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File: 1501276511199.jpg (40.58 KB, 420x294, spooniemunch.jpg)

No. 362479

OTT Spoonies/Munchausen By Internet 26 days ago No. 345089

Over-The-Top Spoonies/Munchausen By Internet Attention Whores General #7
Previous Thread: >>355530

Discuss people who feign or exaggerate chronic illnesses and medical crises for attention and asspats online. Previous topic focused primarily on Instagram accounts, but posts from blogs and other social media sites are admissible.

Most recent active IG cows:
Eli, aka folie_a_you
kelly.ronahan; me_and_the_mr (has her own thread >>359452 ).

The Munchie Queen of all time is Robyn Brown, who has her own threads (original: >>197138 ). Sadly she is now incognito.

What Is A "Spoonie"?
People who identify as 'Spoonies' are referencing 'The Spoon Theory,' written by a woman with lupus to explain the chronic illness experience to a healthy friend who asked her what it really feels like to live with her medical problems.
The 'Spoonie' Community is, in general, a legitimate supportive network for people dealing with chronic illness. In recent years, however, it has become polluted with SJW types and has attracted a new breed of attention-seeking catfish: people who lie about, fake having, and/or exaggerate existing medical problems and crises for no benefit other than to garner attention.

What Is Munchausen By Internet (MBI)?
From Dr. Marc Feldman, an expert in factitious disorders including Munchausen Syndrome, first described Munchausen By Internet in 2000:
"…the advent of online support groups, combined with access to vast stores of medical information, enabled individuals seeking to gain sympathy by relating a series of harrowing medical or psychological problems that defy comprehension to misuse the groups.[1] Communication forums specializing in medical or psychological recovery were established to give lay users support in navigating often confusing and frustrating medical processes and bureaucracy. Communities often formed on those forums, with the goal of sharing information to help other members. Medical websites also became common, giving lay users access to literature in a way that was accessible to those without specific medical training. As Internet communication grew in popularity, users began to forgo the doctors and hospitals often consulted for medical advice. Frequenting virtual communities that have experience with a medical problem, Feldman notes, is easier than going through the physical pain or illness that would be necessary before visiting a doctor to get the attention sought. By pretending to be gravely ill, Internet users can gain sympathy from a group whose sole reason for existence is support. Health care professionals, with their limited time, greater medical knowledge, and tendency to be more skeptical in their diagnoses, may be less likely to provide that support."

LINKS to articles and info on MBI:
https://www.munchausen.com (Dr. Feldman's website)

No. 362486

No. 362487

why the fuck she need to carry a huge lunchpack for a disease that's all in her head?

(thank you based anon for creating a new thread)

No. 362504

File: 1501279283055.png (190.69 KB, 346x479, nicolestop.png)

>last night i had a very disrupted night as the ward was really noisy as quite a lot of people ended up unwell

How inconsiderate. Sick people cluttering up hospitals, being unwell and disturbing poor nicole who needs her beauty sleep.

No. 362509

Wow. Just fucking wow. That is some serious egocentrism and appalling selfishness. Fuck that. Fuck her.

No. 362513


I don't think Nicole is in a hospital, I think she's in an inpatient mental health clinic.

No. 362516


You're not having a flare up, you don't have an inflammatory disease. Just everyone fuck off with it.

No. 362519

given the current state of nhs psychiatric inpatient care, i sadly doubt it. very few people get a bed, even those as batshit crazy as her.
it's more likely that she's clogging up an acute medical bed. /medfag

No. 362521


Yep, she's def in an acute bed and they probably won't discharge her over the weekend,

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what my hard earned tax money pays for. I genuinely don't mind it laying for people to get good mental health support but not this.

No. 362526

this is absolutely fucking INFURIATING

how can she justify wasting resources like this. I'm not someone who hates her or has been without sympathy in the past. When she seemed to be accepting her somatic illness I respected that and really hoped it would see a change for her. But this pathetic shit just reveals again how selfish she is. It's always about Nicole and what Nicole wants.

No. 362528

For all that it's probably a made up disease and an unhealthy focus, at least the chronic Lyme crowd aren't exploiting the nhs to fund their problems.

No. 362536


That's because there is literally nothing the NHS will do for Lyme except give you a long course of antibiotics which in most cases is enough. I'm in the UK and have a few of these popular illnesses, and my mind boggles when I see EDS/POTS munchies having a wobbly day and deciding to trot off to the hospital for some saline. Basically, if they have insurance, they can milk whatever they want out of it.
Here, we at least don't get so coddled (if we're already lucky enough to have healthcare coverage).

No. 362537


& while they are constantly petitioning the NHS to take their definitely-real disease seriously, they're also creating obligatory GoFundMes for private woo clinic treatment or treatment in the States.

No. 362541

The whole gastroparesis thing is out of hand with these munchies. Come on, it's literally just delayed gastric emptying and does not have no mean a condition in itself. Yes, yes I know it CAN be but for most of these healthy looking "tubies", that's not the case.

I'm sure if you did an emptying study on a million people, you'd find many perfectly healthy people with slow emptying. We are humans and our bodies don't always react in perfect ways.They probably just belch a bit after meals, call it indigestion and take an antacid…like normal people.

No. 362542


Gastroparesis tends to go hand in hand (at least in the IG spoonie community) with EDS. EDS is pretty painful and a lot of these people are therefore on strong painkillers. Guess what strong painkillers do - slow your digestive system right down! Basically I'm sure half of them wouldn't have gastroparesis if they took a gentle laxative a few times a week.

No. 362544

Gofuckmes for "treatment" at Breakspear are the worst.

No. 362545

File: 1501286175997.jpg (985.59 KB, 1046x1778, Screenshot_20170728-185250.jpg)

Oh yes, she gets to trade her big bulky tube out for the coveted GJ button. Also, what the fuck is that face?

No. 362547


That's awesome. Now, she can eat all the Dairy Queen she wants and purge - I mean vent - it out her stomach.

No. 362548


All the opiates and zofran they are prescribed are enough to slow down a healthy digestive system. Plus, if some of them went for a short walk once in a while, they'd get some movement going.

No. 362551


She is honestly the picture of perfect health. I know looks can be deceiving with many illnesses but she claims quite serious ones, including malnutrition enough to need a feeding tube. Her hair is glossy, skin looks good and she actually has a good figure, nice and slim.

No. 362553


I hope to god someone breaks the dog out while she's in hospital. Look at its poor face. FEED YOUR FUCKING DOG, JAQUIE!

No. 362554


If you want to see someone looking unhealthy before getting the tube feed they need for severe gastroparesis, try Mandy Morbid (on Instagram). I've followed her for some years and when she was ill she looked horrendous, gaunt. You could see the difference the tube had made to her in just a few weeks.

No. 362555


Sorry, forgot to sage!

No. 362558

File: 1501287066599.gif (1.94 MB, 400x234, tumblr_mzucauvoa11ru72puo1_r1_…)

the dogs face is killing me
>you little lying shit I know what you do behind closed doors

No. 362564


This is the reason I am glad the service dogs are so strictly controlled here. They have welfare checks to make sure the dog is happy and healthy and being used appropriately. You can't just get your own pet accredited.

Which reminds me of something I screengrabbed earlier…

No. 362566

File: 1501287502253.jpeg (312.19 KB, 1264x1185, misstery.jpeg)

What makes you doubly special and doubly sick? DOUBLE THE SERVICE DOGS! Not only that, but she's recommending all sick people get one because it's nice to have a companion. What she is describing is a PET, not a service dog jesus fucking christ…

Also they're both very small dogs (sorry for lack of photo, it's on her IG tho). I don't think a small dog is a great choice for a service dog unless it's a hearing dog (which this isn't). She just wants to take her pets everywhere cos she's so special.

No. 362571


Can dairy allergy even cause an anaphylactic reaction? Srs question.

No. 362574

My husband has anaphylactic reactions to dairy.

No. 362577

Possible self post. The account in question is full of ridiculous hospitalglam shots (in between the suicide girl cringe) and showing off a shiny pink wheelchair, which she almost certainly doesn't need. She's a bit skinnier than Jaqui but that hardly makes her a sooper srs case of EDS/GP. tbh she seems like yet another melodramatic cow who's playing up some mild hypermobility to cater to kinksters/carve out a niche for herself. Boring.

No. 362583

Can't find her, this is an image board. Pics pls.

No. 362591


Not self-post. No idea how to prove this, but um… I was just offering an example of someone who actually looked like they benefited from their tube feed.

No. 362623


"Daddy pays for my insurance", at a guess.

No. 362642


And if you're that seriously malnourished, your brain shuts down, you're not smiling and posting pictures on instagram. And then refeeding and the soon after takes forever and is miserable.

No. 362650


It must be nice to have enough money to tell doctors what you want and have them do it. Somehow she skipped every between stage of GP treatment, even though she's still eating solid food. It does not make any sense at all. And no one should be that excited to empty out food and stomach juices, unless they have an eating disorder. And if she can eat Dairy Queen, there's no need for venting or even a tube. I'm going with a mix of special spoonie points and eating disorder.

Sage for rehashing

No. 362667


Yup. She OBVIOUSLY skipped the drastically overhauled diet if she's still eating at Dairy Queen. Then there are medications that can help… but nope, tube. All the sick internet points!

No. 362673

Jesus. Jaqui gets at home physical therapy now.

She's training her poor dog to bark on command, so if she goes down in public she can get help.

No. 362678


How can you get a dog to bark, when you're too unconscious to signal to it?

No. 362683

Why is she unconscious and needing help? She has pots but is in a wheelchair. Most pots patients only faint while standing. Also, most faint and regain consciousness fairly quickly when blood flow returns to the head.

No. 362696

As someone who faints regularly, she sure knows nothing about how fainting works? Especially if she needs a fucking dog to "alert" to her fainting.
before you faint you physically feel the blood pressure drop, it's like a huge flush comes over your body, then you start feeling tired and weak and you need to sit the fuck down, or at least that's how it is for me, I don't know if anyone else gets it like that, but either way - your body has a way of telling you when you're about to fucking faint. You do not need a fucking dog to tell you that.

Seizures on the other hand - seeing as though she's "epileptic" I can believe her having a dog for that.

No. 362700


But the dog isn't actually trained to detect seizure auras. Kek!

No. 362702


I can tell when I'm going to faint most of the time. Even if it's just two seconds of tunnel vision it's enough time to get closer to the floor.

Sage for samefag/non-milk

No. 362733

Wait seriously the dog isn't trained to detect seizures yet she goes on about her epilepsy constantly? Then again she uses so many fancy medical terms she's probably tripped up in her own bullshit. I honestly feel so bad for her husband, watch him in their blogs and like you'll see he looks bored out of his fucking mind while she is talking about her illness, looking at her like "please stop" but he's clearly too fucking kind to say anything to her about it because he's a huge ass enabler.

No. 362742


I am pleased my partner would just tell me to get over myself if I tried that shit, or got even halfway to that point. Sick people (of which I am one) need practical support, and people with resilience, patience, and morbid humour. We don't need coddling.

Saged for blog/rant.

No. 362752

What is with the voice??

No. 362755

Jesus Christ

No. 362756


Lots of anorexic patients stay in their pre-pubescent mentality and voice if they became ill before puberty.

Her voice annoys me less than I'd assumed. She's nicer on video than in pictures/comments.

No. 362761

Why does she talk like a child?

No. 362762


see: post above yours

No. 362790

File: 1501310589814.jpg (564.5 KB, 2896x2896, 20170729_010825.jpg)


Just like endlessvoices.
Her GI cant/doesn't know what to do since everything has failed..her GI did 1 GES after begging and fighting for a GES (been chasing it for years) she did everything she could to make sure the ges would show something. And it did and it's extremely mild and not gastroparesis just delayed emptying but her gi jumped the gun and decided to give her a single botox procedure (years ago botox treatment was not used first. Less invasive and less expensive treatment comes first. Botox is a little invasive because you have an Upper GI to get it done)
It didn't help her special gp and her gi referred her to temple.
Wth? There are several treatment plans left since she skipped so many options to go to the big wigs.
This picture is the dr she will be seeing and his about me.
I'm anxious to see how all this will unfold because the testing is thorough.
No doubt something isn't right just not sure what.im curious to see if any of her older illnesses she faked and tried to get diagnosed with something/anything suddenly resurface or suddenly brand new ones with her appts.
Temple is likely going to want a psych eval on her..i just hope they don't override it since she is in therapy and medicated

No. 362797


honestly temple is no longer the place to go. the head doc there, besides having a terrible bedside manner, places gastric pacemakers which don't always work, shock the patient with electrical currants, and only serve to reduce nausea and such. i go to a different hospital and have been advised to never go to temple because his methods are archaic. then again, my gp is severe and i'm running out of options so i shouldn't turn down anything - she is a complete joke with her gp. i don't understand why anyone would want this disease, as it took me from a fully functioning almost 30 year old to being bedridden with non stop symptoms, which i'm finally starting to recover from since being put on a GJ tube - and that's only 5 weeks after it was placed.

sage for self-blogging>>362790

No. 362812

These were posted earlier. Please check up on the thread before posting.

No. 362814


THIS. GP patients with a tube are encouraged to eat small quantities if they can, but from things on the GP diet - bland, soft and easy to digest! Not fucking Dairy Queen! And so few of these spoonies have given all the meds - *thromycins, domperidone if available, metoclopramide - an honest try. No, they went straight to tubes, and doctors were all too happy to satisfy them because a PEG insertion is so much more cash than prescribing diet and MCP.

No. 362817

Harlow looks like she's rolling her eyes haha

No. 362819

Lol puts the epi pens underneath a bunch of shit she grabbed at the drugstore

No. 362823


I lost it at Berocca. In case you're unfamiliar: it's an etfervescent vitamin pill.

Fucking hell. She's not even properly epileptic, she has PNESs!

No. 362824

Please kindly kill me now with a sledgehammer.

No. 362851

She needs her Teddy bear and soap bubbles for a hospital stay? She's in her 20ies, or? And she often has a special blanket with her. What does she need next? A whole ward for herself? Or homecare?

Why did she delete all her recent posts on instagram?

I also need a sledgehammer for myself

No. 362854


how does this bitch possibly manage to get hospitalised often enough that she needs a "comfort box", when she doesn't even have a physical problem

i was genuinely glad when she seemed to be getting therapy, but nope, all she wants is attention, she's not interested in being healthy at all. UGH she makes me so mad.

No. 362857


I saw many misconceptions from the last thread as well as the linked post. many of you seem to have vague or little knowledge, even if you have POTS. I'm all for you calling peoples' shit out, but ffs do it right.

POTS is one of the most debilitating conditions (though I highly doubt that many of the people in question are actually debilitated by it). it causes many more things than just orthostatic tachycardia since it's a type of dysautonomia, and usually comes along with other forms of dysautonomia (mainly vasovagal syncope) as well. I'm not going to list the symptoms because I don't want to give munchies hints, but please stop being so ignorant if you're going to attempt to hold some credibility.

"my ____ doesn't affect me like this so it can't affect others like that" or "I know when ____ is going to happen so others should too" is just as bad as spoonies trying to compete with each other and is flawed logic.

sage for medfagging / blogging

No. 362861

File: 1501328306738.png (2.39 MB, 1872x1202, Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 23.5…)

dairy allergy chloe?

No. 362874

hahaha @ one of the "most" debilitating conditions

No, it's not. I have really fucking bad pots (sorry for blogging, farmers, it's relevant I promise) and am having intensive treatment, genuinely need a chair (which I don't post about on ig), etc, but no way is it one of the most debilitating conditions. That's freakin laughable. Compare it to actually seriously debilitating illnesses and accept that it's shitty and no fun and certainly not the picnic people have been implying, but it's nowhere near as bad as the most serious shit out there.

Saged because of some blogging

No. 362887


> one of the most debilitating conditions

ALS. SMA. Actual mito. Severe myopathies. Transverse myelitis. Spinal cord injuries. Severe late stage MS, especially progressive forms. Brain tumors. HD. Advanced PD. Severe heritable ataxias. A-T. (v)CJD. And so on.

These are severe conditions.

You with your POTS don't experience a fraction of the disability these people do. Sure, measured against, say, having a cold, POTS is super disabling. But to pretend it's on par with actual disabling illnesses is ridiculous. It's a non lethal and relatively limited dysautonomia (if you wish, consider there are autonomic neuropathies that are much, much more severe than POTS, such as AAG and pure autonomic failure.

If your POTS is soooper disabling, you don't know how to treat it properly. With hydration (not always/necessarily IV!), Florinef, some pressors and other meds, hypotensive POTS can be managed just fine. Go look for a doctor that doesn't subscribe to the 'POTS IS SUPER CEREAL!' idea but sees POTS as a highly treatable but at most unpleasant disease.

Sage for medfagging.

No. 362890


What the shitfuck. 'Please applaud me, I had chocolate'? Dear fucking Hippocrates, these people make 'do no harm' really difficult. I would expect they would, among others, not have dairy products if they're sensitive to it!

How's your epipen campaign going, Chloe?

No. 362902

* judgmental

No. 362910

Agree it's not the most debilitating disease but I have hyper pots and can't do anything. I sweat and overheat like crazy which makes my tachycardia worse, and it makes me more fatigued because being hot wears me out. And I unfortunately have electrical issues w/my heart to boot plus a bum valve and a murmur. I make the best of my life and alway try to stay positive but for me it's incredibly

yeah, no. not all of us are hypotensive. I have hyperadrenergic POTS and take bp pills and beta blockers, had a failed ablation, etc. I have to eat a low sodium diet and I overheat in the winter and whatever, there's literally nothing that can be done for me other than ICM monitoring, it is actually really difficult to live with.

Being hypotensive is much easier to deal with.

sage for blogging/not contributing(blogging)

No. 362924

Fellow hyper here….Agreed it's not the worst condition in the world, but it certainly sucks and makes life much more difficult. I wasn't able to keep up with my career. We got in trouble if we sat and weren't able to have food/drinks unless on break. I also got my license yanked and needed it for work. I was able to work for the first year, but eventually they forced me out. I am doing other things. I don't post online all the time or use a wheelchair, but I don't have the life I did before.(blogging)

No. 362943

File: 1501339915452.jpg (318.91 KB, 1024x685, stopblogging.jpg)

No. 362946


Karma has already bitten me in the ass three times. That's why I'm so pissed at these kids pretending they're super sick, playing tourist in the world of chronic illness. Maybe you should wish karma on them. I have no idea what many of these would do if someday something were actually wrong with them!

No. 362951

Why the fuck do you need all that shit when you're hospitalized? Oh right you don't. The few times I've had to be hospitalized all I wanted to do is to sleep and maybe stare blankly at a TV until I passed out again. Because if you're that sick you're really not up for much of anything.

No. 362957


> when you're sick

And therein lies the point, my china.

No. 362963

i have veds and my every day life is pretty normal so i can tell you these heds girls play it up. sometimes i use a walker for long distances and i see my doctors regularly for my heart and joints but otherwise i have hobbies and family

sage for selfpost and sage for blogging slash no1curr

No. 362969

That was before I had the dairy allergy you twats! so piss right off!, oh you do make me laugh, looking though my insta do you not have anything better to do!!!!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 362971

File: 1501343968439.jpg (907.07 KB, 1077x1721, Screenshot_20170729-101952.jpg)

That poor dog. I've never heard of diet alone increasing muscle. Geez

No. 362972

No. 362973

why is she not banned yet?

No. 362974

IG-ing from the dog's perspective. Almost as annoying as her own account.

No. 362975

I have hEDS, have been diagnosed since childhood. I am in my 20's now. I work a full time job, go to school full time, and keep up with hobbies/social life. Some days are worse than others, but I still do all these things! I need a cane/Walker for longer distances, and it's a good possibility I will be in a chair, but not for a long time! It irritates me to no end to see these spoonies that just decided they had it in the last few years! They don't even know what the real disorder is like! They just think they have it! It's more than being a little bendy.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 362981

If she is so scared of germs that she needs a mask (that we all know doesn't work) how is she not scared of feeding a dog that is in her face and closer to her body with that open port a raw diet of meat and eggs (salmonella is a scary germ!)

No. 362983


is that a whole egg in there, shell and all?

i feel so sorry for that poor dog.

No. 363040

Is there any meat in there? It looks like a weeb's ~ ✿ kawaii bento desu ✿ ~

No. 363061

It's difficult for anyone to feed a pet a raw, homemade diet (not normal pet food). It's super specific, and from the little I know, she hasn't included enough things to make it complete. And where's she getting the energy to do that? For someone so sick you'd think she'd go with the easiest option, since there's plenty of good, even organic, pet food out there. It's not like they sell goat meat and quail eggs at the grocery store.

No. 363063

i've seen quail eggs at specialty supermarkets here in the us but it'll break the bank trying to buy them regularly they're not meant for regular consumption at all. are the shells even edible? i'm stupid

No. 363068

"leaner body", you don't say, this dog is verging on underweight if she isn't already.
Also is that bowl mostly fruit? It all looks like fruit, and you don't base a dogs diet on fruit.
They're carnivores. Not obligate carnivores, but for fuck sake, any good dog owner knows that fruit is an occasional treat for a dog

No. 363073

Harlow is a toy to her. Like all her medical shit. She's playing "patient" and forcing her unlucky boyfriend to play caregiver.

No. 363079

Harlow isn't underweight yet (and this is coming from someone who hates Jacquie a lot and I totally hate people who raw feed to be trendy and the majority of people should not feed raw and Harlow could easily become underweight and have more health issues soon from her incomplete diet) and what most people consider underweight for dogs is actually ideal and what most people consider ideal is usually 10 to 20 pounds overweight.

Sage for dogfagging

No. 363112

File: 1501366894404.jpg (671.55 KB, 810x2128, 20170729_165445.jpg)


Should someone tell her a motility specalist ordering basic motility testing in order to evaluate and diagnose her condition based on her GI referral to the specialist doesn't mean she is actually sick?
I wonder if she realizes she's not going to be able to manipulate him. He works with motility and has seen many many people for it..he knows his sh!t
I find it disturbing that she keeps asking for help on what to ask the Dr..
I dunno..i think it's icing on the cake that she threw in the whole "look at me im so special I have to travel, I have basic tests they listed on their website, I didn't try to tell him what tests to run. He picked them all by himself like a big boy, I can't be faking if I have testing because obviously there is no way on earth any of these tests will show nothing..im so sick my GP is special can't you tell by all my tests?"

Also pointing out she said a week full of testing at least 2 or 3 tests a day.
She listed 5.

No. 363121


That's a basic GI motility workup. We order it for everyone whose chart indicates unexplained vomiting and presents a suspicion for GI motility issues. None of those tests are even particularly risky or special.

Breaking news: you're still faking.

No. 363124


> I wonder if she realizes she's not going to be able to manipulate him. He works with motility and has seen many many people for it..he knows his sh!t

I am not so sure. Unless he's clued up as to the number of Munchies pretending to have GP, he might not know about their lovely antics involving certain very widely available medicines…

No. 363141

File: 1501369871682.jpg (452.76 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_2732.JPG)

I don't know whether to laugh or cry about the fact that there are so many unethical, easy-to-manipulate doctors. The doctor who insterted a J-tube into Jacqui is totally wacko.

This is her THREE weeks after the surgery. The video only showed her eating a small amount but firstly, not the foods people with gastroparesis should be eating and secondly, no way would she would be well enough to eat at this stage. Her weight looks the same in every video and photo also. Crazy crazy.

No. 363147

File: 1501370848982.jpg (86.15 KB, 373x574, sMF7lJy.jpg)

i hope this speaks for itself but if you're wondering what exactly has me banging my head against a wall i've turned it red for you

No. 363148

File: 1501370870742.jpg (208.04 KB, 372x587, Screen Shot 2017-07-29 at 7.23…)

again milk is in red

No. 363155


i had a j tube inserted 5 weeks ago and the only thing i can have are clear liquids. i tried campbell's chicken noodle soup and what i didn't throw up came out my tube. there's absolutely no way this bitch can be sick enough to need a j tube if she's eating anything like that, 3 weeks after placement

sage for blogging(saged blog is still a blog)

No. 363164

If (a big, big if) she's diagnosed with autism, maybe that explains her obsession with her health. It's her special interest! No wonder she's so fixated and can't think about anything outside of it. It's unethical of her family and doctors to enable this pathetic and self-damaging behavior though. She may get sick (as in actually sick, not the current factitious shit) with iatrogenic issues if she keeps having nonessential procedures and drugs. She's a selfish spoiled cow but still young, much too young to die of (real) sepsis from unneeded procedures.

No. 363175

Her new youtube video is milky yall..

No. 363181

I know it's been said again and again here, but it blows my mind that she has a feeding tube and she eating a fucking sub sandwich. That is not gastroparesis. That's "I'm a special spoonie snowflake" munchie right there. She makes me sick

No. 363184


No. 363192


I am on the autism spectrum, and I do not for a second believe her. I think she's just not that bright.

No. 363222

For everyone who doesn't wanna go to YouTube to listen to her garble here's her newest

No. 363237


how tf does she have so much energy?!
90% of the conditions she claims to have caused fatigue yet she is radiating energy. and it's not an occasional thing, it's every fucking time she's on video.

No. 363278

She sure has a lot of energy to be slicing and dicing and preparing Harlow's meals for him. Not to mention money; i have looked into these raw diets for my own dogs and it can get pricey! But no, still gotta have the requisite GoFuckMe account.

No. 363280

Time, energy, money, endless attention and sympathy, and a whole pack of enablers. What else does a girl need?

No. 363281


an actual life…

No. 363286


Hahaha it's like you're expecting her to be like a (mentally) normal person

No. 363304

Jaquie really is a gold mine. I thought Shelbi was pathetic, but Jaquie makes her pitiable.

The extent to which Jaquie fetishesizes illness goes beyond wanting pity. She's obsessed with medical paraphernalia, clinical settings, and terminology. It's pathetic she's treated to the extent she is while really I'll people who aren't as affluent go without.

If any munchie deserved to die of complications resulting from "treatment" it would be Jaquie IMO. Oh well in the mean time it's interesting to watch her trash her health in the pursuit of being ill.

No. 363312

God the fucking sandwich pic. Yes, you have sooper serious GP. She probably only ate a little because she's literally being pumped full of calories. And she can't wait until she can "vent" her stomach. Serves her right if she gets fat

No. 363314

If an IG starts with 'chronically' there's a pretty good chance it's a shit show, and Jacque is pure manure. I don't think anyone deserves to die, but she does need a cold hard dose of truth. I hope people realize that's she's full of it and stop enabling her

No. 363352

She doesn't deserve to die.

But she does deserve to be exposed as a munchie slash exaggerating dramacow.

No. 363357

File: 1501404205946.png (202.03 KB, 720x936, wp_ss_20170730_0001 (2).png)

I've been following this one for a while now and at first she seemed to be accepting her non-epileptic diagnosis but lately she's been pushing for an epilepsy diagnosis, ending up in hospital regularly. This post really made me feel like there's something weird going on because conveniently the seizures only came once the eeg was taken off.

No. 363358


She's only 20. She's young and dumb and doesn't deserve to die. She does, however, need quite serious mental health help.

No. 363359

File: 1501404527190.png (530.36 KB, 720x996, wp_ss_20170730_0002 (2).png)

No. 363360

Am I blind, or did the Kelly Ronahan thread disappear? Wtf?

No. 363362

File: 1501404632598.png (229.05 KB, 720x954, wp_ss_20170730_0003 (2).png)

Recently she saw a gynae and got diagnosed with endo from a physical exam. The same day she added #endowarrior to her bio.

No. 363363


I've never seen a blanket like that at an A&E.

No. 363364

Apparently a kind off-duty nurse bought it for her while she was seizing in Tesco.

No. 363365


I only know a bit about seizures but surely she'd not be posting so soon if she'd been in status epilepticus for 45 minutes?!

No. 363366

No. 363368

No. 363370


I'm blind indeed. Sage for tardness.

No. 363375


Oh yes. Anybody who has spent 45 minutes in status is so fucked up on the Ativan and the phenytoin, they're drooling for the next few hours. Also, a seizure takes a LOT out of one. The post-ictal phase, as it is called, is a tough one. Some experience a spell of psychosis, others are just knackered and need to sleep it off. Few people just go on with their life and instagram.

Sage for fond memories of ER rotation.

No. 363376


Mefenamic acid. She's talking about mefenamic acid. It's one of the weakest painkillers you can give. It is also a typical 'dumb medication': there isn't a single RCT that shows that's it's superior to, say, diclo or APAP in pain relief, but because it has some prostaglandin activity, it was marketed in the 1980s as specifically for menstrual pain. So doctors prescribe a riskier and much more expensive drug just because somehow it stuck in the brains that it's great for period pain.

Gah. Sage for medfagging.

No. 363378


You can also get it over the counter in the UK and we are quite strict with many medications.

No. 363380


She's only 18. Why is she using medical words like "tachy"? These kids spend too much time munchie-ing it up on IG.

No. 363386

They wants to be "the frey life" so bad, it's pathetic

No. 363390


With the difference that the girl from the Frey Life will succumb to CF one day, while these two are just playing tourist in land of death and pain and hospital appointments. It's easy if you know you can walk out of it anytime you'd like.

No. 363391

Exactly. I've been there and the drugs alone make it impossible to do anything but sleep and stare at the wall, never mind the post ictal exhaustion, banging headache and general aching from muscle contractions. This is what made me stop and question her.

No. 363392

File: 1501410313522.png (666.61 KB, 720x939, wp_ss_20170730_0004 (2).png)

And of course she writes articles for the Mighty…

No. 363412


Come on. Ambulatory EEG is pretty rare and bound to elicit stares, you cannot immediately ascribe some nasty intent to it and whine on The Whiney. Oh, but you can if you're an internet Munchie.

No. 363413

File: 1501416197888.jpg (449.43 KB, 1680x1260, Phototastic-30_07_2017_3b66bc8…)

I think it was this point that I begin to think she may be slightly munchie. Although there was an earlier post which I'll share in a minute.

No. 363414

File: 1501416443265.png (222.59 KB, 711x974, wp_ss_20170730_0007 (2).png)

the older post.

