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File: 1457130048524.jpg (16.28 KB, 316x410, 1427108169642.jpg)

No. 516

Continuing from >>>/snow/43108

>UK cosplayer, who sells herself as a "professional"

>Trying to write her own comic series, with characters ripped-off from other series
>Known to copy and even steal other artists characters and gives no credit
>Thinks she's god's gift when it comes to art and will insult anyone who says otherwise
>Posting Facebook statuses every half hour, mostly of weird shit
>Talks about how everyone, including her own family, is against her, meanwhile spewing vitriol about everyone under the sun
>Banned from a fair few cons because of her behaviour towards other people

Has she quit yet?

No. 517

She looks like Jenelle Evans from TM2 here omfg

No. 518

File: 1457131408346.jpg (146.12 KB, 720x960, 12718046_1050146518408028_6033…)

She drew this recently on her fb page.

Can anyone tell what pic or anime shes tracing from?

No. 519

No. 520

File: 1457144181995.png (453.62 KB, 1987x1600, shovelKnightBrandish.png)

she looks like sumthing that's seem the back of a shovel too many times

No. 521

Unfortunately, she hasn't been hit enough with a shovel; she's still breathing.

Also, OP, you are a horrible person for bringing this cringecow back because she's easy b8. At least use a different picture next time.

No. 522

File: 1457190673416.png (170.19 KB, 2000x1522, 2000px-Impossible_staircase_sv…)

Whoever brought sindy pop back is a horrible person because shes too easy to bitch about while on a page that's all about bitching?

they are the scum of the net v_v

No. 523

File: 1457246741352.png (923.93 KB, 793x1122, 97b928b7d7fc6aec62fdb321f0a6d3…)

She's trying to pass this off as her own art when her "manga pages" look like this?

There's no fucking way those two things were drawn by the same person.

No. 524

File: 1457311529948.jpg (19.55 KB, 480x270, t_9c9737b08c03013291cc723c9156…)

Ten out of ten
Ten out of ten
Neil Gaiman award for best narrative
Jack Kirby is jealous
Marvel and DC are fighting to have her
cats and dogs
living together
mass hysteria

No. 525

Jack Kirby is dead, though.

No. 526

He's one of the lucky ones.

No. 527

File: 1459499521437.jpg (78.53 KB, 720x960, 12108746_152086778517260_12995…)

she got some nice hips on her tho

No. 528

Gross. At least make up your bed.

No. 529

File: 1462210118386.jpg (74.41 KB, 482x960, SiNdy PoP12672045_158052750883…)

Did she photoshop her boobs bigger for this one?

No. 530

File: 1462219846886.png (628.99 KB, 497x628, e23b599e0acf8d16bb1471ee1daf3f…)

Guys, she's too cute to be alone at craft fair.


I think Craft Fair should be concerned that someone let the crazies out of Leverndale.

No. 531

Oh I'm sure all those pervy old ladies and young children will be fantasizing about poking her with their knitting needles and popsicle sticks.

No. 532

hahahahaha X')

you literally HAVE NO idea hunny

No. 533


1 why i shop my boobs bigger
2. this character is male WHY WOULD I SHOP MY BOOBS BIggER

3. With so much ggoin on in that pic, makeup, abs, room ect
why do focus on the size of my titters. esp when your not supposed to see em

No. 534

No. 535

File: 1462367057642.jpg (131.42 KB, 874x710, enders.jpg)

and if your going to post pictures of me those might aswell be up to date. because i mean you can sit and giggle at 1 unflattring picture from 2 years ao if you want… but that to me tells me you're afraid of posting recent pics
that is ofcourse,unless you dont see anything worthy of being up here?
tell me which gender would you prefre to mock me as

nvm have both <3

No. 536

File: 1462367211101.png (1.82 MB, 1028x655, card templatefront2.png)

just for you

No. 537

>>527 i thank the scoliosis for that
>>528 not my room, not my bed, not my problem

No. 538

this was drawn a few years ago. art progresses and changes over time you fucking dipshit

No. 539

Thats one of her OC's, not from an anime and she doesnt trace.

No. 540

File: 1462370596467.gif (856.99 KB, 450x254, uh huh.gif)

No. 541

Considering i have sat down and watched her draw, i know what im talking about.

No. 542

File: 1462373640464.jpg (6.18 MB, 4608x3456, DSCF0026.JPG)

@Dracon yup heres one unedited straight off the camera , she was DRAWING it

No. 543

All hail Sindy Pop

No. 544

she's inking it, doofus. that's not the same as 'drawing', just look at the fucking scribbly mess underneath it.
also, why is she 'drawing' with a laminated sheet (presumably another image) underneath the paper? that's just going to ruin the plastic liner from the pressure of a pen/pencil.

No. 545

Are you sane?
I was finishing the penci>>544
l before hand then moved onto inking
The scribbly mess you see if pencil sketch something yoy all great I didnt have thierfor traced

now the laminated sheet is a poly pocket from the A3 folder I store my artworks in
I had to lean on it so the deak didnt leave marks on my paper
I hate drawing on table with nothing under it

Allways lean in something
the poly pocket also dudbt leave marks

And I made a nice £100 iff that scribbled mess so everybody but you must b blind eh

Srsly tho
Are you the daft twat that tried to follow ne on instragram. But blockes me seconds after
Cause they seamed awfully interested in art too lok

No. 546

Nono you must b wrong bcuz mean old SinD is just using u

No. 547

wheres my crown and scepter
No srsly tho this place must be Dead if your reviving my thread

I think also going on dates ik exactly whos behind this

No. 548

jesus christ, i believe you when you say that's not a trace because nobody in their right mind would trace something that shitty

No. 549

File: 1462388231880.png (171.34 KB, 320x480, Screenshot_2016-05-04-19-55-48…)

Oh well I gues being a shitty artist pays lol

No. 550

Honestly tho
GREEN is not your colour x

No. 551

>you must be that twat who followed me on ig

actually, this is my first time in this thread, but way to make yourself sound paranoid. although I am an illustrator, so I think I know what I'm talking about when I say that your 'process' is completely unbelievable. the mess that's under that ink might work for a rough draft, but nobody in their right mind would ink over that shit without tightlining it first. her horns don't bear even the slightest resemblance to the pencil underneath, ffs.

I have no idea what you're talking about with 'the table leaving marks' because the photo looks like it's pretty clearly smooth-sanded wood, if not the laminate-wood tables that artist alleys provide to their booths 90% of the time. neither of which would leave 'marks' on your drawing.

what i'm pointing out is that it's intensely stupid to draw on top of a plastic film unless you want to warp the plastic under the pressure of your own pen/pencil. so why ruin a perfectly good liner when you could have just used a blank sheaf of paper? oh, right: because it's protecting another image, which you're using to trace from.

No. 552

your arguements are literally bullshit tho. the pencil riht here PROVES just how tight the linework is. tho by the sounds of you not as tight as your asshole right now. https://scontent-lhr3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xap1/t31.0-8/12891164_1069007213188625_5737754003748903452_o.jpg

what is it,. jealousy? bitterness?



but yea. the lineier work is not supposed to be detailed thats for the ink.

No. 553

"the mess that's under that ink might work for a rough draft, but nobody in their right mind would ink over that shit without tightlining it first"

except maybe the oriinal artist who knows exactly whats meant to be where,. god your closed mind irritates me.

and what im tellin you is that unless you literally hammer the paper with your pencil you wont scratch extra thick poly pockets with paper inside them. do you know what they say about asume?

its makes an ass of you and me. tho mostly you

No. 554

im callin bullshit. thiers no way you're an illitrator. you miht have a NHD in raphics or some shit but i refuse to belive your employed

No. 555

oh my god somebody's butthurt

what, a little too close to the truth for you?

No. 556

She doesnt trace. K. I have literately watched her draw right infront of me.

No. 557

wait.. im buthurt because i not only disaree with everythin this clown said but i also stated valid reasons proof and evidence as to why i it looks that way

are. are you a child.. are you old enouh to be on here?

No. 558

dude it doesnt matter how many time you say it. theyll just call you a liar, then when that doesnt wash thell insult your weiht or autism then when that does do it theyll just ive up and say oh well your arts shit.

Like.. no i thouht this place was for adults not the deenerates who droped out in 1st year

No. 559

File: 1462394211816.jpeg (79.52 KB, 1193x667, image.jpeg)

What a beautiful thread.

No. 560

File: 1462394345145.jpg (45.04 KB, 424x548, moneybox.jpg)

the smell of hypocrasy is indeed a smell ive missed <3

No. 561

File: 1462394901077.jpg (258.34 KB, 1403x899, oToVdAm.jpg)

No. 562

top keks when mine barley looks like that

so thier sittin in the same pose. ive told you i do reference alot of my fanart. everybody does it. means shit

No. 563

these ifs are old hat. nobody cares. they dont prove tracin because the lines dont fit 100%

by showin this massive blown up imae what you've actualy done is show people how much i stray from the reference picture. so welldone

No. 564

File: 1462395771096.gif (33.82 KB, 360x240, 1370.gif)

If you spent any time in college you'd know the difference between eyeballing and referencing. Eyeballing and tracing is copying someone's existing work be it photograph or art to the letter with very minor changes (in your case changing facial expression and one or two fingers).
Referencing is studying a pose/an object and teaching yourself how to draw that pose/object. It's not a tool for complete copies of anothers work. That's plagiarism and just as bad as tracing.

No. 565

File: 1462396204961.jpg (231.74 KB, 1220x776, CHANE.jpg)

thouht you miht try to cover it up with OH its only a few finers. actualy sir look very closey. its alot

No. 566

the imae is so far from the oriinal you can tell its nothin more than an imitation of the oriinal pose. its hardly tracinq.

No. 567

did you even read? >>564
Note; eyeballing is just as bad as tracing. It's plagiarism.
And like pretty much all your friends, I'm out and done with a moron like yourself.

No. 568

you wanna know somethin about plauerism. if i had printed imaqe A off my pc. and printed it straiht onto a lossy paper sheet. that would be plauerism

if i has literlly line for line traced this full imae and coloured it in exactly the same way
that would be plauerism.

i understand that referencin the artists pose and redrawin it can be seen us completly unfair. but tbh your expectin hih end shit here from sombody who isnt exactly MARVEL DC class anatomy here. i do tray hard to learn anatomy but i understand that even advanced artists need a fiure too look at. i choose to look at an already fanart for help. since then 2 years ao) ive widen out abit more and tried referin completly parallel subjects instead of this. because even i do not full like it. but i also accpt a ood 70% of the imae has been chaned,. so i wouldnt call this complete plauerism.

tho if you wanna talk about illial sellin of ones property lets talk about the fact kazaki takashi owns the character and all the rihts to distribute her.

No. 569

i really couldnt ive a shit. and qod dont even talk to me about my so called friends. you dont think im done with half of them. you dont think i can be bothered listenin to the moanin about how many thier cosplay paes have or how many people pm them.

No. 570

if you want real drama i can certinly ive you. tho im fair expectin the elephant in the room to own up and admit its them. its beyond obvious thiers a few knihts here and 1 or 2 people here who clearly talk to me on fb.. or once did.

see what ill say

thier were times i defended you uys when you were wron and bein ufairly bullied. because you did thins you shouldnt have. such as the colour of your skin or the contents of your laptops.

but i defended you uys. so i do not fuckin want to listen to this revenqe vendetta sindy is a bitch and i finally see it. yoou're all just bitter and twisted and thats the reason why i defriended every sinle 1 of you

No. 571

that5 and the fact i didnt wanna be surrounded by fake people who were obsessed with how cute they were as a male cosplayer.

vain people like that who talk shit behind your back. ot them stuff for christmas birthdays. took them out, defended them . talked to them whever even at 3am whever i was needed. literally went out of my way for these people with nothin in return.

No. 572

why do you type like a retard, serious question

No. 573

sure sounds it

want an adult answer, think you can handle that?

i type fast and scim over some keys. and my g key is broken

you may also accept : SIND IS RETURDED :B

No. 574

she types fast and some of her keys dont work. besides i can easily read what she says. you mustn't be very smart if you decide to pick on someone over the silliest of things tbh.

No. 575

correctin spellin because you literally have nothin to contribute to the conversation

~ the need to appear superior. put other down

~ dis where ever possable

~ bad OCD and controllin habbits mean they cant mentally handle the siht of poor spellin.

~ possable autism as an explination of all of the above

No. 576

tbh they can read exactly what im sayin if not why do they reply in complete context with the original text

they just want to have somethin over you. this is pretty much digs.com afterall. everybody on here hates everybody else.

kill or be killed.
troll or be trolled.

No. 577

Whoever brought this thread back, shame on you.
I thought this madness was finally over

No. 578

File: 1462400643883.jpg (21.37 KB, 680x374, face.jpg)


you thought wrong asshole

No. 579

not a smart idea.
if you really want to spread hate about me or prove valid points that im a complete bitch. movin this thread where it wont be seen alot. really will just help me

whatever. idrk

No. 580

you can either pretend you dgaf or you can continue to spam your incoherent gibberish
your thread would die peacefully if you could stop sperging out in it every time someone points out that your art is shit.

i'd love to see you get torn apart in an /ic/ thread, truly, but you're too entrenched in your own narcissistic delusions of superiority to even accept critique, as has been proved multiple times over.
that's why you'll never be a good artist. you've reached your plateau, but you're too much of a stubborn cunt to progress to anything more challenging than your rip-off chinese cartoon tracings.

