think she realises that. saying you're going to do something is one thing, actually doing it is another.

No. 1009840

Well, she’ s 18, she doesnt go to school i guess, still no job and always complaning about being poor; plus her mom told that maddie stopped taking her medicines etc. I mean it must be hard for her mom - her daughter is an addict with no future, doesnt want to get healthy and take medicines + they’re poor (she is ALWAYS talking about that) but maddie wont help her anyway, just sitting in her house, living of her money

No. 1009843

theres obvious abuse happening in her household, and probably since she was young. i mean, nobody is just born with that many issues. so on her part, she probably didnt experience a super loving and supportive household growing up. that can fuck with you a lot. but on her moms part, it must be stressful having a daughter that doesnt support herself whatsoever, or at least try to. ive never lived a day in their house so i wouldnt know.

No. 1009932

Has Maddie ever even had a job? Ashley hasn't worked in ages, the last time she worked an actual job was when she was like 16 lol.

No. 1009948

No, I dont think she's had a job. I know for sure that she's tried, and she talked about having interviews at places. I guess she didnt get hired

No. 1009956

she talked about applying for the Walgreens(?) where her brother works I think, because she's too anxious to work somewhere she doesn't know anyone. did an online application and when they didn't get back to her she jumped to the conclusion that they googled her and found her onlyfans stuff

No. 1010040

Even if that's true which it's not because in 2020 most people don't prosecute people for sex work, she chose to put that content out there. Sucks to suck I guess.

No. 1010097

Maddie hasn’t had a job, her income seems to come from her OF and begging for money on the internet.

No. 1010101

She wasn't just fighting with her mom about not having a job, she was begging her mom to buy her food.
Her mom tells her no, that she'll purge it anyway, which could seem harsh (at least her insta comments seem to think so)
but it's SO clear she had been begging her mom to buy her food way before the videos started. You can even hear her sadly say she wants food AGAIN even after that.
Maddie has been relapsing with her bulimia, even posted a photo of her purge knuckles and keeps talking about losing weight so its clear what her intent is with this video.
She wants to be disordered so bad. It's not exposing a toxic household that's reinforcing her ED like her and her 12 yr old fans think, its exposing her childish ass behavior and proving that her mom is fed up with it too. How is she 18 years old?? She acts so painfully childish. She really has no job? She has an onlyfans but any money shes getting she seems to just spend on alcohol, drugs, walmart clothes and binge food instead of contributing to her supposedly IMPOVERISHED HOUSEHOLD??
And I'm kind of nitpicking with this last part, but she just really irritates me acting all PC when she recently posted a photo of Bin Laden on her spam, calling him Serj Tankian who is Armenian. It was an old ass bottom text meme so it seemed ironic, just very ignorant. When i told her the meme is offensive she deleted it, and then posted blm posts to her main accounts story. That just didn't sit right with me. I have screencaps but idk if anyone gives a shit. But yeah I truly cant imagine where she will be in 5 years, she seems to revert back to her 16 year old self instead of growing or learning?

No. 1010119

File: 1595224605111.jpeg (35.4 KB, 480x480, 8DCCA3C6-1351-449B-9338-9521DE…)

I miss the old maddie

No. 1010144

She was a lot prettier then I agree but the ED is still so visible there. She's skinny in all her pictures to an uncomfortable degree, like she's malnourished. She's never looked healthy physically even at her peak

No. 1010150

Honestly as someone who's never had a serious ED I don't understand the disorders very well so please excuse if this seems ignorant but at some point it should seem obvious for her friends& family that she's in need of help and that they need to play a role there. Most people with severe ED need to be medically rehabilitated to truly stop the cycle and I don't doubt that she eats some of the food she's buying but if the mother knows she's bringing and purging, even if her child is legally an adult, why not help? Is it financial? Her daughter could kill herself soooo money shouldn't be that big of a concern on my opinion but hey I'm not a mum with a kid like her either

No. 1010151

* Binging & purging, oops

No. 1010153

Not taking your meds can be so dangerous especially if they're for your mental health. That's the opposite of self care.

No. 1010165

Are you mentally disabled or just living in a different dimension than the rest of us?

No. 1010234

File: 1595255431444.jpeg (123.46 KB, 960x1200, DC2CB647-5955-4484-B77F-CB79FB…)

i think its a bit wrong that everyones calling her ugly because of weight gain. she's anorexic, for gods sake. i think its great thats she's gaining weight. whats different is the green chunky hair, the perm, the far apart brows, the overdrawn lipstick, all that. to say she looks better as a stick is kinda awful. yes, i do think she looks better two years ago, but her body just looks so fragile.

if you find the thin legs hot, whatever. but i just cant get behind it. the whole goth aesthetic of a skinny scrawny girl is pretty unhealthy, especially for young girls who look up to maddie. i know that, two years ago, i was battling a pretty serious ED and used maddie as inspiration. im better now and ive changed now, but thats not a place anyone should want to be in. and im just glad she's gained weight.

No. 1010238

File: 1595255895217.jpeg (1.36 MB, 3464x3464, BA3A141B-1D1F-4288-8DD6-73B2F9…)

Obvious weight gain in the pic. For the better.

No. 1010254

I think it's moreso the unfortunate styling rather than the weight gain. At least to me. She's not too ugly in the face but once you mix in that "me no curr about my appearance lololol" aesthetic, it really shows how far she's sank in the looks department. She's no longer using angles to her advantage and she just always looks unkempt in general.

No. 1010260

i’m gonna reiterate that no one thinks weight gain has contributed to her bad apparence. it’s pretty much the hair, makeup and dirty looking clothes. she’d look stunning if she could go back to her old style with her current, more healthy weight. it isn’t my job to police anyones choices but I at least wanna be honest lmao she looks like shit now

No. 1010273

This pic is an example of how angles work for her. I think she looks great in this picture honestly! But i see a relation to her older pictures in this one, more specifically the angle and the parted lips.

No. 1010275

File: 1595262423658.jpeg (559.57 KB, 750x855, 79F79A71-F6E8-4C4E-BCC9-207172…)

^ Sorry, posted without the pic.

No. 1010309

Can someone make a Maddie thread please this is getting so annoying

No. 1010313

Like yes Maddie is high key trying to be Ashley but they aren't the same person and maybe I'm not the only one tired of seeing her here so much. I think Maddie warrants her own thread at this point but it's up to y'all.

No. 1010315

yeah who’s gonna make a maddie thread we need one

No. 1010360

Heres the Maddie thread.


No. 1010446

Looks like the maddie thread is locked. Did vivadrag & maddie have a falling out? They were all up in each other’s IGs and now there’s nothing. It looks like posts have been deleted on both accounts too

No. 1010480

weird, because she still has Ashley on her finsta

No. 1010498

Ashley and Kira did that too, they're still following one another I think but Ashley posted on her Twitter and deleted it (I don't have it) about how her best friend didn't contact her or support her during rehab. Tinfoil but it was about Kira trying to get away from Ashley and her drug issues because stuff defo happened at those big ohio trash parties

No. 1010502

Also it could be anyone because she calls a lot of her friends her best friend, but the timing just seemed like it was about Kira to me. Then of course she came back home from rehab, was doing okay with her mom for awhile, and then relapsed and moved states with her new ugly boyfriend. She used to spend time with her old friends a lot and then after rehab she doesn't seem to be around them really

No. 1010543

To be completely honest I don’t blame Kira. I wouldn’t want to be associated with Ashley either. Ashley is the type of person that only hangs out with you when it benefits her.

No. 1010579

File: 1595319410263.jpeg (574.25 KB, 750x985, 0088A301-F72A-4A79-9266-14EA72…)

Is this a reach or are these track marks on Maddies arm?

No. 1010601

No, it's not uncommon to see some vein there with pale skin. Doesn't look like they've been hit or anything.

No. 1010603

she overdosed a few months ago and ended up in hospital, and had some huge bruises there for a while. wouldn't be surprised if it was from that

No. 1010613

yeah those are trackmarks

No. 1010625


That could easily be from IV drips/blood tests they leave incredibly harsh bruising sometimes especially if you’re of low weight, but I believe she’s said she’s done heroin before on her private Instagram

No. 1010643

Those arent track marks

No. 1010729

ik from a close source that maddie is a heroin addict so yea those are prob track marks

No. 1010748

i dont think so, she's been going to doctors for heart treatment and its possible it could just be where the IV was put into her arm. i wouldnt be so quick to assume

No. 1010761

True, it could be from the IV it looks more like that if you look closer but she is actually a heroin addict. Probably not using needles tho, smoking & snorting from what I know

No. 1010826

They're track marks. They're healed track marks, but they are definitely track marks.

No. 1010838

You guys have no idea what track marks look like haha

No. 1010855

File: 1595378407801.jpeg (23.87 KB, 273x204, 6A7C128A-687B-461D-89CA-2A9380…)

a photo of track marks. compare it to maddies. similar?

No. 1010890

File: 1595383037384.png (3.16 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20200721-185519.png)

Why was she in hospital?

No. 1010892

Bro even if they aren't tracks… Maddie has admitted to using H in the past, at least I've seen that alleged. Does it really shock you she'd use hard drugs and not cover up the marks for 'UwU I'm broken' points?

No. 1010895

She was in the hospital getting her heart examined. She talked abt it on her live yesterday, she got a monitor now.

No. 1010899

As much as I don't like this cow, I genuinely hope she's alright. What did she say about it and what may be wrong? I always miss Instagram lives

No. 1010900

I hope shes ok too. She seemed really calm and mature while talking about it on live.

She just kinda talked about how shes doing and why she got it. She's had heart problems for a while, mainly due to her ED and her drug usage.

Its unfortunate what she's done to her body, especially given that she's 18 and has health problems of a 60 year old. I wish her the best

No. 1010903

Please put a spoiler on this, im not trying to be rude anon but seeing a huge, painful looking track mark can be very upsetting for some people.

No. 1010942

File: 1595394745720.jpeg (504.46 KB, 2048x2048, 8BDCC829-22D8-489B-B284-01BA47…)

Maddie was posting pics with track marks about 12 weeks back. A couple of people mentioned it in the comments but no-one disputed or denied anything.

No. 1010943

File: 1595394768764.jpeg (728.51 KB, 2048x2048, 16AD51E2-3BB7-4D16-A519-35174D…)

No. 1010944

File: 1595394960393.jpeg (421.03 KB, 2048x2048, 43B6C68F-63AF-42D3-A433-C9393F…)


And comments from these shots. I feel bad for her. Having all this stuff on the net at 18 is horrible - it’s like she’s told herself she’ll never amount to anything so it doesn’t matter, but this stuff is going to have a lasting impact on her future.(derailing)

No. 1010945

That was on Ashley’s story. Why did she go to the hospital?

No. 1010947

Check the thread i explained it there

No. 1010953

^ Correction! I thought that was maddie in the picture. My bad. Im not sure why viva is in the hospital.

No. 1010994

maddie shit aside, vivadrag is a wannabe neutral.fleur change my mind

No. 1010995

File: 1595413611879.jpeg (649.98 KB, 2048x2048, F7F79ED8-6294-4EB7-82CF-1AF033…)

sorry for samefagging. forgot to attach pic(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1011040

File: 1595426758503.jpeg (1.21 MB, 4096x2730, B0BDD10F-242C-445D-8201-2B249A…)

One last thing about maddie. She's definitely reading these threads and taking notes. She's started to straighten her hair, and she's posted pictures on her spam that are very similar to her old pictures…

just thought i'd say this(offtopic)

No. 1011041

Anyways. i see a similarity to those two, but not a direct link. i think she just took inspiration from her. i mean, anyone can have a mullet/pixie and wear a black top

No. 1011045

>unsaged useless posts about dollltard on unrelated thread
Wannabe junkie whore selfposting again? Take it to ethot general and stop bumping this one

No. 1011074

someone even made a maddie thread >>>/snow/1010359

No. 1011075

the difference is that neutral.fleur is actually cool and unique. its people like viva that make it basic(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1011093

Ot but I gotta drop some junkie knowledge here. I'm clean but have spent many yrs as an actual IV heroin/meth addict. No, none of these pics look like real trackmarks. The discoloration/visible veins are not necessarily a sign of drug abuse, could be from hospital IVs or nutritional deficiencies or just being pale. I have discoloration on my veins from iv use and it is very different from what's being posted, in no pics are there any actual needle marks (fresh or healed) on any veins and no abscesses/missed shots/dark spots under the skin. In the pic these comments came from, I looked for a good min trying to find wtf people were calling trackmarks - if you mean that spot on the side of her arm, no trackmark makes a huge ass super dark wound like that, think abt it it's a tiny needle prick going into your skin, not a massive circle like that. And most of the "evidence" I've seen is in weird spots like the extreme side of her arm/elbow and wrist area, there is a good vein on the inside wrist and some people have a good one on the outside elbow but the spot doesn't match where she had that weird mark and these are hardmode veins, very hard to hit, no idea why she would and doubt she could while all the easy obvious veins look untouched in her pics. If anything looks like she is trying to give off that impression when it's not, which brings me to my next point.

If she were an actual addict who truly knows what it's like to be a real heroin or meth addict, who ACTUALLY is destitute and has nothing like she claims, she would not think this shit is cool or aesthetic. I cover my arms up everyday even in 90 degree weather and so does every addict, clean or not, that I know. It's mad disrespectful to glorify heroin use or IV drug use when you're a kid living in your parents house with no expenses who I GUARANTEE does it very rarely, if ever, and has never experienced serious addiction or been at rock bottom. No one who has lived this life acts like that, it's not fucking cool at all. Long rant I'm sure yall don't care abt but for those speculating or sympathizing- don't. She knows what she's doing, those pics look like self harm or straight up makeup purposely meant to look like what a non addict thinks IV use looks like and her try hard posing in unnatural ways that put her arms in the forefront of the shot outstretched with a clenched fist to make her veins pop. It's so obvious and cringy. She could easily clear this up anytime if she wanted (and believe me a real addict would, bc it's fucking EMBARRASSING to have everyone you know think you're a junkie loser) but she wants the attention/fake addict clout. Pathetic. Hope she reads this and realizes what glorifying drugs for aEsThEtic looks like to a suffering addict.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1011168

Finally, a fuckin good take

No. 1011171

nope, that's a blogpost. nobody fucking cares about anon's 'not like the other junkies' spiel

No. 1011174

Does anyone know if Ashley is single again?

No. 1011175

It's locked. I hate it but I've accepted people want to talk about Maddie here too. Ashley going to the hospital is probably either drugs, self harm, or mental health issues. It's anybody's guess, but she seemed a bit unhinged in her stories lately so I'm not shocked she went. I had no idea Maddie had a heart monitor but severe ED and drugs hurt your body deeply, a little too late if you ask me to get proper help but at least she's trying I hope(take maddie to the instagram egirls thread)

No. 1011177

Still dating ytfolks. I'm so surprised it's lasted this long at this point lmao

No. 1011215

I mean the fact that she’s probably not actually shooting and is possibly even posing like she is makes it even worse. But guess y’all are convinced she is!

No. 1011225

idk. I want her to be okay>>1010995

No. 1011248

File: 1595457790643.jpg (905.14 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200722-234231_Ins…)

she put a ridiculously long story up earlier of her being shitfaced in the middle of the day, ended it on saying she doesn't give a shit if people bully or mock her, then said she has no talents or skills so 'who cares anyways'

No. 1011352

Absolutely based

No. 1011359

So anyways,,, wtf is up with that video of ashley giving head? havent seen the actual vid just the screencap. was it leaked or willingly put up?

No. 1011384

sex work is her 'job' so its her content she released. There's a pretty dead group on reddit that sometimes posts screenshots of her p0rn to trade so I assume that's where it came from.

No. 1011386

Her spam looks so cringe,I don't follow it. Her lack of talent is very obvious she doesn't need to say it lol

No. 1012276

There’s one of her getting fisted while giving head too lmao. Straight up getting gang fucked by all those grimy drug dealers

No. 1012300

link or it didnt happen

kidding, kinda.

but yeah i wouldnt be suprised. how else is she gonna get money lol

No. 1012418

She has no GED or high school education because she dropped out and never tried again. If she doesn't get a real job eventually fists up her ass & being an ethot will be her life legacy. Amazing lmao.

No. 1013115

I think that Ashley lowkey groomed Maddie. Like. Maddie clearly idolizes Ashley and always has.

I remember a few years back when they first started hanging out there was some drama because Ashley(then 19) gave Maddie(then 16) some xanax and Maddie blacked out and didn’t seem right for a few days. She might have even gone to the hospital, but I don’t remember too well.

It’s just fishy that there’s a clear power imbalance with the two(Maddie idolizing Ashley, Ashley being older), Ashley gave Maddie drugs when she was underage, and now that Maddie is legal they’re now posting pics of them making out. It’s gross. It really seems like grooming to me and it makes me so sad.

Their friendship isn’t healthy and I think that Ashley is partially to blame for Maddie’s ongoing drug problems. Like obviously she isn’t the cause but she definitely enabled/enables her! I really hope that Maddie realizes how unhealthy Ashley is for her and realizes that she’s better off without her.

No. 1013261

It’s not vivadrag fault; it’s Maddie fault. No one made her take these drugs, she could say ‚no’.
I know two of them are problematic as hell but tbh i tolerate vivadrug more. At least she isn’t so whining, she seems more confident (might be fake confident but who cares). Her life is a mess but at lest she enjoys it. And Maddie…well its’s just sad to watch; she’s like energetic vampire, sucks joy out of everything with her ‚i wanna die and i hate myself 24/7’ attitude

No. 1013464

A good take here finally

No. 1013467

Oh come on anon you love to laugh at Maddie's woe is me whiny bull. Ashley does it too she's just cut back on it recently, compared to Maddie I agree she doesn't do it nearly as much. I miss when she'd claim sobriety and post ketamine memes to her story, she doesn't do stupid stuff like that anymore after it ended up here lol. She's capable of learning at least.

No. 1013782

I agree tbh. And Ashley has gone through a lot as well(her brother passed away) and she still doesn't whine about it as much as Maddie who is sitting on her ass all day

No. 1013787

I didn't know that, what happened to him? That might explain her drug-seeking behavior

No. 1013886

I think he committed suicide

No. 1013930

ehhh, no. It's still Ashley's fault, she is the oldest, she is supposed to take care of Maddie, that's why I think that friendship is bullshit, Ashley probably just started to hang out with Maddie because of all the stupid fanbase they have. I like Maddie way more than Ashley because at least Maddie is stupid cus she is young, and also Ashley is way more privileged. Idk

No. 1013955

Well first of all I didn’t say it was Ashley’s fault that Maddie has a drug problem, I said that Ashley has been enabling it. No, it isn’t Ashley’s fault, but her presence in Maddie’s life isn’t making it any better.

Also, just because Ashley doesn’t post about her misery doesn’t mean she isn’t just as sad as Maddie. It just means that Ashley is better at keeping her life private. Ashley has her own problems that are completely valid and it seems like she struggles with addiction A LOT considering the rehab and constant relapses. BUT. That doesn’t give her a free pass to enable other people’s drug problems! And she is. Even by posting about how she “just gave a girl mdma through her ass LOL” or “just slept for 20 hours on ketamine XDDDD” she is sending the message that ~drugs are no big deal, they’re wild and fun~. And her impressionable followers, including Maddie, will see that and internalize it. No, it isn’t Ashley’s FAULT that anyone has a drug problem, but she is still responsible for the messages she puts out and for enabling the people around her.

Anyways, I’m not interested in who anyone “likes better”. I had to unfollow both of them because they’re equally unbearable and awful. But despite the fact that they BOTH suck, I can still recognize that Ashley has a responsibility as Maddie’s older, more popular role model. And she’s failing.

She shows up in Maddie’s life once in a blue moon, parties and does drugs with her, spam posts for a few days about how much she loves Maddie and then disappears from her life again for months. And then Maddie is left posting videos from their weekend together lamenting about how it was the best time she’s ever had in her life. And then she’s miserable until the next time Ashley decides she’s worth her time. Ashley bombs Maddie with all of this attention(and drugs) and then leaves her on read for months, making Maddie anticipate her next visit even more. During which Maddie will abuse substances to chase that high.

