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No. 567471

Summary from PULL: Problematic “goth girl”, always posting drama then deleting later. Dated Tyler (Online personality Zalvid) super weird dramatic breakup along with more deleting. Dated Connor (Probablyconnorward) for about 2 weeks right after Tyler and broke up with him, more drama.. super rude to anyone who disagrees with her or just outright blocks everyone. Changes her hair once a week, smokes cigarettes and is super rude to anyone who says anything about it. Also posts controversial statements about killing herself and depression only to delete it all again.

No. 567473

She's an 18 year old attention seeker. She's obsessed with MCR even though they've been broken up for 5+ years and she has no real identity of her own.

No. 567476

You forgot too poor skin walker in the bio. I'm disappointed.

No. 567483

I just browsed her ig and she really does change her hair every week or week and a half. How does she keep it healthy looking? Jill could learn from this cow.

No. 567490

>smokes cigarettes

No. 567540


No. 567622


She dates people and colors her hair a lot guys!!!

I am interested in the skinwalking tho, where's the milk on that? I know who Layla is but idk who Ashley is

No. 567635

File: 1524880100168.jpeg (547.3 KB, 672x1000, B4162DA9-008C-4639-80BB-3A2DA2…)

layla’s rose tattoo

No. 567637

File: 1524880131485.jpeg (245.5 KB, 750x734, BC2511FB-985A-4083-B54C-E6B37E…)

And Ashley’s

No. 567674

I don't really think she warrants a thread.

It's posts of highschool friends & townies taking mirror selfies and posing in Walmart parking lots and graveyards of some flyover state.

Some teen as basic as her name Ashley Renee. Who cares? lol

No. 567797

right? this is such a pull-level flake. i feel like literally any slightly known or semi-notorious social media personality or instahoe gets posted there just for like… existing in a way they can nitpick at. she’s annoying but no one cares and there are way milkier (ur at least funnier to observe) people in this circle and in similar ~instag0th sadgurl~ circles. if anything she belongs in that miscellaneous instahoe thread

No. 567851

is there any special reason she can't go in the instahoes general thread? >>>/snow/210611

No. 567931


literally nothing is happening on her instagram, what is milky here? some generic captions and song lyrics ("I am doll parts", really?)? creepyyeha corset harness and choker necklace? suburban z-tier art school bathroom selfies?

so fucking basic and recycled from every other instagoth teen.

i was surprised to see the 100k+ followers, but then again, there are LOTS of teens on instagram. only a teen would be fooled by the paper-thin, regurgitated facade of a personality. But she doesn't belong here.


samefag or selfpost tbh. omg she dyes her hair, smokes, and listens to a popular band!

No. 569361


i agree. can't you let stupid teens be stupid teens on the internet? all they do is look ridiculous and pretend they're ~dEeP~ like all the teens do. who the fuck cares if she changes her hair often or tries to look like toopoor?

No. 585962

File: 1526554119741.jpeg (284.29 KB, 1125x1742, 7A838C74-0601-48AA-A468-9CA933…)

No. 586076

who cares this is dumb 16 year old angst drama not milk

No. 613340

File: 1529252653107.jpeg (248.29 KB, 1242x919, 37CD5AF9-EB4D-4EE1-9ECD-587BD1…)

sooooo edgy…..this girl tries so hard, it’s cringey af

No. 613656


yeah she's a cringy tryhard teen, but no1curr. she's a suburban art school student named fucking "ashley".

nobody cares about her basic ass

No. 740809

She actually is very nice in person. I'm friends with her boyfriend (Simon's) brother and have met her a couple of times. Sure, she's got some problems, but she isn't a total bitch like everyone on here is making her out to be.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 740861

bruh why would you put your entire name and email lol

No. 740955

this thread was dead before you necro'd it with your newfaggotry and it barely had any milk to go around. "total bitch"? there's barely any posts on this particular thread. go be a normie elsewhere.

No. 740967


No one cares about this basic irrelevant Ohio teenager. She is boring, and a copy of many other edgy instateens.

No milk.

No. 784344

She does not really know how to take care of her rats but shes a beginner. I just don't get how shes mad at people for looking up to her. Shes a model so of course thats going to happen(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 784588

Ashley is honestly superficial and an egomaniac. I’ve known her for a long time in person and she picks and chooses who to be friends with based off their aesthetic. She dropped all of her old friends (for no reason) and moves friend groups relatively quickly. She’s not a bad person, just extremely full of herself, which I guess is expected when you have thousands of followers, but it really went to her head. It’s so sad, tbh.

No. 784662

Ya I noticed this, if you aren't a part of the nostalgia goth aesthetic, you're automatically lame. I don't know if she's milky because I haven't kept up with her in a minute, but I know she's obsessed with trying to be a model, and she's kind of signaled towards looking down on people that aren't in her "league".

No. 789139

I once met her at a con with a bunch of her friends (I knew one of her friends and actually went with her). Extremely full of herself. Nevery even said Hi or interacted with me. She literally looked at me weirdly because I was cosplaying an anime character at an ANIME con. She was that one girl in beetlejuice and I wanted to compliment her but she was such a complete bitch. Now she acts all high and mighty and hates instagram even though she uses it almost every day? Trying to hard to be "artsy farts glossier girl who loves rats and is moving to new York for?? What???

No. 792601

thought i should comment about this. i heard someone i know met up with her one night and she drove the car extremely high on xanax, backed into another car and laughed about it and drove off. she then let this underage girl have over 4 xanax (it was her first time taking it) with alcohol, and she got incredibly fucked up and then developed an addiction to pills (was recently hospitalized for it). i just thought this was absolute bullshit. she is addicted to drugs and has these thousands of teenagers who idolize her because of her beauty, thats just so messed up to me.

No. 792602

i meant that this girl was addicted to the pills after she provided them to her. this might be a rumor but it is so specific i seriously doubt it. dayton is a small town and things go around fast.

No. 792660

This thread is shit, you should all be ashamed

No. 799638

its true she gave the girl pills

No. 799731

I just saw on her IG that she moved to NYC? how the fuck can she afford to live there with no real job? always gotta be suburbian trust funds that move to nyc..

No. 801991

Who did she give pills to? I’m local and genuinely curious because I am just now hearing about this. I’m not surprised though.

No. 802234

i think she gave it to some girl on instagram named dollltears but im not sure

No. 802282

y'all are fucking petty picking apart a stranger's life cause nothings going on in your own. Go out and do something you snotty bitches

No. 802321

you've been trying to bump this thread for ages, just stop.

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