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File: 1491082667594.jpg (90.77 KB, 1181x746, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 282355

No. 282374


What pisses me off about her so much is that she constantly tries to act like her life is shit and is way worse off than she actually is so that people can't ever criticize her. And the lies go all across the spectrum from lying about her popularity in school (Which she immediately changed her tune to that she was picked on and bullied because Holly said she was) to lying about her upbringing and medical conditions because it makes it seem like she is way worse off than she actually is so that way she can't ever receive any criticism without getting immediately ads blasted by her white knights. For once I just want people to call out this bitch for the fake she is and stop letting her get away with shit just because you like who she is married to.

No. 282381

tbh I don't see her and Aaron surviving for much longer. they've both ballooned in size since tying the knot, which doesn't say great things about the state of their relationship. either Suzy will hesitantly push out a kid or she'll find someone else and leave Arin. or he may tel her to fuck off because he looks like he can't stand her in any video they're in together. sage for crystal ball.

No. 282383


I doubt she is looking for a kid. She says she looks up birth stories to scare her away from having children and thinks of them as "crotch fruit".
~I'm a lucky girl...whose dream came true
but underneath it all...I'm just like you~

No. 282445

What's the cringiest instagram post Suzy has ever posted?

No. 282472

She's clearly insecure about her lips, why not just get fillers with her [husband's] millions of dollars? ffs
"for every dream shattered another comes true, but when my dreams are broken yours are broken too."

No. 282475


Too many to count. I would say any of her ootd posts where you can clearly tell how fat she has gotten it how much she has shooped. Or any time she tries to act like a huge gamer gurl/geek and just completely making a fool of herself by getting basic shit wrong or obviously pretending that she knows much more than she actually does.

No. 282517

does anyone else follow game grumps on twitter? I pretty much dont even bother going on twitter on saturday since on "cutiesaturday" retweet fanart 80% of which is pretty lewd.

I wonder what snoozy thinks about the current state of her body hehe

No. 282519


No. 282527


I stopped following them as soon as cutiesaturday was a thing. It's pretty much shitposts by Brian the rest of the time.

No. 282745

This just hurts

No. 282750

The subsequent "Let's Play" videos with this G concept are equally as painful.

I know it's April Fool's and I guess an attempt to satirize the concept of Let's Play? but it's jut kind of cringey.

No. 282752


Of course this the type of cringey shit Arin thinks is funny

No. 282759

I know that she wasn't, but the part where Tati puts on eyeliner in her April Fools video feels like she's throwing shade at Suzy's shitty winged liner, lol. (At 13:20 mark.)

No. 282966

File: 1491186300198.png (66.29 KB, 640x526, IMG_9135.PNG)

She sure does complain a lot for someone who doesn't have a real job and doesn't even do shit.

Sitting and playing videos and opening boxes must be so hard. Same with glueing bugs to a frame and ordering jewelry to re-sell twice the price to people. Her life is soooooo hard you guys.

No. 282973


Good god she is so fucking annoying. She constantly bitches like her life is so god damn hard and stressful when all she does is sit on her fat ass and play video games all day while stuffing her fat face with Doritos and cupcakes. Can she please just shut the fuck up and stop complaining as if she works some shit 9 to 5 labor intensive job. You aren't relateable you dumb cow, it just makes you look ungrateful.

No. 283303

>sleeping in or vegging out
isn't that all she does tho lmao

No. 283331

File: 1491240201510.png (1.25 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170331-222456.png)

Pretty sure it's a wig, but this makeup and hair style makes her almost look….dare I say….. cute? Like nothing spectacular but imo an improvement none the less

No. 283332

ia on the wig and even her brows are more tolerable than usual! but dear god i want to just pin her down and wipe away those stupid inner corners of her eyeliner so bad…

(now if only she looked like her photoshop self irl instead of the first alien to ever develop FAS….)

No. 283333

That's only because she has the illusion of a chin in this picture. She would look like a "hip" soccer mom with this wig in real time with her 300 chins and fat arms.

No. 283334


Any time you think she looks cute, she doesn't. The only reason you think so is because she edited out her triple chins and cropped out he rest of her hammy body. She looks like a desperate tryhard mom whose trying to look "hip" and "young".

No. 283338

seriously. any time you think she looks "cute" in an IG pic, stop, remember how she looks in any recent youtube video, and realize that it's just angles and filters lol.

No. 283371

Look at the sketchy wobbly line between her jaw and the wig

No. 283392

kek oh my god I didn't notice that before. It's so jagged.

No. 283413

For real though what's up with Arin's pick up artist nail polish on one finger thing

No. 283428

i don't think anyone is claiming that she is actually cute, just that this cherrypicked and edited photo looks cuter than her normal shite, saltnons

No. 283432

No milk

No. 283507


Suzy said there is no reason why he does it. It's most just a thing to get attention because he knows people won't be able to help but notice and ask why he does it. He's been doing it since his Newgroumds days. Stamper does it as well.

No. 283559

in the last thread someone said that he uses it to distract for magic tricks

but he hasn't talked about magic in forever so i don't doubt it's just for attention now

No. 283604

bet she'll post a selfie without makeup and with greasy hair saying "i dont need makeup like other girls" or some shit

No. 283632


She said that he tried practicing magic in the past when they were first dating and that he "was really good at it", which means nothing coming from Suzy since she thinks not totally sucking at something = really good.


She is always trying to preach that "Us girls need to stick together and stop trying to tear each other down " bullshit, yet she is always throwing shade at other women like this because she thinks she is so above them all.

No. 283713

File: 1491269991791.png (157.89 KB, 969x978, IMG_2758.PNG)

No. 283732

on fucking point

No. 283762


Lol. I'm not sure what prompted this but I love it.

No. 283799

Most people work 6 days a week with two jobs and sometimes school and this bitch wants to complain? Honestly, suzy is the most spoiled cow out there.

No. 283806

You are majestic, anon.

No. 283829

i aim to please

No. 284066

File: 1491293896464.png (24.02 KB, 586x167, canvas.png)

No. 284075

Why would this be especially worth letting everyone know if she's married?

No. 284082

Probably snowflake points

No. 284087

Virtue signalling.

No. 284130


Special snowflake Tumblrina points

No. 284201

No Holly, you're most likely straight and just want to fit in with the tumblr crowd

No. 284271


i think she said it as a joke, like the way people shoe-horn how they're a vegan or feminist or whatever into every conversation.

No. 284274

File: 1491335282668.png (13.42 KB, 589x93, f5bdbedf6eee.png)

I don't think it was a joke, she was drunk tweeting.

No. 284293

Who the fuck cares if she's bisexual. She's married to ross. What an attention whore.

I guess opression points?? She's obnoxious

No. 284295


She can be just as insufferable as Snoozy at times. They both are Tumblrina special snowflakes that have nothing better to do than complain about sexism or how they are oppressed because they are women.

No. 284298

Basically this! I remember watching an old vlog of Holly's and she was driving past some mural and her friend in the car started to talk about cultural appropriation. Like, who just casually brings that shit up??

No. 284469

File: 1491349159149.jpg (117.62 KB, 1080x1080, tumblr_onwrirLC1e1qils0po1_128…)

I s2g she only has one pair of jeans and one belt that she actually wears outside and it makes me irrationally angry considering how many goddamn pieces of clothing she has.

What brand are these jeans?
Are they super comfortable?
Are they the only thing that consistently fit her?
Like, why.
I am pained.

No. 284475

Eh, your sexuality doesn't care if you're married or not. If it's something she wants to share about herself then I don't see the problem. At least she's not like Suzy who tries super hard to fit in with the guys by commenting on overwatch girls' butts.

No. 284491


Those are probably just the only pair of jeans her bloated ass can fit comfortably in. I bet she is also wearing those same ratty sneakers with the wings on them too.

No. 284495

It's literally irrelevant, especially in the context she mentions it in. "JUST SO EVERYONE KNOWS~~~" Just another tumblr hag looking for attention, stop WKing her so hard. Holly sucks.

No. 284511

Hollys joined the "bitch eating crackers" cagetory with Suzy now. Everything they tweet annoys the shit out of me

No. 284518

Seriously why does Suzy not wear any of the stuff in her ootd videos? Is it not appropriate to wear? Is she not as edgy as she pretends to be and doesn't have the courage to wear it out? I mean besides the fact that none of it fits correctly (no matter how much Suzy tries to bullshit on the sizes she gets). I've always wondered like why else doesn't she wear all those clothes in public.

No. 284521


Those are pretty much the reasons. She has gotten too fat to wear them publicly without looking like a desperate tryhard mom trying to be "sexy". Even in the ootd videos half those dresses look like they are bursting at the seams or get dangerously close to giving an obvious peek at her flabby ass. Plus because how tight she wears them they show just how hammy and flabby she is, especially in her arms and gut. And she isn't nearly as "edgy" and "don't give a fuck" as she pretends to be, so she wouldn't dare to wear them out in public unless she wanted to get laughed at all the way home.

No. 284522

Cuz LA has really beautiful girls doing her style 10x better with better taste and fashion sense so Suzy feels intimidated

Can we stop asking the same goddamn questions over and over. Jfc

No. 284526

She said pan, not bi

No. 284533

Don't act like they aren't the same thing

No. 284607

what the everloving fuck is the difference?

No. 284633

Bisexual meaning being attracted to men and women, and pansexual meaning attraction to people regardless of their gender identity. Not exactly interchangeable, but similar nonetheless.

No. 284665

Pretty much what >>284633 said. It's similar, but there are plenty of bisexuals who wouldn't date someone who is trans, etc. so the term pan just helps clarify.

"Pansexual" often gets thrown around by tumblrinas and it may sound like one of their ~special~ sexuality/gender identities, but the term has been around since the early 1900's.

No. 284744

File: 1491369206085.jpg (Spoiler Image, 307.35 KB, 1831x1027, bath time for Egoraptor.jpg)

No. 284753

Tomato toma-to

No. 284806

I'm pan and believe me they arent

No. 285420

since holly is pan i want to see her suck suzy's tits and gargle arin's balls while dan and ross watch and jack off onto her face

fanart when

No. 285431

File: 1491457732239.jpg (426.8 KB, 1920x1920, snowflake.jpg)

No. 285464

File: 1491463439159.png (Spoiler Image, 19.29 KB, 473x91, polygrumps.png)

I know you're trying to be shocking and all, but Game Grumps fans are just that perverted

No. 285551

idc, this is cute

No. 285577

Can we not bring Polygrumps shit here please?

No. 285642

As gross as it is, its still thread-relevant.

No. 285695

File: 1491503531959.jpg (18.24 KB, 372x372, IZdlJ6ts_400x400.jpg)

Tomi Lahren, why are you here?

No. 285923

holy shit, anon

No. 285927

File: 1491535189230.png (90.59 KB, 640x772, IMG_9145.PNG)

At least she knows.

I bet she doesn't do any arm exercises. Actually she probably doesn't do any exercising to begin with.

No. 285934

Jfc, fatties and "muh genetics"

No. 285938


Maybe it's because you don't do anything except sit on your fat ass and eat junk food. Fuck out of here with "muh genetics" Snooze.

No. 285947

it's… genetic to carry weight in certain places based on your body type lol. she has an apple body she carries her weight from her mid section up so the fat distribution is disproportionate ie chunky arms.

No. 285959

No it's not

No. 285992

Pretty sure it's called being a fatass.

No. 285999


This bitch tries to use every excuse under the sun for her being a lard ass instead of just admitting it's because she is a lazy cow who sits on her ass all day playing video games. First it's "muh thyroid", now it's "muh genetics". What's next for her to blame instead of just getting her fat ass into a gym and putting down the fork for once?

No. 286014

obviously it's all muscle from the bicep curls (fork to mouth) she does! you should see her workout lines

No. 286021

Yeah just in terms of where fat is stored it is genetics. I have a similar body to Suzy's (minus the fat but still RIP me) and the very first place I notice fat is my stomach and arms.

No. 286686

New ootd video.

No. 286706

File: 1491612168577.png (369.46 KB, 436x504, 8b684455dcf6e31ed164c32b53330c…)

These shoes are SO DAMN UGLY. Is this what you have to wear when you start growing cankles?

No. 286716


As usual she had to pick the ugliest fucking shoes to wear.

No. 286744

The first one would actually be okay if she had a waist… and got rid of that stupid clip-in streak.

No. 286778

Even if her fat arms are hereditary that doesn't mean she can't work out. It wouldn't hurt her to work out her arms.

No. 286780

(in order of vid thumbnail)
1: mom trying to dress up for a theme day at the office
2: as a 'summer festival' outfit, the girl who stands at the back with those floaty thin layers stuck to her sweaty skin, holding her heels in her hands because she didn't consider how long she'd be standing in them
3: what has more boning, the design of the dress or the shapewear needed to restrain her to a semi-human shape again? voted most likely to respond to every attempt to speak with her with "i have a boyfriend, thanks"

No. 286787


fucking lol is she learning? is it sentient??

No. 286795

Imagine if Felice had Suzy's resources. She could put together some interesting cute cool goth shit.

But nope. We get Walmart goth from Florida trashbag Suzy.

No. 286929


Suzy is absolutely that bitch that thinks that every guy who tries to talk to her is hitting on her. Even though she basically lied about how popular she was in high school, I have no doubt that she deluded herself into thinking that every guy secretly wanted to get in her pants and had continued to think that until this day.

No. 287332

I bet a lot of guys did hit on her though. Probably wanted to use her as a practice girl.

No. 287339

what's next:

>I'm not fat, I'm just pudgy.

>I'm not fat, I just have more to love :)
>No one says Arin is fat and he's heavier than I am
>Sexism is a bitch
>I'm not fat
>>Hey skinny bitch over there go eat a burger or something god I can see your bones you anorexic cunt
>I'm not fat
>I'm not fat
>I'm still better than all of you
>and I'm not fat
>I'm famous
>I have 3 million fans
>They all love me
>Everyone loves me
>I'm happy
>I'm happy
>I'm happy
>What was I talking about again?
>whatever it's time for my mid morning breakfast donut platter

No. 287378


Lol. You're absolutely right

No. 287379

Are these also your excuses?

No. 287456

can i have a tl;dw cause even i dont want to watch this shit

No. 287457

clump of fur/hair above the kat on shirt
photoshopping the shit out of her face; the wig makes it even more noticable

suzy what the fuck are you even doing
cant you hire someone with arins money to shop you properly

No. 287459

Can Suzy even fucking cry GENETICS when she has a goddamn twin who looks better?

No. 287649

I've literally never seen her twin. Can you post a picture?

No. 287651

File: 1491755672287.png (688.15 KB, 935x600, jean.png)

No. 287654

No. 287658

Before I saw this was a photo of Jean I thought "Wow Suzy is looking so much better than usual in this picture"

No. 287671

It's astounding to me that there are people out there that still insist that these two don't have FAS.

No. 287676

That upper lip

No. 287682

in that photo you can see she has a pretty well-defined philtrum and cupid's bow.

it's not FAS, they're just ugly.

No. 287689

Wow, she looks so much better than Suzy. It's actually kind of astounding.

She's wearing makeup but it's done well. It's not caked on. She doesn't look like a ghost with red lips. No overly thick chav eyeliner either.

She looks completely normal.

No. 287690

are there any photos of them together?

No. 287698

File: 1491758575800.jpg (317.36 KB, 1920x1280, image_3750e-Western-Lowland-Go…)

>gorillaz singles
bitch looks like a gorilla

No. 287727

File: 1491760110822.png (1.47 MB, 870x860, together.png)

This is from September… most recent one of them together, I think… unless there's one on Suzy's insta.

No. 287741

That photo is actually kind of sweet. They look cute together like that.

No. 287767


As usual she is trying to hide her triple chins

No. 287850

File: 1491772361595.png (1000.59 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20170409-170517.png)

Christ, I just went on youtube to see their latest loot crate opening to see how different they look compared to last time, they're so fat now, there's no way suzy fits a medium and arin a large. I knew arin was fat but geez I didn't know he gained that much weight these past couple months. Also lmao at how excited suzy got when they opened up Tupperware containers exclaiming they were for snacks and how she couldn't wait to put snacks in them. This was from a month ago

No. 287854

File: 1491772456114.png (972.02 KB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20170409-170555.png)

Arin definantly has an actual double chin by now and is using his beard to hide it, too bad suzy can't do the same

No. 287858

God, sometimes I forget that these two aren't even into their thirties yet. But they sure do look it.

No. 287861

suzy's face always looks so unnatural. I don't know what it is about it. Arin looks fine. He's wearing makeup but you can still see some skin flaws. That's normal. Suzy just looks strange. She's… shiny.

No. 287865


She always looks so greasy and sweaty. Must be from all the junk food she scarfs down

No. 287880

I was really convinced she was in her 30s until I looked her up online a while ago pff

No. 287887


Seriously, she looks like such a fucking mom in her 30s. If she didn't make so many bullshit excuses then I would have assumed that she had completely given up. But she clearly isn't happy with her appearance but she is too lazy of a cow to actually do anything about it.

No. 287893

Arin doesn't look normal, he looks sickly

No. 287963

lol, at this point im convinced over 60% of her views on loot vids must be a check up to see how fat they are.

No. 287976


And the other 40 only show up for Arin. Literally no one watches her shit unless Arin or his friends are a part of it.

No. 287986

File: 1491780011114.gif (536.99 KB, 640x360, h16UQ3r.gif)

> these two aren't even into their thirties yet.

They aren't?? I thought Arin was 30?

No. 288025

I think he was born in 87 or 88. I'm pretty sure 87, and he just turned 30.

>tfw 30 but look 10 years younger

I'm starting to appreciate it. Too bad looking young doesn't mean thin/pretty tho. Oh well, at least I'm not Suzy.

No. 288707

Cheer up anon, at least you don't look ten years older like these two

No. 288730

Guess there wasn't enough for Suzy so they only let Arin eat.

No. 288753

Oh god this is so cringy, God damn this explains why he's so fat

Also what's up with all these recent eating videos from them? This is like the third one this year

No. 288756

Apparently they're trying to do more than just lps now. Which is why the channel now has stuff like Doodle Doods too.

No. 288762

At least Doodle Doods has Chris and other people that are funny
And Ross is tolerable when it's art related

No. 288789

nah, suzy slamming them down her gullet was too grotesque a sight to be filmed is all

No. 288797


She was probably shoveling down her own mountain of burgers off camera.

No. 289019


this is the 2nd time he's done this. it was a livestream last time.

No. 289102

Cupcake video, mysterious fruit video, this video. If he did a live stream then hes done 4

No. 289159


i mean this is the 2nd time he's done a taste test in the wendy's kitchen.

No. 289199

Oh god, that's even worse

No. 289217

File: 1491930318477.png (1.19 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2484.PNG)

The airbrushing does NO favors on that gap between her nose and mouth. This looks downright freaky….

No. 289219

Oh god, she looks like Megan.

No. 289223

File: 1491931311866.png (774.97 KB, 750x1334, Untitled-1.png)

holy fuck that editing though. It took me two seconds in ps to take out her nostrils and it doesnt even look that different to the original photo

No. 289224

Did she fill in her teeth to give the illusion of having a top lip??

No. 289227

Lol I thought she was wearing a chunky sleeve, turns out it's just her fat wrist

No. 289229

She looks like a fucking alien

No. 289231

I thought that too, perhaps she's trying to become a 'trend setter' kek

No. 289237

File: 1491932906251.jpg (116.42 KB, 1080x1080, jean.jpg)

It's so amazing how Suzy can have an identical twin that looks so much better than her. It really goes to show you how she just does not take care of herself.

tbh it's kind of sad.

No. 289273


No part of her looks human. That face of hers is just too fucking alien looking.

No. 289307

File: 1491940616550.png (564.9 KB, 839x537, Gothicecream.png)



Fucking "Gothic Ice cream"…

I'm suprised the twirl at the end doesn't have Jack Skellington walking across it.

No. 289314

File: 1491941150177.jpg (193.71 KB, 958x1103, IMG_9219.JPG)

Of course something that might look cute is ruined by the shoes

No. 289316


"But the reason my arms are so fat and hammy is because of muh genetics"

No. 289320

That just looks like it's chocolate flavored
Maybe if it was black then it would look Gothic but it's just chocolate brown

Nice try snooze, you juat wanted an excuse to eat a triple chocolate ice cream

No. 289356

Does she not own any normal heels? All she wears is ugly chunky platform heels

No. 289357

>gothic ice cream

my eyes have rolled so far they're gone

No. 289361

Jean is actually really cute. holyshit

No. 289367

>couldn't stop at just one

fucking how?? That looks more than enough for one person!

No. 289377

File: 1491944369205.gif (2.98 MB, 268x380, tumblr_oo7ygeaOpx1vs985po2_400…)

Maybe their subscribers just like to watch them eat

No. 289384

No fucking way, tell me he wasn't actually drinking straight beef stock at the beginning. I feel retarded asking, but given their eating habits, I wouldn't put it passed him.

No. 289386


Haven't you heard? "She's not like all those other girls"

No. 289391


>This goth icecream was SO GOOD I couldn't stop at just one. I was soo full in the end, but it was totally worth it.

You could honestly take a picture of Suzy and her sister next to each other and frame it as a before and after diet picture.

How can she cram all of this calorie-laden junk into her system and then blame it on genetics later? What a hog.

No. 289393


Because she is constantly playing the victim like nothing is ever her fault. With her there is always some excuse and she never takes accountability for anything because she always wants to be seen as completely flawless and perfect. It's not her fault that she became a fat slob because of her shit diet and doing nothing but sitting on her ass and playing video games. It's her "genetics". It's not her fault that she is an unlikeable bitch who ruins everyone's fun by being a buzzkill, it's because "I'm a girl and you all are sexist jerks". It's a wonder she has any friends at all because she is completely insufferable.

No. 289399


Welp, the Game Grumps have officially entered Fat Elvis territory:


I wonder if Arin will be in the middle of recording an episode when he clutches his chest in a cardiac spasm or whether he'll do it in the middle of shitting like the King.

No. 289403

Hey retard. This isn't the Harry Potter general. Take your shitty Voldemort cosplay somewhere else

No. 289408

tbh that does look really tasty. Chocolate with chocolate cookie chunks and a chocolate cone. Calling it gothic is stupid. "Chocolate Lover's" or something like that would be better

also lol "I couldn't just stop at one." Oh Suzy…

No. 289412

I always thought it was funny how she claims sexism as the reason that a lot of GG fans dislike her. Meanwhile, the majority of the fanbase absolutely adores Holly and only says nice things about her (besides her occasional SJW tweets).

