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File: 1477411552058.png (717.04 KB, 528x821, idontlikemybeefthisfatty.png)

No. 188201

Thread #1 >>93507
Thread #2 >>131172
Thread #3 >>151227
Thread #4 >>167361
Thread #5 >>176096

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mariahmallad
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram / Snapchat: mariahmallad

Glorified camwhore who pretends to be into gaming and anime to get Patreon bucks, JNig wannabe, ~thicc~ cosplayer. Has recently taken to attempting to 'ego guilt' the thread into stopping by claiming she has no milk. This is the 6th thread in under a year.

The basics:
>body positive, but photoshops her body and wears shapewear/corsets constantly
>laughably bad at making cosplays – if she's told they're bad, she falls back on her Samus costume and makes excuses for why she couldn't wear the new cosplay
>spends very little time and effort on each costume and then claims her money is "hard-earned"
>claims she cosplays because she's passionate about the characters and the hobby, but is only in it for the money
>does monthly "boudoir"/half-naked shoots to hide how shitty her costumes are
>thinks she's hot shit; delusional about her level of fame
>has to beg for money, con passes, etc. despite making over $4k per month on Patreon
>known to spend chunks of her Patreon income on fancy vacations and treating her friends while simultaneously half-assing all her cosplays
>pretends to have played/know about the series she cosplays from, despite evidence proving otherwise
>loiters around at booths during cons, pretending to have been invited as a guest

Last Thread:
>Has been on a crusade to desperately try to prove that she's a 'good person
>Was shown to have bought at least half of her twitter follows
>doesnt know the difference between a song and an OST
>got invited to a con again but obviously wrote her own description
>said that people call her 'bodysuit senpai'
>More proof that she isnt the Japanese translator she claims to be (couldnt read a higurashi poster and assumed it meant a second season was coming out and had to ask followers how to format a japanese address)
>claims to have made her own bodysuit pattern when she's previously and consistently used yaya's pattern
>said that Shion (Higurashi) and Beatrice (Umineko) were the 'best yanderes' even though the latter is not a yandere
>Continues to attempt to copy Gabby and Tasha
>claims to have been one of the people who fan translated the Higurashi manga but that was proven to be false
>Made a bullshit video whining about how people are so mean to her
>in said video says that she cant 'think of anything she's ever done wrong'
>within a day several accusations come at her but she then goes into a 'no all these people are lying' even though she said she would 'totally own up to people if they called her out'.
>at least one of these instances has been proven true but she has apparently worked things out with the person (it is assumed that she paid them off)
>has officially become visually obese (has rolls even when just standing)

No. 188213

That shit needs a spoiler holy shit
Why cant she just look in the mirror to see her underwear clearly doesn't fit her by at least 4 sizes on the top and 2 on the bottom

No. 188214

Has rolls even when standing? You're a cunt lol

No. 188216

Wow that was quick MooMoo

No. 188219

i'll be running into her at another con. from what i know, she is a part of a large overwatch "elite" cosplay group, and she's going to be wearing that mei outfit(the full one.) im curious to see how much fame she tries to suck out of it and everyone else who was exclusively invited to this group.

No. 188222

She looks like that kind of fat that porn actress get when they used to be "thick".

No. 188223

not sure if momo of mad fatty-chan but if you have rolls when neutrally standing (not twisting your body) you're obsese (or just got lipo).

choose one. I'll laugh if she backs out of it like she always does. Cant wait to see those finished shit shoes though.

No. 188230

I always know its moomoo when she ends a post/ sentence with "lol"

she does in every single one of tweets and facebook posts. so obvious gurl

No. 188231

The size difference between that itty-bitty pinhead and that gigantic elephant body is jarring.

No. 188234

is this photoshopped to make her bigger or has she really gotten this fat? If it hasn't been, my god she's a fucking cow now

(Haven't followed her very closely)

No. 188236

This is the raw image anon, this is what she really looks like now.

No. 188237

File: 1477416465356.jpg (63.63 KB, 534x317, Moomoosucksup.jpg)

Moomoo is sucking up to cosplayers again on her Curious Cat thing. I hope they know what she's about and don't humour her.

No. 188238


jesus christ, she's got to be morbidly obese now. She's gaining weight so fast yet still wearing these tight clothes, how can you not just cry everytime you compare yourself to even the THICC samus pictures that got you all that attention

No. 188246

File: 1477417945687.jpg (199.14 KB, 800x600, demitri_power_by_squall_lawlie…)

Shoot me, she's picking Lilith to do out of all of them??

But she didn't see this…like this is up her alley…

No. 188248

Those are some amazing workout lines. Good for her, putting on some muscles and all.

No. 188249

File: 1477418275622.png (161.68 KB, 720x1134, clip_now_20161025_135430.png)

How do you break a prop unknowingly?

No. 188253

It's easier than you think when you have sausage fingers.

No. 188255

File: 1477418810251.png (34.37 KB, 632x243, Untitled.png)

Fat Morrigans are a dime a dozen. I'm guessing she wants the novelty of being "THICC LILITH."

No. 188262

..I know its reaching but she denied it happened and then all of the sudden this? Its so convenient.

No. 188267

Honestly, I fully believe that guy wasn't lying. The first one. I'm sure she was waving it around. Playing with it roughly. Cause if the owner of the prop didn't see it happen, how does he know it's exaggerated?

No. 188273

File: 1477421455451.jpg (107.98 KB, 640x640, IMG_1340.JPG)


No. 188277

isn't that only like 2/3 years difference?

No. 188279

File: 1477421917682.jpg (15.62 KB, 236x314, c681908d065d2ef0ef408d3ec85cca…)

her boobs would look less disgusting (especially bigger) if she just ordered a bra that fits her, she has no excuse because VS has the bombshell bra available in larger sizes online, she could have prepared for this shoot.
and yes that is the bombshell you can easily tell by the design, the front and the straps are very specific to bombshell.

No. 188286

Maybe it's just me but Momo has so much milk it doesn't really seem necessary to make fun of her body and weight to have shit to talk about with her.

No. 188289

Anon, it's not normal or healthy to have rolls while standing.

Why is nothing ever her fault? It's always "it was an accident" or "I didn't know".

No. 188290

i think its fair game since she claimed to be working out not too long ago and yet she's double the size she was when she started cosplaying to begin with.

No. 188296


whats with these links?
they all look like bait.

No. 188298

File: 1477426848485.jpg (303.87 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20161025_161641.jpg)

She almost done guys! Be proud of her mad skills! So much improvement!

Seriously, not sure why she's so proud of these

No. 188299


Looks like virus/spam links. Hope no one clicks them.

No. 188301

File: 1477427096703.jpg (4.82 KB, 192x192, 1451079279429.jpg)

>those uneven, jagged edges

No. 188486

is it just me or is one of them taller than the other?

No. 188517

>"compared to newer fighting games it's just meh"

Mariah, you clearly have no idea what you're talking about. Stop acting like you know anything at all about fighting games, especially classics like Dark stalkers.

Shit like this makes me want to face her in a match. I bet she's absolute trash at it.

No. 188528

She's definitely the type to button mash in fighting games

No. 188545

mother of god, if it is… that's worse than Suzy.

No. 188557

i cannot fucking BELIEVE this girl is making $6700 a MONTH right now on patreon, like……. how in the fuck does she have fans? what does she do successfully?

No. 188558

People just want the lewds, they don't give a fuck about her or her "cosplay"

No. 188595

never forget her AX meetup that she never mentioned again because no one showed up kek

No. 188600

It is kinda weird. With the number of people who hate her guts and it being proven she bought followers…
wouldn't it be a weird thought if she made patreon accounts to donate to herself? Like a weird cycle of a few fans donating and her using the money to make herself seem more popular than she really is?

But lets not kid. With the amount of weight she's gaining I don't think she could do this tin foil scheme my mind made up. It must cost a couple k a month to feed her

No. 188613

tbf I actually think she's too big for all VS because they have ittle range in sizes, and are not for big titty girls small or big. Probably no bra from there would actually fit her, but she's just like every other basic bitch

No. 188614

She's never really been honest with anything.If she isn't sponging off her family for free rent and food she's using her "friend of the week" to help her get to cons or go party. Even her stories of buying her friends food or donating to them could be her paying back what she owes to them

No. 188621

Is she getting fatter?

No. 188622

>men love them curves muh

No. 188629

I agree but I am still in awe. I'm a 34G and I tried on a friend's 36DD and it didnt fit at all but it didn't make my tits look sad and crushed like that bra is doing to her. seeing that underwire sitting on her boobs makes me hurt.

No. 188631

this should be the OP picture for the next thread. it's pretty shocking.

No. 188633

No i 100% agree with you. tbh it's pure laziness that has her gaining all the weight she is. She probably orders in food everyday or goes to drive-thrus and other than that She's just sitting on the internet it seems. I can imagine she does nothing but chug soda and snack all the time.

I join you tinfoil-chan because I actively refuse to believe that she's earning more than swimsuitsuccubus who actually does a variety of poses in different locations with even different types of lingerie sets/swimsuits and who has a totally bangin body.

I like to imagine it's one of moochlette's bras because moomoo's too cheap to even buy herself a bra that fits kek

No. 188640


I love her rolls, I'm into fattys so I do like to see her get chunkier like this.

She does charge way too much tho for the quality of the sets she puts out and how many images are in them.

No. 188644

How does she get more than other girls who have amazing bodies and charge like $5? Wont say names to avoid derailing but Momo charges $50 for really poor unsexy photoshopped budoir shit when she has free nudes circulating and makes more what the fuck?

No. 188654

Because momo seems more sexually availble to guys. SSS never makes any sexual jokes or comments and I don't even think I've seen her swear. She doesn't post pics or vine videos often like Momo who makes them almost daily. She doesn't interact with her fanbase as much and on her patreon her most expensive tier is $10 while momo's is $50 and offers "private meet ups"
More guys feel like they have a chance with momo than sss

No. 188656

Maybe its just the boobs? I kinda love it though. I hope she surpasses Jnig. I hate Jnig more than Moomoo. I also hate Sheena and Danielle Bealieu more than Moomoo. It's funny how she surpasses them and they are trying so hard. Not surprising though since Sheena looks like Dopey and Danielle looks like a simpsons character on meth.

If Momo didn't have a busted face she could really surpass Jnig. She needs to go under the knife for sure

No. 188661

I didn't know who this was or what swimmingsuitsuccubus looked like. Damn, those proportions. Her face is pretty cute too. Sage for off topic.

No. 188663

Well she's friends with momo and in one of the older threads (3rd one I think?) some people blaimed her for momo doing lewd photos.

No. 188670

Has she ever posted a photo with all her personal Polaroids together in the shot?

No. 188672

funny story I left this url page up with OPs image blown up, I closed the laptop when I went to work.
My husband uses the same laptop.
When I returned home I got scolded for leaving such an image up he said it shocked him and it made him sick.

No. 188677

lolno anon. Moo has a busted face and she's nearing landwhale status. Keep hating on the thinner cosplay models and trying to live vicariously through momo though, fattychan.

No. 188685

I don't even cosplay kek. Momo does need to lose weight and get a nose job. Maybe I have seen too many pics of Vamplette but I still hate Jnig and Sheena cuz they are even bigger attention whores . Moomoo is annoying but in a funny tryhard way like Suzy.

No. 188688

This photo is giving me urges…

…to moo and sing whale. I just. Can't. Help. It.

No. 188697

>cosplaying as a character from a game she's "only played a few times" and considers "meh"

So basically she's confirming that she cosplays solely for money and attention.

No. 188704

hey momo remember when you broke some guy's prop and didn't apologize
>That never happened! Lying hater!
hey I'm the guy whose prop you broke but it's okay
>y-yeah maybe I did break it but he's the one who made me hold it and it was badly made anyway
She's like a bratty 8-year-old.

No. 188709

File: 1477479569590.png (397.19 KB, 1078x1420, 2016-10-26 03.55.56.png)

Oh no she never responded to me.

No. 188718

Gross pls go away

If you're the same person who keeps casually bringing up across random threads (like Megan's) that you like fat girls please stop

No. 188733

If you actually hate Jnig more than moomoo you're actually disgusting. Moomoo has done more dishonest shit in the past 6 months than people have even accused Jnig of doing and no Moomoo surpasses both Nigz and Sheena's attention whoring by a mile.

