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File: 1679849850824.jpg (136.15 KB, 750x1000, flat,750x,075,f-pad,750x1000,f…)

No. 285833


The thread for all things related to the Sims! Talk about news, updates, your current save, prominent community members, favorite/least favorite games, etc. !
Here are some questions to start off the thread:
>favorite Sims game?
>least favorite Sims game?
>what kind of player are you? (legacies, challenges, builder, cas mode, etc. ?)
>favorite neighborhood?
>least favorite neighborhood?
>favorite townie?
>least favorite townie?
>what is one thing you have done in the game that you are proud of? maybe it's making it to 30 generations, or building a really good lot, finishing up a collection, etc.

No. 285836

couldn't you at least link the last two threads…

No. 285840

Typical sims player always bitching and moaning. FINE. HERE:
1st: >>>/m/8880

2nd: >>>/m/187662

No. 285841

File: 1679851257686.png (29.23 KB, 507x488, AGNESProfile.png)

Also link this thread to the old one.

No. 285851

I did so please just talk about sims or sims drama or w/e.

Wrt the sims I wonder if sims 5 is going to come prepackaged with tranny/themby sims or if they're going to leave the pandering to the sims 4. Also I have a bad feeling about the early game demo shown because it's just build mode. Just very cautious of project rene in general.

No. 285854

File: 1679853156321.jpg (153.38 KB, 1920x1080, sims.jpg)

bumping for CP. be careful scrolling today nonas.

No. 286070

not to sound dumb but which is better to download the sims

No. 286232

For TS2 it's better to find a torrent for the ultimate collection. I got my version from games4theworld years ago and I don't think that they host the UC anymore. There's the archive.org download but you will need to read the comments for the instructions as it comes with it's own installer.

No. 286686

File: 1680184963430.jpg (45.04 KB, 500x392, nancy.jpg)

Favourite premade family/sim from Sunset Valley?

No. 286707

File: 1680208028649.png (144.98 KB, 722x873, sims2.png)

Just posting this to get gore of from the front page.

No. 286819

I love this so much

No. 286908

File: 1680316426648.png (144.17 KB, 857x731, pick me.png)

Why does need to exist?

No. 286910

I've seen 10x worse on second life

No. 286929

There's worse mods/cc. ColonelNutty is the worst TS4 modder I know of. Not only is he a coomer but he made mods for pedophiles and zoosadists. LoversLab banned his mods and links to them because they were so deplorable and he harassed Turbodriver, another coom modder.
As far as NSFW mods go, TD goes out of his way to ban anything noncon and blacklists certain mods that add or support it, plus the few lesbian creators in his sphere exclusively use WW instead of DD for very obvious reasons

No. 287413

does anyone here follow life plus cindy, also known as pleasantsims? andrew is so gross.

No. 287460

holy shit, last time i checked in on her she was pregnant and now she's lost the baby and her husband left her? i'm genuinely shocked. she seems like such a sweet person and i was super happy when she posted about all the improvements in her life.

No. 287692

Cindy leaves a lot out; she is a total psycho (as in “if you leave I’ll kill myself”) so Andrew left her for someone who isn’t. Gotta side with him on this one.

No. 287708

She has untreated BPD and it makes so much sense.

No. 287776

apparently Andrew cheated on her for a whole year while she was pregnant, i THINK she's allowed to be a bit psycho over finding out about this. also, she's in therapy now for her BPD.

No. 287926

Shes literally mentally ill and her scrote was cheating on her, cut the girl some slack.

No. 288093

File: 1680880273132.jpg (90.31 KB, 1280x720, me when she's on her period.jp…)

I've been playing a cracked version of Sims 4, and honestly I'm kinda scared that EA will find out and ban me from their games kek. I always make sure to play offline. It's not even being banned from TS4 that I care about, it's them revoking my ability to play TS3.
It's EA's fault. I bought all of the TS3 packs because it was a good game, if they actually put effort into TS4 I would be willing to pay for all of the packs too. I want to play, but I'm just not willing to give them anymore money than what I've already spent on TS4 when a lot of my enjoyment from the game comes from mods.

No. 288094

if they ban you from ts3 you can just pirate that too anyway

No. 288095

To be fair, pirating The Sims and EA Games in general IS the actual morally correct choice and you should pirate Sims 3 too.

No. 288097

Yes, but I would just feel sad to lose a game that I've spent so much time on. I guess I'm sentimental like that and I can't get that money back kek. I also hate having to go through the effort of pirating tbh.

No. 288101

Luckily Fitgirl makes it easy!

No. 288154

I also use a high seas acquired copy of TS4. I recommend blocking TS4.exe from accessing the internet in your firewall. If you don't know how to do that look it up on the internet. Even when playing in offline mode the game will connect to the internet on startup to load the news and updates section on the main menu. Blocking it from accessing the internet completely stops it from doing that and the game loads faster because it can't downloading anything.

No. 288161

I will keep this in the back pocket of my brain!
God bless you anon! I will go do this right now, I didn't even realize it was using the internet for that.

No. 288446

File: 1680999146137.jpeg (280.78 KB, 1920x1080, TS4_EP13_REVEAL_LIFTS_03_001_1…)

How have you guys been feeling about Growing Together? I haven't had a chance to play it yet, but I actually have my hopes up. San Sequoia looks nice, albeit small. I'm hoping to get sims 3 Generations levels of coziness when I play it.

No. 288454

No anon, don’t do it. The world is so horribly ugly in game, a total low-poly mess.

No. 288465

The world is just more bland American suburbia. It feels more like a base game world than something from a recent expansion. The worlds since Eco Lifestyle have at least been visually interesting even if their still devoid of much to do.

No. 288471

Why the fuck did they feel the need to add infants? Most pointless lifestage addition… ever. Adding in toddler and young adult made so much sense but you just know infants are just some cashgrab shit that will not carry over into the next game. Fuck infants.

No. 288474

that's the setting of every game in the series, which makes it kind of a strange criticism

No. 288479

In TS2 and TS3 I can build my own worlds. In TS4 I can't do that.

No. 288480

File: 1681011484573.png (407.76 KB, 600x400, AQUf16t.png)

No. 288481

I also think San Sequoia looks nice but, but I wish they would give us a few more vacant lots. It's such a big map, it looks silly only having a few small lots scattered around.

No. 288483

i like how they added an entire new life stage instead of, i don’t know, actually fixing the baby stage. the babies still come out the wrong skin tone, have no clothing options without mods, and force every adult in the house to come running to the bassinet and glitch out.

No. 288512

>have no clothing options without mods
You can now change the clothing on newborns. The option is buried in the pie menu under baby care. If you have the knitting pack you can also knit new clothing for the baby.

>force every adult in the house to come running to the bassinet and glitch out

Turn off autonomy in the options menu. The sim AI in TS4 is the worst it's ever been. Switching it off makes the game so much more playable.

No. 288521

I know there are so little secrets as it is, but I still wished they were seperated by game gen. I never ventured farther than TS3, and that only for some few months, and I especially don't know, let alone care, for any TS4 drama, so back when I still read it weekly, I just scrolled past 95% of submissions.

No. 288612

File: 1681082919459.jpg (24.41 KB, 628x413, Screenshot 2023-04-10 012449.j…)

ha ha! i managed to log in to my inactive and anciengt origin account that i never used except to claim sims 2 ultimate collection when EA was giving it away for free back in 2014. hope it works.

No. 288786

I like it but I think it should be a gamepack. The world is like, fine but it feels empty. Infants are fun, I like the new kids aspirations (FINALLY), and that it gives elder sims some things to do. I like the chemistry feature, although I wish there was a physical or romantic attraction component. I think it's a good pack but not to be bought full price.

No. 288822

if it doesn't, you can get it here: https://www.reddit.com/r/sims2help/wiki/general-information/ it has all the necessary programs so ts2 can run on newer systems. i downloaded it a few months ago and never had any issues with getting the game to work.

No. 288927

I managed to get it to work on a new laptop. Had to edit some config file to make it run in higer resolution and downloaded some mod that fixes boxy shadows. Time will tell if it will have more issues.

No. 289522

anon, idk if it helps but as others have covered the pirating aspects of it, i'm pretty sure you can back up your saves, library, etc as well, i'd just advise you do it regularly in case anything breaks or gets corrupted. i love the sims 3 and miss playing it but i don't miss how slow saving would eventually become on each save.

infants are just okay, imo, but dealing with babies is still super annoying. so i can see the needs of my infant and attend to them but not see what the baby/newborn needs still? i have aging turned off but even with this new pack i'm speeding away from the newborn life stage. fuck that literal noise. i had a nanny for the last family i played and the kid just went on crying

No. 290474

File: 1681784556450.jpg (41.33 KB, 802x542, FOoaNpaXoAcFlXT.jpg)

I hate neighborhood stories it keeps giving random sims babies although they weren't pregnant before and never had interactions, My robot sim who I haven't played with in a while had a baby and his name is " Art Ai"

No. 290475

Cute name tho

No. 290533

You can turn off random adoptions in the household management window. You can also turn off neighborhood stories completely. The settings are under the button with a split arrow.

No. 290777

File: 1681919245435.png (407.73 KB, 758x630, Screen Shot 2023-04-19 at 11.4…)

look i totally get that she's a simmer or whatever but what do her videos even matter anymore when we know she just sucks EAs dick for every pack/kit/game they put out, regardless of bugs or low-quality content?

also i hate the faces she makes.

No. 290778

I generally have a lot of sympathy for Kayla because I've sorta followed here since she was still a nervous ball high schooler until she's now married with a million subs. Call it a parasocial relationship or whatever but I just subconsciously root for her even if her content can be boring amd is really just an excuse for a vlog/podcast. I don't blame her for playing the youtube game with the stupid faces and sycophantic EA praise, something tells me she's the breadwinner of her family and is trying her hardest.

No. 290781

She looks like Daniel Larson.

No. 290792

God this bish is so annoying, i cant stand her dick sucking EA videos

No. 290933

buying a new pc and all i can think about is the custom hood im going to build in the sims 2 when i have everything all set up. if anyone has links to good hoods id love to see them, otherwise my only resource is mts

No. 290944

File: 1681981957990.jpeg (156.55 KB, 1158x1105, 8A517FE6-466B-48CF-A37F-0B3149…)

What kind of hood? Can you post a pic?

Also does anyone have any resources or advice on mods for TS4 to remove the following:
Troons and the possibility of troon townies being generated being removed (did a pack introduce them or is it basegame?)
Removing the whole interface where you pick how you can piss
A program where you can outright disable things like clothes or other troon aspected items from the game entirely
I’m planning to project my lesbian cottagecore farm with horses dream into my next game and I don’t want to be exposed to whatefer EA wanted to express with all that pandering picrel
there was a unbelievably cool video by a woman who posted a mod like such in her YouTube video but obviously I cant find it anymore because yt search is pozzed

No. 290961

>A program where you can outright disable things like clothes or other troon aspected items from the game entirely
You can either do this yourself in Sims4Studio or download CAS hiders that someone else has made. The sims community coddles trannies so you will probably have to make them. You can search for "Sims 4 Studio CAS hiders" to get tutorials on how to do it.

No. 291463

File: 1682193816824.png (2.03 MB, 1920x1080, 1682016432185389.png)

old post I know but what you can do is simply make a dummy ea account and torrent the whole thing from fitgirl repacks (make sure its the real site) and then you can have all expansions, stuff packs and kits (theres an updater all listed in the fitgirl site) and you can just transfer your data into the pirated instal and you can go ham with it. i honestly highly recommend it. havent given EA a cent since they killed Maxis
thanks for the tip, you are right i will try to look for one that removes all the ugly shit and maybe i can add my own choices into it as well. not sure where to find it though

No. 291644

kek now I really want a SL thread, but I don't think there'd be enough to participate.

No. 292413

the computer finally arrived but it was just before i had to leave for work
i can't wait…… even without getting to play it the sims 2 soundtrack has been playing in my head whenever there's silence

im excited to dl other abandonware too but none more than the sims and sims 2

No. 292708

ill never get over the gigahon's sanpaku eyes and giant build.

No. 293297

The "they look like transphobic caricatures!" vs "actually some of us do look like that and that's fine!" troon-on-troon slapfights over this are pretty hilarious.

No. 293581

File: 1682981966504.jpeg (125.69 KB, 828x1347, 9A4BD3FF-A0ED-4340-9545-1D8E27…)

i hate simblr. olivia spencer kim lewis is like eight years old, but according to them she’s a heckin valid trans kid.

No. 293587

Of course the relatively attractive (for a base game sim) fail cringe comedian Johnny Zest is trans AND gay, no way is that just the retarded OP projecting onto the sim they have a crush on… no way!

No. 295811

Wtf. Someone unrelated but Olivia grows up to be beautiful in my game. Eric Lewis and Alice Kim make some good looking kids.

No. 295827

It’s been years and I still don’t understand what transmac or demi guy is supposed to mean

No. 295828

NLOG with extra steps

No. 295833

>>295827 woman who pretends to be a TIF but has no actual interest in trooning out, dresses hyper feminine and demands people still "treat her like a man." some use it as a synonym for TIF because "transmasc" and "transman" are similar words

No. 295834

Girl who likes to wear comfortable clothes at home and sometimes irl

No. 295940

Do you guys use a VPN when using anadius? I've used it before with and without one. Also off topic but I like reading his comments/replies to others he's always so angry and comes off as an asshole.

No. 296037

Why the FUCK did they make clothes unisex if the men’s clothes look like shit on the women and vice versa? Christ it looks like shit every time, it juts the women’s arms out and flattens the hips no matter what! I hate it.

Sorry, sperged there.

No. 296209

I always use a VPN.

I mainly use the feature to make hulking T4T troons so I can add them to the townie population for my own amusement.

