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File: 1512603924007.jpg (37.98 KB, 350x400, 4684832.jpg)

No. 439383

Discuss people who feign or exaggerate chronic illnesses and medical crises for attention and asspats online. Previous topic focused primarily on Instagram accounts, but posts from blogs and other social media sites are admissible.

Previous thread:  >>>/snow/424172

Recent Cows:
(yes there are A LOT; IG unless otherwise stated)

bendywarrior (tumblr)
chronically_carmel / queerzebra (tumblr)
chloeschronicles_of_illness (insta) / Chloe's Chronicals of Chronic Illness / ChloesVaccineInjuryJourney (facebook)
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What Is A "Spoonie"?

People who identify as 'Spoonies' are referencing 'The Spoon Theory,' written by a woman with lupus to explain the chronic illness experience to a healthy friend who asked her what it really feels like to live with her medical problems.

The Spoonie Community is, in general, a legitimate supportive network for people dealing with chronic illness. In recent years, however, it has become polluted with SJW types and has attracted a new breed of attention-seeking catfish: people who lie about, fake having, and/or exaggerate existing medical problems and crises for no benefit other than to garner attention.

What Is Munchausen By Internet (MBI)?

From Dr. Marc Feldman, an expert in factitious disorders including Munchausen Syndrome, first described Munchausen By Internet in 2000:
>>…the advent of online support groups, combined with access to vast stores of medical information, enabled individuals seeking to gain sympathy by relating a series of harrowing medical or psychological problems that defy comprehension to misuse the groups.[1] Communication forums specializing in medical or psychological recovery were established to give lay users support in navigating often confusing and frustrating medical processes and bureaucracy. Communities often formed on those forums, with the goal of sharing information to help other members. Medical websites also became common, giving lay users access to literature in a way that was accessible to those without specific medical training. As Internet communication grew in popularity, users began to forgo the doctors and hospitals often consulted for medical advice. Frequenting virtual communities that have experience with a medical problem, Feldman notes, is easier than going through the physical pain or illness that would be necessary before visiting a doctor to get the attention sought. By pretending to be gravely ill, Internet users can gain sympathy from a group whose sole reason for existence is support. Health care professionals, with their limited time, greater medical knowledge, and tendency to be more skeptical in their diagnoses, may be less likely to provide that support.

Links to Articles and Info on MBI:
https://www.munchausen.com (Dr. Feldman's website)

No. 439392

File: 1512604311050.jpg (79.85 KB, 960x720, Munchausen by internet.jpg)

Know the signs!

No. 439394

File: 1512604342098.jpg (137.39 KB, 728x546, fb1.jpg)

No. 439397

File: 1512604692432.jpg (777.92 KB, 1440x2121, Screenshot_20171206-175459.jpg)

Her recent reply about her serious sickly selfies.
It's unique that she doesn't even try to appear she's not reading this and then trying to support her story on IG based on what's said here….sad.

No. 439400

File: 1512604826428.jpg (1 MB, 1058x4962, Screenshot_20171206-175632.jpg)

No. 439415

File: 1512605733414.png (1.6 MB, 1536x2048, 22F73E8B-A14E-4C85-8E43-2DE3CC…)

Who’s going to bite the bullet for us and watch her vlog?

No. 439416

File: 1512605803088.png (2.56 MB, 1536x2048, 5BADF4B3-474D-47A3-B952-BBC94B…)

So so “sick”. She’s absolutely loving all this.

No. 439421

File: 1512605929611.jpg (290.11 KB, 1080x1539, Screenshot_20171206-080410_01.…)


No. 439423

File: 1512606000406.jpg (397.69 KB, 1080x1366, Screenshot_20171206-080446_01.…)


No. 439450

File: 1512607927358.png (1.72 MB, 1536x2048, 4A62EFC6-7A5C-4433-8799-B7EC9D…)

Just kidding, she’s not in the hospital any more. But gotta make it look like she is! (This post was before the hospital one)

No. 439453

Can a U.K. Anon please explain what "blue-lighted" and "resus" mean?

No. 439461

Blue lighted means you're taken to hospital in an ambulance with lights and sirens
Resus is short for the resuscitation part of A&E, they take you into it when you require immediate treatment, it's basically like an intensive care part of A&E

No. 439463

Anyone remember when Hypermobileguy faked cancer? Kek!

No. 439464

"I remember none of it" but I'm well enough to take a selfie

No. 439471

File: 1512609534756.png (2.06 MB, 750x1334, 4AC46A04-20C2-411D-85D6-276AA4…)

Bugger it. she was praying for an infection and hospitalization. And how is it her line clogged with VonWillebrand? Bloody fascinating isn’t it?

No. 439482

No. 439483


She claimed having a low grade fever for a couple of days (despite not mentioning it - which we know she would have done if it was true). Probably drank something hot and took her temperature to get the thermometer to read over 100 and allow her to justify going to the ER - forgetting that they would also take her temperature with their own equipment so miraculously it was normal (and she probably felt better because yay medical attention is so much fun). Seemed disappointed they kicked her out so soon and that nothing is wrong with her (besides having a port she doesn't need). At least now she only has one line to try to tamper with.

No. 439484

Amazingly her line wasn’t clogged when the er tried it. And her headache is so awful she can’t take a selfie and post it, oh wait, she can. She certainly doesn’t very happy about not having an infection, whoever said she would try for one was absolutely correct. I just feel sorry for the people who were behind her in triage, since she was there for literally nothing, no fever, line fine. I hope they finally pulled out her picc, since there’s a good possibility she’s trying to fuck with it.

No. 439485

Anyone who’s had experience with line infections knows that you go from no fever to 102+ in less than a day. You don’t have a low-grade fever for days.

No. 439486

I’m glad they finally got rid of the picc, I missed that part. Now she can’t mess with her line until someone accesses it.

No. 439489

They didn’t get rid of it, they “pulled blood off of it” not pulled it, unfortunately

No. 439493

File: 1512612972623.png (226.02 KB, 743x1216, IMG_7894.PNG)

She said they managed to get blood from it and then pulled it which makes me think that they actually pulled the line

No. 439495

Ooo Even better! Take back my words hah

No. 439537

For sure, if you come in saying you think it’s infected, and you’ve got a functional port, they’re going to pull out the line, because they’ll swab it for blood cultures. Even without a port they’ll pull it out. But she didn’t even have a fever, so there was no reason to keep her for observation. Unlike other illnesses, a line infection is impossible to fake. They also didn’t seem to think she needed a line that badly, since they pulled her picc and sent her home with a deaccessed port. (How’s she going to get those iv fluids she desperately needs even though she runs them at way too slow a rate to help pots symptoms if she actually had pots??)

No. 439542

Kek they didn't even keep her overnight while they waited for the tip culture. She is just the obviously not sick.

No. 439545

I'm half tempted to try and bait Autumn into getting caught in a lie/symptom shopping…It'd be so fucking easy.

No. 439546

File: 1512620646510.jpg (636.41 KB, 804x2115, Screenshot_20171206-222052.jpg)

No. 439547

And most hospitals’ policy is to admit you if they even suspect sepsis. ERs are smart, and unlike the doctors that munchies find, can spot bullshit a mile away.

No. 439548

File: 1512620768878.jpg (428.79 KB, 1080x1092, Screenshot_20171206-222011.jpg)

No. 439549

If she was sick her vitals would be messed up too, which they weren’t or we would have seen a picture . Autumn needs to be stopped. I think it’s insane there’s a select few followers of hers that still actually support her bullshit.

No. 439551

Is she fucking high? She’s comparing her fake concussion to the injury of someone who had to have brain surgery and was in a coma. She’s a bully and a total cunt.

No. 439552

Wow I think she’s officially the worst munchie. Not as far as the munchie part, but as a human being. What a bitch.

No. 439553


Probably because its hard to take someone seriously if the patient drives to the ER claiming they have a fever and non-functioning picc only to discover that they have a normal temperature and a functioning picc (plus a shiny new port that is healing well) - but hey the nurses and doctors were "friendly and super quick".
She keeps it up and her medical records are going to start looking a little suspicious and doctors will start catching on to her little game.

No. 439558

File: 1512621468864.jpg (159.27 KB, 1080x389, Screenshot_20171206-223245.jpg)

Kek. Her "mild traumatic brain injury" that she totally faked symptoms for to get the doctor to diagnose it. She only got worse for the pity.

No. 439560

For someone who is supposed to be recovering from their "mild TBI" (and following concussions you are supposed to take a rest from electronic devices) she sure is able to write a long well-thought-out (but utter bs) response. She is going to milk this concussion for all that she can.

Seems like someone who never takes responsibility for her own actions.
She got the "concussion" because she claims someone distracted her dog and she was too busy to pay attention to the fact that her dog was distracted and missed the alert.
POTS service dogs are suspicious enough based on what the POTS anons on here mention. Not to mention that alert dogs aren't meant to be full substitutes for other methods of monitoring. People with diabetic alert dogs don't just stop monitoring their blood glucose and solely wait for the dog to tell them they are low because guess what dogs are living creatures capable of making mistakes.
She sounds like she purposefully sets up situations in which she can blame others - surprised she doesn't have an ambulance chasing lawyer on speed dial

No. 439572

She filed a report about the “incident “, so I’m sure getting a lawyer has crossed her mind. I still love her horribly photoshopped eye, however, it’s proof of how insane she is.

No. 439580

File: 1512626319099.png (36.59 KB, 800x138, Screenshot_2017-12-06-21-55-37…)


Countdown to lolcow being mention by name in 3…2…1…

The debate is raging right now.


No. 439582

File: 1512626721275.png (1.06 MB, 800x1023, Screenshot_2017-12-06-22-00-12…)

In the comments, when someone asks what he did to distract Max, she replies, "messed with him while I was scanning items in self checkout".

Maybe if you didn't put festive antlers on him drawing more attention to him, people would ignore him more. That's like wearing a party dress inappropriately to work.

No. 439586

File: 1512627638870.png (73.23 KB, 676x883, Screenshot_2017-12-06-22-11-03…)

To clarify, what she wrote in >>439546 is in direct response to what Janaye's husband posted. He concluded with, "Your words have impact on people’s lives" which was directed at the people spewing hate in the comments and not directed at Dominique.

But she made it about her, and by defending herself against a comment that wasn't even directed at her she is further stirring the pot. Girl needs to learn when to stop.

No. 439632

File: 1512637308057.png (310.49 KB, 768x1024, image.png)

This is further back in ServiceDogPaws IG. Maybe she should have taken her own advice when it came to dealing with SDC?

No. 439674


Dom has bawleeted this and all of the other comments from this person and others that were "bullying" her. Of course.

No. 439681

File: 1512650817454.png (678.81 KB, 1280x800, Screenshot_2017-12-07-04-40-13…)

Did they recently win the lottery or come into an inheritance, or is Youtube money that good for her? New house filled with new furnishings, the Black Friday shopping spree.

More hazards for their kid. A large aquarium in the room of a toddler? She frequently has her back to him while he is climbing on the chairs around her new glass top dining table which has her laptop and other things on it.

And she may want to reconsider giving such a detailed tour of her house when she has angered so many people and so many aggressive haters.


No. 439697

File: 1512656261651.jpg (828.34 KB, 1053x1749, Screenshot_20171207-081426.jpg)

I think it might just be the YouTube money. She got 100,000 subscribers really quickly.

No. 439699

File: 1512656364621.jpg (159 KB, 1080x434, Screenshot_20171207-081858.jpg)

No. 439700

File: 1512656566343.jpg (387.7 KB, 1080x1099, Screenshot_20171207-081537.jpg)

Here she goes again making it all about herself.

No. 439708

A bitch pretending to be nice is still a bitch

No. 439709

I just looked at the number of views she's been getting. I don't get it. Her video's a SO boring. It's always her going shopping, some incident, ten or fifteen minutes of her laying on the floor with nothing happening. No explaining, nothing really happening, just her filming herself at an odd angle while shopping. O, and fake incidents with her dog. I don't understand how so many people would want to watch her. I can get the appeal of people like Jaquie, she tries very hard to come across as some brave and positive 'warrior'. Some people buy into that shit. But Dom is just boring. Her video's are boring and far too long and her personality is equal parts bitch and whiny. I just don't get why people like to watch her. I don't get it at all.

No. 439715

Hello yes I watched the whole vlog her whispy voice is gonna be the death of me
TLDW: she has a neuroendocrine tumor on her pancreas that is cancerous, and could be on other endocrine glands. They're doing an unnamed scan and bloodwork to find them. If there are no other tumors the one on her pancreas will be removed when her pancreatitis is gone and she's not malnourished (impossible since she hasn't run feeds of 40 ml). She says the tumor is slow growing and that surgery should cure her. If there are no other tumors she won't need chemotherapy.

An interesting thing to note is she specified this is not pancreatic cancer, which she neglected to do on her instagram for a while (even going so far as to tag #pancreaticcancer) she was called out for this and the #pancreaticcancer is not on the most recent posts. Still tagged on a lot of week old posts and several of her posts are now the top results when you look at the tag. No wonder she won't edit the comment to not delude her followers.

No. 439801

she "tempted suicide"..kek

No. 439852

And her smug grin. All fake, so fake.

No. 439855

Kek she’s never been malnourished, and she’s been eating since there’s no other way she would have survived, running her tube as low as she does. Also, it’s interesting how everything is unnamed; I had a friend who had cancer and blogged about it, it was a bit excessive, but every scan and test and medication was explicitly stated. And Aubrey’s tags, good lord don’t get me started. “I don’t have pancreatic cancer, but I’m tagging it anyway”.

No. 439972

Apparently @chronicallyp is ending her life..

No. 439973

File: 1512691282920.jpg (681.07 KB, 1076x1469, Screenshot_20171207-175951.jpg)

She's going to turn this in to such an ordeal. I bet she's going to try and sue the person, who knows, maybe even try and sue Walmart! Now that she's gotten a taste of money she will probably just want more.

No. 439995

no no, she just needs time to think now

(probs needed the sweet sweet attention)

No. 440055

File: 1512703569668.png (268.74 KB, 640x1136, 8D54D82A-0A35-4A21-BD85-6C775B…)


No. 440057

File: 1512703627470.png (173.6 KB, 640x1136, 9CE42820-7D61-470A-8E85-C4E792…)

No. 440058

File: 1512703695433.png (164.17 KB, 640x1136, 19D0FEDC-672C-481F-B044-AECDA1…)

No. 440059

File: 1512703756989.jpeg (150.9 KB, 640x1002, E27215DD-A2D8-4A9B-8BD4-781D8B…)

No. 440063

File: 1512704008855.png (572.43 KB, 640x1136, 3196005D-3316-4115-91C7-3D05F0…)

Guess who’s showing off “draining” her tube. And she’s gained weight. So now it’s medically-facilitated purging. (If you need drainage bags your insurance will provide them).

No. 440066

File: 1512704150674.png (864.15 KB, 640x1136, 40C9DE9E-8101-4C6D-B4CD-31C7B4…)

Is she using used feeding bags, or is she using her bags for purging, whoops, “drainage” instead? And can’t forget that smirk.

No. 440097

" us tubies are fabulous with our feeding tubes"
No "us tubies" are not fabulous with "our tubes" because they are gross, can be really painful, another thing to take care of, annoyingly inconvenient, and lowers self esteem.
Tubies are fabulous if you are a child or a parent with a child who needs one to help them feel better about having to have them.

"Tubies fantastic with our feeding tubes"
What other type of tubes go through your abdomen that are hooked up to a creamy looking liquid? It's like she challanged herself to say tube anything as many times as she could in this caption.

In regards to the drain bags, yes insurance will cover them if a Dr orders them through your enternal feed company that delivers the supplies and feeds.
So if they aren't sending drain bags then her dr didn't RX it.
Using formula bags is just stupid and shows she's absolutly sneaking around with it.
She doesn't need a drain bag, she can open her G port when she needs to vent over the toilet or sink or whatever..its pretty rare for anyone to need a 247 drain. Hell she could go hospital style and vent into a bottle or vomit bag if her complaint is she can't get up and down enough to vent that way.
You can buy these bags online..but the only drain bag there really is is that farrel bag and it allows exactly what it's supposed to for GP patients. And her Dr would RX them if she needed them.
So yes she's using it to purge to loose weight to claim worsening sickness.
Totally surprised they would place a GJ to begin with but with as high as her tube is makes me think her Dr was on top of it because that placement makes purging harder to do and a G port on a GJ isn't the ideal tube for venting so at least she can't purge all the things and they will catch on and eventually make it just a J it'll show in her lab work if she isn't running enough formula to make up for what she purges (which we know she's no where near that) and by comparing her lab work before tube and with tube they will see a change and essentially have proof of what's going on.
I'm surprised she didn't cry about not getting an open surgery to place the tube. Oh well, just make things sound worse so you can feel better about just having an upper GI/larp. to place the tube and don't have an open scar.
She makes me twitch

No. 440099


The thread doesn't need to be filled up with screencaps of other people's opinions of the situation.

No. 440105

File: 1512709997454.jpg (343.3 KB, 1077x1012, Screenshot_20171207-231138.jpg)

No. 440114

No munchie is complete without an army of deluded followers

No. 440124

she's enjoying this way too much. i had cancer last year and i'm fucking sick of these munchie bitches, get a fucking hobby that isn't being ""sick."" how could anyone think that a life that revolves around being sick is mentally healthy in the slightest(learn 2 sage)

No. 440145

there is nothing fucking cute about a feeding tube. It is just a necessary thing that can be a pain in the ass. Why do these munchies never even talk about the downsides of having a feeding tube.

Also if your doctor wants you to use it for venting/draining they will generally give you a larger tube that doesn't clog up as much. Think CH 18 or bigger. But since those tubes aren't as "cute" who would want them

No. 440150


Yeah, it looks like her MS is not flaring despite the clearly photoshopped screenshot of her 'lesions' (looked nothing like MS but hey), she didn't manage to give herself sepsis again to the point of an ICU admission, even her urosepsis is largely sorted out, so she's about to go down the mental health road for a bit. She's asked about self injury earlier, then had an iron transfusion, so I assume we've got our Junior Kelly Ronahan Award Winner, complete with blood.etting and fake MS.

Paige is an unbearable, intolerable ass, as is her clique of mountaineers (Lily Tock et al. - they're all somewhat sick, but the sheer level of over the top milking is just fabulous), and so I wouldn't be surprised if we had the pleasure of her reappearance quite soon. She's actively Munchieing away on Facebook so we have t seen the last of her yet.

Which is great, few other cows are dumb enough to claim a notoriously nonexistent syndrome like 'leaky gut'.

No. 440153

If she actually wanted to stop people interacting with him, she'd get a vest for him that says "I'm working" as opposed to a vest that says fucking "I have ptsd not all illnesses are visible!!". If I saw her dog I'd think it was an emotional support animal or therapy dog. It's certainly not a service dog.

No. 440179

>criteria doesn’t mean a thing
>I’m showing a common basic symptom of many disorders, so I’ll just pick one and that’s how medicine works, folks!

No. 440182

File: 1512722785823.jpg (66.58 KB, 736x607, 05e4ecf0ccf3ab4cbf7d0c5708877b…)


Max looks so sad there and like [pic related]. And Dom is arguably a Grinch.

No. 440189

File: 1512726264159.png (158.23 KB, 681x442, Screenshot_2017-12-08-01-06-43…)


Follow-up to which she has not yet responded. Of course Dom's fans rushed in to defend her.

In one of her recent videos she claims that Max alerted to an oncoming anxiety attack while they were standing in a check-out line. Dom was giving him treats. When she stopped, he pawed at her which she said was the alert. She gave him another treat.

Apparently Dom has super speshul POTS and anxiety which she is unable to feel coming on before it is too late and she's on the floor.

No. 440201

File: 1512727702756.png (512.16 KB, 935x653, Screenshot_2017-12-08-01-56-36…)


She keeps the treats in the blue pouch. While she is talking to someone she gives him a treat. She is holding more in her hand which he fixates on. He pushes the bag with his nose and paws at her upper thigh. She gives him another treat.

"Perfect anxiety alert." kek


No. 440204

Um.. they need a dog to tell them they are anxious?

Ok, OK, anxiety attacks can seemingly come out of nowhere (in fact, they usually do!) but how would a dog be able to react to that before they come? There's no physiological changes they could react to. Not until the attack is happening, that is. And when it is, you kind of cannot miss that.. one of the criteria for having an anxiety attack is "feeling like you're going to die". Not really something you'd need a dog to alert to, is it? And IF a dog would somehow be trained to alert say the partner of it's handler when they are having an anxiety attack.. how would a dog know the difference between raised heart rate from an anxiety attack or from standing up in a person with POTS?

No. 440205

File: 1512728467446.png (480.3 KB, 937x638, Screenshot_2017-12-08-02-10-57…)

After fainting in the store she checks her blood sugar while they are driving. Adjusting the camera takes priority, and in the process she distracts Chase from driving.

Notice that neither of them is wearing their seatbelt which appears to be their habit (see the screencaps from her Black Friday video at the end of the last thread).


No. 440206

Could you give a timestamp or an approximate of it? That video is almost 20 minutes long and I find her VERY hard to watch.

No. 440207


The time at which she checks her blood sugar? It's in the screencap.

No. 440212

Ah, yes. I am stupid. Never mind, my bad.

Images somehow often won't enlarge on my device. So I can't actually read the exact time stamp (probably why I didn't notice it) , but the blue dot gives me an idea of which part of the video to search for it.

No. 440216

File: 1512732145871.png (503.77 KB, 937x633, Screenshot_2017-12-08-03-14-56…)


After the blood sugar test they go to a restaurant where Max alerts while she is in the bathroom. She manages to return to their table before fainting.

Leaving the restaurant they both wear their seatbelts, but Chase spends at least 20 seconds refilling his vape while he is driving (when the video starts he is in the midst of refilling it).

No. 440239


Wow I love the completely purposeful and crisp movements right up until she faints while being completely prone. Because that's totally how whatever disorder she claims works.

Also that dog is 10000% untrained. She is a fucking moron. Thankfully, they're the type of people to end up getting police attention through some dumb shit of their own making; petty drug use, unsafe driving, being a public nuisance. Things like that.

Also, in spite of the profound "faint" in the store, they just keep going with their day? Like fuck, after I've passed out I want to go home and go to bed.

No. 440246

File: 1512743620643.jpg (224.79 KB, 1077x1521, Screenshot_20171208-083239.jpg)

She has a mod for her YouTube now. Kek.

No. 440247

Ew. Like she wasn’t already self-centered enough. Although I’m sure it’s so she doesn’t have to wade through the hate she’s getting to block people.

No. 440249

She’s claiming pots, yet had enough time after knowing she was going to faint to return to her table. In pots you know you’re going to faint (without a damn dog, I might add) just seconds before it happens, and it’s almost always due to sitting or standing up too fast (hence the “p” in pots, for “postural”). She’s totally full of shit, on top of being a total cunt, yet her followers still defend her. Disgusting.

No. 440252

File: 1512744954725.png (168.4 KB, 733x1086, IMG_6883.PNG)

Look at her smug face

No. 440256

She must be sooo happy.

But how could this happen? I mean: I know what she did (or rather: didn't) do, but how can a doctor who KNOWS that she can quite litteraly stomach liquid food without ANY problem talk surgical tubes and pacemakers? If her stomach can process liquids, she can keep the weight on, period. If somehow she can't do that on her own, they can write her a script for liquid meal replacements. But aside from anti emetics and a good PPI, any medical intervention should stop there. If someone in her situations would be very dangerously malnourished, they could give her an NG to help her gain weight. Since she does fine on liquids, it would be even better to have feeds go through her stomach so it doesn't slow down more.

What's the matter with all these doctors?

No. 440257

I’m sure she’s lying about being able to not eat, but using her eating disorder to lose weight, which her doctor probably has no idea about. It’s stupid she’s maybe getting a tube, but at the end of the day, she’ll be the one who has to deal with a painful surgery and the cost of tube feeding. But yeah, medical incompetence is ridiculous with these munchies.

No. 440258


Blue lighted = ambulance journey with lights and sirens

Resus = resuscitation room - highest level of care in the ER, doesn't necessarily mean patient needs to be resuscitated though.

He doesn't say why he was there, but looks like he's sucking on Entonox (nitrous). Also "very poorly" but obviously it's selfie time.

No. 440281

File: 1512748441802.jpeg (225.82 KB, 736x1208, 323B35B0-0A46-4CC3-B37E-BBEF75…)

Let the sepsis begin!

No. 440312

Either that or some sooper speschel mystery form of anemia, a la Kelly. Or she’ll be a munchie who puts stuff in her line to cause an infection (don’t know why you’d ever want to, but munchies have done that). And why do munchies think that the world wants to see their port? Personally I think it’s very irresponsible of the home health company to let her do it herself right away. Many companies never let you access a port yourself, even if you are allowed to administer fluids or medications on your own, and even deaccess it yourself as well.

No. 440322

I can absolutely see autumn pulling that shit. That freak is going to either start fucking around with her port to cause an infection or start blood letting to cause anemia and start “fainting” and “falling” so she can finally get herself a real hospitalization. The only hospitalization she needs is one in a mental institution.

No. 440348


She's so full of shit. She seems to be so much more focussed on her illnesses and everyone looking at her service dog than on looking after her kid.

No. 440349


Who th fuck started the whole “needle in my chest, in my chest” thing? It’s so damn annoying and pathetic for adults.

No. 440350


Isn’t he meant to be an expert? Why can’t he see through her?

No. 440353

Mary Frey. At least when she does it, it's original. It get's more cringeworthy the more I hear others say it. Like copying someone's bad jokes or specific mannerism.

No. 440355


Oh good now she's showing other people with feeding tubes how to "drain" through their tubes. That's not irresponsible at all.

No. 440372


Because he can only see what she presents to him. I am sure that what she tells social media and what she presents to him are two very different stories.
On social media she goes on about her anorexic thoughts. But it seems like the history of anorexia has stopped her doctors at home from taking her "super severe gastroparesis" seriously (aka they saw right through her) so she has learned not to mention it to her current doctor. I would hope that the history of anorexia would be in her medical records but who knows. If it is, she probably makes sure to stress to the doctor that she has been in recovery for over 2 years and that anorexia is not longer part of her life. Her doctor doesn't have access to her social media to see her lies.
Not sure why a doctor would think that telling someone who has been angling for a tube the whole time (or at least reports symptoms that are way more severe than test results suggest) and has a history of anorexia that she will get the tube if she loses more weight - its just encouraging the anorexic behaviors. I wouldn't be surprised if Dani has been attempt to starve herself to lose weight.

Ultimately Dani will lose in the end. Even if she gets a tube it is not going to get her the attention that she wants. She watches and looks up to social media spoonie stars with husbands and tubes galore but her "boyfriend" of 14 years is likely not going to become an attentive and doting husband because she has a tube sticking out. The tube isn't going to make her a more attractive/pleasant individual to be around.

No. 440377

File: 1512759260714.png (389.72 KB, 672x1099, Screenshot_2017-12-08-10-51-35…)

The drama intensifies.

In the comments Dom says:

>I don't care any more about it. But when I saw that message figured people should know just in case since she fakes this a lot. I'm not losing my sleep over it.

No. 440397

i think these munchies know deep down inside that they will never be great…they are average looking, they don't work, they don't have a large circle of friends or family that isn't sick of their shit. they don't go to school, they are nobodies. just average, boring girls.

so this is all they have, and sympathetic attention is better than no attention at all.

No. 440409

why can't autumn clean up that dirty tape residue from where her picc was? does she not bathe? gross.

maybe she can shave her mustache after a bath too

No. 440416

Because despite wanting to be female, autumn still has male habits… aka, not bathing as frequently, not wanting to shave her stash, pits or legs.. she’s nasty. Low voice creeps me the fuck out too

No. 440424


She has deleted this post.

No. 440451


Good! Because that was just shit stirring.

No. 440468

What's Dom's Instagram account? I'm intrigued

No. 440473

It says on the picture

No. 440479

I don't believe Dani.
I think she is pulling what some of the others are lately, just more towards making people stop confronting her about this serious GP issue. She probably thinks now that the "dr" said it everyone has to start praising her bravery instead of exposing truth.
The others doing it recently:
Pass out on purpose cry
"Dr said its a mild concusion (a while later) I think I have a bleed."
"I have a mild concusiom and I'll be fine with some rest. The dr said that concusiom can cause brain bleeding which is why you have to monitor concusion patients."

"I slapped my dr. I stole meds to give myse lf."
English "please give me attention. My Dr gave me bad news and I'm healthy.
I got tired of waiting for my med despite not being priority and without dry heaving or my head in a bucket I need it more than the other patient whose vomiting uncontrollably from chemo." Ugh

"I have pancreatic cancer but they can't do anything yet I'm such a strong warrior."
English I came in with suspected pancreatitis so they did a block to help control the pain from it and amazingly found a tumor.the dr took protocol biopsies and explaines it may not be anything worry about it looked bengin but we will find out and it could be a cancerous tumor, I'm preparing you for either problem but all your vitals and labs are promising.

