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File: 1483217979941.jpg (24.94 KB, 236x365, b7ee6630ac7134be60df44b4559990…)

No. 225100

I remember those girls that posted pics of themselves trying to be "lolita" and "nymphet" and glorifying Nabokov's Lolita. One of the most famous was spoiledsiren(pic related), she was a sheltered girl who tried to be a sugar beby at age 14 and was dating a 30-something man at age 15. Someone outed her to her parents & they confiscated her phone but couldn't find any solid evidence, it seems. Since then she changed to pitybaby, last time i checked, and was demonizing age gap relationships.

Someone took over her oldest url and attempted to troll, probably the same person who outed her.


They were kind of the "start" of the underage littles, girls calling themselves nymphets despite the negative meaning and trying to date 50-something men because aesthetic.

No. 225107

Today she realized it was disgusting and changed. She is dying with a man her age and stopped trying to be a nymphet

No. 225116

You got her new tumblr url or something? This was like ages ago, i lost everything lmao

No. 225118

>glorifying Nabokov's Lolita

If they actually read and understood the book, none of them would try to be "nymphets" smh. Not that they have the brain cells to get past the first paragraph.

No. 225121

They probably watched the 1997 movie and thought they'd have a Jeremy Irons lmao

No. 225125

They wanted to be Lolitas and date older men, while claiming to not condone csa. Bitch, you're 14, if you post about how you want 40yr olds to fuck you, you are condoning csa.

No. 225129

Yeah you can see by the photos they used to post that it was all very heavily influenced by the 1997 movie. Johanna one time even redid scenes herself.


No. 225133

No. 225142

the best thing about most of these girls is that they all seemed to be so sheltered that they almost disconnected from reality altogether. they all had expensive nice things, but claimed their parents were sooOOO cruel.
most of them were also proanas but woudn't admit to it, like, ever.

No. 225144

To be fair a strategy for some parents is to abuse/hit/scream and then buy nice things to make up for it, I doubt that's the case for most of these girls though.

No. 225146

nah, most of the time their complaints were about their parents not letting them go out with friends one day or another or some silly shit like that. either that and "forcing them to eat food" HOW CRUEL.

No. 225149

Oh I gotcha, so it's just basic teen grievances.

>was demonizing age gap relationships
It seems hypocritical on her part but I think this is a really good thing for her. These girls need someone relatable to tell them that age gaps aren't magical and that older men don't actually give a heck about them - they're just an objectified fetish for these guys.

No. 225193

Is this that one girl that goes by bugeyedbrat (or something like that) on instagram?

No. 225201


Yeah it is. She's got a really pretty face, didnt realise she had a sugar daddy and all this going on.

No. 225206

Does anyone remember nanarapeblossom? She got kicked off suicidegirls for a few pedo photoshoots and then moved to tumblr.

No. 225340

File: 1483228938951.jpg (103.54 KB, 1080x1080, 15623867_442505569472098_89974…)

i guess she never got over her old man fetish lmao

No. 225344

File: 1483229051637.jpg (88.52 KB, 1080x1080, 15306115_708388842657292_82892…)

>When your boyfriend is 2,000 miles away but you still wanna celebrate his 30th birthday so you get your crown and pin out from your sweet16 and FaceTime him.

No. 225347

File: 1483229183802.jpg (146.14 KB, 1080x1221, 15534912_1013060745467225_5683…)

No. 225355

Gross, she could at least pick a hotter older guy. Maybe he's $$$

No. 225371

>sweet sixteen crown

Ew. Also he looks older than 30 but I guess that's the point

No. 225530

That's kinda sad. She has a nice face, could do better than that. Isn't she 20 or something now tho? Hard to get a bf when you stop being a teen and the pedos lose interest in you rite

No. 225531

Jesus almighty, isn't Johanna like 4'11? This guy is a Hobbit, calling it.

No. 225533

Bruh she's right back at the age gap relationship thing. See >>225344

No. 225537

What compels 30 yo dude to seriously date, not just bang, a 20 yo girl? I doubt she's super mature or intelligent, recreating Lolita movie stills pretty much cements she's a try-hard.

No. 225539

Those girls are the founding mothers of the little community we know nowadays. Kinkster girls now are the former nymphet girls.
Anyway the community seems pretty dead now, i think it will keep on fading to give space to the little/kinkster stuff. Which is kinda good, since at least most kinksters don't encourage 14yr olds to slut up and fuck older men.

No. 225541

Fetish, anon. Fetish.
Also she's pretty cute, he probably wants a cute and pliable gf rather than a mature one.

No. 225544

I get the sex part. All guys pretty much want to bang 20 year olds. But I doubt a good relationship can be based on a kink or fetish and, honestly, at 30? He should know better. There's probably something wrong with him.

No. 225545

He might have a problem, social or mental, that makes it harder to socialize with mature, less impressionable women.
Johanna isn't innocent but she seems to get carried away easily.

No. 225546

There's nothing wrong with a 20 year old girl dating a 30 year old man if she's mature. There are a handful of girls who weren't raised into the typical millennial culture that prefer men who aren't into it either.

She, however, is not one of them.

No. 225547

Exactly anon, this is a relationship based on a fetish which doesn't bode well.

Yep, agreed. Culture could be another factor, also him being a hobbit manlet might play into it.

No. 225548

Definetely not. I still remember the good ol' drama she stirred in the nymphet comm, calling girls that didn't want to be her friends anymore "weird" because they were in college and she was in hs while dating a that 30 year old dude. Smh, i don't think she has her shit together now.

No. 225550

Lmao right? Unless she's bullshitting about her height he's basically a fugly hobbit creep. Just fugly creep would be better.

No. 225551

She looks like Vladimir Putin in those photos

No. 225553

Can't unsee

No. 225554

The whole shitstorm with Adam was awful, but didn't she claim to have dated a 50 yr old before him? And didn't she start dating Adam at 14?
Btw where Adam is now? Did she grow out of his age range and he went after another preteen to groom?

No. 225733

Tbh i bet the whole sugar baby thing is bull

No. 225762

Anybody remember any other noteworthy "nymphet" girls?
I remember a lolitalifestyle-something like that, she was a 17yr dating a 50yr and claimed their relationship was ohh so lovely, but rarely ever talked about him. When people started to get angry because she encouraged young girls(like, impressionable 14yrs) to chase after old men, she claimed that she 100% wasn't doing that and her url wasn't to be taken as encouragement, but (then she went on a story about how she used to be "like Lolita" when she was 12 and that's her lifestyle and blah blah)

No. 225765

Sage for OT, apologize for the naive question. So it's legal for a teenager above the age of consent to bang an old 50 something coot? I knew that there were Romeo and Juliet/close in age laws, but that someone outside of that range would be illegal to fuck.

No. 225793

Well it is legal, but it's just really really sketchy of a 50 year old to want to "date" a 17 year old girl. Mainly a girl like lolitalifestyle, she looked like 12

No. 226296

Anybody think they'll make a comeback or did this trend die already?

No. 226298

it's dying out thank god

Melanie Martinez will encourage them to get into weird adult baby shit and pretty much only young basement dwellers seem to be into that

No. 226337

oh stop it with the "mature" shit it isn't okay in any situation for a 30 year old man to be dating a barely out of her teens girl. there is a major gap in life experience between someone who is 20 vs someone who is 30, and the power dynamic allows her to easily manipulated by him. something is wrong with him if he can't get women his age to date him.

a 20 year old girl should be out having fun with people her age and learning about the world, not tied down to some creepy fuck.

No. 226341

Also lol at Johanna not even being able to legally drink with her bf on a date

No. 226467

Imagine him wanting to drink with his friends but she can't tag along. That's sad.

No. 226469

Weren't they all Lana Del Rey acolytes?

No. 226470

>implying a 30 year old manlet who can't get a woman his own age has friends

No. 226472

he could get a woman his age, but she wouldn't submit to his every whim just because he likes her to call him daddy. all about power.

No. 226478

Meh. Some of these guys are genuine abusive creeps, but a lot are just retards who can't talk to a woman their own age. So they go for a 20 year old who's impressed just by them having a car and their own place. I know a few of them irl.

No. 226567

which one are you talking about, i only remember
jesswoods natch.

none have much milk after you get over the cringe i guess. Johanna is defo the worst of the bunch though.

No. 226573

Honestly I preferred the nymphets. They were mostly into posting aesthetic pictures and gifs from Lolita while pining after their teachers. Littles are way more fucking disgusting with their nasty ass cummy stained panties and daddy whining. And plenty of them do encourage underage girls to get into ddlg so I'm not giving them a pass there.

No. 226581

This comment reminds me of this whole Teacher crush section of Tumblr that I stumbled upon. I forget what tags they used but they would all lust over their old, married teachers and convinced themselves that their teachers were secretly flirting with them. And they had entire blogs dedicated to it, ugh.

No. 226786

They used to give tips on how to seduce your old married teacher into fucking you or something, and convinced girls that the more underage and innocent they looked the more they would appeal to older men, and shit like that. Gross, gross, gross.

No. 226787

None of them actually, it's an entirely different person lol
She had short blonde hair and REALLY big eyes and actually looked like an androgynous child. I'm pretty sure she was kinda well-known but i could be mistaken.

No. 226788

johanna had a lot of milk back in the day. sugar baby, the messy mess with Adam, one time she boasted at how she sent her teacher some ~sexy~ pics, the whole thing with angelhunny and strawberryhunny, etc.

No. 226789

this convinces me that I haven't been missing much on Tumblr

No. 226790

boi this isn't HALF of the nasty stuff related to nymphets/littles lol
from trying to appeal to predators to actually almost getting guys into prison(hi Johanna!).

No. 226802

She's been mentioned in a handful of threads, probably including the tumblr nostalgia one. She keeps a low profile now.

Same but rather than believing there's anything defendable about the Nymphet thing, I think that it's just less offensive to me because it was the 'scene' I was around online at the right age that everything about it clicked for me. These trends don't die out they just move to the next generation of little sad tweens, Kinderwhore in the 90s was probably a rehash too.
I'm still friends with a few people from that scene, only one of the girls is still with her age gap bf but everyone else has moved onto different 'aesthetics'.

No. 226806

now it's the underage littles asking for a daddy to spank them. ew.

No. 226817

Hahaha holy shit she really sent her teacher 'sexy' pics?? Was she in highscool then?

No. 226824

This is totally unrelated, but has anyone noticed a rise in far right, ultra conservative, nazi romantisizng blogs? Usually run by slightly above average fembots with bleached blonde hair and 'controversial' views, who seem to get off on being lusted after by gross alt right neckbeards? I think this is a new tumblr trend to watch, tbh.

No. 226831

i mean, i wouldn't be surprised. Tumblr has been a ridiculously liberal hugbox for too long. i can definately see some bland bitches desperate for a little bit of internet fame and edgelord points jumping on that shit.

No. 226872


p sure she makes half the shit up she got famous for, she's always been such a attention-seeking butter-personality, which is why her friends/fans arse-kiss her this hard

No. 226877

yeah she said she was 15 when she did.
not to skinnyshame(??) or anything but she posted the pics she sent and she just looked like a stick thin child lifting her skirt sitting on the carpet. so exciting. much boner.

No. 226878

the only thing i believe is the Adam thing because of the troll. other than that… nah

No. 226940

is that the girl that called angelhunny a pedo??

No. 226949

MOst nymphet girls sekushii pics look like this. Nothing new.

No. 227286

seraph-starlet was the girl that always whined about how sick she was because of anorexia then posted a shitton of thinspo right after?

No. 227360

i haven't seen too much of it on the internet but lol this is an exact description of tomi lahren.

i think it's a new wave of girls trying to be "i'm not like other girls ;)" these bitches pretend to be so counterculture but really they just pander to guys by attacking traits of other women, so in the end they have a echo chamber of white knights. the previous iteration was gamer girls and with feminism/progressive politics gaining traction, i guess it makes that this one is about being ass-backwards.

No. 227361

gaining traction on the internet* i mean to say

No. 227362

Johanna Deutschman called lilangelhunny a pedo cuz the latter was over 18 and trying to include Johanna in the friend group with Emilee (strawberryhunny wtv)
Johanna was like a year behind in age but yea apparently that makes lilangelhunny a Pedo lol, typical cow behaviour

No. 227576

I remember. Her whole Trevor Brown worshiping crew on Tumblr was hilarious actually. I remember she got into a fight with this ugly Indonesian chick named Naomi (who was also really into this whole nymphet thing) because rapeblossom accused her of copying her

No. 227579

Caps? Receipts? The Nana Rapeblossom era was before my time. I've wanted to feast on that milk for ages.

No. 227589

File: 1483577651299.jpeg (17.88 KB, 398x612, large.jpeg)

alas, the original post is lost to the sands of time, but you should be able to understand enough via context. Enjoy.

No. 227595

File: 1483578340277.jpg (34.98 KB, 400x268, nana.jpg)


I truly think she was the original dark & edgy pedobait wannabe.

I think she got chased off CGL too.

No. 227604

Didn't she vanish after moving to Amsterdam? I always wondered if something happened to her.

No. 227606


I recall she moved from Italy to Amsterdam to be with her boyfriend who was a skinhead that posted loli porn (livejournal days).

Then she moved to tumblr, then she disappeared one day.

No. 227607

She was chased off the Lolita community on livejournal. She was posted to gtfoegl twice, once because her name and user photo creeped users out, and this was at a time where Lolita weeded out any association with sex and fetishes.

The second time, it was because users went to her personal blog and saw things like nazi glorification, and straight up nude photos of children. And posts where she wished she was ugly so she could be raped. Then that Suicide Girls shoot happened where she took inspiration from the Kamikaze Girls movie, but twisted the premise into it being about a girl getting drugged and raped.

