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File: 1674745873411.png (707.82 KB, 599x873, dontyuckmyyum.png)

No. 1752764

Tina Choi (better known as Doobydobap or Dooby) is a 25-year-old Korean food vlogger. She is mostly known for her short-form content via YouTube and Tiktok but also creates long-form vlogs. Tina has generated controversy for her often tone-death and self-unaware rants presented through her shorts. During the Summer of 2021, she began dating Danish chef Kevin Kroløkke, which has generated concern and speculation due to how quickly their relationship has progressed. The two are currently in the process of starting their own restaurant in Korea together which some believe may be an attempt at securing Kevin’s stay in the country.
>Is an only child of two accomplished doctors with their own clinics in Seoul.
>Went to boarding school in Connecticut (40K+/y), then Cornell University (60K+/y) for a BS in food science.
>Her parents bought her an Audi, her apartment in Korea and have a history of being extremely supportive of her.
>Travelled constantly (through business class) during the pandemic which helped build her social media.
>Despite this, she considers her family ‘working class’ because they both ‘had to work every day’ to the extent that Tina’s grandmother was her primary caretaker.
>Does not consider herself rich despite the above and seems to somewhat resent her ‘richer’ former classmates because they had ‘more options.’ Ignoring the fact her parents paid for her specialized, less mainstream degree and financially supported her until her career became sustainable.
More recent milk:
>In December 2021, mentioned that she was in the progress of attempting to immigrate to the US. She planned on going to Mexico for two months but was unable to due to COVID.
>In March 2022, Tina mentioned in a vlog that she had recently reconnected with an ex-boyfriend who lives in the UK. She flew to London to see if they could rebuild the relationship.
>In July 2022, explains that she’s now in love with ‘Umbrella Man’ (Kevin), a man that she has been doing long distance with for ‘awhile’. She mentions in her vlog that her parents disapprove of their relationship, and they are no longer talking.
>In September 2022, has a health scare which leads to (at least partially) repairing her relationship with her parents.
>In October 2022, explains that Kevin applied for a Working Holiday Visa so they could live together in Korea.
>In December 2022, announces that her and Kevin will be opening a restaurant in Korea together.

No. 1752780

File: 1674749129230.png (147.54 KB, 247x434, anachan moment.png)

hated seeing this bitch on my algorithm for weeks. honestly hate all these asian food tubers. there could be a whole thread about them.

does anyone know that korean vegan that makes up random stories about her family??? i don't remember her name but she mentioned her mom beating up 4 women she was young. strange woman.

sorry for derail… here is the video about her not talking with
her family. wont let me insert shorts for some reason so i will add it below.


No. 1752784

This OP doesn't explain what makes her deserving of a thread. What's so milky about her moving and dating a Danish chef?

No. 1752809

the danish man saga is milky because she went from wanting to move to the US to wanting her ex back in the UK to dating this guy she had just met within the span of six months and cutting her family off over him. her parents were perfectly fine with her pursuing her ex, her mom even dropped her off at the airport when she was going to the UK. the timeline is also sketchy as hell since best case scenario, she was already talking to him when she was with her ex. worst case, she immediately jumped headfirst into the relationship.
the danish guy himself is also a host of red flags. tina will say that her parents disapprove of him because he's a chef and did not pursue a mainstream path. that makes absolutely no sense given that tina studied food science and went into content creation and they were perfectly fine with that to the point that they financially supported her until her channel went viral. its more than likely that they think she is being taken advantage of, and i have to agree based on what i've seen of their relationship.
he has a working holiday visa which gives him a year in korea. if his intentions were pure, he could have worked for a restaurant and eventually gotten sponsored for a longer term visa. instead he has immediately encouraged tina to start a whole restaurant (not a virtual kitchen, a foot truck, a catering business or something more realistic for her first foray into the industry) despite knowing that most restaurants close within the first few years of opening due to how cutthroat that industry is. he has no experience owning or running a restaurant himself, and tina hasn't worked in a restaurant ever.
also, their dynamic is so strange. timestamped is tina telling him 'let's talk later' because she's exhausted and he rolls his eyes over it. i don't think this relationship will last.