No. 581

god i literally hope she gets bitten by a fox v.v

No. 582

Fucking lol chinese cartoons.
I know the difference between constructive criticism and beibg a dick

So do forgive me if I Dont stop drawing these Chinese cartoons just to suit you

aawell yiu talk about like you know me which u dont
U Ibky know the side of me defending myself

Which is wat ppl like u hate
U were warned another sindy pop thread would get dragged to hell by me
Here we are

No. 583

so many questions

Why a fox
Why bitten
Would that even do..
Why not wish a worser fate

I have lost my ability to can

No. 584

They are just stupid tbh lol

No. 585


No. 586

that and given they spend all day watching my links and saving my pics
Obviously have no lives either

No. 587

right, sure, we're all just stalking you without anything better to do
which is why your thread got moved to /manure/, right? where threads go to die. and why you've spent the last two days obsessively monitoring your own thread and pitching tantrums whenever anyone dares to suggest that you improve your skills independently instead of 'referencing' everything you do.
you're only ripping yourself off by wasting all this time tracing when you could be actually learning something, like anatomy.
please tell us you have plans to attend art school or something, I can't wait to hear about the fit you throw on your first day of critique. i saw a dozen kids like you who dropped out in their first semester because their teachers denied them the asspats and easy A's that they thought they deserved.

No. 588

She spent 6 years at college studying art for the UK equivalent of a community college 2 year diploma which is the tragically hilarious thing.

No. 589

File: 1462485156391.jpg (110.53 KB, 720x960, Jade Louise McGoogan13062391_1…)

everything aside shes got hips for days

if you got it flaunt it baby

No. 590

holy shit haha are you serious??
I thought this girl had to be in high school or something based off her skill level but SHE'S TWENTY-FUCKING-FOUR?!
oh my god, this is tragic and hilarious. i thought she was just an arrogant sperg because she was young, but we're the same age and this is all she has to show for it? someone take this overgrown brat to /ic/ and let them jump on her.

>everything aside she's built like a brick
corrected your typo, you're welcome.

No. 591

File: 1462499610101.jpg (1.85 MB, 1476x1044, cancan-1.jpg)

>I have lost my ability to can

No. 592

>>587 ive been to art taw. i studied it over 5 years over 3 diferant subenres.

i have a level 7 HNc is visual communications

>>588 wronq information.

No. 593

lets see your fabulous bod m8

No. 594

dam thanks i quess

No. 595

te fuq does built like a brrick even mean lmao XD

yea im pretty thin but im only 5'2 so i et away with alot of it

No. 596

future cosplay confirmed

No. 597

File: 1462544604225.png (47.11 KB, 1044x233, Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 9.08…)

so, let me get this straight:
I'm not from the UK, so I have no idea what their educational system looks like or what 'levels' are, but pic related was provided by Wikipedia. Is this right? this can't be right. She spent FIVE YEARS at a backwater community college and didn't even get the full equivalent of a DEGREE out of it? what the fuck? WHY? WHY would anyone waste all that time and money and then be like 'oh well this is good enough'

what on earth is a 'subgenre' anyways? you mean like majors? this better be a UK slang thing…

No. 598

File: 1462544742912.png (107.96 KB, 596x491, Screen Shot 2016-05-06 at 9.18…)

an HNC is the equivalent of a one-year-course certificate.
holy shit.
five years…to get a certificate that anybody else would have completed in one.
how embarrassing.

No. 599

Basically put, my Advanced Higher Maths grade B I got in my last year at high school is equal to studying an HNC in Maths at college for a year. HND is the next one up.
You have to be exceptionally unskilled, unintelligent or just not turn up to class to not get an HNC in the first year.
When even high school drop outs who got knocked up at 14 and think Juicy Couture is high fashion can walk away with HNCs after one year, Sindy is pretty tragic

No. 600

As for 'subgenre', she means modules and again, you're supposed to do them all in one year. Not one per year.
Heres the course Sindy attended. The items included in the 'What's involved' are the modules/'subgenre' she should have done in 1 year

No. 602

File: 1462551093797.jpg (104.23 KB, 548x274, shesabrickhouse.jpg)

we would have just called these 'classes', where I attended. I had to take five out of the six listed during my sophomore year before I'd even declared a major.

pic related. you don't see the resemblance?

No. 603

you're.. not really readin what im typin to you are you

in scotland we have a free education system, ontop of that we get 3 level 5/6 courses funded 100% free, reardless of you pass or not

so when i was i was 16 i sat a level 5 NC art and desin. I achieved 11/12 units and was failed.
then i resat it. and i achieved 11 again and due to the change in compentency i passed it.

so after that i sat the advanced level 6 NQ again all free. are you followin here.
doubt but worth a shot

so i didnt achieve that. plus the lectueres were bitter we were movin to another collee.
they failed us because we lost 2 units out of 12 aain

so then i went to ayr collee and sat NQ level 6 vis coms. which i passed 10/12 units and proressed
then i proressed to HNC level 7 and ot 12/15 units. in the UK or maybe just sctoalnd not sure. if you et 12/15 you et the HNC on the rounds you dont sit the HND which was fine with me as i didnt want to proress. do you understand now you fuckin inbread?

No. 604

the modules change every year
i passed this course both times. please remember this

No. 605

your expectin somebody with scoliosis to be curvy you're abit fuckin stupid tbh
plus i weight 94 pounds. were not talkin alot of meat here you autist

still sound pretty fuckin jealous tho

No. 606

You have to be exceptionally unskilled, unintelligent or just not turn up to class to not get an HNC in the first year

i achieved the hnc with 12 / 15 units.
tho please remember i was studien art. obviously you wont realize but even reat artists will strule at this kinda shit because of the massive diferances between pohotoraphy units. loo desin units and illistration/comic book units.

the only units i didnt achieve were the 2 raphics units and 1 on art history because i couldnt be fuckin assed talkin about art novou when it had no influence within me.

and it makes no fuckin diferance now because i have no itention in returnin to art and desin as everybody in my class who sat and achioeved the HND is fuckin jobless.

No. 607

File: 1462557475965.jpg (210.1 KB, 1003x795, body shape.jpg)

>>602pretty dody fukin brick you drew thier

No. 608

who is this person lmao

No. 609

>I couldn't be fucking assed talking about art nouveau when it had no influence within me

you realize that art nouveau was basically the influence of woodblock/Japonisme on European artists, right? Like…the strong line-art, the flat colors, you can see direct influences from that in early manga continued up until today.

and you still failed like three classes of what would be essential foundations in any reputable art school. you took five years to complete courses that other people completed in a single semester. and you're proud of that? you seem to like emphasizing how you got all this for ~free~, but all that really means is that you were wasting taxpayer's money for four years too long. you could have gotten your bachelor's degree (or whatever the UK equivalent is) in that amount of time. I completed mine within four years, working a part-time job in the last two, even got out debt-free, so I have no idea what you see in your own academic records to get excited about.

No. 610

File: 1462559324448.jpg (202.68 KB, 600x468, MM1-g006.jpg)

shouldn't scoliosis mean you'd be more curvy? kek.

No. 611

look at her body shape
look at mine
you complete retard there exactly the same

1 side curvy 1 side flat

No. 612

you'd literally call black white wouldnt you. i dont care for art novou because it doesnt influence me.
i dont care who in the past it influenced bit it doesnt influence or amuse me. most of them dont.

and ary is not a repuatable art school and i still achieved all the core units. art and desin media was not a core unit. (idrk why) now as for this tax payers money shit. thats not actualy your money. yit never hits your bank acount. it isnt even your money its the overnments money. about 3% of it qoes to education

you people who say we cant have this or that because your imainary 20% money that you never even touch doesnt o to your bank. o to collee and et a better fuckin job is your so qreedy

and at the end of the day. wasted. no wasted would be if i failed and died. i passed and atm those art units are helpin me et into hnc fasion and manufacturinq.

od you MUST be inbread

No. 613

why do typical americans think the scottish education system works exactly like the american one. your just fuckin better my education was free

No. 614

IS FREE as im not done with it

No. 615

i feel like i'm patiently explaining something to a small, possibly brain-damaged child.
you were wasting taxpayer money because someone else could have been in your space, reaping the benefits that you were too ignorant to absorb in the one year that it usually takes to complete your ~certificate~.
I fail to understand how you possibly expect me to be jealous of your education when you can't even spell 'nouveau' correctly.

No. 616

sindy, 100% serious, what do you score on IQ tests?

No. 746

no idea we dont do them here

ive also been out of school for 8 years so you couldnt really o by my cats tests either

i ot 4s in most of my exams despite 50% attendence and not studien for them if that helps

No. 749


To elaborate on the Scottish education system.
15/16 year olds sit Standard Grades split between Foundation (where you can achieve a 7, 6 or 5), General (where you can achieve a 4 or a 3) and Credit (2 or 1) - 7 being the worst grade/fail and a 1 being the best.
Here is an example of a legit Foundation Maths paper from 2011
As you can see, a moron could do it.

Next up is Standard Grade General.
Again here is an example from the same year of the Maths exam.

Again, you have to be exceptionally stupid not to get the highest grade of 3 when questions include;
"Alan and Kate take their 12 year old twin daughters to the Urban Wildlife
Instead of buying four individual tickets, they decide to buy a Family
How much money do they save?" which I'm fairly sure I answered in Primary 5.

You don't even have to answer any questions in the Art exam at all levels. You write a pre-prepared crtitical essay in 2 hours then come back the next day and spend 6 hours drawing, again just re-drawing something pre-prepared (usually a still life set up) and most of your grade comes from the 6 hours drawing so you have to be exceptionally unskilled not to pass with at least a 2 or 3 when this got a 2 (according to the artist comments) http://freyabigg.deviantart.com/art/Standard-Grade-Art-Exam-120873879 (quick google search of Standard Grade art found this)

In short, my brother was off with a long-term illness for the end of 3rd year, first half of 4th year, didn't study and got 4 2's, 3 1's and a 3 so yeah, Sindy is legit just stupid.

No. 750

i actually ot a 3 in my art exam and 4s in the rest besides maths. which i was a level 2 untill i moved school in 3rd year

goin by what you say, if youd have to be a moron to not pass thengoin oin that and 50% attendence and missin 2-3 classes a week. id say i did pretty welll. but im 25 next year which means all rpevious rades from school become exempt.

No. 751

id really like to see you leit have a mature conversation about rades and school to my face

No. 752

has it ever occured to people school rades dont mean anythin. not in my ase really. i still ot into collee and passed my hnc. i passed 3/5 courses i sat.

those aslwll as all the units and modules i achieved from the other 2 i failed add up a better picture. and aain

in any level 5-6 course you suit a core skills unit. i passed all of those

No. 753

asumin because i failed 1 or 2 modules i fail at life is fuckin stupid tbh.

No. 754

just shows you people literally dont have a leg to stand on

No. 755

all i feel from you people is jealousy tbh

your pissed i sell my arrtworks at AA and make ood £100 off it per table. cant wait for raicon btw <3

your pissed i still cosplay despite numerous attemts to fwart that.

your pissed i cosplayed panty and took off a pair of prop underwear

andyour pissed that despite the scoliosis i still have a better fiure than the majority of you.

your all self admittedly terrified to confront me publicly because from past examples of your moron friends you know EXACTLY what i will do to your social standin in the artist/cosplay comunity.

and tbh i love it. keep ettin pissed at me. keep slain my looks or my cosplays or my art or my education off. all you do is drive me.

if im a cancer. then you people are the sugar cells that feed it.

oh and im recosplayin panty on the 15th. in the same park. with the same prop underwear. i cant wait for all of your rants ahahahha

No. 761

im just bringing up some positive points since everyone is just being so bitchy

you have this going for you and its a good thing, might as well work it to yuor advantage

No. 764

Shame you're going to be losing your table at rai con for tracing others work. Oh well

No. 856

she doesnt trace.

No. 870

Nice hips means a nice ass. This ones got a good eye.

No. 874


No. 875

File: 1462679449328.png (112.55 KB, 1213x304, cooltext181609829876135.png)

No. 891

this should be a banner.

No. 892

File: 1462729952053.jpg (46.93 KB, 220x134, exactlythesame.jpg)

yeah, yeah, yeah, we've heard it all before. why is it that cows hear 'we come here to laugh at you' and somehow always manage to misinterpret it as, 'we come here because we're obsessively jelly'?
just keep on providing proof of how narcissistic and deluded you are, sindy.

also nobody in their right mind would be jealous of AA table profits. AAs are fun, but any artist worth their salt can easily make that working from home any day of the week, we don't have to wait for con season or waste money on booth fees and travel expenses. if you're trying to brag about profitability, you're really holding the short end of the stick.
>terrified to confront me publicly
oh honey, no. we just don't care that much.
>you know EXACTLY what i will do to your social standin in the artist/cosplay comunity
we are shaking in our boots. what, pray tell, is your plan to accomplish this? sperg on facebook about what awful bullies we are for critiquing your process? recruit some tubblr white-knights to shit up threads alongside you? try to get the international 'artist/cosplay comunity' to blacklist an individual based off your accusations? please. you probably don't have the influence to do that within your local cosplay 'comunity', let alone anything on a global scale.

>if im a cancer. then you people are the sugar cells that feed it.

this is comedy gold.

>exactly the same
it's like body dysmorphic disorder but in reverse.

