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File: 1624333630586.jpeg (133.53 KB, 750x1092, 04710AD5-A985-4A5C-9CB7-666D35…)

No. 1261804

>28 years old cannot function as an adult.
>has 3 children she has completely abandoned
>dates abusers and chases after her friends sloppy seconds
>scams her clients with bad photoshop
> abuses ketamine
>named her cat "xanny" after Xanax
>leaked poop out of her butt on cam and stuck it back in like nothing happened

Twitter: @sabrina_nellie_
Instagram: @sabrinaanellie(shit thread)

No. 1261949

Constantly getting pregnant having miscarriages due to drinking and drugs, abortions.

No. 1262403

Uploads photos that are several years old & acts as if they are current to keep up her image.

No. 1262464

File: 1624421217869.png (6.06 MB, 1242x2208, 6D73115E-B8A3-44B6-B14C-4000BD…)

Michael Jackson… is that you?!

also I’m pretty sure “Cafe Lu” is a cover up for girls to find escorting clients and then use it as a way to claim that’s where their money is coming from.

No. 1262508

It’s crazy how at one point she was making like 60k a month on mfc and everyone was up her ass on tumblr/Instagram. Don’t do drugs and have five baby daddies, kids!

No. 1262596

I can't unsee Michael Jackson now. Never saw it before haha. Good point it probably is a cover up for sscorting makes sense it would be. I was thinking a brothel.

No. 1262612

She was never making that much kek

No. 1262841

File: 1624481095520.jpeg (95.08 KB, 828x877, A84127D0-487B-4A3C-B5F4-B1EC98…)

I feel like anons talking about her teeth in the last thread really got under her skin! I don’t understand why she wouldn’t just get braces? Full sets of veneers are retarded

No. 1262956

because braces would ruin her appearance. It definitely did. It's someone who knows her so even more so why she did it. probably her sister. Guess botox is next? Bbl? Pumpky 2.0 with surgeries. Veneers you can lose a tooth and they shave your teeth down so much you'll look like a straight up hill billy. Kinda like how pumpkys teeth used to look like. Lose your veener better hope you have money at all times in case it happens otherwise your screwed

No. 1263089

I definitely remember the screenshots she showed of her mfc earnings. She had really good months at her peak

No. 1263117

are her boobs real?

No. 1263151

No they’re implants.(subjectfag)

No. 1263557

she made more than that back in 2013-2015. After that pretty much went down hill. But even before 2013 she made really good money she definitely made a lot when she would try for miss mfc.

No. 1263649

File: 1624585027084.jpg (96.33 KB, 750x750, _0027.jpg)

This photo is… something. Shocking thing is that Brina looks the best here, but that's not saying much.

No. 1263967

Sabrina is proana again jeez when will she just stay healthy?
That mattress gives the whole thing away.
More comfortable for your bones.

No. 1263982

Was she completely cut out of the music video she was “in”?

No. 1264374

Quitting what? Those drinks or something else with the help of those? Idgi

No. 1264597

The drinks most likely help her appetite.
She’s obviously been starving herself recently you can see she’s gone from looking really healthy to bonelord again

No. 1264938

File: 1624737612356.jpeg (230.92 KB, 750x1258, 5C7FDE6B-9CD3-4E37-B3A3-504F97…)

Psych ward socks?

No. 1265202

Did her stories provide any more context?

No. 1265564

I thought the same when I saw the socks, does she think that's cute?

No. 1265644

File: 1624818654657.jpg (364.88 KB, 1080x1900, Screenshot_20210627-142909_Ins…)

Yikes all around

No. 1265669

She kind of looks like what Blaire white thinks he looks like.

No. 1265711

Anyone notice she hasn't really shown her face since getting her veneers?

I wouldn't be surprised if she's not happy with how it changed her face.

No. 1265713

I wondered the same, knowing her she probably never got them. That or unhappy but its likely she hasn't got them.

No. 1265723

No context at all.
She has been 5150 at least twice
So they may be from that or she took them when she broke into her ex Nathaniels house?

No. 1265724

Don’t know anything about getting veneers, but it looked like she was getting a mold. It could be a multi-step process that takes a few weeks so she might not have them yet.

No. 1265831

why do you think those are from a psych ward? is that a popular logo or something?!

No. 1265853

I’ve never been to a psych ward but I have a feeling they wouldn’t let you take your phone in. Those socks are just typical hospital socks.

No. 1265949

I’ve known people who have been admitted under a 5150. No you can’t take your phone in with you but some people bring the socks home. She’s just throwing a weird flex

No. 1266012

Sabrina was also recently hospitalized in a treatment center for her eating disorder. That’s probably where the socks are from

as for veneers… she probably doesn’t have them yet. They probably only took the mold. It can take 2 months for them to be made. And leading up to that is a long process of having to sit there for hours while your teeth are prepared by being shaved down to little stubs and then they put temporary ones on you until the real ones come in. It’s a long process and very expensive usually around $40k on average for your whole mouth. I bet she’s only doing the front ones though.

