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File: 1418505149635.jpg (63.17 KB, 500x882, IMG_20141113_002310.jpg)

No. 29721

No. 29727

File: 1418505836475.png (873.72 KB, 474x756, woof.PNG)

she looks so creepy to me. if you're going to photoshop yourself beyond recognition at least make yourself look cute

No. 29729

How is she a lolcow again? Just the average asian with tons of ps, even the coconuts shopgirl is more hilarous.

No. 29769

FINALLY a thread about this bitch/

No. 29772

My guess is that she's Filipino.

No. 29775

File: 1418520309162.jpg (107.93 KB, 500x337, 1358640737699.jpg)

She is, she answered that multiple times in her aks in the past.

Here some pic that got posted some years ago, it's not like if she wasn't unconfortable speaking about shoop and how she looked before she started to edit her pics, wear circle lens and use makeup.

No. 29776

She really isn't a lolcow. I made this topic to stop the derailment of the living doll thread. It was getting heated.

No. 29778

If she isn't uncomfortable, then why did she care that a PULL user made a thread about her? I mean, I guess I can see that being on there would make you uncomfortable, but it's not ED tier.

She's the only one on that site who asked for their thread to be removed and the admins actually complied, but when kittyphina asked they didn't do shit. Well…then if flakes started asking for their threads to be removed then PULL would become a fucking hugbox….I'll shut up now.

No. 29780

She isn't the only or first one that got her thread removed. For example, Creepyyeha and Dollymilk also had their own threads before. Can you find them? No, because both requested to have them removed.

No. 29782

Threads only get removed if the person requesting isn't a snoflake which kittyphina is, there is even a thread about her here.

No. 29798

i think she is doing kill la kill cosplay in this picture though, the wig, thick eyebrows and blue eyes and bitchy face is giving me satsuki vibes

No. 29800

File: 1418532561165.jpg (79.01 KB, 600x903, 10168037_880278818662453_37834…)

she's ugly. this is the only pic of her being not ugly. just another ugly-average asian girl using a lot of makeup and ps that gets praised because shes asian. it's quite common on fb

No. 29801

it's funny how she bashes weeaboos when she has weeaby usernames. she thinks she can't be a japanese-wannabe because she's asian lmao how dumb can this girl be

No. 29806

Idek who dollymilk is…
Lol I think that's before me. I only knew of Berry and Seraphina requesting theirs taken down.

No. 29807

It makes me so uncomfortable when girls try to make themselves look like 5 year olds in their photos. It seems to me huge among Asians for whatever reason.

No. 29809

I personally don't mind the look, as I'm also into the cutesy, youthful aesthetic, but it's just incredibly disgusting that most of the girls into that look sexualize children.

No. 29815

i'm assuming you're one of those people that thinks no matter what the age of the girl/woman is, if she looks like a child then she can't try to look sexy? besides, most teenagers sexualize themselves anyway so i don't see the difference?

No. 29816

I don't think they're talking about like, teenagers but people who try to look like 12 and under? Like kawaii loli desu~~~
The thing I noticed with Ichigoflavor though is in a couple of body pictures, she squishes the images from the side to make her look smaller framed.

No. 29818

i know but now i think it's only half-wrong? like if they try to look like a loli and do sexual poses because the intention is bad but at the same time they're probably teenagers that dont know what they're doing so idk

No. 29819

I wish girls that try to look like a loli would do it in an innocent way and not to mix it with looking "sexual" or whatever but i dont think it's that bad as long as they're not 13- (so it cant be official sexualisation of children)

No. 29835

File: 1418561293462.jpg (63.94 KB, 500x832, 1450917_877395928950742_550812…)

>a couple

She stretches them maaassively to make herself look taller and thinner.

No. 29836

that is seriously so freaking obvious.

No. 29837

Yeah, I meant those people. I can't tell you how many times I'll blindly follow someone or look through someone's blog and see hentai of little girls with grown men.

No. 29838

Creepyyeha's bff.

No. 29855

She has no face to pull off Satsuki.

No. 29910

that obviously shooped waist/upper body.

No. 30014

File: 1418612821717.png (962.43 KB, 845x795, Untitled.png)

How is she any different from kittyphina or Dakota before she went to Japan? She's doing the exact same thing these two were criticized for.

Berry is photoshopping herself drastically thinner, into something unattainable and lying to her massive following that this is unedited. This is seriously irresponsible and is the kind of shit that sparked the prettyuglylittleliars blog in the first place.

Her request to have her thread removed should not be accepted. Not when she is this irresponsible.

Do any PULL mods lurk here or do I have to message them myself and make a case for this.

No. 30021

File: 1418616757413.jpg (253.53 KB, 1000x842, 10407959_877023148988020_18124…)

Why is she lying?
You can even see in previous unstretched images how she's stretched it, look at the tiger backpack and the chair in the background.

No. 30030

Just like my One Piece

No. 30032

I'm starting to think this kind of girls pick cameras with very shitty resolution so their "edits" don't look that obvious.

You'd have to be pretty fucking stupid to believe that waist is in any way real, in both of her pictures.

No. 30036

Waist on the left could b real. She'd have to be skinny with a high waist to hip ratio, a rarity, but I've seen people like this.

You're probably right tho, it's shooped.

No. 34957

File: 1419883364030.png (367.32 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2014-12-29-13-07-25…)

Berrys real name is Korinne Tigno , there are still some of her old photobucket accounts (also some from her sister,whos real name Michelin is) and there you can see how she really looks without ps

No. 34958

No. 34976

File: 1419886741504.jpg (48.11 KB, 384x512, DSC06201.jpg)

Her without shoop.

No. 34988

Damn, she's dark.
Did she use lightening creams/bleach for years or something? Because if so her skin must be destroyed by now.

No. 35003

I think it's mostly just lighting and photoshop.

No. 35006

She honestly looks cute here.

Then again, it's myspace angle

No. 35014

That photo is old as fuck tho, it's like posting a photo of scene kid Dakota in comparison to how she looks now.

No. 35021

Possibly, but also shoop TO THE MAX.

No. 35026


Exif data reads 2011.

No. 35038

That's almost 4 years and teens change a lot within a short period.

No. 35082


Yeah, like when their DNA restructures their skin melanocytes to begin producing pheomelanin instead of eumelanin…

No. 35090

Top kek.

No. 35107

Everybody becomes more pale when being online 24h and hardly leaving the house anymore, even sandniggers.

No. 35258

File: 1419924207583.jpg (8.86 KB, 200x185, 3-2_how-to-choose-tires_michel…)


No. 35260

I genuinely think she's quite cute/pretty even in her unshooped/no makeup(?)/old pictures. But she's definitely not what she photoshops herself to be. I think the same of Dakota. The whole 'I'm already attractive but I'm going to shoop myself into next level ultimate unattainable perfection and claim to be natural anyway' thing pisses me off.

No. 35265


Yo-ho-ho, she took a bite of gum-gum.

No. 35321

The one on the right I think is definitely shooped. Look at the belly button. If she were that slim she would have a flat belly button (like in pic 2). It looks like she carries some weight there. Also notice how the background behind her waist is white = easy to shoop because no distortion.

No. 35396

i think it's shooped because of that weird ass rib. that's the most obvious thing about it imo

No. 35434

File: 1419937424716.jpg (927.62 KB, 1071x1722, giveitupluffy.jpg)

Reverse-shooped (kinda) her body pics and un-stretched them back to what I think seems close to what they were originally when she took them. I put the ones she uploaded underneath for comparison. Also put borders around the ones I reverse-edited to show the white parts from how much I squeezed it back into regular size.
This doesn't take into account any amount of liquefying she might have done on her waist or anything.

No. 35442

Fuck Korinne, Srsly.

No. 35444


Berry sometimes talks about how her face didn't change at all in over 5 years, so I think its ok to use these photos for comparisons,she looks the same obv

No. 35446

File: 1419947296309.png (151.82 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2014-12-30-14-46-26…)



No. 35457

Yes but of course somebody will look different at old pics where they were tan, didn't wear circle lens and were still a beginner at makeup.

No. 35484

File: 1419963876612.jpg (62.14 KB, 590x858, berry tsukasa too moe.jpg)

No. 35489

No. 35490

She's not moe. I hate that she likes Anzu I wish she'd stop.

No. 35492

File: 1419965420727.jpg (123.85 KB, 484x448, tumblr_lw2iffmATQ1r0cgko.jpg)

Just in case somebody asks:
japankorealove was her Tumblr name in her most annoying weeb phase, people called her a fake because they didn't believe asians can be weebs too.

No. 35501


The difference is just too much,she shoops herself to hell and back - its not just the different make up.

But what annoys me the most are her lies about her ps, she shoops much more than she admits to.

No. 35502

The only shoop I see is that she abuses brightness and blur too much, besides that her face looks exactly the same as in her old photos to me, not like Valeria or Dakota who change their whole everything while claiming it is natural.

No. 35512

File: 1419973441206.jpg (255.5 KB, 268x477, 2cr6khl.jpg)

Berry shoops her

- Jawline and Chin smaller
- Eyes bigger
- Nose tiny
- iris smaller
- Skin lighter and smoother

And lets not forget her crazy body shoops

No. 35513

File: 1419973484405.jpg (9.61 KB, 250x220, 1412439068423s.jpg)

No. 35515

Her nose and eyes look the same size as in her old pics minus the circle lens and eye-enlagring makeup, her jawline can't even be seen with all that hair that is always covering it.

Still nothing lulcow-worthy anyways, the only thing lulzy is her weeb-behavior.

No. 35529

Dat chin shoop on the lower right corner though. I doubt that she is hideous irl though - she's probably a very pretty girl, but, she does alter her features. It's sort of sad that she seems so ashamed of being Filipino what with her trying to look as East Asian as possible.

No. 35534

lol the fucking Berry whiteknights are pathetic. How can they defend this crap? Because she's Asian?

>>35512 is particularly awful.

No. 35538

Genuine question, no snark: does she do anything with her life?

Every post I've seen has been her sitting around at home, maybe talking vaguely about some games she played.

No. 35546

> Because she's Asian?
Yeah pretty much. Plus her fanbase/whiteknights are usually fedora weeby basement dwelling types that get extra butthurt over everything.

I vaguely recall her saying she worked at a cafe or something as a waitress at one point (I might be wrong though) but other than that I don't recall anything else.

I like how she's just as much of a weeb as the weebs she makes fun of, if not more, but acts all high and mighty and above them for some reason.

No. 35547

File: 1419981069146.jpg (60.92 KB, 384x512, 1419886741504.jpg)

Not a whiteknight but posting pics of somebody of when they were 16 as "proof" is just fucking stupid. If I adjust the brightness of that photo and add some skin-smoothing filter it looks the same, minus the circle lens and makeup.

No. 35548

keep telling yourself that Berry

No. 35550

lolno, she doesn't.

whitewash her more, shrink the chin/jaw line

No. 35551

Not even close, I am actually the anon that started posting about her old photos and username in the first place.

No. 35552

if she doesn't edit like you all claim, then why is the right side of her face disappearing in my OP picture?

No. 35553

Nobody here says she doesn't edit but some people here act like it was worse than Dakota.

No. 35555

Shoop her chin to chin-chan level and enlarge her eyes 10x and maybe you'll get a resemblance.

I think it's Kooter level but at least Kooter was better at photoshopping her body. >>35512 is so lulzy, I don't know how anyone can delude themselves into thinking that's natural. She looks like a fucking alien.

No. 35556

Many normal people even think Val's waist is natural, go figure.

No. 35557

ah I see. it comes off as though she doesn't with what >>35547 said.
she looks like those Chinese net idols when she shoops her bod. (I.e. Wang Jia yun)

No. 35558

If Berry doesnt edit her photos why she doesnt upload raw videos? Oh wait she could edit them and upload them like Dakota does. So… let's see how much good she is at editing videos ha ha ha

No. 35560

lmao yes these 'super beauty asians' I always see on weibo getting a lot of praise and Im like 'keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekekekke u think u r beautiful but u r only photoshop and u pretend to 'hunt' an idol hahahhaha how much faith you have gurl'

No. 35561

There are plenty videos of her that were recorded by others online, just saying.

No. 35562

how old is she? She says she has a husband (?)

No. 35563

She calls her boyfriend husband ever since they got engaged, she should be 20 these days.

No. 35564

ooh I see thanks ^^ wow she's very young

No. 35674

lol , I know her - she has an older brother, his name is [name removed].

No. 35839

I get annoyed when I see her picture being used as stock pictures for circle lenses.
she photoshops it and it's not ccompleely true to its color and it's so annoying.

No. 35842

Pretty much all circle lens stock images are shooped anyways, the brand Kimchi would be the worst offender.

No. 35921

File: 1420131817359.jpg (138.33 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

No. 35924


Yes, thats him.

No. 35970

File: 1420149330542.png (587.87 KB, 404x536, berry12.PNG)


No. 36135

She thinks she is every weebs dream waifu, crossing out her weebieness.
Which is shit logic.

No. 36224

File: 1420213466606.jpg (51.69 KB, 720x482, bL7Q0zE.jpg)

berry back in 2010 lmao

No. 36232

File: 1420215781860.jpg (17.85 KB, 347x457, 17Ony_rt3vE.jpg)

I think Berrys skin is about this tan rn

No. 36399


No. 36412

File: 1420250872950.jpg (7.87 KB, 275x183, she wishes.jpg)

i think she actually kinda looks like erika sawajiri in helter skelter, only about thirty lbs heavier and more cross-eyed.
pic related.

No. 36425

She wish

No. 36648

She can be all the kawaii she wants but she's not pretty, with or without photoshop. She's not pretty. Ah, and people says about Dakota's photoshop. At least you can recognize Dakota if you find her on the city, if I had Berry in front of me I couldn't recognize her lololol of course photoshop game is strong in Dakota but Berry's is stronger

No. 36649

>At least you can recognize Dakota if you find her on the city

by her awful fashion sense, maybe

No. 37703

damn, is that really her? Her body looks so much better now, I wonder what she looks like unshooped irl though

No. 37710

I agree, nice to see she has arms now

No. 37718

my sides

No. 38370

Yes, she was chub and tan w/ shitty makeup when she was younger. But I think her facial features are still the same. You should be able to tell how she had grown up. And like seriously.. no one looks the same as when they were 15.

No. 39783

File: 1421148472551.png (676.53 KB, 1256x1136, Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 8.26…)

Bumping to post her openly admitting her ethnicity not being Japanese. She might have done it before, but this tweet is from yesterday so she didn't magically become Japanese again.

No. 39802

She always mentions it and even writes replies to other filos.
Honestly she doesn't look Japanese.

No. 39809

Ugh, Filipinos saying their ethnicity is Chinese -and- Spanish is akin to whiteys flaunting their ~Cherokee~ roots. Usually it's just so far down the line it's negligible(and everyone has a Spanish and a Chinese great-grandparent from either side of the family). We have a pretty big Chinese community, yeah, but they're pretty closed off. The only reason why everyone has Chinese ancestors is because the first wave of Chinese were for the most part poor and indiscriminate.

No. 39830

wait, which one is she? the one holding the baby or the one in the far left?

No. 39831

The one at the very left.

No. 39833

holy shit

No. 39841

Well, most girls have a chubby+bad makeup phase when they are 15.

No. 39846

exclude the chubby part, cause no.

No. 39858

Pretty much all woman I know had that issue due to hormones in puperty, even myself and I usually was abel to eat whatever I want without weight gain.

No. 39863

she could have spanish ancestors because The Philippines were once propriety of Spain (when Spain wasn't Spain but 'Las Españas' /The 'Spains' ¿?/) But that ''I have Chinese ancestors'' thing …. nope, LOL I have a arabian ancestor but I'm not saying wherever I go that 'I'm arabian'. She doesn't look Chinese without photoshop, her family doesn't look Chinese/Spanish. So I'd say she's only filipino and that she may have some spanish ancestors or a spanish and a chinese ancestor, but not in the 'important' blood line.

No. 39869

That post was a joke, unless you believe pancakes and milk are an ethnicity.

No. 39873

Don't know what happened there, must have been a binge eating phase. Cause not me or any girl I personally know was ever chubby at a certain age.

No. 39874

doesn't Wylona Hayashi also claim similar ethnicity?
"Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese".

Then again there are people saying she's full Chinese and her real name is Wylona Lim Shim Pei.

No. 39886

Don't know what wrent wong in your case but that happens to pretty much every girl during puberty.

No. 39914

Stupid anon is stupid.
Hormonal changes effects appetite and weight (Puberty, stress, contraceptives, other hormonal medicine ect ect ect)

No. 39918

You sound fat.

No. 39933

How original.

Have you even gone through puberty yet? I seriously thought this was pretty common knowledge. Anon doesn't mean all girls balloon up to the size of a Quirkplanet– he just means girls generally fill out after puberty.

No. 39958

Yes. We all know she's Chinese. She changed her ethnicity many times too.
I believe everything she said was: Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish

No. 40013

I think korinnes/berrys father is chinese, she mentioned once that he tried to teach her chinese but she refused. And in my opinion her father looks pretty chinese (in the family photo)

No. 40031

Pretty sure she claimed to be "100% Indonesian and I don't care if you don't believe me" on her about page before.

No. 40035

Who? Berry? Because in her case it was always filipino but with a chinese dad.

No. 40036

If somebody is bored and wants to see more older pictures as well as videos recorded from her streams, some russian fan is uploading all at http://vk.com/berry_tsukasa

No. 40148

I find it pathetic how all these ugly asian girls or the ones abusing makeup get so many followers and become popular.
Not because of their looks, but because they're asian. seriously wtf the yellow fever disease needs to stop

No. 40163

She already had quite the huge amount of followers before starting to post all these pics of herself.
How you ask?
Posting food with japanese text on it, weebs reblog the hell out of that stuff.

No. 40202

Am I the only one thinking it's worse when Asian girls lie about being Japanese than white girls who think they're Japanese? At least with the white girls you can tell that they're white, but with Asians they think they can convince you enough with all that photoshopping and lying.

No. 40210

I have a similar feel with Dakota and this girl. Their pics are shooped into oblivion but are something pretty to see, like eye candy.
I don't know if she has some drama around her so I don't really care.

No. 40228

I agree, I actually like the way she shoops herself, but I don't like her and her lies tbh. Or how different her real face is.

No. 41542

File: 1421724799039.jpg (243.21 KB, 720x854, image.jpg)

No. 41567

don't usually=/=never and looking at her videos it is indeed more the result of overexposure than editing.

No. 41568

Ah, overexposure, the secret weapon of acne-ridden 2000's era Myspace scenekids, and wannabe gangnam unnies.

No. 41602

But she does it in all of her photos. 'Don't usually' is a clear attempt to make it sound like she only occasionally removes the odd blemish.

No. 41649

I don't think she edits her "skin" at all tho, in Meitu you can archive something like this with only one filter that applies to the whole photo.

No. 41664

Fucking idiots.

No. 41678

I know how Meitu filters work and they don't bleach your skin as fuck without letting the background untouched. If you want to whiten that much with a filter you have to put the filter like 5 times and the photos is like burned because of lightning. So yeah she Photoshops as hell her face, skin and body.

