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No. 556178

"she was mad a 17 year old girl had gotten farther with art than she ever would"
"Major Edgelord"
"Made a My teacher hates me video"
"High School tried to sue her"

Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbTvL2iGT_R9Ld4M46xO3AQ
Twitter - https://twitter.com/Spechie_

No. 556182

File: 1523805923870.png (466.1 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Bless this thread!!
Thought we could start out by a hideous drawing with lopsided eyes

No. 556207

>>made a video talking about depression and how teenagers most likely aren’t depressed, just have hormones running around
>>she has self diagnosed depression which is totally legit

No. 556223

Jfc this has 4k likes? What is it about this bitch that makes people follow?? This is awful!

No. 556225

Has she tried defending the depression video anywhere yet?

No. 556232

No. 556240

She replied to Holly Browns comment, but that comment was deleted. She was defending saying that ternagers likely dont have depression

No. 556246

I love how she opens this video with "everyone in this community has had a bad art teacher and idk why!!"

All of the videos of this kind are the student being a complete dumbass and being mad that their teacher asked them to draw anything besides poor anime art.

Imo, this is the worst of her videos though
>complaining that the school might actually sue her if she mentioned the name
>complaining that their school didn't like students playing games on their school issued laptops
>complaining that a STEM-centered school tried to make her…do STEM
>actually mad that she got reprimanded for making a video trashing her classmates
>"Yea maybe I was being a bully but it's not bullying if it's THE TRUTH!!11"
>Fails to understand that it is indeed an issue to shit talk classmates at a school with 200 students where a lot of people know your YT channel.

No. 556255

Is she Too up her own ass or retarded?

No. 556261

No. 556263

She's so full of herself. Does she think she's the only "rebellious artsy quiet kid" who didn't like their high school or thought their classes were boring?
Her smug voice really bothers me. She acts like such a victim… crazy idea, but maybe your classmates would like you if you didn't act so high and mighty and mock them online. It's so funny how she says the "Mandy" girl from her school is edgy, flaunts her depression, rude, and has a huge ego (timestamp 5:08). Hmm… sound familiar?

No. 556268

Yep, all she does is project her ugly personality onto others. And she's a major bully, you can tell in her voice when she describes people. She even admits to being an ass to her friends. I think a bunch of naive teens can't see through her bs and think she's a friendless lonely quiet art kid like them, that's why she has so many followers. She's not, she's just very good at victimizing herself.

No. 556269

A lot of younger people probably think they see themselves in her, and think that she's saying things that other artists wouldn't dare, when she's not really sayin anything new.
She'll be irrelevant soon, all she does is repeat herself.

No. 556276

Lol this exact video was just posted. Honestly its so cringey i can't watch it twice.

No. 556277

No. 556280

Whoo finally this thread is made. Thanks op.

She made a video bitching about two of her classmates because one liked to sing and the other asked her out maybe? And then when the school found out, she sperged out all “I know my rights!” She acted like those two minor inconveniences justified bullying them because she didn’t name them, so obviously it’s okay, even though she’s also said there was only 25 kids in her class.

She has little life experience but acts like an authority on everything. She’s clearly painfully insecure and has a glass ego.

No. 556288

Oh, no way. How old is this person supposed to be??

No. 556290

I normally hate drama or react channels, but this one isn’t too bad.

No. 556299

The guy following her to ask her out is creepy and thats wrong, but holy shit this video is so mean. I hated most of the kids of my highschool but at least i can admit its partly my fault lol. How can she just make fun of these people who she was going to school with at the time??? She made the video when she still had to see them everyday wtf

No. 556301

She's 18.

I think her content appeals to 12-15 year olds who "hate skewwwl xD" and think that they're just above it all and no one "gets" them or their genius. Her art is bad and thus an attainable skill level for them too. She's a product of a kind of shitty teen with an inflated ego being giving a horde of adoring younger fans that reinforce her terrible attitude.

No. 556317

i like this commentary on spechie but wow could the guy talk any slower lol

No. 556326

She's such a jackass.

No. 556332

I'm barely 2 years older than her and she seems so childish to me. Why does she think her mediocre intelligence, looks and art skills makes her above anyone? I watched a few of her videos a few months ago not thinking much of it but when I watched more of her videos they're so generic and salty like why.

