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No. 1991983

This thread is to discuss your grievances with gender ideology.

>What is gender ideology?

Foundational to transgenderism, gender ideology is the belief that one’s “internal gender” can contradict one’s biological sex.

Gender ideology operates much like a religious cult. There is no scientific evidence that supports the notion that we have an “internal gender,” and yet doctors now medicalize and sterilize children with “transgender identities” who have been groomed by the cult. Anyone who does not reaffirm these delusions is labelled as a “transphobe” in order to discredit any dissenting voices of the cult.

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No. 1992033

In gendieland, hetero/homosexuality is reversed. That's why straight tifs don't usually overlap with the leslarpers, their spicy straight needs are covered by their male attraction.

No. 1992067

File: 1714958091855.gif (607.22 KB, 500x360, 1000001597.gif)

How long until they undo letting trannies in women sports? How many women need to get injured for them to stop enabling?

No. 1992125

File: 1714962459660.png (5.71 MB, 2720x2720, timchart.png)

No. 1992152

File: 1714964740666.png (357.59 KB, 587x695, Screenshot 2024-05-05 001408.p…)

I really despise how they have to take the most mundane things and smother them with their gendie crap. As somebody who wore these shorts and never trooned out, i was quite triggered by this. If anything, these shorts have always reminded of Ryan from high school musical.

No. 1992162

KEKKKK nona i never saw that one.. Lawful enby is so accurate it's scary. Usually these types are atrocious 'male feminists' tranny chasers with AGP, but it's not strong enough to cause a troon out. They live through more 'brave' lawful AGPs and serve as their attack dogs. Many such cases. I don't even know what to add, it's too good

No. 1992235

In some cases this is true, and I have seen it before, but I think this was more common in the past than it is now. I'm sure there are still plenty of genuinely SSA TIFs, but there's also so many who subscribe to the idea that being attracted to women is politically cool, but would rather die than actually touch another woman's pussy. You can tell by the way they have no qualms about salivating over men with great specificity, but tack on commentary about women as an afterthought only ever using unoriginal meme slogans like the "excuse me mommy" and "step on me" thing. I do notice this is more common with enbies than more hardcore TIFs, and I suspect it's because they are more low effort and noncommittal about the trans thing, which means if they ever back out, they'll be kicked out of the cool kweer club unless they can claim bisexuality. It's like an insurance policy.

No. 1992240

File: 1714973665399.png (42.29 KB, 598x500, marshal.png)

If Marsha wasn't trannywashed by the TQ+ community, his death wouldn't have been mentioned as "a crime against black queer and trans people". Murder or suicide, let that man rest like the drag queen he said he was, not a TIM that made something "revolutionary".

No. 1992248

KEK this is my first time seeing the TIM version. Also

>lawful hsts blaire white

>neutral hsts jazz jennings

What about Contra and PT though? Lawful AGPs?

No. 1992260

kekkk I love you nonna. The TIF one was peak but this one is also pretty brutal in just how accurate it is. I know a dead ringer for lawful enby who's on the verge of trooning out because he donates to hontra and allowed all his discord buddies to meme him into 'not being able to explain why he identifies as a man'

No. 1992267

I've been seeing way more of lawful enby on dating apps like Feeld and the political and fandom sides of Twitter. Kind of want to protect chaotic HSTS even though I know he's a raging misogynist

No. 1992273

The chaotic hsts is so accurate, place like Atlanta is crawling with them.

No. 1992275

File: 1714978242893.png (206.37 KB, 500x500, 1659060290285.png)

KEK nona you are the best ♥

No. 1992276

>Kind of want to protect chaotic HSTS
I get it, the one non-AGP troon i knew was some gay kid from HS who was trafficked as a minor and constantly hung out with dangerous men. He was chaotic HSTS through and through. Everyone around him (us) was extremely homophobic, it was obvious his 'transition' came along things like prostitution and being singled out for being effeminate. HSTS troons like this are among the few TiMs i actually feel like defending and being concerned about, you could argue they were child victims of gender ideology before it was even mainstream.

No. 1992279

Yeah. I couldn't get as granular as I would have liked with the AGPs, but I did my best. It's a bit tough since AGPs from all walks of life are prone to pseudo-intellectualism.

No. 1992286

next thread pic for sure.

No. 1992296

Is neutral HSTS based on anyone in particular?

No. 1992306

is there a TIF chart too? can you post it?

No. 1992326

I love this

No. 1992327

??????(lost newfag)

No. 1992390

NTA but Jazz Jennings to a T

No. 1992398

which one would Dylan Mulvaney be in? Neutral enby X chaotic AGP?

No. 1992438

It’s fucking stupid because these shorts were really trendy back then, almost like trooning out is now.

No. 1992445

they better not bring these fucking shorts back. I already saw a HS girl in the grocery store wearing a skirt with jeans under it with chunky sandals and it was so jarring. these shorts remind me of middle school and i do not look back fondly on those days kek

No. 1992604

File: 1715012658304.jpg (43.61 KB, 785x370, Va07z6n8i861.jpg)

It's hilarious witnessing absolute consoomers(some of whom I know were once die-hard HP fans) make a complete U-turn and behave as if it's the most worst thing imaginable and that they've always known about it. `

No. 1992608

File: 1715012755434.png (288.27 KB, 800x600, mq0gkt80am1.png)

No. 1992621

I interacted with people who really think like this and it's funny how they are always fans of authors that are actually "problematic" like they describe but don't seem like they understand what they just read or make excuses for these (male) authors, a big example is Lovecraft. Poor guy, he is just a product of his time and he deeply regretted it all in the end, don't you know…

No. 1992630

I mean the behaviors like ogling and salivating makes them think they are male in the first place, such as thinking they are the very creepy men other women hate and want to avoid.

No. 1992643

>9 out of 9 in the tim chart is influenced by the internet or politics
>8 out of 9 in the tif chart is influenced by the internet or politics
Make 1 more row of "trutrans" harry benjamin tims to make the leveling field even.

No. 1992655

>blaire white
>lawful HSTS is a tranny hooker with a christian necklace

No. 1992667

Lovecraft: So racist he even called his cat "n-" and said they should stay away from white people.

Everybody: Oh it was product of his time.

JK Rowling: Women should stay safe of TIMs

Everybody: She's literal Hitler!

No. 1992687

Extra annoying when they act like this because the extent of Lovecraft's racism and xenophobia was not normal for his time period at all. Like his level of fixation is weird even for Jim Crow-era America.

No. 1992713

File: 1715021409115.png (437.92 KB, 1200x675, BJGoIFN.png)

The neutral HSTS is Jazz?

No. 1992725

Holy smokes he's a fucking unit now

No. 1992731

He's like three units kek.

No. 1992736

the way these people act you would think JKR is Literally Hitler and not a past DV victim advocating to keep men out of women's spaces. it's jarring to think about how this was a non-controversial opinion a mere 10-20 years ago. it's almost hilarious how these same idiots typically have nothing to say about other ~controversial~ media figures (Johnny Depp, Brad Pitt, etc.) so long as they beat their wives.

>Harry Potter books are full of racism, xenophobia

holy fuck, i'm not even an HP fan, but it's obvious she's calling attention to how bad these things are. i suppose you would need to have reading comprehension skills better than a four-year-old's to understand, so that explains why gendies can't process this.


if you see a strange, mythical creature who operates a bank and immediately think "Jew!!" then maybe you're the antisemite

No. 1992737

>The giant hands with Laful HSTS
Kekkkk nonnie,ily this is great

No. 1992745

I genuinely feel terrible for this poor creature

No. 1992810

File: 1715028456690.jpg (34.91 KB, 1079x362, 20240506_212631.jpg)

Someone was pointing out the extremely high rates of sex offenders among TiMs in the replies to a JKR tweet. Troons swarmed to accuse the poster of lying and one of them posted these numbers. Do they not realize how their own propaganda contradicts them? A child could look at these numbers and immediately tell rates of sex offenses are much higher for TiMs (58.9% for TiMs vs 3% for women). In fact they even surpass men (16%). I'm sure the numbers would be much higher for men if we correctly prosecuted rapes and SA but it does say something that troons are abnormally prone to antisocial conduct when it comes to sex, even by moid standards. If i was a TiM i'd crawl back to my mancave and never ever bring up politics after seeing how i belong to one of the most rapey demographics ever.

No. 1992821

They think anything negative about troons is made up propaganda. Even the "best" retort I've seen against this stat is that those trans women aren't actually trans women but men claiming to be trans after they're convicted which makes no sense given their self-id worldview. You can find more news articles of TIMs being arrested for sexual crimes than about them being murdered/hate crimed but you won't see them saying there's a trans rapist epidemic. A single story of a troon getting murdered means there's a literal genocide happening though, so convenient.

No. 1992878

Why’re they pretending to have no idea about this? I understand some of them are ashamed of their rapeape compatriots and are seeking to distance themselves, because they’re not like other men, but they didn’t actually change reality by putting on a dress. Just because they claimed oppression doesn’t mean they escaped from the predators in their ranks. The predators are still there just using these morons as cover.
The only way for them to fix this is to start policing their own community but they won’t do that because they’re all sexual deviants sexually harassing people by wearing their fetish in public and they can’t draw attention to it because then they’d have to confront the fact they’re still men acting like men.

No. 1993406

The HSTS guys

>send to psych ward for treatment

Neutral enby, neutral AGP


The rest

No. 1993500

File: 1715054000521.png (848.73 KB, 1007x764, tru self.PNG)

Does anyone else hate this pipeline?

No. 1993503

I honestly need some help understanding the whole troon issue and hopefully this isn't too off topic for this thread since it is vent-y. I am legitimately autistic and can naturally fall into black and white thinking for other issues. I have spent a lot of time working on consciously trying to not go into those kinds of thought patterns when I encounter new ideas and I feel like I have gotten quite good at recognizing them everywhere. Obviously there are lots of issues with gender ideology but at this point in my life I just cannot bring myself to hate all troons or go full TERF. Even if a troon obviously isn't the exact same as a woman or there are a lot of annoying ones I can't tell them how to live their life and cannot hate them or wish them harm because of their choices. I don't like it when people tell me how to live my life so I feel like I can't do the same to others. I do feel isolated on various issues like this because generalizing feels like a cop out and I hate it when people do it to me. I know there are lots of desisters and detrans here so I understand why things are the way they are. I just feel like I'm too autistic to be autistic if that makes sense.

No. 1993507

Not really seeing what you mean by “pipeline”, she looks better

No. 1993509

what’s it, tomboy to trans to hyperfeminine pipeline? or something

No. 1993513

it’s men in womanface, for one. can you see the problem with blackface?

if they kept it to themselves, that would be one thing, but we’re forced to enable their weird fetish and let them into our spaces because of it.

No. 1993516

Gender critical isn't founded on hatred in the first place. There is no need to believe in a black and white good and evil to disagree with the ideology. Many of them are indeed well-meaning ordinary people trying to cope with body dysmorphia and internalised homophobia/misogyny. So? what Their core belief system is wrong. You don't have to agree with it to be understanding or sympathetic to them.
Yes, that's what I meant. The "self I was made to be" comment in which she now is wearing a form fitting low-cut dress is what mostly irked me.

No. 1993518

Was she just an enby or something? Did she think dressing in a more stereotypically way makes her more woman than how she was in the first picture? I don't really see a journey here, rather just a woman who decided to glow up and stop styling herself in an unflattering way that hides her body, which i support if she is genuinely happy like this.
This thread is made specifically for venting on this issue so you're good. I am autistic too, but the thing that peaked me is learning about how harmful hrt and srs was and learning about agps. I don't actually wish all troons death, i don't even think the most hardcore terfs really thing that either since many of them can still be reformed. The idea that gender critical people hate troons is a narrative that troons push to get more people to feel sorry for them and to demonise the opposition no matter how logical the said opposition is. After learning that there is a whole entire industry that seeks to squeeze money out of people who need serious mental help by encouraging them to mutilate themselves instead of helping them build coping mechanisms and learn to love themselves, i can't support such a thing in any capacity, along with the fact that so much of trans rights concerning mtf seek to override the safety and boundaries of females, whilst males seem to be left unscathed in the matter. All the hate that trans people get is largely because of the content of their character because a lot of them present with blatant narcissistic traits.

No. 1993520

i don't think the cut of her dress is complimenting her body type but she looks so much better without the gross enby look. I always hated the gum wall too

No. 1993544

>gross enby look
How the hell is that a "gross enby look"? She just looks relatively comfortable and vaguely GNC, wtf. We are never making it outta here

No. 1993545

I guess I feel like I cannot personally think of it as blackface since for a lot of troons it doesn't seem like a joke or intentional mockery and they are legitimately distressed. Yes there is usually harmful stereotypes involved but most don't seem to be doing that particular aspect of their transition maliciously from what I can tell.
This mostly makes sense, thank you. I still struggle confidently saying that all troons simply have internalized homophobia or normal BDD if some feel cured from transition. Who am I to say? Maybe none really do and its all a lie but how can one know for sure?
The AGP issue is the worst one for me I think. Seeing the 4chan /lgbt/ board and what is said there disgusts me. I think you're right that there is a system that preys on people but it feels wrong to say that I know what's best for everyone. I met an MTF troon IRL once who seemed normal enough and now I feel like I still associate gender stuff with them even when the communities I'm in get ruined from AGPs. It feels wrong for me to hold absolute opinions that would prevent someone like that from living their life in a way that works for them. Sometimes I feel like my problem is that I don't hold stronger convictions on topics that I don't consider important above all else.

Also thank you for the replies. I'm not trying to argue a side (I don't have one) this is just helping me think through this whole thing outside of affirmation bubbles. This topic is so toxic and hopefully I am not seeming that way. It feels like I'm considered an evil GC in some places and some kind of troon apologist in others. I think having a strong anti-troon culture on the farms is important regardless since it seems like the only way to keep the AGPs from taking over.

No. 1993558

Can confirm as an actual bisexual who has been historically more attracted to women than men. I got in so many weird situations when I was younger meeting women off online dating platforms or through the local 'queer' community who pretended to flirt with me only to later admit they found even the idea of kissing another woman viscerally disgusting, but they continued to performatively call themselves 'gay' on social media and in their social groups for more clout. I know there's a lot of bi hate in women's homosexual groups for good reasons but ironically most of the girls I knew that called themselves 'bi' actually were (as in dating, sleeping with women, obviously attracted to women) and most lesbians were actually lesbian, but women who called themselves 'queer,' 'pan' or 'gay' were usually just straight girls LARPing. Now there's a new breed of straight women dating TIMs who also call themselves lesbians though so not even the lesbian label is safe.

No. 1993559

>I still struggle confidently saying that all troons simply have internalized homophobia or normal BDD if some feel cured from transition.
I actively chose to say "dysmorphia" rather than "dysphoria" because I didn't feel like defending my use of their lingo if someone took it to mean I believe in gender-souls. But take body integrity dysphoria, for example- there are those who feel a disconnect with their bodies and like they have a limb that does not belong, they might indeed be satisfied and happier after an amputation. Does this mean that they were born with too many limbs?

No. 1993562

I basically know two types of women who do this, the first is the typical kweer/TIF/whatever variety that just thinks being straight is not cool and want the social clout of calling themselves queer, but the other kind is women with really bad trauma issues from dating men who start dabbling in the idea of being gay or 'a kinsey 5' because they've been so traumatized by dating men. I actually have a friend who went through this recently after another abusive moid dumped her and acted abusive toward her, where her therapist for some reason floated the idea of her being lesbian actually and she ran with it, even changing her whole wardrobe to try to be 'lesbian coded.' I suspected it was just a weird mental issue and indeed, a few months after insisting she's totally lesbian and wants to meet girls she still spergs with extreme specificity about her standards in men and how and why she finds specific males in the media hot and has said absolutely nothing of the kind about any woman, aside from occasionally remembering she's supposed to be lesbian now and saying something offhandedly about wanting to meet girls. She's not a TIF but I think some of these women if they were a little younger when the trans thing took off would probably become some sort of enby or non-transitioning TIF as well just because trauma around their heterosexual relationships.

I wish it was more common for women to talk to other women and younger girls about how traumatic not just female puberty and treatment of young women/beauty standards are but also about how dark it can be to date men because I think a lot of women end up confused and trying to take refuge in the 'queer' movement because they weren't prepared for how hating shitty men and heterosexual relationship dynamics is a normal thing for straight women to experience.

No. 1993565

Looks like she lost weight and decided she was now attractive enough to be female. I'll die on the hill that weight issues (and subsequent discomfort with/disassociation from the body) is a massive contributing factor to girls trooning out.

No. 1993568

Honest opinion: Some women who call themselves gay might do this for this reason, it's not always yaoi brainrot. These women tend to be tifs who are the "gay trans man" type, overlapping with the autohomoerotic ones.

No. 1993569

If you assume all those MTFs are in women's prisons that means that just by putting the 129 troons in a women's prison they increase the number of sex offenders in that prison by more than 50%… and those 76/201 male sex offenders now in a women's prison are much more likely to be able to rape adult women in prison than the 125 women are.

No. 1993571

To me this looks like a very young girl who probably had body image issues/didn't feel very attractive hitting age 19/20 and realizing that she actually can be conventionally attractive and embracing it. A lot of the enby/TIF type girls I knew when I was younger weren't even gay or GNC in any real way, but were just insecure about their looks and felt they couldn't 'match up' to expectations for attractive women. She might be one of those types. I went through this too even though I was not straight and had a fairly 'GNC' personality and interests - I leaned into dressing masculine and covering up my body mostly due to insecurity and feeling I couldn't be attractive, then went through a late teens/early 20s phase of dressing like the stereotypical hot girl when I got over my awkward phase.
Yeah I think either weight issues or hitting puberty earlier than other girls and getting made fun of for your big boobs/butt/curviness before you have grown into them facially is a lot of what causes early/mid teens girls to troon out or at least dress GNC and avoid stereotypical gender presentation and boys (even when they're straight). Just because she's dressing like that for presumably a college party or something now doesn't necessarily mean she's femininitymaxxing and thinks she needs to dress like a bimbo all the time, she might have just started liking her body.

No. 1993575

IKR, where is all this libfem bs coming from? Go back to slutwalk.

No. 1993577

Agree, she just needed to either lose the skirt or get a different length cut, otherwise she looked fairly cute and put together. Beanie + jacket + pants is not a "gross enbie" look.

No. 1993579

>"go back"
>wearing a skirt in the first picture
lol. if anything she just did some tiktok looksmaxx-for-girls shit, lost a bunch of weight, and became hyperfeminine. people like this lack a sense of self and don't develop beyond what they think people want them to be, she just found a different ruleset to follow, the lack of self esteem is still present.

No. 1993581

I recognize No-Dong Jones, Jazz, and Blaire. Who are the others? Does anyone know?

No. 1993585

It's not off-topic for this thread and I used to be where you were at with this so I will take a crack at it. I don't think it is a requirement of being GC to 'hate all troons' although I think a lot of GC women naturally start hating all troons either because they have negative experiences with them all irl or because once they start expressing 'terfier' views online or in person they get attacked by even the seemingly benign, 'good' kinds of troons for their fairly straightforward feminist opinions. For me personally I used to be more amenable to some aspects of gender ideology and have a ton of trans-identified friends/acquaintances but as soon as I started expressing certain GC views I was relentlessly attacked and hounded by even the most benign seeming trans-identified acquaintances, and realized that no matter how many times you want to give an inch they will take a mile and still demand more. I'm the same anon who mentioned on the last thread I had a party where a bunch of TIF/enby girls were discussing a male enby rapist and the only male enby at the party started freaking out at these TIF/nb girls for calling the rapist 'he,' completely bulldozing the entire conversation about a serial rapist to make his feelings matter more than the feelings of his victims. The troons who seem benign will usually let the mask slip at some point and show that they really don't give a shit about women's and children's rights, safety or feelings and once you have been in that position enough times a lot of GC women give up on trying to befriend or give the benefit of the doubt to 'the good ones.'

But on a more theoretical level, you can't tell people how to live their lives, but those people will probably at some point tell you how you can live your life. Try to introduce laws to take protections and safeguarding away from women legally, or implement laws like C16 in Canada that made it legally punishable not to use someone's preferred pronouns. Which means that women who don't believe men are women are compelled by law to lie to themselves and others publicly that they think these men are women. If it wasn't a zero-sum game that would be one thing but most of these people when you agitate for their right to 'live the way they want' won't do the same for you.

Then there's the grooming aspect - especially of children but adults too - where the medical and pharma industries are lying that puberty blockers are safe and reversible or SRS surgeries give safe and usable results when they don't. This starts being promoted to children, mentally ill people, and just people too stupid to know that the medical industry is lying to them. The only long term studies in existence show that a couple years post-SRS most troons are actually more miserable and suicidal than they were before, because they realized how badly they fucked up their bodies and now they have nonfunctioning genitals, can never orgasm, and a ton of other health issues they can never come back from on top of never being perceived as the sex they want to be perceived as. Also many countries are making taxpayers pay for these surgeries. If someone had full informed consent to get SRS and paid for it out of pocket, it would only be as much of a problem as someone with BID getting a doctor to amputate a healthy limb (which is illegal in most countries btw), but it's so much worse than that because they are lied to about the outcomes and usually taking HRT and cutting out their reproductive organs causes even worse systemic body issues than just amputating a limb would. Early onset osteoporosis, hormonal issues, cognitive issues, etc.

