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File: 1720569479826.jpg (473.42 KB, 1125x1106, GodHelpUsAll.JPG)

No. 2013130

A thread documenting moids and their (losing) battle with porn addiction.
Old Thread >>>/snow/1746006
Dupe Thread on /ot/ >>>/ot/1474365

>What’s NOFap?

NoFap is a challenge moids take when they make the stoic decision not to masturbate to porn anymore, for good. They struggle with this as they may also try not to masturbate at all to be attracted to more women irl, normally they will feel suicidal as they’ve made jerking off their whole lives.

The general porn addicts who can’t stop getting off to even the most disturbing porn may also be discussed here as they are cow worthy as well, as well as general predatory practices in the porn industries and their impact on other men, women, children, animals, etc.

Cow behaviors among this group include
>Not bothering to do anything about their addiction despite being aware of it 100%
>Being infested with incels, MGTOWs, steroid users, etc.
>Often sharing fantasies of raping other people (usually women) or even animals
>Defending illegal acts such as CP/CSAM/CSEM/Child rape, zoophilia, gore porn, incest, etc.
>Sperging out over being seen as possibly gay/bi while usually jerking off to femboy and/or sissy porn and trans porn and having some kind of masculinity fetish
>Desiring to rape lesbians for not sleeping with them, usually while being homophobic ironically
>Usually having a fetish for bi women due to viewing them as “the lesbians they can fuck” yet cry if a woman desires to see them do it with another guy
>Supporting depraved sex acts like anal, BDSM, choking, DDLG, step-family porn, scat/piss, race-play, etc.
>Often literal criminals (pedos, zoophiles, shooters, rapists)
>Have some sort of religious/spiritual/conspiracy beliefs that women and the men they totally don’t wanna fuck are demons and they need to retain semen for some “divine purpose” and retention being an “ancient practice”
>Being anti-abortion, usually so women and young girls have to deal with the kids they’re saddled with and the man doesn’t haven’t to deal with any consequences
>Publicly sharing their disturbing fantasies of people they know IRL and/or celebrities
>Having whole subreddits and forums dedicated to certain porn starts or sharing their rape fantasies

In the rare advent a woman is discovered to be this depraved or defend this shit you may discuss them here too good luck with that though

Reddit Pages
Feel free to share screen shots, videos and links from other platforms as well

Relevant threads of enablers who overlap with these types include
Proshippers >>>/snow/1999616
Polyamorous Culture >>>/snow/1664422
CamGirls >>>/snow/2002775
E-Girls dead >>>/snow/1809451

No. 2013148

File: 1720572360633.png (566.2 KB, 1284x1553, Screenshot 2024-07-09 at 8.40.…)

Gonna start this off with something not so bad since it at least ended well for the woman and kid and nothing illegal happened. Here’s a woman who kept pics of her baby dad so she could tell her son about him, the guy didn’t want her having (completely SFW) pics of her ex yet kept nudes from his ex and sex tapes he did with her, he also had a bunch of internet porn in his phone. Thankfully she got her and her son away from him but yeesh, glad she laughs at him now and the comments agree he’s pathetic

No. 2013158

"Why aren't women getting married and having kids?!?!?"
It's a fucking mystery.
Men are such evil hypocrites

No. 2013178

The double standards moids have is absolutely insane. Even the most seasoned porn addicted moids are always deeply uncomfortable with their gf getting off to other men or porn involving guys with bigger dicks than them/cucking themed porn. Another reason to just ignore everything men say and do because they’re fucking retarded lol.

No. 2013179

Thank you OP for baking a new bread.
I like these threads because they remind me to keep hating men.

No. 2013326

File: 1720627810972.jpeg (837.05 KB, 1170x1385, IMG_1356.jpeg)

Maybe there’s some truth but I can’t help but see this post as a cope, this woman really thinks her disgusting coomer husband’s inability to stop jerking off is somehow partially due to his Evil Neglectful Mother not forming a ‘healthy connection’ with him. The comments are full of women agreeing, turning on the mothers as if that will ease the guilt of staying with their pornsick scrotes. Bleak.

No. 2013342

What is that with women always blaming other women and defending the worst moids imaginable

No. 2013343

You do end up acting like his mommy catching him on the family pc.

No. 2013394

His mommy didn’t make him a porn addict he chose to become a porn addict because he’s male and therefore a perpetually horny chimpanXYzee by default(sage your shit)

No. 2013417

Nonny if you want to have even more reasons to hate scrotes just go outside or follow local crime reports.

No. 2013426

Nta but with crime and such, only a small percentage of men end up actually committing violent crime so it’s easy for many women to gaslight themselves into thinking ‘not all men’. But with the porn issue, pretty much every single man nowadays is a coomer and porn watcher so it reminds you to hate men on a large scale.

No. 2013726


I won't deny the possibility of mommy issues playing a role in scrotes not respecting women outside of being bang maids, but that should be all the more reason to leave his ass alone, not double down on it.

Meh, plenty of women (especially ones like these who entertain porn addict loser failmails) end up being pickme boy moms who raise a new generation of porn addict failmale.