No. 289441


She'd probably take that as a compliment

No. 289450

File: 1491949014448.jpg (585.62 KB, 2393x2368, IMG_9222.JPG)

It's hilarious because apparently she saw it and couldn't control herself and just HAD to go get one the next day

No. 289460


Yeah. I don't want to hear any more bullshit about her "thyroid" or "genetics". She is just a fatty who refuses to put down the fork.

No. 289464

So she's had at least three if she had more than one the first day and then went back again the next and she probably had more than one then as well.

This is why every video her cheeks get a little fuller, her double chin becomes more prominent and she seems out of breath during her opening lines.
I wonder what the future holds in two years or so? Maybe she'll be reviewing tubs of ice cream and mobility scooters…

No. 289471


Nah. I see her doing "Watch me Eat" videos on KKG since she does whatever the fuck her retard fans ask her to do on that channel. Hence why she did ASMR videos for a while after she did one for April Fools and she asked her followers if they wanted to see more.

No. 289472

I want her to get so fat she actually feels ashamed and stop making appearances on Game Grumps and stops her youtube channels. Since wouldn't be contributing at all to game grumps anymore, she would have to relinquish her paycheck. I want to see her refuse, Arin defend her, Ross + Holly + Dan + the rest flip out, and Game Grumps to explode with drama worse than the day Jon left.

No. 289480

She'll be doing those "mukbang" videos like every other basic youtuber before long and then claim her fans requested it

No. 289482


That would honestly make my day. She'll be so fat that even she won't want to appear on camera anymore. An end to her shitty ootd videos since there won't be anything she can't wear without looking like a stuffed sausage. Everyone pointing out how fat and gross she has become. Her neckbeard white knights foaming at mouth at all the mean comments their "queen" is getting. Arin making some cringey, long winded post trying to defend her.

It'd be like waking up on Christmas morning to a blowjob.

No. 289503

suzy can only pray that eating is the key to more money(eating)

No. 289505

>It's a wonder she has any friends at all

Does she, though?

No. 289511


Not at all. Aside from the other YouTubers who pretend to be friendly with her to get in good graces with her husband. She literally never speaks of any friends outside of YouTube like Dan, Ross and Holly do. It's because she is an insufferable bitch who no one wants to spend any extended period of time with unless they were getting something out of it. That's why she spends so much time bragging about all the famous people she knows.

No. 289514

She's also just boring. What would new potential friends even do with her? Sit on her couch and eat chips with her and listen to her struggle to put together basic sentences for four hours?

No. 289517


Nah. They'd have to listen to her list all the "dark", "creepy" and "edgy" shit she is into and how that makes her "not like all those other girls" and her yammering uselessly as if she is more complex and deep than she actually is.

No. 289529

Her "friends" are all Arin's friends

No. 289534

Which is funny, considering they seem like the type of people who would hate Suzy. Someone even brought up a few threads ago that Oney made fun of girls saying "my thyroid!!" on an episode he did with Arin. It was around the time Suzy was in full on thyroid crisis mode. You have to wonder if any of his friends have ever talked to him about his relationship.

I'm pretty sure Oney is actually living with them right now.

No. 289543

Oney doesn't live with them but he uses Arin's studio to tape his LPs.

No. 289555


Pretty much all of Arin's Newgrounds friends would be shitting on Suzy if she wasn't marrried to Arin. She is the exact kind of special snowflake Tumblrina that they love to shit on.

No. 289563

sage for OT and gross but Arin has the kind of chubby body that is really [i]really[/i] fun to ride. i'd brownbag him at this point but if he gets any more massive the blood will stop rushing to where it needs to be. i'll see myself out.

No. 289566

sorry for imageboard italics fail.

No. 289597

what the fuck

No. 289600


Ignore the troll

No. 289601

i can't even begin to explain. sage for OT.

No. 289606


Faces with a huge gap between top lip and nose are considered much less cute and/or attractive than those that don't. I remember reading that somewhere and not understanding how that could matter - now seeing these two girls, it makes sense. It makes you look borderline retarded.

Jean is still far cuter than Snooz tho.

No. 289619

Jean has learned keeping slim, a warmer hair color, and straight across bangs do her wonders. Suzy, unfortunately, think she's better than that.

Don't be a Suzy if you're a twin.
Stive to be the Jean.

No. 289623

I agree in the sense that bear type dudes are great, but Arin is just fat at this point, just look at

No. 289649

"couldn't stop at just one"
Are you fucking kidding me? Suzy can now never EVER blame her thyroid on her weight gain, this is just gluttonous and disgusting. She's officially my thinspiration.

No. 289655

after you hit your target weight, make sure you go on the gamegrumps reddit and make one of those "Game Grumps cured my cancer and saved my life!" threads. They'll love it

No. 289730

I'm a pig and even I would never order 2 ice creams. Can't you just get a larger size? idk i dont eat trendy shit

No. 289732


Holy shit, I just solved the mystery.

The "thyroid" and "genetics" Suzy keeps blaming…I bet they're different flavors of ice cream! It all makes sense now.

No. 289739

this is the large size. Look how big it is compared to her hand

No. 289741

no you misunderstand

Thyroid = "goth" flavored ice cream


Genetics = doughnuts

No. 289782

File: 1491997838768.jpg (9.14 KB, 240x240, sml_gallery_154489_13867_416.j…)

No. 289850

>I'm suprised the twirl at the end doesn't have Jack Skellington walking across it.
cracked me up real good

No. 289859

File: 1492010954249.png (713.05 KB, 1279x646, ygq1vlcxru2tiduvel5r.png)

Reminds me of Aloy with smaller eyes and a flatter philtrum

No. 289862

File: 1492011318315.jpg (371.96 KB, 960x1084, tumblr_mxxmo0LFUO1r5uoo3o2_128…)

Flashback to the day before she stopped caring

No. 289868

Aw, she looks so cute and happy here.

No. 289901


also her mom has quite the mileage between her nose and mouth too, guess that's where she got it from

No. 289927

even the people suzy would consider "friends" aka holly and girlgamergab, nobody would dare say anything to her anyway cause she's arin's wife and that means losing out on your position

there's one female who is a makeup artist but they appear rarely in instagram and it's honestly depressing to think about

also I mentioned this in the previous thread but it got lost because the thread just ended but goddamn it's so fucking stupid to get a whole sleeve tattoo and not get any others? a sleeve is a big piece and commitment, who gets a sleeve but doesn't want to get other tattoos, even small ones? it's clearly not a money issue (sorry it just annoys me)

No. 289950

I have a theory that stilettos can't support her weight.

No. 290034

Eh I think that's just personal preference. If I got a sleeve tattoo I would be content with that and wouldn't want any more, though only because I think stand alone tattoos end up looking like trash unless done well

No. 290037

i dont understand why people freak out about a sleeve and no random little tattoos along with it. it is a big commitment and perfectly fine to have just that. i agree with other anon, a bunch of small tattoos end up looking a little trashy imo seems like one big semi cohesive tattoo is plenty enough.
there is a lot about suzy that cringe, but honestly there is nothing wrong with wanting a sleeve and leaving it at that.

No. 290405

File: 1492067680125.png (591.57 KB, 497x726, suzyjail.PNG)

well, /snow/, what did she do?

No. 290413

scammed a bunch of preteens out of their parents money by selling them $7 aliexpress trinkets for $100

No. 290415


The fashion police finally came and locked her up for persistent infringements.

No. 290486


What else but scamming a bunch of people and lying about it because she was scared of getting in trouble?

No. 290579

(Ham)Armed robbery of a local donut shop.

No. 290611

No. 290625

File: 1492114757516.jpg (39.6 KB, 600x450, b25f9c800ce13e3638cbf153834ceb…)


Just in, local girl thrown into jail after gorging on every last pastry in store due to not paying as husband wasn't there to fork out the bill.

" Well you know how it is… I couldn't stop at just one! Also buy my merch"

No. 290639

No. 290690

File: 1492123918062.jpg (53.17 KB, 500x500, tumblr_oodc4pFFEr1qils0po1_500…)

>Going to an audition today!

…for what? The Biggest Loser?

No. 290696


What's sad is that filter makes her somehow less alien-esque

No. 290709


For what? The next season of Man vs. Food?

No. 290710

She can't act or model. What the hell is she auditioning for? Does she not remember 6 years ago when she was tweeting about getting a no from every modeling audition lmao

No. 290715


Must be some retarded joke she is making

No. 290768

I really hate how often she uses this filter
It solidifies her middle-aged mom-ness

No. 291351

I figured it had to be, but it's been so long since I've had an ice cream cone I wasn't sure

No. 291352


It wreaks of "Is this what all the kids are doing these days"?

No. 291353

gab is just an internet friend

also, i watched her before finding out she was friends with suzie. when she came back from america trip, she got annoying as fuck…

No. 291687

File: 1492203416094.png (1.07 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170414-165221.png)

I guess we're finally going to learn the reason why Suzy has been constantly complaining for the last year! Any thoughts on what this will be? My guesses are a clothing line/collaboration or something related to her Etsy store.

No. 291696


Probably some shitty taxidermy thing that she will try to shill to everyone with some "limited time offer only" bullshit.

No. 291704

If I had to guess I would say some type of jewelry. I recall her posting on twitter asking about ring sizes and where/how to get them made.

No. 291710


Yeah, it's probably going to be some shitty taxidermy jewelry shit she will be selling. Going to be funny when she sees that no one will buy her shit.

No. 291885

don't underestimate rich 12 year olds who are desperate to be acknowledged (even just barely) by the wife of their idol

No. 291886


A shitty card game or jewelry line

No. 292022


I watched her too and she clearly got lucky bc gab used to tweet and @ suzy and gamegrumps all the time and was ignored 100% until she got the Quiet model to push her forward

and gab is a free guide for japan whenever they visit

it's sad, a youtuber with potential getting ruined by hanging out with those abominations

No. 292244

i've stopped watching her, but im still subbed. the re7 lp was too annoying. i think i tried watching zelda and it was too.

i hope when she put out something i want to watch again, it isnt her being a annoying tryhard and is back to her honest self

No. 292293


yeah same here, she used to be so sweet and gentle and fun, even when she kept repeatedly trying to get suzy's attention and failed, and she also didn't have a snarky attitude? I've seen some salty tweets from her about comments on her video and it's like wow dude, relax a bit, it's not a big deal (also complaining publicly is just cheap imo)

literally since quiet met suzy/arin and she made them follow gab on social media she's begun being snobbish and annoying

No. 292316

during parasite eve 2 she was getting really bitchy about how she wasnt reading comments and to leave her alone. because ppl were mad she wasing getting the "right/true" ending.
in retrospect, i quit watching that before the ending too

i dont follow her on twitter, i think, but i guess im not surprised

is there anything game grumps group comes in contact with and DOESNT ruin?

No. 292321


She has literally said somewhere she went into Youtube with the goal of doing it full-time eventually, so it doesn't surprise me that her attitude went to shit soon after. When she got in the Harshly Critical/RPG Minx crowd she was bordering on tolerable, but after kissing Suzy's ass she's now a full-blown bitch. She definitely knows about Suzy's scamming and shady past and yet she still defends her and buys her merch.

And now her husband has his own Youtube channel too which she participates in as well, sure let's get double the cash.

No. 292374

isnt her husband white? ive never seen him

>move to japan to be a fucking youtuber

No. 292540


yes her husband is also dutch, they met at university

They moved/stayed to Japan due to their study field (Japanese) but staying there was more because he found a good job at an embassy (I think?) and she stayed along as a teacher, which she started to dislike

No. 292684

File: 1492370173398.png (49.14 KB, 640x395, IMG_9260.PNG)

Suzy accidentally tweeting about herself and not realizing it

No. 292708

File: 1492372023780.jpg (96.3 KB, 650x433, laughingoverw.jpg)

No. 292794

at first, i thought you were posting some momokun fanart in the wrong thread

so she didn't get carried hard enough, or she tried to play alone, got shat on, and couldn't handle the enemy team's shittalk? she seems like the type to talk big shit when she's winning and then scream about toxicity when the tables turn and the enemy team turns it back on her

No. 292843

Suzy is exactly like that. She can talk shit and brag all she wants but once someone starts doing it to her she gets pissed off.

I believe there was a gg episode where it was her and Arin vs Barry and Brian where she acted exactly like that. Brian was giving her so much shit, it was really satisfying.

No. 292910


Does she have any amount of self awareness? She is the exact type of shitty person she is complaining about. She is garbage at the game and is always blaming her team when she loses because her team didn't carry her hard enough. She is never the reason her team wins and is usually almost always the reason why her team loses from solo diving the enemy team, feeding their ults and never getting any worthwhile picks.

And as if that didn't make her insufferable enough, she is always the biggest shit talker when she is winning and always bragging like she is a fuckin pro gamer. But the second she starts losing and getting shit on she becomes a passive aggressive bitch
and wants people to stop because it makes her feel bad. She is absolutely the "loves to dish it out but can't take it" type where she says whatever she wants to people because "she is a hardcore bitch who says whatever she wants #gurlpower" but the second you say something that upsets her she cries sexism and calls everyone toxic.

And for fucks sake can she get off of Overwatch's dick? She never shuts the fuck up about it and acts like because she plays it she deserves a fucking medal because apparently she is the only girl on the internet who likes playing video games. News flash you dumb cow, you're not the only girl on the world who plays the game and no one gives a shit. How about you actually focus on getting good at the game instead of bragging about how much money you spent on it since you clearly have nothing else to do than sit on your ever expanding fat ass and play the game all damn day while you leech off of your husband.

No. 292949

Here it is. I don't think Suzy and Brian have been in an episode together since.

No. 292953

Snoozy is always so out of place. Like seriously, every time all the other guys are talking, it's like her comments are totally out of place. Brian was hilarious

No. 292957

I love how in the very beginning Suzy proclaims she is the best at the games, then 10 mins in, she's crying out and getting visibly frustrated by Brian and Barry winning the matches. Haha, she is sucha loser.

No. 293010


How sad is it that you can hear Arin and Barry having to do damage control so that her precious ego isn't shattered? You can tell that this is something they practically have to do every time they play games with her where everyone has to placate Suzy's ego so that hat her feelings don't get hurt and you're not allowed to trash talk or rub her nose in it when she is losing. Oh, but she is absolutely allowed to be an insufferable bitch and shit talk you the whole game, especially if she is winning. Just once I wish someone would tell her to shut the fuck up or roast her so hard that a single word doesn't come out of her fat mouth for the rest of the game. I'd love to be on her voice chat while she is playing Overwatch and be the one to tell her to shut the fuck up and stop blaming everyone else for her being shit at the game.

No wonder this bitch doesn't have any friends outside of YouTube. She would be such an insufferable cunt to spend any kind of time with unless you were looking to use her to get to her husband and his fame.

No. 293014

>"next time on steamcade"

what an idiot

No. 293100

Just being a bit nit picky but did anyone else find it disturbing that suzy chose to make her character look similar to her as oppose to everyone else giving random hairstyles? Especially for a game as creepy as that.

Also I really enjoyed the banter between Barry and Brian, I haven't watched game grumps for probably a year and those two would have made me chuckle quite a bit in this episode if it wasn't for suzy and her butt hurt remarks.

No. 293116


The only think Suzy could ever be considered a serious hardcore player at would be an eating contest.

No. 293295

> git gud
Something Suzy must hear regularly while playing games.

Also, I forgot how fucking annoying she is.

No. 293343


And yet that's the first thing she says when she is actually winning at a game, her insufferable "gut gud srublord lolololol aren't I such a real gamer gurl" bullshit where she starts bragging like she is a pro who has played for years. The second she starts losing and gets shit talked she becomes a passive aggressive bitch and claims she is being bullied because she is a girl and calls everyone toxic.

She only wants to partake in the shit talking portion of "being one of the guys", but still wants to be treated like a delicate flower when she becomes the focus of it, which is bullshit of course and doesn't make you "one of the guys". It makes you that bitchy girl that one of the guys has to bring around because you are such an insecure cunt that you have to police what everyone says about about you so everyone has to walk on eggshells around you so your precious ego doesn't get bruised.

No. 293353

I wish one of em would marry or snag a GF that exceeds Snoozy in every department. Mm that salt that would pour out of her fat folds.

No. 293358


And yet that's the first thing she says when she is actually winning at a game, her insufferable "gut gud srublord lolololol aren't I such a real gamer gurl" bullshit where she starts bragging like she is a pro who has played for years. The second she starts losing and gets shit talked she becomes a passive aggressive bitch and claims she is being bullied because she is a girl and calls everyone toxic.

She only wants to partake in the shit talking portion of "being one of the guys", but still wants to be treated like a delicate flower when she becomes the focus of it, which is bullshit of course and doesn't make you "one of the guys". It makes you that bitchy girl that one of the guys has to bring around because you are such an insecure cunt that you have to police what everyone says about about you so everyone has to walk on eggshells around you so your precious ego doesn't get bruised.

No. 293591

File: 1492476296817.jpg (61.58 KB, 496x496, IMG_0403.JPG)

No. 293600


I love how upset she was getting because nobody was letting her win or giving her attention

No. 293613


lmao she looks like mira in the top right and karl pilkington in the bottom right

No. 293638

>not having fun…
lmao damn suzy

No. 293640


No. 293653

File: 1492481915757.png (94.84 KB, 876x162, 'endeavor'.png)

For those of you who guessed her April 28th announcement would be something shitty in her store: there's a 98% chance you're probably correct.

No. 293655


Typical bitch Suzy. If Shen isn't winning and shit talking then she isn't t having fun. You know her claims of her parents being "abusive" and shitty, it sounds like they obviously didn't raise her right since she acts like a spoiled bitch every time she doesn't get her way.

No. 293656

File: 1492482351904.png (551.73 KB, 494x735, suzyphone.PNG)

"buy my shit"

No. 293657

File: 1492482410000.png (8.54 KB, 474x59, comment.PNG)


one of the top comments lmao

No. 293662

that just makes it all the more depressing

No. 293663

File: 1492482810275.png (213.84 KB, 444x449, 1457997163200.png)


No. 293666

It looks like Jacksepticeye got FAS down bottom right

No. 293690

Is that hair band cutting off circulation?

No. 293693


Nah. That's just her hambeast arms.

No. 293740

File: 1492489618112.gif (89.69 KB, 480x270, weird_food_commercial.gif)

im crying and that shitty anime profile pic makes this even better

No. 294203

"I was trying to model the prison jumpsuits, but when I tried to pull on a medium it burst at the seams and made me spill my goth milkshake."

No. 294249

File: 1492563689544.png (648.05 KB, 638x680, c8294b00610cb603f7a9920910c6bf…)

she has a single breathing hole in her face

No. 294339


i'm dying at the hole where her nose should be

No. 294370

I find it hilarious that she's always trying to make her (already too small and alien looking) nose appear smaller while ignoring the ever-growing size of her body.

No. 294372


No. 294434

legit looks like voldemort

No. 294447

Her profile picture looks weird

No. 294573



Game Grumps Instagram uploaded this really weird video of Suzy getting rubbed by Ross and Holly.

No. 294627


. . . You son of a bitch. Damn that was clever

No. 294633

Good one anon

No. 294650

that's all too fitting considering she's now a landwhale.

No. 294653

You know, I never understood why some anons would say Ross was cute. I'm not a game grumps fan, hardly seen any of their videos, and generally only pass through here on rare occasion for Suzy milk.

Seeing him in video though, he's actually pretty cute. Pity he's kind of scrawny and unphotogenic though, sage for ot.

No. 295234

WHY does Suzy not edit out her nasty sailor burps? @4:40 it sounds like she threw up in her mouth.

but no yeah it's definitely her thyroid not a gross indigestion-causing diet…

No. 295285


both arin and suzy are so gross! arin always burps too. i don't know why they do that because it's not funny or anything

No. 295290


It's because it another one of her cringey attempts at being "like one of the guys" that she always does. Because all guys are totally about gross burps and farts. She is just as bad as Momokun with that bullshit.

No. 295357

Her and Arin are perfect for each other. They're exactly the same person.

No. 295358

File: 1492720611141.png (94.07 KB, 640x772, IMG_9270.PNG)

This is probably petty but why everytime Suzy "talks" about something serious she has relate it back to herself

Like this tweet by itself isn't bad but Suzy is known to take something serious and include herself so she can get asspats

No. 295376


Except she never went through any "abuse". All her accounts of her childhood by her have been that she had a perfectly average middle class life. She wasn't beaten or abused sexually, her parents didn't hate her or try to get rid of her. As usual, she is full of shit and looking for attention. She wants everyone to think that her life was so god damn hard and that she pulled herself up by her bootstraps and made a name for herself when really she is nothing but a privileged white girl who got lucky and married into good fortune. Anyone who believes her bullshit is a fucking moron.

No. 295383

Pardon me for potentially sounding like an asshole, and I'm not saying that she's necessarily obligated to do this simply because she's a person of """signifigance""" (at least on the internet, I guess)

But if she truly cared, especially considering that she was supposedly abused as a child as well, why doesn't she feel compelled to speak out a little more…? The Grumps have an enormous following, and making a video would garner a shit ton of well needed attention to this… Idk. Maybe what I'm saying is unreasonable.

No. 295388


It's because she is full of shit and knows that if she makes a video, people will dissect and comb over every detail of her life and learn that the "abuse" she claims she went through was that her mom didn't want her to become a model when she was younger.

No. 295411

I always find it weird when people online make these kind of abuse claims, when they've many times talked about their families in good light, shown pictures of their families, vlogs with their families, videos with their families… I mean I really cannot recall Suzy saying anything bad about her family except her mom didn't want her to be a model, wow what an abuser…

We all know Suzy has a twin sister AND a shitton of brothers, her "abuse" in childhood was that she was overlooked and didn't get enough attention because of the size of her family… and yes, that is a bad thing, I definitely think alot of Suzys selfworth and attention problems come from her childhood, but I also think EVERYTHING nowadays is called abuse! I would be pretty sad if I was her mom and saw her posts things like this, especially when you consider how well Suzys life is.
I hope Suzy continues to get therapy now that she isnt on anti-depressants anymore, because she really needs to realize its okay to have it well.

No. 295412

File: 1492725836576.png (617.73 KB, 554x580, suzysdad.png)

Like when she posts pics like this and then claims her childhood was awful, who exactly abused you Suzy? The token drunk uncle??