No. 1266027

File: 1624856882555.png (Spoiler Image, 9.6 MB, 1170x2532, 3F1885BB-1E67-4D0C-A488-8E6B4A…)


No. 1266159

If they're not from her ed treatment they could be from sandra's parents. Anon earlier said they used to run a nursing home and the home listing says that too. Maybe they used these socks and had leftovers?

I do wonder how she will fund these teeth long term when her looks fade (more than they already have). I know there are old prostitutes but that is a lot of money to essentially ruin your real teeth. I've already wondered how she's going to maintain her fake boobs because these days they have to be redone like every 10yrs assuming she doesn't have one burst or have another complication beforehand. Being a parasite doesn't work so well when you're not young and hot anymore.

2012 has a serious death grip on her holy shit

No. 1266227

Those are MFC swag socks.lol

No. 1266237

Noooooo lol seriously? They look like hospital socks. Like I had the same ones when I had my baby. They just had ‘L’ for large rather than ‘M’ for medium. If that is true MFC needs to give some better swag.
It’s more believable that they’re from Sandra’s parents care home lol.

No. 1266259

Ew! She’s wasting away. Skinny with zero muscle tone is not a cute look.

No. 1266433

she never actually was hospitalized for her "eating disorder"

No. 1266468

Stop talking out of your ASS. That was a drug detox clinic she went to before she moved in with her dad for a month or so. She gained weight as a result and focused on that online rather than anything else she was doing.

No. 1266470

For someone supposedly so image-conscious I'm surprised she posted this with her feet on the trash-covered ground next to old cigarette butts

No. 1266472

She LOVES IT. She's openly anorexic and not even scary skinny yet. Average skinny that sucks in a lot to show ribs. Let's just watch and see if she fully wastes away on those stupid freeze frozen vegan meals they keep taking pictures of.

No. 1266477

What's funny to me is they like to act like they make so much on OF and MFC- BUT I sure as fuck wouldn't do that job unless I was DESPERATE for extra cash. Getting hit on my losers IRL is so not fun at all. Oh how the former miss mfcs of the world'fall. We always knew Brina would though. It was obvious she never learned how to budget. Some never do.

No. 1266480

I'm going to sage this because I don't know if it's tea..but Sabrina and I talk sometimes, and during her Nathan relationship he actually pointed out to her the lack of real engagements on her Instagram photos so she asked me to comment asap on each of her new IG posts among other friends of mine to try to trick him and the algorithm. Lmao fuck it seems so sad now. I have SS for proof but yall know she'll block me if I post them, but fuck it I should.

No. 1266549

So post them…

No. 1266674

I…..I saw this picture and my first thought was just how Sandra resembles a wendigo to me with the skinny ribs, knobby deer knees and crazy hair.

No. 1267124

File: 1624966190629.jpeg (115.37 KB, 750x947, 6AE22D4D-0159-42BE-98BA-52B8DC…)

No. 1267229

they probably do it to boost their confidence- its about money but also feeling wanted.

No. 1267695

I like how she slips it into the conversation to seem casual about it.

No. 1267714

A new low has been reached. The look on her face here says it all hahaha.

It is extremely likely this woman has an ED. btw, in case anyone is curious. I’ve spent entire days with her and watched her eat basically nothing. She LOVES posting “looook at all of the food I’m eating,” but in reality she’s most likely eating a fraction of it, if that. It’s one of the oldest ED tricks in the book and it’s honestly hilarious to me that she thinks she’s still getting away with it.

Also telling that Sandra seems to be the only friend she has left. She LOVES to talk trash about all of her friends too btw. Wouldn’t be surprised if she was posting in here about her either. Only a matter of time before that bridge is burned too.

No. 1267909

I still can't believe she basically threw away Kristen for a 6 week relationship with Nathan. That was her only real long term friend it seemed like. Fucking pathetic.

No. 1268040

She really was in treatment for an ED, I spoke to her dad about it.
Long story short: Sabrina was in a “bad mental state” and wasn’t eating at all from her anxiety and mania. She ended up passing out and hitting her head and an ambulance was called. She was not on drugs or using, the hospital ER ran a full panel drug test on her. She did test positive for benzodiazepines because she had a prescription and was taking it for anxiety but everything else was clean (this was a big concern of her fathers) and the hospital entered her into an in-patient treatment center for ED and to work on her psychiatric issues… but it was the ED center. Surprise surprise, she doesn’t have health insurance. Also most insurances do not cover in-patient treatment. Her whole family refused to help her except for her dad who has been pretty absent (guilty conscience.) I believe he said she only stayed for 2 weeks. And he told her to come to Vegas to work on her treatment and turn things around, plus everything medical related was cheaper there. She ended up doing a lot better health wise and was doing out-patient treatments there…then she started talking to Nathan online and she literally ditched her to dad to head to LA to be with him and it’s been a downward spiral since.