Also does she ever explain why she HAD to go to a stem school if she wanted to go into arts? Sure the parents make the decision when the child is a minor but ultimately isn't it up to the child to decide where they want to be educated if their current school isn't a good environment or catering to her needs? It was easy for myself so maybe I'm just biased lol

No. 556352

File: 1523817923657.png (105.78 KB, 567x423, Screen Shot 2018-04-15 at 2.44…)

No. 556353

Her video gave "good" advice to people who are sad. It doesn't help anybody with a mental illness

No. 556354

Wow, this bitch is fucking rude. And her art sucks anyway, why is she so full of herself?

No. 556357

>being undiagnosed means you can't share what worked for you?
Exactly, because you don't even know if you actually have depression or something else lmao, what is this? Does she think hers is somehow not a "shitty dumbass video"?

No. 556358

Of course it’s not. She’s queen, everything she says is gold and she has right to opinions.
Gee, those kids validated by a huge following of other kids are the plague.

No. 556375

>makes fun of kids in her school for being greasy and having moobs
>makes a video a few months later saying that you shouldn't make fun of someone struggling with weight issues, because SHE was "fatshamed" by her family

Also kek at her saying she's healthy at 180 pounds as a teenager and "far from obese". At her height, she's only about 10 pounds away from having an obese BMI.

No. 556385

Watched a few of her videos and damn is she arrogant lol

No. 556386


Why do chubby artists always draw themselves skinny lmao

No. 556389

It took me a bit to realize that it's supposed to be Tom, the chest had me really distracted.

No. 556391

File: 1523820618623.png (646.28 KB, 1024x1024, lol.png)

It's about time she got a thread, thanks OP! Her art is outstandingly generic, it's quite clear that she has no idea how to draw. Feels incredibly flat and lifeless.

Does anybody know what she's doing with life as far as college goes? I can see her getting into some of the lower tier art schools, but am not seeing much on the future

No. 556392

I don't think she has plans on going

No. 556394

File: 1523820752582.png (337.33 KB, 485x669, wow.png)

No. 556397

File: 1523820841124.png (789.04 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Her art isn't just generic, its anatomically wrong and unpleasing

No. 556398

This drawing isn't even hot to begin with. Why do the eyes look like fucking runny eggs.

No. 556399

Holy fuck this is some shitty ass drawing. This is recent?

No. 556402

Whoops just saw its from 2017. But you know what. Its on the internet so it counts lol

No. 556403

College definitely isn't for everyone but I think she's overestimating the ability the impact that only online tutorials can have as well as the longevity of her youtube channel.

No. 556407

Does anyone know what she actually looks like?

No. 556409

"I don't need a piece of paper telling me I can draw." The only way she could actually improve is probably art school, lol. I highly highly doubt she has the motivation to self teach properly. She also clearly has no idea what art school is like if she thinks it's all arguing and competitiveness. Thanks for the link btw!

God, this is literally the kind of stuff you should be drawing at 14… she needs to learn basics, but she clearly has no interest in doing so

No. 556410

This one is recent and is about the same level so yeah I'd say it counts.

No. 556411

Also for an artist she doesn't post a lot of her art. I wonder why.

No. 556412


She takes a shit ton of selfies on her Instagram.

No. 556415


Wow she sure hates drawing anything else besides busts, huh.

She's also got some mean art lean. It's on par with Holly's art lean. It's like all the faces of the characters she draws are falling off. her art lacks foundation.

No. 556416

Tbh I wouldn't give two shits about her art if she wasn't so damn arrogant about it. It's mediocre at best.

No. 556417


I don't think she's as much of an artist as she is just another youtube personality, who happens to draw every so often. Art is just a vehicle to get people's attention where she'd be uninteresting otherwise. But even then her art is bland.

No. 556440

I think I know why she's popular. You know those shitty YA novels with self-important, snowflakey protagonists? She acts exactly like one of them. That probably appeals to a lot of kids.

No. 556447

God, she sounds so condescending yet uneducated whenever she opens her mouth. Don't go if you think you're better than teaching yourself than actual professionals who will give you critique, but the tuition doesn't go to the staff, or even the professors. They're not rich.

Art school won't do shit for her unless she changes her attitude.

No. 556448

*better at, lost my cool typing this oof

That's a pretty apt comparison.

No. 556453

File: 1523824130852.png (664.44 KB, 474x598, spechieig.png)

From her IG. Her selfies are all filtered to death but she's quite cute if you disregard her personality. She also has videos of herself on her channel.