No. 295483

>privileged white girl
You sound like a tumblrina calling middle class people "previleged" when they're just average, and bringing her race into this for no reason. She's just a attention-seeker, like anyone else who casually brings up they're problems in such a public way (especially while being internet famous) she just wants people to feel sorry for her.

No. 295532

How was she abused?
Mommy didn't let her get another bigmac?

No. 295550


More like mommy didn't want her to go into modeling. I'm sure that makes you oh so tortured Snoozy.

No. 295556

>inb4 devil's advocate blogpost blehblehbleh

It's possible to be on friendly terms with one's parents as an adult while acknowledging that they were abusive and not always right raising one as a child.

Not that I don't think Snoozy is attention seeking with posting that kind of info all over social media. Still.

No. 295558

Okay I do agree with you on that one, but when you are internet famous would you really post omg I was abused by my family one second, then the next second post a picture with omg love my family so much?
I always find these kind of things kinda shady

No. 295565

I seriously doubt she edits her own shit lmao

You can tell Arin thinks he's hilarious every time he does.

No. 295592

I agree. What bothers me is when she has to make things about herself. It's just like when Holly was talking about being bullied growing up and Suzy had to butt in like "Me too! I was bullied too!" Even though she had just talked about how guys always flirted with her in high school.

No. 295598

What abuse, Suzy? Are you talking about your mom drinking and giving birth to your FAS face?

No. 295599

Oh yeah, she def attention seeking.

Haha, there's something about people with self-centered personalities thinking everyone wants to hear about their totes equally-as-bad-if-not-worse life experiences.

Anyway, didn't mean to get all dopey there. That just hit a bit close home.

No. 295820

File: 1492779264650.png (85.86 KB, 640x528, IMG_9271.PNG)

This is going to be a mess lmao

We all know Suzy is such an "UHmazing" actress. Just look at her in the live action grump videos she always forces herself into

No. 295838


Fucking lord is she insufferable. Could she be any more up her own ass? It's some small part in a likely shitty "movie" since no one with sense would put her in a real film. But of course she has to be like "Lol I'm totally like a SAG actor now. Aren't I so important?". I really wish someone would just punch this bitch in the face for once.

No. 295854

what the hell kind of part did she get? is there a new Free Willy movie coming out?

No. 295886


It's obviously some shitty YouTube Red movie and not an actual movie. Think about it. Snoozy is on the wrong side of 25, has a potato body, one of the most busted faces ever even when caked with makeup and has zero acting experience. What real movie studio would give her a part in anything?

This is just classic her, where she desperately tries to make herself seem more important and talented than she actually is. People hear "audition" and assume that it's for a super important movie or tv show and she just lets people keep thinking that until they see that it was a small part in a not real movie.

No. 296000

Tbf her voice is alright

No. 296013

I guarantee she only got the part because she wouldn't stop mentioning that she's the wife of Arin Hanson AKA MOTHAFUCKIN EGORAPTOR XDDD emojispam emojispam AKA GAME GRUMPS BIYATCH emojispam AKA We have 3 million subs on youtube and can make or break your funding and review scores

Seriously. If I was working on a movie and Suzy came to me and auditioned then hell yeah I would absolutely hire her. Not as a main character but definitely someone with at least a few speaking lines, preferably at the beginning of the film and then at the end so all of the extra Game Grumps fans would be forced to sit through the whole thing and get me my full-length views (assuming this is a Youtube Red movie). Her white knights would leave amazing reviews and positive comments. Hopefully the movie would be good enough on its own to not need those but really any positive review/score/publicity/etc. is helpful.

No. 296018

how many times is Suzy going to tell the disney intern story?
It's like literally nothing has happened to her since, it's the only story she has on her own that isnt a leech story on gamegrumps so she just keeps repeating it

No. 296024


Well fuck. I knew it would be only a matter of time, but I was hoping they would keep Suzy away from Doodle Doods. And as usual she tells the same boring as stories and does her usual "Why an I friends with you guys" bullshit.!

No. 296085

File: 1492810549023.png (35.85 KB, 640x340, IMG_9272.PNG)

This sounds like a quote Suzy stole from some 13 year old on Instagram

No. 296099


She is such a cringey, tryhard wannabe edgelord. I swear, she acts like she is still in fucking high school with this shit.

No. 296119


She is such a shit artist, Chris was creating awesome eldritch horror with his own style effortlessly and meanwhile Suzy was as uncertain as her sketchy loose scribblings. I love how she tried to defend herself saying she could draw humans really well, but then when she tried to draw a human face on Goofy at the end to save face she fucked it up entirely.

No. 296125


She does that shit all the time. Whenever she fails at something she immediately goes "Well I'm actually really good at this other thing" to try to save face. And then when you ask her to do the thing she is supposedly good at, she fails again. And if all else fails, does the "Let's see you do better" shit. It's like she can't ever just admit to not being good at something and always has to come up with some bullshit excuse.

No. 296158

fucking cringe

No. 296194

im p sure she already has sag, just sayin

No. 296195

>let my wife be in it pls guys

No. 296197

>she acts like she is still in fucking high school with this shit.

Well, she has to make the fans like her SOMEHOW

No. 296206

>I'm not the best or nothing…
>N-no no no you're good!

No. 296215

There's a part of me hoping that cows collide and she ends up in something with Kiki.

No. 296218

This girl has like zero charisma, my god.

No. 296454

File: 1492840951627.png (694.79 KB, 580x596, c8294b00610cb603f7a9920910c6bf…)

No. 296455

she looks like a chipmunk from the alvin and the chipmunk movies

No. 296458

Uh… absolutely fucking not.

No. 296459

Bottom left is an accurate pic of her about 10 years from now.

No. 296467


her lines trigger the hell out of me.

No. 296478

File: 1492843037095.jpg (101.87 KB, 1080x1077, IMG_9031.JPG)

"Cute fucc boi"

How do I unsee this entire picture and unread her "30 yr old tryin to relate to the kids" caption

No. 296495

File: 1492845624012.jpg (45.67 KB, 533x355, gilbert-gottfried.jpg)

"fuc boi" Suzy gives me Gilbert Gottfried vibes.

No. 296498


Jesus. Her "fucc boi" picture looks like some greasy pedophile who lives in a trailer and hangs out in front of the town high school every afternoon trying to sell beer to the kids.

No. 296502



No. 296526

With the guy face she looks even more FAS-y than usual wtf, how can she think that looks cute

No. 296572


Could she be any more of a fucking desperate mom trying to remain hip and cool with the kids? Fucking lord she is so cringey.

No. 296696

File: 1492883683206.jpg (Spoiler Image, 67.04 KB, 700x394, everdreamofthisman.jpg)

No. 296704

File: 1492884110956.jpg (122.28 KB, 720x1023, 06a6e1e4a8a26efc7d55d44e2033bc…)

She looks exactly like this guy.

No. 296708

oh my god. it was suzy all along

No. 296709

Holy shit anon, I was trying to figure out where I've seen that face before. Looks exactly like fucc boi suzy.

No. 296774

you guys kill me

No. 296793

She's an idiot to fucking post this, holy shit.

And lol, did she use a different picture for the guy result???

The "fucc boi" is literally her future self, only less fat.

No. 296806

Is she 15…? wtf. I swore I saw this on livejournal 13 years ago.

No. 296831

Every person living in LA is a member of SAG. You could be an extra in a B-list movie and become a member. It's like the headquarters for failed/ failing aspiring actors in their 40s.

No. 296891

Man, chugging donuts, be carried in overwatch and using face editing apps is all she does huh

No. 296924

File: 1492908813918.jpg (66.46 KB, 396x594, Premiere Rogue Pictures Balls …)

nah, definitely beans

No. 296930


And yet she constantly bitches about how hard her life is and acts like she fucking miserable all the time. Has one of the cushiest "jobs" ever and she bitches like she works some boring slog of a job with a shitty boss, no holidays or weekends and living paycheck to paycheck.

No. 296996

File: 1492918629360.png (294.57 KB, 487x251, beans.png)

Her as a man might be even less attractive than Beans is. I'm at a loss.

No. 297080

Just watched this old ad randomly from 2013… holy shit its sad to see how good Arin looked her, for a second I couldnt even recognize him!
Also Suzy is at 3:21 and looks 10 times as good as she does now, good lord!

No. 297083

she looked like she actually had a bit of fun then as well, jesus

No. 297169

I'm so glad Jon is saved from nu-GG

No. 297171

Nah, he's trash too lol

No. 297297


i feel like the last 30 seconds give insight as to why jon left. look at his face when suzy says arin should take off his shirt and get in the shot

No. 297910

Ew wtf they look so similar, he the hell could she think she would make a 'good fuk boi'she looks like an ugly ass pedo

No. 297911

How* the hell

No. 298250

Ah yes, the good times. When Arin had one chin, Suzy wasn't in any gg lps, and Jon hadn't discovered /pol/.

No. 298340

File: 1493080455861.png (78.85 KB, 640x727, IMG_9279.PNG)

I know we mainly talk about how much Suzy's changed but jesus look at Arin. He looks like a completely different person now. Suzy still kinda looks the same just fatter

No. 298344

Yeah, he used to be cute. Now he's rich.

No. 298357


Fucking everything makes her "feel old". Ten years wasn't that fucking long ago Snoozy. What should make you "feel old" is that you look like a worn out soccer mom who has had two kids and you haven't even hit 30 yet.

No. 298405

They ruined each other

No. 298409

File: 1493087620977.gif (133.55 KB, 340x340, hehehe.gif)

rofl underrated comment.

No. 298523

Looking at pics of Arin when he was a teen just makes me sad, he was such a qt.

No. 298577

I use it as motivation to eat right so I don't end up looking like he is now

No. 298628

This pic has been on the subreddit and it's FILLED with suzy talk, most of them calling her "an elven princess" and "suzy is life".

I hate them all.

I do like how the post was made about arins hair and all the comments are about snooze.

No. 298630

Honestly though, Suzy still looks as young in the face as she did back then, If she lost her fucking triple chin she could probably still pass as a teen. That't liker the only good part of her genetics.

No. 298643


To be fair, there are some the are pointing out how weird her facial structure is and how she has FAS. But those are being downvoted unfortunately. Anytime Snooze is posted on the main sub you won't see any criticism or negative comments about her. They just downvoted you into next week and pule on insults and essays until you go away.

No. 298796


And 10 chins ago.

No. 298826


Arin used to be so fucking hot wtf

No. 298894

Anon…. cmon now. That is not attractive at all, despite being skinnier.

No. 298896

>used to be so hot


No. 298906


Well he was cute in this odd way that I can't describe. I'll admit to that with OP

No. 298909

He was still a douche anon but Jon wasn't a yesman like Dan is so his attitude was neutralized most of the time, I say most because he still managed to spew shit.

No. 299193

They were never cute

No. 299201


Hey now, I never said I loved myself

No. 299205


Exactly. He still looked like a greasy slob and she still looked like a pale faced alien.

No. 299456

File: 1493255540698.png (120.8 KB, 639x732, IMG_9285.PNG)

Only REAL goths wear Abercrombie & Fitch

Also I think shoulder length hair will actually be an improvement for her

No. 299464

That "goth ice cream" she pigged out on is now making the Fb rounds

No. 300333

Today's the day for whatever the hell her announcement is.

No. 300367


My guess is that it will be another shitty channel she is launching that no one will watch that she will ignore after 3 months because no one gives a shit about her unless her husband and his friends are involved. Bitch couldn't even get a lets play channel off the ground without her husband swooping in to save her from shitty views.

No. 300383

>get married
>wife blows the fuck up


No. 300392

File: 1493392000106.png (2.6 MB, 1894x1218, Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 17.0…)

Whoever guessed it's just more overpriced jewellery for her store, congratulations! You win or whatever.

No. 300396

File: 1493392764170.png (44.43 KB, 685x328, IMG_0344.PNG)


Where is my fucking medal? Because I called that shit

No. 300407

looks like she's trying to be super deep with the meanings behind these. You could pay the same price for something similar that's actually a handmade piece of jewelry. I doubt she sat there and handmade these designs and then molded and cast each piece individually.

No. 300409

File: 1493394477781.png (1.11 MB, 1549x773, expensive.PNG)


sterling silver of this quality should be at least half this price. pretty much nobody on etsy is selling stuff like this for that much>>300392

No. 300410

File: 1493394692549.jpg (212.7 KB, 3000x2000, il_fullxfull.1231992589_toxg.j…)

has anyone been to her site? Some of these product photos are downright AWFUL.


all the photos are blurry. There are no closeups of the ring itself besides the text.

No. 300412

is she purposely making this one bad so you pay the extra $10 for the other finish?

No. 300414

>The ring was designed by me, inspired by gravestone symbolism
It looks like every other 'winged skull' ring ever. Go look on Aliexpress. If someone showed me her store and didn't say it was Suzy, I would assume it was some shitty Shopify site that dropships Aliexpress crap

>Sculpted by Hiroyuki Shambles in Japan

No results on Google. The only thing that looks related is this etsy store:
>average price for tiny stainless steel ring is $100+
>other pieces going for $200+
>18 sales
gee I wonder why

>and cast by a local casting company here in Los Angeles, CA.

remember the last time Suzy claimed to be sourcing from local mom and pop brick and mortar businesses in her city?

sorry to get all autistic and conspritard but seriously. She has such a history of lying about her shit to make herself look good and get money out of naive 12 year old game grumps fans who stole their parents' credit cards to impress their internet idol's wife

No. 300415

I meant sterling silver not stainless steel. I confused them a lot because of the SS

No. 300430

yeah that's them. their instagram has all the wax molds

No. 300432


$200? Go fuck yourself Snooze.

No. 300433

Don't be a fucking child. Who nitpicks on that kind of shit? One large, tasteful tattoo > tiny trashy little ones.

That being said, tattoos should be on walking canvasses, i.e decent people with decent skin. Not cakey whales.

No. 300440

File: 1493398554045.png (1.43 MB, 1480x719, SuzyCry.png)


What the fuck was that? I've seen better composure in hostage videos; every second it seemed like her face was trying to betray her and burst into tears.I went through the video and make a progression from her upbeat introduction to the wallowing dispair in the end and I got a slideshow of the Kubler Ross model in effect.

Don't cry Suzy, I'm sure that you can always ride on Arin's coattails if your business ever starts to dip.

No. 300445

jesus her eyebrows are just so… i don't even know how to describe them. I mean.. mixed in with her double chin, her fatty jawline, her (spittle?) greasy chin, her red chest compared to her face, her dumb eyeliner behind grandma glasses… and her combover, the eyebrows stand out. Which means that they certainly are something.

She looks like a fucking neanderthal.

No. 300451


Seriously, what the fuck is going on with her face? She looks like someone is point a fucking gun at her head.

Also, this is going seriously bomb hard. Her shit jewelry is well beyond the means of any Game Grumps fans who are mostly kids and teenagers who don't work. Who the fuck is this supposed to be marketed to and how does she expect them to pay for it? As usual, Snooze proving no idea what the fuck she is doing and is just hoping stupid people throw their wallets at her. You'd have to be a complete dipshit to actually pay for any of this garbage.

No. 300471

The whole video looked like a bad QVC pitch

No. 300473


It' just looks super cringey

No. 300481

File: 1493401438815.png (94.23 KB, 750x650, IMG_2102.PNG)

who knew advertising jewelry that someone else took the time to sculpt and cast was such hard work

No. 300484


More of this "my life is so hard" bullshit from her. You didn't even hand craft the jewelry yourself you lazy cow.

No. 300520

With the simple designs she created, it shouldn't have taken too long or be too hard. Yes sculpting such small details can be time consuming but honestly what she produced isn't that hard to replicate with standard jewelry tools. How can she complain when what she's showing is about two days worth of work…. plus they're molds so all she has to do now is fill them and make as much as she wants. She doesn't have anything hard to do now

No. 300542


I hope the sculptor was at least paid in some way for turning her shoddy sketches into art. At least shes transparent about where each part of the process is from but its annoying how much she says she made them when she didn't even make the original wax carving.

No. 300548

first time looking at this thread but
>modern mourning jewelry
it looks like cheap pirate/goth jewellery and absolutely nothing like legitimate mourning jewellery
like idk this is tasteless gothic rather than aristocratic like mourning jewellery is supposed to be (and overpriced like most of suzy's shit)

No. 300551


oh geez. her brows are always pretty bad but this is just atrocious. why is she more red and greasy than normal?? is her heart working overtime to pump all that wendy's and goth ice cream through her veins & arteries?

No. 300553


That's exactly what it looks like. She is more concerned with looking "goth/creepy/dark" that actually crafting something actually authentic and Victorian era-esque. It looks like cheep shit you would find in Hot Topic ten years ago.

No. 300560

Looks like she went to Hobby Lobby, bought charms and put them on Hobby Lobby chains
Totaling like 10 bucks

No. 300562

how long until someone finds every single one of these on chinese ebayer listings etc

No. 300563

she even claims in that video she's a huge collector and fan of mourning jewellery and that makes me even more like ????
if you have mourning jewellery and know so much about it why did you make a collection that has not a single element in common with it? like excuse me?

No. 300565

those eyebrows she painted on do not work with those fucking glasses

and holy shit @ her clearly falling apart. i cant believe she posted this.

No. 300567

samefag but i'm still watching her video
>artefacts like these are so unique and personal and honest
so the opposite of your collection kek?

No. 300569

That's basically what she did last time.

No. 300572

These aren't cute or pretty at all they're just lame. Lmfao at the glory necklace. Cringe af

No. 300576

I have a feeling that only maybe a small handful of people are going to buy her jewelry. Even in her comments on the video she posted her fans are talking how they can't afford it

No. 300581

File: 1493408862725.jpg (81.31 KB, 850x315, 288492_oaa8710018982_lrg.jpg)

Gab is playing Siren 2. So I went and watched her play Siren 1.

>Come on girl!

Good background noise, I didn't pay much attention because I have it downloaded on my PS4.

Start Siren 2, idk when Siren 1 was uploaded but it was awhile ago.

First episode…

>Come on bitch!

America/Suzy/etc ruined her. I might as well unsub. I don't know why I thought I could tolerate a new video of her.

I don't care if people swear, I swear all the time. It's just really jaring in her case. Maybe because I was new to the channel so I didn't see it as a casual change (if it even was)

No. 300582


Exactly. This shit is like 200 dollars a piece. Who the fuck does she think can actually afford any of this garbage? Her fanbase is relatively small and among them are broke teenagers or broke college age kids. Does she really think anyone has 200 bucks just sitting around like that? Her "store" isn't even a high end one that normally sells to rich buyers. So again Snooze, who the fuck are you expecting to buy this overly priced shit?

No. 300584

I'm not looking, because I don't care that much, but isn't the screencap CAD? It says CA, so I assumed. CAD is only like .74 USD or something.

No. 300587

>So again Snooze, who the fuck are you expecting to buy this overly priced shit?

Probably GG fan boys for their girlfriends.

No. 300596


Most of Snoozy's audience is female, and even amongst Game Grumps fans she isn't particularly well liked since her previously publicized shit with her store and her "wet fart into a crowded room" personality, hence the lack of overlap between the two. The people who watch Game Grumps don't exactly line up to watch KKG or Mort3mer as well. So again, her audience is mostly high school and college age women who most certainly can't afford any of this shit she is selling. It is just proof that she lives in her own little world and thinks that just because she can drop hundreds of dollars on stupid gifts and jewelry, then everyone else can. She literally has no one in her life to sit her down and tell her "Hey, that's a really fucking dumb idea, don't do it"

No. 300601

>She literally has no one in her life to sit her down and tell her "Hey, that's a really fucking dumb idea, don't do it"

I never said it was a correct assumption, but aside from her "fans" those are the only people I can think she'd have a chance of taking money from

But from that one who posted about the Vancouver (LOL SORRY THE COUV) show, even thinking enough of them are in relationships to sustain her shitty "business" is hilarious.

She reminds me of this chick I know who tried to sell crappy origami jewlery or what the hell ever on etsy. Not a single sale.

No. 300610

In USD, the prices range from $150 to $180. Still outrageous.

I think she will. She manages to sell off her overpriced taxidermy shit, so I bet she'll sell this stuff, since it's more functioning than a box with a bug on it. For all the GGers complaining they have no money, there's someone out there who can afford it and is stupid enough to buy it.

No. 300635

File: 1493415425801.png (1.62 MB, 1379x873, wax.png)


Yeah. Here's the wax mold for one of her necklaces. This has been at least 12 weeks in the making.

I personally would prefer it if these were pendants you could remove from the chain? So you weren't bound to one type of chain… but that's my opinion.

No. 300648

i bet she specifically found a japanese person to try and get weebs to buy it

No. 300660

the people doing the sculpting are experts and their other pieces they're selling are significantly more detailed than Suzy's. I can't imagine one of Suzy's pieces taking more than a few hours to be honest, except for maybe the torches. The longest part is probably shipping from Japan (allegedly) to LA and then to the customer.

No. 300662

Is she wearing shitty extensions?

No. 300664

>So again Snooze, who the fuck are you expecting to buy this overly priced shit?
Game Grumps fans.

I remember the last time Suzy started putting new things in her Etsy store. The Game Grumps subreddit was filled with "Look what I bought from Suzy!!! I love supporting our favorite Grump!! Look she wrote me a custom message! My life is complete! :DDD" threads

These are the same people who think Arin/Dan/etc. are their best friends who they've known for years. They're the ones who want them to record with "couch sound" where you hear Arin on the left ear and Dan on the right so it feels like you're sitting between them in the middle of the couch. They're the ones who send the Grumps expensive $100+ video games (despite Arin literally being rich) for nothing more than a shout out.

These people are delusional and will do anything to noticed by one of their internet celeb idols

No. 300671

File: 1493420548019.png (545 KB, 589x626, 1493420449.png)

enablers, all of them.

even fucking Oney retweeted Suzy's stupid store

No. 300681

In her video she says they're so expensive to make that's why she hasn't ordered any stock and will place an order with the company that actually casts them every week… sooo if they're so expensive to make is she just giving them away for free to her friends? Or have they actually paid for them???

No. 300684

Note her choice of words by not simply saying "I had to have 2". My bet is she had at LEAST 3 of those things to herself. Can you imagine the look on the cashier's face after she finished the 2nd one and came back for more?

No. 300690


Her "friends" are the only ones that can actually afford this shit.


She probably ordered them all to make sure to take pictures wearing it and mention them on Twitter, even if they didn't like it.