No. 1752814

oh yeah i know who you mean. her channel name is literally 'the korean vegan' lmao, she makes a lot of shorts where she trauma dumps about her parents or whatever. not too milky, more annoying that anything

also i'd argue this would be better in the youtube shorts/tiktok thread? along with all the other asian food content creators

No. 1752816

Cornell is such a shit school

No. 1752817

Who are some other Asian food content creators worth talking about?

No. 1752824

she's cute

No. 1752827

>‘working class’ because they both ‘had to work every day’
rich people are so delusional

No. 1752829

File: 1674753936064.jpg (211.39 KB, 1280x720, photo_2023-01-26_16-14-29.jpg)

Idk if dooby is milky enough to have a whole thread but we should 100% have a thread for asian food vloggers. She is not the only annoying westernized asian that has to use food as a way to justify her existence.
This? I always wondered why she looks like picrel. All her stories scream I want attention and I suck energy from the people around me. Honestly wanna call her yuppie but it doesn't really fit and I think we need a new word to describe these modern self-important 2nd/3rd gen recognition starved asian women that have been gaining a lot of popularity recently. I have seen this being discussed on other threads and it really rings true in these cases, the borderline valley girl accent, thirsting after average white guys, and thinking they are oh so strong and independent because they went against their parents once. Like the korean vegan has a book and an app? I get the book, it's popular for food vloggers to launch one but bruh who are the people scrooling on 30 second videos on the toilet going like you know what, what I really need in my life is another SUBSCRIPTION data mining app to clutter my phone with, yeah this neurotic monkfish faced retard on tiktok really fills in that void nicely. Forget the millions of recipes online at the click of a button for free, The Great Korean Vegan really is special and 100% unique.
And lol @ fucking doobydobap so much for "not being priveledged" when you have never worked a day in your life and wasted your youth on some random degree and now you want to open a business with 0 exeperience lmao fun fact restaurants are some of the hardest business to start from scratch (that is why everyone franchises), because of the high costs and low profit margins per item, it's not the kind of business you can handle with a few hours per week like her youtube channel but it's ok, she is not the one sinking "investment" money into this so she will come out unscratched when the thing inevitably collapses. Bonus points if she makes videos like "10 things no one told me before starting my own business" and cries on camera so she can recoup some of daddy's money. Smartest person here is probably the chef tbh, he just found a sheltered rich kid to leech from and fund his career, even world renowned chefs take years or even decades to open their own restaurants but he can just eat a bit of pussy on the weekend and do the bare minimum and he has a much bigger shot at being successful. Worst case scenario he gains some experience. This is what happens when you raise kids in a bubble; they become naive and retarded.

No. 1752838

File: 1674754703594.jpg (135.27 KB, 1920x1080, kevin.jpg)

>Smartest person here is probably the chef tbh, he just found a sheltered rich kid to leech from and fund his career, even world renowned chefs take years or even decades to open their own restaurants but he can just eat a bit of pussy on the weekend and do the bare minimum and he has a much bigger shot at being successful. Worst case scenario he gains some experience.
He already seems so social-media minded (google his name and there's an article about how he quit business school before even starting to pursue cooking) I'm almost certain he found her rather than the other way around. I really can't imagine seeing this sheltered girl pretending she's working class like a chef who works long hours like her parents but don't even bring a fraction of that money home and thinking we could have a sustainable relationship. I'd have to say I'm almost certain he's a grifter.
Also, he's not even cute. He's a below average Scandinavian guy. He must be really good at eating pussy.

No. 1752841

Why the fuck are Asian Americans so annoying? I went to school with a ton of them and they were all awful. Actual Asian people are cool though(global rule #7)

No. 1752845

Why are Asian women obsessed with dating white guys? It’s like a mental illness

No. 1752921

File: 1674761670651.jpg (88.41 KB, 1200x627, 91419-5a.jpg)

