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File: 1534362757071.png (523.04 KB, 558x834, 1524710550347.png)

No. 665451

Anti-SJW YouTuber known for constant whining about being "not like other transgirls!!" and shitting on other people for their looks despite the fact that he hides behind filters, angles, padding and makeup to disguise how hideous and masculine he actually is.

He has anti-feminist views because he believes people treat him better as a "woman" yet he still looks like an obvious man so in actuality he has no idea what it's like to be treated as female.

Whilst being emotional like a pubescent child and having the intellectual capacity of a tuna sandwich, Blaire has managed to amass "fans" simply for being an alt-right scrotum-sucker whose only purpose is to be a token for conservatives and MRA's to shit on women and the LGBT community.

He has a tendency to ride other people's coattails for fame and attention.

First/previous thread: >>>/snow/192045

SNAPCHAT: imblairewhite

No. 665876

Great description. Blaire crapping on people’s looks (on Twitter, on livestreams) is actually what made me stop liking him/watching him. He always makes fun of how others look yet is not too hot himself. If he was hot I don’t think I’d be as annoyed cuz atleast he wouldn’t be being hypocritical.

No. 666331

File: 1534439391284.jpg (124.07 KB, 676x934, tuck that schlong.jpg)

he literally gives no shits about his dick being seen, eh?
why did he have all those botched surgeries then?

No. 666345

What's with everyone on this site misgendering people?

No. 666352

Christ, he looks like a caveman in drag

No. 666353

File: 1534441655278.png (642.12 KB, 462x833, a man with plastic hard ons.PN…)

>What's with everyone on this site correctly gendering Trans Identifying Males?

idk fam, it's just reality and respect i guess.

No. 666357

Fucking ew, lol.

No. 666365

unfortunately we're crawling with TERFs, usually they keep their sperging in threads on trans women but occasionally they'll leak out, just like the anachans here who project their severe BDD onto all the cows.

No. 666389

back to tumblr/begone troon

No. 666444

go cry in your gynocentric wombyn's discord vagina harpy

No. 666486

Can you guys take your sjw faggotry elsewhere? Are you only here to ree about his problematic politics?

No. 666506

I’m not a feminist at all and I say he. I don’t see Blaire as a woman and according to Blaire himself we should only use preferred pronouns for people if we see them as women naturally. Just like how liberals think everyone who is conservative is a nazi, the ppl like you on this site think everyone who calls Blaire a he is a TERF.

No. 666514


Why is she posing kind of hunched and making that face? Is she trying to look hot? It’s not working..

No. 666555

The fact that Blaire would do this to Jacklyn knowing her self esteem issues really shows you what kind of a friend Blaire is. Basically a colossal cunt, ironic seeing as she was super quick to comment on Social Repose's video defending Jacklyn yet isn't much better herself

No. 666678

She’s a horse face, like most trans are

No. 666685

Idk I think Jaclyn was enjoying that way too much. It seemed like she wanted people to choose her. I can't imagine why. I guess because being a tran is cool?

No. 666693

Jaclyn always stuck up for transgenders a lot even before she was friends with Blaire. She likes trans so much I think she viewed it as some kind of charity work. Or she was over compensating pretending to be happy so that ppl wouldn’t think that she was mad about being called basically a man.

No. 667494

True, Jacklyn always acted very histrionic. She wants attention even if it's bad. But still, a good friend wouldn't do that to someone they cared about and worried for their self esteem. Honestly I'd ask what's up if I thought my friend got off to being humiliated in daily life. But seeing as Blaire apparently talks to Shane fucking Dawson of all people for advice, she probably doesn't know the first thing about actually helping others or good mental health

No. 667532

Honestly Jaclyn loved the drama when SR cheated on her… They made videos about each other for like one year kek. I'm kinda shocked that people didn't see through Robbie's uncanny valley face and voice though. Either way, Jaclyn is pretty af and definitely not manly

No. 667548

Wdym? Jaclyn and SR 100% looksmatched eachother and the fact that literally anyone bet on robbie being the girl over her in that video should speak volumes about her femininity. She's average at best and pretty masculine, don't wk her.

No. 667567

Agree, she’s average. Hypothetically if Jaclyn revealed that she was born a man it would be easy to believe looks wise. Her voice is the only thing that is obviously feminine.

No. 667639

Fr. OT, but I never understood the "non-passing cis woman" meme trannies spread. I get that it's based on nothing but jealousy and spite anyways, but the real manly, trans-looking women they're talking about are never "terfs," they always end up being libfem handmaidens like jg, shoe and most of her female followers, etc. They're accidentally biting the hands that feed.

No. 667665

Oh I just genuinely think Jaclyn is average and kind of masculine looking. Im not a trans or a handmaiden. Blaire obviously looks trans and unfeminen so if ppl are picking Blaire as the real woman that confirms what I said about Jaclyn being average and not too feminine looking. She has sharp harsh features, is very tall, and skinny with minimal curves. That is what makes her look like she could’ve been a man. I don’t see how anyone would be jealous of that.

No. 667705

>Oh I just genuinely think Jaclyn is average and kind of masculine looking. Im not a trans or a handmaiden.
Ik, same here. I was just saying it's weird how some troons try to jab at normal-looking gc women by acting like they're masculine and "non-passing" when the actual masculine, "non-passing cis" women they're talking about tend to be their supporters (i.e. Jaclyn). Sorry if I worded it weird.

No. 667868

Ohh I see what your saying. Sorry, misunderstood. Yeah I totally agree. That reminds me, I have noticed a lot of the attractive biological women aren’t into the whole trans being cool trend but the more unnatractive cis women are. I noticed a lot of Blaire’s closeted gay male fans say things like “all the girls who dislike Blaire are just ugly and bitter” when in reality it’s the attractive girls who aren’t into closet gay guy tranny chasers or Blaire, and it’s the ugly or average women who are most likely to be Blaire supporters. They really have it backwards.

No. 668930

File: 1534788317831.png (86.96 KB, 791x615, desperation.PNG)

Anyone notice how Blaire keeps desperately tweeting at Jeffree Star for a collab but Jeffree's obviously ignoring him? Some of the tweets he even deleted, possibly out of embarrassment. I'm not even a huge fan of Jeffree's but man is it hilarious seeing him give Blaire the cold shoulder.

Jaclyn is a fucking 30-year-old woman. If she's uncomfortable with something she should be able to put on her big girl panties and say no. If not then she needs to grow the hell up, don't feel sorry for her.

No. 668936

File: 1534789549561.jpg (35.08 KB, 370x293, maxresdefault.jpg)

Its always the ones with the fucked up faces who try and drag others for their looks, i can see why him and shoe are such butt buddies.

No. 668937

Trust me, I do not feel sorry for her. Or like her honestly, my point was just that a good friend wouldn't do this to their girl. Blaire is anyways, knowing Jaclyn has insecurities and issues, and that says a lot about her character
Also Blaire is not gonna get Jeffree to like her. She's super alt-right and likely doesn't like someone like Jeffree who doesn't give a shit about gender norms. Or at least if Blaire does, it's as an exception to her rules which he'll see right through and ignore (if he has any sense at least). Tbh, her simply being pro Trump and anti mental health would be enough for him to forget her. It's quite funny to watch Blaire think she can say what she wants and the people in the groups she hates on will still like her if she likes that individual

No. 668969

>Also Blaire is not gonna get Jeffree to like her. She's super alt-right and likely doesn't like someone like Jeffree who doesn't give a shit about gender norms. Or at least if Blaire does, it's as an exception to her rules which he'll see right through and ignore (if he has any sense at least).
Yes, also Jeffree's had a lot of "friendships" with people who turned out to be toxic so I wouldn't be surprised if he's super cautious now. Not saying he's perfectly innocent in all those cases but if you've had as much drama in your life as him, would you really be open to befriend someone like Blaire? Blaire has caused all sorts of drama and chaos.

No. 669020

This is a radical feminist board. Blaire ROBBIE White is a man. He will never be a woman. "MISGENDERING" ? Don't you trannies love him because he is such an anti "special snowflake"? Because he is not like other trannies? Get used to the misgendering then.

Or go back to 4chan TiMmy tranny hub aka /LGBT/

No. 669027

>This is a radical feminist board.
There's a high population of radfems here but that doesn't mean lolcow is a radical feminist website, anon. No where in the rules does it state that you have to be a radical feminist or call trannies by their birth pronouns to post here.

Otherwise I agree with you.

No. 669045

jaclyn is a cunt who has had no problems shitting on other women when it suits her, so I have no sympathy for her either.

No. 669046

Pretty sure they are joking anon

No. 669050

File: 1534798029938.png (54.09 KB, 781x414, Capture.PNG)

Yes, the constant whiteknighting, retweeting and shoving yourself in drama that doesn't involve you will surely make Jeffree want to be your bestie, Blaire.

Imagine being this much of an irrelevant loser.

No. 669054

File: 1534798313529.png (68.44 KB, 792x440, gjhkl;'.PNG)

She's harassing James Charles too. Like it is so obvious she just wants to leech fame off of them instead of wanting to genuinely be their friend.

No. 669071

Actually I wasn't joking. Blaire ROBBIE White is a renegade right? He marketed himself as a conservative troon who doesn't care about those dumb sjw pronouns or safe spaces. Why should we offer him the same courtesy? He has said himself it is unreasonable to use she/her pronouns on Timmy's who don't "pass." As it so happens, Blaire Robbie White does not pass. As it so happens, there are 0 troons who pass. He played himself.

Yeah you are right. My error then.

He probably wants to fuck James with his feminine cock. Gay men are the ultimate sexual deviants. This is how they get down.

Robbie only tries to hit up gay men for him and Joey's orgy

No. 669243

Why is Blaire tweeting jeffree? She tweeted that he was an ugly faggot a few month ago, did she forget? She had made fun of him on live streams to. He probably blocked her cuz she has made several mean tweets about him in the past. Now that he’s “cool” again after the Shane series she’s tweeting him?

No. 669763

File: 1534880605084.jpg (136.72 KB, 1210x559, Blaire calling Jeffree ugly.jp…)

I'm thankful as fuck I saved caps because she did go on a deleting spree of hateful tweets. Pic related was deleted but still popped up as a Google result for a short while, now it's gone.

No. 669770

File: 1534880846639.jpg (212.22 KB, 1190x1280, Blaire throwing Jeffree under …)

And here's a snippet of a conversation that was partially deleted (now fully deleted) where she was trying to throw him under the bus for being more racist than her.

Goes to show you what a fake, hypocritical bitch Blaire is. >>669243 hit the nail on the head by saying she's only sucking up to him because he's more popular now and she can leech fame off of him. I really do hope for Jeffree's sake that he never gives this two-faced cunt the time of day, but sadly they have a mutual friend (Shane) and we all know how much Shane loves introducing people and setting up blind dates.

No. 669776

File: 1534880991365.png (30.45 KB, 605x279, 85v71x5.png)

Here's the cached version. Funny how this comes out after she was dragging other Youtubers for being fake, two-faced, etc. She's so desperate for fame.


No. 669784

Based anon, do you have the rest of this conversation >>669770 ? I admit I'm retarded and don't know how to search for this kind of thing.

No. 669791

File: 1534881666609.png (83.26 KB, 622x516, tTKqeLY.png)

This is all I could find.

I just Googled "jeffree site:twitter.com/msblairewhite" Just click the green arrow to get the cached version. There's probably a bunch of messy tweets you could dig through.

No. 669796

*calling white women niggers
If she had actually watched the video she’s bitching about, she would’ve seen that he called a group of about 3 girls and 2 guys (all white people) the n word. Not a “black woman”.

Stay misinformed Blaire, just like her debates lol

No. 669802

File: 1534882848968.png (74.45 KB, 782x565, kjdlk.PNG)

She was talking lots of shit on July 9th. Looks like she forgot to delete this tweet tho…

No. 669803

>Can you guys take your sjw faggotry elsewhere? Are you only here to ree about his problematic politics?

Aren't politic views that they do not agree with the reason of existence of this threads in the first pace?

No. 669804

> Just like how USA neoliberals think everyone who is conservative is a nazi


No. 669807

The idiot really doesn't get it does she? Calling someone the n word isn't the only possible way to be racist. Just cause Trump hasn't publicly called people racial slurs doesn't mean he isn't racist against mexicans nor that he doesn't hate poor Muslims who don't finance his businesses. So fucking stupid. Actions speak louder than words

No. 669846

Maybe, but I'm pretty sure that's against the rules. A cow having political beliefs you don't agree with isn't milk. There are some actually milky things about him to discuss, which are what keep the thread from getting closed, but instead what we have here is a bunch of handmaidens crying about wrongthink and bumping the thread with it.

No. 669876

Blaire also said in a live stream that jeffree chased black women down the street screaming the n word at them. Like the other anon said, they where white women who were calling him derogatory things as well. It didn’t seem like he was chasing them in that vid either but just yelled it from far away. What’s ironic is that Blaire has said this while getting mad that ppl were “misinformed” about her.

Blaire always calls jeffree ugly. He is kind of weird looking but good looking at the same time and he is better looking than her. Before Blaire got her FFS I always thought she looked a lot like jeffree star. If you see pics of jeffree in full drag (wig/makeup) he looks like Blaire before FFS.

No. 670045

>She likes trans so much I think she viewed it as some kind of charity work.
Agree w this. Every time someone picked Jacklyn she would do something reassuring towards Blaire like a hip-bump as if to say, “Go u! U pass more than cis.”

Super awkward idea.

No. 671946

Unattractive women = want to be accepted so support anyone else wanting support (and trans feed on attention)

Attractive women = to a greater degree know the reality of being pressured to wear make-up, spend lots of time getting ready, being harassed, misogyny, etc. They know that trans "women" will never suffer that.

No. 673127

It’s always been obvious to me that trans women get work done to make their lower bodies curvier (since the curves always look sharp or don’t match the rest of their bodies kinda like the Kardashian’s curves) but a lot of people are naive enough to think hormones give trans women curves. Elle Bradford made a video before revealing that most trans women lie about getting hip and butt injections. Eden the doll just made a video about how her curves are fake getting hip and thigh injections. Blaire’s body is less feminine than those two but I wonder if she got injections too. It’s hard to tell because sometimes she looks straight up and down still but in pics with Eden she doesn’t. Hard to believe someone who puts THIS much work into just passing as female yet still comes up short (despite doing ALL that) can be so conceited or even dare make fun of others looks.

No. 674458

File: 1535390686479.jpg (55.23 KB, 634x736, eden.jpg)

Meanwhile in the end, Gabriel was the one who redeemed himself and was forgiven by Jeffree along with everyone else. How embarrassing.

That's why you don't publicly stick your nose in other peoples' drama. Also, notice how none of Jeffree's IRL friends said anything about that shitstorm. The only one who did say anything about it was Trish in her response video to Laura's apology but she mentioned in the beginning of her video that her intent was not to whiteknight Jeffree or make any mention of him. Everyone else was silent.

Anyone who believes Eden's hips are natural is an idiot. Pic related, you don't go from having a scrawny twink body to having birthing hips while the rest of you remains scrawny. Also Blaire didn't get injections, he uses cheap drag padding. On his Insta you can see that recent pic of him in the black swimsuit where he's still a hiplet.

No. 674460

File: 1535390773105.jpg (156.63 KB, 1080x1080, msblairewhite2133812886.jpg)

Pic related is the swimsuit pic I was referring to.

No. 674792

Yeah, I agree that anyone who thinks trans women’s hips are from hormones are complete idiots, and it turns out most ppl are. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen comments on Eden’s, Blaire’s or Elle’s past vids that claim they got their hips from hormones and waist training. It should be obvious by how weird and wonky the curves look that it’s not real.

No. 674793

Face looks like a dude here.

No. 688579

No. 688601

File: 1536990943102.jpeg (15.77 KB, 131x145, 7233448C-FCA4-49C2-8E94-67E80E…)


Face always looks like a dude

No. 688614

Trannies are so creepy.

No. 688668


Cry more, bitchboy.

They use the euphemism "expanded facial planes." It's just looking like man. Wearing women's clothes emphasizes manface, hilariously. Blaire's racist for copying Michael Jackson's face with surgery, tbhon.

No. 688704

>arguing with month-old comments

No. 688768


Eden already came out saying it’s illegal silicone injections in a video. It was pretty obvious they were but maybe it’s just because I’m from the LA area so you know what people will do for illegal cheap cosmetic surgery.

Blair’s very obviously wears butt and hip pads. Hence why she’s always shaped like a box in every swimsuit picture.

No. 688770



No. 688782

It's a real pity, he was such a good looking twink, now he looks like a silicone sex doll. He could have looked like a pretty girl without taking things that far.

No. 688791

if she saged, who cares?

No. 688800


Because it’s weak bait and should be shunned

No. 688824

I can’t believe how much better Blaire looked before the FFS… she looks bizarre now.

No. 688920

The more these people try to make themselves as women,the more they end up looking like monsters.

No. 689061

File: 1537052002783.jpeg (43.41 KB, 640x480, 1244EC2C-3C16-4B9B-8071-F17778…)

I feel so uncomfortable looking at Blaire’s face. It looks like a mish mash of different features all attempting to look human.

If any man could pass as a woman - it ain’t him.

No. 689140

Yikes, is the picture in OP before or after the ffs? That’s unfortunate.

No. 690550


No. 693366

And Blaire chose that as the thumbnail. Meaning she thought she looked good there? Yikes.

No. 693945

The refund gap here is insane. That is not normal. This tranny man needs to see Dr. Dubrow.

No. 693985

She’s got an unsightly amount of space between her breasts and a big space between her upper lip and nose. Does she just get plastic surgery to solely create a weirdly huge amount of distance between things?

No. 694799

File: 1537688589654.jpeg (142.48 KB, 653x551, 6F21312E-7347-4F0A-A226-645CDF…)

I’m just gonna leave this here.

Ft. Mayu on the right? Lmao

No. 694802

mayu on the right,
glitch in the matrix mayu out of drag 3 seats on the left of blaire

No. 694804

ok even with angles, there's no way you can make these shoulders >>694799 look like these shoulders >>674460

the shadow around his left side looks weird and off but idk enough about how shoop works to know what he did. farmers? did he paste a pic of his head and neck onto a zoomed out photos of his body or something?

No. 694810

What the absolute fuck is mayu wearing, a Jedi robe over a little black dress?

No. 694828

kek 'jedi robe'. i didnt realize he was so fat. literally looks like him and his escort are both competing to be the next Riff-Raff in their community theater Rocky Horror revival

No. 694884

Blair looks like a neanderthal Jeffree Star here, I'm dead.

No. 695130

File: 1537725578657.gif (1.93 MB, 1080x1229, 1537706361843.gif)


Blair shoops all the time. Here you go.
Shooped hip area,boobs, and face because blair's face is wide as shit, there's not much that can be done about that besides covering it was long full hair

Also >>694828 if you seriously thought mayu was thin you're insane. Look at those fat hands he has. that's the easiest way to clock someone. The big chubby face was a a give away too. Just cause he uses the meitu app to make his face thinner doesn't mean it can hide the fact that the hands belong to a hambeast.

No. 695133

What the fuck, how do you look more manly after ffs?

Robbie used to look passable from some angles and with the right contouring and light. Now he looks bad. His plastic surgeon botched him.

No. 695141

his implants look hard as rocks, my god. and that refund gap… sad!

No. 695167

File: 1537727941214.jpg (52.26 KB, 1024x759, rs_1024x759-170817123328-1024.…)

mayu's slaying that jedi inspired f/w look kek

No. 695169

silicone implanted on a male chest is always going to look fcking retarded

No. 695174

because a feminine man =/= a feminine woman

a feminine man still has mostly masculine features, but enough feminine ones that it's noticeable

if you take that same feminine man and put him in drag, you see a "woman" with mostly masculine features and only a few that even read as womanly. so a very manly woman at best. ffs won't change this fact unless you can successfully get rid of the appearance of ALL those male visual cues, which at this point is dangerous if not impossible

No. 695181

tru, tru. idk who mtfs think they're fooling… closeted gay dudes, retards, and drunk guys are the only ones who would buy it.

No. 695182

I think it was a bad nose job. Makes the lower half of Blaire’s face look more exaggerated.

No. 695456

where did you get that pic from? is there a video? if so, can you please link it?

also LMFAO at robbies BROAD linebacker shoulders!

No. 695460

rofl holyshit, Blaire looks so straight up dude without extreme shoop and lighting. MTFs can be spotted a mile away from real women.

Pretty much

No. 695556

the problem and the ones lying to them hardcore are bi men. honestly, i think bisexuals are such a big part of this. handmaidens, too, but closeted gay and bi men do nothing but chase and kiss their asses and lie to them about them looking so female and ofc the trannies believe it because theyre 'straight' men telling them so, when theyre obv bi

No. 695655


No. 695656

True. Closeted gay men tell trans that it doesn’t matter to them if they have a penis, and they don’t like it but are neutral about it. I don’t think trans women realize how much straight men love pussy because all the guys pretending to be straight tell them “it doesn’t matter”.

Some of these closeted men will say trans with a fake vagina have an even better one than a real vagina. This is another one of there kiss ass lies. I overheard some woman at the gym telling her friend about hooking up with trans women and how their vaginas are soft and smooshy feeling. How they don’t get as warm and are not tight AT all. She said they are so loose and soft. She was disturbed by it. I definitely believe that. So basically it’s bs that they can’t get vaginas that are “just as good” as a real

No. 695657

typo, i meant it’s bs that they think they can* get a fake vagina that’s the same as a real woman’s.

No. 696425

damn that makes sense. even if they got a small opening, i doubt it's connected to the pelvic muscles enough that you could clench it. so it's like a soft sock instead of, well, a pussy.
honestly it's like revenge for all the men who think a vagina is literally just a hole for dicks to fill and none of the other components matter. try making just a fuckhole and this is what happens.

No. 696438

I don't believe this is true, fake pussy has to be (painfully) dilated every day (literally forever) or that fucker closes up and becomes unusable (stenosis or collapse). Like if you take a piercing out, your body tries to close up a hole that isn't meant to be there and you fight that for the rest of your life.

No. 696443

Yeah but being "tight" because the tissue is in a permanent state of irritation isnt the same as having your cock gripped by muscle.

No. 696471


I remember Blaire telling Stef Sanjati that he looks like a linebacker. Talk about projection.

No. 696472

is it really projection when they both do look like linebackers though? he wasn't wrong.

No. 696505

When did this happen?
They both look like linebackers kek
Stef is annoying af

No. 696602


It happened on twitter. Stef was asked what she thought about Blaire or something and he said that he didn't like how mean Blaire was to people. Blaire responded by calling Stef a linebacker. I don't like either of them but at least Stef isn't running around insulting people on appearance flaws that he has himself.

No. 696616

I was wondering why some youtubers started referring to blaire as "blaire wide" now i know.

No. 696628

File: 1537898401668.jpg (352.81 KB, 2896x2896, 20180925_105932.jpg)

Wait which youtubers say that? That is hilarious.

And Robbie had the audacity to argue about pronoun usage calling himself passable. Such a hoot. What a delusional tranny.

No. 696657

yeah but tbh at least he's not advocating for kids going on the hormonies just to pass. considering he started post puberty, he looks ok, but doesn't truly pass by any means. he looks like a pretty guy dressing like a woman and that should be enough. if he's using his 'passable' status to advocate for not putting children on hormones, i think that's good.

No. 696684

I don't give a DAMN. The fuck? I do not care that he's not advocating hormones for kids. He is still violating women's spaces when he's a fucking linebacker. He needs to give it up and stop calling himself a woman. It's offensive to be honest. He is still a womanhating bitchboy who calls himself a woman.

No. 696720

Exactly, it’s good that Blaire is advocating for kids but that doesn’t make her any less of an annoyance or that we should give her a pass on anything else annoying/stupid she does.

No. 696727

Yes I saw this too, and I feel the same. I don’t like either of them but atleast stef isn’t being hypocritical and calling others linebackers. She actually looks smaller and more feminine (still manly though) than Blaire without filters etc. if you look up her interview without bright lights and filters with “Xtra” she actually looks a lot better than Blaire imo, irl. And ppl say she is smaller and prettier in person but with Blaire it’s the total opposite. Bigger and more manly in

After Blaire called stead line backer stef fans started insulting Blaire’s appearance and stef told them to stop. That’s pretty big of her.

There was also a video where Blaire called a woman she used to work with jealous because the woman kept accidentally calling her he (she saw what Blaire looked like in person and this was way before ffs, i don’t blame her for making that mistake) and Blaire said the woman was prob just jealous cuz her body was shaped like an iPhone. Um Blaire your fake padded hips don’t count as you being curvy. You are also shaped like an iPhone.

There was also a time on Twitter some black woman was being an asshole. And Blaire told her “I am a man and I look better than you!”. This woman was not my type of beautiful but she was pretty and had a shaved head. She had on no makeup. She looked feminine. Is Blaire kidding? If Blaire were to have a shaved head and no makeup like that black woman she would have looked like a man!! She can’t compare her full face of makeup and filters and long hair to a woman with a shaved head and no makeup, she is beyond ridiculous. She should have just called her an asshole instead of saying she looked better than her.

No. 696807

All that facial reconstruction surgery, and for what? Such have stayed a gay twink. rofl

No. 696830

This. FFS a condom is "tight" but guys don't cum from wearing one because there's not enough pressure. The pleasurable pressure comes from having strong pelvic floor muscles along with the vaginal canal and that can't be replicated on someone without a female body. Sorry boys!

No. 696837

I truly believe any gay men will sleep with a tranny. There's no way around that. They're men through and through.

No. 696864

Where does Robbie get his money from? It's so obvious him and Joey are sexual deviants. I read once on /r/traps that rich Chinese /Saudi businessmen love trannies. I think Robbie is pay for play.

It's disgusting him and Joey want a child. They would probably rape it tbh. Gay men are degenerate.

No. 696947

It could be men who are insecure about coming out as gay or bi, so they date trans instead of male identifying gay guys.

I also think men who like trans get turned on by the idea of a guy dressing as a woman. I don’t think they see them as real
women (as they claim), I mean who can actually see them as real woman? Pretty sure it’s just handmaidens lying and kissing ass and closet gay men pretending they see them as women. Literally no one else sees them as real women lol

No. 696949

Yeah, I wouldn’t trust men who are into trannies. What else kind of degeneracy are they into? If a man dressed as a woman turns them on, what other degeneracy turns them on? Those kinds that can get turned on by a man must get turned on very easily and must want to fuck anything and anyone.

No. 697006

>Stef Assjati

No. 697055

Oh hun, bi cow speaking here most of us like men who are men sorry :)

No. 697112

fyi you're a farmer not a cow (hopefully) but yeah i feel you. men and women have different sexual appeal to me and troons usually just look like wasted potential for a potentially hot person rather than ~best of both~

No. 697119

for real. this.

No. 697153

I’m straight and find a lot of real women attractive, beautiful and feminine but I don’t see trans women as that. So liking trans isn’t straight either. It’s more gay than straight. Or maybe it’s just a form of degeneracy or perversion.

No. 697533


Sorry, I meant to say he ofc.

No. 697609

File: 1537989442452.webm (2.78 MB, 640x1204, a-man-who-failed-to-dress-up-a…)


No. 697612

File: 1537989506366.jpg (81.29 KB, 500x334, 1503528635168.jpg)


No. 697617

He looks like a great value realdoll

No. 697625

You seem well-adjusted and healthy. Can I join your Bible group?

No. 697629

Notice how fucked up his zipper is. Women's jeans aren't meant to hold a penis. Why hasn't Robbie gotten the snip snip?

Robbie Blaire White uses the women's restroom even though women's restrooms don't have urinals in it. That doesn't seem very based or redpilled. Fucking big dick chimpanzee.

No. 697679

File: 1537994517815.jpeg (45.29 KB, 430x640, 4BEB816F-BC1D-4C28-9CF5-236DD5…)

Can you imagine paying what must have been pounds of cash to look more feminine and coming out twenty times worse than when you went in? He looks like a chimp or something, the philtrum is so long. I feel like he needs bigger lips or at the very least dark lipstick and some judicious overlining to split the difference, there’s something very uncanny valley about his face now.

Those bolt-ons, too.

Robbie was femme enough as a twink, but wow, this has to depress the shit out of him.