No. 296210

I don't use a VPN, but oh my god I noticed how mad he seems too kek. When I was downloading the parenthood pack I noticed a messaged in the installer that was like "I can only use one site to host the game download yaddayaddayadda don't like it? then find me another host bitch!"

No. 296263

There's a lot of retards in the sims community, I can understand that he gets tired of dealing with stupid questions and being asked to solve problems that are nothing to do with his crack.

No. 297978

Thinking about re-downloading a cracked Sims 4 for my historical gameplay needs but like >>290944 mentions it has grown infested with troonshit as of late. Any other nonnies play historical saves? If so, what do you do to get rid of anachronisms?

No. 298290

File: 1684926673374.png (253.32 KB, 734x413, w5scbmzy9p1b1.png)

So The Sims has a new logo and my reaction to it is I can't wait until this graphic designer loses their job to AI

No. 298294

is this image official? looks extremely stupid, out of place, no style whatsoever

No. 298297

it looks like a graphic designer student's half assed last minute redesign tbh

No. 298298

It's from their new licencing agent

I can already see their plan is 100% marketing, 0% substance. They are set to squeeze every penny out of the franchise

No. 298314

EA is fucking stupid. Not only is this artwork "graphic design is my passion" tier, they have tried to shuck sims merch in the past and it didn't sell. They went all in with The Urbz, the game flopped and no one bought the merch.

No. 298325

nonnas if they bring this shit into sims 5 I hope this franchise dies at least we'll have good memories about first 3 games

No. 298491

Wait I must know more about this Urbz merch, I have a lot of nostalgia for the handheld games but this is the first I'm hearing about merch

No. 298540

File: 1684990411959.jpg (1.61 MB, 3024x4032, urbz figures.jpg)

There was a line of figures and a few other things.

No. 298543

File: 1684990782950.jpg (55.81 KB, 487x485, GBA urbz.jpg)

There were even figures for the GBA game

No. 299909

Reshade sucks.

No. 299940

i would kill to own these

No. 300335

I’ve never used it tbh I prefer how sims 4 already looks, some people make their game look ugly as fuck and when they put outlines in it looks even worse, why would you want your game to look like shit?

No. 301161

Cindy has been going live again and I'm literally amazed at how BPD she is. Her ex is a piece of work, but she's putting all the blame on him and the woman he knocked up. It's not like she publicly admitted to abusing and suicide-baiting him after all

No. 301953

File: 1686617129154.png (612.52 KB, 1920x1080, 1.png)

what's happening in your sims' lives, nonnies? i haven't been playing for months but today i randomly decided to start a new neighborhood. i use this townie pool in the neighborhood https://khal-ulti.tumblr.com/post/675275420922429440/mysims-townie-pool-empty-subhood-with-32 since i usually just let the game generate random ones. tbh i'm surprised how pretty the kids my starter sim had with one of the townie moids turned out to be.

weirdly enough i'm more into my sims when they're a bit on the uglier/unusual side. picrel, she looks absolutely horrendous in the change appearance screen but she's adorable in motion. same for her two sisters. they all got their townie dad's genes, which is a bit of a bummer since her mom had pointy elf ears. maybe they'll come through in later generations though.

No. 301959

File: 1686621113927.png (15.08 KB, 390x585, oh my god. holy shit.png)

It's happening. It's literally happening.

No. 301978

I always play at least 3 households in one save, because otherwise I get bored just playing one family and for some reason I really like making sims who are married and then making them immediately get divorced and move out and play out their sad divorcee lives as they struggle along with roommates and single parenthood and having awkward custody meetings.

No. 304705

File: 1687732684226.jpeg (296.03 KB, 1920x1080, bridgeport.jpeg)

Anons what's your top 3 favorite worlds in all the sims franchises? (and why is Bridgeport number 1 kek?)

No. 304723

File: 1687740006670.png (157.39 KB, 300x300, IMG_4717.png)

Decided to clear out my shelves and found my copy of the sims medieval and i’ve been playing it on my old imac. It’s such a charming game. I understand why it was a flop, you can’t really customize anything but it’s such a hilarious game. The OST is amazing too. If you ever catch it in a thrift store or a sale definitely give it a try. The magician path especially is super fun to play at though I enjoy sending annoying sims to stocks as a monarch and then throwing tomatoes at them too tbh

No. 304750

can it be played without origin? i wanted to revisit this but b/c its from the sims 3 era i assumed id need to log into origin

No. 304839

if it can't then pirate it.

No. 304842

idk i use a disk on a 2011 imac lol. if not just pirate it

No. 304883

The person who does the very helpful, "Is this mod broke for patch?" thread on EA forums, is so fucking annoying. First they made this huge deal about not giving updates for mods that have owners who are transphobic (I believe it was Zero..who is a TIF?) and now instead of just going, "hey I'm no longer using twitter" they have to go the extra mile. We get it, you are a trans or you support them heavily. Nobody cares. It's like that weird drama about someone making Bob Panacakes white, kek. I saw someone celebrating like, "I just made the person who made bob white delete their account!"
I'm like it's obviously a troll, do you feel like you did something kek?

No. 305628

File: 1688132132174.jpg (46.57 KB, 800x600, glitch.jpg)

TS5 will be free to play with with ingame micro transactions

No. 305629

I have no issue with sims 4, I'm sure they'll fuck with modding as well. Disappointing but expected when I heard it was free to play. It's going to be more bare boned then sims 4, oh well.

No. 305635


The Sims 5 is dead before it even begun.

List of known fails:
-Game playable on desktop and mobile at the same time - meaning downscaled shit
-EA devs literally said “Right now we’re experimenting with how little we can get away with”
-Free to play means as little content as possible so it can be locked behind microtransactions

Also no talk about actually improving Sims AI, making them feel more real and less dollish compared to Sims 4

I really it fails and some of the alternatives (Life By You, Paralives) succeeds and brings us actual Sims experience

No. 305638

>Game playable on desktop and mobile at the same time
Honestly, this is the thing that worries me the most about a potential sims 5. There are no mobile games that I trust to be really good computer games. I mean sure, things like genshin impact are mobile and computer games (though I've never played that game before), but I can't imagine that most games would work well being able to be played on literally any device.
I'm super scared what the UI is going to be like, too. I would imagine it's be hard to see everything you needed to on a mobile screen. And because it's a mobile game, you need to make a system where everything can be done by tapping on your screen, with almost no keyboard input. This really simplifies the gameplay and things you can do in a game.

No. 305687

>Also no talk about actually improving Sims AI, making them feel more real and less dollish compared to Sims 4
The AI and sim autonomy in TS4 is pure fucking garbage and one of the game's biggest problems. Maxis already had the autonomy right in the first two games (I'd recommend Leto Mills videos on TS2 if anyone wants to know just how complex the algorithms behind TS2's code were). In TS3 it was changed because the hardware of the time wouldn't have been able to handle a simulation that complex in an open world. TS4 is a mess because of what happened with SimCity and Project Olympus, with TS5 they have no excuse. Instead of creating a game that is ambitious in scope and features, they're making it run on mobile phones.

>I really it fails and some of the alternatives (Life By You, Paralives) succeeds and brings us actual Sims experience

I can see another SimCity situation. Paradox is listening to what players want while EA is too busy thinking of money. It's almost a repeat of what happened in 2013.

No. 307142

it looks like she's already dating again. i feel like she's one of those people who have grown up/matured as a person while in a relationship so they can't handle not being partnered to someone else. at least she's going to therapy still.

No. 307170

I had TS2 ultimate collection on Origin when they gave it away for free, but re-downloading it and trying to launch it just crashes the game. Not sure if its corrupted or bugged but I miss playing it so much. I wish it worked still.

No. 307217

Are you using Win10 or Win11?
There's guides and youtube videos on how to get it working on more recent versions of windows

No. 307247

File: 1688785237182.jpg (1.17 MB, 1440x896, Screenshot-158.jpg)

I spent months in 2021 making a medieval world from scratch and running it with a bunch of mods to make it feel like a running economy (ani's no fridge mod, making a market that sims have to go and buy from if they want to eat, etc). I used the world Moon Valley and deleted 99% of the lots, built my own, created my own townies that all fit into the world. After playing that world to the point that the population is overrun and my game lags every two seconds, I'm moving on to another passion project. This time my world is going to be a lot more modern (but still with a bit of old charm, because I prefer more old school architecture) and I'm so excited. I've been building lots every single day, it's nice to be excited about this again.
I'm using a blank version of Glenvale County, and making more of a suburban sprawl. I want it to feel pretty full of shops, parks, bars, restaurants. There's so much I learnt from the last time I did this, so excited to apply that and see if I can create a more functional town than the last. Soooo many mistakes I now know to avoid. I feel like this will be a bit more of a challenge than the last one, as Moon Valley was a lot smaller and I had a very clear vision for what I was after, but it also had no roads so I'm excited about Sims being able to travel easier!

There's so much I could say, I'm so excited and honestly I don't think I can play sims in ready made worlds anymore, you really get to know your town in a way you wouldn't otherwise. Do nonnies have any suggestions for my new town? Any lots or custom content that's a must have for trendy suburban shops?
Picrel is a pic of my last town, you might remember me from a few sims threads ago!

No. 307248

File: 1688786094420.jpeg (9.76 KB, 236x236, 1684118460735.jpeg)

this can't be real kek. they used the polygon shitty seagull? ea has really destroyed any last hope for the franchise, im fucking dying this has to be fake.

No. 307270

Im using windows 10. I have an HP pavilion, its a little old but it should be able to handle TS2. Ill definitely take a look at those, thank you very much.

No. 307301

nta, but that's weird, i used to have a hp pavilion with win10 too and never faced any issues… i have win11 now and used this online installer here https://www.reddit.com/r/sims2help/wiki/general-information/ and had zero problems so far. it comes with all the programs and settings to make ts2 playable on newer computers so maybe give it a shot!

No. 307586

Zero is a detrans and the biggest mod discord servers slender zerosims' mods

No. 307669

zero is also a gender critical butch lesbian i believe?

No. 307682

Zero was a TIF who detransitioned. He wrote a post about how he felt that she had been misdiagnosed and prescribed the wrong treatment. This what upset the pro-tranny sims community. Another modder, Missyhissy who maintains the slice of life mod was cancelled on twitter for showing Zero support. It's all really fucking stupid because Zero is not transphobic, he is correctly pointing out that treatment for gender dysphoria is based around maximizing profits for big pharma and not in the best interests of the patient.
If you're interested I recommend looking through his posts on patreon

Before anyone spergs I'm using male pronouns because I think that what he's doing deserves respect. He's speaking out and continues to do so while receiving sustained hate from the cult like sims community.

No. 307692

nice! she's also funny too, in response to being cancelled she made a cancel culture skill mod and if memory serves she also showed it off with a troon sim kek

No. 307698

this looks absolutely beautiful nonna!

No. 307904

I'm (genuinely) confused, how is it respectful to call a destransitioned TIF "he"?

No. 308019

It's not, but she still ID's as a TIF, but she stopped HRT and trooning out otherwise, she's stated she's happier post testosterone than pre testosterone. She doesn't post her troon pronouns anywhere so it's safe to say she's just a butch that doesn't care how she's referred to
Also, I was snooping around San Seqoia and noticed Jay Robles, the Sim that was suspected to be a TIF, is actually an enby, effeminate TIM. Thus meaning as far as I am aware, there is one TIF sim in the game(HSY), but there are two TIMs(Growing Together). The only TIF is an enby, too.

No. 308032

The best part about the horse pack is that it has 0% native american content and like seven new black hairstyles

No. 308086

Ash Price in HSY is a tim since his body is male. I detrooned him and he became an acceptable moid NPC.

No. 308087

Did you also notice you can't change the Michaelsons' names? It's possible to detroon the moid to turn them into a gay couple but the names stay the same.

No. 308092

Actually, no. The way you can tell a Sim's biological sex is by a mix of whether they piss standing up or down, and whether they can have kids or not, as that is how EA encoded bio sex. For example, Jay Robles may have a male marker and a female body, but he can piss standing up and get women pregnant. Celeste, on the other hand, can somehow get others pregnant and pisses sitting down, implying he never got the chop but he tries to blend…poorly. He also is marked as female with a female frame, but EA tried to make him obviously a troon. Ash is marked as female, with a male frame, cannot have children, and if memory serves, pees sitting down. This implies she's a TIF who takes T and got a hysterectomy or tubes tied.
Even with cas.fulleditmode? Holy fuck an EA janny or programmer must lurk this series of threads kek

No. 308143

>Holy fuck an EA janny or programmer must lurk this series of threads kek
EA got foiled by their own coding my game. As soon as I installed Growing Together, neighborhood stories killed off all the premades before I even got a chance to go into the world management screen and change it. I have neighborhood stories set so that it doesn't kill off the townies that I like having around but this needs to be done manually for every family. The children were adopted by Tina and Yasemin Tinker.

Separate but related rant
The way neighborhood stories is set to work by default is fucked up. Maxis allowed it to kill townies because the game constantly generates new sims which then causes performances issues and save file bloat. Unless you set it up not to, it will kill any sim in an unplayed household which then results in all the premade Maxis sims being killed off and being replaced by randomly generated sims that look like they got dressed in the dark at a jumble sale. This includes NPC sims with an in game purpose such as with the Cottage Living and Werewolves NPCs. The other problem is that if you don't use MCCC story progression and allow homeless children to be adopted, the game will just delete any children that the killed off sims had unless there's another teen or adult in the house to care for them.