No. 43383

File: 1422153577365.png (580.53 KB, 500x882, ayylmao.png)

No. 43385

oh. oh my god. This was on the front page when I loaded it. I almost pissed my pants

No. 43578






No. 43581

my fucking sides anon

No. 44589

She lives in cedarwood drive , not sure which house exactly but i've seen her a few times.
And yeah, she isn't that pale and in my opinion has normal sized eyes .

oh and she definitely doesn't have
those melon breasts like in her photos ^^

No. 44607

does she look like a gangnam unnie like in her photos or is just a normal girl?

No. 44829

o lol i think i found her house http://njparcels.com/property/1508/513.02/22

No. 45182


yaeh thats it, pretty sure

No. 45674

File: 1422838221648.jpg (79.25 KB, 407x720, 1623656_927141313976203_434463…)

Lmao #photoshop
She even photoshops her lenses like Wylona does

No. 45677

Wylo's bastard sister.

No. 45705

I ain't even gonna lie, I got excited because I was scrolling and thought someone finally started a Wylo thread.

No. 45726

why does any asian girl that abuses photoshop and makeup become famous?
holy shit are guys with yellow fever this pathetic?

No. 45770

File: 1422857883488.jpg (83 KB, 453x604, mary3.jpg)

bless i've been waiting for someone to call her out on her ps bullshit. known this girl 5 years ago, she really stepped up her photoshop game

No. 45771

omg i can't believe she photoshopped a fake animu rib just to show how 'thin' she is.

No. 45774

File: 1422858830171.jpg (21.31 KB, 250x252, peter.jpg)


Maybe I've been spending too long on /pt/ and /cow/ but the way she shooped herself totally makes her look like some kind of realdoll to me

No. 45776

File: 1422859302065.png (420.85 KB, 797x482, Untitled.png)

her new shoops are looking TOO much wylona. notice how she only responds to someone paying attention to her samefacing. ur guilt is showing korrine

No. 45777

This girl is so stupid holy fuck.

No. 45778

how could u possibly think i looked like wylona? just cuz i wear the same contacts as her and have the same hairstyle and do my best to pull the same faces and replicate her selfie poses doesn't mean anything!!!

No. 45783

File: 1422860386456.png (638.3 KB, 820x566, wylnonaberry.png)

oh man, she shoops her contacts brighter

No. 45784


how much papaya soap she buy….and how much of dat dere glutathione whitening pills she took tho

No. 45787

god berry looks so haggard next to wylo in that photo though

No. 45789

She don't work nor leave the house since If I recall she only get clothes from people that she is sponsored by

No. 45790

any word on her bf? didn't he live in indonesia or something and they had a long distant relationship?? did he move into the states or something or am i just mistaken

No. 45794

AFAIK he visited her but that's all I got she don't really post a lot of pics with her boy toy

No. 45797

lol her nose in this pic looks fucking ridiculous, it's actually just painted on wtf

No. 45841

>>45794 Wait, so she posted a few? i mean…where we can actually see his face. All i saw was her kissing the neck of a mannequin.

No. 45844

Thought she was kissing Myk's neck lol I remember someone asked who that was on her Twitter and she said "check the tag" her bf was tagged but those comments were removed shortly afterwards.

No. 45846

That's stupid.
Why on earth would she prettend to..oohhh i see.

No. 45850

Just found this :


I think Korinnes old nickname was "Yin" ?

No. 45852

It seems that we now have a Wylo copycat

No. 45863

Nah, her lips always looked like that and it's not like if she didn't shoop her circle lens before.

No. 45867

No. 45870

Could it be that she is into a forced marriage? I remember her posting about being married to that guy since 2006 on Gaia, meaning since she was 11?

No. 45883

>>45844 but..isnt myk her sibling…wha

No. 45885

so why does she need to XDDDD over someone telling her that she looked like wylona, as if she handpicked that statement to deny it, when she could've replied to her followers that ask her questions and compliment her tho

No. 45888


mehh don't think so, they don't seem to be a family like this.


Yes, Myk is her older sister.

As I know, Korinne has 3 Siblings :

[name removed]
Luke Tigno
Michelin Tigno

No. 45891

Her bf literally only takes the same exact angle of his face in every picture…is his front face or any angle ugly or sth

No. 45892

If she was doing that to pretend its weird as FUCk why would you kiss your sibling's neck even if it was pretend…ewwww

No. 45916

She looks like what Wylo wants to be, the kawaii big lips gal with cl that look natural.
In my opinion Berry is pathetic. She doesn't go outside, just take pics in her room and then photoshop.

No. 45959

She's a hermit and deletes anyone or become a bitch to anyone that calls her out

Does anyone know what happen to the chick that looked like berry and gotten hate for it

No. 45961

Holy shit, I remember her now.
I want to know where she is. I actually liked her.

No. 45969


She's "Amikoto".
can't find her tumblr tho. Berry raged all over her.

No. 45977

File: 1422935434997.png (358.34 KB, 805x866, lololol.png)

We are talking about this. She was hyping about him going to visit her earlier.
but then, it was as if nothing happened.

No. 45979

If that really is myk then it's so incestrific. Like use someone else Gdi. Gross

No. 45980

shes actually cuter irl than wylona tho. wylona looks COMPLETELY NOTHING like her online photos.

No. 45982

Why isn't he showing his face? like if you just saw your girl irl for the first time wouldn't you like idk show off

No. 45983

prolly uggo

No. 45984

Cuz he aint real

or very ugly.

No. 45990

File: 1422937474912.png (621.81 KB, 600x432, Capturehhhhhhhh.PNG)

This is him..

No. 45991

File: 1422937487540.png (318.44 KB, 343x438, Capturem.PNG)

No. 45997

Its always the stupid angle, and a few pics.

No. 46001

Also, can anyone explain me where is he/myk/it facing at? I cant understand his head.

And lolz at tiny tiny berry head

No. 46005

she's hugging ( whoever that is ) soo BLAH is facing forward while she takes a pic from behind?

No. 46039

But the back of his head is almost facing her direction.
Look at the top the neck, where hair starts growing

No. 46045

She didn't only look like Berry, she almost 1:1 copied her photos.

No. 46047

And this obviously isn't any of her sisters because you clearly can see an adam's apple.

No. 46048


She is still active today , but she stoped the whole Berry-copy thing.

No. 46080

Well duh, we were talking about the kiss neck picture. We know that that's her bf from indonesia

No. 46082

So.. Where is she now?

No. 46415

File: 1423098903017.jpg (55.93 KB, 543x960, 1795576_929532750403726_775177…)

"50 shades of dark circles"
More like 50 shades of makeup and Photoshop

No. 46546

how the fuck are you supposed to tell how he actually looks form these pictures? lol what was used to take this shit!

No. 46547

she's gone full wylona copycat wow. this is fucking hilarious.

and of course those dark circles aren't even real.

No. 46569

How is she copying her when she doesn't do anything that she didn't before? Even the circle lens in OP are shooped brighter and aegyo sal is nothing new.

No. 46571

Why are there so many white knights for this chick?

No. 46574

Not a whiteknight but this is getting retarded.

No. 46610

not that anon but you have to be retarded if you don't see it. I don't even follow either of these cunts and their dramu.

No. 46655

So according to you guys she is copying Wylona before she ever existed? Get your shit together, anon.

No. 46719

Those "dark circles" and the blue dodged circle lenses. If this is getting "retarded" then gtfo

No. 46720

File: 1423156537843.jpg (203.91 KB, 1280x960, image.jpg)

She's looking more mature and wylona-esque. She doesn't even look aegyo anymore.

No. 46722

the ps in the 1st pic is horrible

No. 46724

I thought that was Wylona

No. 46725

File: 1423158814437.jpg (38.33 KB, 250x376, tumblr_nig4rjCda01r3wd4to2_250…)

She still looks the same as before minus her usual cosplay wigs, she had the same dark undereye aegyo sal in >>29727

No. 46829

I got your point.
She always edited her circle lenses, and had no expression in photos. just the fact that she cutted her hair short (and poses?) makes people think she's copying wylona.

No. 46867

lol are you seriously trying to tell us you can't tell the difference between those 2 pictures?

No. 46886

The only differences is more the wig and more skin editing.

No. 47567

File: 1423430227650.jpg (37.85 KB, 640x195, image.jpg)

She didn't say that when she was shitting on amikoto

No. 47570

File: 1423430586722.jpg (166.14 KB, 960x1280, image.jpg)

Why does she deny photoshopping her body when it's so obviously painful like those Chinese net idols?

No. 47625

LOL someone needs to draw a line on the mattress how it's not straight

No. 47669

I like how her left thigh blends right into the mattress too.

No. 47729

this shit is so pathetic
just lose the fucking weight if you want dem little legs

No. 47744

Important question:

Did this girl go by oioomoo on Instagram, Doujinshu on Tumblr?

No. 47753

Nah. That was amikoto.

No. 47766

Amikoto changed her username to oimoo and douijinshi after berry shat all over her

No. 47790

Ahhh, thanks! Because I found a really bad "nomakeup" picture of her that she had on her IG for 5 seconds. Thought it was Berry but I guess it doesn't matter now.

oiomoo was the Berry copycat, right?

No. 47792

Did she delete her insta?? I can't find her under any of the names listed.

No. 48020

He's cute. Is he actually her boyfriend or a hired actor?

No. 48368

For those of you wondering, Amikoto's new instagram is ff9898. Her style has completely changed now and I think it really suits her :)

No. 48380

It's private, post pics.

No. 48771

She has tumblr too under the same name. http://ff9898.tumblr.com/tagged/j

No. 48928

Ffffff really annoys me to bits. Bitch, you just filipino. Let's keep it real.

No. 48943

So her new look is 'only show a tiny part of my face to save time on editing'?

No. 48959

oh god she;s doing that boring ass korean fashion style or whatever. so tired of the hundreds of these bitches on tumblr.

No. 48962

Honestly, it's way better than over-the-top seapunk 90s grunge sailor moon velveteen aliens wearing holographic fucking peace sign chokers with sunflowers in their hair.

No. 48974

Eh, each to their own but at least that pastel vomit shit is interesting, even when it's ugly. The sweaters and white sneakers type Kfash is just dull.

No. 48998

suddenly she grew beauty spots on her face lol

No. 49035

she's going for the ulzzang fashion

No. 49290

does she not go to cons or anything? i really want to see unshopped photos of her

No. 49450

A lot people do that with makeup tho.
No, she doesn't.

No. 49461


Then what's the point of getting all the cosplay stuff?

No. 49464

She gets it for free from sponsors and she usually only does closet cosplays anyways.

No. 49484

I don't get the point of having sponsors and lots of cool stuff if she doesn't go out :/ If I were a sponsor I'd tell her I'm not going to sponsor her anymore because her photos are always the same and is boooooring. She's an otaku, isn't she? Why doesn't she go to expos? Why she's always in her bedroom trying to be the perfect "waifu"? An otaku gamer girl? It's boring as fuck

No. 49492

Stores don't care about that lol. They just just care if you have a lot of followers

No. 49493

Fucking get out the thread Berry.

No. 49498

Somebody here is paranoid, huh?

No. 49500

Pretty much this, they even contact blogs where the owner doesn't post photos at all.

No. 49660

pretty sure she said they were her moles, which i think implies they're real. i do think the one near her chin is real? she has it in a lot of photos. the other ones are completely new.

also, you can get new moles. not that i think hers are real, but it is possible.

No. 49672


No. 49734

File: 1423937011091.jpg (30.98 KB, 288x464, 208368_207274732629535_1000004…)

It's so annoying how she always showed off her body (picture is from 2011)

No. 49736

Can't believe that you guys managed to find out her adress + real name.
But it Korinne/koreen her really her real name ?

No. 49779

And she's always like OH MY GOD IM A POTATO!! EVERYONE ELSE IS SOO CUTE. When she's always high and mighty, talking about how cute she is all the time. It's also unhealthy to show her fans how "thin" she is but then will still work out to get "thin"

No. 49840

I don't know if she's trying to be the perfect "waifu" to appeal to guys. Why would she talk about being "engaged" all the time? I think her schtick is more to make impressionable girls jealous/generic e-fame than to make guys want her. The whole having a bf/fiance/whatever ruins t

No. 49906

I wanna see more pics of her before 2013, everything before that seemed to disappear

No. 49955

this. i want more stuff like in >>49734. i feel like i have never seen a picture of her that includes body and face. and the only body pics are from weird angles with hoodies on or with a shitty quality camera.

No. 49958

and does she really have teeth like that? i feel like she's shooping those kawaii fangs just like kota does

No. 50004

She always brags about how her mom wants to file her fangs down so how could she have shopped ones lmao

No. 50009

File: 1423994783997.png (603.63 KB, 430x540, berry2.PNG)

I have some old pictures of Berry , i will post them , every once a while

No. 50010

File: 1423994865121.png (904.87 KB, 635x534, berry.PNG)

No. 50034

I also don't think that they are photoshopped, though I don't know why would she be proud of teeth like that, I have them and I don't like smiling with teeth because of sharp fangs, I look like shark or something it sucks

No. 50049

Er, she could very easily be making that up? How dumb are you WKs?

No. 50055

Do you not know what sarcasm is?

No. 50111

Ya I was being sarcastic. She shops it bc you can see how warped the pixels are around her fangs in her "fang" photos. Gurl wants to be special so bad smh.

No. 50112


No. 50138

File: 1424030604408.jpg (53.88 KB, 500x667, hgtrfde.jpg)

There are many photos where her Fangs aren't there (well in EVERY photo which was made before the "Fang-Photo" one)

No. 50139

File: 1424030792370.png (469.28 KB, 419x460, kkk.PNG)

No. 50142

File: 1424031990825.png (481.76 KB, 473x534, berry26.PNG)

totari legitu right ?

No. 50147

I think she looks the same

No. 50148

File: 1424033287996.png (183.27 KB, 315x284, mmmoooo.PNG)

didn't she said that this gif was unedited ? She hasn't got any fangs in it

No. 50154

Her eyes are closer together and a bit farther up lmao. Anymore gif shots?

No. 50159

Don't forget to consider the angle,she often tucks her chin into her neck to make her face appear longer and slimmer.

No. 50162

how do they know their follower count tho? do they pick the blog based on content….

No. 50164

By the amount of direct reblogs a person gets for a post.

No. 50191

Her older ones are just ridiculous, look at that chin and eyes

No. 50194

I wonder if she used mini-scleras LOLOLOL

No. 50198

this is kinda weird, but what really annoys me about Berry is that if you follow her on her twitter, she often tweets about "playing videogames". VERY rarely will she say the title of the game she's playing. literally all she says is "i just wanna play videogames" "playing videogames rn lmfao" "i'd rather play videogames" "videogames <33" "luv videogames more than u" like wtf?????? normal people at least actually say the title of the game. she sounds like a child. i feel like she just says that a lot to get attention and let people know she's a "GAMER GURL <3" like i'm p sure she tweets about "videogames" every day. IDK WHY IT BOTHERS ME SO MUCH. BUT IT DOES.

No. 50210

It is obvious that those are circle lens but these days she makes all her photos from a higher angle and opens her eyes wide so they appear smaller in comparison to before.

No. 50212

To be exact they seem to be the Candy Magic King Size, the biggest ones that were avaiable back in 2008-2011.

No. 50223

>>50194 she probably shopped or used meitu xoxoxo

No. 50226

File: 1424047142301.png (437.48 KB, 419x460, iris.png)

They are just very large lenses. Her actual irises are visible behind the lenses and the sizes matches with >>36224

No. 50227

File: 1424047224812.jpg (32.95 KB, 400x200, kingsizebrownseries.jpg)

The lenses she wears here are pic related.

No. 50270

it annoys me too. she does it with anime on occasion, and i hate that it bothers me.

No. 50275

Good lord Circle lenses evolved.
Idk, i own many CL and they arent THAT FUCKING BIG. Even the ones claiming to be "big sized" ones.

No. 50284


what annoys me even more is that she's always saying how "uncute" she is when she shoops herself like kawaii ugu trash??? fishing much?

No. 50289

idk, I think she tweeted once that her mission is to become the most ''kawaii'' person or some shit like that

No. 50290

File: 1424060951968.jpg (44.28 KB, 480x823, bt.jpg)

i think this shooped pic most resembles her actual face

No. 50332

Under that wig and hair you only see like 4% face tho

No. 50336

that…that is really strange looking

No. 50389


Derp facee

No. 50391

No. 50392

File: 1424087397507.png (403.28 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2014-12-29-13-11-23…)


It Also matches with this photo so ya

No. 50426


No. 50492


In a japanese dialect

Edeewardee kun

No. 50574

File: 1424125797287.png (22.8 KB, 113x89, nos.png)

her nose is so pointy in this pic

No. 50587

File: 1424129225133.jpg (28.61 KB, 453x604, mary4.jpg)

here she doesn't look bad, but her eyes are not what she photoshops

No. 50602

File: 1424131068747.png (406.65 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2014-12-29-13-11-47…)


Actual (or nearest image of her real) nose

No. 50604


Is she wearing eyelenses in this pic ?

No. 50615

No but she is squinting her eyes, not very noticable with her kind of monolids.

No. 50627

File: 1424135513449.jpg (70.21 KB, 495x660, 6b605f52-s.jpg)

It's said she uses these lenses, but how can she afford them? it's so fucking expensive and she's not rich

No. 50629

I think she is, she's always saying she's sooo spoiled, and always shows off her gifts and shit

No. 50630

File: 1424135669854.jpg (21.76 KB, 500x275, 11002499_935730826450585_52105…)

No. 50631

but why spending $400 in a pair of lenses instead of brand clothes?

No. 50632

she's sponsored by online shops anyway

No. 50633

shitty online shops that scam people with clothes from Taobao.

No. 50634

sheinside* some good brands too, anyways, she does get the clothes, no matter who the shops scam later, so I think she would splurge on things she doesn't get sponsored in

No. 50685

I feel like she's just acting like they are ones of those expensive lenses to look rich. She used to say things like not being able to afford circle lenses years ago, why would she spend like $500 for them when she can just easily shoop them? She doesn't even have a job.

No. 50686

File: 1424148044218.png (214.15 KB, 1080x778, Screenshot.png)

Is it hard to just tell your curious followers what are they? Why trying to be mysterious about lenses for??

No. 50692

I fucking hate that shit. It's not that hard to tell people what lenses they are. She's not fooling people into thinking they're her real eyes.

No. 50709

that;s basically all of storenvy

No. 50711

Why the fuck are these lenses 500$? what makes them different from other lens?

No. 50717

If they were the expensive ones, she would definitely have bragged about it. So don't worry.

No. 50718

These don't look like fx lenses at all. fx lenses don' seem to have those little dots in them everywhere, which is what makes them look so real compared to other lenses.

No. 50719

why are they 500 dollars tho?

No. 50724

They're hand-painted, so they're not pixelated.

No. 50763

This. And if you look at the on their website, they actually look pretty damn good/natural. You probably wouldn't be able to tell they were lenses in real life unless you found the edge (I guess that would mean someone needs to have very dry eyes, like myself, where you can easily see my normal prescription contacts).