No. 895

Thought about it. Also considered making one for
>your just better my education was free

No. 905

well at least your doing SOmething productive with your time

No. 906

"sperg on facebook about what awful bullies we are for critiquing your process? recruit some tubblr white-knights to shit up threads alongside you? try to get the international 'artist/cosplay comunity' to blacklist an individual based off your accusations?"

dont give me ideas. and hey youd be suprised how much influence SINDY POP has these days

No. 907

yea, like i lost all the rest X'D oh you guys and your scary internet threats

No. 908

*yeah, yeah, yeah, we've heard it all before. why is it that cows hear 'we come here to laugh at you' and somehow always manage to misinterpret it as, 'we come here because we're obsessively jelly'?
just keep on providing proof of how narcissistic and deluded you are, sindy.*

no it legit does just look and sound like jealously. only maybe 1 or 2 of the anons on ehre haveever reaised a valid point/ character assault/ the rest is either

you're ugly
yo dont have scoliosis
you dont draw real animu
or some bullshit along those lines

No. 910

the other thing i cant get over is the
we come here to laught at YOU

hunny, the only reason i reply on here is to wind all of you up/ it amuses me to no great extent.

infact the reason my replies are so far between the anons is because i only come here when im board out my skull and need a raise XD

you people are the entertianment here.

and this stuff you laugh at me for… has it ever occured to you i play alot of it up just to get to you guys.

like some of those status i wrote were just clearly bait. and you guys eat it right up X'D

No. 911

its true what the say, autism really does help with creativity. welldone you

gold star!

No. 915

File: 1462737714460.png (25.81 KB, 755x1255, ZdUlKVH.png)

>just to get to you guys

but see, that's where it doesn't follow.
nobody's getting their jimmies rustled (or 'wound up') in this thread except for you. you're not ~getting~ to anyone, you're just providing more fodder for farmers to laugh at, and making yourself look worse. I can guarantee that if you hadn't decided to jump in and defend yourself in this thread, it would have quickly fallen off the first page of /snow/ and no-one would have noticed or given a shit.
at this point, you just sound like the living embodiment of pic related.

by the way
>you're ugly
>ctrl+f "ugly"
>yo don't have scoliosis
>ctrl+f "scoliosis"
>you don't draw real animu
>still featuring sir-not-appearing-in-this-thread
so which posts are you referring to, again? Because so far, everything you've mentioned has been pulled out of your ass.

Also, you've been posting in this thread like…every day for four days in a row. you must really get 'board out my skull and need a raise' on a constant basis, huh?

No. 916

>youd be suprised how much influence SINDY POP has these days

yes. yes, I would.

No. 921


No. 922


never turn away an opertunity at being amused by stupid people

No. 925

i agree with you 100%
this could be lolcow's motto, in fact.

No. 994

File: 1462770367129.gif (19.16 KB, 300x104, sindypop.gif)

I made this for you, Sindy.

No. 1013

this is beautiful, you beat me to it. I was going to do something with blingee.

No. 1020

and you called me talentless

No. 1036

Make a better one then.

No. 1039

yea read that wrong

never turn away an opertunity at being amused by stupid people

*i agree with you 100%
this could be lolcow's motto, in fact.*

and you called me talentless

No. 1043

File: 1462970427792.jpg (307.05 KB, 1228x1426, improvments.jpg)

so since this is my cringethread about how i still havent quit cosplay i thought id upload this here. there gona be a panty 1 next week too.

i just wanted to show you the beautiful combination between. How much your insults push me to improve. and the sweet sweet scient of hypocracy that all the coments on here usually smell of.

thankyou so much for this lolcow thread any any future ones. you will push me to become a professional cosplayer. wheter you like it or not

No. 1044

no, we just thought you were misquoting because your response makes no sense

see, the sentiment 'never turn away an opertunity at being amused by stupid people' explains why the rest of us are in this thread, being amused by you.

No. 1047

without significant aid from surgery, you're never going to become a 'professional cosplayer', Sindy. even if you were making your own professional-quality cosplays instead of buying them off ebay, even if your plastic wigs didn't look like a bird had been nesting in them, your face and figure are still far from the ideal that companies seek out when they're choosing 'professional' representatives. If you can't make it even as a booth babe, you're not going to make it to the big leagues.
Even if you did have a body and face that met expectations, your online history is so fucking volatile that no company in their right mind would hire you, dude. There would be way too many opportunities for someone to criticize you–hell, just look at all the flack Jessica Nigri gets in her threads–and professional cosplayers are supposed to be PR gems. You've already shown that you're incapable of keeping a civil tongue, so imagining that you'd sperg out and embarrass yourself (and your employers) at a con or on Facebook, as you've done in this thread, isn't hard. You seem to rely heavily on the idea that 'any publicity is good publicity', but it's really, really not.

No. 1048

this comment isnt really going for much tho is it. yea ive got a dodgy past. what woman doesnt?

and Jnig and yaya have a shit tone of hate online too doesnt stop companies paying them thousands to be at conventions.

as for my face. i personally dont see an issue with it i think ONLY you do. i mean u guys give Jnig a shit tone of crit on her face too but thats not stoping her 3.9 million fans from liking her stuff.

jngs only problem is that she feeds alot of the negitive sexual attention around her when she should be totaly avoiding the subject to look less dodgy.

but you dont exactly see me shoving my tits and ass infront of the camera for likes do you, so i wont companre to her.

now this booth babe shit, is just shit. anybody can get good success at a booth without being a nice peice to look at. but im sure if i was really dead set enough i could easy get my tits into a good pushup bra.

tbh again you just sound jealous that i have a decent figure. i mean you talk shit about that but im hardly overweight now am i.

if this is progress my cosplaying at makeup can make In a year. then imagine where i can get in another 2. like i said. u guys are not gona be able to stop me getting somewhere. by creating so many articles and threads u get my name out. controvery = attention
attention = opertunities.

so again thanks

No. 1049

your face and figure are still far from the ideal that companies seek out when they're choosing 'professional' representatives

again nothing wrong with my figure. when was the last time you saw me put it to use?

as for this face shit. one of my old cosplay friends faces is literally identical to myown. lowerhalf at least. and she doesnt have issues getting coments about hw she looks. and i to get a lot here and thier. so you know what. i think ill be just fine. i dont see need for body confidence issues x

No. 1050

You've already shown that you're incapable of keeping a civil tongue, so imagining that you'd sperg out and embarrass yourself (and your employers) at a con or on Facebook

Im actualy pretty civil at cons. as for facebook. all i would do is what the rest do and only accept certians ppl on my own page. id hopefully be abit more concerned with making cosplays than having to fight off idiots . but i means even jessica and her boyfriend have a go at people on insta.

you seam to be under the impressions people who want to be successful cosplayers need to get

tits out, as open, mouth shut. head empty. god are you living in the 50s here?

No. 1051

tell you idiots what
im gona shoot off this thread for a week. let you get back to your mindless bitching

if you want decent shit to go on, im reviving my deviant art. my insta will occasionally be active, just follow it. keep an eye on my cosplay page and follow my main account. i dont even care about hiding content from you guys anymore. all your crit ever does is make my life better in some way, so you guys knock your selfves out.

im choosing to head off here cause tbh its just arguing back and forward and i expect some good entertianment when i click on this site you know. not this midnless psming bitchfest i seam to be constantly greated with.

hopefully when i get back thre will be some decent content on me. otherwise make a new thread and be fucking actie on it.

Board now/. out x

No. 1052

>arguing back and forward

the only arguing I've seen is when you pop in to attempt to defend yourself and deny your butthurt, everyone else has pretty much reached a consensus of opinion on you.

No. 1237

lmfao manure

No. 1238

Holy shit!!
I was at college with her!
She brought a rented pricey ball gown to a (not-official/half assed) class fancy dress day which ended up getting covered in black ink. Still makes me laugh to this day lol
Also she failed her HND by tracing her course work.

No. 1239

The only reason why the tutors let her succeed passed HNC was because they needed a certain number of students for the HND class and to make themselves look good for having another student pass. The college caught onto what was going on and one of the tutors almost got fired.
The introduction class to HND was a riot. As soon as the tutors wanted to talk regarding plagiarism everyone in the class turned around to stare at her and couldn't stop laughing.
Had no idea she was causing this much trouble online too.

No. 1240

you obviously werent lol unless your ofcourse said boyfriend stealing bitch whos artwork isnt even worth anything on its own never mind tracing shit.
i never sat my hnd.
i sat the hnc. i left the course in June with 12 units.

No. 1241

"The only reason why the tutors let her succeed passed HNC was because they needed a certain number of students for the HND class and to make themselves look good for having another student pass. The college caught onto what was going on and one of the tutors almost got fired.
The introduction class to HND was a riot. As soon as the tutors wanted to talk regarding plagiarism everyone in the class turned around to stare at her and couldn't stop laughing.
Had no idea she was causing this much trouble online too."

I did not sit the Hnd how many times. i know exactly who this is lmao.
this girl also droped out the course in the HNC because npbody actualy liked her. she kept copieng the styles of her friends both artwork and clothing and then eventualy lost said friends who had been my friends alot longer. nobody in the class actualy liked her and we played a fun game of counting how many chins she had because she never did anything about her weight.

"She brought a rented pricey ball gown to a (not-official/half assed) class fancy dress day which ended up getting covered in black i"

it was a fancy dress day. so i dressed the fanciest. i got the most attention and the most comments . ido hovever remember that all you did was put a ribbon in your hair and call yourself a character. you dont think we were all laughing at that?

and it was watercolour. a small amout of it went on the bottom of the dress because ryan droped the palette.

she did not sit the HND to dail it and tracing WAS NEVER an issue in college. the only person that ever braught it up was blair and nobody cared what he thought.

No. 1242

ill be back at college in september. so if you feel like saying anything to my face you are more than welcome. cant promise itl end well, you know like how it allways ended when somebody in that class started shit with me?

and plaguerism aha
mine and hollys (and not by a long shot for her if youve never seen BB or loveless) characters were the most well drawn and original thier. fuck who was the idiot that put up a fucking skyrim character and tried to say it was an oc. holly and i Excelled in Comic class and passed weeks before the deadline. we even got the lectueres to agree to let us ink and screentone our comics in tradition japanese style.

oh and btw. none of the lectueres have lost thier jobs. i still see peter and jullie and grayhm about. you know. our lectueres.. you know,.. when the 3 braincells in your head managed to get your ass up and into the class. such a lively person i remember you were.

No. 1243

You're so fucking full of shit, Sindy.

No. 1244

You act like you're such a badass, but I've seen you cry lmao

No. 1245

woop woop former college class mate just found this site

she is really into pegging and femboys lol

No. 1246

you didn't sit your HND? my bad. I wondered why you were hanging round the art department after labeling yourself as an art thief and slaughtering an opportunity at a qualification. you mentioned blair, isn't he the guy who's at university, building on his degree and DIDN'T wasted time at college trying to discover the line towards sexually stalking others, talk about people behind their back, bullying those with troubled lifes, sending death threats and create a portfolio full of tracings.

The reason why the tutors let Holly free roam over her work was because she was good at her talent, because you were like a leach over her shoulder every second didn't mean they let you have the same luxury.
Also you can talk, slandering other people's work that same class creating those characters, the ONLY time you tried to draw something which wasn't traced looked as if you drew a stick man with weeaboo eyes and a paint brush for a head. There were less skilled drawings but at least they were better because it was something (look this word up for the meaning)ORIGINAL.

Also the tutors getting in trouble with passing you WAS true, never saw Gary so enraged towards a student before and rightfully so.

You are not an artist or a creator of any kind. You were by far the biggest joke any establishment of education enrolled in scotland. You might own pencils, pens and even own a drawing tablet however owning isn't the same as knowing how to use them.

you probably made this page to attract more attention to yourself

No. 1247

File: 1463186677325.jpg (29.5 KB, 601x350, kelso-burn.jpg)

And a MASSIVE blow from highschool girl number 2.

What would highschool girl number 1 do next??

No. 1248


No. 1249

example of building upon someone's work and making it better.

Take note Sindy!!

No. 1250

probabbly something in my eye XD

nah a few people have seen me cry
1 time XD cause i was having anxiety attacks.

and wait are you 5 years old
suprised the ice queen has a beating heart XD

i dont act like a badass. I AM A BADASS

whats pegging again
and hey those asian lady boys are Gud stuff xx

all of this

why you were hanging round the art department after labeling yourself as an art thief and slaughtering an opportunity at a qualification

you labeled me that, not me
i came around to see holly. before she sank ehr claws in my ex

The reason why the tutors let Holly free roam over her work was because she was good at her talent
oh good one :')
because you were like a leach over her shoulder every second didn't mean they let you have the same luxury.
jealousy much?

Also the tutors getting in trouble with passing you WAS true, never saw Gary so enraged towards a student before and rightfully so.

garys classes were photography tho?
see i legit knew nothing about this so how can this massive debate have been gpin on and i was never notified XD
even when i had to sit in the student council meetings cause blair and samantha never showed up

*You are not an artist or a creator of any kind. You were by far the biggest joke any establishment of education enrolled in scotland. You might own pencils, pens and even own a drawing tablet however owning isn't the same as knowing how to use them.

you probably made this page to attract more attention to yourself*

now looks whos full of shit x

*And a MASSIVE blow from highschool girl number 2.

