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File: 1673866189496.png (3.7 MB, 2560x1600, shitty collage.png)

No. 1746006

Welcome to the thread documenting modis and their (losing) battle with porn addiction.

It is safe to say that internet porn has a chokehold on the modern moid. My aim with this thread is to shed light on the widespread issue of moids porn consumption, but also to laugh at their failures and implications of their coom addiction. You see, nofap means a moid has taken the stoic decision not to masturbate to porn anymore, for good . They start with "day 0", as most addicts do, then count the days until they have reached a milestone, which they call streaks. A moid who has abstained from watching internet porn for 30 days call it a "30 day streak", but rarely do they reach that far… just like any other addiction, "relapsing" is also part of the picture, meaning the primitive moid brain has surrendered to pixilated porn once again. This, as I've observed, causes the moid lots of distress and even feelings of suicide. Luckily for them, there's always commenters encouraging them to try again. The more streaks you have, the more of a man you are, and the better you look physically and the more women will want you.

I want this thread to be fun, but I also want straight women to beware of the current modern moid and his degeneracy. Many who exist outside the nofap world would say that masturbation is part of a healthy individuals life, which to most (us normal people), it is. Reading nofap posts, where they encourage the abstention of masturbation (even without porn), one would draw the conclusion that porn only becomes a problem when the porn they consume isn't "normal" anymore. This could explain why erectile disfunction occurs where moids can't get it up in the bedroom becasue they are not turned on by their female spouse. You will see posts about moids who can't stop thinking and fapping to CP, rape, beastiality, gay porn, cuckold porn, sissy porn, troons, femdom, BNWO (black new world order), and so much more.

The nofap community intersects with other communities such as redpill, MGTOW, dating coaches, gym bros and steroids users, incels, carnivore moids, Unabomber Ted Kaczynski eco doomers, accounts creating "based" video edits depicting moids as being hyper-masculine and not at all gay (e.g. reject modernity/masculinity, embrace tradition).

Nofap moids usually use religion (mainly Islam, Christianity and Catholicism) to cope with their coom addiction. Urges are said to be caused by the devil and demons. Women are described as succubus, Jezebels, and demons. Semen is described as something worth retaining and holy. There is a very popular spiritual notion among these particular group of moids, that the more semen you retain, the more women will be drawn to you. This is something they have made up and believe and has no basis in science. They say women can smell if a moid has fapped and that cold approaching can only be successfully done by moids with blue balls.

Unfortunately, developing a nieche fetish and paraphilia is rarely rehabilitatable unless they get castrated, just like sex offenders. These moids are a danger to society and their fetishes can lead to real world consequences like rape and molestation of children. Reddit gives them the freedom to congregate and talk freely about their sexual deviancy. Furthermore, relapsing increases their aggression and they get a "nothing to lose" mentality which causes them to give up on quitting porn.

In this thread, we share and discuss posts from these main subreddits:
Feel free to share screen shots, videos and links from other platforms as well.

Social media accounts that are associated with nofap usually have pfps of hyper-masculine depictions of moids: Ancient greek statues, Catholic images, moids in military uniforms, Chad wojaks.

Common terms and phrases they use:
Embrace tradition/masculinity, reject modernity
Semen retention
Escape the Matrix

PS, forgot to add, I've seen posts made by moids as young as 13 years old. Not only is the nofap subreddits about unfretted, explicit discussions about porn addiction and disturbing fetishes and sexual escapades between 13 year olds to adult men, but it's also a breeding ground for misogyny and homophobia.

"The act of watching pornography, you're already engaging in a paraphilia by that. You're engaging in voyeurism because you're not actually having sex with anyone, you're having sex with yourself. You're watching other people, but you're the only one in the room"
-Genevieve Gluck

No. 1746007

Call me a pickme, handmaiden, whatever, but I'm not about to laugh at people attempting to improve their own lives.

No. 1746011

Same I get they cam be cringy with the spiritualism shit but it's way better then male coomers who encourage degeneracy
I'd argue that even girls these days need an equivalent of NoFap, cause porn and kink culture is just so fucking normalized as of now

No. 1746017

You should read the op, they only go "nofap" because they're basically criminals who can only fap to cp, bestiality, torture, and this is their own little degenerate community/punishment of fellow depraved males trying to "control their urges" and I'm sure they take days off to binge on whatever illegal depraved shit they enjoy jerking it to. Basically an elaborate version of a homo circlejerk. It is not a moid trying to improve his life kek, spending your days thinking about how you're holy for not jerking to cp today does not a saint make.
Abstinence is also a fetish for moids in itself, e.g. chastity belts

No. 1746027

Nofappers are literally coomers, and will forever be coomers.

No. 1746029

Shit thread, OP.

No. 1746032


No. 1746035

They still blame their cooming on you and only you, and see absolutely no problem with the idea of fapping to your suffering - just becoming "emasculated" by it. If you're going to simp for semen retention faggots because they're "rejecting" porn, might as well simp for tradthots for condemning trannies.

No. 1746041

File: 1673872596248.png (309.57 KB, 600x450, 1641890372371.png)

if for whatever reason scrotes want to distance themselves from porn don't fucking discourage them, you absolute nobel prize laureates. being this cynical and pessimistic, especially over an objectively good thing, isn't lucid and sophisticated, it's pants-shittingly stupid.
this being said, if there are cows in the nofap community to laugh at i'm game.

No. 1746044

This. Less men consuming porn is a good thing because less men watching porn, creates less demand for porn which means less women are abused to make porn.

No. 1746045

Good chance most of these comments are coming from moid lurkers who don't like the idea that other moids can change ror the better

No. 1746050

File: 1673874309526.png (115.25 KB, 831x789, RIP porn.png)

why did you make duplicate threads in both ot and snow? anyway, i love scrolling these incel subreddits. they are all so fucking deranged and creepy.

No. 1746053

>I'm not about to laugh at people attempting to improve their own lives
Men aren’t people.

No. 1746067

They really see nothing wrong with the porn they consume (I miss seeing women getting beat, choked and hurt while pretending to be teens :'( remember that scene where the actress cried and vomited as a result? good times), they only stop because they think it makes them manlier.

No. 1746084

File: 1673880245644.png (66.22 KB, 611x464, 5AEBA397-1574-42AA-8DC1-7302AD…)

Based thread. We should absolutely laugh at men who watch porn. Let’s not act like laughing at men is equal or worse to men who literally believe picrel.

No. 1746091

Wow this is more emotion than most men can summon for their own flesh and blood children

No. 1746092

Is this really necessary? Who the fuck is this interested in scrotes porn consumption

No. 1746103

Remember that the only reason they're quitting is because "muh erectile dysfunction" and not because they actually think porn is harmful and degrading to women

No. 1746108

This. This is why they’re cows.

No. 1746129

Their porn consumption affects their social lives. The reason many males have behavioral issues is due to porn. So many things wrong with men today can be traced down to porn.

No. 1746141

File: 1673886920612.png (197.5 KB, 1644x778, nofap.png)

yep. if anything they want to quit porn out of sheer spite toward women, who they blame for their consumption. their attitude is like "i'm not gonna let these fucking sluts have power over me!!1" often coupled with a dash of "the jews are trying to force me into coom & goyslop addiction but i will withstand bcs im a brave and mighty warrior of the west". their pther only motivation to quit watching porn is their own egoism, because they see it as a test of their strength and masculinity. that's also why they are depressed to the point of being suicidal when they fail and relapse. they can't handle not living up to the inflated image of themselves as a greek god or whatever that they've curated within the nofap manosphere.

No. 1746149

I'd still rather encourage this then typical coomerism with moids, this is such a nothing burger to focus on

No. 1746150

No. 1746152

why do you feel the need to forbid other women from discussing this shit in peace? it's funny as fuck, there are huge amounts of milk in these communities. no one cares what your pickme ass thinks, hide the thread and go suck scrotum elsewhere.

No. 1746159

>I’d still rather encourage this than “x” with moids
why encourage anything other than suicide with moids

No. 1746162

KF has a thread called Pornography’s Influence on Transgenderism which details sissy hypno porn addiction leading to men trooning out


No. 1746165

>breaking the laws of nature
>we're breathtaking, the superior 1%!
kekkkkk what laws of nature force them to visit porn sites everyday and break your dick over gay porn and abused women?

No. 1746167

Can't we talk about how some of these men are fucked up/shitty in our own damn space though? Why do we always have to be encouragement mommy?

No. 1746172

Someone should post the Trans Girl Next Door guy's horrifying nofap comics from a couple years ago, that shit was so deranged it continues to live in my head rent free

No. 1746175

File: 1673891582265.jpeg (130.51 KB, 827x1153, BE42EACF-CD0C-469F-B222-47ECA7…)

I’ve seen multiple posts just like this. Getting aroused when someone is crying is not a natural response or kink. This is directly from pornography and fucking putrid

No. 1746176

Good lord, what the fuck? That's genuinely scary

No. 1746183

File: 1673893258226.jpg (1.36 MB, 1242x8536, How.jpg)

This is what I mean, girls have internalized this shit as well(mostly from A03) and its gotten real bad

No. 1746186

Why are they all ethnic?

No. 1746187

File: 1673893868280.png (92.41 KB, 792x722, a totally normal nofap inquiry…)

>Hello fellow fapstronaughts

i feel like this shit is definitely a consequence of exposure from real porn rather than fanfiction.

No. 1746192

they aren't?

No. 1746193

This actually doesn't strike me as that weird, these are young ass virgin teens trying to flex their sexuality to other young virgin teens. They'll drop this once they actually start getting some dating experience.

No. 1746194

Agreed. I don't know why OP went for the nofap community instead of singling out the explicitly misogynist and degenerate strains like semen retention or making it a coomer general.

No. 1746202

>ladened with degeneracy
my brother in christ you are a degenerate

coomer men larping as Frollo without seeing the irony at all make me want to a-log

No. 1746237

Early teens/kids thinking about getting slapped and choked and thinking it's something "funny relatable" is not normal at all wtf.

No. 1746260

Felt like sharing my experience with a porn addicted moid. This was back when i was a super libfem handmaiden deluded in idpol shit. This fuckers degeneracy was one of the things that ultimately peaked me. Originally i didn't think much of him watching porn - all modern moids do it, whatever, right? But when we stayed over at his parents for the holidays, living in the same house for several weeks, I was truly exposed to his addiction. Fucker would watch porn AT THE DINNER TABLE. When we'd gather in the livingroom to watch a movie, he'd sit next to me with his phone open scrolling through porn on twitter. When I expressed how fucked up that was he dismissed and gaslit me for hours, making me think I was just being hysterical. A horrific instance was him scrolling through pornography while simultaneously watching his sisters twitch stream, becoming aroused and reaching over to me to have sex.(i didnt obvi). I was so fucking disgusted. I don't know why I didn't break up with him then, I was totally mindfucked for months after. He treated my reactions like a game, at times purposefully upsetting me, laughing in my face and carrying on. Eventually I discovered him sexting with these porn artists he loved so much and left him that minute. He keeps crawling back to me swearing up and down he's given up on pornography but I don't or ever will believe him. Moids don't just suddenly stop disobeying their dicks, I genuinely believe their brains are hardwired to submit to the dicks whims 24/7 365 until they drop dead. When I try and talk to other people irl about the disgusting things he'd watch - sissy porn, OFs of pregnant women, bdsm, etc - their first question is "but was it cp?" And when i tell them no, they shrug it off. Like, its all fine and dandy until the worst possible scenario, and it fucking infuriates me. Feels like him gaslighting me over and over again. If a man watched porn its an immediate rejection from me. And, hot take I guess, if they've gone to such horrible degeneracy that they have to do a self imposed rehabilitation, that's an immediate no too. And if that leaves me with no moids ever, I'm not sad about it.

No. 1746272

Unbridled 24/7 access to internet porn from the average age of 10 years old has ruined two entire generations

No. 1746274

This is why robot husbandos can’t become available fast enough. Bio moids are worthless dogshit.

No. 1746282

I don't think they really are though? They're young girls trying to appear edgy and cool online. They'll look back on that and cringe. The moids saying this shit on the other hand..

No. 1746284

> if they've gone to such horrible degeneracy that they have to do a self imposed rehabilitation, that's an immediate no too
based nonnie

No. 1746287

Good chance most of the coomer simping ITT comes either from lurking robots or reddit Beckies trying to detox their Nigels through any means necessary, even if it means turning them into religious misogynistic lolcows.

No. 1746290

Probs cause white girls get to be cheerleaders in porn and black girls are just ghetto big booty thots. Porn is racist and encourages stereotypes like Latina maid and the black guys being like mandingos and the Asians being smol schoolgirls

No. 1746291

File: 1673904247871.jpg (323.31 KB, 1280x1173, tumblr_e9c4b9c61c75823f8daf9af…)

I'll go through and find my favorite (aka the most harrowing) comics of his later today, but here's a lil taste

No. 1746297

I can't believe that feminists are so fucking retarded that we are arguing over if men giving up porn is a good thing or not. Of course it is because it lowers the demand for porn and less porn is going to be made. Men are always going to be misogynistic assholes and are never going recognise how harmful porn is to women but if they're ones being harmed they will realise it sooner or later and do something about it. The end result of increasing restrictions on porn or even a ban on porn is the same and would stop the proliferation of a horrific industry that profits from the suffering of women.

No. 1746301

Top kek, imagine not wanting to do anything human if you're cooming. Moids truly are a malignant growth around their genitals, literally nothing but meat dildos.

No. 1746302

>being this triggered

You missed the part where you're never going to give it up because being a coomer is part of your defective nature. Cry more.

No. 1746308

That last panel alone is incredible peaking material for anyone with a single functioning braincell.

No. 1746309

He probably had a "porn widow" fetish, moids in general have this thing where they get off on making you compete with porn because it's their simulator of having actual sexual options. The cure for such disorders is cucking him IRL to remind him of his place.

Also top kek, imagine having a brother when all of them want to fuck their sisters. Crunchy moms who think it's "child abuse" not to give your kid a sibling are actually brain damaged.

No. 1746314

> imagine having a brother when all of them want to fuck their sisters
Oh god. Why the fuck has family porn even gotten as far as it has?

No. 1746326

Because most men think these things about their female family members. This is a hard pill to swallow for anyone with brothers, sons and fathers, but unfortunately they simply don't see you the way you see them.

Porn doesn't make moids into anything, it just validates what's already there. Only tradlets and pickmes believe in the "muh generation of men ROOOOOINED BY INTERNET ACCESS" meme. There was nothing to ruin, I promise.

No. 1746329

>And, hot take I guess, if they've gone to such horrible degeneracy that they have to do a self imposed rehabilitation, that's an immediate no too.
that's a very good description of why nofap in itself is so seedy and gross, even without all of the attached extremist ideology and blatant disregard for women's suffering

no one has said men giving up porn is bad. you are simply too dumb to understand what nofap is and how fucking useless and damaging the ideas of this movement are. first of all, nofap isn't even about porn, it's about quitting masturbation, which is why it's called nofap. porn addiction is just one of the reasons a lot of moids get into it. if you go lurk in these communities on places like /fit/, twitter and reddit, you will see a ton of moids who literally just edge themselves to porn for hours on end because they believe it will make them "high test" and boost their gainz or some bs. that's nofap for you. and most of those who quit porn just trade it for right wing radicalization and other ways to enact their violence and hatred toward women anyway. considering you think "feminists areso fucking retarded" you are either a moid yourself or some sad, coping tradcon loon. >>1746287 is so right.

No. 1746382

Recognizing that porn is evil and that porn being restricted or banned for whatever reason is a good thing because it means that less women would abused to produce it does not make me a man. The alternative is that more porn is produced resulting in the abuse of more women. You are so mentally paralyzed by your hatred of men that you are unable to grasp the concept of pragmatism.

>no one has said men giving up porn is bad
Read the reply chain. Posters were accused of being men for suggesting that less men consuming porn is a good thing. No one has suggested that these men aren't cows or that they are doing it for anything other than selfish reasons.

No. 1746401

Did your eyes glaze over at the part where these men still use pornography, just in a different practice? Is whether or not they ejaculate in their hands while doing so such a huge difference for our liberation as an oppressed class? God damn, nonna.

No. 1746404

That describes him perfectly. I had no idea that it had a name. And I am very worried about his sister - I at least had the sense to contact his mother and tell her everything, last I checked they're no longer on speaking terms.