No. 308338

File: 1689274058109.jpeg (156.83 KB, 1280x720, 073CA51D-F388-42DE-BEF8-842BA4…)

For me:
TS2: Pleasantview I never was a person who liked Strangetown, idk why it has such a following in the sims community. I hated their university La Fiesta Tech, it looked so desolate in comparison to Sim State University
TS3: Bridgeport, but tbf that’s only because I didn’t have many expansion packs. I think Lucky Palms, Monte Vista, and Aurora Skies look cool but never got to play them. I just learned about Roaring Heights (the last world they released in TS3 franchise apparently, picrel) and it sounds fucking cool—has anyone played it? It’s Art Deco inspired.
TS4: Windenburg, then Willow Creek and Mt Komorebi. I love the visuals of Mt Komorebi but it has barely any lots and always gets filled up with ugly townies who aren’t Asian which kinda ruins the immersion of it. I wish that it actually functioned like a vacation world in TS2 and that there was more cultural distinction between it and the other worlds. Same with the other worlds actually. It would be cool if there were traditions/holidays for specific worlds.

No. 309108

File: 1689700157136.png (470.82 KB, 700x753, aE27Zqn_700b_jpg.png)

>sim has a wish to throw a great party
>keep throwing parties
>parties end up "awesome" or "epic"
>the wish doesn't get fulfilled >even though "awesome" and "epic" are better than "great"

No. 309117

EA are jackasses

No. 309121

this is so awesome, i would love to make a medieval world from scratch! do you have any other mod suggestions? i'm aware of Plumbbob Keep and all the medieval/old-timey mods there but i appreciate any suggestions for cool ones you've found!

No. 309123

I've played in Roaring Heights (believe I found it on Games4theWorld's site) and it is indeed very cool! The landscape and architecture is cool, there is a boardwalk! And also a single gal townie who's carrying the baby of a another married townie: scandalous! They did put in a handful of fun little stories even in a DLC world. I love and miss that level of detail.

No. 309166

I always wanted to play this one!
This is why neighborhood stories pisses me off, I've already had playables die from old age or unexpected events. There's a lot of bugs that come with expansions like wedding stories, which by the way I recently copped on sale and some of the interactions bug out. For example my sims don't dance or gather correctly. I wish they just refined all the bugs without breaking the rest of the game.

No. 309180

NTA but I play a medieval game. Try hat plays sims at dreamwidth for clothes. She's kind of my pet lolcow but she's very good at what she does. I also recommend Davina Ojeda on tumblr and Grynings.

No. 309193

There's a fan world called Praaven that's medieval but I haven't played it. I prefer Woeford, Tokyosou, Bridgeport, and Point Ouerbacker, the latter two have the same dev as Praaven so I'm sure it's breathtaking and has every rabbithole a custom rabbithole you can take your sim to and actually interact with. That's usually my requirement for S3 worlds. No custom rabbithole, no playtime. My only exceptions are Lucky Palms and Roaring Heights, the only EAXIS worlds I will touch
My top three? I'm assuming it has to be from a Sims game with actual neighborhoods or worlds, which excludes Sims 1, and also have to be EAXIS. Going by this, my number one is Lucky Palms, two is Downtown (technically a subhood and I have a desert default replacement that makes it essentially a whole new nhood anyways), and three is (oddly enough) Henford-on-Bagley. HoB only gets number three because it's the only Sims 4 world I can take my Sims to get groceries and make pies to give to everyone that isn't gruelingly high effort. If HoB didn't have that, I'd give it to Moonwood Mill because I like the idea of making the same Sim a methed up murder hobo in other playthroughs. I usually love Desert and City worlds but Sims 4 does both dirty and custom hoods won't be a thing until TMex actually gets the massive mod working, if ever.

No. 309316

Just saying anon, if you're ok with mods then you can definitely get the Sims 3 Store worlds for free. I only played in Roaring Heights once, but it is nice. There was some good clothing that got released with it.

No. 309445

nta but yooo you just reminded me of Lucky Palms, that was such a cool world!

No. 309623

i'm a bit sad that she isn't more wanky. i'd love to have a thread about her but she's too boring for that. i found a subreddit that's dedicated to talking about her and her weird behavior though. https://www.reddit.com/r/Lifepluscindy_snark/

No. 309654

You can disable that for your played households and leave it in place for the ones you don’t care about

No. 309783

File: 1689935750467.jpeg (260.27 KB, 800x600, IMG_0684.jpeg)

1. magic town
2. hmm… tie between all three of the sims 2 basegame neighborhoods
3. sims 2 downtown

No. 309949

File: 1690005150833.jpeg (429.26 KB, 1125x1525, E03D3966-7CBD-44E5-BF25-8FEB70…)

Noooo my fears they would make this cute Horse Ranch sim Dani Davila a nonbinary were correct. From the trailers she even had visible arm hair, way to go EA on saying that women can’t have any little bit of body hair.

No. 309959

you can detroon her, just make sure you check all the gender options because they could have hid her actually being a TIM and not a TIF

No. 309968

ok i’ll go play some makin magic

No. 309990

I always avoided TS4 because it looked lacking so I wanted to skip to 5, but 5 is looking like it'll be a pile of crap so I don't know if I should give 4 a chance.

BUT, holy shit I loathe all the troon bs forced into this game. Just reading this thread is giving me a headache. I don't care if gendies want to make their own mods, I just don't want hons, enbys and top surgery scars in my base game. I don't want to have to disable it or work around it either.

Will probably stick to older sims games forever idk.

No. 310010

Sail the high seas and try it out, you've got nothing to lose. Unmodded the game is extremely bland and there are serious issues the with sim autonomy. If you're someone who enjoys the chaos of TS2 and TS3 then you won't find it in TS4. That said there are things that are possible in TS4 that aren't in TS2 or TS3 and this is worth exploring if you enjoy those activities.

Almost any troon shit in the game can be removed. You can easily make CAS hiders with Sims4Studio and any premade sim can just be deleted in game from the household management screen. To make CAS hiders with S4S just search for a tutorial on how to do it.

No. 310026

File: 1690051157780.jpg (37.53 KB, 428x428, d9759580e8056a103e0dea09e8f0c4…)

I wanna try getting into this franchise again what is the best way to do it? I played sims 4 but its too boring/easy. I played Sims 2 but thought it was stressful. Should I give TS2 another chance? It felt stressful to me because I lost complete control and couldn't regain it. I know the point is that you just watch things unfold but it was hard to explore the world, get to know other townies, focusing on skills, focusing on job, etc when everything felt like it was falling apart. But maybe by playing it more and becoming more familiar with the mechanics it starts feeling more fun.
On the other hand I have never played Sims 3 so is it better to try that instead? I have heard it's harder than TS4 but easier than TS2 so maybe it hits that sweetspot

No. 310061

give ts2 another chance! it's an extremely good game that i've played since 2007 and started modding in 2015. i'd suggest modding it a lot, there's a bunch of mods to make modding easier, there's also a cheat called boolprop testingcheatsenabled true which allows you to fill motives by dragging (maxmotives also exists), editing sim relationships with a debug t-posing baby, and so on. i discovered it as a kid and it really is a game changer, ts2 is easily the best to pay for (but it's hard to find and piracy is great for testing), and easily my favorite game in the franchise unmodded. 4 is great when heavily modded with basemental drugs, cc, and 50 different overhauls

No. 310068

I love TS2, it's all I play. Download the Insimenator if you want more control, makes it almost too easy. I think cheats can accomplish the same things but I like having an actual object with all the options right there.

No. 310071

File: 1690064277691.jpg (217.54 KB, 764x1024, 1621921940994.jpg)

I don't care if the open world of Sims 3 made the game messy and heavy, I'm not going to touch this series ever again unless they bring it back and make it work this time. The franchise has been cash-grabby since the earliest expansions, but it was disappointing to see that EA could just scale-back features to the release state of Sims 4 and get away with it. But why should they try to improve things when the success of Sims 4 has shown that when you have the monopoly on life-sim genre, the core audience is going to hog up your shit no matter how low-effort it is.

No. 310078

I really liked this sims 3 myself. I thought it also had a really great 'open world' feel that some of the other games lack. It's definitely easier than the sims 2, IMO, and I've played all of the sims series. Also if you care about character customization (or sim customization), 3 has more options. But it depends what you want.

No. 310096

samefag, looked through the sim. we have our first low effort tif! no chop, no bind, no hrt, so i hereby say dani's girlfriend is a terf trying to let dani know she'll always be a woman lightly kek

No. 310544

Tbh I fucking love it when they give me troon sims since it means I get to play a detrans storyline. Or a tragic 41% storyline if the troon sim is fugly or annoying

No. 310639

so she's just a regular female sim but with they/them pronouns?

No. 310681

Try as I might I can't get TS2 to run on my laptop. I've tried a few versions, multiple settings on GRM, and I still get the Direct X 9.0c error on start. I've even tried bolting on a few DirectX redists. Anyone know anything else that could be causing the problem? I'm so frustrated I just want to fuck around in Strangetown.

No. 310750

did it open before and suddenly stop working? if yes try deleting accessory.cache and groups.cache… fsr i can never open my game unless i delete them.

No. 310788

>I've even tried bolting on a few DirectX redists
Have you also installed the Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable?

You can also try the 4GB patch

No. 310790

Nah I've never gotten it to launch, but will be trying wih >>310788
Do I need the 2010 one?

No. 310815

yes! she's a regular female sim with "they/them" slapped on top for diversity points. she's also a stuck up snob based on her traits so I think I found a nemesis for my evil sim.
fair enough kek, every time there's an ugly sim i send my evil sim to shoot them with the extreme violence mod. was so mad when sacrificial added a block in HSY so you can't beat up students at school. i understand the no guns and knives bit but the rule against violence period, including non-deadly interactions that seemed to be made specifically for teen sims like bullying, is retarded. if i understood python i'd unlock bullying again kek

No. 310846

The latest version is all you should need because it will install all updates including those that were previously released.

Another thing to try is to run the game in compatibility mode
Right click on the executable > Properties > Compatibility > Tick box "Run in compatibility mode" > select Windows XP (Service Pack 3)

Make sure that you are installing the game with administrator privileges
Right click on installer > Run as Administrator

Are you installing the game from Origin/EA app or are you using a "acquired" copy?

No. 311196

i tried roaring heights and i wanted to love it, it's a really nice world, but the tower building tops are a pain in the ass if you play sims that live in or go to those buildings (which btw a lot of them are decorated horribly, extremely underutilized space for example). the tops are not actual shells that can be built inside like in bridgeport, they got lazy and just made the tops of the towers to show in map view but they constantly obscure your view in live mode and there's no permanent way to avoid it. i tried using the building shells from bridgeport and decorating the interiors all nice to replace them and then the game kept refusing to properly save when i tried and would just load forever, so i gave up

it's a lovely world but in playing i'd either avoid those buildings or try to fix them up hopefully without your game crashing.

No. 313185

What are your favorite sims worlds? Personally I love Sunali. I love giving houses the volcanic activity lot trait, tormenting my sims by randomly getting them hit by lava is really fun

No. 313238

I really like Isla Paradiso but it will break itself the moment you hit play

No. 313244

Moonmill or whatever it’s called. I get to live my Forks, Washington dreams.

No. 313687

for sims 3 i have a few. bridgeport for sure, isla paradiso would make it if it didn't lag so much and so would roaring heights if more effort was put into the builds.

sims 4, i find myself drawn to san myshuno and mt. komorebi. tartosa is really gorgeous too.

No. 314310

Should I play Sims 4 or nay? For the record, I like the game for what it is. But I dread reinstalling it and than spending hundreds of hours downloading all the cc just because I might play it for a few hours. And I can't bring myself to play it unmodded.
It's like Skyrim for me. Thinking about playing the game is much more fun than actually playing it. And all the time that I need to download my favorite cc clothes…

No. 314316

I love the world that came with ts4 wedding stories!! tartosa!! it is so cute and feels more open than others

No. 314859

File: 1692055639368.png (389.63 KB, 354x858, troon.png)

I'm never visiting Copperdale again.

No. 314947

this is probably going off topic from what you were talking about but yeah i think if you do go for it, no one should ever play it unmodded. not only is it boring but so many functions just feel broken without them. i have hundreds of mods and i'm pretty sure the majority of them are bug fixes for countless things instead of adding to the game. but at the same time, fuck, reinstalling/updating mods takes forever when starting to get into the game again, considering it's still being updated. i'm glad the updating problem doesn't exist with the sims 3 or the older games but hell afaik they left them broken too.

No. 315297

Just like real life.

No. 315768

having fun?

No. 315772

We are in the Sims thread what do you think? no, we don't

No. 315777

Yeah, thanks for asking.

No. 316274

File: 1692535184580.jpg (418.17 KB, 986x436, rant.jpg)

The Sim Secret owner fired the longest serving mod and then went on an insane rant that included LC.

No. 316311

File: 1692542931701.png (148.76 KB, 1521x743, 537137515a021f4df9ada3c1f30bb1…)

kek this is hilarious, nonna. i haven't frequented simsecret in years because i only play ts2 and simsecret became incredibly boring for me when everything was about ts3 pudding faces. is that billie person a tim?

No. 316312

> it’s dangerous to the gay community to say we should kill pedophiles
How did we regress so hard as a society

No. 316317

I haven't kept up with SimSecret in years, anybody got a link to the attacking posts in question? I was always weirded out by him, but I obviously couldn't say that on MTS lmao

No. 316328

File: 1692546449406.png (64 KB, 990x895, expandexpandexpandexpandexpand…)

No. 316330

oh my god, that billie person is so annoying. i did some digging on the mare's nest and apparently she's just pretending to be a trans boi for oppression points.

No. 316342

Does anyone happen to know any TS2 mods that basically "unlock" clothing? For example, it would allow me to wear formal wear for everyday clothing or everyday shirts and pants for athletic clothing? I don't like the idea that only certain clothes can be worn for certain things. I want freedom.