This thread made me watch some of videos and I just noticed in https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q4W88S_tkdU at 11:14 she is using a fucking Goyard flap wallet to store her little skying receipt. Is this what brain damaged zoomers call workingclasscore? Also, how did she exactly buy the property to open the restaurant? The area looks so residential and the property is neither big enough nor adapted to be anything close to a restaurant. If I had to guess this is some scrap that her parents got her (they have their own clinics and bought her a house so it's not wild to assume they are well connected with local realtors) but idk.
How delusional can you be? The route for food creators is always writing a book or partnering with well-established companies to promote an existing product or more rarely launch their own (chamberlain coffee), and even when you are supported by a company it is hard to establish a product that isn't marketing dependent. Considering the size of her audience I have no doubts it wouldn't be hard for her to partner with some company so why on earth create a whole restaurant? Her moid really strikes me as delusional and I think he planted illusions of grandeur seeds in her head and she is to sheltered to realize how retarded the idea is. The only problem is that she is an attention-seeker and if she actually wanted to create a sustainable business related to her social media brand she would not need her bf for anything, thus rendering his grift impossible.
The funniest thing that encompasses her whole mentality and how naive she is, is that in the my new job video she approaches "creating a restaurant" as if it was a school project, she draws the most retarded floor plan I have ever seen and goes to a book shop with her bf to gather "research material". Someone please tell her this is not a college assignment you do with your friends at the library. I can 200% guarantee you that most highschoolers doing a part-time in fast-food are have more business experience than her and would come up with a better restaurant than her, no bullshit food science degree needed.

When you google crusty white male this should be the first image

No. 1753027

File: 1674766450168.png (249.5 KB, 626x437, yowtf.png)

i watched that vlog (left it on in the background) and wtf he has hit the wall hard and looks even worse than he did in >>1752838 and what was the point of having that photo of him shirtless at the beach… twice at 13 minutes? his physique is pretty average (not fat or scrawny) too. home girl really is dating down.

No. 1753040

Why the fuck is this man cooking when he should be busy making Death Grips' next album. Get back in the studio retard.

No. 1753761

dang, this girl laid out her issues with men at 11:20
>was chubby and awkward growing up.
>got bullied to the point of needing to change schools
>lost weight for her new school (10kg/22lbs)
>would date people but doubt their attraction to her to the point she would become over clingy or detached.
>said she was a 'serial monogamist' for a while and would obsessively use dating apps to find the next one because she didn't know how long she would be physically attractive enough
other things:
>she is feeling this way because kevin is traveling in japan with a friend (he had booked this trip months 'months and months' before they had signed the lease to the restaurant)
AN: not surprising given how fast their relationship has moved. this guy is playing her like a fucking fiddle. they should've delayed getting the place until after the trip given how much work needs to be put into it. he's left her to do all of his dirty work while he's living it up in glorious nippon.
>says kevin's absence has made her really self-critical of her content, whether or not she'll be a good business owner, etc.
>says she doesn't have family support with what she's doing right now… i wonder why
my arm chair psychology says that the drastic decision of making a whole ass restaurant instead of something small like a brand deal is to attain legitimacy in her parents eyes. unfortunately it's so fucking unrealistic given her and kevin's experience… especially given that kevin probably knows jack shit about korea.

No. 1753765

I just feel somewhat bad for her. Insecure and sheltered, she probably came across as a perfect vulnerable victim for that Danish moid to take advantage of. She’s very pretty and a good cook, and I hope she realises that it’s a very obvious abuse manipulation pattern that her boyfriend caused her to drift from her family, and then this whole risky restaurant business. To say she is too good for him is an understatement.

No. 1753768

Yeah I know she’s milky but I kinda feel bad for her, this moid is grotesque and she can clearly do better but her low self-esteem won’t allow her to see that. Many such cases I guess.

No. 1753776

doubt it has anything to do with him being good at eating pussy, she just has a good ol white fever lol
but yeah, she'll end up ruining her life like Yumi if somebody (or something) doesn't snap her back to reality, but it would be a hard task to convince a sheltered rich girl like her.

No. 1753789

i really liked her when her boy troubles weren't in the picture (and she wouldn't pretend to be poor). her family seems really great in the small glimpses i've gotten of them. her parents clearly love each other dearly, they're successful and have aged great despite having such stressful lifestyles. it's really fucked up that this boy that she met last tuesday has managed to fracture their relationship with their only child so much. they really tried their best to raise her.