No. 363424

These munchies are young and it's sad. They should be out there, having fun and enjoying their lives, doing stupid stuff that teens and people in their twenties do. They should be studying, working, having fun, being dumb, making mistakes and getting drunk and tattoos - no tubes and wheelchairs.

No. 363425


Just LOL at the idea of a "Medpac" in general. Like, I have some health issues and therefore carry medication, inhalers, glucose tablets etc. They just go in my bag or backpack! I guess you can't do a "this is my sooper special medpac" video about that though.

No. 363427

Chloe Leanne/chloeschronicles_of_illness is whining and moaning about her imaginary vaccine injury again. She is really a joke, spreading misinformation about vaccines. I wish ig would shit down (lmao I meant shut down but leaving that as it was) some of these megamunchie accounts where it's obviously at least 95% psychological. They (Jacquie, Chloe Leanne, Nicole) starve themselves for a while to induce symptoms and then demand constant medical attention. eyeroll

The fact that Jaquie and Chloe are ebegging too makes it even worse.

No. 363429

Not trying to whiteknight, but vaccine injuries are a thing. Lots of people got sick by the HPV vaccine

No. 363430

I get it if someone has meds that need to be kept cold - obviously an insulated bag is needed then. But for 95% of pills inhalers etc it's just not needed. Use a backpack!

No. 363432

I don't understand how chronically jaquie gets away with it.

in her video yesterday she said "i had a dream last night harlow and i were running from the law, but i dont get it because ive not done anything illegal"

Oh so faking being sick for attention, donations, and to manipulate your audience isn't illegal?

sounds to me like it's all psychologically catching up to her, i fucking hope she snaps under the pressure and drops herself in the shit, because she fucking deserves it.

No. 363436

anyone who demands and gets a j tube and then eats a fucking sub sandwich deserves all the shit karma that catches up to them. i fucking wish i could eat a sandwich and enjoy meals with my family.

sage for ranting.

No. 363437

You're whiteknighting. STFU.

No. 363438


Exactly. I don't want grit getting into my spacer, so I put it in a sandwich bag. Problem solved.

No. 363442

The Medpack is basically a glorified pencil case. So why not just buy a cheap pencil case. Oh yeah, because it wont have the sooper spshal word 'med' on it…

No. 363443

I think they're great for school/kids who can't keep track on emergency meds themselves - since there's ID on it and it's easy to find

No. 363449


Yeah fair enough. But these munchies are adults. It's like with beads of courage - fine for kids, bit weird for adults…
And you can write ID on a little piece of paper…

No. 363451


Adults tend to carry wallets. My medical info is all in there, along with instructions on how to use my blood glucose meter.

No. 363453


Same with the "hospital comfort box". JBN like so many others is enjoying the infantilisation their sooper sick status affords them.

No. 363459

>Also, a seizure takes a LOT out of one.
oh yeah. My best friend had epilepsy and he'd be fucking exhausted after a seizure. He also worked and went to college part time and still died from SUDEP, so when OTT spoonies get all "i just had a seizure 2 minutes ago" in their IG posts I get a bit bothered tbh.

fuuuuuuucksaaaaaaake does this bitch even understand how grave the shit she's depicting is? probs not would rather just lalala blog for pity points on insta.

Same but I think the difference between us and this lot is that we've got lives outside of being ill and they haven't? Like I just keep my meds and stuff in a pouch in my work bag. nbd. But if you've got no work and no school and you've constructed your life to revolve around being an illness, then yr gonna have a sooper speshul "medpac" and not just a regular person bag.

No. 363461

I understand having a small bag with some clothes and toiletries if you have legit problems that land you in the hospital a lot, but a "comfort box"? What is she, five?

No. 363473

File: 1501427212533.jpg (289.03 KB, 1680x621, Phototastic-30_07_2017_e5a1186…)

She also likes to celebrate the anniversary of her first witnessed seizure (image 1 of 2)

No. 363475

File: 1501427255130.png (228.18 KB, 720x994, wp_ss_20170730_0008 (2).png)

(image 2 of 2)

No. 363481

File: 1501427572780.png (719.79 KB, 710x943, wp_ss_20170730_0014 (2).png)


I also found this gem while scrolling back through her IG. I haven't searched for any other accounts yet but I'm hoping there's more milk out there.

No. 363513


Since you seem to be a rank newfag, here's a tip: the "chat speak" is to mock the munchies, it's not a serious part of our vocabulary.

And no, a lot of us aren't bratty teenagers. A lot of us are adults with jobs and lives, lives which we have to negotiate around serious medical conditions. All without resorting to extolling our heroism for being such special spoonies like the shitweasels we post here.

get a fucking life and find something else to do other than browse an img board for drama. But you're probably collecting welfare for your own gaggle of fake illnesses. What do you have– fibro? Chronic lyme?

No. 363517


The sheer number of wk idiots boggles my mind, almost as much as the munchies

No. 363518

Lol her seizures are psychogenic/somatic, she's acting like she's going to die. She must be besties with JBN.

No. 363527

File: 1501434354708.jpg (76.78 KB, 480x645, Drawing_170330.jpg)

Since you mention it… She follows Nicole.

No. 363539


Actually, this is an important distinction. Because her seizures are not the result of electric misfiring in her brain, she does not suffer the long-term effects of antiepileptics (since they don't work for PNES), she is not at risk for 'dead in bed' (sudden adult death in epilepsy), her seizures will not get worse (I assume so far they're mainly t/c though God knows what they are based on the mangled descriptions she gives!), and best of all? She may someday be cured. Epileptics stay epileptic forever. PNES is treatable. She should thank her lucky stars that she's 'only' got PNES, not try to fish for pity.

No. 363540


Actually, this is an important distinction. Because her seizures are not the result of electric misfiring in her brain, she does not suffer the long-term effects of antiepileptics (since they don't work for PNES), she is not at risk for 'dead in bed' (sudden adult death in epilepsy), her seizures will not get worse (I assume so far they're mainly t/c though God knows what they are based on the mangled descriptions she gives!), and best of all? She may someday be cured. Epileptics stay epileptic forever. PNES is treatable. She should thank her lucky stars that she's 'only' got PNES, not try to fish for pity.

No. 363541


Am I seeing it correctly she has her goddamned PAYPAL in her Instagram link?!


How fucking tacky can one get?

No. 363549

I have meds that need to be kept cool and I bought a larger cloth pencil case and toss in a dollar store frozen pad thing. That keeps it cool enough in a backpack for a couple hours of errands. There is absolutely no need to spend all that money on specially labeled stuff unless you're a kid and can't yet jab yourself properly with an epi pen or the like.

No. 363552

Vaccine injuries are a bunch of bunk. Usually people who are "vaccine injured" have an underlying condition that is ridiculously rare that a vaccine can bring to the surface. But the vaccine itself did not cause those underlying issues that are usually autoimmune or genetic. Plus it's ridiculously rare as in like .5% chance of it happening and even that is probably pushing it.

No. 363578

Chloe Leanne does not have a vaccine injury. She has an eating disorder and a tragic case of attention seeking.

No. 363588


Surprisingly, it is possible to have a chronic illness (or just pretend to have one, in some cases) and not beg for money. All these munchies and spoonies are capable of working, they're just really fucking lazy and prefer to beg and mooch off of others

No. 363590


There are so many studies out there that prove vaccines are safe. Even the chemicals that people (Chloe) say are harmful are in such minute quantities that they have absolutely no effect on us. Also, they're often different compounds than the ones people think of as dangerous (like thimerosal, which is a preservative found in just a couple vaccines; without it, the vaccine could contain harmful or even fatal bacteria). Unfortunately, there are plenty of idiots out there that jumped on the 'vaccines are dangerous' bandwagon without doing an research or even thinking for themselves. And now we have outbreaks of diseases that haven't been see in years.

sage for medfagging

No. 363597

Sad thing is, Jaquie would probably be happier if she did get a job and stopped playing "sick little girl". It's likely ruining their relationship.

No. 363599

>I may not have sparks in my brain, but my PNES is still hard.

No. 363601


I don't know why her eating disorder has been missed. Every photo is her showing off her skinny tummy and her toobz. She loves to show off that tummy.

No. 363602

You have 69 followers in common with her? Jeez, anon.

No. 363608

This. She's a headcase and it's all being externalized into fantasy physical issues. This has always been obvious to anyone following her with half a brain. She loves medical procedures, loves being in hospital, doesn't want to recover or ever work. I'm amazed they haven't (yet) sent her to the inpatient mental unit in the north for people with sooper serious somatic illness. It's possibly been suggested and she's turned it down, we know she wants to pick her own (non NHS) treatment and have other people pay for it. I doubt she knows that she like Kelly has a substantial number of followers who see through her lies.

No. 363614

Ha looks that way. Didn't even realise til you pointed it out. I obviously like milky spoonies.

No. 363630

Love how the seizures happen in places where she's certain to be the center of attention. The pool where trained people will be on the look out and the doctor's waiting room. Guess it would be a waste to fake seizures at home.

No. 363638

jaquie's 7/28 vlog…this bitch has a j tube and still eats cake how??? someone enlighten me as to how someone who can eat cake even needs a j tube?

No. 363639

File: 1501450935058.jpg (1.13 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20170730_145502.jpg)

Fucking seriously? They're selling $25 tshirts.

No. 363647

Quick answer: she doesn't.

No. 363654


TBH I often feel I don't have a life outside of being ill. I can't work a 9-5 (I freelance when I can), but I try to keep myself occupied and don't resort to making Vlogs about my disability :D

No. 363659


I see a lot of activists on Twitter with a paypal "tip jar" link, and that's fine. They're doing good, and going unpaid. I'm not going to pay Nicole to take up a valuable hospital bed for her fake illness.

No. 363660


Now THAT is tacky.
I can get behind the Chronically Fabulous ones, but how self-absorbed can one person get? She's just horrific.

No. 363663

Also the supermarket and in A&E / hospital wards. It's all very indicative of factitious / malingering. It's sad that she's so young and already in a bad cycle.

No. 363669

Seizures are serious and eating disorders aswell!

No. 363678


No one is saying they're not, but:

1. You cannot die from a non-epileptic seizure. They are perfectly controllable through therapy to address the underlying psychological issues (trust me, I used to have them).

2. Eating disorders ARE serious, yes. What this board has an issue with is people pretending to be physically ill in order to enable their own eating disorders.

No. 363680


Did no medical staff in hospital realise they were non-epileptic seizures?? I don't mean people with NES should be sent away, but the treatment is different.

No. 363684


"Seizures" are not serious. Here's a little introductory neurophysiology for you. We differentiate between epileptic seizures and what used to be called pseudoseizures and are now called PNES. In epileptic seizures, it's actually not even the seizure that's dangerous, it's the cause of it. The worst that happens to most people seizing is breaking a bone or dislocating a joint. Rarely, people may choke but there are ways to prevent that. The real damage is caused by the strain a genuine seizure puts on the body and the nervous system. It's like electrocuting the brain, and it's got incredible effects.

PNES is a seizure without epilepsy. It is harmless. Importantly patients with PNES (I prefer NEAD - nonepileptic attack disorder, as many patients get cranky the moment they hear the p-word) are not unconscious during their "seizure". There is no postictal phase. And most importantly at least from my perspective (I see these cases mainly in a correctional setting, I wonder why?): they do NOT respond to any antiepileptics unless they get so clobbered that they can't keep it up (which is why some think that giving them Ativan and phenytoin has 'helped': fuck no it hasn't, it just has made them too tired to continue).

There is a little known, painless and fully reliable test to differentiate PNES from a real seizure: crack an ammonia capsule over their nose. It will sting and they will be revulsed by the smell, but because they're not genuinely unconscious as they are not in a real seizure, they will awaken. I learned this from a correctional medicine blog and I LOVE it, it works really well.

if you have PNES, you do not have a serious illness, you have a form of conversion disorder, where some stress you are experiencing is converted into a physiological symptom. Nobody got better from a conversion disorder by dwelling over it. Most people find that a good approach is to explain to the pt that they're ok, they will recover, and they will have to understand that their mind is the boss here, and it is within their power to control their mind. The more they control their mind, the better they will be able to control their "seizures". For once, in this case at least, it really is mind over matter, and people can become very hard to treat if for some reason they have convinced themselves that they have a serious untreatable illness rather than a stress reaction.

Sage for medfagging.

No. 363687


Unfortunately, differentiation is 1) not widely taught, 2) the methods usually taught (sternal rub) are dumb, 3) only possible in the intraictal and immediate postictal phase, 4) in the intraictal phase, providers might not want to wait to confirm which one it is and thus potentially incur legal liability, whereas once they've pushed the Ativan, it's no longer really possible to differentiate what caused the episode, 5) people with PNES have a self-limiting pseudoictal phase, meaning that they do recover without intervention and so doctors may ascribe that to the antiepileptics rather than the fact that they would have gotten better anyway, 6) because PNES used to be called 'pseudoseizures', most people think they're completely fake as opposed to genuine but psychogenic, and doctors who try to test for PNES may soon face angry relatives who will want to know why s/he wasted time on making sure their loved one wasn't faking.

No. 363696


Example of someone who has convinced themselves they have a serious illness not a stress reaction: HypermobileGuy and his "I will never walk again" from hysterical paralysis.

No. 363702

I know what non epileptic seizures are

No. 363705

Does anyone know which "doctors" are "treating" this greedy fraud?

I know there are rules against action. I'm not saying anything. Just. You know. Just askin'.

No. 363706


Oh for the love of Pete…. you only have to press the Reply button ONCE. Though obviously we'd prefer you didn't at all.

No. 363708


Oh for the love of Pete…. you only have to press the Reply button ONCE. Though obviously we'd prefer you didn't at all.

No. 363710


Lucky you! Then I'm sure you understand nobody here is making light of real epileptic seizures, a very severe and life threatening occurrence. And because you know how serious epileptic seizures are, I am sure you too find #PNESwarrior and other nonsense to be, well, just that. Selfcongratulatory bullshit.

No. 363711

Maybe a dollar will go to Red Cross, you know she's just pocketing as much as can. She's acting like she pioneered "chronically fabulous" when it's been around for years. I think she may be the worst munchie on here, which is saying a lot.

No. 363713

Fucking "adventure"?? People out there are seriously struggling with the illnesses she claims, and doing their best without turning it into a game and a fashion statement. How self-centered can you get?

No. 363718

File: 1501458758641.jpeg (478.05 KB, 1242x2042, image.jpeg)

ana.ballerina, also has other Instagrams (chronically.emilia and life.will.out.) This girl kills me. Not quite a munchie, but way OTT. She's even jumping on the EDS and POTS train, and has made mentions of rheumatoid arthritis. Funny, she also has type 1 diabetes, but doesn't put that in her bio? But puts EDS in, even though she hasn't gotten a formal diagnosis.

I don't question if she's faking GP, but she's so dramatic about it all. Then suddenly she had EDS because she was "so flexible", and would post photos of her stretching. She talks about how she's a ballet dancer, so of course she's flexible (but wasn't even much for a dancer.) I'm not sure how she danced if all of her illnesses are as debilitating as she makes them out to be.
She shops around for doctors who'll confirm whatever dx she is out for.
Then suddenly she claims to have been subluxations, even though the only thing she ever went on about was being flexible.

Talking to her is like being in a competition, and she's trying to prove she's worse off. I couldn't stand it.

Calls herself a supertubie, is obsessed with grey's anatomy (kek), and says she's "being kept alive by machines" and makes sure to point out there is no cure for her problems when anyone says that they hope she gets better soon. Seems to go to the ER anytime there's a problem that her normal practitioner should be seen for.

No. 363719

Jaqui's definitely one of the very worst. Look back at the older threads for more on Chloe Leanne, though. There are screencaps of her money grubbing and excitement over all the attention she's getting. Pathetic. She's a British Jaqui, basically. She used to have a more normal username but of course she's changed it to be more spoonie focused!

She and Jaqui are the worst in my opinion. As bad as KR, or maybe worse even since they're both soliciting money directly (and Chloe Leanne is doing that on top of wasting nhs resources when the nhs is overstretched).

No. 363720

File: 1501458994859.jpeg (419.76 KB, 1242x1992, image.jpeg)

No. 363722

File: 1501459122868.jpeg (187.08 KB, 1241x1213, image.jpeg)

No. 363724


It's called a fucking eating disorder bitch

No. 363725


She's either really short, or she's not 97 pounds

No. 363726


Her bio says 5'4". Skinnyfat?

No. 363728

Her life.will.out account is pure milk, someone cap it because I can't. The post where she sees the geneticist and they say she doesn't have EDS and she's like, but I do though ur wrong yoo don't know my spoonie struggle. Milk glorious milk. Sorry I can't cap it.

This woman does not have EDS. Her dad told the geneticist her psych history and now she hates him, kek.

No. 363729


Well, her profile name has "ana" and she's showing off full body pictures, so I'm going with eating disorder and lying about her weight. I doubt the GP too, unless it's a result of diabetes (if she's abusing insulin)

No. 363735

File: 1501460318329.jpeg (274.68 KB, 1242x858, image.jpeg)


Top kek. "Ridiculously hypermobile" my ass!

So much milk on her accounts, I'm surprised I haven't really seen much about her here.

No. 363744

OMG look at her openly admitting her desire for TPN or feeds. It's a long post on life.will.out

No. 363745

File: 1501460675643.png (229.01 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_2737.PNG)

Dropped pic, sorry.

No. 363746

File: 1501460742326.png (229.21 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_2738.PNG)

Dropped pic, sorry.

No. 363750

File: 1501460994628.png (664.87 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0474.PNG)

Her GP claim is total shit, 80% is normal, even faster than a lot of people without GP

No. 363752

File: 1501461143912.png (469.8 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0475.PNG)

Here's another, oh-so-hypermobile. Her ankles are stable, and her knees aren't hyperextended at all.

No. 363753

File: 1501461789934.png (261.62 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_2739.PNG)

Really hilarious comment about serious heary disease. Top kek.

No. 363754


She is awful, her doctors know she's lying and she just says she's being treated badly. And she went from saying she couldn't tolerate a feeding tube, to doing well on one? She obviously wants to be a greys anatomy episode. What a fucking waste of space

No. 363755

File: 1501461917782.png (240.67 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_2740.PNG)

Gimme TPN, I'm very sick.

No. 363756

File: 1501461963678.png (238.17 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_2741.PNG)

Moar TPN or I pitch a hissy pit

No. 363757


There is no immediate medication to help pots, it's taking medication regularly. And if you pass out, you wake up as soon as you're horizontal. It's not a heart condition and no one dies from pots. She should get her facts straight before jumping down people's throats, but obviously we've got a real extra crazy here so that'd be expecting a lot

No. 363758

File: 1501462064629.png (251.89 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_2742.PNG)

No. 363759


Anyone surprised she's followed by Kelly?

No. 363763


Ugh she's another one who takes photos with her feed tubes dangling out the top of her shirt, with her fucking dog right next to them! Y'all gonna get (actual) sick doing that!

No. 363765


Because medical treat is all about what YOU want (not what you need). She's completely delusional

No. 363766


*treatment fuck

No. 363770

Because screaming is the way to go about things? Wow.

No. 363771

Haha she's such a brat. This is Jaqui and Chloe's future - they think it's fun now but see how unappealing it is at 27.

No. 363772


TBH behaving like that to medical staff at any age is pretty unacceptable. But the younger you start, the sooner they'll cotton onto your bullshit.

No. 363784


It's one thing when one doctor thinks you're fine and it's in your head, but when every doctor you see thinks that? I honestly do not understand how she rationalizes it

No. 363804


Yeah, it's suspect. I was talking with another European spoonie this weekend, we couldn't believe how easy accessible treatment is in the USA as long as you have insurance that will pay for it. Here if you have POTS and it's a bad day, you stay lying down, drink lots of water - not go to the hospital for an IV or an infusion! They'd turn you away!

No. 363807

Most people don't go to the hospital here either. ER's are mega expensive!

No. 363808

If you sift back through her YouTube and instagram she has named all her doctors and stuff before in the past. I guess her neurologist is normally pretty decent. Some of the service dog fb community and one of the chronic illness Facebook groups think Jacquie is full of shit and have mentioned who her doctors are before and are ashamed such a good doctor is giving a faker what she wants.

No. 363831

This is the tackiest thing I've ever seen. Nobody wants to wear a shirt with some Instagrammer's name on it. Maybe if she was like five years old and her parents needed money to treat her. Jesus Christ. I am embarrassed for her. Who designed this atrocity? Did she do it herself?

No. 363867


I guess these girls have rich parents.

No. 363869


For a few years after residency, I used to work for an insurer in what used to be, euphemistically, called clinical policy. What it really meant? Deciding what interventions we will fund and when, like a massive flow chart of 'if weight loss is under x, no tube' and all that. Now, while CP is the biggest cost saver to all insurance companies, it is also hopelessly overloaded. We needed to draw up policies on every single new drug, never mind the gazillion quack treatments that are now part of some gold plated plans that allow you 'alternative choices'. So we went, mostly, by what's costing us the most. For now, spoonies claiming POTS and GP demanding expensive treatments like TPN (one of the most expensive non-curative treatments known to man), IV fluids (IV fluids are cheap, but we have to budget for the risk that they'll develop line sepsis and then end up with an ICU bill that can pretty easily hit six digits, if not more!) are getting their way because it has not come up on the radar as a priority yet (there are bigger items of wasteful clinical spending on the whole). But eventually it will, and then the party will be over, and not their GI's pleas nor their crying fits can change that. They'll be forced to try to go out of pocket, but I don't know anyone wealthy enough to be able to cover the costs of some of this stuff without major financial difficulty.

No. 363888

File: 1501496580131.png (520.08 KB, 720x1045, wp_ss_20170731_0001 (2).png)

She's developing some new super speshul neurological symptoms now. Could we be witnessing the birth of the next hypermobileguy?

No. 363916

Jacquie was supposively on state insurance which I am not totally convinced that's what she had and bet she finally got married for that sweet sweet tricare and she falls into the fat military wives in it just for the tricare and the other bennies. I'm also pretty sure just watching the interactions between CJ and her mom her mom is probably MBP. She really eats up the camera time all dramatically.

No. 363934


Ahahahahahahahahahaahah she's now on TRICARE? Well, Jacqui, say goodbye to your mommy and daddy's cushy insurance plan, because TRICARE is not going to indulge your shit. It's one of the strictest and worst insurance policies in America, even if she's on the HMO-style TRICARE plan.

Being on TRICARE also means she must go to a military hospital as long as they have a qualified service and enough beds, and if she's sent to a civilian hospital because they don't, she may be 'recaptured' as soon as a bed frees up. TRICARE is first and foremost a public health program, regardless of what it says on the tin, and it does not tend to indulge whiny dependapotamuses with fictitious health issues. She can kiss goodbye to tubes on demand and extensive tests. Here's some MCP, here's some Oxy, next!

No. 363973

Damn, ana.ballerina is gone! Her account had so much milk.

No. 363979

She supposedly gets to keep the doctors she has because she's over so many hours away from the nearest military base. It was in one of her stupid you tubes. I don't know how they've changed it in the pass five years since I got out but if you're over so many miles away from a full service base you get to go see any local doctors who take it. It used to be called tricare remote but it was always a pain in the ass to get anything covered.

No. 364038

File: 1501520484945.jpg (369.76 KB, 1120x1680, Phototastic-31_07_2017_e0d5fb5…)

I screen grabbed emisdreamingthroughthealarm's story because it's kinda milky.

No. 364041

She blocked a bed for ten days. Fuck.

No. 364044

Ikr. The last one sounds like she's accepting the challenge lol.

No. 364046

Ugh, I can only imagine the hissy fit she threw to the poor doctors and nurses.

No. 364058

Yeah, I imagine them saying 'we have no doubt you'll end up back in emergency' (if they really said that) was in response to her tantrum/saying herself that she'll be back there
Not because they actually think she'll need to go back

No. 364078


I think they told her that.
Once it's suspected they are faking or self inducing an illness psych gets called in and one of the more common things they say with a patient who is noncompliant and upset and angry about being called out on faking
Is along the lines of "I'll see you 3-6 days from now when you come back to the er and they will page me immediately."

(specially if you are in and out of the hospital and ER with the same issues or new issues or have a history of dr/hospital/med/dx shopping and
facts just don't match up)

What I don't get (why it's not more common)
is once it's at this point you get flagged to psych in your chart (and of course get medical treatment of needed) why they can't do a psych hold on some of these who come to er at risk to themselves..therapy, detox, proper testing to confirm or deny diagnosis, proper psych and health meds, etc possible transfer or referral to outpatient or inpatient treatment.

No. 364100

File: 1501526962702.jpg (290.79 KB, 1680x1120, Phototastic-31_07_2017_9cc4e29…)

She's managed to get herself a longer stay.

I find it bizarre. The longest I've ever been in hospital was like 5 days and that was with an intractable migraine and status seizures. Being in hospital didn't help. It just made me feel worse.

No. 364102


My precious tax money. <weeps>

No. 364133


Poor thing, it's so unfair that she's not the only patient her physicians have to deal with! :( weeps

No. 364145


Ten days in hospital for non-epileptic seizures. TEN DAYS!

No. 364146

File: 1501534076627.jpeg (166 KB, 640x716, mbv14.jpeg)

Here's MyBlondeVoyage's latest. It turns out that the miraculous supplement-prescribing clinic hasn't cured her, so she's asking for other options. No actual medicine, mind… I wonder if she's tried that route before and been told there's nothing wrong with her.

No. 364168

It's because the risk you have to put yourself in for an involuntary psych hold is pretty high, as an adult. If you're not coming saying 'I' m about to kill myself' or been caught in the act, you just have to tell them you want to be discharged and walk off. A psych hold is not something frivolous (fortunately) and they exploit that to the maximum.

No. 364169

>I can't carry on living being this poorly
What is it with these people and the goddamn theatrics?

No. 364172


May I suggest the following two-step plan?

1) Try proper medicine.
2) If that doesn't work, go see a shrink. Possibly compounded by some sweet, sweet anxiolytics and a mouthful of seroquel.

No. 364175


Jesus, this Myhill person is a fucking quack. She does have an MBBS but from what it seems no MD?! Quaint. And she is full of shit, like, very full.

No. 364176

Even after a suicide attempt in the UK you're unlikely to be kept on a psych hold. The usual situation is that once you're medically stable you're assessed by the psych liaison team and generally discharged to be followed up in the community.

No. 364182


She's still got a medical degree but she was briefly suspended from practising:


No. 364183

I can't relieve she just admits to throwing a tantrum the second she didnt get her way, and her followers are encouraging it. The poor staff at the hospital she goes to.

No. 364184

No. 364186


This is true. Only if you're a danger to others.

No. 364191


I've known of a couple of suicide attempts being kept in because they were having an episode. One went to a petrol station and tried to set himself. If it's a "regular" suicide attempt, yeah they get assessed then let out.

No. 364192

She was ME before Lyme. Was meaNt to be going to some ME inpatient ward but swallowed the Breakspear koolaid instead.

No. 364193

set himself on fire*

No. 364197


I genuinely wonder how many of these chronic/neuro Lyme cases actually recall finding a tick/bite site.

No. 364202


Especially the ones who live in cities in the freaking UK!

No. 364205


I mean, Lyme is on the rise over here, and we definitely have ticks (as any dog owner will know). But if you check yourself after you've been in long grass/wooded areas, remove any critters properly, you'll be fine!

No. 364206


My dog once got a tick and I freaked the fuck out. I dread tick season,

Sage for OT.(no1curr)

No. 364211


My pup-in-laws have long shaggy spaniel ears. Luckily they like cuddles because looking for ticks in those takes forever…

No. 364221

sorry for ot but I can't ignore bad advice.

If you remove a tick, you need to keep an eye on the bite site for a bullseye shaped rash for the next couple of days, removing the tick isn't enough to guarantee you haven't contracted lyme. Tick saliva has anaesthetic in it so it's impossible to know when you were bitten and how long the tick was attached.

No. 364233


Ach I forgot about the rash bit! It's a long time since I lived anywhere that Lyme was an issue. Is it only Lyme-infected ticks that leave that bullseye rash?

No. 364236

Because we have such a rampant issue with ticks and Lyme and the bullseye doesn't always show up or doesn't show up for long you can get ticks tested for 10 bucks.

No. 364238


There's probably a dog thread in ot. Or you can make one.

No. 364261

I am baffled by the legit MD's treating "chronic lyme" and "neurolyme" and being allowed to do so. Mustn't there be some indication for treatment, especially with abx? Has all of this super serious IV antibiotics and other special treatment therapy actually cured anyone?>>

No. 364266


I was led to believe that lengthy courses of abx WAS the standard treatment for Lyme.

No. 364302

File: 1501553431789.jpg (207.77 KB, 1065x778, Screenshot_20170731-210918.jpg)

Has anyone looked through this account. Her diagnosis list is insane.

No. 364310

File: 1501554580701.png (271.95 KB, 704x1252, IMG_0231.PNG)


Yaaas! New cow! Pill porn, self purchased wheelchair and selfies at the ER!

No. 364340

File: 1501558053131.png (97.05 KB, 750x755, IMG_3684.PNG)

Also this girl. She might be a decent example of a "high profile spoonie" with all sorts of people giving her ass pats.
Tons of milk in her older posts. It's crazy.

No. 364341

File: 1501558142327.png (208.05 KB, 750x1058, IMG_3685.PNG)

Unending munchie points for an oxygen selfie

No. 364344

Today on chronically Jacquie,she eats a pile of (cold) processed mac and cheese, dinosaur chicken nuggets, and a little bit of cucumber. But she totally has super severe GP you guys.

Also, I don't know much about EDS, but wouldn't it make your hips and knees super painful? Why can she sit for literally an hour at a time, cross legged on the floor talking about her illnesses? And it's too painful to walk up the stairs (so she has to go one at a time, rest along the way, and have moral support from her dog) but once she's upstairs she can clean while sitting on her knees (legs folded under her) on her walker? This fucking girl I swear to god…

No. 364351

In her newest 50 fucking minute "all about me" video ("all about my chronic illnesses" rather), Jaquie refers to her recent malnourishment as "dangerous" "Severe" and "life threatening". I'm directly quoting that. But she didn't even look underweight.

