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No. 15288

Old thread >>16081
Post any wannabe idols/idol groups good and bad.

No. 15289

This honestly still haunts my dreams every night

No. 15290

The girls in the op are the first wannabe white aidoru I've seen who have their shit together visually and dancing

No. 15291

How has this not gone viral yet? It's the perfect storm of shit. Who is she? Where does she come from? How old is she? 12?? 35???? Where was she on the 11th of september 2001??

No. 15292

Jesus it's traumatizing!!

No. 15293

No. 15294

http://himanouta.bandcamp.com/releases for only $2 you can buy her original song!

No. 15295


No. 15296

File: 1440439319587.jpg (149.27 KB, 500x500, a2522327771_10.jpg)

>>15294 creepy af

No. 15297


is that a dude?

No. 16511

at least she looks very cute

No. 16512

Idols are supposed to maintain a clean image.
why the fuck wouldnt you wear makeup smh

No. 16532

File: 1440454776549.png (17.12 KB, 120x120, 1434002028942.png)

No. 16533

File: 1440454913867.jpg (21.3 KB, 552x303, omgg.jpg)

Have y'all seen this

No. 16534

link pls
she really needs to contour her nose

No. 16535

I knooooow. Every move is on point in that video.

No. 16538

File: 1440455284594.jpg (50.09 KB, 600x800, old lady.jpg)

She kind of looks really old sometimes :/ Why does she do that with her mouth?

No. 16539

No. 16540

whhhy wouldnt she wear some makeup?

No. 16541

No trigger discipline

No. 16542

No. 16543

her channel is fucking gold

No. 16544

jfc get her a hair straightener.

No. 16545

This is her second single guys!

No. 16547

Petra and Noora of Hitode army have a seperate channel and jesus christ they have a really good camera and have good filming locations.

No. 16548

You're right. They're all good at dancing and cute on top of that.

No. 16549

Tbh with a little bit of voice training, she could have a really cute idol voice. I really think that if she straightened her hair, learned how to use eyeliner, and concealed her dark cirles she might be average looking. But alas.

No. 16550

How old is she?? Someone call a makeup artist and hair dresser to save her

No. 16551

I want them to become popular like pinku project

No. 16552

speaking of girls that need to contour their nose…

No. 16553

Watch her be like 24 or some shit

No. 16554

kawaii as fuck (= ° ʖ °=)

No. 16555

I bet! haha

No. 16559

except they're not an idol group?
Pinku Project got their popularity boosted with Yukapon and pinkly ever after and robin made all their costumes.
hitode is a cosplay dancing group

No. 16560

jesus christ.
and i thought my nose was big, holy shit

No. 16561

idgaf i want them to be popular
they do live performances and stuff so you can see why I assumed they want to be idols

No. 16562

I also want them to be popular.

No. 16571

File: 1440460075625.jpg (224.4 KB, 500x500, hima.jpg)

She could be pretty decent if she had any concept of how to apply eye makeup

No. 16624

she just needs to make her lips look bigger (so she could look youthful)
woah she looks good!

No. 16625

Her dancing…isn't…that great…

No. 16635

No. 16642

File: 1440472779451.png (37.94 KB, 512x141, lol.png)

Dat comment tho

No. 16643

I wish she would stop making those stupid faces and focus on dancing.

No. 16644

This girl seriously scares me.

No. 17366

I wonder why we haven't seen any video's of dwarf-chan's performance in Japan?

No. 17372

her singing is actually good

No. 17373

jfc Im so glad that I didn't have a video camera or youtube channel at my weeb age because I would have made so many videos like this

No. 17426

HAHAHAHA, omg me too :(

No. 17430

this is hilarious

No. 17431

so glad i brought you guys this in the personal cows thread

No. 17433

this is so bad wtf…

No. 17444

I remember once she tweeted something about "oh nuu some people are just born without rhythm ;-;"
Bish wha…

No. 17453


No. 17483

no it's not, she has a weak as voice and if you heard her live she has no control over her breathing and her voice gets shakey.

No. 17484

Probably because it mostly sucked.

No. 17489


aminyan is so petite and cute..except for her faces. They look like shes trying really hard and her autism shows.

No. 17522

Kfc is dead, that girl needs to stop

No. 17535

Hey himeka

No. 17536

Obviously himeka. Don't you have nudes to sell for Line stickers? aminyan ain't great at singing or dancing but she doesn't have a shitty attitude like you. Also why does she need to contour? her nose is actually slim lmao

No. 17602

I actually like Heidi.
She's one of the girls Akira helped.
He used to write instead of her on her ameblo.
i guess he was her aidoru manager? or just helping out idk

No. 17657

Aminyan could shit in someone's mouth and you guys would call it cute. It's borderline hilarious. Stop acting like this girl is the bees knees just because she's black. If she was white or asian you know damn well you wouldn't give even half a shit about her so quit pretending you do.

No. 17658

if it's just because she's black how come people aren't praising himeka or micky?

No. 17659

Because himeka's a slut and micky is a lard ass. Plus neither of them are trying to be idols.

No. 17665

I'm telling you guys,this girl is like 25!

No. 17666


No. 17676

Even though aminyan is black she knows much more about idols than any white girl except probably Keeki and her Japanese is nearly fluent. Plus she's not a lolcow. Most people like her just because you hate her.Fuck you Himeka.

No. 17677

Also, aminyan does idol stuff as a hobby and she has an actual side job and is getting a education.

No. 17699

That's not the case. >>17677 and
>>17676 make a good point about Ami. These are things that sets her apart from some of these other girls. She's willing to work hard and improve herself. She's also knowledgeable about things outside of Japanese culture. She's willing to take constructive criticism and advice as well. She also doesn't act high and mighty. She's pretty humble. Honestly, you come off as envious of her because you overlooked these things just to say people only care because she's black.

No. 18924

What's her job?
Also, is no one going to talk about how she fan-zoned a bunch of her fb friends because her "agency" told her to? The same fb friends who payed for her trip to Japan? She made a post saying she was too busy to talk to them.

No. 18925

Idk if abi-pop is still trying to be an idol, but back when she was she was also trying hard and was knowledgeable about idols and went to college to study japanese. But you guys still consider her a cow.

No. 18926

She didn't fan zone anyone. They can still talk to her on Facebook and Twitter and she recent went back to her hometown and hung with quite a few people at a local convention.

No. 19029

File: 1440721604239.jpg (65.43 KB, 540x960, ami.jpg)

No. 19031

File: 1440721658393.jpg (70.11 KB, 540x960, 11186205_1590017267921245_1789…)

No. 19036

No. 19039

Did you ignore where she still calls them her friends. Also, you still ignored that she hangs out with her friends. Not to mention people can still talk to her via wall posts and her Twitter. It seems to me you're just being bitter.

No. 20179

Nobody paid for her trip you dumb fuck. Her kick starter just pre ordered her CD. That's it.
Agencies in Japan tell girls all the time not to reply to private messages. Go to the twitter account of any idol and it says "DM is not allowed"
Abi pop literally doesn't know shit about idols. Same with Kimonotime. They think KPP is an idol, and literally copy mami morinaga, Himeko sakuragawa and 2010 Yukapon. You must be fucking trolling be Abipop is the epitome of a poser.

No. 20180

And you screen shot and posted something from almost 6 months ago. Stalker much?

No. 20181

Shes an English teacher or some shit. Doesn't matter still part time.

No. 20200

I'm not Himeka
I'm just an anon who is fucking tired of seeing farmers brown-nosing Aminyan. Everything she does according to farmers is soooooo perfect, cute and beautiful!1!11
Everyone here gets criticized except her. I don't fucking get it.

No. 20202

That was rude.

No. 20203

so she's supposed to be able to talk to thousands of Facebook groupies? How is it rude lmao

No. 20205

She put on tumblr back in February the reason for this rule was a fan buying her expensive concert tickets and her manager telling her not to message fans again.

No. 20206

most of the people started kissing her ass here to make micky and Himeka mad

No. 20208

Nobody said she was perfect. People don't care to talk about her because she acts mature, puts effort in what she's doing and stays out of trouble.

No one's kissing her ass to mad anyone mad. Everyone is just stating facts about her.

If you're both so upset, why not just make a thread to discuss things about her? No one's stopping you.

No. 20293

>why not just make a thread to discuss things about her?
With the implementation of /snow/, maybe now we could have separate threads for certain aidorus/groups if there's enough interest in them (for example Flugel and her endeavors in being a net idol instead of getting a job to support her baby >>16013)? Or would it be best to just keep it in this thread?

Also, maybe some of these groups we're following would be more active if we gave them some encouragement (ass-patting comments, subscribers/followers, etc.) like we tried to do with PT.

No. 20300

It's not all that. Those anon's keep coming in threads talking about Ami instead just making a separate thread. Even if it comes off as a Vendetta thread, it would be better to have something separate instead of shitting up other threads with their envy. That aside, I do agree with the whole idea of encourage some of these idols. They could be much better if they had some vocal supporters to help them improve.

No. 20400

She's not nearly fluent. The girl could hardly pronounce the language last year.

No. 20460

Is she going through the sexy phase now?

No. 20462

Nah I remember her videos from a few years ago. Her pronunciation is actually her best feature compared to her grammar lol.

No. 20627

>sexy phase
Seems like it. She danced to Me!Me!Me! too.
She and Maya (her daughter) share a room so the Frozen and minion stuff is most likely Maya's.

No. 20679


Tries a sexy dance, pulls kawaii desuuuuu faces. That seems like an odd mix to me.

Is there an age when girls should stop dancing to japanese songs? I think there is a time when a girl gets too old to be the kawaii imouto aidoru that seems pooular. But I'm curious if you guys think girls should stop posting dance covers once they get to a certain age.
Kelsey is about 22 or 23. Abipop is about 20. Not sure about anyone else. Do you think Abipop will still try the cute act when she is 35? Or 40?

No. 20681

They're all over the age of 20. The oldest one here is 30.

No. 20703

second part reminded me badly of pt

No. 20705

>Peppa Pig merch
Bitch that's not kawaii

No. 20715

i cant find her anywhere on this website

No. 20773

Magibon is ~30 but she looks like 16. Imo it's all about the looks.

No. 20776

No. 20868

File: 1441156072622.jpg (69.05 KB, 600x600, flugelfeet.jpg)

Flugel's royalty free music:
Sushi sounds like some wendyvainity/madcatlady-tier shit

and her NicoVideo:

No. 21312

No. 22606

She's not working

No. 22671


Her feet look nasty af

No. 22707

>singing career in japan
>plan B as a model and English teacher
should we encourage her to follow her nipponese dream (like we weren't able to do with PT)?

No. 22737

meanwhile generic weeb caterwauling

No. 22738

File: 1441359335668.jpg (114.01 KB, 2048x1536, ohgodwhy.jpg)

all these weeaboos sound the same

No. 22759

JFC,it talks!

No. 22767

>black girl
>blonde wig

How about NOPE

No. 22776

Aw, what's the beef with Saiharii? Is she even an idol? I don't know much about her, but I think she's kind of cute.

No. 22780

She looks good, though

No. 22785

Yeah, I thought she was just a sorta popular figure in the black gyaru/black Tumblr community? Is she trying to be an idol? Or anon just wanted t9 post her here to get dissed?

The blonde doesn't look too bad though. She one of the only people I found online who can pull it off with dark skin that I've seen. >>22767

No. 22787

She's not trying to be an idol. She a gyaru. That person probably has a vendetta against her.

No. 23034

No. 23039

Was there a point to posting that video?
It would be nice if people would give reasons to why they post a video. Whether they like it or hate it, instead of just posting a video with no comment.

No. 23075

Sakura Station (the group that was as bad, if not worse than Flusay Girls) hid/deleted all of their videos

And Flusay Girls hasn't released Jump Jump Midnight Fever! which they announced and planned to release last month and haven't made any updates about it

We'd better start kissing some ass before we lose FG too.

No. 23081

Natalie probably got sick of producing music for them

No. 23082

she's really beautiful and can actually sing.

No. 23083

dem graphics
so pro

No. 23084


No. 23595

>I'm a forever 12 year old aspiring Idol from a small country called Invitea!
>I'm not a real girl though, I'm a living doll! … Part organic and part machine, but all kawaii of course!

> Q4- "How old are you?"
>My Answer- 12 for the 6th time on September 4th, 2015.

She's 18 years old… I really hope she doesn't actually wear any of this to school.

No. 23606

>Tries a sexy dance, pulls kawaii desuuuuu faces. That seems like an odd mix to me.
That's very common lol
kawaii face + hot body is very popular in japan.
> I think there is a time when a girl gets too old to be the kawaii imouto aidoru that seems pooular.
I disagree.
As long as you have a skinny body and have a babyface, it's fine. Abipop looks old so it's cringe-worthy

No. 23610

how about yes
I think it's pretty as fuck when black or asian girls have blonde.

No. 23611

Damn, I just realized she already has her own thread >>>/pt/112945

Well then, how about a decent/good group for a change?
They're mainly a cover group, but this is their original song.

No. 23615

File: 1441657539215.jpg (249.77 KB, 2048x1076, 11845235_495546853937388_66267…)

Ice Qream stage costume for the show they were part of in august i think ?

No. 23621

I liked Studying Outfit 2, for some reason.

No. 23668

File: 1441683572473.gif (494.21 KB, 500x270, MBOyPwH.gif)

This is gold!
Thank u anon!!

No. 23672

Some black women look great with a honey blonde wig or weave. What's wrong with that?

No. 23766

>generic weebs
>inspired by Avril Lavigne's "Hello Kitty"
>a bit of that uncomfortable feeling you get from a Venus Angelic video (like this one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fFhJnNww3Z0)

i don't know how else to describe this

No. 23814

I like this. The song is catchy, the girls are cute and even the video is pretty good.

No. 23820

are you serious????

No. 23827

Its not that bad, better than most idol videos out there.
Felt really awkward when they were at the beach and in the corner of that one room Lmfao.
How does this song remind anyone of Hello Kitty? Or were talking about the song?
And again the one in the twintails take the lead, I wonder how they sounded?

No. 24262

>dancing to me!me!me! in a room you share with your daughter in your parent's house

and is this maya's bed she took this (foot fetish?) picture in? even more gross

maya's in the background through-out this video and shows up at 4:40

No. 24271

mememe is a good song tho

No. 24306

I think she is a pretty decent parent to her daughter, she obviously cares for her, but I'm just not sure seeking internet aidoru status is what she should be doing. Especially when she dances in school girl uniforms, looking about 15 and her daughter is in the background.

No. 25082

Any Aidoru people genuinely miss? Maybe for the lols or just because you actually liked them?

No. 25146

Oishii! Project
Just yeah.

No. 25155


No. 25164

I miss Yukapon and Ichigochu

I can't even explain why I miss them. I just do

No. 28721

File: 1442205236497.jpg (101.21 KB, 800x1129, Inaba Manaka-502139.jpg)

Eugh, 90% of all aspiring aidoru are awful/cringy to be honest…..I prefer to watch good dance cover groups (like the girls above) than listen to a bunch of weebs mispronouncing half of the song in tone deaf singing voices, trying too ultra hard to be "urutora kawaii desu". They do realize that you don't have to wear circle lenses, dress in lolita/fairy kei/baby clothes and speak in a high pitched voice to be a cute idol right? Just get your act together, and look clean. Example:

No. 28767

Otaku owls
Tokyo Melody
definetely for the lulz

No. 28770

OH here it is

No. 28806

Hi ichigochuu

No. 28807

This entire thread and most of the people posting in it are former wanna be aidoru or hello project tsunku ass suckers that doesn't know shit about contemporary idol scene. Most weeb idols only know love live and the ghost that is now hello project. Why is this even a thread.

No. 28812

love live is shit

No. 28838


Guys this bitch though. Her name is London she claims to be oh so disabled and flogs the shit out of it online, dances around with sparkly claws to God awful songs she makes and sings to like the nasal queen of kawaii.

No. 28839


I am >>25164 but I'm not Ichigochu. Trust me. She is busy with her own life (I am friends with her on facebook)
I dont think she will be returning to dancing anytime soon

No. 28936

Good lord they're painful to watch especially that Hibiki.
Though after a stalk of their social media accounts, they did this one again with a different centre (thank god) and it seems their Haruka has improved, so good for her. Shame their Takane/Ritsuko hasn't, she's still watching everyone else.

No. 29145


I think that Wannabe aidoru like idols, not only Love Live. But AKB, Vocaloid, Hello! Project ( and no, they are not ghost. They have a ton of new members, and really active ! ), and a lot of underrated group !If you like idol enough to sing and dance from them, it's proof that you are passionnate about them… In my opinion !

No. 29987

Nobody in Japan gives a shit about H!P anymore. Detected weeb.



No. 30005

File: 1442286587428.jpg (525.56 KB, 1024x538, thoughts.jpg)

Internal monologues

No. 30051

holy fuck!!is that a dude in the middle?

No. 30052

File: 1442301944547.gif (146.09 KB, 300x167, Obama-lol.gif)

>styling my hair with bacon grease

No. 30067


No. 30401


The As long as no one finds I'm actually 30 makes me wonder are old they are. xD The problem with girls who wants to be idol is that we never clearly know.. I wonder for Petra and Noora too.

No. 32542


No. 32585

They actually do look their ages though. They don't look bad but I would never guess any of them to be under 20. I feel you need to look younger than that to be an idol, just seems strange when you look like an adult.

No. 33857

Flusay Girls released Midnight Fever! and it's proably their worst and best song + music video yet.


>Jump Jump Jump (Jump Jump Jump)

>Jump Jump Jump (Jump Jump Jump)
>Jump Jump Jump (Jump Jump Jump)
>Jump Jump Jump (Jump Jump Jump),
>Jump Jump Jump (Jump Jump Jump)
>Jump Jump Jump (Jump Jump Jump)
>Jump Jump Jump (Jump Jump Jump)
>Jump Jump Jump (Jump Jump Jump)

>Jump Jump Jump (Jump Jump Jump)

>Jump Jump Jump (Jump Jump Jump)
>Jump Jump Jump (Jump Jump Jump)
>Jump Jump Jump (Jump Jump Jump)

No. 33890

File: 1442649462664.gif (982.41 KB, 500x280, tumblr_m8nz9quHwj1r271i6.gif)

the fuck…….

No. 33903

I don't think it's their worst at all. Did you forget about this???

No. 33910

It has….potential?

You can't even hear the singing….

Did they think this was good enough to upload?

The beat sounds…kinda catchy..?
The graphics..
The effects…
They tried.

No. 33965

This makes me feel uncomfortable. As if I'm watching something meant to cater pedos. It reminds me of certain legal cp company.

No. 33975

I am embarrassed they are from my country, so idol desu and these "fans" oh my…

No. 34083

Of course that's awful too, but that's from 2010.
You'd think after wasting 5 years on trying to be a net idol/composer/song writer/whatever, she'd improve.

The intro to this video reminds me so much of PT.

No. 34128

Whoa, did Natalie gain weight or what

No. 34740

her body is awful

No. 34750

She looks so greasy ew

No. 34785

oh come on, she looks fine

that outfit makes her look dumpy and like a lesbo, is all

she has nice hips and stuff. she looks cute.

No. 35706

I agree. I am so sick of seeing stick thin aidoru wannabes dancing in their bedrooms. At least she has some shape.

