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File: 1459853142913.png (Spoiler Image,754.91 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 142781

Old thread >>79091
Drug addict
Currently with tourist visa
Did a visa run to korea

No. 142782

That manko

No. 142783

Can people PLEASE quit creating threads with NSFW OP's so that they have to get spoilered?

No. 142784

Lol lorena lurks here everydaY

No. 142785


that tiddy looks like it's been placed on her stomach wtf

No. 142786

tbh I would prefer the bot to this garbage.

No. 142787

Why did immigration let her in?

No. 142788

She needs to quit bleaching her hair she can't even blend her hair with her extensions anymore.

No. 142789

File: 1459865042481.jpeg (116.22 KB, 640x781, image.jpeg)

No. 142790

She looks dirty with over fried hair lolol

No. 142791

It was saggy before (naturally or through pregnancy) she got them filled up which will make them hang even more, after that she got implants in those saggy lumps of fat without getting a lift up and nipple replacement surgery.

No. 142792

You know a lot

No. 142793

I hang out too much infront of the TV and watch creepy shows about plastic surgery and read articles about it.

And the things about the fillers and implants were on her FB/twitter and instagram.

No. 142794

WOW you sound extremely salty, nothing you said made any sense. Lorena is neither a trust fund baby or a housewife. She is single and spends her money on useless things. The proper commentary was "dumb materialistic women don't know the VALUE of things". Trust fund babies, and housewives are clearly not for you to call judgment because clearly you don't know every single one of them in the world. What is logic?

No. 142795

Any REAL news on her? Besides of that she's still working as a host, illegaly working as a prostitute and doesn't know what brands are shit and worthless and which are good

No. 142796

She is divorced now. Finally. It was about time. That's why she is on a tourist visa. Couldn't get another spouse visa and had to sign the papers.

No. 142797

Amd Japan let her get in again after coming back from Korea??? Wtf?!?!

No. 142798

I guess Japanese immigration officers are as dumb as her. But hey at least she is illegal now. Like for real. And I'm sure she won't get another spouse visa so easy with her history

No. 142799

Just like a cow

No. 142800

Yes, now she's definitely illegal. Working as a host and prostitute on a tourist visa which she can either try to extend on another 3months or make another trip to korea in three months.

I highly doubt she'll ever get another spouse visa.

If her ex does it right he should sue her because of her scamming him
>running away a week or two after giving birth

No. 142801

She didn't want to sign the divorce paper.
She is going to to korea in july again

No. 142802

Yeah in the beginning but her lawyer pushed her because she couldn't get her spouse visa renewed.

No. 142803

It took him a year to make her sign this shit

No. 142804


No. 142805

>vagina area is fucking dark brown with literally roast beef looking labia sticking out
Damn having a kid really destroys your body. I heard your nips and labia darken a bit but this is revolting.

No. 142806

Well it can also be natural.

>Not every white girl has pink nips and labia.

Boobs are definitely ruined by pregnancy and her bad af surgeon kek

But her puss could be naturally ugly

No. 142807

He should do that

No. 142808

I don't even mind the roastie but the extremely darkened area around her bunghole and pussy look really rank. I know it can look like that with hairy girls who use shitty razors to shave, but damn, I've never seen it that bad before.

Then again, who expects clean parts from a hooker?

No. 142809

Drug addicted hooker lol

No. 142810

She somewhen mentioned (when she was still super active on fb) that she has/had massive skin problems arou d that area.

No. 142811

That's actually what I meant. I know roastie is a meme but her labia is literally the color of roast beef (dark brown). I would have still made the comment even if she wasn't a roastie because the coloring is by far the nastiest part.

No. 142812

I hate him so much. I can't even watch his video cause I don't want to give him one more view. I really can't wait till he not making enough off of youtube.

No. 142813

Oh God, wrong thread.

No. 142814

Is that a dick tattoo on her thigh

No. 142815

She probably has multiple stds

No. 142816

Kek, it's okay – Onision hate spans time, space and threads!

No. 142817

Looks like one kek

No. 142818

Why is lorena so quite?

No. 142819

Well, now she's no legit visa.

Also she's planning another baby and marriage

No. 142820

Holy shit
But she can't get married for 6 months

No. 142821

Well, if she's 'lucky' she'll be able to extend her visa for another 90days or just go to Korea for a weekend.

But I highly doubt she'll get another spouse visa. If she does I'll seriously give up everything and gonna be a hooker in Japan myself

No. 142822

I'm black and my labia are dark brown :( I've never seen a black girl with pink labia. Also many asians have dark genitals.

No. 142823

That's what is normal for coloured people, but for a white gal it is not the norm.

No. 142824

This. She's white and her nipples are pink so it's gross as fuck and seems like an STI or something.

No. 142825

File: 1460076483415.jpeg (180.97 KB, 750x1014, image.jpeg)

She looks so damn old! No more money for Botox?

No. 142826

I would hate to spoil your gential aesthetics, but labia come in all shades of brown and pink, especially for whites, and changes over time with hormonal shifts.

Get over it, and stop looking at adult entertainers for your ideal looking snatch :)

No. 142827

Thank you, you would think in this day in age people would know this.

No. 142828

Agreed so much. No matter the skin color–nipples and labia vary widely.

No. 142829


Color doesn't matter that's true but this picture is still nasty…

No. 142830

Looks like Margo

No. 142831

File: 1460103976891.jpeg (127.48 KB, 640x868, image.jpeg)

Waiting together at kirari <3

No. 142832

File: 1460104110347.jpeg (141.04 KB, 639x907, image.jpeg)

No one wants to fuck me for money :'(
Better take some selfies

No. 142833

I would love to see an unfiltered selfie from her. It's hilarious how much she edits herself to look younger.

No. 142834

Jesus, kid on the left looks like a demon, lay off the shoop, your face is warped! Getting some real bad uncanny valley vibe from Sere here as well.

No. 142835

I've always thought that the girl on the left looks like a child, it's creepy..

No. 142836

>>142831 DAMN GAYA IS FUCKING UGLYYYYYYYYY damn she is the prime example of stupid ugly white eurowhores going to japan and thinks every japanese worships them bc they are white. Even plastic surgery cant help your stank ass gaya

No. 142837

I have a couple sex videos of her on my portable hdd when she first came to Japan.

Who wants to see it

No. 142838

Gaya or lorena?

No. 142839

If she's earning ohhh so much money with her prostitution, why doesn't she go for facial surgery. I bet a thai doc can save this mess

Proof or it didn't happen kek please post some screenshots

No. 142840

see face here >>142825
wrinkles on wrinkles

No. 142841

Frist off, white girls think about when going to foreign countries is that they're in the biggest MO in the world and she has be careful. The last thing in their mind is their race as a advantage. Not all of them are assholes. Those girls that prostituting are giving fan service and that's why they do the blond hair and look stereotypical. It's apart of the fantasy and it sells. Don't slump them in one category, most white girls just want to fit in there.

No. 142842

Sorry, I'm voice texting. My grammar may be off LOL.

No. 142843


i was thinking the exact same thing. i was browsing TAG and looking through her reviews and was surprised that no one has ever mentioned her ugly face. like wtf, you're in tokyo, get a fucking haircut and learn how to do your makeup! (though i don't think makeup will help with that kind of face…)

No. 142844

links to gayas reviews plz

No. 142845

lol sere reviewing several threesomes she
hadwith gaya haha

No. 142846

Page says error

No. 142847

Can you give screenshots please? It says you must be locked it to read the reviews

No. 142848

No. 142849

File: 1460188999620.jpg (Spoiler Image,38.41 KB, 480x800, PART 1.jpg)

No. 142850

File: 1460189018397.jpg (Spoiler Image,54.73 KB, 480x800, PART2.jpg)

No. 142851

File: 1460189053932.jpg (Spoiler Image,68.33 KB, 480x800, PART3.jpg)

No. 142852

File: 1460189087952.jpg (Spoiler Image,74.37 KB, 480x800, PART4.jpg)

No. 142853

File: 1460189103759.jpg (Spoiler Image,74.22 KB, 480x800, PART5.jpg)

No. 142854

File: 1460189116238.jpg (Spoiler Image,56.05 KB, 480x800, PART6.jpg)

No. 142855

File: 1460189133744.jpg (Spoiler Image,69.5 KB, 480x800, PART 7.jpg)

No. 142856

File: 1460189150685.jpg (Spoiler Image,65.36 KB, 480x800, PART 8.jpg)

No. 142857

File: 1460189167050.jpg (Spoiler Image,44.75 KB, 480x800, PART9.jpg)

No. 142858

Lol hypnotic ass more like acne ridden saggy pancake

No. 142859

Wtf so Sere and Gaya are a lezzo couple now??

No. 142860

File: 1460197099092.jpeg (116.47 KB, 640x912, image.jpeg)

No. 142861

I love this description!

No. 142862

File: 1460217397437.jpeg (96.75 KB, 640x480, image.jpeg)

No. 142863

She looks horrible

No. 142864

Lol where did you find that

No. 142865

OMG she's such eurotrash outside of her ridiculous shoops. Yiiiiikes. That hair. That nose. Those tiny eyes. Oh no.

No. 142866

Twitter shion_chuu

No. 142867

Is that a girl or her bf?

No. 142868

File: 1460253295002.jpeg (Spoiler Image,100.42 KB, 750x957, image.jpeg)

No. 142869

Omg I knew her boobs were bad but i'd never noticed how much shes fucked them up! Those implants look like theyre about to pop out

No. 142870

Ew she completely ruined them

No. 142871

File: 1460291086492.jpeg (115.76 KB, 630x919, image.jpeg)

No. 142872

I think seres face is better than gayas by alot…… I think sere should have stopped at like 5 tattoos n never gotten a breast augmentation

No. 142873

Seres face is horrible compared to Gayas…

No. 142874

I agree. She should also stop with the hair bleaching and go her natural brunette that dry damaged mess isnt hot.

No. 142875

File: 1460359853675.jpg (124.19 KB, 707x960, image.jpg)

gremlin in tokyo! Lol

No. 142876

File: 1460416619902.jpeg (96.09 KB, 640x724, image.jpeg)

No. 142877

So much for a stupid bag?? Oo

No. 142878

File: 1460425919712.jpeg (76.9 KB, 599x602, image.jpeg)

I couldn't help but be reminded of this.

No. 142879

Kill it with fire

No. 142880

Lol after months of bragging about her income, she finally gets one high brand item

No. 142881

What is this brand? I never heard about it.

No. 142882

If people don't know chrome hearts it's ome thing, but not knowing yves st laurent makes it seem like you live under a rock. I only didn't know that they also make tiny handbags beside of makeup

No. 142883

Edit: it's on the cheaper end of high end brands though

No. 142884

Well the website says mytheresa and you can't expect people to know every design from certain brands.
And believe it or not there are a lot of people who give a shit about brands.

No. 142885

The websites name is mytheresa. The name tag on the brand which is clearly visible is YSL
And I don't even give a fuck about brands, but know this, it's not that uncommon. All the mac bitches also own ysl lipsticks

No. 142886

File: 1460435985571.png (221.82 KB, 1080x1607, Screenshot_2016-04-12-06-38-28…)

It's actually some kind of brand outlet

No. 142887

As I said. There are people who give a shit about brands and how they look like. It's not that they are uneducated. And I don't think it's part of education to know them.

No. 142888

It's part of an education to know the most common ones. Even my parents know these and they're in their 60s. And as said before, I don't give a shit as well, but I'm on the internet and sometimes even pass by some makeup stores irl. So it's pretty much impossible to not know certain kinds of brands like this except if you only use your Internet for lolcow and never leave the house.

No. 142889

YSL also has a whole fashion line too so I'm not surprised they have handbags. I particularly like YSL men's suits. They have a really nice elegant cut to them

No. 142890

Wonder how the illegal immigrate lyf is holding up lol

No. 142891


No. 142892

File: 1460596541897.jpeg (Spoiler Image,173.84 KB, 656x883, image.jpeg)

No. 142893


No. 142894


très tacky. did she just shoop her beef curtains???

No. 142895

Her vag looks ok

No. 142896

Wats the site shes using tho

No. 142897

Tokyo adult guide

No. 142898

Ok, so I have some Japanese friends working as prostitutes as freelancers or at clubs. Non of them would ever explicitly show their 'private parts' in their advertisements, because that's boring for the customers.

No. 142899


U gotta point b japs are into the youthful school girl bullshit not hoes or thots

No. 142900

Also the 'hoes' wouldn't show their private parts online, except in AV

No. 142901

Pretty sure Ive seen that body suit thing shes wearing at donki hote many times before too. Yeah so rich Lorena

No. 142902

She spent her moneyon hosts so she had to buy donki stuff

No. 142903

Donki or amazon. Does she even have an official amazon wishlist? Because real hoes do kek

No. 142904

File: 1460636570999.jpeg (Spoiler Image,179.56 KB, 750x1236, image.jpeg)

No. 142905

Lol her avatar

No. 142906

That mighty push up bra though

No. 142907

lol she said she wanted to be in porn but just needed to get to her goal weight and get surgery on the excess skin

No. 142908

No one wants to see this in porn. She wouldn't get much more than amateur

No. 142909

At least she found a way to cover up that ugly acne ass.

No. 142910

Also that fucking photo has been self taken with her ratty mobile cam
>such professional

No. 142911

File: 1460654894821.jpeg (156.46 KB, 640x968, image.jpeg)

No. 142912

Sere's life is depressing…. Different guys fucking her all the time for money… Her womb must be so traumatized…

No. 142913

Eww she's wearin'shoes in her apartment?? That's disgusting.

She barely ever gets fucked anyway

No. 142914


several people have separated trainer pairs for indoors and outdoors

No. 142915

I higly doubt she's one of them.

And except for house shoes I think it's disgusting to wear shoes inside the house. *just my personal opinion&

No. 142916

File: 1460661176105.png (2.12 MB, 1080x1517, Screenshot_2016-04-14-21-09-14…)

>claims to be a high class escort
>can't even afford clothes in her size
>can't dress for shit
>looks worse than an old mountain hag

No. 142917

Quick run away!! It's lorena the kabukihoe

No. 142918

What is going on with her exposed stomach? Looks super creepy down there.

No. 142919

Bad stretch marks from two pregnancies.

No. 142920

jealous of this body tbh

No. 142921

I wonder wat kind of hell she'll n in the next life for all the married men she fucked…lol

No. 142922

Her body is covered by the play suit. You should see her without all of these.

No. 142923

If she's already pregnant again? She got fatter and fatter in the last few weeks

No. 142924

File: 1460693980951.jpeg (546 KB, 750x857, image.jpeg)

Spending money at seres club?

No. 142925

Is that really seres club? Those guys don't look too bad…

No. 142926

I don't think that is her club if he go in the host host page those guys aren't listed. Doesn't mean she doesn't spend all her money at hosts though

No. 142927

It looks way tooo tidy to be seres club.

But so kawaii sandra, working as a prostitute as well.

Sere is the Australian femme hitler, turning every woman into a hooker

No. 142928

She doesn't make them; they were already interested in doing it, just giving them the final push. Why you think they chill with her.

No. 142929

Why do they need Sere to be a hooker though? Lol

No. 142930

Sandra had the potential to not be a hooker as far as I know her.

No. 142931

Yeah 'had'
And now she is Sere's little lapdog like all those other girls around her.

No. 142932

Sandra is fucked up too

No. 142933

Our queens Instagram account is private again.

And it seems like Sandra kicked every foreigner from her Instagram. She had over 400 follower and suddenly after the post here it's down to 163 follower and all are Japanese. Guess she lurks here too.

No. 142934

Did sere post sth since she went private? Or did sandra do?

No. 142935

Sandra smoked too much weed lol

No. 142936

you know what's really disgusting? being a mother and a whore.

No. 142937

And to make it even more disgusting: a whore and a mother who abandoned two babies.

No. 142938

And adrug addict

No. 142939

drug addict?

No. 142940

Lol are you new here?

No. 142941

Probably a newbie.

No. 142942

I've only been here the last two threads (this one and the one before), so I might have missed something, yes. But yeah I'd appreciate if you informed me instead of calling out the obvious (that I'm not aware of her using drugs)

No. 142943

Yup probably speed cuz japan cant get any other good drugs and shitty MDMA

No. 142944

File: 1460845745347.png (293.19 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 142945

File: 1460845768900.png (306.05 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 142946

File: 1460845792368.png (297.85 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 142947

Jesus christ, just fuck off when you're too lazy to even post an explanation or translation.

No. 142948


looks like she was having a back and forth with that mana dude, but he deleted his tweets to her. even on twitter she's a damn pariah. lmao

first image says: 1. "company president" 2. "until you get back, let's work hard, guys!" (mana dude going on a trip) 3. "doing a job without a visa lol" 4. "noooo visaaaa lol"

second image: 1. "various" (prolly got asked "what job do you do outside our shitty club?") 2. "i'm a company president" (next two tweets same from first two of image 1)

third image: 1. "(some type of) anal" 2. "you're such a perv, mana" 3. "anal vibration" 4. "anal"

No. 142949

lol at least she finally admitted she doesnt have a visa. Also Japanese is terrible as always

No. 142950

yeah, i'm shocked she could negotiate for "her" bar or even read the damn contract. someone with better japanese musta helped her. lol how can her co-workers and customers even understand her japanese? i feel like japanese girls would haaaate her.