No. 556462

>with those eyebrows

No. 556464

File: 1523825015015.png (143.4 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Argh i can't get the whole comment but its basically her defending herself instead of owning up and admitting she worded things badly.

No. 556490

File: 1523826624570.png (187.63 KB, 947x841, 2018-04-15 23_09_09.png)

HulloAlice also left a really long comment calling her out, there was another paragraph but you get the idea.

No. 556494

File: 1523826849900.png (94.17 KB, 869x438, 2018-04-15 23_10_57.png)

And here's Monique Renee's comment in case it gets deleted.

Holly commented on the video too but I couldn't find it so I guess either Spechie deleted it or Holly backed out.

No. 556496

She's not a flake for her looks or styling, the nitpicking is dumb.

No. 556500

File: 1523826990986.jpg (321.86 KB, 720x1236, 1523731336194.jpg)

Repost of Holly's comment from her thread.

No. 556521

Spechie is attractive in a basic way but she’s such a massive cunt I can’t help but cringe with an inward disgust any time I see her

No. 556529

File: 1523829174167.jpeg (638.48 KB, 750x1040, 5739DD60-7390-44CB-B586-D14D25…)

Find it funny some of you are calling her cute. She’s an overweight, basic white girl with bad makeup, small eyes, and Snapchat filters. Yeah she’s not deformed or morbidly obese, but let’s not inflate her already extreme ego.

Or maybe I can’t see what you’re seeing because of her atrocious personality.

No. 556535

File: 1523829414139.jpeg (127.95 KB, 750x1000, 5AC77228-FFF8-4A4A-A21D-1F08A2…)

How has her art not improved at all since at least 2016?

No. 556609

Is this traced? The face is way more proportionate than the other art in this thread.

No. 556637

She also has 27k followers on Twitter. No idea how cause her art looks like a 12 year old's that just got into fanfic.

No. 556644

File: 1523835883996.jpg (9.35 KB, 540x205, projectingmuch.jpg)

she's average looking at the best anon

No. 556710

Omfg look at the cleavage KEK

No. 556722

File: 1523840813923.jpeg (159.42 KB, 750x1052, 28D09A05-C8B8-45BB-ACB2-BC194E…)

She’s buckling down on people pointing out she’s an idiot by saying it doesn’t matter cause we all die in the end. So edgy

She’s also going to do a “tutorial” on makeup. Which is kek worthy because her makeup always looks the same, she always does her eyeliner in a thin wing which doesn’t suit her eye shape, and she’s not doing anything challenging. This is going to be Lainey levels of bad. She really does just want to be a YouTuber primarily, and art was just a gimmick.

No. 556739

Who cares what she looks like, her drama comes from her 'art'. Focusing on a flake's looks when they're not relevant (compared to an instahoe, cosplay flake or models) is exactly why most threads go to shit nowadays.

No. 556750

goddamn this is shit a middle schooler would draw. i can’t believe she is 18

No. 556763


She's literally planning a makeup tutorial. Commenting on her looks is as fair game as it is for any other youtuber. Get off your high horse.

No. 556844

Nah. If she weighs 180 lbs you better believe I’m ad homming this cocky, self-centered bitch. With respect to her art, it’s always lulzy when her persona weighs about 80 lbs less than she does.

It’s ~uwu body posi don’t attack her looks~ PULL tards that ruin threads by trying to police them, as you are.

No. 556853

I like how she complains about the "greasy" people at her school and how she's the only "normal" one there when in reality she's literally just as bad if not worse than them. Too edgy, plus conceited enough to think she's the only "artist" at her school and doesn't understand why people don't like her.

No. 556858

People get real salty when you don't hate every aspect of a cow.
She's not a 10/10, but she's still kinda cute, even if her personality doesn't help her.

No. 556862

as her style is so insanely inconsistent that im almost positive she traces or paints over other pieces.

No. 556870

That anon wasn't even policing anything, anon. It's okay for a cow not to be ugly, they're still a cow.

This looks like a backstreet boy got flattened by a steamroller.

No. 556894

File: 1523860622739.jpeg (661.81 KB, 1274x1467, F412D15B-EC7D-4E21-B9EC-13F434…)

recent drawing. most of the comments on this instagram post is telling specky about the potato face.