I think she would improve if she put more effort into her dances though. To me they look haf hearted, like she couldn't actually be bothered

No. 35725

>dumpy and like a lesbo
what does that even mean? come on now

No. 35744

>at least she has some shape
Do you know anything about idols ? Ib4 zukki or some shit lol

No. 35754

I wasn't refering to Idols. I was refering to Aidoru wannabes that post dance videos on youtube.

No. 36184

not to worry anon according to her she'll be in Japan again real soon because her dicksucking prowess has gotten her yet another free trip to Japan, apparently the Anisong contest at AWA is going to be rigged in her favor

No. 36185

File: 1443083662403.jpg (836.89 KB, 1440x2560, 1443035591827.jpg)

No. 36199

Send this shit to AWA

No. 36303

Wow thats really shitty

No. 36435

Just sent that shit to AWA

No. 36445

ladybeard chose the solo path.

No. 36455

File: 1443140466780.png (366.23 KB, 736x1154, 1443102246985.png)

I think your post got deleted. I also think the staff is in on it.

No. 36833

Aminyan… is so cute…

No. 36835

She's actually a lot darker compared to her pictures

No. 36942

Yea I realized that too, but that could be cause of lighting , I hope she wins but I still can't accept that fake voice…it does not fit her..she makes it to high..the akibakoala girl made it to finals also.

No. 36952

jfc she's adorable. And I'm pretty envious my Japanese is nowhere as good as hers.

No. 36953

Huh. She's a lot prettier in motion. Her selfies seriously don't do her justice.

No. 36954


No. 36987


She looks cute, but her high pitched voice is just too ear-piercing and annoying to me.

No. 37003

Same. I hate how she gets really defensive over it too, I think on her Tumblr she wrote a long text post saying she has a high voice because she's feminine. Even though the voice is really forced out and it sounds bad. I don't think it's anything wrong with her natural voice it sounds nice :/

No. 37033

I'm going to go with lighting or she had a tan but probably lighting considering a Japanese studio wouldn't know how to properly light a black person. Hell even a lot of American studios have trouble lighting people of color. If you look at the other girls it looks kind of dark in general.
Most women in Japan fake high voice especially those in show business. Considering Amina is a tall black woman they're going to call her sexy or kakkoii so if she's going for that cute image she has to be like this. She should work on it because it's still kind of annoying.

Her Japanese is really good and her video was really funny. I'm surprised she's doing better than that white girl too.

No. 37037

Plus if you consider fan uploaded pictures like from concerts she's not as dark as this.

No. 37049

The white girl is ugly as fuck, even doe they made up I wonder if akibakoala is like wtf why isn't my whiteness making me win..it's like karma. She lied about her age too which I guess is okay cause aminyans ugly fake voice.

No. 37060

File: 1443366781745.jpg (83.48 KB, 1366x768, heidi.jpg)

The white girl isn't akibakoala its Heidi. The girl who Akira(yuka's ex pedo manager) used to manage.

No. 37073

She's cuter than that other foreigner. What did this white girl even do at the end?

No. 37074

She terrifies me.

No. 37094

lol she looks like she is about to cry the whole time

No. 37095

She looks good in pictures but shit in video
Aminyan looks autistic in pictures but really pretty on video.


No. 37097


She looks like the woman from The Shining

No. 37100


Christ this is so fucking rehearsed.

Planned "cuteness" is not kawaii.

No. 37102

this ones a few years old, but lol at the ginger heifer of the group

No. 37103


Amina just laughed at herself and kind of went with it and the judges laughed and called her cute. I think that's why her Japanese seemed so natural. Heidi flew to Japan for this contest but isn't doing well in the polls thing…

No. 37109

She isn't that bad. I just think this video is really unflattering. The editing seriously makes her look awkward.

Then again, Abbie looks a bit awkward during part of it too because of the way it's edited to focus on her when she isn't moving as much as the other girls.
They aren't bad as a group. I wish they would do more videos

No. 37119

Damn really? All this time I thought Heidi was akiba koala oops. I thought she just photoshopped her pictures to look better.

No. 37146

File: 1443391304621.jpg (31.82 KB, 640x926, tumblr_inline_nv8ra7z4ct1sr6h9…)

some salty af black tumblristas are upset about the way ami spoke english towards the end (~3:35) of that video

>Awkward. Did she really have to speak Japanese accented English at the end?
>I don’t know about anyone else but it was really gross to me.

>See, I would have been neutral/indifferent to that black chick trying to be an idol in Japan
>using Japanese accented English at the end of her audition/interview.
>It was gross, it was embarrassing, and just ewwwww.
>No one is saying that you can’t wear those ridiculous clothes etc
>I was MOSTLY willing to forgive her Japanese accent while speaking Japanese
>This is fetishistic and weird. Black anime fans, don’t do this bullshit. Please.

i'm gonna be voting for ami so she can continue to offend them with her cuteness

No. 37152

File: 1443393208769.jpg (102.84 KB, 540x720, tumblr_nushn6DHQb1rke8q6o1_540…)

That fat ass has no right to try and shit on Aminyan. She needs to back off and go back to shoveling Twinkies in her mouth.

No. 37156

File: 1443393890038.jpg (58.79 KB, 338x600, tumblr_nus9daVTSP1r0op3yo2_400…)

It seem like the people shitting on her are either fat, ugly, or both.

No. 37157

File: 1443393957265.jpg (417.18 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_nuc8heuZU01r1tiv8o1_128…)

They must be really insecure.

No. 37175


Ah yes, the fat black hairhats. The blacks that love to shit on another black's success.

"Well she ain't all dat"

"She fink she all dat"

Gurl, u WISH u were all dat.

Y'all aint Aminyan and never will be kek

No. 37177


"buh black lives matta"


"gurl it gross 2 me doe"

"she looks stuped" said the hairhat ghetto fat ass motherfucker

Some TS shit right here

No. 37179

how does one manage to have such a large gap between the breasts while still wearing a bra? yikes.

No. 37180


African American ghetto fucks would be all for Miss Japan cos "she mixed ooo exotic" but a black girl who isn't hood as hell is shat on because she better than them and has opportunists and they don't.

No. 37189

Aminyans rank went up after that small little tumblr scandal lol.

No. 37190

I'm in search for new funny threads and this girl made my night, thanks for posting :')

No. 37193

Yeah she's in the top 13 now and most of the people on Tumblr agree with her anyways. Total publicity stunt lol.

No. 37197

>Total publicity stunt lol.

I doubt that

No. 37201

No I know how tumblrinas are so its real I was just making a joke because her ranking went so much higher after that lol.

How come everyone who calls out ami is ugly and fat? Even if they had a legit point I think everyone would just assume they're jealous because of how they look,

No. 37210

Oh, sorry about that then. But yeah, it's pretty funny a majority of the people who don't like her fall under fat, ugly, or both. They all sound crazy too.

No. 37214

Someone said her speaking Japanese in a Japanese accent is cultural appropriation……….

No. 37219

There's also a white girl and a Malaysian girl in the contest with way less Japanese skills than Amina yet they only mention her. So fucking dumb.

No. 37222

I know, I saw. That's why I said they're crazy.

No. 37244

Those cunts are fucking dumb.
Do they not realize using the corresponding accent when learning any language is encouraged as it helps you to blend in and be better understood?
Pronunciation is vital and comes with using the appropriate accent.
I hate how these tumblr bitches think they know everything.

No. 37261

They said her wearing a kimono was cultural appriation too. I think it's funny because the people "calling" her out aren't even Japanese.

No. 37265

fraulein-jules isn't even mixed Japanese. She's just a fat black weeaboo lool which picture is her >
>>37157 ? I doubt she has any photos of herself on her blog, then people will see she isn't really half Japanese

No. 37267

This one is her >>37157

No. 37269

File: 1443425520567.jpg (234.54 KB, 436x600, tumblr_nuw8t28yhD1qg7kuwo1_500…)

Correction, this is fraulein-jules

No. 37270

Japanese people literally asked her to wear that kimono for a photoshoot. She didn't appropiate its(wearing a religious item for fashion and not for its intended purpose per say) Kimono is just LITERALLY old japanese clothes. Nothing religiously significant about them.
She's like ThisisnotJapan or whatever. Theres so many fat black weebs who claim to be haaaafuuuuu then get mad at other people for "offending their Japanese culture"

She can't even speak Japanese which is why she made fun of Amina's english. If you look on the videos for the thing its literally girls doing stupid shit. Thats the point of this contest is that its an anti-beauty pageant. Its supposed to be stupid/funny.
These people want "representation" and they've finally gotten real representation–a non stereotypical black girl whose worked damn hard, but no. Thats not the representation they want. They want a fat genderqueer dark skinded, natural hair dyed maroon, with fifty piercings speaking full on ~AAVE~ as representation. I hope ami wins to fuck over these SJWS lmao

No. 37271

Ah. She actually is half Japanese I always thought she wasn't because she acts like a weeb most of the time. Then again, you can be Japanese-American and a weeaboo. How did you find her pictures tho, I looked through her tags (typical ones like selfie and me) I couldn't find shit

No. 37273

your typical tumblrina lol

No. 37276

Even if they got a special snowflake to represent them, they would still shit on them for the most stupid shit. "OMG SHE SAID A BAD WORD TO THE NIHONESE PPL!" They really want to be Japanese so bad, like this one fat weeb www.kokoonjin.tumblr.com/tagged/mitsu I don't see how she wants people to believe she's mixed lol. Made a mistake srry ;(

No. 37277

File: 1443426009078.jpg (58.29 KB, 540x405, tumblr_nlfefzqlH81qg7kuwo2_540…)

I went to her archives and switched all the posts to pictures.

No. 37278

Her eyebrows though..
Since you mentioned TINJ I found Solace's Tumblr and pictures and she's so old I always thought they were 17-24 or something but she's like in her late 40's http://solacekames.tumblr.com/tagged/me (probably should've posted this in the TINJ thread instead)

No. 37279


More proof that tubblr produces only mentally ill fat cuntwaffles who will never amount to anything.

No. 37306

All these haafu are just damn insecure about how little Japanese they actually are, that's why they lash out at other people who act more Japanese than them. Best example: TINJ and their followers.

Solace is also the only who gives substantial answers. Eri is the crazy one.

No. 37449

They are all about 40+.
That retard with huge complex because she's not Japanese, eri, mentioned few times that they are that old.

No. 37450

Where is that TINJ thread? Solace's tumblr should definitely be posted there.
It should be never forgotten what kind of lolcows they are. We can laugh ever day, every post of TINJ is full of milk

No. 37493

>I love IDOLS, Music, cartoons, and performing, subscribe please!

>Subscribe?? if you really like me ♪:・'☆

>Ever since I was little I wanted to be singer so here I'm playing that out.

This video is really uncomfortable to watch

No. 37495

What the actual fuck…
That was the grossest thing I have ever seen.

No. 37502


that dog is so beautiful! i'm so jealous that she has such a nice dog wtf

No. 37510

Out of all the weeb aidoru, aminyan is the least to deserve attacks imo. She's the most educated and the only one in college unlike Yukapee, Keekihime, Kerukkuma and other idols in japan. She literally called out weebs for going to Japan without knowing Japanese.

No. 37520

Whats kerukkuma up too, I know she's in a agency right? But she's still in Canada?

No. 37552

File: 1443505162762.jpg (347.79 KB, 1280x1707, b.jpg)

The outfit reminded me of this lol
I know it is a basic outfit

No. 37586

Tried to link, but it failed lol. You have to go to the catalog on pt to find it ig

No. 37606

lol Amina called out Jrcock komaban on tumblr

No. 37609

i muted it. was able to enjoy it.

No. 37611

serious shelley duvall vibes, yeah

No. 37642

I got bored, clicked through randomly and landed right on 3:53. My sides.

No. 38040

her singing isn't that bad. i feel weird for kind of enjoying this…. kek

No. 38456

it seems like flugel is trying to become more of a generic youtuber (unboxings, ASMR, hair/makeup tutorials) rather than a net aidoru

No. 38538

I wish Flugel was as open about her life as PT is.

How long is she planning on managing and composing for FG?
Will she still be a net idol/youtuber/"amateur musician" when her daughter starts going to school?

Will she start projecting her weebiness onto her daughter?
To quote >>19484, "Do we have a new Venus and Margaret on our hands?"

Do her parents know about her trying to be famous on the internet?
Will they ever encourage her to get a job?

So many questions, and potential for milk…

No. 38589

i don't know why, but the beat, the lyrics, the video made me burst out laughing. It's just hilarious.

No. 38590

WTF this sounds so creepy idek

No. 38666


Apparently Ichigo Chu is in FLusay Girls

No. 38670

File: 1443903060214.png (138.22 KB, 595x313, wut.png)

According to this, Ichigo Chu is 20 years old.
Wasn't she 20 like 2 years ago?

No. 38692

I think she was about 18 when she vanished from the internet for a while.

I still want to know if she will come back, but I really don't think she will. Is she actually still online anywhere?

No. 39032

kek, Furi Furi got a professional looking photoshoot before they even have a fanbase above 10 people that doesn't include brain dead 30 year olds that live with their parents.
The funniest thing is how they all try to look professional when they really have no clue as to what they're even doing kek.
Makes you wonder how they even afforded this all? They must have someone spending money on them. My best bet is Rina managed to get sales on underwear prints. How kawaii aidoru of her kek.

No. 39035

the older the aidoru, the cringier

Ichigo Chu: 20 years old?

Rina (oldest member of Furi Furi): 21 years old

Flugel: 26-27 years old (+3 year old child)

PT: 30 years old

i think i'm missing a few?

No. 39036

omg that rina girl's boobs look so bad when shes dancing. its not cute having tits fly everywhere, tie that shit down

No. 39038

I've said it before and I'll say it again but damn, they're all so unfortunate looking. The black girl is OK, but that's it. The fat chick from Wish Sisters is the worst.

Do they not understand the concept of idols? 80% of the job is looking cute.

No. 39046

I don't think Ichigo and Rina aren't too old to be aidoru? I've seen some that are older than they are.
They definitely don't have the right look for it and are way too old to be acting like weebs.

>I've said it before and I'll say it again but damn, they're all so unfortunate looking. The black girl is OK, but that's it. The fat chick from Wish Sisters is the worst.
I was literally just about to say the exact same thing.

No. 39051

At first I thought it was just the bow moving so much… but then… nope. Definite bouncing.

I wonder if she even noticed. Doesn't she lurk here? Think they'll be under control next time?

No. 39052

File: 1444006654413.png (400.13 KB, 716x428, Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 01.5…)

Damn, this hair.
It's only partly dyed an unnatural colour, how did it even get in such a bad condition?

No. 39056


No. 39078

both ichigo and rina are tone deaf

No. 39145

That is all Rina is about, it's her only way of trying to stand out. Just gander at her Instagram account and you shall see her only way of ever trying to get a fan base is not with talent but is instead with her body. She hasn't even got a good body type to be trying to sell off as it is. Any 'fan' of hers let alone Furi Furi must be a complete moron.

No. 39152

>3:53 onwards
"awkward white girl" gif material

No. 39153


No. 39159

All I see on her Instagram is a bunch of selfies ect, the same as any other girls Instagram, I don't see her trying to get fans with her body, nor do I get that feel from any of her videos/posts.

No. 39161

We are looking at the same Rina aren't we?
Her Instagram account is 'itstarina'.
If you go a little back in her pictures you will see what I've been talking about.

No. 39162

Speaking of rina didnt she post stuff about alice from the wish sisters on the last thread that was open?
It looks like theyre friends now. Go to 0:41 in her newest video and you'll see.
Maybe alice is going to join Furi Furi seeing as there is no more wish sisters. kek shes resorted to trying to be with people that don't like her.

No. 39165

Rina and Alice have always been friends, there's a bunch of photos and videos of them together dating all the way back to the Wish Sisters return summer last year

No. 39176

I'm sure that they havent. There was this period of time where the wish sisters and furi furi werent on the same page at all.
In the period of summer last year and this year a whole lot can change and it did kek. They werent at all friends and it does look like alice has only tried making up with them down to the fact she hasnt got any friends left in the wish sisters. The group went from 5 members and eventually all of them left until it was just her. Makes you wonder what she was doing to make them all leave kek.

No. 39177

The fact that Alice is still friends with the members that left and Rina makes it more likely that it was Amelia that drove them all away. Rina and Amelia were good friends and now they're not. The fact that Alice is still friends with her pretty much confirms it was Amelia that split the group up

No. 39179

Funny how amelia is still performing conventions with a member of the wish sisters and another girl. When was the last time anybody had even heard of alice performing or anything even related to her? Even her youtube channel has started to slow down kek. Dont you remember how alice performed at hyper japan alone and amelia and the other girl performed with another person in their routines that replaced alice?

No. 39190

You know you have to be 18+ to browse here right

No. 39207

>didn't read the rules
>acts condescending and tries to cite them anyway
top kek

No. 39217

why is flugel still even trying…
single moms make me feel sad

No. 39219

File: 1444062247039.png (751.47 KB, 813x597, lol.png)

No. 39235

Did she really like her own picture that she posted? The need for social media digits is a new level of desperate.

No. 39243


Fuck, scrolling past that I legit thought it was a guy in a wig

No. 39255

File: 1444068244540.jpg (127.79 KB, 1079x1079, _20151005_130259.JPG)

No. 39272


I feel bad for saying this, but she looks like a man in wig

No. 39275

I think she looks cute but to each their own I guess

No. 39278


damn, she looks way better like this.

No. 39339

is this supposed to be a "tomboy" makeup

No. 39344


… you mean that's not a dude? Yikes.. she should go the FtM route though, not a bad looking "guy" at all.

No. 39385

She really has a man face.

No. 39449

I don't understand how anybody can actually even try say she's cute or idol material. It looks like she will end up being a bit of a sleep around or hooker. I don't know but she just has a trashy feel to her at first glance.

No. 39460

everyone has their aidoru persona so it wouldn't be surprising if Alice did something to drive them all away

Aside from her shitty dancing kek

No. 39466

she probably did kek she just seems like she tries too h

No. 39470

she probably did kek she just seems like she tries too hard like rina does. they both seem fake.

No. 39478

No. 39482

sorry to let you know that you are wrong kek, i only done the posts that i messed up then fixed.

No. 39483

oh I am pretty sure I'm not wrong…. kek

No. 39486

What does kek mean? Is it like Another version of lol?

No. 39490

yeah its another version of lol that only mega-autists use.

No. 39497

Personally I have heard enough negative things about them both being said that isn't too hard to believe. I don't mind spilling if anybody is interested. Both Alice and Rina don't act how they are.

No. 39499

They're both tryhards with no real talent, they really should just stop

No. 39500

Spill the beans then

No. 39508

Akiba Cup at AWA is so fucking fixed. Brianna, Hayley's best friend won. Please someone call AWA out on this shit. I'm tired of Hayley aka DWARFCHAN getting free trips to Japan by rigging shit and kissing ass. AWA is horrible for this.

No. 39580


No. 39616

ugly weaboos, nothing noteworthy


No. 39634

Yikes. I saw them perform at HJ (last Christmas?) and remember thinking that their dancing was really out of sync. Seeing the video is worse, as they still have the same problem months later and now that I've seen them up close I've realised just how ugly they are.

Why does purple girl looks so irritated the whole time? Is it her gimmick or is she embarrassed?

No. 39661

I think its supposed to be her gimmick.