No. 300699


Well, the update video for it hasn't been posted at all on the main sub, which is weird because they post news regarding the Grumps and their side projects, but since that Etsy scandal, Snoozy has been persona non grata in that respect. Not so much as even a mention of "Hey! Suzy has this new jewelry she is selling her store, show some support!" She really burned bridges when she scammed everyone and still isn't really well liked. Even when she achieves "milestones" everyone is usually quick to remind people that she is still a shitty person and a total leech. So she clearly doesn't have the same relationship with the fans like Arin and Dan do.

No. 300711


she used to swear but definitely not as much/edgy as she does now. She was very toned down even through her swearing.

I bet she even hooked them up with the casting company. Why not look into more local casters? What's so special about this company that you can't find in LA or heck, even America?

No. 300713

I don't get how she and Oney are "best friends". Is it cause she's married to Arin so he's forced to be bff or is it cause they probably have given him a lot of money to survive in LA

No. 300729

Oney is really good friends with Arin, I am sure his kindness to her extends from just that. He makes fun of the Suzy types of girls all the damn time lol.

No. 300730


It's literally because she is married to Arin and he and Chris are really good friends. If they weren't together they wouldn't be friends at all. She is he exact type of special snowflake Tumblrina that he and the rest of Arin's Sleepycabin friends make fun of.

No. 300736

that "couch sound" thing is actually one of the saddest things I've read

No. 300751

no kidding. my god how lonely..
i listen to podcasts when i am doing a long shift at work but never to feel like one of the crowd.

No. 300756

I wonder if Oney regrets turning down Arin to replace Jon on Game Grumps, seeing as how he moved to LA and ended up doing the let's play thing regardless.

ffs, they record at the Game Grumps office. I was watching one where Dan accidentally walked into the room while they were recording an episode.

No. 300763

Wait, Chris was a candidate for when Jon left?

Holy shit just imagining that makes my heart hurt, Danny is okay but seriously not as funny as Chris and definitely more like Jon

No. 300764

Dan was not Arin's first choice.

No. 300780

>I bet she even hooked them up with the casting company.

GOD, I didn't even think about that. Puppy Gab has to do good for Snooze!

No. 300781

both lmao

do you think suzy knows how pathetic she is, in her own social group?

No. 300782


I'm sure deep down she knows but she puts up the act of "I have so many awesome friends, aren't you totally jealous of who I get to hang out with?"

No. 300785

This isn't even mourning jewelry though. If she did her research on Victorian mourning jewelry, they always included hair.. but whatever, i guess… She's so 'original.'

No. 300788


I don't think so. He loves what he does and unlike Arin has continued to do cartoons/music/art and lets plays on the side. He also has a cartoon in the works with a friend that is funding him/why he is the US in the first place.

No. 300790


It looks like shitty Hot Topic jewelry form 10 years ago

No. 300800

Hell, she could make a couple of those pieces a little bigger and sell them to midlife crisis biker gangs. There is absolutely nothing Victorian or original about them. That takes effort that she obliviously puts into nothing.

No. 300802


No. 300821

At least people are calling her out for her scamming bullshit on the Grumps Facebook page.

No. 300822

fucking link, son

No. 300824

File: 1493442609945.jpg (33.37 KB, 485x177, dead horse.JPG)

No. 300825



Since I don't really feel like going through and screencapping all of them.

No. 300827

File: 1493442834302.jpg (18.05 KB, 346x130, gte.JPG)

No. 300828

dats not how fb works

too bad their page is dead, maybe itll pick up later.

No. 300830

oh and if you didn't know, you just copy the link from the "posted on date" part to direct link

No. 300846

File: 1493446570411.gif (855.84 KB, 500x220, pleased.gif)

>Grand Theft Etsy

No. 301182

File: 1493502872506.png (1.12 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170429-175158.png)

Okay but seriously wtf is with that last line. If all goes to plan you will die… wtf stop trying to be deep everyone knows they're going to die whether they complete their ambitions or not, there's no fucking plan you die regardless

No. 301194

I wish she had made dead animal jewelry, the backlash would be incredible.

It is a death-themed collection, after all. Come on Suzy, I want some $500 dried worm earrings. Go big or go home.

No. 301207

Dried worm earrings? Def not spoopy enough
I'm thinking deer fetus pendant… now that's goffic

And it symbolizes the invetible death to match her consolation!!

No. 301208

File: 1493504786405.jpg (22.67 KB, 500x335, 1454865744846.jpg)

>I hope I can continue to keep making you all proud and make meaningful art
>skulls with wings jewelry

No. 301212


Could she literally be any more up her own ass? And no Snooze, most people are extremely skeptical and point out how it is completely unaffordable for them and still bring up your scamming ways. The only ones promoting it are your famous YouTube friends because everyone knows what a shit bag you are and you can't just promote it yourself.

No. 301228

Don't cry Suzy, I'm sure that you can always ride on Arin's coattails if your business ever starts to dip.

That implies she hasn't been doing it all along tho.

I'm a piece of shit, like, no doubt. But at least I haven't wasted probably 100s of opportunity in the same way she has. God, no wonder she looks like a mess in your photo.

No. 301243

Has this woman ever experienced death? And I mean the loss of a human being you're close to, not a pet or something.

No. 301247

she didn't even sculpt these or design the logo? it's just her "name" on cheap sterling silver with ~victorian goth~ symbols? fuck her

No. 301249


I doubt it. She just acts likes still in fucking high school and has to show everyone how "dark" and "tortured" she is.

No. 301251

my dad died before i was a teenager and its fucked me up for life

No. 301254


I lost my aunt to cancer a few years ago and it completely fucking crushed me. Suzy is just some basic bitch who uses "death" and "mortality" as accessories to her still in high school, refusing to grow up, woman child "goth" costume. She thinks by talking about those subjects and being "super into them" makes her more "deep" and "complex" and not the shallow, tryhard, bitch that she really is.

No. 301257

I wasn't able to screenshot it but the "Queen of Goth" Reeree Phillips had commented on one of Snooze's posts about her jewelry, apparently

No. 301260

Yeah, my dad died of cancer too. I guess I will too.
My grandma died more recently, but she was old, and I was in my 20s, and it just hurt less?

My mom is around the same age my dad was when he died, I think, and I'm just so damn paranoid every single day…

No. 301270

>They're the ones who want them to record with "couch sound" where you hear Arin on the left ear and Dan on the right so it feels like you're sitting between them in the middle of the couch.
fucking degenerates, imagine those fat fucks doing asmr

No. 301289

i'm surprised with her jewelry being "inspired" by Victorian mourning jewelry she didn't just pull a Sebastian Columbine and try to sell her own hair

jesus christ if Suzy starts selling her own hair

No. 301300


That's way too far for a try hard "goth" like Suzy

No. 301302

maybe if it starts falling out on its own

No. 301305

That comment reply. haha

No. 301307

File: 1493518248960.jpg (1.35 MB, 2560x2560, IMG_9310.JPG)

I'm so fucking tired of Suzy using this filter that she for some reason thinks is "SOOO HILARIOUS!!!"

This filter already annoys me on Snapchat and Suzy's face just makes it even worse

No. 301309

It's the only filter that brings her mouth an appropriate distance away from her nose.

No. 301312


Apparently that is why she stopped taking her thyroid medication. One of the side effects was hair loss.

No. 301349

bottom right especially looks like a monster from five nights at freddys

No. 301397

File: 1493532968931.png (526.37 KB, 849x472, screenshot-www.youtube.com-201…)

Suzy keeps saying how she "designed" the jewelry but…

the more detailed drawing on the top right is by the sculptor, you can see similar samples on his IG

No. 301399



No. 301400

Her jewelry looks like edgy hot topic jewelry. A skull with wings? She's sooooo creative, it must have taken her so long to come up with that

No. 301443

this has "vanity project" written all over it

No. 301444

find me something shes done that isnt. ill wait.

No. 301449

No, I really don't think so. His Let's Plays are so vastly different from GG, I think he would have felt pressure to speak in a "child/advertiser friendly" way and as an Irish person, that's almost impossible.

No. 301468

that's what I noticed too. The sculptor has designs for multiple pieces of her jewelry on their IG. I think Suzy only came up with the basic idea (the drawing on the left). And that's what she worked so so hard on guise….

No. 301481

so she didn't make the mold, she didn't cast it, she only did a doodle and then called it "her" jewellery?

I really wish I could talk about it but ugh, nobody would listen to reason

No. 301543


>That's way too far for a try hard "goth" like Suzy

That's way too far for a thyroid "goth" like Suzy


No. 301553

oh my god.
Thyroid goth.
I'm thinking of that as some sort of new-age tumblr aesthetic.

>always having a black sweater because everything is cold. like your soul.

>dry skin and hair much like the corpse you aspire to be.
>tired… of no one understanding your struggles.

or, from a hyperthyroid standpoint:

>moody and tired because it's so hard being this unique and dark.

>always feeling warm/hot because you're so far up Satan's asshole.
>fine textured hair potentially falling out, but that's okay because it helps you channel your inner Crypt Keeper.

…I'm sorry for the tangent, but I couldn't help myself. Saged for rambling.

No. 301569

Did anyone happen to catch the latest semi rant from Arin on the Shovel Knight Spectre Knight LP about how hard he works? I had to eyeroll at how hard he thinks he has it.

No. 301574


They are talking about it on the main sub and are practically licking Arin's asshole over it like "Omg, they work so hard. I hope they take breaks and stuff" and it almost made want to hit something. What the fuck is it with him and Suzy acting like their lives are so grueling and difficult? Like, just shut the fuck up. You literally have one of the easiest jobs ever.

No. 301575

I hope the backlash on this piece of shit video will finally show the grumps that there indeed IS a limit to how OMG LOL RANDOM a video can be… sometimes having a plot or a storyline or maybe even an actual joke is needed for a video to be entertaining, who would have thought it?
I think the time where just doing something lolzor random and disgusting to get views is FINALLY dying off!! Videos like this that took them legit 4 minutes to shoot and edit is just fucking pathetic for a channel this big

No. 301576


Unfortunately, you become the asshole if you dare criticize anything she does. She is practically untouchable.

No. 301582

File: 1493567833288.png (56.37 KB, 750x389, IMG_2117.PNG)

She means because both the jewelry that symbolizes death and her channel that is basically dead?

No. 301590

No. 301593

It makes me incredibly angry how all she does is toss money at someone with actual talent and then claim their work as her own. I hate the GG fandom and how they always kiss her ass. It makes zero sense.

No. 301595

Dan and Arin are also constantly talking about their new youtube red series and how hard it is to work every single day and get up early.. woe is me woe is me, having to work alot like any other person on the planet except you get trice the payment, how EXHAUSTING!
I don't mind them being tired or think theyre having hard days, but when they begin on their rants, especially Arin, about how hard they work everytime they do literally anything, I really roll my eyes

No. 301600

Pretty off topic right now but I'm curious:
What happened to that Kati girl they all used to hang out with pretty regularly?

No. 301617

Being fascinated with death without being fascinated with life is just meaningless immaturity. She's a dumbass. This is creepy.

No. 301619

File: 1493573934015.jpg (263.36 KB, 1277x2048, C-rUPzBU0AEEUNj.jpg)

Suzy should only eat what Holly eats

Barry pls no

No. 301624


"Creepy" is exactly what she wants to be seen as. She's like a fucking high schooler who thinks every moment of their life is filled with darkness and sadness and that they are so tortured by life. I really wish someone would call her the fuck out already.

No. 301630

The fuck
That wasn't even funny unless you're 8… which is probably the main demographic of their channel or at least tge average brain capacity of the man children who watch their let's plays

No. 301631

File: 1493576717784.jpg (24.51 KB, 323x454, For_what_purpose.jpg)

No. 301710

that thumbnail is so fucking gross, and ive liked pea soup in the past

No. 301711

guess what losers, everyone feels their job is tiring just shut the hell up.

im just neet trash, but i bet my pt retail job was on par for fucking hours worked
my step dad has been working every day of the week, over 10hr days. i bet hed beat the shit out of both of them

fucking youtube babies are the epitome of the tumblr cry to check their privilege

No. 301713

Doesn't she have an eating disorder or something?

No. 301741


Isn't that a reference to one of Matt and Ryan's video on their SuperMega channel? Seems like their style, more than Game Grumps.

No. 301743


she was from the east coast and went back to the east coast

No. 301805

Huh? She looks fine. She's clearly got a healthy amount of weight on her.

No. 301818

Not trying to start shit, I just thought I heard that about her. Or she used to. Or maybe I'm confusing her with someone else.

No. 301849

She is Vegan I think. So that means she isn't eating ice cream all the fucking time.

Suzy's trips to Japan make sense now. Prob meeting the artist first and then fucking around being fat. Dude has nice work if you are into it.

No. 301855

pls, gab did all the work for her

No. 301893

As a funeral director, this shit makes me so furious. "Lol I'm so obsessed with death and dead things they're fucking sweet." Clearly she has never lost anyone close to her or she'd change her tune real quick.

Also loved how she mentioned there is almost zero selection for jewellery but first link on Google has endless choices for way less money. They probably aren't goffick enough though. I mean, doesn't everyone want to keep their dad's ashes in a skull necklace?

No. 301957

Er ok i will confess i do like the skull/wings ring, but thats mainly because i thought it was paying homage to m.bisons emblem which makes sense given suzy is a gamer. I wouldnt pay that price for it tho.


No. 301965


hah of course the one other "friend" she has online is another opportunity to take advantage of since she lives in Japan uwu! and can actually speak Japanese rather than the monstrosity that Arin speaks

like Suzy really does the work for you with piling up evidence that she's a human shaped pile of lard

No. 301983

I think it is… but that also just shows how fucking sad SuperMega is, and the reason they would never be known without slaving for bigger channels as editors.

No. 301984

Do you think she has what it takes to work in your field. I mean she made a mediocre taxidermist but that's taxidermy. Just curious

I like to wonder if some of these cows can actually make it in life.

No. 302050


Of course she doesn't. All this being obsessed with death and dying is just an act for her. She's like a fucking teenager who just discovered The Cure and Hot Topic and bitches and whines about her so call tortured life. She clearly has never had to deal with the pain of losing someone close to her because otherwise she wouldn't trivialize death so much.

No. 302051


All this is, is more "Arent I not like all those other girls?" bullshit. She thinks that talking about and "being super into" subjects like those makes her less shallow and vapid than all the other girls who don't talk about these subjects.

No. 302064


Fuck no. People have no idea what it takes to be in the profession. It is so much more than just getting to touch dead bodies. I would say that's maybe 10% of what you do, the rest is all dealing with families face to face and mounds of paperwork. I cannot imagine Suzy sitting across from a family of a 5 year old who died being backed over and trying to tell them how cool death is.

I had one girl in my graduating class who came in the first day with massive skull clips in her hair, a pleather trench coat, and those massive platform boots. She added people on Facebook and her whole feed was full of her sitting at (and ON!) different grave sites with the same stupid goth look. Needless to say while she did survive the program, she never ever got a job in the field. Most people who came into the program that actually wanted a job cleaned up their act because for them it wasn't some sick obsession, it was a job they really wanted to do.

Sry obviously I have a lot of feelings about this shit.

No. 302101


No need to apologize. You're absolutely right. Snoozy is exactly like those dipshits you are talking about who treat death as part of their goth persona. She absolutely wouldn't be able to console mourning families, most of which are children who are experiencing it for the first time. I absolutely want her to do her "Death is super cool" bullshit and see how much of an insensitive jackass she will come off as.

No. 302380

no shame, anon. I actually like that hourglass necklace. When she shoves a coupon in our faces for a week I might consider buying one and review the overall quality for the board, if it's something that is wanted. It matches some of the other necklaces I wear so it wouldn't be an out-of-place item for me to get.

No. 302437

File: 1493684425260.png (96.14 KB, 640x870, IMG_9315.PNG)

"Fitted suit realness" Someone take Drag Race away from her so she'll stop using the slang. She already uses words like "shade" and "tea" wrong. She's like a desperate 30 year old trying really hard to fit in with the kids

That fitted suit is also gonna look like shit on her body type

No. 302460


She is slowly achieving her final form of "Worn out soccer mom who has had two kids already"

No. 302461

How much you wanna bet that one little button is the only one that she could get to fasten

No. 302467

hey eyebrows are just too hilarious

No. 302468

I don't think most people here straight up hate the designs.

It's cute generic shit you can buy at Hot Topic/Claires/whatever/China eBay tier shit.

It's also
- overpriced
- barely even designed by her
- not sculpted by her
- not cast by her
- overpriced
- another chance to scam her husbands fan base (because she doesnt really have any)
- overpriced
- not even correct for the type of shit she claims it is (mourning whatever)

etc etc etc

No. 302469

Also, Suzy is barely a gamer.

>shits on new Zelda

>admits she's never played Zelda, FF, and one or two others
>shilling Zelda super hard close to release (probably because they already had a pre-release copy by then)

No. 302471

>hah of course the one other "friend" she has online is another opportunity to take advantage of since she lives in Japan uwu!

Don't forget they also used her to be friends with Quiet from MGS5

No. 302474

Why didn't she edit the photo so her fucking neck/chest isn't so damn red. Or put make up on lower (which is what most ppl do I thought???)

No. 302527

Hey Funeral Director anon, thanks for sharing. I just got accepted into a program and am starting in the Fall and I am both curious and apprehensive about the inevitable Suzy in my class. I like some spooky stuff like Halloween and Haunted Mansion and all that, but I intentionally keep my enjoyment of these things pretty private because of people like Suzy hahaha…being interested in death JUST because it's contrary to what most people are interested in is stupid, have a better reason than "I'm just kinda different I guess!"

No. 302646

File: 1493705890094.jpg (86.42 KB, 1221x636, 18237959_542082512847363_95590…)

saw this and thought if the hair was different colours this would almost be game grumps

No. 303083

File: 1493767688965.jpeg (61.39 KB, 305x159, lolcow.jpeg)

fixed it for ya bud

No. 303085

File: 1493768085479.png (722.22 KB, 1276x396, Suzysbangs.png)

This was my favorite period for Suzys hair… I don't think I've ever seen another person I liked that triangle cut bang on before but I felt like it did alot for her face.
Also she was generally taking better care of herself here and looking healthier (even with the stupid contactlenses and the start of the awful black+white hair marathon)

No. 303086

File: 1493768162572.png (217.43 KB, 354x405, uuuuh.png)

When I looked for photos I also took this glorious one…

No. 303087


Fucking lol

No. 303089

oh nooooooooooooooooooooo

No. 303099

why the fuck does she draw so much into the inner corners of her eyes? There's nothing there and no reason to do it

No. 303103


Holy dooly she is fucking haunting to look at

No. 303111


please someone make this a banner

No. 303123

That squigled eyebrow tho

No. 303150

I assume she does it because it makes her eyes look slightly slanted and that way people can mistake her as Asian

No. 303192

i fucking cackled with glee gg anon thank you

No. 303301

This is fucking amazing, well done anon!

No. 303428

Whoah she looks so well kept

No. 303429


It was before she was married. Before she stopped having to give a shit.

No. 303629


nah it was actually the opposite, they were kissing the ass of Quiet's model so, so hard, it was embarrassing, and they met her when they went to Japan, but Gab couldn't make it

Gab and the model were in the same university and had made a video together playing games so when Quiet met Suzy and Arin, Gab clearly told her to harass them for a follow because right after that they followed her on social media and Gab finally started getting a reply or two on twitter

Gab used to make tons of random tweets @'ing Arin and Suzy and GG in general, but she never got any attention until Quiet meeting them

No. 303734

File: 1493847528692.jpg (19.99 KB, 766x154, dumbone.jpg)

This comment made me laugh way too hard

No. 303858

I figure it's because she thinks it'll make up for her tiny eyes being so far apart

No. 303859


It's a little known fact that after a wedding the bride is forced to eat the remains of the wedding cake. Unfortunately for Suzy she's been eating a cake every time they have their anniversary.

No. 304020

File: 1493868103048.jpg (209.17 KB, 750x1057, IMG_2126.JPG)

I knew I had seen something similar by another jewelry maker.. tbh this one is much nicer and the design is better executed.

No. 304050


Omnia is a wonderful couple/team of actual jewelers who creature wax molds themselves and cast by hand. Everything is by hand.

Suzy is a lazy fucking rip off who outscores all the actual work and takes shit photos of her shit tier jewelry.

No. 304088

File: 1493873761516.png (241.82 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-05-04-06-49-10…)

What the fuck was this about? Why wouldn't she message him privately.

No. 304103


You know Snooze. Always got to show off how she is "friends" with all the famous YouTubers like the insecure cow she is.

No. 304150

File: 1493880255044.png (137.87 KB, 640x793, IMG_9319.PNG)

I know her clothes don't fit but do her own rings not even fit her sausage fingers?

No. 304158

That looks somewhat painful…

She has to make them smaller, otherwise the kids that follow her won't be able to put them on. Idk about her "fanbase" but I don't think that many of them are huge hamplanets?

No. 304162

Wow. I have never seen ring finger muffin top before.

No. 304165

are witch nails popular or something
theyd be cute if they werent shaped like that

No. 304170

stilettos were popular back when instagram was just first born. kinda outdated

No. 304306

File: 1493901840190.png (217.2 KB, 487x452, suzysuzy.png)

Anon you forgot to put the super edgy text for that picture in!

"One to remind me to live life as if it were my last day, and one to remember those I have lost"
omg get stuffed suzy

No. 304308

>live life as if it were my last day
Explains her eating habits.

No. 304318


She is such a fucking pretentious twat

No. 304598

witch fingernails are GOTH and SPOOKY and MACABRE and GO AGAINST SOCIETY just like Suzy! Suzy eats, sleeps, breathes, and eats anything remotely dark

her ring fingers remind me of those huge worms you can pull out of the ground after it rains. Thick with that nasty band in the middle
link to picture instead of posting it because I don't want to gross up the general anymore than it already is http://static.guim.co.uk/sys-images/Observer/Pix/pictures/2013/1/19/1358616543701/common-earthworm-010.jpg

No. 304599

File: 1493926757500.jpg (125.56 KB, 915x600, wompwomppppp.jpg)

Snoozey's one ring had been looking so similar to until I found out why

goldengrovejewelry.com is very pricey, but they have a lot more tasteful looking "mourning" pieces in other precious metals and stones. Their silver pieces of jewelry are about the same price as Snoozey's, but I'm not sure if it's because it's pure silver or sterling.