No. 50780

She wrote on twitter that her boyfriend bought them for her. But seeing his pictures on here, the background makes him look poor as fuck

No. 50819

he lives in indonesia. third world country.

No. 50833

so she could be buying another brand and editing

No. 50878


lololol maybe it's the money his parents saved for his future but waifuu needs ugu anime eyezz~

jk jk , mybe he's out of a wealthier family but who knows.

No. 50887

Tbh I think she doesn't even give a f about him anymore. Seen her flirting with other guys and neglected him. I remember when he used to say shit like no one can see her boobs cos shes his and now she tries to show them whenever she has the chance to.

No. 50888

Like what about that 'only my hubby can see my cleavage' shit? What happened to it girl? No more a lonesome virgin I can tell.

No. 50894

Get your shit together girl.
Some time last year I saw your conversation with Shin Kei about how you didn't know how to edit your photos and "omg I wonder how I will look with photoshop"
And about a month later haters be posting about your shitty edit and you came out saying "what's wrong with photoshopping?" and "I only edit the lighting and my skin"
Now you are on about how you rarely edit your skin. Which is it girl?
I don't hate you, just stop lying about every little thing because it's annoying as hell.

No. 50906

File: 1424211867879.png (330.62 KB, 345x381, dis5.PNG)


Her cleavage photos are the best, i can't stop laughing like omg it looks like her breasts are hanging down to her belly

No. 50909

I got 2 questions :

1. Does Berry even have a neck ? Reminds me of a sea cow..

2. Does her cleavage really start near her shoulder height ? It doesn't look like she has a push up bra on so yah

No. 50912

what the fuck is this shoop lmao

dat tongue

No. 50913

lol what how many asians have tits like that

also the eyelashes in front of the wig are ridiculous

No. 50915

1. she does when not using a MySpace angle
2. it is always drawn on

No. 50918

It's so obvious that the line is drawn on.. she should stop embarrassing herself

No. 50919

File: 1424214218707.jpg (29.04 KB, 400x534, hey.jpg)

Just look at this pic

No. 50924

Those dark marks around her lips..does she hate her philtrum that much

No. 50925

File: 1424215055883.jpg (19.65 KB, 500x486, webcam.jpg)

Her friend posted this picture around the time Berry bleached "her hair" to that color. Is her friend dumb or just going along with "it's my real hair" thing.
Why does she even lie about her hair? How does it benefit her?? Does she really think her wigs look like real hair???

No. 50926

lol christ that volume plus the beanie is the oldest trick in the book

why do the white knights keep falling for this shit?

No. 50932


Did Berry ever mention that her hair was bleached ? cant remember reading something like this on her blog/fb

No. 50935

she had dyed her hair pink, purple, grey, blonde, blue, half pink and purple, and red
check her fb.. well if they aren't deleted yet

No. 50937

She wants the "Tsunade" boobs but fails

No. 50938


looks like a finger or a small dick

No. 50946


you can see how small her eyes are ^^

No. 50947

File: 1424218470804.png (198.71 KB, 318x316, damn.PNG)

And I'm 100% sure she said she dyed her hair pink back in 2012. People said it was fake but she kept on and on about how she went to a salon and spent a lot of money on it. And in this comment she says it was a wig…. It was black then pink then blonde then black THEN light lilac. And she claimed that she dyed it back to black again then off with blue, purple, and red bullshit. She always goes back to black (which is her real hair color) which is really strange. Who dyes their hair back to black after many attempts to bleach it light? then goes back to some fun color right after?? like who the hell does that?

No. 50950

This is one of the few photos I can honestly say I like from her

No. 50954

File: 1424220283931.png (573.28 KB, 500x676, 5675.png)

Why delete it, anon?

No. 50955

I think cause it isn't Berry haha

No. 50957


A photo of berry ? I missed it, which one ?

No. 50960

doesnt look like berry

No. 50961

i've seen a few, but they are usually at least a little chubby if not fat. this one chinese girl had a flat stomach and cow tits, and i've seen her bikini. it's rare, but it happens. berry's tits seem to change size all the time, though.

in that pic, she actually looks like a shopped version of a really fat japanese girl that used to hit on one of my friend. she was fat and disgusting… only took pictures from lips to boobs.

No. 51309

File: 1424314268020.jpg (113.93 KB, 500x809, image.jpg)

Found some pics in tumblr I've never seen before

No. 51310

File: 1424314311243.jpg (47.29 KB, 350x594, image.jpg)

No. 51312

File: 1424314339927.jpg (30.69 KB, 400x534, image.jpg)

This one is ridiculous

No. 51313

File: 1424314392104.jpg (85.87 KB, 500x667, image.jpg)

Less editing

No. 51314

File: 1424314430418.jpg (96.36 KB, 456x640, image.jpg)

No. 51342

Cigarettes are so Kawaii~~~~~

No. 51352

Those bangs offend me. Also the her eyes..

No. 51357

that pic with the black hair, she used to claim that was her real hair

No. 51358

which one? >>51310 if it's that one, i think that could be her real hair. she has tons of pics with it at that length (not that it makes it real), but i don't think it's believable.

and wow, does she support 50 shades of grey or something?

No. 51361

Her real bangs weren't that thick/long at that time. And look at how blurred the lower part of the pic is. I bet she was so fat she had to liquify it to the point of no return.

No. 51367


it's not even lit tho……

No. 51368


No. 51374

she also lacks her huge anime titties which she claims magically grew over what, one year?

No. 51381

she's cute as fuck withoout the editing. why does she want to look like wylona hayashi now. jeez.

No. 51383

This is also edited what are you even talking about. She started editing since like 2009?? I wish I've saved down her pictures but they were shit so I didn't

No. 51401

the pic with her and black hair MIGHT be her real hair but i remember her saying a long time ago she got extensions from the salon or something.. but she used to be very vague about it until people just assumed it's her real long and fab hair

No. 51402

iv'e seen the older pics she still looks cute. just different makeup looks.

No. 51409

Yes, I've also witnessed this girl saying that she's got clip on extensions to achieve longer and thicker hair. And a big while after she went nuts about how she's never had hair extensions before. This girl is amazing.

No. 51504

She just likes lying about the amount of beauty products she used and stuff so she can show how "totemo natural desu" she is and how she doesn't need much makeup to look like that.

No. 51507

With that amount of shoop you don't need much tho.

No. 51568

File: 1424374792816.jpg (Spoiler Image, 4.77 KB, 320x240, 300x300.jpg)

Is he [name removed]?

No. 51591


Ya I'm p sure sic he looks like Michelin. I saw his other pics on MySpace too

No. 51596


Yes , pretty sure thats Levin.

Where did you found it ?

No. 51625

We have her old photos here http://vk.com/album-50726051_206081652

No. 51629

File: 1424382735559.png (698.46 KB, 498x539, berry20.PNG)


is it your vk ?

i have some more

No. 51631

File: 1424382782590.png (1.01 MB, 866x535, berry5.PNG)

No. 51632

This one is new to me. Post more

No. 51634

File: 1424382903875.jpg (52.76 KB, 480x656, 273299648_100000410286229_4533…)


hw bout this one

No. 51635

I've seen this one before. How old was she omg

No. 51636

File: 1424383143415.png (803.08 KB, 561x535, berry13.PNG)

shes so ugly in this one lol

No. 51637

File: 1424383158747.jpg (8.84 KB, 320x240, рибо.jpg)

tbh I don't remember

No. 51638

File: 1424383184579.jpg (12.96 KB, 400x300, кпавр.jpg)


No. 51639

File: 1424383221517.png (753.43 KB, 744x527, berry34.PNG)

No. 51640

File: 1424383299336.png (1.79 MB, 1457x524, berry38.PNG)


No. 51641

File: 1424383412232.jpg (33.22 KB, 364x235, 178289657_100000410286229_7954…)

(I didn't do the markings)

No. 51642

I still remember when she acted like she hated anime and have only watched 2. She was a huge weaboo why deny it??
She even recorded someone else's covers and acted like she sang them. So disgusting.

No. 51643

File: 1424383567707.jpg (58.86 KB, 720x482, -dB7HQP8Wtw.jpg)

No. 51644

File: 1424383586382.jpg (5.17 KB, 191x160, 1979532_857935307563471_542745…)


"i don't watch Anime !! I am anime !"

No. 51645

Have someone Luke's photos?

No. 51646

File: 1424383731605.png (729.54 KB, 475x539, berry37.PNG)

No. 51647


Berry said that he doesn't have any social media account

No. 51648

but the photo of the family at the table , luke sits next to michelin

No. 51649


thanks, it's my group about Berry for russian fans

No. 51650

she's kinda cute in this pic

No. 51652

that guy kind of looks like her bf

No. 51653

File: 1424384006216.jpg (51.11 KB, 543x960, 2SOIFQ2bxoA.jpg)

But Luke is cute

No. 51654


yeah but..u know berrys ps

No. 51656

this is so edited it hurts

No. 51657


no its definetely not him. he doesn't look like Ouji and she would sit next to him.

And she said that her brother wears glasses.

No. 51659

i hope he didn't get too much ps

No. 51660

I'm sure he went wtf when he saw this pic she edited and refused to post it on his social media cos it's fucking fake

No. 51661


Even the wall isn't straight. What'd you expect?

No. 51664

Fortuneless Luke

No. 51666

File: 1424384646706.png (87.17 KB, 275x170, 1424382782590.png)

Where is her beautiful lips on this photo?

No. 51670

File: 1424384846027.jpg (36.52 KB, 340x604, ew.jpg)

I'm saying this is the nastiest edit of hers.
Look at those pupils..

No. 51675

File: 1424385194510.jpg (169.19 KB, 380x598, ewww.jpg)

No. 51678

No. 51681

Why did she shoop her face into a photo of Wang Jia Yun?

No. 51685

File: 1424385612936.jpg (187.27 KB, 329x800, tumblr_muxvbdyo6I1r3wd4to1_128…)

Is she so tiny?

No. 51686



No. 51690

"i don't watch anime" …. okey

No. 51697

No. 51700

File: 1424386818084.jpg (16.08 KB, 306x306, 46f882400a4b11e3957422000a1f8a…)


No. 51724

Dem delish edited legs

No. 51764

he was shooped to ""look like"" Huang ZiTao but Berry failed haha she said 'my bro looks like Tao from EXO' and I was like 'Nope nop nope bad shoop and he doesn't look like him, he wishes"

No. 51784

Is she serious? Dat wig hairline. Those crooked-ass eyes. Please tell me this one is old.

No. 51793

This was from last year haha

No. 51794

she wishes*

No. 51803

What are you talking about, that's her "real hair" hahaha! Someone said that her bangs weren't long enough to be able to split like that and she was like "extensions duhh

No. 51808

File: 1424394649301.jpg (44.05 KB, 432x720, haha.jpg)


No. 51831


why do they webcam at the same repetitive angle they do?? so uncomfortable

No. 51869

Holy shit, if you look closely you can see the white space in that msn video chat, she put the pics over another msn chat, I'm done, and I thought msn died

No. 51875

It died but those are very old pics after all.

No. 51877

wow, she really isn't cute here at all

i like her hair here, to be honest.

is it just me, or do her tits look strange in this?

everything about this is awkward.

No. 51930

does that say "Korean Girl" in the corner? Did she really try to look like a "korean" at some point– oh wait she's still doing that with a mix of wylona

No. 51957

File: 1424413020591.png (19.83 KB, 598x110, Screen Shot 2015-02-20 at 1.14…)

No. 51958

like um?????? look who's talking ????????

No. 51961

well wylona actually IS trying to look korean and telling people she is korean or mixed with korean sooooo………

No. 51962

You too. Real rich coming from her.

No. 51963

ariana doesn't look like a child to me she looks like high as fuck horse face with too close together eyes

No. 51966

Shes annoying as hell

No. 52005


THIS !!!!

No. 52008

Did someone see her irl?

No. 52140


Well somebody found out her adress.
43 (?) cedarwood drive toms river, nj I think

No. 52225

Someone should give her a visit.

No. 52258

omg yes

No. 52322

File: 1424491244957.png (63.69 KB, 419x411, ugh.png)

her getting called out by the ariana grande tweet

No. 52329

not getting called out, they're friends.

No. 52391

based on her twitter pics, she likes to hang out at the local walmart…

surprised no one goes to her college

No. 52446


which college does she go to ?

No. 52447

File: 1424510351166.png (1.36 MB, 952x537, berry28.PNG)

old pic

No. 52448

That shooped eyebrow arch doe

No. 52449

oh my god this is the most hypocritical thing i've ever read in my life

No. 52455

lol the shoop is so intense on the eyes it just looks like they're copied and pasted on from some other girl.

No. 52472

From the looks of it she did crop out her eyes, reduced the size of the photos and pasted them on again.

No. 52516


Ew ew ew she is so fking ugly in this photo

No. 52524

not sure, but she's going to be a DOCTOR. did you hear that guys, DOCTOR! because everyone in her family is a doctor or lawyer. so smart

No. 52526

File: 1424541808463.jpg (51.92 KB, 486x750, tumblr_ni3ev7Ecii1tao009o1_500…)

one of my favorite berry shoops

No. 52544

Because she only pasted her face on somebody else's photo like mentioned in >>51681

No. 52557

Lol she looks like a deformed promise pham

No. 52577


Thats definetely not a photo of wang jia yun, I follow wang j. Since 2 years and I have never seen a photo llike this of her.
Btw berry has a teddy bear like the one on the photo and I can remember her showing this pink dress in a picture .

Her face just looks retarded af Because of her shitty ps.

No. 52586

This is my favorite picture of her it's so retarded holy shit

No. 52599

She's repeating high school and acts like she's in college

No. 52602

I think her hair color looks so edited

No. 52605


…that's not true right ?

No. 52630

I don't think she's repeating high school, but I find it annoying in her tweets how she calls all of her professors "teachers". Like you're in college, they're professors. Not a bunch of high school teachers.

No. 52637

i usually call professors teachers lol

No. 52640

In the UK college teachers are never referred to as Professors, they're just called teachers. I suppose it's different in other countries.

No. 52661

Personally not sure, but she does mention in a tweet that some 16 year old boy was asking her friend about her (Berry) at school, and was surprised when he found out she was 20.

No. 52693


…………………………… I thought she was near my age…. fuck man I thought she was 18 lol so she's 20 and doing nothing with her life but shooping, being sponsored and being all day in the internet.. how sad lmao

No. 52697

Remember when she said she was good at Math and posted some math equations she solved? And they were some easy ass algebra questions if I recall. I doubt she can do math college level and be "good" at it if all she can show off is her algebra skill.

No. 52698

and those bangs, damn

oh, this was recent. i remember this as well.

why does she find the need to do this and also frequently mention becoming a doctor? and how much her tuition costs? she obviously lives at home, so is there even a university nearby?

No. 52701

I can tell she doesn't even drive. How can she even get to her college/university in NJ?? Ride her scooter? And btw guys she's a "future surgeon" not just some peasant doctor.

No. 52736

File: 1424568309470.jpg (61.94 KB, 500x752, B-Z9AhUCQAAmVL9.jpg)

I love that wig tho.

No. 52738

File: 1424568489212.png (79.46 KB, 726x336, berrywhat.png)

i will say that she takes care of her wigs nicely. like in >>51670

No. 52742

Still i do beleive those are the expensive lenses you guys are talking about, since she uses them in every fucking picture .

No. 52744

idk how photoshop e-idorus make those mistakes….

No. 52746

at this point, i'm wondering if she's copy and pasting someone else's irises into her photos.

No. 52765

have you guys ever heard of fotoforensics (the website)? It's supposed to help check if any editing was done to a pic. I tried analyzing hers but i wasn't quite sure how to read it lol.. maybe it's not that helpful as i thought

No. 52770

File: 1424572214119.png (291.32 KB, 398x598, Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 6.24…)

As far as I can tell, her eyes and lips are a different shade, meaning she might've psed it in some way probably brightened it or something (?) same goes for her hair outline– probably blurred out strays and that black patch on the right wall and her shirt(?) is probably edited in some way also. I'm no expert tho

No. 52774

it picks up super bright or contrasting colors.

No. 52776

also, it used to show if the photo has been through an editing program and how many times it was edited. that's how people knew Dakota edited her photos.

No. 52816

It only doesn't show that when a photo was copy+pasted from one program to another.

No. 52934

i think she's young too. she made a post talking about how she got introuble for using her phone in school. like colleges give a fuck.
tbh three years ago she would post multiple videos of herself and she looked really chubby but would delete them like five seconds later.

No. 52949


Too bad nobody saved em

No. 52954



Can somebody put these 3 photos in this fotoforensics program , i rly would like to know how much they were edited.

No. 52955

Eh, I don't know how reliable that site actually is. I wouldn't trust it.

No. 52960

File: 1424610989971.png (70.19 KB, 175x275, b291e8dd2ad1fbcba1acbd5d2470fd…)

this is so funny tho

No. 52963

Tested my own shooped images. And it didn't get it right.
It marked my hair and shirt which i didn't even bother to look at but gave no attention to my contact lens which i brightened. Depends on the picture, sometimes it gets it right.
Tried a photo with a similar quitally like >>52960 and marked everyfucking thing.

No. 52966

Her babyface is flawless and shes an adult so who cares? Berry looks like a trashy deformed asian sex doll

No. 52967

Ariana detected

No. 52968

No, i just think women with babyfaces have rights to feel sexy lol but whatever

No. 52969

Anon was being humorous as everyone on here who says something nice about a person is accused of being that person. Jfc I found it funny but you are obviously too stupid to see the joke.

No. 53003

Srsly you found out her name + adress she must be so mad omg

No. 53030

If you're in high school, you're young.

No. 53033

I agree. Not even a fan of Ariana Grande at all but I think the whole 'ew she looks like a 10 year old girl trying to be sexy' stuff is dumb. It's not really like she can help being super petite and young-looking and like you said, she is an adult so she can 'act sexy' if she wants to. She doesn't even seem to act overly sexy in my opinion anyway. There're a lot of female artists out there who do it to a further extent than she does.

No. 53035

Or repeated.

No. 53036

Agreed. I'm 19 and I have a baby face [like, I am the designated baby friend], and I hate it when people criticize me when I try to dress a little more sexy or a little older. It's not our fault we have baby faces, let me dress how I want.

No. 53041

in over half of my university classes, you got kicked out if caught using your phone… i've gone to university in canada and community college in the usa.

Well, I don't think Ariana Grande necessarily has a baby face. Her statue is just so tiny. Also, she always looks at least a little scared. A lot of female artists these days have sexy expressions, if that makes sense, and Ariana doesn't.

No. 53049

File: 1424628619320.png (1.13 MB, 961x538, berry18.PNG)

No. 53054

File: 1424629214030.png (1.06 MB, 846x533, berry33.PNG)

found another old pic

No. 53060

File: 1424630318707.jpg (111.56 KB, 438x720, yi.JPG)


No. 53069

It's like she get offended by the truth.
Like how Light gets offended when he gets called out on killing people

No. 53078

File: 1424633105087.jpg (40.73 KB, 640x480, image.jpg)

i feel like these are related

No. 53082

Haha ps-goddess.