No. 1746409

The pedos absolutely flying into the dms of these children. They are just saying this for attention and approval, but any experience with violent porn obsessed men will make them realise abuse cannot be countered by validation

No. 1746417

File: 1674058138303.png (273.23 KB, 2244x996, coomers.png)

nah. you've been arguing with posters this whole thread when we literally just want to make fun of scrote cows. not a single peron has said men watching porn is good, like where do you think you are? defending moids and policing women on a fucking gossip board is not pragmatism you retard. and nofap is doing absolutely jack shit to restrict porn or anything like that. you're so delusional kek. if you think nofap is made up of just the dumb tradcath larpers on /r/pornfreerelationships and the like, and if you think moids watching porn is the alternative to nofap, you should read my reply again, bc you don't know or understand anything about the nofap movement. it's not about fighting porn or misogyny in the slightest, it's about bullshit broscience conspiracies. it would at least make more sense if you were advocating for something hentai/animated stuff as an alternative to porn. but instead you're telling us we should encourage men like picrel. also if you don't want farmers to think you're a man then stop caping for men and complaining about le misandry.

No. 1746418

How do they still use porn? If a moid wants to stop being a wanker he is not going to expose himself to stimulating material because he knows that he's too weak to resist touching his dick. I am aware of the concept of nofap.

No. 1746423

I know this is probably going to catch some kind of ban but I don't get the argument of porn being more racist toward black/brown women than others when most porn (including violent and degrading porn) is of white women and their race and appearance is also a main staple of the videos they're in. The fact that they are blonde and white is literally the fetish, that's why there's entire sites dedicated to white women "getting what they deserve" by being pounded by minority males. I understand that systemic racism gives non-white women problems that white women don't have, but in porn the racism seems genuinely equal for once, because any woman is fair game for any kind of horror in porn. If anything, white women's societal desirability makes them the target of racism/misogyny in porn that is directed at them for being white women specifically, for the pleasure of minority men (due to their sexual objectification of white women,i.e they feel inferior for not fucking white girls like white men do, or whatever the moid psychology behind it is) and white men's cuck fetishes. Tired of seeing blatant race fetishization of white women in porn being completely ignored meanwhile everyone is supposed to feel sorry for the moids of color pounding her in every hole because "he's a victim of racism in porn!!1!1"

No. 1746436

I have never once defended men, you are replying to multiple women. No one has suggested that these men aren't pathetic cows doing it for themselves or that they care about women. The point being argued is that reducing the proliferation and exposure to porn is a positive development even if it is for the wrong reasons because the end result is the same.

Porn is completely unnatural and ruins the minds of both men and women. The men in your image are like that because of porn exposure from an early age. And before you accuse me of defending men I am not. Rape is not accepted as normal at least in the western world and it is even considered a crime. The laws relating to rape and the prosecution rates are dire but that is a different subject. Men do have some control over their sexual desires. This is observable by women not getting raped the instant they step outside. Porn sickness erodes the moid's ability to control his sexual desire and it escalates to more extreme porn and even acts in real life. What you are suggesting is that maintaining the status quo is somehow preferable to porn being restricted and eventually banned, when removing the cause would minimize the issue.

No. 1746458

>you are replying to multiple women
>Men do have some control over their sexual desires. This is observable by women not getting raped the instant they step outside.
if it wasn't a crime and prohibited somehow then they would be, so no. and the fact that it is punishable in varying degrees and yet men still rape women and kids all the time makes your point worthless anyway.
>The point being argued is that reducing the proliferation and exposure to porn is a positive development even if it is for the wrong reasons because the end result is the same.
nofap isn't reducing any of this in any capacity. also by that logic we should all support loli because at least it might reduce the demand for real child porn.
>What you are suggesting is that maintaining the status quo is somehow preferable to porn being restricted and eventually banned, when removing the cause would minimize the issue.
not in the slightest, please learn to read. nofap moids have no interest in banning or restricting porn. and you are defending men when you're saying we should encourage nofap bc muh pragmatism. the men in within nofap are all unhinged misogynists and we shouldn't support them or their cause (which has absolutely nothing to do with being against porn, it's all just MGTOW alpha male gym grindset and/or esoteric aryan semen cult lunacy) under any circumstances. recognizing that doesn't mean you want to maintain status quo. the world isn't black and white and we don't have to be allied with these freaks to fight the porn industry, so stop insisting otherwise.

No. 1746528

this is a very good point, i remember reading about how racial stereotypes prevail in pornography in the book pornland by gail dines, and i couldn't unsee it. white scrotes are so fixated on degrading and dehumanizing black, brown and asian (especially south asian) women in a way they just don't do with "their own" women (porn is degrading to all women either way though). the hijab "conquering" fetish was a big blackpill for me.

No. 1746535

>imagine having a brother when all of them want to fuck their sisters
this unironically triggered me and inspired to share my short horror story of porn addiction in my family. Please no bully for blogpost I beg
my dad had a son from a previous marriage, and my mother a daughter. eventually they had me. my dad had a massive porn addiction, i found his storage bin literally filled to the brim with porn magazines in the attic. i suspect my half brother also developed a porn addiction as well. half brother ended up raping my sister, and my parents divorced. my dad didn't care and still let me around the half brother secretly. after i turned 16 and had to live with my grandma my mom couldn't protect me anymore. my half brother blatantly had a porn addiction and was a weeb, and constantly made sexually inappropriate jokes and tried to groom me when i was 16. im pretty sure if my gma didn't kick me out i would've gotten raped by him too.
i also found mother/daughter porn on my dad's computer which was traumatizing. he would wait til my mom passed out drunk and would lift her nightgown to take photos of her, in front of me when i was like 7. he started trying to do the same thing to me when i hit my pre-teens and i don't want to think about what he possibly did to me while i was asleep (caught him hovering over me naked when i randomly woke up at 4am)
obviously they had issues beyond porn addiction but i believe if you procreate with a porn addicted moid you're setting up your children to be sexually abused. this was early 2000s before it got really bad too and they had insane amounts of porn mags, pictures, and internet history. the storage bin was bigger than me and it was stuffed

No. 1746543

Just wanna say I'm so sorry this happened to you and your sister, mother. That's beyond fucking deplorable. I'd kill them if I knew who they were. They deserve worse than death actually. Hope you're healing nonna <3

No. 1746546

this is fucking evil, i'm so sorry anon

No. 1746570

damn i quoted the wrong thing
Thank you nonnie!! I am doing great now. My sister ended up coping with drug abuse and was abusive towards me after, and my mom had always been a drug addict so I don't talk to them anymore. My mom was a bad parent, but one thing I will respect her for is how hard she tried to protect us from male predators. She wasn't always all there but when it came to abusive men she really did her best to protect us from them. Makes me wonder what other trauma she went through.
Kind of random but related to moid degeneracy. Before I was born my mom would get beat in her last relationship (he broke her nose and gave her a black eye) and my other brother said she deserved it because she would hit him too apparently. Never gave specifics on what they fought about, never thought it could be self defense. The moid said she cheated or did this and that. Why would you trust a man that beats your mother so brutally though. It really be your own sons. I think about that a lot. It be your own son. The moid was his stepdad and they still formed this understanding of Why Mom Deserved To Be Beaten
it be like that but I'm okay now ! thank you

No. 1746574

If no one has said this to you I would be suprised, but I am so gaddamn proud of you holy shit you are an incredibly strong person. I am so so sorry those evil things were put on you but wow you seem to have cultivated some insane strength. Kudos.

No. 1747926

Thank you for sharing and sending you love and strength!! The porn sick older brother struggle is real :/(:/)

No. 1747994

Good God, the manipulation too. No hope for moids.

No. 1748153

Porn is so degrading towards women and I would say the majority of it is not filmed with consent. The women in porn are often drugged out of their minds, being coerced into doing a shoot, or have no idea they are being filmed in the first place. This is why I strongly object to certain organizations trying to rename child pornography to "child sex abuse material" (CSAM) instead. Their reasoning is that calling it "child pornography is "misleading" because "regular pornography" is consensual and not exploitative, which is ridiculous.

No. 1748530

Ngl as a black woman I agree. I could give a fuck less about bbc fetishism in porn when it’s actual women of all races being trafficked

No. 1748533

Thank you. “CSAM” completely waters down what’s really going on, which is child abuse being commodified into a multi billion dollar global industry. It’s bad enough to abuse a child and film it, but selling and trading it as porn revictimizes them over and over. Coming up with euphemisms that gloss over the fact that this is a business only protects the porn industry. It certainly doesn’t protect children.

No. 1748539

All women in porn are racially fetishized. The reason you mostly see white women in porn is because liberal white countries produce the most porn, not because moids are unusually racist toward white women. Black, brown and Asian women usually get racial abuse when they appear in porn as well. And I don’t give a flying fuck if moids get racially fetishized in porn, most of them are proud of it and promote those stereotypes themselves.

No. 1748542

White men are the primary consumers of interracial porn, especially "black male/white female" or BMWF porn because white men view black men as "animal-like". They see BMWF porn as something similar to bestiality with the white woman being defiled. Also, other races of women are sexualized in their own ways but are seen as "less pure". Gail Dines has also written about race in porn and all the other depraved shit that goes on it.

No. 1748544

It also tries to downplay how horrible even porn featuring adults is. A lot of porn doesn't even contain sex. Just lots of torture of women. You can find FGM and women being hanged on porn sites, too.

No. 1748550

Yup, white moids are the main consumers of interracial porn due to their bizarre cuck fetishes. Most black moids watch “ebony” porn, that’s why it’s the most popular search term in the US South. There’s been a shit ton of research on this. But at the end of the day it doesn’t really matter because they’re all disgusting pornsick moids getting off to filmed rape and abuse.

No. 1748554

Lolwut. Interracial porn is predominantly produced and consumed by white men. White men think its hot when white women get "destroyed" by black men whom they view as this combination of "man and beast".

No. 1748560

Yeah, I remember Blacked.com estimated that 80-90% of their viewership was white men. White men are quite obsessed about black man/white woman interracial relationships. They seem to fear them but also fetishize the hell out of them. The stereotyping of black people as "animal-like" is also why black women get way more brutal scenes than white women do in porn.

>Gender, Race, and Aggression in Mainstream Pornography


No. 1748573

File: 1674184417015.png (462.55 KB, 864x1083, Screenshot_20230119-220034~2.p…)


No. 1748577

Snoop dogg?!

No. 1748587

As someone who’s dealt with an actual addiction (I was a drug addict for years), I can’t feel any sympathy for porn addicted moids. Literally just stop watching porn

No. 1748622

Also if you’re actually “addicted” to jerking off your dick all day you’re subhuman and you deserve to be mocked and die alone, like wtf is wrong with you?? Literal retards and monkeys in the zoo have more common sense & dignity than that fucking kek

No. 1748624

wow kek sorry you got incested by ur big bro nona and your dad stared at your tits. sucks for you. hate 2 break it to you and validate the fact you were indeed traumatized and violated in a way that actually doesn't happen to every girl. oops sorry if that makes the pain burn more.(bait)

No. 1748635

A fine example of how men don't view us as human beings, I'd rather be a spinster with cats than tether myself to a psychopath who wants to fuck our daughter

No. 1748646

ayrt. i genuinely feel terrible for any girl who has a father who would EVER look at her that way. but the projection screams mental illness and vindictiveness to me. i can say without a shadow of a doubt my father or brother would never even think to look at me that way. but my immediate family is much better functioning than most from what ive seen in others' families irl. it's just ridiculous cope to assume it happens to every woman though. i assume it is emotionally easier to just say all men are pervy coomers but i am lucky to be from a good family and my mom chose the right man (as there have always been very few good men). that being said, i will only ever trust three men because i know them well enough to not be fucked up like most men: my dad, brother, and bf. all other men are definitely potential creeps and i am always on guard around them.

No. 1748660

>responds to an irrelevant personal essay with an even more irrelevant personal essay
Please stop. You didn’t magically get the only 3 “good” moids in the world, you’re just full of shit. And mocking a girl for getting abused means you’re garbage yourself and can’t be trusted to judge anyone’s character.

No. 1748661

Same I saw a bunch of girls on Instagram shrieking and comparing porn to heroin yesterday. Boo fucking hoo. Sounds like lies that scrotes tell their wives. Yes it’s addictive like how sugar or nicotine are addictive, but they really misrepresent it by making it seem harder to quit than it is.

No. 1748663

nah i get it, you convince yourself all men are a certain way because it makes it easier to cope with your own sob story lol. just like polfags who do the same with women. all mad retards upset they got dealt a bad hand in life. waaaaah.

No. 1748665

are these ig women saying they're addicted to porn or whining that they actually chose to date a porn addicted moid? either way, cringe. i also swear it's extremely easy to tell when a man is a porn addict, they can't hide it at all. the thousand coom stare.

No. 1748667

Lmao the moids in womanface always expose themselves so quickly here

No. 1748673

They were referring to men specifically and there was a lot of comments basically parroting the same shit we’ve all heard about how porn addiction makes dudes’ dicks stop working and other fun facts. Mostly accurate but I just hate how they make it sound like once someone’s an addict they’re too far gone to help themselves. They can quit whenever they want and they don’t even have to go through detox or worry about getting violently ill. At worst they’ll be grumpy and depressed for like 2 weeks, but that might be asking too much of most men.

No. 1748735

I couldn't decide the best place to post this - this is what porn (all of which feature anal) has done to women. Violent anal rape is now staggeringly common. Nearly 5,000 comments of women all with horrible experiences of pain, distress, bleeding, all entirely nonconsensual. This wasn't happening 20 years ago.
I'll try and post a webm also as this expires in a day:

No. 1748745

File: 1674204211515.webm (17.36 MB, 1080x1920, Tiktok 'slips'.webm)

No. 1748746

File: 1674204353741.webm (19.32 MB, 1080x1920, Tiktok 'slips' 2.webm)

No. 1748747

no1curr you didn't need to mock anybody
>oops sorry if that makes the pain burn more
you are actually mentally stunted

No. 1748756

As horrible as it is to read/listen to this shit, I need to hear it to remember not to have sex with men, not to be around men. True female dating strategy is don't. All of their brains are rotted by porn and testosterone.

No. 1748769

File: 1674207924119.jpeg (166.86 KB, 640x503, C52A407B-F418-4370-A0E8-99FF28…)

this was a reply in a thread about some guy's wife finding his search history and leaving him

that's horrible and you should post it but isn't there specifically a thread about porn on 2X? maybe that would be better place for things like this if we're going to keep this thread on topic about the nofap losers

No. 1748771

Don’t be naïve. Do I think all men are incestuous pedos? No. But they’re all pervs and coomers, it’s in their dna. You think your dad, bf, and brother have normal porn habits? Doubt. There’s no point in denying it but you can take pride in the fact that your men at least have some decency at hiding it.

No. 1748773

What did he search? Let me guess incest? Fucking retarded reddit moids, she'd be smart to leave him cause he is more likely to be a molestor.

No. 1748783

There's only one thing in someone's search history which guarantees any good mother will leave. Something that suggests their child is in grave danger.

No. 1748791

"No wonder we get addicted to child porn because our wives leave us for watching child porn" LOL WUT? This is what happens when you ejaculate too much, your brain starts melting. No amount of cope is gonna restore the brain loss.

No. 1748799

File: 1674214934157.jpg (134.63 KB, 720x1236, Screenshot_20230120-123750_Chr…)

I hope this isn't too off-topic, but I was wondering what do you all think about the "fight the new drug" ressources ? Would you put their male members in the same basket as the nofappers ?

No. 1748800

File: 1674215033840.jpg (136.35 KB, 720x1259, Screenshot_20230120-123827_Chr…)

samefag 2/2

No. 1748803

Thing about those orgs is that unless they are women-run, they almost always focus on the harm it causes to men (brain damage, erectile dysfunction, muh feefees towards women) rather than the actual harm to women it causes along with the pedophilia, coercion, trafficking etc within the industry, scrotes are literally unable to feel empathy for women or use anything other than their dick as a navigation system through life, it’s always all about them.

No. 1748806

Women need to talk more about how fucked up pornsick men are, because a lot of women just don't get it out of ignorance. I used to think porn use was just a normal and healthy expression of sexuality, and I got most of my twenties ruined by one pornsick scrote. I'm so fucking glad that I always insisted on a condom and didn't breed with him. They're so nasty. It's not just a joke, they never turn their dicks off, I'm convinced that they walk around in a state of pseudo arousal all goddamn day if they can. Literally everything in their pointless, worthless lives is about their dicks, and they will drag down women and children and make their lives worthless and pointless, too.