No. 304715


I always laugh at how Suzy and her fans try to portray her as this "dark hardcore bitch who while knife someone" when shr is really about as basic and milquetoast as they come and only uses those labels to pretend like she isn't the boring surbirban housewife that she is.

No. 304754

File: 1493940087513.gif (765.77 KB, 244x180, 1465727987638.gif)

holy fucking shit. I love you!!

No. 304831

File: 1493946893896.png (620.04 KB, 748x550, sigh.png)

"I keep thinking its friday"

Suzy… what do you do everyday… like literally what the fuck do you do? Send out orders for your shop?? Film yourself sucking at overwatch? Play with snapchat filters 4 hours in a row?

Sorry but as somebody who works 8-17 everyday people like this annoy me… Yes Suzy has a shop and she has things to do, but shes her own boss and she has a ton of money for literally making videos at home.. stop trying to pretend the weekends are special for you

No. 304832

Danny and Arin played a game for 30 minutes before they figured out one of the major characters was voiced by Ross

this is despite that fact that both Kevin and Danny also did voices.

No. 304837

Dan cant even remember what he had for breakfast, if people ever wonder if spending 10 years smoking weed everyday affects you or not, I think Dan is a good example that yes, it does! He really has a shitty memory, he cant remember his own jokes or references… he also has been really good this last year of going on old man rants about nothing constantly.

Dan is a weird mixture of a person whos almost 40 but has the memory of a 70 year old and the humor of a teen!

No. 304878

Whats with the new grump faces? They hadn't changed them for years so why now?

No. 304881

its easy to forget what day it is when you're doing nothing all day while unemployed…oops i mean ""self employed""

No. 304883


Ugggh. Just go fuck yourself Suzy. You know damn well you don't do any actual work. I'm sure it's so hard sitting on your fat ass, stuffing your face with Doritos while sucking at Overwatch.

No. 304912

can confirm, i rarely know what day it is

is there some kind of food deal of friday
is that why she cares

No. 304995

whatever drugs they're on, they need to stop.

No. 304996

dans looks squished or something but idk

No. 305087


her eyes look weird as fuck in this, like she's stoned or something. her eye make up is once again uneven too

No. 305104

She didn't design her jewelry. She didn't make the wax mods. She doesn't hand-cast or set stones.

She packs them in 1$ boxes and sends them to people in a slow and untimely manner.

Also plays games and does make up /badly/.

She. Works. Hard. Guys.

No. 305190

omg anon she TOTALLY designed her jewelry!! She did a 5min scribble of skull ring and then had a real artist draw the actual ring, that totally counts as your own design!!

No. 305202

File: 1494002694942.png (484.98 KB, 593x591, walkthrough.png)

I swear Arin is CONSTANTLY talking about his diet on GG but he is also constantly getting busted or talking about fastfood… and Suzys thyroid is 100% the reason shes fat guys

No. 305312

theyre glassy because of the dumb filter.

No. 305357

He probably can't stay on a diet because of Suzy. If she's not on a diet she's not going to let Arin be on one. They have to eat shitty food together

No. 305414

The designs are just common motifs taken from old gravestones, she says this herself. I don't know why anyone is surprised at seeing other stores with the same motifs on their jewelry.

It is overpriced as hell though, I have no idea how she's getting away with that part.

No. 305445

>It is overpriced as hell though, I have no idea how she's getting away with that part.

because she's married to one of the biggest internet celebrities whose young, naive fans will do anything, including white knight the hell out of suzy, if it gives them the chance of getting noticed

No. 305449

File: 1494023145149.jpg (133.71 KB, 1080x1080, 18299696_434063363637532_12472…)

WOW, this girl can't even draw, let alone make jewellery. First image is her 'design', all preceding steps are done by a silversmith. She's charging $200+ for $20 of sterling and zero effort. How the fuck are her fans so deluded?

No. 305458

mfw I live near the 60

Huh. I wonder how close they are.

No. 305470

It's laughable she thinks that little scribble that looks like it legit took her 40 seconds to draw on the back of a mcdonalds receipt is "designing"… the designing part is clearly done by the actual smith.. I fucking hope the people who actually makes these for her are getting a good cut, because she is literally doing none of the work but taking all the praise

No. 305473

Well I mean at the very least she learnt her lesson about false advertising from before and is crediting the sources of the actual work.
If people buy it at this point there's no defending them, the lack of brain cells is on them.

No. 305559

I'm 99% sure that's illegal due to it being dangerous.

It probably worked because whoever was serving their McFood recognized them. Especially if it was a Wendy's.

Fuck OFF, Suzy.

No. 305561

l m a o


Her drawing is about on par with mine there. And I can't draw to save my life, holy shit.

No. 305595

>one of the biggest internet celebrities
even amongst lets players, he's still a pretty medium fish in a small pond. he's got fans, but let's not exaggerate here.

No. 305600

The only reason GG feels like it has more prescence than it does (when compared to larger channels et al), is because of where they live and how much they whore themselves out

No. 305609

I still think these look like harry potter wands. Maybe if the flames were at the top I wouldn't think that… but that's all I see when I look at this design.

No. 305619

it's because we're all imageboard fags and Arin and Jon shilled the show on /v/, and for a while /v/ liked them

No. 305625

So when she said it took her all year to make these she actually meant she drew all the designs in one day then had to wait about a year for them all to be made by other people? Wtf how can she complain that it was exhausting when she didn't do anything except draw shity drawings based off similar hot topic products

No. 305655

Her /fans/ are paying for garbage. Made by someone I am sure she low-balled and under pays/paid. Jacks up the costs and puts everything in a box and ships them herself, but she sure as shit doesn't self cast nor does she bother to offer gemstones. God forbid she to actually work and get her goth girl nails dirty. The cost of casting a mass produced mold isn't over 100, let alone the amount she asks for. I hate this girl. She makes us jewelers look fucking idiotic.

That is all this fat fucking cunt does. I hope her and Arin are happy with what they have become.

No. 305754

given they're both extremely wealthy, have a rabid fanbase that constantly praises them for their smallest accomplishments, and will probably never have to work at a real job for the rest of their lives, I'm sure they're very happy with what they've become

I'm sure Arin once in awhile thinks about how far he's fallen but the money and constant asspatting makes up for it, maybe.

I'm sure Suzy doesn't think about it at all. After all, she hasn't fallen at all since she was nowhere to begin with. Her delusional twitter/instagram posts and asinine prices for her jewelry shows how out of touch she is. Go back 5+ years to pre-Game Grumps and it all looks the same. Delusional, self-absorbed, occasionally rude, ~~~dark~~~ ~~~gothic~~~ ~~~spooooky~~~ ~~~yeah you better run the fuck away you preppy bitch I'm scaaaaary~~~, and an obvious 13 year old living in a 20+ year old's body. I don't think she's capable of self-reflection or personal growth. For her, ignorance is bliss. Stagnation is perfection because once you've reached the top, what else is there to do?

>She makes us jewelers look fucking idiotic.

I think I know what you mean. I'm not into making jewelry but my sister works at craft shows and makes things. It's a shame what people like Suzy are doing to this "industry" if you can even call it that. I was just at a show yesterday and so many people showed up with obvious dropshipped Aliexpress trash and they tried to pass it off as handmade. It's depressing. One guy just showed up with boxes of no name fidget spinners and knockoff Nike/Adidas shoes. Someone else showed up with jewelry like Suzy's old stuff. Just random Chinese trinkets on chains.

It wasn't a craft show. It was a glorified Alibaba storefront.

No. 305800

>I don't think she's capable of self-reflection or personal growth

unless that growth is her BMI am I right

No. 305891

File: 1494074851763.jpg (16.46 KB, 236x284, damn.jpg)

Damn, anon!

No. 305982

Just looks like a knock-off Claddagh…except ugly.

No. 306072

Ugh, I design headstones for those who've lost their loved ones and I HATE IT. It's a family business so I help out, but seeing a 70 year old tough guy man cry like a little girl because his son blew his brains out isn't too glamorous or "gawth."

Being in taxidermy, coroner work or the funeral business is depressing and you need to have a professionalism. Suzy just exploits the idea of death. It's actually quite ordinary, modest and sad.

No. 306073

*have a certain level of professionalism

No. 306078

File: 1494104026613.png (112.49 KB, 640x796, IMG_9321.PNG)

Suzy's never going to admit it's because she actually sucks. She thinks she great at every game she plays

No. 306087

Anon dont you know Suzy is amazing at the game and everyone else is toxic? Literally everone is toxic and awful at the game! But not Suzy, she would never be bitter!
We all know the only reason Suzy isnt calling people bitch and tell them to go kill themselves in the overwatch chat is because she is being filmed

No. 306137

>It wasn't a craft show. It was a glorified Alibaba storefront.

Sums up etsy and 90% of the so called custom jewlery makes online

I don't know why, but finding white people/whatever doing it is way more gross to me then shit like Chinese eBayers or whatever.

No. 306138

i feel like animal taxidermy is the least depressing out of what you listed, because it doesn't seem to be emotional all the time

what is suzys taxidermy anyway. doesnt she just stick bugs on shit

No. 306139

>"finding white people/whatever"

What a stupid comment, stop bringing race into literally anything discussed

No. 306140

>mad about white people
>not mad about the chinese

lol fuck off

No. 306141

That reply literally makes no sense?


No. 306143

>doesn't sage

No. 306180

Oh hey and here I am as a woman, masters in and out of challenger in league and top 500 in OW, and I literally don't give a shit talking in voice chat on OW and neither does anyone I play with. We're focused on winning the fucking game… Get over yourself Suzy, no one that high up gives a shit about sex anymore outside of pro play.

No. 306185

Samefagging to specify that the bitch is delusional, no one outside of low elos in games these days gives you shit about being a girl until the game is over or you're losing hard.

No. 306244

Except it does because the other anon is saying that when a white person does shit crafts it's worse than Chinese retail despite the fact that both are worse and there's literally no need to bring race into anything unless you want to be labeled as a tumbletard

No. 306300

File: 1494130147564.png (581.34 KB, 839x537, Cheeto.png)

>It just looks like I rubbed my eyes with cheeto fingers

If Suzy did her makeup while eating, we would have a cheeto base, with oreo crumb contours and cupcake sprinkle finish.

No. 306303

Sounds like something Jill would unironically do.

No. 306304

Holy shit that comment.

>Do you ever stop thinking about food you overstuffed pig?


No. 306305

i will never get over how hilarious her eyebrows are.

also that space between her nose and lips, oh BOY.

No. 306313

I like that the focus of the picture was supposed to be about her eyeshadow and you can't even see it because of the glasses. Good job, Suzy.

No. 306316

File: 1494131663925.png (18.31 KB, 500x110, IMG_9324.PNG)

Which anon left this comment? lmao

No. 306329


I'm guessing she deleted it? Because I can't see it anywhere.

No. 306331

File: 1494134478852.png (20.09 KB, 739x117, scurvy.png)

suzy tries a vegetable for the very first time

No. 306345

Her and Arin literally filmed themselves eating a raw bell pepper for the very first time because it's "soooo wacky" lmao. I guess they've never seen people eat raw vegetables.

"I think I can get used to this eating healthy stuff" - Suzy

No. 306347

late 20s and has never tried an artichoke. incredible.

No. 306484

>does eye makeup
>covers that shit up with glasses

No. 306545

Does she ever post a picture anymore thats NOT a snapchat filter???

No. 306568

Not to start a flamewar, but they're americans after all

No. 306578


Of course not. If she didn't use those filters you'd see her triple chins and dried out waxy looking face.

No. 306865

I KNOW they're both terrible, but privledged white bitches buying up shit and lying pisses me off more then the original origin of the sales, being China.

No. 306871

I get what you're saying but I'm American and everyone I know has eaten a bell pepper before. I'm actually baffled at how they've never had one. You'd have to really try to avoid eating raw vegetables until your late twenties.

No. 306898

You can even get bell pepper on your SubwayTM Sandwich…and they're on literally every other block

No. 307151

I'm American and haven't had a bell pepper. :/

No. 307156

you're missing out, that shit's great

No. 307159

You can put them in so many dishes. They are so versatile

I love bell peppers. I really hope Suzy isn't influencing kids that its normal not to have tried so many common vegetables. She should really try to set a better example. I guess its all money to her

No. 307225

Suzy should star in a movie as Bjork, and call it Pjork.

No. 307567

File: 1494278435700.png (669.23 KB, 588x801, 1494278358.png)

I hate both these people.

No. 307579


. . . Who fucking cares

No. 307606

Lol my thoughts exactly

No. 307664

This. Imagine being a car and going through a fucking drive thru and a bunch of assholes are too lazy to walk in and order food, so they're standing around blocking your way.

No. 307667

I have been a gamer for 10+ years and never experienced this. Who are these imaginary men that hate on Sheena and Snooze so much?

No. 307671

Seriously, they're playing the Anita game of 'woe is me, i'm a woman!! no one wants to play with me' sex card, which is trash. I play overwatch and TF2 and never dealt with that.

No. 307673

wtf are you going on about? Do you realize how diverse america is? I've eaten plenty of veggies and raw veggies since i was a kid and came from a small family. what does american have to do with anything? Snoozy and Arin just live on fast food, processed food, and junk, and that's all there is. Sage for rant.

No. 307674

Why is Holly so insufferable?

No. 307730

Same. I also play OW on XBOne with voice chat and literally never encounter any of this. The worst I get are people thinking I'm a 12-14 year old boy, I correct them, and we go on our way.

No. 307732

i assume the dining room was closed already

No. 307734

Because cosplay was her entire identity and it gave her ptsd.

No. 307737


It's typical whiny bullshit that girls like them do when they want a self esteem boost. They go on social media and cry about these supposed "sexist and toxic" players and how they were harassed for being a girl in voice chat, of course providing no evidence. And everyone is too busy telling them how "brave" they are and yelling "you go gurl. Fuck those sexist guys! #gurlpower" and patting them on the ass and defending their honor to bother calling them out on their bullshit.

No. 307739


Imagine the look on her face when they tell her that they can't walk a live cow out to the parking lot for her to consume.

No. 307823


Pedal to the metal, turn your wipers on.

No. 307835

is no one going to point out that women have XX and men have XY lmao. sheena and snooze, two peas in a retarded pod.

No. 307837

It's poking fun at the stereotype that Americans only eat junk food

No. 308387


This sketch was likely born of a real event - they saw that Suzy was getting fatter and asked if she was pregnant, and put on the spot she said she was both.

No. 308431


i friggin love brian but suzy is like a lump. the only reason she is in this sketch is because she is ~the girl~ but they honestly would have done better with danny or ross in a dress

No. 308452


Even the main sub ass lickers think this is bad and unfunny.

No. 308511

i guess i see where they are coming from because this has happened to me before but all it did was making me play the game more so i could git gud. because the woman comments only came out when i was playing horribly, therefore deserving the trash talk

No. 308929

most Americans who mainly work in front of the camera usually take care of themselves though (except for fat actors, "feeders" on youtube, etc.).

Also most americans have had bell peppers before. It's really weird that two people in their late twenties haven't had them. Bell peppers are used in so much of our cooking, besides things like soups and deep fried shit.

No. 308935

bell peppers are bright, colorful, and healthy! The absolute opposite of gothic ice cream. Of course she's never had one before

No. 308938

the game grumps subreddit is full of teenagers and grown manchildren

the game grumps youtube subscribers are full of actual 12 years this shit is made for. I see videos like these on the channel and cringe that I ever enjoyed Game Grumps at some point. I've been unsubscribed for years but god I feel embarrassed just thinking about people I've said "yeah game grumps is great! I love those guys!" to who might see this video and think of me

No. 309017

It's actually insulting that they claim to have been poor growing up yet never had bell peppers. Bell peppers and beef was a standard poor family meal alongside Rosaine meatloaf (3/4ths corn flakes, 1/4th ground beef for literally four night within a week to use 1lb of ground beef) for three decades up until like 2004.

No. 309021

What I'm saying is even you millenials know the Bell Peppers and beef poor family meal. Literally no actual poor person didnt have bell fuckin peppers before they were college age unless they were actually rich pretending to be upper-middle class or lowwer.

No. 309242

File: 1494433031095.png (217.53 KB, 776x1110, Suzy eats through her etsy mon…)

Something relevant that I requested a long time ago.

No. 309251

Wtf is with that grammar

No. 309262


No. 309602

Ew wtf
If you're going to post ugly ass feeder fetish pics of her at the very least don't say you "requested" it… tmi

No. 309605

Also I hope you didnt pay money for this, this is shit drawing and much better art can be produced at cbeap prices

No. 309747

File: 1494465879842.jpg (20.66 KB, 350x158, sliced-peppers.jpg)

I'm not American, but we just call bell peppers, peppers. Do you think they're just stupid, or have they really never ate any?

No. 309790


. . . Oh my god who the fuck cares

No. 309800

Lrn 2 sage.

No. 309936

File: 1494479158986.png (349.85 KB, 588x481, 0c2217f75bd491e9a11e4cbe769438…)

Probably because the make up looks awful…

No. 309938

yes, public shit talk someone. that makes you look good. like they tried to do with your shitty photos.

No. 309941

File: 1494480359920.png (91.47 KB, 640x688, IMG_9325.PNG)

Someone asked her why she quit "modeling".

She's talking her time as a "professional model" on twitter but there's too many tweets to share.

She's talking like she didn't model for nobody photographers/magazines 90% of the time. She only modeled for two known companies, Smashbox and Hot Topic.

No. 310096


Maybe because your makeup looks like shit you ugly cow. Holy fuck she is such a cult. You know damn well retard fans are going to hunt down and stalk this photographer because she said this shit.


That is fuckin hilarious because her story about why she quit modeling was always because "she got bored of it". I always knew it was a load of shit and it was because she was always short, fat and dumpy looking and only "modeled" for complete no names.

No. 310102

No. 310149

And how long ago did this happen? Why bring it up now? She's only looking for asspats.

Stop acting like such a goddamn victim Suzy.

No. 310183

This, I grew up on stuffed peppers and hated it, probably why I've avoided eating them for years. I'm sure little Suzy would've loved the ground meat inside

Did Suzy have specific career goals as a model? Her trying out for ANTM and having these types of photoshoots seems like she wanted to be a high-fashion model but her only work experience has been catalogue.
Now she just complains about everything because she can't even do catalogue anymore

No. 310200


This happened years ago. She is just bringing it up for asspats and "Pwease feel bad for me" attention. And of course she always has to play the victim instead of telling the truth. It couldn't be because she was a dogshit model with bad makeup, nope, it must be the "totally sexist photographer who hates me for no reason"

And now she is saying her mom was always supportive of her modeling and was proud of her, yet when the Do5 thing was going down she cried that she was abused by her parents. I swear this bitch is such a fake and I wish more people called her out.

No. 310207


It's the classic "You're not breaking up with me, I'm breaking up with you" bullshit. She was a dogshit model who had no chance of actually making it big and instead of just graciously accepting that reality, she threw a bitch fit and told everyone she "got bored of it".

Also, wasn't she the one bitching about not getting signed to agencies and shitting on older models?

No. 310237

she never, ever, ever had the build for high fashion.

No. 310254


That's probably what her mon was trying to tell her but of course Snooze doesn't want to hear anything other than ass kissing. She has always been short, dumpy looking with alien features even when caked with pounds of makeup. Coupled with her wanting to be a lazy slob who didn't want to put the work in (She wanted to stuff her fat face with donuts and sweets) and no shit she wasn't going to make it.

No. 310493


Check it out, it's a Black Swan with a Jewelry Con that had too many Bonn Bonns.

No. 310751

File: 1494568525274.png (74.08 KB, 640x774, IMG_9326.PNG)

I hope Snapchat takes away this filter so she'll have to find another way to be "funny and wacky"

No. 310762

Why doesn't she do plus size modeling for companies? She'd fit Hot Topic (unless she really is too old) or older women's fashion stores. If they do her makeup and tell her how to not make hillbilly expressions she'd look fine, her twin sister looks fairly cute because she doesn't fuck with her brows or cake on tons of eyeliner.

No. 310764

she's almost 30 now, and barely fits the clothes she pretends to have for OUTFAT OF TEH DAY

No. 310767

File: 1494569500862.jpg (49.74 KB, 810x1100, dressbarn n stuff.jpg)

Hence why I mentioned the older women's plus size brands. They would dress her.

No. 310774

Yuck. That looks like something a middle aged mom would wear.

No. 310776

File: 1494569950880.jpg (51.69 KB, 380x324, picard.jpg)

Yes, anon. Middle aged women do indeed have to wear clothes. And there are modeling opportunities for such clothes and body types.

No. 310782

>middle aged

lol wow

No. 310793

Are you actually saying it's impossible for a poor family to never eat bell peppers? Maybe her parents had a hug dislike for bell peppers so they never made them? Other cheap veggies exist you know.

No. 310796

I think she might have too much pride to model anything that says "plus size". I mean in her ootd videos she says she wears a small or medium and we all know there's no way

No. 310808

does anyone have a link to this video? I can't find it on her youtube

No. 310810

This one.

It might be just her eyebrows but she looks like she's on the verge of crying all throughout the video

No. 310811

You have to be 18 years to post here

No. 310815

My entire point was that 30 years old is not middle aged so suggesting that she model ugly granny dresses just because it's plus size is retarded. You could've at least posted some gothy pinup dress.

No. 310822

oh wtf im retarded. Dunno how I missed it. Thanks!

No. 310824

anon, that is a pretty nice dress. maybe youll grow out of your alternative phase and stop being a spoiled brat and learn to appreciate things.

No. 310825

>ugly granny dresses

You must barely be 20, if that. And never worked a real job in your life that required you to look good.

No. 310869

File: 1494579407047.png (201.63 KB, 640x779, IMG_9327.PNG)

Is this dress cool and hip enough for you, anon?

No. 310952


Because to Suzy, plus size = fat, which of course she doesn't think she is. It's why she lies about wearing smalls and mediums in her ootd videos.

No. 310976

I think I wore this to a My chemical romance concert in 2006.

No. 310984


Well that is her "style": Shitty 2006 Hot Topic Mom

No. 311006

I'm willing to bet actual money that he didn't even really insult her, more likely just didn't go out of his way to compliment her and maybe insinuated that she wasn't the most uh-mazing model he'd ever worked with. With the way everyone around her is required to kiss her ass and tiptoe around her flaws all the time, I'm sure she's begun to believe that lack of compliments = insult.

>wasn't she the one bitching about not getting signed to agencies and shitting on older models?