That’s why she looked like she had gained weight and people kept saying they thought she was pregnant with Nathan’s kid and then the weight just started dropping off again. Now she’s with Sandra who’s just going to enable the ED.

haven’t you noticed she was(Do not attempt to deceive the farms )

No. 1268192

lol what a made up story that was. you didn't speak to her dad. Kristen, "stella", and Karen were all her friends prior to mfc she's the one who got them all started on there and lilhuman got sabrina started, who happened to be Michael's ex.

No. 1268371

Idk why others don’t believe it but that does seems plausible.

No. 1268489

It is true… it’s funny that people who have no idea what’s actually going on and do everything based off their own rumors and assumptions can tell you what is right and what is wrong here. Literally anyone can go DM her dad if they wanted to and ask. It’s facts.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1268549

If true, screenshots or some kind of proof would be helpful. No need to muddy things with fan fiction.

No. 1268578

Shes never went to get help sorry to say she lived with her dad and claimed she would be getting help/helping herself. Hence why she has NO contact with Chloe.

No. 1268632

You have zero credibility no screen shots, and your story contains details I highly doubt a parent concerned about their daughter would give to a stranger on the internet. Get OUT you're attention seeking and annoying anon this is an image board post pics of proof, not your sperging lies

No. 1268696

Seems weird that her dad would give out that information to anyone who asks.. screen shots or it didn’t happen.

No. 1269169

Is it really that bad? I'm genuinly asking because it seems ok to me (non considering the bolt-ons). Is my perception warped? Should I be worried?

No. 1269201

No, I don’t see anything wrong with Sandra’s body. I think what’s freaking people out are her visible ribs. She should brace her upper abdominals instead of sucking in when having her photo taken. She doesn’t have implants and her breasts are natural.

No. 1269402

No. 1269452

File: 1625193111833.png (Spoiler Image, 315.07 KB, 750x1334, 1726ACA8-C5F9-43CD-8D0B-99291D…)

Seems like she’s gotten herself into some trouble with the law lol not even surprisied(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1269544

Thanks for the update, Alexa Porter.

No. 1269879

File: 1625244794196.jpeg (441.74 KB, 1283x2183, D72635E0-8B6F-4592-9B66-B50F72…)

Sage for no real contribution,
but I always feel like her Twitter likes speak volumes to her character.
You don’t actually know if your family is good because you don’t talk to your kids.
Asking for money back that your owed? How much do you think she owes in child support for all of her kids.

No. 1269953

It does! What I get from it is that she is not really based in reality. She just lives in her own world where she is not the bad guy.
I really hope her kids are doing ok

No. 1269970

She’s completely delusional
As far as I’ve seen her kids look like they are doing good. Chloes grandma is taking care of her now. The other two are with the fathers and their families and siblings. So far they all look to be doing okay with obviously no help from sabrina.

No. 1270850

Love how she has a screenshot of a video you can find for free on Google marketing her OF on Twitter. Not to mention it is from like 2015 and these people think that they're getting new content kek. Pathetic girl wearing Mfc socks years after they banned her so sad

No. 1271031

File: 1625364246669.jpeg (610.2 KB, 750x1294, 687A579C-0A7F-4FB3-8DB9-93258B…)


No. 1271032

File: 1625364380809.jpeg (295.44 KB, 750x1237, 9EE0A462-9062-4DFE-A1E9-CB92F2…)


No. 1271106

Wow scary she looks grey now. In 3 years she ended up with a botched nose job, ana chan body, looks 10yrs older and 10x more under the influence than before. Obviously anorexia/bulimia are super hard on the body I wonder what they'll both look like another 3 yrs from now. I'm sure the change will be just as dramatic if they insist on keeping this shit up

No. 1271273

As a women I know your age really hits the fan between 27-33 yrs old. I think they’re all around 27 so it’ll be so interesting to watch the decline from here on out(sure jan)

No. 1271280

Oh god stop with the incel "the wall" thing, they're just all fucking anachans. That's why they look like such ghouls now

No. 1271339

Wow, she looked a lot better and healthier in 2018. Guessing it's the ED making her hair fall out and making her look sallow and sick.

No. 1271408

> as a women
> the wall

moid spotted

No. 1271430

Not the same anon but pretty funny how 2 anons are quoting another anon but misquoting them lol. They said nothing about a wall. It was a fan. Move on.

No. 1271554

That fan is the wall you imbecile

No. 1271600

So then it shouldn’t require “quotes” because it’s not a quote. Stay on track.

Anyway, it’s interesting to note that Sandra is wearing the exact same jewelry in both of those pics. The neck piece is practically hanging off her neck these days, yikes.

No. 1271707

File: 1625470732138.png (3.87 MB, 828x1792, 25BE8948-18EE-43B3-9FBE-1BCDA5…)

Where are the veneers?

No. 1271768

File: 1625486172212.jpeg (359.36 KB, 1125x1930, 43E8450E-F9C9-438B-9129-D52F62…)

Uh ohh looking your age Sabrina.
Two dumpster fires meet, a love story.
Bet she gets pregnant from this xannie dealer, can’t wait til she’s sober & makes Sandra delete all theses stories. Maybe when she sobers up she’ll see the trailer trash that took her home last night.
Obviously embarrassed to be on camera with her, like every other.
Not to mention her hideous tattoos she usually hides.