Dani "repeated GES and then pacer and j tube if I lose weight. Maybe NJ while we wait for insurance approval for pacer and feeds"
Despite constant nausea and vomiting the Dr didn't fix my meds to fit to my situation. I told him I'm tired of struggling with eating and would like a feeding tube for help, no matter my labs are fine, my weight stable, my motility clinic testing is good except for a mild delay. If unwilling to do that I need a pacer.

If she can't drink it's in her head and tube feeds won't make that any easier yes a NJ goes into the intestines but so does the liquid she drinks orally and with a mild delay like hers if she gets some side effects she has meds to prevent and keep comfortable. The pacer is iffy and generally not used on patients with an eating disorder and even when some people actually need the pacer insurance is moody about it for good reason. It doesn't help everyone.
If she manages to get this pacer when they redo the GES to check up on the motility with pacer they will have to adjust settings and trial and error the stuff but once her GES improves and no longer has a mild delay with the aide of the pacer, it's all oral management from there..she will find another illness at that point and be able to munch up having a special pacer.
I see POTS in her future.

So the appt. Didn't go the way she hoped. She wanted to be admitted for surgery then and there (no how it works) at least she always packs bags because you know that one hospitalization she had a few years ago over night and had to argue to the Drs to let her stay. They knew it was more ED than anything because they refused to let her leave without eating, then she got mad and wanted home asap.
But totally need that bag..
Her lab work is fine, even a single dip isn't enough for tubes and insurance isn't paying for shit they don't need

No. 440480


well done, anon!

No. 440504

The person posting on the servicedogcolt account clarified that those are old pictures because they haven't been into see her yet, they're only letting a few immediate family members in.

No. 440558

This dirty-ass eunuch jesus fuck

No. 440562

autumn’s droopy eyelid drives me nuts for some reason…it makes her wounded puppy look more enhanced. maybe she can tell people she’s had a stroke too.

No. 440593

I had a 24g in my hand today that left a bigger bruise than Autumn’s port rolls eyes

No. 440597

It’s her pretending-to-be-in-pain-but-really just-smug-because-she-got-what-she-wanted face. She’s absolutely loving showing off her new toy. But yeah, it totally looks like she’s got a droopy eye, although it also looks the eye of someone who’s a terrible actor trying to seem serious

No. 440622

File: 1512781845447.jpeg (102.02 KB, 750x445, F06E31F9-62E2-492F-8428-E7A699…)

Found this on Dani’s Facebook. We all knew she was angling for a tube but straight out asking for it? Wow.

No. 440624

Dear lord yes why didn't she take the opportunity of having an unaccessed port and no more PICC to take the worlds longest shower and scrub the living hell out of the PICC dressing gunk on her arm?!

I guess because then there's no more physical evidence that the PICC was there? Ew.

No. 440627

So now the question is if her doctor actually said yes, or if she’s just making that part up. I would hope that a doctor wouldn’t put a j tube in someone with barely GP, who hasn’t even been on a motility medication, but we’ve seen way too many doctors do that exact thing.

No. 440628

Because it would have used SO much energy she may have passed out, you know how exhausted autumn gets from doing nothing eye roll

No. 440633

Everything from SDC was deleted?

No. 440635

Or, she's full of shit and lying and is going to end up self tubing with her amazon supplies and only running her scandishakes and water through gravity and swap her story to woe is me he's just sticking with the nj which she has inserted herself.

No. 440638

File: 1512786521774.jpg (484.84 KB, 1080x1603, Screenshot_20171208-202542.jpg)

No. 440640

Servicedogpaws got ahold of someone that knows servicedogcolt personally and found out that she wasn't in the hospital. Now all of the suicide posts are gone from servicedogcolt.

No. 440641


who could have guessed that someone who fakes or over dramatizes her illnesses would fake a suicide attempt!

No. 440643

You are likely right - or she heard what she wanted to hear.
She said she goes back in January and if she keeps losing weight they will then talk about a gastric pacemaker/j-tube.
I can see her going to see the doctor and asking about a tube and the doctor saying she isn't at that point yet and explaining that to get to that point she would have to have lost more weight. And before going to a j-tube they would trial a NJ tube. The doctor probably told her she wasn't at the point of needing a tube yet but in her mind she heard that she will get the tube if she loses more weight (not great for someone with a hx of anorexia). He didn't say the next visit she would get one but rather that if things got worse they would talk about it in the future (aka they didn't need to talk about it right now because she isn't near that point)

No. 440654


So, how long before someone tips them off about her fake suicide attempt and her face gets dragged through the dirt?

And before people start with "Oh no, she has a traumatic brain injury that made her fake her suicide"

If she's fucking coherent enough to be posting updates on her "critical condition" she's coherent enough to know what she's doing is fucked up and should not be done.

I honestly believe she deserves all the backlash she gets for this one.

No. 440669

So both servicedogwhatevers are lying scumbags? Who would’ve thought that two people who created their entire lives around being sick (both real and very much not real) would be anything less than truthful. Both deserve to be dragged through the mud. Crazy attention whores.

No. 440683

File: 1512792729563.jpeg (221.24 KB, 750x1161, DA1B8AED-8A7D-4828-805C-F53A91…)

She only had her port accessed so she could travel with it. And not use it. And just get it infected. Autumn you really are something special .

No. 440713

Just to show off. How autumn. Disgusting.

No. 440714

Also, isn’t New York really cold right now? So she’s specifically wearing a shirt that’s totally inappropriate for the weather, just to show off her port. Not to mention that the whole point of having a port is that you can have it deaccessed when you’re not using it, and not have a line that’s still open and has to be covered. Absolutely ridiculous.

No. 440721

There are port dressings that are much more inconspicuous as well. Autumn is all about being a huge attention whore; she doesn’t want a port to use it, she only wants it for people to look at and for her to claim what a special spoonie snowflake princess she is. Although I agree she’d be pretty happy getting an infection.

No. 440723

File: 1512796966621.png (50.97 KB, 800x194, Screenshot_2017-12-08-21-08-03…)

From the comments on

This person created her Youtube account on Feb 28, 2017.

There are a few comments on Janaye's most recent video about her faking her suicide attempt.

Janaye has made her Instagram private and has blocked many people who had considered themselves close friends. See the comments on Dom's post

No. 440729


Janaye Kearns lives in Colorado Springs. In a cursory search the only people I could find named Lynn Voss who live in CS are both in their 70s.


Tami is a real life close friend. She was interviewed in this article

No. 440733


To clarify, Lynn appears to be the same person who posted the two photos from the hospital and a photo of Colt on Janaye's Instagram account, stating that she had Janaye's phone and access to her house and that she was taking care of Colt.

The first photo she posted was of a cross and rosary on a bible to announce that Janaye was in hospital after attempting suicide. This was a day or two after Janaye had posted two images alluding to suicide.

No. 440739

Correct. You know she’s not traveling with liters of saline.. so the port has no need to be accessed. The whole point of a port is the ability to deaccessed when not in use, but of course, here’s Autumn , one of the top Drama Munchies who insisted on a port as a FIRST resort for her fake POTS, have it accessed for the first time to take it to dirty ass New York. And you know there isn’t an alcohol cap on the hub of the tube… that crazy bitch is begging for an infection and hospitalization just so she can put a notch on her belt an be a “real” spoonie. Pathetic . And yes, it’s fridged in NY and on those planes, so why you’d have a V-neck too on with your jacket open is beyond me. Oh wait, it’s to show off… useless

No. 440773

File: 1512803976853.png (397.23 KB, 680x1059, Screenshot_2017-12-08-23-07-10…)


But why would she use Photoshop when there are apps to fake posts and messages easily?

No. 440883


Well obviously it's so she can go to one of New York's finest hospitals for her totally necessary saline treatment while she's there.

No. 440951


Although it will depend on why she is in NY.
Autumn is good at being super sick when it is convenient for her. If there is something fun/something she really wants to do she is miraculously able to make it through (despite the fact that she typically claims that the simplest of chores causes her to collapse. She will probably make a post in which she claims she is having a good time but all out of spoons just to keep up the sick charade. The port sticking out (and eww airplanes are so gross - you would definitely want to cover it up) will probably be enough to make her feel special while enjoying the things she wants to do (although I don't think her immediate family buys the super sick act).

No. 441101

File: 1512853837387.jpg (1.15 MB, 1080x3077, Screenshot_20171209-135854.jpg)

Shes Definetly reading this page.(aa if thats not her normal. I think she does it so she can pick up on new behaviors and desires)
Simply put Dani, we know you want to ask for a
tube. You have been symptom stalking and trying to get people to tell you how to magically get sick and needs tubes on Facebook support groups but plays a different tune on IG..her fb and her many IGs do not correlate.
Hate to crunch your dream here but the only tube you'll get is a painful and gross NJ tube that you will grow to hate (wait..not a normal person so probably thrilled 247 with it..stupid me)
And that's only if she actually looses weight and her GES results don't change or worsen.
There are many steps being skipped here so I still back the person that said she is just totally faking it or the Dr had mentioned other steps down the road depending on minimal treatment first. (The whole thing takes a while usual)
Proper diets? nope
Therapy quoted 10 enures a day? nope
The motility med she is currently on?
nope. Probably never touched them.
Life style change? nope
Take advice from others who have GP and have been dealing with it longer? nope
Intestinal rehab? No
List goes on.
It's like a Dani version of pancreatic cancer girl

No. 441108


But Dani, if you take Reglan like you're supposed to you could end up being one of those lucky few who develop dystonia from it and could keep your precious disability money while not wasting a surgeon's time!

No. 441115

Reglan is pretty benign as far as medication goes, so there’s no way someone should be given a tube before trying that. Also, does she not realize that she has test results that show she’s perfectly capable of eating or at least drinking liquids? Good lord she’s dumb. She should’ve stuck with the eating disorder route, at least she actually has that. Otherwise she’s just a munchie attention whore trying to pretend she’s sick, and wasting people’s time.

No. 441120

What do you mean “wants” to ask for a tube? I’m sure she already asked, and was told “no”, because there’s no physical reason she needs one. What’s hilarious is that she could have gotten one if she didn’t eat for long enough back when she was anorexic, but she couldn’t keep herself from eating kek. So now she’s doing whatever she can to manipulate her way into one.

No. 441170

The screenshots are not fake. Just so everyone knows. I'm the one who talked to talked to tami, I'm the one who knew that janaye was lying
I have the originals but no edI ting tools..

No. 441173

I'll show you once I edit out names. Btw I love lolcow. My face munchies exposer

No. 441175

Favorite* new to this. Don't send me to pasture yet. Lol

No. 441176


servicedogpaws, is that you?

No. 441180

Oh come on. Give me some credit. You think she has enough brain cells to get any information on janaye?..

No. 441182

Anyways let me edit out tami last name. I just downloaded an app

No. 441191

File: 1512864222253.jpg (183.44 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-12-08-19-38-54…)

No. 441194

File: 1512864282836.jpg (223.4 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-12-08-19-42-10…)

No. 441197

File: 1512864326353.jpg (246.21 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-12-08-19-43-13…)

No. 441198

File: 1512864360077.jpg (191.5 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-12-08-19-48-47…)

No. 441200

File: 1512864399497.jpg (217.8 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-12-08-19-52-58…)

No. 441201

File: 1512864427450.jpg (214.99 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-12-08-19-57-06…)

No. 441203

I actually cared about didn't think SDC was as low as SDP. I thought she was decent. I was genuinely worried about her. But I knew something was up. So yeah I'm a sneaky bitch but something wasn't adding up.

No. 441204

Fuck I missed an edit.

No. 441206

Unless she faked it just to get back at SDP. Still doesn’t excuse it, but I can understand it better that way, since I’d want to get back at SDP too.

No. 441209


Hello and welcome to lolcow.

We already know Tami's full name and know that she is a real life friend of Janaye.

What is your opinion of the screencap posted in >>440723?

No. 441213

That screen cap was from 2 days ago and mI be was from yesterday. Honestly. I think some shit is up that's what. I do believe janaye has legit issues I also believe she craves attention from them. Her friend straight up told me they've been snapchatting for days a day AFTER that picture came out. I saw that one before I talked to tami. I

No. 441214

Sorry *mine

No. 441215

That person btw is supposedly a guy name "jacci" who alot of us believe is actually her. Due to the fact, he took odd pictures of old medical equipment which you all saw, said he couldn't see her. The thing is. If tami is so close, why was she blocked from her instagram? She even showed me she was blocked.

No. 441218

Eventually tami took five minutes to get back to me and blocked me. So she obviously talked to janaye or someone. It doesn't take a genius to figure this shit out

No. 441221

Sorry that screen cap was probably three days ago now

No. 441228

File: 1512867725085.png (1.32 MB, 640x1136, IMG_1838.PNG)

Wow, Breakspeare really are at the forefront of cutting edge medicine!

No. 441251

File: 1512869175643.jpeg (178.66 KB, 915x1294, 60A260F5-5D5C-4B97-A03F-27B725…)

I’m pretty sure there’s absolutely no science behind that….
Fungi do have antibacterial properties, but only specific ones, and they definitely don’t treat viruses.

(From an actual medical research paper)

No. 441255


Who is Lynn Voss, the person who commented on Janaye's Youtube video saying that Colt was staying with her?

No. 441274

No clue. But she knows before immediately family. And there's nothing mentioned on janayes face book page either which is really odd

No. 441277

Aren’t these the same pictures service dog paws posted on Instagram?

No. 441278

servicedogpaws posted like 2 of those screenshots, not all of them

No. 441279

The lynn voss chick doesn't even know about the screenshots. She's also not even on janayes friends list. Anyone find that odd,

No. 441280

Not the same. I have all of them.

No. 441283

I would have proof that I was the one who sent them to janaye asking her what the hell is going on but my account was banned

No. 441284

So you gave them to service dog paws then?

No. 441285

Want to know something funny?. As soon as I posted something about lynn voss not being on her friends list. Janaye blocked me. So that's all the lol.cow I'll be doing. I'm not going to say for sure one way or another. I presented you guys with what I found. I really hope she's ok. That's all I'll say

No. 441287

Basically what I'm saying is someone from her profile is watching this site

No. 441300

Kek stop putting your email

No. 441306

So you’re either friends with servicedogpaws, or you are her, or you’re another munchie who’s enjoying creating drama.

No. 441327

File: 1512875887564.jpeg (123.3 KB, 749x1266, 7C832711-92FE-4668-B8DD-2D89C4…)

So Autumn posted that picture of her on a plane and her port accessed. Apparently she’s infusing? She commented saying she was doing so and then deleted it so it looks like this girl is talking to herself. Autumn got a fancy backpack and everything!

No. 441329

File: 1512875994519.png (94.9 KB, 800x475, Screenshot_2017-12-09-19-11-16…)

I am the anon who posted >>440723.

Updated screencap taken just now.

Lynn Voss claimed to have been taking care of Colt, as did the person who posted the hospital pics to Janaye's Instagram.

Within hours of my posting that people were talking about her suicide attempt in comments on Janaye's most recent Youtube video she deleted all of them. A few of the comments were directing people to look at Dom's Instagram posts for evidence that Janaye had faked her suicide attempt.

However, she did not delete the comment posted by Lynn Voss which makes me think that she is not reading here.

No. 441330

File: 1512876033295.jpeg (202.03 KB, 750x1235, F0A18FA1-C5C4-4B3F-B8F1-1C9911…)

Her new backpack!

No. 441332

So she couldn’t wait on her “necessary” once a week infusion, and “had” to do it on the airplane? Fucking unbelievable.

No. 441333

You still sent them to SDP, cunt extraordinaire. So do you just enjoy creating drama, or do you have a stake in all this?

No. 441335

It’s not a medical backpack though. So if she was infusing on the plane, she put it in a different bag. Did they giver her an iv pump? Somehow they give those out like candy to munchies, but it’s not easy for someone who could actually benefit from it to get one. Typical.

No. 441336


I am >>441329 and I am not >>441278.

No. 441338

I can't stand SDP but SDC telling everyone it was dominiques fault that she attempted suicide. Or should I say "having her family notify others" no, I have illnesses. I don't talk about them. I don't like any of them. I thought she was faking from the beginning and did my own research. No matter who I don't like, you don't blame someone for an attempted suicide. She deserves the all the backlash shit she gets. As for "munchie". Nope. No service dog. Legitimate issues. No IG account glorifying my medical career. I have a picture of one surgery. Definitely no youtube videos. So your assessment of me is wrong. Janaye has burned several people I know. I didn't hold a grudge but I also know that things were not adding up.

No. 441340



Please note that I use correct punctuation, and that I know how to post, ie. I do not namefag nor emailfag.

No. 441342

No stake whatsoever.

No. 441349

She has to show off her new toy to her family to show them she’s really sooper sick and they were all wrong about her. Autumn makes me sick.

No. 441350

SDP told people to send SDC hate, that’s pretty fucked up now matter what. Quit wking her, and we don’t give a flying fuck about your personal life. You sound like a spoonie, trying to manipulate people. GTFO

No. 441352

It’s against the general rules to be on here and interfering with cows. Which you obvious didn’t read, because you can’t even sage your posts.

No. 441356


I don't think she was infusing on the plane - the picture with the backpack on is taken in a home. The commenter questioned the fact that Autumn was apparently able to bring the saline on the plane.
She already had a backpack that she made for one of the first times she had saline at home via IV - the infusion was only supposed to last 2 hours and seeing as she spends a lot of time at home doing nothing, you think she would be able to handle a 2-hr infusion. But of course it doesn't count unless everyone knows so she made a crazy backpack with caribeaners on the straps to hold the iv tubing and went out. And pretty much started infusions over days not hours right after that.

Interestingly - the port is not exposed during the engagement party her family threw her and her fiancee - the family hasn't taken well to her over dramatic medical drama (they bugged her about the wheelchair) so its probably not in her best interest to show it off them. While the fiancee probably puts up with the medical drama to some extent I am betting that if Autumn wants to keep the relationship going she can't ruin all their fun/special times with silly medical drama.

No. 441358

Kek so she had to show off all her medical stuff as much as possible before she was with her family, just to get a big enough dose of asspats to hold her over

No. 441364


She can probably get away with some of it with her family - like casually exposing her port and infusing around the house. If she had to go to the ER to get saline, I doubt that would go over well. She certainly can't hijack a special occasion that is supposed to be about her and her fiancee and make it all about her and her medical drama. (Of note - she has claimed she can't wear compression garments because she overheats yet on the plan she is wearing a beanie and inside the house she is wearing a very thick scarf - yes its cold in NY but from the pictures that isn't a house where they would be skimping on the heat. The fact is she never even considered compression garments - if she did we know she would have shown them off).

It also looks like a lot of the medical drama started after she started college. She used the medical drama to say that she wanted to stay in school but couldn't because she was too sick. I am guessing that she was struggling at college (either with grades and/or just fitting in) and needed an excuse to get out. Her engagement party would be about an accomplishment and its probably preferable to keep the attention on wedding plans and whatnot instead of bringing attention to medical drama and the fact that she dropped out of school and doesn't have a job.

No. 441372

File: 1512880511807.png (1.1 MB, 1536x2048, 066FA3C9-16A2-4088-9C7F-C337D4…)

Didn’t we predict she would be public again? She just couldn’t go without that sweet, sweet attention.

No. 441374

File: 1512880571384.png (253.06 KB, 1536x2048, 982AAEB3-39B4-4C70-9C09-C3CA7D…)

No mention of her somatic symptoms

No. 441376

File: 1512880649914.png (1.28 MB, 1536x2048, 9581545B-86C3-4C23-B55E-ED83D3…)

Also back to begging for her precious NG tubes

No. 441377

File: 1512880728173.png (247.61 KB, 1536x2048, CA34BE6B-C26D-45C4-B11F-88239F…)

No. 441378

File: 1512880747171.png (257.82 KB, 1536x2048, EBA5E4FF-DD1B-44E9-AB35-884DF7…)

No. 441379

File: 1512880787241.png (243.22 KB, 1536x2048, AC1D98B2-D13C-4E4A-8318-E310C0…)

You just keep telling yourself all that

No. 441380

File: 1512881032088.png (1.09 MB, 1536x2048, C27B71E4-1707-4137-9A14-6332B7…)

Classic Nicole. Too bad, it looked for a while like she was going to stop munching

No. 441396

File: 1512884002268.jpg (631.35 KB, 801x1443, Screenshot_20171209-205543.jpg)

Damn, must be nice to be paid and not actually do anything.

No. 441402

she should spend less time bragging about gift counts and more time vacuuming that disgusting carpet.

No. 441403


So tacky. By which I mean the boastfulness, not the wrapping paper.

As recently as September she said that she did not have health insurance which is why she had never been properly assessed for her syncope and other symptoms. This video was filmed in their previous house.

Is she really raking in enough Youtube bucks to finance their new lifestyle?

No. 441412

She must be getting a shitton of cash, having a chronic illness (even a fake or over exaggerated one) is crazy expensive even with good insurance. But I guess it’s easy to sell yourself on the internet if you don’t have a soul.

No. 441426


I haven't watched all of her videos to find out if there is another source of their new found wealth or if she now has insurance. Maybe Chase got a new job with benefits?

No. 441439

anyone check out punnysamosa?

No. 441487

Sage for no contribution but munchies are the worst kinds of people. I follow this thread sometimes but not too often because I know a munchie in real life which is enough on its own lol the person i know claimed first she had pots , now it's veds…she gets a nice check every month for her "disability" along with a nice powered wheelchair that she doesn't need. And it's no coincidence the person I know breifly went to medical school before she all of a sudden has these mysterious health problems, if you ask me she only went in the first place to learn some medical jargon so she could sound more convincing + the financial aid. Her and her husband are always looking for a way to scam the system so they can afford their cushy lifestyle. I could go on but nobody cares lol you all know how terrible these people are. I wish I had gotten some screenshots of her shenanigans before she went m.i.a online

No. 441497


I don't understand how no one's picked up on her bullshit. I mean, any doctors. She's a blaring red siren of factitious disorder.

No. 441507

Sometimes I wonder if doctors eventually cave to these spoonies if they have insurance and keep being a pest about their made up problems

No. 441513


Well this sounds 100% psychological. Shame she kept avoiding therapy.

No. 441515


My superpower is taking my medication and going to therapy and not using resources designed for actually sick people kek

Also it's fairly telling that she's been put on Olanzapine.

No. 441524

File: 1512907026371.jpg (413.51 KB, 1536x2048, FullSizeRender 16.jpg)

So, HypermobileGuy's emergency trip to hospital? Dislocated hip, apparently. But of course not so bad he couldn't take a selfie while sucking down on Entonox. Also no munchie is complete these days without POSSIBLE SEPSIS.

No. 441525

1) why the hell would you need to be stabilised for a dislocated hip ffs
2)where did the sepsis come from, from the dislocated hip? i'm so done.

No. 441533


As per the infographic posted up there somewhere, munchies now seem to think that every instance of vomiting is now a sign of sepsis, despite the fact that sepsis has multiple other symptoms.

No. 441536


If Lynn is such close friends with Janaye and is taking care of Colt, why would she ask Sky to email her?

No. 441540

File: 1512911769365.jpg (813.94 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20171210-131233.jpg)

I'm curious to know what the event is

No. 441553

So by her wording here, usually she's… fake person sick?

No. 441565

Yea, as in usually she’s faking but now she’s really sick LOL

No. 441591

File: 1512924643871.jpeg (244.46 KB, 749x1107, 0C797867-6C5B-4AC9-AA31-71BA6E…)

Autumn got a shoutout/ repost from TheZebraNetwork.. Autumn doesn’t even REMOTELY have EDS, and is probably barely hypermobile, and already milking followers from EDS pages. AUTUMN you ate a horrible human being you need help.

No. 441696

Gonna sperg for a moment here. My mom had mouth cancer back in 1998 and had her first PEG put in. She hated it. I helped her with her feeds, those gross smelling bags of Nutricia and constant flushing of the tube. She eventually had a button put in and I helped change those. It was unpleasant for the both of us, painful for her as well. She had NG tubes too, and I didn't envy her.

Up until she died in 2013, she lived on countless meds and was constantly under review for her diet and nutrition. All she wanted was to be able to eat and live normally. I'm sure if she knew idiots like the ones in this thread existed, she'd blow a fuse.

Apologies for the blog, I just can't help but think of her when I'm reading these threads.

No. 441726

File: 1512941048269.jpg (187.02 KB, 1080x1804, 25270920_1850110651685461_1441…)

I wouldn't worry too much about the service dog munchies, the community is very self-policing. Both SDP and SDC have been shitlisted for their behavior. When a handler is shitlisted like this for drama or unethical/illegal handling they get removed from most of the major online communities so they can't continue asking advice to fake their SDs or conditions.

No. 441729

So sick that she can’t post on IG…oh wait.

No. 441730

Kek they’re both getting called out on their shit. Good.

No. 441735

File: 1512941853827.png (76.5 KB, 986x280, Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 3.36…)

There is, of course, quite a lot of milk in SD pages for both Dom and Janaye. I'll post as much as I can before my eyes roll out of my head for idiocy and munchiedom

No. 441737

File: 1512941903430.png (55.72 KB, 952x154, Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 3.38…)

No. 441739

File: 1512942082722.jpg (143.3 KB, 720x858, 20708261_1541239482604905_8867…)

responding to backlash after putting her dog in danger by putting weight on it in a brace position with no professional help

No. 441740

File: 1512942103787.png (156.96 KB, 884x620, Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 3.40…)

response from page admin

No. 441746

File: 1512942324392.png (334.69 KB, 980x1030, Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 3.44…)

she seems to encounter a lot of incidents that need reporting….

No. 441748

File: 1512942488119.png (303.66 KB, 882x1112, Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 3.47…)

seems to be common among munchies for families to call them drama queens… wonder why

No. 441757


Probably because these munchies make everything about them at the expense of everyone else around them. They rarely ever seem to thank anyone for their help or apologize for the inconvenience they cause.
Autumns family gave her grief about the wheelchair - probably because she went out and bought a wheelchair and then either expected other people to push her around or complained about how hard it was to be in the wheelchair.
I am assuming the person referenced in this post in Dom. I don't know much about her but she seems like she goes out of her way to cause and/or find drama. Her mom probably doesn't mind the dog as much as the fact that it seems like Dom freaks out and causes a scene if someone even just glances at her dog. If they used to shoot weddings together its understandable to want to know if they will be able to do the job without the dog (as a professional you would probably want to disclose that you would be bringing a SD with you). Her husbands family probably doesn't feel comfortable questioning her. And it is more likely that her family is tired of the drama that she causes unnecessarily about the dog (especially since she is likely a sick when its convenient for me type of gal so they see her be perfectly fine when she wants) and not so much about the dog itself.

In general, people with true disabilities or illnesses try to decrease the inconvenience they cause to others or at least acknowledge the impact their illness/disability has on others. They usually try to be independent when possible and are pleasant/nice to someone when they need help. Munchies feel like they are entitled to all the attention and help they want and forget about the impact it has on everyone else around them.

No. 441758

(service dog anon) All of the above posts are about Dom. At least Janaye is smart enough to keep her symptom searching and harassing of people with real disabilities to private chats, which I currently don't feel like blocking all the names of. Another day.

No. 441770


That's ok anon. I'm sorry your mom went through that and you did too. These people who get toobz and stuff seemingly for fun are being so disrespectful to those who depend on them by showing them off like they're toys.

No. 441771


IIRC Jaquie was called out like this and banned from SD groups!

No. 441773


No doctor would recommend a wheelchair as a first line treatment for POTS. Nope.

No. 441780

File: 1512947200082.png (844.11 KB, 854x1136, Screen Shot 2017-12-10 at 5.05…)

kek yes she's constantly called out for unnecessary equipment and straight up animal abuse. being a "spoonie" isn't a good reason to neglect your dog's nutrition requirements

No. 441783


To be fair on her mother, the "attitude towards people about your dog" is a big issue with Dominique. She sees every single look (even innocent ones) as a challenge or someone "distracting" the dog. It's almost like she doesn't believe she needs the dog herself and she's taking it out on the public.

No. 441785


It almost makes me wish I was in the SD community to see the sass, but even if I did have a service dog I think I'd avoid this hot mess.

No. 441794

Mess is an on point description. Munchies are drawn like magnets to bringing their dogs in public AND covering them in patches about how disabled their handler is.

No. 441795

Janaye symptom searched? Do you know this for a fact? She's an interesting character (fellow service dog anon) and has done some really shady stuff in the past. I've removed myself from the facebook groups but my curiosity is skyrocketing after this faked critical condition/suicide attempt.

No. 441797

But if you spend any time staring at those patches you get verbally assaulted and yelled at for "distracting" the dog!

No. 441799

When you don't face any adversity you have to create your own I guess

No. 441807

As part of her shitlisting there is a dropbox of screenshots of her chats with people, I believe there was symptom searching or at least "comparison" in the over 200 photos there

No. 441822

Pretty please share some milk in the Jacquie thread?!