Re: the blackface comparison, is blackface accepted when it's not 'intentional' mockery? Not in our current society. A man doesn't have to think he's mocking a woman to make a mockery of womanhood by being a misogynist and applying misogynistic stereotypes and trying to enact them with skirt go spinny and programmer socks, but it's insulting to actual women anyway. It's a man trying to coopt and appropriate women's experiences using only the most offensive and surface-level markers of femininity. Even if it's not malicious most people take issue with people non-maliciously pretending to be another race, like Rachel Dolezal, who ironically tried to do more for her local black community than 99.999% of troons ever try to do for actual women. Because if you're not black, you don't know what it's like to be black, and if you're not female, you don't know what it's like to be female. Even the fact that you think you can know is insulting and is making a mockery of the people you're LARPing as.

You can't know for sure that zero troons really feel cured from transition but it's interesting that on the rare occasions research has been done, they are worse off post-medical transition than they were before. Again ask yourself why we don't publicly fund skin darkening/lightening for people who think they 'would feel better' as another race, liposuction for anorexics, or amputations for people with BID.

If you met a nice HSTS or AGP once I don't think GC ideology tells you that you need to instantly hate them and think they're evil, many mentally disordered and delusional people might be nice people at the end of the day. But ask yourself if they can really become the opposite sex, and if not, how much should other people be legally and socially forced to treat them like they are the opposite sex? Did the 'nice' troon you know want people to treat them this way under force of legal violence or social censure? If a troon wants to present as 'the opposite sex' but is completely fine with everyone not treating them that way, then maybe they are less problematic than the rest, but I've found that no troon I've ever talked to is actually OK with just letting other people live as they want, being cordial with people who don't treat them as the sex they're 'presenting' as, don't want any additional legal rights, etc.

No. 1993592

Samefag and I already wrote a novel but if you genuinely think one of the troons you know is 'one of the good ones' then I would try expressing whatever terven views you have openly around them and see how they react. Try saying 'I know you're not doing it on purpose but the way you're presenting looks like an offensive caricature of femininity I don't identify with' or try saying 'males have no right to be in women's bathrooms/changing rooms/prisons because no matter how you all present males are statistically more likely to sexually predate upon women and are physically stronger and women's class rights to safe single sex spaces trump yours.' Or try telling him 'if women look at you and their brains think you're male it's normal and reasonable for them to not use your preferred pronouns and talk about you as a man.' Or ask him 'if gender and sex are separate things then what does it matter if you get surgeries or hormones to look more like the other sex' or whatever your 'terfy' view might be. If the troon reacts in good faith treating you just as well as he did before and doesn't think he has the right to override women in their own spaces, maybe you really found the magical good one. If you're too afraid to even try this around him I think you got your answer already.

No. 1993598

I fully get why you're uneasy with generalizations as an autistic person, but recognizing patterns is okay and important. It is not a generalization when GCs point out most troons are driven by fetish, it's just an observable fact, and it doesn't exclude other factors and personal trajectories.
>they are legitimately distressed
That's right, but being legitimately distressed doesn't negate the presence of a fetish based around consuming and objectifying womanhood. It makes perfect sense that men who let their fetish consume their life are distressed. Bear in mind that this distress is often not directly caused by their trans identity. Body dysmorphia, trauma, addictions, being an incel, feeling inadequate are all blamed on their trans struggle. It's a perverse way of shielding their poor choices from critique or a terrible coping mechanism, depending on how you look at it. I cannot stress enough how AGP is common, i've known so many soft guys who seemed alright and distressed by their 'gender' only to see them describe their disgusting fetish once they felt comfortable enough. Yes, even the ones who didn't do 'womanface' or acted lewd or were transbians. The starting point is always 'woman = slut, i want to be slut'. These 'okay TiMS' wouldn't ever bring up their fetish or attempt transition 30 years ago, because they're well-adjusted enough to not let it destroy everything (keep in mind that most AGPs keep it at home). Still, they are men who take advantage of the current context to live out a fantasy at the expense of women. The only ones who never showed such signs were blatantly gay moids, which aligns pretty well with the AGP/HSTS dichotomy. It sounds simplistic, but male sexuality can often be extremely stereotypical and predictable.

No. 1993602

File: 1715066720499.png (1013.07 KB, 1079x1504, W6NqcHw.png)

No. 1993616

You made a very good point that in most cases TIMs are driven by legitimate mental distress caused by their own degeneracy, but even if it wasn't degeneracy driving them 'legitimate distress' is such a bad excuse for trying to force other people to play along with your delusions. I am legitimately distressed that as a woman I am physically weaker and less able to defend myself from moids than moids are, but that distress has nothing to do with how people 'see' me and everything to do with the fact that I literally just don't have the punch strength, grip strength, speed etc. that moids do. No amount of begging for people to 'see me' as I would like to be seen will make me competitive with male sprinters or high jumpers or boxers. I am legitimately distressed that I was skinny and pretty for most of my life but got fat due to PCOS and hypothyroidism, but people would think I was legitimately cognitively delayed if I demanded that everyone treat me like a 'skinny person' whatever that means now that I gained weight, and made clothes that fit me that say they're size 00 or were attracted to me the way they are to 110lb women. No amount of feeling legitimately distressed about your physical reality changes your physical reality, and most other people with good reasons for legitimate distress know that and don't expect people to pretend they're, e.g., skinny, or NOT paraplegic/in a wheelchair, or NOT blind, or NOT as fast a runner as the next person, or whatever. Most "legitimate" social causes revolve around people who are honest about their physical and social reality asking for accommodations for that physical and social reality so they are not excluded from society more than they absolutely have to be, they're not asking to literally be included in things they can't possibly be included in. Every other social movement for people distressed about their reality revolves around somewhat improving their reality, not making everyone else play an elaborate childlike game of pretend with them. Paraplegics get to play basketball in their own competitions where they can play in a wheelchair if they're actually fit and strong enough to do that, not play pretend basketball games where people pretend they're running around on 2 legs. This is literally the only mainstream social movement I can think of where the cure for the 'legitimate distress' of a supposedly disenfranchised person is to pretend they are something they're not.

Average looking girl making an annoying facial expression becomes somewhat more attractive average looking girl by smiling. Wow!

No. 1993649

Is OP in the picture not making a joke about nb? Because it's almost like the Lois and they/them pills meme, can't believe she' not self aware

No. 1993654

I assumed they're not making fun just because I've seen so many gender people post shit like this unironically. Not the anon who intially posted this so idk for sure but I unironically know women in real life who act like this/post stuff like this.

No. 1993907

File: 1715091127412.png (7.96 MB, 4960x3507, aqqwpo76g5h71.png)

I have half an idea how tumblr just became the perfect breeding ground for trans rights activism. At its peak, it's a fandom blogging site with most users being loser girls who care too much about fiction and lack of conforming with irl peers. In marketing, the word "tribe" means a group of people with the same beliefs, affinities and interests. Thanks to our centuries of lizard brain, people tend to personally connect and champion their "tribes". We feel attacked if our perceived tribe is attacked, and we feel rewarded if our perceived tribe get good things etc. Tumblr easily became a tribe for awkward/autistic girlies who just don't fit in, and inclusivity and understanding naturally follows. There's a culture for being terminally online/fandom addiction, self-deprecating humor, and NLOGism. And to fit in in this new tribe, you had to internalize that. And when the tribe culture is built on not fitting in, you'd have shit escalating like otherkin, transing as the other gender, neogenders/neopronouns etc. It doesn't matter that it uses unquantifiable experiences to tell they're real, everyone has to accept this group of people who don't fit in anywhere, and with the definition so vague, you can be trans, the cool new kid, too. Anyway this is partially my experienced, I ticked a few boxes here. I was bullied and ostracized in school and still working through my awkwardness/mild social anxieties in my adulthood. Tumblr felt like an addicting self-deprecating bucket. I was an NLOG, and at some point I even questioned my gender until I realized that I just like thinking about boys because I'm a straight woman kek. And then I peaked realizing that the tim who sent me genderbent porn to hint that he's a tim groomed me as 5 years his junior.

No. 1994021

File: 1715096589345.jpg (818.51 KB, 567x1566, 1.jpg)

what a load of bs

No. 1994029

I know this is by far not the worst troon crime, but it really annoys me when TRA act like troonism allows people to "dress how they want". They literally cosplay as the opposite sex using clothes, saying they "look like a woman so therefor this man IS a woman". They're just reinforcing gender stereotypes harder than ever.

And it always raises an eyebrow when tims say they always just wanted to dress in cute clothes like girls do and that men's fashion is so boring in comparison… yet they at literally no point in their lives tried to seek out cute or fun men's fashion. It exists too, they never had to cosplay as a woman but for some reason they chose to. Neither did they ever try to make or advocate for cute men's clothes to be produced - for some reason the answer for them is always "take the female's stuff and pretend to be a female".

No. 1994107

The entire time I was reading gwenfrankenstein's post, I was nodding along and thinking, that is super fucked up that we do that to young child dancers, we should not be altering these children's bodies in ways that result in life long pain and disabilities just because they told their parents that they want to dance. They do not understand what they are asking and we need to control the sport so that no children are pressured into this lifelong commitment so young. So imagine my absolute shock when she finished that up with "And permanently altering children's bodies is done in dance, so it's totally okay to do with trans children." instead of coming to the normal person conclusion of dance needs to be controlled more strictly so that this doesn't happen just because a kid wanted to learn how to dance.

No. 1994125

Do they just wanted to be femboys or are they the ones who want a neovagina and bolted on tits?

No. 1994133

i agree fully. i also can't bring myself to hate lawful hsts, i kind of love them.

No. 1994150

faghag behaviour kek
but for real though, the troons that admit they are their real sex and basically just crossdress under the label of trans are a lot easier to accept and to have some compassion for. I can accept blaire white for example since he says tims are a type of men, it's still a bit icky to see men cosplay women caricatures but if a gay guy wants to play dress up then sure. But troons like him are hated by most of the trans community

No. 1994180

TRAs will scream about how VIOLENT!! and EVIL!! TERFs are, but when women are presented the opportunity to anonymously be as vitriolic as they want to their ideological enemies, they still offer empathy and compassion. meanwhile, TIMs will jump at the opportunity to post about how they will gladly rape and brutalize any woman that disagrees with their rhetoric.

No. 1994220

hsts are still men and can be just as mysogynistic as straight men but atleast they're not trying to rape lesbians with their girldicks like agps so there's that

No. 1994221

>troons like him are hated by most of the trans community
because they stand by their (correct) beliefs and aren't swayed by the whining of "their community". that's why i like them

No. 1994234

File: 1715107064419.jpg (267.92 KB, 1570x1416, 1678709160638.jpg)

does anyone have the chart like this one but with TIFs? I remember there being a blue-haired MHA fan, one that was just a woman who doesn't wear skirts, etc. here's another TIM one I had saved as payment

No. 1994239

>should have just bought a sports car
KEKKK all these are spot on but the hon is my favorite read

No. 1994241

>not like other guys
this phenomenon needs to be talked about more. this type of moid is so much more infuriating than NLOGs tbh

No. 1994248

File: 1715107869208.jpeg (172.29 KB, 1280x1006, IMG_1865.jpeg)

this one?

No. 1994250

> traumatised his kids when they caught him in a dress
> wife is currently divorcing him
KEK hon made me laugh so hard

No. 1994264

why the fuck is everyone cool with slang like 'c*nt' and 'fishy'? i get they started with drag culture, but those aren't males' slurs to take back, even if they dress as women. if white women/non-woc want around calling things 'n-word-y' and claimed it's fine because they're also oppressed, it would clearly NOT be fine - why do guys always get a free pass?(integrate, don't self censor)

No. 1994365

I've seen that too here in lc, they use btch and cnt like is a comma. At first I thought it was a bunch of fagots but it seems that an influx of tiktoktards and twittfags teenagers are coming to the "radfem IB" for some autistic reason. As someone from a shithole country is bizarre to say the least wanting to "take back" a slur, you don't see people of african descent wanting to take back the n-word, even faggots don't call themselves fagggots in the open so women deluding themselves into thinking they can "take back and own" misogynistic slurs is maximum retardation.(integrate, don't self censor)

No. 1994370

File: 1715117644991.png (912.69 KB, 2720x2720, 1710401413055.png)

No. 1994376

>At first I thought it was a bunch of fagots but it seems that an influx of tiktoktards and twittfags teenagers are coming to the "radfem IB"
>>censoring bitch and cunt
There's no way you seriously think it's the newfags who use words like bitch. I swear some of you have no idea what site you're on.

No. 1994378

There was a good chunk of time when users weren't using b*tch, not all of LC is pt/snow/w

No. 1994387

NTA but what happened to anons getting banned for self-censoring? I don’t like the word bitch either but being too much of a faggot to just type it out is embarrassing as hell

No. 1994392

I will not use misogynistic language I don't give a fuck how you feel

No. 1994395

Ok, good for you. But don’t larp as anything other than a newfag

No. 1994404

Lmao, ok sure anon.

No. 1994430

File: 1715121785761.jpeg (271.64 KB, 1264x1827, uU7SQjf.jpeg)

>lawful agp
KEKKKKK you're a genius

No. 1994516

nona this one is good too
but this is the one I was looking for!! Thank you ♥

No. 1994519

anon the thought police aren't gonna show up at your door because you typed bitch on an anonymous website. all self-censoring does is out you as a retard

No. 1994541

bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch(infighting)

No. 1994559

File: 1715130225813.mp4 (12.51 MB, 576x1024, ew.mp4)

Hon looks exactly like this tiktok troon

No. 1994603

Jesus the bar for what's considered infighting is so low now

No. 1994613

All bans have their threshold lowered recently it feels like

No. 1994835

some hsts like laverne cox still support rapists too even if they're not committing the act themselves

No. 1994874

And you can’t even “separate the art from the artist” with Lovecraft because his writing is infused with his beliefs. He was obsessed with race-mixing and the ‘monsters’ that would result from it. The fish people from The Shadow over Innsmouth, with their bulging eyes, wide thick-lipped mouths and wide flat noses, are meant to invoke black people. Vile man.
Anyway, the house elves in Harry Potter are as much an allegory for battered housewives as slavery. JKR directly references SPEW (the Society for Promoting the Employment of Women), an early feminist organisation. In my opinion she did a pretty good job capturing the widespread societal apathy towards the oppression and exploitation of women, as well as the patriarchal brainwashing that keeps women complicit in it. It hasn’t escaped me that the people criticising JKR’s depiction of house elves are the same people chanting ‘sex work is work’ and perpetuating the happy hooker myth.

No. 1994878

>cut his hair, buy a new wardrobe
Jesus, do these people listen to themselves? "Hurr durr boy is when short hair and boy clothes," meanwhile there are thousands of little girls who also have short hair and wear "boy" clothes because they are tomboys and naturally gravitate towards that.

No. 1994998

I can understand that some men prefer to dress in a feminine way. Or they see themselves as so feminine that they're a true and honest woman. They choose a female name and wear female clothes so they can LARP. OK. Fine.

It becomes a problem for me when they bring their LARP into single sex spaces. Especially DV shelters - how entitled do you have to be to demand that traumatised women prioritise YOUR feelings above their very real problems? A woman who has been beaten and raped by a member of YOUR sex, in a phenomenon that all societies have recognised since the beginning of time, and that modern statistics show is an unfortunate reality? Sex is a reality that even transcends species; almost all life on earth has a clear distinction between male and female… and you want us to ignore that so you can roleplay as the woman of your dreams?

I don't want to "genocide" trans people, either. If you have a pathological need to LARP as the opposite sex full time then you need to accept that society will place you in a third category. Your biology is neither male nor female due to the modifications you have made to it. Create your own sports leagues, DV shelters, hospital wards, dating sites etc. No one wants to kill you. You're just butthurt we don't see you as a true and honest woman. Grow up and understand not everyone sees you in the positive light you see yourself. Sex discrimination is necessary to give men and women equal opportunities to succeed in society.

People finding your existence disgusting is something you have to get used to, BTW. Welcome to the experience of every POC or gay person in the world. Since I was old enough to be aware of racism, I have stepped outside with the knowledge that some people in my country wish I hadn't been born. I can't change the color of my skin or my sexuality. But you had to DECIDE to take hormones, get surgery, and live as a woman. You CHOSE to take on an identity that people discriminate against. Welcome to the consequences of your actions!

No. 1995211

File: 1715182070598.png (505.21 KB, 1024x939, kbifU4J.png)

No. 1995246

File: 1715182828990.jpg (561.05 KB, 1080x1665, Screenshot_20240508-173614_X.j…)

Really cool how "life saving care" makes people attempt suicide even more, wow such euphoria, dysphoria cured, another life saved!

I've said it before but if you genuinely hate trans people the absolute best thing you can do to cause them the most amount of harm is too cheer them on and give them what they (think they) want.

No. 1995294

I'm happy this thread exists in ot now but it makes me miss the terf shiba memes in the 2X threads

No. 1995372

File: 1715185776409.jpeg (515.58 KB, 828x994, IMG_0920.jpeg)

Dead by Daylight tranny that allegedly didn’t know who he was voicing died last week lol

No. 1995397

He knew it was a shapeshifting horror creature, he was just mad that it turned out to be ugly. Which monsters usually are.
Was the rare condition he had related to taking hormones?

No. 1995409

Kek what creature did he voice?

No. 1995412

Just post them here

No. 1995419

File: 1715187535838.jpg (145.52 KB, 558x665, 20240508_115650.jpg)

It's called the unknown, a shape shifter that can mimic voices to lure in victims. The default appearance is basic zombie guy but it also has this skin that got some trannies mad

No. 1995432

Wait, this wasn't an edit for the mtf thread?

No. 1995435

Nope it's real.

No. 1995438

they claim to be women but no woman gave a shit about this because women know it's caricatural, they really tell on themselves kek
Also I wonder how hormones influenced his "brain swelling"!

No. 1995439

The developers can play dumb as much as they want, they 100% knew what they were doing kek

No. 1995442

It really looks like the average "sexy" troon posing with weapons and tweeting about killing terves on X.

No. 1995459

the pic is even funnier with the backstory kek please tell me the skin is unchanged

No. 1995461

Sorry for this joke but

maybe he's just planning on coming back as the zombie from the game

No. 1995463

>"black trans woman"
Isn't that the meme talking point for the "most oppressed" class personified?

No. 1995465

>chaotic hsts
I mean. But i can't help wondering about how black tims get actually treated in society.

No. 1996080

They're the ones the white AGP TIMs try to piggyback on and claim they're equally oppressed by. My city once did a newspaper column about trans-identified black people and they tend to be poor, GNC from a young age and gay, and have homophobic families. That said, their problems are a matter of racism and class than their genderfeels, which is what TRAs don't get. Ironically I've run into more black AGPs on social media compared to the HSTS in local communities, which is crazy because you'd think their families would be less accepting of that compared to white TIMs.

No. 1996299

File: 1715246590604.png (15.33 KB, 104x104, Goal.png)

I go to a gaming bar every Tuesday to play vidya and hang out with friends, on Tuesday they do a Smash Bros tournament. 2 days ago I got to play against the resident TiM, he has unwashed hair with a badly done ponytail, a fat face with a noticeable belly, skinny shirts that make his body more apparent, small facial hair, he wears a pin that says "they/them" but the French version and a rainbow coloured bag. I can only give him credit for not wearing a skirt. To register to this tourney you gotta use a third party site, he has a fucking picrew pfp that is pic related (and yes with that filename), it's very funny.
I'm bad at vidya, I lost and he didn't play unfairly or anything but goddamn, sitting next to that beast was uncomfortable in general. He's always hanging out with a pretty woman that looks like she takes a lot of care of herself, it feels night and day when they're next to each other.

No. 1996354


Makes me wonder about the race & class demographics of troons. It's a common point in GC spaces that troons and enbies tend to come from middle class, white backgrounds. I myself haven't met a gendie who wasn't white. I would love to see statistics on who troons out.

No. 1996365

Are you sure that's not from their already-existing disposition to mental illness?

No. 1996397

>(integrate, don't self censor)
And yet Lolcow admin does exactly this by making /2X/ a hidden board. The irony.

No. 1996436

Does anyone know why there are so many TIFs in law these days? I'm in law school now and there are maybe 2 TIMs in my entire school, but I had a class last semester that had 3 TIFs in it alone. They're all the lesbian→enby→"I'm such a faggot uwu" type. One of my professors is also a TIF, same self-hating lesbian type. There's quite a few prominent legal talking heads who are TIFs as well, Cheese Stringio comes to mind.

No. 1996462

that's a low bar and he still can't hit it huh

No. 1996705

File: 1715281127692.png (50.54 KB, 611x546, intersex.png)

Imagine grieving for imaginary situations.

No. 1996915

File: 1715290302300.jpg (69.64 KB, 653x395, 1715257193203.jpg)

why is the nazi-to-mtf pipeline so common?

No. 1996918

In the case of this news story it's probably just some kid going super far in what he perceives to be 'the opposite direction' to rebel against his shitty racist parents, but I think in most cases it's people who love to self-victimize/think 'modern society' is taking away their entitlements as white men and troonism is just another way to self-victimize and claim everything is women and minorities' fault.