What confuses me is why they all left the kitchen, ran different ways through the park just to end up at the same place?
They couldhave easily done shots of them all running together in a comedic way (going the wrong way, tripping over each other etc)
It makes no sense to me

No. 39747

Furi Furi minus Kuri performed at Bristol Anime and Gaming Con

>"Fortune Cookie in Love"

2:08 - 6:50
They've actually somewhat improved since their debut (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aAJYqLgpmtw),
but Beth still has less energy than the rest of them just like in the debut.


7:00 - 8:12

>Renee (I don't know what she's dancing to)

8:50 - 11:53
Renee is the best-looking and the best dancer of the group
(I just wish she'd pull that fucking sock up).

>Beth and Rina "Nippon Manju"

12:05 - 13:45
Is Rina trying to run pigeon-toed or something?
It looks like they learned the dance separately and never danced together until the performance.
They're the worst-looking and worst dancers of the group.

>Rina "Toluthin antenna"

19:05 - 22:55
Rina, if you're reading this, as >>39036 said, "its not cute having tits fly everywhere, tie that shit down."

>"Ikuze Kaitō Shōjo"

27:00 - 30:50
Again, improved since their last performance of this song (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=umkWqMqbFjQ),
and (in my opinion) the choreography looks better with 5 people instead of 6

But really, why isn't Kuri here? (Was her train late again? >>15832)
Nothing on their social media mentions her absence.

No. 39879

>My name is Andy Martinez but I go by the name Luka Hagiwara

So this group's going to be debuting sometime this year.If his do-re-mi scale is any indication, this is going to be hilarious.

No. 39998

File: 1444255544267.jpg (39.91 KB, 600x600, furi furi is kuri-less, she mu…)

>why isn't Kuri here?
first she's left out of their debut video, and then their debut live performance!
waiting for the furi member to come and explain what happened to her this time.

>Furi Furi wouldn't be the same if one of us were missing
you seem to be doing just fine without kuri though

No. 40001

10/10 filename

No. 40002

See this is where the whole "train being late" excuse would be understandable. They have a det time to perform and will have to go on if a member is running late. But for a recorded video that they could have easily waited to film, it's kinda ridiculous

I can't wait until we hear the excuse this time.

No. 40020

File: 1444259484851.jpg (55.59 KB, 640x960, kuri kuri.jpg)

Mystery solved; Kuri graduated!

>Today we have some sad news.

>Kuri will be graduating from Furi Furi, due to other commitments making it hard for her to continue working with us.

>We wish her the best with her future adventures, and are looking to the future as a five-piece unit.

Well, goodbye Kuri. You won't really be missed since there was nothing notable about you (but I suppose that's a good thing in this case).

No. 40032

does rina also go by the name suki? because I remember her coming into this kik group I was in for weebs (yes I know) and she was basically promoting furi furi and posting shit tons of annoying ass selfies of her new ~~outfits~~

No. 40033

she also talked shit about that girl that just recently left the group too? and about how she didn't get along with the rest of the group and how she was lazy and never wanted to practice

No. 40035

File: 1444263715206.png (550.55 KB, 351x598, rina.PNG)

>does rina also go by the name suki?
Yes she does!

>Hey I'm Tarina/Rina/Suki I'm 21 years old YouTuber and net dancer from England

You wouldn't happen to have any screen caps of the conversation, would you?

No. 40049

It's rather funny you mention of her trash talking her own group, I have seen of her talking trash on The Wish Sisters, more specifically some rather horrible remarks on Alice and Amelia. She borderline despises them both. I don't understand how her and Alice are friends when she doesn't like Alice. Seems like some truth may be needed here for these these ignorant, oblivious girls kek.

No. 40052

I'm not surprised, I mean, you've got a large group of girls working together. Someone's bound to bitch right?

No. 40088

nah, I don't this was a while back and kick only allows about 1000 (idk??) messages at a time, so I can't go back and shot. she wasn't relevant to me at the time, just really fucking annoying. also, it's I know that she lurks/lurked on pull and on here. because whenever furi furi just came out she said that they were already being talked about on here (which they weren't) and that they already had drama with another net idol group lmao

No. 40120

this is gay
and also
isn't Luka a girl's name?

No. 40126

No. Outside of weeb shit, it's a real male name typically spelled 'Luca' derived from the name Lucas. Mostly European guys are given the name.

No. 40127

That's really sad desu :(

No. 40130


I know the girl that left furi furi, Amelia and Alice and can confirm that what tarina said about the furi furi member is true.

Alice and Amelia are no better and have been overheard shit talking other members of wish too

No. 40131

Well I think in weeb shit is what we are supposed to be focusing on. Since anon said that he spelt it 'Luka' which is usually a female name(I think?), and we are in an aidoru thread.

Sorry if I don't make sense.

No. 40138

Understood. I'm pretty sure Luka is not a real name in Japanese. It is still weird that he chose that name because it does remind me of Luka from Vocaloid so I picture a girl. Who knows what he was thinking honestly.

No. 40140

No. 40141

This one is in English sorry anons (who wanted to read about her, it's not a lot of stuff though) http://asianwiki.com/Ruka_Sawaki

No. 40156

Who the fuck thought it was a good idea to have Rina and Beth perform together? They should stay at the back during every song, they're both awful dancers.

No. 40247

Probably Rina's idea

No. 40343

I think I actually prefer Ellen over Renee now that I've seen this. Renee may look the best. But I feel much happier watching Ellen, she puts so mush energy into her dancing. It's really refreshing.

Rina seriously needs to get better support for her fat sacks though. It looks awful in the uniform because they're sagging so much and it'll only get worse with all the jumping around with poor support. (And this is coming from someone who knows the pain of dancing with big boobs. I have had to resort to binding when performing as I kept breaking my sports bras.)
She also needs to learn to cover up being ill when performing better, Believe me, it is possible to still perform near enough perfectly even when you can barely stand as the adrenaline and audience can keep you going until the end. Unless she's actually just that terrible at dancing… in which case there's no hope for her.

No. 40351

>Unless she's actually just that terrible at dancing…
She is actually just that terrible.

She tries so hard to be the quirky, genki aidoru of the group when she always looks so tired and sloppy.

No. 40354

File: 1444340268028.jpg (115.63 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

I'm in a chat with her again btw

No. 40356

File: 1444340349655.jpg (115.59 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

kinda strange how as soon as I posted that I knew her from a weeb chat, she rejoins it and says this. Lurking?

No. 40362

File: 1444341310383.jpg (120.16 KB, 395x637, a.jpg)

She's been known to lurk here.

This is probably a weak attempt to save face after you mentioned that she had been talking shit about another member of her group.

When was the last time she posted anything before she suddenly rejoined?
Anything else noteworthy in the chat?

No. 40454

File: 1444353997755.jpg (101.45 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

No. 40455

File: 1444354048595.jpg (104.53 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

No. 40456

File: 1444354144139.jpg (110.25 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

lmao hey suki's friend that lurks here
be sure to tell her that her group sucks

No. 40462

Pretty sure one of the members posts here. Nobody cares about that group that much.

No. 40466

I'm 94% sure Rina's the one who posts here.

>Rina currently manages the group's online presence applying her extensive knowledge of social networking to organise the groups online content.

She also posts/lurks on /cgl/ and tried to defend herself when one of her videos was posted in a cringe thread:
>I do love getting posted in these threads
>the whole thing is a joke, if you actually read the description or saw through the video, I make it insanely obvious is was a huge joke.
>>implying I'm even slightly mad

So I assume she's the one who was defending F-F on /cgl/ and in our last aidoru thread

My guess is, while lurking here, she saw the accusations of her bullying a group member and screen caps of her messages and is now playing innocent in the chat, knowing her messages might be posted here. "A friend of mine informs me when people are shit-talking about me on lolcow even when I ask them not to"

No. 40553

kek Didn't Alice and Amelia also lurk around these parts? I'm sure Alice even posted stuff about Rina before when the two groups had their feud but that was before Alice drove away the other sisters in the group. Maybe it's been Alice saying all this stuff to Rina about the new thread, it's a possibility.

No. 40571

they suck
like every other amateur gaijin weeb group

No. 40572

>She also is a gifted photographer and even does all the video editing for the group's YouTube channel
top kek

No. 40591

Nah there was totally something noticeable about her: her absolutely terrible hair. Hopefully she learns to lighten it without frying it because the damage is super noticeable when the roots have that much less volume.

>inb4 racist (nah I'm black too I just hate when girls dont know how to take care of their hair)

No. 40606

kek how do you graduate without even doing anything?

No. 40820

Okayyy… she doesn't dance or anything i think, but https://www.facebook.com/haruisabutt omg. go find a video on her page when she talks wth.

No. 40822

No. 40825

No. 40828

The ~real~ idol fans with ~real~ passion

These girls need to get over themselves

No. 40829

She looks mentally ill really.

No. 40846

Isn't that Ellen from Furi Furi in there also? All the idol drama must be happening behind the scenes. So far The Wish Sisters and Furi Furi have pretty much gone to shit. 'Susume Star' won't go anywhere. Alice just drives all team members away kek. I give it 3 to 5 months before this group disbands and goes their own ways.

No. 40890

No. 40891

No. 40905

T-This feels like a demonic ritual….

No. 40910

She trying to raise money to go to Ikkicon in Austin, Texas so she can take part in the BTSSB fashion show.

She's done this for Rufflecon and Wakuwaku too along with scammed a bunch of people throughout it, using her chronic illness as an excuse on why people should fund her trips. And that's not even a good fucking excuse. Along with that, it's pretty damn selfish too. (At least, I think it is.)

No. 40916


Fucking hell I can't spell today…

No. 41212

File: 1444583975909.png (141.74 KB, 283x601, furi has a manager kek.png)

Speaking of somebody paying out for them, look at what I dug up whilst researching Furi Furi. They seem to have a manager who pays for everything for them.

Part 1

No. 41213

File: 1444584009249.png (92.19 KB, 291x532, furi has a manager kek part 2.…)

Part 2

No. 41252

"Choreographer wanted for J-Pop Idol Group"

Group is clearly not ready to call themselves an Idol group when you watch their videos

No. 41474

Flusay Girls uploaded an 8-bit karaoke version of Midnight Fever…

>sky high sawing in flight

What the fuck does that mean?
I mean, nothing else in the song makes sense but that lyric is especially confusing.

I really want to hear a cover of this.

No. 41625

the girl on the right is actually quite cute and her dancing is alright.

No. 41816

These videos are always embarrassing, really stiff girls who can't see how they can't dance.

No. 41822

Anyone know the song Renee is dancing to?

No. 41863

the girl on the right's legs creep me the fuck out.

No. 41869

Luvoratorry I think but it's like a different version

No. 41873

the utaite's name is Reol
It's not best version tho

No. 42114

The culprit has been found. What would posses the man to bring those specific girls together and throw them into a group? Somebody doesn't think their decisions through thoroughly.


No. 42296

File: 1444694504093.jpg (201.99 KB, 640x960, image.jpg)

was she born a man

No. 42346

She's clearly a girl and always has been, what planet are you on anon?

No. 42351

File: 1444706547723.jpg (48.87 KB, 338x600, rina.jpg)

hi tarina terri lastella

No. 42361

that manly ass jawline says otherwise (^:

No. 42363

That's a dude, fam

No. 42366

My heart goes out to you tarina, it must be hard hiding the fact that you're a guy :^)

No. 42431

File: 1444733221135.gif (2.45 MB, 227x275, 1437968427939.gif)

come on rina, every time someone calls you out on defending yourself, you can't even /attempt/ to pretend it's not you?

anyway, how does it feel knowing you're the ugliest and the worst dancer of your group, and that's you pretty much ruined your group's reputation before they even debuted,

>trying to promote furi on /cgl/ and lolcow and then defend them against any criticism on both boards

>claiming that you'd never even record a dance until you've ""perfected"" it

seriously, if you hadn't claimed that your recordings would be perfect, we probably wouldn't have criticized as hard

give up on trying to be an idol.
and give up on wearing nanchette, you look like you're age-playing

No. 42465

File: 1444743266277.jpg (85.37 KB, 666x1000, IMG_6181.jpg)

Oh man, I'm so sad that Ruki-chan isn't here.

In case you don't know her, Ruki-chan is a Spanish "idol" and her website's profile reads like this:

>Ruki is a Japanese culture lover and multifaceted artist (Singer, Cosplay Model, Designer…), who is trying to make all her dreams come true!

and she thinks she's famous and better than everyone because she won Halko Momoi's contest back in 2010.

She broke up with her boyfriend because she was going to Japan and "idols cannot have boyfriends", she abandoned all her friends because of her celebrity status and a lot of other things.

Oh, she's also friends with Aminyan, or at least tries to look like it from their pictures together.

And here's her main website: http://www.ruki-chan.com

No. 42467

I don't think it's a bad Thing that she left her bf to be an idol

No. 42468

Are there any of these wannabe idols that have even a tiny dash of talent?

No. 42472

It's not just a bad thing but its also rather fucking stupid. Why would you break off a relationship with somebody who you could build a future and life together with for a dream of becoming an idol that 9 times out of 10 goes to shit and you make it nowhere? You just end up making yourself a selfish asshole which if you ask me is the opposite of idol.
It's really ignorant of these wannabe idols to hardcore bash out the 'rules and regulations and terms and conditions' of being an idol when they're just starting off. They pick the easiest route possible to give themselves a way to raise their hand and be all like "I did this one thing that an idol would do, so I'm an idol naow"
No. You're an ignorant blind girl who can't get their life together or be with reality.

No. 42475

Not to be a white knight but considering she won a big contest and then broke up with her boyfriend that kind of makes sense. If she was just a random weeb dancing on YouTube it would be arrogant but she actually had business in Japan.

No. 42476

File: 1444747950603.jpg (30.66 KB, 960x640, The Architect of Furi Furi.jpg)

This is the man we have to blame for the birth of Furi Furi. This is the architect of the group. This is the man who is at the core of our troubles. I cannot hold the laughter in kek.

No. 42480

Did she break up with you?….

No. 42499

Why did you tag ember's thread? >>37899

No. 42504

To be fair she's young so 9 out of 10 she wouldn't be with him in the future either.

No. 42634

File: 1444770558656.jpg (105.35 KB, 450x600, file.jpg)

>people are saying mean things about me on the internet and i can't defend myself :'(((
>we agreed not to post or reply to it

lol and yet >>42346 here you are trying to defend yourself.
what happened to that agreement, tarina?

just imagine him saying the name of the group, "furi furi"

No. 42656

No kek, I have taste.

I see your point but still, it's a rather dumb reason to split off with somebody. Chances are that she won't actually make it as an idol and live that dream is 9/10 also.

No. 42697

No because those that have talent are already Idols. Well… online idols anyway

No. 42703

i hate when people do this in photos. fucking hate dicktoes and fat feet.

No. 42744

File: 1444791209596.png (644.16 KB, 842x497, kawaiiidoru.png)

Sabrina looks so old ugh

No. 42746

Shitty genetics….

No. 42965

Why does she insist on wearing those flat lacy headdresses? They make her face look twice as long as it actually is.
She would look much nicer with a few curls framing her face and a simple flower clip or something.

Maybe she should ditch the high necked collars too. They make her look like she is a grandma from the victorian times, not a kawaii lolita princess

No. 43071

How old is this man? He manages a failing idol group and plays the harmonica? kek, he must be a real pussy magnet with that thing. What does he hope on achieving from those two things? Somebody want to help piece together an explanation? kek.

Where was that picture even found? Who even posts something like that anywhere? What is wrong with her? kek. Agreed with what >>42703 had said. She has ugly dicktoes and horrible fat feet. Why even try?

No. 44065

She will debut?

No. 44457

what does an amateur idol group need a manager for anyway?

didn't furifuri say they'd be doing song covers and making their own original songs at some point?

No. 44601

Maybe they didn't get the manager but the manager selected them? That seems more phesable than them approaching a manager otherwise they would be putting out singles and stuff already

No. 44617

>Video is unlisted

Wow. You're either her and an idiot. Or her 'friend' and a dick.

No. 44657

I managed to watch it. Sort of.
It loaded fine, but then the singing started and I had to turn it off.

Out of tune, out of time.

No. 44666

File: 1445045521034.png (579.79 KB, 642x605, beth.png)

i'm niether her nor a friend of hers
i found the video linked on her facebook, and i found her facebook linked on her youtube channel
it's the only video that's not private

i meant to use the vid as an preview of what we're in for if furi furi starts singing

No. 44669

Her youtube channel is empty.
I am shocked she has so many subscribers with nothing on her channel

No. 45218

Well their being managed by someone so hopefully with how they started out (trying to look professional) maybe they'll get an actual recording studio for the singing and stuff. I mean recording studios aren't that expensive

No. 45219

she used to have videos on her channel but made them all private, probably after the wish sisters disbanded

No. 45554

They're pretty cute in their live performances too!

Apparently they're trying to debut in Japan
>”We are positive to be the biggest Japanese idol otakus in Indonesia."
>"We’re aiming at debuting in Japan from Bandung!

Does anyone think they have potential to become an actual idol group in Japan?

No. 45568

what's this supposed to be

No. 45594

this delusional bitch has her own thread

No. 45621

File: 1445141957991.jpg (73.57 KB, 783x1024, sonichucat.jpg)

Kek, that's a little autist who started a bunch of drama about herself:


No. 45645

File: 1445147547413.jpg (Spoiler Image, 36.19 KB, 500x622, A6d7vp7CQAAVecy.jpg)

i found that picture on her ask.fm

i found this one on her twitter

No. 45646

Wut? Did this get any attention at all? I mean, Venus Diabolic is an aspiring aidoru in Japan (well, not technically as she's still in her way to get a VISA, kek)

Anyways, Princess of Invitea or however the hell she is really took it by heart. Hun, this is lolcow, you got lol'd. Not a new thing. You know, if you can't stand it, gotta watch what you say and do.

No. 45647

What an eye sore. Ugh…

No. 46243

File: 1445167494889.png (338 KB, 447x591, luv meh.png)

No. 46259

File: 1445175779420.jpg (90.37 KB, 507x570, hjkl.JPG)

Anyone know anything about this?

No. 46269

I'm cringin

No. 46271

File: 1445177852667.jpg (8.97 KB, 355x142, images.jpg)

>the police are involved

No. 46309

Okay how sad do you have to be to go back over 2 years through some random weebs stuff, like jeez, if she posted it recently sure, but 2013

No. 46336

File: 1445191451644.png (569.23 KB, 548x702, model material.png)

not sad at all, only took a couple of minutes to scroll though the "photos & videos" section of tarina's twitter, ignore all the videos and instagram links and find these pictures.

also, "some random weeb"? rina's been pretty relevant to the conversation for a while now, what with white-kighting furi furi and herself on /cgl/ and the aidoru threads on here, possibly shit-talking a fellow member of her idol group, and, oh yeah, being an aspiring aidoru

No. 46394

Considering this was only shared with friends
I'd say that you're a pretty shit 'friend' to be posting about her on here.

No. 46432


The fuck you say? This is lolcow. Bear with it.