No. 53098

Somebody should open a blog/fb page about her with the name "ps godess "

No. 53260

ummm berry used her phone to record a fight … in her "college" i highly doubt she was in class when the fight was going on. and i highly doubt the concern would be on her phone. it sounds HIGHLY unlikely unless she's like in highschool.

i think she's like not even in a university.

but referencing towards her ethnicity i really do think she's filipino and chinese though.

No. 53264

anyway i think the only reason why we're bringing up ariana grande is because berry made a snide comment about her. no one really cares how much everyone relates to having a baby face.
it's just berry doesn't seem like she's in college. she seems like she's still in high school like a child. somethings off with her and especially her boyfriend like? is he even a legit person?

No. 53317

Considering that she lives at home and goes to a "college", she might be going to a community college nearby instead of a uni. I just checked around where she lives and there's a lot of community colleges and no unis. I've never heard of fights happening in colleges though, only high school usually

No. 53350

i remember an anon on cgl a couple of years ago (2012, i think?) saying berry went to her high school. the anon said that berry looks pretty much the same as her shooped photos except tan. and i'm pretty sure it was said that berry doesn't talk much or have many friends

same, i've never seen a fight happen in a college or university. only "college" in quebec, but that's because college there is for people 16-19.

i also think that if anything, she goes to a community college.

ahaha, so true

No. 53391

she's already admitted to her ethnicity anon

No. 53394

that wasn't even rude lmao 😂
guess the truth hurts b

No. 53412

nahaaah i go to a community college. that's definitely in like high school. no one ever fights and plus who really gets introuble for recording fights. berry is definitely fucking sketchy

No. 53414

yeah but since shes trying to be like wylona ?? her ethnciity sounds like lies. i mean look at that korean girl text on her old photos.

berry is just a really good liar whats up with that anyway

btw how did the other anons get a hold of her old photos does anyone have her really old videos and not the gwiyomi one. the ones that show how chubby she is

No. 53419


wait really can you link? i heard that her chin looks like those prune raisins from someone from her highschool.

No. 53424

What!? Prune raisins?? What's wrong with it?

No. 53484

lol except that's bullshit because we've seen pics where she hasn't gone to town with ps. her nose and lips aren't that small, her eyes aren't that big and shiny, boobs aren't that big (when she shoops her cleavage) skin isn't that pale, etc, etc.
it was most likely berry herself or one of her fans/followers/friends or whatever. Or someone who is blind.

No. 53672

wait what really what is the pics

No. 53686

They're all throughout this thread. Ones with least shoop are probably this one >>34976 and this one >>36224.

No. 53701

But those photos are like 4+ years old, people change and angles do a lot too.

No. 53714

You saying you think her skin magically changed from dark to pale and her entire face structure changed?
Sure your face changes but not from butt ugly to ~kawaii uguu elf-chan~

No. 53717

If Magibon can do that with a webcam and MySpace angle, everyone can.

No. 53724

The only thing typically unattractive about Magibon is her teeth. In that one interview video she had like zero make-up on and she was hunched over, sitting and acting awkwardly and it mostly ended up looking really unflattering. I still think she looked cute if you just take away the teeth. Magi doesn't abuse photoshop. That much is true.

No. 53726

The same can be said about Berry's old as fuck photos.

No. 53736


Berry herself mentioned that her face didn't changed at all in over 5 years.

No. 53737

She probably doesn't notice it herself like most people and it is obvious she was way more fat in the family photo.

No. 53738

No, it can't. Magibon's eyes, lips, nose, skin colour, whole facial structure doesn't fucking change between the videos she posts online and irl. You've got to be some special kind of stupid if you can't see that Berry uses Photoshop to the absolute extreme. You can't put that shit down to angles. The shoop is so goddamn obvious, you have to literally be blind if you don't see it.

No. 53741


Nope. She even posts TBT- Pictures as a "proof" that her face didn't change.

you don't notice all those " Asians don't age" posts in her Twitter/Facebook ?

No. 53742

Why are you whiteknighting so hard? She's not worth defending; her personality is shit and she is rude as fuck.

No. 53743

I hope you guys know that Magibon was very well known for editing her photos and videos besides all her other drama, right?

No. 53744

She hasn't lost that much weight at all, it's all shoop.

No. 53748

Proof? I just searched her name multiple times along with 'editing', 'after effects' and 'photoshop' and it returned nothing relative. In fact, it mostly returned stuff related to Kota and her pics.

No. 53749

Just look at her ED.

No. 53753

>Many lulz were had as evident from the GyaO videos, which revealed that Mags had been using clever camera angles and flattering lighting in her YouTube videos to fool people into thinking she was hot.

That's all it says. It mentions nothing about editing at all.

No. 53797

nigga that isn't even a big age gap. she is near your age.

>being sponsored and being all day in the internet.

you say that as if it's a bad thing but if that was me i'd be chillin tbh.

No. 53802

I know right. I was like, um there's only one year in between them? How much does anon think they are going to have accomplished at fucking 20? lmfao.

No. 53805

i hate shitty closet cosplays.
i also hate people that cosplay the me!me!me! bitch and think it's cute.

No. 53809


you cant say something like this about a person whos anime

No. 53831

it's the only cosplay she can do, if she goes to expos doing cosplay people could take pics of her non shopped face and body and she could dissapoint her weeaboo fans

No. 53839

yeah youre right her skin color on webcams are super dark . she posts them barely on twitter.

No. 53840

like i dont know i think she's still chubby but im not sure she couldve gotten paler.

im just wondering when she's gonna meet her boyfriend because i doubt theyve met… like her boyfriend never posts any pics… is he even a real person

No. 53841

this entire thread is about what berry looks like… i highly doubt we'll ever know unless she posts a live video of her but you know she'd definitely put the lightest filters ! LMFAO

No. 53843

wait i bet she doesnt even use snapchat omfg cause she can ps her face on snapchat

No. 53844

She's made gifs before. Always w black circle lenses and making non-rested faces to distort it and make it seem like she does look like her pics buT SHES JUST MAKING A FACE THATS WHY SHE LOOKS DIFFERENT!!

No. 53870

that korean girl shit is from when she was younger and showcased her weebness with the web. she's been posting about her ethnicity.

No. 53872

Pretty sure she has a gwiyomi video somewhere on Youtube.

No. 53875

Her nose is almost dancing in those gifs.

No. 53890

>>53872 that's old and the only one she has not taken down. she has other videos and theyre REALLY bad it shows her figure kind of. she's not thin from what she photoshops.

and btw yes you can edit gifs…. she has photoshop.
btw yeah but she just says any ethicity honestly that was similar to WYLONA
so there was a debate on her real ehtnicity because both of them are fucking liars.

i do know she's filipino and chinese. at least

No. 53891

you can use photoshop on gifs and videos… dont be silly.

we will never know what she really looks like without photoshop up her ass anyway.

like we already discussed she looks nothing like her photos since it's fucking faaaake

No. 53894

the white knights on here are ridiculous theyre denying it when we're literally dissecting every picture she posted with that forensic outline

and yes we are aware of having a rested face helps when photoshoping gifs and videos…

and we are aware of angles but like hello you can see it's photoshopped

No. 53895

is there anything else new than berry and her photoshop and her fake ethnicity ?

like i still want someone to bring back her old ass videos

No. 53927

and fake hair and shit attitude

No. 53951

someone should bring ami to this thread she probably has old pictures of her

someone add more old pics to this thread.

her berrys friends are soo young they just turned 19… like honestly idk berrys prob just lying about being in college

No. 53963

File: 1424747369267.png (413.04 KB, 487x593, evenherlips.PNG)

Does this mean she edited her lips too?

No. 53970

Not necessary, this happens when you play too much with brightness/contrast too.

No. 53971


no one would lie about being filipino. her last name is filipino, and she definitely looks it in her older photos, even with shoop. when she used to say part spanish and part chinese, that's lols as it's like any mexican person saying they are part spanish.

i need to see these old videos

No. 53978

i find it weird that she doesn't seem to have an outer lipline on her top lip. it just looks flat……

No. 53996


i don't want to sound creepy but i'd totally take a photo of the real her

No. 53998

i really wish people that live near these people would do this. it's no different than a paparazzi. you wanna be famous? well that;s something you have to deal with. If i lived near wylona "hayashi" she'd of been all the way exsposed by now.

everyone should send me plane tickets and i'll take the fuckin pics. idc.

No. 54003

Honestly i'm still not sure if she's really part chinese.. like im filipino too and i have spanish and chinese roots but i dont really brag about it because it goes way back in the ancestral tree. I just say my nationality and ethnicity is filipino, not all that 18% cherokee crap.
Her last name is Tigno and that's a filipino origin name. Unless the dad is half or whatever then ok,, but who knows tbh with this girl

No. 54005

Her father is in fact chinese, not hard to see in her family photos that were posted here because he stands out face wise, like in >>51643

No. 54006

love you guys.

i will say that if you don't look like your race, people will pester you until you say you are mixed and what you are mixed with. in her heavily shooped pictures, she doesn't look definitively filipino, so maybe she listed it to not only seem more interesting but also shut people up.

but he looks filipino. i don't think anyone would guess he is chinese. a lot of filipino people look like that, and they identify as filipino, not chinese or even chinese-filipino.

No. 54009

No. 54014

nah shes chinese and filipino you can tell. honestly . it's just the other mixes. like wylona and her are too similar so something is amiss.

im chinese and you can tell. most of my family is mixed though .

shes definitely filipino i remember this back threee years ago when i used to follow her .

is no one questioing how skethy her boyfriend is though

No. 54026

I was about to comment on her bf, his facebook page is all anime pictures and barely shows his face, only berry posts pics of him, it's so weird, and also he kinda writes like her.

No. 54153

maybe is a fake account and uses someone of her family+shoop to fake a boyfriend.

No. 54155

Finally found a thread about Berry. I knew all along her photos are all photoshopped even though she claims that she only used "really good lighting." This girl is really sketchy.

No. 54156

She states on her Tumblr FAG that she does use PS tho.

No. 54157

I know this is creepy but somebody who lives near around her place should take a picture of her and upload it so everyone will know how she actually looks like XD

No. 54158

she claims she uses ps, to only change the lighting or some subtle shit like that, not to change her entire face structure

No. 54161

Why would she lie about being in college, though?

No. 54164

so she can talk about how she's going to become a doctor

No. 54178

>>54026 idk she's going to japan and shes not gonna meet him

i dont think they even met

is he a real person

No. 54191

He bf isn't from Japan but Indonesia.

No. 54256

I remember she tweeted before that her mom told her that she's not supposed to date yet and her mom doesn't know that she's been dating her bf for years now. That's why I got confused when she mentioned that her bf was going to visit her. @_@

No. 54260


Where does she live ?

No. 54265

Just search the thread in future.

No. 54270

she also says she doesnt tag her posts yet she tags them so Berry says lots of things haha

No. 54309

File: 1424810847966.jpg (148.86 KB, 640x1136, image.jpg)

Lmao foshing so hard

No. 54310

File: 1424810871501.jpg (31.87 KB, 640x321, image.jpg)

No. 54415

I noticed that she only replies to people she knows, who compliments her (sometimes), and when someone is insulting her or being rude to her. Someone just asked her what game she was playing and she did not even answer.

No. 54418

Do you guys remember when she said that she's going to post an audio of her talking? Did she ever did that?

No. 54424

awww dear have you realized that you can't ps your face in real life so you're asking for someone to make you cute aka paying for your surgeries?
lmao just joking
sounds like that.

No. 54431

they're always cute because you have a fucked up nihonjin fever.
also because japanese girls have special asian nihonjin pAWAAAA DESU called makeup, colored lenses, fake eyelashes and wigs desuyone!!! ^ ______ ^

No. 54433

More details, please

No. 54445

so that means you have seen berry on webcam, does she look like her photos? (i bet she doesn't)

No. 54446

famous from what?

No. 54454

wait so he just stopped because of berry? whos baam?

No. 54456

Could you tell us more about berrys bf then?

No. 54464

>>54462 When was this? She probably looks different now.

No. 54468

I'm deleting my posts. I don't hate any of them just wanted to say that Ouji is real. I've known him before he went out with Berry.

No. 54469

File: 1424833065836.png (102.99 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2015-02-24-21-53-50…)

she doesn't say any ethnicity like Wylona?? she's stated that she's Filipino and Chinese publicly (and repeatedly might I add)
you're confusing me, honestly.

No. 54472

she's replied to me multiple times before on twitter (and I don't comment on her appearance. it was about racial issues or something equally important cba to remember), but that's possibly because of the fact that I talk to her sometimes on line. idk…

No. 54474

you can scroll up because she said it was similar with ethnicity

and yeah i agree that she is filipino and chinese

not like three years ago where she lied about being korean in reference to her ethnicity hellllo

No. 54475

he didnt flirt with u?

No. 54494

Yeah She did posted it up on her blog a while back. I think she deleted or it caught up along with mindless postings

No. 54497

Tfw I agree with Berry

But to the anon that knew Ouji back in the day, why don't you want to share more since you haven't been friends with him for years?

No. 54506

I'm one of the people who know her since 2010 or earlier. Sure, she might have lied a lot in the past but isn't that because she wanted to separate her internet life from her real life? And she was young too.. I think it's pretty normal trying to "look good" on the internet by making things up. I might seem like a white knight right now but really.. try to think it from her side. Does she really deserve getting hated this much just because she edits her photos and lies about herself? I myself edit my photos and I don't think anybody should hate me for that. They are my photos yo why do you care… ~.~ Also..she might be reading this and feel really bad about herself right now. I think she's pretty cool for not being overly dramatic about this like other internet famous people who go like "I should kill myself" when they get hated on the internet. She might not show it but I'm sure she doesn't like being talked this way by people she doesn't even know. Think about it and stop wasting your time here hating a girl you will never meet or have involved in your life.

No. 54511

>Think about it and stop wasting your time here hating a girl you will never meet or have involved in your life.
You're on lolcow. Stop acting like we pass all our time in this thread.
She's a lolcow. She's delusional. She claims her photoshopped pictures are natural. She thinks asians cant be weeaboos when she's a huge weeaboo. She has a shit personality.
Nobody cares that she was your friend, gtfo whiteknight. I don't care if she feels bad about herself. She exposed her to the internet. It's her fault, smh. Don't wanna be insulted in the internet? Then don't put your face on the web, dumbass. This girl insults weeaboos when she's a lolcow + weeb smh this girl is shitty

No. 54513

You are on lolcow.

No. 54514

Are you saying you don't use any social media site? Or take any selfie?

No. 54517

I'm pretty sure you are a weeb for getting so butt hurt about it haha

No. 54537


Totally not fishing. People will always fall for it too. I don't know if I'm a bitch, but whenever i see people fishing I just want to say something bitchy.
>I'm so fat!
Yeah, you kind of are.

Though, that would just turn bad for me in the end.

No. 54538

idk man we're on lolcow man like i think youre taking us way too serious

No. 54539

Whiteknights or idiots? Seriously, if you care about her you'll stop posting. You are on lolcow, we bitch about cows til they bore us.

No. 54540

there's nothing wrong with being curious about the real person behind her mask .

No. 54547

File: 1424849189799.jpg (42.96 KB, 640x212, image.jpg)

She's found us.
And tbh we don't care if she doesn't give a fuck, lmao

No. 54560

"miruku"? what a fucking weaboo. why doesn't she just write pink as pinku while she's at it lmao.

No. 54568

hey im just wondering where they got her old pics from

does any1 have her old videos?

like she cares enuff to report it and make a comment about it LOL

No. 54595

"When people talk shit about me hoping I would care" NOPE. We aren't really hoping you would care.

No. 54596

She tries so hard to act cold and emotionless. She might've been so pissed inside haha.

No. 54615

If she doesn't care, why did she even bother checking this thread? (If it's true that she have found us)

No. 54617

Nah, she wrote similar things before when we didn't even exist.
It's not like if people didn't post links to the sources, they are from very old profiles and fanpages.

No. 54637

is anyone saving some of these info/photos? I feel like more whiteknights are finding this page and might report to her to kiss some ass.. i just dont want this thread to be taken down or w/e because i want people to understand who this ho is.

No. 54643

>seriously thinking there's a chance this thread would be taken down

No. 54647

Google her name and you would find this one of the top results. I came here from doing so.

No. 54653

Her old chin shops are hilarious. So pointy.

No. 54669

Do most of her followers know her real name?

No. 54675

No. 54681

New anon. I know Ouji in real life, I'm like a friend of his friend. So yeah, he's real.. And he used to be quite famous on facebook back then. Berry wasn't really known when they first met, and she was into him first (bc he's famous and shit i guess?) anyway ouji had an online gf before berry, but they broke up and berry went after him. That's pretty much the story I guess.
Ouji is quite good w ps too, maybe he taught him? Lol

No. 54687

File: 1424890229130.png (58.36 KB, 587x780, berrypoem.PNG)


Are you sure ? Cause Berry once wrote a poem about her life :

No. 54688

Omg I feel so sorry for Berry rn
like she really thinks we care about if she cares bout us lol

No. 54693


brings a tear to my eye.

No. 54699


is she saying that they used to live in the same place and met in person on their first meeting?

No. 54706

>You stupid Jerk
what anime is this/10

No. 54708


bet she called him baka

No. 54717

if she tweets about the stupid ps4 again i swear to god

No. 54734

I actually think that she's nice and humble since she always replied to me whenever I messaged her before on LINE. But yeah, everything about her is confusing and sketchy.

No. 54740

So much cringe.

No. 54751

…..anon wut.

No. 54754


What was the name of his earlier gf ??

No. 54757

i actually don't hate her, i'm here for the gossip. But since she's always claiming to be a queen and perfect now i'm like you're not bitch…

No. 54764


You sound dumb af

No. 54765

Lol what ?????? Just cause she doesn't go as far as to hate her she's dumb ? I also don't hate Berry, but I agree she gets really annoying and she seems to exaggerate/lie a lot.

No. 54775

I think they were referring to your total lack of grammar or even basic sentence structure. Nice samefagging, by the way.

No. 54779

..uh. lol. ok. not samefagging but believe what you want.
and LOL. like everyone else here has perfect A+ grammar. alright.

No. 54805

same. Just annoys me how people put her on a pedestal for her ps mask,, then she gets a fat head about it

No. 54819

Only her pedo and dumb 13 years old friends with yellow fever do that though

No. 54820

*pedo fans

No. 54826

does she even have pedo fans? i thought most of her "fans" are her age at most?

she's a gamer girl, anon, what can we do?

No. 54829

yes, her guy fans
i hate gamer girls like her that post things about videogames only for attention. Shes shit

No. 54942

wait WHO is his first gf anyway? wow i wonder if shes cute

No. 54958

<the prev anon> I don't think that poem was about berry and ouji. Like I told you, I know Ouji in real life. And I know the two of them since 2008? One thing I know for sure is, they never actually met each other. Don't really think Ouji will go to the US just to meet her too, bc it's really expensive for us indonesians rn + I didn't hear anything about him going..
anyway, her prev ol gf was this Miyu girl who was also famous on facebook. She claimed to be half korean and half japanese. I don't think she's a real person bc she never did a sign to confirm it plus she had the look of a famous taiwanese fei zhu liu. When they broke up, this girl went inactive.
Berry once told people that after he broke up, she messaged him first on msn and thats how they got closer.

