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File: 1491856692456.jpg (44.67 KB, 444x666, sssniperwolf-quiet-cosplay-3.j…)

No. 288690

Is she lolcow material? I came across her and it seems like a lot of drama revolves around her, but I don't know how much of that comes from being a youtube celeb with millions of subscribers and how much of it comes from her being her.

No. 288691

Oh yeah, and she's been sued for calling someone a registered sex offender on youtube.


No. 288697

Didn't she break into someone house and stole shit?

No. 288702

I saw her at a mall in Phoenix, she looks nothing like that picture. She's at least 3x that size

No. 288718

This is her without makeup. Honestly she doesn't look so bad without makeup if you look at her arrest photos.

I don't know. Why would she when she's clearly rich?

No. 288719

This is a horrible OP and I think there's already a thread for her.

For future reference, here's some tips on making a proper OP instead of asking if someone is a cow:

>Ask in the thread general in /pt/ first

>Choose an unflattering OP picture or "fan" art
>List what milk they have
>Link all social media
>Link previous threads

It's not hard.

No. 288725

There isn't another thread of her on /pt/ or /snow/.

No. 288746

Here's a video that talks about her. Allegedly she gets carried in games while claiming to hit Top 500 in Overwatch by playing solo.

Or pretending to stream herself gaming when her BF/husband plays for her, based on the fact she doesn't handcam.

No. 288995

>has risqué photos/nudes yet denies ever taking pictures like that
>mentions her gluten intolerance in like EVERY vlog
>breaks up with her boyfriend like every 2 weeks
>attempted to make it big as a gamer girl before using the name "sexysexysniper" and now denies it

No. 288999

She claims she was walking around a store and that security started harassing her and she was resisting so the police arrested her because security worried she had a weapon??? She was detained and set free.

She's also been arrested for getting in an argument supposedly, her boyfriend was also arrested.

No. 289067

>has risqué photos/nudes yet denies ever taking pictures like that


No. 289082

File: 1491902666753.jpg (7.76 KB, 480x360, 0.jpg)

She's always been a ho for the longest of times man. Even before all of this sylvibot crap, she's been shady with how she got fame on YouTube with girlsgonegamer, to faking her gameplay and having a shitty channel catered to neckbeards as sexysexysniper.
Her gameplays have always been faked. Her boyfriend used to be one of the best CoD players and found him a while ago until he changed his name. The overwatch thing sealed it. Overwatch is so easy on console, that any CoD veteran whos been good gets to 500 masters or diamond, yet she can't even simply do it herself. It's so damn easy in console, yet she plays lucio like a lil bitch.
She has put people in ban strikes and slandered someone to be a pedophile without any evidence.

No. 289110

Wasn't she also arrested for armed robbery?

She has also had plastic surgery, which she also denies.

No. 289145

What is with all the slutty cosplay cows living in Arizona?

No. 289327

The one in the store is what they called armed robbery.

No. 289329

It's cheap af…

No. 289332

File: 1491942718845.jpg (32.65 KB, 400x605, IMG_0793.JPG)

No. 289333

File: 1491942770672.jpg (15.55 KB, 480x360, IMG_0790.JPG)

Posting ugly old photos now.

No. 289334

File: 1491942793063.jpg (17.52 KB, 480x360, IMG_0791.JPG)

Pls never go blonde Alia..

No. 289335

File: 1491942816956.jpg (66.31 KB, 600x800, IMG_0799.JPG)

No. 289336

File: 1491942875497.jpg (74.79 KB, 600x800, IMG_0800.JPG)

If I recall correctly she also used to by "Alia Valentine"

No. 289337

File: 1491942917246.jpg (Spoiler Image,68.01 KB, 600x800, IMG_0801.JPG)

Girl clean ur room before trying to be sexy..

No. 289338

Irl shit taking face.

No. 289339

Accidental spoiler btw. I'm on mobile.

No. 289340

File: 1491942991989.jpg (30.96 KB, 568x317, IMG_0802.JPG)

Noooo lia, you don't take risqué pics/nudes

No. 289341

File: 1491943035229.jpg (161.81 KB, 1024x1024, IMG_0803.JPG)

Also- someone else made this to prove the mirror pics are her lmao.

No. 289348

Who are all these whores jumping on MGS? it's so annoying.

No. 289354

Daddy liked gaming more than me*
It's one thing to have a resting bitch face, but this is a serious case of resting constipated shit face. I feel embarrassed for her tbh.

No. 291697

was she an ana-chan?

No. 291707

alia always looked like shit to me
I never understood why people found her attractive. Even after all those surgeries she still looks like a butterface.

No. 291794

she's not ugly but i agree that she's way over hyped i guess since back then people didnt expect a gurlgamer to look like that

is that bikini picture real? i saw on one of her videos she was claiming it was photoshopped

No. 291809

I remember the drama between her and Jaclyn Glenn ages ago. All it was was SS sperging out over Jaclyn faking all the kills in CS:Go or whichever one it was again.
Sour over not having that popularity. Fake gamergurrl or not.

No. 292168

File: 1492279482865.png (45.48 KB, 465x464, IMG_5838.PNG)

She just got a nosejob. She used the "devianted septum" excuse like Rachel did before half of her nose was gone. I remember seeing a video she made a little while ago try to be like "I literally can't breathe, I rly need dis".

She keeps deleting all comments on her video that mentions it. Just browse and see for yourself, all the missing comments/replies. https://youtu.be/xPO6BJsKERc

No. 292176


Couldn't find a better source about this, but she accused some pornstar of impersonating her and they went back and forth for a while.

No. 292899


No. 292980

Rachel of Rachel and Jun, I think

No. 293789

Anyone notice how most of her content is no longer gameplay. It's now basic content that's already been done. Maybe because her boyfriend keeps dumping her and she can't have him playing for her during those times…

No. 293847

Probably why she keeps taking him back too. And she'll alway tag her videos in the Gaming category…..

No. 294393

finally a thread on this bitch

No. 294686

If we look back in time when they first started dating, he wasn't as fat and depressed looking and he actually wore real clothes. Now he constantly has dark circles under his eyes and wears nothing but sweats and white shirts like a prisoner.

I think lia might be abusing him. She already admits she's psycho with him and cyber stalks him when he dumps her, and even when they're together if he doesn't reply right away she accuses him of cheating and trying to leave her

No. 295613

she looks so much more skinnier, how did she get "thicc"? boob job too?

No. 295646

why does she have disappering ass and hips

in some pics she looks like a pear and rounded hips and huge ass, in other photos shes straight up and down wtf

No. 295757

She used to work out and eat healthy, now she eats nothing but crap and sleeps all day / sits on her ass

No. 295766

File: 1492768478964.png (210.89 KB, 750x740, IMG_6122.PNG)

Angles and stuff. She used butt pads on her Tracer cosplay, so she probably uses it casually too. Like this hiking photo, you can see the outlines of the pads in the middle next to the buttcrack.

No. 297963

File: 1493018310239.jpg (99.6 KB, 712x718, sssniper.jpg)

shes got her own "show" now.. lol

No. 297979

lol omfg. imagine fucking hiking with sweaty ass butt pads chafing you every step of the way in blistering phoenix.

No. 360529

There's some drama happening atm, sss pulling victim card again. After talking trash on banks gf apparently. https://twitter.com/Banks/status/890031378145828864

No. 360608

Start video at 2 mins and 18secs.
or use this url

OMG the internet is blowing up w/ twitter beef and youtube.

Lia was caught talking shit about Faze Banks' girlfriend Alissa Violet(who is also Jake Paul's ex g/f) and Sommer Ray during a livestream. Someone brought it to Banks' attention. Twitter war ensues.

Clip from the stream where SSSniperwolf talks shit:

Faze Censor gets called into it.
He just made a youtube video calling her out showing dm's and private msgs.

read the twitter beef here

No. 360611

File: 1501043404838.png (861.94 KB, 1916x1384, banks_lia.png)

Faze Bank's tweets

No. 360617

Start video at 4mins 21 secs
or use url:

Part 2 of sssniperwolf drama saga. She's talking shit to Faze Censor's girlfriend, saying she has fake tits and ass. Censor gets pissed and leaks private convo and dms where Lia says she'd talk to him more if she wasnt in an abusive relationship she couldnt get out of.

Faze Banks also tweets to Lia's bf Sausage.

No. 360618

Faze Censor's video responding to SSSniperwolf. He shows private dms and msgs.

No. 360620

File: 1501044305647.png (3.22 MB, 2294x2442, sniperwolftwitterpost.png)

What Lia posted on twitter

No. 361450

File: 1501139744713.png (73.2 KB, 750x609, IMG_2679.PNG)

Look at this fake ass "apology"

No. 361451

File: 1501139769054.png (64.48 KB, 750x495, IMG_2680.PNG)


No. 361456

Fuck Sniperwolf. She's a toxic bitch. This screams of "Sorry I got caught".

No. 361484

A Lawyer is not tech support, he went to Verizon to get logs verified, not to acquire them. Verizon verified they were sent through their phone plan and unmodified. In no way were they EVER recovering them through the Verizon service. She's trying to backtrack so hard it hurts.

No. 361680

"I don't like people liar". "She so liar!" Can this bitch speak english? Also, that ass isn't from "squats". That girl so liar!

No. 361712

I mean she immigrated here as a child from
Turkey I believe? But if you watch her videos she's never been good with English lmao. She can't speak well.

No. 361737

"This is why I hate girls"- said while exhibiting one of the most negative female stereotypes (wild damaging speculation into other's lives). Oh the irony. Typical NLOG cunt.

No. 361860

File: 1501196189417.png (1.41 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170727-185538.png)

I love how fitting this shirt she wears all the time is

No. 361872

What's her net worth? She lives like such a basic bitch

No. 361882

Didn't she says she's originally from the UK?

No. 361916

she moved from england but who knows that could even be a lie too
i also cant stand keemstar

No. 361918

she drives a Mercedes coup and her house is paid off in AZ im sure she makes a decent amount

No. 361949

And a corvette stingray as well right?

