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File: 1431041211546.png (543.27 KB, 481x741, pap.png)

No. 30502

No. 30503

File: 1431041289894.png (96.97 KB, 1033x426, pap2.png)

No. 30504

File: 1431041317054.png (159.13 KB, 256x334, pp com.png)

And here's the commission

No. 30505

File: 1431048038929.jpg (123.12 KB, 790x599, 790px-Luvmonkeys_sloppy_sewing…)

Same fag vendetta.

She scammed anyone else? Is there anything else that's lulsy besides you being dumb enough to commission her?

I mean, have you seen the commissions that asherbee/luvmonkeys puts out. …

No. 30506

That is a WRECK. Who are the morons commissioning her in the first place?

No. 30507

Is this the same girl who hangs out with MF? The Mako with the really thick eyebrows?

No. 30508


No. 30509

File: 1431055136747.jpg (59.1 KB, 584x600, 584px-Luvmonkeysewing.jpg)

she has excellent customer service too

No. 30510

Well yeah. I'm OP, posting about her scam she did. I can't exactly do 3 pics in one post. Are you new to this website? Are you like fresh from /cgl/ or something? Really no such thing as a vendetta on lolcow. You should read the rules.

No. 30511

Technically vendettas are a thing here, but they're allowed. And anyone complaining about it is an idiot because that's kind of what this board is for.
I don't see how a PP thread is vendetta though. She's popular, and definitely worthy of the lolcow title.

No. 30512

Jfc those seams

No. 30513

Jeebus she's delusional. Those costumes have so many puckered seams and ill proportionns. And she expects that beyond paying her to make a decent costume, they have to go and "fix their own shit"?

Being posted on 4chan is a poor excuse for her to be excused from that piss poor work. I'm so appelled that she's actually okay with sending shit out with a clear mind.

No. 30514

don't be stupid op. Never said it was against the rules.

My only point is that just because you're too dumb to understand that you get what you pay for by commissioning other dumbasses does not make this thread entertaining.

The only reason anyone commented was because I posted luvmonkeys stuff. I'll bump it one last time and then watch it get buried.

No. 30515

You realize I'm not the person who commissioned her, right? How new are you, jfc.

No. 30516

File: 1431208200910.jpg (133.57 KB, 480x640, tyn.jpg)

fuck her and her eye makeup

No. 30517


No. 30518

whats wrong with her eyemakeup

No. 30519

File: 1431224616286.jpg (81.84 KB, 480x640, tumblr_n9jut6phDZ1qmroqyo2_500…)

Other than the fact that that's supposed to be a cosplay of a guy yet uses heavy makeup, she does the Nigri thing where it's the same for every single cosplay

No. 30520


I'm sorry but boobs like these look so sad to me, like a flat asscrack

No. 30521

how much does she charge for these "cosplay outfits"?

never seen fatty tits, that are THAT flat.

No. 30522

I remember reading that thread (PP is such a cunt who rides on MF's fame), I think it was like $80 for that one? She's apparently done it to quite a few people too

No. 30523

Whiteknight or new? She's scammed quite a few people and is altogether an unpleasant person. Lurk more.
Honestly you sound pretty unpleasant too though. Pretty arrogant for someone posting on a board dedicated to posting shit about people.

No. 30524


No. 30525

Why commission her when you can buy cheap manufactured costumes? They are at least more accurate than hers.

No. 30526

I think she's considered to be a good cosplayer because the quality of her own costumes is pretty good. So when someone like her opens commissions, of course people are going to want commission her.
That's what I think at least. In the long run, a cheap ebay costume would have definitely been better.

No. 30527

This, also the fact that no one stood up for themselves when they were scammed, so no one knew PP was a fraud

You'd think someone who is close friends with Mostflogged would have decent sewing knowledge

No. 30528

File: 1431292808265.jpg (73.48 KB, 635x763, 1430541310962.jpg)

That's the thing, I'm pretty sure she does. She just doesn't care about her customers.
She's also really shitty towards her followers in general, especially with her Rose Quartz going around.

No. 30529

I can't find her Rose Quartz cosplay, anyone have a link?