She and this michi girl used to be in a group (called nekoloid) where they make a cover of vocaloid songs lmao.

No. 54965

wow. You'd think she's never even played on a console in her life.

No. 54996


Nekoloid ? I remember that berry once wrote something about a group or a person called something like nekoloid (at least they had this "loid"
part in their name ) and Berry was calling them fagloids because they used a picture of her which she forgot to watermark. This was 2010/11 on her facebook.

No. 55010


Do you have the link to the account of this miyu girl ?

No. 55013

how old is Ouji ? And whats his real name ?

No. 55047

Do you still know him? Cos according to Berry, he went to see her not long ago.

No. 55103

How did you guys find out exactly where she lives? That's actually kinda creepy XD

No. 55115


Its really easy to find out her adress + telephone nr. , you dont even have to know her real name

No. 55116

Just read the thread? >>44589

No. 55129

poor Ouji he doesn't know how Berry looks irl

No. 55157

Wait…so they have never actually met before??? What about that picture with her boyfriend? That wasn't him? Why the heck does she have to pretend that they actually met? Fck. Everything about her is confusing.

No. 55183

There was another group on facebook that tried to copy berry's group(nekoloid) back then, maybe she was talking about this group? Not so sure bc it all happened in 2009.
I will try to find and see this Miyu's facebook account if it's still there.

Sorry but I'm not gonna post details about Ouji :/ She lied about him going to visit him lmao bc I didn't hear anything about it + I still saw him around a a lot. I don't think he can afford it too. Actually, I don't think they'll ever meet each other.

No. 55185

Im not a weeb nor butthurt.
I just laugh at whiteknights like you that defend fake people like berry lol

No. 55200

I'm not the anon that was protecting Berry I just thought you sounded butthurt lmao

No. 55222

so turns out i live in the same town as berry holy shit

No. 55230

>>55183 wait you saw him around a lot?! what??? like around her address?

No. 55242

wait no i live like less than 10 minutes from her. How the fuck have i never seen her?

No. 55244

this anon knows him in real life that's why

No. 55248

Because she never leaves the house, maybe?

No. 55249


Omg take a pic when you see her around

No. 55256


she mentions school a lot so she probably is going to OCC which is very close. I wonder if shes in any of my friends year books

No. 55260

if u find it pls post it holy shit

No. 55341

I want to look like this, fuck. Big eyes, small nose, small face, flawless skin. I know its photoshopped but im so jelly

No. 55343

That one is the most surreal ones i've ever seen psed of her.
But i feel ya anon, it would be nice to look like a cute doll– heck i even felt bad about myself at one point when i found out about "berry tsukasa". I'm passed that now tho and i hope other people will see past her psed look

No. 55344


tbh that's the reason why she needs to be called out on her ps bs…. saying that her beauty is NATURAL WITH JUST MAKE UP makes other people feel that it is possible for a person to look like like this and feel all the jelly and feel bad about themselves for not being born like that. glad that she's getting debunk'd with all her shoops.

No. 55345

I feel people who get all insecure over these obviously photoshopped girls are probably 12 which means they should get off the internet

No. 55346

2 edgy 4 u

No. 55347

I doubt so. Its just people that like the cute asian doll look that are insecure. Age has nothing to do with it tbh

No. 55348

I feel like this whole dolly look/face is pretty unpractical , like you cant really pull of many look with a face like this. You look cute but thats it.

No. 55349

Theyre so obviously photoshopped though. You have to sit back and ask yourself this…
Have you ever seen an actual human being who looks like this without Photoshop? Imagine a face like that in real life, itd be horrifying.

No. 55350


I think Berry looks luke a average phillipino girl its just the was she presents herself,the photoshop and make up.

No. 55351

The only thing i feel jealous about witb these girls is the fact the can buy so many clothes. Sure they might be cheap taobao clothes but i cant even afford that.
But no human being looks like that witbout makeup, after effects and photoshop.

No. 55352

I really would like to know if berry is on one if those yearbooks.

No. 55358


i just need to know what HS she went to and find a friend who went there when she was there. If that's her real address she probably went to HS East.

No. 55361


Somebody said she went to OOC

No. 55362


OCC is a community college. Ocean County College.

No. 55365

you can;t afford shit from taobao? get a job.

No. 55377

File: 1425068255838.png (441.95 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-03-06-00-11-55…)

pic of ouji, you can see his face much better

No. 55387

Idk why but he kinda looks like Berry's relative lmao

No. 55388

Taobao has expensive shipping fees though

No. 55391

Not really if you use anything except EMS…

No. 55394

Some people prefer to have a dolly face instead of a "sexy mature" one. But i agree with you anon

No. 55405

You all are crazy. I mean I also want to see her photos without edit but really.. To go to the point of stalking her I think that's not fucking normal. If this were to happen to me I would be so scared&never step outta my house. You people should stop.

No. 55409

Nobody even suggested stalking her. Get off this site, kid.

No. 55410



No. 55417

I feel you guys so much. After I first discovered her photos I felt so bad about myself, every time I see someone who looks like this I just hate how I look even more.

No. 55489

No. 55490

Learn how to photo shop and you can become a kawaii uguu princeas too

No. 55496

she studied in Toms River High School. idk which one, but i remember she was part of a Toms River High School group in fb (it was public) lol

No. 55507

Yeah to be honest I did that for a while
but then
I remembered I have real life friends who know me and know I don't look like that

how to become even more reclusive

No. 55531

he high

No. 55534


Toms River has 3 high schools. South/North and East. I personally went to South.

No. 55624

File: 1425142413757.jpg (29.48 KB, 992x212, Screenshot_2015-02-28-11-43-58…)

As if she doesn't look different in person -___-

No. 55642

I red her mothers name is Agnes and her fathers' Joel ?

No. 55644

No. 55692

File: 1425161707681.jpg (346.71 KB, 1792x771, tumblr_mjefid0NLw1rgpyd2o1_500…)

So this should be her real house and it looks kinda rundown (the whole neighborhood too) to be honest. I'm not from US, I don't really know much about proper downtown neighborhoods, but
her house remind me of those cheap one-store 4-family country houses we have deep in the rural areas. The only thing it lacks is chickens in the front yard.

No. 55693

Looks like a Sim neighbourhood lol.

No. 55702

Would u guys feel bad if some nut saw her address etc posted on here and murdered or raped her?

No. 55703

She's just a weeaboo who shits nonsense on Twitter, calm down.

No. 55704

as if shes that important or famous lol

No. 55705

File: 1425164214355.png (474.58 KB, 498x667, untitled.png)

she took this picture of her niece at her house..i can see how that picture could actually be her real house since you can see the outside is blue

No. 55706

This IS her real house. 43 Cedarwood Drive was bought in 2009 by Joel and Agnes Tigno, so there is no mistake.

No. 55709

You think rapists and serial killers only go after the famous? Remember its online. Teenage girls arent the only ones lurking here.

No. 55710

Bwwh she posted a picture of "her" house and people were calling her princess. Definitely not this one.

No. 55715

do you have a picture?

No. 55716


Omg yes I can remember that ! I think I saved the photo but I cant post it rn cuz Im on my phone

No. 55717


Actually her adress is written on the Internet under the name "Berry Tsukasa " which means that if somebody wanted to Rape/meet/see her, they just have to do little research, even if this thread didn't exist.

No. 55723

Please post it when you can

No. 55732

Okay she is 100% in Toms River. She just posted a photo in our mall. I work in it.

No. 55738

From now on, carry a camera around with you.
Get a photo and take down her address so no serial killer goes after her.

No. 55741


yeah that mall is NOT in ny. That's Ocean County Mall. I walk by that Champs every freakin day for work.

No. 55742


i understand wanting privacy but why lie and say that?

No. 55743

I'm sure she isn't going to visit there anymore.

No. 55744

Maybe it was hard to say "Please delete it, I don't want people to know where I live"

No. 55745

bitch deleted her tweet where she said "chicago?" first


No. 55748

File: 1425176458082.jpg (98.46 KB, 604x416, 0Shh8I6QpSw.jpg)

that was the house she said she lived in!

No. 55749


I'm laughing cause i just saw the tweet where she says she lives in ny. Gurl u slippin

No. 55750


there's an american eagle store behind the area she's sitting in across from champs and I work there and see that fucking spot every day.

she's lying.

No. 55751


bitch wishes she does

No. 55752

it is such a small world :') sigh

No. 55758

I feel kind of bad for her. Shes a filipino who was she was a rich japanese princess lol
I wonder where she gets the money to buy all those clothes in wigs. I live in a wealthier neighborhood than her and i have a job and i cant afford all that stuff.

Maybe someone who lives near by can take pictures so we can she what she really looks like.

No. 55759


No. 55765

i guess she has money to buy those kind of stuff but she gets most of it from her sponsors (sheinside and uniqso are some of them)

No. 55766

Her closet looks very small and if you stalked her enough you'd know that most of her clothes are sponsored.

No. 55768

do you guys go to the same school as her?

No. 55771

honestly buy your wigs from ebay some are good

No. 55773

She probably doesn't look that bad. I noticed that whenever she posts pictures of her in the public, she never shows her face. She probably doesn't often wear makeup when going out XD

No. 55774

omg thats tru idk i look bad far away
but hot close up

omg does anyone else feel the same way

No. 55775

Despite of her sketchiness, I actually like how she tweets about loving yourself and not being insecure.

No. 55776

>>55774 Lol. I look better when I use my front camera on my phone 😒😞. I heard that front cameras make our face slimmer.

No. 55786


Wait wait wait wait what tweet, what did she wrote ?

No. 55787


Thats the thing with Berry , she never really SAID that this house was the one she lived in. She only posted it and people were writing comments about how lucky she is and everyone thought it really was her house.

She often does this,posting things and acting like they belong to her.

No. 55788

agreed. Even though she would go as far as saying "i never said it was mine!" (if anyone pointed out her bs), she misleads people thinking the picture is hers or something.
I even remember her posting a pic of a japanese girl (back view w/no face showing) on twitter saying she was out at the beach or something? I got really confused cause there was a sign with japanese kanji and people thought it was her and she was in japan and stuff but she never responded to anyone who questioned her

No. 55789

Dude, even her phone accessories are sponsored by TaoBao resellers. I remember she was bragging in one of her tweets about buying $200 worth of makeup stuff using her mothers' money, though, do ya all think it's true?

No. 55791

I wouldn't be surprised if it was true. I feel like her family spoils and babies her too much just cause she's the youngest child in her family.

No. 55793

Oh wait, I remember doing a little research on her parents. Her father is a retired person AND a high school graduate and her mother is a a teacher or something. They're both 50+ on top of that. I'm pretty sure that if my parents (we are almost in the same situation, they are 50+ and I am in my twenties) found out I spent $200+ on some stupid shit they would've strangled me on the spot.

No. 55794

people who are still leech off their parents being 20 and up seriously disgust me

No. 55795


I thought her mother was a nurse ? Where did you find those information about her parents ?

No. 55796


I remember that, but I thought it really was her. The japanese kanji on the bridge confused me but…i dunno

No. 55799

I don't exactly remember mother's occupation, but I've seen some phone books and property selling websites with house owner's small description attached (like graduation, occupation and ethnicity) in case of buyer wanting to know more about the neighborhood. Those might not be true, but still believable. I think that the most income in their household comes from their oldest son. Can a nurse earn a lot being 50?
I am also wondering about when did Korinne exactly came to the US, because she posted a tweet sometime ago claiming that immigration lady was testing her English skills when she was 10 and that she was the best of her class in elementary school. House on Cedarwood Dr. was bought in 2009 and at that time (according to yellow pages) her oldest brother was still living with them. Sure, renting a house was a possibility, but all of this just looks very sketchy.

No. 55800

She said it was her at..I don't know, about 10 or 11. Since girl in photo is very thin I can say that this is just another bullshit.

No. 55806

File: 1425201095002.png (174.56 KB, 540x960, IMG_20150301_1.png)


Thats right, her mother is in a yahoo group for seminar teachers

No. 55808

My english was tested when I switched schools in elementary even though I was born in the USA and only speak English. They will send anyone that isnt white or black for a speech evaluation, so Berrys post doesn't necessarily mean anything.

She did also tweet about how difficult school was in the Philippines even though she was 8 at the time.

No. 55809

Nonono, she said that she was tested because she CAME to US.

No. 55839

>>55794 My sister still lives in our house even if she's turning 24 this year. I don't think there's something wrong with being in your 20's and still living in your parents' house.

I'm not being a whiteknight but I'm just saying. Not all people in the U.S. are individualists.

No. 55847

Exactly. Especially if you live in a state with higher priced real estate, it isn't uncommon for rent to make up 30+% of your income.

Even if you pinch pennies and only have student debt, it's quite possible to a) not get a job that's above minimum wage or b) simply be priced out of the area based on your salary.

No. 55866

File: 1425226879514.png (1.52 MB, 1080x1508, Scnsht2.png)

No. 55868

It's OK to be living with your parents at that age. It's not OK when you still spend their money on your personal belongings.

No. 55869

I didn't mean it like "living at your parents house because you can't afford to move out yet", I mean it like "being 20+ and still having zero money to buy stupid weeb crap so you have to beg or bitch to your parents about it like a 13 year old", which I'm pretty sure Korinne is doing

No. 55870

No, i'm pretty sure she said it was her yard.

No. 55871


That ain't even Japanese. It's Chinese so probably taken in China or Taiwan.

No. 55875


Although since she's second gen Pinay I guess it's not unusual to continue staying with her parents?

No. 55876

File: 1425228345194.jpg (43.56 KB, 571x369, s2a7e511356a92f144a9192dc33ebb…)

um…yeah, of course

No. 55877

imagine this girl having kids one day

No. 55878

File: 1425229324180.png (87.98 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2015-03-01-11-58-13…)

lol OK berry

No. 55879

the "it's not my house you guys are totally wrong I live in XXX" tactic lol

No. 55881

Pffft she just probably went to visit New York which is pretty close to New Jersey.

No. 55890

That isn't emo/scene tho, just the average asian selfie.

No. 55898


When did she posted this photo ??

No. 55902

my friend sponsored her a couple days ago and her address is still in NJ… to be specific her address is 43 cedarwood drive, toms river, NJ 08755. shes bullshitting all of us about being in NY…

No. 55903

she's prob just visiting NY since she tweeted like yesterday that her mom was telling her to "get ready to go". so she's prob just visiting, judging from her pics, she never said she lived there.

No. 55905

File: 1425234008135.jpg (86.17 KB, 456x810, wow.jpg)

no, she says she lives there

No. 55906


No really

No. 55921

Omg i love shin kei

No. 55923

Her small nose makes me want to get ps

No. 55926

I dont feel bad for her. She has a shitty personality, bashed one girl heavily and she lies a lot. she doesnt deserve any empathy

No. 55930

File: 1425241689793.jpg (85.77 KB, 640x629, image.jpg)

yes, and that's called fetishization you fwuacking weeb.

No. 55932


I searched after this picture in Google and i found it on several websited, but the photo was posted in mai,2014 for the first time (I think) , so does soembody know when she posted this photo ??

No. 55935

Toms River is an hour away from the city.

It's pretty much confirmed she lives in Toms River so she's just covering her ass right now.

No. 55937


Whats the point in telling people that she lives in NY ? Everybody who is slightly interested in her will stumble across this thread sooner or later lol

No. 55940

I really would like to know more about her parents dunno why but it's interesting.

No. 55952

"cant deny us asians are pretty kawaii"
thats why you change your asian features into qt white ones (big eyes, slim nose, round eyes, pale skin)? :^)

No. 55954

meant to be to >>55930

No. 55956


dangerous territory you are walking in, not all asians have wide noses , small eyes and dark skin - and there are quite a lot of white people who have big noses/smaller eyes etc.

No. 55957

I know i meant for berry
I know some asians have naturally big eyes and theyre cute as fuck
its just berry tries to act like shes confident when shes really insecure lol

No. 55958

It's not like most asian girls try to look white, it's just rare to have big eyes,pale skin , and small noses in Asia . And everything whats rare is beautiful.

Like white people want to have darker skin and big lips.

No. 55959


yes I know, she is insecure for her looks but she doesn't try to look wite.

No. 55962

Shes trying to copy those japanese girls who would sell their kidneys to look like kota

No. 55963

She says shes proud to be asian blah blah blah only because people mistake her as an east asian.
She doesnt find southern asians kawaii and all that shit. Fucking weeaboo

No. 55966


I remember one time Berry wrote in her twitter something very similar to : " My friends told me I look white __ "

Kinda dump to jump on the "I'm proud to be asian blah bla - wagong now

No. 55968

^ the thread doen't show it, god damnit..

she put a sprakly eyes smiley at the end of the tweet k

No. 55969

Her real nose is huge

No. 55975

I dont think it's huge tbh its more medium-average to me, it's just larger than what she shoops it to be. I wonder what she has against her real nose size lmao (maybe its cause its not anime desu desu enough)

No. 55978

yeah NY hahahahaha then why doesn't she post pics of her walking on the street? or curious things she finds on NY 'streets'

No. 56006

I…also in toms river.. well tuckerton. why are they're so many of us on lolcow?

No. 56009


because there's nothing to do in TR

No. 56028

and yet no one has seen berry at the mall…

No. 56032


She went into my store yesterday, but I left the store before she came in :(

My coworkers and I were talking about how she was denying that she wasn't in our mall.

No. 56037

Look at the cctv go

No. 56048

omg i would love to work at game stop! but they always say you know that theyre not really hiring idk!

>>55969 what does her real nose look like? in that pic it doesnt look huge
like is that shopped ?

No. 56049

btw guys she has twitch but i never saw her stream.

No. 56050

Where the hell is that person's legs?

No. 56051

she just did post a pic of street

No. 56130

Why is the lower right blurred like there was a watermark? lmao

No. 56154

She's sitting on the fence.

No. 56180

I found the image on Google as far back as 2012

She didn't say "This is me" though
Even though she included "me", it just looks like one of those random pictures people would say "same" or "me in real life"

No. 56231

This is rly sad… She's trying so hard to convince people when we know she's lying her ass off.

No. 56232

File: 1425308196737.jpg (84.66 KB, 640x576, image.jpg)

I forgot to put in the photo lol

No. 56236

photoshop game too strong urgh

No. 56237

She always just implies things so that she can deny it if she gets called out later, when she clearly wanted people to think it was her. When people use 'same', it's usually in response to a more interesting/amusing image than someone just sitting on a fence.

No. 56241

She looks so pathetic now. Why lie if a lot of people already know where she lives?

No. 56243

>>56232 When did she post that "bedroom in new york" ?? I can't find it.

No. 56244

I remember she once told people that she lived in NJ though. That was before the typhoon thing happened (2012 I think?) lol why lie now

No. 56248

because NY is cooler

No. 56256

it's in her twitter info

No. 56312

She started to post shit about New York after someone pointed out what mall she was at. She's so obvious. Just stop it already.