She's claiming she was malnourished because she couldn't eat, but since she got the feeding tube she can suddenly eat? Or am I wrong about that?

She's also fucking giddy about getting her feeding tube replaced in a couple of days. Who gets that excited about a feeding tube change? Seriously.

No. 364451

File: 1501570349486.png (133.67 KB, 720x627, wp_ss_20170801_0001 (2).png)

I've been looking at Emisdreamingthroughthealarm's Mighty articles and this stood out for me. Why are these munchies always too complicated for regular doctors?

No. 364457

Sitting like that hurts your hips really badly and can make your knees lock if you have eds. A big part of eds treatment is learning harm reduction and she's completely ignoring all that and probably TRYING to make her symptoms worse.

No. 364469

I found these threads yesterday and at first I got ticked at the people writing them but now I'm just ticked at the whole "spoonie" community thing. I have EDS and POTS, and yeah they can be life wreckers but they aren't some kind of beautiful tragedy. It irritates me that these people milking it for every bit it's worth destroy any credibility that people who legitimately suffer with these illnesses may have on the off chance they decide to actually talk about their issues. I've been part of various support group systems over the years but Instagram is by far the cringiest I've ever witnessed for the sole reason that it's not a support group at all. It's literally a bunch of people being artsy with their illnesses and posting a play by play of every single symptom they experience, complete with paragraphs sprinkled with emojis and hashtags before random words, and trying to be inspirational. It's all glam. Back a couple years ago, when The Fault in Our Stars came out, so many "spoonies" started putting "Okay? Okay" all over their profiles and suddenly started using words like "infinity" and "oblivion." It's just toxic. It's almost like a lot of these girls are so excited to be diagnosed with a genetic connective tissue disorder, and right after they score a POTS diagnosis they're immediately wanting a central line instead of trying the standard lifestyle changes and medications first. Because you know, actual medical doctors who spent years in school can't possibly know how to treat you. Soon after comes the "I'm thinking about buying a wheelchair" post, and eventually the "I wish my doctor would give me a feeding tube, I'm fading fast!" thing. I was a lot younger when I was diagnosed with POTS and was convinced I had "Lyme" after some time online talking to spoonies and to an extent I got into the whole "documenting every aspect of my health issues" thing but quickly realized I didn't want to have absolutely no life or identity outside of POTS. I mean I don't get why these people want to have an identity that is completely wrapped up in their medical devices and symptoms. Several years later I was actually pretty upset when my physical therapist told me she suspected I had EDS, as a normal person would be when being told they may have a genetic condition that can come with long term implications. But LIFE GOES ON, it's not a death sentence or automatically super morbid thing. I think a lot of the spoonies who have 28 diagnoses in their bios (which incidentally are mostly just "symptoms" that can come from autonomic issues or connective tissue problems, and aren't separated diagnoses at all) are excited to be diagnosed with EDS because it is genetic and genetic sounds scary and therefore more credible and "tragic". They don't realize they are thinking that way, but they are. EDS stinks, but I find that the people I know who are actually effected by it more severely are the ones who don't wear it on their sleeves. They just take it day by day, do what they have to do to take care of themselves, and focus on being as normal as they can. No need to draw excessive attention to your "story" and try to be an inspiration by keeping an hourly online diary of your symptoms. AGHHH.There's a huge difference in talking about your illnesses in a normal context from time to time or trying to connect with people who are like you, and turning it into a full time image to maintain. A lot of the people mentioned here are not going to have a life until they drop the whole "look what a warrior I am" act. I didn't even realize all of this in these terms until reading this website just made it all come together.

No. 364474

you'll find a lot of us here have medical conditions that people love to flaunt on Instagram and that the reason we call them out on their shit is simply because we're just so sick of seeing it. Welcome to the farm.

No. 364475


Thanks. Yeah, my initial knee jerk "this is cyber bullying!" reaction when this page first caught my attention quickly dissipated when I realized most of the people here are just reasonable people who have these issues and see through the ones who have glamorized being sick and being in medical environments.

No. 364477


Complicated, complex, etc are spoonie buzzwords. You know, anything to indicate how rare and serious your case is. I think half the time a spoonie girl says they're going to a new doctor because they were too complex for their old one, they asked for the referral themselves.

No. 364483

kek, she probably thinks this is hospital glam.

No. 364485

The whole sitting with her knees under her is a bit of a red flag.

I mean EDS is painful, sitting in one position for about 20 mins is enough to make pain start, I sit with my knees up against my chest while at the computer and that hurts after about an hour, but it's comfortable. I however cannot sit cross legged because of the position it puts my hips and knees in, for someone with super serious EDS and claims her hips dislocate a lot, I am going to call bullshit right there.

I've also noticed that she is constantly able to hold the camera up above her head and record constantly, because that doesn't fuck your shoulders up, yet in previous blogs she said she physically can't lift her arms above her head.

Also, there are plenty of videos of her walking, there is no signs of hip dysplasia or rotation in her walk, which is often. Caused by EDS and dislocations, there's no sign of her limping from pain in her hips or knees and she seems to be able to walk a lot for someone who's hips dislocate constantly

Saged for rant and sorta medfagging.

No. 364501


Yeah I fucking thought so. I don't have EDS, but I do have general joint problems/pain and I absolutely can't sit like that for more than 2 or 3 minutes. I have no idea how she can sit like that for an hour. If she's so bad that she has to use two walkers (one for upstairs and one for downstairs!!??) and get a wheelchair, she is not well enough to be sitting on the goddamn floor, or sitting on her knees. Let alone for 50 minutes, for several different videos, where she doesn't even appear to be uncomfortable. There isn't even a reason to sit on the floor, she could film from the fuckin couch. Fuck sake man. If you're going to exaggerate your illness so much, at least be consistent. Jesus christ. All this milk is making me sick.

(sage for rage and blogging a bit)

No. 364504


Thank you for posting and welcome. You have just had the experience that many here have had: coming to the realization that the whole sick-and-pony-show on social media is just over the top and counterproductive. You will find quite a few chronically ill people here and even some healthcare professionals who are tired of seeing the consequences of this illness glamorization in real life. We are here to vent and call out suspicious and annoying cases. These 'illness queens' are making the very real issue of stigma and judgment faced by people with yaknow, legit chronic illnesses, especially young women, even worse. They are not 'raising awareness' except about themselves. They are glorifying, glamorizing the 'romantic tragedy' of being young and ill. FUCK THAT. Everyone has to be sooper severe and too complex and rare and a #supertoobie and #spooniewarrior and have #chronicallyfabulous gear etc. The most annoying thing to me is how much people like this say "I am not my illness." Really? Because that's all we see and hear from you! If you have a spoonie account and then talk about how you are more than your illness, then proceed to discuss every tiny fucking thing about your medikul jerney and that's all you post about, check yoself. Most are reveling in the attention and sooper speshul frajul image. This is a culture of victimhood and overpraising and it is fucking shit up that ACTUAL patient advocates and people who have been sick a long time have fought against. Medicine has come a long way in taking complaints seriously from young people, especially young women, and this kind of shit is reversing some of that progress IMO, sad but true. Stereotypes come about for a reason. It is heartbreaking to see the damage to the reputation and bias against people with certain diagnoses because of obnoxious OTT "spoonie warriors." Then we have the MBI crowd, who aren't even sick but like to play that they are online, or worse actually try to fake or deliberately worsen their medical problems in real life. The damage they do is even worse and far-reaching. I could rant forever but I just want to thank you for posting and seeing things for what they are. We aren't a bunch of hateful cyberbullies who try to destroy people for fun. We're commenting among ourselves on the bullshit we see online, on social media platforms.

No. 364517


Yep. This forum inspired me to delete my spoonie account and focus on real life instead of my condition.

We can also point out when someone is being ridiculous and over reacting about their condition like when the OG spoonie Robyn was crying Brain Cancer over a Prolactinoma.

No. 364524

File: 1501581298847.png (454.3 KB, 1266x1795, IMG_0194.PNG)

> dramatic drama is dramatic
> vague hints of DYING!
> lol no, you're not dying

Her docs are discussing to withdraw feeding. That's a polite way of saying 'they're about to tell me I'm a fucking Munchie and throw me out… shit!'. But clever ambiguous phrasing to suggest she's on palliative care, which she is not (doctors don't simply decide to withdraw a life-sustaining intervention from a patient still conscious and able to make decisions, you dramatic fuck!)

No. 364527

File: 1501581457804.png (304.94 KB, 1269x1906, IMG_0184.PNG)

"Adulting" lol.

You're 16. When I was 16, I emancipated myself to put myself through experimental chemo my parents disagreed with. Checking yourself in to labs (= showing your ID and referral/order card) at age 16 is apparently super big let's celebrate adulting for these immature idiots. No wonder they want to spend their lives being taken care of.

(Sage, sorry for blogging)

No. 364532

God she's full of shit

No. 364533

Yeah, that's not how it works. A feeding tube isn't going to magically help you eat unless you were purposely lying about your gi problems and starving yourself so they gave you a tube. She got her precious tube so now she can go back to eating what she wants. And she's a fucking idiot, so she puts herself online eating shit no one who actually has GP can eat.

No. 364534

"I'm sorry, we have some bad news for you…you're actually going to live. I'm so sorry this will screw up your plans of getting sympathy from people on the internet."

No. 364544


Err, that's because these fucktards confuse venting (periodically opening G outlet, lay down, gently press on stomach) and drainage (connect a Farrell bag to G outlet and keep it below the approximate level of the fundus, and don't eat anything for fucks sake!) with using the G port for pull-force-draining, an absolutely contraindicated maneuver in which two large syringes, one filled with water or meat tenderizer/tube unblocker/papaya juice, are connected either separately or using a T valve. The empty syringe is pulled to drain what you have eaten out of the stomach. When it can't go anymore, you flip the T valve/change to the other syringe, and first instill about 5ml into the tube, let it work, then you push 10ml at high pressure. And you keep repeating this until you have suctioned your stomach contents off. Basically, they have medically enabled bulimia. Hooray.

No. 364546


If anything she's definitely gained weight since getting the tube, and she hasn't had it very long. I'm obviously just speculating here but it seems like she wasn't trying very hard/purposefully not eating so she could get her tube, and now that she's got the tube, she's a lot happier and can suddenly eat. In her video today she looked noticeably bigger. She definitely doesn't have the physique of someone starving and needing a feeding tube, and she's had the tube like, what, a month? She wasn't that thin before, but she's definitely not getting thinner that's for sure. Especially on a diet of sub sandwiches, mac and cheese and dino nuggets. Oh she also eats cucumber because that's her best "safe food". ugh.

No. 364551

She is an absolute fucking moron. Vegetables are one of the worst things you can have with GP. An eating disorder has "safe foods", especially something like cucumber (very few calories), just saying. Nothing she eats is close to a GP diet or anything that would be tolerated by someone who actually has GP. I hope she keeps gaining weight and gets fat, it'd serve her right to look like the cow she is.

No. 364555

File: 1501587937934.jpg (75.21 KB, 1280x720, IMG_0491.JPG)

So malnourished

No. 364557



I, too realized how harmful using Instagram as a health diary was to both myself and others. I came here first thinking "omg this is cyberbullying" but realized that it was more of a reality check. A prior friend had told me to make a separate spoonie Instagram and I thought that was the right thing but I was so wrong and I'm embarrassed for myself.

sage for blogging (sorry farmhands) / not contributing to milk

No. 364558


Exactly. And it's FUCKING RAWWW. She loves processed white bread, ham, crackers, cheese, cucumber, frozen fucking peanut butter globs slathered onto chunks of frozen banana (which she scoffed down in one giant bite), broccoli, shrimp orzo, crumbed chicken marinated in ranch (bleurgh) those are just some of the many things I've seen her eat in the few vlogs I've watched. I can't believe her.

I think she said something about how she doesn't want diet suggestions because her body doesn't respond to food the same way someone normally would with GP. But that just seems like a bullshit excuse to eat whatever she wants (because she apparently can?) even though those foods would make even your average IBS sufferer sick and in pain. I know because I have a very simple case of IBS and I can not touch those foods. I don't have GP so there's obviously no way I can speak for that, but there's just no way processed white bread, cheese, processed mac and cheese and fucking dino nuggets are easy on a sensitive stomach.

I mean she claims her fucking GP is severe too. She's infuriatingly stupid, and stubborn, the worst combination.

No. 364564


I just watched a vlog where she was making chicken, broccoli and mashed potatoes for dinner, and the next morning she was throwing up for ages because of what she ate the night before, and this seems to happen often with her.

But she's totally fine on this shitty diet and doesn't need any advice you guys.

No. 364567

(Tied to post video with the time stamp but lolcow wouldn't let me. Shot of her meal is at 11:27)

Prime example of what Jaquie can eat… Earlier in this video she was talking about how she thinks her GP is flaring. After she ate this (and earlier that day she had meatball pizza…) she seemed totally fine and happy, outside with her husband/sister in law, and she said "i'm a little worried about my gastroparesis" (I thought she was gonna say because she ate a lot that day, and had a big portion of meat and veggies) but she said "because I ate less than 1500 calories today and I'm worried about losing weight when I get on the scale later tonight". Give me a break. This was earlier this year too. If you have GP you don't eat meatball pizza, then later that night eat a big serving of giant pork chops, green beans and potatoes. At least not without some serious problems. Yet she's standing outside in the sun, laughing, happy as can be (yet still can't manage to share a nice moment with family without bringing her personal illness adventure into it somehow… wearing a vog mask too of course.)

No. 364577

Damn dude did you have to give such explicit step-by-step instructional detail? You know munchies will be onto this like flies on shit now.

No. 364585

File: 1501595706364.png (186.94 KB, 744x1098, IMG_3688.PNG)

New milk. How does one take a picture of themselves fainting?

No. 364588

as much as i hate the anachans, i almost wish some of these 'spoonies' would meet them so they can actually see what severely and life-threateningly underweight looks like
like stfu CJ, you arent and never have been underweight kek

sage for being salty and non contribution

No. 364618

File: 1501601121372.jpg (643.17 KB, 1078x1307, Screenshot_20170801-102326.jpg)

She's so happy to go get the coveted GJ button so she can purge through it now. So much easier than throwing it all up!

No. 364620

File: 1501601156512.jpg (615.77 KB, 1074x1296, Screenshot_20170801-102342.jpg)

Caption on the above post.

No. 364622


Christ, what a fucking moron! A G/J means there's a jejunal extension, which means it needs to be pushed past the pylorus, through the duodenum and into the jejunum, meaning that (with the exception of the supremely rare RIJ, the radiologically inserted J-stomy) EVERY G/J TUBE HAS TO BE DONE WITH THE SCOPE, you idiot. That's because your anatomy is so special, eh. Moron.

No. 364630

For most people with GP getting in 1500 calories is nearly impossible. But this girl just eats pizza with her super severe GP. Kek.

No. 364632

Holy emojis Batman. How old is this tit? And how common is it for these spoonies to be excited about "pimping" their "ride"? My response to needing a wheelchair wouldn't be Omg glitter time!

No. 364651


Truthfully part of the anger I expressed is also embarrassment because I had started a separate account as well. Now I can't even look at it. I'll be deleting it soon. The whole concept of making a place for you to live blog your symptoms and illness is so over the top and self absorbed and I didn't even see that before. So true that a lot of these girls say they aren't their illness and then obsess over their "journey" and romanticize it. Very damaging for progress that has been made in getting doctors to take "invisible" complaints seriously. It's almost like "spreading awareness" is having a counterproductive and harmful effect because it's created this subculture full of people who looooove the sympathy and attention that comes from harping on every bit of your illness, or even fabricating having said illness.

No. 364657


You and other spoonies who had a spoonie account and now feel a little sheepish: please don't be too hard on yourself.

The whole spoonie stuff is like a cult, and it's damn easy to get sucked in. You made it out. It takes emotional strength to say no to being coddled and uncritically adored and yes to real life and recovery. Any shame or sheepishness you feel should be eclipsed by immense pride, because you took the arduous high road over the easy path of a life as a constant object of pity.

You guys/gals rock.

No. 364661

I was like that for fifteen and could say nothing more than "blr;sdfhasdafl" while post-ictal. to take my epilepsy seriously.

Benzos make me climb the walls but not enough to post anything.

No. 364693


Thank you for this. Here's to starting a real life.

No. 364717

You can actually do it without sedation, it's uncomfortable but cuts time off the procedure. Although that's doing it in radiology, not with a scope. But she's sooper speschel so of course she's getting sedated. She doesn't have severe GP (if she has it all), she doesn't need that fucking tube. She is beyond ridiculous.

No. 364719

Sedation is not anesthesia. Dumb bitch has to exaggerate everything.

No. 364722

you can actually have it done with a scope and no sedation too, at least here in the UK. I know for a few with EDS sedation is ineffective so some choose to have it without anything just to get home quicker. I do wonder if she would be this excited if she was having this done wide awake. But of course she wants sedation so that it takes longer and she can look super special sick
long time lurker first time poster so if I have got posting here wrong you can delete the post.

No. 364732

File: 1501613362862.jpg (456.62 KB, 573x610, puregold.jpg)

Most important points?
- she didn't go to the appointment she had at her rheumatologist for 2 weeks and gets angry, when her rheumatologist isn't there
- they offer her an appointment at the 10/17 but it's too late for the munchie
- the gastroentologist offers her an appointment at the 10/17, which is too late for her gastroparesis(she thinks she has it!), but she waited month to even contact the doctor
- an old lady thought that she's a guy and it made her angry. She even wrote on instagram that her cup size is D!
- Someone on instagram contacted her and said that she is a guy and that people should feel sorry for rheuma_esgibtkeinzujung, because of all her alleged illnesses and psychosomatic stuff

another funny thing? Some days ago she wanted to get recommendations for a heart rate monitor, because she wants to show her doctor that she has POTS. Someone with POTS wrote that she probably can't skip the tilt table test. Suddenly the entry is gone.

She posts a photo, that she's happy about having 1000 followers(she wrote likes) on instagram and nearly 2000 on facebook. Later on she commented, that numbers aren't that important.

My personal opinion? She should go to her GP and ask him for help instead of going directly to a specialist. Having stomach problems while taking narcotics for such a long time is normal, but I guess it's not special enough for her.
And making a big drama on facebook and instagram, because one poor old lady misgendered her is so wrong! First she wrote that it doesn't bother her and now this.
Guess next thing she wants is EDS and a port and a feeding tube.
She hasn't contacted the surgeon for her wrist/hand pain yet, even though she already wanted to contact him last year. How many self-made problems does she even have?

No. 364774

File: 1501619755884.png (115.43 KB, 736x1040, IMG_1922.PNG)

Nicole "suddenly" advertising Snapchat as away to show off her tube … for someone who is a health science major and wants to be a doctor she has no concept as to how therapy works and cannot recognize signs of a basic eating disorder which you are taught in the most general of psychology courses!

No. 364799


Cry me a fricking river. My parents worked full time so when I had blood tests, EKGs, teeth pulled out I went by myself. At age 12.
I guess this is a fair example though of how Spoonie Warriors are actually coddled and infantalised by those around them.

Sage for partly rage blogging.

No. 364802

For a lot of these people, being out of a doctor's field of expertise automatically translates to "ZOMG I'm a complex medical mystery"

No. 364803


She's such an annoying cow!! Anyone have access to her other IG? Nicole.2294? She was meant to stop posting medical stuff on the OMS account, that lasted a whooping 2 days and the second she landed her dumb ass back in A&E she was posting pics of her cannula and IV fluid bags.

No. 364804


These threads are pretty good prevention for anyone who posts on IG about illness/disability creating a new account dedicated to that subject. The difference is, many people document their health issues in the context of their life - not make it seem like their whole life IS about being sick!

No. 364813

Absolutely ridiculous how her portacath tubing is always hanging outside her clothing; if it's not currently in use the safest thing would be to tuck it underneath the t-shirt. Obviously this doesn't get any spoonie points!

No. 364817


If a medical accessory isn't visible, it might as well not have been worth faking symptoms to get it…

No. 364821

why are you using numbers as a name? Lurk before posting.

No. 364823

if you want to reply or relate to a comment, tap the number situated within the header, that then automatically brings you up to the reply box, then leave name empty, write the word sage in email bar and your comment in the space provided, then tap New Reply :)

No. 364825

I still have an IG and occasionally mention my chronic illnesses but it still is and always mostly will be art and my dogs with an occasional selfie.

No. 364827

Congratulations. Please, divulge some more fascinating tidbits from your journal.

No. 364835

Anyone want to place bets on how long Jacque's going to milk this "surgery"? I'm guessing she's going to have some "rare reaction" to the sedation ("anesthesia") and have to be taking care of for a minimum of two days. Any takers?

No. 364840

Something rare and dire. Maybe she will claim anaesthesia awareness as well.

No. 364850

In case anyone wants a comparison between munchie bullshit insta accts and an actual sick persons medical journal, there is this guy with cancer. And even with cancer, he manages to sound much less dramatic than these little bitches with EDS and POTS.

He died, so his family made the last few posts wrapping it up.


No. 364852

File: 1501628748441.jpg (635.47 KB, 1071x1848, Screenshot_20170801-180445.jpg)

No. 364853

File: 1501628770253.jpg (760.13 KB, 1040x1890, Screenshot_20170801-180457.jpg)

No. 364893

One thing I don't exactly understand about jackie and a lot of spoonie she in general is why service dogs have so quickly become a fashion statement. I'm totally for having a pet for companionship and emotional support but in a lot of the cases I've seen, these dogs are not doing anything for them they aren't capable of doing on their own. For example nobody needs an alert dog for dizziness and fainting from POTS. You know when it's coming on, and you sit down. Like there's no mistaking it, it's not like a seizure or attack that you don't see coming. Why do you need a dog to tell you about the symptoms you already feel coming on? Maybe I'm wrong and some people with POTS experience different syncope than I do but I can't think of one thing a service dog would help me with.

No. 364895

I mean next they'll be getting mini horses to pull them around in a cart.

No. 364896


Please respect my therapy bird and my need to bring it into the cafe with me while it flys around shitting.

No. 364901

kek ignore my therapy kangaroo, i keep my medpac(TM) in his pouch

No. 364905

ignore my emotional support gorilla. sunflower david bowie sparkle monkey holds my custom made (by my seamstress™) backpack with my nutrition™ in it

No. 364910

Respect my service rooster. He crows for help when I get nauseated

No. 364916

don't mind my service squirrel sally. she flits around the room when my blood sugar drops below 70 in my sleep. she's not even trained to detect crashes!

No. 364919

Follow my emotional support hamster on Instagram!! @erichelperhamster

No. 364925

my service goldfish has his own page @helper_fish_fred! and my service husband is selling shirts with my face on them at @service_husband_bud $49.99!!

No. 364939

The issue with people using service dogs the way Jacquie does is that it devalues service dogs who actually do mitigate those conditions and others – yanno, those people who use them the RIGHT way for the conditions she claims, not for stupid shit that she can do on her own.

No. 364967

There are so many things you can train a dog to do to help with severe EDS and POTs and none of it involves getting slippers and a blanket. Well trained to actually mitigate disabilities service dogs do some awesome stuff. Alerting though totally unneeded for something like pots. Picking stuff up off the ground because bending over might cause you to pass out sure. The water bottle/Gatorade bottle/get med bag are probably the only useful things Jacquies taught the dog IF she actually had pots.

No. 364968

File: 1501644070540.png (Spoiler Image, 1.84 MB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20170801-215806.png)

Yes, she 100% NEEDS that feeding tube. Hey goal rate was 45, she runs it anywhere between 25-35 because anything not makes her feel too bloated. She claims her goal rate was 35, but that is not what her doctors said when she got the tube. Apparently she claims MALS now too. She said she doesn't absorb anything she eats, it either it vommited up or comes out her drainage port. If her malabsorption was as bad as she claims the feeding tube wouldn't even work, she says her whole digestive tract doesn't absorb nutrients.

"Oh, poor me, I was so malnourished I blacked out after a few steps." Bull shit, is that why you look and did look so fucking healthy? She has never looked too skinny, or like someone that can't/isn't eating.

The hospital called her and recommended she get hydrated for the tube change. Instead of being a normal person and drinking water, she runs an infusion.

No. 364973

This is my service cow. I milk him on social media every day.

No. 364998

25% is a quarter of what she should be at and such a low feed is doing nothing for her other than giving her spoonie brownie points. If her gastroparesis was as bad as she's been complaining about she would of lost more weight because 25% isn't even close to being enough to put on weight if you're supposedly not eating barely anything most days. But it's also proof she is getting enough oral intake and did not need that tube.

No. 365001


And she's even gaining weight. She's eating way more than she posts. If she can only tolerate 25 ml/hr and can't eat, she would look horrible right now, when actually she looks completely healthy. But she got her precious Gj button, and all her clueless followers are fawning over her. Honestly I can't believe over 30 thousand people fall for her shit.

No. 365005

File: 1501648636133.jpg (729.14 KB, 2048x2048, 82880F8F-8FCE-4E9A-883C-CF496A…)

Yeah she's getting fat. Sure she may of been on the lower end of ideal weight right as she got the tube. Left side picture the face is from the day or two pre tube and the close up of her stomach is the day she left the hospital and the right photos are from yesterday and today

No. 365027


Because she was perfectly healthy when she got the tube, other than probably eating not enough on purpose to guarantee getting that sweet, sweet spoonie prize of a tube. She has what she wants, so why keep not eating when she's not trying to prove her "severe" GP. With all the shit she eats she's plumping up quick. No wonder she gets bloated, that's what happens when you go from purposely restricting your food intake and then stuffing your face. If she can eat enough to gain weight with barely running the tube, she's got to be just chowing down. I'm sure she'll blame it on sone other rare and speschel illness.

No. 365030

File: 1501650688310.png (Spoiler Image, 44.1 KB, 551x440, IMG_0498.PNG)

Here we see jacque in her natural habitat…

No. 365031

The service dog subgroup of spoonies are the fucking worst. They are almost always so entitled and OTT and self-righteous and think they have a license to shove their speshulness down everyone's throat, being a bitch and making a nuisance of themselves everywhere…as 'advocates' they are oh so speshul and making such a profound positive impact right? NO. Just no. They are absolutely taking the piss out of actual service dogs who perform real tasks. SERVICE DOGS ARE NOT ANOTHER FUCKING PROP people! Fuck you with all your tubes on show and your poor joke of a service dog making public drama and loving being on show as usual. You are NOT advocating and raising awareness about service dogs. You are ENGENDERING BIAS. You #SDIT munchies are highlighting the issue of overly self-important, insufferable little attention seekers and give legit service dogs and handlers a bad name! Thanks for creating more stigma and misunderstanding, fucktards!

No. 365063

Has anyone else noticed the growing number of instaspoonies who have suddenly turned into passionate SJW activists about "ableism?" Thoughts on how this might play into the whole OTT/MBI thing?

No. 365069

More than likely they find out the hard way that not everybody is going to treat you like a poor brave little soul for being disabled and get upset. Or they see the potential for even more pity points because now they can scream about discrimination.

No. 365070

Seems youre not the only ones onto Jacquies shit https://gomiblog.com/forums/lifestyle-bloggers/chronically-jacquie-jacquie-blake/page-2
Stumbled across this while googling chronically Jaquie fraud/fake, found lolcow and this.
I've caught her contradicting herself countless times and her 50,000 viewers aren't even calling her out in the comments. She needs outing as a huge fraud.

No. 365084


Interesting they point out how much Jaqui is aping the Frey Life.

No. 365106

Be careful with gomi because, while it often has great stuff, the site itself is notorious for carrying viruses and shit.

No. 365108


So because I am bored, I am doing some research. In particular, I am taking shots of Jaqui's videos where she claims to be in pain and compare relative facial landmark positions (this is my field of expertise) with some reference pictures of people in severe pain.

I'm…. looking forward to the results..:)

No. 365109


A lot of them actually went the other way around and suddenly came down with some mystery chronic 'disability' after it turned out that their critique of modern society coming from an affluent white girl from an affluent white neighborhood did not ring too credible.

No. 365120

That's because she deletes any and all negative comments that call her out on her inconsistencies. She left the SD community when they called her out on inconsistencies with diagnosis and unethical bullshit with working an dog that has medical issues

No. 365132


What are her dogs medical issues?

No. 365138

Its eyes has some kinda issue I don't remember the name of it and I went back to try and find proof of it but all proof has been deleted about it. And she was all you're over reacting it's just plugged tear ducts and it's more than that if you look at that poor dogs eyes. Which it had issues with its skin, stomach and eyes prior to her feeding raw.

No. 365139

File: 1501679513480.png (1.84 MB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20170801-221241.png)

Her "I'm so exhausted, I'm in so much pain" face is ridiculous.

No. 365141


Does anyone know her point in doing the raw diet thing? Why is it better than just good quality dog food? (it's not, I'm guessing, I'm just curious about her reasoning behind it). Especially because it's so much effort for her physically.

No. 365143

Totally. Her "I'm feeling shit" face is just super droopy eyelids, talking slow and monotone, that's it.

Not that I need experience to know why that's just dumb, but I'm a chronic pain patient who also deals with a few other illnesses and often have very bad days. I'm very familiar with a lot of different kinds of pain. I've never made a face anything like that, nor have I seen anyone else do it. Maybe it's just a weird thing she does, I don't know. But I know that when I'm in a lot of pain/feeling very sick, I can still keep my eyes open, if anything I'm squinting/tightening my bottom eyelids (if it's real bad, my eyes will just be closed) not in a constant state of droopiness anyway.

Other examples of genuine pain-face include, but not limited to, furrowed brow, tight mouth/lips, fidgeting, changes in breathing, not talking, and not being able to or wanting to pick up a fucking camera and film myself.

(sage for kind of blogging)

No. 365146

She's generelly so monotone, it's annoys me so much. The way she talks, over explains things and such, it's fricking annoying

No. 365147

Because her bff Janice does it with her dog and she probably also did it to get ass pats for it. I have a service dog for an actual reason and signed up with chewy two years ago with the same high quality decently priced kibble the program my dog came from told me to use. Shows up on my door stop once a month and no need to extra energy to be expended for no reason and never an issue.