I remember albinwonderland defending what rapeblossom had on her livejournal. Some people were for her being removed, others were against it and thought people who reported her went too far.

No. 227609

bored and wanna dig through stuff, anything more on rapeblossom?

No. 227613

I believe shevgot in trouble for the Kamikaze girl's shoot and got banned from Suicide Girls. She was also involved in the babyart community on Livejournal.

No. 227614

Did Joanna delete her instagram?

No. 227618

Her trail kinda ends around 2010-11. There is a British electro/industrial band using her old pictures and name as album art but it seems like a dead end.

No. 227624

Not sure if this is the same skinhead lolicon dude (although he had an LJ and currently has a tumblr) but I'm pretty sure she dated this guy, at least while she was on tumblr

No. 227644


Weirdly, she got banned for nazi glorification more than the loli-rape shit. You can still see her old profile on suicidegirls with nursery and schoolgirl themed shoots.

No. 227656

Yes! I wonder if they are still together but now she's just normal.

No. 227663

Yeah @bugeyedbrat is gone for me too

No. 227678

she's pretzelgal on insta, truefruitbat on twitter

No. 227950

they later said that Johanna was actually trying to push lilangelhunny out of the group for some reason. wtf Jo?

No. 227951

she put the account on private. someone tipped the cow.

No. 227958


i miss her. she was pretty cute, i wonder what she looks like now.

No. 227961


see the thing is, if you're in your early twenties you're not mature. nice try tho

No. 227972

Well he probably ain't the most mature man ever either if he's dating her.

No. 227975

ofc because you people are trash

No. 227976

Is it the first whiteknight i see?

No. 227979


nah >>227975 is Jo Deutschman herself :)

No. 227989

Same :( Kinda wish I had some internet detective skills to see what she looked like now.

No. 227995

Wow that actually took longer than I thought

No. 227997

File: 1483640987433.jpg (189.24 KB, 616x1055, QpvsaQV.jpg)

Michellemoe/ alienmoe would always tag her selfies as nymphet, lolita, loli, few years back. Before she was called out on PULL her blog was filled with loli porn and fetishy/ kinster stuff. She liked Vladimirs lolita book and still worships trevor brown. Shes toned it down nowadays but still sometimes refers to herself as childish, and childlike. She even made herself a onesie. She currently sells body harness's,many with the name baby and loli. Shes definitely a kinkster nowadays and caters to them.
She recently changed her age on her old DA to make people think she was 18. Added bonus is shes a closet racist.

No. 228001

ee she's still relevant?, i followed her idk why but she kept postig her ugly face and i got tired of it and people licking her ass thinking she's pretty and beautiful??? shes so ugly¿? her harnesses are so easy to make and she thinks she's high fashion or like that old creepyeha…

No. 228002


yea she's a dry teat, nothing PULL hasn't beat to death and back again

No. 228005

File: 1483642335993.png (355.34 KB, 918x332, face.png)

I see her all over tumblr and sometimes in my insta search tab. All of her selfies are the exact same expression poses, etc.

she's basically a creepyyeha wanna be and paints these weird doll faces now too. The only reason she's popular is because she has colourful hair, ice blue contacts, and weird ass makeup that looks like she's trying to be a human BJD

You can tell if you look closely that she'd look just like yumi king without the extreme makeup and shooping, she has the same bloated farmers face.

No. 228008

>shes a closet racist
Elaborate on this please

No. 228011

Jo is 18 years old. They started to date when she was 16, and though shes come to her senses with the pedophilia romanticizing, shes still in love with her bf. The guy is a 35 year old doctor, they met while her mother was ill in the hospital. She was impressed by his intelligence and doesn't care what he looks like.

Honestly, between the teacher crush community, ddlgs, adult babies, sugar babies becoming more common than jobs, and nymphets, I can only see a lot of girls who have been so out of touch with reality that they think old/dominating men are the key to feeling fulfilled, beloved and important, and its all just too sad.

The culturing to be made obsessed with extreme youth to a sexual point has made them completely unaware they by simply viewing themselves as a Woman rather than the product of self-infantalization, can provide all of that coveted actualization, and more to them. So I dont look down upon them for being another obvious and sad outcome of western views.

No. 228012

yeah exactly, she's just weird makeup and tumblr loves that shit asian beauty kek
the comment "tutorial for this" okay just apply red eyeshadow and eyeliner for fucks sake

No. 228013

why are you so angry about a woman being a makeup artist? there are millions of yt girls who do the same thing.

No. 228014

Johanna and Rob Arnold met on tumblr. it was answered in an ask before she deleted her Dumblog.
apparently (if ya believe the cow) he waited until she was 'well over 18 aka 18 and 6 months) before he spoke to her.

Rob turnt 30 or whatever in December.
tbh emmotionally immature + manlet is the best outcome for the two of them. compatible af.

No. 228023

well said. It's a very sad trend that is still growing strong. These girls won't realize their self worth. Is the whole nymphet/sugar baby trend the new emo?

No. 228063

What's Jo's bf's ethnicity? Looks kinda swarthy

No. 228101

wasn't she dating Adam at 16?

No. 228127

who even keeps count of her exes? at this point Jo Deutschman is just a revolving door for men. there was a dude who wrote shitty poems for her calling her 'Persephone' that charmed his um 'vine'. not sure if sock puppet tho.

No. 228136

File: 1483657040940.jpg (172.21 KB, 1448x641, assboogers.JPG)


confirmed. :-) that's Jo's manlet's insta btw

No. 228175

File: 1483658676447.jpeg (1.86 MB, 1465x2184, hggglll.jpeg)

Don't know how recent the actual photos/modelling are, but during the course of 2015-2016 she's modelled/photgraphed art for some noise band named Inhibition:
Pictured is the most recent DVD. Looks the same as she always did, and it still seems like she's into that whole noise/power electronics scene

No. 228187

File: 1483658991950.jpg (118.12 KB, 740x1068, eRKC3yi.jpg)

Mmmm break me off a piece of that fine fat autist.

No. 228189

Pretty sure those are all old photos from her post-Suicide Girls modeling spree.

No. 228192

File: 1483659206955.jpg (115.6 KB, 750x1264, GZAEEpW.jpg)


No. 228194

File: 1483659260039.jpg (666.91 KB, 800x1179, be9cde63bac9e5c059325b117f3f19…)


she looks older in this (and this is old) than she do on that DVD, but the editing makes the timeline hard to place…

No. 228203


I agree with >>228189
It looks like her suicidegirl era shots :(

No. 228214

File: 1483660097878.jpg (27.64 KB, 500x513, large.jpg)

this is the latest thing i could find creditting her by 'Nana Rapeblossom'. an photoshoot reimagining the death of Jean Seberg by Angelo Cricchi

No. 228252

Am I the only one who thinks, she has a very weird face?

No. 228253

No why

No. 228265

She literally wants to be raped because she thinks it'll make her reborn and turn her into a whole new person.

No. 228278

Yeah I'm 100% sure she's lying about her age it's just weird that she went back on her DA recently and added "13" to her description. Do you have any sources to confirm her being a closet racist though? If you're talking about those hitler memes she reblogged on tumblr then that'd be retarded also I don't think it's fair to call someone a racist unless there is substantial proof.

No. 228402

File: 1483678023782.jpg (41.49 KB, 240x274, 20170105_204638.jpg)

No. 228472

Whoah she is actually gorgeous though.

No. 228883

File: 1483754277677.jpg (21.5 KB, 377x600, 7ad11d8ed5c0f149a7efb566c90c99…)

anybody remember christy aka babyhearted?

she's still pretty popular on tumblr.

i remember her being one of the was queens of the "nymphet" community on tumblr for quite sometime actually.

she says she's grown out of the whole "nymphet" thing and is more of a "femme fatale".

No. 228903

i thought her name was Pearl? she dated a 30-something year old. she's friends with abandonedpalace, who is friends with Johanna Deutschman

No. 228913

Yeah and she's dating an almost 30 year old guy now as well. I used to be mutuals with this girl and had to unfollow her bc her personality is absolutely grating. I remember she would get a lot of flack for the nymphet/age gap shit and she would would defend it by saying "omg ur not a pedophile if ur attracted to 15 year olds ur a ephebophile!!!1" As if that justifies being an absolute degenerate who preys after minors who aren't even fully developed physically or mentally. Btw that shit still has the "phile" attached to the end of it so you're not making these men sound any better lmao. I really don't believe these girls when they say that they're done with their nymphet stage, especially when they're currently dating MEN who are much older than them. 10 years is a such a huuuge gap when you're a teenager. You have no grasp on what you really want from someone at that age (also I think this babyhearted girl is still 16/17 years old????). It just makes me sick that so many girls fall under this mentality and are being taken advantage of.

No. 228934


her name is christy but claims that her mother calls her pearl.

No. 228935


She is still 17 if i'm not mistaken.
Her boyfriend is 13 years according to the both of them. She's done worse though, not sure if you remember "a" but he was way older than her current boyfriend and she was only 15 at the time that "a" was in her life. She jokingly answered an ask that said her current boyfriend "d" is the "youngest" older man she's been with.
Reeks of daddy issues.

No. 228936

13 years older than her *

No. 228942

what on earth??? Jo looks chubby and sooo white-trashy here yikes

No. 228944

Speaking of Nana and the others who used to run in that circle, does anyone remember Lollidoll from LiveJournal? She was a very slight, blonde girl who lived in Florida and I think was dating a Russian fellow? She posted some pretty explicit photos of herself from time to time, but she was always very nice and I miss her and I hope she's okay.

No. 228947

Pitusinha still posts on editoz on LiveJournal from time to time. She seems pretty normal now, but she and Nana had some weird feud some years back. They were in a lot of similar communities (with babypanda/lolipanda, ikiuikiuikiu, and a few others i'm forgetting the names of right now.) Most of them have deleted or don't really pursue the whole babyart thing anymore, if they do have tumblrs they are fairly standard. It was good drama back in the day though.

No. 228962

lmao really now? because i remember she was a dd/lg nazi worshiping lolita, who then turned into liberal sjw wannabe crust punk, only to move to italy and go back to making posts about how she loves white power skinheads and wanting to get raped in the woods. i'm sure the bitch is still crazy as shit regardless of how chill her posts on ediotz seem
babypanda was a queen though<3

No. 229158

Isn't Maja/childoflamb dating some old dude as well?

No. 229201

That's what happens when you take the filters away. Jo is a secret internet skinnyfat with a retarded manchild bf

No. 229205

File: 1483808931091.png (155.91 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2849.PNG)

Johanna Deutschman is so milky, i suspect these are self-sent but idk


No. 229206

File: 1483808980077.png (140.95 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2850.PNG)


No. 229228

lmao Persephone?? how fucking cheesy
was he planning to kidnap her too?

No. 229229

File: 1483813231452.jpg (160.8 KB, 906x767, jojo.jpg)

does she think we're retarded? 21 inch waist and 32 inch hips? This freakshow in the upper left corner has a 20 inch waist, and 32 inch hips.

Jo is pretty much straight up and down she DEFINITELY doesn't have an over 10 inch difference between her hips and waist. and look how wide she is from the side. She's not fucking fat, but those measurements are bullshit. Also calling bullshit on her 28 inch bust unless she shoops her boobs because her boobs look bigger than that.

No. 229231


was that someone else? when Johanna was 15 she made a post asking to be kidnapped and flipped out when a guy offered to do it cuz eh's a pedo u gaiz!!1!!!one

poor guy, his only fault was thinking he was attracted to you, Jo.


does Yungelita count? her insta is private now :( i miss her
Joanna Kuchta? she's just another IG baddie
also doelita (Mikayla), Adorleehaze, and lolitaconundrum on tumblr.

No. 229232

Johanna is only comparatively thin because her manlet is a hamplanet… what an unfortunate body hers is!?

No. 229234

Yungelita, I don't know of much milk involving her except that one article someone interviewed her for. She has a nice body, but a serious horse face. Shame.

And Joanna Kuchta is more of the little "daddy's cummies" type. She's boring, no milk there except her shoops.

No. 229238

Jo used to have an ed i think so makes sense she's bloated af now

No. 229239

why do these girls always wanna be kidnapped/raped? wtf

No. 229240

Either this "nymphet" scene is full of salty-ass ana-chans or she sent these to herself. It just doesn't seem realistic.

No. 229243

I think those are self sent BUT the nymphet scene IS full of salty-ass ana-chans.

No. 229246

remember when they collectively got sick of 'nymphet' attracting creepy daddy doms and collectively decided they are 'coquettes' now???
that's so hiveminded and embarrassing no wonder the community died out

No. 229256

is this before jo's ana-chan phase? she looks kinda chubby here.

No. 229266


Jo is really before my time so idk her various developments. she's posted a compare post on tumblr bragging about her ~~~progress~~~ but all it was were her then and then an older pic of her basically sucking in her gut.

legendary 'I send sekushii pics to teachers I'm so Lolita(TM) and dangerous' post: http://gutsandangels.tumblr.com/post/104576515029/dollybirdbroad-dollybirdbroad

No. 229275

oh that's right, I totally forgot about her SJW phase. I wasn't aware of her cycling back to skinhead again, she kind of stopped posting on tumblr and other blogs about herself. Probably on instagram somewhere tho.

No. 229318

Jo is always deleting her asks and insta posts. wasted lulz…

No. 229331


is there any context for why she sent those? what the fuck?

No. 229334

>Now he avoids eye contact with me in class and when I go up to his desk to ask questions.