No. 556900

This is hilarious because to many people with mental illnesses, triggers are a serious medical issue or something and she treats it lightly… After making a vieo about depression. I don't even know her but I'm enjoying this thread.

No. 556923

O-M-G finally!!! I waited ages for a thread on this bitch! she is such an edgelord, she is like holly brown but less fat and more edgy. bless this thread

No. 556936

File: 1523868544334.jpg (144.45 KB, 1274x500, 20180416_024649.jpg)

What the actual fuck is up with that chest tumor

Why does it look like the chest has been indented in like some mangled corpse

Like fuck the potato face wtf is going on here. Cropped can you even recognize what body part this is supposed to be?

It doesn't even make sense as a wip or base like it's got shadows and light

What the actual fuck am I looking at. Just scrolled by this by chance and I can't get past this anatomical monstrosity

No. 556957

It isn't as bad as that. It isn't funny when you just jump in a thread and start improv riffing

No. 556971

Anyone else find it ironic that she makes a depression video under the guise of helping those in need while simultaneously refusing to take down her high school bully video featuring her as an edgy apathetic teenage bitch?

No. 557031

Someone, please find the original photo that she so clearly traced over.

No. 557061

File: 1523889198425.jpeg (41.34 KB, 540x809, C7377145-126A-44BD-A6F3-D50BDB…)

No. 557065

No surprise here anon, shes made a video about how bad fatshaming is… You know. After she called everyone in her school fat.

No. 557071

File: 1523890465037.jpg (30.74 KB, 291x414, Capture.JPG)

She'd look decent if she lost 40 pounds.

Though it's her personality that makes her shite.

No. 557075

Her looks aren't the issue, some people will think she's cute, some won't. Let's not let this thread devolve the way Baylee's did where half of it is people snickering at how fat she is and how bad her hair looks.

No. 557076

Idc how she looks, i dont think shes fat, but why would she draw herself so differently?

No. 557077

Wow, no wonder everyone in the comments were telling her how smooshed it looks. This girl is this obnoxious but can't draw for shit without reference? Kek.

No. 557084

File: 1523891628358.png (874.95 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

This is meant to be Jim Hawkins from treasure planet?????

No. 557094

>scroll up before I post and skim thread to ensure it's not out of context
>entire thread is dedicated to how bad her art is and how full of herself and her drawings she is
>this is by far the worst piece yet

Uh, yeah, it IS that bad. Sorry if your eyes and ass were reversed.

No. 557099

Most people's avatars are cuter and thinner than them, but she probably couldn't draw herself accurately even if she wanted to, juding from this mess:


No. 557105

I'd be offended if I was the model in the photo. This girl turned her into a moon-faced, circular blob.

No. 557169

Most high school anime artists have no idea how anatomy works there is no way someone that can’t draw her avatar wearing clothes that aren’t stenciled in is going to be able to accurately represent her own body when she can’t draw beyond deviantart anime bases and tracing photos. In her fat shaming video all she does is draw legs thicker kek

No. 557282

It looks like a study, anon. Something you do with a reference. If she did more of them she would get better, but people with egos usually think that they're too good to do studies on a regular basis.

No. 557365

Oh wow. How do you even fuck up that badly?

No. 557387


>This girl is this obnoxious but can't draw for shit without reference? Kek.

Using references is fine. Being completely unable to properly represent them is not.

No. 557409

Oh, I meant this drawing looks way better than some of the drawings in this thread, her non-referenced art is very same-facey. And also just bad. Idk, is my point coming across?

No. 557484

Yeah I think so, basically references are fine for learning and using to build your own piece, but she relies on them without retaining anything for her own work.

No. 557525

another edgy art youtuber who talks big shit to compensate for their crippling self esteem? never seen this before.

No. 557612

her channel has a couple more gems like this one

No. 557618


hahaha what the actual fuck was that?

No. 557629

File: 1523938146072.jpg (17.3 KB, 500x480, BitterDisgustingAsianpiedstarl…)


How the fuck is she 18 years old?? Honestly, even OUTSIDE of her art skill, this is just so lazy. I've met so many artists that make up a lack of technical skill by at least putting real work into projects but she just reuses frame after frame and barely fucking tries

And in what fucking world is that an animatic lul

No. 557657

Yeah I get what you're saying, anon. She should have used reference for the other faces but maybe she's one of those people who think that they're too good for them which is a mistake.

Exactly this. She's copying without applying.