No. 46472

She probably fell out with a friend who she told a lot to and is trying to give herself a way out of all the negative things said friend may or may not share out about her

No. 46475

She adds everyone on Facebook friends or not

No. 46564


Wrong. It was not a friend that she had told anything to when it had come down to this matter. I will be completely honest and allow you all on here and anywhere else this shall come up mostly likely being 4chan, to know that I have been speaking with her the past month+ and during that time I was doing research on her online and what she does, whilst in the process of speaking to her. I had then come across threads that had mentioned her such as this one or another one that was on 4chan and I knew where I should begin the process of letting people know the truth about her and how she really acts. I shall let people know truly what sort of a person she is. From my understanding of seeing her true colours; she is self centered, two-faced, heartless, horrible, fake and just overall a bad person who doesn't deserve half of what she has. I am aware that she has spoken bad words about half of the people she considers a friend or even so much as an acquaintance.
I have got countless screenshots proving such things and I have got a large amount of information about her that I don't think she would like being said or going around to people let alone various forums on the internet. Furthermore she proceeds to state that I was a stalker as such. This is incorrect down to the fact I had only spoken to her via Facebook and had even informed her that I will in no shape, way or form have any contact with her verbally or physically in real life under any circumstances. Someone needs to read up on the definition of the word by the looks of it. Furthermore she stated to contacting the police, for what wrong doing? Contacting her via Facebook and speaking with her on a matter that she had led to go completely down hill and ruin.
She can make a video and want to tell the story, but it's more than likely she will not say the matter exactly how it is and only make herself seem the victim. The truth is she is more the villain than anything. She is fake and a liar and is far from the victim. She is a terrible person. Furthermore it's fairly ironic she talks about true friends sticking beside her and supporting her because from a story I have heard is that she had once cried to her boyfriend down to the fact she felt she had no friends as half of them have either turned their back on her or she has ruined the friendships herself. (As >>46394 has mentioned, from her post which is set only to friends she has clearly been double crossed by one)

Alice, I am aware that you shall see this, as you seem to have an anonymous poster on here on your Facebook friends lists and you know for a fact that everything I have said has been nothing but the truth and that it has not been twisted in any way to be even slightly strayed from the truth. You are also completely aware that I have held far back from allowing anybody to know the story in full and only me, you and a small few are the only ones for now that know the story in its entirety.
This is your last and final warning to contacting me and sorting this matter out with me completely or you are aware of the consequences and this is the first step to doing so.

I shall now proceed to post this same or similar message to other forums that involve her and I am aware there are quite a few right now.
My request from all of you is that you direct me to any other forums you are aware of that involve her as I am unaware if there have been any extras since last searching.

No. 46569

GOd i hate these dances…I have seen 10 year olds dance a harder choreography, what makes it worse…it's bunch of older bitches dancing these kiddy dances and end up looking retarded

No. 46576

Jfc can you just grow the fuck up and leave her alone. What you're doing is so weird and creepy.

No. 46585

you sound like a fucking psychopath stalker cunt jesus christ did your mother not love you or something
theres a difference between pointing out shit thats lulzy and being fucking creepy, leave that teenage weeaboo alone and learn to love yourself

No. 46588

Hm, for what exactly? Knowing exactly what sort of a person she is and allowing people to know that she is fake, cruel and two-faced?

No. 46634

What did she do? I used to say stuff like that to my boyfriend all the time when I feel all woe is me and needy, and then later on realized I was being a baby and stfu because different friends have different ways of caring. Also, EVERYONE gossips about EVERYONE. That is nothing new. Friends judge and/or talk shit about each other, that's just how it works.

Did she actually do something that makes her a horrible person? Or is she just being a girl and you are being overly sensitive? I'm genuinely curious, because you are trying to "take someone down" with blackmail which really seems like you are the one with a problem, not her. If you and her had a spat, oh well, but if she really is a bad person people will see it eventually. You just come across as a psycho.

No. 46642

sorry i wasn't aware she had a thread

No. 46694

This makes me so sad

No. 46725

Different anon here

I have not known her to be a good person at all, she says awful things to and about her friends and she's reached a point where all she cares about is wanting to be famous

She refuses to take responsibility or own up to anything she has ever done and instead constantly blames everyone else and plays victim

Although I personally think she is an awful person, she's not someone worth giving the attention to because she hasn't done anything noteworthy aside from a shitty patreon where no one donated and her obsession with famous youtubers

No. 46729

Who does she say awful things to exactly? All her friends about all her friends? Do you have examples? Also people who strive for efame that hard usually don't get it, so I wouldn't worry there. I have seen her around on tumblr or youtube but she is really plain, however the actions of >>46564 make it sound like she murdered their entire family or something.

No. 46731

tbh as an abipop wannabe she won't go far anyway since she's a clone

No. 46732

Abipop is a Yukapon clone so neither of them won't get far anyway.

No. 46734

Hi alice we can see you lurking

No. 46735

Hi blackmailing anon. Not alice, I don't even like her, nor abipop. They're all retarded. But you sound psychotic.

No. 46736

Not stalker anon, that anon hasn't been on since i started

No. 46740

You say you will reveal her but you haven't posted anywhere else either

What are you even hoping to accomplish

No. 46752

>self centered, two-faced, heartless, horrible, fake
Harsh, but most of these are obvious anyway. You need to post some evidence rather than telling us what we already know.

No. 46758

It's already been noted she's not the kawaii aidoru she claims to be. You need to show evidence

No. 46771

Josh is that you?

No. 46793

I have more than the necessary amount of screenshots to show what type of a person she truly is. She is overall just horrible, I am not going by just my dispute with her but I have seen how she speaks to people in general and it is rather horrible. I have thought since a month ago when I initially spoke to her that she could have showed some decency as a human being but each time she had proven me wrong. I say I will reveal her but will show a warning beforehand which my initial post was. Since then I have heard nothing from her and at this rate I doubt that I will. I shall review my whole conversation with her and gather all the appropriate screenshots of showing what I planned. In addition, I shall see if it is possible to gather screenshots showing her talking negative about people that are supposed to be her friends. I shall try and gather these from various people if it is possible. Evidence will be shown soon enough and I assure you all that.

No. 46807

Did she friendzone you or something? You sound way too obsessed. Hate to break it to you, but "seeing how she speaks to people in general and it is rather horrible" is not enough to sway people to dislike someone. Everyone talks shit and does shit, in fact you are doing the same thing right now so you are no better. If she actually did something that was terrible that would be one thing, but it sounds like you are trying to get the internet to hate someone because "she was a big fat meaniehead to me and my friends T______T"

Just fucking post it or go away because this sounds like a lot of hot air.

No. 46815

How does anything I wrote in my last post sound obsessed in any way? There was no affection felt at all, I was aware that during the time I was speaking to her she was in a relationship either way so I think we can move past that. Right now the only thing I am doing is going through with what I had said to her that I would do. She is a horrible person and I shall prove it. Not even being on this website for 24 hours and it is apparent people on here have already established that she is a fake person which makes this so much easier for me to prove.
This is much more than just hot air.
Furthermore I think it is rather funny that nobody yet has actually showed any interest in knowing in it's entirety what her Facebook post was about. No skin off my nose.

No. 46824

you have yet to deny that you're josh

No. 46831

>I was aware that during the time I was speaking to her she was in a relationship either way

Woooooooooow so yeah, you just totally revealed yourself to be some guy who is butthurt she didn't give yo enough attention. Maybe one reason she seems so mean to you is because she didn't like you since you obviously had other things on your mind? I'm happy for you to prove me wrong, go ahead and post what you want, but your actions vs. hers and now you admitting you are some guy who is too invested in her says everything.

>I think it is rather funny that nobody yet has actually showed any interest in knowing in it's entirety what her Facebook post was about

That's because she's not popular so no1curr, dumbass.

No. 46832

I am denying that I am Joshua. I spoke to Alice and him at the same time and he time after time defended her when all of this was happening. It's rather funny how they had both told me how private they kept their relationship when together so it was mostly friends and family knowing of such. From what I see she has been posted on here from somebody on her Facebook friends list which further leads me to thinking it was you. In addition to that it's clear somebody on her friends list tends to visit this site frequently.
Now Tarina you can feel free to move past that question and ask me whatever else. I hope you are aware that Alice genuinely doesn't even think any good of you. Then again it's rather funny seeing how nobody does from what I have read. Yes. I took the time to update myself a little on the matters going on here.

No. 46833

>How does anything I wrote in my last post sound obsessed in any way?

Try… oh I don't know… your entire post? And how you are trying to "defame" her or whatever and make the internet hate someone no one gives a shit about? You'd have better luck just bitching with the other people who don't like her as opposed to trying to have lolcow go after her with pitchforks. You've already said enough to make yourself look pretty dodgy in this situation but again, go ahead and post or stfu and gtfo.

No. 46836

I am not at all invested in her. If Alice was to see this which i'm sure she soon enough will if she hasn't already then she will know exactly who I am without a doubt. I don't care for the amount of attention she gave towards me due to the fact I was only speaking to her for one reason which was to resolve a problem, then had no intentions of wanting to speak to her after that.
I hope you're aware not every encounter with a female has to involve affection.

No. 46844

I really, really hope you are still in high school because this sounds like petty drama that only involves a small few and no one else is going to give a shit. You look like a moron trying to air everything out here when it sounds like nothing even happened other than she hurt your little fee fees. I'll give you an adult tip: it is not your business to know what anyone thinks/says about you. If she wants to be a fake ass bitch, fine. If you don't want to be friends with someone like that's, that's fine too and cut her out. Eventually she will learn the hard way when everyone leaves her. But tying to… I don't even know what this is, destroy her? Blackmail her? Over what honestly sounds like no real reason since you have yet to post something rage worthy… You come across as very desperate and crazy. Just let it go man, or post the fucking caps already and see if anyone thinks your vendetta actually has a point.

No. 46851

I have never been friends with her let alone even acquaintance. I have only been speaking to her a little over a month and once she decided to sort out the issue that was there then I would of had no contact with her at all from that point.
As I have mentioned before I will post everything soon showing her true colours.

No. 46858

is someone hacking this page?? chrome wont let me connect because it's sending "back unusual and incorrect credentials" this is really creepy

No. 46861

Working fine for me

No. 46903

So post it already? Your motives are still super creepy though, especially if you say you don't even really know her…

No. 46910

I agree. Post already.

So far there has been a huge amount of build up and I am fully expecting this so called proof to be nothing but a petty disagreement.

How "soon" is soon?

No. 46932

As I have stated previously multiple times now; I am allowing Alice a chance to actually try and make things correct and this is her warning. I don't see how my motives are at all creepy, she was aware of the circumstances before I had even found this website and how she has been put on it. I don't know her personally but I have more than enough information about her and she is aware of such. This proof is not just anything like a petty disagreement and whether you choose to believe me and wait out or just throw the assumption is up to you. When all is revealed and shown then it shall be a different story.
"soon" is when she decides to completely ignore my warning and doubt my ability. "soon" is when I grow completely fed up of what style of a person she is.
I haven't even tried or wanted a build up or anything as such, my only intentions right now are to prove to her I am dead serious with all I have said to her.

No. 46939

The way you have constantly said you have proof yet you still have not posted anything is building it up.

Alice has already said she will have nothing to do with you, if you are the stalker she spoke about in >>46259

So either just post the stuff already or move on. Dragging it out the way you are is just screaming for attention and making you look more and more pathetic

No. 46943

I do not want to make this seem as if it is a build up of any sorts. I am using this as a warning before she gets the exposure that she deserves for being such a selfish and ignorant person that speaks nothing but negative things about her so called friends behind their backs. Furthermore is stalker really the word seeing as I've never stalked her? Get the definitions right.

No. 46946

>hacking this page

>try and make things correct
Uh huh. And how are you expecting her to do that?
>"soon" is when she decides to completely ignore my warning and doubt my ability. "soon" is when I grow completely fed up of what style of a person she is.
Nice power trip, bro. Everything you've posted has made you sound like more of a controlling creep. You say you don't even know her personally. So why care so much? Delete her from your social networks and move on.

No. 46952

We get it, you have lots of issues and some really weird ass vendetta with her. Pro tip: if you are trying to bring someone down here, you make a thread posting all the evidence and let what happens happen.

You are just whining and, yes, dragging this out. This site is not for scare tactic, if you want to threaten her contact her directly because I promise you none of us give a shit and to be frank, based on your actions so far I am going to have a hard time believing or agreeing with your side anway.

No. 46953

>she deserves to be exposed for what a horrible human being all over the internets!!!!
>but first I will try to bait her first into giving me more attention/acknowledging me and if she does, she no longer deserves to be exposed for what a horrible human being she is all over the internets!!!!

No. 47721

>let's not be immature and act like little kids
>sex is a gift
>being female is a gift
>knowing about sex is a gift

Geez, this girl is actually 13 years old.
I'm cringing so badly….

No. 47725

>just watch lacigreen's videos lol

No. 47742

Thank heavens I didn't have the access to the internet when I was her age

No. 47744

tl;dr "hello pedophiles, please rape me"
this is the result of all of that fake feminist clickbait "sex-positive" shit

No. 47746

No. 47747

This is why I'm not gonna let my kids use pc till they're 16…

No. 47748

No. 47749

She must've been like 12 at that time!
Puberty is a bitch.

No. 47750

No. 47894

Morons putting out videos like this make me want to send the videos to future employers/schools so they get punished for their stupidity, as well as their parents. What the everloving fuck.

No. 47895


Uh… I assume she is the one on the left? Her face looks so droopy, and why the fuck is she wearing a uniform that doesn't cover her crotch?

No. 48054


She probably didn't realise how short it actually was until after. Then they probably didn't want to change outfits.

Or it was done on purpose for all the men to drool over the possibility of pantsuuuu!

No. 48072


No. 48078

Don't you have to be pretty to be a living doll?

No. 48080

Holy shit I skimmed through some of her vids and she is another PT on the rise.

No. 48086

Does she mean Debutant? As in the ranking system on PULL?
"You can't fake a voice"
Yes you can! If someone were to constantly make their voice higher and try and pass it off as their natural voice, that is faking a voice.

I couldn't watch all of it. I got bored. I managed eight minutes of her bullshit.

She claims to be a living doll, but nothing she does is dolly

No. 48121

how did she find out about it so soon?

No. 48122

File: 1445580933071.gif (1.09 MB, 355x200, 900x900px-LL-24e90401_popcornj…)

Just wait till she discovers this thread.

No. 48123

>they're just haters and assholes
B-but that's so not kawaii !! Living dolls don't say such words!!

No. 48131

I don't think her mother has seen her videos tbh

No. 48147

Jessi Slaughter v2

No. 48281

File: 1445625010371.gif (1.71 MB, 480x270, chickendance.gif)

No. 48286

File: 1445625621516.gif (2.26 MB, 480x270, fubarfubar.gif)

So in sync.

No. 48298

omg can we stop posting furi theyre old news jfc

No. 48484

the fat chick isn't even trying kek

No. 48495

This bitch is amazing omg I'm dying wtf

No. 48511

The song starts 50 seconds in


"But if we don't change the way we treat the planet, then it will going down"

Well… for a 16 year old "singer, songwriter and composer", this isn't that bad imo. It's certainly better than the shit Nanami's making at age 26 after about 5 years of being an "amateur musician" or whatever.

No. 48542

totally fluent desu!!!!

No. 48634

whys this even been posted again, we get it furi are shit, move on to more lolcows please lol

No. 48818

>dat four chord progression
>dat obvious auto tune
>dat lack of vocal skills
>dat weeaboo Japanese speak
>bff is obviously uncomfortable
>singer is probably taking
>lyrics are so bland and uninteresting

Jesus fuck, what a mess

No. 48820

Whoops, missed on that she's 16. She has potential though, shouldn't have been too rough. I just wish she weren't too weebish and used auto tuning to make her music better

No. 53098

Platinum Happy's back with another one of those cringey side-story videos where they talk to you as if they have a crush on you- Halloween edition.

Astrid should have done another take, she talks too fast, stutters and seems uncomfortable.

Calla is really fucking awkward and I don't understand what she's talking about.
>"I wanted to wear fake blood as the trick, but the other members said I shouldn't because that would be a little too weird, so I guess it's just the trick… Or the treat… That means that you have to do the trick, right?"

Marin looks like a trans woman.

Tabitha… is actually kinda cute imo.

No. 53131

So how would everybody feel about viewing some conversations that Alice has had with people where she has spoken some rather disparaging remarks about others she claims to have in her friend group or even associate herself with?

No. 53135

I'd be interested if you'd actually deliver, unlike >>46564, >>46793

No. 53262

Just do it already or stop posting jfc

No. 53271

Shit or get off the pot already.

No. 53515

Do it or gtfo
This is getting fucking stupid

No. 53641

File: 1446527878405.jpeg (185.44 KB, 500x741, alice.jpeg)

2 weeks + one whole day later and still not the slightest bit of proof of Alice being the horrible person you claim she is. And why did you wait until the thread was bumped 2 weeks after you first claimed you were going to expose her to bring it up again?

No. 53654

File: 1446531472003.png (384.63 KB, 617x400, imscared.png)

No. 53731

Bare with me whilst all proof is gathered. I was making sure there was still interest in the matter.

No. 53732

if anyone was interested they've probably gone by now lol

No. 53741

i'm interested

No. 53742

It's probably Alice claiming to be someone with juicy milk… but all she wants is to keep her name mentioned.

Keeps bringing up the milk, but not delivering means Alice keeps getting attention

(I realise this is a bullshit theory… but it wouldn't surprise me)

No. 53743

that would be crazy i'm almost hoping it's true now for the keks

No. 53746

I'm interested in it too, but honestly how the fuck long does it take to compile some caps. Also I imagine it won't be any worse than yuka or abii. Shit talking seems to be a mandatory thing for these kinds of dancers.

With how they have been stringing it along it is quite possible.

No. 53747

it's almost like real dancers. the bitching that goes on backstage is unreal

No. 53797

OT but does anyone know where her outfit is from? It's really cute.

No. 53801

My bullshit theory is that >>53131 is some other net idol (and possibly former friend of Alice) who was being discussed in this thread and is trying to divert attention away from herself by "blackmailing" Alice with claims of her shit-talking her friends, in the hopes that we'll be too busy anticipating Alice's drama to discuss her.

No. 53816

maybe an ex?

No. 53821

they called him josh earlier though..

No. 53822

that or someone who was rejected by her is my guess

No. 53827

Someone suspected expose-Alice-anon was Josh, and Alice-anon denied it in >>46832 (and for some reason accused them of being Rina?)
Of course that doesn't rule out Josh, but we have no proof it's really him.

No. 53830

I am not Josh nor Tarina (Rina.) But I have spoken to both prior to this and they know of me, or more the account I was communicating to them through.
Alice knows who I am and is completely aware of what will be posted soon enough.

No. 53832

Ugh. this "soon enough" creepo again.

No. 53839

And as she has already stated she wants nothing to do with you I don't see why you are drawing this out much longer.

No matter how juicy the gossip is, we are all going to be piss ass bored of hearing about it before you even "exposed anyone. Nobody is going to give a shit about whatever it is you claim to have if you don't post it soon.

This is getting as boring as Christmas decorations in September

No. 53840

Yeah, photoshopping fake messages takes a while apparently.

No. 53847

File: 1446596360212.jpg (40.8 KB, 262x336, REEL ALICE LEAKED INFO WOW.jpg)

its not even that difficult

No. 53850

Yeah that's my point, whoever is trying to out her is most likely just shooping the "proof." There is no other reason why it would take so long.