No. 56316

she made a post not too long ago saying she is going to visit ny to celebrate her mom's birthday… she definitely doesn't live there.. this is embarrassing…

No. 56397

File: 1425333688707.jpg (77.59 KB, 600x800, lol.jpg)


Are you sure that's her real name? Korinne is probably an alias.

So is this "Mary" picture.

Also I remember her BF, Ouji, tweeted that he met her when she was going by the name "Yui"

Korinne, Mary, Yui, Berry are all aliases probably.

No. 56398

File: 1425333804456.png (210.91 KB, 512x572, yin tigno.png)


And this too..

Yin? as Berry Tsukasa?

Korinne, Mary, Yui, Yin, Berry.. What else does she have?

No. 56403


Korinne, Sumiire Flower, Mary, Yui, Yin, Berry


No. 56404

her real name Is Korrine Tigno. She even has an old personal fb account for it and has mutual friends with her family. I'm not sure about Mary but it might be her middle name or something. I do know that Yui or whatever was her alias name cause she even stated that herself a long time ago

No. 56406

Well, her Alias Berry Tsukasa comes from the names of two anime characters.

No. 56469

File: 1425340143673.png (308.48 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2015-03-03-00-46-06…)


On the facebook of her brother ([name removed]) was a picture of Berry and her family (pic). One woman made a comment and wrote :" I supa like your hair koreen !"

There are 4 woman on the picture, her sister (Michelin), her mother (Agnes), and her brothers wife (forgot sry )

Soo, its logical that Berry is koreen , also because shes the only one with "special hair " in this photo.

So then I searched after a "Koreen" in his fb and found a private account called "Korinne Tigno " and Tigno is their aftername , as we all know.

Yep, her name is definetely Korinne

No. 56552

What does Berry do in life? I noticed that she's been playing video games these past few days.

No. 56556

Wait, I just realized… Why would her boyfriend be in a family photo…. He looks like ouji too… Like if u compare the pics with the transformation pics she did a while back with a 2009 old photo and ouji… And she mentioned and she has a younger brother…
Ok she's sick if he's using her brother to pretend to be her boyfriend…..

No. 56557

She claims to be in college.

No. 56558


im curious to as if her family knows about him.

No. 56581

Someone already explained that ouji is a real person and not her bro

No. 56631

I remember that Berry once wrote in her tumblr she doesnt want people to know her real name so they cant find records about her in the police.

No. 56647

This thread is gold

No. 56721

How do you even find that sumire flower fb account i'm so confused

No. 56722

Anon probably found it with searching the friendslist of the family members.

No. 56726

Someone made a facebook account and a facebook page with Berry's real name. Her old pictures are uploaded there wtf.

No. 56729


Berry used to watermark her pictures with either her fb link or her nickname, so there are some old photos of her with the name "sumiire flower " on it and anon searched after this name on fb.

No. 56778

you must be like 12…..
you can have a job and still hardly be able to afford to feed yourself.
taobao is cheap but not everyone can afford to be buying new clothes all the time, or have more important things to spend their money on. don't be an ignorant twat.

No. 56904

preeeeeeach it's hard

No. 57197


No. 57213

Her mom is now a doctor.

No. 57238

>>57213 What did she say before her mother was?

No. 57245


Ikr ? But I once heard she was a nurse or something like that.

No. 57251

She said her mom was a nurse last year. Now she's a doctor. It's possible.. but nah.

No. 57258

Some anons found out that her mum is/was a teacher, not a nurse iirc.

No. 57270


i read the tweet as more she had friends that were doctors which would make sense if her mom was a nurse.

No. 57446

File: 1425537726349.jpg (86.51 KB, 1080x854, Screenshot_2015-03-05-01-37-54…)

here she goes again

No. 57447

I feel like her new tweet is about this thread XD. She probably took some time to read what's in here.

No. 57449

she makes my eyes roll so far back

No. 57469


lmao just like she lives in NY.

No. 57478

File: 1425547286632.gif (1.82 MB, 300x277, sunny kek.gif)

No. 57485


No. 57503

Is she serious ^^ Korinne is definetely her name , omg hahaha shes so desperate

No. 57515

funny thing when she says she doesn't waste her time reading forums. Ah Korinne, you're such a funny lolcow.

No. 57590

Anybody here suspect she's lying about her age/schooling?

I dunno but I found this.

2015? Left back couple of times/returned to school? Lied about age online? Or inaccurate records?

And before anyone says that could've been someone else. She went to Toms River North High School. Long ago she posted her report card from high school about getting all A+s. I googled her classes/program # exactly and it took me to Toms River HS page.

No. 57591

(732) 569-8821 under the name, TIGNO KORINNE~

No. 57599

No. 57601

File: 1425580019626.png (21.98 KB, 268x372, Screenshot (10).png)


ss in case she removes it

No. 57620


I highly doubt there's more than 1 Korrine or Korinne Tigno in Toms River. Everything is related to her so yeah that's her. About her age I doubt it, she's 19-20 for sure, but maybe she has repeated a year 2 times.

No. 57634

is she serious omg wth

No. 57641

Why is her name spelled differently? Korrine? Korinne?

No. 57642

Did somebody wenr to Berrys school ??

No. 57653


i live in the area but graduated a few years earlier

No. 57667

It's possible she was left back once when she first came to America. Immigrants who come later into the school year often get left back to "catch up" with the other kids.

Any maybe she got left back once again for failing a grade.

No. 57702

show us yearbook

No. 57710


i think this was meant for me, but I went to South so she didn't go to my school. I have friends who went to North so I can ask them.

No. 57711


Yes please

No. 57712


Yeah, please upload it if theres a yearbook photo .

No. 57729

holy shit you guys are so good xD
although i was an immigrant to the US also,, i didn't need to repeat any school years? Maybe she's slow :u

No. 57732


Probably both immigrant-left back + slow-left back (since she was born 1994). Maybe she was slow as a kid and had issues learning English/adjusting.

Depends on the school/your parents' choice and when you enroll in the year. I don't know about you but kids who come in the first semester of school or already speaks English usually don't get left back.

I don't know how it works in the Philippines but in (east) Asian countries you are 1 year older than you are in other countries. In America where 1st graders are 6 year olds, East Asian countries, you are 7.

No. 57734

She's making herself feel better by tweeting how her parents love her so much. Does she really think that our parents hate us because we're like "hating" her?? XD

Honestly, I don't really hate her. I just don't get why she has to make up stories about herself. She's giving her fans false informations about her. I feel bad for them.

No. 57739


What do you mean?
What kind of made up stories than false info?

No. 57758

Immigrants from the Philippines to the USA aren`t usually held back – many of my friends and a lot of my relatives weren`t held back as English is the language of instruction in schools and spoken at home. Even the friends of mine that didn`t speak English when coming to the USA weren`t held back BUT they did get here in kindergarten when learning languages is much easier.

If she didn`t speak English when she immigrated at an earlier age, she probably did get held back. I had several Chinese and Korean classmates that were held back 1-2 years in middle and high school so their English could catch up.

No. 57765


Yeah, kindergartners usually don't get left back but first/second graders and above do.

IIRC Filipinos who speak English come from middle-high social class or well-educated/parents who taught them. Like with Singaporeans who speak fluent English and some Singlish, and some don't even speak English at all.

I don't know how old "Berry" was when she came to the USA but I doubt the young-her knew English well enough (if she did get left back).

If those classmate.com records are true, it's probable that she got left back due to late enrollment + not being able to catch up (2 yrs). Or… she entered at the right grade but got left back twice due to whatever. AFAIK we don't know much about her other than her annoying cunty weeaboo personality. Maybe she had issues with bullying or depression/anxiety/w.e. Or left back twice because of failing grade/attendance. I don't know.
Not trying to be an internet armchair psychologist but it's possible.

No. 57769

I know some people who doesn't speak good English and they were never held back. They were just placed in ESL.

No. 57771

now i kinda pity her cause she's probably making shit up for her (past) crappy life but she should be mature enough to realize that what she's doing is dumb and that some of her lies actually make people feel bad (not me) despite their age

No. 57773

Yep I was placed in ESL also for 2 years in elementary cause of my english but i wasn't held back

No. 57774

Why would you feel pity for her? Plenty of people have crappy pasts, but they deal with them in a healthier way.

No. 57776

i pity the way she handles things cause it's immature

No. 57777

She repeated her high school years.
It was mentioned before somewhere in this thread. I also remember her posting something about white people dressing like sluts in her high school back in 2009. And based on her pictures, her math skill, and whatever-else she posts about her life, she JUST graduated from high school OR is still there hangin'.

No. 57778


Then I guess you were able to keep up with it.

Again, it all depends on the school/parents/kids.
We all progress at different pace. Just because you or yours peers haven't been left back doesn't mean others aren't. It happens and I've seen it happen -even as far as 3 years.

No. 57782

5-6 years spent in high school.

2 rounds of applause to Ms. Berry Tsukasa!

No. 57783

File: 1425606292612.png (236.99 KB, 568x600, Screenshot (12).png)


> She repeated her high school years.

Do you mean that or are you just saying that?

In 2009, she was 15. She was in high school.

Anyway I agree, I think so too.

When she posted a photo of her report cards, she posted a photo of her sitting on the table-chairs with really long thick black hair with gray sweater and said that was her back in high school during senior year.

But what I just came to my mind is Berry didn't have long/thick hair in HS. She had an Asian mullet.


Senior yr of hs = 17 yrs old.
Berry was 17y/o on 2011

2010 throw back pic = asian mullet that comes up to breast

2011 "high school" senior photo = thick hair with little/no layers up to waist? No genes, products or massages makes your hair grow that thick.

I wish I can find that picture again.

No. 57785

lol christ she looked better in 2010. That comparison 2014 pic looks fucking awful.

No. 57786

Judging by the color of her hair the long parts in this are extensions.

No. 57787


Idk about extensions. Even if that were true, it doesn't make sense that within 1 year she grew long thick hair so quick. And believe me, it wasn't a wig. It was like her original hair in early 2014 or whatever.

I honestly believe that she got left back and when she posted that "tbt" photo, it wasn't too long ago.

No. 57790

File: 1425607311800.jpg (198.48 KB, 480x640, B1vWdHLIEAAnHLA.jpg)

What long thick hair?

No. 57791


Not that photo but she posted a throw back photo of her in high school senior year.
Someone else took a photo of her facing back with long thick hair up to her waist. Senior year was 2011.
THAT (the pic you posted) was 2010.
So it doesn't make sense she grew that much hair within 1 yr.

What I'm saying is, the photo she claimed to be her in senior yr of HS wasn't really in 2011 but later by 2 years (yet still in high school).

btw, that's called an Asian mullet + some kind of teasing + those anime side hair or whatever they're called. They can be extensions but some people really have hair like that lol

No. 57792

I know but because the long parts are a different kind of brown+darker I think it is extensions.

No. 57793

File: 1425607881305.png (927.74 KB, 1080x1475, Cas4Fi.png)

Here you go.
Her hair was never that long in 2011. It was actually a recent photo as the hair matched up with all other photos she posted then. Basically she was still a high school student last year.

No. 57794


thanks, this was what I was talking about

No. 57797


see pic >>57793

>it wasn't a wig. It was like her original hair

No. 57827

it's possible that she got held back during elementary or middle school also,, not necesarily just high school

No. 57829

She's been in high school since 2009.
It's 2015 and that's 6 fucking years?

No. 57834

I seriously doubt she's still in high school

No. 57947

Also, isn't that hoodie something that got sponsored by she inside? The hoodie with the Mickey Mouse on in her k-on closet cosplay pic

No. 57948

File: 1425661607269.jpg (81.56 KB, 500x667, image.jpg)

this one? You must be right.
This pic was taken January 2014
(it wont let me link to the Twitter post but it's still on her tumblr)

No. 57951

more like shes lying about her age

No. 57953

the picture of her in "highschool" the sweater looks black and the mickey one looks grey?

No. 57955

look at the lighting though

No. 57958

No, she's not. I can't tell you how did I get this info but she's her age and was born in 1994.

No. 57959

I followed her a long time ago before I sort of realized her bs and liked the things she posted, and I remember he saying she was taking college classes.

No. 57960

File: 1425666383794.jpg (57.09 KB, 569x446, 1424129225133.jpg)

She actually been mentioning on her Twitter about how pretty lolita clothes are and THANK FUCKING GOD it's WAAAAAAY out of her price range bc I honestly don't want this girl to get into the lolita fashion. I can only imagine all the tacky kawaii uguu animu cosplay coords she's gonna put together.

//mfw I pray to satan she'll never get sponsored by Milanoo or some shitty Taobao reseller

No. 57963

i'd be surprised if she does get into lolita because she mostly wears dark "badass" ~men's~ clothing

No. 57964

one full brand lolita coord is like $500-700, she'll never afford something like that lol

No. 57965

She already gets sponsored by shitty Taobao resellers, just saying.

No. 57968

I mean those who resell cheap lolita style dresses and brand replicas. Basically your usual Milanoo crap but stepped up a bit.

No. 57986

so she probably got left back twice, one for enrolling school late as a child and another for not being to catch up.
doesn't necessarily mean she repeated high school, could be elementary or junior high.

No. 57987

File: 1425672741933.jpg (254.09 KB, 1080x1422, Screenshot_2015-03-06-15-07-12…)

Definitely 43 Cedarwood Dr. Toms River XD She posted this 2 hours ago.

No. 57997

some anon has berry in their year book. anon pls come out!


No. 58031

I may be late but this?
one old picture of herself and the rest being pictures of chinese net idols she seems to have stolen?

No. 58034

Is her real name Michelle then? Because that's what that profile says.

No. 58037


Yep, most of her photos in her pb are stolen from fei zhu liu (i think that was her name ) But i tought its not relevant cuz the account us like 6 years old .

No. 58040

Was confused because everyone is saying her real name is actually Korrine. Well, maybe someone here knows.
Maybe Korrine is her middle name?

No. 58045

Michelle is her sister. Also goes by the name Michelin now or Myk or something.

fei zhu liu isn't a person. it's a type of style from China. like the chinese version of japanese gyarus or korean ulzzangs.

some of those pictures of her too.

No. 58052

Uh, most of the pictures are her, her sister and her boyfriend.

No. 58238

guys most of those pictures on there are fake……….

fei zhu liu is a chinese version of ulzzang

No. 58240

and by fake i mean not her

anyway btw did that anon that said they have friends that went to her highschool have pictures of her on their yearbook find it

No. 58250

No, they're not.
Just an example:
the other images can't be found because of her using the oldest trick in the book, overly editing a picture and putting a text over it. seems most likely that she's been faking to be some japanese/korean anime god online before?

No. 58260

The very first one with tons of brightness is her too tho, that image has been posted here before.

No. 58262

File: 1425758020468.gif (Spoiler Image, 29.2 KB, 120x90, anim_b3a169dd-1dd6-54f4-c124-0…)

Same goes for this stupid gif. Also the photobucket galleries of most people include random images they found on the web anyways because it was the easiest way for reposting without direct linking.

No. 58270

..that gif makes me wanna hurl

No. 58274

>>58262 lol she looks so filipino there

No. 58296


nice ameblo source! youre right damn

No. 58299

>>58262 but i think that gif is her just with edits and rapid movement thats why it looks different

No. 58309

Was the image deleted.

No. 58311

here is the other picture she's edited and put text over

No. 58487

Sorry everyone I'm trying to get ahold of people who went to HS when she was in and it's kind of difficult when I don't know her exact dates.

also the board keeps not letting me post

No. 58627


No. 58628

idk why dont you add them and try to add berrys friends so you can see tagged photos of her or untagged photos of her

No. 58961


No. 59000


No. 59007

I honestly can't imagine her having friends, because if she did I feel like she would be constantly posting pictures of her with them hanging out and bragging about it.
Even if she does, and did, I don't know if she would just let old photo's stay up of her unedited.

No. 59024

>>59007 Maybe she has a private account where she can post all her non-makeup pictures, her friends, families or whatever. Noticed how private she is? We've only seen a recent picture of her older sister and her other older brother but not the rest of her family.

No. 59058

How can she say that she's part Spanish? Her mom doesn't even look half Spanish. She looks Filipino as fck.

No. 59071

Many filipinos has spanish (and chinese) descent. Although she only points it out to seem more ~*special*~
Maybe because she's embarassed w/just being filipino cause it's not kawaii enough so she adds in other ethnicities that doesn't count cause it's so far in the bloodline

No. 59152

The Philippines were part of the Spanish Crown, so yeah, as >>59071 said >Many filipinos has spanish (and chinese) descent. Although she only points it out to seem more ~*special*~
Reminds me of Kiki with her 'Irish' blood

No. 59174

The name of the fb account of berrys sister is "Michelin Mirafuente Tigno " , and her mothers full name is " Agnes Mirafuente tigno "

Mirafuente sounds like spanish name , so it could be that Berry has spanish ancestors

No. 59185

I dated a guy who was half Filipino on his dad's side and he had a Spanish last name. It's pretty common.

No. 59188


At one point the Spaniards colonised The Phillipines and forced many Filipino to take Spanish names and husbands which is why you'll see so many Filipino which Spanish last names and ancestry.

A lot of the Filipino people today aren't like the Filipino people of then due to racemixing with Spaniards.

No. 59195

So, did anyone notice she started posting pictures of "her" wardrobe online and also a fishy picture of 2 pairs of feet with the caption "tomodachi stroll", lol. Someone's keeping up with the thread!

No. 59201


What has her wardrobe and feet to do with this thread ?

No. 59204

Not that anon but it is about her going shopping with friends.

No. 59208

I think she's with her brother in that "tomodachi stroll" picture.

No. 59224

It's been mentioned she probably has no friends and her wardrobe is small & most of it is sponsored.

No. 59242

>ok let's see if this works

Yo berry I heard you are a virgin

No. 59289

She posted again about how no one should ever be affected by what other people say in the internet about them. :))))

No. 59345

File: 1425935407390.jpg (139.73 KB, 1078x1312, Screenshot_2015-03-09-17-04-30…)

No. 59347

>>59345 why does it say Male? and Italian? Wtf XD

No. 59401

maybe the whole fucking family is a bunch of liars so they put down italian instead of filipino

No. 59507

can we not have a history lesson in every thread
google is literally a tab away

No. 59633

why would you assume that anon is white just because they made a mistake like that? they could easily be black js don't say such ignorant things..

No. 59685

berry isnt black……………… wait did she say she w as?

No. 59698

Oh my god, learn to read.
The poster said ANON not berry.

No. 59735

korinne just posted this on twitter "Me and my friends are spread throughout the classroom and we text so we just giggle from one side of the room to the other"
I could be wrong but in colleges they don't assign seats to you…so why would she voluntarily choose to sit spread out in the classroom from her friends? Honestly the way she talks about school it's sounding more and more like she's still in highschool. Unless I'm just looking too much into it? lol

No. 59746

Because she is.
Remember the guy she said threw her a scribbled paper about AoT in the hallway? That's not what people do in college. At least in my opinion, that happens a lot in high school.
If she was in college pursuing to be a plastic surgeon she would have bragged about her classes. Wouldn't have time to game, photoshop, and make online friends.

