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File: 1699816820955.jpeg (333.14 KB, 1262x1430, 2C5C8855-A8C6-4C41-91B8-1880A3…)

No. 1927468

This thread concerns creators, artists, voice actors and others who work or are connected to the modern Western American animation and comics industry, filled with cows, hacks, groomers, woketards and self inserters who all know each other and/or have dated.

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Since this is the most active thread on the site for animated content, casual non-milk discussions about comics and other animated topics are also permitted.

No. 1927542

How come Lauren Faust was never able to make her own show? I understand the need for money from the big guys but can't she and her husband (who probably gets a lot of fuck you money of royalties from PPG) fund it on their own? With their conections, money and support from fans? It pisses me off she was never able to take off from her own, she has great ideas.

No. 1927557

didnt she do G4 MLP? like mlp is not truly her's but its the best mlp show out there.(sage)

No. 1927599

it's probably not really proffitable and very, very hard to do. It makes so sad too, she turned a shitty fadding old IP into one of the biggest shows of 2010s and made hasbro tons of money, but studios still doubt her abilities. Makes me so angry.

No. 1927667

kek threadpic

No. 1927678

Thank you for the new thread, nona!

No. 1927746

It's just not possible anymore, you can only do reboots or adaptions of some famous IP.

No. 1927863

Did anyone else watch the God’s Gang pilot? I am not sure what to think of it kek

No. 1927864

holy shit it's just minoriteam but unironic

No. 1927888

The fact its genuinene but not racist is really something I never expected.

No. 1927890

File: 1699890656225.png (359.13 KB, 1255x369, Screenshot.png)

>amazing digital circus pilot reaches over 100 millions in less then one month

No. 1927891

File: 1699890702870.png (226.22 KB, 592x256, Screenshot.png)

No. 1927893

Is it surprising? A troon is making digital circus so of course a lot more people are going to flock to the coomery fetish tranny clown shit instead of the fujo sad gay boi thing made by a woman.

No. 1927897

Unironically like it kek.

No. 1927918

i am going to leave God's Gang on repeat so it mogs this tranny shit.

No. 1927920

I will make it a point to never fucking watch this

No. 1927940

Didn't contribute to that number so my soul is safe. This cartoon appeals to children and coomer males, so it has twice the demographic of any of Vizie's works.

No. 1927979

art is dead

No. 1927981

Btw, the more animation pilots and short films you watch on YouTube the more the YT algorithm will send you. I have so many smaller pilots and crazy interesting animated projects in my recommended video now (but not due to digital circus or Hazbin/helluva, which did nothing).

No. 1927984

How could something look so creative (it's not ) be so soulless looking at the same time?

No. 1927999

File: 1699908979820.png (306.24 KB, 586x597, 1691153095276.png)

Like half this decade is gonna filled with every recognizable IP being made into a movie franchise.

No. 1928001

Religious people are the most hateful and violent people on earth. Why do people feel forced to make them look peaceful? This is ridiculous. It reminds me of South Park. lol(offtopic)

No. 1928014

I hate myself for clicking the link to this on a server before I fully understood what it is. I can't believe I contributed to this cancer.

No. 1928025

I know that a single view on YouTube is relatively meaningless in the grand scheme of things, but it really does feel good to have never watched even a second of TADC. It wasn't even initially motivated by my newfound hate of Grooseworx, since I didn't know anything about him beforehand. The thumbnail and title just looked really annoying to me kek. I knew it was going to be some cheap attempt at surrealism made by a terminally online retard just from a single glance.

No. 1928059

Can someone explain to me how the fuck this happened? Never heard of this guy or company before reading this thread.

No. 1928068

File: 1699918384362.jpg (123.97 KB, 796x800, Bluechannel.jpg)

Gooseworks originally made a very popular analog horror thing called blue channel so imagine that helped

No. 1928073

I'm not watching that other thing but the Thalasin video was great. I had hoped they would do some more in a similar vein as it stood out from the usual alien/cryptid/occult analog horror stuff.

No. 1928089

He made a couple of short films, including the aforementioned analog horror thing and vidrel, which I enjoyed.

No. 1928098

i think its mostly because of the social media traction and glitch productions. also little kids who think they are sophisticated and edgy for watching it

lmfao sucks because this is genuinely the worst thing gooseworx has ever produced

No. 1928099

I think this didn't contribute as much as it just being the right thing at the right time… And he's a troon and his own kind are on the rise; they have to support each other, don't you know..? Sad to remember he was related to this, I genuinely love the art and relate to nage every day kek

No. 1928101

dorcelessness all day every day
i didn't know he was a troon, i never looked into the creator. oh well

No. 1928108

this was honestly based and im having a hard time figuring out how we went from thalasin to the horrid pile of leaking garbage that is TADC

No. 1928139

I won't lie I did enjoy TADC, but once that fetish stuff came out it really explained why the show had this almost grotesque over use of "mind break" expressions. It just proves without fail that moids cannot resist putting their coommerism in everything they create. Completely ruins it for me. I still hope other projects like Long Gone Gulch aren't gone forever.

No. 1928171

File: 1699929586632.jpeg (341.61 KB, 1575x957, IMG_1316.jpeg)

>How come Lauren Faust was never able to make her own show?
She almost had one at Netflix but got canned along with most of other Netflix show. But the good news, she got the rights back but still looking for distributors.

No. 1928230

The voice acting is better than digital circus at least, big muslim dude sounds like a big muslim dude as opposed to all the characters sounding like bad impressions of already bad anime dubs.

No. 1928257

this comin out right after a huge palestine/israel conflict is mad funny

No. 1928308

it's fine they are frens

No. 1928323

File: 1699971448394.jpg (54.97 KB, 640x480, 1696347141636.jpg)

I just want LS Mark to release his fucking pilot already. He described it as ''tom and jerry meets bojack horseman'' which sounds laughably bad. I never though someone could be this creatively bankrupt, but i guess it's expected considering he's the worst cartoon reviewer, and doesn't seem to like art and animation besides a very surface level.

No. 1928329

File: 1699972905553.png (573.97 KB, 824x430, Create.png)

>tom and jerry meets bojack horseman
That hit me like a damn brick. Every Indie animated series is nothing but a pathetic imitation of one piece of media mashed with another, and that's all there is to it. They don't have an understanding of the media they consume and lack the genuine experience needed to create anything truly authentic.

No. 1928332

File: 1699973535161.webm (302.63 KB, 1280x720, ls mark pilot.webm)

It's what miyazaki said, that modern anime is shit because they just try to copy what has already been done rather than being inspired from their own life experiences. The fucking show is set in the early 00s, a fucking time period LS mark wasnt even alive for. He was a toddler by the time the new decade was rolling in. I am super curious about this thing because it just looks terrible and uninspired. It makes a bit salty though because a lot of people would love to have his connections and money to make their passion project come true, but he wasted all of that in the most uninspired garbage concept in existence.
>horrendous animation and art direction
>copypasted character designs
>dude is already selling plushies of the mouse creature even though it hasnt released yet
>made by a dude whose whole career is making white noise 6 hour videos overstimulated zoomies can sleep to
this looks like a fake cartoon they put in a movie to make fun of shitty generic cartoons

No. 1928356

>she got the rights back but still looking for distributors.

God, I hope she gets it, if there's anyone in animation who has earned their right to run their own original show it's her.

No. 1928363

He could have at least made the color palette of them different,what a lazy hack.

No. 1928368

The anime girl/breathy voice acting is all over indie animation.
This animated "pilot" made me rage, it's so coomery and while trying to be uwu innocent cute cartoon Network-y girly show. The yellow characters boobs bounce every second she speaks/all the time, it's so off-putting and disgusting (porny). The worst thing of all is the short makes NO sense, like what kind of world is this? They are weird shaped girls in a boarding school for what? Or is this the product of anime disease where the only setting can be school? Everyone has to be a student and go to school, even though it doesn't matter and clearly these characters are meant to be sexualized.

No. 1928373

File: 1699980960848.jpeg (8.27 KB, 225x225, beelzebot.jpeg)

>characters boobs bounce every second she speaks
wtf this is so unnecessary and disturbing, especially when combined with the infantilised face and hairstyle
also that red triangle head character looks like if Beelzebot trooned out

No. 1928377

These character designs are atrocious,Newgrounds ruins everything.I don't see enough people shitting on this which is bad enough…

No. 1928388

File: 1699983099600.jpeg (142.39 KB, 750x1050, wagYhtC.jpeg)

The characters reminded me of picrel. cause they aren't characters, they aren't even clichés or tropes; they're just cut outs from cartoon porn and hentai.

No. 1928401

File: 1699986210795.jpg (131.59 KB, 1024x699, 0_pGAe_mwBdg8UnhZx.jpg)

>pink triangle character design
lol why would you ever do that

No. 1928404

>characters idea of fun is going to a carnival
>a character is sad because he is short
>cheesy one-liners
>no reference to drugs or alcohol
this felt like a children's cartoon except that the characters are based on religious stereotypes. Im honestly impressed with how dedicated they where to that one joke. The pilot literally ends with a party at a club and they don't even make a coke joke.
tbh i can't see this as a series. it's gimmick is that it only has one adult element but otherwise feels like an average kids cartoon but thats going to become old quickly. The only way I can see this lasting several episodes is if they gradually make it more edgy but then it would become indistinguishable from every other edgy adult cartoon. They could also flesh out the characters and try to make them deeper but no one is going to take a show that uses stereotypes seriously unless you pander to shippers hetalia another franchise where the punchline is basically just stereotypes sometimes tries to make you feel sad for the stereotypes but it's just hard to take it seriously because they are literal stereotypes. it's not a concept that is suited for angst
the animation is really cool. Another anon in this thread said that Digital Circus fails because it wants to feel like uncanny early 3d animation but it looks too modern.
this manages to look like modern 3d, old 3d and claymation at the same time. it's a very pretty style that adds to the uncanny vibe. I feel like Digital Circus wanted to have a style like this

No. 1928407

>Moid wants to make quirky original show
>Chooses unusual character designs made of simple sharp shapes
>Can't resist the urge to draw coomery female bodies with giant tits

No. 1928436

OT but I'm noticing more and more male coomer creators just forgo even bland male self inserts and now just making the entire case female in their series

No. 1928440

File: 1699992701843.gif (1.66 MB, 480x270, Becky Prim.gif)

The red triangle chick feels a bit like a rip off of the mean girl in the "Becky Prim" short.

No. 1928454

File: 1699994905459.mp4 (1.37 MB, 720x720, hM0lkjJDmD6SAB-c.mp4)

And the pattern also alligns with more and more Twitter/terminally online animators becoming transbians - who needs male characters or side characters anymore when it's now all softcore fap material. If you criticize an all female cast in any way then you're a terf!!

No. 1928474

Women: we want more female characters in anything
>monkey’s paw curls
Women: noooo not female characters created by trannies that only exist to be fapbait!!(moidlet)

No. 1928481

It’s apparently supposed to be a kids show with the aim of brining about more peace between religions. The characters are completely in earnest and they are going for like an 80s Captain Planet kumbaya type of deal.

No. 1928482

Mimicking anime I guess. Western CGDCT.

No. 1928485

This kind of character design is so unappealing.
It sucks!

No. 1928494

It was definitely something I saw more in Japanese stuff but in western content, it's even more troon infested.

No. 1928495

I could see why this show has a following considering all the coom shit and the fact that people are really autistic for clowns now, but I don't get why the following is this big. this is reaching even normal people levels of attention. if you're not being a coomer over this show and you're a normal person who really likes it, what's the appeal?? I tried to genuinely give it a chance and I was just bored. there's really not anything special to it. at least vivzie's pilots had unique ideas (that she sqandered) and good animation. maybe I'm too adhd too understand.

No. 1928519

File: 1700001818937.jpg (397.59 KB, 4096x2333, ppg.jpg)

the designs are so garbage mainly the triangle mc. could this even count as animation? it's barely animated.

i went to check the creator's twitter and as expected, all the females he draws are busty curvy coombaits with the exact same body type while the men look average and boring. picrel is a redraw/redesign he did of the powerpuff girls, he seems to be really inspired by craig mccracken (and giantess fetish art).

No. 1928522

File: 1700002012660.jpg (327.4 KB, 4096x1722, familyguy.jpg)


No. 1928525

His own wife (Veronica) said it was shit so I’m curious to see what it’s about. The storyboard is on YouTube.

No. 1928534

The male brain is a cesspool, and "art" produced by males is just the scum floating atop the wastewater they generously refer to as their "thoughts".

No. 1928551

Imagine the untapped potential this would have had if it was made by a woman,what a pathetic waste.this would have been so good without the shitty rule 34 bait and the oversexualization.

No. 1928585

File: 1700006933304.jpg (97.67 KB, 469x525, indigo.jpg)

From ToonHive:
>‘INDIGO’ is an upcoming sci-fi animated series that follows 19-year-old human Max who spent their whole life training their psychic powers in isolation with their tall gray alien caretaker and a robot scientist, until an unexpected event makes them realize they've been lied their whole life.

No. 1928586

File: 1700006966726.jpg (92.47 KB, 466x508, indigo tsm.jpg)


No. 1928594

Oof I can feel the High Guardian Spice vibes coming from that tweet. Hope the trailer looks good

No. 1928601

He's ugly and over designed,why does he have the same hair as that yellow muppet from Welcome Home?
Gosh, everyone is making sexy man bait instead of making a good story.no one cares go make a decent cartoon already .those colors are an eyesore

No. 1928609

unappealing to women, but very appealing to cum-rotted useless NEET moids, who are def the target audience

No. 1928612

the voice work literally sounds like shit you hear on fake "my animated story" channels

No. 1928616

Just from the logo you can tell its trying to be the next hazbin lmfao.

No. 1928624

Shit I can't lie I want more of the stoner chick with dreads

No. 1928625

damn this shit sucks

No. 1928627

uggo + looks like a steven universe oc

No. 1928628

It’s kind of annoying how sexymen became a trend, back in my day, the women who only cared about these one note weirdly designed characters were genuinely into them in very autistic ways. Now you have sexymen trend hoppers who just want to be the “coolest” of the bunch for liking these boring ass uninspired as fuck characters that with a palette swap they would look normie as fuck, or that are obviously and heavily “inspired” by existing IPs like how the purple rabbit looks like a mix between Five Nights at Freddy’s rabbit and the purple dude.
This faggot is literally Steven universe mixed with the purple dude from Five Nights at Freddy’s and Mettaton.

No. 1928633

dollar store mettaton looking ass

No. 1928635

>girl girl girl girl
mega cringe, nobody but larping moids would describe characters with so much emphasis on "GIRL"

No. 1928641

Of course the most porny out of the 3 is the odd one out by not being 18. Gives them a way to deny being accused of sexualizing teens. The pink triangle is sexualized too, but in a way that is so normalized no one bats an eye. Spongebob is so fucking ridiculous I don’t think people would fall for the age excuse.

No. 1928643

File: 1700010737936.png (573.29 KB, 1200x2413, StegMultiverse1_-Shading-_By_T…)

Kek at the resemblance,try harder next time.

No. 1928648

Gettin real tired of this forced sexyman shit
it’s far better when they’re awful people that eventually rub onto you because of character development

No. 1928658

I think this is by my guilty pleasure artist

No. 1928660

>high school setting, lockers (idk couldn't bring myself to watch more than like 30 seconds)
>21 year old
thankfully this went nowhere despite a couple of hugboxing comments.

No. 1928702

american should have auto nuked itself this is somehow worse than anime

No. 1928705

it doesnt have trannies or weird fetishes that alone makes god's gang the superior indie animated show. Hope it thrives.

No. 1928707

File: 1700019835007.jpeg (300.39 KB, 1941x1450, C46ACCBF-3C57-46F5-A9AA-A392A9…)

I hate this so much, literally the only thing that stands out is the art style but that’s not a good thing. The background isn’t even shaded but we get shots of an 18 year old girls back dimples? Painfully coomery.

No. 1928712

>Imagine the untapped potential
what, it's literally just a cgdct with ugly quirky character designs

No. 1928713

>can't even draw above 15yo tumblr user level
>wants to make a cartoon
friendly reminder japanese artists need to be capable of this before they are able to start working on their original anime

No. 1928722

just looked through their twitter, extremely bleak lol, minimal engagement. Theres one on there lamenting that people will call it woke but that implies people will be looking at it in the first place. High guardian spice only got attention because it was funded by crunchyroll.

No. 1928726

Was just coming here to say this. Their actual acct only has 3k and they're trying to say dollar store metatron is gonna be next "sexyman"? Laughable. Reading the premise, it's going to be a weak, forgettable pilot and never worked on past that point.

No. 1928727

looks like they're teasing..something (probably a trailer, likely just an animatic with just the mc voiceover) on thursday. will stay tuned, I suppose, if just for milk.

No. 1928735

I’m calling it now his personality will just be Peridot from Steven Universe where he starts out as an antisocial tech nerd and learns humanity is good actually and he will have a queer relationship with the character he did not get along with at first. Still salty about how how they ruined Peridot’s personality and forced Lapidot so god damn much. Feel free to read this in Sarah Z’s voice kek.

Do we know yet if the creator is like Welcome Home and will be triggered by porn?

No. 1928759

>all queer cast, non-binary, neurodivergent, and trans leads

This plus the image of their "sexyman" has me feeling nostalgic for the Tumblr animation crowdfunding days.

No. 1928762

Wow there truly is not one single redeeming quality about this huh

No. 1928773


no idea how but it was even worse than i thought it would be after reading the thread. all that time and energy to make 8 minutes yet 0 narrative. there wasn't even a story it was just a pink triangle getting cucked by some shapes

No. 1928776

File: 1700043839603.jpg (23.7 KB, 259x383, Valiant1.jpg)

Glad the pigeon from Valiant can still find work.

No. 1928783

I'm in the same camp as you I didn't think it was going to be THAT bad and devoid of anything at all.

No. 1928807

We don't want female characters in general, moid, we want well-written female characters.

No. 1928812

We want characters who are female, not porn tropes.

No. 1928815

i want more cute male characters but men are incapable of that

No. 1928825

File: 1700057235344.png (173.08 KB, 420x750, tumblr_30364479b101b379f4f7223…)

idk why you called me a moid, it was clearly a criticism about trannies making "female" characters. dummy

big "all or nothing" vibes

No. 1928835

"Must be the new tumblr sexyman" as if this character wasn't specifically designed for that exact purpose

No. 1928846

Is this not just a character from undertale or one of those? I swear I've seen this exact character design before

No. 1928856

>shitty pompadour hairstyle with nothing cool or fun about it (sweet jp weeps)
>looks like mettaton
>SU belly gem and bad monochrome colour palette
>upper eyelid shine
>the expression
>robot wearing gloves that are boring af and draw the eye too much
>popped collar vest AND a croptop with shoulder pads (that unzips! how sexy.)
>badly drawn shades that only make the eyes difficult to read
wow i hate everything about this, it's basically made of poor design choices with no good ones to prop it up. Its such a blatant blend of the artist's fandom brainrot too.

besides all that, would it have killed them to post better quality art?

No. 1928876

I always love how well produced gobliens animated shorts are.

No. 1928910

I'm gonna be honest, as I know nothing about the show myself and only watched a minute of the pilot: you know how those shitty kids' channels get like 10 million+ subscribers and 1 B views per video? It's probably because of little kids clicking on the video. To me, it looks and sounds like a kids' show, whether or not it's true

No. 1928928

>besides all that, would it have killed them to post better quality art?
No kidding, this is supposed to be a post from a promotional account and they're posting half-finished sketches and begging for crumbs from the sexyman fandom, lmao at the stench of desperation.

No. 1928942

It's interesting how these animation studios are trying to cash in on going viral by creating the next tumblr sexyman without fully understanding what attracts the tumblr autists, and that it isn't always the one you'd expect so it can be kinda random (imho at least). The only one I can tell probably somewhat figured the formula out seems to be Gooseworks out of all fucking people.

No. 1928944

File: 1700073115772.png (850.83 KB, 1366x768, vJ4baDQ.png)

The only successful example I can think of, of a character obviously meant to be a tumblrsexyman and being successful, is Black Hat from Villainous.

No. 1928989

I think it got lucky with the algorithm. Thing's been in my youtube recommended since it came out despite me never watching anything else from the channel. The non-coomer fanbase seems to mostly be kids getting their minds blown by babby's first meta story about characters trapped in the narrative.

No. 1929038

I agree. Goose’s past stuff has always gotten a few million views, maybe in the high teens or so at most, and this one REALLY blew up. The channel hosting it wasn’t even that big either, with its past series getting viewcounts similar to what I already described above. I genuinely enjoyed tadc and even still I can’t understand why it’s THAT big. Maybe it blew up on tiktok or something? I don’t know, I’m not on there.

No. 1929146

Nona where…

No. 1929153

nta but Villainous/Black Hat had an absolutely rabid following on tumblr for a while before it even started airing, but iirc it fell off sharply when the show wasn't what they thought it'd be (the crossover short things)/only put out a couple of normal episodes before falling off the face of the earth. Villainous itself didn't end up successful, I guess, but it had quite the tumblr sexy-man fandom while it lasted and could probably be revived without much trouble kek

No. 1929167

I think it’s because they are self-aware and making fun of themselves/the concept so it comes off as more authentic and genuine. BH as a sort of parody of TSM is able to attract more fans than intentional TSM bait.
It still has a pretty dedicated fanbase, it just doesn’t have much going on because it’s in production/release limbo. IIRC the second half of the first season is done but being held hostage by the network or something.

No. 1929168

File: 1700096630281.png (358.71 KB, 640x640, allornothing.png)

it's my first time hearing about this, nonni what the hell is this?

No. 1929183

nta but it was a huge meme on tumblr

No. 1929208

I think BH also 'works' because of the show's roots as a web animation from 2012 (iirc), it feels more like a developed idea influenced by online cartoon fandom culture and the creator's genuine interests than just someone trying to cash in with a forced sexy-man meme character like with that INDIGO thing (which I looked into and it's just another beginner artist's personal project that isn't really going anywhere, rather than an actual attempt at a pilot/show).

Did not know it was in limbo like that, always unfortunate when that happens with animation. Reminds me of Mao Mao.

No. 1929261

Whenever I see this image, I am left with the distinct feeling that the person who originally drew it is racist.

No. 1929298

almost impressive that tumblr has remained a hotbed of abject mind-rot for so many years now

No. 1929299

no wonder modern cartoon premises are so devoid of soul when the people both involved and excited for this crap in the 2010s went on to enroll in calarts

No. 1929303

One of my favorite youtubers made a video on a similar Tumblr kickstarter fiasco, the top comment is about All or Nothing. She also has a video on an ultra woke RPG from tumble.

No. 1929332

File: 1700123606892.png (84.16 KB, 1403x445, Katzenberg.png)

How the hell do you go from producing The Prince of Egypt to this.

No. 1929343

File: 1700125181421.jpeg (69.43 KB, 1234x720, ExGsjESUYAAhpct.jpeg)

No. 1929344

that's so sad, specially since he was so proud of not turning the prince of egypt into a children's franchise by making toys/tie-ins and stuff like that. I guess shrek becoming a multibazillion dollar franchise changed him for the worst.

No. 1929348

He was a notorious dick back at Disney, even trying to force robin williams to not VA for anyone else. Funded Dreamworks out of spite and made Shrek the way it is to mock Disney. Failed miserably with Qibi or whatever his streaming service was called. Overall a psychopath

No. 1929350

nah stealling from disney is giga based

No. 1929369

Man I love the Prince of Egypt. It's really a pity no one is willing to make animated movies like that now. It's like they all let go of actually good ideas and passion to chase money and quick popularity.

No. 1929442

File: 1700144126465.mp4 (8.08 MB, 1920x1080, fmhtfw.mp4)

I fear he may be a right, because like it or not, AI will change the dynamics of the animation industry, both indie and mainstream.

No. 1929455

okay cool, they managed to generate the aesthetics of a shot of cheap disney-esque 3D animation, but each one was full of poor movement, none of them were framed particularly well, the lip movements looked like the characters had had a stroke, and the pacing of each clip was shit– I could go on (especially since you know these are the best of the clips they sat there generating and regenerating). I'm not saying AI won't end up being used in animation, but it pisses me off that AI bros and the people making the AI pretend as if the results are actually worthwhile for actual production. This isn't there yet, and it's obvious that it can't make anything truly distinct from the data it's been fed. I also wonder about consistency, considering text based AIs (which have a far simpler job) struggle to maintain a cohesive 'train of thought' across multiple paragraphs of a story.