Show me one time Jessica or Sheena has, in the guise of 'cosplaying', offered to suck someone's dick. Never? Funny cause that was moomoo's first tweet in her Bunny Bulma cosplay 'I'll suck your dick for a Dragon Ball'.

Go take your skinny girl vendetta elsewhere cause never in a million years will this two faced, pigslut fraud of a nerd ever surpass JNigs because of one thing: Jessica gives a fuck about her craft (whether you consider it to be modelling or whatever). I dont even like Jess that much but you need to go fuck off if you think Moomoo should or could surpass her. Even if you think Jnig is a fraud or whatever you should hate moomoo that much more because she's 100% a piece of shit.

No. 188737

This is such bullshit because I have never once seen Mariah talk about them on her page or share their stuff or anyyhing. If she really respected them and wanted to work with them or whatever she would be talking about them. She only shares on her page or talks about cosplayers with tons of followers because she can use them for likes and popularity. She's so fucking fake.

No. 188744

It's hilarious to me that she mentioned Cat at all. They hate each other. What happened to all of her local cosplay "friends" everyone was talking about last thread? Hmmm…

No. 188758

I don't think any of these cosplayers have mentioned Mariah either so who knows what's going on here.

No. 188760

Wow barely a day I got thread six and we're already going strong. Congrats to Moomoo for being so shitty a person she has six threads on lol cow in about 8 months, a feat in pretty sure no one else has achieved.

No. 188765

7th Expansion inc

No. 188797

File: 1477506860124.png (231.76 KB, 720x1134, clip_now_20161026_143236.png)

No. 188820

Hey Momo, we know you come here, so here's some advice:
You COULD change how we think of you… through ACTIONS. Of course, that would require you to stop with the patreon and actually work on getting better at your craft so that all your costumes don't look like shit. You'd also need to stop acting like a tool and a try hard fake on social media to gain attention.
But since you're not willing to give up your money or "fame", you won't do these things. And we will continue to judge you because you act like a spoiled teenager who just does whatever they they want when you're 21.
We don't hate you because you're fat. We don't hate you because you're popular. We hate you because you act high and mighty about being what is essentially a sex worker (cam girls are sex workers, and your constant "boudoir" shoots are basically what they are doing) by calling it cosplay, when you produce costumes that could be better constructed by a child. And you just don't care as long as you get money and attention.
You are not fooling anyone. No one donating to your patreon gives 2 shits about your cosplay. They are sad people who want to jack off to your lingerie pics and try to sleep with you at a con if they happen to be at the same one.

No. 188821

Kek I always love the idea that everyone here couldn't possibly have a life. That this isn't just a bit of casual internet use for us all.
Such reaching

No. 188822

Mariah's drama is more like a soap opera for most anons than it is us wasting our lives on "stalking" her.

No. 188824

I don't understand why in your head she has to quit Patreon to be a decent person lol, it just makes you sound like you're jealous because you can't make Patreon bux. In b4 "hi moomoo".

Anyway I'm pretty sure if she just cut the crap and stopped being so fake/dishonest/attention seeking it'd be a big improvement.

No. 188840

As someone who has been a long time reader/ poster in these type of internet celeb gossip sites, the "YOU DON'T HAVE A LIFE!" is the oldest insult in the book. I'm not sure if these people realize doing all of this takes no effort at all.

Of course Mariah doesn't put ANY effort into ANYTHING, so to her it must seem like we're doing some ungodly amount of work here.

No. 188841

Obviously you don't Cosplay so here's a news flash. You don't need "Patreon bux" to make a good Cosplay. Nothing Momo has made is anything any of us couldn't easily afford or do. Let's not forget that this is someone who doesn't even know how to finish a simple seam or a hem. No one ever needed donars throwing money at them in order to learn the very basics of sewing. She isnt making a life sized version of the rancor here. These are all beginner level cosplays at best, and her work keeps getting worse the more cosplays she tries to push out.

No. 188844

>you sound like you're jealous because you can't make Patreon bux
Not everyone wants or needs to make money through Patreon.

No. 188860

>if she just cut the crap and stopped being so fake/dishonest/attention seeking
But she cant. the issue is that is the core of her being. At her very core she is a gross person and so her acting gross and selfish will never change

No. 188875

Ok, let me rephrase that.
She can keep the patreon… if she actually started spending the money on decent cosplays (like if she commissioned them from high quality commissioners, not China), stopped doing boudoir shoots to make the money, and actually made it about cosplay.
However, I have yet to see anyone who makes a decent amount of money on patreon without selling sex.
My point is that Momo cares about the money, not about cosplay. She's spending at most a couple hundred dollars per costume. Probably much less. She absolutely does not need several thousand.

No. 188881

File: 1477524153160.png (658.86 KB, 943x415, chrome_2016-10-26_16-21-49.png)


No. 188882

File: 1477524239794.png (819.81 KB, 750x1334, IMG_5453.PNG)

In other news, it seems neither moomoo nor her fans know what a fucking memes. First memes have to be originally funny. And adding blunts and a filter doesn't make it anymore funny unless the original meme is funny. Memes are a sacred source of humor, and they are defiling it.

No. 188886

>memes are a sacred source of humor
I can't believe you typed that and hit send not seeing how retarded you sound.
But yes, Mariah and her fans think being a memelord is so funny and interrsting.

No. 188889

The thing is, as long as she has the Patreon I doubt she ever really will make it about cosplay. She is way too greedy and insincere to ever do that.

Pateron is the only thing she has to make herself feel special and use to shit all over everyone else. Her cosplays are shitty, her attitude is shitty, and as we've seen Moochette is her only friend and even the sincerity of that is debatable. Without the Pateron she would be forced to actually make decent cosplays and (though I don't believe in miracles) treat others with respect to gain attention.

As long as she has it the cheap lingerie will keep coming (unless she eats herself to such a bulbous size she gives herself a heart attach and/or stroke).

Also I think having a job again will help her grow the fuck up.

No. 188896

Eventually she's gonna realize cosplay (or the form of cosplay she does) won't be a viable income forever. Cosplayers are generally young and attractive (Momo is one of a select few who is only one of these categories) and once a cosplayer gets older and less attractive their popularity–if it hasn't by the time their at that point–will drop considerably, and so will their income. There's only a few cosplayers I know of who have turned cosplay into a career, and most of them now work in the LA area designing costumes for movie production companies. Yaya Han has been able to turn cosplay into a career, once she gets older she'll still be able to make an income selling her expensive fabrics through Joann's and designing costumes for younger models. But Momo has neither the brains nor the talent Yaya has, her popularity and relevancy is going to die out eventually.

No. 188919

that is what most cos players do. most girls arn't into games…the only ones you can trust are the super fat and ugly girls because they use gaming as an escape just like dudes do. So when you see a girl cosplaying a character and shes frumpy you know the girl probably is a fan of it. Same with comics, less with anime though, based on my experience working cons.

No. 188920

I wouldn't necessarily say fat/ugly/frumpy. But it's definitely easy to tell who's cosplaying for attention or a bandwagon and who's cosplaying out of passion and love for the source material.

No. 188921

Are you fucking serious? There are plenty of decent looking girls who enjoy video games and cosplay out of love for the franchise. Take your sexist bullshit somewhere else.

sage for no contribution

No. 188922

Maybe you don't give women enough credit, almost every female cosplayer I know plays video games, even more so than a lot of my con-going non-anime fan male friends do, hell a ton of them have more connections to the video game industry than my male friends. And like most of these women are attractive so IDK where you're getting this "only fat girls like video games" bullshit but go cry about it to your meninist shirt and fedora somewhere else. We're better than this sexist nonsense.

No. 188924

The super cute ones don't actually care about games. I would say i was hard on my description of the girls. While working at anime shop i used to know quite a few good looking girls who were into anime, and some games like kingdom hearts and legend of zelda.
But you have to admit there alot of girls out there that use geek culture for quick cash…look at all the boobie streamers on twitch. >>188922 you're in a thread dumping on a girl for being either too fat or to much of a bitch i don't think your above anything.

No. 188939

Jesus, you realize the consumers of video games is split nearly 50/50 between men and women right? Are you 12 where you think only ugly ass girls are into video games? Its 2016, I never thought I'd see this argument ever again.

No. 188941

>The super cute ones don't actually care about games.

That's reaching.

>But you have to admit there alot of girls out there that use geek culture for quick cash…look at all the boobie streamers on twitch.

Yes, it happens. And because Momo undoubtedly falls into this category, while often hilariously preaching how she's the "only real fan," is one reason why we hate her. It completely discredits women who do consider gaming a major hobby. The same for comics or other "geeky" forms of entertainment. It's 2016 for christ's sake. Just when we think all this "fake nerd girl" bullshit is behind us, and how you don't have to have a penis to like nerdy things, someone like Momo decides to shit all over the place and send women back to square one.

No. 188948

OP pic reminds me of suicide squad joker… sage for no contribution

No. 188952

It's going to be hilarious when it finally dawns on her that she has a very short shelf life. She's aging too quickly and growing to massive proportions. I'm going to predict she'll hit around $8,000 (maybe $10,000 if she manages to creep her way in with the right people) then start to decline from there. Partly because she won't be appealing and eventually her lies will become too much. It's easier to tell the truth than to remember lies.

No. 188955

Where did I say she needs it? I'm not even going to read the rest of your butthurt post because you're doing that classic lolcow user shit of putting words in someone's mouth to get offended at. All I said is that I don't see why being on Patreon makes her a bad person. If she wants to be there, it doesn't hurt you, so what the fuck ever.

And if you don't, why does it matter to you that she does want it?

Well, this is a lot more agreeable. I wish she'd put the money to good use for cosplay, myself. For 7k I feel like she should be turning out several full worbla/foam armours per month of payment.

No. 188960

7k pays alot of bills…does she have other sources of income? like does she sell prints at shows and stuff?

No. 188962

Considering the amount of partying she does at cons I doubt she sells prints or things like that unless it's online

No. 188963

I don't understand how someone could let oportunity pass them buy then if people are willing to spend this type of money on her on patreon she should be making more money at cons doing prints and such hording as much money as possible til the eventual decline. Especially now since geek culture has become mainstream.

No. 188964

File: 1477536707047.gif (1.47 MB, 550x400, 1461400069033.gif)

>the only ones you can trust are the super fat and ugly girls because they use games as an escape just like dudes do

This is so fucking retarded. The fat ugly ones are the most basic fake bitches out there because they think that's the only way that they can get approval and attention, they're just as shallow as many other girls. Plenty of good looking or average looking girls are into games because they're fun and a source of entertainment, you don't have to be a fucking miserable loser to properly play a video game. Most people don't use video games for an 'escape' they do it because it's a fun and addictive hobby, not some temporary high that breaks up their bouts of depression unless you have serious problems. Take your bullshit logic back to /r9k you beta faggot.

No. 188966

>See also: salty beta fag who is mad that no attractive woman gives a fuck

You're so hilariously wrong. It's actually pretty simple to proove it too: Asherbee.

>the only ones you can trust are the super fat and ugly girls because they use gaming as an escape just like dudes do

if anything by this very idea you're proving that they arent 'into' gaming and are just using it as a lil hug box. Also if tumblr has taught me anything is that a lot of fatties are sitting around bitching about there not being enough ~~*representation*~ and getting triggered.

also… you realize anime stores ONLY attract low-tier nerds right? Most shit anime stores sell is the most basic bitch shit of anime/gaming (Naruto, SAO, Bleach, Zelda ect) so you wouldn't be seeing any REAL fans where you used to work anyway.

No. 188971

My one theory on that is perhaps she's of the mindset that this "high" might never end. Perhaps she doesn't realize this lifestyle won't last forever. Or maybe she's comfortable, I mean, rent can't be more than 3,000 a month, and if I remember correctly doesn't she still live with her parents? which would mean she probably pays less than $1,000 if anything for rent. Maybe she passes up on the opportunity because she's making anywhere from $4,000-$6,000 a month and doesn't need to sell prints at cons to make a living.