No. 316351

Lol wtf why did he mention lolcow, does he hate lurk or something

No. 316366

There's also the Sims 2 Categorizer by Paladin but I can't find a download link.

No. 317420

>Does he hate lurk
Of course he does.

No. 318527

File: 1693386805574.jpg (Spoiler Image,145.34 KB, 591x857, morgynember.jpg)

Sims troon fandom is so exhausting. >Noooo you can't see Morgyn as an effeminate man or edit him to be such you horrid trans eraser terf

No. 320191

File: 1694123565194.jpg (653.77 KB, 3072x4096, IMG_8819.jpg)

theres got to be a terf inside maxis cause i just got growing together and you couldnt make this 'trans woman' look more like a man. the fakeboi in the other household looks like a malnourished rat too. gross that the sim in picrel has the 'can breastfeed' option on yes but also 'can impregnate other sims'.

No. 320538

I am actually enamored with Chestnut Hills; I am a sucker for desert worlds and it’s so gorgeous to canter through on a horse

No. 320540

File: 1694307043586.jpeg (65.87 KB, 828x683, IMG_2280.jpeg)

Claiming relevance because PleasantSims

Does Cindy just need her own thread at this point? She already has a snark sub on Reddit and has been nosediving into alcoholism since the divorce, which has yet to be finalized iirc. Picrel, she drunkenly got in a bacteria infested lake and got a bladder infection

No. 322260

What are some good vampire mods for TS2? They're so useless and annoying to play as. I wish they could feed on sims like in the TS3 and TS4. Then the massive need decay during the day would be worth it because hunting sims is fun

No. 334556

I think the fakeboi in Growing Together is actually a transbian. He can get others pregnant.

No. 334654

Syd Mac is my favorite builder she’s extremely creative and talented. I am so happy for her that she’s now an EA creator she truly deserves it. She’s my comfort channel, watching her builds straight up relives me of anxiety. I find a lot other creators to be a little chaotic and not in my taste. I’ve tried to watch vixella but she’s a bit too all over the place. Can’t stand plumbella anymore. Caryn and Connie seem like a sim psyop because literally out of nowhere they blew the fuck up overnight, their humor is cheesy but I see they really keep it as PG as it gets but I do love their builds as well they get to the point.

No. 334692

I thought Caryn and Connie blew up because of tiktok? There's quite a few Sims 4 builders on tiktok that are pretty popular.

No. 334735

That’s where I first discovered them! Right after I saw a TT of theirs I hopped on YouTube to only see there was an insane amount of subscribers within a short period. Again I do like their builds but it almost feels to planned (literally and figuratively)

No. 334743

I love Syd and Caryn and Connie, I can’t build without putting tons of clutter so they’re perfect for me. I don’t mind the big channels like you’ve named and also James Turner, but their builds are just so boring and I have a really OCD hatred for how some of them place doors in their builds.

No. 334747

The Caryn and Connie stream of them doing the “fixing the ugliest house ever!” door placement had me retract my own skin. It’s now almost bait at this point

No. 334771

File: 1699684490659.png (562.73 KB, 1179x361, bruh.png)

I wish EA would go back and edit all of the earlier pre-made sims so their lore would be accurate to the new features. Like compatibility in the game is randomized each new save so you get the BFF household sometimes like picrel which makes no sense considering Liberty and Travis realistically should get along pretty easy with those traits, but their likes and dislikes ruin it because one of them dislikes cerebral sims which gives them bad compatibility ergo, way harder to boost their relationship (I had another save where Summer had awful compatibility with both Liberty and Travis which caused them to both dislike Summer after I tried to make them friends without cheats). I know I can just change their likes and stuff, but I hate that much micromanaging, especially since almost every pre-made sim would require it.

No. 337581

Surprised no one has posted about this yet. Thoughts? Kinda looks like GTA meets The Sims.
I'm not completely sold, and especially after seeing you can let Sims watch porn in the computer. Disgusting, but it's a Korean company, so I expect nothing.

No. 337658

I prefer a more cartoony artstyle and I'm pretty sure trying to play this would decimate my computer. I do think it's cool that there are more sims inspired games coming these days

No. 338064

Why did they show off that you can make the 2019 Joker? Is this some Korean meme I’m not getting?

No. 339496

File: 1701578572216.jpg (55.73 KB, 1054x568, GATAE8jXEAApZAO.jpg)

So apparently they added an option to set sinks as bathroom sinks or kitchen sinks. I'm not familiar with making games or anything, but shouldn't they be able to make it so the game detects if a sink is in the same room as a toilet or a shower so the sim knows it's a bathroom sink and automatically won't go there to wash dishes? I don't get it. It just seems so unadvanced and lazy to make it so the players have to fix the dish washing thing themselves.

No. 339501

Don't get me wrong, I'd love for this game to be great, but I'm a little cautious. Also, being that it's a Korean game, you probably won't be able to have gay or lesbian relationships, which will suck a bit, but I would put up with it. However, I suspect as soon as Twitter finds out the gays will be excluded from this game they will go nuts and go straight back to worshipping EA. I just know it's gonna happen.

No. 339508

god this is everything i have been dreaming for, i just hope it allows cc content.

No. 339535

This has been an issue since the first game back in the year 2000. Sims don't understand the difference between a kitchen sink and basin. It took Maxis 19 years to fix when there have already been mods that do the same for over a decade.

No. 344257

File: 1703274111839.png (297.6 KB, 1608x1214, amivendettaingatthispoint.png)

Figured it's too Sims specific for the reddit hate thread, so I'm posting my irrational hate here. I know the sims subreddit is trash, but I feel like not a single week goes by without her thirst trapping her fugly old fat samefaced fucks. I wouldn't mind it all too much that's a lie, I still would if they weren't voted to the very top of the sub every single time but obviously the sub has the attention span of a fly smashing its head into a window over and over again. I hoped to find fellows in misery on at least simsecret, but it seems like I'm the only one raging about her. Somebody please tell me I'm not alone in my hate and the only reason I don't see anybody talk about it is because she's a mod of /r/thesims.

No. 344358

Misread this post as you saying they made it so sims can choose to go to the bathroom in the sink. Ngl i was horrified for a second

No. 344391

I just started playing the sims 2 again. Any recommendations where to find cc for it? I already found out modthesims is still up.

No. 344397

You're not alone nona, I'm sick of these posts too. It's obnoxious at this point. Are you sure it's a woman though? Those sims scream gay male player to me.

No. 344449

The sims 2 default database is a great place for default replacements. It does take forever if you want to replace everything though.

No. 344452

Tumblr has the nicest quality stuff, older cc looks really out of date in comparison.

No. 344487

File: 1703400196639.jpeg (101.09 KB, 977x537, 1657378108139.jpeg)

It may just be me, but I've been finding nothing but 4t2 stuff recently on simblr. A lot of it is nice but I'd also like some more… original? stuff. If you have any good simblrs for ts2 cc I'd love to hear some!

Also I've been playing 2 on my steamdeck and it works pretty great, can run mods and whatnot. But I haven't been able to install sims2packs so far, I tried clean installer but there's no option to browse files so I may have to try running the pack files directly through steam, and that's gonna be a pain in the ass for multiple downloads if it even works ughhhhhh. Happy I can sperg about my weird technical issues here tho kek.

No. 344580

Look up Osab’s Sims 2, you can install it for free and it’s optimized for modern systems. Along with the Sims2RPC Launcher by Lazy Duchess I can run Sims 2 on my modern system, with mods, can install sims2packs and use Reshade! I recommend this to everyone in this thread that wants to play 2 or has been having trouble with tech issues. I’ve abandoned 4 (bc who has the $$$ for packs??) and have been playing 2 lately and have been having a blast!

No. 344614

Always thought it was a guy, I haven't really minded him too much since he seems normal enough and I'd rather see sims like that than those pornsick alpha e-girls that gets posted daily. I see the point with it being overly upvoted though.

No. 344682

AYRT and I already use RPC since I just downloaded the starter pack from github kek. Still have yet to figure out some workaround for installing pack files since I'm lazy.

I'm curious, with all the 4t2 conversions out there now, have any of you nonnies switched to clay hair?

No. 344692

I wanted to ask ITT how are you all finding For Rent EP because most youtube reviews were 40+ minutes and paid by EA, but I found a 15 min video explaining why it's shit.

Fuck EA again, I hope one of these upcoming sims clones actually take over.

No. 344736

I know this is kinda off-topic but I hate seeing this fags face everywhere when I search up something sims related on yt. Never watched a single one of his videos cause his soyjak thumbnails turn me off from them.

No. 344737

File: 1703529498299.png (347.21 KB, 755x393, sims-4-YouTube.png)

>soyjak thumbnails
I feel like this a problem with a lot of simstubers. If you type in sims 4 on youtube you most likely get one of these faces. I also hate them and purposefully don't watch them. Although it's technically a Youtube issue, no?

No. 344738

I think it's a shame this pack is shit, because I really love thailand and wanted thailand stuff (for rent is supposed to be set in thailand?) but hearing how shit the pack is, I'm not gonna buy it of course. I know a lot of people who wanted the thailand and for rent shit separately, but of course ea wouldn't sell it separately.

No. 344753

Yes, because the algorithm favors those with the exaggerated thumbnails.

No. 344754

His videos are unironically the most honest sims reviews I've seen though, despite being the stereotypical annoying gay.

No. 344830

>I'm curious, with all the 4t2 conversions out there now, have any of you nonnies switched to clay hair?
Never. I refuse to use 4t2 content.

No. 345203

I had my sims itch and played TS4 for three days only to quit because I can't stand how buggy it is. Actions take forever, events freeze the game, infants make the game living hell. Wtf, I guess this game is only playable for builders.

No. 346930

File: 1704575264034.png (1.04 MB, 1024x1024, IMG_4556.png)

Exactly anon. I don’t care how greedy EA are, that isn’t new, but the game doesn’t even fuction, the AI is retarded and Sims 4 fans still defend it and say it’s great. They truly are the most retarded fanbase, i doubt they even play it, they just create hot sim #122773 in CAS, build them a house and call it a day.

No. 346936

ts4 was my first sims game and it was one of my most frustrating gaming experiences. A sims with full needs will ignore your commands because they are too busy scrolling their phone or laughing at the air. Cancelling an action is also a battle. I avoided the sims franchise for a long time after than because i thought that was just how the gameplay was suppose to be. Then i played ts2 and was sureprised that it actually works. The game is more challenging than ts4 but at least you have some control unlike ts4 where the biggest obstacle is getting the action queue to work

No. 346943

tfw building has always been my least favourite part of simming
tbh I almost always turn off free will in every house I play in sims 2 because I'm just that much of a control freak

No. 346944

I'll believe someone is a fan of TS4 when I see them playing the vanilla version and not running a shit ton of custom content. The art style of 4 is fucking ugly which is why we download a shit ton of skins to alleviate it. I swear so many people have out of place looking sims because of how hard they try to change the style. At least I can still tell what game it's from if it's a sim from 2 and 3, but 4 it's hard to tell sometimes. Everyone's always running a shit ton of gameplay mods too and half the time those mods don't even make the game more fun to play imo, I think a lot of them are overrated since TS4 players are starved for any good gameplay.

No. 346950

Never forget that TS4 was literally built on the foundation of an MMO and emergency-repurposed in only a few months after the abject failure of simcity 2013. honestly at this point I wouldn't even be surprised if they repeat similar mistakes with TS5 or "project rene" or whatever and the Sims franchise dies much like SimCity, getting overtaken by more successful competitors

No. 346976

Right, if the go to suggestion to fix the game is "okay, so you just need to install x mod, then y mod, and then go to this creators patreon for this cc…" the game is trash. Sims 2 and sims 3 is miles ahead of 4, idg how people hype up… nothing. Its not even a game to me.

No. 346982

Would project olympus even fall under an MMO?
I'm so fucking tired of seeing defenders of this game say to just get mods. It is in no way a good game at all if I have to rely on mods to fix everything or add content. Mods can only go so far as well, not a lot of them do a whole lot for the game other than shit like whicked whims and that overhauled pregnancy mod. I think a lot of mods end up like the game itself tbh: neat concept, but not very fleshed out. I haven't touched the game in a bit though, so maybe there are some newer mods that are decent.

No. 347024

>I'll believe someone is a fan of TS4 when I see them playing the vanilla version and not running a shit ton of custom content.
This is basically console players. There's no way to use mods or CC for the console version of the game.

No. 347789

im feeling a bit disgusted with myself because i gave tom peeping a makeover

No. 347991

File: 1705013283898.jpg (79.97 KB, 945x713, 612328.jpg)

TS4 was my first and only Sims game, and I'd never even gone without a new pack (albeit entirely pirated). I finally got onto TS2 and I'm honestly in disbelief over how much better it is. I nearly jumped out of my chair at discovering that you can place buildings wherever you want in a neighborhood and not just in pre-determined plots. Even the stylization is so much more endearing than whatever TS4 has going on. Even the CC out there is generally more tasteful. I feel like I've opened my eyes for the first time.
Is TS3 worthwhile at all? Granted I'm not very involved in the Sims community but I feel like I never hear discussion about it like I do with TS2/TS4.