And it’s not Ashley’s fault that Maddie idolizes her, but how she handles that is her responsibility. It’s not fair that Maddie has put this kind of pressure on her, and Maddie needs to stop putting her on this pedestal for sure. It’s not healthy for either of them. But I still stand by the fact that in their friendship, Ashley is hurting Maddie more than Maddie is hurting Ashley. They are both victims with problems, they are both bad for each other, but Ashley holds the power here.

No. 1013958

>i suffer in america
they are both privileged and spoiled as fuck. if they tried living one day in a 2nd or a 3rd world country(or if something terrible happened to both of them) they'd realize that all of their made up problems are bs

No. 1013982

He did, it was on her mom's page for awhile. #suicideawareness or something along those lines.

No. 1014215

File: 1595995907057.png (1.7 MB, 1440x1439, Screenshot_20200728-192430.png)


No. 1014238

File: 1596001514248.jpeg (189.69 KB, 399x446, CDC6CB18-4837-48FE-B773-889AC4…)

Wtf with these faces

No. 1014243

Bro shut up. Maddie has a heart monitor she's clearly not in a place where you can claim she isn't suffering. Ashley has had a brother commit suicide. Yeah people have it worse in other countries but to say people don't suffer in America or that they haven't been through tramatic things is honestly so dumb of you

No. 1014246

lol at this maddie wk

she has health issues because she is a junkie and anachan who doesn’t want to get better even tho she had multiple rehab opportunities to do so

No. 1014457

Ashley is known to give young people drugs they’ve never done before including heroin, a lot of it does fall on her. I can’t imagine how many other people are addicts now because ashley gave them a pill or something

No. 1014466

If she isn't holding them down and shoving drugs down their throats, she is not responsible. People want to do drugs, they find people who can find drugs. Just because someone gives you something you're new to, doesn't make it their fault for you choosing to seek/do drugs.

No. 1014522

shes reallyyy flexing that heart monitor

No. 1014531

Yeah but like maybe if someone never offered you heroin you never would’ve went out looking for it? You don’t just end up in those circles and knowing dealers and shit unless someone pulls you in

No. 1014662

lol yea maddie is clearly flexing the heart monitor. she owns tshirts and shit but ever since she got that monitor all shes worn is low cut tops and see through shirts that clearly show it. yikessss(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1014750

Egirls love you be a part of a tragic spectacle. That’s why they intentionally set their life in disarray, you see it all the time. Inventing problems so they can flex them to their impressionable followers who idiocies their romantic misery

No. 1014759


please read the rules and learn to integrate

No. 1014836

Meant to write idolize

No. 1014981

File: 1596153368600.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1242x1983, 182986FA-1DA9-4839-BC18-CBE13C…)

No. 1015025

I think it's a pretty good apology in all honesty

No. 1015058

Too little too late

No. 1015079

what do you want her to do at all

No. 1015106

Some of u are sick in the head like the hell,flexing heart monitor ????
Also learn what grooming is,this thread is ridiclous(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1015293

File: 1596228569144.jpg (756.64 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200731-214301_Ins…)


No. 1015473

Fuck these drugged up, bigger loving skanks! They just follow whatever fucked up trend the media tells them too and pretend to be antisocial when they are with every social cause around to make themselves feel important.

Fuck these girls, I hope they get raped by big dicked niggers, and then pistol whipped by the thugs they worship…go eat nigger dick bitches and keep doing drugs…

Lol, apologies..yeah right…that bitch dragwhore will be back on drugs by next week full blast!!

No. 1015474

Oh…and the green haired skank is fucking hideous…she needs two filthy nigger dicks right up here ass..gross skank probably has herpes on the twat by now.

No. 1015478

And that apology from dragwhore was the dumbest and most lamest apology ever!

Oh, I am sorry…I lost so many people…boo fucking hoo…good, you deserve it skanks! Stop doing drugs and being a stupid bitch and maybe you will get a real life and not one with drug dealers, nasty sex, nasty homes, and a nasty ugly look to match! Fucking redneck nigger trashbag(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1015483

You sound really horny about blacks wow

No. 1015484

What the hell is happening right now

No. 1015485

Keep race comments and your ill will to yourself and get some help bruv ! You sound mental lol Jesus christ

No. 1015486

From reading between the lines, some one is fiending for dope and horny as fuck

No. 1015493

Pic related dum dum https://lolcow.farm/rules

No. 1015515

there isnt an instagram egirls thread

No. 1015519

whipits don’t 'kill brain cells' either unless you hold your breath for long enough to get hypoxic, it’s glue/solvents that do

No. 1015529

Anon no that’s not weight gain 2nd pic is a rear fishangle like view ffs get your head checked

No. 1015543

I came here because I wanted to see if vivadrag was actually on drugs because I suspected it from her insta and I was concerned but honestly this thread is the most toxic thing I've read in a while. If these girls are on hard drugs then obviously something in their lives has caused it. I keep seeing people say they're self-centred, rude, they're whores and they do stupid shit, that they use their BPD/Bipolar diagnoses as an excuse but do you guys not realise that those illnesses cause impulsivity and acting out in sexual ways ? Like they have an illness that is causing them to be this way. They obviously have substance abuse issues and if they're high or coming down all the time they're not 100% present and aware of the consequences to their actions. I understand that they're promoting drug use on their platforms and I don't agree with that but it doesn't warrant a bunch of people coming together to pick them apart and insult their bodies. You guys really need to leave your house or go find a hobby or some friends or something. Wasting your time slandering girls you don't even know is really pathetic. You sound like a bunch of incels(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1015547

And here you are writing a blog post about some anon you don't even know.lol You should find yourself a hobby as well, anon.

No. 1015588

anon, it's right here >>>/snow/1005403

No. 1015620

Maddie was severely anorexic in the left pic. Anon isn't saying she looks fat, she just gained a tiny bit of weight (and looks much better as a result).

No. 1016192

Ashley's only fans is $40 a month!! That's basically theft, most girls it's between 10 and 20, her pics are not worth that much she's so desperate for money she's willing to rob people of their hard earned cash for TWO PICTURES RN

No. 1016421

People openly choose to spend however much money they want on some porn if you can’t afford it don’t buy it but it’s up to her to decide what she is worth(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1016505

what’s her onlyfans?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1016518

Definitely not 40 for that ugly slut

No. 1020966

File: 1597100528218.png (3.23 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20200810-155955.png)

Ashley got new rodents to abandon in 6-9 months /: if you're reading this Ashley rehoming animals is horrible to do them and you ought to do it sooner than later for their own well being.

No. 1021998

I give it 6 months tops before she abandons them

No. 1022209

Not unless she eats them bc she spends all her money on drugs

No. 1026480

I went to high school with this girl, she was actually really nice and normal. I think yall are just negative hateful little bitches.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1026484

Bitch shut up

No. 1026912

File: 1598069655931.png (2.22 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20200821-211354.png)

She's drinking again, that not talking about drugs stuff was so short lived lol

No. 1026984

who doesnt drink

No. 1027386

It’s not just that she’s drinking it’s that sh was up on her high horse a month ago about being sober and has said multiple times that she’s an alcoholic

No. 1028492

File: 1598359851058.jpg (526.7 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_2020-08-25-15-51-10…)

No. 1028638


>who doesnt drink

Recovering alcoholics/addicts. It's not like mocking some uptight person for EdGe BrEaK (which is funny) this is just depressing to see imo.

No. 1030502

File: 1598693594571.png (1.47 MB, 1080x1586, Screenshot_20200829-212746.png)

bf of 5 months

No. 1030526

His face is HUGE. I thought this was a photoshopped picture at first.

No. 1030535

File: 1598705385740.jpeg (166.11 KB, 749x831, B1870042-8608-4496-A2A1-42D92C…)

he used to be chad, not sure what happened. Here’s an old pic from an account she tagged him on a while back. Shame.

No. 1030546

File: 1598707478063.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 572.73 KB, 750x1294, 3D984BD1-AC64-4CA6-976A-C0D4FD…)

he’s so gross. i hope they actually do get married just for the milk , but ashley’s so boring lately i don’t even know if it would be worth it

No. 1030548

File: 1598707530154.png (Spoiler Image, 980.76 KB, 750x1334, F1689A86-1F4A-4677-AC89-E1981D…)

is this what you want for the rest of your life ashley?

No. 1030595

File: 1598717015265.jpeg (431.41 KB, 750x940, A54841B0-D0A1-476C-A118-0DCDAA…)

and now they're engaged

i mean as long as they're happy….?

No. 1030599

Damn you know she can get dick bigger than that. Wonder what she sees in him lol, or what makes this any different than the hundred other edgy dudes she’s fallen in love with

No. 1030611

Why are they doing this fully dressed in the shower? Is he gonna piss on her?

No. 1030629

I thought this was the ftm/mtf thread kek

No. 1030663

Holy fuck he is GROTESQUE. She can get so much better than that, she’s still cute despite being a druggie. Most of her past boyfriends have been fairly attractive so what does she see in this beast? Looks like the type of dude to have a bunch of piss bottles around his gaming computer from his all day WoW raid sessions.

No. 1031071

File: 1598821281443.png (843.09 KB, 1080x1790, Screenshot_20200831-090137.png)

No. 1031166

ashley if you’re so happy you would stop reading here

No. 1031302

File: 1598869170142.jpeg (24.59 KB, 400x300, 41B1BF88-7E86-4ED1-91B4-DFDFF2…)

Ah yes, proposing after 5 months. This was surely a well thought-out decision, and I’m sure their relationship will last for YEARS to come!

He literally looks like the fat neckbeard meme.

No. 1032120

File: 1599007447240.jpeg (87.41 KB, 648x640, 94A2AFAD-4CC1-45CF-963E-0DA7C5…)

No. 1032235

This is depressing.

No. 1032744

File: 1599111631988.png (151.27 KB, 1440x1118, Screenshot_20200902-224016.png)

The live she posted today was genuinely funny to me ngl

No. 1032790

I will never understand why people post shit like this on social media. Why do you think that everyone you know needs to be informed that you almost got choked to death when you and your neckbeard-looking bf had some degenerate sex? Does your mom need to know? Your old friends from elementary school? Your boyfriend's cousins? Anyone could read this shit.

No. 1032880

Narcissism and desperation for attention.

No. 1032949

File: 1599161889607.png (2.28 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20200903-122952.png)

"I thrive, I'm living my best life" girl lmao. Also people that have been together for years have a way stronger foundation than you and your puppy love so get out of here with that comparison. Cute that you'd think that is real when you're always in a rush in your realtionships but I guess it's clear to everyone but you because "when you know you know". I give it two years TOPS.

No. 1033005

She seemed really out of it in those videos kind of seemed like Xanax but she and he bf have supposedly been clean for a while now. Hope she’s not getting fucked up again like come on dude

No. 1033011

I thought she seemed fucked up as well and noticed her pupils are super pinned, which is a sign or heroin/fentanyl usage and she’s admitted to using it before.

No. 1033020

File: 1599170765782.jpg (179.55 KB, 1079x599, Screenshot_20200903-180641_Fac…)

No. 1033026

Oh shit. OD?

No. 1033076

File: 1599176506271.jpg (820.58 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200903-194230_Ins…)

No. 1033080

Welll fuck. What a turn of events in less than 24 hours. “Happily” engages, “sober”, ER visit due to poor care during rough sex, and the other anons called it she did not seem sober or right minded last night, he most definitely O’D on xans or fent.

No. 1033081

Holy fucking SHIT. I'm genuinely really sorry for her and his family.

No. 1033084

File: 1599177358490.jpeg (507.59 KB, 744x1118, 7F0B9262-E282-4771-A4D7-553119…)

This post and her previous post are only 19 hours apart, I honestly can’t imagine what their families or household is going through right now. Hopefully someone takes Ashley out of there ASAP before something similar happens to her

No. 1033086

I really hope someone takes her to a safe place. I have a bad feeling she might do something to herself or some innocent person. I feel so bad for their family and friends right now

No. 1033089

Man. Apologies for adding to the moralfag dogpile since I don’t even follow this cow, but I imagine this is going to destroy her. How does someone kill themselves four days after proposing? Suicidal people don’t make plans like that, unless some mania was afoot. Maybe it was an unintentional OD and she’s saying he “killed” himself, which is still technically true I guess.

Regardless. That’s awful. Hope she isn’t left alone right now.

No. 1033092

I was one of the anons tinfoiling about the fent usage and I’m operating under the assumption that it was a 100% unintentional OD and she doesn’t wanna disclose that. Which, you can’t blame her for. This is honestly awful.

No. 1033097

This is so fucking tragic. Probably a relapse and he used too much. Someone needs to go get her, they were high in those videos for sure. Fuck and she finally was getting her shit together

No. 1033111


This is tragic but let's not pretend like continuing to do heroine and getting engaged to a guy she barely knew was anything close to thriving and getting her shit together. She won't be getting her shit together until she wants to get better and goes to rehab.

No. 1033115

I knew as soon as she announced that they were engaged after 5 months that something was bound to happen, but never thought it'd be this. Damn. From what she said it does sound like a drug overdose, whether it be intentional or not. Hope she manages to stay sober and away from people that'll influence her not to.

No. 1033116

File: 1599182911392.png (2.17 MB, 1440x2182, 20200903_212024.png)

He just posted this last week. Shortly before a bloody picture of them cutting each other up in bed.

She really needs to get out of this scene if she wants to get better. It's probably not the first or last time someone she knows is going to die young. This druggy shit is funny until it's not.

No. 1033120


Highly agree with this. Hopefully this is a wake up call to get the fuck away from these people

No. 1033121

It’s not the first time. Earlier this year her and her fiance’s close friend Tommy died(I suspect an overdose) and Viva’s brother killed himself years ago. I feel so bad for her, it seems that right when things start looking up for her something awful happens.

No. 1033129

A leftover crack fan? Dead of an overdose golly gee no waaay it's not like they glamorize dope howwww could this happen.

But really, I sympathize with her that's horrendous and I pray she gets tf away from there and these people.

No. 1033137

Its really awful what happened, jesus.

But its just interesting to see everyone on this thread who was just talking shit on them and being awful towards them for being happy suddenly being remorseful and mourning. Pick a fucking side and dont fake remorse.

No. 1033140

you can think that getting engaged after only 5 months of dating (especially when the person seems to have bad luck with dating and a problem with rushing into things, ontop of them both having drug problems) and still feel remorse when one of them dies.

No. 1033141

File: 1599185613213.jpeg (427.35 KB, 750x1085, A2B35521-EFA8-4B9E-99BB-26EB62…)

Im not talking about the people having opinions on their 5 month engagement. Im talking about these people.

No. 1033146

It’s a common theme on here though. It’s a forum to bitch and talk about certain people, while a lot of there behaviours and public (and private) posts where something to laugh about, how quickly this all unfolded is sad, people rightfully feel sorry for her, and that someone so young, although heavily into drugs, has just died. More so though, she really does need to get the fuck out of this scene before she has to watch more of her friends die, or she has the same fate.

No. 1033156

This is a website dedicated to mocking Internet personalities. No one on here posts assuming that someone is going to die. If we did, there wouldn’t be any threads at all. We’re allowed to be humans with nuanced opinions, no one ever once wished death on the dude.

No. 1033157

this was no suicide, they are both lying about being clean and are drug addicts, and he accidentally died to this. hopefully she will ACTUALLY clean her shit up and stop influencing her big audience into thinking she's thriving when she's rolling around in her own bullshit

No. 1033158

File: 1599188043710.png (122.64 KB, 1440x990, Screenshot_20200903-183738.png)

This is all happening so fast

No. 1033167

Proposing after 5 months is lulzy and worthy of laughing at. Overdosing is tragic and depressing. I genuinely don’t know how I would keep myself together in Ashley’s position. I don’t see how the contrast is surprising, though.

No. 1033188

Definitely. Her current insta stories is talking about jake and his life and his upbringing and there regrets in making bad life choices although they were making progress together to be better people which I do believe to some extent but it does heavily sound like and is implied heavy drug use and alcohol has been a problem for them both for a long time, she’s definitely not clean or sober at the moment, even in her videos now she’s slurring her words and doesn’t sound great or totally there and she’s still at the house. her parents need to come get her, or she needs to go to rehab and therapy again asap

No. 1033189

the last picture she posted on her story, her expression is heartbreaking. i seriously feel bad for her.

No. 1033192

File: 1599193199773.png (2.59 MB, 750x1334, 89A2F13C-00F2-4DC2-A97A-6B1B83…)

I really hope she’s getting all the support and help she can right now, that there’s people, friends or family at her side. this is heartbreaking and has happened so fast

No. 1033195

it's worrying that she is seemingly alone. Hope she drinks it off and nothing more

No. 1033196

I feel bad for her suffering but I don’t feel bad that her shitbag bf is dead. Creep choked her to the point of her needing medical care and cut her up with knives during sex. Good riddance, this is probably best for her cuz she seemed delusional about him.

No. 1033197

File: 1599194197325.png (2.42 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20200903-213230.png)

Not trying to be dramatic but I'm worried about her. There's nothing we can really do, but it's something I wouldn't wish on anyone and I can't even imagine her mental state rn. Finding your partner like that and then losing them in the same day, I'm not being condescending here; Ashley please see a therapist for this trauma. This is so horrible and I'm so sorry that this happened. Everyone hold your loved ones, call them, say you love them and value them.

No. 1033203

honestly who gives a fuck if it was an overdose, if they do drugs, or if they were engaged after a short period. this is fucking sad regardless of their position. if you don’t understand addiction then don’t say he deserves it just because he did drugs. like fuck off. it’s disgusting behavior to someone that just passed. and he didn’t deserve anything because he consensually choked his gf to the point of her passing out. ik this is a thread to shit on her but come on have some decency this is fucking horrible

No. 1033207

>and he didn’t deserve anything because he consensually choked his gf to the point of her passing out.
impressive, I can’t believe you typed that non-ironically

No. 1033225

it's easy to make mistakes in bdsm when you're still learning, especially if your partner is heavily into masochism. I'm not going to act like bdsm is the most healthy thing in the world and it's fine to not be able to understand why people are into it, but let's stop acting like people are criminal and deserved to die because they are.

No. 1033248

File: 1599201451724.png (3.2 MB, 750x1334, 6A05F3FD-E99D-46A4-8A8A-4133EB…)

This is really tragic. ODs are super preventable and just sad ways to go. So young, too. One of her friends or family members need to extract her from that house and watch her closely ASAP. She looks shattered in her last few stories.

No. 1033255

We don't know how he died, I think it's too soon to speculate. I agree she needs to not be alone right now for her own safety. She's mentioned feeling suicidal on her story. I'm not posting that it's too insensitive even for me. Someone that loves her like her mom needs to swoop her up ASAP and take care of her.

No. 1033256

File: 1599203754743.png (1.78 MB, 750x1334, 3AE3AA50-341A-4676-B596-C26838…)

I know with social distancing obviously people are cautious but how are her friends and family just letting her be alone? Or at least is seems like she’s alone

No. 1033257


No. 1033262

How is any of this funny to you?

No. 1033264

fuck off, literally what's wrong with you

No. 1033265

Died of an overdose, suicide.
She’s at his parents, I sent a friend over earlier.

No. 1033267

No. 1033269

Agreed. He seemed like a gross creep. I have no respect for men who physically abuse their partners during sex. As much as it sucks to lose someone you care about, he was clearly toxic and she'll be better off without him in the long term. It's a long shot, but maybe this will be a wake-up call for her an she'll make a serious attempt at getting clean.

No. 1033270

It was consensual, you irredeemable idiot.(infighting)

No. 1033273

He almost strangled her to death. They were "consensually" cutting each other, too. Is that okay? Women are often coerced into violent sex they don't actually want, or are brainwashed by porn to think it's normal or healthy.

No. 1033274

so if he choked her to death, it's fine because it was consensual? you bdsmfags really do have pea brains.
It's not like he deserved to die, but writing eulogies here, on a gossip site that was dunking on him being ugly and gross, is pathetic. Okay, a person died. You don't have to post how sad and tragic this is. She won't magically get help right now because an anon on lolcow told her to. You can't do anything here, if you have the power of doing anything irl do it privately but chill with the crying here maybe?

No. 1033284

I mean, there was this story she posted yesterday where they replied to the question "Who is kinkier?" or something, and he said "ME" and she said "Really?" and he said "YES" and she said "REALLY?" and this went on for a while, until she said that yeah, he's the kinkier one of them but she just goes along with it because she's fucked up/broken or something along those lines.

