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File: 1491229096732.jpg (725.66 KB, 2572x2085, IMG_0688.JPG)

No. 283229

The lastvthread is at its limit

Where we left off
>bgak vs amina
>Amina's full DVD has been released
>keekichan is begging for money now desire bitching at other people for doing it

In this thread we can discuss the topic of all idols, not just gaijin idols.

No. 283230

File: 1491229169927.png (862.73 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_0689.PNG)

No. 283236

File: 1491230026825.png (84.34 KB, 1242x350, IMG_0690.PNG)

Amina is still trying to be an idol

No. 283237

Why do you guys keep posting random parts of threads? I saw another tweet where she said that she quit her group and was doing solo stuff.

No. 283239

Also please more deets on the Keeki money scam. I haven't heard from that bitch in a while lol

No. 283243

Because I'm not going to screen cap every single thing for you. You have the internet as well and if you want something posted a certain way go screen cap it yourself and post it.
It's not a scam. The problem is she complained about girls asking for money online and now she's going it.

No. 283244

What happened to himezawa's nonexistent group by the way?

No. 283246

it's just kind of cringy to keep trying to force milk anon by posting random shit

No. 283248

If you don't like it, then don't read it. It's really that simple.
She's not going through with that obviously

No. 283250

File: 1491230661544.jpg (81.22 KB, 1242x276, IMG_0691.JPG)

>amina isn't pandering to r9k autists
>jokingly calls herself a nigress

No. 283251

File: 1491230759240.jpg (152.42 KB, 1242x681, IMG_0692.JPG)

Amina's vlog. She's getting more into vlogging so hopefully we will see her with other jvloggers in the future.

No. 283252

What happened with her group though? Was it an actual group or just some live stream one time thing?

No. 283253

I have no idea she never mentioned it again

No. 283255

No. 283258

The guy that she's with or amina's bf is supposedly famous(?) I saw a 4chan thread about him from this week.
Apparently he's a famous shut in and now he's involved in a cult now. Amina even voiced a tulpa meditation for his website. He's apparently really cringy too and went on national TV, praised the famous Eva fap scene kek.

We saw it Amina.

No. 283260

Welcome to the NHK the anime this guy made is about drugs and fapping to CP and basically the average cringe r9k guy

No. 283261

Wtf why is he bald?also this isn't the first time I've seen him so she must be very friendly with him

No. 283264

Can you link the website she did voice acting for?

No. 283321

File: 1491239704238.jpg (34.85 KB, 625x960, 15697499_399091413756416_47509…)

>begging for money to do slutty cosplays
so predictable

No. 283323

literally who cares. at least she looks cute

No. 283324

Would hate to be in a group with her. She pretty obviously doesn't play well with others. She should stick to solo idoling.

No. 283344

Im sorry but who the fuck would want a Vlog as a patreon perk..

No. 283345


>Because I'm not going to screen cap every single thing for you. You have the internet as well and if you want something posted a certain way go screen cap it yourself and post it.

Micky, I know you like to tell people that on your statuses, but that's not how it works around here. Either post real milk or fuck off.

No. 283351

>judging someone's irl personality by out of context tweets and sardonic Facebook posts


No. 283356

Lots of patreon perks have exclusive content teirs anon. Including Vlogs and YouTube shit and pics. It's literally a staple for YTbers with patreon. Please find some real milk for this thread that doesn't involve random antagonizing.
>inb4 that's what this site is for!
If you guys wanna moral fag about skimpy pictures go to /pull/. When you have some real milk like Amina being involved with a weirdo cult or Keeki having a rich Saudi sugar daddy then I'm all ears. In the mean time milk or gtfo. This thread is drier than the gaijin in Japan threads. And like that thread it's the same bitches who keep making it over about random nobodies.

No. 283368

I'm not. I'm judging her based on her own reactions and interactions with people plus her inability to stay with a group.She keeps searching for "better opportunities" with no consideration for that would do to the group. She had drama with her idol group and then spoke about it publicly. She whines about girls being "fake". To me, those are all red flags to stay away. I wouldn't trust her to be a team player which is essential in a group.

No. 283380

>When you have some real milk like Amina being involved with a weirdo cult

She's not apart of a cult.

Also, a vlog as a perk is utter shit. Don't try to justify it.

>Keeki having a rich Saudi sugar daddy

This interesting considering the guys over usually solicit weird sex acts from women here. I wonder if Keeki has to things to get money from him.

>She stands up for herself and doesn't like to settle for less, omg, she's trouble guys!

Honestly you seem more troublesome than her with all that reaching you're doing.

No. 283384

First of all I'm not micky, anyone who talks about Amina is not himeka or micky just like I assume anyone who defends amina is not her white knighting herself. Secondly, your argument that we shouldn't talk about Amina because "she has no milk" would be a good one if 98% of the threads here weren't just nit picking and I would like to add that amina actually has more milk than most of the cows in snow.

No. 283386

I feel like amina never wanted to be in a group but being in a group is easier than getting a solo deal which is why she's just now agreeing to it

No. 283393

There's no denying that this girl is pandering to r9k autists or at least that their behavior is Rubbing off on her

No. 283395

Most idols have trouble within their group and they don't talk about it. Most idols don't talk about the drama within their groups until years after the career and even then they still don't. That's like the 2# rule of being an idol, whatever drama happens in the group, stays in the group.

No. 283396


yet white washes her skin in all her photos and has spent years pretending to be japanesu desu uwu until jumping on the SJW BLM oppression train because it's far more trendier choo choo.

No. 283399

Anyone notice she's not doing that annoying high pitched voice?she sounds so much better

No. 283400

if you read the interview she did it was actually another member who reported the bitchy girl not Amina. Why do you guys think nihonjin are pure angels with nothing wrong? Scams exist in Japan. Bad management exists in Japan. So do bitchy girls. yeah someone should try to assimilate to the culture but it would suck if they were in the group and didn't get along. It would be more Japanese to quit for the sake of the group.

Lots of idols switch groups. I've been a fan of idols that have been in 2-3 groups before they got a big break. Most of you guys only know kpop or big groups like MM or AKB and don't realize most idols in Japan are like Amina's group. Tons of members always leaving, relatively unknown with 10 dedicated fans at best. Sorry to burst your weeb hopes and dreams but the idol industry is oversaturated and someone would have to really like it to keep doing it. Fame and fortune is almost impossible hence my theory why himezawa jumped ship after 3 months of being an "idol"

No. 283402

>She stands up for herself and doesn't like to settle for less, omg, she's trouble guys!
Selfish typical American attitude. The world doesn't revolve around her.

>Honestly you seem more troublesome than her with all that reaching you're doing.

Ah ad hom. When you can't actually address an argument.
It's my opinion. There are certain personalities that work better in group dynamics. Amina makes everything "The Amina Show".
Personally I find being around someone that self absorbed exhausting.
Look I'll make a comparison to someone else I really dislike, Keekihime. When Keeki was with her group, she was a team player. She hung out with her groupmates a lot. They were clearly friendly outside of work. But more importantly she was supportive of her groupmates and other girls that she worked with. I remember being pretty impressed that after having been completely sidelined by her management she managed to be gracious and supportive of her juniors coming up behind her who basically going to be replacing her. But then, Keeki had a much better understanding of Japanese social relationships then Amina does.

No. 283403

No one ever said they were pure angels but they're supposed to pretend to be lol it's a job and that's one of the job descriptions.

No. 283404

Kek Amina has always stood up for black lives matter, never pretended to be Japanese. The nigress thing is a joke retard. The fact that simple jesting goes over most of this thread makes me feel like it's filled with 14 year olds or low IQ retard autists. Probably both. Either way please no race baiting I don't want this BS again

No. 283406

You missed the point retard. I'm saying that how come whenever someone on this site speaks out against a Japanese person we assume it's said person'a fault because nihonjin are perfect enjeruuu? All I'm saying is there's bitchy girls in Japan just like anywhere else. Considering she sucks at dancing and is foreign she would've been an easy target. Just like that blonde idol girl el tia who was called fat and white pig by her group members.

No. 283407

Wow, emosh much?

No. 283410

Huh? Amina never dissed the other girls or the group. She seemed to be on good terms with the group except for one girl. She posted selfies and video clips with members all the time. This thread is ridiculous with the overreach and clear vendetta.

No. 283412

just skips over the fact amina lightens her skin in all her photos lol well you can't worm your way out of that one i guess

No. 283415

>Asian uguu apps automatically lighten skin

No. 283416

No one said there weren't bitchy girls in japan but in an idol group you're not suppose to talk about drama the that happens within the group or even after you leave. At the end of the day it is a job, imagine if I went around on Facebook talking shit about my company or after getting fired I talk about how shitty everyone is, other employers would be hesitant to hire me and it just shows I'm not a team player. These rules apply to being an idol as well.

No. 283417

>constantly complaining about vendettas and no milk
>most of the threads here are just anons bitching about how fat and ugly the cow is

Why aren't you in other threads complaining then and spam arguing then?it's ok if you want to defend amina but come up with reasons that don't make you seem hypocritical.

No. 283421

Most of the threads on snow are boring vendetta with no milk(I'd argue this is true for pt as well). These days people have become smarter and know better than to do stupid shit on the internet as often, the milk is dry everywhere. Get over it.

No. 283422

Why don't go you go into jillians thread spam about how it's all vendetta? because 99% of the comments there are just people making fun of her clothes and looks. Amina has more milk than her.

No. 283423

well get off /snow/ then you autistic fun ruining spak

No. 283424

Stop samefagging mongoloid bitch

No. 283425

Just because more than one person is done with your whiney shit doesn't mean samefagging but ok if it helps you sleep at night SURE

No. 283426

You're accusing everyone of same fagging yet you're doing it now

No. 283429

Stop derailing and spamming the thread.

No. 283430

File: 1491248359613.png (360.29 KB, 1242x1798, IMG_0693.PNG)

No. 283431

No. 283435

Found a couple more of her articles.
Her writing style is so self important and cringe.
Someday when she reads these she will be embarrassed. It's like the epitome of bad pretentious undergrad writing.



No. 283436

>self reflection story
>"Too self centered"
these are the kind of posts I'm talking about. No white knighting I legit don't get it.

No. 283437

She needs to work on her grammar

No. 283439

She should give up this aidoru business. She can't sing, she can't dance, can't really model without doing that creepy smile she does which makes me cry, not a good personality or character front to be an actual public figure in japan, should just stick to that softcore porn stuff she did where they can edit out her blotchy herp scars postproduction.

No. 283441

I guess she was wrong when she said singing and dancing isn't important when it comes to being an idol.

No. 283444

But an idol at least has to have some sort of talent, most idols are somewhat all round talented, or at least have an OTT style that causes them to stand out, and on top of that not get involved in politics really and come across as a nice fun charismatic person. But she doesn't tick any of those boxes… what the hell does she think an idols job is? She's such a narcissist lmao

No. 283446

Her shitty singing and dancing would be cute if she actually had a sweet and likable personality. It's hard to look at someone as cute and sweet when they're going around acting like little know it all.

No. 283448

Can you guys upload screenshots of her acting like a "know it all" and "narcissist" and "rude" outside of self reflective casual blogs and bad attempt at humor tweets? I'm just really curious because this thread is becoming the BGAK group essentially.

No. 283450

Not the content, the writing style. Like I said it's super common for undergrads. She just needs to learn to reign it in. Less is sometimes more.

No. 283451

Her lack of talent and idol quality yet claiming to be the first blackeru aidoru is enough to make me think she's full of herself hahaha

No. 283452

Amina has been at this for like 3 years and she barely had any live prefomance footage and she doesn't even have one music video with a group.

No. 283453

>got a contract in Japan
>performed at idol events
>was in an idol group
>was in a photo book
>won a minor award in an idol contest
like she wasn't a mega pop star but most idols aren't. This thread gives me the impression that most of you are weebs and think most idols are like SNSD or something lmao

No. 283454

how is that her fault when that would literally be the group's management.
Again until you guys have screenshots of her being mean to people or something I don't think she's a narcissist. I just feel like some BGAK bitches are mad they got exposed lol. BGAK needs a thread.

No. 283455

You don't need to participate in the thread if it's not up to your liking. Feel free to post your own milk and screen shots or if you scroll to the bottom of the page and select "Catalog" you can find a thread more to your liking, or just leave the site all together, makes no difference. Your amount of white knighting makes me feel we are hitting a little… close… to… home…

No. 283456

The only footage I've seen of her is way back in the day from her akiba 16 days

No. 283458

I'm here for milk. The way that the autists in this thread are reacting and how offense fed they are by her is a little too close to home imo. pretty salty.

No. 283461

Why oh why does it always come down to this. I don't know or care about BGAK. Make a thread for them if they are milky. I'll mock them right along side you. I just think that more people find Amina obnoxious then you Amina white knights realize.

No. 283462

File: 1491250360893.jpg (88.35 KB, 1242x342, IMG_0695.JPG)

A cow doesn't have to be mean. Amina isn't mean but she doesn't think she's the shit.

No. 283463

>calls self judgemental after making judgements
>self awareness

No. 283464

>lol it's hard for me to make friends because everyone is boring and vapid compared to me

No. 283465

File: 1491250671307.png (36.08 KB, 640x245, IMG_0466.PNG)

>when you're autistic but most importantly a hoe

No. 283491

Make a BGAK thread then. May as well since the cows are obviously here.

No. 283495

Going to a popular festival in Japan doesn't make you a hoe, Micky.

No. 283498

it was a joke.

I feel like amina herself is sat there combatting any ~cyberbullying~ that may come her way kek. Lighten up a bit chicken.

No. 283500

>complains about people calling her racial slurs
>calls herself a female nigger

No. 283501


No. 283502

Been feeling that way for a while. There is a white knight in here who takes offense to every criticism and not positive opinion of her no matter how minor. Just hard to imagine who else is that dedicated.

No. 283504

I use to think amina would be above shit posting on lolcow but I also use to think she would be above doing porn and calling herself a nigger

No. 283509

She's so obviously been defending herself it hurts.
I remember when I pointed out that she, Micky and Himeka were all obvious lurkers/posters, "someone" showed up and vehemently insisted that Ami was the "least likely" to browse Lolcow.

No. 283513

Bullshit is she the least likely, every time amina gets mentioned this always happens. But no one else on these threads seems to get "white-knighted" so hard

No. 283519

It's true. Even Taylor R's thread has fewer and more reasonable white knights. And it's the quintessential "bitch eating cracker's" thread.

No. 283522

Is it just me who thinks aminas face some how looks like an old 70 year old crack head and a 7 year old at the same time? I honestly don't understand, maybe she's just ashy i dunno..

No. 283525

I think it's her poor makeup application that makes her look weird and she's using the wrong lipstick color

No. 283566


You guys are worse than PULL with this bullshit. She doesn't even know it exists. The reality is that she friends and who regularly post here and sites like this. And before you even ask, most of those same people hate Micky and Himeka, so ofc they don't get frequently whiteknighted. They also don't have this happen because their bullshit is all out in the open.

No. 283585

File: 1491260182293.png (217.1 KB, 1242x1219, IMG_0699.PNG)

>she doesn't even know it exists

Try again

No. 283587

I'm specifically talking about the threads, not the site. But that doesn't prove she posts here. I've had people accuse me of being her even though I know for a fact she doesn't post here. So how about you try again.

No. 283593

File: 1491260764089.png (94.68 KB, 1242x530, IMG_0701.PNG)

>she knows about lolcow
>she doesn't know people on here talk shit about her

I keep seeing some anons use the word antagonistic in these threads, I assume that's her defending herself.

No. 283595

File: 1491260883619.png (141.74 KB, 1198x639, IMG_0702.PNG)

I'm 100% certain she has posted in these threads

No. 283597

you know for a fact? are you her? or are you with her 24/7? lie harder….

No. 283601


>I keep seeing some anons use the word antagonistic in these threads, I assume that's her defending herself.

>some anons use the word antagonistic

That is truly some piss poor logic. Amina's not the only one in the world who would use that word. Both those pics don't prove anything. The reaching here is out of control.

I'm friends with her, we've talked multiple times. I definitely know she doesn't post here. Sorry to kill your little wet dream for you.

No. 283602

She uses that word a lot and cringy. It's not hard to spot same fags.

No. 283603

Girl, at least come up with a better lie. The "I'm friends with her" card is so overdone

No. 283605

File: 1491261754978.gif (841.12 KB, 450x254, IMG_0705.GIF)

>I'm friends with her

No. 283608

Unlike you all, I don't need to lie about anything. I've known her for years. I know more than any of you would.

Again, she's not the only one​ who uses that word and definitely not her posting.

Like it or not, she doesn't care about this thread and you all are in deep denial about it.

No. 283609

>she doesn't care about this thread or the drama
>makes two videos about people talking shit online

No. 283612

I said she doesn't care about this thread and she was right to speak out about BGAK, they're pretty shit. Try again.

No. 283613

Prove you're "friends" with her or we will all just continue thinking you're Amina white knighting yourself

No. 283615

>I don't care!but let me take time out of my life to make two videos on the subject and complain about it constantly!

No. 283616

You can deny all you want, but we know it's you and the more you make up excuses the worse you look.
Also, friend or not, you're an idiot for continually bumping this thread. If you really cared about her as a friend you would let it go.

No. 283618

File: 1491262497351.png (99.28 KB, 1242x690, IMG_0706.PNG)

Her skin is pretty bad when she isn't filtering it too look lighter

No. 283619

Wow, nice bait.

>Prove your friends with her

Why? Like I said, I have no reason to lie about anything. I wouldn't gain anything from it. I'm sorry it's hard for your brain to process that Amina has friends that post here.

Definitely not her. Sorry, senpai won't be noticing you anytime soon.

No. 283621

If Amina doesn't care why do you feel the need to white knight so hard?

No. 283622

File: 1491262645668.jpg (108.21 KB, 1242x681, IMG_0707.JPG)

Also her skin is actually pretty dark compared to Japanese people but in her edits she looks just as light

No. 283624

Prove you're Amina's friend or no one will take you seriously. Why should we believe you without proof?

No. 283626

The one thing I don't get is why cows/snowflakes always take to replying to their own threads (or allowing their "friends" to come and whiteknight them). If I had a lolcow thread, I'd probably read it religiously, but never publicly acknowledge or post in it. Why is that hard? Why must they sperg out?

No. 283627

I'm not whiteknighting, but you all are surely reaching real far to get "milk".

Why should I believe anything you all post about her? You all constantly call her "toxic" and "evil" but I haven't​ seen anything close to that. If you're going to say she's all this stuff, have some solid evidence.

No. 283628

Because cows are addicted to drama, that's what makes them cows

No. 283629

No one said you had to believe it. Post proof you're Amina's friend or gtfo.

No. 283630

Again, not her. I've posting on this site since it started. Sorry to burst your bubble.

No. 283633

If you don't have evidence and you're just making shit up, then it belongs in /sty/. At least other threads have the decency to post actual evidence and not sperg out when someone asks for milk.

No. 283634

Ok Amina we get it. You're totally not posting in this thread, your "friend" is.

No. 283635

No one has made any lies up yet.

No. 283638

People have been accusing her of being vain, toxic, etc, but with no evidence. Everytime some ask for they get mad and sperg out.

I'm not Amina. Like I said, your senpai won't be noticing you anytime​ soon. Too bad, so sad. :'(

No. 283640

I don't recall anyone calling her toxic or vain. That's what you think of yourself amina.

No. 283641

Don't be stupid. They posted about it in the last thread.

No. 283652

Amina's self importance is so cringy…

No. 283669

they don't realize that defending them will not help at all lol

No. 283670

Amina, go and stay go.

No. 283675

Not your senpai, buddy.

This thread isn't going to impact her.

No. 283677

No one said that. You defending her will not change our opinions, actually you're going to make people have her even more.

No. 283679

File: 1491267200585.png (89.44 KB, 1242x434, IMG_0070.PNG)

I haven't even heard the song yet and my ear drums are already in pain

No. 283680

File: 1491267354555.png (149.69 KB, 1242x1831, IMG_0071.PNG)

Her fans aren't really helping her fix that attitude

No. 283693

She might just be sending herself asks

No. 283694

Why are you so dedicated though? Maybe you aren't Amina. But you're certainly not helping her here. If you've been lurking for such a long time you should be more self aware.

No. 283697

I'm just pointing out bullshit like all the other posters have been. You all are reaching so hard for drama and it's pitiful really.

No. 283699

Amina's drunk video

No. 283700

Amina is self hating and she can't sing for shit. Just get over it.

No. 283701

It seems like it's mostly you. Most other people are either satisfied with her mediocre-tier milk or are just ignoring the thread. This is /snow/. It's the proper place to nitpick. There are more irrelevant cows.

No. 283706

>Amina is self hating
Evidence? Oh wait, of course not. This thread is solely for fabricating shit to make imaginary milk.

Her last two threads were filled with people saying the thread was pointless, but ok

I'll let you all wallow in you imaginary milk, enjoy. lol

No. 283707

k bye felicia!

No. 283715

I feel like that DVD was enough milk alone

No. 283742

Me too. Can you imagine if Kooter or Weenoos released one. Endless milk.

No. 283743

Weenus might actually end up making one when manaki kicks her to the curb

No. 283745

Unpopular opinion but I actually think teya is prettier than Amina

No. 283748

>Lol. Now that IS an unpopular opinion. Personally neither are my cup of tea. But why do you think that? Genuinely curious.
Btw be prepared to be accused of being Teya.

No. 283751

Because teya has cuter features, doesn't have those weird lines Near her mouth, better skin from what I can see, doesn't have big lips, wide mouth and squirrel/rabbit teeth like Amina. If teya got a nice wig, lost 20 pounds and got some cute weeb makeup and clothes she could easily beat Amina in looks. Teya if you're reading this take my advice.

No. 283753

I don't find either attractive tbh.

No. 283757

>lost 20 pounds
more like 40lbs if we are being honest.

No. 283759

File: 1491273601892.png (123.41 KB, 1242x659, IMG_0076.PNG)

Nah she's not that fat.

No. 283760

I stand corrected. I only saw one super unflattering full body pic in the last thread.