I've done the math on it with what little information I have, I'd say if she isn't putting money into her own patreon (which is a possibility since there are 321 donors which contribute on average $21 per month) she's making a profit of about $6,000 per month. Of course this is assuming she doesn't pay rent and all her other monthly bills add up to about $1,000. over a period of 1 year she could make upwards of around $70,000 (I wonder what her income taxes are like).

No. 189001

File: 1477542080108.jpg (126.3 KB, 900x1200, such skill.jpg)

Okay I'm calling it now: someone else cut her cammy pattern for her cause literally this should be the same cut but looks completely different. (doesnt fit and dat diaper cut)

Also I waited til she had ample time but for someone who was 'all about yuri on ice' (ermagerd cosplay, cant stop singing the OP u gaiz, omg love this show soooo much) last week the only thing she's done even in vague relation today is retweet people who quote RTed her shark skating.

Way to prove yourself as a hella fake moomoo~

No. 189003


Impressive amount of money if the math is correct

I don't see her however thinking long term about it though

No. 189007

File: 1477542464302.png (845.93 KB, 781x539, trixieface.png)


>no hi-cut legholes

No. 189008

be fair anon. She cant hide her cordet if she does high cut legholes (the irony is most drag queens manage exactly that)

No. 189010

It's not hard to conceal her fupa dude why is she doing this.
Ffs, Mathu Anderson has a hi cut corset he made for swimsuits and other skimpy pieces

No. 189013

i don't think she pays income tax on donations right? anyway the 7k she make probably isn't the amount she gets because a lot of people enter the patreon for the free stuff and then when it comes time to pay they cancel payment on credit card. I have a few artist friends who have that happen.

No. 189014

I'm pretty sure patreon is taxable especially since there's proof of it being 'people paying for a service' but it also makes you sign a tax form I'm p sure.

No. 189020

Thank you it took some estimating. I don't really see her thinking about it long term unless she's saving the ~$6,000 per month, in which case she could have enough saved up to last her a short while once people stop donating (after that however she may have to get a job)
I'm pretty sure it's taxable because it's a form of income. Also receiving donations are only non-taxable if the person/group is a 501(c) but I don't think Momokun has gotten to that point. I wouldn't be surprised if Patreon has you sign a tax form so you don't attempt to lie to the IRS and pretend you're not making money when you actually have a sizable income to claim.

No. 189024

File: 1477545151443.png (1.5 MB, 900x1200, sewingishard.png)

>The super cute ones don't actually care about games.

Nerds are less likely to care about fitting into social norms, or else they wouldn't allow themselves to be nerds in the first place. This lack of adherence to social norms usually pervades other areas of their life, such as their style/hygiene/eating habits/exercise habits, not just their recreational tastes.

Because nerdiness is more acceptable among men than among women (with the exception of weeabooism), there's a higher likelihood that normal-ish men will allow themselves to be nerds.

If no one believed "cute girls don't actually care about video games," far more cute girls would willingly be gamers, rather than resisting it because they don't want to be seen as weirdos or attention whores catering to thirsty neckbeards.

>they use gaming as an escape just like dudes do

"I don't like cosplaying for fun, therefore no one does."

Dem unhemmed edges.

No. 189060

I recently opened up my own patreon and can confirm they do request you sign tax forms once you reach over $600 (or $800 I can't remember which) if you're a US citizen. So Momo has to sign the forms and submit them to the IRS or she could be audited for hiding money. Then again, the IRS sucks at auditing people.

sage for just adding info and nothing else

No. 189130

I honestly don't think people give a fuck about her when she goes out to cons. I rarely see photos of her doing meet and greets, she's usually just attached to whatever group she's with. And the one meet up she did, no one really came out for.

As said before, people just care about her ~boudoir sets~ aka they just want to see some lewds, they give 0 fucks about her. And if they're already dropping $50 on her shit sets, why would they buy prints, even online?

No. 189262

When I opened my Patreon I signed a W9 right away, though you don't get taxed if you make less than $600 a year. Anything over that amount (which we know Moomoo makes) will definitely be taxed.

No. 189318

>Might one day have a decent salary when I've lost my hair
>This bitch gets 70 grand a year for having fat tits and knocking out GCSE Textiles tier clothing

I want my white privilege back.

No. 189349

So I did some snooping and I'm pretty sure her mom is vegan and her dad is an (ex?) bodybuilder so I really don't understand why she's so big?

No. 189383

Because she's lazy/doesn't want to lose weight

Just because her parents were healthy/normsl weight etc., doesn't mean she has to be. But I get what you mean

No. 189387

Pretty much this. She's never been skinny but had an OK body when she was younger. I think that was because she did school sports though. Since she basically doesn't have to do shit other than shill her pancake ass and tits all day she's just being a lazy cunt now. Even if her sctick is being ~thicc~ she should do some maintenance for it. She's downright obese now.

No. 189393


she probably got used to eating a certain way for sports and didn't change when she stopped. you see it happen a lot to people who played in highschool. she'd have been fine if she'd kept going to the gym, but like >>189383 said she's lazy.

No. 189404

File: 1477609966717.jpeg (37.09 KB, 242x660, 1458317189782.jpeg)

idk I feel like this counts as 'skinny'. She doesnt even have any upper arm fatty wings or anything. So she could easily be fit but as you can see she cant pretend to have tits or an ass when she's this thin.

No. 189419

I would definitely consider that skinny. That's probably when she was playing lacrosse all the time.

No. 189420

Oh my god she looks human

No. 189454

is it just the lighting or does she have some intense wrinkling going on with her face?

No. 189463

She sort of looks like Sarah Michelle Gellar in this picture. I mean,not SHG when she was 16, SMG now, that she's in her late 30s.

No. 189485

File: 1477619605711.jpg (114.42 KB, 750x1334, IMG_20161027_215231.jpg)

Those boots look pitiful

No. 189488

Also it's gonna be like 80 degrees in la this weekend. Wanna bet she skips out wearing this?

No. 189491

What the fuck are those clomping monstrosities?
Why are they so huge?

No. 189493

File: 1477620713297.png (596.67 KB, 800x981, mei-victory-pose-3-hands-on-hi…)

they're meant to be huge

No. 189497

Oh wow they're stupid boots to begin with but her version of them looks terrible. The edges are unreal. Why do they have clunky gray plating?

No. 189499

File: 1477621376714.png (348.25 KB, 508x471, mood.png)

I mean, good job actually making the boots moo moo and doing something. But they still look like shit lmao. The buckles on the side just look like she used felt paper.

No. 189514

hahaha the only thing that can make her look less like a hamplanet is giant clown boots. Also I guess they have AC running abut how does she constantly wear those big baggy tops. I know it's to cover up her stomach when she's too lazy to tie it in but jfc that's so sad

No. 189555


God damn. Now she looks like she smells and would have a dirty ring around the back of her neck and inner thighs. Eww.

No. 189624

she just can't seem to get a good visual read on anything. the toes on these boots should be short, for example.

No. 189632

Man… for Moomoo these look pretty good? They're not accurate at all of course, but it's like, she's done SOME sort of effort for once. Maybe my standards for her have become ridiculously low after her other low-effort shit.
If she kept it up, kept trying and trying and improving herself I could see her getting to the level she thinks she's currently at, but I doubt she'll be willing to put in the effort to better herself.

No. 189633

Is that…is that the finished product?

No. 189634

This is after she got help from another Mei cosplayer (who made everything herself) and KBBQ. And cosplay is her "profession." Retard.

No. 189637

accurate level 0
I wonder if she knows that

No. 189672

It blows my mind that she's been doing this for over a year and still hasn't improved at all. Did she even look at references or draw up a pattern?

No. 189833

Another shitty paint job on leggings. This girl doesn't learn. Also where are the wings? Wait, did someone else make them? OF COURSE.

No. 189835

File: 1477685763251.jpg (1.1 MB, 1370x2249, Screenshot_20161028-160755.jpg)

This wig looks like a mess and is way off model. It's so lame that she went and called darkstalkers "meh" when it's really fun and greatly stylized. She's so fake. She doesn't care about this game and just wants thirsty randos to see her in a tight costume.

No. 189840

File: 1477687491036.jpg (75.97 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1477687318458.jpg)

Heyyyyyyyy guyyyyyysssss

No. 189843

I am literally dying on the inside. This costume is so fucking lazy.

No. 189844

File: 1477687803922.jpg (149.14 KB, 887x904, boobglue.jpg)


No. 189845

Dem scrawny bats on the leggings

No. 189848

Is this shooped?
I have a hard time believing her corset alone is giving her this shape.

No. 189852

File: 1477688242725.png (136.76 KB, 393x602, Darkstalkers3Lilith.png)

For comparison.

No. 189854

she used markers on the leggings, HAHAHAH

No. 189856

could be that she's wearing her waist trainer underneath. I don't thing that thing has proper boning because real corsets should not be wrinkling at all.

No. 189858

Fucking nailed it.

No. 189868

>>189840 her costume looks like something you would get in a halloween store…but even halloween store costumes look way better than this piece of garbage

No. 189870

File: 1477689692312.jpg (47.07 KB, 639x360, boob.jpg)

Good lord that's a lot of fat!
Anyone know if that's even possible???

((side note: most of the replies to this tweet are fuckboi neckbeards asking "how big were they before the surgery?"))

No. 189871

File: 1477689708014.gif (1005.25 KB, 268x168, giphy.gif)

Why did she even fucking bother? My jimmies are beyond rustled. This is straight up fucking garbage.

No. 189875

Did she freehand the bats because they all look so different lmao. At least use a stencil or something.

No. 189878

Why aren't the arms attached to the one piece and are just rolling down her arms? Why even take a picture of this wtf

No. 189881

"Teehee guys, my boobs are so big it hurts :( Flat girls are so lucky :(( Please subscribe to my Patreon"

No. 189887

What the fuck is wrong with this girl that makes her constantly fucks up the wigs? Lilith's hair is a pretty distinctive shade of purple, and it isn't even a cut that would be hard to style. And she gets paid for this shit.

No. 189890

can't wait for her to complain about chemical burns and/or ripping her skin off while taking the costume off.

she's here for the money and nothing else. the quality and accuracy her costumes are don't matter to her.

No. 189893

W-where are the wings?

No. 189920

i think shes mentally retarded or something cause she doesnt bother to use reference images for anything. its like she cant do simple things like match colors and shit

No. 189963

I still find it disgusting that she would do Lillith since she knows she would be compared to every competent Morrigan out there.

The lack of wings and the overall laziness of this is so gross. Also maybe if she actually knew how to make a garment she'd know how to make her fat sacks stay in place.

No. 189964

So… where are the wings? That's like the MAIN point of that character. She might as well just not have the costume at all since she's missing the most important pieces???

No. 189975

File: 1477695330160.jpg (81.95 KB, 417x658, momo.jpg)

yes it's shooped

No. 189987

fuckin lel you can SEE the warping where the green lines intersect. sloppy work Momo!

No. 189999

Thanks for pointing out anon, i didn't see the warping at her hip.

No. 190021

Is it just me or does the reflection of the carpet pattern look fucked up?

No. 190023

Anothe cosplay she puts off until she's literally in the hotel and makes it from scratch.


No. 190033

I'll never understand why cosplayers shoop themselves skinnier ESPECIALLY like this where it's like people are gonna see her AT the con. They're gonna go 'wow she magically blew up by like 10 inches' Also I swear I'll be on my deathbed and she wont have figured out how to cover up her shitty corset lines.

No. 190042

File: 1477701319132.gif (2.76 MB, 300x225, 1366163534674.gif)

It doesn't look that ba-

>No wings, not even on head

>Bullshit pathetic white tassels
>Gloves don't even go up to tassels
>No titty window which would make sense since she loves showing them off
>cheapest material possible
>Bats drawn on with fucking marker

I think what disgusts me the most about this is that her wig (I know the length and the color is off but that doesn't really bug me) and makeup is actually flattering for once, and for the first time ever I thought her face was pretty, yet the outfit is complete garbage. For once her makeup doesn't make her look hideous and yet her outfit is twice as garbage as normal, what the fuck Momo?

No. 190045

It looks like her nose is shooped too

No. 190046

File: 1477702172162.png (53.84 KB, 750x287, IMG_8273.PNG)

The fact that she banks in on that dollar making tights with drawn on bats is amazing, A+ Mariah

But this fucking shit tho(her commissioned mei cosplay), that she doesn't give credit where it's due, like she knowingly does to make it look like she made the whole shebangIt astounds me beyond comprehension when she claims to be a saint within the community .