He’s no Tula. Even Tula needed the right angles tho.

No. 697692

Sure thing anon! Gay men are degen and pedos, imagine the gay shit Joey and Blair do in their bedroom. Fucking gross. And he wants to pay some poor women in a financially desperate place to have his spawn child, just like faggot Shane Dawson. This is peak clownworld.

No. 697974

Yes! I’ve akways thought Blaire looked very monkey-ish after the surgery.

No. 701563

It makes you wonder, is she trying to transition into a woman or into an ape?

No. 701962

Blaire’s friend Eden looks manly in her new video. Eden used to look more feminine I thought. Maybe Blaire’s wide-ness rubbed off on her. You could tell her gay friend in the video was genuinely attracted to her as he probably saw her as a man.

No. 706320

Was this literally all you two had to say about this video? This video is all about her talking about how the right wing community has fucked her over and how lots of them are shitty people and all you guys had to say was "she looks ugly."

No. 706340

Lol. This has got to be Robbie himself. Newsflash. You are just as fake you troon. You did the same thing in your video that you accuse others of doing. Keep dickriding yourself, Robbie. (literally lol)

No. 706344

It's about time they fucked him over. Hilarious that he thought they'd eat up that #notliketheothertroons shit forever (or more realistically, that anyone besides chasers liked him in the first place and now that they've started to get bored and move on he has no one to wk him from normal right wingers). No sympathy from me.

No. 706356

What a mess it looks like some Aliexpress sexdoll. Also not even tucking? Come fucking on this is a joke

Man I legit feel bad for actual trans. The "real" ones that just want to live their life quietly as their preferred gender. There are so so many fucking creeps in the trans community from what i've seen and weirdos/special snowflakes like Blaire. So much that everyone sees them all as fucking freaks like them.
I mean,it def is a mental illness and all, but damn they have to deal with that kind of image on top of being unhappy in their original body, must suck.
I always thought this board hateboner for them is a bit much but honestly if you only met/saw people of the kind of Blaire and those entitled creeps "xd lesbians must date us or else it's troonphobic",no wonder you hate them.

No. 706358

Not Robbie. I just thought that this was something important to bring up. Apologies if I gave off that impression.

No. 706396

kek, reminded me of this vid(not real btw).

I hope andy goes all out and roasts all of them, it's the only way he can redeem himself at this point.

No. 706511

Exactly! I think Blaire only stopped liking them because they didn’t like her or defend her as much as she wanted.

She’s being hypocritical trying to call them
fake when there has been many instances she has done the same. The trump hat incident anyone?

No. 706517

Of course the right wing community “fucked her over” aka probably stopped talking to her/inviting her on their shows. If I were them, I would have done the same. Her and her fan base is annoying and I’d want nothing to do with it. There’s no doubt in my mind she does the same/ would do the same as them if she were givin the opportunity.

She only stopped making her lame anti sjw videos because it’s not “in” anymore.

No. 706545

crazy how much better blaire passed before all the surgery.

No. 706557

I don’t think she passed well before the surgery at all. That pic in that post is awful to me. Looks like a dude. I think she passed even less than she does now (but she still looks unpassing and weird now).

No. 706573

Okay, wow. If you haven't already everyone should watch Blaire's first youtube video. Voice aside, she looks like a female there and she looks like a tranny now. lmao

No. 706621

tbh when Blaire started popping up in the onion threads (a year or more ago I guess) I thought they were a cis girl with ugly vocal fry and was kinda surprised that they were actually trans. I can't believe the facial femininization surgery managed to make them look even more manly. Her surgeons a hack.

No. 706667

was it filmed with a 120p potato cam? if so, that's probs the only reason why he looked more effeminate than usual

No. 706813

I thought she was a women but a masculine looking woman when I first saw her. I didn’t suspect she was trans because sometimes biological woman are more masculine. Not masculine as in muscular and alpha, but she had a big head, broad shoulders no curves and completely flat. Usually thin non curvey women STILL have a bit of curves. And women usually aren’t completely all the way flat even if they have small breasts. So Blaire always looked unnatractive and off to me even before I knew she was trans. She honestly looked like a skinny lanky guy in an awful thick wig back then.

You guys have to remember her videos used to be heavily saturated and filtered. They are damn nearly white/ grey. That means she looked diff in those vids in the past than she did in real life as well. So not only was she already man-ish in those past vids but even more so in real life.

If she looked more man like in person, no wonder she loves her crappy surgery results now.

No. 706929

File: 1539034409013.jpeg (50.7 KB, 440x774, 1125B37D-BA75-4878-A888-9C938E…)

I can’t find a good pic of his profile before surgery, just this one from a video but cmon guys I thought we established Bob was a meme through and through
You only saw literally one angle of him before his surgery for a reason

No. 706967

I mean yeah, we only saw one angle and that's why some people didn't realise he was trans at first. If you think someone is cis you're not exactly demanding to see all angles of them just to be sure lol.You just accept what is presented to you because most people aren't suspicious that every vaguely masculine looking woman is actually a dude.

Whatever he did before worked to fool a few people obviously but with the higher resolution camera and botched surgery it's pretty clear it's a guy. No one is disputing that.

No. 707029

File: 1539042985404.jpg (352.62 KB, 1080x1519, 20181008_161101.jpg)

Robbie White had to use snapchat filters to make his face more feminine to sell merch lol. What a beta male loser. He also stole copyrighted art for his xanax shirt according to warski

No. 707089

The retard is only crying because she realized that the rest of the country didn't approve of her bigoted shit, now she's upset the left sees her and the people she associates with as racists trash while the right sees her as a means to an end and nothing more.

No. 707092

Yes and the video over saturation literally whites out your facial features, making it appear flatter, cancelling out how chiseled his face actually was before surgery. Kind of like how MySpace scene kids used to oversafurate their pics back in the day and you could hardly see their features besides
the eyes because.

No. 707900

Because bottom surgery is very complex and has too many risks to it. Not all trans women will opt to go for it because of that, lol. You can harp about White’s fan base and politics all you want but at least get a basic understanding of trans issues before harping off like a radfem

No. 707943

Lol they sounded like a conservative not radfem. Most conservatives are against trans using the women’s restroom. You’re the one who sounds more like the SJW. No one gives a fuck about the complications of bottom surgery or why trannies decide why or why not to get it. Blaire looks like a dumbass with “her” bulge, end of story.

No. 709132

File: 1539201722795.png (716.56 KB, 1137x861, carey callahan deleted video.P…)

a man will always be a man, no matter how many estrogen injections and ""feminizing"" surgeries.

No. 709176

File: 1539204986041.jpg (359.89 KB, 2896x2896, Silly_Troons_trix_are_4_kids.j…)

Um sweaty radfems don't encourage surgery. Radfems say no matter what surgery they get trannies will never be a woman. A mutilated man does not make one a woman is what they would say. So penis or neovagina they can't use the women's rooms period.

I know how complicated and botched and painful neovagina surgery is for trannies. That's why i want Robbie to do it. Imagine the shitshow that would be. I bet he would join the 46%. Robbie would vlog THE ENTIRE process. Lol

But him and gigi dont get it bc they are narcissist and wanna have gay sex and pass on their clearly mental illness ideals to children

Stef Sanjati has his appointment made for GRS, Blaire should do it too but hes too much of a coward. We need to make a deadpool for these troons

No. 709214

that picture is horrifying, they're literally carving themselves a new face

No. 709219

Ew, can someone spoiler this?

That's insane to go through that much FFS and still look like a damn man. I guess biology doesnt lie.

No. 709358

File: 1539215658048.jpeg (89.44 KB, 1080x1080, DpFsrI9UUAEVUyC.jpeg)

How much shoop do you think went in this?

No. 709360

File: 1539215692406.jpeg (148.57 KB, 940x1200, DoOAH8nUwAA9q7Z.jpeg)

He looks so manly in candid pics

No. 709369

>gay sex
>having children


No. 709390

>that shirt position with no bra
This whole getup is obviously a fetish…

No. 709421

He looks like a cleaned up TND, honestly.

No. 709431

All the trans people I know don't constantly scream that they're trans. Cause you know, they're living as the other gender because they truly have gender dysmorphia, and constantly claiming how trans they are would certainly trigger that dysmorphia.

Honestly any trans person who is extremely open about being trans and talks about it so much is doing it for the attention.

No. 709485

Robbie wants to keep his penis to

1) continue having gay sex with Joey
2) use it to have children later via surrogate
3) he is scared of being botched

Sorry I should have been more clear lol

No. 709486

Oh yeah definitely went through ALOT of shoop. Blaire looks nothing like this on videos and live-streams. Let alone real life where he looks even worst than videos and live streams…

No. 709493

Compare this picture with the shooped one posted above lol. He’s not even caught at a weird angle or in the middle or talking or anything, yet still looks bad.

Shoulders and arms look very unproportional next to Roaming Milenials.

No. 709495

Yeah a lot of biological women have big nice breasts and I don’t see them doing this. Blaire always trying hard to be sexy but just ends up looking more manly the more skin it shows.

No. 709625

Imagine what her and Joeys sex life is like.

No. 709631

It's two gay men having anal sex. Not much to wonder. They probably are on grindr all the time and hook up constantly with other men like all gay men do

Also, obligatory *his. More warski talking about Robbie

No. 709645

Lmao i love hearing him sperg about how "passing" he is and then seeing pictures like this. All the surgery and big tits in the world can't fix those shoulders Robbie

No. 709763

File: 1539235611149.jpg (640.25 KB, 1080x1259, RobertWhite.jpg)

Lol Robbie is such a pathetic beta male. He cant even get hip injections like his troon friend eden

I want all these troons to have as much botched surgery as possible. A+ entertainment

No. 709774

his hip pads… they're so sad… I can hear them weeping…

No. 709789

File: 1539237126983.jpg (44.38 KB, 500x371, the family white.jpg)

even distance can't hide that fucked up snout

No. 709796

Omg his body hahahaha it’s so sad
He’s too much of an attention whore to realize the outfits he wears are doing him no favors

No. 709831

Look at the degree of tranny posing he's doing here. Like I understand some is posing for photoshoot but there are definitely some things he's doing that are attempts to hide his manlier features.
Speaking of which, I wonder if he actually tucked his dick here or something considering the recent pics of his bulge showing in a similar dress.

>secret shoot
>posts online about it

Those hip pads look goddamn awful, too. I wonder if the photo (if even publicized) will show his "hips" kek

No. 709883

File: 1539248259780.jpg (17.68 KB, 236x300, roger.jpg)

No. 709907

I see Robbie's last gasps at relevancy as a great moment. People are beyond bored and fed up with trannies and their shit, partly because fads and trends change so quickly these days. It's got to suck to know that you made yourself look like a botched freak for a fashion that is on its way out, just as dated as myspace scene whores, wew. Can you imagine? Botched for nothing.

No. 710025

Blaires face to me never really looked masculine. But that was also in part due to makeup, lighting, angles, etc. even now I don’t think so however FFS has left their face looking like a chimpanzee.

No. 710141

i wholeheartedly agree with you.

No. 710149

It's actually sad how much FFS hurt Blair's face. I thought Stef came out look at least BETTER than before (How you feel about it being successful is up to you, though), but Blaire's – it doesn't look very good. Blair has the potential to look okay, but whoever she went to emphasized the wrong features (That nose…)

No. 710162

It's uncanny

No. 710164

Jfc, he's so hideous. And what shitty magazine is this anyway?

No. 710165

The lace is all fucked up on the top edge bc Robbie shoving the garment over his bolt-ons using his huge cro magnon man hands

No. 710168


I can already hear his neckbeard followers say how he looks better than a real women. rofl

Gross. why would a shirt like that over implants?

No. 710169

I'm screamingggg why the fuck would he post this hahahahahhahahahahaha

No. 710170

I meant why *wear a shirt like that

Also, we all know that if a woman did that, she's be called a slut and a whore. His fake tits look hard as rocks.

No. 710171

I'm sure he wants to be a slut like all gay men with a sissy fetish

No. 710178

This right here. Robbie has a bimbofication fetish. not sure why it's not talked about more. I was in the radfem community and no radfem ever brought it up, they all thought Robbie was a based tranny. Same with the neocon crowd.

I'm so glad he is declining in popularity

No. 710189

The radfem community generally views hsts (and gay men in general) as dindus. It's pretty retarded, fags have always been the main perps of the sissy kink.

No. 710339

File: 1539287044565.jpeg (285.87 KB, 750x1194, 06928692-DDE3-49F3-9501-E8A217…)

Look how the tiles near the hips curve lol.

No. 710416

I never understood why the neckbeards say that and it really annoys me, only because it’s soooo not true. If it were true than it wouldn’t annoy me. It’s so insulting since Blaire is only averagely cute (on a good day) and so weird looking. I see hotter looking women than Blaire all the time (but that’s not saying much, considering how Blaire is not so hot).

I think they just say that to rationalize their attraction to a tranny. They should just admit they find something erotic about male features mixed with female features hot instead of insulting women like that lol.

No. 710418

Huge hips sometimes look nice on a woman but these look like the kind of hips you don’t want. They look gross. Blaire, nice hips aren’t just about size it’s abour shape too! Those are just big and ugly.

No. 710423

Remember the psychic Blaire had on her channel? All the men and women were calling her a slut and whore for her outfit. It wasn’t even that bad! She was a young hip LA psychic too, so I didn’t see a reason for her too dress super professional.

No. 710427

Wow! Blaire looks young and fresh! A young fresh version of big Ange…..

No. 710430

Blaire needs to take a seat. Every single person he dislikes he feels the need to insult them, yet he fails to look in the mirror and notice how busted he is lmao

No. 710449

Lmfao is that an open fly!?

No. 710494

kek underrated

No. 710498

Probably just his dick semi-hard.

No. 710628

didn’t she say she has a really tiny dick?

No. 710650

lol how can you unironically say shit that retarded, anon? girls don't and can't have dicks period. at least use "he" when you're talking about his chode.

No. 711252

tbh I think he said he has a small dick to look "more feminine uwu" In the vid of him walking wearing that tight dress his bulge is literally flailing, no way he has a small dick

No. 711560

File: 1539390747540.jpeg (22.72 KB, 236x316, 11615740-6B87-4194-B0B3-B83A16…)

Check it.

No. 711563

how do men have such big heads and not fall over

No. 711569

Can anyone reupload that video?

No. 711585

See this is how Blaire truely looked before the surgery. She just used lighting/makeup tricks etc. and still, even after the surgery, ppl who see her in real life say she looks boxy and manly.

No. 711587

Especially trans ones, because they starve
themselves to lose the masculine mass. So it’s just a big head on a skinny body.

No. 711655

Which one?

No. 712083

The one of Blaire walking in the dress. It was posted here but it seems to have been deleted.

No. 712085


No. 712099

anon, you only posting when people use she and her is getting really old lol

No. 712124

I for one am glad that they're doing it. Someone has to remind you dummies, and this is coming from an anon whose been making these collages >>696628 and >>709176 and posting them itt.

I hope other anons keep correcting you on pronouns because this >>710628 is just sad lol

No. 712164

Yeah, what a valuable service, here in this dead thread. So glad nitpicking isn't against the rules. Really adds flavour.

No. 712165

>Implying there's only one anon doing that

No. 712170

At least it is actual content as opposed to you whining

I hope robbies thread stays dead like his career. Unless he adapts into some makeup guru consumerism field like eden he is officially done. he really effed up by axing his political career

No. 712181

hiiii, for the record. i’m not the anon you’re arguing with lol. i used to be a huge fan of blaire, always used she/her pronouns so that’s what i’m used to. my opinion on blaire has since changed a lot but i don’t see the point in changing the pronouns i’ve always used.

No. 712202

Blaire is a guy though. He loves showing off his dick and being a fetisization of women. A caricature, even.

No. 712247

i understand what you mean but at one point blaire was a person i really respected and loved, so obviously i wanted to use what i seemed to be the right pronouns.

No. 712264

What did you love about Robbie? if you don't mind me asking. Also are you a tranny?

I just dont see how he has fans. He is insufferable

No. 712267

pretty much i just loved the way they made videos against “sjws” like milo stewart and riley dennis. at the time i had no idea there was a plethora of other people on youtube making pretty much the exact same videos, saying the exact same things. also i thought blaire was very pretty and liked their style. anyway, to answer your other question, no i’m not trans. i’m a cis girl but i did grow up around a couple trans people and knew a lot about them since i was a kid so blaire being a trans person didn’t bother me at all.

No. 712282

sage goes in the email field.

No. 714715

No. 714726

Is it getting fat?

No. 714749

except that a) it's not actual content, and b) who is whining … ?

No. 714753

if you're going to post up a shitty channel riding someone else's coattails that is peripheral at best anyway, at least use the youtube field in the posting box.

No. 714758

he's been fat

No. 715634

Victoria Wiggins, another’s trans youtuber, made a vid on Blaire. Blaire had made a comment on Victoria’s channel (even though Victoria was a fan of Blaire) awhile ago putting down Victoria for “not passing” and put down her appearance. Is that all Blaire does? Put down other transgenders’ appearances while being unpassing herself? And she says she only puts down trans appearances who aren’t “real trans”. Well Victoria is clearly a real transgender.

No. 715880

File: 1539856474009.png (134.31 KB, 500x281, IMG_4338.PNG)

Lmao why does he look like the count from young Dracula

No. 716042

File: 1539878313386.jpg (378.05 KB, 2896x2896, twins.jpg)

Lol imagine the fucking shit show it would be if women told you troons you aren't real women. I find the whole real trans thing funny. Link the video though vic, I mean anon.

Also nice gofundme you should have sucked dick like robbie did for that


No. 716057

Oh I’m not a troon and I don’t care that Blaire made fun of Victoria’s looks. My point was that, that is all Blaire does whenever she doesn’t like someone. My other point was that it was hypocritical of Blaire since she isn’t passing either so who is she to make fun of someone else for that. It’s like a fat person making fun of an even fatter person for being fat.

No. 716065

stop using she.

blaire is a dude.

No. 716080

Are there any trannies who do pass? On YouTube it's so easy because like other anons in this thread have said so far, the angles and lighting can help trannies pass in video but in candid photos and other people's videos where they aren't in control of the lighting troons never pass. I don't think anyone can ever pass as a woman if they weren't born one. I strongly believe a ton of "woman" celebrities/"actresses" are trannies that being said(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 716084

>Are there any trannies who do pass?

No, because men and women are biologically and physically structured different. Men don't get that just putting on a long wig and having fake tits isnt what makes a woman at all. I have never seen one that passes. they're all very obviously men in skirts.

No. 716085

Dont do my man Robbie Rotten dirty, anon.

No. 716086

> I strongly believe a ton of "woman" celebrities/"actresses" are trannies that being said

I believe this as well. If there's a thread in /ot/ we can post more about this in, i'd love to discuss.

No. 716096

not again, you fucking freaks fuck off somewhere else.

No. 716125

Done! Made one for us anon >>>/ot/312161

Sage next time hahahaha triggered much?

No. 716247

This is an unpopular opinion for the internet, but I think passing trans women who the internet thinks are so hot, are the equivalent of average looking women, they just dress up. Many men on the Internet comment how trans women are hot and real women aren’t but women are super attractive these days. They go to the gym or yoga etc. all the men I know in real life find every other woman attractive. While these men pretending to be straight online think women are ugly. C’mon most real straight men are attracted to women, if you’re a “straight” guy and you think most women are ugly you probably ain’t straight.

Another unpopular opinion but I think Blaire’s ass is very average looking in size and shape. I know the internet thinks Blaire has a nice ass for some reason. Again, most women these days have big nice asses so idk what is so special about Blaire’s average looking ass.

No. 716257

This is a fun theory but I don’t think this is a good idea. It makes us look bad. Especially since the ppl who believe this, believe it because they think that men are pretending to be female actresses to make women insecure. This implies that trannies are better looking than real woman which is a lie that needs to stop. I’m tired of ppl saying that these average looking trans women are better looking, when they seriously are not. Let’s not prop them up like that.

No. 716429


That's just it, there isn't anything special. Blaire is fucking hideous in person and she knows it.

Blaire always wear her insecurity on her sleeves and loves taking it out on nonpassing trans or extremely well passing trans who are popular like amiyah scott. Idk if her twitter posts are deleted but she had a mini obession with her for a while and had some racist tweets surround blacks atm in the guise of it being edgy humor.

Look at this video, a mtf who gone on hormones early passes way better with flying colors as an average looking big girl who's good at makeup. Saggy full boobs and all. Blaires bolt ons look even more horrendous here, along side with her extensions and makeup next to her. Everytime you see blaire pose with cis women on people like eden (she always sticks her hips out to oblivion) cause she clearly wishes she had some. Her makeup changing recently as well cause LA is getting to her, because back in her small bumbfuck town she was hot shit but here she's literally a butter face.

I mean for fuck sake when she did the video of asking random people who's trans it was so obvious. Her friend was all covered up in a plain jane outfit will blaire had her tits all out. Lying when people guessed that her friend was trans. Eden did a video similar and they were both dressed the same. Blaire is just realizing that in LA her novelty of being trans is nothing here, and as far as best looking there's mtf with youtube channels simply known in the area through instagram are better then her.

No. 716455

what the hell are you talking about? that guy doesn't even remotely pass, in fact he makes robbie look way more effiminate in comparison. they're both obvious, ugly men.

and to call him a butterface would imply that a. he's a her and b. he has a nice body, neither of which are true in any capacity.

No. 716460

I didn’t know Bill Hader was trans.

No. 716480

This transgender acts more feminine than Blaire (whereas Blaire just acts like a gay guy not even trying to put any effort into acting like a woman). They also have nicer/ more realistic looking boobs than Blaire. The voice is also better. I don’t think that other trans is too attractive but I think they are more passing than Blaire.

No. 716481

I agree, Blaire is not a butterface because the body is not nice.

No. 716514

Blaire is so bad at hiding his insecurities it's not even funny.

No. 716712

>Many men on the Internet comment how trans women are hot and real women aren’t
Many of those men are underground neckbeards, and the trans "women" they know are sex workers and porn stars, while the real woman they know is their mom, and maybe their social worker. To them, attractive means willing to take any penis, whenever, however The world would be a better place if we made trannies and incels fight to the death in cage fights. Usually the big ogre trannies like the cyclist guy and the australian football guy, Fallon Fox will probably win against dorito fed incels.

No. 717362

I agree except for the part where she was hotshit in her old town. Unless you just meant fame wise. Chico is a college town. I’ve been there before. Lots of hot college
girls. Blaire was probably still ugly and big
there in comparison to the petite cute/pretty college girls.

No. 730589

New Blaire video. The delusion KEK.

No. 730758

He really shouldn't be broaching this subject lmao…

No. 730825

every argument that can be used to dismantle transgenderism can be used to dismantle transracism but look at how robbie cleverly left certain points out as to not reveal that.

No. 731001

Treasure already got exposed as a fraud, why is she making a video about this now?

No. 731352

Exactly. It’s the same shit. A man thinks he’s a woman and a black persons thinks they’re white what’s the difference? One just has to do with race instead of gender.

No. 731353

Views and some quick cash

No. 731354

Is Blaire wearing lingerie or is that a shirt? Geez she is so desperate for neck beard attention. It’s so obvious.

No. 734014

It is confirmed that Joey is gay in Eden’s latest video with Blaire. Blaire admits that Joey had his ex girlfriends wear a strap on and “top him”. She also says she doesn’t receive anal and “has sex in other ways”. So they have half a sex life? Just blow jobs and hand jobs? Men love blow jobs but they want vaginal sex too. So that’s odd. Blaire must be topping Joey. Blaire has never been a woman so she probably doesn’t realize this isn’t normal or straight, as the only men after her were closet gays so she prob thinks the stuff they do is “straight” and “normal” and things all straight guys do.

She also looks big in Eden’s video. Typical, every time she’s not the one filming she looks big. Someone actually commented that she looked like J Wow from jersey shore and sadly I have to admit that, that’s true.

No. 735583

File: 1542765893970.jpg (206.73 KB, 1080x660, gross[1].jpg)

apparently blaire, laci green, june, greg, and chris raygun had an orgy at last year's vidcon

No. 735899

I'm sorry but robbie looks very manly, like most trannies to be honest. I hope he'll never get hip injections. Fake hips look HORRENDOUS on trannies because they already have a wide waist so just imagine big crooked hips in the continuity of their big ass waist, this is not cute. Hips look nice natural on real women only. I was watching a video on youtube about ladyboys in thailand and all the comments were from frustrated men who were saying that the trannies in the video looked much better than "real women". That women were jealous, manly and fat and had smelly and lose vaginas. Most guys who like trannies are closet homos. There's no way a real heterosexual man would prefer a man disguised as a woman with a big hands, feet, smelly asshole, man breath and horrible, stiff bolt ons.

No. 735902

I highly doubt this claim.

No. 735904

This is the kind of shit shoe wishes were true. Fake and gay.

No. 735914

>there's a rumor about Sargon fucking a Jewess there
Yeah that totally happened I'm sure.
June would never be in an orgy, especially not with Laci or any girl that's more feminine and attractive than her.

No. 735929

I’m curious to see how Blaire will look after being off hormones after a while. https://youtu.be/FZnAsk5vWzE

No. 735940

Here’s the vid where he says Joey got pegged

It’s clear Blaire doesn’t see himself as a woman. He always refers to cis girls as “real girls” and always makes jokes about his boyfriend being gay and with a man, idk it’s just weird how he gets offended about people using the wrong pronouns but does these things

No. 735948

I don’t believe this. Blaire says she has an almost non existent sex drive which would prob dissapoint tranny chasers, as I’m sure a big part of the reason they like trannies is because they assume they are wild in bed as tranny men have more testosterone. June and Greg on the other hand… always bragging about sex stuff, so they wish it were true.

No. 735952

Yes thank you! The men who say real women are jealous and ugly are the ones who can’t get an attractive biological woman. Coincidence?

That’s why it makes me mad when ppl say real women are jealous and ugly compared to trannies (especially Blaire) because it’s far from the truth and something perpetuated by nerds (who can’t get a cute girl) and tranny chasers (who prefer trannies only). What a huge insult to say that trannies are better and more feminine actinng/ looking. So they’re saying they want us to act more like gay men, and to have odd proportions (like you said the wide hips with no waist, broad shoulders) more square body shape with bigger heads/ hands? No thank you. If they find that more attractive and feminine I’m thinking they aren’t attracted to women at all.

Side note: Blaire looks awful in the Eden video. Jealous of that? What a joke.

No. 735956

I think Blaire knows Joey is gay but pretends he’s not because she doesn’t want to upset him.

No. 735963

chasers just like trannies because they're closeted faggots

No. 735983

No. 735985

No. 736031

I'm a fag, therefore i'm an expert, we don't fuck anything that has bob or vegane.

Joey is in a different league of degeneracy.

Blaire made a video about that.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 736062

They were all chilling out in the one hotel at one point, but there's a world and a half between that and an orgy.

No. 736066

Uh, Bob is still a man with a penis, as are all other mtf trannies, so obviously no straight guy would fuck any of them. Only homo/bi guys would.

>I'm a fag

How disgusting. Enjoy your ban.

No. 736079

No she didn’t, she was still pandering to him in that video saying that liking trans is not straight or gay but more straight and a sexuality of its own. When in reality its a type of bisexual and it is more gay than straight.

No. 736082

Yeah I know, I didn’t think chasers were straight. I just think they prefer smaller men / effeminate men who wear makeup.

No. 736108

i bet blaire is just making excuses to go back to being a gay man, this whole tranny thing was probably just a scheme to make money off youtube for plastic surgery and living the rich life in LA. next he'll get his boobs taken out once the hormones stop fucking with his head and he sees he's just a dude with a deep voice and botched implants.

No. 736110

It probably benefits both of them to pretend he's not gay. He gets to feel like a straight man and Blaire gets to pretend that he's feminine enough to attract one

No. 736178

Blaire is also desperate to be the "cool trans girl" and "not bothered", it's like taking a jab at yourself before anyone else can do it. She's arguably the worst looking one at that table and just oozes low confidence.

Also Jaclyn seems super uncomfortable in this video, she didn't seem like she wanted to be there and didn't really laugh at any of their jokes.

No. 736261

Blaire is getting off hormones in order to have children. So, does he not have body dysphoria? He talks so casually about it. Do his balls even work?