No. 30530

I got ya, my friend reblogged it and I was mortified when I realized who it was


No. 30531

46K on these fucking selfies
I'm telling you man Steven Universe is becoming the new homestuck, and everyone is going to milk its popularity as much as they can

No. 30532

I hate when she pops on my dash because she's such a terrible person

No. 30533

I saw it coming the moment I laid my eyes upon SU. It's so full of every goddamn pandering tumblr thing that it's almost shameful.

>Genderfluid PoC lesbians with fat bodies fighting each other violently because THEY SUCH STRONG WOMMYN!!!

It's like an edgy SJW wet dream and lolcows like PP will milk it for all it has got

No. 30534

Is Steven Universe even good? I never seen it (and don't plan to) because I avoid shows with a large tumblr following like the plague. I heard the creator made some creepy fanfic with Ed End n Eddy.

No. 30535

Not that anon, but I think SU is meh. Clarence however, is my jam. It's probably the best show on Cartoon Network right now. I used to like Adventure Time, but it's so boring and repetitive now.

No. 30536

Oh, and it's a shame about Skylar Page. He did the voice of Clarence for the first season. He got fired after sexually harassing (assaulting?) a co-worker.

No. 30537

I think it's a painfully average show. It's not necessarily bad but it's not good either, it's just unbelievably stale and boring and centers more around thumping on Tumblr fetishes than telling a good story. The characters are very hollow and cliche'd, the story is just your basic fanfic level material. I gave it a chance because everyone was obsessing over it but soon realized that it will be forgotten soon after some new edgy cartoon show comes on. If the show even gets past the 1st season.

No. 30538

File: 1431653522679.png (Spoiler Image,116.78 KB, 467x625, tumblr_inline_mlzvs0yvD01qb55t…)

Yeah I think she was a storyboard artist on the show? or something, but she drew stuff like this. Ed Edd n Eddy are technically kids so it creeps me the fuck out that she would draw this shit

No. 30539

this is actually the most disturbing thing i have ever seen.

No. 30540

I'm telling you, man
The first time I saw Sugar I knew there was something weird about her

No. 30541

Does anyone know what editing app that is?
Her and her crew abuse the shit out of it but its super cute

No. 30542

It's probably a brush on Meitu or a crap to of tiny stickers on DecoPic.

No. 30543

Its already on season 2 fyi.

I like the show. But how tumblr acts like its the best cartoon ever to be made is a bit annoying.

No. 30544

File: 1431663636891.jpg (Spoiler Image,120.41 KB, 536x500, 124467755619.jpg)

No. 30545

File: 1431665697852.jpg (53.09 KB, 386x460, 1430267642990.jpg)

pls no

No. 30546

>grandiose attention whore
>possible borderline personality disorder
>likes Naruto
>questionable taste in erotic art
>possibly a cosplay whore at conventions
>possible saggy tits
Eh, I'd still fug her. Nothing to lose, everything to gain.

No. 30547

God fucking dammit, just what on earth possessed her

No. 30548

This is so fucking disturbing. I literally felt sick to my stomach seeing these.

No. 30549

File: 1431825734067.jpg (63.53 KB, 600x800, CE2q5TVUkAADg6l.jpg)

This was made by PP, and it's pretty nice
then again it was made for her "wife" so of course its not gonna be shit

No. 30550

File: 1431825987260.jpg (46.56 KB, 561x516, hooboy.JPG)

No. 30551

I hate people who post this shit for attention. shut the hell up.

No. 30552

SU was made for tumblr. As soon as it came out, the popularity skyrocketed on tumblr. It was crazy.

No. 30553

Why?!?! This show came out when I was still in high school and it was pretty funny, but suddenly it got really popular again on tumblr with the younger gen and now people ship the characters (which was unheard of for this show when I was a teen.) It seriously disturbs me.

No. 30554

Thanks anon
but I tried and I don't think its any of those

No. 30555

File: 1435518639301.jpg (95.06 KB, 720x960, 1435415204146.jpg)

I hear she's selling this wig for $200, and I pray no one will be stupid enough to buy it

No. 30556

oh my god stfu you disgusting cow.

No. 30557

That basic bitch that made SU knows wtf she's doing. She knows about tumblr and what they want. Don't even realize they're being used.

No. 30558

Basically this
Sugar knew the recipe for a show that would cater to the tumblr audience which is smart since tumblr is a popular website and it's artists and cosplayers can really push it's popularity forward

No. 30559

Clarence??? Really?
The best one's on right now I would say are gumball and regular show. The only ones they don't make me want to kill myself. Clarence is like a retarded poor mans edd edd and eddy. Only watched the first few episodes though so maybe it gets better…….Cartoon network has really gone downhill though. Like uncle grandpa. Really CN?

gravity falls is the shit. not CN but still.