No. 1271771

File: 1625486254926.jpeg (311.27 KB, 1125x1955, 28D5E424-7A1A-4FAB-BBA7-2E2B50…)

No. 1271788

File: 1625489388150.png (6.77 MB, 1170x2532, 11669905-4564-4C48-85B2-8BAC56…)

Can’t delete this image board Sabrina. Your shitty choices will be online forever.

No. 1271789

You fucking retard. They put it in quotes because it’s not a real fucking thing. Stay on track.

No. 1271833

We all hate Sabrina but the narration here is a little over the top lol

No. 1271925

File: 1625504760263.jpeg (383.21 KB, 1284x1200, EBDB68B6-4BAC-48DD-BA32-E3D25A…)


No. 1271937

Kek at the trailer park boy hiding his face from the video with Brina, she looks like she will be dead before she turns 30 in 2 years

No. 1271945


What the hell, does Brina have a plusle tattoo?

No. 1271947

Sabrina turns 28 in December she used to have such a baby face

No. 1271949

Or is she already 28?

No. 1271955

She was born in 1992

No. 1271964

She’s already 28.

No. 1272130

Ehhhh I don’t think she’s showing her age. Sabrinas only flex is that she has good skin. Considering you can tell she’s the type who sleeps in a full face of makeup and goes days without bathing, consumes more alcohol than water and doesn’t eat or have any form of nutrition in her body.

No. 1272506

Sandra really needs to change up her hair. she looks like a cone-head whenever she puts on headpieces which is often. It would help her look less dated too. Ik the sew work world is always dated af but she gives major 2010 amor hilton era vibes. Time to move on it's doing her no favours

No. 1272639

I honestly want to know why she is doing her hair like she does. It just looks bad. Her hair does look so thin these days so might be why.

No. 1272670

She went from parting her hair down the side and it look normal to now her parting it down the side and teasing the hell out of it so she can get it as big as possible. I wonder if she’s one of those idiots like Trisha Paytas thinks if you’re hair looks bigger, it makes your body look smaller in comparison. It actually has the opposite effect.

But her hair also looks beyond fried now. Have you seen the ends and how they stick out and don’t move? It’s like she intentionally wants it to look messy which is weird

No. 1272697

Sandra should part her hair down the middle when she used a head piece lol. For all I know though her hair may be thin & that’s why she does it the way she does

No. 1272756

And now Sandra is DIYing her bathroom remodel herself. Instead of getting actual new floors she bought the foam tiles you use in daycare settings and covered her entire bathroom floor in it. And then put furry sheep skin rugs on top. Who’s going to tell her about mold? This is like watching an 8 year old child have the freedom to do what they want. I’m shocked she isn’t under a conservatorship

No. 1272820

File: 1625635023316.jpeg (453.53 KB, 1581x2048, 7335A2A9-0ED4-4BF8-937F-5EE2F7…)

Why does this pic seem off? This looks nothing like brina when she streams. And Sandra with her bones protruding seems like a larger person than brina? Last I saw she was much smaller. Either she’s amazing with her angles and lighting or this has been retouched.

No. 1272824

She’s obviously sucking in her gut.

No. 1272887

File: 1625649624326.png (7.2 MB, 1170x2532, 60FE89ED-F857-4B29-9960-81BC2C…)

Uhhhh…. Wtf is going on over there.

No. 1272891

Crack. Literal crack.

No. 1272951

I like how they have a combined total of like $13 on them hahaha.

No. 1272958

She is still living with her parents so its pretty much is one.

No. 1272961

File: 1625668177545.jpeg (623.17 KB, 1125x1254, 86F34139-2913-42DD-88E7-0F3F5E…)

Camversity is letting Sabrina back??

No. 1272979

Lmao what is her Inspo for this??

No. 1273096

What the hell is going on with those floors? She can't possibly think that looks good? Nah Sabrina's under eye is getting wrinkly but she's still pretty just get some botox and she'll be good

No. 1273171

I feel like she’s trying to make it look like she’s walking on clouds? I feel bad for laughing but honestly wtf

No. 1273183

lmao that's what I was thinking too. The dressers that seem to just have piece of plywood on top is strange too. I can't handle it lol

No. 1273200

It would of been cheaper to hire someone with the amount of carpet she's bought to attempt to hide the floor with. It looks ridiculous

No. 1273201

I decided to check out her music and what the hell(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1273299

Welcome to the “I’ve been aurally assaulted by Sandra Popa’s music” club

No. 1273358

Did they just take those money bands without the actual money? So sad

No. 1273389

File: 1625733964925.png (2.5 MB, 1170x2532, 2D70E6B9-90CF-43DA-B5C0-786289…)

Lolllll clearly not missing her KIDS

No. 1273642

I’m pretty sure they are like $12 from Amazon lol. If they were real sheep skin rugs having them in a bathroom would f them up.