No. 190047

Holy hell. I have natural 34HH's so pretty sure my boobs are bigger than hers but if you took that much weight from mine I'd be left with what… B cups? She can't be telling the truth.

No. 190062

I'm like 90% sure she made her reduction up..or at least exaggerating.

No. 190067

File: 1477707432397.jpg (26.43 KB, 580x593, f73c61ca463f75a8f86c970975742e…)

if they were bigger than yours then it would be an abnormality therefore making… perfect sense as to why she would have breast reduction surgery lmao. titties that big would seriously damage her spine in the long run. more bizarre things have been documented in the human body i mean? it's entirely possible. keep in mind she's probably gained a lot of weight since then. they probably were b cup back in the day.

No. 190074

File: 1477708668265.jpg (563.96 KB, 2048x1538, IMG_3983.JPG)

You can see the make up just smeared all over her in this photo

No. 190075

Did she really safety pin the arm pieces to the suit?

No. 190078

Anyone else look at her makeup in this pic and is horrifyingly reminded of the Goblins from Jim Henson's Labyrinth?

No. 190079

If she wasn't lying to me about the exact reasons then she got it at 14 or 15 because she had G-cups and to have such huge boobs at such a young age would have ruined her back.
I saw the scars too, she really did have some kind of reduction surgery. Can we drop this reduction rumor now? Even though she brings up her boobs for attention I promise she really did have a reduction. How she leverages that for attention I can't control but I can attest she did have it.

No. 190080

File: 1477709458483.jpg (663.69 KB, 1200x1495, bp-pins.jpg)

Looks like a bobby pin, actually.

No. 190081

Sage for no contribution but if you're a 34HH then you've got to know how bra sizes work and if she's bigger in the ribcage than you and maybe was a 36G then she very well could have been left with the boob size she used to have before gaining weight. Compared to >>189404 her boobs are definitely bigger but in a fatty way

No. 190082

She looks like she's melting plastic on her face and her shoulder looks gross. It looks so dirty or that she smeared some of her makeup on it, idk.

No. 190083

it just looks like it needs to be retouched. makeup tends to smear and melt throughout the day. she needs a primer.

No. 190085

I thought she was waiting to put the wings on when she got at the con.. but she clearly was just lazt and didn't even make them.

No. 190088

she made the head wings. she snapchatted a few videos earlier wearing them.

No. 190090

sage for no contribution but if she did snapchat them, then why isn't she wearing them at con?

No. 190093

because she's an idiot

idk how her mind works. maybe she just borrowed them, but she definitely had a pair on while she was walking into/at the con.

No. 190095

probably something along the lines "they were huuurting"

No. 190098

Nana Bear made the wings for her.

No. 190099

File: 1477711855498.png (34.06 KB, 214x454, IMG_3846.PNG)

I'm sexy!

No. 190100

lel of course she did. i gave momo way too much credit thinking she actually gave them a shot.

No. 190101

they look decent. nana probably spent a good amount of time and effort and them. and moomoo just rushes the rest in her hotel room the day before the con


No. 190103

even from this tiny photo you can tell that she didnt make these cause all her props look like shit even from a mile away.

>see: ANY prop she ever made

No. 190105

>gets $7,000 per month
>has literally 0 time that needs to be dedicated to work or school
>still doesn't start her cosplays until the day before and puts as little effort as possible just to get them done in time


No. 190107

File: 1477712934380.jpg (317.69 KB, 600x902, lilith_ii_by_bryanhumphrey.jpg)


Wings seem pretty decent, of couse they're the only thing she didnt make. To bad her fat flat ass is blocking most of them.

I ended up searching google for Lilith cosplay and tbh there really aren't many good ones. Not much to compare against. I liked this one though.

No. 190108

that one actually looks like effort went into it. momo's looks like a first timer made it.

No. 190111


It was the most accurate one I could find. There were some other nice ones, except they cheaped out and used fucking boas for the arm pieces.

No. 190112

Not only is this girl qt, but her costume is well made and she's a good fit for Lilith.

And I agree, it's sad that she prides herself on making her own cosplays and then the only good part of her costume was made by someone else.

No. 190163

Did…Did she just slapped some grey plasti dip on it and called it a day? Or is it the light? It doesn't look like she painted them.

Holy shit, even a tiny peek of another person standing next to her really shows how fat she's gotten. I don't know weather to make fun of her laziness or to start fretting about her declining health.

No. 190169

File: 1477727186950.jpg (101.67 KB, 720x960, 10458558_10202253370637538_453…)

Still better then moomoo

No. 190218

That's because you're fucking obese, Moomoo. Fat chicks tend to have huge breasts because they're FAT.

The size difference in these two images is just ridiculous. Idk why she shoops herself 4 sizes smaller when anyone who sees candid photos or meets her irl can see she's getting even fatter than before. So much for her ~body positivity~.

And honestly why did she pick the flat-chested narrow-bodied character instead of Morrigan? Because the bodysuit window would give away her corset?

No. 190236

File: 1477750389422.jpg (1.39 MB, 1564x1564, IMG_20161029_101222.jpg)

No. 190239

Lilith is supposed to have a boob window though?

I've never seen a cosplayer be so lazy and inaccurate with their cosplays. Even shitty ones try to be accurate, just with poor execution or craftsmanship. Momo has neither.

No. 190242

>Boob window
Lol idk why that is so funny to me. You are cute anon. But yeah she probably didn't make a keyhole because she didn't have the skills and because she can maximize her cow udders on display. Ugh

No. 190256

>why did she pick the flat-chested narrow-bodied character instead of Morrigan?
Probably so people wouldn't compare her with good, actually thicc Morrigans.

No. 190260

the unshooped version of this compared to this >>189975 is just crazy. You can tell just how big she is IRL

No. 190268

>that pose
When will she learn how to pose for pics without just sticking up her fat T-Rex arms, making an awkward hand and jamming her elbows in to hide her waist? Tragic.

No. 190276

File: 1477759005754.png (2.21 KB, 268x392, Darkstalkers_Lilith.png)

I don't like her either anon, but come on, that's nit picky as hell.

No. 190277

>dat wrinkly saggy waist
>Dat wrinkly bunched up diaper crotch

Is that tape holding her head wings at the base? Also getting a closer look at the wings even though they're clean look jank af. they seem to literally be giant pieces of foam stuck together with no actual dimension to them.other than the red being placed on the black.

Also the wings actively clash with her bodysuit since the wings are a yellow tinted red while her bodysuit is a blue tinted red.

No. 190281

File: 1477760348486.png (5.58 KB, 268x392, moomoo posing.png)

no it's not cause you can see there that lillith's elbows arent anywhere near her waist. Majority of fighting game poses are meant to make the character's silhouette stand out so you can tell which is which easily. is she was posed like moomoo is her silhouette would immediately become blobby

If anything when attempting to emulate a fighting game sprite you should emphasize the posing not squish it in. But she's too tntent on hiding her arm blubber and her actual size wthish is funny cause it just makes her tits that she tries to show off look small and flabby

No. 190302

Why are the head wings different colours?

No. 190303

The wings are actually nice. She didn't make them so that makes sense.
The entire costume is lazy. The bodysuit does look relatively clean and well made (for her I mean) but has the completely wrong shape (why does it have a sweetheart neckline when Lilliths is straight across? Was she trying to compensate for not having the cut out?) and looks to be one layer, not a structured, properly built bunny suit. Hence why her boobs are falling out, they're supposed to have the support of a par built into them.
Also… how can she be so damn lazy on the tights? you can literally buy spray on fabric paint, with a stencil and that, it probably would have taken less time than her marker shit.

No. 190306


It's glare. The wings are probably covered in a shiny fixative.


I agree, I'm not to annoyed by it, but it really sperates the good cosplayers from the mediochre. Cosplaying isn't only about making the costume, it's also how you present it.

No. 190315

She's also missing the keyhole in the bodysuit. I guess she just has one bodysuit pattern which she abuses to death no matter which character she's making.

The bats also look like she colored them in with a marker. She's so goddamn lazy.

No. 190330

Hi, Cat.

No. 190340

File: 1477773476151.jpg (216.69 KB, 2048x1536, 10931048_10152465749897563_261…)

Said I was gonna a bomb ass bitch that year

No. 190342

does anyone else see that hint of a stach on her upper lip? lol

No. 190344

File: 1477774266028.png (60.28 KB, 614x235, momo.png)


No. 190346

File: 1477774538677.gif (915.28 KB, 245x285, giphy.gif)



>accurate as possible

>last minute cosplay with colors completely off

No. 190347

File: 1477774698545.gif (2.21 MB, 500x375, 0004h6fd.gif)


No. 190351

File: 1477775411465.png (6.4 KB, 224x218, Darkstalkers_3_Lilith_Winning_…)

Additionally, unlike Momo's, Lilith's bodysuit doesn't cover the hips. Momo literally got everything about it wrong.

No. 190354

them ugly wings tho

No. 190359

Yeah, rest of the costume is good, but the wings are so bad.

No. 190360

If she actually made it ACCURATE then it would show her corset, Moomoo is too much of a lazy fatass to be a good Lilith, or anything for that matter.

No. 190361

she's holding the top up with her upper arms. can she even move in this?

No. 190365

on her snapchat videos it looked like her tits were gonna pop out at any moment, so probably not.

No. 190370

I was wondering this too! All her poses are the same. She should attach some clear straps to it!

No. 190375

when you click on this photo her tights hair and hat change colors

No. 190399

It looked like she already did have some clear straps in other photos. It's just so ill fitting that they don't help a bit.

No. 190407

Momo, of course your boobs are still heavy. Look at you. You are obese, every part of you is heavy.

It is mind boggling how she acts like she has giant boobs when really she's on the smaller side for someone as heavy as she is. This girl is delusional.

She can't have the titty window or it will show off her too-small push up bra that is working over-time trying to keep her tits up. Also, her corset would probably peek out too, even though it's super obvious she's wearing one as is, those lines…

No. 190408

Holy shit. These is nightmare inducing. Isn't she only just recently turn 21? Why does she already have so many wrinkles?

Those stump legs and that massive gut. Even her corset can't make her have a shape anymore. She is actually a blob now.

No. 190410

File: 1477782277184.jpg (220.94 KB, 1200x900, Cv5sM8vVIAECgde.jpg)

you can really see her massive weight gain from the sides.

No. 190414

The level of autismo in this picture holy shit

No. 190415

File: 1477782660499.png (1.38 MB, 831x852, mar.png)

'body positive'

No. 190417

File: 1477782822190.jpg (351.25 KB, 1365x2048, IMG_20161029_171224.jpg)

IMHO Vamp's Mercy actually looks really good. Maybe she'll realize how much better she could be and finally drop Momo

No. 190418

File: 1477782906403.jpg (473.68 KB, 2048x2048, IMG_20161029_171417.jpg)

Even though they're drooping you can tell she actually cared about making them and they look good

No. 190419

Ew, why would she cosplay Lilith who is petite and small breasted?? Lilith is my favorite. Dumb cow should have at least done Morrigan.

No. 190422

I think her mercy looks excellent. The blonde hair really suits her.

No. 190424

Holy shit, Vamplette looks so nice. She should do more cosplays like this.

No. 190426

Cosplay has become one giant circle jerk. I can't stand this bullshit.

No. 190427

I'll contradict that if you look closely a lot of it was cheaped out on (the sock buckles or whatever dont line up properly) and a lot of it is really sloppy when you look up close.

It's the blessing of a more detailed costume hiding flaws

No. 190428

Vamp does look way better here. The construction looks pretty solid and the costume actually suits her. Good to see her actually trying again, maybe she'll go back to making decent cosplay again. Girl needs some tights though, that razor burn looks brutal.

No. 190429

It's true. It's not very well constructed and looks rushed, but better than whatever moomoo churns out. I'm more rustled by her wearing a very obvious leopard print bra.

No. 190435

They look like they're about to pop out because she made her bodysuit with stretch material instead of brocade or cotton. Course if she used the real bodysuit making method she'd be too fucking lazy to learn it!