No. 1756513

File: 1675090023679.jpg (798.2 KB, 1161x2064, IMG_5267.jpg)

she's so quirky

No. 1756522

this is making me feel so bad… you can never predict this stuff, no matter how good you are. hope she comes to her senses somehow.

No. 1756533


Growing up privileged and dating a white guy doesn't seem milky. OP are you jealous?

No. 1756540

When introducing a new cow, you need to supply evidense of the milky behaviour. Long text posts explaining past milk isnt anything other nonnas can lol at. Take it to personal cow thread or post milk (screenshots or webms not links to social media). Also the same fagging is very clear

No. 1756543


Moids who isolate you from family are literally satanic. She's in for a wild ride if he manages to get her all alone. I'm sure when he's not narc raging at her he's calling her incompetent. God I hate moids. I hope she gets away from him soon.

No. 1756647

Threads like this seem to be proliferating and I don't understand why. Reporting does nothing.

No. 1759236

File: 1675349455302.png (Spoiler Image, 1.29 MB, 1101x685, lol.png)

'traveling with my guy friend'
>she introduces us to miguel, her friend of 3+ years who she met through an ex boyfriend but he 'likes her more'.
>miguel is a software engineer working for google korea.
>mentions that her primary love language is acts of service for people.
>texts miguel to join her on a trip to japan for 4 days within 4(!!!) HOURS!! miguel agrees.
>some flight issues due to dooby booking through a third party website that didn't go through in time so the airline didn't have her booking. so dooby had to pay 3x more to get a booking through the airline.
>tells miguel that she feels self conscious vlogging with kevin and it makes her feel shy but she feels so comfortable with miguel.
>NSFW pic related scene
>despite kevin being in japan, they don't visit him or really mention him in the vlog outside of the one quip.
dooby must be really dying without kevin there. it is really fucked he didn't take her on the trip, maybe she felt like she would be third wheeling but she just went to japan anyway?
she seems to be so weird with boundaries. love languages are how you express love to your partner, not a platonic friends. not really a big deal on its own, probably just a misconception but then she tells miguel how comfortable she is with him vlogging. err?
also paying SO much money to fly you and your 'guy' friend with barely any notice. i'd be so uncomfortable if my partner did that.
this vlog is just so strange, it feels like she's trying to make kevin jealous and miss her. but it's just so inappropriate.

No. 1759320

>it feels like she's trying to make kevin jealous and miss her
It's exactly that as far as I can tell. Hope she dumps that scrote and leaves him with the restaurant debt

No. 1759325

I don't think she's that milky, what is up with all these new threads?
If someone wants an example of something that's milky, it's the Around the Dinner Table anorexia recovery forum and there have been pedos, feeders and more to hang out on it

No. 1767891

new video where she shows her and kevin fighting. pretty entertaining tl;dw:
>she dressed up in a nice dress, pearls and knee boots to 'surprise him' and went to the restaurant
>he's plastering and she says 'that looks fun'
>he gets extremely frustrated and says no it's not and complains about how much work he's been doing all the labor, and her outfit is ridiculous for it and he doesn't want her shoes to get ruined.
>she acts very dismissive of it and points out the shoes are fake, she was filming all day, etc.
>dinner that night is pretty awkward since they were both upset. she doesn't make much eye contact with him, especially.
i feel pretty sympathetic towards kevin surprisingly. i wonder if her impromptu trip with miguel contributed to any tension although i would be pretty upset if my partner showed up in really nice clothes to help me plaster without that context. she doesn't seem to respect him. i respect that she showed the fight since it was pretty entertaining. some comments are fun, too.

No. 1767934

You feel sympathetic with the guy who is taking advantage of this girl after isolating her from her family? I hope she dumps that leach soon.

No. 1767944

yeah, i'm surprised too. she seems like she's a really difficult person to date since she seems so self-centered. not to mention she broadcasted the fight for her fans who would probably automatically side with her.
the plus side to all of this is she's making everything so public that we might get a really good break up video in the end.

No. 1767968

You sound sociopathic

No. 1767973

I mean haven’t they barley been dating a year? Why is she doing such a make or break project with a man when they should be in the honeymoon phase kek.