No. 1748809

I just want to add that I don't think the lives of women and children around these scrotes have to be worthless or pointless, just that men will fight to make it that way. They will wreck everything and then blame the victims.

No. 1748814

Men need to be euthanized

No. 1748821

We need to call out handmaidens who preach "omG I would NeVeR vIoLaTe my hubby's trust and go through his phone!!"

Guess what, my fiance swore to me that he wouldn't use porn because it violated my boundaries and really hurt me, then surprise surprise, couple years later find out he was watching porn in the bathroom the whole time or waiting until I go to sleep. Fuck marriage vows I guess, anime tiddies > having a wife! Guess what fucker, you get a phone with no internet access and I get to set the password on your computer so you can't use it without me. Never trust a moid. Never marry a moid who is into anime because it is 100% of the time sexual to them. Don't be stupid and put your blind trust in a scrote - you're stupid if you think he has a device with access to an infinity amount of naked women and he has any kind of self control not to look. And if you're okay with your man lusting after e-thots, you're a pathetic cuck.

No. 1748831

nonna did you break up with him ? Cuz I don't see the point of keeping a porn addict scrote and monitering him

No. 1748834

Going through your fiancé’s devices and monitoring his passwords is stupid too though. Staying with a man who needs constant babysitting not to do what he clearly wants to do sounds exhausting and pointless. You have a porn addict scrote, nonna. He’ll find ways to access porn no matter what you do. Admit it to yourself or break off the engagement if it’s such a dealbreaker. I don’t see how claiming women should be responsible for monitoring & controlling adult men’s porn consumption makes you any better than handmaidens.

No. 1748895

File: 1674227307847.jpg (509.36 KB, 1080x1235, 20230120_170506.jpg)

What even is the male species at this point

No. 1748898

I think one of the worst things I've seen while scrolling through these reddits is moids posting pictures of themselves and irl women theyve met that same day as proof of them "progressing." Imagine being that woman taking a selfie with a stranger who you have no idea is a huge fucking degen pervert about to brag to his other degen pervert buddies.

No. 1748908

Thank god my bf is from a country where porn is banned lel

No. 1748911

This. Dating men is a rigged game and the winning move is not to play.

No. 1748912

he can always use vpn nona

No. 1748924

The fact that they expect to be congratulated for barely functioning as humans is so pathetic lol

No. 1748936

File: 1674231913374.png (519.84 KB, 811x781, nofap warriors against the sci…)

kek don't you know they're summoning inhuman willpower? they're literally greek gods, only thing holding them back are the evil jew scientists and statisticians forcing them into an unhealthy lifestyle (makes total sense)

No. 1748940

Oh wow you cleaned your room instead of jerking off all day, such an impressive accomplishment definitely worthy of a validation-seeking internet post. We need another world war to cull these useless moids.

No. 1748943

That's a paint job mommy picked out for that room, 100%

No. 1748957

This is why I hate when moids try to act philosophical and deep when it's just shallow and pathetic. Inhuman willpower needed to clean your room instead of touching your dick? What moids are fasting or meditating?
>armies of scientists and statisticians
Okay buddy. Sure there are lots of unhealthy things in life but holy shit, if you think it's a feat of a demigod to not be a porn addict or a vidya game addict then I don't know what to tell half the population. Go fight in a war, get a job, get a hobby, have some self control holy shit.

No. 1748961

File: 1674233875834.gif (8.15 MB, 510x640, evil-cat-red-screen-evil-cat.g…)

>Me, a scientist and statistician according to moids

This explains why some men are complete dickwads when I explain my job.

No. 1748963

Oh wow the millennial Tweeness is off the charts. Seems like a vanity project lacking the passion required to make any actual change. Even the twee softbois have a mental block when it comes to "porn is rape and abuse" despite believably not abusing irl. They "need" it even though their male ancestors made do with blurry magazine photos and softcore scenes in movies or whatever. Moids genuinely believe they need a firehose of abuse in 4k to exist.
Summarily, I call bullshit on this

No. 1748972

>Oh noooes, life is such an inhuman struggle with all this abundant food and vidya and mommy delivering tendies to my goon cave, clearly the only thing standing between me and ubermensch greatness is teh ebbil women and jews

Hard not to a-log when I sincerely wish these stupid overprivileged moids would kys.

No. 1748996

nofap gave snoop dogg extreme vitiligo?

No. 1749030


Kek, this reminds me of 4chan retards making threads about "/pol/ commune" back in the day where they would fantasise escaping the evil feminist and jew run world.

No. 1749038

Why are they blaming scientists and not marketing execs

No. 1749039

That's not the point. The point is ALL MEN WILL LOOK AT PORN. If your man knows that you aren't going to monitor his internet use, he WILL look at porn. No, women shouldn't have to babysit their moid, there is no win win situation.

No. 1749042

Your Brain on Porn author Gary Wilson does pretty good research on how moids act when exposed to porn. I haven't delved too much but I believe he criticizes the porn industry as well.
The Raised On Porn documentary does an awesome job focusing on the porn industry's corruption, along with the more recent documentary Beyond Fantasy. Both of those are by Exodus Cry.

No. 1749063

The ‘win’ is abstaining from men altogether. You can adopt children, you can platonically marry another straight woman and I’m unironically sure it would lead to a happier life. The chances of finding a good man is next to none, and personally I want a family. I would only adopt female children btw, because I don’t think a male would grow up well if he considers himself the man of the house from his inception into the world.

No. 1749068

I don't get it.
>If your man knows that you aren't going to monitor his internet use, he WILL look at porn.
Yeah, and if he knows that you ARE going to monitor his internet use, he still will look at porn? He'll just learn how to hide it from you.
Hell, you could have no internet at home and give him a phone without access to internet and he still will find porn, if he wants to look at it.

No. 1749074

File: 1674245708839.jpg (367.03 KB, 1280x904, tumblr_b2e0e0bff45be072cc7433d…)

So glad lolcow is back up so I can continue posting these. This is another one of Trans Girl Next Door's nofap comics. Imagine living like this

No. 1749100

yes this. i'm from a country where porn is banned and i know for a fact that scrotes openly share their degen porn through usb sticks and such. you can never keep the coom away from these creatures.

No. 1749103

because they are /pol/brained retards who live in opposite world

what?? is it supposed to combine she + peen? god i hate disgusting tranny expressions they always sound weirdly pedophilic

No. 1749109

Imagine how he reeks

No. 1749110

moids r disgusting

No. 1749148

Why do I find the illustrations themselves so grotesque?

No. 1749155

>lying around all weekend playing with your dick like a total loser
Just girly woman things, amirite nonnas?

No. 1749173

What even is pmo ?

No. 1749176

porn masturbation orgasm

No. 1749232

Men will literally starve and dehydrate themselves to the point of passing out because their penis wenis wanted to watch sex videos instead. At that point, please just die. Holy hell just fucking die.

No. 1749235

File: 1674264571934.png (Spoiler Image,633.19 KB, 510x802, Porn4.png)

>porn widow fetish
Here's an example to show how disturbing it is. Getting off on how "ugly" your wife is compared to prolapse queens covered in splooge.

No. 1749376

If a moid tried to make me a “porn widow” I’d probably start fucking his friends & family members just to make a point. Or better yet, just leave him to wank himself to death alone kek

No. 1749439

File: 1674290930114.jpg (228.42 KB, 1270x1259, image (1).jpg)

Radfems who coddle porn addicted moids get on my nerves. They don't care about women, they just want to suppress their homosexuality, pedophilia, beastiality and AGP by larping as feminist and Christian. These men cannot be rehabilitated. We think nofap moids want to quit regular porn, like straight porn and BDSM etc but that is not the case, these moids are the worst of the worst. If you don't believe me go to any nofap forum or sub, they love to not disclose what fetishes they have but some do reveal.

No. 1749446

File: 1674293320526.jpg (426.89 KB, 1193x2409, image (1).jpg)

Reading this you'd think OP is a 60 year old pervert. He's 25 and claims to be straight. Straight nonnas watch out. Unsaged for exceptional degeneracy.

No. 1749455

>porn made me gay. fuck porn!!!
kek why is that the worst possible outcome for them? they're obviously homos already cause if they were straight they wouldn't start watching gay porn lmao

No. 1749457

The way these men frame everything they do as something they couldn't help is actually crazy. Full delulu depersonalization shit

No. 1749475

As a teen I dated a moid my age who was all nice pure hearted first but due to a porn addiction slowly turned into a maniac who's into pokemon porn and actual cp.. I actually don't think it's that far fetched that males might be able to change their sexuality, their monkeybrains respond to sexual things differently from us. Women don't choose but men generally seem to choose, might be an unpopular opinion but everything I've witnessed in my life points to men being able to pork anything.

No. 1749476

File: 1674299869673.webm (13.25 MB, 576x1024, Tikmate.online_717351789737594…)

Ryan Foley _ryan.foley is a massive porn addict troon chaser cow who cant accept he's gay. He posts multiple videos everyday about his new daddy Jesus Christ and how everyone is going to hell. Before you pick-mes come at me, he's made videos degrading his ex-girlfriend for being "crazy" and "possessed" uploading videos of her and her pictures. She probably was mad that her bf is a coomer degenerate who fucks random men in the ass (according to a tranny in the comments, he's an aggressive power top).

No. 1749478

File: 1674300283452.webm (5.45 MB, 576x1024, tiktokdownload.online_16743000…)

My fucking sides.
>Da iphone jew made me gayyy
What about broke coomers who afford an iphone? Also, the Adam and Eve reference. Why do they blame their gay degeneracy on women? You chose to fuck men in the ass buckaroo, leave us alone.

No. 1749481

Kek this is why sexologists like Cantor say they believe that the numbers for bi women are inflated while bi men are severely undercounted.

No. 1749493

I can't with you slow bitches. These moids want to quit porn because whatever they're watching fucks with their masculinity They do NOT oppose violent porn against women. Once they become addicted to gay porn (most popular is sissy fetish) and interracial (like Blacked), they suddenly want to quit. Stop taking their nofap mission as a feminist act against porn. They want porn banned because it made them gay or into absolute degenerates. Make fun of them or get the fuck out. I wish mods would ban any moid simping.

No. 1749498

File: 1674303925765.jpeg (6.04 KB, 225x225, download.jpeg)

FTND is Utah-based and has mormon connections, even though they claim to be non-religous. Just like the nofap moids, they focus on immortality and moids limp dick syndrome. It's run by pic related, a moid, so you can imagine what he's fapped to.

No. 1749502

It's Lucinda as a creepy coomer!!

No. 1749503

Kek, this is what I think of when married pick-mes try to dunk on single women. Imagine picking up dirty underwear and cleaning up after a moid who made you a porn widow, and you wrecked your body just to give a moid legacy. I'm adopting a kitten soon and I couldn't be happier.

No. 1749608

Lmao cannot unsee.

No. 1749632

I swear moids have a built in projector. Just exchange "porn goddess" with Chad and you have the whining reasond of your average misogynistic male internet space.

No. 1749663

Fuck I didn't do enough research on them, I actually bought one of their 'porn kills love' t-shirt. I'll just donate to jkr next time I judt learned she opened a woman-only shelter

No. 1749677

File: 1674331392475.jpg (173.13 KB, 720x1341, 777.jpg)

Ugly white male is such a narcissist

No. 1749678

File: 1674331414900.jpg (192.39 KB, 720x1343, 778.jpg)

No. 1749684

did you accidentally post in the wrong thread nonny? >>>/snow/1739573

No. 1749705

kek it's nice to see people are lurking the same threads and get them mixed up sometimes

No. 1749733

I literally don’t wanna know any scrote who is on an anti porn crusade is 1. Because 99% of the time they are former addicts themselves 2. It’s all about muh dick and 3. Because the damage is already done and can’t be reversed.

Addiction organisations acknowledge all ex addicts are in a permanent ‘recovery’ phase. Even if someone hasn’t done heroin or meth or whatever for the past 20 years, the damage is always still there and they are never quite the same person, same goes for long term porn users.

The average age boys begin watching porn now is 7-10 years old, and it doesn’t even occur to most boys that they should quit porn until they are at least 18 or so. That’s literally 10 years of irreversible brain damage.

No. 1749736

File: 1674340569185.jpeg (1008.15 KB, 1242x1919, 76026282-AEBD-4286-A7D8-DB34C8…)

I remember there was a study (it was done in the 80s tbf but porn is porn and many videos even back then were pretty extreme) where they exposed some male jury members to porn videos and made some abstain for a week before a rape trial.

The researchers found that men who watched porn before the rape trial were much more likely to recommend a lighter sentence for the rapist than men who didn’t watch porn beforehand.

Now imagine that on a global scale affecting mens daily decisions (many of whom are involved in the legal process) and that’s fucking terrifying.

‘Just trust the male cops lawyers judges social workers and jury members working on your rape/DV case, sis’ yeah no.

Here in the UK only 1.6% of reported rape cases actually lead to incarceration btw.

No. 1749737

File: 1674340664422.jpeg (656.21 KB, 1242x1579, 432DB745-C5D7-4292-ADF2-E89803…)

No. 1749738

Ntayrt but you're totally right anon. I just read it but with Chad instead and it 100% sounds like it came from an incel manifesto. Someone should make an edit with Chad (or just hot male models) instead for the incels to rope themselves.

No. 1749745

On the topic of porn addiction, this thread has motivated me to break up with my porn addict scrote boyfriend of almost 7 months. Promised me he'd stop and do nofap, kept lying and watching it behind my back constantly when it's really against my boundaries. Specifically did it to a certain girl with a super unrealistic body, huge ass and hips and a miniscule waist which didn't make me feel great about myself. I hope I can get over him, but I have an attachment to him I'll have to work hard to get over, but I'll no longer stay with somebody who doesn't deserve me. Should've left sooner.

No. 1749757

>Because the damage is already done and can’t be reversed.
Yep. Once an addict, always an addict. Porn should go towards body count and scrote rules about body count should apply to scrotes too.

No. 1749759

File: 1674343744486.jpg (403.43 KB, 1440x1600, absolute state of moids.jpg)

Proof that they do not care about women, it's all about making their dicks work.

No. 1749762

I'm so proud of you, nonna!! Please do not go back to him. These moids have it too easy, there are more women who have done what you did so don't feel bad. Ar least he wasn't your husband and you don't share kids and money. If he's watching botched bimbofied women (and men) then he should live his truth and persue that in a relationship too. These moids want a "proper" girl as a girlfriend but they will masturbate to the most f-ed up shit. They can't have it both ways. Do something nice for yourself and enjoy not dealing with that degenerate. Why do you think women decide to get their bodies done? Fuck him.

No. 1749768

A lot of men weaponize porn as a form of passive aggressive psychological abuse. Men damn well know it hurts women and affects out self esteem and they intentionally use it against us. If your moid isn’t even hiding his porn use then he’s literally trying to neg and emotionally/psychologically abuse you.

No. 1749773

File: 1674344880729.jpg (228.2 KB, 1440x1029, 2.jpg)

Responses from bottom left post. This is what they think when their gfs leave bc of their porn addiction.
>She'll come around.
>She should appreciate porn instead of cheating.
Please leave these degenerates asap and never look back.

No. 1749780

File: 1674345161929.jpg (97.09 KB, 720x984, pedo.jpg)

More fuckery

No. 1749790

Thank you!

No. 1749794

Someone should do a porn addict iceberg kek

No. 1749812

XY sighting reported

No. 1749814

Aww the moids are salty. Imagine being such a stunted empathy-deficient creature that you view everything though the lens of relational power and can’t imagine any other reasons why people would oppose a cruel & exploitative industry. Cope, seethe, wank and cry about it.

No. 1749816

who says it doesn’t make us insecure? its almost as if we compulsively compare ourselves to other women because we’ve been conditioned to conflate our physical appearance with our own sense of worthiness… hmmm…

No. 1749817

Holy fucking shit


Yeah sure I really wish I could have interpersonal relationships with pedos but I just can't compete with 7 year olds and men won't tolerate my bullshit of being an adult. My only hope in life is that a moid with an anal rape fetish or maybe even a furry will settle for me. I wonder how else I will find fulfilment in life.

No. 1749819

You're right, porn does make us insecure. (and literally nobody was saying it doesn't, moid.) It also objectifies us, abuses us, exploits us, fosters a culture of seeing women as sex objects, and is a gateway to pedophilia.