No. 1996934

they’re npcs/sheep jumping from one group to the next. no internal thoughts that aren’t echoing external forces, just a lot of bleating

No. 1996985

And then they always accuse terfs of the same thing. Literal fantasy

No. 1997019

Better abort it imo

No. 1997062

File: 1715297165352.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1170x1746, IMG_3193.jpeg)

Ends with him implying his mom should transition

No. 1997065

File: 1715297434450.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1170x1794, IMG_3185.jpeg)

Imagine throwing temper tantrums over growing long hair but all of a sudden when it’s associated with men and masculinity it becomes a-ok
The more I come this specific emulation of masculinity the more I find gendered divide absurd (not in a gendie way that’s disgusting)
I also find it with some lesbians, the only reason they present themselves a certain way is because of its association with masculinity but in a world where it was flipped and dresses were considered masculine they would be running around in dresses. Maybe im thinking about it too much

No. 1997069

File: 1715297847344.png (26.91 KB, 970x266, kkk.png)

Oh this one's interesting. Doesn't seem like your classic raging homosexual or hyper-manly, authority-obsessed AGP. This looks like he was in desperate need for a new set of values, something that worked better for him than the KKK ideology that isolated him and made him look insane. He had to reevaluate his entire value system as an adult (this usually happens earlier), which made him vulnerable to campus LGBTQIA+ woo. He probably got told 'just be yourself! You're okay as you are' and thought it was the most revolutionary and awesome thing ever.

No. 1997167

Isn't this the guy who had a longform article written about him before in the NYT or something? I think I recall this same guy having a whole article about how he befriended Jewish students on campus and stopped agreeing with his parents' KKK views. I agree that this is not the typical case of AGP but someone who's running away from his extremist upbringing.

No. 1997227

Yeah, this is so clearly about grasping for anything that will allow him to shed the stigma of his upbringing.

No. 1997262

From /snow/: TIF claims she called a woman with a "terf bag" a coward and suddenly "cis women" are more dangerous than men.

No. 1997308

I'm confused, do the women who say these women are "too pretty to transition" imply the women in question have much less reason to become tifs than they do?

No. 1997376

Way her boobs bounce around the more annoying and emotional she gets yet she's really owning that fat incel look. She's fucked her hairline

No. 1997377

It's pretty clear a lot of trans people are ugly as fuck and their transition is a reaction to the rejection they face in dating.

No. 1997383

This person really did just rile someone up and then expect to have 0 consequences?

No. 1997387

File: 1715308234915.png (167.74 KB, 720x1028, IMG_20240509_202828.png)

These comments are so retarded

No. 1997389

Some of them literally call it transmaxxing

No. 1997390

Can you people please post the .mp4 or the link to the TikTok video at least so we can actually watch instead of getting baited into clicking on a .jpg?

No. 1997391

I call it being retarded

No. 1997392

Even in her made up scenarios the woman aren't being violent and in the pharmacy one it had to be removed because it hung around causing a scene. If a man didn't want you to leave you'd have to put a fucking struggle. I'm sure fatty here would body any woman if she wasn't attention seeking

No. 1997393

This is a pretty obvious trend with hsts troons, especially if they started off doing drag. They get a high from the attention they get dressing as a woman and believe that they are only attractive if they troon out.

No. 1997395

Why would a lesbian attempt to spike this incel looking freak the size of it too and then somehow carry it back to a hotel

No. 1997402

Yea someone posted a clip in an old thread I think it was an Australian talkshow looked 80s or 90s by the fashion and there was a troon and it was acting slutty and bimbolike and then an audience member called it out for being a mockery and it basically just rebuttled with I'm hotter than you. And it's like. Get some self respect. What are you going to do when you're old as fuck going through health complications and you still have to set aside time to dilate unless you've given up and live the rest of your days as a mutilated freak

No. 1997405

I don't believe this woman that she feels genuinely unsafe with 'cis' aka normal women more than she does with men. I don't believe the pharmacist groping her story and maybe I'm a bad person for that but is this really a thing pharmacists are allowed or trained to do? Her acting like women flirting with her over text or calling her 'honey' would make her really scared is retarded and it definitely, for sure, wouldn't make a real man scared.

No. 1997408

pooners are so ugly

No. 1997412

Totally unhinged. Women have like 60% less upper body strength and 40% less lower body strength or something with the same height and weight, and are usually dramatically shorter and lighter than men. Plus women are like 99% less violent than men. These troons really want us to believe they would rather encounter a random lone man in the forest than a woman? Can they try a little harder to make their talking points believable or is it just part of TRA ideology to spew the most unhinged and obvious lies asking for people to believe them?

No. 1997432

>Judge me based on my masculine appearance
>Doods totally think i'm masculine! Taken aback even!
What masculine appearance? She absolutely doesn't look male. She looks like a woman with really bad hirsutism. They would have never attempted a crotch grab if she was so 'masculine' kek, they did it because they knew they could get away with touching a doughy woman on steroids. Honestly i felt pretty bad for her after she listed the comments, because it's a display of the cruelty of women towards women they deem too ugly (not quite human). Men ignore her very existence (like they sometimes ignore lesbians and women they aren't trying to fuck), and she mistakes their neutrality or disregard for a positive attitude. It's genuinely pathetic

No. 1997433

File: 1715310176382.gif (2.41 MB, 390x277, e8a.gif)

Besides you can bet $1 that shit would be over tq+ news or pinknews about "a poor trans man was abused by a pharmacist during the day" and many people would have asked to the pharmacist to be fired. I bet she's so ACAB so that's why she didn't report it.

"I'll take a photo of a woman against her will and make it about me and my feelings because the tote bag was a terf one". Of course the consequences are she explaining she's afraid of women for carrying tote bags?

No. 1997444

This is a good point too, no woman in her right mind would be crotch/chest grabbing an actual biological male for fear of having her skull bashed in. I feel bad for her if women are cruel to her but she seems to be displaying just as much cruelty toward other women to the point of lying to all of society that she's more 'genuinely afraid' of 'cis' women than 'cis' men which is 100 percent a lie. Men obviously don't care because most men just ignore women they see as unfuckable unless they're a mom grandma or sister or boss but that doesn't mean they're safer or less of a threat.

No. 1997459

Nonas can I vent I went to a party recently and (I assume based on appearance etc) a gay or bisexual woman who was dressed GNC and appeared to be wearing a very tight sports bra or binder must have spidey sensed I'm bi because she started flirting with me and asking me stuff about my sexual orientation. I was kinda tipsy so I really honestly told her 'no I don't identify as queer I'm a bisexual but I don't like the queer label' and went into a rant about it but she continued to be nice and flirt with me so I was like oh okay she's not TRA enough to be offended at least. Then she went to the host of the party (my friend's long term boyfriend I barely know and who barely speaks English) and started shouting at him about how 'he told her there weren't gonna be queer people at the party so she almost didn't come but he lied!' I had to do damage control and jump into the convo to be like 'this random man I barely know has no idea about my sexual orientation' because he was visibly confused but I don't understand why 'queer' identified people always act like it's super important how they identify and then completely ignore you when you say you hate the queer label. And it made me so uncomfortable how she acted like I 'saved the party' by literally being there while bisexual and the host should have told her in advance the sexual orientations of the people attending. Am I just being oversensitive or is this really weird?

No. 1997468

That's weird as fuck. Don't they also claim "not all queer people like to be called queer"? Then why would be 'problematic' that a bi woman don't like to be called 'queer'? You dodged a bullet, nonna.

No. 1997478

It sucks too because she was really cute and fun to talk to (I'm taken tho so not that I would want to date her) and I was gonna contact her afterwards and keep in touch, but the whole sperg to the party host about 'queer people' after I told her I don't ID as queer made me actually feel afraid of pursuing friendship with her. These people always put me on edge, I am fine with respecting what they call themselves (if they're not literal troons) but when they don't respect what you call yourself and act like everyone in a social group should know your sexual orientation it feels so weirdly objectifying.

No. 1997483

Samefag but I put this in the gender ideology thread even though I'm not sure if she's some kind of enby/TIF or not, she introduced herself with a gender neutral name and the binder but it could just be a GNC girl. I just hate how people who are part of the whole LGBTQIA2SAA+++ ideology never respect when you say 'yeah I don't identify with that' and then you feel like you have to walk on eggshells around them because you don't know if they are raging TRAs or not. I'm lucky that most of the women I dated in the past are now TERFs but I'm scared to even bond with anyone over being LGB because the TQ part seems to take over everything.

No. 1997502

>'saved the party' by literally being there while bisexual
Why do they act like this

No. 1997509

I don't know, they act like the only possible axis along which they can get along with someone is their sexuality or gender expression. Like you don't have any hobbies, interests, opinions or anything you can bond with strangers over except your gender or sexual orientation? The weird irony of this is that earlier in the party I proselytized to some random probably leftist moids I'd never seen before about how awful troonism is and how troons hate homosexuality and they just sat there patiently being like 'oh that is a very interesting perspective I haven't heard before' but then when you meet an actual GNC woman you have to be scared for your life you'll alienate her by not being the right 'kind' of queer even if you probably have a lot more experiences in common and she could probably understand what you're talking about on a more visceral level if she was honest with herself. But instead it becomes this weird anti-bonding experience where being any kind of LGB person becomes so fraught you wish people didn't know you were at all.

No. 1997515

I have a story about 'hate to be called queer' people, I have a friend who is a jazz musician who was hired for a gig at a very famous music school where they were 'celebrating' a black gay jazz musician who was famous in like 1950-1960. The gig consisted of the musicians playing his music and then this female professor talking about his 'history as a queer artist' and then a question session afterward. My friend who knows about and agrees with my terfy views asked during the question session why the professor kept referring to the dead gay musician as 'queer' when it was considered an insult/slur in his time and he probably wouldn't self identify in that way, and the professor straight up said 'yeah he probably would have found it extremely offensive in his time, but he's dead now and we have to look through the modern queer lens.' Never ceases to shock and amaze me how these people pretend self ID is everything until it comes to someone who doesn't ID the way they want to, suddenly then it's 'I don't care that they wouldn't identify them this way, because I do.'

No. 1997521

File: 1715314176180.jpg (1.1 MB, 2560x1920, IMG_4454-scaled.jpg)

If that's the case, then that girl wasn't for you. I wouldn't date someone whose only talk is about gender stuff and nothing else. Gimme your ideas about hobbies or interest or about general news or your fav tv show, at least. Besides if it makes you feel you had to walk under egg shells because "anything you say might sound like a terf would say"?

Not mention also they LOVE to make "trans people were from old times" in an era where everything was homophobic, misogynist, pedophile and much more. Why would you want to claim something was "queer" back then when women didn't even have voice to speak about something? They love to grasping at the straws.

No. 1997526

Yeah nona I wouldn't date her anyway because like I said I'm in a relationship but part of the reason I went to the party was to try to make more new friends after a spell of being kind of solitary. Except the only new people I met worth talking to were scrotes, the 2 women I met who I got into conversations with both seemed like insane genderists (the other one was worse, but also is straight). I just hate that I go to parties now and feel jumpier around women, especially gay women, because they all seem TRA-aligned. I don't need more moid friends, my 2 careers are STEM and music which are full of moids, but whenever I meet women I initially get along with they say something so genderist I am afraid to talk to them anymore.

Trans people from old times is just a retarded take, especially considering that most historical examples are either marginalized/prostituted gay men or women who hid their biosex because they wanted to do a job or hold a position they were passionate about. In one sense I wish we talked about 'old timey' queer people more so we could just highlight the difference between 'trans' males who were usually some form of prostituted child or degenerate like d'Eon versus 'trans' females who were usually just a normal woman who wanted to be a doctor, sailor, biologist, or in the military.

No. 1997530

>yeah he probably would have found it extremely offensive in his time, but he's dead now and we have to look through the modern queer lens
Your friend should have pointed out that this is presentism.

No. 1997532

"Pooner" is misogynistic moidspeak, just call them TiFs.

No. 1997533

Actually he said he tried to call this out but was stopped, academic type events usually have a really strict question-answer structure and he said he got cut off/shut up when he tried to respond. What makes me sadder is no one else there tried to bring it back up and everyone brushed past it. This is my experience of a lot of academia though. When I was doing my PhD I had people in my classes presenting on child gender transition for example using obviously extremely outdated statistics (like that mostly male children transition) and if I brought up that's not even remotely true, profs would say 'that is very interesting but none of us can check the facts right now so let's move on' like everyone in the class didn't have computers right the fuck there.

No. 1997535

They aren't intersex! I hate that they keep trying to hitch their wagons to intersex people. Being born with a DSD is not the same as being a 25-year-old man who decides to take estrogen pills after having a quarter-life crisis.

No. 1997536

Haven't intersex people been complaining for decades that troons should stop using them as a talking point? Why won't they stop.

The only legit context in which to bring up 'intersex' people is males in women's sports like the Rio olympics when 3 men won the 800-meter dash. That's a good example of why troon males shouldn't be in women's sports either, otherwise intersex people have like nothing to do with troons.

No. 1997557

Because some intersex people do believe in the TRA rhetoric, sadly.

No. 1997558

Sure some specific intersex people believe in TRA rhetoric like anyone else does, but most intersex organizations specifically ask not to be conflated with troons because being intersex is a completely different life and experience. They are definitely always trying to inflate this number by including women with PCOS/endo in the 'intersex' label but realistically most actual intersex orgs about actual intersex conditions ask not to be conflated with trans bullshit for a reason. Also probably 90% of the people you see on social media/twitter saying 'I'm intersex and also trans/pro-trans' are just trans, not intersex.

No. 1997566

Exactly. Hsts and gay moids in general will happily sleep with a man that raped a woman and think nothing of it. Faghaggery should be under the realm of pickmeism.

No. 1997567

I used to hang out with gay moids thinking they were safer or better than straight moids and it was absolutely a mistake. I got groped/felt up/sexually touched by gay moids more than I ever did by straight moids and some of those moids later admitted to being bi not gay, they just thought they could get away with it because they're not 'attracted' to women and it worked. I also had gay male 'friends' who tried to steal my boyfriends in the past in weird and fucked up ways, or to convince me that my boyfriends were actually into them and gay and wear down my self esteem. TBF I have a couple gay male friends who are fine normal people but I'm so tired of women pretending gay men in general are our allies or 'safer.' Sometimes they are even more disinhibited because they think not being attracted to women gives them a free pass to mistreat women.

No. 1997578

Or how about we let women speak badly of women with the words they choose instead of trying to censor them

No. 1997596

NTA but why is it so important to you? Every time you as a woman use misogynistic language to "speak badly" of other women, you are, in effect, also talking about yourself. The word "pooner" refers to TIFs' female genitalia, it's the same as calling a woman a cunt. You may speak badly of "pooners", but in the eyes of the men using the word on 4chan, you are indistinguishable from them. You are the pooner.

No. 1997597

This is a bit of a (positive) vent, but I used to be upset over how long detrans legal cases take. I want people who got harmed to get some justice and for the medical practitioners to get sued to hell and hopefully go to jail as soon as possible. Today I realized the fact that all the legal stuff has taken 2-3 years is a good thing because the world has been peaking more and more during that time, so the more time that passes the more likely it is that they'll actually win. There are peaked terfs today who were still deep into TRA just 2 years ago. It's suddenly given me more hope for them all.

No. 1997598

So are you then, since you also now used the word pooner to describe a woman. Check mate fellow cunt!

No. 1997615

Flirting with me to upset me?
Calling me dear to upset me?
Sending kisses to upset me?

I couldn't imagine living such a life of professional victimisation that someone drops a X on the end of a sentence and you freak out like that

No. 1997631

How do you feel about women who mog TIFs?

No. 1997634

A pooner used to be a female 4chan user. There was one sperg who came to the boards and said all women are poons (so are "your mom/sis/wife/daughter"), as much as i remember, followed by another moid replying they dont care if their relatives trooned. Brutal.
But for insults such as tranny or troon is rarely thrown around among normies though. Misogyny is brutal nonas.

No. 1997635

Because nonas been cheating by mogging tifs without trooning out to be a more true and honest man for some reason kek

No. 1997636

TiFs cheated so they should be mogged to be fair

No. 1997639

No. 1997643

nta but I think she means women who without any sort of Testosterone or binding are still more masculine then TIFs.

No. 1997649

Last week a young girl accused me of being a "boy in the girl's bathroom" while I was out waiting to meet a tif I'm friends with. I want to be smug about it but then again children believe that women is when pink and long hair.

No. 1997657

You feel smug a child dragged you and said you like like a man?

No. 1997692

It's hilarious. Women being tall or looking naturally masculine are often shielded from total female socialization, they can't afford to be uguu smol princess and this is reflected in their behavior (though some try to retain femininity with a taller bf or something). I think this is why there are so many tiny and very girly TiFs, they try to 'restore' the balance by adopting superficially masculine traits. They approach it in a very feminine way too, agonizing over identity and aesthetics, when a girl who was barred from feminine competition might just shrug and not try. They mog TiFs physically and mentally kek

No. 1997704

average lolcow troon thread browser

No. 1997810

>often shielded from total female socialization
How so? It might make sense considering I'm the older sister with my TIF sister,and it's hilarious she kept repeating why am I treated "more like a guy" than she was. But it's not that often really

No. 1997814

>Women being tall or looking naturally masculine are often shielded from total female socialization, they can't afford to be uguu smol princess and this is reflected in their behavior
Neither could tifs, but what kind of behavioral differences can ypu observe in tifs vs this category of women?

No. 1997915

nta but, as a tall woman (6' kek), I do think you can end up living a different 'female experience' to short women. An easy example is that most people can't physically look down on me, and my stature (now that I've gotten over myself and am not insecure about it) can kinda back up my confidence, if that makes sense? I'm either only a couple inches shorter than or eye-level with a few men, and taller than most, so I don't find them particularly intimidating by default. The dumb animal part of people's brains seems to view height as a respectable/authoritative trait, so there's that as well– it's like people see me as more of an 'adult' than my shorter female peers sometimes. It's a bunch of subtle stuff that filters through every interaction, though there's some negatives too, such as being accused of being male (even if your features are otherwise very feminine), people assuming you're being more threatening/intimidating than you are because you're looming, and people do stare (especially if you go from sitting to standing, or travel to Asia or something lol). You also can't get away with 'cutesy' behaviour and mannerisms, it weirds everyone out kek

I got almost no shit (hell, I got encouragement) growing up for being a turbo tomboy in comparison to my short tomboy friends, as if people just didn't expect me to try to look and behave more femininely because that ship had already sailed by being born a giraffe. You also get locked out of a lot of more feminine clothing options, as something advertised as knee-length, for example, can be mid-thigh or higher (depending on brands and styles). Even if you can get everything to work, it's easy to feel like a gigantic clown because you're just literally bigger than most other women and so something that looks cute on a 5'3'' woman looks tacky and desperate on you (or worse, TIM-ish). I'm not saying a tall woman can't be feminine either, just that it can be a bit harder to be forced into the mould when you're too long for it, so they have to be feminine on their own terms rather than trying to match aesthetics geared towards average or petite women.

Sorry for the big anecdotal ramble, but height and its relation to gendie shit interests me because I would have thought more girls like I was growing up would go for it, as ime it's pretty common for tall women to likened to men anyway and with the current rhetoric I could see someone giving up and going troon, but instead it's almost always short women and I just don't get it.

No. 1998043

>You also get locked out of a lot of more feminine clothing options
Tall women have their struggles too but I'm sure they're some custom made clothes out there just for them. It's not like they should give up and become ftm just because feminine clothes are not sold their size and built.

>they have to be feminine on their own terms

>it's easy to feel like a gigantic clown because you're just literally bigger than most other women
It feels like finding scraps for not just tall women but women with large shoulders, large "mannish" bodies too. I'd say this applies more to women with more particularly broad shoulders and wider frames than taller women because they were made to feel masculine, and it's only lucky they could be comfortable if they are tomboys to begin with.

>with the current rhetoric I could see someone giving up and going troon, but instead it's almost always short women and I just don't get it

We neither, and people are actually struggling to see how troonism even works. Tall or big women who were made to feel unfeminine or a "tomboy by default" their whole lives they went the troon route thinking it's easier might make more sense.

>I'm the older sister with my TIF sister,and it's hilarious she kept repeating why am I treated "more like a guy"
Being the oldest sister in an all-girl sibship might have this effect therefore a lot of TiFs tends to be oldest daughters (but loosely compared, as i refer to older sisters of younger brothers) for the opposite reason.
Most of the time older sisters were raised as boys in extreme cases, even persisting after a newborn brother's birth if getting the male privilege is important to some families.
Going troon for women if they have only little brothers are as earlier anon said, a way to restore balance by identifying as trans, going troon for women if they have only younger sisters are like the tall women analogy if you can compare.

No. 1998072

1/2 asian still looks male, is asian soyface/prettyboy face a myth at this point

No. 1998074

It's definitely a flex to pass as male when compared to a tif who is actively pretending to be one.

No. 1998097

not directly related to gender ideology but that butch thread is the saddest thing I've seen on this website in a while. It's just going to get filled up with a bunch of "I have a womanly feminine body but I am a masculine mascy butch!!!! and I buy men's clothing because that's all there is to being butch!"
I had high hopes for it

No. 1998098

No. 1998101

>I have a womanly feminine body
I hate the attitudes of nonas here because one moment they say what makes them women and the next they have an unusual amount of fun mogging tifs. I literally feel bad for all tifs around the world at this point.

No. 1998104

Do you mean you're disappointed it's more about fashion than lesbianism?

No. 1998109

Butch women can be bi or straight too; nta but "butch lesbians" are the lesbian ones

No. 1998111

No, they're just baiting

No. 1998112

Then were you disappointed they had feminine bodies? Or disappointed that they make it about only appearances and not also attitude>

No. 1998116

>Tall women have their struggles too but I'm sure they're some custom made clothes out there just for them
>not like they should give up and become ftm just because feminine clothes are not sold their size and built
This is true, sorry I didn't mean to imply that, more so that a lot of stereotypically feminine clothing styles or common brands won't have options that fit well (cheap brands also often run short in length because it's cheaper and can be gotten away with for the average customer, and sizing usually assumes and increase in circumference rather than height, so I could for example get something long enough but it's too baggy or expects a larger bust). I dress femininely as well as masculinely, I wasn't trying to imply that women should just give up if they're not catered to, I was more trying to comment on how height can potentially cause you to miss out on some female socialisation because of how others perceive you.