No. 1772400

She has good content that I'll watch when it goes in my feed. I find her life situations of her own making. Starting a restaurant is a horrible idea, having a rando white man cook for Koreans is out of touch.(sage your shit)

No. 1774483

I think it's just jealous white women posting, like >>1756533 said. She's annoying but her dating white
meh white men isn't milky, and what's up with anons who cares so much about who dates who?

No. 1786603

They got evicted from the "restaurant", looks like they rented some random place without getting building inspected first. From the comments:

>So in summary, the situation is pretty much as follows:

>Dooby did not have professional architects/ inspectors look at the building for safety/ other structural issues prior to signing the contract
>After reading her youtube comments, Dooby realized what should have been done first thing: professional inspection of the building for safety
>With the uncovering of multiple, expensive safety issues, she rang up the landlord and tried to argue into the landlord's paying for the costs, that he is not obligated to pay for
>Landlord agreed to pay for the cost initially, but later on changed his/her mind and decided to evict Dooby, likely because costs of renovations> benefits from rent and value of this restaurant
>Dooby is upset and feels cheated because she made the down payments for the renovations with the presumption that it would be covered by the landlord, but will not be getting reimbursed, and faces the possibility of eviction if she does not cover for the costs
>But the initial contract seems to state plainly that the tenant is responsible for the costs of additional repairs.

>If the landlord has fault, it would be for the promise of agreeing for paying for the renovations, then backing out. >However, fact is Dooby is also at fault for trying to project the costs of the renovations that was not in the contract to begin with.

No. 1786607

Also they were absolutely delusional thinking they could grow most of the produce for the restaurant on roof.

No. 1787220

So from the beginning it was clear both of them are delusional but this is on a different level. They're both stupid. I no longer believe the scrote is trying to manipulate her, he is doing a piss poor job of stealing her money. Thanks for the recap nonnie!

No. 1787335

Lmao. Does she think farming is like Fallout 4 where the crops produce their yield every day?(learn to sage)

No. 1787508

She included another gratuitous nude scene in her most recent video. Just start the OF already, dooby(sage your shit)

No. 1791606

So they are getting sued for the whole fiasco by the landlord and they plan to counter sue him, not sure on what grounds since it is not their property

Commenters are bunch of kids supporting her.

Meanwhile one comment:
>Everyone is being so supportive and telling her to sue back but my gut is just saying this isn’t worth it. Legal fees are insane and even if you win, you will never own that place and you will always have a terrible relationship with the landlord. Why not just start fresh? This is not about the bad guy winning this is about just being realistic and saving yourself the pain, time and money of the legal system.

Reply to that
>but shes gonna win for sure, idk how its in korea but in here the loser has to pay all the legal fees :)

No. 1791690

those yt bucks must be insane if she can afford a new mac studio, lawyer fees, building repairers, eating out everyday. i find it funny her new assistant basically looks like she being dragged along in some shots like she’s so unhappy to be there.

No. 1791699

YT bucks are insane but also both her parents are doctors and the lawyer she has is a family friend

No. 1791975

Seen a decent amount of comments calling her out on this situation and her bullshit in general though.

She's still renovating and has now set up her office with an expensive iMac even though she's been given an eviction notice and knows the landlord is now suing her. This vlog is a great display to her viewers that she is a dumb spoiled rich girl who thinks the world revolves around her and cannot accept when she's in the wrong. Landlord will win the case and the inevitable "We Lost" vlog fallout will be great.

There's another potential legal issue because she's airing out all her issues about the landlord online it's a very high chance the landlord could also sue her for online defamation (something South Korea takes very seriously). People are already warning her about it in the comments but I doubt it's going to get through to her.

No. 1792239

i liked her videos but when she finally revealed her bf i was so disappointed it was generic man 2.0, she could do better.

No. 1792561

Honestly I can see her becoming an actual cow if this develops further. Maybe a small one in the youtubers or tiktok threads but it's ridiculous how out of touch she is for her age and she makes bad decision after bad decision. Maybe this will humble her but I doubt it. Sage for no1curr.