No. 283764

Pardon the aside, but what on god's green earth is that weird blotch in the white of her eye?

No. 283782

I know this thread has taken quite a turn but I'd like to change that. Let's be positive and give gaijin idols like 2une some love. Who other idol girls are out there doing the best to make something of themselves outside of Japan. Share your favorites and lets be uplifting for once. I would love to know what other groups or solo ladies are out there.

No. 283792

>be positive and nice on lolcow

That defeats the purpose of posting here

No. 283825

File: 1491279007256.jpg (35.47 KB, 600x600, CPjU1F1UwAAoAGs.jpg)

god , not everyone in this thread who doesn't like this bitch is Micky

No. 283844

The difference between Taylor r and random cow threads and the way talk about Amina is that people here keep trying to claim Amina hates being black, she's a bully and she's toxic. For Taylor R and others it's more about surgery, their ugly boyfriends and the likes. If this Amina thread was more about her her dvd or random shit I would more open. Instead, just like the aminyan thread that got banned by admins for being full of vendetta trash(look it up) it's trying to literally convince people she's an awful horrible rude person. Even Dakota's thread is more about her being fat. It's obvious some people have some personal issues with Amina here to consistently bring her up on the website when the topic was banned years ago, and try and convince people she's a bad person. It's a lot of moral fagging.

Also 2Une is only important because there's a Japanese bitch. If it was just two weebs nobody would give a shit about them. They have a lot of milk actually too.

No. 283849

You were sperging out when her DVD screen caps were posted in the other threads
>I'd be more open to it
Like who are you and why do you think you dictate what people can post?lol

No. 283850

I can't screenshot right now but this post is a gold mine. In it, Bibi taunts Amina for a number of things including for her sister having a deadly disease.
Yeah everyone here isn't Himeka or Bibi but this post just goes the show there is ridiculous melodramatic sentiment amongst her. Like the dark skin black girl who keeps posting here, sperging out and yelling on and on how Amina is "dark skin". I'm a different anon than her 'friend' and I'm definitely not a fan but I've been watching for a while and I've noticed how much people seem to post about her out of genuine hate and pain than having real milk.

No. 283852

Yeah yeah anyone who dislikes Amina is micky, himeka or a black girl who is jealous of how beautiful Amina is.

No. 283853

>Teya gets owned by Amina's weeby white knight
>next day her and her fag friend shits up non idol threads about Amina
>idol thread is created.
Why are we ignoring the obvious here?

No. 283854

Read dumbass. Nobody is saying anyone is jealous of Amina. There's just weird hostility surrounding her rather than "milk"

No. 283858

She looks like an elderly Indian man

No. 283859

That's what you're implying. Obviously you're taking this very personally lol
No ones jealous of Amina, she's retarded and her wigs look like shit.

No. 283861

Snow is for vendettas and nitpicking. This thread fits here.

No. 283862

Dude. Everything you wrote is complete bullshit. Have you BEEN in a Taylor R thread. Anons go after her for everything. She gets called a spoiled bitch whose friends secretly hate her all the time.
Same with Kooter. And Weenoos and everyone else. Amina isn't special.
Her milk is cringe dvd and a cringey personality. Deal.
Because not everyone who dislikes Amina are part of that Weeby Black Girls Group. Some of us just have fun mocking her self impressed mediocre self.

No. 283863

You're obvious illiterate because I'm not implying that at all dumbass. Read the fucking post Bibi did. All I'm saying is that the hostility in this thread and trying to prove she's "toxic" rather than posting milk is weird.

No. 283865

I'm white as snow and I think Amina is dark skin.

No. 283866

thanks white chan ^—^

No. 283867

She is toxic because every time I see her old lady face I feel physically sick.

No. 283869

You can't say only black girls are saying she's dark skin because I'm not black and I think Amina is dark skin. She wouldn't be visible at night.

No. 283870

Kooter and Taylor get worse hate than Amina imo.

No. 283875

File: 1491282560330.jpeg (160.15 KB, 800x1200, image.jpeg)

Gemma Cruel from Cruel's Angel(Beckii's old group) is now doing AV

No. 283876

She's so cute

No. 283877

Old news I think. I remember hearing about this a while ago. She was always the most conventionally cute though.

No. 283878

Why the hell is everyone's DVD better than Amina's?even himekas porn DVD was better

No. 283879

File: 1491282778696.jpeg (26.76 KB, 400x400, image.jpeg)

She looks decent but I wonder why she decided to go to Japan to do it. She'd probably make more in Briton. Twitter is @gemmatokyo

No. 283880

I think it's pretty recent. I see the ads on Twitter from a mutual.

No. 283881

I think her look plays well in Japan. Plus isn't she a weeb too?

No. 283882

File: 1491282911446.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 467.36 KB, 1440x960, image.jpeg)

No. 283883


No. 283886

Yeah in the video she looked like she had some kind of sex appeal

No. 283889

Because gravure isn't a thing in America

No. 283890


Didn't anon say she was doing AV now? Like actual porn

No. 283893

File: 1491283571505.png (168.76 KB, 985x1439, IMG_0710.PNG)

She actually has lost weight and looks a lot cuter recently

No. 283894

Well usually most people with a brain would put 2 and 2 together and realise if so many people seem "hostile" towards a certain person or accuse someone of being a "bad toxic person" there is usually a reason. There isn't a smoke without a fire kek. Kota's milk is literally picking apart dakota's appearance and saying she will never make it as a model, well Amina won't make it as a idol, why should she be treated any different. She lightens her skin in her photos and edits out her blotchy legs, has a horrible face, turns up to events with her pubes hanging out, does softcore porn, can't sing yet tries so bad, doesn't connect with her audience as a sweet kind idol personality, just as some
detroit arrogant trash which doesn't match her image, that's more than enough

No. 283895

It's gravure I think, just a little racier.
She looks good and is cute. I think she suits it tbh.

No. 283896

Shes from the UK/Briton retard. She still couldve done it there for way much money. There is gravure its just not DVDs like there are in Japan.

No. 283897

That pee drinker has some sad titties.

No. 283898

Glamour modeling is totally different from gravure. It focuses more on looking like a trashy whore rather than being cute.

No. 283899

that's really faulty logic though anon. a ton of people thought hitler was a great guy doesnt mean that he was. try again.

No. 283900

File: 1491283727619.png (156.89 KB, 1242x813, IMG_0711.PNG)

She has a pretty much body but her teeth are fucked up

No. 283901

>looking like a child

No. 283902

This girl is damn cute. How can amina compete?

No. 283903

Thats what Japanese people like?

No. 283904

I saw Amina in person and her nappy hair is always visible under the wig

No. 283905

Yeah she is pretty cute. She should have stuck to idol work.

No. 283907

File: 1491283960153.jpg (129.93 KB, 1200x1200, C3XfF3dVcAAYmqJ.jpg)

Samefag but otoh this picture is hilaribad.

Don't fucking Godwin

No. 283910

Her skin tone is really nice.

No. 283913

I went to her twitter and this girl is smart because unlike Amina she focuses on her Japanese fans and isn't always saying something dumb/offensive

No. 283914

File: 1491284171940.jpg (110.98 KB, 915x1200, C25LEwMUUAAfSN2.jpg)

No. 283915

I actually think gravure is better for foreign women than competing with 15 year old aidoru

No. 283916

Actually this girl is actually pretty which is rare weebs

No. 283917


No. 283918

File: 1491284233115.jpg (145.44 KB, 1000x672, C3Jj8ErUMAEQw4Y.jpg)

Here is her gravure dvd cover

No. 283920

She looks like a literal doll. Wtf?

No. 283921

SpiceVisual had Amina's dvd taken off pornhub.
Also this dvd is made by same company that made ami's (spice visual)

No. 283922

Who the fuck is talking about hitler…however if you find Amina comparable to hitler then yes

No. 283923

You can take the girl out the hood but ya can't take the hood out of the girl

No. 283924

File: 1491284493895.png (843.94 KB, 600x800, p198_orig.png)

Seems like she has website.

No. 283925

Her makeup makes her look so odd

No. 283931

File: 1491285143621.png (89.76 KB, 1242x405, IMG_0712.PNG)

No. 283932

>look at how jealous of me you all are omg hehehe you all want to wear my skin

i always see japanese idols posting like this


No. 283935

Where the hell did she get this unwarranted ego?

No. 283938

Who knows. Asspats on the internet?
What was her childhood like? Did her parents spoil her?

No. 283939

I think it's mostly asspats online

No. 283940

She's got a really unfortunate body type. She'd have to lose like 40lbs if she wants to get anywhere in Japan, sorry to say, even if by American standards she's not fat.

No. 283944

>for her sister having a deadly disease
This is never mentioned in that post…

No. 283945

A Madonna whore complex is a feminist term. It has nothing to do with "jealousy".

No. 283946

That's actually not surprising, somehow.

No. 283947

Read the Bibi post. She said Amina was a horrible person for going to Japan because her sister as sickle cell.

No. 283949

amina should take some of her idol money and get braces

No. 283950

Madonna-Whore = When you can only see women as a "madonna"(virgin Mary), pure or virginal or you see them as a whore/evil. It's basically her talking about slut shaming. Where are you guys getting the egotistical thing from?

No. 283951

That's not bullying though

No. 283952

She think she can just act like a slut and it's ok. She's a whore.

No. 283956

File: 1491287005656.png (109.03 KB, 1242x641, IMG_0024.PNG)

>when you get off on humping your bath tub

No. 283957

You're an idiot. Google 'Madonna-whore complex'. It's a common term that feminists use to criticize Christianity and "slut shaming". She talks shit about SJWs so I'm surprised.
It's pretty fucked up to bring a little kid into petty internet drama. Even if Amina is cringey why guilt trip her about her dying sister? She doesn't talk about it much so it's obvious she told himeka this in confidence. I know you guys hate her but calling someone's mom, making chat rooms against them and bringing in their unrelated sibling into an argument is pretty shitty.

No. 283958

I think maybe >>283935 was responding to the Perfect Blue comparison where a fan is super obsessed with an ex-idol singer. I would hope no one in this thread is ignorant enough to think that Madonna/Whore comp;ex is something to brag about. I mean except >>283932 obviously.

No. 283959

Yeah not to mention in Perfect blue, the idol starts to do gravure and this creepy fan suddenly tried to murder her/rape her and call her a slut. A psycho fan hated her for starting to do gravure. That's just a comparison to whatever tumblr message she got, not bragging retards.

No. 283960

She has no dignity at all

No. 283962

>I know you guys hate her

Not everyone who dislikes Amina is himeka lol

No. 283963

>white girl with full tits out in gravure
>himeka doing full dick in butt porn
this thread "omg how adorbs!"
this thread "Amina is the biggest trashiest hood dark skin nigger slut whore!"

No. 283964

That wasn't implied retard. I think doth protest too much.

No. 283965

This girl is really pretty! She had aged so well!

No. 283967

You can't force people to find Amina attractive. The white girl is just better looking.

No. 283968

Sounds more like you're too fat/ugly/bitter for gravure tbh

No. 283969

I'm not saying that. It's just really weird that Amina is a "dirty trashy whore" but this girl is doing full frontal with no comment. She's cute but it's just weird.

No. 283971

Because this girl actually looks hot/cute and Amina just looks gross in her video

No. 283972

That's because Gemma is cute and actually doesn't look like a trainwreck.
Amina is awkward as fuck in front of the camera.

No. 283974

File: 1491287752406.jpeg (71.52 KB, 507x290, image.jpeg)

What happened to this girl? Did she ever become an idoru?

No. 283975

Um I don't think anyone finds Himeka "adorbs". I know I don't.
The ex-cruel girl just pulls off the innocent thing better than Amina and the lighting is soft and pretty. Don't know why your offended. I though you white knights wanted us to talk about other idols.

No. 283976

File: 1491287773195.jpeg (62.79 KB, 507x290, image.jpeg)

No. 283978

Yikes. I think the answer is no.

No. 283979

Lol what do you think? There's no way she could be an idol. Absolutely not.

No. 283981

She's the one that said people said looked like Walmart Michelle Obama. I heard she has a ton of beef with other Italian weebs like Yuriko tiger.

No. 283982

What was her name by the way? I can't find her fan page. I saw it once on Facebook but I forgot the name

No. 283983

File: 1491288055890.jpg (102.73 KB, 810x1080, IMG_0095.JPG)

Speaking of other idols that kuma girl did gravure and idol stuff in Japan. She's also prettier than Amina and her DVD was better.

No. 283984

File: 1491288114513.jpg (97.1 KB, 600x807, IMG_0096.JPG)

Better body and face. Plus she has real hair so she doesn't need those ratty ghetto wigs.

No. 283986

I remember when her dvd came out the idol thread on staminarose was flooded about how much of a fat whore she was kek.

No. 283987

Is Amina bald under those wigs?because I've never seen her not wearing one

No. 283988

Honestly I think she and Amina are about par face wise. I think she's plain as fuck.

No. 283990

File: 1491288328932.jpeg (28.92 KB, 230x346, image.jpeg)

Exactly. She's just a plain white girl. This thread is lulzy

No. 283991

That girl is 10x cuter than Amina. No rat teeth.

No. 283992

She showed her natural hair before in an Afro anon. I don't feel like finding the post. Most black women, and women in entertainment have weaves and extensions so it's really not a big deal. When I visited Japan the amount of horribly blended micro extensions I saw was horrible.

No. 283993

Who is she?shes really pretty and has a nice body too

No. 283994

Japan doesn't give a damn about teeth. Amina has good teeth for jap standards. If Japan cared about teeth that Gemma girl and Magibon would be out of luck.

No. 283995

Gemma's teeth aren't that bad. Amina's might look worse because her lips are so large.

No. 283996

File: 1491288582469.jpg (30.61 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 283997

This thread has low key racist elements. The white girls being posted are completely plain by western standards but anons are acting like they're goddesses kek. Amina is awkward but "ghetto"?? "Hoodish"??? like really wtf.

No. 283998

File: 1491288678355.jpg (311.73 KB, 800x1068, 1472475752_10.jpg)

Kind looks like PT

No. 283999

Gotta agree. But I think Gemma's pretty damn cute. Just my opinion.

No. 284001

Because the white girls being posted actually are better looking and has nothing to do with them being white. You can't scream racism just because people found the other girls more attractive.

No. 284002

They're not that much attractive. If they went to a school in America or some shit they would be average at best.

No. 284004

Also terms like "hood" and "ghetto" is really weird because I don't associate that with her at all. she did grow up and live in the suburbs after all.

No. 284005

File: 1491289066363.jpg (120.7 KB, 600x900, IMG_0097.JPG)

You're choosing shitty pictures. This girl is clearly cuter than Amina.

No. 284008

File: 1491289170736.png (95.91 KB, 1242x700, IMG_0098.PNG)

She does act act ghetto

No. 284010

Yet all the pictures of Amina have been chosen from awkward video stills of her talking or the darkest pictures found.

No. 284011

She looks ugly in her videos and DVD though

No. 284012

No she doesn't. Nothing about her YouTube or posts or demeanor are 'ghetto'. Plenty of people say the N word for comedic impact even though it's pretty unfunny. Try again

No. 284013

>You're choosing shitty pictures
Posts a collage of pictures where she looks worse. Ok.

No. 284014

Is it weird that when I look at this girl I just wanna pinch her cheeks and feed her cake?she looks so sweet and cheerful

No. 284015

At least she doesn't look like a tranny

No. 284017

File: 1491289477557.jpg (97.05 KB, 315x450, IMG_0099.JPG)

She's pretty and has green eyes.

No. 284018

Gemma is cute. Kelsey isn't.

No. 284019

Amina isn't Beyoncé but she's average. Just like this Kelsey girl. If she was really a tranny and hideous like >>283974
She wouldn't have gotten anywhere in Japan. Yeah she's not famous and most idols never are but she's had minor talent shows and shit. If she was so "ghetto" and manly shit wouldn't have happened. Japan doesn't care about appearing PC or "affirmative action" so don't use that cop out either

No. 284020

Is this the girl from cruel angels?shes actually cute, way better looking than that long necked bitch Becky.

No. 284021

But she didn't get anywhere in Japan lol at her live she had like 3 fans acting like retards in the crowd.

No. 284022

She's dumpy and quite plain. She has that look about her like she's trying to look Japanese/hafu to evade that she's just a very bland/unappealing white girl. Get some standards for your gaijin, anon.

No. 284023

She's such a hood rat…

No. 284024

She was but the management treated her like shit according to her. It was in their BBC documentary. They only cared about loli Beckii and she said they treated her badly.

No. 284025

>doesn't have teeth like a donkey
>her hair is real
>doesn't need to wear a tangled wig
>has breasts

Yep she's better looking

No. 284026

Look up "地下アイドルライブ" and some tv documentaries. Most underground idols in Japan have like 1 or 2 guys. At least she won in miss id, got in a photo book and had a brief stint with a group. She did more than Kelsey tbh.

No. 284027

File: 1491289761655.jpg (21.35 KB, 480x360, ケルシー・パニゴニ 画像4.jpg)

No. 284028

No. 284029

File: 1491289848905.jpg (23.4 KB, 400x400, applemilk1988.jpg)

How about some og gaijin gravure idol.

No. 284032

File: 1491289892003.jpeg (32.29 KB, 332x443, image.jpeg)

Again. Average white girl. I'm beginning to think ITT is full of trolls.
She reminds me of this weeb

No. 284033

Emily was way too good looking to be down low rent gravure. She wasted her looks and youth.

No. 284034

File: 1491289960851.jpeg (51.51 KB, 469x314, image.jpeg)

Remember this?

No. 284035

File: 1491289976525.png (917.89 KB, 600x800, p180_orig.png)

>doesn't have teeth like a donkey
As long as your teeth aren't fucking jacked, you're fine in Japan. This isn't an accomplishment.
>her hair is real
Lots of girls in Japan and outside of it wear wigs/extensions. This isn't a point to her, either.
>doesn't need to wear a tangled wig
I mean, neither does Amina. She just has poor/cheap taste lmao.
>has breasts
She's practically flat-chested here >>284017, and looks downright overweight here >>283998. Not cute.
I think both she and Amina are pretty unfortunate, honestly. You're comparing dirt to dust.
Gemma seems like the only one who managed to rise above and actually look attractive.

No. 284036

Good looking? She's literally an average white girl.

No. 284037

Abbie is actually really good looking now because she stopped being a weeaboo and grew some tits, she was ugly in the past though.

No. 284038

Gemma looks like one of those Russian lolis while Amina's face looks some what creepy and strange, especially when she smiles.

No. 284039

Nah she's pretty ugly/doopy looking. She looks like Ann frank RIP.

No. 284040

File: 1491290192809.jpg (82.83 KB, 600x900, p04.jpg)

No. 284041

File: 1491290286561.jpg (66.84 KB, 600x900, p09.jpg)

No. 284042

I miss apple milk she was one of my fav youtubers

No. 284043

I thought she was a slightly passing tranny when I first saw her. Her shoulders are really broad.

No. 284048

File: 1491291165764.jpg (38.22 KB, 360x598, 22X4UukZHV1eWYtCNe-8cNIm9Lo.jp…)

How about Magi

No. 284049

Damn. yeah she married some rich guy and is a stylish normal fag now.

No. 284055

whoa she looks so old now

No. 284063

File: 1491293278931.png (459.76 KB, 486x729, 20161101125240487.png)

Leah;making everyone else in this thread look like shit.

No. 284064

File: 1491293484332.jpg (33.39 KB, 452x640, 321416624.2.jpg)

No. 284126

No one finds Himeka adorbs and the british girl looks cute even with the boobs out. She also looks much better than Amina, which surely influences the overall tone of the reactions.

No. 284138

lol Leah Dizon became a huge trump supporter, even wears his ugly ass trucker hat

what happened

No. 284148

Maybe her politics always leaned in that direction. Of maybe her connection to video games got her into the alt-right stuff. Idols aren't exactly known for their political beliefs.
I just think she was gorgeous in her prime like 10 years ago.

No. 284155

Trump supporter? where? she literally just faded into obscurity

No. 284162

Check her twitter feed.
She hasn't posted anything about it since November but yeah it seems she was big supporter of his.

No. 284167

She's cute, and has a pretty good voice

No. 284174

>has a pretty good voice

you sure about that?

No. 284180

Are you deaf, anon?

Also, that top is not meant for chestlets.

No. 284188

I agree with half of that statement anon. I'll let you figure out which half.

No. 284226

sage for slight-OT, but iirc that was proven to be a fake account? Can't seem to find proof at the moment, but it isn't verified

No. 284230

Does anyone know what happened with kuma and keeki? I just remember keeki whining on her blog about yet another girl hating her or some bullshit like that.

No. 284232

ermmm it was in reference to >>283585
are you even reading this thread or just select parts you want?
that and also comparing herself to perfect blue, an animuuuuuuu because she is a top idoruuuuu kek

No. 284237

I wouldn't even consider amina an idol

No. 284241

i think the only person who considers amina an idol is amina

No. 284243

Pretty certain that's a fake account

No. 284251

You all have a weird definition of idol. Anyone who joined an idol group in japland under an agency is an idol, no matter how unknown the group/agency it is.

No. 284264

Eh it seems like she's desperately trying to get verified and posts up-to-date photos so if it's a fake, it's a good one.

No. 284562

It's because most of them are Kpop weebs or HelloProject purists.

No. 284563

Perfect blue is more about psychology and "slut shaming"(to an extent) than it is about idols retard. It's not fucking idolmaster.

No. 284694

why am I not surpsised

No. 284701

File: 1491364792311.jpg (46.51 KB, 255x275, 1460580576373.jpg)

I'm pretty sure she should stick to gravure

No. 284703

That's when kuma went to Japan and jrcach supported kuma a lot while keekis idol career went downhill. Keek was just being jealous. I remember keeki posted a video of Kuma or responded to a post of kumas singing and she said it was wasteful cause kuma was singing in a "cute" pitch. This was like 2 years ago so my memory is foggy. I remember thinking she looked like sid from ice age. She was really ignorant at one point but wised up. Is she still doing idol work?(kuma)

No. 284712

File: 1491366979991.png (378.79 KB, 857x605, kuma.png)


No, even though Kelsey is sill listed as a talent on her old company, Arcjewel, she hasn't done any idol work in years. Even though her twitter lists her location as Tokyo, she has posted food from places in Quebec. So I'm guessing that she's back in Canada seen as her visa expired years ago.