No. 190439

idk how accurate it is, but it does look pretty good. it at least looks like she put effort and work into it. its amazing how much of a difference that makes.

also moochlette seems decent with props, moomoo wishes.

No. 190441

True, but she took a cosplay that had a lot of details and she followed through on those details. they may be sloppy and not PERFECT, but she at least did those details.

No. 190460

If you're looking at what I think you are, I don't think it's razor burn.

If you look at her wings it looks like they've been rubbing her skin and paint just keeps chipping off.

I don't like all the uneven paint lines on her staff and the metal part of her broom could of at least been covered with tape but it looks a lot better than anything Momo could do.

And it looks like she's just pathetically trying to be 'LOOK they wanted ME with them in the picture' when those two OW cosplayers probably just wanted to get a picture with the Mercy.

No. 190510

So as a fun lil proof of concept I'm going to compare how many photos Momo , Vamplette, Susu, and Tasha got from/with people at the con.

For someone claiming 40k follows momo seems to get VERY FEW people stop her at cons. I think only like 10 people posted pictures with her from all of AX

No. 190511


Ha like she was even there

No. 190512

as someone who hung out with her for a good number of hours during AX, (not by choice, she knew some of my friends) I can only recall her getting stopped once or twice by people who legitimately followed and liked her. She took a selfie with one and the other she blew off entirely. More often she was stopped because of her cosplay or someone in the group's cosplay, but no one really recognized who she was.

No. 190515

I saw tasha as cammy with a violet cosplayer and they were surrounded by photographers on friday.

No. 190516

She was there. I saw her, and her Mei makeup was very cakey in person, and looked like a mask.

No. 190518

File: 1477809199066.png (58.18 KB, 750x488, IMG_4344.PNG)

Why does she do this shit

No. 190519

because she's stupid and thinks it makes her quirky

No. 190534

>won't wear Camilla because of "heat sickness"
>will superglue costume to het boobs

Man with how stupid she is I hope she tears some skin off from this. This amount of stupidity deserves a punishment.

No. 190548

I wonder how awkward the inevitable boudoir Lilith shoot will turn out if she has to t-Rex arms the whole time to keep her suit from falling.

No. 190549

Witch Mercy is the skin everyone is going nuts over right now. I bet Momo was seething with jealousy every time someone gushed over Moochette instead of her.

No. 190566

Did you see Moochlette with her? Was she getting much attention?

No. 190581

I hope she gets fatter, fat momo is making my dick rock hard.

No. 190592

No1 curr.

No. 190597

Though there are certain parts where you can see some flaws, this is the kind of cosplay I like to see. She overall looks good, no part sticks out as particularly bad or good, it's nice and even, I think she looks great and she looks like she put some hard work into it.

No. 190599

People have said that it's because she didn't want to be compared to really good, sexy Morrigans. I think it's a mix of that and believing that she's thinking outside the box and not cosplaying such a popular character will fool people into thinking she knows her shit. Kind of like her 'durr hurr Yuno is such a trash yandere, that's like saying Kirito is best anime swordsman' bull.

No. 190600

Not to be a complete asshole but I bet she's got sloppy tits. Seem big when pushed up in a bra or corset, but bare just fat sloppy tits.

No. 190625

Pretty sure it's a joke and she didn't actually super glue her costume to herself, anon…

No. 190627

who cares? it's unrealistic to have huge, perky boobs to be honest. And all boobs succumb to gravity, anyway.

No. 190628

That's how big tits naturally are mate

No. 190629

File: 1477845689925.jpg (207.44 KB, 1080x1350, IMG_20161030_094051.jpg)

The only good parts of this are the parts she didn't make.

No. 190636

90% fake

No. 190637

There's nice big tits that droop and there are rolling sloppy tits.

No. 190639

Is this the cosplay she had commissioned?

No. 190641

The same one that didnt get made in time for "xyz con" and she got super pissed at them etc.etc.etc. #fakelife

No. 190643

Yup. Someone posted a link to the shop site in another thread.
What did she make in this besides the god awful boots? (Which she once again rushed days before)

No. 190655

File: 1477851781392.jpg (52.71 KB, 600x728, Gargamel_and_Azrael_from_the_S…)

this is all i see

No. 190659

once again she put foundation on her lips to look more asian. You can see her lips arent THAT pasty in her Lilith pics.

Plus side: she got a new wig

Down side: The wig is WAY too brown, she didnt get a new tank, and even though the costume is still way better than anything she could make it's still pretty incorrect since Mei's jacket is mainly a light grey not a pale blue. Also rookie mistake: not stuffing your pouches.

I cant wait to hear how 'omg i got noticed by sooo many people u gaiz I kept getting stopped my croooooowds of people for my picture' and then like 4 are posted.

No. 190661

No. 190664

her bangs and pin are on the wrong side too lol

No. 190703

theres definitely a blue cast to the photo though, in her older pics of the jacket you can see its gray

No. 190707

the shade of brown on the wig bothers me a lot too. yuck her boots look SO plate-y in the bright light

No. 190721

The guy who she shot with photoshops HEAVILLY heard he's expensive to shoot with

No. 190723

File: 1477867733994.jpg (90.72 KB, 612x613, 7221644f-6fbd-4921-9cff-1333e3…)


No. 190732

she looks like a defective real sex doll jfc

No. 190734

she looks like a hobbit. how tall is she irl?

No. 190740

She's around 5'3"-5'5". I'm 5'3" and she didn't seem that much taller than me when I passed by her at a con.

No. 190742

I think she's closer to 5'5". She's taller than my 5'4" friend and she's a few inches shorter than me (5'8")

No. 190743

It's like someone stuck their hand in one of those puppets from the Dark Crystal.

No. 190749

File: 1477871943138.jpg (26.1 KB, 137x160, Goblins Labyrinth.JPG)


No. 190771

This jacket is different from the one she bought earlier this year that are in the boudoir pics. Why does she need two Mei cosplays that look almost identical?

No. 190779

What is it with this girl and not being able to get wigs right?

No. 190786

what happened to cammy?

No. 190788

It's because she can't get anything right.

No. 190798

>>190629 I saw her through the day. One of her boots was separating/falling off from the base shoe.

No. 190806

She never planned on doing cammy. She did Lilith.

No. 190808

File: 1477884496881.png (1.39 MB, 604x804, capture_003_30102016_202653.pn…)

Nope, originally she was doing Cammy.

No. 190810

File: 1477884603003.jpg (98.26 KB, 742x1200, 1475232402521.jpg)

What? She made Cammy's bodysuit and everything. There's a few caps and WIP shots in the last thread.

Probably just another Camilla situation where she realized she'd look like shit wearing it to the con.

No. 190813

I think she was commissioned to do it so maybe it was for one of her private shoots?

No. 190826

thats bs. shes only ever done one 'commissioned' cosppay before and she cheaped that out super hard. if she was actually commissioned to do cammy where are the commissions from all the previous months? also she would have just bought a green swimsuit instead of making it. she was just worried cause we caught her copying tasha so she lied n said someone commissioned her

No. 190831

Im irrationally triggered by that ill-fitting bra. God, Moomoo, get one your size. I promise your udders will still look big enough to make Patreon bux and they will, in fact, look better.

No. 190838

I think her RWBY one was a Patreon tier request thing also if I recall correctly

but idk if Cammy is/was

No. 190843

I saw two Cammy cosplayers there that looked amazing. No one would have given a shit about momo. Also i dont see any candid pics of her in the official SLCC instagram tag #lacomicon16

No. 190853

My bad, it's #lacomiccon16

No. 190882

File: 1477904548189.gif (439.3 KB, 426x600, momo1.gif)

can't lift those arms. it's obvious the whole thing's going to come down if she doesn't hold it up constantly.

No. 190883

So the Mei belt was also commissioned but she hasnt mentioned the person she got it from. He posted about it himself. Wonder if she is gonna mention it…

No. 190884

She posted a video on insta of her acting obnoxious with a patchi toy while she proceeds to hop between two others, stepping on them and warming up to the reinhardt voice actor. How fucking rude and why would she post it? You can hear the girl askjng why she did that, someone saying rekt and the voice actor pointing it out too like fucking chill attention whore (https://www.instagram.com/p/BMNdLOVAZ4z/)

No. 190890

Did moomookunt rub off? This looks fucking bad and a little unnatural even. It looks like a vagina.

No. 190891

File: 1477906977410.jpg (78.43 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1477890921451.jpg)

No. 190893

Yeah like she knew what she was fucking doing by standing off to the side making as much noise as possible.

No. 190901

File: 1477910016687.jpg (57.11 KB, 720x960, FB_IMG_1477909816977.jpg)

Near nip slipped.

No. 190905

She needs to keep powder or blotting papers in reach at these cons. She gets so greasy looking. (On the other hand, I actually like the lavender highlighter she used, looks surprisingly ok.)

No. 190909

Christ, that armpit fat…

No. 190918

Is…..is that some superglue crust on her tit?

No. 190926

She said Cammy was commissioned, but she lies so much who knows if it actually was.

No. 190940

Sorry, ignorant question, but why/how does putting concealer on her lips make her look more Asian? I don't see it at all. :(

No. 190941


because 'azns have small lips'

No. 190942

It's an Asian/Korean beauty trend, you use lip tint and concealer to make your lips look smaller and more doll-like. Google 'Korean gradient lips' or 'ulzzang lips'

No. 190950

I think it has less to do with her keeping the bodysuit up and more to do with her shoving her tits together. She's not wearing a bra supposedly so without her shoving them together they'd seperate and flatten out like pancake batter.

yeah that's hella shooped. Not a single ass in the world acts like that.

This is the most disgusting behavior. This right here is why she'll never make it as a 'pro cosplayer' she cant keep shit in her pants for two seconds. Even if her sucking up to famous people online does work as soon as they meet her in person they'll immediately back down. A voice actor saying you're cute (especially if you're cosplaying from a series their in) is super common so her acting like a special snowflake is just gross.

The best part of this is most voice actors I know are gossipy as heck and love telling con cringe stories so moomoo will go down as the 'annoying mei cosplayer at SLCC' and she'll probably be wasy to find.

I disagree cause in that picture you can tell she didnt blend it out at all. it's just this shape (almost looks like the generic anime blush oval) of lavender sheen. also imho if you're gonna use highlighter you should at least do some kind of contouring.

No. 190958

Tbh I think her quality of work is really good and she took her time making it well. This is how her stuff looked before she started doing corresponding costumes with Mom. Ever costume she's done with that parasite looks poorly put together and rushed.

No. 190959

*Momo sorry.

No. 190961

That Jnig skin. Also, is that badly applied highlighter on her cheeks and nose?

No. 190969

Must be jeffree star make up

No. 190991

Yeah, it reminds me off Jeffree Star's Lavender Snow, I have that one too. I'm not sure how Moomoo can fuck up so bad having quality highlighter and it still looks that bad.

No. 191015

File: 1477937706395.png (1.26 MB, 750x1334, image.png)

Professional cosplayer

No. 191020

Wtf, she can't even cut paper in a straight line.

No. 191021

LOL she clearly didn't know the to get this method to work properly, you have to use french curves and such to smooth everything out and bunny suits don't work as a one layer thing that's essentially a strapless leotard. They need boning and structure!

No. 191037

Her sewing and pattern making skills REALLY hurt to look at…

No. 191046

Is this for her Lilith? I know patterns aren't supposed to be perfect but goddamn…

No. 191050

I believe this was posted in an earlier thread so I don't think it's for Lilith. Pattern's way too fucked up for anyone to tell what it was suppose to be. Although at the time Momo posted this picture she was gloating about how this proved was a bodysuit guru. So yeeeeaaaa.

No. 191066


I think it was for the Cammy suit.

No. 191094

She basically ripped off Yaya Hans pattern and decided that's how all body suits had to be made after using it once or twice and has since claimed she "makes" her own patterns now even though she's videotaped herself using the Yaya Han pattern. What a douchebag.

No. 191104

File: 1477953125243.jpg (63.99 KB, 775x250, zootopia-trailer-sloth.jpg)

she looks like pic related

No. 191106

File: 1477953251549.jpg (94.41 KB, 790x622, the-dark-crystal.jpg)

God why do people have to make these stupid fucking 'quirky' faces? It doesn't make you look funny and relatable, it makes you look like a tryhard. Momo especially shouldn't do, because her weird face makes her look like a weird ass muppet.