No. 142951

No? Many many people have protruding labia, it literally has nothing to do with childbirth. Same with color, genitals come in a huge range of colors.

No. 142952

Yup, same with dicks. They come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and colours. Nothing wrong with that.

No. 142953


>human body is revolting!!!1!

irl humans often aren't like your porn chinese cartoons, all shiny pink and tucked down there.

No. 142954

>t. Roasties with brown labia
This is a board that mostly shits on physical appearance. Getting assblasted over old ass comments with certain criticisms (you have) is so cringey.

And labia does darken after pregnancy.

No. 142955

Lol I agree. Lorenas pussy is a nasty mess

No. 142956

Gaya should have her own thread

No. 142957

So we're really just guessing about the drugs? Or has someone presented some evidence?

No. 142958

No evidence

No. 142959

Usually isn't it ビザ?and not ウィザ?that looks horribly wrong

No. 142960

well I know someone who is Japanese and he said there are practically no drugs besides uppers…shitty ecstasy and meth ae the only drugs u can get

No. 142961

I've only seen ビザ, yeah

No. 142962


If anything, actually I found hilarious that anon freaking out after learning not all women have tiny pinku loli pussies, that's like common knowledge but ok.

>inb4 u assblasted

No. 142963

ウィザ you could get away with but she wrote ヴィサwhich isnt even a word lol

No. 142964

Her husband and her tantos

No. 142965

She looks like she takes drugs anyway haha

No. 142966

It bothered you enough to comment. No I don't think you were seething with rage but pink innie pussies being ideal is obviously triggering you.

>actually I found hilarious

Keep telling yourself that

>that anon freaking out after learning not all women have tiny pinku loli pussies, that's like common knowledge but ok.

No shit. No one ever said that. Roastie is a fucking meme. I think everyone is aware ugly vaginas exist.

No. 142967

Sere please be careful, I think you should get out of the limelight for awhile and focus on you. Don't let these people tell you what to do. There are far more worse people out their than you. You know it's probably the people closest to you or jealous people spreading this shit maybe stop chilling and talking with foreigners. Don't tell people your plans.

No. 142968

>Don't tell people your plans.

Shit, there goes an entire reason for living.

No. 142969

No. 142970

Sounds like gaya or some ass licker. Its not just foreigners that dont like her and want her gone nonny.

No. 142971

File: 1460915509581.jpeg (30.4 KB, 385x382, image.jpeg)

Ohhh anon
You know nothing

No. 142972

Who's still kissing her ass and is that good in English?

There are only Shiena and Gaya, because her German squad can't English for shit

No. 142973

What ever happened to that english girl, Charlie that was in her squad? Of that fat blonde irish? Or was it english girl that was part of that squad collage on the previous gaijin in japan thread?

No. 142974

Oh right I forgot Charlie! The other one was an aussie living in australia

No. 142975

File: 1460917677831.jpeg (50.52 KB, 601x602, image.jpeg)

Or that girl who married a host with debt lol
She lurks here

No. 142976

Lol who is she and whats her story?

No. 142977

Please let her out of the threads. She has a normal job at zara, is living miles away from tokyo and her husband quit being his job as a host years ago and also has some growing adult job these days. Thanks

She has nothing to do with the sere drama and gave a statement in one of the old gaijin in jpn threads

No. 142978

That's Mel, she's from Scotland. She married Chin Komaru host who was in debt for stealing pachinko balls from a yakuza owned parlor. They cut off 2 of his fingers and is now in debt under the syndicate.

No. 142979

No, that's a girl from Austria dumbfag. She's a cutie and only got involved in the drama back then because someone saw her following kisu on insta.

No. 142980

Nah she is bad like all the other girls

No. 142981

Like beeing nice in person but shittalk about you behind your back.
Also she is friends with gaya lmao

No. 142982

File: 1460926369593.jpeg (137.31 KB, 640x1088, image.jpeg)

Everybody wrote normal stuff. Only lorena wrote stupid shit
I feel sorry for him :(

No. 142983

>stealing pachinko balls from a yakuza owned parlor. They cut off 2 of his fingers and is now in debt under the syndicate.


No. 142984

Weeaboo Wonderland is an adventure.

No. 142985

Charlie is still a ho like sere. Look for DaniRanger on Tokyo adult guide. She advertises there as well and sere even making comments on her.

No. 142986

No. 142987


what does she look like irl?

No. 142988

Sere had pics of them together at host on instagram. She chubby, long hair, bad makeup average white girl face.

No. 142989

sere looks 40 in her TAG pic. i have seen older pics of her on her blogspot and she was pretty. she looks like Kelly Osbourne back then, pre-gyaru. what a waste.

No. 142990

..but the English wasn't good

No. 142991

Better than seres, vikas, sandras or kisus. Not perfect, but better than theirs, far better

No. 142992

Sandra's English is horrible! And I'm not even surprised. German people speak English pretty bad in general.

No. 142993

We're still better at it than the Baguettes and far better than the Japanese. So stfu

No. 142994

File: 1460992445427.jpeg (Spoiler Image,159.04 KB, 750x1034, image.jpeg)

No. 142995

File: 1460992476344.jpeg (Spoiler Image,148.45 KB, 750x1006, image.jpeg)

No. 142996

Not that Anon…but honestly it's not THAT much better imo.

No. 142997

If gayas tits had seres body and face she wouldn't be that ugly and if sere had gayas tits sheld be bomb af

Sorry for my English being so terribly bad :'(

No. 142998

Nice booblifting gaya

No. 142999

You can still see the scar (and will see it forever, because it's a scar, sorry, late night logic)

Her boobs are on point now

No. 143000


is that gackt? his pecs are similar….

No. 143001

It's a random Korean guy.

No. 143002

I highly doubt that

No. 143003

Could you post screen caps from the whole thread? I can't see it due to not being a member

No. 143004

That'd be nice!

No. 143005

I wana see all the pics cuz im a nosy bitch but dunno how.. Wats the exact link sorry for being autistic fam

No. 143006


here's gaya's post:

So i promised Jennifer i'd write about this and since there is no section for the (at the moment) i'll post it here.

Jennifer went on a short trip to Korea and she came back crazy about the fancy Gangnam district and the young army boys with six packs. I got a bit regretful for not joining her last minute. But she more than made up for it with a nice souvenir.

Just a short while after she left, a bit of Korea came to Japan. She had charmed a young Korean boy so much that he couldn't just let her go, so he quickly jumped a plane to come visit her after she left.
Being a true best friend, she shared everything with me. So we decided to make this handsome man's trip unforgettable.

I decided to meet up with them under the kabuki cho Godzilla. Unfortunately it was around the time the golden gai fire happened and i got some smoke in my face…
No burned dead bodies so it's ok i guess.
I saw them comming, a tall, handsome man and my adorable cutiepie. We quickly walked up to her favorite love hotel, which we knew by past experience with an at least equally stud, allowes 3p for a bit extra rate.

In the room we were all a bit awkward at first, and i wanted to see this man's amazing body which i heard my friend brag about before, but he suddenly got shy. He said that we should shower together and that he would do some push ups to make his muscle look better for us but we didn't buy it of course. We persuaded him to take off his clothes and dragged him into the shower. His body is a piece of art, a real sixpack, nice lenght, good package. He had it all. We are two blondes with big boobs and nice curves. It was perfect.
We soaped each other up and soaked in the bubblebath together, already enjoying each other's awesome bodies.

We couldn't stay in the bath too long, hot as we were, so we got out and went to the bed.
The boy informed us that he studied sex by reading "fifthy shades of grey" which sounded hilarious and disturbing but he had picked the right details out of it. He was a light S, but subtile and cool, not pushy.
We got out some toys as well. He laid us next to each other and tried the toys, his fingers and his mouth on us while we made out. Then he lied down and we did some double nipple play and doubte blowjob on him while also kissing each other.
He wanted to try the new girl first so i climbed on top of him and rid him while making out with my friend.
He then went with her in doggy while i kissed him and he finished with her is mish and came over our bodies.

Then he asked for a round two! After going at it pretty wild, mind you.
We couldn't believe his power.
First they smoked and we drunk some and calmed down, then we went at it again.
We both sat down doggy and he did her while fingering me good.
Then she rode him like a wild cowgirl while i played with her boobies.
He finished off with me in mish this time while she made herself cum while watching us by using a big, Japanese vibrator.

He gave a comment on our little party that will always stay with me: "thank you for this. From now on i will tell people that dreams can come true, and i will inspire others to make their dreams come true like you did to mine."

Included some pics of our devine bodies, too hot not to share!

No. 143007

and here's lorena reviewing her favorite host.

So I guess there is a time for everything and I guess a review of a makura host is long overdue; or perhaps, right on time? This may not serve as a great piece of advertising for the boy in question so I won't mention any names. I will however call him "Rainbow boy" after the fact his hair is always changing colors. He is a number one host at a pretty famous host club in Kabukicho and completely amazing.

We had exchanged line a long time ago, on the first night comfort was ever opened. I had taken two girls from america on a host club tour before taking them to drink in comfort. His host club was one of the places we went and I had a terrible time and thought the club was gross and boring. I changed line with a few boys there and spoke briefly with one but – not rainbow boy.

I continued to see him around the area. We would nod heads and pass each other about 3-4 times a week and nothing came of it until I started working as a dansou host in the same company but different club. I worked there for about 3 months before getting sick and tired of drinking 15 hours a day and quit and put my hair extensions back in and started dressing sexier than ever.

I then continued to see him, same time. Every night. With my other coworkers. And we would nod at each other as always. Until one day his look lingered….

Later that night. I got a message from him.
"Long time no see…" It read. How the hell did he get my line? I enquired to which he reminded me of 8 months previous we had met and exchanged line…

He asked me if I would like to hang out some time. Sure? I guess. I have nothing better to do!

I told him I could meet him later that night if he also had time. "Sure^^" he said. We arranged to meet at 3am in front of Bali an in Kabukicho on Meiji dori.

I got ready and left just before 3 to meet him. Of course he was late. The bastard. I waited outside for 15 mins and was fuming the entire time until I saw him in the distance. He was taller than I rembered. Hair like a pineapple. Which I hate. But somehow when it's bright pink it doesn't look so bad. His face was delicate and he had full lips. He asked me if I was thirsty and so we went to the conbini and he bought us some drinks. He said he wanted to sit somewhere quiet and relax with me. "Knew it…" I thought.

We went to Bali an only for them to tell us they we're full. So we walked down a way and found abyss. A really nice love hotel. We walked in and picked the last available room. He paid (rare for hosts). I was checking out his accessories and clothes and getting turned on. He seemed to have so much money. His shirt was chanel, shoes chrome hearts, bag Louis vuitton.. I was kinda excited this boy 6 years my junior was checking us in. He called my name and snapped me out of my daydream and I rushed over to the lift he was holding open.

He was quiet but nice. Opened the door of the room and we took our shoes off went in and sat on the couch.

Together we drank some vodka drink and spoke for about an hour before he leaned in. I thought it was a kiss, but he just brought his face so close to mine and asked "you wanna take a bath together?"

I was so embarassed. This guy is my SENPAI. He's also famous for being kinda quiet and impossible to sleep with. When he said he wanted to drink and chat (and I can't believe I thought this) I believed him.

Of course I wanted to join him so I nodded without making too much eye contact And he went and turned on the bath. We continued to chat as the bath filled and he began to undress himself. I thought he would be more shy but was pretty open about stripping off in front of me. He did in the end cover his junk and went and turned off the bath and got in. I undressed by myself and joined him. We sat in the bath and relaxed. It was so warm. I sat between his legs and began to run my nails along the skin on his legs "you're gonna make it hard…" I heard him say in a muffled voice. I leaned back into him and he was indeed, very hard.

The water was warm so we began to breathe a bit deeper. He pulled my face back and kissed me. Pierced tongue. Omg. My tongue is also pierced and that just made it so hot. His kiss was deep and tasted like lemon.

I pulled away gently and asked if we could take this to the bed. We got out and dried off before I lied on the bed. There was a red light behind the bed. I could see his body in the corner of my eye… Tall… He's… Big….

He climbed onto the bed next to me and kissed me again. I've never kissed like this before. He began to massage my breasts before moving down and licking and sucking my nipples. We rolled over so I was on top. I love being on top. Our kissing became heavier and I moved down to lick his nipples. His dick brushed against my breasts and was huge and so hard yet silky. I took it into my hand and began to lick the tip. I looked up at him for approval and he stared back at me with a look of "do what you want". I took him into my mouth and sucked and licked him. He started moaning softly and ran his fingers through my hair as I did so. I began to lick lower. He seemed to get a bit more excited. Reluctant but he warned up to the idea. His balls were completely hairless. I licked and sucked him. He was like candy. Sweet and smooth and delicious. I pushed his legs up and began to lick further. The look on his face was so surprised as I went further and further….

I took my time and began to move back up.

I kissed his body and moved back up and kissed his mouth. I straddled him. Letting his dick brush against my pussy. Each time he gasped a little. I centred him against me and he pulled me down onto him. Deep. He was so thick and I was so wet. We both gasped and kissed again before we started to move together.

He pushed me off and made me lie on my back. He climbed on top of me and entered me again. Moving deep and slow inside me while kissing and sucking my breasts and neck and kissing me. He leaned back and brought my legs up to my chest and started to move faster. I was moaning loudly and watching his face. It was gorgeous. I told him I wanted him to take me from behind. I turned over and he kissed my neck while holding my breasts. Then he leaned back and pushed himself into me, holding my ass tightly he started moving faster and I began to rub my clit. I was gonna cum! I told him between moans and he replied he was too. He moved faster and faster and I could feel the rush coming. And then. The explosion.

He held on to me as waves of ecstacy surged through me. I felt him fill me up and drip out of me… He stayed inside me for a while as we both caught our breath. He asked if I was ok and when I told him I was he gently pulled out of me and we colapsed on the bed and fell asleep.

The next morning he took his sweet time getting ready to go. I showered and was excited to sleep in my own bed. My body was still tingling from the night before. Was it a dream? He never fucks anyone for less than $10,000… What? Since then we have met again and every single time I leave feeling recharged. Not something I would want constantly. He's not a boy I want to date. Just perfect, uncomplicated and amazing.

I hope you guys enjoyed my story. ;) I know I did! Hahaha

Until next time, rainbow boy. Kiss kiss!

No. 143008

i've read tons of OTP porn, and they were tons better than this. anyway, thanks a lot for giving us this fanfic, lorena.

No. 143009

I was thinking the same. Bad fanfic story.

No. 143010

Lol I know who that host is and I love how she's boasting about him being hard to sleep with, cause he ain't. He's famous for being a slut and loves fucking forgiveness but nice try lorena.

No. 143011

*foreigners not forgiveness lolol

No. 143012

I see mio with a different fatty every night hehe

No. 143013

This is one of the rare times that even I consider a host ugly, how can this thing be 'hard to get'? If I remember correctly he once wrote to me and asked for sex kek long ago tho

No. 143014

Hasn't she posted sth new to her insta?

No. 143015

Uhh omfg haha lorena is a trip man… Wow got kids almost 30 full time hooker lol damn i mean it would b different if shes using her money on her kids or education but shes not..its like she has no kids wants to fuck all these randoms for the rest of her life…in all of her sex stories she drinks/smokes before she fucks cuz she barely knows these ppl

No. 143016

I really prefer gayas stories! If sere wouldn't be a part in them, I mean, they written with so much emotions, really cute and make one feel comfortable.

No. 143017

Are you fuckin serious?

No. 143018

Literally all cow lurk everywhere wouldnt b surprised if Mira, sere, gaya, kiki, kota all lurk n talk shit about other cows n compliment themselves… That bitch charms too….

No. 143019


I really don't think she is doing her business any favors by writing stuff like this. If I was a potential customer of hers I would be slightly put off by some things she has written here. But then again, I don't wanna give her any advice so I'm not going to say which part is slightly.. Not good

No. 143020

Also why does everyone taste like fucking lemon???

No. 143021

Her fanfics are hilarious. Ty for the giggle on the train, girl!

No. 143022

im going to go with the fact she went raw with a the guy(just are known for having lots of stds) ew

No. 143023

*hosts are known for having lots of stds

No. 143024

This is so disgusting. I really hope she gets an std…

No. 143025

How do you know it's him?

No. 143026

She mentioned it as far as I know.

No. 143027

Its plain as day if you know which store she works at and you know your hosts,

No. 143028

And yes she did mention it being him on another thread on tokyoadultguide

No. 143029

A fantasy of mine is that I'd really like to see those too (Sere and Gaya) as a lesbian couple. I mean a REAL relationship. I have this theory where actually they're a couple and all this nonsense on lolcow is to avoidd ppl giving them shit for being together. If that's the case… Girls, you look cute together! <3

No. 143030

I want what your on buddy

No. 143031

Can we make this into a tragic love story? In which sere and gaya have their lesb realtionship and because sere is weak with keeping stuff in secret, she can't hold herself back amd kills gayas husband, who -indeed- is gayas pimp and won't let her run away and live with her gf sere. And after sere killed him she'll be shot down by police officers, cuz she's going all crazy for blood

No. 143032

File: 1461094510333.jpg (16.32 KB, 600x600, EjJopdb.jpg)

No. 143033

I wanna watch this movie.