No. 284736

File: 1491368859990.jpg (14.69 KB, 400x276, IMG_0315.jpg)

No. 284760

File: 1491370451608.jpg (31.77 KB, 640x480, Emirydvd.jpg)

How old is Gemma? Despite all the editing/lighting, she has some pretty serious lines under her eyes and what looks like wrinkles/creases already forming at her brow. Don't get me wrong, she's decent looking, but she doesn't look all that young or fresh. I suppose that's why she switched gears from being an idol to AV work?

What an unfortunate body shape.

Nah. Emily was a gross weeb scam artist too. Does no one remember her begging for donations for her to go to "film school" and then blowing it all on shitty designer t-shirts and such? She was trash.

No. 284770

Agreed. She looks really average (not that is a bad thing, but you know on lolcow even above average girls are blasted for being "ugly").

>>How old is Gemma?
She looks mid-late 20's to me.

No. 284843

Kelsey hasn't been in Japan for over three fucking years.
Keekihime was the rudest of them all. As cringey as Amina is she's not really "rude" or has a "god complex" when you consider Keeki. She shit talked her band members in English on tumblr all the fucking time.

No. 284882

I think she's 2/3 years older than Beckii.
Can't for the life of me remember her Internet handle or accounts
Pretty sure the management fucked over Beckii too. Gemma didn't seem to handle it all very well but she was still a young girl in a strange country without her mum. But she and the other girl were just randomly plucked from online without the beckii hype or views. She didn't last at it so why would gemma

No. 284890

abbiekins/abbiekinsu or something like that

No. 284897

She still looks really fucked up

No. 284954

I was watching ladybaby videos and Amina is in this around 0:49

No. 284970


This came out a year ago. She was in miss ID and the other girls were too…lady baby girls were grand prize winners year befor. This is pretty old

No. 284978

Looked up Abbiekins, all I found was old shit from 3 years ago. Can someone post newer stuff?

No. 284980

I don't think she does the idol cringe think anymore.Recent things are just her pointing out Aminas attitude. I think she stopped being a wannabe Yukapon 3 years ago.

No. 284986

Makes me wonder if the anon who claimed she's aActually really good looking now" and "grew some tits" was just her posting about herself, since the only public photo of her at the moment is some overexposed thumbnail with her chest neatly out of frame.

No. 284989

She did have recent videos on her channel but she deleted them all.

No. 284993

Shit looks so out of place as an idol

No. 284994

As much as Amina annoys me I do have to agree that keeki really is the biggest bitch of them all. She didn't keep the bitching to english too she often did it while on nico live.
She also made a post shading Venus then when the whole thing came out of her escaping her mother she played the "i wonder if I can help her out" trying to play a saint bullshit.
She also got mad when people made a pull thread it was hilarious

No. 285013

Um proof or gtfo. Because I was following the drama with Keeki at the time and I was impressed at how supportive and friendly she was to both her bandmates and the other indies idols she did shows with. She did complain about her management when they were sidelining her bu not the girls. She was really encouraging of her kohai as well. It was about the only thing I ever respected her about because I basically think she is an asshole.

No. 285070

>that moment you realize all the gaijin idols come in here and talk shit about each other idols and bring up other gaijin idols to take the attention off their own drama

No. 285074

She totally posts here

No. 285197

Didn't wanna of her band mates talk shit about keeki on nico? Or was Tha jrcach making shit up.

No. 285216

Can't possibly imagine her being very good looking but I imagine by growing up she's learned to style herself.
I can't find anything new either but I came across a jrcock post claiming she'd surpassed yukapon in terms of beauty.. and I just doubt that

No. 285219

Nope. Not that I know of. I actually decided to go back through her old entries from that time to make sure I wasn't forgetting something. She was very close and supportive of her bandmates and sad because they kept on graduating. There are so many pictures and purikura of them together.
Actually all of previous post was shit. She got a lot asks about other gaijin idols but pretty much didn't take the bait and shit talk them. All she said about Venus is that apparently Margo was also harassing her. The only thing she said about Kerukkuma was that she didn't think that Kesley wanted to be friends, and Kerukkuma them messaged Keeki and they had a cute little talk about Kelsey buying Keeki's album.
The only person that she unequivocally shittalked was jrcock (for obvious reasons.)
>And now I feel gross having defended her because I still think she is a manipulative untalented asshole

Jrcock also claimed Kanadajin3 was more beautiful than Beyonce.

No. 285226

File: 1491431733826.png (298.16 KB, 1242x1848, IMG_0127.PNG)

No. 285228

File: 1491431789755.png (378.24 KB, 1242x1785, IMG_0128.PNG)

No. 285236

She has been quieting down on social media because of the shit storm.

No. 285251

File: 1491433631292.png (392.29 KB, 492x540, keeki2.PNG.2fffd4af5df00ce71d1…)

Are you kidding me? She made that huge post about visa husbands and when called out about it she said it was about venus. All you have to do is search her up on pull

No. 285260

I don't like PULL. I was looking through her tumblr from back when she was doing idol work.
Ok so I looked through the PULL thread. The opon that thread is full of some bullshit. But you're totally right on the Venus stuff. I didn't realize. That was a super shitty thing to do. But like I said she's pretty much an asshole.

No. 285262

I used to follow her on Tumblr years ago after finding her through jrcach, all she did was bitch about random things, complain that she wasn't given an X or Y opportunity like some OTHER gaijin idols and answer asks in a really haughty tone. I swear, that girl was the most spoilt and entitled piece of shit I'd ever seen.

No. 285265

(samefag) Venus is a weeb (although she's been less cringy lately) but at least she's a nice weeb, if a bit awkward.

No. 285284

The only people critiquing her are girls. I still see random gross idol fans commenting on her Facebook and not giving a shit. She made exposed drama and moved on. Plus her channel got a jump in subs after that.

No. 285285

Keekihime has an extremely bad attitude. Amina only said something about her group in English and it was in an interview and the girl already left the group supposedly. Keeki talked shit about them, told the Nico viewers certain girls had a crush etc. her and Yuka ganged up on Kelsey for being an ignorant anime weeb(I mean she was but)

No. 285287

I think Amina and Keeki are very similar in personality (Whiney and woe is me attitudes) which explains why they're friends

No. 285288

amina doesn't have many male Japanese fans in the first place….I don't understand why her being a retard would matter if we take that into consideration. Can't destroy a career that never really took off in the first place.

No. 285350

They've all got shit attitudes but they're all so cute

No. 285395

It's obvious she's been focusing on western fans for a while though anon. Nobody cares except a few weeb girls who "like aidorus"

No. 285396

It's so obvious the only people writing in this thread are wanna be idols or former wanna be idols. Nobody else knows or cares about any of these bitches.

No. 285519

File: 1491477121476.png (1.01 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170406-121023.png)

Abbie's instagram

No. 285539

Abbie has become so much prettier since giving up the weeaboo stuff and going out and living a normal life

No. 285540

File: 1491483087079.jpeg (17.42 KB, 512x288, image.jpeg)

this is a joke…right?

No. 285542

I fucking hate lolcow, she's much prettier and you know it. I'm sorry you're fucking insecure.

No. 285546

Not being a weeaboo helps a persons image a lot. That overly kawaii stuff doesn't work on non-Asian girls….She is much better looking now.

No. 285639

Abbiekins did get pretty (average)
Not only because she stopped with the weeb stuff but because she grew a little into her big head and her nose looks better on her face now lmao. In her pig tail days her head looked like a box with manly features and her nose looked huge and greasy.

No. 285652


She's not really much to look at tbh. There's a lot of same faggotry ITT.

No. 285672

I think getting rid of the fringe helped too. A lot of weebs get bangs because they want to look like uggu kawaii japanesesu girls but it doesn't suit their face.

No. 286882

File: 1491651518231.png (86.73 KB, 1242x378, IMG_0137.PNG)

More complaining about Japan

No. 286883

Maybe she's just butt blasted that Japanese men don't stan her.

No. 286914

No. 287005


But…she complains about the west too? Why are weebs so sensitive. Japan isn't fucking perfect. Get over it.

No. 287358

this is a sensible thing to complain about

No. 287366

The milk must be low when you find her at fault for complaining about rude, disrespectful people. Fuck the elderly and pregnant woman, right?

No. 287367

key words are "only place"
only rude ppl exist in glorious nippon

No. 287434

>"only place I've been"
>"I've been"
Purposely omitting the rest of that line was lame of you. It's obvious she's saying that in comparison to other places she's gone.

No. 287525

That's the same thing, dumbass. Guess they're aren't rude people in Detroit.

No. 287546

Different anon than above but no, the wording does make a difference. Aren't you a native English-speaker? I've been living in Japan for years and love it here but I knew what she meant. I knew more dickheads overall back in America but the train situation here in Japan is unique, especially when men outnumber women/kids.

No. 288298

There's not public transportation in Detroit like there is in Tokyo I'm guessing and people in smaller towns like in the Midwest are way more respectful than big cities like NYC or Tokyo anon. No milk lol.

No. 288417

just put 'sage' in the email field and leave the rest blank (like I've done here).

No. 288550

File: 1491845626411.png (466.67 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170411-022735.png)

Was just scrolling through FB and saw this….

No. 288558

Notice how "idol" is in quotation marks…

No. 288582

She would be so cute if she dropped that autistic fake smile and stopped squinting her eyes trying to look hafu…

No. 288587

Because non-Asian eyes don't sometimes get naturally smaller when smiling. Also that Japan times article was posted literally months ago. Most readers probably don't give a shit about idols hence the quotations. Between that and complaining about complaining about shitty trains this thread has literally zero milk. It's like the aminyan thread from last year. All vendetta and will probably get taken down for samefagging kek

No. 288589

Hate her or not she joined a group. She was in an agency when she came to japan. She's literally no different than that Kelsey parnigoni girl or Keekihime or yukapon. I don't get why she suddenly "isn't a real idol". I know I know white knight but there's literally no milk lol and these threads and bitching came convienently when BGAK and Teya got their asses owned

No. 288591

Yeah, no. smiling =/= forced squinting. it's easy to tell. I rarely post here, so try again. If this thread were to be removed, then the Venus thread and others with the same amount of Milk would also have to be. You're in a nitpicking board, deal with it.

No. 288592

Her groups have done nothing…I really do hope she joins a group with actual music videos and content but every group she joins is a struggle and she never really "debuts" in them. Then she saves face and says she doesn't care and will leave jpn but low key shes still holding on to hope and auditioning for groups in hopes she'll hit a good one. Hopefully this one will work out and they have actual music videos. The other weebs never really got legit music videos besides the cheap tone jewel one and the Tia girl.

No. 288593

She's cute but she always squints very hard and her face is so close to camera. She should try a closed mouth smile.

No. 288594

No. 288600


The last one was deleted. It's new admins now so probably not but my point is these threads always pop up with no milk/random complaints and it's obvious there's high level saltiness involved. Especially how the DVD and trailers came out a year ago but nobody gave a damn until Amina showed everyone how much Teya was a total bitch. Teya is fat, rude, and potato nosed but whenever someone mentions her here randoms come out of nowhere to defend her or say how much "cuter" she is. Or if you mention some of her friends(Abbie, Gemma) immediately someone praises them up and down. It's fishy as hell. Just make an Amina only thread if she's the only 'aidoru' we can talk about.
The jap idol industry is at literal zero profit. There's a million in one groups out and the last one Amina was in obviously failed but I don't see how that was her fault. She was smart to jump ship while she could tbh. The only people I see who said she "never cared about being an idol" are from this board.
The Venus thread, Dakota thread and now this thread and even the Jillian one and "gaijin in Japan" are all vendetta. The gaijin in Japan thread and Jillian one and posts about Amina are 9/10 people who have interacted with them and got salty. Nobody would care about these bitches if they weren't in Japan.

No. 288601

"Every group"
She only joined and debuted in one group. If there were prior ones I want to know but I'm pretty sure the group she debuted in last summer was her only one.

No. 288606

Before chick girls she was a sort of a trainee for this one group that she was gonna debut it in and one of the members were leaving but I guess she left when she found that it wasn't going anywhere and chick girls looked more promising. I don't remember the name of the group they wweren't really popular.

No. 288607

She's not jumping because she's still trying to be an idol and the idol industry has been declining even before Amina went there

No. 288610

To be fair the trailers came out last year but the screen caps and full DVD were only viewable for free recently…

No. 288613

But Gemma is prettier than Amina.

No. 288614


Wait really? Where's info? I'm surprised. Either way training with a company and trying out isn't the same as "joining a group". Chick girls is the only group she actually was in and debut in to my knowledge. It's kind of common for J-idols to leave and join groups once or twice. That's rinahamu girl has been in like…4 groups now. idk but as a J-idol fan I feel like a lot of Kpop fans caught wind of Amina and criticize her. The shitty singing, sketchy underground venues, cheap debut and leaving a group or two is pretty normal for Jpop. The Korean industry is another monster though…….

No. 288615

At least for me I never cared for Amina or found her kekable enough to come here, but the probable vendetta posts brought this thread up and made me curious. Then I saw the DVD, which I consider real milk. I have no idea who Teya is and I believe that's the case for many of the posters here. Not everyone who doesn't whiteknight her is vendetta.

No. 288616

No. 288620

Because Teya posted them. The rip was on 4chan since last year. Nobody cared to post about it because Amina owned up to it and she's not that famous.

I don't know if it's the J-pop idol fan in me but Amina seems to be getting interested in the anti idol and alt idol scene recently….she even supposedly almost got into BiS and apparently is joining an alt idol group. I really hope she does it. That shit is popular now and fits her better than the kawaii uguu bs

No. 288621

I think her voice fits this ska-punk kinda song better than her cotton candy whatever bullshit. She's still not an amazing singer but this is better. I really hope she sticks with the alt-idol/anti-idol scene. I feel like those fans would be more open to having an American too rather than hello project fans…..

No. 288631

Even if teya did post them it's still good milk.

No. 288634

I had no idea who teya is before the bgak scandal and I'm the one who uploaded Amina's video kek

No. 288647

Don't lie anon. We are all Teya.

No. 289679

how old is she now?

No. 289720

she was older than Beckii Cruel , so probz early 20's

No. 290365

did you guys watch her dance videos…
i don't know this girl well but my god… that was so awkward to watch…

No. 290505

I thought she would have a pretty decent voice, but wtf why is she trying to sing like a 6 year old kid.. That's not cute at all.
Is it? She looks cute in that top, that's not the problem. Her voice is, though.

No. 290521

She is so pretty, why tf does the have to do these cringy dance videos? And that fake voice trend should just die already. It doesn't fool anyone, and it sounds retarded even for japanese idols.

No. 290549

I know nothing of this dance culture and was fortunately scrolling by and holy shit I've had to sit down to watch this video three times. I have so many questions. Why is she constantly dancing as though she is in a low-ceiling basement or tunnel? Does she have something wrong with her knees? Did someone dare her, or request this song of her? It is so second-hand embarrassing to watch, let alone listen to. Having a fake voice while faking the ability to function your body athletically should be reserved for that Anime Club video. I do not understand the influx of seemingly otherwise attractive females acting like they have no concept of societal norms.

No. 290602

File: 1492111971527.png (273.86 KB, 1242x1453, IMG_0752.PNG)

No. 291373

No milk 0/10

No. 291379

File: 1492141618403.jpg (50.35 KB, 300x250, 1487431901984.jpg)


No. 291495

Amina should just go back to the states. She can't sing or dance and only my has appeal within that kawaii/alternative community.

No. 291539


Because there's no reason to live in Japan unless you become a famous aidoru.

No. 291556

That was her main reason for going and she's not good at. At least take some singing lessons she sounds flat. Or at least get an actual likeable personality.

No. 292891

File: 1492395484013.jpg (255.79 KB, 515x515, 264g76sd353b677he3.jpg)

More from her instagram !

No. 292903

File: 1492396750800.jpg (47.01 KB, 750x497, 251417328181051392_n.jpg)

No. 292906

File: 1492396988565.jpg (51.02 KB, 750x936, 2389837225984_n.jpg)

No. 293760

Damn , she grew up good !

No. 293773

These look nothing nothing like this girl.

No. 293866


These are not Abbie. This is either a lame vendetta attempt. Or a shit self post.

No. 293989

she is as beautiful as Himezawa

No. 297325

Amina announced a London trip and meetup. How the fuck is she getting money for this shit? Who wants to bet she has another r9k neckbeard fanboy flying her out? Especially since she went to Guam and Seattle both first class last year…..

No. 297391

File: 1492973616832.png (71.22 KB, 1174x216, fba396a89a50f7dd6245bec28423f0…)

No. 297397

>cue the Amina is basically Hitler posts

No. 297515

leave her alone , she's like a black Himezawa!

No. 297714

can someone please tell me what that short piece of hair next to the bangs is called on those idols? it's face framing, makes their face less fat.

No. 297858

File: 1493003539944.jpg (44.45 KB, 600x800, CqkDtaz.jpg)


It's called "Hime Cut" (姫カット)

No. 297860

>tfw always show this example to American hair stylists and they can never do it right

Is this hair cut really that hard?

No. 297865


If you want something like this, next time you go to a stylist, I'd just tell them to do straight bangs and then a section down to your chin or cheeks (whatever you want) and just cut it straight. I find it more easy to be very specific or they just shape it like a freakin' bob. that or you can always get one of those clips to cut bangs at home and use that.

No. 297872

she seems nice…rough in the face but in a homely good friend way

No. 298166

oh fuck, that yellowing stain on her door is from continuously allowing wet towels or clothing to grow mildew. I see the exact same happen to floors and doors of old hospitals. Has she no shame? To crop the video would have been nothing. This just shows that the longstanding filth is only removed long enough to dance sloppily, but not long enough to allow paint to breathe oxygen

No. 299224

File: 1493222408160.jpg (Spoiler Image, 34.63 KB, 384x384, IMG_0546.JPG)

Omfg. Amina's topless nudes were leaked…

No. 299370

lies , lies !!! why do you dishonor your ancestors with these lies ?

No. 299433

File: 1493251030578.jpg (353.13 KB, 400x300, UlEUQGl.jpg)

No. 300840

It might be worth starting a new thread for nudes or sexy pics

No. 302233

File: 1493667919311.png (117.06 KB, 1242x661, IMG_0174.PNG)

She actually looks attractive in her new photos

No. 302234

File: 1493667940301.png (104.11 KB, 1242x652, IMG_0175.PNG)

No. 302236

File: 1493668089145.png (212.41 KB, 1242x1261, IMG_0176.PNG)

No. 302259

Her skin looks better and she's not making that awful ~kawaii~ face she always tries to make. It's definitely an improvement, but I guess we'll see if it sticks.

No. 302751

She said she took these herself and I'm assuming she did her own makeup and lighting in them. Honestly Japs are horrible for that kind of stuff so she needs to keep doing her own stuff.
Yeah no. This thread is practically dead so making a spin off thread of this is kind of dumb. Just keep all the weeb idol stuff confined to here.
Jesus fuck the autism

No. 302762

She does actually look good here. What a surprise.

No. 305698

looking at the Love Life of An Asian guy drama and comments I don't think Amina was exaggerating about the amount of SJWs and Black weebs who give her shit. Those people went full on retard.

No. 305915

Black weebs are the only ones who like her which is why she didn't have any fans as an idol lol

No. 305928

File: 1494084362626.jpg (65.75 KB, 914x441, album.JPG)

looks like Himezawa tries to make music again after her failed idol project. She will perform live on the 29th April at CosLive lmao I hope there is a way to see this performance.

No. 305929

She should just give it up and go to school.

No. 306051

You brutes ! she is the most talented and beautiful goddess amongst us. Have you no shame ?

No. 306068

No. 306070

Her video quality is getting better, still it's so blurring it makes me blind but better. She's also hanging out with that girl hineka is friends with.

No. 306111

No more black weebs hate her actually

No. 306115

>That audio mixing

No. 306179

More black weebs hate her because she's only relevant to them. No other demographics care enough to hate her.

No. 306183

File: 1494115555078.png (127.8 KB, 1242x734, IMG_0948.PNG)

No. 306287

They both sound retared.
Anina for even giving her haters time this is why she keeps getting hate.
that girl for mention neckbeard and reddit

No. 307624

Please miss Amina .I am a foreign student to your shores . I am looking for wife for visa . I can promise many shoes and blankets . please write to me email for marriage

No. 308277

I'll marry you , I need some new shoes and blankets lmfao !!!

No. 309726

She got lip fillers done. That's why she looks better. Her thin and long lips made her look creepy.

No. 311595

leave the child alone , she dindu nothing wrong . Only god can judge her .

No. 312416

Alessia Reyna?
idol??? wasn't she the one that tried to join Black Diamond circle?

No. 312421


I cannot find the video but found this http://sonohimori.blog.jp/archives/8604867.html lol

No. 312461

Got a friend who use to date Gemma. Apparently she cheats and sleeps around a lot. She also has a complex, and thinks she's better than everyone else. Go figure she is doing AV now. This photo looks nothing like her real self irl

No. 312469

File: 1494736736864.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 88.04 KB, 1920x1080, 50564E58-0B09-4E37-8F8A-DBB806…)

Also Gemma definitely has a lot of wrinkles and dark circles/terrible teeth. Here is a photo of her when she was a cruel angel. Can't imagine how much more wrinkles she's earned herself over these past years. Don't understand how can the most shittiest personality, is being favored just cause she looks better compared to Amina

No. 312479

her face is completely normal. You're reaching hard.

No. 312489

That Alyssia girl starts shit with everyone in the Italian weeb community and hates Yuriko's guts. She's so fucking cringe worthy and it's sad how she's embarrassing herself. Who let her go on Japanese tv?
Gemma looks kind of old tbh but she's white so that's a given. I think Amina has more of an awkward kid face but Gemma isn't necessarily super beautiful either. Nobody in this thread is super model gorgeous.