Yeah, it's called secondhand embarrassment

No. 229348


all nymphets want their own sob story lol. they wanna be like Jess Woods/Nicole Dollanganger all *~*sad bby doll*~* aesthetic while being ~SEXXXY~

No. 229360

There's a thread on PULL about yungelita I came across. Tons of her old pics there. She's fuckin busted

No. 229364

I wonder if her boyfriend knows about shit like this

No. 229365

busted how? PULL doesn't milk. moralising teens who think they are 'exposing' ppl. They got nothing on Yungelita that she hasn't confessed herself. no lulz to be had except her addiction and constant on/off privacy on insta.

No. 229367

he must… they met on tumblr!

No. 229373

Would love to see Nana's social media now though. Even if she was screwed up to the nth degree, she did some beautiful modelling images.

No. 229377

File: 1483831963256.jpg (127.4 KB, 500x750, nana.jpg)

Her subject matter could be edgelordy as fuck but she found some talented photographers and designers to work with.

No. 229381


For sure, that's one of my favourites. Always wonder what happens to edgelords when they disappear from the internet for good.

No. 229386

File: 1483833673713.png (427.34 KB, 815x455, D28F0871-1CF1-4D9A-9290-74E12D…)

In my opinion without all the insta angles she looks average at best. Pic related is her in a short film her apparently rich father made

No. 229387

No. 229388

File: 1483833708959.png (66.93 KB, 518x500, 17F2A184-FEB8-4B1B-90E0-482280…)

This one is pretty lulzy

No. 229405

Those tits looks like deflated blisters.

Surprisingly muscular legs lel that's not very kawaii.

No. 229427

I can't believe she ACTUALLY did this. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK.

No. 229429

'cause she's a sekushii lolita-chan!!!

No. 229440


is she lying??? what a cringe-inducing story to make up to go with her photos… FYI cow's back on insta by the name pretzelgal

No. 229443

she put it on private already anon.

No. 229445

nvm it's back on public

No. 229451

File: 1483845577003.png (445.31 KB, 600x600, jo.png)

she… she actually looks deformed here

No. 229466

JFC bad editing/shoop or just actually tragic? both?

No. 229472

File: 1483846822492.png (1.08 MB, 750x1334, IMG_3663.PNG)

>the caption
>someone wrote, posted and is PROMOTING an article like that

No. 229494

File: 1483848805341.jpg (152.1 KB, 750x979, daiIi84.jpg)

They're all jokey about the ageplay but you know they really get off on it, ew

No. 229504

>dat wig
>black shoes
>fucking cat ears

it takes less than a minute to google character design sheets jeez

No. 229505

Her boobs ain't that big lmao
that's padding and that's why it looks so fucking weird

No. 229506

is this girl relevant anywhere?

No. 229512

just a self-proclaimed nymphet on insta, topped of with the teacher crush i think is representative of what the tumblr nymphet community was about
idk, hope not OT

No. 229513

geez if i had her cousin-fucker mug i would stuff my breasts as well
why does she try so hard to seem nice/cute? she already bitches out at her bf all over social media. bit fake?

No. 229543

looks like the lines on the door don't match up but i might be blind-chan

No. 229586

I always wondered if she was like Apnea of SuicideGirls fame, like does she look great when talented people photograph her and look kinda trashy in person or if she's actually pretty irl

No. 229651

I wouldn't put shooping past Jo lmao
More so if she's still anachan

No. 229704

File: 1483889902459.jpg (209.13 KB, 415x553, TOSx9rD.jpg)

I've seen some candid shots of her and she looked pretty cute. Idk how she would look irl though.

No. 229715

File: 1483890991501.jpg (Spoiler Image,51.96 KB, 671x1000, 4McbiZo.jpg)

I was kinda surprised at how chubby Nana was! You can really see her belly in this photo.

Or am I just turning into ana-chan?

No. 229725

She seems of normal weight to me, like higher-end of normal BMI. Looks like she tends to stock her fat in the belly, tho.

No. 229736


I agree that she looks normal weight, I think it's just her ribs making her torso appear wider. Mine does the same.

No. 229745

She looks how angelic-corpse shoops herself.

No. 229776


I think it's just unusual to see naked chicks with a tummy these days.

No. 229864

why did Johanna delete her spoiledsweet tumblr?

No. 229954

what're her socials now???

No. 229958

Maybe her mom told her to delete it again

No. 229963

File: 1483905599166.jpg (88.43 KB, 500x610, nothanks.jpg)

she'd better if she's like this on tumblr ha

No. 230005

No idea, sorry anon. I just saw Nana's face and it clicked.

No. 230007

Johanna is from Houston, right?
I saw her post a photo at Discovery Green in front of the colored blocks.

No. 230008

yep Katy area

No. 230009

i think she was born in Missouri actually

No. 230013

yep Liberty, Missouri!

hi Cheryl!

No. 230093

luligun on instagram

No. 230099

File: 1483918761327.jpg (72.02 KB, 738x745, 69edgey420me.JPG)

she looks like a different person in all her photos

No. 230102

of all the literary characters to romanticise why Lolita??? Dolores Haze was canonically white trash kek
is Johanna &co. illiterate?

No. 230104

short answer: yes

No. 230106

Man, she REALLY bloated up

No. 230109

every tumblrina nymphet who holds Lolita up as an ideal is illiterate. Nabokov would weep

No. 230111

File: 1483919999590.jpg (39.87 KB, 400x400, fattyjo.jpg)

jo's ana-chan phase? she whines about not being properly fed though. which is it?

No. 230112

File: 1483920259315.jpg (4.66 KB, 194x259, mess.jpg)

plot twist: Jo is canonically white trash :-)

No. 230151

Am i the only one who thinks this top is absolutely hideous and unflattering

No. 230154

No. 230174

this bitch lmao!!!! she shoops to high heaven and back i remember there was some pic of her posing next to railings and the whole damn background was warped it was so embarrassing. she's so tryhardy with the whole dangerous white girl with a pocket knife act while she's just scrolling through her notes sitting behind a computer and eating chick-fil-a on tuesdays.

No. 230249

JESUS FUCK she's terrifying from the neck down. Ashley Isaacs would be so proud of Jo in this pic.

No. 230252

File: 1483933290879.jpg (144.61 KB, 1440x816, Screenshot_2017-01-08-23-40-26…)

No. 230269

spot on

No. 230271

she's apparently 'recovering' now, apprentally carbs make her happy but not enough for her to not brag about being skinny. (what a fraud)

No. 230274


when ya have a bf who's an assboog ya gotta have handles otherwise he dk what to grab :-)

No. 230421

Pretty much, except Gollum looks less malnourished

No. 230443

Jo is Gollum and bf manlet is hobbit, can'5 wait for the sex tape guize~ /s

No. 230509

she ain't Gollum anymore tho.

No. 230512


this and the sadbabydoll/dollanganger/millidollgraves;

why is it trendy with these girls to hint-hint wink-wink to having an ED?

No. 230588

because it adds +10 to the delicate broken doll aesthetic

No. 230614


No. 230637

the only thing wrong in their home lives is that their mums 'made them' eat when they all wanna be ana-chan. tragic back-story get! sad, really.

No. 230735

no, Jo wasn't being "properly fed". it wasn't because she wanted to go bonelord AT ALL. /s

No. 230815

honestly some of them even deserved to be on the anachan thread

No. 230827

i can't remember any other OTT scumbag fatty-chan other than Johanna Deutschman, i kinda believe that starlet-seraph(Abi, now zephyrrr) b/c she admits to gaining weight. your 40-yo pedo teacher crush prolly didn't wank to bonelords ya know.

No. 230908

The best thing is that they REALLY think that normal, non-sexual deviant men REALLY want to fuck prepubescent-looking girls. Bruh.

No. 230937


No. 230939

'nymphets' are just about better than adult babies on the internet, redeemable cuz i just think the clothes are kinda cute…

No. 231032

Is it just me or do her breasts look very odd in this picture? I guess it's fitting, but they look like my boobs when I was a somewhat chubby 13 year old who just started to develop curves.
The angle is also really unflattering to her torso, it makes her look like her shoulders are twice as broad as her hips. An extreme reverse triangle body shape.

No. 231037

File: 1484094318332.jpg (103.42 KB, 500x702, 2011.jpg)


it's called foreshortening, blind-chan. Nana is plain old hourglass but the photo is also poorly photoshopped :/

No. 231055

This could pass for a really pretty crossdresser…

No. 231127


this was only 2011! i wish i knew what names she models under nowadays

No. 231132


>that badly done eyeliner

i miss the days before YouTube makeup videos got big and something like that could get you compliments tbh

No. 231134


she has a slim face and looks fairly skinny in every other picture of her, i'd say its just the awkward angle tbh

No. 231531

have you ever been to brat-grrrrl2's blog? her makeup is -10 but gets a lot of compliments still.

No. 231539


Just noticed this, but are vaginas supposed to look that way ?

No. 231543

Some are? don't be a nitpicking retard.

No. 231578


do you know what part of the body is the vag?? that VULVA, looks just as regular as they come.
if you don't know what nude ppl look like you really ought to do ya own research, anon.

No. 231702

yeah but she seems to have kind of a fupa.

No. 231970

"twist" lmao

No. 231975

the 'nymphet' tag on tumblr is now full of porn and thirsty fuccgurls. that's unfortunate but i'm really not surprised…

No. 232005

Wasn't 'nymphet' officially changed to 'coquette' a while back? Seems these tumblr retards had a little town hall of sorts and decided on the name change because they, like, totally hated being associated with Lolita and dd/lg and shit.

No. 232008

yea Johanna drags tumblr boys on her blog and suddenly all these 'nymphet' girls were being reblogged/name dropped on incest-play/pedo porn blogs. she is for real some braindead hag

No. 232031

File: 1484245851655.jpg (80.37 KB, 500x500, fitspo.jpg)


are you a virgin? even the flattest tummies are convex right below the belly button above the pubis.

No. 232048

It's bizarre to see all these girls romanticizing something that hijacked my life. I was long term emotionally manipulated and sexually abused by my teacher who then publically humiliated me for the rest of high school when I broke it off. 0/10, would not recommend. I can't believe these little shits think it sounds fun.

Sage for blogpost

No. 232061

Is this a serious board rule you can post your little blogs here and just post sage. If so why isn't there a filter we can filter all save post. I don't care if something gets bumped I still have to scroll past all these garbage posts.

No. 232104

Her boobs and face are so cute

No. 232115

they have no fucking idea about how the world works, that's why they romanticize pedophiles and thinks it's oh so cool being literally a victim.

No. 232116

i'm a girl with a fupa who knows how a fupa looks like? lmao
even thin girls can have a lil bit of a fupa, but it's less noticeable than if you're fatty-chan. that's defo a fupa.

No. 232118

btw equally frustrating is the male counterpart for nymphets which are faunlets and the tumblr tag is full of fakebois.

No. 232136

the coquette, nymphet, faunlet, etc tags are littered with underage nudes and provocative images of prepubescent kids. how has tumblr not eviscerated these communities like they do with every other little thing?

No. 232141

what part of tumblr are you on? all i get are Lana Del Rey lyric edits and lolita film caps. even with safe search off there is just grainy homemade porn of fatties (legal) and their 'daddies' (legal).

contrived and cringe-inducing but like… not against guidelines…

No. 232144

I should rephrase. I've havent seen any actual nudes, the worst has been softcore or adults purposefully making themselves look like kids. I should've clarified. there's been "callout" posts for the dumbest shit, was just wondering why not this

No. 232148


what HAS tumblr successfully eviscerated anyway? white supremacists? hybristophiles?

the bot they put in to automatically remmove 'offensive' videos just end up taking down the most innocent cat videos.

tumblr is just weird-ing itself into grosser and grosser niches

No. 232159

David Karp has actually posted on his tumblr that the nazis and kkk blogs arent eligible for deletion due to "free speech" and the staff is so horrible that people freely run real child porn and bestiality blogs. Even the few that get deleted are still up for view in anyones likes.

No. 232166

I bet the all the staff have their own little stash folder…

No. 232171

Coquette?? why coquette? That term refers to flirty young women. Think flappers or curvy hourglass figured Belle Epoque women. Not little girls. wtf

No. 232173


kid ya're outta ya element.

johanna deutschman baited at boys on her blog, all these creepy dudes came in stalking the 'nymphet' tag, which up til that point were just young girls talking about teacher crushes and parent grievances etc etc. (typical teen girl stuff)

so these gals decided to abandon the 'nymphet' tag and make a new one for themselves. they did it to rid the creeps and the 'negative connotations'.

'little girls' has never been part of that equation. you want the 'ddlg' tag there kek

No. 232302

actually being "nymphet" is partly about looking like a little girl, think Dolores Haze herself. that's why there's so much anachans there.

No. 232317


if it'd makes more sense to you they were choosing between 'dollies' and 'coquettes' after the 'nymphet' tag landed on creeper radars. 'dollies' were apparently another fashion style/community, (idk which, maybe milliedollgraves style?) so they decided 'coquette' it was. you know, just cow things

No. 232431

dollies prob are living dolls

No. 232572

File: 1484340550936.jpg (61.43 KB, 730x623, JohannaWeeb.JPG)

surprised no one pointed out the lulz that is Johanna the Weeaboo.

anons came along to 'call her out' for 'fetishism' (ugh). that's embarrassing for both sides tbh.


No. 232574

File: 1484340614804.jpg (51.01 KB, 726x627, JohannaWeeb2.JPG)


No. 232628

she was underage when she posted this?