If the AI crowd want to get me on their side though, they could work out an actually helpful auto-rigger that can work on more than just humans without it becoming painful kek

No. 1929466

why do they all look worried? (in addition to looking legit disabled kek)

No. 1929467

Thinking of the poor underpaid outsourced fucker who has to fix all the errors frame by frame

No. 1929472

exactly kek. "here's our AI animation that we had to (barely) pay a score of people to fix!"
ngl I kinda want to see the timeline and graph editor for a piece of animation like this (not to mention the meshes themselves).

I could see a use case for this being shitty animated adds tbh, but not a show or feature film. Don't think it'd work at all for live action cgi either

No. 1929480

I doubt these people know a lick of animation pipeline. It's more likely it's up to the Fiver/Upwork video editors to come up with whatever resembling a pipeline.

No. 1929482

This is great, I know it's a student film but seeing something with so much heart and pretty nice animation really casts a sharp contrast against all this other garbage and coomshit. The story and premise are simple but it works well because it focuses on what's happening rather than navel-gazing or trying to explain a bunch of lore. I love all the photos of the characters during the credits as well, super cute. Thanks for posting something nice, kek

No. 1929506

this is useless. How do you clean this to make it look good? i understand for 2D animation since it's easier to go back and trace it frame by frame but i legit have no idea how you can fix 3D animation frames.

No. 1929507

The algorithm caught me, I originally clicked on it because of the weirdass thumbnail and I wanted to know what the mouth/eyeball guy was about.

No. 1929512

This is confusing, it feels like satire but I don’t think it’s supposed to be
Also ninjew, lmao

No. 1929516

File: 1700152868746.png (125.48 KB, 1003x708, image.png)

The voice actor for Gumball is beefing with fatass Dream

No. 1929518

overall shitty but considering it was made text to video and less than one minute it's impressive ngl. government should regulate AI soon before it takes everyone's job, not to mention the deepfake porn(sage)

No. 1929525

Is he old enough to drink? I thought he was a kid, kek. Time is flying by too fast

No. 1929532

the prompts were generated into animation in less than one minute (as far as we know), sure, but we also don't know how many times it took to generate something that looked passable for six seconds. It's still going to be a shorter time than making the equivalent animation from scratch, but it's less, idk, worrying that this was apparently their highlight reel for this.

and yeah, there definitely needs to be more regulation, AI is starting to infect everything and it's not going to be pretty if ignored.

No. 1929537

If they really want to sell AI to animators they should try building a "AI Inbetweener" instead. Give animators a piece of software that can read two key frames and auto animate the inbetween frames.

No. 1929538

lmfao what a timeline we live in, gumball telling dream he cant get pussy

No. 1929539

sage for unrelated but how do we bounce back from shit like this as a whole? It feels so bleak to think these are the people who might end up making successful cartoons one day for kids or adults, and considering how soulless companies like disney have become I’m feeling really sad over how an industry that wasn’t taken seriously in the first place is now reduced to horrible AI shit and… this. Of course there are companies like dreamworks and sony that have been doing interesting stuff but seeing how cartoons shape kids it’s fucked up that they will grow up watching soulless cartoons and may come across some retarded animation like this by some porn sick coomer on sites like youtube, I came across things I wasn’t supposed to when I was little on youtube aswell like some dumb parody a brony did but none of them had this much pornographic undertones, at most the horses said fuck. I probably sound like a scared facebook aunt right now but I’m genuinely concerned and sad over what the next generation is gonna grow up on

No. 1929545

Auto-tweened animation looks fucking fugly already, it's uncannily smooth and always has that 00s Flash quality. Unless AI learns to make it "snappy" like a real human would (doubt), it will be redundant.

No. 1929558

i don't have idea why there are no regulations yet? i mean there are people and minors who already have been affected by deep fake porn. what's everyones waiting?????(not saged)

No. 1929564

Sadly theres no way to regulate it since so many AI models and software can be used completely for free and distributed everywhere. To regulate it would be to basically make it illegal and taken off most places which will ofc make the coomers and AItards mad at "muh freedom of speech" and such and boycotts and movements will start but idk.

No. 1929571

i agree, there isnt a big pleb filter than those retro anime openings ''enhaced'' and made smoother with AI. Normies have no taste.

No. 1929572

it should have been regulated before but law makers are fucking retarded. They have been tracking down pedos who make realistic cp with Ai at least.

No. 1929608

Woahh some super generic ugly models with saturated colors and shiny rendering spazzing out in a 2 second clip! AI is so good!

No. 1929611

File: 1700164520133.png (141.81 KB, 526x876, IMG_0442.png)

Here’s dream’s original call-out post.

No. 1929634

Is this mp4 only 3 seconds long for anyone else?

No. 1929635

I imagine she prefers doing the new IP projects as a team rather than alone - I sure as hell know I would. It's not like she can't RUN a show on her own, MLP and the DC Heroes show proved that, but bootstrapping an IP from scratch is a lot more work than that. It just makes sense to do those kind of shows with a partner (Craig being the obvious choice), especially since they're both getting up in age.

No. 1929637

File: 1700168248028.jpg (67.32 KB, 500x500, 1572539328240.jpg)

Oh wow you weren't kidding, she totally is. Thank you also for reminding me we'll never get a Becky Prim series.

No. 1929638

Wikipedia says he’s 20, so no. Pretty bleak that he already has a drinking problem and is getting belligerently drunk in public.

No. 1929641

Can someone explain what the fuck happened here

No. 1929673


No. 1929685

The industry anons are not speaking up but really there is nothing to worry about, indie moids can't pitch and suck at follow through on their connections. Studio usually want to work with established directors and mentally stable people who can hit deadlines. Say what you want about Vizie but she pitch her show and produced a pilot, got the numbers, and the follow through from A24 to have Bento Box animate her show.
In terms of shit content, it will be up to the parents of young children to regulate and allow them to watch weird stuff like Skibidi Toilet but also introduce them to high quality stuff like Kiki's delivery service and Lion King/etc.

No. 1929690

I imagine that big studios are going to heavily invest in AI but in the worst possible way. They've killed off any original IPs, so they can train AI on whatever they want to reboot this time round and get AI to write and sing songs voiced by AI actors. To be fair the writing and character design in animation are so subpar nowadays that AI is probably a step up from whatever genderspecial munchies they'd have hired. AI doesn't spend all day on Twitter shitting itself over cartoons.
But yes, you're right, AI or not, animation is already digging its own grave. AI will only speed up the process.

No. 1929693

Its bittersweet though imo. The current industry will die someday and from the ashes indie studios will replace them and provide a place for artists to use their potential to the fullest instead of wasting away on the next family guy clone. But im just being optimistic here.

No. 1929706

I agree it's pretty ugly. To be fair AI is improving really fast, I couldn't imagine even a generic animation like this being generated so fast just by inputting text even two years ago. I don't doubt it's gonna get better with every year.
It's sad, I feel like art is actually going to be cheapened a lot by higher quality AI mass-production in future.

No. 1929713

i doubt that, it will likely make bottom of the barrel content in animation like isekais, family guy clones, etc obsolete due to how cheap and soulless they are already. And AI doesnt create anything original it bases itself off of already existing stuff and compliles it in a attempt to copy it. So if anything the only content that artists will get btfo from is drawing porn and unfunny netflix level comedy shows.

No. 1929754

Let AI create a movie and see how it competes against humans. Corporate assholes are already destroying cinema with their endless remakes and IP shit, it's not like anything of value will be lost if they get rid of creatives altogether. I hope indie animation, or companies that value art, rise up to kill off these fast food animation corporations.

No. 1929770

I honestly think more TV shows with all female casts are a good thing overall - More female leads that women and girls can see themselves in and less fandoms that worship male characters and analyze every time they blink. It would make browsing fan sites like Tumblr much less of a sausage fest.

My question is why can't we just have a normal girl's show? Why does it have to be poisoned in coom? Why can a friend group of women only be focused on in indie TV shows if they serve as sex objects?

No. 1929845

It's just guessing what the next frame should be, notice how they're all statically staring/back of someone's head. In the superhero clip it's extremely jank.

No. 1929850

He was a child in Hollywood, of course he's gonna drink or do drugs.

No. 1929853

File: 1700202902000.jpg (165.84 KB, 750x1093, Tumblr_l_1083883294342333.jpg)

Zeurel is going to make Monkey Wrench,an indie animated series,into a motion comic due to budget reasons and not being popular.

No. 1929854

File: 1700202940498.jpg (184.87 KB, 750x1219, Tumblr_l_1084052933965742.jpg)

No. 1929859

Honestly I'm not surprised at the decision,the animation community didn't give a shit about Monkey Wrench in the first place.No one talked about it even if Zeurel made it,it didn't seem interesting to me the earthworm jim guy looked really annoying tbh.this is why having an audience is extremely important

No. 1929861

Maybe if Zeurel didn't make the characters so damn ugly, the show would have an audience.

No. 1929862

better and level headed the most Indie creators at least.

No. 1929863

Just QUIT this ugly ass no-audience project and make a new one! Didn't anons point out how online creators have their ONE golden idea that is too spehuuul to die so they don't bother expanding or creating anything new. Looking at you Pan Pizza and Mr.Enter! Probably and million other examples I could reference, Kickstarters that go nowhere but still get a short and plushies scrapped together.

No. 1929864

Shows need to at least be somewhat aesthetically pleasing and have characters that are nice or interesting to look at. Without that, people won’t give your show a chance.

No. 1929872

never heard of that thing until now. says a lot.

No. 1929880

because these things mostly happen to women and the world doesn't care

No. 1929894

That's unfortunate, the style and core idea had potential, but it needed more work on the pacing (especially with the jokes, say what you will about Helluva Boss, but it does keep things snappy and doesn't telegraph a joke's beginning too terribly, which is a problem with a lot of online media– not saying HB's humour is actually good, but it is a useful comparison as a web series) and the writing (too much exposition that didn't need to be there right that second or could have been conveyed visually instead, and again the humour is very… 'online dweeb' and might make a kid laugh, at best). The main character needs work too because his VA's delivery is kinda all over the shop (doesn't sound like he's good at doing the high, nasally voice and he has weird enunciation at points that doesn't feel intentional) and everything he does is too… obvious for his archetype. You know exactly what he's going to do before he does it. This sort of stuff is easiest worked out instead of launching into production, which is a trend for a lot of these indie animated shows– I get the feeling they rarely involve script reads and rewrites, multiple drafts and test animatics, or proper directing of VAs.

There's some really nice character acting (for what it is) and what seems like a well thought out world for all of these characters with existing dynamics to interact in, but it wasn't ready to be as ambitious as it was. Ah well.

No. 1929899

samefagging to add that I meant to complain about the sound design being flat and uninteresting (as well as empty) too, and would you look at that, it was gooseworx's doing. Isn't sound/music that guy's main thing (before TADC)?

No. 1929901

i feel bad for this dude. People like to boast about how we are living in the reinassance era of animation, but unless you are targetting your indie project to the lowest commond denominator of coomer, trannies and kids indie animated projects dont go anywhere.

No. 1929904

kek speaking of e-celebs making cartoons, god they all suck.
>LSMark's cartoon sounds incredibly boring and looks like calarts tom and jerry
>Mr.enter is autistic and his cartoon idea makes no sense
>Pan pizza's cartoon idea got laughed at by genddy and sounds retarded
daftpina's cartoon pilot is the fucking worst by far though, it looks and sounds AI generated. These cartoon critics should spend more time drawing and reading books and less time making 5 hour videos about family guy.

No. 1929908

Premises obviously matters, and some premises have more story potential than others. However, even relatively mediocre premises can create good art if talented people work on them. Take, for example, The Brave Little Toaster, which has a fairly mediocre premise that could have easily resulted in a forgettable film. Instead, it became a cult classic. On the other hand, look at Helluva Boss, which has an interesting premise but is executed incredibly poorly.

No. 1929927

>More female leads that women and girls can see themselves in and less fandoms that worship male characters and analyze every time they blink. It would make browsing fan sites like Tumblr much less of a sausage fest.
This is wishful thinking. Women and girls will gravitate towards content with male characters because part of fandom is expressing and exploring their own sexualities. There's enough media with male leads and fandoms focusing on men to last a century.

>My question is why can't we just have a normal girl's show? Why does it have to be poisoned in coom? Why can a friend group of women only be focused on in indie TV shows if they serve as sex objects?

MLP:FiM WAS on track to be a normal girl's show, but it became treated like a moe girl anime by men and sexualized. Deranged men have money that can be extracted by catering to them.

No. 1929935

There are tons of shows like that already though

No. 1929941

is this a Joke, how can someone have little self awareness to criticize animators for a living and then churn out crap like this.

No. 1929945

holy fuck you weren't lying. the writing is so, so bad, it's overly verbose and thinks it's way smarter and wittier than it actually is, like all terrible online humour. Voice acting is incredibly flat and dead for every character, sounds more like a shitty scripted podcast than an actual show with characters. The visuals are just pathetic, there isn't much to say.

It reminds me of those fan animations putting visuals to a streamer/letsplayer/dnd podcaster's audio, but with all the soul sucked out and even lamer content than someones off-the-cuff bit

No. 1929952

can someone explain how Gooseworx managed to get roles for both music and art. Is there a QRD of this guy's career and relationship with the indie animation community and most importantly how she even got TADC greenlit glitch?

No. 1929956

What exactly did his money and connections come from? And how the hell did he even become popular? Last time his name popped up Jaiden wasn't mentally ill and he just made drama videos, how did he of all people take over the "commentary community" Why do people like cybershill want to associate with him when he has nothing to do with him in the past? I have so many questions.(unsaged double posting)

No. 1929972

gooseworx is a man fyi

No. 1929995

If she's a man then why does she go by she/her pronouns?

No. 1929999

File: 1700237765179.gif (220.37 KB, 500x281, 5B348E4A-10D0-4F0E-A33D-C4C702…)

No. 1930001

Because he’s a degenerate tranny coomer. Many such cases.

No. 1930003

He has his own channel and has been making music and animations on it for years, many of which got pretty popular. It’s not a conspiracy lol he’s actually perfectly qualified to take on a project like this

No. 1930023

Did this anon just discover troons?

I had never heard of this before now so I went and skipped through the pilot and the animation is surprisingly well done. Way better than Hazbin Hotel's pilot for example. I'm surprised it has so little views - you'd think the good animation would carry it a little further in artist circles

No. 1930024

Are you lost?

No. 1930025

I think he probably just hangs around other cartoon reviewers discord servers and befriends them like that. He also was one of the people Cosmo tried to groom so that might be related somehow.

No. 1930044

Apologies if this has been asked before, but why is Helluva Boss getting consistent episodes but Hazbin Hotel was picked up by that production studio? Was that the plan for HH the whole time? I didn't keep up on the production leading up to the pilot dropping, but I remember it was being worked on for a while. I didn't even know there was a second series being worked on. And for that matter, why does HH look so much shittier than HB? That weird, choppy animation that isn't consistent between shots is only present in HH. I'm really curious about the work experience on both of them, since HH was being so hyped up before it released, and then HB just was kinda dumped out afterwards despite looking a million times better.

No. 1930076

Monkey Wrench was always way too ambitious a project for Zeurel. He fell into the classic indie trap of focusing on making a thing, in the hopes that the audience would be there once it was done. Unfortunately the internet doesn't work like that anymore, if you're not constantly pushing yourself into people's feeds people just won't remember you anymore. I hate to say it but the loud-mouths, drama-queens, memers and coomers are the ones who rule media these days, and it's not just in animation. If Vivzie weren't constantly posting and doing stupid shit publicly and pissing people off she'd never have the following she does. Zeurel's too normal to gain an audience in today's drama-addicted ecosystem, it's why Lindsay Small-Butera is all but forgotten now, too.

No. 1930097

So this is Magnifico's full villain song.

No. 1930105

Not even a minute in and I hate it, this song has no identity of it's own and forgettable as fuck. It's a combination of different popular movie songs and it doesn't even hide that it's You're Welcome 2.0 with it's title, the guy can't even sing. I have to agree with the top comment: "This doesn't even sound like a villain song
This sounds like a millennial talking to their dog"

No. 1930110

i refuse to watch that film but really? they're just glowing blue orbs? that's so lame and uncreative. geez it's a kids movie, hire some designers, make it wacky, live a little…

No. 1930113

sounds like the music they play when you're on hold for a phone call gosh its so boring

No. 1930115

I'm confused, does that mean that users on lolcow are all degenerate tranny coomers because they go by she/her too?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1930131

NTA but I think you're very badly lost- the difference between the average lolcow user and Gooseworx is that Gooseworx is a man with a penis with a lobotomy fetish

No. 1930140

She doesn't deserve it just on merits of being a woman, she says vile racebaiting shit I would expect to hear out of the most vindictive scrotes. Sucks that only TiMs are being recognized as 'female' cartoonists lately, though.

No. 1930141

There's a difference between a performative act and calling yourself something and actually being that thing. Nobody here 'goes by' she/her. They just are. Tranny.

No. 1930142

Kek, I remember that from the juststop video. Her parents even told Mick that they were happy she dumped Mark because he was an autistic manchild and they even thought it was weird that their daughter dated a child and not someone her age.
That shit ain't ever coming out. He keeps rewriting it because everyone on /co/ makes fun of it constantly and shat on the leaked storyboards and the fact that he's so uncreative that he ASKS other artists to design simple characters so he can botch them with his art style.
Mark and Veronica want to work on a mascot horror game too. So he's gonna juggle a shit ton of projects that will stay unfinished. At least the people working for him are most likely making the easiest dime of their lives

No. 1930144

As another nonnie said; he makes 6 hour white noise vids for zoomers to consume as background noise. His videos are the equivalent to popcorn. He makes money from doing "I watched this whole series" reviews and I don't think the idiot realizes that if he does it constantly, he'll run out of things to do or make. Mentioning back to how he has all this money, he's only making the cartoon to prove he can make it. He doesn't actually give a fuck about making a genuine cartoon. He's only doing it as a big "fuck you" to people who say he can't.

Mark's the type of dude who would get "revenge" by wasting his time in the most Seinfeld-esque way ever. This dork is gonna get laughed at for his shit pilot, if it EVER comes out.(unsaged doubleposting)

No. 1930145

lol tranny

No. 1930149

Speaking of music, does anyone think the ending song/main theme is really bad? It somehow sounds both too weird but also the most generic and bland shit I've ever heard.(sage your shit)

No. 1930152

>At least the people working for him are most likely making the easiest dime of their lives
What I wanna know is how two perma-losers that are toxic and have burned bridges with everybody in their lives have the ability to hire people to work for them. Where are they getting the money from, is one of them rich?

No. 1930157

Doublepost, oh I see. I didn't realize LS Mark was that popular. Isn't Veronica ashamed of so blatantly hopping from one guy with online clout to the next, making it obvious that's the ONLY thing she cares about, to the point where she's MARRIED to a fucking child? I cannot adequately express the amount of disgust I feel towards Veronica.

No. 1930169

How do these people find their way here to this thread specifically? Is someone linking to it?

No. 1930176

I assumed they were looking for /co/ or something

No. 1930258

Monkey Wrench?more like Monkey Stench!

No. 1930261

i was right btw.
https://twitter.com/INDIGO__series/status/1725082146442813637(unsaged / this is an imageboard)

No. 1930262

replied to wrong post lol >>1928727

No. 1930265

For a minute there, this image made me think that Holly Brown was apart of this project.

No. 1930275

why every western media is so souless(learn to sage)

No. 1930277


No. 1930284

>Purple third eye
Wow, I'm so excited for Steven Undertale Nightvale Train. I love it when things lack any originality and are entirely comprised of recycled content.

No. 1930291

The U.S. is a gerontocracy. Members of congress aren't going to make laws on deepfakes when they can barely figure out how to use Facebook.

No. 1930300

Ugh, how can you stand these two? They're both incredibly obnoxious, like their brains never matured past age fourteen.

No. 1930305

File: 1700276578424.png (19.41 KB, 1829x1370, ExLiy7wUUAQwW17.png)

YWNBM: You Will Never Be Mettaton.

No. 1930331

File: 1700282928597.jpeg (1.07 MB, 2000x1127, IMG_0452.jpeg)

Bryan lee O’Malley is annoying.

He shit all over what the audience wanted for Scott Pilgrim. He based Scott on himself and a few years after the movie came out he and his wife got a divorce. keeping that information in mind you can imagine what happens in the new show that was released today. the new show is a cope and seethe piece for his divorce. Tried to hard to be subversive only for it to fall on its face

No. 1930336

i have never watched scott pilgrim because it impressed itself on me as retard moid masturbatory material so as someone with higher hopes than myself i must ask: i’m seeing a lot of ‘lol this anime is so queer and horny!’ how do you feel about the way the lesbian characters are handled? (i think one of them is named kim. again, i’ve never seen it kek)

No. 1930341

I unfathomably hate Scott Pilgrim and never got why people liked the comic when Scott's being an entitled asshole. So I'll believe you there.

No. 1930343

I hate the fucking weeaboo japanese opening, why not use the actual movie songs? I get its an 'anime' but ffs is Toronto in Japan? Also ew that lesbian kiss with the drool in that art style gave me the creeps

No. 1930354

The story is literally an incel self-insert moid power fantasy jerk off fest.

A broke piece of shit nerdling who has a minor GF(knives who is also a trope by not only being a minor but is also asian) cheats on her for a literal marysue manic pixie dreamgirl (Ramona) who is totally aloof but then falls for him because he's SOOOO unique and interesting! but he has to fight (and somehow defeats) a bunch of 'chads' (and one chick who they literally say that Ramona dated because of a 'phase' aka what all incels think of bisexual/lesbian women) who are all actually successful adults who have jobs and lives, but Scott is totally so much better than all of them despite being a literal deadbeat loser.

But he's a nerd and is in a band so that redeems all of his literal dog shit behavior!!! (I hope the sarcasm is noted)

No. 1930359

This should've stayed back in 2010 and never left

No. 1930360

If it's dream it's deserved he is such a loser

No. 1930366

I just said this in the TIM thread, but SPVTW is very lib"left" pre-trans craze. All the spicy straights who are calling it "queer" now were basic geeky heterosexuals who thought that it was revolutionary for "normalizing geek culture" a decade ago. Not much has changed, except those people all got way more annoying and are coopting social justice language and slurs that don't apply to them instead of just admitting they're consumerist nerds with poor social skills.

No. 1930370

izzy's videos are fun and cute tbh

No. 1930408

Just watching the trailers for the movie that was released back in my days would make me roll my eyes.
Exactly, I’m sick of remakes, at this point it’s better to just do literally anything else than consume media at all.
Like seriously, if it isn’t catering to gendercult shit, it’s devoid of any personality or interesting ideas for the sake of not being too crazy so companies don’t lose money after producing the most mind-numbing bullshit.
I know this is just me preaching to the choir but what’s even the point of creating media even? Everything needs to get desperately hooked to some pre-existing IP from any past decade, if you don’t want your shit to flop, then you must add some TQWERTY bullshit even if you don’t really want to, even if your story has nothing to do with that, if for some reason you don’t have any of those things, you’re either a TQWERTY yourself or you use the faint essence of past decades and scream every 5 seconds “IT’S A REFERENCE TO SOMETHING FROM INSERT DECADE!!!! IT’S SO QUIRKY!!!” Or you add some unnecessary political commentary that literally nobody gives a fuck about and if anything, everyone is sick off already.
>inb4 be the change you want to see
Not everyone is a writer or animator or just has the contacts to just get up and say “I got an Idea!!!!” Because as I’ve noticed, animation circles and companies are just teeny tiny clubs full of scared people that are afraid of losing their money, which is valid I guess, and it’s honestly smart to just recycle stuff because in the end, to a child, animated Cinderella will be the same thing that live action Cinderella is, and that child will want to wear the dress and buy the toys, same as Spider-Man for boys and whichever dead horse companies can keep on beating forever.
Idk, I’m not even frustrated or mad even, it’s more like I’m just disappointed because with how technology has been supposedly advancing, you would expect to see some really crazy and cool new things, like more movies that are clearly made to enjoy with 4D technology, or maybe movies with graphics that look
better on these weird ass curved TVs, make the screen of the cinema curved too even, or VR direct movies where the characters make you follow the plot with them idk, things that wouldn’t necessarily work with plots that everyone already knows of.
So yeah, I’m done with movies and series, it’s like being in a constant groundhog day where all we can do is laugh at the new additions like not so undercover fetishes and cringe dialogues.

No. 1930416

The guy can't fucking sing, his voice is so damn grating. I can't get over the character's design either, he's very very ugly. I hate that he looks old because of the grey hair. I hate that he has thick eyelashes (they don't fit him at all), I hate the dreamworks tier grin and quirky accent and "funny" moments he has even during his "villain" song. Just how did they come up with this shit?