No. 1033290

she said it's because she's heavily into masochism, not that she's broken

No. 1033291

How the fuck did he overdose in the other room without her fucking noticing at all? She sounds like she clung onto him for the whole of their relationship, but she'd just leave him nodded out for hours and not even check his pulse? Sounds more like dumb junkies being dumb to me.

>the sex was consentual
Lmfao so was his overdose. Nobody forced him to put drugs in his system and kill himself accidentally. If Ashley deserves to be choked out, this guy deserved to die.

Kinda irrelevant but in this pic >>1030502 he legit looks like all the psychos who use the 50 shades defense for murder.

No. 1033295

Anon I don’t think you get how long ashley has been into this kind of stuff, she’s done it solo too so it’s been a thing waaaay before he came along (which was apparently 5 years ago) on her story before he passed she was answering questions and answered someone asking about the choking and she specified how you should do it vs the way she likes it

No. 1033296

Idk, anon, that's not how I remember it but I'd need to see the story again and it's obviously gone now. She didn't say "broken", I don't remember the exact words. What got to me is the part of "I just go along with it".

No. 1033322

I got part way through her story about what a great and wonderful guy he was and honestly laughed. They worked because they were both drug addicts, she NEVER got clean. And honestly im sure her mom is hesitant at this point to help her after dumping money into TWO big rehab visits. It sucks he died but those two didn't need children. And too many suck ups are trying to get clout for his death. What a messy situation.

No. 1033331

They seemed high af in the hospital and in their Q and A. I think he must have bought them drugs and felt guilty for it. Maybe Ashley was really in the hospital because she OD’d or was a combination of drugs and the choking and he couldn’t live with himself. So sad. Hopefully it’s a wake up call, same with Simon you can’t get better with someone who is messed up too you have to do it yourself first

No. 1033333

IMO, he’s an addict who used more drugs than his system could process at once and OD’d. I doubt he killed himself over using with a fellow addict

No. 1033334

File: 1599223224158.jpg (Spoiler Image, 138.71 KB, 1252x704, americanpsycho.jpg)

off topic but nice quints

No. 1033335

Yeah I think she might be saying he “killed himself” to hide their relapse which would be pretty fucked up if true. She’s already gotten so much shit for lying about her sobriety

No. 1033339

All i see is her giving herself a new reason to continue being a junkie while soaking up sympathy points because her junkie bf totally killed himself and didn’t OD under the roof they shared while she was probably equally blasted kek
(Imagine dying and your gf’s porn with you in it is the last thing you leave of yourself on this earth)

No. 1033342

Could have just been fent in what he thought was a safe dose

No. 1033343

You have to assume there’s fent in everything if you’re using these days

No. 1033367

>How the fuck did he overdose in the other room without her fucking noticing at all
She said she was asleep too in the other room. She was probably nodded out too.

No. 1033388

Thinking a dude isn't good looking doesn't mean you wish harm on him.

No. 1033433

File: 1599232472862.jpg (826.1 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20200904-111255_Ins…)

This is the only place I've seen people say this. So either some simp is sending her screenshots or she's stalking the thread. Either way how pathetic to worry about people talking crap when thousands are kissing your ass right now lol.

No. 1033450

It's really not that pathetic that she doesn't like that accusation of her fiance.. that just past away. Have some respect. They might have done shitty stuff in general but if he was good to her it's not cool to accuse him, especially after her telling how missunderstood he was. Give her some slack.(and no I didn't send any screenshots.. she probably worries about what y'all are saying about the situation)

No. 1033466


Good to her but kept her higher than camel humps, drunk constantly, choked her out, general loser shit but yeah thank god he made her happy. Not that he was an enabler to her bad habits, no no. Lol. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Sad for his family but that's pretty much it.

No. 1033467

I mean I would be upset too. Her boyfriend just died and people are now claiming he’s an abuser. Imagine what that must feel like? I’d be so angry and extremely frustrated. As for why she could possibly be stalking this thread, idk. Grief is weird. Maybe she’s trying to take in as much of him as she can, even if it’s the negativity we post here. Or maybe some really tactless friend/fan sent her here. Either way, I think most people would say something if their recently deceased partner is being accused of abusing them. I really don’t think she’s pathetic. She’s just had her whole world shattered.

No. 1033482

you guys seem to not understand that these r just real fuckin people. of course they look at this shit, you would too if u had 100k followers lol. for all we know jake couldve been looking at this thread where u degenerates were callin his dick weird the day before he OD'd. yall should be ashamed(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1033490

Its funny how they pretend to know these people,truly gross toxic bitches(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1033492

Where did YOU come from?

No. 1033496

Ashley is a bully and a train wreck that destroys everything in her path. She doesn't think of anyone else as real people when shes tearing them down for years lol

No. 1033540

File: 1599240191053.png (201.06 KB, 750x1334, 5BFEAA0D-8CB1-40BE-A4FD-3D4CAD…)

ashley’s followers be like “are you okay” as she posts her sewerside note

No. 1033545

This is where I draw the line. Her boyfriend just died, have some fucking empathy for Christ’s sake, seriously. No, I’m not a newfag, I just know when to stop.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1033549

I have no investment in this conversation, I just noticed you said
>No, I’m not a newfag
And then neglected to tag the post you were referring to…

No. 1033555

Is there anyone on here who knows her and can reach out? I hope her friends are helpfull..

No. 1033558

Because I wasn’t referring to any specific posts.

No. 1033567

your chin beard is showing, motherfucker. why don’t you get a life and stop hating on people that you’ll never meet? get a girlfriend, learn to cook, get a hobby. get the fuck off this atrocious site, honestly it’s a breeding grounds for fedora wearing freaks who have nothing better to do everyday of their live than to seep pitiful, sad jealousy under a thin disguise of hate or annoyance, you people really are pathetic.. but i don’t think there’s anything me, or your mom who’s basement you still live in, can do to change that.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1033571

File: 1599243039385.jpg (415.49 KB, 1080x1796, tardsgonewild.jpg)

Alrighty then.

Hey autist, I just got here but nice tripple post. You managed to tag an anon who's agreeing with you, and my singular, innocuous post twice. Top kek.

No. 1033575

No, incel. It’s my first time using your stupid fucking reddity system, and me fucking up a couple times doesnt make you any less pathetic or miserable. Your insults suck, and I can tell you have never and will never feel the touch of a women unless she’s the one examining you in the morgue. Why don’t you go work out? The triple chins really aren’t a great look.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1033578

the users here are women, and every time you post in this thread without saging your post it just bumps it to the top of the front page, drawing the attention of
more people to read it and post in it. i understand seeing red over people posting insensitive and gross things about someone close to your friend who has died, but this is not helping and will only drag out the situation, which will ultimately hurt your friend. being reactive and impulsive is only going to prompt people to say inflammatory things to bait a reaction from you, which will hurt ashley more to read while this situation is still so fresh.
(i don't really read or post in this thread fwiw)

No. 1033580

Literally how I ended up tard wrangling in a thread I've never read or previously posted in.

No. 1033584

File: 1599244481071.jpg (90.35 KB, 1080x603, Screenshot_20200904-143534_Fac…)

No. 1033587

we’re obviously not seeing everything behind the scenes but damn i really hope her friends are there for her right now. it must be so hard going through this when all your friends are junkies too

No. 1033588

Can someone get her off her social media? I feel like she's been pouring herself out non stop online since the passing of her fiance, and I obviously understand that she's grieving and I hope she has actual people in real life by her side. But at this point she's just alluring to taking her own life with posts like these

No. 1033591

None of her old friends follow her.. i hope they'll step up. I saw her ex commenting on one of her posts tho.

No. 1033592

I saw Simon commenting on one of her Instagram posts. At this point it seems like she has no friends because none of them are with her or helping her at this point. I honestly am worried that she might kill herself and I'm worried that a lot of her young followers might follow her too…..

No. 1033602

File: 1599247638336.jpeg (147.14 KB, 1241x683, image.jpeg)

No. 1033607

Cant believe you're all fighting. Fucking immature.

No. 1033612

Does anyone know if her and kira are still friends

No. 1033613

does anyone know if shes still fucking alive?

No. 1033618

Someone should reach her mom

No. 1033622

I'm very afraid that she is dead.

No. 1033625

hahah you’re so pathetic that you have to block everyone that comes at you with accurate criticism? what’s wrong? Can’t handle the heat pussyboy? and WOW.. ‘tard’ ‘autist’.. sounds like you’re either projecting or stuck in 2010.. my vote is for both. sad.

No. 1033630

this is a board for women, sorry you’re hurt

No. 1033632

we can tell all the last few posts have been from you newfag

No. 1033633

They still follow each other, but it doesn't really seem like they are

No. 1033635

you calling yourself a woman is even more pathetic lol.., you’re a trans incel now? fascinating! gross!! get it out of here!(stop)

No. 1033645

Huh her family should check on her cause her last two recent posts on Instagram and Facebook are very suicidal

No. 1033652

This website is literally female-only. Learn to sage newfag.

No. 1033694

File: 1599255955788.jpeg (70.31 KB, 750x225, 0441FA81-3DDC-4277-8F65-1338D5…)

At the very least her fiance’s mom is trying to get a hold of her. I’m going to assume that others are as well, hopefully everything is okay. But I’m worried because if she’s at home then it’s pretty likely she has access to whatever drugs they had on hand/that Jacob OD’ed on.

I really hope she hasn’t done anything to herself. Imagine being her mother and losing a SECOND child to suicide. That is absolutely tragic.

We come here to talk shit but that doesn’t mean that we all think that they deserve to suffer or die. It’s okay to show a little empathy in a time like this.

Addiction is a fucking mountain and recovery isn’t linear. Relapses will happen but this time it just went too fucking far. If she makes it through this I hope this is a true fucking wake up call for her. If she doesn’t get help for her substance abuse IMMEDIATELY this time around then I really think that there is no turning back. She needs to really double down on recovery this time or she will die.

No. 1033738

She's been silent for hours now and her last posts were suicidal. At this point I'm actually worried that I'll come back tomorrow to check the thread only to find out she an hero'd too

No. 1033760

I laugh on how you people think you understand anything about BDSM or drugs and immediately thought is abuse when you're clearly being abusive towards someone's private life. I don't know if you are very immature little babies or good ol grandparents who spend their days thinking everything is Satan's work and know nothing about real world.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1033767

so she doesn't answer her phone/messages at all. Fuck this is scary

No. 1033769

Something does not feel right here….. does she live with anyone? Or is she alone? I understand wanting to stay away from social media but the fact that she posted essentially a suicide note and then goes AWOL is terrifying. Ugh.

No. 1033774

Yeah, I was wondering about her living situation too. Did they live together? On their own? How…

No. 1033775

i thought she still lived with her boyfriends friends in that huge house

No. 1033776

Ashley's stated that they have multiple roommates that live in the house with them. Seems like people are in and out of that house though so it's hard to say who actually lives there

No. 1033780

If someone else lives there I hope they are taking care of her. Maybe she's in a mental hospital. Maybe she's just sleeping or fucked up. Who knows. Either way there's no way any of us will know until someone says something. Ugh. I would never wish death on anyone.

No. 1033783

File: 1599265993664.jpg (78.33 KB, 1077x442, 20200904_203416.jpg)

No. 1033791

the hospital? fuck that’s unsettling. i really hope she stays with her family for a bit before moving out again. better yet, getting professional help and following through with it.

No. 1033803

I'm really glad to see that her mom at the very least knows where she's at and has contact with her/someone who's with her. Can't imagine how she feels right now having lost Ashley's brother to suicide already.

No. 1033808

what happened between her and Simon and the breakup, I hope he reaches her(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1033812

I’m not sure if they ever officially said why they broke up but it seems to me that Simon wanted to get clean but Ashley was still really into partying/making getting sober hard for him. That is PURELY speculation though.

Also for people wondering where her roommates are, I don’t know how many roommates she has but I’ve seen one of them posting about being with their family. I would assume a few of them are with their families/friends for support and such. It would be hard to go back home knowing your friend just died in it. I hope Ashley wasn’t there all alone, but that would explain why it took so long for anyone to contact her.

(If her roommates did leave her alone in that house tho that’s kind of messed up. It seemed like they were all friends who went out and did stuff together, you would think that at least one of them would try to stick around and make sure Ashley’s okay. But at the same time, this is a hectic and sad situation and maybe they did offer help and Ashley refused. I know that if it were my friend in this situation I would stick close to make sure they were okay,but maybe they weren’t all as close as it seemed. Whatever though, I don’t blame anyone for how they’re dealing with this)

No. 1033814

Maybe if she didn't want people to say that he was an abuser, she shouldn't have posted about him nearly killing her. Obviously it's tragic that the guy died so young, but he was clearly enabling her substance issues. We can feel bad that the dude is dead and also find him to be a shitty boyfriend.

>Imagine dying and your gf’s porn with you in it is the last thing you leave of yourself on this earth.
I was thinking about this, too. When looking at the last few pictures of him, his family probably had to see that gross picture of Ashley under his beer gut sucking his sad dick. This whole situation is why it's fucking retarded to overshare about your sex life online. Now everyone mourning him has to see his weird dick and know that he got off on strangling women.

No. 1033820

File: 1599272614409.png (13.39 KB, 539x115, 3812938219219.PNG)

No. 1033831

put sage in the email box btw

No. 1033870

File: 1599289547225.jpg (457.86 KB, 1080x1928, Screenshot_20200905_090649.jpg)

This makes me so sad. She didn't deserve this.

No. 1033872

Yeah and on her twitter she was ranting. I think they got inna big fight about her wanting to sell nudes etc. He was also saying stuff about how dumb e-girls are. He follows her in IG again, so i hope he can help her.

I feel so sad for her! She must be broken right now after surviving, and fucking up her arm and leg. I hope she"ll get the help after this.

No. 1033876

I don't have screenshots but a user on instagram called 'cxmsite" allegedly robbed dollltears, she posted caps on her story about her buying xanax and then him robbing her. I don't have screenshots I honestly didn't care (she seemed alright in the end) but it's worth noting her room mates probably aren't the most caring people. He did not care at all in the messages, this was a few days ago I don't remember what it said but I remember him thinking it was no big deal and kind of funny. I doubt he cares deeply about Ashley if he's robbing her friends. The other roommates seem alright, I think her family should be there for her mainly though.

No. 1033877

Wasn't he the one in this thread? There was one of the old roommates on here. I saw him commenting on her fb and was pretty caring tho, he was one of his best friends

No. 1033879

File: 1599293947750.png (391.29 KB, 1440x1149, Screenshot_20200905-011842.png)

Yes, also here's this

No. 1033881

File: 1599294800911.png (408.26 KB, 750x1334, 335609B9-6B68-46DF-9377-2E5E2D…)

Maddie posted this to her story maybe 3 days ago, hasn’t mentioned anything since, might be why her and Ashley haven’t been really friends for a while, she hasn’t mentioned anything about her especially since Ashley’s lost her fiancé and tried to kill herself either.

No. 1033883

File: 1599294859925.png (764.06 KB, 750x1334, 16A503F6-8B8C-4A6B-B4D9-0AC377…)

No. 1033884

"If you expose me let me know" actual foolery

No. 1033885

You mean based?

No. 1033888

File: 1599295726658.jpg (1018.15 KB, 1077x1921, Screenshot_20200905-044949_Ins…)

No. 1033939

pretty hardcore to cowtip right after someone suicides/od’s. not saying you did but we all know there are spergs who can’t contain themselves.

No. 1033940

>This whole situation is why it's fucking retarded to overshare about your sex life online.

e-fame and clout vs. dignity, what a timeline

No. 1033969

That sounds awful, I wonder what did she do and if it's going to be permanent?

No. 1033983

Might be the same thing that happened to her ex

No. 1033999

This is all just a series of unfortunate events.

No. 1034006

I really feel for her but if you actually wanna die and not get found why would you post suicide notes on social media?

No. 1034019

will all the obvious newfags please read the fucking rules before posting.


please stop posting about your personal lives. use the sage function if you’re not posting milk. discussion posts should be saged.

No. 1034039

File: 1599331220125.jpeg (187.97 KB, 1124x749, 78707445-0F71-4072-82D6-61911E…)

am i the only one who finds it really weird to post hours of instagram stories literally hours after finding your fiance dead???
it reeks of attention seeking to me. she was actively posting pics statuses and stories to both facebook and instagram about how sad she is and just about jake in general. makes me really uncomfortable… i get everyone grieves in different ways but why post shit like this when your fiance just DIED.

No. 1034043

This seems to be her way to cope with everything. She probably wants someone to help her but doesn't know how to ask, same goes for posting suicide notes on social media. I think she's really desperate right now

No. 1034046

Oversharing is probably her coping magnism. Writing whay she thinks and posting without thinking. Pretty sure her state of mind wasn't clear so yeah all people react different to fucked up situations. / give her a fucking break

No. 1034052

This really speaks to the sadness of social media figures. Social media is their only means of understanding themselves and the world

No. 1034058

It’s her only outlet and comfort.

No. 1034095

If she OD'd on something it's most likely a side effect of that, a lot of stuff like benzos have tinnitus as a side effect.

No. 1034190

could be a wellness check if the police think your unwell they will forcefully take you to a hospital

No. 1034195

I really wish her the best, this would be rough for ANYONE to go through

No. 1034320

Sometimes it’s more of a cry for help than actually wanting to die. A lot of people who have survived suicide have said they regretted it once they thought they were dying and it was too late. It’s horrible to scare your loved ones, but depression isn’t logical or reasonable. I’m just glad she did cry for help instead of actually ending up dead. Hopefully she will now be forced to get the care and help she needs. No one deserves to lose a loved one, no matter how they make an idiot of themselves online.

No. 1034440

I hope this is her wake up call. I hope she realizes that ending her life will cause the same pain upon the people who love her that was caused when her fiancée died.

No. 1034743

File: 1599481673308.jpg (162.27 KB, 1079x456, Screenshot_20200907-082847_Fac…)

Ashleys mom

No. 1034998

File: 1599513539542.jpeg (168.23 KB, 828x1472, 2BA85951-7686-49E6-8C6F-587671…)

found on the close friend story of one of her old friends

No. 1035067


No. 1035108

Who???? Kira?? Dont say just "old friend", say WHO(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1035109

i cant believe yall are crying, she is fucking insane and if she doesnt kills herself in the future then she's going to live a fucking miserable life. she is a drug addict, a whore (literally) and a mess of a human. her life's not worth anymore and she fucking knows it. hope she just kills herself and fucking dies for once. See? she cant even suicide properly to finally die. —→ attention w h o r e(a-logging)

No. 1035114

The other girl in that one photo of vivadrag sitting on top of someone doing their makeup

No. 1035127

Gross. Vendetta much?

No. 1035129

quit a-logging, jesus.

No. 1035140

What’s her @ anon, stop teasing us

No. 1035142

It’s the girl who’s getting her makeup done by Ashley in that viral photo

No. 1035148

damn so she really did burn all her old bridges huh ? i wonder what the fuck she did to make old friends not reach out to her even when her fiancé died

No. 1035152

File: 1599528559379.png (251.99 KB, 1440x1110, Screenshot_20200907-182955.png)

Her I think

No. 1035162

yes her

No. 1035168

So who is 'moonmemad' from the top of the screencap?

No. 1035172

Some vivadrag stan, probably. That Clare girl didn’t seem very understanding to the situation

No. 1035214

Don’t understand why because he died do anons suddenly ride the “fiance” card so hard when we all know it didnt mean shit? Edgy codependent users being together 5 months deciding they’re ~engaged~ was laughable until the ogre choked and now its suddenly extra heartbreaking because it was her fiance, then again the thread is majority unsaged newfags who are probably was/in viva’s circle concernfagging.

No. 1035229


It’s also interesting that people inferred and ran with a suicide narrative just because she said he “killed himself”. Accidental overdose is still killing yourself, but it’s not suicide. I think she chose those words carefully so the whole situation would feel more ~romantic than whoopsy guzzling fent-heavy opiates.

No. 1035284

Yeah they definitely just relapsed and overdid it. You’re totally right about her being internationally vague to romanticize it

No. 1036257

ya i robbed maddie, she’s an idiot who lied about being kidnapped, coz if any of you bozos were in dayton y’all would actually know what’s up lmao, anyways ashley’s in the icu after i saved her life since y’all wanna say i don’t care either. just because an egirl trusted me with her money and i ran off with it doesn’t mean i don’t care about the wellbeing of someone who just had their life destroyed lmao

No. 1036258

i got banned for the thread for not liking scones or just saying i was indifferent to em

No. 1036290

Idk who you are irrelevant anon, but you sound like a massive POS. Good for you having the bare minimum human decency when it was called for.