I agree about women who have broader shoulders etc as also having it tough when it comes to clothing and other's judgement of their femininity, especially if they're not interested in tomboyish looks or being butch. A lot of the fashion advice I've seen for those body types/features almost seems intentionally frumpy too, it's unfortunate.


I've gotten this from a couple tifs while at uni and they were such little creeps about it kek

No. 1998120

I feel exactly the same way. I’m straight but most of my female friends used to be lesbian or bi and/or autistic, and every single one of them turned into a gender proselytiser who thinks you should call a 4-year-old girl ‘they/them’ if she likes cars and dinosaurs. It’s extremely difficult to try and make new female friends when you’re constantly waiting for them to drop the gender bomb on you. I’ve never met another gc woman in real life. They’re all either clueless on the issue (but lean towards ‘being kind’) or they’re hardcore TRAs. It’s very isolating.

I think >90% of men who claim to be ‘intersex’ online are lying. Actual men with Klinefelter’s or CAIS or any other DSD aren’t going to be advertising the fact unless they’re raising awareness and educating, in which case they’ll probably specify which condition they have since there are so many and they present in so many different ways. A man simply calling himself ‘intersex’ is probably fetishising being part-female and likely doesn’t have any DSD at all.

No. 1998123

>height can potentially cause you to miss out on some female socialisation
NTA but Well said! TiFs ar prone to envy these kinds of women for some reason.

No. 1998130

What are you feeling sorry about?

No. 1998133

You know, if you have the misfortune of a tif dm'ing you in X/discord/irl and spewing envious hate for getting less of the female socialization then they do because they see themselves as not supposed to be subjected to it, magnify the numbers by 1000

No. 1998140

I'm not so sure that tall women are less female socialized, (the way tims say that they received less male socialization because people considered them unmanly) but if it's true, any short woman should envy it.

No. 1998147

>people considered them unmanly
Being considered unmanly is getting socialized as a male. Less male socialization only applies to guys living alone on an island.

No. 1998148

The reason a tif would envy it seems to on the basis she is 'internally a boy'…

No. 1998149

Why not post high quality content yourself then instead of whining here? Also I thought we already had this conversation.

No. 1998150

That's my point, and being considered unwomanly tall is being socialised female.

No. 1998153

It's when the woman is tall and feminine her height becomes an ugly point in contrast.

No. 1998156

Why is it so funny to feel proud of mogging a TiF?

No. 1998159

Because anons here are feminine socialised themselves and think masculine women are ugly.

No. 1998160

I don't really see it. Is Taylor Swift ugly, for example?

No. 1998176

I mean why do they feel proud making a tif look feminine in comparison to their goddamn selves kek

No. 1998190

No. 1998199

File: 1715371069660.png (96.81 KB, 725x398, Screenshot 2024-05-10 155722.p…)

A lot of anons presume that most tifs troon out to become hot twinks and want to dunk on them when they get male pattern baldness and acne. But it's not the case with a lot of tifs, especially the ones who have history with sexual abuse. I recall a lot of detransitioners stating that the thought that they were ugly as women caused them to troon out in the first place. I also believe people who lement how tifs are wasting their attractiveness by trooning out are not helpful either, maybe they don't like the attention. Either way, i totally agree that basing so much of a woman's worth on how attractive she is a key issue that causes many women to develop dysphoria that may develop into them wanting to become a man. You're not really hurting their feelings by calling them ugly any more than as if a troon was to call a gender critical person a terf. What's even the point? Tifs have bigger fish to fry in regards to the damage testosterone does to their bodies outside their physical appearance and how prescribing testosterone for women with body dysmorphia is barely different from prescribing crack cocaine to someone with depression considering it's literally an addictive substance.

No. 1998203

I also wanted to add that i've heard a lot of rhetoric from males who say that all ugly women should seek to transition to males, another example of how the sex appeal is seen as a key defining feature of women as a whole. We should seek to fight the misconception rather than reinforcing it in anyway, it's probably why there is such an explosion in tifs in recent years, they can probably all relate to this idea having a negative effect on their lives in some way.

No. 1998204

Not everyone wants to be feminine.

No. 1998207

But this is predatory groomer behavior from the moids. In any other timeline ugly women would have a different fate.

No. 1998210

But that gives even less reason to be proud of being more masculine than a tif.

No. 1998212

? Explain

No. 1998215

File: 1715372010599.jpeg (174.63 KB, 750x750, IMG_0498.jpeg)

eatin a tuna sandw ich, feels good anons

No. 1998220

File: 1715372444563.mp4 (595.72 KB, 270x480, 6BQtHcW.mp4)

I still don't understand why trannies are so obsessed with jerma

No. 1998222

jerma is the most non political micro celebrity that troony toons people can interject their politics into. it’s almost like “this person is seen as good by everyone therefore they must hold beliefs that are deemed as correct and acceptable”, kind of like hatsune miku. it would make it even more funny if he was exposed making fun of his tranny fans off camera

No. 1998223

>Butch women can be bi or straight too
technically they can't by definition and going by the history of the term, unless you mean strictly by appearance

No. 1998224

You nonas are smug at "emasculating" tifs

No. 1998226

Because they're rarely masculine at all. Next.

No. 1998227

So less reason for these girls to troon in the first place.

No. 1998228

From my casual observation, the men who claim to be intersex within the context of MTF threads are usually claiming to be “intersex” because they believe they have a “female brain”, or they trooned out because they were a beardless manlet with bitch tits before trooning, so they believed their lack of a traditionally manly physique meant that they’d be better off as a woman, or they were “actually a woman inside”. So it’s delusion and cope.

No. 1998231

Most mtfs are troons ecause they believe in muh laydeebrain, nothing deeper.

No. 1998238

I’m disappointed by the obsession to look like a man and cry over having boobs and hips which makes them look more womanly and unable to wear men’s clothing.
I hate seeing it in women’s spaces it breeds such unnecessary insecurity, why is that the ideal butch fashion what happened to “butch is an attitude not just fashion “

No. 1998242

Do you think girls troon out because they’re not feminine? Half the time it’s because they’re sick of the sexual attention they get. But yes, it is funny that “cos” women who don’t try are often more naturally masculine than FTMs who are supposedly transitioning. There’s always going to be someone smaller and prettier than you so it’s not a self-own to admit that you’re more masculine than a 5’2 baby face tiffany.

No. 1998269

Is it bad that I make near daily checks on a local troons social media becuase he recently had srs and I wanna see how badly it goes for him? Kind of expecting him to drop dead sooner or later. He's a transbian autist with a lesbian fetish so not some poor selfhating hsts

No. 1998282

Many women have difficulty disassociating a "feminine" figure, aka the completely neutral physical traits of a female, with all the other bullshit attached to the gender role of femininity. It doesn't help that femininity the gender role intentionally exaggerates female sexual dimorphism to further associate the two.

No. 1998291

So I'm a merch artist and I feel like I'm the only ""cis"". I swear, every week I have to check the pronouns of my colleagues so I don't accidentally misgender someone and cause a ruckus in the middle of the convention. I'm really tired, it feels like right now it's a requirement and no one can't convince me it's not social contagion. One after another, like bowling pins, in particular my "neighbour" artist started to go by they/them after her bff (also merch artist and fandom artist) started to go by they/them. I cannot risk my source of income right now so I'm a crypto but I wish they could tell me how it makes sense, they're very feminine and often go in alt/lolita coords at cons but they claim to be tifs because being feminine as a tif is somehow breaking the gender norms but the norms are outside, not inside your brain. You break the gender norms when people can see that you do break them. If people call you "she" and you have to correct them, then this empowering move is not working…why? Why can't I enjoy my little autistic fandom corners anymore? Why everything has to go political? Why are every nerd hobbies filled with the most destructive nlog fade? I'm actually sad. To avoid them, 10 years ago, I just had to walk past smelly and sweaty pride parades, now they're infecting everything, because this shit spreads like a disease. I dread for the day that they'll ask my pronouns or kick out my space because yes, if you see this whole phenomenon, both fandom and gender shit became big after 2020. I've been here since the mid to late 2000s and this shit is depressing. Sage for rant but really, this has to stop somewhere. I think it eventually become so boring that everyone will move one and cringe at their past selves but the fact that his fade is entirely political and has laws changing, women's rights being blurred and to be silenced only for asking questions is tiring as shit.

No. 1998297

the irony being that a truly good person would never support troons in the first place
that rethoric is so retarded, a woman is a woman regardless of the way she looks and i do agree its definitely part of why so many troon out. being a woman shouldnt be so associated with beauty in general when moids get to exist as their ugly selves and are the ones who should be impressing women with their looks
no i would do the same
so relateable, being in fandoms sucks now because of this shit. it'll definitely disappear at some point and they'll move on to something else eventually but it's taking so long and i hate to think my teenage years and 20s i've had to deal with this shit like why can't it end faster. i'd like to actually be able to enjoy things without this bullshit before i'm like 80 but it just keeps going

No. 1998298

oops meant to quote >>1998269 not >>1998282

No. 1998300

I know so many he/they lolitas, it makes no sense to me

No. 1998308

I want them to explaim nonbinarism to me. I'm 100% serious and willing to listen to them but of course their reply is "I don't feel like I belong to a gender or the other!"
So is gender a feeling?
>No gender is a form of expression
So it's like fashion?
>How fucking dare you, no, it's real!
But you can break gender roles as a girl or boy and to break them you have to follow and acknowledge roles to begin with
>Yes but by not identifying as a girl I'm already breaking the gender roles by being feminine
But if no one can see your identity, then what this is all for?
>Because I'm okay with being seen as feminine but I know I'm not a woman and that makes me feel good.
How come you're not a woman?
>Because I don't feel like one.
Back to square one, so what makes a woman a woman?
>Feeling like one
How does a woman feel? Since you don't feel like a woman you must know how a woman feels by saying that you don't feel like them
>Hmm nonna idk, I'm not a woman, I don't know how they feel :/

I seriously thank my autistic brain that despite what this gendies say, forced me to see things from the logical point of view and saved me from this madness otherwise I would be cooked too, but I don't think I'm the only smart one, you feel me? Like I think you have to actually be stupid to buy this shit and yet so many do, I don't think there are so many retarded people or am I being too optimistic?

No. 1998366

>Neither could tifs
You're right, not all TiFs are equal for that matter, ie. autistic/butch/masculine women who troon out come off differently. It comes down to trying hard to be cute and non-threatening, being overly non-confrontational (breaking down on tumblr because you got misgendered instead of 'correcting' the boomer like a TiM would), neurotic preoccupation with aesthetics, treating the self as an object etc. An example would be the long comics where TiFs list all the girly things they like and agonize over what it means for their 'gender'. It's not because they like pink or kawiwi things. It's because treating their 'pretty girly tboy emo' brand like it's extremely meaningful and indicative of who they are (not just their interest) is ironically very feminine. This is especially true for adult TiFs.
They're more susceptible to this if they're short since people take short women less seriously, infantilizing them, and trooning out looks like a way out but it's not a meaningful break from their former position.
You explained it so well. Even tall women who look feminine are treated somewhat differently in all-female groups and by guys, feel alienated by the feminine competition, so they don't bother. This is why tall/athletic girls get along well with 'weird' girls, they have this in common.

No. 1998386

I'm tall but not as tall as you (between 5'10 and 5'11) and while some of this rings true, I don't really think I felt like I was socialized any less 'female' than my peers. Having a hard time finding skirts that aren't too short doesn't really mean you're not socialized female and the way tall women are treated is just a different aspect of female socialization. I agree that it does feel a bit different to be at eye level with or taller than many men though based on what I've heard shorter women say about men all being taller than them and therefore more intimidating. I actually think the phenomenon of TIFs being hyperfeminine, small and cutesy most of the time specifically stems from the fact that they struggle with being infantilized or being treated as excessively feminine and childlike and think that IDing as male or male hormones will change something, which it usually doesn't. I also think genuinely GNC women have usually had to embrace their GNC qualities at some point and learn how to live with them, but most TIFs were never GNC in the first place. They just feel alienated because they're usually women with low self esteem or who don't quite meet appearance standards so they think it would be easier not being a woman at all, but they're conformists so their way of dealing with it is just to conform to a different social movement/set of social norms which is currently popular.

No. 1998390

AYRT and I was lucky enough to terfpill/peak most of my closer female friends. Once your female friends are willing to say GC stuff around other people I've noticed most normie men will happily go along with it because they mostly only virtue signal about troons for social acceptability points from women, unless they're some variety of shitlib/male feminist or have AGP themselves. I did have a couple good friends I basically lost to the queer/TRA lobbying back in the day unfortunately but a lot of my remaining friends are bisexual and not gendies, plus most of the straight girls I know are sick of troons too. I guess I expected it would be easier to make new female friends in those social circles but what was I thinking?

100% agree that almost all men who claim to be intersex online are lying, and that most people with an actual DSD will engage in charity for/talk about that specific DSD not just bring up 'oh I'm intersex too' at random when they're defending their AGP on twitter.

No. 1998392

Most of the women who troon out because they're unattractive as women think they will be attractive as men, nona. Knowing a lot of them personally they do want to be attractive twinks and most are very upset that they became ugly and bald once it really hits them. I even talked a friend out of starting testosterone (she had already seen the therapists for the letter and everything) because I just asked her 'do you really want to lose your natural voice, do you really want body hair, do you really want to start balding' and she was like 'oh I never considered those things before, no that would be horrible.' She later admitted she was specifically transitioning to be more attractive 'as a man' to straight/bi women.

While yes some women do intentionally make themselves look ugly because of trauma, most don't want to look ugly and don't like looking ugly, they just want to look male (which in their eyes is not the same thing as ugly). Testosterone does much worse things to the body than making women ugly but in my experience no one cares or thinks about chronic illness for real until it's personally affected them, while the thought of becoming (even more?) ugly really does terrify most women, even GNC and traumatized women .

No. 1998395

The one I knew who got SRS immediately ruined his whole life and gave up on everything a few months afterwards, I wouldn't be surprised if it happened with your local troon too.

No. 1998449

File: 1715390739907.jpg (17.29 KB, 300x300, ab67656300005f1fb24e61585e2951…)

Maintenance Phase is a podcast I listen to often but their recent episode is on "rapid onset gender dysphoria" and it's…..so bad. I don't know why TRAs who are so intelligent and well researched in other areas let it fall apart the second it comes to troons. I'm about half way through and they've mentioned a lot of their info for this episode comes from Julia "getting fucked is what female is" Serrano, yikes.

No. 1998454

What is the podcast usually about?

No. 1998481

>do you really want to lose your natural voice
Only Cat Cattinson detransed due to this. The rest of tiffanies carried on.

No. 1998489

Because troons are whiny hypocritical losers and it’s fun to dunk on them

No. 1998495

Off-topic, but that is a delicious looking sandwich.

No. 1998509

AYRT and the friend in question sings so that's probably why she cared.

No. 1998511

It normally debunks junk science surrounding health and wellness. They've done episodes on Dr Oz, celery juice, carnivore diets and jordan peterson, things like that.

No. 1998516

I never take 'junk science debunkers' seriously precisely because of stuff like this. It's likely not the only thing they've been wrong about, since people who do 'junk science debunkings' usually don't ever want to look beyond what's socially acceptable and socially sanctioned. The trans issue is one of the most obvious issues where scientists are being forced to lie, halt research, mess with their research if they're allowed to do it at all, etc. and most of these debunker types (like PZ Myers being another obvious one) are completely on board with it. They don't have the actual tools or skills to investigate claims truthfully themselves, or if they do they're too cowardly to go against the norm. I don't believe anyone is doing a good job of debunking anything or is trustworthy when something as obvious as 'men are not women' or 'girls are obviously succumbing to social contagion when there's a 4000% increase of them thinking they're boys' is difficult for them to grasp and be honest about.

No. 1998551

But it's not something to brag about if you're more masculine than a tif. The bar is low anyway. Do you want a medal?

No. 1998555

To be fair almost everyone is more masculine than a TIF. They're usually the most hyperfeminine girls imaginable.

No. 1998557

The bar is low but it's sill satisfying to beat them at their own game without even believing in it.

No. 1998577

Why are you all so smug for nothing? Women don't usually feel this way during normal circumstances lmao

No. 1998578

It’s still funny to beat them at their own game without even trying. Kind of like how guys in suits annd cigars with very fake tryhard andrew rare style masculinity get mogged by construction workers.

No. 1998580

People can feel smug over anything, you’re just being obtuse, probably because you think women all need to be feminine and being masculine is not something to brag about

No. 1998581

I am only saying this because butch lesbians never feel emasculated the way a moid does.

No. 1998582

AYRT and part of the reason I enjoyed them to begin with is because they went against the grain on a lot of issues like weight, vegetarianism, and seem pretty measured about issues in general. I understand your point though and agree, it's made me look at them differently.

No. 1998583

Plus you are gunna get nothing out of beating them in their own game and they suffer a sense of loss. It's never a win-win in any circumstance.

No. 1998584

Well, yeah, butch lesbians don’t have fried ideas about gender so they’re not obsessively trying to come off masculine. It’s just a funny observation, no you don’t “get anything” out of observing that people are all different, doesn’t mean we can’t compare them.

No. 1998586

Masculinity in women is ugly and yeah, you shouldn't be proud of it.

No. 1998587

Certain subjects have a more-popular and less-popular opinion that are both fairly acceptable, but that's always going to be better than anything that's really socially unacceptable or that the government/science community/media wants hidden or covered up for whatever reason. Actually I think so many different takes on weight are socially acceptable (it's just the issue everyone feels like they get to have an opinion about no matter their lack of relevant knowledge/experiences) that I couldn't even guess what the 'socially unacceptable' or 'against the grain' opinion is supposed to be. On the other hand it's really obvious with troonism that there is one Wrong Opinion and that's the kind of topic where you won't even have enough easily accessible science for your average 'debunker' to prove anything since they usually go to only easily available, socially sanctioned sources for info.

No. 1998588

speak for yourself, I love butch women

No. 1998589

Stfu troll, youre not the anon

No. 1998593

This argument is retarded and you need to stop.

No. 1998605

You're posting on a 4chan offshoot, check yourself for not falling into the female socialization stereotype completely.

No. 1998610

Gossiping is very womanly.(baiting)

No. 1998619

Well you’re arguing and being disagreeable so I have to give you the rating of gross masculine troll, sorry.

No. 1998622

It must be a shocker to some that not all women feel the need to be pretty. I've crawled out of that trap and it feels good to be finally free, would recommend.

No. 1998636

So kf is the most feminine site known to man? Give me a break nonnie, men gossip just as much

No. 1998639

All the biggest gossipers are always men kek, it's yet another case of men projecting their faults onto women

No. 1998641

Don't complain about TIFs existing if you unironically believe this.

No. 1998722

Xe has the mannerism of a faggot and the looks of a reddit moderator that jerks off to lolicon.
Xillion must die.

No. 1998763

When men gossip they call it "networking" and justify it with some broscience babble about their primal need for brotherhood as if Grogg and Ugg were gossiping about the rival tribe over the fire each night kek. At least women admit that yes we're gossiping and yes we enjoy it.

No. 1998773

>as if Grogg and Ugg were gossiping about the rival tribe over the fire each night
made me kek, thanks nona

No. 1998858

A highly technological vehicle one day came in the form of our next eclipse and killed Grogg and Urgg before any of them could form an alliance, so that no more moids could build the world. Relax, it's a fantasy.

No. 1998859

Can't see lolicons are some faggots' type of guy

No. 1999058

Who would fuck a lolicon? Troons?

No. 1999102

File: 1715455769825.jpg (30.79 KB, 600x439, 30shoes.jpg)

kek that retarded anon doesn't know that even LC was made by a man. Kf was also made by a man and is fucking FULL of them.

No. 1999144

>picked up message of women talking about their girls bodies growing, breast development, disappointed the girls dont look porny enough
>picked up messages of teens having sexual curiosity while hearing that the peak of sexual lust is around their 20s
>be SSA, gave up and gone troon at age 11 while thinking it doesn't fully apply to me

Ask me anything.

No. 1999432

What made you stop trooning nona and did you ever actually get any kind of medical intervention or was it just social ID stuff? Did you troon because of stuff your peers were doing or did you get it from the internet? If you knew other girls or boys irl who trooned when you were younger, did they have doubts about gender ideology too and talk about it?

No. 1999440

do you know about the detransition thread in /g/?

No. 1999661

I think it's an interesting topic for this thread even if there's a detrans thread, I want to hear her experiences.

No. 1999707

What do you mean "their girls" are they talking about themselves or their daughters or?

No. 1999759

No one in my immediate area was a troon. It's an Asian country tbh.

Their daughters. E.g. having aunts discussing about what to prepare their 12-15 y/o daughters for puberty where I got to witness the actual change of female bodies maturing contrary to the expectations of porny depictions of women on the internet.
I am same-sex attracted, bordering to SSOA so it did a number on my psyche.

No. 1999778

Wait nona so if you're living in an Asian country is it socially acceptable to actually come out publicly as a troon/enby or was this something you kept to yourself/only posted on the internet? How did that work? I am guessing that in most Asian countries it's not easy to be openly SSA either but I would assume IDing as the opposite sex or nonbinary would be even less socially acceptable?