No. 361993

>lives like such a basic bitch
Anon, she has a Corvette Stingray, a Mercedes S-Class coupe, a decent paid off house, and a good amount of high fashion bags and shoes. She herself may be basic, but her money situation isn't.

No. 362017

She pinned her fake ass apology to the top of her twitter feed hoping that'll stop the haters but she can't stop opening her big mouth and spewing more shit. Damn her ass must be jealous.

No. 362284

>Damn her ass must be jealous.
She's got serious jealousy issues with other girls. I've never heard her say anything nice about one (sans fans, which don't count) but I've heard her talk shit about other girls on her channel many many times before this, she just usually doesn't target people big enough for it to come back to bite her. She has literally no female friends and I think we can all guess why. The ironic part is she complains about not having any friends fairly often.

No. 363210

Just noticed this Tweet. Um… how dumb is she? The reason it takes months to get text logs for court is because usually they're taken by force and you need a warrant to do that. Censor is the "owner" of the texts, thus no legal protocol is necessary. All he has to do is go to Verizon and ask, just like he did. This is so basic, like how is it not obvious? She's so fucking stupid.

No. 363275

Don't you know she finished school early because she sSOOOOOOOO smart


No. 363503

And She could easily get the texts the same as Censor as she's the one who had the convo and wrote those things. She's just hoping her fans believe her lies

No. 367257

File: 1501974866083.png (1.26 MB, 1334x750, IMG_2850.PNG)

Out here looking like a porn intro..

No. 367275

Knowing how skeezy this band are, it's fair to assume she probably sucked their dicks to get on that bus.

No. 367284

Whose dick hasn't she sucked? She'll go after any male with a little bit of fame

No. 588757

She's causing some more drama it seems

No. 588767

>"…the darker corners of the internet…"
>fucking PULL
K E K i can't take the video seriously after that and the dumb title. this guy seems like an asshole.

No. 588772

was a pretty decent video, I liked that he went into detail about how she photoshops her butt etc. for a photoshop noob like me it was interesting, but unsurprising sluttywolf does it so badly

No. 588785

THe way she wears her glasses triggers me. You know she can’t see shit like that.

No. 590749

They're clickbate with the titles and screencaps, but Nerd City makes really solid videos.

No. 590963

Yikes, I didn't realize she was such a abhorrently toxic bitch to other women, I vaguely knew of this chick in school and i'm surprised she's still fucking existent, especially since she's so obviously cuntish.
I recall watching a video that proved her control motions weren't accurate to the on screen player motions in COD. Her boyfriend was proven to be the competitive player while she was a standin image to appeal to neckbeards, I'm genuinely surprised she's now "playing" Overwatch competitively when she was publicly outed years ago.

Seems like there's milk for days on this thot from this video. I wouldn't think it would be that hard to post a handcam dispelling the half a decade long rumors but I guess it magically is.

If you can get past that autistic comment its actually a pretty good video fam.

No. 595678

anyone come across her on fortnite?

No. 595689

pls share if you did lmao

No. 596045

a friend of mine played with her a few weeks ago, apparently she's a cunt and yells at everyone who doesn't carry her. so pretty much exactly what you hear of her from those "sniperwolf exposed" overwatch vids

No. 691695

idk if any of this is new, since he just sources pull

No. 852784

Those aren’t butt pads. She is wearing a really small thong that is hugging a fat ass. Think of it like a muffin top.(necro)

No. 852827

how do you know? were you the thong? and you chose to bump an old thread to comment on that? that has to be the weirdest WK i've seen for a while.

No. 852838

>were you the thong?
love you anon, hugs and kisses

No. 853164

I ded kekeke I love you too anon

No. 1403899

File: 1640758100739.jpg (134.51 KB, 828x1792, 20211229_010521.jpg)

So are we talking about this drama or am I getting necro banned?

Apparently Lia made a commitment with the mother of a terminally ill girl to make a video or chat with her and she basically kept avoiding the mom. It wasn't until the mom posted it and blocked her that she went into panic mode because of the backlash and actually contacted the girl.


No. 1403900

File: 1640758121595.jpg (104.88 KB, 828x1792, 20211229_010523.jpg)

No. 1403904

File: 1640758198924.jpg (135.28 KB, 828x1792, 20211229_010526.jpg)

No. 1403908

File: 1640758293325.jpg (166.31 KB, 828x1792, 20211229_010528.jpg)


No. 1403909

File: 1640758413403.jpg (118.66 KB, 828x1792, 20211229_010911.jpg)

No. 1403913

File: 1640758632763.jpg (127.93 KB, 947x2048, 20211229_011058.jpg)

She's claiming she got sick and she was sooo busy. Meanwhile she was posting pictures on her stories of her out eating cake.

She's been backpeddaling about this saying that she was out with her mom because it was the last day she was visiting her for Christmas but:
1. She made the commitment for Christmas, not the mom. The mom was only not ok with the time because Lia ghosted her the whole day and waited til 11pm to make the appointment for the call.

2. How long does it really take to make a video for the kid? 5? 10 minutes? Surely less than the time she has spent on Twitter and YouTube trying to defend herself.

No. 1403915

File: 1640758839263.jpg (19.95 KB, 392x294, 20211229_011822.jpg)

She spent hours defending herself on the internet instead of just making the video.

No. 1403916

File: 1640758922936.jpg (231.59 KB, 1170x1545, 20211229_011912.jpg)

Her statement today.

No. 1404070

Back in my day we'd call this fake and gay. Did sniperwolf make this shit up to be relevant?

You're telling me that a mother is spending her daughter's final days on earth stalking sniperwolf, of all z-list online personalities, on social media, complaining that it's hard to match up schedules over Christmas which has barely just finished?

Get the fuck oudda here with this nonsense.

No. 1404083

i believe her

No. 1404085

Ew, what coombrained moid chose this threadpic? Get this pick-me hoe out of my sight!

No. 1404134

This is technically where it all started. The little girl told Adam22 she liked SSSniperwolf so he went ahead and messaged some creators to figure out how he could contact her and see if she could do this.

This is why you see Lia messaging the mom first on the DMs.

No. 1404165

please shut up you retard, it's not hard to look it up before typing

lol given her track record of behaviour, I don't believe her. she has all the time in the world but couldn't simply ask for their timezone and workout a set date?

No. 1404172

Firstly there is context missing here. Secondly, it is very sad that her daughter has cancer but she doesn’t owe this woman anything…?

No. 1404175

True but she could have just ignored her, or told adam22 it wasnt going to happen privately. It's an awkward position to put sniperwolf into but she still told the mom she'd do it

No. 1404186

Yeah, awkward place for her to be in, but how hard is it to video chat a sick kid? It's not like she has a job or a bunch of obligations to fulfill as a YouTuber

No. 1404190

Holy shit what a piece of shit lmao. How can she say she tried to schedule a time when she wouldn’t commit to anything and it was the mom saying straight up “hey let’s set an actual time”

If she was too “busy” then she shouldn’t have committed to it. She just wanted to pretend she was a good person and now has to deal with the consequences

No. 1404508

Man, I hate how mama reads more like she's protecting her ego over the benefit of her child. If it was her daughter's genuine dying wish to speak with Lia (surejan.jpeg), you'd think she'd do her best to make it happen while she actually had contact with her - even if that meant being duped twice beforehand, especially when the person in question is technically famous.

No. 1404726

Definitely reads more like an entitled mom using her dying/sick daughter to be in the spotlight. I'd be disgusted with Lia if the circumstances were different, I don't even particularly like her, but something about this feels off with the mom.

No. 1404875

I got a snappy vibe from the mom too but then was like oh right, her child is DYING.

Don’t know much about sssniperwolf except that she’s an adult pick me with the same annoying way of speaking as kiki kannibal. It’s also funny that she claims she never cheated in overwatch but never touched the game after that came out. Like a game you apparently enjoyed so much and you’re so good at, you just never touch again. Ok

No. 1405175

Eh I would maybe be more on Lias side if she was t already acting like a douche before the mom showed some questionable behavior. Up until the moms block of text lia just thought she was a mom with a dying child and still decided to be flakey

No. 1405192

I don’t know, if my kid was dying I would be pretty bitchy too if her idol kept making it difficult to talk to her. She could’ve spent five minutes saying hi to girl and been done with it but instead she was selfish. Her family can’t be that abhorrent where they wouldn’t mind her spending .00005% of her day to make a dying child happy.

No. 1405195

There's no defending this and it's one of the grosser things a cow has done. As people said in the moo thread, their friendship makes 100% sense now.
These thots LOVE to pretend they're soooo busy but they're not. They're
why are some of you like this? This woman makes thousands from doing basically nothing. She can make a 5 minute fucking phone call. The only reason to not do this is if you;re a giant bag of dog shit. The kid is fucking dying. Sorry if that's totes awks for sniper but she's free to get off youtube and stop targeting kids to make money at any point. No she doesn't have to do this but people don't have to watch her shitty content either, and that involves keeping some goodwill.

This thread is basically pick-mes defending their queen about how they're on her side because the Mom with the dying kid is "snappy". Grow the fuck up.

No. 1405229

Exactly, hell, there’s A list actors going to hospitals for make a wish events and shit, how is this literal who ~so busy uwu~ to not give a call to some child? She’s pathetic has fuck, I hope she had a great Christmas while thinking of the dying kid.

No. 1405266

>There's no defending this and it's one of the grosser things a cow has done.
we have threads about groomers and literal mother fuckers on this site. don’t get carried away, now.

the mom and this literal-who pickme costhot are both cows.

No. 1405485

That doesn't mean it's comparable to other people on this website. There is no defending this.


Because SHE was the one who contacted the mom.
SHE was the one who chose the date.

The only thing that could possibly hit me kinda odd is her posting the DMs but then
>She did it the first time because people were spamming about sniperwolf contacting her (this was on a NoJumper video)
>She it the second time because Adam22 asked for the texts as proof that Lia was being dodgy.

What's with all the asslickers in this thread?