No. 1036337

did u just say bozos? fucking kek grandmachan
also you sound schizo, not hard. this thread can be so funny

No. 1036366

It's this guy >>1033876

He's desperate for attention again.

No. 1036371

niggas seen me laugh at the fact that y’all are equating me doing what almost every one of maddie’s friends have done to her to me being so awful that i wouldn’t care about the wellbeing of an individual around me. literally no one gives a shit about her and no one is trying to act hard on what’s essentially /b/, literal insanity to think anyone is desperate for any kind of attention with all the shit that is going on, that you know about.

No. 1036372

rob your local retarded egirl tho, it’s a flex. be back in the thread in the next few months or so(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1036383


>literal insanity to think anyone is desperate for any kind of attention with all the shit that is going on, that you know about.

I mean your friend just died of an overdose but here you are bragging about robbing another mentally ill drug addict. "Literal insanity" is right. The cycle continues with you and your shitty actions.

No. 1036404

File: 1599755465261.jpeg (7.29 KB, 236x250, images.jpeg)

>y’all are equating me doing what almost every one of maddie’s friends have done to her to me being so awful
Congrats autist, you're so degenerate you completely missed the point.

No. 1036536

No. 1036537

Maddie’s a fucking idiot good on you for robbing her. Do you have any caps proving she lied about being kidnapped I suspected she was bullshitting for attention

No. 1036698

Wtf is wrong with you anon? Just because someone's an idiot doesn't mean an equally (if not more) retarded person should rob them and then fom brag about it. Get therapy.

No. 1036835

File: 1599837007637.jpg (284.79 KB, 1080x1033, Screenshot_20200911-111044_Fac…)

I dislike Ashley but im glad her mom hasn't given up on her.

No. 1036987

Just letting you guys know before I am locked away for a long time to heal, it was suicide. I’d have no problem telling you all if it was an overdose because obviously I’ve been open about it before. We actually did clean together for a while and things were great. Mental health is no joke . Also just because we made porn doesn’t mean that’s his only legacy. People who knew him will carry on his legacy as he was an amazing friend/lover/person in general. Y’all have no idea what you’re talking about on a LOT of topics. Yes I read the forum because it does affect me and jake read it too, it deeply affected him as well. Reminder that we are just human beings and that you all have absolutely no idea what has happened to me in my life that causes me to act the way I do. But I’ll leave it at that.

No. 1036991

Oh Jesus here we go…

No. 1036993

Don't listen to some of the more heartless comments on this thread. I'm so sorry for your loss and hope you can find the strength to heal from this tragedy.

No. 1036996

And that Clare girl actually stopped being my friend because she didn’t like my boyfriend and how I moved away without telling her lol.
Also once again stressing that I would never fucking lie about how my fiancé died what would I gain from that? You could ask his family. His mom knows it was and she even told me the reason why. So you really don’t have to talk about him anymore. And you won’t have much more to post about me because I’m done with the whole vivadrag thing entirely. I promise you my life isn’t just “tea” or “drama” or “milk” or anything indicative of it being a spectacle for you people to laugh at. I’m sure if you put yourself in my shoes you would think differently. The trauma I have endured, even before this, even before hitting fucking puberty is unspeakable. It doesn’t stop for me. My mental illness has taken over my life completely as well as my PTSD. That’s why I use. This was a wake up call for sure. Im going away, im going to try to get better and yes I’m taking it VERY seriously this time. You’ll never see another post from me again on anything. Have fun choosing to take time out of (a lot) of your days to make all of these wild assumptions and accusations about someone you’ve never met. And I honestly hope that none of you have to suffer the type of shit I’ve endured but I do hope that you go fuck yourselves lol

No. 1036997

Why would he commit suicide right after getting engaged? It seemed like he had a support network with you and your family.

No. 1037018

Alot of people with mental health issues actually get suicidal/self destructive when things seem to be going "too well" for them.

Not saying that was what happened but just because he was engaged and had a support system doesn't mean he wouldn't feel suicidal and act on it, men are also more statiscally prone to impulse suicide than women.

No. 1037024

I feel awful for ashley and everyone who was close to jake.

Physical value never equates to mental wellbeing. A severely traumatized person will not heal if they are given a new car. A person who experienced abuse and trauma in their childhood will not suddenly become "normal" when they are given $1M dollars. Just because you have good things in life does not mean everything you ever experienced goes away. Yes, jake had support. But that does not mean he was mentally well.

The fact that a lot of you dont know this, but seem to be fuckin experts on this topic, is laughable. You are not going through what ashley is right now, and you never will. You may be going through something similar, but you will never fully understand her situation, therefore judging it is complete foolery.

I hope you all grow a fucking pair and learn to respect somebody.

No. 1037042

ashley this is so laughable you are such a victim. Im sorry for what you're going through, truly, but you bullied quite a few people and its hilarious that you think you have any moral high ground here just because something bad happened to you. I hope you get the help you need and aren't a giant useless cunt anymore.

No. 1037091

File: 1599865606215.jpg (965.64 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20200911-190755_Ins…)

No. 1037096

Ok I get you. but where were these supposed physical values that apparently people are saying he shouldn’t kill himself if he had? No one said that. And he had none of those things per this thread. Only one anon said if he had a new fiancé and, so it seems, a decent support system why suicide? Which is a valid question when you come to talk about that shit in your thread. It would’ve died if she just disappeared instead of coming here and “saying her peace.”

No. 1037106

Aren't you supposed to be in the hospital fixing your sad life right now instead of talking to us here? Wow, You really set us straight! Lol , try some accountability it will get you places you clearly aren't right now.

No. 1037111

Your friends didn't like Jake because you did xanax / fentanyl with him right after getting sober from rehab don't play like she's the villan for getting away from druggies and robbers like what lmao

No. 1037135

Really don’t care if it would’ve died or not. I’m not going to let you say that I lied about how he died :-) imagine if people were saying this shit about your life you’d probably want to clarify things. Y’all are so disgusting for no reason.
And I’m on my way to rehab it’s a 12 hour drive. This thread was brought up to me by jake a lot and seeing you still posting about him makes me sick so I wanted to defend him! But fuck me for trying! This is ridiculous and pathetic.
I’m not saying Clare is the bad guy I just told you why she doesn’t like me. Because I relapsed and was friends with “robbers”. Exactly.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1037136

Also…. bullied people? What lol

No. 1037141

I'm not the anon talking about Jake. Pretty counter productive to your mental health to obsess over what we say here about you on the literal drive to rehab

No. 1037144

No one is saying you lied about how he died. People thought he overdosed because you two were so high the other day on instagram, and it's not super uncommon to use drugs to kill yourself. Most people here truly have no ill intent for you, if you choose to read here that's your decision I can't stop you, but you can't stop people either so I don't know what it is you are trying to get at

No. 1037189


Typical bully doesn't realize her words/actions have affected people deeply lol. and already making another instagram. Whatever gets you attention I suppose. Good luck in rehab.

No. 1037195

I love you be safe, but please don’t come back to Bloomington. There’s too much wrong with this podunk town, and the people here aren’t worth it, save for a few.

No. 1037292

File: 1599886773632.png (3.16 MB, 1125x2436, EED5CB95-882E-489A-89E9-781AA2…)

forgotten after your 1 week in the hospital?

No. 1037300

Uhhh I don’t “bully” anyone… and yeah the new Instagram is actually so I don’t get a bunch of attention….. but ok

No. 1037302

I’d love to know which words and actions make me a bully!

No. 1037310

>This thread was brought up to me by jake a lot
Subtle attempt to imply this thread was a contributor.

Every post you've made has been so manipulative, totally discounting the anons who've been defending you. Typical that the only responses we're "graced" with are addressing the negative.

No. 1037313

File: 1599890247343.png (3.23 MB, 1125x2436, C36E4F88-1590-4DEE-8095-C537E0…)

"the new Instagram is actually so I don’t get a bunch of attention….. but ok"

posts it for everyone to see

No. 1037317

Me saying that was a direct attempt to tell you that this forum stressed him out. Not once did I say anything about it being a contributing factor. Also yeah.. once again.. I have online friends that i would like to keep in touch with. Not almost 200,000 people so I don’t see your point

No. 1037321

I’m not manipulating anything. Imagine just existing and being in love and having people calling you fat and grotesque for absolutely no reason at all..
And that’s just the light things people have said about him here.
Some people are saying he deserved to die… can you not see why I have a problem with this shit

No. 1037322

Kek it thinks it's responding to one person

No. 1037323

Like I genuinely didn’t give a fuck until it involved him. This thread has been around for years and I haven’t said anything. I came here to defend him and the disgusting vile shit that is being said about him and our situation

No. 1037324

I’m talking to all of you. Do you guys really feel good about yourself spending your own personal time trashing some internet girl’s life? Is it really that important? Do you have literally ANYTHING better to do?

No. 1037329

Do you not get the point??? Really say whatever you want about me but people are on here making fun of my fucking dead fiancé do you not see a problem with that???? Okay I get it you’re bored and you want to shit on me leave it at that. My fiancé committing suicide is NOT a spectacle it shouldn’t be a part of any of this at all. This is just so fucking wrong

No. 1037330

I take responsibility for oversharing in the past but I literally don’t do anything anymore I stay out of the way. The thread had been dead until we got engaged and until he died. That’s not fucking “milky” there’s no reason it should even be a topic of discussion it’s not just another part of my “trainwreck”

No. 1037331

It’s a fucking human life

No. 1037332

Also I highly doubt your definition of trauma is the same as mine I really genuinely do.

No. 1037333

I’m not even trying to excuse any of my behavior I’m defending my fiancé … what is hard about this concept.

No. 1037335

you need to stop posting here. block yourself from this site. you’re literally torturing yourself for no reason and you know it’s completely pointless to argue with these people. the only way to make it stop is to STOP ENGAGING. please do it for your own sake.

No. 1037338

Like the moment i open up about something catastrophic you all come on here IMMEDIATELY to discuss whatever the fuck you think is going on and spectate over it. Who the fuck does that? How does an entire group of people think it’s okay to chat about how they think someone fucking died or question the story and make it seem like I could’ve done something and all of this fucking bullshit. It’s sad and pathetic and just not okay. We are both human beings. This is devastating me. If you can’t understand that and why I’m upset then I give up. I don’t know why I tried.. actually I do because I’m an emotional wreck and you people are acting like this is something to laugh about and speculate. I just hope you all rot in fucking hell. Whatever.

No. 1037340

Majority of anons were wishing you well, worried about you, and defending you against that retard theif. You can't control other people so you're going to have to accept the bad. You can however control your access to this website. You put his death out there, and now people are talking. It's the unfortunate reality of the internet.

This is such a classless thing to say >>1037332

I agree with this anon >>1037335 stop engaging with the thread and people won't deconstruct what you're saying and probably lose interest. I hope you overcome your struggles, and take real accountability for your past actions. Have a nice life.

No. 1037341

Ashley, I'm so sorry for everything you've gone through. A lot of the fucking idiots on lolcow hate just for the sake of hating because they don't have anything else to do in their shitty fucking dull ass lives. Take time to heal. U don't owe anyone an explanation(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1037342

I appreciate your support I really do. What I meant is that every trauma is different. It’s entirely classless to try to minimize someone else’s trauma by saying “the whole world has trauma.” That’s literally discrediting what someone has gone through. Every trauma is different and everyone experiences them differently so no one can decide how one should respond to it, that was my point.

No. 1037344

It really does mean so much to me to hear that not everyone on here is a vile and disgusting piece of shit. But it’s hard to just look away at people saying that someone I loved so much deserved to die. I just can’t take that

No. 1037347

A normal person is able to open up online about their tragedies. I do it and this happens? It’s not okay it’s not normal.

No. 1037349

>>1037338 i ended up on this god forsaken site when u first posted about jake and then didn't post for a while, bc although just a random instagram follower i was worried and wanted to find out if you were okay, and I ended up reading all this shit. obviously all these people are whack asf, not normal and obviously have no lives. Sorry you have to deal with this kind of shit, and that your boyfriend did too, you're not in the wrong here, you're the one acting like a normal human going through something fucking tragic and these people treat it like a spectacle. I literally dont even know how someone can deal with all of this or what anyone can say to help but I think of you often and hope you're okay!!

No. 1037350

I just wish he could have been left alone so I could rest easy. You don’t understand how important he was to me no one deserves this. Why him? My brother and my aunt committed suicide and I mourned online but it didn’t become a fucking debate on some lowlife website

No. 1037351

> I take responsibility for oversharing in the past but I literally don’t do anything anymore I stay out of the way.

posts 300 stories on ig hours after your fiance died, posts statuses on fb, changes fb profile picture 3 times.
that behavior is so gross to me. who is on social media divulging the death of a loved one literally hours after discovering them dead???

No. 1037352

Agreed 100 %. No one here really thinks he deserved to die, at least I hope not because I truly think that's horrible. But your focus shouldn't be us and the narrative on the internet it should be you getting help for yourself because after what happened you deserve that

No. 1037354

Dude why do u even care. People process trauma differently. What are u even trying to prove???? Lol

No. 1037355

Thank you. I really appreciate it. Really that made me cry. It’s hard to believe humanity can be so cruel

No. 1037357

I was freaking the fuck out!!! He was my entire world and then it was GONE and I was left alone in My empty fucking house trying to grasp onto anything left of him which were photos and I needed people to comfort me but I didn’t fucking have anyone and it was helping me get through it

No. 1037358

You all wonder why I care but I really want you to put yourself in my position. Actually envision someone you want to spend the rest of your life with dying and these things being said about them. It’s pretty hard to just look away

No. 1037359

yeah the majority of posts have been saying it was a tragedy with the exception of some shitty people saying he deserved to die because he was an addict or shit person whatever.

i dont think he deserved to die for any reason. i do however think ashley is a gross person who loves to glamorize her mental illness and edgy lifestyle. she thinks its so hot and different to be the most traumatized person to ever exist and i find it gross that she looks to be blasting her fiances death online in endless posts as another way to seem like she has the worst life ever.
get a grip and take a step away from social media. find a way to stop pitying yourself and expecting everyone to find you to be "so traumatized no one could ever understand". shit's old and just plain sad.

No. 1037360

that it's gross in my opinion to share a million posts online for the world to see when you find your loved one dead??? i don't feel like that's a very odd opinion to have but ok

No. 1037361

full offense but do u know how trauma works? because i promise…… u sound fucking stupid

No. 1037362

lol ya i do thanks for checking. you sound like ashley though gatekeeping who understands what trauma looks like.

No. 1037363

When have I EVER glamorized mental illlness? I literally just have it and talk about having it to try and normalize talking about it and help younger people that follow me! Or older! I never post anything implying that I’m “cool” for having mental illness. And once again I never said I’m the most traumatized person you literally cannot compare trauma at all. It’s just that if people are doing and saying these things they obviously have not experienced anything like it. Makes sense to me because I would never tell anyone after losing a loved one that they were ugly and fat etc

No. 1037365

It’s not gatekeeping What even oh my god.. like I said everyone experiences thnings differently and grieve differently. It’s okay to get through things in the way you want to. My mom still posts photos of my brother every single fucking day without exception. It’s been 2 1/2 years. It’s how she survives it.

No. 1037366

I love how ashley was claiming she was only on here to defend Jacob and she doesn't give a fuck what is said about her. but oops? Looks like she's defending a lot of her own behavior as nothing negative has been said about Jacob since she started posting but she's posted like 20 comments?

No. 1037367

No one's opinion should matter to you right now other than a therapist. Some of these anons really need to cool it. I've shit on her too but she's not mentally well right now, I wouldn't be either. Please don't vent here you're giving them more to criticize you for

No. 1037368

It’s funny how I’m just trying to get people to understand that it’s wrong what they’re doing. I only came here to defend him but part of that is explaining my side as well

No. 1037369

You can't change people hate to break it to you

No. 1037371

I just wanted to clear things up and also let people know how disgusting they’re being. I can’t take away what they’ve said or anything and yeah it’s probably going to haunt me forever whenever I think of what happened I’ll think of how I felt like I got my heart torn out of my chest reading the things people have said about him.

I’m done here it’s not getting anywhere but I don’t regret explaining myself and defending him because I love him . Bye

No. 1037373

not gatekeeping shit u dumbass! not every fucking person who suffers from mental illness / ptsd hides it. not everyone is capable of hiding it. & trust me no one wants to be seen as traumatized.

No. 1037375

I never post anything implying that I’m “cool” for having mental illness. And once again I never said I’m the most traumatized person

you don't need to explicitly say or even "imply" either of those things to do them. if you really don't see how your "omg i'm so traumatized no one could ever understand my trauma no one has ever gone through the kind of trauma i've been through" type of posts on social media don't show you as someone who thinks you're special because of your trauma then you are wildly out of touch. take a break.

> It’s just that if people are doing and saying these things they obviously have not experienced anything like it.

well when i lost a loved one i would have never post endlessly on social media about it on the same day ig happened. so by your logic that must mean you've never gone through losing a loved one.

No. 1037378

yo why do you CARE about how different people grieve! Some people post online, and even if it is out there for you to see, it's none of your business and it takes ZERO effort or energy to be a decent person and not join some hate forum discussing their posts/actions/life. Get a life :)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1037380

Nta but play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Continuing this retarded argument is not helping Ashley newfag. Everytime you post you bump the thread to the top of /snow/ and more anons pile in.

No. 1037390

Yes, you have glamorized mental illness, drug use and sex work; you're not helping your younger audience, you're showing them that being a mess is edgy and cool. Stop trying to pretend otherwise, we all know it and you're really not stupid enough to be unaware of that.
Other than that, I think the other anons need to shut the fuck up and crawl back into their holes, this is getting out of hand. She doesn't have to be your favourite person, but her boyfriend just died, which is one of the worst things that can happen to a person – cut her some slack!
Ashley, I hope you can manage to get off social media and get clean, I'm keeping my fingers crossed. It will get better, but you have to be concious and work for it.

No. 1037394

farmers who immediately go "people meant well! there were only few meanies! I am one of the good ones don't worry about them" the moment a cow shows up are so pathetic. Just own it bitches.

No. 1037395

>Anons need to shut the fuck up and crawl back into their holes
>Proceeds to write a multiple paragraph opinion piece

No. 1037397

>claim to be her without any proof
>nobody questions it

No. 1037398


No. 1037412

Girl its like trying to explain sympathy and compassion to a brick wall,just stop, most people on here are female incels they are not worthy of explenation.the only reason they talk about you its because they have nothing going on in their lives(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1037519

wait most people here are females?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1037550

No most people here are retards who don’t know how to sage shit that isn’t milk

No. 1037551

Take your own advice and get the fuck off this thread?

No. 1037559

No. 1037567

No. 1037571

Read the posts more closely. No one said he "deserved" to die. What they're saying is that they don't have a ton of sympathy for the guy. It's sad when a young person dies unexpectedly, obviously. From our perspective though, the dude gave off bad vibes. Maybe he was a nice guy, but he did cause you physical injuries, and he did enable your drug problems. We were basically saying we didn't think he was a good boyfriend, not that we thought he "deserved" to die.

No. 1037652

Well, since you’re here….. Why’d you let your roommate rob Maddie? I thought she was your friend.

No. 1037754

big rant here.

i only just found this thread because a while ago (if this actually is ashley commenting on here) and i commented on your live of your new rats "are you gonna abandon them too?" (probably tbh) and you dm'd me like two days later, a total random irrelevant follower of yours, saying "don't believe what you read on the forums". and hey ho i found this thread and holy moly. I only saw that much of the dm because i couldnt be bothered to read the rest and deleted the dm. the thing is people like me followed you for years, looked up to you and thought "cool goth bitch nice umproblematic". I knew drug stuff was happening a lot the last few years because clearly you were high as shit on stories, and clearly you also had a huge influence on younger people like maddie who is completely fucked up now, lying about "being kicked out" and "Kidnapped" for money for drugs. What im saying ashley is you had a platform where a lot of impressionable young teens looked up to you. the last vid of you and your fiance is you giving awkward head and there's a discussion thread on tumblr of underage girls saying that it made them uncomfortable and you dont care about your platform. we all know you hopped on the onlyfans trend because you failed as a model and wanted ez money. Youre irresponsible, you only care about getting high and lying to look cool. as for your fiance… yes that was tragic but how did you let him do it? did you know he was taking dangerous doses drugs, because you must have if you were together 24/7? that's irresponsible of you, no matter how you look at it. and if he hung himself or other, why weren't you with him? a lotta details not adding up. and before you say, the reason we're so invested is because you put all this info out there. you made a mockery and a shitshow of yourself and you get upset when people dont like you? you really need to grow up, put down the opiods and get a life and a job. be a normal teen/adult because its clear youve been deprived of one. and apologise to those whose lives youve fucked up because the trail is apparently long .