No. 1749829

Imagine being so fragile and insecure (and male) that you would rather jerk off and not deal w our shit than have any warmth or fulfillment in your intimate life. Imagine needing to force every fucking thing. Sad

No. 1749830

Unfortunately this is literally how scrotes operate. They want to settle down with a nice virginal plain Jane wifely woman who cooks cleans and does his laundry while fucking teenage thots and bimbos on the side as he pleases. This is quite literally what scrotes, even the ugliest poorest low quality ones, believe they are entitled to and want a relationship to be like. Most naive women have absolutely no idea how male sexuality and relationship mindset works and it’s sad.

No. 1749834

>men can just jack off instead of interacting with women
JFL. I WISH scrotes would just jack off and leave women alone. But no you literally can’t.

You have to harass and hound and molest and rape and try to reenact your disgusting fantasies on real life women and girls and even young boys every single day.

Trust me, we WANT you to fuck off and stay in your filthy goon cave hovels. We want you disgusting freaks to stop approaching and harassing women but you literally can’t no matter how many millions of terabytes of porn there are in the world.

No. 1749836

Female heterosexuality is so damn sad. Literal Stockholm syndrome.

No. 1749841

File: 1674350039362.png (151.21 KB, 892x590, 1658504212026.png)


No. 1749844

Kek nonna I just spat out my drink cackling

No. 1749845

File: 1674350126723.jpeg (930.26 KB, 2738x1950, F3D022E4-4473-4AE1-8564-479710…)

All the World Economic Forum boomer creeps are having sex with prostitutes and getting paid to do so. I hate this world.

No. 1749847

Wow anon your post really spoke to me. Salutations to all of you struggling sisters out here! I'm really hoping to land the most 'vanilla' men, like ones who watch step sister, teen/barely legal, or anal gape porn. Take what you can get my fellow hags!

No. 1749851

Not surprised, most econ moids are disgusting and moids in NGOs or government roles who claim to want to help people are usually just looking for vulnerable women/girls to rape. Hopefully in a few centuries it will be better when women are in more positions of power. I am praying that the current trends in education will weigh in women's favor in the long-run at least.

No. 1749853

So lemme get this straight, moids will willingly break their dicks with that kung fu grip while guzzling their own cum 24/7 and then get so depressed over it they have to make these little incel communities to cope? Delicious, I love it.

No. 1749856

Women aren't the ones chimping out, creating incel communities and shooting up schools because men won't fuck them kek. The cope is real.

No. 1749857

It really highlights mens lack of empathy or ability to perceive the world beyond their reproductive anxiety.

No. 1749879

File: 1674353178541.png (293.84 KB, 3637x1571, psychology 2.PNG)

The projection is pretty funny and sadly typical of men. Men are obsessed with porn because of womb envy, they have little reproductive value and overwhelming paternity anxiety since they can't guarantee sans DNA test that their offspring are theirs, while women know for certain they are because they are the ones giving birth. It's why they try to create artificial niches by banning women from education and voting etc. throughout history. If a woman can provide for herself, she doesn't need a moid to do it. Cope seethe and dilate broken chromosoid, mens reaction will always be to chimpout at womens disgust with the typical 'Well I didn't want you ugly dykes anyway' to soothe their fragile ego and the next moment they're shooting up a school because stacy rejected them for being a useless failson degenerate. Male psychology is just cope, seethe, and coom KEK.

No. 1749893

>not masturbating every day while watching women getting abused
>deep struggles
The XY chromosome is a gene defect.

No. 1749900

File: 1674354008376.png (4.49 MB, 1580x2823, iceberg.png)

Feedback appreciated. I want to wash my brain with soap.

No. 1749904

That was clearly sarcasm.

No. 1749909

The political lesbians in /ot/ found this thread.

No. 1749937

And at Davos they talk about how to improve gender equality every year kek

No. 1749943

Pleas stop chymping out because scrotes are rightly shit on.

No. 1749962

can any nonas explain why so many scrotes in these subreddits always blame their homosexuality on 'muh porn addiction' yet still try to convince women that they're worthy of being in a relationship with? it just doesn't make sense. i've met multiple moids who swear they're straight then later admit / make sly comments about finding men sexually attractive… (massive red flag btw)

these instances i had irl made me go down a rabbit hole and this thread reminded me of this one story i read about a handmaiden who was dating a "straight" moid that PERFORMS in gay porn AND escorts (yes you saw that correctly) but swears he is straight and only doing it for the pay (aka gay4pay). is this concept actually real or just another construct for scrotes to get away with not identifying as gay? if i can find her original post, ill post it here but how does willingly having an erection and orgasm to another moid make him remotely straight?

No. 1749966

My bi ex boyfriend would always call himself "straight" no matter how many dudes he fucked.
Loads of bi men pretend to be straight, just like how loads of straight women pretend to be bi. There's no way that bi women make up almost 3x the population of bi men in statistics.

No. 1749967

Because to scrotes, gay = bad/weak/low on male hierarchy, so they deny any homosexual behaviour while sucking dick. It's why we have trannies now, I have heard men talk about their desire to fuck a man, and then turn around and say they aren't gay/it isn't gay because they don't identify as gay.

No. 1749970

Samefag, it's the typical male attitude of men liking having sex with men because it's easier because of their sex drive, while not liking the consequences of being gay imposed upon them by men. Because men are cowards they do not take a stand for gay men, instead they deny they are gay at all.

No. 1749973

Bi men are obsessed with calling themselves straight, getting into LTRs with straight women so they can look "normal", and then fucking men on the side.

No. 1749974

Fucking bleak. They're animals with no empathy as long as they benefit.

No. 1749975

Then they bring home their filthy stds to their unknowing, innocent female partner increasing the cancer statistics for women.

No. 1749978

Women are breaking the laws of nature everyday because they have an ounce of self control as opposed to moids apparently.

No. 1749981

>I just hate how they make it sound like once someone’s an addict they’re too far gone to help themselves.
Could not have put it better myself nonnie. I've seen literal junkies who walk around my town shoplifting and stealing the fucking copper wiring out of their grandparents home to get a fix of their drug of choice recover, become better people and stay clean, all whilst fighting the extremes of their bodies going into, sometimes life-threatening, withdrawal. But the stupid coomers who barely have the willpower to stop beating their meat (it makes them suicidal when they don't wank sad emoji), expect all the asspats in the world because they've "oVeRCoME THiEr AdDiCtIoN". It's truly a horrific thought that people who have sunk to some of the lowest depths possible because of their physical addiction to hard drugs have more strength and moral integrity than say… a scrote who could be living right next door to you, who's only issue in life is that his dick is sore from jerking it to hardcore porn all day. It could be your brother, your friend, your moid partner. Vile.

No. 1749984

Nta but I think it's the result of male entitlement over their right to do whatever they want without consequence + the cushion and protection of a society where we are no longer focused on day to day survival. They think not being extremely self indulgent/hedonistic is a chore, when not cooming isn't going to result in anything hugely negative for them, they just want to do it so they consider themselves a saint for not doing it.

No. 1749986

Hm, I've always wondered why lesbians have solidarity with gay men and yet you rarely ever see bi women having solidarity with bi men. Instead bi women keep trying to force this solidarity with lesbians but those are two different sexualities so they're always fighting over dumb shit.

No. 1749997

Openly bi men are much rarer than bi women, and a lot of bi women themselves would only date straight men. That porn star August Ames identified as a bi woman and she refused to fuck a bi man which caused everyone to cyberbully her and she eventually became an hero over it lmao.

No. 1750004

One day people will talk about the weird entitlement a lot of bi men have over straight women to fulfil their heteronormative fantasies of being a patriarch.

No. 1750006

you forgot to include that she committed suicide shortly after that and the faggot who initially started the entire crusade against her took zero responsibility for it. women are always the first ones to be belittled by scrotes for doing the bare minimum, such as wanting to protect themselves. in this case, all she said was that she didn't feel comfortable having sex with a gay man (probably bc stds, hiv, etc.) and she got tons of people telling her to slit her wrists or drink bleach bc 'gays r suuu oppressed'… a sad world we live in holy shit.

No. 1750007

People don't talk about bi men in general because they don't think they exist lol. Every bi man I have ever met it some level of unhinged though. Men who fuck other men while also having girlfriends is very common bi moid behavior. Watching gay porn doesn't make them gay, they're just bisexuals in denial.

No. 1750009

Most bi women hate bi men. And I don't blame them.

No. 1750011

i'm still at a loss of how moids think trooning out / skinwalking women somehow makes them higher on that list, KEK. if anything, it looks worse to the average person.

this is what irks me the most. imagine wasting years of someone's time, just for them to finally find out that you're sexually attracted to men. sorry but that's both a dealbreaker and a red flag. are moids incapable of just being honest from the get-go or are they all just programmed this way?

No. 1750013

If a bi man did this to his straight girlfriend then the straight woman would be heartbroken. Yet I see so many straight men totally okay with letting their bi girlfriends go out to fuck other women. Is it because they don't see lesbian sex as "real sex" if there is no penis involved?

No. 1750015

Yes. It's why straight couples consisting of a straight man and a bi woman (or a straight woman going along with her moid's demands) are always looking for a bi woman to be their "unicorn" and not a bi man. The bi man doesn't turn on the straight man and he would be threatened by the idea of his wife fucking another dude.

No. 1750017

August was was sexually abused by her grandfather and quite mentally ill. Sad that she tried to cope by doing porn and drugs instead of taking therapy and having supportive people around her.

No. 1750022

CP Bump, do not scroll

No. 1750024

Ty nonna, that’s why I laughed at that sanctimonious nonna upthread who claimed her dad, brother and husband were the only uwu good & pure moids in the world. How stupid can you be? I love my male family members too, but they’re still scrotes and I’d bet my last dollar their search histories are nasty.

No. 1750025

True, I’m a bi woman and I would never date a bi male. Scrotes are nasty and bi scrotes are even nastier bc they have twice the opportunities. Straight scrotes at least have to put a little effort into cheating and bringing STIs home. Bi/gay scrotes can go on Grindr any day of the week and get their dicks sucked in 10 minutes or less.

No. 1750061

File: 1674374393056.jpg (67.08 KB, 500x519, tomie.jpg)


No. 1750076

File: 1674376018495.jpg (280.95 KB, 1440x1092, image.jpg)

They think they're entitled to a wife and children. That's literally it. Issue is that they all have ED at like 18. That's why the moids are chimping out on social media about how women leave when they show their true colors (can't pay for date, is sexually aggressive, no planning skills, no communication skills, can't get it up, expects women to be their maid, porn addiction). Moids regardless of sexuality view women as baby making housekeeper slaves. Thank god for Erectile Dysfunction, that's a good way to filter out the homosexual coomers. Another sign is a non-religious moid suddenly becoming overly religious and of course the trad wife thing.
I know moids are lurking this thread: No amount of skirts and linnen blouses will make you straight, faggot.

No. 1750082

File: 1674376499877.jpg (150.18 KB, 720x1159, Screenshot_20230121-233624.jpg)

I literally laugh when moids claim pic related. Ask any lesbian if bi women (that will actually fuck women) are common and she will tell you no. Ask any gay man the same thing and he will have stories about "straight" moids for days. As i always said, blaming sexual immortality on women (such as the Adam and Eve thing) has always been degenerate moids projecting their degeneracy on women. Religious nofap moids will routinely blame "promiscuous women" for them being literal homosexuals.

No. 1750083

Please be advised that for reasons on topic to this thread, page 2 of /snow/ is no bueno, non scrolliamo.

No. 1750089

File: 1674377219204.jpg (200.59 KB, 720x1251, Screenshot_20230122-000328.jpg)


No. 1750091

File: 1674377470428.jpg (99.71 KB, 718x825, Screenshot_20230121-233750.jpg)

No. 1750092

File: 1674377625358.jpg (89.8 KB, 720x887, Screenshot_20230121-235627.jpg)

Reminder that their paper thin masculinity is dependent on how women view them. Stop talking to them.

No. 1750093

File: 1674377727005.jpg (64.33 KB, 720x657, Screenshot_20230121-233540.jpg)

This is why they have ED.

No. 1750095

File: 1674377858524.jpg (53.41 KB, 702x557, Screenshot_20230121-235410.jpg)

Y chromosome tings

No. 1750097

So many white men are obsessed with interracial porn and I have no idea why. They would have lynched a black man for even breathing in a white woman's direction in the 1950s. What the fuck?

No. 1750099

File: 1674378197102.jpg (46.98 KB, 720x359, Screenshot_20230121-101901.jpg)

Yet somehow these moids have wife and children. The only good thing about current state of things is that women aren't tolerating this anymore and thet leave these degenerates out in the cold where they belong. This is what they want us to marry into. I read an article about 'super ghonnerea', new STD strains that do not respond to antibiotics. If you got a Nigel, be careful and get tested, he's also most likely to kill you out of literally any other person, but that's another discussion.

No. 1750101

Holy fuck what

No. 1750102

It's a fetish they have had since the Nazi days. When Caribbean soldiers came to Europe to aid world war 1, those men got into relationships with white women (of course, its inevitable just like white men going to Vietnam). White men created fake stories and illustrations showing black men raping white women to the point where most would consider it porn. White men have done this for a long time. Usually, while white men fap to it, their lies will be used to create change in policy such as castrating biracial teens (it happened in Germany). Today's black men who willingly engage in these fetishes are shit though. It's basically a gay fantasy but they use the white woman as a buffer.

No. 1750103

Most men who commit child sex abuse are not pedophiles in the clinical sense but men who have trouble relating to other people his age, men who want to take advantage of a massive power imbalance, or men who are exposed to high levels of pornography.

No. 1750105

NoFap annoys me because feminists have been saying porn is evil for ages but the moids only care if other moids tell them they can get erectile dysfunction. And they still blame women for their porn addiction.

No. 1750106

Shock and anxiety increases sexual arousal in men.

No. 1750118

>every adult male has been dismissed by a woman
Yeah and every adult female had been too, both by males and females. People generally don't get coddled. Men have perpetual victim complexes, really.
Also laughable that his deep struggle is not being able to stop touching his dick while watching women get abused (I doubt porn addicts watch softcore vanilla porn) and emotionally cheating on his partner, how could women have empathy about that?
Imagine woman trying to make men empathetic because she's addicted to watching submissive bdsm gay porn, men would laugh at her too kek, how absurd

No. 1750144

>men who are exposed to high levels of pornography
i.e. almost all of 'em

No. 1750148

It's addictive the "same" way people get addicted to a game or activity. The biggest difference is that the only chemicals involved in porn addiction are the naturally occuring ones in you. Although substance addiction also operates in the same way, there's also the fact that there's a seperate substance along side it. Saying both "work the same way" is stupid. Addiction recovery from anything always starts and ends with the addict taking personal responsibility. Any addiction doesn't end just because you want it to end, yes, but starting is a crucial part. I really hate it that moids managed to make something that's objectively a good and healthy process and turned it into some ego feeding ritual and at worse, an actual fetish. Sage for autism.

No. 1750152

Men are fucking disgusting, just don’t let them into your home period let alone babysitting your kids.

No. 1750159

Men behave like this and they still complain that people stereotype them to be sick perverts and rapists. I used to know a man who said that the lack of male childcare workers was because of "misandry" and "female privilege" but then I asked if he would send his own kids to an all-male childcare and that shut him up real fast.

No. 1750160

It’s got to be a burgerfag, their entire centuries-old system of racism is based on white men’s terror/desire of black men’s penises. They talk about them constantly. Just deranged and gay.

No. 1750161

I saw a post similar to this on another subreddit and some of the moids were legit suggesting that the white male porn addicts who felt sexually inferior to black men should watch white supremacist porn (slave play, white men raping women of color). So they could see black men as "inferior" again. The porn addict mind is so warped.

No. 1750164

>Hey so I was wondering how I should confess my porn sins to a priest…
I just have to laugh. they're so pathetic.
I know straight women who watch lesbian porn. It's because they're not being fucking abused in it as they are in straight porn.

No. 1750166

Thank you, men are so stupid. Women of all sexualities watch lesbian porn because it focuses on (gasp) women getting pleasure.

Is it just me or is this super concerning? I feel like this is the type of behavior that escalates to sex crimes.

No. 1750176

Women who engage in same sex behavior are either genuinely attracted to women themselves or straight women who know men get turned on by lesbianism so they perform aspects of it for them. I believe sexual orientation is inborn so lesbian porn wouldn't make women same-sex attracted.

No. 1750178

I remember almost all the "I'm a sexy Asian woman and I worship white cock" raceplay blogs on Tumblr were run by white men LARPing as Asian women.