No. 347993

File: 1705013712063.png (190.26 KB, 600x678, sims3style.png)

the sims 3 features the 'create a style' editor which makes nearly everything customiseable for patterns and colour
want your dining table to be made from mahogany with matching chairs with white cushions - you can do it
want a plaid skirt with matching tie - you can do it
want blonde hair with pink highlights, black roots, with red tips - you can do it
want to put cow print on everything and i mean everything, walls, clothes, carpet - you can do it

No. 347995

I will forever defend 3 and highly recommend it, BUT it's poorly optimized and requires a couple mods to have it run better. Since the game is open world, lots of things are going on while you're only playing a single household and it can tank performance and such. It also takes awhile to load the game when you launch it but after that the only loading screens are pretty much CAS and I think loading between worlds. I know it's a lot but trust me the game is pretty fun when you start playing.
Ngl I don't blame you nonnie, if I'm gonna have a random dude spy on me I at least want him to be hot kek

No. 348043

TS4 was my first and I had most of the dlcs/expansions whatever you call it. Last summer I got TS3 and all dlc/expansions from the summer sale as a gift from my husband and I have to say, it's so much better than TS4. The open world mechanic makes me actually feel like my sims are engaged in a world, whereas TS4 feels extremely isolated. Feel like there's much more to actually do in TS3 as well. Sort of like possibilities are endless, especially because the environment has things constantly happening around my sims. Personally I enjoy the graphics a lot more, I like the more realistic looking vibe that TS3 has than the cartoony look of TS4. I do have a very good upgraded computer to play TS3 though, I hear it typically runs poorly (apparently it especially did at the time of release)

No. 348044

samefagging to mention that the vacation dlc for TS3 is a favorite of mine. And to mention that one of the worlds, the Island Paradise dlc, is basically unplayable. It looks super fun and I think the world is very pretty but every attempt to play it ends up crashing because it's so poorly optimized. Apparently there are mods that fix it though, I haven't tried

No. 348071

TS3 aimed high and was arguably ahead of it's time. You have a simulated open world where you can leave your house without loading screens and insane levels of customization when it comes to textures. But it all came with a cost of optimization; the game is so demanding even modern computers struggle to run it properly. You should ideally have a proper gaming rig if you want to play it.

TS4 is a lazy piece of shit slapped together from the remains of a gutted online game. I imagine most of it's fans are new players who have no idea how much better the series used to be. It's "improvements" are inadequate compared to everything that came before (e.g. the emotions system is inferior to the moodlets system in TS3). From what I've heard the game is still missing basic shit from earlier games, like burglars and vehicles.

Sadly, TS4 seems to be a financial success, so I don't think we're ever going to see a Sims game as ambitious as TS3 ever again. Why make an effort when TS4 has proven that the series will rake in money no matter what?

No. 348076

File: 1705065136258.jpg (38.6 KB, 750x647, ugm9yzvrkib51.jpg)

>it's poorly optimized and requires a couple mods to have it run better.
This. I recommend installing:
>NRaas Story Progression
Replaces EA Story Progression, which is shit in my opinion, because townies don't really have kids or marry on their own. You might have to customize it a little.
>NRaas Error Trap
Keeps track and fixes some bugs that may appear as you play, especially useful for long runs.
>Ghost Reaction Remover
A must.
>Change at Home after Work
Another must. Townies and your own Sims might keep wearing their work clothes after leaving work. If they don't change clothes after a while, they might get stuck below ground and you won't be able to click on them and interact.
>Traits Enabled All Ages
Enables all traits for all ages, so your Sims and newborn townies don't have all the same traits when they are born and grown up (babies have a smaller pool of available traits compared to adults/teens).
>Random Sim Fixes (optional)
Not really a must, but gives the sims/townies/npcs a more unique look by getting rid of pudding face and adding a random chance for teenage/adult males to grow facial hair when they grow up.
I like Sims 3 a lot, grew up playing it and I think the townies are really charming. Granted, I have never played TS2, so it's not like I can give an opinion on it or compare them.

No. 348078

samefag, forgot to say the "Traits Enabled All Ages" mod is the one made by simpishly.

No. 348169

>want blonde hair with pink highlights, black roots, with red tips - you can do it
the only caveat to this that there is no way to set a proper genetic hair colour in TS3 so every time you have your sim dye her hair the dyed hair colour is passed on to her children as well. TS2 still has the most logical genetics system even as simplistic as it is

No. 348178

Let's be honest, a huge chunk of TS4 players are downright retarded, the kind of people who will buy every single pack on release "for the sake of completion", whine and moan about piracy and always make excuses for the packs getting shittier and shittier. Probably tinfoil but I wouldn't be surprised if that star wars garbage pack was more or less an intentional piss take from electronic sharts towards the playerbase, or even just a proof of concept that those suckers will buy just anything no matter how much they complain on social media.

No. 348204

I’m solely a builder (like i make a family but I don’t play them, I just build for them) and for that I LOVE ts4. if we could have the build mechanics from ts4 and the open world of ts3, it’d be perfect.

No. 348222

The sims 4 is turning 10 this year.

No. 348289

TS3 is worth trying. I play all three games with TS2 being my favourite. All games have their strengths and weaknesses. TS3 is a lot of fun and it's a huge game with so much to do and explore. For me it lacks the depth of social simulation that TS2 has but is still way ahead of TS4.

It's also possible to resolve most of the performance issues. I can run TS3 on max settings on an old computer without problems.

Edit your config files to force the game to recognise your CPU and GPU and increase the amount of cache and memory that the game can access

Use NRAAS mods

Use smooth patch
With smooth patch limit the game's frame rate to 30 or 60 depending on your preferences. TS3 has no built in frame rate limiter so if the hardware allows it to it will run a 600+ FPS, which does nothing other than cause performance issues and stresses your GPU.

Run the game from a fast drive such as an NVMe drive as this significantly cuts down on loading times, having RAM with a high clock speed and tight timings also helps.

No. 348306

>For me it lacks the depth of social simulation that TS2 has but is still way ahead of TS4.
I haven't played 2 for a while (I'm a TS3 girl), but I miss fact that the sims had separate bars for everyday and lifelong social relationsips in TS2. Merging them into one seemed like one the few steps backs in TS3. Romantic compatibility system was also superior in TS2 (although I use a modded system for TS3).

No. 348451

File: 1705184903749.png (7.92 MB, 1920x1080, 30.png)

i want to get back into playing my ts2 neighborhood that is in the 6th generation now but for some reason i can't find the interest. i feel like i "outplayed" it when i had 2 weeks pto and did nothing but eat, sleep and play ts2, kek.

picrel, this sim was so hated for some reason that everyone cheered when she died of old age. sad!

No. 348476

Is the sims 3 store down for anybody else or is it just me

No. 348486

Why are you on the store when games4theworld has everything

No. 348491

Cause my login on my game isnt working

No. 348592

games4theworld does not need login?

No. 348631

So, my current legacy heiress is a nepobaby b list actor who desperately wants to be a world renowned celebrity. She's a very distant direct descendant of Judith Ward and I had her move back to the ancient Ward family home back in Del Sol Valley. She also lives there with her two half siblings (they are from a werewolf family and they were the three kids from different fathers; they were raised by their stepfather Gregorrius Lunvik). She's a female leaning bisexual BPD basketcase who can only manage quick, passionate flings that fizzle out and end horrifically because she's a celebrity actress who lives on the west coast.
So anyway, with that said, she had a polycule of fangirls/girlfriends at her disposal and two of them ended up carrying her babies and she also became pregnant with one of theirs. Then she caught one of them cheating on her during their pregnancy and she exploded with narc rage (because it's okay when SHE cheats on her fangirl girlfriends), broke up with her, banished her to one of the shitty 1×1 one bedroom, half of one bathroom lots in Del Sol Valley and then waited for her to give birth to her twins, took the twins and kept them until she and her other girlfriends gave birth to their children and then she promptly bought out a second mansion in Del Sol Valley, and moved all of her children in there with a Nannybot who now cares for them like they're its children.
She's going to raise them to become world famous celebrity actresses. I'm anticipating a lot of power struggles and tension this generation.
I'll post pics in a bit!

No. 348633

I forgot to mention that the heiress ended up killing and eating the girlfriend who cheated on her (she's a werewolf btw) because she had a mental breakdown after achieving a five star status and then dropping back down to four stars.

No. 349529

nonna its been 4 days, i need those pics

No. 349551

File: 1705602669958.png (1.81 MB, 1920x1017, 01-18-24_10-08-29 AM.png)

Lol sorry nonnie I got distracted and forgot.
There's been some development with my current legacy gen heir: she had triplets with a world famous celebrity vampire. (My heir on the right and vampire fiance on the left).
Originally, Lilith Straud-Vatore (she married and had two daughters with the daughter of Vladislaus Straud) hated my heir because vampires and werewolves automatically hate each other but my sim was enough of a kiss-ass to become friends with her. She must think my sim is very attractive because she was very receptive to flirting and agreed to try for a baby quite easily. Of course, my sim had ulterior motives. She only began to flirt with and had children out of wedlock with Lilith for extra fame, considering that Lilith in my game has been a five star world renowned celebrity actress for generations and generations. In the lore of my sim save she's been a household name for hundreds and hundreds of years, so it was only natural for my sim to try to kiss up to her and eventually use her for fame. I was going for a "she denies these children who are clearly hers are hers!!" smear campaign that would sour the public's idea of Lilith, but Lilith was over the moon excited for the pregnancy kek. She actually randomly popped up in Del Sol Valley and proceeded to run up to my sim and propose to her because she's just that in love I guess. My sim, who finds her extremely attractive but has no authentic romantic connection with her and was only planning on a quick fling with a high pay out, said yes of course.
I don't know if that means Lilith divorced her wife or not but that's never happened to me ever in a save kekkkk.
Her plan definitely worked because she's now a five star celeb and she's had like three promotions. She feels quite accomplished.
She also moved out her triplets and her half siblings into the remaining mansion in Del Sol Valley so they could raise them while she furthers her career.

No. 349554

File: 1705603123342.png (1.61 MB, 1920x1017, 01-18-24_9-54-22 AM.png)

And here is a pic of the nannybot telling a story to her first four children. In chronological order her children's names are:
All named after Shakespeare characters because she's insane and on the nose and will be expecting her seven children to be theater autists like her. She's definitely going to be putting the two vampire kids (Lewis and Juliet) on a pedestal.

No. 349555

samefag but pls excuse the fugly randomized cc in this picture kek they aged up into toddlers like two sim days ago and I haven't gotten around to redressing them.

No. 349586

kek. They're better dressed than the toddlers in my game. I can't be bothered to hoard CC for a lifestage that only lasts a few days.

No. 350347

Does anyone get a sick sort of satisfaction listening to people who play on console complain about the game? Like kek get fucked consolepigs.

No. 350556

I used to play the ps4 version, only did a few times because holy shit I don't think I've played anything more broken in my life. Fucking bethesda games have less bugs than that game. I remember one time my sims would stand around not doing anything I told them to and not even using console cheats to reset them did anything! Literally unplayable.

No. 350607

That and mobile players, although it's more of a smug feeling of using the superior gaming platform and getting the full experience. I can not imagine either playing the game without mods as console players do, or paying for lots and individual swatches like mobile players do.

The console versions of TS4 have always looked bad to me and I don't understand how the control system would work. I miss the TS2 days when they would make different games for consoles that were created with their own unique story lines and they would develop a control system that was optimal for controllers.

No. 350797

File: 1706025394780.jpg (1.06 MB, 2174x3687, 20240123_170148.jpg)

I've just made a troon household in the sims 4. (a TIM and a TIF) The TIM is a tech guru trying to cosplay as a "barbie tradwife" and the TIF is an overweight freelance artist who gets paid to churn out trash and they're married. So far I'm already having a ton of fun with this save. They woohooed once and the TIF got an embarrassed moodlet due to being "unsatisfied" while the TIM got a happy moodlet for "good woohoo". Props to sims 4 for truly realistic gameplay! I will make an update later. Picrel is a photo of them kissing in their pjs because I'm too retarded to transfer computer screenshots to my phone.

No. 350825

File: 1706036364182.jpg (1.68 MB, 2833x3042, 20240123_213846.jpg)

Update: The troons have a kid now. He's a boy, but since they want to project their fetish onto their offspring his name is Lilith and he's a they/them transfem under their roof. (btw, the troon's names are olivia and olive) Olive just quit her freelancing and just got a job as a barista while Olivia is keeping the tech guru title. Lilith's only trait is evil and he's already started feuding with his own father Olivia which makes me kek. Maybe it's because his bed is literally out on the porch. I've been trying to boost Olivia's cooking skill so Olive can have the precious tradwife she needs but the idiot would rather sit around and play video games or program, and I can't even fault him because it helps his career. Since Olivia is always getting the "lovelorn" trait about daily and summer holiday keeps nagging him for a visit or advice I'm thinking they may or may not start a thing together. Picrel is Lilith and his troon father

No. 350827

KEK no way, this is too funny, I hope you add some normal friends and tranny friends for the drama.

No. 350828

File: 1706038567427.jpg (1.12 MB, 2847x2097, 20240123_221052.jpg)

Alright so another update, yes I'm churning these out like a factory. While Lilith has been starting all sorts of hell with his father Olivia, he's been relatively friendly with his mother Olive and she in turn has been affectionate to him. Olivia caught onto this and went full narc rage on both of them, immediately quitting his job because why not and going to Summer Holiday's house, deciding to woohoo her out of spite for his family. Surprisingly she said yes because she's a handmaiden and she even became his secret girlfriend. I'm pretty sure he got her pregnant but I'll have to wait and see. Since him and Olive still have a lot of relationship and she doesn't know yet I think I might get Liberty or Travis to tell her since they were on the same lot but I'm not quite sure where I want this to go yet, I might involve another handmaiden who seduces Olive instead. Lilith hasn't even had a day of school yet but he's def gonna be ostracized because of his parents alone.

No. 350829

KEK anon I would watch a let’s play from you

No. 350832

what are olive & olivia's traits?

No. 350833

Olivia: Glutton, Self-assured, romantic
Olive: Loner, creative, loyal

No. 350838

Lol nonna I love this. Playing troons in the sims is so fun. I like playing the premade ones and deciding their fate.