No. 1999781

Neither are socially acceptable. Only my parents, grandparents and frequent uncles/aunts know I'm a troon. I tried to hide it from my school/institution that I want to troon out and am a lesbian/possibly bi. The classic HSTS (slightly older) "trans kid" tif case, but I'm 20 now and my first "coming out" as troon was at 11.

No. 1999784

that is because it IS perverted moms/aunts, I'm a mom and ended up leaving reddit because all parenting stuff was taken over by complete perverts who would never stop talking about their kids boobs or privates. Before I left I remember seeing someone talk about how their daughter in 3rd grade has uneven nipples/budding breasts and asking if it was normal, it was unbelievable multiple people had to chime in and actually tell the "mom" she shouldn't be looking at or touching her daughters breasts at all. I know it will never happen but I wish reddit tracked down the insane amount of people admitting to actual child molestation on reddit

No. 1999786

So if I'm understanding correctly you are still identifying as a troon? Even now that you know it is because you are same sex attracted? Why?

Even relatively good parents and relatives will make these weird comments about their children, my mom was supportive of my gender nonconformity as a child but she used to make comments when I was like literally 7-9 years old about how I had a 'curvy womanly figure' and would grow up looking better than other girls because I was 'curvy,' my mom herself was this extremely shy and tomboyish woman who never dated other than my dad and I can only assume it was some weird thing of living vicariously through me but it traumatized me and made me extremely self-conscious about hitting puberty and developing. I don't think my mom is a pedo at all and I never felt creeped out in that way but when I was older/in my teens she would try to 'peek' at my boobs when I was changing and when I said it made me uncomfortable she said she just 'wanted to see because she never had big ones herself' and then started calling my boobs saggy. She's the type of person who's horrified by the grooming in schools and whatever and would never support pedoshit getting into schools but she still felt the need to project all this weird sexual stuff on me at an extremely young age, she also constantly 'accused' (idk what word to use here) me of having been predated upon by older men when I was a child, like she had a theory I was raped by a camp counsellor or that one of my middle school teachers was a pedo groomer and something 'happened' between us. I don't even think women from conservative cultures realize they're creepy when they do this and I don't think they see it as sexualizing their daughters.

No. 1999788

>when I was older/in my teens she would try to 'peek' at my boobs when I was changing and when I said it made me uncomfortable she said she just 'wanted to see because she never had big ones herself' and then started calling my boobs saggy.
I hate to break it to you but that isn't normal behavior, no normal person tries to look at a child boobs for any reason

No. 1999789

I know it's not normal but I don't think my mom is a pedo is what I'm saying. Also the boobs thing happened in my late teens like when I was 18-19. I think a lot of women who are not pedos just 'project' sexual hangups and body hangups on their daughters not because they're sexually attracted to children but because they try to live vicariously through them.

No. 1999791

samefag but since I'm blogging about this already, my mom admitted later when I was an adult that she regretted talking to me about/exposing me to sexual topics when I was younger and that she should have 'preserved my innocence' but that she didn't realize it was inappropriate because she was messed up and traumatized herself. But when she says this she mostly means letting me watch sexualized media or telling me about stuff relating to sex at a young age and she still seems not to realize that all the comments on my body or how I 'probably got raped by a camp counselor' were totally inappropriate. My mom is from a really conservative culture/family btw. I think sometimes women in these cultures are abused and treated like sexual objects so much they don't even realize they're traumatizing their children.

No. 1999793

she may not be a pedo but perverted/predatory for sure. Creepyness is creepyness even if the intent is "bad"

No. 1999794

Not really, it's in a way being coincidentially same-sex attracted though it can influence the direction of trooning out. Yes, I identify as a TiF. Discovered this thread from google, in case my opinions are not welcome. There seems to be a no-male rule just by scrolling from the top of the thread alone so I'm in quite a grey area here.

What mattered was some parents unfortunately fail to understand how receptive and malleable children's minds are to sensitive topics such as sexual wellbeing and adapting to pubertal changes, including extreme discomfort like when moms keep checking on their daughters growth it makes the daughters feel both vulnerable and infantilized, as if she's being creeped on in some level.

Being told about sexual exploration as teens (as a SSA/SSOA) feels so goddamn infantilizing, like it's a whole different level of being predated on. As if lesbians are predatory ffs. Kinda want a different opinion on this from bi women and lesbians, as well as straight women here.

No. 1999798

Yeah you're not male so you're probably welcome but this imageboard is pretty hostile to people who believe in gender ideology, personally I don't mind but if you decided to troon out based on the reasons you outlined it seems like you are pretty clear-headed about knowing you're female, I guess I don't understand why you still choose to identify as a TIF instead of just accepting that you are same-sex attracted and hate misogynistic norms for women? Are you planning on getting hormones and surgeries or is it just a self-ID thing? What do you get out of identifying as male when you know you're female and can't escape female socialization?

Can you specify what you mean with the second half of your post, I'm unclear on what you're asking for an opinion on. Like are you asking how being told about sex for adults affects SSA/straight women in general or what adults say about gay and straight women?

I can't disagree with the perverted part but I wouldn't call it predatory because I don't know what she really personally got out of acting like this. I think my mom acted 'perverted' because she was actually extremely innocent and shy around sex and her body but was predated upon by other people, and tried to live through me vicariously and confide in me in a weird way about her own hangups. Ironically she would probably consider herself really prudish and clean-minded but I think she has extreme fixations and hangups on sex, sexuality and looks because she herself was a victim.

No. 1999808

E.g. parent's view of sexual expression in teens hits differently for someone like me, like it's so creepy as well in a comparable way to be told by your respective moms about breast development, it's nothing like glamorizing leslarpers or spicy straight kweer girls in mainstream media. It's more on we're near the bottom of the totem pole and getting reminded that our attraction to women and sexual behaviors/predispositions makes us a valid excuse to be shit on mainly because we don't look like a queer on tv and am not hypersexual enough, supposedly. What I (personally got) end up feeling is being infantilized and being crepeed on like how pushy moms would their daughter. It makes me go nlog on top of going troon when i found out many girls are in a similar position.

>seems like you are pretty clear-headed about knowing you're female

There's some kind of knee-jerk allergy that causes me to be disturbed by being referred to as a female irl, it's that I HAVE to be this clear-headed every time to suppress this response. Yes, I would go the buck angel route with a bottom surgery.

No. 1999813

This is really quite interesting, is this the first thread you've seen? In any case, I think you're welcome to lurk and comment as you please as long as you read the room properly, although as the other anon said you might be met with hostility in a lot of cases especially you announce you're a TIF (do not announce it in the /snow/ threads at all, you'll get a ban). I'd recommend you give the rules a good read just in case you miss anything, although so far you seem like a reasonable newfag and troon which is refreshing to see for once.
Also, out of curiosity what are your general thoughts and feelings about the general TIPs and TRAs online? Or do you not interact with them at all?

No. 1999821

Hmm well I can only speak to this as a woman who is bisexual and lives in a pretty 'LGBT+++QIASSEER+++' accepting environment but my family is from a very conservative culture. So when my parents first started to suspect I was SSA in my early teens/preteen years they basically attacked me and made it really obvious that I would be fucked if I was into girls, so I ended up just lying to them my whole life and my family still doesn't know. I think my mom has an idea that 'lesbians are super hypersexual' that she got from mostly watching stuff about gay moids but she doesn't really know anything about lesbians and I never really took it seriously, but I felt like most of society did not imply lesbians were hypersexual (I thought I was lesbian at first when I was younger), and they did think bisexual women were but I only realized I was bisexual later so I don't think that really affected me. But mainly the effect from my family was just to know I had to hide it from them and I didn't really learn much about lesbian or bisexual women from my family at all. When I was growing up there basically weren't lesbians on TV either and if there were occasionally women they usually were kind of hypersexual bpd hoes but I don't think I took that super seriously. Since I didn't admit I was bi though my family didn't really project much on me, they suspected I was SSA but then were relieved when it seemed like I wasn't and I just never told them about any of the girls I liked or dated.

I'm still a bit confused by your position on being a TIF though. You would actually want to cut giant chunks of flesh off your arm/thigh to have a non-functioning phallic flesh tube stapled to the front of your pelvis? If you're SSA would you still be having normal lesbian sex with your normal genitals or?

No. 1999822

First thread.
I've never came across another TiP irl. Online tho, I usually interact on case by case basis.

For TRAs it's about discerning their reasoning and where it comes from, I won't directly argue with a TRA except in the scenario I am forced into a debate session. If there's any concern, it's about how children and teens are vulnerable to being groomed to becoming troon.

Though, what can't be found on the internet is actually HOW these kids could transform their beliefs overnight that they suddenly believe they're no longer the sex they are born with and deserve troon surgery.

No. 1999823

I;m from the UK and you can literally pick up prescriptions on someone's behalf as long as you have their address, name and DOB. No pharmacist on earth would grope her to make sure she matches the gender on the script. Story is fake.

No. 1999826

Yeah where I live too you can pick up prescriptions on someone else's behalf. And if they think the person is trying to scam them they call your phone number to make sure you approve of them picking it up, they don't grope whoever is picking it up. Everything about this story is extremely fake sounding and as with many troon fictions sounds like the invention of someone who has not left their own bedroom in 6+ months.

So do you believe you were groomed as a child since you started identifying as a TIF at 11 or do you think you were not subject to any online grooming? What are the points on which you agree/disagree with TRA ideology?

No. 1999832

You're welcome to stay if you're a female, but do know that it will make you peak eventually. I wish you the best of luck and health the day you decide to detranstion, nonas here can be really supportive of you then! Check out the mtf threads over on /snow too while you're here

No. 1999833

What about when a "cis woman" says she doesnt feel safe around a troon?

No. 1999834

Before trans ideology was big. I wasn't groomed as a child afaik, my parents were super against it.

I went on estrogen blockers first then T. I don't believe trooning out is for anyone, as there are already some stories of men being convinced by gatekeeping doctors they should not troon because they are AGP;plus their physical appearance and psyche (psyche is a big factor actually. they have to be mutationally delusional enough to be flawless troon in my opinion idk if its the right word kek) gave them no chance of passing.
The one video on tiktok with "top surgery is for everyone" pissed me off, as it's not even about trans ideology amymore. It negates my lived experience in a way (kek), with me jealously guarding myself from being mogged and outdone by my sister and female cousins. It makes me feel like my life is on cheating conmode.

No. 1999836

Original vid is nowhere to be found but it's this one

No. 1999843

By groomed as a child I mean by gender ideology/trans people on the internet. I understand your parents didn't groom you into trooning out although you did just describe how they made you afraid of being a SSA female and hitting female puberty, and implied that heavily contributed. If it's not for anyone/everyone what makes you or the people you think it's 'for' different? Who do you think it's 'for'?When you say mogged by your sister and female cousins do you mean you avoided them being compared to you as prettier or more feminine?

No. 1999846

Never saw any troons until I moved to a big city - now they're everywhere (same with so many very openly gay moid couples.) But I somehow never see the opposite.
That's honestly so freaky, people on the countryside might think it's not a big deal because they can't see any but if you witness suddenly so many moids turning into wannabe-women it's easy to get why especially older people are pushed to vote for more trad/rightwing parties, it can really feel like there is some kind of "virus" spreading and poisoning everybody.

No. 1999847

It feels like that because there is some kind of "virus" spreading and poisoning every"body" (aka every moid) and it's coomerism.

No. 1999850

>you avoided them being compared to you as prettier or more feminine?
Good point. Before I trooned out I might not care about these, and it's that there is a layer of misogyny as although I haven't been in direct contact with trans people, my dad is surrounded by TiMs (read:the average r/asktransgender mtf based on how he describes them) every now and then due to business trips in USA. He explains how I'm not like them at all therefore I'll regret my decision. It's heavily linked to why I don't want to be feminine or else it's "proof I have no reason to go troon".

I actually would want my female relatives to be more feminine than me, it's like a feeling I don't doubt myself.

No. 1999851

Sorry nonna but you're not gonna make loads of friends here constantly justifying your tranny choice, I hope you can get past the shame of being a lesbian, trooning out will not make you a straight couple

No. 1999853

I have fully accepted that a lesbian tif is not a straight man. Thank you for your advice.

No. 1999871

What happened to telling attention seeking trannies to fuck off, nonas? There's nothing to be discussed here that hasn't been covered ad nauseam elsewhere on the site. TIFchan, if you're reading this what you're doing is known as "avatarfagging", posting in a way that identifies yourself. I'm not gonna report you for it 'cause you're new here, but it's against the rules. If you wanna integrate and post anonymously, then fair enough, but save the AMAs for reddit. I don't like having trannies here personally. As a butch lesbian who's came close to trooning out in moments of weakness, quite frankly I view your kind as crabs in a bucket that should be kept far away from GNC women. But I can't hate you completely because, reluctantly, I do get it. I wish you well, I hope you knock it off with the justifications and come to accept yourself as a woman.

No. 1999874

A few days ago I stumbled upon the social media of some uni instructor (don’t know this person IRL) and saw that he was posting in groups for feral/MLP NSFW and plushophilia (ewwww). I made a bet that he was a TIM and had that suspicion confirmed a few minutes later.

I was about to send a report to the university about it, but am considering telling the news instead to show the public that yet another TIM in a position of power is a pervert. However, I’d probably have to choose a right-leaning news outlet since the left would likely not care or acknowledge that this is a man.

What should I do nonnas

No. 1999877

Don't report it to your uni, you'll probably get pushback for transphobia. No matter how carefully you word your complaint, you're a woman and he's a TIM and he will leverage his power against you. TIMs love to talk about how fetishes helped them discover their true selves, so I'd bet that he goes straight to that excuse. Go to a news outlet. Yes, it will have to right=leaning, it's unfortunately the only option we have when it comes to whistleblowing this kind of stuff. I still think it's better than nothing. Either way, you can't let him get away with this shit.

No. 1999884

Thanks. Also, I go to a completely different uni and was going to report it to his uni through the anonymous complaint form, but IDK if people even look at those forms.

I’ve never submitted anything to the news. Would you send it to an outlet or a specific reporter or what? Would I have more luck choosing a reporter who has written about trans pervert teachers before?

No. 1999886

I initially responded to her AMA because I thought she was a detrans woman but I wanted to gently question her because it seems like she is close to peaking on a lot of TRA ideology and seems to come from a very conservative culture. But then I just became very confused.

My first thought was to report it too but the university won't do anything. I agree with your idea and the other anon that you should report it to some news outlet, preferably not a very leftist one but one that has reported on trans/feminist issues before. There are some outlets like Reduxx that are not right-wing but also don't get much attention, so you could try both one of those and some more mainstream local right-wing ones. But report it anonymously using protonmail or something.

No. 1999887

Also, I’ve already made a screenshot compilation of his comments and plan to archive the post history so he can’t delete the account and hide the evidence

No. 1999888

Good thing you are not a male then. It’s OK to be a GNC bisexual or lesbian woman nonna. There’s nothing wrong with being butch or attracted to the same sex. I know that society can be pretty intolerant sometimes, but you are who you are and that’s OK. You just shouldn’t be living under the delusion that being SSA or GNC makes you a male, or that it’s ever possible for a woman to become a male. There are infinite ways of being a woman, so anything you do is automatically something a woman does.

No. 1999890

Thanks. Was considering using Protonmail but am worried that will send it to their junk folder

No. 1999891

If you're worried about that can you just make an anonymous gmail or something using a VPN? The chance you will be targeted for going to the media is low anyway but just for my safety I would personally refrain from using my usual email account.

No. 1999893

I’ll consider that too

No. 1999894

I honestly have no idea how to choose an outlet. I would just look for publications and reporters that have done similar articles about pervert troons in the past. I agree with >>1999886 not to send it to a leftist one, that'll be like pissing in the wind. Maybe try asking over on /2X/ if anyone has recommendations on where to report it? They usually have good sources for anything that's came up in the news recently, so you might get pointed in the right direction by them.

No. 1999895

I would try one or multiple of: Reduxx (tends to pick up stories about specific predatory troons), depending on your country something more right-wing like the post millennial or daily wire that sometimes report 'gossip' type stories about specific predatory troons, and/or a normal local news outlet like your local fox news (if you're in america) or other local centrist/right-leaning publication. Most local news isn't super ideological though and might pick it up. You can check the history of outlets to see if they've recently posted any special interest stories about e.g. creepy school/university instructors, men in sports etc. because outlets likely to report on that would also be more likely to pick up your story.

No. 1999897

You could also try sending the screenshots specifically to reporters on twitter who post trans/drag/pedo in university or high school teaching positions type stories, probably not actually the best person but I'm thinking people like Andy Ngo.

No. 1999902

Nona, don't. Stay away from the crabs in a bucket. We feel for you.
Trooning out in moments of weakness is what the TRAs and TiPs take advantage of.

No. 1999921

Social rejects foster parasocial relationships and he is popular with a female audience, so female troons love him, simple.

No. 2000097

File: 1715521906499.jpg (34.19 KB, 565x694, 442418657_846118064223131_5080…)

A perfect gendie winner for the most political event I see, not surprised.
I hate how genderism is so superficial, fuck europe (rightfully so) for not kicking out israel but kicking out russia but suddenly europe good for lettng a gendie win, their morals are so shallow and performative it disgusts me. I'm far for screaming "#FreePalestine" because I do not fucking care what those two shitholes do, and yes, killing children is bad and that's basic common sense, but I still get amazed that their morals get thrown under the bus when it's time to feed their ideology, it stands higher than everything. It stands higher over life, family, health, values. Sick.

No. 2000103

nonny, I think you're getting mad at two seperate, unrelated groups. the people tweeting #free palestine aren't the same people praising eurovision for letting a gendie win. I've seen pro-Israel people say stuff like gay people shouldn't promote Palestine because Palestinians are probably homophobic or whatever ignoring the fact that bombing childrens hospitals isn't exactly helping establish feminism and gay rights in the region

No. 2000105

The irony is that gendie shit isn't even european ideology. The they/them shit doesn't even translate into a lot of european countries.

No. 2000113

Italian nonny here, we don't have the third neutral gender in our language and all our pronouns are gendered even in plurals so there are basically no vowels left, the press is using male pronouns because despite the gendies trying to push the butchering of our language (with shit like Lui (him), Lei (her), L*i (??? the fuck is this how do you pronounce this), they are forced to use professional speaking and ofc gendie lingo is not professional. The only way around could be using the plural (which is also gendered) but that won't reflect the reality because he isn't two people so kek. The jobless gendies are still asleep but I can't wait to see some seething and coping here and there.
Just imagine, for your own fetish or nlopism, fucking up an entire language and yet it doesn't work so why bother

No. 2000132

i fucking hate the USA

No. 2000136

Swedish forced in a new gender neutral pronoun years ago and to this day I've not seen a single troon use it. Not ONE. You know why? Because we don't do pronouns outside of English. All the troons her still put "he/they/she/ze" in English and don't ever expect it at all in real life when speaking their own native language. It's like it's just a fantasy they live out online. The only people I've heard use gender neutral pronouns are media people trying really hard not to misgender a troon on TV.

No. 2000158

Most entertaining is still seeing Finns use English pronouns because that's the only way to spew gender. Since all the pronouns are already neutral (hän and se) it's pretty obvious that it's only about parroting the agenda to be cool.

No. 2000169

>The only people I've heard use gender neutral pronouns are media people trying really hard not to misgender a troon on TV.
As well as people who genuinely don't know the sex of the person they are referring to. Fair enough. (Assuming it's 'they/them')

No. 2000196

kek I was once asked by email (in a professional setting where everybody spoke Finnish) what pronouns I use. I just ignored the question and they never brought it up again.

No. 2000274

I hope this fits but I expect every edgy bro that respects pronouns and gets butthurt when you shit talk troons, but make edgy/sexist/racist jokes about everyone else to Troon out.
I was watching a streamer and they were talking about keffals, the chat was like, "guise you can be funny without being transphobic!!" And some retarded person was crying about, "I hope you never have a trans child!!!!".
Meanwhile the streamer in question is always going on these rants about how it's just words and literally laughs at legit retarded moids all day.
Not to mention his chat members act like normal looking women are weird looking. But they were unironicqlly thristing after keffals
It's interesting how these people who teeter the line of being super edgy almost always has a decently sized chaser/Troon audience. Almost as if troons love to be racist /sexist
Also I notice in moid spaces some will unironically agrue about using pronouns or some moids will use pronouns if their dick gets hard, but with women spaces s lot of us don't do that shit.
Men are not allies in this, even in the most transphobic part of the internet you'll see scrotes calling Keffals/Blaire she.
They think calling a man a man is a punishment or only something certain troons deserve, when the point is they are men.
Tw are men and tm are women. We aren't calling them that to hurt their feelings or because they don't pass, no because it's facts.

No. 2000349

You're getting mad over two different issues.

No. 2000350

Male TRAs integrate in moid hierarchy quite well.

No. 2000353

Yeah Twitch is filled with pornsick moids, I expect pretty much everyone on there to troon out in some capacity or be a TRA.

No. 2000366

My old workplace was full of edgelord scrotes who were openly racist, misogynistic, antisemitic, ableist etc. but would defend (male) troons to the death. Holocaust, lynching and rape jokes were all in good fun but calling a man in striped socks a man? That’s not on! You’ll hurt his feelings!! Male TRAs are just MRAs in rainbow t-shirts.
>They think calling a man a man is a punishment or only something certain troons deserve
I disagree. I think they think that calling a man a woman is a punishment for being insufficiently manly, and that calling someone like Keffals or Blaire men devalues manhood. They still value them over actual women because they recognise that they’re males, but they don’t want to have to share a category with them either.