No. 1750186

I remember when my abusive ex asked me ''Do you want to have sex?'' while I was crying about being suicidal. I thought I was dreaming

No. 1750187

Andrea Dworkin already talks about this. A lot of men fantasize about fucking and sodomizing another man, but hate the idea of being fucked by another man because to be fucked represents womanhood and femininity and men view femininity as inherently degrading (which is why trannies view sissificaton as degrading and a humiliation fetish).

No. 1750188

Isn't this what the ancient Greeks thought too?

No. 1750271

Yes and Rome. It was considered okay to penetrate a young man but if you were penetrated as an adult man it was considered humiliating and feminine. Politicians would sometimes be publicly roasted by being accused of being penetrated.

No. 1750313

File: 1674417900947.jpg (146.09 KB, 1124x1080, 1674395746843765.jpg)

Can I suggest the nofap/semen retention threads on /x/ if anyone wants to find milk? There's no permanent links like the Reddit subs but they're absolutely batshit

No. 1750320

Lmao, what bullshit. Scrotes will literally lie to the very fucking end. HIV isn’t particularly contagious to a man having PIV with an infected woman, even if they weren’t wearing a condom. He definitely didn’t wear one. Serves him right.

No. 1750341

>i went to a sex worker and did normal sex
That is by definition not normal sex

No. 1750406

nona who's the mugshot at the bottom of the iceberg? He definitely has pedo physiognomy and looks like someone I met in college.

No. 1750429

Could add child body parts bought from Etsy, robots, maybe photoshopping of children onto bodies etc. Just my random suggestions. This shit is fucking crazy

No. 1750470

It seems more like she killed herself due to a horrific porn scene she filmed a few weeks before where she basically was raped. I'm sure the cyberbullying didn't help but I don't think it was the only reason.

No. 1750499

It's easier for porn apologists like Ames's porn producer widower and her porn star friends to claim cyberbullying was the reason why she killed herself instead of admitting that rape and mental illness is rampant in the porn industry.

No. 1750501

File: 1674448761695.png (Spoiler Image,1.07 MB, 1074x716, scrote.png)

slightly ot but im not sure if any of you remember the amanda todd case but justice has finally been served. they found the porn-addicted coomer who sextorted her for nearly 3 years. god knows how many other children he victimized but he would lure girls into flashing for him, capping the pictures/videos, and then posting them on pornographic websites and sending the pictures to family and friends. and nonas, he has one of the creepiest coomer stares ive ever fucking seen, literal nightmare fuel.

>The 13-year sentence handed down on Friday will begin after the term imposed by the Dutch court has expired, said the British Columbia Prosecution Service. Coban showed NO remorse in court in New Westminster as he learned his fate.

>Coban harassed the girl for nearly three years online using 22 separate fake social media accounts.

>He sent messages to her between 2009, starting when she was 13, and 2012. In some, threatening to send the explicit images of her to her friends, family and school staff if she didn't agree to give him further "webcam shows". He later distributed the photos to all mentioned which lead to her infamous cry for help on youtube.

i have zero sympathy for any scrote who cries porn addiction if they're capable of doing shit like this and being fully aware of their actions. moids love to compare porn to doing hardcore drugs like heroine bc 'mah dopamine depleted'. bitch please. if you really wanted to quit porn, it's certainly nowhere nearly as difficult as quitting drugs. i know this is kind of a rant but this victim complex so many moids try playing is getting old. nonas, if you ever catch your man watching porn, LEAVE because 9/10 it's never going to get better.

also i hope they have fun with that faggot in prison.

No. 1750503

I first thought "Is porn full of abuse victims?" when I was in high school and I saw this interview featuring Asa Akira where she laughed off being molested as a child on a train in Japan, but started crying when the interviewer threw her teddy bear. Just not normal reactions at all.

No. 1750511

Most people who commit child sex crimes are opportunists who say they aren't attracted to children most men are opportunists who take advantage of drunk women or teenagers and most porn scenarios even "normal" porn plots are coercive and dehumanizing

No. 1750520

File: 1674451303292.jpg (212.34 KB, 1440x1420, 9.jpg)

Look how he casually mentions partaking in organized prostitution (happy ending from massage parlor) but doesn't see it as a problem.

No. 1750523

File: 1674451558824.jpg (79.8 KB, 720x719, kek.jpg)

Why are all of them bisexual?

No. 1750553

File: 1674459064745.jpg (81.1 KB, 696x1044, woman_io89j61802201901y-min.jp…)

I truly hope that women, especially young women, are hardening their hearts to men and their perpetual victim complex. Women should never feel the need to feel sorry for men, because it is NEVER reciprocated. Men do not do this shit for women, especially not for something as disposable as girlfriends. Most men will not do a single damn real world thing to help out their girlfriends, the help and empathy only runs one way. That's one of the reasons why they don't want to get married until they're fucking 50, they don't want to feel any obligation to reciprocate.

No. 1750567

This is such a stereotypical bi moid behavior. Fucks both sexes but will try to get into a het relationship and start a family because it's what is expected of him as a man. But eventually he can't control his same sex attraction and will start fucking men on the side, but he will excuse this because he devalues homosexuality so he won't see it as "true cheating".

No. 1750579

>bisexual man
>porn addict
>"pray the gay away" christianity
>marrying a woman to have kids
Sooner or later he's gonna cheat on his wife with a man kek

No. 1750642

>I’m so happy and proud I blasted a hooker and could nut without porn u guiz!!!!
EW. This one almost made me vomit. No consideration for a prostitute as a human woman, just a test for whether you still have self-inflicted ED.

No. 1750708

Why are men so fucking weird and insane about their orgasms? Semen is disgusting, there’s nothing enlightening about it. Did they get this way to cope with the fact that women are the ones who actually create life? What is the deal?

No. 1750712

It really freaks me out how bizarre and obsessive this is. I know some women suffer with porn addiction too, but I’ve never seen it to this extent and I really don’t understand why these guys can’t just get off imagining a scenario or using a toy and then go about normal life. I don’t understand why needing to see or partake in women being abused is an all-consuming thing for moids. I’ve never masturbated to the same thing in reverse, the thought of watching a man in a video be forced to do things he clearly isn’t into and is faking enjoying sounds so unappealing and stupid.

No. 1750714

Based. Sorry to blog here, but I dated one man who was addicted to porn and convinced me to watch it with him and act some of the things out. It made me incredibly uncomfortable because it was clear the women weren’t actually getting any pleasure from it. In the end he raped me in a very disgusting way and went insane when I left him. I later found out after talking to his other exes that he was just as abusive with them. I also found porn of THEM on his computer that he had never deleted. The last time I checked up on him to see what he was doing, he had shackled some very religious and naive girl to marry him and I can only imagine the horrors she has to go through because she doesn’t seem like the type to be strong enough to leave. Rather, the girl who thinks she has to endure it because god said so. Never marry these men and dump them at the first sign of their degeneracy. Get restraining orders and report any abuse if they’re as crazy as mine was. I didn’t do it at the time because I was afraid to, but they need to be held accountable. Also, never let a man take nude photos or video of you, and if you suspect anything, find ways to search his room for cameras if you can.

No. 1750734

I only know about the case because people were making fun of the girl for killing herself and made the whole situation seem as if she willingly sent nudes to a classmate. It was so fucked up. May this scrote gets what's coming to him in prison.

No. 1750759

I remember learning about it in middle school and we were told that she was talking to classmates who told her to flash for them to be friends with them. Why did the teachers refrain from telling us that she was being contacted by a pedophile? They really did make it seem like she just wanted attention from other people her age, and not that she was being blackmailed from a young age by a fucking adult man.

No. 1750829

File: 1674505627791.jpg (163.85 KB, 720x1123, Screenshot_20230123-070352.jpg)

/pureretention is batshit crazy. They really think their dirt cheap useless sperm is gold. They really say anything to cope.

No. 1750830

File: 1674505693684.jpg (108.19 KB, 720x1395, Screenshot_20230123-111242.jpg)

No. 1750852

File: 1674508534747.png (1.37 MB, 1772x1585, muh seed.png)

All moids do is lie. As a bio nonna this shit really pisses me off. A seed is not sperm. Even in primitive nature (plants, fungi), these moids jobs is to produce sperm and that's it. They don't even have to spread it, it's spread by bees and other animals. Moids are useless in nature and to us humans. To the female angler fish, they are parasitic, only job is to produce sperm. They are not involved NOR responsible for the "floweing" of plants or produciton of fruits (fruits are the mature and ripened ovaries of flowers). They are not part of the creation of someting beautiful that nature has to offer. Just google flower reproduction and you will see that the female ovule has very complex features and stages of reproduction, whereas the moid sperm literally only has 1 job and it's to enter the ovule which takes less than 1 second. The rest: the days, weeks and years for a ovule to produce a seed, fruit, flower is all the female's job. Fuck these ugly ass useless moids and their over -inflated egos. You are useless, that's why you skeet out 2 billions of them shits after you masturbate to tranny feet. Fuck off.

No. 1750880

File: 1674511214797.png (111.71 KB, 1109x371, 01958.png)

ew what a fucking nightmare

No. 1751221

File: 1674537327848.jpeg (276.92 KB, 1200x630, download (3).jpeg)

I definitely don't thing it's an accident that delusional men call their shitty pollen a whole ass "seed". The reality is pic related.
Absolute schizoposting. And they'll never consider that maybe it's not a fantastical moral battle of demons, only that they are weak shitty people who have trained themselves to be weaker and shittier for decades. They won't change their own low effort lives, so they will just keep being miserable.

No. 1766583

nayrt and late but thats matthew falder, hurtcore guy who groomed and sextorted a bunch of little girls online basically

No. 1766743

Very late response but hallelujah for her and her family.
This literally sounds like schizophrenic magical thinking.

No. 1767055

are things only good if they are good for women? if a man does something to improve his life do you judge the merit of it on whether or not he is explicitly doing it for a women's cause? if the answer is yes, then that's retarded.

No. 1767157

Why are men so disgusting? I truly cannot understand nonas

No. 1767213

This thread is opening my eyes. I’m currently living with my boyfriend of 7 years and when we first started dating he would watch porn while we had sex and would watch porn at work. He doesn’t do it as much now but I can’t help but feel he just hides it now since I did get angry at him once when I found it on his phone. We were thinking about having kids but he randomly told me a few months back he had a dream about an adult father fingering his daughters and he knows I’m a victim of csa. I haven’t been able to feel comfortable about starting a family with him since…

Maybe I should start dating women behind his back lel

No. 1767214

Nta but I think the point is their good deed of battling extreme porn addiction is motivated by the selfish desire to cure their erectile dysfunction etc. So though it's an objectively good thing to do, they are probably still being trash people ruled by the coom and willing to use people to get it, until proven otherwise.

No. 1767266

why behind his back, you should dump him entirely
why even stay with a porn addict guy you cannot trust?

No. 1767277

Male porn addiction directly affects women. The market for more and more bodies is getting bigger and it's trickling down to teens starting onlyfans because everyone is so obsessed with normalizing porn. When a man says he doesn't want to jerk off to porn because his dick doesn't work anymore he's not doing it because he finds the systematic rape and abuse of women to be disturbing he's doing it so he can orgasm better. If you can't see why that still makes them a bad person even though they're "doing things to better themselves" you are retarded.

No. 1767281

If you’re being serious you should dump him immediately what the fuck??

No. 1767283

The dream alone is enough to run for the hills. He will probably make some excuse of not being able to control his subconscious. But it's still in his mind, and he still chose willfully to tell you about it.

No. 1767298

>had a dream about an adult father fingering his daughters and he knows I’m a victim of csa

Hes having porn dreams of sexually abused children while he knows you yourself have been sexually abused? Your boyfriend is a predator. He might not act on his urges but his subconscious is poison and you need to leave him ASAP. Porn addiction isn't minor it directly correlates to sexual abuse. If you're uncomfortable having CHILDREN with this moid because you're afraid his uncontrollable porn urges will affect them and you're still with him that's beyond disturbing. You're not just with a bad boyfriend you're with a predator if he's dreaming about fathers fingerings their fucking daughters. Dump him run far away and find a moid who doesn't fantasize about incestually finger fucking their children holy fuck.

No. 1767499

erectile dysfunction isn't the only negative consequence of watching porn for men, and it isn't the only reason they would want to quit.

No. 1767513

nona, if hes degenerate enough to be consuming so much porn. and he was HIDING it from you. why would he tell you, a csa victim, about his pedo dreams? think about why he didnt keep it to himself. he seems to be testing your limits. seeing how you react to the idea. this cannot possibly end good for you.
if in the future something were to happen, hes not going to take responsibility. And you're gonna feel super guilty for knowing about his degeneracy and staying. He will also make you feel like its all your fault for "knowing" too.

No. 1767522

Shut the fuck up and let me laugh at moids

No. 1767537

It's the main one. Most of the other reasons are a cope to prop up the main one, to act like there's some deep self discipline or spiritual bullshit going on instead of the shallow degenerate truth.

No. 1767545

Why are you unsaged replying to a post from a month ago? Integrate.

No. 1767557

i think you're just being cynical

No. 1767561

An intrusive dream is one thing, telling you about it is him testing the waters on molesting your future children. DO NOT REPRODUCE WITH THIS MAN

No. 1767567

As if a man's dick breaking isn't the major wake up call

No. 1767602

old post but i remember when i used to browse askreddit (gag) there was more than one thread about "weird turnons" and SO many men confessed to being aroused by a woman crying. i don't get it. one story that stuck with me is similar to this, some guy talked about his gf dealing with a death in the family and crying on him and he got a boner. he tried to explain it as "feeling protective of her" or something but it sounds sociopathic to me

No. 1767655

>he would watch porn while we had sex
Are you actually doing anything or just lying there? To me that sounds more like he isn't turned on by you. You're doing something wrong, or more likely nothing at all.

>he randomly told me a few months back he had a dream about an adult father fingering his daughters and he knows I’m a victim of csa.

This directly ties in with my above suspicion. His subconscious mind is suggesting to him that you aren't actually interested in him and that the sex is so bad someone else (in this case your previous abuser) was the one who satisfied you, while he cannot. This simply translates to him being unsure if you even love him at a very basic level. You appear unavailable to him.

The rest of the replies here are the usual bullshit. If you want actual advice, you need to put in more effort sexually to be… well, sexual with him. You both seem oddly sexually and intimately disconnected from each other on a basic level, which could be due to your csa thing. Theoretically, you might be too frigid. Work through your intimacy issues and disregard toxic Nonnas.

No. 1767660

Are you trolling or just retarded?

No. 1767662

you sound like a bitter moid

No. 1767665

Even someone with a cursory knowledge of psychology could tell you what I did. Reading all the insane bullshit you spun for that poor girl is almost evil.

No. 1767671

her boyfriend was doing frankly inexcusable things like watching porn during sex and telling her his fucked up dream knowing full well she’s a csa survivor. we all have fucked up dreams sometimes, he should have kept that to himself. and because of her boyfriends inexcusable behavior you’re going all Freudian on her lmao get a grip anon

No. 1767683

He is a porn addict who jerks it to child porn/ddlg shit not some uwu poor feels unloved widdle faggy woe is me moid

No. 1767715

NTA but in my experience, yeah, they mainly do it to cum better and to obtain more sex. I used to be friends with a big group of scrotes (mistake) and when they all group-decided to stop watching porn (weird) it was because some YouTube PUA told them it makes them “pursue sex less” and generally makes sex less enjoyable. That was the only reason all 5 of them ever mentioned, never heard a word about systematic abuse/rape.

No. 1767723

If you are not male then you are, astoundingly, at their level of morally depraved retardation defending a literal pedophile who is so obsessed with taboo porn that he’s begun dreaming about it and bringing it up to his gf to test the waters. If you think that kind of behavior is excusable you seriously need help because it reflects poorly on you too to think that anyone who isn’t actively having good sex is going to turn to pedophilia. Very strange thought process for you to have.

No. 1767757

>he seems to be testing your limits
Moids also bring up these ideas and if you don't shoot them down or react strongly they take your lack of reaction as consent. So he was basically asking for permission to SA her future children

fucking run nonny

No. 1767806

He didn't have a dream. He watched a version of that repulsiveness on some porn site. Might have watched child pornography. This moid is morally broken. Get the hell away from him as fast as possible. DO NOT REPRODUCE WITH HIM.
This right here is the truth.

No. 1767821

Dahmer goes republican vibes

No. 1767858

>i don't get it.
They don't see women as people. And most porn is about abusing and degrading women so they jack of to women crying and it transfers to real life because they don't see women as people.