No. 143034

Still better than Sere's fanfictions!

No. 143035

She doesnt that ben stiler getting shot in tropic thunder scene lol

No. 143036

File: 1461132719530.png (98.78 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2016-04-20-15-09-05…)

Gaya and sere lez relationship lol

No. 143037

File: 1461132761158.png (93.23 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2016-04-20-15-12-26…)

No. 143038

how dare you.

No. 143039

>There are far more worse people out their than you.
lol is this supposed to make someone feel better??

No. 143040

My vagina just shriveled and died

No. 143041

>A good cameraman
Someone better than the selfiecam of your phone? I doubt you'll find one, since you're already too lazy to get one for your cough model page

No. 143042

Well, that scalated quickly…

No. 143043

Sere is a hot fucking mess

No. 143044

Lorena the pimp
Is searching for new minions

No. 143045

How? Through gyaruru? Haha

No. 143046

Well she is trying to get pregnant again with the hope of marriage visa

No. 143047

Nobody wants to marry her so she has to play tricks

No. 143048

Where? Evidence please!

No. 143049

File: 1461241807834.png (727.72 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

Lol lorena thinks she is rich

No. 143050

I bet she's spellin it IveS sAInt LORENT kek

No. 143051

Don't understand the purpose of showing how 'rich' she is anyways.

No. 143052

to validate her sad existence.

No. 143053

Sere is hooking in 'bukuro tonight

No. 143054

Boo hoo I'm missing her lesbo stories with Gaya!

No. 143055

Boo hoo I'm missing her lesbo stories with Gaya!

No. 143056

Lol spotted working the strip

No. 143057

Nooooo please not! How do you know though?

No. 143058

File: 1461363147895.jpeg (132.53 KB, 640x995, image.jpeg)

No. 143059

File: 1461363231425.jpeg (171.4 KB, 640x1004, image.jpeg)

No. 143060

clean your room

No. 143061

Holy shit is that a mess!!

No. 143062

>Flashes a dozen Yukichi Fukuzawa to jelly haters.
>Actually lives in squalor in a shitty apartment, tending to her latest genital herpes outbreak.

No. 143063

Does she have genital herpes?

No. 143064

Since she often forgoes condoms with dirty, rat-faced hosts, I imagine she has acquired a nice collection if specimens by now.

No. 143065

Very true i had sex with a host with a condom and he gave me an std ew

No. 143066

>having sex with hosts
>being grossed out that men who have slept with countless women have STDs
>letting that slimy dick, wrapped or not, anywhere near your cooch

You Kabuki bitches are wild…

No. 143067

Believe it or not nonny you can have sex with a host without ever going to stores etc. I dont go to host and im not interested

No. 143068


No. 143069

No. 143070


Different anon but idk, I think the STD you got speaks for itself.

No. 143071

Yes, but at least I unlike a Lorena practice safe sex? Im not at fault. This thread is about Lorena anyway so back to her.

No. 143072

Well, I personally read your post as as just a warning to others that even "safe sex" with a host is risky. It's obvious you know better now, so I don't get why anon is still grilling you.

No. 143073

Thank you thats exactly how I meant it as.

No. 143074

File: 1461584596963.png (632.33 KB, 1080x1640, Screenshot_2016-04-25-13-39-32…)

>when the guy who pays you for sex looks like 50+

No. 143075

File: 1461584900673.png (450.99 KB, 1080x1532, Screenshot_2016-04-25-13-39-58…)

I feel sorry for him. Also, aren't they divorced officially by now?

>starting prostitution 2weeks after giving birth

While her ex husband actually worked his ass off to pay for his baby and wife
>sere, you're the piece of shit here

No. 143076

What kind of 50yr olds have u met, sign me the fuck up

No. 143077

What kind of 50yr olds have u met, sign me the fuck up

No. 143078

Just look at the hands.

Also, East Asians age less faster then us black or white trash. Add some hours at the fitness studio and you get this.

No. 143079

No. 143080

Lol she should be happy he married her
He was too nice to lorena

No. 143081

Is the started prostituting after 2wks thing true? Wouldnt of her vag still been fucked from childbirth?

No. 143082

She started with kyabajou, but probably also with prostitution

No. 143083

She worked as prostitute since she came to japan

No. 143084

Not sure about this tho

It was mentioned/analyzed in the previous thread. She kinda got known to ryoya during a trip to Japan with the father of her first kid

No. 143085

So started as an affair? Haha

No. 143086

Whos ryoya

No. 143087

Ryoya is the gaijin hunter asshole ex-husband/husband. I know you guys may hate her, but Ryoya is no angel. He's a cheater, makes the girls he sleeps around with babysit his kid and he's extremely selfish, entitled and grumpy

No. 143088

I never had to babysit his kid so this might be not 100% sure. But then, if the girls do that, it's their own fault. As a grown up adult you should be able to say no.

No. 143089

If you didn't have to babysit his kid it's because he got some other girl to do it while he goes out with you.

No. 143090

Well what do I care. As I said it's their own fault. He asked me once if I could babysit and I said no. Period. No big problem.

No. 143091

That doesn't make him an angel in any case. I think those girls are dumb to do so too but it doesn't change the fact he's a grumpy cheating entitled brat.

No. 143092

Hey Sandra :)
Are you sad that he didn't wanted to marry you/be in a relationship more than friendship with you? Did you really think a man we such a bastard of an ex wife would get back to normal so soon?

No. 143093

And what is sere? A little angle or what? She was cheating as well and not only that, running away from responsibility, marrying only for visa in order to become a dirty hooker. He at least takes care of the kid even tho he might 'hire' some girls to babysit.

No. 143094

Sere literally ruined HIS life, not the other way round! She was the one who made him fuck her without using any kind of protection (there are rumors and hell I actually do believe them somehow, that this bitch destroyed the condoms before using). She got 'herself pregnant' because she KNEW he'd marry her out of honor reasons. SHE never cared about the kid. And even though she ruined ryoyas life, he still takes care of the kid, he's working hard to have a decent life and god damn if he's asking a girl to take care of his son while he's out dating someone, just let him! And if you don't wanna take care of his son, while he dates someone else, just go ahead and tell him! His English is fine, so even if you're a dumb hooker with basically no knowledge of the Japanese English he'll be able to understand you

No. 143095

She needs to leave that poor man alone

No. 143096

lmao is that the sob story he told you?

No. 143097

There's not a single kind of sob in it, just facts. And no he didn't tell me this story. I rebuild it with all the information I had from these threads and from the bullshit sere posts

No. 143098

Not sure why you are quoting my post. I didn't say anything 'bad' about Ryoya. Just pointing that sere is not the innocent part here.

No. 143099

Oops sorry, didn't ment to quote you!
Your opinion is totally right.

No. 143100

No problem. I was just confused.

No. 143101

Nah sere stopped taking the pill without letting him know

No. 143102

I thought she had an IUD and took it out without telling him.

No. 143103

It doesn't matter if she took something out or stopped taking sth. She lied to him in order to get herself pregnant

No. 143104

Shiena wanted to do the same lmao

No. 143105

I doubt Shiena is much of a family person. I guess working visa is the only thing possible for her

No. 143106

Edit: I mean she won't ruin her precious body through pregnancy in order to get a visa to be able to fuck around. Though I wonder what she'll be up to next. Because don't you have to renew a working visa once a year?

No. 143107

Ruin her body lolol girl youre already fat

No. 143108

Shiena? Fat?? Are you one of those pro ana farmers? Shiena has a healthy and super nicely shaped body

No. 143109

Are you one of those asslickers?

No. 143110

Nope, I'm also against her current behaviour. Abandoning her workplace, because it got her the work visa and now working at seres bar. Constantly conplaining about Japan, her life etc. She behaves like she's only 13, while actually being around 26?27?

But calling her fat would be crazy.

No. 143111

She's 28

No. 143112

Its not even his child btw

No. 143113

It's his, if you talk about sere x ryoya. He made a dna check, because he had those worries too, but 'sadlyl it's his. Otherwise sere and her brat would've been kicked out long ago

No. 143114

File: 1461696552043.jpeg (Spoiler Image,74.95 KB, 640x789, image.jpeg)

No. 143115

I've already posted this above. Wonder who the 'chocolate' is

No. 143116

Edit: sorry didn't posted it above, just thought I did

No. 143117

Welcome back Sandra! You must be really desperate to lurk here.

No. 143118

nope just turned 27 this march. She doesn't hide her age

No. 143119

No one fucking cares, that's bullshit she has lied about it before. Didn't she graduate in 2006? I can't believe how much you guys idolize these people it makes me worried for mankind. They are on total bullshit. Complete pathological Liars that spread rumors, manipulates, steal from friends, and put people down. Just what I want to be when I grow up.

No. 143120

I wonder if her next goal is to be a prostitute in Korea. Also wonder what Korean law thinks about people like her?

No. 143121

Probably same as Japan. They don't give a shit.

No. 143122

But at least she'd be out of Japan and hopefully never comes back

No. 143123

Nope, 2007. Pathological liar, steals from friends, spread rumors? Sounds more like Ashely. I don't approve of her lifestyle either but lol if you're gonna stalk get your facts straight

No. 143124

Can you please learn how to quote

No. 143125

I was talking about everyone in general cause I said they. L2 read kek. So fuck you very much White Knight.

No. 143126

I say learn how to quote, you still won't quote, but call me a white knight??? do you even know what a whiteknight is, girl?

No. 143127

Lol. The only person who does all the things you list is Ashley. Lorena is special. The reason why she has this thread are for other reasons outside of that list. Describe your cows accurately. And if you're going to blame people for spreading rumours then get off a rumour site.

lighten up and have some fun. For all you know everything thats being said about everyone could be completely false or slightly false or true. Truth is no one really knows more than what scraps of what people find on the internet. This place is where bored people come to obsess about those who have seemingly outrageous lives while we sit with a box of popcorn behind a computer screen.

No. 143128

File: 1461865940922.jpeg (160.52 KB, 640x1042, image.jpeg)

Go to korea

No. 143129

She'll have to go there in two months anyway, because tourist visa.

No. 143130

Yeah I wish shed just fuckoff to there forever. Or anywhere else for that matter.

No. 143131

Would she even have any business there? She's chubby by their standards and she has tats. I can see how she can skirt by being a white blonde in Japan, but in Korea…?

No. 143132

>The sadness that you'll never be as pretty as Gdragon

No. 143133

Lorena you dumb bitch the pics of the other guy, he isnt even korean hes a really famous owner of a host in kabukicho.


being the kabuki queen shouldn't you know that? Oh wait no you work at a really shitty low level club and only go to equally shitty hosts.

No. 143134

oh yeah, sure. G-Dragon would beg for your attention sasrcasm

No. 143135

File: 1461912321519.jpg (48.76 KB, 596x628, 1432397708715.jpg)

No. 143136

File: 1461928050242.png (197.94 KB, 480x800, Screenshot_2016-04-29-20-05-46…)


No. 143137

I wrote this damn credit me bitch kek

No. 143138

Jesus take the wheel seres stories are so cringey. I almost spat out my drink because I kek'ed so hard

No. 143139

"will sere ever get a normal job?" Nope

No. 143140

She has years of nothing in her CV which she won't be able to cover up that easily, if she was ever in the mood to search herself a legit job. And she will have to do that in about let us say, 3-5years, I'd say. Her body is already aging badly and you can't be a prostitute forever.

No. 143141

Does anyone have proof that she and her husband finally divorced or?

No. 143142

I gotta admit, I LOLed.

No. 143143

File: 1462107464955.jpeg (134.39 KB, 750x1103, image.jpeg)

So she is posting about her fucktoy aka new visa again?

No. 143144

I won't think she'll get another spouse visa ever, since ryoyas lawyer is still after her. But there are rumors she wanna get herself pregnant again.

No. 143145

poor guy. run! run as fast as you can!

No. 143146

He probably doesn't care. He's a prostitute himself, all the other hosts hate him for being a sexworker and having a fat ugly gaijin bith as a gf. And to top it, he's just with sere to suck her money.

No. 143147

Why do you know?
And all the hosts who know sere hates her

No. 143148

File: 1462112640838.jpeg (124.98 KB, 575x879, image.jpeg)

No. 143149

Previous thread

No. 143150

I wish she would, then she'd be kicked out and locked away forever. she'd do sth good to the world.

>gaya got a boob lift
>still ugly face
>no makeup, no money for it?

>get those ratty extensions out of your fried hair, they don't do you any good

Isn't she working at a host right now? Or was she kicked out?

No. 143151

The right woman looks like a dom lady who's getting called mommy by the left girl.

No. 143152

gaya is a natural beauty. didn't you know?

lorena doesn't have any customers. no customers no money

No. 143153

Oh right, sorry gayamanko
Every Neanderthaler women must be jealous of your beauty, too bad they all are extinct

No. 143154

what was the name of her host boy? i know he worked at an air group club

No. 143155

Shit, Sere looks so much like Kohaku

No. 143156

No. 143157

Looks like sere took some photos 4 us guyz

No. 143158

File: 1462155170371.png (1.48 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

That c-section scar looks horrendous

No. 143159

A literal whore showing off pics of her c section scar with no baby in sight. The level of class here is off the charts.

No. 143160

Sere freaks me out because she can show off her c-section scar with a smirk on her face.
I know you come in here girl. You lack what most women have naturally, the want to be with their children. Living in Japan swallowing Asian loads for money is more important to you than your child. Shame on you.

No. 143161

Didn't she post that she has no more pooch? I still see a whole lot…

No. 143162

I rather be a housewife making miso soup than a hooka

No. 143163

Doesn't she have a few kids?

All that working out and shop and she still has a gut.

No. 143164

Sere: Is there anything about you that isn't grotesque?

No. 143165

She has 2, one she left in Australia with her abusive family that she wanted people to harass them until they paid for the child to be sent to Sere and the one she had in Japan for a visa.

No. 143166

The family she claimed was abusive while she begged for $30,000 to bring him to Japan. As if she gave two fucks

No. 143167

I thought she was single and hated men? Lol

No. 143168

File: 1462300493708.jpeg (188.04 KB, 640x975, image.jpeg)

No. 143169

ewwww just UGH

No. 143170

That belly is a scary mess

No. 143171

how is it even possible to look this trashy

No. 143172

Shitty tats, especially the ones on the hand omg that's such a huge nono, fried hair and trashy clothes

No. 143173

She looks like a used up porn star.

No. 143174

Don't shame porn stars.

No. 143175

That shirt makes her boobs look like a butt attached to her chest.

No. 143176

I'm still disgusted by the fact that she just got implants and now she has these mini melons hanging on her knees

No. 143177

Pregnancy (Pregnancies) fuck you up

No. 143178

Depends on your dna tho
There are a lot of women who been pregnant you wouldn't think have been.

No. 143179

My question is, why would you constantly have that disgusting mess of a stomach on display? She should cover that shit up.

No. 143180

She's a whore and a full blown narcist. She's so full of herself, I bet she thinks she has abs and that she can wear no matter what. Because every man wants to fuck her blah
She needs ti be send to a doctor seriously. There's nothing bad about prostitution, but leaving two children in order to become one is…not cool

No. 143181

She really needs to see a doctor

No. 143182

Got another boob job because shes too lazy to loose weight. Bigger boobs apparently mean smaller tummy.

No. 143183

File: 1462360898501.jpeg (107.95 KB, 640x800, image.jpeg)

No. 143184

Lol dinosaur hand.
Anyone can buy YSL make-up.

No. 143185

I have three children and with basic exercise and healthy lifestyle, I don't look nearly as wrecked or old as Sere. Babies don't destroy every woman. Well, I also don't drink, smoke, do drugs, hook…
She still looks post-partum, which is abnormal if she is actually exercising or dieting. If not from alcohol bloat, then maybe a hernia? Like was already suggested, go to a doctor, Sere.(please list every drug you haven't done, thx)

No. 143186

I'm pretty sure she didn't get another boob job. It's the same size as before just she lost a little bit of weight so they might look bigger in comparison. Maybe she's waiting to get to her ideal weight before correcting the loose skin problem

No. 143187

She hasnt lost weight lol

No. 143188

She looks bigger here, even with her doing the elbow jammed into the waist pose. No wonder she usually dresses like a cheap whore. Weird that clothes make her look bigger. Or was this one just too difficult to edit, beyond her face, for her?

No. 143189

Japan is the best country to get well fitting pushupbras which'll get your boobs two cups up.

No. 143190

Only if you already have tiny boobs. Good luck finding anything nice/pretty or push-up here for big boobs. Japanese girls rarely have big boobs.

No. 143191

Try aimer feels at least if you're slim not more than 75cm under bust you'll find there every size you need up until H

No. 143192

as much as you hate her, it doesn't make the difference that she has.

No. 143193

File: 1462481610468.png (524.26 KB, 460x632, lorena1.png)

No. 143194

No. 143195

>All independant escort!
Isn't she afraid that some sick fuck is going to murder her or something?

No. 143196

Nothing gets me willy going like a big ol c-section scar. Mm.

No. 143197

I wonder how she explains it to her customers lol

No. 143198


The idea of a serial killer killing prostitutes is more prevelant in America than Japan. In Japan prostitution is practically legal and its not shamed by religion in society and the only reason it's partially illegal is because America pressuring Japan. With that said JP is pretty safe even for sex work.
I hate sere and she's a horrible person but being a prostitute in Japan won't kill you considering so many Japanese girls do it.