No. 441870

No. 441877

Not a fan of The Doctors but the comments section is filled with triggered zebra milk

No. 441886

>severe anxiety attack
>pass out without warning
What a lying scumbag. Does she think she needs a dog to tell her when she's having an anxiety attack? Is that a thing? Do some people not realive that they're having an anxiety attack? Is the anxiety attack not the warning she needs that she's going to pass out? What the fuck.

No. 441890

You must be new to Dominique/SDP.

I am the service dog anon and I can say that 99.9% of fake service dogs are "alert dogs." This is due to the fact that no one can easily dispute if their dog alerts, it's easy to fake. POTS alert has never been proven scientifically. Anxiety alert has only been proven in certain cases where cortisol is involved in their attacks. It is extremely rare to have the body chemistry a dog could detect, combined with a dog that can detect it, and also have the dog care enough to naturally alert to the behavior. It is probably less than .0001% of cases, yet half of the teams in these pages claim alerts and no one wants to point it out in case they are discriminating against a legit team.

So, the moment someone says "alert" with service dog, unless it's diabetic alert which is tried and true, that should raise an eyebrow.

No. 441899


Not to mention that their dogs are all perpetually "in training" if their state is one of the ones that allows public access for dogs in training. The groups should be shut down, they do nothing but teach people how to work the system. They call out the fake online scam registered dogs to take the attention away from themselves and their poorly groomed pocket dog.

No. 441907

I'm about 80% with you there, but I do actually meet some other handlers in the groups. Especially the ones that are heavily moderated to keep drama and fakes out. There's no other way to meet legit teams except to wade through a sea of fakes and histrionics.

No. 441911

I saw this, they talked about how they were naturally flexible, but also that they train and stretch continuously. Munchies/spoonies seem to forget that a fairly good sized percentage of women (and even some men) are hyper mobile. There’s a gigantic difference between being hypermobile and having EDS, which has a long list of diagnostic criteria and is considerably less common, and can also only be diagnosed by a qualified doctor, of which there are very few. I guarantee very few of those that commented actually have correctly-diagnosed EDS.

No. 441917

You don’t need a service dog for pots as it’s ridiculously obvious when fainting is about to happen. I’m pretty skeptical of dogs for everything except diabetes alerts as well, and the obvious guide dogs for the blind and for the Deaf (much less common), the only other situation I think a dog would be beneficial would be for a quadriplegic who couldn’t use their arms. Most of the service dog accounts, however, just seem to be munchies or ott spoonies who want the ultimate toy to show off.

No. 441922

Gee I'd hate to see what happened if the Service Dog Free Press got ahold of this thread…

No. 441924

Needing a service dog is like needing a wheelchair. A few POTSies and EDSers will need this kind of support, like retrieving dropped objects, bracing/counterbalance when standing, deep pressure therapy for anxiety or pain, etc. But not nearly as many people need them as have them. And most of the people that have them aren't properly training or working them.

No. 441925

SDFP is a top munchie. couldn't prove he was disabled enough to need his own self trained SD in a court of law. kek

No. 441926

The SDFP is a teat filled to the brim with milk. How has this not been discussed?

No. 441928

His posts are 50/50 with accuracy because he knows very little about SDs. He is also a psychopath who is constantly claiming he's reporting random people on the internet to the police, the US Marshall, most recently to Social Security, just for being in a service dog group. He is correct that there's a huge issue with fakes but his approach is completely misguided and laughable given his personal history.

This is him: https://ag.ny.gov/press-release/ag-schneiderman-shuts-down-north-country-sham-seizure-alert-dog-business-0

No. 441932

He's called out some pretty obvious fake teams that are "popular" in the community. He's crazy and obviously a bit unstable, but he does at least rile up the snowflakes and that is a joy to behold.

No. 441933

He definitely has hit the mark on many of his posts, but I get the feeling it's because he's aiming everywhere. His followers do a better job at providing quality Munchie Milk

No. 441939


He would say that the police are monitoring everyone on this thread, then threaten to sue and call CPS on anyone with kids.

No. 441940

File: 1512965477371.jpeg (137.64 KB, 750x1076, 84DF528D-9A87-4E25-A943-9537EA…)

Trying to find medical problems where they don’t exist . Only problem I see is her nasty pube - like armpit hair

No. 441943

Wow. This is clearly dry skin. "Scarring" kek. Isn't she supposed to be a POTSie too? Lifting your arms up like that is a sure recipe for quick syncope in POTS patients.

No. 441947

Whaaa….?! Yes, you moron, that's what it looks like when you have a PICC removed and don't wash properly!

No. 441951

File: 1512967057750.jpeg (246.01 KB, 749x1206, BB988996-C6A0-46E6-AC2B-A9D822…)

How can anyone manage to “like” her complete lying bullshit? The fact that she wants to be sick is so sickening in itself ..

No. 441990

It’s called moisturizing body wash Autumn, give it a try some time. Look into tooth whitening strips too ffs.

No. 441995

Everything about this post is sickening. I hate how they all post the same generic smiling picture with a caption about how much pain they're in and how miserable they are. Don't they ever get bored of pretending to be "brave little warriors"? You know Autumn was thinking "hurr, I look so brave and strong" even though she just posted about how she thinks dry fucking skin is a sign she's dying or something. If she was in actual pain she'd be crying and whining and screaming for someone to fix it like the useless entitled man-child she is.

It's just easy to put on a brave face when you're not actually in pain, and I feel like they're trying to make actual disabled or in pain people look bad because those people genuinely don't have the energy to be smiling and taking selfies.

No. 442032

Did she specify anywhere what kind of 'event' she is at? I find it strange that she doesn't. For someone who overshares a LOT, I mean. It's odd.

No. 442036

File: 1512983350954.png (442.77 KB, 676x1048, Screenshot_2017-12-11-01-04-25…)

No. 442042

This child needs to be removed from the home. Not only this incident but the way the child is treated on her attention seeking outings with 'faints' he's seriously at risk.

No. 442095

imagine her getting high off the support and love for her child getting hurt and heralding in some MBI. this poor kid. she clearly loved the world shes created in her head without thought to just basic human decency.

No. 442102

It gives me the willies thinking about her possibly realizing "when I exaggerate/ fake my own medical issues, my family gets annoyed…but when I exaggerate/ take advantage of my CHILDS medical issues, I get tons of sympathy and support!"

It's only a small step from that to causing / exacerbating. I am absolutely not saying she is currently abusing her child. Simply concerned about what she might be realizing.

No. 442108

At the same time, she certainly fits the profile of someone who could move on to Munchausens by Proxy. At the very least she seems to care more about getting attention from strangers on the internet and her fake medical crises than taking care of her child. His physical needs may be being met, but I’m sure he’s already sufferering somewhat from emotional neglect. No matter what, it’s super sad.

No. 442137

The kid already seems to spend a lot of time at doctor's appointments and urgent care centers. She seems to take him if he gets even the slightest sniffle.

No. 442139

"Following in Mommy's footsteps with his FIRST concussion?!" Yeeeaaaah, that isn't potentially foreshadowing and creepy as fuck…I got MBP vibes too and holy shit please I hope not. Also, "he is sleeping"? If he had a severeconcussion I would think first of all there would be nosleep and

No. 442161

This is what disturbs me the most, this particular phrasing. It's a truly bizarre way to explain your little one took a tumble and bashed their head.

No. 442168

I saw this post and was like, "Really bitch? Do you not know what skin looks like after being constantly covered by adhesives and deprived of moisture and oxygen?"
Nah, it HAS to be some kind of scarring. (Although why would there be scarring in a place where no trauma happened?)

No. 442211

File: 1513017461791.png (1.18 MB, 2048x1536, 7F3D5A23-0833-4DC8-B344-472B05…)

This person who replied to a chronically Jaquie vlog is unintentionally hilarious

No. 442240

Well, munchies tend to find each other (a good portion of the things listed are physically impossible).

No. 442256

File: 1513022872182.png (599.97 KB, 1536x2048, 7AB978F4-7023-4F22-ACC6-517A97…)

Running her feeds at a pathetically low rate.

No. 442289


I wonder if it's something that would blow the lid off her whole "I'm so disabled" claim.

No. 442292


She's right - accidents happen, especially when kids are playing, and in this instance I can't blame her. But I do worry bout the general safety of her son with all her shop histrionics and "fainting".

No. 442293


> Hooray, I'm starving myself!

No. 442294


Definitely - she can't let people know she is sick when its convenient for her. She overshares lots of medical details so its suspicious when she doesn't share about major "events". It has been noted that she is able to participate in fun things, like attending a pride parade, without showing signs of her super severe illness that every other day makes it impossible for her to do the simplest errand. She has lots of people questioning her on IG so she has probably learned by now that she has to be more careful about her adjustable illnesses. She keeps playing up how sick she is (she has a cold) but she actually looks better than normal in pictures. She is trying to cover up the fact that she is able to travel and do something she wants to do by whining about how she is so sick.

No. 442304

File: 1513027164969.jpg (357.48 KB, 1536x2048, FullSizeRender 17.jpg)

So I'm pretty sure HypermobileGuy has been reading on here, because he's made a long IG post explaining what exactly he does with his life.

No. 442305

File: 1513027276043.jpg (322.18 KB, 1536x2048, FullSizeRender 14.jpg)

Despite the fact he goes to "youth group" and his interests appear more like those of a young teenager, he's actually in his early 20s.

No. 442308

File: 1513027361151.jpg (312.74 KB, 1536x2048, FullSizeRender 15.jpg)

And justifying his use of the wheelchair tray attachment, which has been mentioned on here. Funny how he's never mentioned "spinal issues" until he needs to justify a pointless toy that makes him look more disabled!

No. 442322


And he's screaming crying in the pic, too. Not exploitative at all.

No. 442327

If you’re going to lie, why do it so obviously? She has to be eating in top of that, as she’s only getting a couple hundred calories at the most through her tube. If she was only tube fed, she’d have lost a ton of weight running it at that speed (and she hasn’t). Her blatant lies are getting really ridiculous.

No. 442393


I was born with glass bones and paper skin. Every morning I break my legs, and every afternoon I break my arms. At night, I lie awake in agony until my heart attacks put me to sleep.

No. 442394

File: 1513041344780.jpg (225.06 KB, 802x1491, Screenshot_20171211-164701.jpg)

"Do I spend money on this thing I genuinely like, or save it for toys and appointments I don't need?" Kek

No. 442397

File: 1513041578534.jpg (236.44 KB, 1068x780, Screenshot_20171211-164618.jpg)

This is in the comments on the last picture. Send to me like you'd take your rings off before messing with plaster

No. 442398

File: 1513041935081.jpg (336.96 KB, 1080x1491, Screenshot_20171211-182024.jpg)

Her cat is registered as a fucking emotional support animal.

No. 442400

File: 1513042028164.jpg (1.14 MB, 810x4404, Screenshot_20171211-182150.jpg)

Thread on the post about the emotional support cat.

No. 442401

Chase openly admits in a vlog that they did it because their new landlord wouldn't allow it. Max isn't a problem because he's a "service dog" (and I use the term lightly).

No. 442402

Also, 'he's okay' but 'thoughts and prayers'? What are people praying for, exactly? A better parent?

No. 442404

I can understand forgetting but I would also think there is a way to get the rings professionally cleaned that would be cheaper than getting a whole new set.
Clearly has very poor money management skills - I think I might want this necklace and I have seen it for cheaper. Should I buy it now even though I have lots of bills coming up. Over $50 for a necklace you think you might want to have - and could probably find a cheap knock-off

For someone who is apparently so concerned about service dog etiquette and gets mad when someone even looks at her SD I am surprised she would lightly put it out there that she got a ESA letter for her cat since ESA seem to be making things a lot harder for people with SD.
The only reason I see to make a cat an ESA (even though she already has a dog who is supposed to help with her emotional needs and more) is if they moved into a place that wouldn't allow the cat. However, if that is the case - just state it. Say you got the cat made an ESA so that it could continue to live with you after you moved because it brings you comfort.

No. 442414

This is sickening in the sense that lots of people with actual chronic illnesses are totally broke and in debt, even if they work full time, because they actually have to pay for medical things and don’t mooch money off of strangers on the internet.

No. 442423

Not necessarily. There are plenty of examples of people with chronic illnesses who also make up other chronic illnesses.

This girl was on a television show last week and now her gofundme is up to 120000 which is a totally good example of mooching money off of strangers on the internet.

No. 442429


The Australian girl ? kEDS is pretty rare (far more rare than hEDS) and can affect organs worse too. I'm on the fence on that one.

No. 442453

This needs to be reported to her local HUD and/or landlord. Why would she need an ESA when she has an SD that has DPT on their task list? Not only is Max there for her emotional support, but he does a task directly mitigating her PTSD.

It is also illegal to bring the assistance animal on the property before requesting the accommodation to have it. I so hope she does that.

Note of distinction the cat is not registered this is a letter. Registry/certification websites are scams, and letters from a treating physician are the correct route for proof of need for an ESA, just so happens that she's the scammer in this case.

No. 442465

People try to use ESA designation as a reason to bring a pet to a place where you aren't supposed to go with a regular pet. My therapist has suggested I get a pet on more than one occasion (knowing that I work full time and don't spend more time at home than the average person) so I can see how a pet can provide emotional support - even if its not a route I choose to take.

Honestly the only reason I can see to get a letter stating that a pet is an ESA is in the event that you have to move to a place that doesn't typically allow pets (and even then you should probably first try to find a place that does allow pets). Too many people are abusing the ESA route to allow them to try to take pets on planes and other places where you aren't typically allowed to bring a pet.
I assume that anyone who owns a pet/has a bond with a pet could claim that it provides emotional support (even in the absence of a mental health diagnosis).
ESA seems to cause a lot of issues in the SD community (as much as I can tell as an outsider) so I am surprised that someone who considered themselves an SD advocate would announce that they had their cat designated as an ESA - yes she properly got the letter from a therapist (upon the first visit strangely) and I suspect its likely to avoid having to give up the cat to move (since why do you need an ESA when you have a SD that can do the same thing and more) - but either state thats the reason or do it and keep quiet - don't broadcast it to everyone

No. 442469

ESAs only really cause issues when people bring them in public (stores, restaurants, etc.) because they aren't actually allowed anywhere but housing or airplanes, and the general population doesn't know that. She probably feels justified because she's not doing that. It's still completely shitty of anyone to take advantage of laws in place to help people with disabilities for non-disability-related reasons. The only reason there's no outcry is because the SD community turned their back on her a while ago for obviously faking POTS.

No. 442486

She’s already got a dog, so it’s obvious she doesn’t need the permission for where she lives. And who brings a cat everywhere with them? That’s torture to the vast majority of cats. Just get a cat and keep it at home like a normal cat. Pets can be very emotionally supportive without a damn label slapped on them. I’m sure it’s just one more toy for her to show off on social media.

No. 442492

I feel sorry for the kid and the pets. How can you possibly watch a young child and a cat and dog?

No. 442494


It seems like since the dog is a service dog she didn't need permission but in order to bring the cat too she needed permission - which seems a bit silly since if they are going to already allow one animal they might as well want another (could be that the landlord doesn't really want them there in the first place and is looking for a reason not to rent to them - I wouldn't want to risk having someone who is so clearly attention/lawsuit seeking living on my property where she could try to blame me for a variety of things). Hell she could be trying to get documentation to threaten to sue a landlord for discrimination if they don't rent to her (I don't follow her so I don't know about her living situation - is she moving/has she moved recently)
Showing the letter is more of just a look at me I am so special that I need multiple animals for support. I don't think she intends to bring the cat everywhere with her. People try to pass their regular pet dogs as service/support animals but it is much hard to take your cat places (other than an airplane) claiming you need it for support.
As >>442469 stated - having an ESA in the home doesn't really cause an issue for anyone - other than maybe a landlord who doesn't want pets in the rental. She must be aware of the issue that ESAs raise in public but feels justified flaunting her ESA letter since she doesn't intend to bring it out of the house.

No. 442510

Interesting - I was trying to figure out what Autumn's event this week might be and discovered that she grew up very close to where I grew up.
I have found some stuff on a family member's blog - I won't be posting screenshots/linking it or naming the area she grew up (I will say its a more affluent area) because I do want to protect the family's privacy - Autumn has chosen to live her life a certain munchie way but her family hasn't.
The family member mentions that Autumn's older brother has epilepsy (and actively has seizures) - it appears to be a more recent diagnosis (possibly in the past year or so). The family member mentions the brother's epilepsy and the mentions visiting Autumn and seeing how "so much has changed" for her but doesn't mention anything medical.
The brother getting support for a medical issue could be what sent Autumn spiraling down the spoonie sinkhole (with her previous mental health issues no longer gaining as much support as her brothers "real" illness).

No. 442522


A little further digging reveals that the brother's diagnosis came around the same time as Autumn's medical adventure - there is a chance that it happened afterwards so it may not have been the trigger but I wouldn't be surprised if it led the the escalation.
The family member seems very supportive of Autumn expressing concern about her having to drop out of college due to an unknown chronic illness. The family member later goes on to say that she has struggled with Autumn assuming that she had certain diagnoses before they were given (and mentioned doubts when Autumn had her drive her to the ER for a treatment she thought she needed that the family member didn't think she did) - the person seems to have worked at coming to peace with believing/supporting her. They later mention EDS and POTS (although notably after Autumn moved away - so likely stopped attending doctors appointments and potentially doesn't know that several of her claimed diagnoses are not official).
Autumn seems to have a very supportive family and one that would certainly support her mental health issues so its surprising that she has seemed to go down the "I need there to be something physically wrong with me" path.

Not sure exactly what the "event" is yet other than it seems like it is the first time in a while that she has been with all her siblings/parent.

No. 442530

It's actually against the federal law to bring a cat everywhere with you, ESAs have no rights to be in public. Only housing and planes.

No. 442532

File: 1513058120552.png (50.5 KB, 766x208, Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 11.5…)

Dominique joined a group for people who want to buy disability/service dog/awareness apparel. Guess who's probably getting a new munchie centric wardrobe.

No. 442535


Yes, they recently moved into a much larger, 2-story unit. Video posted in >>439681.

No. 442536

They've already moved in with the cat before requesting an ESA as a reasonable housing accommodation? Hello, violation of the Fair Housing Act. It's cause for her landlord to deny her cat.

No. 442537

No. 442538

This is completely illegal except in ONE state where any animal can be a service animal. The ADA states only dogs & miniature horses.


No. 442540


The video was streamed on November 19th and the letter is dated November 30.

No. 442542

I believe this video is not of SDP's cat, just a "service cat" that anon is posting because I said cats can't go in public. They still can't, see my other post.

No. 442544

>Published on Aug 13, 2014

>This is Leakycat aka Symiebell's adventure at the 2014 Leakycon in Orlando. I am creating these videos because at the end of the month we are meeting with senator Steve Pierce in order to change or amend the ADA law that states that only dogs "qualify as certified service" animals. Symie was grandfathered in because he was trained (and passed his Public Access Exam) by a certified seizure and diabetic alert K-9 trainer before 2011 as a diabetic seizure alert cat. However, we would love to be able to train more rescue cats to become legally recognized diabetic alert or seizure alert cats. By liking or commenting you are showing your support, so please like and comment. Many of the things on this video are firsts for Symie, but he took it all in like a pro. I'm sorry in advance that I am such a bad video maker so if you have any suggestions on how to make a less cheesy video please feel free to post. Thanks so much and Equal ADA rights for cats!

No. 442545

Making a mockery of assistance animals. Smh.

No. 442546


I was talking about Dom's video of her new house and her ESA letter.

No. 442547

Kek no animals were grandfathered in. Service animal fraud is a 2nd degree misdemeanor in FL but I bet they got away with it. https://www.animallaw.info/topic/table-state-assistance-animal-laws

No. 442548

Oh, the video I see on your post is of the "service cat" so I was confused.

No. 442563

training a cat…kek

No. 442593

I find it interesting how many munchies have siblings with legit health problems. Ruby Shallom’s sister had cancer, Aubrey

No. 442594



Aubrey’s brother had a pancreatic tumour and also chronically Amy (the “terminal” one) recently said her brother also had cancer.

No. 442596

File: 1513072237605.png (2.72 MB, 2048x1536, 698C7A78-1A1F-4417-9C00-F2B9D1…)

Brother had cancer.

No. 442608

Interesting how many others are only children - especially spoiled only daughters who have likely always been indulged, and seem to be using their "illness" as a way to cling to that.

Only children: Chloe Leanne, Jaq, Kati (I think), Nicole, Dani, Chloe Print Lambert, and I believe Ams and Paige both are? Correct me if I'm wrong.

I am automatically less sus of a spoonie if they have a fairly normal sibling, at this point (neither an only nor a sib with actual medical issues like Ruby and Aubrey and Autumn have).

No. 442614


I can't with these fuckwits. Especially this one. Jesus CHRIST, woman.

How do those of you that genuinely have what all these mugwumps pretend to stop yourselves from throwing screens across the room? Sorry for blog, but the munchie idiots haven't found my particular bugbear and I hope they never do. If you're genuinely suffering serious pain, you're not smiling bravely for the camera, and no pain syndrome is always 10/10 - very few even get anywhere near, when they do it's acute episodes and you're not in reality as we know it.

I would be so fucking distressed if I were genuinely fighting letter-combo-of-the-day disease. All these bitches will move on, but the genuine patients will still be there not only struggling with their illness but with the popular mindset belittling it because of munchie malingerers who just cannot - or will not - life.

Sage for impotent raging. Pisses me off. Sorry, contributed nothing and I've lurked for ages without sperging out. But something about her bovine face smiling hugely over "huge pain poor me" (for the three thousandth time) has triggered the fuck outta me.

No. 442625

I've noticed this, especially as the only full-blown Munchie I know in real life is an only child too. Her mother actually started it with Munchausens by Proxy, then the daughter started to believe she really was ill what with constantly being told it and having to go on weird diets and eat fistfuls of holistic medicine every morning, and had unexplained and vague incurable illnesses like ME and Chronic Lyme through adolescence. In her late teens when she became more independent she realised the benefit of an illness you could switch on and off and became a full blown Munchie herself - wheelchairs, masks, flying all over Europe for weird unproven medical treatments, fake seizures in the middle of exams she bothered to turn up for.

I don't doubt many of these parents with only children have a part to play in their factitious disorders.

No. 442626

Jaquie has a brother, as does chloe Leanne. Almost every munchie has someone who basically encourages them, be it a mother or a husband.

No. 442636


Jaquie's brother is a half-sibling who I think is much older than her and who she's not close to and it sounds like she didn't really see much of growing up (or now).

No. 442711


Chloe Leanne's mother is totally invested in milking her daughter's "illness". Whether she knows it's bullshit or not, IDK, but she's quite prominent in the anti-vax scene.

No. 442718

She loves the money and she loves the attention. It's sick.

No. 442821


Dani isn't actually an only child. I think she has a brother and either one or two sisters. Not sure if any of them have any kind of illness though.

No. 442851

A comment on Autumn…

I am so fucking mad that she withdrew completely from college for "medical reasons" when she doesn't have anything wrong with her.

Why didn't she do a single semester leave of absence to try and get her "symptoms" under control? That's what I'm doing and it was an extremely hard decision, one Autumn had no trouble making.

I cannot stand her and her smug grin. I'm going to try and figure out this "event" she's at right now.

(sage for rage)

No. 442855

File: 1513111678599.png (657.08 KB, 924x516, Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 20.4…)


She's posted about it, and it sounds like yet another case of her taking advantage of something set up for actually disabled people

No. 442857

Oh my fucking…

Also, if she really had EDS, wouldn't SmartCrutches be fucking horrible for her shoulders? That's why my Ortho wouldn't even think about giving me SmartCrutches. (I'm sure we've discussed this before but I have shite memory.)

No. 442861

her crutches aren't even the right height, she'd be destroying her shoulders, neck, and back crouching like that IF she had EDS

No. 442863

It’s the school she went to. Her mom works there and her sister is a student. More likely students looking to do a project but rather than find someone they could actually help they decided to add lights to the crutches Autumn never uses

No. 442866


I have used them and I think they're a bit gentler on shoulders than standard crutches, but definitely easier on the wrists and hands. But agree with anon who is critiquing the height of them. She'll end up with ACTUAL problems if she keeps using them incorrectly.

No. 442882

File: 1513113942060.png (1.11 MB, 640x1136, IMG_1851.PNG)

Anyone want to tell her that glass can be made from metal alloys or polymer based? kek

No. 442895

Crutches- as someone who has been on them extensively throughout my life- are something I just can't stand being misused.

I see people resting their armpits on crutches and using them and just think "Did the fucking doctor not show them how to use them? Or were they not prescribed by a doctor?"

Crutches are SO much easier and more comfortable to use once you know how to properly use them, and one of those things necessary to proper use is proper crutch height with regards to your own height.

Improper use of crutches of any kind can quickly hurt you more than they can help.

Even someone WITHOUT EDS would be fucking their upper body if they used the crutches wrong.

No. 442896


it's almost like she didn't see a doctor or physio in regards to their use in case they told her she didn't need them

No. 442900

File: 1513115208549.jpg (149.22 KB, 640x798, autumncrutch.jpg)

Looks like someone else noticed this. Wonder what her response will be.

No. 442962

do people that truly need a wheelchair have to buy them off amazon? aren’t they supposed to be fitted for a person? what a joke.

No. 442964

why was autumn being so secretive about the event? was she afraid trolls were going to ruin it?

i’m surprised her mom would put up with her bs at her school.

No. 442988


Good. When she gets howling arthritis or whatever, I'll fucking cheer.

Lights. Just in case anybody doesn't see poor Autumn shuffling along with her chest hanging out so you can see plenty of lines leading to a huge backpack reading LOOK AT ME. Amazed she didn't get her port lit up like a christmas tree too.

Get MRSA, you insane fucknut.

No. 443022

I've been thinking for a while now that it's just one person posting MBV on here. She's kooky and way too into alternative medicine, but it kind of comes across as vendetta posting since she doesn't do any of the gross shit the extreme munchies do. She never asks for money or tries to exploit her following although she could probably make a fair bit on a gofuckme. And she isn't draining NHS resources either - I would a million times rather see the crazy toxic fuckers in the UK like CPL and HypermobileGuy and Nicole all stop using the NHS and instead pay for treatment themselves. Obviously her treatment plan is unscientific but I don't see the point of posting unmilky images like this.

And no, before someone assumes, I'm not her. It is possible to point out low quality posts without being the person who was posted.

No. 443128


So from what I can tell there is likely a small group/club at the school who is interested in being part of Tikkun Olam Makers - which is a bigger global organization that pairs up "makers" with people with disabilities to help them solve problems.
Autumn's mom seems to have partially come to grips with Autumn dropping out of school for "medical reasons" because Autumn has told her that she has a plan to study to help develop affordable assistive medical devices. She is probably hoping that participating in this "event" (which is what the organization calls it - although this "event" doesn't seem to be on the same scale as what usually occurs elsewhere) will motivate Autumn to actually make steps towards continuing her education (especially because she comes from an area where it is more common and almost expected to attend college post high school rather than not). I think Autumn only graduated a year or so ago from that same school so she is still probably connected to some of the students there (especially the kids that were likely to participate in the project). I wouldn't be surprised if she suggested it herself. Plus her mom is probably used to Autumn standing out - I doubt there are many transgender kids at the small private Jewish day school and Autumn transitioned as a teenager (with seemingly lots of support from her mom). There are also probably not a ton of kids with disabilities at the school but they are likely encouraged to do mitzvah projects so they might jump at the chance to do something. Plus it will make the school look good to appear to be helping individuals with disabilities - since few people will actually look into the legitimacy of those disabilities.

No. 443145

I work at a school, and there’s a group that helps kids with disabilities, however, it’s helping the kids with moderate to severe intellectual disabilities. There are kids at the school with health problems and physical disabilities, but they don’t want to be part of that, because they want to be seen as the same as their peers, not singled out for being sick or disabled or different in any way. It’s pretty telling how not disabled autumn is just by how desperately she’s trying to draw attention to her so-called “disabilities” and “illnesses”. It’s totally against the biological programming of a human, as we’re a social species. At the biological level, no individual wants to be too different or weak or sick, because those are the ones that get pushed to the outside or isolated, which is bad for survival. If someone wants to be sick, there’s for sure something psychologically fucked.

No. 443163

At least the difference is that individuals with disabilities/illnesses that do tend to participate in this sort of project typically do so in order to allow them to blend in more/participate in activities they might not be able to otherwise. It might involve getting help making a specific device that will allow them to participate in a sport/hobby that they want to do. Or get a group of students to try to help build/design something at a cheaper cost than trying to go the official route (the main organization that is supposedly connected with Autumn's "event" has projects like wheelchair lifts, communication devices, prosthetics - all things that can be very expensive through official companies but might be able to be made cheaper/more personalized by a motivated group of individuals).
The difference between Autumn and normal people with disabilities is that Autumn wanted her adaptations to make her stand out - hence adding LED lights (to crutches she rarely seems to use - although I temporarily expect to see them more now that they are shiny). She didn't really show off the other adaptations which may be mildly more practical (but really not for someone who doesn't need crutches to begin with). The general population of individual with disabilities who do seek out this type of assistance tend to do so to help them "blend in" more.