No. 1930439

File: 1700314897648.gif (2.18 MB, 268x268, IMG_0455.gif)

To be fair Scott in the beginning got dumped by Envy and regressed so hard he dated a high schooler because it was “easier” all his friends did judge him and then told him to leave her. Knives is a victim but I’m glad their relationship didn’t go further than what is shown. At the end of SP he does get a job at a vegan cafe and grows up. Ramona was always running away from her problems and would essentially ghost her exes. The league of exes makes her confront her past.

One thing I really liked about knives in the reimagining is she became a really good musician learning bass and piano in a few hours. Unfortunately she ends up joining Scott’s band as the keyboardist.

No. 1930442


>She doesn't deserve it just on merits of being a woman

Not the anon you're responding to but she deserve it on the merit of being a talented cartoonist who make appealing character designs and content that children, especially girls can relate to. I think her and other talented creative deserve the opportunity to make original content. Her witch show pitch looked adorable and it suck that this original project was canned while big corpo push for more nostalgia-bait remakes and safe generic content. I don't follow her on social media so I have no idea what kind of race bait shit she said.(learn to sage)

No. 1930445

fr ramona was given such pretty roster of exes i need some fanart of her with her harem kek(derailing)

No. 1930477

Yeah. Wish a link was posted, I want to see the redundant depths of AI slop.

No. 1930478

Scott and Ramona are supposed to be jerks. O'Malley has said outright that Scott and Ramona aren't good people. Because the movie was made before the comic was finished, the plot ends prematurely, ostensibly rewarding the characters for being assholes. The characters' arcs are more fully realized in the comic. Also, Michael Cera is fine in the role of Scott, but I think he's a little too dorky and likeable.

No. 1930484

I would argue the story is pretty much against the notion of Scott Pilgrim being someone admirable or cool, it's the stupid moids that latched onto the character what ruined the perception of the movie with people. Also, fuck the scrotes that shit on Ramona Flowers as if Scott didn't also ruin a generation of man

No. 1930492

this this this 100%. it’s the same for bojack, rick sanchez, and the entire gang from it’s always sunny—none of these people are endearing, none of them are meant to be looked up to, and every single one of their creators have clearly said that they’re horrible people. it honestly isn’t o’malley’s fault that moids latch onto any red flag they relate to.

No. 1930505

I think they tried too hard to make Scott likeable in this one. It's like they were too afraid to let him fuck up and have zoomies hate the character. It's weird the lessons that future scott and ramona learn are literally what they learn in the comic but they previously learned those lessons so what was the point?

No. 1930521

this looks so fun and cute i hate the state of modern western cartoons

No. 1930529

File: 1700330932460.jpg (254.92 KB, 1261x862, Untitled.jpg)

it really looks like what vivziepop wishes she could draw and design like.

alas, modern cartoons are made with the intent of curating a fanbase, and must be "sexy" or appealing to coomers in some way, lauren faust is too skilled and creative and pure for this current world.

No. 1930550

I think it's more he got old and stopped being pessimistic. It's like every character got redeemed in this one. Scott Pilgrim and Ramona was just him venting about how much he hates the toronto hipster scene kek

No. 1930580

>uploaded almost a month ago
>not even 1mil views
i am so happy this shit is flopping

No. 1930584

>to the point where she's MARRIED to a fucking child
god, i hate when people call 20yo moids childs.

No. 1930593

men are mentally stunted and basically children until at least 30

No. 1930595

File: 1700344109292.jpeg (123 KB, 1182x1106, IMG_0149.jpeg)

Anyone else watching the Nicolas Cantu (Gumballs old VA) fight with Dream? I’ll give a summary

>Cantu interacts with parody dream account calling him a pedo (because he is)

>Dream calls him out for assault, racism, and being rude to an Uber driver
>Cantu admits to all except racism
>Everyone sides with Cantu bc Dream is a known liar and groomer
>Dream drops a video of the Uber ride,
>Cantu is being a little dickhead to ths driver, calls dream a faggot, asks dream if he’s Jewish for being greedy
>Dream also drops fake texts with the uber driver (driver has iPhone in video, Dreams texts have green)
>Time during all of this, Cantu was 19, 3 years under the drinking age
>Dream held onto the video of underage Cantu being a dickhead for years until Cantu “betrayed” him, and he posted it publicly
>Cantu has yet to comment

Never thought I’d watch a VA beef with a Minecraft YouTuber but it’s funny

No. 1930596

File: 1700344135109.jpeg (78.82 KB, 1178x770, IMG_0150.jpeg)

No. 1930597

File: 1700344186125.jpeg (728.09 KB, 1242x1956, IMG_0151.jpeg)

No. 1930598

File: 1700344223957.jpeg (47.6 KB, 579x1253, IMG_0147.jpeg)

Screenshots with subtitles from the video, full video here


No. 1930599

File: 1700344253939.jpeg (7.14 KB, 259x194, 29yearold.jpeg)

Cradle robbers are relentless.

No. 1930600

File: 1700344260259.jpeg (48.05 KB, 579x1253, IMG_0148.jpeg)

No. 1930602

This was already posted upthread

No. 1930603

No they're not they choose to be incompetent because we all coddle them. Women do not mature faster than men, they are just raised to take responsibility more.

No. 1930604

honestly veronica should have gone for a cuter 20yo. mark already hit the wall at 20, he's fat and ugly as shit now.

No. 1930611

Sure, but this time way more information was provided.

No. 1930617

File: 1700347315361.png (1.63 MB, 1652x993, men age like milk.png)

samefagging. Remember to never marry a moid, once you settle they feel comfortable and let themselves go. Even someone like veronica doesnt deserve such a fat piggy husbando.

No. 1930652

Oh no… that's really bad kek. That should be grounds for divorce

No. 1930661

Oh god

No. 1930663

>let themselves go
I feel someone like Mark would be too autist to "let himself go" ie I don't think a guy with that Sonic shelf and that reviews cartoons for a living would have the social awareness to purposefully work on himself to be attractive.
My bet is on this being the result of not living with his parents anymore, so they can't tell him to not eat mcdonals five days a week and make him proper meals every day.

No. 1930693

Late to the party here but this is absolute aids

No. 1930730

How are we feeling about Invincible season 2 so far? I feel like the story is kind of slow.(sage your shit)

No. 1930733

I feel kinda bad for veronica in that way. None of the guys that are her type will maintain anything for her the way she will for them.

No. 1930744

Personally I'm liking it. I'm loving the reactions from the people on the timeline

No. 1930747

She’s a pickme freak, a cheater, an alcoholic, and old enough to know better. She deserves the situation she’s in. I’d rather waste my sympathy points on Panpizza’s brainwashed gendie gf and other women who are still young and stupid with less life experience.

No. 1930755

i think hes hot as fuck now. ban me

No. 1930756

That part was actually really funny kekk

No. 1930762

isn't veronica in her 30s?? 20 year old moids still have the mentality of high schoolers. and he's fat and ugly. she needs to get some self respect. I doubt his clout is even that big.

No. 1930771

I can only assume your just as gross as he is kek

No. 1930772

Oney was similar though if you want to talk about mentalities

No. 1930780

all moids are retarded. i think she's based for going for a younger moid instead of being those women who settle for men 20 years older. Too bad mark hit the wall extra early

No. 1930806

It's following the comic and I think it's improving it by removing some of the dated aspects(some of the gay jokes and making the female characters less sexualized)

No. 1930812

Who cares about what arbitrary mental age males in their 20's have, women shouldn't have to settle for post-wall moids who, by the way, are not more mature at all. If a male was not mature in his 20's he won't be mature in his 30's, just uglier and lazier. This one she's with is already fucking post-wall so she should find another 20 year old to marry.

No. 1930820

>bloated gut

No. 1930872

File: 1700414786807.jpg (16.12 KB, 624x468, 072cff7e5b5730ce23ee380113dc60…)

I don't understand how moids can get so fat? My dad managed to lose like 20 pounds in just a month by simply cutting out beer and taking daily walks. That's all it took, male metabolism is the one thing I feel gander envy for.

No. 1930877

But women love "dad bods", it's ok for men to turn into slobs.

No. 1930898

Men are generally taller, they burn more calories just to keep their organs working. So when a 5'2 woman says "I eat the same as my bf but gain weight!" It's because her bf is 6 inches taller. It's so easy for men to gain muscle to, life's unfair.

No. 1930912

You may as well envy gorillas.

No. 1930943

File: 1700429542435.jpg (32.76 KB, 509x250, 5494469-3076b642b7064f1e892168…)

No. 1930946

File: 1700429678358.png (67.26 KB, 747x460, 1700413752645.png)

No. 1930951

So she’s admitting she did a bait and switch.

No. 1930970

>pilots are meant to be a foundation
Pilots are meant as a pitch for a show's concept to both producers and audiences. Things like character designs and personalities can change between the pilot and official release of a show, but changing the entire tone or genre between the pilot and official release of a show is generally considered dishonest and bad practice. Viv is either a bad writer who lacks the discipline needed to maintain consistency, or a liar who deliberately mismarketed her show to trick people who wouldn't have otherwise been interested in HB into supporting her. In a worst case scenario, she may even be both.

No. 1931004

File: 1700437807564.gif (1.02 MB, 475x498, 1000005486.gif)

Thank you nonny, this was so cathartic to read. Basically just confirms every reason for why I've hated this detestable story. Also I'm a firm believer it helped paved the way for bringing the shitty Calarts Style we see in animation today

No. 1931008

Women have been abused and conditioned to accept mediocrity, it's not on them

No. 1931021

File: 1700440023344.png (106.36 KB, 731x821, Screenshot_1.png)

Here's on the HH pilot

No. 1931025

We will have to check back in on her after it premieres to see if she still claims this.

No. 1931027

File: 1700440284209.jpg (284.03 KB, 1080x1440, Screenshot_20231119_172355_X.j…)

It's been nearly 2 months and no update on Ang from her "EOL" caretaker" since early October other than vague sentiments. I'm not a expert but if Ang couldn't reach food by herself as she claimed at the time of her posts, wouldn't she have died by now? Can't shake off the feeling this is just a elaborate ploy for attention again and she'll be asking for money again any time soon.

No. 1931052

i never said women have to settle or that 30 year old moids are better. calm down and eat something, susan.

No. 1931060

It's incredible that anyone falls for this shit.

No. 1931063

What do you mean, nona? It's completely believable. Anyways, can I have one thousand dollars to pay for one last good day and then euthanasia? I am dying of Munchausen syndrome. The pain is unbearable.

No. 1931093

Finally its becoming acceptable to say such things. I remember being absolutely shit on by my friends for not liking the movie. I abhorred the casting, also the cringe editing. Literally the kind of thing that would be laughed out of the room if it was made today. The comic was alright, I always chalked liking it up to being young and susceptible to anything of that ilk. I thought Seconds was better. It felt more adult and actually had a pretty to the point story about not being able to change the past.

No. 1931098

this is the pedophile, right?

No. 1931107

Viz try not to be retarded challenge

No. 1931109

Not milk but this movie is suppose to come out on the 22nd here and I know it’s gonna be awful. I’m also seething that there has been zero good non woke animated movies with a lead black women, except maybe The Princess and The Frog. It’s embarrassing.

No. 1931114

File: 1700461130489.jpeg (89.2 KB, 1200x600, IMG_2475.jpeg)

Kek I don’t know how my retard ass fucked up so badly but I forgot the pic. Im talking about Disney’s “Wish”.

No. 1931116

yea if anything i enjoy it as a 2009 2010 time capsule since I was in high school then and it captures a lot of people i knew and pop culture from that time strangely authentically. but it is a lot like the breakfast club where it can be incredibly off putting and tiresome especially if you have no connection to that time nostalgically. it didn't need a remake at all tbh yea. should just be in the past save for a recommend to zoomers with a "2000s retro" obsession with a content warning for pedo shit

No. 1931118

File: 1700462050934.jpg (590.97 KB, 3478x1657, 1700414572692837.jpg)

I think the worst part is that it's not egregiously horrible or so-bad-its-good, it just terribly mediocre.
And they published and entire book of better ideas from the concept phase and didn't go with any of them!

No. 1931119

File: 1700462399388.gif (70.81 KB, 640x360, IMG_8275.gif)

I have comfy memories of reading the comics back in 2010 when I was 23 years old
>tfw 1997 was as far away from 2010 as 2010 is to now

No. 1931121

File: 1700462743572.jpg (757.02 KB, 720x4971, Wish.jpg)

Taken from the other farms. If this meta shit is true, I'm going to scream.

No. 1931125

File: 1700463789902.png (1.02 MB, 828x821, IMG_2049.png)

It’s getting slammed by critics, I know Disney has been on a bad streak lately but I can’t believe this was the best they could do for their big 100th anniversary film. It must have been a mess in development. >>1931118 would have been fun and thrown back to the Genie from Aladdin since this movie is supposed to be all about nostalgic references to their past films but I guess shoving in 7 characters who get nothing to do to have as a Snow White easter egg was more important
Idk about the last bit but a friend who saw an early screening said that the end credits feature a million character cameos, including ones that no one cares about like the cows from Home on the Range, lol.

No. 1931128

You’re telling me that the story could’ve had a cute boy with the cute princess (idc if they’re just friends in the end) but they gave more importance to a comedic relief ugly ass goat and they turned the pretty boy into a marketable plushie?

No. 1931130

Saw Wish preview this weekend.
The King is absolutely an insane narc. Everything in the reddit post frames it ad 'woe! The king did nothing wrong! He SIMPLY wanted to protect his people! Everyone turned against him and he was just trying to restore "order" with his spellbook.'
He is a straight up NPD clusterbee maniac who holds people's wishes over their heads to soft power control the kingdom, blackmails and lies about everything, and is easily corrupted by magic. He is mean to everyone, and even with seemingly unlimited magical powers he every woman in the story overpowers him with bookcases, long-winded questions, mice, and songs. Men be seething. Let woman have their power fantasy (Asha isn't a princess but other than that it's a power fantasy).

No. 1931151

File: 1700474845147.jpeg (99.8 KB, 750x390, IMG_2288.jpeg)

Sage because this is old, but Thurop Van Orman’s (creator of Flapjack) son who played live action Flapjack in the finale is trans now. I found out because Thurop’s Wikipedia lists him as having two daughters. His twitter is almost entirely TRA posts, specifically supporting child transition. His son was named Leif and now goes by Blossom. Just very depressing all around.

No. 1931164

This is so fucking bleak.

No. 1931173

We'll have to see it when it comes out then kek. I do believe the reddit faggots are playing up how innocent the king is, but I also believe that he's a pathetic villain and the protagonists don't really have a good enough reason to appear good and go against him without looking like assholes themselves. The whole concept of "it's unfair that not every wish can be granted" is just… wrong, and not something you want to put into a kids' movie and spin as the right thing to do.

No. 1931175

blossom like the powerpuff girl? kek. awful name.

No. 1931181

It's weird, jn my country there haven't been any ads or posters for the movie. Doesn't Disney usually advertise very strongly? I doubt normies even know about it

No. 1931183

File: 1700484107083.jpeg (617.05 KB, 750x1191, IMG_2306.jpeg)

I can’t tell exactly when his son began transitioning because Thurop went back and edited almost all his old instagram posts referring to him as “she”, “her”, and “Blossom” (unless he has been referring to his son as a girl since 2013, which would be even worse). He turned 18 in June of this year, so he was definitely a child when it started. He’s still credited as “Leif” in Angry Birds 2, which came out in 2019 when he was 14, so my guess is he was trooned between 14 and 17.
Yeah Thurop was a storyboard artist and co-writer on PPG

No. 1931200

Imagine spending considerable amounts of time and effort to retcon every mention you've made about your child on social media to be about a completely different child that you don't actually have, just because your kid developed sexist delusions and you have somehow been convinced that the most ethical response to that is complete validation of said delusions.

No. 1931202

Oh no this is so sad. Thurop always seemed like a sweet guy so of course he's fully leaning into this. Fucking bleak, man

No. 1931204

Why do they always choose such weird cartoonish names? Do you guys know anyone named “Blossom”? Kek

No. 1931205

TSMT. Back in college everyone wanted me to watch the Cera movie and I was pissed by the odd glorification of "nerdy guy"/incel culture that seemed to spring up during the early 2010's. This and Big Bang Theory did to moids and NLOGs what The Birth of a Nation did for the Klan a hundred years ago.

No. 1931206

I had a few youtube ads. I haven’t watched cable tv in almost a decade so I don’t know if there are ads on tv.

No. 1931211

OT but Blossom was an uncommon, yet kind of known, name back in the 19th century. Kind of like River as a name today, or Rainbow in the '60s. Of course it's not the 19th century anymore, but kids these days have even more diverse and unusual names than back then. Probably most kids won't care and will see it like Violet or Daisy.

No. 1931244

Thurop Van Orman is the only man I know of who has a ridiculously high natural voice, and he was the VOICE of Flapjack. He even wrote a song about himself that was featured in the show called 'The Man with a Little Girl's Voice.'

No. 1931246

I hate this. I remember how cool Thurop was back when he was on Deviantart, being super nice to his fans and even favoriting terrible hate art of Flapjack. Now he has a tranny son. Fucking terrible.

No. 1931268

When I first saw Flapjack I was 100% sure that Flapjack was voiced by a woman.

Same, and I really enjoyed the show and its humor. I hate that this tranny shit is absolutely everywhere now

No. 1931350

That song was in the episode Something’s a Miss where Flapjack thinks he needs to get dangerous surgery to change his voice because people mistake him as a girl. It ends with Flapjack being happy that Dr. Barber could tell he was actually a boy (because he’s a doctor) and he becomes accepting of his voice, as his voice is a boy voice because he’s a boy. Flapjack had a ton of jokes that would be considered transphobic today, like 6:30 of vid related.
Flapjack was such a cool GNC character. You’d think the creator of that would understand the whole trans thing is BS. He probably supports fans who headcanon Flapjack as trans now.

No. 1931427

File: 1700542877549.jpg (66.27 KB, 661x373, 20231120_220314.jpg)

Toonhive made a tweet about the Ang situation (based on a youtube video with one sub lmfao) but deleted it after the person mentioned in the second half threatened to sue for libel and now proshippers are having a hissy fit because they won't "speak for victims"

No. 1931435

whose jane?

No. 1931441

I bet she's not even dead.

No. 1931443

File: 1700544810253.jpg (297.92 KB, 1080x1440, Screenshot_20231120_223017_X.j…)

MTF who knew Ang and left her like most of Ang's other friends after finding out she drew shota on a separate account. He made a thread defending himself which Toonhive ended up rting after they retracted the statements.

No. 1931447

This case keeps getting more convoluted kek. Does the TIM have a history of being an incel or neonazi? IIRC Ang was at least popular on 4chan, and TIMs in that circle are even more likely to have had an alt-right "phase" than the standard TIM, who is already likely to be a hate-filled totalitarian.

No. 1931450

The "exposé" video apparently claimed that she died in late September but that's only when she stopped posting. There's no proof to say she's dead but they keep insisting on it and calling it a full blown murder. Its almost like they want her dead so they can use her death in internet arguments with teenagers that have no social life.

No. 1931451

File: 1700546894944.jpg (200.46 KB, 960x1792, 20231120_230856.jpg)

He has a thread on the farms along with a fairly traceable internet trail on him. Funny to see pre tra sition pics and then photos with Ang. https://kiwifarms.net/threads/james-jimmy-thomas-adam-jane-adam-meowtaindeww-meowtaindeww_-whowantsstancakes-doodladoo.65066/

No. 1931454

"Some mentally ill degenerate killed themself (citation needed) after being called a mentally ill degenerate, and that's why we should be able to be as deranged and perverted as we want without any criticism" sure is a common argument these days.

No. 1931456

File: 1700548312655.jpeg (1.64 MB, 1170x1969, IMG_2057.jpeg)

Holy shit, that’s Lifeonthefastjane, he’s friends with one of my personal animation industry cows, Malcolm Thomas, a NGMI orbiter wannabe who has literally never improved his art and constantly whines about struggling to find work, lol.
Go figure that Jane’s clique is full of some of the biggest autists in the industry.

No. 1931458


I wanna know more about this Malcom Thomas character but also could someone do a basic summary of the drama with Ang and stuff I cannot find any videos about it or anything maybe im retarded and not using the right search terms though, idk

No. 1931463

TLDR Ang Vondra is animator that worked on Mighty Magiswords and other miscellaneous projects. Around 2019-2020 She got caught with a alt account where she posted shotacon and that whole situation blacklisted her from the industry and made most of her friends leave her. Now Ang's claiming because she doesn't have access to healthcare (she can't get a job) she's going to let herself die though that's been extremely vague last.
Keep in mind she claims to have several chronic illnesses and that she was professionally diagnosed with DID. She's also been known to suibait and then leave her followers in the dust only to come back to beg for money and make wild claims that aliens had abducted her on two separate occasions so yeah she's quite the cow kek

No. 1931464

OH! She's HandsomeHugs?? I've heard about her here and there in past threads, thank you Anon. So she's doing some elaborate suibait because she couldnt stop being cringe on twitter? kek thats great

No. 1931465

File: 1700551230156.jpeg (1.78 MB, 1170x1974, IMG_2060.jpeg)

Maybe he’s just a cow to me but I know enough people in industry circles to be familiar with him because he’s a spergy animation fanboy who orbits anyone who’s ever worked professionally. He has no understanding of fundamentals or draftsmanship but is delusional enough to believe that he’s eventually going to land a steady industry job because people like Kyle and Nico Colaleo take pity on him and occasionally hire him for cleanup work on their projects. I’m fascinated by people that draw for this long and plan their whole careers around art only to NEVER improve.

No. 1931467

File: 1700551928732.jpg (484.53 KB, 1189x1600, Resume226.jpg)

Damn, nonnie, no wonder you think of him as a cow, his portfolio is full of garbage. His portfolio really does depress me but puts a fire under my ass, makes me wanna study kek

No. 1931473

is she the one that made that weird LoudHouse rape comic?

No. 1931489

Oh shit. Does anyone remember an animated pilot on Youtube where Jesus, Ganesh, and maybe Buddha are stoner roommates? And the pilot involves them going to jail? I watched it years ago but this just reminded me.

No. 1931494

File: 1700563823094.png (957.41 KB, 1406x1425, 1602745853980.png)

He's disgusting and racist kek

No. 1931508

4tran strikes again. The percentage of TIMs who weren't edgy incels at any point in their lives must be astonishingly low.

No. 1931513

>racist is brown IRL
every fucking time.

No. 1931521

is it a requirement to be ugly and fat to be part of the modern animation circle?

No. 1931551

This is how women talk!

No. 1931583

it certainly explains the preponderance of blobby melted-looking character designs these days, doesn't it

No. 1931584

She only drew Loud House on commission so I'd make a guess this is not the person you're thinking of. Ang was more infamous for drawing Frankie/Mac from Foster's Home and Ace/Gaz from Ballmasterz. Her bread and butter was mostly straight shota with other misc degen fetishes.

No. 1931594

he's white nonna, see >>1931451

No. 1931596

Lol that’s Ang? She looks exactly like I expected her to

No. 1931600

File: 1700582766640.png (63.3 KB, 579x570, htx4dwy9iy0c1.png)

Vivziepop claims the Helluva Boss pilot is no longer canon.

No. 1931610

This woman is so allergic to criticism of any kind that it's hilarious seeing how far she'll go to avoid it

No. 1931612

all because a few semi-viral tweets claimed that the characters are so far from removed from what they were like in the pilot, which is true btw.

No. 1931615

The characters were like-able in the pilot and the idea of having wacky demons running a wacky company was fun and interesting. What is even going on in the show now?

No. 1931619

This >>1931494
is a white man are your eyes broken?

No. 1931621

my mistake, I guess I have seen so many racists turn out to be brown IRL that now it's my default assumption.

No. 1931624

File: 1700587355317.png (57.52 KB, 1352x956, Helluvaboss 4chan.png)

>What is even going on in the show now?
it's the sad imp can't spit it out show. also they're barely putting the most popular character in any more

No. 1931635

This was made by a moid, but I don't think even fujos like this crap, the gay male ships are too sentimental and just so wishy-washy.

No. 1931636

and ugly as sin too

No. 1931640

The pilot episode is the only one that actually made me chuckle. “What the fuck is insurance?!” etc. and all of the other fish-out-of-water jokes with the demons coming up to earth for their hit jobs was a funny concept. Now it’s just the Sad Gay Imp show.

No. 1931652

Either this woman wants to avoid being wrong at all costs ("you just misanderstood!!!lol") or she genuinely has no idea how animation works, which would make sense seeing as she has horrible writing and pacing skills, doesn't know how to design characters for animation, doesn't know how composition works and probably doesn't even have the story planned out. Now she doesn't know that a pilot is used to pitch the general concept of the show, and that it shouldn't change once the show starts off (things that can change are designs, voices, some character aspects or details).