No. 191144

You insult dark crystal by comparing the puppets to this douche!

No. 191155

She's actually not lying about this one. When I had my breast reduction consult the surgeon said he was going to take off about 2 and half pounds off my boobs. He said he was being conservative with his estimate. 2.5 lbs in entirely possible.

No. 191190

Moochlete yet again doing that pitful flailing she calls "twerking"

No. 191191

No. 191194

When she licked the scythe I started gagging.

No. 191195

Oh my god, I thought the cringy cosplay AMV shit had died out by now. My sides hurt.

No. 191202

omg when she showed the wig from the back

No. 191205

Screenshots, farmers, screenshots. This is an imageboard. These tweets get deleted but if they're reuploaded here they'll stay forever.

No. 191211

File: 1477969647706.jpg (74 KB, 642x532, unglywig.jpg)

"Professional cosplayer"

No. 191212

File: 1477969794405.jpg (26.07 KB, 500x305, 37dRuba.jpg)


>all those 'oh gawd mah dick' 'why am I so turned on?' comments

Holy shit shut the fuck up

No. 191219

File: 1477970365029.jpg (347.84 KB, 680x680, 1467998748873.jpg)

i hope she didnt pay someone for this

No. 191222

Her shion was awkward as fuck. It was just her trying to act deranged and just looking awkward as hell, why even bother with the wig and contacts in the video you can't even see any color besides red! Amature!amature!amature! If your getting that much money a month hire an acting coach and a good photographer!

No. 191226

File: 1477971081952.jpg (44.41 KB, 565x321, lickylicky.jpg)

Putting a spin on the "insert dick here" face I see. Classy.

No. 191227

speaking of that Shion cosplay, where is the video that was apparently being made by the photographer?
Was it ever posted? You would think it would be by Halloween and Momo would be asking people to watch if it was.

No. 191232

File: 1477971821698.png (277.57 KB, 887x656, momo kun.png)

Is no one going to discuss this new post she has on youtube?
The whole thing is lined and filled with bullshit it's disgusting.
Shes so un modest, shes so proud to say shes never done anything wrong to anyone and even how nice and great of a person she is, it's disgusting.

No. 191233

We discussed it last thread. Keep up.

No. 191249

Over and done with.

I feel like I'm watching a high schoolers edgy video. She needs to practice if she's going to go in front of a camera. She keeps opening her mouth wide and doing the same awkward smile. What about a sneer, or a look of disdain. Or even something incredibly menacing, you're in a nightmare room. I know it's just weird fap bait but she's probably gonna pull the same looks if she does another video and it's gonna get boring real quick.

No. 191250

No point in screenshotting a gif. I couldn't save the gif for some reason. Anyway it's on momos twitter called "twerk or treat"

No. 191286

Same photographer posted photos of Steff instead.

No. 191288

Lmao Tasha was in a video called "twerk or treat". Do they just wait for tasha and gabby to do something then just copy it?

No. 191295

This is fucking terrible. I seriously couldn't finish it because I felt so much secondhand embarrassment.

No. 191308

File: 1477980660564.jpg (70.68 KB, 1200x701, momo2.jpg)

the main attraction, of course.

No. 191323

File: 1477982569343.png (154.4 KB, 1396x750, 20161031_233926.png)

Bardock just posted this. Pretty sure he's referring to momo

No. 191327

Why don't any of Mooch's "friends" tell her how fucking cringy this shit is?

No. 191332

File: 1477983669216.gif (6.37 MB, 480x270, giphy.gif)

No. 191336

Oh Jesus put your tits away. It's not even cleavage she had to pull apart her shirt. Ridiculous.

No. 191338

File: 1477983921884.png (415.5 KB, 500x614, 354352.png)

No. 191339

Oh holy fucking hell.

No. 191355

dat back muffin top….

No. 191359

That is one unfortunate Morrigan cosplay.

No. 191360

File: 1477987491801.png (466.51 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-11-01-03-02-44…)

I made a public post about how shitty her Lilith was and she actually lurked my post and commented on it.

No. 191361

what she say?

No. 191363

File: 1477987957389.png (283.25 KB, 374x534, Lilith_All_Capcom_World_02.png)

Oh shit it is Lilith, why would a fat chick cosplay Lilith she's flat and lithe, Morrigans the busty one.

Yeah the cosplay is shit and i'm being awfully generous here but she could have gone with a more filled out character and it wouldn't be as downright ridiculous as her cosplay turned out.

No. 191364

File: 1477988032321.png (299.72 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-11-01-03-11-30…)

This is what I said in my post.

No. 191365

File: 1477988094042.jpg (121.38 KB, 720x1280, IMG_20161101_031225.jpg)

Called her out on her Instagram post saying she was going to "eat little boys".

No. 191366

File: 1477988148084.png (223.07 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-11-01-03-11-00…)

Her reply (1/2)

No. 191367

File: 1477988186937.png (203.65 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2016-11-01-03-11-05…)

No. 191368

What a giant wall of butt hurt.

No. 191369


Why you do dis anon? Her cosplay was fundamentally flawed by her glaringly obviously being hammy fixing the outfit wouldn't have helped at all your wasting your time here.

>Called her out on her Instagram post saying she was going to "eat little boys".

Probably just being cheeky about how Liliths a succubus.


lol calm down ho

Looks like you really got to her though didn't take much.

No. 191372

Funny thing. On her patreon she says "This page is for my wonderful fans who would like to help me fund my cosplay career. "
Does career =/= professional?

No. 191373

>"don't mistreat my fans"
literally countless people have come forward saying she's blatantly blown them off at various cons and broke a prop (and had to paid off the guy who owned the prop because people were giving her heat over it)
>I'm not a professional
has a patreon, has quit school and employment to "focus on cosplay", has gotten cons to invite her as a guest

No. 191375

My main issues is that Lilith as a character wouldn't say or do that.
I did spaz out over it but Darkstalkers is one of my all time and I do hate seeing her do this to a series I like, especially with what she did with her Street Fighter cosplays.

But Moomoo is already known making characters she cosplays say or do stuff they wouldn't do.

She followed up with replies, but it was typical shit she says when anyone criticizes her.

"I'm content with my cosplays."
"I don't have to conform to other people's standards"
"What I do with Patreon donations is no one's business."
"Just because I make so and do amount of money doesn't mean it'll make me a better cosplayer"
"I don't pretend to like things for attention."

No. 191378

Tasha was in a video called Twerk or Treat with another cosplayer and here comes Mooch also using Twerk or Treat for her embarassing gif. Why doesn't anyone tell her how stupid she looks? I guess as long as weeb ans neckbeard losers praise her she'll keep making a laughing stock of herself to everyone else.

No. 191382

I used to like and follow this girl, but seeing how she really is, it is just disappointing. Plus, she is always totally OOC while in cosplay. It is so obvious she knows nothing about the characters' sources that it hurts.

No. 191397

It's not, he dated another girl who is a cosplayer, I forgot who, she really isn't anyone. He would never date momokunt, have you seen his bitching on patreon chics and sexy cosplayers?

No. 191399

Moomoo and bardock stopped being friends around the time Kay bear and some other cosplayers called Momo on Bardocks tweets about pateeon cosplayers, and moomoo and him suddenly couldn't be friends anymore.

No. 191400

To the person that made that post public, there was nothing wrong with what you said. IYO, you said it was awful because of craftsmanship and lack of time with no excuse because she considers herself a professional because she made it her profession, and explained why you felt that way and how it could've been better. Moomookunt fucking bullying again, she does spend all her time on the internet.

Have you ever wondered about all those shares under her pictures? It's her self-whoring out to Facebook pages and groups. This is howcshes grown so large so fast

No. 191401

File: 1477997229249.png (271.56 KB, 1125x1868, IMG_0513.PNG)

No. 191436


The salt is real.

No. 191448

Goddamn, what a sperg. You weren't even rude in your post, anon.

No. 191455

Our community? Bitch please.

No. 191500

File: 1478013696654.png (120.54 KB, 626x476, screenshot.png)

Isn't this Raihnboo girl Idubbbz's girlfriend? It's like a circlejerk

No. 191504

On the topic of the twerking, while at the Comikaze I caught her doing it multiple times at random points? People would say her name while she was at the overwatch meet up, and she'd turn and start doin something along the lines of twerking or hip thrusting(for a good few seconds.) Not once, twice, or even three times, it just kept happening. She was trying really hard.

No. 191549

And here's why Momo will never be the top tier cosplayer she could only wish she was. Everyone gets criticism. Good, bad, and everything inbetween. Someone with a sizable following like hers would just turn the other cheek on social media and let the critics say their piece but Momo has to always have the last say in everything. If she really loved her cosplays and didn't care what anyone said, she wouldn't feel the need to always search out and attack everyone who says something she doesn't like.

No. 191550

It was the comments on the post that made her sperg out.

Two of my friends commented on it, I had reiterated stuff about her to them. One even pointed out her waist cincher/corset.

She of course blew off a lot of the criticism and stuck to calling me a dick and then switched her tune slightly once she found out I was a former fan of hers.

No. 191551

yeah that's Anisa. I just got a mental image of Moomoo sucking up to iDubbbz and I'm feelin a tad ill from it, not gonna lie.

No. 191598

What is with these fat cosplayers and twerking?

No. 191606

So her reaction to criticism is to write an essay about how everything the person says is a lie and that they're what's wrong with the community for daring to not kiss her ass? Because that's what I'm getting out of this.

No. 191614


I wouldn't call it twerking. It's more like awkwardly shaking your pancake ass for losers to run one out to. Chel does the same thing, where she awkwardly presents her gross flabby ass and starts bouncing up and down while pothole filled ass starts shaking, and she has the gall to call it twerking.

No. 191628

I feel like these girls twerking are like, trying to catch on with/play to an old meme they think is still relevant. Like, nobody really twerks outside of porn and clubs these days anymore. For a moment it was super mainstream but the trend died.

If anything it'll just be another addition to a "shit white people ruined/appropriated" video/post on youtube or tumblr.

>(also if Twerk or treat isn't also the title to some porno I'll be extremely surprised)

No. 191633

Speaking of pornos! That's exactly what the shion video looked like! It looked like one of those crappy superhero knock off porn trailers.

No. 191634

Damn I completely forgot about that video but you're right. Legit looked like an intro to a porno.

No. 191635

File: 1478031806546.png (92.67 KB, 216x249, 1477867719336.png)

sandniggers stick together(no racebaiting)

No. 191644

Chel is so much uglier than Momo. she has the worst deflated looking tits I've ever seen in my life. she's been sucking momos ass lately and it's pathetic. no one likes this obese bitch. as much as momo sucks, she'd be better off ignoring Chel if she doesn't want to sink even lower. chel is even below a cam girl and patreon whore since she posts porn of herself for free, just for neckbeard validation.

No. 191663

File: 1478034323238.gif (921.57 KB, 150x150, disgust.gif)


Jesus fuck, just imagine if one of your guy friends was dating something like this.

Except that sadly I don't have to imagine it. What's the best way to help my friend wake up?

No. 191673


Completely agree. And if it isn't that, she is constantly bitching about how someone made a comment that wasn't completely kissing her gross flabby ass. And then she blocks them and brags about it like she won. Which I am surprised she has he time for since she constantly stalks and has Shadman's dick in her mouth all day. Like, she is damn near 30, married with a kid and she acts like a 14 high school.

No. 191674


So why doesn't she have a thread?

No. 191704

not very much drama besides her entire existence being a joke. only thing was a few months ago when she went on a jealous tirade against casual mei cosplyers on twitter (mostly Eclair/theawakened_)

No. 191707

File: 1478039172028.png (42.23 KB, 627x278, IMG_3860.PNG)

Alright behavior at Hal-con if she even goes! Write down your scenarios of her behavior people and place your bets!

No. 191724


>How she's grown so large so fast.

That and the poor eating and no exercise.

No. 191732

The color for her Mei wig was way way off. And I thought she styled it. And what's with the backpack being the same exact thing as Fanimes, when she first debuted it, I think. Which was in May. That whole entire time you had no time to make another? Sad. Money on her commissioning that too.