No. 232688

File: 1484349600538.jpg (127.68 KB, 900x1200, twitter.jpg)

lmao her twitter is public again damn she's gross

No. 232698

File: 1484349986485.png (1.24 MB, 716x1054, sluttingitup.png)

lulzy, she later took the slut part out of the caption hahahahaha

No. 232751

bet her mom wouldn't ever let her wear those, so sheltered as she raised Jo lmao

No. 232756

File: 1484359568033.gif (1.72 MB, 327x327, Christy.gif)


i actually loved Christy's Tumblr and i thought she was pretty in her own way. too bad the shits at PULL with all their high profile poking fun caused her to delete her blog…

No. 232757

I don't know if anyone remembers these girls but here it goes. I can't remember their usernames on tumblr. Many years ago there was this african american girl with short hair who was kind of chubby who was best friends with another AA girl with short hair who was pretty dark skinned and skinny. Both were pretty popular on tumblr. They did a lot of things that were really shocking. They posted a video and gifs of them naked in the bath together (they both said they were underage). The skinny one gave advice on how girls could seduce their teachers and gave specific instructions. She called herself a nymphet and was prominent in the nymphet community. They both said they prostituted themselves on the regular. The chubby girl in particular sold sex to her friend's dads and stepdads. They also did a lot of drugs. Both said they were like 16. I was around the same age at the time and was just bewildered at all the insane stuff they claimed to do, in addition to the cp they posted on tumblr. Hopefully someone else remembers more. If what they said was true I hope they have improved their lives by now.

No. 232775



No. 232777


who's the other friend then?

also are irresponsible slutty teens really CP?
i feel like that's really callous towards children who actually suffer systematically due to the porn industry.

No. 232781


I have no idea, but himeka is who comes to mind. I wasn`t on tumblr back then or in the community but you could check out her thread/s and see if it`s her. >>103206

No. 232788

Nude pictures of underage teens, regardless how slutty they are, is child porn.
If someone were to save their pictures without knowing they're underage, that person would be in a lot of trouble.

No. 232828

Her tumblr was boring imho. I feel like blogs that stick to one color scheme mediocre and overplayed real quick. And lol that thread of her on PULL didn't even get to two pages from what I can remember so that's hilarious that she deleted over such a meager thing but not out of her immarture character tbh…

No. 232859

Christy Oates is so awful, she used to promote pedophillic relationships and I remember once she was thrilled that her bf "A" called her his "riviera love" which is what Humbert called Dolores in the book Lolita…she was like 14 at the time too…she's into some gross DD/LG shit.

No. 232861

Just the thought of how many teenage followers she's obtained makes my stomach churn and how much they probably envied ber bc she glamourized her realtionship w her older bf bc he'd send her sephora packages worth hundreds of dollars in the mail and obsessively fawn over her on his blog. Good riddance. I hope she'll grow up a bit and realize how ridiculous she is and change for the better but I doubt it.

No. 234730


>coming on lolcow to bitch about the mental well-being of teens on the internet

cute but do sod off back to PULL

No. 234731

Sorry dickwad but I don't take kindly to spoiled brats on tumblr who condone men who fuck kiddos so how about you scram

No. 234755

I remember this chick but can't remember her url either. However the 'how to seduce your teacher' advice posts were pretty common back then.

No. 234946

Wasn't he 30 or something? Gross.

No. 235059

Yeah I'm pretty sure he was, or late 20s at the youngest.

I wonder if his blog is still up, because he posted the cringiest shit. His blog was even girlier than Christy's, like you can tell this dude was just a plain ol predator who won the desperate for attention tumblr nymphet lottery. I'm pretty sure I have some screenshots of some of their posts on my phone still, bc when I found out about their relationship I thought it was absolutely hilarious.

No. 235061

File: 1484481158505.png (333.33 KB, 1440x2267, 20170115_034530.png)

No. 235062

File: 1484481214404.png (321.7 KB, 1440x2456, 20170115_034554.png)

This one is just disturbing?

No. 235063

File: 1484481267784.png (370.31 KB, 1440x2005, 20170115_034355.png)

No. 235221

Ugh his writing is so purple/flowery/iamverysmart.

In all seriousness this is fucking disturbing

No. 235230

>> tfw ur Lolita sings u Lana del rey

No. 235233

It's flowery yeah but iamverysmart is different, they usually force big words and archaic phrases to make themselves sound smarter. This guy just sounds like a home.

No. 235234

No. 235235


is he even real?

No. 235252

>his writing is so purple/flowery/iamverysmart

It's neither of those. Either read more or just refrain from commenting on matters you know nothing about.

No. 235264


idk my bf is hella bookish and he does that, some guys just like that. the age gap is obvs fishy but the fella's writing seems… normal?

No. 235265

hi psalmofmyself!

No. 235266

It's pretty pretentious writing imho.

No. 235272

Christy is not an angel by any means, as someone who has known her in real life she has done plenty of shit that's really fucking questionable. I hate how she has this persona on her tumblr that's a misrepresentation of who she is in the real world. I personally don't think stealing chloroform from a science lab and using it on yourself is very "angelic and pure" of you Miss Oates.

No. 235274


she didn't delete her blog. she went on a hiatus but she's back now, her boyfriend is the one that deleted HIS blog.

No. 235276


all I remember about this girl when I was following her is her complaining about not wanting to go out in the sun so she wouldn't become tan so she would stay a "pale bb girl" kek

No. 235294

Da faq? What would she knock herself out with it

No. 235298

Idk he just seems like he takes himself way too seriously and he comes across as a dud. Like I know he buys her a bunch of shit but other than that he's probably a snore fest when it comes to actually talking to/ being with him.

No. 235314


>he's probably a snore fest when it comes to actually talking to/ being with him

that's some projection there my dude :)

No. 235329

wtf this is some Humbert Humbert shit right there

No. 235397

Why are you white knighting some random autist who can't get laid by legal women :)

No. 235399

File: 1484535368466.png (832.67 KB, 750x1334, IMG_3729.PNG)

i wish Johanna would post her body, i wanna see if she's bloated up or if she's been lying about recovery and ED things

No. 235416

this girl is really pretty and has nice eyes. i'd swap my nose + eyes for hers (she can keep her mouth tho)(blog)

No. 235419


Her and her best friend at the time took some and then they took some but not enough to knock out, supposedly, this was when she was back in Japan.

No. 235464

Why have all of Christies bfs have been online and long distance?

No. 235469

if she's recovering i'd expect her to be hella bloated. not Charms level, but still, a lot more bloated than she'd be if she never had an ED.

No. 235626

Because I can only imagine how obnoxious she is in real life and only online predators can handle her immature antics

No. 235673


that's a trend for these wannabe-lolitas :) Jo and Manlet met online and are LDR hehe

No. 235711

I feel like adorleehaze belongs here even if she's way too old to be a nymphet she always claimed to be one and continue to promote this lifestyle

No. 235717

File: 1484601886784.jpg (1.43 MB, 1439x2456, Screenshot_20170116-132320.jpg)

Looks like someone's hot mom rather than a nymph

No. 235759

She's not very old. Only 25 or 26

No. 235760

and I don't think she belongs here

No. 235776

25? That's like 50 in tumblrette years

No. 235805

File: 1484611935181.jpg (121.53 KB, 960x640, tumblr_mxs0c5iLlW1rpj2vuo1_128…)

I think you chose the wrong picture, here is one of her lolita themed photos. She definitely belongs here since she is/was friends with Jo and encourage her younger followers to read Nabokov and look like nymphets

No. 235812

I think she pulls it off in a more mature manner. Must admit I've been following her for ages

No. 235813

Abi (adorleehaze) is 26 next month

No. 235832

in her defense that picture is a few years old now

No. 235834

There's no milk on her, she doesn't do anything wrong or laughable and she doesn't even really have an internet presence anymore

No. 235844

Yeah agreed, a contrived internet persona and affectations are all she's guilty of and I mean that's like most people on Tumblr. I just think she's getting too old to play this whole bit,like, you're 26 not 18. it's sad- kinda like Ginger, I guess

No. 236000

Definitely not her. She doesn't look anything like either of them. Idk I guess those girls are lucky no one remembers them

No. 236058

Just out of curiosity, have any anons had a serious age gap relationship? And, what's too big of a gap in your eyes? Why?(no blogposting )

No. 236069

Yes, I've had a few and I'm in one now. I'm not going to fill this thread with it though, you could make a thread in /ot/ about it and we could talk there?

No. 236084

File: 1484667477824.jpg (41.83 KB, 600x398, Franco Marchesi 5.jpg)

She had a taste for working with talented photographers, and also controversial artists, like Richard Kern, Hermann Nitsch, and Romain Slocomb. I have many pictures from various shoots if anyone is interested.
Also, she left the internet because she was sick of social media and all the creeps hounding her. She is living a relatively normal life now, working on her education, and not modeling at all She's come along way from the SG days, unlike many of those girls.

No. 236119

I last checked her LJ many years ago and it had a bunch of photos of her fucking her boyfriend in a club and sucking his dick behind a bar.

No. 236377

Id be interested in seeing more of her shoots honestly

No. 236608

File: 1484753229552.jpg (181.96 KB, 400x598, nanohana.jpg)

this is the milk you're looking for… http://archive.is/VuEIm

No. 236613

File: 1484754069224.jpg (Spoiler Image,105.5 KB, 671x1000, 23.jpg)

gonna samefag while I dump some pics here…

No. 236614

File: 1484754095700.jpg (Spoiler Image,164.6 KB, 671x1000, 24.jpg)

No. 236615

File: 1484754162075.jpg (Spoiler Image,64.86 KB, 600x824, A. Tisato.jpg)

this one was "inspired" by JonBenet

No. 236617

File: 1484754213005.jpg (39.58 KB, 533x800, Asobimasho.jpg)

and a Trevor Brown inspired shoot

No. 236618

File: 1484754266130.jpg (Spoiler Image,123.44 KB, 400x530, tumblr_ojcsatz1I61uy3egro1_400…)

this is from the SG set that caused all the controversy

No. 236619

File: 1484754318095.jpg (Spoiler Image,51.33 KB, 485x614, psnana.jpg)

No. 236620

File: 1484754385555.jpg (Spoiler Image,43.51 KB, 500x750, l_39a34de17b4f49f1e90f3efa11d4…)

No. 236621

File: 1484754562405.jpg (Spoiler Image,80.28 KB, 399x600, tumblr_mrtyds3INQ1rccmzzo3_400…)

and she's got all these stupid nazi photos. She's beautiful, but this stuff is in such poor taste.

No. 236622

File: 1484754581382.jpg (Spoiler Image,815.78 KB, 900x1390, img2.jpg)

No. 236623

File: 1484754649135.jpg (Spoiler Image,389.27 KB, 780x1024, amore de mori hat.jpg)

No. 236625

This is tactless as fuck. Same for >>236618

No. 236626

File: 1484754703278.jpg (43.16 KB, 600x400, squirting eye.jpg)

No. 236629

File: 1484754848409.jpg (Spoiler Image,26.76 KB, 600x399, 09.19.2009 with Herman Nitsch.…)

Okay, last one. this is one of the last project I found her in from 2009, with her guy(I think) and Herman Nitsch.

No. 236631

Her leg looks weird as fuck there

No. 236695

How did she get in contact with and get to work with all of the decent photographers though? I'm baffled

No. 236788

File: 1484775239056.jpg (198.37 KB, 580x829, salon kitty.jpg)

From what I could tell she had a convincingly genuine interest in some of these artists before her SG infamy according to her blogs. The Nazi fetish as seen in >>236621 seemed to have started when she watched a bunch of 70s exploitation films. There were loads of them devoted to Nazi Germany's kinks. Transgressive hipsters really loved that shit. Pic related.

No. 236797

It was really easy to hook up with subversive artists back in LJ/myspace days. They were usually really accessible and if you lived anywhere near them they would basically be your BFF. I talked on the phone/met a lot of them, but usually they were just pathetic older guys who had burned every bridge in their real life and were just looking for new meat to obsess over or manipulate or whatever. If you were a pretty younger girl they would go nuts over you. There is still an interesting amount of men from the whole 90s-2000s subculture/lowbrow art/noise music scene and literature movements who are in their 50s now and still act like pussy hungry 19 year olds.

No. 236804

How old was she when all of this was going down?

No. 236812


19, it said in the article

No. 236869

I found him on fb lol, he's in med school. She's definitely in it for the money.

No. 236870


tbh those are some of the most awesomely awesome badfilms ever made tho so back off on the trangressive hipster shit because if you love shitty movies these are prime

No. 236871

geaphiles did it first and best she's still pals with treb-u and her art is also pretty great idk

No. 236875

File: 1484783848533.jpg (13.85 KB, 300x300, vvitch.jpg)

okay this is realllllly oldschool (mid-2000's) but does anyone remember an LJ user named threne, later vvitch? she was married to a satanist artist named stephen kasner.

i was looking for her online because i wanted to get in touch but the second i put her name–she was never big on hiding her identity–i got tons of hits because of her husband. i guess her husband scammed all these people out of money by claiming some kind of medical illness&emergency, gofundme'd it, got some pushes for it from some fairly large sites and then never paid anyone back or gave them the art they were promised.

they were shit talking her too as being some evil harpy, but i honestly remember her as being quite nice.

pic related, it's her.

No. 236887

Agreed that they're lovably shit but haven't you known people who took all the wrong things from them? Ilsa films as aesthetic, Salo as legit erotica etc.

No. 236903


Honest to god, no. Frankly it's that me/my friends are too fucking old for that shit, not because I don't know the type.

No. 236940

oh wow yeah i totally remember her. i had no idea about the scamming, but it doesn't surprise me, I don't think I've ever met a "famous" Satanist that didn't scam someone, hah. Her husband used to live in the same town I'm in, which means she probably lived here too, I wonder if I ever saw her around and didn't register it?