No. 1931660

ntayrt he looks latino to me

No. 1931669

Sounds like he's clinging onto the "it's who you know not what you know" line of thinking.

No. 1931671

File: 1700596394235.png (1.28 MB, 1268x710, Screen Shot 2023-11-21 at 11.4…)

OK SO - After some apprehension, I just watched the first few episodes of Scott Pilgrim Takes Off and I actually really like it. It turns out it's a different, more introspective story from the comics and the movie and I recommend giving it a chance.

SPOILER: There's a big twist at the end of the first episode, and the story takes over from Ramona's perspective as she confronts her exes herself and reflects upon her relationships. I found it really refreshing. Also, apparently the show is making the fanboy moids seethe, which is an added bonus for me, kek.

No. 1931673

was this animated by a japanese studio? it looks really nice

No. 1931677

I really hate this slightly rough/ sketchy lineart style some japanese tv animation studios are going for these days.

No. 1931679

I love the art. It looks really cute. Too bad it's scott pilgram

No. 1931685

Yes, Science Saru

Your taste is bad

No. 1931693

File: 1700599555717.png (260.81 KB, 532x407, zedpijkgvm351.png)

tbf characters are changed from their pilot versions all the time. Sometimes, the changes are more drastic then Helluva Boss. For example, in Avtar Toph was originally planned to be a masculine adult man. This was the plan until one of the writers pointed out that it was weird to have a grown adult man in the main cast with teenagers and all the issues that might present. Additionally, the episodes of him training Aang come across as abusive. Therefore, they went in the completely opposite direction and made that character into a blind little girl,

No. 1931696

Was that even a pilot thing with avatar? I thought it was just the concept art?

No. 1931697

science saru has always been known for its more experimental artstyle and for collabing with western studios like cartoon network.

No. 1931698

File: 1700599822479.png (694.81 KB, 914x656, Screen Shot 2023-03-02 at 6.40…)

I tapped out after episode 4. But I never liked Scott Pilgrim outside of the game. Painfully boring, hardly any jokes, ost is lacking. The show has an identity crisis because I'm not sure what it's trying to be. Fight scenes could have been amazing and are barely worth the slog. Also has some odd choices on voice acting, one of the characters just mumbles/slurs and I often don't know wtf he just said. Doesn't help that all of the characters are so boring and forgettable while trying to have this deep esoteric story.

No. 1931699

>This idea made its way into the unaired pilot episode's opening sequence and as the shadowed earthbender (which was confirmed by the creators to be Toph's "prototype") in the opening sequence

No. 1931734

That’s probably due to the cast all reprising their roles from the movie despite most of them having zero experience voice acting. I’m still enjoying it so far though, and I think Mary Elizabeth win stead is a standout.

No. 1931785

I was relieved that they used the original voices including MEW's deep-ish voice. It would be insufferable if they had squeaky, gasping uwu anime voices

No. 1931862

i like that they are finally moving past the pin thin lifeless lines i fucking hate them

No. 1931888

Has Welcome to Hell been discussed here?I want to know what everyone thinks about it.to me it's just some boring fujobait that's probably never going to be finished
For something thats about hell is sure is lackluster so is the cast of characters.

No. 1931902

I think the ghost one is a gendie. But there’s not really much to talk about it’s almost 10 years old.

No. 1931907

i watched this like ages ago so i dont remember much but were the main two guys always destined to end up together? i thought it was only the shippers projecting

No. 1931915

It was fine and I liked sock and Jonathan's dynamic, however I used to sock was a girl and so I considered it a hetro ship and I still kinda do.

No. 1931942

As a concept, it's good, but nothing more than that.

No. 1931951

i always thought sock's design was kinda fugly

No. 1931955

The ghost's design is super ugly and screams autistic genderspecial. The other guy doesn't look great either, I hate the round cartoony style.

No. 1931967

File: 1700642933473.jpg (63.62 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Me too. I'm so sick of seeing the fugly round shit. Give me more anime-inspired cartoons where they're not afraid to give us sharp corners and sexy men with chiseled jawlines

No. 1931968

File: 1700642997748.png (4.19 MB, 2048x858, PANDEMONIUM-05.png)

Samefagging to post more screencaps of this beautiful cartoon

No. 1931990

What's the name of the show, nonna? Looks nice.

No. 1932027

They turned Batman into bob's burgers.

No. 1932039

It looks cute.

No. 1932042

>sharp corners and chiseled jawlines
Don't say that too loud, you don't want the autists to hear you and give every character massive jaw implants do you ?

Pandemonium, short film from Gobelins school

No. 1932045

gobelins is so wonderful

No. 1932053

File: 1700662216792.png (2.27 MB, 2000x594, PPG OG.png)

fuck no, i hate the voltron style. Bring back UPA styled cartoons like PPG, and cartoons with more interesting, unique styles like samurai jack.

No. 1932055

i hate this style, also bruce would nevel have an ugly as sin beard

No. 1932067

tbh I don’t mind anything else but that beard. it has to go.

No. 1932075

i agree on that, but i wish they'd just go back to nice clean slightly thicker lines

No. 1932092

I liked it when it came out. But is it me or does it feels slightly outdated? The humor and delivery reminds me of humor that was popular on tumblr ca. 2012. I know the voice actors aren't professional so maybe that's why it feels like that.
I do think its a shame that it never got picked up. it could work as a character driven dark comedy with some helllore sprinkled in.
But based on this short the dynamic between Socks and Jonathan is meh. they come off as "the sunshine one and the gloomy one but the sunshine one has a dark secret!!" which can get boring fast but to be fair this video is way too short to make judgments regarding character dynamics.
I do like that Socks isn't an edgelord even if he is obsessed with murder. He's an average dorky kid who just happens to have murderous tendencies which adds to the comedy imo. But his name and design is too tryhard quirkyI'm not only talking about his clothes. First time I saw it I thought he was a puppet or something non-human because of his button nose and super round face

No. 1932119

File: 1700673655191.png (10.73 KB, 85x80, dumb lip flap.PNG)


I remember this. It's old as hell. I remember being interested in it at the time but looking back, it feels very 'of its time'. Evidently she's still making this thing, and making merch of it judging by her channel.
It's kind of sad to see, but it's kind of the reality, that if you don't have funding or anyone backing you up it really does take more than 10 years to get a project off the ground. At this point, if I was her I'd have moved on.

Side note on picrel, but I hate styles with this stupid upper lip flap.

No. 1932124

File: 1700674192728.png (670.71 KB, 1050x582, Screen Shot 2023-11-22 at 9.30…)

>Side note on picrel, but I hate styles with this stupid upper lip flap.

ME TOO! That's the main reason why I hate the Owl House design, I absolutely hate it and I have no idea why

No. 1932126


This looks like something that should have probably just been a webcomic.

No. 1932131

File: 1700674775067.png (907.95 KB, 1154x792, Screen Shot 2023-11-22 at 9.33…)

Also side note while looking for examples I found this article calling it the "Best Queer Kids Show". "Queer" or any term regarding sexuality has no place next to the phrase "Kids' show". How does nobody else think it's fucking weird to make the main selling point "sexuality" in a kids' adventure show about dragons and magic and stuff? Like, what? We don't even know some characters' favorite foods, colors, or favorite animals - why do these creators need to fall all over themselves to include who their characters want to fuck? It's creepy, right? I feel like I'm taking crazy pills.

No. 1932141

Thousands of kids shows with overt love interests are fine when they're heterosexual though and it's totes not about sex because it's not labeled as a straight show therefore it's normal, unlike those disgusting gay cartoons being shoved in our faces.
The aggressive queer marketing and alphabet pride pandering is retarded but the way you argue your point doesn't work both ways.

No. 1932149

File: 1700676193135.jpeg (124.52 KB, 1280x720, IMG_2525.jpeg)

Everything Viv does makes me wanna alog so bad, especially her character designs. From the over designed and hard to look at characters, the obvious furry coom bait, ugly fujo bait, historically inaccurate outfits, retarded outfits and designs that make no sense, the RED, the ugly ass male characters, the lack of color theory and so on. Like what the fuck is this lmao. Why is his collar split into two different shades of green? Why are his sleeves different shades? I mean Jesus Christ it’s so ugly and unnecessary. I’d kill myself if i had to animate this shit.

No. 1932157

Based nona, thank you for saying this.

No. 1932170

File: 1700678704787.png (86.79 KB, 360x225, Mammon's_full_form.png)

Nta,holy crap this is tremendously ugly and abysmal,how they managed to animate this atrocity is beyond me.no one one wants to work with her fat ass because her expectations are too high and she's extremely demanding,that's why a lot of people on her team quit.

No. 1932171

I really wonder where she would have been today if she just learned to take some fucking criticism and feedback, and learn to work with others because fuck does her shit desperately need a decent co-writer to make whatever concept she has actually work in the long run (hell, even in the short run).

No. 1932173

File: 1700679177195.png (218.57 KB, 1400x1490, 1685978096059.png)

I've said this before, but I think her best designs come when she has a guide to go off or any sort of direction. For example, the Goetias were inspired by the Lesser Key of Solomon (although it's likely she did nothing more than a simple Google search). But either way, when she has something to work off of, it results in more interesting and organic designs.

No. 1932230

A lot of people on this site really are just homophobic unfortunately

No. 1932264

its the smug stonetoss mouth

No. 1932267

i have never watched anything viv did outside that kesha MV, but i like her designs. It feels cathartic after all the ugly simplistic calarts trash and bobs burgers adult animation clones.

No. 1932337

I associate it more with Eddsworld but it’s interesting you see it in the art styles of people who are complete opposites

No. 1932339

She said he was just a boy who liked skirts but this was from like ten years ago so now he’d probably be a gendie lol.

No. 1932357

this show is so fucking ugly to look at.

no thank you. i agree with >>1932053

No. 1932367

That lip thing is cool when it's spike from cowboybepop tho

No. 1932383

NTA, and not arguing against your actual main point, but I do find it kinda weird when kids shows focus a lot on relatiship drama. Something like Regular Show or maybe those awkward girly high school girl shows from the 00's at least seemed a bit more targeted at early teens so it makes a bit more sense, but something more kiddy like SVTFOE that is supposed to be about magic puppies and shit but also wants to do soap opera tier relationship drama and makes ship fodder a main selling point feels weird to me.

The particular way it's drawn in the Owl House has always made me think of Doraemon.

No. 1932440

File: 1700706476165.jpg (581.99 KB, 2552x1714, dana terrace.jpg)

>this show is so fucking ugly to look at.
i agree, which is a shame because dana tarrace is the only modern western artists in the cartoon industry who can actually draw. I fucking love her art, even though i have never watched the owl house(and refuse to). She's also the only modern cartoon creator who seems to actually enjoy drawing, her twitter is full of pretty art. Meanwhile rebecca sugar/alex hirsch/pendleton ward/jgquintel's twitter and its only unrelated tweets shilling merch or photos with maybe a low effort doodle in the middle. I fucking hate how lazy modern cartoon creators are, they dont see animation as art but as a cheaper more accessible alternative to live action. You can tell most never draw after they finish their shows, because they dont care about art.

No. 1932457

File: 1700711263605.jpg (193.42 KB, 2439x1520, g1uz5kfnpdaa1.jpg)

You remember this show have enbies?(learn to sage)

No. 1932480

Her art is good from a technical standpoint but it's not like her ideas are any good. She only explores really surface level themes and just copies anime tropes

No. 1932482

do you guys even read? i said i didnt watch the show

No. 1932488

NTAYRT but that anon’s comment applies to her art too

No. 1932498

File: 1700718521154.jpg (429.83 KB, 2400x1080, F_kObY5X0AABT_w.jpg)

So looks like the wish leaks turned out to be true, the king does get turned into the magic mirror

No. 1932499

On one hand, that's so stupid, it makes me angry. On the other, people will forget about this movie eventually, so it doesn't even matter.

No. 1932506

There's absolute no proof she's dead. All we have is her friend who managed Ang's Twitter word on saying ang was preparing to die (aka leting herself succumb to her "illness") and she refused to let anyone speak to Ang and nobody knows if said friend knows Ang irl.

No. 1932507

id expect most of this to be true, a boring, safe movie with no conceptual or aesthetic sophistication or reverence is exactly on par for the course. but that last segment hit me like a truck, someone please fucking confirm the goat founds zootopia that is so retarded its outstanding
i get where youre coming from but from the first reviews/synopses and the picture book it really seems like a case of "well he doesnt really do anything tangibly damaging because that doesnt focus test well so we'll just give him an annoying faggot personality to show that hes the bad guy". it would be cool if he was actually destructive and threatening. the way you describe him being beaten sounds so fucking boring. like, i dont find it empowering, or interesting, or fulfilling to see female characters handed success in stories, easily brushing past insignificant obstacles. i want female characters who struggle their way to victory, who overcome but not without being changed by their journeys. it would be nice for a story to afford women characters power, agency, and humanity, rather than a little consolation lollipop labelled "empowerment"

No. 1932514

If you mean Puppy, no they’ve never met lol they don’t even live in the same country. Also supposedly Ang’s RL friends have contacted her asking to put her in contact with Ang and she refused so the friends called in a welfare check lmao

No. 1932525

Yes I was talking about puppy kek this whole situation is so ridiculous. Like imagine trying to contact an estranged friend bcs you're worried about her well being and her virtual caretaker from outside the country says no kekk

Also this is not the first time Ang said she was going to die and then be radio silent for months.

And puppy tweeted earlier this month saying this situation is dificult for "us" meaning Ang is alive. I wish she would stop treating this as a schrodgner's cat and just confirm she is indeed alive. But no, she took the coward's route and abandoned her Twitter, leaving this on the air for anyone who was curious about Ang. Pathetic, both of them.

No. 1932547

> only modern western artists in the cartoon industry who can actually draw
Uh, there are tons of people in the industry who can draw, they’re just not the Puccanoodles tier artists making a fuss and victimizing themselves on twitter. I’d also say Rebecca Sugar is better than her on a technical standpoint, despite Dana making more finished pieces with less stylized anatomy Rebecca is vastly better at portraying depth, perspective, motion, etc. I do like her art too.

No. 1932550

File: 1700728186249.mp4 (138.19 KB, 516x360, 4lQSJ2C9-OrS8Hbi.mp4)

>someone please fucking confirm the goat founds zootopia that is so retarded its outstanding
It's real, also peter pan shows up.

No. 1932553

Disney cinematic universe confirmed. Someone please make the pain stop.

No. 1932557

>Rebecca Sugar is better than her on a technical standpoint, despite Dana making more finished pieces with less stylized anatomy Rebecca is vastly better at portraying depth, perspective, motion
rebecca sugar's artstyle is so ugly and repelling. The SU pilor looks so ucanny and grimmy. I really despise the way she draws faces.

No. 1932558

they do it on purpose so they can have an excuse to never write BW characters well or again. People were able to do it in the 90s but not today? Sus to me

No. 1932569

Yeah I agree most of her faces are ugly and a lot of her older drawings are ugly, especially that one comic, but more appealing faces =/= better art, otherwise thousands of instagram 3/4 sameface anime girl artists would be considered better than both of them.

No. 1932573

I didn't watch the show either, I was talking about her personal art as were you lol

No. 1932590

File: 1700737046925.jpg (66.91 KB, 564x752, fcfe7c9cd9b83b3bae579154c844f2…)

Rebecca does have an unusual style, but I don't think it's ugly. A lot of her older things looked weird, but her art in general tended to be much darker back then. Some SU episodes from the first season are fucking nuts in that sense, and I think her style fits the type of stories she wants to tell. I don't like the idea that faces have to look pretty all the time, you already have a shitton of same-face anime girls like >>1932569 said.

No. 1932592

unique doesnt mean good either. Rebecca sugar faces are downright ugly. Generic instagram faces are the other side of the coin, where its so generic it becomes tiring and ugly.

No. 1932593

Last I checked she (puppy) was still active on her main acct but I can’t remember the username.
Ugh this is so corny.

No. 1932594

File: 1700738260333.jpg (235.23 KB, 1280x937, 123.jpg)

I am used to japanese animators being able to draw like this. Something that unpolished doesnt impress me much. Rebecca suffers from same-face pretty badly, but instead of pretty button nosed disney princess face its big lips+big nose+round eyes faces. Also, it's funny dana used to hate animu, because her art reminds me of the rkgk i would see from japanese animators on twitter.

No. 1932596

Why does he have to say it while looking sultry

No. 1932601

you sound like you don’t draw

No. 1932608

That’s not what I meant, my point is that those social media artists who draw nice anime faces and pretty colors are lacking in fundamentals that Rebecca and Dana both have and can’t draw proper perspective, lighting, depth, gesture, backgrounds, bodies, proportions etc. Having an ugly style doesn’t negate the rest. I do think there are many western show runners who are lacking in technical skill, and use weird limbs and ugly stylization to hide poor fundies. For example the Infinity Train creator Owen Dennis, or the Primos creator Natasha Kline. Dana and Rebecca are both very good, I still think Rebecca is slightly better.

No. 1932611

God I wish they would animate LOTR (Peter Jackson version of course) in a style like this. Sage for passerby not contributing to the convo.(learn to sage: lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1932612

You still have time to properly sage.(report don't respond)

No. 1932616

I do draw, that's why i know trying to force depth my adding a big nose and lips looks bad. Her faces are obviously not well constructed, they feel like mr patote heads or like making a clay ball and pasting smaller class pieces on top of it, there is no depth on it.

No. 1932619

Well i still disagree i think rebecca hides her lack of fundamental knowledge with muh style. And her muh style excuse isnt worth much because her style is kinda weird, its no wonder she's the mother of the tumblr artstyle.

No. 1932620

I agree and I honestly really like Rebecca’s older work. It’s ugly but it’s interesting ugly, I’m tired of everything being “pretty” all the time. The fact that she has a good understanding of fundamentals helps

As for Dana, she is technically extremely skilled but her work bores me to tears.

No. 1932629

kek reddit tier taste if that's what you consider impressive. sure it's not bad but it's just nothing but medicore symbol drawing in the end, same copy pasted eyes, same copy pasted noses, same lips with little male and female variations.

No. 1932631

100 years and this is the best they could do.

No. 1932637

Klaus was more of a tribute to old Disney animation than this.

No. 1932638

ot but who's the artist for this? I think most western animators fall to much into making cost effective and inclusive characters instead of interesting ones. I really miss realistic styles

No. 1932641

nta and don't care about the art posted but are you really going to bring up symbol drawing as a gotcha in an animation thread? especially a western one? do you know where you are kek

No. 1932653

This is like the animated Netflix Castlevania style that's so annoying to look at in motion and would rather have benefitted from being a comic book instead

No. 1932655

This is literally Ang pattern of behavior. She does this whole “good bye cruel world” gets offline for a few months and is like “oh I miraculously feel better” she’ll have a miraculous recovery when she misses the attention.(sage your shit)

No. 1932656

File: 1700756907950.jpg (582.41 KB, 1080x2640, Screenshot_20231123_091930_X.j…)

Now he's claiming Ang molested him? Immediately want to call bullshit but Ang IS a documented chaser / "girl dick" worshipper. Also the section where she apparently told him that he looked like her sister and that was hot sounds too much like the other retard shit she's said. Ang doesnt seem know personal space and she admitted to much in her video where she gushes about a girl who she was borderline stalking / obsessed with. If it is true though he's 100% exaggerating.

No. 1932659

I believe it. Ang tweeted something about how "sisters should groom their little brothers" and I don't buy that people in the industry stopped being friends with her cuz of her art. People in the industry draw just as much fucked up shit.(learn to sage)

No. 1932661

Crazy she's been doing this routine since 2019 but her die hard supporters don't realize the pattern. If she does reappear I'd imagine only few would finally realize they've been duped.(sage your shit)

No. 1932665

File: 1700758439744.gif (869.78 KB, 332x226, sigh-cat.gif)

So, people are speculating that the next episode of Helluva Boss(titled Full Moon) will focus on Stolas, because he's been associated with moon imagery before, and the last significant plot development was Stolas acquiring the Crystal to give to Blitzo. So this would be the fourth episode this season centered around Stolas, which is literally half of all the episodes this season. Meanwhile, Millie hasn't received even one episode focused on her, and Loona hasn't even had a single line

No. 1932679

File: 1700761815392.jpg (15.55 KB, 365x298, blitzø.jpg)

I wouldn't mind it so much if they didn't drag out whatever blitzø's deal is for two seasons
seemingly the only healthy relationship is the straight one

No. 1932684

File: 1700763467732.png (11.5 KB, 605x565, gigajane.png)

His twitter seems to be deleted

No. 1932685

Blitz' deal is whatever Viv thought up at the moment and can force into the wasteland that once was a plot

No. 1932698

I bet it's going to be about Stolas and his relationship with Blitzo AGAIN. Not even him as a child alone, him and Stella or the deal with the assassin, or him and Stella's brother, or even Octavia. It's going to be yet another "Does he love me? He can't possibly love me… wait, maybe he loves me!!!" episode, there's going to be a dangerous situation that will bring them together, some misunderstanding here and there and then the sad gay bois will be a little happier. A lot of dick and sex jokes. Misogynist joke (maybe involving Stella) right at the beginning. Pop-ish boring and useless song. More sex jokes. Reference to them fucking. The end.

No. 1932709

you dont even know what symbol drawing means

No. 1932710

File: 1700768410700.gif (120.1 KB, 300x225, 5fbaa5550aecc456e46fe4801b89d1…)

yoh yoshinari. He's extremely talented a his style is very flexible, he's actually a huge fan of western animation. Pic rel is fanart of MLATR he did, he's a huge fan.

No. 1932711

if the grooping was real he would be bragging about how its like in one of his lolis animu and that makes him feel totes a woman

No. 1932739

File: 1700772119099.jpg (134.17 KB, 1280x720, mpv-shot0003.jpg)

speaking of MLaaTR, the Teenage Robot Rebooted people are releasing something this Christmas: https://vid.puffyan.us/watch?v=LyIWbF--BTA

No. 1932745

I love Yoshinari's work and his own love for cartoons really shines through, it's like the best of both worlds. He's probably like every other scrotey Japanese animator but I can't deny or disrespect his talent, his dynamic style is so eyecatching. I need to look at his more realistic studies. Anime is in for a bad time when his generation of talent all retire and die off.

I don't get why there are so few Western animators who draw this "perfectly", I am a little biased as a former weeb but even modern indies who are considered talented have severe compromises somewhere like low frame rate or lack of shading or the animation equivalent of chicken scratch that make them look worse. Compare Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust and Netflix's Castlevania since they're similar in style and mood, the former is impossible to criticize unlike the latter where people rip on the fight scenes constantly. (FWIW I think anime is slowly going through a talent drain problem of its own, just later than ours, and the 'best' sakuga there is getting worse in the same way: too much movement, weak storyboarding, abuse of digital effects and smears to cover poor colour blocking and anatomy etc)

The only names in Western animation I can recall rn who measure up to the same standards are old Disney, Don Bluth and his crop of talent, and the Dreamworks of The Prince of Egypt.(learn to sage)

No. 1932779

The individual frames look good on their own, but this looks really weird in motion IMO. The progression of the character's movement doesn't make much sense to me, both in terms of character intent and movement through space, and she looks like she's completely weightless. I'm not an animator, though, so maybe I'm missing something here.

No. 1932784

I think the second action needed a little bit more weight to it because it looks like a stepping motion but it wasn't like fulfilled so it probably makes it look just a bit off I think?

No. 1932814

interesting. Normally fan projects are super hyped up and end up being dissapointing fanservice(sonic boom), but i like the art direction they went with.
most westerners involved in the animation industry dont really like drawing or art. Even the ones that arent amerimutts eventually grow out of it and stop drawing. Meanwhile, Yoh Yoshinari didnt just lend his project over to korean animators, he actually worked on the animation himself. I have also noticed that tons of western animators dont seem to want to get involved in ''low tier'' work after they made a cartoon. Yoh yoshinari and other japanese animators work on their passion projects and then go back to being storyboarders/animators. Anime is purely passion-fuelled and its the reason we can have such high quality animation in such high quantities. I love western animation, but there is such a strange heriarchy amongst creators. Western animators seem to go from storyboarders>writers>creators, and once they create a cartoon they dont tend to go back to ''lesser'' roles. Meanwhile, Japanese animators dont seem to have a trouble by going back to animating/storyboarding after they hit it big. It explains why those big name cartoon creators that graduate out of calarts end up being shitty artists, they dont really like art or drawing.
its something he did in his free time its not like he could over polish it

No. 1932815

>Anime is purely passion-fuelled

You can't be serious.