No. 1410114

I gotta like how Sssniper took the first message innitiative and despite how disgusting of a clout chasing behaviour the mom had you guys are still gonna go all in retarded lolcow no brain cells hatred logic. Nobody is saying Sssniper is a good person but that fucking mom behaviour is disgusting if anything why even block Sssniper when she's clearly still trying to get an appointment, and post it on your facebook story out of anything lmao.
Trust me bro, we know sniper is a piece of shit but if she contacted the mom first she clearly had good intention, what's the point of blocking the celibrity your KIDS (not you) want to meet so badly if she's so terminally ill (Which honnestly I'm starting to doubt she is lol) other than spew out some shitty drama. It's fucking obvious the mom is in desperate need of attention out of her kid illness, wake the fuck up morrons.(sage)

No. 1410519

holyshit, what a grade A cunt!! i hope she gets her just desserts soon. Imagine ghosting a kid with cancer

No. 1416772

I haven't posted yet but I'll say it - I believe Sniperwolf is a good person. She didn't ghost anyone, this was all just Keem nonsense.(sage your wk-ing)

No. 1416778

And yes, I believe the mom was a fucking bitch. We have to maybe allow for the fact that her daughter was dying and she is distraught, she is also not used to millions of eyes being on her every word for the first and quite possibly only time in her life so she might be feeling pressure. However I do believe that she acted badly - a little sperging is ok, spastic nonsense where you're condemning people to hell that is against your daughter's wishes is not.

No. 1416821

except that there are like… years and years of her showing to not be a good person regardless?

No. 1416871

Stfu white knight, she's been an abusive piece of shit for years

No. 1817919

new milk when? people are saying evan/sausage cheated on her does anyone know anything

No. 1913945

File: 1697386635916.png (266.34 KB, 531x690, sssniperwolf_doxxes_jacksfilms…)

SSSniperwolf, as of last night, has effectively doxxed YouTuber jacksfilms. She initially posted a poll on her Instagram story, asking her followers if she should show up to his house, then proceeds to post a photo of it before quickly deleting the story.

Why would she do this? Let's go back:
>Alia has been posting non-stop, shit tier Tiktok reaction videos on her YouTube
>Jack notices her awful content
>Decides to parody her by making a separate channel, JJJacksfilms, to mock her content
>Has been doing it for almost a year now
>Alia finally responds with the forementioned Instagram story

No. 1913949

File: 1697387010135.mp4 (3.61 MB, 480x1038, RHDpM9BLHGX95uzp.mp4)


Alia accidentally reveals she is following him on both YT and Twitch

No. 1914003

I can't believe she thought she could get away with doing this, people are already messaging Youtube to get her banned off the site with this being the final straw and apparently it's against a penal code in California. She uploaded a video recently doing her normal stuff and it's filled with negative comments.

Throwback to this video going around of Twitch streamer Sodapoppin meeitng SSniperwolf for the first time back in 2018 and not knowing who she was (bonus point for fellow cow Mariah Mallad embarrassing herself during her 'bad bitch' era)

No. 1914022

>male continuously harasses mentally ill woman
>makes fun of mentally ill woman using his fanbase
>profits off of making fun of her
>shits himself when the mentally ill woman acts mentally ill
What did he expect?

No. 1914042

I've been saying this since Jack started doing this. When you target one person that's called bullying. Of course when you bully a low iq tard like Lia the spergout will inevitably follow.

No. 1914054

But apparently it's "expecting for Lia to fuck you" to point that out

No. 1914067

Calling out her content theft isn't harassment
People need to get tf off the internet if they can't tell the difference between real harassment and being told by a persistent troll that they're breaking the rules of a platform
Jacksfilms is annoying but he had tons of people come forward and talk about having their shit stolen by SSSniper AND they claimed it and normally won
SSSniper is a psycho but Jacksfilms didn't do a damn thing to deserve this

No. 1914068

I'm convinced theres been some retard sitting in the Youtuber thread arguing with any person that dares imply Jack did anything wrong

No. 1914081

Do any of you farmheads actually have the unblurred house image??

No. 1914084

If anyone does, it is against the rules to post it here.

No. 1914086

Oh, alright. So, where is it allowed, if you're allowed to answer, that is?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1914224

File: 1697426811550.jpeg (398.79 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_2360.jpeg)

Various screenshots, taken mostly from the YouTuber thread, Jacksepticeye weighing in, she actually went to his house and is joking about it, denying it. Only good point is saying modern men are jokes

No. 1914236

I do think to some degree it's kinda bullying, but Alia is so retarded nobody cares. Plus, she makes shit content that basically steals viewership from people and profits off it. She has always been someone to be obsessed with making dogshit content in order to boost herself.

No. 1914288

i honestly dont think its that bad. so many people make dumb content its just easy to make fun of her. i just think she lacks the comprehension to undrstand why its wrong and i think shes allowed to be dumb because shes a cute and pretty.

No. 1914291

same anon as above. this is so funny lol nooo dont ghost a terminally ill 10 year old child. she can fking ghost president Joe Biden for all i care

No. 1914415

are you saying that she posted his house not out of genuine malice but instead she's actually just too retarded to understand the implications of posting someone's house on social media? because if so I kinda agree kek

No. 1914532

If this was anyone else I’d agree but it’s the fact that she’s been doing shit like this for years and it’s not like this was a typical “trying to be cute and quirky and failing” thing, when she got called out she tries justifying it and has to defend herself so it’s clear she understands people think there’s something wrong here

No. 1914552

She deserves the lawsuit coming her way. That'll be two that she's in and I hope Jack takes all her money and her ex does too. She's no better than Momokun. She doesn't lack anything, she just doesn't give a fuck and thinks she can be a this terrible person under the guise of "i didn't know". She really thinks because she's a girl she can get away with it using bimbo logic. She isn't cute and isn't pretty, at least not what I'm interested in as far as women go. Her glasses are purposely picked because she likes the play up the nerdy look, not because they actually look good on her. Her whole schtick in bimbo and she actually does steal content. Maybe if she had a real personality and actually made content, but she doesn't and never has.(nobody cares about your taste in women, go masturbate)

No. 1914556

I agree. He didn't deserve to be doxxed. What she did was unhinged, she planned it too, so it isn't some random uwu accident. She planned, and probably asked friends or paid online for this address. That's really fucked up and then to use it to weaponize her brain-dead coomer DONT HURT MY QWEEEN fans against some guy with a wife and two dogs, is crazy. Jack lives a normal damn life, unlike Sniper who has security and a gated community and 24/7 security for that area too.. Come on. She knew exactly the danger she was putting him in and she never, ever wanted to talk. Jack even mentions she never tried to reach out, from the get-go she tried to counter 'harass' and everyone could see the bullshit she was pulling and it didn't work.

You know what she thought would work? Doxx a man and give her crazy male fans [most women know how men act when it comes to women they have on pedestals and their obsession to protect them] approval to go after his family. Anons are acting like reactions to reaction channels haven't been around for 10 years. Even TV does this. I don't remember the name of the show, but it was around in the early 2010s. Just because it's on YouTube now doesn't make this a new thing Jack is doing or invented.

No. 1914572

Making 40+ videos about someone in the space of a year because they make bad react videos is obsession and harassment, he is a pathetic and deranged moid who got what he deserved and is now crying about it.(learn to sage: lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1914574

You realize this has only been going on for 2 months, right? Lol At least do anons the favor of doing any research about what's happening at all besides coming here from Twitter to protect your precious thot.

No. 1914576

You're actually right he has made 30+ videos on her in less than 2 months, thank you for proving my point, making 30 videos on someone in the space of 2 months is even more deranged and obsessive. I dont even like her or her videos but hes an obsessed moid who got what he deserves.(learn to sage: lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1914578

But stealing content and taking money from original creators is okay? I'm confused as to what moral ground is okay and isn't okay with you? He's also informing people to give her DMCAs which is important because she shouldn't be making videos and taking credit for other people's work. She goes out of her way to hide the creators of these videos too.

No. 1914582

If you really think criticizing people publicly on the internet is 'obsession and harrassment'… what the fuck are you doing on lolcow?

No. 1914640

They will never get it and are only taking Lia's side on this instance because the person she's beefing with is a moid. On any normal day they would be saying what an insufferable plastic surgery addicted bitch she is.
He was doing his own regular content and taking the piss out of Lia took less than an hour a day. Not even a day, it was like every other day.

And to be honest I'm glad he did this. Any normal person would ignore him. But Lia is a cow (Why she has a thread here). If you poke a cow, you're going to get a funny reaction. Now she commited a crime ontop of her battling a lawsuit because she didn't even produce half her lazy content and is falling back on tiktok reactions.
This is halarious

No. 1914641

To add, she lost all sympathy with me when it was discovered she was being a pedo with little boys. I wouldn't even be caught dead defending a predator who gets sexual validation from little boys. Yall are fucked in the head

No. 1914642

I love seeing a cow's downfall.

No. 1914647

Wait she’s a predator? I knew she slandered EnigmaHood as a predator and was arrested for alleged robbery but if she’s one herself then that is fucking ironic and proves time is a flat circle and she’s no better than what she slanders people as

No. 1914648

It was in the youtuber thread and she already took down the worst video. But it's floating around on the internet still
But she finds two young boys on omegle and is goating them to take off their clothes. When they're too shy she says she'll send pics of her titts. When the boys stand up they have clear boners and she is enjoying herself a little too much, laughing and she says "Yeah! Wait get the little guy on there too. Twerk together!" and other gross shit
The mother catches them and Lia goats the mother by saying "Yuh! You're boys are doing this for titts!"

Her other omegle videos are also oddly sexual to young boys. Also to add, even if the kid isn't interested in her she'll make it sexual by claiming the kid just wants to see dicks and gets really homophobic.