No. 236997

I'd be really interested to see what rapeblossom is doing these days or what she looks like now. Is she not anywhere online anymore? I kind of want to see how see aged. Definitely cringe but she was beautiful

No. 237011

She's offline and going to school according to >>236084
It's not the usual Suicide Girl/Tumblr nymphet result but if it's true I'm glad she's doing well.

No. 237016

No. 237017

Adding her twitter


On edgelord satatanist's fb there's a pic of him with their daughter. She's a mni replica of her mother.


No. 237159

File: 1484843904238.jpg (645.05 KB, 1915x1257, plainkoreeaboo.JPG)


what on earth happened to her she WAS top left, but she's now generic k-fashion fetishist no. 74815913 +10 awkward b/c micro-bangs #gag

No. 237169

Didn't her a Johanna make awkward YouTube videos together?

No. 237187


yea they shopped at American Apparel with like ~200 USD each. Jo was shoving her butt at the camera and Emily looked so uncomfortable. nothing wrong with slutting it up or not, but their on-screen chemistry…

No. 237196

File: 1484850254727.jpg (74 KB, 743x929, porkchops.JPG)

you can't even pay me to endure this much crustiness in one photo let alone a video toppest of keks

No. 237202

Day fertilizer bag in the back lols

No. 237212

these two are so incredibly trashy… is it the Texas?

Jo's mug has never before looked this butter-y grossgrossgross

No. 237214

>no aegyo sal
>no circle lenses
>no random Korean tags
That's not a Koreaboo.

No. 237224

File: 1484856498040.jpg (527.52 KB, 1956x1274, plainkoreeaboo2.jpg)

she was worse when she was on Tumblr(deactivated). i honestly wish she hadn't gone full-millie dollgraves with her bangs (they just go higher and higher) but ya know it's her face and she seems to have turnt out vaguely better adjusted than her cow-friend so.

No. 238671

I've had to see so many gross pics of her and I'm pretty sure she took them around age 15-16. I remember warning her about putting such photos out and she went complete ape shit on me lol.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 238683

I'm not sure what to say about this one

No. 238695

File: 1485149045178.jpg (35.79 KB, 540x960, CTYXLnQUYAAjhxU.jpg)

No. 238699

Must be since the Twitter and Facebook are gone. You need to sign-in to view their Tumblr. lol, >>238671 good job Katarina!

No. 238705

Lol the fuck. Did someone just reveal themselves? A nymphet too! Well how bow dah

No. 238750

Between this and another of the posts further up, I'm pretty sure some of us know each other.
I'm forever pining for those edgy tumblr glory days where it felt more accessible like >>236797 says. I can't fit in to the currently edgy stuff and everything else is too sjw or just feels too popular, so you feel like there is no community

Saged for blerg

No. 238803

Yeah she is. I recall he is 30 or in his 30s. He's like from England while she's from Sweden and they met online (major red flag). She also said he messaged her first. (major red flag #2) . I'm not 100% sure but I believe that Maja has an actual mental illness and receives medication, so he's just a old antisocial creep seeking out vulnerable girls.

Idk if any of you know this but Maja is in fact 20 (or 21 by know depending on when her bd is, idk)

No. 238843

Yeah I agree I rarely go on tumblr anymore because of the sjw infestation that has infiltrated every scene. It's really difficult being a moderate/right leaning individual and being able to befriend others without being fake as hell or else you'll be outed as apolitical trash or even worse, a internalized racist/misogynist facsist lmao. I was definitely not part of the nymphet group but was mutuals with a handful of more of the well known individuals from it. I feel like a lot of the girls part of the nymphet side of tumblr are really attached to femininity and traditional gender roles but hide behind social justice facades because they don't want to be called out by their internet peers. Idk just my observation. As someone who was part of an "alternative" scene online I felt completely isolated and constantly judged without anyone directly saying these things to me. It doesn't seem like there is anyone else from these communities who have similar viewpoints as me and aren't following this regressive sjw trend.

No. 238879

yeah caring about civil rights and the injustice of other people isn't a trend, you're just kind of a shitty person who doesn't give a fuck which is fine but you're honestly in the minority with that :/

No. 238881

Yeah believing there's 69 genders is totallly not a trend :)

No. 238893

>wah SJW ruined tumblr/innerwebz!!1!

what's how people identify gotta do with you? if being senitive and PC really isn't for you then ya inconsiderate arse on? nobody wants to know what a backwards bigot you are anyway. if you can't handle social change despite your own disagreements then you're destined to be left in the past. just run your blog or don't, numnuts.

No. 238928

wasn't Jo underage? wtf why is she showing her butt

No. 238940

There's caring about civil rights like a decent human and then there's being a special snowflake and making up a new gender for every goddamn preference and expecting people to praise you and treat you like you are a disadvantaged person.

>>backwards bigot

Get the fuck out with this tumblr buckshit.

This is cringey as fuck. Where are these people's parents? This is straight up pedobait.

No. 238946

you are literally proving the point

No. 239027

Jo's parents seem crazy af

No. 239075

I honestly feel so bad for these young "Dollie Lolita nymphet" clones who get sucked into believing hopping onto some older dudes dick for money will really make them happy. they're probably all crazy

No. 239190


the problem with this movement is that everyone seems to think it's persecuting them individually. I don't think many of the non-SJW crowd actually care how people identify themselves, it's just boring AF to see the same dialogue about "omg someone didn't telepathically know to call me zer triggered !!!" on every single social media outlet. No one cares about your gender identity struggle as much as you, so just shut up and identity how you like. Christ. Approval from the world at large shouldn't matter this much if that's who you really are.

No. 239191


*identify, not identity ffs

No. 239207

On what planet do you live where these strawman SJWs exist outside of tumblr? And naming 14 year olds doesn't count. There are more anti SJWs on the internet now bitching about complete outliers and having victim complexes (see: incels) than anyone else.
Sage for ot

No. 239235

>Amore de mori hat
Oh shit! I know her. Small world.

Actually, she's a bit of a cow herself - She's always claiming to be reclaiming the swastika but idk how you can do that when you're white, so it wasn't yours in the first place, and you keep making actual nazi items?

No. 239249

Also sage for OT but after getting more involved in my local lolita comm (I know, I know) I've started getting quite a lot of that sort of bullshit on my FB feed. I've only added 18+ people who managed to pass for not-completely-retarded in person, yet I've already had to scroll past multiple posts along the lines of "How dare they refer to this eight year old child as 'he' when shmey might actually identify as genderspecial!!???! Those bigot shitlord parents are abusing their child!!!" etc.
They're out there, and they're annoying as fuck.

No. 239251

meant for >>239207
sage again for my dumb ass

No. 239295

someone i knew in high school is beginning to make those sorts of posts on fb. she sounds like an anti-sjw parody, but i know she's being completely serious.
it's kind of weird, because i remember her being incredibly nice and smart and pretty in high school and now she's just being smug online because no one fits her specific sjw standards.

are these girls still going to be posting about how much they love age gaps when they're like 28? this seems like a terrible fetish, as far as fetishes go. what are you going to do when your ugly 50 year old boyfriend dumps you for a naive 15 year old?

No. 239483


interestingly enough, there was always an element of the old school glory days of the pre-SJWs, people who were really attached to their mental illness diagnoses and were the origin of the whole ~*triggered*~ thing. There were tons of cliques like that, and even a female-centric few fat positive ones too. But, it was a lot more nuanced than it is now. For instance, in the 00s it wasn't uncommon for someone to align themselves with just a single community such as "gay rights" or "people diagnosed as bipolar" but they usually wouldn't police others outside of their own community. With tumblr now, we have a lack of singular communities and a lot of all inclusive stuff, such as "I'm a feminist gender queer lesbian half latinx who identifies as trans and is a anarchosocialist." And not only do they identify as all those things, they feel the need to police the identity of everyone else who identifies under those communities as well. It's strange, but I imagine at some point it will run its course and something else will take its place.

tldr, i'm old and have seen the evolution of internet politicking for way too long

No. 239491

File: 1485317414661.png (192.79 KB, 499x478, say_goodnight.png)

>private twitter
>tumblr deleted
>facebook deleted

Fantastic work anon

No. 239585

Welcome to my facebook feed and half the people in every vegan or left-leaning alt/counter-culture group in existence.

No. 239586

Murdered rape victim-chic. I can see the magazine spreads now.

Nazi wear is no different than mob or pirate or soviet or other fashionably glorified groups.

No. 240042

bump because idk if i Mandela-Effect'd myself about this or not:

Johanna screenshot and post a line from your tumblr activity/notes fawning over /bragging that some BDSM blog having liked/blogged/followed her photo/blog.

i THINK it was theruleset.tumblr.com , but i'm not sure because i vaguely remember the fella not being called Steve. (Jake maybe???)

i'm pretty sure it happened but i have no recollection of the details. it was one of those posts Johanna post and deleted withina day because they weren't popular. i saw it on my explore page.

No. 240044

Can you direct us to any old LJ groups, archives, forums, blogs, websites, etc. that were dedicated to this scene, or any that are still around today? Seems very interesting from an internet history POV.

No. 240379

sure! I do a lot of old internet digging and research, and unfortunately most of the best content has long since been deleted or friends-locked (in the case of LJ.) I kick myself constantly for not archiving more.

http://www.pileup.com/babyart/blog/ (Trevor Brown's current blog, which has virtually no commenting activity now, but once did on the forum there. Forum has been purged.)
babyart.livejournal.com was a big one, but has since been deleted.
http://madradstalkers.livejournal.com/ (this wasn't strictly an alt community but there was a lot of membership overlap, you'd be bound to see people "from the scene" posted/posting there. Content going back 10+ years.)
http://drtenge.livejournal.com - his comment section was always a hub of activity. Purged, though he has his own site and tumblr now.
http://pretty-dictator.livejournal.com - similar to drtenges, her interests and comment section were always a hub of activity. Purged.
gurochan.net was a huge hub of activity, and though it still exists as gurochan.ch, it's not what it once was.
http://forums.kidrobot.com (not too popular, still exists today)
http://wurzeltod.ch/wurzelforum/ (some activity)
TONS of myspace sites that I unfortunately have no access to any longer. That was usually the best way to network with artists on a one-on-one level. I'm motivated now to see if I can find the remnants of any of them.

Anyway, that's just a few off the top of my head. I love this period of internet history, so if anyone has any other sites or personal experiences they'd like to share from that time, please feel free to email me if you don't want to junk up the thread with personal experience. I'm slowly compiling old internet subculture phenom so that I can hopefully publish either a book or extensive archive, I feel it's of the utmost importance to document these early internet days.

No. 240438

Tumblr around the time it had the Tumblarity option was also good for this sort of thing. Off the top of my head I can remember the usual suspects listed above like rapeblossom, drtenge, and wurzeltod, and also this one girl babypanda and all the people she reblogged. Tumblr being a lot more smaller back then really helped smaller more intimate groups form, which lead to more discussion, better posting (people would hound you more to credit things), and not a lot of repeated posts.

No. 240455

Come on, incels are annoying, sure, but it's a massively small community, it's not like they're taking over the internet or making an actual impact on anything.

Tumblr mentality is a lot more prevalent, it's a lot more acceptable too.

No. 240461

candy-injection was another one from that general circle. as with LJ and myspace, most deleted after awhile, or just don't post any longer.

No. 240476

Bullshit, unless you consider anything remotely leftist/liberal tumblr. But incel type posting is actually all over the goddamn place, far more than stereotypical tumblr posting.

No. 240478

No, but I'd consider going on and on and calling ridiculous things sexist and racist (down to simply just disagreeing with the way things like BLM go about their activism), claiming that schools pandering to women is sexist but ignoring the issues boys face in the school system, the whole "rape culture" talking points, and all of that shit is pretty Tumblr, and it regularly reaches the TV. It may not be as extreme as it is on the internet in real life, sure, but it's a hell of a lot more common than the "women are all evil whores who only want Chad!" rhetoric of an incel poster.

I've never seen an incel type person on the 5 o'clock news. There's just small communities of people like that on certain forums, and occasional baiters on other forums like we get here sometimes.

No. 240489

the reason incels don't get on the news is precisely because they are so prevalent and dead-horse… everyone and their mum has heard the redpill/incel rhetoric even without knowing of their online communities…

No. 240521

Are you seriously trying to claim that the average person knows what a normie or chad is? Or the 80/20 thing they go on about?

Sure, the average person has heard some tard whining about how women only want assholes, but that doesn't mean that the belief is prevalent any more than someone having head someone else claim the world is flat means that that's a common opinion that a large amount of people hold.

Incels pretty much only exist in their own forums, it's not a popular belief at all, whereas the whole SJW rhetoric is far more widely accepted, and deemed to be okay to say.

I mean, the actual incel subreddit itself only have like what, 10000 users? A lot of which are abandoned throwaway accounts or people who're arguing with it? Compare that to shit reddit says, which isn't even considered a major forum for that sort of stuff, just for whining about reddit posts and still has almost nine times that number.

No. 241004

do what they always did before: try to look younger and being anachans for a more preteen-like physique to pedobait

No. 241145

Hey, thanks!! Funnily enough, I've been doing the same exact thing with the exact same motivations, just more oriented towards metaphysical subcultures and broader internet culture. It's really cool to come across another hobbyist researcher/archivist. I'm definitely going to shoot you an email!

No. 241306

Does anyone follow the Swedish nymphet babygirl0 on Youtube? I don't really get her popularity… she seems rather obnoxious, never mind the constant burping.

No. 241311

Yeah, she comes off as pretty self-righteous and stuck up. Then again, I wouldn't expect much else from a sixteen year old girl.
Her "daddy" is in his 30s or 40s and from England. It creeps me out that this dude is preying on a teenage girl who isn't even completely fluent in English yet, ugh.