What would highschool girl number 1 do next??*


so tenchinally im plaguerising your comments then
damn that art thief strikes again

No. 1251

nows a good time to crawll back into whatever hole you came out of. instead of attacking people you were never given the pleasure of kowing peoperly, from 4 years ago

pathetic XD

No. 1252

File: 1463231687826.png (10.38 KB, 581x492, 1265776508938.png)


>im gona shoot off this thread for a week

she didn't even make it three days jfc. have some fucking self-restraint, what is wrong with this girl

No. 1253

I might be all of these things.
half of this shit MIGHT be true
i MIGHT steal artowrk
and be ugly as hell ect ect

but im not going to stop doing whatever the hell i please. so my quesion is this

other than moaning on a private page


No. 1254

my sindy senses were tingling i knew thier was a rat crawling around

No. 1255

see, that's the beauty of the system. we don't have to do anything, we just get to sit back and enjoy. you seem plenty capable of ruining your own life without any additional help from us, and we get to watch the ensuing train wreck from afar. heck, for those of us who are too lazy/disinterested to go look at your Deviantart or Facebook or whatever, you come to us. it's like having our own personal lolcow delivering fresh, Grade-A milk every morning.

>inb4 'my life is so awsome u jelly fat cunts i'm the best artist also MUH CURVACIUS HIPS stop tryin to fwart my cosplayin career!!! btw haters make me famous'

if you seriously believe that, you probably need to go to a mental asylum. your perception of yourself is so disconnected with reality that it's a wonder you haven't been diagnosed with schizophrenia.
But I have a feeling that you don't, though, and all of this is bravado to show us 'internet bullies!!' how little you care for our opinions.
Except, of course, you're in this thread, constantly monitoring our opinions and doing your damnedest to defend yourself against them. So clearly something must be getting to you.

No. 1256

are you picking mental illness's out of your ass like everything you just wrote.

No. 1257

so your going to basically bitch in the shadows whenever you can
you realize eventually you're gona get found out?

listen. if my life is so amazing then you give me reason to keep cosplaying and drawing and not quit like you allways ask.

and hey. if my haters want this much of me. they sure will wind up making me famouz.

see you from he other side lmao
you sit and piss your lives away on ehre for as long as you see fit xx

No. 1258

it works for donald trump afetr all ;)

No. 1259

File: 1463237761915.png (107.25 KB, 765x213, Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 5.27…)

if your life is so amazing, then why does the opinion of total strangers get you so butthurt?

I can guarantee 100% that none of the individuals posting have wasted as much time and effort on this thread as you have. if you want to talk about 'pissing your life away', a pretty good example would be–hmm, devoting yourself to a totally unattainable career as a professional cosplayer? or maybe wasting five years on your life on a one-year certification? spending hours tracing and coloring other people's artwork when you could be using that time to actually create original content?

No. 1260

You are a joke.
I am embarrassed for your family and those who associate with you.

Part of the reason why you are a joke is because you are an arrogant two faced leach who believes the world owes you something and praise you because you know how to work tracing paper.

The funny side? You had the chance to be good. Even if you got into college with a portfolio full of tracings the tutors gave you an opportunity to gain real, proper skills. Everything you could have needed to improve, understand and create were at your disposal and yet you squandered the opportunity. You try to say
"i MIGHT steal artwork…" "…but im not going to stop whatever the hell I please" but why? You can't seriously believe people are going to want to have any enjoyment or interest in traced artwork besides mock and point how the fraud. You almost mentioned how you know you'll get shit at the end of this new year of education because it always happens, THEN WHY NOT TAKE IT SERIOUSLY AND FUCKING LEARN SOMETHING??It was almost like you WANTED to fail the class and come out worse on the other side. if you really wanted to you could have been on your last year of university by now and achieve a proper art degree and build up better skills.

You only know how this year is going to turn it if your outlook is set for making enemies with everyone and exposing your fraud skills instead of making real life contacts and doing so much more.

there are creators out there who are cunts and yet at least they worked for it!

If anyone is interested in googling Sindy Pop or Jennifer McGoogan (her real name) all they will find is pages like these and your artwork with comments on how it's not your own creation.

I really fucking hope you prove me wrong in what ever course your applying for because for someone in her 20's you have achieved nothing in your life. No friends that don't have two faces, no talent, nothing. Was happy I didn't see your face again after college and yet knowing your still at your old tricks on a grander scale online just makes me pity you. In a handful of years I don't want to see people still talking about your continuous tracings and instead talk about how you have been able to turn things around.

Do something with your life and stop being the biggest joke in the Ayrshire pop culture community!!

No. 1261

Ladies and trololo's: the only person who cares for Jenny poop

No. 1262

*was almost like you WANTED to fail the class and come out worse on the other side. if you really wanted to you could have been on your last year of university by now and achieve a proper art degree and build up better skills.

hit the fucking nail on the head thier. i didnt want to. i begged to be failed. i was desperate to get out of art. and even if i had stayed. my living situation and scoliosis would have eventually ruined it for me anyway. i left with just enough units to make sure i could get a fresh start.

again im not even gona amuse this art shit. i mean i remember being in college with you guys. you hung around with angela/deanna and only ever listened to theier shit. you had your own table and everyhting. you never sat next to me once. you never watched me draw anything. i mean do you not think if all my artwork was traced id never have been able to produce work in jullies illistration classes. what about fine art class, which i passed. what about life drawing. which i passed. gona say i traced in thier. with the lectuerer literally watching me every 10 minutes drawing the fucking model. no infact he passed me and well. dont belive me go ask him. you do not and never have known me. you were never once nice to me. you made an enememy of me before you could probnounce my full name.

and fuck since your so hell bent on revealing my name why dont you just reveil my adrss and postal code like it makes any fucking diferance. sindy pop is not a name i use to hide. its the name my old friend samnthagave me in JWC

now 5 years i spent in art school to not get an HND might sound like a waste to you. but whats the point of having a qualification for a subject you no longer enjoy working in. art is my hobby now and so that i didnt loose all wll to continue in it i quit the HND with enough units to see me into this new course. ive tried sevral times to get back to college but simply wasnt willing to work out. spine and all.

its been 4 years. ive gotten stronger and more cabale and now that im back and free from all of you NC assholes i can finally happily get on with it.

but honestly how could a girl who literally never spoke to me. understand anything ABOUT ME?

No. 1263

agreed. but its wasted. because just like then i do not give 2 fucks about your opinnions of me. that are based on nothing more than bitching.

i passed 12 of my hnc classes and you watched me pass all of them so shut your fucking mouth

isnt thier a shelf somewhere in primark you should staking love how far the art degree got you clean up isle 5 bch

No. 1264

you really are a complete plebian if you thought i wanted this site taken down for my own benefit. i can handle you scrubs. infact it amuses me greatly a girl whos literally never done anything to you you dont talk to can irritate and enrage of of you to the point of stalking XD

i wanted tis sute and 4chan and all the rest down because the way they humiliate the cosplay comunity. and the disabled (Peacock feather, my friends katy mimi) is just fucking sad tbh/ say what you like about me. as you can from dumb cunt #5 above im used to it. but when you bully people who CANNOT defend themselves. then you get that kind of statement from me

i think were i to count the total combined hours ive ever spend on this site since 2015 wede total 1 week at most. i come on an off here when i feel like it. for 15 minutes to blow off steam and answer my adoring fanmail. trust me i dont do it because i need to i do it because i wanted to.

and its 7pm on a saturday night ^ unlike said trash above. im not buisy. i have time to soare. and clearly so do you if youre replieng

No. 1265

and tbh if you're so moral and correct why are you

! on this kind of site anyway
2 on my exact forum.

i wonder what your work collieges would say to you if they new hyou were on a site that bullies disabled people for fun

No. 1266

The reason why the tutors let Holly free roam over her work was because she was good at her talent

you defend her aswell. but you literally have no idea how much shit she talked about all of you and your artworks behind your back

i dont play skyrim. so who do you think it was that pointed out the obviously plaguerised character.

who do you think it was laughing at everything you did and said in class. holy played off of you just like she played the lectueres. she used you all for social foundation. she was never your friend like she was never mine. and i wouldnt be suprised to find out shed be using underhanded tactics to better her artowk. well aside from the fact all of ehr ocs are heavily riped off of black butler / lovless characters.

she was far from original talent. most of her artwork of fanart character like sebastian mcalious from BBwas also copied. i pulled her out for it and she washed the subject over with im so depwessed wa wa wa me.

No. 1267

If anyone is interested in googling Sindy Pop or Jennifer McGoogan (her real name) all they will find is pages like these and your artwork with comments on how it's not your own creation.

if they can be bothered scrolling throught the shit fest of lies about my education
meaniglessbickering over my cosplays and bullieng my friends on the last thread.

aol of you dont make me look worse you make me look better. and im not saying that because i want it to be true. i talk to people. people who dont really speak to me. they all think what you guys write on here is SICK and untrue.

i can disprove all of your claims about me in literally 5 seconds. but instead of doing it ehre ill do it at my artist tables where it counts.

and let you all carry on talking shit about me. because for everything you say. those who have met me and talked with me. will forever see the impressions i gave them. i sell well at AA despite pages like this and its because i know you can never reach everybody. people cannot be bothered with this site. they despite it and you who dwells on it.

untill my name is put up somewhere that people will trust like idk deviantart or tumblr. then they ill never listen to the shit here.

No. 1268

and i will become a professional cosplayer. the same way aranel cosplay did itl. through entering competitions and being noticed. im prepared to work hard as nails to get what i want. you should never underestimate the determination i have. the sheer stubborness to stop cosplaying depsite all of your comments on ehre. should be proof.

I may not have a beautiful porcelin face.
or massive tits and curvatious hips.
i might have a list of haters longer than jewish gass victims. but i will still achieve and big. you will not stop me you will only drive me more. you only ever convince me that what i do is worth it for the reactions it attracts

controvery is not a bad thing. infact it can be your strongest asset. Do you nothing thinkw ere it not for her controvery jessica and her DDs would have became boaring by now. but all you people who talk shit about her push peoples sympathys to her. you do the same for me. if you really wanted me to crash and burn your keep your heads down and motuhs shut instead of writing stupid stuff online anybody can look up. you make my name bigger . and so do me the favours.

No. 1269

i also think you people have the complete WRONG idea of what it is i want out of cosplaying. i dont wanna be like jessica. i eman goals yea but its not what i expect.
WHat siren sisters cosplay and hushy plushy have is perfect for me.

sevral thousand likers who buy my prints and talk to em at cons. hushy does well. he has over 10k fans and makes alot of money selling prints.

evil sirens do well also. they're guests at many cons as cosplay judges.

even my friend david who doesnt make and taylor his own costume is now a guest at conventions. depsite all of his stuff being bout. and only a small amount being hand made.

if they can all do it. so the fuck can i.
The days of sindy being an unatractive cringy cosplayer are dead. i will see it fit that never again will you be able to laugh at my cosplays.
my cosplay page has gained 50 likes in the last 2 weeks. as opposed to 200 over the last 2 years, from just sitting thier in ugly cosplays hoping for a share from sempai

im proud of my cosplaying now and glasly show my prints to high end people like hushy ect.
9ive wont cosplay competitions too. in the last year.

its taken me 2 years to really find my feet with it. learn to style wigs and make props, sew stuff. but im getting better and better.

you tell me right now what exactly is holiding me back from getting that important message from a con asking me to appear.
or from a com awarding me as the winner.

NOTHING it wont happen today, or tomorrow. probabbly not for YEARS. but if i can do itit will be done. its not deluision is guarentee.

so bitch and bicker and slander all you see fit.

No. 1270

>bullies disabled people for fun

You're not fucking disabled!

No. 1271

You really think that this is about ~bullies~ trying to ruin your cosplay career, huh?
Look, nobody gives a shit about your cosplay. You're like every other weeb cobbling together cheap ebay costumes and party city wigs and calling it a day. there's literally nothing about it that is remarkable, except maybe your astonishing poor taste in photo shoot locations. that's why your dreams of being a professional 'cosplayer' are so outlandish. When you come out with a cosplay that you've made instead of bought, then you'll have something to brag about. The reason people are in this thread isn't because they're trying to fwart your aspirations, though, it's because they genuinely find your arrogance, ignorance, laziness, and attention-seeking behavior to be so repulsive as to provoke comment.
Sometimes people have to be cruel to be kind. Would you rather have someone who lies to your face and kisses your ass, or would you rather have an honest critic? Because–protip–if you base your evaluation of your own skills on the opinion of the former group, you are never going to be a 'professional' anything. It doesn't matter how much you believe in yourself or how badly you want to spite your critics. Life isn't like an anime. You don't level up from being stubborn, acting tough or getting mad.

No. 1272

nothing immoral about some good old fashioned schadenfreude. nobody is forcing you to drive your life into a ditch, we're merely the lookie-loos who slow down when they pass a wreck on the side of the road.