No. 736346

Does he need to go off hormones to ejaculate in a cup? I guess his sperm count must be pretty low at this point.

No. 736396

hardly any of these trannys seem like they have dysphoria especially Blair with how he always talks about his dick like he's proud of it. dysphoria seems to mostly be what fakebois complain about to be in the trans/nonbinary fanclub. because we sure haven't seen any of these rupaul looking drag queens talk about that shit until it became popular.

No. 736477

It’s funny how chasers call women “human incubators” yet a lot of trannies are so desperate to have babies the way women can have them, yet they aren’t able to.

If Blaire goes off of hormones she is going to be even more man looking than she already does now.

No. 736480

That trans obviously just hates women because she isn’t one and obviously only appeals to the men who are also resentful towards women (from rejection). She’s weird looking too. I’m sure the desperados in the comments all find it attractive.

No. 736482

regardless of the gender, that kid is going to be really fucked up.

No. 736486

Why not just adopt? This sounds so attention whorey and that Blair just has money and time to waste.

No. 736490

I have seen trannies claiming that it would be possible to take REAL women's ovaries and cervix after they die and transplant them on trannies. Ew, imagine being an organ donor and having all your reproductive organs given to a tranny. That would be gross. It's like when chasers are grossed out by pregnant women and vaginas yet claim to be straight and would love to be able to inpregnate a tranny lmao.

No. 736492

File: 1542925713785.png (13.79 KB, 1777x85, saemsame.PNG)

you can delete all you want, but this HAS to be selfposting. the video he linked had only 1k views.

No. 736493

Trannies, chasers, and nerds love talking shit about real women yet the SJW’s, some gays, and liberals get mad when we fire back by calling out the reality of trannies not being women or that they don’t pass as women. Well quit poking the bear then and quit insulting us.

I think people telling trans people that they are prettier than women is just an automatic thing ppl do to kiss their ass. In one of Victoria Wiggins videos someone said she was “prettier than most real women” and it had hundreds of likes. That means all trans probably get this comment even if they aren’t passing. It’s what you say to a trans cuz you know they want to hear it.

No. 736495

Blair wouldn't addopt because like any man he has the natural need to have a biological child. Even blair doesn't want to be a cuck. Joey would be a cuck tho for raising another man's (blair) child.

No. 736504

I honestly never seen a tranny pass. They all look and still act like gay men. They are not feminine they are just effeminate.

No. 736505

I’ve seen chasers brag about this. Like “be careful real women trannies will be able to have kids one day and you will no longer be needed!”. So much wrong with that comment. First of all, most women can have kids naturally without any expensive medical procedures/ intervention. Second, there isn’t that many transgenders, so they can’t possibbly overtake us the way chasers make it seem. And lastly most men want to be with a real woman. So idk what they’re on about

No. 736507

Me too. A lot of gay guys have a “pretty boy” face and if you throw a wig and makeup on them they would look like a transgender woman. Which essentially just looks like a pretty boy in women’s clothes and not a pretty girl in women’s clothes, as a pretty girl is far more feminine than a pretty boy.

No. 736508

Trany in the middle to the woman (about stealing make up): "But I can see why you wouldn't steal, like, us, we- I had no choice but to steal the make up because I- I-"
Woman:"I wasn't allowed to wear make up"

Trannies are so delusional, they seriously think we all had the same cliche childhood filled with make up and dresses and sunshine and roses


No. 736511

Trannies will never be able to have children like a real woman would. That's simply impossible. That's funny how chasers think all men are like them. No, most men like real women, soft skin, tits, pussies. Nothing can imitate a real vagina and pelvic muscles, not even a flesh light, so let alone a man made, wide, wound looking, no depht having fake tranny pussy. Have you guys seen this crap ? It just looks horrible, just google "post-op tranny". It looks nothing like a real vagina. That's why I find it so funny how chasers just LOVE to shame women on their vaginas and on how "lose" and "smelly" and "infected" it is.

No. 736515

So Blaire is going to be the mother and father of the baby? What about Joey? Also why can’t he be the one to have the baby with his working sperm? Is this some kind of narcissism?

No. 736520

Joey will be the cuck dad of the kid. Robbie will be the real father. I guess Robbie would be jealoud if joey impregnates a real woman that's why he'd rather be the one who impregnates.

No. 736521

I believe this too. So much for women being jealous of trans women. It really seems the other way around.

No. 736522

Ralph: “So the man in the relationship can’t even use his own sperm?! Imagine how bad it must be being that guy! ….Well it’s already bad being that guy….”

No. 736548

I’ve seen a tranny pussy online by accident once, and it was appalling. Seeing that made me question what the hell trannies and chasers were thinking when they said it was better. Chasers are as delusional as trannies.

No. 736554

A 25 year old white man openly calling a 16 year old black girl a "hoe" and a "bitch". Wow. Now I'm glad Candace Owens went in on him.

No. 736558

Kids in the system wanting to be adopted deserve to be adopted into loving normal homes with loving normal parents that will love them. Not into a home of trannies and chasers like Robbie and Joey.

Read up on post op regret and dilation. Its horrible what these doctors do.

If robbie wants to go back into being a gay boy, fine. But he has to call his trans era for what it is, a trend that will end soon.

No. 736564

I wonder if going off hormones is going to make him start thinking normally again, he's already feeling the male urge to have a kid, maybe he'll just stay a man once he's off the meds.

No. 736578

I've seen these fake tranny post op pussies in a video and it looks disgusting and not tight at all. I wonder what men feel when they fuck these open sores. I mean… there is no muscle in there to hold and grab on their dicks. It must not be a pleasant sensation. These fuck holes look so weird and unrealistic as the labia majora has no volume at all and the labia minora is almost non existant and the same color as the rest of the skin (when usually it's pink or brown) not to mention the ugly ass fake clitoris they tried to imitate). And the actual "vaginal" hole on these fake pussies are placed way too low (almost touching the asshole) and not in the continuity of the clit and the labia (like on real woman). That's quite disturbing to look at, the actual hole is disconected to the rest of the pussy (if that makes sense).

No. 736584

I heard it was really loose from a degenerate who’s done that.

No. 736587

It annoys me when Blaire does that or when she got all ghetto on a woman on stream. It’s essentially a man yelling at a woman. I’m glad Candace called her a man and made her feel dysphoric for days (according to her).

Blaire must be seething that Candace calling her a man didn’t completely ruin her career like she thought it would and that she is actually still doing well still. She must have been kissed when Kanye gave her the shoutout. It’s probably part of the reason why she gave up on political vids for a while cuz conservatives she knew were still in association with Candace.

No. 736588

Pissed* not kissed

No. 736614

>It’s probably part of the reason why she gave up on political vids for a while cuz conservatives she knew were still in association with Candace.
Milo believed because he was gay and dating a black man, he could be a conservative shield to those who wont normally accept him. And true conservatives dropped him and didnt accept him. Blair realizing that conservatives dont need a ~trans but #maga am i right fellow rightwingers?~ is just hilarious and expected. They're not going to riot over misgendering. The conservative right wing dont need a token human shield against the left, this isnt 2015 anymore. Plenty of them have already made it very clear they dont stand by transgender anything. Nobody will be a ~special voice~ in the party.

Trump pushing that anti trans memo probably got blair's jimmies rustled.

No. 736627

Couldn’t agree more, conservatives needing the tranny token is very 2015-16. I think they’re over it now and I think Blaire knows that as well. Many conservatives don’t mind trannies and gays but they are not going to be standing up for their rights or anything. So I think trump’s anti tranny memo bothered Blaire and maybe she noticed many conservatives could care less about it/are ok with it.

No. 736648

I dunno what you revisionists but smoking but conservatives accepted Milo just fine.

No. 736649

Unfortunately there aren't enough normal homes with normal loving parents to go around. A pair of flaming faggots that at least aren't pedophiles is the best a lot can hope for.

No. 736665

conservatives were literally the ones who finally got him out of the public eye with the pedo shit

No. 736666

Nah the edgy altright kek trigger the libs did. Other conservatives didnt really see pass his obnoxious schtick. And shit fell apart after his pedo remarks.

Fuck, you're right. Damn I pray for the kids that has Robbie as their parent

No. 736670

They said true conservatives “dropped him”. Not that they never accepted him. I was thinking they meant after the scandal.

No. 736726

That's not /cow/ as much as the IBS cyclical thread on /cow/. Post anything in there and they'll accuse you of being Sargon, a Jew or some other e-celeb you've never heard of. It's a pretty weird thing.

No. 736730

Man made tranny pussy looks like an open, unhealed wound, also it's just a hole instead of a slit. I'm not suprised blair wants to keep the d.

No. 736762

Usually post op fuck holes are not deep at all even after the dilatations. One time I've seen an asian tranny on youtube who claimed that his new pussy smelled good and didn't smell like fish like real women. Why do trannies, gays and chasers are always obsessed with claiming that every woman's vaginas on earth smell like rotten fish ??? Only women (and men) with a yeast or uti infection have fish smelling genitals. They always try to humiliate women.

No. 736851

he's probably lying just to mock women while they could spend all money in the world just to have our reproductive system, i do not trust these trannies, it's like a psychological recruitment for special young teens who think they were born in the wrong body and if they feel confident enough they'll spend money to have their genitals destroyed
in my country has this bourgeois post op who always makes videos about plastic surgery and currently lives in south korea, he said he had sex with a guy there and he did not even suspect, this is such a bullshit lmao, a man who put his dick in a gap wound and think that's a biological woman does not know anything about the female anatomy

No. 736909

Warski admitted on Warski live that when he saw Blaire in person, Blaire had huge hands, and a male structured body, except with fake boobs added on top of it. I could already clearly see that but glad someone on YouTube said it.

No. 736913

Not sure why trannies brag about stuff like this. It’s extremely easy for a woman to get a man to have sex with them. It’s not anything to brag about and you don’t have to be hot or attractive so the fact he had sex with a trans and didn’t know it literally says nothing. Perhaps he just thought she was an ugly or male-ish looking woman. He was probably thinking (if he wasn’t a closet gay) “damn this woman is super male-ish and has an odd body but I’m just trying to nut so”.

No. 736945

or he was completely drunk or he was just a kinky sicko, asian men (especially old ones) must be on another level on bizarre fetishes

No. 736951

I don't know how Candace has managed to avoid having a thread, or why she has been embraced by conservatives. She is very cow-ish. Not as much as her Social Autopsy days, but still.

No. 736982

Asian trannies make me laugh because they're never be as cute as asian women but try so hard. they should just embrace being the closet faggots they are.

Also, no vagina smells like 'fish' unless that shit has a yeast infection. it's funny they try to pull that

No. 737028

That’s what confuses me. I don’t get the whole Asian fetish in general / don’t think Asian women are prettier than other women the way people say they are, however, Asian women are definitely more feminine and pretty compared to Asian trannies. So why would those men who claim to be “straight” choose the gayer option? They’re literally having sex with a small Asian guy. The whole “woman are fat and manly” thing chasers say really doesn’t apply in this case as Asian women are usually small. So I wonder what the argument for chasers is in this case.

No. 737034

It’s comical the way trannies and chasers make fun of vaginas. Some dicks smell or look weird sometimes too. They both really are so unaware that straight men like vaginas and not dicks.

No. 737102

I'm convinced he was just noseblind to the stench of blood and his own gaping wound. I'll never for the life of me understand how fags and trannies are so quick to shame women for the smell of their natural genitals while also ranking each other on their 'fishiness' aka how feminine they can pass for. The bitterness is so real. No matter how many bored husbands and sex-starved neckbeards they can pull in, the vast majority of men they want to fuck will never see them as anything but an abomination of god.

No. 737174

Yes it’s very obvious how bitter they are towards real women.

No. 737259

She does now, here is her thread. >>737249

Who is this? Princessjoules?

I can believe this. They are all closeted freaks.

No. 737444

Princessjoules is really ugly to me. Can’t believe anyone would choose that over a real Asian woman.

No. 737451

I bet that Candace thread will just have a bunch of Blaire fans eventually, complaining about how Blaire called Candace a man or talking about how much better Blaire is and how Candace should have never tried Blaire. Just watch.

No. 737859

I am sorry but Robbie DOES look like a man. He IS a man. His body is so rectangular and wide. He has NO waist whatsoever, his bolt ons look absolutly gross and hard. He has those masculine ass big muscular legs and ugly ass feet that look horrible in heels. Am I the only one who gets grossed out to see tranny wearing those dainty feminine high heels with their big stank feet in them trying to look cute with their nasty pedicures ?

No. 737876

Speaking of pedicures, I’ve noticed whenever trans get acrylic manicures they always have several broken acrylics shortly after getting them. Men are not gentle enough to have fake nails. Blaire’s big man hands probaby bang around his purse carelessly and his nails break.

No. 738018

I have noticed the exact same thing with transexuals and fake nails. They always have one or two broken naild. Not only that but they always get the longest, sharpest, tackiest,looking nails they can with glitters and shit, and it always looks chunky and thick.They don't understand that it looks even worst on their big, manly, wide nail beds, fake nails make their hands look even bigger and manlier.Usually women prefer softer manucures, and even when they get longer fake nails (such as squarletto style ) it still looks thin and feminine because women naturally have thinner hands and nail beds compared to men.
To be honest, I can't stand looking at blair and eden's hands and fake nails. It really grosses me out in the sense that it makes their hands look even bigger and wider.
Same with trannies like gigi gorgeous, this guy has the biggest nail beds among youtubr trannies.

No. 738027

I agree, but sage stuff like this and >>737859 or post it in the gender critical thread in /ot/, newfriend.

No. 738039

they probably have to use all thumb nail acrylics on their huge man fingers lol

No. 738041

Late, but could you link which one it was?
I guess they must have fallen out badly, for him to insult Robbie that much lol.

No. 738100

It baffles me when people say Blaire has fem feet (or fem anything for that matter). Blaire’s a size 10 and has very wide feet and toes. I can’t imagine the smell of those feet / shoes after a night out. Men sweat and smell much easier than women so they shouldn’t be wearing high heels.

No. 738156

Joey is the biggest attention whore on the planet, after Blaire. They're made for each other. People are right to shit on him here, but there's not a lot of people mentioning the mess and drama he made with the Dudesons.

Also, hey Joey. You're gay. Just accept it already.

No. 738284

What happened with him and the dudeson’s?

Notice in the lie detector video Blaire asked the camera man if he was gay but not Joey.

No. 738303

I don’t know how to leave a link but it’s the recent one with JF in it. Andy mentioned that about Blaire because he was talking about how Blaire can kick Joey’s ass.

They also found a picture of Blaire trying to be sexy dressed as the pink Ranger and they were cringing and saying how Blaire ruined the pink ranger for them because Kimberly the pink ranger was so beautiful.

No. 738438

File: 1543241057472.jpeg (304.35 KB, 750x1216, 299ED332-6002-48DA-8DE5-480724…)

Haha ew.

No. 738441

>how did I do
you uhhh definitely bought a suit and put it on

No. 738444

Holy she looks so good here

No. 738445

Jesus I just read this thread, you all sound like jelaous bitter bitches who are pressed because man looks better in a dress than you lmaooo

No. 738452

I know "hi [cow]" is against the rules, but… hi bob(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 738457

It’s a lolcow thread, the point is to discuss and criticize the topic of the thread, silly.

No. 738459

Sure talk about the stupid things she says,her washy politics and yes jugde her looks but all this she is still a man wahhh she will never look good as a real women just screams insecurity and jelaousy and its honestly pathetic

No. 738460

Truth is you all know she looks damn good as a woman and yall cant handle it because you dont.sucks to be you i guess

No. 738461

Is this poor wittol Shuwu

No. 738462

>yes jugde her looks
>but don’t say he doesn’t look like a woman
So anons are allowed to be catty but not honest?

No. 738466

have you not seen the pics in this thread?
i give you exhibit A >>694799
exhibit B >>695130
exhibit C >>696628
exhibit D >>706929
exhibit E >>709763

No. 738467

Oh please she has a wider frame,and some ugly candid photos?like you always look your best when someone else takes a picture of you from a bad angle

No. 738468

Please no ew

No. 738469

You are allowed to say what you want but if you were actually honest you wouldnt call her ugly or non passing

No. 738472


man it’s really obvious when cows/cow wk’s come in because they never know how to sage shit.

also when somebody takes a pic of me at a bad angle at least i look like an ugly woman and not a man with botched surgery lmao.

robbie is ugly as sin, but since he’s a tr00n people will suck his cock and call him stunning and brave. go back to praising this delusional, vapid, mutilated man in his youtube comments and fuck off from forums that call him out for what he really is.

o wait i forgot it’s a sin to call tranny men ugly in 2018

No. 738475


He is a man. He has a penis, manface, and a wide straight-shaped body that he had to get massive amounts of surgery on to even partially resemble a female form (but fails at since he started with a man frame). He IS ugly and non-passing anon, you’re obviously delusional.

I would never mistake Blaire White for a woman. Even in his most photoshopped, glamourized photos, it’s painfully obvious he is a man. A man will always look like a man, no matter how much they try to “pass” as female, because they will never actually be female.

Stop drinking the tranny Kool-Aid for one second and get your head out of his ass.

Kek, exactly. Even in “good” unedited shots he looks like a man with bolt-ons and shitty extensions.

But apparently the botched MJ nose, the overstuffed sausage lips, big man hands, scrawny chicken thighs, dick bulge, poorly-applied makeup with no regard to feminization w/ makeup, man jaw, and scraggly hair makes him the absolute SPITTING IMAGE of feminity.

No. 738490

Yall are sad
Why do you even care how SHE identifies?

No. 738497

Can we not deadname or misgender people, it provides nothing to the conversation(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 738498

You’re on the wrong website, buddy.

No. 738499

cause it's a man bby

No. 738501

Yeah, this thread is an absolute garbage fire. Attcking her for her appearance instead of her actions

No. 738506

The mental image alone barf
Reminds me of the troon on lipstick alley who tried it and got his ass handed to him, posting gifs of a black troon and I couldn't for the life of me why I was disgusted by their hands.
You summed it up perfectly.
Troons can't get away from that male body structure, it's in their DNA, it's always creepy to see the ones who try so hard to pass and after all the surgery, they still look like men , the surgery probably made their maleness stick out more.

Like that always autumn troon who showed his dick in the female locker room, he got butt implants and it just emphasized his maleness more cause it's just not the natural woman curves.

(And why is Autumn's eyes so fucking red as he troons out more)

No. 738508

please go be a fag somewhere else, this is sad

No. 738511

Who brought in all these Tumblrinas on just ONE thread? Really makes you think.

No. 738513

I can't tell if it's tumblrfags, chasers who desperately defend his ~identity~ because they don't want to accept that they're gay, or retarded trannies who came here to nitpick and got their jimmies rustled once they realized most people here are aware that bob's trannydom is part of what makes him a cow in the first place.

No. 738514

"She/her" relates to sex, not gender. Can you explain how "deadnaming" is bad because triggering but keeping your penis is fine? Like fuck off with your dumbass Tumblrina logic. /Derail

No. 738523

Blaire is a fucking MAN.
HE like all MEN with Y chromosome have a DICK and BALLS.
NO woman has a fucking dick. NONE.

Blaire is a man and thus he/him is the correct pronouns for the MALE SEX.

Go back your fetish hugbox asktroon it troonblr.

No. 738538

I genuinely find Blaire unnatractive and think her looks are overrated. The fact that you find her attractive must mean you are the ugly one. I don’t know why dumber people don’t accept that others aren’t as easily fooled as them and just call us jealous.

No. 738547

“Oh please she has a wider frame” so you admit the frame is wide. That in itself is not feminine lmao. And most cute and pretty real women look attractive no matter what angle they are looked at and no matter how pics are taken of them. That is my observations.

The power ranger pic she has no waist! Those awful padded hips. Long face and a big space between her nose and mouth. I’m thinking you are one ugly chic or a tranny chaser to think she looks good there.

No. 738553

Not everyone who isnt nasty and hateful as you bitches is tumblerina

No. 738555

I’ve read a few pages from a few threads here before, on biological women (who actually have nice bodies) and it’s literally just people attacking their looks. I never see anyone go on those threads getting mad about that. So basically, attack a real woman’s appearance, all good, but attack a tranny who actually looks weird, “y’all are jealous!”

No. 738557

So where did you come here from? I’m actually curious.

As long as we’re ripping on each other it’s all good but invalidate the delusions of a narcissistic man and we’re suddenly insecure ugly fat harpies, apparently.

No. 738558


so you’re an alt-right faggot who likes to suck tranny cock. or just a tranny handmaiden or tranny yourself.

lol you’ve got to be an extra level of special if you are vying for the attractiveness and “passingness” of robbie white, an ugly fucking MAN who has a PENIS AND BALLS and XY CHROMOSOMES.

no amount of surgery will make HIM female. HE is even going off of hormones because as a MALE, he knows he will never be female. no matter how much ass fat he tries to fake having, no matter how big his fake titties get, he will ALWAYS. BE. A. MAN. NEVER A WOMAN!

he will always look like a man. his political ideology is tied to his gender identity, so it’s valid criticism to call out his tranny hypocrisy.

god, when will you fucking go away and let the adults get back to discussing the important things? you have literally nothing else to say aside from the usual tranny-acceptance bullshit like “ur just jealous,” “she’s pretty and ur all just uggos,” “respect her pronouns uwu.” it’s irksome.

lol’ing at the incorrect saging tho it’s entertaining to watch these idiots hurl barebones arguments.

No. 738567

I’m guessing they’re either an ugly woman, chaser, or transgender as well.

I’ve shown men in real life pictures of Blaire without disclosing that she was trans and they didn’t find her attractive. Then again these are socially adjusted, normal guys, who can get women and they’re not nerds. Kind of blows that “Blaire is super hot” lie out of the water that is perpetuated by the Internet.

No. 738578

Ok but why are you so mad about it sis?
I dont think many adults disucss and pick on looks of other people, more like ugly insecure teenage girls(Whiteknight)

No. 738592

You can tell by how they talk they are an SJW. “sis”. Most people don’t find the overly plastic surgery look to be a good one, get over it. It’s valid to point out that a man looks like man. If you are a woman you must be a masculine or rectangle shaped (like Blaire) one to take offense to this.

No. 738597

Blaire always picks on the looks of others on twitter. You couldn’t be any dumber.

No. 738605

general reminder robbie regularly shits on other tranners and trans sympathizers to make himself look superior and more passing, while pandering to the alt-right crowd as the token tranny.

youre defending someone that regularly shits on people like you to gain fame and fortune, but its wrong to shit on him because trannies are a protected class that need coddling right? uwu
yeah fuck off, he's an ugly man in a dress

No. 738621

Biological woman can’t get jealous of a tranny. The fact you think Blaire looks really good coupled with the fact you think women can get jealous of a tranny proves your stupidity.

Let’s take a biological woman with as much surgery as Blaire, Kylie Jenner. Do you think Kylie is hot or beautiful? Probably not. Just admit the only reason you think Blaire looks so great is because Blaire is trans. It’s called bigotry of low expectation.

No. 738625

File: 1543264211009.jpg (739.26 KB, 1600x2400, betterones.jpg)

Don't even use that excuse. Even putting Blaire's best professional photo next to other trannies phone selfies she looks bad.

In fact I'm going to do a quick example of two mtf blaire ran her mouth about to make her fragile ego feel better. Nikta and Amiyah since for a long while Blaire would do snarky comments on them for literally no reason other the attention they were getting.

Blaire has line backer shoulders and no waist or hips. And the the only time she does have either is when wearing padding with waist clinchers.(or her laughable photoshops) Constantly putting her hair forward to weakly mask how big her shoulder is in photos. Blaire loves mocking mtf who look bad to make her feel better or extremely passing ones for no other reason besides they look better then her.

No one is jealous of Blaire when there's a million better looking mtf's are out there, literally making money on their looks. If Blaire was as hot as she projects she would be rolling in money like Amiyah and Nikkta

No. 738634

>tfw you google hoping to find some good fap material on Rob White but end up here
Look anon, I’m gonna say it slow for you.
Women making fun of trannies doesn’t mean we’re jealous of them. Would it make sense to be jealous of someone who has to take hormones, shave their stache, beard, entire body constantly, and spend all that money on surgery (just to look as horrifying as Bob does) to mimic a real female? You gotta be retarded or delusional, just use your brain for a sec
Now see yourself out males aren’t welcome

On another note I read the comments on his detransitioning video. Seems like even his fans are tired of the clickbait. He couldn’t just title it going off of hormones for a while, not good enough.

No. 738637

cant get over those hideous man legs though, that's why all the dudes at the gym wear long shorts or pants so that we wont be subjected to… well, whatever that is. trannys in general will never be as beautiful as real women. they always look like some mutated plastic surgery Frankenstein, especially their sex change surgeries and blaire knows this which is why she hasn't cut off her feminine penis.

No. 738641


If blaire just wore looser fitting clothes with more flow instead of skin tight “look at my very /femme/ body” clothes it would help a lot

And the dead long ass dude hair does not help, like they don’t even try to style it or curl/wave it. A shoulder or chin length cut would suit their face much better

No. 738649

Then got kicked in his balls when candance owens called him a man kek. Trannies and trannychasers talk shit but they crumble fast when pointing out facts.

No. 738652


Blaire would look a better with any sort of volume for her face but will never do it, since there would be nothing to hide her massive shoulders behind.


Fucking this. Called every other mtf a man without a second thought and then it happened in the debate and now there's a problem.

No. 738670

File: 1543268328811.jpeg (137.25 KB, 732x1048, 744A7FF6-07BF-4C5C-9D7D-60D043…)

Why does Blaire’s body look so boxy in candid shots? I know they obviously photoshop but they need to be more consistent with their hip and ass padding.

No. 738672

I think part of it is that she doesn’t know how to fucking pose for pictures. What the hell is she doing in this shot? Shoulders raised and forward, feet pigeon-toed, and it seems like she’s off-balance. If she could pose correctly she’d look ten times better, even with her body shape the way it is.

No. 738681

Because he's a man. No amount of hip padding will hide it tbh, he can barely even hide it with shooping.

No. 738687

Exactly. I make fun of Blaire’s looks cuz Blaire actually looks weird to me and she makes fun of others so much. Nikita, and her friend Eden are a lot better looking than Blaire and I don’t say much about them.

Blaire’s deleted tweet to Nikita was really dumb. She said Nikita insinuating that her curves were real was a bad example to trans girls and that Nikita isn’t being real by not admitting the curves are fake. This from someone who used to use angles and a floodlight to wash out their features, and someone who still uses tranny appearance tricks and padding etc. while pretending they don’t. it’s hypocritical.

No. 738688

In Blaire’s recent videos you can tell she is desperately squeezing her shoulders behind her, while putting ALL of her hair in front, to try to hide them. Who wears all of their hair to the front like that?

No. 738694

so simian

No. 738700

blair's stinking man feet look like they're about to break those shoes he's probably been stomping around and sweating in all day

No. 738702

jfc. the man body– the man everything is so obvious here. Hilarious!! All those faggots who keep saying blaire fooled them or he's prettier 'than real women' are joking.

No. 738753

Look at these manly ass legs. Dressing in such tight and short cloths just accentuate the manly proportions of his body. Same with the open toed heels showing his big manly veiny sweaty feet. As for Nikita, I think he looks even grosser and masculine. His body implants look absolutly gross. The man has NO WAIST and he just injected these gross ass crooked wide hips in the continuity of his wide man waist and it looks gross (just like eden). Real women's hips are usually naturally placed much lower, often at the same level as the lower butt cheeks area. Trannies inject their fake hips way too high (just in the continuity of their non existant waist line) wich give the uncanny gross effect.

No. 738784

With that philtrum and those eyebrows, she's pretty much SOL.

No. 738891

This is exactly what I thought. Blaire looks like a monkey. I’m surprised anyone thinks that looks good.

No. 738902

I agree. Blaire is not a brick but is in between a brick and a passing tranny. Blaire’s no where near the more petite passing trannies.

No. 738947

You can tell Nikita had a lot of work done but I think she’s still more passing than Blaire. She looks more like your average IG model. I think Blaire is trying to come across as less fake and flashy looking which I thought she did pretty well prior to getting FFS (although that was with the help of makeup and editing) but I think the surgery highlighted all the wrong facial features.