No. 53895

Well Tarina, who said that the proof would be from a Facebook conversation? Furthermore with what does get sent, if she was to check the conversation I'm sure she would find what is posted is the exact same as what she said, there will be no photoshopping or editing used. I have no reason to do as such seeing as Alice has already made the mistake of wanting to speak bad about people she is meant to have as friends. Also Tarina didn't you tell me in our conversation that you no longer browse lolcow and you and your group had a pact to stay away from it? Hm. You are quite a compulsive liar which is more than obvious at this point. Furthermore it's rather funny how you defend Alice after what has been said against you which I'm sure you are unaware of right now. That shall not be the case much longer.

No. 53896

so the stalker is now stalking alices friends? are you that desperate to get your 'proof'?

No. 53908

File: 1446609832677.jpg (68.77 KB, 640x960, Alice-Proof-1-23.jpg)

This right now is only the beginning of the many posts to come. The future posts show Alice saying disparaging comments on people such as Betha Weal, Tarina Rina Lastella, Ophelia Jenkins, Philip Achille, Renee Louisa Watson, El Len, Abi Mills and other people in the past whom she has worked with such as other performers or even photographers.
I have gone by their public Facebook names so if needed you can all view the people she has spoken about. Some of the negative comments that you shall all see soon enough even go so far to mention features about these people such as race and even skin & medical conditions.

No. 53914

File: 1446612021156.jpg (42.3 KB, 799x533, 1406426273-hyper-japan-2014-in…)

And right before I was about to reply to you telling you to post something, anything to prove you had evidence, you actually deliver.

Since it took you so damn long just to gather the evidence, how long do you expect it to take you to post all of it? How far apart are you going to post?

No. 53923

Okay so I'm a little curious but this is taking far longer than it needs to be the longer it takes the less people are likely to care just saying

No. 53979

Why assume that was even Rina
Everyone always goes to her with every post towards defending Alice, you are aware Alice has other friends and people who would defend her right?

No. 53995

Are you over 18? Because your grammar says that isn't the case.

No. 53996


No. 53997

You actually posted something kek

No. 53999

What friends? All her friends have nothing nice to say about her either

No. 54001

I kind of wish she would just come here herself and explain what the fuck is going on with this weird anon threatening to post all this shit about her. At this point I would probably believe her side regardless of the "proof" because whoever this is seems off their rocker.

No. 54003

she clearly must know who it is too, if she bitched with them that much she must've known them pretty well.

No. 54004

Apparently it's a group of people. Probably some girls she's pissed off

No. 54005

She thought it was her ex but he was cleared

No. 54050

when was he cleared?

No. 54052

You have such a bizarre sense of self-importance. You're 'exposing' a few bitchy comments from a nobody wannabe idol, not bringing down the government.

No. 54056

it's like they want to be doctor doom

No. 54064

What I find odd about this list of names is that neither Amelia or Alex from The Wish Sisters came up on this list.
Surely you would have stuff being said about them, especially since there was a lot of theories regarding how/why The Wish Sisters disbanded.

No. 54065

maybe this is them, bitter that wish ended? or they ended on bad terms?

No. 54066

Truth is Alice broke up wish.

she let the slight attention get to her head

No. 54068

see this sounds fairly bitter though

No. 54069

True, it does give Amelia and Alex a motive

No. 54077

Are you sure the others aren't just mad that Alice was the only passably attractive member?

No. 54098


No. 54104

Personally I think Amelia was nicer to look at
Alice always looked like she was tryin too hard

No. 54106

File: 1446655419314.jpg (67.38 KB, 640x960, 1438297682548.jpg)

made me think of this from the old thread

No. 54110

They are all hideous and the definition of ugly english chicks with thunder thighs. Sadly Alice does look the best of the bunch though as long as she doesn't open her mouth, but we all know what looking like the best in a group of ugly girls accomplishes.

Anyway, at this point I think it's fair to say this person trying to expose her is full of hot air and should crawl back to whatever moist cavern it came from. So disappointed in you, self-righteous vendetta anon. With how you seem to think, you present yourself as the biggest cow in this thread.

No. 54111

Good looks aren't anything if your personality is downhill. It's obvious she was a shit person, I feel bad for the next person who is in her friendship circle.

No. 54113

kek the amount of make up Alice always put on was horrific.

No. 54118

Alice refused members for having the same colour hair as her, we all know she is not a good person either

No. 54119

Think she sleeps in her makeup

No. 54120

if amelia is running this hate campaign though isnt she just as bad?

No. 54121

my apologies I mis-read what was said

No. 54337

I don't really know how to preface this video so I'm just gonna copy paste some of the English lyrics from the video description

>May be its girls love

>Or are you my sister?

>What is that?

>Could it be my blood?

>I see you

>Your evil

>I am so confused

>Who are you?
>The dark is bad I should not show bad deeds

No. 54361

No. 54703

You do raise a rather valid point and I shall give you that. But the truth within this confusion is that not once have the names Alex and Amelia been mentioned and that is whilst communicating to Alice, Joshua and Tarina. From my understanding and what I have read from conversation screenshots is that Alice was the issue behind it all and drove the other two to resenting her and not wanting to associate with her anymore which I can see the reason behind their decisions. She is quite a negative personality.
Speaking of Alice and Tarina, would there be interest in seeing parts of conversations that they have both had together and seeing the people they spoke negatively about? This includes members that Tarina performs alongside with and even her manager, I have the conversation parts where they had spoken some rather horrible and sick remarks about a girl with a skin condition and burns that performs alongside Tarina.

No. 54706

the lolcow stalker is back guys

No. 54707

is this a song about her being in love with her sister??? incest?

No. 54712

File: 1446762553958.jpg (79.13 KB, 510x512, photo.jpg)

>would there be interest
Yes, there would be but you take centuries to actually post any proof of anything. It took you more than two weeks to show us one piece of evidence of Alice shit-talking one of her friends and by then hardly anyone cared anymore.

No. 54714

this person really deserves their own thread lol, special snowflake syndromex 100, super evil mastermind outing a teenage girl for bitching wow, such drama

No. 54769

gasp pigtails-chan without pigtails.

No. 54779

Her singing isn't that bad imo
but the whole MV … wtf….?

No. 54786

She looks like she could be PT's sister.

No. 54789

I seriously thought that was a shooped picture of PT for a sec

No. 55038

File: 1446844506171.png (750.82 KB, 800x512, chin twins.png)

No. 56039

Do you have trouble finding this thread is if it isn't bumped to the first page or something? Is that why you don't post anything for days or weeks until someone else does?

No. 56042

maybe they gave up, because even lolcow hates them

No. 56043

We can only hope..

No. 56158

File: 1447106413180.png (18.44 KB, 995x244, rina, is that you.PNG)

>Since today, I am officially part of a brand-new idol project in the UK, called “Furi Furi”!
>I was really excited about my audition, and luckily got in!

>What can you tell us about this group and what can we expect?
>Furi Furi we are not only dancing, but also singing, which is a tough challenge for me.
>It’s a whole lot more about our own music and own voices than about reinterpreting already finished songs and dances.

Himezawa was involved with Furi Furi? I wonder why she left

Pic related to Furi Furi in general, not Himezawa.

No. 56167

She probably realised how terrible everyone is and didn't want to be seen with them

No. 56202

nah, if i remember correctly furi had a bunch of completely different members to start with who all left -himezawa included. manager then tried again a second time, and lo and behold the new saviours of net idols were born. their fb page was up way before the ~new generation~ started posting shit

also lol where is the singing at

No. 58447

>It's been a long time since I've seen baby sister Alice dance. Very good.

So… this is what net idol fans are like

No. 59546

kek knowing her she probably ended up talking to him and playing along with it. the cringe is real, the things these girls do for fans.

No. 59998

Alice has covered a dance from the newest Persona game. Of course it's the KAAWAAIIIII DESSSUUUUUU dance… not any of the other dances as they would require actual talent.

wonder how old alice is. Is she still going to be doing this kawaii shit when she's nearing her 30's?

No. 60005

Random vid, but goddamn that one girl is out of time through LITERALLY THE WHOLE SONG. I love that she doesn't even attempt the jump at 1:05.

No. 60012

Of course it's the fat one kek

No. 60035

she used google translate. fuck this

No. 60037

you call this proof? You do know anyone can do "inspect element" and change that alice said right? FB messages are not reliable. lol

No. 60041

File: 1447730757984.png (572.27 KB, 871x688, tru weebo.png)

…but >>53847 is a joke demonstrating exactly that: how FB messages are unreliable as proof.

That's not what the anon who's "exposing" Alice posted as proof, this is: >>53908

No. 60089

i'm sorry anon

No. 60091

who is alice?

No. 60092

this is bad and her japanese is bad. she spoke like a robot. i dont care if shes 16 shes old enough to handle critism

No. 60094

whats wrong with not going to college or fully focusing on your idol carreer rather than school?

No. 60095

nice tits

No. 60122

Alice is a former member of The Wish Sisters who wants to become a real idol in Japan.

The anon who wants to expose Alice and ruin her reputation or whatever supposedly has proof of her shit-talking her friends but has only delivered one very underwhelming piece of evidence within a month since they first made this claim. Anon is suspected to be another former member of Wish Sisters or an ex-boyfriend of hers, but we don't really know.

Ah, don't be. The entire ordeal is a clusterfuck, I can understand the confusion.

No. 60127

Holy shit, that dance is retarded

No. 60130

at least she's not ugly kek

No. 60131

thank you anon!
damn, their eye makeup are way too heavy. they should try to at least do idol makeup.
their eyeliner shouldnt be visible and why is alice wearing obvious dolly wink fake eyelashes?
Idols should look pure and innocent. this is not gyaru

No. 60132

her singing is okay.
shes hot

No. 60147

Alice is 19

No. 60246

For some reason I feel like shes trying to imitate the original rather than cover it. She can hold a note I'll give her that but she needs to work on making her voice stronger cause in some parts it breaks

No. 60354

Lol anyone remember RuariDoll?

No. 60397

This ordeal is a gigantic clusterfuck, its hard for anybody to keep up with all the opinions coming through and not being able to keep up with who is saying what.
I've never really been what people would call "close" to alice but i do know a bit about her and we do have some mutuals between us and there are people speaking about her and the mess she's in. From what i've heard through the grape vine, this person wanting to expose her is none of the past wish sisters members even though alice apparently drove them away from her, the ex-boyfriend in question was cleared, she did speak bad about quite a lot of people we both have on facebook and yes its true those people do include people like abi and other dancers like kelsey and beckii cruel.

No. 60440

>its true those people do include people like abi and other dancers like kelsey and beckii cruel
That's fine tbh
i mean we, people on lolcow, always shittalk on them because theyre shit so i dont care if alice does it too.
ill never have any sympathy for abi

No. 60442

If she wasn't such a vile person she wouldn't have got herself into this mess to begin with…

No. 60443

We don't claim to be their friends though

No. 60454

i don't understand why ppl hate her
i think she's hilarious, obviously a troll

No. 60503

I mean shit talking some thing but just being genuinely mean about a persons appearance or race doesn't seem like a thing that should happen..

No. 61017

>You are my first love
>you are my milk mix
>You are my wish
> it's really sweet
> say I'm crazy

>Love has traveled abroad

>Chocolate meets a rice cake
> Also very opposite
> Love blossoms

>You surprised me

>Your love is so strong
>Very beautiful
>Let's go
>My heart beats fast
> I hold my breath

>You are my everything

>I'm late
> I love it

>Dance to this

> It's really fun
> Come with me

>are you happy

>I'm not sad
>From America to Japan

Her English is already incoherent, and then it's (beautifully) butchered even further Google Translated into Japanese

No. 61051

No. 61075

Her voice isn't too bad but this shit……

No. 61103

Posting a random video, of a dancer with less than 150 subscribers, screams self post.

Her dancing is good, though can use improvement. Her video quality is great. Though… why are you posting her video?

Also, why is it every dancer has to do this lady baby song? It isn't even a good song! And the dance is just boring as fu k.

No. 61119

I posted it for the lulz

No. 61122

What lulz? Hat lulz are.you expecting to have by posting this?

Like I said, her dancing isn't that bad and the quality of her videos is good…. Are you her? Is this a self post?

No. 61123

*What lulz…

God Damn my stupid phone

No. 61138

File: 1448132315706.png (171.82 KB, 1343x1080, chocolate.png)

>Chocolate meets a rice cake
> Love blossoms
>Love has traveled abroad
>From America to Japan

So she's "chocolate" who falls in love with a "rice cake" in Japan?

No. 61140

File: 1448132723228.jpg (48.65 KB, 567x415, fish-with-human-lips.jpg)

I can't help but think of this while looking at her.

No. 61151

I like her lips tbh, her nose is the issue here.

No. 61177

Is it just me or are her thighs HUGE in comparison to the rest of her body?

No. 61207

Oh christ, you're absolutely right what the fuck is up with that. I was only looking at the video thumbnail before and it wasn't really noticeable there, but as soon as you start watching the actual video its just…whoa. Those are some pretty unfortunate proportions.

No. 63056

gtfo jrcach

No. 63083

I'm black, but okay.

No. 63100


A girl at my middle school had this exact shape, shits really unfortunate unless you lose weight.

No. 64696

File: 1448565011417.png (1.16 MB, 872x636, sabrina and rina.png)

She also looks a lot like Himezawa

No. 64894

jfc they're terrifying!

No. 64936

No. 64938

File: 1448649207582.jpg (273.99 KB, 2048x1366, 10504769_677157642429527_18680…)

>butler choji

No. 64939

File: 1448649254194.jpg (186.91 KB, 2048x1366, 11141782_671926519619306_35095…)

No. 64940

File: 1448649286597.jpg (47.98 KB, 614x960, 11060271_671879282957363_82142…)

>head butler yuuji

No. 64941

File: 1448649347603.jpg (153.67 KB, 2048x1366, 11062692_658883720923586_68211…)

>assistant head butler helix
okay this dude is fucking handsome. too bad he's into this shit

No. 64942

File: 1448649395761.jpg (109.08 KB, 640x640, 12249763_780696342075656_96179…)

No. 64944

File: 1448649547276.jpg (37.75 KB, 630x354, snowden.jpg)

So this is what he's been up to these days…

No. 64945

Daaaamn these teeth are nastyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!1

No. 65002


And I thought my local maid cafe was bad…

No. 65154

bad tooth to gum ratio.

No. 65261

>You ain't never know how I got to here
>All the strife
>It was kinda hard
>'Cause you ain't know I'm all about that life
>I'm a teenager
>Every birthday I cut with a special knife
>Gotta celebrate 'cause I survive that teenage life

No. 65287

hard times all around :^)

No. 65584

I like how you can hear her turning pages during the rap part

No. 65590

to be fair though, Shokotan has always looked old for her age.

No. 66274

Why do you guys think that western girls always look so weird and awkward doing these dances? Even the ones with relatively good dance skills like Kelsey? I've been thinking about this for a while. I've been really into the Japanese dance cover community for years and no one there seems weird or awkward dancing. Is it just because they're hobby dancers and not trying to be ~aidoru~ so they seem more natural and less awkward?

No. 66281

1. You might have yellow fever.

2. Or it's the smaller, more "compact" stature of Japanese girls.
I've seen tall, skinny Asian girls dance and that shit was not cute.

No. 66284

I'm half Japanese so I don't think so. Maybe I'm just used to seeing Japanese girls perform. But there's always an awkwardness to western wannabe aidorus, like they're trying too hard and it doesn't come across as sincere. Except girls in OP.

No. 66405

OP was shit Camilla didn't even know what an idol was

No. 66406

Most western girls aren't cute and have more mature features. I feel like they look too old to be dressing cute and doing cutesy dances, so it looks odd to me. Asian girls look more youthful and the cutesy clothing and dances don't seem as odd.

That is what makes it look awkward to me anyway.

No. 66408

For me it's their body types that make it look weird. Seems like a lot of Western idol wannabes are really lanky, and girls with that body type look really awkward dancing like that imho. They end up looking like praying mantises flailing around. Japanese girls don’t tend to be lanky so it doesn’t look as weird.

No. 66415

For me it is when they try way too hard to be like a cute little anime character, with teh peace sign poses and blowing kisses, waving at the camera.

I just want to watch a dance cover and see the person dancing, do the dance, bow and leave. This is why I like the Japanese dancers, they don't bother trying to come across as cute with all the pouty faces and puffed up lips during a close up. They simply make a video to show the dance, not how KAWAIIII DESSSUUUUUU they can be

No. 66592

OP are as good as any hobby dancer or dancers on niconico. I mean that they have a nice energy or feeling to the way they dance, it's not try-hard.

No. 67842

I don't know if she's technically considered an a wannabe idol, but anyone know about about dejavudea/Dansu To Pantsu?

No. 67964

These girls look pretty decent compared to other gaijin aidoru groups that have been posted here.
However, I don't think ARB is a great group name.

No. 67965

File: 1449326709840.png (367.14 KB, 746x378, arb.png)

They're good. The girl on the left is creepy tho.

No. 67976

The bob haired girl looks dead inside, and the short fringe girl could be cute if she has longer bangs, but she looks creepy in this. The other ones are cute !

Dance-wise they don't seem to have a lot of energy (which is super important for idols) but the filming makes it look nice

No. 67977

God she's ugly.

No. 67979

File: 1449334003796.png (543.54 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2015-12-05-16-44-01…)

Sorry for crappy screenshot.

The girl with light brown hair here is super cute. Who is she?

As for the group… not too shabby. Needs more energy to make it look like they actually enjoy performing. And could do with perfecting timing (which is more noticeable at the start of the video)

No. 68155

Lol I don't care how "cute" or "on point" the girls in OP's post are…. when Western people do this shit it's super awkward lol and corny..

No. 68221

I think it's only awkward when they try and be a cutesy anime character.

A lot of western dancers just dance. It isn't any different from them street dancing or ballroom dancing. It is a dance they enjoy.
It just gets awkward when they try and fit in the super kawaii poses and anime style speech.

No. 71475

it really grinds my gears when people do this kind of thing

and yes, that is Alice


like is putting on a fake kawaii ugu voice when meeting another idol somewhat patronising? Maybe I'm just being nitpicky, though.

Makes me cringe a ton either way.

No. 72074

File: 1450071063700.png (621.6 KB, 1310x809, net idol fans.png)

>the things these girls do for fans
What wouldn't you do for fans like these?

(Please pardon my shitty collaging skills)

No. 72957

this is gold

No. 73036

what in the fresh hell is going on with the choreography for this holy shit

No. 73442

Flusay Girls' Christmas album, Carols in Cyberspace, comes out on the 20th.

Also, while googling FG, I found a forum that's been inactive since 2010 (http://flusaygirls.proboards.com/) and Flugel's CafePress (http://www.cafepress.co.uk/profile/25502485) where you can purchase mugs, shirts and other shit with photos of your favorite unemployed mom aidoru or the logo of the failing idol group she manages on them.

No. 73448

File: 1450402636054.png (35.46 KB, 155x155, 101623969_155x155.png)

She actually looks good here. I think this sort of look suits her way more than the Kawaii Desuuuuu image she seems to go for

No. 73476

No. 73485

It's Busuzawa,what did you expect

No. 73487


No. 73520

File: 1450421723046.jpg (31.15 KB, 460x460, pinup_princess_mug_mugs.jpg)

>pinup princess
this is probably her daughter's toy wand she's posing with
does she really think anyone would want to buy this? when is she going to quit this idol shit and get a fucking job?