No. 1341

File: 1463304586831.jpg (73.94 KB, 500x299, enhanced-buzz-31412-1369921678…)

Another way to look at it:
You're one of the munters on Jeremy Kyle and we're the viewers who occasionally tune in on our days off to remind ourselves how much more pathetic our lives could have been.
The only real difference between you and a Jeremy Kyle guest is that a lot of the time, the guests on Jeremy Kyle leave having realised their mistakes and working towards being better people and making something of themselves

No. 1345


Bullshit! You continuously make it sound like the class were deciples of "Mother Deanna and Mother Angela". In all honesty those two were on their own a bag of crazy when it came to certain things and ofcourse they were, ofcourse we all were. We're were fucking art students. You make it sound as if we took every word they said as truth when really our class were that open with each other we would either call bullshit on it or confront them about it. You were alone in that class because you chose to be and during times you were meant to work together with others you were either lazy, didn't pull your weight or simply go out of your way to lash out at others. I think everyone in our class remembers the print making day Lucy tried to be civil with you and help clear your mess up and you left her to it and when she confronted you about it you made fun of her age and her family. That happened during the last part of the college experience so there was no excuse for burning your bridge too late and yet was just another example on how you showed your true colours to everyone that day. You never give people a chance and on top of talking about them behind there back, the sexual assaults, the fights and the tracing. You made yourself one of them most disliked students that ever walked into that college. You never even tried to apologies for your actions.
Regarding to the other classes you passed without tracing, sure you did pass and without tracing but it was clear the person your artwork wasn't made by the same person who created your characters line work or pose. Those passes were to boost the tutor's numbers up and were the equivalent to a pity pass. You could have put all your final entries for your class in a line and the ones that'll always stick out are the ones you copied from others.

Besides others like (funny enough) Holly, Deanna and Angela a good amount of us from college still hang out with each other and even collaborate on ongoing projects. During our time our class was almost like a family it was that civil and open. You can make out our class were despicable but you'll know in your heart of hearts it wasn't and you messed up your experience on your own.

Also your "disability" is as believable than the movie "The Ringer".

Whoever made the comparison to believing your life is life an anime is completely true

This is my final message on this site, I've spent waaay too long on someone who tried to befriend back in the day and yet continues to burn every opportunity of real friendship she sees. Prove me and everyone on this site and online wrong and get your fucking act together!

No. 1347

i never said i was you fucking inbread

No. 1348

you dont even know where i shoot my pictirss tho so how can you say the location choies are poor.

spends all week tailoring her costume and making accesrrories.
goes to a location for shoot
is somehow lazy

would you rather have someone who lies to your face and kisses your ass, or would you rather have an honest critic

dp you know the diferant between crit and constructive crit/. learned that 1 in artschool nothing said on ehre is constuctive its just low and underhanded mindless bitching

You don't level up from being stubborn, acting tough or getting mad.

i never said life is an anime, but do people who think that i say
whos the guy writing the anime. what struggles has he been through. hard work and determination are my exp and ill use to level up

No. 1349

i too am guilty of it even to this day and hour. but id be carefull laughing at me you could soon be biting your own tongue

No. 1350

seethiscoments is literally an example of underehanded crap/

the people that go on that show are proper scum. they cheet on thier partners. steal for old ladies and punch people after a few bevies. tnothing that relates to me. yet you all hate me so very much because i say exactly what i think to you.

No. 1351


nah we don't hate you because you respond to internet comments. We hate you because in real life your shit

No. 1352

*we took every word they said as truth when really our class were that open with each other we would either call bullshit on it or confront them about &

because you did. that whole class had thier mindsmake up about from from week 1.

and you cannot speak for every1 in vis Com fuck how cringy you're still calling it that

you speak for the small minded faggots that still talk to you on pm

oh fuck that jennifer. lmao hurhurhur. like any of your fucking opinnions matter?!

Besides others like (funny enough) Holly, Deanna and Angela a good amount of us from college still hang out with each other and even collaborate on ongoing projects

i dont really fucking care what you do and neither should you what i
we want diferant things from life so take your job, degree or whatever and get on with yours. steadof picking a fight with somebody you barley knew from 4 years ago. nice to see you havernt grown up 1 fucking bit

and the whole
art studentz are crazy lmao. is so fucking cringy i might break a rib laughing.

do me a favour

No. 1353


It's funny because your jealous

No. 1354

okay. ill go changine everything about me to suit you
what even is your display name btw it makes no sence. if its apun i dont get it.

rule no1 of being an adult hunny. peole are all of tier own. and you can just bitch and tantrum on here when yo ont like it

No. 1355

of what exactly

No. 1356


Those who have friends and a life lol

No. 1357

Besides others like (funny enough) Holly, Deanna and Angela a good amount of us from college still hang out with each other and even collaborate on ongoing projects*

if you mean this TRUST ME. i couldnt be farther form jelous.
i never liked any of the people who sat at her table. even when i tried to claberate with them thier banter and awkurdness put me right off. i couldnt stand a single 1 of them. when i advanced into hnc with half of them i thought about leaving. but i stayed because i new holly and samantha was a year below me.

and i have those things too. pretty decent friends who buy me fucking ryuko nendroids <3

but no ofcourse im jealous of some girl with 13 braincells and her stupid friends who i never lied anyway that i havent spoken to in 4 years

or a bunch of cowards on a site thats as far out of my sight as the mood from jupiter.


No. 1358

i could literally say the same to you
How many of you have came to me and admitted your jealous of

the way i stand up for myself
the way i say what i need to say
the way i still cosplay even aftyer all the abuse.
the way i still go to meets and cons despite obvious bitches who dont like me

its called being an adults. you get on with it.

something OP and VISCOM rejectsz united should fucking try

No. 1359


did someone not tell you life was going to be this way?

No. 1360



No. 1361


No. 1362

thats my line.
didnt you know when you grow your first pubes that everybody is difernant. some people are not nice. not to the likes of you anyway
some people are not beautful
some people dont do what you think they should

belive in YOUR religion
be of YOUR sexuality
wear what YOU deam appropriete.

the people on here moan and endless bitch like hens in a coup because they cannot grow up and accept reality.

your all still mentally fucking 13 and its pathetic jesus

No. 1363

yea at 12am at night. i transported my ass half way across manchester to go on a show you jsut happened to be watching

grow up seriously

No. 1364


then why don't you ignore what other people say and get on with your own life?

No. 1365

who says im not doing just that

you tell me to stop cosplaying
i dont
you tell me to not go to meets cause your frunds dont like me
i still go

i might retort to your bullshit comemnts. but it doesnt mean im doing exactly what i want to do . my priority has allways and WILL ALLWAYS be me.

No. 1366


If you try and judge my question of "why don't you ignore what other people say and get on with your own life?" then i'm not going to tell you is your biological father is the shovel

No. 1367

dodge, sorry hun. the censors should have caught that

No. 1368

judge it? i judge YOU not it. i judge you as extreamly pathetic and liley 11 years old. if anybody needs a shovel its the person who spat you out thier womb. poor bitch

No. 1369


lmfao did you not read the spelling error message? I'll repeat: if you try to DODGE my question of "why don't you ignore what other people say and get on with your own life?" then i'm not going to tell you is your biological father is the shovel

No. 1370

i NEVER dodge questins. i reply more often than any ofhter annon. to everything. its not good enough

you people would have it that i sat down mouth shut head down said nothing didnt fight back
you honestly chose the wrong peoson to rant about thinking i wouldnt retalliate. infact so did all of the cosplay comunity when they thought id accept a 3 meet ban for something i didnt do.

No. 1371

then i'm not going to tell you is your biological father is the shovel

what is grammar

No. 1372

you really don't understand the concept of "stop arguing the strangers online and live your life". If a train tooted at you, you don't go on the tracks and pick a fight while its not stopping

No. 1373

the censors should have caught that

if you mean i shouldnt have been able to realize WHAT you were trying to say then you are the arogant 1

otherwise you basically meant. im on my phone. im trying fast. but ill give sindy shit for it when SHE does it

No. 1374

i would if it picked a fucking foght with me

you dont sit and write nasty spitefull and potentially dangerous crap about me for me to sit and ignore it.

and the only think you and trains have in commonis tis TRAINWRECK of a thread

No. 1375

Dear chaps at Lolcow,

ban this poor child from the site so she can stop wasting her life trying to bark at every comment that appears on a board about her. She needs a life and with your support, she will have more of a chance.

No. 1376

stop arguing the strangers online and live your life"

you're obviously not very smart are you

1. you're a complete hypocrit right ehre
2. i already told you this thread is replied to when im boared and have time to kill|

No. 1377

go ahead and ban me. ill just worm back on when my ip adress resets. you dont think ive been banned more times than you've had hot dinners.

plz banhammer sindE admins because she is fighting back and her savage comments are ruining or funz

No. 1378

i LOVE when people say you "should get a life"
Im breathing oxygen. i have 1. i dont live it HOW YOU live it. and that arogance and hypocrasy is what is so typical of you people and so pathetic. WHY DONT YOU GET A FUCKING LIFE get over me. and do something prouctive with your late evenings. be a good example for me to follow. im young and impressionable

No. 1379


"2. i already told you this thread is replied to when im boared and have time to kill|"

Undeniable proof this child needs a life. You do realized no one has threatened you on this board so far? name call, sure. However the person with the essay skills was right. LIVE YOUR LIFE AND IGNORE THIS PAGE. why try and fuel the haters?!?! who does that?

wanna know who?
attention seekers

No. 1380

this is too easy lol

No. 1381

Undeniable proof this child needs a life
its literally late at night. ive been out at a cosplay meet all day. its not that i havenothing better to do. i choose to spend the last few hours of my night comming on here.
since i have time to kill after being out all day

No. 1382


how is helsing by the way?

No. 1383

i agree. your far too easy. ive dealt with much worse. your a hypocrite and an arangont nitwit tbh. you only prove it more.

i suggest you bakc off now before i say something that is really going to ofend you. im good at that afetrall ;)

No. 1384

what the anime or the film/book or what
i dont have a clue what your insinuating

No. 1385


Maybe your cosplay pals are here right now?

No. 1386

Like what~ :3

No. 1387

lmao. nobpody on here is my pal.

No. 1388

Glasgow was a bit shit today, kind of the same as your costume

No. 1389

are.. are you trying to imply i cosplayed from hellsing today
were you 1 of the people at the meet bbitching about me?

i wasnt from hellsing you absolute fucking retard

No. 1390

the weather was pretty nice actually sunny mostly and a good 16 degress/

and my costme that you literlly have no diea what series it was from is shit. right ok.

No. 1391

your opinnion is also shit tbh. so i guess were even

No. 1392

I know, and my costume was a lot more pro than yours :3

No. 1393

Don't think she can think of a good comback

No. 1394

id really watch yourself tbh. admitting you were present today. and i did hear the comments from your group athe station about

of yhave you seen so and sos mummble yea its just drama as allways. dumb fuck it was beyond obvious you were talking about. tell your friends that when thier makeup and wigs dont like like you burned the design into your head then theyll have standing to bitch about me xx

No. 1395

you bloody did make this thread again for the attention!
I know it!

No. 1396

why dont you PROVE IT

No. 1397

whatever~ I've got to head now anyway. got a con in America I need to get prepared for.
you know, because i'm better than you

No. 1398

your litteraly full of shit and everyhting wrong with cosplay. oh and at what point to we bring in JEALOUSY

No. 1399

really not helping to keep your anninity. hope you have a safe flight, cause you know , your such a good person. hurry back

No. 1400

who says i'm hiding? ;) laters~ xx

No. 1401

does anyone think shes still waiting?

No. 1402

or has she finally learned to get off this site and find a life full of possibilities??

No. 1403

nah >>1402

No. 1404

then post your name public. otherwise shut your mouth

waiting for you guys to grow some rbaincells., maybe

No. 1405

rbaincells mjake mheh thsink ghood

No. 1406

my life is full of possablities. for example. its possable imight get off this shit. and its possable i might call you a donky raping shit eater.
im an egnima right

No. 1407


No. 1408

donkey raping shit eater

No. 1409

your adopted

No. 1410


Got a shovel for a face.

is this a new game we're playing?

No. 1411

not gonna fuel this fire anyone. amuse yourself you troll face moss muncher

No. 1412


No. 1413

got a vibrator for a brain.
lifes a wreckage of a train
thinks shes hot but just insane.
cant be me at my own game

No. 1414


No. 1415

not gonna fuel this fire anyone. amuse yourself you troll face moss muncher

>> Screw you guys im going home

No. 1416

you know what, this is pathetic. I have been using this life as fuel to make myself feel better. I'm so alone and have no talent.

But you know what? no more. i'm not gonna make anymore threads about myself and im going to make the most out of my life!

No. 1417

all you other sinshadeys are just imitating


No. 1418

Goodbye Lolcow, I'm going to be _______ and be the best I can and not look at these kinds of sites again to fuel my fire

No. 1419

so wont the real sin shadey please stand up

No. 1420

BTW I am a tracer! and proud of it!!

No. 1421

im sin shadey yes im the real sindy all you all shit posters are just imating

No. 1422

all you other shitposters are just imatating

No. 1423

i'll prove i'm real, I can tell what my number is

No. 1424


No. 1425

tits or it didnt happen

No. 1426

see, I am real ;3

No. 1427

wats 14 24 mean?

if thats my pin, or subbposed to be your wrong xx

No. 1428

she meant thread number you muppet

No. 1429

my number ends with 4

No. 1430

wats a thread number :x

No. 1431

lmffao xDDDD

No. 1432

number for what
why would my thread number prove anything

tell me my cup size and ill be impressed ;)

No. 1433

anda little creeped out

No. 1434

No. 1435

Whatever, I've finally going to head off this site and find a beautiful german girl and adopt 244 babies ;)

No. 1436


No. 1437

laters! xx

No. 1438

by random troll
see when you come back on as annon!

