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File: 1485049498274.jpg (79.64 KB, 720x960, 993827_670696069700595_3207566…)

No. 238063

The Hartley Hooligans are a pair of sisters, Claire and Lola Hartley, born with microcephaly, cerebral palsy, dwarfism, epilepsy, and tons of other conditions. This basically means they are plant level retarded, can't walk, talk, or even move their deformed limbs in any useful way. Their grotesque appearances make them look more like aliens or monsters than humans.

The sisters are semi-famous due to Gwen, their mother. She loves dressing them up in goofy outfits, discussing and analyzing their every minor facial movement, sound, and bodily function. She even had the disabled second baby despite knowing that the girl would be staggeringly messed up. Their home state spends millions of dollars on a parade of therapists and special equipment that have had no noticeable impact on their potato lives. The mom posts videos claiming that the girls are thriving when it is in fact crystal clear that their lives are a living hell.

So anons, do you think retards should be not only allowed to live and leech millions of tax dollars, but also to be praised for shitting themselves, making ugly faces, and not dying? Is the mom wrong to parade them around for internet likes or is she doing a public service by giving the world so much material for funny memes?

No. 238067

i think it's weird that these threads always turn into eugenics discourse, while focusing on the girls but not really discussing that the actual cow is gwen, not the girls who can't do shit about their situation anyway

No. 238069

No parent should have to bury their children, but when the children are so severely disabled that they can't function beyond neonatal level and are constantly getting worse and worse, death is the best way out. I just hope that Gwen and Scott can accept the fact that their daughters' condition is terminal and that they probably won't last too many more years.

No. 238072

well i hate the eugenics shit but i absolutely believe they should be put out of their misery because this situation makes me /furious/

they have no life and it's soft torture to keep them alive, nevermind the exploitation of their insane mom

No. 238074


Exactly. She gives them absolutely no dignity, but whines about people not seeing them as typical regular teenz u guize!! It's not the problem that people can't see a normal highschooler when they look at Claire, or a healthy little kid when they look at Lola. You NEVER hear about the bodily functions of a normal child when you listen to their parents talk about them, so why are you forced to hear about these kid's shit, vomit, etc.? It's disgusting.

No. 238075

Soft torture sounds like a tumblr aesthetic

No. 238118

judging by the weird posed questions and the fact that they didnt bother putting any links, i think this is OP's first thread

No. 238176

This thread is a continuation of another one:

No. 238195

yes but you're still expected to lay out the facts with care unless it's a fast-moving situation like onision. I'm not the same anons as >>238118 or >>238080 so it's several of us who have a problem with it.

No. 238203

so, i think cal is going to try and get a scholarship for basketball (uploaded a clip of his highlights, not a bad player) which makes me wonder

do you think gwen will actually acknowledge him in a positive way, without lola and claire, if he got one?

also, his gf unlocked her instagram and there's no pics of her with the girls, no mention of gwen or anything. something tells me that she does not like gwen at all.

No. 238205

Agreed. It comes off like it is baiting /pol/ types when the thread starts like that.

No. 238214

File: 1485077268757.png (Spoiler Image,1.61 MB, 1080x1367, Screenshot_20170122-092434~2.p…)

>there's no pics of her with the girls, no mention of gwen or anything

She probably either sees posting all the nitty gritty details of a bunch of disabled kids all over SM to be a messed up thing to do, OR she just doesn't have reason to. It's not like with a regular kid sibling, or even a mildly retarded one, where you can actually bond with them a bit. why would anyone want shit like pic rel on their IG, public or not, unless they had an attentionseeking mom forcing them to upload it for asspats by proxy?

No. 238227

You know what I find strange about the picture that has nothing to do with the girls? Cal and his gf look eerily alike. Like if I didn't know who they were I would think that they were brother and sister. They have the same widow's-peak hairline, the same eye shape, very similar smiles and similar eye and haircolor. I wonder if they're related. I'm not saying they're first cousins, but lots of people share an ancestor or two without knowing it. Normally it wouldn't be that big of an issue, but with the possibility of Cal having inherited a copy of the gene that turned his sisters into potatoes, it might be a concern if he and his gf ever marry and decide to one day have kids.

No. 238233

I'm wondering too. You see, Cal will grow up, move out, get married ect… Meanwhile Claire and Lola will be potato babies forever. There will be no empty nest syndrome for Gwen until they inevitably die of their conditions. Then it's going to hit her very hard. So maybe that's really why she exploits them so much. Because she knows they will not live as long as Cal and will probably not outlive her. So she's trying to cram as much "Normal childhood" time as she can into to children who will never be normal. And in the process she has deluded herself into believing Claire and Lola are capable of more than they are.

So when they die it will be very bad for Gwen because she's built her entire life and identity around her disabled children. She should focus more on Cal's life because he will actually go places. Whereas Claire and Lola will never be anything more than they are and will probably not last much longer. Lola in particular is emaciated. I imagine she just can't put on weight at all. Her limbs are like toothpicks. I wouldn't even giver her five years at this rate.

No. 238291

i said on his gf's instagram, not cal'a

No. 238294

Yes and anon then said why she probably wouldn't post them! Anon was using that picture to go with their comment about having a mother force/guilt trip you to post them. At least read it.

No. 238742

This is so sad. See that video of Lola "eating"? Even what little of the mashed fruit Gwen shoves down Lola's throat mostly falls out. That girl must be in agony.

No. 238793

And again this is what is so annoying about Gwen, she is completely delusional about what the girls are capable of. She says "She's amazing!" as if Lola's doing something brilliant, but she's not doing anything at all really. When the bib touches her mouth Gwen really believes that she "knows what's coming" because she starts to root , but she does that whenever her mouth or face is touched. It's an instinct which usually goes away in neurologically intact infants after a few months. The fact that Lola continues to root only shows how neurologically devastated she is. I've seen Jaxon Buell use the rooting reflex and he literally has no higher brain function whatsoever!
The only tiny little function she has over Jaxon is that she can swallow, but barely. She really doesn't get enough food, but Gwen is scared to have a feeding tube placed directly into her stomach like Claire's, because she's convinced that the anesthesia necessary to do the procedure will kill her. She's so small, I understand her fear, but in the meantime she's in constant hunger. I do believe that she has enough brain left for primitive instincts, urges and responses and hunger and pain are two of those things. So instead of taking a chance and giving her a feeding tube she forces her to live a life of agony and pretends that she eats like a champion.

Oh yeah and I've also read in her blog where she talks about how much Lola eats but Gwen says that she can't understand why Lola is almost incapable of gaining weight. She thinks her body isnt able to utilize all the calories she takes in.

Metabolism is part of the brain's function, so this might be partially true, but that would be even more of a reason for her to need a feeding tube to ensure that all the calories in her food go directly into her body and not on her bib or the floor.

Here's a link to the video for those who havent seen it.

No. 238835

in germany we used to gas these things.

now we just euthansize them using potent and expensive euthanasia agents all of this paid by tax euros

No. 238838


Gwen needs help immediately if she thinks that's the look of "loving to eat".

No. 238918

I literally just cried watching this video. This entire situation is so upsetting to me that I don't think I can even come into these threads anymore. This woman is dangerously delusional and I just wish her poor daughters would quickly die so they don't have to feel anymore pain.

No. 239056

Yeah, it's sad and I just realized Gwen said that Lola was having cantaloupe. I believe that was supposed to be her lunch. While it's high in Vitamins A and C, it has no protein and is almost entirely devoid of calories. I was a chubby teenager and used to eat it when I wanted to lose weight, but even on a restricted diet, I didn't just eat a cantaloupe by itself. I would have been starving, so I'd have almost a cup of cottage cheese with it and still it was an incredibly low calorie meal.

One cup of cantaloupe is only about 80 calories. Lola is probably being fed a quarter cup at most, so that's 20 calories. A A lot of it gets dropped, so let's say 3/4 of it gets swallowed, that's about 15 calories she's getting for her entire lunch!

She's a tiny girl and is non-mobile so she probably requires fewer calories than an active, normal sized child. However, just to exist she likely needs at least a few hundred calories a day. I know her mother feeds her bottles and other meals, but still a 15 calorie meal is ridiculous. I bet she doesn't get more than 150 calories in an entire day. Is it any wonder why she's emaciated?

No. 239063

The noise almost makes me want to throw up

No. 239065

If you think that's bad, you should have seen the one where they let Lola try a solid wedge of melon. OMG the slurping, sucking and grunting noises were enough to drive a person to violence.
She can't even chew, so I doubt she was able to even consume much of it. It was just another gross "trick" that her mother thought was cute.

No. 239096

Whatever happened to the memes?

No. 239141

She can't even swallow it, jfc. Do they tilt her back so the food slides back to her throat?

No. 239178

She could also not be feeding her enough to keep her small and manageable. Sadly, this is what some people do with their special needs children. Deprive them of the nutrients for growing, and they're better able to carry and care for her. So, it might be a combo of scared to put her under and wanting to keep her an easy to manage size because Clair is definitely not as easy to manage.

No. 239241

Probably not. Gwen's a delusional, whacked-out weirdo, but I've never doubted she loves this little gremlin. She will keep her hungry because she fears Lola may die from the procedure, which means she's underfed her to satisfy her desire to keep Lola alive at all costs, but she wouldn't starve Lola for her own convenience. Lola's a teeny tiny dwarf. She was likely never gonna make it much more than 30 pounds if she was able to eat on her own. Gwen could easily control and manage a 30 pound kid. Lola's emaciated because she's too profoundly disabled to eat properly and because Gwen doesn't want a permanent feeding tube and I don't think there is much more to it.

No. 239278


They look dead.

No. 239294

Also, Lola's hunger makes her much fussier, and she only sleeps a couple hours a day. Claire sleeps a lot and doesn't even make noise.

No. 239325

oh god this is horrifying. She didnt even get any food down I dont think, she just kinda rolled it off her tongue. This is going to give me nightmares.

No. 239505

do you think lola is the smallset 10 year old in the world?

No. 239516

File: 1485321499432.jpg (99.56 KB, 800x554, image.jpg)

the stuff you see when you google to find the smallest girl in the world.


No. 239623

This girl is 68 centimeters, which is 26.77 inches, Lola is only 24 inches even though she's several years older.

No. 239646

I wonder if Lola is lighter.

No. 239650


I know that this is cruel to say but that little girl freaks me the fuck out really badly..

No. 239811

It's not cruel…it's just the way you honestly feel. I personally think she's cute as button, but Lola Hartley on the other hand, gives me freaking nightmares and her buggy eyed sister isn't much better.

No. 239903

She looks like the Fit Vegan Ginger, but healthier.

No. 239909

it's really like Gwen didn't even notice ALL of it fall out of her mouth constantly. It's like her mouth thought it was sucking on a boob… She would probably intake a lot more calories if they kept her on liquids and fed her from a bottle….

No. 240235

She feeds from a bottle as well, not sure how many she gets daily, but Gwen said on her blog that she bottle feeds Lola a goat's milk formula because she's allergic to most everything else.

I don't know if she's really allergic to other milks and formulas or if that's just part of Gwen's weird delusional mindset. Don't get me wrong, I can certainly believe that Lola has tons wrong with her including allergies, but I can also believe Gwen makes shit up so that she has an excuse to come across as super-mom, feeding Lola only the most carefully chosen foods.

Other than the goat's milk, apparently she only gets mushed up fruit and vegetables(insert your own cannibalism jokes here). Normally, there's nothing wrong with fruits and vegetables, but they are very low in fat and calories and only a few veggies really have much protein , so other then the goat's milk, Lola gets very little of those things in her diet. That's basically what you'd feed someone who is trying to lose a lot of weight really quick, not someone whose already emaciated like Lola.

No. 240257

lmao ruthless

No. 240263

Her eyes appear completely black, her skin is corpse pale, her teeth are jagged, and she's the size of a toddler but doesn't have toddler-like proportions. She looks like a tiny demon.

>Gwen makes shit up so that she has an excuse to come across as super-mom

Gwen has admitted that she doesn't want Lola to have an NG tube mostly because she doesn't want Lola to look sickly. Gwen is a delusional, selfish jackass and Lola is constantly half-starved because of it.

No. 240576

okay HOLD UP so Lola has never received medical attention other than the physical therapy sessions and is probably in constant gastro distress??? am I reading this right? how is this okay?

No. 240586

Not probably. IS.

Gwen has apparently been told that virtually any medical procedure would likely kill Lola. Though perhaps this does keep Lola alive, that's not much of a plus considering she's in constant agony and has no ability to understand why, or even differentiate her own mother from a chimpanzee or a walking turnip.

No. 240591

so it's just okay for this child to be in constant pain (and hunger, from the sounds of things) without any relief? and CPS won't step in?

No. 240595

It's fucked up morally, but legally Gwen is well within her rights to make these kinds of medical decisions for Lola.

No. 240624

Isn't there some kind of Dignitas clinic these kids would qualify for?

No. 240642

Dignitas doesn't, and in the US it is absolutely illegal to, euthanize someone without their consent. Obviously neither Lola nor Claire can consent.

So no.

What the hell is CPS supposed to do? Demand that Lola be put through a surgery that would probably kill her? Demand that Lola have an NG tube all the time and risk aspiration pneumonia? Lola is probably always hungry, but she's not at risk of starving. There is no reason for CPS to step in.

No. 240672

This is from the section about Lola in Gwen's blog in.
Today, Lola drinks a goat's milk formula by bottle (which is all Miss Sensitive can tolerate!). She also eats organic fresh fruits and veggies by spoon. We continue to search to find foods she is not allergic to, though it has been tough. Lola LOVES to eat, does so as often as a newborn, & let's just say, she can put it away! Her big sister, on the other hand, FAR prefers being fed via g-tube. So, you'd think that Lola would be growing faster than her sister, right? Alas, Lola is SIGNIFICANTLY smaller than Claire was at this same age –

It's amazing how all of us can figure out why Lola is so much thinner than Claire, yet her mom can't.
She says Lola can put it away, but we all can see that she can barely swallow, so she's not remotely "putting it away" and the food she does get down, except for the goat's milk, is extremely low in fat and calories…I'll bet the nutrition Claire gets through her feeding tube each day has many times more calories than what Lola consumes.
Gwen is the epitome' of denial.

No. 240679

>Her big sister, on the other hand, FAR prefers being fed via g-tube.
In Gwen's own words, Claire can't actually eat by mouth anymore. That's why she has the tube~ not by expressing a preference.

No. 240930

Nothing on the Hooligans page for over a week. Wonder why.

No. 240936

Claire's busy writing her first novel using Eagle Eyes!

But seriously, Lola might be sick. They've stayed offline before when she's on oxygen etc.

No. 241131

The poor little critter. I hope she's OK - well, as much as she can be. I just want them both to be out of their misery, after all, it's not their fault.

No. 241227

>Her eyes appear completely black, her skin is corpse pale, her teeth are jagged, and she's the size of a toddler but doesn't have toddler-like proportions. She looks like a tiny demon.

Well… she's a stereotypical ginger, then. "Gingers have no souls" and all.

>sage for shitposting

No. 241320

File: 1485645623724.jpg (93.49 KB, 1024x1024, 1484978099359.jpg)

What is up with this photo? Could Claire stand when she was younger?

No. 241333

Her hypertonia has gotten way worse as she's got older. But I think he's more balancing her for a moment - I guess she had the strength in her legs at the time.

No. 241409

Well I was bored and had read gwens blog, I think it was called the shit chronicles, I had to stop reading! Gwen basically went on and on about Lola shitting so much it went thru the leg openings of the diaper. My god and Gwen has a problem telling her followers if Clare is getting her periods. She wil going into detail about the color, size and smell of a nasty diaper but can't answer a yes or no about Clare reaching an important milestone in growth! Wtf!

No. 241414

Lola eating reminds me of suckling pig… totally not human! Gwen says she's up to 13 lbs but looking at her tiny arms and legs it's hard to believe. Gwen said she wears a 12 month onesie! Poor kids, not that they are aware but Gwen could at least try dressing them in more age appropriate looking clothe like solids and not crazy ugly baby prints! Proof gwen treats her kids like babies and not teens… she used the word hungy in the video .. aka baby talk to Lola!

No. 241426

did you check the pics though!

No. 241427

>age appropriate looking
What ten year old girls clothes come in a one year old baby size?

No. 241474

Do you think a 10 year old wants to be dressed geade

No. 241475

File: 1485673949016.png (106.16 KB, 621x704, IMG_0787.PNG)

Dressed as a chicken!! Poor kid!

No. 241490

Quick someone call CPS, they put novelty chicken socks on her. But seriously, I don't think Lola has any idea nor could even have a preference of what to wear.

No. 241496

Someone mentioned this in one of the previous threads, but it's strange how Lola has microcephaly, which means she has a small head, yet her body is so tiny and emaciated, that her head actually looks proportionally much too big for her body.

No. 241508

Even if Scott was balancing Claire, rather than her actively standing, the fact that she was able to maintain that stance for the split-second it took to snap a pic is amazing. She appeared pretty close to normal then. She was much thinner than average.(Probably before she had a g-tube put in and was still subject to Gwen’s crazy feeding regimen) and her hands were already starting to twist, but other than those things, you couldn’t tell from that picture that there was anything really wrong with her. Comparing her old pics with shots from recent years, one can really see how devastating the progression of this condition is.

I’m reminded of that little girl who was mentioned in the previous thread , I think her name was some weird variation of Julie, who was recently diagnosed with the same thing that Claire and Lola have. At first it was unbelieve that she could have the same disorder, because she looks so normal, more so than even Claire did at that age. But then again, Claire looked better than Lola did as an infant and toddler.

I guess the syndrome impacts children differently in the beginning, but because its progressive nature, everyone eventually winds up similarly decimated.

I’m sure the parents of that little girl have come across the Hartley’s blog while researching Asparagine Synthetase Deficiency and it must have been heartbreaking to see what the future holds for their beautiful little girl. Gwen probably tells herself that she’s helping put a positive spin on microcephaly and now ADS, but if anything what she writes and the pictures she posts makes those conditions seem more terrifying than anyone could have imagined on their own.

No. 241511

That's because she has extreme dwarfism. The girls have a little-known condition called Asparagine Synthetase Deficiency, this means that things like microcephaly are just one item on a long list of issues.

No. 241555

Well they aren't teens you moron. Mentally they're newborns.

No. 241556

SoooOooo basically fitveganginger?

No. 241690

Yeah but Gwen also likes to talk about how they are "typical teens" and say that is annoying how others treat them like babies. Basically, they are as smart or as dumb as Gwen wants them to be moment to moment.

No. 241814

Exactly, just like their privacy is as important as she deems it to be at any given moment. She swears she'll never mention if and when the girls ever go through puberty, because she wants to respect their privacy, but she has no problems showing pictures of them shitting or videos of them farting or blogging about how Lola crapped her diaper for the millionth time.

No. 242128

Can either girls sit up on their own with out the use of the sofa? Also would it pain Gwen to put either of her kids in a crib. The last video which was creepy as hell, with Lola sleeping with her eyes open, the kid has to share a sofa with the dog.

No. 242157

Neither can sit up on their own. Clair has some extremely minor usage of her arms, though nowhere near enough to allow her to move her body in a meaningful way.

No. 242449

Oh God, that was awful. Like, trapped in a haunted house, horror movie awful. I know that a mothers are supposed to see beauty in their children no matter what,but I just cannot even get a hint of what Gwen allegedly sees when she looks at Lola and says that she's so adorable.
Lola looked like a ghoul laying there with her eyes open, then sitting up with the same blank dead eyed stare and laying back down again…She reminded me of one of those animatronic zombies people put in front of their house at Halloween that have motion detectors in them, which makes them rise up out of caskets when trick or treaters come to the door. I swear it seems that she purposely showcases the girls at their absolute worst in order to get a negative reaction out of people. It's like she's using her daughters to troll everyone.

No. 242476

Was that even sleep?

No. 242529

Due to their hypertonia, I don't think either girl would be comfortable in a crib. Clair sleeps on her front on the beanbag these days I think? Lola sleeps with Gwen.

No. 242641

I guess it's Lola's version of sleep. What I don't get is that Gwen complains that Lola hardly ever sleeps and as a result, Gwen herself is sleep deprived. If it's so damn difficult for Lola to get to sleep, why would Gwen keep bothering her, trying to get her to sit up, instead of just letter her sleep in peace? Seems like kind of a dick move to me.


No. 242647

Gwen is selfish af, it's like a child picking up a pet when they know it wants to be put down. It's cute and fluffy and they want to hold it so what the animal wants doesn't matter.
As long as Gwen is getting 'adorable' and 'precious' footage for Facebook ass-pats then it doesn't matter what would be more comfortable for the gremlins.
God forbid the little things get one moment of peace in the day away from immense pain and fear.

No. 242670

Good point, Lola only sleeps one hour a in 24 hr cycle, so why film her and talk? I'd be doing everything in my power not to wake up the goblin, I mean Lola. Also, is she really sleeping? Or is Gwen making that up too!!?? Again- she might be trying to normalize the lil tater tot! Remember Pocky also loved melons!!

No. 243016

I'm glad they're gone tbh. They were never really that funny.

Sage for no real meaningful input.

No. 243219

File: 1485982931438.jpg (202.28 KB, 1024x910, IMG_9684.JPG)

Some of them were hilarious

No. 243370

Poor thing, I googled hypertonia images! What a nightmare to look at! I read today that she doesn't think her children are going to regress with their genetics disorder but has come to terms with them never walking ! The picture above is scary!! Looks like she could be an extra for human centipede.

No. 243459

I'm wondering hypertonia if the reason for the bugged eyed stare that Claire has acquired in recent years. I'm thinking that the excess tension in her eyelid muscles causes her eyes to open so wide, while extreme tautness in the muscles that control her eyes themselves pushes them outward.

Gwen is in denial about the severity of their condition. It's obvious just from looking at pictures of them when they were younger that they are regressing. It's especially jarring with Claire, since she was quite pretty and nearly normal looking when she was a baby and toddler and now her appearance is almost as disturbing as Lola's. Gwen just exaggerates the few things that they can do in her mind, to allow herself to believe that they are really developing when they are actually slipping away a little more each day.

No. 243469

They were a break in the travesty. I thought they were fucking hilarious too. Sorry you have no sense of humor anon. :^(

No. 243472

File: 1486013733919.jpg (41.68 KB, 600x605, NX2NzdJ.jpg)

I'm particularly amused by this one. I think it's the simplicity of the humor that I most appreciate.

No. 243478

File: 1486015130744.jpg (1.86 MB, 1200x1600, IMG_9686.JPG)

No. 243492

Gwen's commentary on that video really shows how delusional she is. After explaining that Lola will lift her head and react in her sleep if someone deliberately tries to wake her, she goes on to say Lola is a total drama queen.

What on earth is she talking about. Lola was asleep - she never woke, she just reacted to being touched. What is dramatic about that? What about miserably lifting her head while sleeping with her eyes open makes Lola a drama queen.

Lola doesn't know her own name. She has less of an inner life than the dog. She has no capacity for drama.

And speaking of the dog, even he gave Gwen the side-eye when she messed with Lola. Even the dog knows how stupid it is to poke a teeny little miserable gnome because she's dramatic.

No. 243497

Do they have any real cognitive abilities?

No. 243502

Wow,I know Claire hasn't been doing so great lately, but I can't believe how much worse she looks in that photo than Lola does in the picture above. And Gwen thinks their condition isn't progressing?
I agree that it was pretty idiotic to call Lola a drama queen for doing something so basic. I don't understand why that's even amusing. But I guess when your kid can hardly do anything, even the most minor act can be evoke an emotional reaction.

No. 243503

When you see their baby photos, you really realise how much they have deteriorated.
They actually looked adorable in comparison to how they look now. Claire especially was a little cutie.
Now they look like soulless reanimated goblin corpses. I wonder if Gwen looks back on their baby photos and thinks about this. Or is she really that blind and reluctant to believe that they won't get any better only worse?

No. 243512

I agree. Just a little levity among all the misery. If anything, on a bit of a serious note, I feel like it highlights how Gwen is exploiting them by sharing these easily abused images; it's quite poignant, especially as a lot of anons here seem to show more compassion and respect for the girls and their dignity than Gwen does.

No. 243518

That's a difficult question to answer. With a case like Jaxon Buell, it's fairly simple. He has almost no cerebral cortex and even his cerebellum is so deformed it's almost non existent. Since he has little more than a brainstem, it's not difficult to see that he's little more than a breathing set of reflexes. But Claire and Lola are a little different. Each have a cerebral cortex, but their brains are smaller than normal, and they have "simplified gyri"meaning there aren't as many folds as a normal brain and the ones they do have are not as deep or complex, which basically means fewer neurons and neural connections than normal brains…not only that but their condition causes the brain to atrophy, so whatever little brains they had are slowly withering and dying. So its hard to know what parts of the brain they each still have and how damaged or intact those parts are. From what I've seen, I think sadly they have enough brains left to feel pain and suffering, but not much else. From what they've demonstrated they don't seem to be much more cognitively advanced than Jaxon.

No. 243723

A lot of people wanted to believe Clair was reacting to the eagle eyes, I didn't see- I really wanted to believe she would do good. But I think it was luck that she hit the"puppy" target and her painting with it just seemed like random eye movement, the cursor was always getting stuck and as usual Gwen had an explanation as to why it wasn't working.

No. 243736

File: 1486076754487.png (78.11 KB, 546x636, IMG_0819.PNG)

If you thought their hands looked awful, what the hell is going on with their feet. what a shame! Everything single part of their body is disfigured toes no exception!

No. 243850

Sage for blogpost and speculation but if I were in her position somehow, I don't think I'd be able to sit and compare the now to the then. If I had the weight of knowing how much pain I'd put my own daughters through for so long I'd just kill myself. Especially knowing all of it could have been avoided if I'd just taken my own head out of my ass for a moment.

No. 244211

dunno if I'm late to this but I heard Bree (the creeping girl) died. I think she was actually quite functional, moving on her own and playing and her mother definitely did a better job raising her than Gwen.

No. 244216

sorry new to this thread so im not sure who is who yet, but the bigger one actually looks like she has a soul in there…..the smaller one however….. just sad. you can see so obviously the one girl is taking in so much more calories and nutrients than the other.

No. 244240

those girls need physical therapy, they don't have any muscles and they're malnourished

and goats milk + fruit and veg isn't a good diet, they need some sort of feeding tube formulas (clinical nutrition) because they underweight

poor girls, I hope they parents rot in hell

No. 244250


No. 244397

Bree Gilker. Yes, she passed away one month ago. Her mother is not doing well.

No. 244398

Emotionally not doing well, I mean.

No. 244410

It's hard to see how physical therapy will help much, but Claire does receive PT. The reason this is happening to the girls isnt due to not using their muscles - they outright do not have the motor neurons to control their muscles. Some believe that putting Claire through all that PT is cruel and if she can feel pain all that therapy must feel excruciating.

God speed, Bree. She was dealt a terrible hand in life.

Wendy Gilker was just as devoted to woo and as delusional as Gwen, but I've always thought that if a parent in this situation decides to care for their profoundly disabled child, they need delusions to survive. If Wendy didn't believe that macrobiotics and so forth helped Bree, she would have gone insane. Wendy and Gwen live(d) grim lives. Unrealistic hope is the only way they get through their days.

Wendy's entire life was taken up by Bree's condition - without her to care for Wendy must feel like her life has lost its purpose. I hope she is able to get some therapy to help her cope and find a life outside of caring for a disabled child.

No. 244471

That's sad for the mom Wendy, as her whole life revolved around Bree and she must be lost without her. I feel bad for Wendy, but relieved for Bree who's finally out of her misery.
I think some form of PT to keep the girls' muscles from atrophying completely might be appropriate, but Clair gets PT where they try to make her crawl which she is wholly unable to do. The therapist has her on her hands and knees, and since Claire is unable to open her hands, her weight is on her knuckles, which looks like something that would be painful for someone with normal muscles, combine that with Claire's hypertonia it must have been excrutating, but there's Gwen, filming it all, and cheering Claire's "progress" and raving about how great she's doing learning to crawl.

No. 244479

Here's the video of Claire "working on crawling."
It pisses me off to watch it.
Claire left hand is off the mat and is pressing down on the wooden floor, so she has to bear her weight on her knuckles. Meanwhile, Gwen and the therapist are chatting about how well Claire is doing, while Claire is forced to maintain that position until her face finally twists into a mask of pain. And then Gwen laughs about her melting down. Of course she's melting down. Not only is the position she's in painful, but it must be scary too, because if she is unable to maintain it, all she can do is pitch face first into the floor. The physical therapist even says "Just don't fall on your face" and yes the therapist is there to catch her, but Claire can't see her, and although her cognitive abilities are probably slim to none, she obviously does feel pain and likely fear as well, so that has to be an extremely frightening position for her to be in. I feel like yelling at Gwen, "You stupid bitch, you know the poor girl isn't going to crawl, you're just putting her through unnecessary pain and fear for your own stupid ego boost!"

No. 244481

watch the one with pt at the swimming pool. she looks more comfortable and is also able to kick.

No. 244494

how does gwen dress them

No. 244536

I'm pretty new to this thread but in most video ( especially in this one) the kids look less sick than when her mom took pictures of them>>238214 like on this one, if she even try to make them looking more deformed it's really sad

No. 244593

The amount of drool coming out of Clair's mouth in the crawling video is disgusting!! Gwen always blames it on them teething. Shame, if this was my kid I would not be trying to put this all over social media. They have no privacy, mom blasting shit pics all over the place and them drooling! Her kids are her ticket to feed her ego! Clair was not attempting crawling, she can not get into that position by herself! She does not have the strength to propel herself! Gwen says her kids are very healthy, healthy kids do not need canulas of air when they get sick! 15 year old do not wear teething necklaces! What a world of delusion she lives in! Every time the girls act up, she say it's diva attitude! And now supposedly in ththe last video, every time Claire opens her mouth, it means no!!??

No. 244660

The only good thing about this is these kids are just too retarded to even know they're being turned into international laughingstocks/freak shows by their sick mother.

No. 244980

In the latest Hartley Hellions video, Claire actually seems like she's expressing disgust. She does not want that shit in her face or on her hands at all, but she can't get away. Honestly, I feel sorry for her. It's a violation of her rights.

No. 245014

It's funny how every little grunt and ugly expression and fart and shit and repulsive movement they make is all part of a complex nonverbal language that only Gwen can understand.

No. 245067

Claire is actually reactive, unlike Lola. The part I find disturbing is they can tell she doesn't like it but they don't modify the game and they even acknowledge it's against her will.

No. 245068

Claire is actually reactive, unlike Lola. The part I find disturbing is they can tell she doesn't like it but they don't modify the game and they even acknowledge it's against her will.

No. 245086

yeah like, even in her limited way you can tell she's annoyed. She's doing what they're telling her to do more than I've ever seen but they keep shoving it at her. it's the same with the eagle eyes video, Claire was over it and Gwen kept pushing her to do it at least two more times. "Are you done? Do it one more time then mommy will stop it" what's the point of asking if you won't take the reply? You think in people looking to normalize their daughters they'd jump on any reaction no matter how small saying it's a ~miracle. I guess this is kind of their equalivant of "school" (which all kids hate, it's the first time you HAVE to do something) so they have a block of time where they have to do these exercises but ugh

No. 245218

The pt is indeed supplied by the state in lieu of school. I wonder if they could even refuse it.

No. 245280

I wasn't convinced that Clair was punching it because her pt therapist told her! I guess they are very limited on what they can do for the girls, what a waste of money. They are just expensive baby sitters so Gwen can tend to her social media accounts. Pretty sure Gwen called Clair a diva again because after all she is a teen! You can also hear the lil noises of goblin Lola in the background. Poor Clair's life revolves around sitting on that beanie, anyone else notice how her legs are twisted so tight. There will never be walking or crawling in her future.

No. 246182

Gwen doesn't post as much as she used to, probably because their visible decline contradicts her claims of amazing progress.

No. 246187

Yeah, it's the same thing with the Buells and Jaxon. Basically all the little guy can do is seize, so they now go weeks or even longer without posting a video or update and when they do post a video, he's still having a seizure, they just pretend he's doing something else like playing the piano or trying to remove the straps from a board he's been tied to. Sorry to get off the subject of the hartleys, its just that the behavior of these parents is so strangely similar that something one of them does often reminds me of the other. Both the Hartleys and the Buells live in denial. Both insist their kids are hitting milestones when in reality they aren't doing anything at all. Both refuse to see the children are declining. Both exploit their kids for attention and/or money. Its like having a kid with some form of microcephaly causes the parents to acquire a strange syndrome of their own.

No. 247984

You think if the girls were doing great on eagle eyes she'd be posting everyday letting the world know how smart her girls are!! It's a toy at best for them !

No. 248237

File: 1486686011364.png (237.44 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3975.PNG)

I misread the first sentence as "I am more than aware that they are degrading", and for a single, golden moment, I thought Gwen had finally caved in to the reality check she badly needs and was going to acknowledge that the girls are getting worse.

But nope. Of course not.

No. 248276

Gwen just posted a diatribe about people making fun of the girls so obviously she's been by here.

No. 248278

File: 1486691255040.png (88.75 KB, 450x377, BSR_Goblin.png)

Except this place is like at least a year late to the party. Some guy on ylilauta posted them and named them brainless sissy retards and it spread to 4chan back in 2014.

No. 248359

Is there a big storage of those memes anywhere? I can't get enough of them.

No. 248387

I mean, there's the Mario video on Youtube, and many other variations on the "world's smallest ninja" vid. We came along very late and these days our threads are critical of Gwen rather than full of memes.