No. 73677

For your skimming convenience:

>Rina/Ophelia/Beth - UFO by Pink Lady

0:16 - 2:00


2:06 - 3:40

>Gifts for the audience

4:34 - 7:56
(7:18 - net idols' target demographic)

>Ophelia - Don't know what song she's dancing to

8:48 - abruptly stops at 10:03 because she kept fucking up and forgot the entire dance

>Rina - Burenai ai de by Mitchie M

11:40 - 15:06

>Ophelia/Ellen/Renee - Kibouteki Refrain by AKB48

16:19 - 19:04

>Beth/Ellen/Rina - Hashire! Penguin by AKB48

20:35 - 23:13
(22:18 - Ellen's glasses fly off at 22:18)

No. 73680

What the hell? The video wasn't private when I was typing this up

No. 73687

still no makeup or styling to be seen

No. 73689

oh look japan has fail idol wannabes too

No. 73729

So its true, there is a thread that mentioned Alice and quite a few times. I have known her for a fair while and I've got to be honest with you all. But what has been mentioned so far is true. I also have heard that people saw her and Beth (former member of The Wish Sisters and now in Furi Furi) stealing things from different vendors at Hyper Japan a little over a year ago. From what I heard it was also minor petty things that weren't even worth taking.

No. 73814

they're all cute except the fat one though

No. 73815

unfortunate for her, it only makes her stand out more

No. 73816

how do i preorder this masterpiece?

No. 73818

holy shit that 90s edit
what the fuck is this ??i can't even…..

No. 73819

these girls are pretty good imo

No. 73820

No. 73822

oh no, not this song again. is this the weaboo national anthem or something?

No. 73949

File: 1450594599492.png (603.35 KB, 804x599, wat.png)

No. 73950

This is sooooooo boring

No. 73951

Nope.THIS is the weeaboo national anthem

No. 73952

File: 1450594924151.jpg (29.4 KB, 600x669, 548.jpg)

Those ugly ass outfits.

No. 73953

Here,have some cringe.

No. 73956

No. 73957

Her forehead is terrifying

No. 73980

those special effects.

No. 74021

Maybe it's because I'm an oldfag, but I find this endearing. Some stupid middle/high school kid dancing around like a spaz. Looks like she's having fun.

No. 74022

File: 1450638384921.jpeg (147.28 KB, 720x1080, image.jpeg)

does keeki hime still belong here? Former idol wannabe, she is now crossing into gravure territory, probably trying to get back to japan

No. 74039

No need to pre-order, it's already out!

For just $14.50, you can buy yourself (or gift to a friend) this album of 6 classic Christmastime songs as sung by a group of autotuned tone-deaf teenagers and their unemployed manager/producer!

(I find it weird that the instrumentals sound really good… Too good for Nanami to have made herself. I think she just took midi versions of the songs and replaced the instruments.)

No. 74163

One of those Brit idol weebs managed to make it to Akiba and she's making a right ass of herself. Someone with premium should timeshift and record, because it is amazingly awful. She is coming off like a total bitch, someone should tell her that tsunderes don't work irl.


No. 74168

>she is now crossing into gravure territory

No. 74169

Do you not see the photoshoots

No. 74190

nope. please tell me more!

No. 74197

she's from a maid cafe here, her character is the tsundere type, so when they branched out into performing she kept that persona

No. 74198

No. 74205

You sound like you just want to insult someone
not cool man

No. 74206

Welcome to lolcow.

No. 74222

Ellen's graduating from Furi Furi to focus on getting into university next year.

Now all that's left is Beth, Rina, Ophelia and Renee, unless they're going to try to add new members or something.

No. 74246

thats pretty responsible of her, most of these weebs try to make a career out of being a net idol

No. 74374

Yeah, but as previously mentioned her shitty tsundere chara comes off like a hostile bitch. Someone really oughta tell her that 2D tsundere only works on 2D.
Especially if you are foreign, her resting bitch face + can't speak a word of Japanese combo is really unfortunate, I feel sorry for the wota in the audience who have to deal with an angry sounding whitey, so uncomfortable it was palpable even over the broadcast.

No. 74377

such unfortunate news! this is so sad!!! we'll miss you Ellen (whoever you were)

No. 74378

She looks so constipated

No. 74512

i lol'd

No. 74554

Not aidoru but cringey weeb

No. 74556

No. 74580

>Black girls can't be cute
Girl, you're not helping

No. 74583

The video's been re-uploaded and they cut out the end of Ophelia's solo where she forgets the dance and stands around looking helpless. (8:48 - 9:20)

No. 74606

File: 1450846473591.jpg (36.58 KB, 428x317, Desu.jpg)

Why do weebs like to give themselves Japanese names? It's just embarrassing.

No. 74784

the look on the girl on the lefts face when the middle girls glasses fly off at 21:35

No. 74789

One of the main rules of performing is to never let the audience k ow you make a mistake.
Yeah the flying glasses were pretty obviously not meant to happen, but at least she carries on and doesn't stop dancing.

Right at the start of the video one girl messes up and makes it really obvious she fucked up. If she had just kept posing and carried on nobody would have noticed

If Furi Furi want to make it as Aidoru they really need to work on hiding mistakes
They should watch this video and learn from it


No. 74831

>they really need to work on hiding mistakes

How about just learn it properly and do some decent rehearsal.

No. 74963

Well that mainly. But even if you rehearse over and over for months, there is still a chance of something going wrong. Which is why performers learn to hide mistakes and ad lib to cover any slip ups.

Which is why I said they need to learn how to hide mistakes

No. 74998

potato faced kota clone never fails to amuse

No. 74999


the nose

No. 75060


Why does everyone into j-fashion try to emulate Dakota? Shouldn't Dakota be the finest example on how to not get famous? Lying, heavy photoshopping, more lying, a stale persona, weak youtube videos, and the list goes on. A lot of people forget the early history of them with Kiki and how much of a hell they had to go through.

No. 75063

I do agree with "black girls can be kawaii" idea but this video is cringy af…..

No. 75064

Most of the kawaii black girls are painfully weebs

No. 75065

First of all…Why would she dance with glasses?That's stupid

No. 75141


The thing with "kawaii black girls" is that none of them have their own style. All weebs rely on is the shit taobao spews at them.

No one has a gimmick or just blogs normally without overdoing it with KPOP, tonymoly make up or sailor moon tights.

Especially black weebs, the girls all wear cheap plastic wigs or bad weave. Make up is terrible and just… yeah.

No. 75142


Miles Jai is slowly turning into the ultimate weeb.

He's alright but sometimes it's a bit…

No. 75143


I like Crystal (TLI) I think she's a down to earth girl. But again, make up is bad and nothing is original.

No. 75146

This is why I can't take the blacks who try kawaii seriously.

This one looks like a drag queen and she's over on PULL slaying other weebs down

No. 75147

"My Japanese boyfriend"

Another asian trophy boyfriendo

No. 75148

fucking gross.

No. 75150

That's not her boyfriend… The guy is just another Youtuber named Mahoto.
The title of the video is a joke.

No. 75151

Not her boyfriend. She has a husband and i think he's half japanese

No. 75157

Weeby makeup artists and vloggers are not really wannabe idols

No. 75163


Still gross as fuck though, the lot of them.

No. 75224

What was that!??!

The voice… The dance… the umm random acting with tinsel and in what looks like too small lolita bloomers.

No. 75251

Okay but what style do "kawaii white girls" have?????
As if white weebs are doing the exact same thing?

No. 75257

Black weebs are almost always "ita" in fashion. Not because they're black but because horrible makeup and hair. Most of them are fat as fux and look horrible and watch Naruto and Sailor Moon and all that bullshit. Crystal is ugly and Glee looks like a drag king. Kimmy is a perfect example of how a fat bitched big nose bad wigged black girl can still be popular with "kawaii" black people. They all have no idea what they're doing.

No. 75258

Peachibunni, Lea, and Amina are the only decent looking black weeb girls. The rest remind you of bad weebs from 2007 cons.

No. 75275

If Venus and Abipop somehow fused together…

No. 75295

File: 1451147330601.png (10.11 KB, 685x140, amina-blog.png)

Apropos Amina, she blogged about her life and mentioned being frustrated at certain aspiring idols.
I wonder who she's talking about. There aren't a lot of foreign idol wannabes who performed at the same venue as her. Himezawa (lel), Ruki from Spain, YurikoTiger? Or that one girl from Taiwan?

No. 75296

do you not know what 踊り手 is anon

No. 75405

I think she's talking about hayrii (akiba koala)

No. 75409

File: 1451183654911.jpg (491.96 KB, 1920x1609, 15-12-27-03-31-29-732_deco.jpg)

About what is talking Amina?
She lost someone or something ??

No. 75431

man, beckii's body was actually pretty great.

No. 75432

God I want to assault her hair with dry shampoo and take those awful pigtails out. Dog is pretty cute though.

No. 75434

This is…. oh…. I feel so bad about this. She's going to regret this. In five years when prospective employers google her name, this shit is what they're going to see.

No. 75435

isn't she over 30 or smth?

No. 75436

all white aidorus are cringey but at least this girl is good at dancing, camerawork etc.

good lord

No. 75437

oh the cringe
wtf is wrong with her mouth?
reminds me or Rocky lmao

No. 75491

Aminyan is a two-faced bitch who thinks shes superior to other aidorus and made a status shitting on others which is not idol-like at all.
Idols arent supposed to voice their opinions, especially if theyre negative.
She hasnt accomplished anything either. Shes a nobody.
All wannabe aidorus are shit

No. 75493

Akira helped this girl before by updating her amiblo and shit. she wanted to be an aidoru and she was cute in her older vids. Shes one of the gaijin aidoru akira helps

No. 75494


It's true, none of them are actually cute. Amina I can understand has a cute appeal. Shame she's getting bitter but her looks are appealing. She has a naturally cute face and doesn't over do it.

Another naturally cute black girl who is into the korean culture is Barbara Kim.

Only her and Amina are the pretty ones. They're both dark skin (nothing wrong with it because usually it's the light skinned ones who get the most appeal) and they're both simple. They both wear weave but the pair of them aren't as forward as other black weebs. They're just subtle in terms of looks.


It isn't hard to guess anon

No. 75495

File: 1451233890939.jpg (97.77 KB, 540x810, il_570xN.572003844_p379.jpg)

No. 75496

File: 1451233966343.jpg (58.96 KB, 500x666, il_570xN.572003844_p379.jpg)

No. 75497


One's into Japanese and the other is into Korean.

The pair of them are probably the most popular who are black within the Black korean or Black jap fashion communities over on tumblr.


Other blacks girls give them the upper hand before they're cuter whereas the majority either over do it or just are not cute.

No. 75498

Ami is going to make a post about how racist you are on Facebook and Twitter now lmao.

It's sad that Amina is a bitch in rl. To me she used to be cool, but nope. I hated how she just had to shit on the girl who won Miss ID because she couldn't speak Japanese. It doesn't surprise me that she used to be friends with Himeka, Micky, and Bibi. She's just like them, but she learned to hide her bitchiness. But when she got popular you see how she really is.

She's really cute lol

No. 75500


I know what you mean anon and it is a shame. But then again it's like Dakota, Taylor and probably the Jvlogger girls like Sharla and Rachel. They're probably all still and are bitches themselves. Some people are just better at hiding it, Ami is not doing herself any favours and is confirming the "all black wimmin r rachet" stereotype. Thing is a lot of black girls who follow her will agree, they'll bring up the race card "always di white wimmin" and people just get bored, roll their eyes at Ami and tell her to fuck off.

Ami needs to learn to shut up. Can it. Look at Dakota, I bet she has wanted to cry and groan about SO many things. But she doesn't, she keeps her trap SHUT and she learned that she hard way by having that racist video lurking around the internet and being a gobby cunt.

Ami needs to learn to do the same before losing everything. She can still change, there is time. She can just enter competitions and stuff again though! Jesus christ, try try again.

No. 75501

>wearing a randoseru
what is this ageplay shit?

No. 75502

File: 1451234461354.jpg (48.64 KB, 403x403, il_570xN.572003844_p379.jpg)


Tbh there is so many cute mixed and black girls who are naturally "kawaii" but they're just not in the community.


No. 75503

File: 1451234610805.jpg (53.76 KB, 500x667, il_570xN.572003844_p379.jpg)


but instead it's filled with these ugly bastards

No. 75505


I know Ami isn't like them though. For a second anon, it didn't cross me that cunt Micky could be lurking on here.

I don't think Ami is close to being the fat black ghetto asshole like the rest of those black weebs. But I think she needs to tone it down if she wants to keep her audience sweet and happy. She needs to learn to ignore and just accept things that happen.

If she is referring to Himezawa in that FB post then Ami should not worry. She knows and WE know she is working hard, all by herself and we're happy for her. Himezawa will NOT get anywhere, people don't know her nor like her or her look. She's a nobody. At least Ami has people who look up to her and admire her.

Himezawa has squat.

No. 75506

What ratchet stereotype is she confirming? If anything I don't think she's a bitch, but it makes sense to be angry about someone winning a personality contest when they can't even speak the language.

You sound like one of those girls who got mad at her because she talked about how ridiculous safe spaces are. The only reason a lot of you are anti-Amina now is because she spoke out about how stupid SJWs are. If anything she would be two faced if she never showed her true self.

No. 75508


Anon, read here pls > >>75505

No. 75509


All I am saying is that she just needs to learn to ignore it. You know and I know that Himezawa and girls like her, they will not get far.

Taylor R has daddy money too but at least she knows some Japanese, is learning it and has done professional modelling/tv work before.

Himezawa is a fresh page who expects shit handed to her.

No. 75510

Micky, you couldn't make it anymore obvious that this is you.

Oh hey Himeka, I guess you found time in-between sucking dick in parking lots to talk about your favorite subject.

>Ami is not doing herself any favours and is confirming the "all black wimmin r rachet" stereotype

No Micky, girls like you, Himeka, Bibi, and Barbie uphold the stereotype.

Micky said something similar in Barbie's thread on PULL.

No. 75511


The fuck? I'm not even Micky you idiot.

This thread is slowly turning into cancer.

Can I just ask what is wrong with people on this website, when they don't agree with something people suddenly assume you're one of the snowflakes or cows?

Lol you're probably Micky.

No. 75512

Not this anon, but I don't think Amina is talking about Himezawa alone. If you look at her status it applies to Himezawa, Abipop, Hayrii and those two M.o.E bitches who tried being tsundere and everyone else. Whenever they come to Japan they all perform at the same venue that Amina is a regular at because they're too lazy to research ones for themselves. Himezawa doesn't know shit about Japanese and is so desperate for fame, Abipop is like Himezawa and Talli on crack(desperate for attention), hayrii is super two faced and used to be DwarfChan and is a really annoying weeb and that goes for M.OE and the rest. It would make sense she would want shitty weebs to stop working at her venue because it depreciates the value of gaijins in general.

No. 75513

And by the way, not saying you're Micky. I've seen a lot of homely fat weeb bitches pick fights with Amina on Facebook and you're no doubt one of them.

No. 75514

Not everyone is flat-chested lol

No. 75516

I thiNk thick thighs are hot

No. 75518

Youre a dumbass
Im only >>75491 But in the himezawa thread i think, people were already shitting on aminyan's bitter personality. nobody is himeka nor micky. stop being such a white knight defending your pure aidoru.
I dont agree ami is ratchet but all aidotu are shit.
Becky, himeka, bibi, micky, himezawa, aminyan, etc.

No. 75519

Also, none of them will go far.
Idols cant talk negatively.
Idols arent supposed to voice their opinions.
Be realistic, why have some weird gaijin aidoru when there are thousand of japanese girls who dont need visa, already want to be idols? Lmao

No. 75520

Anime and idol culture attracts ugly people.

No. 75523

I'm >>75498 I'm not Micky lol, I actually still like Amina I do not dislike her, but the attitude needs to go. And please at least call me Bibi, Micky's gross lmao and we don't have the same typing style. I wonder why anons on here say someone is (insert snowflake/cow) just because you disagree with them about something.

No. 75524


Lol you're right anon

No. 75525



No. 75526


Well done for assuming things you don't know anon. Want a pat on the back? Fucking get over yourself and grow up.

No. 75528

At least they didn't call you Micky.

No. 75530

You sound like that girl who got mad at Amina for voicing her opinion. Amina isn't Japanese. I saw her on Twitter talking shit about her old agency and it got a ton of retweets by Japanese people. She's obviously not trying to be a kawaii imouto pedo panderer so I don't see why showing her opinion is that bad. She does sound bitter but at the end of the day her status got 300 likes so more people agree with her than not.

No. 75531

>idols are shit

I would much rather someone voice their opinion every now and then than have a bunch of Abipop clones who pretend to be kawaii fuck dolls with no opinions.

No. 75533

Stop confusing me, lol. At the same time I kinda agree, she isn't Japanese. She's trying to be an idol there so she kinda has to follow the rules too. Would Ami ruin it by voicing her opinion though? What happens when idols fuck up by doing that?

No. 75536

Tbh, I think she needs a private, password protected, and hidden page with a very small, selected audience.

The thing is, while her opinion may have a lot of likes and approval, idols need to keep quiet and make their fans happy. Ranting online may be an praised thing in the Western scene(looking at Amandla and Zendaya here), but seems to be totally opposite in the east.

Plus, she's making herself seem salty a'f. Chick needs to cool it down, cause complaining ain't kawaii.

No. 75540

This. If she makes one, she should only let close friends/family follow it. I wouldn't trust some crazy ass fan on my personal account.

No. 75543

If it's praised by her Western fans I don't see her in Japanese saying the same shit so I don't think her Japanese fans would mind much.

No. 75550

>idols arent supposed to voice their opinions, especially if theyre negative
who cares?she's not a real idol anyway

No. 75551

How isn't she a real idol? I'm not trying to argue I just want to hear what other anon's opinions are. I think she's somewhat an idol, not the most popular one but she's still one sort of.

No. 75552

Sorry to seem like a white knight but what she said was pretty much true and if someone on lolcow had wrote it anonymously everyone would I agree. I smell a little vendetta here

No. 75553

File: 1451242502898.jpg (51.99 KB, 400x600, tumblr_nygwa3m6io1t0ij5do1_400…)

she looks gross

No. 75554

File: 1451242555740.jpg (11.73 KB, 236x265, b4cad7fb1d9c1e0611fc7def34ac81…)

No. 75555

GTFO racist Jrcock

No. 75557

Try harder.

No. 75558

File: 1451242827152.png (1.43 MB, 805x929, 1451046671798.png)

jfc,Busuzawa isn't even aidoru-material.

No. 75559

This thread is cancer…..

No. 75560

This so much. It seems like the Anon that originally posted the screenshot in Himezawa's thread had an vendetta. Wouldn't be surprised if it was Himeka or Micky.

No. 75561

File: 1451242978192.png (747.41 KB, 589x583, tf.png)

>naturally cute black girl
Nice try Barbara

No. 75562

Paranoid much?

No. 75564

File: 1451243061048.gif (704.11 KB, 399x299, popcorn-blank.gif)

This thread is a fucking goldmine

No. 75565


She pulls off the black ulzzang look better than the majority of black ulzzangs tbh lmfao

No. 75566


This thread is like trying to polish a turd

No. 75568

No not really. They are the only two I can think of that care enough about her to check her website/SM.

