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No. 285833


The thread for all things related to the Sims! Talk about news, updates, your current save, prominent community members, favorite/least favorite games, etc. !
Here are some questions to start off the thread:
>favorite Sims game?
>least favorite Sims game?
>what kind of player are you? (legacies, challenges, builder, cas mode, etc. ?)
>favorite neighborhood?
>least favorite neighborhood?
>favorite townie?
>least favorite townie?
>what is one thing you have done in the game that you are proud of? maybe it's making it to 30 generations, or building a really good lot, finishing up a collection, etc.

No. 285836

couldn't you at least link the last two threads…

No. 285840

Typical sims player always bitching and moaning. FINE. HERE:
1st: >>>/m/8880

2nd: >>>/m/187662

No. 285841

File: 1679851257686.png (29.23 KB, 507x488, AGNESProfile.png)

Also link this thread to the old one.

No. 285851

I did so please just talk about sims or sims drama or w/e.

Wrt the sims I wonder if sims 5 is going to come prepackaged with tranny/themby sims or if they're going to leave the pandering to the sims 4. Also I have a bad feeling about the early game demo shown because it's just build mode. Just very cautious of project rene in general.

No. 285854

File: 1679853156321.jpg (153.38 KB, 1920x1080, sims.jpg)

bumping for CP. be careful scrolling today nonas.

No. 286070

not to sound dumb but which is better to download the sims

No. 286232

For TS2 it's better to find a torrent for the ultimate collection. I got my version from games4theworld years ago and I don't think that they host the UC anymore. There's the archive.org download but you will need to read the comments for the instructions as it comes with it's own installer.

No. 286686

File: 1680184963430.jpg (45.04 KB, 500x392, nancy.jpg)

Favourite premade family/sim from Sunset Valley?

No. 286707

File: 1680208028649.png (144.98 KB, 722x873, sims2.png)

Just posting this to get gore of from the front page.

No. 286819

I love this so much

No. 286908

File: 1680316426648.png (144.17 KB, 857x731, pick me.png)

Why does need to exist?

No. 286910

I've seen 10x worse on second life

No. 286929

There's worse mods/cc. ColonelNutty is the worst TS4 modder I know of. Not only is he a coomer but he made mods for pedophiles and zoosadists. LoversLab banned his mods and links to them because they were so deplorable and he harassed Turbodriver, another coom modder.
As far as NSFW mods go, TD goes out of his way to ban anything noncon and blacklists certain mods that add or support it, plus the few lesbian creators in his sphere exclusively use WW instead of DD for very obvious reasons

No. 287413

does anyone here follow life plus cindy, also known as pleasantsims? andrew is so gross.

No. 287460

holy shit, last time i checked in on her she was pregnant and now she's lost the baby and her husband left her? i'm genuinely shocked. she seems like such a sweet person and i was super happy when she posted about all the improvements in her life.

No. 287692

Cindy leaves a lot out; she is a total psycho (as in “if you leave I’ll kill myself”) so Andrew left her for someone who isn’t. Gotta side with him on this one.

No. 287708

She has untreated BPD and it makes so much sense.

No. 287776

apparently Andrew cheated on her for a whole year while she was pregnant, i THINK she's allowed to be a bit psycho over finding out about this. also, she's in therapy now for her BPD.

No. 287926

Shes literally mentally ill and her scrote was cheating on her, cut the girl some slack.

No. 288093

File: 1680880273132.jpg (90.31 KB, 1280x720, me when she's on her period.jp…)

I've been playing a cracked version of Sims 4, and honestly I'm kinda scared that EA will find out and ban me from their games kek. I always make sure to play offline. It's not even being banned from TS4 that I care about, it's them revoking my ability to play TS3.
It's EA's fault. I bought all of the TS3 packs because it was a good game, if they actually put effort into TS4 I would be willing to pay for all of the packs too. I want to play, but I'm just not willing to give them anymore money than what I've already spent on TS4 when a lot of my enjoyment from the game comes from mods.