No. 191739

Uh Mooch? You are aware that there are big ass wings in the way right?

I hate that I like her cosplay and this is what she does with it?

No. 191744

Could have been so much shorter and she would have looked pretty good and rational in her response. Especially with the 'I wanted to make them not buy them' and 'I'm just doing it because I love it.'

Tbh anon looked like the asshole here, but Moomoo just embarrassed herself with a long ass salty response showing how much it actually rustled her.



No. 191746



I think you meant hungover Mariah

No. 191748

and then went ahead and did a casual mei anyway >>

No. 191770

To be fair a lot of other anons sperg out like that about characters she cosplays. This anon just happened to get a response from her. Sage for no contribution

No. 191772

I pray to all the gods she fucks this up cause then she'll literally lose the only actual con that was willing to have her as a guest.

No. 191787

She's always "sick" before or after a con. Miss "I'm a Professional Cosplayer" needs to sort it out. If she wants to be a decent cosplay guest who's making this her career, she needs to act like she at least gives a shit about it instead of drinking her weight in alcohol at parties every chance she gets. I hope it fails badly. She has no idea how to act responsibly and just by looking at the guest list, Hal-con could do without anyway.

No. 191796


I gotta give her the benefit of the doubt on this one. It just started getting cold and a lot of people are getting sick around this time.

But you're right if she does want to be taken professionally she has to get it sorted out and suck it up

No. 191859

Be that as it may, Momo's track record still stands. It's just too much of a coincidence that she always gets "sick" around every con. Taking bets now that the second she steps off the plane she celebrates by getting totally hammered and misses half of the con.

No. 191890

That's an apples and oranges comparison.

If Capcom actually made Lilith a shotacon in a new game, point taken. But this a cosplayer claiming they know/love a game series or character and then doing things that character wouldn't do.

She's done the same thing with Samus, Yang, Chun-Li, Mei,etc.

It's one thing to do dumb shit when you're in cosplay, because your not actually in character. It's another you do the same dumb shit and you are "in-character".

I was being asshole, but frankly she generally treats other people like shit regardless of whether or not they said anything to her positively or negatively.

Sage for getting slightly off topic.

No. 191911

I don't give a shit about her and her "cosplay career" but her personality annoys the shit out of me.

She self-whores all the time. At LACC she said how all the photographers wanted to shoot her, how it was so hectic, all the people that came up to her, the voice actor called her over. That's all entirely bullshit, blowing steam up her own ass. The corner she was at for every day of the con is where all the photographers were. She stood there until it was her turn to take a picture. The voice actor didn't call her over, someone told her it was her turn, and the first thing he did was point over to girl she stepped on. After photos with groups, she looked annoyed. Shes continually acting like she's better than everyone, and that's what I hate. To make it worse, it's because shes a shit cosplayer and she doesn't deserve the ego.

No. 191940

I mean I called it >>190659

But let's be real that's how she's gotten as far as she has. By lying. She lied about guesting at cons to get the followers she does have and then bought the rest. Lying about being friends with Jessica to get more attention, lying about being 'bodysuit senpai' even though she's never sewn a bodysuit in her life, constantly lying about being a fan of different things (Yuri on Ice didnt even last a week when her 'Yuri cosplay' didnt get enough notes for her liking)

She's a fraud and it's proven by the company she keeps. No one that sticks around her is anyone of note or talent. Everyone who was distanced themselves from her when they saw exactly the type of person she is.

No. 191968

I wanted to see her in motion.
>goes with dude to mall etc. and spends money from probably Patreon contributions
>talks about "dick pic roulette". ok.
>bends over 3 times.
>guy shes with spends 500 dollars on a red hoodie. I don't get it.

No. 191969

She's not even remotely entertaining and this vlog barely is
>buys another ps4 to put 5ft away from his other ps4
How to are these people making so much money?

No. 191970

Who the fuck is this cuck

No. 191971


Another classic "nerdy" Youtube fuck boi, the type Momo seems to attract more and more these days.

No. 191973

She did her tongue carpet eating gesture and then i lost it

No. 191977


It's so embarrassing to watch her act like a ratchet hoe everytime in a video. Stupid sorandom!!1XD faces, twerking and always bending over-for what exactly? Pure fucking cringe.

No. 191978


No. 191986

Is this because she loves to copy her "idol" jnigs? Because she always pulls stupid faces 24/7

No. 192030

File: 1478096739339.jpg (6.75 KB, 152x152, images.jpg)

When he said that she was telling him about a game she and her friends play… I thought he meant actual video game. Then he said "dick pic roulette" and I was reminded that OF COURSE, this is Moomoo.

No. 192051

She's wearing the same clothes she wore in her crying in her cry video lmao.

Wonder if it was the same day or if she just has 0 clothes.

No. 192063


She's always wearing the same boring hoodies, oversized shirts and leggings. Probably to hide her actual figure when she's not in skin tight waist clincher bound costumes.

No. 192111

I'm convinced that nonormal store bought pants won't fit those thunder thighs so that probably explains the leggings.

No. 192249

Are there any videos of her in costume at L.A. Comic Con? I want to see that disaster in motion

No. 192300

first 5

No. 192308

No. 192311

"All that stuff that she does, she actually works hard, so i've got a lot of respect"
"No I don't"


No. 192312

That Morrigan's nipple is straight up hanging out.

These kinds of videos are so cringy.

No. 192354

She literally has to hold up the costume so it doesn't fall down, jfc

No. 192393

everyone knows that to get a strapless dress to stay up, it needs boning.

No. 192442



No. 192463

Her mei doesn't look so bad. Any videos of her lilith?

No. 192502

lol she has officially went from "thicc" to a landwhale

No. 192603

It doesn't look so bad because she didn't make any of it except the boots.

No. 192624

David made the base for the boots, she half assed the rest of it

No. 192638

Oh gross, they both look seconds away from flopping out.

No. 192693

A little bit off topic, but this dude always takes pictures of himself lifting girl cosplayers. Wish he could've tried to lift momo

No. 192696

File: 1478132195061.png (541.39 KB, 628x639, Screen Shot 2016-11-02 at 5.15…)

Why can't you post a screen shot

No. 192699

Sage for no contribution but I bet he thought he couldn't lift her, met him at cons before he generally lifts lighter looking cosplayers (usually girls but he's lifted a few guys too). Just the fact that he took a picture but didn't try to lift he probably means she's past his limit kek

No. 192707

I know other people have said this before,but Moomoo is a great inspiration….
for me to lose weight lmao
Looking at her pics helped me stop being a lazy slob and drop 20 pounds.
Don't wanna wait and become a landwhale.

No. 192708

I wonder how much she weighs now,80 kilos?

No. 192709

good job with the weight loss
I think somewhere between 160 lbs and 180 lbs would be a good guess

No. 192715

I used to weigh 160, and I was 5'4'' she looks much much bigger than I ever did. So I'd say she's way over that.

No. 192727

I'm just estimating cuz I highly doubt she's over 200 lbs. I think once you hit 200 you know you're overweight/fat/not at all thicc. Pretty sure even she wouldn't be able to shove her head in the sand and deny it after 200 lbs.

No. 192734

Seriously though, I knew her before she got big (in both ways) and to be honest I used to be kind of jealous of her body. Small-ish waist, nice tits, big hips, pretty much my ideal for myself. But now her pics have become anti-inspo in terms of I in no way want to look like how she has become.
She looks about my size or bigger and I'm like 170. She has packed those pounds on. Honestly it's been so fast I don't even know how.

Honestly I could see her over 200lbs. Like I said I knew her and have known her for a bit, we're a similar build except she doesn't gain obvious weight in her face and I do. Her body looks like mine did around 200lbs even if the face is misleading.
Honestly though with all the lies she spews I'm sure she can convince herself 200+lbs isn't her fault.

No. 192763

And Moomoo should really lose it or she'll become 300 pounds in no time lol. Don't think her high heels can support her very soon

No. 192770

More than that. I'm just under 80kg, same height as her and she's significantly bigger than me. I will say that she puts weight on in a nice way, like her face remains slim and her ass and boobs gain weight proportionally to the rest of her, but she needs to stop. It stopped looking 'cute fat' a long time ago.

No. 192773

File: 1478138247054.jpg (Spoiler Image, 46.62 KB, 500x336, 00012.jpg)

I'm honestly right there with you. I stumbled on lolcow sometime last year, since then I've lost about 40 lbs. I feel like it's between watching cows like momo and littlelotte destroy themselves and become obese and watching someone like PT lose so much weight, I finally got my shit together.

I'm 5'2" and was 160lbs and was a lot smaller than momo is. Pic is similar to my build at 160ish. I'm seriously thinking she's around 200 by now. Isn't she around 5'4"?(Derailing/blog post)

No. 192783

she's 100 percent 200+ pounds though probably not by a lot. I think like 220-230.

No. 192786

Sage for samefagging, but realized that it's not the best picture example as momo carries a lot more weight in her arms/legs than I ever did. (stomach shape is similar, but with a much smaller gut/ lovehandles, and thank god I never had rolls) Her thighs are easily twice as thick as mine were at my biggest, same with her upper arms. Again, I can't believe her being around 160. She's at least 180, but I would guess closer to 200.

No. 192789

File: 1478139094563.jpg (41.57 KB, 400x600, 504-200_Diedre_L1.jpg)

I'm 5'4" at 153(literally just checked) and I'm half her size. Admittedly I've been working on gaining muscle so part of that is muscle but a simple google of 5'4" 200 lbs gives you lots of people that look about moomoo's size if not smaller

PS I love your stomach.

No. 192804

Holy shit.
If your in Vegas hit me up anon. Lol

No. 192807

if she's 5'4ish then she's easily 230+ at this point

No. 192812

File: 1478141487526.jpg (143.32 KB, 1577x887, 56897u4589iyjm.jpg)

here's a video of her lilith. it's only a few seconds at 3:57. she posted a longer video on her instagram all filtered up.

instagram video: https://www.instagram.com/p/BMTIqp9gx2h/?taken-by=mariahmallad&hl=en

No. 192816

I wonder if she accidentally super glued her arm to the side of her tits and then just went with it for the day.

No. 192818

I'm curious guys,what constitutes as thicc but not overweight/obese?

No. 192821


on the internet it's pretty much hips wider than waist, big tits, slimish face, and an overall toned body. wouldn't say the same for irl. if i were to go outside and pick out 10 average girls they'd all constitute as "thicc" or just normal

No. 192822

File: 1478142471221.jpg (50.6 KB, 736x736, 59accaa300becf84e096dbb7818bd9…)

Thicc is the term voluptuous girls now that the fatties have taken over curvy. Basically it's someone with an hourglass, but especially if their ass and thighs are big.

No. 192824


i forgot to add a corset really helps bring out that hourglass figure that guys seem to be so into

No. 192828

File: 1478142901577.jpg (176.66 KB, 439x585, cfaa0879bc8bec726137cc37a93bad…)

I would consider this thick, but still healthy. She's curvy/soft, but has a pretty flat stomach, she's proportional, and has a small waist in comparison to her hips and chest. Girls like momo are just fat, without a corset her waist is pretty wide, she has a hanging gut, visible rolls, etc. Her proportions are very short and round and sad.

No. 192829

why is there so much derailing and autobiographical bullshit going on right now?

No. 192832

was this in your jackoff folder, neckbeard-chan

No. 192833


mom body urgh

No. 192834

Why you so mad, fatty chan? Learn to sage. It's just some rando picture pulled off google to answer >>192818 anon's question. Nice reach though.

No. 192837

It's better than the usual shitposts and conspiracy theories this thread gets.

No. 192838


Because discussion

No. 192847

File: 1478144500218.jpg (125.33 KB, 747x1024, John Krasinski Stops Office Ho…)

because that ain't thicc, you autist. it's just as meaty as a girl can get for you to think she's pretty lmao. i mean, your answer to anon's question is actually incorrect. thicc girls are fat girls. fat girls with waist trainers and photoshop. momo fits the type to a t. let a nigga lay it down,

thicc was a term coined by black men who wanted to express their attraction to a girl who was average/fat without insulting her and calling her fat. "dam girl you're thicc as hell" and "she is so thicc" like, he's saying you look fat but in a way that's attractive to him. that's where the word came from. it's right before bbw, which are girls who don't have a figure no matter how many waist trainers they use. if momo got fatter she'd be there.

girls call guys thicc too btw. everyone had a meltdown when john krasinski popped up looking like this because he had a big ass and titties and everyone loved it lmao. but it's because he got fat on top of his muscle mass so it was attractive. if he was actually big belly fat with no muscle no one would be into it. a body that's thicc is one with conventionally attractive proportions but with extra fat to make the body cushiony.