No. 59748


this makes sense thats why all her friends are so young

No. 59751

File: 1426005734432.jpg (66.14 KB, 1074x546, Screenshot_2015-03-10-11-56-52…)

Is there such thing as "popular guy" in college? College people help xD cuz she posted about this popular guy who approached her…

No. 59753

I was going to point that out as well. There's no such thing as "popular people" in college. Everyone just minds their own business (most of the time) at least in the college I go to

No. 59760

It's kind of impossible to have a guy in collage that is popular everywhere in collage. You wont see an arts major bumping into someone who wants to be a therapist. Crowds don't mix like that. I mean, there can be the most popular person in the class room? But the way she talks, it does sound like she is in high school. Maybe she was just held back or something

No. 59761

Same for me and I live on a pretty small campus where you know a lot of the people. Even if there was a person like this, no one rrally cares enough to tweet about it lol. The idea of a "popular guy" just screams high school

No. 59785


the way she phrased it sounds like high school.

No. 59807

Who there said she was born in 1994? Is there any reliable source? Because judging from her behaviour, her Twitter and tiny mistakes here and there she is either not 20 or just incredibly stupid.
By the way, It always bugged me: looking at her mother, her father, her brothers and her sister and THEN at her…Well, um, she DOES NOT look like the rest of her family. I understand the power of Photoshopnshit, but still her face look waaaay too different from the rest of Tignos. I mean eye shape, face shape, body frame…Is it just me?

No. 59819

she's just lying because her life has to be like a anime. In a anime the popular guy always go where the female lead is and ask her something, then she blushes and replies shyly.

No. 59934

i agree w/this. Someone said she is 20 tho
and loll >>59819

No. 59943

yeah tbh in college everyone does mind their own business and idk i do agree with you guys that she sounds like she's still in highschool o.o lol no offense but berry sounds immature.

No. 60013

i agree she sounds fucking young is she 16?

i knew she was in hs!!

No. 60025

There was a person who went to the same high school as Berry in a confession page. She/he was an underclassmen and said that Berry was very gloomy and quiet and didn't have a lot of friends. This was 2-3 years back. She should be around her age if she wasn't a freshman 2-3 years ago.

No. 60027

It's possible to be 'famous' in college if you are a student/club president, do internship, or participate a lot in school. I don't know anyone who is 'famous' in class. One can be talkative and friendly but that doesn't mean he or she is 'famous'. It sounds more like high school where everyone knows each other and stays there for years.

No. 60031

The popular guy is usually the one that every teen girl wants to let into their pants.

No. 60105

File: 1426041302931.gif (203.2 KB, 469x750, tumblr_inline_mubkwrWZhd1r0cgk…)

No. 60107


you know people lie on the internet, right? lol

No. 60108

File: 1426041402964.jpg (72.55 KB, 871x720, shock.jpg)

>dat Japanese

No. 60123

And I remember she posted something like "HATE HATE HATE ANIME" on her twitter. And shit like I've only watched 3 anime. Wow.

No. 60131

kinda hypocritical of her to say she hates anime cause she tried cosplaying haruhi in her old photos.. maybe she's only saying it to not seem like 'everyone else' ?
I'm sure one of the main reason she's only learning japanese is to gain popularity there like dakota and because she's a true weeb no matter how hard she denies it. I mean she even used to make gifs of japanese stuff on tumblr,, which lead to more followers and so on

No. 60178

I loathe this girl. Her attitude is so contemptuous and rude, her photoshopping that she claims is her face is laughable and disgusting, and her lies are totally out of control. Moreover, I used to be friends with amikoto, and she repeatedly bullied this girl and publicly shamed her for doing exacting what berry is doing now: copying an internet idol!! (wylona) smh. She is disgusting on every level. I hope she is really 16 because maybe there's hope for her.

No. 60180

She also tried to cosplay as Super Sonico

and Mikasa

and the girl from Me! Me! Me!

and various other anime characters I can't remember

She's 100% weeaboo and is always jumping on the latest weeby bandwagons (like that one "i'm late for anime school!" thing from a couple years ago. She tries so hard.

No. 60188

this. the only way to be "popular" is if you are a top college athlete or like the president of a really popular club… but even then, you wouldn't call this person a popular guy.

No. 60209

call me a white knight but idc.
i found this site just because i was curious what her real name is, but daaaannggg you guys go in full stalker mode! finding her address and school, phone number ect. thats really creepy. if i were her i'd be freaked out. and i personally think she is adorable looking. so she photoshops?? i bet most of the ppl here have edited their pics before. i do. and i don't think shes learning japanese for anime. i sent her an ask a long time ago when she first started learning and she said it was because she wanted to talk to her japanese fans.

No. 60293

File: 1426063002556.png (79.66 KB, 500x475, u tried.png)

No. 60296

File: 1426064455136.gif (1.27 MB, 296x160, pft fag.gif)


>i found this site just because i was curious what her real name is

>you guys go in full stalker mode

No. 60298

Naaah not a whiteknight, just wilfully ignorant.

Japanese fans? Top kek

No. 60304

File: 1426069682227.gif (1.38 MB, 400x225, laughingFloor.gif)

My fucking sides. If you're a troll you did a great job.

No. 60306

Christ, the kids pouring on to the board because of this one thread.

No. 60307

no its kind of really creepy if u put it in that perspective

so any berry is like what17?

No. 60308

No. 60310

She's at least 20 and even if she was 17, she'd be old enough to be responsible for the shit she puts online.

No. 60312

File: 1426073391221.jpg (132.61 KB, 640x621, image.jpg)

pretty sure she's trying to be a j-sensation just like dakota
i do like the wigs tbh

No. 60313

As much as i want to agree with the personal info, everything else you said is shit and wake the hell up.

No. 60314

I wonder why it's just アジア系 instead of 日系.

No. 60387

I mean, I'm no expert in japanese, but aren't they saying アジア系アメリカ人
cause she is Asian-american?

No. 60426

I felt so bad for amikoto, and I could see a few similarities in their facial features and it really really bugged me when she called amikoto an "ugly monkey"

No. 60434

From what I understand their website it's somewhat of a supercheap "390 yen" all-you-can-get store.
So I guess it's incredibly fucking cool if your photos are used as a promotion material for a dollar store. I mean, as long as it's in Holy Land of Japan everything works. Sure, ok, Berry.

No. 60441

It's more like a walmart apparel section, but yea, you have a point here. She just took the weeaboo meter up to eleven with his one.

No. 60445

File: 1426098604591.jpg (495.77 KB, 1024x696, 124hjg1r.JPG)

um…ok lol, everything here is just as cheap and fake as she is

No. 60524

does Amikoto have a public social media account?

No. 60529

She had twitter, tumblr, and instagram. But not too long ago, she completely remade and only told a select few people her new url; deleted everything else

No. 60537

amikoto's new instagram is byejenn

No. 60554

" I hope that when people make comments about someone on the internet, they know that the person reading it is a human being like them….." - Korinne Tigno, alias "Berry Tsukasa"; 6/01/2015
( https://twitter.com/PinkMiruku/status/563798563453665282 )

No. 60597


Really ?! Shw called her a ugly monkey ?? When was this , I didnt see this Post (only the "polite one ")

No. 60625

File: 1426113758724.jpg (98.56 KB, 1080x910, Screenshot_2015-03-11-18-38-29…)

looks like she's making easy money now

No. 60631

Her small head together with her "big" boobs, and "small" waist doesn't really look that attractive. Gurl, too much is never attractive.

No. 60640

Yeah, it was in an old twitter post. She was saying that she doesn't like people comparing the looks of her and amikoto because she looks like an ugly monkey.

No. 60650

When someone on twitter asked her what it's like to have boobs she replies with "stress balls"

I remember a long while ago when people tried calling her out on saying her huge breasts were photoshopped, she retaliated by saying they were stupid.
The claim - which is true - is that in her images she's super flat, in sweaters and regular tee's and then in any shot where she features cleavage she amps it up. But you can't hide big boobs, because they're always visible. And berry replied with something like "idiots think you can't hide big boobs lol"

No. 60654

Wait, What Is she talking about?

No. 60657

I'm assuming talking about this?

No. 60677

why the hell would she need another camera she didnt even use her own money to get the one she has now

I realized the ones who like to gloat about $$$ or other stupid things are the people who have nothing better to do in their lives

No. 60784

File: 1426126619912.jpg (29.1 KB, 350x575, RzLfgQBspQw.jpg)

me too!! and when she called her ugly monkey it made me so mad ugh!…
time after that she posted this photo and i was like "who's the monkey here!"

No. 60795

she's ugly as fuck lol she looks like a monkey fetus with deformity :/ Funny how she thinks she's the cutest, prettiest, hottest woman alive. Her ego is as big as her fake boobs.

No. 60800

I felt so bad because amikoto was really fair with it. She didn't retaliate or say mean things about berry, instead she changed her theme, and told her followers to just let it go; she even fucking apologized.

Now though, I guess amikoto's name is Jenn now, or maybe its a nickname. But I follow her on tumblr and she's not too nice to her followers like she used to be; but I don't think she's mean. She just stands up to them more, like if someone says "your eyebrows are ugly" she'll respond with "they look so good, i don't know what you're talking about!!!" when before when she was amikoto she would have apologized.
She even said recently to an anon ask that she is mean, and I believe it because everyone has some meanness/rudeness about them; but I never found her as malicious as Berry was.

Berry practically assaulted her, forcing her minions to go and attack amikoto on her blog. She repeatedly called her out, saying ami's theme was the same, and the links on her blog - meaning ami's little link that you could click 'about me' 'my pictures' 'reviews' the images used for the links were similar to Berry's (they weren't the exact same) bu t they were so similar that Berry threw a fit and said ami was just trying to ride the coat tails of her fame.
So, along with the same theme, same button images, she even complained about the same sponsorships, and how ami was photoshopping herself to look similar to Berry.

I find that wig so ugly though, it totally looks like a wig and so unnatural with that part line.

No. 60802

omg the picture is so o___o
was she trying to cosplay george the moneky because she did a good job c:

No. 60804

is it just me or do i find it ridiculous when people call their followers their "fans" like tbh what's there to be a fan of about berry? what's her talent?? lol photoshopping herself to look like an anime kawaii desu girl?

No. 60811

I think it's ridiculous too.
Fans sounds so full of yourself, as if they've let the little internet fame go to their head; they're not celebrities.

No. 60837

i really find funny that berry thinks she's so unique and that her style is only hers because she claims that "she doesn't try to look like anyone else"… bitch there's a lot of girls out there with the fucking same style and take photos with wigs and circle lenses just like her!! she needs to grow up. she might be pretty but her personality is shit!

No. 60844

Her personality is so bad! I don't know why her followers stick up for her, because she's been mean to people who've asked her things on tumblr before, even if it was something simple.

I know she asked the PULL admins to not make a thread about her, and I'm guessing it's because she knows they're pretty good at digging up past shit other people have done, and she doesn't want the same to happen to her. Honestly surprised they've complied with not opening a thread about her, despite her bad attitude, lies and inconsistent photoshops; but what does that say about PULL

No. 60846

That was quite a bunch of years ago when nobody wanted to leak anything about her, there is no purpose in a thread without content.

No. 60851

True, but you would think they would break that pact now, but haven't. Or at least I would think so? Not sure

No. 60860

A thread about her is allowed for a long time already but nobody starts one.

No. 60863

i love how you guys are saying how bad her personality is when you prob don't even know her in real life

No. 60868

A lot of the things people post and say are a reflection of who they are. The slang talk that she uses I'm sure she says to her online friends in regular conversation. And the way you treat people, even if you don't know them or you're just acquaintances - like a waitress, store clerk, or even followers - says a damn lot. Why be rude to people you don't know for such a simple question like asking what lens you're wearing, or where you bought your clothes?
I could see if if people are being too invasive and snarky, then yeah, but I've seen her lash out at people for the most ridiculous things and act so haughty about it.

No. 60919

suree, but what's the point of acting like a snobby catfish ho online if you're giving her the benefit of the doubt that she's better in person? She's about 20 yrs old by then she should be more aware of her actions c'mon

No. 61002

Um hi… It's Jenn (amikoto).
My friend is not too find of berry so she keeps up with this thread and told me that you guys started to mention me.
Jenn is my real name that I use. Ami was just a weeb ass persona name I made up.
I admit I was copying Berry haha, I mean you can't deny it uknow!
I deleted my blog and remade because I didn't like this whole "tumblr attention"…
I didn't want to go in too deep and end up as something I didn't want to be.
I deleted in hopes of people not finding me.
I started to worry a lot about my life and future and I didn't see putting on "anime" makeup and cosplay something I would comtinue doing.
Eariler this year I sold all of my wigs and threw out my lenses (except for the natural looking ones since I still wear them haha)
After I deleted I felt great! I could finally start over. But I didn't want to make up another persona and go through what I just ended… Basically I just grew up and saw the reality of things.
Anyways long story short, I don't want to be talked about.
I don't want to be associated with Berry like I have been before.
I don't like the attention. If you know my new Instagram name or Tumblr username, I would ask to please keep it to yourself.
Everytime I see my new username being mentioned I panic and get paranoid…
Also, thank you for defending me haha… but I did deserve what Berry did! I wouldn't like it if some girl was copying my every move!

No. 61016

Not everyone here were saying bad stuff. In fact, you were mentioned very vaguely. People stood up for you because they saw you had changed/decided you weren't actually Berry.

Check out:
>>60178 (I guess this might be your friend)

It's safe to say that no one here likes Berry, so I hope that you won't feel bad about stuff anymore, because we'd be ready to defend you, in all honesty.


No. 61031

aww jenn you're way too nice :/ i wanted to be your friend but i'm extremely shy and it looked like you don't really like attention so i'm just supporting you from afar :')

No. 61040

Waiiiiiiit. How do we know that thats really Amikoto/Jenn??? Anyone can just come here and pretend to be anyone because were all anons here. Like i can just be like Um hi guys this Michaelin or whatever Berry's sis and you guys are all wrong about her! Shes really like this etc etc etc you know what I mean? But to the person claiming to be Jenn why would you say you deserve what berry did to you o.o i mean even if you (if youre the real jenn) did have a similar style and blog to berry she had no right to get mad and call you an ugly monkey? Tbh the most mature thing berry could had done was just to private message you and talked about it you know.. but anyway just sounded weird why whoever that person claiming to be jenn would be like yeah i deserve all that stuff..

No. 61055

I follow you now and I'm definitely not going to post your new url, and I wasn't the one who posted your instagram or anything like that; because I can see where you're coming from.

Tbh, I've followed her for a long time and it does sound like her? Like, most people will think that she deleted because of Berry, but she didn't. About a year after the whole Berry feud happened, she deleted because she didn't like the spotlight she was put in.

No. 61060

Hmm if it is her then why is she putting herself down like that saying she deserves what berry did to her? ;(

No. 61065

I've seen her made a post about it before saying a similar thing during this whole berry thing a few months/year back; so im sure it is her.
Although i dont think she deserved what berry did to her cause im pretty sure jenn was/isnt the only person trying to imitate berry's falsp looks and style.
I even saw a retweet from berry's good friend Mocha (or something) saying "back when i used to copy berry lol posted pics" [im too lazy to source srry] but she didnt lash out on her like she did on jenn– why? cause for one she isnt as popular

i'm just gonna end it there cause jenn doesn't want to be talked about anymore in this thread

No. 61074


Same with this person who said he was the friend of ouji.
Like no one in this thread questioned them.

No. 61079

I mean to be fair Berry did say that she messaged Jen and she said she replied and apologized and stopped for a while but started back again.

No. 61104

I'm a bit anxious to ask this, but why did you guys go to the trouble of doxxing her?
Not that I'm defending her or anything, but what did she do and why is this information relevant? Like this is the first time I've seen people on lolcow.farm go out of their way to track down someone's living area, school, etc this hard and she's not even a scammer or that popular outside Tumblr (and no, a Japanese dollar store doesn't count as fame).
Forgive me if I sound like a whiteknight, this just seems weird.

No. 61132

Too much lies. And they don't add up at all. Of course we would want to see if all that bullshit is true.

No. 61141

Ok I'm gonna pop out of here after this message but uh, thank you all for being so nice ;____;
I'm actually glad berry called me out because if she didn't, I'd still be "riding her coat tails of fame" being fake to everyone and myself. I wasn't nesscesarily putting myself down, it's just that I should've had it coming and a lot of my own mistakes played into this so it's not just Berry lashing out on me!!!! Ok that's all I have to say, resume to your lolcow activities

No. 61144

She clearly lies about her location, ethnicity, and possibly age. Finding out her real name helps. Also, she had her personal address for her sponsors and doesnt use a PO box…

No. 61165

Oh okay Jenn. Sorry i was just making sure it wasnt someone pretending to be you saying that you deserved it and all but yeah i dont think you deserve what berry did but as long as it made you realized some things to change yourself for the better then it's all good. I wish more ppl would admit to their mistakes and learn to become a better person :)

No. 61186

Tbh the reason im on this forumn is because im glad that there are ppl who can see through berry's lies. She lies about the most obvious stuff like her colors (which you can tell it's a wig or was photoshopped) and her fake boobs. I think i would like her more as a person if she was honest and wasnt so rude/thinking she's all that.

No. 61192

*hair colors

No. 61206


Well the thing is Berry didnt call you an ugly monkey to make you realise anything.

No. 61264

Dude people throw out the word ugly everywhere and not everyone is going to get SO offended by it? Maybe Jenn just doesn't give a fuck about it anymore since she admitted she was the one copying Berry. Some people just grow up and don't hold grudge on silly shit. She learned her mistakes and doesn't want to have anything to do with Berry anymore.
Done with Jenn so please move on.

No. 61266

No. 61272

why do people keep going on about berry lying about her ethnicity?
she's admitted many times now that she's Filipina. do your arms hurt from that reach?

she's only lying about her location, age, and editing. and then her hypocrisy.

No. 61422

File: 1426224465658.jpg (92.82 KB, 450x796, B_7jtPXWsAAgkAM.jpg)

Another proof she's not in NY although there are plenty already lol.


"Wawa Inc. is a chain of convenience store/gas stations located along the East Coast of the United States. It operates in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, and Florida."

No. 61429


there's a wawa down the street from where she lives. I used to frequent that wawa when I lived in an apartment complex by her house

btw wawa is amazing

No. 61432

no, but we have posted repeatedly about how she is much like wylona in that she claims to be several different ethnicity.

she's still lying about everything else, like you said.

No. 62113


These sites arent always 100% accurate

No. 62136

those fake Cartier bracelets lmao

No. 62147

Berry sounds so stupid in her tweets

No. 62223

File: 1426363943295.jpg (30.07 KB, 562x221, TB2YpbWbXXXXXb.XXXXXXXXXXXX-75…)

um, this sounds creepy
and stupid. I mean, someone in her family just died and she's all like "LOL SOMEONE DIED LOVE CHU"

No. 62249

I particularly like her "candid photo" which reminds me of those people who say the camera just went off and they aren't a model. Everyone is complimenting her shopped nose

No. 62255


I Know right ?
Shes like " loll he died , love chu my old man 3.."