No. 2000376

Even in places like KF they call the trannies "she" if they "deserve it" (aka make their dicks hard). I think it's because they're terrified of having gay thoughts and they're attracted to a tranny

No. 2000482

sorry for vent but I need a big factual documentary that exposes troonism and all of it's flaws. I need them to say it out loud how being attracted to a single sex is being twisted into being seen as queer - and I'm sure it would be easy to get it straight out of their own mouths.
A man says he's bisexual (or pan) = that he is into men AND women. By which he means women and men with vaginas. He explains he used to think he was straight because he's only into people with vaginas, until he realized ANY person could have a vagina! So that makes him bi/pan because he'd totally be gay for a man with a vaginas and tits! I just need normal people to finally see and hear the insane shit these people say on the daily, that this IS what's "normal" to the troons.

No. 2000663

When a male fetus developes it has to go through two processes- defeminization & masculinization. Because of this there are more oppertunities for things to go wrong. This may be part of the reason why homosexuality & paraphilias present in twice the rates in males than in females

No. 2000677

I have to theory but I'm afraid to pass as some kind of schizo that flamboyant faggots have a biological component. I always thought that they were the result of first world more inclusive societies but every culture has its faggots so I guess that the male fetus, being a failed female embryo, has some kind of mutation in faggots but I don't see butches acting like men (unless they're ultra one-of-the-boys pickmes). They way faggots act it's very stereotypical and also their voices are higher so unless all of them commonly agreed to sound higher, it's a natural trait that they have. Higher/softer voice, weird mannerism and promiscuity. All of men with weird high voices are faggots or some kind of homo leaning bisexuals while women that are more "masculine" are not butches.
Sage for derailing but ofc in faggots I include hsts so I can see why they try to pull the biology bullshit and while it's not totally wrong, it doesn't make them women because women don't act like faggots. Not one of them. Even the most vain bimbo I know doesn't act as obnoxiously as a faggot so they're the own "gender" if we're talking in that way but that puts them in their own category of failed men or men trapped in men's body, not an egg or a woman at all.

No. 2000694

>on the largest european tv show
>still wearing a polyster skater skirt that looks like it's straight from amazon
moid behavior

i don't understand why the jury was bending over backwards to applaud this superrrr speshullll gendie when we've had a participant like Conchita Wurst who is arguably much more gender non-conforming and doesn't delude others into calling him a woman or ~nonbinary~

No. 2000718

it's not moid behaviour, nona, it's cosplay.
troons wear cosplay, they don't wear "clothes." if you carefully look at the majority of them they have the same amazon skirt and socks, same aliexpress chokers and so on, like cosplayers who buy their costumes on those chinese sites. They don't shop for clothes, they look at the typical troon attire and wear that. No woman dresses like them.

No. 2000723

Males also lack over a thousand genes compared to women, it's why they're so much more likely to have a lot of hereditary disorders, such as being color blind. They come in pairs (one from each parent) so 1 broken and 1 healthy results in the healthy one taking over, but since men only get 1 if it's broken it's broken and there's no spare to fix it. I'm sure there are weird genetic disorders we aren't fully aware of that can get broken in males this way.

No. 2000860

i hate moids who parrot trans rights, it harms tifs too

No. 2000863

It doesn't work that way. Chimerism exists and X inactivation works similarly to chimserism in the aspect which retina cells are affected. it's only the general case where a good enough mix of affected and unaffected retina cells would render a person a carrier, and anything past this ratio of affected:unaffected cells makes a woman colorblind too.

No. 2000871

Went to the park with a new coworker and met with some people, a group of about 6 others that she kind of knew. We were sitting there eating and someone said we should go around in a circle and introduce ourselves. First to go was a moid who said "My name is Mark, he/him." Second one, my coworker, "My name is Sarah, she/her." I was next. Said my name, but the pronouns felt so unnatural that there was this extremely uncomfortable, way too long pause. Finally I just said, "My pronouns are she and her, I guess, because of being a woman and all that, if we're really doing the pronoun thing right now …"

I really wanted to leave and probably should have? Everyone was late 20s - early 30s btw. I just couldn't believe regular people would ever opt to do that outside of a classroom or a supervised corporate team-building activity.

No. 2000977

>women don't act like faggot
That wasn't the excuse. Faggots know they are male, including the cultures that would never let them troon out. You can't compare womankind to male homosexual effeminacy.

No. 2000995

NAYRT but females at least have the option of X inactivation/chimerism to cover for a faulty allele and men don’t. If their single X-linked allele is fucked, it’s fucked. That’s why X-linked disorders like certain types of colourblindness, hemophilia and X-SCID (bubble boy disease) are practically exclusive to males.

No. 2001048

Moids have one less opportunity to be immune to X-linked disorders like colorblindness, they kinda need other factors such as chimerism or retinal transplant (kek, but the sympathy is on those with vision loss and need this surgery).

No. 2001099

She speaks like she's narrating a babypowder commercial or something.. such a weird video. She really deicded to speak like this.. Like i get it's supposed to be hopeful motivational soulhugging shit but it just sounds so fake like a commercial because nobody speaks like this irl but i guess it perfectly works on trannies because they see the manipulative result that gives their starving hearts a motherly caress, and not see of the intetion behind the video of the person who's juts really sitting there in fornt of a mic thinking "how can i make this the most softest stickiest narration as i possibly could" just ew. Trannies really miss a bigger perspecite gear in their brains.

No. 2001145

I'm not? What I said that faggots are seen as some kind of "feminine" men but no feminine woman acts like that because women don't act like that. They're their own, failed, sex. It's an anomaly.

No. 2001230

ot but i feel like i have to ask, what the fuck has happened to this thread within the past few days? from the 4chan moidspeak and random baiters to troons and people who clearly haven't been on lc for more than 5 minutes. am i going insane? i've noticed this going on in the ftm and mtf threads too, to a far lesser degree though.

No. 2001231

The ugly man psyop thread got posted on /r9k/ recently. It might be that.

No. 2001578

Just wondering if anyone knows why trannys love fallout new Vegas so much? As a really big fan of the series I don't get it? I can't see it through their lense

No. 2001595

File: 1715631094007.jpg (266.46 KB, 1080x1627, 5835cbc1305309a694c20431df894e…)


No. 2001598

Feminism and gay rights are never going to be promoted by Islam period regardless how wealthy and peaceful the country is, and I think it's embarrassing in general for genderists to try to associate with conservative patriarchal religions. The troons visiting the Vatican recently was almost equally cringe although the Pope does seem to be caving to gender ideology, I don't think most actual 'traditional' or devoted Catholics ever will.

It's always been really amusing to think about how pronouns and gender language would translate to my native language because almost everything you say, including in the first person or second person, is gendered, and there's also a third neutral gender that's mostly for inanimate objects. So if people wanted to use the pre-existing third gender pronouns they would basically be referring to themselves/others as inanimate objects (There isn't a first/second person version of the neuter version of language though) and if they are trans they would have to change the way they talk about themselves or ask people to refer to them directly as the wrong sex, which would probably expose all those types of troons who post on reddit saying they secretly misgender themselves in their heads all the time. After spending your whole life using male language for yourself it would probably be really tough to make the switch. You'd also sound like a child because a lot of small children in my native language will get it mixed up and accidentally refer to themselves or others as the wrong gender when using verbs for example (e.g. in my language there are two different versions of 'I went' or 'you ate' for male and female speakers).

No. 2001627

I'm not sure where I stand on the nature/nurture component of homosexuality and there's no really strong or conclusive evidence for either but it is not unlikely at all that gay men in many cultures just 'agreed' to sound higher. A lot of the time both troons and regular gay men who talk in that high pitched effeminate way will drop their voice down to a normal threatening low male voice when, for example, they get really angry or are threatening a woman. Just because they didn't all sign a contract to behave this way doesn't mean they don't subconsciously or consciously do it on purpose as a social cue or form of social conformity with other effeminate men. Same with stuff people sometimes cite as signs of 'natural' femininity in men like doing more hand-talking and body language things - I think it is a choice, but a choice that is mostly made because they are (badly) aping common traits in women. They never actually look or sound like actual women when doing these things, so I think it is their version of signaling to each other that they are 'feminine.' Women can't drop their voices that low unless they have naturally low voices but every man can go into a falsetto so they do it when they're trying to ape women. Not sure if it is conscious or not in all of them but it doesn't have to be biological or due to any kind of epigenetics. None of this proves that the 'biology bullshit' isn't wrong.

Don't let yourself get pressured into doing the pronoun shit nonna, especially if no one was explicitly asking you to. There might have been other women (or men) there who felt pressured like you did but because of you caving they might have felt more pressured/alone there too. There is always a cost both to yourself and others of going along with TRA bullshit.

The troon who dropped into the thread said she found it on google but it seems like lolcow got posted or mentioned a few times on tiktok and elsewhere recently.

No. 2001630

File: 1715633184550.jpeg (174.04 KB, 457x394, IMG_0555.jpeg)

They keep calling picrel a real woman when those huge joosie male clavicles are extremely clockable. They don’t know what a real woman is because almost none of them have normal relationships with a woman to begin with

No. 2001643

Plus even if there is something biological that happens to make men gay/effeminate, it's still not a good excuse for HSTS troons because most effeminate (gay and straight) men don't troon out, so what excuse do the HSTS have when their mannerisms and voices are usually just like those of non-troon gay effeminate men?

No. 2001690

File: 1715635274267.jpg (27.73 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

man, i love this show but hate when they talk about trans shit. michael and aubrey are unfortunately tranny dicksuckers and the most annoying thing besides looking at data we really can't make any conclusions about yet, the way they talk about detrans people always feels shitty. it's very "yes detransitioners exist BUT they are such a minority they basically don't count". trans people are already a fucking minority too, do they not count????? i wish they'd stick solely to health and wellness because this is not their wheelhouse. if you want a left-leaning podcast that's also gender critical try picrel.

No. 2001698

Yeah TRAs used to talk about how they're a super special extra oppressed minority because they are such a tiny minority (the stats I see posted are usually like 0.3% of the population or something) even though that's not true anymore and there are probably at least as many troons as gays at this point if not more, though they always treat 'cis' gay people as some huge hegemonic majority compared to them. But as soon as someone mentions detransitioners they don't count because they are 'just a tiny minority' and suddenly the minority status makes them unimportant. Anyway that's a cope too because there are more and more detransitioners and I believe soon the majority of people who transition (at least socially) will end up detransitioning within the next 5-10 years. Already at this age (early thirties) most of the people I knew who identified as nonbinary don't anymore and are back to their normie genders, most of them actively memoryhole that they ever identified that way. Quite a few of the women I know who 'socially transitioned' also desisted, although I don't know any detransitioners who went far with a medical transition personally but it's probably only a matter of time.

No. 2001739

Plenty of brilliant people get roped into cults, and gender ideology is the greatest cult of our time.

It's the same as religion, but I won't go into that here. Basically there are 100 reasons why someone might be convinced to join a cult, and once they're in, it's VERY hard to convince them the cult is wrong. Especially when every online forum, and method of communicating with them, is moderated by the same cultists that you're warning them against.

No. 2001742

women can have broad shoulders you know, I checked just to be sure and she has explicit contect where you can see shes a woman

No. 2001750

"Brilliant" or high IQ people are more prone to motivated cognition in general, which means that a lot of otherwise intelligent people (especially those that like debating and philosophy and playing devil's advocate like many debunkers) are more prone to genuinely convincing themselves of false or unlikely things if they have some bias or propensity toward believing that thing. Intelligent people are also harder to argue out of their crazy/wrong positions once they are set on having them because they are better at rationalizing. Gendershit is especially bad because it's common in 'intellectual' communities and environments more so than normie/working class environments so it's easy for educated/higher intelligence people to convince themselves they're morally and intellectually superior for believing in gendershit since it's extra common for their own peers to be troons.

No. 2001762

Some other decent GC podcasts are Wandering Womb and Women Talking About Their Lives (recently did a good interview with The Buttress and has a good interview with some detransitioners). Maybe Stone Butch Disco if you're starved for lesbian specific content (host comes across as mildly queer and extremely academia poisoned, but occasionally has GC guests. I think she's interesting to listen to because she talks in a way that won't automatically scare off TIFs/libfems the way openly GC content does.).

Is Blocked and Reported fully gender critical now? I listened to them a bit when they first started but I found they kind of handled trans stuff with kid's gloves and tried to seem more elevated than the big meanie TERFs. I think I remember ragequitting because in one episode Herzog was like "weh MTFs shitting up the lesbian community aren't even a problem so who cares.". It's been so long since I listened though that maybe I'm mixing them up with another podcast. Sorry Katie Herzog if I'm accidentally accusing you of being pro-AGP.

No. 2001879

Please don't transvestigate, it's what they want us to do, they want us distrusting other women and to separate us. It gives them the perfect excuse to write us off as dumb too when we are accusing random people

No. 2002074

File: 1715656383062.jpeg (804.59 KB, 1290x1165, IMG_0808.jpeg)

No. 2002089

I wonder how the results would be if it would have been done in the current year, especially for the UK.

No. 2002126

When/what poll is this from?

No. 2002241

Has anyone found out yet what human rights trans people are missing?

No. 2002243

I asked in the ESC thread what the source of this was. It doesn't seem correct.

No. 2002251

Putting two questions in one is such bad polling.

No. 2002258

Getting their cock out in front of women, it's their god given right dammit!

No. 2002261

said this in other thread but copying it to here:
Swede here and that's not accurate. If you ask someone "do you support LGBT rights?" they'd very likely say yes, but if you asked something basic woke as "do you think non-binary is real?" they don't agree unless they're a basement dweller woke terminally online autist, and most people likely still haven't even heard of it. My mom still legit thinks troons are just drag queens and calls them he/him without anyone batting an eye, and she thinks they're glam and fun to watch on tv so she "supports" them. I've still not seen a single local troon who uses our gender neutral pronoun in Sweden. In fact gendies here exclusively go by they/she/he online in English speaking social media, never in Swedish, and I go to fucking anime weeb conventions so I've seen a ton of them kek

And adding here that I fully think it has the same flaw as in English, where people think "transwomen" means "women who identify as trans men"

No. 2002265

troons want the right to cut up kids and teens, and the legal right to also fuck said kids and teens

No. 2002267

Also most people and politicians were against the new self-id law, it only got approved because of retarded ideas of party unity.

No. 2002271

I believe it if it's from a place like reddit, general population fuck no

No. 2002405

>calls them he/him without anyone batting an eye, and she thinks they're glam and fun to watch on tv so she "supports" them
KEKKKK your mom is based

No. 2002467

In the most recent episode she's critical of AGP (with the exception of "it's ok in the privacy of your own home" or whatever) but I wouldn't say the podcast is fully gender critical now. They still seem to believe in some version of true trans.

No. 2002795

File: 1715719119847.jpg (540.48 KB, 1440x1080, enby.jpg)

No. 2002796

That's just sad

No. 2002802

We already knew girls think like this but it's funny to see them admit it. They literally think "I'm too ugly to be a girl, but compared to (real) boys I'd be a pretty, feminine and cute little twink boy…" and so it begins.

No. 2002806

So they trooned out just because they didn't want to deal with unrealistic standards placed on women?

No. 2002816

Instead of changing the system they change themselves. Weak.

No. 2002835

File: 1715720505185.mp4 (10.34 MB, 576x1024, c7340da84aef827eb5b656f4af5b97…)

The leftists are so conservative, they literally cannot fathom clothes=/=sex. Literally dresses are for girls, pants are for boys. Oh so progressive. Horse shoe theory is real.

No. 2002841

literall trollface

No. 2002854

File: 1715721137757.png (1.31 MB, 1090x1062, to the cis.png)

Saw this in a manga I read once. Made me kek when I thought that some tif or tim might genuinely get triggered over this.

No. 2002860

Don't TIMs have more rights than the average woman? They get state funded butchery while women in a lot of places can't get abortions or even C sections. Also what a awful fucking question, what if someone were to think transwomen aren't women but believe that everyone should have equal rights or vice versa?

No. 2002861

BJ Alex? Based. But also, one of my family members majored in CIS and always wears shirts that say "CIS ROCKS" and stuff and it always makes me wonder if there are gendies who see it and think she's trying to bully them kek

No. 2002866

This is probably old news (new to me) but has anyone kept up with the "non-binary" outrage over Stawdew Valley? Every time the game creator posts about a patch or an update on twitter, a million she/theys run to the comments to scold him for causing "transphobia" and doxxing in the SDV community.

For those who aren't aware, Stardew Valley is a really cute and relaxing farming simulator which recently got a huge update. In the game, you choose to play either as a male or female. You can marry any of the "eligible" single NPCs in the game regardless of gender. About 8 months ago, a change.org petition was launched to petition the creator to add an option for players to be non-binary. The game creator, ConcernedApe, has yet to respond or fold to these demands. According to the continued complaints, creators who speak out about this "needed" addition are harassed endlessly and doxxed (cannot find any proof of this).

I'm just so incredibly annoyed that even something as wholesome and anodyne as a fucking FARMING SIMULATOR needs to meet these bullshit fake gender standards in order for the public to be satiated. It's just so wildly entitled.

No. 2002888

>pronouns in English only
Yeah that’s almost always the case. Idk if Swedish has neutral pronouns but it’s always funny to see then try to do this act with languages that are heavily gendered like French Italian or Arabic

No. 2002890

They’re so braindead they don’t even get their own ideology or why people are dumbfounded by the current iteration of their movement.

“How can you be against it when you dress up as a woman??” Isn’t a contradiction if anything given their ideology it’s the most rational response

No. 2002891

sounds ridiculous, stardew valley is a game where gender is pretty irrelevant anyway. i actually made a male character by an accident once and played pretty far into the game before even realising it

No. 2002893

He will definitely fold it’ll just take some time

No. 2002903

A former dev who worked on the game has all but come out saying it's a purposeful exclusion by ConcernedApe. He claimed it would be an easy addition, even though other devs and modders have claimed otherwise. He has also made a few other politically-charged comments about ConcernedApe.

CA is also supposedly a 4chan native, so I think there's a decent possibility he won't address it. There is already a widely-available mod that turns the game gender neutral, so I'm not sure why people absolutely insist upon it being a part of the vanilla game.

No. 2002915

>There is already a widely-available mod that turns the game gender neutral
This is what irritates me the most about it. Practically everyone runs a modded SD at this point, and it's a hugely popular mod. So what's the problem? It's just TIFs pissed off that CA isn't caping for them because trannies have pathological control problems.

No. 2002918

do you happen to have the former dev's name/handle, or names/caps of other milky users related to this? id love to read up some more

No. 2002925

>former dev
>stardew valley
gonna need to see some receipts

No. 2002965

File: 1715727407861.jpg (2.66 MB, 1500x8000, Podunkian Pronouns.jpg)

Yes! His handle on Twitter is @MrPodunkian. Go to his replies and scroll back to the end of March. This is when he mostly started to air all his dirty laundry, including some inconclusive screenshots, accusations that ConcernedApe attempted to "troll" him from a burner account, and a few accusations relating to CA's politics. Worth mentioning - he's currently working on a game that many are criticizing as being a Stardew Valley clone. The game is slated to be released soon, so it's hard not to feel like this is him attempting to shill his game. I've included a screencap of him more recently discussing the "pronouns" situation. He made a comment replying to someone as recently as yesterday claiming the linguistic localization are not the reason CA refuses to include gender neutral options.

He definitely was a dev, but the amount of work he put into the game is up for debate. He's credited as Arthur Lee or Mr. Podunkian depending on the version of the game (which apparently was a source of anger for him and his justification for wanting to go public with his distaste for CA, as his "Mr. Podunkian" nickname was excluded in the 1.6 credits update and Arthur Lee was used instead.)

No. 2003000

This is so depressing to read, stardew was meant to be an improvement of harvest moon and having gay marriage made me feel so happy as a teen playing when it first came out. Gotta love troons ruining literally everything. This game was meant to be more progressive yet it’s still not enough.

No. 2003007

Why can’t those players just use their imagination and pretend their character is also a she/they? I hope he continues to ignore them and releases the chocolate factory game.

No. 2003022

It's a huge bummer and I feel so horribly for the creator. Every time he tweets about a game he put his whole heart and soul into he gets lambasted with a ton of "uuh are you going to comment on the fact you are causing TRANS PEOPLE BEING HARASSED!?" comments. Searching "ConcernedApe pronouns" on twitter also returns a ton of really aggressive, demanding tweets.

This is how I feel too. Not to mention - I've played plenty of games where I play as a man, and I've never once felt like I NEED to play as my gender. So why do these people HAVE to play as a non-binary person? It just puts such a bad taste in my mouth how much some people feel everything should be tailored to comfort their specific sensibilities.

No. 2003030

This was 90% of the straight TIFs I knew in middle school and high school. Literally just girls who were not considered pretty in school but thought they were cuter than men and would get more social capital from pretending to be boys with female features. Most of them ended up miserable of course and I was an ugly/awkward tomboy too but instead of trying to look or pretend I was male I just accepted it until I grew into my features and got over my hangups, I just feel sorry for these girls honestly.

No. 2003032

How do they not get that wearing GNC clothing and hair is not the same thing as claiming you're the opposite sex? 80s rockstars are 'transphobic' precisely because they were accepted and idolized despite dressing GNC and knowing what their actual sex was. They know nothing has to stop you from GNC presentation. Genderists act like they're so brave and radical for the most mentally weak of positions, acting like they're not even entitled to wear the clothes or makeup they want because of their sex. Imagine being that cucked by gender norms.

No. 2003049

what's the fucking point if you can be a male/female character and marry anyone of the same or opposite gender? I literally hate how insane americans are about sexual identity.