No. 443205


Having used Smartcrutches, I can see why a "kickstand" sort of attachment might be useful (they're so top heavy they fall over a lot). But lights? Sure, for seasonal jollity, but you know Autumn will keep them on all year.

No. 443332

File: 1513168818889.png (1.45 MB, 750x1334, 3538E82E-6838-4342-A12D-50FC5A…)

This is a potential munchie we’ve mentioned in the past – chronically.mare. She’s right up the alley of chronically.cait and chronicallyshan (I vaguely remember them interacting)

Ffs, yes, change your damn dressing. If there’s a bunch of blood baking under the dressing in a moist environment, it’s breeding grounds for infection. Ew, ew, ew. Why tf can’t these munchies take care of themselves. Like, goodness, the people who are legitimately ill with things like cancer take better care of themselves (and do it despite not “having the spoons”)

No. 443339

File: 1513169207437.png (1.53 MB, 750x1334, 9B0A41CB-12A6-4B80-A147-C49031…)

Speaking of Shannon. kek, the munchies are all freaking out that they won’t get their precious saline.

I think it’s super telling who the doctors think are munchies or who they think are playing it up since these are the people getting denied. Short blog because it’s related: I know multiple people (myself included) who were told despite the shortage, treatment will continue even if the hospitals / infusion centers had to purchase from a different provider. Those who legit need saline will change to a bigger size (the shortage has primarily affected 500mL bags) or the hospital will find an alternative solution (pun intended).

No. 443341

File: 1513169355748.jpeg (646.82 KB, 750x934, 797505E3-D732-4617-83BD-95F007…)

She’s also one of those munchies who takes pictures riding in shopping carts…

Who tf takes these pictures and is okay with it?!

No. 443354

I don't understand why it has to be saline specifically. Can't these cows just eat some extra salt and drink more water?

No. 443356

Saline boosts blood volume, which can prevent pots symptoms. It's also borderline addicting and your body WILL become dependent on it. Hence why most doctors don't prescribe it for long term use (don't tell the munchies that)

No. 443362

But so does consuming salt and water. There's also Nuun tablets, florinef, etc.

No. 443363

File: 1513175096622.png (676.02 KB, 676x1043, Screenshot_2017-12-13-06-20-27…)

Dom has broken her finger cuz of her EDS and posted a video to prove it.

No. 443364

Oh yeah it totally looks broken beyond repair. Kek what happened this time? Someone distract her emotional support cat?

No. 443367

How the fuck does EDS cause a broken bone? EDS is a joint/connective tissue problem. Bones aren’t affected in traditional hEDS presentation and therefore she isn’t at a higher risk of breaking bones. In fact she has a LOWER risk because people with Hypermobility are more likely to have a joint go out than a bone break with brute force.

Do these munchies even research their conditions anymore??

No. 443372


In the video she literally says, "Now I know why my bones break so easily, it's cuz of my EDS."

No. 443379

Kek EDS doesn’t affect the collagen in your bones, if it does it’s a different disease, OI, which is extremely rare and often fatal. You for sure more likely to dislocate, sublex, or sprain the surrounding joints rather than break a bone. It’s not impossible, of course, but it’s far less likely.

No. 443383

She broke it flipping off all the people that look at her dog kek

No. 443390

And it's right on a joint, that would not have broken. She doesn't even have an EDS diagnosis, it was brought up by one of her other doctors.

No. 443431

Yes and no. Sometimes the blood volume won’t replen itself quick enough if you have accompanying hypovolemia and low blood pressure without IV therapy. For a majority of the cases though, you are correct. Why everyone with slight increases jumped on the saline train is beyond me and they are CAUSING more of a shortage for those who need it for nonPOTS or severe POTS reasons.

No. 443437

The interesting part is that only the munchies that don’t need the saline seem to be feeling the effects of the shortage kek. Everyone who actually need saline is still getting it as much as they need.

No. 443527

This phenomenon is really interesting to me. I still get my IV Saline, but when I saw that there was a national shortage I contacted my supplier and asked if I needed to worry. They said I didn't have to worry about a thing, despite me getting 5 Bags a week. (Medfagging sorry)

The fact that the munchies are the ones suffering from the shortage makes me think that their doctors KNOW they're faking, which is why they're being denied and not many of those really suffering from illnesses. Which brings up another question…If the doctor is having doubts about their patient, why continue with the saline treatment? Why continue to waste supplies on those people?

No. 443543

Because a doctor can’t cease treatment based on speculation, unless there is a good reason behind it, like an actual shortage. Unless the doc can prove the fakery beyond a reasonable doubt (ie are 100% sure the patient is faking), it goes back to the do no harm oath where ceasing treatment in a patient who actually wasn’t faking is harmful.

No. 443560


I am curious as to why only the munchies seem to be having issues getting their saline though…It's an interesting situation for sure.

No. 443569


Well drinking water doesn't need a port. Why would you do that when you could just beg for a port and "drink" your saline for extra asspats?

No. 443570


IIRC kids with EDS are more likely to break bones, but it's been argued that that's down to poor proprioception causing them to be a bit clumsier than average.

Apols for medfagging.

No. 443571


I wonder if it's because their saline, while approved by insurance, isn't down as a "vital" treatment (I'm not a US anon so I'm not sure if there's a differentiation). Like, some munchies seem to go get it almost on a whim like "I feel a bit dizzy today, I guess I'll go get some saline pumped into me". That's not totally medically necessary.

No. 443584

File: 1513220854206.png (779.45 KB, 750x1334, B0908B70-2A36-40D0-9E4D-9048F8…)

Has anyone posted about hope.for.delaney? She only has 14 posts so is new but this is the caption of her first post. She had a central line for what seemed like awhile but recently got it removed because she “had to stop doing saline infusions”. She claims to have SFN (what is that?) APS, POTS, Sjogren’s, and something called Klipper Feil? She’s also “vaccine injured”!!

No. 443585

File: 1513220920487.png (1.65 MB, 750x1334, 202F7456-5928-43C3-B03F-B7ACF2…)

No. 443589

It’s proven that head injuries can cause predisposed people to develop socio and psychopathic behaviors, including malingering and even murder (lots of serial killers have reported head injuries). So it’s not surprising she became a munchie.

(Maybe not super scientific, but it’s a possibility)

No. 443590


I typed SFN into wikipedia and got "Subcutaneous fat necrosis of the newborn".

No. 443593


Also no vaccine or injury can cause Klipper Feil. It's congenital, and pretty obvious (just Google it for photo examples).

No. 443602

My guess is SFN = small fiber neuropathy

No. 443605


That makes a lot more sense kek

No. 443610

File: 1513222782605.png (59.13 KB, 610x318, Screen Shot 2017-12-13 at 10.3…)

This is on a post from September. Someone asked her about her central line and…You put your own IV's in? Like some magical freak of nature because if we're talking about peripheral IV's it's pretty much impossible to do on yourself.

Also kek she "researched the procedure and then asked her docs for it"

No. 443611


who the fuck "loves" a central line?

No. 443631

I mean… it can be done :P But who really WANTS to insert their own IVs? I shudder at the thought of it.

No. 443634

Plus it'd just be more work than it's worth. YUCK

No. 443636

I think she means that she accesses her own port (before she had it removed) which isn't totally unheard of.

No. 443638

If she does, she worded it very strangely.

No. 443643

I’m sure she just means she hooks up her own fluids, which is common practice if you have home health. It’s very simple and takes just a couple minutes. For any type of central line, just once a week home health is the usual, so they can change the dressing or reaccess the port. They’re not going to show up every time you need to use the line.

No. 443645


It is worded a bit odd and I don't know enough about her to know if she was running anything through her port other than saline. She was more likely referring to the fact that she administers her own IV treatments - whether that be saline, antibiotics, or other medications in IV form.
Not 100% sure she is a munchie. Quick search (I was trying to find out how old she is - looks like she is 19) revealed that this is her second IG where she only talks about medical stuff. Her other IG is that of a typical teen - it has 2 pictures that seem to be medical related but other than that is mostly normal teen things and doesn't have any diagnoses listed in the bio. Quite frankly she seems like a teen dealing with some medical issues (although I always find vaccine-injured suspicious) and has turned to the internet for support because she tends to not talk about it with friends. Hopefully she doesn't fall down the spoonie hole.

No. 443648


Just keep her away from the UK "sacrificial virgins"

No. 443674


Dom has posted several pics and videos of her cat. He joined them in their new house today after getting him approved as an ESA.

No. 443688

Apparently the saline shortage is due to a large number of these saline bags being manufactured in Puerto Rico. The facilities have been offline since the hurricane. Also, their are new deals being worked out with companies in Ireland, Spain and France to fast track a new supplies to remedy the shortage. So, this may not be an issue for too much longer.

No. 443754

File: 1513247876373.jpeg (700.18 KB, 1125x1082, 92945BF7-694B-4DBA-845A-057B7D…)

I know this isn’t normally what we post but saw this in the news and this mom is a extreme munchie but for her son? That poor kid. So glad she got arrested, what kind of doctors do that to a healthy kid?!?!?

No. 443757


Ones who are tricked into it by a munchie mother.

I'm sure some of those surgeries will have been "exploratory". But still. Jesus.

No. 443774

Watch 'Mommy Dead and Dearest", I believe it's on YouTube. It's called munchausen by proxy.

No. 443780

This was learned awhile back when it was first an issue (Aubrey had issues and we did research). Regardless, it seems to really only be an issue for the suspected munchies.

No. 443781

OMG. Link?

No. 443782

This is the kind of things that should be posted in the thread though, morbidly interesting munchies as opposed to attention starved Instagram girls.

No. 443786

You'd think somebody with Klippel Feil Syndrome could spell it? Then again, you'd also think they'd have a lot less neck….

No. 443795

The daughter from "Mommy Dead and Dearest," Gypsy Rose, was interviewed by Dr. Phil. I only watched part of the interview, but wow.

No. 443796

Sorry for the medfagging, but I think this might be useful to note based on what my nurse said this morning:

The shortage has caused a lot of infusion centers to start doing injections instead of infusing certain orders; however, my nurse said to me “but you have a medical condition that REQUIRES saline, so you have nothing to worry about”

I think that’s very telling for a lot of these munchies / POTS wannabes. Obviously some people with POTS require it (usually with accompanying hypovolemia), but it seems like many of these doctors are writing the scripts to get the patients off their backs (saline itself is relatively harmless). It’s not surprising that many of our talked about munchies have been denied saline when there is clear evidence that those who need it will still get it.

No. 443798

If you guys want some munchausen by proxy search for Jani Schofield. Be careful because it's blood boiling stuff.
Her parents diagnosed her as a schizophrenic from infanthood (the kid was clearly mildly autistic at
10 and parroting shit about hallucination but that's it) . They've been whoring her out to TV shows and their blog.
She's now 15, and her brain is destroyed from all the neuroleptics that have been pumped in her for years. The parent also have a 10 yo (they decided to keep him even though they were claiming not being able to handle Jani already), he's even more autistic than Jani and is given incredibly high doses of benadryl to the point of seemingly being on the verge of passing out at all time.
(Jani on Oprah at 9-10, I think) (This is Jani at now 15 being talked to like she's a toddler : https://youtu.be /1Ww7MsVNDQQ)(underaged)

No. 443809


I know her parents have clearly put her story in the public but if she is under 16 she doesn't belong here per the site rules

No. 443818

that anon's not breaking any rules. they're not making fun of her or anything, they're just ridiculing the parents. like the hartley hooligans threads or the jaxon ones, i guess.

No. 443819


KF has an extensive and in depth thread about the Schofields. Please go there if you want to read about or discuss them.

This thread is strictly about MBI and also >>443809.

No. 443852

Thanks for posting this. I watched this happen on Facebook in real time as she is from my town and friends were sharing the posts right away. It was very crazy!

No. 443855

Gypsy is looking damn good these days. Crazy different from when her mom shaved her head, made her wear thick glasses and starved her.
Still got that little sick kid voice and way to talk, tho.

No. 443917

File: 1513275433315.jpeg (756.63 KB, 743x1115, D840AE14-B37F-480F-AA64-051EF8…)

Hypermobile guy is complaining about his hips and waiting for OT to come and see what the next step is equipment wise (because obviously the solution to all problems is more toys) - other than a full body cast I am not sure how much more he can pile onto his chair

No. 443963

File: 1513278653799.jpg (396.79 KB, 1080x1414, Screenshot_20171214-190927_01.…)

And he's clearly lurking here.

No. 443978

No. 443988


He's definitely lurking here, as he recently posted a long explanation of what he does with his life and touched all of the things people had questioned.

Doesn't make it any less laughable that he calls himself an "activist" despite doing jack shit, or that no one's forgotten the time he pretended to have leukemia kek

No. 443995

I agree. Honestly I wish she could just live the normal life she was never given.

No. 444141

File: 1513299101545.png (515.15 KB, 750x1334, 720A178B-B84E-49E5-AA2C-53018B…)

Take a fucking tums ya numbnut

No. 444148


So she claims GP but hasn't had reflux before???

No. 444261

File: 1513307203683.jpg (475.89 KB, 778x1806, Screenshot_20171214-205108.jpg)

Someone's calling Dom from SDP on her shit.

No. 444262

File: 1513307266139.jpg (573.25 KB, 1075x1485, Screenshot_20171214-210710.jpg)

The post the comments are from.

No. 444264


We don't have "brittle bones" ffs. We are more likely to suffer from osteopenia at a younger age, but it's not as dramatic as she's making out.

No. 444297

Yeah, has she even been tested for osteopenia? Also, take a calcium or d&k supplement ffs, it's not the end of the world. (Addressed to SDP, not osteopenia anon)

No. 444302


Not surprising considering she claims menopause despite never having a menstrual cycle to pause

She got her port so now she has to figure out what medical device to plot for next (interestingly she never updated about her custom wheelchair evaluation - probably because insurance isn't going to pay for a custom wheelchair she clearly doesn't need. She will have a hard time convincing her doctors she needs a feeding tube since her GES came back completely normal (heck the only "symptom" she ever really complained of before deciding she had GP was pooping herself).

No. 444303

So my theory on this is that munchies don't even go to doctors about this. They just hear about the shortage from other munchies and they realize it's so much easier to claim "I need saline, but there's a shortage. woe is me!" than to fake infusion pics because their docs know they don't need it and won't prescribe it.

No. 444304


She's trying to be Jaquie-level munchie but she doesn't have the cash flow.

No. 444315

also unlike Jaquie he has a minuscule following and his family doesn't support his munchie habit

No. 444328

File: 1513311990652.jpg (49.66 KB, 788x590, Ehlers-Danlos_thumb.jpg)

just found this pic when reading an article about hypermobility, how triggered do yo think Autumn would be if she saw this, given that she captions her pics featuring her not even hitchhiker's thumb as "hypermobile"? kek

No. 444497

File: 1513346728860.jpeg (584.27 KB, 750x943, 0341BE96-2FB6-4A00-8CC8-583F18…)

1 of 2

No. 444498

File: 1513346805843.jpeg (331.81 KB, 740x1086, 1F77A100-1EF0-48F1-993A-F35065…)

2 of 2

Does anyone else think this is a little creepy and weird? She’s a grown as woman not a little kid…the obsession with her teddy bear is manic!!

No. 444515

Almost everything about her is creepy and weird kek

No. 444516

It’s not a super common occurrence in eds, especially for adults. It’s not even listed as one of the diagnostic criteria, and I’ve only heard a couple people say they’ve had issues. Her “broken” finger looks like she tried to smash it but couldn’t hit it hard enough

No. 444524

Or someone grabbed it and twisted wrong

No. 444528

AFAIK there is still discussion going on wether osteopenia in (h)EDS is linked to the connective tissue defect, or if it occurs because patients tend to do less weight baring.

But it doesn't matter anyhow: as long as she's not diagnosed with osteopenia, there is no discussion to have. And she doesn't have EDS, either. Not (properly) diagnosed, in any case.

Not more weird or creepy than hypermobileguy.. by which I mean: Yes, it is creepy and weird. I know adult in real life who was looking for some kind of doll or bear like that.. for their KID. And that is the only non-creepy reason I can think of that adults would get something like that. Even a 'normal' stuffed animal becomes weird for adults as soon as they take it with them to the hospital and stuff. But this takes it a whole lot further. I find it very creepy if adults somehow feel better about their disability/medical device because they have a bear/doll that has the same thing. It's almost like it's a type of MBP for some persons, but of course less severe because the bear is not suffering. But the mindset of the adult seems to be a bit similar to when they make their child sick and I do not have words for just how creepy I think it is. I get knots in my stomach whenever I see an adult attention whoring by proxy with a stuffed animal that has medical devices shoved into them.

Also.. how is it that she is in hospital so often for a somatoform disorder? Normally doctors and therapists would like their patients to avoid hospital admissions as much as possible and they'll be very careful as to not confirm in any way, shape or form that your issue is anything other than psychological. Treating those patients like their problem is medical will not only fail to help them, it often will make things worse and make it more difficult for a patient to take responsibility for their own healing process.

No. 444533

File: 1513352476637.jpg (78.28 KB, 1080x386, Screenshot_20171215-094038.jpg)

No. 444534

I think the issue with Nicole is that the hospital may view it as she has other conditions said to be life-threatening which have placed her in intensive care (I'm not trying to white knight but it seems like the asthma is relatively severe as in the UK they don't just hand out nebuliser medication to anyone, it's a rarity, sorry UK medfag and the anaphylaxis also appears to be legit, as for her other "issues" I don't know what to believe to be honest). It could be that due to the care plan she states she has it's written in it that medical staff have to admit her after a set period of time or if she displays x, y or z symptoms (again this is just me speculating)

No. 444537

For someone that doesn't have insurance she sure does go to the doctor a lot for the smallest things.

No. 444548


I'm with you. I think every time they admit her they just feed the fantasy. They should check her bloods and levels and unless she's super deficient in something (Which won't happen because she eats all the time, and is full of shit about the amount she throws up), bolus some fluids, MAYBE some IV anti sickness and boot her ass out.

No. 444551

I could be wrong but when she has been admitted before they've given her potassium IV as she said her potassium was low and they also gave her banana bags too (again not trying to white knight I've just been quietly following her for a while now and have been keeping up to date with her bullshit). I can't say for certain but if I recall her mentioning her care plan it says to give IV anti-sickness and also IV or IM pain medication, I don't think she's mentioned the pain medication that's on her care plan but I know in the past they've given her morphine

No. 444552


So, part of the problem with Nicole is that her asthma isn't the standard fare asthma flare due to exertion or emotion. For her, she's stated before that her asthma is due in part to foods she is allergic to, which she still eats and has allergic reactions to, and due to her somatic issues. So she's an odd duck. I have a feeling she triggers her asthma to get a hospital admission by eating foods she knows she shouldn't.

No. 444560

The way I interpreted it was that her anaphylaxis triggers off asthma attacks but on top of that she also has asthma which isn't triggered by food, she says a lot it's triggered by viruses and smoke so whilst I do agree she could be triggering anaphylaxis I don't think every asthma attack has been triggered by allergies as she was asthmatic before being anaphylaxis (I'll shut up now if you'd rather? I don't want to come across as white knighting as that's not my intention, I'm just quite up to speed on Nicole's bullshit as I used to be in Facebook groups with her before she started posting to Instagram but now I just lay low and ignore her but still follow her

No. 444563

kek has he always included the BPD tags?

No. 444568

Jesus! Could he have anymore bloody hashtags? Although watch whilst one of them disappears when people call him out about it. I remember when he faked cancer and when people made simple questions surrounding it he started not using the hashtags and the cancer mysteriously disappeared…funny that! The Facebook group I was in that Nicole was also in Luke was actually in as well as was an admin for the group. The rest of the admins became suspicious about his cancer tale to the extent they even contacted the hospital he claimed to be having treatment at for his supposed cancer and absolutely shocker there was absolutely no record of him (they tried both his birth name, so the name he was given before he transitioned to being male and then tried his current name) and nothing. He also came out with things that made no sense with the type of cancer he was claiming to have. He was deleted out the group and the other admins posted a massive post about why he'd been deleted and how they'd outed him about lying about his cancer, it was very soon after that that he stopped talking about his cancer and also stopped hash tagging it and actually claimed to someone very soon after that incidence he was cured!

No. 444580

>>I'll shut up now if you'd rather? I don't want to come across as white knighting as that's not my intention, I'm just quite up to speed on Nicole's bullshit
Personally, I think it's kind of sad that we have to be afraid of being accused to WK or even that we "must be a munchie ourselves" or "must be the person being discussed" if we give information that may be different from what others here have written or that goes against popular opinion.

I think it's good to have the right information about a person. I also think it's good not to accuse someone of things they don't do, certainly if the right information is out there. So as far as I'm concerned your information is quite welcome here and you don't have to stop just because you happen to know a thing or two about her real problems.

It definitely clears up a bit how she manages to be admitted to hospital so often. It does for me, anyway.

No. 444582

by "real problems" I mean her medical problems, of course. Not that psychosomatic symptoms aren't real, although in her case I'm not really sure if she is just milking it or if she actually has FD as opposed to somatic symptom disorder. Maybe it started out as SSD and she doesn't want* to heal from it, so it turned into FD? I don't know. I don't follow her so all I know about her is from lolcow, but I don't really 'get' her or her stuff, to be honest.

No. 444590

I don't really know what to think.

I believe the asthma is "real", my reasoning behind that is related to the stays in intensive care, the nebuliser at home (you can buy nebulisers online but in the UK you don't just get handed out the medication to go in it), she's under a consultant who looks after difficult to manage asthma patients and also she's in the past posted letters from her psychiatrist which clearly showed her respiratory consultant agreed with the diagnosis and isn't disputing it.

I also believe the allergies and anaphylaxis are real as she carries adrenaline pens which you struggle to get here if you've not had a severe reaction, she's spent time in intensive care because of reactions and also there seems to be letters backing up the diagnosis of both allergies and anaphylaxis.

The seizures I believe exist but do agree with her that they're psychosomatic seizures. I think that in some ways she took a big step in admitting that her diagnosis was changed from epilepsy to non-epileptic seizures, that's something that makes me feel like she doesn't have munchausen syndrome (I'm not saying she doesn't belong here I just feel that someone with munchausen syndrome would milk an epilepsy diagnosis and wouldn't admit to the change in diagnosis surely?)

In some ways I think it's big of her to admit that her vomiting is psychosomatic. It's hard for me to grasp as I will admit I don't loads about somatic symptoms but what I do know is that people without healthcare backgrounds can often confuse them with the person having munchausen syndrome and lying about the symptoms. I think when she says her symptoms are "real" what she probably means (speculation here) is that her seizures are happening (I've never had seizures but I can guess they're distressing no matter the cause of them) and the vomiting seems real to in the sense that it is actually happening but to what degree I can't comment as I'm not seeing it. I do believe that what she has is somatic symptoms rather than a factitious disorder as surely someone would try to pull munchie crap and claim that it's gastroparesis or that she has intestinal dismotility or something along those lines? I don't know if it's just my opinion of if anyone else thinks that but thought I'd just comment my thoughts.

No. 444601

I do agree that it's big of her to admit that her symptoms are psychogenic. And when I first read about her, that's what I thought of her, mostly. But she seems to milk the tube very, very thoroughly. She did pageants with the tube in even though she placed the tube herself (and I think she does only night feeds??) so she could very easily have removed it for the occasion and put it back that night. It also seems like she doesn't do anything to work towards getting rid of the tube. It seems that her not vomiting the tube feeds is mainly because of how the tube 'fools' her brain into thinking she is not eating, as she says she cannot use the same feeds orally. When that is the case, symptoms tend to resolve quite soon after it is made clear to the patient that this is what is happening. Sometimes even without further psychological treatment (although that may lead to a 'replacement symptom' in some cases). I find it odd that she is so reliant on that tube, because she knows that it's not the tube itself that makes her not vomit her tube feeds.

So.. I'm not sure. There is such a thing as psychological factitious disorder and it's actually not uncommon for a patient to accept a diagnosis of somatoform disorder when they actually have factitious disorder. They know that factitious disorder means they know what they are doing, so somatoform/somatisation disorder is a 'safe' alternative that still explains why their symptoms don't make sence medically, but means they don't have to come clean about lying/exaggerating/producing their symptoms. Because a somatoform disorder means they are really having these symptoms and they cannot help it. Some doctors use this diagnosis as an alternative as well: they know that certainly for adults it is very rare to admit to factitious disorder so they tell them they have somatoform disorder. This is a diagnosis they'll accept more easily, thus making it possible for them to be treated psychologically for any onderlying pathology.

So while I do agree that it could have been much worse and that she is at least honest about her symptoms not having a medical cause, that doesn't mean that factitious disorder is completely off the table. When I saw pictures that showed she used to be quite heavy I started to suspect that she is using her psychosomatic vomiting to keep her weight low(er). So it could even be malingering (because there's secondairy gain) or an eating disorder she is hiding. I don't think those are the most likely diagnoses, but we can't really know, of course.

No. 444614


The thing about Nicole is that she's been around these threads for about 5-8 threads, and a lot of people new to the threads and Nicole in particular don't know her history.

Initially she was entirely adamant against any of her issues being psychosomatic or factitious. She spent several threads crying on her insta about her super sever her totally real symptoms were. Then gradually, as of a few threads ago she began admitting the doctors were saying her seizures, her "hallucinations", and even parts of her asthma, was due to somatizing mental stress. She admitted her care team had reccommended she start attending weekly on-on-one therapy sessions.

However, Nicole shortly began missing appointments in favor of her somatic vomiting episodes and getting admitted to the ER for getting treated for the "symptoms" of the somatic vomiting. Of course, the consensus on the boards here was that she should attend therapy to get to the root of her somatic issues, which should correct or at least alleviate her problems.

Then Nicole made her account private, and more or less dropped out of discussion for a thread or two. Now she's back, hoping most people have forgotten what she was like before.

I really encourage new people to go back and read the previous threads, they're both entertaining, but also provide a lot of perspective about the patience and persistence many of these whackjob munchies have.

No. 444623


I do know the history, I knew Nicole before she made an Instagram account as we were in the same Facebook support group, same as how I'm aware of things about Luke as it was the same support group. I knew her before the psychosomatic symptoms started and when her issues were her "real" conditions, asthma, allergies and anaphylaxis. Nicole showed neurologist letters amongst other things that showed that she was on an anti-epileptic, that staff had witnessed her seizures in the hospital and also that the general impression was epilepsy. Her seizures died down and a while later she started having seizures again and she was referred back to her neurologist who then changed the original diagnosis he'd given her to non-epileptic seizures, Nicole admitted when this happened. The hallucinations she suffers again were witnessed by medical staff and that was confirmed and were thought to be dissociative episodes, the result of extreme stress going on relating to everything else, when this diagnosis was given again this was admitted and it wasn't played off as something else. The vomiting when it was started was diagnosed as cyclic vomiting syndrome. Later potential diagnoses were autoimmune conditions, they found she was adrenal insufficient due to the countless steroids she was on for asthma and anaphylaxis and they questioned if that was the cause for the vomiting. It then changed to them questioning a motility disorder and again, Nicole was posting doctors letters in Facebook groups to back up everything she was claiming. When she was diagnosed as psychosomatic it took a while to admit it which can be common when given other diagnoses. I've read a bit about psychogenic seizures and if the person carried an original diagnosis of epilepsy and it's changed it can take a while to adjust to this. Nicole has seemingly accepted the diagnosis and doesn't appear to be disputing what has been said. Like I said a few comments back I don't believe she has munchausen syndrome but that doesn't mean I don't feel she shouldn't be posted here as I agree she does make a drama out of things and there are some odd things like the feeding tube being in for a beauty pageant? I don't agree with it but in a lot of ways she's a better person than others mentioned here as at least she's not trying to pass herself off as having some super rare condition or cancer or a condition that won't go away

No. 444625

Everyone's going to think I'm white knighting but I feel it's important the correct information is put across about the history and I feel I can give this as she is rather well-known to me

No. 444632


It was also more or less established in previous threads that Nicole either misled or withheld information from doctors to get them to believe that the conditions she was suffering from had a biological rather than mental root cause.

While you seem to know Nicole's history from before insta, you don't seem to have covered her activity in these threads, say from around thread 7 and 8. And yes, Nicole spent substantial time trying to convince others of her mystery condition, and how her suffering was so special and different from others.

Trust me, no one here is on a personal vendetta against Nicole. However, a lot of her previous posts, many of which she has deleted in order to curate her favorable vulnerable spoonie image, were very munchie, inaccurate when it came to having the diseases she claimed, and overall in it for the attention.