No. 1439

fuck it! waited 15 mins and she still hasn't came up with a good answer

No. 1440

yyou were awfully quit while that impersinatyior wa on.. wierd.
and hey the say immination is a form of flattery

No. 1441

British troubles

No. 1442

i dont identify as brittish stop opressing my people

No. 1443

wow that meant nothing to you

No. 1444

crazy bitch

No. 1445

At least I have a life job and beautiful janitor

No. 1446

vis com rejects return

No. 1447

her name is jenny too

No. 1448

she never fucking learns

No. 1449

like tis a big secret

No. 1450

so sad

No. 1451

when will she ever learn?

No. 1452

even I think shes a scank

No. 1453

What a loser

No. 1454

are you male or female today

No. 1455

same fagging is strong

No. 1456

its beyond obvious this is like 1 person. maybe other looser from the old #viscoms class. other than that. i really dont give a shit.

No. 1457


No. 1458


No. 1459

your not my real mum you can tell em waht to do

No. 1460

also whoreing out
when did i ever WHORE out

omg slut shaming altert much
helps to shame real ones tho and not girls in badly styled blonde wigs XD

No. 1461

No. 1462

name stealing does not count

No. 1463


I wonder if we talk about a different girl on this thread she would get pissed

No. 1464

if i bitch about another poor girl do you think that would piss sindy off

does a bear shit in the woods

No. 1465

also i WILL show the girl and have her come on ehre. a strong anarmy is allways useful

No. 1466

File: 1463358041002.png (899.05 KB, 900x900, 1456475199690.png)

how about Tana Mongeau?

I'm surprised there hasn't been a thread about this cow yet.

Tana Mongeau is a 17 year old (the years have not been kind) self-obsessed wannabe famous YouTuber who spends her days making up ridiculous lies for her story time videos. Her dimwitted teenage fan base attacked a nail salon in Henderson, Nevada over allegedly "stealing" $950, basically destroying the business. In her story times, she often lies about everything and can very easily be debunked with the use of a thing called common sense.

She somehow blew up with half a million subscriptions in only about 6 months of being on YouTube by swearing like a sailor. Apparently, her fanbase consisting of teenage girls love her because they see her as "Regina George but nice" and for her "real and edgy" persona. One of her latest videos is of her fake crying over hate comments and hitting half a million subs,

Check out her cringeworthy YouTube videos for yourself.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClWD8su9Sk6GzZDwy9zs3_w
Vine: https://vine.co/u/1112626065270280192
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tanamongeau
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/tanamongeau/

No. 1467

what a bitch!! at least her face didn't try and kiss a shovel

No. 1468

your face can kiss the hole in my ass
and um your only making me look betetr in comparrison >>1466

No. 1469

why are dirty liar always ugly as fuck?
She look like a ugly gigi gorgeous.

No. 1470

Funny how she acts like she's a tough bitch in her videos and here she acts meek and timid. Did she seriously say that she wasn't expecting the bill to be so high and that she only has 7 or 8 dollars???

No. 1471

so much samefagging

No. 1472

guess my name

No. 1473


No. 1474

guess my nam4

No. 1475


No. 1476

i might run out of names

No. 1477

guess my n2m4

No. 1478

good girl

No. 1479


No. 1480

she will never learn

No. 1481

>you dont even know where i shoot my pictirss
I wouldn't have if you hadn't decided to brag about it earlier in this thread.
taking your panty photoshoot to a children's playground and then prancing around pretending to take off your underwear is pretty gross. The fact that you don't understand that is kind of telling of how little social awareness you possess.

>i 'made' my costume in a week!!

you seriously think this is impressive?
Professionals spend MONTHS on a new cosplay before it debuts. You slap some crap together in a week, then act like you deserve the same admiration and fame as people who put 1000% more effort into their hobby than you ever have.

Even the posters on lolcow have tried to be constructive. In the last thread, MULTIPLE posts recommending photo reference sites and dispensing civil advice on how to improve your artwork, rather than rely on tracing, were made. You ignore every attempt that has been made to help you, then crow about how little you care and how persecuted you are.

No. 1482

I'll take 'things that never happened' for $500, Alex.

nobody told you to 'stop cosplaying', the worst that's been said are that the costumes you're so proud of are mostly store-bought or poorly made, but you act like this makes you a martyr amongst otaku.
seriously, nobody gives a shit whether you cosplay or not. but at your current level of skill, your dreams of international stardom come across as delusions of grandeur. might as well get off the internet and buckle down instead of wasting time shrieking into an uncaring void about how great you'll be one day.

No. 1483

>potentially dangerous

…like, how?
the only thing that this thread 'endangers' is your own reputation. because every time you respond, you come off looking way worse than any of the posters you're clapping back at.

>ruining or funz
actually seeing the mangled defenses/attempts at insults that you spout for yourself is pretty entertaining.

why do you always default to 'w-w-well you MUST BE JEALOUS OF MEEEE'

who wants to bet that the spammer ITT is Sindy trying to get her own thread to sage or just bury relevant content in shitposting?

No. 1484

to what

No. 1485

hollo nae san.
we sure havent spoken in a while since you know, you stole my broyfriend blocked me and bitched endless about me to viscoms rejects. how is life in the retail industry. how is the man. still running after you i hope. 1ce a bag boy allways a bag boy x
i wouldnt be stupid enough to come degrading me on ehre, wasnt that long ago you had your board, no doubt you blamed that on me. or made it yourself. you allways fond of writing bad things about people and blaming it on others, like when you hacked my da and blamed it on samantha. or when you thretened her outside the classrooms behind my back

if anybody doesnt learn its you. how was your first artist alley, all good i suppose. im looking forward to joing you this year at the event

please dont crowd my table tho i do have a decently established buisness.

i look forward too seeing you again after all these years. and yes. the view from up ehre. is verry good

No. 1486

File: 1463400357005.jpg (58.3 KB, 480x800, 13150010_499348206921445_17324…)

"I wouldn't have if you hadn't decided to brag about it earlier in this thread.
taking your panty photoshoot to a children's playground and then prancing around pretending to take off your underwear is pretty gross. The fact that you don't understand that is kind of telling of how little social awareness you possess."

being in the park and bragging about it are not the same thing.

if were thier watching me then thats the only reason you fucking know. you obviously have no idea whereelse i take my shots tho pic ref ihink the locations are pretty awesome

*ou seriously think this is impressive?
Professionals spend MONTHS on a new cosplay before it debuts. You slap some crap together in a week, then act like you deserve the same admiration and fame as people who put 1000% more effort into their hobby than you ever have.

but true skill is interwined in a balance between working good and working to spead.

it wasnt some thrown tofgether crap tho. im literally say in a week i managed to make what needed made and ive had numberous compliments on it

and no they dont lol. yaya and jessica make there costumes in under a week. obviously more for the armour. but not if you add the hours spent. like a inteligent person

Even the posters on lolcow have tried to be constructive. In the last thread, MULTIPLE posts recommending photo reference sites and dispensing civil advice on how to improve your artwork, rather than rely on tracing, were made. You ignore every attempt that has been made to help you, then crow about how little you care and how persecuted you are.* those who have TRIED (and ofcourse we mean. tried to act adult but didnt have enough braincells)
were zallways responcded to with a fair and honest reply. even if that F&H reply was gtfomy sight scrubba

No. 1487

what was it that never happened, alex

nobody told you to 'stop cosplaying', the worst that's been said are that the costumes you're so proud of are mostly store-bought or poorly made, but you act like this makes you a martyr amongst otaku.

i dont get you guys tbh
you say i act this and this. but give me some fucking evidence of this. im just me at meets. infact ask my friends i usualy moan and complain my costume is going to shit. on the day i wear it. no doubt youll retort with well it must be bad then.

the point is i never acted like i was a superior cosplayer. just a superior person to you

you can allways tell when im typing tbh cause i usually spell something off

No. 1488

At least i'm not alone, talentless and on the dole

No. 1489

neither am i, thanks for your interest tho.

you made SURE you werent alone by manipulating everybody around you

No. 1490

oh really? what's your job?

No. 1491

being a cunt

No. 1492

so you are alone, talentless and on the dole

No. 1493

you can be a cunt and still have things going for you/ friends and money/

i mean. i did learn from the best aferall

No. 1494

you are alone, talentless and on the dole

No. 1495

instead of ariving in your remakably shining armour. why dont you tell the NQ class all the shit you said to them behind thier backs ;)

No. 1496

samantha caught you at it., you denied it then procieded to make her life hell.

i had something you wanted and you took it. tho tbh help your self. the minutes you backstabed me you made me a better stronger person. i am literally indebted to you
for had it not been for YOU i wouldnt be ME today

No. 1497

you are alone, talentless, still live with a family that wished you got a life or better off dead…and on the dole

No. 1498

do you still sleep in your mummies bed ?

No. 1499

at least my family tolerate me and don't go bitching about you at their work ;)

No. 1500

she is not my family lol

No. 1501

and least i was born into mine. i didnt have to STEAL them from other people

No. 1502

my bad.

you are alone, friendless, familyless(even though you mooch off them for money, food and a roof), talentless, and on the dole

No. 1503

you choose your family holly. when you chose them over me. i found my own real family. 3 years ago i couldnt have faced you. i left college tore my drawings up and self destructed endlessly.

but those amazing people picked me up and make me tougher. they showed me i can live without you. and how much better off i was

No. 1504

this is such a waste im diaspointed in you. i was honestly expecting more.

No. 1505


and we all expected more for you instead of making threads about yourself and making fake arguments online at midnight

No. 1506

1am actually. and i didnt even make this 1.

i allways appear as my own name in all my threads. whoever made tho tho is no doubt regretting that. when will this site learn. im better off on 4chan.

oh right its cause i swarmed the cgl thread that im on here xx

No. 1507

and please. like you didnt samefag your own 4chan thread

No. 1508

i still wish i had gotten to see that </3

No. 1509

if you can't have real friends or even fake friends, create fake enemies

No. 1510

actually she aint alone, and she isnt friendless. you clearly dont know her like i do lmao. and sindy has lots of talent hen, unlike you.

No. 1511

lmao and where did this "friend" come from, Sindy?

No. 1512

that what you do yea. take the people who WRE real friends to you. bout you bithday stuff, played games with you. spent all day at college listening to you moaning about the talentless NQs

and then just turned around and used every single 1 of them

No. 1513

you leave her alone sindy poop

No. 1514

from you dropping me like a brick

No. 1515

again, thank you so much

No. 1516


Dracon's a bit silent, isn't he/she/you ;)

No. 1517

are you same fagging yourself holly

No. 1518

known sindy for a couple of years now, and she is one of my best closest friends that im very glad too have met. and if ye wanna know who i am, then my name is caitlin :)

No. 1519

2 years ago yesterday we became best mates tho

No. 1520

lmffao nice try Jenny x'D >>1518

No. 1521

what has your life been like over the last 3 years holly

shall i tell you what my talentless self has done

ivemet countless new friends with all the same interests as me
i can finally be the cosplayer ive allways wanted to be
im finally doing well at AA
ive been all over the uk to conventions and im excited for the KH orchestra next may

all of this. because of what you took from me

you literally liberated me

No. 1522

>>1520 look me up hun. Caitlin logan. you can even find proof im mates wae her on my instagram Dracon_Galaxy.

No. 1523

its sad, she and i used to have what you and i have now. only she truned into her viscoius using self braught out the claws and took from me all i had. how pathetic. you could have been by my side all the way
but you chose him instead

No. 1524

Wow…"all of that" in 3 years. lmfffao gonna send this round it's that funny. I could "achieve" all of that in only two months. Does anyone less know your a catfish too?

only came back on this site cause I heard you were making a bit of a mess on this site with fake names. if I asked for a photo of the two of you would it be a badly photoshoped picture of the two of you?

you are alone, friendless, familyless(even though you mooch off them for money, food and a roof), talentless, on the dole, steal and create fake accounts to create more "friends" and the biggest joke in the Scottish cosplay community.

Came for the lols and now i'm going back to my life with friends, family, well paid job and talent

No. 1525

i will send you a post card from london

No. 1526

but they at least I don't make fake username friends ;)

No. 1527

you said it

No. 1528

back to your hole you mean

No. 1529

and lets talk about photoshoping ourself. you were awful with that thing. you were a complete mess i class and shoped the shit out of your self for your site modeling page. fuck i remember watching it. it was actualy painful. you can talk to anybody about shopping

No. 1530

wow you are a stupid one aint ya. LOOK ON MY INSTAGRAM Dracon_Galaxy. I have quite a few selfies with her. so aint fuckin lying. i always go by Dracon on here

No. 1531

nah nae san isnt stupid. shes a cunning sly fox. but she only bites the hands of those stupid enough to trust her.

i am so glad you showed me your true colours holly.

No. 1532

and you have NO friends btw. you have 2000 followers on your oage that comment on your drawings every 1ce in a while. you have no real fanbase and even after 3 years your art hasnt improved 1 fucking bt

No. 1533

I feel the same way. Sindy I've never told you this because but…I love you>>1531

No. 1534

File: 1463405222798.jpg (30.16 KB, 316x395, 13179110_502962033226729_90874…)

Here is proof that sindy does indeed have friends. I am caitlin (in the blue wig) , and i am best mates wae her.

No. 1535

GASP! I-I love you too!!