No. 143199

Her clientele however are mainly foreigners as she advertises in english etc. Also not only a serial killer can kill you. The japan is safe thing is a myth anyway

No. 143200

P.S. the Japanese woman that work in fuzoku for the most part arent independents either, they work at a store or a delivery health company.

No. 143201

File: 1462513819831.jpg (18.89 KB, 220x259, 46959a.jpg)

Safe you say?

No. 143202

Yes her, and she didnt even work as a prostitute. Also that australian woman that worked as a hostess and was murdered.

No. 143203


Lindsay Hawker wasn't a prostitute, she was a teacher, and a single murder does not automatically make a country a lawless shithole.
If a person is crazy enough that they decide they're going to kill somebody, it doesn't matter how safe a country is overall, they will find a way to do it.

No. 143204

File: 1462528989607.png (Spoiler Image,1.18 MB, 1080x1498, Screenshot_2016-05-06-11-59-15…)

She has NOOOO ass at all omg she's as flat at the back as she'd be in the front if she haven't had stuffed up her boobs with some implants.

Also, that string is a number or two too small. I thought you a high class prostitute sere? Get some class, buy yourself some good and FITTING clothes damn

No. 143205

she doesn't have any money for that lmao

No. 143206

No. 143207

Her funny bags give me nightmares

No. 143208

Look up American murder rate, American serial killers compared to Japanese.

No. 143209


Wh-What's going on with the back of her head? Does she have some kind of scab?

No. 143210

Just looks like where her roots are growing. It's behind her ear so it's her natural hair we can see.

No. 143211

Insta update: she has nothing better to do than to take shitty pics of herself in her underwear….

No. 143212

Nobody wants to see that

No. 143213

File: 1462705808717.jpeg (126.44 KB, 640x913, image.jpeg)

Waiting at kirari <3 because i suck as host

No. 143214

Apparently she got fired haha

No. 143215

File: 1462711750298.jpeg (117.68 KB, 640x917, image.jpeg)

Fresh and fried hair

No. 143216

Nothing better than fried hair and yellow roots!

No. 143217

? How do you know this?

No. 143218

Her hosuhosu profile is gone + hostlove

No. 143219

Her hair is so damaged and broken off that her natural hair looks like a fucking shag. Without the extensions, we know how she'd look.

No. 143220

Didn't they just fire her cos she has no visa anymore?

No. 143221

Probably. Since she has a spousal visa she was legal to do night work. No visa = no job !!

No. 143222

So wat she gonna do now? She gon b deported?

No. 143223

Sere plz go to school in australia n actually have a decent career

No. 143224

Keep whoring? Try to find a new anchor husband?

No. 143225

Australia is literally better than america so wtf are u waiting for hanging around japan bring a hooker wtf is wrong with u go to fucking school use ur brain to make a living not ur pussy

No. 143226

Be a fucking front desk secretary do fucking something theres plenty of trade jobs like do fucking nails or cut hair SOMETHING

No. 143227


Massive samefagging detected.

No. 143228

There are rumors that she's currently trying to get pregnant of a Japanese man (probably her money sucking fucktoy) again in order to get another visa. But I doubt that this'd bring her one

No. 143229

File: 1462799874516.jpeg (112.81 KB, 637x898, image.jpeg)

Oh lorena

No. 143230

Moonspeak translate please?

No. 143231

First comment is from a different conversation. But second one says , is the stuff about her visa true? If it is then thats a lot of trouble. (Anon didnt screencap but further up there was a comment saying her visa expired and shes working illegaly on a tourist visa) the next comment is a reply to the unscreenaped comment saying. Stop writing bull. I have a resident card, idiot. My visa has nothing to do with you

No. 143232

She suuuuure has a resident card

No. 143233

File: 1462808930999.jpeg (120.99 KB, 572x927, image.jpeg)


No. 143234

Fuck what happened there?

Also did she got 'the chemical haircut'? Where your hair falls out cause of too much frying it?

Also eyebrows not matching her hair color at all. You CAN do blonde hair with dark eyebrows, but not with black/harsh ones! They need to be soft and ash colored

No. 143235

She looks like a fucking idiot. How is she walking around Tokyo like that?? lmao

No. 143236

Is that a mustache

No. 143237

Seres brows are not on fleek kek

No. 143238

File: 1462848183749.gif (808.65 KB, 245x250, coolmom.gif)

Definitely looks like her hair is broken off at the ends and extremely thin here.

She forgot to blur/filter the fuck out of her face here too. She looks middle aged af.

No. 143239

File: 1463069182263.jpeg (146.08 KB, 640x959, image.jpeg)

No. 143240

Don't we all want a sugar mama like sere?? Kek

No. 143241

She seriously cares more about that dog than her actual children.

No. 143242

Yeah, because it'll stay 'kawaii' forever

No. 143243

Shes always hooking at shinokubo

No. 143244

She is always at okubo donki

No. 143245

Waiting for her customers Lol

No. 143246

Because thats where all the love hotels are hahah

No. 143247

Isn't that where all the skanky cheap hotels are?

No. 143248

Yes, that's the place

No. 143249

File: 1463268309626.jpeg (185.35 KB, 640x906, image.jpeg)

No. 143250

That other girl (gaya?) is creepy af looking

No. 143251

Sere looks like she is already in her mid thirties but tries so hard to look young. Ugly as fuck

No. 143252

I agree. Look at her fucking lips in the pic in the far right and then the pic in the bottom left has her head looking posted on like a post-it.

No. 143253

I wish she would put on some makeup and do something with her ratty hair… She just looks so basic and boring.

No. 143254

File: 1463310016799.jpg (33.51 KB, 407x600, 1432800081472.jpg)

Gaya looks like a passable tranny, who would pay to fuck that?

No. 143255

If she has so much money youd think shed invest in a hair brush or something to fix that scraggly mess she calls her hair

No. 143256

File: 1463356937087.jpeg (118.54 KB, 637x843, image.jpeg)

Look how rich i am

No. 143257

It's really hard for me to feel jealous knowing the kind of shit she has to do in order to purchase these handbags.

No. 143258

I just imagine all the gross balding sweaty men heaving on top of her. Nah bro

No. 143259

It's like she needs to make these types of posts to try to convince herself it's all worth it.

No. 143260

Why is she showing her ugly ISL bag in almost every picture? Like she feels it's so special.

No. 143261

All the bags except the VW one are pretty ugly tbh.

No. 143262

So she has four designer bags. Why is this such a big deal to her? I see people with designer bags all the time.

It still cannot be worth it…

No. 143263

Tbh in Japan everyone can afford those brand handbags. Even high school students can get them with money they saved from doing part time jobs/the fact that these brands aren't that expensive in Japan/and therels lot of second hand kek

No. 143264

4 ugly, "fancy" bags, displayed in a small, crack den apartment and she doesn't even own a car.
Boytoy takes the rest of her earnings.

What's there to envy? Sounds like the edge of poverty.

No. 143265

Her appartment is such a mess

>she doesn't own a car

And I highly doubt that she even has a license

>boytoy pays the rest

He actually lives from her money
His own prostitution money
>so rich desu

No. 143266

Non-chan, you misread the boytoy part. ;)

But yes. Flashing yen and designer bags means nothing when roaches skitter across your floor at night. Bratty teens and trashy moms who sacrifice the grocery money sjow off the same way. It doesn't prove how successful or happy they are. Anyone can skip a utility bill or live of bags of moyashi for several weeks to get YSL.

No. 143267

Oops my bad

No. 143268


Not to defend this nasty whore but you don't really need a car in Tokyo, in fact most people who live in the city don't have one and take the public transit or walk everywhere, so it's not a great indication of her brokeness. Even well off people often don't have them just because it's unneeded.

No. 143269

Did she delete the photo with the guy?

No. 143270

That's bullshit, in Japan people show off their wealth with their cars. Lots of my friends were after foreign cars, especially BMW. If you really are a someone, you'll drive a car, even in tokyo and even if the way you drive would be faster by bike kek

she kinda wants to hide the fact that she's still with him I guess.
Wonder if she uses him for threesomes with her customers as well (just like she does with gaya, vika and some others)

No. 143271

Is the guy kazuya from club sense?

No. 143272


this one kek ?? no

she claims her bf to be 21 something, from the looks and age this one would suit her much better.

But anyway, her bf doesn'T work as a host anymore, only does prostitution work

No. 143273

No. 143274

File: 1463422406782.jpeg (191.36 KB, 640x854, image.jpeg)

No. 143275

he got them eyebrows from her

No. 143276

File: 1463424650932.jpeg (229.61 KB, 1019x1019, image.jpeg)

No. 143277

The magic of filters. Don't wanna know how he looks without all the makeup and filters

No. 143278

No. 143279

This is gold
His bi lover ad on Tokyo adult guide is gone by now. I wonder why lol

No. 143280

Yeah, what >>143270 said. I know using public transportation is most common(Japan anon here), but "rich" people love to show off by having a nice car, even if they don't use it often. Either your own new car, or you have a driver. Lorena and her friends wait on a street corner to be picked up. Not exactly the glamourous life.

No. 143281

That underbite tho.

No. 143282

I guess you can find him at gay or crossdressing healthclubs, if one is searching close enough

No. 143283

Dude thats not him. Completely different face haha work on your instagram sleuthing. There are a lot of pics of him

No. 143284

File: 1463503414021.jpg (100.83 KB, 640x1136, IMG 1.jpg)

No. 143285

File: 1463503454395.jpg (141.23 KB, 640x1136, IMG 2.jpg)

No. 143286

File: 1463503468709.jpg (107.5 KB, 640x1136, IMG 3.jpg)

No. 143287

File: 1463503489453.jpg (130.97 KB, 640x1136, IMG4.jpg)

No. 143288

File: 1463503564956.jpg (117.56 KB, 640x1136, IMG 5.jpg)

Remember that Sere pimps out barely legal girls. My friend sent me these screen caps. Good job Sere.

No. 143289

wonder if she also got a boob job, since she was flat chested af when I've last seen her in Germany kek

Good job Vika, being a prostitute and fucking old, sweaty men in order to stay in Japan.

Her visa will expire this year around late summer. Let's see if she'll get into VANTAN

She wasn't even 19 (and still isn't as far as I remeber) when this got uploaded. But I think the link on tokyo backpage went down when someone posted it to fuckyeahbangya

No. 143290

I was the one that posted it on fuckyeahbangya hahahah.

No. 143291

wonder if there are any other links like that somewhere on the web. I bet she's not only working for sere, but is like kisu who also works at a soapland

No. 143292

All ive heard are the rumours of hawk nose working at a soap, i want to see some evidence lol. I know for fact she use to work at a shitty hostess club in Ginza

No. 143293

it can't be as shitty if it's located in ginza.

Well at least there's evidence for her being a regular customer at kirari.
but I still wonder what made sere fire hawk nose from the job as the 'bar manager'

No. 143294

Trust me it was a shitty store. Girls were fug, the manager stole money from everyones pay, the store was small with grandma like decor and smelt.

No. 143295

Hawk nose left japan kek

No. 143296

Good one less messed up weeb

No. 143297


Sounds like you worked there yourself.

No. 143298

Why didn't you post it on tanuki? That would have created more lulz

No. 143299

really? any proof for that?

No. 143300

huh… anyone else notice the big-ass bear in the photo with the blue-haired girl is sere's? do all these girls take their hooker photos in sere's nest?

No. 143301

Yeah I noticed that too

No. 143302

The jacket also belongs to sere kek

No. 143303

dat profile lolll she looks like a witch
sage 4 talking shit

No. 143304

sorry, i'm retarded. ^^
sage for apology for retardation

No. 143305

>sorry, i'm retarded. ^^

Yeah, I think we figured.

No. 143306

File: 1463586558597.png (236.16 KB, 343x283, sc.png)

No. 143307

File: 1463736930926.jpeg (123.02 KB, 640x959, image.jpeg)

No. 143308

So shes back to posting pics of him again

No. 143309

He looks pretty pissed in this picture.

No. 143310

soooo, she's in osaka now, anybody know if boytoy is from thern? maybe trying to get docs for anotger sham marriage lol

No. 143311

it wouldn't bring her a new spouse visa anyway. I bet it's just for 'holiday'

No. 143312

I don't think she is in Osaka anymore.

No. 143313

Sorry for talking about the bar, but…

So, she fired her previous bar manager (that Kisu girl???), for WHAT I don't know, and then hires that gyaru girl (Shiena?) to take her place… … If the hints on here are true, that the previous manager had to go home to her country… Is it just because the other girl's visa was expiring??? I wonder now that it seems SERE can't even get get a visa through "her" bar after getting divorced, how can the Canadian girl hope to get a visa???

I'm thinking about doing bar work in that area, so I'm wondering about visa possibilities.

No. 143314

Shiena claimes that she got a working visa due to her job as manager at gals bar 10sion. Since she's not working there anymore, she actually has to walk to immigration and gets her visa expired there (hope you know what I mean).
>so no, 'seres bar' doesn't provide shiena a visa

>seres bar

It's actually NOT running on seres name, but on some japanese girl, don't remember if it was mentioned in previous thread or in this.


people here and in the gaijin thread mentioned she's back to germany due to visa expiration though she claimed on her insta that 'she found a way to stay in japan forever and that we farmers are all just jealous' haven't heard anything about her lately, can someone her proofs that she got kicked out?

>to you

bar work usually counts as nightwork and won't in any way bring you a working visa (that's whhy I still highly doubt that shiena got one). You most likely only get a working visa if the company can PROOF that the job can only be done by a foreigner. but bar work could be done by anyone.
you'll be better off, regarding work hours and income if you just join a company, sorry

No. 143315

Your info is sorta inaccurate. The bar is under sere's name. The old manager is a Japanese guy. And Shiena still has a visa. I won't specify which kind but she has a legit visa.

No. 143316

Are you one of seres asslickers or is that you Gaya?
Sere's bar is not under her own name as it is almost impossible for a foreigner to own a bar in Japan even on a spouse visa which she doesn't have anymore anyways.

No. 143317

I know it out of a very good source that it's NOT under seres name and has never been to begin with.

I didn't say that shiena doesn't have a visa, I just said that she illegally left the job which is providing her current one.

No. 143318

What's the 'very good source'? Lol

No. 143319

Why are you quoting my post dumbfag?

No. 143320

because I wanted tostate that I'm not the only one knowing that it's rather impossible to own a bar in Japan, even if you have a spouse

No. 143321

Btw where is she right now? doesn't she need to go on another trip to korea next month?

No. 143322

Sorry anon I thought you misquoted my post

No. 143323

If that new manager girl doesn't find a different job that will give her visa, she might hafta leave Japan when her current visa is up. What a shitty thing for Sere to do to her friend, promise an easy job with visa, even though she can't give it. I'd be angry if I were her, quitting my visa job for Sere.

No. 143324

Lol typical always full of bullshit

No. 143325

Don't be so stupid next time.

No. 143326

unclench, anon.

No. 143327

Reason why lorena went to osaka
Host club

No. 143328

You probably mean hooking up right? Because no money, no hosts.

No. 143329

File: 1464021066017.jpeg (101.35 KB, 640x882, image.jpeg)


No. 143330

Ew what is that awful black thing?
Couldn't she buy a nice belt?

No. 143331

Does she now going back to natural with her hair? And these boobs… Damn they look ugly

No. 143332

At least her eyebrows match her hair now lol

No. 143333

this dress doesn't fit her at all, it doesn't even look ero or whatever. It just looks like she's a fucking crack whore, too poor to afford fitting clothes damn, sere, even barbie knows how to dress better than this.

Also these boobs look disgusting, cuz we all know if you put up out your bra they'll be nearly hanging on your knees.

No. 143334

I swear this type of revealing clothing doesn't go down well in Japan…especially around the bust area. It's usually the legs but…oh well lol. Leave something to the imagination Sere…

No. 143335

for foreigners (non east asian looking ones) it's 'ok' to show shoulders and some bust. But this thing doesn't fit at all. It looks cheap and nasty and is faaaaar from classy, which it might have been if it would fit and she'D left out the scarf(?) towl(?) thingy

No. 143336

She wrote on tokyo adult guide that she and gaya were going to do a sex tour in osaka right before she went. But no gaya lol

No. 143337

Lmao 'sex tour'
In other words just trying out the deai cafes in Osaka instead then

No. 143338

What the actual fuck? The word sex tour isso freakin disgusting! It remninds me of old men goingto the Philippines and Thailand to fuck innocent children. They're actually using the word 'sextour' for that kind of 'business'

No. 143339

love how she thinks her recent IG pics are super edgy and artsy. looks like she bought a bunch of "hardcore" jewellery from someone and thinks her trex hands are gonna push sales, like her suicide girls days all over again lol

No. 143340

These jewelries look like plastic crap anyways. Kek

No. 143341

buying some pieces of generic 'indie designer' metal jewellry
>thinks she's edgy

tho I doubt that she 'bought' them with money. that dude looks creepy enough to be her preferred 'job' material.

No. 143342

Saw sere walking with the dirtiest looking guy ever in kabuki just before. Have fun fucking that ew

No. 143343

A customer and not a toy?

No. 143344


No. 143345

Suicide girl days?!?