Also sage your shit, because you defending her isn't adding to the content of the thread. Tbh we don't give a shit if you think your interpretation of Nicole is the better one; plenty of us on here came to the conclusion she's a malingering asshole who would rather score pitbux than get better, and it's a trend she continues.

If you don't agree with that, you're welcome to stop frequenting the thread, because in-fighting over whether or not someone is a munchie isn't particularly productive.

No. 444634

There have been massive inaccuracies in Nicole's seizure stories like one time I heard she'd been saying she was in status epilepticus at X time of day, then time stamped screenshots were found of her posting about her ridiculous pageantry shit, and even selfies at that same time, absolute kek

That's outright factitious planned lying, surely. Is that even MBI behaviour?

No. 444635

Sorry to ask but how do you sage?

No. 444637


Type sage in the email field of the post.

No. 444638

If it's the post I'm thinking of that was mentioned in a Facebook group SS then the thing surrounding that was Nicole was told by medical staff she'd suffered status epilepticus, this was before she was told her seizures were non-epileptic. The pageant posts were posted before she got up out of bed and ended up very dizzy. These seizures were confirmed by her boyfriend who witnessed them and also by medical staff including paramedics. I actually have a feeling I know who you are, your name begins with a P I believe if not P it's B, if not B it's C, I know as I was in the Facebook group you were an admin in

No. 444639

Thanks :)

No. 444643


Not the person you're referring to, but it seems you're either one of Nicole's flying monkeys (she had quite a few during her heyday as munchie queen in our lineup), or Nicole herself. Actually Nicole took more or less the same tone, sort of a sad kicked puppy dog tone while asking why we weren't believing her?

We don't believe her because she's sucking medical resources from people who actually need them, and contributing to the massive overwork doctors experience due to these munchies' unreasonable demand for constant attention.

Look– bringing up old stories from the FB days isn't going to convince us of Nicole's legitimacy. She know she's not. We've been convinced of it many threads ago. Again, I invite you to go back up to the top of the page, follow the "Previous thread" links, and read up on the shenanigans she's pulled that we archived, when she had deleted them.

No. 444675

It's not Nicole, I think I know the poster. However I am a bit confused myself. How can Facebook admins get confirmations from paramedics, and if it's the person I'm thinking of, I'm not sure why you seem to be defending Nicole.

No. 444676


Haha, it was Nicole! I had been browsing her insta page, which had been public, when as I was scrolling through it suddenly turned up a "this page isn't available", so it seems she ghosted the uni_chron2 insta account.

Brownie points to anybody who can find the new account.

No. 444712


And just so that Nicole and her flying monkies can ineffectually stew for a while over her trainwreck history of her being a munchie, here was the last thread where she was extensively discussed. Just keep following the previous thread links, there will be plenty more.


No. 444762


Yes, since he was diagnosed (well over a year ago), including all names for it of course.

No. 444764


Actually Instagram people who had cancer asked him what type of leukaemia he had and he couldnt say, or what chemo he was on and he claimed he didn't know because he couldn't find the letter about it haha

No. 444765


I think Nicole isn't on a munchie level as some, as she's happy to accept that her seizures and vomiting are psychosomatic. But at the same time, she doesn't seem to want to get better.

No. 444781

File: 1513373328518.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 345.23 KB, 750x1111, 5E046E83-B827-4D12-A65A-CFC0D2…)

SDP and her “resetting” finger splint (you know, the ones you can buy at Walmart, lol.) someone called her out and is also apparently taking screen shots using them as a threat? So far comments haven’t been deleted

No. 444783

>>444781 didn’t mean to spoiler sorry

No. 444784

She is so full of bullshit.

I was an athlete and got my foot stepped on once…It broke two toes, but I didn't relate it to my "speshul EDS".

I totally understand if she accidentally slammed her finger in something, or if something weird just happened, but broken fingers and toes happen all the fucking time-She's not special. (Also breaks don't usually occur right over the joint, that'd be a dislocation. AND they wouldn't need to RESET a small fracture.)

sage for a big of medfag

No. 444803

Yes, this is what all women do. Just like how r/incels surely represents all men and what they discuss in their spare time, which is why indiscriminate misandry is clearly justified.

No. 444819

>Except /r/incels has legitmate grievances

>Women won't fuck me so I'm throwing a temper tantrum

No. 444826


lol take that Elliot Rodger shit somewhere else

No. 444862


kek she's full of shit your bones don't just randomly dislocate with EDS something has to happen to cause it

No. 444865


This isn't munchie milk, this belongs elsewhere.

No. 444884

Take this shit elsewhere

No. 444897

File: 1513384631917.jpg (183.53 KB, 500x370, 1499011814842.jpg)


it's a shame your parents wasted so much time and money raising such a truly worthless creature

No. 444935

File: 1513389097224.jpeg (643.14 KB, 743x1068, 46D0E475-8DCA-4DAD-A479-DB265E…)

Sure SDP put a million patches on your SD yelling at people for looking. Maybe they aren’t staring but rather trying to read the novel you covered your dog in. Next time she should try some bright blinking led lights to get people to ignore her dog.
Sometimes less really is more.

No. 444940

Jesus Christ. You'd think someone with so many previous concussions would want something easily readable.

Fuck, I can barely look at it without getting a headache.

No. 444941

Service dog fag here. That type of vest is built to be used with a mobility harness.
In the service dog community it is considered HIGHLY unethical to work a dog his size for any mobility related task. River Dog Gear makes this vest if I am correct. I’m sure she loves the publicity from all of SDP’s followers that’s why she accepted Dom’s order request. This gear maker asks the 2 acceptable ADA questions allowed to be asked by a business. I’d hate for this high profile maker to have her work displayed publicly on such a disgrace to the service dog community.

No. 444953


Did the vest-maker do the patches too? Because those seem to have come from Dom's brain.

No. 444964

File: 1513391928196.jpg (136.12 KB, 720x1280, IMG_0263.JPG)

So this popped up on in a facebook group, dont think shes a munchie but it definitely made me giggle… almost 300 likes, and dozens of compliments and people admiring and wanting to do the same! New trend?

No. 444968

hey another SD handler here! yes she's already been blasted because she started bracing on her dog before it was 2 years old, with no joint xrays, and with no trainer teaching the dog to stiffen its legs. she basically did everything you could possibly do wrong and then she deleted all of the posts about it and pretended it never happened. with this vest I wonder if she's going to try it again?
see this post >>441739 and >>441740

No. 444971

File: 1513392512202.jpg (150.7 KB, 594x740, sdpatches.jpg)

Commenter had some good points.

No. 444974

File: 1513392593590.png (172.42 KB, 640x986, IMG_0213.PNG)

No. 444976

File: 1513392639544.png (167.19 KB, 640x1042, IMG_0214.PNG)

No. 444978

She most be so proud to be featured by one of the world's biggest medical frauds.

No. 444984

It's a different patchmaker called Patience and Love embroidery on etsy. They have a lot of shit catering towards OTT spoonies. like "i'm too magical for your bullshit" or "i'm a service dog not a magical unicorn" and a handful of of patches with words way too small to be read from a distance.

No. 444988

I remember seeing those screenshots. Someone called her out and her excuse was that she couldn't find d YouTube videos explaining how to teach a dog brace. The person that called her out explained that it's because NO REPUTABLE PERSON WILL TEACH THAT TO SOME RANDO. Even though she's short and small that dog is way too small. I believe she said he only weighs forty something pounds, and if I'm not mistaken most mobility dogs should be over 55 and much taller than him.

No. 444992

File: 1513393789514.png (120.92 KB, 640x1136, 1C7D81D5-9929-4F84-AA14-2EA89B…)

Fake treatment helps her fake illness, how shocking kek

No. 444994

Even if she’s not a munchie, I’m sure munchies will turn bedazzled feeding tubes into the next ridiculous trend.

No. 445001

File: 1513394470329.jpg (711.14 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20171215_211742.jpg)

SDP most recent post. They called the cops and reported a dog breeding buisness that took a dog with a fake ESA vest to a grocery store. I get that it's a problem, but she's such a fucking snitch. It's also so hypocritical that she is constantly doing this, but got a psych that she's seen once to give her an ESA letter for a fucking cat that she's had for two weeks because her townhouse didn't allow pets.

No. 445009

Is she seriously threatening to publicly broadcast their home address on her YouTube?

No. 445012

ADI and IAADP standards say the dog should be at least 55lbs and 50% of the handler's weight, whichever number is more. Also they need to be tall enough that a bracing handle would be less than 6 inches from the dog's back to handler's hand. Ethical handlers also get their dogs' hips and knees checked by a veterinary orthopedist to ensure they can hold weight without being harmed long term. I don't think her dog meets either of those requirements. It's just cruel to put weight on him.

No. 445013

Seriously. Dogs are living things not munchie canes with brains.

No. 445014

Real handlers should be calling out the ESA public issues. When people like Dom do it, it only hurts the cause because anyone who scrolls down her page can see she's nothing but drama.

No. 445015

Another good rule is the 40-30 rule for bracing or pulling tasks. 40% or more of the handler’s weight; 30% of their height measured at the whithers. Again, neither of which Max meets.

No. 445016

File: 1513395651827.jpg (972.56 KB, 802x2575, Screenshot_20171215-213914.jpg)

Correction, they've had the cat a little over a month. Also, good job letting the stray kitten you found in a field by your house all over your naked toddler. No regard for fleas, ticks, claws, anything.

No. 445017

40-30 is for light mobility such as guide work or forward momentum. Bracing is heavy mobility and needs to be 50% at least. She could be attempting to do one of the light mobility tasks with a special harness now, in which case you're right Max won't even meet those standards

No. 445022

File: 1513396132898.jpg (91.51 KB, 1068x432, Screenshot_20171215-214529.jpg)

If this is someone here you get major brownie points. This is a comment on SDP's most recent post about calling the cops on an ESA

No. 445023

an entire sheet of gold star stickers for this commenter.

No. 445024

File: 1513396243086.jpg (163.29 KB, 1047x485, Screenshot_20171215-214947.jpg)


No. 445025

All hail the redeemer! ForkyoSp00ns!

No. 445035


It's so stupid. Surely one large patch reading WORKING DOG DO NOT DISTRACT will do??

No. 445039

The good ol' "Service Dog" and "Do Not Distract" patches should do. Even real SD handlers with real illnesses fall prey to the cutesy patches but then turn around and complain when every able bodied person wants an SD as a fashion accessory. A huge double standard.

No. 445040

File: 1513397842740.jpg (368.21 KB, 1040x1443, Screenshot_20171215-221636.jpg)

No. 445041

File: 1513397845546.png (1.47 MB, 1678x1178, Screen Shot 2017-12-15 at 11.1…)

Ruh roh! Looks like somebody got their feelings hurt when they found out people were calling them out for all their bullshit!

No. 445045

I give it two weeks at most. She can't go without attention for longer than that.

No. 445048


Maybe she shouldn't have jumped headfirst into "spoonie culture" or made the mistake of thinking that that was a thing in the first place. Even those of us with chronic illnesses who use the "spoonie" label have other things in our lives than just our health.

No. 445071

File: 1513400700086.jpg (1.04 MB, 809x4227, Screenshot_20171215-230146.jpg)

More comments on SDP's post

No. 445073

File: 1513400736444.jpg (558.98 KB, 810x2620, Screenshot_20171215-230316.jpg)

More on SDP

No. 445089


LOL someone thinks the person questioning SPD is ServiceDogColt.

No. 445096

File: 1513403210843.jpg (1.02 MB, 807x3600, Screenshot_20171215-233821.jpg)

And just like that all the comments are gone. She really can't handle anyone asking her questions. Jaquie might be a piece of shit, but at least she has stories to back up her lies.

No. 445103

> nobody is an expert in anything
kek I'm dying laughing

No. 445110

I hope I’ve saged this right and I can’t find the original post but someone said they believe Nicole vomits frequently because she has been hooked upto potassium, (and I’m a teeny bit blog here but I promise it is relevant) I have severe asthma and if I’m even hospitalised for a short time and have bloods done I know I will wind up with pottaisum iv and then a short course of supplements because it’s always low. So once I said to my consultant, because it had been like 4 weeks between admittances and I was still put straight on them, is there something I am not eating blah blah blah and he said that certain medications taken for asthma are known to cause low potassium and then there was a long explination of why and what I could do but I won’t bore you with it, I just felt I could contribute this little nugget of info whilst I’m not saying she’s lying about vomiting so much (though I must say she puts up a heck of a lot of food photos for someone who does) its not necessarily why she has been hooked up to it. Because I love food & am a healthy (ish) weight.

No. 445120


You saged right, and thanks for the relevant medical info.

No. 445139

Wow, many owner trainers are spewing a bunch of unfounded shit then. Thanks for clearing that up for me! I was told for mobility / pulling it was the 40-30 rule. Not training my own dog, but yikes that’s dangerous that people are spreading misinformation.

No. 445157

even with announcing her hiatus and saying that its because she's realized focusing on her conditions won't help her, she still plays the victim. Until she gets over that, she'll never live this fulfilling life she's talking about. Many, many people are sick, but the ones who don't see themselves as a victim of healthy people (or in her case, of the people who call out her inconsistencies) or put out every detail of their illnesses expecting to earn a special sick person status are the ones who do live a fulfilling life. I hope she realizes this during her break, if she actually takes it. Sage for rant.

No. 445161

Good for her. (And yes, I mean that.) Unfortunately she is being too much of a victim about it, but if she really stops focusing on everything that she thinks is wrong with her, she just might turn her life around.

Autumn, if you are still reading here: find a good mental health professional who specializes in either factitious disorder or personality disorders and try to find ways to deal with your need for attention and your need to be sick. If it's true that your feigning of symptoms and diagnoses is mainly online then it won't be too difficult to turn your it around IRL. It won't always be easy, but it's possible.

>>She has a big voice in the SD community
Is that true though? I understand from others here that she basically had a fall out with that community after she was called out for unetical practices?

No. 445170


Specifically albuterol can cause potassium deficiency.

No. 445214

Does anyone believe that her dad is dead or that he was ill?

No. 445215

Nicole that is

No. 445235

She’s posted pictures of his grave, so yes, I believe that and that it was a trigger for her issues.

No. 445239

i'm pretty sure he died from kidney disease

No. 445262

No. 445318


Why did you post this? Are you suggesting that she is OTT?

No. 445370

Yes owner trainers are absolutely full of it. The groups are getting larger and larger with people who want service dogs for stupid things like mild peanut allergy, and they never hire a knowledgeable trainer just spew what they think is correct. That's how we get people like Dom SDP doing mobility on a dog that isn't assessed or the right size.

No. 445374

She is big with young people just starting out who don't know any better, but everyone eventually learns that she's banned from all the groups for being dramatic and unethical.

No. 445394

Jesus, just been watching "Nurses who kill" (I'm sure it was someone on this thread that posted about it) and some of the cases are terrifying! God help patients if any of our attention seekers/munchies get into the medicine field of work, who knows what they're capable of doing

No. 445398

>>'m sure it was someone on this thread that posted about it
Me, me, that was me! (I'm sorry, I just thought it was funny that I was just reading this right after you posted, especially sinct that's quite a while ago.)

And I'm not sure if I should apologize for mentioning it. It is interesting to watch, yes, but it's also quite horrific.

No. 445468

File: 1513463960692.jpg (173.12 KB, 1074x834, Screenshot_20171216-163819.jpg)

Someone told SDP about the thread. What do you bet they'll be on here soon causing a scene?

No. 445471


Wouldn't be surprised if she already knew.
If anything she can make a new post/vlog about how she is going to call the cops and get lolcow shut down (because that has worked so well for others before)

No. 445486

You might be right, she deleted the comments, but hasn't posted here or made a new IG post.

No. 445548

File: 1513473956701.jpeg (210.83 KB, 750x1092, 5D96B691-48FF-4C2A-B33E-923FA9…)

Found this girl who claims to have not only EDS but Mitochondrial Disease as well, yet has enough muscle strength to balance on her arms.. let’s just take a moment to remember Mito is known for low muscle tone/weakness, poor coordination etc.. not to mention all of EDS’s joint problems as well . Hmmmmmmm

No. 445568


She may also realize that sending her minions to this site isn't the best idea because some valid points/back information about her are brought up. Better just to delete the comment before too many people can see it and ignore it. (The more successful/best munchies seem to be very good at ignoring sites like this)

No. 445571

does she claim hypermobile EDS? if I attempted this my shoulders would pop right out

No. 445604


Natasha Coates has been posted many times in here. Yes she's OTT. That video starts with "I'm allergic to my hair growing", but she's claimed before that her hair fell out due to illness, and then I found an article from a local newspaper saying she shaved her head for charity. Can't keep one story straight.

No. 445626

I love when the munchies are enraged they’re on here, but are too addicted to the attention (and probably the money) to leave social media or even to stop posting their fake illness shit.

No. 445628

Allergic to your own hair is not part of msac, even if she actually has that, which i somewhat doubt, since she’s out in public all the time with no reactions. Rashes are super common in mcas, at least if it’s linked to eds/pots like she’s claimed on and off, yet her skin is consistently clear.

No. 445630

This is pretty much impossible in eds, both joint wise and also because eds can cause lower muscle tone as well.

No. 445642

She gonna go off and say what we do is illegal. When she posts all her bullshit up in public. You know she’s gonna make it all about her

No. 445648

She’ll throw the usual tantrums, then eventually shut up since there’s nothing illegal happening except what she’s doing with her fake service animals.

No. 445649

Also she’ll get more negative attention, more people will realize how her story doesn’t add up. I hope they all come here and see her horribly photoshopped eye (my favorite post on here to date kek)

No. 445882

File: 1513537476372.jpg (680.47 KB, 1080x1894, Screenshot_20171217-130352.jpg)

Nicole's back

No. 445893

File: 1513539445080.png (1.23 MB, 1080x1704, 20171217_130748.png)

The highlights on Nicole's page

No. 445895

File: 1513539487314.png (805.69 KB, 1070x1677, 20171217_130717.png)

No. 445899

I don't know who Stephanie is but I also think she's lovely and quite the charmer based on that. That's hilarious.

No. 445908

File: 1513540477688.jpeg (476.19 KB, 743x1221, EDFE62A1-6B80-42C6-81B7-F42376…)

When the fuck did this diagnosis crop up?!?! Oh right when bladder issues became the new trend!!

No. 445921

UK Medfag that was in the same Facebook group as Nicole and Luke, she's been claiming bladder issues for a while now. Further back on her page she had a bit of paper where she was claiming that as a diagnosis as well (I've saged this comment)

No. 445925

She’s such a kind-hearted, caring person that she not only misrepresents herself to get attention and free shit, but also publicly shames people who try to call her on her bullshit. What a wonderful person she is!

No. 445927

She also intermittent self-catheterises apparently and posted a lot about it when it started

No. 445930

I didn’t realize “too lazy to get up to go to the toilet” was a diagnosis now

No. 445932

Of course she does, would we expect anything less? Absolutely horrifying tho

No. 445945

UK medfag, intermittent self-cathertisation usually means you still have to get up to go to the bathroom as the catheter isn't in your bladder at all times (that's an indwelling catheter). Self-catheterisation is ones where you insert them when you need to go the bathroom so they need be inserted for example whilst in the toilet or at the very least over a sink or somewhere similar as most intermittent catheters doesn't feature a bag, they release the urine into the toilet or the sink or wherever you allow them to release so she would have to still get up and got to the bathroom so somewhere similar (sage for medfagging)

No. 445993

I reckon Nicole is still angling for an EDS diagnosis, playing up her gastro stuff, bladder symptoms and allergies (mast cell). She also once posted photos of her Hypermobile joints.

No. 445995


Her "hypermobile" joints.

No. 445997

As far as I was aware she'd posted in a group a consultant/doctor's letter where the doctor had written that she was no longer pursuing any diagnoses and had accepted her psychosomatic/dissociative diagnoses. Also they'd ruled out EDS and she seemed satisfied by them ruling it out and doesn't appear to be pursuing anything further

No. 445999


Fair enough. I don’t follow her that closely. At one point, it did seem like she was angling for it but maybe she’s not any more.

No. 446000


Isn’t acute urinary retention a medical emergency? If she self caths, then she has chronic urinary reteion.

No. 446002

Chronic is a condition that lasts longer than 3 months, just speculating but she may say "acute" as she doesn't appear to have it all the time but it acutely comes on

No. 446011

She says she’s not angling for a medical diagnosis, yet she has no problem considering herself an illness “warrior” and continuing to call her mental illness physical.

No. 446012

Could be linked to the amount of physical symptoms she claims she's living with due to the conditions. Again just speculation but I've seen numerous people with things like non-epileptic seizures call them a chronic illness (not trying to white knight, I've saged my post anyway). She doesn't appear to be wanting a medical diagnosis and as far as I'm aware has never doctor shopped like others have done

No. 446014


But she's got a record of avoiding therapy by having to be suddenly hospitalised on the day of her appointments.

No. 446016

After speaking with her not too long ago it appears she's not missed therapy lately, that was the first few weeks however she seems to have kicked herself up the arse and is now going

No. 446018


That's excellent! If you're reading this Nicole (of course you are), keep it up. I've not had a non epileptic seizure in almost 2 years, there is hope!

No. 446021

Wait isn't her therapy not solely for her eating issue? Or would they cover every issue? She's never really talked explicitly about what her therapy is covering other than her eating related issue

No. 446022

Anyone been told what induced Nicole's psychosomatic issues? She's also been secretive about things. She mentioned bullying and her dad dying (supposedly) and her dad being ill (again supposedly) but she keeps saying she doesn't want to talk about certain things?

No. 446025


I think what makes Nicole so suspect is this. It's that she talks endlessly about her tube and other things, but is notably quiet on other things. If you're going to overshare it seems weird if you have areas you won't say anything about.

No. 446027

To be fair, there's certain things I'd overshare on my social media back when I used to post a lot but other things I'd never want to discuss (again saged post), I think we're all entitled to want to keep some things quiet I was just curious as to whether anyone's got it out of her yet

No. 446061

File: 1513552688590.png (736.19 KB, 1536x2048, 84423BC1-2067-4911-8757-2C8648…)

I can’t stand this girl (mentioned before on here. She doesn’t have any of the illnesses she claims, yet has jammed herself into “activism”. Super offensive and for sure annoying as hell.

No. 446062

File: 1513552706820.png (466.36 KB, 1536x2048, A5EC2135-274C-4044-9D70-5A0146…)

No. 446063

File: 1513552796528.png (293.22 KB, 1536x2048, 0CE05905-619C-411E-A74D-8D24F8…)

(It’s not activism if you're doing it for your own personal attention, especially if you’re also lying)

No. 446117

I'm new to the munchie threads, started with this one. Why the hell was she arrested? Anyone know if it's been talked about in older threads, and if so, could you be so kind to share in which?

No. 446154


I think Katiwithoutthee was mentioned in the previous thread to this one.

No. 446209


Okay I usually don't do the "hi [cow]" shit, but fuck off Nicole if these are you. Your passive self-wk style is showing here, same as in other threads where you were pretending to be neutral anons who just happen to 'observe' or 'hear' about whatever point you want to make about yourself, to keep the discussion on yourself. Pathetic. Of course I could be wrong but this kind of posting looks all-too-familiar…

No. 446221

Angie/Skagra wants monthly donations now, over a grand.


No. 446228


Someone remind me why she can't go and live with her family?

No. 446274

Nicole has deleted instagram

No. 446277

So she's vaguely saying she's on the NDIS but without saying it. Her Disability Pension is still intact (around $1000 per fortnight).

No. 446282

File: 1513563725194.jpg (70.34 KB, 898x1313, Accessing-the-NDIS-4.jpg)

I don't believe Angie is on the NDIS nor could she get on it. She's admitted before to privately paying an international student to come care for her (which is why she was seeking money for a scam to put it in the carer's account so they could stay).

No. 446283

File: 1513563767501.jpg (59.93 KB, 920x1313, Accessing-the-NDIS-5.jpg)

You can be on Disability Support Pension but not be on the NDIS. Source: myself.

No. 446299

For now. We all know she’ll be back, she can’t function without all the asspats.

No. 446303


Yup. Either on IG or she'll turn up in another trashy women's magazine talking about her serious illnesses.

No. 446325

File: 1513567739948.png (Spoiler Image, 692.82 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3753.PNG)

She was arrested for protesting or something. It seemed pretty deliberate. She is truly the Rachel Dolezal of chronic illness because she is in noooo way sick yet is trying to do high profile activism as a sooper spoonie. I think it's the top of the previous thread I dumped a bunch of shit. She isn't private and is also on twitter and tumblr.

Here's an Instaspoonie telling people to follow her because she's oh so strong and totally not delusional.

No. 446327

SDC is back on youtube. It's really strange the whole thing is her family making cookies but she distorted the voices and you can't understand anything anyone is saying

No. 446328


Not suggesting she's not lying about her health at all, but I'm still surprised that surgeons will stick tubes in people who are not evidentially sick (I mean not everyone will have Jaquie's skills at doctor manipulation).

No. 446333

She goes to Washington DC to protest disability rights, but it’s been proven she’s not sick, at least not with what she claims. She doesn’t need a tube or port but finagled her way into one, just like jaquie and Chloe and Paige and all those munchies. (She’s posted pictures of herself eating like any healthy person, and she’s only in her wheelchair when she wants to be, usually only when she’s trying to get publicity). She’s just took the attention whoring to an extreme by not only protesting, but doing things to get herself arrested and having photograph it. On the previous thread there’s pics of her with actual disabled protesters, and they do not look happy that she’s there.

No. 446351

Thanks for sharing! How extremely cringey of her, if she isn't sick, couldn't she just advocatefor them as an able bodied person? Also, lmao at the cops face, she seems like she has absolutely had it.

Yeah, like I mentioned up thread I'm new to these cows, and allthough it is clear as day that there are many cases of munchausen (and by proxy) I'm still baffled that these seemingly not very bright girls manage to fool doctors with years if experience. Like, how does it happen? Are they making themselves sick through ingesting things? Wouldn't doctors notice these things? And if they ARE actually sick, why the hell would it be so hard to keep their stories straight??

Sorry for REEing, I'm gonna go read the older threads now.

No. 446359

>>pageant obsessed
Oh okay Nicole. You did obsess about how special it was you got into one (by mail lol) and then at the very last minute you were "too sick". So I'm not sure which part of it you're obsessed with?

No. 446402

She's back already

No. 446414


Hooray, did anyone notice she was gone?

No. 446433

File: 1513577494404.png (169.18 KB, 800x1009, Screenshot_2017-12-17-22-06-29…)


There are still comments on the two previous videos calling her out on faking her suicide attempt. I wonder if she hasn't deleted them because she isn't aware of them.

No. 446434

File: 1513577540608.png (207.89 KB, 800x1130, Screenshot_2017-12-17-22-06-55…)

No. 446443


IDK what the beef was between SDC and SDP but I saw a video someone unrelated to any of this posted on Facebook of Colt doing his tasks and it seems like he's genuinely well trained and does actually useful things, not just "alerting" to something that the person would surely notice anyway. Not to WK, because who even fakes suicide anymore??

No. 446551

File: 1513601918985.png (189.81 KB, 731x1083, IMG_2449.PNG)

Does anyone follow this one? Katiwithoutthee on Instagram

No. 446558


Scroll up to >>446061

No. 446586

The impression I got wasn't that she fakes the suicide, but the severity. The person that was being messaged on Facebook didn't deny an attempt, or that she was hospitalized.

No. 446595


What person on Facebook?

No. 446611

She can’t work or function normally, yet is always jetting off to DC to protest/“advocate”. (It’s not advocating if you’re claiming disabilities you don’t have and also if you’re only doing it for yourself). That makes a lot of sense.

No. 446614

File: 1513611021849.png (907.47 KB, 640x1136, 5A430D93-83B8-4E6C-8BDB-BD0A43…)

What is with these cows and their feeding tube issues? (The smirk is back, however; she lives for this shit). Anyone else think she clogged it purging through it? (Excuse me, “venting” it?). The vast majority of people with feeding tubes rarely, if ever, end up in the ER, yet these cows use it like a spa. And why does she need it fixed? She barely uses it, at least going by how many calories she gets from it (very, very few).

No. 446618

Exactly. It wasn't clear she faked it or not (SDC) but the severity. She deleted any evidence and made her instagram private now. She was supposed to be intubated, in a coma what have you, now she's baking cookies. I have no doubt she struggles with legit medical illnesses but I also think she has OTT shit too. Also her dog is totally a legit service dog. No doubt about that.

No. 446627

Sage for personal reference. I am down to only an ileostomy now and a picc for infusions and never struggle with it. I don't understand the constant sepsis, kinking, . Unless you don't know what you're doing (tiny medfagging) or proper sterile procedures

No. 446647


Lynn Voss >>446433 claimed to have been taking care of Colt, as did the person who posted the hospital pics to Janaye's Instagram. Are they same person?