No. 350849

File: 1706049282769.jpg (1.2 MB, 2530x2401, 20240124_011226.jpg)

Oh nonnas have i got an update for you.
See this retarded looking gay moid? This is Brady. He's Lilith's schoolteacher, and he comes over to tutor him because he's already failing miserably despite just beginning to attend school. He doesn't start out as transphobic, in fact he's so retarded he doesn't even know about the existence of trannies despite being an adult in a liberal state (I usually pretend Pleasantview is mega-liberal)
So the second he steps into the door and presumably calls Olive "ma'am", Olive falsely clocks him as a "cishet, straight white man" and feeling the need to prove her oppression to her invisible tumblr fans, seeks an argument. So now they have a bit of a bad relationship, no big deal, Brady tutors Lilith as normal and leaves.
After seeing the scandal his mother made to his teacher, Lilith gets embarrassed and pissy and yells at Olive, so now he hates both his parents. Of course this doesn't mean he's gonna detroon or change his name just yet, because he doesn't realize he's being groomed like that and despite anything, his parents still want him to be trooned for the false idea that they raised a well-rounded, inclusive child. (which they didn't, Lilith is ten times more of a little shit than the average naughty kid)
So after being heckled by her own kid Olive has to watch as Olivia retardedly invites over Summer Holiday and makes out with her right there. When he's called out he probably tries to preach how monogamy is a prison but Olive isn't having it, they divorce but she doesn't have the nerve to kick him out just yet, because if she did he'd be a homeless NEET due to quitting his job and for some reason she still "likes" him (feels bad for him).
Also I'm still not sure whether summer is pregnant or not. I'll introduce a few more characters later and keep this story going.

No. 350853

Love the hulking male body, but the TIMs face is too feminine.

I wish there was a mod out there that allowed sims to be transphobic as a trait. Also maybe radfem, moid hater, handmaiden, moid, etc. I'd download it so hard.

No. 350855

i'm so invested in this story line, please keep us updated!

>transphobic trait
if only that could be done. too bad the sims community is filled with handmaidens and kweerios. i'm a ts2 player and just the other day i saw a download that unlocked all children's clothing for both sexes but the caption had some "wahhh protect the trans kids" nonsense. like who gives a fuck, just share your download and stop the virtue signalling.

No. 350895

File: 1706076601943.png (105.6 KB, 1392x486, Lmod.png)

Lumpinou's LGBTQIA mod has just the barest hint of this, but it does come with a whole lot of other shit you may not want, so possibly not worth it.
A manhater trait sounds fun, though, and possibly easy to whip up with Zerbu's Mod Constructor…? Granted, I know very little about modding, but I'd be interested in taking a stab at that.

No. 350907

File: 1706083937594.png (205.51 KB, 1080x1625, Screenshot_20240124-111225.png)

Pimpmysims's mod does also add homo/transphobia, but the interactions make me kek.

No. 350914

File: 1706089694103.jpg (6.44 MB, 4000x3000, 20240124_121925.jpg)

New update nonnas!! So Summer is pregnant, I switched to her household and had her take a test. Olivia panicked at this and immediately broke up with her, all in the family house. He tries to apologize three seconds later but she's too hurt and just insults him. Honestly I feel bad for Summer, but at the same time what did she expect? She's seen/met Olive I'm pretty sure.
So now it's time to introduce you to 2 new characters. On the left is Tim Kim, a TIM with a goth fetish, and on the right is his roomate/sister Hannah Kim, a schizoid (erratic) shut-in TERF. They're the neighbors of the Olives. Neither of them work but let's just say Tim is pretty enthusiastic about the drug industry, although most of it is just edginess he owns some stuff.
So of course the moment they move in they start arguing about trivial things and Tim runs off to the bar to cool down. It just so happens that Olivia is at the same bar and they immediately get along due to troonness and fetishes.
Remember how I briefly mentioned that Brady, the retard blonde guy, was gay? That's because he has a husband who he JUST married, named Ralph. And guess who else is at the bar?
So Tim goes to hit on him, immediate rejection because while Brady may be dumb he knows what men to pick.
While Tim wants to explode since he's already pissed, Olivia still moping about the breakup with Summer holds him back.
(Ralph has known Olivia btw, but I won't spoil the connection yet)
So Tim does the totally sane thing and follows him home to stand outside his yard. That's all. Then he just goes home embarrassed cus no action.
Meanwhile Hannah has met Olive, and they don't get along at first since Olive is still pissy from the divorce, but Olive knows a fellow loser once she sees one so they'll def meet again. Sorry for not much plot progression here kek
Should I age Lilith into a teen and finally start untrooning him?

No. 350927

i can't wait to hear about the drama that's gonna unfold when lilith detroons and his parents lose their shit.

nonna's endeavors are so inspiring (kek) does anyone know any save downloads for ts3/ts4, that aren't confusing to install? i only know about the ts2 installer from reddit.

No. 351000

File: 1706130255628.png (696.73 KB, 891x716, TS4-T4T.png)

As we're sharing TS4 troons, here's the T4T couple that I have has townies, Brianna and Laurelai. I made Brianna after the gender update and later added his partner. Brianna works in the journalist career and Laurelai is a code monkey. I don't have them in my rotation, I just keep them around for my own amusement. The female situational outfits look especially ridiculous on them.

No. 351195

Oldfag here but does anyone remember Sims2 stories on Skyblog or other blog sites? It might have been just a thing where I'm from but I remember blogs where people basically screencapped their Sims (mostly modded with cool hairstyles and clothes, in personalized modded houses and environments, cuz in 2005-2010 it was all the hype on Sims2) doing whatever for the blog author's "story", mostly stories in high school/uni.
It was pretty cool.

No. 351278

File: 1706229993752.png (60.91 KB, 806x172, extinction.png)

Samefag. So I've started fucking around with this, and it really isn't too difficult. I doubt I am a good enough modder to actually make it work all that well (not without watching a tutorial or two at least), but it's been fun to mess with. Kek.

No. 351295

kek this is based, please link the download when you feel it's ready!

No. 351379

File: 1706271564891.jpg (1.42 MB, 2446x3154, 20240126_150200.jpg)

Hello nonnas! Sorry for the late and shitty update but I hopped back onto the game and aged Lilith up!
He looks retarded but considering the genes he had to work with I say he did well. I also made Olive bake the cake (it turned out horrible) and she was screaming at Lilith the whole time while doing it so… Act of love or not? Honestly I think they hate eachother more than I initially thought.
I gave Lilith the erratic trait because who wouldn't become batshit insane after having the childhood Lilith had? His aspiration is the curator which makes sense considering he has nothing but a bed on the porch and an activity table he drew a total of half of a picture on. (His bed will continue to be on the porch btw)
He spawned in with normal typical-looking masculine clothing so I'd say he's already detrooning but his parents won't be told yet, I'll save it for when he's a young adult perhaps or just wait a day or two for them to find out naturally.
Olivia and Olive started giving eachother shit at the party in front of all the other guests, Olive criticized his woohoo techniques which made me kek.
That turned into Olivia moving on from an argument he couldn't win and trying to provoke Brady, which he probably would not have done if he knew that his troon friend wants to fuck Brady's husband.
This got Lilith mad at Olivia (since Brady is the reason he just barely passed school) and they actually became straight-up enemies right then and there.
(Lilith and Olive started getting along with Hannah too so I think some plot is in store here)
Olivia then proceeded to brawl with Brady and actually win due to his hulkish build which got Lilith upset again. Honestly if I were Brady and my student's parents acted like this I'd just quit and never look back so he's better than me.
Again sorry for not much plot progression nonnas, I swear we're gonna get into the good stuff soon. What should Lilith's name be once he detroons?

No. 351410

Well I’m hooked, Im going to have to go back and read this day time soap opera from the start.

No. 351420

Nonnie you inspired me! Now I am looking into writing script mods for TS4 too.

No. 351474

File: 1706303424336.jpg (1.86 MB, 3000x2913, 20240124_164040.jpg)

Here's the plot progression I promised nonnas! Well I hope you'll find entertainment in this at least. (picrel is kinda unfitting, but it's a picture from the events of the last part that I think is funny)
So Summer had the baby, and she immediately stormed on over to Olivia's house, probably demanding compensation/child support. Olivia, who's only money is the funds he mooches from his ex-wife, adamantly refuses and essentially tells her to fuck off, and she's not seeing a penny. So Summer is raising this baby by herself, unless you count the help from her roommates, provided they give any.
She threatens to do stuff such as cut Olivia's limbs off and pluck his eyes out, whatever gruesome scenarios are coming to mind at the thought of her casual fling (who was using her as a side piece to cheat) getting her pregnant and then deserting her bring.
This sends the wuss running to the bar, where of course he meets Tim Kim again. Now at this point Tim has been obsessively stalking Ralph, Brady's husband, for several days. Hannah has confronted him on it with not much merit. He found out about Brady through his stalking, and being hit with the realization that there's basically no chance he can have Ralph now, derives a plan.
So here's where I tell you how Olivia used to know Ralph- they dated as teenagers, back when Olivia was just some weird social outcast weeb. (Ralph probably doesn't recognize him after he trooned out.)
Of course, like with almost everyone in his life, Olivia is spiteful and angry at him for them breaking up, and he likely vented to Tim about this over drinks last time, so Tim has some leverage here.
He convinces Olivia to drug Ralph's drink for him successfully, after which they'd take him to Olivia's house and use their shit-caked rectums to ride his flaccid dick all night- or just jerk off to sissy porn instead while he's passed out in the corner, whichever comes first.
Since it's Olivia's house and Lilith lives there- and sleeps on the porch- Lilith is bound to witness these two hulking troons hoisting this unconscious man into the house, which alarms him especially because he recognizes Ralph as Brady's husband, him and Brady are close friends as I mentioned before and he showed him a picture of Ralph at one point.
Which makes him even more concerned as he hears the sound of troon gooning (they went with the sissy porn plan) through the walls. He has unwillingly been informed of a huge potential scandal now, and he has two choices- either inform Brady of what he thinks he's just seen, or stuff it under the rug. And although he loves his friend and doesn't want to upset him, he just can't get past the need for witnessing drama, so guess which one he'll pick?

No. 351521

Lilith is my favorite character in this mess (easy choice actually), I like that sleeping on the porch made him stronger. I believe that what he witnessed could have been a turning point in his relationship with his parents-imposed identity. And also he should have an honest talk with Brady about what happened imo

No. 351642

File: 1706358843831.jpg (210.23 KB, 748x1064, kek.jpg)

>>351420 here

that tool really does make modding easy, i managed to make a TIM trait with conditional emotion buffs and now I have a created a true to life tranny scrotoid lmaooooo

No. 351645

File: 1706360188006.png (951.22 KB, 617x1052, kek2.png)

5 minutes later, could not help it but make a based terf trait too.

No. 351647

File: 1706360759248.png (407.55 KB, 707x451, kek3.png)

Forgot to add, this trait also enables your sim to make fun of tranny propaganda lol.

No. 351664


No. 351665

Anynonny have experience with the For Rent pack? AFAIK it's full of glitches so should I wait for patches before I pirate it?

Also I am on my knees begging and pleading for a pastebin so nonas can upload their based mods and cc

No. 351667

Kek, I've never played the sims but this is so funny

No. 351700

Nonna it literally does not work whatsoever and might corrupt your game. Don't get it.

No. 351775

Wait. I pirated it and I regret it because residential rentals are now known to corrupt save files. I waited like I do for all packs, for some of the bugs to be patched and then a few days later Twisted Mexi posted on twitter that using residential rentals causes save file corruption.

No. 351794

ts3 was so much fun and had soo much content, it feels like EA tried to create the exact opposite experience of ts3 with ts4, which is so lacking and simple it gets boring immediately even when you play with all of the packs. the biggest problem with ts3 is that you have to put down a lot of time and effort to get a great experience playing it, like setting up mods and fixes, torrenting store content like the different neighborhoods etc. for lazy/casual players, it's just too much work.

No. 351800

just turn the pack off then?

No. 351912

i've been playing sims since 1 and in my personal opinion 2 is the best game overall. it was a game made with love and detail, you can tell in the animations and care given to every expansion in the game. 3 was fine, it just ran like shit and looked ugly, but i did at least appreciate how they TRIED to innovate by doing open world. keep enjoying 2 and mayybbeeee try 3. i ended up buying and returning 3 about a year ago after a few minutes of game play, the lag was so severe they gave me full refund.

No. 351949

Turning off packs while still using the same save file can also cause save file corruption. The best option if you have the pack installed and have played a save file is to keep it installed and don't have any residential rentals. Twisted Mexi specified that the corruption was caused by the residential rental lot type.

No. 351973

i’ve been rewatching some old lifesimmer sims 3 let’s plays and i remember as a kid thinking her sims were unobtainably gorgeous but rewatching them now… my own sims look better. kind of a funny realization looking back at it now.

damn what the fuck? there’s no excuse for people not to play the sims 2/3 if the sims 4 has just as many issues kek. i mean if people prefer the sims 4 that’s fine (it is the best looking) but i hear so many people say playing the sims 2/3 isn’t feasible because of the corruption… and yet

No. 352023

To make this even worse for TS4, the corruption in TS2 was debunked as a myth by a professional coder. Lazy Duchess and Chris Hatch had been saying this for years and it was proven by April Black.
April Black video on corruption

The TL;DR of it is that the myth started by people misinterpreting Pescado. What does cause corruption in TS2 is having too many sims in a save file and corruption can be caused by errors when writing a large save file to a slow HDD, which also happens to both TS3 and TS4.(learn2embed)

No. 352213

File: 1706626852452.jpg (655.38 KB, 1483x2130, 20240130_175323.jpg)

Another shitty update… so Lilith went ahead and told Brady everything that went on with Olivia and his husband. Since he never learned how to properly articulate a sentence, and Brady is retarded, all Brady hears is that his husband cheated to fuck a troon and he goes batshit with a full mental breakdown, flickering from being enraged to completely depressed every two minutes. He storms off to his home and divorces Ralph instantly before running off to live with his rich parents in their mansion… Which means he's likely too far away to come over and tutor Lilith now.
Ralph, who was utterly obsessed with Brady for reasons I won't get into, is devastated from the divorce, and swears revenge on the two troons who victimized him. He knows their faces but not their names or any info on them, leading him to become a wandering vigilante (crazy-looking junkie) ready to snap at anyone who might resemble Olivia or Tim.
Meanwhile back at the Olive's house, Olive and Olivia have finally caught on that Lilith isn't being the uwu transfem real gurl they needed (him dressing like greg heffley helped) and had a complete meltdown. Olivia nearly brawled with Lilith before swearing that he's done with this household and would never mooch off of them ever again before walking out of the house to who knows where… Let's see how long that lasts. (And Olive missed work just to cry no matter how many times i cancelled the action.)
Really short update since I haven't got the chance to play much, sorry nonnas.