No. 1273925

File: 1625825463509.png (3.37 MB, 828x1792, AAF2C1B5-491C-44B6-930B-200062…)

Wasn’t her goal for June to become Miss MyFreeCams or something? She didn’t make it even to the top 100 and ended up working almost full-time in a shithole, letting losers with rapist vibes touch her and take pictures with her… and the funniest thing is she’s doing better than Brina kek

No. 1274008

File: 1625846767748.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1125x1821, 9DE55AD8-CB35-4B5A-A77C-E96152…)

Sandra and her sister Vero 9 years ago at Cafe Lu

No. 1274047

File: 1625849669045.jpg (291.55 KB, 1068x1438, Screenshot_20210709-094606_Yel…)

Shit hole is right. I just looked up Cafe Lu and this is a picture of the inside from Yelp. Also it's described as a coffee shop, there's no alcohol served. It's just a worse Hooters.

No. 1274119

It's a place to pick up sugar daddies and "clients". Main reason why they work there.

No. 1274125

Those seats look grimy as hell.

No. 1274267

WHAT THE HELL that's her?

No. 1274387

Vero and her both had extreme nose jobs..among other things. I'm thinking Sandra needs her own thread since we've started talking about her more than Sabrina

No. 1274591

File: 1625935836729.png (5.32 MB, 1170x2532, 75B0E171-1381-451F-B50E-B0301B…)

How old is that photo, that’s an iPhone 7…so 2016? Why no new photos Brina?

No. 1274719

File: 1625960923023.jpeg (320.96 KB, 1284x2088, 80212F7D-6102-4521-BB8B-8ED6F9…)

Except starve yourself with the help of drugs to maintain a body weight of 90lbs.. right?

No. 1274827

I’d love for someone to come forward who knows more tea about Vero. She’s super secretive and she was supposed to be the one at the top of the whole escorting ring. And then she got pregnant, never posted herself ever pregnant, only posted old photos the whole pregnancy, had the baby, never says anything about having the baby, and now is traveling all over with her friends partying with no baby to be found. And Sandra never posted the baby either too, like she’s never met it, despite living at home with her parents. Anyone know anything?

No. 1274844

This! I’m dying to know more about Veronica too. She’s been laying low but I’m sure there is interesting milk to be found. Did she end up divorcing that other cam model?

No. 1274856

That all makes it sound like she did not have the baby

No. 1274885

why do you think she went through with the pregnancy and didn’t have an abortion or lose it?

No. 1274954

Vero most likely had the baby of a rich man and he wanted it and paid her for it. She isn't the mother type that's why she's friends with Brina

No. 1274964

I thinks she’s leaves her infant with a baby sitter when she’s out… which is all the time. She’s even going on trips to Vegas. She appears to be engaged but doesn’t publicly post the guy. Maybe he’s a private person but someone is clearly funding her lifestyle. I’m surprised she still does OnlyFans.

No. 1275099

The only evidence of the baby was when it was born a friend wished her congratulations and then she had a big baby shower because Aaron Carter and his escort fiancé were there. All her escort friends showed up. Aaron was doing karaoke in the living room of the home to his own songs. You know those escorts couldn’t have ever had any big important clients because they all view Aaron as an A list celebrity.

Sandra posted at the baby shower and told Vero congrats but once the baby was born— nothing.

No. 1275155

Hmm, it’s hard to figure out what’s going on with Vero. I remember watching her Snapchat around 2016 or 2017 and she said she was forced to have an abortion by a guy she dated. I’ve always wondered if he paid her off or something because she sounded angry and upset about it.

No. 1275408

File: 1626103494210.jpeg (338.34 KB, 1170x1813, 6F95EE73-EC8D-498C-B976-3B305C…)

Check out the comments on sandra’s cafe photos. These are just a few.

No. 1275514

Those comments make me feel bad for her… I feel bad for girls when men say they look gross. she does look like she has an ED and needs help. I get that she sucks in her stomach but her hip bones stick way out

No. 1275598

How about sharing her got damn ig username

No. 1275600

Meanwhile people are ripping into Sandra’s sister Vero for being “fat”. She said the reason she’s bigger now is because she just had a baby.

Vero’s IG @veronicaxgold
Sandra’s IG @sandrageorgiapopa

No. 1275650

File: 1626124548014.png (378.8 KB, 640x1136, EA049C14-5531-492F-9290-42E00E…)

No. 1275667

File: 1626125660984.png (2.5 MB, 1242x2208, 80255C0F-B6DC-4838-A9B9-5B7CC3…)

Well that was fast. Either there’s a narc here or she’s reading the boards

No. 1275668

File: 1626125664156.jpeg (114.6 KB, 828x483, 58750C36-7F2C-4916-BA72-174C53…)

I mean, she posts shit like this on Twitter so I wouldn’t feel too bad for her. She’s probably loving these comments.