No. 241464

File: 1485672194058.jpg (68.2 KB, 500x500, IMG_1355.JPG)

No. 241499


No. 241740

Prob found her on tumblr. Gross.

No. 243940

Wait adorelee haze is 26? She said on her tumblr the other week that she was in her early twenties…I didn't realise she was that old. She's 30 in a few years and still playing into the sad bby nymphet trope? I think it's time to let go…

No. 243945

At least she's an actual adult though. Better for a 26 yo to be pulling this shit than a 17 yo getting preyed on by pedo creepers

No. 243966

Very true.

No. 246724

File: 1486500467726.jpg (105.24 KB, 933x693, mish milk.JPG)


this utter sperg jfc. thx for the laffs. 1/2

No. 246725

File: 1486500493824.jpg (90.76 KB, 612x753, mish milk two.JPG)

No. 256326

File: 1487822155581.jpg (34.08 KB, 400x237, JoBonena.jpg)

i found this, i think i'm pretty sure THIS was Johanna Deutschman as Bonelord Ana-Chan.

No. 260470

She was 15 in this pic, or am i remembering things wrong?

No. 260471

lmao wasn't this taken in Pedo, i mean, Adam's car? by himself i suppose.
there was another photo in a similar car with his hand up her skirt.

No. 291970

She looks good naked.

No. 291971

She only dated Adam because he was rich, so probably. She'll fuck anyone who throws enough money at her.

No. 291972

Have some more Jo nudes.

No. 292117

What the fuck, isn't this technically cp??

No. 292312

wut. jo never posted nudes so how would you even acquire that unless you're some guy she dated?

No. 292552

the drama

No. 292556

johanna deutschman is 20 and must be kicking herself for all those tasteless nudes.

i'm praying it's autistic manlet sharing with us thank you for gracing us with your presence

No. 292573

God, Jo is lucky those nudes were removed from the site otherwise life might've gotten a bit complicated for her. Silly girl she should know better

No. 293999

No, they were taken after she turned 18.

You haven't even seen her meaty pussy yet. Talk about roast beef.

No. 294002

>imblying anyone cares what her pussy looks like

No. 294019

do it. i don't even care how the cunt looks, i just love knowing this thread tops google when her name is googled, poor life decisions are their own punishments woohoo

No. 294029

Here you go. I got these pics in a trade from a guy who knew one of her exes.

No. 294040

what the fuck is that looks like a chewed up huge wad of gum was set on fire and placed on her pussy

No. 294041

I do like roast beef pussy, I have to admit.

No. 294061

It looks so bizarre, it has no lips or labia or anything, it's just a hole floating out in space with, as other anon put so eloquently "chewed up bubble gum" above it.

No. 294086

That's her labia, silly. They do look better when she spreads them.

No. 294096

This has to be photoshopped.

No. 294176


Hello there, robot. Why so bitter? Any girl would know at least basic vaginal anatomy.

No. 294931

what are you guys even talking about I don't see anything

No. 294934

The file was removed. It was a shot of Johanna's vag, or so we think.

No. 294936

I actually feel kind of bad for her if that's true because it's technically revenge porn? nothing milky about that just depressing. It'd be different if she posted them but that's not the case

No. 295288

File: 1492712338694.jpg (127.4 KB, 960x959, 37482341736.jpg)

She looks way different here and this is a professionally done photo… it's weird

No. 295493

to be a white girl at this day and age… who removed it?

No. 295496


It was probably CP / revenge porn.

No. 295626

I never understood why she always called herself Audrey Hepburn especially seeing this picture. Ya know… I can look like steve buscemi if I use enough photoshop

No. 295725

Rapeblossom is alive but doesnt seem to to be doing much. She has a few social media that are barely active but she is following a bunch of instagram models so I think she is angling for a comeback.

She did a photoshoot once with a guy I knew who was a legit sexual predator ( had to leave the alt modeling world because models were accusing him of rape and sexual harassment) based on her art direction of the seven deadly sins and the greed photo was her dressing as hasidic jew fanning herself with american dollar bills, I shit you not. It was never posted publicly and I don't think I have the computer anymore I saved it on. Ironically he wasn't into her or I guess her wish to be raped could have been granted.

No. 296821


I would love to see how she looks these days. Can't wait for the comeback!

No. 296962

sounds like she needs a therapist. I am glad I have no clue who this is lol.. the amount of rape 'porn' and fantasies on the internet already makes me want to jump off a fucking bridge. Or push off the people who make it. If you get off to that shit you're automatically a terrible person

No. 297021

Exactly the same actually, even wears the same lolita inspired style ( I guess if you are short and have a baby face you can do into your 30s if you look good ).

The one thing I wonder is what is she is studying, I bet it's something like early childhood education lol.

No. 297213

Thanks for the intel, she was one of my top edgelord lolcows back in the day, before those terms were invented, but I had totally forgotten about her until I came across this thread. Could you share some newer pictures fro her social media?

No. 297232

Sorry I wasn't talking about rapeblossom (or the person wearing the hat, if it's not her) but the person who actually made the hat.

Can provide you with their social media if you like though.

No. 297267

File: 1492961908333.jpg (103.6 KB, 500x747, d7ea6f691dfb74b661439d4e646e03…)


I want rapeblossom social medias, please.

No. 298099

Im too lazy to go thru the process of saving and uploading her pics and I kinda feel morally eh linking since she clearly doesnt want to be public. You can see some pics of her on her bfs instagram.

No. 298133


what is her bfs instagram?

No. 298153

where do you think you are

plus, if she's on social media and the accounts aren't private, it's fair game.

No. 298155

Im aware, its just my personally feeling but also if you cant spent 5 seconds googling him ( he is easy as fuck to find unlike her and has stayed very visible online) I'm not doing it for you guyz

No. 368344

File: 1502124680256.png (1.4 MB, 1020x1178, Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 12.4…)

I've been missing Johanna's drama on Tumblr lately, so I went to see if she's dyed her hair back to brown and dropped the 2003 Laguna Beach look yet. She hasn't. But apparently she's 21 now? I never thought she was that old.

No. 368380

Looks like she's dating her ugly indian sugar daddy again

No. 368393


no Jo, it makes you look like you suck chodes on first dates


p sure he's not indian nor rich enough

No. 368396

Legit took 10 minutes to track Nana down on Instagram with the info from this thread. She has very few followers so I can see why the other Anon wouldn't want to share. We don't wanna scare her away again.

No. 368416

Samefag, but she's definitely lurking/posting here. she just removed her relationship status from her facebook Intro less than an hour after I posted this, kek

No. 368417

This look isn't great.

No. 368769


I FR THOUGHT with this hair this was shay-gnar omg

No. 368818

I think the implication of being 21 was because of the beer placed in the photo. Her attempt at being witty?

No. 377663

I missed Jo nudes? Shit. Someone link?

No. 377781

File: 1503475708274.jpg (335.25 KB, 1028x828, Untitled.jpg)

Has Lolita tattoo, obvious photoshop, goes through phases of being obsessed with guns, murders, lolita, americana. Obsessed with taking photos of herself.

No. 377938


those extensions hahaha

No. 378052

no link but the faint memory is only roast beef in my mind

No. 378084

Wasn't she posted in the hybristophiles thread forever ago? And I thought she abandoned her Tumblr.

No. 378536

i exposed her in the hybristophiles thread but she is fitting here too. it would be kind of redundant to spam two threads with the same info though.

she didnt abandon tumblr she just keeps switching names on all her social media to hide from her past photos. it's not working very well because google finds everything and people have memory lmao.

No. 378538

File: 1503578185487.png (1.08 MB, 1700x592, 1.png)

ok so i checked her instagram out of curiosity and it looks like she dyed her hair close to her natural color, but not quite as dark as it naturally is. you can see her black roots still even though it's dyed brown. she's been claiming to be a natural blonde for years for some reason when everyone can see her roots which is especially prominent with her bleached bottle hair. she is so dumb and such a bad liar.

No. 378639

Ah, that Luna bitch. I wonder how awkward she feels receiving compliments for her ubershooped pictures that don't look even close to her real life self, but that's a question I ask myself for any overshooped cow. I would feel so uncomfortable and awkward

No. 425301

File: 1510815901845.png (223.87 KB, 1314x1080, Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 2.03…)

No. 425302

File: 1510815917254.png (352.3 KB, 1182x1092, Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 2.03…)

No. 425303

File: 1510815931270.png (230.55 KB, 1186x724, Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 2.03…)

No. 425305

File: 1510815964756.png (399.9 KB, 1286x1158, Screen Shot 2017-11-16 at 2.04…)

good for her, I guess

definitely cringey though

No. 425320

Yeesh, she's still with Robbie…?

No. 425354

File: 1510820299953.gif (787.06 KB, 480x360, slow_clap_citizen_kane.gif)

No. 425398


there's an uplifting amount of self-awareness and levelheadedness in these, i hope she's sincere.

No. 425787

>had her first kiss with Robbie

uhh… I don't think you've quite broken out of that nymphet phase. wasn't she underage? this dude sounds disgusting

No. 434721

File: 1512010534527.jpeg (505.83 KB, 750x948, 3F2BB3E6-8765-4B3F-9B79-1736E4…)

Thank god her blonde phase is over.

No. 435237

Tryna find Jo on fb but both google and the profiles search are stupid. Can anyone send links?

No. 435373

It's Johanna Cheryl idk why that anon is blocking her name

No. 438462

does anyone know what name nana rapeblossom is going by these days? she's used laura (her real name) and missi before. her boyfriend's name is douwe. trying to find her instagram. I searched thru her friends (mika, gea, bonnie, etc) and still nothing. any leads? very curious

No. 438470

Second this. Would love to see what she’s up to these days.

No. 438479

I found her and her boyfriend's instagram but lost the usernames - the boyfriends used to be drtenge

No. 438882

She hasn't updated since August. Pretty much a dead end. I'm afraid there will never be another page like her LiveJournal or Tumblr even

No. 441548

File: 1512913147648.jpg (30.96 KB, 451x300, 300x300.jpg)

No. 448324

Probably because of the whole Shayna's family being exposed here drama that happened. Anyway thanks anon

No. 451474

Damn I missed them

No. 497456


happy thing in jan that turned sad in feb……think she had a miscarriage?

No. 637880

Johanna’s new tumblr is @brocasarea for anyone wondering. Also, does anyone else remember that disaster that was the “nymphet community” trying to change their name awhile back or some shit??

No. 637900

File: 1531723394719.png (1.01 MB, 750x1334, 506A88E7-1B04-4DF2-A38C-860D5C…)

Update: never mind I’m an idiot for not seeing that we already covered the whole nymphet/ coquette name change. Anyways yeah Jo is still posting nymphet type photos and trying to be all Lizzy grant uwu

No. 642338

Damn, that's surprising. I thought she would step off the internets for good back then. Can't live without that sweet attention eh?
At least she's not tagging it as "nymphet" or "coquette" anymore.

No. 642445

except for the glasses (which now are quite common in everyone) I can't see how this picture is trying to be nymphette

No. 643984

Surfing thru this thread and every one of chicks is someone the fictional humbert would have found repulsive. Much lol. I wonder how few of them every actually tried to read the book or just went off that movie

No. 648479

She’s trying to be lizzy grant (Lana Del Rey’s biggest daddy/nymphet phase) Her blog is filled with selfies of her in her same style of nymphet clothes she used to post ( peasant crop tops, gingham, etc), she’s still dating older men, and she even recreated some of her old nymphet photos. Just go on her blog or Instagram and see what you think

No. 648483

File: 1532657844194.png (1.14 MB, 750x1334, E930A68C-8D89-41C8-B022-39C771…)

No. 648484

File: 1532657882244.png (732.19 KB, 750x1334, 7732B36F-66B1-440E-9105-220599…)

No. 648494

Why are her tits square?

No. 664710

Wtf is up with Johanna trying to force a "mom" thing on her tumblr now? She's talking a lot about wanting kids and referring to herself as a "facebook mom". Like calm down you're like 20

No. 669096

Does anyone know what her Tumblr or Instagram is now?

No. 669196

not sure if she nuked her account or changed her name, but it was still johannabobana

No. 669198

her insta i mean, oops

No. 672863

She nuked both insta and tumblr now

No. 672885

Insta is still there. Maybe she blocked you?

No. 675082

No, still there for me too. Weird, did she deactivate it for a while? I was pretty sure it was gone.

No. 683105

File: 1536324758799.jpg (65.88 KB, 563x583, 3362353.JPG)

i feel like this girl is trying to check every box lol…

No. 683146


stop self posting anon KEK the nymphet lolita born to die era lana style is outdated in 2018 anyways for tumblr girls

No. 683461

i don't understand the whole idea. Twin Peaks + Born To Die + Nicole fucking Dollanganger = profit???

No. 683516

Nicole's aesthetic never died, but she did. Her fans think she's too old to be doing it now so most just see her as a joke. The girl who's going to dethrone queen Nicole is most likely going to be WAY younger, like say 14–21 years old.

No. 685467

apparently she is blocking anyone on Instagram who tries to follow her. If she didn't want people looking at her pictures, then she would've made the account private. She hasn't changed at all lmao

her boobs look so weird here. like shitty bolt-ons from a D-grade surgeon

No. 685532

is she blocking specifically girls or guys? she must be attention-whoring for someone

No. 685566

I'm not sure. People in her PULL thread said that they tried to follow her but she blocked them next day.