No. 1037763

I still think it was an unintentional OD. I don’t believe someone would make plans for the future like proposing to someone, and then kill themselves days later. Unless he left a suicide note or showed intent, then I don’t believe it.

No. 1037770

Not gonna comment on the rest of this but he died while she was asleep. She woke up and found him. So “where were you and why didn’t you stop him” is an unfair assessment.

No. 1037787

Not gonna touch the rest because it’s all facts. “Where were you” is a val1d question. This head wants to make this shit public, you’re gonna get questioned by your followers. She’s a head. Probably passed out from too many drugs and her >fiancé
either “killed himself” even though he had quite the support system and a new fiancé to look forward to. You make your life public, especially if you’re a dumb ho with a thread, you’re gonna get talked about. She had support from her mom. She didn’t need to post to the internet “because she was alone in that house with no one” you have ~vivadrag mom~ whose been blowing it up on social media talking about YOU to YOUR followers since you needed all that help and support but couldn’t let them know you were okay. Dumb druggie bitch.

No. 1037788

And, either “killed himself” or accidentally od’d and she doesn’t want to admit it. Because she was a part of it

No. 1037791

lmao "where were you" is a dumbass question. As if he had no agency and she was his keeper, what the fuck are you on? I'm not gonna defend her on any of the other shit but "letting" her boyfriend kill himself by not watching him 24/7 when they just got engaged and she had no reason to think he was gonna do that is dumb as shit.

No. 1037794

Samefag for the third time idc ban but she was apart of it as in I’m sure she got the drugs. Probably from her dealer roommate that posted here about robbing her friend. You can get charged with murder for providing the drugs.

No. 1037797

No, that’s not my point. It’s a valid question from dumbass underage followers. It’s going to be asked if your in “the public eye” also where’s the narcan? She hasn’t made it clear wether it was suicide by hanging/something or lose or drugs. So I repeat when you’re in the public eye it’s going to be speculated and questioned

No. 1037818

yeah. I was a huge fan of her for years and reading this entire thread just makes so much sense. she's saying yall are reaching but youre not and i think shes frustrated so much personal stuff about her got put on the internet. if youre a 13 year old girl who follows alt people on insta youre heavily impressionable at that age. Advertising her sex tapes, clearly high and posting ket memes is gonna make an underdeveloped brain "hey i want that too that looks fun". some of the comments here are pure hatred and i understand that too. i feel sorry for her but i also think she deffo needs to step up and fix herself. as a former addict myself, and as someone who had addict friends and 90% of the time they try to get clean just for the sake of those around them (example, her first time in rehab in like feb i think), they have no real intention on getting sober unless something traumatic happens and sets them straight. getting back on substances starts small too, like coffee 5x a day, then nicotine, then weed, then pills like xannies, then back to harder stuff. after seeing her and others like maddie in a state on their accounts im grateful i only ever was an alcoholic. (not that anyone here cares but i only got sober because a friend fell from a rooftop being faded asf). as for the anon calling me dumb for apparently saying that she shouldve been jakes keeper- no, but it's weird how they were together all the time and then suddenly he was gone. ive had addict friends go through this too. too faded to tell how much they took, or too f'd up to see how depressed their s/o really were. never asked the right questions. and thats on ashley. she knew he was struggling. did they seek therapy? did they stop doing drugs for more than a few months? the come downs from something as simple as coke are seriously hell for someone without any mental health problems. anyone knows that. not saying she was responsible for his death, but she just didnt do the right things and now she has to live with that. maybe now she'll fix herself.

No. 1037841

exactly and it's not even just that she's in the "public eye" but that she herself chose to share on every social media that she found him dead hours after??? if she just didn't blast it for the entire internet to see there would be no milk or speculation of how he died or any of this. it's just funny she has the ultimate victim mentality it's so pathetic and sad.

also it seems like an accidental OD imo too. you know damn well if there was a suicide note it would have been blasted on her story or she would have alluded to it in some way to make herself look respectful or something like "there was a note but i won't share bc that is just sooooo personal but just know that there was a note" type of shit. she probably didn't find him until after because she was high off her ass and nodded off too. sad story all around but hopefully she gets the help she needs and actually gets off social media. doesn't seem likely to me but who knows.

No. 1037849

She's also the reason why people online had a bad impression of this guy - she is the one who shared those disgusting bj pics, the fact that he almost choked her to death etc, trying to look edgy and enviable.

No. 1037852

Has anyone thought that maybe the case really was that she supplied and they both got fucked up but she was too fucked up to care what was going on or just being negligent and let him die with/without realizing it and instantly jumped to posting a million stories about his suicide and “finding him” to claim she was innocent in all of it because she internally felt guilty? Or because she was worried there could be a case of some sort? Also how can she know it was suicide without a note or something? How can she say she woke up and found him dead and he killed himself without any word of a note/symbol? She’s posted so much about it but this is the thing that doesn’t make sense to me. I believe in some capacity there is more that she knows than she’s letting on.
Tinfoil af but ?

No. 1037859

yeah exactly there is definitely something more that she is not disclosing. imo something to do with drugs.

also the fact that she was engaged to the "love of [her] life" after 5 months when she has called every bf she's had the love of her life/soulmate is just tacky and shows how immature she is.
and her stories before he died? anyone notice literally every time she is asked a question pertaining to the length of their relationship (i.e. how long have you been dating? engaged after how long? etc) that she would say 5 months but ALWAYS had to follow up to say "but i've known him for 5 years"? she was so obviously insecure and knew how dumb it looked to get engaged after dating someone for less than half a year lmfao. then at the same time she went on to say that "people who wait years to get engaged well 'when you know you know' so if it takes you years to feel ready for engagement then the feeling was never there". like girl how insecure do you need to be to every time need to make sure everyone knows you didn't JUST date 5 months you also met him 5 years ago!!! while at the same time trying to shit on people for actually learning how to be in a healthy adult relationship before committing to marriage lmao.

she is so tacky and it's so annoying how she obviously thinks she's better than everyone in every way. the most traumatized.. the most damaged.. the most addicted.. the most in love.. also the most humble!! she doesn't glamorize drugs or her mental illness guys!!!! she just has been posting showing how cool/edgy she is when she does drugs and how traumatized she is on social media for years to nOrMaLIzE iT!!!!! her comments on here are hilarious too

No. 1037860

hey where can i find the vid of her giving him head?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1037974

Jesus that’s probably exactly what happened. They both nodded off and she’s the only one that woke up. If it is the case she’s a total sociopath which can already be corroborated by so much other milk in this thread

No. 1038032

He seemed pretty upset by the people commenting accusing him of abuse and made a few remarks about it in the live, it was a really stupid thing on her part to have posted about that "BDSM gone wrong" shit, what did she EXPECT people to think? Of course people were freaked. Does TMI even fucking exist anymore to some people?
I feel like this definitely influenced his decision if it was suicide (doubt, still tinfoil it was accidental OD) maybe guilt or shame? I mean you'd feel bad enough about almost killing your partner by accident without them telling the whole world (even though it was retarded to choke her out in the first place)

No. 1038057

This man had no qualms having his face exposed to the world in her gross ass edgy porn, you think these junkies havent done worse things to each other accident or not that never even reached the internet? Not a single thing points to him committing suicide out of the blue but everything so far screams OD, Ashleys insistence the moment she found his body of claiming it to be voluntary screams of druggie paranoia and guilt cause she doesnt wanna seem responsible for using with him resulting in his untimely death. Ash claims abuse as a kink and he equally got off on it, he was just being defensive the same way the cunts claiming rapeplay is “twauma pwocessing” do cause everybody loves to roleplay a badguy but doesnt wanna appear or be treated as one irl/online.

No. 1038319

File: 1600064592620.jpg (172.97 KB, 790x1186, 20200914_021943.jpg)

First post, sorry if I did something wrong. Image edited to protect the ex I know

That guy actually was pretty abusive towards exes. They've admitted he uses trauma bonding against partners. I wouldn't be surprised if that also happened with Ashley. Leaning towards the OD theory too because she's been connected to so many. Still sad, but own your bullshit if you're going to make it public knowledge online.

No. 1038338

>That guy actually was pretty abusive towards exes. They've admitted he uses trauma bonding against partners.
Where did you get that information from?

As for his death, my theory is that she was nodding out and fell asleep while he shot up or took more fent or whatever they were on, which killed him (unintentionally). I don't think it was a suicide, unless there was a note.

No. 1038446

Can confirm she’s been responsible for multiple people’s overdoses

No. 1038504

they obviously trauma bonded. in the q&a they did on her instagram the night before he died she literally said “they were so in love because they had the same mental illnesses and had similar childhood trauma”. it’s obviously sad he died and she probably can’t see it right now but getting out of that relationship saved her more pain that it caused

No. 1038526

lol @ the idea of him overdosing to "trauma bond" with Ashley and her ass fucking it up. It's just my insane tinfoil, probably not true, but I believe it more than the story she peddled here.

"We were totally sober for months, just got engaged and everything was great, but MENTAL HEALTH IS A BITCH and I'm going to imply anons killed him with mean words" ok. Suicide is confusing and tragic, losing someone to an overdose is just tragic. Assigning blame to random anons in a thread, saying that they're the reason he killed himself seems insane and manipulative. if she'd just said he'd relapsed and taken too much, died as a result of being clean for weeks, I would have believed it more.

I was on the fence about it being a suicide, but her coming to the thread convinced me it wasnt. Guilt-trip anons over "harassing people with mental illnesses" and "how disgusting we are for shittalking about someone who committed suicide" seems petty as fuck.

In the first post where she mentioned it, it definitely sounds like he OD'd >>1033020 - found him with no pulse and not breathing, rather than hanged, or covered in blood from self harm.

No. 1038531

After this dude died, Ashley shared a video of him with his friends and Jacob proceeded to point a fucking gun at his friend. Like, I don't give a fuck if it wasn't loaded, it's Basic Fucking Gun Ownership 10-Fucking-1 to not point a fucking gun at someone. Then he wound up nearly choking Ashley to death. Dude was gonna fucking end up killing someone else if he didn't wind up dying. Sorry not sorry, but dude was so wound up in appearing 2EDGY4U to think about the dumb shit he was doing.

No. 1038533

Yeah she reeed pretty hard when I pointed out her multiple vague inclinations we had something to do with it. I'm in the same boat as you anon, she's trying to find any trivial thing to tack the blame onto which is plain suspicious. Who processes grief by looking for crumbs of negativity from strangers on the internet after leeching what attention you could from your thousands of supportive followers? If I was in her position, like the majority of people I'd be too distraught, and too busy beating myself up to create a narrative on the internet from which I can absolve the obvious part I had to play. Don't even get me started on the "my twauma is worse than yours" sperg either.

No. 1038539

It's sad she came to this thread to talk shit literally on the way to a mental hospital. I almost had hope she'd be "taking it seriously this time!!1!!" but she was up in this thread and in the process of making a new instagram. If she's taking it seriously, she'd fuck off social media all together or at least until she's healed enough to come back and act like a normal human being. It's 2020, dude. No one's trying to act like Felice Fawn or Too Poor anymore so enough of the SAD GRL VIBEZ. You're an adult. Get a fucking job and chill the fuck out.

No. 1038575

Im pretty sure Ashley has had her ass chewed multiple times for playing with guns and having absolutely no trigger discipline nor care for the people around her.

No. 1038584

File: 1600099929129.jpg (259.61 KB, 1079x782, Screenshot_20200914-121135_Fac…)

Not to double post but I find it RICH that she feels the need to post these crackhead ass selfies right after her man dies, she attempts suicide, and is on her way to rehab. She loves attention. Whatever takes away from her guilt.

No. 1038600

she’s going to be back on instagram within a week if she’s resorted to posting on facebook to get her fix of attention kek

No. 1038717

I thought she was paralyzed in the arm or whatever? What happened to that?

No. 1038767

it's not always permanent, anon

No. 1038935

My thoughts exactly she needs drugs and social media simps to get enough serotonin to feel normal kek

No. 1038959

Is the only band this bitch listen to MCR or what jfc so retarded when people simp for 1 band so hard

No. 1038966

What a dumbass nitpick, refrain from posting in this thread altogether if that's the amazing insight you've got to offer.

No. 1038974

Oh okay, thanks for the info. I thought it was supposed to be permanent.

No. 1038978

I know you could say this for literally any cow, but Ashley seriously needs a social media detox. Any therapist worth their salt would tell her that. She needs to focus on the real world now more than ever.

Some anons have tried to argue that BDSM is 100% normal and safe, and while I disagree with that, I think there's more to this situation than "BDSM bad" or "BDSM" good. I really don't think Ashley is actually into it on a sexual level; it seems more like she's just mentally ill and self destructive. If she was otherwise a normal, well-adjusted person, I don't think the fetish would be cause for concern. But when Ashley already has so many self-destructive habits, it's hard not to view the BDSM as just another manifestation of that. Ashley says she liked Jake because they were "compatible" in that way, i.e. he was happy to enable her. Tell me anons, wouldn't you rather have a partner who has your best interests at heart than one who enables (or even participates in) your unhealthiest behaviors?

No. 1038984

He enabled her but I don't think he was as awful of a human as some anons want to think he was.

No. 1038993

I just want to note that if she doesn't realize what she obviously did to Maddie than she's fucking dumb. She was clearly a very big influence and enabler in her drug habits and I don't doubt for a second that she's the one who sold Maddie fake coke that one time as well.

No. 1039155

I don't think anyone is making him out to be a cartoon villain or anything like that. "Enabling coomer" is a pretty low-key type of shittyness. All things considered, given the scene he's from he could have been a whole lot worse. Ashley is lucky she didn't end up with a Jonny Craig type. His character flaws were probably the kind of thing he could have moved past if he wasn't surrounded with enablers.

No. 1039245

This is why no one should feel bad for her. She’s literally taking thot pics in a hotel on her way to some treatment center. She is LOVING this. In her mind, her life is now the MCR song she always dreamed it would be.
It obviously shows how seriously she takes this shit too. I hope there’s some investigating, and if she was the plug or at least provided him the OD dosage… I hope she goes the fuck down. Fucking crackheads.

No. 1039251

The ex I know has discussed it with me. From her stance, the entire relationship was formed from trauma bonding and he was generally shitty to her. Enabled drug use she didn't have before or after him. Sorry that convo was already deleted so no screens.

Trauma bonding isn't two people bonding because they have similar trauma. It's an abuse technique were the result of cycles of abuse with intermittent reinforcement of reward and punishment creates powerful emotional bonds. Tinfoil, but I wouldn't be surprised if the engagement was one of the rewards in his cycle.

No. 1039351

one of her boyfriend’s friends said that he was barred out 2 days before passing, so i think it would be pretty safe to assume his death was caused by an OD, accidental or not.

with all that being said, i do hope she actually takes recovery seriously this time. she knew she wasn’t supposed to get into a relationship before a year of sobriety, because at the first sign of conflict an addict would end up using. and getting with a drug dealer on top of all things wasn’t the smartest decision. she got overly attached to him, possibly even codependent, way too fast. also, talk about consent all you want, but something about people who struggle with self harm using BDSM (specially knifeplay, which he posted pictures of) to ‘get off’ just doesn’t sit right with me. the whole thing wasn’t sustainable and as much as she loved him, i don’t think they were ever good for each other.

plus, as someone who has dated an addict before, drinking doesn’t work for them. they convince themselves it’s not what they had a problem with so it’s fine, but that leads to getting pissed every day and then back to drug use. she needs to be responsible about that too and stop lying to herself and everyone else.

she has lost many people due to addiction (hers or otherwise), and that is not something to wish on anyone, but she needs to learn how to build healthy relationships with others and herself, and that can’t be done while she’s still using and surrounding herself with people who are also using. i do genuinely wish her the best, but there are many changes that need to be done if she truly wants to get better.

No. 1039536

Did you see sapphires fb live? She lost three friends in a short period and her family said "that's just what happens to people who live your type of life" it's true because tommy and jake passed but it's so blunt and cruel if you ask me to say that to your grieving daughter.

No. 1039649

The harsh reality might actually help but the ~uwu grief~ shit never will.

No. 1039854

File: 1600269178475.png (761.9 KB, 580x884, Screenshot 2020-09-16 at 4.14.…)

sage but does anyone else thing a big reason why she liked him was because he looked like fat gerard way

No. 1039903

lmao i do remember a follower commenting on that and ashley picking up on it immediately, saying she always thought so too. so, maybe?

No. 1040123

Ashley’s “new” insta is vevodrag

No. 1040350

File: 1600349987078.jpg (41.8 KB, 720x523, IMG_20200917_163937.jpg)

Cow crossover. Do her and Nika know each other?

No. 1040379


>>And you won’t have much more to post about me because I’m done with the whole vivadrag thing entirely. I promise you my life isn’t just “tea” or “drama” or “milk” or anything indicative of it being a spectacle for you people to laugh at.


Lmao yeah ok new account is totally not for attention and obviously separated from Vivadrag that she claims is a "thing"?? Can't wait to see what this Vevodrag thing is!

No. 1040383

File: 1600356313952.jpeg (120.46 KB, 1124x1046, 1C7A5E79-CF46-4D70-AE3A-D1E79E…)

pretty sure her "new" insta is @damagednerves
she posted it on her vivadrag story lol
those other ones are some old alternate accounts or something

No. 1040557

If she doesn't come back to her vivadrag account eventually I'll be really shocked. She's spent so long soaking in the internet attention, it's hard to believe "lolcow haterz" drove her off the internet for good, at least that's the narrative she's running with right now. The public internet is "too toxic" for her yet she chooses to read here consistently lmao.

No. 1040617

You guys make a thread hating and commenting on someone's life and expect them not to read it? You act like this is just some harmless hobby. I'm sure she's not a great person and has messed up, but you guys have been shitting on her for 2 years now before she even did anything fucked up, now she's trying to go private and step away from all this and you're still stalking and obsessing over her. If you hate her so much just move tf on, stop giving her attention. yall fucking weird(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1040648

People who seek attention and reactions from strangers need to realize that not all of the attention and reactions they get will be positive. Some will be critical.

No. 1040730

I don't think she likes the negative attention but she sure opts to focus on it. It's kind of asking for it when you show the internet that'll get a response out of you.

No. 1040886

I kinda agree, to be completely honest; the farmers on this thread are hypocrites.

No. 1043306

File: 1600807821652.png (185.59 KB, 1440x1434, Screenshot_20200922-134331.png)

At least his friends are seemingly making it by?

No. 1043955

File: 1600893945186.png (1000.94 KB, 750x1334, 3B8EB232-BFC5-418A-A25D-ABD197…)

Went through her old Twitter and yikes.. also reading this forum all the way I don’t get why she insists he killed himself but won’t give the reason of death, I do feel terrible that she confirmed he visited this page, guy probably felt guilty about her airing out the fact he accidentally harmed her to the point of a hospital visit. Idk, I know she’s probably dealing with a lot of guilt but let this be a lesson that she shouldn’t tell the internet everything(newfag)

No. 1043958

No. 1044559

that’s not her Twitter. Morgueprincess is it.

No. 1044570

Old screenshots of someone saying nigga isn’t milk

No. 1045789


No. 1045791

The Official Vivadrag Worshipping OLDFAGS!! NIGGERS!!!

No. 1047857

Are you having fun?

No. 1049611

File: 1601594470054.jpg (870.69 KB, 1080x2052, Screenshot_20201001-192213_Ins…)

No. 1049616

File: 1601594593237.jpg (809.82 KB, 1080x2052, Screenshot_20201001-192224_Ins…)

No. 1049619

File: 1601594802736.jpg (902.99 KB, 1080x2052, Screenshot_20201001-192232_Ins…)

No. 1049630

File: 1601595877495.jpg (703.22 KB, 809x1597, Screenshot_20201001-194334_Ins…)

No. 1049726

Idk man, i dont see milk here. She seems to be doing not awful given the situation and everything shes going through. I just hope shes okay. Its a bit relieving to see she's still alive and looking well.