No. 75569

File: 1451243390386.jpg (49.23 KB, 500x375, il_570xN.572003844_p379.jpg)


you're everyday black ulzzang

No. 75570

File: 1451243438210.jpg (104.78 KB, 500x667, il_570xN.572003844_p379 - Copy…)


why do they try to copy the koreabrows? it doesn't even suit the koreans

No. 75571

File: 1451243528156.jpg (79.06 KB, 500x667, il_570xN.572003844_p379.jpg)


Black "Ulzzang"

No. 75572

File: 1451243647756.jpg (786.99 KB, 600x800, 3addb76bb1be57cb9ade542bc30dcf…)


Idk why Glee tags herself as "ulzzang" tho she looks like a man in drag

No. 75573

File: 1451243714298.jpg (16.08 KB, 236x354, 3addb76bb1be57cb9ade542bc30dcf…)


ulzzang guys

No. 75575

Are you going through the blackulzzang girl blog? If you are you're pretty damn deep in it, like 23 pages in. I searched one of the pictures and that's the result I got. Sure, some of these girls are ugly, but they aren't wannabe aidoru. Go make a thread on /b/ about ugly ulzzangs.

No. 75580

No I'm pretty sure it was a vendetta post try harder lol

No. 75581

Try harder

No. 75584

Pretty sure this thread is about wannabe idols not wannabe black uzzlangs.

No. 75585


Actually, I will. I think Lolcow needs an the uglies of certain subcultures submitted on here for a laugh

No. 75586

Try harder what? Literally what the hell are you even talking about at this point?

No. 75590

Good lord… she is yukapon 3.0, downsey face edition.

I just watched her other vids and she is shameless in terms of wardrobe. Barf.

No. 75606

(just picked some random posts) there is an Amina thread, please use it >>55562

etc this thread is for aidoru/kawaii loli wannabe types. Feel free to make a wannabe ulzzang thread if you have any real content and stop derailing. (as >>75584 said)

No. 75643

File: 1451259714998.png (198.56 KB, 483x509, what.png)

But hasn't Ellen started a new group with Alice and a few others? Focusing on education is bullshit kek. Another wannabee kawaii aidoru group that will amount to nothing and have more drama for us to laugh about.

No. 75661

What is even the appeal of being an idol?
I can forgive weeby teenagers who think it would be fun to go to Japan to sing and dance in a frilly dress- it's dumb, but pretty much harmless.

But what about these grown ass women, some of whom have even dedicated years to their delusion? And the majority of them are not only talentless, but bitchy and hostile towards other idol wannabes. Why do they aspire to appease an audience like >>72074 ? I don't get it

No. 75663

I think for most of them they believe if they are cute enough they can become famous. Possibly AKB level of fame and popularity. They don't seem to realise that won't happen.

For others it may be a chance to pretend they can make it big to escape the reality of the fact they haven't done anything worthwhile with their lives.

I am friends with a few dancers. Beckii is trying hard to stay relevant on the Internet, Ichigochu has vanished off the internet (I hope she comes back without the weeb side to her)
Kittirain is now twenty seven and has done nothing with her life
Abi pop seems to just be mooching as much fame as she can from Kelsey.

In fact Kelsey is the only one who seems to be working hard at getting an Aidoru career

No. 75666

That poor guy in the orange coat walks up the stairs about three times.

Wonder how many odd looks she got for dancing like that in a shopping mall

No. 75667

Kelsey isn't an aidoru and she isn't trying to be. try again Kittirain. You're like 40

No. 75686

Oh geezyou got me. I am totally kittirain just because I mentioned her.
Mentioned Ichigochu as well. Does that mean I'm her? Especially as I want her to return to dancing

Not everyone is the person they mention you know. I would love to hear why you think I'm kittirain. Please, go ahead. Let me just grab my popcorn

No. 75710

the fact that she has a child disappoints me

No. 75713

File: 1451279368832.jpg (18.33 KB, 320x320, 11257775_447287942107750_14785…)

I think we all need to take a chill pill.
Kittirain is an arse-licker, not aspiring aidoru

No. 75718

Shes not supposed to show her opinion because shes an idol.
Idols are supposed to be virgin stupid innocent naive little girls who act kawaii and who are always nice.
You cannot talk shit, it ruins your reputation.
Also, are you a friend of aminyan or? Why so much whiteknight?
Inb4 hurr durr micky or himeka
Theres no good gaijin aidoru because theyre all shit and having a gaijin aidoru is expensive and stupid

No. 75719

Shit, i didnt realized the post was kinda old. Im sorry for derailing the thread.
Does she still make videos? I remember her defending abiipop

No. 75721

No. 75722

Kelsey is a weeab that does dancing videos and copy kyary

No. 75723

ditto. imo kelsey is good at dancing but tries too hard

No. 75725

I agree.shes good but i wish she would stop copying kyary.

No. 75727

goddamn. she needs to do something about that hair….and make up…

No. 75728

Is it just me or she looks really sweaty?

No. 75729


No. 75746

She also unprivated some of her other videos. I hope this is her grand return

No. 75762

Hopefully she has grown out of that awful weeb phase

No. 75774

>that rainbow tailand stupid backpack
oh boy……

No. 75809

File: 1451342259368.png (31.96 KB, 827x248, asian love beans.PNG)

>Hopefully she has grown out of that awful weeb phase
That video was uploaded only three weeks ago.
And pic related is how she tagged the video.

She's still as weeby as ever!

No. 75854

Isn't she about 18 now? When will this weebish shit end?

No. 75872

File: 1451354014315.png (254.13 KB, 1024x1410, BO_V2P5CMAA3M5M.png)

But, anon, she isn't 18, she's ~☆~FOREVER 14~☆~

She wrote this in 2012
>I am 17! but forever and ever aged 13! teehee! I will never grow up.
so she's about 20 now.

As for when the weeb shit will end…
>forever and ever aged 13! teehee!
>I will never grow up.

No. 76006

Wonder if she's gotten any better at makeup.

Is there any Aidoru Wannabe decent at makeup?

No. 76008


>That makeup


No. 76090

Nope!She's 22

No. 76258

Speaking of Alice, whatever did happen to that person that was threatening to expose her and ruin her?
We all still want the delivery here.

No. 76270

They took so long collecting their "proof" it became too suspicious and they were called out for it.

Just collecting screenshots didn't take that long so it was suspected they were photoshopping things together.

They claimed they were go on Alice the chance to apologise so it wouldn't be revealed, but Alice was having none of their shit.

No. 76318

If these dancers are the training group Flusay Girls don't have much chance at getting famous in the future.


No. 76321

For lazy anons

No. 76323

I collected my proof a long while ago. Alice is fully aware of the things I have over her that I am still going to use. I'm not going to give in to everything just as quick as it was hoped. I'm being patient with this matter and it will come to Alice worse than it would have in the first place. Alice has had more than enough warnings and chances to the point even if she came asking for one more it would be refused. Once again, I can assure and promise no pictures that will be posted are edited in any sort of way and it is down to you all to believe what you see or not. With that aside I still have some very personal information about Alice that I doubt she would like being posted online for everybody to see. It will all be revealed when the time is right.

No. 76345


No. 76347

So powerful.

No. 76361

You say your biding your time and holding this over Alice… but I am a thousand percent sure she has completely forgotten your existence.

Keeping this going for so long is now just becoming pathetic and childish.
Pathetic as we are fed up of hearing about this so called proof and seeing nothing.
Childish because seriously, who holds a grudge this long? Grow up already. Move on

No. 76441

whats this about?

No. 76453

literally fucking nothing please ignore

No. 76728


No. 77067

https://youtu.be/Suc2Mg128fY … her japanese pronunciation…

No. 77069

File: 1451755469255.png (552.01 KB, 940x508, hoshiko2015nouveau.png)

No. 77188

Well this is gonna be good.

Shall we take bets now?

How weebish?
How well can they sing together?
How well do they dance together?
How professional do they look?

Place your bets people!

No. 77574

dis gun b gud

No. 77575

She's creepy!!

No. 77632

No. 77636

This is fake, right?

No. 77668

nooooooooooooooooooooooooo someone get her to stop, idols=/=animu characters gah

No. 77674

She should become an anime voice actress.

No. 77675

dem graphics
lol she could be a voice actress if she wanted though

No. 77680

File: 1451927736527.gif (3.56 MB, 854x463, e74.gif)

No. 77756

What the fuck.

No. 77792

Wasn't she a member of Platinum Happy? Guess she graduated so she could start her own group.

No. 77802

a BOY wannabe aidoru?

i like it.

No. 77809

The male version of Himezawa.

No. 77810

His dancing needs work, and he needs to stop relying on an off camera screen for the next moves.

It also looks as though he films all his dances at night when his parents have gone out for a bit.

With practice, and a better location / filming time he could be pretty decent

No. 77875

He does singing covers aswell…

No. 77906

File: 1452008969630.gif (1.5 MB, 320x180, Xhqqh1.gif)

No. 77914

you can hear somebody moving dishes around in the background (his mom, I'm sure)…
the cringe factor is fucking real goddamn

No. 77949

After browsing his channel for a while it seems he wears his underwear in this videos. It's stated in the description. Where's this boys mom at?

No. 77958

File: 1452021612520.png (13.03 KB, 618x179, lffg.png)

Alright, I'm disturbed. How old is this boy? Is he purposely catering to pedos? Because what the actual fuck.

Picture related.. this is the top and only comment on that video.

>I wish I was 30 years younger…….


No. 77975

Checked out his other social media stuff. His twitter has 94 in his name… which if it was his year of birth, that makes him around 21.

Also… his Instagram is hilarious. Shots of his hairy legs tagged as Shoujo Manga Legs.
No Kevin… anime boys don't have hairy legs

No. 77981

his legs:crotch ratio is like Finn the human tier.

No. 77997

Ew, ew, ew. That's so distressing.

No. 78009

I can't stop laughing at the accuracy of this post holy shit

No. 78151

this is my favorite video of him.

No. 78156


I think this may quite possibly be the best thing I've ever seen in my entire life

No. 78252


Is something wrong with his back/spine, he's stiff as fuck.

No. 78361

File: 1452130657493.jpeg (285.44 KB, 1242x1116, image.jpeg)

At first I thought aminyan was just going to enjoy this idol stuff and have fun now she's getting just as sassy as the other wanna be idols

No. 78363

File: 1452131525490.jpeg (157.39 KB, 1242x809, image.jpeg)

No. 78366

She could be getting sick of the whole idol thing or maybe just the persona that goes with it. I mean I like Amina, so I'm probably biased when it comes to anything dealing with her (and other people).

No. 78370

Most people living in Japan end up hating it.

No. 78371

>Rimma Machhour
It's never a good sign when Kiki's cyber stalker takes an interest in you.

No. 78382

There is an Aminyan thread.

No. 78387

Well what aminyan is true? I think everybody knows this. I didn't see her attack any other idols in that post.

No. 78423

I don't see this as sassy?most gaijin aidoru act kawaii all the time.amina is reminding me of Keekihime now though.both tell the asshole truth nobody wants to admit.

No. 78426

That attitude will be her down fall just like with keekihime. They take themselves too seriously.

No. 78550

No. 78551

No. 78610

File: 1452206245032.png (101.36 KB, 768x1024, hoshiko.png)

>Let me be your star!
No thanks

No. 78614

The last member of the trio.

>dat Naruto poster in the background

No. 78615

I seriously can't wait until they start dancing. I really want to see them together

No. 78616

You need a boyfriend.

No. 78618

File: 1452209801917.jpeg (41.53 KB, 320x320, image.jpeg)

Sheawase is a 4 member group consisting of 4 people.
Here their website you can read about their members and other talent here: http://sheawase.net/talent/

No. 78619

Sheawase is a 4 member group consisting of 4 people.

Feeling clever?

No. 78622

>>78619 Wow I didn't even notice I said that, kek.
I SMERT I SWYEAR!!!! (I'm being sarcastic.)

No. 78623

isn't that the live action miku girl when did she turn into miley cyrus

No. 78625

Yep, that's her. She goes by gakurankun on Instagram, she's 17 now, is a cosplayer and singer.
Here's her NOT in cosplay.

No. 78627

File: 1452212655187.jpeg (78.45 KB, 680x349, image.jpeg)

No. 78633

No. 78641



>Here's an idol group. Check out their website.

>Isn't that the girl from this video made 7+ years ago woah she looks like Miley Cyrus now
>Yes she's a cosplayer and a singer here's her instagram

No. 78647

Nope, you're wrong. The girl I'm talking about has been doing aidoru stuff.I don't know what the other members do, but I can look that up for you. She's just another aidoru/singer/cosplayer.

No. 78813

File: 1452270576572.png (456.65 KB, 881x655, anna.png)

dunno if shes been posted but shes kind of lulzy


No. 79090

In what way is she lulzy?

She is just another peroxide blond dancer. Nothing special

No. 79267

this girl used to be a member of that god awful group Sakura Station before they deleted all their content

she's 25 years old

No. 79328

I don't think age is a big thing for kpop. The dances look more mature for kpop songs as there isn't as many cutesy movements.

Those who dance jpop though need to realise that once they hit a certain age it is time to stop with the cutesy movements and the trying to be Kawaii animuuuuu aidoruuuuu

As for this dancer… she should find somewhere tidier and with more space to dance. That doorframe really doesn't help flatter her figure

No. 79330

>Sakura Station deleted all of their content

Oh wow, they were a thing about 4 or 3 years ago right? They were like a sister group (same "company") to KRP48(28?).. Is KRP still a thing though?

I remember I had an odd fascination with them, and I wanted to see them to do better….Because they were pretty cute in my book, and the only had some areas to fix.
Especially after the Miyu(??) drama on PULL.

No. 79341

Yeah, KRP28 is still around though they're now known as Kira Kira! Project or Crystal Rose or something?

They made previews for songs they'll be releasing over the upcoming months

No. 79475

she looks like these two allya nd sally twins omg

No. 79476

It's funny because she's fat.

No. 79520

well this belongs here i think

No. 79542

Fat girl ina tutu looks fucking comical.

No. 79720

How the hell did you find this group?

How do any of you manage to find such train wrecks? Is there some special code word you have to search for or some shit? These videos are fucking gold

No. 79727


was wondering when someone would mention this cluster of snowflakes

No. 80057

How are they snowfakes? Are any particular members really snowflakes?
I don't know much about oshii.

No. 80059

File: 1452646222891.png (26.31 KB, 768x1024, image.png)

I have a feeling that oishiipro found that they were mentioned in the thread and secured the website, bc it was normal about 5 days ago.

No. 80196

File: 1452658794899.png (20.22 KB, 434x240, oishii..PNG)

I visited their site yesterday and it was fine.

Maybe a member is lurking? or maybe just a coincidence since they've been inactive for so long (2 years, I think?) they had to remove the site eventually (or temporarily lock it so they can renovate their site for a revival of the group idk)

No. 80372


definitely lurking. after that screenshot, their bandcamp is now down with the main website.

No. 80494

What actually happened with Oishii? Did they just fade away?

Last I heard they had just released their first single or album or something.

Were they not as successful as originally hoped so they abandoned the project?

No. 80495


that or they just don't have time for it. none of these groups last anyway.

No. 80673

They just faded away. Beckii, who was one of the managers or something doesn't reply to questions about Oishii and never acknowledge their lack of activity.

No. 80675

They were all trainwrecks, especially the leader of it all, Dansa. There was a lot of drama surrounding her old blog dansanohimitsu especially when Jrcach started messaging her accusing the girl who helped her run the blog of being maxine

No. 80809

Ex member here. Our management fucked off and abandoned us and a bunch of the younger girls quit because they were going into a-levels or whatever and didnt have time, so the rest of us gave up.

No. 80827


Amina should just keep doing her idol thing and see where it leads her. Don't make the same mistake as the other lulzies, just keep focusing on yourself.

No. 80828


twink material

he'd do better than girls tbh

he'd have pervy business sarrari men flocking to him

No. 80939

except keekihime is a fucking lolcow and cringe-worthy and ami is meh

No. 80940

also, aidorus ARE supposed to act kawaii.
if you think idols can say the "asshole truth" then you're wrong. or else you truly dont know shit about aidoru and the creepy aidoru culture man

No. 80945

I really think the reason she's ranting so much lately is because she didn't win Miss ID. By the way, who was the girl who won?

No. 80992

Amina won the second place but first place was about 8 girls and a few were already famous. One of them is from Singapore and doesn't speak Japanese though. She's ranting about weebs in Japan. If she was mad about miss id she would talk about white girls. Even if it is "not kawaii" look at her tweets. Every time she says the truth she gets 30+ retweets.

No. 80993

Some of the girls are still active tho… Jenny, Chii, Mei and Michi are in 4te… Sneko as a group called 2une with a asian girl who don't know what she's doing half the time, Cherry has her cosplay-dance group called PrisM, Vicky is in Ice Qream, Kelsey is really active on her own, almost all UK girls ( kelsey, scarlett, cherry, and another trainee were in a group called MK dance.. there is also another girl ou is a now in Pantsu no Dantsu… I think thats it.

No. 80994

Not every aidoru is kawaii. Look at AKB only a small portion of them act like lolis. The only idols that go fake over the top kawaii uguu are Akiba idols who don't go anywhere.

No. 81127

Amina is just a bit boring..she could do more to draw more audience but whatever. Seems she is slowly giving up.

No. 81185

gtfo himezawa

No. 83100

No. 83292

More of the KAWAII UGGUUUUUUU faces.

God I want to slap every dancer who does them.

Also, bonus slapping points for the use of an alpaca and rilakumma in the background. To me that screams, "Look how japanese I wish I was with these cute things!"
I have nothing against using plushies as a marker when filming… but alpacas, hello kitty and rilakkuma are the three that just scream weeb to me. Use something original!

No. 83324

I literally do not know of any Japanese idol that does that stupid fucking puffer fish face that all these weebs seem to think is cute? Where are they getting the idea that that's cute??!

No. 83402

god no..

No. 83403

No. 83404

File: 1453275075568.png (504.47 KB, 788x427, no.png)

No. 83405

No. 83406

File: 1453275233894.png (947.83 KB, 928x596, insta.png)

Well that explains a lot.

No. 83408

They all look so autistic.

No. 83409


No. 83411

This girl, I like her but what puts me off is she seems hardcore efame hungry. Like anyone who tries to talk to her and doesn't have an extensive social media following is "one of my lovely fans!".

No. 83456


The makeup mostly isn't too bad. But that white… shimmer stuff?

That white stuff near her tearducts just makes her eyes look crusty. Shit needs blending

No. 83480

People actually donated to her? Maybe her boyfriend or parents sent her some money to help.

No. 83496


she's annoying af. she complained about how poor she was while she went to college in england for a semester, but some how she was able to afford Kyary tickets…lmao…

No. 83520

don't forget the haul videos too! filmed shortly after posting about not having money for food!

No. 83572


why do none of these girls have any idea how to dress themselves? this is what a 7 year old would pick out to wear.

No. 83630

Ahhh, this chick…she's something. And she has gone through multiple phases. She used to want to be a suicide girl and swore she would only wear black for life.

No. 83644

She kinda looks like Macklemore

No. 84319

>I would really want to act in Japan which would be so amazing!
lol don't get your hopes up

No. 84399

Dat ghetto ass gum chewing lmao

No. 84400


No. 84470

Reminds me of Himezawa kek

No. 84471

totari kawaii desu neeee!!!

No. 84472

File: 1453481874765.png (228.8 KB, 521x262, ramune.png)

She didn't even open the bottle.