No. 312496

There is no reach when she obviously has pretty bad wrinkles since her cruel angel career. It's just how her face is.

No. 312500

Amina doesn't look young at all though. She has kind of unfortunate skin and mature features despite doing her best to make expressions like a kindergartener who wet herself.

No. 312519

File: 1494748073912.png (225.61 KB, 481x452, cedd176cf656d113ee32f1516b0c96…)

No. 312523

Amina and Gemma look like the same age to me

No. 312528

The screencap you posted isn't even actual wrinkles though? She has some defined nasolabial folds, sure, but that's not a sign of age, just genetics. I will agree though, that she is sporting some actual fine lines in her more recent photos, particularly around her forehead.

Amina has some pretty defined laugh line herself, but she's usually making that weird face so I suppose that kind of throws it off?

No. 312538

>nasolabial folds
Oh god shut up

No. 312568

I'm pretty certain it's normal to have those when you are smiling or laughing… NOT when you are at rest. In that screencap her mouth is resting and the lines are so pronounced. I believe she was around 16 or 17 in that cap as well. Gemma had always looked old and had always caked on tons of makeup to hide her lines and wrinkles. Even so it still shows through it all.

No. 312979

Okay, Abbie

No. 313012

What else should we call them? That's kind of the technical term, anon.

No. 313068

Wait … Beckii Cruel did noods ???

No. 313079

>I'd love to bust a nut in that !
Good luck , fella , all these weebs are ace (though they claim to be bisexual just to look cool and sophisticated)

No. 313152

No. She didn't.
Though there is a girl out there who did nudes and she looks a lot like beckii

Can't remember her name though…. Think she was with Candy Doll.

No. 313340

Nice intercept , Becki !

No. 313345


No. 313369

Nevermind, I doubt there are any receipts. These posts are all made by the same person, probably trying to shit-stir and spread rumors.

No. 315465

File: 1495109289224.png (202.59 KB, 1242x1211, IMG_1021.PNG)

No. 315647

I do remember the girl with nudes who looked like beckii back in the day, but I didn't save it because it wasn't her.

…although have you seen beckii recently? who even wants to see that naked?

No. 315754

>Looks like a trap.

No. 315766

Coco was my least favorite character from Boku no Pico.


No. 315802

Looks like she's on her way to becoming an escort, camgirl, or some other sex worker ala m0m0ko.
Maybe she'll evolve into a slightly less crusty version of Himeka.

No. 315830

Like barbie(delandra) did? the pic arent bad but like the other anon said it make her look like trap so she only going to appeal to guys who like trap or guys whos into chick with dicks

No. 315831

I can see her becoming a cam girl, can't see her becoming a porn star but then again I wasn't really expecting the gravure DVD so who knows.

No. 316024

Plenty of weeb Internet neckbeards like girls with flat chests ~~dat legal Loli~~ honestly I can see her appealing to the neckbeards who follow her and post borderline pedo shit on Facebook. I honestly doubt she'll become a full on cam girl. She was awkward enough in gravure which isn't porn at all so I really don't see her shoving dildos up her ass on cam. Probably just a lewd cosplayer who pimps herself on Patreon. She's far too autistic to do actual porn. You can't really make predictions like this from one slutty selfie lmao.

No. 323534

File: 1495983568074.png (344.89 KB, 1242x1763, IMG_1049.PNG)

Amina will be leaving Japan soon

No. 323707

How come people ITT obsess over her leaving Japan? It's really weird. People have been saying she should leave Japan since she got there.

No. 323709

Dat sucks I was hoping she'd land in an okay group just to see what happens but I guess nobody from the old "net idol" community is gonna make it in a comfortable stable group or career.

She's once again saving face while reminding plp she got a lame little contract at age 17.

No. 323713

She was in a group, was on tv, did gravure and had minor success as an "underground idol". I would say the miss iD thing and releasing a photo book with them is bigger than the other net idols(than Beckii). She did the same amount as Keeki, Kerupani, that one blonde girl I forgot her name. Idk why people are so antagonistic towards her. Her attitude isn't even really bad. It just feels like a lot of vendetta fags who are finally glad to see her give up.

No. 323715

Idol shit is really hard. If any of these bitches were Japanese nobody would know their names. Trust me by saying most of them got a better following than any Japanese girl would. There's thousands of idol groups in Japan. Most don't make it past 6months. The aidoru shit is a horrible industry and I wish more girls would focus on school and careers than doing idol stuff.

No. 323718

Calm down, she wanted more from it and it never happened and her frustration is always obvious. I'm not bashing her it's just from observation she hasn't been I'm anything stable since she got there, she tried and that's okay.

No. 323729

>bigger than the other net idols(than Beckii)
Beckii released like three photobooks, a series of English learning DVDs for nips, and came pretty close to breaking out of the "underground idol" scene. She even spawned a BBC documentary about her endeavors, and people from the west still associate that old "Danjo" meme with her. She came closest to the gaijin idol dream tbh. It's a tad delulu to think Ami ever even came close, let alone surpassed her in any way.

No. 323746

I meant other than beckii. I should've worded it better. Other than Beckii I can't name a foreign "aidoru" that got more attention than Amina. Keeki got a lot of attention online but Amina being the first black aidoru or whatever got a lot of click bait from Japanese and western media.
Beckii is washed up and Ami was never famous in the first place. it's not that serious tbh

No. 323749

>being this mad
which black girls are Kawaii member are you?

No. 323754

>being this new
>not realizing people use the word "delulu" on this site
Not everyone who doesn't whiteknight Ami is some jealous hambeast lmao.

No. 323758

She has popularity with whites and blacks. I don't think japanese people have any interest, this was obvious when at her concert only two people showed up.

No. 323760

Am I the only who feels a bit satisfied when these weebs get chewed up and spat out by japan then go running back to America?

No. 323784

If you look at akihabara sixteen most of the people that performed there got 0-3 people in the audience. Japanese or not. It was a shitty venue to begin with and I feel like she should've joined a group from the beginning rather than fucking around with her shady management and that Akiba 16 place. It was a shit hole.
Also I don't get pleasure from seeing people's dreams failing. Especially if they don't seem like bad people in the first place. I just wish more weebs focused on education etc. even Leah Dizon failed in the end. Now she's a single mom trump supporter back in her white trash town. I think the dumbest was that Kelsey parnigoni girl. She should've stayed in Japan after her working holiday thing ended.

No. 323786

I've never heard a non black girl say "Delulu" just saying. Also it's weird how whenever Beckii is mentioned on this site there's a ton of people there to kiss her ass

No. 323977

Maybe she didn't wanna waste her life trying to follow pipe dream.

No. 323978

I've seen other posters here, especially in the Kiki thread, use the word, and that was my first encounter with it at all. No word on if they're black or not, though.
Regardless, it's just true that Beckii got the farthest out of all the gaijin weeb idols. It's not even ass-kissing, it's the truth kek. It seems to irritate those who big up Aminyan in these threads for whatever reason.

No. 323979

Amina and her fans assume that anyone who says anything about her must be a ugly black girl who is jealous of her.

No. 324608

or that their beckii fans and ass-kissers

No. 324673

Amina and Beckii seem to be on good terms so this makes no sense

No. 325003

Kelsey was in Japan 2 months ago.

No. 325192

Kelsey parnigoni. Not Kelsey what's her face kimono time. Pls don't bring up the British weebs they're an entirely different eye sore.

No. 327453

File: 1496384469538.jpeg (97.6 KB, 640x754, image.jpeg)

I'm shocked more farmers don't talk about the cringe show that is Teya. Not to mention her con comm leaking private chats / info about her to Aminyan. Recently she pretended to have a guest performance at a small con in Minnesota but it was actually a submitted panel. Kek

No. 327454

File: 1496384563309.jpeg (409.49 KB, 1152x2048, image.jpeg)

I'm just pressed that someone who has had this hairstyle for the past 5 years has the nerve to talk shit about anyone lmao

No. 327578

Well, that's what black hair looks like pre wigs and chemicals.

No. 327590

Being natural has nothing to do with it. She looks like the loud girl and middle school sho always talks shit. There's natural hairstyles that actually look attractive kek

No. 327593

It's a pony tail. It only looks weird because it's nappy.

No. 327597

This is the kind of ponytail you wear when you're stressed during finals or going to Walmart at 2am. This is literally her "official hairstyle" since 2012. nothing about her being natural but I always found it hilarious that someone who talks so much shit barely does anything with herself. Also for a "dancer" she's in awful shape

No. 327601

File: 1496410744744.jpeg (60.92 KB, 480x480, image.jpeg)

I've never seen a pic of this bitch where she looks remotely presentable. She should also learn to contour that potato nose of hers

No. 327618

Never knew this chick was trying to be an idol but I do know she works at the mcdonalds in akihabara- went there last in april so im assumign she isnt an idol.

No. 327619

lmao are you serious?

No. 327624

yes. I was visiting tokyo with my boyfriend and she was so rude to him because he spilled some aspirins in the mens bathroom… her manager came by and her tune changed completely. I was just shocked to see the mean girl from mcdonalds in a thread lolol

No. 327631

She looks pretty big. How tall or fat was she?

No. 327640

she was much taller than me, but im not sure if the floor behind the counter was possibly raised- maybe she was 5'8-5'10? she was bigger than those photos… couldnt give you a weight since im bad at guessing. But yeah she works at the mcdonalds near the burger king that was under renovation out past- near the square enix cafe.

No. 342672

File: 1498664081924.jpg (111.85 KB, 359x492, 19553437_10208855851985192_358…)

Amina just posted this on facebook and all her fans are freaking out saying shes been hacked

No. 342673

File: 1498664099263.jpg (78.27 KB, 359x472, 19553543_10208855852745211_211…)

No. 342674

File: 1498664123120.jpg (Spoiler Image, 84.2 KB, 359x478, 19622306_10208855852465204_387…)

No. 342678

amina is live streaming drunk saying she can't afford bread lol

No. 342719

Can someone explain this? Is this really her boyfriend and did she post this cringe or was it someone else with access to her photos/account?

No. 342724

File: 1498667690323.jpg (42.21 KB, 1078x319, _20170628_183323.JPG)

No. 342728

you idiots always rake the obvious bait

No. 342730

Who's that ugly white guy? Her sugardaddy?

No. 342735

from wotakunow some idol dude

No. 342956

That's her boyfriend. It was a secret. She must be really drunk to be posting this shit.

No. 342957

He's the guy she stayed with when she came to London.

No. 342964

She's not in a group anymore and her Twitter bio even says "former idol". I don't get why anyone cares anymore. At least make her a seperate thread (that isn't vendetta/filled with weird baseless accusations)

No. 342967

It's not an accusation. When did I criticise her for having a boyfriend? It's her life and she can do what she wants.

She does have her own thread, but she has too many white knights.

No. 342968

Woah, is Amina self destructing? Seems like really manic behavior. Is it because she's not in the idol group anymore?

No. 342971

The admin locked her thread a year ago because most of the posts were pure vendetta. I don't think she has any new thread.

No. 342975

Nah that group sucked and she wrote about leaving in February. She always trolled people. Like her stream last year where she joked and said she'd do a gofundme for her weave. She's really weird but there's no conspiracy behind it

No. 342992

This looks straight up terrifying.

No. 342999

Is this forrreal?kek

No. 343001

Damn It seems himeka and Amina have the same taste in men. Why is it girls who are into all this cute shit always end up with middle aged white men?

No. 343002

They're only looking for someone to support their lifestyle and ego typically. It's less about love, or aesthetic, and more about finding a guy who will put up with your weird hobbies and help pay for them/take care of you.

No. 343003

Count down to Amina's av career

No. 343004

Well at least we know now how she's been affording all these trips etc

No. 343006

She's When posting more and more sexy photos lately. Probably wants validation from men since being black in japan has most likely done a number on her self esteem.

No. 343013

kek at armchair psychology

Even though Amina and Himeka used to be friends I still can't understand the meme here of saying they're ~~exactly the same~~. This guy is a fan/white knight of Amina or something. She's pretty cringe worthy but it's kind of retarded to say she's the same as Himeka or Micky. It's obvious she's trolling 9/10 times.

No. 343018

We don't know anything about this guy or how Amina met him. If he was just some sugar daddy I doubt she would post anything about him.

Honestly I love the tea/gossip but the way people ITT tend to jump from one wild theory to a next is retarded. Just last month someone said she was going to be a cam girl or pornstar because of a bikini picture. there's so many cringe worthy Aidoru groups and aspiring aidoru but ITT just makes up weird conspiracy theories. Full of autism

No. 343026

Amina is just a pretty version of himeka. TBH I'm somewhat shocked at the path Amina is going down, I thought she was one of the most level headed wannabe idols.

No. 343027

She wasn't trolling. She was drunk and when you're drunk the truth comes out kek

No. 343029

Yeah, I'm sure she fell for him for his good looks and amazing personality. He's from wotakunow and has been an idol fan/chaser for years now.

No. 343047

You guys are so fucking dumb. It's her boyfriend. She came to London just for this guy. I know of the guy through mutual friends. She's dating him.

No. 343058

Cool? Who is saying that they aren't in some kind of a relationship here? We're all just surprised, amused, or horrified she's dating some old, idol chasing, white dude and is posting pics of him squeezing her tits.

No. 343060

File: 1498704365959.png (181.94 KB, 400x400, t0xa8in47s8ikma6whd0_400x400.p…)

Her boyfriend is Lukas, who used to run the fanboy idol website wotakunow. His handle is Shirow and he's from the UK. Guy seems like a bit of a creep with a huge idol obsession. His other hobbies include video games and heavy drinking.

His twitter:

No. 343074

>dating someone
>I can't believe the path she's going on!
This thread is full of retards

No. 343077

No it's really her boyfriend. But the whole "I can't afford bread!" "I'm gonna get money for gofunde to sponsor my weave" bit is totally trolling.
They're both huge idol fans so I'm sure they have a ton in common and I see them talking a lot on Twitter too. His new handle is @shirowota. I don't think they're a weird couple they seem to have a lot in common.

Shirow is a huge idol shit poster on hello-online a hello project message board and Amina said in the live stream that's how they met. He also white knighted for her a lot on r9k and shit. He's one of the Reddit redpill fanboys she wanted to appeal to and now they're fucking. So…yay? Kek

No. 343092

Sorry this is my last shit post but this whole constructed "scandal" really is hilarious to me. I honestly can't see Amina the same as Himeka. I really just don't see a few sexy thirst trap pictures as being the same as doing an entire porn/having a child sexualizing tumblr blog. Ami is pretty awkward and a-sexual, but she seems to fall in line with the "sex positive" tumblr stuff. If you guys read her Twitter her autism really shines there….

We have to remember too she's factually autistic so I think a huge part of this is her thinking she's funny/not knowing it's weird to date some fanboy. Women with autism or aspergers often date older guys and can be easily manipulated by them. It's not weird some fanboy came along, said the right stuff and she "fell in lub"

No. 343101

File: 1498709428358.png (269.83 KB, 578x618, 09234892.png)

No. 343123

This sort of gives me yumi and spelnda daddy vibes

No. 343125

The new Twitter seems to be @shirowota I looked at the wotakunow one and there hasn't been a post in years.

I wonder if Amina is into ddlg. She's never publicly indicted it or even talked about sex really but I wouldn't be shocked. This whole thing is hilarious.

No. 343129

File: 1498711347187.png (317.32 KB, 589x386, 765435.PNG)

No. 343130

File: 1498711453183.jpeg (63.21 KB, 640x684, image.jpeg)

This guy is a total edge lord.

No. 343132

They're both sluts. People only white knight Amina because she's in a fued with himeka, Barbie, micky moon or what the fuck her name is and himeka sister. If we ignore all that she's just a weeb slut like the rest of them.

No. 343133

How tho? Bitches upload pictures of themselves in revealing clothes on Instagram all the time. Micky isn't really a slut by idk why people come here to say "she's just as bad as Himeka" or any other random. She's still in school and doesn't run a porn blog and have unprotected sex with old guys from Craigslist. Idk how that's equivalent to neckbeard pandering bikini pictures.

No. 343134

>posts half naked bikini selfies
>did a DVD where a middle aged Japanese man rubbed lotion on her bare ass
>gets drunk
>has middle aged white otaku squeeze her tits

It's too late to push the shy and awkward narrative at this point

No. 343135

Just because women do it all the time doesn't make it not slutty kek

No. 343137

Damn she's about to go full Thot

No. 343142

The only two things that stand out about that is her DVD and posting bikini selfies. That's literally it. Having a boyfriend/sex life and getting drunk isn't some huge crazy thing and it's not milk at all. This same thread predicted she'd be a pornstar just for uploading swimsuit pictures. It's a huge reach. Please more milk about this shirow guy though because he seems more cringey than her.

No. 343143

File: 1498712090656.jpg (58.4 KB, 600x454, AmLIaQPCIAI_Z9N.jpg)

I wish there were more pictures of him available, his facebook is barren and the only ones we've seen are super dodgey. He looks like a typical red-faced flabby celtic guy though, receding hairline and all. His older pics he looks more like a standard 90's edge lord. Here's a pic of him dressed like JP from grandma's boy.

I do get kind of pedo vibes from the dude and he's obviously very attracted to really young, very petite, innocent looking types. He's made a lot of comments saying girls looked like hookers, or linking to porn parodies of young idols, etc. He seems like a creep. Amina just seems dim which leads me to agree with >>343123 with the yumi/splenda comparison.

No. 343144

i have a theory. I think it is Amina's bf who white knights her so hard here.

No. 343146

Also the DVD is pretty awkward and uncomfortable. It wasn't sexually arousing at all and I really didn't get the vibe she wanted to do it but was rather pressured to do it by her management to appeal to black fetishists. She was pretty shy and the DVD isn't as erotic as people here are making it out to be. I don't think she'll ever do full out porn but her having a boyfriend isn't a huge deal especially since she's said she isn't an idol anymore. At least this thread is getting exciting.

No. 343148

She never was an idol. Just a flop.

No. 343150

>this shirow guy

Shirow stop trying to get efame

No. 343151

Is OP the same guy?

Amina is kind of becoming more sexualizing but it's really awkward. I really think there's someone telling her to do this and he's behind it all. As cringey as she is I don't think she's a bad person just weird/dim/autistic and can't pick up that the guy she loves is a total weirdo.

No. 343153

I don't think she will do porn but I think becoming a cam girl is very likely

No. 343156

she was signed and in a group anon. A shitty group but she was in one. Not to mention playboy and got some online weeb fame. She was an idol just like keekihime and Kelsey. foreign idols typically lose their appeal after 6 months when they make their rounds on the gaijin tv shows

No. 343157

Am I the only who thinks that Amina never came off as innocent or nice?

No. 343158

I don't think she's a pure angel but she never came off as mean spirited or anything and the only time she addressed drama was when people kept fucking with her or contacted her family. she seems cringe worthy but not mean or anything. Like Yumi. The only people who say she's mean are SJWs who didn't agree with her. Besides that most people who met her IRL at cons said she was cutesy but chill.

No. 343161

I didn't say she was mean spirited. I said she doesn't seem nice. The stuff she's doing now defiantly doesn't come as a surprise if you've been following what she's been doing for the past year. It was only a matter of time because she started whoring herself.

No. 343162

You guys might deny it but I am predicting by the end of next year Amina will be doing cam girl work.

No. 343164

I think it's him, but it's hard to say. Rei is one of the idols he seems to follow rather closely.

This also seems likely, There are examples of his writing in his old fanboy blog, it seems similar to her wk.

No. 343165

She has sugar daddies behind the scenes. It was proven years ago. She's definitely a sugar baby. As for camming I think she'd do lewd Twitch streams and offer Lewds on Patreon. She's good at appealing to pasty white (and black) neckbeards so she'd make way much more cash doing that than the Japan aidoru gig. Maybe even become the next Yumi King. I don't see why she would ever cam if she's a sugar baby. You make way much more money that way and it's far more discrete.

No. 343167

File: 1498713498692.jpg (252.07 KB, 1242x1993, IMG_1269.JPG)

Ha she actually is a yumi king fan . I wouldn't be shocked if shes into the ddlg lifestyle.

No. 343176

Amina is flat chested, really small and thin for English standards, weird young face and acts like she's a 13 year old boy on 4chan. She's a dream for weeb ehebephiles. I'm wondering if she wants a EU citizenship and this is the closest thing he can get to legal Loli aidoru waifu. Crazy as hell

No. 343178

Honestly, I think she's just settling after finding her idol career in Japan not really taking off. He's desperate for a loli idol waifu, but a Japanese idol wouldn't give a guy like him a chance, Amina is perfect for him in that sense. And given their relationship, he's probably babying her, keeping her fed, paying for her travel, etc. so it's a convenient relationship for her too. He also seemingly played the part of a good little minion/white knight and advertised her around the forums and defended her across the internet.

No. 343180

Amina also worked with Rei a few times not to mention won't think his obsession with teen girls is weird because she's probably seen more fucked up shit in Japan. I just wonder how her other neckbeard fanboys/white knights will take it because she has a few on R9k and /jp/. I saw a 4chan thread a while ago asking for rips of her DVD and her bf teased that he had it but wouldn't leak it. All makes sense now.

Also Amina seems desperate to become a Kawaii hausuwaifu so this seems like the perfect chance. Plus normal women would think he's a freak for liking teen girls so much when dude is 30.

No. 343207

File: 1498717150158.jpeg (14.89 KB, 470x100, image.jpeg)

He commented this on her Facebook kek

No. 343227

File: 1498718583933.png (12.44 KB, 515x256, may8.png)

No. 343358

Keeping it open for that Japanese qt that he really wants.

No. 343360

It must suck being with a man who would leave you for a underage Japanese girl in a heart beat

No. 343363

Amina's relationship is still listed as "single" but on her original Facebook she said they were engaged. She's the closest to a Jap Loli this guy will ever get kek

No. 343398

You don't think it's milk but having a white middle-aged pedo boyfriend and drunk posting boob squeezing pics is just not a good look for her or anyone else. We're just amused or mildly horrified at her stupidity. But I guess, it doesn't really matter what crap she posts on the internet since she's given up on the idol life + any idol fans she has acquired.