No. 143346

Yeah she tried a very embarrassing attempt at being a suicide girl when she was 22 pics are posted in her previous thread haha

No. 143347

File: 1464186054053.jpeg (274.38 KB, 1242x1599, image.jpeg)

Wearing the same dress again how many days in a row? Ew

No. 143348

Maybe she is recycling pictures she already took. It's still nasty…

No. 143349

She always looks kinda dirty

No. 143350

maybe she got kicked out her 'house' and has nothing else left kek

No. 143351

Her rathole

No. 143352

File: 1464200356562.jpeg (111.96 KB, 640x885, image.jpeg)


No. 143353

No. 143354

She's wearing a wig here. It wasn't very long ago she posted pictures of her "fresh hair" that was bleached and obviously chemical burned/breaking off.

No. 143355

Her tits look like a pair of mutants in those new pics lol

No. 143356

File: 1464221667039.jpg (50.2 KB, 539x960, 13220825_660721370746647_88661…)

Saw this and instantly thought of sere.

No. 143357

What's the title of this pic even?

No. 143358

File: 1464276662964.jpeg (95.39 KB, 640x622, image.jpeg)

No. 143359

"please kill me"

No. 143360

File: 1464426980109.jpeg (204.36 KB, 1242x1242, image.jpeg)

No. 143361

She is living in a dream world. As if…

No. 143362

Lol ok. Still shinjuku?

No. 143363

Wonder how she got that with only being on a tourist visa

No. 143364

Or she probably only went to see the apartment with no intention of signing a contract just wasting the real estate agents time. Most apartment contracts in Tokyo are 2 years unless someone can correct me if I'm wrong? Why would she risk that on only a tourist visa? I also doubt a tower mansion landlord would trust her to keep up with the rent. Surely she would have to prove a steady monthly income amongst other things like a legitimate job and certificate of residence?

No. 143365

It's two years and you are not able to rent an apartment in Tokyo on a tourist visa unless it's specifically for short term visitors. But a normal one with a 2 year contract is simply impossible. Unless someone else signed the contract on her behalf. Maybe her fucktoy.

No. 143366

Yeah I thought so. I wonder how much the rent would be on a place like that in central Tokyo. Wouldn't her fucktoy have to prove a steady income to be able to sign the contract anyway? I somehow don't think this is legit lol.

No. 143367

True… You have to show your income and sometimes even work contract. If he works as a host, it's most likely not possible but I don't know how that works as many hosts still have nice apartments. Rent in central Tokyo is extremely expensive.

No. 143368

Most host clubs offer their hosts (usually the higher ranked hosts anyway) an alibi if they want to rent their own apartment instead of living in a dorm. So he could get that but I don't think he's that high ranked…

No. 143369

1) Most likely that she is renting under someone elses name which there is nothing wrong with tbh. It's not exactly uncommon.

2) Is it not hard to believe that some landlords may not go by the rules especially if Lorena is paying a lot

No. 143370

My guess is she either took a picture while just looking at the apartment or literally pulled the image from an online listing. I'm thinking the latter.

No. 143371

We all just jelly bitches with no legit income duuuh

No. 143372

I give it less than a week before it's completely covered in garbage and unwashed clothes like her last hovel

No. 143373

Its not THAT expensive. It's affordable if you work the right job. A place like this, probably isn't that big and the window will be its selling feature. It's probably a 1K (same as her previous, kitchen/living space and bedroom all in one room) and around 120,000JPY a month. I'm guessing Sere doesn't pay her ward tax etc which makes it significantly cheaper. So it's doable.

No. 143374

Plus fuck being up there in an earthquake

No. 143375

File: 1464671065948.png (415.88 KB, 512x776, 2016-05-31 14.02.12.png)

Looks like she's travelling to boytoy's hometown to get marriage docs. Their going to Ashikaga, so, not sure what else they COULD be doing there. lol

No. 143376

Oh god she is stupid
Lorena u won't get a visa that easily again

No. 143377

File: 1464687311865.jpeg (128.95 KB, 640x768, image.jpeg)

Her new victim
Also he is a host. They won't accept the marriage lol

No. 143378

Why do i always hear this you cant get a marriage visa if its a host stuff?

No. 143379

You can. If he properly paid his taxes or you earn enough to be the bread winner and paid your taxes. or you get his parents to sponsor your visa. Ash and Taiyo were both unemployed when they got married.

No. 143380

It won't work lorena. You just divorced and already wanna marry again

No. 143381

To get married again, she has to wait 6months from the date the divorce has been official.

To get another spouse visa after the shit she has done is most likely impossible. I'm not talking about her prostitution thing or her nott paying taxes. But as far as I know ryoyas lawyer is still after her for some things. And she also refused to sign the divorce visa for nearly a year, while even her own lawyer adviced her to sign it.

Japan is letting a lot of people doing there shit, illegal, without visa and whatever. But Japan also LOVES burocracy. Papers and a good reputation are everything.

New? I thought it's her gay fucktoy.

Also top kek for HIM wearing HER oh so expensive high end brand edgy jewelry

No. 143382

So her life goes like this? Fuck gross old men for money, spend money on slightly less gross host guys, wait for host guy to take the bait and provide new marriage visa. Oh boy, she sure is living the life. Do you think she'll try the anchor baby trap again?

No. 143383

Holy crap, I think I know why she suddenly dyed her precious blonde hair a dark color (cuz I don't think its a wig anymore)! I bet she's trying to look respectable for his parents! In Japan, blond hair, tattoos, extra piercings… pretty much her whole look, really… usually makes Japanese parents resist a marriage. That also explains why she was playing with tattoo-cover make-up and showed it on IG a few weeks ago. Kinda thought it was weird, cuz she's so proud of her tats. For some reason. lol

To get married in Japan, you need two witness signatures. Or maybe even hosts want parents approval in case they get cut off later and need support.

No. 143384

>Holy crap, I think I know why she suddenly dyed her precious blonde hair a dark color (cuz I don't think its a wig anymore)! I bet she's trying to look respectable for his parents!
Thought I was in the Venus thread for a second. Ha. Ha.

No. 143385

I still think it's a wig, her hair was shorter and just freshly bleached not that long ago. Then suddenly her hair is longer, thicker, and a healthy looking brown. I do think you are right though, she's probably trying to pass herself off more as a nice girl.

No. 143386

Probably extensions?

No. 143387

Possible but I don't remember seeing any tattoo cover make up on IG.

No. 143388

File: 1464714432798.jpeg (108.28 KB, 640x768, image.jpeg)

Not a wig

No. 143389

Mighta been twitter

No. 143390

T'was on instagram, she even had a talk in the comments below the photo with some girl.

Her hair is still damaged af

No. 143391

Who takes care of her dog when she disappears to Osaka and Korea etc lol

No. 143392

there are dog hotels, which are a little pricey, but we all know she's rich as fuck desu.

But I think it's mostly shiena who takes care of it and her fucktoy.

No. 143393

Why and how would Shiena take care of it? She's busy running "Sere's" bar for her. Or do they live together?

No. 143394

I think she has been taking care of the dog at least once for a few days a while ago. She was even posting sth on her fb out it.

And as we all know, since we aren't weebs. In Japan the laws for keeping animals are so low, you can have a dog living in a cage and no one would mind or leave a single thought of you never letting it outside

No. 143395

File: 1464723804517.jpeg (117.87 KB, 635x820, image.jpeg)

Old but gold

No. 143396

It amazes me that the thirst for pretty japanese boys always seems to lead these desperate girls into being hostess/escort trash chasing dirty host dick. I get the initial attraction, but I don't understand accepting that standard of life just for some dick.

No. 143397

Looks like a porcipine

No. 143398

I agree anon, I'd rather just have the money in my pocket.

No. 143399

Also, if any of the previous owners have died in that apartment, it will be significantly cheaper than normal. Japanese people tend to avoid living in apartments where people have died, so landlords lower the rent so there is a better chance of someone renting it out

No. 143400

Everyone seems to dislike her so much they actually feel sorry for the dumbasses she traps.

I haven't checked in on this story for a while but as annoying as she is she proved that the men she targets that accept it are far annoying.

She basically just turned one guy into a single parents and she's getting ready to do it to the next and he doesn't care because gaijin pie, just like the other didn't care.

I say let her keep ruining these fools lives.

No. 143401

Not because of the gaijin pie. She is paying for him so why would he leave? He would miss out on the good money. But that he is really THAT stupid…. Well can't be helped right? As long as the money flows and Sere gets her jap dick and visa to live the Japan dream forever.

No. 143402

You're right. I didn't hold that into account.

So she's paying him to turn him into a statistic and he's in no way concerned about the one before him? Maybe he knows a group of dumb bitches that will baby sit his future regret.

And she's paying for him with her hooker money?

I'm way too slow for stuff like this. XD

No. 143403

The only money sere makes is her hooker money or her cut of pimping out others.

No. 143404


So… she's selling her pussy… to buy dick…

Yeah, I'm logging the fuck off. I've had enough of the internet today.

No. 143405

Maybe he doesn't even know. I mean if he's not a pro at English, how should she ever have told him about this kek

No. 143406

File: 1464776652513.jpeg (418.44 KB, 1242x1710, image.jpeg)

K for Kabuki… Oh dear lord…

No. 143407

No. 143408

Literally facepalmed

No. 143409

Silver cleaner? That looks like shit you'd find at Claire's.

No. 143410

Well you can clean claire's shit with silver cleaner too

No. 143411

Sounds more like Margo

No. 143412

File: 1464807698820.jpeg (97.86 KB, 640x873, image.jpeg)


No. 143413

File: 1464807819661.jpeg (90.73 KB, 640x639, image.jpeg)

No. 143414

Sere, get your nails filled. Shit looks bad. What is that faded squiggle tattoo on her hand? This girl is so far gone, she probably will never have a real job. Can you imagine how she's going to look hooking in another 10 years?

No. 143415

File: 1464848030340.png (1.39 MB, 1074x1690, 2016-06-02 13.42.48.png)

This world is broken."

Oh? Did boytoy's mommy and daddy not approve of their son's illiterate, brunette, tattoo-covered belle with the body of a porn-star? And did he actually care enough about his own future to side with them???

No. 143416

The world is not broken Sere. Take a look somewhere closer to home. Sort yourself out woman.

No. 143417

Do we know for sure she went there to meet his parents? Or is it just the usual shit with no evidence

No. 143418

What else should she be doing there? It's in the middle of nowhere…

No. 143419


Look at the evidence:

1. Suddenly dyes hair dark (it's common knowledge that if a Japanese person has bright hair, they should dye it dark again for weddings, funerals, job interviews, etc., and Japanese parents will always have a better impression if the fiance has dark hair).

2. She showed off tattoo cover-up make-up on IG (then deleted it), and wore a shirt with sleeves that cover even the top of the hands

3. She left her Kabuki-cho nest to go to a town in the middle of nowhere with the boy. She only goes outside hostville when she meets "clients" in Osaka or Kyoto, or has to scam documents to stay in Japan.

No other reason to go to the middle of nowhere. And visa finishes at the end of this month. Sooo, no definitive proof, but logical deductive reasoning is a thing.

No. 143420

File: 1464857483725.png (580.7 KB, 1055x1169, 2016-06-02 17.33.35.png)

dafuq is this? this her new place? a) not the same as the earlier picture of the shiny new apartment b) super small, ain't it? c) can tell by the set-up an walls that its an ooooooold apartment

No. 143421

This doesn't look like an apartment, more like a store (the door and everything, plus you don't usually plan renovations in a rented apartment in Japan). What a dump though lol

No. 143422

Looks like one of this old, cheap paper wall apartments of which natives stay away if they have the money. My friend once lived in one of these for like two months and his apartment got invaded by rats regulary

No. 143423

Laughing my ass of because she thinks she can stay in japan

No. 143424

File: 1464907257884.jpeg (77.68 KB, 640x559, image.jpeg)

Holy cow that guy is ugly

No. 143425

File: 1464907550697.jpeg (71.83 KB, 640x597, image.jpeg)

Eleanor liked the photo

No. 143426

File: 1464918763696.png (567.28 KB, 640x1136, image.png)

"Official" lol who is this guy even? A host?

No. 143427

Is this a new guy? He doesn't look like the last one. He's hideous. I'm assuming since the last one couldn't provide her a visa, she's onto the next?

No. 143428

Maybe this one is able to sign contracts n stuff

No. 143429

File: 1464928044382.jpeg (130.87 KB, 700x466, image.jpeg)

Isn't it this guy?


This host club is in Gunma though.

No. 143430

File: 1464931561143.png (446.88 KB, 750x1334, image.png)

I googled and got this page, barエイチ

No. 143431

File: 1464931873107.jpeg (59.55 KB, 750x583, image.jpeg)

Apparently it's super cheap but also things get "lost"?

No. 143432

But that post on HL for the bar about Riku is over a year old and the number ranking for the club in Gunma was updated this month. The kanji for his name is different but he still has the pink hair…

No. 143433

File: 1464939598666.jpeg (96.59 KB, 632x765, image.jpeg)

No. 143434

File: 1464940738885.jpeg (53.32 KB, 640x354, image.jpeg)

Nah it's her prostitute boy doing everything

No. 143435

So it looks like she literally dumped the last one for a more "useful" guy.

No. 143436

Ew why is mia hanging out with her.

No. 143437

He's ugly and all the surgery made it worse so who cares lol he's not even a real celebrity but she's trying to make us jealous kek. Mia is known to have lots of mitsus(?)to suck off their money, so sere most likely just paid him a bunch of money. It's pretty easy to get in contact with these guys tbh

Also, is this rly mia in the photo above? It somehow looks like vika if you zoom in. Or he's using far more photoshop than surgery

No. 143438

It could be anyone tbh she's paying with sex. So maybe some old Japanese salary man willed to sign the contract

No. 143439

File: 1464950519234.jpeg (101.13 KB, 640x634, image.jpeg)


No. 143440


It's 100% legit
Mia is a friend of shienas friend

No. 143441

Well, I hope she likes tanuki fame.

No. 143442

What can tanuki do to you though? Just a shitty website with shitty people who can't get a grip irl

No. 143443

Well, what can lolcow do either? Pot, meet kettle.

No. 143444

Looking foward to it

No. 143445

Why is it surprising when ugly, gross people hang out with ugly, gross people? Most bandmen are walking petri dishes. You can still like his music, though. Talent is separate from personal life.

No. 143446

Delusional fangirl bs. A lot of indie bandmen are hosts themselves.

No. 143447

File: 1465032019570.jpeg (137.16 KB, 640x660, image.jpeg)

No. 143448

Gross… I feel secondhand embarrassment looking at this. A bit pretentious are we.

No. 143449

File: 1465049210611.jpeg (445.24 KB, 1242x1542, image.jpeg)

Keeping it classy…

No. 143450

Sere has been hanging out (whorin' ?) with Cody Sanders (designer), MiA went to some event where he met him (Cody). Sere was there and that's it.

(He also looks good IRL.)

No. 143451

her hair looks so damaged still, and it doesn't match her weave.. maybe if she curled her short hair it would blend better.

No. 143452

I have to appreciate that the Japanese mejibray fans have nicknamed her デブファー(debufaa) They seem as grossed out by her poochy, nasty tricking ass as everyone else.

No. 143453

What does the ファー stand for?

Also hasn't she fucked 'popular' band men before and wasn't that another cause why barbie and her hate eachother?

No. 143454

ジェニファー is the katakana name for Jennifer. They found out her name really quick.

No. 143455


No. 143456

File: 1465080429283.jpeg (122.58 KB, 609x903, image.jpeg)

She is using her kabukireign2 account now

No. 143457

File: 1465081267365.jpeg (92.66 KB, 638x674, image.jpeg)

No. 143458

That's the last boytoy again. I thought she was done with him or is she only posting him to her secondary account while hitting up new dudes on the first?

No. 143459

The story actually is that Mia went to that event and went drinking with cody and codys "foreign friends" at golden gai.

No. 143460


Because someone posted her adds as jeniffer on tanuki
Guess they couldn't care less as the views and answers were really low

No. 143461

She kept him private for a long time and now that her visa ends soon she is bringing him up again.

No. 143462

There were over 200 replies?

Hi, Fattifer.

No. 143463

Anything interesting among these replies? Kinda wanna know what the Japanese think about her kek

I wonder if she had a threesome with cody and his son, bahh, just the thought is grossing me out

No. 143464

Bitch is white tho, they probably would have thought her natural hair is blonde. I sure ain't dying my hair back to black when I'm getting married lmao

No. 143465

I wanna know too

No. 143466

Even Japanese can see the difference between fried to blonde and natural blonde hair.

As you might now, some Japanese have natural red hair and need to dye it black otherwise they'd get kicked outa school/work

No. 143467

but that's if they are japanese not foreign?

No. 143468

Youd have to be a special type of deranged to want to have a threesome with your own son and a saggy pooch bellied thing like sere

No. 143469

It's not the greatest example but eg horseface katie has to wear wigs at work to hide her fried hair. If you want to work at a company you either go with your natural hair color or a brown to black wig

No. 143470

His son is 19 though

No. 143471

To correct the false information from you - Japanese people whose natural hair color is not black simply provide their schools with a letter, they don't force kids to dye their hair.
Workplaces generally run a similar system.

No. 143472

And? Why does his age change it? A fucking threesome with your own child is disgusting as fuck

No. 143473

The age makes it worse

No. 143474

It highly depends on the school.