No. 738958

all you have to do is gaze at these pictures and imagine that they are biological women with the exact same appearance. if biological women looked exactly like these individuals, what would you think of their looks? would you think nikita looks exceptionally stunning, or would you think s/he looks a bit fake and uncanny? would you think blaire looks like a cute stacy, or a bit off looking with a really unfortunate body type? if you're not jealous of wendy williams or any other female celeb who gets blasted for having "bad" bone structure, why be jealous of blaire? maybe you think blaire looks good for a troon, or good in a different category separate from female beauty standards, but you're already admitting he does not live up to the expectations for even a conventionally pretty girl.

No. 738964

You tagged me in one of those tags. The other one is someone else. I was actually saying exactly what you said (if I’m understanding your post correctly) maybe I explained it in a confusing way, but I am with you on what you said.

When I first saw Blaire and I didn’t know she was trans, I thought she was just an average looking girl that was super flat and non shapely. I didn’t think she was gorgeous at all even before I knew she was trans.

It’s funny because I was subbed to her before she got more popular (had less than 80k subs) and NO ONE was saying she was hot or complimenting her looks at all in the comment section. Which usually on an attractive biological woman’s channel with a predominantly male audience, their looks are usually always mentioned.

It wasn’t until after it was well known on her channel that she was trans that people would be like “wait your trans?!?! Omg your so hot!”. It shows it’s def a bigotry of low expectation thing.

No. 738965

Like after they found out Blaire was not a real woman than they thought Blaire was hot. It shows that the standard for transgender woman attractiveness is MUCH lower than it is for biological women.

No. 738976

"petite passing" trannies don't exist

No. 738977

Why is everyone calling him a "she" all the sudden? Did some of those tumblrfags decide to stick around or what?

No. 738978

No idea why some idiotic anons are calling a very obvious man a she. It's pretty insulting.

No. 738986

I'll let them use it if women can use it too. A fat girl angle shot? No honey, I'm just petite passing. Oh you thought I would be smaller based on my photos? Stop scrutinizing my unflattering candid real life! I'm petite passing and that's what matters!

No. 738994

Fuck that.
Not calling a man a she.
All males are HE because that is the correct pronouns for a male like Blaire.

Him trying to pose to hide his manly body is just making it stand out

He could of worn something flowy like an anon said before but no, like majority of troons they have to be the most sexualized caricature of a woman, which just shows off his male physique I mean LOOK at those legs and feet.
His hands are massive and those nails just make it look more huge,

His hair just..look terrible. Just looks like every Myspace scene kid with pin straight hair extensions.

All troons who get hip and ass surgery always looks so off because of their pelvic bone just being too small and narrow. Putting fat or silicone on a straight male body just look like speed humps, straight and an odd hump, like Cox from OITNB, his body in a tight dress just looks manly.
Uncanny valley, creepy as fuck. Even good looking troons creep me out for the mere fact that a MAN doing the most to mimic the female sex, but the bimbo kind…only fucked up people in head troon out.

Women aren't jealous of a man trying to be us we are just hella creeped out by all these buffalo bills

No. 739004

Why is every Blaire thread nothing but jabs at Blaire's appearance and arguments over pronouns?

No. 739007

because that's her whole online persona. she's the token tranny of the anti-sjws who makes fun of everyone's appearance.

No. 739011

Can you link me to a thread on here that is not predominantly making fun of someone’s appearance?

Yep. If Blaire never made fun of people’s appearances so much, while not being that attractive or passing himself, I don’t think this would have happened.

No. 739036

SPEED HUMPS. You described fake tranny hips PERFECTLY. It looks horrible and it's just sickening too look at. It's especially obvious on trannies like "Eden the doll" He posted recently a naked photodhoot on instgram and it looked HORRIBLE even with photoshop. His speed hump, tumor looking hips along with his man belly made me physically sick. Of course everyone kissed his ass in the comments claiming he had the perfect curvy body. Gross.

No. 739072

Sage your pointless sperging about pronouns and how "IT'S A MAN", this thread is shit enough as is.

No. 739105

File: 1543331438914.png (1011.02 KB, 1080x1309, Screenshot_20181127-100106.png)

This is Eden abd Blaire together, how many women have the almost exact shape?
Eden had hip implants? Well if he did, his implants match Blaire's padding.
Both trying to hide the shoulders, but Blaire shoulders are much bigger.

It could be shooped, im not the best shoop expert.
Wasn't Eden the troon on BuzzFeed who didn't know anything about the female reproductive system?
Troons wanna be women so bad but can't be bothered to learn the body they are trying to mimic and exaggerate badly.

No. 739112

my god, those rock hard implants. they both look so wonky, fake, and uncanny… like the owner of two very cheap sex dolls wished they would become real boys and his wish was granted. that "come play with us, danny" pose makes it even more upsetting, yeesh.

No. 739146

They wanna pretend 'oh i knew i was a girl since little!' but in the end, it's only fetishizing. They both look hilariously bad, especially those implants, which will never look good on the male body.

No. 739210

File: 1543343817811.png (715.31 KB, 1280x720, Screenshot_2018-11-26-03-53-50…)

No. 739218

The pic is photoshopped and they still look manly. Look how hard and stiff their fake boobs are, imagine the violence when they tried to insert these nasty ass implants under tjeir male pectoral muscles. Ouch this just looks painful. Of course trannies don't know crap about the female body. They are just obsessed with their stank dicks that they tuck to oblivion inside their ass cheeks (ew imagine the sweatu balls, cheesy dick and ass smell at the end of a whole day of tucking) Gross. And they still claim that female pussy smell and lopk gross.

No. 739219

their legs will never look female.

No. 739237

These same trannies like Eden who want to become "moms" and get pregnant are the same who are grossed out by child bearing and child birth.
He doesn't know anything about the female reproductive organs and systeme because they are gay as fuck.
Even normal, well adjusted, straight men know about these things (ovaries, periods, cervix and shit), also straight men are absolutly not grossed out by pregnancy and delivery. They are also not grossed out by vaginas, they enjoy and love it (something that trannies and chasers fail to understand.
The love that straight men have for pussy drives trannies (and chasers) nuts with jealousy, that is why they perpetuate the "nasty smily fishy smelling vagina" myth, but no matter how hard they try they never managed to gross straight men out).
Goes to show you that the whole shame around the female private parts comes from gays, trannies and chasers.

No. 739249

i thought hormonal therapy gets you breasts but apparently it doesn't work for everybody? all that skin stretching to hold the implants must hurt so bad

No. 739257

Yeah,no, hormone therapy only makes them develop small saggy man tits (that older men usually get wheb they turn 60). Nothing comparable to natural female breasts that naturally develop through normal female xx chromosome puberty (even the smallest cup size).

No. 739260

eden can almost pass in that shoop but blair still has those nasty man legs and huge awkward man knees. i (almost) feel bad for any guy that gets tricked by these types of photos and ends up in bed with these troons being subjected to their lumpy man bod with their botched balloon tits stretching out their flat pepperoni man nipples. but at the same time i dont because any sex crazed man that would be desperate enough to go after a troon deserves what he gets kek.

No. 739280

I figure Blair knows how bad she looks and that's why she went anti-sjw - she knew the neckbeards would lust after her no matter how manly she looks kek

No. 739282

Talking about nipples I have notived that troons and chasers shame women about their nipples too. They say that women have huge ugly bumpy areolas with big nimples sticking out. As if tiny ass flat hairy male nipples were more feminine. Lol.

No. 739319

Gay trannies, neckbeards/incels, AGP trannies all have one thing in common. They hate women.

All in their unique fucked up way,
gay troons are jealous of women for ..well being female and attracting STRAIGHT men, so they try to become the thing they hate so much like a dick measuring contest, so they grab on to hyper sexuality of the female form to "be better that real women".
AGPs just can't fuck women and wanna become their own sex toy, and the rest can't get real women so they insult women saying troons ate better cause that's all they can get.

Men are just pathetic whatever way.

No. 739333

Lmao thats hilarious. They're just describing typical female nipples and male nipples respectively. Basically just trying to justify why being gay is OK by explaining why the prefer the male body. You don't need to justify being gay boo! It's 2018!

No. 739338

Woah woah really? Ok that’s how you know chasers aren’t straight and don’t like the female anatomy at all. Men LOVE the female nipple!

Eden had a nip slip in the big house tour video and I had seen Eden have a nip slip before and his nipples are small and flat like a mans. Not sexy. Someone mentioned that Eden had a man belly, and that was really apparent in the house tour vid when he was wearing a tight dress.

No. 739345

I think they themselves must be very smelly and sweaty by the end of the day. Having to wear tight clubbing outfits, and padding and shape wear all day while having the male biology. Men sweat and smell easier than women.

Blaire used to claim to be so hot (temperature wise) and would sweat profusely on live streams on days when it wasn’t that hot. He was wearing a bra and tight clothes, those must be so sweaty and uncomfortable on a man.

No. 739366

I don't know if you guys have ever seen this HUGE tranny lover/chaser mgtow/mra alt righter. He apparently loves blair white and often comments his videos. This loser lives in Thailand (of course) and hates on western women and biological women in general. I have seen him in a stupid documentary on youtube that was pro ladyboy and this loser was ignoring his OWN 20 year old british son because his gross ass tranny was jealous of the kid lol.Goes to show you the type of "men" who support blair.

No. 739377

The curves are wonky and not aesthetically appealing. It resembles the Kardashians or Niki Minaj. A more realistic version of a thick woman with curves would be like Katya Elise Henry. Thick thighs to match the butt.

No. 739379

Not only the tight outfits but the TUCKING. That Shit must look gross at the end of the day and it must hurt like hell. For people who don't know what tucking is, it's wheb troons take ducking tape and basically pull their dicks really hard and tape them inside their butt cheeks in order to wear tight cloths without their bulge showing. They then proceed to wear several tight ass thongs and g-string to maintain that crap in place. Just imagine the stank smell at the end of the day when they remove that shit. I geniunly feel sorry for them, some of them get infections from tucking so much. It's clearly a form of self harm/mutilation. That's gross.

No. 739398

LMAO reading some of those comments
>i am mgtow in thailand
>men in the west will go to thailand for women and maybe marry

Mgtow means nothing then but how dare these white women not be forced to serve me and to have my kids! they need to all suffer and die! Fucking kek. Many of them are just closeted gay guys trying their best to justify fucking a guy's ass in lipstick too

Notice they're overweight white guys, sprinkled in with some others but overall, great fanbase robbie. never expected anything else

>this loser was ignoring his OWN 20 year old british son because his gross ass tranny was jealous of the kid lol.

What complete trash lol. I feel bad for his son though, having to watch your own father make a fool of himself on the internet with a tranny that hates you. Son deserves better than that

I wonder if the tranny likes robbies content too. Probably

No. 739489

Guys, talking about chasers and blair's fans I ended up on this video of an old (asian fetishist) chaser trying to convince people that men who like trannies are straight lmao. Just look at his arguments, this is hilarious ! https://youtu.be/KPKlLjezSTA

No. 739543

One of that guys commenters atleast knows the truth about why he likes transgenders. He says he doesn’t like transgenders solely because they are beautiful (um they’re not) or else he would just date a genetic female, but he likes transgenders BECAUSE they are trans. He admits that he is just attracted to them because they are highly effeminate homosexual men and he wants to be the alpha dominating the beta male. These men like Joey won’t admit that they like trans woman because they are into effeminate small gay men who like to present as women. If Blaire was not transgender I don’t think his male fans would find him as attractive.

These men that like trans just need to admit that they are turned on by femme beta homosexual men and need to stop pretending that they like trans women because they look like women (when they really don’t look like women).

No. 739658

Kek one commenter just have a mini story about his love for shriveled tranny dick and tranny festering flesh wound.
They are just fucking gay and like fuck men and they like troons because both of them are sick degenerate men with fetishes

Trannies preforming the strick gender roles for women, made by men for other men to fuck them

Male sexuality is horrific, is this genetic?

Problem solved tbh, let them fuck each other, I dunno why they keep dragging women into this nonsense if they hate women so much.

No. 739706

It is the funniest thing when these leathery old bloatbeasts act like western women are missing out on them

No. 739726

If they like feminity and bein an "alpha" (lmao) so much. Why don't they date A REAL FUCKING female ??? I really don't understand their logic. And btw nothing compare to a vagina. Guys who like anal sex so much are degenerates. Just imagine how lose and inflamed all of these trannies butthole must be from all that sodomy. Gross. Vaginas stretch and go back to their initial size, they auto clean themselves, they auto lubrificate, they contain undless of nerve endings and strong pelvic muscles. Nothing you can compare to a nasty, dry, smelly, poopy male shit hole. I think this is what makes troons and fags (chasers) hate pussy so much. They are just jealous. And these ugly old chasers are the only type of men who desire trannies. They must be jealous that women get all the real, attractive, socially and mentally adjusted STRAIGHT men who deeply desire women and enjoy every part of the female body while they get the old and gay degenerates.

No. 739733

Their heads are so big I’m dead

No. 739737

>If they like feminity and bein an "alpha" (lmao) so much. Why don't they date A REAL FUCKING female ???

Because they’re fuckin gay???

No. 739742

The whole post is full of contradictions and reads more like a straight woman who is angry men are dirty but also angry men fuck other men??? (Reeee dirty anal sex, Reeee disgusting subhuman men but also fuck women we are superior but ur also nasty)
Also lol I hope anon knows she still has to clean her vag after sex and that they dont just auto clean like we're at a carwash.
Rip to all females who like anal, y'all apparently are dirty creatures and nothing can compare to the all mighty vulva. kek.

This thread isn't about chasers or tranny fuckers either way, Its about blair white who gets caped for even thought her dumb, surgery riddled ass have the cognitive ability of a teenage boy who thinks his fake titties have any say in issues that affect natal women.

No. 739745

Males have womb envy, gay trannies call their collapse assholes their "pussy" or "bussy", call their dicks "clits" etc. They are jealous because they are not the object of desire of straight men who aren't degenerates. Only gays want to fuck them. Straight men adore the female form and it shows.

If they think vaginas are disgusting, why they must name their male shit hole a pussy, their shriveled dick a clitty if they hate women's "fishy" vagina?

They shove their dicks close to their asshole whole tucking, that dick cheese mixed with feces. Vaginas clean themselves.

Troons are quick to say women are jealous beause they are projecting their own jealousy of the natural woman form, that they try so hard to mimic but they can never beat the original.

No. 739751

NTA but vaginas are superior in the sense that they’re literal fuckeholes, it’s what they were designed for

No. 739758

Nobody disagreed about an actual vagina being superior, but all youre doing atm is sperging over trannies in general which we have a gender critical thread for. This is about Blaire(who likes his cock) and you're just screeching over a chaser, also sage your shit.

No. 739759

Thank you. There are always seems to be that one anon who just wants to go overboard on trannies and derail the whole thread with their sperging.

No. 739762

Tbh this. I hate all trannies too, but these newfags who don't know how to sage/integrate can fuck off.

No. 739763

Can you guys imagine robbie and his gay boyfriend taking care of a newborn ??? With his long dirty nails and rough male mouvements. This baby is screwed before they were even born. >>739751 Vaginas are not just "fuckholes" a fuckhole would be a gay anus in the sens that they only use it for sodomy (and to take a shit).

No. 739774

Yeah I have noticed that about the female body vocabulary they use. This is so contradictory and hypocritical .

No. 739778

I hope they don't have a kid.
You know how fucked up that kid will be if it's a girl?
She will have to face the fact that she has no mother to.raise her and she has Blaire as her "mom".

No. 739784

Weather it's a girl or a boy I think they will suffer. I don't think neither of them know how to care for a baby or a child. I feel sorry for the kid.

No. 739829

Why do you call Robbie a "she" ?

No. 739833

>these troons being subjected to their lumpy man bod with their botched balloon tits stretching out their flat pepperoni man nipples.

So descriptive anon!

No. 739841

I hope Blaire's sperm is shit. Trannies and their chasers shouldn't raise children.

They are doing us a favor by removing themselves from the gene pool.

I hope he isn't gonna try and nurse the baby if the poor thing is born to Blaire. I've read troons who take so much drugs to lactate to nurse babies with their tard cum.. disturbing and disgusting.

No. 739851

Gross. Imagine the taste of troon milk. I know troons take special hormones to be able to lactate. Some men with hormone defiency produce breast milk but it is not proper to consomation. Ew. Tbh nursing a newborn with tranny milk would be a form of child abuse.

No. 739866

File: 1543427642868.jpg (95.76 KB, 686x683, 9526a2a6-9590-4b73-8011-9dce89…)

why the fuck did you bump the thread just to say this?

No. 739868

Not only that, but the girl would have a mommy dearest that was inherently competitive with her biological femininity, and would hate her just as much as it hates all women, especially as she gets older. It'll be like a Snow White situation, except there's a whole fetish angle on top of it.

No. 739888

That's what I thought Blair would be jealous if it's a girl. I don't know anout Joey thought.

No. 739939

Jeebers I understand that Blaire is annoying and is totally disingenuous but I don't think it's good to generalize. Now I'm curious what you all think of gay couples adopting and raising children lol.

However the link with those mgtow guys, how sad. And why is it that most of these guys look gross (Sorry I can't sugarcoat it) like I doubt women are pining for these dudes, I know him not.. yick

No. 739940

And while I'm on it, Joey is not attractive, at least not to me and after seeing the doc, he looks like he's easily fit in with those other guys. But he s pretty much gay in denial lol.

No. 739992

tranny or not, anyone living this vapid youtuber life of going out to the club to get shitfaced drunk with other youtube "celebs" and snort coke or take Xanax or whatever they do shouldn't even be raising a kid at all. they clearly have no morals or family values in the slightest. and blair better not even think about breast feeding no baby with his balloon, but he is the "more reasonable tranny" on the internet so maybe he wont get that delusional. either way these freaks shouldn't be adopting or having poor children and bringing them into their trashy LA lifestyle.

No. 740007

If blair ever have a kid I hope it will be a girl because any man born from this man (blair) is doomed to be a midget and an incel. The only positive thing a boy could inherit from blair is his robust and square body. And if it's a girl she will probably not be the best looking and look a lot like her father (blair). Blair better chose a good looking egg donor.

No. 740017

robbie's sperm quality must be so inferior to an average healthy man, please someone can explain to me how this can works if he have took oestrogen

No. 740045

Yeah Joey is not attractive to me either. I don’t think he is in general to most people. He is average with an awful build. He was in vid on some other channel and he had his shirt off and he had a small chest and shoulders despite being a bigger guy. Blaire honestly has a nicer male build than him. Broader chest and shoulders with bigger arms.


Agreed, the boy will atleast have a good male build but may be super short with Blaire’s genes.

No. 740082

Yeah I agree. Joey is one of those big (kinda fat) and tall yet disproportionate guys with small hands,feet, narrow shoulders and sinny legs and a big skinny-fat torso. I have never seen him topless but I would guess he is absolutly not toned (and even if he did his shitty bone structure/genetic would not make it look good). Blair is much better looking for a man (body wise) despite being short. To be honest joey naturally has a much more feminine face and softer facial features than blair.

No. 740087

Yeah he has the tight skin, plump lips, and upturned almost Asian eyes.

No. 740093

Yeah, Joey just looks like the average person you'd expect to be into transwomen, only not pasty white. Same body build and all. I'm curious if Blaire's ex boyfriend looked like the average guy into transwomen (fat, possible literal neckbeard, etc)

When I think about it, I have never personally seen like say, a brad Pitt or a young Ashton Kutcher type of looking gut into a transwoman, they usually look like John Goodman or that guy in the link someone posted about the mgtow… But hey, maybe I am wrong and there are conventionally attractive guys into them lol.

No. 740103

Blaire’s ex was an army (or military) guy with muscles (the leaner kind of muscular) but he was also super average looking and a super beta.

Blaire had to tell him what a transgender was because he didn’t (pretended not to) know what a tranny was when he was first after Blaire. Come on, who doesn’t know what a tranny is. He was playing dumb to not look gay probably. He got with Blaire before the transition. So obviously he gay.

No. 740117

Generally the guys who are into trans are below average and older.

No. 740125

Yeah it reminds me of gregory gorgeous (gigi gorgeous) 's ex boyfriend named cory binney. He is in the military and only dates trannies (his own brother is a huge transvestite). The guy used to be extremely obese and I guess after a life time of being rejected by girls (and having a tranny brother) he turned a chaser. Just to tell you that he is similar to blair's ex.

No. 740139

Ah okay, thanks for the heads up. But I'm not surprised because a lot of military men are secretly tranny chasers or closeted bisexual men (or gay) who will hook up with men on the down low. So I'm not surprised that Blaire dated a military guy, a lot of transwomen date at least one guy in the military (usually the same story) lol. And yeah bullshit, he knew what a transwoman was lol I'd understand if he was significantly older but I'm betting he was around Blaire's age so yeah no, In the current year, most people know what it is.

Yeah it certainly looks that way. I have never seen an attractive guy pine after a transwoman. I mean hey. The world is big and there could be a conventionally attractive guy out there into them (but probably closeted about it) but I have yet to meet or see any so far. Usually just fat to husky with an average or below average face and kind of boring personality. Probably can't attract the mind of girls they wish they could so settle for trans and because they can be bitter, use that to dog on females with the "trans are more feminine" shtick.

No. 740192

Joey also used to be fat. Or maybe I should say fatter.

No. 740199

Alaska's brother dated Gigi Gorgeous??

No. 740219

Yup exact same Cory. Dunno why >>740125 thinks Alaska is a "huge transvestite" lmao.

No. 740240

File: 1543463522356.jpg (506.95 KB, 4000x3000, collage1.jpg)

of course he looked below average, it's Blaire. The only trannies that can pull anything better either are the blow up doll/instagram(just look up eden's or nikita's ex's) surgery look or early transitioners.

No. 740244

Haha, omg that second photo. Blaire's profile is so masculine. It's too funny. His boyfriend is a total closet homo

No. 740282

Yeah exactly or Elle Bradford’s bf. Her bf is conventionally good looking (not my type though, too skinny). However, he claims to be straight, yet was dating her since they were 15 waaay before Elle transitioned. He is also a male model, which says something (a good portion of them are bi). He is so adamant that he is straight. His explanation is because he said even when Elle looked like a boy Elle had a feminine aura and vibe. I don’t think these guys know what straight means……….

Blaire has complained in a live-stream before that the ex (that guy^) would tell Blaire to go hide whenever his family and friends came over because he didn’t want them to see. So that guy was well aware that Blaire looked like a dude if he didn’t want his family and friends to see.

No. 740286

>Blaire has complained in a live-stream before that the ex (that guy^) would tell Blaire to go hide whenever his family and friends came over because he didn’t want them to see. So that guy was well aware that Blaire looked like a dude if he didn’t want his family and friends to see.
That's sad… Why continue to live a life like this?? Just be normal jesus

No. 740290

Lol well ideas partially right (possible literal neckbeard). Yeah, he does again, look like the average guy who would be into trans. And wow, even though Blaire looks masculine here, I feel like she really botched her face with that surgery. She at least looked a but more natural, now she has that uncanny alien look that a lot of people can get when they have multi procedures done to their face.

On Elle's ex. He should just be honest with himself. If you fancy transwomen, whatever but trying to pretend like your straight for it is just pathetic. It's 2018, get with the times man, no one really cares lol same to Blaire's ex lol.

No. 740295

Damn I forgot about Elle’s boyfriend good call. Honestly it just all makes me laugh because on the last video Blair was in with Eden and Jacyln. There was a point in the video when she talked about how all 3 of her partners ,she’s been in a relationship with were attractive.

The silence and faces of Eden and Jacyln was too much.

No. 740305

I noticed that part too! I was thinking “no they weren’t” right after Blaire said that.

No. 740333

Yeah corry dated greg gorgeous. Cory is known as being a chaser. Most of his exs are trannies who look like his brother. Ew.

No. 740336

The guys who "dated" eden and nikita were both openly gay and nikita's "boyfriends" are all gay guys (bottoms) looking for clout.

No. 740339

the guy with the curly hair that cheated on eden is openly gay now too??

No. 740345

Elle bradford's boyfriend is one of those male models who would date/ecort old rich guys for money.

No. 740360

I hate troonz but this post is weirdly a-loggy like you can barely control your rage long enough to type properly.

Elle is the ginger, right? I thought Elle transitioned in middle school or some shit. Or maybe that's Ella, I can't keep track.

No. 740363

Elle is the bleached blonde mexican guy with the ugly ass male chipmunk voice. He used to hang out with gregory gorgeous and always has "story times" in wich he claims (or implies) that real women are jealous of him and are masculine BECAUSE HE IS SO SMALL AND PETITE ABD DAINTY. In almost all of his story times he claims that every rich bilionnair men are obsessed with him and love him and would ditch their biological female girlfriends for him lmao. I guesse Elle bradford is the type of troons who don't disclose they are trannies to men even though this is quite obvious.

No. 740365

Yikes if ella transitioned in middle school. He looks more like a drag queen than a tranny, especially candid/irl.

OT but sometimes I feel sort of bad for mtf trannies who've been on puberty blockers and HRT the whole run. They still don't pass despite all the time, money, and effort wasted trying, never seen a single one that did outside of some heavily doctored pictures and maybe the occasional video with the most flattering lighting and angles of all time. Even then most people can usually tell something's off because real girls don't need all that to look okay. Mother nature is a cruel mistress.

No. 740367

tbh with you guys, as much as i can't stand these men, he got pretty good plastic surgery.

No. 740370

Tbh, I personally think Elle Bradford is unnatractive and manly looking. Maybe it's because I hate his fucking voice. I have seen candids of him and he has the most unnatractive male veiny legs and feet ever, long lanky arms, broad shoulderd and a wide torso. Like Blair, the man just knows his angles (and photoshop).

No. 740373

All trans tell stories like that, about all these rich men after them. Those men are prob secretly into trans that’s why, because that kind of stuff doesn’t even happen to super hot biological women.

I think Elle passes well and a lot better than Blaire, but I don’t think Elle is pretty. Elle kind of looks like a young female version of Robin Williams. I haven’t seen candids of Elle though.

No. 740386

Yeah but I think their story times videos are 100% fake. They have a twisted, perverted view on what a "dream" woman's life would be like.

No. 740390

So, who’s excited to see this trainwreck that is Blaire going off hormones for 6 months to a year just for the doctors to tell her she’s infertile.

It’s makes no sense to me to suffer through all the tormoil that would go with going off hrt just for what seems like a 5 percent chance since she didn’t freeze some sperm at the time. Adoption is readily available and so is Joey for surrogacy.

I personally think she’s just dancing around saying she can’t bare the idea of being left out if they found an egg donor, because in essence he’s having a child with a woman who can provide a child.

To be honest if at the end of going off hormones (if she can even last long enough) and she comes back as infertile just imagine how much worse she would feel to have a surrogate. I would assume adoption is the last option but maybe Joey will be cucked out a baby with his DNA just because Blaire can’t have one.

No. 740396

Nah, Robbie doesn't want Joey to impregnate a real woman. This would make him jealous.

No. 740403


Ah that’s what I meant in my 3rd paragraph sorry. But yeah pretty much this.

No. 740412

Men are narcissists, they can't stand the idea of raising children that aren't "their own". That's why they bitch and moan about stepdads and single mothers so much. Putting your all into raising a child that isn't a miniature version of you is "biologically wrong" and doesn't "benefit" them enough.

No. 740424

This. This is why more women choose to adopt over men. I just feel bad for any child raised by blaire and his boyfriend. it's child abuse

No. 740437

I'm looking forward to the results of his insignificant sperm count. I wonder how long does one have to take cross sex hormones to become infertile? He has been on it for a while.

If that baby is a girl Blaire is gonna be very jealous of her for the mere fact she is born female.

Why are these troons suddenly want babies long after they started HRT and didn't bother to freeze their sperm? I hate the fact they hate women so much, want to be them, and use their bodies as baby machines for their shitty genes.
I hope the surrogate gets a proper deal and gets alot of money out of them for using her body and eggs unless they go for a family member or something.

No. 740441

At the begining of his channel I don't think Blair disclosed that he was a tranny. I see more and more troons opening youtube channels pretending to be real females. There's this one tranny "Sarah n tuned" the guy is clearly an autogynephil transgender who used to be married to an asian woman. He got shit ton of surgery and deleted all of his videos about being trans and now pretends to be a REAL woman into cars. The worst is that most his subs are guys who believe he is a "hot chick into cars". Kinda off topic but he reminds me of blair (even physically).