No. 557662

2008 level of "animation"

No. 557679

File: 1523944211671.jpeg (27.29 KB, 301x339, 8A451FA3-AA4F-4151-9256-A6D2A4…)

That cleft lip tho

No. 557682

File: 1523944807782.jpg (48.43 KB, 631x594, 30127963_274721979733614_86630…)

yeah that is like 6 pounds away from being clinically obese
in a perfect world there would be a farmer thread/blog where you could critique and paint over all of this garbage and make the avatar the cutest waifu around so all the worst people would defend it lmao. its petty, but cows inspire cow ideas. man i wish i had that ego

No. 557695

Wow, deep.

No. 557698

whats the sauce on her being mad at the 17yo? i wanna read/listen to that shit lmao

No. 557745

Spechie claimed her teacher was mad at her, at the time she was 17, for being better at art than her teacher. She's delusional

No. 557758

File: 1523965401857.png (834.8 KB, 1274x1467, 30728097_1873992649278277_2259…)

Still looks like shit but that was literally the easiest fix ever.

No. 557761

no one needs to see this, we can do this in our heads thanks

No. 557777

what this is jim!? god her art is bad

No. 557805

this isn't /ic/

No. 557889

Well I enjoyed seeing it so people can bitch all they want anon

No. 557985


I don't think shes fat either, but she isn't as thin as she draws herself, but she doesn't understand forms, shapes and mass. She isn't an informed artist, she just draws in abeginner weeb style and calls it a day.
And beginner weebs only "know" one body type I think. And that is being generous, because they really don't even know that!

BUT, on the other hand she is also shallow and vain and makes fun of other people for their looks. SO, she may be ashamed of her actual body type.

No. 558152

Anime kids symbol draw because they haven’t studied anatomy. She only knows how to draw generic base bodies for anime characters in three views.

No. 558339

The first video I watched from her was Overweight and I found a lot of it relatable.

Then I watched her other stuff and felt disappointed about how arrogant and hypocritical she can be.

Am I the only one who thinks she doesn't look like a teenager? I would've guessed 21-25 years old.

Sage for mostly blog posting.

No. 558350

The age thing is probably the heavy makeup.

No. 558354

you people realy like to bitch about everything
>inb4 are you new anon
somehow I still manage to be surprised

No. 558373

Maybe. I doubt it's intentional though. She doesn't strike me as the type to wear makeup to look older. Girls like that usually brag about getting wasted all over social media.

No. 558378

why are random points on his face glowing ans why does he look like he just ripped the fattest bong hit

No. 558386

This girl is singlehandedly one of the most atrocious individuals I have ever had the displeasure of seeing with a successful channel. Christ almighty. I've watched two of her videos, not being able to watch either of them in full because her personality is abhorrent and horrible, and ALREADY I can tell what kind of person this person is. She reminds me of a "friend" I had a while back who thought her traced anime art was good and that she was the bee's knees and knew everything there was to about anime.
Her art is amateurish in the full sense of the word, as if she thinks she's too good to learn anatomy rules or thinks her anatomy is completely on-par with industry professionals. Her coloring is meh at best, and her style itself is boring and makes absolutely no sense – stylized or not.
Do NOT call this an animatic, Spechie, this is literally the least close to what an animatic is! It's a slideshow over music you dumbshit. Now I would have given her some credit, ya know like maybe she just thought this was how animatics were - slideshow pictures that kind of move with the music and nothing else - but her ARROGANCE in each of her videos makes me think that she went into this fully aware that animatics were popular and she just wanted the attention so she half assed this shit.
She comes off as an ungrateful brat. How dare she talk about her art teachers that way! I know there can be some creative differences but to ASSUME things about what they are saying and rehashing it to her viewers to make her look like the victim? What the actual fuck.
She's a spoiled bitch who needs to learn that you can't always get what you want and you're not always right. Her looks are average at best but she thinks she's some kind of super model – great at everything so why try and get better?

Sorry for the rant I just despise people like this so vehemently. Her and Holly would be amazing frenemies let me tell you.

No. 558468

She is essentially all the bad things about youtube storytime animatic creators in one person

No. 558484


No. 558572

love how she really made star look 14 in this! Not, every single drawing of a girl she makes has this EXACT face, it astounds me how she got such a big following.