No. 343414

That person is one particular stan who posted about her in Micky's thread, too. You can tell because they claimed people said she'd become a "porn star just for uploading swimsuit pictures" both times, despite the fact that literally no one said that.

No. 343449

Amina's either going to get married to some middle age white man and go down the yumi king route or she's going to get in to light sex work like raunchy gravure or cam girling. In all her time in japan I still don't really know what kind of career she's trying to get out of her studies.

No. 343471

Why not both. I can honesly see her doing both

No. 343482

She's said it before but journalism. I can understand her wanting to be private with school shit because idol stuff isn't necessarily allowed on student visa.

No. 343486

>sex work
No. Just no.

Also if she has an older husband paying for her lifestyle I don't see why she needs to do sex work? It's not like Yumi where she doesn't want to be sent back to a 3rd world country.

No. 343489

File: 1498763275408.png (42.38 KB, 633x304, 8675.PNG)

No. 343492

She was in playboy six months ago and release the DVD in like July 2016. Y'all are really late.

No. 343493

>No. Just no.
Read >>343489, watch her awkward-ass gravure DVD with breast groping and just accept it already, anon. This combined with her findomme shit from before means she's already dipped her toes in the sex work industry. Being a camgirl is not that impossible for her at all.

No. 343494

>Tweet is from 2 day ago

>Next week I have the first professional gravure shoot I did "since" my playboy weekly interview

No. 343496

I don't think camming is impossible but I really doubt her new boyfriend who very well still sees her as an aidoru would like that. It's one thing to wear half naked bikinis on Instagram. In camming you're using actual toys, usually fully naked etc. There's no turning back.
The findomme screenshots were from like 2012, the source was Himeka so I don't see them as all that reliable. Amina seems like another sex post tumblr pseudo feminist but she's not really open about sex the way most of these girls are. The only reason she stands out is because kawaii aidoru. I just can't imagine her shoving a dildo up her ass on camera. I think gravure shoots are the furthest that she'll go and still be a sugar baby or marry a rich old guy. If you're a sugar baby there's no point in camming.

No. 343498

I know but I don't see why this was put here as if it's something new. She's been doing cringe worthy "lewd" shoots for over a year now but nobody cared until March of this year. It's weird.

No. 343501

Isn't Keekihime doing Patreon cosplay Lewds by the way? And Kelsey Parnigoni had her own gravure DVD. What is it with these girls and doing erotic shit?

No. 343505

Let's be real here. Her bf is a mess and Amina is young/immature. This relationship most likely won't even last.

No. 343512

Remember that famous jap anime creator she always hug around? Takimoto? I think Amina just has a thing for old edge lords

No. 343513

Anymore deets on shirow? He doesn't really remind me of yumi's husband but more so your typical Reddit redpilled neckbeard edge lord

No. 344052

All of this just kinda shows that Amina is a mess. I feel sorry for her. She's depressed as hell and now dating a greasy old white man who obsesses over idols. She's clearly having a breakdown.

I'm just curious how did that groping pic become public. Did she or her bf post it and where.

I can't believe that she was getting pissy at people about sending her gravure DVD to her family but look at this. Everyone was gonna see her DVD at some point anyway.

No. 344054

How can Teye insult Amina where her face and body are two different shades. I can't get how delusional she is.

And she was saying how she was planning on going to Japan to become an idol. At least make an effort. Especially before you start publically insulting others kek

No. 344124


Trying to bring up old non-milk… why? To draw the topic away from your precious Amina?
Or are you Teya trying to make yourself relevant again?

Nobody cares about Teya,…. Give it up

No. 344238

>she's clearly having a breakdown
I don't understand posts like this that psychoanalyze her. Maybe she's with him because he helps her with finances. Or because she has daddy issues. Maybe she actually likes him.

I don't get why her having a boyfriend and making drunk posts about him is "proof she's on the deep edge!" The only thing about her boyfriend is that he's 30. That's hardly "middle aged". I honestly like the cringe posts about Amina but this thread is ridiculous with the psychoanalysis. Every time she mentions America anons ITT say "SHE JUST NEEDS TO GO BACK TO DETROIT" it's really weird and reeks of vendetta. By the way, not every Wk in here is Amina or her bf. Just like not every other anon is Himeka/Micky/Teya

No. 344254

I hope you also white knight the Dakota and Taylor thread just as much ffs.

I can state my opinion without you responding with your paragraphs of nothing.

He looks greasy and is into loli idol stuff.
She posted a picture of him groping her? How is that normal Amina behaviour. Coupled with the fact that she's mentioned her depression getting really bad and has regularly been speaking bad towards Japan where she currently lives in. I can't state my one opinion based of my observations? Ok anon.

Y'all can white knight till your face goes blue but we can talk about her as much as we like. It's not even like I insulted her. I just made an observation.

No. 344259

No but the exaggerating is ridiculous. I saw a post where she complained about the trains/sitting down and someone here wrote "SHE JUST NEEDS TO LEAVE JAPAN!!!1" I mean maybe she's depressed but doesn't really seem like it.

Taylor isn't a cow either and there's a shit ton of jealous bitches in her thread. I don't mind legitimate milky stuff but when it becomes "by next year Amina is gonna be married and a cam girl and commit suicide and manic" it's really creepy. Not to mention her parents apparently already knew about the DVD. To my knowledge someone uploaded it all to a porn site and barraged her parents with the link. That's not "to be expected" especially considering she keeps her real name etc private.
Like I said I don't mind legit milk like this was and I don't think it's Micky in this thread. But I don't see people psychoanalyze Taylor so much or some other cows like Sere. It's just very very….weird

No. 344356

I bet after this school semester she's going to move to London

No. 344368

/snow/ has been saying she's going to move to America since 2015 and she hasn't yet. Idk why you guys are obsessed with cows leaving Japan. It's much funnier when they're actually in Japan.

No. 344394

Shes openly talked about her depression and how she's had it for years. Stop acting dumb. There's no "maybe" about her having it. You've just exposed your whiteknighting as BS. I'm not even responding to you guys any more

No. 344397

I think Amina has been mentally "off" for a while now but the only weird thing I see about this relationship is her being drunk and uploading the boobs pic. She does dumb posts and live streams drunk at least once a month…they're both huge idol fans and edge lords. She's an adult and not in a group anymore so I really don't see what the huge deal is. Plus him being a former "fan" of hers I'm sure he'll placate how weird she acts/coddle her. She's kind of "off" and it's obvious she's on the autism spectrum but all the speculating about him being her sugar daddy and her being suicidal is fucking retarded. This thread is for wannabe idols. Amina, Keeki, Himezawa aren't idols or gave up. There's actual gaijin cringe aidoru in Japan like Ally & Sally or those blonde Russian girls not to mention the hoards of weeb idol groups on YouTube and Cgl. Why keep bringing up the same washed up flops?

No. 344398

Sage for shit post but I just don't see how she's "whoring herself" or her "life is in shambles" because she's dating some weird guy. Is this thread really lacking that much milk? I guess I'm a white knight but this is so damn stupid.

No. 344428

Japan really chews these girls up and spits em out.

No. 344437

>why do you guys want cows to leave Japan?

It's oddly satisfying seeing weebgirls dreams get crushed in japan.

No. 344438

Tbh I had no problem with Amina at first but her white Knights make me want to see her fail even more.

No. 344443

Seek mental help

No. 344488

No. 344525

Post milk about them then. Who are these Russian weebs?

No. 346731

I'd be interested in any gossip about ally and sally tbh. Who're the Russian chicks?

No. 346753


There probably isn't any. Amina's white knights/knight always follow the same pattern

>Calls Amina cringey or some form of mild insult to make them seem like they aren't a wk

>Vendetta Vendetta and/or No milk rant
>Adds some other weeb's name to try to defer arguments

Then they never back up their claims of milk for other weebs

No. 346787

>There's actual gaijin cringe aidoru in Japan like Ally & Sally

They have a thread here.

No. 346856

Bgak is an example of other african dispora people hating onafrican americans. They co opt our "things" but then talk down to us for reasons of their own.

No. 347088

I'm pretty sure the admin closed it but let me know if there's a recent one. Either way this is the aidoru thread so I find it really spergy how people freak out when weeb idols are mentioned here outside of Amina. The Wks are annoying but admins have proved multiple times that Micky and Himeka come here. It's not a grand conspiracy. It was proven. I don't think most of the people in here are them but I'm really fucking tired of the armchair diagnoses or wild speculation when really the only "milk" is a DVD that came out over a year ago and everyone knows. It's a dead horse. I don't think having a boyfriend is milk either. If you're going to post in this thread fine but don't make your vendettas so fucking obvious.

No. 347142

>arm chair diagnosis

It's not arm chair diagnosing because Amina already said herself that she has problems with anxiety and depression.

No. 347143

>having a bf isn't milk

You're right having a bf isn't milk But having a short white middle age lolicon bf who is obsessed with underaged Japanese girls is.

No. 347149

She literally posted one picture of them and people started calling him her sugar daddy, finding tweets he made from ten years ago…its just really weird because she's not famous or anything.

No. 347152

i keep reading on Amina's twitter and she's accusing idol fans of being madonna whores for expecting idols not to date. I see a lot of people saying this so I think it relates to the thread. I want to ask people who say idols should be able to openly date this "what would be the point of supporting an idol with a bf/gf?" Think about it! Idols can't sing, can't dance, they don't produce their own music, they don't write their own lyrics…literally the only reason a people support their favorite idol is because they are interested in them romantically, it might sound pathetic but that's the truth for most people. Most people aren't going to want to spend their cash on an idol who has a bf, it just ruins the fantasy of it all. Idols have very little talent(most of them have none at all) and their main appeal is to be attractive to the opposite sex. That is pretty much what their job is. If they want to be able to fuck and suck on any guy they want without any consequence then they shouldn't choose to be idols. Can't have your cake and eat it too.

No. 347154

And to be honest I really think Amina likes the attention. She really reminds me of the kardashians because she doesn't care if she gets bad attention only if it's attention. She knew how people would react to her fucking a 30 year old neckbeard just how when she "exposed" BGAK and hammed up the beef with Teya. It's obvious she doesn't care about being an idol anymore so I think she will do anything for some weeb fame and glory. It's kind of working because her subscribers/Facebook followers get more after she does some stupid shit. She does a cringe worthy publicity stunt and literally forgets about it the next day or makes one status about ~less all be frands~~ knowing full and well what's she's done.

No. 347155

Amina. Isn't. An idol anymore. That's why she started talking about her bf etc. yeah she does weeb shit still panders to neckbeards and idol fags but she's even said she's not an idol. Her Twitter says former idol on it.

No. 347156

In the past she complained about idols not being able to date and I'm not just talking about her. I think everyone who says idols should be able to openly date are retarded.

No. 347157

She's not like Lonlon or those other bitches in the sense where she mentions it constantly though. By armchair diagnosis I mean the people who take a quote of her saying "I have anxiety" once to mean "AMINAS GONNA FUCKING KILL HERSELF" or "I hate annoying people on the train" will become "Amina is always bad mouthing Japan!!!!!1 Nippon is perfect she just don't know the culture!!! She's going back to amurica kek weeb Dream crush" that shit is annoying. The pics of her tits and that neckbeard's hands is hilarious. But the taking small tweets and making mountains out of them is annoying as shit.

No. 347158

She's never said idols have been able to date to my knowledge. I've seen her say "idols have boyfriends they usually keep secret" but she's never said idols should openly date. I agree people who say that are pretty retarded. I see it in the western fandom a lot.

No. 347160

Give us one example of someone saying Amina is going to kill herself?link the post. Only two people in this thread said anything about her mental state, everyone else is just cringing at her constantly taking photos in micro bikinis and her pedo bf.

No. 347161

It's funny because a few months ago she was talking about how she doesn't need male validation or crave attention from men but now she's posting half nude photos that only cover her nips and vag

No. 347163

>2 pictures
She's constantly taking pics in micro bikinis with a pedo.

Nobody said she was gonna commit suicide but it was an example. Just last week ITT someone said "she's taking bikini picture! Must be because she's black in Japan" or "she's a mental mess and having a crisis so now she's dating a pedophile" based on literally two pictures posted when drunk. The exaggerating is so annoying. Post milk let's have some keks and so on without these wild conspiracy theories.

No. 347165

>implying someone who openly had an eating disorder in the past wouldn't want to post sexy pictures to feel empowered

I'm going full SJW right now but I really don't understand when people here say anything sexual is milk. It makes me feel like the anon is 12 or something. Momokun is generally milky not for her ludes but how cringe worthy she acts. But just being sexual alone isn't milk.

No. 347167

>omg guys let's have some keks. I'm one of you guys!!!! I am not Amina's bf!

You're doing a terrible job at wking. Next you're going to say "Amina is cringe but there's no milk here!" For the 200th time.

No. 347168

These are all examples of the many instances of wild speculation or idol purist fags in this thread. It's really just annoying and beating a dead horse again and again.

No. 347169

amina gets shit for it because at first she acted like she was above doing stuff like this and was saying that "if I cared about male validation I'd be more famous" etc now here she is doing the same stuff she said she wouldn't do

No. 347170

Yes let's pick apart the same things over and over again and over analyze random tweets. Whenever way cringier weeb idols are posted here everyone is either enraged or kisses their ass. Honestly the anons that live ITT are pretty fucking strange.

No. 347171

Well she is pandering to r9k types. She even jokingly referred to herself as a nigress. It annoys me how one minute she tries to be on the black pride shit then the next she's calling herself a nigress and making black jokes.

No. 347172

Can you show me directly where she said that? Because 90% of this thread is "I heard Amina said _____ once 5 months ago!" Without any proof. Just like the people who posted her ancestrydna and said she was claiming not to be black kek.

No. 347173

Well post the milk other idols have to offer if you want to divert the attention off Amina

No. 347174

When has she ever been into black pride? Or pandered to r9k? Black people literally say nigress all the time jokingly. This is the same thread that said she's alt right. Until someone proves me wrong I still attest that most of this thread is SJWs that she pissed off for not being fat, dark skin and cow towing to their bullshit.

No. 347175

How does it feel to wk a woman who is too embarrassed to admit she's with you unless she's drunk?

No. 347178

Yet this is the -idol- thread. Why the fuck is everyone mad when someone talks about anyone else here? Especially when Gemma got posted and got wk the fuck out for no reason. Someone tried to make an Amina thread a month ago and it got locked by the admin almost immediately. Know why? There's literally no milk.

No. 347179

I have never heard a black women refer to themselves as nigress outside of 4chan

No. 347180

Then post some milk then. You can't stop people from talking about Amina, especially if you don't have something more interesting to talk about.

No. 347181

You're obviously not black because I've heard black people say it jokingly. Just like some black people say negro. Coon, porch monkey whatever nobody says jokingly or in a fun way. But I've heard people say nigress and negro plenty of times.

No. 347182

When that thread was created there was no milk but now there is.

No. 347184

I have never seen anyone refer to themselves as these things in real life. ive only heard them saying nigga.

No. 347185

If you were an african american you would have. It depends on the area. Its more of a northern thing. Its said tongue in cheek. Its almost like are 3edgy5me. I knew I was going to have to explain as soon as I saw she said/wrote that.

No. 347187

Kek I see her wk didn't reply to this post. I wonder why?

No. 347189

Talk about Amina all you want but the vendetta ITT is so obvious. It's obviously idol fags that are mad she doesn't fit their Jap creepy mold and disgruntled SJWs. Most of the stuff people post about her are problems with her politically which says a lot. Try and make another Amina thread if you want to analyze her tweets all day but the ONLY milk on her is literally one picture she posted with a guy, and he tweeted some weird shit ten years ago. Also he's fat. That's literally it.

No. 347190

That thread is literally three weeks old. Tre only new thing is she's dating a neckbeard who tweeted edgy shit seven years ago. wow such milk.

No. 347191

There's no need to post another thread for her because she can be talked about here. For the most part Amina is pretty boring and not worthy of a thread but every few months she has a few golden nuggets a of milk to laugh about.

No. 347192

The god awful gravure DVD didn't exist either and the bgak drama wasn't there yet oh and let's not forget that fued she had with that Asian guy

No. 347193

The only face picture of him on the Internet is of as hitler on Halloween and what Amina posted and quickly deleted. Even though his blog goes back over 10 years there's none. It's really weird but I wouldn't be surprised if he asked Amina not to post pictures of him.

No. 347195

All I got to say is Amina better stop dating these edgy white dudes from 4chan. They don't like black people theyd just date anyone female because they're desperate. She needs to get a normal man that she didn't meet online.

No. 347196

The latest thread about Amina is here.
This was 5weeks ago. The DVD has been out for over a year and the BGAK stuff is old.

No. 347197

Autism detected

No. 347199

>not dark skin

Does telling yourself that make you feel better at night because you don't have to accept the fact that you're dating a black women and not a Japanese girl?

No. 347200

Pls don't start this race baiting bullshit and take it to tumblr

No. 347201

Amina is actually dark skin. She's the same color as Himeka and Kelly Rowland

No. 347202

she needs to stop with that pink blush. She looks sick.

No. 347203

>talking about one singular woman
Retard detected

No. 347204

And no one was talking about the bgak drama. We are talking about her new bf and bikini pics.

No. 347205

File: 1499349496957.jpeg (65.28 KB, 638x480, image.jpeg)

Yeah the sick look thing is really popular but I've never liked it.
She uploaded bikini pics in May. Bikini pics aren't enough to start a new thread. Especially when she had an entire soft porn DVD since last year

No. 347206

The only time I've seen black people doing this is if they're the insecure gamer types who just want to fit in with their white peers. Never seen this kind of behavior outside of that.

No. 347208

Just because Japanese girls are doing it doesn't mean it doesn't look bad. They look like they have some kind of rash.

No. 347209

She uploaded a picture of herself in a micro bikini just an hour ago

No. 347210

Amina is secretly alt right conspiracy theory continues kek.

She has admitted in the past she went on 4chan and /b/ a lot when she was in middle school and I've seen her fuck around with YT skeptics on twitter(she hung out with TAA and took selfies with his gf) but I don't think she's alt right. She's definitely red pill though kek

No. 347211

I never said I think she's alt right. She's trying to appeal to those people and come off as "not like other black girls" then the next moment she will be complaining about the racism towards black.

No. 347213

Can you read? I'm saying the bikini pics existed before that thread was created and that isn't enough milk for an individual thread. Even if she's posting some now stop being a Puritan, bikini pictures alone isn't milk. Are you 12?

No. 347214

Yumi king has less milk then this and seems like a pretty sweet person but gets dragged pretty badly. Amina's white knights should go into her thread and help her out.

No. 347216

Yep. Because you either have to be a staunch SJW and agree with the church of tumblr or be a total safe hating coon. There's no nuance and no in between. You're not allowed opinions because that contradicts the church of tumblr. This anon proved my point that most of the people ITT just have a problem with her ideology more than anything.

No. 347217

I agree Amina is too boring for her own thread but every once a in a while she does something cringe and people talk about her here

No. 347218

Keeki hime and Finniyan and other "idols"post butt ass naked cosplays all the time have patreons and nobody says shit. Keeki hime is very rude and complains about everyone all the time it's barely mentioned here. Yuriko tiger was in playboy, has a ton of milk in the Italian cosplay community and she's barely mentioned. This isn't about bikini pics so stop pretending.

No. 347219

Yumi is very ugly but she has zero milk. The difference is that she has 500k subs and some actual fame. Nobody knows or cares who Amina is so to keep mentioning her here for very small stuff is weird

No. 347220

>you're not allowed opinions

Everyone's allowed opinions and everyone's allowed to say what they want, that is freedom of speech but the other side of freedom of speech is that if you say something people don't like, they can practice their freedom of speech by saying they don't like something you said. That's the sucky thing about freedom of speech, you can say what you want but that doesn't stop people from telling you they think your opinions are stupid.

No. 347222

Why are you regurgitating the classic Tumblr SJW response to free speech when it's completely irrelevant. I'm going to assume you can't read so I'll use small words. I don't understand how it's "pandering one minute and talking about black pride the next!" You're acting like people can't have varied opinions or views lest they be lying or pandering.

No. 347224

Just because I'm saying Amina is pandering to 4chan white guys doesn't mean I'm a sjw. Ya know varied opinions ;)

No. 347228

Himezawa scammed multiple people, has lied many times about joining a group, can't speak any Japanese, married a Twitter fan gaijin hunter for a visa after 3 months of being in Japan, relies on mommy and daddy to buy her shit so she won't get a job, became an idol despite not knowing what it meant, had beef with literally everyone in the foreign aidoru comm(Keekihime and others), is currently a fakeboi

Yet let's talk about Amina all day because she said nigress once half a year ago and posted a swimsuit photo.

No. 347232

Himezawa also has her own thread. We know she's a shit person. I don't think Amina is bad and I don't dislike her , I just think her drama is entertaining at times. Her white knights(aka her bf)acting like autists is just a bonus to it all.

No. 347234

Well I'm one of the "wk" anons I guess I'm a black girl and I think her bf is creepy but it's not really milk in my opinion. I've followed Amina since her maid cafe days but despite utter autism she doesn't seem like a bad person. I'm just really annoyed how this thread has become shit like a Highschool girls bathroom wall instead of actual conversation and milk. I just can't see sexual stuff as being milk. Maybe I'm an SJW kek(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 347237

Most of the people posted in snow aren't bad people but that doesn't stop people from talking shit about them. The thing you need to understand is a cow doesn't need to be a bad person to be a cow, they just need to be entertaining and provide laughs(for example pt isn't mean or bad but she's still the most popular cow). Amina doesn't deserve her own thread because it would just be like yumi kings theead with nothing but bullying and nit picking but eh sometimes she does lulz worthy shit and she's apart of that black weeb community. I honestly think himeka, micky and Amina are all cut from the same cloth, that's no surprise since they all use to be friends.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 347244

I don't think Amina was ever friends with Micky and for as long as I can remember they've hated one another. Her and Himeka used to be close but I remember Ami making a post saying Himeka was toxic and that she tried to stop Himeka from posting CP of herself. That's why when you hear Himeka saying Ami is jealous it's usually from that situation.