If Janaye deleted the hospital pics, then why did she not delete Lynn's comment?

No. 446653

File: 1513614708419.jpg (709.55 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20171218_103102.jpg)

No. 446656

tubes are now so common with munchies that just getting it doesnt mean anything. have to have a bunch of scares and issues to make it worth it. nothing like 'emergency' appointments and er visits to round off continual attention seeking and brittle popularity that social media provides. when you stop being in the limelight what does it mean to have a bunch of followers?

No. 446664

anyone know anything about ServiceDogPaws on youtube?
She posts videos of herself with misleading titles, going out in public to faint in the middle of isles and on display furniture and has her dog lay on her then overreacts and loses her shit to strangers and children when they do something 'kinda sorta annoying but not really' or even just try to help her or get past her. I admittedly haven't seen all of her videos but the ones I have seen she acts like a snobby bitch and treats people trying to give her advice like shit. Seriously all the comments on her videos are people asking her why she's such a bitch.

Sage for a dumb question or something? I'm very obviously new here

No. 446665

how about lurk more before you post, there are plenty of posts about her very recently. my advice is to spend some time reading recent threads on cows youre interested in along with past ones.

welcome to the farms, hope you enjoy and to sage properly, type it into the email box when posting

No. 446666

write sage in the email newb

SDP has been discussed many times. The newest thing is her ESA cat and now snakes? Service snakes?

No. 446687

File: 1513617770662.jpg (409.89 KB, 1080x1618, Screenshot_20171218-112109.jpg)

She can't stand to be corrected about anything.

No. 446715

The fact she owns, creates anything that breathes creates oxygen is beyond me.

No. 446781


That's it. There's no point in having a tube stuck in you for attention if it doesn't bring you more attention by constantly having problems. Munchie logic. Most people who need the damn thing get it put in and get on with it!

No. 446836

Not to mention they get really good at solving tube problems on their own, which is what happens when you depend on a tube and need it to work, not just for attention and waiting around the er. Anyone who’s genuinely ill and is also trying to live normally avoids the er as much as possible. Also, with a port and a feeding tube she’s got to have home health, and those companies have nurses on call 24/7 who can usually fix any problems just as well as the er, if not better.

No. 446948

Did you guys see this of sdp? Obviously she's a munchies we know that. But her "PoTz" is so bad and "EdZ" and she skateboards like a champ? https://youtu.be/NePdh_GMWc8

No. 446955

Well you can see who my youtube pic is now
Fuck me. Oh well lol

No. 446958


Self-diagnosed EDS and POTs though right? kekkk

No. 446963

File: 1513635813644.png (213.13 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-12-18-17-21-29…)

Ok fixed it. Smart people don't buy her shit.

No. 446991

not to mention she's using her dog to pull her and is yanking on his vest off to the side. That's so damn bad for the dog. This woman is a piece of shit. Her army of 12 year olds with "anxiety" that have service dogs "in training" are a fucking epidemic. Dom if you read here I hope you get exposed for who you really are.

No. 447014


Yeah that dog is far too small to do any kind of weight baring.

No. 447058

She's ordered a custom cape from River Dog Gear that is specifically made to be used with a mobility harness. She tortures that poor dog. I've never seen him in public when he wasn't stressed. Can't wait for their landlord to kick them out for scamming the system to allow the dog and cat to live with them. Maybe CPS will tag along…

No. 447114

File: 1513646360050.png (772.21 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5454.PNG)

Does anyone else find this extremely suspect? Supposedly she's just been told she has pancreatic cancer and yet she's outpatient and waiting almost a month for surgery and scans? Not a medfag, but normally you'd be admitted to an oncology ward immediately, no?

No. 447116


She doesn't have pancreatic cancer, she has a cancer of the endocrine system (which means tumors can appear on the pancreas but unlike pancreatic cancer they can be removed without major damage).

No. 447118


If she had an aggressive cancer then holidays be damned, she'd be getting chemotherapy on Christmas day.

No. 447121

Where did she say this anon? Links?

No. 447128


I can't remember, it's up there somewhere ^^^^
Or on the last thread?

No. 447143

So I did a little research and 95% of the time endocrine tumors of the pancreas are benign. She is either extremely unlucky, or has a benign growth on her pancreas that she's milking for attention and thinks she won't get caught.

No. 447164

Did she get a letter for these snakes too? how could she possibly justify an SD, an ESA cat, AND ESA snakes? For them to qualify as assistance animals, you have to need them and they can't be mitigated by other, easier means.

No. 447184

What’s odd is how happy she looks in every picture. She seems thrilled to have cancer, which is the opposite of every other person in the world who’s been diagnosed.

No. 447185

“My ESA snakes help warm my cold, dead heart”

No. 447263


She explains the tumor around the 3 minute mark. She says it's a neuroendocrine tumor in her pancreas.

No. 447305

aren't snakes cold blooded though

or is that just how cold and dead her heart is

No. 447316

Even if she actually does have cancer, she’s way too excited about it, even though she’s trying to hide her elation. It’s literally the munchie wet dream.

No. 447358


And as discussed in >>440729 Tami is a verified close friend.

No. 447365

Has the prevalence of OCPD traits in Munchies been discussed yet? Most of them exhibit nearly all of the traits. And OCPD is egosyntonic which reinforces Munchiness in a positive feedback loop.

No. 447367

File: 1513659792429.png (2.3 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2017-12-18-20-39-47…)

What new symptom and self diagnosis will it be next?

No. 447387


Fainting and tilt table? All signs point to POTS.

No. 447409

File: 1513662539441.jpg (653.45 KB, 1080x1585, Screenshot_20171218-233908.jpg)

This is supposedly the difference between; shaved vs not shaved, and kibble fed vs raw fed. I see zero difference between them. Why would you shave a wire haired dog in the first place? She claims he gets long hair, but I don't see that at all, he might be a little shaggy.

No. 447411

File: 1513662564895.jpg (281.16 KB, 1080x718, Screenshot_20171218-233928.jpg)


No. 447413

Her poor dog always looks miserable.

No. 447414

File: 1513662704450.jpg (Spoiler Image, 820.36 KB, 1080x1587, Screenshot_20171218-234223.jpg)

Since when is ground beef that light? I wouldn't let a dog anywhere close to that. That's also such a tiny amount for a 40-50 pound dog.

No. 447415

File: 1513662760739.jpg (Spoiler Image, 757.3 KB, 1080x1209, Screenshot_20171218-234235.jpg)

This looks absolutely disgusting

No. 447416

File: 1513662815252.jpg (2.16 MB, 810x8312, Screenshot_20171218-234355.jpg)

All of the comments from the raw food post.

No. 447424

did she trade her food with the dog’s?! who can even tell

No. 447425


I don't believe that dog is 50lbs.

No. 447427

what is the brown stuff in the bag? she’s feeding herself while protesting?

she’s so pathetic, getting arrested isn’t something to brag about. using her ‘disabilities’ platform to enact change would be, but what the hell has she accomplished?

No. 447464

>>447411 >>447416
This is the only time I'll ever not really dig at these fucking munchies, but I have to add, that dog is well-conditioned looking and has a nice lean waist for its breed. People are used to owning and seeing mildly overweight dogs all the time and he is actually quite a healthy size. He's clearly getting his caloric needs met and isn't losing weight so she isn't underfeeding him (currently) or it would quickly become evident. I'm a practicing vet by the way so this is not just total speculation.

No. 447465

Fuck I forgot to sage lol also would not feed dogs mashed shards of eggshells with their food either though…

No. 447467


But as a practicing vet, what would you have to say about her using a dog of this size (and not vet checked for the task) for weight bearing?

No. 447479

Ooop, we have another UK "vaccine injured" one here guys. She's apparently only 13 so I've saged and I'm not going to go hunting for her inevitable IG account, but I'm betting Chloe Leanne is going to give her a LOT of support.


No. 447485

getting tired of looking at aubrey’s crusty lips, get some chapstick bitch

No. 447488

bulimia, y'all

No. 447513

She commented on one of her posts, that a doctor think her mastcell problems are POTS related. Sadly she deleted the entire post and a bunch of older posts.

Guess the dizzyness is just a result of all the antihistamines she takes. Why is she always like "it can't be medicine related"?

No. 447551

I want to smack this fake ass bitch across her lying face. They don't just wait around to remove your "cancer", because of "other reasons", your surgery is done, and/or treatments begin. Six people in my life, including a boyfriend that I watched die, did not smile and parade around, so happy they had cancer! Yay! Seriously, my fist through her face. Sage blog post rage.

No. 447567


I still seethe when I think about their unsafe driving.

And that kid is on the escalator wearing that loose teething necklace again! Aside from the obvious danger, the woo doesn't work unless the beads are as close as possible to the skin.

Sage for rage.

No. 447671

In the state of Alabama you have to wait 6 months from your last loss of consciousness to drive. So she's either:

a. not passing out
b. putting everyone in danger

But realistically I think it's both.

No. 447677

Okay you sooper srs vet you… The dog is not nearly conditioned for the work he should be doing. Plus he's probably about 35lbs and using him for any kind of mobility work is sick and cruel. Can you not see how unhappy he is? His head is always down and he's always avoiding eye contact in such a submissive way. He's fucking miserable. Not to mention he's butt high with a weak hind end. He's a cute dog and more tolerant than most, but it ends there. Actually it'll probably end with him snapping at Liam because she lets her baby crawl all over Max and duh he growls at the baby. This woman is a liability and I've never wanted to cow-tip more in my life.

No. 447681


I'm referring to Chase's unsafe driving as documented in several screencaps at the end of the last thread. Neither of them wearing seatbelts, he was loading and using his vape while driving for nearly 20 seconds (look, ma, no hands!), they overloaded their vehicle on Black Friday with boxes.

No. 447683

Oh yeah that too. Dom's craziness is just too much that I sometimes forget that she's married to a person of equal wackadoodle status. You'd think with a baby they'd be more careful. But this is the same man that carries the baby upside down by the ankle through a store.

No. 447686

She's only been doing the raw diet for about a month. I don't care as much about the amount, but that meat looks fucking awful. She's also putting her family at risk by just putting it on a regular plate. I don't give it long at all before her entire fucking family is sick between the raw food and the fact that she feeds her snakes in Tupperware.

No. 447689

Oh but how fun would it be if her whole family got sick? Sounds like a wet dream for her considering how she loves the attention when Liam isn't well. Maybe they'll all come down with "muh gastropareasus"

No. 447697

"Muh entire family has the Sooper severe gastroparesis. We make family trips to the ER in the wambulance without insurance. They tried to tell me it was e. Colin but I don't know how I get that? I never wash my hands between prepping muh service dogs food and my service humans food"

No. 447699

Fuck. *E. Coli

No. 447703

It's not a regular plate, it's a "slow feeder" dog bowl. Makes the dog work for their food. But she probably uses silverware, and other kitchen stuff to prepare it without properly sanitizing.

No. 447707

There was another picture of the food on a human plate in the same post I just don't think it was posted here

No. 447749

The second spoiler image it's on a plate.

No. 447807

Ew gross, I stand corrected. Who does that? It's called use a cutting board jeez

No. 447810

Something tells me that she's not the brightest bulb in the bunch if you know what I mean

No. 447858

IF you properly wash the plate before using it again then it’s really not a problem
There are so many options to pick on regarding Dom that I don’t think we need to criticize her use of a plate to feed her dog when we don’t know how she cleans that plate (she may throw it in a dishwasher and it comes out just fine for future use)
The dogs diet, quantity of food, treatment of the dog - I totally question that and more but the use of a plate (while not my choice) doesn’t seem that crazy

No. 447872

Hey guys SDP just got health insurance! ! https://www.instagram.com/p/Bc5HWTbn39X/

She might not be able to afford to be a munchies anymore because th e taxpayers can't pay for it anylonger. Sage for vomit infused rage.

No. 447873

Also my phone keeps auto correcting munchie to munchies haha

No. 447884

File: 1513714411416.png (706.2 KB, 931x545, aub2.png)

how is it difficult to tolerate feeds when they are running childlike to begin with? must be a super serious chronic lyme cancer pots mix special that science could never explain.

No. 447893

Doesn't surprise me there are younger girls appearing with these so called vaccine injuries. The HPV vaccine is giving at the age of 12/13,in 3 doses across a year in the UK. Not that the vaccine is to blame in any case, it's perfectly safe or it wouldn't be used.

No. 447896

Apologies if this has come up before - I've been lurking a long time but not seen it.

What's the deal with oversight of all these "service dogs?" Where I am, all SDs are registered and have to be seen regularly not only by their vet but by, if I remember right, the governing body of each speciality.

All these supposedly deathly sick women that all can deal with the maintenance and upkeep of a dog doesn't make sense. Yes, SDs are fantastic for certain things but it's a balance between how much the dog helps and how much care it needs. Surely if you have mobility, balance issues or chronic pain it doesn't help to have to exercise a large dog - but I suppose that implies any of them really care about the dog and its needs.

I know it's part of the munchie progression, the ultimate alpha-munchie accessory. But it just seems bizarre - a lot of these cases it would seem a dog is positively CONTRA-indicated. Does not compute…

No. 447901

its such a strange and contradicting contrast. i cant stand up and do daily things without passing out or having fits but i will willingly take on an animal that needs outside time and will convert to raw feed which requires standing time and preparation but got forbid they get tired standing in line at a checkout, have to pass out because they were on their feet too long

No. 447910

She also barely gets any of her calories from her feeds. If she was depending on them alone, she’d have lost a lot of weight by now, with the amount she actually tube feeds. Even if she does have cancer, she’s still a huge munchie.

No. 447911

Don’t worry, her brand-new gofuckme will be up soon, I’m sure.

No. 447917


Exactly that, nonnie. Nailed it.

Doesn't matter how bleh we may feel, the dog still needs a good long walk every day. There's no opt-out. But then I guess a lot if these aren't in any way official SDs so there's no oversight from a governing body.

I think it's my biggest beef with these fucknuts. Not only for dragging an animal in to their stupid drama (especially those who expect the dog to carry their weight when they feel a munchie-fit oncoming) but because they muddy the waters for real SDs and their owners.

Finally, I'm convinced there's an inverse ratio between how disabled the owner actually is and the amount of writing splattered all over the dog. If it's wearing the equivalent of "War and Peace," it's just your dog. Your very ordinary, not highly trained, not actually doing anything, dog.

No. 448053


I agree. I think a lot of girls who develop issues when they hit puberty are automatically pointing the finger at the fact they got the HPV shot at the same time. Hormones can bring about conditions someone would develop with or without the shot. I wish they would find something else to blame though, the vaccine saves many lives and as a medfag it bothers me that it's being portrayed in such a negative light thanks to our munchies.

No. 448067


A lot of conditions with known causes tend to start presenting issues with the onset of puberty and sudden growth - I have EDS and this is when my first dislocations occured and when I needed mitral valve repair.

It is also when stress increases massively in terms of school, exams etc. as well as social pressures PLUS all the brain changes during the teens to early twenties mean that some conditions that are psychological in origin/ unknown causes such as CFS are going to come about.

This happened before HPV was a thing. I got the HPV in my late teens not my early teens. Growing up I still knew 1 person with CFS that left them bedbound aged 11-14, and a fairly large number of people with psych problems exacerbated by intense pressure from our school (anorexia, self harm etc).

I don't think there has been a drastic rise in the number of people with unexplained/ somatic illnesses following the widespread use of HPV. Given almost every girl is getting this vaccine you'd expect a huge spike from previous levels of childhood CFS/ somatic illnesses. Statistically that just isn't bearing out.

(saged for all the blogging, medfagging)

No. 448080


she doesn't have cancer

No. 448087


How do you know?

No. 448104

File: 1513733526667.jpg (908.25 KB, 1080x1931, Screenshot_20171219-192447.jpg)

So SDP is making a huge deal(of course) out of her townhomes asking for her to sign an accommodation document. She's claiming it's illegal of them to do so. I can guarantee they're asking for the accommodation form or medical information because she has A FUCKING SERVICE DOG AND ESA CAT with no apparent disability, which is not illegal at all. She's going to get her family kicked out of their housing.

No. 448110

Link to post? I don't see anything about this.

No. 448145

She deleted it

No. 448148

She'd be a great public figure to make an example out of if that's the case. Lot's of subscribers/followers and a lot of eyes on her. Her stupidity is astounding.

No. 448229

More info, anon

No. 448258


I think them asking is totally justified. I know that invisible disabilities are a thing, but because there's no obvious way to tell the difference between that and a bullshitter, asking for medical evidence seems fair.

No. 448296

You have to have evidence to get most anything under the disabilities accommodations, etc. umbrella. Like in schools, you’re not provided any modifications or accommodations without proof of disability in the form of medical records or test results. There has to be some questioning, since plenty of munchies exist, as well as lazy people who just want their own lives to be as easy as possible, even if they don’t need it.

No. 448310

Lmao she thinks the ADA applies to housing. ADA covers public access and Fair Housing Act covers housing because, duh, housing isn't open to the public. For FHA they can require proof of need and an accommodation request BEFORE the animals are on site. Kek even brand new SD handlers know this.

No. 448321

I'm not sure how i feel about sharing this but here goes…
I occasionally do a google search for our munchie queen Robyn and today I discovered a profile she has on a pregnancy website. There are several posts she's made about her pregnancy journey. There is no evidence that the pregnancy was real such as bump photos or scans but her story kind of seems like it could be more mbi shit. There are several dramas through the pregnancy including that her parents want her to abort the baby, that they can't afford a baby and may have to go with adoption, episodes of bleeding and then finally a private scan reveals no heartbeat. In some of her posts she talks about borderline personality and epilepsy and other health problems. I've screenshot the posts and can post them if anyone wants me to but I don't know how I feel about it.

No. 448322


Wow. That's… intense. I'd say share, or at least link. But it's up to you.

No. 448329

she's married with a house, wtf would people advise her to get an abortion? unless this is quite old, something smells. our queen to return?

No. 448330

File: 1513757418968.png (1.63 MB, 750x1334, D9DC52AC-8B86-4413-BBE2-0464D3…)

Ridiculous. Think she’s over exaggerating?

No. 448331


LOL of course Nicole is commenting.

Also tube PLUS gastric pacemaker? Only if she's getting an NG surely?

No. 448334


She's holding Liam, who is relishing a white chocolate Kit Kat bar, and dancing.

"I don't feel so good. I'm gonna sit down. I got way to excited and way to hyped up about health insurance. God, when you know you're a spoonie!"

So she is able to sense when she is about to faint without being alerted by her dog.

No. 448337

In another clip today Dom talks about how "the walls are moving in waves" because she has been awake for over 24 hours due to pain, migraine, and insomnia.

She is extremely perky and bright-eyed for someone with a migraine.


No. 448338

Do you have info we don't have? Because I think this one is real. I've watched her recent blogs (not the most recent, though) and it all seems to fit. She showed her appointment card with oncology, etc.

I was quite sceptical at first, mainly because they told her first is was benign, but when I watched the other vlogs I slowly but surely became convinced that she does indeed have cancer. If she was lying aobut this, it would have to be a quite elaborate scam and her husband would have to be in on it. I know things like that happen, but I don't think that is the case here.

She does however, milk it for all it's worth. She is absolutely loving it. She just struck munchie gold, and she knows it full well. I am sure that a part of her also is scared that she actually has cancer now, but an even bigger part of her is smirking and using hashtags like #cancerwarrior from the first day she got her diagnosis.

As to her feeds.. she was running them at a ridiculously low rate (35 ml/h) which mostly tells us that even if she had GP, she should have been very able to keep her weight stable with shakes or even just a normal GP diet. But the fact that she can't run them at a higher rate right now seems to be due to pancreatitis which to me seems legit (though she is also milking that, of course). She could very well exaggerate though, because looking at her posts she definitely seems not to be in the amount of pain she is claiming.

I'm not saying she isn't full of it, just that what is happening to her right now seems to be based on reality - though it might be only loosely based on it, that I do not know.

No. 448339


I agree, I think she does have a cancerous tumour on her pancreas (neuroendocrine) but it's a very slow growing one which means treatment can be delayed. It's not pancreatic cancer, which is a very fatal kind.

No. 448342

File: 1513760794905.jpg (381.93 KB, 1705x1285, Phototastic-20_12_2017_cc768a7…)

Robyn's pregnancy saga part 1:

No. 448343

File: 1513760850896.jpg (460.59 KB, 1120x1680, Phototastic-20_12_2017_65c5120…)

Robyn's pregnancy saga part 2:

No. 448344


How do you know it's our munchie Robyn?

No. 448346

Because Robyn's name Robyn Laura Brown and she married Zak Banson Noond which would make the user name RLBansonNoond 99.9% likely to be her. Plus we know she is a ward clerk in a maternity unit and that she has "epilepsy" and "bpd" (posts to come).

No. 448348

File: 1513761191804.png (335.74 KB, 720x1280, wp_ss_20171220_0007.png)

Robyn's pregnancy saga part 3:

No. 448349


To be fair, I believe her when she says she has BPD kek

No. 448350

The prolactine thing fits as well. As do - I think? - the details about their relationship.

No. 448351


Oh yeah, didn't she spin that into "i might have a brain tumour"?

No. 448352

File: 1513761457983.jpg (430.72 KB, 1120x1680, Phototastic-20_12_2017_ae3c528…)

Robyn's pregnancy saga part 4:

No. 448361

File: 1513763082725.jpg (405.16 KB, 1123x1683, Phototastic-20_12_2017_846f870…)

Robyn's pregnancy saga part 5:

No. 448362

File: 1513763242677.jpg (333.67 KB, 1731x1311, Phototastic-20_12_2017_f4c559b…)

Robyn's pregnancy saga part 6:

No. 448363


Well it did seem unlikely she could have a pregnancy without having multiple dramas. She couldn't even take the bus without having a drama.

No. 448364

File: 1513763473471.jpg (382.77 KB, 1171x1731, Phototastic-20_12_2017_47b9843…)

Robyn's pregnancy saga part 7:

No. 448366

File: 1513764381304.jpg (544.61 KB, 1731x1731, Phototastic-20_12_2017_79aaf7b…)

Robyn's pregnancy saga part 8

No. 448368

File: 1513764521414.jpg (312.46 KB, 1731x1311, Phototastic-20_12_2017_178d51d…)

Robyn's pregnancy saga part 9

There were no replies to this post kek

No. 448369

File: 1513764586188.jpg (584.61 KB, 1731x1731, Phototastic-20_12_2017_b2b6584…)

Robyn's pregnancy saga part 10: The final posts dealing with her miscarriage.

No. 448371

File: 1513764877497.png (804.32 KB, 720x1280, wp_ss_20171220_0036.png)

And a final bonus for you… Another weird dating site profile. Apparently she's in a "complicated relationship".

No. 448374

Good catch, anon. The writing is definitely her style too. If the story is real I feel a bit sorry for her, but if she was branching into the kind of MBI you usually see on WarriorEli (where there's no evidence of anything happening in real life, as opposed to these munchies, who are munchausen's irl and also post about it), pregnancy/maternity would be the way to go, given her job.

No. 448375

Most of my suspicion comes from it all occurring over such a short space of time (lots of posts over a month or so)

No. 448376


I feel sad for her, but at the same time almost a third of pregnancies miscarry during the first trimester and she was only 6 weeks along. This is why people don't tend to announce their pregnancies until the first few months are over and it's more secure.

No. 448377

File: 1513765653895.png (229.91 KB, 1497x622, 1.PNG)

just googled and found an etsy, where the favorited items are planner print outs and………. a goddamn fake baby. Guess she noped out before she got too deep.

No. 448378

File: 1513765715088.png (662.93 KB, 1534x613, 2.PNG)

another shot of the favorites

No. 448386

File: 1513768336839.png (2.62 MB, 2048x1536, 6572F250-C5F7-43FF-AFD8-B51CE6…)

Havent seen this posted, might have missed it, but there was a new vid about Natasha posted by BBC Three last week.

No. 448395


This is the one where she claims she's allergic to the process of growing hair. Umm…..

No. 448397

That is an actual thing though, I don't think shes a munchie and never post on insta and actually has a life and a career

No. 448398

I have to agree anon, a lot of these "sick" people are so thirsty for attention, they're lazy and self entitled. From the video she doesn't seem that way. To me anyway.

No. 448400


Never posts on Insta, although she does have various stories to explain her hair loss from "illness" to having shaved her head for charity. She's an elite gymnast but claims to have MCAS induced by …. exercise.

No. 448401

Bless you anon for the early christmas present.
I don't believe a word of this BS, especially her getting private screenings is typically MBI. You will get plenty if it's a high risk precnany like it is with any epileptic - controlled or not, taking low risk meds or not (this is true for Keppra btw., although I don't remember her taking a second med?) and she would've milked the shit out of it.
Bet she would've loved that bump as a wedding prop as well. The timing fits perfectly.
She must have a new instagram somewhere, hope some anon is able to find it?

No. 448403

MCAS allergen change due to cell death so that could be why. Also the whole allergic to exercise thing I'm pretty sure it was dramatic effect, don't take things to literally.

No. 448409

She sounds like she is from the UK. She isn't a munchie I'm familiar with. BUT if she is in the UK whilst our welfare system is changing she would no way be in a situation where she would need to terminate or put up for adoption due to finances for her frist child. Even under the new changes coming in she can recieve maternity pay (from her employer and/or the government), child tax credits, and if they are on an overall low income then further tax credits. They are right they ideally need to be on interest only mortgage but essentially they could sell their house and rent rather than abort their child (and get support with the rent).

No. 448410


She is from the UK. She had her own thread(s) a while back and was Queen Munchie.

No. 448411

I mean this is literally the second time i've seen her in a documentary video about her Super Serious Illness in a 1 year span, that's pretty "thirsty for attention" to me.

No. 448425

Gold star for you anon. Beautiful observation. How fortunate for her that she no longer needs an alert dog!

No. 448435

I know/have seen/heard of quite a few people with mcas, and she is the only one who has a “hair allergy”. Because it’s bullshit. She shaves her head to look sicker, and therefore get more attention, sympathy, and asspats. Look at how much she loves being the center of attention and invited to events and interviewed. If she’s not a munchie, she’s way, way ott.

No. 448436

If she has a hair allergy why does she have eyebrows?

Also self blogging here but I have a mast cell disease and I could never wear that rough headband on my skin without getting hives and a bad reaction. Maybe she's different but I'm gonna go ahead and question that…

No. 448450

She claims she gets hives from clothing in the video, then is seen wearing hats, headbands, scarfs ect. Even socks can give you hives dummy. You have to be naked 24/7 to get real sympathy. Maybe she should wear a hospital gown around.

No. 448454

I can only speculate because all us mast-cell peeps are different but seriously something doesn't add up. I don't doubt she has some type of mast cell issue but who knows. It's a complicated disease and I don't know anyone that has it that doesn't have some kind of weird habit or anxiety around the reactions.

No. 448457


This might be a semantic issue.

In alopecia, you have an Ig directed immune attack against hair follicles, just like in every other autoimmune illness. It's not an allergy. Allergies != autoimmunity.

Now, it's possible to have both allopecia and MCAS. But allopecia as a manifestation of MCAS? Nnnnnnope.

No. 448648

She’s exaggerating. It may be a cancerous tumour but it’s slow growing (she admitted it) and it’s not pancreatic cancer.

No. 448649

Hi all - this is Robyn, the actual Robyn. Im sure ill get blocked or IP banned for posting this - but i just need this off my chest, and seeing the most recent posts about me made me finally decide to speak up.

Ive read everything said about me; and ive lurked these threads since i found out about them (around when my insta posts started being deleted).

For a long time i was super bitter about it all and played the victim to people. But eventually i saw through my own bullshit and i went and got help.

I got diagnosed with and im currently in therapy for having BPD (big shock). But reading all this stuff about me combined with therapy; im actually sorting my train wreck out. And ive addressed all the behaviours kentioned about me with my therapist.

My pregnancy and miscarrige were the last things i posted publicly about my health. And yes i was over dramatic about the pregnancy; i found out too early and miscarried; it happens to 1 in 4 woman. Im actully thankful for the miscarriage though because my mental health is nowhere near stable enough to have a child now (if ever). I stupidly hoped it wouldnt get found.

I dont want asspats or for this to be a hugbox - i want to be blunt and honest; as upset as i was about all the comments and threads - it did make me realise i had a problem.

I do have some minor health issues as so many do - but i did over exaggerate, i was obsessed with every little thing, i was a hypochondriac about any little sniffle or tiny anomaly in blood results. I did purposfully make myself worse through self harm and blame it on illness. I wanted attention - and i thought that was how to get it. Because im not special - im a nobody; but i so desperatly wanted to be special.

Im now off most my meds and have been since May. My last non mental health related GP/Hospital trip was when I miscarried. Apart from that ive stopped wasting time and resources.