No. 1932816

how do you think japan is able to make 50 anime a season. Those otaku anime with extremely good animation like onimai or seifuku whatever are 100% passion-fuelled.

No. 1932819

It is passion-fueled because animators in Japan get paid nothing and worked to the bone til they faint. No one would work under those conditions unless they were absolutely obsessed with animation

No. 1932820

you said PURELY passion-fuelled. you can't seriously think shit like Sword Art Online or One Piece or There's No Way My Little Sister Is This Sexy is produced for passion and not big bucks. get your head out of your ass.

No. 1932823

It's the suits that get the big bucks. The actual people drawing that shit don't

No. 1932825

those things are passion fuelled too, they are purely self indulgent garbage by the author. Most animators in the anime industry are otakus themselves and are thrilled to be working in waifu garbage, they normally fight to see who gets to animate the loli.

No. 1932830

>One Piece
Oda could've ended OP over a decade ago and be a millionaire living off royalties for the rest of his life yet he's still drawing weekly shonen manga after 25 years.
Weekly manga.
20 pages per week.
25 years.
I'm sorry for really driving this home, but some people don't seem to process just how insane this is. Shueisha has to put him on mandatory breaks just so he won't work himself to literal death.
What is this if not passion?

No. 1932860

I had this explained to me once as a pacing issue with the story. Like the OP story is not even remotely close to being finished or some shit like that, and he doesn't want to just give it up? So he has to work like crazy? Is this fake news or is he just dragging it out too much

No. 1932881

the author of dragon ball was forced to continue the series for long time by his editors even though he had planned to end it much earlier

No. 1932903

File: 1700797165507.jpg (326.82 KB, 1535x1893, F_p1wOFXAAAl4oK.jpg)

Disney has gotten super lazy lately. They posted picrel on their instagram, and it looks AI-generated.

No. 1932904

File: 1700797224453.jpg (1.19 MB, 2350x3000, mickey thanksgiving.jpg)

Samefag. Here's the painting it's based on for comparison.

No. 1932905

its based on a norman rockwell painting

No. 1932906

The "3D-ness" of the characters doesn't mesh well with the painterly style of everything else

No. 1932908

Both are ugly, but at least characters look like characters on the earlier one, and not like theme park costumes

No. 1932913

that looks so creepy and ugly. even a random 15 year old su fan on twitter would do better, because it'd be made by a human.

No. 1932921

“Jane” is just another moid throwing a woman under the bus because he can. I don’t buy it.

No. 1932926

Not to be a boomer but this is truly satanic. That image looks evil.

No. 1932930

Is that Max next to Goofy? What did they do to him kek he looks crazed

No. 1932931

alice and snow white look high as fuck

No. 1932940

Donald is giving us a smug fucking look as if he knew who that turkey was.

No. 1932950

It’s Gladstone Gander

No. 1932955

Nope, it's a lying histrionic tranny trying to take the heat of himself. Also, no one's "sister" looks like that. I might've found it less bullshit if he claimed she said "brother".

No. 1932958

Why did they make it a painting of people in suits?

No. 1932960

It was uploaded to their Disney World account, so I guess they wanted them to look like their costume versions.

No. 1932965

File: 1700815019827.jpeg (33.67 KB, 473x500, 336133A4-F834-4F20-AF80-5B9D93…)

No. 1932969

One of the paintings has Daisy present at the table and no roast bird for dinner, but the other one has a roast bird and Daisy isn't present at the table.

No. 1932973

That woman is a pedophile thought

No. 1932976

what did she do?

No. 1932989

It’s not pure passion, though I’m sure many of them love animation it’s also the strict Japanese work culture pressuring them. The work to live mentality is very strong there, as well as some other East Asian countries, it’s not a mindset to strive for. Shame is a powerful tool.

No. 1932997

Ang (the woman that “Jane” is throwing the bus) is a mentally ill person who wants to fucks little boys due her abusive upbringing

So she thinks she has those fake disabilities like DID or whatever and left her public Mastodon of Mac and Frankie rape porn out and open like that(learn to sage)

No. 1932998

has she actually molested a child or shared cp or is just drawings?

No. 1933008

NTA, drawings. I've never seen her say she "wants to fuck little boys" in the screencaps of her accounts, but I have seen her say she wants to be fucked by her older brother, that she's "agender" they/them and self-inserts on "little brother" characters, etc.

No. 1933066

what's roger rabbit doing there?

No. 1933074

roger rabbit was made by disney. I honestly miss when they used to acknowledge him.

No. 1933082

Didn't that wanting to fuck her brother talk start after she met Laika in person? I remember both of them posting about how fun it is to lie/fictionalize your life online for attention, and how Laika doing so had inspired Ang to do the same. Big fucking surprise that backfired on her. Wasn't she actually living with her brother for a time? Did she get kicked out?

No. 1933083

I just finished the show yesterday and I agree with you on Knives, I thought that she was handled slightly better here than in the movie and I love that they gave her something to do that wasn't related to obsessing over Scott. Her friendship was platonic friendship with Stephen was nice too and it was purely about their love for music, it was cute. And as incel-ish as Scott Pilgrim is, he did change in the end and was trying to start bettering himself when he gets a job so I gotta give it that at least instead of him just regressing and staying in his headspace. Honestly, Scott Pilgrim Takes Off wasn't the worst thing imo, there's much worse incel-lined crap out there than this.

No. 1933085

I enjoyed the show too anon, the art style was so cute that I just had to try drawing it myself kek Not to shit on O'Malley's art style but I think it's cool how the studio managed to tweak it a bit and make it look so appealing.

What did you think of the voice acting? That's something that I'm seeing a lot of dislike for but I personally thought it was fine for the most part. It's true that the acting isn't very hyper or heavily emotive but I think the reason why it doesn't bother me all that much is because I feel like the show has this down to earth vibe.

No. 1933101

File: 1700850682569.png (652.29 KB, 546x628, nightmares.png)

the face of my nightmares tonight

No. 1933122

I hated the opening song, it doesn't fit, it was too weeby for me, skippped it every time. Maybe I'm just too old and just don't enjoy weeb things anymore but that's my opinion, other than that the show wasn't as bad and I really liked the art style

No. 1933134

That's fair. The song really doesn't do anything for me and the selection for credits songs was much better imo. Because of how generically anime the opening song is and how the show's atmosphere actually is, it does clash s bit since as mentioned before, it's a lot more down to earth while the opening is all hyper and energetic.

No. 1933144

File: 1700856356663.jpg (162.37 KB, 840x394, fault03.jpg)

To the people who want 2D animated films back, I really sympathize with them, and I want them back too (like, so much). But I don't think people realize the very specific factors that drove the death of 2D animation. My old art professor explained it like this: for over a decade (since the late 90s till the 2000s), 3D animated films were performing really well financially. DreamWorks and Pixar's formula of casting recognizable actors and using 3D, for whatever reason, despite the huge difference in film quality, worked. They were outperforming Disney every time. The same thing was happening with in DreamWorks. All of their 2D animation films were just breaking even, while 3D films were performing financially well. All it took was just a few underperforming films due to bad luck, and 3D gradually phased out everything. Now, the institutions for 2d animation just do not exist anymore, and it sucks. But we can only hope that this decade, the few 2D films that are released perform really well for the tide to gradually turn

this article goes more into this.

No. 1933160

File: 1700858456041.jpg (175.13 KB, 2430x1360, fixed.jpg)

dont worry 2D animation lovers we are getting a brand new 2D animated movie striaght from genndy tartakovsky's mind about a dog's balls, a wonderful family picture that will reignite the flame for the lost art of 2d hand drawn animation. 2D animation kino is back on the menu guys.

No. 1933167

I have to agree with >>1932815 that saying anime is purely passion fueled is a bit silly, but I think I agree with the rest of your logic. I also feel most "animators" in the US side of the industry actually don't care about animating all. Since US studios outsource the actual animation to SK, American animators mostly only actually do storyboarding, and it feels like they don't actually have passion or artistic focus on the art of creating movement itself. It feels like people that go into the animation industry in the US, instead of being people that genuinelly like animating and the animation process, are just people that like creating characters and stories (ie writting), so their end goal is, as you said, storyboarders>writers>creators, not actually animating or getting better at animation. There's also the question of western academia focusing less on actual draftsmanship.
There's also the way western tv cartoons are made to be low budget, but all the high budget (ie movies) productions are in 3D, so there's not really any motivation or proper setting for US artists to git good at animating 2D.

There are great western/american animators, but they're mostly old retired guys that occasionally do a guest appearance doing a couple actually well animated shots in random shows, or (mostly also old) guys that left the industry and spend 30 years working on their own project by themselves. Occasionally you also get pseudo-sakuga from some Gobelins student projects.

No. 1933182


I can tell you that you're right about most of this and part of the reason why actually animating in 2d isn’t held in greater focus is because institutions will beat it out of you and basically tell you it's either 3d, storyboarding or nothing. You don't need to be a particularly good artist to be either of those things but they still want, storyboard artists in particular, to do everything; timing, editing and audio syncing, even some in-betweening, depending on the project you're on.

If you look at professional boards done 20 years ago, you'll see the bar has raised and they all look different to the standard they expect now. So storyboard artist is the closest thing you'll get to being a 2d animator.

Procreate dreams has been out for a couple days now; what does everyone think about it here? Will it rekindle some interest in making good 2d animation projects, or will making it accessible like this yield a similar affect that Procreate did in that we're in for more crap?

I don't know how good it'll be at making full animation projects, it's definitely giving me the impression it's going to be good for shorter stuff. The tech demos are nice but there are definitely going to be limitations. At best it's like procreate in that it's a neat little scratch board or like a sketchbook. I could be wrong. I've been using it and wishing it wasn't an iPad exclusive, I don't favor touch gestures for shortcuts.

No. 1933204

The western animators that still are really passionate about 2D and have solid draftmenship skills are either too old to do side hustle passion projects or are all coomery degenerates that make stuff like this.
The video also ties in nicely with the discussion here >>1929853
Showing again how indie animators latch onto one idea and never let it die, but instead kill themselves to squeeze another cent out of a concept very few care about (except the creators themselves who have invested their heart and soul into some dumbass half written project).

No. 1933207

western humor is so cringe, its miles worse than the anime girl saying something retarded and the other anime girl responding ''NANI???!!!''. I genuinely have no idea how anyone can watch this and not die of cringe.

No. 1933209

Tbh a lot of anime dialogue is equally cringe, we just don't really see it because we aren't Japanese

No. 1933233

Pretty sure she was lying about both meeting “Laika” and having a brother.

No. 1933234

Can someone explain why this show costed so much? The only reasons i can guess is that he had a bunch of merch, advertising, music and voice acting which add to it but i still dont understand how it got to that amount, it should be at least 2k at max for smth like this.

No. 1933238

>2k for a fully hand drawn animated 20 minute long show
are you retarded or something, do you think animation takes the same amount of time and effort as asking AI for a big titty anime girl.

No. 1933239

Animating frames only takes time not money, retard. You're acting like animating a single frame costs 10 dollars in which it doesn't unless its on paper i guess which i would understand why it would cost that much for materials and all that but i don't know whether or not he animated digitally or traditionally which is why I asked asshole. And buying the program itself to animate WOULD cost money but still, no program costs that much just to animate does it?

No. 1933240

You need to be 18+ to post here.

No. 1933241

Very mature answer

No. 1933244

This is so fucking gross

No. 1933251

You could say that about any job dumbass. Do you even know how many frames were needed to get to 20 minutes of animation? And how much of that had to be discarded or reworked? I don't even like Monkey Wrench, but your attitude is the reason why animators get underpaid.
>>Animating frames only takes time not money, retard
Also have you never heard of the expression "time is money"?

No. 1933252

File: 1700873004843.jpg (26.49 KB, 500x388, we-live-in-a-society.jpg)

Nonita is on the cusp of learning what "paid labor" is.

No. 1933254

So the reason is that there was a huge team involved? Ok then coulda just answered with that then jeez.(lurk more)

No. 1933256

even if it was just 3 persons it would still cost 75k watch a documentary on animation or something

No. 1933258

ewwww i felt physically sick

No. 1933346

File: 1700894456850.jpg (124.63 KB, 612x900, invincible105_cover-25c302f238…)

How are you guys feeling about the new season of Invincible so far? I'm liking it a lot personally, I'm excited to see more of it. The show ended up making me start reading the comics.

No. 1933349

the voice is so fucking jarring, holy shit. if the whole movie has this tone, which i am of course certain it will….. actual kekkington.
it looks so fucking UNFINISHED and blobby, its insane. their centennial animation…. gawddamn
sora should show up period
mickey and goofy's bastard mpreg abortion

No. 1933351

I watched his Starbarians cartoon with my boyfriend a few years back. We thought it was really funny and stuff but some of the depictions of women made us uncomfortable. I think the anons saying that american creators lack passion are definitely wrong, you've gotta have passion to commit so hard to a project. I can't imagine that indie animation is all that easy or profitable. I dont think western animators or artist are somehow inherently less skilled than there japanese counterparts. I'd say it all just comes down to western sensibilities.

No. 1933624

File: 1700942993468.jpg (36.51 KB, 740x246, 8f4d97a75502e22f2aab829580a551…)

I'd say this is pretty close

No. 1933628

I dropped it because of the pedophilic storyline.

No. 1933646

sage for OT, I have a personal cow(whom I used to be somewhat friends with at one point). We were both fans of the Walking Dead when it was airing. However, she has devolved in these past few years. She casually talks about how "hot" it is to read about children being raped. And it's not limited to 2D drawings; she refers to actual child actors with adult men, and a few times real case of csa victims. any attempts to reason with her is useless, she'll reply with "it's just fiction and that you should focus on real children being harmed". she is an echo chamber which normalizes this type of rhetoric. I feel this Ang person was in a similar situation.

No. 1933716

kek what? which storyline are you talking about?

No. 1933740

NTA but maybe the mark/anissa thing?

No. 1933780

"I think she's referring to the relationship between Kate(who's in her early 20s) and the Immortal, who's 3000 years old and looks like he's 40. Their relationship is considered creepy in canon.

No. 1933844

If this much effort was put into something people actually wanted to see, he would be in the mainstream and probably have a show funded by now. Insane to me that oney cartoons managed to break in before this guy but oney probably sees women as people.

No. 1933851

She might have also been referring to the woman who looks like a preteen because of her powers, too. That was honestly only made creepier by the guy who was interested her cloning a younger man so he couls put his brain in the clone's body in order to be attractive to her.

No. 1933852

Harry actually did have some mainstream work. He did some ads for some Brtish networks and even did an official promotion for some games. Plus, the fact that his father was a fairly popular musician at one time gave him some connections. However, he was constantly late in development. And he's just very insistent on getting his way and not letting anything he changes. Now, if this were a situation about genuine art and passion like Richard Williams's thief and cobbler, it would be commendable. But it's not. He just wants the female character to look like most pin-up porn art moving in 60fps

No. 1933857

The comics make the monster girl/robot ship even more fucked up than it already is and I really hope the cartoon chooses not to adapt most of that stuff. In fact there's a lot of shit from the comics that I hope doesn't get adapted

No. 1933860

nta but Invincible's fucked up parts were one of the reasons I really enjoyed reading it kek (the main reason though is that I like the idea of capeshit comics, but hate how Marvel and DC handle/publish it). Haven't bothered with the show yet though, the original comic was enough for me, but it is nice to see more people enjoying it now

No. 1933879

Genuine question, what's up with that guy's fingers? Why do they look like little penises attached to his hands?

No. 1933891

The skin crease detail on the knuckles has been exaggerated a bit to help imply their closeness to the 'camera' (and to make the hands 'pop' more), same reason why his feet have barely any detail or anatomical structure. Having a bit more of the underside of some of the curled fingers be visible/not conveyed through black lineart could have maybe helped it not look so odd to you as well. Also western superhero comics often just have more 'rugged' hands compared to a lot of common manga/anime styles, so there's that, too, if you're not used to it. Not saying if the art is good or not btw, just trying to explain what the intent might be.

No. 1933931

that's what I was talking about
I think Kate is supposed to be a teen too. Glad I dropped it.

No. 1933937

you're talking of zach, psychicpebbles. Oney still hasn't published anything of his own

No. 1933987

I actually read the comics when the show first started airing, and I enjoyed it mostly. However, there were some parts that I found weird, and it all culminated in the ending, which I'm not going to spoil. Basically, it involves the creation of a space Soviet Union, which is presented as a good thing. And that was the biggest example, but it's not the only one. Time and time again, the comic presents dictatorship as a good thing, as long as it's a good dictatorship. There is scene where a ganglord is portrayed as a necessary evil who keeps crime in check.

No. 1934041

Kek wtf? Robert Kirkman's such a retard.

No. 1934201

File: 1701063604000.jpg (Spoiler Image,976.73 KB, 2082x1600, Jke5x3w1hpKKw.jpg)

massive spoilers for the end of the series, none of the things in the pages are presented as bad, enlightened despotism is shown to be more effective and better for everyone then liberal democracy.

No. 1934202

I feel like this isn't the first time capeshit has claimed liberal democracy is bad. I swear I remember some other comics doing the same thing

No. 1934203

I'm enjoying it. I read the entire comic after I watched season 1, and I like how season 1 and season 2 have retained most elements from the comic, but polished them up a little bit.

Also I like in this season how much loving attention has been given when drawing Mark's butt

No. 1934215

Probably from The Dark Knight Returns, there is this moment where Jim Gordon talks about the theory that Roosevelt might have known about the potential attack on Pearl Harbor, and he let it happen to get America into the war, he debates whether it would be morally acceptable if true, until he realizes the whole thing is 'too big' for him to judge. Considering Miller's more far-right leaning views, it makes sense.

No. 1934220

I just felt like some of it was pointless shock value stuff. Like the rape and resulting baby which amounts to nothing but trauma. and then the baby gets basically abandoned and gets maybe like 8? lines of dialogue in the whole comic and really served no purpose. And the forced time skip. And the death of a specific character near to the end. So many things just seemed to happen to make Mark sad and emotionally scar him further. I get that characters need trauma but it was kind of getting so excessive I found myself rolling my eyes rather than being concerned. Just my opinion though

No. 1934229

ayrt and tbh I wouldn't even disagree that a lot of that stuff is shock value, I just found it entertaining (did hate the timeskip though, but I kinda hate all timeskips because it always either feels like the author is cutting off or out something interesting, or it completely fucks the narrative momentum and both kill my investment). The trauma conga line for Mark did get a bit much too, especially when it just caused interruptions.

I feel like this stuff is almost inevitable when people try to take the superhero concept more 'realistically' (in quotes because what they usually mean is cynically) and try to come up with worldbuilding and situations to justify it. An example is the classic 'if Superman was real he'd be a dictator' take, which ignores the core concept of Superman as a character/person. A lot of these authors are disillusioned turbo nerds who got bullied and should never have power because they'd gleefully take out their frustrations on other people if they could, and their darker or edgier works tend to reflect this.

No. 1934256

Different anon here and I also think it felt like a plot device for Mark/the Viltrumites, especially because his rapist gets no development whatsoever, she basically appears and dies and he just has to accept the child but also doesn’t really? I feel like the writer wanted to dive deeper on certain plot points but yadda yadda 20 year comic, decades of harsh deadlines, etc. They just wanted to wrap it up. I also feel like they really wanted to develop Bulletproof more but that fizzled out too.

This also honestly just read like them trying to figure out how to end it to me. The comic is soap opera tier drama from start to end, and it also shows Mark slowly evolving into his Viltrumite genes but in a different way. That’s kind of what the different dimension Marks foreshadow, it’s inescapable for him. He grows up and he still kind of behaves like his father pre-earthing, and acting like a less violent and non-genocidal despot is how he does it. The show focuses a lot more on emotional development so I wonder if they’ll make him suffer trying to rationalize it more in later seasons.

No. 1934285

I hated how Mark turned his mom into a babysitter at the end of the comic. Like bro let her enjoy retirement. Just hand the kid off to one of the other viltrumite parents. I did find it kinda of refreshing how he clearly favored his daughter and didn't give a fuck about the other kid tho. Probably the only thing about that plot point that I enjoyed.

No. 1934393

I am so tired of people complaining about Netflix cancelling shows way too early when they cancel shit like Inside Job. It was asolute garbage that deserved to be canned, specially since absolutely no one watched it. Keep the crying and weeping over stuff that didnt deserve to be canned, like Lauren Faust's witch show.

No. 1934543

Absolutely based take. They should have kept Lauren Faust's show and let Inside Job die. Nothing but gender specials and tumblr-tards liked that show anyways.

No. 1934555

I'm mostly upset about the loss of a show with truly neurotic female lead character that wasn't fetishized, but I agree the show itself was trashy.

No. 1934559

File: 1701123961941.jpeg (410.3 KB, 739x1139, IMG_0224.jpeg)

Someone dared made a video jabbing at Helluva Boss and Vivzie of course made of a response out of it and defend her writing and humor. If she can’t handle that then how the hell is she gonna face the critics towards HH?

No. 1934560

File: 1701124007869.jpeg (139.51 KB, 1080x598, IMG_0223.jpeg)

No. 1934577

I am angry it was such a cool concept but it got rick and morty-fied. So instead of men in black with a cool female protagonist we got boring family trauma dump and quirky references and a cynical jerk main character like 99% if adult shows.

No. 1934578

well to start her fuck-words arent delivered well.

No. 1934607

Based. I wanted to check out Inside Job to see what the fuss was about, and it was extremely mediocre. I didn't like any of the characters, didn't laugh at any of the jokes or references and it felt like it was trying to be Futurama or something but without any of the charm.

No. 1934612

The difference is that her "fuck words" feel like a 12 year old kid who just discovered swearing and gay/dick jokes for the first time

No. 1934658

File: 1701134457770.jpeg (294.06 KB, 2000x1104, IMG_1326.jpeg)

I’m surprised Alex Hirsch’s Netflix project isn’t canned yet.

No. 1934660

This image is so weird to me. I feel like you'd expect to see something like Plastic Beach era Gorillaz characters on this background, or maybe something more advanced like the style of characters of some of the Love Death and Robots shorts, not… Kinda ugly gravity falls characters. Visual whiplash.

No. 1934661

Hard agree. The background is so interesting, but the designs of the characters kill that interest swiftly and mercilessly.

No. 1934676

who sits like that, keeping their foot under their thigh in that position? what, why.

No. 1934677

Lmao literally took the words out of my mouth … homie erased the wrong layer

No. 1934692

It looks like the foot is clipping through the leg lmao

No. 1934701

praying it does

No. 1934720

What I want to know is, how is other trash like Big Mouth still ongoing?

No. 1934721

It's cause the writer is a rich pedophile

No. 1934733

100% agreed

No. 1934734

File: 1701156066826.jpeg (237.77 KB, 1170x441, IMG_8520.jpeg)

Because Nick Kroll created it

No. 1934747

nta I liked the first half of the show but the moment it devolved into the "family drama" aspect which consumed the entire story, I lost all interest.

No. 1934760

we don't even know if the witch show was any good, all we have is a vague concept, come on now

No. 1934761

She sounds so pathetic

No. 1934790

I loved her too but I agree, most of the supporting cast was so painfully unfunny I couldn’t watch it

No. 1934801

If those are her influences, I pity her, all of her shit was doomed from the start. I guess she just decided not to evolve past cringe early 2000s edgy humor.

No. 1934842

I couldn’t finish her Hazbin pilot because of the Sauasage party tumblr middle school humor. I mean seriously, do the characters need to call every two Xer a bitch and say fuck in every sentence? Fucking imagine if people bitching fucking talked like fucking this all the fucking time? Thats basically everything Viziepop makes.

No. 1934844

File: 1701189371402.jpg (174.9 KB, 1072x644, Inside-Job-Netflix-What-type-o…)

This, I liked aspects of the show, but I hated all the side characters, It felt like the writer was trying to make one of them, the next roger from American dad.

No. 1934845

She makes it with Brandon Rogers right? Or is that just Helluva? I feel like his aged old YouTube comedy style is exactly the humor her shows go for and I feel like he has to be the one to write the jokes, they match the style perfectly. It's like the style of old Onision, Shane, Brandon and the one guy that did annoying song parodies.

No. 1934848

The concept is so cool and i love Regan. It’s a shame they had to ruin it with retarded humor about white people and millenial pop culture references

No. 1934850

I find it hard to believe any of her fans are over age of 18 despite being the target audience. I cringed at and hated the Hazbin pilot even when i was 15.

No. 1934886

I tried re-watching it a few weeks back and it's already aged its-self and likely only going to get worse.

No. 1934971

New ena episode just dropped

No. 1934975

It looks so gross and the pink haired one looks troonish. What’s with modern cartoon creators and creating random and forgettable looking cartoon characters.