>there are very open schools were students can bleach there hair to hell and back, no one cares. Mostly public ones

>there are semi open schools were you hand in the letter or the school is ok with shades from red, brown to black

>and then there are super elitist schools, no makeup, no jewelry, long skirts, no open hair, no piercings and everyone 'just has black hair'

No. 143475

File: 1465121692878.png (1.01 MB, 640x1136, image.png)

No. 143476

Gaya is so ugly shivers

No. 143477

At least she got a booblift unlike our mighty scene queen busufatty

No. 143478

I mean debufaa

No. 143479

Gaya looks so regular. Like every other girl in the south.

No. 143480

Gaya looks like a snake

No. 143481

Debufa, our model for tacky accesoires
Deleted her kabukireign2 account :(

No. 143482

File: 1465168424183.jpeg (143.86 KB, 640x885, image.jpeg)

No. 143483

She didn't. Just changed the name to fakestar.p

No. 143484

She didn't. Just changed the name to fakestar.p

No. 143485

So shiena is a better manager than hawknose was

No. 143486


Nope. That pic is from November. lol I hope that bar manager Shiena girl can find a way to get a visa soon. That bar can't give it to her. Otherwise Sere woulda got one.

It looks like Sere keeps trying to set up IG accounts for her boytoy, but can't keep up with them. lol

First was kyoyaaaaaaaa, which lasted A DAY, now it's fakestar.p. And why does it say in the bio "Fake Star Bar owner"? The Internets say that's an okama bar in Ikebukuro or something. lol

No. 143487

Shiena apparently has a work visa but not by working for sere, but for gals ar tension.

Well, isnpt her fucktoy an okama prostitute? Gonna ask around if people know something about that place

No. 143488

File: 1465207518856.jpeg (32.63 KB, 640x322, image.jpeg)

No. 143489

Come on folks – many of us don't speak/read/write Japanese; PLEASE don't post non-English screen caps without giving a synopsis of what the hell it says!!!

No. 143490

It's about her fuckboy
Girl went to shokai at his club
She said he ignored her lol

No. 143491

Where is this screen cap from?
Wanna read more!

No. 143492

Totoro in action on hostlove
You really don't get tired, do you? Kek

No. 143493

Lorena your time is up. Also ryoyas lawyer is still after you

No. 143494

debufa is desperate. no customers, no visa, next month she have to go to korea again

No. 143495

The last thing was written last month so…?

No. 143496

I wonder how often this korea thing works? Like with business looking men, I'd kinda understand to work over and over again. But debufaa no matter if she'd dyed her hair or whatever looks like an obvious crack whore

No. 143497

There are visas specific to business travel that allow you to stay in Japan for an extended amount of time without the sponsorship of a Japanese company.

Is customs allowed to do anything, really? They might pull her aside for questioning if they're in a particularly bad mood, but unless she's taking advantage of things like nhi, they probably don't care.

Customs can report her to immigration, I suppose, but unless she gives them the actual address she's staying at, she'll just slip under the radar. Since nothing in Japan is computerized, she'll probably continue to get away with it.

No. 143498

Don't you have to give out the address you're staying at whenever you enter Japan as a foreigner?

No. 143499

Yeah, but there's nothing to stop her giving out a fake address…

No. 143500

Sooner or later they gonna interview her at immigration

No. 143501

I think it'll be suspecious. I mean after the 3-4th time they sure gonna check the location. Japanese are stupid af but not THAT stupid tbh

I mean, kisu, who proudly preached us that she found a way to stay in Japan forever, also got kicked out if we could trust what people have written on here (anyone has proof? Access to her instagram?)

No. 143502

I had friends who did visa runs to Korea a lot, and after a few times immigration starts asking more and more questions. Unless you're entirely stupid they won't kick you out though.
I worked with this American girl, and she didn't have a work visa so she went to Korea over the weekend. On the immigration slip, under "purpose of stay" she wrote "work". She got deported.

No. 143503

The customs and immigration procedure at the airport is computerized. They take a photo + fingerprints and scan your passport. And yes they will start to question if you're making multiple entries as a tourist

No. 143504

Pretty sure fuckboy speaks english

No. 143505


I think so too especially if thry see you go to korea for only 2days every three months

No. 143506

Naah lorena wrote his insta profile

No. 143507

File: 1465317317082.png (1.17 MB, 1079x1507, Screenshot_2016-06-07-18-26-26…)

This bra is about 2-3Cups too small, maybe more. If she's so rich, why won't she spend some money into fitting underwear??

No. 143508

She looks like a man

No. 143509

She looks like 10years on drugs

No. 143510

Truth is…she really is

No. 143511


No. 143512

Yes in her blog she wrote about it

No. 143513

Lol links to the blog?

No. 143514

Links to the exact entry, better a screenshot.

What kind of drugs does she take? In Japan you mostly only get speed and extasy but only if you're really deep into this stuff

Also, did she start to smoke? Referring to one of her latest ig uploads

No. 143515

She's smoked for years

No. 143516

She always claims to be a non smoker in her advertisements

No. 143517

Well female smoking is a turn off to a lot of western men, isnt it?

No. 143518

But you can taste and smell it if someone is a smoker and then it'd be written in her review

No. 143519

But look at her instagram, going back since she started her crazy host obsession shes had pics of lit cigs in her hands, smoking etc.

No. 143520

File: 1465383706977.jpeg (162.43 KB, 640x1099, image.jpeg)

No. 143521

Is English really her native language?

No. 143522

File: 1465383827550.jpeg (176.28 KB, 640x1094, image.jpeg)

No. 143523

File: 1465386571553.jpeg (193.62 KB, 640x1050, image.jpeg)

She's fucking insane

No. 143524

When are these from? They sound old..??

No. 143525

Lol 10 years ago?? Who cares

No. 143526

File: 1465394439481.png (140.1 KB, 847x948, sere_LJ.png)

Not that anon, but it looks like yeah, these are about 10 years old. Here's a link to the source: http://morbid-harlet.livejournal.com/

How old is she again? I mean, I'm sure I was pretty annoying as a teen, but this LJ is really cringey. This girl has always been trashy and tryhard.

No. 143527

File: 1465394794930.jpg (12.04 KB, 300x223, unearth_me_and_the_gutarist_by…)

No. 143528

File: 1465394811967.jpg (15.67 KB, 300x275, me_and_branden_by_awake_in_a_n…)

No. 143529

Debufaa drugs are not good for you

No. 143530

No. 143531

Well, no proof to say she's doing drugs at the moment then?

No. 143532

File: 1465401161613.jpeg (259.91 KB, 1242x909, image.jpeg)

Omg plz stop putting that awful jewellery everywhere…ruined the flowers :/

No. 143533

I don't even see what's so cool or beautiful about these. They look like the other generic stuff you can get at claire's. I mean if there were at least some crystals or diamonds on these or if they were made out of gold…but this is cheap metal crap, probably not even silver

No. 143534

Hosts who know lorena said that

No. 143535

Also extasy is one of the few drugs you can 'get' in Japan

No. 143536

I wouldn't be so quick to believe what a host says tho lol

No. 143537

Me neither. But what you can know for sure is that, if you just once been addicted to drugs (and she clearly was) it's so freakin'easy to fall in this behaviour over and over again, no matter how hard one tries to get out of it.

Also, she must be making some decent amount of money with taking about 600$ an hour, which would be enough to afford drugs.

She has her constant mood swings

She can't English, her native language, for shit.

But someone who would probably know would be ryoya and maybe that's another cause why his lawyer is still after her

No. 143538

True. Also we only ever see a new bag every few months or so. Where the rest of her cash goes is a mystery…
Where did the figure of 600$ an hour from tho? If she was making that much regularly from her website or ads on TAG, I don't know why she still scrapes for money at deai cafes.

No. 143539

She needs the extra deai cash

No. 143540

But for what? She also makes money from her bar… Who needs that much?

No. 143541

I dunno about drugs, but she definitely seems to pay for dick. She fucks around with trashy host boys and showers them with gifts.

No. 143542

Where? Which hosts? I can't see any proof of that..?

No. 143543

Seriously? Just look at her posts on social media. The necklace her current(?) boytoy almost always wears is one she gave him among some of the other jewelry he wears. She made a post of her some of her jewelry collection before and it was there, but now it's his. Her fucking various hosts is nothing new or unheard of. Even if she's not paying them out right, she's using her hooker money to keep them around.

No. 143544

I doubt that she's making money with the bar. If she's lucky she's making more than Zero, but I don't think so

No. 143545

File: 1465445907546.png (772.72 KB, 924x589, 00.png)

It's hard to believe this is Sere three years ago. She used to smile, take pictures with her kid, seem kind of okay if not just kind of a weeb. What a difference three years can make. That host dick ain't no joke.

No. 143546

Even back then she claimed she was a prostitute. Dunno if it was true or just her wishful thinking that she finally fulfilled later on down the line

No. 143547

Well so I wonder which club/s she shimeis at then? Cos she deffo isn't doing dansou anymore surely?

No. 143548

File: 1465448060006.png (873.91 KB, 860x508, 43859348.png)

It didn't seem like she was. This was before she was married, was teaching, and post about her kid constantly.

At least half of this jewelry is Sere's.

No. 143549

File: 1465448499614.png (798.67 KB, 933x600, 39854789324.png)

Pic as proof. This was a pic Sere posted well before she even knew this guy.

No. 143550

She's only doing that dansou shit if she's reeeeally running out of money and new fucktoy material

No. 143551

File: 1465450125653.png (388.04 KB, 476x594, nk98.png)

No. 143552

I dunno. Just cos he's wearing it doesn't mean he was given it. Hand-me-downs don't really count as a genuine gift imo

No. 143553

Well at least the gay one is sucking off her money

No. 143554

She's pretty desperate to feel needed then. Even if it is only financially lol

No. 143555

I think it's a mix of need and the desire to have a Japanese pretty boy as arm candy for appearances. This girl is obsessed with appearances, from her fake tits, botox, lip injections, flashing her money from fucking old men, her brand name bags, gaudy jewelry, etc. You never see pictures of her kid any more, you never see anything other than the appearance she wants so desperately to keep up.

The reality is she's going to be 30, she's all make-up, filters, and plastic, she's fucking dirty old men for money, she has no visa, and her fucktoy is using her.

No. 143556

What the fuck is she doing wearing tin cans around her neck?

No. 143557

AVA/AAA/club white
And more

No. 143558

File: 1465456174682.jpeg (99 KB, 640x654, image.jpeg)


No. 143559

File: 1465456257473.jpeg (96.83 KB, 640x745, image.jpeg)

No. 143560

LOL these pics are so bad

No. 143561

does she have a tattoo of two drunk men going down on Medusa, or am I blind?

No. 143562

Yes she does haha

No. 143563


No. 143564

Seriously how long does she think she can realistically keep this up lol

No. 143565

Is she doing porn now or is she working for a health club?

No. 143566

Is that a freakin' doughnut on her knee?!

No. 143567

Or onahole? Wtf…the artwork is so shitty I can't tell what it's supposed to be.

No. 143568

I'd kill the fucking person who painted all this shit on my body omg

Nothing against tats but this isn't an artwork, but just a hot mess of badly made tats

No. 143569

I think they might be for her prostitution website lol

No. 143570

Oh god
I wouldn't book her

No. 143571

She can't work for a health club with those tattoos and no visa. Deffo for her website lol

No. 143572

The background looks like she's in a jail cell. Classy!

No. 143573

I guess there'd be some fetish clubs for which she could work. But you're right, they're probably for her page

No. 143574

At least this bra is fitting her a little better but you can clearly see that when she takes it off boobies gonna hang on her knees, which is pretty disgusting.

No. 143575

I guess but depending on how well the club is established with mafia they wouldn't risk losing their license for a foreign worker without a legit visa. I suppose we'll find out when she puts them on her page!

No. 143576

To me it looks like a set to shoot porn
The cheap little room and such
As she is fucking gaya and there is a girl in the background it might be lesbian porn or a gangbang

No. 143577

I think so too! It looks a lot like a Japanese porn setup

No. 143578

Thats what i thought at first too, since she went on that weird rant on tokyo adult guide about buying a strapon to fuck gaya and that they wanted to do a porn together

No. 143579

Eww why?? Bet they gonna upload on fc2

No. 143580


Where's the girl in the back? I can't see!

No. 143581

Yeah some agencies allow foreigners in Japan to do porn without a visa. Big money too for just one day of shooting. If it was porn though, why the photos? DVD cover? Totally exposing her face/identity and dignity for life though if that gets out lol

No. 143582

Sat in front of the mirror with her back to us

No. 143583

File: 1465484864541.jpeg (82.81 KB, 630x743, image.jpeg)

No. 143584

Definitely looks like an AV shooting. But to proof >>143581 wrong you don't get a lot of money for it. Especially since she isn't a known artist. I got invitations to AV shootings a lot and they pay between 100-300$ for a whole shooting day which is basically nothing. Especially since even if she HAD A SPOUSE VISA she wouldn't be allowed to appear at instores and stuff which make out the most money you get.

No. 143585

Wow she is so special
All she can do is beeing fucked

No. 143586

I can't see how that's possible - I have a friend who did gravure for $700, actual porn must be at least $1000

No. 143587

Guess the money depends on the agency and also what you're willing to do in the shoot that they're offering amongst other factors.

But yeah especially the bathrobe looks suspicious. I suppose even in a photoshoot bathrobes are used, but why bother hanging around in a bathrobe unless it was between scenes..?? Lol

No. 143588

Yeah, Sounds like they were trying to screw you over? I got offered ¥100,000 - ¥500,000 for AV but I refused obviously. They're really conscious about tattoos too so I'm sure Sere's wage for that would drop considerably.

No. 143589

Nah it really depends on the agency, but the average for a newcomer is never that much except if they tryna screw you over

No. 143590

Yeah, greedy shits! Lol

No. 143591

My friend who is a quiet popular Japanese porn star get's about 600-1000$ a shoot and she's a POPULAR artist!

No. 143592

Man if u have to stoop so low that u gotta do porn then
A-u have a personality disorder
B-some other mental illness resulting from childhood trauma
C-your a felon n cant get a job

No. 143593

At least two of three to sere

No. 143594

Not a fucking "artist"– whore-shes a hoe

No. 143595

Nah, there's a difference between lowkey porn and the artsy stuff

No. 143596

No. 143597

OMG HOLY SHIT I WANA SEE THIS… not buying tho hahahahahaha damn hahahahahahahaha XD gang bang cow hahahahaha

No. 143598

Holy Lord

No. 143599

File: 1465503403469.jpeg (Spoiler Image,99.3 KB, 597x983, image.jpeg)

No. 143600

She must be so desperate for cash. Really wonder what she'll do if she's ever reaching the 35.

No. 143601

I love that Sere thinks she is some kind of success story when really she's like watching a train wreck. The past few years of her life have been a spiral. I'm curious to see what new levels of desperation she'll reach in the next few years. I mean, just imagine how bad she'll be at 35+.

No. 143602

File: 1465503630027.png (Spoiler Image,1.07 MB, 660x716, 324.png)

That obvious photoshop. She shopped her pooch away, her arm thinner, and made her sagging breasts more full. The grid of the screen gives it all away.

No. 143603

File: 1465506006393.jpeg (119.18 KB, 640x800, image.jpeg)

Oh hi eleanor

No. 143604

is the grid something that shows up normally when she would be editing the photo? cause damn, how the fuck could anyone miss that??

No. 143605

Dude, spoiler that shit.

No. 143606

Someone needs to find this porn!

No. 143607

I have no doubt it will make it's rounds once it's available.

No. 143608

I don't follow this cow but I see her updates as I browse for other things. I might now though, holy shit. What a depressing mess…

Why would you choose to live like this, god damn.

No. 143609

She's deluded by weeb dreams of grandeur. It's crazy because she could have gone back to Australia and probably be living a pretty decent life there. But no, that would mean she would have to be a parent to her son, she wouldn't have access to countless hostboys to pay for sex, and she would have to get a real job.

She's already this much of a mess and she's only in her mid-late twenties. I feel like the real fun is going to begin to cling to her youth in her 30's. She's going to be a washed up ex-porn star, saggier than she is now, and her only work experience will be fucking strangers in a foreign country.

No. 143610


We all wana watch the porn lol
There are two things im looking foreword to
1.prometheius 2
2.seres 16 hours of getting DP'd n BJ's while playing a drugged up teacher
2016 is the best year ever haha

No. 143611

yeah I'm reading up on her now… I thought she only had one Australian child, which was awful enough, I just found out she had another one in japan. gonna need to buckle up for this one I think. she's on a different level of heinous.

No. 143612

She also like to make awful vendetta threads here. Full of bullshit lies. Maybe she was on drugs while creating those threads

No. 143613

Which ones

No. 143614

As far as I know she posted some of the gaijin in Japan threads in snow

No. 143615

She was posting about melissa

No. 143616

Is the thread still up?

No. 143617


There you go. But it's pretty dead now.

No. 143618

Is it just me, or does she look 40 in these pictures? Her face, anyway. She looks so…. mature…

No. 143619

Deffo not just you,

I wonder how much she got for 16 hours. Those bathrobes were instant giveaways to me that it was AV shooting hahaha.