No. 353089

This is so weird because I am currently going through her old LPs and came here just to post about it, SO weird. Me and my sister used to love her so much

No. 353177

Does anybody know if there's a chance of your Origin account getting banned or something if you play TS3 with store contents obtained through uncouth means? Always playing offline.

No. 353192

i’ve been playing with torrented packs and sims 3 store content for years and my account is still fine. though, did you obtain the store content from the games4theworld website? you won’t get banned or anything but i heard that the store content collection from them is incomplete.

No. 353199

File: 1706978082644.png (614.92 KB, 1508x708, Screenshot 2024-02-03 at 16.31…)

I am playing the (modern) brontë sisters in the sims kek, they all have the author lifetime wish

No. 354897

Anons how can I download the sims 3, complete dlc, complete store collection, without it taking like five days? I feel like there's literally no one seeding the sims 3 ever so every download takes me years. I want to switch back to the the sims 3 after being a sims 4 player for years. Please help.

No. 354965

No. 355379

Ayrt, thank you for that anon but that torrent was just not downloading. To everyone who wants to try out the sims 3 again, this link with the complete collection separated into like 4/5 downloads is the way to go. It's the games4theworld games but a direct zip download. Installation guides are included with every EP/SP as well as base game so it's a piece of cake. You might have to restart the downloads a few times but that's nothing tbh.

No. 355687

Do you nonnies pronounce 'Live Mode' as in Live TV or Live Laugh Love I have always said Live like Live TV but I heard someone else say it the other way and now I'm confused

No. 355806

It's live as in saturday night live and anyone who says otherwise is talking mad shit.

No. 355959

Sims 3 nonnas who's your favorite premade sim? For me it was always the baby that Claire Ursine had because if the baby had Claire's face (and not mf Jared Frio's fugly mug) she'd grow up really pretty lol. One of my most memorable sims 3 legacies I had running as a kid used Claire's baby as the founder.

No. 355984

Live as in living. Since it’s either a building mode or a living mode.

No. 355997

Live as in Live TV, if it was intended to be like Live Laugh Live I think "Life Mode" would be a lot more suitable.

No. 356272

File: 1707994172066.jpg (992.29 KB, 1596x1976, ts3.jpg)

Oh I hated Jared Frio's ugly face kek, poor baby doesn't deserve to have his ugly genes. My favorite premade sim was River McIrish, the teenager in the Single Moms household. In one of my gameplays I created a family with a teenage daughter and she and River were together. I also had Generations installed which allowed your sims to attend prom when graduating and afterwards they receive a framed picture from it like picrel, they were so cute on it. I also really enjoyed taking these two out on mini dates in the small Maywood Glen park where they played chess after school and then stargazed when the sun went down. I think I will play sims again tonight, I got so nostalgic.
I also have a question for all of you sims 3 nonnas: which is your favorite expansion? Mine is World Adventures, hands down. All 3 travel destinations are so beautiful and I can spend hours exploring tombs.

No. 356309

File: 1708010745505.png (67.5 KB, 452x329, 7dc.png)

nona ily and this messy ass storyline please update when you can

No. 356361

anyone got any good sims 2 cc creator recs? i'm trying to get back into it but good GOD the sims are ugly.

No. 356363

File: 1708024939798.jpg (140.76 KB, 1194x603, virus warning.jpg)

Virus warning

there seems to be an uploader uploading sims mods that contain a virus

remember to run a virus scan on any files you download

No. 356369

No. 356549

File: 1708080318223.png (532.24 KB, 446x667, Screenshots_2024-02-16-13-41-1…)

alright so next part! Sorry for dormancy, I got hooked on the sims 2 and haven't opened my sims 4 save in ages.
Picrel is Brady's sims 2 clone because I think he somehow looks even more retarded this way. I would probably continue this storyline on the sims 2 if i could find the right tranny mods to make olivia, olive, and tim, actually.
Anyways, Lilith tracks down Olivia in an alleyway after the meltdown, and decides that now is totally the best time to confront him about his perversions and the night with Ralph. He has a mental breakdown as he accuses Olivia of taking everything away from him due to his own coombrain and selfishness.
Wanna know what Olivia does? He goes into deep thought and finally realizes his wrongdoings, apologizing to Lilith as he prepares to fix his broken family.
Just kidding. He actually doesn't have time to do shit, because right besides him Hannah, who was inhaling crack like a vacuum just a few minutes ago, is getting jumped by Ralph for looking like her brother. Genetics, man.
Ralph decides to hold her for ransom until he catches Tim, too drunk to realize the other troon who dateraped him is literally right in front of him. Olivia takes this time to bolt off and leaves Lilith in the dust. Lilith might just stay and try some crack while Hannah gets beaten up besides him.
Wondering where Brady is? Well, his rich parents, wanting to get even richer, hooked him up with a sugar daddy from another elite family! (Well, not really because they're the same age, but you get what I mean.) He probably thinks it's a genuine relationship. It's not.
Really short and boring update but it's all i got kek, give me some ideas for the next part while i mush my vague ideas together into more slop

No. 356612

File: 1708107509820.png (4.41 MB, 3000x2163, Untitled76_20240216211756.png)

also enjoy this totally not retarded art of some of the gang at their worst (i am the next picasso)

No. 356769

I see something about it being an EXE and I'm confused? Are the malware mods package files? Or is this abother case of simmers being retards when it comes to basic computer stuff.

No. 356780

beautiful nonna.

No. 357117

File: 1708357441861.png (1.06 MB, 816x838, Screenshots_2024-02-19-16-56-4…)

next part!! Picrel is a random photo of Oliver I took. Isn't the resemblance to a real tiffany just striking? I can even see signs of TIF posture starting to sprout.

Summer shows up at the Olive family's house again, looking even more deranged as her neglected kid behind her seems a bit older and is slowly taking the mold of Olivia's ghastly face. She doesn't seem to care when it isn't Olivia who opens the door and starts screaming on about child support and dismembering limbs again. If Olivia were to have been home, he would've been scared shitless because the only thing he wants dismembered is his penis.
However halfway through her rant she notices the absolutely defeated and empty look on Olive's face, and backs off.
Olive is in a pretty bad mental state right now, because she's just starting to realize that she has done nothing with her life. Despite all her notions and calls of rebellion and pushing against the norm, she ended up just like any miserable misguided tradwife with a sleazy useless husband, only she's claiming to be a totally real dood. Shall she join the 41% after this devastating realization? Well, no.
What she WILL do just a few hours later is leave the house with the door unlocked and allow Olivia to arrive and see that all of their possessions are at his total disposal now. He takes off with as much loot as he can hoard (since I don't decorate much, that "loot" would be Olive's eyesores of paintings and maybe the fridge) Thus technically keeping to his vow not to leech off their money while still making himself happy, and potentially earning a lawsuit if this were IRL.
So what will Lilith do upon the discovery that his house has been ransacked and his mother has laid down like a doormat yet again? He's running away to become a hippie in Oasis springs, the very town Brady is living in right now! (They won't meet just yet..) Olive begs her son not to leave but he isn't listening anymore, and he tells her she can sell his bed for extra funds before running out into the sunset.
Meanwhile Tim has gotten word that Hannah is being held hostage by a crazy junkie and faces a moral dilemma. On one hand, he could say "Told you so evil twansphobe!!" and leave her to die (and have to tell his parents why his sister is dead) or he could just surrender himself and likely get mauled. For every second he ponders Hannah becomes more and more schizo thinking about all the games she could be playing with her e-kitten discord server at the moment.
Oh and by the way Lilith is a crack addict now after he had one snort of coke. He doesn't know it yet, just like he hasn't quite realized how he was groomed as a child. I'm just doing what I please with this story by now kek

No. 357253

AYRT and sorry for the late response! Ani's mods (she works with nraas) has a bunch where she takes certain things from sims medieval and converts them to sims 3. One I haven't downloaded but had been tempted to was her water mod, where every time you needed water you had to get it from a well. It's pretty cool. I mostly just sourced all the medieval clothes I could from all sorts of websites.

No. 357365

File: 1708456053657.png (967.16 KB, 640x732, Screenshots_2024-02-20-00-17-0…)

Hey, nonnas! I'm slowly, but surely getting to the end of this series. Bear with me and my walls of text.

So back to Brady with his new boyfriend. While they hit it off at first, the boyfriend (Who we'll call Carl) becomes more and more snobby, only using Brady to feed his own ego, if not riding around in his lamborghini with his mates all day.
While other people in his family's elite friend circle might have seen it as normal, Brady, having lived in a modest off-the-grid home with Ralph (who, like I said, was utterly obsessed with him) for years and years, doesn't understand or accept Carl's lifestyle.
When he talks to his mother about this, she scoffs and calls him picky. Likewise, when he asks Carl for an explanation, he scolds him and straight up calls the relationship what it is: nothing more than family alliances.
Heartbroken, Brady decides to immediately GTFO, with nothing of value except for Carl's rich-people STDs in him. And the power of friendship I guess. Since he has nowhere to go, he weaves back and forth around the shops and clubs aimlessly, pitying himself and his situation.
He snaps out of his trance when he bumps into none other than Lilith, with his girlfriend behind him.
That's right, Lilith got a girlfriend, picrel is her. Her name is Violet, and he met her while he was dumpster diving for crack. She told him he was ugly but since they were both homeless and liked drugs she was gonna date him and he just went along with it.
Brady looks shocked to see Lilith looking as raggedy as he does and worries for him, with Lilith laughing and telling him everything was just fine. They catch up besides the museum and Brady offers to travel with the two teens, and they become the three hoboketeers.
Meanwhile, Hannah has gotten tired of waiting for Tim to save her and decides to take her freedom. She finds a dagger and fights Ralph with it until his face is permanently disfigured, then she runs for home.
To her dismay, the power has been cut at home because Tim pondered so hard he forgot to go to his job and pay the bills. (or at least that's what he said.) Hannah just huffs in disappointment, and decides the next-best thing to satisfy her game cravings is to go down to Olive's house.
Well, Olive does have an unlocked door (again) and an internet connection, but she also has Summer besides her, stroking her back as she slumps over an armchair and cries. Curious, Hannah approaches and decides to find out more. Summer tells her the whole story, and she forgets all about gaming and wants to help Olive.
They offer to all settle in Summer's house together (Travis and Liberty who?) and look after Olive. Olive accepts, but this won't mean the end of her story just yet.
For now, she befriends Summer and Hannah and gets to slowly bond with and help raise Summer's child. Time will tell if she's content at all.

No. 358283

File: 1708823201203.png (145.22 KB, 440x600, sims4.png)

Am I the only one who finds the character design in TS4 off-putting? Yeah, they are "prettier" than the potato-faced sims of TS3, but there's something infuriatingly twee about their constant eyebrows-high simpering. Idk, I just find them punchable, give me potato-faces over this.

No. 358315

Tbh I’ve always thought the Sims 3 sims were prettier. Sims 4 sims can be pretty, but the over exaggerated cartooniness isn’t for me.

No. 358374

I still think 2 has the best looking vanilla sims. Speaking of premades I really hate how 3 and 4 butchered my girls Dina and Nina, both ugly and OOC.

No. 358381

File: 1708870973806.png (161.43 KB, 369x531, IMG_1819.png)

i only ever played sims 1 and bella goth was way cooler even with like 3 pixels

No. 358382

it's the bangs

No. 358383

I'm a sims 2 player and I have to admit that sims in 1 look better than in 3 and 4 to me
What the fuck? Amazingly disturbing

No. 358966

File: 1709110762822.png (168.3 KB, 816x644, Screenshots_2024-02-28-12-01-2…)

laziness or tranny fetish?

No. 359110

It was probably done for compatibility with the base game. Aliens were included in Get to Work and aren't a base game feature, so if he were pregant with an alien baby it would only show up if someone had Get to Work.

Related to troons, one of the new sims in the jewelry stuff pack was confirmed as a TIF.

No. 359241

Sure, but like why does he have to be pregnant then? The point was that his baby was an alien baby. Pretty sure that alien male pregnancies operate differently from regular female sims pregnancies speaking from a world-building perspective. I mean even a pregnant male sim can get a female sim pregnant, and in sims 2 male sims looked rather confused and surprised when giving birth (see the female vs male birth cinematic). Is this version of Pascal otherwise a regular male like the sims 2 original? Do alien pregnancies in sims 4 work based on bio sex (can only happen to sims who cannot get pregnant in the regular way, including TIMs) or gender (can happen to any male or "male" sim, including TIFs)?

No. 359304

Anyone else think some players overexaggerate how mods are "literally saving this game" and whatnot? Maybe I just haven't come across a lot of mods that speak to my taste, but I think a lot of gameplay mods don't add a whole lot to the game that makes me go "I literally can't play without this!" that aren't utilities like MCCC or bug fix mods.