No. 686867

she made her account private, the total lurker

No. 688277

holy shit, i was lurking ED twitter because i was bored and i found this account that im 100% sure is Jo. It has Jo as the name, the PFP looks exactly like her chin/mouth when she smiles, and its existed since 2017 (so a fairly long time, not just a random account). plus im sure if someone was catfishing they would just use her whole face, and she doesnt post selfies on the acct besides her profile pic.

No. 688278

File: 1536955723051.png (624.97 KB, 774x774, Screen Shot 2018-09-14 at 3.06…)

No. 688282

even more sure this is her because of the mom comment, i remember back when she actually posted she said her mom didnt live close.

i do feel kind of bad for posting these though. she's really just posting her personal thoughts. she doesnt post thinspo or dieting tips or anything like that..

No. 690090

i'm not convinced, feel like the hair and skin colour don't match up… are there any posts about how she was at the height of her ED?

No. 691008

Was Jo ever really with an older guy? She mentions making up lies >>425302 and still being with the guy who she had her first kiss with >>425305 but I remember her posts about running off with some older guy and it seemed like they did stuff at least kissing. Finding it hard to believe when he had an account and I recall there were photos.

No. 691021

well there was A guy whose age both parties confirmed to be 31. pics of her kissing Adam when she was 15-17 idfk:
from this thread on Reddit; worth a read

No. 691636

ew he looks like a neckbeard

she either deactivated or changed usernames now, i thought she had blocked me but then logged off and still couldn't find her acc.

No. 691646

File: 1537331333160.png (17.87 KB, 522x262, 1gZMFvf.png)

Mfw this is a literally a scene from a Lifetime movie about pedos

No. 692523

all this shit exists online and Jo was still pretending to be an'underage' 'virgin' after Adam lmao. at least now that she is an adult she can openly be with men.

No. 693395

File: 1537522300671.jpg (27.06 KB, 616x438, Capture.JPG)

Jo seemed to have moved instas but her bf's is still at https://www.instagram.com/robarnold/

No. 693775

File: 1537567099814.jpeg (391 KB, 1125x1844, B79605E2-AEFA-4023-B88C-9FA126…)

her editting gives me the creeps

No. 693777

File: 1537567151762.jpeg (310.47 KB, 1125x1840, BB806D5F-8AB6-4AFB-B8D5-6FE0C3…)

also them sausage fingers kek

No. 695193

Does anyone have Nana’s sets from her Suicide Girls days/ other info/ links? I’m lowkey intrigued by her but her MySpace and livejournal are deleted.

No. 695765

her nails are giving me anxiety… they look dirty

i guess it's kind of refreshing to see a girl with short unpainted nails on social media since acrylic claw nails have become the norm? it's a shame they have to look so unkempt instead though lol

could any of the ex self-proclaimed "nymphets" be considered cows or are they just cringy without much milk to offer? has any of them gone off the rails? i only remember luligun and even that's just shooping and generic lolita wannabe shit

No. 695800

First two pics have been deleted. She's probably reporting them to imgur

No. 695833

what's the point it's all archived
she posted them herself. should've combed her hair but here is Johanna Deutschman again!

No. 698996

I know who this girl is fucking kek. She used to run a lot of different blogs in Norwegian throughout the ages. So weird seeing her here. I'll see what I can find.

No. 699354

does this whole 'Dolores Haze' cosplay aesthetic attract actual men? i can't imagine any man who'd wanna be in Humbert Humbert's position.

No. 742426

i just came across this vid and Johanna is now vlogging about curly hair

No. 742428

she also remade her insta there

No. 742450

Never would have thought she'd have such an unpleasant sounding voice.

No. 840673

File: 1563570571746.jpeg (Spoiler Image,442.07 KB, 1280x960, DF6C1F39-8321-42EA-82C0-DFADD4…)


No. 840804

if that's recent then she looks really different

No. 840923

Since this thread was necroed, might be worth it to mention tumblr snowflakes are trying to rebrand nymphet as doelet

No. 840929

She was hardly even mentioned in this thread, vendetta chan. And based on what I know about her, this is a very old photo

No. 841120

Yeah, I also noticed an Amino group dedicated to "doelets and faunlets".

No. 841146

Interesting, looks like it was made by the same person on tumblr who coined the word doelet too.

I wonder if any of these past cows would try to make a comeback and join the new knockoff cult. Nymphet milk has been dried up for too long, I’m itching for a fresh serving

No. 841153

I wonder how long the name change will last before being taken over by dd/lg posters again.
I remember when they first tried to rebrand it to "coquette", but it didn't stick.

No. 841236

What is "doelet"?

No. 845028

aren't nymphets under any 'rebranding' just ddlg posters but 'middles' instead of 'littles'

No. 848942

File: 1565002554131.jpeg (866.6 KB, 1125x1555, 73F35DAD-02A4-482A-9C8B-61E8F4…)

either i'm going insane or Johanna is totally serving Shay-Gnar (Dolly Mattel) looks here

No. 849548


shaynasty didn't invent pigtails in a white crop shirt.

i really dont see it, especially because the shirt at least fits johanna, there's no stains on it and her ends aren't a single hair shaft.

No. 852154

Anyone else see the argument stupiddolly got into today? I would post caps but I’m on mobile and it’s a long post, I don’t want to spam the thread.
In a nutshell another tumblr user, deermemories, spoke out about doelets and their fascination with lolita since doelets are supposedly against the sexualization children. Of course Billie tried to cover her and her ~*spechul*~ groups ass by claiming her and others in her cult have experienced child sexual abuse like dolores so it’s fine, as if that’s an excuse.

No. 852259

lol i didn't see that but i'm so glad to know stupiddolly (apt url) broke mutuals w me after sending me a million anons asking "why do you follow terfs" "are you a radfem" "why are you mutuals with radfems" lmao why do you romanticize csa? sage for blog

No. 900976

File: 1575386566568.jpg (124.7 KB, 890x1329, jo.jpg)

Found a Jo comment in the wild.
I don't think a fan fiction is the worst of your problems

No. 1011272

There's an archive of her somewhere(Necro)

No. 1011993

yeah it attracts plenty of predators who want to take advantage of barely legal or even underages who think dating older men is cool or makes them look more mature.

did this give out any milk at all besides cringy teens idolizing vintage aesthetic? any underages openly and proudly giving out tips on how to be sexy for older guys or is that gonna be just in the good ol days?

No. 1014149

File: 1595985239390.gif (1.67 MB, 340x340, tumblr_nzbvhd01dI1uptndeo1_400…)

gif in the wild(Necro)

No. 1108977

of adorleehaze? where is somewhere?

No. 1405553

This community has been back in full swing for years now, but they call themselves “coquettes” and “waifs” usually (the “waifcore” girls are openly proana).

There’s also a lot of related tags they use. They tag all their pics with like a hundred separate words and phrases to get exposure on their blogs. It makes tumblr rlly annoying to use lol they’re everywhere.

They listen to Red Scare and post pics they found on Pinterest of like Lana Del Rey in the late 2000’s when she went by the name Lizzy Grant and made songs about age gaps and shit, stills from lolita 1997 and thirteen 2003, “coquette” fashion which is basically young/super skinny/usually white girls dressed like vintage toddlers, lily rose depp, 90’s supermodels in girly clothes, dumbass whisper memes, lingerie and ballet shoes, etc.
Common tags they use are like anything involving stuff I mentioned above as well as “dollette” “doelet” “girlblogging” “girlboss” “female manipulator” “nymphcore” “alana champion” “dasha nekrasova” “femcel” “waifspo” “girl interrupted” “cinnamon girl” “Parisian” “dollcore” “angelcore” “lux lisbon” “doelita” “heroin chic” “messy French girl” and many, many more.

I even saw a girl make a whole moodboard that included TWO Black girls and they tagged it “black femininity” ….. They also like obsess over old blogs from like 2014 and think they’re living in the wrong generation. A lot of them use tags for older aesthetics and add “2014” to the end. The whole thing is really embarrassing .(namefagging and emoji use)

No. 1405569

you might as well make a red scare calves thread or something instead of trying to revive this one

No. 1405573

samefag but you should really just delete that post actually. dont fucking put ur email on here holy shit

No. 1405576

I can tell you're new, but I want to take this opportunity to say I've picked up on this revival too and I've been wanting a thread about it. They're not quite nymphets though. They don't exactly larp Dolores Haze. They do 90s supermodel heroin addict anorexia larping (everyone on EDtwt is a fat girl). It is actually full of cows though because they are all, and I can not express those enough, SEVERELY delusional to the point where it's funny

No. 1405580

File: 1640940878235.png (5.49 MB, 1242x2208, 9E6B6271-B0C8-465B-B7E9-83FD99…)

There is this one girl popping up on my tiktok every now and then. Judging by her profile she clearly wants to take after Dolores Haze. Apparently she‘s dating an older guy when she herself is 17.
Kind of sad to see the whole thing repeat itselfy

No. 1405585

ntayrt, those exist but the nymphette lolita thing is also back and it never died. waifspo and coquette are both alive

No. 1405600

I wanted a thread about the nymphette bitches to come back for a while too, it's jarring to see them all over tumblr, many of them are already getting notoriety for being racist kek
there is one cow on tumblr in parricular who gathered large zoomer ana wannabe following and tried to get into some drama with more popular blogs, I think some twitter tier death threats were involved, I'm not gonna name her because I'm pretty sure she is still a minor but it's easy to come across her posts
Also most of these girls are heavily into y2k too and obsess over paris hilton, so yes, they are some differences, although I'm not sure if farmers would like a separate thread about them since they're still pretty much all about larping an underage girl seducing old rich scrotes

No. 1405616

Yeah, it’s had a revival and it’s actually funny this time around because all their usernames are like “lizziestrailerhoneytrash99” while they repost the same shit from ten years ago over and over with Ailda Simone and Johnny Depp’s daighter thrown in the mix.

No. 1405701

File: 1640971059522.jpg (207.67 KB, 1200x1200, 3217.jpg)

We have at least one or more of these girls on lolcow as well
from my own observations these girls age range varies most are in their early to mid 20's
some are former femcels, some are/former radfems but most are nominally political and only in it for the "aesthetic"
the obsession with the 90's and "heroin chic" is an integral part of the aesthetic

my own 2 cents is about these girls, is that they are born from the same societal ills that produce males who are into the "reject modernity, embrace tradition", the dark age edits, aesthetic
cultural isolationism; global neo-liberalism, grotesque capitalistic hyper capitalism and just pure degeneracy and filth that is considered pop media that were just supposed to except
It is counter culture in a way but its the wrong path to take, If I younger I'd probably end up like these girls

No. 1405703

ugh this avatarfag, back again

No. 1405710

I'm not her, what I'm trying to say is that she is 100% from one of these communities/sub-groups, judging by the rhetoric she used

No. 1406156

they're not skinny enough to be nymphettes

No. 1406182

dunno who you're talking about but I follow a few girls off-site who are definitely underage and post about lolcow so I doubt you're very offbase here lol

No. 1406513

There's definitely new lolita waifspos whatever here. Actually, think about it, Lucinda thread brought a lot of EDtwt attention here. Theres a huge overlap between EDtwt and waiftards. The Lucinda drama just ended, so there's a good chance that a few neo coquettes have decided to stick around.

I don't see how it qualifies as milk though

No. 1407032

This, i noticed this too. Basically gen z or even younger girls rebranding the whole shit as "doelette", "dollcore" and sprinkling idiotic tags. They say that basically they're better because they're "NOT nymphetes, they're coquettes! we don't do ddlg ugh stop sexualizing us!" In fact they're doing the very same thing, except they're even worse in some regards. bringing even more toxic shit. ofc "blogging" gore, worms and glittering xanax pills along with children related stuff but also with addition of 00's myspace graphics, obsessed with T.a.t.u, Paris Hilton, Lindsey, Alana Champion. obsessed with Kate Moss's cocaine addiction, 00's "party celebs" on cocaine. not even thinly covered anorexia pics. there are ppl more and less like original nymphette, but Lolita shit is still going strong (although Dolores Haze cosplayers are more popular on instagram than tumblr i think). it's a plague on tumblr in all places. tumblr is waay smaller in general and the coquette trend is really mixing with other communities in a way. no matter what you blog, for example rock/grunge music, these blogs are floating around close by, especially since tumblr now promotes popular blogs. the music and fashion circles of tumblr are pretty much filling with new wave nymphetes, or idiot girls strictly obsessed with Y2K pop stars and bimbos. first wave nymphettes were awful but they gradually disappeared from the net now, it's all younger generations now.

No. 1435782


No. 1435885

File: 1644125701367.png (1.52 MB, 1165x747, diaryoflo.PNG)

This whole thread just reminds me of this one instagram account that keeps getting recommended to me. She often posts lolita-esque and baity content but has this disclaimer in most of her posts which is picrel. Can she really adopt such an aesthetic and brand without it being pedo-bait? What do we think nonnies?

No. 1435890

File: 1644125968064.png (Spoiler Image,885.47 KB, 822x884, diaryoflo2.PNG)

samefagging but you can't genuinely tell me she's posting photos like these and it's not kink-related?

No. 1439046

You should post her in the new croquettes thread because holy shit I used to follow this woman until I abandoned my Instagram. She has

>lolita inspired photoshoots with a Jeremy Irons lookalike

>Is an adult woman who is married to a man who is not the Jeremy Irons guy
>lives off her rich parents money larping as Dolores all day

No. 1447531

Yes! I’ve been waiting ages for someone to bring her up. She’s peculiar. She lies so much. Also I recently discovered that some of her pictures are not “original” and she recreates pictures of minors. She’s SUS!(sage)

No. 1454850

Does anyone remember horrorcutie/Hannah Jones? Tried to look her up the other day but can’t find her socials anywhere. She was a key player in the uwu anachan alt girl movement on Tumblr.(learn2sage)

No. 1658354

File: 1664198288309.jpg (414.57 KB, 1080x1225, Screenshot_20220926-151456_Ins…)

Can anyone tell me if she is real? Her face looks shooped to the moon tbh.
I followed her for a long time and all she posts is self harm.
Many minors follow her.