I have been and still can be an attention seeking and manipulative piece of shit - but im working on identifying that bad behaviour and not following through on it.

Everything has been someone elses fault for too long. But Im taking responsibility for my actions.

As much as I hate what has been said about me and the people saying it; know you've actually made a difference and got someone to stop their appalling behaviour.

No Spoonie Groups, no abuse of chronic illness tags on insta. No real social media prescence amymore.
Only people I know in real life o Facebook - no spoonies.

Ive learnt my lesson the hard way - but it had to be learnt. And since stepping away from that "sick" life - im a lot happier and im more focused on my partner, my work and my hobbies and on getting into shape/making healthy life choices.

Ive never posted before so honstly havent got a fucking clue - but i guess this counts as new milk?

Anyway thats it.

No. 448654

I've been following these threads for a while now. I actually only discovered them when your self harm drama erupted on Instagram after someone sent you a message saying there were forums talking about you.

I know you said you haven't come here for asspats but I do want to say well done for turning your shit around. Too many people with bpd use it as an excuse for everything in their lives that doesn't go their way. To take a diagnosis of bpd and work towards recovery is a difficult and exhausting thing to do. I've been there, gone through intense year long group therapy and changed my own life around so I mean it when I say well done. I'm glad that in a weird way this site helped you.

I'm curious about one thing and you probably won't want to answer this but the epilepsy. Was it real? Was it non epileptic seizures? Were you faking them? Or did you actually have epilepsy which you exaggerated for the attention? I'm asking from a place of genuine interest.

No. 448655

I hope it doesn't get deleted, but I just wanna say I think it's great that you're getting better by going to a therapist, etc. I recently started as well and it's been incredibly helpful. Good job, girl.

No. 448658

Definitely NOT pancreatic cancer. I struggle with her even saying she has pancreatitis. A coworker of mine had pancreatitis and was out of work for 6 months in incredible pain and it was really touch and go there for a while. I don't think this chick has any form of pancreatitis.

No. 448659


Robyn, here's the thing. You don't need to justify yourself with us, or clear your name or anything. We're a bunch of internet randos who rag on people who pretend to be sick or over dramatize their illnesses. Why would you want to be validated by us? Is this part of the pathological process of needing everyone to validate you? Trust me, regular people a.) don't over dramatize their shit, or b.) give a shit what random people think about them.

There are other people in your life who you need to be on their good side and seek validation from. Your parents, your partner, your coworkers, whatever, The people who have a real affect on your life should be the people you focus on. It sounds like you're starting to have a grasp of self awareness and problematic behaviors, so don't sidetrack yourself and start trying to get random people to validate you, who have no affect on your life other than to sometimes post up the weird shit you yourself share.

Just let it go Robyn. If you really are doing well, go focus on your real life. You don't need to justify yourself here.

No. 448660

I'm happy for you - genuinely, no bullshit. I used to see your posts a lot in the tags although the threads about you here predate me starting to read lolcow.

You may get a lot of nasty replies; that's the nature of anon. Don't take it to heart. You can walk away from here: you don't owe any replies or apologies. Insofar as one can believe anyone on the internet (!), I for one am happy to take you at your word that you're doing your best. I guarantee there are other sympathetic readers even if you get a lot of flack. Try not to be baited into replying or getting involved further, as it will likely harm your recovery.

I wish you the best and I hope your continued recovery goes well.

Saged for non contrib to the milk

No. 448663

So you admit to having Münchausen syndrome? Or are you just trying to claim hypochondria?

No. 448667


Epilepsy is real as far as what my neurologist disgnosed. But before medication i was only having 1 seizure a year. Stopped when i started keppra. Now just under an epilepsy nurse - if they are somatic or mental health related its not been addressed because im no longer having seizures.

I have however exagerated it on social media in the past. From the point of starting medication ive not had any seizures; so anything ive posted after that is false and for attention.

No. 448672

In some ways, good on you for finally having the "guts" to admit you have a problem, most people wouldn't sort their train wreck of a life out and admit that whilst they don't have issues they wish they were sick. I think you've taken a big step in distancing yourself from the "spoonie community", I used to be part of it myself and it's completely toxic and in my opinion makes you worse, no matter if you have physical health issues or mental health problems, as it becomes somewhat of a competition amongst people within it

No. 448674


Natasha just seems suspicious.
She is 20 - even if she wasn't sick, most people would have given up the gymnastics dream by now. I watched a couple of her gymnastics competition videos and while she is a way better gymnast than me (because I am not a gymnast) she is no superstar. I don't know how British gymnastics work but if she was in the US she would have stopped competing at 18 because she isn't at a true elite level and probably not even college gymnastics material. Seems more like she switched to disability gymnastics at 18/19 years old because she realized it was the only way she could continue competing. By competing in the disability category she is also significantly cutting down on the number of competitors - she is competing about 5-7 other gymnasts instead of 25+
(One of the girls she seems to regularly compete against is 16 and was born missing one of her hands - her floor routine is the only thing I have seen but it is significantly more impressive).
I suspect she shaves her head because it gains her pity points - not only in general public but especially on the competition platform. She has a leotard that screams "i'm sick" with a heart rhythm pattern, awareness ribbon, etc. Add in the shaved head, some dramatic music, and choreography that includes pretending to pray and it screams to the judges "remember I am sick" because otherwise she would look like an adult who is unwilling to give up on an unrealistic dream.

I might feel more sympathy if she was younger and getting sick stopped her from doing what she loved to do with her friends (especially if she really was on an elite gymnastics career path) but at 20 the majority of people who competed as gymnasts when they were teenagers have moved on. You weren't Olympic or college material so move on. (Does she go to school or have a job - that would seem to be a better use of her time).

No. 448680

Not claiming hypochondria - just that i can obsess over anything not feeling "right"

As for munchausen - i dont know. I have addressed the qualaties i share of it with my therapist and shes hasnt said yes or no and is very much focused on the BPD diagnosis. I dont think i am - i think im just incredibly OTT. But people will make their own decisions.

I appreciate all the supportive/kind and non-jusgemental comments.

I am aware that i probably shouldn't have posted and shouldnt care what people i dont know say or think about me - and that its my own fault for what i put out there - but ive done it now and i can recognise that i dont need to prove myself- but its an aspect of me ive yet to overcome.

Ill avoid posting any more. Ive got things off my chest and its time to move on.

Thanks for reading.

No. 448685


This sounds pretty accurate. Anons here in the past have discussed her competing in the "disability" category because it's easier for her to come out on top against gymnasts with actual disabilities. I don't think her condition qualifies her for the paralympics though.

No. 448741


There is no gymnastics in the Paralympics - although even if there was her condition wouldn't qualify her for it - doesn't qualify her for any event in the Paralympics.
Because she is sick/disabled she gets media stories praising her for being brave for not giving up on her dreams. In reality if she was a healthy 20 year old who was still trying to pursue a gymnastics career without being a well established gymnast she would be considered crazy.

No. 448757

Natasha had a week tweeting from the official National Health Service twitter account. Here she says she was a hobby gymnast from the age of 8, but didn't start competing until she moved to disability gymnastics. Maybe the bar was conveniently lower there.


No. 448771

Especially since mcas doesn’t necessarily affect your athletic performance. Your bones and joints and muscles and stamina are comparable to a normal person, especially if you’re like Natasha who can compete and go to tons of media events. The whole shaved-head thing really creeps me out, it’s for sure not part of mcas for anyone, and seems like her attempt to look sicker, like a cancer kid who gets attention and free stuff. Mild mcas, even up to moderate can be controlled pretty effectively anyways, and should not count as a disability in this situation. It’s completely not fair to the girls and women competing who have orthopedic or muscular disabilities or even cognitive disabilities. She’s totally milking the system for the asspats, because she’s not good enough to get it in any other way.

No. 448775

considering she's wearing headbands and jumping around her MCAS is probably very well controlled

No. 448783

File: 1513819029771.png (1.41 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171220-190038.png)

Anyone else bother to go through the dozens of stories chronically.court posts everyday? Today she posted about using cromolyn for mcas (above).

No. 448784

File: 1513819147021.png (2.86 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171220-184500.png)

Here's a picture she posted of her cromolyn stash. Oral. Three times a day. FOR SEVER MCAS

No. 448785


Oh god the mask and the Jaquie style thumbs up. Creepy. and "vaccine injury" aaarh

No. 448790

File: 1513819311087.png (1.25 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171220-190115.png)


Her response to someone who called her out.

No. 448797


She's not claiming that the vaccine "triggered" her EDS is she? Science does not work that way.

No. 448798

oh hello yes this is I, who harrasses Court quite a lot and was asking about her cromolyn. As someone who takes cromolyn, I find it very odd. She says she uses it as a facial basically. This is a thousand dollar medicine and she's mixing it with lotion. It's hard to believe she's never used it orally (which is what she's prescribed) because cromolyn helps so much for mcas related GI issues. I do believe she has MCAS (because it's incredibly hard to con a doctor into writing severe mcas) but I think she is probably using it wrong. In the video she also talked about how someone with mast cell issues should start with 1 medicine at a time (not true for everyone) and that she's gonna be trying nebulized, oral (which she already has???), and topical (which she is currently doing)

No. 448813

All the best with your therapy, Robyn!

No. 448833

File: 1513824049570.png (1.65 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20171220-201142.png)

I found this chick through Courtney, I think.

>>still on the road to diagnosis, immediately lists six diagnoses

No. 448835


Looks like your standard IG munchie.

No. 448841

That's potentially a self post or vendetta post

No. 448850

Agreed - Looks like another spoonie who made a separate account for medical stuff. Could be OTT but with only 6 posts its hard to tell.
(As much as I hate the spoonie term - not every spoonie is a munchie).

No. 448853

I know of quite a few chronically ill people who make separate accounts because they don't want to be a Debbie Downer amongst their friends.

Their "spoonie" account is a place where they can post about all the shit they're going through and be followed by people who actually want to see that kind of shit.

No. 448856

Understood - I think its important to dig at least a tiny bit into a person before posting them here. Munchies like Autumn and Dani who sit at home all day and obsess over how to manipulate the system to get new toys and praise for being brave for breathing deserve to be here. But sometimes OTT spoonie accounts are simply because someone does their best to keep their invisible illness invisible in real life and wants to find a way to connect with others who are dealing with the same thing. There are times that going this route can lead to a dangerous fall down the spoonie turned OTT turned munchie route but other times its pretty harmless.

No. 448857

Good lord, is she really that dumb? First, it’s oral, meaning that it doesn’t work if you’re not ingesting it. Second, one three times a day is a very small amount. To touch mcas at all, even mild cases, it usually takes two or more vials three to four times a day, in combination with other medications. And yeah, it’s hella expensive. But that’s the munchie way, to have expensive treatments that aren’t used correctly but still work amazingly, since they never had any problems to start with.

No. 448860

Blogging a little - MCAS and taking all my meds and cromolyn 4x a day correctly and I'm doing tons better. Like 90% healthy it's amazing. I had a ton of the same symptoms as Court which all went away once I got onto cromolyn. So I don't understand why she refuses to use it correctly! She has the tools towards the closest thing to a cure currently, and she is basically throwing it away.

Keep in mind Court has said that her insurance doesn't cover a ton of this and her family had a credit card to put medical payments on. Her infusions are 180$ a week, I imagine she's paying 400$ for cromolyn (but if she is only using 1 vial day, she won't need a refill for 3 months, whereas the 4xa day folks need refills every 28 days)

No. 448861

Probably because she either doesn't actually have MCAS, or doesn't want to get better because she likes the attention being sick brings her.

No. 448878

>actually using the email field
>telling us what we already know
Found the newfag

No. 448881

I am new. Don't know wtf to say/do so I'll just stfu now but I am glad people are seeing the fakers.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 448890


To be fair, opinion seems to be divided on here about whether Aubrey actually has cancer or not.

No. 448899

Usually if your insurance doesn’t cover common treatments, it’s because you don’t need them. Because infusions and cromolyn are well-know, widespread treatments, her insurance would most likely be paying if they were medically necessary.

No. 448903

File: 1513834552434.png (2.86 MB, 1536x2048, 8809E545-2F1E-42B7-BFED-F9BA7F…)

It’s pretty hard to tell, she says she’s not tolerating her feeds and constantly puking, but she looks totally fine, in fact she looks like she’s gained weight recently (not being unable to keep food down). And if you’re really that sick, why are vlogging and IG posting your top to-do’s? If she does have cancer, she’s still being quite munchie with her “GP” stuff (we know there’s no way she’s not eating, with her tiny slow tube feeding amounts). Also, it’s quite interesting that her brother has the same cancer, and now Aubrey has it just when her brother is a new father….too much attention on someone else??

No. 448904

File: 1513834605777.png (245.06 KB, 1536x2048, 8781D92E-0DE0-44F7-9260-D9A739…)

No. 448905

File: 1513834689054.png (575.58 KB, 1536x2048, 2CC1727A-2506-48A5-A719-911697…)

This post actually makes me sick. No wonder she’s a munchie, if her family goes along with the “spoonie warrior” thing.

No. 448912

Good point there friend. Also…WHO THE FUCK TOLD HER TO RUB IT ON HER FACE WTF?

I am just flabbergasted.

No. 448918

I am…So confused. Cromolyn won’t work when mixed with anything but water…ESPECIALLY NOT WITH FACE LOTION. It literally says “Oral” on the box!

And as to her trying the Nebulized Cromolyn, you have to get a specific type of the solution for that.

It’s not like CBD oil Court, Cromolyn literally won’t do shit for you topically.

No. 448922


do they really, though? No one has come to visit her despite the devastating cancer diagnosis. I get that her brother and his wife couldn't make the trip with a baby on the way, but what about her parents? And her own husband went to work the same day.

Or maybe she doesn't have cancer at all and is just playing up a benign tumor for extra attention points!

No. 448925

Ok, I found some literature about a study done using a Topical Cromolyn solution to treat Atopic Dermatitis in children, but that was a specially formulated lotion, not just the Oral Cromolyn mixed with lotion.

So, while there have been A FEW cases of a TOPICAL Cromolyn mixture helping Pediatric Atopic Dermatitis, to my knowledge there isn’t ANY benefit to using the ORAL Solution in combination with a regular face lotion.


No. 448926


This is a strong possibility. On one hand it's (supposedly) cancer so she can eke a lot of posts and attention out of it, but on the other hand it's slow-growing so she doesn't need urgent treatment which means she doesn't have to fake anything.

I expct she's still in the hospital for her pancreatitis or whatever it is, unless she's using a stash of old photos. But I doubt it because it would be hard to fake that in a video.

No. 448928

Yeah the cancer, although impossible to disprove currently, is still suspicious. Lots of munchies have family members with current or past medical issues, and they pretty much all do it for attention. Her brother had cancer (the same kind she says she has), but now has a brand new baby. So he used to get attention for his cancer, and now for the new baby. Hypothetically Audrey isn’t getting enough attention, so voila, cancer diagnosis. She could easily use her obvious eating disorder to make it look like she’s sick, and get admitted. Yeah the baby has the same middle name as her, but maybe it’s a family name and she’s making up that it’s because of her. She’s obviously mentally ill, so I wouldn’t put all that past her.

No. 448946

I'm just going to be pissed if this mass is indeed cancer but all that is needed is to remove it surgically and then she'll be fine. She'll never require any chemo or cancer treatment but yet shes going to claim shes a cancer survivor that suffered so much when she didn't even have to undergo any cancer treatment at all. That's just a resume booster for her.

No. 449041


Being allergic to working out is actually a thing but it’s not mcas it’s exercise induced anaphylaxis and super rare also treatable. If she has anything it’s probably actually heat induced urticaria and while uncomfortable it’s not life threatening but also much more common in kids than adults and something they usually grow out of.

No. 449044

I don’t know if it’s been said before but just by looking at her vlogs and insta she’s another freylife wannabe.

No. 449055

Service Dog Colt has un-privated her Instagram and is claiming that her suicide attempt was real, the friend who said it didn't happen just didn't know the facts, and Service Dog Paws photoshopped the evidence that it was fake. https://www.instagram.com/servicedogcolt/

No. 449060

Oh totally. But I do think having a brother who was sick and got attention for it was a factor in why she’s trying to be like Mary Frey.

No. 449072

Can you post screenshots? This is an imageboard.

No. 449099

Her doctor is actually one of the best in MCAS. But I can't see her prescribing Oral cromolyn for topical use. This seems to be Court getting a box somehow and messing it all up/

No. 449127

Unless that doctor said she doesn’t have mcas, and the cromolyn’s from a different doctor.

No. 449141

This is very similar to why Mary is so OTT now - her sister had a far more severe CF experience and has already undergone a transplant and moved on with her life. I think all that attention on her sister growing up convinced Mary that the only way to get love/attention is to be the sickest person in the room, hence the vlog and ED and the obsession with CF and every tiny symptom. Aubrey is, of course, following close behind - but without actually being sick kek

No. 449173


Is Mary not eligible for a transplant?

No. 449188


I haven't watched her videos recently because she has gotten way too OTT for me. However, if I remember correctly, she may end up needed a transplant in the future and it has been discussed but she isn't (or at least wasn't) at the point that she needs a transplant yet.

I think Mary is also OTT because she fell into the spoonie warrior inspiration hole. She seemed to have started her vlogs to give people a glimpse of what it was like to have CF and to keep people updated on her when she was temporarily living out of the country - actually probably giving decent information on what it is like to try to live abroad with a chronic illness. Being the nature of social media, view with more medical information/medical titles get significantly more views - her early vlogs with titles about medications/equipment/hospitals typically get over 20k views while the more general vlog titles got less than 6k. I think originally she tried to make her vlog more about other things - like cost saving home ideas. However, nobody is really interested in the great deals she finds at the dollar tree and in generally her day to day life is boring because she doesn't do anything. She got a taste of popularity and encouragement with the vlog because look how brave she is for living abroad with such a serious illness (especially because most people without cf don't know much about it other than it involves the lungs and people usually die fairly young). Once she got a taste of that popularity and started to feel those connections she wanted to keep it up but the best way to keep up viewership is to post lots of medical related things - and emergencies are always more interesting to viewers. So she started to focus more on every tiny medical symptom and every new device gives her more vlog content and she has become known as an inspiration. Unfortunately she really is a pretty bad example/role model. Mary is a good example of how what started out as an innocent use of social media to connect with others/provide some awareness has let to OTT behavior.

No. 449197


So we're seeing pretty much the same pattern with Jaquie as Mary fell into.

No. 449228

Not sure if I agree. Jaquie started out with a heavy emphasis on her chronic illness. In her first vlog she literally says that "this week is a great trial week for vee-logging, because this week I have something medical every day". Her very lengthy "all about my chronic illnesses" videos are relatively early videos, too. I think Jaquie tasted fame because of her service dog account and it went from there. How much of that was thought out from the beginning or how munchie she already was at that point, I am not sure.

No. 449281

Can we talk about how @MyBlondeVoyage has just made a post about how she has high insulin levels and is being urgently checked for a tumor on her pancreas when in October, she posted on her stories a piece of paper showing she was starting 1ml of insulin a day for "methylation".

<blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="a/EbmjM"><a href="//imgur.com/EbmjM"></a></blockquote><script async src="//s.imgur.com/min/embed.js" charset="utf-8"></script>

<blockquote class="imgur-embed-pub" lang="en" data-id="a/mPFEL"><a href="//imgur.com/mPFEL"></a></blockquote><script async src="//s.imgur.com/min/embed.js" charset="utf-8"></script>

No. 449282

No. 449283


Kek. I thought I was supposed to be the MBV vendetta anon (but really I just hate bad science). This is a strange development. Pancreatic tumors are all the rage lately huh?

No. 449378

read here for how to post

No. 449477


This is an OLD VIDEO but Aubrey is so fucking stupid.

Listen to her say Dysautonomia/POTS…

Also did anyone know she was a self diagnosed with lyme at first?

Also am I going nuts, I swear her instagram use to say "Cancer warrior" in the bio? it's no longer there…hmmmm…weird.

No. 449579

Right. She was originally a Lymie, that’s how she got the port. Then she starved ant purged herself into a POTS diagnosis (lots of people with ED’s are misdiagnosed, really dehydration, malnutrition, and electrolyte imbalances can look like POTS), and then a feeding tube. She obviously never needed the tube, since the first one “fell out” and she didn’t get another one until she took herself to the hospital and demanded to get admitted, and then just didn’t eat. (If she couldn’t eat, she’d have lots a ton of weight since she runs her tube at a ridiculously slow rate, but she actually looks like she’s gained, i.e. she’s eating quite a bit and lying about it). The chronic Lyme spoonies tend to be some craziest, especially when they move on to new illnesses.

No. 449697

File: 1513914580193.png (780.43 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1504.png)

On the topic of SDs, has anyone seen this chick on IG? She says she's vaccine injured, and by Gardasil no less. Claims POTS, vertigo, seizures, vision loss, mobility issues and more. She has two service dogs, a "main one" and an SDiT. She's probably gunning for an EDS dx at this point because another IG user pointed out that she "might fit the bill" for that dx, kek.

No. 449719

The whole thing about vaccine injuries is that those vacate given millions of times a year. If there was actually people getting “vaccine-injured”, the vaccines would have been pulled years ago.

No. 449733


Yes - Jaquie seems a little different. I won't go into too much detail on why I think so here since she has her own thread but basically Jaquie is more munchie while Mary seems to be more OTT. I don't necessarily think that Mary is intentionally trying to cause any of her issues. Yes I think she could do a better job taking care of herself (and many have questioned whether she has an eating disorder) and I don't think she is the greatest role model out there since there are lots of people with CF who do a whole lot more than she does (like have a job). However, I don't think she is deliberately trying to make herself sick although I wonder if subconsciously she doesn't take the best care of herself because every minor medical emergency is the potential for new blog. One of the downfalls of daily vlogging is that most people's day to day life is pretty routine and boring so it becomes less interesting after a while. Clickbait titles and lots of small dramas are the only way to keep the channel alive. Increased views is almost like an incentive to keep yourself bordering on the edge of healthy vs unhealthy.
Basically I think that a lot of OTT spoonies start out with good intentions - trying to connect to others going through something similar and maybe spread a little awareness. Using hashtags to find others like you isn't necessarily a bad thing - using every hashtag in the book in hopes of gaining more followers/support and instafame is when it starts to get murky

No. 449737


Feel like a good portion of our munchies have something along these lines . Short video about a woman who desires to be paralyzed and uses a wheelchair and immobilizers on her legs to look and feel disabled. Apparently it’s called “transabled”

No. 449746

File: 1513919577017.jpeg (558.07 KB, 1242x2208, 753CC3BB-0756-49BD-9597-B04675…)

amy claims her heart rate was in the 200s

No. 449749

If your heart rate was consistently that high, you wouldn’t feel like taking it over and over, or IGing.

No. 449811

I know I'm coming out of the blue here, but I was thinking back on Autumn's video where's she's speaking about her surgery.

She says she had some blood work done before starting hormones which I believe is normal, and that's when she found out she had Von Willebrand's. However, she states that her "hematologist" told her surgeon that it was okay to proceed. Does this mean she just had random blood work done and THEN got a hematologist after the VWD diagnosis? (P.S. The diagnosis itself is weird because she said she had a family history of CLOTTING. VWD is typically inherited, unless it's the rarer Acquired type which usually occurs due to things like lymph/plasma/bone marrow disorders, stuff she hasn't claimed to have- to my knowledge.)

Also, she states she didn't heal after her surgery because of her EDS, but magically healed EXTREMELY fast after her port surgery with no complications. So either she has adjustable EDS, her surgeon just botched it, she fucked with her own healing to make herself sick, or she's lying.

Sidenote, I can't fucking stand her rolling back and forth in that wheelchair. When you're doing something like presenting, you usually put the damn parking breaks on.

This may have been said before, but the inconsistencies are just SO juicy!

No. 449882

Did she REALLY just say that she LOVES being able to wear kids clothes and that she is PROUD of her chronic illness? WTF? This girl is even crazier than I thought!

I've been at that point where I could (and actually had to) wear kids clothes. I was literally in tears for feeling like an overgrown 13 year old. And she is sitting there saying she LOVES it?? Seriously, what the actual fuck is wrong with her?

On the dysautonomia part: she still pronounces it like that. If you're going to claim a diagnosis, at least learn how to pronounce it. As she is a chronic lymie and has found some quack who got her a port I assume she has been on antibiotics for months or maybe even years, but she also can't say antibiotics. Erm.. OK?

No. 449943

"dysautomia" kek

No. 449959

I think it's very telling that she admits to like doctors who DON'T know much about Lyme. Though she told that right after she said 'a lot of her illnesses' are not very common, so your really need a specialist for them.

Speaking of which, does anyone know anyone in real life who is not a munchie who uses the plural illnesses when referring to their own? I don't. Even if they technically have more than one, they never speak about their health in that way.

No. 450185


Not to WK, but service dogs usually retire before the age of 9, so training a new pup at the same time isn't that suspect. "Vaccine injury" is definitely suspect though.

No. 450337


That's creepy and a huge ED tell, remember Bethany Frankel (real Housewives of somewhere?) posing in her 6yr old daughter's PJs?

I'm not sure if she's on Abx for "chronic lyme", since she's jumped onto more profitable diagnoses…

No. 450338


It's almost like she's never heard anyone (like a consultant) say that word kek

No. 450351

She literally has that SD for no reason, usually claims she needs it for guidance purposes, “brain fog”, etc.

No. 450359


Which cow?

No. 450404

File: 1513996974498.jpg (489.07 KB, 1080x1410, Screenshot_20171222-204032.jpg)

The fact that she puts shit like that on her dog shows it's not a real service dog and she's not a real handler. Even the most well trained dog could be distracted by something strange on it's head. Also note she has to be in the wheelchair for the attention since everyone would otherwise be paying g attention to her son.

No. 450407


Yeah I found that odd. Why is she in a wheelchair today? Oh, because she's getting a photo taken.

And if the stupid dog headband was just for the photo, he'd only be wearing it in the photo.

No. 450433

File: 1513999332478.png (1.11 MB, 750x1334, 5D5828AE-2783-41C2-96A5-AD6E6D…)

She put a grad cap on her SD, she’s the one that apparently needs it for mobility and “brain fog”

No. 450454


Wow a "gardasil injured" one that isn't claiming paralysis in 2+ limbs? I'm impressed.

The hat is kind of cute on the dog. I mean, he's been to all her classes right? And at least he doesn't have the 50 obnoxious patches on the vest.

No. 450493


You can put a headband on your dog for all I care - however you cannot get mad at people for "staring" at your dog if you are going to dress them up. If you don't want people to look at your dog then don't do things that are going to bring so much attention to it.

I do think the hat on the SD is kind of cute. I've seen stories of SD getting their own dipolmas

No. 450517

Her IG is full of vaccine injury jargon and “medical mystery” stuff. She hasn’t been officially diagnosed with anything to my knowledge but claims a whole variety of symptoms.

No. 450535


The anon who posted her says she claims POTS and seizures and vision loss.

Convenient excuse to get to take your fucking dog everywhere.

No. 450544

This is the anon who posted her, idk if she even was diagnosed with POTS, I think she’s just pulling an Autumn and claiming she has it due to her “symptoms”. She doesn’t wear compression socks either, of course. She also got IVIG for a while but idk what ended up happening with that.

No. 450551


Fell victim to the saline shortage? kek

No. 450563

File: 1514003755213.png (1.23 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5480.PNG)

All these cows just love rubbing their dressings in the dirt, don't they? I can't wait until someone gets an infection, has their line pulled, and is denied a replacement

No. 450571


OK this is something people who claim POTS do that really bugs me. Lying down will only make your symptoms worse when you have to get back up again! Wonder if her dog "alerted" her to that too

No. 450572

File: 1514004151362.png (614.27 KB, 861x543, Screen Shot 2017-12-23 at 04.3…)

I wonder if she's copying Chronically Jaquie in her bag of tricks to get attention?

No. 450583

File: 1514004780516.jpeg (393.33 KB, 750x1334, AB0770B2-6356-4F52-989D-5AD4E0…)

Check out this gnarly symptom list, apparently she had ALL these 5 days after her second injection, kek. Btw this is @doodleonduty

No. 450584

Not to WK but laying down is literally a quick fix for an episode. Aubrey is full of shit but laying down on a bench is a very legitimate thing to do. Look at servicedogpaws, she lays on the dirty floor of walmart to fake her POTS.

No. 450607


THIS is what fucking infuriates me about the vax-injured-claimers. Even if they DID get ill from the HPV vaccine (spoiler: they didn't), that's still a tiny tiny chance compared to the incredibly larger change of getting cervical cancer from HPV.

It's one thing to claim it made you sick, another to try and scare others off something that could save their life.

No. 450765


And save the lives of others.

No. 450789

Sorry can’t screenshot but Dani is getting her tube. This is what she posted on a gastroparesis FB group….