No. 248405

Maybe knowyourmeme.com or just go to google image search and plug in claire or lola hartley or hartley hooligans

No. 248429

File: 1486724149777.jpg (72.72 KB, 720x872, bsr weak.jpg)

I posted this on the thread before this one but tbh with you I wouldn't dare download it myself just because I don't need a gig of BSR memes. I can confirm the guy that posted it has shitloads of those but I'd still suggest scanning for viruses before opening.


No. 248447

Fuck, I didn't expect it to be that bad.

Claire clearly hated that stuff. She was actively trying to escape. And I don't understand how the therapist thought she was teaching Claire anything.

>therapist touches Claire's hand with the slime

>Claire flinches away
>therapist touches her with the slime again
>rinse, repeat
>Claire, possibly realizing that moving her appendages away won't help, tries to shove her entire body away from it
>therapist puts the slime against Claire's hand
>Claire is now shoving her hand into the slime
>Claire moves her hand away from it
>therapist repositions the slime against Claire's hand AGAIN
>Claire continues trying to shove herself away
>therapist tells Claire that if she doesn't like touching the slime, she needs to move her hand away from it


^video url if anyone feels like being supremely pissed off and Gwen and the therapist

No. 248489

>I love a good meme as much as anyone
I like how she's still trying to do the trendy hip mom thing even for potato children.

No. 248512

That body language could not be any more clear. She wanted nothing of it.

But seeing this made it all the more obvious that she can really feel things. I don't even want to know how much pain Claire is going through by default. If she can feel the touch of the slime on her skin, she should definitely be able to feel her own body growing more twisted and gnarled over time. Poor kid…

No. 248515

Gwen says Claire is "cutting teeth"??? Wtf does she still not have all of her permanent teeth in?

No. 248536

Most kids have all their adult teeth by age 13. Claire's only 2 years past that. It's unusual for a normal, healthy 15 year old to still not have all their adult teeth in, but it's not unheard of.

No. 248704

I never had much doubt they could feel. If they have any consciousness at all, then they likely can feel pain. Even Jaxon Buell appears to respond to pain and he barely has any brain at all. Though with him, I don't know if he has enough consciousness to really be in pain as we know it, or if it's just his body's reaction to it, but there's definitely he definitely seems to have at least a physical response to pain including screaming and crying.

Anyway back to Lola and Claire, their intellectual level seems to barely be at the infant stage and their brains are likely withering every day because of their syndrome, but they definitely both seem to have at least enough neurons and neural pathways left to be both conscious and able to feel pain. There are pictures of Claire wincing in pain when getting a needle in her arm. I believe it's actually in the second thread about them on here. And I believe I've seen Lola respond to pain as well; she definitely seem sto feel hunger. so yeah they almost certainly can feel pain and other unpleasant physical stimuli.
Unfortunately, pain comes easier than most pleasures. They can't really do anything, can't walk, can't play, can't communicate, and Claire can't even eat. So despite the fact that Gwen insists that they both have good lives, most likely the best day for either of them would be one were there is a little less excruciating pain than the day before.

No. 248707

This comment made me laugh because it just seems funny that someone could look at this child with microcephaly, hypotonia so bad she's curling up into herself, dwarfism, continual farting and gastro issues, and brain degeneration that will one day kill her and be shocked she hasn't cut her adult molars yet. Not laughing at you anon, just found it amusing how we all find our own little areas of "WTF" when looking at these little goblin girls.

Yeah, Claire is so far behind in every element of human development that I'm frankly surprised her poor body has the resources to cut her adult teeth. Gwen talks about how great Claire's nutrition is but her body has trouble absorbing calories. It's not too surprising that her overall failure to thrive has resulted in delayed adult tooth eruption.

Poor Claire. Teething, lives her life on her stomach on a bean bag to alleviate the stress on her twisted body, firing out one fart after another, and she has to deal with this insane woman forcing her to fist slime. Leave her alone, people. She doesn't have the physical capacity to support muscle growth or tone. Making her crawl, putting her hands in gross shit to encourage her to react - none of that will ever help. She does not have the necessary elements in her brain to control muscles or to built neuron pathways to support muscle development. Doing this stuff to her looks like she's being tortured and she clearly doesn't like it. If she at least enjoyed it I could see doing it but since it serves zero purpose, just let her hang out with the dogs on her beanbag in peace.

No. 248720


The sad part is her doctors must know this. But the mother pushes so hard and is so delusional they are forced to attempt to "treat" these poor girls.

No. 248721

File: 1486772480924.jpg (152.32 KB, 960x960, 326.jpg)

No. 248729

>>248707 I agree. I think if Claire and Lola have to have physical therapy at all, it should be focused on trying to alleviate the pain they are probably always in from their horribly twisted and stretched muscles,anything else is just a waste of time.

But we've got to remember how delusional Gwen is. She thinks Claire will learn to crawl one day. She believes Lola is becoming more aware of her surroundings because she sucks water from a drinking fountain. Gwen refuses to believe their condition is progressive and she will not acknowledge how they are regressing and will only continue to get worse, even though it's pretty obvious to the rest of us.

Gwen is going continue to do things like waste other people's money on expensive gadgets like eagle eyes, even though the girls are all but oblivious to it ,she'll continue to pretend they are really interacting with it and learning from it. She will continue to insist that the therapists do useless exercises with them to to try and "teach" them new things.

I guess the slime was an attempt to teach Claire how to control her arms or something, but she already knows how to pull her arms in or push them out, albeit with great effort and difficulty and she's never going to be able to use them for much more than that and her hands are all but useless at this stage, so the slime exercise is just futile torture. But it's not really for Claire. Just like the eagle eyes wasn't really for the girls. All of these gadgets and the therapy is for Gwen, to feed her ego and her delusions.

No. 248935

they don't see doctors…

No. 248939

Their pt is provided by the state to all children who cannot attend school. So there is supposed to be a learning component to it. In Claire's case the stimulation is probably better than laying on the beanbag all day. She does seem to enjoy the swimming therapy in that pool video.

I swear Lola's growing on me. A kinda cute goblin.

No. 248958

At least the swimming pool offers some pressure relief on potato Claire's disgusting little legs. Claire has to be in less agony than Lola because she sleeps all the time.

No. 249198

They look like drowning rats, just bobbing up and down! Poor Claire has to wear that damn inner tube around her neck!

No. 249299

I mean the one in the big pool- where Claire seems to be getting in to the pt.

No. 249326

>She does seem to enjoy the swimming therapy in that pool video.

What struck you as "enjoyment" in that video? She had her usual vaguely startled and confused facial expression, and yeah, she kicked her legs, but you can't assume she was doing it because she enjoyed the feeling. She may have been reacting to the water, but it could have been instinct, or a vaguely defined reaction to not having her body on a solid surface.

No. 249330

This is my impression as well. If anything her nerves are reacting to change in temperature or sensation/positioning. I do not think her movements are autonomous or purposeful in any way.

No. 249369

Reminder that the girls suffer from intense muscle tension constantly and can't take any relaxants or pain meds for it.

Try tensing your muscles as hard as you can and see how long you can stand it. Imagine not having any control over that. Imagine doing it so hard you dislocate limbs. Because that's happened before.

These girls need to be euthanized for mercy.

No. 249378

You could put her in a vat of peanut butter, Claire and Lola would enjoy that too!! Those girls will never know or experience enjoyment!

No. 249386

And the longer they live, the more warped their muscles and joints get, and the more pain they're in. These might be the least happy creatures on earth.

No. 249467

well it's limited, just like her revulsion to the slime is limited. but she experiences both.

No. 249488

I'd never considered their pain from hypotonia. You're right - they have to be in relentless, unthinkable pain all day long. I cut Gwen a lot more slack than some of us here because I can only imagine what I would do in her shoes. I think she makes questionable choices and is delusional and though I'd like to think I would be better grounded to reality had I birthed two human potatoes, the fact is that I don't know what I'd do.

But this is a pretty harsh indictment against Gwen. She refuses to give them pain medication because it could kill them but is okay with them living in pain they cannot express or escape. What mother wants their child to live in unimaginable pain? I don't want my cat to live in pain that cannot be cured or alleviated but it's just fine with Gwen to torture her daughters.

No. 249828

The potatoes need to be nuked!

No. 249851

I've always wondered, would living in perpetual pain desensitize you to it?

No. 249864


I have severe chronic arthritis and am in constant pain, but at least in my case it fades into the background most of the time. So, I guess the answer to your question is maybe. There are types of pain I think it would be difficult to overlook, like say a migraine, or appendicitis.. not sure where where the girls far on that scale, but I think bone or muscle pain may be easier to "overlook."

No. 249929

I think if you're a normal person, with the ability to stimulate yourself via means of interacting meaningfully with other people or being capable of doing activities, then it might be easier to let it fade into the background like >>249864 anon says.

For the girls however, I think it's probably more complicated, because they have no way to communicate their pain other than involuntary reflexes like grimacing. They also don't appear to have the mental capacity to process being distracted, because distraction requires focus in the first place, and they demonstrate no ability for that. My guess is that they're constantly in pain and probably scared a lot because they're unaware of why they are in pain, and I don't imagine they're desensitized to it purely because of how twisted up their poor little bodies are. Lola only gets a couple of hours of sleep in a day, and she doesn't have a feeding tube, so I'd imagine that of the two she's the one who experiences more pain.

sage for way too long

No. 250004

That's why it pissed me off when her Gwen kept prodding Lola after she'd supposedly fallen asleep. First, what the hell is so special or interesting about the fact that the Lola can lift her head up, that Gwen have to film it. Even for a girl that barely has any neurological capacity, a simple response to physical stimuli isn't that unusual.

Gwen constantly bitches how Lola never sleeps, so why the hell would you bother her when she's finally getting a little peace especially when you have to know how much pain she's constantly in?

And then she calls her a "drama queen", which as an incredibly stupid remark. The child did nothing, whatsoever dramatic..but Gwen is such an attention whore that she has to exaggerate and act like a scenario is much more interesting than it actually is

No. 250043

These videos are always so hard to watch. Not because of the girls, though, but because of Gwen's grating "cutesy" voice

No. 250198

How in the hell are Claire and Lola still kicking? They're both casseroles of misery.

No. 250532

Well, according to gwens ig account, both girls now dance at the basketball games! They can't talk or walk, but can dance!! She is a whack job if I ever saw one!

No. 250537

>She is a whack job if I ever saw one!
>but Gwen is such an attention whore that she has to exaggerate and act like a scenario is much more interesting than it actually is

I'm a disabled carer and I meet a lot of mums like Gwen, usually not with as disabled kids though. I'm pretty sure it's not just martyr syndrome and attention seeking - It's the only way they can cope with their situation. If the lie/illusion they create for the world and themselves is broken they will end up killing their kids and probably themselves.

No. 250540

Kingstone plz. You are treading on dangerous water.

No. 250549

File: 1487015781312.jpg (200.6 KB, 1200x1600, IMG_0069.jpg)

I really never understood why she kept Lola even though she knew she was at least as fucked up as Claire when she was pregnant.

If you asked her she'd probably say something like: "I didn't want Claire to feel like I would have aborted her too if I knew." or something as if Claire wasn't a potato.

Okay, I just searched abortion on her site and the first result is her saying people need to STOP convincing women in Puerto Rico to abort their zika babies.

No. 250782

They can't read or write, but they both compose award winning musicals! What impressive spuds.

No. 250846

Gwen had been told repeatedly that Claire wouldn't make it to her first birthday and if she did somehow live that long she certainly was going to die very young. Gwen had the expectation that Claire and Lola would both probably be gone within a few years. She likely thought neither would reach double digits.

If she knew then what she knows now I wonder if she would have chosen to abort. Gwen is a crazy, delusional attention-seeker, but her life is unrelenting hell. Dealing with just one child with this level of disability devastates primary caregivers. Only the extremely religious could justify that sort of martyrdom and Gwen isn't a fundamentalist whack job.

No. 251138

That's the best defense of her around. Neither Gwen nor her husband would have ever thought that they were signing up for decades of hard mode tard wrangling.

No. 251164


Huh, I always thought the reason she didn't abort was because she was a fundamentalist whack job, that it was God's will that she have these two severely disabled children.

No. 251390

She's really not. On her blog she describes herself as more spiritual than religious. She also hates Trump (that her Twitter).

No. 251556

I'm pro life, but I'd have no problem aborting those children! I couldn't and would not let my kids have that quality of life! I also could not dream of telling another parent they should continue a pregnancy when their child would basically be sitting root vegetables that just are just slowly rotting away!

No. 251570

Pure guess here, but if you told Gwen back when she was pregnant with Claire or Lola that they'd live this long, good chance she would have aborted.

No. 251577

Holy shit, a picture of Cal that isn't with his sisters

No. 251619

I know the photo's cropped, but it looks like that picture is condemned to some random corner. I bet that plant grew to cover it at one point.

No. 253312

Poor little gremlins. Them eating puréed fruit and vegetables does to their digestive what a handful of ghost peppers does to the average person's. Have mercy, Gwen, you fucking psycho.

No. 253339

Cal did an interview for a Kansas sports website. He said that part of the reason that he plays basketball is because he feels overlooked because his little sisters get most of Gwen and Scott's attention. I report this because he is finally telling the truth about how he feels about his family life.

No. 253351

Maybe he's a jerk, I dunno, but at a glance he seems like a good kid. Class president, star athlete, etc. But every moment of his home life is dominated by those disgusting potato creeps explosively farting and vomiting and drooling and seizing.

Cal is going to fucking love college. I hope he goes to one a long flight away.

No. 253718

Cal needs to go far away from stinky veggies! Can you imagine, a teen kid goes out to dinner with his siblings, while mom and dad take shit pics of exploding diapers at a restaurant table! His parents have no mercy!! Gwen takes those lil goblins to the games too, he can't escape them! They probably vomit on the people in front of them at the games!! Pretty sure no spectators can enjoy the game either!

No. 253730


that's so sad. but he's a better person than either of those two potatoes (or even his parents) by far.

No. 253736


No. 253767

Not the same anon but I found it on their facebook page: http://www.kansas.com/sports/high-school/article133083854.html

He does NOT say he feels overlooked by his parents, but rather by coaches:

>Even though he has led Circle in scoring for three straight seasons, upped his scoring average to 25 points in his senior season, and scored more than 1,000 points in his career, Hartley (5-foot-11, 175 pounds) said he has not talked to a single Division I coach.

>Hartley feels overlooked, but he doesn’t play with the fiery intensity of someone who has been slighted. His game is steady and measured with the confidence of someone who knows his situation will work out.
>“I feel like I’m that way because of my sisters (Lola and Claire),” Hartley said. “They’ve been going against the odds their entire lives and it’s never bothered them. They’re still loving life and it’s motivated me to do the same thing. Whenever things are bad or I get frustrated, I think about them and that always pushes me through.”

Gwen goes on to make the whole rest of the story about the girls and their "achievements". Oh, Gwen you nutter.

>Cal is playing the best basketball of his career, while Claire and Lola are achieving “inchstones,” as Gwen phrases it, on a weekly basis.

No. 254013

>Today Claire, 15, and Lola, 10, are healthy.

No. 254020

I really wish that Gwen had let Claire die within the first year of her life and had aborted Lola. No doubt that it would have been hard to do but with them gone she could have had healthy kids. I'm not so sure if Cal would have liked these little siblings, but at least he wouldn't have had to take care of them like little babies for years and years.

No. 254455

Claire and Lola are beautiful, smart, healthy, normal! Danny Devito is tall! Stephen Hawking is stupid! Margot Robbie is ugly!

No. 254570

What are the chances the spuds are extremely smart? Maybe they are highly intelligent stick in a veggie body!

No. 254614

I think that was Gwen's hope with the Eagle Eyes but instead it basically verified that they are stupider than a cornstalk.

No. 254924

File: 1487623438907.png (47.87 KB, 512x475, IMG_0767.PNG)

No. 254972

Occasionally it's discovered that certain people have conditions like that. Such as some severely autistic children who are non verbal, but when given the right means to communicate, it turns out they're quite intelligent.

Also some people who have suffered traumatic brain injuries can experience ''locked in'' syndrome, where the cognitive parts of their brain are still functioning, but the area of the brain that communicate with the body are damaged, so they are unable to move or communicate in any way.
With those conditions, only specific parts of the brain are affected .

The syndrome that Claire and Lola have doesn't just impact one area of the brain, but pretty much the entire organ. I've seen MRIs of other children with the same syndrome as them and they are undoubtedly severely cognitively impaired. I think they experience consciousness on some level, can feel pain and other stimuli and Claire seems to be able to feel and express disgust, such as when the therapist kept touching her with the slime. I think that's as far as her mental abilities go and since her condition is progressive, there's almost no chance she'll improve and she'll almost certainly regress. Lola seems to be one or two steps below Claire. Even though she's younger and the illness has had less time to ravage her brain, she still seems to be more severely affected. If she somehow makes it to the age Claire currently is, she probably wont even have the simple reflexes that she does now.
Yep, that pretty much sums it up.

No. 255051

Do either children see a pediatrician or neurological specialist that can see if their disorder is indeed regressing? Like a child with cancer, gets routine check ups. Wouldn't Gwen want to be ahead of the game and know what's going on? She seems a little spacey like herbs will cure her kids. I mean with Lola, she said they did not not have any kind of intervening.

No. 255079

Claire really looks like the empty body of a little girl here.

No. 255092

Gwen isn't a believer of science or medicine, preferring to rub aromatic oils on the girls, maybe chanting. She uses oils to fix chicken pox, colds, infections, and her only real connection with medical professionals is writing a yearly letter the the pediatrician who informed her of the effects and prognosis of the girls miserable condition in order to try and make them feel like a bad person for doing their job. She knows the girls won't survive serious medical interventions for feeding or whatever so she just puts up her ignorance shields and pretends that homeopathy isn't money grubbing from the producers and gullibility from the practitioners.

No. 255181

It is crazy… Lola would have been better off getting a vaccine than basically wasting away like a holocaust victim! I think she dealt with the chicken pox for quite some time and hard long recovery! But as Gwen states, the girls are healthy AND thriving! Heck, I had chicken pox, I recovered in 2 weeks! My understanding Cal also got the chicken pox too, what is the deal with him not getting the shot? Also, a doctor is not a fortune teller. He told Gwen exactly what they cant do! In Gwens head they are walking on water! Was Gwen expecting him to say they could talk, walk, crawl?? They might have gone past their expiration date but those girls having no quality of life. I hope the girls meet Jesus soon, it breaks my hurt to see their bodies looking like a aunty anns pretzels! The way the make those faces, look like they are in agony most of the day!

No. 255306

I believe that she no longer takes Claire to any sort of doctor that would monitor Claire's brain loss. However, it is known for certain that Lola has never received any sort of medical testing to monitor her brain loss and even if Gwen decided to begin such testing tomorrow it would be meaningless. They refused to have Lola examined when she was born so there is no original record to refer to in determining how much Lola is deteriorating.

Gwen doesn't want to know and it sort of makes no difference either way. It's not like knowing how much brain loss the girls have experienced will help them or their parents in any manner. There's nothing that can be done to help the girls. The only upside to such exams would be in providing medical data because this condition is so very rare but Gwen didn't know the girls had the disorder until last year. She didn't make the decision to limit exams knowing that her girls had a very rare condition.

No. 255618

File: 1487716190025.png (71.1 KB, 579x685, IMG_0808.PNG)

No. 255699

Sweet little spud!! Is it me, or does Gwen post less and less? Maybe the girls are having more bad days than good lately.

No. 255726

Well, if the results of the Girls using Eagle Eyes and Clair's most recent family photo are any indication, you may be on to something. Imagine how many times she hooks them up to EE and proceeds to film them, looking for anything that resembles success, and the video provided was the best she could come up with. Neither girl had her eyes near the screen when the cursor was moved, so clearly it doesn't work. And in Clair's professional portrait, same thing, did not come up with a good result. The girls are so much worse off than they were when they were younger, and downhill is the only way they will continue to go. Quite sad, but true.

No. 255800

I agree, they always brought up the kids were triggering the cursor with their peripheral vision. Maybe the girls need blinders like they use on horses. I felt like they had 0 control with the eagle eyes!! Wouldn't it be great if they donated that equipment to a child that could really benefit.

No. 255818

In other years she would post tons of portrait pics. This year they did Claire's hair up into curls and she still looked awful even by Claire's standards and she only posted three total.

No. 255819

Thank you! I have always said that…she gets all of these things donated to her, at taxpayer and donor expense, for two children who are not able to benefit from their use. Clair's walker, the Eagle Eyes…I understand that she wants the girls to be "typical", but they're not. It's too much to expect that she could accept that. She's too far gone and too much in denial. She has all of these followers that perpetuate her crazy beliefs and support and praise everything she says. For the sane among us there is really nowhere to go from here….it's a one way train to crazy town!

No. 255821

Probably shot hundreds of pics just to get one image that made Claire look as freakish as ever. Even ugly little Lola still just looked like her usual shitstain self but Claire has become noticeably worse.

No. 255829

Clair is noticeably worse. Even in the Nightline interview JuJu Chang remarked how unsettling Clair's appearance could be. Poor little thing always just sits there with her little head bobbing around and the wild eyed, dead eyed (depending on when you look) stare. If you compare pics from when she was a toddler to now, you can barely tell she's the same (person)…

No. 255846

The whole Eagle Eyes thing was ridiculous and sad. Gwen cheered whenever Lola or Claire would "trip" the program to make a video start, as if they were both doing it on purpose, but they were both plopped right in front of the screen, so it would have been almost impossible for them not to have triggered it a few times. Literally, she would have had the same results if she'd taped the sensors to her dogs faces and shoved them right in front of the screen.

No. 255858

You are so right. There isn't one thing that they do on Eagle Eyes that is intentional. If they stare at the screen long enough they're bound to trip something….she wants to make reader boards for them….what will be the result of that…let's seeClair writes a legal dissertation that gets her into Harvard, and Lola will probably cure some previously incurable disease! Nah…Since Gwen is the brains behind all of the madness, they will come up with some tale about a million ways to shit your pants and fifty ways to spell the word "fuck"…

No. 255871

can anyone explain why Claire actually looks sorta-human like this? What happened to her? Is it because of less baby fat? or is it because Gwen is starving her?

No. 255874

It's probably the angle and the wide dress so you can't see her deformed head and how stiff and twisted her body is

No. 255893

sorry to ask, but what is an eagle eye machine ?

No. 255917

It's a machine that tracks eye movement and processes it into computer input. Like a mouse but for people who can only use their eyes.

It can be an incredible thing for someone only able to move their eyes to suddenly be able to go online, watch movies they choose, read Wikipedia or even write emails. Pity it's wasted on them instead.

No. 255918

She's admirably lucid here. Though I think the biggest sin of many of these memes is simply the fact that they're unfunny. Examples:

No. 255919

some of her conditions get worse as they get older, for example she can't eat on her own, her hypotonia gets worse as she grows (giving her a wizened look) and her brain slowly declines compared to her body.

No. 255929

The Runescape one is hilarious
go fuck yourself

No. 255968

The girls especially Lola looks like she could be gollums son from lord of the rings.

No. 255980

File: 1487778581951.jpg (150.13 KB, 826x436, wtf.jpg)

I want some of whatever Babs is smoking

No. 255981

That HAS to be a troll. Right?

No. 255997

File: 1487782335858.jpg (171.24 KB, 356x351, IMG_0829.JPG)

No. 255999

File: 1487782697410.png (2.18 MB, 1532x2100, mario macho madness.png)

Not who you're responding to, but all you do is slap some text on a picture and throw in the word potato. Put more effort in.

No. 256001

Don't see the word potato there

No. 256002

That made me chuckle. Good job.

No. 256007

Holy shit lol. World's smallest Mario will always be iconic. Lola may not have many talents but she has a legacy

No. 256018

No veggie soup for you!

No. 256115

This picture pisses me off. The writing on the basketball is likely in reference to Cal's scoring record and the ball was probably awarded to him in recognition of his achievement.
This was Cal's accomplishment and you'd think maybe just once Gwen would let him have his moment to shine without shoving Claire and Lola on him. But no, she has to make everything about them.

I know Cal's said that he has doesn't resent his sisters, but how could he say otherwise. Gwen once shamed him to tears and forced him to write a full page apology for inadvertently uttering the word retard. Imagine how she'd freak out if he ever really let loose with any negative feelings about his sisters or how his mother has always given them so much more attention.

No. 256256

You are spot on. Heck, even the news article about Cal and his short stature, yet great basketball skills, turned into an article about the spudsters. They're fishing to get Cal noticed to play college ball, and naturally that is a great lead in to bring up those human disasters, who can't even move on their own. Maybe they think if they dwell on the spacewasters they can conjure up some pity points for the Calster. Their pathetic, really, the whole lot of them! Maybe once he is out of the shadow he has grown up on, he will come to realize how truly jacked his family is, and that his mother is undeniably insane!

No. 256291

She didn't get the Eagle Eyes donated, she sold wristbands to raise the money. At least be accurate.

No. 256311

Ugh no, a foundation paid for most of the eagle eyes. She even thanked them! Go look!

No. 256341


You are correct…she did do some fundraising with her bracelets, but in fact it was mostly subsidized by a foundation. She gets most things given to her, things which would be better served by going to others who could actually benefit from their use..Clair's walker, etc. it can't stand that she wastes so much out of her sense of entitlement…Eagle Tyes, walker, special ed school teachers….all of these things could go to a child who could actually benefit from their use rather than ending up as places to dry laundry when Gwen finally figures out they aren't working in any fashion to bring something out of the brain dead shells of humanity she calls daughters.

No. 256356


No, she did actually have most of the EE donated you fuckwit..:perhaps you should do your homework before raising your hand in class!

No. 256364

They get tons for free, which is one reason they can afford a house with a big swimming pool and fancy Mexican vacations despite having two incredibly fucked up kids.

Think about it. They don't cost much to feed, as they barely eat anything. The girls don't get any medicine, and their thearpies are entirely covered by the state. Their fancy equipment is donated or supplied, and people constantly give them clothes, diapers, bottle nipples, and who knows what else. They probably spend more of their personal money on Cal than on either spud.

No. 256375

It is a little crazy that they can afford a vacation but go ahead and sell wrist bands for the eagle eyes. They are better off than most parents of special needs kids!

No. 256382


They are better off than most people, with or without a sped kid. That's what is disgusting about her (among many other things) is that she takes advantage of everything that is offered to kids with special needs, even things they can't possibly benefit from. Her total denial is beyond comprehension. At most those girls need physical therapy to keep their muscles from atrophy. Otherwise, anything else she does for further mental development is a complete and utter waste. Their minds are not growing. They are diminishing and will do so til the day they die. Let it go Gwen…their days are numbered!

No. 256384


Cal? Who's Cal?

No. 256400

Anyone else notice that during the kids recent portraits, everyone has a solo picture of themselves except for Cal. Poor kid, I feel bad for him. Everything is about his sisters, Gwen manages to steer any attention he gets from himself to the girls. I hope he does well for himself. His smiles seem forced in most of his pictures with the girls. The only true pictures that he seems genuine is with his girlfriend.

No. 256485

Thank you, it's sad that the machine is useless in this case
I dont know why this picture make me angry, but I hope his mom give him more attention
IRL than on her social media accounts.

No. 256491

It's doubtful that she really gives him much attention at all at home. She spends almost 24/7 with the girls and even sleeps with Lola. The only good that has come out of it is that Cal seems to be a rather independent kid, but it still saddens me how he basically emotionally on his own since he was a child and that his mom favors those two non-mobile, non-verbal, shitting, vomiting spuds over the one child she has who's actually able to communicate and do things.

No. 256804

No you're wrong. She even says it was mostly paid for by some organisation. You need to brush up your Hartley knowledge anon.

No. 256898

File: 1487922464455.jpg (225.57 KB, 611x640, IMG_0885.JPG)

No. 256899

It's past your bed time.

No. 256967

Damn she got the foundation to pay for it? What happened to raising the $2500? Or did she still do that and the foundation gave the rest?

No. 257027


Well she raised some money selling the bracelets, bus seriously, how many bracelets could she have sold? She has some loyal (idiot) followers, but not that many. So I'd say the majority was paid for by the foundation. There was also a woman on her Facebook or IG account who said she had a pen in hand just waiting to write a check. Anything just to have communication with the brainless wonders. I'm not trying to be mean, but except for the most basic brain functions, breathing,….breathing…yeah, their brains aren't capable of much, what makes these people think they have deep thoughts that are just busting to get out of their heads. They barely know they exist, let alone are cognitive of their surroundings. In the Nightline interview Gwen said she was "letting the girls personalities come through so they wouldn't be labeled and put in a box as vegetables"…which is exactly what they are, and something tells me that deep down inside, Gwen knows that too. And of course, it's not their personalities coming through, rather what the deluded Gwen thinks they would be like if they could form a thought or walk across a room.

No. 257152

If I had a moment with the taters I'd like to shave their heads bald. I think they'd look less freakish that way. More like aliens.

No. 257211

File: 1487976437235.png (161.26 KB, 750x627, IMG_0908.PNG)


No. 257265

>I'd say
So… you have no more facts than I do. Maybe easier to say you don't know.

No. 257269

>I'd say
So… you're just guessing? I'm up for you telling me I got it wrong but it seems you don't know yourself. Gwen said she was going to go ahead when she raised $2500. We don't know if that happened or not.

No. 257282


No I don't know exactly. But I know for a fact that the foundation paid for a substantial amount of it. Suffice it to say that had there been no foundation there would be no EE…at least not yet, and that is a fact! Why don't you just tuck your tail between your legs, piss on a bush and toddle on home. Don't get all butt hurt because you made a mistake and you're getting called out. A lot of people get facts mixed up…let it roll and get on with your day! Seriously, have a great rest of Friday (if you aren't already?!….)

No. 257321

Anyone else really want to like Gwen? I guess my opinion of her went sour went I started seeing people call her out on instGRam for exploiting the kids. I started seeing Gwen was also starting to embellish her kids abilities. I think the final straw was when she stated that people shouldn't be spray for Zika and that microcephaly wasn't something to fear. Every parent wants a healthy child, but to hear her lessen the seriousness of the disease was really disheartening. I'm pro life, but I could never blame a woman for not choosing to carry children like hers knowing they are so limited in their abilities.

No. 257495

File: 1487996512970.png (71.12 KB, 501x683, IMG_1050.PNG)

>>25732. Look at this Tator, she really is maturing into a lovely baked potato!

No. 257582

File: 1488000751265.png (1.03 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0818.PNG)

Seasoned with the right herbs and spices, this baked potato is divine.

No. 257606


I try really hard not to judge her. She is in denial because she has to be to deal. I can't imagine what it must be like to be faced with the fact that two of your children are visibly declining, and knowing they are going to die within your lifetime. I can't imagine anything more painful. So if she seems over the top and delusional, well, she's got to cope somehow.

No. 257863

I don't have any problem disliking Gwen.I understand that she's got a lot on her plate, and she had no idea that Claire was going to be born that way, but to bring a second child into the world with the same condition, knowing how much suffering she'd be going through, is in my opinion selfish and cruel.
Also, it's one thing to be in denial, but its another thing to think it's cute to pictures of Lola covered in shit or to describe her bowel movements in excruciating detail. She does gross things like that then claims that she wants to world to see Claire and Lola as two normal girls. So I don't feel any guilt about disliking her. I think she brings it upon herself.

What I do sometimes feel guilty about is being so repulsed by the Claire and Lol. They didn't choose to be breathing potatoes. So I know I should be more compassionate towards them and sometimes I am, but there are many other times when a picture of a video of them can make me feel a violent, hateful rage. I sometimes imagine what I'd do if left alone in a room with one or both of them and it isn't pretty or pleasant. I'm not proud of that part me, but I'd be a damn liar if I denied that it exists.

No. 257879

Why does Gwen insist on giving Lola hairstyles that emphasize her her microcephalic cranium? It's almost like she wants to make her daughter look as ridiculous as possible so that people will say cruel things and then Gwen can then take on the role of the hurt, self righteous, protective mother -"How, dare you call my precious, beautiful daughter a pinhead! She's absolutely, perfect…do you hear me?!!"
Yeah, Gwen we hear you, but we weren't the ones that piled her hair on top of her head to make her look like Schlitzie from the movie "Freaks."

No. 257883

Honestly, something about their long hair and Gwen keeping it that way creeps me out.
Like Gollum wearing a wig or something.

No. 257885

What if this is one of those weird blessings in disguise? Maybe without the tards Cal never would've been motivated to accomplish so much

No. 257977

Don't feel bad about being repulsed by the girls. I'm not sure how valid evolutionary biology is but there has to be something behind how many people are immediately disgusted by others who are this profoundly disabled.

There is a difference between this sort of reaction and some eugenics-led desire to demonize all of the disabled. When we look at Lola and Claire we initially see humans. Weird humans, but humans nonetheless.

Then we find out they aren't babies. One's a teen, the other ten.

Then we find out they cannot move on their own, cannot speak, one cannot eat on her own and the other cannot be properly fed because she is too profoundly retarded to be able to swallow well.

We find out they are in diapers, that they fart continually, they both need body massage in order to defecate, they smell bad, one screams incessantly, the other is looking more and more like a space alien with each passing day.

Then we find out there is a good chance they've never had a thought in their heads beyond reactions to hunger and pain, will never be able to think and experience anything beyond pain, and are actually degenerating and will get worse than this as they drool and as their bodies contract into themselves.