No. 365148

Ah of course. See your method seems waaay better. I mean, she's got a service dog to "make life easier" (I put that in quotes because she obviously doesn't NEED Harlow) but then she spends half her fucking energy making unnecessary food for her, that might actually be doing more harm than good? In what world does that make sense?

PS. I find it super funny how one of Harlow's main jobs is getting her slippers and blanket from the bucket across the room, when she could just you know… move the bucket to a spot beside the couch.

No. 365163


This reminded me of one of our past munchies. Does anyone else remember when Shelbie threw a temper tantrum because her vascular surgeon wouldn't place a port for her "veins that always blow"? They supposedly told Shelbie that it's too risky with her condition (this is when Shelbie claimed to have vEDS before genetic testing), but my guess is the doc asked why she wanted it and she had no good excuse. She doesn't get regular infusions (or doesn't talk about them) except when she goes crying to the ER about how weak she is, she's never had any other central line, and as far as we know she doesn't get blood work done weekly or more. It was laughable and was a shame I didn't know about this thread before than because it was high grade 2% milk. She seems to be laying low now, and her new insta bio says something along the lines of "don't expect me to accept you if I don't know you", I bet it won't last long kek.

Sorry to get off topic from Jacquie, though. A+ cow.

No. 365165


* then, ffs

No. 365173

There's a great video of Jacquie trying out her friend's wheelchair. She was so excited. Normal 20 year olds share clothes with their friends…

No. 365179


It's called 'flattened affect' and is a typical sign of Munchhausens. They're worried that if they show emotions, they'll be seen by doctors as desiring some interventions or being a little too happy to be in hospital, so they have this flat affect that almost makes it sound like a schizophrenic. There's a reference to this in Kelly's blurred out note, too!

No. 365180


ugh that video was so cringey. I felt bad for the guy, he looked so uncomfortable. And what if he thought he was just going over there to just hang out, and she grabs the camera and starts asking him about his wheelchair before immediately turning the conversation back to herself (I say conversation, but it was pretty one sided) and all about her. And then she made him get out of it so she could use it/try it out, saying she wanted it in pink, etc etc.

I really hope that once she finally put the damn camera down they hung out and didn't have to talk about medical stuff. I'm sick, I have sick friends, and when we hang out usually the last thing we want to do is talk about all our medical problems, let alone excitedly try out each others medical devices. Talking about that stuff occasionally is good, but knowing Jaq, it's all she wanted to talk about.

No. 365183


I think it might be her autism… She talks about it in her "All about my Autism" video (lol). She talks about how she can't recognise other peoples emotions/facial expressions and social cues and stuff like that.

Maybe she has trouble showing emotion because of that. You can see it when she smiles/waves/poses for photos especially, she looks like she's trying really hard to do what she believes is supposed to be a smile. Sometimes her emotions are definitely genuine, but she seems to have a lot of trouble with that stuff.

No. 365198

Robyn Lambird has such an annoying face. I know she's not a munchie like Jaq, but she's the definition of OTT and always shitting up the tags with her pretentious selfies. She enjoys the fuck out of her disability while pretending to be an "activist", kek.

No. 365203

No doubt she's autistic. But i have never heard of "flattened affect" in autistic individuals. It might be a thing tho

No. 365204


The only time I've seen somebody in legitimate pain looking the way she does is with migraines and other headache disorders… where show of pain and emotion makes it worse. Usually there is still a lot of foottapping, grabbing of the head, eyes are generally totally shut. I can buy that she has occasional mograines… but occasional migraines do not make you disabled so she had to start adding on diagnoses. I wouldn't be surprised if she started out with migraine as a diagnoses. Often doctors that deal with it are pushed so hard to find a cause or answer that they will diagnose almost anything to get someone off their back. Chronic migraines can be debilitating… but of course that's not exciting and doesn't get you a bunch of instafans.

No. 365207


A distant acquaintance has a daughter born w/hemiplegic CP. it's not particularly severe, in that she could walk with an AFO (albeit with a pronounced limp) and would maybe use a cane every now and then.

So somehow, she got involved with Special Olympics, which is all well and good. And somehow, she crossed paths with RL. At this point, she was an 11yo who other than some tendon surgeries and having to wear an AFO was 100% ambulatory and got by just fine.

Well, after hanging out with RL, she expressed the wish to use a wheelchair because it's more comfortable. At first, the parents thought she would prefer to compete in a wheelchair, because her upper body strength is less limited than her lower body issues. But a year later, she basically kept complaining about all and sundry until her OT finally signed off on getting a wheelchair. RL offered to send her one of her used racing wheelchairs (I don't know how that works, as they're different sizes, but I'm no expert). She's now using her wheelchair full time. Her parents are heartbroken. Her docs are puzzled as this kind of loss of function just doesn't happen. She's recently started going all activist, too.

Like Brynn whatshername, Robyn Lambyrd is one of these pied pipers, encouraging the healthy and moderately sick to full time spoonie it up.

No. 365212


Oh, no. Flattened affect and what autistics do is very different. In an autistic person, the content and the affect are both detached, flattens affect just refers to the way it is expressed.

Of course, it's never 100% so, but here's a ridiculously overdone example:

Autistic: "And so, my mother succumbed to breast cancer. She experienced a degree of pain she described as severe throughout the last weeks before expiring."

Flattened affect: "So my mother died of breast cancer. She was in unbearable, tormenting pain..

Both said in the same affect, in the second example, there is a clear detachment between the emotion that ought to be expressed and the affect through which it is expressed.

No. 365269

File: 1501694158883.png (256.62 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_2773.PNG)

This goes on forever, too much to screenshot. She is furious about the suggestion of psychiatric help.

This made me actual laugh. You are never too sick for emergency care in the UK.

No. 365277

File: 1501694410891.png (208.82 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_2774.PNG)

No. 365280

File: 1501694457346.png (223.12 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_2775.PNG)

No. 365282

File: 1501694508565.png (205.7 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_2776.PNG)

No. 365296


"How dare you suggest I don't have the sooper cereal condishun I painstakingly picked on WebMD for ease of faking and pity points, just because you have a medical degree and more years' of practice than I have been alive?"

No. 365304


What Chloe needs is an explanation that she is not too complicated at all, she is merely a psychiatric case, for which A&Es are not equipped. They are not psychosomatic emergency units. If she deleted her Instagram, got herself a hobby and forgot about this idea that she needs to be a super sick super spoonie fighter in order to be someone - anyone! -, she could have a life.

This way, I see this ending in three ways: fatal nosocomial infection in a line she forces one of her poor doctors to insert, suicide when she is not getting her way one day and is forced to go to a psychosomatic unit, or long term mental health dependence, where she can play Girl, Interrupted to her heart's content.

Such a loss of a life, a life born with all the privileges of health, wealth and being born in an affluent country that wastes time on her antics. In most poor countries, she'd already been doing the Thorazine shuffle.

No. 365312

Youngpeople_chronicillnesses is an example of an account that started relatively reasonably and legitimately but a lot of it has descended into big time milk. Just kind of perpetuates the whole "I'm special because of my illness" culture.

No. 365314


I'm not a psychiatrist. I did, however, work both in an A&E and do a psych rotation specialising in psychosomatic disorders and EDs.

Despite her exaggeration, I cannot see anything, and I mean anything at all, in which her care would have fallen below the standard any patient is entitled to expect from the NHS.

She claims no doctor took her on because she was too sick for a hospital. That… doesn't happen. If somebody turned up at our A&E with space amyotrophiphylencephilococcosclerendixioma, we may be puzzled what the fuck to do with them (we are your run of the mill large urban university hospital serving a fairly diverse community), but we have a very established practice: assess, document, stabilise and prep for transfer to tertiary care (in her case, a MH specialist hospital with a PD or somatic specialist ward). Least of all would someone coming in by ambulance turned away (though from her description of symptoms, I do not see what warranted the blue light, she is either lying or herself acted like things are serious and the ambulance personnel erred on the side of caution).

That aside, she was assessed competently. She was given the A&E gold standard of diagnosis for suspected seizures. The putative diagnosis is spot on and the doctor had no other options. There are literally no conditions that would have produced seizure-like symptoms without ictal activity on the EEG (other than perhaps also making shit up!). Least of all is her expectation that A&E will somehow after seven years get her under the care of a neuro anything close to reasonable! A&E is about three things: triage, life support for those who need to go on to tertiary care and making the rest fit enough to go home and see their GP soonest. If in seven years her GP has not given her a neuro referral (during which she could have changed her GP, among others!), then there must be a reason and A&E rules exist exactly to prevent what she was trying to do.

She did, however, cost you and me quite a bit of money. Cheers, Chloe.

No. 365321

File: 1501697579169.png (294.79 KB, 750x935, IMG_1377.PNG)

she didn't get her precious button

No. 365323

File: 1501697706862.png (477.17 KB, 1854x1199, IMG_0202.PNG)

The thing I hate most about Chloe? The fucking vaccine bullshit.

There is absolutely zero proof that her illness, if any, had anything to do with her vaccine other than some temporal coincidence. But she keeps pushing against vaccines, lying and deceiving instead of admitting plain and simple that she has a mental illness that is causing her physical symptoms. But no, she has to blame the evil vaccines and hope for a big payout. Little does she know how many people she endangers. As she walks around with that stupid-ass vogmask, she of all people should understand that some people depend on herd immunity (because vogmasks don't fucking work!). I'm one of them, and I don't want to die of measles just because some mother saw this bullshit lie that Chloe is spreading to justify to herself that she has spent most of her last few years playing the sick person instead of putting up with life's challenges, and did not vaccinate her child. I also don't want that child to die or suffer pain, illness or disability. I get it, Chloe: you want someone to blame. But you're in control. It's all in your head, and the longer you blame other things, the less likely it is that you will recover. That is, if you still even want that…

No. 365334

File: 1501698559180.png (442.18 KB, 1854x1178, IMG_0204.PNG)

Different Chloe, equally full of shit. @chloeprintlambert has everything, from POTS through MCAS, but oddly, she is not allergic to the fuckload of pain medications she's taking (on virtually every photo you can see her chewing an Actiq and having her fent patch on). I mean, fine, I have a pain patch too and I sometimes have an Actiq lollipop, but I don't instagram it. It's tacky.

I used to be in two minds as to whether she really was unwell, but having followed her for years, I'm pretty sure she is full of shit. We met in person as we used to go to the same hospital for treatment. She has quite extensive self harm scars, and she and her parents threw an incredible hissy fit when it was suggested that her GI issues may be due to psychiatric problems. Initially, she had only gastroparesis and colonic inertia - to be quite honest, on her dosage of opioids and Zofran and all that, I don't think anyone wouldn't! Then someday she decided she had MCAS. Then POTS and somehow she talked her parents into buying her second-hand the wheelchair that was used by the protagonist in Me Before You. She is constantly obsessed with what new treatments she can get. When I had my Hickman sooner than she did, she was literally asking me details that would have made Sarah Silverman blush. Despite being on the NHS, her parents play the "affluent middle class pushy parent concerned about their child" stereotype so well. She knows procedure inside-out, and knows how to get her way inside the NHS, and doesn't shy away from telling doctors that. I'm pretty sure that by now there IS something physically wrong with her, given the fuckton of meds she's been taking, but I remember her in the beginning, when she just had GP and some mental issues, how she was excited by every procedure and how she was getting a kick out of getting her way inside the NHS.

No. 365350

>Nobody said you're faking
>I know but some people have said it


No. 365353

A seizure is supposed to end after 2-5 minutes max.

If you have a seizure longer than that, they will tranq you into a coma and you will will wake up with brain damage.

Psychogenic seizures are real. They can last 20 minutes and are awful and terrifying. They need treatment but they will not be helped with anticonvulsants. The anticonvulsants will trash your liver and pancreas and have awful long term side effects. The proper anxiety meds and tall therapy usually completely frees people of psychogenic seizures. Suck up your pride and save your liver!

And honestly, most people with a chronic illness are in therapy because this shit is hard to cope with. Why anyone with any chronic illness would be angry at the suggestion to seek mental health support is beyond me.

No. 365359

Just read that post.. She's jumping on the "vaccines cause autism" wagon too even though saying she's only against the cervarix vaccine = she's full of shit

No. 365361

Well, let's say she is vaccine injured. her health have changed rapidly over a short period of time. Wouldn't it make great sense that she's mentally distressed and therefore having psycogenic/dissociative seizures?

No. 365369

is she the one who was on DIY SOS i know 2 people have been on DIY SOS recently with these issues one (tonia) who is genuine and a Chloe was on there too i recognise the face/name/picture

No. 365373

Yep that's her

No. 365377

File: 1501702045734.png (66.98 KB, 200x144, trumpbird2.png)

>I died

No. 365384

Dumb question, can you grow out of mild CP?

No. 365385

Chloe Print Lambert recently lost a baby. I didn't realise she was pregnant!

No. 365387

Me neither! I went back at read all her post and didn't find anything about it

No. 365394

How did you find out about it then? (don't samefag)

No. 365400

File: 1501703478585.png (1.08 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_2779.PNG)


Sounds like her little one was stillborn quite early.

No. 365405

She posted a picture of a tiny stillborn baby.

No. 365432

Yeah I've jokingly told friends before I should train the dog to fetch us some beers. But nah I get up off my ass and get my own shit.

I just can't understand if you're not someone with a severe neurological condition or other condition which it makes it impossible to do things like put on socks or pick things up why train your sd to do shit like get a blanket. It's so much more fun to teach them to do fun stuff like play dead and balance on stuff and do the lassie pose.

No. 365439

I find that hilarious too! she seems to spend a lot of time and energy to get that dog to fetch her things, must be way more exhausting than just organizing her home more practically

No. 365440


That was her child?! I couldn't possibly believe someone in her medical state could conceive, never mind hope to carry it to term.

No. 365443

She's not that ill. I don't want to criticize her too much since she just lost a baby. But she really isn't anywhere near as sick as she pretends. Read betwwwn the lines of her account and you'll see she's similar to Chloe Leanne, all drama and attention seeking. Maybe some mild real medical issues, but a fuck of a lot of psychiatric problems that she can't handle. She has an ED too.

No. 365464

I'm assuming that she does understand the very real difference between late miscarriage and stillbirth?? Although it's largely irrelevant to the heartbreaking outcome.
Saged for gynea/obst armchairing.

No. 365472

Stillbirths aren't milk. It either happened or it didn't. It's a big deal to even totally normal people so you'd have to go pretty far before it would get milky. Shit's just sad.

Can we get back to the milk?

No. 365480

For what some people really need a regular, normal person pet would totally suffice. But you can't take a normal pet with you everywhere and they don't fit the spoonie narrative on social media, so…

No. 365486

In the US a stillbirth is anything past 20 weeks, she was 21 weeks.

No. 365519

File: 1501716867556.png (1.12 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_2785.PNG)

Dunno what's the deal with this chick but honestly, this photo makes me cringe. What's with all these women who have doormat men?!

No. 365520

Dear god, seriously? She would love to go under anesthesia as much as possible. But she's not even getting it done under anesthesia, she's getting sedation, which is actually much different. First of all, sedation can be done by a nurse, while anesthesia requires (surprise!) an anesthesiologist, who is in the room and monitoring the patient constantly for any changes, and adjusting the medication as needed. Sedation is barely anything. And it turns out this particular procedure doesn't even hurt, and takes maybe ten minutes, fifteen at the most. They don't even usually bother with blood work if there's some fairly recent results on file. Oh the milk from this girl.

No. 365526


What kind of a moron rides in a shopping cart as an adult? If you're goofing off with friends, maybe, but insisting on being pushed around the store? If you're old enough for an IG, you're way too old for that.

No. 365532

File: 1501717456782.jpg (721.96 KB, 1050x791, jackass the movie.jpg)

>What kind of a moron rides in a shopping cart as an adult?
These legendary heroes.

No. 365536


spoonies claim to want to be treated equally and viewed as normal
demand to be pushed around grocery stores in shopping carts

No. 365537

Hahahaha shit at least they're doing something other than acting like a whiny toddler

No. 365544

That would not be out of place on an ED account. Lazy cow, it's not surprising she's tired if she's starving herself.

No. 365555


Exactly. The tube is for special sick spoonie points, and the feed is so low because then she can basically eat what she wants at the same time. Best of both worlds, and utterly despicable.

No. 365558

File: 1501719420842.png (167.09 KB, 749x1019, IMG_9652.PNG)

JBN has gotten her BUDDY BEADS!! lolol they show her sooper special "journey with chronic illness"

What a joke this girl is.

No. 365560

File: 1501719561562.png (216.27 KB, 750x1043, IMG_9653.PNG)

The text to go with above IG picture.

No. 365561


Aw, just like all the other eight year olds out there. Too bad she's stuck in the fully functioning body (and life) of a twenty-something.

No. 365562


This just in, Nicole: NOBODY FUCKING CARES

No. 365566

All these IG spoonie warriors just want to be little kids, don't they? No idea why. Being an adult is fun, you can choose your own bedtime and everything.

No. 365588

Who the fuck gives her this stuff? Isn't she like 21?

No. 365592


I believe she buys it herself. At least she has done so with the "tubie" bear which she has stated is given to children for free (because you know it is meant to help a child) but that she was able to pay for as an adult.
These beads are straight up out of a children's craft kit - might be different where she lives but the beads of courage I typically see are typically not al the super cheap plastic kid crap. Giving yourself beads for entering a pageant, "raising awareness", and donations is not a thing.
I give stickers to my 3-year old clients for a job well done in therapy. Real adults don't need stickers and prizes for every task they do.

No. 365593

No because CP is non progressive brain damage caused when a child's brain is still developing usually happening during birth you can stay the same your entire life and never need more than basic added stuff like PT and afo's to sometimes possibly needing more interventions as you age because of the muscle issues you may just wear some of those down a bit faster than an average person. I have a friend who has CP and just now started using a walker in their late 40's after just needing afo's and a cane since like three years old and that is what they said to me. Which was bought not for a fashion excessory but so they could continue working without too much detriment to their life.

No. 365600

Beads of courage started out as a good thing for kids with life threatening diseases but in my opinion it was a mistake to open up these programs to teens with other chronic illnesses. I first saw it happening a few years ago when almost all the teen girls in a gastroparesis support group I was in on Facebook started trying to sign up.

No. 365606


I can't imagine what it must be like to be a parent of a small child with cancer who is actually benefiting from something like this and then seeing a bunch of instagram-loving, "spoonie" adults take over and make it all about them.

No. 365615

The whole idea, I believe, is to help kids stay calm and tolerate painful things (for kids). Don't fight the nurse drawing blood, you get to add a bead! You're scared to go into an MRI, but when you're done you'll get a new bead! It's basically bribery, but a great idea that I totally support for kids. And if kids want to show off what they've survived through, of course, because they're kids and aren't old enough to have an ulterior motive. But even a teenager, and especially an adult, should not have to be bribed to behave at the doctors', and tolerating medical things such as an iv as an adult does not make you brave. If you're an adult, you should be able to handle a needle prick without needing a medal. Instead these spoonies have turned a great idea into another way to compete with each other over who's sicker.

No. 365617

File: 1501725085241.jpg (39.99 KB, 448x270, IMG_0501.JPG)

Hey Nicole, they make these, too! Helpful for someone your age, judging by your recent bead order

No. 365622


I used to have my Beads of Courage, received when I first had cancer at age 8, on my wall next to my medals from various races. When I had a recurrence aged 16, I was a bit of a surly teenager and declared I wanted none of that childish shit, much to the chagrin of the CL lady.

I just took the whole set of beads (gosh, they're heavy!), put them in a plastic bag and took the whole shit up to the attic. After seeing Nicole with her stupid beads, I couldn't bear the sight of them. Maybe someday, but not for now.

Thanks Nicole.

(Sage for blogging and no1curr)

No. 365631

CPL is a trainwreck. A few interesting factoids:

- She was obsessed with the idea of a home oxygen concentrator. She tried to get one prescribed from three different docs. All said nope as she can maintain good sats without assistance. So at one time she actually asked me to help her look for one on eBay (I use an oxygen concentrator and bottles of O2 as chemo fucked up my lungs).
- At one point, she told me and a friend of mine that she's glad she's got physical health issues because now she's being taken seriously. Wut.
- The reason she had her parents buy a powerchair? Her OT did not sign off on it, as her physio rightly said that what she needed was to move her joints to avoid them stiffening into a single position. Well, you can guess what happened.
- Around the time two relatively well known spoonies (as one has passed away, I will not give names) started using CPAP devices, she reallyreally wanted one. As I had to use one for a while she actually asked me if I would let her have mine. That… weirded me the fuck out and I'm not easy to weird out!
- She has decided, like so many with multiple health conditoins, that she has Mito, which explains everything, and that she's terminal. Boom. She loves mentioning it or hinting at it.
- She's on a stupid amount of drugs and her escalation is concerning at best. Worse, she has regularly said she would take an Actiq (she's got the 400mcg ones, I think, so pretty strong) when she's not in acute pain but is feeling emotional or upset or sad. That, in case you're not familiar with chronic pain management, is a big red flag. When her doctors wanted her to reduce her opioid use, she allegedly threatened suicide.

Yep, she's got a lot of milk. The boyfriend is another funny story but I can't be arsed for more right now. She fucked over plenty of her friends for them to provide more details!

No. 365633

Chloe Leanne aka Chloe's Chronicals is an interesting instagram. She was always very slim and has a small build. If you scroll back to the beginning, you can see. It didn't take much for her to lose a few pounds and look thinner. Also, below one of the pics of her showing off her slender body, she says something like "this isn't thinspo" which set alarm bells ringing. She definitely has an eating disorder.

No. 365636


Did she actually get prescribed oxygen in the end or did she buy it? Also, moar milk please!!

No. 365668

Am I remembering correctly that at one time she was claiming to be in some kind of hospice/palliative setting? Seems like she was posting something like that a few months back?

No. 365669

It's weird because there seems to be no other mention of the child until then. It's sad, when she knows all the medication she's on that's so dangerous to try having a kid /:

No. 365670

If everything is "countless" how does she know how many beads to put LOL

No. 365671

So she's an addict as well as an obvious munchie. I feel sorry for her parents, as well as her poor doctors of course. How do these terrible people get so good at their manipulation?

Tell us about the boyfriend! Another enabler like Judd.

Saged for no contribution to the milk

No. 365676


I fucking hate how her and Shelbi take pictures of their analgesics. I'm not gonna judge people who use opiates, I abused them 10+ years. It's just unsettling to see people fetishize it and think it's ok.

Just seeing this stuff gets my heart rate up. Fuck these people are dumb.

Sorry for blogging.

No. 365724

How bored, lonely, or insane do you have to be to want to commemorate trips to the ER or being hospitalised?

It's like they want a memento from every blood test or urine sample the way kids want a souvenir from Disneyland.

No. 365749

File: 1501736318940.png (308.19 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_2787.PNG)

She's actually really rude, not to mention a medical miracle given she just said she has been dying and she's posting away.

No. 365750

File: 1501736340672.png (251.76 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_2786.PNG)

Oh and she's hilarious about what's in vaccines.

No. 365754

File: 1501736502494.png (729.76 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_2788.PNG)

Just putting this here.

No. 365771

They probably didn't give her bile bags because she was supposed to close up her tube and try to let her gallbladder go back to normal.

No. 365787

File: 1501739755617.jpg (39.3 KB, 513x287, IMG_1583.JPG)

Cow serum

No. 365788

If the blogposting continues as it has in this thread, it will be autosaged.
Saging does not exempt you from this rule.

No. 365798

Looking forward to seeing your findings anon. :)

No. 365801

Jesus fucking Christ who would rather do this shit than try to heal?!

No. 365808

File: 1501741590931.png (297.65 KB, 1237x1859, IMG_7169.PNG)

Such a try hard. Stuck a full lime in her gob, missed the point of the entire thing. Just stop lol

No. 365811

Um, what was the point?

No. 365812


Bit of context "Take a bite out of lime" for Lyme awareness. You take a bite out of a lime. Not stick a full one in your mouth like you're plugging a hole

No. 365827

Um, what was the point?

No. 365866

File: 1501746946831.png (212.91 KB, 749x1031, IMG_1581.PNG)

lol scrolled back through her account and found this. I'm assuming she's gotten over this deadly allergy?

No. 365882


Not WKing but the daily mail is full of shit. You could say "I like ice cream" as a quote and they'd put their headline as "woman hates ice cream!"

No. 365890

I have exercise induced anaphylaxis. It is rare. That is what this dumb broad is describing. You get physically "excited", be it through exercise, fear, anxiety, and your internal histamine levels go up. It brings on anaphylaxis. You feel hives at first and a sense of impending doom. You have plenty of warning. Take some fucking liquid benadryl and move on with life. I've lived with this since I was 12. It's no big deal really, if you know the warning signs. Grow the fuck up and take handle your shit. No drama needed. Fuck me, I cannot stand this dramacow.

No. 365892


How was she even able to have sex with her husband then to get pregnant?

Wouldn't she have passed out 5minutes into it.

No. 365897

I remember her from years ago
Back then she just had anorexia (pretty severely actually from what i remember) and a personality disorder diagnosis
Then suddenly it was trauma and ptsd
Then it was GP and disgestive stuff (probably a continuation of her eating disorder lets be honest)
And now its… well everything really

I fucking hate this cow for wasting so many resources. I would do a blogposty rant but no1curr and dont want to infuriate le farmhand.
Sage for rage

No. 365902

Did anyone see Chloe Leanne sperging about vaccines again? Top kek.

No. 365912

The comments on that post (if it's the same one, bettergraces) are full of top quality munchies claiming "vaccine injuries"

No. 365922

Another reason I can't stand this bitch. My son almost died from pertussis at 3 weeks old, before he could get vaccinated. He caught it because I lived in a town that at the time was the number one city for pertussis incidences in America. A "progressive" town in which a super high percentage of people didn't believe in vaccinating their children (I've always been pro-vaccination, my daughter was vaccinated and 2 years old at the time). My beautiful son was on the heart long bypass (ECMO) and in a coma for 2 months and then a feeding tube and oxygen for over a year. Thank God he isn't brain damaged, but he still has some lasting impairments, so yeah, fuck you for advocating against vaccination Chloe. Fuck you.


No. 365932

Well, the personality disorder diagnosis was accurate at least.

Bitches like this wasting resources are a cancer on the NHS. At least Jaquie has to pay for some of her shit.

No. 365934


Was at university with bettergraces. I swear, these cows follow me around.

At first, she's a somewhat shy and a little acerbic but altogether sane English student. Like, you think that you've seen worse. She's a little full of herself and fancies herself a bit of a poet, but other than that, initially, she seemed harmless.

That is, until, with time, it turned out she was a drama magnet of epic proportions. Predictably every few days or weeks, something either happened to her ('Muh chronic fateeg!'), She claims to be on her doctoral programme but is basically on indefinite compassionate medical leave. She's an incredible drama cow.

No. 365939

kek, I went to uni with her too and if this was slightly more accurate I'd think it was a self post. Vendetta much?

I found her account a couple of months ago after not talking to her for years. She can be OTT and her captions are dumb, but she talks about being on medical leave.

Sage for being fucking boring

No. 365953


Ohhh my god that legit triggered my gag reflex. I had to scroll away in order to stop from dry heaving.


No. 365956

It's licensed self hrm for her.

No. 365958

File: 1501768674070.png (152.7 KB, 474x437, wtfmorgan.png)

Morgan McCastor, the munchie who had been applying for hospice care for her sooper srs gastro?EDS/undiagnosed illnesses, is following the suit of cows with eating and personality disorders.

Boohoo my doctors won't pay attention to me, time to eat my feelings in greasy fast food. Featured Morgan's massive amount of fries and fried chicken.

Link here: https://www.facebook.com/morgansmedicaljournal/

No. 365960

File: 1501768931641.png (590.29 KB, 1060x675, wtfmorgan3.png)


Dmmt wrong pic. Right pic now attached.

No. 365965

The meal of a woman on death's door.

No. 365966

Be nice to the poor dying munchie, it might be her last meal

No. 365976

Who goes to the er for a "spot under her arm"?? I'm surprised they weren't laughed out of there.

No. 365977

Sooper serious GP, you say? Better have some of the worst possible foods for that! Does she not realize that EDS is not fatal? (Okay, in the rare case of someone having vEDS, yes, but she definitely doesn't). What a moron

No. 366001

No. 366003

You are all vile bullies. I know chloe print-lambert personally and what you are saying couldn't be further from the truth.

I have a question to ask, what do you gain out of this? It baffles me. You are cyber bullying and it's horrible.
All I'm saying is STOP you wouldn't like it if it was the other way round.
You obviously all admire chloe as you are spending your time talking about her.
If you don't like her, then fine we can't all get on with everyone. What I don't agree with and will not stand for is the bullying and bullshit you are all saying..

I suggest it stops and you all get on with YOUR pathetic lives(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 366006

Oh shut the fuck up, you whiny cunt.

No. 366007

Do you know me? I think not(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 366008

Don't want to, but you seem like a cow as well or you're her. Either way, take yo fake medical condition elsewhere you cow.

No. 366010

Well my name is chloe PAISH, not print-lambert. So I am not her. I know her very well though. I don't actually have a physical medical condition so…

No. 366012

You probably do, being dropped on your head so much as a child has clearly done some damage to that tiny brain of yours. You don't sound too bright, did your dad touch you? ;^( awh

No. 366013

No one cares

No. 366014


No. 366016


No. 366024

Oh gosh, this stuff is literally nothing but laughable. The time people chose to attack is when I have just lost my baby that I have fought tooth and nail to carry? Shows what kind of person they are not me ?

I don't know who this person is who apparent knows me but they sure do chat a lot of shit ? Not even going to waste my breathe there!

The NHS paid towards my chair, like most that need specialised seating, you get a voucher and pay the difference I was lucky the difference was charity funded.