No. 1767876

“Just laying there” should be enough for a moid who is actually attracted to a woman and isn’t a fucking pedophile. Pornsickness is fucking terminal, I stg. Glimpsing an ankle used to be enough to make scrotes get flustered, now because of porn scrotes think it’s normal for them to not enjoy sex with their partners unless it includes some crazy acrobatics.

No. 1767962

uhh nonnie your boyfriend is a pedophile. that is not normal at all.

No. 1767972

Nofap is treating a symptom but not the disease.

No. 1768639

File: 1676470053375.jpg (140.1 KB, 1116x955, must coom.jpg)

They are so weak kek. To nonnas who feel bad for these moids: they literally saw nothing wrong with exploiting women and children for their own sexual gratification. This is pure Karma.

No. 1768642

File: 1676470379390.png (74.69 KB, 879x683, paraphilia.png)

Such a naive take, kek. They are 100% doing it because they can only orgasm to fetishes and are losing their straight masculine man status. Nofap is not a valid treatment for paraphilias, so what they're doing is essentially meaningless. Read the fucking OP.

No. 1768651

File: 1676470960712.jpg (99.19 KB, 1404x916, image.jpg)

why is it so easy to psy-op moids? Same username - it's obvious but they fall for it. mOsT lOgIcAl gEnDeR

No. 1768655

File: 1676471301104.png (971.91 KB, 1527x952, Screenshot .png)

"I know abnormal, you guys are totally normal"
It's very odd hearing from a licensed psychologist coddle men with obvious paraphilias. He knows it's incurable, even if they get castrated. Just look in these moids eyes, even through shitty webcam quality you can tell their eyes are completely dead, they're wearing the same crusty clothes, they're surrounded by piss bottles and filth.

No. 1769788

File: 1676582335499.png (68.84 KB, 1050x272, 2.png)

What do you think he watches?

No. 1769791

File: 1676582489181.png (165.12 KB, 1125x788, 1.png)

They are so desperately trying to cling to their past selves. Paraphilias are incurable. There have been multiple studies for decades now and they all point to the same thing. Best thing about this is that it contributes to a certain male statistic, kek

No. 1769797

File: 1676582777757.png (73.76 KB, 1113x397, 23.png)

Fag does gay conversion therapy on himself through porn.

No. 1769801

File: 1676582991495.png (161.41 KB, 1116x730, 39.png)

Another post where a fag gets into a relationship with a woman for the sole purpose of making himself straight and get rid of his porn addiction. These moids disgust me. Please beware of these freaks nonnas if ur dating.

No. 1769926

I’ll take the ban for a-logging but I sincerely hope these moids all rope themselves. I’m sure the women & children whose rapes are plastered all over the internet for their sick gratification have thought about killing themselves too.

No. 1770054

That poor girl is about to become a trans widow and she doesn’t even know it

No. 1771729

File: 1676812834111.png (61.11 KB, 1111x311, 000.png)

The most interesting thing about what I'm seeing in the nofap community is that they become like pic related when the porn they watch turn them gay. They didn't care when they were watching a trafficked girl get raped. They didn't care when they watched a gangbang of a woman and she was left physically damaged. They didn't care when they were all laughing, sharing and producing revenge porn on women. This is exactly why I don't feel bad for them. I actually derive enjoyment from their dispair. "Straight" men who can't accept that they are gay, into transgenders, midgets, men pissing, cuckolding, what have you.

No. 1771734

File: 1676813258166.png (56.37 KB, 1054x255, fag in denail.png)

How do you think he copes with this? I'm sure he watches Andrew Taint to boost his mAsCuLiniTy

No. 1771735

File: 1676813559801.png (472.53 KB, 1133x3395, how much.png)

I don't even have to scroll past the first page to find something delusional as this.

No. 1771739

File: 1676813999415.png (178.79 KB, 1133x809, mental illness.png)

100 million sperm cells is reabsorbed and gives the moid limitless brain power. I swear if they could procreate with themselves they would, the narcissism is insane and is ironically a symptom they share with their porn addiction. Porn users and addicts are known to be narcissistic. All this esoteric talk about the universe and infinite powers all comes from the fact that they masturbate to gay shit.

No. 1771749

File: 1676814948115.jpg (212.96 KB, 1091x961, image.jpg)

Semen demons develop paraphilias and think a woman's feminine energy can heal them, when psychiatrists have tried to "cure" sex offenders, pedophiles and other sexual degens for decades but failed time and time again, even castration won't "cure" them. Any moid reading this, no amount of semen retention, or psychology can cure your sick or gay fetish. Go be gay and leave women alone.

The narcissism is astounding. They are so fragile yet claim to be "warriors". You're a weak bitch that deserve to be locked up. This is exactly why 70% of moids need to be culled out of existence. Useless glorified apes.

No. 1771759

Yeah, I've seen that before. Moids who realize they have a porn problem and must stop when they start watching shemale or gay porn. That's what they think is an extreme wake-up call, not watching abuse of women and girls. That doesn't matter. It's chilling.

No. 1771772

File: 1676817148576.jpg (306.43 KB, 2193x1080, 6457.jpg)

No. 1771778

Yup, all this moralizing is just a cover for gay panic when they realize they’re such degenerates they can successfully fap to anything. It’s just moids getting a glimpse of their own sexuality and being rightfully disgusted and terrified.

No. 1771911

Lol men's fragile egos just crumble when they end up with a woman who's had way more sex than them. One of my favorite pathetic moid phenomenons

No. 1772461

There should be a fourth one that says "how did you do it, teach me" and the coomer has a wig on and makeup.(sage your shit)

No. 1772539

File: 1676902951871.jpg (55.97 KB, 720x474, Screenshot_20230218-124604.jpg)

what do we call this?

No. 1772557

This makes me think of Taoism and semen retention and yang being the sperm and yin being vaginal fluid and then I wonder if ancient societies also had coomers that needed to be tamed and kept in line with faith and religion. Funnily enough, yin was noted as being in endless supply so a woman could never masturbate herself to spiritual death like a man, and a woman's orgasm was far more important than a man's; he was instructed to not cum until she did, or not at all. Of course Confucianism ruined all of this and told men that women's pleasure didn't matter. Anyway this just makes me wonder if men masturbating to excess isn't even that new of an issue, but of course the internet has exasperated it. Dark times.

No. 1772572

This happened to me also because I'm a terminally online shut-in who masturbates daily. I eventually find myself looking at super cute UwU fembois and can't resist the urge to bust my nut to hot trap videos.(moid)

No. 1772648

why don't they think femboys are thots? everything men do in life revolves around "owning" women

No. 1772702

Instead of busting a nut could you please try busting your skull in with a claw hammer? Oxygen is precious, after all.

No. 1772839

We call this God's infinite wisdom. She built this killswitch into moids so the worst among them will never reproduce and pollute the world with their filthy coomer seed, praise Her holy name.

No. 1774899

File: 1677134200120.jpg (241.73 KB, 720x1458, image (2).jpg)

Suicidal fag just wants a wife and kids. Commenter telling the truth gets downvoted, the guy telling lies gets up voted.

No. 1774901

File: 1677134380204.jpg (63.2 KB, 696x726, 15 year old pervert.jpg)

15 year old moids developing fetishes that was once reserved for old white men in their 60's. Go to the gym brah and watch a few more Andrew Taint videos. It'll be ok.

No. 1774903

File: 1677134542159.jpg (59.54 KB, 720x684, faggot.jpg)

No. 1774908

File: 1677134753049.jpg (161.28 KB, 720x1245, fag gets a gf.jpg)

No. 1774913

File: 1677134945574.jpg (37.61 KB, 712x600, 150 times.jpg)

No. 1774917

Unfortunately they all want wife and kids. Some get gfs right when they begin their no homo porn/Grindr hookup journey to cure themselves. It's a stage in their gay conversion therapy.

No. 1774921

Moids only respect other moids. It's a pillar of the patriarchy. Pray for his future gf or wife.

No. 1776375

File: 1677315071942.jpg (461.55 KB, 2160x1255, image (1).jpg)

If a moid you know starts talking about nofap, he's a faggot.

No. 1777518

File: 1677395658898.png (565.58 KB, 722x2192, chrome_screenshot_167739550500…)

Moment of silence for the girl he's dating

No. 1777523

File: 1677396615200.jpg (148.68 KB, 720x1206, 2023082520.jpg)

>can't get it up for 8 diff women
>can only coom to trannies
iM a sTrAiGhT mALe

No. 1778238

File: 1677487503584.jpg (206.45 KB, 720x1367, 094131.jpg)

I am a very straight man

No. 1778240

File: 1677487658149.jpg (137.16 KB, 717x1245, 093457.jpg)

Kek i love the posts where they want to soduku.

No. 1778242

This is so common.
>Moid want to suck dicks
>But I'm straight cuz I love my wife!!
>What is bisexuality?
>no I'm straiiiight

No. 1778245

File: 1677488016789.jpg (53.6 KB, 720x624, 81937.jpg)

Gross stuff=I'm gay i wanna be straight again i had no problems watching women get raped and beaten, my pp only gets hard for moids pls help

No. 1778273

>I wish I was a man born before the internet
Porn mags existed back then too, the term "sado-masoquism" exists since around 1840, people have been degenerates for eons, there's no such a thing as a completely innocent community. Plus, back then, in that magical "no internet" world, moids would literally kidnap and rape any woman and that woman had to marry them or their reputation would get tainted forever, and she would've been considered useless. And that's assuming that woman wasn't part of the groups of people that were considered less than animals.
I absolutely hate how moids will be like "muh back then life was better" yeah, better for them, that faggot would've still been addicted to porn, he would've still been into fucked up shit, just that back then he wouldn't have had anyone to tell him that he was doing wrong, and he would've still been considered a valuable man because "moid=good, woman=nothing".

No. 1778301

KEK I read this aloud to my Nigel and he couldn’t stop laughing.

No. 1778328

>I am a very straight man
>All I think about is dick

Pure comedy

No. 1778392

Jesus Christ he goes soft inside of a woman but can get off if she puts his chode in her hand or mouth? How do they not see what is wrong here?! Every male I’ve been with talked about how warm, wet, and sensational a vagina feels compared to anything else (like hands, mouth, jerking off, etc) so he must be subconsciously repulsed by vaginas since the physical sensation is definitely enough to keep a moid hard unlike a hand or mouth. Before porn induced ED there were guys who’d ejaculate as soon as you put them inside.

No. 1778425

It's the death grip, I mean this guy can't stop thinking about dick so he's definitely male leaning bi, but he mentions obsessing over blowjob videos so it's a combination of deathgrip, gayness, and his specific fetishes.
I have no idea why he married a woman while this is ongoing and he is still confused about his sexuality.

No. 1778632

hoping they all kill themselves

No. 1778639

you got a link for that. I'd like to have it on hand.

No. 1778716

Dude, just eat her out, fucking finger her! Everything has to be about cock for these guys.

No. 1778845

i don't know why she married him. she doesn't get to have meaningful sex with her husband and has to resort to handjobs and blowjobs. and you know this faggot isn't eating her out. what a sad marriage.

No. 1779098

File: 1677581928830.png (1.15 MB, 969x1289, aunt.png)

I physically started laughing out loud

No. 1779131

Fucking kek, wanking to a condiment bottle? Males are truly broken

No. 1779158

Wtf are moids ok??

No. 1779187

it's obviously a joke, are you okay?

No. 1779245

I thought it was a joke but then this moid a few posts back >>1777518
said he thinks about sex when he sees literally any man, so I think they do reach a point where literally the sight of another human triggers sexual thoughts in them

No. 1779323

That's not the same moid. Are you lurking through reddit correctly?

No. 1779375

File: 1677613793618.jpg (101.47 KB, 711x891, 04503.jpg)

Gf probably looks like a beautiful goddess, but she questions her beauty bc a gay scrote that faps to tranny feet can't get it up for her. Moid soduku numbers aren't high enough.

No. 1779379

File: 1677614106810.jpg (59.95 KB, 720x653, 05206.jpg)

I see so many of these posts by porn addicts. They get dumped time and time again by their gfs due to their porn addiction but they somehow get scooped up by some dumb, clueless pick me. It should be mandatory to review a scrotes internet activity for a month before getting into a serious relationship with them. Women have such low fucking standards its disgusting.

No. 1779386

File: 1677614428866.jpg (100.21 KB, 710x931, just do eet.jpg)

No. 1779441

Slightly OT but it's honestly hilarious how often moids online complain about how it's "omg sooo hard" to get a gf in today's age while even the lowest of low quality men seem to have no problem finding some desperate woman willing to put up with them. It's like they live in a different reality

No. 1779567

Just binge read this thread, I had no idea nofap was so degen. I just thought it was normies trying to have better time management and letting go of escapism; next time I meet a man who talks about porn in their life trajectory even in a minimal way I'm going to be very suspicious

No. 1779576

Wtf, that young moid has ED as if he was a 70 year old grandpa

No. 1779595

This just sounds like a giant pile of lies. Watching porn once a week is not an "addiction," by any metric, and I sincerely doubt that "accidentally" seeing naked selfies of other women is the only reason he got kicked out.

No. 1779597

Doubt he actually has an ED. He's probably just gay and in denial, or on antidepressants.

No. 1779882

They insist that there is absolutely no way anything negative in their life stems from anything else but porn usage. All their shortcomings, everything the fail, any parts of themselves they are unhappy with, it's all because of porn. They don't want to believe that they have control over their lives, but rather that there's a conspiracy against them. The moid in the post can't even begin to reflect on himself, let alone all the other moid obsessed with nofap.
Addiction can and will fuck up a life, but they are completely delusional about what negatives in their lives are the result of porn addiction and what negatives result from their own doing. It is so disgustingly pathetic, if they truly wanted to quit they wouldn't be immersing themselves in communities dedicated to talking about it. They are engaging in their disordered habits vicariously through/under the guise of "recovery content."

No. 1779886

samefag, I wanted to expand on the last part
>They are engaging in their disordered habits vicariously through/under the guise of "recovery content."
Absolutely none of these moids actually want to recover. They've reached a point in their life where they're starting to feel shame for the first time ever, which they semi-correctly attribute to porn. None of them have anything else going on except for porn, so TRUE recovery is not an option. That's why nofap is so cringey and off-putting, it's just retards complaining that their life sucks (from porn addiction) by revolving their life around what sucks (their porn addiction).

No. 1780121

This. Medical ED that old or disabled men get is completely different to what these closeted bisexuals or gay moids are experiencing. It's hilarious they don't see it. The death grip shit women believe is even more pathetic. He's not attracted to women, they write posts about secretly meeting men for sex and they get rock hard just from the thought of it and the encounter. If your nigel is under 50 and claims to have ED from porn, he's a fag.

No. 1780640

File: 1677748124754.jpg (183.21 KB, 720x1179, 100622.jpg)

why do they all have gfs when they are clearly gay?!

No. 1780650

File: 1677749427296.jpg (181.72 KB, 720x1201, 102348.jpg)

Divorced old woman with breast implants and other cosmetic procedures crying to nofap moids about not being able to date. Kek this is so pathetic. Of course she attracted a coomer moid looking the way she does, what did she expect? These male attention addicted whores who peakcock for a crumb of attention by bimbofying themselves part of the reason why moids don't respect women and why they devalue femaleness. She 1. disrespected her natural devine body to look like a "dirty" porn image that moids masturbate to, 2. showed no pride and integrity in herself and her femaleness and is still desperate for dick. She participated in the cheapening of women. I hope she dies alone with her rotting implants saved in a pickled jar.

No. 1780651

No way that’s not a guy role playing.

No. 1780816

File: 1677776446569.jpg (109.27 KB, 722x923, 546.jpg)

No. 1780823

My favourite thing about these posts is how they say their gf/wife is beautiful, amazing, love of their life and somehow miss the cognitive dissonance of being 150% gay at the same time and writing paragraphs about how very gay they are. I suspect they act less rapey than straight men due to being very gay, hence bagging nice girls who think they're one of the good ones. Being a rape monkey is a major component of male psychology, these women think he's a gentleman when he's camming men for 3 hours a day as his rape outlet instead of her.

No. 1780834

What the actual fuck. Men are not only pathetic, but completely defective. Imagine having so little going on in your life that you do this

No. 1780838

Dw anon, a man definitely wrote this to larp

No. 1781187

You nailed it as a woman whose dating history is full of men like this. The last guy I dated tried to get me to become a female body builder to look more like a man I assume. Fml.

No. 1781278

The fact that he wants his gf support and to "confess" to her as if she's supposed to coddle him is laughable.
>Babe… sniffles I have a terrible addiction, I'm struggling so much. I'm addicted to jerking off to women who look way, way better than you.