We react with disgust because we see humanoids and they do nothing humanoids can do. They require continual care but have less social usefulness than a houseplant. They stink, are hard to look at, make terrible noise, and at least two adults have to devote their lives to keeping them alive rather than doing something more productive. Our disgust helps ensure we don't ever find this a good way to go about dealing with potential Claires and Lolas.

That disgust is something I suspect our ancestors 10,000 years ago felt because it was important to their survival not to be burdened with children like this. Our disgust may be the remnant of millennia of biological reaction borne from necessity.

It takes a lot of alternative conditioning to shed that disgust - Christianity comes to mind.

And I think that also feeds a lot of our disgust for Gwen. Her attention whoring aside, she made a conscious decision to let Lola come to term and seems delighted with the attention the girls bring her. She loved being the Zika go-to on babies with microcephaly. She lies about them even as their bodies and brains deteriorate further. She tells people not to be afraid of embracing those humanoids, shackling others to her tiresome and repulsive life. It's not quite evil, trying to paint her life with the girls as not so bad, but it's definitely malignant that she passes her life off as manageable when it's hell on earth. That's why I dislike her deeply, even as I pity her.

No. 257978

If I was a gerbil, and Claire and Lola were my kids. I would have ate them by now! Nature always takes care of it's own. These girls should have passed by now, Gwen should have done the kind thing and let them die with dignity aka withhold food!

No. 258001

I feel pity more than I feel disgust. They've been screwed from birth, one due to chance, and one due to the selfishness of Gwen. Their entire lives will be nothing but agony.

No. 258062

Not all people with microcephaly are as bad off as Claire and Lola, at least. Microcephaly is really just a symptom of a different birth defect that they have. Personally, I would still abort if I knew my child had microcephaly. For those with Zika who won't get an abortion because of Gwen or other reasons though, those children may not be as severely disabled as the Hartley vegetables. Video related.

No. 258633

Someone needs to do a Hartley Hooligans shooting stars meme

No. 259599

Although it's true that microcephaly is a feature of various diseases and syndromes and that the effects can lie anywhere on the spectrum from moderate to severe, from what I know about Zika, it produces babies with functional levels far closer to the Hartley taters than to the two girls in the pic above.

It actually seems to cause something similar to what Jaxon Buell has, which is about the worst case scenario save for total anencephaly.
Although Jaxon's syndrome, microhydranencephaly is likely genetic, there is a parallel condition that's caused by environmental factors. It's known as Fetal Brain Interruption Sequence, where blood flow the fetal brain is cut off sometime in the second or third trimester , causing the developing brain to die and the skull to collapse in on itself. This is what appears to happen with Zika, although scientists arent sure exactly how the virus brings about this sequence of events.

Zika babies are neurologically devastated. If I was pregnant and told that my fetus appeared to have microcephaly caused by Zika, I definitely get an abortion. Well first I'd get a second opinion to make sure there was no mistake and then I'd abort.

No. 259738

Gosh she is so scary looking there!' Look at those crazy eyes!! >>259599

No. 260058

File: 1488258391800.png (1.5 MB, 750x1334, IMG_0822.PNG)

Supertard and Tater Tot. Projectile vomiting and explosive shitting will have villains begging to surrender.

No. 260164

I wonder if you have to ask an authorization to put pictures of peoples on the internet when they are adult in america, because It's a shame to see those kids being take on picture like this

No. 260298

These kids do not look happy or healthy. Claire will be an adult in 2.5 years and mom will still be dressing her up as a toddler. I wonder if it is easier deal with the public thinking your kids are babies than have to explain no, one is almost 11 and one is 16 oh and on top of being dwarves they have microcephaly too.

No. 260512

Gosh, Lola looks especially gobblinish here.

No. 260523

File: 1488311056223.png (79.65 KB, 558x540, IMG_1079.PNG)

This by far has to be the worst picture of Claire. I can't imagine her vision is good the ways her eyes protrude. It looks like they might fall out one day. I don't recall them being this bad when she was younger. I wonder if Lola's eyes will do the same.

No. 260544

I don't follow this thread but I see the photos when I scroll down… jesus christ this is by far the worst photo ever it should be a spoiler pic

No. 260547

It's Goldfish Girl! A superhuman with the eyes of a goldfish, and the intellect… of a goldfish.

No. 260558

Was this taken with a fishlens camera?

No. 260569

I don't recall where I've read this in the past, but iirc I thought someone (doctors?) said Claire was technically blind?
Seems to me she only ever looks in the direction of some kind of stimulus like sound or touch, and not necessarily to 'look' at anything and process it.

No. 260583

I think they said she CAN see but her brain doesn't process the images so she's blind in that sense.

Does that make sense lol

No. 260585

Maybe she can see all around her head, like a chameleon.

No. 260588

Claire will hopefully pass away gently in her sleep before she's 18.

No. 260590

Her eyes are always pointing in 2 different directions. How can you focus?

No. 260593

File: 1488316778955.png (82.67 KB, 910x650, Rabbit-vision.png)

No. 260656

File: 1488319917264.jpg (734.93 KB, 673x1091, IMG_1066.JPG)

She probably doesn't have stereo vision. The question is whether or not both eyes are capable of seeing or if only one really works.

No one knows for sure what Claire sees. Gwen says that doctors think she does see some stuff "correctly" but that lots of things are visual gibberish to her.

No. 260683

File: 1488321058741.jpg (74.19 KB, 640x640, claire7.jpg)

Claire has cortical visual impairment, i.e.. the part of her brain responsible for sight is damaged, but I don’t know how severe it is or how bad her eyes themselves are.

As time has passed, the middle part of Claire’s skull has grown while her cranium has stayed the same size or perhaps has even shrunk. The ocular orbits are in the part of the skull that isn’t developing, so they’ve become too small to hold her eyes. This causes the eyes to be pushed outward and gives her the bug eyed appearance that she’s developed in recent years.

If you’ve ever seen an anencephalic baby, you can see how the lack of cranial development means they have almost no ocular orbits which makes their eyes bulge severely. Here’s a link to an example of the worst case scenario. This baby's skull was so undeveloped that its eyes are nearly protruding from the top of its heads…Warning before you click..it's extremely graphic. https://3.bp.blogspot.com/-6Qvhn4Tpof0/WHsIOhw_EYI/AAAAAAAAI2s/VlURyx64yPsaYXaXQz6vdk1D5lg5wCrJQCLcB/s1600/Baby-%2B1.jpg

Claire didn’t look so bad when she was younger because even though she’s always had microcephaly, the various parts of her head were more in proportion, so her eyes weren’t being crowded out of her skull.

This picture is from 2008 when she was around 7 years old and still looked fairly normal. I don’t think it’s even too much of a stretch to say she was actually sort of pretty.

No. 260702

She went from awkwardly cute tater to horrifying space alien.

No. 260784

File: 1488327321657.png (71.26 KB, 566x516, IMG_1083.PNG)

What are the chances Lola started to suckle the goats mouth?

No. 260804

No. 260821

It looks like a cute photo at first glance until you realize that the goat literally has more awareness and intelligence than Lola. Then you realize it's a snapshot of tragedy.

No. 261451

I agree. Nothing like the sounds of baby-like fussing and explosive farts or the smell of shit in a diaper to make you want to get out of the house. Nothing like being your parents' only true hope for the future to want to accomplish great things. Nothing like a crazy mother who embarrasses you and your siblings on the internet to make you avoid her. Nothing like a father who just goes along with your mother's insanity because he's afraid to speak his mind because he doesn't want to ruin the marriage. So who can blame Cal for having such a great school and sports career?

No. 261474

So roughly how long do the girls have left? If anyone had knowledge in this stuff.
I know Gwen does everything in her power to keep them alive but surely they still can't last that much longer?
I want them to pass soon for their sake because living this way in probable pain and suffering is cruel, but Gwen will be wrecked when it happens. She's an insane and selfish woman but I dunno, I still feel like I'll feel bad. Her entire life revolves around Claire and Lola.

No. 261475

I want them to pass away so Cal can finally be free

No. 261522

File: 1488399625202.png (1.94 MB, 1334x750, IMG_1108.PNG)

Look at how much fun the super-smart Lola is having with her Eagle Eyes!

No. 261562

The videos make me so disgusted, you can clearly see they're suffering but Gwen is like "lol no she's just hungry"

And did you even watch this one? Lola sleeps with her eyes half open, she can't even close them

No. 261626

Notice how she hasn't shown any more videos of either of the girls interacting with eagle eyes. I wonder if she ever even tried it again or was it just the one time. Either way, she's probably given up on it by now. Even in her delusion, she occasionally has a moment of clarity and she probably realized that it was useless for them. It would be nice if she could donate it to someone that could really benefit from it, but then she'd have to publically admit it was failure and I don't think she could ever bring herself to do that

This video where Lola's asleep and Gwen keeps prodding her to lift her head really angered me. Gwen has said how incredibly difficult it is for Lola to get any sleep at all. I believe when this video was discussed previously, it was mentioned that Gwen complains that she herself is sleep deprived because of Lola's sleep problems.

So when the girl finally manages to catch a few moments of shut eye(which isn't really even shut-eye, for her-it's half-shut eye at best) you'd think that Gwen would do everything she could to make sure that Lola's comfortable and isn't disturbed.

But no, she just has to show their "fans" how Lola lifts her head up when prompted. Then she calls Lola a drama queen. Which was such an assinine thing to say. You touch her and she reflexively responds…how the hell is that dramatic? A jelly fish does about the same thing when you poke it.

I found nothing cute, charming, heart warming or sweet about that video. At best it was just plain stupid and at worst it was cruel.

No. 261684

As far as Eagle Eyes you can bet she tried it several times and what she showed was the closest thing to success she could get….EE was an utter failure, as most would expect. I love in Lola's video how she said she's been spooning her bites so it was making her calm down, yet the camera never stops rolling…..hmmmm.I completely agree that the EE should be given to someone who could actually benefit from its use. Same thing with Clair's walker. There haven't been any more videos of her getting around in that thing either, perhaps because she can't do it. I've also noticed that of late she's been posting more older photos of Clair than new ones. I guess it's becoming apparent to her, as well as everyone else that Clair's conditioning is getting worse, not improving, given all of the "inchstones", etc. it has to be difficult to look at old photos of what was once a cute little girl, to what is currently barely human looking. As to Lola, she has always looked bad, so as her condition worsens, there's not much to compare it to. And from what it sounds like she constantly cries and screams. In one of Gwens latest writeups she actually got kinda pissed at her and when she "half jokingly" scolded her, the smart little gremlin quit her squawking and gave her mother a wry little smile. This of course verified to Gwen that she's an intelligent little being who is controlling the situation with her wit and personality. I don't know which one has more brain damage, Gwen or Lola. And since she rarely speaks the truth, you have to believe that she does at some point lose her temper with her, and it's a small miracle that she hasn't tossed her down a well to shut her up. Any normal person would eventually tire of the constant griping and want it to stop, and I don't think she would be any exception. I guess that her view of the girls is quite typical to other parents of profoundly affected children, she just takes it one step further with all of her delusional rhetoric. There is no doubt that once the girls go it won't be long til she totally loses it. Poor Cal lost his mother the day Clair was born, and his entire childhood was sacrificed to raising two people who will never give anything back.

No. 261826

Why the heck wouldn't they feed the child before hooking her up? I think its just an excuse since she did very bad on the eagle eyes. Gwen is great with excuses.

No. 261827

Yep, several months ago she was learning to push herself up, kneel, crawling position, and even walking in her walker?! Where is the progress now for Claire? The sad truth is Gwen wanted to see what she wanted to see, her therapist pushed her what all in 5 feet? But Gwen though she was hitting a milstone. So sad the world this mother and children live in.

No. 261834

File: 1488430097824.png (1.41 MB, 1334x750, IMG_1127.PNG)

In fairness, EE has been a huge success for Claire, who has used it to start her first novel.

J/k it's fucking useless to her too

No. 261871


Yes, Gwen is so desperate to see progress, not the obvious regression, that she will show anything and say anything to make it so. Clair has regressed so much, that she is a barely human representation of what she used to be. Not even the professional photographer can get a good photo of her any more. Her face is constantly contorted in that twisted, jumbled mess, and her body looks like a grasshopper smashed on a windshield or something. She's got to be in incredible pain, gosh I can't even imagine. And Lola has always been an unfortunate human disaster. Her misshapen potatoe head, that goblin face and ginormous ears…and her face is always screwed up crying….aaaach, jow her parents can stop themselves from tossing down a hole is beyond me. There is no comparing how she was at birth to how she is now is not doable as she has always been awful. Her life has to be one decision at least one of them has regretted from day one (Scott, since Gwen is in constant denial. How much time do you think he spends in that glass blowing studio dreaming of a different life, only to have to return to the nuthouse he calls home ). As horrible as she is to gaze upon, she continually lets her presence be known as she never shuts her mouth! You actually gotta hand it to those two. As for me, I couldn't do it, something would have to give!

No. 261905

File: 1488437195673.png (2.09 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1135.PNG)

Lola as a baby looks like that goon in Robocop after he was drenched with toxic sludge.

No. 261909

She is and has always been gross and sub human. Nothing cute about her…EVER! Match that with her annoying personality…she is an absolute cheer for abortion!

No. 261948

Are they even still alive?? Like how old does the doctors think they will live??

No. 261950

there are hardly any children in the world with this genetic condition so no-one knows.

No. 261956

There have been approximately one dozen diagnosis of their condition worldwide. Most of them didn't reach age ten but three lived into their thirties. Imagine how horribly compromised they will be if they live another fifteen years. Their bodies will be twisted like pretzels and I can't even imagine their faces. Not being mean, but God willing they don't go on that much longer. Their mother of course hopes they keep ticking on, but she's obviously blind to their actual plight and thinks they are

No. 262005

Anyone with a decent knowledge of medical issues have a guess as to whether the girls' deaths will be sudden or something that can be seen far in advance? I wonder if one day either will just stop living or if it will be a big affair with hospital visits and dozens of Facebook posts soliciting donations.

No. 262016

This syndrome can lead to so many health issues for them, that there's no way to know what they will ultimately succumb to.

A few years ago Lola nearly died from the chickenpox. She had to be on oxygen and she lost a ton of weight. So she could easily have died from breathing issues and since she's normally in an already emaciated state, her weight loss on top of that made it so that she was in danger of dying from some of the same complications that kills anorexics. It was a combination of intense medical intervention and sheer luck that kept her from dying back then.

It seems that with each passing day they regress, their condition worsens and become weaker. I think will happen is that one of them will acquire an opportunistic infection that they wont be able to fight off.

I think it's most likely that Lola will die first. Even though she's the youngest, she's always been much weaker and more fragile than Claire.
I seriously doubt either of them will spend months in a hospital. I think Lola will contract something that will shut down her system pretty quickly. I think maybe she'll spend a few days hanging on and then that will be it.

Despite Gwen trying to convince herself and everyone else how much they are thriving, I actually can't see Lola living more than a few years. I think she'll die within the next 2 to 3 years. When she goes, Gwen will go into a depression and wont be able to see to Claire's needs and this will hasten Claire's death. I wouldn't be surprised if Claire dies within a year or two after Lola. So I think it's quite likely that 5 or 6 years from now, they'll both be gone.

Of course, there's no way to tell for sure and they might stubbornly live for another 50 years, surpassing all records…I doubt it, but it's possible.

No. 262024

What… What is on the screen?

No. 262037

that's not a screen, it's a mirror

No. 262062

HA! I was all set to give a straight answer, but that was much better. Wish I'd thought of it, but since I didn't, I'll just give the much less amusing real answer.

It's some animated CGI character that dances and plays a song whenever Lola's eyes passed over a target on the screen. The screen was practically on top of her and the target area was huge, so there was almost no way for her not to trip it, yet she still managed to have trouble. They could have got the same result by hooking up a goldfish to the sensors.
Gwen's excuse was that she was hungry. She's always has an excuse for why the girls can't do something. "Lola's hungry"…"Claire's been cutting a tooth", etc. If she'd fed Lola beforehand, she would have said that she's full so she's too sleepy to do it or she's cranky because her stomach hurts her.
This is the video:

No. 262093

You watch the video and you just want to scream who are you fucking kidding. The times it trips her eyes aren't even on the screen. She says she's hungry, I mean "hungy", cause that's the way we talk to ten year olds, and she's been spooning food in so she's less fussy. When did she spoon the food in. The camera never stops! She also asks if Lola is looking up at her and when she shows her face her eyes are rolled into the back of her head,'like usual. She also said she had to keep adjusting the tape on her face and that was making her mad. I guess she thinks we are all blind or that we must be watching the imaginary video in her head where all his fantasy is going on, regardless, Eagle EYes is a joke for both girls and it's ridiculous for them to have and even attempt to use it. Neither girl has the brain power nor the vision control to operate it. This is one of those instances where you want to shake that idiot woman and tell her to get back in her right mind…. crazy, delusional, infuriating mess!

No. 262132

good lord, lola looks like a broiled potato in that picture! poor kid, she was never human looking. looks like an extra from lord of the rings.

No. 262135

Does even Lola get any uglier than this?

No. 262151

yes, look at gwens new post. id love to see lola on extreme makeover. cut off troll hair, lose bok, maybe a faux tan. fix gnarly teeth…

No. 262166

File: 1488480577667.jpg (170.16 KB, 720x960, IMG_1167.JPG)

Lola is always hideous, but this is nowhere near as bad as the above photo of her looking like the toxic sludged Robocop villain.

No. 262170

>>>262166 i love kids, babies too. id love to be able say lola is the cutest, but from head to toe, she just repulses me. its quite possible, gwen giving us too much TMI might be part of it. she doesnt resemble a newborn or a baby,just an awkward mix up of body parts and a head. i dont want to sound cruel, i wish i could identify them as children. they lack molbility, cognative skills, emotion, so much that makes a human a human.

No. 262210

She's not a baby. She's 9.

No. 262241

I completely agree with you. Lola is repulsive. Not only is she repulsive to look at, but her whiny, squawking personality would be impossible to deal with. Most people deal with other a fussy baby for a few months. They have dealt with it for ten years. Imagine that hideous little thing constantly crying and needing attention. I wouldn't be able to deal with it. No way! That horrid,!misshapen face and head, on that spindly gnarled body… ewwww! Make it go away!

No. 262262

I read that the reason that Lola doesn't have a feeding tube despite being unable to swallow is because Gwen is worried that she will die under the anesthesia during the surgery. But why not give Lola the surgery. If she were to die under the anesthesia at least it would be quick and painless. Instead, she is dying a slow, painful death from inadequate nutrition and starvation from not having a g-tube. All because Gwen is obsessed over keeping her and her sister alive.

No. 262267


That is true as well. I would imagine the reason Lola constantly cries is that she is in a severe amount of pain and discomfort from her contorted body as well as lack of sleep and hunger. If you watch her eat with a spoon it is clear that it doesn't work as most of the food spills out of her mouth into the floor. She has no chewing and swallowing reflux,just the suckling one. She is a human travesty all around and would definitely be better off if she weren't here any more.

No. 262269

Hard as it is to believe, she's actually 10 and will be 11 next month.

No. 262282

I would love to understand why Lola only sleeps an hour, children grow in their sleep. So wouldn't sleep be important for a child. Someone mentioned to Gwen that Lola's irratability might be hormones or getting close to getting her period. gwen prob saw red!! It's easier for her to treat the kids like babies than their actual age. Kids Clair's age are having first dates, studyin for their permits, but she just has to deal with poop diapers and mammaroos. Yes from a sadness perspective Gwen has to think about all the things her daughters are missing out but it is easier to just push them out of her mind. She still baby talks to them for petes sake! Her followers on face book refer them as babies, Gwen doesn't correct them. If they live to 20 plus…. will people really be saying how cute and diva like they
are? I doubt it.

No. 262287

Well why wouldn't Lola get surgery? Children much smaller than her go under all the time. Wouldn't it be better to take that chance and improve her quality of life with the surgery? If her limited growth is a result of no feeding tube, I'd take that risk. It would be worth it. I hate it when Gwen says how well are kids are doing on oils and goats millk. It's like those people that starve their kids and their growth is stunted permanently. I under stand they are dwarves, but I totally believe they are lacking serious nutrition since Gwen does not seek real medical advice.

No. 262294

I've seen many other children who are severely deformed or unusual looking who might not have the conventional prettiness of a normal child, but nearly all of them have at least some type of cuteness or at least lovableness that shines through.
An example would be that little girl with progeria, Adalia Rose. When she first did some videos a few years ago, there were a lot of trolling comments and memes saying how she looked like an alien, or dobby from Harry Potter. In all honesty they weren't entirely wrong, however in my opinion, there was still something cute about her.

Even Claire, who has since become nearly as disturbing as Lola, was at least cute for for a few years.
But Lola has always been a repugnant creature, who doesn't seem to have a single redeeming quality. She not just NOT cute, she's just not lovable in anyway. I know that's a harsh thing to say about a child, but it's true.

I think a percentage of the negative feelings about her stem from the gross things Gwen insists on telling the world. I don't know what type of image she thinks she's creating when she talks about and shows pictures of Lola crapping herself, or describes her hands stinking like feta cheese, but she's taking an already disturbing looking child and turning her into an utterly repulsive creature.

No. 262295

That's why I don't understand why Gwen would purposely try to disturb Lola when she finally did get some sleep. It seemed like such a shit move. Almost sadistic really. I wish someone had called her out about it on her facebook page. I'd love to see what kind of excuse she would have given.

No. 262328

I think the video of Lola sleeping… was disturbing cuz her eyes were open already… Gwen tries so hard to normalize her kids. Right, they are mono cheerleaders at the game and even dance to the band.
Meanwhile, Lola doesn't sit in a car seat, neither have their own bed. I bet Gwen uses their 3rd bedroom as her office so she
can blog to the world. I mean you never
see a picture of the kids in their own room doing pt. It's always family room. The two girls are treated more like pets that kids. Poop shaming and all…thank god for social media for making that a term! Blasting pictures of their poops all over the net, she gets a mom of the year award for sure!

No. 262340

She's not nearly as resilient or strong as a regular child. Lola's most likely to stop breathing under even mild anaesthesia. Apparently some surgeon has told them it's a no-go.
Can they give her an NG feeding tube without knocking her out?

No. 262349

Yeah, that's true isn't it? I don't think anyone here or in previous threads has pointed out that the girls don't seem to have their own room. Where does she change their diapers? Babies usually have a changing station right in their room for easy access…
Dear god don't tell me she does it in their living room :(

No. 262352

They may have a room but they don't sleep innit. Clair is placed in her beanbag, next to their bed, and as Lola rarely sleeps they have a night nurse now for four to five nights a week and otherwise she sleeps on Gwen. They cannot be left unsupervised as they may have seizures in the night and if someone is not there to watch them, may die in their sleep. What a quality of life for all concerned! It is compromised crap for everyone from Lola to Cal. I don't know how Gwen accepts it as a blessed, high quality of living and invites everyone to join in. If your baby is microcephalic, have the kid….your life will be a neverending wagon ride of fun! It's a great time….everyone should experience it! Don't miss out! That woman is certifiable!

No. 262354

She probably does it on the kitchen table, while they're eating! She's such a nut bag, I seriously wouldn't put it past her!

No. 262394

File: 1488505722925.png (101.32 KB, 656x705, IMG_3300.PNG)

Maybe it's a shitty thought to have, but I can't help it. Lola is so incredibly repulsive that it's impossible to like her. She is the physical embodiment of deformation and disease, and Gwen's attempts to normalize her make it worse.

An ugly, loud, whiny, projectile vomiting, projectile shitting freak who needs 24/7 attention, sleeps three nonconsecutive hours a day, has the brainpower of a termite, costs tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to keep alive, smells like disgusting cheese and shit, and ruins the lives of her family.

What's not to hate? It's not just moral, but evolutionary. We innately feel uncomfortable around those of ill health, and it don't get much sicker than Lola, as she has refused to go on ahead and expire.

Remember in Dark Knight when Harvey Dent says that you die a hero or live long enough to see yourself become the villain? That's Gwen in a way. Taking care of these retarded mutants of hers could be admirable at first, but years have gone by and she keeps them both in states of perpetual anguishing, sucking away millions of taxpayer dollars and fetishizing their bodily functions and horrific diseases. Then she encourages people to keep their Zika babies!

No. 262400

If I found out that I was going to have a child with a severe disability, I would get an abortion. Why? Because I would rather deal with the short-term pain of an abortion than the long-term pain of caring for a severely disabled child who would never mature past infancy.

BTW, I've seen some ugly-ass crying faces but Lola's just takes the cake. And Gwen loves to take images of her crying. I guess when she or Claire cries Gwen gets a satisfaction because it's proof that her daughters are alive.

No. 262418

How can a mother post that picture and think it's cute to share? Ok… who do you rescue, Lola on the side of the road, or 3 legged dog? I'll take the dog, I would find enjoyment with the pup. With Lola I'd be sending myself to torture. I couldn't wake up to a kid like that every morning. I feel awful, but I feel Gwen milks these girls for attention. In a way it is probably therapeutic for Gwen to get attention from other people. I wouldn't be surprised if her husband no longer finds attractive, she's probably
covered in vomit and poop most of the day.
He might even see her as a good mom, but the bus stops there.

No. 262556

"Kill it with fire" has become the cry of the edge lords , so I usually roll my eyes whenever someone uses that phrase, but, I'm sorry, when I look at that picture, it's not only the first thing that comes to mind, but the only thing. Call me an edgelord, call me salty, call me a horrible person, but one thing you can't call me is a liar, because when I look at that photo, I don't see a human, hell I don't even see something equal to an animal, because I love animals and can't stand the thought of an animal suffering.

When I look at this picture of Lola with her red twisted mask of a face, and imagine her awful, shrill, inhuman cry, her stinking shit smeared diaper and gross feta cheese smelling hands, I just want to lift her up by the edge of one of her stupid, oversized ears and toss her into a fucking fireplace until she stops moving and making sounds.

That's probably the worst thing I have ever typed in my life, but somehow I have a feeling I'm not the only one on here who's had similar thoughts.

No. 262565

Well the latter part is rather harsh. Just because the infants are barely within the range of "human" doesn't mean euthanizing them by bullet or lethal injection would be more humane.
Though indeed you're not the only individual to think about having them killed off for the sake of, not just them in their non-progressive lives, but the lives of those around them (and us).
I know I'd personally abort a child if this was the outcome.

No. 262566


No. 262569

Imagine how much Gwen would chimp out if she read the stuff like this posted here. She'd be so fucking enraged.
Remember how angry she was when Cal innocuously used the word 'retard' amongst his friends, or when she immediately got out of her car while passing a bunch of workers collecting donations with 'help retarded children' on the back of their vests and absolutely went off at one of them, then stormed back to her car and cried hysterically. These were people that were trying to help and raise money for kids like hers.
If that shit sets her off into a furious rage then imagine what reading this shit would do to her.

No. 262574

File: 1488544396312.png (172.15 KB, 1080x734, Screenshot_20170303-194940~2.p…)


I found this post someone made on Reddit expressing their dislike for Gwen and her exploitation of the veggies.
A couple comments agree and a few don't think she's doing anything wrong and don't see how they're in pain (lol), this one in particular though sounds even more delusional than Gwen.

No. 262578

eh, I've passed through revulsion and find her cute. it happens.

No. 262579

it's blogsnark. they are all ex-GOMI (which hopefully is enough of an explanation).

No. 262583

Ah, right. I didn't know that. I've heard of the site but don't know that much about it.
I'm guessing SOMI stands for stay on my internet or something then? As opposed to GOMI. I was wondering what it meant.

No. 262589

Oh she'd definitely be fit to be tied, but while I have some compassion for the spud sisters, since it wasn't their choice to be brought into this world, I have no sympathy for Gwen.
Although I think that part of the negative reaction people have to Claire and Lola is natural, Gwen is partially responsible for quite a bit of the adverse feelings people have for them.
No one needed to see pictures of Lola shitting all over her father or hear about how her hands stink like feta cheese.
She may think everything they do is cute, but if she had any awareness of other people, she'd realize how much these things gross people out.

She's also the one that posts pictures of Lola like the one above. Even though Lola doesn't really have many, if any "good" pictures, why does she have to go out of her way to post the most hideous, monstrous looking photos she can find? I wonder what goes through her mind when she does stuff like that. Gwen claims she wants her kids to be thought of as normal children, but I don't know how she can make that claim, yet still go out of her way to portray them the way she does.

No. 262614

>Gwen's excuse was that she was hungry.

In Claire's video, Lola was sporadically crying, and Gwen claimed it was because Lola was being impatient and couldn't wait for it to be her turn to use the EE. But when it finally was Lola's turn, but she kept crying, oh, it's actually because she's hungry. Gwen always has an excuse.

> The times it trips her eyes aren't even on the screen.

EE works by detecting the angle of the person's eyes. Lola and Claire are both extremely wall-eyed, so that might have been the problem.

Imagine how terrible that little rubber chicken smells.

>I would love to understand why Lola only sleeps an hour

She's probably usually painfully hungry, she seizes a lot (which I imagine would wake her up), she has bowel problems and needs help to poop, and who knows what other painful problems she's dealing with. She's suffering too much to sleep.

>children grow in their sleep.

They also grow while they're awake…

>Can they give her an NG feeding tube without knocking her out?

They occasionally use an NG tube, but Gwen has admitted that she doesn't like it because it makes Lola look like she's sick (apparently in Gwen's mind she usually doesn't look sick??) and there's a risk that the tube could accidentally be stuck down her windpipe.

No. 262620

yes, that's exactly what they mean by SOMI

No. 262624

From what I understand, children make the most amount of growth hormone at night, which is where the "they grow when they sleep" comes from.

No. 262697

Scrolling by I snickered because I thought this was one of those images where people put mouths on the eyes… what a wretched creature.

No. 262811

Lola comes off sick looking even on a good day. Both girls comes off abnormally unwell, not just a little. Gwen always says her kids are healthier than most people. She also doesn't believe in vaccinations. I'm just glad she is aware her kids are freak shows! Now she needs to lean how to keep their fart videos on bay!

No. 262957

There's this train wreck fascation I have with them, I can't look away.

I always think about Gwen's story that when they discovered she was pregnant with Lola (knowing her condition), young Cal saying something along the lines of "I don't care she's still my sister", and that being all the encouragement she needed to go through with having Lola. I feel like that dramatised story is the only way she can compartmentalise the choice bringing Lola into this world, painting it as though it wasn't a selfish decision but a selfless one instead.

No. 262981

Yeah, according to Gwen , she was pregnant with Lola and had just learned that she had the same condition as Claire. I guess they were unsure whether or not to have her when Cal, who was 7 at the time, told his parents that he didn't care about Lola's condition, he said "I just want to know her". It sounds sweet at first, but if you think about it, the only way that conversation would have arisen is if they had discussed the possibility of having an abortion with Cal. I dont know, but that seems like a strange thing to talk about with a 7 year old. I mean, they probably didn't use the actual word abortion, but still they probably somehow told Cal that they might not have Lola. Pretty heavy thing to drop on a kid that age. Unless Gwen is lying about him saying those things, which I would not put past her.

No. 262986

>Your new sister might be a vegetable like your other one. Should we kill her?

No. 263195

File: 1488643235601.jpg (64.52 KB, 612x497, IMG_2263.JPG)

On my god, Gwen is now using her page to talk about how she wants to pump the tards full of weed. This woman has no bottom.

No. 263212

That's not even human at this point wtf

No. 263243

File: 1488648428490.png (582.22 KB, 567x469, lolabatty.png)

She's seen things you people wouldn't believe.

No. 263315

OMG is that Blade Runner? Hahaha!

No. 263321

No. 263325

File: 1488660398780.png (946.46 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1042.PNG)

This video cracks me up, Claire looks half dead, poor Lola is being zoomed around for entertainment. Looks more like torture. The kid bumps into her "sleeping sister" and also knock onto the coffee table. Did you ever notice how many people view their videos but really only a small percentage actually comment or like.

No. 263409

Here a video that demonstrates the spuds' complete lack of any ability or function combined with Gwen's delusion.
They're got a bunch of friends over and are playing a game in which they make Claire the designated dice thrower.
Claire's maintains a completely blank expression on her face, she barely moves and she cannot even move her fingers enough to let the dice slip out of her hand. Everyone laughs as if Claire is such a big joker who's doing it on purpose. Gwen tells her to drop them, as if she thinks there's a chance in hell that Claire will respond.

Scott finally pries open Claire's hands and the game piece falls out. Everyone cheers, as if again, Claire actually did something of her own free will.
Meanwhile Lola, whose sitting on someone's lap every so often twists her face into that wretched death mask.

Cal is there too, quiet and pushed to the background as always.
The whole thing is tableau of horror and tragedy, but there's Gwen laughing and narrating the whole awful spectacle as if this is the best time anyone could ever have.

No. 263423

Taking the baked potato joke a little too literally.

No. 263426

The more videos I see of these kids the more they become things and not human in my head. Watching this one I caught myself thinking "why is it doing that?". It… they are Its.

The delusion is so deep. I don't understand how the dad can both accept they are completely unable to do things of their own accord yet also make her rigid body pantomime this game as though Claire is laughing along. If anything it looks downright uncomfortable for her, doesn't high tone mean her muscles are tensed, and yet dad is prying at her hands and twisting her arms?

We've all danced with our cat or dressed the dog up for our own amusement but anyone sansible knows it's exactly for that, our own amusement.