No. 1536

your my waifu dont worry >>1533

No. 1537

i dont even write gasp hahahah
way to make yourself look like a hypocrite.

this is pathetic. your pathetic.

ill see you at raicon
well see who gets the most sales <3

No. 1538

probably the funniest thing you can ever said.

No. 1539

well i made £100 at deecon and thats a decently small 1. so ata big 1 like raicon

you better get your fanarts out because i going to enjoy draining all of your buisnes.

i just wonder what cosplay would attract the most people :x

No. 1540

i am pathetic and i do know but it does mean i enjoy this any less ahahhaha

the weatehr here in hell sure is warm

No. 1541

I'd advise not even attempting to try and drag Holly down to your level, she already "outranks" you with pretty much everything. You have no real friends, who sits and bitches about their friends calling them fat and whatever else. You're clearly jealous of holly and probably always have been, what other reason is there to talk about her so often when she's not even a part of your life? Grow up

No. 1542

tbh she is so far below my level she must be swimming with the fishies.

shes a manipulator and user who takes advantage of everybody she can get clsoe too. i sometimes wonder if shes actualy capable of love

why am i talking about ehr. well cause the vis com idiot that showed up m,entioned her talunt aha ahaaha

her comming on her, if shes so abive it. hasnt helped either

and why do i hate her?
maybe cause she stole my boyfriend. betrayed me then blocked me from her lie like i was dirt

No. 1543

"stole my boyfriend" how pathetic are you?! he was in no way in a relationship with you! he might have been a boy and a friend of yours but he is not a boyfriend. It isn't like a Disney movie then you meet a boy and instantly fall in love. Fucking grow up, ignore what ANYONE says and get a life! I mean a proper life with a real job and real friends!
"Oh but I don't want to live up to your standards of living, I go on here when i'm board, waa waa waa" grow a fucking pair! It doesn't matter if you want to make a name for yourself by showcasing talent, have a 9 to 5 job or live in a fucking bin. No sane human being eagle eyes a site for bullys and immediately tries to stomp them out. I really hope its because of some app that tells you when something has been send or you truly are one of the saddest people to waste her time online

No. 1544

also regarding Dracon (if that isn't just a username) you call her your friend and I assume you trust this person your trying to defend. Have you even read these threads, comments, evidence and what others have to say about her?? completely understand if you want to believe in the good in people however you are just putting too much faith in someone who is really more than likely talking smack about you to others. Really hope this is just Jenny changing her name because even though I don't know you, it's giving me more chance to believe your better than being around her. If shes not gonna listen to others trying to tell her to grow up or better her life then you might need to take some of the advice instead of her. Not for being immature but because having her in your life can't make things easy for you.

No. 1545

i posted proof that i am indeed who i say i am. all this thread is saying is how "talentless" and how shit of a cosplayer sindy is. which is actually false. she is talented. and she is a good cosplayer. all you guys do is just spout hatred towards her.

No. 1546

and that post makes us curious if you are who you say you are!! The thread and the posts are not just regarding are skill at cosplaying, its regarding her as a human being. Its fucking surprising how many comments really seem concerned with her instead of just a sea of hate. Any of else and I mean ANY one else would be able to see that from these posts, it doesn't take Sherlock to find out this is a person who just wants to feed on the back comments and barks back when someone is trying to give some form of olive branch to her. As her "friend" you should see that.

No. 1547

>>1546 i literately posted my instagram name and my actual fucking name on here, plus a picture of me and sindy so i am who i say i am. all i see in this thread is just slander to sindy. thats it. she is my bested closest friend, and i am glad that i have met her. you people dont know her like i do.

No. 1548

and yet people everyday steal photos of others, create fake accounts and names to scam others. Face it, whether you make a video of yourself stating your name and whatever, no one would believe you. However the last bunch of posts were not centered on if you were fake or not and yet you keep missing the point LIKE SAID person who's name and face is on this thread. Even if be it you can't see the comments that were concerned with her or you just can't be fucked looking through all of them, there are those who care. If you can't see it then see the last handful of comments of this thread! You can't seriously call this person your "bested (bestest closest friend" if she continuously bitches and staps people in the back. Think about it!!
She claims a whole classroom of students (not primary or high school students, college/university students!) turn their backs on her, claims of someone "stealing" her boyfriend like they don't understand what relations are, continuously attacks someone for a wrong which normal people should take a week/month to get over and yet has turned into years and now claims tracing other people's work is okay.

Do you not see the wholes in her stories?? Shes not someone you should be calling "bestest closest friend" and more calling for a restraining order!

If you don't see it now, you will find out the hard way in the future when she takes things too far and makes you look like a fool towards any other friends you might have.

I really hope this is a fake account and I don't care if it's taken me 10 mins of my time to write it because NO ONE should be put in that situation were they don't see the potential danger in having someone like her in your life.

No. 1549

you guys are seriously overreacting and pathetic.

No. 1550

and if this is a fake username then what is it going to take Jenny?? You claim people turned there backs on you and yet it was because of your lies, back stabbing, physical attacks and "the world owes me" attitude that made you unapproachable, we didn't need the claims of former students who knew you or the words of anyone else to see what your like! Besides some social awkward souls and some you need a pinch of salt, our class was probably one of the most caring/family like you could have ever been a part of. It's true all of us still keep in contact and are in good terms and yet from what you say it's funny how none of us keep in contact with you.

You made yourself to be social poison, not Deanna, not angela, not holly, not lucy, not david, not blair (or what knews why you roped him or anyone else into it). It's all on you and you never fucking learn!!

If you just simple didn't care for us just cause then that's fine but you don't need to create this lorry full of bullshit to rope people in to make you mean like a poor tragic soul who needs loving fwiends when you would never give them the same treatment even if your life depended on it!!

No. 1551

Whatever, but as long as you have friends and family you can turn to when she stabs your back (metaphorically OR physically) instead of coming back on here adding to the thread.

No. 1552



No. 1553

or the time she told angela she was glad her dad died of cancer -_-

No. 1554

D8 !!!!!

No. 1555

can't we just kill her?

No. 1556

File: 1463434244641.jpg (4.23 KB, 256x192, imagesVJZKLDXP.jpg)

we'll keep that idea at the side >>1555

No. 1557

Too far? lol

No. 1558

try, see how far it gets you

No. 1559

caitlins already said its her, i cant do anything to prove its not
but watching you all run in circles thinking is it . is actually pretty funny

No. 1560

to bad i didnt XD
and i know who you are walken. talk about samefagging XD

No. 1561

who I am then?

No. 1562

anegla lied about that she twisted what i actualy said and held onto since i was 17, untill well now. like a squirrel with a walnut.

she also lied about her name on fb and evenwhere she lived. deanna got sick of her and got rid. i respect deanna for that.
just like how she got of you guys

No. 1563

I'm waiting

No. 1564

really?? after that whole conversation and all you got from that was "Draco is a fake username" and the last part regarding killing you??

you really are a fucking self centered retard!!

No. 1565

somebody who needs to get over me. you guys are dirty laundry from 4 and a half years ago. you dont reflect who i am. i could literally get on ehre everybody whos ever not liked you and it would end the same.

i didnt socially outcast my self at college i CHOSE not to scocialize with you. all of you put me off instantly. i tried to do cowork with you but your personalitys were so cringy i had to leave the classrom.

me and holly found more amusment in pranking you guys, like that time we stuffed a £10 tissue in your drawer and you thought it was real and then moaned it wasnt XD

you guys are just the trash from the past.
none of you ever knew me. not me, not really. you never knew a damned thing about me. nothing. i never spoke to you if i couldnt be helped. so how dare you talk as if you cared about me. you cared about your image an a excentric art student. not me.

No. 1566

i think people should act on thier threats, how is thats seflish?

No. 1567

unless im expecting to much of you in which case i FULLY understand

No. 1568

No. 1569

and um a conversation works 2 ways on a civil tone.

your not having a conversation your slandering>>1564

No. 1570

so you basically ARE full of shit?

No. 1571

oh wow, someone slandering another person when the thread is regarding THAT fucking person :/

No. 1572

this thread IS slander

No. 1573

Read the fucking posts you retard! >>1550
"If you just simple didn't care for us just cause then that's fine" we didn't care if you didn't give too shits about us. you went out of your fucking way to harass, bulling AND threaten others!! Don't fucking act like you have the high ground!

No. 1574

sounds alot like what you guys are doing

No. 1575

>>1574 well, who am I??

No. 1576

why does being named matter so much. even if your not exactly who i thought you were i still have rough ideas. that small NC class id eventualy name you right.,

youd just deny it was you anyway. like the fucking coward you are

No. 1577

g'wah shucks ;D

No. 1578

you;re doing the asshole thing wrong.

anyway. why so thiersty for drama. what did i even do to you anyway that your so desperate to have a pop at me. i barley spoke to any of your table. you''re just a drama llama tbh

No. 1579

then get off this site and live your life

No. 1580

its funny you people think i care about your opinnions

I havent made eye contact with you in 3 years
and i probabbly never will again

so honestly. once this thread locks. ill just get on with it. why dont you guys get on with YOUR life

No. 1581

your not my real mum you cant tell me what to do

nah. being on here rn fits my agenda

No. 1582

cause we're trolls :3

No. 1583

lolz were hardcore trolls. gtfo lmao you make me cringe

No. 1584

who wants to be a troll when you can have a successful life?

No. 1585

you tell me

No. 1586

you lifes so successful you came on ehre to pick a fight with a girl you barley knew form your old class 4 years ago cause some daft cunt told you itd be funny. you guys never grow up. its why i left the course after hnc. i didnt anna progress into YOUR class

No. 1587

at least i'm not you :)

No. 1588

well now you have goals to work towards.

how fucking immature are you tho. literally 12 years ol. go back to the wildy scrub

No. 1589

true, and everytime I have a bad moment in my life I can say "at least i'm not jenny"

No. 1590

and whenever i need a laugh i can say
lol remember when the nq scrubbs attually came on a boared on lolcow/4chan to mocik a girl from 4 years ago for literally no reason

or because thier # trollz

No. 1591

anyway im sleepy and cba with this. have fun writing stuff behind my back. some things dont change.

Pull a lectuerer onto here and ILL BE IMPRESSED x

No. 1592

at least we don't have countless boards dedicated to us and have the internet on our backs

No. 1593

who says im not one? ;)

No. 1594

living the dream?

No. 1595

how can you complain about how nobody tried to befriend you in one post and then say you 'chose' not to be friends with anyone in another?
your constant self-contradictions amaze me

No. 1596

at least a bunch a bunch of lowlife strangers dont stalk us,

oh wait because WE ARE those lowlife strangers

nobody tried so i chose not to accociate when they ucked up to me for course help >>1595

No. 1597

File: 1463499179896.jpg (227.16 KB, 527x1438, holpocracy.jpg)

i made this beautiful little creation for you guys. i actaly nominate her for this site.

people of nq class 2012-2013 take heed. this is what holy anne strain thinks of you. read her words before mine. you all put your fath in a manipulative backstabbing attention seeker.

i hope you learned your lessons

No. 1598

you have waaaaaay too much time on your hands lol pathetic

No. 1599

What else would you expect from someone who has no life and sits in her room most days claiming "disability" benefits

No. 1624

waiting for the day this crazy bitch takes her act on youtube, this shit is priceless

No. 1625

File: 1463530845807.jpg (74.17 KB, 720x960, 13177571_1100366916719321_8438…)

Oh youre just teasing me now sindy ;)

No. 1626

Shut up!! don't give her any ideas!

No. 1628

File: 1463562247042.jpg (422.11 KB, 602x479, 13219948_503017499887849_10386…)

too late

No. 1629

i just need ideas of videos to make and then your follow ill be much appreciated.

>>1598 literally took me 5 minutes, your on here jsut as often as i am. pot kettle much

No. 1630

its actualy not DLA / PIP
but thanks for the interest

your hardworking tax payers money has allways and will allways be the thing that keeps my cosplay career going ;>

No. 1631

yo alken. i said some pretty nasty shit to holly. maybe you should go apologize for dragging her into this. not that i take any of it back. but its your fault(s) that she got involved x

No. 1632

"this crazy bitch"

talk dirty to me baby. XD

No. 1634

File: 1463596342225.jpg (257.92 KB, 589x389, 13237755_1101902946565718_2615…)

You heard it yourself folks! Full print versions coming soon at your local Walmart!!

No. 1635

here in scotland we call that ASDA

No. 1636

and you don't condole this?

No. 1637

tell me thats a pun

No. 1638

why would she give a fuck tbh.
any excuse to take advantage of you guys is like like like looking a gift horse.

and hey i like this banner. nice text formatiing

No. 1639

it can be the front cover of my auto biography

No. 1640

or a new line or toilet roll

No. 1641

are you saying im toilet anegl
are you sure your not the deamon sisters

No. 1642


No. 1643

no no, you are a toilet anegl

No. 1644

not really a fan of fiction

No. 1661

>THEY sucked up to ME for course help
we all know that's not true.
if your 'art' looked anything like what you posted in 2015, I can't even imagine what epileptic moon-eyed scrawlings you were producing when you started school.

No. 1665

No. 1666

Except it is. Go out and get yourself a real job instead of being a drain on society and most likely your family. How they even still tolerate you is beyond me

No. 1667

scoliosis is an actual disability you idiot.

No. 1668

She just tried to say she doesn't receive DLA or PIP, now surely she would for her "scoliosis" yes? Idiot

No. 1670

she gets disability benefits because of her scoliosis.