So I have a question for anyone that goes to temple university hospital for their treatment. Dr Parkman is in the talks of me getting gastric stimulator and a j-tube and he said he would rather do them at the same time instead of me having 2 different surgeries. Which I’m fine with. I know the recovery time will be longer and it will be painful. He referred me to see a dr petrov for the surgeries. I go for my consultation jan 5th at 1030am. I was wondering if anyone has had dr petrov do their surgeries and what he is like? From what I found online the reviews are good was just curious if anyone else had this doctor.

No. 450802


FFS. She hasn't even tried sticking to a liquid or GP-safe diet. This is ridiculous, but I guess whining enough worked for her.

No. 450851

I don't exactly know why, but somehow I feel sorry for her. If she'd just found a doctor who would have connected the dots and gave her the RIGHT kind of help, not only could she avoid getting holes poked into her, but maybe she wouldn't feel the need to, either. I'm not sure why I feel this way about her. Maybe it's because it's so bloody obvious she doesn't need a tube and the only reason why her stomach is a bit slow with solids is because she had/has an eating disorder. If she'd just start eating normally, maybe slowly building up from fluids if she really is nauseous, her stomach would start working normally.

Still, I don't get it. As I understand it, the doctors she sees are actual motility specialists, right? So WHY don't they see what's happening here? Anyone who's stomach can move liquids doesn't need a tube, period. If need be, they can use liquid meal replacements or blended food. If they have lost too much weight, they can get an NG (G yes, not J) for a few months to gain it back. Dani has no trouble with liquids, AND has a history of an eating disorder. How difficult can it be to connect these dots?

No. 450917

Holy shit. I just can't believe this. She is obviously eating and able to hold down at the very least a liquid diet. I can't help but think my mobility specialist would've actually seen through her shit and never allowed this.

No. 450939

The divide between physical medicine and psychological care is large enough that plenty of physical medicine physicians don’t even consider psychological issues. For those doctors, why would someone want an invasive surgery unless they really had a physical problem that they wanted fixed? I’m sure it has never occurred to her doctor that she just wants a tube and pacemaker just to be “sick”.

No. 451051

I don’t know if anyone has noticed, but this looks suspiciously shooped. Prescriptions on medications have lines of text that all align on the left side (if not both sides). The “F” in “for” on the last line does not match up to the previous line. In the same spot and across the entire bottom line, there is pixelation of a different colour as if something else was covered. In addition, the last line of text is in a slightly different font. Not to mention it’s very atypical for doctors to accidentally spell “severe” as “sever” since there is a huge difference, especially in the medical field AND most prescriptions require the doctors to spell out the condition. Also, I’ve rarely seen “severe” used on prescriptions to describe conditions – mainly used to describe symptoms, if that….

(not a doctor, just work with insurance, so please correct me if I’m wrong about any of the above medical stuff)

My guess is that she somehow got CS prescribed (GI issues?) and shooped it to support her “sever MCAS” delusion.

No. 451058

the thing is, she would have had to have the photo previously shopped or she did the shop job in 3 minutes. I was watching this happen in real time and she posted the photo within 5 minutes of the question.

No. 451063

Anyone semi-versed in PS or another similar program can make a “fix” like that rather quickly (within 30-60sec of opening the programme). It would explain why it’s so poorly done.

No. 451068


Its also because she presents a completely different picture to her doctor than she does to social media. On social media its obvious she wants the tube and constantly was posting about her super severe anorexic thoughts. But she has previously had doctors dismiss her GI concerns due to her history of anorexia so I think she learned to downplay it this time around. I am sure when she sees the temple doctor she stresses that she has been in anorexia recovery for over two years (if she mentions it at all) so that it seems like symptoms that occurred afterwards weren't necessarily related. And while we know that she hasn't stuck to a GP friendly diet, I would bet that she tells her doctor otherwise. While her test results didn't show a problem with liquids she is probably reporting that she can't keep them down. If she was told she would get a tube if she kept losing weight I wouldn't be surprised if she is engaging in anorexic behaviors again to make it a reality.

What I don't understand is why a doctor is going straight to a surgically placed tube instead of going the nasal-tube route. Why not try the less permanent version first to see if it works before resorting to surgery. (The only thing I can think of is that she does have pretty obvious reflux and an NG/NJ tube would prevent her lower esophageal sphincter from completely closing and could make the reflux worse as its one of the reasons why long-term NG tube placement isn't recommended)

No. 451071

>> Also, I’ve rarely seen “severe” used on prescriptions to describe conditions
I've seen it on opiates. For NSAIDs and I think things like codeine and Ultram (tramadol) it just says "pain", but for morfine, oxycodone or fentanyl it says "severe pain". That's not in the US though, but if a med is normally only used for patients who are more severely affected I can imagine it could be printed on the box like that. But I don't know if that is the case for Cromolyn? Is that a medication that is only used in severe cases (or: is this a dosage that would only then be used?), or is it given to pretty much anyone with MCAS?

No. 451073

Even with reflux, it’s still standard to place an NJ tube for at least a week or two, to make sure tube feeding will be tolerated. That’s one reason why a person is told to sleep with the head of the bed raised while being on tube feeds. Really, though, all she’s got scheduled is a consult, and we don’t even know if her doctor actually approved a j tube or not. I can see her demanding a tube so much that her doctor refers her, but the surgeon won’t approve (at least he shouldn’t, although we know munchies manage finagle tubes way too often).

No. 451075

Yeah, but that's the beauty of nasal tubes: if it doens't work out, you can just remove them. No harm no foul. Also, why not give her liquid meal replacements first? They've been known to prevent a LOT of tube placements by helping a wide variety of patients.

No. 451076

It’s given to anyone who has even suspected mcas, mild to severe. It’s a pretty benign drug as far as side effects, so taking it without actual mast cell problems wouldn’t do much. Anyone know where she lives, though? If she’s in the US, that’s suspicious because the brand of cromolyn most widely available here has different packaging.

No. 451078

I’m gonna laugh so hard if she’s denied a tube and goes back to self-tubing while claiming that they want to try a nasal tube first.

No. 451080

File: 1514063008378.png (1.01 MB, 1536x2048, B7460B94-515E-42F8-8FDD-97D059…)

She’s in the US. Also, she’s now going for gi motility testing, so she’ll be angling for a tube now. She’s trying to be upset but you can see how excited she is

No. 451082

File: 1514063036588.png (467.71 KB, 1536x2048, B5845A51-B52E-4EB1-8F83-E5A185…)

No. 451085

File: 1514063192007.png (336.65 KB, 1536x2048, 8072A067-C390-4F7F-9893-221805…)

These are not symptoms to see a pulmonologist about, none of them have anything to do the lungs. And if she feels that sick, why is she IGing? It’s absolu ridiculous to think that a vaccine could trigger all the illnesses she claims. I blame Chloe.

No. 451090

File: 1514063448005.png (242.94 KB, 1536x2048, 63B19630-E474-41D0-ADA9-78A7D5…)

Here’s what she’s claiming. Notice who got her to start her spoonie account (her personal account is still full of medical stuff). She’s a for-sure munchie.

No. 451091

File: 1514063486825.png (241.04 KB, 1536x2048, 51B7ECCE-0974-4C25-97AC-87187D…)

No. 451092

File: 1514063535282.png (240.62 KB, 1536x2048, 1B9B4876-3FD6-42B0-BC61-6EC707…)

No. 451099


Dani is known for doing a super great job following reflux precautions (said nobody ever). You are right about it just being a consult. She is probably continually emailing them and isn't the best at hiding the fact she wants a tube. The GI doctors at home ended up referring her to Temple so they wouldn't have to deal with her. The Temple doctor may be pushing her off on the surgeon hoping she becomes someone else's problem.

And she is probably telling the doctor that she is already trying liquid meal replacements - she buys a ton of them.

No. 451113


To me, this would be suspicious of her asking the question of herself so she had an excuse to post the picture (for attention of course). I am calling bulls hit on that label being a doc mistake. Not to mention a pharmacist would have caught and corrected that.

No. 451123

I'm dumb for asking, but I have shite memory.

What is Dani's social media?

No. 451184


Even if she does have all of those things, that list could be condensed down to like half that size instead of pathologizing things that are symptoms, or separating Dysautonomia from POTS. And am I wrong in saying that usually once you receive a diagnosis that explains your fatigue, you’re no longer diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome? Either way that list is full of the tactics that “spoonie culture” teaches you to make yourself sound sicker. The more items on your illness list the better.

No. 451187

Oh and don’t forget the “and so much more” at the end kek

No. 451196

Nevermind I'm a fucking idiot and couldn't read the list at the top properly.

No. 451200

File: 1514071064669.jpeg (254.35 KB, 750x1334, 7326C1CC-906C-48CF-8183-2B768E…)

Dani’s Facebook and the post we were talking about.

No. 451211

Hopefully they're sending her for a consultation knowing the surgeon is going to laugh her out of the hospital.

When did she start actually seeing Dr. Parkman? I thought she was just going to Temple to take part in the research study and she had a different GI doctor? I don't follow her latest Instagram account so I'm a little confused.

No. 451215

That’s the impression I had re: Dr. Parkman but I can just imagine her bugging any doctor she sees about a tube. She’s at a healthy weight and I have no idea why they’d put a tube in a relatively healthy person. Wouldn’t they try clear liquids first if she couldn’t keep ensure/boost/whatever down? I’ve also never heard of anyone getting a gastric stimulator AND a tube at the same time.

No. 451222

Isn’t a gastric pacemaker supposed to help your stomach work again? In that case, why would she need a surgical, somewhat permanent tube? Certainly they’d want to do a temporary tube first, while they waited to see if the pacemaker was working. The whole point of getting a gastric pacemaker is to be able to eat, not be tube fed.

No. 451232

It's like a pacemaker. It makes the muscles contract so you can digest better. For some people it has worked, some hasn't. It's still fairly new.

No. 451234

They've apparently helped some people with symptoms of nausea but that's about it. They don't do much for motility according to gastric emptying scans so some doctors do not recommend them at all.

No. 451259

I don’t think she cares if it has any effect at all, she just wants toys that will legitimize her fake illness.

No. 451288


I don't really think she would care if it was NG/NJ or G/J tube since she really just wants something visible that screams "I'm sick". She is another who has mostly mental health issues (that probably make her feel like crap) but instead of working to ameliorate the mental health issues puts all her energy into trying to find a physical illness. People tend to be more sympathetic towards physical illnesses. If Dani ends up with a tube it wont really solve any of her problems - she has so few people in her life and having a tube isn't going to magically bring people closer to her (I wouldn't be surprised if she fantasizes about being Mary Frey or even Jaquie who both have partners despite all their equipment). The only reason for her to want the J tube instead of the NJ tube is that it would make her more legitimate to other spoonies online. The only way the tube will help her is that she will probably get out of the house more to show it off.

No. 451348

Aubrey moved her port supplies and feeding tube supplies (including her formula) into the bathroom by the toilet. Is that okay to do? I cringe when I see it, but maybe that's just me.

No. 451359

Nope nope nope. That is so disgusting and definitely not okay. That’s just asking for an infection, which is a risk even when proper precautions are being followed. Then again, I’m sure she’d be thrilled to get an infection and another hospital stay.

No. 451368


Are they in little containers so toilet water doesn't get on them when she flushes?? That is so so so unsanitary!

No. 451372

This kinda tells me she isn't vomiting as much as she wants people to believe. Who would choose to anchor themselves to a toilet instead of use an Eme Bag or something? I can't imagine someone with gastroparesis or anything else causing vomiting camping out in a bathroom.

No. 451375

Go to 6:03.

Her Kate Farms formula is on top of the organizer, out in the open. Other supplies are in drawers, but the system isn't closed.

No. 451376

Gosh no, I try to avoid the bathroom as much as possible! Kneeling/Sitting on the floor isn't good for my joints, the bathroom is always too fucking cold, and I don't want to stare at the toilet for hours.

I have Eme Bags/Trashbags all around my room and house for this exact reason!

No. 451377

It doesn't seem like nausea supplies, but just regular port/feeding supplies. I could understand if the Zofran or whatever was there.

No. 451378

Her "speshul toobie pads" are INCHES from the infectious spray of toilet water!

And I keep my port shit in the TOP drawer of my organizer as far away from the ground as possible to avoid germs as much as I can. (Granted my organizer isn't in the freaking bathroom.)

No. 451400

Well I piss myself every time I get a bout of gastritis and I’m dry-heaving bile for hours, so I camp in the bathroom because my ass needs to be affixed to the toilet until I’m dehydrated enough that I can suffer from the comfort of my couch without leaking.

Sage because it’s gross and no one fucking asked.

Regardless, it’s still disgusting she would keep her medical supplies in there.

No. 451423

Totally understandable and I know what you mean! But since this girl is updating social media, I'm going to assume moving into the bathroom is more for pity than practicality.

No. 451587


Is this a FB group? or just her status?

No. 451724

File: 1514146280141.png (856.81 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1897.PNG)

If you can't take a changing room selfie without mentioning an illness or having a fucking "vomit bag" in the shot, then you might be a munchie.

No. 451747

I'm surprised Autumn has lasted this long on hiatus.

I can only hope that she realized how damaging it is to her physical and mental health to try and fake all of the stuff she was and is now trying to live semi-normally.

No. 451753


Don’t think she’s munchie but falls into the “OTT spoonie” category. She’s made a life for herself around her illness and like most of the spoonie and munchie vloggers, knows the illness related vlogs get more views.

No. 451913


Looks like someone called out her BS on the pulse oxi she was flaunting whilst wearing nail polish and claiming her hr was 255. I've noticed a lot of these munchies take pics of their supposed high HR but they all have nail polish on - funny, that. There's a reason you're asked to remove nail polish when it comes to things like hospital admissions/surgery.

Saged because nothing to add.

No. 451981


Possibly. Although I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s partly because it’s the holiday season and she tends to only be sick when it is convenient for her. She was having a hard time with inconsistencies and it would be even harder to keep up the Internet sickness while actually enjoying the festivities in real life.

No. 451991

Munchies seem to have two holiday modes, either their illnesses magically disappear, or they make everything about themselves and their illnesses (bonus spoonie points for some sort of “crisis”).

No. 452003

File: 1514180225017.jpg (898.8 KB, 1074x1735, Screenshot_20171224-233343.jpg)

She's blowing through all that sweet youtube/Instagram money.

No. 452036


She has been spending extravagantly for a few months but only got health insurance last week.


No. 452060


This isn't a selfie. How is she not embarrassed asking someone to take her photo posing like an idiot in the hospital??

No. 452061


She describes having both ME and CFS. (And dysautonomia and POTS both). Total munchie and I'll bet she's not been diagnosed with half of what she claims.

No. 452062


If she actually has CRPS I'll eat my splints.

No. 452150

File: 1514227100842.png (1.07 MB, 750x1334, IMG_5502.PNG)

Oh, a new baby was born? Time to go to the ER, can't let anyone else have attention on Christmas!

No. 452153


I dunno if it’s a US or munchie thing but here in th UK, our version of the ER tends to be for actual emergencies. I guess if you hurt your arm and it looked broken, you’d be good for updating social media as it’s not super serious if you’re sick and need A&E, you should be sick enough that you don’t update social media.

No. 452168

She just got an absolutely massive fish tank and wasn't smart enough to stock it with healthy fish so they all have ich, kek. How many animals does she have now? She's about to get milkier than Taylor Nicole Dean… Wonder what the anti-pet landlord thinks about her animal hoarding.

No. 452189

I’m totally not surprised she’s going to the ER. She’s that kind of munchie. How ridiculously self-centered can you get? Let someone else have a little bit of the attention for one day a year. It’s not that hard.

No. 452190


If she was having those symptoms last night, why not go to the ER last night? Because she couldn't announce that she needed to go in front of her family, I'll bet.

No. 452202

File: 1514234570290.png (2.56 MB, 1536x2048, D6C33A41-8758-4D7F-8BB8-F646DE…)

I knew she was angling after TPN <rolls eyes> she looks happy to be in hospital.

No. 452213

sage for question but are munchies just like this all their lives? Do they grow into or out of it? Do they know it’s bullshit or genuinely believe they have these problems?

No. 452231


AFAIK munchies only appear in the media when they get caught for fraud.

Hopefully lolcow will be around long enough to find out.

No. 452241

I really don't understand this. She's being admitted for nausea and vomiting? Seriously?! She's not malnourished, she clearly doesn't need TPN. I know that the hospital can't discharge you if you don't refuse to leave - is that what's happening here? I find it so hard to believe that you'd be admitted for nausea and started on TPN (which causes more problems than it solves, much of the time).

No. 452252

three babies! this is going to require some extra trips to the ER.

No. 452254


She wasn’t even running her feeds, so I dunno how she can argue that she wasn’t tolerating them. She wasn’t even trying!

No. 452311

She’s absolutely thrilled at the possibility of tpn, when we know not only is she not trying to increase her feed, she’s obviously eating normal food, since she’s gained weight while claiming she can’t tolerate her feed. Ridiculous. I hope she gets caught soon and given some serious psychiatric treatment.

No. 452324

File: 1514249895127.png (2.77 MB, 1536x2048, 8A2774B9-04AD-49A4-A2FC-D8F145…)

Firstly, major ewww at having an accessed port so close to a toilet. Secondly, I’ve never been so sick that I need to lie on the bathroom floor but if if I was, I reckon I’d be too sick to take a photo of myself.

No. 452325

File: 1514249974902.jpg (196.02 KB, 636x640, angie compensation scam redux …)

Angie/Skagra is hedging all her bets and running two of her most popular scams at once - the monthly donations (now asking for $9000pm) and the "compensation case".

It's the same text as what she was saying last year, word-for-word.

No. 452330

(Because she doesn’t have GP and isn’t nauseous or vomiting or unable to eat)

No. 452429


"Might start TPN"

I doubt it. But it's always good to throw in dramatic treatment options to up your spoonie credentials.

No. 452435

well its like when she went for sleep tests to determine that in fact she has no narcolepsy like queen jaquie. mention trigger words for spoonies and then you get more more delicious likes and ~gentle hugs~ ~posi vibes~

No. 452441


I assume she's suing because of the initial CRPS-triggering fall. WHO is she suing? You can't sue if you just trip over your own feet.

No. 452452


Did she ever say what the result of that test was? Shouldn't have taken longer than a week to get them …

No. 452453


surprised someone would let their newborn baby near someone so sick. How do they know her vomiting or whatever isn't from a stomach bug?

No. 452457


Because they're family, so they've probably heard her go on endlessly about her "gastroparesis".

No. 452484

Or they know she’s not actually sick, and is either purging or not even throwing up at all.

No. 452495

i havent seen mention of a sleep disorder since her posing for testing in november. but i dont watch her vlogs so i cant give a definite if she has talked about it on that platform.

No. 452501

File: 1514261748353.png (738.81 KB, 933x553, aub3.png)

so scary that she still has time for a practiced selfie, post to instagram and hashtag spam.

spoonies go on about emergencies and what not but they can still manage their social media. if you can coherently post and pose, chances are youre not feeling that bad

No. 452506


The classic "leave em hanging" tactic. Fucking manipulative bitch. She's turning into one of the worst munchies on here.

No. 452509


I am sure there are plenty of people (like individuals with cancer) who may have spent the night on the bathroom floor with a port accessed - clearly not ideal and quite frankly if you have access to a emesis basin or something (which I am sure she has plenty of) I don't know why you wouldn't just go somewhere more comfortable with that nearby. Not sure why I don't find the having a port in the bathroom thing as gross as many on here do.

Regardless - the lets take a selfie on the bathroom floor business is just ridiculous. Particularly because the shot is specifically composed - show part of the bathroom floor, have port hanging out, close eyes. It's not like someone else snapped a real moment to show "this is what life is like when living with xyz". I wouldn't even be surprised if she took several attempts to pick out which one looked best.

No. 452539

She’s awful, for sure on of the worst. If you’re that sick, you’re not blogging, nor are you sitting up talking selfies and wishing people “Merry Christmas!” complete with exclimation marks. And any time you’re in a true medical emergency, you don’t get to keep a normal shirt on (if you’re going to potentially have any heart/breathing/abdominal issues they want your torso accessible, especially if there’s any risk at all you could code). She looks suspiciously healthy, too, like she’s been able to eat and drink and be totally fine until the attention was on someone other than her for a split second. What a selfish bitch.

No. 452584

That will teach those selfish women having their babies.

No. 452672

File: 1514283336785.jpg (231.56 KB, 1370x984, pyvk0qY.jpg)

Sure it's treatable. Unless you die of course; still no treatment for death.

Guess they're still discussing it. Of course she got comments from various people saying they've been on TPN for x amount of time now and it's scary but it has improved their quality of life SO much. I guess if she wasn't a munchie comments like that could be helpful. However she's not scared of TPN like normal people would be.

I'm wondering though: if she wasn't a munchie, would TPN be indicated in this case? If you forget who she is? Let's just say patient A has a malignant but slow growing tumor and needs an operation. Pt has a GJ tube but isn't tolerating her feeds for which no clear cause can be found. She already has a central line. I'm not a doctor, but I could see them starting her on TPN just for a few weeks so she can have surgery. If it's at all possible of course it should be combined with tube feeds at a rate she can tolerate. Would that be done at all? Is it too risky and if so, why? I know sometimes after major (abdominal) surgery TPN is given for a short amount of time until patients can eat again, so it seems to me this situation could potentially be one in which TPN was used. The biggest risk I see apart from the risks inherent to TPN - risks associated with the line (which she already has) plus the fact that it's very hard on the liver (which is not too bad I guess if it's short term only) - is that there is no clear cause for her not tolerating her feeds, so if no cause if found it could prove difficult to wean her off and start her on full tube feeds again. Then we are looking at long-term TPN and the risks of course increase greatly.

I'm just saying.. of course Aubrey is Aubrey and she's been angling for this for a long time. Most patients don't even know what TPN is and would at the very least try anything to get their feeds into their body. And she already didn't need that tube in the first place. But if you don't know that and would take her symptoms at face value, is TPN still bad medicine in this specific case?

No. 452673


In the US people who are uninsured or underinsured go to the ER for every manner of health problem. Legally the ER cannot decline treatment to people who are uninsured or underinsured, but are only obligated to provide enough treatment to stabilise the patient until they can be seen by their primary care provider.

Munchies, of course, exist in a universe in which every health problem is an emergency.

No. 452681

I think I have a cow to share, but I'm not sure. She definitely has SOMETHING wrong, could be legitimate EDS (she has stretchy skin but idk if her dislocations are legitimate) , but she's super extra about it. I only see her insta and I haven't been able to find any other social media of hers so that's all I'm going on.
Her instagram is tons of pretty awful makeup she's done on herself, she never seems to improve. On her story she goes on and on about how awful her life is and how nobody understands, often cries in pyjamas to show off. Is currently crying because her neighbour came over to socialise with her parents because duh, it's Christmas, and "boohoo now I can't enter some random competition and Christmas is ruined!!"
Should I post her? She also spends an unbelievable amount of money on makeup and wears Lolita but somehow can't afford medical treatment.

No. 452687

Do it!

No. 452707

Her Instagram is princess_dorcha
I'll post more soon, I'm only on mobile right now.
If she's not bad enough for this thread that's my mistake, I honestly can't tell anymore.

No. 452709

File: 1514294225888.png (176.63 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5506.PNG)

From the comments on Aubrey's latest hospital post kek

No. 452729

I looked up the comment and clicked on the commenters name. The insta account is private and the title/header/whatever reads "I'm smart and I can see through anyone's bullshit". Kind of funny. Pretty sure it's someone from here, or in any case a likeminded individual. Well, if you're here: welcome. Although I have to say I don't see a smirk on that latest picture. It is quite visible in others though.

No. 452746

At least she doesn't do daily vlogs anymore. For the time being. I'm pretty sure if she actually gets TPN, there will be at least a short vlog about it.

Speaking of her vlogs.. did anyone see her most recent one? (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jDd3A_ObE4g) The title of that vlog is "feeding tube change did not go as planned".
So naturally, I thought either something went wrong and there were complications during the tube change, or they were somehow unable to do the change due to planning issues or whatever. Nope. Everything went fine. No complications and her new tube is working fine. So what was the reason for that title? They didn't have her button in stock so they had to replace it with a normal 'dangler' tube. Yep. Poor, poor Aubrey. You'd think someone just diagnosed with cancer would have other things on their mind instead of caring which type of tube they have in their body.

though to be fair in Aubreys case this is a terrible thing to have to deal with because of course the main reason feeding tubes are so popular in the spoonie community is because those low profile buttons apparently look very cute. Now if she would swim regularly or do other sports I can imagine the long tube is a tiny bit more of a hassle. I could even imagine if she did night feeds only that it would bother her just a little bit that she had to walk around all day with that tube taped onto her belly. But even then I wouldn't understand why she finds it necessairy to complain about it in her vlog and even make the title "feeding tube change did not go as planned". It went exactly as planned, and she has a working tube now that doesn't leak. It makes literally NO difference to her if she has a button with a tube connected to it 24/7 or wether she has a long feeding tube sticking out of her. She does 24-hour feeds anyway because she can only tolerate a slow rate. (Although she's not even trying now - even 25ml over 24h is a LOT better then nothing - but of course she knew that she might get TPN if she somehow didn't tolerate them, so why not just go straight to her goal, right?) So when does she even notice the difference between the long tube and her button? O right, when she takes a shower she has a longer tube in her belly instead of a shorter one. Well, I'm sure that makes her life SO much harder than it already is. Poor, poor Aubrey.

(saged for ranting)

No. 453746

File: 1514318160138.png (1.17 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3827.PNG)

Kati McFarland @katiwithoutthee never ceases to fucking disgust me.

No. 453749

There is absolutely no difference in function between a long tube and a button tube. She’s never even tried increasing her feed rate, so how does she know she can’t tolerate it? Unless she’s saying it makes her too bloated and nauseous or gives her diarrhea or something. Those are fairly normal side effects of tube feeding, and are much more preferable to the possible side effects of TPN, like liver damage and sepsis from line infections. If someone can do somewhat well on tube feeding, there’s no reason to do TPN (except for an inflammatory bowel disease where a person needs full bowel rest). Aubrey is so full of shit, and getting more so by the day. She’s pretty much completely insufferable now.

No. 453751


apparently the hospital thinks Aubrey might have sepsis (according to her anyway) and are treating her as if she does. She supposedly has a high fever and listed a bunch of symptoms that sound like the flu. Not something I would have my newborn baby and its brand new immune system around.

No. 453757

If you have sepsis, there’s no way you’re taking selfies and vlogging. Not only do you feel generally sick, it’s really painful. If anything, she’s got the flu like lots of other people right now. Especially if it started Christmas Eve and she didn’t go in until the next afternoon, sepsis goes a lot quicker than that.

No. 453759

I'd be hard-pressed to find a new mother who would let anyone even remotely sick near their newborn. Especially while still in hospital because those places are just infections waiting to happen.

So either Aubrey is lying about how sick she is (throwing up and seizures) and her family knows she is which is why she can hold that tiny baby.

Or the baby's parents have no clue that this bathroom floor lying, tubie pad next to toilet wearing woman could be spreading a plethora of germs to their fragile infant.

This makes me question not only Aubrey, but her family. If she had flu like symptoms why on earth would she think to go near a baby? Does she want the baby to end up "sick like her"?

Probably not because then the baby would get all the attention.

Another interesting thought has occurred to me though:

With all these babies being born I'm sure Aubrey has tons of people asking her when she'll have kids. I'll bet all of this hospital nonsense is to say "owo i'm too sick to have kids" or she's just extremely narcissistic and doesn't want the attention taken off of her for one second.

Sage for some blogging.

No. 453762

I agree, absolutely disgusting. If you’re as sick as she claims she is, going to Washington DC and being an activist and showing off like that is the last thing you have energy to do. She also never shows herself actually using her tube, but does post pics of the huge, non-Gi-problem-friendly meals she eats, so she for sure does not need a tube.

No. 453767

I’m pretty sure she’s not that sick (if she’s sick at all). Here’s her family, with all their new babies and successful lives, and then there’s Aubrey, who has literally nothing going for her. She doesn’t work, barely goes to school, has a boyfriend but he just her caregiver and chauffeur at this point. She’s been too busy faking illnesses to get a life, and with her family that’s thrown into her face (even if it’s not explicitly stated). So less attention on her, and more need for her to both get attention and prove why she’s failing at adult life. Sad, but she’s brought it on herself.

No. 453784

Kek, Aubrey was so sick and destabilizing with a high fever and yet her doctor didn't even come in the room. Must not have been the emergency she cracked it up to be

No. 453793

File: 1514321861108.jpeg (89.21 KB, 750x651, 5A6ADAE5-81B2-42D3-8563-F3FAED…)

I’m super skeptical of the “infection”… there are no antibiotics running… if you have blood cultures collected already and you’re sure it’s an infection causing the issue, your doctors would have you on antibiotics immediately, even if it were just prophylacticly..

No. 453803


Yeah, if they suspect sepsis,