The constant searching and projecting personalities Gwen does for these things is so sad. You see more personality, physical and emotional response in one of Gwen's videos where one of their dogs passes through th frame than the whole library of Hartley Hooligan videos and photos combined.

No. 263614

File: 1488700630926.jpg (107.12 KB, 455x733, IMG_3700.JPG)

No. 263617

File: 1488701050706.jpg (50.15 KB, 625x469, tt.jpg)


>when her iq is single digit

No. 263618

the tincture is proven to help children with seizures so it may prove to be kind in that respect.

No. 263650

I feel so bad for these children I wish someone could put them out of their misery.

No. 263679

This is so fucking cringe holy shit and did her mother seriously make her account username pinhead wtf

No. 263704

This is a sad video, they are laughing at her and obviously not with her. First Lola, looks once again corpse like. Making those horrible faces, which I cant stand to look at. She is worse than any Gollum. But back to Claire, she has no clue what is going on. Encouraging to roll the dice, the girl cant even open her first. And Gwen said she was fine with her girls never being able to do the normal things, then why push her to do something she obviously cant do. If this is video gives us a "normal" picture of their every day lives Id say the girls are better off not existing. I really feel awful they are made to dress up, being entertainment for everyone, and be posed in different situations.

No. 263711

File: 1488726735842.jpg (18.61 KB, 310x400, goodone.jpg)

No. 263719

I wonder how much Gwen really believes that the girls are enjoying themselves during events like these.
Gwen has previously referred to Lola as a "little daredevil" who loves to be thrown up in the air by her dad and zoomed around like they did in that video where they're pushing her all over the room in that wheeled device.

She claims that Lola always has a little smile on her face after these "adventures", but of course that's BS. She sometimes has a rictus of pain on her face, but in all the pics and videos Gwen has posted, the girl has never had a genuine smile. The only thing I wonder about is if Gwen is flat out lying or if in her denial, she really believes she sees a smile.

Here's the infamous "World's Smallest Ninja" video. It reminds me of the video of Claire and the dice. Just like in that one, they are using one of their daughters for the entertainment of others and just like Claire in the dice video, Lola is completely without expression or response. But Gwen and apparently Scott act like she's just having the best time. I've looked for that little smile that Gwen claims that Lola flashes whenever they do things like this, but all I saw was a stare as blank as a doll or a corpse.

No. 263722

File: 1488729135419.png (115.19 KB, 573x724, IMG_1112.PNG)

A few people commented the Lola was smiling here….. and it's also raining turds out too!

No. 263725

File: 1488729676883.jpg (232.63 KB, 427x577, IMG_1272.JPG)

No. 263769

I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I don't think girls can actually smile. Not on demand and certainly not express happiness. I believe they might have hunger and experience pain. But that is it. Claire in this picture probably just farted like newborns do when they release gas!

No. 263792

File: 1488735299915.png (111 KB, 564x852, IMG_1111.PNG)

Lola really is the cutest! I'm sure Claire has a lot of resentment towards her sister. Thanks Gwen for posting lovely pictures of the taters.

No. 263795

Is she 'asleep' here or something?
Good god they're horrifying

No. 263866

File: 1488744815394.png (119.63 KB, 563x719, IMG_3852.PNG)

It sure is nice of Gwen to share her miracle girls with us. Lovely Lola is truly one of the happiest children on the planet. She's a ray of sunshine who brightens everyone's day.

No. 263877

im relatively new to this thread and now this is the face i associate it with. this is the face of a horribly twisted and painful existence. this poor creature must be thinking 'kill me' at every moment of the day. at this point it seems like pure exploitation (not that it wasn't before) but it seems cruel for a parent to parade this around and try and pass it off as normal. it's not. it's just inhumane. this is such a highly disturbing thread on so many levels and Lola's pained expressions just weigh on my heart.

jesus titfucking christ

No. 263882

Interview with the Hartleys. The interviewer is pretty blunt! It's nice to hear someone not wrapped up in their safe bubble asking them… you know… Why.

No. 263890

So true. At least Claire has expressions other than abject misery and death mask stare.

Saying that, probably the most horrific Hartley video to me is the one of Claire crying. It was one of the first times she'd ever cried, momentus enough to be filmed as a milestone, because it was one of the first times she'd ever interacted with them……… at age 13-ish.

This kid is in double digits and one of the only times she's ever given you any kind of emotion, is to sob.

No. 263893

She seriously looks like a ghoul from FO3, this is so awful.

No. 263904

File: 1488747822393.png (205.51 KB, 484x403, 576576.png)

>"They want to be here. They really want to be here."

No. 263908

File: 1488748049621.jpg (6.93 KB, 250x300, botchling.jpg)

They look like botchlings to me. But worse cause it's real life.

No. 263911

>yeah our son is the one who convinced me at 26weeks to go through with the pregnancy

That's so fucking awful for them to wash responsibility from their decision and put it on their son. Nobody is going to call her son ignorant because he was just a boy and was completely oblivious about the long term implications of his sister's conditions. He seriously believes that his sisters are actual souls stuck inside potato bodied because that's what he was raised to believe with Claire.

Those fucking adults can't just admit that they didn't choose to abort Lola for selfish reasons.

No. 263928


That was horrifying to watch, just how pround the depth of Gwen's delusion is. I did appreciate Scott admitting that he wouldn't have gone through all this without Gwen's prompting, as that was what I figured. It pisses me off that she puts the responsibilty for having borne Lola on her then 7 year old son. That's disgusting.

No. 263976

Ugh, I truly dislike Gwen.She seems like such an attention whore. I hate that whole "Look at how wacky I am" persona she puts on. It comes across as so phony. Nearly everything she said irritated me.

Like when she said how she wanted to be bleeped on TV,and then cackled wildly after she dropping the F word. Cuss words don't offend me and I use them enough myself, it was just an example of how she acts like everything that comes out of her mouth is so funny. She always seems to be putting on an act. I guess part of it is to hide how truly miserable life with the girls must be, but another reason seems to be her need for attention and validation .

Another thing I found annoying was when she was talking to the reporter about the day Claire was born, when the doctor said there might be a problem and she goes "and I said true Gwen fashion, 'we'll fix it!'" It wasn't the "we'll fix it" part that annoyed me, but the way she spoke about herself in the third person that line "in true Gwen fashion" seemed so narcissistic. I don't know if it bothered anyone else and if anyone else said it, it probably wouldn't have bothered me, but she just has a way of grinding my gears.

No. 264012

You anons are my people!! I really don't get Gwens zainy personality filled with detailing every shit and fart! Didn't she call them the doody chronicles on something? She has no self control to edit herself, comes off as annoying and forced. I feel bad for Scott that has he has to deal with the 3 of them.

No. 264039


>I feel bad for Scott that has he has to deal with the 3 of them

I don't feel bad for Scott, as he enables Gwen's delusions. It get that they are all the way they are because they have to cope with a mental health crushing situation, but he could have put his foot down about brinhing Lola into the world. Instead he's allowed his deranged wife to let their 7 year old child persuade her into bringing yet another severely damaged child into the world. While I try hard not to judge Gwen's craziness because thebsituation has probably made her that way, I fault both Scott and Gwen for inflicting a life of torment onto their children in the first place. They'd be kinder to a pet in that they'd let the pet go than they are to their own children. In their case, their love of their damaged children is a terrible and destructive thing, and I find it difficult not to judge that.

No. 264101

File: 1488775455159.gif (1.97 MB, 540x450, Image-bloodborne-screen-18k.gi…)

or messengers almost, but not as cute, kek

No. 264169


Was thinking about this last night and had to post again although I'm sure you've all seen it before. It's just so haunting. One of the only times in the past fifteen years of life this creature has ever communicated was to let out a harrowed sob :(

What's wrong with Gwen. I bet she'd find one of those flies dying you find dying on the window sil, the ones you find thrashing about doing that high pitched insect "scream", fighting for life, and put it out if it's misery. And yet she drags these girls lives on and on and on.

I'm family friends of someone with a severely disabled child. He's paraplegic from the waist down, has some minor brain damage, has breathing apparatus, is fed throug a tube, and quite possibly autistic. It was very touch and go quite a few times throughout his childhood and is still at times now. He's about 14 now. I love that kid. His parents love that kid. Everyone who meets him loves that kid.

However I've heard the mom say before that "now that he's here, I love him and love my time with him… but if I was in that situation again, I wouldn't go through with it. If I was somehow back in time, before having him, with what I know now, I wouldn't go through with it."

This is a kid who is as communicative as any other child, developmentally hitting milestones despite being a couple of years delayed, is a real sweet tempered and charming guy. He can tell you about his experience. And knowing what she does now, she wouldn't put herself, or the child, through it all.

No. 264183

It's pretty disturbing as well she's using this as an opportunity to film, instead of trying her hardest to figure out what has caused Claire to cry (is she communicating hunger, is she too hot, too cold, thirsty, a new pain, is it a result of internal events or external ones?) so that it can be ameliorated in order to make Claire more comfortable at that immediate moment and prevent the same thing that provoked the crying from happening in the future. Especially as she states she believes herself it's communicative. Pretty illustrative to me that these are Gwen's cash-cows and martrydom-makers to her as opposed to her disabled children.

No. 264199

I don't think she derives much cash from them.

No. 264214

She may not make much literal money from them, but they get her tons of attention and to an attention whore like Gwen, it's just as good.

No. 264219

>I'm not sure how valid evolutionary biology is but there has to be something behind how many people are immediately disgusted by others who are this profoundly disabled.

You're mixing up evolutionary psychology which is the disputed field commonly incorrectly used by dudebros for broscience shit, and evolutionary biology which is a completely legit field of study rarely disputed except in the case of specific theories.

It's undoubtedly interesting though, especially when you look at how some disorders actually give people a cute and neotenic appearance (Downs most famously, but things like angelman syndrome too) could this be the opposite effect - the cuteness ensures the caregiver puts in the extra attention and care that a downs baby needs to survive?

A downs person isn't necessarily a dead end evolutionarily speaking, (I'm thinking more inclusive fitness than direct reproduction here) so the care and attention put in to raising one won't always be a waste, it could pay off. But one of these potatoes is just a waste. 100% waste of resources.

I can't see how repulsion wouldn't evolve eventually.

No. 264244

Gwen has said that she turns down offers for a reality show. My guess is that, if her claim is true, she turned it down because it would quickly become clear that neither girl can do anything other than piss, shit, vomit, and cry. Even the world's best editors can only do so much to fill several 22 minute episodes of tater.

No. 264281

hell farm people i made a video inspired by a picture someone showed me from here


No. 264311


>making fun of a minor who who has no involvement in all of this


kill yourself

No. 264312

That's creepy. You're creepy. Stop.

No. 264316

>virtue signalling while you make fun of retarded children


No. 264318

>Implying they care
>Implying this thread isn't mostly poking fun at/watching Gwen
Are men not allowed to browse /pt/?

No. 264324

Gtfo newfag.

No. 264426

Looks like this board has gotten a little off track.
Maybe another video will get it back on topic.

Earlier, we were talking about how so many of us are naturally repelled by Lola. Well watching this takes that feeling and blasts it into the stratosphere for me.

My normal everyday Lola revulsion is magnified about 100X when combined with the hideous slurping noises coming out of her. If you thought the one where she's being spoon fed is bad, this one is so much worse. Not visually, just those awful sounds. I can't stand loud eating noises as it is, but coming from that, it's beyond infuriating, and hearing Gwen's usual over-exaggeratedly enthusiastic babble doesn't help.

I don't know how other people can stand to be in the same room with them when just watching it makes me feel a blinding rage.


No. 264444

I wonder if her brain can process taste.

No. 264484

Have you seen her latest post regarding the girls and their constant seizure activity. She wonders how much further along their learning and development would have progressed if only they don't have seizures. If she could just get her hands on some cannibus, she would be able to change their lives. The medical community has given up on them and the only thing that will help is Mary Jane…..I cannot get over how insane she is…as if the seizures and not their tiny, malformed brains are the cause of their lack of development…if they had been able to have cannobus therapy they would be walking and probably headed to Harvard!

No. 264503

What are you talking about? The girls are making leaps and bounds every day, just imagine if they didn't have those nasty seizures to deal with! Why just the other day Lola started talking https://chirb.it/dmNLkh

No. 264517

Its so cute when her eyes roll in the back of her head and than go cock eye crazy! Yeah right, creepy as hell, shes a goblin!

No. 264570

God, watching that fucking waterfall of saliva glooping out from her mouth is making my stomach churn.

No. 264662

The real thing anyone should take from that video of Claire "crying" is that Gwen passes off the girls' seizures as them acting sassy, getting mad, showing some spunk. Claire was straight-up seizing in this video. She was not crying from sadness.

Thanks for correcting my wrong usage anon. And it is interesting to speculate about how it is this revulsion doesn't transfer to other conditions at birth that can be equally destructive to families and the child in question. It may be cuteness - many Down syndrome babies are plump and very calm and happy. Lola has been a screaming bundle of misery since the day she was born.

On a limb here, but I also suspect that other conditions that cause cognitive and mild physical impairment, like Down syndrome, could have been tolerated 50,000 years ago because outside of the most extreme cases, babies with Down' syndrome ultimately can learn to walk, speak, keep clean, use the toilet and learn certain life skills that a screaming, seizing, miserable Lola cannot. Perhaps the revulsion is rooted to fear because a baby like Lola will not be able to be hushed during a crisis and caring for a baby and later adult who will never take care of itself poses a threat to healthy children whose needs will be shunted off in favor of the one person in the family unit who will never contribute, lessening the strength and flexibility in the family to deal with hard times.

Or maybe our very earliest anscestors just had better sense than Gwen. House cats have better sense when it comes to preventing a genetic nightmare to survive and destroy the chances of healthier offspring.

No. 264663

I'm sure a down syndrome person was at least mildly useful in early society. They are often extremely hard working and eager to please. They can communicate their needs and perform basic tasks, and y'know, have feelings and desires and are still very much human. A person with down syndrome is still someone. Claire and Lola are empty.

No. 264699

Yes, that's exactly it. When a video of The Hartleys is shown online you see a certain pattern in the comments.
The majority of people seem to be horrified and they are especially disgusted at Gwen when they hear that she decided to bring a second profoundly affected child into the world.

Then you have a minority who stick up for Gwen and the girls and who try to claim that the people who are repelled by the situation are "putting down special needs/disabled people." But that's BS, Claire and Lola aren't special needs, they're not disabled they are NO-ABLED!!
The pro-Hartley crowd tries to compare them to Down's syndrome children, but they are nothing like Down's kids and personally I think the comparison is a huge insult to people with Downs.

With Down's affected individuals,, the level of disability varies, but most of them will learn to talk at some point. There's a singer, Rory Feek whose daughter has Downs and while her verbal speech is delayed, she was learning sign language by age 2. So she can still communicate and likely will learn to speak on day if she hasn't already. Can Claire or Lola use sign language? I don't think so.

And most downs people can learn some type of skills so they can contribute to society in some way.
I'm reminded of a song called "mongoloid" by Devo. I know that's not the socially correct term anymore but it's a cool song, the lines are something like "and he had a job and he brought home the bacon so no one knew." I know it's just a song, but it describes many people with Downs who live fairly independent lives.

50 thousand years ago many of them could probably have been taught simple hunting,fishing or gathering skills and therefor could have contributed pretty much the same amount to their society as anyone.

Claire and Lola can do almost nothing. Other than Lola's (not so )great ability to eat via mouth, their abilities are right around the level of Jaxon Buell's and he has almost NO brain at all! However, Jaxon gets more positive attention because he still looks like a somewhat cute baby. But I'm digressing and he has his own board, so enough about him…

Back to the girls…they are unable to contribute a thing to society except perhaps as test and study subjects for scientists and their appearance is a sign or signal
of how deeply and profoundly damaged they are.

I find it interesting that Claire, who was some what cute when she was younger, has grown more and more disturbing looking as she's gotten older. We know that the girl's condition is progressive, so as she's deteriorated medically, her physical appearance has followed the same downward trajectory.

Dang, this was a looong post. Sorry about that, but sometimes I try to make a quick point and just get on a roll.

No. 264712


Part of Gwen's comment regarding Leni's law and how she thinks the availability of cannabis would have helped the girls: "We wonder how their development might be different/further along if they didn't have so many seizures interfering with their lives.

Living in Kansas, we have ZERO options outside of pharmaceuticals to use with our girls to stop their seizures. There are NO medical marijuana laws here, and because of this, our girls may never reach their full potentials."

Holy shit, this woman is unbelievable. I understand how she might want to use marijuana to try and alleviate the girls' seizures. And I am 100 percent for the legality of medical marijuana. I also think if nothing else has worked, then they definitely should be allowed to give it a try.

However, even if she was able to give it to them as infants or toddlers and it did provide some seizure relief, that doesn't mean that they'd be more functional. Even if intractable seizures do cause some kind of dysfunction in others, those are people with otherwise normal or at least physically intact brains.

She knows that these girls have a condition that causes their brains to be small, have simplified gyral patterns and to deteriorate over time.
So she cannot honestly believe that the reason the girls have zero ability to function is because they were never given cannabis.

The seizures are simply one aspect of their brains' dysfunction and decline NOT the cause of it.
So yeah there's a possibility that anything can relieve one small aspect of their hell on earth existences, then by all means allow them to have it, but also understand that's what the seizures are, just one relatively small component in a ruthless, devastating and progressive condition.

No. 264713

Jeez, even the sounds Lola makes are disgusting. There is literally not one thing about her that's cute or remotely appealing. Gwen thinks this was a new way of Lola communicating?
Just how were those unintelligible grunts she recorded any different than all the previous unintelligible grunts she ever made?

No. 264725

Its funny to me that Gwen even flips hearing her non functioning, non communicative ten year old crying into A) her communicating, rather than random activity and B) a positive communication at the core. e.g. Instead of "my child is crying, it is sad/in pain/unhappy", Gwen narrates this as "my child is crying, because it is sad to leave its friends who it loves!!!"

This child has literally never smiled in its entire ten years, you think it now whining is actually an expression of the joy she experiences and doesn't want to ever end?

No. 264733

The audacity of Gwen to talk like it's no big deal, or as though all her girls have is microcephaly is so irresponsible.

Here's a video of a sane person talking about life with a microcephalic child, age nine.

No. 264748

I have so much respect for that woman.
She's so honest about how devastating microcephaly can be, unlike Gwen who ridiculed the idea of spraying to kill mosquitoes and prevent the Zika virus. She sounded so snarky when she said oh yeah, "let's spray the whole country so they'll be no mosquitos so no one will have to have a kid like THAT." as if the people who are afraid of microcephaly are the ones being unreasonable. Yes Gwen…NOBODY wants a kid like THAT. NOBODY! The mere thought of it is a nightmare for a perspective parent

Meanwhile Nicholas' mom is honest enough to say she'd have aborted him if she knew he was microcephalic. Ironically, Nicholas is about a million times more functional than the Hartley girls. He may be a very disabled person, but he is a person. He can communicate, he can feed himself and he can learn. Lola and Claire on the other hand, are like houseplants if houseplants needed 24 hour care and vomited and shit all over everything.

No. 264757

i actually really dislike this woman lmao. she has all the money and resources to take care of that kid who is clearly conscious and functioning and capable of love beyond his disability, and she's still acting like he's the worst thing that ever happened to her lmao. most microcephalic kids are literal vegetables in constant pain that require thousands of dollars in resources that most families can't afford which is why prevention and abortion are necessary. she is neither poor and that kid is far from vegetative. you can tell he really loves his little brother too and he's perfectly capable of getting along with him. idk this lady just comes across as hella prejudiced lol. i feel like she just doesn't understand him and obviously resents him.

No. 264764

I noticed that with Claire and Lola, their facial expressions completely change how they look as a whole, since they don't really have much head besides that.

No. 264772


I see what you're saying, but I think it is more complex than that. When a family has a child that is very disabled, the entire family's lives revolve around the child and seeing to the well-being of the child. The kid in the video isn't anywhere near as bad off as Claire and Lola, but I imagine all his parents do is worry about him and what is going to happen to him when tjey're gone, and trying to plan, and the worst is facing the prospect of him dying in their lifetimes. It must be exhausting and draing on almost every level, for everyone involved. If there are other children, their lives also revolve around the disabled child– frequently to their detriment. We even see that with Gwen's son Cal who seems to be forced to be his mother and father's surrogate and to not have much of a life of his own, except in how it relates to his sisters. I don't know, I don't think it is right that other family members (children especially) should be forced to pick up the slack for their parents' decisions.

No. 264773

File: 1488898875069.png (787.6 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170307-145916.png)

My God. The delusion.

No. 264783

She acknowledges that she has more resources than other parents and that she's fortunate in that way, but just because other people have it worse, doesn't make it the least bit easier on her.
And why does this have to be the "worst thing that ever happened to her" for her to feel badly.
She's the one who has to take care of the child, she's the one who has to worry about him and about what will happen to him if she and her partner passed away. She didn't say she didn't love him. I know it sounds like a contradiction, that she can love him

No. 264786

previous comment posted before i was finished I was saying that it might seem like a contradiction that she can say she would have terminated he pregnancy had she known Nicholas would be microcephalic, yet still love him. But those two things aren't mutually exclusive. I believe she loves him now that he's here, but she also would have chosen not to have a child born with so many difficulties.
I personally prefer her blunt honesty to Gwen's constant phony, forced enthusiasm.

No. 264792

Oh god, shut the fuck up Gwen. We've all seen dozens of videos of Lola. We've seen the previous video of her using Eagle Eyes and we all know that she did not do what you are claiming she did, at least not on purpose.

She didn't shut the window so she wouldn't have to "work" anymore. If it even happened remotely the way Gwen described, the reality was that her eyes kept darting all over the screen and randomly hit the X.
The fact that she kept shutting her lesson proves that she had no idea what she was looking at.
Anyone else would have realized it was hopeless to try and teach her anything, but Gwen took what is really proof of Lola's failure with Eagle Eyes and tries to turn it into the opposite.
"Lola's supposed to be learning shapes and letters but her eyes keep jutting over to the part of the screen she's supposed to avoid…GREAT SUCCESS!"
Oh and if she kept doing this awesome thing over and over, why weren't you able to get a video of it? There was obviously time and you obviously had your phone or camera since you took a still photo…so tell me again why you couldn't take a video? Oh yeah, because Lola didn't really do shit, that's why!

No. 264797

Yeah. Lola was certainly just zoned out and spasming as usual, not intuitively understanding how to close out of the game and intentionally pinpointing her movements.

No. 264799

this is just sad.

No. 264812

I had to go back and watch the video of pocky eating melon that Gwen was feeding her by spoon. Most of the food landed on her bib not in her mouth.4 month old babies are better at swallowing than Lola. It was awful to rewatch, the noise and slurps. I imagine that's what a goblin would sound like trying to eat. This is no accomplishment, this was a pathetic attempt to get someone to eat who should be fed thru a tube.

No. 264934

>and she's still acting like he's the worst thing that ever happened to her lmao
Why should one persons misfortune be dismissed because someone else has it worse?

Just because one person has the resources to deal with an issue, doesn't mean she doesn't go through the same emotional trauma as any other mother having a severely disabled child.

You can love someone to death, but that doesn't make living with someone with the kind of issues Nicholas has any easier. He already has little impulse control and self harms. He's only going to get bigger. Things are only going to get harder. Moving into teenage services will be tough. Moving into adult services will be even tougher. This is the rest of their lives.

No. 264935

It was even worse when they let her gnaw on that solid slice of melon. The sounds were ghastly. Lola actually seemed be making an effort trying to suck down some of the fruit, though it might have just been her rooting reflex. When they took the cantaloupe away from Lola's mouth, she'd barely made a dent. I don't think she actually swallowed any of it.

I assume Gwen took that spit covered slice and pureed it for spoon feeding, but yeah, Lola can barely even swallow food in mush form, so she's always half starved.

I think it was touched on previously how few calories are in cantaloupe to begin with and basically all Gwen feeds her is pureed fruit supplemented with bottles several bottles a day of goat's milk formula.

Then Gwen is stumped about why she can't gain weight and makes up excuses about her body not using the calories she gets. Even if that were true, that would mean she should be feeding her calorically dense foods, not what fashion models eat when they're gearing up for runway season.

No. 264942

Exactly. Some people seem to think that other people have no right to feel bad about issues in their life if their problems don't measure up to some arbitrary "sadness scale." I recently read something that points out the stupidity of that sentiment. It said that telling someone that they shouldn't feel bad because other people have it worse is like telling someone they shouldn't feel happy because other people have it better.

I think on this forum we're so used to Claire and Lola's overwhelming, extreme dysfunction that people with less severe disabilities almost seem pretty darn good in comparison.
However, just because that woman's son wasn't born with the worst form of microcephaly and just because she has some money doesn't mean that her and her family's lives aren't incredibly difficult.

No. 265058

I wouldnt be surprised if a newborn gets more calories day than Lola. A newborn is actually growing at a fast rate, lola not so much. Her body is stuck in a state of limbo, it will never grow as long as Gwen witholds the necessary calories. Like some kids have their growth stunted and do not grow… you always hear about those horror stories of kids kept in cages. A 15 year old boy not that long ago was rescued, he was like 40 lbs and very very short. Basically the size of a toddler. The body will not grow when the calories are not there. I understand shes a dwarf, but I also have to imagine she would be much bigger if she had the feeding tube.

No. 265245

File: 1488947920652.png (44.9 KB, 560x519, IMG_1135.PNG)

Here isn't another awful video. Lola only sleeps an hour a day, instead of her being put to bed, they keep putting things in her hand to break the wish bone. Gosh, a kid who looks like death, you think they would be saving her energy instead they are all loud and once again laughing at the lil tator.

No. 265387

Anon, did you mean to just show a photo instead of the entire video? Because that's all I saw on that post, unless I missed something.
Anyway, here's the complete video.

Lola looked like the specter of death, but the whole family acted as if she was just a normal little kid, giggling along with their antics.
They seemed blind to the fact that she appeared to be on the verge of passing out, Scott even mentioned that she rolled her eyes back, but he was unconcerned as if this was just part of how she plays.
Cal was there, but I always get the feeling that he knows this is wrong, but plays along with their idiocy just to appease Gwen.

No. 265397

Thanks for the link. Such a miserable video! She looks like an emaciated, melted babydoll toy and responds about as much as one.

No. 265443

She moves like an animatronic puppet, I genuinely have trouble recognizing her as human sometimes

No. 265462

So true! But I hate that say it, they should have just let her pass with dignity. They could have easily just let her little body do what it wanted to and let her go. Other than gaining a little bit of weight gain, she still is the same vegetable. Still can't talk, crawl, communicate, but Gwen says she's learning sounds. Gwen is so selfish to keep this thing alive.

No. 265463

I don't blame cal. He is a good kid, born to bad parents. Parents probably force him into those "situations" to make the girls look like they are part of the family. And to somewhat normal them and they take part in fun things. You could stick them in a container of mashed potatoes and they would have the same facial expressions. I really feel for Cal. I see sadness in his eyes.

No. 265522

They play with her the way I used to play with my furby. They assign feelings and motives to her preprogrammed actions. Fuck this video is depressing.

No. 265574

This one's another great example of them treating her like a toy.
I guess this is one of the very few instances where Lola actually responds to something or appears to, so they keep repeating the same phrase over and over like she's a dog that they're trying to get to do a trick. They sound so obnoxious and of course Lola is repellant as usual, but they act like the whole spectacle is just the cutest thing ever. Once again, it's just infuriating.

No. 265609

Do we know why they move their heads like Chuck E Cheese animatronics? It's always this jolt into one of three positions.

No. 265722

Seizures maybe? It would take everything in my body not to put that troll baby in a box and send her far far away. Not an ounce of cuteness.

No. 265745

how long until gwen suffers a mental break and smothers them both with a pillow?

No. 265759

File: 1489020815522.png (106.97 KB, 732x624, IMG_1276.PNG)

No. 265766

Gwen being classy as ever. I'm wondering what that is on her face though. A bruise? Rash? Her lip looks all busted too.

No. 265785

File: 1489023696621.png (199.48 KB, 640x480, nina-soulless.png)

This is easily the most depressing and sickening thread I've ever stumbled upon.

When you look at their faces it's like nobody's home. And for their sakes I can only hope that these things that should never have been (I can't even call them girls) don't have souls trapped in those useless husks.

No. 265787

It's a strawberry birthmark. She has one on her chest too. I think Gwen mentioned she was born with both.

No. 265887

Projects 8 feet vomit… so nasty. She belongs in one of those cages you overnight a dog in. If I was Gwen I would be wearing a bio suit all day. Can you imagine that x 2 with Claire adding to that mess! Thank god Gwen has all those nurses to deal with the taters while she blogs.

No. 265892

Interesting how at one point she could admit that their "smiles" we just seizures. Now everything they do is some highly intelligent signal of deep emotion and thought.

No. 265928

I love how they act like that's crying and not just siezing. Shows how little perspective they actually have.

No. 265943

they don't have nurses, wtf. go in by all means, but at least get it right.

No. 265946

Lurk moar. They do have nurses. Call out misinformation by all means, but at least get it right.

No. 266028

I mean, I'm open to you showing me they have nurses as well as the PT visits because maybe I missed that. The girls don't get too much medical attention as we know; they get kinesiology and essential oils mainly. A nurse would be there to administer medical care.

No. 266033

I know she has some help with the girls, aside from the PTs, particularly at night. If I recall correctly, it's not every night, but about 3-4 or 4-5 nights a week. I don't know if the helpers are nurses, nurses aids or some other job title. I'll try to find Gwen's blog entry/entries where she mentions them and let you know what I find.

No. 266038

I found something. It's from Gwen's blog dated May 25,2015 : After developing health concerns of our own due to the physical toll that sleep deprivation takes on a body, we finally arranged to have nurses help care for our Lola at night.

So yes, she does have nurses to help with Lola at least.

No. 266047

They do have nurses (as in extra help, careers). Tracey is featured in this video, about six mins in >>263882

Gwen also discusses various helpers she's had in this blog post - although she refers to them as babysitters http://www.thehartleyhooligans.com/2016_12_01_archive.html

Teachers and therapists also visit most days, which is additional support.

No. 266056

I don't know why I have to torture myself by reading the blog but now I'm going to torture everyone else too. Excerpt from Gwen's long winded, profane and yet completely unfunny blog post about shitting herself

> I also kindly took the dump-filled shorts to the nice lady at Sports Authority & let her know she MAY want to "red flag" (and yes, I did air quote) these bad boys, as clearly they'd been sharted in quite some time ago, judging by the dried-on turds. Shockingly, she didn't even crack a grin, grabbed them & went on about her day. REALLY?!

A look into Gwen's thinking. She literally is so desensitised she thinks everyone else finds farting and shitting a punchline in of itself, and expects the member of staff who just wants to get on with their day to laugh at her delivering shitty shorts to them.

Gwen seems to be so desperate that she thinks communicate their sense of humour and diva-ocity star quality is through their bowels movements (despite likely not having enough brain power to digest correctly), so I can't blame her for her weird joy in finding crap on a pair of shorts in public as she must've interpreted it as some sort of hilarious comedic routine

No. 266057

Said blog post (warning, photo of strangers poop???????)


No. 266089

They have night nurses 4-5 days a week.

No. 266090

The girls could die by choking from their own vomit or seizures at night so Gwen says a baby sitter at night won't cut it. Also when Lola gets sick she needs air / nose feeding tube which a nurse in I'm sure monitors.

No. 266091

You are all mostly correct. During the day throughout the week they have a host of therapists, physical, visual, a school teacher (?!?) and about 4 nights a week, they now have a night nurse to sit with Lola, as she rarely sleeps. Clair does sleep more and regularly, so she sleeps in her beanbag next to Gwen's bed. Otherwise, they don't have any regular medical docs or care. They also visit a chiropractor to have their pretzel bodies stretched out, and of the swim therapy, which I guess falls under physical therapy.

No. 266109

File: 1489074273290.png (178.13 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1178.PNG)

She also stated it recently, Gwen was posting picture of Lola on fb at 4am, people were so sad that Gwen had to stay up at that time with Lola. Well, Gwen made her bed, she should lay it having a second trollbaby. That's when she started how rough it was for her not having a night nurse covering all nights.

No. 266124

The nurses are just well paid babysitters. Lola probably just sits on the sofa and stares all night.

No. 266127

The most cringeworthy part of that blog post was when she talked about her son shitting himself. It's bad enough that she talks about her daughters doing it, but at least they barely have consciousness to feel embarrassed. But her son does, and if he has read his mother's blog, particularly this post, I can't imagine how embarrassed he is. Especially since he's at the age when kids get embarrassed by their parents. I'm sure he's been teased by the kids at school if they've read this blog. I swear to god, but if he ever sues his mother for violating his privacy online, I won't be the least surprised. What a disrespectful mother!

No. 266138

File: 1489078637340.png (167.62 KB, 733x1216, IMG_1420.PNG)

No. 266147

I thought this was a cat when I first saw the thumbnail.

No. 266154

I guess when your potato babies are constantly spewing sludge from both ends, learning to laugh about it is the only coping mechanism that keeps you sane. But at least have some tact around strangers.

When Gwen's children destroy a changing station at a public bathroom she must think it's hilarious. Those poor employees that have to clean up that mess. Can you imagine?

No. 266183

I feel so bad for Cal. He seems like such a good kid. Like a genuinely decent guy to play along with his mom's silly delusions. He would have made such a lovely older brother to something that could actually appreciate his love.

If there was a fundraiser to send him off to a good college and get away from these nutters for a while I'd totally support it. He needs a break before he goes insane.