When Amina does lulzy stuff I think it's funny to have the tea but this thread is slowly becoming the Yumi one. Also even though Amina does ~lewds~ and her bf is an edge lord she still is in university (supposedly) and seems to have some common sense. You really can't say the same for Micky and Himeka.

No. 347340


What's up these "XYZ has done ABC yet anons continue to talk about Amina all day" type of comments.

If any weeb wannabe aidoru girl has milk just post it here instead of whining about about people talk more about Amina then those girls. Besides some of those girls have threads here or have been talked about here before.

No. 347365

>Black people literally say nigress all the time jokingly.
This is…not true. Now you're really grasping lmao.

No. 347379

Isn't wking report worthy? You're basically admitting it here
If seeing "no milk Amina" getting discussed triggers you so much hide the thread. Like what is your end game? Are you trying to get this thread locked like Amina's? No one is going to like her because you whine about it. If anything, you're making people hate her

No. 347567

I have never heard a black persons refer to themselves as that. I literally have never seen anyone use that word outside of storefront and 4chan.

No. 347587

Quit the infighting and keep the discussion on topic, please. Some temp bans have been issued to the worst offenders.

No. 347589

Thank christ

No. 347798

Link to the current ally and sally thread. They closed the one in pt abs moved it to snow

No. 347819

What's the point of linking a two year old thread?if there's no milk just post it.

No. 347822

File: 1499438299506.jpeg (57.76 KB, 621x384, image.jpeg)

Amina's Twitter followers white knight her here. they say stuff identical to the wks ITT

No. 347829

Idk, could be a coincidence. Usually those who support a person or a cause tend to repeat similar ideas. Though if that is the same person, they aren't exactly wrong about what they're saying. It's pretty factual.

No. 347889

>make you hate her

This is true. White knights can make people hate a person. I've seen it in the Kpop fandom, people go crazy white knighting an idol then people start taking their anger out on the idol.

No. 350462

https://discord.gg/axEA6sy for more shitty idols n their nudes

No. 350477

Wtf is that? Just post upload the photo.

No. 350479

i literally don't understand the attraction of these women and why people are so psychotic about them.

No. 352311

File: 1500026435570.png (69.79 KB, 1169x214, 105843.png)

No wonder Amina is flunking college.

No. 352319

Actually in Japan people make this mistake a lot and they sell them in stores as if they're the same thing. I've seen them mistaken even on Japanese TV. kinda sad you revived the thread with this "milk"

No. 352323

And? She isn't Japanese nor was she raised in Japan.

No. 352330

It doesn't make a fucking difference. If you're in a country for 2 years or more, living there, consuming their media, talking to people there all day and shopping from the stores there that sell that kind of shit all the time it's an easy mistake. Get out your feefees. .either update with milk or stop same fagging and bumping a thread with random irrelevant tweets.

No. 352337

don't get so mad anon, she's just ignorant

No. 352346

Not mad this just isn't worth reviving a week old dead thread.

No. 352351

It's not the Star of David to the Japanese, it's the Kagome Crest.
The more you know.
Honestly, it's a very simplistic design, I'm surprised it's not more common.

No. 353657

Anyone know about that girl who Natalia natchan hangs out with? Amina sometimes hangs out with her too. She's trying to become an idol and has her first live this month.

She was on SA looking for a sugar daddy before but it may not be a big deal. Depends on what sort of idol she's trying to become.

I find it interesting that she is trying to become an idol just when amina has pretty much stopped all her idol activities.

I'm guess she's taking tips on what not to do.

No. 353829

I used to go to Temple university for one semester as a study abroad student. I ran into them a few times. Amina is very quiet and low key IRL. She's cutesy but she's not really talkative. This girl on the other hand(I think her name is Alicia) talked so much. I saw her more than I saw Amina and she was really abrasive and cringey. She's obsessed with Jap guys and she was around 24 at the time and this was two years ago. I heard some other gossip about her at the school because she told everyone her business. I only was there one semester though…..

No. 353851


Wow, Yuka is looking real cute here. Darker hair suits her. And she finally learned how to do her brows.

Did Amina really stopped? I kinda liked her. Even when her cringey porn came out lol (Which I couldn't watch)


What gossip, anon? Spill it

No. 353886

I don't really know much about Aminas "idol" stuff but she seemed to be a normal student at school and didn't say much. I had a class with her and she usually just fucked off on her phone or computer. She was quiet but made small talk with people in the class. Nothing like her online persona.
I never told her I recognized her at school because I didn't know most of the drama until I left. Temple Japan has a ton of weebs but Amina kept to herself at school. I saw her with this girl and some other girl sometimes but she was mostly off by herself. The Alicia girl jeez I'm surprised she hasn't been talked about here in the gaijin Gyaru thread….I didn't really hang out with the weebs at school but I made friends with a few full time students. I went there around spring a year or so. My friend who went there said the Alicia girl wouldn't shut up about jap guys she was fucking. heard a rumor she was married to some guy in America and she was a cam girl but she told almost everyone she met at school about guys she's fucking with from Tindr and she hung out with the really loud weebs at school. her and Amina look quite a like so I mixed them up at first. But Amina is like 5'5 and this girl is much shorter. She's really cringe worthy from the way I saw her act at school and the gossip I heard about her.

No. 353889

There was a rumor she was addicted to hosts, she's working as a hostess and it was all around a mess. I'm surprised she's still in Japan because all the people I made friends with during my study abroad said she was really crazy.

No. 353895

Also kind of OT but some of the girls there who are in the gaijin Gyaru thread go to that school and a lot are addict to visual kei or band guy. it's a totally crazy mess. TEmple Japan should have its own thread the people are awful weebs

No. 354559

No. 354581

She's not an idol anymore

No. 354584

She's a gravure idol

No. 354587

Her face is cute. Hair is tragic with her natural edges exposed? Remember when her wig cap was showing in the chickgirls promo video.
I guess she doesn't care about what her family thinks of her anymore.

She isn't an idol but it's not just idols that do gravure. Although she BS people about not wanting to be an idol it's clear that she does.

No. 354588

Also I'd like to add that himezawa, keekihime and Gemma are not "idols" but we still talk about them

No. 354589

This thread is exclusively amina

No. 354591

>In this thread we can discuss the topic of all idols, not just gaijin idols.

No. 354593

Then why is this thread only about Amina?

No. 354597

She's the most entertaining right now

No. 354598

Twitter bio: former idol
Open about relationship
Middle finger picture
Openly curses people in Japanese on Twitter

It's obvious she's given up the idol stuff. She just wants to be an edge lord neckbeard bait Twitter fake Loli voice girl but she isn't an idol anymore.
I wonder if any of this is true

No. 354600

Became a fakeboi, married for a visa, scamming people
Releasing jap porn, married for visa
Ally and Sally
In an idol group actively
Sluts it up for Patreon followers, complains constantly on tumblr and Twitter
Bikini pictures and occasional flippant tweets.
She's been inactive for over a year. It's really weird how she's obsessed over ITT when she's not doing anything and when any of us brings up another cow we're accused of being her.

No. 354601

Sage for slightly OT but chick girls promo video? I didn't see can you link ?

No. 354607

I think now Amina is just going to focus on gravure modeling. I'm hoping she does another one of those dvds.

No. 354611

She announced an EP and she's starting to get active on YouTube. I see her more as a "talent" than in a group because if you naturally suck at dancing and stuff being in a group is pointless. Lots of idols do only gravure

No. 354623

Amina is kind of a novelty which is why she gets attention and it's interesting seeing her fall from grace further and further. At first she was just some sweet girl from Detroit with a dream of being a idol and now she's some edgy attention whore yumi king wannabe with a Manlet pedo bf.

No. 354629

i don't see how Amina now is that much different than she was a few years ago. She's just less of a weeb and more jaded about weeb stuff.
Has anyone posted more than one pic of him? kek why does everyone call him a manlet?

No. 354632

>Yumi King wanna be
Don't you guys think this thread is going a bit far with speculation? She literally only posted one photo with the guy and now everyone claims he's her WK, he pays her bills etc. like how does anyone know this from one photo? Is the milk really that dry?

No. 354633

Then go to the Dakota thread and WK there. The whole thing is pretty much just speculation.

No. 354639

Yeah Amina always has been like this. she never really had a pleasant personality, I guess I just had rose colored glasses on because I wanted her to succeed.

No. 354643

File: 1500397811611.jpg (246.7 KB, 1114x1114, a.jpg)

No. 354645

Why do people a log so much in here? She doesn't have a "bad personality" she's just an edge lord and weeb. Stop alogging so much. If we're talking bad personality I would say that Lonlon lobster arm fake sick
girl is annoying but out of context ~~~problematic~~~ tweets isn't milk hon. Go to PULL

No. 354646

File: 1500397960325.png (270.17 KB, 1242x1614, IMG_1306.PNG)

No. 354647

Isn't this picture from a year ago???? You said promo video? Is there a video?

No. 354649

In my opinion being an edgelord weeb is a bad personality.

No. 354652

There's proof keekihime scammed a Japanese fan to get to Japan and she openly constantly complains about other girls all day. Keekihime, Himezawa etc all have way more followers than Amina. Honestly she has no milk and she's not Dakota or Yumi level famous to the point where nitpicking is understandable. I just don't get why the anons ITT only talk about a girl with less than 2k subs and no milk outside of a slightly older bf when there's bitches ITT that have married men for visas. It's just all very…weird?

No. 354654

Someone hurting your snowflake feefees isn't grounds for milk. Being an edge lord in jest is annoying but it's not bitchy enough to make a thread on.

No. 354655

has Gema actually done porn or is it just the gravure DVDs? I didn't know that she married for a visa but makes sense tbh. Not exactly like she can get an entertainment visa.


Depends. If its true then more will come out once she starts performing and trying to build her "idol career. If not then she'll be fine. Tbh if it is true then she shouldn't be trying to become an idol anyway. These agencies usually want girls young and they need a clean image. She is nearly 25.

No. 354656

Well back when keekihimes milk was fresh she did get talked about a lot here. I think the main reason keekihime doesn't get talked about anymore because most of her twits are in Japanese and she stop doing her attention whoring on niconico

No. 354658

Well, it's not just me because her Japanese fans don't like her personality either.

No. 354659

can someone tell me why she never went to live in Japan after the idol group failed? She goes there so often. The amount she spends in travel must cost the same amount as it would to study.

No. 354661

File: 1500398618563.png (367.63 KB, 1242x1807, IMG_1307.PNG)

Probably because it'd be hard to find work there and she would actually have to go to school and we all know how she feels about school since she's a high school drop out

No. 354662

File: 1500398621579.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 13.95 KB, 201x280, image.jpeg)

Gemma is married. I remember she had a "scandal" when she was in the cruel thing but she got married to a jap guy a few tears ago. She has done full frontal nudity in all of her DVDs and Amina hasn't shown any nudity(to my knowledge) but anons ITT act like its hardcore porn.

The black girl mentioned before who is yukapee's friend and wannabe idol looks like an uglier dopier version of Amina. If Amina didn't do the weeb makeup and had a decent perhaps short haircut she would actually be attractive.this girl however looks weird. If Amina was cute, young, thin and had an agency and couldn't make it I doubt that girl can tbh. Does anyone have her Twitter?

No. 354663

Sorry I forgot to spoiler this image. I apologize admin.

No. 354664

The difference between Gemma and Amina is Gemma is actually hot.

No. 354667

How are they fans of her if they don't like her personality? Japan is a really insular country so I don't know why your basing your opinion of someone's personality on Japanese Internet otaku nationalists. They're not decent people even by regular Japanese standards.
Not everyone wants to live in Japan anon. Visiting on holiday/shopping is completely different than living. Japanese society is very sexist and considering Keeki got assaulted live on NND by another streamer also bullied by gross Japanese otaku it's understandable she wouldn't go out her way to live there. We always talk about Japan "eating up and spitting out weebs" but it's a really fucked up country once you get past the facade and actually live there. I honestly don't think weeb should live in japan only visit. Sage for ramble on international stuff.

No. 354668

So attractiveness makes one with zero nudity "porn" and the other with full frontal nudity "only gravure modeling". I really hate how if anyone brings up Gemma or any girl ITT outside of Amina or Keeki someone immediately wks lol

No. 354672

File: 1500399289264.png (89.02 KB, 1242x328, IMG_1305.PNG)

Keekihime does want to live in japan but she's too lazy and doesn't have the education to achieve it. Keekihimes life goal is to be famous in japan in some way but every attempt has ended in embarrassment. The only way she's going to get to live in japan is if she gets married to some old man.as for Amina, even the Japanese netizens get annoyed by her, so ya can't say that sjws are the only ones who don't like her.

No. 354673

She could've easily married a guy a long time ago. Just because someone tweets in Japanese or visits doesn't mean they don't have other goals anon. She works full time in Austria, has a bf(her photog) in Austria and is doing a hobby of cosplay. It's way more easier to visit Japan than live there and deal with workplace abuse, sexism and whatnot.theres not much reason for these girls to live in Japan outside of weeb stuff which they can do from their local conventions or in Japan trips.

No. 354674

Gemma is clearly trying to become a become an idol in the adult industry though. She's a sex worker.

Amina started off wanting to be an akiba idol then transitioned to a more mainstream style idol group then stopped and hasn't done anything since except a few photoshoots. Its pretty different.

No. 354675

File: 1500399545329.jpeg (66 KB, 640x398, image.jpeg)

Her most recent tweet yesterday got tons of praise by Japanese netizens and 500 likes and retweets. She got more praise for this than negative response….I just read a 2ch thread on her and this and a lot of them called her cute and said it was a good argument. Of course some said she was a stupid nigger but that's the internet….Basing your opinions on Japanese alt right is like saying all Americans and Brits think like 4chan. It's a real weeb mindset.

No. 354676

The only reason she's not living in japan because she doesn't want to stoop that low. She's not that desperate. Keekihime spends thousands visiting Japan. Most people only go to japan once every few years, keekihime goes to japan every few months. The reason she's not living there is because she has a decent job as hotel manager and doesn't want to go to school. for years keekihime has been trying to get famous in japan and she's failed time and time again.

No. 354677

The difference is Gemma pretty much starters off in sex work, Amina went on for years about not wanting to do anything like this so it comes as a shock to see it now.

No. 354678

Translation(my jap is shit but I got the jist of this): saying even though it's unfortunate you're black you're cute is wrong. Don't say it! It's as if I said "even though you're unfortunately Japanese you're smart" or even though you're unfortunately Japanese you are kind. It's kind of rude. We're all human so please try and respect everyone"

most of the retweet and responses are by Japanese people saying she's right. there's literally only a small portions of trolls that are calling her a nigger behind this.

No. 354679

Gemma is low key and isn't involved in drama. She just does porn and she's a grown adult, there's nothing wrong with it.

No. 354680

Your acting like Japan is a third world country like Pakistan. Yes we get it Japan is sexist.

Tbh if Keekihime really struggled with all of that in Japan the why would she visit so often. Sexism isn't just reserved for residents only. Your theory makes no sense. Especially considering that she would be studying there not working. She doesn't have a degree nor the opportunity to get an entertainment visa.

No. 354682

>Gemma started off in sex work
Um no? She was in cruel's angels, Beckii cruel's group and in their bbc thing she said she was disgusted by dirty old men leaving gross comments under her videos.
>Amina said she never wanted to do anything like this
I remember her in America saying she wanted to do gravure before.

The DVD is over a year old so idk why it keeps being brought up ITT. Either way both started off as Normal weeb idols and one is doing straight up full nudity soft core and the other is doing occasional bikini shoots.

kinda OT but I have a bunch most of the anons here are former wanna be idols or aidoru. only because Amina isn't famous and I don't know who would know her befrie she even went to Japan outside of aidoru girls and old guys

No. 354683

Literally how is that any different than Amina? The only difference is Amina posts ironic memes sometimes and SJWs get their feefees hurt. That is literally the only difference.

No. 354687

>Japan isn't Pakistan
Japan ranks pretty fucking low when it comes to women in society. At least Pakistan has had a woman lead the country.

Living in a country is completely fucking different than visiting. Keekihime was sexually assaulted in camera on nico Douga about a year ago and nobody helped. Yes that can happen on vacation but if you're in a country on holiday bullshit is less likely to happen. She's not doing any entertainment work in Japan she's purely on holiday and probably with her Austrian boyfriend. Why is it so hard for you weebs to understand not everyone wants to live in glorious nippon

No. 354688

Amina is constantly in some drama. The only reason she gets away with so much is because she is enemies with other cows like moon, himeka and the like.

No. 354691

>spends thousands going to japan several times a year
>complains about being poor and not being able to afford food
>will spend her last dime to go to a country she doesn't want to live in and doesn't love more than her own

How does this make sense in you're head?

No. 354692

No. 354693

Keeki doesn't visit Japan every few months. Immigration wouldn't allow that without a visa. She only goes once a year which isn't a big deal granted people go on holiday all the time in Europe. I'm proud of her for not marrying some jap creep like Himezawa did or wasting time and cash at a language school. She's actually working a real job and being responsible. Who cares if she's on holiday a lot?

No. 354695

>not every few months

A few months ago she made a video with yukapee and now she's back in japan again.

No. 354696

The only "drama" Amina had was with BGAK which was months ago and because they visibly were bothering her and other girls. It was obviously for views and They're a complete shit show. To my knowledge she hasn't mentioned Himeka or Micky in years but rather the admin proved they come here to shit talk her. Just admit you have a vendetta bro lol.

No. 354697

What video are you talking about? Post it or at least give more details. You keep stating it as a reason for her not wanting to live there even though she goes so often.

No. 354699

>the drama with bgak
>the drama she had with that Asian guy
>the drama wig her posting her bf and telling her fans to fuck off

shes always in some drama and she eggs it on then acts innocent when it blows up in her face.

No. 354700

Even visiting Japan once a year is a lot for a country you feel is sexist and racist lol

No. 354701

Because it happened a year ago but instead of look at real milk you weebs rather talk about random tweets. In the video at 4:30 or so the wrestler guy pins her down and stimulates rape and this is completely off script. Keeki was only the ring girl.

No. 354705

>telling her fans to fuck off
Yes because a tweet 100% meant in jest saying "if ur an aminyan fan fuk u lol" in which nobody got mad about is "drama"
>posting her boyfriend
How the hell is this drama?
>love life of an Asian guy
This guy is known in the Internet as a famous pick up artist and literally nobody likes him outside of koreaboos.

just admit you're nitpicking at this point. The only remote "drama" she had was with BGAK which happened in March. Again just admit you have a vendetta. Just like you tried to say because Japanese otaku nationalists didn't like her all Japanese don't was flawed so is this kek.

No. 354707

So what?she still stayed there and continued to go back after that happen. To this day she's still salty that her idol career didn't work out.

No. 354708


lol. ok.
and people say Amina and all her friends don't WK.

If she really didn't want drama she would keep all her profile Japanese and not respond to trolls yet she does the opposite. There's no evidence of her not wanting drama.

No. 354710

I honestly can't expect much from a thread that posts a Japan times article as "milk"

No. 354712

If you would stop derailing the thread to defend Amina maybe we could talk about other idols?the mods need to do something because you're shitting up the thread.

No. 354713

>Sexually assulted in wrestling match
>Has opportunity to run away
>Stays in wrestling match.
>Visits country that she finds racist and sexist regularly yet doesn't want to live there

No. 354714

Amina's white knights are trying to make people like her but they're actually making me not like her.

No. 354716

Yes because trying to appeal to an audience outside of glorious nipponjins is asking for trouble. It's kind of obvious Japan wasn't open to a black idol so seeing that she's being interviewed by western media/becoming more "meme" like is kind of smart bcos the only people who gives a fuck anymore are gaijin weebs.
>her f-f-friend wk here!
if you guys actually posted milk instead of tweets about her wearing a Star of David necklace or random shit people wouldn't call vendetta so much. Himeka and Micky were admin proven to vendetta post about her here. Why should anyone believe they stopped?

No. 354718

She could have got pissed off and left if it bothered but she stayed and giggled/acted cute afterward.

No. 354719

at 6:52 she slaps a guys ass twice right after being assulted

No. 354720

You don't just white knight Amina though, you white knight anyone associated with her. Like keekihime for example.

No. 354722

>slaps his ass afterward

Oh poor keekihime sexually assaulted in the horrible sexist japan!

No. 354723

Any time someone mentions an idol other than Amina they get shut down. There's a reason the admins lock the Amina threads and it's because of how much vendetta there is(like in here). This thread is just a proxy Amina and sometimes Keeki thread. For example ally and Sally were mentioned here and we were told not to discuss them ITT despite their thread being inactive for years. Gemma also gets her asshole licked regularly. It's kind of hard not to claim vendetta when this thread is nitpicking of someone with less than 2k subs and any other topic is screamed about.

No. 354724

Why do you keep mentioning himeka and micky? They have there own threads.

No. 354726

Huh we started talking about keekihime then you started wking her too. What exactly do you want?

No. 354727

How is Keekihime associated with Amina?

Also idk why people ITT are saying she should give up her life in Austria with family, full time job and what not to uproot to Japan because she likes visiting. AbiPop visits Japan all the time and she obviously shouldn't move there.

No. 354728


Also they were mentioned ITT

No. 354729

Keekihime and Amina her good friends. She's friends with yukapee too. Bird of a feather flock together.

No. 354730

People are talking about Keeki and were just talking about Gemma a few minutes ago. You are so triggered.

No. 354733

>has mutual friend
"They're good friends!"
This thread is so idiotic with conspiracy theories. All of these girls are bitchy and vague post one another. It's kind of weird to call them "friends"

No. 354734

Actually I've seen videos of keeki and Amina hanging out. Also, if you wanted to divert the attention off Amina you probably shouldn't have started white knighting keekihime when we started talking about her.

No. 354735

The only time Gemma is discussed is in comparison with aminyan. This thread is just a proxy vendetta thread for Keekihime and Amina. I've tried bringing up legit milk about other people but anons ITT rather speculate about holidays or events from years ago(like Keeki being deported)

No. 354736

The only reason why I asked is because she used to live there, has been trying to be an idol for years, visits very often and is a hard core weeb.