Funny enough, her current defese is "I'm a girl? I can't be a creep"

No. 1914649

File: 1697488334533.jpeg (76.43 KB, 1284x595, F8YN2UEW8AAly_p.jpeg)

No. 1914652

File: 1697488471810.jpeg (31.88 KB, 639x367, CpzXmdZWYAAo-0C.jpeg)

bitch has TWO DIFFERENT mugshots

No. 1914654

It gets worse when the kid is her fan to add. And those were videos she posted on youtube. I can't imagien what kind of shit she does with kids off cam. I can't even call this pick me validation

No. 1914656

Oh yeah I remember those! She constantly showed teen boys taking their shirts off and shit and reminded me at like 0:54 in this video she does this e girl voice and shows a boy shirtless and does this weird “Oh what were you two doing?!” bit. I don’t know if this counts as creepy but I’m very much questioning it

No. 1914659

I think in recent years she realizes how creepy she is. But there was one where she just had a bath towel on and that was a pretty bad one as well. But she uses her clout to be a creep. She gets away with it because she's a pretty girl. She's no better than a moid

No. 1914666

I don't have caps because they are gone, but it seems on her Twitter that she deleted any posts about Jack. I typed his name and everything, but maybe I'm just blind. I think maybe the legal system might be involved already.

No. 1914669

Yeah I’ve seen a few as I was a fan when I was younger (like many others), thankfully I never did this however as many of her fans who have gotten into their teens and adulthood they’ve said Lia’s videos made them go on Omegle as kids and they got groomed, doxxed, threatened, etc. Obviously it’s not entirely her fault but it shows the kind of impacts her content makes and the standard she’s setting for kids (because there’s no way this cutesy reaction content is made for adults, maybe her videos used to be more raunchy but how she acts now makes it clear she’s going for a pre-teen demographic)

No. 1914769

Some people deserve to be bullied tbh.

No. 1914792

>She's no better than Momokun.
I was just about to say that. Showing up at a critic's house in the middle of the night "just to talk uwu" and putting the whole thing on Insta is such Moo behavior. They're cut from the same cloth, it's not shocking at all that one of Moo's fake friends pulled something like this. Anyone who thinks she didn't have malicious intent must be a literal autist who doesn't understand subtext or context clues. It was absolutely a veiled threat, maybe not to do him harm, but I'm sure she considered "pranking" him like the overgrown teenager she is.

This. If both of these creators were the same sex, none of the polilez, faux-radfem anons would be defending her. Jack got carried away with his campaign against her, but he personally helped several of the creators she stole from, and the chat in the streams helped source the stolen videos. There are a million ways she could have handled this better, some of which didn't even require interacting with him at all. She could have just… told her editors to include sources/credit, for starters. If she actually felt that Jack's parodies were harassment, she could have reported him. There's also the more direct option of just emailing or DMing him.
It just seems like how a fiftenn-year-old would approach it

No. 1914907

if she wanted to be extra sassy she would have embraced the parody channel. Every top youtuber has parody channels. I can't tell you how many channels take clips from Markiplier exlusively. She just got mad because people started taking her videos down for stolen content. As they should.
She isn't even reacting to the videos as people say. She's so brain dead she needs a script to tell her to say "That man is holding a bag! oh my god" to a video of a man holding a bag. She can't do shit

No. 1914918

Just waiting for her to blame it on her ADHD

No. 1914925


>Jack got carried away with his campaign against her, but he personally helped several of the creators she stole from, and the chat in the streams helped source the stolen videos.

Also the only reason Jack made so many videos in 2 months was to prove a point that Lia's content is so low effort that you can easily churn out like ten of those videos a day without having to put any thought into it. He got himself lost in his own point but it did show that he was able to make similar videos that Lia made at a fast pace while still making his regular content on his actual main channel.

No. 1914930

he puts even more effort into the videos about her than she does her own videos, it's not even just reacting to a reactor. He goes out of his way to boost the creators that she steals from and tbh, the bingo game is fun. I did it the other day and it really drives home how terrible she is at commentary. I hope this wrecks her because I could see some stupid company wanting to use her as a commentator for something and it would all be because of just her videos having numbers and not because she has any communicative talent at all in describing anything. She even goes out of her way to cut the video length of some of the original creators to steal a joke that they said in the video, but she cuts it out on purpose to make herself seem so haha funny smart. She is a complete and utterly useless human being and she needs male attention, even from little boys it seems, in order to make proper content. everything she has is because of a guy because she has absolutely no talent at all.

No. 1914933


That goes to show even more how low effort Lia's videos are. If Jack can make that many videos while actually putting some thought into what he's posting, then Lia's are even less effort, just looking into the camera and saying what's happening in the video. If I wanted a description of the action I could be watching I'd read a book.

No. 1915282

she's been posting videos daily
But she stopped talking about Jack and her husband lol
She doesn't want a second lawsuit

No. 1915287

She already has another lawsuit coming. What she did was a felony in California.

No. 1915362

File: 1697587790053.jpeg (21.96 KB, 431x140, IMG_2368.jpeg)

This is the ratio on the vid she made yesterday (mom won’t feed hungry kid) comments aren’t letting her forget either, she’s probably gonna get Colleen Ballinger treatment where she’s either gonna have to address this and expose it to her whole audience and be humiliated or her career is just gonna continue to wither and die on its own

No. 1915378

Going to his house was absolutely retarded and gross but if she'd actually had the ovaries to go ring his doorbell instead of posting his house online like a creeper, she might have gotten out of this. But she didn't want to talk, or she would have contacted him, or just knocked on his door. She wanted him to get threatened by other people, which is really fucked up given that Erin lives there too.

No. 1915395

No, even then just to ring the doorbell personally, that's fucked up. Jack didn't send her his address and just showing up seems like a threat IMO. You can't just do that to people, especially because it was AT NIGHT. there's nothing she could've done besides just not going over there and bragging about knowing where he lives in general. You're right, she absolutely couldn't do the dirty work herself and hoped one of her male psycho fans could possibly threaten him physically at his house instead. She's so delusional and an absolute narc.

No. 1915397

Really it’s just another Pokimane situation, she knows her audience is kids who will harass him and adult men who will swat him for disrespecting the woman they jerk off to

No. 1915462

>especially because it was AT NIGHT.

He and his wife were also streaming on Twitch when this went down. Possible she knew and was hoping something would happen live on his stream. She already shows that she subs to his channels on YouTube, probably to track what he uploads, it's not too far fetched for her to follow his Twitch channel to see when he's live.

No. 1915471

>she’s probably gonna get Colleen Ballinger treatment where she’s either gonna have to address this and expose it to her whole audience and be humiliated
Unfortunately, you're being optimistic. Most of her viewers are retarded children on mom's tablet who just want to watch shit like "Crazy relatable dank Tiktoks try not to laugh challenge [emojis]". She's really not far removed from all those weird channels that used to shit out videos about finger-puppet Elsa and Spiderman Mpreg. These kids don't know about her nonsense, and even if they did, they'd probably cape for her because the see her prolapsed anus face more than their see their own mothers'.

No. 1915472

I guess it's possible she was trying to interrupt his stream, but that would require her to go up and ring the doorbell, which we all know she's too chickenshit to do.
Maybe she figured she'd get it trouble if she went whole hog and swatted him, or that if she simply joined his stream remotely, she'd be dogpiled. But I think the more realistic answer is that she was being a high school mean girl and knew publicly posting his house with a veiled threat was a good way to fuck with him psychologically while maintaining plausible deniability. She had zero intention of actually talking to him like an adult, we can all be sure of that. She doesn't want to open herself to any situation where she'd have to admit to wrongdoing, because (like most influencers) she's a narcissist. She also knows that she has no excuse for any of the bullshit she pulls with her content, and that she'd have no chance of winning an argument over it. She just wants to keep stealing and being lazy without being held to account for it because she's entitled.

No. 1915496

File: 1697619465013.jpg (62.56 KB, 718x228, 1697618706100.jpg)

Lia and her sister were definitely trying to instigate something, whether or not she was aware of him being live on Twitch I don't know but I wouldn't be surprised. Wouldn't put it past her to do that when she knew he was streaming to use whatever reaction he had on stream against him. Especially considering they've been mocking him for saying on stream that he wasn't going outside to confront someone in the middle of the night when he had no idea if she had anyone with her or if she had a weapon.

No. 1915590

I'll give something to Lia. She's obviously supposed to be an only fans chick, still acts like she is, hyper sexual, but managed to cater to children on YouTube. Even if they do take her platform away ( highly doubt it) she can just retire

No. 1915625

I scrolled up on the thread. I had forgotten without all the plastic surgery she looks like an anorexic witch. Happy Halloween

No. 1915843

I honestly can't remember much about her face ever. It was generic to begin with but the surgery made it more so.

No. 1915960

yes!! i think she a little slow

No. 1916052

Seems like more omegle videos popped up. Apperently it isn't just lil boys. She made a 16 year old girl flash her boobs while she did as well

No. 1916117

I know it doesn't change what she was doing, but that video was proved to be a fake that someone was using on the other end, probably a moid trying to get other women to do the same.

No. 1916168

It still doesn't look good seeing as how she now has a history of getting teens to do shit if she flashes her titts.

No. 1916175

Why do you spell it that way?

No. 1916176

It was not a bot.

No. 1916217

Do you have the source of this proof so we can see

No. 1916362

I just checked. She removed it private the videos. This youtuber goes over some of it and explains her deletions.

No. 1916377

because sssniperwolf said so lol

No. 1916514

File: 1697840088496.jpg (796.98 KB, 1080x1907, Screenshot_20231020_151445_X.j…)

Not even posted on instagram where she did this or youtube.

No. 1916518

wb asking children to strip tho

No. 1916522

File: 1697840882101.png (309.87 KB, 980x551, lapse in judgement.png)

yeah I think she's just plain dumb

No. 1916526

I'm pretty sure they'll monetize her content by November
So barely a slap on the wrist

No. 1916530

Here's another video with listing proof that she had those videos up.

Also youtube put out a statement that she is temp demonotized and then also victim blamed Jack lol YouTube and her are definitely trying to coordinate something because she brings in a ton of money

No. 1916572


That has to be the fakest "apology" anyone has ever made in history. She didn't even say what she did, only that she didn't handle some vague situation involving Jack very well. And that little "I wasn't a better example of appropriate conflict resolution" is very strongly implying that it's actually Jack's fault that she did it. "Hey guys, I should have been better than that Jacksfilms guy at resolving conflict, because he wasn't doing it at all, so it's not my fault if I got mad at him! He was saying mean things about me!"