No. 1049745

File: 1601608051751.jpeg (368 KB, 1125x2436, 8F52859B-E369-4FEC-9877-86A69D…)

omg this is so funny all 4 screenshots are the same as the exact 4 i took (with the exception of this viva mom one).
she is such a clown

>Just letting you guys know before I am locked away for a long time to heal

>you won’t have much more to post about me because I’m done with the whole vivadrag thing entirely.

wow a whopping 20 days before she is back with the "whole vivadrag thing" and back giving her mom an on-brand viva mom shout out. why is this whole "viva" thing so cringey lmao

No. 1049749

At this point it seems she’s grown up being more comfortable speaking to strangers than to those close to her, which I, and probably many others can relate to. I don’t think she’s a clown for coming back to continue speaking openly about her life and what’s she’s been going through. Especially in her situation, she may need to talk but not really have anyone there to talk to or to comfort her and knowing she has access to a platform where probably hundreds will interact with her and show support for her in this time, is, I’m sure making her all the more tempted to come back.
Also who cares that she posted about her “viva mom”? I know she said she’s done with vivadrag but maybe this will be her evolving vivadrag into something more healthy and honest for herself. Also if my mother was anything like hers, I’d be screaming from the rooftops about how thankful I am to have a parent that will stand with you through so much.
I know nobody will care and probably call me a WK, but I honestly just see all this is a coping method for her and she’s allowed to have that.

No. 1049908

>one day at a time
Sounds like she's doing the 12-step program. I sincerely hope that she'll manage to stay clean and reconsider her priorities. This is the best chance she'll ever get to get her life back together.

No. 1062757

im wishing her the best. i came here to see what happened because i was worried and wanted to see what happened while i didn't have ig. i don't understand the need to be so hateful. no one deserves to endure the kind of pain she is going through, not to mention having it amplified by a forum online. you can say it's "her fault" for looking at the thread but can some of the people who said the worst of things take some responsibility for their own actions? put yourself in her shoes. imagine being mentally ill, experiencing something incredibly tragic and having a ton of strangers echo horrible things about the situation and even prior. yes there is tragedy everywhere but that should not take away from her experience. and my god critiquing her coping mechanisms and speculating over whether certain things about the circumstance are true or not. i can't believe some of the things i've read. i know this has been left alone for a while and i am not saying that everyone here has done her wrong but i just felt so bad reading all of this i can't help but say something.

No. 1062767

Shut the fuck up.

No. 1063061

send me out to the pasture lmao(as you wish)

No. 1063107

shut the fuck up

No. 1073944

I’m accepted on her second account and I believe she’s already drinking again, she also went to a Halloween party so I really have no hope for her sobriety

No. 1073970

Post screenshots

No. 1074396

she also deleted all the posts with her ex

No. 1074403

File: 1604451302749.png (2.2 MB, 750x1334, 5EA967FC-AFF6-4562-ABFC-DB4E2E…)


No. 1074408

so she was being abused?

No. 1074417

Tbh good for her. Even from an outsider’s perspective on here it was clear that the bdsm shit was unhealthy

No. 1074421

Who’s she dating already?

No. 1074432

I knew this would end up on here because I just posted about it. I am putting this all out publicly so I understand now why people speculate and blame. I know why y’all hate me. It’s ok. That’s why I’m trying to step away from everything. I made the new account for people that like me, if ya don’t. You don’t have to follow. If you want to to keep up with me and talk about my life on here, cool too. I really am taking responsibility for my life. I’m doing really good things now that I’m really excited for. I’ll answer some things you can believe me or not! I do drink socially. I don’t plan on ever taking drugs again. What’s different is I was misdiagnosed most of my life and now I’m stabilized on the Meds I always should’ve been on. I got w jake because I’m codependent. Didn’t want to be alone. Tired of hooking up with randos because I was so heartbroken by my breakup w Simon which happened because I was too stuck in complacency that I would change or stop using. AnywAy I stayed with jake because in my mind, no one would ever like me as much as him and even though I was treated badly I didn’t deserve any better. He was also a drug dealer, I was sober until my friend died and then bam. Moved in w him. Relapsed. I loved it because I got everything from him for free. Yay! Lol. Sarcasm. Anyway I was told if I ever snitched he’d kill me. “Shoot you right between ur fucking eyes” and shit. He proposed 4 times I always said no. I always contemplated leaving because I was so miserable but that’s never what I put out online because of course I needed to look like everything was a ok because I didn’t want people to look down on me. Posted so many awful things on Instagram like dear lord. I remember, about 5 days before getting engaged I told my girlfriend, “jakes ordering fentanyl. Do you think he really loves me if he knows I was addicted to it?” She said hell no, come move in with me. Leave him. In my mind I couldn’t handle the idea of there being fentanyl and me not doing it, so I did it for the first time that year since I had been sober. It was supposed to be one time, turned into every day up until he died. Why I thought it was suicide was because that night, he was so sad that 1.he almost killed me by choking me during sex and I got sent to the ER because it was actually an overdose as well. And he said he hated himself for ordering it for us, and 2. He couldn’t forgive himself for forcing himself on me a couple times while he was fucked up.
He broke down to the floor that night before he died telling me over and over I’m going to kill my self he was trying to grab his bottle of KPINS that would kill him if he mixed with fent. I grabbed him and talked him down. He asked me to hide the bottle because he wanted to kill him self. I wake up, house is torn apart, purse emptied. Kpin bottle gone, and empty . There were about 30 it was a brand new script. Fent lines on the table.

Later on I find out from his family his entire life story was a lie, so the person I fell in love with wasn’t him at all. He lied about every detail.
Anyway, not excusing myself anymore. I’ve been a terrible person most of my life but I’m genuinely getting it together my way. By changing what I do. I can’t expect progress if I don’t change. And with being medicated for the first time in my life I actually value myself, pretty cool.

No. 1074434

I don’t read this thread anymore, but I just wanted you guys to have that. Because I do get it, if I talked about so much shit no wonder people speculate. Even though all those posts were made extremely intoxicated. /especially/ the ones right after I found him. It’s embarrassing.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1074437

Hope you can stay healthy and find some legitimate stability.

No. 1074460

Just od again. The story you put out is false. Jake was never abusive towards you. You were the one who only dated him to get free drugs. He only ever felt love for you and you used him. Shut tf up.(a-log)

No. 1074464

And do you know him? Lol

No. 1074467

If he choked her enough to warrant an ER visit, something was very wrong

No. 1074469

Stop posting. Seek help. You may be clean from drugs but you're far from sober minded coming here posting any of this. Go offline. For you.

No. 1074481

File: 1604455770327.png (966.74 KB, 750x1334, F9A9A44E-2C18-4F04-BE78-FD907E…)

No. 1074511

File: 1604458225013.jpeg (344.76 KB, 1125x2436, 9A60E304-DF8E-4864-BE2E-193658…)

why is she so embarrassing

No. 1074519

girl what is this? august? your own icon in the pic? is that his finsta or something???

No. 1074542

File: 1604460372794.jpg (76.6 KB, 600x536, Girls.jpg)

the faggy little fat baby hands

No. 1074551

it wild to me how ppl saw this & apparently didn't see any red flags? what

idk how commenting on this shit works fyi don't yell at me

No. 1074552

Why did no one in this thread integrate?? Is this even a lolcow thread?
do not type in a subject, or personal email. put the word "sage" into the email field when your comment is rather irrelevant to the thread/not milky.

No. 1074576

No. 1074588

The internet is clearly not a place for you, stop posting your whole life and go get real help please.

No. 1074594

I just hope the next person you’re with isn’t another guy who is into drugs and is attracted to the idea of hurting women. Honestly imo, a man being attracted to their girlfriend when she’s in pain has something wrong with him. A normal person shouldn’t want to hurt the person they love. He clearly didn’t care for your mental (e.g. bringing you drugs, threatening your life) or physical (choking you to the point where you go to the ER) wellbeing. It’s satisfying seeing your sobriety bring you some lucidity.

>Just od again.
Way too harsh, come on.

No. 1076820

File: 1604718302143.jpeg (209.31 KB, 750x1105, B10C1847-097C-42D5-A2D3-1AAFEE…)

Saged for irrelevant/old milk but yikes her ex’s friend posted this a while back after he died and wow just even more to show how bad Ashley’s old friend group was

No. 1076821

File: 1604718334187.jpeg (386.68 KB, 750x1032, D72CFC92-4E02-4E5D-829D-E69549…)

No. 1076864

She probably fucked him, she sounds so in love. literally with his jonny craig type of personality and his bloated drug addict face and body lol kek. Their friend group was a dumpster fire,& also what the fuck is that bump on sapphires nose GIRL have that looked at please and thank you.

No. 1077470

File: 1604788241397.jpg (143.85 KB, 1080x1302, 20201107_172501.jpg)

She deleted the recent one lol

No. 1077525

She said her dad fucked up her car , I'd be mad too but I would not do anything reckless with men rn if I were her. Addicts need time alone to recover from substances, that is not ideal for her in any sense.

No. 1077613

This is sad. Hope she doesn’t do it. Her last post on here seemed pretty levelheaded so I hope she can tap into whatever mood she was in there

No. 1077717

She has absolutely no self control it’s really sad. You’d think after everything with jake, she’d finally have a firm grasp on the importance of recovery. But no, she made it two months and is back to the same codependency and avoidance of her problems. unbelievable:/

No. 1077806

File: 1604820310153.png (7.22 MB, 1125x2436, A14A662D-8629-465C-9214-8B384E…)

back to only fans and sex work because not having a car means you can't do ANY other job.
also i am not against sex work but the way she acts above it like "well i said i wasnt going to but i have no other choice" comes off super demeaning towards sex workers

No. 1077839

I really don't think she has anything against sex work though anon, she's following other sex workers and has done it or is doing it. I honestly don't know the current details since her new account, but if that's how she wants to make money during the pandemic as opposed to going out for money to fix this car issue then I support that by all means. I do see how it may come across as demeaning but I don't think she meant it like that

No. 1077877

can’t get over how when she was first posted she was being called out for being a too poor skin walker and now here she is diary posting to people who r giving her good life advice after her shitty boyfriend over dosed just like mama lay

No. 1077950

Well, sex work is kind of a last resort. If she wants to get better and clean up, it makes sense that she would be hesitant to take that path again.

No. 1078368

Wow, so he was a cheater too. Gross. This girl has no shame admitting it either.

I feel like she definitely isn’t in a healthy mental space and if she starts doing OF shit she’s going to regret it. I wonder what her new Connecticut bf thinks of it?

No. 1078401

File: 1604904697674.jpeg (481.6 KB, 726x1204, 4C72AC32-FA72-4F7C-8B15-A8CA8C…)

She’s talking about how’s she sober and giving before and after

No. 1078402

File: 1604904738989.jpeg (278.27 KB, 687x1291, 54740370-812F-464B-8D3B-2A126B…)

Notice how the before and after was when her dead “fiancé” was in the picture now he’s not and she’s sober

No. 1078407

>demeaning towards sexworkers

In what world is selling asshole pics to strangers and or your body online not a "last resort"???

Coomers have ruined an entire generation if sex work is somehow now a prestigious profession kek

No. 1078429


Because it's not. The market is totally oversaturated for online smut because people can find it free in so many places. I've known some SWs and they consider it a side hustle, the real money unless you're one of the very few most popular camwhores/OnlyFans girls is in real life appointments.

No. 1078465

Don't benzos cancel out psychedelic's? Or did she mean at different times that month?

No. 1078477


No. Food can help absorb shrooms and shorten the trip, but acid you're stuck on the ride.

No. 1078508

She could just….get a job and take the bus… dumbass.

No. 1078694

Yes if you take benzos on a psychedelic you’re just gonna kill the trip

No. 1078697

Uhm no benzos (I guess it could depend on what kind of benzo it iS) can stop the trip completely

No. 1081879

Ash has just posted on her vivadrag story a sticker that says “I relapsed” … hasn’t she learned? Why is this funny? Is she serious? If she is go get help? Jesus she’s a trip

No. 1081901


she will never get better. she doesn't wanna get better, she just wants to run off with whoever Love of Her Life of the week is (aka any guy who chokes her out) and do drugs and do nothing else.

No. 1081953

she needs to stop posting everything she does on social media jfc.

No. 1081994

File: 1605327350364.png (4.24 MB, 828x1792, D76C6ABA-5D0C-47C8-84E7-A87343…)

Now ash says the story about relapsing was just a joke… but like girl why is it even remotely funny when you’ve been consistently struggling trying to prove you’re getting better with your little diary entries about your new coping skills

No. 1082011


this fuckin moron, she just bounced out of rehab and just lost her ex fiancee to a drug overdose and expects people to think her relapse joke is hilarious

No. 1085360

Didn't take a screenshot but recently there was a pic on her story with a bottle of alcohol. But she later said it was to recreate a (dolltears) meme.

She should know people wouldn't think of her joking because of the last storybacklash. Just stop posting dumb shit if you want to prove your sobriety !!

No. 1085962

her and dolltears are live right now acting like the last two braincells of a goat. They will probably enable each other into stupid shit. Neither will ever learn.

No. 1086010

ah yes because hanging out with maddie again will help so much

No. 1086031

File: 1605774862104.jpeg (527.93 KB, 750x1101, C43F8A67-5497-4DCF-AD3B-67DBFC…)

some ppl never learn

No. 1086089

File: 1605785023543.jpg (739.03 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20201119-102842_Ins…)


No. 1086093

I don’t want to sound like every conspiracy theorist on this thread but I seriously think Ashley was and will be a bad influence on Maddy until she gets her shit together, I’m not gonna say she “groomed” Maddy because that’s a strong term but irc they were friends before Maddy turned 18 and obviously she was probably an influence on the “I don’t want a job so just buy my onlyfans” side of things, I’m not saying Maddy is a saint at all she’s her own kind of fucked but I feel like maybe things would’ve been different without Ashley

No. 1086198

File: 1605798343207.jpeg (143.01 KB, 750x979, FBD923FB-D375-48A5-AB80-8ADCD9…)

No. 1086207

Ashley is saying in her comments on pictures of her and Maddie kissing that it is completely platonic… but that the two of them will also be making and selling “content” together

No. 1086210

File: 1605799666809.jpeg (116.88 KB, 750x1210, 0405A73F-D5AC-49C2-BBE6-DB7AE7…)

Been hanging out with her a lot lately pupils so large you can see the them through a video, pretty sure they’re both on it

No. 1086211

Idk if it would be grooming but Maddie will really do anything for ashely. Maddie doesn’t even identify as queer in any way but according to Ashley, Maddie is bicurious. Just feels scummy to use your friend who’s clearly obsessed with you so you could make lesbian content

No. 1086292

File: 1605806777639.jpg (494.61 KB, 2061x1165, Adobe_20201120_062228.jpg)

Various caps from her story defending herself

No. 1086293

File: 1605806800691.png (1.31 MB, 1328x1067, Adobe_20201120_062413.png)

This morning

No. 1086304

File: 1605807975960.png (1.63 MB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_2020-11-19-09-43-26…)

posting about simon all of a sudden

No. 1086305

yeah he killed himself i think or OD

No. 1086312

File: 1605808446728.jpeg (318.24 KB, 750x1304, 2AE240D9-86D1-4D24-A2E3-E6989F…)

simon (her ex bf) passed away

No. 1086334

Anyone who sticks their dick in her dies LMAO

No. 1086335

Well that’s not very nice, Lilia.

No. 1086337

Her real illness and addiction is social media and her constant need to be on a platform and receive validation on everything from total strangers. The most disappointing and sickening thing she has done yet has been accusing her ex fiancé of abuse and lies, knowing he’s DEAD AS FUCK and could never defend himself or expose her shitty tendencies too. This girl is toxic as fuck to everyone around her. She’s a sociopath. She isn’t suicidal, never was. She’s an actress. A walking lack of empathy being, incapable of feeling any real human emotion and she only cares about herself and what she could gain from others.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1086344

Wow, you’re such a cunt. Better watch urself and have some damn respect

No. 1086347

Like she really needs an entire lifestyle change and more than 30 days of therapy before she could ever get better or treat what’s going on with her.
It’s too much. Everyone around her is dying or is negligent in their own way. Why be around people like that

No. 1086355

Lmao lilia is right but she needs to stop name namefaging. Respect? Topkeke.
>watch yourself
Girl go suck these dumb girls clits and their dead bfs dick somewhere else

No. 1086396

If anyone knows I’m wondering was Simon abusive and shitty?

No. 1086408

i’m pretty sure she was the toxic one in that relationship, either that or he didn’t want to get clean after his initial OD and she couldn’t watch him hurt himself anymore. my heart goes out to her rn this is unimaginable suffering she’s going through :-/(:/)

No. 1086451

While I agree, nice job giving yourself away. Ashley's stupid ass gets on here all the time to whine.

No. 1086455

i’m confused by what this is insinuating

No. 1086460

Dolltears liked a comment that said viva was getting over her dead bf quickly under the ig post with viva and dolltears making out

No. 1086470

Liam, Maddies brother also posted this last night during their /“platonic” kissing spurge, pretty sure it’s a screen cap of another mutual Dayton friends insta story

No. 1086472

File: 1605821589634.png (2.15 MB, 750x1334, 1DB94EDE-5A7D-46F6-B8DC-6BD9BF…)

Forgot the damn cap, sorry!

No. 1086479

People are so fucking dense. If she wants to make out with a girl, let her make out with a damn girl. I don’t see the big issue here.

No. 1086504

File: 1605826473320.png (177.56 KB, 1440x1207, Screenshot_20201119-143946.png)

Post caps or don't post anon you're bumping the thread.

No. 1086506

File: 1605826507259.png (413.75 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201119-144328.png)

The offending comment

No. 1086531

God what a disgusting comment he left her. And maddie liking it is gross.

No. 1086580

Lol b gay but only the right way & figure yourself out in the closet uwu

No. 1086905

Kys please.

No. 1086936

Yeah, I have to side with her on this one too. They made out, boo-fucking-hop, who gives a shit? Our queer lives won’t be worse for it so I don’t know what all the whining is about.

No. 1086937

gtfo newfag

No. 1087002


I'm presuming this means her friends/roommates went through her clothes and took stuff when they were under the impression she died and haven't given it back? Because I doubt her family are going to want to take MCR merchandise and she wasn't living with them prior. Thats some real scumbag shit. These are the kinds of people she chose to surround herself with. Didn't Maddie get robbed by a friend of hers too?

No. 1087014

maddie's been robbed multiple times, i think also by one of ashley's friends? once was when she agreed to drink with some random dudes that catcalled her and then got in their car and went in their basement. then she made a gofundme to ebeg instead of do something about it

No. 1087058

someone mentioned it before but wasnt simon, like, pretty abusive? ashley always referred to their relationship as an abusive one, and never had anything good to say about it. now all of a sudden, she's all, "my best friend, my baby" ???

No. 1087061

I don't really recall him being abusive but I thought I read on her story post breakup he just didn't support her online sexwork and egirl persona. (His messages seemed harsh but idk how she talked to him) Also drugs and mental ilness would be just a lot of fights I guess.

No. 1087134

I don’t remember her saying he was abusive. I do remember her posting some angry texts he sent her during their breakup but it was just him mocking her for being an e girl. As far as I can tell they broke up over lifestyle differences/her sex work/their drug addictions. Simon followed her Damagednerves account and was also tagging him in memes recently, so it’s safe to assume that they made up and became friends again.

No. 1087442

File: 1605913341977.jpg (377.51 KB, 1080x1515, Screenshot_20201121_000029.jpg)

y is maddies nose so red? and only one side?

No. 1087445

You know the answer is e-girl blush so why ask

No. 1087446

you know why. they're railing something, who knows what. probably coke?

No. 1087536

^ she posted a bunch of his texts to her of him telling her to kill herself at one point, besides that. i’m 100% sure they were the loves of each others lives. no one knows who you are. he never posted about any girlfriend.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1087540

simons most recent ex came into chat and was defending him, saying she’s the one who found him, not to ask how he died. and saying that he never abused her or ashley. but she deleted

No. 1087611

I mean, nobody cares.

No. 1087628

so does anyone know how Simon died??