No. 30560

So instead of a slew of homestucks fucking up my anime conventions with filty non jap cosplays there will be hoards of SU fags? Thanks tummblr.

No. 30561

this is such a cute yume nikki cosplay

No. 30562

File: 1435519788789.jpg (425.59 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_nnff1mjAN21qmroqyo1_128…)

jeez,the filters and angles is the reason why this wig only looks good in her selfies

No. 30563

pretty much, dont forget the unsealed paint

No. 30564

so she's really gonna fuck someone over like that? bitch.

No. 30565

the only reason she's popular is because she kisses Mostflogged's ass tbh I don't really have a problem with MF especially since she's getting closer to being 30 and is generally less problematic, but PP is definitely a problem.

No. 30566

y-you're friends with her anon?

No. 30567

Yeah that wig looks like it's worth $30 at the most, her head is so far up her ass that she thinks someone will buy it because she's a ~popular cosplayer~ and is friends with other popular cosplayers

No. 30568

I hope you deliver more screen caps, anon

No. 30569

Taki is also like pp who practically worships mf

No. 30570

Needs to really dump this circle and get her own life. Talks about masturbation all the fucking time like it matters. It doesn't. Works at Godiva now.

No. 30571

who works at Godiva? PP?

No. 30572

No. 30573

"I'm moving in with Takisiski"
hoo boy I wonder how that's gonna go

No. 30574

dunno but look what I found https://twitter.com/TaylaChann

No. 30575

let me guess, that's her shit talking twitter?

No. 30576

one can only assume

No. 30577


No. 30578

File: 1436224993147.jpg (141.96 KB, 640x935, mememememeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee…)

Im gonna puke

No. 30579

I don't know, I actually really enjoy SU, was watching it when it began and before it became insanely popular on tumblr. I like it because of wide variety of characters, music, and that it has an actual story to it (in most episodes).

SU and Gravity Falls are both my favorite shows right now, with Gravity Falls probably being the absolute best cartoon airing right now.

No. 30580

She really is trash, goddamn

No. 30581

Theres one of her showing her butt in that cosplay, it's hilarious because she has no butt

No. 30582

I can't get into SU. I think Rebecca Sugar is too much of a weirdo. I friggin love Clarence, though.

No. 30583

>cosplaying from an anti-otoku music video
God I fucking hate weebs so much

No. 30584

File: 1436411170936.png (Spoiler Image,206.01 KB, 481x272, 2qntc8w.png)

i think we could do a whole thread on the crazy ass fandom
also, the way it seems from the fact that she loves to draw fat little boys fucking eachother (edd isnt even supposed to be fat yet she drew him that way…)
it seems to me that there is a big chance that she drew porn of steven
>pic related
>is a actual screen shot of the show
>the steven from steven universe

No. 30585

That particular scene wasnt drawn by rebecca. The storyboard artists for that episode were raven molisee and paul villeco.
Also its been years since rebecca drew icky cartoon porn, she probably has different views now.

No. 30586


Still, doesn't she have enough control to say "hey, maybe lets not draw a naked 10 year old boy?"
She's still pretty sketchy to me..

No. 30587

Clarence is great. It's so relatable.

Actually, I like SU too. I had no idea it was a weird tumblr thing until farmers started to complain about it. Honestly, I think the reason most ppl here don't like it is because we (naturally) are anti-tumblr in almost every way on lolcow.

No. 30588

I meant to reply to u for that second part oops

No. 30589

shes so fat omg

No. 30590

so does this bitch actually use psychedelics or what?

No. 30591

People Jere don't like it because its garbage. The only good thing about it is the music and its sad its wasted on this shit show.

No. 30592

What in the fuck? Treasure troll? I'm done.

No. 30593

>people jere
Yeahh ok, like I said. Anti-tumblr. You don't have to try so hard.

No. 30594

No. 30595

this is horrible ok but not a scam per se

she delivered the product, actually gave it a go, sure she's delusional but a scammer? I doubt it

No. 30596

I agree. She's just not that interesting.

I honestly get the feeling that this is mostly one person bumping this thread.