No. 1935019

I can't decide whether the fact that this one felt less interesting to me than the others was intentional or not. It would fit the theme of the video, but I'm not sure if the people making ENA are actually clever enough to make something that layered, since I'm not familiar with anyone involved.

No. 1935026

lauren faust has never worked on anything bad and the art was good.

No. 1935046

sorry sir you aren't john k (he fucking sucked too but that era has passed)

No. 1935189

File: 1701258750522.jpeg (Spoiler Image,58.23 KB, 447x687, How_is_this_not_the_writer's_f…)

I love how the message of that particular scene was supposed to be "female-on-male rape is just as bad, guys"—yet the panel for it is one of the porniest things ever kek. It's basically the writer's hidden femdom fetish showing.

No. 1935210

it's worse in the walking dead comics, where men, women and children get raped and tortured every couple of issues. for all the failure of the show, it was miles better then the comic.

No. 1935220

the comic is so annoying because all the characters are retarded, it's so obviously created by moids because every single character acts like a selfish moronic asshole who will ruin everything just for their own selfish needs.

No. 1935523

One Piece is actually close to ending soon. We've made it very far and a lot of important shit is unraveling. A year or two ago, oda said he's getting ready to end the story, so it's going to get crazy and a lot of crazy shit has been happening so far.(sage)

No. 1935549

ot you can smell the coomerism in this image from a mile away but antisocial tomboy is accurate lmfao. she just like me fr

No. 1935563

as someone who has never read a comic book in my entire life…This panel is from an actual serious comic book? Like for superheroes and shit? Not pornography?

No. 1935567

>We thought it was really funny and stuff but some of the depictions of women made us uncomfortable

Granted I just did a google deep dive on this show and didn't actually watch all of it but holy shit are you joking or something? It looks like the women in this show are nothing more than blow up dolls. Like jesus christ you're telling me this show is…Funny? I tried to watch an episode of it and wanted to throw up.

No. 1935602

Could someone explain wtf is going on with her proportions on the second, smaller shot of their silhouettes?

No. 1935603

A man drew it.

No. 1935612

A concept won't always translate into a good series. Some shit are just good as concepts only. She worked on good stuff before, that doesn't mean she can't work on bad stuff. I know you like her personally, but c'mon.

No. 1935613

And sometimes they change the art style as the series progresses.

No. 1935759

Lauren Faust is a fucking handmaiden that uplifted pig-disgusting bronies, which led them to believe MLP:FiM is for the unwashed manbaby masses and not the actual target audience of little girls. I will never support that woman ever again and she deserves to never have any of her concepts get greenlit ever again. Fuck Lauren Faust.

No. 1935761

Anon you sound dramatic as fuck. You really want a woman lose out on work over fandom retards. Fucking dumbass.

No. 1935771

I'd rather they both lose.

No. 1935778

Most creators are supportive of the people who like their work, I doubt she knows the depths of brony degeneracy. It's more obnoxious when creators fight fans, or gatekeep who isn't allowed to enjoy their stuff (like some comics writers) like they have any control over the fandom, which they don't.

No. 1935788

Lauren Faust quit mlp in the first season, when bronies weren't even a thing. It's funny you complain about her ruining MLP:FIM, when it was Hasbro's decisions to turn the show into marketing to sell toys to little girls by adding 4 princesses, a baby pink princess and a ugly castle that made it so far from what lauren wanted for the show. The show never stopped being for little girls, i have no idea where you got the idea that it became for bronies when bronies hate mlp past season 1 because of the retarded changes hasbro did to sell more toys.

No. 1935816

>Lauren Faust quit mlp in the first season, when bronies weren't even a thing
That's not even remotely true. They were there since season 1 and turned into a cult as the time passed by.

No. 1935828


>when it was Hasbro's decisions to turn the show into marketing to sell toys to little girls

…nona…this is Hasbro we're talking about. This is their bread and butter, kek.

No. 1935862

yeah, i know. That's why i dont understand why anon is trying to imply lauren faust somehow made the show appeal to bronies isntead of the core audience, when the show never stopped jumping the shark to make new toys to appeal to little girls.
the /mlp/ board was made in early 2013, when lauren faust was already off the project

No. 1935887

Then pls be my prison les femcel gf nonnie
Nta but come on now. You gotta know that by the point bronies were a thing season 1 was already almost finished animating if not completely post-production. They weren't pandering to the small group of 4channers ironically watching the show, that everyone thought would be a passing fad anyways. Bronies didn't become an actual big thing until season 2, and didn't start getting pandered to until around season 3 and Faust was long gone by then. Bronies only really became a gross menace to society en masse around the time they stopped being fans of the show, and became fans of the fandom, just like every toxic fandom that ruins shit

No. 1935957

File: 1701400749569.png (968.61 KB, 994x1000, image_2023-12-01_141859724.png)

AFAIK MLP:FiM wasn't even something she fully wanted to work on, she got proposed to work on it by Hasbro after Milky Way got rejected.

No. 1935991

Milky Way never becoming a viable IP still haunts me. I would’ve done anything for those toys at the time.

No. 1935993

File: 1701407057366.png (490.22 KB, 690x650, 9C2C2FFA-51DA-420A-AFD6-4B613B…)

Bronies started popping up before season 1 was even over.

No. 1936037

You’re right but the show didn’t really start actively pandering to them for another couple of years.

No. 1936234

Lauren Faust should go the indie animation route, it's booming right now. The fact that she still hasn't gotten to be a showrunner with her cute designs (which would sell a ton of toys) is a shame.

No. 1936243

File: 1701461953365.png (449.78 KB, 664x600, Dios_Mio.png)

>Oye Primos gets delayed

No. 1936258

No. 1936264

I feel this might go the way of Thundercats Roar and be discretly delayed until people forget the drama and then when it releases people barely care and it's just immedeatly forgoten.

No. 1936291

I liked it but I didn't get it. Seemed more obscure than usual.

No. 1936296

That is very true. First two seasons were excellent but once Faust fully left the quality declined and then they just kept pandering to loser moids. I was obsessed the first few seasons but once they writers went full pandering I completely lost interest.

No. 1936320

god this show looks so ugly. Who is this even for

No. 1936324

there's nothing to get, it's just lolrandom for no reason and no deeper meaning

No. 1936325

Why are half of them wearing sandals?

No. 1936362

File: 1701477171618.png (96.33 KB, 342x400, saturn.png)

what do anons think about the redesigns faust posted? imo theyre cute enough but lose a lot of that special late 2000s charm in translation to blobbystyle. the fashion is a lot less inspired. i love the cute silhouettes of the designs with the larger and more central rollerskates, you cant really tell that they are wearing skates in some of the new designs, picrel.

No. 1936364

lol finally.

No. 1936383

File: 1701480326960.png (753.78 KB, 849x1142, 1000008514.png)

Um actually I think you mean chanclas

No. 1936393

File: 1701481411578.png (92.63 KB, 274x433, 8AB7E730-960C-430A-972B-2668F7…)

Huge downgrade and barely make sense. The old designs were really charming and special and the new ones were just bland and generic. I’m not sure why she would take away all of the emphasis on the feet when they’re supposed to be skaters. The last thing I look at the new designs are their feet which in this case is bad.

No. 1936424

I'm in a server with a chick who worked on this, she's batshit insane like all gendies though.

No. 1936442

From what I looked up, the actual reason that VA's and showrunners were protecting bronies was simply money. Bronies were buying more MLP merch than anyone, personally organizing conventions, and buying autographs from the VA's. I remember one commenting that she made more money signing stuff BronyCon than her entire career. It's messed up, but I get it.

No. 1936443

Some of these kids are unfairly ugly.

No. 1936461

File: 1701493417840.png (63.19 KB, 712x400, 55DFAB05-6544-42D8-A2B1-CA356A…)

I mean I get it to an extent but the show became a shell of itself. The first two seasons were what got them that audience and the pandering because so blatant the show was unwatchable. Faust said she would always focus on the shows little girl audience but by season six they were doing this nastiness.

No. 1936476

I can tell they changed the composer for this, which sucks because the music was my favorite part! Bring back graham kartna!!!

No. 1936538

Agree, prefer the more exaggerated and geometric silhouettes of the original designs.

No. 1936540

File: 1701503444876.jpg (111.56 KB, 476x382, moon.jpg)

the redesigns are either bland or just awful. what was the whole point of even redesigning them? picrel is one of the worst imo

No. 1936542

Bronies were a cancer. Vidrel
As someone who was an ugly child, I feel represented
Is this real?? I stopped watching pretty early on
”Diversity”, according to Lauren.

No. 1936550

maybe they wanted to make them look less ana

No. 1936574

can you explain to me how did it pander to moids? if anything once lauren left they started hard pandering to little girls, which made the quality decline.

No. 1936577

it's an heavily stylized cartoon style…

No. 1936578

Primos feels very offensive to me, but not for wrongly depicting hispanics or having an incorrectly translated title. Walt used to be a huge fan of south america, to the point he would even come here to tour small studios and seek out talent. Walt's first movies were heavily inspired in south american cuture too, mostly argentina, with gaucho mickey being the second short ever featuring mickey mouse. So it feels like they are spitting on walt's ''friendly neighbour'' old american values by making something so self-centered and redundant(the loud house spin off has the same premise). South america is so full of talent and inspiration that it seems like a waste of money to make a series about chicanos, who are just honorary whites and dont have an interesting culture to follow. I think hispanics are just very tired of how entitles americunts are over our culture when they cant name a single hispanic country that isnt mexico and refuse to see beyond their borders.

No. 1936593

File: 1701518473643.png (628.63 KB, 854x480, ENA - Power of Potluck 5-4 scr…)

this is probably more cohesive than the previous episode actually. Most of the time it is just mindless surrealism but this one feels like a genuine attempt to be deep.
I assume it's trying to talk about joy and the strange forms it comes in. Trying to put on a mask and perform what other view as happiness will make you feel empty. Like how picrel is ghost performers controlled by skeletons

No. 1936832

sage for no milk, but this is a pretty good video that proves that Hazbin Hotel won't be "female-led" as Vivzie tries to claim it, to justify the poor quality of the female characters in Helluva Boss.

No. 1936942

she should have made an all-cute male cast instead of adding female characters when she's obviously a fujo/yume, honestly.

No. 1937051

That would never happen, since Viv is incapable of making characters that are attractive to anyone other than retards and coomers.

No. 1937121

I think they're overall better designs body type wise since they look more distinct as characters, but I liked the older outfits better.(sage)

No. 1937170

Same, I prefer the new proportions other than the skates but the older outfits and hair are better.

No. 1937226

File: 1701616174984.png (430.84 KB, 600x360, PtuuE79.png)

Has there ever been an "adult cartoon" that ever had an attractive dad or attractive teenage son rather then the usual "hot wife, fat dad and fat teenage son set-up"

No. 1937245

If you're talking animated sitcoms, yeah none come to mind. To be honest though, those shows have such ugly art styles that I'm not sure if such a character would even really come across as genuinely attractive rather than a parody of an attractive man that circles back into being ugly. American Dad might be closest because the dad isn't supposed to be a complete schlub iirc kek. Slim pickings.

Something with a more detailed and realistically proportioned art style like Last Man, Archer, or Venture Bros could probably pull off that kind of design if it wanted to without it feeling like a joke in itself, but I doubt it'd ever happen because the sitcom formula is pretty creatively bankrupt– even non-adult, sitcom-structured animation like SU falls into the fat/loser dad and teenage son pattern. Gotta be ~relatable~, I guess.

No. 1937260

File: 1701620225734.png (81.34 KB, 298x372, Imageedit_79_5843539221.png)

I kind of understand why they needed to get redesigns, it would be a pain in the ass to animate some of them because they're detailed, maybe not Vtuber level of unnecessarily detailed, but they had some particular details that would make it harder to animate, plus the highly stylized art with girls wearing crop tops and having huge hips would've worked when the Winx club appeared, now everyone is too busy trying to make characters as not only simple, but also shapeless as possible to avoid having people saying that they're too sexualized to be a children's cartoon.
I think some of the redesigns are cute tbh, they're not cool like the originals, but they're nice for girls, the original designs could've worked better as some sort of comic for teenagers and dolls with, idk, shoelaces for skates.

No. 1937298

File: 1701624220452.jpg (99.05 KB, 940x1232, 1695211894-blesstheharts.jpg)

Bless the Harts is the only one I can think of that comes close,and even then the art style does none of them justice. Also no son but goth daughter. It was fairly funny but only given two seasons, probably cause it was catered towards women, and not your 18-44 y/o man children.

No. 1937324

Remember The Three Caballeros? I loved it when I was a kid

No. 1937444

Why is this look like Bitmojis

No. 1937457

>it was catered towards women, and not your 18-44 y/o man children
is it good enough to watch through? I'm curious about it from this description alone tbh

No. 1937463

damn and i thought saturn was bad. i didnt really notice how much of a downgrade the moon is because the base colours and other elements are the same but the comparison really shows how BLAND and uninspired the new designs are. what a shame
its definitely this and honestly fair enough, but the new stylisations could have been in keeping with the geometric look of the originals while toning down the stick limbs, imo. the thing that really doesnt make sense to me is why she would de-emphasize the skates. even from a kids toyline perspective thats a terrible move, the skates are cute and fun and unique with fun fashion designs in the og, and are just… nothing in the new ones.

No. 1937464

It's a shame only her tumblr sexymen get spotlight. Her female characters are sooo much cuter and have nice nostalgic designs. Like the one-eyed scene girl? She is adorable, idk why she's so neglected.
In general if her work were less "omg all women are evil bitches and my gay babies must be protected" I'd watch it.

No. 1937514

New Helluva Boss video dropped. Surprise, surprise, it's more Stolitz. Thoughts?

No. 1937515

Animation was surpisingly good, although the designs are still objectively crap the backgrounds aren't overly cluttered so it looks actually really nice. The music sounds autotuned to hell honestly. And normal gay melodrama. Not much milk here, although can't wait to see what the fuck the next episode of this trashfire is going to be like

No. 1937528

i loved this show so much. it was so sweet and cute. i was so sad when i finished it.
definitely give it a watch. its really normie and has no coomerism in it which is really hard to find esp nowadays

No. 1937531

it makes me extremely angry this is the only western show with SAKUGA kek how the fuck does she have money to pay for this level of animation quality when big studios cant even properly animate simple blobs?

No. 1937572

File: 1701659112201.jpg (104.67 KB, 700x1000, 71dMn68BwXL._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

I'll preach it until the day I die.
The one cancelled adult cartoon that should have been salvaged and preserved: The Oblongs.
Such creative witty humor and it's aged like fine wine. And the character designs were pretty cleverly done.

No. 1937573

I watched the Brony documentary, it was hilarious. Also there's a part when Tara Strong goes to meet a bunch of bronies in the military and she has her boobs all pushed up kek

No. 1937580

File: 1701660052676.jpg (64.7 KB, 720x674, 23201108.jpg)

Still mad about this >>1934560 I see. Never change, Viv.

No. 1937583

I remember watching this late at night in college! I forgot that Will Farrell voiced Bob

No. 1937587

I remember a vine she did where she was putting a Bubbles plushie in her bras and making jokes. They were all VS Bombshell ones kek.

No. 1937600

File: 1701663286615.png (225.1 KB, 360x608, Kaufmosis.png)

This sounds really retarded but honestly I would have given TADC a chance if he was the main character not shitty annoying fap bait Pomni.

No. 1937622

kek so i was not the only one who saw this

No. 1937635

kek I thought the same thing

No. 1937637

She frequently pandered to them by posting shots mostly focused on her boobs, cosplayed Twilight Sparkle, and reblogged suggestive art of her as well. She probably deleted the ones of her on a stripper pole with friends. It was honestly wild to see this woman who voiced so many of my childhood cartoons suddenly start stunt queening all over the place for unwashed scrotes online when she's married with kids herself.

No. 1937650

Tara has always seemed gross to me, I was in the MLP fandom for a while and the amount of brony oriented thirst traps she would post was insane. I also remember her posting barely censored pony smut and recording a few suggestive things in Twilight’s voice, which I’m shocked she was able to get away with. Most productions have clauses specifically against this for their VAs, it’s why some of them won’t even do character voices on Cameo or whatever

No. 1937651

the oblongs and mission hills shouldnt have been cancelled, there were so many genuinely creative premises for adult shows in th early 00s but they were cancelled because they didnt reach the ridiculous high standars for ratings the network had

No. 1937670

It probably got cancelled because not many people are willing to watch a show with such ugly art.

No. 1937683

Pomni's only "fap bait" is that she's a girl. Literally nothing in her design is sexualized

No. 1937689

Her entire design is sexualized in a distinctly fetishistic troon coomer way. Once you know you can’t unsee.

No. 1937717

File: 1701689939354.jpeg (371.16 KB, 750x1164, 79F142CE-54BE-4A06-8FC7-6D51B0…)

Nsa, but in what way? She looks similar enough to characters like ena, and personally I think it’s cute, but scrotes/coomers, as always, come around and ruin everything they touch

No. 1937719

She is made to be guro bait

No. 1937720

Look at this or the previous thread. This has been discussed before.

No. 1937753

>family guy
>south park
>bojack horseman
>f is for family

yeah you’re right anon, only shows with beautiful art and design last on tv.

No. 1937765

>how the fuck does she have money to pay for this level of animation quality when big studios cant even properly animate simple blobs?
This baffles me too, especially with Hazbin Hotel. How the fuck can she continuously have her whole indie show animated frame by frame with decent hand animation, but the project that was picked up by an actual studio is the one that gets the tweening treatment?? Did Disney abandoning 2D really salt the earth this hard for professional 2D animation in the US?

No. 1937784

Okay, maybe that wasn't quite fair of me. It's a mix of issues. Particularly, it's ugly, and the premise includes viscerally upsetting aspects. Body horror is still body horror, even if the material treats it casually, and the art style being as ugly as it is only amplifies any unease a prospective viewer might feel as a result of the presence of said body horror. These aspects of the show leave it fighting an uphill battle for an audience, and I've never really seen anyone promote the show in an actually compelling way, beyond just saying "it's good". Because of this, I wouldn't be surprised if most people never even give the show a chance.

No. 1937789

It's a cartoon. Being a human sponge is also body horror but children love it. People IRL are quadruple amputees, hope they don't spook ya

No. 1937799

Sorry that your favorite cartoon just doesn't appeal to people. It's not my fault, and you're shooting the messenger here.

No. 1937823

At the time of the Hazbin Hotel pilot phase, the money definitely used to come from merch. She made so much merch of something that wasn't even out yet, and a lot of people bought that shit. Hazbin isn't even out now.
But I agree it's strange just how much money she has to afford good-ish animation and popular voice actors.

No. 1937883

Have you never watched bobs burgers? Peak hot dad.(pointless comment, no sage)

No. 1937894

She did the same voice for Lollipop Chainsaw and the princess from Drawn Together before Twilight Sparkle, so that's probably why. They can't really stop her from using the same voice she does for everything the way you can keep Tom Kenny from doing the spongebob voice

No. 1937905

Ugly ass characters

No. 1937955

after you spend enough time in troon circles you can kind of just clock a troon bait character. for me
>the wide, scared look on her face
>the blush stickers
>the thin, pale, vulnerable sticky figure
>her voice being breathy and child-like

No. 1937989

I'm glad I'm not the only one who remembers this and speaking up against it got me shouted down by militant scrotes who were all too happy to eventually turn on her ass anyway when she began to have the wrong opinions. Can't say I feel sorry for her.

No. 1938043

do you think maybe she gets any form of discount for this being a passion project and the animators were just hungry for anything remotely close to soul? Yes I know the show I'm referencing but she loves it. Maybe the animators enjoy not having a total corpo project. I know that if production isn't terrible most people say working on a trainwreck can be nicer than a slick hollywood production
>Drawn Together
lmao wtf is this. This has all the energy of an anime abridged series
imagine some 13 year old girl who likes mlp surrounded by bronies then logging onto twitter and seeing the voice actress cater to them in this way. I don't want it to go draconian but if you're involved in children's tv and in a public child-accessible place there should be some rules for decency

No. 1938050

is there a list of characters like this? I'd love to see it. Pearl from SU comes to mind (yeah yeah I know they are all "agender" but I don't buy it).

No. 1938055

Aren't both of her parents lawyers? They probably make a ton of money and have probably helped supplement funding for her shows. Plus, I doubt she pays her animators and other staff members all that much.

No. 1938066

She divorced her husband and started dating some younger guy who’s vegan and lives on some farm and sells crypto and NFTs or something.

No. 1938070

Sure, but she wasn’t just using the voice, the lines were in character. She wasn’t just doing her generic “girl” voice, she was making it clear that she was Twilight Sparkle. There was no ambiguity.

No. 1938071

Also the entire premise of the character is that she’s “‘mind broken” or whatever moids call it. Guarantee the creator has a private stash of art of her getting impaled in the head by a drill.

No. 1938080

please. family guy has way more body horror and gorey scenes, even SpongeBob too in the later seasons (and the earlier ones had ugly detailed face close ups)

No. 1938127

i don't think pearl is troon bait, then again i personally really like pearl. i'm also having a hard time drawing up any examples at the moment though but generally
>anything to do with dogs
>anything to do with clowns (that's a popular fetish at the moment)
>anything that seems like a lanky, nerdy guy's idea of a nerdy, shut-in girl
>extensive usage of the word "girl" in general

No. 1938166

File: 1701753316657.gif (942.46 KB, 280x498, adult-swim-creepy-susie.gif)

it's basically a moe loli character anon, how new. Coomers love sussie from the ooblongs and they look extremely similar

No. 1938167

>lmao wtf is this. This has all the energy of an anime abridged series
is drawn together not popular in america? it's extremely well known in south america because the spanish dub was amazing

No. 1938197

>lmao wtf is this. This has all the energy of an anime abridged series
wait that’s actually kinda funny because it inspired the creation of Panty and Stocking which is basically an anime that feels abridged but isn’t

No. 1938226

File: 1701767367313.png (1.2 MB, 960x690, UgpGtIu.png)

Imagine making this without a hint of irony.

No. 1938272

The fuck is up with their necks? I need to see actually good art in comics again at least once before I die

No. 1938298

Are the tides turning? The last panel, the redhead has a smug expression while she wokesplains, and the other woman gives a fourth-wall-breaking "gee this is dumb" expression

No. 1938299

The level of inconsistency in the art across three sequential panels here is depressing. What's the comic this is from even supposed to be about? Is anything important happening in this issue or is it just padding? It looks so dull, even ignoring the soap-boxing.

No wonder people are shifting over to manga

No. 1938301

I don’t get that at all, but I’d need to see the following panels for more context

No. 1938406

File: 1701799918198.jpg (474.2 KB, 2000x1125, bm.jpg)

>not many people are willing to watch a show with such ugly art

Friendly reminder that Big Mouth is on its 7th season.

No. 1938463

not really, it had it's moment on comedy central, then disappeared into obscurity

No. 1938537

if you called a real hispanic, not chicano, a latinx they would laugh in your face and booly you for being an entitled americunt

No. 1938539

how is this show still on the air(well, in netflix) they had a character whose personality was making jokes about being molested(then it was revealed it was fake, but still)

No. 1938548

Def give it a watch, was kinda upset it was cut so short, but they did wrap it up nicely. (more mad than anything it didn't get more seasons)

No. 1938576

I will never understand why people want to watch a animated show about glassy eyed doll children with adult voices talk about their child genitals and sex.

inb4: "Nick Kroll is a rich jew" I know, I mean the people that actually watch and enjoy this thinly veiled pedophilia.

No. 1938599

i checked the profile of a troon on reddit the other day (because he was the mod for a subreddit supposedly meant for mentally ill women and i just KNEW it would be moderated by a TIM) and he had posted cartoon porn of Pomni to a clown fetish subreddit. personally i think it's her disassociated / traumatised look that appeals to these creeps.
>once you know you can't unsee
i wish i could unsee

No. 1938600

you should post that freak in the MTF thread.

No. 1938707

they look like lizards. ffs they never look directly at each other.

No. 1938712

what confuses me is: who actually watches this shit enough for them to justify constant new seasons??? the vast majority of people i know dont know it exists, and the entire minority of those who do know it consider it extremely offensive (just from how it looks) and ugly and would never watch it. is it just because the whole nick kroll rich jew thing????
trannydom and hypno fetishism are joined at the hip, so any "mindbreak" pandering is directed exactly to the shrivelled boners of disgusting e-scrotes.

No. 1938802

I know exactly one person who watches it and enjoys it. He's a TV-rotted middle-aged straight white man who is a right-leaning centrist, has the intelligence of a clump of mud, thinks that crude jokes are the peak of comedy, and is desperately nostalgic because his own failures have caught up to him in pretty much every aspect of his life. I wouldn't be surprised if most of the show's viewers fall into similar demographics as him.