No. 1275712

Cowtippers always ruin the fun

Previously didn’t think Sandra qualified as a cow but after confirming her anachan status my mind has changed

No. 1275722

I'm thinking a Sandra & Fam should be a thread. They are total cows. The entire fam

No. 1275725

Lol. Sandra is bettering the world by doing what exactly? Sheesh the delusion.

No. 1275738

She shelters the homeless lol

No. 1275739

File: 1626132229568.png (2.62 MB, 640x1136, 124222BF-5A39-4761-B357-3C7E6F…)

Brina, Sandra and their friends make the world better by servicing dirty old men

No. 1275755

The fuck? Why's this bitch have 1 million followers?

No. 1275806

She probably bought them, duh. Like Sabrina aren't kek

No. 1275818

File: 1626147137586.png (583.75 KB, 828x1792, DBC2895F-85B1-4408-86D9-F737E7…)

yeah, bought followers look like this. all dead looking bot accounts

No. 1276190

As for Sandra— I don’t think we can post links here right? But go on YouTube and search “The Camming World with Sandra Popa” and a video from 2017 comes up. If you read all the comments it says she doesn’t live in that apartment and it’s actually Veronicas apartment in the video and she lives with her parents. She looked so healthy and hot back then

No. 1276250

She was gorgeous and goals back then. It’s sad she now has lost most of her cognitive function and looks like a crackhead.

No. 1276313

What is wrong with Sandra im so confused, is she on something? It doesn’t seem like she drinks really and I can’t imagine her doing drugs (lol even though she hangs with brina)

No. 1276321

She’s been on a few medications but I believe currently she’s on lithium.

No. 1276350

I see Sandra as well as someone who wouldn’t touch drugs. I think it’s all mental health issues. Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if it has to do with her lifestyle she put herself in. I did a deep dive on the internet and found tons of posts about Sandra on The Dirty that went back for years. Someone posted that she had been working at Cafe Lu as young as 16 years old in her lingerie as a server. And then she had a sugar daddy as young as 17 who bought her a new car. I’m so curious to know if her parents have pushed that lifestyle onto her. I mean she’s always lived with them… they have to know what she’s been up to. She was even one of Dan Bilzeranian’s pay for play girls on his roster for a bit there. She just seems so sad and dead inside now.

No. 1276353

Not sure if this has been said before but does anyone know how old Sandra is?

No. 1276383

I think she is 25

No. 1276515

File: 1626283091136.jpeg (398.09 KB, 640x1021, BDBE54BB-B04B-4373-84D1-0ABF3D…)

Their parents seemed to have let them do whatever they want. There’s a video on YouTube where she talked about dating a 43 year old guy when she was 18 and the guy tried to murder her. That could be a big part of her current mental state.

No. 1277055

Sabrina is so boring now and basic, why is this thread even in her name? The milk is as dry as her vagina.

No. 1278140

When Brina gets a new boyfriend there will be plenty of milk again. Hopefully in a few weeks.

No. 1278317

File: 1626475814616.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 366.86 KB, 1284x2282, 70DDA8BE-2559-49A4-8819-DA2A0B…)

when the filter slips off.

No. 1278467

File: 1626486830043.png (7.27 MB, 1242x2208, BCAB1BBF-58A5-4707-8344-9CFF73…)

Sandra just tested positive for covid after partying with all those girls on a party bus and being at a concert. I wonder how Sabrina feels about this considering she was posting that whole “CoVid Is OvEr It LiTeRalLy DoEsN’t eXiSt AnYmOrE” thing to her story. Neither are vaccinated and refuse to wear masks. And if Sandra’s got that new Delta variant strain… it’s double times contagious.

No. 1278481

Why aren't they vaccinated? You can get them at Walgreens ffs

No. 1278528

Oh definitely.
You know everyone in that Cesspool of a party bus has it too.

No. 1278562

They’re drug addict idiots who are delusional. They think they’re immune to life itself, hence why Sabrina thinks having a kids and abandoning them doesn’t mean anything.

No. 1279044

Probably for the same reason Brina won’t go on birth control.. because they’re stupid. At least Sandra cares about the consequences and wellbeing of others unlike Brina who genuinely doesn’t give a fuck as long as she’s having fun and doing what she wants.

No. 1279076

File: 1626555549274.png (2.39 MB, 1800x1710, 5AF9B18D-57E2-486F-AB95-2D7396…)

A bit dramatic.

No. 1279117

Yeah it just definitely seems like more effort to keep getting tested over and over instead of getting 2 shots.

Wait is this in case she dies? Holy shit lol

No. 1279125

Brina will be without a place to live again kek

No. 1279272

One of those letters was 100% to Corpse Husband. Bahaha. Brina would 'lose' them knowing her

No. 1279570

File: 1626625447853.jpeg (283.34 KB, 1259x2086, B7023473-E5E8-4F05-BD70-72A844…)

Sabrina is such a joke. Always posting videos like this just to a make herself feel better for her poor sad life and her shit decisions.