Could be way off base but it's the same sort of comments (same way of speaking while lacking real content) spaced out just enough to keep the thread on the first few pages.

No. 30597

By "content" I mean something that is actually her scamming or being entertaining. Being chubby in a cosplay that isn't actually that bad just isn't milky enough for me but that's just IMHO ┐(´-`)┌

No. 30598

>>30505 is asherbee's commission work you dumbshit

No. 30599


This is what she delivered >>30504
which is bad but not nearly as bad as luvmonkey's. I thought you linked this one originally.

So far she's done nothing else that's remotely as interesting compared to actual cows.

No. 30600

No. 30601


No. 30602

Her body shape is so awkward

No. 30603

/yawn. although it's almost like pixy poopin pose.

No. 30604

>My ass looks so thick


No. 30605

File: 1439517937209.png (49.33 KB, 1287x481, meepabeep.png)

There's a couple of thread discussing her on /cgl/ at the moment. Here's a screencap from one of them (I'll upload the pictures this anon posted). People are also claiming that she has a shoplifting habit and one person said they've seen her do so at cons.

No. 30606

File: 1439518047785.jpg (118.46 KB, 462x640, 1439411050380.jpg)

>"these aren't the colors we agreed on, btw. loose threads everywhere, the heart and hood are barely sewn on, nothing is hemmed, etc. she had 6 months to work on this. come on."

No. 30607

File: 1439518092123.jpg (88.44 KB, 462x640, 1439411113910.jpg)

>"inside of the hood and one of the sleeves (neither were aligned properly)."

No. 30608

File: 1439518127756.jpg (113.65 KB, 462x640, 1439411238019.jpg)

>"the belt. it's just fabric poorly glued on to cardboard and bias tape. :U what gets me is that the circles weren't evenly spaced out?"

and that's all for one that one anon provided.

No. 30609

They're also selling that Lapis dress for $200 lol

at least they we're. I think someone bought it.

No. 30610

MF is almost 30 and still acts like a 17 year old though, see >>95180

No. 30611

File: 1441966805196.jpg (131.71 KB, 640x764, image.jpg)

What the fuck is going on with her eye in this photo? And lol at that escaping titty

No. 30612

ew that boob. It's just the effect from the glitter filter

No. 30613

I think it's one of the sparkles from the filter being unfortunately placed over her pupil/iris resulting in it looking like she's blind in that eye.

No. 30614

is there anything new with her? is she dead?

No. 33423

File: 1442560041841.png (561.35 KB, 738x586, twitterinstagram.png)

There's this claim, but it's kind of old. Thought you body obsessed folks might get a chuckle out of it, though.

Also, she and some of her friends (taki in particular) seem like they are trying to start shit with some girl that used to be kind of notable in the Homestuck fandom.

No. 34754

> trying to start shit with some girl that used to be kind of notable in the Homestuck fandom.

Do you know who?

No. 34823

Tatum, formerly gardengnostic on Tumblr. They were referring to her by her name. Some shit about money for plane tickets, Tatum having a small waist yet saying she was fat, some other shit. It was kind of all over the place.

No. 34859

File: 1442783498924.jpg (35.22 KB, 250x370, tumblr_mdpu9uea1e1qfviqgo7_r5_…)

Is this her?

>shit I remember her from the old homestuck days, she made videos with her friends that were funny and made me want cosplay friends - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x8aJN7N9R2E&list=PLVj3O8RYBx_qKu8Va3w26fg0byGrK3_2L

No. 34917

Yes, this is the same person. I know PP used to be friends with her but now hates her guts for some reason

No. 35364

PP and I used to be friends she throws people away when new ones come along.

No. 35779

Really, anon? Do you mind talking about your experience in a way that's vague enough that you won't get your ass beat?

She's kind of scorned me in the past multiple times before. Nothing in particular that's extra awful. She's just very good at making you feel like you're the most important person in the world and then turning around and forgetting you exist a second later.