I am on medication, I don't care what people think of that. I don't care about hiding it or not. I've come bloody far in the last couple years learning how to deal with my condition, push boundaries safety and I have had a purpose build space to learn indepence if you want to act like a jealous brat that's fine but seriously, it only makes one of us look utterly ridiculous and it's certainly not me…..

I have mastocytosis and my enteric plexitis (people mistake that for MCAD for some reason)diagnosed via biopsy, I have oxygen prescribed by oxygen services from respiratory consultant. I don't know where the apparent mito thing came from I've never mentioned that and certainly don't have it. I have addisons yes I'm dependant on steroids, I have fentanyl they are 200 not 400 if you must know but why do you give a shit? I'm on TPN and IV meds prescribed by consultants. I don't need help knowing how to get anything- I need enough that I would rather live without.

Jealousy is so ugly.

Right now I need to focus on my little girls funeral. It's up to me and Jordan if we feel the risk is worth it. Sex would kill me? Get a grip. If you are low life enough to make such accusations knowing that my little girl came into the world passed on, then you are not worth my time or explanation. Emma was on the cuff of weeks, legally that is one week off being viable. One week and she would've had a chance so of course I am going to be grieving her as my baby, my little girl. I shouldn't even be giving you my time of day. You can talk about me but whoever is sick and sad enough to speak about my baby and my partner- I pity you and the sad life you live.

Find something to do with your time that doesn't make you look like a judgemental group of low lives.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 366026

You don't need to attach your email address to your posts.

No. 366027


No one here is jealous. I don't know what would ever give you that impression.

No. 366039

I've got to be honest I really don't think Chloe (print lambert) deserves to be here. I agree with a lot of the comments bought up about members of the spoonie community who take it to far (JBN) and some who are likely almost entirely facticuous (KR) but I don't think Chloe falls into either of those categories. She makes the best of her difficult situation and doesn't spend her whole life talking about illness, despite its obvious massive effect on her. Not to mention her recent awful loss. All of the acccusations against her seem like personal vendettas to me, nothing she actually posted is milky. Come one, just move on to someone who actually is causing problems and let the poor girl grieve.(incessant whiteknighting)

No. 366040


Most people recognise that your loss is tragic and sad and not to be discussed in a negative way. It was your "friend" who talked about the health stuff.

No. 366041

Agree. There's lot of munchies out there, but honestly i have no reason to doubt chloe. Call me a whiteknight, whatever, but that's just my opinion.

No. 366042

It disgusts me that CPL would try to bring a child into this world if she's supposedly so medically fragile. No child deserves to see their mother in so much pain.

No. 366045

I disagree that she isn't milky, she definitely exploits her illness.


You're right about the timing. She should be left alone to grieve.

No. 366047

Completely disagree, she has just as much a right to have a child as anyone else. As does her partner.
Also, this board is for discussion of munchies, not discussion of ethics of pregnancy. Get back to the point

No. 366050

Chloe is not like someone like Jacquie who is actually full on fake munchie or the one who rides around in a grocery cart.

No. 366051

Also agreed. Chloe Leanne on the other hand is definitely munchie

No. 366055

Full munchie. Her reaction to the poor doctors' very sensible suggestion of psych treatment says it all. Any normal ill person would welcome the support.

No. 366057

No, it's horrid. A woman who is allergic to her feelings and in as terrible shape as Chloe Prints-Lambert has absolutely no business bringing a child into this world. It was a selfish decision.

No. 366061

The allergic to feelings bullshit wasn't COL. It was glamorisation by the daily mail

No. 366068

Nobody think it's kinda weird to put up pics of your dead baby on Instagram? I know people grieve in different ways and having the pics help some people to memorize it and move on but jeez, do you have to it up on the internet? Is this something usually done on Instagram?

No. 366069

Stillbirth is not the topic of this thread. Move on.

No. 366077

babyfag plz go

It's completely weird. Nobody wants to look at pictures of dead babies.

No. 366082

File: 1501785770311.png (1.05 MB, 1366x768, Screenshot (51).png)

so another meal for jaquie who apparently is so malnourished she needs a feeding tube

No. 366084

More importantly no one ones to have a stillborn. Not our place to judge how that's dealt with by the individual

No. 366085

File: 1501786017151.jpg (460.77 KB, 2048x2048, B584FA09-58C7-47D3-915D-0EE71A…)

So moving back into actually munchies Jacquie stop eating shit food I promise it will help your stomach and god the way her face fucking lights up about feeding tubes and infusions

No. 366096


I swear she just wants the GJ so she can purge. I also still fully believe she eats when Judd isn't around.

No. 366100

File: 1501787511847.jpg (191.25 KB, 1080x967, Screenshot_20170803-141018.jpg)

Has anyone look at Christina/watercolor_me_impressed?

I can't decide if I think she's 100% legit, or an OTT.

No. 366103

Think she's fairly legit, certainly not full munchie

No. 366104

legit in my opinion, i don't see anything super milky

No. 366105

pretty sure she is legit tbh

No. 366106

She's an adult who flaunts being a "tubie" so my guess is she's an OTT. I hope they didn't do a load of surgeries on her if it's all munchausen's. She probably has a few real issues but is exaggerating them. I think it's possible that a lot of the bigger accounts like Jacquie, WMI and CPL do have mild real problems but they blow them up into fantasies that don't exist. There are less who are totally munchie.

No. 366107

Does the tubie part makes her a munchie? lol
I get that it can be seen as "childish", but i guess it's also a way of making it bareable

No. 366110

CPL not a real munchie, slightly OTT at most. Chloe Leanne on the other hand is definitely munchie

No. 366112

It doesn't make her a munchie. But it's childish and part of the whole infantilizing thing that the more dramatic and stupid spoonies are into. She's an adult woman like Jacquie is but they all want to live like little girls. Never said she was a munchie, but she should stop with the tubie shit. It's nothing to show off about. No1curr if you have a tube.

No. 366114

I get you're saying but she doesn't seem childish like nicole or jacquie

No. 366115


If she keeps eating junk, she won't be able to purge through the G tube part. It will get blocked. It's not meant to drain the amount she consumes.

No. 366116

Ha you're forgetting that CPL started out as an average teen with basic mental health problems like an eating disorder. I used to follow her in those days. She's moved onto something that meets her need for attention more, that's all. She may have some legit issues but it's nowhere near the level of drama she claims.

Agreed that Chloe Leanne is full on munchie though.

No. 366129

While she may be a little OTT she's most likely legit. She's doing something a lot of people like Jacquie doesn't do, actually works at doing PT and OT for her conditions and seems to have gotten better.

No. 366130

File: 1501790592916.png (212.03 KB, 1242x1345, IMG_4057.PNG)

Not an Instagram spoonie but I just wanted to point out that even the Ehlers Danlos Society- the top organization for EDS- encourages this kind of milky behavior by saying things like this. Instagram is full of spoonies who see themselves as an injured, damaged, neglected community and the top spokespeople for EDS just ag it on.

No. 366134

Lara is a huge narcissist who revels in that damaged narrative. She presumably does have EDS but loads of the blame for the shitty #spoonie EDS environment is hers. At this point she isn't helping anyone.

No. 366136

Saged for samefagging but I've also met her and she is so fucking full of herself, thinks she's god's gift to EDS. I'm surprised she isn't selling shirts like Jaq.

No. 366143

The whole EDS fb community is full of itself. Yes sure it's hard to diagnose and doctors miss shit all the time but if you've seen five plus doctors who are all just no you're just hyper mobile or no all the tests came back no time to stop.

No. 366148

Well i've seen 10+ doctors with no one having a clue what was wrong until finally someone connected the dots and i was diagnosed

Sure a lot of these munchies go doctor shopping to get their sooper serioos EDS diagnosis, but you can't ignore the fact that many doctors simply do not know about this disease

sage for somewhat blogging i guess

No. 366177

You mean you doctor shopped until you found one that fit your personal narrative.

LOL. You belong on this thread. What's your ig/twitter/tumblr?

No. 366178

Any updates on endlessvoices? She's my fave.

No. 366191

nah not really, i was referred to doctor after doctor because they couldn't seem to figure it out

Plot twist: people with EDS who are not munchies exist

No. 366242

Don't post your diary or feed trolls plz.

No. 366251

File: 1501803596329.png (200.38 KB, 750x1108, IMG_1925.PNG)

I thought that charities like Make a Wish and Dreams Come True were for people who are Terminally ill or have life limiting illnesses? At least in the US I believe they are …

No. 366253

File: 1501803938748.png (170.04 KB, 750x1098, IMG_1928.PNG)

She posts today how she is in a gp flare and can keep nothing down, then next post was she was going to the store for ice cream sundae supplies bcuZ she had an urge for icecream

No. 366254

File: 1501804006511.png (134.64 KB, 750x1073, IMG_1927.PNG)

Her post almost immediately after the "I'm in a flare" post

No. 366258

Please tell me she's being called out in the comments. She flips the fuck out and turns her defenses up to 11 every time.

No. 366269

She watches Casualty? That's basically the equivalent of a munchie saying they watch Gray's! Pretty much proves they have an obsession with the medical field. An obsession that goes beyond being interested from a distance.

No. 366273

File: 1501806522570.jpeg (229.79 KB, 1241x1944, image.jpeg)

No. 366281

Idk if people have seen this or if it's relevant but since Kadee Konstantino was a professional munchie, look at this.


No. 366306

It won't let me read it without taking some survey.

No. 366308

i thought that, but there is an option to skip the survey if memory serves me right its in one of the bottom corners of the box ?

No. 366313


she vapes? that's a nicotine vape on the chair arm. kek

No. 366319

File: 1501815506028.jpg (376.61 KB, 1489x2598, kadee1.jpg)

Holy sheet. I knew answers would arrive in time but what a sad way to go for Kadee.

No. 366320

File: 1501815604285.jpg (549.41 KB, 1525x2440, kadee2.jpg)

part 2

No. 366321

some cunt cleaning your death scene before the police come. awful.

No. 366325

I mean I couldnt stand Kadee but that's a horrible way to go. she still deserved to have help called immediately, goddamn.

No. 366326

Yes, so lonely. And heroin addicts are so fucking predatory, they love to introduce people to it because they can take a cut or some money for a while. It's not like Kadee was a seasoned user. I guess the theory about her abusing pills in the past was true if she ended up at NA.

No. 366327

File: 1501816322562.jpg (647.15 KB, 2219x1079, Screenshot_20170803-220306.jpg)

Jaquie's mom moved in with them to help.

No. 366338

So much milk to come then her mom seems like a super dramatic enabler.

No. 366380

C'mon fam, this is really, really old news, and I thought we had agreed to let everything remotely related to Kadee not to be discussed. Let the dead rest in peace. If you must discuss it do it somewhere else, please. I know that Kadee is tangentially related to this thread because she was a Munchie, however, she is dead. Let discussion of her be dead as well.

No. 366397

Did anyone notice Jacquie and her family were planning on "celebrating" her GJ tube button by having Italian takeaway? I swear she's trolling us.

No. 366398

is she still seeing dr parkman for stuff? i feel like him or his PA would have caught on by now…..

No. 366404

I'm the one who posted the screenshots, I'd thought I'd caught up with the Kadee story as told on here but obviously not? I can see that the article is from May but her thread's been locked.

No. 366424


She fucking went to the set of Casualty.

Doesn't that ring ANY bells to ANYONE? Hello, Mr Psych Consultant, are you asleep at the goddamned wheel? Your patient with mysteriously severe ongoing health issues uses her Victimhood Free Trip to go to the set of a hospital drama.

If that doesn't fucking scream Munchie, I don't know what she needs to do.

No. 366427


I'm gonna be an asshole for a moment.

Among the things they teach you at med school are something called the 'indicae of malnutrition'. Such as: the ring/bracelet gap (losing so much weight that rings/bracelets that used to fit now are loose and leave a gap), prominent cheekbones (as the fat surrounding them dissipates), the triangle formed by the sternocleidomastoids and the suprasternal notch protruding…. I don't want to call Jaqui fat, she's normal for her range and age and gender, but anyone who would credibly deem her malnourished and give her a tube before trying other interventions is a moron. The question you ask yourself before all of these things is whether the patient has enough of a reserve to endure trying liquid nutrition (Ensure) etc. for a few weeks, +/- meds like MCP. But no, she straight got her surgical G/J. And what's more retarded, not long after she got her button. Buttons are expensive and they have to be sized for stoma length, which is why they're given only once weight has stabilised.


No. 366436


Not asshole at all, just honest. We can all see it. She's not fat, she's slim and looks healthy. Malnourished people don't look like she does; her hair and skin are also a big giveaway. Oh and the fact that she can eat whenever it suits her!!

No. 366453


This is why Jacquie fucking mystifies me. It could be that my experience was being in a college health clinic rather than a traditional GP setting, but after I lost 10% of my body weight in a month, and I showed all the signs you pointed out, the doc prescribed me some antibiotics and said losing weight when you're sick is normal.

So at least in my experience, even if the signs are recognized, docs aren't keen on pumping a body full of nutrients that will recover on its own. So it more or less shows how aggressively Jacquie pursues this whole "get me a tube" angle.

Just like Nicole, for that matter. It's like they recognize they're missing something that should be filling/fulfilling, and their brain subconsciously fills in the gap by being like "Food?" So they identify this gaping hole of neediness, and try to fill that hole with medical props and liquid food.

No. 366457

It's like the psych pt from hell: Axis II + ED{NOS|AN} + FII.

God save whoever will have to deal with these fuckups someday.

No. 366461


At a college health clinic, the population is seen as having more risk factors. So it would be more, not less, likely for you to get at the very least an upper GI series and an up and down with the magic snake. There are telltale signs of ED in the GI system that we ca. Identify pretty easily with a single scope, and so it has become pretty common to send anyone with suspicious weight loss for bloods to check the actual level of malnutrition (A/G ratio and, to an extent, HbA1c, are much more telling than weight or weight loss - in and of itself, weight loss is not a problem, the problems are either the things that cause it (ED, serious illness, etc.) or the things it causes (lack of nutrients, various hyposomethingorelseosis syndromes - would you believe I saw my first and hitherto last case of beriberi at an affluent elite university campus's surgery?). So really, the whole thing stinks of parental + Jaqui pressure, and knowing what the right things to utter are. I would not be shocked if Jaqui had a close female relative who is either a doctor or had a PEG/J (we give them away pretty liberally for cancer these days as food shoved in the jejunum will usually stay the fuck there, no matter how nauseous or sick your chemo makes your area postrema).

No. 366463

File: 1501850784526.png (582.01 KB, 813x601, wtfnicole.png)

"Allows me to be myself"– an attention whore?

Yeah, sounds about right. At least Nicole realizes she likes to be the center of attention. You know, for a bitch that apparently got bullied for her weight in school, she sure bounced back VERY quickly and has no problem with a bunch of strangers oggling her on a stage for the merits of her beauty, especially when stacked against more traditionally attractive girls.

She's so fucking weird. Is joining pageants trying to overcompensate for the negative attention she got in school? Like sort of sticking it to her former bullies?

Though, tbh at this point I wouldn't be surprised if the bully thing was a load of shit. She could be lying about it to justify doing pageants.

No. 366464

she writes like a 3 year old with no motor skills

No. 366465



No. 366492


I've seen this handwriting before. It's even got a name I forgot, because it's so widespread in neurology assessments (fellow medfags, pray, help me out). It happens when a person is trying to simulate a motor dysfunction, a demyelinating disorder or, in recent EDS-ridden years, weak joints. The problem is that that's not how your handwriting in those cases would actually look. She's like the people who are asked to draw a clock face and draw a squirrel or some shit, or number the clock dial with random digits. Nope, not how it works.

No. 366494


The tube returns and suddenly her self esteem returns as well? (Also, why is she always in her pajamas in these "appearance " photos?)

No. 366497

File: 1501858711603.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1189, Screenshot_20170804-155711_01.…)

Wouldn't the bad handwriting be due to her essential tremor?

No. 366499

File: 1501858836297.png (653.55 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot (54).png)

she is eating more ice cream

No. 366502

why does she need a tube?

No. 366506


That handwriting is pretty far from essential tremor. Look how straight the straight lines are… it's the shape of things that's off. Like someone using their non-dominant hand to pretend they've got some neurological impairment.

No. 366512

For attention.

No. 366544

She's the god dam bully that goes around bullying people not the other way around.

No. 366547


Her poor mother has moved closer to be her second slave when Judd is not there.

No. 366549

It's like the dyslexic post where just middle letters were back to front- that's not dyslexia.. Can't post photo as profile now private

No. 366561

Legit looks like meet new >fiends..

It's I before E except after C… or angling to add non-typical dyslexia instead of just stupidity to your ever growing list?

Her handwriting only looks atypical to most non UK residents, sadly this is pretty much how all under 25's write it's supposed to look cute but just looks shit and you know there was at least 5 attempts prior to THIS perfect one…[during the last decade presentation and spelling haven't classed as indicative of intelligence, hence the global embarrassment of our pisa scores]. Millenials here are thick as fuck, if it can't be copy/pasted they're they can't be arsed.
Sage for education rage.

No. 366576

Yeah don't feel sorry for her mom I'm pretty sure she's a classic mbp/enabler because if you watch the videos she's very oh the best for my baby in the dramatic ott kinda way.

No. 366637

File: 1501879124230.png (133.59 KB, 738x934, IMG_1583.PNG)

She has such a proud look in this picture like look at me with all my new attachments

No. 366638

File: 1501879248852.png (282.13 KB, 750x1087, IMG_1584.PNG)

Caption that went with the above. The cut off part was asking about calories, says she's dependent on tube feeds, and is at risk for refeeding syndrome. She's also asking what the symptoms are of refeeding syndrome…

No. 366640


She was in one pageant - that she got in for by applying online! But she is milking that one for all its worth. She wants people to tell her how strong and brave she is for doing a pageant in her "condition". My guess is that she always wanted to be in a pageant but knew that she was too average to have any success. Now when she doesn't win she can justify it because she has the tube while still trying to score points for doing the pageant with the nose hose (as evidenced by the multiple media articles she did about it).
I half suspect that she wanted the tube put back in because she kept going on about having a family/friend (I don't remember which) wedding to attend in a couple of weeks. Other people her age have jobs, lives, school, etc… so I bet she thinks the tube will get her off the hook for having to answer those questions and bring more attention to her.

No. 366643

File: 1501879835657.png (260.17 KB, 750x865, IMG_1585.PNG)

Just going back through old posts I never saw now and noticed this dislocations thing seems a bit ott LOL. They don't really move you that much for an endoscopy…

No. 366645

File: 1501880768053.png (267.87 KB, 750x1065, IMG_1586.PNG)

And throwback to her first IG post. She has no specialists but had an EDS diagnosis? Going through her account is like seeing MBI developing. obv she has some health issues but it seems she's turning it into something else to fit in with all the IG spoonies

No. 366647

File: 1501880828309.png (105.84 KB, 588x537, IMG_2338.PNG)

Looking through old JBN posts and thought some of the pics JBN posts are similar!

No. 366648

File: 1501880876309.png (119.41 KB, 637x664, IMG_2337.PNG)

No. 366657


Ugh she has a vog mask too?! Wtf?!

No. 366681


Bless her, she doesn't look like she's suffering from or at risk of refeeding syndrome lol.

No. 366698

File: 1501885218618.png (1.05 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170804-151023.png)

Oh gahhhhh, Jacquie's 'about me' video is horrible, I have Narcolepsy (amoung other ailments) and I would never explain it the way she does. WTF. I had to stop watching before I lost brain cells… (picture 1)

No. 366701

File: 1501885329164.png (472.91 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170804-151014.png)

CJ picture 2

No. 366723

2:26 Warrior beads for glasses/contact lenses! Whatever next?!

No. 366728

for someone who loves to fake illnesses she should know it's not ehlers-danlos III anymore it's hypermobility type.

No. 366737

Does she have a bead for every bump and scrape she gets? Save up for a special one to commemorate a dental checkup?
How over excited and obsessed can she get? 'Ohh I'm such a chronic fighter I got my glasses prescription updated cause I'm a survivor! Here's the prize I got for being in a dentist waiting room. All the staff wanted pictures with me because I'm so chronically special'

No. 366739

The fuck is brittle asthma? Essential tremor is literally just being a bit shaky, half the world takes daily tablets, and how do you have epilepsy and non-epileptic seizures at the same time?

No. 366745

brittle asthma is basically where you either have attacks very regularly and are very poorly controlled (type 1). Or you have life threatening attacks that can and often do result in admission to ICU/HDU or require intubation or other kinds of ventilation like CPAP (type 2).

No. 366750

File: 1501890060106.png (1 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6461.PNG)

New munchie from where I live! Found her while typing in the word "chronically" to show my friend how many people base their identity around an illness.

Anyhoo she likes to have her mum take heaps of photos of her in hospital, and for some reason she is grinning like a Cheshire Cat in every photo (1/2)

No. 366751

File: 1501890161278.png (766.37 KB, 750x1334, IMG_6458.PNG)

Grinning her head off despite being in the emergency department. Super speshal might need an NG tube in a few days if she can just pretend not to eat her special purée diet for a few days longer…

No. 366759

Orthostatic hypotension is part of POTS. But let's list as many things as possible! Moar sooper speschel sick!

No. 366762


Yeah that's not how EDS works. Partial dislocations, maybe, but a full dislocation hurts enough that you'd wake up after the first one, and full dislocations are rarer than these spoonies claim. If she's getting that many dislocations, she'd be in intensive physical therapy multiple times a week. Nothing about her story makes sense at all.

No. 366764


Go blog elsewhere

No. 366765

Could we get some more of your journal there anon? Your personal anecdotes are so relevant and interesting and there was no possible way to explain your point without making it about yourself so please, share some more.

No. 366773

In most cases what Instagram spoonies describe as dislocations are actually very likely subluxations. Still painful but not a fraction of what a full dislocation is like.

No. 366782

Omg…table of contents?!? Seriously!! Quite the list she has going…

No. 366799


Clearly she has made all these up and bought a set of little kid plastic beads and then sorted them out.
Half of these beads would be "earned" for the same thing - she would have given herself a bead for nil by mouth before a procedure, having whatever procedure, being in the hospital, missing work - hell one doctor visit can "earn" her up to 3-4 beads at a time. Beads for contacts/glasses - like a good percentage of the population has and nobody considers debilitating.
Even kids with terminal cancer don't get a bead for most of this stuff. Does she get a bead for washing her hands after using the bathroom too?

No. 366806


God she's fucked up a cute idea for kids so, so badly. And there are actual "beads of courage" that parents send away for, that are a lot nicer and have real meaning, unlike Nicole's shit

No. 366812

File: 1501896838278.png (4.09 MB, 2048x1536, IMG_7359.PNG)

The official website for the Beads of Courage program (which uses artist-made glass beads, not cheap plastic crap) specifically says it's for CHILDREN. Not attention-whore adults.

No. 366814


And the beads are actually given to the child by a healthcare professional, not doled out for just anything by the patient for themselves. The real story always makes her more pathetic.

No. 366824

dislocating is the most miserable shit. i can guarantee that that photo she posted is not the face of someone who has had even one dislocation, let alone multiple.

>yes im fucking mad

No. 366828

>>365676 OT but how did you quit? That shit is hard af.

No. 366840

File: 1501902944560.png (3.74 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_1517.PNG)

Actually the pictured plastic beads upthread are from 1boy4change and you fill out a form and you get beads sent to you

No. 366848

File: 1501905266662.png (397.36 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_2805.PNG)

Takes enough opiates to manage pain in an elephant and then complains GI tract is slow. No shit.

No. 366851


I wouldn't be surprised if she was just copying his idea and then adding to it. I checked out his order form and there are no clear beads listed for glasses/contacts or missing a day of work/school.
Although I kind of hope she just stole his framework and made her own since it seems like such a waste to make him pay international shipping on something that can be found at any store that sells children's craft supplies.

No. 366852


Not that anon but I quit benzos and opiates by smoking pot. I feel like a lot of these spoonies are fucking nuts using these fent patches like it's nothing. Shit is addictive and they are so young to be on hardcore painkillers for really nothing..

No. 366855

File: 1501906340500.png (345.55 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_2806.PNG)

I was also scrolling through IG to look at the "chronically" ones and found this. Basically, advertising their munchie - recovering from builimia but needs toobz to purge <cough> I mean eat. Bullshit.

No. 366856


Sage for samefagging but shoulda added…which mental case doctor put a draining G tube in someone who calls themselves a recovering bulimic?!

No. 366864

File: 1501908505798.jpg (335.94 KB, 1396x1536, IMG_2809.JPG)

Guess who's jumped on the gastroparesis spoonie bandwagon?

No. 366865

File: 1501908532622.jpg (289.38 KB, 1242x1300, IMG_2810.JPG)


No. 366869

Why the fuck is babybear wearing a helmet like a retarded kid?

No. 366871

Lol yeah wonder if she ever thought maybe that's why her GI stopped all other meds

No. 366876

File: 1501912608815.png (171.78 KB, 750x1082, IMG_1590.PNG)

…and a new munchie was born.

She even got a vog mask!

No. 366878

File: 1501912723531.png (181.34 KB, 750x1043, IMG_1589.PNG)

Gotta celebrate that eds "diagnosis"

No. 366905

Legit question for any Munchies lurking… How the fuck are you unable to spell words such as friends/excruciating or differentiate between there and their yet manage to spell every overly complex word/illness grays anatomy ever printed and every pharma listed in PDR's everywhere???
Saged for overthinking.

No. 366918


I have scoped a lot of fragile people, and I'm not even a decent endoscopist, never mind any good. You can scope a tied down person, without needing to move them collaboratively at all (don't ask me how I know this, but working in a jail where people are a little nuts and have a propensity to swallowing things that we then need to at least visualize in two methodologies according to jail rules, so it's either scope + X-ray or x-ray + CT…). There is no conceivable way anyone competent enough to be allowed to handle a scope would dislocate multiple limbs in a regular upper scope.

Bull. Fucking. Shit.

No. 366920


The same way I have never misspelt oesophagogastroduodenoscopy but the other day wrote 'shitfing' instead of 'shifting' multiple times in an email. Very embarrassing. And I can't spell 'differential' for the life of me (thanks spellcheck!). The words you use most or the words you know you need most are going to be the ones that you will remember best. Munchies think that if they speak 'our languague', they'll be taken more seriously. That might even, rarely, be the case - if an adult says 'RUQ pain, intermittent, for about 3 days - Dr Anon, could we please have an ERCP?' I'm more likely to believe this is because the patient is a healthcare practitioner who knows what they're talking about (though for legal reasons I normally run their name and if I don't see them qualified as a doctor, nurse or AHP, it's a biiiiiiiig red flag and no ERCP for you!). But when a 16-year-old lists me the indications for a PEG well enough to pass FRCP, I WILL ask what the fuck is going on. Sometimes it's totally innocuous (kids who have been whisk for a long time, such as young people with cancer, have had to grow up very fast and gained an understanding of what is happening), but often it's a sign of advanced Munchies.

No. 366921


Top news: your cardio is shit.

Making a diagnosis in a complex pt based on HPC alone is career suicide. "I get dizzy spells when I stand up" + clear echo and ecg has a much too large differential to conclude it's POTS, and some of that differential might actually be harmed by typical treatments for POTS like Florinef.


No. 366922


Who the fuck is this person and why is s/he wearing a tard helmet?

No. 366923

Oh god jonzie didn't stop. She's probably got the helmet because it lets everyone know she's special.
Realistically, jonzie has probably claimed some rare seizure disorder or the rarest and hardest to treat form of epilepsy. She claimed more diseases than the others combined and manipulates her 'mummy' into taking her to emergency every twenty minutes, pushing her around in a shopping cart whilst she posts about wishing she had a stroller, and having someone take photos of her more often than Aly the emoji worrier.

No. 366924


Never mind that a dislocated hip, no matter how frequent it is, is a medical emergency requiring reduction and imaging within, ideally, no more than 6 hours from the incident. The reason is that if the hip dislocates, something called aseptic avascular necrosis of the femoral head can set in, which means the femoral head will slowly start to die and need to be replaced (THR) a couple of years down the road.

No. 366928


And yet, on every EDS Facebook page and IG munchie account. they are forever dislocating heir hips. I mean, some of them definitely sublux their hips but most of them are bullshitting. Same with "dislocating" their jaws.

No. 366934

My achillies tendinopathy is definately/definitely (ha see what I did there..) istg that's my blur word, never have I hated a set of letters so vehemently, Ughh I completely understand the context of earned knowledge as opposed to learned knowledge, I'd never thought if it that way tbh, it just bugs me throughout these munch threads coz I'm petty as fuck.
Saged for medical vs educational literacy feelz.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 366935

I think you answered your own question there anon…

No. 366936

File: 1501928736281.png (250.81 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_2811.PNG)

Happy birthday, Chloe. Shame you didn't feel you couldn't spend ages listing every single health problem you have. Life's too fucking short, love. You're only 19. Whole big world out there if you let it be…..

No. 366938


Jonzie is back! How I missed that milk. Please post more!

I don't know too many adults without serious cognitive disabilities that go around wearing epilepsy helmets. And it seems like commenters are already trying to call her out on her lies - of course she tries to say she only sees a pediatric GI. The doctors gave her IV Keppra because she was past due for her nightly dose?

No. 366945


That's all I could find, sorry! I'll keep looking. She's my favorite cow.

Those helmets are usually used for children and some adults with very severe epilepsy, so severe that they would not be able to use social media in the way that babybear can. It's all bullshit.

She's still going to the ER all the fucking time. Waste of time and resources.

No. 366947

OMG! Has she just gotten back online? It's been months, fill us in fam!

No. 366951

There used to be an option for several other things. He had dropped the program a few years ago because he went on to do more productive stuff like make kits for police dogs and other stuff. Tbh I think he was sick of all the adults in the program when he originally made it for kids that weren't in an area for warrior beads. But the person he passed it too never filled any of the orders and everyone cried about it so he's doing it again.

No. 366954

What a shitty cardiologist seeing as there are a ton of different dysautonimias that cause similar symptoms that it would be counter productive to use POTS treatments on and could do some real harm. Which is why always a tilt table test.