No. 2013802

I’m pretty sure even the most fervent boymoms are still disgusted by their sons jerking off to porn. I haven’t really seen any women who are comfortable with that, except maybe extreme control freak boymom types who don’t want their sons getting an irl gf and would rather he stuck to pixels(sage your shit)

No. 2013872

File: 1720753318151.png (108.9 KB, 925x798, rloveafterporn.png)

No. 2013877

Predator, she'll never love him again

No. 2013879

>be kink positive
>end up marrying a pedophile
Many such cases

No. 2013880

If he’s lurking these girls instas/vscos and they’re around 18 and the zoomer generation who grew up online, that means there are almost certainly going to be pictures of these girls on their profiles from years earlier when they will be much younger than 18, that he’s been fapping to. He’s a straight up stalker/predator. Fuck her feelings and ‘ick’, she should be getting him fired from his fucking job for being a nasty ass creep.

No. 2013884

Also she’s saying ‘he worked at a university’ when they met and have only been married 3 years, but younger aged lecturers/profs generally don’t just quit or branch off into a different career. He’s obviously still working at the college but she omitted that to avoid people telling her to report him to the board which is very fucking obviously what she should do at this point.

No. 2013907

his “kink” is not a kink, it’s predatory. he gets off on seeing women’s bodies in a sexual manner when it’s explicitly against their consent. the arousal comes from the fact that they’re fully clothed and therefore not consenting to sexual acts or anything close to it. and as is the case with non-consensual voyuerism, this behavior will only escalate. he’s a freak and probable future sex offender and she needs to get her shit together and leave while there’s no kids to tie her down to him for life.

No. 2013929

Reddit kinky coolgirls actually believe that people's kinks say nothing about their personalities, until shit like this happens to them kek

No. 2013933

File: 1720771223909.jpeg (518.23 KB, 1209x882, 82039D64-77A1-410F-B101-68DB21…)

Good news

No. 2013935

No they’re not. My exes mum had 4 sons and she used to find it absolutely hilarious and would constantly make jokes about them watching porn. She’d buy towels with nude models on them and joke t shirts about sex and porn and blowjobs. Really low class crude woman, welfare queen with 3 baby daddy’s.
Yes he was such a porn addict he could hardly get it up in his late teens-early 20s. He’d been watching porn since he was 11.

No. 2013941

File: 1720773349245.jpeg (962.79 KB, 1242x1802, E68906AB-385D-4455-9AB4-9E0E6A…)

I don’t understand why you’d want to live like this. I hope she finds a way out

No. 2013970

Ironically, the answer is the same reason that most women end up in porn in the first place- financial desperation. As we all know, women routinely make significantly less than their male counterparts, do dramatically more unpaid labor that is down right expected of them, many of these women have children, the cost of living is skyrocketing, leaving them (at least feeling) trapped. The way ones self esteem is dismantled piece by piece, often irreparably, by these men doesn't help. So, as usual, women stay doing the most, absorbing superhuman amounts of pain to keep everyone else lives running smoothly, while shitty loser men staying jacking off, oblivious, at the center of it all. Thank God the patriarchy isn't real though, amirite!

No. 2013985

>but he’s a really great guy though!
Why do they always do this

No. 2013990

Because they have to..living in a constant state of cognitive dissonance is stressful, sure, but not as stressful as realizing the man you procreated with is a sex obsessed monster willing to throw his whole life away for cooming to anything and everything including children and violent rapes.

No. 2013993

Another victim of the kink/sex positive cope

No. 2014017

okay queen?? damn i’m surprised she wasn’t banned on the spot

No. 2014053

File: 1720805677128.jpg (104.33 KB, 720x614, Screenshot_20240712_113403_Ins…)

Apparently pornhub is restricting access in certain states because they refuse to do age verification. And of course all the walking dicks are crying about communism while knowing damn well they use vpns and other shit to view illegal content in the first place. I wish the bastard who called all the people against children viewing porn as puritans would get shanked in prison

No. 2014055

I hope this made the moids who read it's day worse kek

No. 2014078

She has an easy way out by divorcing him. It will be hard being a single mom but do better for yourself and your kids. You already made the mistake of reproducing for him, but you don't have to stay and potentially give him even more kids. She's just letting him have his cake and eat it too.

No. 2014725

File: 1720987509564.png (497.06 KB, 2362x649, Screenshot 2024-07-14 at 20.58…)

Coomers in a nutshell.

No. 2014747

These men are so delusional they never leave the house and their only interaction with women is with onlyfans whores and porn so they really do start to believe that every woman has an OF account and is a millionaire, even though its so rare and to be in the top percent of earners is literally 1 in a million. They're so fucking out of touch with reality and need to kill themselves.

No. 2014777

Was that on crystal.cafe? The colors reminds of it but I found nothing

No. 2014780

It's from /pol/, it looks like that because it's from the archives.

No. 2016780

File: 1721437815820.png (135.81 KB, 1412x997, D85629E2-3373-471D-9185-902C03…)

No surprises, the Trump shooter was also a gooner.

No. 2016783

let’s take bets on what kind. i’m thinking tranny or cuck bbc but “what are you doing step bro” seems up his alley too.

No. 2016787

An awful shooter and a coomer, pick a struggle already

No. 2016826

He strikes me as a weeb so I'm placing my bets on JAV or hentai.

No. 2016895

Guess it's time to…. Die Hard With a Vengeance.

No. 2016911

if it was hentai, it was absolutely lolicon. just look at his greasy ass face.

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