No. 362292

Holy shit anons I feel so fucking retarded. I always had a problem with the sims 3 looking blurry as fuck and I've played it across maybe 2 or 3 computers and 2 laptops. I always thought the sims 3 was just supposed to look like dingy, dark, hot steaming dog shit but then for some reason last night I decided to play in windowed mode and HOLY FUCK it's so much brighter and crisp looking and not to mention the animations actually play out in full, no skipping or lagging. Jesus christ!!!! I'm in heaven!!! I was in awe just staring at one of my sims toddlers playing the xylophone. I never truly noticed how much character they have in their animations (even though they're by and large sims 2 animations lul) but man I fell in love all over again. Play in windowed mode nonnies you will not regret it!!

No. 362296

How are sims 4 nonnies holding up with all the bugs? I want to start playing it again but I’d have to update the game to access the gallery and I fearupdating would result in all the issues that came with the shitty jewelry pack.
Lol nonnie, I think I’m the opposite. I always play games in windowed mode cause I hate how stretched full screen tends to make the game.

No. 362317

Did the sims 2 used to have a little camera that would show up in the corner of the screen when a burglar showed up showing where the burglar was or did I imagine it?

No. 362332

I think it's combination of both. It's not that game is unplayable without mods, it's that it becomes too boring without mods. If I couldn't use mods for TS4, I would just play TS2 or TS3 instead.

Yes, it's called the events camera and you can turn it off and on in the settings.

No. 362536

Are you guys looking forward to/going to play any of the new sims likes? Paralives looks very cute to me and not to demanding. I play sims 2 on a very old computer and for a while I assumed it just wouldn't be an option but there is hope. Life By You on the other hand looks like my computer would blow up if I tried to play it, it doesn't even look like it runs smooth in the videos they post in their channel. It also has a very dark, ugly look to me but I know they've always improved the visuals so I'll definitely not write it off yet. They've also improved the animations and the UI.
Thank you anon. I missed this feature and I'm glad I didn't dream it.

No. 362682

I never have high expectations for any games with huge hype from the beginning tbh, I swear I heard about paralives like 5 years ago how is it not out yet, people always harping on how its gonna overtake the sims. People hype shit up so much then have an absolute meltdown when its not what they imagined, see: cyberpunk 2077, no mans sky, starfield even yandere simulator kek I expect nothing
Hadnt heard of Life by You before today and I agree looks clunky af in the trailer

No. 362683

The only one I have faith in is Life by You because it's being backed by Paradox Interactive and Rod Humble himself is working on it. I was excited for Paralives for a while, but I don't think it'll be what I want in a life sim.

No. 362707

I'm indifferent to Paralives. It's a small team and even though they have been working on it for years, I'm not currently convinced that it's going to have the complexity of simulation to match TS2 or TS3. If people say that it's good then I would give it a try.

I'm more interested in LBY because it's being made by Rod Humble and Paradox. Paradox is a publisher of simulation and strategy games and Rod Humble is a former Maxis developer that worked on both TS2 and TS3. I'm prepared to overlook the graphics if it delivers on the simulation aspect.

No. 362730

I'd rather they take their time and get it right. I do think a lot people are going to be disappointed simply because they're comparing it to the sims games that have a ton of stuff/expansion pack and mod/CC.

No. 363111

File: 1710628943093.jpeg (166.52 KB, 844x674, 7DC8071E-3E31-4AD7-9595-DBFBAF…)

You can't convince me they're not EA industry plants kek

No. 363299

Even if they are, I appreciate the amount of detail they put into their builds

No. 364850

File: 1711166936013.png (9.5 KB, 462x58, loltranny.png)

Omg nonnies, while going through a bunch of custom neighborhoods to download, I came across alt versions of maxis neighborhoods. And the concept is to basically use features from all expansion packs in the premade hoods, but the creator is a tranny and inserted some the most retarded shit. Like in alt Veronaville v2, Albany Capp is a tim. And in alt Strangetown v2 Olive Specter is an evil witch in a relationship with zombie Lyla Grunt.

No. 364851

File: 1711167414691.png (1.26 MB, 1024x768, albany_the_tim_and_goneril_the…)

Oh lol apparently Goneril is a tif, a theyfab.

No. 365045

No. 365048

File: 1711243155433.png (1.18 MB, 1024x768, curious_brothers_in_alt_strang…)

No. 365507

I'm curious about LBY, but I can't get over how it looks like a cheap porn game you'd find on steam. I lost most of my interest in paralives due to the game supposedly being in development for years, yet mainly showcased random little things instead of ever giving us a proper demo of what gameplay looks like. They showed us a fucking mod tool before giving an actual overview of gameplay.

No. 366683

I decided to try out sims 4 again. And because I love myself, I obviously pirated it. Last time I did it was right when Horse pack released, so I played with the day one bugs and glitches. I don't remember having many issues with the game at the time (other than the retarded horse glitches) so I randomly decided to get back into the game and see the new stuff. Tell me why sims 4 took a whole ass decade to load. Like sims 3 with all the packs and store content unironically loads faster on my shitty refurbished laptop. I timed it and sims 3 takes about 10-15 minutes. Sims 4 was taking a good 20-30 minutes. What is it loading? A single tiny ass lot with 2 mini parks outside of it? And don't get me started on how I literally have to pause the game and click esc to fix the simulation lag. Like damn, I just wanted to play with mermaids cause they're easier to play with than sims 3 mermaids (rip Isla Paradiso). And I don't even have much custom content. I was playing with mccc, better exceptions, and a few cosmetic shit like cas background and a pretty loading screen. And while my computer can handle the medium graphics (they were the default ones), I had to put the lowest settings to even be able to fix the simulation lag. And I tried the simulation lag and simulation unclogger fixes but I didn't notice much differences. Still had to play on 1x speed, turn off autonomy (which I did regardless cause sims 4 ai is dumb), and pause the game to fix it.

No. 367580

File: 1712171974774.png (1.92 MB, 2000x1000, feature-sims-1-4-newbie-family…)

i dont really play the sims anymore but as a kid i always felt sort of bad for the newbie family being the crappy "beginner" house that youre supposed to just use for a tutorial, so i always did the money cheat and made their house into a big mansion with all the most expensive stuff. glad to see they got a glowup

No. 367631

I always felt bad for Betty. Bob seems like a terrible husband same goes for Bob and Eliza Pancakes (Bob and Betty's spiritual successors)

No. 367879

What's up with Pip Goodfellow in Sims 3? That fairy is ALWAYS being gossiped about kek. Even sims who I'm not even talking to have pop-up notifications talking about him. Saying he has an awful secret, saying he's actually an alien, saying he's flirting with practically every female sim in the town (he's married!!!) kek is he programmed to be nonstop gossiped about? It's insane

No. 367885

File: 1712263294028.png (116.19 KB, 658x359, Opera Snapshot_2024-04-04_1541…)

Jesus apparently he knows almost everyone in town, so that might be why everyone talks about him.

No. 367891

File: 1712264364944.jpg (152.5 KB, 1024x768, qrpbkq27mql61.jpg)

Moonlight Falls from TS3 supernatural was such a vibe. I love the references they make with the characters. Makes me want to play TS3 again.

No. 367936

Arghh my sims 4 crack corrupted and deleted everything. Guess I'll uninstall it and restart everything.

No. 367941

Anyone keeping up with the sims "5" development? I can't shake the bad taste in my mouth when I look at the pictures and gifs. I just know it's gonna be poopy dookie caca. Fuck. It's the end of the franchise isn't it nonnies.

No. 368050

I haven't kept up with it ever since they revealed mobile and multiplayer for it. Seems it truly is the end nona.
Nonnies I'm a retard, was trying the past 2 days to get ts3 working on steam deck since it would keep crashing in CAS, only to find out I needed a fucking vcredist. Game has been running perfectly fine and crash-free since then and I don't think I've ever had the game running so smoothly before.

No. 368064

It’s OVER. The Sims is dead. I really hope a different studio can turn out something to supplant it.

No. 369259

Anyone who plays both TS2 and TS3, how do you make TS3 more fun and "wants based" like the previous game? I decided to play it after years of Sims 2, but I don't get how businesses and making your own businesses work, and the wants are way too slow and uninteresting, I know people like the Generations pack and play legacies but I don't understand what it adds. I feel like TS2 is so simple but each simple feature is always checked for any bugs, and expanded upon to make it perfect but with TS3 there's so much stuff it's kind of overwhelming (I pirated the game so I have all the expansion packs so that might be part of it, but still)

No. 369331

Try using Awesome Mod by Pescado. It adds several features that make the game feel more like TS2. When you go to download the mod, you'll be taken to a page that allows you to choose the features you want. It can be used with Smooth Patch and NRAAS mods even though people will tell you that it's incompatible. There's several guides on how to set up both mods to work together. Awesome Mod fixes a few performance issues with the game that NRAAS doesn't. Also I prefer Pescado's story progression to NRAAS.

No. 370365

I can't help but root for Paralives and LBY even if they too look like dookie only so that electronic sharts finally get some competition on the life sim market and get pressured to do better to keep up. Sims has been getting progressively shittier because e-sharts got way too comfortable being the only ones delivering this kind of game, they can afford to suck because they know that at least for now there's no other alternative to them

No. 370441

i thought that this was the original plan for ts4 but they canned it because they realized that no one wants that

No. 370500

I'm hoping that actual life simulation part of the game is going to be good given that it's lead developer is Rod Humble who played a crucial role in TS2 and TS3. He also worked on Second Life. Even if the game looks worse than TS3, we already know that the game is going to support custom content so it should be fixable with mods.

If EA wants a Sims branded Second Life clone, they should just fucking make it while leaving the single player main line sims games alone. I've never understood the obsession with turning the sims into a MMO. They tried it with TSO and it failed, they were going to do it with TS4 and then backed out with a year until release. The Sims is one of the best selling and most profitable games of all time, I don't get why they would risk screwing that up.

No. 370578

MMOs are far more effective as time and money sinks and most importantly they cannot be pirated.

No. 383527

File: 1716040936006.jpeg (310.29 KB, 1170x2000, 9le8f15lsxcc1.jpeg)

Apologies if this has been shared before, but I couldn't find any mention of this ITT, but a few months ago Grant Rodiek stepped down as Sims creative director. Grant had always been known as somewhat of a snotnosed little fag amongst many simmers (lest we forget the reasoning behind no dog houses in the sims 4: IT'S ANIMAL ABOOSE!!!), so I can imagine that this is a breath of fresh air for many simmers.
On the note of sims 5, the creative director is now Gina Herrle. I'm not trying to be misogynistic, but statistically speaking, bringing on a woman to replace a man in a higher up position within a company is usually bad news. Companies bring on a woman to take the heat for failed projects and products while the men who instigated the downfall in the first place are safe from public scrutiny having already retired or stepped down beforehand.
We all know now that the development of Olympus was an utter shitshow calamity which resulted in a game with relatively ancient-ass code being put forth as something much fresher than what it was. Then those old bones were beaten and taped and glued a trillion times over in the ten years of its active life. Sims 4 was not, and is not, a good game, gameplay wise and also technically speaking (compared to previous sims games). Something tells me Grant Rodiek has seen what is on the horizon for the franchise and it was finally enough to push him to officially dip.
I have a really bad feeling about Sims 5. It's going to be another SimCity. The sims franchise is effectively dying off as we speak.

No. 383532

Apparently he left to work on a new life simulator. There's actually a few different life sims being developed which is interesting to me. In the past it felt like nobody was willing to make one and if they did try they'd all get scrapped early on but now there's multiple companies trying their hand at it. Anyways I'm not expecting much from the whatever next EA sims title tbh the cross compatibility between pc and mobile told me everything I need to know. Apparently Ea said project rene isn't the sims 5 and is just a spinoff so I feel like we won't be getting the sims 5 in this decade if they do plan to make one at all. They made it seem like they plan to continuously update ts4.

No. 388486

File: 1717346058193.jpeg (Spoiler Image,389.51 KB, 1170x2201, IMG_1542.jpeg)

Can we talk about the porn addicts who play TS4? These coomers not only download mods to play real porn videos on the tv and CC of pornstar’s pictures to hang in their sims’ homes, but also pornify the core mechanics of the game such as the damn loading screens (see picrel). That site lovers lab has a number of bestiality and rape animations/mods. The TS4 coom community’s depravity has no limits, I literally just saw a bizarre animation involving the dolphins from Island Living.

No. 389002

File: 1717521445015.png (560.23 KB, 1200x674, Vaca-saliendo-del-mar-36451816…)

troon family nonnie where are you… i miss you

No. 390426

File: 1717839927920.jpeg (46.39 KB, 480x452, 1652634700431.jpeg)

So I've been playing TS3 for quite a while and in-game it fucking lags so badly. Like holy shit, I changed the settings, video performance, graphics, no interactive loading screens etc I even did a change to the core files and it still lags (although, not that infernally anymore). I thought maybe it's from the mods/CC I use (I don't have that many anyway, the mods I have are only NRAAS). I deleted some I didn't need and it still lags. Wat do

No. 390437

Don’t use memories, don’t use story progression, don’t play in large worlds, clear your cache, get a ssd, cap fps, turn off all the options at the population control settings and use the smooth patch https://modthesims.info/d/658759/smooth-patch-2-1.html
My game works great and I have all expansions installed and a lot of store content and custom content.

No. 390452

Thanks nonna! ♥

No. 397521

Wtf is up with the dancing at the 1 minute mark? The sim looks like a giant wet noodle flopping about.

No. 397637

Why do all the female sims look like sacks of fat? Disgusting.

No. 397706

File: 1720103506835.png (926.67 KB, 1080x1510, lby canceled.png)

No. 400940

Was anyone even truly excited for this? It looked like a soulless Second Life/Imvu copy

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