No. 740472

Yeah when I first saw Ella on YouTube last year before she went to Vidcon, I thought she passed rather well, at least compared to Blaire but just like always, you see photos of these people in real life and they look nothing like they do on their YouTube videos. Good lighting and angles can work wonders lol.

Anyway biology is biology. Even with Puberty blockers and HRT, it's not a guarantee that you're going to look like a natural female. Unless you are one of those rare men who took so much from their feminine mother's look (it can happen), all the HRT, angles, and lighting in the world won't change what you naturally look like.

I actually have to agree. As far as "le" YouTube Trannies go, Elle actually looks the best. Like she doesn't look like an alien unlike Blaire and I think it helps that she doesn't go overboard with her style (talon-like nails, heavy eyeliner, etc.) It could just be lighting tricks again and if that's the case, she's utilizing them better than the usual trans youtuber I've seen.

Considering that the trans porn niche is quite popular, I don't doubt this at all. I mean, I've heard that these kinds of men (tranny chasers in general) will never go for Post-Op trannies. Hm I wonder why lol Gotta satiate that dick fetish lol This is why I don't think these men are "straight" because no straight men would ever go for someone with a dick.

To be honest, I feel like she's not going to go through with it. I don't know why but I just have a feeling that like after 3-5 months, she'll think it's not worth it.

Do you think if she was honest about her trans status or word got out, it would take a hit to her sub count?

No. 740520

Tbh even caitlyn Jenner looks better and more femine than Blair. I am being serious. At least caitlyn jenner got okay surgeries for someone who is almost 80 and he dresses much better. His expensive stylists and makeup astists know that tight trashy cloths and fake nails (like blair) make trannies look even more masculine. That's why bruce jenner always wears light makeup/manucure and flowy cloths. He is actually being advised by proffesionals unlike blair.

No. 740572

Ehhhh….. I don't think I'd go that far because in my eyes, she just looks… Like an old man with long hair to me. But I will agree that she does have better dress sense. The hooker/slut chic look is just not flattering on Transwomen unless they don't mind looking like they're obviously trans.

But I'm seriously curious why most transwomen go for that slut-chic look. It just looks so tacky imo.

No. 740596

>>740572 there's nothing chic about these looks. It's just tacky and slutty. If a real woman wore these type of cloths she would be called a whore right away.
Transgenders fetishize being a woman so much that they don't anderstand that tight cloths just make their male bone structure look more obvious.
And about caitlyn jenner, this guy has image consultants and skilled stylists. He does not do his own makeup or anything. These people know that tight/short cloths accentuate the manliness.
BTW I don't get why blair and all these youtube trannies were such SHORT dresses and skirt. They seem to be stuck in the 2004 Paris hilton time loop. The fashion is now to pencil or midi skirts/dresses. Longer/flowy dresses can look much more flattering, girly and feminine than the tacky, ass cheek short, latex ones.

No. 740642


I personally think they go for that look because of how widespread it seems to be on Instagram (insta-thots and related) and to appear to be extremely feminine.

It's probably a lot of overcompensating. It seems rare to see them in relaxed clothes like hoodies and joggers, etc etc.

No. 740672

Ironic because that ig thot look is inspired by hideous drag/fag makeup, probably why it just makes these guys look even more like drag queens/obvious fags. They've come full circle.

No. 740690

Yeah it just does them no favored because the dresses have no natural curves to accentuate. Not with out padding and even then, the padding illusion still looks bad because the tranny usually doesn't have weight on their thighs like a female would have. They really are just better off with float clothing

Maybe but how often do you see instahoes wearing that stuff out on a normal day in casual? I don't really see that where I live unless I'm at the bar.

No. 740694

*flowy clothing, my bad. Damn phone autocheck lol

No. 740765

They dress the way women do when women go to a bar or club. Women don’t dress like that casually, or every day, the way that transgenders do. I wonder if their entire wardrobe just consists of cheap amazon cocktail dresses.

Yeah that’s why Blaire looked so much better in the video where he “dresses as a guy”. The bagginess of the outfit, and the oversized glasses and beanie, hid the disproportions of his head and body. Blaire didn’t look so big because of the looser clothes.

No. 740772

I’ve never seen Ella Grant’s candids, but to me Ella just looks like a cute boy. The light, almost bowl cut, looking bangs and the freckles reminds me of how boys would look from the 50’s and 60’s. I don’t think he passes but it’s still better to be natural.

On the Mathew Santoro podcast Blaire is wearing an oversized hoodie. Probably because other youtubers who don’t like him were making fun of the big arms and shoulders Blaire had in another interview.

No. 740799

That Ella grant guy is such a waste. He has such a classically handsome/masculine face. He reminds me of a male movie star from the 60's or a straight male model. I don't know why handsome trannies would mutilate and ruin themselves so much and go from hot guy to ugly ass woman. The same can be said about theryn meyer, the guy is extremely good looking (his eyes, skin tone, face bone structure..etc.. are fucking gorgeous for a male) and he ruined everything by turning into a tranny. This is clearly a form of mutilation.

No. 740981

I agree, Theryn was a very handsome man. And Blaire was annoying looking yet atleast cute as a boy. He did all that to himself only for degenerate perverts to find him attractive. It is a waste.

No. 741032

I saw the candids of Ella (and Miss London, another Trans youtuber) back in a Shoe0nHead thread a couple months back. Shoe met up with them at Vidcon and you got to see how they looked out in the wild, very eye-opening stuff on Ella, not so much London because she always looked like a teenage boy with long hair to me.

But I do see what you mean, Ella does look like a cherub sweet boy out of the 50s. In all else, Ella is/was probably the only trans YouTuber I didn't really mind because at least she had a personality and so far, has said anything that was meant to dog on bio-females (that I know of).

Ah okay. Yeah they definitely seem to. It's already weird enough how Blaire practically films wearing only a bra.

And I suppose your right about that "dressing as a guy" video. I only say "suppose" because she still had on those hideous long nails but yeah, the reduced makeup and sensible clothing did help a bit.

But wait? Ella didn't have surgery yet… Or did she? It seems like all she's done was grow out her hair, learned makeup, and dresses in vintage style clothing (or casual). Which means that if she really isn't trans and would ever want to revert back, it won't be so bad. Unlike Blaire who already fucked up her face and got a botched boob job.

And Theryn is a funny one. I do think that in some angling she passes a lot better than Blaire but yet other times, she just looks like she would've been an attractive man. Still a shame she threw her life away to try to be with some narcissist (Contrapoints).

No. 741034

I think you may be onto something with why Blaire may have transitioned or at the very least, a big contributor to why she felt she needed to. In the video I linked, she talks about how hard it was for her to find a relationship as a super femmy boy and this is something a lot of feminine gay men go through. My best friend is a very feminine guy and he has shared with me how hard it is to find guys into him and he did use to joke about becoming a tranny to attract more men though he hasn't in awhile now. But I can't help but feel that this could've been a contributing factor to Blaire transitioning and trying to reach in her opinion, peak femininity (read: Slutty bimbo) to try to attract a guy (in this case, tranny chasers).

No. 741048

I looked up Ella grant on YouTube and a video of Ella and miss London popped up titled “passing privelage” or something, and there’s so many comments of people telling them (mostly women trying to kiss ass) that they’re hotter than the girls they know or the classic “I’m a woman and you pass even more than I do!”. It’s like, ok you must be a very masculine woman and all the girls you are around must be ugly for you to think that.

Miss London passes, I’ve seen girls who look like that irl, but London looks like a very average looking girl. And everyone praises London in the comments for being “so pretty”. So if you are trans and you pass as an average girl, you get a “you’re a hot girl” card simply for passing?

No. 741054

Yes! I have heard similar stories to this. I do think that’s a big reason as to why Blaire transitioned. As someone mentioned before, Blaire has said that ‘gay men were just jealous of trans women because they didn’t transition sooner themselves to attract “straight” men’. This shows that Blaire finds attracting “straight” men to be a big reason to transition.

No. 741148

I don't know who mentioned contrapoints but he looks 10 times more feminine than blair. He passes much better too. He just looks like an ugly somewhat masculine woman. I have noticed that autogynephiles paradoxally act much more like women than the gay ones who, well, just act like gay effeminate men.

No. 741150

Honestly, why do these guys want STRAIGHT men so bad ?? They litterally want to change people's sexual orientation so they can fullfill their twisted perversions.
And about Theryn Meyer being handsome, I agree. He is (or unfortunately was) a good looking man. Way above average. The type of guys who would drive incels crazy with his good "chad" bone structure and good looks. I recall he used to be straight and date women (what a a waste)

No. 741180

no way, hontra still looks lika a man, you should check his photos without his tasteless god-awful lights

No. 741184

Are you joking or are you a troon/hontra himself? Hontra is a good example of a tranny that passes so poorly he doesn't even register as trans, just "eccentric man in dress" or "drag queen." I'd assume he was one of the two if I didn't have prior knowledge that he was a tranny.

No. 741185

doublepost but
>I have noticed that autogynephiles paradoxally act much more like women than the gay ones
my fucking sides

No. 741186

Agreed. HSTS’s like Blaire tend to “pass” more than AGPs in general. Contra also has a creepy man voice that gives him away immediately, unlike Blaire, imo.

No. 741192

my thoughts exactly, at least with blair its normal to slip up and call him a she sometimes, but not contra lmao you'd have to force yourself to think of him as anything other than a straight up dude in heels.

No. 741206

Hahaha fuck no, he look like a typical hon AGP, at lease Blaire can fake it with angles and Photoshop but irl and candid photos photos, cannot hide that male body structure, that massive skull (troons look like walking lollipops, big heads and straight skinny bodies)

I think that's the reason they dress and have surgery to look like bimbo sex dolls and also because they know they are men and have to do all the surgery, drugs etc to be a trap.
A real woman will always read as female but a troon will never pass or have a uncanny valley look to them.

They have to become the hyper sexualized version of a woman because they know straight men do want that, it's in the media etc. So they wear the shortest dresses and get the biggest bolt ons to attract straight men.

It's probably the reason troons love to say they are better than women, along with boosting their ego, it's also because they think because they follow the gender roles of women to a T, that it makes them better "women".
When in reality no straight man wants them, would instantly be turn off to find out it's a troon.
It's funny, all that work and still can't run from the dick between their massive legs.

No. 741210

Tbh blair looks much uglier than contrapoints.

No. 741249

Wow this video really shows the difference between the male and female structure. Blaire’s head looks like a normal size, no long face and he looks small. but as a “woman” Blaire is large with a big head and horse face. Small feminine man does not equal small feminine woman.


I think Blaire looks better than Contra but that’s not saying much.

No. 741261

Literally every troon in this thread looks better than hontra "recontexualized as a female penis" points

No. 741271

I don’t care either way about people a subjective opinions of attractiveness, but I will say that Blair at least has candid and non-makeup photographs that have been taken and posted in seemingly regular lighting; can’t say the same of contra

No. 741279

No youtube tranny looks good imo. Like someone said before only Theryn Meyer looks good but AS A MAN. He is very hot. Too bad he turned a tranny. Blair looked kinda ugly as a guy but he had that manly neanderthal profile and a robust body (even if he was short). Contrapoints was a somewhat cute boy but had a horrible profile and empty eyes.
Eden looked like a cute latino guy.
Princessjoules was a very good looking asian guy.
Gregory gorgeous was (imo) super hot as a guy (if he was not gay) there was an old video of him acting straight and he was super fucking hot and masculine, not to mention his super athletic body.
Long story short, all of these troons looked better as men than as women.

No. 741318

Yeah I really roll my eyes when I see other girls say things like that. Like okay, I understand they're trying to be nice and all but there's no need to put down biological females like that. And exactly, either they're trying to be the biggest ass kisser or they must know some really masculine girls with no shred of beauty and to that, I just think they're being disingenuous. You see pretty females every day assuming you're out in public via work, socializing, etc.

And eh, I mean I think it's just difference in opinion then because to me, Miss London just looks like a young teenage boy and her voice just sounds like this one super flamboyant kid in high school. But that's just me. At the very least, like Ella at least she doesn't put down females so that's nice.

Which is sad because "straight" men will never go for a transwoman. Like fine, if it's a Post-Op transwoman even if the "Vagina" is fake, I may side eye it but the fact of the matter is that most guys who go after trannies majority goes for Pre-Op (the ones who haven't cut their dick off).

I remember in a past livestream Blaire did and in it, she was asked in Super Chat why she didn't want to get SRS and while she said that she didn't want to deal with the aftercare for it, she also admitted that guys who only go for transwomen go for them because of the penis. Why else would they go for one if they could just get with a biological female? I wish I could find that bit but it was a long while ago but hopefully someone here may have seen or remember that stream.

I'm the one who mentioned Contra. Honestly I just think she looks like a drag queen lol. Maybe it's the flamboyant makeup but I feel like it highlights her masculine face. And the candid photos of when she was at Lindsay Ellis' wedding, yeah… Tallest there and her not being in control of the lighting, totally masculine face.

No. 741323

I think the reason why they desperately want straight men is the same reason why Riley Dennis wants cis lesbians to be into her. Because it's the ultimate validation of their fantasy. If a bio female lesbian went for Riley Dennis, it means it's a validation that Riley in her warped mind, is seen as a female (lol).

With the transwomen who pine after Straight men, it's the same deal with the validation that they are seen as female if they can land themselves a straight guy.

However reality just doesn't work that way. Straight men don't go for transwomen and Bio females who are lesbian won't go for transwomen either and this upsets these people because in their view, it means that they aren't seen as the sex they want to be so badly. That all they can attract are tranny chasers who only like them because they're trans (or secretly gay and trying to ease their way into it).

Even though I still think Blaire looks like an alien, I will agree that compared to Contra, you'd be forgiven if you called her by female pronouns if you didn't know who she was but Contra… You'd have to be drunk, high, or both.

Agreed. Blaire passes in photos but in real life/candid, she's exposed.

And their dumb sex doll/bimbo fetishized look is a double-edged sword for them anyway because the tranny chasers they attract only see them as a sexual object. Is it any wonder that these people don't have long-lasting relationships with the tranny chasers who "love" them so much? It's a fetish. A Kink. Can true love happen with them? I'm sure it can but it definitely seems to be in the minority, not the majority.

Yep. Bad blush aside, Blaire looked better in her natural state before the FFS.

You can see some candid photos of Contra but it's mostly when it's with Lindsay Ellis like at her wedding or when they went to Disney Land and she, Nella, or one of their other friends is taking the photos.

No. 741472

About troons ruining their male good looks I have noticed it too.I have seen a video about ladyboys and I noticef thay they looked much better than your average thai man. Most of them are tall with super square jaws. Weird. And gregory gorgeous looked better as a man. Tbh so dis blair.

No. 741567

File: 1543623417358.png (645 KB, 640x894, C3CDA9B2-6A6C-4CD7-9E47-426A60…)

Agreed about Hontra and Gigi being better looking men. Even Riley. Blaire was still ugly though, but suited it more I guess. He just looks like Perez Hilton

No. 741632

I was surprised the first time I saw a picture of Thai trannies. It was that group dressed in show girl outfits, that most tourists take a picture with. I thought they would be a bit more passing than your average tranny, since Asian men are smaller and don’t have super masculine features. But I was wrong, even Asian trannies aren’t too feminine. They were very tall and had male faces.

No. 741700

Male bone structure shines through across ethnicities. Again troons still look male even though they have better access to surgery but even they keep their cock.

Isn't is creepy to y'all that men across the world, there is always a group of troons trying to mimic women and our bodies?
TiFs troon our because of internalize misogyny, but all troons do it for some sexual reason.

Only males have a fucking period fetish etc.
It's just always men, gay or straight just sexualized the most trivial things about a woman, right down to our farts like…why?

Can't understand why men are just naturally sexual degenerates.

I'm starting to believe me are just naturally fucked up, males get autism more than females so I'm beginning to think fucked up perversions of males is genetic.

No. 741860

I don't think asian troons are more feminine. Asian guys naturally have more square jaws than other ethnic groups. And I don't think asian women are more feminine or more petite either. I have noticed that guys who have a tranny fetish (chasers) also have an asian fetish. Like all these guys in thailand.

No. 741900

thank you. you're exactly right about both of these cases. the men that hype trannies are almost always into the 'asians are super tiny and superior' meme. asians are skinnier and shorter on average, but they're not anymore petite than your average person of any other ethnicity tbh, build wise. and asian troons still look male af. most asian males have terrible, muscular, wide builds just like robbie, the only difference i'll grant is that they're shorter on average than white people. the idea that they're super fem is meme shit, along with 'asian women are soo much tinier'.

No. 741980

I will never understand this fucking hair style, it's so hideous, what were they thinking jesus

No. 742050

Yeah I’ve noticed that too, that men who like trannies usually have an Asian fetish. Joey said he was into Asians too(of course). I know a few guys who like Asians but find trannies gross, but these guys are a bit cooler than your average tranny chaser and can get American Asian women, white women and other races too. Foreign Asians aren’t their only option. So yeah I think the combo of having and Asian fetish + being nerdy = the probability of liking trannies is higher.

No. 742051

Robbie was super late on that scene style trend.

No. 742128

File: 1543707131310.jpg (81.01 KB, 653x873, blaire-white-pre-hrt2.jpg)

No. 742129

File: 1543707181694.jpg (108.8 KB, 586x437, blaire.jpg)

No. 742139

i thought it was the PS, but I guess he was always cursed with that simian philtrum eh

No. 742316

It was scene baby… Scene lol But yeah, the way she wore it didn't do her any favors. The Scene hairstyle can look okay but with Blaire, she was showing too much forehead.

No. 742325

For a scrawny guy he had a wide upper body and broad shoulders. Blaire literally still has this general body shape.

No. 742344

Male heads are so fucking big damn, how do he not fall over with that big fucking skull and that tiny straight frame?

No. 742365

Look at the doorframe, it's taken at an angle. Hips are still non-existent though.

No. 742396

Of course he's got not hips. He's a guy. And hormones won't help.

No. 742400

Lmao. So Joey was/is a yellow fever asian fetishist asiaphile loser ? I'm not even surprised. Most of the guys who are ONLY into asians are huge creeps. And they are usually hatefull as heck. Most of them are much more likely to be chasers. And btw, I've never seen asians as being a "more feminine" ethnic group. In fact, most of them have strong jaws, jawline (that is why jaw reduction surgery is so popular in these countries). They are not this short either. And they are also associated with masculine activities such as martial arts.
The "AzIaNz R sO FeMINInZ, MuH PeTIte AzN wOmEN, AzN gUYz R gIrlZ" myth is only perpetuated by asiaphile/chasers. Most asian guys I know are super masculine looking.

No. 742430

i know a lot of Asian men are seen being more feminine, despite some of them being jacked as shit, because they tend to not have much body hair.
>the myth is only perpetuated by asiaphile/chasers
knowing this makes me rethink a lot about i know about troons. now it's like putting two and two together, especially the ones who think they're ~kawaii neko schoolgirls.

No. 742483

Hmmmmm…so joey is one of those yellow fever creeps. Okay, thzt explains a lot tbh.
I always thought that guys who fetishize/date only ONE race had serious mental issues and knowing that about joey just confirms it.
On another note I wonder what type of woman Robbie will chose to br the mother of his child.

No. 742556

I don't think that's why Asian women are stereotyped to be more "feminine". I think the reason why this stereotype exists is because of how some Asian women are back in their respective homelands. While times have changed and some Asian women in Japan, China, Taiwan, etc have become career women, there are other women who follow the tradition their parents had where the man went to work and the woman cared for the home while looking traditionally feminine. And some of these creepy Asian fetishists will lock onto that and that is how the stereotype came to be, at least part of the reason anyway. Why do you think those MGTOW guys always say to marry a foreign Asian woman?

No. 742694

I’m sure that’s part of the reason, but men who like Asians also say the reasons are because Asian women are smaller, submissive, and prettier (I don’t think they are prettier than other women at all). They also have similar reasons for liking trans women saying they’re “hotter and more feminine” (both untrue). I noticed Asians and transgenders both get a “pretty pass”.

You’re right a lot of MGTOW prefer foreign Asian, but I have seen them say it’s because “American Asian women are as stuck up as white women now”. I just think they prefer foreign because they’re easier for those men to get. Little do those MGTOWS know, foreign Asians just want cash or a green card but that’s a different story.

No. 742722

Yeah exactly. There's definetly a huge link between asiaphiles/MGTOWs/chasers/alt righters.
I don't think asian women are prettier or more feminine either but guys who have "yellow fever" outlook all of their flaws just like chasers outlook all of the trannies flaws.
Like you said, they give them a "pass".

No. 742738

Hm I guess. Personally I think Asian women can be pretty but I think any race of women can be pretty/beautiful/etc. I don't really like to talk about looks too much because I understand that people have their preferences. But on the 'pretty pass", I will agree that some people do disingenuously gas up people.

Yeah the overlooking flaws angle, I think that's true, especially when it comes to trans.

No. 742742

Quit with the race derailing.

No. 742743

Oh yeah, I didn’t mean they couldn’t be pretty. I think they can be pretty….when they are actually pretty. It’s just a lot of people consider them to be generally prettier than other races, or just pretty in general (even if they are average) and that I don’t agree with.

But when it comes to trannies, yeah I think people definitely gas them up. And when you have chasers, anti sjw neckbeards, and kiss ass teenage fan girls combined, they reallly gas them up.

No. 742754

The thing is that chasers will pretend they don't see the big veiny male hands, male feet, male wide shoulders, male waist, male smell on the trans. And actually pretend they have a feminine petite figure and small hands (eventhough compared to a real woman they would look huge)
All they seem to see on trans is the heavy ass makeup (that chasers seem to love for some reason).
The tight ass/short cloths.
The super high heels and fake nails.
For some reason they interpret that (cakey makeup and hooker nails/heels) as being the highest of feminity.

No. 742763

Yes!!!! They also consider the flamboyant demeanor to be feminine for some odd reason?

No. 742764

Is this thread ever going to get back to actually being about Blair or nah? At least sage your sperging

No. 742768

Yeah they just see skimpy clothes, long hair, fake boobs, and literally nothing else.

No. 742842

Take it to the gender crit thread in /ot/ and focus back on Blaire.

No. 743567

File: 1543934092851.png (2.32 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-12-04-08-30-31…)

That Xbox controller, Lord

No. 743979

File: 1543983397209.jpeg (193.48 KB, 747x1185, F9C4E29E-1C87-4AD7-9993-6C247D…)

Wtf why does Joey have this on his instagram lol?

No. 743983

I thought that he was plastic from the thumbnail alone. holyshit

No. 744163

Lmao. I bet he is into these weird cuckold fetishes involving black guys.

No. 744169

>reflection in these shades
ah yes, my favorite xbox game, … keeping up with the kardashians?

No. 744172

I was just about to say the same thing! Looks like a reality show. Better caption would be "Me totally bothered by peoples valid opinions of me yet pretending not to care and acting like a gamergirl"
Also what's up with her thumb nail, looks like it's about to rot off.

No. 744357

Looks like a flamboyant gay dude with long hair in this pic. And of course, the signature tranny broken acrylics.

If the people shading Blaire are irrelevant then why is he clearly bothered?

Speaking of snow bunny, Blaire is no snow bunny, Blaire is a snow man. Unrelated but look at how much more feminine the lady in the pic Joey posted looks compared to Blaire.

No. 744643

Lmao Blair is definetly not a snow bunny. Blair is a snow man/king. I don't anderstand why are gays and trannies so obsessed with black guys. Remember when gay, female hating Milo yanopoulos said that "he got more black dicks in him than the whole kardashian family".

No. 744644

It's a fetish. Gays and trannies are pornsick and surprise surprise, they're influenced by one of the biggest porn categories there is.

No. 745127

Maybe this is Joey's way of admitting that he's part black. Just look at him… he's definitely not 100% white. He's mixed with something.

No. 745280

Blair claims he is italian but he is clearly is mixed. She loves to claim that ALL HIS EXES ARE ITALIAN ZZZ. So that we believe that guys like young al pacino dated his tranny ass.

No. 745310

That's Lana Del Rey in her National Anthem music video kek

No. 745586

File: 1544244609903.jpg (393.76 KB, 1608x1423, Eiffel Tower.jpg)


yikes (pic related).

No. 745694

Spot the tranny:
>piggy nose, nostrils constantly showing
>long philtrum
>bj lips, mouth breathing
>vacant stare
>orange skin
>ratty, way too long weave
>fucked up hip shape due to shoving pads right underneath there your waist is supposed to be
Yet nobody could never clock them! /s
Jaclyn has a big nose and a tall + skinny box shaped body, yet looks 1000 times more womanly than they ever could.

No. 745745

He must be having so much fun cosplaying as a girl. It makes me sick.

No. 745889

File: 1544303855875.jpeg (373.26 KB, 742x1178, 595CA12C-2F41-4EAD-AFD0-7AF0A6…)

No. 745891

that fucking blend at the crotch always gets me. IT'S SO NOTICEABLE.

No. 745908

He looks ugly here, can’t believe he thought this was a good picture.

No. 745909

Damn this pic is scary. Blaire and Eden look like sex dolls.

No. 745926

I swear to God every time I see these kinds of photos and look at Blaire, she just looks very masculinish then she usually does. I think it's just that front shots don't do her any justice (it's a hard camera angle for a lot of people). But the spacing between her nose and her upper lip is just so noticeable. And you can definitely see the masculine outlining of her head (the cheekbone area).

Eden… I dunno, I think the white on the inner corners of her eyes is a bit much but she looks a bit more feminine than Blaire does though ye-gawds, I had no idea her hair was that long.

Jacyln just looks… Like a woman. I try to picture her with a boyish haircut and yet I'd still think she was a woman unlike Blaire or Eden. I honestly feel it's just genetics/biology. A person born female is always going to look it. Even someone like Magdalen Berns who opts for a tomboyish look, I can't mistake her as a man but as a woman.

No. 745954

Eden’s way more passing than Blaire in general, in my opinion. But you’re right, no matter what someone does they can never fully look like the opposite gender. There’s a lot of physical nuances between the genders. You can’t simply just be a small man, grow your hair out long, starve yourself, and get fake tits and suddenly look like a woman.

No. 745973

File: 1544316560108.jpeg (244.88 KB, 750x1110, 8D8466B2-DB74-472B-B9A2-768036…)

When you see Jaclyn and Blaire in pics that she doesn’t post, it’s obvious who the actual woman is.

No. 745996

File: 1544318871567.png (446.53 KB, 1165x568, Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 6.14…)


Is it just me, or does the pictures Blaire post of Jaclyn and her always looks bad. I mean Jaclyn is no model she's a typical girl but she looks really nice in this picture. I know Blaire is extremely insecure and probably decides on the photos that get posted because of angle tricks but come on.

Also are we all going to ignore the live stream Blaire did a bit ago? Like I love dragging Blaire on her looks when I did the photo collage but come on a bit of stuff has happened to talk about. Who gives a shit about Joey.

No. 746017

They all look like trannies, but blaire looks dangerously close to michael jackson.

No. 746021

I don't know who did what first, but to be fair, it looks like Jaclyn posted a pretty bad pic of Blaire right back, lol. I wouldn't post such an awkward pic of one of my friends even if I looked cute in it

No. 746048

Imo it's the plastic surgery that really makes Blaire and a lot of others clockable. There's something about extensive facial surgeries that just makes people look more masculine, even biological women. You combine that with a very obviously male figure and it's just unmistakably a man.

No. 746051

If Jaclyn put on a bit of weight and went back to her natural hair color (the one from her earlier YouTube days) she wouldnt

No. 746075

I haven’t seen the livestream as I’m not subbed to Blaire. What did Blaire say in it that makes you say that?

No. 746078

Have you guys seen the thumbnail for the recent video Blaire did on Riley? She looks so bad in it. I hate to say it but Riley’s face is honestly better than Blaire’s now.

No. 746141

Stop the endless nitpicking.

No. 746191

Ok but I don’t think nitpicking is the right word. as the things ppl are pointing out about Blaire’s looks aren’t small little things. They are actually big noticeable things. “stop making fun of Blaire’s looks” instead of “nitpicking” fits better because it’s really not nit picky.