No. 192848

>twerk or treat

Or neither, in this case

No. 192849

Sperg some more fattychan.

No. 192851

Damn she's cute

No. 192852

I'm 200 and 5'4". I'm not spilling out like she is. Shes definitely over 200.

No. 192853

anon asked what's the difference between thicc and overweight and there isn't one. thicc girls are overweight girls with enough hip to waist ratio that guys can find attractive. 9/10 times they're using waist trainers and photoshopping which is exactly what momo does. she's thicc. she's fat. thicc guys are fat guys with nice enough shoulder to waist proportions that girls find attractive. what exactly are you trying to argue lmao. where is your butthurt coming from, tyler.

No. 192854

File: 1478145357255.jpg (8.7 KB, 276x183, jimmies-have-been-rustled-it-w…)

No. 192856

>thicc was a term coined by black men who wanted to express their attraction to a girl who was average/fat without insulting her and calling her fat.
wow where'd you pull that bullshit from?

Nicki Minaj and the kardashians are considered thicc. As >>192822 said it mainly means someone has big ass/hips/thighs since fatties stole 'curvy'. Tbh it same from Caribbean countries referring to girls as 'solid' but it doesnt translate to america since that makes the girl sound 'muscular'

But there is there are just fatties trying to CLAIM that they're 'thicc' (same way they took over 'curvy' to begin with. Same as the pictures posted there are people with naturally thick hips/thighs/ass and that is what 'thicc' is supposed to mean. Just because there are shitty fatties like moomoo trying to claim that they're 'thicc' doesnt mean that's what it means.

No. 192857

File: 1478145540073.jpg (81.17 KB, 411x600, New Orleans Saints v Arizona C…)

>girls call guys thicc too btw.

This is actually true. There's kind of a running joke of guys who would fuck Andrus Peat because he's "thicc".

No. 192869

What possesed you to post this? Christ.

No. 192871


thic = fat confirmed

look at that gut, ugh

No. 192873

File: 1478146369652.jpg (42.47 KB, 800x530, f25e7eb2baf97574d1646479ff61a0…)

>wow where'd you pull that bullshit from?
because i'm black lmao. we've been using it since the mid 2000's until tumblr discovered it and made it into a meme. just like shade, fleek, shook, lowkey, etc.

>But there is there are just fatties trying to CLAIM that they're 'thicc'. Same as the pictures posted there are people with naturally thick hips/thighs/ass and that is what 'thicc' is supposed to mean. Just because there are shitty fatties like moomoo trying to claim that they're 'thicc' doesnt mean that's what it means.

boy. it's just an endearing word for fat that black guys came up with cos they don't wanna call their girl fat(or admit she is). there isn't some tight standard to it. i don't know one guy who calls a girl thicc and then bitches about hanging bellies and shit, because they actually fuck these girls and are well aware they've got bodies like momo. they like it. because they're into fat chicks. thicc=fat. as long as the tits and ass are big and the belly is decently in place it's hot to them. a hanging belly is like the collateral damage to fucking a girl with a massive ass and huge titties.

i genuinely don't know what you're trying to argue with me about lol. google thicc and look at all the fat jokes.

No. 192874

fuck i remember this

No. 192877

why did she keep doing that arm stuck to her body pose?

No. 192879

I guess to push her sag up and to look less hammy,I presume

No. 192880

to keep the suit up and in place. if she really kept it up with super glue then too much movement would rip it off and the whole thing would fall apart.

that too

No. 192881

to add to this: drake also proved that thicc = fat

"I mean, she say I'm obsessed with thick women and I agree
Yea, that's right, I like my girls BBW, yea
Type to wanna suck you dry and then eat some lunch with you
Yeah, so thick that everybody else in the room is so uncomfortable
Ass on Houston Texas, but the face look just like Claire Huxtable"(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 192886

Jesus fucking Christ, here I was hoping that these videos had finally died out.

>"Much respect, she works hard for that."

Posting nudes online to self-promote is hard work?

>dick pic roulette

Fucking tacky.

>"I've got a big butt! I've gotta keep– moons camera"

Nah, that's just plain wide and flat due to… fat. Lots of Moomoo flashing her wide flat ass all over the place.

All in all, this video has been the cringiest thing I've seen in a long time.

No. 192888

No. 192891

That Elastagirl right before momo looked pretty good. Why hasn't momo cosplayed elastagirl? It's a perfect "thicc" character and she could hide a waist cincher under it. Momo should be cosplaying cartoon moms. She has a mature face and most of them are "thicc".

No. 192901

File: 1478154667766.png (1014.91 KB, 1115x536, lmgtfy.png)

that's not me idiot learn to read the post. that's one of the images that comes up if you 'google 5'4" 200lbs woman'.

>moomoo admitting to looking old
Never in a million years. If anything she'd ruin Invisigirl because she's been leaning towards younger looking characters recently

No. 192909

File: 1478155893496.png (3.75 MB, 1125x2001, IMG_0552.PNG)

No. 192911

File: 1478156249691.jpg (114.91 KB, 640x960, 30604873996_c47026e89f_o-X2.jp…)

that wasn't elastagirl it was her daughter whose name I forget. the body threw me off. still, momo should consider doing cartoon moms. it fits her better than anime girls.
photo from here: http://www.dtjaaaam.com/Stan-Lees-LA-Comic-Con-2016/Stan-Lees-LA-Comic-Con-2016---Fr/i-nHgWmN6

No. 192920

Has she put on weight. She looks a lot bigger than the last time I came across her picks maybe earlier this year?

No. 192923

> That nice polished gun
> Then that horrid backpiece
> Obviously didn't think people would see/notice the back of her boots
The rest of the nice costume makes the shitty pieces she made look x100 worse.

No. 192925

File: 1478158074798.png (1.66 MB, 1482x726, moo.png)

She's been gaining a lot. The middle picture was only about three months ago.

No. 192927

Oh wow that's sad. Probs emotional eating. Hopefully she deals with her issues soon. A lot of men find obese women a novelty/fetish but tend to not have long term interests in them.

I actually don't think that she's that much of a cow. Just smart with how she makes money.

No. 192928

Holy shit, this really shows just how big she's gotten. I just want to know why the fuck her head seems so small compared to her body. Do heads not fatten up with the rest of the body?

No. 192932

That weird bunching around her crotch and it looks like she's pregnant. Sad.

No. 192935

Not typically on the same degree as the face doesn't have a whole lot in the way of fat deposits. Her face is definitely fuller, but it seems minuscule in comparison to how massive her body looks now. She's really lucky she doesn't get much in thee way of a double chin, Suzy is smaller than her and has three chins already.

No. 192937

>Just smart with how she makes money.

At first I thought she was really successful for the amount she pulls in/her followers, without being amazingly good looking or have incredible cosplays and I though "wow wish I could be like that" then I looked further to find what she did to get into that position like being obnoxious, lying, kissing up to anyone relevant, super sexy shoots, etc and realized I could never sell myself out like that …so cooties to the $5k she makes a month for a few photoshoots

Also is her name basically forever ruined? On terms of the internet like any place she tries to get a job at will assumingly Google her and find everything from her dirt to her nudes…

No. 192940

she pregnant now CONFIRMED!!!!

No. 192953

File: 1478162322419.png (685.58 KB, 727x517, moomoo.png)

fyi mybodygallery.com is a great resource when trying to estimate someone's weight.

No. 192955

That is the very definition of "thick" being curvy but looking very good. I'm really tired of fat chicks aka momobitchface calling themselves thick only to put on a corset.

No. 192957

That's not thick at all. That's having a nice ass.

No. 192966

People on mybodygallery lie like hell tho. There's 200lb bitches trying to pass themselves off as 100lbs

No. 192974

That IS a fat chick though, she has slightly better proportions than the average fat chick but that doesn't mean she's not fat.

No. 192999

she always does that

No. 193004

File: 1478180830305.jpg (22.77 KB, 600x450, 171695_DM40ooOJ.jpg)

No. 193009

Fat bitch doesn't know how to eat properly and probably just binges and starves from time to time. You can tell. That shit is going to make her look older because a bad diet really affects your skin.

No. 193023

>Don't think she's that much of a cow
So what about the constant lying, bullshitting, treating people like shit if they dont suck up to her and generally ruining her name for anyone who pays actual attention to her for more than a week. literally within the past month she made a video swearing if someone called her out for 'being an asshole' she'd be upfront about it only to continue to lie and then call anyone who did confront her a liar and then AFTER someone actually did confront her about something she did and she then said 'never happened' ran and seemingly paid off the person she messed with so that they wouldn't start a shit fest.

>Just smart with how she makes money

So being a glorified camwhore is smart? When just like all the other camwhores on lolcow by the time she hits 25 she'll burn out and go through the rest of her money trying to pretend like she hasnt? She's burning out even faster than that because of the crazy weight gain but I've said before anyone with actual talent and merit dont stick close to her and even if they do it's never for very long. She is constantly proving that she doesnt have what it takes and is only making money with her body and the amount she's ready to show if off with.

If patreon allowed people to do nudes? I can bet you she'd have some crazy $1k tier where she offered that too.

That's not smart that's literally burning away any chance of real companies taking her seriously in the future.

She bought half of her twitter followers though. look her up on twitteraudit (or find the screencap from one of the previous threads) and from that some anons have considered that she's faking her patreon amount which I tend to agree with because she was hovering around $3k for a long time and then magically it started going up by thousands every month.

No. 193030

>tfw cursed with apple body shape

I have to stay skinny or I look like shit.

Sage for blogpost.

No. 193043

same, anon. It sucks. I just want wide hips ffs.

damn I knew she was gaining weight but this makes it very apparent.

No. 193111

This whole thread is people repeating that she's fat and discussing their own weight. No milk. Maybe Momo is learning after all.

No. 193112

Naw, this is just the calm before the storm.

No. 193138

File: 1478202352464.png (116.72 KB, 640x823, IMG_3862.PNG)

Nathan deluca is building her a Titan cosplay from destiny, funny how she omits that she's building it and she's just there.

No. 193139

Same fagging He is what I meant to say.

No. 193145

she's got to be around 200 lbs

No. 193196

>this whole thread

So far in this thread ALONE
>Shit-tier lilith cosplay
>laughable Mei boots
>super gluing on her Lilith cosplay
>Her once again being blatantly gross at a con and acting as if she is the only person that matters
>tryhard Higurashi cosplay videothing reminding us of that train wreck
>Her sperging out on someone's post about not liking her cosplay

This thread is barely over a week old and already has more milk than most of the active threads on this site. Momo hasnt learned shit.

Oh man cant wait to see this trainwreck. Is this costume supposed to be for her and if so is she gonna claim to be 'super into Destiny' now?

No. 193197

I would never date momo, but i'd bang if given the chance honestly. her personality is just disgusting.

No. 193200

This. I honestly can't understand how /pt/ has a ton of threads with ACTUAL fucking reaching that's been going on for the last 15 threads and momo is still in /snow/. She's one of the milkiest cows around.

No. 193239

Tfw Moomoo uses hot glue instead of Barge/any contact glue on EVA foam..

No. 193273

I don't really care what board moomoo is on but it rustles my jimmies when people try to imply that she doesn't have any milk. She cant go a week without doing something stupid and we only shit talk her fat because she's been gaining it at a glorious rate while acting like she's been losing it.

No. 193298

How do you know it's for her? Did she say it was? DeLuca doesn't mention or show this specific build on his social media, and this is A LOT of last minute work to put in for someone he's just met. It's plausible she took a pic of someone else's wip and purposely didn't correct anyone when they assumed it was her's.

Besides it's weird she would wear something that doesn't show off her sagging udders or could turn into a cheap looking boudoir shoot.

No. 193315

Moved to >>>/pt/310703.

No. 193317

Ask and ye shall receive ( ° ʖ °)
(reporting works too)

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