No. 266231

What's truly sad for Cal is, well just everything. Gwen talks about how after Clair was born they felt as if they had squandered Cal's infancy and toddlerhood, taking so much for granted, and how do they make it up to the kid? By squandering his entire childhood with the continuous care of Clair and choosing to have Lola which now dominates 100% of their time. They have done him no favors. College is a total blessing for that boy. Imagine how he will feel once he goes to college and realizes that he grew up in an asylum and nothing is as it seems. His introduction to reality will have a profound impact on him and his future with his batshit crazy mother and his enabling father. It will be interesting to see!

No. 266245


>juicy farts

She writes like a 12 year old. What the fuck. I think she has a fetish for body fluids or something

No. 266319

Imagine being that dental hygienist. "Oh, don't mind my retard shitting and explosively farting while you clean her black teeth. She's perfect in every way!"

No. 266377

I think she even joked once her kids bit the dentist, yeah really funny Gwen! If I was that dentist I wouldn't go anywhere near them! I'd ban them from the office and sanitize the hell out of the place.

No. 266378

We came to the conclusion she has a fart/scat fetish ages ago. Everything she writes is like fetish wank material.

No. 266382

And once again, this is all down to Gwen's ego. If Claire had cavities or some other dental condition that caused her pain, I could see why she would need dental treatment, but this sounds totally cosmetic.
She can't even eat by mouth, so she has zero use for teeth anyway, not to mention they are jagged and misshapen, so getting rid of a few black spots is going to do fuck all to improve their appearance, but Gwen subjects her to a painful scary, ordeal for no other reason than she's annoyed that Claire has those spots.
She claims to love her kids so much, but she has no problem putting them through torture and then documenting said torture for the entire world in order to feed her narcissistic need attention.

No. 266408

So true. And yet they still roll out the story of how the ~~wisdom of a seven year old~~ was what made them keep Lola. As though it's on him that she's even here.

I really do think that midway through university Cal is going to have a really hard time coming to terms with exactly what you said. Hope he's got a solid support network outside of his family.

It'll be a relief for everyone when the girls finally die, but I worry about Gwen then turning all her attention on Cal!

No. 266418


Following the death of the girls, I suppose it is possible that she will try to glom into Cal. She will become his Romeo at college or move in with him and his wife, if he's married by then. However, I think it is more plausible that she's going to totally lose her mind as she is consumed with the grief of losing them and thus her entire reason for existing. The past ten years of her life have been completely consumed with the girls and their needs, to the point of barely acknowledging Cals existence….I'm just not sure of it will be possible for her to switch gears at that point.

No. 266419

"Roomie" not Romeo…

No. 266465

There is a video on YouTube it cracks me up, Gwen says Claire is getting ready to roll over. The longest 5 minutes of my life… I don't think she move do a 1/4 of an inch but Gwen keeps going on and on how much movement she's been doing. Clearly Gwen wants to believe her girls her progressing, it's quite sad. The whole video she is cheering how great she is doing.

No. 266564

I started choking I laughed so hard at that. I thought maybe "be his romeo" was like an actual saying. I was trying to figure out wtf that meant. Damn. That was good stuff.

No. 266820

30 minutes of pain and terror, hilarious. I know the girls are still legally children but I just find this so fucked up - I work in adult services so obviously a little different, but if someone is non-verbal you need to use other cues to know if you need to stop. And if someone does display signs that they are unhappy, you assume they have withdrawn their consent and stop the procedure. No matter how profoundly disabled they are, no matter how painless the procedure may be. The residents I work with all have DOLS and MCA's - deprivation of liberty safeguards and mental capacity assessments which dictate they are unable to make choices for themselves without support and by being in our care are being deprived of their liberty. We are still not able to force them to have a procedure they don't want. Only where medical intervention is necessary should anyone be restrained and forced to undergo a procedure.. and no dentists or doctors or clinicians in the UK would see teeth cleaning as necessary. They shouldn't even have plaque on the teeth if Gwen was performing their oral hygiene routines properly. But I mean is any of this even relevant? Claire and Lola couldn't even push you away, couldn't bite you, spit at you, couldn't even curl themselves into a little ball to get away.

Sage for rambling and because like I said, they are under 18 and American so the issue of consent in regards to medical care is different. But just the callousness with which Gwen addresses the situation really pisses me off, because it betrays that even she doesn't think of her daughters as full human beings - but in the same moment, thinks one of the most important parts of their medical care is having their fucking teeth cleaned! Don't worry about a feeding tube for Lola or painkillers - clean their teeth or they'll be having problems in later in life.. oh, wait.

No. 266886

Regardless of Claire and Lola's ages since they're not only non verbal, but are also are thought to probably not to have enough awareness or understanding to be able to consent or refuse anything, then the parents pretty much get to decide everything for them. As long as the law doesn't see it as out and out abuse, then Gwen can put them through or withhold any medical treatment or procedure as long as she thinks its for the best.

So yes she's within her legal rights to subject the girls to having their teeth cleaned…however, that doesn't mean that it's moral or ethical. it is moral or ethical.

The black spots on Claire's teeth are an eyesore, but apparently don't cause pain or cavities, so the only reason Gwen's forced her to go through such a scary, painful procedure is that Gwen thinks the dark spots look icky. But who could blame her, I mean if Claire didn't have those dark spots on her teeth, she'd probably be able to take up modeling!

This woman's priorities are so fucked up, it's unbelievable. She refuses them so many medical procedures that could make their lives more comfortable. No pain killers ever, just aroma therapy. A g-tube for Lola is out of the question because Gwen is afraid she'll die under anesthesia. Fine, but she wont even allow her an NG tube to provide some extra nutrition unless she's literally on the verge of death. Instead she prefers to pretend that Lola like a champ, when its obvious that the girl can barely swallow.

She refused all vaccines for the girls, because of course she'd be anti vaccine. As a result, Lola almost died from a case of chicken pox.
She's into all these "natural" remedies and seems to hate conventional medicine, but a few black spots on Claire's teeth…then all that is out the window and conventional dental treatment is fine, even if it puts Claire through a half hour of pain and terror.
Yeah, but she loves her girls sooooo much.

No. 266898

Sorry, spots on their teeth will not impprove their appearance. I watched the night line interview last night, there is no helping Claire from looking like a half alien/half lifeform. If I was Gwen I would rather work on getting those scalloped teeth sanded down. They are worse than any black spots. Juju Chang said something right off the bat that their appearance is startling. She is right, if you watch at some of those clips you can really see how much Claire has gone down hill. Shes very sloth like. Gwen is probably really strict with what videos to share online, Im sure Night Line did not let her voice which clips of the girls she wanted to air. Gwen barely shows videos of the girls now, Im guessing they have more bad days than good. It also probably hard for her to get a video in which it looks like the kids are actually making their "inch stones". As we all know both girls on video doing eagle eyes was a failure.

No. 267225

File: 1489192836588.jpg (165.59 KB, 722x741, IMG_1507.JPG)

Just two bright, beautiful young girls enjoying a game of sportsball!

Also, Claire just pushed several slimy wads of shit out of her sweaty asshole.

No. 267243

File: 1489194577005.png (59.97 KB, 485x441, IMG_1189.PNG)

So many things wrong in this picture. Look at those twisted mangled legs. She is also looking very orange.

No. 267250

Is that interview online?

No. 267291


>>263882 the link to the Nightline intervieq is here.

No. 267295

How recent is this photo? Both spuds are yellow.

No. 267297


The photo is quite recent, probably two months ago. Clair always looks jaundiced but the nutter insists that's just her normal coloring. Not that it would matter anyway, there will be no medical intervention for her…if it's not aroma therapy or an oil, there is no soup for Clair!

No. 267298

File: 1489199908301.png (146.87 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1191.PNG)

Ok! Hold the eff up! Wasn't Gwen just saying how bad her girls need weed for seizures. I think she is using the weed agenda to garner more attention for herself and the girls.

No. 267301


Dear lord , is she f'ing kidding. She finds their seizures endearing….sees no regeession from them, likes Lola's adorable little smiles and Clair's cute little sounds. They make pirate faces so we make several pirate jokes to distract them from what is happening, as if in the midst of a seizure you can do things to distract them. They cannot be distracted when they are "normal" as they have no knowledge of their surroundings or anything that's happening around them. I have to wonder if she ever reads the shit she writes and realizes just how ridiculous she sounds. Delusion is Gwen. Reality left the building with Elvis, and won't be coming back!

No. 267335

On the latest pic of Lola using EE, mysteriously Gwen wasn't able to fire up the video on her phone to record that little tard successfully using the EE, to hitch is of course because it didn't happen. She kept "intentionally" shutting down the star fall app, but couldn't find the giant, sparkly letters, which was what she was supposed to be focused on. Clearly her eyes were doing the usual darting, and rolling to the back of her head so she kept tripping the same function. But according to Gwen she kept shutting it down as she didn't want to "work" anymore. As she never did find the giant, sparkly letters, doesn't sound like she was getting much "work" done anyway. In the comments some idiot remarked that perhaps Lola was bored and needed a more difficult task to which crazy pants responded" nah, she was just fussy and tired and that blasted tooth finally broke through. Where would we be without that crazy bitch and her delusions and constant excuses as to why he Tatar twins can't properly use EE. Gwen, you ignorant slut, please donate the EE to someone who can actually use and benefit from it and stop trying to convince yourself and the rest of us that they are getting something out of it and finally on the verge of communicating. Her constant delusions and bull shit nearly turns me into a homicidal maniac!!! (Kidding)?!?

No. 267341

No videos of Claire using the eagle eyes either. But now Lola is learning sounds and letters? Yes, that will help a girl who will never write, talk, type…. stick to making crafts Gwen which your "teachers" make but credit the girls with doing.

No. 267348


All of it is complete insanity. Those brilliant things can stick their hands in paint and smear it around on bubble wrap on a light box, not even making a specific shape or design, just smearing….and you are spot on, they aren't even doing it, it's the therapists! They don't have the most basic abilities and she wants us to believe that anything happ Ning with EE is on purpose. Whatever they happen to do while using it is simply a function of their crazy wall eyes darting around the screen. I get pissed off writing this! That woman makes me insane!

No. 267407

Gwen has had years to record a single video of either spud demonstrating so much as a shred of intelligence and she has never done it. Not once.

Not that a lot of other people in or close to the family say much, but Gwen seems to be the only person who has ever claimed that Claire and Lola are sentient at all. Never seen Scott or Cal do it, or even one of the nurses.

No. 267430


This is fucking sick.

No. 267469

Out of everything Gwen has blogged about, this is top of the list for being cruel. Your kids are having seizures and all you can do is coo over them and say it's adorable.
Those taters experience nothing outside of hunger pains and physical pain while she won't do what it takes to at least make them comfortable until they die.

No. 267482

THIS. I am so disturbed. Gwen is seriously messed up. There is nothing endearing about fucking seizures! They are a sign that something is terribly wrong and the fact that a mother could respond with positives when watching her child convulse is…disgusting and horrifying beyond description.

No. 267506

Gwen reminds me of a kid that purposely acts weird to get attention and doesn't care if its negative as long as someone is listening to them.
She's so focused on what will get her noticed, she doesn't even realize or care when she contradicts herself.

One day the girls' seizures are cute(ugh, it makes me feel gross to even type such a sentence) and she claims they even seem to show some kind of cognitive advancement afterwards. And at the very least, at least they don't cause the girls to regress in any way. There's nothing negative about their seizures they're just a little part of who the girls are.

But when the subject is medical marijuana Gwen comes barging into the discussion and makes it about her and how she's been valiantly searching all these years for a treatment for the girls' seizures, which she now realizes are awful and probably the main reason that they're so mentally impaired. It has nothing to do with the fact that they were born with shriveled brains that continue to wither every day. No, it's those darn seizures that have held them back, even though she once claimed that their occurrence heralded some sort of mental breakthrough for Claire and Lola.

If only she'd been able to treat them with cannabis, they could be so much more advanced now.

No. 267599

Gwen looks forward to the seizures because they make cute faces and sounds they normally wouldn't make? Ok, I wouldn't be surprised that any picture of the kids with even half a smile are a result of happiness. Just facial muscles moving during their spasms and their Gwen is taking their pics for her social media fans. Hey looks guys, kids are so happy… look at their big smiles. ?

No. 267734

Funny addition from the blogs resources page:

> http://www.simulconsult.com/resources/head.html ~ Head Circumference Calculator (oh, and PLEASE let's not discuss how my girls' heads are -13.1 S.D. and -16.7 S.D. below the norm… DAMNNNNN.)

Fuckin yikes

No. 267738

And if I have this right, that'd make Claire's head about 39cm and Lola 31cm, for anyone else interested

No. 267739

Gwen not too long ago said their head circumferences have increased.. and since her kids are growing she doesn't believe their disease is progressive. Sure, the kids act and look like rotting veggies but ok Gwen!

No. 267768

An orange is bigger than Lola's head ….. Gwen proved that! I guess she could have used a potato to also prove her point!

No. 267821



Jesus. Remember when a lot of us were saying that learning about Jaxon Buell's parents made people realize Gwen wasn't so bad? Guess again. Her MO is different but she is a self-gratifying tard wrangler too. Ugh, I can't even sit still, my skin is crawling in visceral revulsion at the thought of her waxing positive while these things writhe in agony. Fuck you Gwen.

No. 267830


You make good points, and with Gwen somehow everything as it relates to her girls, somehow ends up being about her. Everything is about Gwen!!! That woman repulsed me. Her actions make me so incensed I want to commit hari kari!!

No. 267864

File: 1489288308316.jpg (48.85 KB, 306x476, 30D6B1CA00000578-3429699-lola-…)

No. 267872

Where's this from? I don't think it's on her blog.

No. 267874


Wow, her poor little hands were all twisted up even as a baby. I wonder how old she was here.

No. 267880

No. 267891

>> 267874

Well she has teeth so I'm guessing around two years old…her thumbs have been tucked since utero, which is an indication of severe brain damage….or more appropriately, lack of brain formation…Gwens own words btw…

No. 267894

File: 1489291392990.png (212.23 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1205.PNG)

What kind of foolery is this? The girls are involved in their community? I guess they are volunteering at the local soup kitchen. And Gwen says they have progressed? Exactly what real milestones have they reach? If Gwen believes that Claire took her first steps when we all know her pt was pushing her forward we all know she was drinking the crazy cool aid that day!

No. 267895

File: 1489291416040.png (39.03 KB, 692x388, seizures.png)

I highly doubt the Hooligans have any emotions whatsoever. Their smiling and crying can be explained completely by seizure activity.

No. 267897

Lol that article mentions how Gwen claimed that the girls like rap five times

No. 267899

That's even less likely than pet owners who claim that their cat likes rap.

No. 267969


Oh my darlin…that nurty bitch drinks the crazy koolaid every day!

No. 267982

Nutty bitch..not nurty..lol

No. 267989

You know what I hate about his whole f'ing thing, that crazy bitch trying to convince all of us that those girls are normal, highly functioning human beings. They are barely human, and she is bat shit crazy!! I can sum it up with the above statements….

No. 268022

>actively involved
I guess she's counting all that work on the cheer squad

No. 268083

File: 1489321895302.jpg (31.97 KB, 400x320, IMG_5647.JPG)

Found this example of a tonic/clinic (grand mal) seizure, most likely the type the girls have if you read the papers on the ASNS gene linked on the blogs resource page.

Look familiar? Pretty sure most times we've seen the girls moving it's looked exactly like this…

No. 268160

File: 1489332286113.jpg (196.12 KB, 1162x554, clairthenandnow.jpg)


They mislabeled this picture. The caption says its Claire, but it's obviously Lola. You can see the birthmark on her chin. As to how old she was, I think she was under a year there. She didn’t have any hair yet and I don’t see actual teeth, just gums where the teeth are about to erupt.
It’s so sad that even as an infant she looked terrifyingly nonhuman. If you were to create a horror story about a family of gargoyles or goblins, that picture could be the prototype for their little goblin baby.
However, the baby and toddler pictures of Claire included in that article are some of the best pictures I've seen of her. Despite her small head, she was pretty enough back then to have completed in baby beauty pageants. As sad as it is that Lola was never cute, I think Claire’s colossal decline may be the more tragic tale.
If Gwen thinks this condition isn't making them progressively worse, all she has to do is compare Claire's photos from then and now. I realize that most of us aren't as cute as we were as babies, but I'm not talking about just losing cuteness, I'm talking about going from once being a lovely child to now being as disturbing looking as her sister.

No. 268166

I know…and I almost posted a very similar comment.
The Buells are such exploitive, lying assholes that at first Gwen seemed pretty great in comparison.
I honestly thought she was much more honest and sincere about the girls and their condition than the Buell's were about Jaxon. I also thought she wasn't as shamefully exploitative with her children as the Buells.
But the more I see of her, the more I realize that they are pretty much equally dishonest and exploitive.

Claire and Lola might not be the cash cow that the Buells have apparently turned Jaxon into, but Gwen just exploits her girls for attention while the Buells use Jaxon for both attention and money.
Although when Gwen wants something, such as the eagle eyes system, she's not above begging for it.
There are so many similarities between the Buell's and Gwen that sometimes it seems like they've been taking pages from each others books.

Both of them lie about their children's conditions and claim that they are so much more advanced than they really are.

Both of them pretend that their kids' seizures either aren't really seizures or aren't really that bad.
The only thing I think Gwen has over the Buell's is that she said that she would not judge another couple if they found out they were having a child with microcephaly and decided to terminate.
Whereas the Buell's have become spokespersons for the pro-life movement, even though they admit that they considered termination when Brittany was pregnant.
It seems like now that they're stuck with Jaxon, they want everyone else who finds themselves in the same position to be forced to keep their potato baby whether they want to or not.

So I do respect Gwen for at least respecting others right to choose. And I also respect the fact that Scott Hartley works while both Brandon and Britney quit their jobs and now live off of donated funds.
But other than those couple of points, Gwen Hartely and the Buells really are birds of a feather.

No. 268185

"progressed beyond anyone's expectations"
Really?Name one single way they've progressed since the day they were fucking born? Other than not dying, and even that isn't anything special since now that we know what they're diagnosis is, we know that most of the kids with their syndrome live beyond infancy, some well beyond.

But what exactly have they done that has been such a surprising achievement?
They're non mobile, can't talk or communicate in any meaningful way. Their faces are so devoid of normal human expressions that Gwen has to look forward to Lola's seizures to so she can see her make something that remotely resembles a smile.
Claire can't even eat by mouth and Lola's swallowing ability is so minimal that she's constantly half starved.
Who the heck does Gwen think she's fooling, other than the equally deluded fans that follow her on Facebook?

No. 268189

Proto type for a goblin!! Lol! Lola is queen of the potato goblins. She really neeeds a scepter with a tater tot at the end of it!

No. 268201

yea the picture in the article deffo looks like lola, birthmark and all - but what gives with the thumbs in hands, or does lola do that too.. thought that was a claire special

No. 268202

oh nah shit son, scrub that.
seen lola does it too.

No. 268212

Such a bad picture of Claire, truly at her worst. Eyes are bugged, arms looks mangled… but hey let's curl her hair. Might cover up her tiny head. This pic totally shows a decline. One might venture to say Gwen is so delusional she can't see her daughter is fading each day.

No. 268216

It's interesting that everyone cares about how this is going to impact on cal, when one of the more likely options is that he'll turn into a munchie. Apparently people with severely disabled or ill siblings are overrepresented in the munchie population, for obvious reasons.

Really hope that isn't his path, but as one person with a severely disabled sibling looking at another, he seems reasonably well adjusted and it looks like he gets attention for parental figures outside home what with sports etc. No one comes out of this situation entirely normal though.

No. 268225


"They have, full, meaningful lives"?!? What? How can that nutter even say that! They have no idea or perception happening around them. They can't even verify their own existence. What, exactly, do they do for their community? And furthermore, Gwen, you crazy bitch, please define progress for me? It was mentioned prior, and I've said it before as well, the only expectation they have exceeded is to live beyond a year. Otherwise they are motionless, emotionless, complete wastes of space and resources. She needs to stop trying to make them something they are not. And her crazy ass followers need to stop encouraging her! They all need a big bowl of reality.

No. 268231


You make several spot on observations of f the Buells and the Hartley's. the Buells are disgusting in how they took all of that donated money, bought a house, and quit working. They are always trying to say that kid does so many amazing things, when the only thing I've ever see him do is seize, and his crazy mother glosses over and says he's not seizing, rather, he's having a jolly good time. Lastly, although I do give Scott credit for working, I am convinced that he does it for the same reasons Cal plays sports and is so involved in school, he needs to get out of that shit filled castle of insanity they call a home. I read once he works six days a week and travels frequently to art shows, often on his own. It's the most direct and justifiable escape plan he could come up with. At times it seems he enables that crazy bitch he married, but I think he's just doing the best he can in that unfortunate situation. I also give the guy credit for staying. He probably does a lot of it for Cal, plus he found a way to cope by dipping out all of the time.

No. 268245


Imagine that you have gone against medical advice, and probably some of your own more rational thinking, and made the decision to bring a severely compromised child into the world. Mind you, Clair was rather cute as a small child, so they were probably expecting similar, but what they got was Lola! How could you look at that misshapen head, with the gigantic ears, and not want to just toss it to the ground! Unbelievably, there have been times that she has looked worse! We all ono what happened down the road. Gwen has justified that poor decision, and dedicated her life to caring for those human disasters at the peril of her own sanity and ability to care for her one normal child.

No. 268389

wtf is a munchie…………….(lurk moar)

No. 268394

I agree with you! However I often feel bad for the Dad, he really cant get leave Gwen or the girls, I'm sure there would be local outrage and people would try to sink his business. I cant imagine many people can get along with Gwen and go along with her mass delusions. He seems almost reasonable. I'm sure it was Gwens whole idea to keep both pregnancies. I don't believe Cal had any influence, that story about him saying he wanted to just know his sister is foolery all around. I'm sure Scott cant even remarry if he wanted, who would want to be a step mom to the gremlins.

No. 269113

What's with the mittens?

No. 269137


Gwen is such an evil cunt. If there is a god, she'll roast in hell. I don't care if that's a potato or not, it's a potato in fucking agony.


No. 269143


why is this even happening. this is so awful and sick. give them pot? stop, gwen, just stop.

a while back when the wetmores were pushing juliana all over the place there was this one message board about the 'angel' and some freak kept talking about how he thought that the wetmore monster needed a spanking. like, he kept posting about it and was on a roll with the whole 'naughty, spanking' thing. someone else on the board got either grossed out or infuriated and just kept posting SUBHUMAN CHILD over and over and for whatever reason that fucking killed me.

i think these two can safely be called SUBHUMAN CHILD too. look, they're never going to know. they're too busy living a life of torture so that gwennie can get her daily asspat quota.

No. 269146

So she doesn't accidentally scratch up her face with her fingernails, I guess?

No. 269166

honey, the bong is photoshopped in

No. 269167


That's not even a cry. It's an animal grunting in pain.

No. 269176

no it's the call of the Goblin

No. 269182


Wait, wait. Gwen wrote that caption? My god, she has some deep-seated hatred for her 'daughters' going on just below the surface. I swear, I thought that was someone trolling!

Why did she have these kids? The amount of misery on display is almost too much for me to bear, and I'm a bitch.

No. 269184


Wow. What a cunt. That's basically saying 'we can't sleep any more, so we finally caved and got that potato (read: ourselves) a nurse'.

No. 269200

This poor child. I can't help but wonder if her suffering would have been less with medical intervention…

No. 269201


honey, this whore still wants to give her subhuman children weed and finds their seizures 'endearing'.

i'm jumping around this thread in horror and quoted the wrong post. relax and have a potato.

No. 269202


Take it easy anon, now you sound like the one with the shit fetish.

No. 269264

I was the anon you replied to, thanks for finding that. I had read the whole bog but must have forgotten that crumb.

why is gwen a cunt for getting a nurse for her child? fill me in. for me, it's when she ignores their needs I get pissed off. if she's meeting their needs and getting them care what is the problem.

No. 269274

wtf is wrong with getting a nurse? You sound like a potato too.

No. 269283

>Fast forward to about a week ago. I am over the cold basically, minding my own business getting ready to fix a bottle for Lola, and as it's normal to fart approximately 14 times daily (I shit you not!), I may or may not have let one slide, only to be greeted by that unfamiliar gooey sensation I'd JUST made fun of Scott for about a week prior. I panic, drop the F-bomb, and dash for the loo. You have GOT to be shitting me! No, I was shitting MYSELF. Smaller than dime sized, but actual feces nonetheless. WTF?!??!?!

>When Cal got home from school, I "came clean" about sharting, as he normally finds this sort of thing hilarious. This time, I'm met with, "Ewwwwww. Thanks for sharing. That's disguuuuuuusting." I said, "I KNOW!!!! But remember all those times YOU sharted? Remember how we laughed & made light of it & it made you feel better about having done it & all was better?" He just stared at me, made a face of pure horror, and walked off. Some help he is.

>So when Scott got home, I was feeling insecure and embarrassed. Ashamed of my rectum's utter betrayal, I shared my dirty little secret. Scott busted out a 20 second laugh & then said, "That's karma, babyyyyy! Sorry 'bout your luck. My streak is still unbroken! HAHHAHAHHA! You sharted! HAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!"

This fucking family…

No. 269324

File: 1489479690948.jpg (9.79 KB, 236x292, d0ab19fd16488af2cd2f173cf6d2da…)

Bitch what the fuck

No. 269406

File: 1489492352775.png (219.45 KB, 1038x1384, IMG_5648.PNG)

Looks like we might be getting another video interview soon

No. 269408

Seriously, she has a fetish. No one without one types up that they shit themselves for the world to see, much less like this.

No. 269429

It puts me in mind of when I was a child and first saw the movie "Young Frankenstein." I loved the entire movie, but one specific line just cracked me up. When Dr. Frankenstein screamed "My Grandfather's work was doodoo!" God, I thought that was the funniest thing ever…"DOODOO! HA!" The thing is, I happened to have been six years old at the time.

Now as an adult, while I still think it's a very funny movie, I don't find that line or the word "doodoo" particularly hysterical anymore. AS a matter of fact, I realize it was meant to be juvenile and silly.
The point is, when most of us are kids, we think jokes about bodily functions are the greatest thing ever, but the majority of us grow out of that stage.

Gwen's mentality is still at that childish level where she thinks the mere mention of shit or farts should crack everyone up.

What annoys me is that every time she relates one of these moronic fecal tales, it never fails that her sycophantic followers will encourage her idiocy with comments like, "OMG… you sharted…ha…I'm dying…Gwen, you are so funny!!"
UGH…they're just as obnoxious as she is and I doubt most of them really find her stories funny, they just see her as some type of celebrity and are trying to kiss her ass. But she believes that everyone really loves her humor, which just encourages her to continue writing that way.

No. 269471

Took a look at this guy's videos. Most (or all) or the kids he features have some way to communicate. A few are even plain ol' autistic kids with a strong command of the English language and no physical deformities.

In contrast, 15 and 10 years of Hartley life has produced no publicly available evidence that Claire or Lola can communicate at all, or even understand a single word or action.

No. 269491

I agree. And it's gross she tries to pull her son into it, Cal needs to get the hell out of there asap. I really feel for him.

No. 269547

He prob got there and said Christ, what did I get myself into with the demon taters. Gwen said once they communicate with their eyes and farts. Good luck Chris!

No. 269549

I bet the dad held them during the interview to make sure they didn't vomit or shit out of their diapers.

No. 269558

What I am wondering is if he got in touch with her or if she called him and asked to be on his series?

No. 269584

Another thing that I find cringeworthy about Gwen is her profile picture. If you see it on her website you will notice that she looks like she is a contestant on a reality show about cougars.

No. 269616

epilepsy runs strong in my family and i've seen this a lot.
i don't doubt for a minute that the two girls suffer seizures for most of their lives.
in the clonic phase pictured, both girls usually look like this though purely because of their hypertonia.

also if you've ever seen a myoclonic seizure or a partial complex seizure it literally encapsulates every movement either girl has ever made

No. 269620

seriously? i'm about to get real fucking angry

lola has a small face, an absent gaze, is physically smaller overall. Claire looks like a fucking praying mantis. her eyes look painful and face two different fucking directions. lola looks like a horribly disabled child, claire looks like the fucking ant queen.

#TeamLola #GoblinOverGolem

No. 269683

Funnily enough after posting that picture I watched some videos of tonic/clonic seizures on YouTube and decided I must be wrong, so that's very interesting to hear from someone with much more experience what they think.

When watching videos of the girls showing emotions or moving, as someone with strong personal experience with epilepsy what do you see?

No. 269686

File: 1489520639026.png (69.1 KB, 608x583, IMG_1273.PNG)

OMG! Someone on ig just asked Gwen a question regaurding the picture of Claire when she quite didn't look like a mantis yet! Gwen always has the answers!!

No. 269792

File: 1489527137762.png (72.98 KB, 598x633, IMG_1276.PNG)

Of course Gwen reached out to christoper ulmer on his fb page!

No. 269805

that's actually sad to read…her delusion apparently knows no bounds. I actually am really concerned for her when one of them actually passes..

No. 269807

File: 1489527767199.jpg (341.23 KB, 1000x2000, Claire3yearsoldfinl.jpg)

Another photo from Gwen's IG, of when Claire still looked cute.

Gwen writes about how much she used to treasure how pretty Claire was, but she now realizes that she was shallow and is ashamed of the way she used to think
So when her daughter was a conventionally pretty child, physical beauty mattered, but after Lola came along and Claire's appearance morphed into something that a reporter described as "unsettling", suddenly Gwen's has had an epiphany and now she sees beauty even in those that "society wouldn't label as beautiful."
But I'm sure it's just a coincidence and she'd be valuing "inner beauty" even if she didn't have a pair of breathing potatoes for offspring.

No. 269814

Lola oddly looks like Cal in the picture. The bottom half of her face, that is. The upturned nose and half smile. (Although for Cal a smile indicates he's happy, not about to have a seizure.)

No. 269842

Claire still wasn't conventionally pretty, she just wasn't a nauseating outerspace freak.

But Gwen's about as shallow as they come whatever the case. If she wasn't, her depiction of the spuds and the rest of her family wouldn't be such a fucking freak show.

I vote Lola as the most unsettling. Claire is hideous but Lola actually looks more sickly, and obviously has the shittier disposition.

Jesus, Gwen, let them go already.

No. 269891

I vote Lola, she can't even wear an amber necklace because Gwen says it leaves dent in her skin because of muscle tone. Lola is a walking doody making corpse. Those noises she makes and the way she makes those ticks with her shoulders and throws her head back. I could flush her down the toilet and not feel bad. No brains, no awareness what so ever!

No. 269900

It's really hard to decide who's the most disturbing looking now. Comparing both of them at their worst it was definitely Lola. When she was recovering from the chicken pox and she was so skeletal, her face was red and puffy…combined with that horrible twisted expression she always had, she was beyond terrifying looking.

But now, she still looks inhuman, but Claire really has caught up to her, with those unfocused buggy eyes , stick like twisted limbs and her crooked, serrated teeth.
As far as personality, she has a slight edge over Lola only because Lola is always whining and crying whereas most of the time Claire just stares off mindlessly into space and just makes the occasional grunt.

These days both of them look equally Cronenberged.

No. 269912

File: 1489533353130.png (73.47 KB, 744x559, IMG_1877.PNG)

A reminder that ClaireSpud can be gross like Lola

No. 269972

>Lola is a walking doody making corpse.


No. 269992

If she was a normal girl would the mom make fun of her like that? Really, these girls are joke for Gwen.

No. 270007

File: 1489543637954.png (1.6 MB, 750x1334, IMG_1085.PNG)

No. 270011


Those zombie noises are quite unnerving.

No. 270015

Xmas came early!! Worse than I could imagine! They were falling esleep, so much for soul connection. Gwen said Lola would curse a lot if she could talk, so cute!

No. 270027

it's nice that this info is useful somewhere haha thank you. i'm by no means an expert at all but the way both of them stare away and twitch reminds me of a complex partial seziure (my sister used to have them a lot) but at the same time I have to remind myself they have potato brain activity so they probably jerk instinctively and are pretty much blind so it's not like they can look in a direction purposely :/

i can't link rn but the video of them in the bath lola totally seemed to be seizing to me.
bringing up the seizures was a good call on your behalf, i've been meaning to post about it here too

No. 270055

File: 1489550105971.png (1.84 MB, 1334x750, IMG_1885.PNG)

I confess, in a weird way I'm rooting for the Hooligans.

Whenever there's a new video I watch and hope that some shred of sentience breaks through. Something, anything at all, the tiniest indication at all that either one can understand a piece of the world around them.

Whoever this dude is, he wasn't able to bring that out of them. They're still just depressing sacks of guts without a morsel of humanity.