No. 84473

No. 84480

No. 84481


>Patriot high school's anime club preforming Maji LOVE 1000% from Uta no Prince-sama at our first anual talent show

oh no…

No. 84516

i've never seen japanese people be mean like this, as if they were human…this is GREAT!

No. 84523

anon, this gave me aids

No. 84551

sabrina should've been in one of those cringe compilation vids long time ago

No. 84552

Made my fucking day.

No. 84581

ufufu…. a complete OTAKU!

No. 84642

does any body else know about alice holmans (alicenyannya) other youtube accounts? she has loads.

No. 84648

is this the stalker from earlier on the thread again? no one cares

No. 84804

the complete lack of effort in this video actually provokes me. shit makeup, trashy attitude, fake put-on voice, and fucking chewing gum with her mouth open. yeah, japan would be crazy not to sign her up.

No. 84876

Them acting skills! So kawaii desuuuuu neeeeeee!!!

She could at least have pretended to swallow some of the drink if she didn't want to actually open the Damn bottle.

No. 84881

File: 1453565301604.jpeg (147.65 KB, 640x736, image.jpeg)

Apparently crocs are kawaii… I can't with this chick….

No. 84887

File: 1453567851428.jpg (399.66 KB, 540x675, BeautyPlus_20160123104948_save…)

Not trying to defend her anything and I dont really like em but the strawberry and animal paw crocs were popular with gyaru for a while and some other streetfash

No. 84890

but they're fucking crocs tho

No. 84896

File: 1453569014498.jpg (144.62 KB, 800x600, irjQmOZ.jpg)

I have no idea who this is and I personally fucking hate crocs, but…… I adore those and have half the mind to order some right now.

Those are hideous though.

No. 84907

anon I'm so sorry but those are possibly the most autistic shoes I've ever seen

No. 84925

She comes across as so fame hungry. I gave 1 video a shot (the Q&A one with the genderfliud person) and she was bragging about how popular she was numerous times.

No. 84933

She thinks she's a lot more popular than she actually is

No. 84937

This girl is involved in Japanese fashion community but only really associated with other popular bloggers or people famous in the community on social media, the whole time she was in the UK she clung phoenix's side. She seems very self absorbed and very obviously only interested in gaining followers its obvious in her interactions with others and in the community :(

No. 84947

i love how she watermarks her pictures she really thinks she's on that level huh

No. 85189

no its not. im just someone who uses this thread and just found out she has so many more channels and its all cringe. she even has a channel about toys and its like shes an autistic 7 year old who just found their dads camera. alice you should really try picking up a hobby that isnt for braindead kids or try getting a job.

look for yourselves guys, no brakes on the cringe train. https://www.youtube.com/user/JellyMLP

No. 85271

File: 1453673732597.png (328.61 KB, 929x597, Try to smile.png)

She talks about killing herself when her following if probably a group of 7-13 Y/Os.
Why does it seem as if this girl has to make everything so morbid and emotional? Lighten up girl, life isn't all doom and gloom. But on a different note, yes the account is completely cringey.

No. 85301

https://youtu.be/7AeiFZb_HBI well it could have been worse but they need to work a lot more.

No. 85339

The dancing was fine. It could have been improved a little, but all in all it was good.
The singing though. Holy hell my eas hurt. I cringed so hard everytime the one with the spotty shorts sang.
They should have just stuck to dancing! That way the people in front of the camera might have actually applauded at the end.

No. 85430

JFC their singing…

No. 85685

I find them cringeworthy but then i see things like that https://youtu.be/wLWUKfeD1rc and suddenly find them not that bad

No. 85807

How did you even find that video?

It was posted twelve hours ago on a channel that has 22 subscribers.

I smell self post

No. 85891

If that's actually a chick, should probably go fakeboi.

No. 86022

>>85807 well when you know where net aidorus post their sutff you can see everything pretty fast. i post the funnier here.

No. 86044

Okay. Got any more?

No. 86064

not for now… well there this Faith who wanted to go to American's got talent.. but no new cringe group exceptthan Milky Ways that i post earlier and this dream fairies or whatever.. how will keep you updated with everything if you want but it's not always that cringey

No. 86074

Anyone you think has the potential to be cringy. Group or solo. Sometimes I like watching weebs dance, sing or vlog just to play a weird game of Weeb Bingo. It's fun

No. 86163


Nothing new, but i was scrolling down. i don't think platinum happy original song have been posted here. it's not that bad though https://youtu.be/s1PvXVZ4iwg the chorus part are well mixed but the solo are really odd. and the instrumental is not that nice and the "MV"…

No. 86255

These are shoes made of cancer.

No. 86432

https://youtu.be/Jn80TVd6hGI I never heard of those groups but it looks well organized.

No. 86455

Um.. Boohoo?

No. 86954

kek in the video she said how people keep wanting to send her stuff. 20 days later and its proven that nobody cares about her begging and desperation for money.her patreon was not successful and it looks the same for this.

No. 86956

File: 1454030553796.png (370.21 KB, 975x539, forever poor.png)

No. 86963

They're straight-up embarrassing.

No. 87056

Their positioning for the first dance was wonky. They should have had the dude dance in the middle and two girls on either side of him. That way he would actually look like part of the group, rather than some unfortunate weeb who wanted to join in

Holding auditions… Wonder how many weebs will try it?
Anyone fancy taking a guess on which weeb will audition?

No. 87136

why aspiring aidorus always fat :((

No. 87164


>at the gym two girls came in and called me fat, I was so unhappy that I pushed myself really hard

>No one should ever call someone fat

Why not? Sounds like it works pretty well.

No. 87614

lol She wants to set up a PO Box because she doesn't want things getting sent to her actual address or people knowing her personal information, but thinking to all that, what happened to that one stalker guy that was out to expose her on everything?
They completely just vanished. How anti-climatic.

No. 87692

>I'm. Hungry for human souls
>Let's eat. so good.
>Kokeshi doll house
>Let's eat. So good.

Verse 1:
>I'm a kokeshi doll
>I feel like going to a shrine
>Yum human souls
>It's amazing

Verse 2:
>It helps to have a sense of humor
>This is fun
>Help!- no- there's been an accident
>I'm lost
>What am I accused of?
>Yes…eating souls

>japan would be crazy not to sign her up
They certainly would be crazy to pass up on her ~kawaii desuuu~ acting abilities and Google-translated lyrical genius!

No. 87773

how does she come up with this shit…?

No. 88060

a maid cafe trying to do a ~kawaii~ version of watch me whip/nae nae…

No. 88236

Please do not think I have simply gone and left this all without fulfilling what I had initially said. If this thread still wants me to expose her then I shall. Furthermore if it's an address you want or doubt I have, allow me to prove you wrong. Furthermore allow me to just confirm from the rules.
It is within them to post 'Personal information of people aged 18 or older, including names, addresses, and phone numbers.' From what I and everybody else already knows, she is above age 18. Correct?

No. 88238

You know, constantly saying "I have proof!" And then vanishing for ages is fucking annoying. It also just makes it seem as though you're taking forever because you're busy photoshopping this 'proof'

It's gotten to the point where you are almost as lulzy as Alice because you never provide this proof you claim to have.
Nobody cares anymore. Post it if you like. Or just vanish again. Yo u have taken that long to deliver on this empty promise nobody gives a shit about what it is you supposedly have

No. 88240

Even some of the maids look as though they are dying from embarrassment

No. 88468

I had just asked a question. And that was if someone could confirm that rule for me.

No. 88500

File: 1454376393265.png (17.66 KB, 714x172, rules.PNG)

You couldn't have read the rules for your damn self in the 9 hours you took to reply to that, you stupid fuck?


No. 88718

If you see my initial post you would have seen I had copied and pasted that exact sentence you underlined in red.
And in response to >>87614
Her address is
21 Malthouse Way, Cooksbridge, BN7 3PT.
It's rather ignorant with how easy she makes her information found. Word of advice Alice, be more careful.
When I feel to, I shall post the screenshots of her speaking disparagingly about some people's physical appearance and minor disabilities.

No. 88837

No. 88902

Despite how utterly cringe worthy this video is, I don't see the point in it being posted here. This video is four years old, and Sage hasn't posted anything on that channel for three years.

She kind of vanished from the internet when the whole Yukapon drama cropped up.

No. 88939

woah. if thats her actual address then its pretty bad to be her because i think shes started to try streaming on twitch lately. i dont think i even need to explain what could possibly happen.

No. 88941

File: 1454464832231.gif (523.34 KB, 275x204, 1443080737028.gif)

>"hai hai hai hai hai hai hai"

No. 88945

File: 1454465414400.jpg (83.36 KB, 490x737, 305_at-home-cafe_02-490x737.jp…)

Why do American maid cafes always suck at accessorizing their uniforms/maid uniforms in general? They always look so stupid.

No. 88969

Most of these bitches are fat and the outfits are cheap as fuck lmao, tbh this place really doesn't look like a maid cafe, just some normal American restaurant

No. 88982

>That fat bitch in the back with the big white boots and bunny tights stretched to fuck all
Why…why do they hire these ugly, fat women?

No. 88985


No. 88988

File: 1454474462833.gif (459.06 KB, 256x144, 1430279386869.gif)

This is awful, holyshit… Every single one of them is hideous and fat. Those tumblr glasses. That disgusting hair. Those ugly uniforms.
This is why Japan is laughing at us. What a joke.

No. 88990

I feel like this shit is always made up. At the gym people ignore you and focus on their workout. No one is at the gym whispering about fat people since people are usually at the gym to get back into shape, esp after the holiday season. Bitch is lying.

No. 89072

she was saying that she saw the girls who called her fat in the past at the gym, not that they were talking shit about her there. But she's too old to be holding on to high school drama bullshit, she's 21 I believe.

No. 89088


Japan is like croc wonderland tho its actually pretty gross

No. 89200

You're still here? lol

No. 89224

I know this post was from a while ago, but over a year ago now, that guy posted on some of the British comms that he was looking to put together an idol group, so yeah, he selected them, and it's his idol group.

>mfw he's mutual friends with a douchebag I knew at school

But that's another story my friends.

No. 89250

She's really not all that fat..

No. 89306

File: 1454549017734.jpg (102.92 KB, 960x676, 12647435_440494906145517_30130…)

as cute as this artwork is I just cant unsee them holding dildos/vibrators instead of penlights.

No. 89373



It's like a 5th grader's that just learned what chinese cartoon's are. And indeed they look like vibrators.

No. 89431

but this is shit.

No. 90612

just when u thought you couldn't get meatier than Abi desu

No. 90615

That makeup is very kowai

No. 90617

File: 1454947674801.png (235.29 KB, 428x420, Screen Shot 2016-02-08 at 11.0…)

and we are sure this isnt a man?
this is so… so tragic.

No. 90619

send help

No. 90622

ahaha excellent

No. 90629

This literally looks like it could be abipops brother. Woow

No. 90635

File: 1454951613339.jpg (216.64 KB, 898x900, sokawaii.JPG)

What an unfortunate face.

No. 90636

looks like ja'mie king/chris lilley

No. 90642

I thought it was a pt shoop at first

No. 90648

She looks like PT, lol.

No. 90674

gorgeous eye color tho

No. 90689

No. 90690


Don't u hate on her anon, she's a living doll! u hateful salty fuck

No. 90691


omg she looks like a girl i went to school with

No. 90692

>2015 and weebs are still digging this retarded ass dance

No. 90806

Too much posing and too much winking. Seriously, she winked 6 times in a two minute video.

She also repeated the same pose about four times. And that writing was fucking hard to read.

No. 90807

That moment when the random people in the back are better at the dance than the maids

No. 91321

No. 91354

What the fuck was that first dance?

No. 91367


Aren't we done with these? It's the same boring shizz with them im not even surprised

No. 91369

Their performances are so boring. What's the appeal of watching ugly-average women do mediocre dance covers (aside from cringing/laughing at them)?

Little kids can give a better, more engaging performance dancing while singing (and they are absolutely adorable, but the audience of adult men is… off-putting, to say the least)

If you mean the song, it's UFO by Pink Lady (or a remix of it?). If you meant what the fuck was up with their dancing, then I don't know either.

No. 91376

Are you deaf, she is so pitchy, like omg and nasal.

No. 91379

I did mean the dancing. But hey thanks for the song info… now I can go find a decent cover and see what the dance is supposed to look like

No. 91557

File: 1455170061845.jpg (29.54 KB, 524x336, 1453932677126.jpg)

kek why everything they do sucks

No. 91756

What is their manager even trying to accomplish? Why did he recruit this group of unattractive/untalented/uninteresting girls just to do dance covers at anime conventions?

No problem. The dance is originally a duet, and all the covers I can find are duets too.
So maybe Furi modified the choreography to fit a group, and to put more "effort" into the dancing since it's originally meant to be danced while singing? They butchered it regardless; only 25% of Furi Furi is comprised of decent dancers.

No. 91762

File: 1455231965277.gif (19.78 MB, 623x303, UFO.gif)

No. 91772

25% ? Wow that's generous. Who is the 25%?

No. 91788

Probably tarina trying to imply she's the best

No. 91798

File: 1455244090366.gif (9.45 MB, 508x236, fortune cookie.gif)

Haha nope
I was referring to Renee (the black one), but looking back and skimming through the video, I think she only seemed good by comparison with the rest of the group. Oh well, if not a decent dancer, she's probably the best dancer in Furi Furi. But still now I realize my 25% was way too generous lol

No. 91804

Well, looking back on their other performances and her solo's she seems like a capable dancer just maybe more practise is needed?

No. 91811

So I just watched the entire video.

Do they have to talk between each song? It kills the enthusiasm of the audience. It would be better if they did two or three songs and then talked a little.
And no Furi Furi, asking if the audience enjoyed it is not what I mean. They aren't exactly going to say no, and asking if they enjoyed it sounds rather egotistical. As in "you should have enjoyed that because we are entertaining you"

I'm torn on whether I liked the idea of giving the audience gifts. I can't decide if it's a nice gesture… or seems a bit like bribery.

Also, if you want to be seen as Idols. Never. Never. Ever say you're too sleepy when on stage. Holy fuck that is one of the worst things you can say. If you're bad at a dance, tell the audience you have only just learned it and ask them to forgive you for mistakes. Never say it's just because you're bad at dancing and too tired.

During Koisuru Fortune Cookie and Den Den they really need to make sure they go the same way. It looks sloppy.
They also need to sort out a method of playing the songs at the right time so there isn't such a large gap where they stand waiting for it to start.

I liked the whole ribbon thing. That was nice to see, but they should not play around with them when the others are talking. Looks childish and unprofessional.
And Rina… you do not need to bow after every single dance. One bow at the end of the performance will do.

Sorry for the long post, but if they want to be Idols in any way they need work.

No. 91828

>feeling so sorry for people having to watch this fucking crap

No. 91840

White people can't dance the gif

No. 91847

Also, white people are rarely kawaii, the gif.

No. 91876

imo they're cute! the maid outfits look vastly better on them then on the others posted here. some of them are chubby but not in unattractive way. also they're all peppy as maids should be.

No. 91908

Renee is a good dancer. I just think she can't be bothered with Furi Furi from the looks of it. I wouldn't be surprised if she leaves soon considering that Ellen has gone & how she now has her own Kpop & Jpop dance group.

No. 92452

File: 1455390745593.jpg (48.13 KB, 720x720, 1510419_10152777953410558.jpg)

Why does Rina's mum look like she takes an insanely large amount of drugs?
Rina, this is your future kek.

No. 92540

File: 1455398935584.jpg (277.18 KB, 500x667, attack on titan.jpg)

Big giant white girls should stop this, it doesn't work for them like it does for azn girls.

No. 92547

Japan gobbles up tall, white girls as long as they're not fat or exceptionally ugly. Try again.

No. 92559

Idc if Japan comsumes this shit, it looks really stupid when big dorky white girls do it. Just because Japanese people like something doesnt mean it's good.

No. 92569

Well since nobody is really uploading any new idols in the making.

This is Jun.
- https://m.facebook.com/junleoofficial


He's a Chinese/ Italian model and is still inspiring to be an idol but he can't hold a note properly. He had good connections a year ago but when you can't sing I guess that's not enough.

I liked him initially when I saw him in person caused he looked like a cute tomboyish girl at certain angles when I he modeled for a fashion show, sad to find he was a boy and not as cute up close.

No. 92585

he should really just stick to modelling, his music sounds horrible

No. 92596

I forgot to add some interviews that he did but so I don't have to translate anything here's an English fan who interviewed him.


No. 92945

Renee is not perfect but she has potential. The rest of the girls have no hope at all when it comes to dancing it seems. Also they're so fucking stiff what are they even doing with their arms. It looks like they're concentrating so hard on the legs that they forget their arms. They need a real dance coach or something.

No. 93000

You've gotta love poorly done cosplay dances covers for Valentine's day. Added bonus that it's Love Live trash.

Anyone else seen any bad Valentine's covers this year? Or past years?

No. 93010

They're not so bad. I have seen worse Love Live covers.

No. 93019

Does she take heroine for breakfast? Marijuana for lunch and crack cocaine for dinner?
She looks terrible and withered.

No. 93212

Yeah at least they put effort into everything unlike most vids, its not so bad. I hate that is love live tho

No. 93263

Holy shit, their Maki though. She's fat, ugly and can't dance for shit. The other two were at least decent and cute.

No. 93286

That's Cherry. Pretty certain she was in Oishii Project.

She can sing decently, and her dancing isn't that bad


No. 93294

lmao noooo! She was the most decent one, one looked like a sumo wrestler and the other one like a rat

No. 93320

Doesn't really matter who she is to be honest. Her singing is nice but there's no denying she was the slowest out of the group and out of time compared to the other two.

Nah, looking like a 40+ crack addict white woman is worse IMO but whatever.

No. 93349

i've seen worse but the problem with maki is that she's fat

No. 93350

You can see the difference between her trying (video related) and her clearly not caring (furi furi). This is her new group from the looks of it.

No. 93353

Her face is aight, shes fat, she can lose weight, the other ones.. Gonna be a little harder and more expensive to fix that.

No. 93355

Woah the difference is really obvious! I wonder if she'll choose to leave Furi Furi and focus on her new group.

No. 93487

Damn, she is really good! I think it's a combination of her not caring about Furi Furi and perhaps stifling herself so as to not outshine the rest of the group? In that video, her talent is matched by her partner so she doesn't have to hold back.

>I wonder if she'll choose to leave Furi Furi
She really should. I wonder, if the only talented member remaining in the group were to leave, where would that leave Beth, Rina and Ophelia?

And I've just noticed something… Ellen's graduation video from a month ago ( >>74222 ) was deleted from Furi's Youtube, and social media still calls Furi a "5 piece" idol group. When Kuri's graduation was announced, they changed "6 piece" to 5 and removed her portrait from the banners within the same day… What the hell? Did Ellen change her mind about leaving or something?

No. 93528

File: 1455598940108.png (440.41 KB, 625x761, rina you really aren't even tr…)

rina posted this exact fucking picture to her twitter claiming "a friend" sent it to her

No. 93563

I seriously thought the pic on the left was of Beckii while scrolling up.

No. 93564

File: 1455609680471.jpg (43.03 KB, 345x500, tumblr_nieb3xrxyU1rdia0yo1_500…)

can't decide which one's uglier

No. 93565

holy shit they're kicking ass!!didn't expect to see gaijins THAT skilled in this thread