No. 1938827

Exactly nonna, the entire premise of TADC feels like troon coom to me for this reason.

No. 1939015

Who drew this? It looks so shitty, especially the faces. I guess the artist was another "diversity hire". I don't understand the recent trend of ugly-looking soulless comics in the west.

No. 1939049

weirdly enough the only person I know who watched Big Mouth is the exact opposite of you who described, liberal leaning white woman whose really into drag race and :queer politics".

No. 1939060

Tbh only redeeming enough quality of big mouth are some of the songs I chanced upon. Pity it's wasted on what seems to be a cheap trashy knock off of those slice of life tween shows ala as told by ginger winch is about Puberty and shit

No. 1939088

the only song i discovered from the show is that sequence with weird child nudity close ups of the characters in an attempt to get girls to love their bodies or something and i noped out of there quick

No. 1939092

I don't know if this is the right thread for this, but I keep getting this youtube indie animator on my recommended and it makes me want to a log. They appear to just re-skin one single 3D model of a girl to look like popular cartoon characters, then have them do cringe sexy uwu dances.

No. 1939177

I think ik what song you're talking about and yup its something

No. 1939188

Kek yep, the song is called I Love My Body and it's supposed to be a body positive anthem but oo wee is it weird, just a warning

No. 1939199

Chiming in with an unpopular opinion, I actually genuinely enjoyed the first season when it first came out. Ugly designs aside, parts of it were a funny and brutally relatable look at puberty and I actually laughed quite a bit. But as the show went on I feel like it just got grosser and became a joke of "Okay let's see how crude and offensive we can get now without being cancelled" and I stopped watching

No. 1939327

That’s like the one person I know who likes it. Maybe we know the same person. Or maybe that’s the actual demographic

No. 1939345

I started watching Disney's Wish and honestly, Asha is bit more reasonable in the film because her main problem with the king not granting all the wishes is that when people give the king their wishes, they forget them, and Asha suggest the king that if he doesn't want to grant the wishes he should give them back to the people so they can remember them and try on their own. It still looks like a cheap video game though but I don't think Asha is wrong with thinking people should be to able to remember their own wishes.

No. 1939390

Yeah I actually watched the first and maybe second season a few years back and it wasn't nearly bad as I was expecting. We stopped watching when they replaced the only good character's voice actress for being white when the character is mixed, and the new girl did terrible. The show was weirdly woke, or at least trying to be, which is odd when you're the cartoon every wokie you're targeting insists is child pornography. I'd rather watch pen15 again if I want to watch a puberty comedy ig, not that I often do.

No. 1939450

Does ANYONE watch these straight to Netflix sad-sack shows for 20/30 year old burn outs? This has absolutely no appeal to me, starring a jowly middle-aged woman and another doomsday scenario. So much of Netflix animation is about death, end of the world, everyone dying, doomscrolling Black Mirror horror, woe and pain. I'm assuming it's just to make adult animation stand out by covering dark topics, but why does it always have to be the apocalypse and post-nuclear war AND a woman always ends up sexually assaulted, infertile, abused, and/or forced to have an abortion.
I sick of this western imagination trend.

No. 1939452

It's absolutely insane how much she completely woobified stolas from his initial appearance. Originally, he was clearly intended to be a degenerate noble, and he was perfectly suited for that role. However, Viv's obsession with gay ships led her to change the entire premise of the show to revolve around the ship. Now Stolas is a pwecious uwu-baby who is faultless in everything.

No. 1939460


I hate how she uses lesser key demons now I feel like I can't draw my own rendition of stolas because every hazbin/helluva/whatever tween will be all over it saying it's not viv's crap. Sick of her one note slop.

Nude bodies can only be shown for juvenile laughs and never any other reason. Big mouth is fine but god forbid a woman draws a tit online for money(fine when coomer moids do it though)
Too many people I know have recommended me this damned cartoon trying to convince me how 'funny and poignant' it is but I'm not interested in watching a cartoon about tweens/teens and their puberty I already went through it, it sucks, don't need a reminder.

No. 1939464

This. Tara was very aware of what she was doing and I wish people would stop throwing on their capes for her.

No. 1939466

Some of those wishes were unironically retarded like flying and having a nanny

No. 1939468

I would feel the same way except it’s established that they know they’ll forget their wish when they give it up and there’s a chance it won’t be granted or given back. They should be given back, I guess I just don’t understand why anyone would make that trade in the first place. I feel like they put very little thought into the world building.

No. 1939473

the only person i've ever seen admit to watching this stuff is mike stoklasa, so i just imagine their entire audience to be middle aged midwestern alcoholic autistic men.

No. 1939493

holy shit this is ugly, how do western cartoon artstyles keep getting worse? it's like a bottomless pit

No. 1939501

This really didn't need to be animated.

No. 1939502

The art style for this is ugly as fuck but I don’t really oppose the doomsday scenario because the show is apparently meant to be a “love letter to routine”, where this character finds solace by going to a simulated office with a bunch of people who are working simply not to panic as the end approaches, which feels like a refreshing way to tackle a doomsday scenario, rather than the classic death and rape is rampant humanity le ebil. It feels more optimistic, actually.

That said. Her eyes being so close together is uncanny as fuck. Kinda disappointing cause I do somewhat like that she’s just a dumpy middle aged woman who’s not sexualised or glorified in any one way.

No. 1939525

i thought her neck shadow was a beard

No. 1939546

so far she's only used 3, the rest are her OC's.

No. 1939550

yeah ayrt lost me with "jowly middle aged woman" like what, you would rather she's young or a man? you're the one who's worried about seeing the same thing all the time instead of something new, lol. anyway the premise does seem interesting but the main character's voice is weirdly slow and annoying, I don't know if I can get through a season of that. hate the sonic the hedgehog eyes too.

No. 1939552

Bojack Horseman did to adult cartoon storytelling what Adventure Time did to kids cartoon art styles.

No. 1939558

i feel like you’ve just named two things that prove you don’t need to have an appealing art style to have a good story

No. 1939579

NTA but Bojack Horseman wasn't really that ugly shape-wise. The animals were pretty cute and the humans looked normal. A lot of episodes had really nice style changes and were actually quite pretty. Adventure time had simplistic characters but colorful and appealing style in general. The main characters were also quite cute. There were some scarier ones but those are meant to be scary and ugly and usually were the monsters, it's not the default shape for the main characters like in Big Mouth or the Oye Primos and so on. I get what the anon means when she talks about body horror, stuff like Big Mouth makes my guts automatically recoil in disgust.

No. 1939603

Read the post again baby

No. 1939607

Both the examples are good shows, the problem starts when other shows emulate them without emulating the good parts. Look for noodle-arm-style cartoons and you'll find stuff like Breadwinners or current Rick and Morty that are simple visually but have none of the charm of Adventure Time, whose characters and writing and concepts carried the show more than its style. And Bojack had more substance than just "suffering and depression" or people wouldn't have watched it, but when you take the surface level mood beats and repackage them without at least an interesting visual style or interesting ideas to back it up, you get… Well, current Rick and Morty, again.

No. 1939620

Hasn’t every era had that though? A style that was highly emulated/replicated throughout?

No. 1939658

and thus the cycle is doomed to repeat, but we can still bitch about it every time it happens

No. 1939713

stolas was unironically more likeable as a character (as a person he's terrible) when he was a one sided degenerate snob. he should have stayed a side character that helps the main cast occasionally with his book and exists only to provide gags to the show. his sad gay "backstory" isn't compelling or interesting. stolas has received literally more time and attention than half of the main cast, that being millie and loona. now that stolas is a main character, how is this even still called helluva BOSS? he's not part of IMP and IMP hasn't done a job together for most of season 2. lmao i've never seen a show lose it's point so quickly. and all for the fujo coom. how sad.

No. 1939726

Cathy for Milennials

No. 1939735

The pandering here is so gross. This entire fandom was so fucking embarrassing. I still can’t believe how many people bought into the idea that it was “progressive” and “good for feminism” that a bunch of moids were openly obsessed with a cartoon for little girls.

No. 1939745

>bojack horseman
i am so tired of people spreading this obvious lie

No. 1939749

Moxxie also suffers from this, despite being portrayed as more morally upright than the rest of the cast, in the first 2 episodes he was still a competent killer. He even saved the rest of the cast in episode 1. However, since then, they have progressively "uwu-filed" him, which ironically has taken a lot from Millie character. I read a comment that described it perfectly "Millie would be completely redundant if Moxxie could fight back or defend himself".

No. 1939750

I can only think of the 80s looking similar, and even then it was because the characters were mostly realistic humans and animated in Japan by the same studios. 90s/00s were definetly much varied, you seriously cant compare the simpsons to duckman(90s), or invader zim to mansion foster(00s), meanwhile most cartoons nowdays look visually similar regardless of network and target audience.

No. 1939941

man I'd love to see how people react to Drawn Together if it aired now. I imagine it would have gotten cancelled immediately.

No. 1939981

File: 1702029713525.jpeg (28.39 KB, 400x400, e0b51029e37728f1eab2a105bc4fd8…)

LMAO wtf is this cathy ass shit
come the fuck on. ACK!

No. 1940014

It deserved too anyway, it was degen asf.

No. 1940077

No ones throwing on their cape for her nonnie. Her pandering was weird and cringy and it shouldn't have flied, I just think she got away with it because it's the generic voice she uses for everything and had already said plenty of degenerate shit in. It was a meme at the time to dub racist and sexual Princess Clara from Drawn Together lines onto Twilight. I'm not defending that or saying I like it, just that that's probably why Hasbro didn't stop her. No one was largely questioning her at the time, it wasn't a big controversy that would affect the bottom line, her brony pandering brought in way more bronybucks, so why stop her from Hasbro's pov. I hope it comes back to bite her in the ass, I remember her doing lots of pandering with the Bubbles voice too, and that's one I have no idea how she got away with

No. 1940078

To be fair it had troon shit in it even if the troon was often the butt of the joke. If it was rebooted today it’d be a nightmare

No. 1940112

the show WAS good regardless of your personal enjoyment or lack thereof. this isn’t even a personal opinion, the show itself is highly rated and was well-liked throughout its run and after.

No. 1940238

Nta but
>using high ratings as objective proof
come on now. That means Marvel films and all sorts of low quality trash must be "good" then kek.

No. 1940292

Again it wasn’t just the voice, it was the fact that she was going out of her way to say everything in character and constantly reiterate who exactly was saying it. I get that Hasbro was prioritizing the brony bucks, it’s just so hard to imagine something like that happening now, in any other fandom for a kids show.

No. 1940394

bojack horseman is a mess. It tries to jump from goofy lolsorandum shenanigans to actual serious topics and it's too jarring. I cant believe you are praising the show that rushed a shitty characters arc by saying he got away with dumb shit due to white privilege. Venture bros, moral orel(both which came before BH) and F is for family are miles better. Venture bros is Bojack done right, but it's underrated as fuck.

No. 1940416

+1 on vbros. i watched it earlier this year for the 1st time and loved it. imo its only flaw is the lack of relevant female characters apart from sheila.

No. 1940422

i think bojack horseman is responsible for saturday morning cartoonifying adult story telling in the sense that now everyone thinks there always should be some sort of lesson to be learned from character's actions, like characters can't do stupid fucked up shit unless you as the viewers and the characters in the narrative all sit down for a little educational moment where we have to go through how and why the characters actions were wrong and now this is expected from everyone or you literally think murder is ok or whatever. i think bojack horseman is fine, kind of overbearing at points when it comes to the lesson shit but i think it does a good job depicting substance abuse etc

No. 1940459

File: 1702117342472.png (171.5 KB, 1293x627, Screenshot 2023-12-09 at 4.19.…)

god yes thank you for articulating what i’ve been noticing in tv media. especially cartoons. i’ve posted picrel in a /co/ thread before, i feel like it’s a similar sentiment.

No. 1940505

File: 1702132418298.gif (8.99 MB, 720x405, hexadecimal.gif)

the crying ribbon girl is a combination of Misery from Ruby Gloom and hexadecimal from Reboot.

No. 1940570

Just assumed it was like that because Americans lack subtleties. I like some of the stuff BJ Horseman does but also know It's only very popular due to some stand out scenes + a mostly male cast ( they can't get away with doing this many fucked up stuff with women or worldwide people would have an aneurysm). I think Todd should have been gay because the Ace shit is cringe and he wound up just being an hetero with extra steps lolol

No. 1940573

The ace shit was so cringe but looking back it's almost charming. Just a few years ago the way to wokebait was to make a white dude not want to fuck. If it came out now Todd's big realization would be that he's genderfluid and actually likes Amy in a lesbian way, not "as a man" and that's why he can't fuck her.

No. 1940578

Your posts reminded me of this video.

No. 1940607

oh no not discussing western animation in the western animation thread i am lashing out at you personally for having complicated opinion on your favorite cartoon horse show

No. 1940611

Oh no, I'm not disagreeing with your takes. I'm saying that bojack horseman, popularized this whole "this is why you suck" speech, trend in Western animation.

No. 1940645

Like I suppose it is sort of "charming" but I had to skip any scenes lecturing about Ace discourse lolol. It's just the only objective L I can think of as the rest I feel is up to taste and execution. Wonder if Tuca and Bertie is better

No. 1940774

Genuinely saying this as a woman with fertility issues, they handled PC’s miscarriage storyline extremely well also.

No. 1940794

I thought of it as compelling as well. Pc is underrated lolol

No. 1940885

this is a good point, and the reason why i hate the last season. it lost all the charm and humour it had because the writers were so focused on making sure you knew bojack was a bad person. we already knew that from the previous 5 seasons, it wasn't subtle. but they had to get their pointless little lessons in morality in there.

the ace episodes were boring and annoying. even when they first aired, it was a tired discourse.

No. 1940964

I hate that they retconned to make it so that Bojack waited 17 minutes to call the ambulance for Sara Lynn. It's so unsubtle and over the top evil just to force the audience to feel a certain way about something that happened seasons before. Fucking his on-show daughter eventually resulting in her death should have been enough to cancel him in-universe , without also trying to make it into this plot twist thing where he totally groomed her into trying alcohol at 9 and manslaughtered her. I get Bojack is the type of unreliable narrator to hide his biggest sins from even us the viewer but whipping it out last second felt cheap and like trying to get ahead of the "Walter White did nothing wrong" reddit bros, which you're never gonna do.
I shouldn't have used the word charming kek. It was annoying as fuck now and then, I just mean if it came out a few years later they would have gone with him being a gendie and I'm grateful it was just a kind of annoying side plot instead of The Trans Toddina Show. At least the axolotl family dinner made me kek

No. 1941169

No lie I kind of hc that the Axolotl is like that because of her sex pest parents. Like, it's on hindsight a fairly good reason why someone would be Ace if she just got casually sexually harassed in her formative years ( it was played for laughs but in reality Yolanda's parents would be beyond cringe I'd be genuinely worried for her). It's extra funny because the show shook their fist about being an actual sexuality while giving their female character a decent reason for "asexuality".

But yeah I kind of dislike the fact that the creators just exaggerated the shitness of BJ as a spiteful fuck you to reddit bros while at the same time expecting for us to stick around to care about said character after he does some fucked up shit because he's a Moid so ofc you will care if he like cries about shit lolol.

No. 1941171

It just I'm aware of the double standard looking at media + the reaction of the Fandom of Diane who at her lowest never did half as much morally objectionable shit as Bojack. Like it's just something that makes me a bit cynical and "taints" the show a bit on top of being a sausage fest lmao

No. 1941177

>the show shook their fist about being an actual sexuality
Could you elaborate? I don't remember anything like that in BH.

No. 1941193

There were some parts about explaining what asexuality was after Todd realized he didn't like his ex gf that way for starters. It is sort of treated like an actual orientation that the audience needed explaining to do.

Thankfully there not very long tho lol.

No. 1941199

Funny enough it's not even what the show is really remembered for per say. All and all it seems to remembered for its depictions of Hollywood and its culture, of mental illness and depression and how the show ends up framing redemption and its attempts at subverting to various degrees of success the whole " silly adult animated sitcom" formula popularized by The Simpsons. Todd's asexuality is given lip service but it's such a nothing burger that its sort of skimmed off. Ironically this + being effectively heterosexual ( he ended the show in an asexual relantioship with a rabbit girl) meant the creators could kinda of eat their cake and have it too; they get patted in the back for featuring a "non heterosexual" or "queer" rep but it's by all intents and purposes a straight white man lmao.

But as other anons have spoken if released now Todd may have been some cringe Enby type at best and thus would have attracted a possibly more cringe fan base than it has and the ensuing bitching and moaning from those fans regardless of the quality of the rep. I just feel the Ace thing is also the only thing that could otherwise date the show since much of the issues they tackled are relevant and culturally a constant. If the show wanted to be timeless enough Todd would probably could just be heterosexual or they'd gamble and make Todd a quirky gay dude even if not everyone would like it regardless of how it was handled (i want to give the writers some credit by thinking they'd do a decent job at it).(sage)

No. 1941234

The asexuality thing was so fucking cringe and trend-chasing. It's not going to age well at all.

No. 1941235

This. I adore the Oblongs but the absolute last thing I want is a TikTok generation reboot of it. It would get massacred like Clone High.

No. 1941236

File: 1702260030188.png (302.62 KB, 693x564, 51216754.png)

Sage bc it's not really milk, but Fionna and Cake is getting renewed for a season two. Hopefully they don't run it into the ground.

No. 1941254

I see, I misunderstood what you were saying in the initial post. I thought you were saying that BH implied a real sexuality (like homosexuality, heterosexuality, or bisexuality) wasn't real.

No. 1941270

Asexuality is overwhelmingly not very much a real thing ence the depiction on BJ is bizarre since it's treated seriously ( ymmv you could suspend ur disbelief given it's a show with a talking horse).(derailing)

No. 1941283


I saw the first season and had enough. I don't want more noodle arm "b-but it's adult now!!" Natasha allegri miserable 30 yr old girl slop.

No. 1941301

Don't do Cathy like that, her cartoons are actually cute.

No. 1941348

never read cathy and never knew this existed but it's kinda charming, thank you for sharing nona

No. 1941358

best character in the show hands down. i love pc she made every plotline she touched gold, even made todd tolerable.
i totally agree with you except for the thing about bojack's influence on sarah lynn's addiction, that was consistent with the way they showed the genealogy of the various addictions in the show in a nice way imo.
aged so badly that the cringe just knocked the wind out of me kek
literally how??? i know, i know, existing IP that everyone ate up like pigs at the trough self included as it was airing but it was straight up bad. the thing that shook me from my nostalgia stupor was firstly the selfcest jokes, and the thing that awoke me forever was the VERY sketch giantess stuff at the end. shudders.

No. 1941360

I recently picked up Bojack and am almost done with it and I've been enjoying it a lot and I'm upset I didn't watch it sooner. The writing may have been depressing but I wasn't bothered by it and I love the continuity and how all the characters have their flaws. And like someone else mentioned, Princess Carolyn was such a great character.

I'm just glad the show came out in 2016 before the trans crap overtook the social climate in media because it would've been horrible to see Diane be a handmaiden for troonism.

No. 1941388

Allegri isn't even involved with the show, she just designed the characters like ten years ago.

No. 1941390

It got critical acclaim. I'm sorry a few jokes popped your monocle and outweighed the merits of a female-centric show for you.

No. 1941391

Yup yup she was already a bit handmaiden-y every now and then, watching her get on a soapbox over trans id would be excruciating lol(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1941409

No, I know asexuality isn't real. I just thought you were saying BH said asexuality was real while implying a real sexuality (again, gay, bi, or hetero) wasn't real.

No. 1941419

Oh no not at all, I can see where the confusion was though!(learn to sage)

No. 1941420

ayrt and i know it’s late but it’s really nice to see f is for family getting recognition too.

No. 1941507

>noodle arm "b-but it's adult now!!" Natasha allegri miserable 30 yr old girl slop
kek I think you just described a certain genre of millennial comic art Ive been trying to explain for years

No. 1941513

File: 1702317156809.jpg (116.78 KB, 630x1200, MV5BNDFiNGFiOWUtMDU5Ny00Y2I3LW…)

cathy style is cute tbh, the eyes kinda remind me of picrel instead

No. 1941523

So apparently, this was originally a fan song that Viv decided to make canon. I listened to the original one, and it's kinda over dramatic and heavily emphasizes the "forbidden romance" aspect. But what's intriguing is that it still portrays Stolas as in the wrong. He is depicted as arrogant and somewhat admitting that he's a degenerate who only tries to win over Blitzo with material possessions. Viv tweaks the lyrics subtly to portray Stolas as a victim

No. 1941526

I could rewatch Venture Bros episodes for eternity. So good

No. 1942512

Hazbin Hotel trailer dropped today

No. 1942516

the animation is atrocious, which was the only saving grace of hazbin

No. 1942523

This was so cringe. The shear amount of cursing and then the shitty song. Like ew, who finds this stuff funny?

No. 1942526

it feels like tangled the series but for edgelord trannies, absolute cringe

No. 1942538

Who would pay to watch this garbage?the realistically drawn backgrounds and the shitty flash like animation of the cast clash so much that it's unbearable to watch goodness sake.

No. 1942540

File: 1702505451752.jpg (48.64 KB, 700x394, 1000004833.jpg)

Not impressed and gave away what I figured the plot would do. Why must modern writing be so god awful? So this website published an article on HH with 29 images. Flipped through and this one caught my eye. Vaggie appears to have wings. https://www.comingsoon.net/tv/news/1431790-hazbin-hotel-first-look-images-preview-animed-comedy-from-prime-video
Edgy teens and overgrown adult children still stuck in the "screw you, mom and dad" phase. Edgy mad libs dialogue tier garbage.

No. 1942569

The whole idea of “sinners in hell having more humanity than the angels in heaven despite being terrible people” thing is boring anyway

No. 1942698

File: 1702518929372.jpg (31.9 KB, 600x450, 22432125.jpg)

am i just biased or do the new voice actors sound worse? despite being professional actors? or maybe the voice direction is just shit? i can already tell i'll miss alastor's pilot voice. it was just so unique. i'm also sad he doesn't have the constant radio filter. it really went well will the fact that he's a stronger overlord demon. being an alastor fag was the only thing keeping my interest in this. i sleep.

No. 1942699

I prefer Angel sounding like Steve Buscemi in the pilot. He sounds way too young here imo.

No. 1942700

Not much female focus here sadly. It also feels like the protag is a lesbian solely for it to be different, otherwise she'd be paired with the red boy.

No. 1942706

File: 1702520160341.png (806.51 KB, 1345x705, 0000763521.PNG)

is this vaggie? this character looks moth like, like vaggie. same color scheme too. this still appears in the trailer when they mention the angel's threat. so that, coupled with the other still that shows vaggie with wings must mean she's an angel or i guess a fallen angel? why spoil such a big reveal in the fucking trailer?? this trailer is so shit. i can only hope that they use this as a way to make vaggie interesting and give her backstory but it's vivziepop after all so the chances of that are nearly zero. god i can already tell anything remotely interesting will be wasted.

No. 1942740

File: 1702525251909.jpg (98.96 KB, 720x398, Wings.jpg)

I still think regardless it could have been enjoyable but we're talking about Vivi here so of course not. I do think it's funny in a sad way that the trailer doesn't hide how shitty it's going to be. Also lol at Vivi credited as viral creator.
>why spoil such a big reveal in the fucking trailer??
Guess they think people aren't smart? The way this has been handled is such a mess.
>god i can already tell anything remotely interesting will be wasted
Yup, think how bad season 2 will be.

No. 1942761

File: 1702529974336.jpg (160.23 KB, 720x1335, 66754468.jpg)

No. 1942784

>Yup, think how bad season 2 will be.
The popular theory among her critics is that it’s just one season, broken into 2 which isn’t an uncommon practice. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s true but considering that Vivi wanted this to be a 4 season arc it may be a bigger mess than we’re expecting plot/pacing wise

No. 1942786

considering crap like Harley Quinn show has managed to air for 4 seasons, It wouldn't surprise me if Hazbin lasted that long as well.

No. 1942817

It definitely could, but it’s such a niche project I wouldn’t be surprised if 2 seasons was it. Will be interesting to see how the general public reacts to it.

No. 1942856

imma be real with y'all i think this looks better than her pilot did

No. 1942872

The animation is typical tv stuff but there’s no way any studio was going to pay for feature quality frame by frame animation for an entire series. That was the plus of keeping it indie but that would have been unsustainable past the pilot.