No. 354737

Outside of one nico broadcast maybe 3 years ago idk if I've ever heard of either of them hanging out or video. Please link I'm genuinely curious

No. 354738

I get you being butt blasted about us talking about Amina but why keekihime?are we only allowed to discuss your list of approved idols?lol

No. 354739

for the anons saying Keekihime is trying to be an idol still……how? She has openly stated she has a bf and she's only a cosplayer now. Has she made any music? I haven't followed her for a while

No. 354740

Bring up 3 "legit milks" anon and we'll listen. Post pics, screenshots, whatever and if it's decent enough we'll respond. Coz anytime someone talks about other milk its either years old or just saying something basic like "Ally and Sally and in Japan too"

No. 354741

I'm not team anyone I'm just tired of random vendetta posts and when anyone else is mentioned it gets diverged

No. 354742

There's literally no "legit milks" about any of these bitches except Himezawa who is a fakeboi and did a visa marriage scam and scammed Lolita comm people. The only "milk" there is on Amina and Keeki is that they did sexualizing photos. Big whoop.

No. 354743

Well other anons did start talking about someone other than amina and you still flipped shit anyway. We aren't allowed to talk about idols you like?why do you feel so self important?

No. 354747

Anon keeps complaining about no milk but then keeps mentioning ally and sally who have no milk.

No. 354749

Okay lets say we exclude all the semi famous ones like dakota and the J vloggers.

The whole gaijin gyaru threads are also full of vendettas and barely anyone calls them out. I call out vendettas too but Amina's WKs make me want to talk about her milk more.

So what if people mention her twitter post. People mention Shienas FB posts all the time and she is just whining in them.

The stuff people mention on amina is so trivial its not even something that needs WKs. The non-milk will speak for itself.

No. 354753

I hate those threads too. If these girls were in Nebraska or wherever bumfuck town they came from nobody would care about them. There's tons of cringe worthy "idol" groups like Flusay girls, wish sister, 2une and all that have a shit ton of drama. I'm just tired of the same people being mentioned here and "milk" and "reciepts" that are from 2015.

No. 354754

>implying there's one person

No. 354759

Then post about the drama because people probably just don't know about their drama. Saying "omg but this idol did this and is so much worse than what Amina did!", just comes off as Whiney and entitled. Plus, when you try to tell people not to talk about someone it's just going to make them irritated and want to discuss the milk more.

No. 354766

Nobody is saying not to post about Amina. People are just complaining that the posts have literally become "japaneze dun like hurr she make a slutty pix!!!1"

No. 354768

As another anon said the lack of milk will speak for itself. You white knighting is going to make people hate her. You aren't a mod, you can't dictate who we can and can't discuss. If you want to discuss ally and wallet we will, if we want to discuss keekihime and Amina we will. Go cry about it.

No. 354773

Can you read fuck face? Nobody is opposed to posting them but neither of them are idols anymore and I'm just saying when you post, post with milk. Not random scavenger hunts

No. 354775

Then post idols with milk then and stop trying to dictate what everyone else does. You aren't a mod and you have no control over anything.

No. 354776

Actually people say not to post about her regularly. You're clearly reading a diff thread if you can't see that. The convo would've flowed into a convo about keekihime living in Japan if you hadn't started WK amina.

All someone did was post a gravure youtube video which Amina made public for everyone to see. 5 people max would've made nitpicking comments about her then the convo would've stopped. No one cares if she isn't an idol. She been trying to become an idol for years. You just made us talk about Amina for a lot longer than necessary.

No. 354781

Why is the topic going back to Amina when everyone was talking about Keeki anon? Even the wk

No. 354782

This. Also, the previous thread included aspiring.

>The topic of all idols(underground, popular and aspiring)and idol culture is can be discussed here. we can also discuss Japanese idol drama here.

No. 354784

People are going to talk about who they want and having a temper tantrum isn't going to stop it

No. 354791

I've literally never seen any Japanese idol drama in this thread or any idols being posted here outside of Keeki and aminyan

No. 354795

>no other idols
Then post about them and by post I don't mean "ally and sally did this 5 years ago, go post in their thread that's been dead for a year".

No. 354797

That's because people keep getting pissy when someone else is mentioned "oh there's no milk", yeah, this is snow, there's no milk. Or they get pissy when you mention one or the other depending on who they like more.

No. 354798

File: 1500405320162.jpeg (86.67 KB, 714x408, image.jpeg)

Enough of the bickering. What happened to this bitch? She's obviously not an idol but I need cringe kek. Alissa something? Is it true she had beef with Yuriko tiger? I don't know Italian so I feel left out..

No. 354799

That's literally the same kind of posts ITT for Keeki and Amina. literally the same lol.

No. 354801

Then post about other idols drama and stop whining with the "but but this idol did that so how can you say that about Amina?!" stomps feet and folds arms

No. 354803

>people ITT are posting about other girls yet anons keep bringing up Keekihime and Amina who aren't even aidoru

No. 354807

So first we aren't allowed to talk about Amina now the wks are saying we are banned from talking about keekihime too?

No. 354811

Amina milk:

>Moans and whines on social media about Japan the people and culture

>Makes Alt right comments
>Has a SA account while in an idol group (which I dont believe was fake because her alicia friend also had one)
>Starts dating an english loli otaku 10 years old than her
>Has pictures of her 30 year old bf groping her breasts
>Has screenshots of her gravure where shes rubbing her vag against items and a jap guy is also groping her breast
>routinely has her makeup and wig done badly.
>has annoying trolls like teya make diss raps about her
>talks about pedophilia in a way that most don't consider acceptable or normal
>has bgak attack her for her pedo views and being honest about being a black idol in japan

How can anyone say this girl doesn't have any milk?

all of the above (except her having her bf) could've been avoided if she kept her mouth shut. no one would be talking about her. she has drama and milk. Stop acting like we come up with drama from thin air.

There's probs more too

No. 354813

sage for samefagging.

most of this drama was done when she was actively trying to become an idol. And its clear that she'd still like to be an idol. Just the other day she was talking about applying for another group

No. 354832

>5 months ago
>just the other day

No. 354834

>Alt right comments, pedophilia
Please provide links, pictures or screenshots. This is the same stuff BGAK said about her which has been refuted. The recent Amina only thread from last month also said this and the admin closed it because this is pure vendetta. Please post proof or stop this vendetta bullshit

>Boyfriend is 10 years older

This is the only legitimate "milk" and even this isn't that weird. She's dating a neckbeard. Nobody is shocked. At least they have a lot in common.

>Bad makeup bad hair

This isn't milk dumbass

>DVD, SA account

Both of these are nearly two years old

You basically refuted all of your own points and ousted yourself as a vendetta fag. GJ

No. 354837

>whines about Japan
This also makes me laugh. I've seen posts ITT where she'll talk about trains and seating and people will say she disses Japan. I honestly appreciate her honesty. The only people who get pissed about this are literal weebs who don't want to hear reality. Again, not milk.

No. 354845

You've been at this for months, WK-anon/probably Amina herself. If you don't want to talk about Amina (or Keekihime, for that matter), contribute more entertaining milk from other idols. Don't just see what you don't like, allude to some vague milk and then never actually deliver. Or, you can just hide the thread. No one actually cares if you personally don't like the discussion at hand.
You don't bring anything to the table, you just complain you don't like what's being served. It's counterproductive as fuck, and just makes everyone want to talk more about her.

No. 354851

Please provide proof of taking up for pedophilia being alt right.

just like everyone in this thread isn't Himeka or Micky everyone isn't Amina or her bf or whatever. The admin themselves closed her thread. If there's so much milk why would they do that? Answer that. It's because 9/10 of this stuff is completely made up (alt right/pedo stuff) because she disagreed with you or is exaggerated.

No. 354852

>don't just allude to vague milk and not deliver

So exactly what you're doing?

No. 354858

Reread my post. Instead of complaining all the time and constantly bringing up the locked threads, contribute milk you find more appropriate. The funny thing is, even if it's to talk about people talking about Amina, you're still making her a focal point of the thread. You're working against yourself.

I'm not the person you were arguing with, I just noticed this shit.

No. 354860

Proof or gtfo

No. 354861

"Proof" of what? You whinging all the time? Just look at the entire back and forth of this thread. You're the one who needs to get out.

No. 354870

Christ, what is going on with her skin? Whatever's going on with her weave too is making her look filthy.

No. 354871

Go to her tumblr if you want proof. You're just as entitled as other cows that we're not allowed to name. Ffs. Amina has definitely said questionable stuff about pedophilia. Go to her tumblr if you want proof. She actively argues with people instead of ignoring them

No. 354875

Yeah no. I'm on her tumblr and there's nothing alt right or pedophilia. Legit milk is fine but it's really obvious you have a vendetta when you and the BGAK clan keeps bringing up Amina being alt right and pedo but providing no proof. These threads are to document proof,not to make anons go on a scavenger hunt. Prove it or stfu

No. 354877


Uhm, no. If you're gonna call her a pedo you have to prove that. Especially if you're going to get assblasted when people don't believe you.

No. 354883

Nitpicking like this I can deal with. Yes some people have acne and blemishes and this is a stupid nitpick but this is lolcow in a nutshell.

This is literally the only thread I've seen someone who has almost no following on YouTube and a very small following on Facebook/Twitter be called wild accusations like pedophile or alt right and when asked for proof we get called wks. This is so stupid tbh. We get it, you don't like her. But this vendetta shit is so cringey. Stuff like Amina having a bf ten years older can be proven. Shit like her being a nazi pedo sympathizer bully can't. This just makes people WK more and this is why admins lock every thread about her.

No. 354886

So offer some milk.

No. 354887

The thing is I didn't call her a pedo. I said

">has bgak attack her for her pedo views and being honest about being a black idol in japan"

When did anyone say she was a pedo. I couldn't care less about her pedo drama but having a whole community attack is definitely drama whether she is right or not. My point was to list all the milk and drama about her even though there's no milk. If you want a walkthrough on it all go to her accounts. Y'all are reaching so much. Again making her more relevant in this conversation.

No. 354892

>she has pedo views
>check her tumblr
>Um I didn't say she was a pedo

Backpedal harder. Stop spreading this vendetta bullshit when there's zero milk. The least you can do is nitpick but stop making crazy wild ass accusations and say "check her accounts!" Like we said proof or gtfo.

No. 354893

>Shit like her being a nazi pedo sympathizer bully can't.
Kek. Funny thing is no one said that about her. Only Amina WKs could make up rumors about her whilst defending her. Just stop.

No. 354895

Bitch you just said she was alt right and a pedo in this post:

Stop backpeddling because you got called out for vendetta and no proof.

No. 354913

sigh No one called her a pedo. No one is gonna bring up old posts. Most people born in the west wouldn't agree with on her views on pedophilia. End of pedo conversation.
People are still gonna post pics and videos on her because she is still an aspiring idol. If you don't like it then ignore it. Most of her milk is nitpicking and apparently non-milk so I don't know who amina stans get so defensive. So many other cows have been talked about and don't get this many stans. Natalia is just as popular and has no milk but doesn't get that many stans even when people bring up her old milk.
Just stop WK her non-milk. I'm starting to think the white knighting is being done on purpose to keep her relevant on the thread. It makes no sense tbh. all someone did was post her video ffs.

No. 354998

It seems who ever this wk is, they're trying to keep her name up and make her hated.
>constantly white knight
>make people who usually wouldn't give a shit hate on her to spite the white knight

No. 355003

>nitpicking like this I'm ok with

It's really funny how you think you can police this thread and tell everyone what is and isn't acceptable to say. You're acting like we have to run what we are going to post by you first and only post what you have approved as acceptable.

No. 355007

Yeah, kind of weird they blur/lighten her face so much, but don't airbrush her neck/chest area to match. Also, is her one eye bigger than the other or…?

No. 355015

File: 1500426348296.png (124.66 KB, 1038x1156, IMG_1308.PNG)

They pretty much blur out all her features and make her a yellow featureless blob with eyes

No. 355018

>her views on pedophilia
Stop alluding to stuff with no proof or reciepts. Either have screenshots or links to what you're talking about or stop vaguing it.

>she's still an aspiring idol?

She was literally in an idol group and quit and her Twitter has said "former idol" for over half a year now. She is open about her relationship to a creepy neckbeard and it's kinda obvious she's not an "aspiring idol"

No. 355019

The only features I see blurred are smile lines. I wonder if she did this herself or the photog

No. 355030

Im sorry but it look like she has no fucking soul
like this make her look fucking creepy

No. 355044

>Stop alluding to stuff with no proof or reciepts.
Stop quoting my post to suit your shitty points but ignoring the rest, lmao.
Give us some milk if you're tired of reading about Amina. Or you can just leave. If you stop visiting this thread, absolutely nothing of value will be lost.

No. 355045

This thread is 90% infighting so, until there is actual proof of milk this thread is being autosaged.

No. 355063

The admins has spoken.

No. 355089

How the hell is that fair?

No. 355098

People ITT were literally calling a girl a pedo alt right sympathizer with no receipts, no proof at all. It's obvious it was becoming desperate for milk

No. 355113

If mods are going to ban threads for "no milk" and nit picking we should get rid of Jill's thread, momokuns thread, yumis thread, dakotas thread. Hell, just get rid of 95% of pt and delete snow all together because I can't think of one thread in snow where the main convo in the thread isn't nit picking. Most of the threads here are just people calling cows ugly and fat with no actual milk or anything interesting to talk about. It's fine and dandy if mods want to sage threads for "no milk" but they should be consistent and apply the same rules to the whole site. Maybe if they did that this place wouldn't be such a boring shit hole where most of the threads are full of nit pickers and white knights.

No. 355118

Moomoo, Yumi and Dakota and Jillian have some substantial presence online. Amina barely has 2k YouTube subs and she's getting the same amount of no milk speculation as someone with 500k like Yumi. The admin said if you can provide milk it won't be on auto sage. If Amina has so much milk then provide it and we'll talk about it.

No. 355128

angelhair1996 Has less than 3000 followers on instagram and doesn't even have a YouTube channel and she's in pt. You all should just need to admit the real reason we can't talk about Amina because everyone is paranoid that it might be Micky or himeka talking shit.

No. 355145

Yes because the admin who can see who is posting and who isn't via IP is also making up Himeka Micky theories.

No. 355164

Tbh I think the other black girl (Alicia?) is prettier than Amina, she has a cuter face shape/eyes imo. Just me?

No. 355174

The infighting is caused by the one white knight who keeps writing ITT every goddamn post.
Everything will stop once that person is gone and no one will even bring up Amina.

No. 355182

File: 1500451624799.jpeg (217.71 KB, 1360x981, image.jpeg)

She has a really wide nose and upturned nostrils. She kind of reminds me of blue ivy. Plus she's 25 trying to be an Akiba aidoru kek

No. 355188

This tbh.
Regardless, I feel like people will keep posting in the thread and the white knight is just going to sperg out even harder.
Only solution is to ignore them, I guess.

No. 355240

File: 1500468361608.png (69.76 KB, 1242x394, IMG_0349.PNG)

She retweeted this. I wouldn't be shocked if she starts doing this now.

No. 355241

The reason she looks prettier probably because she looks more natural. Amina has those crazy eyes and her edits look more like a little Mexican child than how she usually looks in reality.

No. 355242

File: 1500468888925.png (77.54 KB, 1242x633, IMG_0350.PNG)

Amina is cute she just tends to look somewhat creepy.

No. 355252

Amina has prettier features than this girl by far. It's just Amina has shit awful skin and wears ten pounds of makeup + large circle lens to cover it up. If we're going by features though this girl isn't really attractive.

No. 355253

She tweeted this to some neckbeard it's obviously a joke lol calm down

No. 355254

File: 1500471046880.png (136.27 KB, 1203x782, IMG_0351.PNG)

Most of us don't even know what Amina's natural features look like. Amina looks different in every photo because her videos are blurred and her pictures are edited to the point that they make her look like a small Filipino child instead of a 20 year old woman.

No. 355256

Didn't she get a new weave recently? Her hair is oily as fuck and those ends jfc.

No. 355258

File: 1500471223494.jpeg (392.48 KB, 1278x1920, image.jpeg)

The marks on her chest are still there and so I think this is just a Twitter filter or meitu rather than extensive Dakota level shooping. I found this photo of her and Alicia though and it looks completely untouched no lighting or filters. They both look different than online but this girls nostrils are atrocious

No. 355259

I'm wondering where she's getting these sew ins

No. 355261

Alicia just looks more human and not so much like a blow up doll. Alicia just looks like shit because she's trying to do this kawaii stuff and it doesn't suit her.

No. 355262

I think she said a black woman in Japan. Tokyo is really really humid in the summers so I couldn't imagine trying to upkeep a weave. I feel like it would be really hot and musty/oily

No. 355263

She would be better if getting a wig and taking care of it. Part of me things she doesn't really take good care of her wigs.

No. 355264

She got it done on some naval base. Yokosuka? Anyways, she's not taking care of it.

No. 355265

File: 1500471451248.jpeg (91.06 KB, 480x481, image.jpeg)

I'm pretty sure Alicia is manaspaceman and I remember her from the dansa no himitsu days. She's been in the Jpop aidoru community and Lolita community for a few years now. She has to be in her mid 20s now.

No. 355266

She's had wigs before and they look 10x worse plus I don't see how a wig would be easier than a weave. Amina mentioned how her entire family is natural and she's never had a perm. May be time to get one lol.

No. 355267

Amina does have prettier features but Alicia just looks not as uncanny valley and Amina does those weird faces that make her look like a monkey

No. 355268

Personally I find wigs easier to deal with than sew ins(having to make sure the hair underneath the weave doesn't get all moldy, having to have a itchy head, plus they feel disgusting). I have a few human hair wigs and they don't look as worn out as Amina's.

No. 355269

File: 1500471710313.jpeg (56.85 KB, 500x281, image.jpeg)

>we don't know how Amina looks

lol no there's candids of her and she was on tv a little bit. This was posted by a gravure contest she did last year and it looks unedited. She's obviously two shades darker IRL but she still has huge eyes and the same blank stares.

No. 355271

I think people say Alicia is prettier because they have mostly been exposed to the highly edited photos Amina's posts that make her look creepy

No. 355272

Amina can barely wear the same socks for photo shoots you really think she can take care of hair under wigs? Plus living in Japan I doubt there's many black hair care salons where she could get it braided regularly etc. honestly if she got a good weave and started doing makeup to look like an adult she would be very pretty. But her boyfriend is into teen girls so whatever to keep daddy happy. She reminds me of Yumi King lol

No. 355273

File: 1500472010307.jpeg (240.9 KB, 1333x749, image.jpeg)

This girl's pictures are edited from hell to back too. I don't think Amina looks that different from her candids besides using skin lightening filters or skin smoothing that all the jap girls use.

No. 355274

File: 1500472031858.png (103.37 KB, 1242x664, IMG_0352.PNG)

>she reminds me of yumi king

I question the sanity of anyone who likes yumi king

No. 355275

I imagine Amina would look cute with a pixie cut and instagram hipster clothes over this kawaii shit. Plus, if I were her I'd be pissed that Japanese photographers keep editing me to look south East Asian.

No. 355276

File: 1500472354395.jpeg (109 KB, 668x1000, image.jpeg)

Another candid I found on jap Internet she was in a harajuku fashion show. She looks pretty much the same just a bit darker than some edits

No. 355277

It's refreshing seeing these photos of her. In the photos she's posts she looks like a corpse who just got done up for a funeral.

No. 355278

File: 1500472469341.jpeg (52.3 KB, 640x766, image.jpeg)

She looks naturally young, same big eyes and facial structure. Most of the edits are just smoothing her skin and lightening it. Her features don't change much

No. 355279

Here she looks like an average black girl her age, in those edits she looks like some soulless Filipino child that will come into your room at night and murder you.

No. 355280

I honestly think Amina's autism is a huge reason for her weird facial expressions. I noticed a lot of spergs squint in photos to smile more "naturally" since they can't and a lot of anons have said ami does this to look Asian but I can't help but wonder if it's to look like a human being. I read a Japanese tweet that said she looks like a chihuahua kek

No. 355282


Kek I see it. I think over the years she's gotten better with the facial expressions. She was most attractive During the beginning of her Japan move. I remember thinking she was super pretty.

No. 355283

I think it's makeup too. Right around chick girls her makeup started looking more and more different. She looks like a gangnam unnie fail and she even mentioned fillers before.

Is unedited and from a video and she looks like a kid and is visibly trying to look like one. She reminds me of Taylor meets Yumi kek

No. 355284

Isn't it weird how she actually looked older years ago?

No. 355285

This is the best her weave ever looked.

No. 355287

Amina please, your being so obvious you dont have enough "fans" to justify all the wk's..
everytime someone brings you up you rush to defend yourself, this doesnt even happen with actual famous cows, not even nigri so fuck off you are making people dislike you, me included and i didnt even and dont even know who the fuck you are lmao

No. 355288

This actually isn't from her Japan move its a few months ago

No. 355290

Have you been on Amina's Facebook? She dms and contacts a bunch of her neckbeard "fans" all the time so I don't doubt she would've told them to come here. The difference between them and jnig is that people don't feel a personal connection with Jnig. With Amina she makes people think they actually have a chance with her.

No. 355292

Also last summer a cow called Himeka was outed by the admins here to have made hundreds of posts and blogs about Amina so a lot of people still believe most of the stuff on her here is vendetta rather than actual milk.

No. 355293

By that I meant when she moved to Japan. She looks good in the rare clips i have seen of her filmed by someone else. The pictures she post make her look like an Asian blow up doll.

No. 355294

File: 1500473812923.png (146.84 KB, 1203x671, IMG_0353.PNG)

She actually looks pretty and normal here. She doesn't have the crazy eyes and isn't trying super hard to look like a loli. She looks like a nice and feminine woman.

No. 355296

I wonder how long she's been dating that guy and if he has any influence over her gradually trying to look forever 13. She has a petite body and small chest so I can't see her doing the whole "Instagram baddie" thing but I think ever since her DVD and then making her do stimulated child pr0n she's been trying to look younger and younger to appeal to her new "fans"

No. 355297

I think maybe her dating him has some influence. Before the DVD she didn't seem to have much of an interest in sex or this loli stuff.