Srsly i feel so uncomfortable reading this

No. 62266

her new twitter pic face is so flat looking.. also reminds me of a blogger named ihatenike or something

No. 62270

I forget when it was
but I think it was a little bit after she got a haircut, and she was talking about how she was putting a pin in her hair and taking a picture at the same time and how its not perfect but she likes it
its probably on her twitter if you search enough wasn't too long ago

No. 62271

There's a photo I've been trying to look for and I wonder if any of you guys have it.
It's a picture where berry just got her haircut, short chin length black, and she's got her head turned to the side so you see profile.
But it shows how super flat chested she is and all her big titted-ness is fake and photoshop. she's the one who posted it did it a long time ago on tumblr and her facebook, kind of surprised she did tbh

No. 62274

guys like there is something called bras with pads and bras without pads….
like guys i assume some of u has went through puberty and learned the types of shirts that accentuate boobs and doesnt

that candid picture isnt really candid and was posted before

and also the status of funeral isnt really creepy i just assume she wasnt close and doesnt know what to say especially when people cope with death differently.
but thats my opinion.

No. 62275

btw her hair cut looks actually cute

and if anyone finds her old ass video– no not the gwyiomi pink wig one– pls post it

No. 62276

there's a lot of that type of pic in her tumblr tagged as 'me'.. im not sure which exact one you're looking for

No. 62279

i guess some ppl on here find it annoying how her followers compliment her most likely photoshopped boobs and she gets a fat head about it sometimes. also >>62274 , even if she did use really thick push-up bras it can only do so much

No. 62280

please guys whats with you guys mentioning her titties. like discuss something else because titties are yes- obviously fucking fake- but theres a thing called bras with pads and photoshop.
i hope you all understand.

and i think discussing how she reacts when posting about the death of her grandpa is way to personal. like THAT section of her life is not something up for discussion even though she did post about it, it's even creepier to discuss what is a right and wrong way to mention the passing away

No. 62282

DUH it's called photoshop and push up bras

god damn

some of these people on here are soo confused as to how she got those big ass tits– like have they ever went to victoria secret? do they skim over the fact she photoshops?

but the fat head is very understandable

if they really want to talk shit, just p-ost pictures with cleavage openings that look flat.

No. 62283

not gonna lie, im assuming EVERYONE knows how to hide their fucking breasts because sports bras and bras with pads look VERY different.

so when you see it just abnormally huge REMEMBER GUYS SHE ALREADY MENTIONED SHE USED PHOTOSHOP
she is a grown ass women who HOPEFULLY knows what to wear to actually show SOME cleavage and photoshop the rest it.

No. 62285

so are we done discussing her titties???

please guys when u talk trash about this women please be sensitive and do not overstep boundries like comments about deathbecause i know one person might not overstep it, but i know another person will.

No. 62286

i saw a thumbnail of an old video with her in a red hoodie or something in her VK but it was deleted/private on youtube

No. 62287


yeah i remember that
she was really chubby back then -
i followed her back in 11 and i remember she always posted videos but deleted it a second later

No. 62288

File: 1426374113230.jpg (42.01 KB, 416x604, Mw9e2Cg233I.jpg)

No. 62289

No. 62290

did you ever see the videos too?

No. 62291

look at how flat her nose is compared to her kawaii pointy one in her "candid photo" tho

No. 62292

to the children on this form- remember to watch what you say. yes, you CAN point out things that she has done that are rude, but never ever wish death on someone. NOT saying anyone has, but I know the younger a person is, there might be a chance you might say things you do not understand or mean, and you will regret it when youre older.

to people that are near 18 or an adult, i assume you should know better, and not that you have ever said anything, so understand this doesnt apply to you.

i just came here to see some weird pictures honestly. but i hate to sound like a preachy mother, but understand i care. i know how awful the community is.

No. 62293

she looks 14 omgg i remember this. she said it was her no makeup look when she was younger.

No. 62295

File: 1426374638331.gif (171.03 KB, 415x604, berry.gif)

>in b4 but they're not the exact same angle!

The difference in her shooping style over the years amuses me more than anything. She jumps on every bandwagon.

Someone should find some better photos to compare.

No. 62296

>>62294 wow she's gotten better
is she wearing aero lmfao!!
how old are these

No. 62299

File: 1426374756563.jpg (6.39 KB, 204x247, flip.jpg)

flip this. wasnt these a couple months ago

No. 62301

File: 1426374950261.jpg (11.03 KB, 300x250, heeee.jpg)

No. 62303

bad picture to compare but wow i ssee it

No. 62305

File: 1426375085886.jpg (54.97 KB, 543x960, ok.jpg)

No. 62306


both so alike

No. 62308

is it just the hair>?

No. 62310

wait i reread some of the stuff above. is she still in high school?? shes like put in assigned seatings

No. 62315

most likely yea cause i've never really heard of assigned seatings in college

No. 62319

Eh, I had assigned seating in a few freshmen level courses. It was so the TAs could keep track of attendance. Some professors are dicks and will use attendance policies.

No. 62323

She doesn't state she photoshops her tits
If you ever ask on what she Photoshops she always says the same thing
lighting, freshen up the skin, and she says she only touches up her eyes a little

No. 62325

That's not Berry thats Wylona

No. 62326

for anyone who's been following her since near the beginning 2-3+ years: has she ever posted a status about graduating from high school? Most people usually do say something cause it's a big event and i know how she likes to gloat sometimes

No. 62329

i think someone wanted a comparison gif with her and berry

No. 62338


Berrys friens did videos when she was graduating. They told her how proud they are and stuff, you should still be able to find it.

No. 62339

yeah the gwiyomi one to celebrate but no one reaally does assigned seating in college and shes not a freshmen

No. 62351

i only remember birthday vids from her friends not really graduation

No. 62360


Maybe she means, she and her friend sat in different seats the first days of college, and I guess they sort of 'claimed them'. Like the first day of hs where you sit where ever you want, but you end up sitting in the same place, and it becomes 'your seat'. While this is a theory, it may not make sense, because I would be implying that they had independently chose to sit away from each other, or one came late, and had to sit somewhere else? Anon said that she has a video showing her graduation or something, so she can't be in hs still.

No. 62361


have u went to college? because thats not how college works

No. 62362

berry sounds shes like in hs and is llying about her age because all her friends are around 16 on twitter

No. 62369

i wouldn't take an anonymous's word about her graduation vid until physical proof.

even if her friends claimed a different seat in the beginning anyone can still change seats no matter who claims which seat etc. no one cares like in hs and it's rare to hear from someone who had a dickbag professor (no matter what year of college you are) who assigns seats.

No. 62371

she can easily lie to her online friends about graduating.

No. 62399

I love how in the video she tries to use her hair to hide her fat cheeks, old school trick that every chubby cheek person does at one point me included

her nose and eyes do not look anything like she shoops them to be at all

No. 62400

real berry looks like an ugly monkey

No. 62406

omfg xD MY EYES
so weebish

No. 62407

yeah she's definitely wishes she was japanese

No. 62408

she looks so dead looking.. but i'm sure she doesn't look as bad now compared to this vid since she has sponsored wigs, circle lenses, and clothes to keep her from looking.. bad

No. 62409

my fucking ears and eyes

No. 62411

and makeup

No. 62448

i think she looks better here than in a lot of her shopped pics. well, except these horrible extensions.

No. 62453

yeah, she actually looks like a real person

No. 62460

Omg. Where is this video!?

No. 62494

Heeeey, upload it again plz!

No. 62497

Yes, please upload again! We missed it :'(
Did Korrine get it taken down or something?

No. 62503

Yo I missed the vid, can somebody upload it again ?

No. 62510

So I found this video which her friends did to congratulate her


No. 62525

but thats online friends not irl, she could have easily lied to them

No. 62526


I know i know, just tought somebody wanted to see it

No. 62537

thank you hungry skeleton
a lot of filipinos and filipinas try to look paler though, it's not wanting to look east asian but the fact that pale skin is coveted there

No. 62555

could be clip on bangs, doesn't mean the rest isn't real

No. 62556

Mm that's her online friend. I've known her for a bit

No. 62658

Wait…did Berry made an audio???

No. 62660

>>62658 oh yeah I remember she tweeted about making an audio for her followers or something. I never saw that audio though

No. 63015

Did she really? How come I never saw it?

No. 63059

Because she may have deleted later on like she usually does

No. 63076

most of her online friends are like fucking 16 though
berry is definitely like highschool
she has assigned seats
got introuble for recording a fight
"omg a popular guy talked to her!"

shes like not 20 in college

No. 63223

i feel like she is 20, and friends with 16 year olds cause she's still in high school.. also the reason why she's kinda immature sometimes(most of the time) ? idk honestly.
If she's 20 in high school or lying about her age (and other bs) either way it's still pretty sad

No. 63266

File: 1426474333986.jpg (75.42 KB, 1028x780, Screenshot_2015-03-15-22-43-59…)

Oh come on. Why post the same sht?? She posted something similar before.

No. 63282

>my bf is soooo special and different
oh, this is so cringe inducing.

No. 63296

i love you

No. 63297

ahah that's kinda funny actually

No. 63299

well yeah id do the same i think tbh like hello
theyve been together for yeaaaaars.

if i was in a relationship id go hard or go home

No. 63301

who was the girlfriend berrys boyfriend had before anyway?

No. 63339

File: 1426478915175.gif (290.29 KB, 500x410, oh wow.gif)

No. 63346

File: 1426479117975.jpg (230.95 KB, 500x667, gaaba.jpg)

No. 63367

Omg did you guys save that vid. Deleted now

No. 63368

she's the biggest weabboo

No. 63370

I couldnt download it but I recorded it for a friend that always miss the video haha

No. 63410

she actually looks related to her sister here– well minus the circle lens and photoshop

No. 63517

Haha i saved the video , hopefully there are people with other old videos/photos of her

No. 63547

Mind uploading it again on either youtube or youku?

No. 63570

File: 1426523510222.gif (1.2 MB, 280x210, large.gif)

Her face looks so dirty here, I wonder if her make up is always this messy IRL.

No. 63571

Doesn't look dirty to me but a bad webcam quality.

No. 63572

File: 1426523604648.gif (237.46 KB, 300x225, large (1).gif)

Also compare to this one.

No. 63573

the area around her eyes is weirdly static, it should have moved along with the cheek

No. 63617

It's just her putting foundation 3x lighter than her actual skin color. She doesn't wanna look dark bc she thinks being dark or tanned isn't KAWAII desu at all, especially for a Filipino.

No. 63618

The end of her left eye moves forward and her nose changes shape

No. 63633

that must look really weird in rl tho ahaha white ace but tanned body… maybe that's why she usually wears long baggy clothes

No. 63634


No. 63643

She is so desperate haha I feel so sorry for her sometimes

No. 63662

Same reason why she hides her neck with her long wigs and scarves in gifs. Because it's hard to just shoop portions of the skin on gifs with it looking consistent.

No. 63666

File: 1426535346961.jpg (26.26 KB, 428x367, image.jpg)

Notice how her neck is darker than her face, and it's a different shade. It's not just lighting+shadow casting on her neck.

No. 63673

The wigs are also to hide her real jawline.

No. 63703

I am so sick of looking at the stupid autistic face

No. 63728

No. 63734

god that was awful. but that's definitely not her voice right?

No. 63738


No pretty sure thats an anime openining or something similar

No. 63755

Oh god that video is oozing w narcissism. Who makes a vid of themselves lip syncing to a song if it's just someone sitting there and it's not special. Btw it's a song called Marisa stole the precious thing.

No. 63843

wow, why not better just tattoo that piece of hair on her cheek, it's soooo obvious that's she's trying to hide her real jawline, you can barely see her face behind her hair

No. 63850

ok i admit i was like cringing at the video but dude she was prob like 15 when she made that. im sure wants the video deleted cuz shes like 'oh god how embarrassing'

No. 63859

Am I wrong or is she cross-eyed in the vid ?

No. 63866

>Who makes a vid of themselves lip syncing to a song if it's just someone sitting there and it's not special.

Tons of people on YouTube actually.

No. 63867

Yeah and they're all narcissistic idiots.

No. 63898

where's her kawaii desu fangs here?

No. 63917

her face is rlly boring no wonder she needs so much ps to be a kawaii goddess

No. 63934

File: 1426554669586.png (198.66 KB, 354x363, loldrugs.png)


No. 63962

look at all that coverage. you can only see 1/4 of her face loll

No. 63965

I have been staring at this in another tab for like fifteen minutes and laughing. There's something about it.

No. 63991

File: 1426560336077.png (9.65 KB, 564x133, berry.png)

No. 63994

I cannot unsee. What a total weaboo. I really hate this kind coz they think they look cute but the truth is that they end up looking like a retard.

And that hair!!! It's like a helmet lol
Berry, nakakahiya ka lol

No. 64010

File: 1426562084210.jpg (147.83 KB, 1078x1150, Screenshot_2015-03-16-23-06-49…)

No. 64027

Having a huge ego isn't kawaii at all.

No. 64031


No. 64032

such bs.. it pains me

No. 64056

& this was recent?

No. 64063

Nope. This was years ago. I don't know what year exactly.

No. 64088

lol she is clearly lying about not posting pic cus she likes to keep it private. Knowing the kind of girl she is.. who likes to brag and boast about everything.. I;m sure if she really did meet up with her bf she would not once hesitate to post pictures lolol. such a damn lie..smh. Also I remember a long time ago some anon was asking her about her and her bf and she said that the day when she finally meets her bf or something the first picture of them would be their wedding photo or something @,@

No. 64090

so like yeahhh berry, PICTURES OR IT DIDNT HAPPEN!

No. 64093

It's the song from the Touhou video "Marissa stole the precious thing".
Definitely not her voice.

No. 64115

i remember that! She's so full of it

No. 64119

waiiiit………….he lives in the US now? I thought nigga didn't have enough money to even come and visit her if he wanted to. OOOOR she's taking this>>45977 and running with the bullshit that they "occasionally meet up"

No. 64124

im sure he lives in indonesia.. and she's just full of horse crap

No. 64126

anybody else noticed how quick she is to jump at someone when they point out things like looking like someone (wylona) or her photoshop flaws? lol

No. 64134

Yeah she is totally telling lies trying to brag about her bf but has no proof. Hahaha xD and yeah i noticed that when ppl ask her what lens is she wearing shes just ignores them but once someone say something about her looking like wylona she goes ape shit xD

No. 64495

she looks so much like >>34976

wonder if that's her real face (a little bit older tho)

No. 64519

i think she's about the same age in those pics.. im sure she hasnt changed as drastically as she shoops herself to be

No. 64526

File: 1426637884021.gif (560.46 KB, 280x495, tumblr_n3skq7fidx1r3wd4to1_400…)

Look at her hair on the right side wiggling.. is that normal?

No. 64528

File: 1426637934783.jpg (201.22 KB, 640x480, tumblr_mzzmnfRI2e1r3wd4to1_128…)

is it just me or is her upper lip kinda dark? kinda matches her neck color– but then again it might just be shadows

No. 64542

looks like Vivekatt in this one

No. 64558

Hair? or maybe she tried to lighten there or something, because she has (presumably) a darker pigment, therefore when she shoops lighter she turns a weird grey colour unless she shoops it away.

No. 64560

File: 1426640662935.jpg (74.43 KB, 640x480, 1426637934783_副本.jpg)

tried to shittyshop her skin with xiuxiu

No. 64585

Probably from sloppy editing from when she was trying to make her skin look more cool toned.

No. 64586

File: 1426642844195.jpg (214.82 KB, 640x480, 1426637934783_副本.jpg)

ok i tried.

No. 64598

I see people ask what lenses she's using but to me it's really obvious that she just photoshops her lens design heavily? She doesn't tell people what lens she's wearing because her lens doesn't really exist.
In every single photo except >>29727 the image is low res and the eyes look blurred, the size is shrunk to reduce artifacts and distortion. In the one I linked though you can see her lenses are nothing special (looks like EOS Ice Blue or some name like that, looks very familiar to me) and do not look blurred/smudged whatsoever.
I know someone linked those SFX lenses in the thread but I really, really doubt she actually has a pair of those (or several pairs). They are way too expensive to invest in for something that will last a maximum of a year (being generous. I couldn't find info on the site, it could even be 3-6 months). Plus there are no lenses that looks like what she wears.
IMO this is why she ignores questions asking what her lenses are, she can't answer otherwise she'd have to admit she's been photoshopping.

No. 64605

File: 1426645347493.jpg (243.85 KB, 640x480, 1426637934783_meitu_1.jpg)

No. 64613

i dont understand the point of Photoshopping yourself for the intent of getting compliments. to me it is like finding pictures online and faking, it isnt you who is getting the compliments but the person youve created using software. ill never understand people like her, kota etc

No. 64617

it is. i think she has gotten lighter than her younger years, and when you lose your tan, you don't always lose it evenly. i was never as dark as her, but i was pretty tan from swim team, tennis, etc and for two years after i stopped doing swim team, my upper lip area was darker than the rest of my face. it was gross…

i totally see it

No. 64630


compliments feel ggoood even if its not tru

i wouldnt do it because im afraid of meeting people and getting labeled as a catfish
but the thing is i dont think berry will actually want to meet anyone online
this is all fake and so is her persona
and shes still in hs so … she wouldnt even have a car to ride

No. 64637

personally, I wouldn't feel anything about being complimented on something that isnt me. I can understand doing this to get money, donations and gifts but to do it just for compliments or to make girls jealous seems stupid.

No. 64638

her mouth area (specifically top tip) always looks dirty to me. I've thought that ever since I first saw her on tumblr & didn't even know who she was.
It's probably some fucked up photoshop/make up going on.

No. 64649

It is basicly like getting praise for your art, even if doesn't look like yourself it is still something you created.

No. 64652

are you guys kidding me? she just puts concealer on her lips to make them look smaller thats why her bottom lip is more pink than the top. not that hard…

No. 64658

They're not talking about her lips, they're talking about the space between her nose and upper lip. That whole cupid's bow area, and why it's discolored so much.

No. 64660

I also edit my photos. Not because I want anyone to compliment me but I work as a graphic designer so it is fun doing so. I also want my pictures to look good without having to find perfect angles or go to photoshoots. It varies. Photoshopping is fun.

No. 64683

i dont really mind photoshopping pics cause almost everyone w/ social media edits their photos in some way.
What bothers me is when the creator says that it's what they truly look like and lies/manipulates to people who publicly view their pics. Some people could actually get affected by it just like how teens look at magazines or w/e and dream of a look that isn't even real

No. 64699


she says she photoshops it

No. 64726

does anyone remember berry's piercings? did anyone actually believed it was real lol.

No. 64804

she's more tan but not as much as >>64560 xiuxiu is shit xD But yeah, def more tanned

No. 64808

You actually made her chin look normal, the original looks so bad, pointy as fuck. Nice job on her nose too. It def looks more like her real features.

No. 64873

I thought she told people she used eyelash glue to hold the balls there?

No. 64911

If you actually knew what you were talking about, you'd know that she says she only photoshops her eyes and smooths her skin.
She doesn't admit to all the shit she really does.