No. 1942878

The animation is… bad? I mean the drawings look better than the pilot imo but they move like literal paper puppets. Shots like >>1942740 are awful, they look like they gave up on the style.
That said I think the overall vibe feels better than the shipping fodder Viv was going for (although this is only the trailer so we can't know for sure). It feels like it focuses more on the plot of redemption rather than Angel Dust doing drugs and making endless sex jokes before appearing like a sad gay boi.

>constant radio filter
I thought it was way too annoying in the original. It's cool for like 3 minutes but him talking and talking and talking with the filter gets tiring.

No. 1942971

The art style is objectively atrocious but the plot seems actually interesting. Wished it had a more appealing style though.

No. 1943017

Looks lame. Sounds like it was written by kids who just discovered curse words.

No. 1943102

Not gonna give the video a view, ive made the mistake of watching hazbin and havent watched another thing from her since. I wished all of everything vivian made was given to literally anyone else and left in the oven longer to bake so it doesn't come out as 2000s edgy humor half baked bullshit like we get.

I guess its fine no one actually gives a shit about the stuff on prime. It'll be forgotten.

No. 1943121

They have to stop letter Chris Pratt voice act for these animated characters. He sounds flat as hell to me, and this smooth blob art style makes me miss the original charming Garfield.

No. 1943137

File: 1702593461834.jpeg (632.73 KB, 1284x1786, 5897197815.jpeg)

I think that's suppose to be Sera.
>I wished all of everything vivian made was given to literally anyone else and left in the oven longer to bake so it doesn't come out as 2000s edgy humor half baked bullshit like we get
She still writes like she's in high school. She never got better as a writer but I guess why bother to challenge yourself when you have people ass kissing your every fart?
>I guess its fine no one actually gives a shit about the stuff on prime. It'll be forgotten.
There may be a meme or two depending on how bad the writing is but overall yeah I think it'll be mostly forgotten.

No. 1943160

the "fuck"s feel so weird and stilted and I can't explain why. Also Vaggie, Angel Dust and Alastor's voices sound like crap.
Edit: Oh it's Stephanie Beatriz, I'm assuming they cast her because "famous latina" I guess

No. 1943162

>all the demons are uwu sweet gay babies who just committed bad things in life like murder but whatever, really are good people!
>all the angels and heaven are actually the evil guys for judging them!
I’d actually respect this if hazbin showed that sinners in hell are there for a reason and can’t be redeemed and that heaven is right . But that takes talent and good writing skills, Viv can’t do shit

No. 1943214

this was my major takeaway too like why is the voice acting just THAT bad…i guess because some of these people are more broadway than voice actors but even keith david sounds meh

No. 1943243

I’ve never been impressed by Stephanie in anything she’s ever done VA work in tbh.

No. 1943548

sigh hasn't this film already been made before? i'm sick of this shit. always with the blob art style.
>He sounds flat as hell to me
tbf that's what the original garfield kinda sounds like, although it was a more purposeful and sarcastic kind of flat. whereas chris pratt's voice is just dull.

No. 1943569

File: 1702675282325.jpg (518.2 KB, 1079x1326, R1adsAW.jpg)

Alex Hirsch is writing a book about Bill Cipher. Apparently it's for the older gravity falls fans

No. 1943572

Sounds cool. Should have done this years before. Did he think of that idea now or is he losing his spotlight and wants a way to get it back somehow?

No. 1943600


Slight tinfoil (?) here but honestly, if anything, I'm more inclined to believe it is a passion project at this point since he has been somewhat out of the spotlight and maybe wouldn't get as much traction as it could have a few years ago. Seems interesting though. Hope it is decent…

No. 1943648

Probably just a 3/10 book with no bill cipher fucking people in some cult orgy before falling in love with a blank self-insert character who is a woman in her mid 30's having a crisis after the sudden death of her parents.

No. 1943673

How does he have time for a passion project when he’s been busy being removed from all of his projects/having all of his development deals shelved? If he’s desperate enough to work with Disney again he’s probably not doing much else

No. 1943722

> How does he have time for a passion project
He was probably wrote it on the side while working at Netflix. But I am suprised not a lot of his industry friends are promoting this announcement. Was Hirsch really bad to work and associate with?

No. 1943739

Judging from the anecdotes about having shit and piss cans in his office I'm inclined to believe he is

No. 1943740

those are false anon, they were invented by a guy that got blacklisted for sex pesting women in the industry

No. 1943749

NTAYRT but there was a twitter thread full of industry artists confirming it was true (without ever mentioning his name lol) a while ago. I can’t remember who started it but maybe someone else here saw it or has screen caps?

No. 1943754

File: 1702711357282.jpeg (657.63 KB, 1170x1805, IMG_2340.jpeg)

Found it. Not necessarily proof but this was posted immediately after Alex went viral for one of his “le wacky s&p memos” posts.
Nitter link because Twitter is down, at least for me.

No. 1943755

File: 1702711625659.jpeg (171.39 KB, 1170x418, IMG_2342.jpeg)

Multiple DTVA alumni in that thread

No. 1943758

They didn't talk about piss and shit, but in the Behind the Scenes of Gravity Falls podcast Alex Hirsch laughed openly with other writers about how he would stay up / wouldn't shower for days when writing episodes. Bad hygiene is very in character for him.

No. 1943760

The shit bucket thing is a rumor, but almost everyone (including Hirsch himself) agree that he overworked and over focused on the show. He was insistent on getting his way to the point where it would halt development for months.

No. 1943889

No. 1943893

File: 1702748542694.jpeg (814.48 KB, 1125x1680, IMG_4291.jpeg)

The screenshot combined with this quote from one of the staff on tumblr, geez.

No. 1943896

Her face looks racially motivated

No. 1943897

File: 1702748783733.jpeg (687.41 KB, 1125x1684, IMG_4292.jpeg)

Also because posts about this series keep showing up on my dash, I don’t know how much these people are paid but it’s sucks how flat and soulless current animation looks versus the really good concept art people are producing for it. I noticed this before with the Summer Camp Island show and things have not improved since then

No. 1943920

that doesnt prove anything, the original allegations are from years prior

No. 1943921

I would honestly really like it if the artstyle was so repugnant. I genuinely dont understand why the artstyle is so bad.

No. 1943930

It sounds like a middle schooler who's cursing to sound cool. It's inserted awkwardly into everything instead of seeming like a natural part of their vocabulary.

No. 1943932

It looks like those cartoon images you'd see in articles online or like in science magazines

No. 1943934

Is it self indulgent of me to wish Danny Devito voiced Garfield? Also, why the fuck was John eating pizza instead of lasagna. I get they bring in the lasagna later but still.

No. 1943935

I'd be interested in a cartoon about a middle aged woman, but the style is just so ugly. I'm not asking for her to be like a cute anime girl, I just want something other than the creepy ugly corpo/adult cartoon style.

No. 1944009

It's like if the art styles of Problem Solverz and Triplets of Belleville had a baby, I can't decide if I like it or not kek. If the colors stay muted it has a chance at being cool and atmospheric. What worries me more is the monotone voice acting got grating just in the trailer, it could become insufferable for an entire series.

No. 1944029

I actually thought Chris Pratt could've worked, but he doesn't even try to sound like Garfield.

No. 1944032

Those are literally his peers in that thread, lol. It doesn’t prove anything but it it gives the rumor way more credibility and gives a good sense of how he’s viewed by a lot of this industry these days.

No. 1944066

Hence why it is known as the Alegria or Big Tech art style

No. 1944084

Can we please get an adult cartoon that doesn't have this washed out corporate art style pretty pleeeeease. I'm actually on episode 7 and I don't completely hate it but cmon, why kneecap your show like this. Anything but this, I don't care if you guys get fucking chris chan to do the art it'd at least be new and interesting and give my eyes something to chew on instead of safe and inoffensive corporate art style no. 5000

No. 1944097

mike stoklasa?

No. 1944187

>developed new tech to achieve this art style
Like Spiderverse? Lol. Lmao, even. I am curious to know what they mean by that though

No. 1944192

File: 1702807636476.png (647.97 KB, 533x904, pacesetter.png)

he looks like pacesetter from toontown corporate clash, ironic considering he's tumblr sexyman bait too kek

No. 1944211

File: 1702813660947.png (878.49 KB, 1440x900, Magnifico.png)

So I watched Wish with my family, and it was just okay. However, I can see why it received pretty bad reviews. The animation is choppy, there are TV shows with the same quality of animation. I really disliked how Asha was characterized, she's the worst version of Rapunzel from Tangled i.e just "quirky and awkward". And then there's the villain, again with a really strange characterization. His backstory is very tonally dark compared to the rest of the film. His lands were destroyed by plunderers, he lost his parents at a young age, and he spent the rest of his life learning magic and creating a kingdom for everyone's safety. This backstory is never proven to be false in the entire film, it's just there in the beginning and never revisited. As soon as the star is introduced, Magnifico instantly becomes an arrogant and childish character.
I have no proof, but I feel behind the scenes there were numerous writers and producers who incorporated whatever trope is popular into the story, resulting in a tonally inconsistent mess. It's not awful or offensive, but it is below mediocre.

No. 1944306

File: 1702836643858.png (692.16 KB, 1153x665, 3M4UpYkZFQaBOkxk19s.png)

I cannot be the only one who believes this Daliah character was heavily inspired by Dreamwok's Snow white, am I?
Mind you, I don't care that they look similar but I do wonder what would Disney do if it happened the opposite

No. 1944311

Oh wow its crazy they pointed this out. I wasn't sure how many people knew that Alex would sleep in his office for days and not shower. He smelled bad, like REALLY bad and I always wondered how that wasn't an issue for the people who had to work with his unwashed ass

No. 1944314

How did disney manage to make dreamworks stuff look leagues better? Disney stuff nowadays looking like miraculous shit

No. 1944322

Apologies for the late reply, but the premise looked so interesting to me. I like shows about older women, I like dystopians as well. Im 20, yet I like stories that are written around older women.. I was so disappointed to find out that that this had terrible art.

No. 1944365

I loved the way they designed the princesses in shrek. They had wrinkles when they expressed emotions, they werent fucking OwO-ified with the big ass ugly eyes and heads and tiny necks and weird shit like frozen. They resembled real women and they were kick ass. If they made a shrek style movie focusing on just the pricesses living their lives dreamworks style, i think it would be a big hit.

No. 1944417

nta but same, I loved the dreamworks princesses, such a shame they got little screen time.

No. 1944431

Me too, look at Dreamworks Snow White’s décolletage in that pic. Girlfriend has freckles and moles like a real woman, that is positively revolutionary.

No. 1944501

And the clothing design is absolutely GORGEOUS!!! The little gold and embroidered detailing on Snow White is so pretty, the Disney blob next to her in ayrt’s picrel is completely featureless, hideous

No. 1944513

File: 1702868819273.png (683.37 KB, 525x901, SleepingBeautyTransparent.png)

Ironically yes! They all look like normal women and are totally badass bitches without being too pretentious and unnatural like Disney.
Whatever they've done back then should be done again

No. 1944560

An all-princess Shrek universe spin off movie would have been fun. Like an actually interesting version of whatever Disney was trying to do with their annoying princess crossover in the Wreck it Ralph sequel

No. 1944579

Wtf, they near-perfectly rendered realistic makeup. Her eyelashes are clumpy from mascara and everything. Shrek The Third came out in 2007. Corporate greed really does kill art.

No. 1944599

I'd go for an Encanto-style 'villain' with a tragic backstory who really tries to make things good for everyone but fucks up massively than for whatever they shat out. They could have gone with him being paranoid about the consequences of the wishes because of what he's been through. He'd think his subjects are trying to overthrow him by reading way too much into the wishes he gets asked to grant, and spiral into his paranoid selfish villain self over time. I miss the days of evil villains who were actually evil but those days are long gone now. If all villains now need a tragic backstory, can't they at least make the backstory not retarded and somehow relevant?
And while I'm on my soapbox, I hate how all female leads are now Rapunzel. Rapunzel was le awkward quirky girl because she'd been locked in a tower with a bunch of books and one other human to talk to since she was a baby. Asha has all her ugly friends and her family to talk to, what the fuck is her excuse for being uwu awkward? Fucking hell, Disney, have some consistency.

No. 1944600

File: 1702895151071.jpg (59.77 KB, 1920x1080, thumb.jpg)

Dreamworks was always effortlessly better at portraying women than Disney but I'm not a fan of the hyper realistic style of Shrek. It isn't as egregious as the anime inbred looking freaks like Elsa or Rapunzel but I find it a bit uncanny and dull. I like nice stylisation in my animations.
Any thoughts on Goldilocks? She was designed to fit into the more stylized world of "the last wish" but she still has proportions based on real women. I think she has the best of both worlds. Her character was great too.

No. 1944602

>I'd go for an Encanto-style 'villain' with a tragic backstory who really tries to make things good for everyone but fucks up massively
I think was the intention, but someone also wanted him to a traditional villain as well.

No. 1944618

FWIW my little girl hates the hyperrealistic Dreamworks style and finds it “creepy”, and prefers the more childlike cartoonish Disney renderings. So I do think the age of the target demographic(s) make a difference.

No. 1944624

This looks like a weird lanky trash-goblin.. I guess the real woman proportions are those of anachans?

No. 1944625

File: 1702903478944.jpg (526.31 KB, 1600x1206, -ek3fy5NqGmY.jpg)

Shrek came out at a time where everyone, not only movie producers but the public as well was enamored with the realism 3D tech could do but it doesn't really impress people anymore. Shrek is also a gritty and edgy parody of Disney movies so the realistic style aids it. It wasn't trying to be a cute-looking movie.
I never thought it looked uncanny I like both realistic and stylised 3D animation and both have their place. Honestly I never understood the uncanny valley. Realistic animation age badly but I have never thought it was "scary" looking.
I haven't seen Puss in Boots but I like Goldilocks design and the movies overall stylization. Disneys style is buttugly because it's made with the intention of making toys. Goldilocks has some cute elements to her which the character is traditionally portrayed as but she also have "wild" elements like the dirt on her skirt and her boots.
It's a very refreshing design because you don't doubt it's Goldielocks but they still added some things that made her stand out from other portrayals of the character. I love her buns they are so cute and I have never seen anyone give Goldielocks buns like that before

No. 1944633

File: 1702905570695.png (855.95 KB, 894x894, 095424f3b6b7d80d00cd97af19ea59…)

I was mostly referring to her face. It looks a lot more human than Elsa and Anna's cat snouts.

No. 1944643

>proportions based on real women
huh? the body is insane and her face looks no different from pixar women to me. find me an animated female protagonist or otherwise "good" character who doesn't have the gigantic round eyes and small nose/mouth combo.

No. 1944653

File: 1702910794608.jpg (401.85 KB, 3673x1615, Cza61dl.jpg)

Originally, both the king and queen were supposed to be classic disney villains. There was nothing subtle about them, and it really could have been great to have a classic disney villain. However, as >>1944599 pointed out, it seems like some producer wanted the story to be changed to make them more sympathetic. So, both the king and queen were downgraded as being well-meaning people. The king specifically was given a dark backstory, and his motivation was to protect people so that no one suffers and feels trauma like he did. You could have had a decent sad villain with this, someone who wants to do well but takes away the freedom and expression of his people. In the end, he would have realized his mistakes. But then, as this was being done, some other producer saw the success of Puss in Boots and Spiderverse and wanted him to be an over-the-top villain again without erasing the previous well-meaning aspects. As a result, you end up with a really confusing mess of a character, but at least he is a character. Asha, on the other hand, is so flat, and her friends are really meaningless. They have no reason to exist, and nothing about them stands out. I literally forgot about their faces as I was writing this.

No. 1944661

Ugly as sin, infantalizing women, and giving little girls insecurities.
Why do they do that? They look like 3d anime. Gross. Idc if its for the sake of making toys. Its not any harder to make toys that are shaped like the shrek princesses than it would be to make this shit into toys. Tinfoil, maybe its porn brained, anime loving men and women infiltrating kids animation. Fujo types.

No. 1944664

File: 1702912452451.jpg (96.71 KB, 754x1006, IMG_20231217_150403_890.jpg)

I feel bad bringing up the pommi is coomer bait thing again but if anyone was still entertaining the idea that it wasn't, this was recently posted to a moidy chat I'm in. It's not paranoia if coomers themselves identify it

No. 1944666

>porn brained, anime loving men and women
>Fujo types
What? You're replying to a pic of Elsa kek. You baiters aren't even trying anymore, it's always fujo this fujo that even with completely unrelated shit.
Although if fujos were the ones doing the designs in fucking disney cartoons we'd have actually cute male characters instead of whatever ugly old-looking motherfucker we usually have like king Magnifico.

No. 1944669

File: 1702914490625.jpeg (84.39 KB, 1192x670, IMG_0674.jpeg)

People have pointed out her design is to make her look like she’s part of her bear family which is very cute.

No. 1944678

This picture just pushed me over the edge thank you. I curse the whole R34 bullshit, I hate it so much. And if you complain you are an annoying prude and "you don't get the internet". No man I don't want you ruining innocent cartoons with your porn addiction

No. 1944681

>I hate how all female leads are now Rapunzel. Rapunzel was le awkward quirky girl because she'd been locked in a tower with a bunch of books and one other human to talk to since she was a baby. Asha has all her ugly friends and her family to talk to, what the fuck is her excuse for being uwu awkward? Fucking hell, Disney, have some consistency.
kek i like le quirky girl characters but i agree. Children adore Elsa and don't care about Anna some children even call her "Elsa's sister" which just goes to show how little they care so its weird they arent making more "angsty" characters. The quirky girls dont even appeal to their womenchildren fans since they too adore Elsa and find her relatable.
The queen looks really beautiful in the concept art. They didnt change her design much in the movie but I feel like her neck and face is longer in the concept art and her eyes are more narrow? It makes her look more regal.
O dont like the kings design though. Nothing about him reads royalty. Its not like I wanted them to give him a crown and big puff sleeves or an armor, but he looks like a mage npc from a video game not like a king. Maybe if they had given him gloves or medieval inspired jewelry or a more dramatic cape like the evil queen from Snowwhite, or if they didnt give him a fuckboy haircut he would had looked more regal
>Its not any harder to make toys that are shaped like the shrek princesses than it would be to make this shit into toys.
The reason why Barbie became a phenomenon is because parents realized that children prefer playing adult characters. Back when i was a kid most girls thought that the less "baby-faced" disney girls like Aurora, Meg and Pocahontas where the prettiest Disney girls lol.
Children still like baby-faced characters like Anna and Elsa, but its not like its impossible market a toy/movie with a less-babyfaced girl.

I think Disneys push for infantalised cartoon women is to appeal the asian market. South East Asian countries have alot of consoomers so its a market you want to get into if you want money.
Children in Asia prefer babyfaced toys and characters and dont like playing adult roles. Thats why Barbie never got popular there. Frozen was also a huge hit in Japan. Since asian kids prefer cute characters, and western kids are indifferent it makes most sense to make deformed babyfaced girls

No. 1944684

Do I even want to know why the bear is in this list?

No. 1944694

It's a scene in Baldur's Gate 3.

No. 1944702

BG3 has romanceable druid character with a bear form, and you can make your character have sex with him in his bear form. It's off-screen but the dialogue leading up to it is particularly gross. I would not recommend Googling it.

No. 1944719

what's the point of having cute male characters if they won't fuck women and only want their fellow fags. I never got the fujo cuckold mentality of look don't touch.(derailing)

No. 1944731

NTA, but isn't that the same thing with yumes tho? Like you are reading about a male character have a relationship with another woman. Unless you are reading self inserts. But I don't understand the cuck part anyway, like they are fictional characters.

No. 1944739

a man who is dating a woman is theoretically sexually available. But a fag like those fujos obsess over will never be into women and therefore you so I don't understand liking them.

No. 1944741

nta but it's a simple fact that I still don't want my husbando to be gay and they won't be likely be gay cause most people aren't.

No. 1944763

What cartoon/anime is the retro coomer one?

No. 1944773

It's called goodbye volcano high, it's a visual novel game with anthropomorphic dinosaurs that has become somewhat of a meme

No. 1944780

do you think shrek 5 will have puss in boots-type animation, or will they stick with the gritty realistic style? a few years ago there was a shrek redesign leak circulating and he looked disney princess-fied and kawiwi

No. 1944781

this is just realistic anime

No. 1944798

Honestly, true.

No. 1944898

How the fuck are you guys noticing these details. I feel like a fish because all I see is shapes and red.

No. 1944973

Lol anon do you have the leaked design on hand? I want to see kawaii princess shrek

No. 1945024

>I don't like them because I can't imagine myself fucking them
Literal moid thinking kek not everything has to be about you and how you want to fuck a cartoon

>my husbando!!
No one gives a shit, why are you bringing up "your" favourite fictional man that you want to fuck now? You'd still seethe about him canonically being with a girl you don't like (because it's only about you and you can't stay in your lane) so you're not better than fujos. And again unrelated to whatever anon was talking about with Elsa being made by fujos(?)(infighting)

No. 1945125

File: 1703007377335.jpeg (365.14 KB, 1080x1440, marthakelly.jpeg)

I just realized, she kinda looks like Martha Kelly from Baskets, did she do the voice

Edit: She did, ok the design makes a little more sense now

No. 1945238

File: 1703025409911.jpg (323.49 KB, 2048x2048, yassishrek.jpg)

nayrt but I went looking and found this hilarity however I also found this that post that thankfully seems to debunk it. it seems to be a commonly used render of shrek for irl promotion so it's less detailed

No. 1945258

they have to redesign it for the new movie. There is no fucking way the snow filter anime uguu generation will not get repelled by butt ugly shrek.

No. 1945325

another funny thing about Wish is how there's one decent song (the song was written when the movie was in pre-production). It's sung between Asha and Magnifico early in the movie, and it's oddly romantic. It turns out this song was originally supposed to be between Starboy and Asha and very clearly meant as a classic love song. So now it's a just another very confusing choice because their relationship isn't romantic in any sense.

No. 1945326

and this is the original version.

No. 1945332

it sounds so generic, like something out of helluva boss or a youtuber song like dream kek

No. 1945348

Kek it sounds like fandom music by a brony or something. Julia Michaels is one of my least favorite pop songwriters.

No. 1945351

this slayed me. so true anon

No. 1945414

File: 1703073006878.jpg (88.13 KB, 1280x720, dreamworks.jpg)

My bet is they'll use the same design as the one in the new intro. I think they'll only simplify the designs slightly, and if there's any complete redesigns it will be of background and side characters like the princesses, I'm sorry nonnas and probably getting the eye proportions weebyfied

No. 1945694

File: 1703127702451.png (272.28 KB, 437x399, Screen Shot 2023-12-21 at 1.02…)

donkey looking scary af here

No. 1946021

File: 1703206371853.gif (343.1 KB, 220x180, IMG_2940.gif)

I wan’t to like this so badly but i fucking can’t with the way the humans are drawn. It’s not even the art style i hate. It’s just the humans.

No. 1946754

File: 1703396140189.jpg (458.4 KB, 720x3520, 21928.jpg)

Taken from the other farms, for HH there was a 45 dollar preorder package; one of the things they got was trading cards. These were a few that were posted due to being interesting. I grouped them together.

No. 1946884

God that ugly "one arm behind the back" pose. Bad artists please find another way to hide the arm you don't want to draw that doesn't make it look like the character is digging deep scratching her asshole.

No. 1947054


Wants to be edgy lackadaisy cats so fucking bad.

No. 1947489

She's also sitting on her hair???

No. 1947490

File: 1703610330946.jpeg (163.47 KB, 1179x702, IMG_3656.jpeg)

I was looking up the trading cards and I saw that the two dragons were actually the two little goat things from the pilot. Kind of cute ngl.

No. 1947535

Oh holy shit you're right, she's like fully sitting on it too. I know that bitch's neck hurts rn

No. 1947576

Continuing from the bad art thread #24 MadTown,a poorly animated trash fire made made by this autistic Newgrounds furry coomer who also happens to have a furry sex doll of Maxine who is a blatant ripoff of Loona from HB (Yes really) series tries hard to be funny and relatable fails miserably at it among other terrible things voice acting is also bad as it gets.it's also ripping off Billy and Mandy and Helluva Boss at the same time.eerily reminds me of FoodFight! for some reason

No. 1947599

File: 1703634229720.png (1.52 MB, 3120x1440, 1000005848.png)

What the fuck are her boobs
What the fuck is that sock puppet left arm
What the fuck is that vestigial right arm

I can't, I'm actually crying now

No. 1947610

I don't know whether to be impressed with their confidence and dedication to their passion at putting out an animated project even though they have no skill whatsoever or be offended by their delusion and hubris in them thinking they accomplished something with the birth of this monstrosity.

No. 1947677

File: 1703647231631.jpeg (155.34 KB, 1011x866, Kawaii_neko_day_by_nyanyandesu…)