No. 288094

if they ban you from ts3 you can just pirate that too anyway

No. 288095

To be fair, pirating The Sims and EA Games in general IS the actual morally correct choice and you should pirate Sims 3 too.

No. 288097

Yes, but I would just feel sad to lose a game that I've spent so much time on. I guess I'm sentimental like that and I can't get that money back kek. I also hate having to go through the effort of pirating tbh.

No. 288101

Luckily Fitgirl makes it easy!

No. 288154

I also use a high seas acquired copy of TS4. I recommend blocking TS4.exe from accessing the internet in your firewall. If you don't know how to do that look it up on the internet. Even when playing in offline mode the game will connect to the internet on startup to load the news and updates section on the main menu. Blocking it from accessing the internet completely stops it from doing that and the game loads faster because it can't downloading anything.

No. 288161

I will keep this in the back pocket of my brain!
God bless you anon! I will go do this right now, I didn't even realize it was using the internet for that.

No. 288446

File: 1680999146137.jpeg (280.78 KB, 1920x1080, TS4_EP13_REVEAL_LIFTS_03_001_1…)

How have you guys been feeling about Growing Together? I haven't had a chance to play it yet, but I actually have my hopes up. San Sequoia looks nice, albeit small. I'm hoping to get sims 3 Generations levels of coziness when I play it.

No. 288454

No anon, don’t do it. The world is so horribly ugly in game, a total low-poly mess.

No. 288465

The world is just more bland American suburbia. It feels more like a base game world than something from a recent expansion. The worlds since Eco Lifestyle have at least been visually interesting even if their still devoid of much to do.

No. 288471

Why the fuck did they feel the need to add infants? Most pointless lifestage addition… ever. Adding in toddler and young adult made so much sense but you just know infants are just some cashgrab shit that will not carry over into the next game. Fuck infants.

No. 288474

that's the setting of every game in the series, which makes it kind of a strange criticism

No. 288479

In TS2 and TS3 I can build my own worlds. In TS4 I can't do that.

No. 288480

File: 1681011484573.png (407.76 KB, 600x400, AQUf16t.png)

No. 288481

I also think San Sequoia looks nice but, but I wish they would give us a few more vacant lots. It's such a big map, it looks silly only having a few small lots scattered around.

No. 288483

i like how they added an entire new life stage instead of, i don’t know, actually fixing the baby stage. the babies still come out the wrong skin tone, have no clothing options without mods, and force every adult in the house to come running to the bassinet and glitch out.

No. 288512

>have no clothing options without mods
You can now change the clothing on newborns. The option is buried in the pie menu under baby care. If you have the knitting pack you can also knit new clothing for the baby.

>force every adult in the house to come running to the bassinet and glitch out

Turn off autonomy in the options menu. The sim AI in TS4 is the worst it's ever been. Switching it off makes the game so much more playable.

No. 288521

I know there are so little secrets as it is, but I still wished they were seperated by game gen. I never ventured farther than TS3, and that only for some few months, and I especially don't know, let alone care, for any TS4 drama, so back when I still read it weekly, I just scrolled past 95% of submissions.

No. 288612

File: 1681082919459.jpg (24.41 KB, 628x413, Screenshot 2023-04-10 012449.j…)

ha ha! i managed to log in to my inactive and anciengt origin account that i never used except to claim sims 2 ultimate collection when EA was giving it away for free back in 2014. hope it works.

No. 288786

I like it but I think it should be a gamepack. The world is like, fine but it feels empty. Infants are fun, I like the new kids aspirations (FINALLY), and that it gives elder sims some things to do. I like the chemistry feature, although I wish there was a physical or romantic attraction component. I think it's a good pack but not to be bought full price.

No. 288822

if it doesn't, you can get it here: https://www.reddit.com/r/sims2help/wiki/general-information/ it has all the necessary programs so ts2 can run on newer systems. i downloaded it a few months ago and never had any issues with getting the game to work.