No. 355298

File: 1500474135716.jpeg (125.69 KB, 798x899, image.jpeg)

I feel like her makeup has gotten better since she first moved though she just needs to tone down the lens

No. 355299

Thing is, I've never seen Amina mention sex. She tries to be sexually expressive with her DVD and sexy gurabia but instead she looks like an awkward child who got into mommy's clothing or that girl in middle school who tries to be "sexy" and fails miserably. I remember people saying she was asexual before her DVD so the gravure thing is a huge shock. She looked so awkward in it. I really wonder if her and her neckbeard slave owner have actually fucked yet

No. 355300

Her makeup skills are the same level it just looks better when the photo is photoshopped to hell and back

No. 355301

She did make a post a while back saying she wasn't interested in porn or sex.

No. 355302

Same shit with Kiki and Taylor but people got over that.
I really doubt a fan cares enough to stalk this thread like a hawk to instantly comment "Omg nitpick! Omg miki himeka!! no milk shut it down!!" anytime someone mentions her, who is that emotionally invested except for herself? And this has been going on for 1 year+

No. 355303

File: 1500474560867.png (114.69 KB, 1242x677, IMG_0354.PNG)

No. 355304

I think guys who like idols like her be does enjoy virginal pure girls. Even if she shows her pancake tits sometimes she's still always saying "u-um sex is so scareyy ugu" and neckbeards eat that shit up. I'm just really curious if they fucked and if she calls him daddy. Amina seems bitchy though so she'd probably tease him for a while and not put out. I'm still shocked she's not dating that old mangaka guy she's always with.

No. 355305

Yeah idols are always being sexual and acting like sluts then saying "omg but sex is ewwwe" and their fans eat it up. How stupid can men be?kek

No. 355306

White knighting and complaining about someone calling someone a pedo / alt right with no proof is different. The thread right now is reasonable but the anon yesterday was obviously vendetta. I'm not even a huge Amina supporter but it's annoying when you're trying to read a thread and trolls come to say random bullshit with no screenshots or anything.

No. 355307

I don't recall anyone calling her a pedo or alt right. With the way she's acting now she's definitely trying to appeal to pedos and she watches yumi king so I wouldn't be shocked.

No. 355309

But why are you so emotionally invested in Amina specifically? Just ignore it if it bothers you, its super suspicious and if you are Amina i would say lay low for a while because to people who are not total morons its pretty obvious.

No. 355311

Read the thread but an anon said Amina agrees with pedophilia and she's alt right. It's the same stuff Black girls are Kawaii SJWs said about her and when anons asked for proof they kept backpeddling. Doesn't matter though because the thread is in auto-sage due to shit posters like that

No. 355314

Link me to a post in this thread that says that because I'm not seeing it And you were just wking her when people said that other black girl is prettier, so your problem with this isn't just people calling her a pedo.

No. 355316

>talks about pedophilia in a not Norma way
>alt right

When we asked this anon for deets they made excuses. The reason some people are pissed and may seem alt right is because this keeps happening in the thread. It's not even nitpicking it's plain and simple outlandish remarks.

No. 355317

Read the post above this one

No. 355318

*the reason people are pissed and may seem white knight

That was a hell of a typo lol

No. 355319

That comment didn't say she's a pedo or alt right though.

No. 355321

Please stop with semantics because it was obviously implying Amina has leanings towards that. When anyone asked for reference the anon dodged it. I'm not gonna keep back and fourth though because this infighting got it autosaged initially

No. 355330

She is trying to be sexually attractive to pedos. These people like yumi king who try to dress and look like kids while acting sexual then say "but I'm an adult so it's not sexualizing children" are annoying. They should at least be honest about their intentions.

No. 355338

I'm sorry but I don't see it. She is naturally thin with a flat chest and small ass(for a black girl). It would make sense for her to market herself as "barely legal" bullshit rather than full on big tit Kim kardashian type. The difference between Amina and Yumi imo is that ami is working in Japan where Loli is king and japs are dressing and doing her makeup.

No. 355339

File: 1500477090617.png (148.1 KB, 1059x520, IMG_0356.PNG)

>fake small baby voice
>pig tails
>posing half naked with teddy bears

Yeah I don't see it either. How can people confuse this behavior with pandering to pedos?

No. 355341

I can tell the same anon with jimmies rustled posts here because this post keeps being brought up. Appealing to a certain group I.e. Men isn't the same as needing constant validation from them imo. Honestly if you're going to complain about Amina you need to complain about every "jailbait" and "barely legal" porn star. Even without the shooping she looks young so makes sense she would capitalize it. Pedo is going a bit far though. You seem like an SJW.

No. 355342

OT conspiracy theory here but I wonder if she was talking about Alicia? If what the anon before said about Alicia is true it seems real. Just look at the gaijin Japan thread a ton of them are addicted to hosts or j-dick

No. 355345

>if you're going to complain about every jail bait

And if you're going to white knight and complain in this thread about no milk and nit picking you need to get to work and do it in all the threads in snow. Also, everyone looks young at 20, it's not hard to look young if you are young but not everyone at 20 wears their hair in pigtails, wears little pink panties that look like something a loli anime girl would wear and get groped in school uniforms on film. She doesn't even look that much younger or older than her age. She looks 20, just like yumi looks 25, They just dress and act in way that alludes people into thinking they're younger.

No. 355348

She probably is talking about her but it looks hypocritical if we look at her behavior now.

No. 355350

Damn you mad? It's not that serious fucking hell. I didn't say she looks younger than what she -is- just that she looks young. It's really standard for women in the adult industry who are 23 and younger to pander to the ~~~~barely legal~~~ category and considering Amina's body type I highly doubt she would suit looking "sexy" even in the adult stuff. At the end of the day she's an adult so if you want to whine about "sexualizing children" when there's only adults involved go back to tumblr.

No. 355351

Pandering to a certain crowd doesn't mean you need validation from them. That's like saying beyonce is desperate from validation from gay black men because that's the majority of her fanbase or that's like saying Markiplier is desperate for fat weeb girl validation because that's who he panders too and who likes him. Y'all really grasping straws at this point.

No. 355352

There are plenty of women who are thin and flat chested who dress age appropriate and are sexy/mature looking and aren't running around in school uniforms and pig tails. People like yumi king always say "well i act this way because I'm too thin to be sexy!" Or "I'm an adult it's not pedoish". It's all excuses to cover up bullshit. It's just like those dd/lg lovers who claim it isn't pedoish because adults are involved.

No. 355353

File: 1500478123196.jpeg (34.75 KB, 870x645, image.jpeg)

>dresses like a little girl
Literally the only time I've seen Amina do this is in that DVD that Japanese perverts created. Look on her Instagram or average clothes. She dresses normally. Comparing her to Yumi is a huge reach. She dresses in pretty casual k-fashion j fashion.

No. 355354

Please stop infighting and going off topic. I you want to whine about what consenting adults do go to /ot

No. 355358

The infighting would stop if you'd stop wking

No. 355359

How can you even compare it? Amina is being paid by Japs to wear this shit and Yumi does it in her free time. How does wearing what you're told as a model compare to this?

No. 355360

Stop a-logging vendetta fag. You pulled out a screenshot from a post you saved from 2016. You're obviously a vendetta freak

No. 355361

>paid by Japanese
Which is her choice. She doesn't have to take those jobs or do that kind of work.

No. 355362

I only dislike Amina because of her white knights. My vendetta is with you, not her.

No. 355363

Yeah you don't understand modeling gigs at all. You take all the work you can get, especially someone like Amina in a country where dark skin is bad

No. 355364

That's pretty illogical

No. 355366

You filed away a post from over a year ago. You obviously have a vendetta and were personally hurt by her post kek

No. 355369

Actually I went into the old aspiring idols thread and found that screen cap and yes it is a vendetta. I hate her white knights so now I hate her too. She comes off as bitch but her white knights are even worse.

No. 355372

Keep a logging bitch. This is why the thread got shut down in the first place.

No. 355373

I can't stop you from wking and you can't stop me from "a logging".

No. 355375

File: 1500479685097.png (308.76 KB, 1021x1596, IMG_0358.PNG)

I see you on other sites where Amina is mentioned wking as well and pulling the same bullshit. To be honest I'm more interested in know about Amina's white knight than Amina herself. You say the same shit on any web site where she's mentioned, you call her cringe then claim there's no milk or reason for her to be mentioned. It's not Amina that's pissing people off, its you.

No. 355376

Goodness, Amina white knights are just wild.
This is true. And you can pretty much tell who they are because they sound the same in every post and shit on any "idol" who isn't Amina.

No. 355382

File: 1500479983645.png (455.09 KB, 1242x2208, IMG_0359.PNG)

More examples of this white knight. Who the hell are you and do you have a life?

No. 355383

File: 1500480216925.jpeg (139.46 KB, 637x926, image.jpeg)

There's also a user called Bagyette who posted this. Same person?

No. 355384

There's a few different wks on Aminas PULL thread but I think pull tends to have more wks in general

No. 355386

Its obviously her lmao, no one else whould care this much to wk her this hard

No. 355387

People wks Keekihime, Gemma and Ally Sally in this thread. I think the vendettas are more obvious than the wks. Either way the admins still have this on auto sage ?

No. 355391

File: 1500480484179.png (133.82 KB, 1242x767, IMG_0360.PNG)

It sounds similar but the Peter Pan poster sounds more like this wk. they insult Amina by calling her cringe and then say that she can't be discussed. This wk also calls everyone weebs and claims Japan isn't a great place even when no one said it was.

No. 355392

Edit: claims Japan isn't some wonderland and we are all weeaboos just like the wk in this thread

No. 355393

Also always using the word "vendetta" i mean atleast try to be less transparent lmao

No. 355395

I'm sure if I googled vendetta, cringe and Amina there would be more wking in the results

No. 355396

File: 1500480823408.gif (1.03 MB, 823x454, image.gif)

This thread in a nut shell
>anon claims something outrageous like Amina being alt right
Other anon: can you show a pic I'm interested.

Amina posts something very small not positive about Japan or everyday life
anons: this bitch is basically hitler!

Admins: the thread is closed

This thread is hilarious because every Amina thread gets shut down due to infighting caused by wk trolls or simple vendetta. It's wks heavy no doubt but it's just as heavy with salty vendetta chans who a log all day. And I just sit back and laugh at it all

No. 355397

File: 1500480860838.png (205.24 KB, 1242x1062, IMG_0361.PNG)

Who ever this is has been up to this for sometime now. I wonder who I could be that is so emotionally invested?

No. 355398

It's a chan site, people say vendetta all the time. GTFO newb

No. 355399

After this the admins proved Bibi and Himeka came here regularly to post on Amina but never confirmed Amina wks herself. I don't know why an admin would be biased towards her it's just obvious it's mostly milkless

No. 355400

FIRst of all we all know you're the wk. you say something neutral so that you can seem like you're on the fence and not white knighting Amina so you can cover your ass, then you go on to complain that everyone has a vendetta and there's no milk. It's not so much that you're wking it's the fact that you think people are stupid and can't see what you're doing.

No. 355401

If you are not amina herself why do you care so much and try to shut all discussion of her down by spamming "eh em gee vendetta, no milk shut it down!"

No. 355403

I'm in the Himeka thread from last year and there's a ton of wks. >>>/pt/51205
Himeka being outed as doxing ami here never helped and it just made people wk Amina but now the wks are overzealous and the wks themselves are making people hate her

No. 355404

They also try to claim everyone is jealous when there are much prettier cows who get shitted on worse than her.

No. 355405

Nobody tried to shut down all discussion. People literally said provide proof of being a nazi and pedo and there was more than two folks in this thread asking for that. You idiots ironically got the thread shut down by taking the bait.

No. 355408

File: 1500481793959.png (118.15 KB, 1242x555, IMG_0362.PNG)

Yeah sure.

You use the same formula everytime.
>make an insult towards Amina so it can make it seem like you're not white knighting
>whine about how there's no proof or milk
>claim everyone is a vendetta chan or a fat black sjw whose jealous

No. 355410

Whine more faggot

No. 355412

File: 1500481959330.png (139.5 KB, 1242x528, IMG_0363.PNG)

Are you gonna whine more about a logging?

No. 355414

Vendetta formula
>complain about Amina's hair, makeup, general nitpicking
>say she has a bad personality because of memes on Twitter
>make up an outrageous lie and when anyone asks for proof call them Amina or a white knight
>thread is literally only active when Amina pisses off someone(Teya and Himeka being great examples)

Yep keep going. Even though you can see threads on Amina on different 4chan boards that don't nearly get this hostility just keep telling yourself whatever helps you sleep at night

No. 355415

It's really weird to be this obsessed about a girl practically unknown with less than 2k followers online. Did Amina kill your family?

No. 355416

No the white knight is way more obvious. They use the same language in their posts all the time. When they shit on the other girls they have a specific pattern.
Goes like:
>Anon praises someone who isn't Amina. Sometimes not even mentioning Amina.
White knight jumps in with why this person is uglier or cringy-er than Amina. It's like clockwork.
Also they overuse chan-lingo in a way that seems too try hard.

No. 355417

Amina's hate is weak compared to what other cows get. Most people don't care, what fuels the fire is the white knights. If you try to tell a person not to do something they're going to want to do it more. Nit picking on peoples hair and makeup is normal for lolcow.

No. 355418

Alogging, vendetta and others are popular terms on chan sites. Are you a fucking idiot?

No. 355419

They also do this "omg why are you so obsessed with her?she doesn't have many followers and she's not famous online you can't talk about her!"

No. 355421

Please show a post here where someone has complained about nitpicking. The complaining has been about anons saying wild shit like calling her a nazi and backpeddling hard after. That's why admin closed the thread I think.

No. 355422

It's not the words they use it's the way they phrase their posts that make it super obvious.

No. 355423

Yeah but literally no one uses them here. That and ITT. I wonder why you stopped using it?
It's obvious that this white knight is trying to get the thread closed down again so they are trying their hardest to keep the infighting going because for some reason the mods are quick to want to shut down Amina related threads. The simplest solution is to ban the white knight but it hasn't happened yet.

see >>355408

No. 355427

Can you read? People keep comparing her to Yumi King, Dakota, Taylor all which have 500,000 or more subs online. How do you even compare someone unknown like Amina to that?

No. 355428

Excuse the samefag but I linked the wrong post
see >>355408

No. 355429

Then you always come back and make up some bullshit claim that everyone is calling her a nazi or a pedo who literally no one said that. If you're going to white knight for a friend or yourself make it less obvious and less obnoxious.

No. 355431

The thread is already auto sages because of lack of milk and pure vendetta. Not my words, the admins

No. 355433

Ok im not the anon from yesterday but I scrolled up and yes it does say that someone called her that. Stop back peddling because you repeated bgak's lies and got called out for it

No. 355435

File: 1500482510532.png (100.91 KB, 868x1328, jeebus.png)

Do you have autism milk-chan?

No. 355438

File: 1500482772180.png (304.56 KB, 1242x1883, IMG_0364.PNG)

I'm curious what is it about Amina that makes you white knight this hard?even before people started making thread about Amina, if she was mentioned you go crazy.

No. 355442

Maybe its some black weeb fan that lives through her or some creepy shit?

No. 355444

Amina's very own sperg-chan.
I kinda wish there was a way to find the white knight's social media, they sound like a cow themselves.

No. 355449

No. 355453

They will most likely slip up and end up getting doxxedd eventually if they keep at. I'm sure someone could find a fan on Facebook white knighting using the same posting style.
Im guessing it's one of these 3 people
>Amina herself
>a bf or friend
>someone who hates micky and himeka and defends Amina because she was in drama with them

No. 355454

Holy shit shes everywhere there too… How long has she been stalking amis threads/any discussion on her

No. 355457

File: 1500483949060.png (163.57 KB, 1242x795, IMG_0365.PNG)

It's comical tbh

No. 355459

She's been doing this since the peak of himeka and her sisters drama. She's been white knighting Amina even before she went to Japan. So it's been a long time.

No. 355462

After looking at more posts from Amina's white knight, they said they're from Michigan as well. Interesting.

No. 355467

File: 1500484536664.png (63.05 KB, 1242x423, IMG_1309.PNG)

No. 355471

In Amina's original thread there was a few wks that didn't follow the same writing pattern. Just like the PULL users.

No. 355472

Who ever this wk is I'm assuming they're from Michigan.

No. 355473

But there IS one that always says the same things every post. Vedentta, no milk, weeb, cringe, etc.

No. 355474

This is kind of reaching now. In almost every thread there's one or two people saying those lingos

No. 355476

Trying to cover your tracks?

No. 355478

Jeez the paranoia
I'm reading the old threads there's a few wks and in Amina's original thread there's more wks than not but some don't type the same as sperg chan.

No. 355484

Is this aminas bf?has the same screen name as him on Amina online.

No. 355515

Who used the word "nazi" except her wks. How is saying that she makes alt right comments calling her a nazi. People have been saying that for a while now. You guys are reaching. Clearly deflecting in an attempt to get the thread close. Plus it's a fact that most people don't agree on her views with pedophila. I don't give that much of a fuck about this girl to search through her tumblr. I only read about her on here and don't even follow her on any of her social medias anymore. Clearly you do so go and find that post seeing as you spend so much of your time wking her. I have a feeling that she's probably deleted them now though.
Iwish the admins would expose whoever is wking her. Her vendettas really aren't that serious and nearly always about her hair, skin, makeup and dry twitter posts. You said there's no proof about her being a nazi pedo sympathizer but you mention it in every other post. Who else has mentioned it since except you? You sound like a triggered sperg chan which makes me sure that you're either amina, her bf or one of her hardcore fans.

Crazy thing is I don't even think Amina is a bad person. She's just cringe as hell and her awkwardness is funny. At the end of the day this thread will die and people will just begin to use the gaijin in Japan or j-vlogger threads to talk about her and other wannabe idols. Move on anon

No. 355606

Bans being handed out, stop infighting.
This thread was autosaged because of a couple samefags have been arguing with each other this whole time. If you want the thread to be out of autosage start having quality discussion instead of slinging shit at each other.

No. 355882

Didn't see "nazi" used but some anon said she was alt right and agreed with pedophilia. It's commonplace in lolcow that when you say something about a cow that you back it up with screenshots and whatnot. Not just to tell people "look it up yourself!"!either way a shit ton of people are now banned and the thread is in autosage more and more…hopefully the OT discussions stop.

No. 356046

File: 1500552063285.png (76.75 KB, 640x639, IMG_6465.PNG)

God I'm so fucking glad that sperging wk anon is FINALLY banned. Can't believe believe it took this long tbh

Also who is she talking about?? Someone from Michigan apparently, anyone know who?

No. 356054

Obviously Micky

No. 356082

5'9 isn't twice her size and she's above average height at 5'6 and she's average weight, not really that dainty. Why would cat fish contact her to fight?sounds like there would be legal issues.

No. 356123

5'6 125 isn't "above height" unless you're an Asian midget. Her weight is normal but most American girls are way fatter than that and we all know Micky is at least 200 kek. It probably won't happen

No. 356126

This thread has reached max capacity and it's already on autosage. There's a new thread with actual milk if you retards want to talk about something however.

No. 383674

File: 1504179131482.png (Spoiler Image, 963.34 KB, 1333x697, ami6.png)

I saw this girl on this website about maybe 5-7 months ago. Judging by the pictures she looked kinda similar to Amina. The description was also similar to her. The photos are obviously shopped but the body type and wig is similar to her bikini glamour sofmap shoot. I took a few screen shots but I didn't do anything with them. But after the "gravure dvd" drama I'm now curious if these really were her? I say "were" because this girl was taken off their website. Not sure when though. What do y'all think?

No. 383675

File: 1504179270110.png (Spoiler Image, 925.66 KB, 1361x695, ami 5.png)

No. 383676

File: 1504179333975.png (Spoiler Image, 435.3 KB, 1365x681, ami3.png)

No. 383677

File: 1504179548947.png (Spoiler Image, 689.38 KB, 1363x705, ami.png)

okay I found the exact date when I screenshot these - it was Jan 16, 2017

No. 383679

File: 1504180253106.png (Spoiler Image, 720.34 KB, 870x594, compario.png)

No. 405220

File: 1508276391295.jpg (133.38 KB, 488x619, DMRpyEdX0AIEKVs.jpg)

No. 405401

she didn't know how sex worked at 18?

No. 599813

is amina a sugar baby now?

No. 612571

File: 1529180906231.png (856.36 KB, 971x557, 786.PNG)

No. 612577

Such a downfall. I mean it happen a lot with idol that don't become famous in Japan like the big names but fuck. That such a hard fall. From inspiring Idol to sex worker. i mean good on her for doing this and being comfortable doing it but its a dangerous job not to sound like a moral fag but she should have done something else.

No. 612871


she has a seperate twitter for sex work

No. 612874

File: 1529198525387.png (501.74 KB, 721x454, 009385893.PNG)

No. 617955

And to think she denied being a sex worker in Japan for years. I always knew she was, everyone was in denial lol

No. 638951

File: 1531824203210.png (981.24 KB, 750x1334, IMG_0296.PNG)

She's gotten so fat lol
Leaving Japan was not great for her body wise she looks huge

No. 639038

omg she looks pregnant

No. 639505

File: 1531866019079.png (161.94 KB, 715x719, 8758987998787.PNG)

Convenient that when people started posting in threads on here wondering if she was pregnant or just getting fat she happened to post this. Pretty sure she checks threads here tbh.

No. 639730

File: 1531880187912.jpg (91.51 KB, 397x563, 4587987.jpg)

>slender frame

No. 639956

Wow she went from being an idol to a fat hooker. What a downfall. She needs to be careful before she ends up like Angela

No. 640085

File: 1531928536784.png (500.18 KB, 722x504, 967403964324.PNG)

Lunch date with 'client' before going on holiday with her boyfriend, doesn't she feel shame? or does her boyfriend like being a cuck?

No. 640964

File: 1531998932619.png (23.6 KB, 726x163, 93753734234210.PNG)

Amina hasn't lived in Japan for over a year and doesn't do idol stuff anymore so why is she still constantly posting about Japan like she's an expert?

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