No. 270063

>>270055 he was talking sooo slow too to the girls… yeah we get they are slow dude! Made me chuckle a lil when he showed them the camera, like they would be interested? No the girls were fading out. Claire looks yellow as ever. Lola was just her usual miserable self. I couldn't imagine having to deal with that 24/7

No. 270075


Thanks for posting that. That was just the biggest crock of shit I've ever heard. They are the craziest lot on the planet. They can feel, love, understand! Well let me ask you something you bag of morons, how would you feel if you were fifteen and ten and your loving mother posted never ending stories of how you shit yourself, and in fact can barely shit without the help of your father. There is not one thing they can do without the help of another. Clair is laid back and mellow? Where the fuck is she gonna go, she can't move! And looking at her hair, I'd thrill she cut it herself, but she can't do anything herself. Once again Scott goes on about how they took Cals childhood for granted, and with the girls they appreciate every little thing they do….and they hat exactly do they do? NOTHING! Meanwhile they have an awesome son who goes above and beyond with minimal recognition. They are taking his entire life for granted in support of the brainless, I'd say he wonders, but there is nothing wonderful about them. They're barely human, flesh sacks! I pray that when Cal gets out of that nut in, and sees what normalcy is, he runs and never looks back. As far as his parents, there is no hope for them and when the girls finally move on Gwen can go to the real asylum, where she belongs. Maybe they will give her a potatoe and a squash she can dress up me assign personalities too so her life can go on. Maybe then Scott can seek out a somewhat normal life…not sure what will become of him. Gwens constant whoring out of those human disasters is repellant and I wish something would make her stop. They are not wonderful miracles, simply wastes of life.

No. 270077


That's their awesome mother, always making them charming children anyone would love to have. Lola is repulsive enough, and to think if she could talk, she'd swear. The things that woman finds endearing in a child….thank god Lolas a brainless, speechless bag of flesh. Two Gwens would too much for the world to take.

No. 270091

File: 1489557318710.jpg (61.73 KB, 955x193, gwen.JPG)

Gwen was as delusional as ever talking about “soul connections”, which just means that since the girls aren’t capable of even the most basic communication, their parents have to make stories up about how their actually connecting on some deep spiritual level. In other words , wishful thinking.

Here’s Gwen’s comment to the guy who did the interview. She claimed that Lola was "obsessed" with him because she kept staring at him. Which meant that for about one second her head turned in a way that if you squint just right, it might appear that she was looking at him.

I know this guy wants to show that every human being is special in their own unique way. Perhaps it's a noble mission, and maybe he’s right about most people, perhaps the vast majority, but at the end of the day, it's our mind that make us uniquely human. Even if a person has autism , down's syndrome or most other conditions, they still have some cognizance.

This video didn’t demonstrate how amazingly awesome the girls are, if anything, it was just another sad reminder that they don’t even have even the faintest spark of human awareness or intelligence.

No. 270092

When the girls go from crying/grimacing to completely spaced out in a split second, or vice versa, could that be due to seizures? I always assumed the grimacing/crying was a real reaction to discomfort, and the abrupt spacing out was because the discomfort had ceased and the girls are incapable of feeling sustained unhappiness if the immediate cause has stopped (unlike normal children who take a little while to calm down).

>Claire looks like a fucking praying mantis.

Can't unsee.

Gwen has no problem telling the world that Cal has sharted (see >>269283
) so yeah, Gwen would likely still be making fun of Claire even if she wasn't a potato. Gwen has no boundaries or respect for any of her children.

No. 270141

File: 1489594440297.png (106.33 KB, 745x605, IMG_1897.PNG)

"Flirting." Lola, who can't even move her head a few inches to glance at the guy, was "flirting." No matter how dumb Gwen acts she always has plenty of fans trying to outcrazy her.

No. 270143

File: 1489595602412.jpg (509.66 KB, 1500x1500, lolavsnun1.jpg)

These photos are from 2012. I guess Gwen was bored one day, so she posted a long, drawn out story in her blog about Lola vs this nun-puppet competing in some dwarf monopoly championship. She was so in love with her writing that she broke it into a 3 part serial. Then she and Scott took the time to pose Lola for these photos. These are only just a few of the pictures that accompanied the story. There were actually a few dozen of them. All with Gwen's brilliantly hysterical captions.

You can see Scott's arm holding the nun-puppet in one of the photos, so this wasn't just a Gwen production, he was apparently happy to participate as well.

Isn't it great how Lola's parents respect her dignity and totally see her as an autonomous being with her own personality and feelings.

No. 270156

I saw a few of his other interviews. I noticed that almost without exception, no matter how severe the person's diagnosis, nearly every one of them was able to respond to him in some way.

There was one girl that was totally unable to talk and appeared to be totally paralyzed, but at some point she smiled.

Another girl seemed very bad at the beginning and all she did was scream and babble incoherently, but after her mother came in and calmed the girl down, even she was able to communicate with the guy in her own way.

Of all the interviews I saw, the ONLY ones who didn't seem to have any reaction at all were Claire and Lola.
Of course the family and the guy were projecting all kinds of amazing things on to the girls, saying what an amazing connection he made with them, but we all saw that they were the same non-responsive potatoes that they always are.
He claimed that they grabbed his thumbs, but he put his thumbs in their hands. Their hands are permanently locked in a closed position because of their hypertonia, so you can place anything in their hand and it will look like they're holding it, but they don't ever purposely grab onto anything and they certainly didn't latch on to his thumb.

No. 270166

I wonder if he didn't dig deep enough in his research about them when Gwen contacted him for an interview, and just took her at her word that they were actually responsive in some way and not mindless meat bags. He sounds like he's just parroting her soul connection drivel because he literally has nothing else to say.

Also lol Cal looks 100% done with this shit.

No. 270169

Gwen has a pretty decent audience, so featuring them expands his reach. Claire and Lola are worst case scenario though. They must make the parents of kids in his other videos feel a bit better.

No. 270171

>They must make the parents of kids in his other videos feel a bit better.

I suppose that's one good thing.

No. 270183


And the sad thing is that the puppet nun is more sentient than the potatoe goblin! Dream on, Gwen!

No. 270233

>>270166 Cal didnt have much to say, he mentioned the girls really like to go out!? Ok!! I feel bad for him, hes been dealt a rough card having to go on and pretend he likes his sisters.

No. 270244

Cal talked without any emotion and his face looked blank. There was no sincerity in his voice and he sounded like he was just parroting what Gwen has trained him to say.
He wouldn't change them at all? So if he had a choice, he wouldn't have sisters who could speak, or walk, or smile or laugh or hug him? He'd choose to have two breathing potatoes for siblings-potatoes who took all his parents attention when he was growing up? Why don't I believe that?

No. 270250


This girl is cute as fuck. I bet this is what Gwen sees when she looks at her girls.

No. 270254

The "I wouldn't change how they are" line is such trite bullshit.

I don't think anyone expects their page to be about how much they hate the potatoes, but can they occasionally try for a little honesty instead of fairy tales about what healthy, happy geniuses Claire and Lola are?

No. 270322

I doubt Claire and Lola will die anytime soon. Not under Gwen's watch, at least. Gwen is on a mission to keep her daughters alive as long as possible. However, I can't wait to see how Gwen will handle it if even just one of the vegetables dies in her lifetime. I think that her grief will be so severe that she'll have to go into a psychiatric ward and will be lucky if she fully recovers.

No. 270332

Haha I'm sure Claire's burps right as he's talking about talking to their dad, at about a minute in

No. 270350

The hot tub video is the first one I ever saw of the girls I believe and to me is still the worst one.

Ugh… if you showed someone this video (without sound) and told them it was footage of aliens, they'd likely believe you, because that's more believable than what they really are.

Anyway very interesting that you say that about Lola's movement as this is one of her most active ones. Like you say it's so hard to tell considering they have so little awareness and erratic to no body control in the first place that there's nothing to base their movements off. I'd love to hook up a stats monitor to one and get a real idea of what's them responding, as basic and primal as that may be, and what's straight up seizures.

No. 270353

Sage but while searching for the above video I came across this:


White nationalists discussing whether they'd abort if they knew they were having a Hartley Hooligan. Spoiler: it's a no brainer

>would certainly abort if I was carrying something like this. We are supposed to be about upgrading the race not weakening it. It's a no brainer.

No. 270373


Lola is clearly seizing in this video. Look at the way her head is flickering. Ugh, so fucking sad. :(

No. 270383

Claire is also yellow as hell, she probably has something going on with her liver, but since Gwen refuses medical intervention.

No. 270527

This may be kind of callous but I really hope they die before both of their parents. I don't want Cal to get stuck with them once he can finally break free from the nest.

No. 270537

I cannot deny I feel a lot of anger seeing her posed like this. Like, what if she didn't want to be sitting that way, or started "showing rude" in the middle of this little photo shoot? Does Gwen just force her through it? Ugh.

No. 270538


I love in the video how Gwen says she's proud of them for choosing to stay and wanting to be with her….as if they've had a choice. Lola has tried to dip out several times and crazy Gwen keeps bringing her back. And Scott goes on and on about how he girls help them appreciate the little things along the way to getting to the developmental milestones, so they don't take it for granted like they did with Cal. Yet the girls haven't reached a single milestone worth noting and they have flushed Cals entire childhood down the toilet, overlooking every great thing he has actually accomplished, to spend a lifetime caring for two individuals who have ill never give one thing back. So sad!

No. 270539


Does the way either one of those girls feels ever matter to Gwen? It's not like they notice, but if they did, it wouldn't make one bit of difference. Look how she talks about her kid who does have a clue!

No. 270547

The girls want to hold Christopher Ulmers hand as much as Lola is forced to carry that dumb yellow rubber chicken. It could be a dildo and she would still be holding it. I love how now Gwen is now forcing this "soul connection". The lights are on but the girls are not home. Chris seems like an overall good guy but this interview only proved the point the girls have no awareness…. and yes Lola sounds like a friggin sheep! I wonder how long the interview took because he is wearing two different outfits in the picture Gwen posted. I'm guessing they had to do lot of editing and retakes.

No. 270555

A lot of editing and retakes to get footage of them doing absolutely nothing but making gross faces and sheep sounds.

I think Chris was at a bit of a loss. In his other videos the kids give him something to play off of. Here the spuds gave him nothing at all so he just had to mumble about how great they are.

No. 270576


Ah yes…a day in the life. Such a beautiful thing!….Not!

No. 270578

>>270555 Someone mentioned that Lola might be cold all the time that is why she whines and makes so horrible faces. The Anon brought up a good point, that Lola always seems to be under dressed. Gwen mention the other day that Lola cant even wear a ambler necklace because it leaves dents in her skin. Lola must suffer 24/7.I dont doubt it. Also, in the video with Chris, their teeth must hurt hella lot. They are all crooked, not straight. Im sure with their teeth trying to come thru with no place to go. Gwen your kids have alot more dental problems than just black spots. Also I saw an old picture of Lola and her toes were so out of whack. The toes were like the bunched together, reminded me of centaur looking hooves. Poor kids cant catch a break with any of their body parts.

No. 270580

I bet Claire sharted on Chris.

No. 270612

So I was just on her IG and the post just before the most recent whoring out, I mean video with Chris Ier, Gwen is holding the beast and marveling at her adorable profile, (all I can think is that I don't see anything cute…just the same little goblin) and she goes on about how fussy she's been lately, always wanting to be held, and it was a kinda getting Gwens nerves. She mention d something similar not long ago, how Lola was squawking and ended up spitting "baby food", (wait, is Lola a baby?….I thought she is ten, but she still eats "baby" food…. anyway Gwen was again losing her temper with her, and magically, following a "scolding" that little genius gets a sly smile on her face because she's in control and knows exactly what she is doing. So many things in his excerpt make me pissed, like "baby" food and Gwens regular delusions of Lola's genius; however at the same time I'm a bit surprised that Gwen would admit that Lola sometimes gets on her nerves. We've all thought it, if we us to look at that hideous little face and hear it constantly whining and crying, not to mention the projectile vomiting and shitting everywhere we'd want to just throw her down a deep, dark hole. I do find it interesting that Gwen can admit that she sometimes has negative feelings for her as well. I'd be willing to bet she has those feelings much more than she would ever admit. THis is the catalyst for all of the delusion. If Gwen ever truly faced reality, the potato head goblin, Lola, would cease to exist. This woman could truly be one shitty diaper from negligent homicide.

No. 270618

Well, Gwen also baby talks to the girls… we know this. And yes she did refer to it as baby food… but Gwen makes all the food, so technically she could give Lola a lil respect and just refer to it as food. But I think Gwen likes to believe her kids
are babies still. Maybe a coping mechanism ? She puts them in a baby bumbo, buys
them the "joovy" baby walker, I don't want
to think how many diapers from the kids
have ended in the landfills over the years.
There is a lil girl on fb, she looks like a
- kaylis krusade but the mom has said she
is potty trained despite not being able to
make sounds or walk. But going back to Gwen treating the potatoes like babies, it is probably easier for her to think they are babies than deal with the fact that Claire isn't too far away from being adult and Lola is almost a teen. I don't think Gwen would do well dealing with babies getting their periods. I'm sure when they go out in public, Gwen just allows people to think they are babies/toddlers than explaining their disease.

No. 270647

They are babies essentially? Lola is 1-3 months-ish (probably?) Claire is 3-6 months old in her development.

No. 270651

I just mean it's hard to treat them as anything but. People in the public can see they are goblins.

No. 270681

There's no way these things are ever getting their periods. You have to have a base level of reasonable health and body weight to start menstruating.

No. 270682

That's a boy, unless you accidentally linked to the wrong video, but if you're talking about the video of two siblings and one of them has Down's syndrome, they're both boys. The first one refers to the one with Down's as his brother.
I do agree with you though, if that's the one you meant, he is really cute.

As a matter of fact, when I saw it, I was thinking about how Gwen doesn't like the word retarded because she thinks it refers to Claire and Lola, but they aren't even retarded anyway. This young man would be considered retarded and comparing him to those two mindless potatoes is an insult. He's so far and away above them in every way.

No. 270690

Agree, aside from all their other problems, they're likely too skinny and don't get enough nutrition to ever mensturate. This probably applies to both of them, but very definitely Lola.

Neither one of them shows signs of developing any secondary sex characteristics, so pretty I'm sure neither one has had or will have a period. Often even relatively otherwise normal girls who go on starvation diets and/or lose enough weight to drop them below a certain BMI, will stop getting their periods until they recover.

That's probably the real reason Gwen said she'd never talk about or reveal if they ever got their periods. She claims it's because she's respecting their privacy, but she mentions every time they pass gas or shit themselves.
So how believable it is that this is the one thing she'd keep private? As a matter of fact, if they did get their period, it would be one of the few normal developmental milestones they ever go through, so I'm sure she'd be shouting it from the rafters.

The truth probably is she knows that there's almost no way that they are going to ever go through puberty, so instead of having to admit that's one more abnormal thing about them, she just says she wont talk about the subject because she respects their privacy so much. Yeah right, Gwen.

No. 270709

I wonder if Gwen's ever lost her temper during one of Lola's screeching fits and just smacked her across the face.
I can't believe in all the years of having to look at a face that's horrid under the best conditions, but when twisted into a screaming mask, becomes a thing of nightmares, and listening to that inhuman wailing, that there wasn't at least one time, when no else was around, that Gwen didn't just lose it and pop Lola right in the mouth.

Because to be quite honest, just reading about that hideous demon-thing shrieking and spitting her food all over the place, enrages me. Imagine how much worse it is to be there, having to deal with the constant smell of shit, vomit and Lola's gross cheese hands and now on top of this, she's spitting her food out. Food that it took time and effort to chop up, mix, blend, put into a container,etc.
I don't care how much motherly instinct or love Gwen supposedly has, everyone has a breaking point. I'm sure I would have reached mine long before this.

No. 270772


That's exactly my point. I agree with you, at some point she has to have lost her shit with that kid and let her have it. It's bad enough when you have a fussy baby, which typically fusses throughout the day for a few months. But they've put up with this hideous thing, constantly screeching for TEN YEARS! Mother Theresa would have thrown her down a mountain! And if Mother Gwen hasn't actually let loose on that little savage, she has come close enough to scare herself. We all know this, her life is utter shit. Every minute of every day is dedicated to caring for two mindless, motionless, emotionless things. They are barely human, and in spite of what she constantly proclaims she has to go to bed many a night cursing the almighty and feeling very robbed. I think the only thing that keeps her going now is her pseudo fame she has achieved by opening her own State Fair Sideshow, starring Lola and Clair. And she's a double winner. She's got blue ribbon potatoes and the best darn freak show this side of the Mississippi!

No. 270785

>>And she's a double winner. She's got blue ribbon potatoes and the best darn freak show this side of the Mississippi!

incredible hahaha

No. 270797

No. 270801

Gwens mission seems to be making her potatoes famous…Chris Ulmer said the girls are changing the world. So it must be true? We know she reached out to Chris and pleased him to meet the girls, Gwen has allegedly tried to reach out to different news outlets, and she says she wouldn't do a tv show! i don't buy it. Gwen needs the attention to make her feel like she has done right for her kids and non stop ass pats. I don't think I'd hate Gwen as much if she didn't blog about the farts, doody pants, how much her daughters are divas and how smart and sassy. A roly poly bug can eat, move, react to stimuli these girls can't do any of that. Gwen and her crazy brain think the girls are pillars of their community. I wish her and kids would disappear into the sunset. Give them dignity instead of taking pictures of their bowel movements. Stop filing these so called milestones like Claire walking or crying. Give them dignity so people don't have to see them at their worst while their disease eats away at their brain.

No. 270803

Please = pleaded

No. 270804

It's so sweet that y'all are concerned about Cal. But considering that he was only two and a half when Claire was born I don't think he knows a life without them. He's probably been brainwashed into thinking that his sisters can function when everyone else sees them as vegetation.

No. 270817


Her mission is not to make the taters famous, rather it is to make Gwen famous. The only reason she won't do a tv show is that she cannot control the situation for that long a period of time. The girls lives of doing absolutely nothing is a lot easier to disguise in twenty minute increments, but to see them lifeless 24/7 would prove what we all know, there is nothing going on there, which disproves all of Gwens delusions. We don't need to be a part of watching a woman change a teen and pre teens diapers several times a day, and otherwise there is nothing else to see. Heck, the girls go in and out of consciousness on every interview they've ever done and at some point we are subjected to the blank, dead eyes stare. Frankly that's all I need to see of any of that shut and I want to turn the channel. Bottom line is that none of this is about those children, it's all about Gwen, and if it's not about GWen, she's gonna make it about Gwen. They ar horribly disabled ghouls, but it's never about them, rather how their disability affects the real Hartley diva, Gwen.

No. 270827

He called them retarded once and Gwen lost her shit, so he probably knows it's not normal.

No. 270905

I wonder how many takes were ruined by Claire firing off a loud, sulfurous fart on Chris' lap.

No. 270912

Sometimes I think Cal is posting in this thread.

No. 270914

gwen would probably kill him and feed his remains to the poop goblins

No. 270945

What's worse is that he didn't even call them retarded, he just said it to a friend and the friend used the word in front of Gwen, probably in just an offhand way. Gwen told him off, so Cal's friend ratted him out and told her that he'd used it first. Then she lost her shit.
That's how fucked up Gwen is. I'd understand her getting upset if Cal referred to his sisters as ''the little retards'' or something like that, but he didn't do that, he didn't even use the word in front of her.

He just said it to his friend, probably in that stupids/silly way that young boys do, and that dumb bitch of a mother shamed him to tears and forced him to write a one page essay. But that wasn't enough humiliation for him. She had to go and tell the whole world about it, so she could get more ass-pats from her deluded followers who all told her how brilliantly she handled the situation.

No. 270954

Unfortunately 90 percent of him would wind up dribbling down the front of Lola's shirt and onto the floor.

No. 271000


I was looking at this and it occurred to me that them having the nun choking Lola and punching her in the mouth is probably a subliminal message from one or both parents of what they would like to do that little beast. You'll never convince me that at some point they haven't wanted to do her physical harm, and they may have even done it. I hate to say she deserves it, but if it were me I'd have lost control long ago. Between that hideous little face and the constant screaming and crying there would be no way to maintain control,!and deep down inside they are only human, even Gwen.

No. 271002

There's something about these girls and the syndrome they have that kind of blows my mind.

They have a condition so severe that they can do almost nothing beyond the level of a newborn.
You'd think that something this devastating would have to have a huge cause. Like they're missing entire chromosomes or have two or three extra ones, but all these awful symptoms are caused by a mutation in one pair of genes. A single error in one little pair of genes out an estimated 20 to 25 thousand protein coding genes in the human genome and instead of two healthy, intelligent, pretty girls, you get a pair of creatures so fucked up, that it's hard to even see them as human.

All their other genes might be in perfect order. Genes that code for beautiful eyes, genes that code for the ability to be good in math or be great singers, they might have them all.
Cal isn't a bad looking kid. He's a good student, class president and a high school basketball star. So there's every reason to believe that Claire and Lola have some good genes hidden in their DNA as well. But because they each got that pair of genes that makes it so one substance in their body isn't able to catalyze into another substance, all those other genes and the gifts they might have given the girls are rendered useless.

It seems so unfair really and so very sad, but by the same token, I think it's a great lesson for the rest of us. Even if we have what we think are big problems, the fact that it's so easy to lose the genetic lottery proves that most of us are fortunate to be relatively healthy, functioning human beings.

No. 271004


How can you say that? Lola is the Master of spoon eating. She's got chewing and swallowing on lock. She doesn't need, nor would she benefit from a feeding tube. Her diet of puréed fruits and veggies is a genius dietary combo which has led to a child who is the picture of health and well being. Puréed Val would be lucky to be part of that, no matter where he ends up!

No. 271006

Puréed Cal…

No. 271016

You're absolutely correct. Like Gwen says about Lola, she's amazing. She's the eating champion. The fact that she's skeletally thin is obviously just a byproduct of their syndrome. Her body obviously just can't absorb all the calories she ingests.
Claire is pretty thin too, so obviously all the kids who have this syndrome are very skinny…oh wait…

No. 271024

Anon, that kid has a mickey g-tube. Gwen insists Lola and Claire are too fragile to undergo anesthesia for one.

No. 271031

It's a small wonder that Gwen didn't insist that Chris subtitle Lola's grunts.

"I'm so happy! I love my mother and the rest of my family. I love rap music and puréed vegetables and Say Yes to the Dress! Thank you Mommy for the perfect life"

No. 271032

I seriously do not understand how Gwen could imagine these two could have any privacy. There's nothing to be private about. They're basically corn husks with nothing viable beyond them. They literally ARE freaking potato children. Why oh why did this dumb whore even give birth to these two shrimpettes? They're both extremely malnourished/anorexic or whatever the hell is going on there. This is making my brain hurt.

No. 271049

Claire has a gtube, but yeah Gwen wont let Lola have one because she thinks the anesthesia will kill her.
But that's the point: being skinny is not a symptom or side effect of Asparagine Synthetase Deficiency Syndrome. Gwen insists that Lola is such a great eater and she thinks that she gets all the nutrients she needs being fed by mouth.

She's totally clueless why Lola's so thin. Gwen's actually written that she thinks that Lola's body just can't absorb the calories that she gets.
She doesn't see that the food she's giving Lola doesn't contain enough calories; she feeds her only mashed up fruits and a few bottles of goats milk a day and she she refuses to believe that Lola can barely swallow, even though the rest of us see how most of her winds up everywhere but inside her stomach.

No. 271081

Claire looks just as bad as Lola, so I'm curious how much food Claire gets, too.

No. 271093

Claire is too skinny, but not as skeletal as Lola. I believe Gwen gives her the same or mostly the same thing that Lola gets, so she probably doesnt get enough calories either, but at least everything she's fed goes directly into her stomach so nothing goes to waste unlike Lola's feedings where it appears that the majority of her food winds up fed to the floor.

No. 271104


I don't know about all of you, but I personally don't need subtitles to know what Lola says. I am such a devoted follower hat I now speak fluent baby goblin. You were correct, she said all of those things….she also said my mother fucking rocks! She is the most fucking amazing woman alive and I don't fucking know what I would fucking do if she wasn't fucking here to create my inner fucking life. I fucking can't fucking think or do any fucking thing without her. Fuuuuuck man, I'm just like that fucking saint and I fucking love to fucking swear. Aren't I the cutest fucking thing you've ever seen?

No. 271107

Just went I instagram and she recreated the pic of Lola laying on Clair's back and it is sooo cute! NOT! Lola looks like a cockroach laying on, I don't know, a shoe? Also, Clair recently got a haircut, and looking at this picture it appears as though her hair may be falling out? She has a bald spot near the top of her head. Yet another attractive symptom of their condition. It never seems to end for these poor girls, and their mother doesn't care how much worse their condition gets, so long as they "choose" to stay with her. Selfish, crazy bitch!

No. 271118

On Facebook, OMG guys, they let me recreate it!…WTF? She is such an idiot, like , what were they going to do? Tell her to fuck off and get up and walk away? I swear, this woman gets more delusional each passing day. One of her idiot followers commented that it looked like Clair was about to buck Lola off….what? Those people are more ridiculous than crazy pants Hartley. I swear, the more exposure she gets, the more full of herself and more downright crazy this woman is beginning to sound. She was super wrapped up in her crazy thoughts before, but now reality and fantasy Walk hand in hand. There is no line between what is real and what is not in Gwens mind. I swear, one day coming up here, that crazy bitch is gonna snap!

No. 271121

File: 1489718236407.png (199.69 KB, 1252x1271, IMG_5651.PNG)

To be fair, here's some more pics of children with the same thing.

Not that I believe Lola does anything but move food over her lips. On top of that, if goats milk and melon is all Lola gets no wonder Gwen won't take them to doctors. If she told a doctor that I wonder if they'd write a report on her starving her children and send it to child services. People being fed liquid diets need mega high protein milkshakes to compensate for all the nutrients, vitamins and protein they'd miss out on.

No. 271134

I'd be curious to know if she works with a real dietician…. Lola looks so frail and week. But anyway Gwen made a big deal that lola was 13 lbs.. and made this huge grand celebration this was probably a few weeks ago with Scott holding her in one hand. But on one of her ig post from last summer Gwen mentioned to someone on Ig that Lola weighed 13lbs… is Gwen just repeating info or is she really trying to make it sound like her kids are growing.

No. 271136

Weak :/ it's late .. my brain is fried from trying to understand Gwen.

No. 271144

I think Gwen actively works to avoid any kind of medicine that comes from someone with a degree. That dietician better have some crystals and smelly oil to slather the baby orcs in, otherwise Gwen won't want it.

No. 271155

Or healing amber necklaces. Can someone explain why gwens kids are still teething? Is it because their body is so delayed with growth? Part of me wants to believe it is BS, but Gwen mentioned the other day Lola has been wanting the be held non stop because of teething for the last few weeks. If my child was in that much pain or uncomfortable I'd seek out the dentist. Just not go by a hunch… I'd actually try to find out the reason she has been inconsolable. But Dr. Gwen immmediately says her fussiness is due to teething… could her fussiness be due to maybe that her muscles are at their breaking point?

No. 271156

And also gwens weight look like she is spiraling out of control. She looked very heavy in the night line interview and Chriss interview she looked just as bad. I wouldn't be surprised if shes eating her pain away secretly.

No. 271158

Teething is a wonderful excuse for their suffering, and since deep down she's aware they're essentially infants teething sounds appropriate.

No. 271173

I would assume their pituitary glands are hardly working. She has shown Lola with a new tooth last year. Goblins probably grow new teeth constantly.

No. 271175

I had to watch the video again with Christoper. Lola or Claire let out the biggest belch ever at 1:13. Hes seen alot of handicapped kids and a lot of cute ones like that little one with Piper the dog. She was bright and hilarious. But I wonder if he actually felt repulsed holding the potato twins, burping and farting. The outtakes are probably gold. Most videos he does he interacts with them and asks them questions. All he could do with the girls was hold their thumbs and talk about how great they made Cal. No.. Cal made himself great by working hard and achieving. This dude even threw Cal under the bus.

No. 271197

So not only does Clair have the body of a praying mantis (thanks Anon, you know who you are), the protruding, buggy eyes, jagged, ghoul teeth, apparently now she also suffers from patchy baldness. How much worse off can this girl possibly get? Not to mention the physical discomfort she must feel daily, and yet her selfish, stupid hitch of a mother is grateful that she "chooses" to stay and be with her. I used to believe crazy Gwen would be Debra rated with the girls passing because she has spent so much time on caring for them, but now I think she would miss her new found celebrity for being the Queen of the Potatoe People, and a so called amazing mother and inspiration to all of her nutty followers. She is nothing more than a deluded narcissist.

No. 271199

"Bitch" not hitch and "devastated" not Debra rated…damn auto correct

No. 271261

The only reasons I can think of for Lola to still be teething at ten is possibly because they never use their teeth - or even move their jaws - the normal development of teeth has been slowed to a snails pace.

Or possibly, they're so malnourished that the body is focused on other areas or unwilling to start developmental processes when it's focused on just staying alive. I'd be surprised if the girls hair (ugh) grows more than an inch or two a year given how malnourished they are.

No. 271279

Why do people keep getting hung up on the fact that the goblins are still teething? I mean, has it escaped anyone's attention that these girls are beyond fucked up physically in almost every single regard? They are emaciated, neurologically devastated hunchback dwarves with possible blindness, continual brain loss, hypotonia so bad they are turning into Picasso paintings, dire digestive issues, and people find it strange that their tooth eruption is delayed? I'm surprised they have the bodily resources to support fingernails.

No. 271310

He looks a lot more uncomfortable with the Retardley Hooligans than he does in any other video. They're so fucked up they can't even react to basic stimuli.

And yeah, looks like Claire is going bald. Guess it's her turn to be the more disgusting Retardley sister.

No. 271331

Jesus I never noticed it before but when her dad kisses her, Lola starts suckling because she thinks she's getting food.


No. 271344

They probably cut Clair's hair because it was a mess and tried to make it look healthy. She is definitely going bald. Not sure why Gwen would choose to part it and
highlight it. Even though everyone says Lola is the healthier of the two, to me she looks like her disease has progressed the most. Mantis or living potato girl, she came off with no awareness in the video. I cringe when people say the girls were so expressive talking to Chris.

No. 271345

The communication of sole connection to ridiculous, id love to see a medical journal with that term. Lola's only way of communicating is bleating like a sheep.

No. 271346

No. 271466

Seriously, are the girls blind now? They don't even seem to be capable of looking at people.

And as for Ms. Pockey loving melon, she would suck on a fucking Pottery Barn catalog if you placed it in front of her mouth.

No. 271651

I wonder if the girls are given a bath in frying oil since they are potatoes and all. I watched the video of Lola on Lake Michigan. Poor Gwen, all the people
are watching her and she's stating Lola
doesn't like the sun. Shouldn't potatoes be kept in cool dark places? Lola is a mess, Gwen is pretending that Lola is trying too talk. Silly Gwen, potatoes don't talk!

No. 272155

It depends on what nucleotides are changed, which depends on what amino acids are changed, which depends on how the genes work. If you look at Down Syndrome, those affected have an extra cope of chromosome 21, but despite learning difficulties and unusual facial features, many can live normal, productive lives if they get help. So obvious the genes on the extra chromosome don't cause too much trouble.

However, the ASNS gene (which codes for asparagine synthetase) turns asparatate ino asparagine and is very important for physical and mental development and function. As the gene produces an enzyme, it is autosomal recessive, and even just being a carrier of the mutated version doesn't affect the body. But if two carriers (as Gwen and Scott are) have a child, there is a 25% chance that their child will inherit both copies. Asparagine synthetase isn't produced in someone with both copies, and the child's nervous system fills up with asparatate and eventually causes his or her death.

No. 272209

this gwen woman, she makes me sick

what the fuck is the church or state doing in america? both girls should have been taken care of and loved by nuns, not exploited and tortured by this disgusting godless woman.

No. 272292

Gwen has probably loved the overflow of support she has received from doing Chriss interview. I'm glad that they are on another vacation though! Gwen works so hard keeping the taters alive. She commented on Ig that the girls hate the wind and sun! They would feel more home at home in the crisper drawer. Looks like like Cals gf went on vacation with them. I'm sure they asked her to hold the the taters but im sure she said … no I'm good.

No. 272834

File: 1489900505895.jpg (146.39 KB, 1025x1600, IMG_4391.JPG)

No. 272840

File: 1489902189568.jpg (74.16 KB, 784x960, 17353485_10210795722203480_120…)

Some Great Shots of The Puckwudgie!!

No. 272861

Amazing, a potato with the face of Willem Defoe

No. 272865

Bless, anon. This is the first meme in here that I can appreciate!

No. 272882

hello back there in the 1950s

the girls are cortically blind and always have been. it's all over the threads here.

No. 272897

File: 1489913442187.jpg (44.24 KB, 541x960, 17362077_10210796536103827_115…)

No. 272898

File: 1489913497801.jpg (38.35 KB, 541x960, 17361696_10210796536543838_681…)

No. 272899

File: 1489913551973.jpg (50.93 KB, 541x960, 17362845_10210796536503837_707…)

No. 272901

File: 1489913947119.jpg (55.68 KB, 604x872, 17353301_10210796604545538_199…)

No. 272908

File: 1489915067917.jpg (57.98 KB, 664x829, 17353513_10210796661186954_274…)

No. 272910

File: 1489915510352.jpg (56.78 KB, 604x804, 17353177_10210796699467911_370…)

No. 272915

stop namefagging/promoting you dumbass.

No. 272916

First of all listen to >>272915, second of all spoiler that shit I'm eating fucking breakfast and that's the first thing I see on here, fuck you Tryhard.

No. 272921

File: 1489916785802.jpg (Spoiler Image,43.4 KB, 543x960, 17309068_10210796771189704_142…)

No. 272940

I don't know if this has come up, but the reason Cal is class president, so good at basketball, and a great student, probably has more to do with him competing with his sisters for attention and love than an innate desire to excel. His sisters are the Golden Children, always heaped upon with praise if they so much as twitch in a way that almost looks intentional. Cal has to go above and beyond if he even wants to be treated as their equals, and so far it seems he hasn't even achieved that. Oh, Cal gets some mentions here and their, but here's a video of Claire kicking her legs out isn't that amazing OMG!!!!!!!!