No. 2003062

Well your hate has blinded you, because it's not about sexual identity it's about non-binary people (most of whom are straight) wanting to be 'represented' and 'seen' in the game.

No. 2003081

File: 1715736258046.png (367.26 KB, 800x1000, Podunkian Politics.png)

I've included an additional screenshot of the disgruntled former dev making some unsubstantiated claims about the various politics of ConcernedApe and his (CA's) girlfriend. In another tweet, he also claimed CA was "sympathetic" towards Scott Cawthon (creator of FNAF) when information about his political leanings was publicly exposed.

Not even just that - the game allows you to change your name and gender at-will once your raise your friendship to a certain level with the Wizard for 500 in-game gold (which is an incredibly small amount once you've put any amount of time into the game). If you truly feel so ~fluid,~ simply change your gender! But that's a lot less fun than blaming all your problems on some guy who made a game.

No. 2003103

thanks for the rec! Yeah they both cape so hard but this episode was ESPECIALLY bad. I think at one point Michael literally said the word detransitioners, hadn't even gotten into what they were talking about yet, and Aubrey let out a big frustrated sigh. It's just all so gauche, they surface-level act as if they want to be a neutral, logical stance but that goes out the window the second a troon is mentioned. Incredibly transparent.

No. 2003301

File: 1715757101084.png (60.38 KB, 707x472, tif.PNG)

I also love when they do this, because I find it fucking hilarious. It's so damn unsubtle. Imagine being so unconvincing even when your whole life is a performance.

No. 2003302

Kek I want a cis rocks shirt just to see their reaction. Like why would celebrating your own identity, that the tranny folk themselves forced upon us, be bullying the trans? They said we're "cis", so why couldn't we embrace it then.

No. 2003308

I think this is either an autoandrophile talking about herself and getting turned on, or it's someone who wishes to make more tifs ridicule themselves by acting like fools

No. 2003314

>It's a huge bummer and I feel so horribly for the creator.
I feel bad for him but it makes me hopeful he's not a handmaiden, and if he didn't care before this sure should sour him on troons and their "getting genocided" issues clearly being a sham from entitled pricks

No. 2003317

File: 1715757992730.jpg (51.98 KB, 640x384, cring.jpg)

It's from an "ftm hypno" blog so yes.
As for these lame "forcemasc" images, you can just tell they're trying to replicate the skin-crawling nature of sissy shit but it's in this retarded wattpad writing style. It's trying to scare the terbs or whatever but it just makes me roll my eyes.

No. 2003350

Wow this is the cringiest shit I've ever seen

No. 2003453

File: 1715766026352.webp (135.57 KB, 1985x1123, IMG_5271.webp)

i hate how all gendie activists act like they’ve gone to literal war over TWanZ rIgHTS like the same bitches that can’t order what they want at wing stop and have a breakdown over pronouns think they’re “on the frontlines” like how delusional can you be to think you’re “freedom fighters” and life is SO HARD for the non bineys!!!! and WHY for the love of christ do these freaks always cape so hard for islam?? literal clown world. i hate all of them but this bitch is particularly narcissistic and cringe and legit makes me want to alog. annoyingly i actually liked her song but she as a person and her ugly loser moid are unbelievably objectionable

No. 2003484

She just had to wear a tranny flag top, otherwise no one would realize she's not really a woman! I wonder who had a bigger hate mob following them in sweden, the israeli singer or this lady.

No. 2003510

Wow, sorry for off-topic but I remember this guy Mr. Podunkian from SomethingAwful like twenty years ago. If anyone else here is old like me and remembers failed game project & meme The Zybourne Clock, this is the guy who originally signed up to help program it. IIRC he ended up being the only guy on the team with actual experience, got kicked from the project for criticizing it, and wrote a callout post about what a disaster it was that led to the whole thing collapsing and being mocked. (There are a few easter eggs in Fallout NV referencing it but that's about all that's left of it).

No. 2003749

File: 1715784808665.png (193.95 KB, 597x869, 5835cbc1305309a694c2.png)

she's so based

No. 2003764

I've noticed this with people in general, they might seem nice and smart at first about several topics but you get to the troon topic and it's like their brain just shuts off entirely. even when I didn't know as much about trannies as I do now (before I peaked etc) I still didn't make my brain turn off at the mere mention of it so it's always bizarre to me. It feels similar to how you can meet smart people but they also believe in religion / go full retard the second it's questioned
They're actively trying to make up new words so it can fit gendie ideology and it always just sounds retarded. I hate how Europe gets shit from the US late so it's like, where I live this shit is starting to pick up now whereas in the US I see more people peaking online. It makes me feel like I'm living in two different timelines
Never heard of this but it sounds like a nightmare to be a popular gamedev and have these retards bother you with their bullshit and actively try to pressure you to make your own game worse

No. 2003801

>TRAs might seem nice and smart at first about several topics but you get to the troon topic and it's like their brain just shuts off entirely
>It feels similar to how you can meet smart people but they also believe in religion / go full retard the second it's questioned
This is how you know it’s a religious cult. Intelligent people aren’t less likely to become indoctrinated into an illogical ideology, despite common presumptions about what it means to be “intelligent,” because intelligent people’s brains just come up with convoluted ways to justify their illogical beliefs. Basically, intelligence =/= ability to deduce reality. Instead, social intelligence operates as a function of intra-group pro-social bonding (believing in the same things as your peers and virtue signaling those beliefs so others know you’re part of that particular “tribe”). The cognitive dissonance is crazy

No. 2003802

Her moid looks like he frequents gay bars.

No. 2003883

File: 1715787552216.jpg (102.46 KB, 634x734, 2F478D2000000578-3356084-image…)

nta but you said it nicely. That's how i always knew right away these "intelligent" people were actually retards - virtue signalling at any opportunity they can get while at the same time being terrible in their real lives. Nobody normal and good hearted needs to virtue signall. Actually smart person knows some social points don't matter.
For example my cousin's pedo boyfriend and eventually my cousin as well. On any topic he must lecture you how you're evil and he is correct, how you're manipulated by nazis or something, how we all should be nice to eachother, polite and respect everyone.. he doesn't forget to mention he studies on several universities and does a very complicated bigbrain job… while he's manipulating little girls to troon themselves because "i love you but i can't imagine myself spending the rest of my life with a girl" or grooming 14 yearold boys into a fat fetish and funny things like that. God i hate TRAs.. Motherfucker even corrected people to use the pronouns of the famous troon Stephonknee because "we mut respect her gender".

No. 2003972

I feep the same way about commentary youtubers like Alice Cappelle. They're relatively reasonable until the second they talk about trans "issues", then all their logic goes out of the window.

No. 2003985

>terfs have the most rigid, misogynistic view of what it means to be a woman
i don't get it, it's incredibly easy to look up what the opposing views are (in this case, how "terfs" view womanhood). why would you NOT want to know what the people you hate so much are actually saying? i really can't relate, what peaked me originally was researching gc talking points (partly because i wanted to be a better trans ally kek) and finding out that i really didn't disagree with them at all. of course there are conservatives with rigid views of gender roles etc who also happen to hate troons, but that isn't how jkr or most actual radfems think. if they wanted to make truly effective arguments they would already know this. this shit only leads to people feeling like they've been lied to once they do learn what those eeevil terfs do and don't think, and reasonably so.

No. 2004001

My guess is they mean by thinking women are defined by their genitals, terfs akschually say all women are good for is their sex. Or some other retarded mental gymnastics trannys love to spout.

No. 2004008


I can't believe he people who want little girls to troon out if they like sports and not makeup or that PCOS makes women intersex because they're ugly want to impose the idea it's actually terfs who have narrow views of women kek. In fact it's usually evil terfs reminding women they're still valid as women regardless of hobbies, features, etc.

No. 2004067

Holy shit nona you just uncovered a core memory, lmao. I knew that handle sounded familiar. Four balls on the edge of a cliff…

No. 2004304

kek this game literally lets you:
1) marry any of the romance options regardless of gender (iirc there's even some dialogue specific to same-sex relationships, for example (spoilers) alex's grandpa is kind of homophobic and several romance options nervously admit they didn't expect to be attracted to someone of the same sex so homosexuality isn't just an option, it's also acknowledged;
2) befriend a wizard in the woods and magically change your sex for pocket change without anyone noticing.
how the fuck do they find things to be mad about in a cozy farming simulator? there's already a mod for pronouns, just install it and fuck off (unless they're playing on ios or switch which is just… why)
if CA really doesn't add gendie shit to the game on purpose that's very based of him

No. 2004390

Having the socially sanctioned "moral upper hand" belief just gives you the reward of being able to label yourself as a nice person without actually having to be nice to people. They can take the "it's called empathy!" While also being huge dicks to everyone in their real life.

No. 2004431

File: 1715800709318.jpg (13.38 KB, 278x245, 20240515_130224.jpg)

Something I've noticed is that in my class there's one aiden that gets along nicely with everyone, but sometimes I see her friends say stuff like "he's the man!", "you're a very strong man", "he really is victorious!" (cuz her troon name is Victor so they do a pun like that). I didn't think much of it at first but now I think this is just them trying to convince themselves that this girl with short hair is actually a man. She doesn't seem to mind the comments, she chuckles about them. They just feel so forced to me.

No. 2004456

if they saw her as an actual guy they wouldn't force in gendered language into their compliments. it's like how tras try to insert as many she/her's and woman/girl/etc. as possible in their sentences when complimenting dylan mulvaney. they do it to convince themselves but also to virtue signal how much they support trannies and to give them affirmation because they know troons have a fragile sense of self

No. 2004615

i imagine they both do cause they’re so totally KWEERRRR kek

No. 2004692

If this is meant to emulate sissy hypno, aka fetish content, why the fuck are they posting this shit over images of kids??

No. 2004877

File: 1715831723161.png (1.53 MB, 1080x1286, Screenshot_20240515-205334_(1)…)

The amount of TIMs who used to be in the military is kinda terrifying. They probably raped children and women overseas before trooning out.

No. 2004881

They probably even rape other soldiers. How do I know? Lots of my family members joined the army and boy does some nasty, degernate shit happen in there.

No. 2004889

Because tiffany is a teenager herself, probably.

No. 2004891

A lot of women (and even some moids) have reported being sexually harassed in the military. Troons' rationale for being militarybros is that they were "suppressing" their "transness," but I honestly think that AGP as a fetish is rooted in chauvinism and misogyny. Think about it: they have sissy fetishes because they view anything stereotypically feminine as inherently humiliating and degrading. These attitudes are born out of their socialization and reinforced by the boys' club career paths they choose, like computer science and the military. AGPs are the most chauvinist, most dangerous type of men to allow into female spaces.

No. 2004937

File: 1715836343018.png (798.85 KB, 885x844, based-peru.png)

No. 2004994

Based peru

No. 2005023

my brother-in-law was in the army and told me porn addiction was pretty common with modern soldiers, like they were in barracks all day and masturbated contentiously, I wonder if that plays a part.

No. 2005048

you better not call this based when they are obviously doing it because they hate gnc people and not because trannies are harmful to women and kids

No. 2005106

Crossdressing for (misogynistic) entertainment is an age-old tradition in militaries and other male-only environments like boarding schools. The only thing that’s changed is that these men are now taking the crossdressing out into the real world full time and expecting everyone to play along.

No. 2005119

Women soldiers in the US Army are infinitely more likely to get raped by their "comrades" than killed or wounded by enemy forces. The push to "draft women" by misogynists will cause a massive rape epidemic and that's why they're so rabid about it. Military males are the lowest of the low, they sell their bodies to other men for little money. Theyre meat prostitutes. No sane straight woman would couple up with one. Porn addicted, violent rape apes all of them.

No. 2005212

Idk if this is the right thread, but my nigel's male friend is dating an mtf and honestly the TIM before transition looks EXACTLY like him. I've made a silent bet with myself that the friend will Troon out too by the end of the year so they can be a true ~lesbian~ couple…. the TIM dresses like a teenage egirl too, so he's probably skinwalking some poor girl somewhere,despite being nearly 40(!).
Brainstorming subtle ways I can show this fucker up when I meet him without getting cancelled by a group at large…

No. 2005218

rape is a massive issue among military moids. they are incapable of restraining their disgusting violent urges so when there are no women around they prey on weaker men just like they do in prison environments. officials either cover it up or the victims don't report it all because they are ashamed or fear retaliation. i've also heard horror stories of men bringing civilian women and girls onto bases and setting them up to be raped. many mothers who have served in the military would never encourage their daughters to join because they know exactly how she would be treated.

No. 2005272

>AGP as a fetish is rooted in chauvinism
Exactly. I know tons of military moids; they're either traumatized by mistreatment and end up acting like wounded dogs, aloof and unpredictably aggressive (which could accelerate the troonout) or they're straight up pedos with a tinge of psychopathy and impulsive behavior. Only a minority are well-adjusted and balance out the violence with their aspirations. AGPs aren't 'repressing' anything by enlisting in the army, they find an outlet for agression and masculine pride before the consequences make them troon out (because if you fail at a male pursuit, you might as well be a 'woman'). That or they were like fishes in a pond and that disregard for the other carries on to their public expression of their fetish. Either way these are very manly men doing very manly things: having a sexuality that revolves around humiliation and male worship. Even non-AGP moids of that caliber revel in the weird humiliation rituals they endure at the hands of stronger men (the alt-right is basically this)

No. 2005293

>wouldn't the emulation be pre-2020 fakebois and tifs who atleast pretend to be actual moids feminizing themselves?
>with your logic a tif who emulates women is not being transphobic to herself (as in less earnestly wanting to pass) in troonlandia standards.

No. 2005331

I don’t want it to seem like I’m race baiting but as a Black woman I can’t help but notice the differences between Black and White TIMs. I’ve noticed that there are more white troons transitioning in their middle aged years. You don’t really see this with Black TIMs. Next the most obvious one is probably sexuality. White TIMs 50 percent of the time are “transbians.” Black troons on the other hand seem to be mostly attracted to men. While both force themselves into women’s spaces and delude themselves into believing they are real women, Black troons have a sort of pick me-ism about them. They spend a lot more time trying to compete sexually with women (black women in particular), often bragging about fucking women’s cheating partners without them knowing or trying to convince men they are a better sexual option than biological women. While doing this they will speak down on women and our biological processes, trying to frame them in a negative light. White troons on the other hand try and appropriate these female attributes for themselves, like claiming they get periods.

No. 2005389

White moids don't have the same experiences with homophobia and down low isn't as much of a thing with them, so there's fewer white gay moids assuming they'd have an easier time as a "straight woman" instead of a gay man. That leaves more of them to be straight predators who think that they'll get to live out their porny lesbian fantasies if they transition.

No. 2005527

it has been known for a long time that many men come out of the military with sissy fetishes since they confuse the emasculation they experienced with sexual desire because moids are too retarded to comprehend feelings and rudimentary psychology

No. 2005533

I wish women would wisen up and refuse to join the military so they could all sodomise eacother to death. Although I don't believe it to be "rape" as most probably just regret acting out on their gay urges. Male on male rape is a meme fueled by false accusations and homophobia.

No. 2006315

i really hope this is the right thread for this because i need help. my brother is a mentally ill retard who fell into tra shit so hard that he decided he was mtf and came out to our family over the fucking phone.
no one but my sister (who has stopped speaking to me entirely) is okay with any of this shit.
a little less than a year ago, he came by my house to visit, and i found out that he was spending his rent money on hrt from folx or whatever. he had been asking my mom to supplement rent. he’s morbidly obese, mentally ill, delusional, has a tbi, and is at an increased risk of dvt due to a hereditary vein malformation. they still prescribed him estrogen and finasteride after a single online visit, because that’s apparently legal and ethical.
upon finding his shit, i told my mom, who sat him down and explained that this was a complete and utter violation of her trust. my mom has cried every single fucking day since he decided to “come out” as a goddamn transbian of all things. she told him he was not allowed to buy hrt anymore, and needed to take his psychiatric meds and get into therapy instead. he refuses. he can’t go back to the psychiatrist my family has been with for 10 years because she refuses to take patients on cross-sex hormone therapy due to lack of research on how it can interact with psychiatric meds.
i found his reddit today, and a few months ago, he was celebrating 1.5 years on hrt. he has not stopped. he’s still asking my mom for rent money; bleeding us dry. he’s on academic probation and is not allowed to attend his uni right now. he can’t come home to live with my mom and me so that we can monitor him due to a recent lease he signed. that might be a good thing considering some things i’ve personally tried to bury in the recesses of my mind, like catching him staring at my breasts while i tired to talk to him at the breakfast table; knowing that he stole my mom’s bra when he was a teenager.
i hate this shit so fucking much. i’ve tried to hold on hope. i peaked very recently and i don’t know what i believe anymore. i’m hesitant to call my little brother a pervert. i don’t think he’s bad at heart, but i think he’s a man with some sort of agp that has no respect for the only women in his life who care about his health. my father lost his first son, and he told my mom that he can’t lose my brother because he’s the only son he has left. apparently it’s best to harm your entire fucking family so you can “live your truth” or whatever the fuck. he was such a normal child. i don’t understand what the fuck happened. i don’t know how to tell my mom that i looked him up on reddit of all places and found out he’s still on cross-sex hrt instead of his fucking antipsychotics. i can’t keep watching her cry. why is that shit so fucking easy to access? what the hell do i do, and how do i continue to live my life? how the fuck did my brother become a raging misogynist? there are very few people i can talk to about this. i’m so lost.

tdlr: my little brother is a mentally ill agp who is lying to my family about taking hrt and taking money from my mother in the process, because apparently it’s better to indulge yourself in a delusion than to actually get help for your psychiatric issues, and god forbid anyone speak out against it. fucking kill me.

No. 2006316

File: 1715948709443.jpg (173.17 KB, 828x1143, FW4ph1_UIAAtJ0r.jpg)

While I think most trans supporters are just well-meaning liberals, I believe the overly enthusiastic "anti-TERFs" are undoubtedly sex pests and perverts

No. 2006329

Chaotic hsts is the average cleveland tranny

No. 2006333

I’m so sorry your family is going through this. He’s a selfish narcissist who gets off on causing the women around him pain. Please convince your mom to cut him off financially, at least, if not all together. He doesn’t deserve any of her support. Does she know much about these men? Would showing her some peaking material help get her angry so that she cuts him off? I’d definitely show her the Reddit account, too. Wishing you all the best, nonnie, and keeping you and your mom in my thoughts.

No. 2006337

I know one gay man who's a terf hater, he cannot just stfu and always has to pitch in when trannies are talked about like he's got a notification for the word "trans" or something…. like anybody cares about his opinion and I can confirm that he's a pedo who orders childsized fuckdolls from abroad.
They defend trannies so much because they know very well that trannies are also in most cases pedo or zoofiles too, it's like they can sence the dark vibe and want to protect member of their dark species.

No. 2006345

ugh, that really sucks, i'm sorry. unfortunately i don't think there is much you can do to change his mind or behavior. in the end he is the only one responsible for his actions. you don't have to tolerate any of it, but try not to be rage fuel for him either as that could push him down further (unless you're in a situation where you have to, obviously). don't coddle him either, be firm in your stance on this. i would probably incorporate something similar to "grey rocking" in a situation like this. you can try making him know that you and your family will always be there for him in case he has doubts or thoughts of detransition. telling your mom about the money might be a good idea. in any case, don't be too harsh on yourself. try not to dwell on your brother's failures, and put yourself first instead.

No. 2006349

jesus fucking christ nonnie, i am so sorry your brother is putting you through all of this shit. i agree with >>2006333, if he wants to fuck himself up, let him do it with his own money. he may be severely mentally ill, but that isn't an excuse for misogyny or the perverted shit he did to you and your mom. these types of men (overweight, brain damaged, mentally ill) are at a higher risk for trooning out, likely due to not fitting in with other men and wanting a community (that doesn't include women as anything but sex objects because, of course, women are subhuman). on one hand, it's easy to feel pity for him due to his mental state, but on the other there is likely not much you could have done to help him or much you can do now except distance yourself from him so he doesn't drag you down into despair. ceasing contact with a family member is fucking hard and painful, but staying in contact with them while they ruin themselves and you as well is even worse.
put yourself and your mother first nonnie, you deserve it.

No. 2006385

I think these men are just misogynists who are happy to have a group of women who it’s socially acceptable to hate.

No. 2006406

File: 1715955766032.png (415.41 KB, 1355x592, 1638706501087.png)

No. 2006413

I wish Finland was 41% that would've been hilarious. 40% is quite low, I could swear it is much higher in Helsinki.

No. 2006491

File: 1715961097159.png (43.15 KB, 799x321, trans allies.png)

This post on Ovarit nailed it i think. It's funny because it applies to both gay moids and weak tranny chasers

No. 2006712

As the days go by lately my hate for gendies and troons have just kept growing, I can't handle the insanity anymore nonnies. I've simply just had enough.

No. 2006899

File: 1715980532609.png (466 KB, 676x2709, cope.png)

massive kek at calling serano a biologist

No. 2006909

File: 1715980856555.png (81.91 KB, 675x698, kys!.png)

samefag, the same specimen i found this post from also reblogged a post making fun of a woman who's paranoid about her safety while home alone, picrel are some of the comments


No. 2006992

File: 1715983764737.jpg (205.95 KB, 640x1416, 1629595786133.jpg)

another one

No. 2006994

Genuinely disgusts me to see a moid wearing a labrys necklace. I’d be tempted to yank that shit right off him if I saw him irl

No. 2006995

>people in the comments making paranoia a white woman thing
The video is overkill but I'm black and I'm a paranoid fuck who'd sleep with a gun and multiple locks on her doors if it weren't so expensive.