No. 746464

I always thought that Riley was way better looking than blair.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 746553


It was a rather long stream but mainly what happened was Blaire talking about how her dad side disowned her and even though she keeps pushing to get invited to their yearly Christmas party. Boo hooing despite having Joey's family and the mom side to celebrate with. I just find it weird it seems like everytime it's the holidays she talks about it, it's been 3 years let it go.

They clearly don't want her around. Blaire talked about constantly texting them about hopefully getting to come each year just to get shut down. Honestly they probably never came around because Blaire does but too much of her life online. Family is clearly very conservative and people talk. There's videos of Blaire acting a drunk fool.

No. 747039

Jaclyn looks so soft and feminine next to these tranners. No wonder she agreed to this photo kek….

No. 748282

It's only a matter of time before he kills himself.

No. 748285

Blaine should show his feet more.

No. 748295

please sage your shit.

No. 748326

File: 1544662988064.png (Spoiler Image,5.41 KB, 344x146, you need to go to.png)

No. 748374

The thing about him transitioning because he was a gay incel is true as another femme gay boy called kai decadence said he has a small group of men to fish through and one bi man he was dating tried to convince him to become a Troon.

No. 748378

File: 1544670634766.png (979.59 KB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20181212-220954.png)

This shows the real reason why most gay men transition.

No. 748379

File: 1544670688805.png (1018.19 KB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20181212-220922.png)

No. 748380

File: 1544670713313.png (1004.64 KB, 1440x3120, Screenshot_20181212-220905.png)

No. 748448

Yeah I don't disagree with you about Eden being more passing than Blaire though without all the makeup, I feel she wouldn't look as passable as she does in pictures/video.

Yup, that's really part of the illusion. When the transwoman has control of the camera and lighting, she can make herself look very feminine (or at least seemingly so) but the moment they get a picture taken by someone else when they aren't in control of the lighting/angling/shooping, that is where the illusion fades and you see what they actually look like. This happens with Contrapoints as well when Lindsay Ellis takes pictures of them together.

I missed the last livestream. What did she say in it if you can give the cliffnotes?

You're absolutely right on the plastic surgery thing. I know it's been said before but Blaire looked a lot more pleasing to the eye before she got the FFS. Now for all we know, she was still using angle tricks, lighting, and her low-definition camera to mask what she really looked like but she at least looked more conventional. The idea of FFS is to pass but in a lot of these cases, it just highlights their masculine features severely to the trained eye. And don't get me started on how she overdoes the lip thing.

No. 748450


Oh I remember seeing that comment on that video. I'm honestly surprised people haven't jumped on him and called him transphobic yet lol. But yeah, I think this can definitely be a factor in why man gay feminine men transition and try to live as women only to be stuck in the same situation because no straight guy is ever going to date them and the majority of people attracted to trannies are tranny-chaser fetishists.

This old video >>741034 definitely highlights some of what Kai said in his comment. The struggle with finding dates and whatnot. Though I'm guessing in Blaire's case it was worth it since she got Joey lol.

No. 748812

Well Blaire did use to hook up with tranny chasers before he transitioned. He probably realized tranny chasers were his only option and that played a part in the decision to transition.

I’ve seen a part of that interview posted. Blaire is always bigger and manlier looking in in-studio interviews.

Eden has a video with Rich Lux were Rich Lux used to think he was trans but realized he just wanted to hook up with “straight” men. Wanting to hook up with “straight” men seems to be a big factor. Also any guy that hooks up with Rich Lux in a wig is for sure gay. That’s more proof that tranny chasers aren’t straight. Rich said these men were handsome too. They were probably average looking like Joey or something.

No. 748925

Right… It's just kinda sad though that one would feel the need to butcher their body to appeal to fetishists.

And yep, it's mainly because once again, Blaire is not in control of the lighting/angling.

I didn't watch the Eden/Rich video because I don't like hearing Eden speak for too long (she sounds like she has peanut butter in her mouth) but that is a pretty interesting observation (hooking up with "straight men"). I'm sorry but it's just delusion and a fantasy that will never happen because a real straight guy would never hookup with a tranny. When I've talked with my straight male friends on whether they'd have sex with a transwoman, they weren't up for it. 2 of them said the same thing that they can't get past the dick and another one said that transwomen aren't built like women physically (curves and whatnot).

I just find that those who would want to sleep wit ha transwoman are mostly bisexual at the very least.

No. 748959

Yes, I think it’s a type of bisexual fetishist. Like the feminine gay guy in the YouTube comment that was posted said, he has never attracted gay guys, only bisexuals who wanted to hook up with a feminine man. That’s why I dislike when gay guys say, “I’m gay and I would never hook up with a tranny, so yes straight men do like them.” It’s like no, straight men don’t like them either. It’s bisexual fetishists aka tranny chasers that like them.

No. 748962

It’s funny how a guy he was dating wanted him to be a troon because some tranny chasers do admit that they wish more gay men would transition into trannies. Definitely a fetish.

No. 749139

I don't get why tranners want to hook up with straight men SO FUCKING BAD. Seriously, they are STRAIGHT. Only chasers (who are already closet homos and hate women) would be attracted to a tranny like blair.

No. 749141

So basically chasers like very feminine gay guys ? Yikes.
If they like femininity so much, why not date an actual woman ?

No. 749149

Blaire has said before they aren’t attracted to gay men and never have been. I don’t know how serious they are about being trans but I definitely think that attracting straight men is one of the reasons a gay guy would want to transition.

No. 749152

Well he is attracted to Joey who is gay so…

No. 749177

Yeah… I've heard some gay guys say what you said and it's so ignorant and deluded. I think the word you're thinking of is "Gynephilic" which is the attraction towards femininity. So a guy/girl who is attracted to individuals who are feminine regardless of sex. I think these bisexuals that go for trannies are this.


Or closet bisexuals. I don't think all tranny chasers are closet gays. They're just not straight.

Because some guys are attracted to males, just softer feminine ones. I mean it's like feminine lesbians dating masculine butch lesbians. One would think "Why not just date a man" but sexuality just doesn't work that way as I'm sure you understand.

Yeah I remember her saying that but I don't think she was being 100% honest with that. Because I get the vibe that she thinks all gay men have feminine traits/characteristics but that's not true for all gay men. I remember this one coworker I worked with at an older job who seemed straight. Deep voice and just sounded and looked masculine. When I talked with him more about dating, he said he was gay and yeah, I was shocked lol But it opened my eyes that not all gay men are a certain way.

But anyway, it's ironic that they think transitioning is going to land them straight men LOL It doesn't and I think Blaire only tries to pump up Joey as a "straight guy" because she knows deep down she didn't have luck attracting honest to god straight men. Notice how in the video she did where she asked Joey if he'd ever been attracted to guys, she didn't then say "What about very feminine, androgynous, or cross-dressing/gender nonconforming men?") I think we all know why she didn't lol.

No. 749357

It’s because very feminine men turn them on, not feminine women. Basically they like feminine men and not feminen women. >>749149
Yeah even Elle Bradford has mentioned that one of the big reasons she knew she was a “woman” was because she was attracted to
straight men not gay men. It’s just so dumb to me when transgenders actually count that as a huge reason why they are a “woman”. Just because you only like straight men does not automatically mean you are a woman. Most gay men are really attracted to straight men. It just sounds like a dumb reason to transition, but trans act like it’s such an “ah hah” moment for realizing they’re trans.

No. 749413

Gynephillic is actually a gender-neutral term for attraction towards women but kweer culture thought that was transphobic so they changed it to “attraction to feminine people” so that it could include “non-binary women/femmes”

No. 749419

My theory is that it has to do with misogyny. Chasers are straight men who are attracted to the BODIES of women, but absolutely HATE being around them. Being with an MTF is the perfect balance for them because in theory they have the body of a woman but the mind of a man. I heard a chaser say once “they have the only good aspect of a female with all the perks of a male.”

There’s a reason why the anime trap catchphrase is “men make better women than women do.” Most chasers aren’t actually attracted to the average MTF (since they usually don’t pass) but rather the IDEA of it.

No. 749427

"Bodies of a woman". I fail to see this on most transwomen. Transwomen don't have a female body in the sense of they have no hips, ass (unless they do a good amount of glute workouts), or just overall womanly structure. Even on pornstar transwomen who get ass injections or implants and big breast implants, they still don't have a waist-to-hip ratio, it's usually just a straight line look. But then again, maybe I'm reading too much into this since I'm a woman… And perhaps these "Straight" guys don't care about that kind of stuff but just the makeup and all that crap.

I also have a bias opinion that the misogyny you mentioned that these chasers have also comes to the fact that they may have a hard time attraction actual women. Most chasers I've seen look…. Not all that appealing in the looks department but maybe I'm wrong, maybe there are attractive tranny chasers and I just haven't seen any yet.

Oh I see. I didn't know that. Then was there ever a word prior that was meant to describe being attracted to feminine people regardless of sex?

Well in the case of Blaire, she really was a hyper flamboyant feminine man before the transition. But I agree that it's stupid that they think that just because they're attracted to straight men, it means they are trans. Lots of Gay men are attracted to straight men and lots of lesbians are attracted to straight women. Straight people outnumber gay people so of course they'll be seeing majority straight men and women.

No. 749437

>Then was there ever a word prior that was meant to describe being attracted to feminine people regardless of sex?
yeah, it's bisexual

No. 749455

Anybody know of a thread that derails harder than this? You fucking spergs are supposed to be contained in OT instead of shitting this up with rants about how much trannies trigger you.

No. 749470

File: 1544859391473.jpg (193.91 KB, 470x338, faslip470wide.jpg)

He kind of has that FAS-y flat philtrum like Suzy.
I don't blame his family for excluding him, but I can empathize with him being upset about it. It's a valid thing to feel sad about, even if he's brought it on himself.

No. 752029

Those fillers oof(child)

No. 752043

Blaire's boobs look so off, even more then on other trannies.
Balire's just look like inflated male pecs.(nitpick)

No. 752094

He looks like the lovechild of Steven Tyler and Voldemort(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 752098

Stop bumping the thread with nitpicking. If you want to reeee about trannies, there's an /ot/ thread for that. If you don't have actual milk outside of the cow's looks, don't post. If this continues, it will be autosaged or locked until we're contacted about actual drama happening.

No. 752411

I don’t think ppl know what nitpick means. Nitpick is “oh my gosh look at that little birthmark on someone’s finger! So ugly”. Not pointing out someone’s actual terrible boob job that genuinely stands out. I don’t see how that’s nit picking.

No. 752446

True but people have already talked a lot about how bad her boob job was so I think it's better to just focus on other things. She recently did her opinion on Drag Queen kids video and I will say that I don't think it was necessarily terrible since it's true that you shouldn't be treating kids like a strip-show act (even though there was no stripping, it's just not appropriate).

I'm wondering if someone is going to post videos of her meet and greet she had earlier today to meet her fans.

No. 752532

this thread has devolved into a nonstop reeee about how blaire doesn't pass. we been knew. and this thread is clearly being used by certain anons to vent about an issue close to their heart - instead of the actual thread subject's milky activities. if you don't get that, enjoy autosage when it inevitably comes.

No. 762770

One thing I always wondered about Blaire was the cocaine allegations in the hotel room at Vidcon 2017. That Crazyhair (or whatever her name is) alledged that she saw cocaine in the room. Of course all involved are going to deny it but now that the whole thing with Andy Warski being a confirmed cokehead came out, it makes me think…

No. 764799

I almost forgot about that lol. Yeah I would think that the Crazyhair person was just BSing but after hearing that the rumor of Andy Warski is a cokehead is actually true, it could be true. Maybe Blaire, Shoe, and all the others at the party did try some coke just to experience it.

Not that I'm going to judge really because I know lots of young people like to experience what it's like to be on drugs and so long as they don't let it consume then, it's not a huge deal even though I personally never had the desire to drugs myself lol.

No. 764800

So Blaire did a video on her alternate channel talking about how HRT affected her body. I'm not sure what filters she's using for her videos (because we all know she doesn't look that smoothed out outside her room set lol) but all I can say is hm. Also had to laugh when she did her body comparison pictures where she purposefully has her hair draped over her should to lead into her waist to give the illusion of the hourglass look.

That all said, I wonder if she's still going through with her de-transition to have kids, she's been pretty quiet about that. I wouldn't be surprised if she made that video on a mood.

No. 767706

Blaire White: Hypocrisy, Lies and Inconsistency

No. 767749

Lol when reeemales collide

Also no need to namefag anon.

No. 767757

Can you idiots stop calling blaire "she"?

No. 767777

>de transition to have kids
What's the actual success rate of that among trans people anyway
I know gigi froze sperm but wouldn't that sperm be bad in quality due to years of hrt or hormones? Same with Blair

No. 768458

That's actually a good question. HRT chemicals most likely do a number weakening tesoterone so you'd think that it could possibly lead to weaker sperm and possibly kids with genetic defects or disorders.

Yeah I actually saw that video earlier and I will say that it's cool someone is not afraid to call out Blaire's hypocrisy even though the fans would pretend "she" can't be.

No. 773517

Damn, women sure are horrible to kids according to Robbie. He's claimed before that it's a proven fact that the majority of child predators are female (the overwhelming majority of pedos are male and there hasn't been a single female on HTCAP but listen to Robbie yall). Now he's claiming in his latest video that women being more likely to abuse children is a statistical fact. Ofc he doesn't link any sources to backup any of these claims lol.

No. 773542

File: 1548810147677.png (59.78 KB, 615x481, agJ8RjJ.png)


Most alt-righters/troons have mommy issues. Single mothers, working mothers, stay-at-home mothers, their own mothers…they hate them all.

No. 773544

I would imagine that any statistical likehood of women abusing or hurting children could easily be explained by the fact that the majority of childcare is carried out by women. I doubt it's significant if you adjust for that fact.

No. 773548

part of it might even be because his father died while he was still pretty young so the need to delusionally defend men is very strong lol.

No. 773654

only retards think trump is racist(http://lolcow.farm/info)

No. 773657

Took you 5 fucking months huh?

No. 773660

Molyneux is a self-hating jew so it makes sense he hates his mother (he is embarassed she is Jewish always dodges questions about her but he has stated before how much he hates her)

Robert just hates women because he wants to be one so bad

No. 773836

>that tweet
Do any of these guys like Molyneux ever think or have any idea how if they want women to stay at home not bringing any income, they'll be the ones to overwork themselves to an early grave because shit is expensive?

most of the time, they're always living in tailor parks or shitty neighborhoods because that's all they can afford. And they still want to bring 2+ kids into the equation to live out their 50s dream. It's embarrassingly stupid.

Do you think that'll change once he stops his hormones?

No. 773902

>Do you think that'll change once he stops his hormones

I honestly doubt she isn't going to stop. He just did that video for money and most likely is not going to go through with it. Watch, give it like 4 or 5 months and she'll come out with a video saying how she decided not to go through with it for insert reason here

No. 775737

The only reason these losers want women to stay at home and raise children is that if women aren't welcome in the work field they'll be forced to get into relationships with these assholes out of necessity. Right now, women don't need abusive manchildren like Molyneux to survive and it's making it hard for him to get laid.

And yeah, even if women were stripped of all their rights you can bet these dudes would still whine about female privilege because women aren't forced to work like them. If they die from overworking themselves it's the fault of the women for not taking better care of them.

No. 780120

Have "conservative" retards stopped using this weird-looking fuck as an example of a "passing" troon yet? Seeing this slimy motherfucker everywhere for a while made me feel like throwing up

No. 781230

Is blaire saying shoeonhead is talking shit about her? Cause I swear that’s shoe in one of Gregg’s Knight at the Movies video.

No. 783400

File: 1551746680499.jpg (189.87 KB, 1905x911, Bullshitter.jpg)

2018 Blaire - I'm totally quitting drinking guys!

2019 Blaire -

No. 783402

lol where is this from? ig? I had to unfollow him bc he kept posting nasty tranny lingerie vids and plastic surgery stories

No. 783404


Her fiancee's Joey's Youtube channel.

No. 784280

No. 788847

And many female anti-feminists has daddy issues

No. 788850

I don't know why this video hasn't been posted here yet? Andy Warski is shit person himself, but he's so right about Blaire.
About 14:35 he admits that for him she was just a token and an excuse to make fun of trans people. wow, really? Right-wing person was using self hating tranny as a token?! He were only friends with her to have a shield against SJW? Who would have guessed?!

As much is I dislike Blaire, I'm happy for her gaining enough self-respect to end relationships with those people. I'm afraid it was too little too late

No. 788907

You really couldn't even bother scrolling up this thread. It's discussed here >>706340

No. 790656

So why did Robbie start making political videos again after announcing that he would stop? I thought he was sooo concerned for his family's safety but I guess not.

No. 790682

He craves the attention they give him.

No. 790723

It's pretty obvious it was a publicity stunt to get more views. Blaire knows that most people don't want to watch her vlog about her life or makeup stuff, at least not the huge bulk of her audience.

My guess is she probably thought she built a big enough audience to leave politics but realized that even though her channel is big, they don't watch her life videos and so she had to backtrack. She won't ever admit it but you can read between the lines.

No. 794494

No. 796872

how the fuck is talking to him about LIFE harassing in any way?

No. 797229

I guess disagreeing with someone is harassment nowadays

No. 811898

No. 811912

While shutting out a son for being a freak is harsh it's still right to call this milk. He'd have known they would react like this when he first started transitioning - if not when he was merely the campest camper at Campsville. If Rob still considers his dad to be a good man he should only need to renounce his chosen gender identity and apologize to be welcomed back again. If on the other hand, he can recognize the shabby alienation as abusive he should be more than happy to wash his hands of it. Either way sobbing for attention is pathetic, and not at all becoming of a strong modern woman.

No. 812023

She's been having quite the identity crisis this year. Enjoying watching her 180 from so bold don't care trollolol to boohoo much victim so sad.

No. 812027

How long until Robbie detransitions?

No. 812028

How long until Robbie detransitions?

No. 812621


>Either way sobbing for attention is pathetic, and not at all becoming of a strong modern woman.

I remember there was one live stream that Blaire did where they talked about how there weren't allowed to go to a Christmas party that the dad side has every year and being upset about it. I don't remember Blaire ever said they accepted the transition. If anything Blaire is more than happy to dish that out, I would assume if they didn't bring it up in the interviews it was because "you don't really consider them family anymore" kind of thing.

This just feels like another bait/exploiting a situation for views at the end of the day. Blaire has a fiance and friends to discuss this with. This is why I feel youtubers like this are sociopathic because if someone was so distraught over this how is your first thought is "Gotta grab my camera and record this."

Saying that "oh if I put this up" is such a laugh. The lighting is perfect and angles you had every intention of putting this up. Blaire is just so disingenuous about everything (or their already high insecurity only sky rocketed since moving to LA makes them feel the need to put on airs more). Didn't earlier this year they talked about wanting to try for kids (which I always personally felt that if you wanted to be a mom your first though isn't to move to SoCal for a career you don't need to be in that area for), and we haven't heard shit about how that is going.

No. 812638

I know more conservative families probably don't care about the details, but Blaire's kind of a best case scenario when it comes to having a relative trooning out. At least they look kind of like a girl most of the time, or try to. Most MTFs look like Chris-chan.

No. 812645

Can you please stop with the snowflake pronouns? It makes it damn near impossible to read your post.

No. 812653

anon literally just used "they". better than using "he", you transphobic fucks. just read the post and fuck off.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 812666

She looks fine. This is a pointless, milkless thread.(k)

No. 812672

did you read the thread at all? who's talking about looks?

No. 812684

People keep trying to say this stuff isn't milk when it obviously is, because they're fans of her. It's obvious.

No. 812779

You know what's milky? Saying you're not like the other troons, and saying how you try your hardest to not be a stereotype… Yet you are rejected by your family for being a trans, and say it's a "broken family" thing. The denial is real, and her fans only like her because "she's not like the other trans uwu"

No. 812940

That being said, I don’t think that Blaire would be a good parent. If his sperm is still viable, then he will have to get an egg donor and a surrogate. And if he does have kids, they will be so confused when they learn that their “mom” is actually their dad. And I don’t think that his kids will trust him then.

This makes me think of all those FTMs who make the headlines for being “pregnant men”. Except this time, it will be an MTF having a baby via surrogacy. I can’t imagine how the first generation of kids born to transgenders will fare. After all, many kids have strained relationships with their parents when they transition after their kids’ births.

No. 812967

Funny thing is that if you used Blaire's
she/her pronouns, the post would make way more sense (as it also discusses the family as a "they"). People call Blaire she/her a lot in this thread and don't really get shot down except if it's something like "her penis."

We know his sex, we know his "preferred pronouns", there is literally no reason for anyone to be labeling him as "they/them". So I completely understand the response that anon gave.
It's annoying when people overuse "they/them."

I completely agree. There are also plenty of cuts in the video which are obvious if you pay attention to his eye makeup. I also suspected that he put that eye makeup on intentionally. Running eye makeup is more of a meme nowadays as makeup has improved in quality and requiring makeup removal wipes and stuff. Idk about others but if I cry while wearing eye makeup, it doesn't run like crazy like that (maybe gives a sort of fake "smoky eye" for lack of a better term). Also you can see how badly his makeup is smudging.
Maybe it's a force of habit for him, but it's obvious that he was staring at his face while making the video.

Idk I couldn't help noticing the makeup shit while watching. I'm nowhere near a makeup expert though.

No. 813288

File: 1558921873046.jpeg (598.25 KB, 1125x1699, 5C8483EF-4C00-4350-B703-9E464D…)

No. You look like a man with a pink dog

No. 813289

File: 1558922333059.jpeg (167.96 KB, 1125x1285, 697B278C-0835-4863-95DA-CB412F…)

The real “Blaire” white

No. 813294

File: 1558922427907.jpeg (187.84 KB, 1125x1404, 959DCBB5-3E7D-41BF-BD68-CD9894…)

No. 813296

File: 1558922467308.jpeg (183.49 KB, 1125x1464, 869DC1F9-8D65-4CE2-9E5A-E98D81…)


No. 813297

File: 1558922516034.jpeg (182.97 KB, 1125x1403, 3B196331-C938-4E4E-9B1A-DFDF38…)

Yeah everyone knows you are a man

No. 813298

File: 1558922552563.jpeg (174.09 KB, 1125x1433, 466687E7-9536-4948-8512-4CFF10…)

Dead inside

No. 813299

File: 1558922599524.jpeg (196.88 KB, 1125x1335, D6F14CF3-51D6-4D9F-8343-60B364…)

So ugly

No. 813301

File: 1558922644549.jpeg (189.1 KB, 1125x1354, 704A9E67-1B92-43E3-90BB-F8F79A…)

All that makeup and still ugly

No. 813302

File: 1558922825992.jpeg (576.12 KB, 1125x1740, 91E19DCF-B6C2-43D5-95E4-65BD71…)

Huge man hands

No. 813303

File: 1558922976428.jpeg (191.62 KB, 750x1213, 41BFF0D1-453B-41BC-A9BD-314D6A…)

So much photoshop and he still looks like a man 🙄

No. 813305

File: 1558923074185.jpeg (231.88 KB, 750x1117, 0B3828B6-A529-485B-8C0B-0ADD05…)

Can someone please tell me why Robert thinks he’s so sexy?(holy mother of autism.)

No. 813323

That's crazy how manly he looks despite the all the makeup and surgeries. What is annoying is that he always qualifies himself as "small" and "petite" and "short". Claiming that he is more feminine than real women.
The amount of tranny chasers that validate him while insulting real women is sad.

No. 813327

I feel like she's trying to be the tranny Trisha Paytas. I had to laugh when she said she's been lying because she didn't need to say anything, most people know she lies or exaggerates things because gurl's gotta get dem clicks.

The thing about her dad disowning her for having long hair is a bit messed up because I know feminine guys can get it hard for wanting to look feminine so that sucks but that's as far as my sympathy goes. It's ironic how she said the hardest thing for people to accept was her being Conservative yet her family doesn't want anything to do with her because she's trans.

Who knows but I'm gonna guess 30s, early-mid 30s when she notices she can't pull of the hot tranny character anymore because unless she gets lots of surgery, she's gonna age like a man.

Oh you mean that stupid "I'm detransitioning" video. Let's be real, most of us already knew she was full of shit. She just did that for views because at the time she made it, her viewership has been on the decline. Watch, she's gonna make an "update" video and she's gonna explain why she didn't go through with it, just you wait.


Holy fuck… Makeup, camera angles, and filters can work all kinds of magic…

Meh I wouldn't worry about it. The tranny chasers already have their minds made up and just don't want to be gay even though they kinda are if they're going for a transwoman.

No. 813441


Jesus christ, mods please ban the autistic samefag.

You sound so fucking salty, she looks fine and her looks aren't the problem. She's better looking than most of the young women I pass on the street, fucking hell.

No. 813517

This is basically a milkless containment thread at this point, don't waste your time anon.

No. 813584

Robert has been surrounded by yes man all his life who dont have the heart to tell him he looks like a neanderthal linebacker. tragic, but he will figure it out sooner or later

No. 814681

Don't know if anyone caught her stream about 2 weeks ago, but she's said she wants to collab with Trisha Paytas, and that she thinks they'd be great friends. She also said Joey has had 30 sexual partners and has caught 2 STIs in the past. I think she deletes all her streams but it was the one talking about the Tati and James Charles drama.

No. 815765

Oh I only caught like 3 minutes of the stream. She was saying that Jeffree Star is a hypocrite for calling out James or something like that. I didn't want to watch because I was so over the James/Tai thing and I knew Blaire would just dick ride James because she wants to get him to notice her and get some of his fans' attention. She already tried that with Jeffree a few months ago and that didn't work lol.

And yeah, it's only a matter of time before she collabs with Trisha. Should be interesting to see two infamous lolcows come together.

No. 816804

File: 1559493617289.jpg (493.04 KB, 810x1420, Screenshot_20190602-183927_Ope…)

That is one hideous picture

No. 817043

Blaire is better looking than most of the young women you pass on the street? That’s funny, for me it’s the opposite. Most young women I see are a lot better looking than Blaire. Even with no makeup, yoga/workout clothes and flip flops. Do you just live in a town full of really ugly women?

Part of the problem is ppl (mainly just Blaire fans) keep saying Blaire looks better than real women, but it makes me wonder if they just have something against women (maybe rejection or if they’re a woman themselves, jealousy towards other women) because that’s far from the truth. A lot of women these days look incredible.

That’s weird that Blaire thinks he’s so short and small. Blaire is short for a man but not for a woman. 5’5 is pretty tall for a girl. A short girl would be like 5’3 and under.

No. 818574

They're probably embellishing. I work at a gym and a lot of the women that come in even without makeup look miles better than Blaire does and sorry but if I stare at Blaire's photos for more than a minute, I do start seeing the masculine features and she just looks like a man with long hair and makeup (it's the area under the nose above the upper lip that just screams male (which she is).

I genuinely believe the people who hink Blaire "looks better than most females" are shut-ins, people who don't get out much, or stay in areas like Walmart and just don't get out much. Look at the candid photos of Blaire out in the wild when she's not in control of the camera, angles, and lighting, she looks nothing like her photos perceive her.

No. 818622

Yeah, when I go to the gym, the mall, restaurants, or nightlife, I see lots of hot women at all of those places. Attractive women are actually pretty common. Women are supposed to be more attractive by nature to attract partners, so saying most young women are ugly is BS. A big part of why tranny chasers like trannies is because it’s taboo and abnormal and that’s the appeal. But they won’t admit that and will instead say it’s cuz they’re “hotter” than women. I think Blaire knows he’s not hot. Seems like he has to work ten times harder than a real woman when it comes to appearance.

No. 819491

Exactly. I see lots of conventionally pretty to hot women when I'm out in public or at my gym job so I cannot take these dudes seriously when they say Blaire and the average trannies look "hotter" than actual females.

And I think you're right that the guys who lust after trannies only say that because they actually don't want to admit they like the thrill of being with something taboo or abnormal and will put down actual women to justify their attraction though we all know deep down it's mostly a fetish for the penis but they don't want it to be gay (even though it kinda is, no such thing as a "girl dick").

And besides, after seeing those photos above of Blaire with no makeup, I don't think any females need to be jealous or envious of anything lol.