No. 558678

File: 1524052139280.jpg (63.98 KB, 586x574, masterpiece.jpg)


No. 558682

“Maybe you shouldn't have”

No. 558695

She really needs to learn more about anatomy. Do more studies or grab some Proko vids ffs. That cleavage doesn't even look like cleavage, it looks like a cut and a bruise.

No. 558704

so you skip by the nose, the mouth, the hair, the neck, the shoulders and the bone structure? :)

No. 558711

I don't have to list everything wrong with it to know that it's fucked up, anon.

No. 558757

My, she was right! She's obviously way better in art than her art teacher will ever be!

No. 558763

You're really bad at defending yourself on anon, Spechie.

No. 558768

File: 1524060184543.jpg (122.32 KB, 586x574, Spechiechan.jpg)

Used Liquify and moved around/resized some elements.
Also boobs are not cut and they don't cast that kind of shadow.
I don't know if she could improve just by paying attention though…

No. 558769

This is really bad. Like, really really bad. The "Human afterall" -parts made me lose my shit. The "dont put the blame on me" made me cringe.

She's on her way to fullblown lolcow status, amazing.

No. 558775

File: 1524060496219.png (727.33 KB, 1117x1170, Schermata 2018-04-18 alle 16.0…)

I'm laughing so hard I think I might pee myself. THE ARM, THE EVERYTHING.

No. 558778

uhh why is the face tilted but the lips are just straight?

No. 558791

The arm omg why

No. 558835

Okay then let's see
Nose: The nose is an angle too big for her face, it's huge and unpleasantly shaped. There are ways to draw noses large without ruining the harmony of the face, however this is not it. Plus, it's the same nose shape yo- I mean Spechi draws all the time. There's no variation and no anatomical structure to it. Just bland and pointy anime triangle nose but too large. Also where are her nostrils??? How does she breathe from that hunk of flesh????
Mouth: It's way too small. Though the bottom lip's shading eludes to it being detailed and nice, anyone with a dodge tool or white brush could highlight it like that. Plus, they're too thick and she has no chin. The only reason it doesn't look small is because the face structure is fucked up.
Hair: Don't tell me you see this blob of mess as genuinely good, because it really isn't. There are no strands to indicate that it is hair and comes off more as some type of draping fabric, I'm not saying draw each and every strand but this doesn't even look remotely like hair. Even in anime they divide it into chunks, because that's how hair works. It gives it volume, this hair is lifeless and thin as fuck.
Neck: The neck is way too thick, is she a man???
Shoulders: I guess she is a man, those shoulders are way too high and way too thick to be female shoulders. She looks like she's leaning forward for whatever reason.
Bone structure: It's really good! …for an alien. It'd make sense if she was some kind of human blob monster, but as just a human – appalling.

No. 558836

holly would be proud of that magnificent chin

No. 558857

Thank you OP, I've been meaning to make a thread on this girl since forever but never got around to it.

No. 558872


She has to be tracing or just copying images right? None of her art or the drawings in her videos look the same

No. 558887

That constant fluctuation of style is most likely due to her being unsure of what she wants to draw and her lack of knowledge with the fundamentals. She's trying to do style before she learns the skeleton, which might be causing this discrepancy of style.

No. 558908

Perfect summary of my thoughts, anon.

t. >>558704

No. 558982

Can we just not do redlines/"fixes" in any of these artist threads? It looks bad and broken, anyone can tell. The liquified one still looks bad, just slightly less so. It's pointless.

She's just bad at drawing and unable to be consistent. The drawings for her videos are also probably done much faster.

No. 559031

File: 1524079548034.png (125.03 KB, 621x427, vacuum packed.PNG)

This is definitely how hoodies fit… Totally natural.

No. 559032

Yeah, that's what /ic/ is for.

Exactly. She's doing what every beginner does which is symbolism. She's being lazy and skipping out on learning the fundamentals cause like many beginners she thinks that she just needs practice.

No. 559067

File: 1524083209906.png (48.78 KB, 209x200, 90degreeass.PNG)

The fucked up art that constantly appears in her videos are honestly hilarious. It's not like she's making actual animations, her videos are all glorified slideshows. It wouldn't hurt to put in some effort.

No. 559205


Can you explain? Sorry for offtopic but where is the redline thread on /ic/?

No. 559208

Pretty much all of /ic/? Critique is a main part of the board.

No. 559345

holy shit my sides. "i'm better than my art teacher and that's why she hates me!!!" my ass.