No. 143620

I think it's a mix of the fake boobs, lip fillers, botox, and the way she styles herself. She already looks like a washed up 35+ porn star and she just started…

No. 143621

fuck why won't she blend her goddamn extensions.

No. 143622

File: 1465524107066.gif (300.06 KB, 500x395, tRUKwU8.gif)

I can't wait to see that saggy belly and misshapen tits flopping around.

No. 143623

LOL yeah they may be able to photoshop her pictures but the video don't lie!

No. 143624

Zoidberg meme lol love him

No. 143625

Wonder how long till she regrets it.

No. 143626

She won't since she doesn't even realize how bad it is to bring children in the world just to leave them grow up without a mother in order to become a prostitute.

Also the 'company' which she took can't be 'good' as what the claims it to be in tbp.
>she has no visa
>she has tats
>her boobs are Frankenstein
>she can't appear in instores
>the dvd can only be sold in underground backyard shops probably

Do you remember that Italian girl one or two years ago who tried to be an av artist? She got kicked out of Japan and got a ban and if I remember correctly she had a visa if not even a spouse visa.

Maybe we should get jrcach on sere, he's a pro in getting ugly foreigners kicked out

No. 143627

Oh my. Very true about the company too. This is a huge mistake then if she was planning to visa hop forever. The end is nigh lol

No. 143628

Stupid question, but why won't she be able to appear in in-stores?

No. 143629

You do have to be a national of Japan normally from all the av sites I've read. Now there is a entertainment visa. I've seen some legit interracial porn over there. Just saying that in general. How to get it that's another story. Lol.

No. 143630

The entertainment visa does NOT, let's repeat it NOT include porn (AV), kyabajo, hosts, maids and other fuzoku businesses!!

It's only reachable for people who're already known (in their home country), as 'legit' artists, such as musicians, painters and so on.

Yes, there IS interracial porn in Japan. Popular stuff right now is black guys with big dicks fucking lil school girls, but we all know that these guys have no legit visa either AND at least me, I've never ever seen interracial porn laying openly around in a sex/porn store.

The only way to make porn in Japan and get it sold somewhere (but not in Japan) if you were to work for a foreign company which takes it clips in Japan.

No. 143631

Someone find her DVD or whatever when it's out and report her. Banish her from Japan

No. 143632


Like I said, let's get jrcach on her or one of his otaku friends

No. 143633

Sorry I'm probably a bit behind but plz explain jrcach?

No. 143634

Hope the poor father of her child won't stumble upon it
That must be so painful to know that the mother of your child is doing porn

No. 143635

I often see white girls with japanese men porn dvds at stores though? Is it a difference because it features many different girls in short clips?

No. 143636

No. 143637

Maybe these shops have a good yakuza agency behind them so that the police will call them before doing a razzia?

No. 143638

Lets let him in on the sere saga haha

No. 143639

Write him questions about her via the tumblr app, or be sure that your IP is 'save' and he can't track you down.

Write sth like 'this woman wants to be an av idol (the word idol is important) /prostitution idol/fuzoku idol. And then mention the babies and how she tricked her poor JAPANESE ex husband

No. 143640

And about nadine

No. 143641

I seriously wonder if she is not getting enough money anymore from tag or deai cafe. And that's why she has to do porn because some money is still money. What will se do after her current tourist visa expires?

No. 143642

Is Gaya in the porn too?
I was browsing a random tumblr page on facebook and saw a japanese commenter with the name Gaya that just happened to be her, haha. Crazy coincidence.

No. 143643

I don't think so
But she did porn before

No. 143644

I'm curious too! Didn't she say somewhere on tag that she wants to have a porn together with Gaya? Let's wait for more, I'm sure they gonna spill and show more.

No. 143645

Oh, I see. I didn't know she was married, btw, cause I don't lurk so much on her and sere.
Was her husband on the porno or is he a cuck? kek

No. 143646

Is there any link to that porn out there?

No. 143647

>you can't do in store events as a spouse visa
Not true. ANY job a normal Japanese can do, you can do on a spouse visa.
The Italian girl was kicked out because she was on a language school visa doing hardcore porn. It wasn't a problem until she tried to do in store events which made her problem more visible.

No. 143648


What was the italian girls name?

No. 143649

File: 1465553380671.jpg (Spoiler Image,346.84 KB, 800x537, pe_vrd0119_01.jpg)

this is her victoria yuki

No. 143650

Sere doesn't even have a visa, so good luck explaining this to immigration. I mean her prostitution is one thing. You can't really proof that. But a DVD is a legit evidence

No. 143651


Can you point me in the direction of gayas porn please?

No. 143652



No. 143653


Thanks how did you find out about her being deported may i ask? Is there a discussion on her somewhere?

No. 143654


I heard it through the grapevine of my friends who live in Tokyo but basically she asked immigration if she could do porn and a release event after the fact, and that's how they found out. They told her if she was married it would be ok, so she married her manager but they wouldn't give her a visa. She ended up going back to Italy on her own accord to do porn there and now she's in Italy. Japanese government is begging for her to divorce but she wont. So technically she didn't get deported. You only get deported if you overstay and are rarely caught, have anything to do with drugs and if your violating visa(hooker stuff) if you're caught in a raid. Anything besides that and it's pretty hard to get deported. Sometimes they'll send you to J-jail or make you pay a fine before spending cash to deport you.

No. 143655

And sere has a business visa, not tourist visa. Even though her hooker biz could get her in trouble I honestly doubt she'll be deported any time soon as Japanese police don't prosecute things they can't prove with hard evidence. The porn might be the straw that breaks the camel's back but…not sure.

No. 143656

A business visa? How do you know that? Why does she has to go to Korea every three months then?

No. 143657

No way. Tourist visa it is!!!

No. 143658

How would she even get a business visa? She has no business

No. 143659

Exactly. She isn't even eligible to get a work visa as she has no university degree. Time to say bye bye to Japan very soon.

No. 143660

These developments are more entertaining than watching CNN

No. 143661

Lol business visa. Puhleez.

No. 143662

Dunno how >>143655 came up with this joke

No. 143663


Nah nah nah I don't think so. I've never even heard of a business visa. She has no 'office space' LOL.

No. 143664

So u guys think the porn is being edited? I cant wait and wheres gayas porn?

No. 143665

I saw an ad on backpage for women to make a European porn in Tokyo. I think this may be what this failbitch did.

No. 143666

File: 1465730582166.jpeg (557.72 KB, 640x1136, image.jpeg)

No. 143667

File: 1465797095992.jpeg (99.22 KB, 750x873, image.jpeg)

I wonder what this is about…

No. 143668

File: 1465807901648.jpeg (137.49 KB, 640x661, image.jpeg)

No. 143669

In regards to Op's pic: is that her fucking labia hanging like that? Shit is long as hell. And dark. Holy shit.

No. 143670

That discussion was already in the beginning of the thread…

No. 143671

This is peak trashy whore aesthetic. There's no salvaging this. The tattoo… the scar… the flab… the fake dyed blonde hair with zero color dimensions to it… the cheap ass hot pink clothes. Good lord, no.

No. 143672

Will they sell the AV as milf porn?

No. 143673

She's playing a drugged teacher taking advantage of her students apparently. She doesn't really have a teacher aesthetic though, with all those awful trashy tattoos, but maybe that plays into her being drugged. She def doesn't look younger than early 30's lately.

No. 143674

I don't get it. If she's the drugged one why is she taking advantage? Wouldn't the students need to be drugged to be taken advantage of?

No. 143675

I have no idea, but that's the explanation she gave. She said she turns her students into slaves. Maybe she misworded or misunderstood them and they meant she becomes a junkie/slut? Maybe they give her aphrodisiac type drugs? Who knows, it already doesn't make much sense her being a teacher looking the way she does.

No. 143676

Maybe she didn't get the info herself lol I mean her Japanese is shit, how would she know what she was playing?

No. 143677

File: 1465852021798.jpeg (108.87 KB, 640x761, image.jpeg)

No. 143678

She's so fucking vile and conceited.
I mean I know that that's a 'water is wet' comment but I'm just constantly blown away by her odious arrogance.
How does it feel to be such a terrible human being?

No. 143679

Yeah, but progress to her means ditching her kids, divorced and prostituting herself for ugly designer bags.

No. 143680

For ugly designer bags, botched plastic surgery, and dirty fuckboys.

No. 143681

Omg she is so hot
All hosts and Vkei guys are loving her

No. 143682

File: 1465857926047.gif (2.94 MB, 500x393, whut?.gif)

huh? How do you know this?

No. 143683


Its a sad world when you have to explain sarcasm…

No. 143684

Jeez, I thought there are cows that go to her bars. I figured since she changed up a bit, maybe that comment was true since her people frequent this site.

No. 143685

I dont know how anyone can love someone in porn? I know i cant

No. 143686

He loves her MONEY. Not her.

If someone who was averagely attractive and relatively young decided they wanted to let you live rent free and party all the time then there's a fair few people that would take that up.

No. 143687

He's an escort/host too, so getting paid for sex isn't unusual for him either. She's his current meal ticket and he is her hope for a new visa. There's no love here, they are bother using each other for different things.

No. 143688


No. 143689

File: 1465938162524.jpg (76.51 KB, 480x640, alucard_by_awake_in_a_nightmar…)

some photos from her old deviantart

No. 143690

File: 1465938181188.jpg (96.54 KB, 480x640, unity_zero_hoodie_design_1_by_…)

No. 143691

File: 1465938191189.jpg (46.55 KB, 485x899, acting_out_like_your_alive_by_…)

No. 143692

this makes me cry

No. 143693

File: 1465969327982.jpg (171.28 KB, 1200x900, maxresdefault.jpg)

At least point your fucking toes

No. 143694

File: 1466013057233.jpeg (90.48 KB, 640x748, image.jpeg)

No. 143695

Does she even own a license to drive it?? She'd need a Japanese one which is pretty difficult as far as I heard

No. 143696

who the fuck goes out with someone that brags about paying for other peoples things but not your own? other than characters in hip hop music videos between 2003-2007

media defines the assumptions made by people unable to formulate any unique sense of identity still decades later

No. 143697

*actually she knows they don't exist she's just a unwarrantedly flamboyant melodramatic cunt

No. 143698

File: 1466060439343.jpeg (243.75 KB, 1242x1473, image.jpeg)

No I think you DO need this shit, even from a trash can.

No. 143699

Even the trash can thinks you are trash sere.

No. 143700

File: 1466076267775.jpg (Spoiler Image,24.93 KB, 640x480, 1450180478861.jpg)

Found this in an old thread and just thought I'd remind everyone how horrific Sere's butt actually is.

No. 143701

File: 1466076312348.jpg (Spoiler Image,134.17 KB, 680x1082, 1452006686941.jpg)

Can't wait to see this horror in action.

No. 143702

This photo horrifies me everytime that I see it. She fucked up her boobs so much

No. 143703

No. 143704

"23" kek

No. 143705

Same old usual ad that she posts.

No. 143706

She used the same site like sandra

No. 143707

I wonder if Sandra is afraid to post anything on Tokyo adult guide.

No. 143708

File: 1466233041762.jpg (51.23 KB, 497x720, FB_IMG_1466232990925.jpg)

No. 143709

what are those tattoo lines even supposed to be, looks like someone just scribbled them while drunk

No. 143710

File: 1466263010457.jpeg (63.18 KB, 640x477, image.jpeg)

What I thought was a nice innocent dinner with friends until I spotted the naked photos on the table. Really?

No. 143711

Ewwww this is so disgusting

No. 143712

Noticed the condom as well? It was probably a 'business meetup' kek

No. 143713

I wasn't sure if it was a condom? Maybe

No. 143714

That's definitely a condom

No. 143715

She's at the Bali An hotel here having a 女子会 (girls night), most hotels have condoms unless they're business hotels…but why on the table? Lol

No. 143716

Because they're in the actual hotel room

No. 143717

But Sere doesn't use condoms, so it's just for decoration.

No. 143718

very true hahaha

No. 143719

No. 143720

Lol no they're not just placed on the table by staff. She's put it there. Anyway w/e minor detail.

No. 144549

Anybody having information about her tourist visa? It must expire soon.

No. 145693

File: 1466409552227.jpeg (281.85 KB, 1242x1473, image.jpeg)

Going somewhere. I'm sick of this bag being in every shot tho lol

No. 145694

She wrote on Tokyo adult guide not too long ago she was going to go to Australia in july

No. 145695

Pretty sure they have legal brothels in Australia. Just go there. Byyyye!

No. 145698

She is coming back to japan again

No. 145699

Obviously. Just a farther visa hop this time.

No. 145703

No. 145705

Oh god gaya is kissing her ass everywhere

No. 145706

Lorena the pimp more like. Disgusting.

No. 145769

File: 1466435593234.png (976.96 KB, 1080x1258, Screenshot_2016-06-20-17-10-55…)


No. 145772

Only just managed to squeeze her arm into that sleeve then. I'd feel so awkward as her waiter.

No. 145774

She looks likes dirty 5$ hooker

No. 145775

Can we talk about the lips? They're so unevenly overdrawn!

No. 145796

Yes, I don't enjoy the drawn on lips. Wonky.

No. 145800

Also her nose has himezawa dimensions

No. 145833

11 days and she is gone

No. 145834

Are you talking about her visa?

And to the one saying that she wants to go to Australia, do you think she'll try to kidnapp her own child?

No. 145949

Yes her touristvisa is till 1st july

No. 146092


That's definitely a shinkansen seat. Sooo, she has ANOTHER wealthy benefactor "daddy" outside of Tokyo (the one the card is for), or is it the same one in Osaka who seemed suuuuper cringey? Either way, these expats have very low standards in escorts.


Just… WHYYYYYYYYY. Is she SERIOUSLY wearing a dress so way too small for her that her dingy bra (that looks like it needs to be bleached and washed) is on full display? Jeez, girl. Nothing about that picture is cute or sexy. You think you're being artsy and taking pin-up selfies? You ain't. That's drunk crackhead who can't see how haggard they look, dear.


Soooo, how long's it been since she saw her first child? Like, 2 years? Is she gonna go and take selfies with him to show us how she's "totally an awesome mother"? Doubt she'd kidnap him. He'd cramp her Tokyo free lifestyle. And he's not Japanese, so no visa there. So, he's no use to her, I'd bet. Or, maybe she'll just sneak around and not even see him, which would be coooold.

No. 146096

As far as I remember she's not allowed to be around him. Also she haven't seen him personally in more than 3years now

No. 146097

Why is she not allowed? Because of her parents? I'm curious.

No. 146098

Her parents took legal custody (?) of the child, they adopted it to take it away from her

No. 146100

Because she didn't care about it either? I'm not very up to date with her child in Australia….

No. 146108

So looks like she's in Osaka.

No. 146111

How do you know?

No. 146112


No. 146119

Sugar daddy in osaka omg she's so popular and famous

No. 146120

Wow she looks haggered and wasted here… seriously she needs sleep and to lay off the alcohol.

No. 146122

it looks like she is shedding her dirty wax skin

No. 146492

File: 1466594883252.jpeg (153.1 KB, 627x804, image.jpeg)

No. 146496

I don't get this. Explain

No. 146497

Apparently her new bar. Comfort bar closed

No. 146498

"Sere's" new bar

No. 146499

Cheap af lol

No. 146503

"Moved" my ASS. She has no visa, of fc they took it back. She doesn't wanna admit she lost the bar! lol So, now boytoy's name is on the lease, and he won't need HER crusty ass no more. lol

Hope that cute manager girl knows. lol

No. 146548

Lol I wonder what's going to happen to shiena

No. 146551

Well shiena has a working visa still running until at least next year. Maybe she'll work for her at that new bar. But she's always claiming to work at night only. So she's probably working as a hostess or sth like that anyway

No. 146559

That fakestar account is not his
It's lorena posting stuff

No. 146575

Course its her. Those types of country bumpkin host boys don't get social media. Met sooo many losers in Japan who never went to uni and never touched a computer. An like he'd put those lame glamour shots of HER on the bar page. lol

No. 146578

doubt that, it was her first legit work visa from that previous bar, so it would be impossible to get longer then a 1 year one. heard its up in a few months this year. an she def can't get one from sere.

No. 146585

She got the working a few days after graduating, which was in March/April this year. So it'll at least last until March/April next year

No. 147078

And her current work visa was a bit iffy to begin with. Can't get a visa for bar/night work, her job title was "event coordinator" or something iirc, but she was doing a girl's bar job.
God Shannon is such a sad mess. I go back and read her fanfic about her relationship with Ai every so often.

No. 147144

That's so fucking pathetic. When will these girls learn not to fall in love with hosts? But then again she is shallow as fuck and won't settle for anything less lmaoooo

No. 147148

Can someone elaborate on Ai. I read that and was it real? It sounded so fucking fake and dramatic

No. 147166

i read her old blog and i got the impression that she wrote that he died?? ahhah

No. 147167

He fell off a building when he was drunk.

No. 147172

Yeah heard that, but never saw anything in the news bout it.

No. 147174

Why would it have been in the news?

No. 147197

Drunk guy falling off a building in Kabukicho doesn't sound like newsworthy?

No. 147207

Sadly, not really.
If it was a salary-man or CEO maybe
but honestly the lives of hosts are considered pretty cheap.
Also consider how many "accidents" there are on JR every day. Do you think all of them make the news?