No. 288927

I managed to get it to work on a new laptop. Had to edit some config file to make it run in higer resolution and downloaded some mod that fixes boxy shadows. Time will tell if it will have more issues.

No. 289522

anon, idk if it helps but as others have covered the pirating aspects of it, i'm pretty sure you can back up your saves, library, etc as well, i'd just advise you do it regularly in case anything breaks or gets corrupted. i love the sims 3 and miss playing it but i don't miss how slow saving would eventually become on each save.

infants are just okay, imo, but dealing with babies is still super annoying. so i can see the needs of my infant and attend to them but not see what the baby/newborn needs still? i have aging turned off but even with this new pack i'm speeding away from the newborn life stage. fuck that literal noise. i had a nanny for the last family i played and the kid just went on crying

No. 290474

File: 1681784556450.jpg (41.33 KB, 802x542, FOoaNpaXoAcFlXT.jpg)

I hate neighborhood stories it keeps giving random sims babies although they weren't pregnant before and never had interactions, My robot sim who I haven't played with in a while had a baby and his name is " Art Ai"

No. 290475

Cute name tho

No. 290533

You can turn off random adoptions in the household management window. You can also turn off neighborhood stories completely. The settings are under the button with a split arrow.

No. 290777

File: 1681919245435.png (407.73 KB, 758x630, Screen Shot 2023-04-19 at 11.4…)

look i totally get that she's a simmer or whatever but what do her videos even matter anymore when we know she just sucks EAs dick for every pack/kit/game they put out, regardless of bugs or low-quality content?

also i hate the faces she makes.

No. 290778

I generally have a lot of sympathy for Kayla because I've sorta followed here since she was still a nervous ball high schooler until she's now married with a million subs. Call it a parasocial relationship or whatever but I just subconsciously root for her even if her content can be boring amd is really just an excuse for a vlog/podcast. I don't blame her for playing the youtube game with the stupid faces and sycophantic EA praise, something tells me she's the breadwinner of her family and is trying her hardest.

No. 290781

She looks like Daniel Larson.

No. 290792

God this bish is so annoying, i cant stand her dick sucking EA videos

No. 290933

buying a new pc and all i can think about is the custom hood im going to build in the sims 2 when i have everything all set up. if anyone has links to good hoods id love to see them, otherwise my only resource is mts

No. 290944

File: 1681981957990.jpeg (156.55 KB, 1158x1105, 8A517FE6-466B-48CF-A37F-0B3149…)

What kind of hood? Can you post a pic?

Also does anyone have any resources or advice on mods for TS4 to remove the following:
Troons and the possibility of troon townies being generated being removed (did a pack introduce them or is it basegame?)
Removing the whole interface where you pick how you can piss
A program where you can outright disable things like clothes or other troon aspected items from the game entirely
I’m planning to project my lesbian cottagecore farm with horses dream into my next game and I don’t want to be exposed to whatefer EA wanted to express with all that pandering picrel
there was a unbelievably cool video by a woman who posted a mod like such in her YouTube video but obviously I cant find it anymore because yt search is pozzed

No. 290961

>A program where you can outright disable things like clothes or other troon aspected items from the game entirely
You can either do this yourself in Sims4Studio or download CAS hiders that someone else has made. The sims community coddles trannies so you will probably have to make them. You can search for "Sims 4 Studio CAS hiders" to get tutorials on how to do it.

No. 291463

File: 1682193816824.png (2.03 MB, 1920x1080, 1682016432185389.png)

old post I know but what you can do is simply make a dummy ea account and torrent the whole thing from fitgirl repacks (make sure its the real site) and then you can have all expansions, stuff packs and kits (theres an updater all listed in the fitgirl site) and you can just transfer your data into the pirated instal and you can go ham with it. i honestly highly recommend it. havent given EA a cent since they killed Maxis
thanks for the tip, you are right i will try to look for one that removes all the ugly shit and maybe i can add my own choices into it as well. not sure where to find it though

No. 291644

kek now I really want a SL thread, but I don't think there'd be enough to participate.