No. 1279984

File: 1626667328754.jpeg (661.48 KB, 828x1446, 7DEE930A-99E1-4484-B4FE-5FAE6E…)

Looks like Brina caught covid too as well as a few of their friends. (But only saying shes “sick” though cuz she won’t admit she caught the rona)

No. 1280023

How old is she mentally? She writes like like a teenager & has awful writing.

No. 1280693

File: 1626764130721.png (3.48 MB, 1242x2208, A13A9D66-46D5-4B48-ABD6-2655CF…)

I can’t get over how dumb that entire friend group is. Everyone who was on that party bus— they’re all dropping like flies now but nobody wants to admit it’s covid. Sandra was the first to test positive, now they’re all suddenly sick, this girl was saying “I hope it’s just like the flu or something because I can still smell and taste” after saying how sick she feels and has been sleeping for a whole day. YOU HAVE COVID YOU IDIOT.

No. 1280715

I have to say, as dumb as these bitches are I actually didn't predict the covid saga. Amazing tbh

No. 1280929

File: 1626800060843.png (2.41 MB, 828x1792, CCAD9ACB-4CD6-44F5-8320-C65E40…)

Sandra posting her weight why? She's not even concerningly underweight at this number, so this is in no way a skinny flex…lose another 13 and we'll talk about being the Ana queen kek

No. 1280930

Probably 15 mentally at BEST when she had her first pregnancy and got kicked out

No. 1280954

how tall is she?

No. 1281007

Brina refusing to admit she has Covid. Just "Sick" for a few days now. lol. bet she has zero insurance.

No. 1281016

Not sure why you would assume this weight is accurate. She could be holding her bat or anything else. She also has uggs on in the so…

No. 1281018

Samefag but I meant to say her cat* not bat.

No. 1281215

File: 1626827402572.jpeg (362.7 KB, 1284x2128, 498C7FFC-6C0E-4EEC-ADE6-28B433…)

She’s just now getting tested??

No. 1281269

Sandra very clearly has a serious weight problem… Look at her

No. 1281312

why now lmao? let me guess she doesn't want to be a decent responsible person and quarantine for 2 weeks. please girl what else is it going to be lmao.

oh so now she's worried? a bit late lmao. Should have both gotten vaccinated I can't imagine their immune systems are strong with all the drugs and starving going on between them. Also if they aren't sealed I be sabrina will totally read them

I know some people claim "colds" but tbh I still think those are covid. I've heard some tests are having trouble picking up variants and it isn't until a more extensive lab test is used that they find out that they had covid. sabrina and sandra (lbr the whole group) are so selfish to knowingly be sick and risk people's exposure just to get tested when it's obvious it's covid.

No. 1282175

Anyone wanna take bets on all of them using their sickness as an excuse to lose weight? Or Sabrina lying about her results in order to keep going out? Just calling out the obvious.
And why is it taking so long to post results. I get mine in 20 minutes from the pharmacy for free.

No. 1283791

Sage for old q but who is Brina's latest child living with now and whats the story? I lost track of her when she broke up with her baby daddy AJ but she popped up on the TL recently and her kids are like nonexistent now? She is easily one of my least fave people on the internet due to her propensity to continue having and abandoning kids. Just so incredibly next-level selfish and cruel.

No. 1283864

The original thread is worth reading through for the milk

No. 1284190

File: 1627247584210.jpeg (475.31 KB, 1284x2282, 4998CC50-2932-4496-AAD0-508830…)

Wonder if any of these “goals” have to do with attempting to see any of her children.

No. 1284264

WTF does Brina do all day if she doesn't even eat or clean usually? Her OF has no content.

No. 1284269

That food was probably cooked by Sandra’s parents too. She’s such a lazy parasite.

No. 1284395

Cora lives with AJ. He has full custody of her. And receives no child support from Sabrina. She abandoned her and probably hasn’t seen her for 2 years at this point.

No. 1284915

File: 1627336211586.png (11.24 MB, 1170x2532, 71BCB9C2-DC5E-4A15-B8FD-583C82…)

They have emerged from their covid bubble….

No. 1285003

And they are prob still contagious

No. 1285080

Yeah Sandra said on a recent IG live that they are all supposed to be in quarantine until August 1st…

No. 1285477

Did brina literally abandon her kids or were the legally taken away? Tbh, I would say it's better this way?
I would find it hard to believe that she doesn't give a dick about her kids…but fuck :/

No. 1285481

File: 1627414608528.png (3.74 MB, 828x1792, 5B324BCB-4D31-4C09-86C6-7700DD…)

Anyone else watch her live last night? Smh it was so weird..she just stared at herself out of it, OF COURSE brought up get covid weight loss, and vaped..while Sandra sat and did the same thing, but for a little money. So idiotic..

No. 1285483

File: 1627414670451.png (4.14 MB, 828x1792, E3FCB074-D2EF-4596-92AE-38AA0A…)

No. 1285522

File: 1627418680246.png (4.97 MB, 1800x1800, 2189A586-2D51-4E96-81F7-F49DA2…)

Suckin on those vapes nonstop because it gets her attention from everyone. And look at that comment in sandra’s chat. Wonder what that’s about.