No. 272943

Oh my god, Lola looks like a Holocaust victim.

And stop namefagging, retard.

No. 272963

More like the expiration date has passed

No. 272964

More like passed the expiry date

No. 272967

Yes just like any other feisty teenagers, the girls love to lie topless ;) and like any respectful mother I hadn't to snap a pic and post it online. It's the only social interaction I get in a day!!!! !! while this pic was being taken some cute boys walked by and I swear my baby girl Claire BLUSHED!!! OMG YOU GUYS, I AM IN LOVE! MY GIRLS SURPRISE ME EVERY DAY!!!! Meanwhile not to be upstaged, Pocky let out a deafening shart to beckon the boys over!!!! LOL. TRUST MY DAUGHTER!!! The boys kept walking, in fact to be honest they sped up and ran away in fear, but my BRAVE GIRLS don't let it bother them !! Claire gave them no mind, one eye on the ceiling and one darting around randomly as she seized herself to sleep, and Lola soon followed suit :)!!! THESE GIRLS TEACH ME HOW TO LIVE AND BECOME A BETTER PERSON EVERY DAY! #westsidedwarfs #microcephalyftw

No. 272977

It sickens me how much she favors these barely human, vegetable creatures over her one bright, capable child.

I can understand that she might feel guilty bringing them into the world in the first place, especially Lola, since she knew she could be born that way and eventually found out that she WOULD be born that way. So in order to assuage her guilt, I can see why she might give them some extra attention.
I also understand that their reality is so harsh, she has to create a pretend world in which they achieve all these amazing milestones.

But my God, there's a limit! Sure, give Lola a few extra kudos for managing to swallow a bite of her melon-mush. Cheer when Claire doesn't fall on her face after she's placed in the crawling position by her PT. That's all fine.
However, to give them so damn much attention to where you practically ignore your one undamaged child is disgusting, enraging and just plain FUCKED UP.

No. 273003

File: 1489937019716.jpg (129.49 KB, 600x600, IMG_2188.JPG)

No. 273016

underrated post

No. 273044


I completely agree with you and I mentioned something similar in an earlier post. I can also personally attest to Cals behavior, as I had a similar situation myself, growing up. By the time I reached high school, some things were happening and my family was falling apart. My answer to this was to go above and beyond and do all I could to prove that we were like any, normal happy family, with well adjusted kids(me) etc. No matter how amazing he does, that poor kid has no automony in that family. Gwen is constantly praising the girls for doing these amazing things, when in actuality, they accomplish nothing. Neither of those girls has ever done anything worth noting or praising, and I mean nothing. Their only unexpected feat was surviving past one year old, and as another anon mentioned, now that we know their diagnosis, that's not so uncommon for kids with their condition. Then along comes Cal, who actually does do amazing things and he barely gets a mention in passing, and somehow whenever he does, Gwen injects the girls into Cals story, as if he couldn't have done it without them. They're part of the basketball story, "little local celebrities", who come to the games and "fist bump" all the players, that's amazing, never mind our 1000 point shooting son. And when she does acknowledge that, guess who shows up in the pics and story, the veggie Tards. Cals on his way to prom, to winter formal, let's get a pic of him and his adorable date, but not without the potatoe sisters. The poor kid even acknowledges his own success by attributing it to his sisters and how they have made him a "better" person. He sounded almost as his deluded as his mother in the Chris Ulmer (?) video where he mentions how the girls are capable of feeling love, and they like to go out and do things, not stay home all the time….what? It also seems that the more exposure this family gets, the worse Gwen gets. Her attention seeking has reached monstrous proportions, and the more she feeds the beast, the more it needs. Sorry for the long post, I get so emotional with this, I get carried away.

No. 273060


because it doesn't sound like she got her goblin the nurse because the goblin needs a nurse. that's what a normal person would do, but not gwen.

gwen got the nurse so gwen could sleep. big difference. what a lousy human being.

No. 273063


someone check a 'classy' site like literotica's anal section and send this poor dear some yummy scatfic.

she is beyond toilet humor. she's schlicking.

No. 273072

In some very mild defense of Gwen (I shudder typing that), if Lola's sleep pattern is as she says, having someone to watch her some nights would be a lifesaver. Imagine going on a few non consecutive hours of sleep every day for years. Probably part of why she has gotten so kooky.

Of course, the humane thing to do would to be to let Lola pass away, and in that way no one has to suffer, but that's another issue.

No. 273111


Honestly, I hear you. I don't know, I just think that Gwen finally realized at some point that she had to get them a nurse because she literally can't care for them.

But this is also the woman who refuses to allow doctors to even look at her daughters and fixes their seizure activity with lavender oil or wants to fill them full of dabs or some shit. Like, Gwen, your children are far beyond the point of aromafuckingtherapy. Or even savage dabs.

It's not so much about their getting care as it is Gwen getting some breaks; like when they go to Mexico or wherever they go.

I don't see the potato gobs as getting any relief from their shit existence so why should Gwen, is more my take on it. With that Jaxon Strong kid at least it appears that he might be on some serious opiates, or at least it looks like it, his eyes are super pinned all the time. Although, who knows. Maybe that's due to lack of brain also.

The Hooligans, meanwhile, get trotted out for psychotic, demeaning photoessays (seriously, if people saw anyone doing this kind of crap with a Downs kid I think the parents would be investigated by CPS every single time) and seem to live in a constant and unending state of agony.

Thanks Mommy!

No. 273113


this is so disturbing and wrong
but damn that nun punch

No. 273128

I agree, I don't have any problem with Gwen getting Lola a night nurse. Even if it's just so Gwen can sleep, there's nothing wrong with that. The human body needs sleep and frankly I am more understanding of someone getting a nurse, so they can have a few hours of uninterrupted sleep, than I am of of those "martyr mommies" who sacrifice their entire lives for their kids. Gwen pretty much is totally one of those types anyway, and having a nurse watch them occasionally is one the few sane things she's done.

Of course, the real sane thing would have been to terminate the pregnancy as soon as she found out that Lola was going to be born a breathing stalk of celery.

So I'm not saying she's not insane, just that this is one of the few things no one should take issue with.

Speaking of Lola's inability to sleep, I'm reminded again of something that really did piss me off. That time when Gwen saw that Lola was asleep on top of one of the dogs, Gwen prodded two or three times just to get her to lift her head up. The video's been posted before, but I'll link it for those who haven't seen. It angers me every time I think about it and it's stuff like that that makes me despise Gwen. It just seems evil to bother someone who you claim can never get to sleep, just so you can show her doing barely more than the nothing she does all day. All Lola did was lift her head in response to being poked, but Gwen acted like it was so awesome and funny.

When she called Lola a "Diva" I wanted to smack her. I guess it was a joke, but it really wasn't a joke. It was just another stupid, delusional statement from the Gwen, The Queen of Delusion.

Damn, everytime I try to make a quick point about Gwen and the taters, it always winds up in a long rant. EVERY.DAMN.TIME!


No. 273134

>Mother Theresa would have thrown her down a mountain!

mother theresa is actually an excellent fit for Gwen. Contrary to popular belief, she actually helped no one and considered suffering to death to be the only way in which man can become close to god. She also took all of the money she raised for herself. She's like a lolcow of a previous era.

No. 273138

This is the life of every normal kid with a disabled sibling. As a parent, you're a monster in societies eyes if you show any "preferential" treatment to the normal, functioning kid - because it means you don't love the disabled one as much. so they overcompensate and show them little to no attention whatsoever.

It's not about what's most sensible, it's about making sure you don't shatter the myth of parental love being unconditional.

No. 273320

Divas! Can you believe how bossy and full of themselves these girls are? They think that just because they are in severe pain all the time and have the intellect of a gnat that they can cry and shit themselves and make ugly faces and slightly move their heads when I touch them! I love my diva girls!

No. 273324

The girls are active in their communities! Just the other day Claire took a giant dump in line at the supermarket and Lola puked on the conveyor belt. The day before that I took them to the park and a bunch of preschoolers started crying and ran away when I brought Claire to the slide. We then took Lola to Cal's basketball and had the coach make the cheerleaders take pictures with her! Love my girls!

No. 273337


wassup nool

No. 273345

Lola had a g tube at one point. Why was it taken out? And why would a doctor allow that when Lola is extremely underweight even by dwarf standards? I'm assuming she went under anesthesia before so where is Gwen getting her info that Lola will die if she goes under. She is gaining weight as Gwen states, so shouldn't there be less danger now? I feel like I'm going to hurl every time see Lola attempt. I can't put my finger on what is worse, seeing the food dribble from her mouth or that rooting motion she makes.

No. 273368

I believe Lola only ever had an NG tube. The NGtube is inserted through the nose and goes into the stomach. It does not require anesthesia.
The gtube is what Claire has. It goes directly into the stomach and does require anesthesia. I don't think Lola has ever had a gtube.

I think Gwen is being selfish not allowing Lola to have a gtube when she clearly needs one. If she gets one there are two outcomes 1. Lola wont survive anesthesia and while it may sound harsh, I don't think it would be the worst thing that could happen. She'd die while unconscious so she'd just drift off with no pain and she'd be out of the constant misery she lives in.

2. She'd survive and having a gtube would allow her body to get more calories so she wouldn't be so horribly hungry all of the time.

It wouldn't do anything about her hypertonia or all the other horrors that living with her condition entails, but at least one of her agonies would be made a little less severe.

No. 273391

But if Lola dies, Gwen can't post pictures of her in stupid outfits or caked in shit!

No. 273396


You are correct, she has only had an Ng tube, not a regular g tube, because, as you stated, Gwen fears she could not handle the anesthesia so the surgery would be too much for her. I do believe that hunger is a big part of her misery, but I think it is more than just that. The overall prognosis of her condition causes a great deal of discomfort. The hypertonia and khyposis have to cause major discomfort. I believe that is a big part of why she always wants to be held is it provides more comfort for her to be cradled against a body, rather than just being leaned up against something, and having that fat free body directly against a hard surface,or her equally fat free sister. That poor thing is just a bundle of misery and I don't know what makes her crazy mother believe otherwise. I guess it's just wishful thinking on her part. We can all agree that she would be better off if she were no longer here…..period.

No. 273411


Is 'rooting' that weird baby bird movement that the potatos do when they are seeking food?

No. 273433

Jfc they legit look like corpses

No. 273505

This somehow manages to be an insult to both people mentioned. Good post tbh

No. 273513


I suspect that in Gwen's case, she truly DOES love the girls more than Cal, rather than simply behaving that way due to societal pressure.

As much work as the girls are, they're essentially babies forever. They'll never grow up, never go off to college and leave home and start their own families, their own lives. Unlike with a normal teenager, Gwen gets to decide when the girls are "rebellious" and when they "behave." She gets to decide what they like to wear, their favorite TV shows, and what music they like, even what they "say."

Cal's his own person, and Gwen can't control that. His sisters, meanwhile, can go into whatever little narrative Gwen concocts on a given day.

No. 273515

Are they still alive????

No. 273517

How does that one even see properly? Her eyes are looking two different directions, like a lizzard. Is this even possible?

No. 273561

I don't know how either parent can take photos like this and not see that Lola is starving. She has no belly, it's completely sunken in. Feeding her goats milk and melons is doing nothing, it's no wonder she acts like a demon spawn from the depths of hell, she's constantly experiencing hunger pains on top of the agony of her joints being so fucked up.

No. 273563

they can't see too much at all; they are cortically blind. also they have hypertonia so their eye control is probably limited by that.

No. 273580


Yes, Gwen has deluded herself into believing that Lola is a great eater and the picture of health. I believe she uses the word "thriving"! She's crazy! The kid cannot eat by mouth, at all, and she is in effect starving her. There is no doubt that it contributes to her miserable, shitty disposition, making it nearly impossible for the average person to find any endearing qualities to the kid. Perhaps some deep seated guilt comes into play with Gwen where Lola is concerned which would explain some of the way Gwen acts toward Lola. Of course, that is speculation on my part.

No. 273582

Yep. Neurologically normal infants reflexively do the baby bird thing if something touches their mouth or cheek, but it usually goes away completely by the age of 4 months or so. Lola's brain is too stunted to overcome the reflex, or it's not actually rooting, and is instead her intentional way of trying to reach food. Considering her emaciated state, I wouldn't be surprised if it's the latter. Poor thing must be so hungry.

Normal people with strabismus (misaligned eyes) tend to have one eye that's really dominant, to the point that their brain might even completely ignore all sensory input from the non-dominant eye. Or they can have an unusually wide range of vision, or it can be fucked up in the middle. The human brain is amazing and can overcome a lot.

But the girls are biological catastrophes so who the fuck knows.

They're cortically blind, but cortical blindness can be partial, and imo both girls can see at least slightly.

Gwen thinks they can see, and they both had glasses at some point (I don't know if they still do) but Gwen believes in woo so who knows how her "doctor" concluded they could see.

No. 273600

holy shit kill them already

No. 273782

Gwen thinks the girls are seeing just fine. Also according to the Gwen the girls have not progressed with their disease… someone asked her a question if Claire had more capabilities when they were younger. Gwen said the girls capacities are much more advanced. She even said in one of blog entries Lola can shake head yes/ no when she wants a bottle. Lola looks like the only thing she is capable of doing is being a side dish to a steak dinner.

No. 273783

File: 1490040832511.png (141.12 KB, 558x975, IMG_1319.PNG)

No. 274042


I saw that too where Gwen said the girls have actually progressed in their development. Has she seen those girls? If they haven't regressed, I'm not sure what you would call heir condition. That woman lives in a world of delusion. She has told herself so many tales, I don't think she would recognize he truth if it bit her on her ever growing ass!

No. 274082

kids with cortical blindness might still 'see' in the sense that their eyes are not the thing that's broken. they might respond to large amounts of one colour. we see Lola doing it with the t-shirt in the pic at >>222944

No. 274084

Gwens blog really is entertainment for me, she has too much time for a special needs parent. She posted what 20 pictures of Claire giving her famous side eyes and snarls in the "hipster" shoot. Gwen stated that her sight problems of being far sighted was actually the norm for teens, something she was happy about. I guess someone should mention 15 year olds also don't wear hideous bows! Maybe she should try the Baby Gap goth collection. For someone that's wants to treat her kids like their actual age she sure has no problem getting upset that Lola outgrew her dr. Seuss onesie. Gwen sees so much development going on in her kids…. did y'all read her entry about Lola stinking up the house with her armpit body odor and the girls feta cheese scent hands. I wonder if she keeps deodorant in her diaper bag along with the plastic chickens and Goat formula.

No. 274089

How about enough too see letters on the eagle eyes? Both girls eyes darted around so much it made me dizzy! It was luck that either girl hit the x button. Even Gwen asked how she got one of the targets but then she said it must have been her peripheral vision. Gwen thinks her kids are gonna write a novel any day!

No. 274120

big areas of colour might attract interest but nah, they're not interacting with it. they lack the ability to make sense of what they see, Lola especially. Claire did seem to respond to the dog image that time but it might have been a patch of yellow + limited perception of its smiley face, maybe only in the way a young baby can.

No. 274160

I don't know why Gwen took this video down off all social media accounts.
This is the only version online anywhere now. I don't even know when she originally posted it. I'm guessing it's the one time that Lola tried Claire's food. And you guys all talk about how much weight Lola would gain if she was tube fed - but I don't think Claire is getting much either - even with a G tube. I guess they're either allergic to just about everything. Or mom has projected eating disorders onto both girls.

No. 274164

I have no hope that these 'girls' can see shit. Gwen would like for us to believe that, omg, they're like, totally responding to outside stimuli!

They're ravioli people. They shouldn't have been born but unfortunately, we have to deal with life giving goddesses like Gwen who will do anything to save a human life, when these two clearly are not human.

No. 274180

claire gets blended raw organic veg and fruit, plus raw organic goats milk. same as lola does these days but claire hasn't been able to feed on her own for some time. lola got a tube for a while (after this probably?)

allergies are cited as the reason for this diet. but it seems like restricting by gwen as well, probably trying magic cures like cutting out so many food groups. I do wonder about the protein in this diet and whether there's enough of everything a body needs. I wonder if she's ever tried things like bone broth, good yoghurts and so on. raw veg aren't always that digestible.

No. 274208


As is clear in the other video of her "eating", Lola cannot eat by mouth. She doesn't actually chew and I'm not sure if she has a gag reflex. They have just taken her rooting and suckling reflexes and tried to make it appear as if she can chew and swallow. Not to mention the lack of nutrients she is being fed. She is not getting a well balanced meal. Can you imagine going through those motions several times a day? Literally shoving a spoon down the kids throat and hoping some actually makes it where it is supposed to go? This has gone on for ten years. She was calm during this "feeding". Think of the times she is screeching and throwing her head around. All of this contributes to her emaciated appearance. It does appear as if, although I'm sure it's not intentional, she is being starved, and all to feed Gwens delusion that she is a normal girl.

No. 274251

File: 1490111094185.png (160.52 KB, 620x994, IMG_1328.PNG)

Lola can use her nose… why does Gwen video this shit to silence her critics.

No. 274266

At this point, Gwen's delusion isn't even funny anymore, it's just sad

No. 274273

File: 1490115068273.png (137.03 KB, 634x748, IMG_1318.PNG)

Yep, this was from 2014, that would make Lola 8 or so? Yep a 8 year old eating baby food is a wonderful thing! Although Gwen didn't correct the woman, we are assuming she meant ng tube? Life is about risks… is it better to do a surgery and give her a shot at getting adequate nutrition or slowly painfully starve the tater. What would you choose?

No. 274279

>>They're ravioli people

>>Lola looks like the only thing she is capable of doing is being a side dish to a steak dinner

>>a breathing stalk of celery


No. 274283


Key word "diaper bag"…

No. 274320

>I suspect that in Gwen's case, she truly DOES love the girls more than Cal, rather than simply behaving that way due to societal pressure.

I think you may be right here, but I strongly suspect her decision to keep the tards in the first place was definitely due to wanting to appear … martyr-ly? to her peers etc.

No. 274378

File: 1490126650572.png (202.93 KB, 1348x973, IMG_5653.PNG)

Please go hiking with them again Gwen. Get all the way to the top of the trail and fucking throw them off the cliff. Do it not only for your own sake but for Cal. I believe in you Gwen.

No. 274383

File: 1490127243025.png (878.42 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_5654.PNG)

this is rather telling… this picture, where if someone told you Cal wasn't holding two (poorly made) papier maché props for a horror movie, you'd believe them. This picture where if someone told you these were two badly preserved mummies, you'd believe them. This picture where, even if you know they are humans and know the story, I don't think I've seen many pics where they appear more motionless, gaunt and gormless….

….. This. This is a picture Gwen really thinks has captured her children's personalities.

No. 274384

>told you Cal wasn't holding two
Meant to say *was

No. 274406

Isn't that dream the one where Claire wasn't even in the family anymore?

No. 274420

>capturing my children and their personalities
You mean Cal being dead inside and Claire and Lola looking dead on the outside?

No. 274499

What's crazy to me about this video that this video is about the least repulsive I've seen Lola. I usually find her vile on her best day and the videos of her eating are the worst. Between seeing her dripping with pureed mush and hearing the godawful sounds she makes, I find myself wanting to slam her into a wall.
Yet here, despite the green glop she's being fed, I'm hardly bothered by her at all. It's like watching one of those dolls that "eat" pretend baby food.
The only annoying part is Gwen's prattling. I'm obviously not alone in that opinion because the first comment I saw was someone saying that the mother should shut the hell up. Ha.
Gwen thinks she's got such a charming personality, but so many people find her unbearably annoying.

No. 274532


What?! I hope it is true that Lola can make nose decisions because even if is just between yellow or red melon mush, that is miles ahead of anything I've seen Gwen document. Someone should request a video of this. To my knowledge the one "intentional movement" Lola has ever done is move the paper doll out of her face, so is this some new shit? Also did not know Gwen was a teacher like Scott was. Crazy.

No. 274697

File: 1490146630363.png (645.76 KB, 820x1117, miraclegro.png)

No. 274698

File: 1490146730124.png (91.46 KB, 640x613, IMG_1340.PNG)

How many surgeries exactly have the girls gone thru? Multiple according to the Butler times. We know Clair had gtube placed… anyone know the others?

No. 274701

Cal seems like such a nice, normal young guy despite it all. I really hope that one day he can get away from how really stressful and depressing it has to be to deal with not one but two siblings so disabled they are like eternal newborns, all because his mother wanted it.

No. 274716

>pained smile from cal
>empty gaze from potato 1
>eyes nearly rolling in the back of potato 2's head

No. 274718

Gwen or the author are exaggerating. Lola can't have anaesthetic so it's not her. Claire had the tube inserted, I don't know if she had anything else.

No. 274740

When Lola cries in this image she looks like a naked mole rat caught in a rat trap.

No. 274762

File: 1490150638183.png (647.58 KB, 820x1117, Miraclegro2.png)

You inspired me.

No. 274872


That is flipping hilarious! Thanks anon, you made my day!

No. 274985

Scott got a lot more down her than Gwen seems to. It was messy but it still looked like it slid down her throat.

This clearly was before Lola almost died from the chicken pox. She had some body fat and doesn't seem as miserable and desperate as she does now. Lola's always been far worse off than Claire but I think that getting chicken pox sent Lola into a tailspin of emaciation and misery. Since she seems to be eating better in this video I wonder if she too is losing her ability to take any nutrition by mouth. She will never gain back the weight she lost during chicken pox. I bet her appearance in this video compared to her appearance now may be why Gwen took it down. There is no way to compare this Lola to the current Lola who can barely let her purée slide down her throat and say she is thriving.

No. 275044


In that video Lola did look her best. For whatever reason, her hair had grown in enough, and she didn't have the gnarly ogre teeth she has now, plus she had a decent amount of body/baby fat, so she was somewhat cute. I still see the struggle with eating, though. Scott has to re-scoop the same bite of baby food into her mouth like seven times. She's a just not equipped to get food down her fuller through her mouth, and she still makes a ton of smacking sounds…still gross! You notice when Gwen feeds her, she shoves the spoon half way down her throat, and still she hardly keeps the food in her mouth. That kid clearly needs some type of feeding tube, whether nasal or gastral, Gwen just can't admit that. I still maintain that there are times that she wants to beat that kid, especially now the older and more haggard looking she gets, coupled with the constant screaming and crying. Here is no way she is as endearing as she once was. Same for Clair, (the Ant Queen), her appearance has become so abnormal, the only way Gwen can handle speaking about of either of them is to delude herself and to try to delude the rest of us that this condition isn't progressing and they are on their way out.

No. 275355

She's 5 and can barely hold down the food. Watching her eat then , is just as bad today. I mean really, did you see the food all over the place. They managed to get most of
that green mush all over her. This parade that she is actually eating and enjoying her food has to come to an end. The parents are unreal!

No. 275376

is there any reason for why lola has so many dumb diminutive nicknames? like mimi, polly-anne, and pocky? i feel like they're trying to 'humanize' her in the way that we give our pets goofy nicknames, but dogs and cats love it when they're called dumb names as long as you're saying it in a nice voice. but those nicknames relate to their behaviors or appearance (calling a big eared dog dumbo or something) and lola doesn't have any particular behaviors or traits that would lead to a nickname like mimi, and obviously doesn't react in any way if you call her that.

the name lola in and of itself is pretty diminutive, when i see that name i think of a puppy. they knew she'd be a tiny baby goblin forever so they gave her a cutesy dog name so they can pretend she's a puppy goblin baby even when she's in her 30s (if she makes it to that age anyway)

No. 275379


In his pic hat Gwen states captures her children's personalities, apparently Lola's personality is "derp" with a side of dead eyes stare, Clair is a ventriloquists dummy, but the dummy has more personality, and Cal is smiling on the outside, and screaming,at the top of his lungs, SAVE ME!!!, from the inside. Lord help Cal!

No. 275384


Well, Mimi is actually Clair's nickname, for Mini Me, with Gwen. They call Lola Pocky and Polly Ann because one day Gwens nieces were playing with some Polly Pocker dolls and Gwen decided that Lola was a Polly Pocket, thus the array of names tied to that. I guess they decided that Polly needed a middle name, so they call her. Polly Ann, and sometimes just Ann.

No. 275625

There is a video of pocky with her sister farting up a storm… of course Gwen was loved narrating the that her daughter was letting them rip! Anyway Gwen tucks a towel so her chest isn't exposed and LoLa starts that rooting reflex. Of course Gwen says pocky is hungry but she always starts that crazy mouth action when ever someone touches near her face. I recall in another video, the dog licked her face, and she started that gobbling motion.

No. 275664

That one annoyed me. Gwen told the dog to kiss Lola and as soon as it did, Lola started rooting on its mouth so then Gwen yells at the poor dog "Oh not inside her mouth!"
The dog didn't do anything wrong, lady! It's not his fault that the brainless spud you call a daughter thinks everything that goes near her mouth is a nipple! Why didn't you yell at Lola, since you claim she's able to make her own decisions. But no, she's got to scold the dog and tell it to stop because she knows he actually has more decision making ability than Lola.
Geez, how sad is it that that's literally a true statement?

No. 276749

why have you gone and done this, friend

No. 277688

File: 1490545285167.jpg (94.54 KB, 562x866, IMG_2396.JPG)

No. 278192

So sad that Gwen doesn't see her daughters disease progressing. Claire has always displayed characteristics of microcephaly, but her eyes say it all. I wonder if she gets migraines or anything.

No. 278431

i just laughed so ferociously hard a bit of pee came out

No. 278985

File: 1490671534377.jpg (76.74 KB, 530x720, THATATS.jpg)

No. 279111

File: 1490683631113.jpg (77.37 KB, 530x720, dastaters.jpg)

No. 279757

File: 1490762656916.jpg (132.07 KB, 557x593, IMG_2561.JPG)

No. 280005

File: 1490805153042.jpg (320.68 KB, 2048x1024, IMG_2582.JPG)

Nothing quite like a teen girl squeezing out a slimy lump of shit while posing for prom pictures with her brother and his girlfriend.

No. 280290

Poor Cals girlfriend, I can't imagine what it's like standing something that is a ticking time bomb when it comes to shitting and throwing up. I can only hope Gwen gives those girls privacy when changing their diapers! Claire farts all the time, so I can imagine that whole house wreaks!

No. 280389

Those poor girls are horrifying. honestly, they need a mercy killing

No. 281273

No. 281303

No. 281438

This collection of photos confirms something that I've always believed about Gwen. She can insist that adores her daughters and say she believes that they deserve dignity and respect. She can scream how much she hates the word "retard" or even "retarded", and she can talk about how beautiful she thinks they are, but all her words are contradicted by her actions.
She purposely takes the most hideous pictures of them to post for all the world to see.
Years ago many parents with deformed children would display them in a circus freak show. Gwen is the modern day equivalent of those people.
Obviously Lola and Claire aren't ever going to look good or even normal in pictures, but Gwen loves to show them when are they're at their worst, especially Lola.

Whenever Lola twists her face into that horrible death mask, whenever she appears more sickly looking than usual, whenever her eyes are rolled back into her head, whenever she shits her diaper, there's Gwen with the camera, ready to snap a picture and post it for the world to gawk at. She's really awful. What Lola looks like on the outside is how I picture Gwen looking on the inside.

No. 281451

Where do you watch these videos?

No. 281464

this is kinda fucked

No. 281569

I seriously doubt they ever look anything but uncomfortable or in pain. That's their existence, ongoing suffering, even if it is at the base level of awareness.

No. 281572

This is what always comes to mind when I see these poor monstrosities if they could speak

No. 281653

I'll never forget the faces Lola made in the eagle eye video- was it because of pain? Anyhow, Gwen has all these desires for her kids to do more than they can! I can't imagine having to deal with Lola every hour let alone every day. Both girls no longer have any appeal so it's not like handing two chubby cute babies that can smile back and giggle. These two girls might need their diapers changed, bottles, but they are two monstrosities that will never interact express joy or be able to do something like itch their nose. Their bodies will continue to twist, their brains will continue to shrink to the point they are in comas or hopefully die in a peaceful manner.

No. 281655

Well, who takes picture of their kids looking gnarly and posts them? Gwen does!! Shame on her, I remember her saying that a trick or treater asked her if her kids were dying in their mermaid costume! Yes Gwen, even a 8/10 year old can recognize a very sick sick being.

No. 281656

Of course Gwen was angry and upset and wanted to yell at the kid she said… what a shame for Gwen to have those feelings for a kid just pointing out the obvious!

No. 281704

>She purposely takes the most hideous pictures of them to post for all the world to see

I don't think she takes pictures of them looking their most hideous is on purpose, just incidental. There is no other way they can look.

I also believe the main reason there is such an excessive amount of pictures of the girls grimacing is because that is one of the few things they do. If Gwen is so desperate to find some spark of life in the girls she believes their farts are a form of communication, of course she rejoices in seeing an expression on their faces, regardless of the fact that it is a completely miserable one.

No. 281711

File: 1490980523572.png (254.56 KB, 1149x1408, IMG_5659.PNG)

Just checked the Facebook and two pictures Gwen just uploaded emphasise this point, actually. If this is what stares sightlessly - I was going to say at you, but really at nothing at all - barely moving, doing nothing but take from you physically, financially and emotionally, being completely emotionally void itself for the past ten years…

No. 281714

File: 1490980718795.png (222.92 KB, 1168x1434, IMG_5661.PNG)

… I feel like I'd be kind of excited to finally see a different expression on its face on occasion, too.

It must be so fucking humiliating being Gwen. Creating her fantasies and doing her self centred blogging is probably the only way she can keep some sliver of her own ego intact.

No. 281746

Read the post. Funny how one minute Gwen is saying "My meatloaf sacks are so happy and love their lives!" And then one post later it's "My disgusting potato screams 24/7 and is in utter agony all the time"

Make up your mind, Gwen. Better yet, just set one or both of them in your garage and take a day off.

No. 281838

Ugh, no amount of bows or cute outfits can give this thing more human like qualities. Gwen always talks about how healthy are girls are. Sorry- I know how I feel on 6 hours of sleep. Lola looks like she's dying a slow slow death- sleep deprivation, no food . Her life is pure misery!

No. 282070

What does Gwen mean she gen she wants her normally cheerful girl back? Near as I can tell the only thing that goblin does is scream and cry. She is constantly miserable and in pain, without a break. Crazy pants is talking crazy again!

No. 282097

She deleted this pic for some reason
This is me, All of me and I want you in anyway I can. That I love you.

No. 282165


Hey newfag/samefag/namefag. Quit with the names, signatures, and non-topic-related pics for the sake of fuck. This isn't the fucking Friend's Society circa 2004, you nitwit.
Always reach for the stars, because even if you miss you'll be miles away from me with your motivational bullshit.

No. 282166

Wait, this was my post and i didn't add this! I didn't add pics or anything. Oh what fresh hell is this?

No. 282167

are you claire or lola, anon? look around the site or just read the pinned thread lol it's april fools

No. 282194

That's embarrassing…

No. 282357

God, I hate April Fool's day.
"And in the end, we were all just humans...
Drunk on the idea that love,
Only love,
Could heal our brokenness."
~ Scott F. Fitzgerald

No. 282362

It's especially cringey on this site.

No. 282615

You won't believe it guys!!! Today while I was cradling Lola, after 48 hours with no sleep for either of us, Lola shat into the palm of my hand. Okay that's not out of the ordinary, but get this. After that Lola looked into my eyes and looked the most sentient she's ever looked. And then………. "April Fools!!!!!!" She got me!!!! LOVE. THESE. GIRLS. All this time she'd been tricking me!!! That clever minx :) i playfully threw the turd at her while she giggled and ran to high five her sister, who promptly died. RIP Claire may you finally rest in peace.

JK they are still non-stop suffering LOL April Fools!! Gotcha!!!!! You think I'd let one of the gerbils finally die??? I'm hoping I can drag out their lives for another fifteen years at least
Love your enemies. Do good to those who hate you. Bless those who curse you. Pray for those who mistreat you.

No. 282886

I want to give this lolcow gold

No. 282944

Gwen Hartley be like:

I'm not a regular mom. I'm a cool mom!"

No. 283050

File: 1491198793016.jpg (60.95 KB, 556x601, IMG_2762.JPG)

No. 283130


No. 283375

Okay, as much as I agree that the children shouldn't have been born if the mother knew what their fate was, I don't agree with the rancid amounts of bullying going on here, it's disgusting.

it's not the children's fault, its' the mother, bullying the children and making harsh comments about them isn't going to change their situation, their mother is parading them around like a freakshow, that's bad enough, without people on the internet being nasty.

the mother deserves to get whatever the fuck is coming to her, she seems like the kind fo woman who when these poor kids die, she will miss the "fame" more than her two "beloved" children.

No. 283376

Lets just say, if she cared about her kids that much she'd keep them away from internet trolls

No. 283385

Well, Gwen is crazy! She will talk about shitting, projecting vomit , talk about how much th fart and talk about how Lola doesn't sleep but something that is natural like a period she won't even discuss. Gwen wants people to think her kids will be forever babies so people can say how cute they are.

No. 283517

File: 1491253791591.jpg (191.39 KB, 994x1024, IMG_2768.JPG)

No. 283532

You could read this thread aloud to them and they wouldn't understand what any of it means, much less feel sad about it.

To do either of those thibgs requires higher brain function.