No. 36139

Pretty much exactly as you said. We were best friends and then suddenly I wasn't cool enough for her I suppose. We don't hate each other or anything though

No. 38412

File: 1443768223091.jpg (57.05 KB, 640x960, 12091212_722203367915267_34546…)

She made herself a uniform for Mami that looks a little better, but there are no full body shots. The sleeves in this photo are completely deflated and you can see how dumb her wig/makeup is in this shot.spoiler she's gonna try to sell this end spoiler

No. 38468

File: 1443804489889.gif (1.26 MB, 245x235, 1441773247679.gif)

It's really astounding seeing how many people are friends with her/other lolcows on this website. it's interesting
I wish more of you could share more stories and experiences but it's too risky and I really don't want to see anyone get attacked

But yeah losing friends is shitty but why attack them and call them fat tho?

No. 38469

of course it's going to be better, no skin off her nose. Does she even have a job? Or are people actually buying her $200 dollar rags and shitty wigs?

No. 38555

She never bullied me or anything, she did use me a bit though.

She recently quit her job, and I don't think she got a new one.

No. 56067

Happy birthday Tayla!

No. 79814

tatum is a snow flake bitch too but yeah i remember her and MF being friends with her… what the fuck

No. 79838

I've heard so much shit about Tatum, she seems so damn fake.

No. 79985

Why won't anyone post about that time she was still underage and drank a lot as Roxy then threw up on someone during a Homestuck meet up

No. 80003

File: 1452639997684.png (169.36 KB, 1140x293, 37fdfde7eda0a67908493e89d0076c…)

No. 88619

I love this story

why are so many of her and her friends psychos?
Do they all just have issues that they take out on the anime/cosplay community? there is so much drama surrounding all of them
I honestly can't stand them or the ones who defend them and their shit behavior because they're "famous"

No. 89531

File: 1454609044289.jpg (530.14 KB, 1936x1936, 1454608242693.jpg)

is this her?

No. 89538

Big Red is that you!?

No. 89543

File: 1454611303472.png (123.94 KB, 283x280, Spongebob_My_Eyes.png)

i so regret enlarging the thumbnail
but ones i did i couldnt stop going back and forth between shoop and no shoop

No. 89544

File: 1454611346225.png (148.39 KB, 314x300, kyuu.png)

No. 89626

this chick and her friends are so annoying tbh. they do the same makeup for all their cosplays and overprice their shit to hell idgi

No. 89646

So what exactly happened with Tayla and Tatum?

No. 89717

I'm glad she lost weight but I'm sad she lost it foo fast and her body couldn't catch up.

No. 89726

accurate as fuck.

No. 89834

How old is this girl??? She looks 30 minimum with 2 kids.

No. 90159

File: 1454802159410.jpg (83.32 KB, 960x640, 12651349_1020787264644296_9018…)

No. 90223

holyshit, their stomachs

No. 90235


the one on the right isn't bad, her stomach looks pretty much the same.

No. 90242

They're so freakin tacky.

That's true. You can tell who the ex-fattie was. Well, she's still fat, but damn, she was obviously obese and her skin stretched too far to get back to normal.

No. 93407


Yeah, she's definitely… something. I'm surprised she doesn't have her own thread.

No. 244173

File: 1486155817243.png (376.31 KB, 640x1136, IMG_9710.PNG)

She scammed someone again. Someone commissoned PP for a Stocking cosplay and I guess Tayla just gave them her old cosplay? Also the same person commissoner her for a MeMeMe bra set and it was just way too small.


No. 244175

File: 1486155890156.png (676.72 KB, 640x1136, IMG_9711.PNG)

No. 244177

File: 1486155963338.png (667.39 KB, 640x1136, IMG_9712.PNG)

No. 244178

File: 1486156052611.png (635.94 KB, 640x1136, IMG_9713.PNG)

No. 244180

File: 1486156197235.png (925.99 KB, 640x1136, IMG_9714.PNG)

And finally an upclose shot with Tayla's wonderful craftsmanship

No. 244184

should've used taobao tsk tsk

No. 284135

File: 1491309640554.jpg (357.78 KB, 2048x2048, 86B4265B-DD6D-464E-A115-A69EB4…)

Is Tayla 18…

No. 291753

I'd take this with a grain of salt, though. thrdplanet is a total suck up to takisiski/fae who is tayla's ex-friend and a total fucking psycho who gets into twitter fights with randoms all the time. I can totally see the situation being thrdplanet giving PP the wrong measurements and then doing this to get Fae's attention.

No. 291778

you could be onto something there, they're all pretty psycho and the whole twitter fight thing is such a huge red flag holy shit.Not even surprised that Drew dumped her crazy ass

>tayla's ex-friend

oh they're not friends anymore? I wonder what happened
Not really surprised, these cosplayers go through friends like they go through costumes.