No. 2007047

i think you're right. the most loudest terf hater i knew was a pornsick misogynist who suddenly became loud twitter-leftist TRA overnight in 2015

No. 2007339

Is that leftypol? It's so weird to see "woke" chanspeak like that.

No. 2007415

File: 1716010312146.png (342.31 KB, 512x477, 1000016794.png)

Oh my god. This happened a month or so ago but in case this wasn't already talked about, get this: Dead by Daylight created a new killer called The Unknown, which seems to be a shape-shifting creature that mimics human voices and appearances to lure in victims. Now, this character was played by a tranny, specifically a TIM. But Dead by Daylight released a skin where the Unknown is dressed up like a woman, and is basically like a monster in a skirt. Twitter saw this, formed the connection, and went on a rampage that it's transphobic because of the supposed allegory that the Unknown is a caricature of "transwomen". The tranny voice actor saw this drama, and wrote a crybaby article about how offended he was at the Dead by Daylight staff. You wanna know what's ironic about this? I wouldn't have even connected the dots of the Unknown being a huge joke on trannies had it not been for TRAs loudly making that connection in the first place. Next is the tranny voice actor seeing the parallels so well that he took offense. Then there's the irony of this unintentionally "transphobic" move on Dead by Daylight's part despite shoehorning that ugly ass LGBTQ+ flag all over their trial maps. The fact that the Unknown can be seen as an allegory for trannies only makes it even more repulsive, and would give me another reason to sprint at break neck speed in the game. And finally. Finally. The tranny voice actor? Zoey Alexandria? Yeah, he fucking DIED. Not even a month ago. HOLY SHIT.

No. 2007450

Do you have many trannies in finland? It seems like a country that wouldn't have much of that.

No. 2007451

Yeah this has already been discussed both in this thread and the TIM thread. He died of some autoimmune thing.

No. 2007455

100% true. These men look down on TIMs (which is why it doesn’t phase them when you show them evidence of TIMs being predatory degenerates) but not as much as they look down on women, and they’re overjoyed to have a subset of males who are lower on the masculinity totem pole than they are.

No. 2007460

thank you, nonnies. i truly appreciate the advice and the concern. i’ll try to gather the strength to tell my mom as soon as a i can. i’m thinking about doing it in the morning. she needs to know.
he was on r/mtf posting about how he was seeing changes on hrt after only 4 days of use or something if you want to know just how delusional he is. he doesn’t take care of himself at all, and it’s terrible to watch. he was a premie and an extremely sickly child. watching my mom essentially lose him to his delusions after he survived so much as a child is terrifying. she’s scared he’s going to kill himself.
i don’t think i can bring myself to cut him off entirely. not yet at least. that being said, he is definitely willing to cut me off. he removed me from all of his social media because he knew i was telling our mom about his bullshit. he’s blocked my phone number and called me a bitch and whore in a fucking cluster b rage before. he’s horrifically unstable and he’s just been allowed to poison his body because that’s apparently the best thing we can do for mentally ill men that want to be lesbians.
i may update after i tell my mom. thank you guys for caring about her. she truly is a wonderful mother. and, yes, she’s painfully aware of agps now thanks to him.

No. 2007474

Maybe it would be helpful for you and your mom to look into support groups/resources for family members of addicts? Addicts can also be extremely manipulative and destructive to their families and it’s often difficult for the family to help them without enabling them to spiral further into the addiction. There are a lot of similarities between drug addicts and pornsick men who’ve let AGP take over their life, so I think some of those resources could be relevant to your situation.

No. 2007479

i just told my mom. she got home late and i realized i should just rip the bandage off. she called him. she’s on the phone with him now trying to figure out what the fuck he’s thinking and doing.
resources would be greatly appreciated. i think his biggest issue is his mental illness rather than porn addiction, but i think porn fed into the illness. he’s trying so hard to convince her he’s stable and feels great about himself. she doesn’t believe him, obviously. i guess we’ll see what happens. it’s all so much.

No. 2007517

File: 1716022830825.jpeg (500.08 KB, 1170x1705, IMG_3354.jpeg)

Oh wow youre so counter culture. You’re so rebellious

No. 2007518

Why are there so many trans VAs wtf. How do companies keep finding them

No. 2007609

File: 1716035068138.jpg (34.02 KB, 540x275, tumblr_8017420667f91a09d23bca1…)

No. 2007621

They do tend to be media over-consumers. Makes sense they’d choose such a career path.

No. 2007676

I'm very sorry to hear how much damage your bother is doing nonna, it's good that you told your mom so hopefully you both can figure out a way to deal with this. The best of luck to you and your family.

No. 2007819

File: 1716047503941.png (119.43 KB, 714x712, gametes.PNG)

Serano's argument against gametes being binary is that different species have different gametes from humans. This is such a ridiculous point to bring up when talking about human biology specifically. What's next, some animals have wings so human-to-bird transspecies is valid?

No. 2007883

They’re not even good, FFXIV has a TIM for a new female character in the upcoming expansion and the voice acting is really terrible. But of course nobody is allowed to have that opinion!

No. 2007929

File: 1716052340588.png (997.54 KB, 750x2139, 5Btdald.png)


No. 2007930

File: 1716052364882.png (1022.4 KB, 750x2311, n1XxRio.png)

No. 2007951

same. this moid i know is trooning out and keeps sperging out everyday about how he's getting "girl drugs" and is "gonna dress like a huge slut" and i just hope he gets sick and dies at this point from injecting this shit into himself. i used to have sympathy and feel bad for him since he's autistic but i can't take it anymore

No. 2007954

Wtf did I just read

No. 2007965

kek this is so true. I'm so sick of interacting with people who label themselves as nice and act like they're sooo much kinder than me simply because they say anything and everyone is valid including troon shit and never criticize anything. they'll call me a bad person simply because I don't do the same and have committed thought crimes or whatever in their eyes. they'll ghost people, act like massive pieces of shit, throw a tantrum if you have any differing views from theirs, be emotionally unintelligent and unavailable, and somehow think they're still a nicer person than me just because they validate mentally ill people's delusions. i wish i knew actually nice people instead of these larpers

No. 2007968

Wait is this a shitpost? This can't be a real article, even the moronic point that the most important thing we do every day is choose to display our gender (just the mightiest of wtfs to that) conflicts with the subsequent idea that we do this for reproductive purposes, since clearly trans women can't reproduce in the way their advertised gender can (the writer is basically saying they have dibs on falsely advertising themselves as women, over gender nonconforming men) and therefore the idea they are fighting for - men wearing dresses - is clearly not for reproductive purposes and disproves that theory instantly. Also conflating cis men wearing women's clothes as competing or virtually identical to trans women goes against the tranny playbook where we are supposed to emporer's new clothes it and not see any difference. The premise of this article is that trans women look like men in dresses and a cis man in a dress confuses the issue. either a child wrote this or it's a cryptoterf.

No. 2007970

>when you get out of bed in the morning the most important thing you have to do all day is tell the world what your gender is
i legit wish my life was this easy

>office supervisor (..) police (…) are all human constructs

isn't everything a human construct?

>deep down your real job is to reproduce

ah, so that's why trannies advertise themselves as the opposite gender, in order to attract people with the same genitals as them, which we all know it's the way mammals reproduce
also, kinda homophobic

No. 2007987

Most naval-gazing shit I’ve ever read

No. 2008001

Wow. This isn’t satire of some sort? It’s incredibly self-contradictory.

No. 2008008

I literally do not believe this is meant seriously, it's too perfect. Crypto writer having a lol?

No. 2008016

File: 1716056738180.jpeg (193.33 KB, 750x835, IMG_0137.jpeg)

Decided to look it up to check if people were dunking on it in the comments. This article was initially posted in 2016, and the single comment there is a based woman who commented on 2022.

Fuck me, 2016 and trannies were spouting the exact same retardation as now.

No. 2008021

Do these people ever meet women irl kek

No. 2008109

You made me look it up too and the author is a TIM. Makes more sense now. He was just butthurt a non-tranny man was wearing a skirt and that might someday threaten people playing along with his fantasy correctly.

No. 2008137

i'm the neutral fakeboi but with she/her pronouns

No. 2008494

Ma'am, what are you even doing here?

No. 2008509

NTA but tomboys exist?

No. 2008675

Vice made a very manipulative video about detransitioners that infuriates me. The crux of the argument being made is that it's somehow bad that the right co-opts the experiences of detransitioners who willing choose to work with the right and radical feminists to push gender affirming care being wrong. The one thing i agree with is that it's being used as a way to get votes, only because left wingers, many of which clearly do not agree with transition, are too afraid of alienating voters or would rather ignore the issue all together. This issue shouldn't even be a political one, it's one about human rights and medical system choosing feelings over reality. This video is extremely biased and pretends not to be and is downright disgusting. It also have more dislikes that likes 2k:3K but we have no idea what that really tells us because the comments section is locked. There are numerous other things wrong with this video, the typical bullshit we hear all the time about freedom to ruin their bodies or trans healthcare saving lives. I swear, everytime i see shit like this blatantly lying to people just to cover their own asses, whatever little sympathy is have for these people continues to dive into the negatives. reminds me why i never like vice, i hope they vanish away within the next few months.

No. 2008682

it's so nuts how typical gendies are because i swear i know at least one of almost everything on this list. barring lawful trutrans and chaotic trutrans – the neutral trutrans i know overdosed on greek slashfic and pinterest images of twinks

No. 2008684

>trans Healthcare saving lives
I can dismantle the entire tranny myth that gender reassignment surgery stops suicide attempts with one single detail: it doesn't. IIRC, suicides and attempts actually increase AFTER 'gender reassignment' surgeries. This argues that trannies are NOT, in fact, happy after they get what they want. So when they swear that 'trans healthcare' is productive and will "save lives" they are lying.

No. 2008695

File: 1716086167400.jpg (27.56 KB, 505x493, 89810ff947f069110a5a9379c5d138…)

>Trannies when they discover what a butch lesbian is

No. 2008706

File: 1716086739898.jpeg (380.52 KB, 589x848, IMG_0720.jpeg)

This is gonna get me banned for “attempted infighting across boards” yeah lol ok but god this copium is so pathetic. Men. Do. Not. Care. About. Women. They see lesbians as a porn category and not as actual humans beyond a sexualized pov. It’s autogynephilia simple as, straight men are able to turn into AGPs, the very thought of pretending to embody the traits of women is what turns them on. Trannies are just mentally ill sex pests and straight men certainly do not give a fuck about suffering women all around the world, they are more concerned about what gets them off.

No. 2008713

They will rebuttal that the suicides are caused by transphobia even though society at large were always neutral towards trans people. The issue is that no matter what we do for troons as a society, it will never be enough. They don't seek to be treated as normal human beings, they seek to be worshipped as gods. The sooner we as a global society can criminalize troonery, the quicker we can go back to ignoring them.
The perceived purity of lesbian relationships is literally part of the fetish many agps have for lesbians. That anon is engaging in serious wishful thinking. The same troon talking about lesbians being so pure will also have a scat fetish on the side.

No. 2008716

Troonism can be thought of as the rational culmination of a male realizing how vile he is.

No. 2008720

I don't see why your post would be considered infighting. In fact, I absolutely agree with you. When I saw that post, I thought that nona was viewing them from too much of a sympathetic lens and attributing too much empathy in troons. When, on the contrary, troons tend to end up lacking empathy. For example, many of them readily admit and say "I don't care about making women uncomfortable, I'm going to use the bathroom, you stupid TERF cunts." They're absolutely narcissists, and there's already a high comorbidity with NPD or other personality disorders. That aside, as you mentioned, men don't care about women's issues or the violence they as a group impose on women. Those men view lesbians as a porn category, and they've gone so deep in their porn addiction that they want to become a woman and be a "lesbian." That's the short and simple answer. There's no need to embellish it with men having a guilt complex and seeing the reality of violence against women. If that was the case, those very men would take the time to make the world a better place for women by standing up for them or offering them help. Instead, those men troon out and impose their will on women and harass them into compliance. It all perpetuates the same old patriarchal cycle. It's all so tiresome, isn't it?

No. 2008727

Troons are the ultimate “not like other men” men. Societies expectation of men, and womens expectations of men especially, are of a stupid violent exploitative rape ape and so troons seek to not be like other men by presenting themselves as harmless laydees who just want to be bffs and soft uwu princesses instead of the rapists we suspect them to be (and that they often are). Whether societies expectations of the sexes are valid or not isn’t really the point but nlogs and nloms seem to suffer the same delusion that if they could just prove societies expectations wrong they’ll be treated like they’re worthy (obviously that means something different for each sex).

No. 2008732

they went out of their way to hire a trans va, something about "they can do a male and female voice" since the monster doesn't have a gender and just imitates men and women or something like that

No. 2008743

There’s plenty of men who realize how shitty they are and guess what? They don’t care, are apathetic to that fact and don’t manage to troon out. MtFs are less than 1% of the population and are barely common, the problem is their dogmatic agenda being blasted to the mainstream to be used as a psychological weapon. Men are perfectly capable of staying regular males and realizing how useless and destructive their entire existence is, that’s what drug and drinking is for. Men don’t operate like TIFs where their gender identity confusion is caused by massive internal problems about their womanhood being flawed or feeling like being a woman is true failure because they don’t face the same societal struggles. It is a fetish, plain and simple.

No. 2008879

>mfw someone i have a crush on is late stage lawful fakeboi (microdosed t for a hot 5 minutes, tit chopped, is now a they/them in her mid 30s indistinguishable from the average nerdy bihet woman)

Life is suffering, huh

No. 2009118

Apparently the only women who feel 'emasculated' are tifs. Just wanna know if a woman who isn't one is capable of it too.

No. 2009124

In what way? i lift and i hate i will never be as beefy as men, but thats it. It sucks but you sadly gotta learn to accept your body's limits.

No. 2009126

In a way a woman can outdo a tif, I've never heard of butch women disputing with other women the butch role

No. 2009129

tifs are on testosterone though so they can get fucking roided if they want to, but they are fat

No. 2009135


I would not be as absolute as men do not care about women, but people are self interested, it's possible that some, already emotionally stunted men, do transition as a form of virtue signaling, or simply not wanting to be perceived as "the enemy" just like white women try to hard to not be associated with being a colonizer.

No. 2009142

>no icky yucky male
That they don't want to risk auto-selfinserting kek

No. 2009145

Homophobia? Isn't gay rape homophobic in itself? Stop shitting on straight people

No. 2009146

I genuinely think the obsession they have over lesbians is just because they think lesbian porn is hot. Growing up in the 00s, men watching lesbian porn was constantly brought up to the point I saw men joking saying "hey I'm a lesbian too!". Then in the 10s women had enough of a voice to say, hey this is fucking weird and objectifying. Now in current time, men saw the backlash against straight men being into lesbian porn, so they decided they will become a lesbian so that it's "politically correct". I don't think there's any deeper meaning than it gets their dicks hard.

No. 2009147

>Military males are the lowest of the low, they sell their bodies to other men for little money.
Hurrdurr rape apologist(infighting)

No. 2009160

>says this but protects those same males that rape women and children in foreign countries during times of war or deployment.
>They even rape their own comrades, have them killed, and desecrate their corpses to avoid getting caught
>Its gotten to the point where women in the army are more likely to be sexually assaulted by a fellow soldier than an enemy on the frontlines
Hurrdurr rape apologist

No. 2009161

I’ve seen black AGPs, mostly Twitter porn addicts. I fear they will become more common in the years to come. Liberals already worship black trannies, why would a loser black male jump into this opportunity?

No. 2009168

File: 1716108757792.jpeg (98.33 KB, 1200x797, IMG_6333.jpeg)

The only data that suggests people are ‘happier’ (not the same as being less suicidal) after taking steps to transition comes from people who are polled immediately after first taking those steps, so people who’ve just started hormones or just had surgery. What we’re seeing is the result of pain medication, the short-term antidepressant effect of testosterone, one hell of a placebo effect and the high that addicts experience when chasing the dragon. There’s a reason gender clinics don’t follow up on their patients or collect long term data because that would clearly show this is all very short term and that their mental wellbeing only goes downhill afterwards when the high wears off and the consequences of their self-inflicted health issues become more apparent. It’s easy to ascribe any subsequent suicides to ‘transphobia’ if you purposefully neglect to follow their mental health trajectory after chopping them up. Transgenderism is medical malpractice on every possible level. I suspect we’ll be seeing more instances like that surgeon’s online review that was essentially an accusatory suicide note from an ex-TIM.

>They don't seek to be treated as normal human beings, they seek to be worshipped as gods.
Pic related. They’re literally a self-appointed priest class.

No. 2009206

White tims hide behind black tims, the memeified theme of oppression

No. 2009304

>Fuck me, 2016 and trannies were spouting the exact same retardation as now.
Girl, they've been this stupid since 2010 in my experience. People just decided to smile and nod to it now.

No. 2009361

Her observations on yurifags are correct but it's just part of the disgust they have for their male features, which is itself related to AGP and whatever collection of fetishes they have. Funnily enough some male detransers and 4chan dwellers will attempt to blame feminism for making them this way, it's a deflection from why they really loathe their masculinity (because it gets in the way of their fetish).
TiMs might get really into feminist theory and go on and on about being 'sex traitors' but it's still in service to their 'one of the girls' feelings, and they never lose sight of their male interests in the process.

No. 2009471

i have no advice, nona, but i want to commiserate. i also have a brother who came out as a troon, even though he was never GNC in his life but he has, of course, been addicted to video games and anime. he is taking HRT despite having multiple serious health conditions that are being adversely impacted by this. we used to agree on GC talking points, but he totally fell down some reddit cracked egg meme rabbit hole. frankly, i have given up on him and fear that he will end up dying over this self-imposed stupid shit. it really sucks but he has made his own bed.

No. 2009627

File: 1716144912535.jpg (70.13 KB, 750x766, FcsulKDWYAI-CLJ.jpg)

I hate how we went backwards in terms of progress, the T is the cancer of the community.

No. 2010069

Yes I also want to commiserate with you nonnas. I have a cousin who's a MTF AGP (although he dates other MTFs, so I feel like he straddles the line between HSTS and AGP) and idk how to deal with it. I tell my mom that I think he's mentally ill (and my clueless out of touch boomer mom basically tell me to "be kind!") and I've told other relatives that I think he's a mentally ill autist who got sucked into a cult, but I have no idea how to talk to him and his mother (my cousin) about it. I basically just treat my cousin like the autistic, maybe gay or bisexual furry Pokemon-loving nerd male hat he is, but whenever he calls himself a lesbian, or his mom mentions "her daughter", I'm just like "uh huh, yeah, okay sure".

No. 2010278

It makes me really sad that women with (female) children interested in STEM are now acting like they are 'male brained' with male interests, even in the west, and bragging about how GNC their female children are for being interested in basic science. First of all because certain STEM fields (like biology) have become female-dominated in the last 10-20 years and also just because I think it was generally established that women and girls are gatekept out of STEM and don't show less interest in it. It feels like we as a society are literally regressing. I did my undergrad STEM degree more than 10 years ago and at the time the gender balance in my degree was about 60/40 women, with more male profs but more female students. Now I constantly see posts implying that girls interested in ecology or evolution or whatever at a young age are mentally boys. Back when I was doing undergrad in STEM the main argument was whether it was more 'inspiring' for girls to see feminine presenting women as STEMlords or whether masculine presenting women should be seen as role models as well, now it feels like we're back to square one acting like girls aren't interested in any scientific field at all. It's truly bizarre and hard to grasp when women are in general doing better in university and more likely than men to graduate university that genderists are still promoting this 'STEM is a male interest' crap after all these years.

No. 2010405

>HSTS dating another troon
Are they gonna fight who plays the "woman" because both are troons and HSTS wants the woman role in a fantasy?

No. 2010414

File: 1716186432165.png (50.26 KB, 1638x314, idiocy.png)

It makes me so freaking mad that every time I go to look up a female health issue, all the "legitimate" medical sites (Medical News Today, Cleveland Clinic, etc.) say "people with cervixes" and similar BS. Why should I trust anything these people say about medicine when they don't even know what a woman is? People say to stop being obsessed with the gender issue, but it's impossible to do that when it gets shoved in your face just for reading stuff about female health.

No. 2010436

I'm a GNC bi woman and I sometimes unconsciously see very masculine women as competition (while also being attracted to them). It's retarded but I can't help it.

No. 2010572

There’s an agp at my all girls school that keeps asking people to meet up/hook up on our school’s social media. It’s so creepy, the actual women don’t act like that.

No. 2010629

i feel the exact same way. it disgusts me that women's health issues can't be discussed without placating autogynephilics and NLOGs who hate other women so much that they refuse to accept that they are one.

No. 2010630


Statement such as "being trans is not a medical condition" "but medical treatemends are demanded ASAP"

"Born in the wrong body" "The true authentic-self" -> I'm born in the wrong body i was supposed to be rich and skinny.

No. 2010655

this troon appeasing language does the most harm to vulnerable women (low education, low income, ESL, etc.) who may not know that they have a cervix because they are woman, which is a summation of the entire TRA movement

No. 2010660

In a moid way or just someone to casually compare stats with

No. 2010663

Same, and only for other women. Especially tifs, actually, not because they are actually masculine but because hey, since I'm not pretending to a man, I must have some innate feminine essence they've ascended.
That's how I thought when I was a young gendie at least.

No. 2010666

My goal is to become more masculine than the TIFs and make them all insecure.

No. 2010783

Men with potential and decent life prospects don't join the military as a career. Of course it attracts the worst of the worst.

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