No. 283565

Oh please, no one is bullying anyone. No one is intimidating or hurting Claire and Lola, except perhaps their mom, by forcing them to live lives of excruciating pain and then treating it with the modern day equivalent of snake oil.
But no one on here is hurting them or their feelings in the least.
Yes, people do say some harsh things about them, but I don't think those things are unwarranted. These are two beings with almost no neurological functioning beyond some basic reflexes, so I don't think it's out of order when people refer to them as vegetables, even if they aren't technically in a vegetative state. Seeing these two twisted, wretched creatures that lack so much of what makes us human, tends to elicit strong reactions from people. Reactions which you might interpret as cruel, but those are your feelings that you project onto Claire and Lola and then call bullying.
Claire and Lola have no capacity for hurt feelings and no ability to know or understand what is said about them by anonymous voices over the internet.

If Gwen reads some of the things written here, it might piss her off as well, but she doesn't deserve a bit of sympathy since she brought most of this on herself by repeatedly showing the girls in the most disgusting ways possible or by blatantly lying about abilities and talents that they don't have.

No. 283572

These memes are so faggy and unfunny. They reek of middle-aged aunties and look like something one of the more edgy members of GOMI would post.

No. 283594

I have read more than once that Gwen says that she wants her daughters to be treated like normal kids their ages. But Gwen, if you're so obsessed about them being like normal ten- and fifteen-year-old girls, then why don't you give them the same expectations that normal kids their ages get. Like when Lola starts fussing like she does, tell her to shut up and get it together. And when Claire biffs those chipotle farts in public, tell her to hold it in because there are hot guys walking down the street. Make them both go to public school even if they'd be in special ed. Don't post such unflattering images and videos of them on the internet. And while Claire and Lola will never be completely "normal", my suggestions are some good starts to normalizing them.

No. 283649


While I appreciate most of what you said, on one point, I digress that being sending th m to school. The girls shouldn't have school teachers, period. The fact that she has teachers come I their home to "teach" the girls is a blatant waste of resources as neither girl has the least bit of capacity for learning. Also, they would not be allowed to go to public school as neither girl can get anywhere without being carried, and do not have the ability to use a toilet, which are both required to attend a mainstream public school. There is also not a special ed class capable of doing anything with either girl, as neither one can learn anything. They give a whole new meaning to "no child left behind"….they are not even in the realm.

No. 283657

Oh man is this the tard that was trying to make herself lolcow famous in another thread? Beautiful.

No. 283682

In that case, Gwen should just throw them off the top of a 50-story building and never have to deal with them again. Their existences have caused too much pain- not just for themselves but for their families and American taxpayers.

No. 283719

If there's anything middle-aged aunties are known for, it's memes making fun of retards.

No. 283887

Christ dude you mad you can't write funny memes? Loser

No. 284276

This is what is so maddening about Gwen. She's just vile. Not because she loves her retards, but because she's so goddamn phony.

The girls are soooo smart, then the girls can't read or understand English.

They need to be treated like kids their own age, but now time to dress them up in silly outfits and make baby talk to them.

She won't acknowledge or deny their periods because "privacy," but then she shares every insignificant detail of their horrible health, including their bowel movements.

She "wouldn't change a thing about them," then a post or ten about their perpetual agony, their complete lack of verbal communication, their disfigured bodies, their short lifespans. And Claire is the "healthiest" Hooligan, even more so than the teenage star athlete!

Oh, now doctors have figured out their exact disease. But otherwise doctors are stupid and don't know anything, which is why the girls get pine oil rubs instead of medicine, and why she vindictively taunts a doctor who estimated that their lifespan would be short, despite all evidence and precedent making that estimation a wise one.

Oh, and don't be afraid of having severe retards! Their life is a blast. Now a post about how little sleep she gets and how it has "ruined" her health.

Oh, and time to humiliate her son for saying "retard" as a small child. That won't stop her from quoting Tommy Boy and South Park, though, even though the word "retard" appears at least once in the former and hundreds of times in the latter.

The woman isn't just crazy. She's a liar, a hypocrite, and perhaps most unforgivable, fucking annoying in the extreme. As easy as it is to hate those monstrosities of hers, she's easily worse.

No. 284281


>funny memes

the ones in this thread are about as funny as an anal fissure.

No. 284302

At least the girls aren't aware of their painful, pitiful existance. Agree that Gwen is vile.

No. 284315

If you think anal fissures aren't funny, then you obviously haven't checked out the videos they have on youtube about the subject. There's a trove of comedy gold on there.

As far as the memes on this thread, If you say none are funny, then you just want to be a shittalker. Not all of them are good, some are dumb, but I've damn funny ones.
The one with Lola in the pool is clever because seeing her face staring up at me from the sewer would scare me more than any clown.

No. 284342


Bravo! You hit the nail on the head. That about sums it up for Gwen and the Hooligans! Good work.

No. 284502

Gwen's most recent Facebook post is about Cash the greyhound. It makes me feel so weird to see pictures and read descriptions of the dogs with the girls.

Those dogs have more agency than those girls ever have or will have.

No. 284517


Speaking of retards…..

No. 284654

Poor cal can't get even get just one picture of himself with his gf… everything is a photo op for the girls. Cal seems like a good kid, and his gf must have a heart of gold because I would not take a chance of a diaper blowout or vomit right before prom.

No. 284680

That or Cal just knows how to fuck like a world champion.

No. 285424


Ahh yes, another lovely classic pic of Cal and his girl headed to a formal event. Just wouldn't be right if we didn't include the little monsters in the pic, now would it?!…in true goblin fashion, Lola is squinting in the sun, as she, like most creatures of the night can't handle the light of the sun. And look everyone, that brilliant Clair is "smiling…on command, no less". They never cease to amaze! For once the mother from hell has her yap shut , so we can revel in the comments of that band of idiots she calls followers….beautiful girls..look at Clair's smile….Lola doesn't
Look too happy, ( does she ever?). Who the fuck are these morons trying to kid? The girls are as lifeless and mindless as ever. From day to day, things don't change with them, unless you're their idiot mother and her mindless moronic followers. To top it all off , Clair appears to be losing her hair…apparently they can look worse! And Lola isn't starving or any major discomfort folks, it's just teething….that's Gwens excuse for everything with both girls. None of their discomfort has anything to do with their twisted, contorted limbs, Lola's starvation, their constipation….none of that has anything to do with any of it…just teething. Were I ever to meet Gwen in person, I could not be responsible for my actions….can't be sure of the details, but she makes me so insane, the one thing I can assure is it wouldn't end pretty!

No. 285447

Lola seems to be more retarded than Claire holy shit

No. 285626

That is a subject of some debate in retard-basher circles. Claire initially seemed like she might have some brainpower but over time the consensus seems to be that neither girl is sentinent.

No. 285661

I didn't know there was such a thing as "retard basher circles."
As far as Claire's cognition, it's possible that she did have a higher level of brain function at one time, but since the girls' disorder is progressive progressive and causes the brain to atrophy over time, what little cognitive function she possessed might have faded away over the years.
Maybe she started out with more ability and sentience than Lola, but being 5 years older, that's 5 more years her brain has had to wither away.
Gwen wants to deny that her girls disease is progressing and that they are declining, but it's pretty obvious, at least in Claire's case. Lola was never more than a breathing potato, so it's harder to tell a difference with her.

No. 285682

she looks like tommy pickles.

No. 285691

Can't unsee.

No. 285699

Claire as a baby was cute by potato standards. Lola as a baby was hideous from day 1.

No. 285717

I don't think Claire ever had sentience. It was probably just the result of Claire looking less hideous than Lola (though Claire's appearance has declined and Lola's has slightly improved so that's now debatable).

No. 285731


She kinda does look like TP, but the reality is that she looks like some mutant goblin, like something that you'd find abandoned in the trunk of a tree in the woods. She has NO redeeming qualities whatsoever. Between her hideous little face and her squawking, shit personality, her mere existence screams, why, god, why?…and please make it go away, by any means possible, just make it go away! Gwen must have completely slid into oblivion and denial by the time it came slithering out of her body, as, even in the animal kingdom, it would have been a natural reaction to turn in disgust at the mere sight of her and to reject and abandon her. However, in Gwens case, she had to sell herself on the idea that she didn't just make the biggest mistake of her life in deciding to continue with the pregnancy, knowing what lie ahead. The probl m was that she had been used to Clair at that point, and when she was a baby and toddler, Clair was somewhat cute, and she mostly just laid around not making much noise. Cue Lola's entrance….that little monster has always had that odd shaped head, no hair, ginormous ears, and the most hideous personality you could attach to a human (forgive me, I use the term loosly)…always screwing that monstrous face into a huge frown, and now here comes the never ending screaming. You will never convince me that had she known what a beast Lola was going to be, she would have ignored Cal's "wisdom" and injected the knitting needle herself and put a swift end to Thing 2!

No. 285771

What I don't understand is why Gwen and Scott would let such a young child make such a difficult decision for them in terms of keeping a defective baby. Were they worried that Cal would have been sad about the defective baby being aborted? Well, I think he's probably been sadder about changing his sisters' shitty diapers and holding them with his girlfriend than he would have been otherwise.

BTW, I don't understand why Lola is Gwen's favorite. The ugly appearance, the fussiness, the amoeba mentality, the starfish mobility, you'd think that a kid like that would be hated the most. I guess if it's your own kid it doesn't really bother you. But if my kid were like that at 10 or 15 I would want them to be put down. I don't see how the girls have "awesome" lives. Even newborns have more sentience than they do. If they were born in prehistoric times, or even in the 1950's, they would've died soon after birth.

No. 285885

They didn't let Cal decide, that's just more of Gwen's heinous bullshit, like "the girls are happy and healthy!" and "their lives have value!"

No. 285891

Gwen's ridiculous in many ways. She talks about how her vegetable daughters are thriving. She talks about gross bodily excretions from herself, her husband, her kids, and her dogs. She favors her human vegetables over her normal child. When her son gets his time to shine, she has to put the freaks in the picture. In her profile picture for her blog, with the makeup and glittery sweater on, she looks like one of those moms who dresses up like she hits the club every night.

No. 285894

I'm wondering if Claire is going down hill and fast. She does appear balding, maybe that's why Gwen cut her hair to make it appear a little healthier. Gwen rarely posts much about her… Lola seems to be the flavor of the day!

No. 285897

Claire is gonna be one baldo retardo before long.

No. 285921

I would like to know how Gwen transports the girls when they go on vacation. They drove from Kansas to Colorado. That can't be comfortable for 2 kids. Claire is always on her stomach, we rarely see her in a sitting position. Did she sleep on her bean bag in the trunk or what? I read someone where Lola cannot sit in a car seat because her muscles so bad that's why there are so many Gwen/ Lola selfies of them sitting in the back seat.

No. 285946

Anyone have video links? I want to see a real life goblin in action.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 285989

Read the fucking thread. Jesus.

No. 285991

Jesus fuck, LURK MOAR!

No. 285993

How do these kids even eat properly? Like it does t seem like they can hold down food without help. Can't they just have feeding tubes or something? The little trolls brother seems way too happy in the pictures I wonder what goes through his head

No. 285996

As discussed earlier in the thread, they get their nutrients through certain methods.

No. 286000

As a "caring" mother you'd think Gwen would actually put more effort in protecting the privacy of the goblins. She seems like they are her cash cows and claim to fame. Sickening.

No. 286018

I imagine they have the usual system people use for wheelchairs, where the wheelchair is strapped into the floor of their van. A seatbelt would be clipped in and go across their chests in a loose but safe manner. That is, modified for their dual buggy thing >>272910

This is what I hope, anyways, if Gwen has their safety in mind. Otherwise I imagine they ride loose in the car on the back seats or one of the Hartleys holds them (loose) in the passenger seat.

No. 286115

they are her claim to fame but they don't appear to be cash cows. any cash she has gleaned seems to go towards gear the girls are unable to use.

they ride in a potato sack of course

No. 286699

Claire really is the coolest sister… I could handle her for about an hour max! She's so laid back and doesn't give a fuck! Fart on cam… no problem! In the interview with ken doll she lets out a huge beltch at 2:30. She also doesn't make all the goblin noises like Lola does. Can you imagine being on the dark with Lola making those sounds. Claire is less maintenance too… I can't imagine all the laundry Gwen has to do with Lola spitting most of her food on her clothing.

No. 286777

Claire's just one of the guys, letting toxic farts rip and belching randomly. I'd love to have her as a friend so I could get to the front of the line at amusement parks!

No. 286797

File: 1491629537382.png (170.29 KB, 309x309, x.png)

Could you imagination being alone in the dark with Claire tho? Like, it's all silent but you know she's there…

No. 286989

Claire very rarely makes noises, Lola never shuts up with grunts, makes me think Lola is most likely in constant pain. It was so hard to watch that video with Christopher. How many farts did they have to edit out. Lola eyes were rolling in the back of her head. Maybe a seizure? Claire also looks like she's turning into a banana. Her skin tone is so yellow, I wouldn't be surprised if her organs are shutting down slowly.

No. 287073

She looks like a goblin but I feel bad cause she also looks like she's in a lot of pain while her parents are laughing at her.

No. 287103

File: 1491682355750.jpg (99.97 KB, 750x960, IMG_5665.JPG)

Ugh that video gives me the heebie jeebies. Makes me feel kinda sick, the same way as if I look at a centipede. Shudder. What's with the jerky head turning? FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDIES 13: HARTLEY HOOLIGAN'S HARROWING HOUSE

Also new Eagle Eyes pic

No. 287113

In this one https://www.facebook.com/TheHartleyHooligans/videos/873427929427407/ it looks like Lola is on the brink of death with her eyes not even looking at the melon. How can Gwen be so deluded to think that she's actually eating? The way Gwen treats her like a dog but a dog has more cognitive function than that goblin.

No. 287195

Claire is the picture of health! Balding, food tube, seizures, pretzel legs, twisted fingers and toes, can't walk, can't talk, can't read or write, can't see straight, constant assblasting and rancid shitting, diapers, permanent rictus of agony, no puberty, weird teeth, eyes bulging out of skull, dwarfism, 30 lbs, sleeps all day, tiny head, smaller brain, allergic to all medicine, just like all 15 year old girls!

No. 287351

No. 287364

I made only about a minute because I love Depeche Mode. Jesus! It's the most complicated feeling. Revulsion, sadness, disgust, then pity looking at these poor creatures. They look worse and worse. CPS is really letting this slide?

No. 287759

Rare color photos of a child malnourished and dying in the Warsaw ghetto. Beautiful. This should be in the next Holocaust documentary.

No. 287768

this thread is creeping me out way too much to look at it/read it, it just can't stand the sight of these girls, but it's real interesting so i was wondering what i would do in gwen's situation and i seriously don't know. kms maybe?
what would you do anons?

No. 287823

jeez, makes you scared getting pregnant. imagine something like that growing in you and doctors only just realize it about 4-5 months in so you cant have a normal abortion anymore.

No. 288003

I was going to say abort, abort, abort, but then I remembered that Gwen didn't know Claire was going to be born with any problems, so that would be a quandry. I don't know what I'd do in that case, if I had a kid born like that with no warning and I was stuck with it. I know what i wouldn't do…I sure as hell wouldn't have a second one.

No. 288077

This is looking at it from an outside perspective without the emotions or imagining my partners, families and the rest attached so I know it's nothing compared to the real life decisions Gwen had to face, but I'll answer anyway with that in mind.

I definitely don't blame Gwen for dealing with the hand she was dealt with with Claire. However I can't help but think… I don't know, like there could've been a point, or a few points where the doctor's might've said that an option was to let things pan out naturally and not intervene medically. And if it were me, I'd let her pass on.

I don't know what options you're even given in this kind of situation. But if my kid was in such a state as Claire usually is and her health declined even further, and the doctor gave the option to make her comfortable and let nature take its course, I think it'd be the right thing to do.

No. 288144


I think that the most difficult part of all of this is that when they decided to have Lola they didn't have an actual diagnosis and prognosis of Clair's condition. When she was five, she was still somewhat cute and wasn't near the mess she is now. I don't think it justifies the decision to have Lola, as Clair still had a host of issues, and I'm sure that they expected that if they had another child with the same condition she would only b as bad off as Clair is and they never suspected that she would be so much worse, as Lola is. Since they didn't have a diagnosis they weren't aware that they would be progressively worse as time went on, ultimately leading to the terrible condition they are in today, and that they will continue to worsen as time goes on until their ultimate demise. I'm not trying to justify the decision to have Lola, I think that was a huge mistake. Not only is she a physical atrocity it appears that every moment she lives is pure misery. Between starving and having a body that is a host of its own agonizing issues, that little monster never stood a chance. Gwen tries to minimize the mistake of bringing her into the world by constantly saying how glad she is to have her here. There is no way that having Lola is a joy for Gwen. She is constantly screaming and crying, never sleeps, just never happy and satisfied. Lola's birth is a glaring error I judgment by a selfish, narcicissist, who's more concerned with how she appears to others than the comfort and well being of the girls. Two major strikes against Gwen!

No. 288483

I just want to take Claire and set her down in one of her dance medical chairs. Make sure she's as comfortable as she can get. Has her cutest outfit on, Lola is out cheerleading or reading classic books or whatever she does.

I'd turn on a little Sinatra or classical music, light some scented candles and turn on the essential oil machine, get the environment real nice. Then I'd fill a pitcher full of cold Bud Light and dump it on the little meatloaf's bald head.

What would she do? Stare into space? Somehow grimace even harder than usual? Whatever the case I inexplicably want to douse her head in cold beer.

No. 288603

I thought this but I've come to wonder over time if that's giving Gwen too much credit.

There's no way she could've gone into having Lola without knowing there's a high likelyhood Lola could be much worse. And at this point Claire was 4-5 (correct me if I'm wrong) and barely functioning at the level of a 6 month old, let alone a child her age. It's not like she was toddling around, babbling when she was a three year old and her condition has deteriorated over time… there wasn't much to deteriorate from in the first place. They had to know by literally looking at her tiny microcephalic alone that there was only so much improvement that was possible.

And they chose to have a second one…

No. 288699

this thought has me laughing so much. i would actually love this

No. 288739

Can someone please post a picture of either girl smiling? I don't see their grimaces as a happy or joy. Maybe because Gwen post so many pictures of them being miserable that they overshadow the others. We all know from gwens posts that some "smiles" are a result of the seizures. Gwen has recorded a great deal of the girls… but she has never got a response other than the girls crying/farting. On another note if the girls are able to use eagle eyes, because they can control eye movement. Why don't the girls communicate with blinks? I mean simple yes/no questions could help Gwen know if her girls are in pain. Gwen always states the girls know people, routines etc, they are able to dance at the basketball games, they even have favorite tv shows, so surely enough this type of communication could work.

No. 288781

She claims they can communicate through head nodding, but herself admits that it's uncertain, and she has been entirely unable to replicate the effect for witnesses. So, it basically doesn't happen. Even if either tater had the brainpower to make choices that way, their vision is so fucked up they might not be able to see anything.

No. 288848

>>288739 Gwen said their vision is good, she equated it to looking thru Swiss cheese. The girls are always looking thru the holes she told someone on instagram. So if that's the case how can they even focus on eagle eyes? Seems like that would be exhausting. And here Gwen is letting Lola watching a video about banana telephones. Will she be able to use one, one day? Will she be able to speak? Of course not, eagle eyes lets Gwen pretend her kids are capable of learning. Lola is 12 years old almost and the only thing she's has mastered is trying to latch onto anything that comes remotely close to her face. Gwen was even trying to teach the kids sounds and letters, what a waste of time for the kids and nurses/ aides. It's like all the art work she has them do… the teachers minus well write their names on it.

No. 288911

I get the spinal therapy stuff, but why the fuck is so much money wasted on "teachers" whose only job is to dip the tards' hands in paint and then rub them all over paper.

No. 288915

>>288911 neither child can release their death grip… so she's painting with the back of her palms? How exactly is that therapy ? I mean some people can write with their toes so anything is possible but I just don't think Claire will ever be able to paint let alone use both her hands to grab an object. Gwen is very lucky she is surrounded by people who keep her delusions alive…. the aides/ teachers want their jobs so I'd guess they will go along with whatever Gwen says.

No. 288917

It's crazy, taking these husks of a person and then treating them like weird puppets. That's what dogs and cats are for, if ty absolutely can't have normal children. Oh wait, they do have a normal child, and he's the fucking class president and school basketball star! Ugh.

No. 289043

This would be awesome. Annoying these little monsters is probably the only thing they're good for.

No. 289096

Their state provides the physical therapy automatically to children who are too disabled to go to school.

No. 289099

File: 1491907848925.jpg (87.2 KB, 935x457, screencapture-instagram-p-BStV…)

No. 289100

poor little lass

No. 289103

I kinda feel bad about saying this (esp since I have kids of my own, but thankfully they werent born with any disease) but if you know youre going to have a kid with all these diseases, and you choose to still have it, then i dont think the government should give you all this help and money. Its your fucking kid and you chose to bring it to this world to be in pain for the rest of their short lives. Its unfair to make the taxpayers pay for that.

No. 289107

Still, the kid is innocent and shouldn't suffer because their parents are selfish. Kids born with these illness deserve help so they can live a comfortable life, its not their fault their parents didn't abort them.

No. 289109

I didnt say they dont deserve help. I said that it should come out of their parents' pocket.
I mean seriously what did these dumbfucks were thinking, that they were going to be able to afford care for not one but two of these kids? They knew the govt was going to give them money.

No. 289112

while i kind of agree with you at the same time i dont think this would be a solution. you can see that in countries were they kind of did exactly that. little to no money, to little employers for working with these children. there is a number of documentaries on youtube.
not gonna post these because completely ot but search on youtube for: "Vor 20 Jahren: Die verlorenen Kinder von Cighid" about how romania dealed with mentally retarded children by neglecting them in childrens homes from channel spiegeltv. it's german without subtitles but the images should be enough. at 3:35 one of the caregivers states "they shouldve been euthanized right after birth. what are we suppossed to do now? we dont have any possibilities.
i think parents should rather abort, but since they didnt chose to at least they should be stuck with their potato children.

No. 289120

that dog is contemplating suicide

No. 289129


It's a shitty situation with no winners. On one hand you do the right thing by the herd by aborting, on the other you are doing the right thing by allowing the individual a chance to live.

Every member of society should contribute to the betterment of society as a whole. Why should the able bodied be forced to look after those who can't look after themselves? Well, one time we may be the ones that need looking after. But that will be after a life of looking after society, society will look after me.

Why divert these resources to people who have contributed nothing to society, other than to assuage the parent's guilt they would feel from aborting them? What does that say about you who denies an innocent assistance?

It's fucked. There is no answer. And that's why we are here bitching out Gwen. Fuck Gwen.

No. 289196

So if the parents are poor, the child should suffer because their parents are stupid fucks? I obviously didn't mean parents who can afford it themselves, they certainly can deal with it on their own.

No. 289293

in every picture and video with the dog he looks like he's going to have a nervous breakdown. he is not comfortable around them.
i wonder what it's like to be able to have a more meaningful conversation with your dog than your children. it must be weird

No. 289297

>And that's why we are here bitching out Gwen. Fuck Gwen

Why do most of these sorts of comments give Scott a pass? His hands aren't clean. He is just as bad as she is. He may not be the one making the updates on social media, but he agreed with having Lola in the first place, and he also apparently agrees with how both girls are treated in general.

No. 289466

Agreed, Scott is just as bad - just forgotten, as he's not the voice of the blogs, is all. I find the many videos of him pupeteering the girls bodies so disgusting.

No. 289469

Both a double post and rather ot but have to mention it - also check out the documentary Bulgaria's Forgotten Children on YouTube.

No. 289578

Really people… Gwens life is good. She is ok with having 2 taters. She is never alone with the kids, she also has a lot of help. She has night nurses, pt therapist, aides and also baby sitters. She also also said she takes 2 vacations alone with Scott a year. How many special needs parents are that lucky? Half the time in the videos while she is recording… Lola is always being watched by another person, and Claire is with another pt or teacher. I really don't buy the I'm exhausted routine. She will always have forever babies… she will be able to baby talk, dress them in infant clothing and push them in their strollers. If she didn't have the help I'm guessing she wouldn't be able to keep up with her interviews, social media accounts etc. and she would also despise them!

No. 289583

Anyone familiar with Bree Gilker? She passed away recently… she was 32 I think but looked 70. I read somewhere that Down syndrome people actually age much faster than normal people. Claire is starting to lose her hair, her overall appearance has shifted. I'm going to guess in the next few years we will see a steady decline… Gwen won't be getting the ooohs and ahhs of how cute her kids are. I really think her fan base is based on sympathy and people thanking their lucky stars that her kids are not theirs.

No. 289587

Neither the Spooligans nor Bree had down syndrome, though.

No. 289608

I understand that, but usually people who have certain diseases age rather quickly internally and externally… Since we don't know much about their disease and since it's so rare, it could explain Claire's balding and host of other problems. Bree Gilker was a cute child, but she looked much older than she actually was, grayish hair, facial wrinkles etc. I wouldn't be surprised if Claire follows down the same road appearance wise.

No. 289620

I'm not sure if you're thinking of the right person. Bree Walker had an unusual appearance due to her syndrome, but she didn't have gray hair and I wouldn't say she really had wrinkles either. I think you may be getting Bree's appearance mixed up with her mom Wendy. Here's a video of them together. Bree was 36 here, I believe.

No. 289627

I guess people get angrier at Gwen because she's the one who posts all these horrible pictures of the girls, makes up tall tales about their abilities and is generally the one exploiting them for attention.
Scott is definitely not innocent though, he has been guilty of some questionable behavior too. That world's smallest ninja video, where he treats Lola like a prop for the amusement of others was an example. I think that was a real assholish way to treat the daughter that you supposedly believe deserves dignity and respect.
He was also the one holding that nun-puppet in all those pictures Gwen posted on her blog where Lola was again used as a prop. In some photos the puppet is pretending to strangle Lola and in others it's punching her in the mouth. Scott could have stopped it and told Gwen that it wasn't funny or cute, but instead he chose to participate. So, he's definitely not innocent.
But basically because Gwen is the one in the spotlight most of the time, and because she runs the blog and the facebook page, she gets the most negative attention and condemnation.

No. 289629

Sorry the post above had the Bree Walker video. It was only supposed to be in the one post above that one, but I didn't notice that the youtube field still contained the URL. It has nothing to do with the post about Scott and Gwen, so please disregard.

No. 289660

File: 1491967663949.png (58.36 KB, 548x452, IMG_1655.PNG)

>>289629 Bree was also dealt a bad hand but I believe Bree had more going on than the Hartley sisters. Not only could she kinda sloth around, she loved her bong/ toy. Gwen has to pretend that Lola is really aware and loves holding her yellow chicken. I'm not sure why that yellow chicken bok bothers me so much… maybe because Gwen tries so hard to make it seem like it's her favorite toy when you could put a cucumber in her hand and get the same reaction. Bree/ her mom did not have many followers… maybe because she was older and did not have that "baby" appeal. I suspect as we will see gwens page hit a plateau and interest will die down. Gwen can only tell her story so many times… woes me at first, my children are suppose to be this way, they are perfect, doctors were wrong…. she was lucky that Zika came around to gain her fame!

No. 289671

Bree was on the low end of the intellectual scale, she could not walk or talk, but compared to the Hartleys, she was an olympic athlete and a Rhodes Scholar. She could crawl,-her mom liked to call it creeping for some reason, but whatever. Claire and Lola are practically immobile. When the therapist put Claire on her hands and knees and she didn't fall and smash her face into the floor, Gwen called that "working on her crawling." The most Claire can do is push herself up slightly with one hand and Lola can't even do that much.
Bree's mom showed some older footage of Bree doing therapy as a child and she was able to listen and react to her mother.
She could lift and hold things, she liked looking at her reflection in a mirror, while Lola and Claire don't even seem to be aware of their own existence. Shitting and farting seem to be their only abilities and Lola can't even do that on her own without help from Scott "the shit whisperer." Ugh.
The only individual I've seen so far who is close to Claire and Lola in lack of cognitive ability is Jaxon Buell who has almost no brain.
Coincidentally, his parents are attention whores as bad or worse than Gwen.
I don't know what it is about having potato babies that make parents feel the need to shout it to the world. BTW, when I say that, I'm referring to the Buells and the Hartleys, not Bree Walker or her mom. I don't think Bree's mom was desperate for attention and although Bree was slow, she still had some awareness like I said, so I never considered her as part of the tater category.

No. 289694


"the shit whisperer" lmfao

No. 289754

Also bree' s mum seems pretty intelligent in a way. Her videos are actually practical and useful.

No. 289816

I keep thinking, how the fuck can Claire or Lola live more than another couple years, then I remember that's what I'd have said every year of their life. Bree lived to be 36 and though she was comparatively a picture of health to the Hooligans it's weird thinking that Claire and Lola could have literal decades left.

No. 289836

I dont follow this thread and I def dont watch the videos posted here I'm pretty scared of cryptids, but every time I see recent comments in passing there is some comment about shit. Do they just constantly fart in their videos or smth? I'm just wondering what all the shit talk is about

No. 289847

Gwen also talks about how her kids are changing the world and how valuable they are, and are very active in the community, Bree's mom kept it real. Also Bree's mom was a single mom too! She didn't talk about her child's shit explosions or smelly farts. I never recalled feces pictures ever! I really wonder what some special needs moms really think of Gwen…

No. 289905

Yes Gwen talks openly about their farts. Claire seems to fart the most and has even gone on to say it is a method of communication for her. Lola on the other hand struggles with being blocked up. Scott has to manipulate/ massage her stomach to get her to go.

No. 289907

File: 1492016193341.png (248.64 KB, 640x1038, IMG_1679.PNG)

Gwen is so eloquent in her writing. Scott helps to milk the turds from kid #2. Why does Gwen feel the need to write about shit? Is this actually funny or appealing to anyone? It's like she finds comfort in stripping away the dignity of her taters.

No. 289937

It might be a passive aggressive way of getting revenge on them, to be honest. She can't reason with them or punish them or hurt them but she can vent about how terrible they are to others, even if she claims that's not what she's doing.

No. 289957

This was only a small portion of THE rant in this particular post. But its not like Gwen described their poop or farts in one blog, this was an ongoing thing for Gwen. Also, if Gwen now realizes these posts were wrong, why doesnt she just delete all this mess she created. Gwen even called Claire the Queen of Farts, as if a teen girl would love that title.

No. 289994

Gwen doesn't post much about their bodily functions anymore. Wonder if she got tiredness of it or was criticized for it.

No. 290009

what kind of living hell…

No. 290739

That video of them making Claire participate in that game creeps me the fuck out. It's no different than holding up a cat and pretending they're playing. It's gross

No. 290740

The cat can at least communicate "no".

No. 291599

You know, looking at this family has made me realize just how easy it is for me to just…"detach" myself from feeling human empathy. Is that bad, guys? Anyway, I digress. No, these two resource sinks should be put down ASAP, there's no point in continuing to throw resources at them, if there is no noticable long term or short term effects, these two taters just won't get better.

No. 291600

Its because they can't control their sphincters on their own, the father has to literally "milk" the shit out of Lola's system, since her GI tract wont do it itself.

No. 291601

The cat at least has a brain. These…things only have brainstems. Hell, the Paramecium I experiment on in Bio Lab have more life to them than those two, a Paramecium can at least feed itself.

No. 291604


Please stop with your obsession re: these girls shitting. You sound deranged, you fucking autist.

No. 291606

They technically aren't anencephalic, so they have brains/cerebrums, but because of their condition, their cerebrums are small, misshapen, unmyelinated with shallow gyri . Also since the syndrome is progressive, with every passing day their brains wither like an old dying flower.

No. 291613

i especially feel bad for their older son.
has to carry those little goblins and even pose with them on his prom picture and shit. ew fucking no.

No. 291614

I have no problem having compassion or empathy for people or animals, but I don't see these two as human or even on the level of animals like dogs or cats. They're damaged creatures who sort of resemble humans, but in a way that's completely wrong or off. They are the uncanny valley come to life. This provokes almost instinctual feelings of discomfort and disgust, so I wouldn't necessarily say that the way you feel about them is related to your ability to relate to or feel empathy for most members of the human species.

No. 291662

Well, that at least makes me feel a little bit better about my mental health.
Youre right, I forgot about that. But it does raise the question, "how long do these two have, especially Claire?" I mean, considering her age and condition, her brain, or rather whatever little gray matter she had, has most likely severely atrophied by now.

No. 291715

File: 1492205937851.png (136.82 KB, 741x754, IMG_3293.PNG)

No. 291743

File: 1492207526945.jpeg (67.13 KB, 625x416, 1492019937552.jpeg)

No. 291811

So disgusting… how can Gwen posts these pictures… she's does have the power to delete them from her blog!

No. 291818


That's so degrading… I can't think of any mother that would post that anywhere unless they were seriously fucked up.

No. 291860


No. 291868

Yep, and she recently repeated that line about how she'd never talk about if Claire and Lola get their periods because she wants to "respect their privacy". I think she's written that same thing at least 3 or 4 times already.
Her hypocrisy is astounding. Why is whether or not they get a monthly period a matter of privacy,yet sharing the most intricate details of their bowel movements is perfectly fine?
Neither one of them shows any sign of reaching puberty and I think Gwen doesn't want to admit that this is another way that they are abnormal. So she just swears off talking about the subject at all under the guise of respect for privacy.
In reality, I believe if they really did get their periods, crazy Gwen would be so excited she'd probably arrange a whole photo session around it. And when Lola started pitching one of her screaming and crying fits along with of her standard excuses of her being hungry or cutting a tooth Gwen would say she's got PMS.