No. 824393


Does Blaire think that being smol uwu makes him look like a female or wtf? Sorry but being short isn't going to hide your linebacker physique.

No. 824407

sage for ot, but he looks exactly like this guy who always came to the clinic i worked at to get botox injections in these photos

those nasty eyebrows, botched lips, nasolabial folds and dead eyes tho. people would tear him to shreds over his looks if he was actually a woman instead of constantly defending him.

No. 825271

Yeah, Blaire did an in studio interview with ‘Hidden Truth Show’ a few months ago and looks like a Neanderthal, not a “smol bean” at all.

No. 825289


most people , men and women, get naseolabial folds, stop being such a cunt

No. 825411

She clearly meant that Blaire’s looked worst or more male-ish (which they do) not that women don’t have them.

No. 825418

Just came to read if I could fibd anything about Eden but all I see is basement dwelling idiots nitpicking all her features and whining over pronouns. Jesus, get a life, retards. She is a famous person with a fiancè, a house and money. Cry.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 825472

Famous? She’s not famous. And a fiancé and a house? I thought she had an apartment? But anyways those are things the average adult has… not sure what is special about those things. Maybe if Joey was hot or if Blaire had a nice big house that would be enviable but nope.

Did you have anything to add on the Eden situation? I was curious about that too.

No. 830556

No. 837680

File: 1563070658094.png (391.92 KB, 629x765, 2019-07-13 20_38_19-Blaire Whi…)

No. 837681

File: 1563070714229.png (276.07 KB, 626x399, 2019-07-13 20_38_02-Blaire Whi…)

No. 837724

That is an insult to momo

No. 838415

I cannot believe trannies are allowed to catfish straight men to that extent. Are we gonna ignore the obvious extreme photoshop the tranny on this picture went through to look like an ugly bratzdoll ?
The fact that robbie DARES to call that a 10 is hilarious !
Robbie probably recognize himself in that overly photoshopped troon.
These are the same overly photoshopped troons that recieve the "You look better and more feminine than 99% of women" comments.

No. 838427

Imagine being bothered by someone getting attention. Let trans people catfish straight men all day long (they deserve to be scammed anyway, and this is not it btw), you shouldn't take it personal, grow up.

No. 838492


And lets be real, alot of 'straight' guys would still fuck them anyway lol

No. 838630

well, it all started with Robbie being very bothered because some guy expressed not being interested in a tranny. He took it very personally! Lol @ calling the obvious photoshopped to hell tranny a ''10'' but the guy a 4 even though he's quite more attractive than his own bf.

and no most men wouldn't fuck them. Just look at the reaction to the two trannies who were kicked out of a jake paul party of whatever. Real, normie straight men don't want to go anywhere near a troon and they express that quite clearly.

No. 838638


Yeah men publicly reject transwomen and crossdressers but it's pretty common as a secret kink. It's not something guys are going to be open about similar to how anyone with a slightly weird porn search history isn't dying to tell everyone about it. 'Normie straight guys' with wives are all over apps like Grindr looking for a bit of tranny

I think you're just personally grossed out by it. I don't see it as attractive either but some certainly do

No. 838747

What more could you expect from someone who uses heavy photo editing and a good amount of ring-lights when filming to make himself look more feminine than he actually is. We've all seen what he looks like without the camera tricks
>>>>> >>813299

But you're right, I'm willing to bet that troon looks completely masculine in person just like any other troon.

Speaks truth. Actual straight men would not touch a tranny with a 10 foot pole. It's true that perhaps the average normie man may not be able to tell a tranny from a real woman but once they usually find out, they lose all interest (or if not, the bisexual awakening happens).


I can't say I disagree since I have a guy friend who likes to look extremely feminine (long hair, clothes, etc) and he's told me he gets all kinds of married guys on Grindr so I can believe it but lol to the notion of them being straight. They aren't fooling anyone.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 838805

Yes, we all know there are those “straight” men on Grindr looking for gays and trannies. But you are acting like men actively looking for trannies is way more common than it is. Most men who cheat on their wives or gf’s do so with other women and are looking for other women. When my ppl I know find out their man is cheating, they find messages with other women, not trannies. If they did they’d put that on blast.

Those “straight” men on Grindr may seem like a lot, for gays and trannies but they’re not reflective of the whole male population. Most straight men are not on Grindr. It reminds me of the James Charles situation where he thought all straight men were gay solely because he had a bunch of closet cases flirt with him/hook up with him.

Many men are getting upset that they are being matched with transgenders on dating sites. If it were true that all men were secretly looking for trans to have sex with, they should be elated to be matched with one, not mad.

No. 838865


FetLife is full of guys looking for 'women and T-girls' and it's not a gay site. I mean neither of us know what percentage of guys out there are calling themselves straight and watching all that shemale porn on the internet but it's some.

Men who don't like trans or whatever can surely unmatch them with the click of a button? Similar to what they'd do if a girl was too fat for them?

No. 840053

Stay mad, libtard!(autism)

No. 840358

He's back at the retarded "not like other trannies" thing again. He really has zero self awareness. That tranny who said "what's the difference between a cis woman telling you that you're not a woman and you telling Jamie that they aren't trans" has a point. Blaire believes that a man can be born with gender dysphoria/"the brain of a woman" as if it's any more sensible than believing that humans can be neither male or female. Stop pretending that you are oh so concerned about the gay community when you couldn't even accept being an effeminate gay man that you wanted to become a woman.

No. 840364

Why does blaire cater to alt right men? Right wing men dont card about lgbt at all. Is blaire that desperate for attention?

No. 840369

File: 1563533628869.jpg (267.71 KB, 1084x529, screenshot.jpg)

he said something about some mainstream right-wing figures actually having different ideas behind closed doors which most people speculate are steven crowder and dave rubin. here are some screnshots of his insta/snapchat (?) story.
>If you're a conservative who feels the need to bash gay people, you will soon be a relic of the past.
he's delusional. as long as conservatism exists, it's majority will always be homophobic. just because trump "acknowledges" pride doesn't mean shit.

No. 840370

It's an extension of her self-hatred. She loathes what she is, so she seeks out people who feel the same. It works out, because they venerate her as 'not like the others', so she gets to stick with that double standard.

No. 841282

Yeah, he thinks he is special.
But to be honest, he is just like the other trannies, if not worse.
The bad plastic surgery that makes him look even more masculine, the tacky, trashy, outdated, too small cloths that accentuate his muscles and male built, the obvious, too thick 2010 hair extensions.
There's no way he can blend in with the average women.
He would stick out like a sore thumb.
It got to a point that even that other troon (hontrapoint) looks more like a female than he does. That must be hard to swallow for robbie when the type of manly troons that he used to make fun of look now more passable than he does.
Robbie got into this whole anti-female mgtow crap so he could have straight men to like him.

No. 841358

I never understand the "Brain of a woman" thing anyway. What evidence is there and on that note, are people like Blaire inferring that their "woman brain" is what makes them want to look the way they do or have the interests they have because it all sounds like a crock of shit to me.

She's just trying to be a special snowflake. "See everyone? I'm not like the typical tranny. I'm conservative!" Blaire tries so hard to be different but some people are catching on to just how disingenuous he is.

Exactly. No matter what he claims, Conservatives will never be open to homosexuality or trannyism because it goes against the very traditions they want to keep in order.

> It got to a point that even that other troon (hontrapoint) looks more like a female than he does

Pushing it anon lol They both look like men without the camera tricks, lighting and angles.

No. 841373

that's because the whole male/female brain thing is a fucking joke with no proof or science behind it. It was used for so long to make women feel inferior to men for YEARS. Now trannies want to pretend they 'feel like a woman' suddenly because they like makeup and the color pink. There's no such thing as feeling like a woman.

they're always gay men who just want to stay closeted and pretend they're straight.

there's no such thing as a passing tr00n

No. 841426

I would be scared or I saw robbie irl. I don't know, he just looks like he smells like wet ass (the whole tucking your dick into your ass crack thing ALL DAY) and he looks like has stank man breath covered in cheap body spray.
Not to mention the smell of his sweaty large veiny male feet after walking in too small plastic heels for a day.
Like anon said there is no male or female brain. Robbie is your typical gay guy who hates women and is envious that they can actually get straight men.

No. 841427

>that other troon (hontrapoint) looks more like a female than he does.

Still, eventually they all end up like that. The only troons who still pass in their forties and fifties are those who were short and dainty before transitioning, with a small face/skull, those who were already constantly mistaken for girls before they ever resorted to hormones and surgery. Those will pass like little old ladies, while the rest morph into freaks. For Blair and Hontra, it'll never work. They're not as ugly as Brianna Wu and whatshisface unwashed horsedildo thing, Jack something, but they're still masculine men.

Those who need all the help they can get? XY chromosomes are a cruel master, and with all the estrogen and progesterone and castration in the world, slow and sure masculinization never stops, until it no longer matters and they're in the 70 - 90 ranges and they're either dead or have alzheimer's and don't understand why they're wearing women's clothes and why their cock is gone.

No. 841547

Funny that you say that because Robbi thinks he is one of those "dainty,tiny,delicate, petite, smalled framed, high pitched voiced, more female than female" troon. He also claims that he always was mistaken for a woman even before taking hormones.
And to be honest I have never seen a passable troon. Even the small ones look very creepy and masculine.
I think this is a lie, he looked like the typical short, kinda bulky guy.

No. 841552

being medium height, having long hair and talking with a valley girl voice apparently makes you a woman in his tranny logic lmao

No. 841554

I hope you're right, anon. The ones I think can pass are honestly only a tiny minority of the ones I've seen on film, but they still have lighting and angles. In meatspace I've never seen one that wasn't an uncanny valley skinwalker.

No. 841686

> that's because the whole male/female brain thing is a fucking joke with no proof or science behind it. It was used for so long to make women feel inferior to men for YEARS. Now trannies want to pretend they 'feel like a woman' suddenly because they like makeup and the color pink. There's no such thing as feeling like a woman.

I thought so because whenever I try looking for proof of the "woman/man" brain, I always stumble upon Gender studies articles and or articles written by trannies.

Exactly. Just because they take hormones, it doesn't stop the aging process. They're going to continue aging as men and if they try extreme measures like plastic surgery, they're gonna look like shit anyway. XY is XY and your fate is sealed.

But isn't it funny how the only people who say that about him are other neck-beard Conservatard types or women who are obsessed with Drag culture? Blaire has the body of a box, has big man hands, wide shoulders (that he tries to mask with his hair extensions), and serious man-face without all the filters and lighting. The people who say that are delusional and they know it lol.

> The ones I think can pass are honestly only a tiny minority of the ones I've seen on film, but they still have lighting and angles.

Exactly. I have some friends who try to link tranny YouTubers to me saying that they pass (some know I don't believe in trannyism) and every time I can just tell they are using lighting and angle tricks. I'd rather want to see photos of them outside in the open because that is the tranny's natural enemy that exposes them.

No. 844496

File: 1564176471221.png (1.25 MB, 640x1136, 4FBD13BC-AC13-4B4A-A064-489CF2…)

cursed image

No. 844928

Late to the party, but Robbie's really being a bloody hypocrite right there.
In this video he clearly said he would never date a trans person, and criticizes Riley for saying you're not allowed to turn down a trans person.
So he's allowed to reject trans people, but cis people are somehow forced to be attracted to them?

No. 845173

but I remember how Blaire keeps saying it doesnt make her bf gay

No. 851347

File: 1565464468743.jpg (195.11 KB, 1080x806, Screenshot_20190810-211432_Twi…)

Anyone know what happened there?

No. 851374

>>851347 during the yaniv arrest party stream, she found out her number was public on her insta (on the contact button.) People then found her address because it was associated with the number. I didn't watch the whole stream, but when the initial address was leaked she denied it? I honestly don't think it was the right address by her reaction, so idk if they then found the right address or if she was just really convincing in denying it.

No. 851414

kek what a fucking retard

No. 851422

ehh not really, i’ve seen that happen to regular people because they use their phone number to verify their instagram after making an account, then when they switch over to a business profile to get a better view of their analytics they end up accidentally exposing email and phone number. instagram doesn’t warn people when this happens so it’s actually really common, but blaire should always be cautious when it comes to any accounts bc slip ups like this can be pretty fucking bad

No. 851433

That's still stupid. If you make your ig into a business account why keep using your personal number on it? Get a business number. And I've never heard of any other influencers make this mistake?

No. 851504

what is with your reading comprehension?
>instagram doesn’t warn you
>peoples number from when they signed up exposed

congrats on being a 10,000 galaxy iq but this is actually a documented issue because nobody in their right fucking mind sits down and thinks “gee what number did i use to verify my instagram in 2013?”

No. 851505

samefagging to add that just because you haven’t seen something doesn’t mean itnisn REALLY fucking common. a simple google search for ‘instagram “business profile” “phone number”’ lead to countless people asking how the fuck to get their phone number off their business profile. instagram needs to do a better job warning people, not everything is as simple as “hurr durr thousands of people are super fucking dumb!! i would NEVER do that!! what do you mean millions of people unwillingly expose their own information every day and i definitely have too?”

No. 851524

You sound deranged, chill out.

>instagram needs to do a better job warning people

More like people should read the ToS and have common sense.

No. 852280

File: 1565665139339.jpeg (Spoiler Image,185.52 KB, 960x1246, 02CD2F93-42FE-4F07-8401-BAB40A…)

Looks like Blaire ‍♂️ Might be real(emoji)

No. 852293

I cant really tell if thats Blair. Is it actually him?

No. 852315

Anon I think you're retarded. Can you look at a photo of Blaire for like 10 seconds or no? The jaw isn't square and sharp enough. The eyebrows are different. The nose is too thick. Try again.

No. 852434

Is is wired that I kinda low-key skip Jacklyn with Blaire and hope they end up together(tism)

No. 852442


This is what Blair wishes she looked like. Blair’s trickery belies a dude.

I’m sort of confused. Testicles aren’t some firm unit that stick together and raise when the penis is down.

Wtf are his balls? This has to be photoshopped.

No. 852459

As a previous anon said, the jaw doesn’t match up. I’m pretty sure this isn’t blaire and it’s a look a like.

No. 852669

I think you might be right but then again Blaire's favorite past time is shooping her face too oblivion.

No. 853933

File: 1565969376263.jpg (293.99 KB, 1074x1305, Screenshot_20190816-172929_Twi…)

So I guess it wasn't Instagram's fault…?

No. 853942

>>853933 instagram doxxed the number. Jon realised the address.

No. 853943

>>853933 instagram doxxed the number. Jon realised the address.

No. 853944

>>853933 instagram doxxed the number. Jon realised the address.

No. 853970

Ah, that makes sense.
But honestly good on Blaire for helping getting this creep investigated.

No. 853972

How exactly does instagram dox a number? You do realize that making your Instagram into a business account isn't doxing… Every business needs a contact number. If anything, Robbie "doxxed" himself for being so stupid.

No. 853978

>>853972 yes, I know. It was just the most simple way to phrase the info.

No. 853982

Except it's not. You're putting the blame on Instagram instead of Robbie. That confuses people. It is not the most simple way to put it, it's completely false and inaccurate.

No. 853996

Compare the facial features and it's clear that this is Blaire, likely without the cosmetic touch-ups and front-facing view we'd typically see of him. Now where this came from is the mystery.

No. 854018

Apparently she has some Yaniv information to release on Monday that's too "big and important" to release now.

It's not that big of a deal anon, get over it.

No. 854028

it looks nothing like her, y'all are blind

Anyone notice in the Yaniv debate that Blaire seemed offended that Yaniv tweeted he looked hotter than Blaire? Blaire kept bringing it up. She looked smug when Yaniv said she looks better than biological women too. topkek

No. 854131

Yaniv is just a dude in womens clothes who let his hair grow out.
At least Blaire got some surgeries to look a little more feminine.

No. 854139

I know, I wasn't saying Yaniv looked better (oh hell no lol) I just found it funny that Blaire kept bringing that up when there were more important things to be debating about…

No. 854269

The surgeries didn't do much of anything tbh. So he had his hairline surgically lowered, a nose job ,and fake bolt-ons (and continues to wear long extensions), his face still looks masculine as all hell. Do you see what he looks like in photos or videos that aren't taken by him (or Joey) or when he isn't in control of the lighting or angling (or both)?

I think it says all we need to know. People are just polite and want to be politically correct as to not offend the trans cult who will try to shut you down if you speak against them.

And yeah obviously Blaire looks better than Yaniv but not as a "woman", Blaire just hasn't let himself go whereas Yaniv kinda did. The pedophilia just makes it worse.

Either way it's gonna be interesting to see how this plays out but I can't feel bad for Blaire because he kinda did this to himself. When you go putting yourself into situations like this, it can sometimes come with a consequence and in Blaire's case, doxxing.

No. 854389

>Hairline surgically lowered
But why?! That's the worst thing about Blaire's face is the forehead is too fucking small, it makes his cheekbones like abnormally long. Giving him a horse face.

No. 854516

I'm not really sure to be honest. I mean at the end of the day you can't fight what you were born as and either he still looked male either way.

No. 856590

Has this ever been pointed out about Blaire. In this video Blaire talks about being raped at 18

But in this video where she says she was pressured into sex work, she said she was 18-19 (clarifies it was 19 near the end of the video) that she was a virgin.

Also if you were raped at 18 and in your own words said it took a very long time to be intimate with someone after the rape, why would you pursue sex work within the same one year period you were raped?

No. 856696

File: 1566499392294.png (57.53 KB, 1192x232, dangerous and powerful.png)

I just assume she doesn't consider the time she was raped as her first time. Some people believe you can't lose your virginity through rape, rape =/= sex, etc…
>why would you pursue sex work within the same one year period you were raped?
You missed the point of the "I WAS PUSHED TO DO SEX WORK (By The Trans Community)" video, namely, it was peer pressure/groupthink/"brainwashing" that led Blaire to believe she lacked opportunities as a trans woman and sex work was her only option for surgery funding, and significantly, she didn't actually go through with it.
I guess I don't see where she's being inconsistent.
Pic unrelated

No. 857548

I don’t like Blaire in the slightest, but god if anyone tries to defend Yaniv… I swear to go you’re just a fucking pedo idiot

No. 857835

I really don't think any sane person will defend Yaniv. Blaire is an annoying, attention whore but he is better than Yaniv in that sense that he is at least not harassing young girls. But all I can say is Blaire better cherish his last 15 minutes of fame because once this is over, everything will go back to normal.

No. 858344


My point is, that in her own words, she states in the Pushed to do sex work, she had never done anything sexual prior to the events of the story told in that video. I would think Blaire would be honest and would have mentioned the rape unless it skipped her mind, but for most people, it's a traumatic experience that people simply don't forget.

What I'm getting at is that if you take Blaire's word, both those stories don't add up in the timeline of events that take place over one year. I'm just stating an inconsistency and curious if anyone else has noticed it.

No. 858345


the inconsistency being that they said they were fully raped at 18 and are very adamant about that. Then age 19 say they were a virgin and have not done anything sexual or been intimate with someone.

No. 858346

Whether you like Blaire/Robbie or not, being raped doesn't count as being "intimate" jesus christ

No. 858351

Yeah, this. When there's so much else to hate on her for, that kind of reaching is sad.

No. 858411

Rape is not sex what the fuck you on about scrote

No. 866339


I always thought it was obvious he made up his rape story. From the way he insists it was absolutely violent/ no-grey area rape (investigators point out false rape reporters usually follow the script of what is consider ''real rape'' to appear blameless) to how he couldn't even keep his political motivation out of the video ''just because u were raped doesn't mean it's a gender issue and you get to mistrust men!!!''.

No. 866411


All men have a story about how they were actually raped, but strangely these stories are never mentioned outside of their politics. Hmmm.

No. 866865

He apparently even planned to have his rapist come on his channel to answer questions. I know that not all rape victims deal with their trauma the same but this seems really fucking odd. I guess they couldn't find an actor willing to be portrayed as a rapist even for money as that's career suicide.

No. 866875

This reminds me of that Ted talk where a woman and her rapist appeared on stage and they tried to get people to 'see the rapist as a person too' Is this what we're promoting now for sexual assault awareness. Lets all empathise with the criminal?

No. 871649

File: 1569178211100.jpg (452.25 KB, 1080x1848, Screenshot_20190922-204805_Twi…)


No. 871663

alien pornstar

No. 871694

His mouth is just so low on his face, it throws me off every time

No. 871846

His eyebrows piss me off. Why does he still do that? Is it a tranny thing?

No. 872099

File: 1569249538199.jpeg (72.86 KB, 750x1333, EE889A0C-FB0F-4153-8138-1131B5…)


His mouth is so low because the idiot attempted to turn a male square face into a female heart face. Without a big enough chin all the proportions are off. Shrinking down his forehead didn’t help either. The only way to fix the gap between his nose and lips would be lip fillers at this point but he has thin lips, lip filler would just give him duck lips.

That’s how you know the doctor was sketchy. Not that Robbie cares look at the bolt ons he has on his chest.

No. 872558

File: 1569347754188.jpg (17.57 KB, 400x400, WVI1PNe5_400x400.jpg)

I think so. I've seen a lot of trannies sporting this thin-like eyebrow style. I think they do this because they think (or know) if they do the thicker brow style, it'll make them look more manly.


I think that is why he used to do the over-lip line makeup trick to make his lips look fuller than they actually are and try to lessen the gap between his nose and upper lip/mouth but instead it just made him look like a hot mess.

He just needs to accept that he had a botched surgery and that he's never gonna look like the porn image of a woman. He can try but once the filters are removed, you see what he looks like. I mean have you seen his latest pic? The photo manipulating he did to his body is off the chain lol

No. 873100


honestly the low mouth/long philtrum is so unflattering and makes her so much more clockable. there's this sort of option surgically otherwise idk what else she can do.
L.A. is a hub for surgery, it always baffles me people who come out of the US looking like blow up dolls when other nations seem to have it pretty much down to an art, at least in comparison.
sage for surgery sperg but fuck. it looks so….ape-ish? I feel so fucking mean

No. 873585

Blaire was in a livestream a few days ago with two other troons talking about relationships

No. 877842

File: 1570517305479.png (1.24 MB, 1080x1920, 000006CA-FF48-4801-B397-A13E57…)

No. 877877

I think Blaire is very clockable… I don't say it to be mean, even without the candid pictures i think in the "Asking Strangers Which Of Us Is Trans" it's very noticeable, she has very wild shoulders and a weird body really, it still looks pretty masculine to me…

No. 877969

how the fuck does he look like taylor nicole dean here

No. 877970

cus taylor looks like a tranny

No. 878210

Taylor Nicole is not that ugly. “Blair” looks like an off duty drag queen when he doesn’t wearing makeup

No. 878211

File: 1570606675154.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1125x1615, ABF2BA18-06BA-4B8F-81F1-6F975A…)

I can’t be the only one who sees that very noticeable butt pad. But it was more obvious in the video.. and yes I know that there is more problems to Blair than the looks but it’s SO annoying to hear the
constant “I’m so passable” statement that
always comes out of that botched mouth.
When it’s just not true.

No. 878339

File: 1570643333360.png (6.2 MB, 2436x1125, 8CEA76C1-DD75-479C-B6FF-BDA86B…)

Joey said this was blairs butt on one of his blogs from July 9th

No. 878448


it's because they've both had terrible fillers

No. 879006

Ugh these man legs/feet

No. 879026

His huge man legs and feet are so disturbing. Not to mention his big man shoulders, butt pads/fake speed hump looking hips and non existent waist line. He really looks like a man in a dress wearing a cheap wig (the trannies he hates so much).
Yet people still claims that women are jealous of him because he is "so petite, tiny and feminine and real women look like big obese manly monsters next to him" according to his fans and tranny chasers.

No. 879094

That’s all one big cope. Everyone with eyes can see he’s a big ugly gorilla looking man

No. 879099

See that's the thing though, some honestly believe that Blaire looks like his edited photos. You have to show them the unfiltered, non-heavy makeup pictures for them to see the truth lol.

No. 879454

are blaire and joey no longer engaged? she never posts about him and deleted the engagement picture. i think theyre still together because she mentioned him in a new video but it doesn’t seem like they’re still engaged…. sage for tinfoil

No. 879556

Blaire has a ring he wears on his right middle finger and it's still showing in multiple recent videos, I'm not engaged so IDK if that's the finger you're supposed to put the engagement ring on or Joey just bought too big of a ring for him, but there's still a ring.

No. 879980

File: 1571075268744.jpg (179.32 KB, 800x2560, amblaire.jpg)

When cows collide! This is Amber meade from one of the first seasons of Bad Girls Club. Blaire apparently did her makeup (not well)

No. 880275

File: 1571125317132.png (8.36 MB, 1242x2208, 34FE1070-24A1-4978-9C60-07F7ED…)

butt pads confirmed?

No. 880308

I don't understand why trannies love to wear super short and super tight out dated dresses. It just emphasize their manly bodies.
It gives it away even more.
The tacky short tight dress.
The super long, pointy, disgusting fake nails that just make his hands manlier and bigger.
The outdated cheap heels.

No. 880337

It’s all part of the porn bimbo costume. Whether it flatters them personally is irrelevant.

No. 880342

lmao his big man feet stomping along the beach is killing me.


The fact he's using Bellami explains why his hair always looks like shit and is too thick for him. They are literal garbage tear in terms of quality.


Trannies are a mans idea of what a woman is so they all look like porn stars with bad makeup and hair.

No. 880369

File: 1571153287539.jpg (65.61 KB, 599x1300, 7239114-sexy-cartoon-woman-wea…)

It's bc this guy has no nuance so he literally thinks woman = pic related. He's not really a woman, doesn't think like one… he's just a dude who doesn't want to be a twink. How embarrassing.

No. 881272

I think it's definitely because of the AGP (Autogynephilia), even the HSTS (homosexual transsexual) have it a bit in the sense while they don't get off on women, they get off on the attention of looking like some porn bimbo or anime girl…. But you're right, it does them no favors and just makes their man body all the more obvious.

> Trannies are a mans idea of what a woman is so they all look like porn stars with bad makeup and hair.

Nailed it.

No. 882868

neovag incoming

No. 883370

I don't like Blaire but I don't wish a neovagina on him.

No. 883387

He's even stupider than I thought if he goes ahead with it.

No. 883665

File: 1571838348752.jpg (468.37 KB, 810x1939, Screenshot_20191023-154341_Twi…)

I am unable to roll my eyes any further

No. 883839

We, unlike those fulltime crossdressers, have better things to do than constantly look "hot" for internet points.

No. 883891

>yall you should try to be this feminine
As if women who are feminine aren't getting shit on by these same guys for looking whores and sluts or prudes and teases. Or creeped on and harassed.

guarantee if a woman posed and looked just like Blair in that photo, she'd get mocked.

No. 883904

Blaire looks like a chinese bootleg Kardashian but I bet that man shits on Kardashians.

No. 883921

Easy to say when the only reason why she looks that feminine is 100% because of what is deemed socially unacceptable for real women

>Plastic surgery

>Tons of makeup
>Spending tons on beauty treatments
>Fake nails
>Slutty club clothes
How much you want to bet these same men ranting about how trans look so much better than real women also put those women on blast if they do the things that make troons feminine

No. 883959

He fucking LOVES it when people lie to him like this. Even when Yaniv said it to him on stream he just sat there smug as shit. Shame that in motion he's clockable most of the time

No. 884109

Anyone gonna tell him those are buttpads

No. 884122

File: 1571923066608.jpeg (349.1 KB, 683x1024, 82E4730C-7722-412D-8A19-B355CD…)

Kim Petras passes. I had no idea she was trans until recently. If you look at the comments under her videos many listeners are equally surprised when they find out. It probably helps that her life doesn’t revolve around being trans.

No. 884167

Eh I think we may be giving too much credit to him. Remember that at the end of the day, he's an attention whore and says all kinds of things that he then pretends he didn't say and this is another one of them.

I think I threw up in my mouth a little. He doesn't even know lol

Because God forbid a woman actually has other interest that don't involve looking "hot" . The audacity.

Yep it validates his form of autogynephilia to get comments like that.

That's because like Jazz Jennings, Kim "Transitioned" when he was still very young but just watch, I bet without the makeup and editing in videos cinematics, we'd see what he really looks like, especially as he ages.