No. 366955

Isn't it funny how when we all move on from talking about someone, their friends come by and ramp up the drama again. With friends like that, who needs enemies?

As for Jonzie, I laughed so much at helmet. I guess she's too precious to do what the rest of them do and get a big mask. It's cause she's spent too much time at a children's hospital. I predict a feeding tube in her very near future.

No. 366956


vog mask not big mask!


No. 366960

this rubbed me the wrong way, as someone with eds i can 100% confirm that joints dislocating partially and fully multiple times a day, can and does happen but only in severe forms of eds, as in there is literally no collagen holding the bones in place, and when it gets to that point operations are offered; take it or leave it you're fucked and in pain anyway.
buuuuut of course the munchies sit there saying "OMFGFIGHGJFD I DSILCOCATED MAH RIBZ AND MAH JAW AT TEH SAME TYM"
that shit pisses me off. i'm half tempted to go on a blogpost rant, but that'd make me no better than them.
lets just say if anyone claims eds, i dont believe them unless they've visibly got dislocated joints, or displaced hips in their walk, putting yourself in flexible poses does not mean EDS at all, someone with EDS would not be stupid enough to purposely hyperextend thier joints like that.

No. 366964


Clearly you haven't heard of the new endoscopy wrestling championship, where the patient and the endoscopist have to fight for the upper position, and whoever gets the dominant position and dislocates the maximum number of joints of the other person wins.

No. 366976

File: 1501939343549.png (3.59 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9532.PNG)

Has anyone seen this account? Momma has not one, but two children each with multiple chronic conditions. They get appointments together and have procedures together, they're "spoonie sisters" and of course were diagnosed with all those rare but far conditions such as EDS, MCAS, POTS, gastroparesis, etc.

No. 366993


I bet Christine Miserandino rues the day she ever invented the spoon theory. At least she had a legit illness.

No. 367021


So fucking tempted to print this and tape it on the wall of the endo unit staff room.

No. 367022


The Munchie by Proxy version of the Slaton Sisters?

No. 367026

I absolutely hate when munchies say "I was in and out of consciousness". You mean you fucking slept most of the day?

No. 367029

Dooooo it hahaha

No. 367031


I'm gonna be cruel as fuck here. And I'll blog and you'll want to kill me and I am so sorry in advance.

I am a physician, and probably the only pro life doc in our hospital (major UK university hospital). I'm also the husband of a wife who had a recent miscarriage, and there's not been a day for the best part of a year that we have not cried over it (I was an Army doctor, I don't fucking cry, so this was a bit of a surprise to me). I also believe everyone has the right to have a child.

But I also believe in obligations towards that child. If, say, you're on isotretinoin, having a child that's almost definitely going to start with very bad cards is inhumane. Equally if your body is barely holding itself together, whoever told you you should get pregnant did not have your best interests at heart, never mind the child's. if the child had made it to term, I would be seriously shocked if CPL had made it out of that delivery room with a pulse.

And so, I agree she should be given the chance to grieve as any other parent who lost a child would. But let's be quite clear here. There is no charity in bringing a child to this world if your body can't handle it, if it would potentially kill you, etc.

An acquaintance of mine (I won't name names) is very, very sick. So they used surrogacy and the baby is going to be her legacy to this world when she passes, which is pretty likely to be in the next few years. I understand that. To decide that you want to bring up a child in a body that lacks the strength to sustain itself and has a lot of other issues and is riddled with toxic medications (I don't know many GI meds that are even remotely safe for pregnancy) is selfish. Sorry if that hurts, but it is.

Now, every once in a blue moon, a woman comes along with hyperemesis gravidarum so severe, we have no option other than to tube or TPN feed her. Those situations are super high risk but impossible to know in advance. When you're already on TPN and fluids and feeds and meds and god knows what, you should seriously think whether your body is the best place to put a tender, vulnerable, growing child into.

This be the sermon. I am sorry for you, CPL, and for your baby girl. Whatever I think of your decision to have her, you'll all be in my prayers.

No. 367033


Fuck no. We just scoped a championship wrestler the other week. That guy would have broken me in six pieces. I don't want to spend the summer holidays dead!

No. 367035

AGREED. Could not have said it better

No. 367037


One more thing.

> she sought all the appropriate medical advice before getting pregnant and was under close monitoring .There was no reason why her having a child would be selfish or hurting said chil

Thanks for your educated opinion, doc. One: we aren't your fucking parents or caregivers, so we cannot say 'don't do it, it's stupid!' Woman on taxanes wants a baby? We can tell her it won't happen, but we can't say 'don't do it'. We're literally not allowed. Kid on isotret wants a baby? We can explain to them they'll have heads like baseballs and more issues than Cosmo, but we can't say don't do it.

So please, think about this for five seconds.

Also, the only way her pregnancy could have been monitored appropriately would have been in a specialist maternal-foetal unit. I know every one of them, for personal reasons I referred to above. I know the people who run them. I can tell you none would so much as remotely be ok with this whole charade. She would have to have major medication changes, plus adjusting TPN to someone newly pregnant is incredibly complex.

Just, no.

At least don't slander our profession by saying we somehow ok'd this.

/disclaimer: IANAOBGYN

No. 367051

File: 1501953086873.jpg (168.01 KB, 800x622, idi nahui.jpg)

Cyka blyat

No. 367073

Just pointing out that we don't know if she planned to get pregnant or not. She may not have 'chosen' at all. In which case as a pro life doctor, you must admit she did the right thing.

No. 367085

You make a "choice" by having unprotected sex.

No. 367087

That is LITERALLY the worst ballet form I've ever seen. :O :O :O :O :O :O :O

(I dance for a company and know what I'm talking about… I'm not being mean, just honest).

No. 367088

ALSO she should NOT be wearing pointe shoes. Her feet are weak (not from an illness), she just has really bad like REALLY bad form. And wtf is that pose.

No. 367092

Medfag, are you convinced by her supposed illness then? It sounds like you are but a lot of us think her issues have a large factitious component. Would everything you say still apply if her drugs and treatments aren't necessary but just the playthings of her munchie fantasy? Since whether she needs them or not the drugs, if she is taking them, would still harm the foetus. But she may not be nearly as fragile a potential mother as she pretends.

No. 367109

Does Jonzie know about lolcow?? She has to be embarrassed. But she also has no shame…

No. 367112

I was in TEP (the same one in Ohio that Jonzie attended), but at a different time. I kind of freaked out when she started posting pictures of other patients- if she had done that to me, I would be horrified. I actually called TEP and told them/sent screenshots. They thanked me profusely for speaking up. It's not okay. I know some people will say "don't get fucking involved" but it's NOT okay to post pictures of patients at an ED clinic on the fucking internet.

No. 367114

I wish someone would do a documentary exposing these spoonie accounts.

No. 367115


Ok I'm sorry for going on about this, but as a pro dancer (I'm not lying- I'm in a ballet company on the east coast), but my god out of ALL the things on this thread, that picture infuriated me the most. :O(stop blogging)

No. 367120

Not wking but I thought we had somewhat agreed to give it a rest about CPL and leave her to grieve. There's no milk in losing a baby, whether the pregnancy was planned or not.

No. 367121

Cannot disagree anon. Pregnancy IS a choice most of us in the developed world are fortunate enough to make, I'm not querying the religious/moral/ethical aspect of said choice but as you rightly pointed out a choice was made.
This isn't a site where such topics are routinely discussed nor do I believe it should be, speculation around nhs trusts ethics are subjective and in no way relevant to a general "munchie" thread.

No. 367126

LOUIS THEROUX (spelling??)

No. 367128

I'd like to mention Eleri Steele and her constant need for attention. Her tumblr has been ridiculous lately- constantly posting about her oh-so-serious anorexia (being about 150-160 pounds) and her "pain issues" and how her family doesn't believe her. Here's a newsflash- no one believes her. She's another one who is going to need to change her name. She comes up on these wannarexic forums and that's just pathetic. I'd never hire her.

No. 367132


Agreed!! Not a professional dancer here, and I see it too. In all of her pictures. I laughed when she would say that she had strong feet because if those are strong, mine must be Hulk strong.

It's funny to me that she claimed to dance at the Rock school to multiple people, especially looking through her Instagram. If you go back far enough and look at one post, she says she auditioned when she was 23 and wasn't accepted. I wonder what else she's lying about.

She's said that she's a "professional ballerina"…She's a dance major. There's a difference.

No. 367135

Seriously it pisses me off. The term ballerina only applies to principals and soloists. Not the corps, not a student, not a recreational dancer. Ana ballerina is literally laughable.

No. 367137

File: 1501962094000.png (407.19 KB, 350x618, Screen Shot 2017-08-05 at 12.4…)

Much anorexia.

No. 367138


No. 367139

Eleri Steele, everyone.

No. 367145

Wow! she wasn't lying when she claimed anorexia, shouldn't she be wheelchair bound and forcibly tubed at such a dangerously low body weight?? I'm guessing here but a bmi of -4 at least?? Anons act quickly she's fading away right before our eyes.

No. 367147

Fair point, I was the one who asked the medfag a question but I shouldn't have done. Whether CPL's issues are legit or not, she has lost a baby and that's shitty. I apologise.

Saged for no contribution.

No. 367149

LOL get the tube stat!! She's absolutely wasting away.

No. 367205

File: 1501970307692.jpg (268.85 KB, 1332x1376, IMG_2817.JPG)

Babybear is very sick, you guys. Pic 1 of 2.

No. 367206

File: 1501970331011.jpg (386.15 KB, 1319x1389, IMG_2818.JPG)

Pic 2 of 2.

No. 367207

File: 1501970564594.jpg (349.17 KB, 799x1076, IMG_20170805_160055.jpg)

Drinking game: Everytime one of these faggots post a picture of their #vogmask, take a drink.

No. 367220


someone set me straight if I'm wrong but what doctor is going to do TPN before tube feeds? I mean just throw down a nasal tube and try it. TPN ruins your liver not to mention sepsis risk

sage for not contributing

No. 367223

like it doesn't make sense to me that any doctor would do something more risky than tube feeds for the purpose of "holding off" tube feeds or delaying them?

No. 367229

File: 1501972567380.png (119.68 KB, 640x727, IMG_2345.PNG)

Very odd that Chloe didn't reply to the question about concentrator or cylinder to deliver her oxygen. Mask with reservoir bag is very unusual in the home setting.
I call bullshit

No. 367230

>that's hilarious!
what the fuck why is she so elated

No. 367233

Eleri is weight restored though, she went to treatment multiple times in the past few years.

No. 367235

Here we see the wild munchie, getting ready to shop around for whatever will get her the most speschel spoonie points. (If you really need a picc line or a feeding tube, a doctor will suggest it and make sure it gets done for you, I don't understand these spoonies that think they can just ask for and get what they want).

No. 367236

Yeah, any reasonable doctor who cares anything about their patient and ethics in general would jump to tpn without trying less evasive and safer things first.

No. 367238

Since when has mamabear ever been reasonable? Jonzie will get what she wants, she always does.

No. 367239

File: 1501973334929.png (215.57 KB, 640x1136, IMG_0577.PNG)

She's also bragging about how much money her gofuckme has raised. Tacky, even if she wasn't already full of shit

No. 367246

not to mention she made it pretty clear in that post that the picc line TPN thing was her idea and she was seeing if it was a "good option" and she was "considering it". You don't just decide "ok… TPN it is" on your own.

No. 367252

File: 1501974106532.png (1.36 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_2821.PNG)

Look at my flat stomach and my toobz…Oh i mean, the nice present I got for my birthday! Honestly, can't she go one minute without showing off her medical paraphernalia?!

No. 367264

Her attitude to money is gross. She's ebegging for stuff she doesn't need after already screwing the nhs out of thousands of £££. I would feel bad for the people who donate but they're morons if they still believe her at this point - when she just had ME it seemed plausible but now she seems like she's deliberately manipulative in the way KR is. literally preying on people for attention and money.

No. 367265

She was never underweight, but wanted to believe she was dying. That's why she's milk…

No. 367268

"I lost 40 pounds in two weeks"

Yeeeeeeeah right.

No. 367270


don't derail the thread with this dumb shit

No. 367272

File: 1501976110321.png (895.87 KB, 1366x768, Screenshot (57).png)

these 'left overs' do not look GP friendly , particularly for someone so 'malnourished' who has 'severe gastroparesis' like she claims.

No. 367273

No. 367280

There must be something running because the reservoir on non rebreathe mask is full and puffy but when you have no oxygen or anything going through

No. 367281

She's also way to healthy for needing a non rebreathe. There is no signs like blue lips etc which would indicate low oxygen.

No. 367285

It would be possible to inflate the reservoir enough for a quick photo even without an oxygen source

No. 367289

Rebreathers are for when you need high flow oxygen over 10LPM. If you need that much oxygen you're on a transplant list, or in a critical care unit hooked up to an oscillator…

No. 367293

File: 1501978587405.png (196.36 KB, 747x1107, IMG_3809.PNG)

Been sifting through this account and I'm drowning in milk.

No. 367295

File: 1501978612387.png (279.86 KB, 750x1021, IMG_3808.PNG)

^ more

No. 367302


And now jonzie will probably be shooting for a port so she can give herself sepsis. We know she has a habit of eating non-food items to make herself sick.

No. 367308

The thing that is driving me nuts is that mast cell disease can be controlled. There are medications. I know a girl with mast cell problems and she takes her meds and goes to work, only wears oxygen when she needs it, no feeding tube. She fights so hard to have as normal a life as possible and seeing that and then seeing this just like… what the fuck. Mast cell diseases are hard but they're not impossible to manage.

No. 367309


can't see the rest of the person's comment in the picture but is she sort of being found out for bs-ing about the doctor. Jonzie tries to boast about seeing the pediatric GI (based on previous drama I would have guessed she was finally booted to the adult world at least for "new" issues) and this person seems to indicate that her adult daughter sees the only GP specialist in that hospital system. If she is sooo sick she wants to consider TPN you would think she would have seen the only GP specialist in the practice first - even if that meant seeing a doctor for grown ups.

No. 367311

File: 1501979521752.png (210.84 KB, 734x1096, IMG_3812.PNG)

Oh look it's an American JBN

No. 367312

What was going through her otherwise empty head when she picked that as her IG name

No. 367329

She can just inject the detergent straight in like she's a human front-load washer.

No. 367334

Just wanted to mention that I'm seeing more and more people claim to have both hEDS and vEDS. I was told that in hEDS because the gene mutation is not identified, symptoms can sometimes MAYBE overlap with other types, but wouldn't it be a mathematical impossibility to have two different EDS mutations? And with more spoonies claiming to have vEDS too, it's funny how that's one of the types that are more dangerous and known to cause premature death.

saged for not contributing/slight blogging

No. 367335


Ha, she's so arrogant, on one pic she tags herself #beautywithatube !

No. 367342


Dr Clair Francomanco is a top EDS generics doctor and clearly stated that overlap doesn't exist. If it does exist, is it so very fucking rare. These IG spoonies are straight up lying and/or have fished for bogus diagnoses from bad, bad doctors. I'll believe it when I see the piece of paper that says they have the genetic mutation for more than one type of EDS.

vEDS is rare and patients tend not to get the common co-morbidities like; gastroparesis and PoTS, although a small proprption will do. That said, given how rare it is to have vEDS and have those associated conditions, how many are you gonna see popping up on IG?

Sage but basically calling these attention seeking assholes out for what they are - bullshiters who don't even read enough on their pet topic.

No. 367365

File: 1501987731747.png (1.85 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_9535.PNG)


Isn't is so fucking cringeworthy? Take a stroll through their daughters feeds and you'll find much of the same thing. For example, Rachel - "I'm nauseated because of a gastroparesis flare, I can't chew because of sensory disorder and I also can't swallow because of dysatutonomia." Those poor girls. Their mom probably convinced them they're sick and now they seem to be trying to see who can collect more diagnoses for her attention.

No. 367367

The mother has led them to believe they are seriously ill and makes it into this dramatic saga. They might have a few legitimate conditions, but the mom is an attention seeker who plays everything up. Now the girls seem to be following the mother's lead into munchieland. Sad.

No. 367369

No. 367370

File: 1501988214755.jpg (161.33 KB, 1517x640, IMG_2826.JPG)

No. 367371

File: 1501988251491.jpg (354.66 KB, 1274x1268, IMG_2825.JPG)

Looks like a self diagnosis…

No. 367375

File: 1501989216079.png (1.15 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_2827.PNG)

Another shopping cart rider.

No. 367385

If you're having trouble swallowing and keeping down food, you're supposed to go to a bland diet. Oatmeal and rice. Eat one spoonful and wait. If you can tolerate that, another spoonful a half hour later. Eventually you will get up to a full serving at a time. If you eat too large a portion you're going to puke, but that doesn't mean you need a tube. It means you need to shrink portions of tolerable foods as much as possible and space them out as much as possible. Start with shot size servings of ensure if you have to. Suck on ice chips for hydration. And yeah, it's hard, but do you want to be posting photos of your vomit on IG or do you want to be well?

I'm not a doctor, I've just lived through this and wish these kids would take care of themselves!

No. 367397

Wow Jonzie, thanks for photographing your vomit for Instagram to see. Real nice.

No. 367401

Looks like she just spilled it tbh.

No. 367407

>This is an image board.

Don't post like this. If you are going to post milk, fucking post it. Who is she and what is the drama? Screenshots?

No. 367410

How in the ever living fuck did this bitch go from super severe AN to spoonie diagnosis cocktail du jour? How would her doc, especially at children's, discount her having an ED as a cause for GI shit? She is so full of it. NO WAY they would go straight to a GJ.

No. 367426

File: 1502000210590.png (1.27 MB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20170806-010953.png)

Here's Jaquie, sitting in yet another shitty position for EDS.

No. 367428


Spill your wine jonzie? I am no crime scene expert but that doesn't look like it was caused by 8oz of smoothie vomit.

And on the off chance it was a smoothie - I am guessing a fruit one - I have been on this board long enough to learn that fruit is a GP no-one. But of course if she is having testing done on Monday she will want to do everything she can to try to make that test say what she wants it to say.

My guess - she is making up a lot of this story she is telling. And if not, she is trying to gain the love and attention of a new set of doctors since her antics were leaked to her old doctors.

No. 367436

File: 1502001335774.jpg (75.59 KB, 1500x1500, 89641-9139622.jpg)

Is that a commode chair in the background? So lazy she can't even go to the bathroom I guess.

No. 367439

Does anyone know this dumb girl with BDD, anorexia, OCD, anxiety, depression, kidney problems? but says she would never take meds bc "they change your personality" and has never been to therapy.

She's 100% self-diagnosed and has been called out before but continues to use this "help me, i'm sick" persona to gain subs and money on youtube and on instagram, never on twitch though (bc of her male audience maybe).

No. 367441

lol it's fucking pearhead. she has her own thread, but it's on auto-sage b/c there were a lot of spergs.

here's the thread >>340026

No. 367482


What the shitfuck.

There is ABSOLUTELY no justification for placing a parenteral line ahead/before an enteral line. An enteral access needs to be clean(ish), a parenteral line goes straight next to your heart and needs to be absolutely sterile. The annual costs that factor in supplies and the potential risk of treating you for septicaemia are incredible.

And to these fuckers, it's like a fashion accessory.


No. 367577

Yep that's what it is because some days it's apparently that bad for it eye roll

Also yeah so much for EDS and taking care not to overstretch. She always sits in the worst positions forever.

No. 367604

If you can get down to and up from the floor, I'm pretty sure you don't need a commode. It's actually disgusting how lazy and manipulative she is.

No. 367607

And she's obviously not starving to death, so there's no way she needs TPN, let alone a gj tube. These munchies don't seem to understand that those things aren't something people choose, it's what they're forced to use to stay alive when nothing else has worked.

No. 367612

File: 1502031602705.png (1.18 MB, 1366x768, Screenshot (65).png)

yet again eating food thats hardly GP friendly. but of course she is sooo malnourished!

No. 367614


She does that shit ALL THE TIME. In one vlog she was having Harlow pick up her own toys because "bending over is dangerous" but her water bottle was in the middle of the floor. They got a Roomba because "vacuuming is just so hard" no, she's just lazy.

No. 367619

It drives me nuts how much shit she eats and cries GP. I wish I could still occasionally enjoy half the shit she gobbles down on a daily basis. Which I can't because I actually have what she cries wolf about about and actually follow a proper diet so I can avoid a tube for hopefully forever. But I also don't have a cut happy doctor who isn't for severe interventions over upset tummies because you eat shit all day.

Sage for blogging ranting piss offness

No. 367624

Has CJ explained why she can suddenly eat real food now? In all her videos prior to getting her tube (that I saw) she was basically catatonic because she couldn't eat, and therefore "needed the tube".

Post tube, she can magically eat again. What the fuck is she up to. Not just eating, but eating so much junk food and things that'd be hard even for someone with minor IBS hard to tolerate. Also, for someone who's apparently so malnourished they need regular TPN infusions and banana bags, she sure does seem to avoid nutritious food. I know it's hard for people with GP to eat fruits and vegetables, but all I've seen her eat is broccoli, cucumber and banana (frozen, and with peanut butter mind you) which all seem like they'd be harder to digest. If she can digest those foods, and meat, dairy, pasta, processed white bread, pastry, cake, cream… Why can't she eat proper healthy food that's easier to digest? Like soups/broth, cooked spinach, smoothies, soft veggies like sweet potato, zucchini, eggplant, cooked fruit… I could go on. Even fuckin baby food would be better than the shit she eats.

Literally does anyone know her reasoning behind all this? Surely people have brought it up to her before.

No. 367638

File: 1502034249661.png (182.62 KB, 640x1060, IMG_9221.PNG)

Same old antivax bs from Chloe's chronicles.
Copy and paste scientific holes and blatant lies about what is in vaccines and how terrible they are with no proof of effectiveness. Also how they have been of NO help to the human race blah blah blah (has she forgotten about small pox?). Maybe if she'd studied some level of biology chemistry or even history she'd spot her errors

No. 367658

No. 367667

So many things wrong with that. Any opthalmolgist could see that the eye movements are consciously faked as they're too slow for rapid uncontrolled movements. Plus, does she look 5stone to anyone here?

No. 367677


I was copying her as I was watching. I can do that with my eyes. I don't have a vog mask and I wasn't flashing my toobz though.

No. 367690

I feel bad for bettergraces, she writes a basic but sane post about vaccines and Chloe Leanne sends the raving munchies after her. none of these "vaccine injured" can stand the idea that it doesn't exist. I went to look at the post for most recent milk but she seems to have deleted it.

At least none of their doctors will be supporting this vaccine fakery, unlike Babybear who is going to get her TPN if she wants it, just like CJ will get her button. kek.

Saged for not adding shit

No. 367695

Yes people have she even has a bullshit leave me a lone stop telling me to try different diets videos they are didn't work blah blah blah blah I'm getting calories from the stuff I enjoy instead.

No. 367699

Here it is again for all those who missed it and asking about if people call her out about it or not

No. 367711

File: 1502038135465.png (102.22 KB, 640x552, IMG_2352.PNG)

Think someone else is also calling bullshit

No. 367713

File: 1502038168610.png (157.42 KB, 626x787, IMG_2353.PNG)

No. 367728

Wouldn't be surprised if she was faking the entire oxygen thing tbh. (Sorry in advance for a tiny bit of blogging) My sats can get quite low and I checked out home oxygen parameters, but it was very clear that I wasn't a candidate and that they're rigorous - and rightly so - about who gets it. Is the fake kit for this, or worse some dodgy bottle with unknown gas in, what she's spending her gofuvkme on?

No. 367741


No. 367749

An oxygen mask like that can also be used for cluster headaches. Which need high-flow oxygen at home. But generally you wouldn't have such a mask and be well enough to be home.

No. 367762

kek this bitch is not 5 stone, unless shes ridiculously short
5 stone at like 5'2 would give her a bmi in the 14s and a dx of 'severe anorexia' and having been around plenty of anachans I can categorically say that is not the case for her. She looks slim, but a healthy weight. 5 stone my arse.

sage for noncontribution

No. 367811


Shit I've never heard in practicing medicine on five continents, including, yes, what was technically Antarctica:

- anaphylactic inhalatory tar allergy
- anaphylaxis selectively closing off a lobe
- Pepcid, of all fucking medications in the world, being given for an anaphylactic patient's secondary reaction who needed a breathing treatment earlier
- a girl who had a very serious inhalatory anaphylactic episode with a delayed onset reaction who has no swelling around the eyes, clear sclerae, no rubor, healthy and well oxygenated skin, make-up that somehow withstood not only the inevitable flood of tears that comes when you're choking to death but also the mist of the nebulizer

Now, some people argue that you can develop a hypersensitivity, which they call an allergy (wrongly, because 1) they're morons, 2) not every hypersensitivity reaction is an allergy although every allergy is a hypersensitivity reaction, 3) see 1) to just about anything. Funnily enough these are the people who send their patients to ELISA based 25 gazillion component allergy tests, which we all know are worth a crock of shite.

Now, Pepcid is an antihistamine all right, but why the fuck would you use an oral agent on someone who is having a recurrence of a respiratory?

No. 367812


No. 367815


I wouldn't be surprised even a little bit. I was in an FB group once where a girl got banned because the admins figured out she was munchie. She apparently ordered oxygen tubing and canniulas online and took selfies wearing them without them being hooked up to anything.

No. 367820

Also there are medical supply exchange groups on Facebook where you can buy tubing and medical equipment from other people. Not actually sure how that's totally legal tbh, but it's not hard to get a hold of some equipment without your doctors ever knowing.

No. 367825


Doc on a research ship for a few glorious but ass-freezing moths.

No. 367828


In the US, it's totally illegal as most medical equipment is classified prescription only. Posting medication is even worse.

In the UK, it's legal but very much frowned upon, especially where DME is concerned that is not patient property (like feeding pumps).

No. 367837

File: 1502050411490.jpg (241.76 KB, 986x1402, IMG_2835.JPG)

Such a munchie

No. 367841

File: 1502050515342.jpg (174.48 KB, 954x1037, IMG_2836.JPG)

Look at her fishing for info from genuinely sick people trying to convince her docs. Queen of the munchies.

No. 367842


A subject I have no expertise in? Curious blanket assumption, Chloe. The evidence that 'HPV vax cause FND' is flimsy at best, it is not replicated worldwide (just about every HPV->FND case is from the UK, when the same vax ought to have led to the same phenomena worldwide!), no established causative mechanism (how does a vaccine create a psychosomatic disorder in someone), and so on?

Part of me is wondering if they aren't just hoping for a UK Vaccine Court where they can bring claims without the usual amount of evidence needed and most importantly without the strict requirements to prove causation. They're hoping for a big-ass payout, and a comfy life as a professoinal vaccine victim.

No. 367844


I'm curious as to why she hasn't sought legal input. Maybe she has?

No. 367848

They're thirsty lazy psych cases. That's all. She has an eating disorder and a personality disorder - her behavior makes both of those very clear. She's either histrionic or borderline imo.

god knows why the UK has such a cluster of munchie cows on a fairly small island.

No. 367851


Easy, she has an eating disorder and can now eat all the unhealthy food she wants and purge it through her tube.

No. 367854

So many of the EDS/GP munchies are this way. They don't have a physical problem, they just have mental illnesses that don't get them enough attention, and they're attention whores. Also they have to put in effort to recover from mental illness, and they're lazy, so it's easier to cover their symptoms with a pretend physical illness and also get that sweet, sweet sympathy.

No. 367863

Yeah, I'm convinced this applies to (rough estimate, kek) at least 95% of people claiming EDS or GP (or both) on Instagram. I only believe people at this point if it's not the main focus of their account, having a "spoonie" account is a red flag in itself.

No. 367865

The more they post medical paraphanalia, the less I believe them.

No. 367898

File: 1502057268028.jpg (426.15 KB, 1088x1440, IMG_2840.JPG)

Alexys is actually a terrible, terrible human being. She's lying to people who are actually sick on a support group.

She had the NJ due to anorexia and refusing to eat. Medical services abuser.

What "autoimmune diseases" - most people who name them, at least.

Vog mask? So fucking what, you can buy them.

Also, PoTS is a type of dysautomnia, you moron.

She is the munchiest of all munchies. I hope karma bites her on the fat ass.

No. 367899

In case you read this babybear, you are mocking disabled children by wearing that epilepsy helmet that you don't need, so quit it.

No. 367903

File: 1502058247506.png (3.71 MB, 2048x1536, IMG_2842.PNG)

Love this

No. 367917


Of course no mention of the "super severe anorexia" or the PICA. And granted she has just resurfaced but unless she first gained a ton of weight then she didn't have 40 pounds to lose without becoming a skeleton (and given her history of anorexia would have had the doctors intervening much sooner).

"I never go to the ER unless absolutely necessary" is a joke (although I guess it depends on your definition of absolutely necessary). She has spent most of the last few years self confined to a wheelchair/bed because she was such a sick wittle girl.

I think the doctors that were previously treating her no longer are taking her BS so she is either trying new doctors or making up a medical story for internet sympathy (since we know she made up stories about doctors before)

No. 367929

I think you are spot on. Mamabear is no longer in the picture because of her bullshit and also I contacted TEP because she was posting creepy pics of other patients. ANYWAY, I think Mamabear got fed up with her bullshit and finally called her out. TEP kicked her out because of the picture thing, so i think she no longer wants to be associated with ED stuff because she failed miserably.

It's easier to fake invisible illnesses and with the spoonie community, I think she realizes doctors/the population in general gives "sick" people more sympathy than people with eating disorders. Even though people with genuine EDs are sick.

It's all about attention and sympathy with this chick.

No. 367930

Also, notice how she no longer emphasizes "CHILDRENS hospital." She's graduated to the real thing, or so she thinks. I think the childrens hospital caught on and refused to treat her anymore.

No. 367932

Thank you for contacting them. You did the right thing. I would absolutely die if she posted a picture of me in treatment without my knowledge or consent.