That whole wall of text is just a clear cut case of YouTube saying they'll monetize her channel again if she publicly apologized, so Lia shat out a non-apology with the right key words to make the higher-ups at YouTube happy.

No. 1916613

>Doesn’t mention what she actually did
>Hidden replies
>Not putting this on any other platforms
>Ignored it for as long as she could prior to posting
Real convincing

No. 1916623

They ONLY demonetized some of her recent videos. Her channel is NOT demonetized.

No. 1916628


Not doubting you but where did you see this? Last I saw someone on the Youtube Twitter account made a reply saying she was temporarily demonetized, I don't think they specified if it was her entire channel or only certain videos.


Yeah, that looks carefully worded to say it's actually Jack's fault that she tried starting a fight at his house in the middle of the night, but saying it subtly enough that it's hidden in her fake-ass apology.

No. 1916661

Can you watch any of the videos anons have posted?

No. 1916694

I've seen people say this is worse than the ukulele video. Like seriously, people bitched she didn't apologise and bitch when she does. I think people are just enjoying the witch hunt at this point.

No. 1916716


The problem is just because she's saying "sorry" doesn't mean she's actually remorseful for it. She refuses to even say what she did, all she's willing to say is something happened and she should've done something different. And with this apology being posted conveniently right after a youtube rep said she was temporarily demonetized, it's pretty obvious that this is just lip service to get people off her back so she can get her monetization back like and go on like nothing happened.

No. 1916730

based. jacksfilms is ugly and he deserved it. what a pussy

No. 1916741

>deliberately misspells the channel name of the person she is following on twitch & youtube, and whom she stalked.
What an asshole she is. only cares because something happened to her

No. 1916831

Witch hunt?? She committed a felony.

No. 1917009

She has always been a cunt for a decade. People were already upset by her obvious fake game play. Shit like bailing on a kid with cancer with days to live when she was the one who reached out, being horrible in public to everyone, whatever. She can't even pretend to watch tiktoks or edit her own vids. Anyone who feels bad for her are retarded, children or want to fuck her

No. 1917423

agreed, but there's a difference between feeling bad for her and just not feeling bad for that weird moid/ treating the whole thing like a joke. that jacksfilms stan calling random anons in this thread and the youtube one fake feminists for not sucking his dick needs to get a life.

of course, I'll recant my statement if one of her simps actually breaks into his house and kicks his ass.

No. 1917463

Someone should make it their personal project to create a dedicated website, that just doxes SSSniperwolf, nothing else. The physical address of where she rests her head at night.

To be maintained and updated in perpetuity, for as long as she remains a creator.

Turnabout, fairplay and all.

That guy has a family and is also miniscule compared to her, she has absolutely earned it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1917478

kys moid

No. 1917492

Jack has done everything legally and her content is shit and deserves criticism. Please say exactly what he's doing that warrents any of this? Why should anons demonize him? Just because she's a woman doesn't mean she doesn't get critiqued like other users who just steal content and purposely remove identifiers so that she can get all the money.

No. 1917515

Just like when joy was being annoying and making many videos on onision it's the same concept. He even went to copy to extract background and has a soundboard of her kek like we get she sucks hes over doing it

No. 1917517

Don't come here to whiteknight her.

No. 1917560

alright what felony. name the felony for posting an image of a portion of the outside of some guys house. who the fuck is google earth reverse imaging this guys porch. its not doxxing, she never posted the address. im not saying its good behaviour, but name the felony
moid detected
shes annoying but he has hundreds of videos "critiquing her" with the same "critiques" repeated ad infinum hours and hours of content, whole second channel dedicated purposefully to "critiquing" her. at best he's obsessed with her, considering he's a male clearly wants to fuck her, and have you ever heard that phrase about poking the bear? what the fuck did this guy expect continuously mocking her in his boring ass videos with his monotone ass voice and bicycle seat head in the corner, engaging her into stupid twitter fights all this time, making money off of her while pretending he was above her because she made money off of other peoples videos. hypocrite, creep, and don't forget this when in a few years it comes out he's just as bad as every other male youtuber with a backlog of loli porn cheating on his wife with e-girls. get some sense. this bitch is retarded but anyone lowering themselves to defend a moid, get real

No. 1917571

File: 1697966565121.png (117.62 KB, 1464x510, Screenshot 2023-10-22 at 10.22…)

No. 1917590


Kinda wondering if this is Lia or her sister writing.

>considering he's a male clearly wants to fuck her,

Probably Lia.(hi cow)

No. 1917594

thank fuck were talking about what she did to jack, this thread aged well
> total cow

No. 1917596

nah she deserves those videos she pisses me off so much like you can just tell she's a braindead bimbo. jack's second channel bit went on wayyy too long which was kinda weird but he has a point so who fucking cares(sage your shit)

No. 1917611

dudes would fuck a chicken sandwhich and you think the moid who obsessively watched hundreds of hours of this woman wasn't using his penis? i don't know what to tell you, anybody with eyes and half a braincell can understand what's up, all questions of morality aside, this guy put more effort into getting this woman's attention than most women ever get. He has a massive hateboner and got off on profiting and commenting on her every move, just to feel like he had some say in her life. I don't know who this bitch is but she didn't commit a crime, stop being a dumbass
sage goes in the email field

No. 1917625


I fucking swear this looks like the same person trying to argue both extremes in the most annoying way possible.

No. 1917633

Ewww that girl is stinky

No. 1917675

>got off
Take some meds if you looked at this situation and thought he gets off to sniper lol

No. 1917677

Might want to look up California law in regards to people going out of their way to POST a private address that isn't theirs. It is illegal. This isn't a silly goofy accident and just driving around taking photos of homes. This was with malicious intent to cause Jack, and his WIFE, harm. Not sure how got think a random google search without doxxing context proves anything.

This would be like if lolcow posted a photo of your house to the site. Yeah your house is in the public, but you didn't put your adress out there for lolcow to just randomly post. That puts you in danger and is doxxing because you don't go out of your way to tell people where you live. This is basic stuff, anon. Don't be stupid.

She also has 100s of videos of stolen content and not by accident. Might want to look at any info at all, anon. He doesn't even have close to 100 videos of her and this started 2 months ago. Are you the one who said this was been going on for a year? If you aren't going to do the work of reading the milk, don't bother posting wrong info.

No. 1917679

File: 1697985560642.jpg (725.13 KB, 1080x1995, Screenshot_20231022_073741_You…)

He has 64 videos total starting 11 months ago, only 2 months ago did it start involving sniperwolf. He did this same critiquing with other youtubers too. She egged him onz of course he'd keep it up. She even tried to get momokun involved who only taunted him more.

No. 1917681

Just to add, lia didn't care until people started copyright striking parts of her videos at jack's suggestions and that's why she doxxed him. She lost time on 8 minute videos which demonetized those videos. She was salty people who listen to him actually went through with complaining about their stolen content.

No. 1917682

Everything he critiqued, SSSniper posted publically online. So by your rhetoric, everyone on LC is just as grossly obsessed with their cows using public info

No. 1917722

> falsely accuses Jack of having loli porn and being a pervert with no proof

> Lia literally caught red handed profiting off sexually exploiting teens on Omegle MULTIPLE times

You can't just defend Lia because she's a girl and Jack is a guy. Lia is such a pick me she gets off on sexual attention, even from kids. Who the fuck needs validation from children. Lia is worse than the moid in this case.
Cope harder

To add Jack has been online for over a decade and he's done nothing wrong. sniperwolf has a long ass list of shit she did wrong including literal crimes. Don't try to paint her pedo racist ass as better

No. 1917777

>the entire formatting of that post
learn to fucking integrate you retard(infighting)

No. 1917786

Sorry someone called out your queen for being worse than a moid

No. 1917854

File: 1698009445675.png (120.16 KB, 1194x363, when cows colide.png)

can the jack dick sucker realise that not liking the moid and thinking he's an obsessed weirdo doesn't mean we're on lia's side ffs. Go make a "rave" thread for him on gurugossip if you need to dick his suck this hard. Keep this thread just about her and not defending the stupid moid and what he thinks. She's milky without giving a shit about genderbent joy sparkles. The comparison really is accurate and nobody was retarded enough to think laughing at joy meant we liked greg.
>falsely accuses Jack of having loli porn and being a pervert with no proof
Congratulations on making a useless post dick sucking jack and not providing milk. I went looking and couldn't find where she posted this on twitter or instagram so hopefully you can find it. Did see this though, have to laugh at the thought of grimes getting high and just watching fake reacts. Moo is following her too but I think that had been posted before.

No. 1917883

Seems anons have a nuetral opinion on Jack. More like people are saying it was fucked up that Lia doxxed him and other anons are saying he deserves it. People just shit on him because "moid".

Anon was also referring to anon posts where they compared Jack to moids who would "fuck a chicken sandwich" and saying he wants to fuck Lia
> anyone lowering themselves to defend a moid, get real
All of your arguments are invalid. People shitting on Jack are just mad he's a man. That's literally it

No. 1917942

>Moo is following her too
Moo was at her birthday party this weekend

No. 1917996

Makes sense. They're basically alternate universe versions of each other. Moo is just lia if her youtube didn't pop off and had to be a fat only fans hoe.
Though must be rough to know you have to be friends with someone who wants to wear your skin and copies you. Watch Moo make another youtube channel doing what she does

No. 1918016

Imagine defending a pedophile because a moid said her videos are shit

No. 1918204

She was also with Sniper during the doxxing, she is in the background of her photoshoot dressing room photos >>>/pt/920876 That rat nest of a hair and that height is definitely her. These two probably gassed each other up.

No. 1918379

Didn't Moo also get people to fuck up KBBQ's place as well? She's such a bad influence. If Moo did gas her up then it was a mistake that cost thousands.
I mean, not like thousands mean anything to Lia. But I would def stop hanging out with Moo lol

No. 1918408

I can understand why Lia is "friends" with Moo. If you dumb yourself down it's as simple as Moo is the fat ugly friend. The only time Lia gave Moo a gift it was a bowl. Such a passive agressive gift tbh.