No. 1738

I dont go Disability benefits
I get incompacity allowance
A benefit called ESA its awarded to thise a trqined medical professional has decided are not currently suitable for work

I recive it because if a combination of reasons
1 I have chrones disease
2 I have meniers disease
3 I have an advanced thoracic scoliosis in my t2 t3 and t4 vertebrae which effects my ability to lift heavy objects
Stand for long periods of time and ofc my lungs

And if yoy ask for a picture tge answer is still ni
Not becausw I dont want you to sew it but because I dont want to see it

if you come up to me on person ill show you>>1668

Vut im nt plasteri>>1668
ng it on herw

Im also getting tested for type 1 & 2 diabetes today which if positive will mean ill have to claim Dla

How fucking stupid r u ppl

No. 1739


who wants admin. just leave your fb email

No. 1740

Booo hooo you are a deflect flower.
what a pathetic bitch for create your own hate thread AND facebook page.

grow up

No. 1741

if i created this thread why did it take 2 months for me to be active on it?

why would i same fag myself with untrue lies?

if you literally cannot prove i made this thread then shut your fucking mouth and crawll back into your hole

No. 1742

and the fb page we made was a joke. you know. that thing you dont seam to fucking get on here.

or is that because you ARE one

you know i really have to queston the arguements and sanitys of the people on here against me.

its like a fucking circus tbh
old college rejects, buncha butthurt salty cosplayers and somepeople who are just littlerly atention starved.

yet for some reasons the acts of this 1 girl seam to bother you SO much that you feel the need to create secretive threads and write sht about me, but oh. not that you plan on ever saying it to my face. because you know what will happen.

everything youve written about me is either.
complete lies.
twisted 1 sided arguements (like the thing about angelas dad)
and stuff from 2 years ago that nobody even cares about (such as my panty shoots)

do you people realize because of you im literally half famous
ive been stoped numerous times at cons and asked OMFG are you sindy. yea i saw you giving those ashole haters shit.
and i know that sounds arogant. ive had people stop me and say negitive things too.

but you guys keep trying to destroy my reputation. your only creating it
so i gotta ask you. at the end of all of this.

when it comes down to how ofended and fucked off you are by a 5'2 94 pound girl on ESA who has literally never wronged you. what do you guys seriously hope to gain from this. besides enemies?

becausenobody is buying this witch hunt

No. 1754

you are the modern day Chrischan

No. 1755

>confuses notoriety with fame

sindy, if you really want to be known as a professional, you have to act like it. professionals don't try to jump-start their careers by shitposting & making their own fan/hate pages, they do it by creating exemplary quality products, whether that's cosplay, art, w/e
if you want to be taken seriously, you can start by getting the fuck off the internet.
everything on lolcow is archived. it never goes away. so every time people look you up, they're going to see this thread, where your response to criticism is to make vicious personal attacks, calling your critics 'inbred', 'retarded', etc., even when their criticism is perfectly valid (i.e. 'you should learn to draw from reference photos instead of tracing other artist's work' or 'you shouldn't conduct adult-themed photoshoots in a children's playground')

you really are not coming off as anyone worth admiring itt. memorable? yes. but for entirely the wrong reasons.

No. 1756

sindy, if you really want to be known as a professional, you have to act like it. professionals don't try to jump-start their careers by shitposting & making their own fan/hate pages, they do it by creating exemplary quality products, whether that's cosplay, art, w/e

havent you seen my cosplay page
i make tns of shit, THAT PEOPLE BUY
see you @ raicon

if you want to be taken seriously, you can start by getting the fuck off the internet.
kinda need tht, sorry

you guys have tried this 100 times. i dont care what they see, hypocrit. wasnt that when my so called friends were being attacked by people. they couldnt keep thier ips shut either. despite being so professionalll~

ou really are not coming off as anyone worth admiring itt. memorable? yes. but for entirely the wrong reasons.

what if i dont care HOW i remembered,

No. 1757

File: 1464127728710.jpg (325.65 KB, 476x480, 13282316_506005829589016_77461…)

oh and about that Cosplayer body image you said i needed to wkr on

dont judge the goods before youve seen em

No. 1758

LMFFAO!!! Your right we won't judge, we'll just laugh uncontrollably looking at this face swapped, photoshoped picture. Jesus you blurred your neckline away and the skin tone of your face doesn't match the rest of the body!

And you said you were part of a digital course x'''D

No. 1759

File: 1464132699842.jpg (74.83 KB, 800x480, 13269252_1622875434599843_2679…)

turns out it really was her however the chin hasn't been deleted away in this one like the previous upload

No. 1763

You've actually shaved off the side of your jaw. I'm howling at how you think this is a good shoop

No. 1764

i never touched it lmao

No. 1765

it just looks a little off because of the dodge tool showing over the kneck and hair. it was a very small pic so iditing it was a little hard.

No. 1766

also it was a vicual coms course. digital editing was only about 1 class . and even then it wasnt massive photoshoping class it was literaly just photography editing

No. 1767

lmao …do you mean "visual"?

No. 1769

File: 1464197740702.jpg (10.82 KB, 184x184, 847774973e69879250c459664219ed…)

The dodge tool causes over exposure, NOT blending and blurring. Your lower jaw has vanished into your lip with obvious blur and liquify tool. You have a tiny chin in this picture compared to the chindo you usually sport.

No. 1770

its funny how you never see jenny and the crimson chin in the same room

No. 1771

Lmffao x''D I can't breathe

No. 1772

cant believe you guys are Still at this.

okay so 1' for all those people npo ehre who were friends with me 6 minths ago
- this is not the correct way to vent your rage about me, infact this is the signle WORST way,.. if you have a problem or want to bitch.. just pm me. because attacking me on ehre is stupid. you're gona wind up getting caught

2. for those on ehre who dont even know me, i have an idea!

No. 1773

youve never seen sindy and the queen of england in the same room either… to the dungeons with you all

No. 1774

perspective and exposure :D

No. 1776

>you're going to wind up getting caught

i like how you constantly switch between 'I DON'T CARE WHAT YOU THINK YOU'RE ALL JELLY HATERS WHO INSPIRE ME TO SUCCEED HAHA' and trying to convince us to abandon this thread out of fear of whatever 'consequences' you believe yourself capable of inflicting upon ~le cyber-bullies~

No. 1782

id stop now while your ahead, not because of what ill do to you. but because of what the rest will

and are you confirming that you 1 of my prevoius friends. god and you wonder why i defriended you

No. 1783

see, that's the beauty of the system. i don't know you at all, or at least you have no way of confirming whether I do or not. I could be the next person that sends you a friend request on FB, I could be another ex-classmate or someone who you've shared space at an Artist Alley with. I could be someone you'll never meet in your life, or I could be a judge on the panel of the next cosplay contest that you enter.
so really, I'm not all that concerned by what 'the rest' will do–you know absolutely nothing about my identity, and the more you try to guess, the funnier it is to me. you're the one sperging personal information all over the internet in a vain attempt to drum up some e-celebrity for yourself; if the anons itt really wanted to do some damage to your real life, you'd be making it pretty easy, but you're lucky that we don't roll that way.

No. 1784

Oh god! i know this girl too. i used to go to college with ehr back in 2009 when she was in james watt college.

the hole class hated her, but she was allways the teachers pet. none of the class thought (or wanted) she was going to pass her units, but then you did have to be an idiot to fail. i dont know what happened to her after i droped out the next year.

she was friends with that wierd guy who read manga all the time, she had another really odd friend who wanted leg rape really bad xD was hilarous!

i have tuns of deets on this girl if your interested :D

No. 1785

Sindy, some advice for you hen.
If you're going to pretend to be an anonymous hater, don't use the same sentence structure, poor grammar, bad spelling and overall illiterate manner of typing you normally use. It's just embarrassing for everyone

No. 1857

What a complete waste of oxygen you are Jenny

No. 1890

in mind you retard

No. 1891

funny i was just thinking the same thing about you guys

and why do you allways adress me as jenny as if im HIDING my name from you. i choose to call myself sindy because its a pun on my manga, get ot, a joke.. perhaps not on here

and how many time. I have no interest in pretending to be anons on ehre. if you cant prove it shut up and sit down.

No. 1905

there's a fuck ton of drama going on between me and blake drum at the moment, if your interested

No. 1906

Not interested, Jenny.

No. 1907

¬_- you were offered

No. 1908

You're just screaming for attention. No one cares. You must have some serious daddy issues

No. 1919

american logic never fails to make me lol

No. 1920

American? wtf

No. 2102

File: 1466465809648.jpg (78.43 KB, 539x960, 13419158_1117603941662285_2162…)

my dick cannot get harder

if she put up a good view butt shot it would literally kill me

No. 2104


Clean your room Sindy you fucking pig.

No. 2149

pixy tier chin

No. 2202

lmao sorry, youve been comparing me to jessica nigri too much. she might do that shit but i dont

No. 2203

i was in the middle of crafting the sheath of my sword you inbred, ofcourse my room would be a mess with all the paper/tape/glueing work i was doing

No. 2204

>>2149sorry this wasnt meant to be a beauty shot. i was in the middle of getting changed to make my trousers for marie cosplay and still tryna finish me sword.

i took a picture of the sword and vest i was altering for progress pics. not beauty shots.

again. stop comparing me to nigri.

No. 2207

File: 1466684396540.jpg (412.02 KB, 568x448, 13181158_501571183365814_21301…)

this is probabbly the best i can offer you

No. 2208

File: 1466684444742.jpg (45.83 KB, 245x553, 13180936_501571160032483_32559…)

or this

No. 2223

The booty tho

No. 3353

She got legs for days tho

No. 3376

sindy are those your panties showing?

No. 3428

dont know who i am lmao!

No. 3437

what booty? Is it behind the garbage?

No. 3515

Everyone loves seeing some panties

No. 3539

unless you have a underwear fetish the only thing that girl needs is fire. Tell her theirs a model role open in Centralia Pennsylvania. They need a new pyramid head

No. 4247

tfw Sindy sockpuppets/samefags

No. 4292

Sindy, you're the cutest!!

No. 4321

I know x

No. 4322

File: 1470551767687.jpg (83.54 KB, 480x460, FB_20160723_08_50_30_Saved_Pic…)

Bruh I got better shit together. Do, dont judge my by ur own standards

No. 4323

Auto correct is life

I got better shit to do

No. 4324

I think you need to find better ways of managing your jealousy

No. 4325

File: 1470552004691.jpg (22.47 KB, 275x212, C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_…)

I'm waiting for the insults

No. 4334

File: 1470641252488.jpg (70.31 KB, 539x960, 13686732_1589853451314760_4494…)

shes been posing again, in the only set of underwear she owns

No. 4337

So sexy!

No. 4534

File: 1470944937763.jpg (69.31 KB, 539x960, 13920717_1595134250786680_7885…)

Just get them out for the world to see already Sindy

No. 4545

File: 1471264385803.jpg (Spoiler Image, 106.71 KB, 1366x768, Picture ofBeautiful Blue Tit B…)

the world isn't ready for these tits

No. 4546

File: 1471264629265.jpg (1.54 MB, 2560x1920, 20160524_092737.jpg)

Nah, just prefer those(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 4548

I feel bad for you that u think id post nudes online

I'm abit like Jessica nigri….
If your looking for naked shots you're a sad lonely individual

But you will find everything from booty shots, kitty outfits and everything in-between

Tho why would you care either way?
You've already decided I'm a virgin whore


No. 4658

File: 1472636208676.jpeg (371.02 KB, 1150x2048, image.jpeg)

>pretending to have any tits for cleavage

No. 4659


inb4 you try to say its shopped
or that they're implants XD

No. 4660

What is it about me that fascinates you just SO MUCH

is it jealousy? because if its not the comments like some of tose listed above really are'nt convincing me anymore

you think im unattractive but i really doubt you look any betetr
im 24, yet my figure is bang on perfect 100 pounds, and a 26" waist. i cant rock almost anything i wear and i certinly know to wear.

is it my hair. that its long and thick. that it allways comes out silky whenever i was it. are you you jealous you have string hair thats practicly falling out at the ends because you dye it that yucky green pastel combination so much?

is it my ambition? are you mad that despite no0 matter ho9w many rude comments all i go from is strenght to strenght. my cosplays will surely start out bad. but im capable of learning from them each time. to improve on each tiny detail of aspect on them

is it my drawing skills, because if though you aregue i cant produce any real taslent. those whove been around me have seen that i can spit out my backside drawings in myspare time at a cofee table something that you could never produce?

is it my personality? that im bold and fierless. that nobody talks down to me and gets away with it. that i say and do exactly what i want to regardless of (sometimes terrable) consiquences.

or is it simply that you aren't seeing the kind of perfect girl you see in the american cosplay scene. and that puisses you off, that people arent perfect. Do you just have so much hatred for your fellow human beings in your heart?

people make mistakes. bad choices. ive made alot. this forum is full of them. but i dont regret those mistakes. It's taut me exactly who i am and what kind of people i will allow in my company. you really aren't beating down with your comments. you are honestly only making me harder to crack.

if you dont belive it, look at my posts/cosplay/clothing/hair/makeup from 2014, till now. you will see it

you cannot hold me down.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 4671

I'll tell you why I'm jealous, Sindy.
It's the disgusting heroin-addict mess on the carpet, the piles of dirty shit everywhere, and the crackbaby face.

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