No. 311033


It's fucking Snoozy. I wouldn't trust her as far as I could throw her, and that wouldn't be very far because of how fat she has gotten. I have no doubt that she is just making this shit up for sympathy and asspats. She describes anyone who isn't kissing her ass as a "hater/sexist/jerk" and just sits back and waits for the Game Grumps fans to attack that person.

No. 311461


The hip bones connected to the… lard ass.

No. 311478

holy fucking shit at those old tweets

No. 311492


Yep. Those are all real. Unfortunately, all the Game Grumps fans think they are fake.

No. 311848

those are some really bad teeth

there is some tartar build up on the top front right tooth. There are also chips on a lot of those teeth as well. If you look closely at the top front left tooth, it looks like it was massively chipped at one point and corrected with filling. That or she's been brushing way too hard as the lower half is starting to become translucent

I have no idea why ANYONE would use a filter like this. 99% of people don't have perfect teeth. I wanna say like 80% of people have straight up gross teeth since nobody bothers with flossing

I bet Suzy's teeth will look nice though. Since she's rich so she has money to get a cleaning once a month instead of every sixth so there's no way for plaque to build up from all the sugary doughnuts and shit she eats everyday.

No. 311849

because she's gross looking. Even without makeup on, she's ugly, even compared to her twin sister. She has FAS. She would never get hired. There's more to being a plus sized model than just 'heavy.'

she looks normal and the dress is nice.

No. 311851

That's not a granny dress. It's a normal dress. Maybe business casual depending on where you work. Women don't have to be wearing skin tight dresses showing their cleavage and legs every second of their lives you know.

No. 311852

>there is some tartar build up on the top front right tooth.

if she just fucking got them cleaned, how is this already showing?

No. 311860

File: 1494666624910.png (160.4 KB, 640x904, IMG_9328.PNG)

Suzy has awful shaped teeth. They make her look like a rat. If she got them shaved down like her sister did she would look more normal. She's got the money to do that.

No. 311863

I don't see any chips. Just a brown mark of some kind on one tooth. I had to google the term, but those ridges all over her teeth are called mamelons if that's what you're referring to?

No. 311865

>shaved down
>destroying tooth enamel for vanity
dude wtf no.

No. 312132

Yes! Stuffed peppers, dang I have avoided it for so long I actually forgot the name of the poor person version. Actual bell peppers and beef is actually not bad if you use like a real round steak and slice and grill the peppers. It just feels lazy to put ground beef and padding filler in peppers, toss it in the oven and pretend that somehow makes it any better than just eating the ingredients separate on like a tortilla or something.

No. 312490

Wow I was about to say Suzy actually looks cute here until I realized it was her twin lmao

No. 312554

File: 1494755399556.jpg (216.27 KB, 1920x1080, DarkSoulsIII 2016-04-13 17-35-…)

It always makes me laugh how much this preset looks like Snoozy (the only difference being that the great swamp outcast has a top lip).
I don't think it's a coincidence that Arin skipped it during his Dark Souls 3 let's play.

No. 312577

Add another chin and some winged eyeliner and that's 100% Suzy lmao

No. 312654

File: 1494771978692.png (573.43 KB, 477x589, filterqueen.png)

How the fuck do you think this picture is good?

Also WHEN was the last time Snoozy uploaded a picture WITHOUT a snapchat filter on it??

No. 312655


lol at her still trying to hide her chins. You're fat Suzy, get over it

No. 312920

File: 1494803119748.png (905.32 KB, 597x593, suzysss.png)

Considering Suzys awful snapchat filter craze right now, this picture of her is honestly pretty good!

No. 313768

File: 1494900617472.png (60.55 KB, 640x470, IMG_9329.PNG)

She can't get views unless she has Arin in her videos. She's that bad that nobody watches her own videos for her, only for her guests.

No. 313770

I watched most of her playthrough of Night in the Woods up to date and I find it hilarious she ditched the "gothic"character for the goofy guy who is basically just a cooler version of her husband. That and she is saying Gregg and Mae are an item. Yes, Suzy, the guy who has basically said someone they live with is their rock is totally in an otp ship with the weird girl.
Nearly every episode she sounded like she was about to go: "Mae is soooo like me!"

Sorry for the sort of rant I just found it funny how she is avoiding the "gothic" character yet she claims up and down she herself is gothic.

No. 313772

>the gay boy is totally the kitty kat girls boyfriend

r u fuckin for real

i cant anymore
i unsubbed so i dont have to see her face in my feed

No. 313774

Why yes, yes I am. I believe it was the scene where… Should I bring up spoilers? Just for safety I won't. Basically Gregg and Mae were going to a certain place and all Arin and Suzy could talk about is how they are clearly on a romantic date.
I don't really get how you can just blatantly ignore very obvious dialogue that a certain character is in a very committed relationship. Then again, they are in a relationship built upon one of them essentially stalking the other for about a year.

No. 313779

File: 1494901428301.jpg (112.49 KB, 1024x784, gregg_and_angus_nitw_by_mangap…)

I got as far as the party in the woods where you see Mae's ex. The only thing "romantic" I can think of is the bike ride. I don't really want spoilers though. I need to finish that game lol.

Christ they're fucking idiots.

No. 313782


No. 313796


No one gives a shit unless Arin is on the channel Snoozy.

No. 313799

If you, or anyone here, find The Snooze and Arin in Little Tokyo in California, time how long it takes for her to clearly be mad that you are ignoring her to talk to her husband.
I've encountered them a few times in Little Tokyo, and I've talked to Arin about anime… please don't hate me. Anyway, I just ignored The Snooze because I was just in that human mode where I am focusing on one person while having a conversation with them and I only noticed I was doing so when I felt her glaring at me.
Also Arin's really openly perverse, not like he gropes people. He just ogles the 2D ladies a bit. It's a little sad. But hilarious.
Now I'm just going to ask does anyone know why KKG needs to be a separate channel thing as opposed to just being a feature on Game Grumps?

No. 313804

>Now I'm just going to ask does anyone know why KKG needs to be a separate channel thing as opposed to just being a feature on Game Grumps?

Because SHE wants attention and to feel relevant. And try to prove she can be something without her husbands influence. Which she can't.

No. 313806


That doesn't surprise me at all. Snoozy is such an obnoxious bitch who always wants to be the center of attention. She is always practically seething if people are having a good time without her and constantly interjects in conversations she clearly wasn't invited to.

No. 313807

I mean… I was expecting this answer, but I just feel like it's so sad and pathetic. Did somebody on GG piss her off so much she essentially decided to do the generic band thing where she tries to go solo?

No. 313810

I think I've done it twice now. One time I was talking to him about all the Fist of the North Star spinoffs, and she just forced herself into the conversation by talking about how much she loved the gore. And I just, I'm not a very confrontational person, so I didn't have it in me to tell her that that wasn't exactly what we were talking about. But, yanno, not changing the conversation to her mention is bad. So I still got glared at. Then again, she is married to a guy who passive aggressively talks shit to people who bring up The Tester to him.

No. 313811


She originally announced it as a "Video game DiY, makeup and cosplay" channel, similar to Mort3mer. Months later she just lazily made it a let's play channel. And after a few months of floundering views, she had Arin make KKG a Game Grumps subsidiary to save her from completely tanking, selling it to Grumps fans as "A channel with just Suzy of you want to watch her", since at the time she was being featured more on Game Grumps and was met with huge backlash from the fans that didn't want her on the channel.

The kick is that she vehemently denied that Arin had anything to do with her "success" and gets pissy when that is mentioned, despite the fact that all of her channels would have completely sunk if she didn't regularly feature Arin on them.

No. 313813


I'd kill to see the look on her face if you actually told her off like that. She is so used to everyone kissing her ass and walking on eggshells around her that it would be nice for someone to put her in her place for once.

No. 313816

The only reason I know Arin would passive aggressively talk shit to people if they bring up The Tester is my friend blurted out "What was up with the melons" at Anime Expo the year that show came out. He looked annoyed, and just started doin' some little subtle insults. And then when my friend wanted to take a picture with him, Arin did a dopey face and refused to take another one. I mean, that may seem silly to complain about but it just seems very obvious you, Arin, wanted to be a big child about one of your fans upsetting and so you just thought you could do yourself a solid and look like an idiot in the photo. Then again, he just seems like an incredibly petty person.
I've considered doing it the next time I see them at Little Tokyo or Disneyland or something. I just, again, am not that confrontational of a person. The most I could probably say to her when pushed to my limit would be to tell her her jewelry could stand to be cheaper.

No. 313818

You would think with how many channels exist with the same format and with better hosts in terms of personality and play performance (if that makes any sense) she would try to milk whatever is making her big. Suzy, it's okay to use Arin on your channel if it gets you views. Even if you are as bland as you are, someone out there who is a fan of Arin will say "Hey this is nice" and subscribe. It's bound to happen. Use the opportunity, do not let your ego blind you in an supersaturated market.

No. 313821


She wants to be seen as this "bad ass gamer gurl who did it all on her own", so that won't happen. She has always been compared to Arin and his friends and has always probably felt like she can't hope to compare, so she has to boost her ego any way she can.

No. 313822

What's The Tester?

No. 313825

You competed in challenges similar to Survivor to be a qa tester for Sony. You got a signing bonus I think and nothing else. Arin was on it on the third season and they made it sound like on the first episode he was there just to promote himself but the show used him to promote itself constantly. He got eliminated because he did not teach his teammates how to do a task he figured out how to do.
And it has been a sore spot for him ever since.

No. 313827

She must have no reasoning skills whatsoever. Or she is just in denial. The entire road that leads to KKG just screams she didn't exactly do it on her own. It screams more of mediocrity trying to elevate itself by standing out but then realizing it is still just mediocrity.

No. 313833


It's definitely denial. She wants to feel like she is independent and relevant, so she tells herself whatever lies she wants to feel better about herself.

No. 313834

>I just feel like it's so sad and pathetic.

Suzy is. To be honest, I really want to like her. But over the years, it's just gotten more and more impossible to. And her lies just keep piling up as well.

No. 313839


She practically invents new reasons for you to not like her.

No. 313841

I wonder if she has ever noticed that she settled for a guy who wrote her letters every day for a year for her to come back to him.
I wonder if Arin has ever noticed that he never truly knew her before he risked it all and moved to California.
And then he lost on a garbage game show because someone told him he should have showed people how to shoot melons with a slingshot.

No. 313846


The were honestly stupid kids who didn't know any better. I'm sure if given the opportunity to do it over, Arin would have just moved on from Suzy.

No. 313847

Arin recently said he slept with a girl other than Snooze, but I don't believe him.

No. 313848


That felt like him covering his ass because whenever he mentioned sex on the show the fans instantly know he is talking about Snoozy, since he has always stated that she is the only girl he has ever been with.

No. 313850

Danny being confused only inforces this.

No. 313865

Does anyone remember the episode in which he said it?

No. 313867

I'm pretty sure it was one of the first 10 Breath of the Wild episodes. Sorry I can't narrow it down more than that. I know on Reddit they were speculating about it being an open relationship (so if no one here remembers, maybe it'll say over there)

No. 313879

Thanks. I can probably find the strength to trudge through the first little bit of that playthrough. Maybe anyway.

No. 313971


there was a time many moons ago where arin & suzy took a break and he had dated another girl in that time frame

No. 313985


Snoozy apparently also dated someone at that time and described him as "abusive". And much like how she characterizes her mom like that, I'm sure that means she is full of shit about that as well and was probably just upset that the guy dumped her ass.

No. 313997

Really. Well, if he wants to continue to establish this long timeline he has on the internet bitching at people on livejournal, stalking his current wife, and his short long distance relationship… Where does this fit into the convoluted timeline that is his horrible dating life?

No. 314011

That's such a crock of shit, I used to be friends with Suzy during the era of MySpace and she would parade this ex like crazy, he basically was the complete opposite of arin, he was the cliche bad boy that was "goffick" and when she realized he wasn't amounting to anything and neither was she she went back to Arin because he was falling for the Katie girl, if you look up arins old DA account you can see the passive aggressive comments Suzy would leave on pics he drew of Katie
But from iirc wasn't the Katie girl in a different state?? I thought it was an ldr for Arin and they never really met?

No. 314015

Suzy's idea of abusive just seems like being told she can't achieve something. Which… okay?
It is funny how Let's Plays are almost perfect for Arin because he can have no real filter and people will be okay with it because "LOL HE IS SO QUIRKY!!!1!1!1!1!" Do people say quirky anymore? Anyway…
It is almost embarassing how little self control he has. By that I mean, I feel embarassed for him because of how little self control he has. Didn't someone in one of these threads state that he admitted he sharted himself on air? Really, Arin? Really?
Suzy, meanwhile, is trying so hard to find some outstanding niche of hers that does not relate to her husband. But she is going about it the wrong way. From scamming people to just being in denial about her Let's
Play channel getting more views when her husband or their friends show up. Suzy it is okay to use the Game Grumps brand to sell yourself. It is not okay to sell overpriced jewelry one can find on a pier or a market on the street.
I have heard from other websites Arin has been a bad roommate to the point where he has tried to ruin one's reputation. I don't know if it is true but I honestly would not be surprised.

No. 314018

Katie was the long distance girl who was probably a choice that would be better for his mental health. Then again, Arin seems to not really understand the difference between the love one has for their friends and the love one should have for a romantic partner…

No. 314021


Wow. So was she as much of a cunt back then as she is now?


Exactly. Snoozy's idea of abuse is anyone who doesn't kiss her ass and tell her how great she is. Her mom wants her to be realistic about becoming a model because of her unfortunatel genetics? "Abusive". Boyfriend dumped her because she was a loser going nowhere? "Abusive".

No wonder she married Arin. Dude is a total man child who ignores any sort of outside criticism. He also made that cringey as fuck animation about how "great" Suzy is, fellating her about everything she does and how she is "not like those other girls".

No. 314034

The funny thing about that is, it is clear both of them somewhat regret their decision of getting married so young with so little relationship experience. That and, again, with how little a filter Arin has and how controlling Suzy seems to be, leads to an unhealthy relationship. I remember some video they did where they discussed how they met and he said that he thought she was "… pretty cool" and Suzy iust looked at him like "Really?" and I don't know what she was expecting. He has shown time and time again his knowledge of intimacy extends to sex and flopping your dick around in front of his friends. What did you think was going to happen? He also is not going to admit he basically stalked you for a year on a live recording, just like you sure as hell did not admit to being petty and leaving rude comments on your ex's social media crap.
Arin is, like many jerkoffs from Newgrounds, a person who got lucky because their stuff got a wide audience despite it being very basic stuff. While you could argue many of those jerkoffs have grown as people since then, Arin has stayed relatively the same. Didn't he drop out of school?

No. 314039


Suzy keeps trying to make their relationship out to be the perfect "storybook romance", where they knew they wanted to be together from first sight and that there was never anyone else for them, when really there are an average ass couple that got married way too early and they will probably get divorced after Arin's YouTube bucks run dry.

No. 314046

Arin is a terrible partner to have when you want to sell that story. I don't think it will be when his channel goes down or whatever that will cause him to run out of money…. I just think their personalities will bring it down. Arin has, again, no self control and Suzy can be controlling. She also seems paranoid, insensitive yet sensitive herself, and just plain quick to anger. One of them will do something that will cause the other to end it. It could even just be Arin realizing this relationship should have stayed alive during his teenage years, and not into adulthood. Suzy seems like she could be a better person if she just mellowed out.
Also why bring someone like Dan on if you want to bs about sleeping with someone else, or that your marriage is still one filled with love? Dan will calmly question you, and since you are not good with being asked for further info, you will break down. They just seem to have no reasoning when it comes to their goals. Arin's goal is… I do not even know if he has aspirations any more. Other than eating Wendy's… I can not think of anything. Suzy has a goal of being big but not by other's merits. But she also needs to let you know who she is married to. You set yourself up for that, Suzy.
You know, I think it would be best for both of them if they took a break. I feel happy for Arin when he is with Oney because Arin sounds geniunely happy. Despite him being a scummy guy, I just can't help but be happy when others are genuinely happy.

No. 314095

Did anyone find where Arin tried to pretend Suzy is not the only woman he has slept with?

No. 314113


A friend of mine with three kids and over 10 years of marriage will admit that she greatly regrets not dating more before she settled down. She won't come out and say she's unhappy, but it's pretty well implied that she settled and she knows it.
Anyone think that Arin and Suzy are feeling this now, especially since they've been branching out and meeting more people through YT Red, Game Grumps guests, and all that shit? Not to mention the fact that they don't separate their personal lives from their business ventures. Having a public relationship from a young age must put some strain on them both to make the relationship look totally perfect.

OT for armchair psych gab

No. 314118


I can't imagine trying to keep up appearances of a perfect relationship is healthy for them. Every waking moment seems to be of Snoozy constantly trying to make everyone jealous of her relationship with Arin and how no one could ever possibly hope to have the relationship they do. Couple that with working with and seeing each other for the past decade and a half and I'm sure they'll just get sick of each other. Not to mention Snoozy constantly getting in drama and Arin having to bail her out and her seemingly never learning her lesson.

No. 314143

Not to mention the fact that Arin also clearly really likes men, and if Suzy wasnt around he would probably be gay

No. 314154


I mean, that is a bit of a stretch.

No. 314176

I don't think he is gay exactly, I just think he is still at the mentality where it is funny to him to make other people uncomfortable by making really inappropriate jokes about sexual things. Like I stated before, it is clear from everything he puts out there he has no knowledge of intimacy outside of sex. And waving your dick in front of your friends. I won't blame Suzy for that exactly, but even if they felt that they should be together they should have tested the waters more. Experiencing more relationships than just two can really help you. I am not gonna state that sticking with one person from the start is bad… but the personalities that Arin and Suzy have… they could use some time testing the waters away from each other. They seem more like buddies as opposed to an actual romantic item. And even then they just seem so awkward. Every video I have ever seen of them together (by themselves) seems like it is two friends hanging out. I don't exactly know if Suzy knows more about intimacy than Arin, but… this relationship did start when Arin ogled her at a con, right?

No. 314178


Arin was actually interested in Snoozy's friend at that con and he got stood up by her and settled for Suzy instead.

No. 314179

Can I add to your armchair psych gab that their relationship is fascinating. It is almost like their relationship has kept their minds permanently locked on the mentality they had as teens.

No. 314180

Oh my god. And then he thought in his head "Down the line, I am going to demand people draw fanart of sexy 2D women for my viewing pleasure. Probably on Frid-No… Saturday…"

No. 314459

And yet he never said he slept with another girl until this year.

No. 314463

I told you to check Reddit. I'm not watching this crap again.

Aparently Zelda OoT 57
but I was referring to Zelda BotW 8

No. 314518

interesting comment

>Iirc Suzy got engaged to another guy during that year, but he was an abusive asshole. I think this came from the Meet The Grumps stuff on grump-out

how the hell do you get engaged to someone you've known for less than a year. I know we joke about Suzy being desperate and generally dim but seriously. Marriage has got to be one of the most important and expensive moments of your life. You don't just go and get engaged to some random guy you knew for a few months


No. 314536

Sorry if my post came off as bitchy, btw. It's been an annoying day.

No. 314538

How old was she? I dont know where this bs comes from, but many girls have the goal to marry as early as they can, so they will get engaged to anyone willing. It's literally nothing special and a lot of girls I know have been there, but luckily marriage never happened and they think differently now, waiting for someone who really fits to marry.

No. 314539

Apparently she dated the goth king in ~2009 or something. There was old tweets of hers in some thread.

I kind of wanna see his picture.

No. 314555


ok cuntrag

No. 314601

If you're going to be butthurt about a month-old post the least you can do is sage your shit.

No. 314675

I wonder if Suzy just romanticized the idea of getting married just like she romanticized corpses or.. is it dead things or corpses?
I don't know.
To her, almost everything seems like a way of standing out in a crowd. Also she retweeted something about Overwatch today where the image was a scene in Spongebob where a bunch of the townsfish were gonna beat up an old man?
I honestly do not know much about Overwatch but it was something about 76 or something. Is it wrong of me to wonder if she jumped on Overwatch because it is the talk of the town? I don't know if she actually likes it.
Then again, she always seems so sad to the point she is trying to put on a brave face in public so… I do not know if she likes ANYTHING.

No. 314691


I've read a post over on rantgrumps (I think) to this effect. Not only have they been together since their self-righteous teenage years but they've surrounded themselves with a close group of yes men, meaning that they never had to get out of that mindset.
Speaking of which, I really doubt taking a break or separating is even in the cards for them, if they were so inclined. Not only is their relationship part of their public identity (or in Suzy's case, her public identity) but they have so many mutual friends and all of them related to their work that it would no doubt cause a major rift in their happy fappy clan. Hell, I'm willing to bet Dan is the only one who has friends that we haven't seen in a GG collaboration.

No. 314693


She clearly doesn't give a shit about Overwatch and is just hopping on the bandwagon because it's the popular thing. She clearly isn't a fan of fps games and is absolutely god awful at them because according to her "walking and shooting is too hard".

She is such a fake that she has to attach herself to all these tent poles to give the illusion of being a deep and complex multi-faceted individual. To her, everything is just a mask for her to wear to feel like she belongs in a group.


I think Ross mentioned that he still has friends back in Australia that he talks to. But yeah, Snoozy has absolutely no friends outside of YouTube, which isn't a shock because short of having brain damage, no one would willingly spend any amount of extended time with her. She is a pretentious twat who sniffs her own farts about how much better she is than everyone and how she is "not like those other girls". No one would seriously consider hanging out with her unless they were looking to get in good graces with her husband.

No. 314721

Not only are a lot of them yes-men, a lot of them are not very confrontational. Holly, for example, would probably tell someone to stop but would not get in their face about it. Barry seems like the nicest guy in the bunch because the only flaw I can really think of is he is friends with.. Arin and Suzy. I think Ross hates Suzy. I think. Because apparently she tried to push off other people's art as her own or something? I can't sit through all of the G episodes to remember…
Dan is a wild card yes man. He can either calmly call you on your shit (Like Arin sleeping with other women than Suzy) or just agree with you. Such a weird choice for a co-host when you like to fib about shit to make yourself less of a putz, Arin.
The sad thing is, is you are right. Despite the fact that a break would probably be the best idea (at least to me) Suzy has just done the "I must show he is mine" thing. Allllll the videos with him on her content is her introducing him as "My husband Arin, also known as Egoraptor." I think honestly, they are slowly realizing that they are not exactly happy with their romantic relationship wih each other. Then again, like I stated before, I just don't think Arin knows the difference between a person you love romantically and a "bro". Despite all of those posts on Livejournal bitching about him knowing otherwise. Suzy needs to stop with the husband name plugging. Everyone knows.