No. 1658357

File: 1664198334960.jpg (364.55 KB, 1080x1217, Screenshot_20220926-151356_Ins…)

I used to like her bc thought she was a cosplayer

No. 1658360

File: 1664198411852.jpg (335.03 KB, 1080x1325, Screenshot_20220926-151430_Ins…)

sorry couldn't post the pictures in one comment since I was just a reader and not a writer

No. 1658362

File: 1664198445539.jpg (314.45 KB, 1080x1224, Screenshot_20220926-151450_Ins…)

last one

No. 1658378

Who is that? does she even have following? If these are current pics, she's way too young to be one of the nymphetes/lolitas, so idk if she fits this thread
>I followed her for a long time and all she posts is self harm.
Congratulations on following self harm glorifying chick for a long time i guess. why would you even do that?
>Can anyone tell me if she is real? Her face looks shooped to the moon tbh.
You just answered your own question

No. 1658386

She has 72 k followers and is already 26 years old. It seems she loes about her age or she shoops herself younger.
I followed her in the beginning bc her first pics (she deleted them) were about clothing and cosplay.
The self harm things came later.

No. 1658400

From lurking her IG briefly, i can say she 100% shoops herself to looks baby-like, she also tries hard to make Creepychan faces. she isn't a nymphet though, looks more like average japanese uwu cute style girl. she looks pretty boring ngl. does she have any milk? looks like tons of other girls who are into whole "traumacore" shit. that sucks, but perpetually online zoomers eat that shit up. unless she buys followers, which is also probable.

also learn to sage. when you make new posts, please type "sage" in the email field

No. 1658419

She looks shopped but some people have more neotonous features and those people seem to look young well into their 20s-30s only signs of age being fine lines around the eyes, nasiolabial folds, signs of tiredness… if she’s shopping those out she’s still gonna have a youthful looking face imo! But you never know until seeing one of these creepy bitches irl. Look at coconutkitty. Completely unrecognisable to how she morphs her face

No. 1658424

Thought this was a coconut kitty creation

No. 1658425

Well to be honest to all those nymphet fashion uwu things: I don't see any problematic in here if it's just about the fashion. I see problems if they romanticize it and lying about their age.
Can't they give their fashion another name? Why nymphet? I mean I see so many girls wearing heartshaped sunglasses and crop tops but they're not wannabe nymphets or do not call themselves one, even if they wear braids.
I am simply disgusted when they start putting a pacifier in their mouth, wearing pigtails and jumping on the ddlg boat

No. 1658471

Nonnies, this is literally a self post or a newfag. They necro a dead thread by posting a literal who with no understanding of what a nymphet is and can't figure out the reply function. Come the fuck on

No. 1658475

I agree. Just another attention wh*re who wants more attention about her posts and her account

No. 1658480

>replies without using the reply function
Oh my God, you people really can't even pretend to blend in, can you?

No. 1658502

lmao is this the same fucking person who selfposted? first anon posting without any knowledge of the site, gets called out, but then agrees that "true it's just an attention whore posting!" (still without sage and not knowing how to reply either) pretending it wasnt her. lol

No. 1658511

Sorry this one actually made me laugh physically KEK what a fucking joke

No. 1658580

I am not her. How can I refer to the posts?(newfag)

No. 1658696

Are you Doja Cat trying to integrate or are you just new?

No. 1658816

Doja has been using imageboards for years, she knows how to address posts

No. 1658925

File: 1664234792172.jpg (80.1 KB, 613x350, Untitled.jpg)

no human has facial proportions like this without being deformed. the second pic especially highlights her weird shooping. the eyes are way too big. she seems inspired by allison harvard who does naturally have very big eyes but knows her angles and how to make them look huge and alien. this girl is simply shooping.

No. 1658994

File: 1664238248568.png (1.87 MB, 1220x806, 25252.png)

Agreed. these few pics i'm posting show it perfectly how there's something wrong with her face (odd deformed photoshopping). She photoshops her eyes bigger and her jaw way too small. she also pushes her jaw back extremely and pushes out lips in a weird, baby-like unnatural pout.
Top row middle is her clearly skinwalking (shopping herself into) Allison Harvard. down middle reminds me of Lucinda (red nose), but not sure if she knows this person.

No. 1658997

File: 1664238470619.png (550.82 KB, 612x710, 2525265.png)

this one looks like a weird nose photoshop fail, she also made one eye bigger than the other.
I don't get why people follow boring bitches like this. she's plain af and completely uninteresting. honestly her account looks like weird pedopandering alien baby sort of shit.

No. 1659298

Did I reply correctly now? I put sage in the email field. Thanks for helping :-)
Tbh I liked her long ago but I don't get the aesthetic in posting legs, thin like a stick and then overall with scratches and selfharm things. I see many posts of self harm in this community. This should be forbidden bc minors follow them!!

No. 1660031

Yes. If you want to reply to another post, you have to click on their number (like i clicked on your No. 1659298) and reply tab should open.
it's even worse on tumblr/twitter

No. 1660580

File: 1664366354307.jpg (167.39 KB, 1080x1753, Screenshot_20220928-135724_Ins…)


Now she posted a video in her story, she looks completely different here eventhough she's using a filter

No. 1660604

Looks like that fish mouthed girl, Cassie I think, from the soundclout threads. Oh yea hotelshrimp

No. 1660623

Would you mind posting this in the coquette thread? This thread is for former nymphets from like years ago and following up with where they are. This person is new so do take her there. Nonnies are already ripping on her editing alongside other people who do the same

No. 1660628

File: 1664370585381.jpeg (1016.5 KB, 1284x2348, CE6BDFDF-3B84-4CA5-A880-ACF917…)

She looks like Kay Smesters. Someone I used to follow on tumblr that got signed as a model and walks for Gucci now… same kinda creepy doll larp

No. 1660925


She once published she's a nymphet, that's why I post her here.

No. 1660936

Yes, but is she a past nymphet or a current nymphet? If she was one of the big past nymphets she'd fit here but if shes current then it would be better to pop her in the coquette thread. Coquettes are essentially the same thing (lana del rey, weird childlike editing, etc) but they're the new generation

No. 1660943

I knew one, she dissapeared, then found out that someone used her old photos to attempt a comeback, also found the original one, said she left that life apart, but still likes to model stuff here and there sometimes

No. 1661055

speaking of her where is she now if anyone has an idea ? I checked her instagram and it hasn't been updated since last year

No. 1661617

File: 1664440255325.jpg (277.26 KB, 1080x1771, Screenshot_20220929-102202_Ins…)


I see the problem in companies like KatieTokyo.
They even support this sh*t.
They even put a caption L-O-L-I-T-A under their pictures.
Companies should know better!

No. 1661621

File: 1664440516000.jpg (208.11 KB, 1080x1415, Screenshot_20220929-103308_Ins…)


This is not cute, this is disgusting.
(See the caption, they try so hard)

No. 1661703

can you shut the fuck up and take this to twitter or something, newfag? Not only is this the wrong thread (in case you're lost, this thread was about a specific group of girls on tumblr that called themselves "nymphets", not the idea of nymphet) but also no one gives a fuck about this random Japanese company you seem to have a hateboner for.

No. 1661726

Another nonnie already tried to redirect them to the coquette thread kek they're not budging

No. 1661845

I also want to know. She hasn't modeled since 2019, and the agencies in her insta bio don't list her anymore. She was very anxious during the peak of her career, and she was rejected from brands for being too anorexic. She seems like a female autist, especially with the old-fashioned vocabulary.

No. 1701073

I know she's irrelevant now and getting way less traffic than she used to (only about 15 notes per post kek) due to her tacky taste, shitty attitude, lies, and still being obese. But it's so easy to find her new handles. This bitch is in her 30s still larping as a nymphette broken babydoll, writing edgy "poetry" on her twitter that sounds like a middle schooler wrote it, and still being an Ameriboo. She has so many selfies that I don't think she ever works and just takes photos of herself all day everyday. Pure narcissism. Funny thing is, she doesn't know how to do her makeup anymore or dress herself. She keeps photoshopping her cheekbone into the same sharp 90 degree angle and started photoshopping her lips bigger and erasing her cupid's bow which is the most attractive thing about a lip. I don't know why she bothers changing how big her lips are in photoshop because so many of her old photos are still out there online. Bitch forgot how to aesthetic just to try and fit in with the godawful taste of zoomers.

At least she exposes her roots now instead of lying about being a ~totes natural blonde~ like she always used to. Such a weird thing to lie about. I wonder if she'll still be larping as the same edgy angelic baby ameriboo she's been doing for the last 12 years well into her 40s.

No. 1720469

Where to find archive of jo pictures?

No. 1775946

File: 1677263648004.jpg (Spoiler Image,277.88 KB, 1080x1691, Screenshot_20230224_193029_Ins…)

Has anyone seen this chick? She's romanticizing lolita and the word nymphet. Looking kinda old but ofc every chick of the nymphet community seems to have the daddy shirt. disgusting.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1775947

File: 1677263729559.jpg (Spoiler Image,364.35 KB, 1080x1851, Screenshot_20230224_192952_Ins…)

this is her, calling herself lolita

No. 1775950

File: 1677263853954.jpg (Spoiler Image,419.47 KB, 1080x1959, Screenshot_20230224_192846_Ins…)

she's crazy about lolita, it's disgusting to romanticise the story

No. 1775953

Thought I'd bring up some news since it's so quiet here rn

No. 1776016

this reeks of selfpost and is also in the wrong thread. Post this literal who to the coquette thread, since she’s currently active.
That aside, how embarrassing to have 9k followers and only get a dozen or so likes on a picture of you in your underwear. Bleak. Content Creation™ was a mistake.

No. 1804991

White women with brown hair are desperate for any kind of attention even if it's negative attention. They know they are peak bland.(derailing)

No. 1960419

File: 1706484750500.jpg (Spoiler Image,67.2 KB, 960x960, 230993582_4287829867951035_538…)

Found some new-ish (2021) Nana RapeBlossom/Laura photos. Her name pops up here once in a while, and these are the newest photos of her I could find.



No. 1960425

interesting find, anon.

No. 1960940

sage for non-milk but does anyone remember catholicschoolprincess?(sage goes in the email field)

No. 1960953

she was selfposting in coquette thread too and got the same amount of attention kekkk

No. 1960999


Crazy find anon. It’s terrible but I always hoped she would return to the surface net, she had a special brand of crazy. I don’t know if it’s just me but it looks she got lip fillers or is wearing some kind of orthodontics that causes your lips to protrude in a strange way. I remember how obsessed she was with youth so it wouldn’t surprise me if she was into anti-aging

No. 1961243

Apparently she stayed with her dutch bf and was doing well for what I could read in the post. Im impressed at how she keep her looks.
For all the shitshow that happened around her persona, little remains on internet.

No. 1961682

File: 1706834087089.png (906.4 KB, 634x900, gross.png)

Emma is not looking so healthy

No. 1961689

She looks fine?

No. 1961764

She looks like a sausage kek, the way her chin just goes down directly into her neck with no protrusion or definition

No. 1961774

Her arms look like little people arms

No. 1961896

didn't we have Yungelita thread? can't believe this tumblr uwu daddy moron poor little rich girl idiot is having a "musical career" now

No. 1962356

File: 1707013128982.jpeg (226.27 KB, 1170x1010, IMG_6193.jpeg)

accidentally found johanna’s tiktok, kek

No. 1962357

aww look at those arms, her arms look so fucking cute(sage your shit)

No. 1962358

File: 1707013282485.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1170x1785, IMG_6195.jpeg)

still posting about age gaps

No. 1962361

File: 1707013585134.jpeg (1.85 MB, 1170x1715, IMG_6194.jpeg)

kek ok last one

No. 1962443

oh my god she's so cute

No. 1962561

How is she still with the same ugly moid all these years?(sage your shit)

No. 1962563

samefag, sorry this didn’t sage correctly.

No. 1962569

Stop selfposting

No. 1962570

I'm unsure if we had an LC thread for her but I do vividly recall her thread on PULL being a whole lot of fun kek

No. 1962613

He's a neurosurgeon kek. Going through her instagram makes me kind of sad. You don't really see pictures with friends her age or other girls. It's usually just that guy.

No. 1962615

Uh, does it mean she finally dumped that 30yo manlet? I hope by "groomer' she means that ugly fuck, not someone BEFORE him, and that they're not together anymore.
Checked out & someone started Yungelita thread for her on LC but in 2020 or something, which was waay too late. But yeah she had a super milky thread on PULL, i once re-read it on wayback machine just for nostalgia. Crazy to think she's now this squeaky clean "singer" with thousands of views and "businesswoman" selling shitty jewellery to aspiring coquettes lmao. all these chicks have no idea she used to openly post/fantasize about incest and sugaring for some old fucks, all the while posting from her rich daddy's mansion room but pretending she's troo Russian~ lol.

No. 1962623

I only asked because I remember how quickly she got with the doctor, I think she was still in high school.

No. 1962718

I have zero idea who she is, she is beautiful though

No. 1962723

Sure you don't

No. 1981413

And Nana Rapeblossom?? I want her.

No. 1981415

File: 1711857216926.jpg (114.01 KB, 581x725, 20240331_004921.jpg)

I'm begging for your return, I only have one
contact who does not want to give information about her status and a cartoonist girl who says she is well "away from everything"…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

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