No. 1087653

His current partner posted here earlier which is obviously gone now, it seemed to imply an OD. She said she loved him and wanted him to get sober. I just hope everyone that loves him can unite and be strong now. This is heartbreaking enough, the forum doesn't need to delve into the details of it all. He passed away young and that's devastating. I can't say I knew him but he's in my thoughts. Mental health issues and substance dependence are hard to beat, I hope simon is at peace now.

No. 1087685

File: 1605942532787.png (1.45 MB, 1237x2048, Screenshot_20201121-200719.png)

No. 1087692

File: 1605943290316.png (Spoiler Image, 3.56 MB, 750x1624, B9953F4B-19DD-4A77-8F18-83E4CF…)

"Someone I was close to just died. Im gonna post a picture of him grabbing my tit and caption it Lol!!"

No. 1087707

His current gf must love that

No. 1087749


We are all here to be assholes lol theres no moral high ground for any of us. Ashley is a loser who attracts losers. Shes literally a plague. Who cares if anyone here asks about how another one of her loser boyfriends died? Hopefully its that creep Vinny next.

No. 1087803

File: 1605965125990.jpeg (307.72 KB, 640x816, 6B7264A4-986E-4DAC-810C-D6237E…)

Considering this was posted back in September I’m going to assume it was an overdose

Also this thread is full of vendetta types “Who cares that some loser she dated died I hope she kills herself too!!11!!” What happened to just posting milk? it’s just shitting up the thread otherwise

No. 1087822

Lmao honestly I really don't care about these two and wish them all the best for their life but it's so easy to get their attention by saying something on here. Imagine having thousands of followers who like you and still caring about what one random person says on this forum. It's just really funny.

No. 1088006

I wouldn’t be surprised if it wasn’t an overdose and had more to do with whatever medical condition Simon had. Ashley posted a pic of him shirtless and he very clearly had what looked like a pacemaker under the skin on his chest. I also recall him being in the hospital for a stroke. He may have had a heart condition. regardless it’s really sad and he seemed genuinely cool. RIP.

No. 1088097

It’s apparent that Ashley was Simon’s loser ex and not the other way around. I feel bad that he got sucked into her trashy clout chasing life because now all her loser fans and haters are gossiping about his death.

I also feel bad for his latest ex gf. It’s her fault for coming here and reading the thread yeah but imagine having to read the shit we’re saying about her dead boyfriend. If he never dated Ashley then we would have no reason to talk about him.

It’s kind of wild how Ashley has such awful taste in men that possibly the only good one is assumed to be an abuser. Sometimes I wonder what Simon’s life would have been if he never fucked Ashley. It’s super unfortunate, that kid had a lot of fucking talent and he seemed to just stagnate after they got together.

No. 1088148

Agreed 100%. His latest partner seems to have a good head on her shoulders. Some people on here can be so gross & insensitive. Someone just died you know, have some fucking respect. I hope she and his family and friends are doing okay right now. That even includes Ashley, so if you're reading take it easy. I'm sorry for the loss. Death is so hard to grasp already so there's no need to "come here to be assholes". Unlike jake there's no proof here he abused her or anything like that. He seemed like a good person. I'd like to leave it at that.

No. 1088194

someone just doxxed maddie's street address on her live kek

No. 1088255

last night Maddie went live and it was dark. i don’t think she knew she was live but she was slurring her words and groaning and then when she realized she was live she ended it. knowing her she was probably tweaking. and now her insta is gone

No. 1088340

I give it five hours before she restores her accounts

No. 1088383

sage for maddie sperg but i really hope she deletes social media for good. she's so young and so stunted by all the shit she puts herself through, her dependence on instagram is so unhealthy. if she actually put her mind to getting clean and going to school/getting a job/leaving her squalor house, instead of just chugging cans and talking about her diagnoses on live, she might actually do something with her life. on her priv she alluded to making $30k from onlyfans and yet she's still broke enough to start gofundmes begging to help pay her medical bills for when she ODs, or for when she gets robbed, or when she says she's getting kicked out and inevitably doesn't

No. 1088525

Does anyone else have anything better to do than screenshot ashley and maddies stories to put puzzle pieces together to make almost completely blind assumptions? Has anyone ever met a drug addict that was a good person making good decisions and positively affecting other people at the height of their addiction? Yeah probably fucking not. Maybe shes had a hard life and now has to deal with the bitch that is recovery along with the death of another loved ones. Have some sympathy just because shes got minor internet fame doesn’t mean she’s unaffected by the things people say.

No. 1088544

Fuck off back to instagram, whiteknight. No one here cares so save your sperg.

No. 1088824

Derailing but she is not making 30k there's no way. No way in hell.

No. 1088832

She probably meant she made 30k overall, which isn't unbelievable at all tbh. Not sure how long she's been on OF but it's been atleast 6 or 7 months now. Assuming she's making 3k-4k a month isn't a stretch by any means with her following

No. 1088837

Maddie’s instagram accounts are back up already LOL

No. 1088847

File: 1606073787355.png (1.78 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201122-113312.png)

"uhhh.. I don't remember my live last night. I don't remember anything from last night. So if you could dm me and tell me what I fucking did that'd be great." This bitch is so hilarious.

No. 1088848

File: 1606073830464.png (2.12 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201122-113258.png)

It's because you're dreadful IRL

No. 1088954

Sage for rant but, Ashley and Maddie BOTH need to get the fuck off social media. Maddies only 18, her whole world was her looks, her bulimia, her drug use and getting clout of off Instagram for it. Girl looks so washed up for such a young age, her looks are gone she’s gained weight (actually not a bad thing) but now she’s just a messy drug addict who’s a chronic liar and beggar. Ashley could have the means to get her shit together with everything that’s happened to her, but she makes it worse for herself by reading these threads and any comment and criticism against her, making her constantly “have” to justify her actions. Losing your brother to suicide, watching her “friends” drop dead from ODs then losing 2 intimate loved ones over such a short period surely would want anyone to get clean and sober, shut the fuck up and stay off social media and better themselves but no. The two of them are already miserable and will continue to be miserable all for the validation and self justifiable drug use.

No. 1088988

I actually think that ashley has gotten better, maddie on the other hand lol

No. 1088995

Maddie is significantly worse, Ashley still has hope but I don’t ever see Maddie making any progress, she’s been mentally stagnant for years now, the cognitive dissonance with that one is something else

No. 1089011

File: 1606084109607.jpeg (190.19 KB, 750x1073, 8F42D2EC-A373-4545-8F41-E123F8…)

Maddie is in hospital. Quick better take a selfie so everyone knows!!

No. 1089114


I doubt that's from RN as the time doesn't match up

No. 1089765

File: 1606167139570.jpeg (480.18 KB, 750x1197, D981C2C3-B205-400D-A84B-F482C4…)

Anyone else feel weird about vivadrag suddenly posting on main again after the influx of attention she got from Simon dying?

No. 1089770

File: 1606167363970.jpeg (199.74 KB, 828x1215, 792936F5-C028-4A1E-84D7-D606E7…)

the narcissism persists. Can’t take a break. Bad news is good publicity. It’s amazing seeing her life become a dumpster fire. Karma’s got her number.

No. 1089827

File: 1606170728362.jpeg (822.35 KB, 828x1224, 6E9EAF22-5245-46EC-90C1-756F31…)

she’s on a roll now

No. 1089831

File: 1606170937011.jpeg (802.07 KB, 828x1283, C88E4703-2058-43F4-9A70-24EA7B…)

the extreme “heart shaped face” angle and shooping the bridge of her nose into oblivion


No. 1089852


She’s really trying her best to hide that shitty forehead tattoo lmao

No. 1089914

soon as Jake died and it was pretty evident that whole relationship/household/friendship group she was in was just there to laugh at her and do her dirty, the famous morgue tattoo has been hidden. Surprised she just hasn’t gotten rid of that shit yet, was idiotic to get anyway especially while on hard drugs but it especially can’t be a good reminder for her. Seems like there’s been no peep from any of her old friends either, well jakes friends really.

No. 1090088

Ashley said that her old roommates stole all her stuff when she ODed, so I’m guessing that friendship is over. Crazy how Ash was seemingly okay with him robbing Maddie but as soon as he robs HER it’s over lmfao.

No. 1090183

File: 1606206996398.jpeg (824.12 KB, 3464x3464, 4E55279B-B0BD-49A2-B309-B3A739…)

Is she stupid or just stupid? The only reason she got robbed because of ashlee she was hanging out with. All she did was Ebeg afterwards not go to the police or anything, no sympathy for both of these dumb crackheads

No. 1090238

Whats simon’s new gf Instagram & what did she post on here b4 it was deleted? No caps?

No. 1090289

I believe simon’s most recent partner is named Bailey storms. I could be wrong

No. 1091798

y’all are dumb for thinking she shopped the bridge of her nose bc if she wouldn’t shopped that she would’ve taken care of her very dry lips…. y’all really pick at straws ur low lifez lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1091855

File: 1606361760152.png (5.84 MB, 1125x2436, 4D3212D2-8680-47CC-BC39-1CFAAB…)

i love how obsessed she is with this thread LOL

No. 1091861

File: 1606362132675.png (5 MB, 1125x2436, AFB47D19-994A-453F-869A-ECBC01…)

why is ashley the most annoying self-absorbed person in existence lmao. "omg i dont remember this at all" ok girl.
also earlier in her stories she speaks about how she agrees that she has such a "strong soul" because if she went through what she was going through now when she was younger then she would have killed herself but now the thought of killing herself had not even crossed her mind so she's doing great. really?? she was in the hospital from her self proclaimed OD suicide attempt literally 2 months ago.. girl keep your weird attention seeking stories straight

No. 1091868


she's a classic narcissist, obsessed with herself and "proving the haters wrong." i can imagine her refreshing this page many times daily.
insensitive as fuck to "xDDD" away the fact that she tried to kill herself on drugs after her "abusive ex fiancee uwu" ODed. the guy she decided to run away with now is 100% gonna have a "he was abusive the entire time" story whenever they eventually break up. it's just a ticking timer when she pretends to be clean on IG when she's tweaked out the whole time

No. 1091872

Ehhh I can kind of see where she’s coming from with this one. I don’t think there’s any doubt that all that ex fiancé bullshit did lead her to attempt suicide, was high as a kite the whole time and made the stupid decision to make these post online during the 48 hours after her ex OD’d, her story of that one seems pretty honest and straight, plus her mom confirmed some of that on her public Facebook at the time. I don’t think that she’s not keeping her story straight, there’s a lot of merit with what she’s saying here but she way it’s written especially at the end is just cringe, no amount of xD’s at the end of a post like this makes you look any better or takes any light out of these situations

No. 1091879

Imagine being so shallow you care about photoshop accusations from a thread documenting your fucked up life style. Wonder how long we will wait before she stops posting and someone finds her obituary.

No. 1092085

File: 1606394209256.jpg (874.35 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201126-072852_Ins…)

Shes not even canceled lol people have to actually like you first. Insulting her followers and trying to get Trisha of all people to pay attention to her. And pornstar????? Cracked out pictures of your hairy muff and sucking 3 inches of dead fat gerard way for only fans is hardly considered being a pornstar. What a fucking loser.

No. 1092189


she is not a pornstar, she's shilling nudes and videos for cheap on onlyfans, that doesn't make you a pornstar lol
and of course she wouldn't care about trisha being a racist, homophobic weirdo who claims she's trans and has multiple personalities within a year

No. 1092316

Get ready for her new tik tok story arch anons! Ya girls already cracking hard drug and gang jokes, right in line with her true character! At least this dumb bitch is consistent I'll give her that. I love that I said a year ago she's just a dumb sex worker and won't be more in her life time and here we still are lol, except she's starting tik tok how exciting and revolutionary for her.

No. 1092317

She should photoshop her weird chink eyes if I'm honest

No. 1092332

What the fuck is wrong with you?

No. 1092467


She doesn't care how Trisha acts cuz shes exactly the same lol. She loves the fake woke front but shes a bully and just mean as hell. Notice how no one likes to be around her and if they do, its for clout. I wonder what her and Kiras relationship is like these days. Never hear or see much from her anymore.

No. 1092483

I don’t think they are friends anymore, I remember very shortly after her ex died a few of her old close friends came out and said they wish the best for her but ultimately don’t care for her anymore because of her past and present shitty actions, tbh I didn’t even think her and maddie would stay friends after everything but here they are. A lot of Ashley’s og group didn’t seem and doesn’t seem to care about her or what had happened after she moved in with Jake and that fucking weird tweaker group, she doesn’t seem to keep friends/friend groups very long

No. 1092967

Not sure if nitpicking but I find it weird how she came to this thread, posted that screenshot of her ex’s private instagram saying that “sex has progressed into literal torture and violence as it should be” (as evidence that she was in an abusive relationship?) but recently has been bragging about being kinky and a sub and having ‘lived in a cage for 3 days’ again. So was she into it or was he toxic? Lol

No. 1093047

File: 1606512691892.jpeg (287.87 KB, 828x645, F721E64F-90EF-4217-9983-E088FB…)

-Pay for her nose lol XD
-“I don’t even use filters on my posts anymore” re: indiscernible features in an outdoor photo
-remarks on her skin after rehab, of all things

someone is TriGGerD! and pitifully insecure. Whatever would you do without your phone?(XD)

No. 1093240

The overdrawn chapped lips is what makes it for me

No. 1093331


What?? What cage thing lmao God she is a fucking mess.

No. 1093911

File: 1606604304106.jpeg (328.87 KB, 1124x2203, D041C15B-076F-494A-9D7B-169316…)

can she do 1 single thing without having to post it to social media?

No. 1093993

Ashley conditioned Maddie from a young age to idolize her and has her wrapped around her finger. She ignores Maddie for months and then comes back into her life and basically love bombs the fuck out of her which keeps Maddie wanting more. Ashley is an island in Maddie’s miserable life and I think Ashley knows that. Maddie is still friends with Ashley even after her roommate ROBBED her(and then Ash stayed friends with him!). Ashley can always fall back on Maddie when the rest of her friends hate her. I think if Maddie got clean she would distance herself from Ashley and realize how shitty of a friend she is, but that’s pretty unlikely.

I would be impressed if Ashley helped Maddie get sober, but that would be risking her most loyal simp so she probably won’t.

No. 1094018

Definitely should be noted that Maddie became friends with Ashley because Maddie looked up to her instagram. Then they started a friendship which largely consisted of the 2 doing hard drugs together while Maddie was a minor and Ashley was not. Then, now that she’s 18, they’re apparently having sex and making out for instagram. Correct me if I’m wrong but is that not grooming ?

No. 1094180

YES!!! It is and I’m glad that I’m not the only one who sees it. It’s fucking gross.

Ashley can go on about how “there’s nothing weird about being intimate with your friends!” but that doesn’t fucking apply when you met your friend when they were a fucking child and you were an adult. And Ashley only being 2/3 year older than Maddie isn’t an excuse because there is a HUGE difference between the mind of an 18 year old and a 16 year old.

She’s disgusting for that.

No. 1094713

Grooming has intent behind it that Ashley never displayed, she’s a bad influence, shitty friend and manipulative person but grooming has a definition she doesn’t meet

No. 1094955

Yeah, I wouldn’t really call it grooming. Maddie was already doing drugs way before actually hanging out with Ashley, although I don’t doubt that some of that may have been influenced by Ashley as a way to be more like her/gain her friendship. The relationship they have is toxic as hell and Ashley does leave Maddie out to dry and will wait on here when it convinces her only, constantly - but this ain’t grooming, ash keeps her around because Maddie will probably never grow a back bone and call her out or end the friendship, but what intention or reason would she have to groom poor old mads - it’s a power play dynamic but not the definition of grooming
I think y’all give her too much credit that she made Maddie the way she is but Maddie was already this way, already a nobody BPD druggie

No. 1095596

File: 1606777269998.jpeg (202.27 KB, 750x1210, BE0E37A7-CC01-4DB4-B7A8-D520C8…)


No. 1095635

why the fuck does she have to post absolutely everything she does

No. 1095686

File: 1606784107521.gif (173.69 KB, 1056x106, its the mento iwness.gif)

pic rel

No. 1098051

File: 1607008599334.jpeg (259.34 KB, 828x1442, 81DE8D8B-FBC5-4EB6-AEC6-F33465…)

guess who’s going back to inpatient?

No. 1098056

lmao saw a couple days ago on her story she was about to move to California or something in December get ready for another dude and another relapse(emoji, no sage, no integration)

No. 1098203

I hope this inpatient stint does something for Maddie. She will be in the adult unit, which is way different than the teen unit. Not nearly as "fun".

No. 1098298

They wont even let her do inpatient. Theyre forcing her to do outpatient. I kinda feel bad if shes actually being truthful because she really does need some type of inpatient help with no access to drugs

No. 1098367

how soon until there's another gofundme e-begging for hospital bills

No. 1098705

Inpatient as an adult is truly for people who are an immediate risk to themselves or others. Its not like it is as a teen. Being held accountable to show up five days a week will be more beneficial than her stewing, tossing and turning in her shared room, leaving only for meals. She romanticizes being in the hospital but it is super not cool or insta worthy

No. 1100498

File: 1607210248494.png (9.36 MB, 1242x2208, 0F6C624D-AB35-47DB-A328-8DC69C…)

…. so right back with people that do drugs and rob ur “friends” lmao. Just when she seemed to be getting her life togethet

No. 1100760

She's such a loser. She was crying on live the other night about how Ohio isn't safe for her anymore and moving back with these cretins is what's best. Her fans obviously flocked to her to tell her they're here for her, all the while she says how they're better than therapy to her. It's the narcissistic supply that fuels her it's absolutely pathetic she doesn't want to get better at all. She'd rather kill herself on drugs then live a normal life, so as long as strangers on the internet are there to go "zOMG SO PRETTY! DM ME IM HERE FOR YOU QUEEN" whenever she needs it,she isn't going to change

No. 1100823

Honestly, feel bad for Maddie because she has to see this shit get posted but also I don’t because she keeps hanging out with her. Yikes for the both of them.

No. 1100826

Pretty fucked actually that as soon as Maddie is in inpatient is when ash decides to hang out with Him again

No. 1100899

All maddie does is lying, being super annoying and begging fot money. She’s so lazy and has no personality i really can’t stand her. Days ago she was at least pretty but now she has body, face and personality of 40+ years old grumpy divorced Karen

No. 1100901

File: 1607237461148.jpeg (97.01 KB, 750x229, 571B75F2-0BEA-4107-8A83-F6845C…)


No. 1100928


I feel like these girls are just fucking with their followers at this point. 10 pounds??
REALLY hope she gets woken up at inpatient and drops the fuck out of Ashley

No. 1101060

File: 1607265513126.png (3.68 MB, 750x1334, 292357EF-F894-4A0C-A44C-733A65…)

maddie just posted a bunch of stories and posts whining about how shitty her friends are, and since she doesn't really seem to have any friends besides ashley, this is probably about her hanging out with that guy lmao (maddie also deleted most pictures of her with ashley from her main)

No. 1101061

what did the stories say? looks like she's deleted most of them. excited to see shit hit the fan

No. 1101068

File: 1607266094668.jpeg (235.86 KB, 750x1179, DA8936F4-6491-49F8-8FDD-E14B3F…)

they are still up i think, but on her spam account dolllfears. it was just that one story, this post, and another story of her just whining about how she always loves people so much yet never gets anything back, all very vague but still pretty clearly about ashley

No. 1101441

I don’t know much about Andy but from what I see they seem like an actually good friend to Maddie, I see real friendship when Maddie posts with Andy and it makes me happy.

I never thought I’d see the day, is the veil finally lifting? Is Maddie starting to see how bad of a friend Ashley is? I also saw her post about needing to get sober, which like you never know if she really means it, but the very fact that she acknowledges it is a good start.

I can’t believe that Ashley is still friends with that dude. Did she not say that her roommates fucking stole her stuff when she OD’ed? Also lol if she starts hanging out with that Saph bitch again, relapse incoming. But don’t worry guys it’ll be different this time. So fucking trashy

No. 1101518

i really thought she was getting better. i was so proud. i really think it’s unimaginable she’s hanging out with him. i know that this is breaking her mom and deceased exes hearts. recovery did look so good on her. but unfortunately she can’t handle alcohol. she can’t handle anything. because she has an addictive personality. i really do want the best for her but she is explicitly heading towards relapse. she has lost so many people in her life i’m sure she’s at the point where she simply doesn’t care because everyone thinks she is going to OD and die, so she just is going to relapse. i also feel horrible for maddie, who claims she was sexually assaulted by and robbed by that guy. i would never do that to a friend. god this is so sad.