No. 314725

That is what I mean, though. She just always has this face that looks like she is already predicting all the mean comments that will hurt her feelings, in her head. And she is trying not to freak out.
So it makes it hard to tell if she likes anything if she always looks like she is having a bad time but she is trying to hide it and failing.

No. 314732


It's more like she is always thinking of whatever snide remark she can make to her "haters" for when she inevitably says something stupid or unfunny. She is always on the defensive and takes any comment that isn't kissing her ass as a personal attack. She is a lot like Momokun in that she is always looking to clap back at every comment made about her, even ones that are trying to help her.

No. 314965

That could be it too. I don't know, whenever I have seen her in person she looks… super sad but putting on a peppy face. And that look is in her videos too. Or maybe I am just around too many depressed people and am applying that look onto her.
Oh god MoMo.
Does anyone know if Suzy is going to be at AX again trying to sell her stuff? Also Arin's beard looks weird on him. Especially with how it grows on his lips.
Again, I may just be looking into it too much and you might be right. Suzy might just be the type of person to stand in front of her mirror at night and think up comebacks for her "oppressors."

No. 314982

File: 1495062348271.png (423.69 KB, 603x595, suzyinsta.png)

Suzy hit 300k subscribers on instagram somehow, so hurry up and follow her if you dont want to miss out the "fun" of seeing a grown woman complain about her hard hard life and posts snapchat selfies

No. 315342


I mean, where else am I going to get to see some lazy fat cow whine and complain about how hard her life is and shill her overpriced garbage on etsy?

No. 315413

Why did she take a picture of curdled milk?

No. 315695

File: 1495134524110.png (621.38 KB, 893x538, ddddd.png)

Its her coffee because OMG SHES LIKE SO EXHAUSTED from her hard life and cant get up at 11am without being tired anymore

No. 315729


Good lord she is such a fucking whiny crybaby. She can't go a day without bitching about how "hard" her life is.

No. 315741


Sage for semi-OT
Unless I missed something major since her etsy shop scandal I think what you're talking about is how when Ross and Barry played Pokemon Art Academy Suzy was the last to have played so her name was on the signature and they never changed it. They kept joking that Suzy was the artist and then had that BS art show of everything they made in that series where they showed of Suzy as the "artist".

Regardless though I do think it's fairly obvious Ross doesn't care much for her from the way he interacts from her whenever they're in an episode together.

No. 315742


*with her

No. 315767


It's seems like Ross and Brian are the only ones with balls who aren't afraid to give her shit and call her out sometimes. Arin and Barry are constantly kissing her bloated ass and doing damage control whenever her ego is challenged while Dan is "Mr Nice Guy" who always tries to get along with everyone.

No. 315782

they're all financially intertwined, you think any of them are going to risk actually rocking the boat?

No. 315796

I am really curious if she reads this thread.

No. 315815


This. Whether they like it or not they have to remain in good standing with the boss, which means staying on good terms with his wife. Arin seems the type that values loyalty and friendship over productivity and work ethic (see "editor" Kevin for a good example) so any shit disturbance he would no doubt take very personally. Even with the cushiest job on the planet I'm sure there's tension between some of them.

Not that we'll ever know (assuming the GG staff had to sign NDRs) but I'd be really curious to know how they all actually feel about each other.

No. 315832


Leave it to the creeps over at Polygrumps to actually find this.

No. 315854

File: 1495145338113.jpg (94.89 KB, 630x426, etsydk.jpg)

No. 315964

Good grief. Is this recent?

No. 315977


No. This was a while ago. Snoozy posted a video on Instagram of her showing off some bath accessory and she deleted shortly after realizing people could see her naked reflection in the faucet.

No. 316166

>they have so many mutual friends and all of them related to their work that it would no doubt cause a major rift in their happy fappy clan.

dont kid yourself. theyre arins friends, not suzys.

i know a chick like that irl, and when she still talked to me, she had hissy fits about it allllll the time. they just had a fight on fucking facebook today i guess, but i missed it or it was on her page

No. 316170


this is old hat, but really fucking bugged me and i dont watch shit anymore so i dont know if its still true

but some time after arin got married, and he was starting to go to japan all the time, ross was really sad on a stream train episode about how he couldnt afford to visit his family.

idk it just pisses me off to this day. and i dont even like ross.

someone tell me if the poor guy has gotten to see his family once a year or not recently

No. 316174

>that fruit comment

im surprised she didnt delete it

also does that have 8k+ likes what the fuck

No. 316213

suzy got some real chunky wrists

No. 316235

I love that all the comments are healthy lol.

No. 316525


They are all telling her that the reason she is so tired is because she eats like shit.

No. 316680

Didn't she say she was going to do perhaps a Dear Suzy thing?
What the hell would her expertise be? How to scam people?

No. 316690


It was another dumb thing she asked her fans if they wanted her to do.

A vapid idiot like Snoozy can't offer advice on anything other than scamming people and leeching off of their husband.

No. 316701

File: 1495220435514.gif (2.92 MB, 540x304, c41ce14e-b6ed-4f30-9a3c-7c800d…)

I've never really watched GG, only a few parts here and there but somehow I feel this partially sums it up

No. 316713


She was being a huge cunt in that series, doing her typical annoying as fuck "Can this be the game instead?" shit when she is playing a game she doesn't like and just left half way through because she felt like it, even though it was for charity.

No. 316768

File: 1495227449144.jpg (63.96 KB, 900x900, unnamed.jpg)

tbh her nose is extremely cute, its just her top lip.

which actually makes me feel for her bc there's an in-office procedure they can do under local anesthesia to shorten your top lip. if she lurks, Dr. Talei in LA is world class and leaves little to no scar. i saw him personally lol so i'm low-key praying she sees this bc it changed my life and will do her wonders. probably costs less than her hot topic wardrobe and should actually give her some confidence to maybe lose weight.

pic related for curious farmers.

No. 316786

different anon but I think it's called a lip lift

No. 316791

>presented with the Draenei mage she'll be playing

No. 316809

Yeah. Bii needs one desperately as well.

No. 316813


Wasn't nearly as annoying as Arin bitching because his character wasn't female

No. 316953

I had friends who tried to get me to watch this series of GG but I couldn't do it.
(tbh, I only ever really watch Jontron and not GG unless forced by friends)

No. 317232

Same. I never even watched GG when Jon was still on, but his Jontron videos on his own are hilarious. GG just tries to stick with an improv-like, go-with-the-flow style, which is fine if you know how to make up jokes on the fly or just be generally entertaining, but…

No. 317357

when I still watched like 2 years ago, he said he was in australia for christmas…he probably can afford it now, don't worry

No. 317553

God, if I were a plastic surgeon, that is NOT a before/after pic I would use

that woman already has terrible "plastic surgery face" before the procedure.

No. 317554

he just went to Australia with Holly when his nephew was born.

No. 317587

File: 1495318857424.png (690.34 KB, 930x592, dankmemes.png)

Suzys coming in hot on the spicy meme train guys

No. 317789

Did she think this was funny or something? Don't tell me she thought she could start a meme trend or something because this is just unfunny shit that most likely no one cares about

No. 317796

Alot of girls online does the "bad grammar is cute" kind of meme shit to be funny, I dont know if people like Suzy realize that the "I can has cheezburger?" thing died in 2009

No. 317992

File: 1495359607617.png (94.83 KB, 500x502, IMG_9341.PNG)

I've seen this meme a lot on twitter way before Suzy made that post. Suzy's also not creative or interesting enough to come up with anything on her own, even if the meme is already unfunny.

She thought those normal pictures of her cat were funny enough to be like that meme, I guess.

No. 317996

It was a couple months ago, you can find screenshots in the last thread

No. 318345

File: 1495398533021.png (742.85 KB, 930x584, suzyweekend.png)

Because thats not what youd be doing anyway Suzy…

No. 318365

Lol wtf? She hurt her ankle so now she is just laying there? Bitch her entire career is mainly just her sitting on her ass asides from her now fewer ootd videos

No. 318404

Makes me wonder how she hurt her ankle in the first place since all she does is sit on her ass all day. Maybe she stood up and her ankle just gave out from under all the weight.

No. 318419

The fact that she doesn't say how she hurt it is very telling. I'm thinking she tripped over her own filth. Can't imagine anyone cleans that house often

No. 318461


Isn't this like the third time she has mentioned hurting her ankle in some way? What, is she so fat that her weight can't support her anymore?

No. 318473

Lol pretty sure that also happened to the baluga on Big Fat Fabulous Life
A possible future perhaps?

No. 318597

File: 1495422321911.png (358.8 KB, 593x442, tumblr2020.png)

When people post stuff like this I cringe… tag urself guyz im soozy!

sage because possible the wrong place to post this maybe

No. 318601

File: 1495423038159.jpg (60.82 KB, 718x504, dfgh.JPG)

Eh, it's pretty related
Yeah it's pretty cringey, but that goes for a lot of grumps stuff that comes out of tumblr

No. 318610

Stop posting this autistic Tumblr polygrumps shit

No. 318640

It just keeps getting worse

No. 318676


i mean tbf that one's pretty accurate, he's probably more attracted to wendy's than snoozy at this point

No. 318686

suzy's second chin looks massive from the side. Her pudgy cheeks stick out too. No wonder every photo she posts is a selfie from the same angle

No. 318702

File: 1495436928014.jpg (61.57 KB, 1024x575, ber.jpg)

No. 318709

Forgive my newfaggotry, but what anime is the screenshot from?

No. 318725

Occult Academy (also in the show it's a dude and the subtitle is edited in)

No. 318807

Arin the hyperactive twat. Suzy the sooky buzzkill. Barry the subservient middle man. Danny the thousand yard stare. That gif really does sum them up nicely.
I didn't watch the Guild Grumps because everything I've heard of the series makes my blood boil. Even though it's for charity they all act like whiney cocks because it's something that Ross put together. Not only did the "goddammit Ross" mentality stop being funny by then but they missed a fucking golden opportunity to profit off the success of The Office & Parks and Rec's style of narrative. Then again, that would have required Boss Man to pull his head out of his rectum which hasn't happened in years.

No. 318823

It was always strange how Arin started this "Ross sucks and is evil" shtick anyway when Ross is one of the most decent human beings associated with GG and even started a series specifically to make a woman with terminal cancer happy, and never boasted about it (the woman's husband only later explained that was what happened).

No. 318825


Snoozy thinks she is too "goffick" and "edgy" for Twilight despite the fact that she is just as boring and bland as Bella. But otherwise this is perfect.

No. 318833

I bet Snoozy blocked the person suggesting fruits in the morning. hahaha

No. 318835

Guild grumps would have been fun if Holly was there instead of Snoozy, or even Brian. I just can't stand her and plenty of girls hate her, so she can't pull that trap card of hers (the sexism card. because whaa whaa, only basement dwellers hate her apparently.)

No. 318839

>You look like Gadget from rescue rangers.

Bitch, no.

No. 318842

File: 1495462483380.gif (194.45 KB, 477x456, villager-mad.gif)

Why does Snoozy think she's even creepy? Most people with the creepy aesthetic actually like horror movies and cult films in pop culture. She seems like a girl who wears black sometimes and thinks she's goth or something. She doesn't even wear black 90% of the time, it's just American Eagle hoodies and blue denim jeans. i can't stand Snooze.

No. 318844

I'm seriously afraid of Wendy x Arin porn now. I know how vile the fandom is too.

No. 318848


She is like every high school emo kid who thinks their life is so "tortured" and tragic" and that wearing all black makes them "goth".

No. 318852

good. if arin can afford to go jerk off in japan whenever he wants, ross should be able to see his damn family.

No. 318856

This "meme" is kind of shit, but her pictures themselves she decided to use are way worse.

No. 318858

>Can't imagine anyone cleans that house often

Don't they have a maid?

No. 318862


I think she only cleans their office. I highly doubt Snoozy would let anyone clean her house, since she is always so up her own ads about how "clean and organized" she is.

No. 318863

wait, which series?

No. 318864

I know they used to? But that was like 100 years ago when they still recorded at the house. I guess they don't have a reason to now, plus what you added..

No. 318922

Correct me if I'm wrong but didn't the random hating Ross shit start with Dan during the days of Steam Train? I know it made a comeback after the first few episodes of Mario Maker where he made obnoxiously hard levels for them to play and they played Ross up to be a sadist.. like making those kinds of levels is something he and only he would be evil enough to think up hurhur

No. 318971


I remember it really starting to pick up when they played Skyrim.

No. 319103

but the real question is will Suzy post about it being World Goth Day today and/or post an "I totally wear these clothes irl what are you talking about?" ootd video.

No. 319131


You're joking right? Snoozy never skips an opportunity to be up her own ass about her "dark" and "goffick" she is.

No. 319150

They have a maid who cleans all their shit, I believe Arin said that the same maid who cleans their office cleans his house. They're that fucking busy (lazy) that they can't clean their own house.

I can understand needing a maid for their office but not their home. I guess that maid probably gets paid really well at least.

No. 319347

dan looks too young there, make him an older an with more hobbo hair version.

No. 319376


Holly was there for the later episodes and it became ten times more watchable. She actually understands the game.

No. 319379


It's because like Ross, she is actually a huge WoW fan and wasn't there to just completely shit on Ross like Arin and Dan do or be a complete sheep who always follows the crowd like Suzy was. Holly, Barry and Jesse were easily the best parts because it was clear they were fans of the game and actually wanted to play.

No. 319384

I'm a girl and I hate Suzy. I think most women who love video games like myself despise "gaaaamerrr GURLZ" like Suzy because it makes the rest of us look like a joke. It's women like her who keep that stupid stereotype alive. I just want to play games with voice chat on and have people take me seriously

No. 319392


There definitely needs to be more girls in the gaming community like you instead of ones like Snoozy who look for a medal just because she is a girl who says she likes video games and uses "You're a sexist/toxic" as a defense from actual criticism.

No. 319396

There are literally tons of us, you just probably don't notice because unlike the twitter/twitch gamer whores we don't feel the need to point it out first thing and again every 3 minutes. We just play games in our spare time, same as everyone else.

No. 319560

as obnoxious as Holly can be sometimes, I understand why she's the way she is.

she tweeted a couple days ago that the best birthday present she got this year was her dad admitting to her that he's an alcoholic and that he promised to stop driving drunk. her mom died while living with a crack dealer.

she's still friends with Jon because she said she just wants to be friendly with everybody.

she's not a bad person, just misguided, maybe. Suzy is a bad person.

No. 319568

holly being annoying has nothing to do with being a tryhard who wants everyone to worship and like her. suzys does. that alone makes a huge difference.

No. 319649

Yeah I agree, holly is really tolerable and she gives off a more warm and approachable aura, whereas Suzy will death stare you across the table because you happened to actually wear the clothes she claims to do so and actually try on your appearance (had an experience with her like this lol)
But yeah idk holly just doesn't give the holier than thou attitude and doesn't seem to walk around like her shit doesn't stink

No. 319661

i think if i knew holly irl it would be super easy to get past her character flaws

No. 319714


What happened?

No. 321364

I agree, holly is much more tolerable when compared to an edgy try hard like Suzy who is just fishing for compliments and ass pats

No. 321620

File: 1495750043057.png (936.07 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170525-180159.png)

Remember kids, Pepsi totally gives you cancer according to Suzy and her mom, but Coke is okay! With the complete lack of OOTD videos and almost no full body appearances lately, I think it's safe to say she's gained even more weight lately. I think the fact that her thyroid problem turned out to be nothing really threw her for a loop, and she has no idea what to do about the weight.

No. 321634

she'd probably drop a few pounds from cutting out soda alone. this girl is a huge sugar addict.

No. 321644

I know someone who lost a lot of weight just by cutting out soda, beer, and every other drink except water. If Suzy just learned a little discipline, she'd be a lot better off with her weight, her YouTube channel, her relationships, etc. Still, with all her ass-kissing fans who defend her at every turn, why would she bother?

No. 321675

if she just cut out soda and laid off the constant carbs she'd be fine, have more energy, and probably gain some positivity or ambition.

idk what her mental situation in but (sage for the incoming armchair psych, sorry guys) people who gain that much weight that quickly, especially during their public marriage failures, probably have some mental stuff going on even if it's mild and treatable through lifestyle changes. If she changed her diet alone she'd lose weight and be more pleasant to be around. Constant carbs and soda cause a ton of inflammation, so many studies concluded that a subset of depression is caused by body, specifically brain, inflammation. Considering she literally does nothing but complain, it's reasonable to think her bad attitude is really just a symptom of garbage health. Sorry if this has already been covered here!

It's frustrating watching someone sabotage their career with a bad attitude when it could be caused by something as simple as bad eating/lack of exercise to burn off cortisol. She'd probably feel loads better with a probiotic and omega-3s.

Her sugar intake is a whole other obvious issue she needs to stop fucking with considering how young she is and how she has a legit platform she shouldn't be screwing up. How many people bought her tacky jewelry that she barely had to lift a finger to create? She's lucky af and the self sabotage is unreal.

tl;dr diet plays one of the biggest roles in your life quality, you can't convince me this girl has reached her full potential lol, so I feel bad + health advice.

No. 321685


Yeah. It's completely obvious that she has given up on doing any more ootd's with how fat she has gotten. She already looked totally embarrassing in the last few ones.

No. 321758

File: 1495760483610.jpg (122 KB, 675x1200, C_G2VCgUQAIET_l.jpg)


She's obviously gaining weight - this shot was taken earlier this month and even through the filters you can see that her cheeks are a lot more plump.
I'm guessing her next unboxing video will reveal if she's at her heaviest.

No. 321767

Lol I find it funny how she continues to use that filter considering it makes her look like a pig

No. 321781


When it's used properly it's meant to make the eyes bigger and narrow the chin while compressing the face - I'd imagine Suzy likes to use it for the latter, covering up her double chin and masking the shape of her face. It doesn't work so well when it's taken on an angle as shown here.

No. 321814

not just suzy types but the guys who enable them. i've had guys try to blow smoke up my ass for having a darkest dungeon bg on my laptop and i only play like 3 games and don't even tell anyone about it/refuse to talk about it

No. 321929

Is this Suzy with Nicole Duquette?

No. 321942


Yep. Apparently she did a few episodes with her on KKG, because she is literally the best Snoozy can get with collabs since no one likes her and wants to work with her.

No. 321954

Suzy is so frustrating. If I had her resources, I'd be filming all kinds of Youtube videos not just boring unboxing and lame ootd videos. She's such a lazy sack of fat that it's encouraged me to start working out and cutting sugary shit out of my diet. Unlike me, she's in the public eye (for the most part) and needs to take proper care of her fat ass.

No. 321977

don't write anything in either the email or name fields. it's now too late to delete your post (>30mins) so you've effectively doxxed yourself by using a real email.

No. 321984

I didn't know that. Woops.

No. 322070

File: 1495800112614.png (604.63 KB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-2016-08-18-18h36m11s26…)


I guess she's been stress-eating since her shop has opened, and you're right in the fact that the OOTD videos have come to an absolute halt. Maybe she's back to her heaviest weight seen on the Camel Up videos - or perhaps even larger than that…

No. 322096

Omg spoiler that image that's disgusting.

Seriously though I remember when I saw that video and it's like… Wow, she's fucking huge… She looked like she was nearing 280 in that video.

No. 322127


Yeah. That was clearly when she was at her fattest and she is wel on her way to looking like that again. I almost want to see her do an ootd video looking like that to see how cringey she will look trying to be "cute" and "sexy".

No. 322170

Good god. I don't know if it's just me who sees it, but she looks like ForeverKailyn. It's uncanny.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 322307

Eh, fat Suzy looks better than Kai, tbh. Plus, Suzy hasn't popped out a kid and she doesn't live with her mom.

No. 322687

File: 1495866777717.png (Spoiler Image, 1.55 MB, 1988x3056, thicc.png)

She not fat she thicc

No. 322705

>generic art girl with suzy hair and tattoo

yeah ok.

No. 322706


Lol ok

No. 322752

File: 1495875956415.png (263.9 KB, 751x778, snooze.png)

I'm no artist but I tried to make it more accurate.
At least they got the lips right.

No. 322804


Suzy is fat because her milkshakes are thicc.

No. 322822

This is so spot on in hurts

No. 322834

Fuck, is that a pizza reflection in her eyes?

No. 322843

Looks like a burger to me… but same vein.

No. 323011

I love it when cows cross over

No. 323013

File: 1495915297281.png (Spoiler Image, 201.99 KB, 896x900, 1459020587447.png)


No. 323027

why is suzy a handless cripple?

No. 323169

Agree anon, I was in her situation (but didn't complain it constantly and didn't have instagram etc) and changed my diet how you describe and am now way healthier and my mood swings and depression are gone (though there are some issues but it is not tolerable instead of crippling).
Also about the depression thing, a big thing is also lack of healthy fats in the brain. Not just omega-3s but saturated fat and cholesterol from food helps the brain repair itself. You can get it from vegetable sources too, like from avocado and coconut, nuts, etc

Even if she just cut out processed shit and switched to a more whole foods diet with some healthy fat she would feel so much better.
But we all know she'll just keep cramming ice cream and doughnuts and soda in her face

But this isn't the place for diet advice because we all know that suzy would never follow it anyway (just look at comments on her instagram suggesting healthy alternatives to sugar laden coffee in the morning).
But if any anons out there are in suzy's situation just know that you don't have to become a fat, lazy cow like suzy

No. 323175

File: 1495929055281.png (603.07 KB, 813x585, suzyinsta.png)

Suzy is sleepy because of the… weather??

No. 323178


She is just a complete retard

No. 323188

I get it tbh when it's overcast/rainy it makes me wanna take a nap, especially if it's been sunny lately. although I suppose eating nothing but sugar and never going outside like Suzy would make me sleepy, too.

No. 323222

I hate that ugly thing she does with her eyeliner, the jarring triangles at her inner eye, every time. It looks so fucking bad how does she not realize this?
Sunny weather makes me sleepy personally. Overcast weather gives me energy, I am a night person tho.

No. 323394

I never watched this until now but did anyone mention that they (probably Suzy) jacked this video idea from Good Mythical Morning?

I'm guessing Suzy came up with this idea since she's good at stealing and taking credit for it

No. 323398

I wish but it was probably pushed by their manager Brent or Vernon

No. 323504


I dunno. Stupid content like this seems right up Snoozy's alley.