No. 1792574

I just saw this article about Kevin being a chef and was ridiculed in his family, tbh its kind of sad
He had sleep problems and would smoke weed every night to calm him down
& it has some of interesting details too

The restaurant in which Kevin previously worked (relæ restaurant) has been closed due to the pandemic

The restaurant itself has a concept of botanical-ish, which I can see why dooby envisioned her restaurant to have that urban garden

If I get the sense of Kevin's upbringing here, I don't think there is a lot to offer on the table, especially for financial support. (I assume if his family ridiculed him for being a cook, then opening a restaurant would def be unsupported)

Here's the link

No. 1792607

Lmfao nice try Kevin, now gtfo you blond cockroach

No. 1792916

you don't need us to be on your side Kevin you already have convinced dooby to open a restaurant for you. Or at least a shitty attempt to open a restaurant but the it's the thought that counts.

No. 1793058

If the korean vegan is the same person I think you're talking about, she is weird as fuck. She's constantly talking shit about white people but is married to an old white dude lol, also in a video she made the George Floyd murder all about herself and her "struggles"

No. 1793662

She turned off the comments on her "I'm being sued" video. Incredible.

No. 1793693

Kek, guess she doesn't want good advice. It's beyond me how a 25 year old can be this clueless and stubborn. I saw the comments and they weren't even mean, just telling her to call it quits and find a new property if she still wants a restaurant.

No. 1793702

There's a reddit thread on /r/outoftheloop discussing the legal battle between Tina and her landlord. There's currently almost 300 comments discussing it and they're mostly critical of her:
I'm surprised she is this delusional and is trying to act like she's being taken advantage of. I'm in no rush to defend landlords in general but it sounds like this property was really fucked over by the previous tenant(s). They had a frozen, exploded pipe which I know are a nightmare to deal with. Many leases mandate keeping the temperature above a certain degrees to prevent this from happening since they can be extremely costly to repair. Fortunately for her, even if she goes bankrupt from this (doubt) she can still run to mommy and daddy for help.

No. 1793765

This dumbass is digging herself a deeper hole

No. 1793798

The comments kek, who does she think she's fooling?

No. 1793804

I'm curious if she patched things up with her parents yet? I remember she had a health scare (PCOS) and I think they made amends. I'm leaning towards they probably did since her parents' dogs are appearing in some of her vids.

No. 1794163

She privated all videos about her landlord, eviction and lawsuit lol. Wonder if it was because she finally listened to everyone (or her lawyer) on not posting about an ongoing lawsuit or she couldn't take the backlash anymore. I think it's the latter since she's admitted to not listening to anyone but herself and is completely disconnected from reality.

Either way the damage has been done and this situation makes her past videos seem even worse because it's clear she hasn't learned or changed at all.

No. 1794165

She turned the comments back on after she deleted all the super critical and damning comments lol. Even though she ended up privating the video it's amazing how she attempted to keep that video up after purging the comments.

No. 1794355

These are the types of people who go through life believing they’re victimized when it’s all self-created. Her delusional ass admitted in that video to STILL doing renovations on the place even after being evicted and sued. She may as well go run back to mommy & daddy now since they’re going to be the ones cleaning up this mess anyway.

No. 1794466

mirror of now privated video. surprised no one mentioned this but does any one else get the impression that tina and kevin broke up?? at the very end she is clearly holding back tears when she says that kevin and her saw a 'longer future together' at the 6 min mark… she could be talking about how she wanted to secure a longer term visa for him and the legal problems are making their future uncertain but its pretty dark…

No. 1794847

What I assume happened is he didn't know what was actually going on since he doesn't know Korean and just went along with whatever she said. Then he checked the comments of the videos or someone who knows him personally told him what's going on.

According to dooby he also put in his own money so I would think he's super pissed at her now and wants out of the relationship. In her mind she thinks she will win the lawsuit and be able to open the restaurant so visa issues for her boyfriend wouldn't even cross her mind. Seems like he just done with her and I assume that's also what made her create the video addressing the situation.