No. 367939


She did mention the children's hospital in a previous picture. However, I think it was more of a trying not to be caught in a lie defense - someone asked her what doctor she saw and was from her area so she was quick to say she sees a GI at the children's hospital - that person then said her daughter was 30 and saw the only GP specialist of the 50 GI doctors in that system. The rest of the image was cut off so I don't know if that commenter was a bit suspicious. She doesn't seem to be emphasizing the child part right now (but bet she still acts like one).

You are right - a lot of these muchies seem to try to hide eating disorders and/or other mental illnesses behind invisible disabilities, probably because of the stigma around mental illnesses, even if they are just as legitimate as physical illnesses.

No. 367941

does anyone follow chronically vlogging? are they legit? they are on youtube and on instagram.

No. 367965


I don't know for sure, but if she isn't faking it's very over exaggerated. The begging for a wheelchair when everyone is saying she doesn't need one definitely throws up a red flag.

No. 367972

I don't think it's the stigma. It's the fact that you can claim an indefinite amount of attention by way of crisis as a munchie, you can manage it but nobody expect you to get cured. It's not something you can really do with an ED, you end up in a psychiatric hold at worse or people end up getting sick of your shit when they see you're not really trying to get better. That's what happened with Jonzie, I think. I'm pretty sure the medical staff told her to stop it and that's why she's been laying low and is suddenly back with 'legitimate' problems.

No. 367974

Alexys, not Jonzie, I'm mixing up the cows.

No. 367982

Alexys is Jonzie. Her name is Alexys Jones.

No. 367995


And it's a good way to get that attention you're getting from an eating disorder when you no longer look like you're sick. No weight limit for physical illness.

No. 367997


Yeah, it's the "I'm a lying, lazy fucker who wants attention from everyone who sees me" flag.

No. 368002

She didn't have an NJ. She had an NG. I met her personally and she simply refused to eat and preferred having a tube for sympathy points.

No. 368029

Spill dat tea anon! What else was she like? Was she always querying people for other ailments to emulate?

No. 368054

Very over the top at best. Writing a list of referrals to demand from a doctor, upset about being declined a wheelchair because it was in her notes that she didn't need one, describing her dysautonomia as severe every time she mentions it. In one post she described how a doctor said she could be without mobility aids in a year, but she wrote that she didn't think she would be because of her severe dysautonomia. Instead of trying to lose the walker she keeps asking for a wheelchair

No. 368056


She's angling for an EDS diagnosis, so obvious.

Feel a bit sorry for her because she's young but if she lost some weight, her knees might improve.

No. 368057


Did she prance around in her beanie and text mama bear all the time?

No. 368071

I hope mamabear broke up with her. Alexys hasn't mentioned her in a while. Wonder if that means anythhing.

No. 368080

She mostly kept to herself. She actually did wear that I'm-pretendplaying-cancer-kid beanie, but whenever asked about it, it was for her drastic hair loss ofc. She called her ensure boluses her "feedings" and always acted shy when noticeably attention-seeking (showing her actual hair for five minutes, parading around in soccer uniforms and tube stickers, etc)
Oh yeah, and she was strictly anorexic (aside from the occasional detergent binge apparently), no other problems at all. And they're onto her- she caused many people restricted laundry room access, lol.

No. 368106

File: 1502079332649.png (197.46 KB, 749x1075, IMG_1602.PNG)

No. 368110

File: 1502079503667.png (184.44 KB, 750x1083, IMG_1603.PNG)

Frustrated because she knows more about the pump than they do LOL.

ALSO she mostly just posts about "infusion day"

No. 368112


i used to follow this girl for the milk but it got to the point where she was just so fucking annoying, even looking at her face drove me insane.

sage for not contributing

No. 368121

Is there anyone else here who reads these threads to keep themselves in check with how they're reacting to/handling their illness? Please tell me I'm not crazy

Saged for blogging

saged for blogging

No. 368122

Crap didn't mean to give the sage twice

Saged for being a moron

No. 368145

You're not crazy.

No. 368149


This is accurate.

No. 368151

File: 1502087913765.png (374.85 KB, 1437x2277, Screenshot_20170807-011343.png)

Anyone look at chronicallyhangry? She's annoying with some possible actual sickness but milky with how she draws it out and gives details, see the attached screenshot of her asking how to get pain meds…

No. 368157

Literally one of the most annoying and OTT spoonies out there. I don't think she's faking EDS but she's milky af because she thinks there is no one sicker than her and she'll let you know it. She shits up the EDS subreddit with her bitching and self pity too.

Yet strangely she has no problem posting in the make up subs and having hobbies and interests like that. From the way she talks you'd think she ought to be in an icu bed, but it's all massively exaggerated.

No. 368168


She seems legit sick but yeah, total drama llama. Saw her whining in comments that she's too sick for physical therapy. Dude, even unconscious people in intensive care have a bit of physical therapy, ya know even, just to move their arms and legs around.

No. 368174

She's someone who has been fooled by fake EDSers in addition to her natural huge thirst for drama. She sees all these fakers claiming EDS and then still being okay to do anything they want (just not work or be adults) and thinks that means she is the sickest poor little thing ever. (Kek, competition, Jonzie!) Actually she has normal eds and is too lazy and self pitying to do anything to improve her situation.

No. 368178

I'm on LOA for a spinal fusion and second microdiscectomy on a different disc. I am on a low dose of oxycodone. Know why? Cause I have an acute injury and I fucking ASKED for them. Y'know, cause I am in actual pain. Girl needs to be a grownup, use her mouthwords, and ASK for them if she is suffering so much.

Also, y'know why docs are so reluctant to prescribe pain meds girly? Cause they are fucking ADDICTIVE. They should not be prescribed for chronic, not-too severe illnesses because that is how junkies are made.

In addition, Mr. Nurse was probably in a bad mood because he had to make a house call for something that could wait until morning. He was called at 10:30 PM. He got there at around 12:30 AM according to Ms. Princess-and-the-Pea, and I am sure he was fucking TIRED. When she called he could have been in the middle of an episode of Tim and Eric, or reading Ray Bradbury, or in the throws of a good fuck with his SO, or, y'know, SLEEPING. And Ms. Priss needed help with her spoonie nonsense. I am sure he got there and didn't want to put up with her shit. Okay, I am done now.

Sage for kinda blog, but mostly rant.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 368180


Sorry, in the above rant I was also referencing this post as well. Pain meds for actual pain make me stupid.


No. 368190

The only one with milkier fake EDS is @Richelle_Elissa plus she's one of those "I'm on 3 different opioids why is my stomach so slow, LETS GET A TUBE" kinds, without a gastric emptying study mind you… super speshul snowflake who has vEDS and kEDS (minus the kyphoscoliosis, the hallmark of that type of EDS) but somehow doesn't have the gene for either? sounds like munchausen's to me.

No. 368191

Image board. Screenshots plz.


No. 368192

yes she is so fake. so, so fake. of course she claims more than one type and claims veds eyeroll

I don't think she has any kind of eds, but raging hyperchondrija and mental problems.

No. 368206


So worried about her that she needed a tube but erm, she doesn't look very malnourished.

No. 368212

File: 1502106762239.png (1.37 MB, 1536x2048, IMG_2852.PNG)

Calling it "chemo" is so attention seeking. You know you'll get more ass pats that though.

No. 368220

File: 1502108384683.png (1.63 MB, 1080x1694, Screenshot_20170807-131521_01_…)

Wasn't Nicole giving eating a break?

No. 368223

WTF kind of photo is this?! Fuck she makes me rage!

No. 368229


Umm, if eating real food causes vomiting like she claims then I don't necessarily think that going out to eat is the best idea for a date - no matter how "normal" it may be. (Not to mention the likelihood that she would then vomit up the tube).

But I forgot - its sooo easy to put your super serious illnesses on hold when you want to do something fun.

Next she is aiming to get a news article that states "he loves me even with my tube".

No. 368243

Perhaps her somatic vomiting is of the selective variety.

No. 368250


Annnd the weak bitch is private.

We know you read here Nicole. You're fucking pathetic. Do your fucking therapy, get your fucking head on straight, and do something good for once in your miserable, whining, pathetic life.

You're deplorable.

No. 368262

File: 1502116330681.png (134.34 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1263.PNG)


JBN Tube helps her with body image problems! Go to therapy about your body image problems you fool! A tube does not make a healthy brain!!!

No. 368266

File: 1502116504596.png (128.28 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1265.PNG)

Lolcow won't ruin your "relationship" you will!


No. 368267

File: 1502116528039.png (133.48 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1266.PNG)

No. 368269

File: 1502116555312.png (128.39 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1267.PNG)

No. 368278

File: 1502117353707.png (110.62 KB, 623x828, IMG_1268.PNG)

Any thoughts on Toonauseous
Most photos show off the tubes and super strange posing going on as if she is

Warrior beads-check
GP - check
OTT about getting tube to use kids tubie pads - check

Not full on munchie but has ingredients in the making although some health issues may be accurate

No. 368283

Insurance not covering feed related issues as not ill enough. Managed relentlessly to convince Drs to get tubes and is within weight but keeps gaining. Maybe cause your feed is filling you up and probably feeding on crap anyway!

No. 368284

File: 1502117793848.png (158.21 KB, 640x932, IMG_1277.PNG)


Pic didn't attach sorry

No. 368291

fuckin top kek right there
>gp gainer
jesus christ these munchies get more ridiculous by the day
nobody gains weight if they arent getting enough nutrition because its physiologically impossible
see: any country in the world where malnutrition is rife

sage for no contribution

No. 368301

Look! A "classified anomaly" and "medical mystery"! Anyone seen songshinedancer? Claims to have THREE types of EDS (hEDS, vEDS, kEDS). Also does not seem to have Kyphosis, unless soooper mild, of any kind… Private, but has over 26,000 "fans". Why is kEDS the new train to jump on? Aren't there only ten or so families that it's confirmed in?!

(can't get image to attach for some reason)

No. 368310

File: 1502119873944.jpg (58.75 KB, 501x509, IMG_1607.JPG)

No. 368317

there's new (hilarious) MLS milk i just can't get it on my phone's shit service so saged for not contributing shit

No. 368338

File: 1502123532019.jpg (304.63 KB, 1077x1073, IMG_20170807_103134.jpg)

No. 368343

I hate to sound like an idiot who needs to lurk moar but sadly I only have time to patronize the boards that are of, uh, professional interest to me (this one and Autoexsanguichan), so can someone refer to me to where this Alexis 'babybear' person seems to have already been discussed at length?

No. 368347


No. Just, no.

Unless she lives on Mars where healthcare works very differently, a tube would not even be discussed before a GES and possibly an EGD, and a lot of other tests. Not only is the ddx of GP symptoms bigger than Jaqui's allegedly starved fat pads, not everyone tolerates tube feeding at ALL and we will not put anyone through a PEG insertion, complete with gastropexy and cutting through the gastric wall and other unpleasant crap, unless we know they manage fine on a nose hose.

Jesus. The lies.

No. 368357

File: 1502125741653.png (190.46 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1589.PNG)

Babybear hasn't even had testing for gastroparesis yet. Here she is, wearing her helmet, mocking disabled children and what they go through.

No. 368368

No. 368371

that's why i read this shit. all these fakers make me thankful my illness isn't worse and that i don't need all the shit they beg their doctors for.

No. 368378


She was in the pro-ana threads.

Adult young woman under the care of a children's hospital and paediatrician, constantly taking herself to the ER.

Lied constantly about her weight and made out she was sicker than she is. Yeah, she has anorexia, no she's not on death's door or she wasn't as often as she made out.

Called her doctor "mama bear" and faked texts from her pretending they were oh so close and had a special bond. Got called out on this but not sure what happened.

Diagnosed with PICA and ate a lot of laundry detergent, hence ER visits but she made out it was her sooper serious anorexia, kidney issues and heart issues - no actual evidence of this. Well known for making herself sick by eating soap.

Called herself a sick kid all the time and glamorized every IV and wheelchair ride.

Soooooper dramatic about everything healthwise.

Took up a lot of time of childlife professionals and other medics who could have been looking after actual sick children.

Took photos of other patients and posted on social media.

Someone - maybe from here ? I don't know - contacted the IP programme and she deleted her hilariously entertaining IG.

Now she appears on social media trying to munchie it up. She is the gift that keeps on giving…..

(probably forgot some hilarious stuff that she's done. )

No. 368384

File: 1502127437632.jpg (153.31 KB, 750x884, IMG_2853.JPG)

Medfags - doesn't zofran delay gastric emptying? In the UK, they make you stop so many drugs for quite a while before the test, zofran is included.

No. 368385

I was the one who reported her to her program. They thanked me profusely and said I did the right thing. They were pretty horrified and I felt a little better about calling.

No. 368386


Good for you. She needed taking down a peg or two. I cannot believe how munchie she has become. It's very funny. I look forward to the new updated on her trying to get a central line so she can purposefully infect herself and spend even more time in hospital

No. 368391

Not really, as it's frequently prescribed to help with the nausea caused by GP. Studies show there's no effect on gastric emptying either way.

No. 368395


Constipation is a common side effect.

No. 368426

I think mamabear has moved on.

No. 368444

Of all the procedures and devices these munchies covet, nothing horrifies me more than them being given long-term venous access and sent home with it. I shudder at the things people have done, can do (and will do) in the future. Scary, scary shit. I am deeply disturbed how many of these OTT spoonies are getting portacaths and tunneled CVCs. Port sepsis should not be so common as it is in the IG crowd. Either many of them are complacent as fuck with aseptic technique and regular cath care, or they are deliberately contaminating it.

No. 368476


And this new epilepsy thing is just silly. She never mentioned it in past antics and was driving. Now it's so severe that she can no longer drive and needs to wear a helmet typically only worn by children or adults with severe cognitive delays. Considering she claims she is basically wheelchair bound it's not like her fall risk from a sudden drop seizure is likely.
She claims she was just dropped off for the test so who takes all her stupid pictures

No. 368521

I have actually always wondered if under good port care, sepsis was as common as it appears on IG. I certainly hope not.

No. 368544

File: 1502143648757.jpg (690.05 KB, 2896x2896, 20170807_165303.jpg)

this is the shit I hate..plain? No. Dump a "tiny amount" of pepper knowing it's not only bad for digestive issues, but her acid reflux that she has started crying about more and more. Note the close up picture of her bland meal. You can see a shitload of pepper in a pile right next to the mustard..and it continues on the food. Tiny bit my arse.
I wish they'd admit her or place her in a temp. Home to monitor her 1:1 and know exactly what is going in and what's going out (and how) and let her have zero control over her meds to clean her up before testings and after testing and any treatment for a few months..she probably throw a fit at this but she'd absolutely love that..all that attention and no other responsibilities but be sick while Drs can get an honest picture of her health and what she does or doesn't have..not what she does want to fake and "brag" about online.
I wonder if we will hear something like this soon,"I'm the most severe anorexic in NJ and now I have the worst GP temple has ever seen!"
Waiting for her to come back with some odd ball diagnosis

Anyone else bothered about her immediate jump on GP awareness month Aug 1?

Sage for blog-ish comment. She just really gets under my skin.

No. 368560

It freaks me out when people don't cover their tubes with clothing. Why on earth would you expose yourself to germs like that? Do I now understand how tubes work or something?

No. 368596

Oh wow when munchausens and fat logic combine. So starving she reverses biology and physics in one fell swoop. Someone get her to CERN

No. 368598

I honestly think dani needs to be in a residential setting. Not for her million imaginary illnesses, but for her glaring disability and being dangerous to herself.

I'm totally convinced she has a cognitive disability or learning disorder as well as whatever mental shit she's got going on. She needs psychosocial rehabilitation and a carer to stop her engaging in faking diseases and drug seeking in the emergency room, not access to amazon to buy medical equipment and Instagram.

No. 368608

Isn't it against the rules here to get involved with these people in real life? I was told off once by others here when suggesting that if you're so sick of a particular munchies behaviour then why not rat them out to their doctors. I guess your rules change based upon your feeling for the particular day.

No. 368614


Generally yes and there was much discussion about it at the time. However, the person (or it may have been more than one) who reported her at the time did so because she was posting pictures of other people at her treatment center without their permission - the people who reported her were also at that treatment session and were concerned regarding their own privacy - so they weren't an outsider randomly interfering in a strangers life but rather a person trying to protect their own privacy.

No. 368616

File: 1502150861810.jpg (50.69 KB, 400x400, IMG_7688.JPG)

No. 368625


Couldn't agree more anon!!
I honestly feel like if she was in the correct environment shed actually be a decent productive part of society.
Maybe something like an assisted living facility, with her having some sort of mental handicap she can even get a life skills coach and groups to help her get her shit straight.
She would have it made at assisted living housing depending on how much she milks it (which will be a lot as is with her) plus way more attention. It would also protect her from herself. To think of it I'm surprised she hasn't thrown out

"I'm the worst in state. Drs have never seen anything as severe/ anyone as complex, I need 247 help because I fake pass out all the time and my heart is so bad (yet the Drs have never been concerned about me living alone passing out all the time..surprise) so I have to move into a nursing home/assisted living."

No. 368632


Even with a GP diagnosis (which can possibly be very mild), tube feeding is one of the last resorts. You have to really make an effort on a GP diet, then on a liquid diet. And only if those don't work should a tube be considered, and a non-surgical one first, like the other anon said, to make sure it's tolerated. But these munchies think they can demand what they want.

No. 368636

File: 1502154448158.png (1.11 MB, 1044x1144, f359d1e13402edbb978597ceb146f2…)

Fucking lady pretending to have BPD, autism and transgender is OKAY WITH SELF DIAGNOSIS


Lowers the voice by editing the audio

No. 368637


Absolutely not. PICC line, yes. But ports are put in especially to avoid the risk of infection. Ports can still get infected, but the risk is much, much lower, as long as you're careful and follow precautions (which I'm sure many of the lazy spoonies don't do, even though it's easy things).

No. 368638

File: 1502154881827.png (666.85 KB, 850x592, 1502104132001.png)


No. 368639


Also, zofran is not always that effective (I've heard only 25% of people benefit from it), so it's surprising how much these spoonies depend on it. (Probably because they don't have the severe GP they claim!). Severe GP often doesn't benefit from zofran, but I guess they think it makes them sound moar sooper sick.

No. 368640


Isn't this girl 30?? A little old for the attention whoring I think.

No. 368653

File: 1502157214471.png (186.3 KB, 750x1056, IMG_3878.PNG)

She must be thrilled with the abundance of asspats she's getting now.

No. 368654

File: 1502157241341.png (204.63 KB, 750x991, IMG_3879.PNG)


No. 368657

I never wanted to admit it but the more time I spend here the more plausible it becomes to me that some spoonies revel in the overall riskiness that comes with central lines. Terrifying to think they might be neglecting the proper care of their lines or ports, sepsis is nooooo joke and nothing to mess with, so the fact that it's so much more prevalent on Instagram than in normality is even more disturbing. Sadly, deadly infection-sepsis-ICU = sooper serious and that's what a lot of these people seem to thrive on. It was unthinkable to me at first but I can see it now. Sad.
sage for not contributing

No. 368667

File: 1502159031796.jpg (151.33 KB, 1280x959, IMG_2856.JPG)

Note the stupid kiddie bag hanging up.
top kek.

No. 368670

File: 1502159365474.jpg (897.45 KB, 2048x2048, 1AC92D1C-D137-4B54-B8E6-26494B…)

Sepsis for 5 days but well enough for selfies where she looks healthy? what a cow

No. 368674

I have a question for medfags in here. Is it possible to eat and purge through a G-tube? I thought it would clog as it's not meant to drain cake and pasta (Jacquie, I'm looking at you!).

No. 368675


They do not discharge you from hospital with sepsis. They just do not. It's very serious and can kill untreated. It can kill even when treated.

Lies. Lies. Lies.

No. 368684

Not a medfag but it depends on how well it's chewed (size of solid pieces), how much liquid went in with it, how long it's been churning in the stomach, and how far up on the stomach the tube is (if it's right in the middle of the top and bottom, the g-port may not be able to reach anything once it's emptied a certain amount).

No. 368685

I know it's not a big deal but it annoys me to no end that she's got shoes on a hospital bed. If she was such a sick kid and needs a mask to protect her from all the big bad germies, surely she shouldn't have her flip flops on the bed after stepping in spit, urine, feces, vomit, and general dirt on the blanket she snuggles her face and ports in?

No. 368699

>Look how skinny my legs are~
>Look at my tard helmet and Simba backpack~

No. 368704

Yes, it is absolutely possible and sadly increasing in incidence among adolescents and young adults on enteral feeds.

No. 368705

THANK YOU! I had the exact same reaction.

No. 368716


Sadly, they can, and not only in the Sweet Land o' Press-Ganey (of thee I sing… etc). My former boss, an absolutely fantastic gastroenterologist who now runs a major endoscopy unit in the UK, is in hot water now because of one of them (nobody well-known or even on Instagram, I think - just your garden variety Munchie who wants to be that onemorestep girl). Reportedly (and when I say reportedly, I mean corroborated by several of my former colleagues who were present), this young lady (we are talking young adult, early 20s) turned up at his outpatient clinic on a GP's referral with mum in tow. That in and of itself tends to be odd/suspicious but mostly either a vulnerable adult or young person dealing with some very grown-up issues (think getting a terminal diagnosis at 22 and having to decide about a care plan…). Well, this girl was neither. She was politely described as being 'in a healthy weight' , no prev GI history. So mum produces a letter from a (private) gastroenterologist (whose speciality is, to put it politely, not functional gastrointestinal disorder… gastro is a big fucking field, and with just about enough idiots for every corner of it) that went something along the lines of 'patient has delayed gastric emptying according to scan (enclosed), give her a PEG/J and deal with it yourselves, peasants!'. To which my former boss probably thought 'piss off' and anyone who can afford a GES and a GI consultation with this guy privately should pay for their own fucking tubes. Still, ever the gentleman, he explained mum and daughter that he's sorry for any unreasonable expectations that might have been created by the private gastro, but we don't normally do procedures without our own work up and we would not consider performing a PEG/J insertion without first admitting her, nose hosing, ruling out various treatable causes etc. - all stuff that Doc McOverpaid-Stuffins should have done instead of pocketing his fee for a half page letter that consisted mostly of his signature (what a cock). He even went beyond usual procedure and offered to do urgent bloods on her and if they looked dangerously off, she could be admitted urgently for investigations, but tubes are a last restort, and she can't expect to just turn up with a letter and get it inserted.

So she broke down in what was described by one of the eyewitnesses as 'making up in drama for what it lacked in genuineness', an observation that's still making me chuckle, and stormed out of the room, with her mother in tow, who was loudly threatening to report him to the trust. And so she indeed did, and now the Trust is investigating this l young lady not getting her way as a breach of the obligation to provide adequate care… what the fuck, honestly.

The thing is, these fucks are exploiting a system we have in place for good reasons. There are stringent oversight mechanisms on what I can do to you even with your consent, how I have to do it and whom you can bi… I mean, complain to when things go bad. And while getting hauled into an inquiry about a patient complaint is a nightmare, especially the first time around (or, as we tend to joke about it, the first 30-40 times… after that, it gets routine!), few doctors would disagree that patients shouldn't have some level of recourse if they feel the care they received was inadequate. Sadly, however, these processes attract two kinds of people like flies: Munchies and people who read about some treatment in the Daily Fail that helped someone's great-grandmother's neighbour's dog sitter and now they want it, whether it's for their disease (or whether they indeed have any disease!) or not. We keep getting these 'are you prepared for this year's flu epidemic?' e-mails at our Trust pretty constantly from August or so onwards, with helpful tips like 'wash your fucking hands' (thanks, Dr Lister, never heard of that one!). They should instead send us some warning on the impending epidemic of Munchies. Just when we got pretty OK at weeding out people who wanted to go on welfare age 18 and make a career out of it, this shit starts up. Not to put a too Malthusian point on it, but these people spend their most productive years with Instagram Syndrome, blocking beds and racking up six-digit hospital bills they'll never get to see. They get expensive medicstions just to brag about them or make 'pill art' (Christ, don't get me started on that one!) from them. What will they do when they've decided they've had enough? They'll be hopelessly behind their peers who went to university and actually completed a course and got a job. Some will be our beloved full time activists, explaining to us the poor benighted how we just don't know enough about their condition (oh, I'm sorry I did not have time to read your unsourced two page pamphlet about your specific brand of multiple chemical sensitivity syndrome, I was busy trying to see if a young father of three with stomach cancer might be a candidate for a new drug that might give him some more time with his family, but please do chastise me and the whole medical establishment for our ignorance of your terrible plight!), but the rest? I mean, I'm honestly asking here. What the fuck is the endgame here? I used to think it was an easy life on benefits, but that won't replace the attention and intensive treatment they're given now (treatment we would, by the way, occasionally withhold of elderly people because there's just not enough money to go around - thanks, Munchies! - and treating the young and possibly someday fit has always been a priority ahead of prolonging life). I just don't see where this is all going.

Sage for angry medfag being angry.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 368718


Where I work has a handful of TPN patients. They come typically from three demographics: the most severe Crohnies who need to give their GI system a rest, people with malignancies and/or vomiting problems we can't easily fix otherwise (including hyperemesis gravidarum) and people with FGIDs. One of the persistent mysteries is why FGID patients have higher neutrophil counts, are in a better state than someone suffering from debilitating Crohn's or liver cancer with intestinal mets, and aren't on anything that ought to suppress their immune system (like, you know, chemo or or immunosuppressants for Crohn's), and yet make up the majority of lines removed for infections.

There was a complete nutcase of a girl who kept fancy mice and let them nibble at her fucking central line, because it was cute. And put it on Facebook. I'll now go and write 'I will never Facebook my patients again" a hundred times. She's still alive btw, despite repeated line sepsis and a fortune spent on caspo or whatever the fuck they give for whatever the fuck her blood grows, which I presume is almost every common and uncommon nosocomial and community acquriable bug because she lets the fucking thing dangle out of whatever she's wearing, in the open air!

No. 368721


Yes. And it's becoming a problem.

I've described in detail how they do it in fact previous post. I won't repeat it because as someone pointed out, some sick Munchie fuck might use it to, well, use it! I have since heard that people actually discuss on ED forums that if they go to their docs asking for a tube it will be given to them as it will be seen as a sign of a willingness to heal and gain weight, then they can purge through that to their heart's content. Needless to say you can do a lot of damage to yourself doing this kind of crap, duh.

No. 368723


Err, I'm not infectious diseases, but if your PICC line is still in situ, how the fuck did they determine it's not what caused your sepsis? In all but the most vulnerable patients, sepsis means we start pulling any lines that look even slightly dodgy. Pull first, do cultures later.

No. 368740

Lol was just coming on to post this, ya beat me to it.

No. 368750

She's grotesquely manipulative. Why the fuck does she put that about not being pretty enough… oh yeah, because she's trying to get even more asspats. Her whole ig is focused on how skinny and pretty she is. Reading between the lines I think the doctors have called her on her mental health issues many times, but she won't accept it or acknowledge in public what they've said. Faking oxygen to get more money and sympathy is disgusting.

No. 368751


Zofran is popular because it's expensive, fancy, used to be for chemo patients only (I believe it's only been approved for non-CINV for a few years) and other than constipating, it has relatively few side effects. Domperidone causes prolactinaemia which is not great, MCP can cause fairly unpleasant extrapyramidal symptoms and most other antiemetics are basically glorified antihistamines that make you too tired to Instagram your cool medical adventures(tm)! The newer ones like the NK1ergic antiemetics (aprepitant, rolapitant etc.) are still not approved by insurance for chronic vomiters although people with cyclic vomiting (which is not chronically persistent but chronically periodic) can get it. Same for the other 5-HT3 antagonists - the others are much more expensive and as such insurance regulates them more tightly for non-CINV and/or postop nausea.

Sage for boring medfagging.

No. 368752


Wait, which fuckup is this one?

No. 368757


No. 368767


There was a recent post on her IG about her being told to get psychiatric help. She was furious and went on and on about how neglected she is and how she's even too sick and complex for hospital.

No. 368770

The whole 'too sick for hospital' thing fucks me off more than anything else. Doctors and nurses train for years and years but suddenly you're too special to be treated by them? Their enormous amounts of training just don't apply to you? Yeah right…
Just go take a look at the ICU, palliative oncology or PICU. I'm pretty sure if hospitals good enough for them, it's good enough for anyone.

Sage for rant/no contribution

No. 368778

File: 1502188024804.png (404.68 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_9537.PNG)

The mom literally bragging about being able to parked in handicapped spaces because somehow both daughters have cards to do so. Shit like this drives me nuts.
Reminds me of a cardiology tech who works in the same hospital as I do, whose job it is to walk around giving EKGs all day (to inpatients and outpatients) but always parks in the absolute closest handicapped spaces in the main patient parking lot. Fucking lazy, selfish losers. These people use much more than medical resources. They insert their irrational lifestyles onto innocent public bystanders, as well.

No. 368798

File: 1502190460218.jpg (50.4 KB, 1024x685, IMG_0218.JPG)


See, there IS such a thing as being too complex for a hospital. If you have a one in a gazillion cancer or a rare chromosomal abnormality, you may be well too complex for the Rural Hospital of Bumfuck Egypt. That's why we have secondary referral centres (big hospitals with wide speciality units, so for instance having a neurosurgical service would be a wide speciality unit), and tertiary referral centres (such as specialist cancer hospitals like MD Anderson that may have a specialist service for, say, the removal of particular types of complex acoustic neuromas). In general, what happens when there's a complex case is that a multidisciplinary meeting is called and then a referral is made either to deal with the patient altogether or just to deal with a particular aspect of their care. There are whole jobs within the NHS as well as in every US hospital I've ever worked at that coordinate clinical services for complex patients, and relatively, these people are NOT a complex case! A complex case is the diabetic heart transplant recipient who has a MALT lymphoma, which is a 'how the fuck do we treat this guy without killing him?' situation. These fucks seem to use complex as the new equivalent of 'waaaah nobody understands meeeee!'. Picture related.

No. 368801

Said it far better than I could.

There's such a thing as being too complex for A hospital, but not too complex for ANY hospital

No. 368802


Spent some time browsing this woman's Instagram the other day, and I've got to say, there's a pretty fucking concerning dynamic going on there.