No. 1918494

Given that she was actively making fun of the guy and shifting blame right up until her shit got demonetized, yeah, this is pretty transparently a fake apology. Normally I try not to discount apologies like this, but the timing is terrible and she couldn't even be assed to post it on other platforms. The also isn't apologizing for the other issues at hand, like the theft and creeping on middle schoolers.

No. 1918495

>Moo is just Lia if her youtube didn't pop off and had to be a fat only fans hoe.
Couldn't have said it better myself. They're both perpetual high school mean girls with tons of plastic surgery who constantly pull grifts because they're bippies allergic to actual work. Stick Lia in a fatsuit and you've got Moo.

No. 1918516

Lia's sister was there that night too. Pretty funny that Lia needed a squad to go beat up a scrawny pile of bones like Jack, and when he didn't engage, she tried to call him the coward that can't fight.

No. 1918583

posting for posterity. she should have been "cancelled" around this time but youtube loves their cash cow and coomers love being cucked.
RIP sylvibot's channel, I wonder where she went (and why)

No. 1918777

It was proven she used Chat GPT to write the apology for her. Girl really can't do anything on her own

No. 1918929

That's actually bullshit. A post on Kiwi Farms shows the screenshot of the results was taken directly from an ad for the software. She fucked up but people are acting like retards about this whole thing claiming she's a Nazi, etc.(this is an image board. post caps)

No. 1918933

She's friend with Moo. Wouldn't be surprised if she's just like her and Kevin.

No. 1919188

the fuck you talking about? Take your meds

Also I need to find it. But sssniperwolf doxxed someone before. It was like 7 years ago. The guy had less than 5k subs and made a video saying her game play was faked. She sent a fake claim against the video to get this guys personal info and posted it on youtube.

I just never paid attention to her before because, why? She seemed like an insufferable bitch. Glad to see I was spot on

No. 1919467

File: 1698302587298.jpg (350.35 KB, 888x1485, sssobbingwolf.jpg)

"Be nice to me you guys, nothing is my fault because my mental health was declining so I shouldn't have to face consequences of my actions!"

No. 1919496

I thought her perpetual potato facial expression was because of the plastic surgery but I guess she was a natural born potato.

No. 1921267

So update which everyone knows. SSSniperwolf released a sad lil message to all of her socials saying for her mental health she has to take an extended break. She posted today anyway. She actually credited the creators she's taking content from, which is what people wanted this whole time.

However her lawsuit with her husband is on going and not looking good for her. Lia made claims that make no sense. Either way, she broke the cease fire agreement by not tarnishing the brands name. Her losing sponsers and shit doesn't look good on her and Sausage has proof he did most of the work. So by next year her ex will be taking half her cash. If Lia really fucks up he could take everything.(this is an image board. post caps)

No. 1921297


She's probably facing a lawsuit from Jacksfilms too. So whatever she has left after the Sausage lawsuit, a good chunk of that will probably be given to Jack. Not to mention that people have reported the Omegle CP videos, so now she's on the hook for that on top of everything else. No wonder her "mental health is declining", she thought she could get away with whatever she wants and now she's facing consequences for it.

No. 1921354

Well deserved. She's in her mid 30's still doing the high school mean girl act. Guess she'll have to go back to petty theft soon.

No. 1921362

Did she not post about it on her Twitter? All I see is the blurb from the 20th.

No. 1921454

There’s an ongoing lawsuit with her husband? Are they really broken up or another bullshit claim? He must’ve gotten tired of her shit. Saw the earlier posts mention that he cheated on her but who knows what’s factual by this point right

Ain’t it Funny how life works? One retarded picture/move took down a decade worth of work* and savings. Dumb girl(sage your shit)

No. 1921635

He filed first and its real. Do some research. This has been ongoing since 2022.

No. 1925666

Not sure about you guys, but I’m unironically becoming more of a fan of sssniperwolf’s the more I see this jackfilms guy act like a bitchass pussy along with his “fans”. these random losers posting videos regurgitating the same shit about wolf for cheap clout and views isn’t helping either. It’s become so annoying at this point that normalfags have moved on and don’t care anymore

No. 1925978

Jackfilms started it and sent a lot of harassment her way, a fact a lot of drama commentators omitted. Even though what she did was dumb I took immense pleasure in seeing a keyboard warrior get taken down a notch.

No. 1926038

True. The weirdo had made two months(maybe more) straight worth of videos on sssniperwolf alone thirsting for a response from her prior to the “doxxing”, which is an important detail never mentioned in these “news” channels or update videos.(I’ve blocked so many it’s ridiculous)

I agree, sssniperwolf is shitty but I’m really glad that jack spent the last few weeks cowering in fear (so he claims) while sssniperwolf is living and enjoying life. Wonder if he really will take her to court

No. 1926304

Apparently SSSniperwolf has been strategically skinwalking another Youtuber, Azzyland, for years.

No. 1926307

i literally thought they were the same person. wow.

No. 1926314

File: 1699587173308.jpeg (234.18 KB, 828x1472, CCCBA56F-9364-4E04-9529-2F2906…)

samefag but holy shit I need to tell you all that the clips comparing the house tour videos are wild

No. 1926332

Nah, internet stuff should stay in the internet. Do a video, write on an image board, shittalk back, but don't go to people's houses ffs(sage)

No. 1926351

What the actual fuck lol this bitch is full blown crazy what a narcissist

No. 1926373

File: 1699600954105.jpeg (274.09 KB, 828x1472, D38F65C0-E1F5-46D3-B623-FEA2DE…)

No. 1926375

File: 1699600983382.jpeg (283.9 KB, 828x1472, ED81A826-D347-47B6-88F7-6E8DB9…)

No. 1926376

File: 1699601028702.jpeg (266.07 KB, 828x1472, E5367436-7C8E-4F73-95F4-430DDA…)


No. 1926388

Literally do not see how anons defend her with this skinwalking and doxxing.

No. 1926389

I actually got chills looking at this and the comparisons below. I hate Sssniperwolf and don't need more reasons to find her creepy and insufferable, but this is a new level of psycho. I'll check out the video.

No. 1926393

Because she is female and he is male, it really is that simple for plenty of the dipshits speaking up

No. 1926413

KEK I came here so fast to see if other nonas had this vid recommended. She should actually be thrown into a mental hospital. The part with the Toronto accent is just the freaky cherry on top so far, and then Ssstalkerwolf tried to call out Azzy for doing it? God I hope she makes a response it would be so fucking funny.

No. 1926420

I honestly hope sssniperwolf is just the internets biggest troll. I have watched Azzy for years and she is wholesome and sweet. She is friends with Gloom. I only know sniperwolf because of dhaman and really wonder if they will drop her.(still hasn't learned how to sage)

No. 1926433

She literally is a pick me who hates other women and is a huge narcissist. Fuck this bitch

No. 1926463

File: 1699625562478.jpg (460.47 KB, 1079x1013, Screenshot_20231110_061126_X.j…)

It really is just so crazy just how much and how deeply she skinwalked and had the audacity to deny it when the proof is laid out like this. The Dexerto twitter just posted about it a little while ago so I'll be looking forward to seeing everyone continue to shit on her

No. 1926470

who also blatantly admitted to having no empathy (>>1926304 vidrel mentions it) and not caring if "you" (the viewer) dropped dead.
and you know momokun knows about this as they're bffs. cows of an udder flock toguther

No. 1926484

Hope you feel like a real retard now, anon. SSSniperwolf is trash and a misogynist and fake. Jackfilms called her out and did so properly, rallying victims of her theft to bolster his point. Now we have Azzyland saying the same, a genuine victim. You need better people to simp for.

No. 1926566

And tried to bribe children to twerk by saying she'd exchange their sexual dancing with uncovered tits she never actually flashed, and then blamed the children when the mother walked in the room. She's a psycho.

No. 1926608

File: 1699650024837.jpeg (705.55 KB, 828x1359, IMG_5521.jpeg)

SSSniperwolf responds to the azzyland skinwalking accusations…

No. 1926609

File: 1699650050341.jpeg (524.66 KB, 828x1074, IMG_5522.jpeg)

No. 1926618

File: 1699652297709.png (359.29 KB, 391x622, sssniperwolf.png)

Sssniperwolf using doctored screenshots in her response?

No. 1926632

Lia really doesn't have an original thought in her brain.

People who say they are fans of Lia because she went after one moid are stupid as fuck. Don't know how you can be a fan of a chick who attacks other women, hates on cancer patients, gets her rocks off to children, and skin walking another check.

Also how can she hate on other women who wear make up and get plastic surgery when she is literally trying to morph herself into Azzy?

No. 1926634

It doesn't look good because they're so obviously doctored and now everyone knows that her ex Sausage made all her content for her. She's good at faking everything she does. I don't even know why she even tries

No. 1926643

Also how would Azzyland notice that Sssniperwolf posted and then make a video a thumbnail to copy her in LIKE 10 MINUTES? Azzy is basically a content farmer but she seems like a normal-ass down to earth person, not a maniac like Lia or a witch that can stop time so she can do plagiarism.

No. 1926663

Anon tbh that's foolish. Someone showing up to your house after you posted on their thread one to many times would rattle you for at least a few weeks. Let's be real here. "I'm more of a fan of her" you're delusional, nonnie. Bitch, hates women and would spit in your face, she has admitted she struggles with empathy, there is are many reasons why so many people dislike her. It's not just "Oh I don't like her because she's a chick" and it's also not "Wow she's such a boss bitch for taking down the patriarchy by showing up at that misogynist Jacksfilm's house". Like, she is straight up just an actually not good person.