No. 292413

the computer finally arrived but it was just before i had to leave for work
i can't wait…… even without getting to play it the sims 2 soundtrack has been playing in my head whenever there's silence

im excited to dl other abandonware too but none more than the sims and sims 2

No. 292708

ill never get over the gigahon's sanpaku eyes and giant build.

No. 293297

The "they look like transphobic caricatures!" vs "actually some of us do look like that and that's fine!" troon-on-troon slapfights over this are pretty hilarious.

No. 293581

File: 1682981966504.jpeg (125.69 KB, 828x1347, 9A4BD3FF-A0ED-4340-9545-1D8E27…)

i hate simblr. olivia spencer kim lewis is like eight years old, but according to them she’s a heckin valid trans kid.

No. 293587

Of course the relatively attractive (for a base game sim) fail cringe comedian Johnny Zest is trans AND gay, no way is that just the retarded OP projecting onto the sim they have a crush on… no way!

No. 295811

Wtf. Someone unrelated but Olivia grows up to be beautiful in my game. Eric Lewis and Alice Kim make some good looking kids.

No. 295827

It’s been years and I still don’t understand what transmac or demi guy is supposed to mean

No. 295828

NLOG with extra steps

No. 295833

>>295827 woman who pretends to be a TIF but has no actual interest in trooning out, dresses hyper feminine and demands people still "treat her like a man." some use it as a synonym for TIF because "transmasc" and "transman" are similar words

No. 295834

Girl who likes to wear comfortable clothes at home and sometimes irl

No. 295940

Do you guys use a VPN when using anadius? I've used it before with and without one. Also off topic but I like reading his comments/replies to others he's always so angry and comes off as an asshole.

No. 296037

Why the FUCK did they make clothes unisex if the men’s clothes look like shit on the women and vice versa? Christ it looks like shit every time, it juts the women’s arms out and flattens the hips no matter what! I hate it.

Sorry, sperged there.

No. 296209

I always use a VPN.

I mainly use the feature to make hulking T4T troons so I can add them to the townie population for my own amusement.

No. 296210

I don't use a VPN, but oh my god I noticed how mad he seems too kek. When I was downloading the parenthood pack I noticed a messaged in the installer that was like "I can only use one site to host the game download yaddayaddayadda don't like it? then find me another host bitch!"

No. 296263

There's a lot of retards in the sims community, I can understand that he gets tired of dealing with stupid questions and being asked to solve problems that are nothing to do with his crack.

No. 297978

Thinking about re-downloading a cracked Sims 4 for my historical gameplay needs but like >>290944 mentions it has grown infested with troonshit as of late. Any other nonnies play historical saves? If so, what do you do to get rid of anachronisms?

No. 298290

File: 1684926673374.png (253.32 KB, 734x413, w5scbmzy9p1b1.png)

So The Sims has a new logo and my reaction to it is I can't wait until this graphic designer loses their job to AI

No. 298294

is this image official? looks extremely stupid, out of place, no style whatsoever

No. 298297

it looks like a graphic designer student's half assed last minute redesign tbh

No. 298298

It's from their new licencing agent

I can already see their plan is 100% marketing, 0% substance. They are set to squeeze every penny out of the franchise

No. 298314

EA is fucking stupid. Not only is this artwork "graphic design is my passion" tier, they have tried to shuck sims merch in the past and it didn't sell. They went all in with The Urbz, the game flopped and no one bought the merch.

No. 298325

nonnas if they bring this shit into sims 5 I hope this franchise dies at least we'll have good memories about first 3 games

No. 298491

Wait I must know more about this Urbz merch, I have a lot of nostalgia for the handheld games but this is the first I'm hearing about merch

No. 298540

File: 1684990411959.jpg (1.61 MB, 3024x4032, urbz figures.jpg)

There was a line of figures and a few other things.

No. 298543

File: 1684990782950.jpg (55.81 KB, 487x485, GBA urbz.jpg)

There were even figures for the GBA game

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