I think so, turning 19 this year

No. 291786


I don't know the details but they stopped being friends some time during Summer 2016. It seems like Tayla really just focuses on Mostflogged, her boyfriend, and some annoying girl from Boston nowadays.

She's 21

No. 291790

>It seems like Tayla really just focuses on Mostflogged, her boyfriend, and some annoying girl from Boston nowadays.

Yeah that makes sense, MF was her ticket to fame
Kinda glad they've sort of calmed down

No. 292282

They haven't really, it's just a lot more under wraps. Anime cosplay twitter has a LOT of drama- love triangles, cheating, bad breakups/friend breakups, scamming, strategic friendships between people that don't like each other, transparent schmoozing for cosfame, etc. It's a really tangled web that you have to at least somewhat be involved in to know what's going on, though, and that's part of why it doesn't come out on sites like this as much. People providing info can probably eventually be tracked down and it would ruin them

No. 292286

File: 1492291645351.jpg (19.01 KB, 480x360, 124f5a4b5e0b31add002cd1f989eb5…)

This is so intriguing and unsettling at the same time

No. 292322

Another issue with is that people that are well known/influential in that social circle aren't necessarily going to be the ones with the most followers, so it would be really suspect if they came up in discussion. I know multiple people that only have a few hundred followers or so but are close to multiple notorious people like PP, MF, Mariah, etc

No. 361301

It's horrible how she's super popular online now and she has a whole hoard of people there to back her up if shit goes down. It's almost impossible to call her out for all the shit she still does because its on the down low and no one wants to say anything and get destroyed. All the new people that support and worship her have no idea this thread exists because of the user change.

No. 361322

what are you talling about? she's still a nobody. She is starting to look ana since living on her own in LA

No. 361344

File: 1501124365028.jpg (20.55 KB, 203x284, ae3456.JPG)

>She is starting to look ana

I was wondering about this since I saw this pic of her, she's been looking rough recently

No. 361708

File: 1501185023681.jpg (143.09 KB, 1200x1092, DAeAsC4WAAEgpEt.jpg)

New twitter handle: https://twitter.com/lovely_paprika

it might just be her family was literally weighing her down so she's making healthier food choices? But her cheeks just trigger starvation for me

No. 362960

File: 1501341657923.jpg (182.91 KB, 888x1200, deargod.jpg)

Who on earth would post this on the internet? Everything in this picture is incredibly sad lol

No. 363049

I think she posts WIPs of her current cosplay commissions on her twitter so that her commissioners can see her progress. Not defending her but that's my reasoning.

No. 364255

is it healthy that she's lost as much weight as she did that fast?? She's never shown that she works out or diets

No. 364271

She's lost weight rapidly as soon as she moved from the East to the West. I think she may just be restricting calories. I can't find comparison pictures since she posts so much on twitter and her tumblr/insta are outdated

No. 1119318

saging incase nobody gives a shit but tayla’s new @ on her private twitter holychalupa
i forgot her private instagram @ but she has one if anyone knows it please post it

No. 1240269

Sage for no milk but I'm happy to see a thread on this cunt.

Knew her from the homestuck community and she regarded herself as the queen bee. Would seriously not talk to you if you didn't have enough tumblr followers and called herself "tumblr famous". Banded up with anyone she deemed as being popular or influential, then dumped them for more powerful people. Thought she was hot shit because she would be the first to throw together a shoddy cosplay of Roxy if a new HS chapter dropped.

Didn't know she moved west and lost weight. I saw her at an arcade in the east about 2 years ago and she still looked like a cow and was wearing otome kei in public.

No. 1917663

File: 1697982533888.png (3.29 MB, 828x1792, C0E4D5AE-C3DA-4F3A-9631-135EDB…)

Tayla has a new TikTok and IG. I can’t find the IG, I think she blocked me. She has a website too. SnackBasket.png is the name on TikTok, posting Ben 10, tmnt, and invader zim merch. Originally she was saying she was 30 on there which is a lie she’s like 26/27, but she took that down lol she wants people to think mf didn’t groom her as a teen. She still goes to cons to set up a vendor table but she covers her face because her and mf can’t show their face in the community ever again lol(necromancy)

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