No. 1926672

I totally understand wanting to side with a woman over a man, but jacksfilms 2 month streak of videos/streams was not harrassment or even creepy and it's a massive reach to be upset about anything he did. He wasn't tagging her on every platform or tweeting at her to watch his stream or telling people to send the videos to her or harass her. It was the mildest snark content I've ever seen, Jack made no comments on Alia's appearance, no comments on her past or her various dramas, no sexist insinuations whatsoever. The chat in those streams wasn't even that edgy, it was positively lighthearted. If you really need a woman to be in solidarity with in this matter, might I suggest Jacksfilms' wife, who was also in the house when Alia was stalking Jack?

No. 1926676

That and he got popular for his parody content. What he did does count as parody, not has harassment. Lia also doesn't have a leg to stand on since she copied and reused Azzy's content. There is no way to defend her at this point.

Her ghosting a cancer patient (RIP), pretending she wasn't a porn thot in the past (Sexy Sexy Sniper), her lying that she was a gamer, Sausage being the one to make the channel, shitting on women who wear make up, shitting on other women in general, doxxing TWICE (she's done this before), telling people to kill themselves, and of course I just can't forgive anyone who pervs on children.

This isn't Lia vs some random moid. She has done more damage to other women. The Azzy shit is so unhinged.

No. 1926691

Nerdcity made a hit piece on sniper wolf years ago detailing a lot of her hatred towards other women and other aspects of her shitty behaviour. I don't believe Jack ever brought that up and for that reason i really don't get how anyone could defend her. The skinwalking and the fact that she sends hers fans to attack her means she is still the same nasty person she always was.

No. 1926693

File: 1699663595147.png (3.01 MB, 2556x1179, IMG_4732.png)

Idk if anyone has watched Nerd's video yet, but at one point, when Azzy is talking about her first interaction with Sssniper and how excited she was to have a gamer girl as a friend, she was told "you don't want to talk to Sssniper, she hates women"
No anon here should be siding with this misogynistic skinwalker

No. 1926696

>"I have screenshots of you uploading the same video as me MINUTES after I upload multiple on occasions"
KEK ok Azzyland is fucking psychic and can read sssniperwolf's mind to know what type of video to film and when to upload it.

No. 1926697

Anyone who is a content creator or follows content creators that over the age of 12 knows that it can take an hour to multiples hours for a video to upload. Azzy would've had to know the title long before it got posted to upload to closely to Sniper wolf's

No. 1926706

File: 1699665129354.png (288.24 KB, 665x463, sssniperwolf empathy.png)

1:20 in the Nerd City vid, from a 2021 SSSniperwolf video

>I never really talk about this because I feel like there's something wrong with me where to some degree I lack empathy. There are a lot of things I don't care about, things I probably should care about that I don't. Kind of like, if you didn't wake up tomorrow I also wouldn't care. I would just move on with my day. When something's useless, you throw it away.

No. 1926710

Here's an embed of the hitpiece from 2 years ago, since it was never posted itt.

No. 1926715

>you don't want to talk to Sssniper, she hates women
There isn't really anything to substantiate this, but I believe it. I get the exact same mean-girl, pickme vibes from Lia that I do from Moo. Idk if she'd go to the extent of actively bullying the women she's threatened by like Moo did, but I can easily imagine Lia throwing another woman under the bus for her own gain.

No. 1926722

The fact both Lia and Moo have told people to kill themselves and that people are disposable just speaks volumes. I think Lia's next thread should be in PT

No. 1926726

We've already seen Lia actively bully
Azzy had receipts for Lia putting down Azzy's appearance for the sake of it
And if you watch nerd's hit piece from 2021, he also shows a ton of receipts of Lia putting women down for getting work done to their bodies

No. 1926727

Youtube have struck channels for making more than one video critiquing someone (usually a troon) claiming targeted harassment. Jacksfilms made months worth and even started a separate channel to mock her and last I checked his subreddit is almost entirely made up of posts about her. No matter what you think of Sniper this is clearly an obsession by Jackfilms and his fans. Her videos have been flooded with dislikes and hate comments and her social media replies with her mugshot. There are no good guys in this situation.

No. 1926731

You need to look up what an obsession is
Jack wasn't obsessing over Lia or her body or her face
He was calling out her content theft and scummy greedy behavior and was doing it consistently hoping YT would notice and step in and punish Lia fairly as YT had punished other content creators for the same thing before
Jackfilms was calling out her theft and YT's favoritism
Stop defending this SELF ADMITTED psychopath

No. 1926735

Of course his subreddit is full of fans talking about Sssniperwolf, she was the theme of his recent content and also pulled up on his house looking to menace him. There's a lot to talk about! Quit complaining and enjoy the content, Lia is a cow and it's funny to see her being dragged.

No. 1926742

>Lia putting women down for getting work done to their bodies

That's just hard projection. She had so much work done to her body just so she doesn't have to look like an anorexic witch. Just scrolling up the thread you can see why no one gave a shit about her before all the surgeries. Bitch was beyond average looking.

No. 1926748

It's still an example of her putting women down I never saw her getting on men for taking roids or whatever

No. 1926762

I think nona is saying that Sssniperwolf is projecting, not you.

No. 1926765

This is next level skinwalking, like kittimei/emmalee type shit

No. 1926767

You're right, apologies nonnas

No. 1926798

Also Jacksfilms made separate channels for different things. He already had two channels to separate his skits from his fan contribution videos. He made a separate channel for the SSSniperwolf shit so fans who don't care about it wouldn't have to shuffle through those videos to see his regular stuff. It wasn't because of an obsession it was so his fans could subscribe to the types of videos they wanted to see.

No. 1926847

Alright hear me out this might be stretch BUT,

We know with certainty through the documents provided in the evan lawsuit that he was solely responsible for creating and leading the content uploaded in the sssniperwolf channel with Alia providing commentary and being just a face for the camera(rumors being that she didn’t even watch videos and read scripts) Could it be that MAYBE ok just MAYBE because of this, that she really wasn’t aware of the azzyland similarities and she genuinely thought that she was being copied instead of the other way around?

The problem I have with that nerdcity video is that it glazes through the copycat videos and jumps all over the place leading viewers(and you itt) believing azzyland is a pure saint despite having skeletons in the closet as well. That video halfway through becomes a bias hit piece intended for quick views. Wasn’t there any way for him to have sausage or digital next be in the video to provide info in regards to the azzyland situation instead of just having azzyland herself? Again, it’s a stretch but I’m just saying this because a lot of you itt seem only hellbent in destroying Alia (whether deserving of it or not) instead of trying to gather info from both sides

No. 1926871

Making 60+ videos isn't obsession? Also how is saying there are no good guys in the situation between her and Jacksfilms defending her? Seems you're the one who has trouble with definitions. As for Sniper she's a sociopath if anything.

No. 1926916

She was aware because she constantly commented on it to try to make it seem like she was a victim of being copied in several instances unprovoked. The video wasn’t a hit piece and Azzyland straight up said she wanted to be friends with her from the beginning.

No. 1926918

Obsession has a connotation that implies he could have hurt/confronted her in a dangerous way. If you wanna say Jack is obsessed with keeping the place that provides his living fair and not celebrating a thief and a skinwalker, then fine, but he had no intention to dox Sniper Wolf like she did to him
He was a dedicated protestor

No. 1926921

What a brain dead take anon
You don't need to bring in other sides with the receipts nerd city had
It was about Sniper wolf skinwalking, skeletons in the closet don't matter because he didn't touch on any of the things Sniper Wolf has done that makes her shit like he didn't bring up the recent doxxing of jacks films and he didn't emphasize her lawsuit with sausage this video was only about skinwalking
Stop grasping for straws, Sniper wolf is a deranged creep show art minus stealing SA claims

No. 1926938

Almost all of those videos were just uploads of certain things from his streams, usually bingo games. I agree that he went overboard with it, but I don't think he's in the wrong.

No. 1926947

What skeletons does Azzy have in the closet?

No. 1926955

not as bad as sssniperwolf
just a thot who also steals content and is mid.
but that isn't a crime(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1927131


He definitely went overboard with it, but people act like he spent every day obsessively recording videos on her. But you got it right, in reality he was taking his Twitch streams and slicing them into individual videos. That's why his video thumbnails show him wearing the same shirt 3-5 days in a row, because he's taking 3+ hour streams and making multiple videos out of them.

No. 1927509

As much as Jacksfilm probably did feel like he was threatened, you never turn down free publicity. Especially if you can shit on someone else in the process.

No. 1927522

nah it's not only that. I won't say I support doxing (crime) but I randomly came across the whole drama because of some really low-sub-count youtuber simping for jacksfilms, which made me look go to his channel (I unsubbed from him long ago) and see his american-psycho levels of obsession with her. I didn't even know much about sniperwolf besides her being a low-value content creator/dime a dozen titty streamer. So I agree with nonnies who are saying he deserved some pushback because he absolutely did. That being said, I also saw the nerdcity video today and it was really disgusting. I actually think this is what should be really focused on because Azzy absolutely deserved none of what she's been getting, she seems like such a nice person. Sage for sperging but I wanted to provide some different perspective

No. 1927642


Jacksfilms shouldn't have been doxxed, but his biggest problem was nobody was there to tell him to pull it back a little. Even if all he was doing was taking a livestream and making days worth of videos out of it, the fact that only a few people could tell that's what he did made him look like he was spending every day thinking up videos to make on her. I will say though, whatever anyone feels about the doxxing, he opened up a can of worms by making more people look at her in a more critical way instead of just saying "oh, it's just another reaction channel". Now all her shitty actions are being exposed.

No. 1927733

Who died and made him the sheriff of Youtube? The reason Youtube let her off the hook is the amount of money she brings in. If she and that money is gone I have no doubt creators will be the ones to wear the brunt. Once again not defending what she did cause it was capital D dumb but everyone championing Jacksfilms, especially the drama channels, are being very short sighted.

There were people starting to talk about him coming off as obsessive and creepy but Sniper's stunt created a both sides scenario. She really should have just let it be but I'm getting the feeling she has some real emotional problems.

No. 1928340

It's going to be a little interesting what the new year will bring. Her name and rep is in the mud. All her shitty past and present behavior is being exposed daily. YouTube will have a hard time promoting her. I'm guessing they're hoping it'll blow over or if they're going to replace her with another content farm channel with a cleaner rep.