No. 559817

I bet her music teahcer was also jelly of her lol

No. 559827

I kind of refuse to listen to it if she’s singing

No. 559829


It’s good to see there are actual comments on there giving constructive criticism without being swarmed by annoying fans.
I’m also disappointed in how many people are kissing her ass and not encouraging her to practice more… this can be said for both her singing and drawings though. She is never going to improve if all anyone does is compliment her, cause she already seems like the type to not take critique well.

No. 559848

I didn't expect it to be good, but I'm still let down.

Also, I feel like making videos like that with her boyfriend and posting about him all over social media with her kind of following will be extremely awkward once they break up, but I guess at least this one can be excused by her being 18.

Most of the criticisim is so carefully worded that she's probably just going to dismiss it anyway.

No. 559853

Holy shit. This was fucking abysmal and embarrassing! She can't carry a tune whatsoever, completely tone deaf with absolutely no use of vibrato or vocal change. Why not send this to your boyfriend privately?? Why would you share this kind of shit with your following? Why embarrass yourself like this?
Ugh I can still here her singing in my head, like a bad aftertaste. She has no sense of tonal variation–the glorified slideshow is still shitty as usual though, good on you Spechie.
If she really wants to learn how to sing, I would suggest a vocal coach and years of learning and training–because that was…really awful.

No. 559860

I bet she'll start pretending she's a voice actress soon. I find it's a pretty common trait for these animu/"art" girls…

No. 559863

File: 1524129788045.png (45.18 KB, 384x253, specky.png)

did any other weeb girls narrowly miss becoming exactly like this and are really relieved at your semblance of normalcy now? lol

No. 559883

this has to be a joke…

No. 559893

I think a lot of weeb teens are socially inept but not a straight out abrasive shitlord, so I reckon you're the minority.

No. 559932


This is so fucking cringey what the fuck. I was expecting basic abwrage singing but this is horrible

No. 559934

holy shit her voice is SO bad. like SO fucking bad. this really solidified the idea that she suffers from delusions of grandeur

No. 559938

File: 1524143798912.jpeg (144.39 KB, 750x416, C94CBCD0-7FA0-464E-A424-494201…)


This is the same girl who bullied a classmates for singing badly. Wow.

She literally is wailing. No one asked for this. Why did she do this? And if she’s “insecure” about this awful singing, why the hell would she upload it?

No. 559987

She's fishing for compliments.
>"Whaaat, omg no way Spechie! Your voice is soo good why are u insecure :333"

No. 559989

god i thought her art was bad, then i heard her singing. that shit is going to give me nightmares.

No. 560225

File: 1524170938669.jpg (163.7 KB, 1920x1080, PicsArt_04-19-11.39.06.jpg)

This popped into my head and I can't stop thinking about it.
Spitty broke me.

No. 560232

Reading the description and comments, it doesn't look like she has a boyfriend. Not surprising with her personality but this means this wasn't for her s/o. She made it for no reason and I don't understand why she would even upload it? Singing this badly for no reason and uploading it when no one would want it, why even.

No. 560249

Help I can’t breathe

No. 560260

I thought anons were over exaggerating but holy shit I dont understand why she posted this, atleast like i understand wanting to learn how to sing everyone wishes they could but GOD

No. 560337

File: 1524180868946.jpg (69.24 KB, 585x489, oh spechie.jpg)

> i don't like to animate now
> i wanna start a fashion channel

first of all you did slideshows and not animations.
second, if you make THESE as animations than i don't wanna see what can you do in the make-up sector.

No. 560348

holy shit I seriously thought you guys were just being dramatic and it was gonna be some standard "bananees and avacadees" fare but this is awful. fucking hell. How do you miss that many notes on such a simple song?

No. 560369

Pretty sure to start a guru channel, you have to be a…guru at something. I know she was able to narc her way into convincing dumb children she's a good artist, but I doubt she has any makeup skills, or she would've bragged about them by now. That, and the YT beauty community is so oversaturated with actual professionals right now that she doesn't stand a chance.
It'd be funny/cringy if she tried, though.

No. 560373

lol this sounds like a bunch of whales doing mate calling, the music doesnt even fit her tone of voice she is doing a falsetto she should have used her actual voice instead of being a tryhard but nope good ole speechie trying so hard because she is "not like other girls" she is spechul gais

No. 560376

I really can’t see this image the same.
You’ve made it better for me, Anon.

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