No. 884189

File: 1571939010977.png (317.25 KB, 640x401, really now.PNG)

No. 884494

File: 1572007414171.jpg (25.47 KB, 408x612, gettyimages-1029066304-612x612…)

Does he though? His inital claim to fame was being germany's youngest transexual, he literally would not have a platform without that fact.

Plus he's a fucking rape apologist.

No. 884583

lol he looks like someone tried to draw Sophie Turner from memory and got bored halfway through

No. 884585

That's one chiseled jaw.

No. 884590


A fine, Aryan man.

No. 884592

What is considered hot about Blaire in this? Is it just the clothes, hair and makeup? Because physically Blaire doesn’t look pretty here and the body isn’t that great. Blaire’s butt resembles Jeffrey star’s fake butt, not cute.

It baffles me when people say she is hotter than a real woman. Are those people unaware that hot women exist and that there are a lot of them? And hot women don’t need the surgery, it’s all just their genetics.

Blaire’s weight loss just further accentuates her big head and long rectangular male face shape. I’m sure if Blaire was a biological woman people would just think she looks weird with too much surgery.

No. 884619

This is systematical with these tranny chasers and people who love to kiss trannies fake implanted ass. They ALWAYS have to put down and humiliate real women, they juste HAVE TO.
It's like they live in a world in wich real women are all obese and ugly and trannies are these perfect little extremely feminine fairies and real women are ugly jealous orgres.
Their only obsession with feminity are ugly tight clothes, cheap early 2000's makeup looks and tacky road kill looking hair extentions.
I have also noticed that these same tranny chasers are the first ones to humiliate women on their real feminine attributes, shaming them about their periods, calling it gross, shaming them about pregnancy, claiming that women all have big lose fish smelling vaginas. Calling real women hysterical and crazy when the trannies they chase after are among the most psychologically unstable people on earth.

No. 884645

yeah you'd think men who want to fuck dudes in dresses would respect and understand gender-nonconforming women (or women who just don't want to look like blow up dolls) but it's just a fetish not like actual human decency lmao

No. 884849

It's because they're closeted gays.

No. 884931

Why else would they need to try so hard to make these trannies out to be goddesses?

>I'm not gay! They are just better at being feminine than you vaginas!

Yeah and they also have a dick and balls, no hips or waste, and man hands/feet. But yeah it's definitely that they are more womanly than we are and nothing to do with your closeted obsession with cock, kek. Sure Jan.

No. 885090

Yeah, Blaire’s body proportions are quite awkward and gawky looking. Long lanky arms, big hands, feet and head. Not to mention that way too thick, straightened hair on top of all that which adds to the off look. Women with nice bodies are very proportional. So closeted bi’s who try to shoe horn Blaire into the role of being better looking than real women are tripping.

No. 885293

File: 1572159040615.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1125x2299, 1BEBA62E-5FA9-4B3B-8FA1-478893…)


No. 885298

When you aim for kardassian and hit teen mom farrah on the character select

No. 885324

When women dress exactly like this, it’s “thot begone”/“all women are thots”.

Their idea of femininity is literally just looking as over-sexualised as possible, even if it looks hideous, slutty and cheap. And if Blaire dressed any other way, that’s what they’d see as the epitome of femininity because sticking it to the “ugly roastie women” is what this is ultimately about. It’s just another tool to perpetuate misogyny.

No. 885325

When women dress exactly like this, it’s “thot begone”/“all women are thots”.

Their idea of femininity is literally just looking as over-sexualised as possible, even if it looks hideous, slutty and cheap. And if Blaire dressed any other way, that’s what they’d see as the epitome of femininity because sticking it to the “ugly roastie women” is what this is ultimately about. It’s just another tool to perpetuate misogyny.

No. 885326

When women dress exactly like this, it’s “thot begone”/“all women are thots”.

Their idea of femininity is literally just looking as over-sexualised as possible, even if it looks hideous, slutty and cheap. And if Blaire dressed any other way, that’s what they’d see as the epitome of femininity because sticking it to the “ugly roastie women” is what this is ultimately about. It’s just another tool to perpetuate misogyny.

No. 885342

this shit has been shooped to DEATH. peep the weird bent + blurry bricks and posts in the background immediately next to her lower half.

No. 885370

That fucking ass shoop is hilarious. How did he think people wouldn't notice KEK

No. 885409

This is almost a Vicky Shingles-tier shoop. Both their bodies have their own gravitational pulls that mysteriously suck in their weaves.

No. 885486

Too bad he can’t wear his hideous butt padding in a bathing suit. He shooped his butt and it’s still small and flat.

No. 887020

All these lying ass guys up in here talking about how ugly Blaire is and how she looks like a man. She is probably more attractive then most of your ACTUAL girlfriends if you even have any and you know damn well she passes. NO ONE is going to misgender her at this point in her transition. You all sound like a bunch of pissy SJW haters who don't like her messages or politics so you're acting like typical SJW pussies.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 887025

Blaire is a man, only an ESS-JAY-DUBBYOO would claim he isn't kek.

No. 887052

For real. Believing in the trans ideology without using any bit of critical thinking and thinking outside the gender norm is the definition of an SJW so not sure what that guy is on about. A spade is a spade and Blaire White is a man in makeup and hair extensions.

No. 887062

Why do you assume we're all men? Quite sexist of you hmmmmmmmmmm

Also, my uterus shrivels at the thought that anyone would think this obvious male is passable.

No. 887129

Blaire is not all THAT attractive. The ones lying are her fans always calling her hot. There’s nothing hot about a horse face with odd facial proportions (that huge space between her mouth and nose). You know damn well if she was a real woman no one would say she was beautiful.

Speaking of her long face, I thought her last profile twitter picture was a caricature drawing at first, since her face looked so long. I was surprised it was a real picture when I finally saw a bigger version of it.

No. 887541

>Claims everyone in this thread are triggered SJW haters
>Feels personally attacked that some random people on the Internet don't find Blaire White hot too
Anon, no matter how much you whiteknight Blaire will never have sex with you. Go outside.

No. 887563

Troons get away with so much women wouldn't get away with, putting makeup and fake curves on a pig doesnt make it cute

No. 888594

>>666331 smaller than Michelle Obama's dick.

No. 888927

File: 1572901759978.jpeg (421.24 KB, 1536x2046, 59F29C79-12D4-4090-8611-94338F…)


Blaire think he passes against other troons but that’s it. Blaire lives off his fans feeding his ego because Blaire is a nobody if it wasn’t for the controversies and being trans. The thread has spoke about mtf who literally make money off their looks. Blaire moved to LA thinking he could leave the skeptic community behind and just be an attractive trans person blogger and getting here brought him back to reality.

Blaire doesn’t even look like the Instagram models he’s been using to skin walk off of. It’s just very apparent that Blaire wants to be the boomshell instagram like girl making money simply for being pretty and living in luxury but that will never happen. Not just Blaire is fake and insufferable but because he’s average at best and ugly amongst other mtf in this city.

The moissante ring that Joey got him, the cheaper end Louis Vuitton bags, living in a basic apartment for LA standards, photoshopping all photos to oblivion, skin walking other girls hard start down to poses, always opting for cheap surgerons so he’s sticks with those bolt on and shitty facial surgery, the cheap extensions that aren’t even all human hair. Troons tried so hard to create this fantasy and will suck up any positive feedback even if it’s from betas on the internet while looking like a fool. If there’s any city that will let you know if you’re hot or not it’s LA. Doors are opened for you if you’re attractive here but they aren’t for Blaire and that’s all the confirmation that’s needed.

No. 888929


If Blaire was an actual woman no one would say he's attractive. He has a droopy, derpy mouth, no shape, nothing about him is natural. He uses extensions and fillers to imitate what he thinks a woman looks like.

He uses Bellami hair extensions for Gods sake. They are some of the worst extensions I've ever felt and mixed with synthetic. He also wears them straight out of the fucking pack. No trimming, dying or shaping for his natural hair. That's why it always looks so poofy in the middle and then flat on top and thin at the ends.

Blaire is a walking train wreck and no woman would get away with looking like he does.

No. 888953

well. this is an enlightening photo. and this is post ffs? i don't understand why the surgeon bobbed his nose to that degree. it had the super undesirable effect of lengthening the philtrum and that's always unattractive on somebody attempting to look feminine, imo. he was better off before.

No. 888982

File: 1572908937798.jpeg (211.37 KB, 750x753, 113453CD-942B-4137-895C-F570E9…)

Both photos are after ffs. The only difference between them is he FaceTuneed his jaw line and smoothed his face in the first photo.

The was barely any makeup on besides some powdered and eyebrows done by the makeup artist. FFS isn’t some miracle procedure. If you could take a skull of any human and magically turn it into the photos of girls women you admire everyone would be doing surgery. But that’s not possible. The ffs you see in that photo is all they could do for him, his face is was wide and long. They took away the length (pulled down the hairline and chiseled down a the chin) but his face is still wide and very much square. They’re a literally nothing that can be done about that. The heart shape face he’s after he’ll never achieve it’s impossible.

But even though much couldn’t be done it honestly could of been way better, it was down to Blaire picking a cheap surgeon. The surgeon didn’t care what would actually make Blaire look good, they only did the checklist a called it a day.

No. 888984

File: 1572909581010.jpg (400.87 KB, 3333x1874, 0918-shape-shifter-lip-lift-be…)

Why not just get a lip lift to look less man monkey-like?

No. 888988

File: 1572910022866.jpeg (534.96 KB, 1536x2046, 677BF462-5BE8-48CC-B471-247209…)


Because with would make Blaires chin look larger again, and it’s already chiseled and big as it is. If you move up the lips you’re creating more space between the lip and chin. This is why you don’t go to any old surgeon.

That procedure looks like it runs about 3-10k around LA. Even if they touch his chin and chisel it down again that’s another 5k easily and for what? Blaire still wouldn’t look like the Instagram girls he wishes he looked like it would just be a waste of money.

Also here’s proof that it’s a mossiante ring, but it’s so generic looking I don’t think there would be any doubt.

No. 888989

File: 1572910049837.jpeg (76.98 KB, 308x285, 3FA2D3A4-6C25-474E-9F46-E99D75…)

Bottom left reminds me of this

No. 889004


A lip lift doesn’t move the entire lips/mouth upwards, just the upper lip. It wouldn’t make the person’s chin any bigger, but it would reduce the nose/upper lip distance which would help a lot imo.

Sage for stupid bullshit.

No. 889036

does blair have fetal alcohol syndrome? Now that I'm looking at his philtrum, he doesn't seem to have the line down the middle that most people do.

No. 889116

Brilliant Earth also does diamonds, though, I don't know how this proves it's moissanite. Also moissanite is obtained ethically vs. overpriced diamonds so I don't get why it's a bad thing, anyway. Sorry for sperg.

No. 889144

File: 1572926624153.jpeg (357.65 KB, 1242x1754, D58DD9B2-E1CD-4478-89C8-C58D7F…)

He just over smoothes his skin on facetune so much that it removes shit. most people don’t smooth the philtrum so it looks retarded, probs to hide stubble/darkening from post-laser hair removal.

It’s almost impossible to tell from a shitty quality Instagram photo if it’s fake or not. Though I ring that size would go for way way way more that Joey could never afford and would be similar in price to a large portion of blaire’s surgeries, which took a while to save for.

The best way to tell if it’s real vs fake is the yellow tinge to the “diamond”. Since most moissiante’s are created in labs in 2019 (rarely rarely natural) they have edged out they yellow hues in them to make them as colorless as possible. Real diamonds have a more natural yellow hue to them. Modern miossiante is straight clear, transparent, with hues of grey. As well, real diamonds are much more transparent/see through then miossiante. Blaire’s mistake (if it is fake)? She got a big diamond. The bigger the diamond the easier it is to spot as a fake. That’s why most get a mix real and fake smaller diamonds. The best way to tell is to have a good quality pic of blaire’s ring in a side by side comparison to a real one of the same size.

>pic related is a similar ring to blaire’s in hollywood. usually get size ranges from a few hundred to 1.5k to even 2k.

No. 889210

Blaire honestly tried to play off the "how does it feel to be a knockoff woman" comment kek

No. 889347

i found it interesting @ 5:20 Blaire mentions being "half-Latina" which is the first time i've heard that
>is it even possible to be a white supremacist when you're not even fully white? like i'm literally half-white and half-Latina

No. 889351

I believe it.

No. 889352

when will people understand that Latino is not a race, there are plenty of white Latinos (with roots from Europe) who are racist toward brown and black Latinos. So yes, she can still be a white supremacist. Dumb bitch.

No. 899097

File: 1575006951049.jpeg (304.05 KB, 848x1131, 04329671-6B14-46D8-AA40-BAC3FD…)

So who’s the manlet?
I feel like he could probably pass better than Blaire

No. 899106

I forget his name but he was a contestant on big brother a year or two ago, a gay nobody

No. 899136

A man's things shouldn't be that large

No. 899137

It's hilarious but that nobody would pass twice as well as Blaire if he put half the effort in.

Ribs and shoulders are much smaller, midface isn't near as long.

No. 899418

what was he supposed to be fully white t. northern european

No. 903600

looks like they almost broke up afew months ago
alchie confirmed?

No. 903602

File: 1575869716036.jpeg (292.44 KB, 640x888, 6D859F02-E34E-46EA-9E74-71CDE4…)

Sage for OT but imagine being this persons ex wife

No. 903606

I just keeping on imagining Joey taking off his beer goggles and finally realizing that Blaire has a penis.

No. 903710

And that he doesn't look like how he does in videos lol.

No. 906166

File: 1576484726109.jpeg (83.67 KB, 750x306, DD847B27-F471-4610-A51B-AFD335…)

Robbie Faggotron is getting flamed on twitter over this response to a woman whose cousin was recently murdered in a domestic dispute

No. 906181

Wow. Blaire is such a piece of shit. Can you give anymore detail about this situation?

Joey be lookin like Roosh with that beard.

Joey probably likes the dick though. He openly thirsted after Eden the Doll and other MTFs in the past iirc.

No. 906186

Trannies lives really do revolve around sex. They think it's the solution to so much shit. Guess that's just life when you live your fetish 24/7

No. 906190

Classic toxic masculinity reply.

No. 906393

And of course he doesn't give a shit about the case of a woman being murdered by her partner because he can't relate. He's still and will forever be a man so he thinks dick > a murdered woman and her grieving family.

I hope that woman and her family heals.

No. 906455

File: 1576546882569.jpeg (138.3 KB, 750x380, 899F49CB-4D63-474B-96A0-534C4D…)

I fucking hate him and his dickriders so much, he thinks being a tranny makes him immune to criticism and his fucking incel neckbeard closeted fag fans enable this fuckery

No. 906570

Holy fuck is he serious? Anon are you sure that's all he said? Is thee like more context to that because that is just a complete vile thing to say to someone who lost someone in such a tragic way.

> Joey probably likes the dick though. He openly thirsted after Eden the Doll and other MTFs in the past iirc.

He's not fooling anyone. This dude worked with Drag queens, I'm sure he's hooked up with them as well.

Holy shit… So that's the original post. How the fuck did Blaire think what he said was appropriate in any way, shape, or form? What a piece of shit person he is for saying something like that.

But just watch anon, the moment someone calls him out on this, he's gonna delete the tweet like usual and pretend like it never happened. I seriously hope someone archived it.

No. 906573

File: 1576565925558.jpeg (108.58 KB, 750x283, 93D1C7C0-33FF-4D1F-BB4B-A5C20F…)


This is the tweet Bob responded to. The replies are disgusting, for every person telling him he is an insensitive cunt there are ten pick me bitches and obese basement dwelling edgelords supporting this piece of shit faggot LARPing as a woman

No. 906574

This has to be some form of denial or something. I was looking through Blaire's KF thread and someone brought up a tinfoil about him and Joey probably calling off their engagement for a while was because Joey becomes a violent drunk. Joey mentioned in an older video how he used to have violent urges about troons and I bet Blaire got attacked at some point. Well, since Blaire got over it that means everyone else should too, right?

No. 906575

Who tf knows, anon. I think Robbie just hates women. That’s why he keeps his dick. He hates women and he hates fags and he cannot accept the fact that he is a fag so he dresses up as a woman and gets off on the fact that homophobic virgins jerk off to him knowing that he is and always will be a man.

No. 906585

Yeah curiosity got the best of me and I decided to look at the source on the girl's twitter page to see the original tweet. Holy fuck anon you were not kidding, the comments were revolting but should we be really surprised? I'm just lost for words, Blaire has said some stupid shit but this takes the cake for sure as of recent.

Pretty much. Remember he was disowned by his extended family not because he's a conservative but because he's a homosexual and the trans crap just made it even worse. Blaire is the epitome of the self-hating gay man who thinks that masquerading as a sad caricature of a woman makes him immune from criticism or being called out for acting like a jackass.

No. 906587

File: 1576571937912.jpeg (327.16 KB, 750x577, E0F91C08-8DAB-4B84-9847-53718F…)

I think his family are redneck trash, after his teen SJW tumblr phase he tried to get daddy’s approval but putting on a dress and claiming to be a woman. Apparently Joey’s gun toting hick family welcomed him with open arms. And you’re right, he is a gross caricature of a woman. He claims his weave “costs more than your rent” but it looks like a fucking party city wig. He can preach his transmed bullshit till the cows come home (pun unintentional) but he’ll still be a fucking ugly man in a dress. And he is going to be “bridesmaid” to someone who is a woman but also looks like an ugly man in a dress, we all know Jaclyn only asked Bob to do her the honor so there’s no chance of the bride being upstaged by another woman. Bob and Jaclyn are basically Ren and Stimpy in drag.

No. 906622

File: 1576584422345.png (331.68 KB, 500x375, EF4FE6B3-1F40-42BF-9205-126137…)

>ren and stimpy in drag

FUCKING KEK. Seriously though, Robbie loves calling people ugly when he has no valid criticism in his arsenal, let’s not forget that he used to look like this prior to becoming a red pilled beard for a tranny chasing faggot who thinks that being a bottom for a scrot with plastic tits is totally heterosexual

No. 906663

> I think his family are redneck trash

I wouldn't doubt it. But yeah it's so obvious that the only reason he started calling himself a woman was so daddy dearest would accept him after he get rejected by him for being gay. Big whoop, it didn't work. But what he lacked in his father's approval, he ended getting a legion of thirsty "tranny chasers" and now he's in too deep.

> we all know Jaclyn only asked Bob to do her the honor so there’s no chance of the bride being upstaged by another woman. Bob and Jaclyn are basically Ren and Stimpy in drag.

LOL That is so true.

It's not just that though anon, we've already seen what he looks like in current day without the makeup, airbrushing, and perfect studio lighting. >>813298 >>813299 >>813296
He still looks the same just with a skinny Michael Jackson-esq nose and different makeup.

No. 906912

Bobby hasn’t tweeted in over 24 hours, I think he might be in twitter jail due to people reporting that tweet, kek

No. 906938

I'm just waiting for the BS excuse he's gonna use to get out of that incident. That or just see him try to sweep it under the rug.

No. 906951


>if a man said that he hated all women

>people are triggered, it was a joke UwU

No. 906953

Don't forget

>Women are sensitive

No. 906956

File: 1576657482473.jpeg (593.66 KB, 750x1096, E33EDCEC-3CD0-4EE7-B5F2-D9B8B5…)

Bob broke his silence to post this, gotta get that male validation.

>how do we feel

You are a busted ass man LARPing as a blow up doll dressed exclusively from a Target clearance rack, you are going to look dusty as fuck with or without extensions

No. 906959

LMAO all that photoshop and he cant even fix his broke eyebrows or gross clumped mascara, what an embarrassment

No. 906960

Jesus Christ man ease up on the Photoshop. The blur tool isn't going to get rid of your Y chromosome.

No. 906963

File: 1576658999893.jpeg (89.92 KB, 372x351, FFE32748-F730-493E-AAA3-49DA4D…)

topkek anon. bob, give it up, you will never be one of us. we dont want you. stay mad for being a faggy scrot whose daddy didnt love him enough

No. 906985

Jaclyn made a video one month ago with Blaire in it and Blaire looks big and like a man in that video. He actually made Jaclyn look more feminine. The part where he got up and he was wearing an American flag onesie, yuck, looked like a man in a scraggly thick wig.

I agree with the comments stating his weave is awful. It’s super thick and the ends are ragged. I think he’s trying to go for that ‘thinned out’ ends look but he did it so wrong.

No. 907013

Does he ever wear anything that’s not a spaghetti strap tank top that’s showing his tits off, honest question

No. 907049

His hair looks so stringy and ratty at the bottom. Gross.

No. 907167

his split ends are fuckin gross. how does someone who spends this much time/money on his appearance let his hair get to that state? He could probably just trim it himself if he's wearing extensions all the time.

No. 907182

This reminds me of when Hontra mocked Sylvia Plath for saying she wished she could walk alone at night and he said "why would you even want to walk alone at night, I would rather be at home sucking dick". Every thing is about dick to trannies.

No. 907256

This thread is wild. I don't like Blaire, i agree that she manages to pass only with angles but you're all unnecessary mean(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 907257


Are you lost? You seem to be missing the point of this board

No. 907280

fuck off faggot, go suck his dick on twitter

No. 907339

They're 100x harsher to real women on this site but literally no one ever cares.

No. 907400

Its the whole point of the site, anon. We are not here to white knight or sing praises, especially when it comes to scrots. If you are looking for a hug box, this aint it. I hear tumblr might be though.

No. 907415

Bleh, yeah you're most likely right anon. That's what's gonna happen even though if the roles were reversed where a man said he hated women because one killed his relative, it would still be considered just as wrong.

>>906959 LMAO indeed. I didn't even have to enlarge the picture to see that photo was put through photoshop hell. But of course his sycophant fanboys & fangirls are gonna eat it up lol.

I didn't see that video but I remember a video he did with Jacylnn and Eden the Doll and I noticed that in Jacyln's video and Eden's video where Blaire was on the shoulder sides, that is when his male features even with he makeup really became obvious. If Blaire or Joey aren't in control of the camera positioning and or lighting, you see what he truly looks like and it can be a bit shocking at first. You feel like your eyes are playing tricks on you but…

No. 907416

Oh right anon, I forgot he said that. Really gross. It's pretty telling then since these TIMs always have to equate womanhood to sex.

It's probably damage from the hair extensions, prolonged wearing can damage hair.

No. 907432

I'm not looking for a hugbox, moron. Did you even read what I said?

>we're not here to whiteknight for scrots

I have no idea how you interpreted anything I said as whiteknighting for scrots. I was highlighting the fact that people shred cow's -especially women's- looks apart here and no one cares until they do it to a tranny. Your reply doesn't even make sense.

No. 907433

It was meant as a general statement to the people who are getting mad about Blaire being criticized, I realize now that it sounds like it was directed at you, I’m a retard

No. 907436

File: 1576748144637.jpeg (126.95 KB, 750x502, 93B4B6F8-F313-4CE6-A6B7-2056A9…)

Because you are so fucking educated and astute, Bob. Just because you are capable of forming a coherent sentence it does not make you clever, you fascist fuck

No. 907514

File: 1576768671633.jpg (451.48 KB, 706x875, brow wiz.jpg)

Saged for non-milk and because my post is retarded but why doesn't Blaire ever fill out his eyerbrows??

This is such a pet-peeve of mine. It's not like he has full well-defined brows that don't need anything. His thin wispy undone brows look so out of place compared to his polished face. He would look so much better and put together if he just gives them some form.

No. 907518

Can he really not see how obvious the filters are? Look at the eyes vs the skin around them. He's such a sad, ugly, little man.

No. 907601

Blaire's politics are shallow and he only parrots what he reads from other articles skimming through them. Or even more ironic, he doesn't really go in deep enough to express why he believes such and such.

I'm sure he may know by now but since his uber fanboys don't know much about photo-editing and airbrushing, he doesn't see the need to not use the. Because he knows if he shows what he really looks like, he would lose appeal.

No. 907644

His brows have always looked like absolute shit. Ironic since all he does is attack other people's appearances. They look better here than they ever have.

No. 907850

Blaire doesn’t even look like this >>906956
in videos.

He looks more like this >>906963 in his videos. Like a who from whoville desperately trying to be sexy.

No. 907851

wow i fukcing hate blaier, so disgusting. does anyone have his nudes btw??(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 907920

And then without the makeup and lighting, he truly looks like this > >>813297

No. 908166

File: 1576896808805.png (315.87 KB, 1080x1315, Screenshot_20191220-205204(1).…)

Blaire's over here stealing tweets now. I don't pay attention to his Twitter but he's probably stolen a ton.

No. 908219

Whos are really cute and not nearly as burly and gaunt as Blaire lol

No. 908241

He probably learned that from Jaclyn.

No. 908251

You beat me to it anon lol Don't forget ShoeOnHead.

No. 908459

Did shoe also plagiarize?

No. 908933

She doesn't necessarily plagiarize but i know she used to parrot talking points made by other "skeptics" in order ot make herself sound smarter than she actual was. There's a reason why she never threw herself into debates like the other "skeptics" did back when that kind of content was popular.

No. 909328

New video on Blaire's second channel. I wonder if one of the people he's talking about Eden the Doll.
Tbh I'm actually surprised Blaire's outfit is more "girl next door" and not BDSM Barbie. However there was a clip of him saying "what if I wore a latex dress to Joey's parents house?" Definitely has a humiliation kink.

No. 909351

I'm sorry anon but I don't want to sit through listening to him because he takes forever to get to the point and I just can't lol. Think you can give us the cliff notes?

No. 910022

tl;dr I’m not like other troons, I’m packing a latex bdsm dress to wear to Christmas with my tranny chasing faggot fiancée’s white supremacist family because I’m an edgelord, watch me flex with my ugly Gucci bags that I have to point out are Gucci because I am living proof that money can’t by class and I’ll always look like a lot lizard regardless of how rich I am

No. 910341

Thanks for that. I had a feeling it'd be a bunch of pointless crap. Did he explain how he wasn't like other troons? Let me guess, because he's Conservative?

No. 910575

File: 1577431724210.jpeg (883.77 KB, 1242x1477, 5C61E4BE-998D-4509-879D-DE65AC…)

What a fucking edgelord, the comments pointing out that he is wearing Louboutins (the hallmark of cashed up trash with no class) are next level cringe.

No. 910576

Lmao he probably thinks this image gives him cool girl points or whatever, any normal person that isn’t a tranny chaser just sees a mentally ill individual with a gun kek

No. 910715

Lauren Chen just came out with a video of her shooting guns for the first time, kek. Is… Blaire trying to copy her now?

No. 910729

Really love it when ugly manlets tells women to be more feminine (seriously have you seen rucka in real life? He looks like the chavviest chav there is) would totes support guys like him fucking trannies if it means they leave real women alone.

No. 910864

Sorry if this is OT, but is there a thread for Jaclyn? I see her getting mentioned in a lot of threads but have never seen a thread for her alone.

No. 910892

Exactly, maybe Rucka should take his own advice and try to be more masculine.

No. 911100

It seems like men who complain about women "not being feminine enough" are always the least desirable

No. 911180

Yes, like when Blaire went on Adam’s no jumper podcast, Adam liked some of the comments that said Blaire was better looking than real women (which is not true). And Adam is one ugly MF. He also admitted he really wanted his dick sucked by Trevor Moran in the past. So it seems like most men who put down real women in defense of trannies are ugly and into effeminate gay men as well.

No. 911215

Yeah I've noticed this as well anon. The guys who say this usually look like neckbeards, basement dwellers, or just not desirable in the looks department so I would take what these guys say with a grain of salt. Chances are they can't get women so they settle on men who think they are women.

Pretty much. They are either just closet homosexuals or bisexuals who think that if they get with deluded men, it makes them straight kek.

No. 917481

Blaire is gonna be in one of those Jubilee middle ground videos. I’d post a webm from Insta but it seems to have gone on private?

No. 918061

Oh joy. Do you know what the topic is gonna be about?

No. 918165

File: 1579030042084.jpeg (346.18 KB, 828x1250, D6F2FD99-E77F-487B-B66D-1E2F4E…)

Yeah, so a man dressed up in drag has the authority to tell us something is not sexist just because he thinks he hears it too often. Maybe the reason you hear it so often is because sexism is still a huge problem, which you wouldn’t understand as a male.

No. 918307

She said it’s “a topic non-LGBT related”

No. 918413