No. 1928349

File: 1699976980791.jpg (537.73 KB, 1080x2316, Shitforbrains.jpg)

She's a coward lol Looks like she's locking her socials up because she knows she's in the wrong

No. 1928364

She’s so weird, I wonder if she’s actually psycho, or if she’s just a weird attention whore who pretends to be. I knew a girl who said she was totally a diagnosed psychopath and she kinda reminded me of sniperwolf

No. 1928376

She’ll recover from this and you know it
Are you retarded? A Coward, really? I don’t like her but this whole debacle has become so fucking cringe that I don’t blame her. It must have been annoying seeing reddit tier people threatening her on every post she made and mentioning jacksfilm to justify it

This issue needs to be resolved with already. Either she gets banned, youtube directly addresses it themselves or jackfilms creates a video to tell these idiots to stop with the threats. It’s making him look like a fool through association

No. 1928379

This isn't even just about JacksFilms lol Did you miss the whole thing about the lawsuit with her ex, meaning video editors probably hate her too? How about the other thot's simps too? Anon, there are a lot of people who hate Lia, but her tweets have been used in YouTube videos. She's trying to block people from using her stuff against her or even using it at all. If this was about scary threats, she would have her Instagrams private too, or her Reddit, all YouTube comments turned off.. which isn't the case. She is a coward. No whiteknighting from you changes that.

No. 1928381

There is no way she didn't know what she was doing when she bought the same exact red dress in that one video and has talked about the girl before, basically acknowledging her existence. Clear cut skinwalking and there is no way around it. She is a crazy narcissist who's trying to gaslight people and failing rlly rlly hard. I'm just excited that there's probably something else she's hiding and it'll be super milky, I love these types of cows the most.

No. 1928382

She's just a skinny Momokun. The milk always flows with them, it's fantastic.

No. 1928731

She's been receiving almost non stop harassment since Jacksfilms started his little crusade. The kind John Flynt could only dream of. That's why I can't stand people championing Jacksfilms. There are tons of Youtubers who make the exact same content (who only started crediting after Sniper did) many of which piled on and drama channels who pal around with people who make the exact same content. Oompaville did a couple of videos with Kallmekris. Check her channel. Exact same shit. The whole thing is stupid and petty.

No. 1928761

Does anyone else kinda see Daniel Larson in her face

No. 1928839

Holy fuck, nonna, how many times will you bring up this brain dead point? She was breaking community guidelines and STEALING THE CONTENT OF OTHER CREATORS while making a profit. wtf do you want people to do to get people like Lia held accountable? Do you want them to picket YT HQ? Do you want them to spam YT Twitter and be ignored? There's literally nothing else people can do to keep the YT community free of thieving shit stains like her. Shut the actual fuck up. He went after her content and only her content and he did it in the only way he could - using his platform, streaming, and broadcasting the stories of the people WHO LIA STOLE FROM. Stop sucking her clit and open your eyes to the fact that she could have stopped the harassment day one if she had just CREDITED THE PEOPLE SHE STOLE FROM INSTEAD OF CROPPING OUT THEIR USERNAME

No. 1928879

You sound like an unhinged moron. That anon you responded is not the only person thats noticed people being idiots on her posts, ever thought about that? As someone mentioned, normal people in general have all sided with her by now and have already forgotten/moved on from this ordeal after noticing how stupid and cringe losers were in her social media. Only weirdos like you are still dragging it on for views and money in hopes of what exactly? She’s essentially been deplatformed (videos no longer recognized) she has been demonetized and lost a great number of her community. That alone means “justice” has been done, but you’re still crying. Why don’t you tell us what you really want you fucking pathetic psycho

“Muh stolen content” how many times are you going to bring this up? You’re acting as if jacksfilms isn’t guilty of doing the same. Reacting when you’re getting paid for it in general is content stealing period, no matter how hard you try to justify it, or cope doing so by adding random names in the description or video itself(which aren’t original creators btw)


No. 1928919

File: 1700070460938.png (926.61 KB, 1363x1079, 1000018932.png)

keep defending this weird skinwalking pedo, it's really funny. All you have is that he "harassed" her "obsessively", that's like if you came in here on any of the threads and told everyone that they're just obsessed bullies kek. He has done way less than any of the people on lc do anyways. If anything he brought us good milk through his actions, I commend him. She is everything wrong with YouTube if you think about it. Random retard getting millions off of just gaping her mouth at video clips that even Ray William Johnson in the past had actual scripts, jokes, production etc unlike her kek. The fact that she was also a "gamer girl" who eventually was caught faking most of her shit is just extra pathetic. Literally everything wrong with the platform and yet celebrated by it all the same. It's so so funny seeing her downfall(infighting)

No. 1928947

You sound angry. Keep coping with your life
Not reading all of that lol(infighting)

No. 1929114

It's like the anons who sided with Amber Heard all over again. I can't tell if it's trolling, but might as well be. Sniper, in any situation regarding other women, Jack, or even her ex, has done every single one of them dirty. She's a shitty person. There's no way to defend her and aside from JacksFilms, he isn't and wasn't the only one who has been criticizing her content for over a year. Jack has done it just within the past few months, not even 3 months. Just because one guy was the most prolific, doesn't mean that other creators weren't and haven't been shitting on her. Now, aside from him, you have tons more YouTubers getting in on the situation and making videos about it. Lia is scared shitless because she thought Jack had no fanbase, but he's an OG YouTuber. She fucked up, she deserves all monetization to be gone forever. Not long until she does OnlyFans now.

No. 1929203


>Just because one guy was the most prolific, doesn't mean that other creators weren't and haven't been shitting on her. Now, aside from him, you have tons more YouTubers getting in on the situation and making videos about it.

That's what makes it funny. Lia's been able to ignore the other people criticizing her because they were smaller names and their voices weren't being heard. Jacksfilms is a long-running channel with a larger following so he was actually getting the criticism of Lia the attention it needed, and as a result, the people who made the original content Lia stole started copyright claiming her videos and she was losing monetization because of that. Lia tried fear-mongering Jack into backing down, and and even if he did dip out of his criticizing video series, he put a target on her that got other bigger name Youtubers looking into her past and present actions.

No. 1929221

>It's like the anons who sided with Amber Heard all over again.
You were actually on Johnny's Depp's side?(derailing)

No. 1929365

depp and heard was a totally different situation. it was a classic case of DARVO and if you actually looked into the evidence yourself instead of just believing all the youtube videos and tiktoks from bot farms with titles like "johnny depp's lawyer DESTROYS amber heard for 5 minutes" it was easy to see that pretty much everything he accused her was something he had done to her and was just projecting onto her.

lia on the other hand, is verifiably an awful person. nobody framed her as a content thief, paedophile, has doxxed someone, and the proof of that comes from her own videos and social media, not clips of her talking taken wildly out of context that if you listen to the full versions shows she was actually the innocent party(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1929633

Youre defending a pedophile.

No. 1930769

the weirdest part to me is the accent copying.
its stupid but i can at least GET the idea "oh if i copy her content I'll get views too" but to copy someone all the the way to how they talk is unhinged to me

No. 1931111


KallmeKris is in a league of her own, Lia could never… KMK has a personality that is actually likaeble, shes funny, and shes actually beautiful. like naturally beautiful, not plastic or blow up doll looking. and shes transformative. we cant compare them(sage your wk-ing)

No. 1931115

Lets be perfectly honest. Azzy could have come out to say Lia copied her for liking pancakes and we would be on her side regargless. The reality is that Lia ruined her life and stole Azzys fans. So for as long as I see Azzys views suffering the thought of Lias channel doing well will make me sick. How she continues to post videos knowing what she did that to the poor girl is vile and shows her lack of human emotions like quilt or empathy.(sage)

No. 1931127

did you tag the wrong posts? amber isn't a pedo

No. 1933053

I like KallmeKris too (although I wish she'd knock off the accent shit) but the only difference between their content is the host. It's the same switch off your brain and relax shit and there's nothing wrong with that. No matter what you think of Sniper seems a bit fucked up to go after just one person for something half of Youtube does.

No. 1933057

Half of youtube didn't do half the shit she did.

No. 1934726

If anything good happened from this is at least her content isn't on recommended anymore.

No. 1934729


She's also filtering her video comments now. Her most recent video only has 30 comments, all in her favor, and any new comments are held for review. So now she has to approve her comments individually, and she's digging through her inbox looking for ass-kissing comments to post and declining the rest. She's desperate to hide what she did now that everything is being exposed.

No. 1944241

so after putting a bunch of puzzle pieces together i noticed Kris is trying to take Lia down.

A. So who is she dating? Oompaville. Who publically hates and has made multiple videos on sssniperwolf? oompaville. of course he wants his girl friend Kris to succeed and what better way than to tear down the competition.

B. Kris has blocked the word “sssniperwolf” in her comments. they have never had any public beef, so its because she doesnt want to send any traffic to Lia. I couldnt find any other creator blocked in her comments.
Honestly I hope Kris wins. I know you think its the same content but it really isnt. Kris is transformative and Lia isnt. Kris adds value and comedy, and Lia just says some version of “damn thats crazy"

No. 1944699

KallmeKris is not tyring to take Lia down. Jfc, anon.

No. 1954069

Spoken like someone who's never actually watched one of her videos, just like most of the commentary channels who reported on it.

No. 1985032

Bumping this cuz after months some new shit finally happened, it’s all recapped more in the video but if you don’t wanna watch it:
>Lia and Evan/Sausage have broken up and Sausage is suing her for not sharing the money (this was briefly mentioned before)
>Lia is monetized again
>Azzyland (the girl Lia was ripping off) recently said Lia physically assaulted and tried to beat her also accusing her of faking her gameplay in the process (something Lia is now known to do)

No. 1985164

I remember this recap. She attacked Azzy because in 2018 Sniperwolf was invited to a semi pro fortnight tournament. She came in dead last and all she did was instantly die each round. Sausage and her were screaming because it exposed she wasn't a gamer. She then went after Azzy.

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