Additionally the circumstances of his death were kind of shameful. It sort of falls under the umbrella of things that people don't really want to talk about.

No. 147248

He was as asshole host who kept her around to fuck every now and then. But in her head they had a deep meaningful connection and recently she even started saying they were planning to marry lol

No. 147260

He was crazy
He jumped from a balcony before

No. 147266

different guy.

No. 147267

Really? Thought he jumped from the balcony. And was mental

No. 147272

sooo did he really die? or was he just in an accident?

No. 147273

does anyone have pics of him??

No. 147284

File: 1466682631840.jpeg (35.02 KB, 200x280, image.jpeg)

No. 147286

ai was the dude who fell off the roof in kabukicho, the guy who jumped off the balcony was another boyfriend

No. 147290


No. 147291

Anyone have a link to the blog where she wrote about Ai?

No. 147293

No. 147295

Many thanks

No. 147304

that was actually really sad…

No. 147311

I was thinking the same. Even tho he was a host and maybe playing with her but it's always sad if someone dies

No. 147319

The thing is he hasn't been a host since 2011. But yeah it's pretty tragic. Regardless of who these people are, having both people you loved fall off buildings would mentally wreck anyone.

No. 147320

Does anyone know who they mentally insane one is?

No. 147360

She gets a pass from me. If the man I was in love with fell off a building I would probably kill myself. Poor girl.

No. 147453

The insane one was her actual ex-boyfriend. Her and Ai never officially dated, he always palmed her off whilst telling her he would be with her when she worked hard for herself(probably because he knew she just wanted a marriage visa and to sponge off him).
Her actual ex was a host and used to be on a lot of drugs. He went crazy and shaved all his hair off so she made him wear wigs when they went out. He jumped off a building and broke both his legs around the time Shannon broke up with him.

No. 147454

Yo the dude is dead, at least have a little respect.

No. 147461

They did officially date, broke up, then it was the rest of the stuff. It might not be on her current blog as it was closer to the beginning of when she came to Japan so it's prob on the blog she shut down.

No. 147465

Really? Everytime I ran into those two back when they were dating he didn't have a wig on. She stopped him from jumping many times so I guess when she broke up with him there was no one stopping him anymore.

And yeah Ai and her officially dated at first. If you were in the scene long enough to see the first blog you would know. She always liked him but got fed up at some point and went with the crazy one. After she broke up with the crazy one, it seemed Ai was coming back? Maybe he thought she would always wait for him? Who knows. It's pretty messy.

No. 147469

Didn't she end up dating another really dumb guy right when she first came to Japan? I remember reading something on her blog years ago about how she bought him a plane ticket back to Canada so he could visit her mom and then he literally ghosted on the day of the flight and she never heard from him again (he was a host lol)

I actually feel really sorry for Shiena, she always chooses the worst guys.

No. 147471

It's her own fault because she only chases hosts. She needs to learn those guys are trash, but she won't because the only thing she is concerned about is how people look.

No. 147558

She did hear from him later. He was arrested for fighting.

No. 147561

I don't think it's only about looks otherwise she would have dumped the guy as soon as he shaved his head and Ai never was her physical type. Why they all ended up being host is likely because one tends to date in the same social circle and nightworkers are more open minded than day. Just bad luck I guess.

No. 147590

What the fuck are you talking about? It IS about looks, or in her case ~aesthetic~. Why else would she like shitty guys? For their fake host personality? Why hasn't she dated other guys like bar tenders or something like that?? She ALWAYS posts on facebook how she can only be with guys that look like hosts and stuff

No. 147602

Can we go back to talking about Sere??

No. 147606

If that were the case she wouldn't be saying its hard for her to find someone she likes. If it was just that look then theres plenty. There must be something more than just that.

No. 147619

She made him wear wigs, that says enough.

No. 147643

File: 1466774769381.jpeg (292.96 KB, 1242x1242, image.jpeg)

No. 147650

ew whats wrong with shienas leg
whenever i see her i have the urge to take a shower

No. 147651

Dumb girls

No. 147665

Shannon can be friends with only crazy as fuck girls

No. 147677

File: 1466787136759.png (715.01 KB, 1080x1267, Screenshot_2016-06-24-18-49-06…)

She kinda looks like she's pregnant again. I mean she got really bloated and chubby within the last few weeks.

No. 147683

Nah just fat lol

No. 147687

Really? I'm concerned since she was talking about getting pregnant again before, in order to get a new visa

No. 147694

Well if she's married after her next visa hop then maybe she is pregnant. What a stupid girl…

No. 147696

Well, she'd be able to get married again, but would Japan really give her another spouse visa if ryoyas lawyer is still after her?

No. 147699

Yeah would start to look obvious/suspicious now, even if it's said that immigration doesn't give a fuck, they will do soon enough given this messy history.

No. 147706

File: 1466793752300.png (984.31 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-06-24-14-38-05…)

Is that tia ? (Tiagoingmerry)
Holy shit she's pregnant AND with sere.

No. 147707

Yeah that's tia
21 married and pregnant whhhut

No. 147716

Never heard of her

No. 147720

Like what the fuck happened?

No. 147722

I'm guessing Tia's not in that idol group anymore then lol

No. 147745

He wore them on his own. She didn't make him do anything

No. 147755

Everything in this picture is just so sad. i feel sorry for the unborn child.

No. 147757

ElTia's not pregnant just fat lol no cow material

No. 147770

What if Sere got knocked up during the porn shoot and it's not her fucktoy's…?

No. 147778

Where's that picture? Already deleted?
Tia is sinking lower and lower, i feel sorry for her

No. 147780

File: 1466811789882.png (3.06 MB, 1242x2208, image.png)

This picture is from June 15. So my guess is not pregnant. And why would she just randomly announce her pregnancy in an Instagram picture with sere, if anything she would announce it on her own Twitter/social media

No. 147809

She only looks chubby because this is a normal photo of her body, she can't edit it so she can't hide.

No. 147810

I don't understand how Sere stays chubby when her job is literally a physical activity. Like, how do you stay fat when your only job is fucking people?

No. 147818

Are we sure that's even Tia? Lol

No. 147845

Sere doesn't know how to cook and is relying in the convinience store food and what she gets from her job

No. 147873

File: 1466839966139.jpeg (237.55 KB, 1242x1419, image.jpeg)

Very nice. In the bath, where you belong! What a silly photo.

No. 147876

The more I see of her tattoos the less I like them. Does she have any that aren't terrible?

No. 147879

"Cosplay" while not covering tattoos and take out piercings is just not cosplay. It's shit you'll find on the floor at walmart

No. 147893

the only ones i like are the skull on her hand. and I like the idea of the constellation on her leg but its down messy

No. 147899

There's a constellation somewhere in that mess? On her legs I can only find the anime dog, peacock, hooker medusa, and that blotchy donut/icecream thing that takes up half of her leg.

No. 147910

its on her knee area,

No. 147911

I hate skull tats

No. 147921

I can't believe how horrible these tats are. Every single one, drawn by a nine year old who gave up 3/4 of the way. Did she have them done in a studio or someone's kitchen?

No. 147928

Regarding her history, she probably got them done by another drunken teenager

No. 147933

Or under drugs

No. 147968

each to ones own anon. I dont like them either but what I mean is its like the only decently done tattoo she has

No. 147969

Well ok. Maybe the one who did those was on a little less drugs than the other guy

No. 147978


No. 147981

Gaya and sere haven't posted any photos of them together in a while. Not hanging out together anymore? I thought gaya would at least show up at the openin party of seres bar

No. 148125

Gaya was at sere's opening party. That recent champagne tower limosine party was shiena's friend from Vancouver

No. 148128

Gaya is busy kissing lorenas ass online at tokyo adult guide

No. 148290

File: 1466946099456.png (1.29 MB, 1079x1511, Screenshot_2016-06-26-14-59-36…)

When does she have to go hopping again? This or next week?

No. 148292

Next week 1st july

No. 148294

And will she go to korea or Australia? I'd laugh my ass off if they won't let her in again

No. 148456

sayonara ugly host boy

No. 148464

But we all know Japan will probably let her back in

No. 148509

Is that a damn cartoon dog with a hat?

No. 148700

File: 1467045138006.jpeg (299.02 KB, 1242x1572, image.jpeg)

lol sere plz sort out your Japanese particles and word order.

No. 148702

Give me a translation of that google translate shit.
I can read kabukichou, sth with a fire, that she didn't see it and that it is scary?

No. 148713

Says "Just saw 12 firetrucks and ambulances in Kabukicho! Didn't see any fire, though! Scary!"

But her Japanese is teh suck, so should be 「さっき歌舞伎町で12台の消防車と救急車を見た!火事が見えないのにね!怖いよ!」 (phrase order also random af, but hey. Just translating what she tried to say lol)

Friggin hilarious when she uses random cutesy Japanese girl word forms and particles. She got that tough bitch attitude, and throw in a random 「~わ!」 to sound feminine and ladylike? Nah…

No. 148716

She'd be better of with a faked kansai dialect

No. 148749

tbh, sere using kansai-ben would be 10x worse/more embarrassing than sere using わ.

No. 148850

火事が見えなかったのに forgot to past tense anon

No. 148888

File: 1467094430568.png (960.39 KB, 1044x1520, 2016-06-28 15.11.52.png)

So! Korea it is! Cross yer fingers, ladies 'n gents. lol

No. 148890

let´s be prepared for stories of fame

No. 148894

Tbh isn't it suspecious if you go to a country which isn't your country of origin for about 3-5 days every 3months?

No. 148903

No wonder she gets fat, I swear she eats too much yakiniku lol

No. 148904

That and everything else she eats is Japanese convenient store food

No. 148906

And she goes on about how rich she is and getting a porn star body

No. 148907

Well it seems she blowed her money recently with that limousine thing at 'fancy' food

No. 148908

Fast money won't last long is what a good friend of mine once told me and it's true. These people sometimes make a few 1000dollars a day and they'll spend it on worthless shit the other day

No. 148911

You can do it twice

No. 148917

yyeah twice a year. if you do it more than twice in one year theyll get suspicious and talk to you when you come into the country. happened to a friend of mine. they warned her after the third time she could get banned if she did it again.

No. 148919

This is already her second time this year, next time would be September/October then and next time December/January. Since she isn't returning to her country of origin and always just leaeves Japan for a few days this is getting extra suspecious

No. 148920

Or will she really try to get another marriage visa after this hop?

No. 148922

Could be!

No. 148923

I doubt that she'd get another spouse visa. She might be able to marry again, but since it won't bring her anything she hasn't done it already. She might be stupid, naiv, crazy, insane, a liar or well just a totally bad person in general, but she only does stuff which bring her further in accomplishing her dream to be a top class prostitute in Japan

No. 148930

she might end up marrying one of her gross old clients that she fucks for cash

No. 148938

Isn't she mainly fucking foreigners? There'd be no benefits from that

No. 148948

yeah but I mean one of the ones that live here permanently. A lot of creeps on that Tokyo adult guide website apparently have permanent citizenship

No. 148949

Well, but does it grant her one too?

No. 148952

if they have PR yes you can get a visa to stay with them

No. 148953

But she still won't get one with all the drama around her.

No. 148957

I bet she's got to the stage now where she's shitting her pants every time she goes through immigration at Narita looool

No. 148958

She isn't that type of person though

No. 148967

I think she is secretly

No. 149004

Gawd, I don't fuckin have tats, but I almost wanna get a bunch to show her what GOOD tattoos look like (have a lot of friends with sleeves that don't look like shit). I wonder if she let that Aussie dominatrix that visited her recently doodle all over her back in the day while she was practicing. lol

No. 149251

File: 1467218443844.png (Spoiler Image,481.2 KB, 476x616, gross.png)

this picture is so dirty omg

No. 149257

She should really get rid off these nasty extensions.

No. 149258

What an incredibly unfortunate looking butt. Also, lolol at her love handles being wider than her ass.

No. 149260

File: 1467220181339.png (Spoiler Image,1.02 MB, 1080x1687, Screenshot_2016-06-29-19-05-17…)

She also posted this on instagram, which was the other photo though?

That ass looks more sad than mine, which is pretty sad.

Reported both, photo and account.

No. 149262

Flabby, deflated, ass acne… it amazes me people pay to put their dick in this.

No. 149265

If I had a dick I'd never ever get it close to that ass. My dick would see that mess and immediately turn gay, I swear, or asexual!!

No. 149271

umm yes thats were i got the photo from? why are you double posting

No. 149273

Oops sorry, I thought you got it from tag or somewhere because it's not visible from your screenshot that it's from instagram

No. 149431

File: 1467265818966.png (785.79 KB, 1080x1330, Screenshot_2016-06-30-07-47-21…)

Let's hope that they won't let you back in

No. 149433

Any word about her new AV

No. 149447

Lol byyyye!!
If I were her I'd be embarrassed to be doing another visa hop. Why does she have no shame documenting this on social media? Can't she have a little private dignity when it comes to serious shit like this?!

No. 149453

"Private dignity" is not Sere's kinda thing. Anything for attention anon.

No. 149456

Let's pray everybody

No. 149457

she said on tokyo adult guide shed give updates etc when its released

No. 149502

File: 1467291447931.jpeg (74.93 KB, 593x560, image.jpeg)

Lmao her tattoos got praised

No. 149506

There are people here that don't speak Japanese, you need to be considerate when we post these things.

-do you have your whole body tattooed?


-that's cool. Did you get it done here?(as in japan)

Sere- in Australia

-Good tattooist

No. 149507

she abandoned her children to be a prostitute in japan. i don't think dignity is something she's concerned with.

No. 149533

>she abandoned her children to be a prostitute in japan and bragged about it everywhere and is actually of it

No. 149535

File: 1467299365549.png (1.4 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-06-30-18-14-08…)

No. 149536

File: 1467299432209.png (269.87 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2016-06-30-18-14-17…)


No. 149538

Already been posted dickhead

No. 150097

Ok guys
Do you think japan let her in again?

No. 150102

oh lort i cant wait that long i wana see this gangbang av already how hard can it be to edit a porn let me fuckin do it ill even add memes

No. 150235

were all waiting like ravenous wolves

No. 150261

Her extensions look like shit. WHAT IS THAT GAP THAT IS SHOWING HER ASS??

Someone needs new extensions and learn how to keep them nice and clean. I bet they're all sticky and hard from sweat and other body fluids

No. 150487

File: 1467626745373.png (603.79 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20160704-120535.png)


No. 150488


It's just an alert warning against heavy rain and possible landslides.

It's from friday tho, so the screenshot is old.

No. 150505

File: 1467635285627.jpeg (289.31 KB, 1242x1563, image.jpeg)

Ew. Gaya went to Korea to visit..? More threesome photos to follow then I guess lol.

No. 150564

The fact that gaya is on korea now as well is confusing me a bit. Seemw like sere is concerned about not being able to get back to japan

No. 150573

Had the same thinking

No. 150578

Also it's already the 5th of July, why isn't she back by now? Last time it has been only three of four days she was there too. It won't get les suspicious if she's staying a few days longer

No. 150871

She prob asked her to go as she thinks it looks less suspicious entering with someone on spousal visa

No. 150884

Too bad it won't help. A friend went to korea with a friend of hers and she got interviewed

No. 150889

That's stupid. They check each person/passport on their own

No. 150890


No one ever said Sere was intelligent lol

No. 151828

She's still in korea

No. 151836

Sere's ass is my diet/work-out motivation.

About a week in Korea so far. Wasn't she supposed to go back to Australia for a bit?

No. 151942

File: 1467845593728.jpeg (113.52 KB, 640x814, image.jpeg)

No. 151955

yeah hes 22 and your a saggy 28 yr old. He aint interested in anything other than your money thats why he doesnt text back

No. 151979

Not to mention he got what he needed out of her already. Has his own club and a bunch of free jewelry & shit. She's stuck in Korea and might not be let back in. He's probably got some new girl(s) lined up.

No. 151982

It's his chance to run away! I would if I were him

No. 152055

Shut the fuck up

No. 152063

What the hell is going on here??

No. 152064

Fuck off with the spam

No. 152084

So glad that its gone thanks to whoever cleaned up

No. 152085

What was being posted? I didn't see it.

No. 152086

File: 1467875936857.jpeg (137.21 KB, 750x1097, image.jpeg)


No. 152093

Just shows again that Sere has no clue how a normal working life looks like.
Or, well maybe the guy just wasn't interested in her saggy ass.

No. 152094

If he doesn't write for 3 days he isn't into you

No. 152102

People are so hung up on texts. It's starting to get dumb. How much someone texts you doesn't mean much really. Some people are excellent texters but pieces of shit in real life and some don't text but amazing in real life.

No. 152106

It does

No. 152110

Have to agree with you

No. 152188

If a guy is into you he'd text back latest after 24 hours. It's not like he doesn't have his phone on him at all times lmao

No. 152202

That's how it is

No. 152439

Nothing new yet

No. 152493

Nope. 9-10 days into her Korea trip now, Gaya still seems to be there. Mostly posting pictures of her eating junk food or deserts.

No. 152495

She must be afraid

No. 152731

I bet she's trying to stay over there for a longer time, maybe a month or maybe two to make the hopping less noticeable…maybe?

No. 152734

All while her "boyfriend" is having a whale of a time whilst she isn't here!

No. 152827

File: 1468029118565.jpeg (62.51 KB, 749x637, image.jpeg)