No. 323703

File: 1496001037922.jpg (43.02 KB, 736x730, c06ae22eb7d8c7aefaf49bbabe17c6…)

The thing with Suzy is she knows how to stay thin and be in shape. There are old pictures of her at the gym wearing really tight fitting workout clothes and she's wicked thin and was just as thin in her videos. So at one time she must have had a good diet and exercise regimen. I think she's just straight up given up on staying in shape now that she's married and the thyroid thing is a convenient excuse that she probably uses on herself as well as others, like 'oh I try but my thyroid problem prevents me from losing weight and I can't get the right medication yadda yadda yadda'

I wouldn't care about her weight if she didn't make excuses, try to hide it, and was interesting in any way. She's just a wannabe.

Also, looking up old pictures of her is really sad. Or they're pictures of Jean.

No. 324013

File: 1496018323372.png (546.62 KB, 453x779, suzyrespost.png)

Suzy retweeted this which is kinda ironic.
I dunno if she thinks that because of Arin she is also the boss of gamegrumps.
Imagine Suzy having an actual job where she had to work instea of meeting in at 12 to drink coffee and look at instagram.

No. 324078

this is stupid as shit anyway, because no one just starting out professionally is going to be good at all / any of these things
it DOES take talent to be inherently good at being prepared, being coachable, having work ethic etc
most of those things come with time and experience unless you're magically talented

No. 324113

File: 1496026208558.jpg (268.85 KB, 1200x900, 6Gk4Ow5.jpg)

In other news, Arin seems to have lost a shit ton of weight lately
Pic from their last show

No. 324116

holy shit

also danny looks hella gross

No. 324119

File: 1496026677819.jpg (528.05 KB, 1440x2560, u6ytzvc1440z.jpg)

Also found this pic of danny in the subreddit and I honestly don't know what to think of it

No. 324146

Yep. She was the one who thought of that weird fruit tasting video and she was giving orders through out the La Croix video

No. 324148

Wow. Before long Suzy's going to be the bigger one and I wonder how she'll handle that.

No. 324153

File: 1496029438566.png (114.93 KB, 640x902, IMG_9353.PNG)

He does look slimmer. He also looks better when he's not dressed like a slob and wearing those ugly harem pants

No. 324155

she'll probably end up trying to make him as fat as he was, after all how dare arin try to make himself look better!

No. 324185

I mean, anyone looks better when they're not in a dirty white shirt and awful pants, but props to Arin to improving how he looks!
I'm honestly so curious to see how Suzy is going to react to that, tho
I honestly wished she'd become motivated and lost weight too, but it's Suzy we're talking about

No. 324186

Wait is Danny knock-kneed?

No. 324187

Nah, I think it's just the angle and pose in that specific pic

No. 324305

Ah okay thanks, I'm mostly just casually lurking this one. I don't care much about grumps since 2013 and never had any connection to them but I lurk in rantgrumps and enjoy seeing the cringe from Suzy. Sucker for other people's drama, what can I say.

No. 324380

Honestly cam't wait for the next unboxing video - she's inherited all of Arin's chins.

No. 324402

that reminds… Suzy hasn't uploaded anything to her main channel in a month. AND she hasn't done an unboxing since February.

Maybe she's actually holding true to her word that she would stop with being an unboxing channel.
Or she's lazy.
Or, tinfoil time, she lost her sponsorships with the people that would send her stuff.

No. 324414


No guess it's because she is fat and lazy and doesn't want to be seen on camera. Also maybe because she wants to focus more on her shitty Etsy store and KKG.

No. 324636

I wonder if she put that all aside to focus on her new ~jewelry line~ but since it flopped she's trying to figure out her next move.

No. 324672

Thats right, because drawing a shity thumbnail concept design and clasping the necklace onto the chain is soooo much work…
I would not be surprised if she used that as an excuse and then continue to complain how hard Mondays are, like Bitch, do something productive with your life and strive to accomplish your ambitions to the best of your abilities. And if your best is shit then strive for improvement, not jumping from one thing to another after learning that you can't do jack shit and getting no where at all…

No. 324711


Has she talked about it flopping or is she trying to spin it as it being a success despite no one buying it?

No. 324730

One of my mates is friends with her on Facebook, and according to him, she's been gushing about getting a new munchkin kitten soon, doing some underwater mermaid photo shoot, and hinting at wanting to design a clothing line?

No. 324757

I really can't see any of the alleged fatness from any of these photos

No. 324759

>buying another busted cat

No. 324777

No. 324783

visitor here, found the place w/google. is the "Suzy's nude reflection in the faucet" thing already been discussed yet? or is this old news that i'm just now getting word of?

No. 324786

Old news from a couple months ago

No. 324788

Lol, couldn't Arin have enough decency to not be in the reflection when she's taking videos
Tho it kinda makes it weirder how he's just hanging about whIle she's just turning around

No. 324798

i appreciate the response, thanks man

No. 324866

File: 1496106643992.png (114.84 KB, 640x879, IMG_9355.PNG)

Imagine being almost 30 and using words like "smol"

No. 324897

Ew, he has tits here. Arin has always been such a slob.

No. 324925


A new munchkin cat? HAH, Oney and his mates just ranted about how people who adopt cats like that are the worst. Kek. Everyone hates Suzy.

No. 324931

She's not adopting. She's buying. It's disgusting.

No. 324938

Same anon but yeah. It is. She 'prolly isn't educated enough to go to a breeder that cares and will end up with a cat from a pet store from a backyard breeder/mill. I just think it's amusing she thinks people love her and are her best friends when everything she is they are against and hate.

Does she really not see how fucking hated she is?

No. 324941

why does her cat have more upper lips than her?

No. 324944

I think this is one of the cats she already owns? Judging by the comments on Instagram

No. 324952


No, she is thinking of getting a new cat. On top of the two she has.

No. 324966

No. 324969

>She 'prolly isn't educated enough to go to a breeder that cares and will end up with a cat from a pet store from a backyard breeder/mill.

There's enough strays in the world that I can't pat her for buying a broken cat. No matter where it's from. (and it sure as fuck won't be a stray)

No. 324994

Most strays need to be put down, not adopted.
They're a plague to the local wildlife and they often take up resources that could go to more personable abandoned cats who would have a better chance at adoption.
Be mad at her for buying from an unverified breeder or mill, not because you expect her to pay a shelter handsomely for a gamble with a mangey cat possessing a feral temperament.

No. 325023

File: 1496119568243.jpg (690.32 KB, 1066x1556, Screenshot_20170529-214217.jpg)

Beating a dead horse maybe, but another example of the goffick queen just wandering around in a white Abercrombie hoodie

No. 325031

Are you American? Are we having some kind of culture gap?

No. 325036

it's funny because they're pretending to like one another when in reality all women hate all other women

No. 325040


Fucking lord she is starting to look like a mom

No. 325043

They're American so I'm going by typical shelter dynamics here. Where are ya from?

No. 325046

Can we PLEASE not turn this thread into a cat adoption discussion AGAIN? Everytime somebody mentions Suzys cats this place goes bonkers. We get it, its better to adopt from shelters.
Now please, lets leave it!

Sage for catting

No. 325062

North, but I thought they made a difference between feral stray and other.

Suzy buys expensive freaks of nature, and I like cats so whatever.

No. 325065

sage goes in the email field, friend

No. 325073

File: 1496129156492.jpg (73.86 KB, 720x480, 5485857676_55aec1a061_b.jpg)

snooze looks fucking dead underneath that smile

No. 325077

basic bitch af

No. 325097

jesus she looks extra piggish here

No. 325103

oh boo hoo. if she didn't buy it, somebody else would have.

No. 325311

the hell?

No. 325551

Yeah, you're right… all women hate women… it's not like there are lesbians or actual fucking normal people who hang out due to likes and interests and not their gender…

No. 325756

File: 1496200479278.png (737.89 KB, 808x583, screenshot303.png)

Seriously when was the last time Suzy didnt talk about being tired?

No. 326118


Thats what happens when you eat like garbage.

No. 326256

Maybe it's her manic depression acting up

No. 326350

Being fat and having a shit diet makes you tired and lazy, no wonder she and Arin do nothing meaningful with their lives.

No. 326496

these snapchat filters are getting out of hand, NO ONE USES THEM ANYMORE SUZY

No. 326536

does she photoshop/ask someone else to photoshop the pictures she posts to Instagram and Twitter? In a lot of these, she looks almost normal and somewhat thin. No extra chins or pudge. But then there was a picture that Holly (I think) posted with Suzy and the grumps playing a board game or something and Suzy looked absolutely massive. I can't find the picture anymore. I think it was in the last thread I guess.

No. 326543

File: 1496277596398.png (1.29 MB, 791x860, dnd.png)

Is this the one you're thinking of?

No. 326563


Holy fuck those chins. She's as big as Arin.

No. 326571

the comments on her photo disagree

No. 326581

As somebody who also gains weight in the chin area incredibly fast when I put on some pounds, I can confirm its fucking frustrating.. My fat goes directly to my belly and my chin just like Suzy, meanwhile my ass and my boobs remain small. Weight distribution isn't fair, but thats life.
That should just be even MORE reason to stay healthy and slim. I used to think it was sooo unfair but now I see it as my personal encouragement for a healthy lifestyle.

No. 326591

I'm the same way, Anon. My chin/neck is target one when I put on any weight. It absolutely sucks.

No. 326748

hair up doesn't do her any favours

No. 326753


She almost has no jawline and is all chins at this point.

No. 327013

chris is getting pudgy too i wonder if its because he was living with them for a while. teehee.

No. 327015

These poor women they both look pretty dopey here.

No. 327038

if you guys are getting fat on your chin/neck you're already pretty big like well into the overweight area def.

No. 327040

>what is fat distribution

No. 327041

One of my best friends is thin yet has a double chin like Snooze. Shut the fuck up.

No. 327087

File: 1496346944371.jpg (59.14 KB, 645x412, 1485897368061.jpg)

No. 327190

learn to sage you newfag

No. 327334

this is a cursed image

No. 327353

File: 1496369011127.png (63.04 KB, 637x459, IMG_9364.PNG)

"But I'm totally on a diet and losing weight, guys!"

No. 327548

She's probably just doing that thing that fat people do to justify their eating behaviour

"Oops I poured twice the amount of cereal in my bowl… oh well, it won't hurt just this once" as they do it everyday…

She's displaying typical fat logic behavior, and considering the posts she made about being curvy a year ago I wouldn't be too surprised that she'll hop on the fat acceptance wagon when her weight gets to 300

No. 327600

Before you know it, she'll be the dude on Secret Eaters who pours out like, half a box of Special K with double cream, fruit, jam, etc for a 2500 calorie breakfast.

No. 328062

File: 1496456151569.png (92.52 KB, 640x865, IMG_9365.PNG)

That angle lmao

No. 328070

Oof that wig is not good for her
Nor that white shirt…

No. 328074

That myspace angle can't hide your gut snoozy

No. 328192

Aside from the obvious, those headphones need to fuck off. They were cute for a moment and that moment has passed.

No. 328211


This picture is jarring. I feel like the lighter hair color and the lack of massive winged eyeliner should be flattering but it's just… not. Not at all, her neck looks broken she's craning to hide her chins so hard.

No. 328325

those brows tho. she'd look much better with softer brows…

No. 328390

File: 1496497258316.jpg (54.12 KB, 500x500, tumblr_oqy40ij73P1qils0po1_500…)

It doesn't look like she lined her inner corners as much this time… so I guess that's a plus?
(I'm honestly having a hard time figuring out if she did or not because of her filter abuse. When I zoom in I think I might see them)

>Still my fav self portrait ?

I… think she might be a bit delusional. Is it her fav because it hides her chins, her body, and her arm doesn't look too massive?

No. 328435


Honestly at the rate that Suzy jumped onto the unboxing and ASMR bandwagon I'm legitimately surprised that she hasn't started a series of Mukbang videos.

No. 328438


Oh God…

"► Mukbang Grocery Haul► Part 23 - Kitty Kat Gaming"

"Hey kids, it's time for another episode of Kitty Kat Gaming, with your host - Mortem3r! KKG! KKG! Yaaayy!"

"Hey YouburpTube, it's hic Mortem3r…"
A very full Suzy waves listlessly to the camera, the floor is littered with empty containers and discarded boxes. She wheezes.

"I don't know whether to start on the…ugh… large pizza or the doritos, so…" She proceeds to dump a bag of chips onto the top of the pizza and begins to gorge.
"I've been working so chomp hard you guys… you have no idea chew what mondays are like for someone swallow like me, I need a vacation…URP!

No. 328448


. . . The horror

No. 328453

so much face filter why

No. 328459

we myspace angle now

No. 328460

Not her, but it more or less depends on genetics, too.

No. 328462

I'd like to see her out in the wild like that without the filters and that angle. She'd look like any overweight, basement-dwelling womanchild you'd find at a con. Seriously, that pic is so fucking artificial looking it makes me uncomfortable.

No. 328551


Doubtful we will ever see that. No anons seem to be friends with her or have any mutuals, nor does she do any public appearances. So any image of her is a carefully crafted one that she spends hours making sure is completely perfect.

No. 328576

>it more or less depends on genetics
the kind of genetics that come in a Wendy's bag, maybe

No. 328658

lol her fucking eyebrows

No. 328681

Probably one of her best outfits and it's only a dress, a necklace, and some shoes lmao

No. 328732

are you new? There have been photos on previous threads of her with fans at at least one con where she was selling shit wearing jeans and a tshirt, and many more of her at Game Grumps live shows. she did HELLA public appearances a few months ago.

No. 328740


what are you talkng about?? i have gone to game grumps live and seen suzy out in the wild. she was wearing jeans and a hoodie.

No. 329370

File: 1496640109998.png (16.32 KB, 585x104, snooze.png)

>it's a little sweet
It's pop, it's all sugar

No. 329381

She literally says the same thing.

No. 329405

But I thought soda caused cancer??? Lolll

No. 329501

File: 1496668397202.png (63.59 KB, 640x451, IMG_9366.PNG)

She says she won't get lip fillers because they cause cancer and yet

No. 329748

File: 1496701503318.png (96.69 KB, 640x630, IMG_9367.PNG)

Everything in this picture is awful. The lips, the wig, all the photoshop and filters lmao.

No. 329756

Sage for personal OT, but that wig looked like my hair (color, shitty grown out layers, even length) before I got a couple inches cut off because it was damaged to hell. Her wig somehow has that same damaged texture at the ends I had and I don't know how she thinks it's a good look.

No. 329762

She looks like one of those creepy fullbody latex fetish costumes that are supposed to look like a woman's face. (That's really specific but I swear, they're a thing.)

No. 329870

can you keep your creepy fat fetish posts out of here please

No. 329897

>not changing it to KKE

also i think suzy is stupid enough one day she'll have an offbrand of kkg called kkk

No. 329904

She looks like an alien with too much Botox.

No. 330060

File: 1496749366833.png (593.2 KB, 925x589, screenshot506.png)

Suzys 10 year old highschool pic

No. 330061

lol @ mentioning her eyeliner

No. 330071

I think this is the first picture of her where I'd call her unique and pretty instead of plain ugly. The sleek hair really suits her imo.

No. 330118

She looks like Donkey Kong's mallgoth sister.

No. 330126

I never realised she hasn't changed her eyeliner for ten years….

No. 330131

The juxtaposition of these posts, holy shit

No. 330230

She put up a video a few months ago where she did her high school makeup routine… and yeah.
Her standard eyeliner is there.

No. 330534

File: 1496805932816.png (62.07 KB, 640x467, IMG_9369.PNG)

Is it consistent though? Or does she just do all this for one day, expect instant changes, and then just go back to drinking soda and eating junk food?

Notice how she wrote "move often" and not "exercise". To her "moving often" is probably having to walk downstairs to get herself a Pepsi.

No. 330552

File: 1496807577830.png (313.65 KB, 609x264, CHSRO7C.png)

No. 330604

Vitamins don't really mean jack. She seems like the kind of person who would take whatever you told her to (even if the basis is old wives tales), not what she actually needs/would be lacking in.

I also watch what I eat, as I put it in to my face.
I bet she lies on caloric intakes/serving sizes just like she lies about fitting into a size small.
Water also only does so much, especially when you know for a fact she isn't ONLY drinking water. I bet she drinks some kind of bottled water with a gimmick not normal water.

Ugh, she's so frustrating.

No. 330610

Let's be honest, she probably has a mini fridge in her room. "Move often" for her is probably rolling over in bed.

No. 330634


This is pre-emptive begging for asspats about her weight when she finally does show her face.

No. 330670

She's such a fucking liar. The amount of sugary/greasy garbage she posts on Instagram contradicts this, and I bet that's only a fraction of what she actually consumes.
She only posts about the especially fancy or special desserts (eg. Disneyland sweets).
Also the fact that she's ballooned to the size of a walrus obviously proves that all of this 'healthy lifestyle' bullshit is just that.
Stop being so in denial Suzy and just admit you eat like shit.

No. 330743

So I know the whole "Suzy is bad at overwatch" is old news now, but if you watch this KKG video and the next one, they play 3vs3 and legit any team that has Suzy on it insta looses

No. 330779

i like how the one on the left is supposed to be like whoa glo up but her makeup looks virtually the same, with the addition of eyeshadow smeared all over her cheek

No. 330791

She looks like she has a black eye in the thumbnail on the left, yikes.

No. 330952

Pretty sure anon was just trying to Crack a joke at the forsee able future, chill out

No. 331045

Isn't Danny 40 now? He needs to stop this spandex 12 year old humor bullshit and work at a real career. I can't believe he left his already established office job to do ninja sex party.

No. 331046

File: 1496877691334.png (27.46 KB, 590x310, 832747528953.png)

Can somebody please explain to me why Suzy want to know this so badly?
I'm not even trying to be shady I legit don't get it

No. 331049

Well Brian has a PhD in theoretical physics and had a job teaching at a university, and he left that for sex jokes with Danny instead… at least Danny has the excuse that he has ALWAYS been a loser

No. 331052

File: 1496878257592.png (14.76 KB, 579x103, 342039420.png)

Speaking of this

No. 331054

…That's actually really sad.

No. 331057

so she can make custom ones to make money

if im wrong, ill be fucking surprised

No. 331059

reminder that brian was in some paper, and all his partners had uni listed and he had fucking ninja sex party and game grumps

its pathetic
such a waste

No. 331068

Dude peaked super high and then swandove. Jesus.

No. 331075

Yeah, CERN is the biggest physics research group in the world. There's also the Hadron Collider contained within a giant underground tunnel and it's the biggest particle accelarator in the world. It's a shame Brian gave up all that.

No. 331110

I wonder if his wife regrets marrying him and having a daughter with him now? I mean, she married him when he was still in university and a professor. Now he's… a grown man in his 40s who pretends to be a ninja and stuffs other women (i mean teenager's) bras down his pants.

No. 331114

they met while doing comedy stuff, so I doubt it tbh

No. 331151

as someone who has been published, I would be fucking livid if one of my colleagues put something like "Ninja Sex Party" or "Game Grumps" on our papers. Yes, it's who Brain works with. Yes, it's technically okay to put those there, I guess. But does it /belong/ there? Absolutely not. It makes us /all/ of the collaborators look bad and the department look like a joke. Academia is serious and sometimes you need to have some fun but this is not how you do it, especially when others' credibility and grant money is on the line. Not everyone has an easy 2 hour work week job to fall back on, especially not people in academia.

I feel so bad for everyone else who worked with Brian.

No. 331158


>Brian Wecht is a comedian, musician, and theoretical physicist. After holding research positions at Harvard University, the Center for Theoretical Physics at MIT, the Institute for Advanced Study, and the University of Michigan, Brian was a faculty member at Queen Mary University of London, where he worked on string theory, supersymmetry, and quantum field theory. In 2015, Brian left academia for a career as a comedy musician and YouTube gamer.

No. 331160

File: 1496891865774.jpg (301.68 KB, 1514x1394, jWtm0v9.jpg)

I found it.

No. 331175

This paper looks promising. Yes, Zotto has done some interesting work in the past, I am looking forward to reviewing this groups' findings.

Hmm, University of North Carolina, good good. Wolfram Research oh that's impressive. And ah yes what's the last one. Game Grumps and Ninja Sex Party. What the fuck am I reading?

No. 331176

I mean when the band goes down hill and no one finds them funny anymore he could easily get a job teaching highschool students physics… nothing compared to his original string theorist studies but at least something to potentially fall back on. Dan has nothing unless he graduated collage with a useful degree

No. 331178

He's pretty much ruined his career, but I guess he can be some low level teacher.

No. 331185

oh god I am physically cringing right now

No. 331258

If she wants bipolar disorder, she can have mine. Here bitch experience being switched around on various antipsychotics and SSRIs and having to take anticonvulsants for the rest of your life.

Hope you have fun with impulsive sex, suicide attempts, and drug addictions.

I fucking hate self diagnosed "manic depression". It's not some special snowflake disorder. It's awful and extremely hard to manage even with meds and therapy.

No. 331316

What did Danny even do before he joined gamegrumps and NSP, I hear him talk about all sorts of comedy related things but its all him being taught classes and not vice versa.
Also he went to several schools but I dont know if he have an actual degree… and we all know he smoked weed in the entirety of his 20s and got nothing done.
Unlike Brian I dont really feel bad for Arin or Danny because being lazy "comedians" on youtube is pretty much the only thing they can do.

No. 331322

I know that he used to work at Maker, but please don't ask me in what field

No. 331387

Suzy did say she was already working on her next jewelry project

No. 331445

I know his did some music stuff, his band Skyhill is actually very nice to listen to. Besides I have no idea what he was actually up to

No. 331674

he worked for that stupid ass Hot Pepper Gaming page

No. 331912

File: 1497026795185.png (716.94 KB, 931x595, 758437538.png)

Suzy is so deep and poetic about death guys, my good grief

No. 331920


Hopefully the next thing to die will be her store, overpriced baubles so that Suzy can keep a steady flow of greasy burgers pumped into her maw.

No. 331967

File: 1497035836388.jpg (682.89 KB, 1078x1410, 1497035621231.jpg)

Wow, Suzy looks absolutely terrible. That bloat on her face is horrendous. No wonder she hasn't been posting any OOTDs! Arin looks off for some reason, but it does look like he's lost weight.

No. 331982

that's the least eyeliner I've seen her use on her inner corners

No. 331986

Lol they both look like middle aged parents

No. 331997