No. 1781319

this thread is crabs in a bucket garbage, there's nothing wrong with scrotes denying the porn industry clicks and resetting their nuked brains even if they're doing it for self serving reasons

No. 1781323

do you have a source for that study? but yeah fucked up porn has existed well before the internet and has inspired porn sick scrotes to commit heinous acts.

No. 1781332

File: 1677812686164.jpg (13 KB, 435x302, 4c370e17cbf058c5f0e7e5a4c337e8…)


If you think these men actually have any hope you are delusional. A lot of these men are either straight up repressed homosexuals or have paraphilias that are irreversible. They want the trad husband lifestyle but their brains are not wired to be that way and there is nothing in this earth that can ever change that. They are permanently broken and they have no self awareness to understand this about themselves. the best thing for them to do is to get a hobby and leave women alone or die.

No. 1781352

>Crabs in a bucket garbage
What do you mean by this? The women commenting here aren't jealous of porn rotted brain scrotes nor are they tearing them down for their "success". Women are also not in competition of these pathetic moids, why would women "compete" with moids to dehumanize themselves en masse/not dehumanize themselves en masse? Makes zero sense. Regardless, not watching porn is not a massive "success" to any grounded person, it's a sign of a healthy individual who sees women as equals and if a moid is likely less of a pedophile/shit head with expansive paraphilias. The crab bucket metaphor doesn't work here since it's more akin to a deep pit than a bucket with no exit and the crabs are other moids clawing themselves and others back down. Using gay panic, moral outrage and pseudoscience to justify what tiny fraction they can climb over other pathetic moids.

Women are not even the crabs in this metaphor; they are krill and the food of the crabs being used to satiate this larp in this metaphor. They are the human trafficked equivalent of the crabs diet. Therefore it means next to nothing whether moids quit porn or not; it still exists, children and women will continue to be abused and trafficked regardless, and the vast majority of moids support it and want to prop it up as a dehumanizing industry to set the record straight that women are less than human.

>even if they're doing it for self serving reasons

That's precisely much of the issue though. Quitting porn because of selfishness, Pseudoscience, gay moral panic etc is retarded and should be criticized, and like others have said moids are beyond helping.

As for >>1781332 this position is retarded and I don't agree that all moids quitting porn want to be trad while their brains disallow them from being trad. All moids are wired to be inhuman and to dehumanize women not to be trad. As for closet homos all moids seem to be closet homos too if you've browsed this site long enough and been on the internet long enough so I don't agree with this anon but I do agree that we shouldn't blindly support bottom of the barrel moids who quit porn and feel that is an achievement in their sad lives. Ultimately none of this truly affects women regardless women will be seen as inferior to moids, it's just entertaining to laugh at their mental gymnastics, gay moral panic and pseudoscientific narcissism.

No. 1781357

Nah these moids are too far gone at this point, they only do nofap for selfish bullshit reasons as some kind of personal growth resolution attempt after realizing they’re looking at illegal shit or becoming opportunistic fags (which has real life consequence). They’re not changing their outlook on women or sex anytime soon but yeah the one benefit is some porn videos will get less views for a brief moment.

No. 1781502

They're more porn than human at this point.

No. 1781547

File: 1677827143715.jpg (570.97 KB, 1378x1226, image.jpg)

If you're dating and a moid can't get it up, he's fucking gay. I wish women wouldn't give these degens the benefit of doubt, now she's stick with a closeted tranny who will troon out on her once he gets her pregnant bc that's the end all be all to being a mAsCuLiNe MaN. This guy suffers from AGP, it's incurable.

No. 1781550

File: 1677827747718.jpg (42.82 KB, 715x619, kek.jpg)

No. 1781553

The fact that they call not being able to resist touching their dicks "relapsing" is genuinely offensive to addicts of real things like drugs or alcohol

No. 1781555

It's really telling how he writes about the gf as if she's just another object helping him to get off in a way that won't shatter his delusional idea of "trve masculinity".

No. 1781862

>scrotes denying the porn industry clicks
Anon do you actually believe this…

No. 1783649

File: 1678117288337.jpg (235.37 KB, 1080x1742, JpGRJ3-Y4Nc.jpg)

The absolute state of modern scrotes. Under every random photo/video where a glimpse of a woman's body is present ALL comments will be sex jokes. I saw a sex joke under a video of an octopus where a woman is not even present with like 58k likes. I see it even under photos of sculptures/paintings of women. I've seen women trying to cope by saying "respectfully don't ask me the color of anything" under 1000 percent intentional moid thirst traps and its pathetic. I think modern porn obsession is really the reason why so many girls want to chop their tits off.

No. 1786282

>Christianity and Catholicism
Catholicism is Christianity. At least double-check wikipedia before embarrassing yourself in the OP.(sage your shit)

No. 1786353

To be fair, most Prots don’t think Catholics are Christian. It’s some weird ass old school Protestant propaganda. Like the more likely they are to think Catholics aren’t Christian, the more likely the person is a: 1) Protestant 2) Evangelical 3) American 4) Charismatic

Basically, the more likely they are to be wackos.

Saged for autistic sperg

No. 1786413

There's many religious differences one could outline but Christians (protestants) don't think a man with a funny hat and golden throne who capes for pedophiles is God's representative on earth. Whether you find that more or less sane is up to you, but the distinction between the two in the OP was pretty reasonable. Also, learn to sage.

No. 1787971

File: 1678723277310.jpeg (16.45 KB, 1080x296, received_246903201008191.jpeg)


No. 1788867

Can you identify porn addicts in the wild? I randomly had the thought today that statistically there’s probably at least one male I know who watches tranny porn. It’s making me question everything kek.

No. 1788873

what do you guys think is the reason that people with porn addiction end up with an addiction, i find it stems from a shit childhood as they use cooming as a outlet to vent their frustrations from being treated like shit or constantly berated from their childhood or just being ignored i feel as they have something triggered in their brain to accept that venting in a way of cooming is the ok norm as(sage your shit)

No. 1788887

I love your optimistic outlook anon

No. 1788897

I'm female and developed porn addiction at 14 years old. The interest started from watching yaoi at a very young age which my eldest sister downloaded for us to view. I believe you develop porn addiction from very early exposure to hypersexualisation and sexual sinuation. Only way to drop the habit is to abstain completely, which I've done for 8 years now.

No. 1788909

Kek this is like some shit in post like a moid, it'd so hilarious you'd think it's fake.

No. 1789016

I also have a porn addiction, I've been clinically depressed most of my life and cooming was an easy way to feel stimulation, at least that's my theory.

No. 1789077

Good lord, why would you admit this??

No. 1789081

Because this is a pathetic moid porn addiction thread and it is entirely relevant and real. Women developing porn addictions is just as urgent as moids with the important caveat that don't lead to fucking sexual assault unlike rapeapes. It is still important that women discuss dehumanizing shit like porn addiction as bleak as it is.

I find it baffling that women could become addicted to seeing other women tortured and raped but anything is possible in a bleak moid world where the literal police are rapists >>1749736

No. 1789113

reads like a coomer moid with a "porn widow" fetish wrote this. perhaps he gets off on the idea of "depriving" a woman of sex to watch porn instead. (as if we need their rancid smegtubes? kek) porn addiction is the most toxic brainrot imaginable.

No. 1789209

What… What is a porn widow fetish?

No. 1789346

A porn "widow" is a woman who has made the egregious error of being in a relationship with a man who watches porn. The man prioritizes his own addictive fantasies over the actual woman, refusing or unable to be intimate with her.

The fetishization of this is the ultimate misogynistic fantasy - that the images of women through the most intense filter of misogyny are more valuable than a real (but not degraded) woman who loves him.

No. 1789430

Seconding; I developed a porn addiction I'm still trying to kick because I got exposed to sexuality way too early (including friends showing me porn as a dare from some game and SA)

No. 1797463

File: 1680040644478.webm (10.29 MB, 576x1024, 864b4bc230a5185d492e28d24a6e1c…)

Average modern "straight" male

No. 1797556

I remember watching a video years ago that a lot of porn addicts aren't into viewing porn for any kind of fantasy fulfilment or are directly stimulated by observing sexual acts, rather that they become addicted to the serotonin rush that viewing taboo content gives them. I don't think this is true of all porn addicts, but it kind of only applies to porn addicts who find themselves elevating to more extreme forms of porn or even a lot of the men who do try to quit porn and fail constantly fall down this hole.

No. 1797754

This cannot be fucking real
I want to a log so bad nonnas

No. 1797838

christ, i couldnt even finish the video. shit like this and all the twitter posts about "post nut clarity" and them wanting to punch or kill their girlfriends after having sex or thinking shes disgusting and ugly as soon as they cum really black pilled me. im so glad my boyfriend is a misandrist and always agrees or keeps his mouth shut when i talk about how disgusting men are and how they deserve death. i truly believe women should be more controlling and even physically abuse their men even though i know its not realistic. people like this need to be put in their fucking place and the fact that hes crying about it like people should feel sorry for him makes me want to commit crimes. sorry for alogging but, you know.

No. 1797847

If the religious arguments work on moids then why not make a religious sect of Christianity specifically for moids with porn addiction and have it turn into a Waco or Jonestown outcome where they all off themselves. I’ve been thinking of trying to make something like this for years to annihilate the incel and manosphere issue but I’m not a moid and it probably would be about as successful as those troons on discord who have harems of underaged catboys with their names cut into them.

No. 1798148

Can't say I agree with physical abuse but I understand your feelings towards the majority of moids. Luckily I have a partner who treats me like a queen and grew up being disgusted by the behavior of his peers and men around him so made an effort to distance himself from that as much as possible. Says he'd rather spend his time pleasing me and not waste energy on masturbation, makes sure i've come multiple times before asking for permission to do so himself. My feelings towards any other men are those of distrust and disgust, because even the most milquetoast of them can be permissive of the behavior of their peers. The dating scene is abysmal for straight women which is why they end up degrading themselves, compromising, and settling… for what? Dudes like this who lack empathy for anyone but themselves and their self inflicted problems? Fuck that noise.

No. 1798728

Sorry to tell you your moid has some submission fetish, asking to cum is weird but obviously still preferable to what men usually do to women. But it definitely sounds like a fetish of some kind where you're his controlling "domme" even if you are not aware of what's going on in his mind. Reminds me also of the chastity fetish. It's not because he respects women but rather gets off on being submissive and controlled.

No. 1798737

I don't agree with you nonnie,my boyfriend is the same(not asking permission to coom tho) because his parents had a loving and respectful relationship and he was raised that way.I do agree it's very rare,but there are good man.sorry for blogpost

No. 1799032

I can see how my wording made it sound that way, but we definitely don't do the whole domme/sub relationship, we just happen to both get off on pleasing our partners and it just works out. I should say, rather, he treats me with reverence and respect which most guys would consider "simping". He's an ex-nofapper from back when the movement was more… "normal", for lack of a better term. He associated porn and sexual urges with the gross pornsick misogynist types (saw his dad treat his mom awfully, was disturbed by his male classmates and how they talked about women and who were, in his words, "greasy and unwashed looking") and really didn't want to be associated with that. Not religious at all, but I got him to be more comfortable and realize that it's not always a bad thing as long as you're engaging in a loving relationship with your partner and not overindulging in porn.

This. Guys who aren't pornsick weirdos these days are like a diamond amongst the rubbish. I don't think i'll date anyone else after him if things get broken off because I have no faith in men these days.

No. 1799277

no point in physically abusing him if he isnt out of like but i think if women could get away with it the world would be a better place if we could hit a man for stepping out of line. they dont face enough consequences for their actions.

No. 1799469

this avatarfag IS a scrote btw, whats wrong taking a break from shitting up crystal cafe? become roadkill faggot and ywnbaw

No. 1799647

lmao you're both delusional, yeah i'm sure your nigels are totally not degenerates! They just pretend to be cool with your views to get laid, in the future they will be talking about their totally abusive ex gf's to get sympathy from new sexual targets. I know everyone here is autistic but this is next level naive.

No. 1801303

File: 1680483952512.jpeg (161.68 KB, 1242x783, 830B91FF-51CC-4A80-B831-5499B4…)

Moids are completely deranged

No. 1801304

File: 1680483974791.jpeg (132.01 KB, 1242x900, D6CFB21A-AADA-4674-88B8-66975D…)

No. 1801306

File: 1680484002098.jpeg (116.82 KB, 1242x931, 41B8868E-8774-493D-B94F-FE985D…)

No. 1801310

Useless males

No. 1801314

Nonas, I hope to fucking god you all own guns, or at least carry a knife or mace with you at all times. Rape, sexual assault, assault and attempted murder cases against women are rising every year. Scrotes are more pornsick than ever. It saddens me you have to be prepared to unload hot lead into a moid’s skull every time you go outside but that’s the fucked up world we live in now unfortunately. Please for the love of God nonas protect yourselves because scrotes sure as hell can’t be trusted to protect you anymore. Go down the range and learn to shoot properly.

No. 1801319

These comments were on the tiktok video of a single mom telling men not to cold approach women in a parking lot (she’s absolutely right btw). Scrotes were seething about what a vicious evil feminazi and bad example for her son that she is simply for having protective mother and self preservation instincts against potential rapists or carjackers.

No. 1801341

Scrotes will for real admit to sex tourism before they choose castration.

No. 1801404

Get your gun permit if you can but even just knowing how to shoot can save lives

No. 1801418

my toddler has more emotional maturity than the entire male species put together.

No. 1801531

>Women won't let me fuck them after making small talk on the street, so I won't approach them if they're dying or getting killed/raped in the parking lot! You don't want random men to molest you on the train so obviously you don't want men to help you either!
Men must all be severely autistic by default.

No. 1801558

they give us what we ask for, they stay away, really? then who were these women assaulted by?

No. 1801624

File: 1680537219105.jpg (410.28 KB, 1434x1657, reddit.jpg)

Reddit deletes these posts clearly saying they are doing illegal shit instead of reporting them to to authorities.

No. 1801758

Nice projection there, although I do understand your reasons for being wary of men as you are. The only thing that remotely offends me is your assumption that i'm naive and lack people sense. I've seen some of the worst and know what to look out for, and I know how I deserve to be treated, and who's a skindeep scumbag, and because of that I don't have to live my life in fear and paranoia. Caution, yes, but anyone should be in this climate. None of what you said rings true for me, so i've got nothing to prove to you on an anonymous message board. I'm sorry for whatever you've been through, but I hope you find healing someday.

No. 1801912

Nonna's I'm sure you do but do any of you also deal with moids staring you down in public, like undressing you with their eyes, and they're greasy, unwashed, mouth breathing looking moids too. Not that if they were even attractive would it make it any better in my book, because I do not trust men I see on the day to day whatsoever. But theres some who don't look as bad and then there's the ones who straight up look like greasy school shooter types.

And. Not only that, but random men who come up to speak to you out of no where. Or feel the need to explain something to you that you obviously already know how to do. Like I was looking at the discounted meats in the grocery store and a moid came up and started explaining the discount stickers to me. Like yes I know this already. Spoke to me trying to dig for info. Immediately backed off when he saw my husband approaching and didnt say another word to me.

And I have been dealing with it for so long at this point, since I hit puberty. Recently a car full of 3 drunk driving, smelling black men stopped me while I was walking and tried to offer me a ride, tried to get my Facebook, etc. one of the black dudes has apparently seen me and my husband before. Yeah and??? I was alone that day, they honked and drive past, then turned around and stopped next to me, on a pretty rural back road. When I finally got them to leave, I know the one in the back seat and the one in the passenger turned their heads to see my ass. I was walking home from a Drs appointment, I was in baggy sweatpants, they made it SO OBVIOUS. I was genuinely terrified. This behavior isn't okay or acceptable

Thing is I feel weird talking about it to other women in person. A lot of the women I know in person, including my mother and sister, ENJOY this type of attention from men. I just don't get it. I don't want men to come up to me whatsoever. It's weird, rude and most times rapey. If you try to talk about it people will tell you you're overreacting or they were just being nice. Some people will accuse you of lying about it or call you vain. Being nice is being nice, these faggots have ulterior motives. You can see it. You can sense it.

I'm just exhausted nonnas. I'm sorry for the blog post, I just think this is the only place I'll actually get to talk about these frustrations. Especially with people who also have to deal with it. I love being a woman, I'd never change that aspect of me, it is uniquely weaved into my genetic makeup and just who I am. But at the same time I absolutely hate the attention just being a woman gets you. Also, sorry if anything wrong or off. I've lurked for years, only posted a few times so I'm still a bit of a newfag with posting

No. 1801965

I’ve only had a few partners but they’ve all done this in some way, they treat their girlfriends like Pokémon cards to show to their friends or the internet. Also seen dudes do it irl but I would’ve hoped they grow out of it after high school.