No. 1101529

anyone got her onlyfans leaks? bj, getting fucked etc? can't find this shit anywhere only the stuff that's already leaked and out there.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1101532

this as an example

No. 1101537

No. 1101550

File: 1607290971259.jpeg (1.07 MB, 750x1359, 23A54C01-FA34-4CD5-86FE-DE3648…)

She deleted the photos, really hope Maddie finally sees she’s a shitty fucking friend and person. Really hope viva drag ODs. It’d be a cool site to see(a-log)

No. 1101893

File: 1607304609055.png (1.94 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201206-172725.png)

What do you mean anon? Ashley is a stellar friend / human being. Clearly she puts others above herself. See? The drugs are going in someone else's asshole, how sweet of her to do for her friend!!!

No. 1102016

Anons How long do you think it’ll be before Ashley posts a whole bunch of stories like “I was robbed!! I can’t believe people I thought were my friends would do this!!”

Honestly the only reason that loser probably hasn’t robbed her yet is because she was fucking his best friend who newflash isn’t around anymore, Ashley is a dumb bitch for hanging out with them again and a genuine cunt for doing Maddie like that, I don’t give a fuck what your opinion is of these two but to hang out knowingly with someone who robbed one of your only friends is a real piece of shit move

Lets be honest though the only reason she’s hanging out with those junkie freaks again is so she has access to drugs

No. 1102053

That’s the thing though. This dude is one of the roommates that Ashley said stole her stuff when she ODed! He HAS robbed her.

But whatever, he enables her drug habits and porn career which is clearly what she wants. I guess it’s just too hard being in Ohio with her loved ones who pressure her into not ruining her life. Boo hoo

No. 1102073

What a bitch. I give it a week before she relapses. When will she grow up and realize this lifestyle of hers isn’t cute or quirky?

No. 1102075

File: 1607327702682.jpeg (80.92 KB, 750x1322, AB9205BB-CB77-4F19-9A5B-8D5525…)

She finally disabled vivadrag. Too much negative feedback from that picture with her drug-enabling ex-roommate? Big yikes.

No. 1102095

i didn’t rob ashley, i wasn’t the only person who lived in the crib. i did rob maddie (100 emoji) and i don’t even do drugs, i smoke weed lmao. y’all are so crazy. i dunno who said it but ya when i said maddie capped about being robbed i meant the basement thing with the niggas giving her liquor and etc, i make enough money from working (i have two degrees, i’m not a dumb midwesterner who’s addicted to anything) i wasn’t bragging about coming up like $200 in this thread when y’all were the ones who hyped it up and made it seem like i’m the devil for it, one of maddie’s friends said to do it coz he did it 24/7 and she still kept going back to him. if she wants her money then whenever i’m in dayton again i’ll hand deliver it so you fags can get off my dick. ashley and i aren’t fucking, she collabed with my roommate who has an of when she visited her friends in town. if y’all have any other questions/remarks y’all know my ig, easily direct anything to do that, i’ll be back in another like 3/4 months unless i get banned again

No. 1102098


jake actually told me to fuck her when we lived in dayton because she was a rich goth girl and i automatically said no because she was a child in my eyes, y’all niggas are NUTS

No. 1102180

>i have two degrees
I'm always surprised about the amount of complete idiots who supposedly have several degrees in America. Can someone explain?

No. 1102191

Considering her poor broke ass persona online then what money does she even have? Her family/families seem legit poor as fuck and what drugs is she even doing g anyway. I’m guessing you’d at least also have some insight into that shit

No. 1102192

i mean she lives in absolute filth, you can smell her house from the pictures, but it seems like she makes decent bank from her sad porn

No. 1102257

So you’re a piece of shit with two degrees. Nice

No. 1102261

I feel so sorry for Maddie I just hope she finally gets her shit together. But we know that’s not gonna happen, they’ll be friends again in one month maybe.

No. 1102301

Don’t you think it’s a little nasty that Ashley likes to make out with this child? Also LOL 2 degrees, why the fuck do you need 2 degrees? That’s a whole different kind of stupid

No. 1102335

Why u all hate ashley so much yet love maddie?

No. 1102363

maddie is younger, more impressionable and still has the potential to stop being a retarded whore. ashley is indignant. there's the difference.

No. 1102406

He probably doesn't have degrees, he's trying to seem reputable here. Or if he does, they're not useful ones, as someone who's been to college in America I doubt he's smart enough to achieve a higher education. It really depends on the school, but I bet he went to a community college, they'll take pretty much anybody where I'm from in america if you want to learn and can pay. The dude can come in here to try to paint himself one way but you are the company you keep. He's a dumb drug user justifying his ludacris actions to strangers on the internet. Gross.

No. 1102425

File: 1607369749081.gif (1.1 MB, 612x470, anigif_sub-buzz-26508-14920040…)

>>ludacris actions

No. 1102464

lol what, everyone itt drags maddie all the time. i think there's a bit more sympathy there because ashley got her into pills when she was still underage, but still like even when she got robbed and shit people are generally quick to call her out for continually fucking her own life up by being a retard, so.

No. 1102476

>as someone who’s been to college in america
>ludacris actions

No. 1102493

See, anyone can get a degree!

No. 1102673

Lmao thank you anon

No. 1102911

File: 1607437359071.jpeg (934.87 KB, 1125x754, 925A51CA-4DC0-4729-8511-E7C4D1…)

she put the pics with ash back up. oh Maddie, when are you going to learn?

No. 1102945

File: 1607441467179.png (863 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20201208-122640.png)

No. 1102984

File: 1607445866186.png (1.7 MB, 750x1334, 9D38B4A7-B058-476F-B228-522A27…)

Kek she looks like shit

No. 1102992

nitpick but it's truly confounding why she does that horrible overlined lipstick. she looks genuinely pretty with bare lips, the plumped look doesn't suit everyone

No. 1102998

POV: you are a turd that a passing naked egirl just sniffed

No. 1103035

File: 1607451565955.png (3.47 MB, 1125x2001, 95305B3B-D24E-40EA-B5ED-82326B…)

She really just thinks her own relapse is funny. Smh

No. 1103206

Suddenly ashley is a stoner? Everything this girl does gives me second hand embarrassment.

No. 1103232

File: 1607467616185.jpg (181.67 KB, 1080x1063, Screenshot_20201208-173628_Fac…)

Anything Ashley does should not surprise anyone, ever. Shes legally retarded.

No. 1103273

File: 1607471063749.png (278.87 KB, 1440x1312, Screenshot_20201208-154221.png)

She left ohio to film content according to her old roommate here so it's her own fault if she's sad Jesus Christ

No. 1103304

Robs someone
But has 2 degrees and isn’t broke

No. 1103409

File: 1607483090972.png (1.42 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201208-184612.png)

She's so heated about not smoking weed but does fucking opiates and meth lol.

No. 1103441

File: 1607486372640.jpeg (519.68 KB, 750x1043, B0A02E77-AF70-471D-A874-753D44…)

Clown shit

No. 1103452

File: 1607487930580.png (3.23 MB, 750x1334, AEEC443D-F6B1-4BB3-ABAF-01FBF2…)

maddie looks fucking retarded also fuck vivadrag they both deserve to get raped and fuck the nigga that robbed her

No. 1103457

Calm down Jesus

No. 1103459


Where are you reading she does meth anon? I seriously doubt it she’s on bezos and that type of shit not meth

No. 1103474

She admitted to it in the comments ages ago she was on meth or at least did it a few times, she was arguing with a follower over it lol. If I find it I'll post it over here, because she deactivated her vivadrag account. We know for a fact she is on / was on narcotics for a significant period time so the opiate stuff checks out.

No. 1103487

File: 1607494035597.png (1.04 MB, 1440x1352, Screenshot_20201208-215643.png)

>"We are hanging out to queer bait"

No. 1103493

She and maddie were posting on her story reading the threads and Ironically calling the people posting in it crackheads and saying she was “sober” (it’s probably still up on her story at time of posting)

I guess they skipped over the guy who Ashley loves to hang out with posting in here admitting they he robbed Maddie and accusing her of lying about her sexual assault


Also from the stories both she and Maddie are drinking + her posting about smoking weed so only “sober” from hard drugs I guess

No. 1103502

it’s really hard to feel any pity for maddie or ashley. since they’re reading this thread together: hey maddie when are you finally gonna look ashley in the eye and ask if she has any remorse for getting you hooked on pills??? ashley, how are u gonna try justifying the fact that you hung out and continued to talk to/be friends with the guy who robbed your friend??? fucking addicts lol.

No. 1103523

Just a matter of time before they both OD on all the drugs they do or maddie’s drinking kills her heart with her eating disorder. No one can feel bad for Maddie when she puts herself in these situations, they’ll end up like vivas ex fiancé and ex boyfriend.

No. 1103533

Not even a month later, well Maddie you had your chance. It's only a matter of time till they end up like Ashley's dead boyfriend.

No. 1103535


No. 1103537

maddie are u that fucking dumb ash literally a couple days ago hung out w a dude that ROBBED you what kind of friend is that?? why can’t you see she only ever come back to u when she want clout

No. 1103557

I wonder how often she refreshes this thread daily.

No. 1103566

i hope maddie realizes that sitting on her ass all day, doing makeup, and posing for strangers on the internet etc will get her nowhere. and that stupid excuse 'uwu i cant get a job bc of muh mental illness' like nigga are you schizophrenic or something?? are you throwing tantrums 24/7 so u cant work at mcdonalds?? theres literally disabled ppl in wheelchairs who are happy to be working any kind of job

No. 1103568

File: 1607507531096.jpeg (43.64 KB, 731x414, 370DE75E-A07E-440D-989C-6D8316…)


No. 1103570

god this thread was a mistake. constantly being bumped by idiots who can't sage and infested with ig/twitter retards.

No. 1103571

maddie,you are fucking beautiful, almost angelic looking, but please stop overlining your lips, theres no need for that. your natural lips are perfect the way they are

No. 1103572

all of you niggas are sad because you sit here and congregate and talk about two girls on the internet like it's your personal problem. at least i know what i'm saying is fucked up y'all just be sad as fuck to talk about someone's life over the internet like you're included in the first place. bunch of ugly ass incels

No. 1103574

onlyfans isn't a job and sex work isn't work they are both WHORES with father's that failed them. Ashley is a nasty dog-smelling bitch who needs to put the razor to her armpit as much as she does her wrists and Maddie needs to get a fucking job and stop begging like filth. Also I just wanna say it's fucking retarded for maddie to post '5$ story shout outs!' and then three seconds later say something like 'omg i love her go
follow her guys' like bitch are you fucking DUMB i just saw your story obviously you got paid for it and don't give a fuck about them just stay poor( congregating to talk about girls on the internet)

No. 1103614

We are in pandemic. There is generally not a lot going on. Those two girls are literal comedies and tragedies at the same time and the internet is honestly just a fucking stage. If you put yourself out there you have to expect that.

No. 1103618


nice excuse lol

No. 1103627


No. 1103630

Damn I thought it was just cheesepuffs and red kool aid but now that I see those fingers I guess you're right.

No. 1103641

File: 1607523598918.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 93.69 KB, 750x889, 9C70BC9E-D0BC-47C7-B3FA-0D1DF2…)

She looks like a child…

No. 1103643


because that’s not a creepy thing to say at all…

No. 1103663

what kind of pedo buys this shit

No. 1103664

many adult women have bodies/breasts like that, wtf are you talking about

No. 1103696

There are a large amount of men wanting her OF leaks…Idk guys but for me that doesn't feel right…I honestly worry for her, submitting herself to those disgusting people.

No. 1103698

I guess someone also has the body of a child, you come to this thread to spread hate about those girls and now you get all offended? Pathetic haha

No. 1103709

I didn’t come here to spread hate you dumbass, I came to see what people were saying. And the majority of it isn’t valid criticism but insults and bullying.
Calling a normal woman’s body a “child’s body” just because she’s slim with small breasts and describing it as something pedo’s want is what’s pathetic.

No. 1103716

holy fuck, if you're new here and flocking from instagram read the rules and put 'sage' in the email field

No. 1103724


No. 1103734

Most of this thread IS valid criticism, those idiots constantly read it and yet they still do drugs and do nothing else with their lives than posting everything they do so they can later be crying “Its my life boo hoo none of your bussiness”

No. 1103756

Maybe at the start, but gradually, especially recently, it’s mainly just been general nastiness. I agree with the drug issues, etc, but even then they’re not going to stop just because a bunch of assholes online say they should. If anything it’s gonna make them want to do it even more, just to do the opposite of what you guys are saying.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1103803

well what else do you expect from strangers? Ashley and her friends been doing this shit for years and you want ppl to start praising two drug addicts just because they look cOoL?

No. 1103804

They’ve seen what drugs do to people, her ex fiancée died because of them for fucks sake. And yet they’re still doing them, some people deserve to get bullied really.

No. 1103809


Honestly looking up vivadrag lolcow doesn't take much time. Her crap pops up for me on insta/Facebook and she makes it really really easy considering what a dumpster fire she really is. You act like any of us spend hours obsessing and writing here lol. Takes like 30 seconds to screenshot, come on here, and laugh.

Anyway. Who posted this on insta? I never got around to following her new account or Maddie's.

No. 1103823

why can't anyone here fucking sage

No. 1103827

fr how has it not been auto saged yet admin I’m begging u

No. 1103985

File: 1607549819621.png (724.42 KB, 1351x1248, Screenshot_20201209-133246.png)

I forgot to post this last night. She removed most of these ramblings sadly so you can't view them at the time of posting but trust me they were hilarious.

No. 1103987

File: 1607549856432.png (894.14 KB, 1310x1601, Screenshot_20201209-133302.png)

No. 1104071

You see guys, Maddie’s laughing at this thread too! That totally means that Ashley is exempt from any responsibility for getting Maddie hooked on pills, treating her like a backup friend, and generally being creepy by making out with someone who she met while they were a CHILD. Whatever makes you feel better, Ashley.

No. 1104105

>choosing to spend your night with friends reading a thread about your drama
>isn't your first time either
>going so far as posting stories about you reading it and laughing*
>acting above it and unbothered* until the reality of your narcissistic behavior slaps you in the face
>extreme embarrassment ensues
>abort abort
>act like nothing happened
>do more drugs and forget

very normal and charming behavior as usual.


No. 1104316

File: 1607588165091.jpeg (123.95 KB, 750x733, 1B612B0B-9839-446D-895F-CB2A0A…)

yeah, sure maddie, getting mad at your "friend" for hanging out with the guy who robbed you is totally just bpd behavior. it's scary how ashley manages to manipulate her and how fucking naive maddie is

No. 1104318

File: 1607588703800.jpeg (172.03 KB, 750x711, 3C963AFF-4E35-4E71-B44B-EB92A1…)

it's all fun and games until ashley decides to drop maddie again, which is really just a matter of time tbh. then maddie's suddenly back to getting fucked up alone in her room, complaining about how she doesn't have any friends and how much her life sucks on her stories. amazing lifestyle, really

No. 1104319

they probably realized that it's fucking dumb to send all your fans to a thread, where actual bullshit they were/are doing is exposed. it's so funny how there are so many accusations made in this thread, yet they chose to ignore all of that and only picked comments about them doing drugs or straight up being ugly, non of the actually milky stuff to make it look like this is jUsT A sTuPiD gOsSiP sItE

No. 1104331

File: 1607590750529.jpeg (140.07 KB, 750x563, 5282F603-BD76-4648-BB9A-59C0AC…)


No. 1104337

File: 1607593187994.jpg (1.11 MB, 2160x2160, photocollage_202012101304069.j…)

A collage of the original designs on toopoor that ashley took for herself. I get using other people's tattoos (or styles, etc.) as an inspiration for yours but skin walking to this degree feels super shameless and uncreative to me.

No. 1104423

Well like so many alt girls do have tattoos above their knees, rose tattoo was very very popular like 3-4 years ago
I dont think she is copying toopoor, these symbols are just super popular and almost every alternative girl has something like this tattooed

No. 1104434

yeh but what about the neck and forehead tattoo?its too specific

No. 1104461

When lil peep blown up everyone wanted to get neck or face tattoo u know

No. 1104467

lil peep blew up like 3 years ago,she got her neck/face tattoos this year or last year i believe???and the neck tattoo font is too similar like lmao

No. 1104468

i mean,its fine if she took toopoor as inspo,but it just shows how unoriginal and basic these alt hoes are while they're trying so hard to be unique

No. 1104534

Ofc they’ re basic what did u expect? That they’re super unique just bc they do drugs and wear gothis clothes?

No. 1104545


they all want to be copies of each other there now you two retards can shut the fuck up.

mods please auto-sage we're tired of this thread being bumped to the top when it's only children sperging about toopoor

No. 1104575

File: 1607629982783.png (80.59 KB, 1440x566, Screenshot_20201210-115206.png)

Maddie is a perpetual victim

No. 1104579

File: 1607630225679.png (230.11 KB, 1440x1331, Screenshot_20201210-112532.png)

>So many dudes approach me like this
Okay so get off omegle then? Lol it's 2020 you are 18 what the hell are you even on there for. Attention? At 18 you could not force me to waste my time there, maybe at 13 though lmao. Maddie and ashley are mentally stunted and it shows daily.

No. 1104680

maddies got a pregnancy scare rn, would she quit drinking for a baby?(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1104693

File: 1607640181120.png (89.72 KB, 1440x702, Screenshot_20201210-142112.png)

Not her old roommate (sapphire) joking about ODing after losing multiple friends to drug overdoses..

No. 1104695

When did she say that anon? I haven't seen that on her media yet

No. 1104717

recent spam post, she has some random symptom of it and someone commented that and some additional info and she said it's possible and thanked them

No. 1104744

File: 1607645994104.jpeg (299.27 KB, 750x1056, 0A07463C-4B7C-4F18-8B8E-6C70A6…)

No. 1104918

lmao i doubt it shes sexually active at all,shed be bragging about it on her ig all the time

No. 1104947

Don't these zoomers know how search engines work?

No. 1104973


I wouldn’t say that she’s posted her cuddling in bed with I think two different guys in the past month or so and kept posting about how excited she was to meet some guy, spammed her story when she did

If anything I wouldn’t think she was in a relationship probably just casual sex since she was posting stuff about using Tinder

No. 1105048

Manny why are you always trying to defend yourself you literal piece of shit. All you do is rob women who are 5’4 then brag about it online like that’s anything to brag about. I wish you’d try to rob a real dealer so bad lol you’ll be dead like your friends. But you’d rather just rob 18 year old women

No. 1105058

It means you have gingivitis. Ask mom and dad to take you to the dentist and start brushing your teeth.

No. 1105159

File: 1607712830047.jpeg (649.13 KB, 750x912, A3CD186A-4D86-4675-BC13-2B4D8D…)

Nobody is going to wear a shirt with her ugly tweaker face on it lol, she literally looks like a retard because of all the brain cells she’s killed huffing duster or whatever.

No. 1105501

not once did anyone say they should be praised lol

No. 1105518

File: 1607740647942.png (2.79 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20201211-183502.png)

She's moving to Las Vegas, I wonder how she will be able to afford that with no job & no education. She's probably planning to run off with some random man she found off of the internet again.

No. 1105541

All these girls sell pussy

No. 1105784

Oh shit she’s going to Vegas? I live here and it’s a small place and it’s pretty boring right now due to virus etc. this doesn’t seem like a good place to go if you’re needing to be sober…

No. 1106317

She's not moving to Vegas, lol why would you think that. She is visiting with her mom, getting drunk together because her mom is a retarded enabler. She said this on her damagednerves story

No. 1106738


God no wonder she’s so fucked with her mom enabling her so much

Don’t forget her mom is most likely the one who paid for her multiple rehab stints and hospital visits (also throwback to publicly massively talking shit about her mother multiple times bc her mom votes republican lmao)

So not only are they going on holiday to Vegas in the middle of a pandemic, her mom is happy to get drunk with her daughter who massively struggles with addiction, what a great way to support your daughter

No. 1106764

I can't believe you forgot the "vampires will never hurt you" tattoo, it's a rip off of toopoors "poor lil thing". this girl really has zero originality.

No. 1106771