No. 1795463

The guy was just using her for her parents, a free ride and restaurant. Of course he's not gonna stay when the going gets tough. There are other rich girls he could manipulate to get what he wants with the minimal effort he wants

No. 1795647

Account has been terminated. Can anyone who has seen the video give a quick summary?

No. 1796937

The account named TeamLandLord posted mirror videos of dooby's restaurant saga (especially on the part where it gets really interesting a.k.a things started to go downhill)

There are three videos in total, the one where she got evicted, the one where she got sued, and the last one is the short video where she attempted to explain herself about the lawsuit.

No. 1796942

There's another channel that posted the short video tho

No. 1809195

In her new videos she says the comments are getting to her mentally, that’s why she wanted to stop sharing personal things on her channel and focus more on her 24hours food series.
Also: all the comments regarding her restaurant-situation are wrong in her opinion since she only shared tiny bits of the situation so nobody could even guess what is happening/not happening

No. 1810216

I just stumbled across her channel tonight and have liked the videos I’ve watched so far. I googled her because I saw her boyfriend in one of them and red flags immediately started going off for me. He didn’t even do anything but just his vibe and look gave me serial killer vibes. So I was surprised she has a thread. She’s cute. I don’t understand how she can eat so much and stay thin. Good for her though, especially since she struggled with that.

Sad she’s gotten herself so fucked in this restaurant landlord thing. Seems like she’s going to get a rude awakening.

No. 1811379

Kek sorry but no one is jealous about her personal crotchworm. He's hideous and looks like a neanderthal.

No. 1815671

So went through and completly renovated the place

No. 1815830

…And so? Posting some random bitch's youtube videos isn't milk.

No. 1815994

NTA but it’s not “some random bitch” it’s literally the bitch the thread is about

No. 1816054

The space looks beautiful but gee that space between the kitchen stove and the countertops does not look like it will accomodate any erratic movements when you’re trying to complete orders quickly. The dishwasher station is also in a pretty impractical spot; the steam from the appliance will ruin the wooden door it’s trapped behind. It’ll be interesting to see how she copes once it’s all open for real.(sage your shit)

No. 1816157

She's always had other people around to clean up her messes for her. All the things you pointed out won't be an issue for her because her parents can throw money at the problems and make them go away. Reality will only hit her when the restaurant opens, if it ever does, and she has to work there herself alongside her pet moid.

No. 1822467

They seem to have invite Influencers for a first cook-off, before they will actually open up to the public, to get the word out.

Here’s one of the videos that got created: https://www.tiktok.com/@sissel_ab/video/7230391823020166418(sage your shit)

No. 1823644

My house kitchen is bigger then that, also having a set menu LOL.(no1currs)

No. 1832023

It seems they've started regular service at the restaurant. Kevin doesn't seem like he likes her at all in this video lol. It's like watching a car crash happen in front of your eyes.

No. 1832153

This seems so messy, only 4 people for a whole restaurant and one is mostly waving her camera around?

No. 1832182

She already wants to give up, you can tell she has never done real work in her life and the reality is setting in(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1836131

shes an anthony bourdain wanna be…but korean and with money lmao(newfag)

No. 1836142

damn…must be hard work for a rich kid to meet n greet fans at their omakase open like 2 days a week.

lmao she cant romanticize hardship n poverty in her own life anymore so shes speaking in we's for the rest of Korea.

poor kevin keeping mija seoul running while she gets wasted ~~on camera~~ for her fans

No. 1836323

At one point when they were fighting she like backed off a bit and tried to step back, it looked like she thought he was gonna hit or something.
Agree with the other poster I get serial killer vibes from him.

WMAF relationships in and of themselves aren’t milky but a lot of milky couples are WMAF if you know what I mean. There’s something about that particular pairing that often involves psycho or super controlling white guys with an Asian fetish and self hating or delusional asian women, emotional and physical abuse is more commonplace than normal in these relationships from what I have seen.

No. 1836326

Why does she have a black eye lol

No. 1836328

She’s extremely immature and annoying. There are a billion restaurants in Korea selling food infinitely better than hers and there is nothing that makes their stand out, it’s gonna flop and close its doors within 3 months.

No. 1836592

Good I hope she works him like a slave, she's way out of his league.

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