No. 1802122

>men threatening us with the notion of never approaching strange women in public, something all women dream of
Yes, please do, it will be ever so upsetting to live in peace, unfettered by random moids.
One of those manosphere pop idol men needs to meme all men into thinking they are "rebelling" and upsetting women by leaving us alone in public. Rejecting women all day long by ignoring us all! Show us how unwanted we are by letting us walk down the street in peace!
Utopia is just around the corner kek

No. 1812191

File: 1682005332306.jpeg (56.97 KB, 704x524, 94654886-6B96-4C69-8213-2C3702…)

I was reading this post in /ot/ and was thinking is this the reason why so many trannies are into domination, bnwo/raceplay, sex slavery etc? It’s all rooted in a sexual fantasy about becoming the “lowest” in respectability, being humiliated and worthless? And how does that even develop? Sorry if ot I don’t know where else to ask this lol

No. 1813775

>hate women
I think the majority do that not because of porn addiction, they constantly get told "equality" but see these programs to help women and minorities (they forget the latter part), constantly see how women get it "easier" then men in general (which isn't true to say the least) so they want the best of both worlds so to speak.
I hate pornography and I hate workaholic absentee parents because it ruined my family. It caused both my older siblings (step-brother and half-sister) to become complete porn addicts as I watched them spiral. They kept trying expose me to porn with them to the point where they tried to have sex with me, that's when I knew my brother was a faggot and my sister was into incest.
I walked away from that family without regrets and I have never had any desire to have a relationship since. Sorry for the vent…
I can only hope that I raised my younger sister properly as her guardian because my family sure as fuck does not deserve to raise her.
>Dopamine hit
There's an interview by Nick Rekieta of a convicted pedophile who was into child images. He explains it as "I couldn't get off to shit unless it got more extreme and then I got into cp". He also constantly says prison only "forced him to act normal", so a bullet to the head is probably a better solution than letting him out on parole due tothe claim of there being no "physical victim".
Same way you deal with gay rapists trying to get straight men. Firearm and not getting drugged.

No. 1880299

Bumping this epic thread. I want to see more suicidal depressed coomer moids.

No. 1881587

File: 1692046603988.jpeg (544.93 KB, 1125x1118, IMG_1871.jpeg)

Faggot in denial dreams of becoming a big straight man.

No. 1881596

File: 1692047747954.jpg (225.8 KB, 1080x913, SmartSelect_20230814_221740_Fi…)

moids would sooner kill themselves than stop jerking it to rape and violence

No. 1881600

Hope he went through with it. These pathetic retards cannot be saved.

No. 1881605

good fucking riddance.

No. 1881654

This is kinda based off him ngl I hope he inspires other scrotes to do such

No. 1881659

>addicted since age 9
yeah doing a flip is probably the best solution

No. 1881675

I hope he actually did it and wasn't just looking for pity (yeah, right).

No. 1882065

File: 1692114277447.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1125x1904, IMG_1906.jpeg)

I audibly gasped when I read 16. These braindead moids literally look 30. How do they have such confidence to post this shit ?? Do they want to be congratulated for resisting touching their rotten sausage chodes to tranny and rape porn?? Feel bad for the poor hairdresser who had to touch this greasy tards mop.

No. 1882074

Genuinely respect this choice, much better than spending his life abusing women & girls or being a drain on society.

No. 1882152

wow. this basement dweller legit ran to the internet to get praise for barely taking care of his fucking self. no one, especially a woman with a shred of dignity will ever associate with him.

No. 1883025

I know,this comment was 3 months ago but this feels like a pick me handmaiden post. Why are you referencing misogynistic rekeita?

No. 1907012

File: 1696098425819.jpg (949.38 KB, 2273x1904, image 2.jpg)

Feel bad for the wife. Closeted tranny got married… there’s no way to trust moids. Reminder that porn addiction= he’s either gay, a tranny chaser/ closeted tranny, a pedophile or a zoophile. If a moid you’re dating starts talking about nofap then he’s either of those things, no straight man is going to find straight porn addiction concerning. Stay safe out there nonnas.

No. 1907019

File: 1696099714560.jpeg (719.96 KB, 1170x1263, IMG_0994.jpeg)

Found this hilarious coping post on r/pornfree. They do get more ugly, bad skin and thinner and balding hair because of their coom addiction. Women always on top. Even if there are female coomers, they don’t look like shit or masturbate to fked up shit like they do to the point of spending your rent money and putting your dick in bare HIV asshole. I fucking love women.

No. 1907229

this is a threat? moids already do this unless they're paid too, even when they are they're still shit at their jobs like the disturbing amount of moid emts that ignore women having medical issues because they think its for attention

No. 1908323

File: 1696357269388.jpeg (659.15 KB, 1170x2727, IMG_1033.jpeg)

I have a theory on moids obsession with the attention women get from men. They are so obsessed/jealous to the point where they want to partake in that dynamic so they prentend to be women online/offline, share images of their gfs/wives/ tell their gfs what to wear and not to wear. It’s so goddamn creepy. Might sound weird here but I never can find out whether moids stare in envy or desire whenever I dress up. It’s fking scary. It’s like they want male attention for themselves.

No. 1908325

File: 1696357605816.png (1 MB, 1170x1849, IMG_1036.png)

More semen retention (SR) schizophrenia. All that dead sperm in their ballsacks making them go cray cray.

No. 1908356

Taking sexual photos of women without their consent seems to be a common thing serial killers did before they started murdering. Leonard Lake comes to mind.

No. 1908359

This just sounds like he’s so desperate to coom that he’s begging women to post about their porn/masturbation/sex experiences.

No. 1908838

Why do they keep bringing up children looking at them in correlation with their “semen retention”? Ew? These men need to be euthanized for their own good. It makes me wonder how many dudes I see out and about are fucking weirdos like this.

No. 1925329

spoiler this E.T looking dick, fucking nasty

No. 1925330

Spoiler this ew I don’t want to stare at this

No. 1925334

I hate when they blame their actions on literally everyone and everything else in their life. Literally just don't take pictures of women, save me the mommy issue lore

No. 1925373

Just assume all of them until proven otherwise nonna, it’s safer that way.

No. 1925709


You are correct in that moids are envious of the female reproductive niche, at least in the primordial "larger and more important gamete" sense. Despite bearing more somatic costs, it does mean innately more bargaining power in mate choice, which is the only part they see. Not the last reason to become a tranny also.

But interest in porn in particular is also largely driven by the fact that males are unironically turned on by the idea of a better, more endowed man fucking the woman they'd like to have and/or deem "theirs" (same thing in the male mind). There is a biological basis to this, including but not limited to sperm competition. Evolution predicts that a male should be violently and angrily aroused by observing (or even imagining) cuckoldry, so he can be physically ready to counteract it.

Generally this also explains why male sexuality is typically deeply neurotic (characterized by shame, anger, cognitive dissonance and resentment), and why male paraphilic escalation trends towards viciously "punishing" the stimulus that turned them on by cucking them.

No. 1926042

>I hate when they blame their actions on literally everyone and everything else in their life.

Welcome to the millennial generation.(unsaged non-contribution)

No. 1926234

you mistyped "gen z", also l2sage

No. 1926312

It’s true, men shouldn’t jerk off, they also shouldn’t have a dick, personally I think it’s time for NoCock November. Maybe then animals and children won’t run from them because they’re demons kek

No. 1926344

File: 1699591494449.jpg (69.7 KB, 900x550, taco-girl-article.jpg)

You don't need to highlight particular generations, they're men; that's the problem.

No. 1926793

File: 1699682122941.jpeg (426.36 KB, 1170x2135, IMG_3871.jpeg)

Fingers crossed he actually followed through. His profile is gone anyways.

No. 1927046

This subhuman creature probably thinks he deserves love lmfao

No. 1927749

Sorry to bump this thread with no milk but I read this whole thing out of curiosity, and like some of the nonas here i was with a porn addicted moid for many years and it was horrible and I can relate to a lot to what they said because it also happened to me and it fucked with my head.

But I’m curious, is this a western society issue? The porn addiction I mean. I know so many women who say their man has limp dick from chronic masturbation. It’s crazy. I stopped dating because nearly every dude had an issue getting/staying hard or cuming.

Sorry for bump/blog I’m just really curious on the subject since I kind of thought I was alone on this issue until a few months ago. Please go easy on the ban kek(blog)

No. 1927797

Look at India. It's a male issue plain and simple. Porn wouldn't be as effective if men weren't so receptive to it.

No. 1928202

The "gooning" stuff is always intermixed with life ruining messages where they all get off to destroying themselves, I don't understand it. Is it like a form of cutting for them?

I'm not a druggie so I don't know how it is with heavy drug users. But do say, meth addicts behave the same way? Do they smoke meth and just start getting excited about losing their teeth and getting psychosis? Intuitively I don't think so, it seems weirdly specific to porn addiction where they'll start gushing about how miserable their life is.(sage)

No. 1928209

File: 1699937994099.png (137.43 KB, 659x692, 447.png)

It's hard to understand but its probably something to do with some sort of "i'll never have anything good in life so i might as well do it cause i dont care anymore" type of deal as most of the time i see those scrotes, all are depressed faggot cucks who enjoy degenerate shit like incest, loli/shota, blacked and tranny porn. And are likely down the route of becoming another pedo, tranny or a another suicide that has to be cleaned up like the trash they are. It's sad but its not like these pests would've contributed much anyway.

No. 1942476

File: 1702500069511.png (2.18 MB, 1169x2381, IMG_1670.png)


No. 1942485

File: 1702501320190.png (7.44 MB, 3379x3312, IMG_1681.png)

23 year old “straight” guy is pissed he lost his virginity to tranny and has only had sex with a bunch of Grindr trannies.
WARNING to all nonnas on Tinder, this guy is 23, and is suffering from ED. He is currently active on Tinder looking to get with women. Judging from his grammar, he is not a native English speaker. He sounds European, reminds me of how Germans speak English.

No. 1942492

>Jerk buddies
>I'm not gay
>Banged MTF trannies
KEK. The cope is immense.

No. 1942494

firstly what the hell is a porn cinema and why are they letting random drugged out men come in to suck other people off.
bros acting like it was an impulse but clearly he must have had some prior knowledge/experience of these places

No. 1942495

They really make a subreddit for everything.
>jerk buddies
Nasty. These men are faggots in denial.

No. 1942501

File: 1702503218302.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1242x1094, E7D239A8-890D-4EA8-A46F-0C5832…)

Of course he was a porn addict too. And his gf says she ‘still supports and loves him’ gross.

No. 1942508

Degenerate rapist scrote should've hanged.

No. 1942534

Ikr. He killed MULTIPLE INNOCENT FUCKING BABY COWS by raping them. I’m so upset and disgusted. Those poor baby animals.

No. 1942542

File: 1702505721289.png (1.2 MB, 738x671, IMG_9066.png)

sorry but the way they placed the photos along with the labels is so funny to me, it looks like they're about to battle

No. 1942641

Hope he gets 110% of that energy back at some point in his life. A woman would absolutely never even fathom doing this, but if she did, she would not be walking free like this fucking monstrosity.

No. 1942746

He deserves far worse than being hanged.

No. 1942875

that's for the best nonna. his addiction will only worsen. at least when he spirals out of control completely he won't have the opportunity to drag you down with him.

No. 1948237


This is a rare instance of semantic creep actually being a good thing. CP is specific and relatively rare. Someone with 20TB of lolita hentai (CSAM) is a pest that just hasn't crossed the worst of the lines…yet. Now with AI their production capacity is infinite.

Trannies are the only group insane enough to suggest abolition of the sex offender registry.

Nobody can come at them directly, they're a protected class, they control the narrative, they've redefined the vernacular and undermining medical "care" to stop their spread hasn't worked. But the sex offender registry scares them. And they really want to talk to our children, to "educate" them…

There's a reason legislators are suddenly targeting CSAM. I implore you to support these efforts where they arise.

No. 1948310

This anecdote in particular is honestly hilarious to me. Gloryholes are such a fictional kink, and this scrote learned the hard way that it isn't porn stars on the other side, but creepy old gay men instead. It has been this way for decades but losers and naive moids still cope that it's a pretty girl on the other side lmao.

I think it was actually back in the late 2000s I heard a story about some coomer scrote way back when getting scammed because he watched a prostitute walk into one side of the gloryhole, had his dick sucked by an old man (he mentioned how the mouth felt odd, lips felt wrinkled, and smelled like an old man), and then the prostitute walked out once he had finished even though he didn't think he actually came in or on her mouth at all. He got bait and switched and they still took his money.

No. 1948317

>CP is specific and relatively rare.
I've had a lot of guys admit to watching or jerking off to child porn to me. For some reason they view me as a "cool girl" and then they spill their beans to me. Worst is that they feel like they are the victims and try to get sympathy for having watching cp

No. 1948361

Why would you pay for a gloryhole, he deserved that and worse, honestly a pretty good hustle, trick perverts into paying you to let grandpas suck their dicks.

No. 1948385

get paid twice! you know dickthirsty grandpa was paying

No. 1948515

How is this all written in perfect english if he just came off his porn cinema drug induced bender 30 minutes ago, this is fiction. He'd be asleep or staring at the wall right now and maybe could put together two or three incoherent sentences. Like a lot of reddit it's just gay/bi moids baiting other gay/bi moids into discussing sexual topics with them

No. 1948516

a great scam and also very funny, I hope this actually happens

No. 1948521

Samefag - rereading it there are some typos but not enough for being on 5 different substances at once and just engaging in that debauchery, also who would hop straight onto reddit after all that. Kinda funny to imagine reddit is mostly just ugly fat dudes edging each other with fictionalised tales while never leaving their basement

No. 1948550

what is HOCD? the only thing I can find that makes any sense is "homosexual OCD"
men are such pathetic creatures. calls himself a prince while he's a slave to his trouser worm.

No. 1948591

Obsessing over being gay or not can be part of OCD yeah

No. 1948607

anonymously report their asses to a tipline in a few months when it's less likely they can connect it to you

No. 1955337

An invented term for males being involuntarily aroused by progressively more disgusting and distressing shit, which is an innate part of male sexual function. Distress and arousal are fundamentally linked in males because of the male reproductive niche.
Those men are not gay. They're just male. I know this website is generally pro-lesbian so there is a moral pressure to pretend they have a male equivalent for equality's sake, but you all need to stop this 90s fag "men have an ironclad innate sexuality" nonsense immediately. Biologically there's no such thing as a man who's "gay" or "straight". They are social self-IDs, not objective responses to stimuli or even real world sexual behaviors. Any man can be conditioned into anything with the correct stimuli + enough time and repetition. Men also get more flexible and sexually "complex" with age, i.e. the longer they've been alive. Before technology the average male would not have encountered such a rapid escalation of sexual stimuli so early, so access to porn provides a truly brutal fast-forwarded model of male sexual hyperfunction beginning in childhood and extending past his reproductive prime.

Before someone mentions conversion therapy and inquires why it doesn't work - it's because coomditioning is a one way street, like time and entropy. You can't genuinely reverse the complexity of conditioned sexual responses to "youthful " vanilla default any more than you can reverse aging - at best it'll be a performance/mimicry. A moid factory reset is currently not possible, you can't put toothpaste back in the tube. Because of this, for example, a coomer who's into tranny zoosadist gloryholes can't be coomed into being vanilla by being repeatedly exposed to LESS distressing and stimulating content, much like you can't revert a fent addict into a codeine addict by having him do a weaker opioid. Even if he does eventually make an effort to stick with it, he will always be thinking about fent.

The relapse rates among nofap coomers are consistent with this reality. There is no way out. It is irreversible damage.

No. 1956404

After getting tricked by one of these sick faggot fucks into thinking this shit could stop, it was v validating to read this and feel I made the right call cutting contact.

No. 1957329

File: 1705767080265.png (43.52 KB, 809x560, Capture.PNG)

jesus fuck every time i go on this subreddit i'm genuinely taken aback. imagine finding out your boyfriend took pictures of himself wearing YOUR panties and sending them to old men on the internet, it's actually so over. how the fuck do you meet someone like this and not instantaneously realize something is deeply wrong with them? like what the actual fuck

No. 1968509

Being addicted to porn IS the fetish. Most stories itt are coomer fanfic.

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