It's not so much MSbP but more like a weird mix of codependency, mental illness, shitty socioeconomic environment causing a sort of emotional deprivation that they are filling by over reliance on caregivers and adopting a sick role, and a lot of other weird shit.

It's a damn shame that CPS did not look into them earlier. I hate to sound like an asshole but I don't see a bright future for either of these girls… or a long one. They are being overtreated and overmedicated with serious shit that DOES shorten lives, and their mother seems to almost get off on all of this. Add to that the weird religious angle and the whole thing is a trainwreck. Gee.

Sage for no real contribution. Sorry.

No. 368831

I feel so bad for the daughters. How old is Caroline exactly? It all feels very MSbP to me. The mother is actively trying to get Caroline a feeding tube AMA, she reports the doctor saying he doesn't want to place one…

And she forced them to put Caroline under GA for her endoscopy when the anestheist didn't want to do that. She's going to end up killing them. Both girls look miserable and seem isolated af.

No. 368897

lol these "10 completely self-sacrificing ways to coddle the feelings of someone with borderline personality disorder" lists. they're always written by histrionic munchie-types who contribute nothing to the world, see themselves as "neurodivergent", and think it's ableist to be appalled by shitty behavior.

some latch on so hard to bpd diagnoses (real or self-dx) because they love its association with "trauma".

i think the autism dx is just in their defense arsenal to protect them from criticism and in some cases as carte blanche to have daily meltdowns.

No. 368903


Spot. On. These girls will never lead fulfilling lives. Imagine what happens to them when their mother passes? Who will take care of them? They clearly can't take care of themselves.
Caroline can barely go out of the house without falling into some sort of psychosomatic induced "anaphylaxis." It's tragic, really.

Sage for assumptions.

No. 368937

Too bad the mother couldn't stick to dramatizing her own illnesses instead of ruining her kids lives. That's a sad situation really.

No. 368944


Not always. It's a general rule to pull lines with suspected sepsis however there are always differences in each patients care. When sepsis is not full blown sepsis and obviously not septic shock, sometimes they can save the lines. This is part of why early treatment is so important. Treat it before it gets bad and have better outcome. (Again, not always)
They can take cultures from your line without cutting the inner tip off, depending on what signs and lab results show.
Often when one comes in ER with suspected sepsis cultures are taken first and the assessment determines what to do..too risky to use the line, an IV is given and use of line is stopped, if the patient is doing ok, and they can save the line that's the course of treatment and they will start use of the line once the repeated cultures are improving after IV antibiotics for a while.
However it seems more common to not save a port line.
Some who have had many lines cannot get many more lines, every time they place one it's a big chance to scar it up and make the same place unusable. People who truly depend on their line cannot loose all access so that plays little role in trying to save a line too. (We have 6 places).
Occasionally they will give a picc instead of IV, but midline is more common and safer.
And of course if they can't save the line it's pulled asap and once the infection is cleared up a new line is placed.
It's not uncommon to have a person with a line who can go without a line if needed and that's when the fight can come up for the munchies as they are told no dr is giving you a line for saline because it's harming you (remember that oath!) You can go to infusion place like the others. The part that back fires is once discharged they have a new line because the antibiotics they need can't go in an IV. Some people don't get it removed and change Drs and story. Big back fire there lol. But thanks to medical records they don't get to play that game very long.
Because munchies are usually idiots, they don't realize the cultures will show what they did to infect themselves.
People truly sick who have record of being in and out of hospital recently that show line infections are pretty much the only excuse when it comes to what type of infection it is.
Ex- munchies has sepsis, line grew mssa. Someones been touching it
Sick person has sepsis, line grew mssa. Person has been in hospital a lot recently, hospital acquired mssa.

No. 368946

I still can't wrap my mind around the fact that a lot of them are likely infecting their own lines. Horrifying. Not to give any munchie fuel out there but how do they do it in general?

No. 368950


No they don't, but I think she is just exaggerating the treatment she's needing.

Depends on the type of infection but it's very common for people to need IV antibiotics for weeks after discharge, so they are sent home with another line (picc usually and then port or line after antibiotics are done with and cultures nirmal, or total line removals if previous treatment is stopped) And have IV antibiotics to do. Sometimes it's 247, every x hour. They will have a gravity ball, or a bag and pump, each infusion is a few hours. Some will have a nurse to come out and do it every dose,the trusted some have to set alarms.
I'm assuming she will cry she has sepsis at home for the next 3-8weeks while she needs the antibiotics instead of being thankful the worst is over, and she can continue treatment in the comfort of her home.

Btw if she is on vanco. They do level checks and if she is not doing the antibiotics right they will know she's missing doses and end up in their radar..red flag

No. 368954


The cultures and other labs and other tests can show what's causing the infection.

A lady tpn dependent had pneumonia that put her in ICU because her pneumonia caused sepsis but her line was not infected. They were able to save the line, but stopped use temporarily but once antibiotics were in her and the infection didn't attack her line they started using her line again.
It's a small window but it happens

No. 368994

Its not rocket science (unfortunately). Without specifics, think similar to how you would want to avoid a cut getting infected- you keep it clean, dry, sterile etc. Now do the opposite.

No. 369011

I don't know if this is technically bad line care but one thing I've noticed is that many of the girls on Instagram who have ports keep their line hanging out of their shirt without it being hooked up to anything. Jackie does it all the time. It ensures that it's always visible even when it could easily be hidden by clothing, speaks for itself with OTT and munchies, but I imagine that isn't a great habit against infection either. Maybe I'm wrong though. I just know if I had one having it hanging out and exposed is the last thing I'd want to do. But I guess it looks spoonier (is that a word) that way.

Saged for not contributing, blogging

No. 369014

File: 1502232198161.jpg (870.21 KB, 1071x1689, Screenshot_20170808-173528.jpg)

She thinks she's so fucking special.

No. 369018

File: 1502232953383.png (114.44 KB, 640x925, IMG_1286.PNG)

JBN Still attention sucking munching! I bet this challenging is the tip of the iceberg!

Probably hoping for everyone to adore her but she is so needy for attention that she will be loving this too!

1 of 2

No. 369019

File: 1502232974931.png (144.34 KB, 640x822, IMG_1287.PNG)

No. 369021

File: 1502233137246.png (68.33 KB, 640x887, IMG_1288.PNG)


JBN loving that someone asked about her tube! I'm so special I have my tube back

No. 369023

File: 1502233206668.png (161.04 KB, 640x862, IMG_1289.PNG)


Bet she sent herself a message/s to say how beautiful she is.

No. 369032

What always gets me about MLS is that people have been onto her for months about trying the low FODMAP diet, yet every time her response is that she is "researching it". It isn't hard to find info on, especially not if you ask your gp for a referral to a dietician who will literally give you pages of printouts with what are essentially step by step instructions (which are pretty easy to find online as well).

No. 369035


Not really. As long as you use alcohol before using it it's fine being out..they make covers these days that have alcohol pads in them and just screw onto the filter of the line to protect it. They make the same thing but without alcohol too.
Granted they'd have to use this stuff which they probably don't like they are supposed too. But having repeated line infections and the type of infection the hospitals/drs eventually catch on
Munchies have to be a super special type of idiot.

Some people have real/legit reasons they let their line hang outside their shirt instead of under. But the ones here aim for attention.
When out and about or people coming over or whatever the people who have legit reason to let line hang out, they simply coil it, make a tap tag and safety pin inside the shirt and let it hang out when home.

No. 369036


Anyone who actually has gp avoids the foods that make them sick, simply because no one enjoys
feeling like that. If her precious ice cream really made her that sick, she wouldn't want to eat it, because she'd be miserable. Same with Jacquie and all the shit she eats.

No. 369037


With her having some sort of learning disability she probably just doesn't understand how to do the fodmat diet.
And shed loose all the junk she loves to eat and drink and cry about it being costly so shed start a fit about it not helping after a week.

No. 369039


I think she knows, but doesn't want to stop trying to make herself be sick when she's actually fine. She wants a tube, but knows she won't get one if a diet helps.

No. 369040

Dani would throw a fit over just about anything, so refusing to give up her treats even for whatever reward she finds in pretending to have gastroparesis. Either that or she's doing it on purpose to get her precious tube. When she says she's researching fodmap it's just a defense so she can claim she didn't know she shouldn't be eating xyz.

No. 369044

did you see she claimed digestive enzymes make her sick when someone suggested them? any excuse to get her precious tube

No. 369050

I wanna be kind and put it down to her intellectual disability and no understanding of what digestive enzymes are because that claim is literally too dumb to handle.

No. 369055

File: 1502237242143.png (264.7 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_2861.PNG)

I thought she had a NG tube not NJ..? Assumed NJ could not be placed at home by lay person.

No. 369061


Yeah I'm pretty sure it was an NG, at least that's what she's always said. An NJ tube absolutely cannot be placed at home, it has to be done in radiology to make sure it's in the right spot. And Nicole needs to stop claiming malnourishment, obviously she's far (far) from starving.

No. 369064


She's smart enough for IG, so she's smart enough to know how to follow a diet and take medication. Special ed kids who can't read still can learn what foods aware healthy or not. Saying she's got a a disability is an insult to people who are actually disabled, but who aren't lazy, manipulating attention whores.

No. 369067


Just having an NG tube causes a sore nose and throat. She keeps changing her reasoning, and none of it makes any sense other than that's she's saying whatever she has to to keep her precious tube.

No. 369069

File: 1502238611693.jpg (171.9 KB, 1421x1172, IMG_2863.JPG)

No. 369070


The part that usually gets infected is where the line enters the skin. However, having it hanging out leaves the line at risk of accidentally getting pulled on, or even out. It's more of an issue with picc lines, since they have to be replaced if they're out too far, but even the needle/tubing that's stuck in a port to use it would not feel great being pulled out wrong.

No. 369071


Hahaha Annie nailed it

No. 369072

I'm not gonna debate the varying abilities of people with disabilities, but functional literacy and the ability to post photos and complain aren't the same thing as being able to control her impulses, follow directions, or keep up with behaviour that isn't immediately rewarding.
One person with probable disability being a wanky piece of shit isn't a reflection on the rest of the disabled population, and you're taking it a bit too personally imo.

No. 369076


NJ tubes J tubes must be placed under stay or fluro to help guide it in with a peel stealth and guide wires to make sure it is properly placed as using it out of place can do some scary shit to you.

NG tubes and G tubes can be done by yourself or someone else at home.

A GJ tube must also be done under xray or fluro for same reasons as J.

If she had issues with repeated NG tubes I don't get why they didn't place a peg. In her case it would be a small peg and placed as high as her anatomy allowed to prevent purging. She claims spoonie dying points and an upper gi to place the peg and new bragging rights about being so sick she has a permanent tube now.
It's obvious her Drs aren't thrilled about her having the tube, but safety and health reasons peg makes more sense to me specially if she only used it at night and removed it during day.
Its usually outpatient or one night stay, and when they discontinue the tube crap they remove the peg or leave it if they think she will need it again but she isn't trustworthy and would fuck with it however she can.
It heals up pretty fast. They can place another if needed and we know she would love to have the scars to brag about.
Many birds, one stone.

This one is almost as pathetic as mls.

No. 369077

NJ also have a weight at the tip to help keep it in place. This is a part of why a NJ hurts so much

No. 369078

I read that as the tube she had placed was the last resort before an NJ but maybe I'm wrong

Sage for my opinion

No. 369084


Oh god, don't give her any ideas. You know she'd love a peg tube. I would hope her doctor wouldn't give her a peg, especially if they don't want her to have a tube. She's not at the risk of starvation, so why even let her have a tube at all? It's obvious she's totally focusing on the tube instead of her underlying issues. Stop diapering a baby, and they'll learn to shit in the toilet.

No. 369086


Oh, yeah,you're right. Seems like a common spoonie/munchie trait, claim they don't want the more serious intervention, when really you know she'd sell her soul to have anything that makes her seem sicker

No. 369088

MLS definitely just wants a tube so so badly.
I get a feeling that if she doesn't get a tube she will tube herself again with another NG (for the fluids she refused to drink because of her severe anorexia and it helped her keep it down despite it going into the stomach and while eating fine enough to gain) and pretend the Drs mentioned giving her a tube (she isn't going to be the one bringing it up every 2 seconds of course)
And then set another gofundme for a ridiculous amount because her insurance won't cover a pump, feed, and everything needed for tube feeds. When the truth is she begged for a tube, got denied by more Drs, bought ng tubes, tubes herself, can't afford to buy the formula because her insurance doesn't know she's on tube feeds (self tubing) and she has no medical necessity for tube feeds, there for no prescription. And she will make excuse after excuse for not going back to temple appts. Specially if things dont go the way dani wants it to go.
I just have that feeling about her..her whole I'll make myself sick to show them attitude she has. She'll come home and self tube, make up some story about how severe she is and they made her get a tube before going home instead of coming home with normal test results and no tube. (I'm so curious what they will find out with these testing and hoping they will get her on a better treatment plan. She's def. Got GI issues, just not like she claims. Anyone notice she stopped her whinning about her severe irritable bowel syndrome about the same time she cried about swallowing issues, gerd causing barriers and cancer and needing throat stretched?

Get ready for some milk from her testing "week"
Some of her tests require a tube down the nose.

No. 369089


Her GI issues are her unhealthy diet and her purging, and maybe some reflux. Tubing stuff is terribly expensive even with insurance, it's pretty sad she's wasting so much money, but pretty indicative of a munchie. Personally, I look forward to the milk, and what's going to happen when she unfortunately finds out she's totally fine.

No. 369093

Sadly we know dani won't stick to any diet change unless it is called "the how to make yourself super specially sick with food choices diet for MBI sufferers"

I don't think she understands how long of a process it is for someone truly sick with GP.
It's not -I've had 1 GES that I manipulated, 1 botox, 1 dr opinion I am starving to death, but my bloods are normal give me feeding tubes so we can be done-
No one's going to give her a tube even if they determine she actually has severe GP (or IBS GERD etc) if her labs are okay. Many people with severe GP don't have tubes!

No. 369094

It's legit terrifying that she's willing to tube herself. If she got it into her lungs she'd be fucked. If she had a port she'd be the kind to inject salt or some shit.

No. 369099


You don't have to be a genius to use IG.
I do think it is likely she has some sort of at least mild cognitive delay. In the one vlog of hers that I watched she mentioned that she was born fairly premature. The outcomes for preemies are much better these days but given her age, I wouldn't be surprised if she had some sort of mild cognitive delay or at least a learning disability. It also sounds like she was over-protected by her parents. I don't know if she realizes she is doing it or not but I think she wants to be sick/likes being sick because that is what has gotten her the most attention in the past.
I do think she isn't really making a big effort to try to get better via diet changes. Seeing as she doesn't appear to do much besides go grocery shopping, she should have had plenty of time to "research" the diet so many people have recommended. I am sure that if she did she would complain about it being too expensive (she strikes me as the type of person who buys a lot of cheap things thinking that they are a good deal and ends up spending a lot more money than if she just bought a smaller amount of quality items).
She wants the tube because she needs some sort of physical sign that she is sick to gain sympathy points. For her, any attention is good attention.
What frustrates me the most is that she mentions that she has some mental health diagnoses but goes on and on about the GP and anorexia. The other diagnoses are likely the root cause of most of her issues - focusing on them would be more effective but that would gain enough spoonie points.

I only wish that I had screenshot of the IG story where she complained about blurry vision and her glasses were super smudged and grimy.

No. 369106


As a medfag who specializes in the actual swallowing processes, this one confuses me a bit. I don't know much about psychosomatic issues so maybe thats why but -
The food may be bypassing her oral cavity but its not bypassing the swallowing mechanism.
Unless you have some sort of nerve/structural damage, everyone swallows hundreds of times a day - regardless of whether or not you eat actual food. (If you didn't then you would be drooling constantly). She is still swallowing with the tube in. There is still a physical object (the tube) providing some sort of sensation in the pharynx/larynx while she is swallowing.
Just seems like a weird explanation that I am sure she has convinced her doctors makes sense so she can have her precious tube.

No. 369122

That's a good point, she mentions nothing about drooling or whatever happens to your saliva if you can't swallow. So she can swallow, and she posts pictures of herself eating. There's just such a huge disconnect between what she says and all the things she posts.

No. 369134


But what if temple actually finds something?
Something really bad?
Something really bad motility related?

While it's unlikely she would have GP not self induced, or anything a few minutes from the time frame for GP, I still am nervous for the results (sad I know lol) because they will find stuff, not sure what, and beyond worried they aren't monitoring her/admitting her to make sure she's not self inducing shit.

No. 369138

File: 1502249249899.png (1.55 MB, 2220x1080, Screenshot_20170808-222231.png)

On today's Jaquie vlog:
-She talks about how she does Monday mornings on the phone "advocating for herself" for the treatment she needs.
- She's getting a special shower chair.
- She's prepping that poor dog's food with meat from fucking Walmart. No wonder the poor thing got sick.
- "OMG normal things people have to deal with are happening, everything is so hectic!"
- She's getting Life alert because she is in so much danger of just dropping dead, hey conditions are that serious. I'm pretty sure she had mentioned an angiodema attack in MONTHS. She needs to learn to just fucking sit down if she's going to pass out.
- "OMG I had to FIGHT FOR MY LIFE" bullshit bitch.
- She's have a major breakdown because she's taking a year off of school, like people do ALL THE TIME. She claims she can't even do online classes, which I don't no understand.
- She's going to change her major because they think her ever working full time would be detrimental to her health.

No. 369139

They may find that it's self induced through terrible diet and purging, they may find nothing, but I think it's most likely that she will have some minor damage, no gastroparesis or ibs, just some sad abused guts that would be fine if she ate some proper food and drank some water.

Dani will choose to interpret it as an imminent death sentence, start a new gofundme for vaguely related medical supplies, and post twenty times a day about being the worst case of gastroparesis anyone has ever seen.

No. 369145

Damn, she's getting chunky. I can only imagine the life alert people, if they have to call an ambulance because she can't manage to tell when she's going to pass out (it's obvious, very much so). How wonderful for her that's she's getting all these things to furthur enable her laziness. If she used her energy for something other than making videos and calling people with her demands, she'd be perfectly capable of working.

No. 369147

So sad for these munchies that they will actually live

No. 369150

Nah, dying isn't what they want.
What they do want is the hushed voices of everyone around their bed asking if they're confortable or if they need more morphine, or to be brought treats when everyone comes to visit, all the attention and love and caring people naturally heap upon the very sick and dying without the inconvenience of actually dying, or having a terminal illness.
They want the painkillers without having to feel any pain, and nothing to do but rest and soak up all that attention forever.

No. 369151

File: 1502251239433.png (1.29 MB, 1536x2048, monoqueenmadi.png)

I found a Munchie Queen on Twitter.

No. 369152

File: 1502251400525.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 354.33 KB, 1274x1468, endo.jpeg)

Also this IG Spoonie who has uh, documented their endoscopy…

No. 369156

The only legit reason for you to have a line hanging out is if you're covered from neck to ankle and you needed it for emergency (read: impending death) meds. And EMS usually cuts clothes off anyway.

No. 369163

File: 1502253206395.png (117.2 KB, 750x941, IMG_9693.PNG)


Omg. Just. Fucking. Why. This girl literally has her tubes hanging out in EVERY picture, and in some it's clear she has cut or sew holes into the clothes to specifically bring the tube out. Disgusting.

No. 369165

File: 1502253383609.png (150.53 KB, 750x1044, IMG_9694.PNG)

Tuck that shit in!!!

No. 369166

How do you even get obese with a tube? If she was obese before she had it she should by all means have lost significant amounts of weight before and after getting it.
Is she eating food as well as pushing nutrition through the tube? Running 5x the amount of formula she needs?

No. 369171



No. 369173


she was close friends with a girl I knew who passed away. That girl was definitely, 100% legit, but this one may be legit but milky and really OTT about it.

No. 369176


I'll also add that I think she has gotten a lot more OTT than she ever was a few years ago. Sad when people descend into it like this.

No. 369203

That's probably just a laptop charger

No. 369204

File: 1502262302812.jpg (428.9 KB, 1072x1243, Screenshot_20170809-010026.jpg)

Oh lordy. I found a self-aware one

No. 369205

File: 1502262367858.jpg (603.38 KB, 1080x1537, Screenshot_20170809-010142.jpg)

No. 369206

File: 1502262427437.jpg (433.76 KB, 1080x1501, Screenshot_20170809-010221.jpg)

It's honestly quite impressive. At least she admits that she wants to have a disease instead of just outwardly pretending like she had it

No. 369207


In general, there are three different types of line infections: site, tunnel and bloodstream (called 'proper CLABSI', the other two apparently aren't well-behaved enough). Site infections are simple to cause but because the skin has a fairly sane immune system, it rarely leads to severe disease in immunocompetent Munchies. It's also extremely painful. A tunnel infection is harder, and generally means the line's got to come out, but the principle is the same - introduce some infectious agent sufficiently deeply past the site and into the tunnel. Finally, CLABSI sepsis requires almost inevitably something to be pushed into the bloodstream. Inadvertent CLABSI happens by accidentally touching a port gripper needle against something or not swabbing hubs/bionectors/whatever the fuck your call them. When induced intentionally, I've seen a wide variety of absolutely fucking insane ways of doing it. All of them are playing with serious fire, and the contribution these fucks make to antibiotic resistance to last resort antibiotics is definitely appreciated by bacteria. Much to their sadness, Munchies recently learned we have discovered blood cultures around, say, the century before last, meaning that we can identify the pathogen. We know what pathogens turn up where, and if I suddenly see weird shit in the bloodstream of someone with a central line and other warning signs, we now have VERY sensitive methods that can identify exactly what that pathogen is and where it came from, including whether it was injected at a large volume (your average Munchie is not a microbiology tech, she WILL fuck it up). The saddest case bar none I've ever seen was FII by inducing dilute faecal matter (yes, really) into her bloodstream. The pt had a stool transplant (yes, that, too, really) a while earlier and we thought hey… everything's possible. Some antibiotics later and she was better. Then half a year later, she was worse again, but this time far less fulminantly than initially. Thinking this was because she did not put enough poop down her midline rather than because she developed some degree of resistance, she decided to give herself another central line enema. To the predictable effect of a piece of some solid matter getting lodged in a major blood vessel and causing a devastating stroke that killed her. It made for a depressing M&M, and that's despite the fact that we are all sick fucks who laugh about this sort of crap. Sometimes.

No. 369208


Doctors with 30 years of experience scare me because they're so trained and experienced they can see right through me!

No. 369212


Oh God, that's Madison Noelle <lastname>. I have friends in common with her on fb so I've seen some of her shit shared. She went from 'I haz fibro' through 'omg holy fucking shit TFIOS came out, I need fucking oxygen!' to her latest SJW incarnation. Now with +100lbs bwt.

No. 369214


No, it doesn't. It shows that your skin was exposed to the limits of its tensile strength as you ballooned in weight because you ignored your physio's advice for graded exercise and instead prefer to sit in a fucking chair and be #bodyposi all day.

No. 369216


The SJW variety of spoonie is the one I have the least ability to tolerate for so many reasons.

No. 369218


They probably will dismiss you. Hell, I know I used to be a gullible fuck 2-3 years ago compared to now, and I'm still just a baby docling. Wait till I reach my final evolution and gain my Munchie repelling attack!

No. 369219


So basically she's fat and wants to get T3 to lose weight rather than get off the pills that make her nice and lazy and stupid and mellow and slightly high,

Fuck, I am glad I did not end up in endocrinology. I lack the poker face required to tell these fucks that their thyroid concerns will be seriously investigated.

No. 369237

File: 1502269044448.png (422.44 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1293.PNG)

Toonauseous an OTT who is jumping on the Sarahah bandwagon and throws a fit when someone questions her. She wants them to not be anonymous. Well don't idiot that's the point.

Think a lot of lurkers from here will be calling it like they see it and leave negative yet realistic comments about these attention seeking munchies.

They moan so much about this site and the hurtful and dangerous things being said about them cause it's just "not fair" then in the same breath sign up to a thing where you are asking for anons to do exactly what they protest about!

Sage for not much contribution other than irony!

No. 369243

Lurk more namefag.

No. 369244

How can you be obese on tube feeds??! Even if - by some random chance - you start off large, surely you're going to lose weight as you are only taking in what you need. These "tubies" are clearly eating food which negates the need for a fucking tube. It's all for show.

No. 369248

File: 1502271181425.png (611.27 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_2865.PNG)

Practically half population has a haital hernia, love. It's also often an incidental finding. She must be devastated that she's not got the beloved gastroparesis diagnosis. Basically, if you read between the lines of her posts, they haven't found anything wrong with her. I'd bet $100 that she's purposefully starved herself, judging by how happy she is to be admitted to the hospital.

No. 369249

The comments underneath are WOW. Bunch of munchies complaining that bloodwork is basically meaningless and how she probably has the disease anyway or maybe other diseases and how doctors don't look at the full picture because they're dumb. Top kek.

No. 369250


Actually pretty easily.

1) Shitty dietitians who suck at calculating BMR. Sorry, but it happens.
2) There are vast interpersonal variations when it comes to metabolism and how much you need of what. Many of these we don't even understand and most we cannot even test for. Thankfully in a normal situation, we have a pretty decent way of understanding that eating certain things makes us feel good and makes us thin while eating other things makes us fat and feel sick. And so eventually your body figures out its individual composite diet. A tube feed, however, has to be for just about everyone. There are special feeds called elemental formulas that are basically predigested but they're expensive and a bad idea unless clinically justified. Some patients rapidly gain weight because their glycaemic control is so crap, they absorb all the carbs. This is especially a problem with certain ethnic groups who normally have a very high protein low carb diet: I've seen a number of Afro-Caribbeans with lean or even emaciated physiques balloon up on the regular formula that doesn't accommodate the fact that they're genetically geared towards a low sugar high protein diet (the same reason btw is why a lot of Polynesians get very obese and die to heart disease if they're put on a carb-rich Western diet!).
3) Most of us lack self control to the point that even if we are nauseous we desire food. It's hard to be NPO for a few days, being so for weeks is torture, and so they invent bullshit like they have 'safe foods' or plain suction it out of their bellies after consumption,
4) It's only when unable to eat that you realize how much of our social interactions revolve around food. The pace of a dinner conversation, for instance, is geared towards eating and talking, not just sitting there with an empty plate. It can get very awkward very easily. Hence the temptation by many to still try to eat. That's despite what they say an absolute no no with an NG or NJ, and even in the case of reenteralising a patient, there's an order to it and it has to happen under medical supervision. Plenty of people got very fat on a combination of no exercise, lots of steroids and hi calorie tube feeds.

No. 369251


Slow oesophageal passage is virtually never symptomatic and if it is, it presents as a predominantly dysphagic symptomatology (aka choking), not the nausea/bloating of profound dysmotility.

Lie better, Carmel.

No. 369256

>The sepsis has been confirmed I have a collection of bacteria from my bowel infecting my blood.

Multiple pathogens
Intestinal flora
I would say that these details alone are concerning. How would intestinal flora end up in the blood? Occam's Razor, fam. The simplest explanation is usually the correct one. In this case the most obvious answer is that her PICC became the vehicle for introduction of gut pathogens.
A few things to note:
1. Negative line cultures do not necessarily r/o line colonization. Many times these infections will not show until the explanted catheter tip is cultured.
2. Unless she has some kind of fistula, the only other MOA is exogenous introduction of pathological flora.
Make of that what ye will.


No. 369259

So no self control, pig urges to eat even when nauseous (who the hell experiences this!!?) and a thousand extra calories literally every day, with a side of 'muh genetics calories aren't real'

No. 369263

alternatively considering she claimed they couldn't confirm the presence/location of sepsis bc of a public holiday (emergencies don't get put on hold for public holidays like she was) and she was only in for four days, the public holiday weekend. (has history of being in hospital for birthdays and easter bc super speshul sick points and sympathy) She never had sepsis. P.s there's no line in following posts.

No. 369264

Wait she's seriously claiming that a hospital didn't treat her for sepsis because of a public holiday?

No. 369266

yes, those posts are dated as easter. She also claimed she was sent home still having sepsis after 4 days. looks totally healthy/not dying of sepsis in the first image. go figure

No. 369272

Wow she didn't even to bother finding out the usual treatment or symptoms for the infection she faked, how lazy can you get?

I thought that munchies went to absurd lengths to look as sick as possible and would have at least similar amounts of knowledge to a med student from researching symptoms to induce or fake. From what I've seen here they're all extremely ignorant about health/biology/medicine/what doctors actually do and just a bunch of lazy fuckers who want to collect tubes and walkers and diagnoses like they're gym badges in Pokemon

No. 369297


She's the laziest, dumbest one i've seen yet. It's actually laughable. The mum (@Sara_alcock) seems MBP/enabler at the very least. Sad.>>369272

No. 369313

Don't give them too much credit anon. Some munchies take the time to research thoroughly; not all do. The inconsistencies and/or presentation with a caricature of illness rather than cardinal symptoms are often what leads to the suspicion of FII in the first place.

No. 369316

it's pretty easy for them because their followers believe any sob story as a matter of principle

No. 369320


The worst are the oppression point collectors.

Somebody fifteen generations back might have had a feather in his hair? #fuckDAPL #waterdefender #proudnativeamerican #indigenous!
You have a cough? #asthmawarrior.
Sore joints? #arthritisfighter.
Your grandfather's fifteenth cousin seven times removed's hairdresser's friend's kid knows someone who has cancer? #gogoldfor<nameofmonth>
Somebody expected your largely able body to perform a function it should be able to even if much more grievously disabled? #everydayableism #endableismnow
You once kinda fancied a girl at school? #lgbtpride.

I don't mind most of these, but I can't stand diseases and health issues getting mixed in here like they're badges of disprivilege to be collected.

No. 369371

This is my favourite medfag contribution ever. What a fucked up way to die.

No. 369380

File: 1502289900819.jpg (104.99 KB, 750x440, IMG_2867.JPG)

Someone posted to say they had a normal emptying study after having years of gastroparesis and having been previously diagnosed after an abnormal one and babybear replied…………