No. 1285580

File: 1627424762540.jpeg (180.7 KB, 828x1394, 8C7EBC2A-7B7D-4994-B64B-3FADEC…)

She's live..farmers GO(not your personal army)

No. 1285593

Yuck,those dirty old men won't love you when you're a dirty old woman. Why pander to "dirty old men"?

No. 1285630

Caught the end of it. She was helping herself to a bottle of wine from the shared fridge and telling everyone Sandra’s parents home is her house.

Don’t know if the guy was trolling in that chat. It sounds like he paid Brina for her services and Brina tried to pimp out Sandra. Gross.

No. 1285707

File: 1627437911389.png (773.42 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210727-214800.png)

I'm dying at her and Sandra on IG live tryna be cute dancing to Justin Timberlake while snorting like they've done an 8 ball

No. 1285713

Did anyone catch the accidental tit slip? Oopsie. It happened too quick to screen grab 'cause Sandra ended the live before starting it back up for the millionth time

No. 1285718


Brina was already drunk hours ago. It’s sad she needs to be drunk and chain vape in order to work

No. 1285724

File: 1627438784904.png (764.08 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210727-214555.png)

she spent the live hiding her ass
show Nathanial knows stickers and claiming me was in the chat kek
having zero personality
and obv dances with Sandra for rent

No. 1285730

By the end of the live she was just so sloppy and clueless to anything even happening. Sandra was helping her set up her cam stream and brina was just drunkenly rolling around on the bed. She is so embarassing.

No. 1285731

File: 1627439873280.png (8.36 MB, 1170x2532, F5E5AD2B-AEAD-428C-9CE8-375EC1…)

What is going on with her hairline?

No. 1285732

Same as Sandras.

No. 1285733

This isn’t a fap request board.

No. 1285736

holy shit

No. 1285754

Wasn't asking for a gap was asking if anyone else saw the embarrassing moment
Don't need the picture I have my own eyes so calm down l o l

No. 1285758

File: 1627443065117.png (719.69 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210727-201145.png)

Are these her discolored veneers that look horrible kek

No. 1285759

Prob hair loss from her ED and drug use.

No. 1285776

File: 1627445224202.png (486.77 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210728-000344.png)

So after Sandra reached Brinas "naked" count for her because "bring can't work the site", Sandra came in and sabrina got dressed for a "both naked" count. Scamming as always.

No. 1285777

She’s talked about before how she’s extremely anemic (probably from not eating and when she does eat it’s non-nutritional crap) And in the past a doctor was even trying to get her to take iron pills or go and get iron infusions and she never followed through. That balding hairline is textbook iron deficiency.

No. 1285778

Did you ever used to watch Brina in the MFC days? Her whole routine was to make a countdown promising some type of show and then once she cleared the countdown she would just start delaying as much as possible. And if you said anything to her about what is taking so long or asking if she was going to do what was promised she would block you. She’s been a scam from the beginning. People used to call her MyFreeScams because it was so bad. She’d clear a $1,000 countdown and then just log off. Or start crying, fighting with people, blacking out, etc

No. 1285792

Noticed her two front veneers looked big, thick and grayish around the edges.

No. 1285793

File: 1627447697664.png (308.34 KB, 753x492, Screenshot_20210728-004543~2.p…)

Wtf is up with her ass for real tho

No. 1285806

She has zero muscle definition in her ass. It’s so boney and flappy.

No. 1285809

no sympathy for scrotes. not sure who's more pathetic, the scammers or the idiots getting scammed.

this plus years of hair extensions

No. 1285810

Sabrina joking about her dad watching her on cam.. the cringe

No. 1285825

Wow if she wasn't wearing underwear I wouldn't have known that's an ass. It's non existent. Poor bitch

No. 1285891

That’s literally her tailbone sticking out farther than her ass cheeks what the actual fuck

No. 1285896

at least she’s showing girls who used to follow her disordered eating what will actually happen to you. she has to literally hold her ass up to create any kind of appeal. she defends abusers and abandoned her kids so idc she looks like shit and needs to get sober.

No. 1286346

File: 1627517325006.jpeg (242.86 KB, 828x1524, 8A90C7E7-FFDC-4F4C-B597-A5639C…)

She's Def worked her angles in the past

No. 1286348

File: 1627517353162.png (4.36 MB, 828x1792, 67FFBED1-02CC-45EC-A928-91CBAB…)

No. 1286349

File: 1627517384697.jpeg (321.41 KB, 828x1252, 5F4D7837-8493-493D-B3AC-2887B2…)

People were wondering about Vero, possibly engaged?

No. 1286404

File: 1627523833523.png (1.84 MB, 640x1136, 5D008FD8-58C5-48B8-AA5B-E8CD1C…)

Yes, to some guy called Paul (@paulxgold)

No. 1286471

Her ass is bad. . Like really bad.

No. 1286479

File: 1627535112597.jpeg (461.5 KB, 1284x2066, 0730C897-BCAD-45E3-A4C9-9255BC…)

I have a hard time believing these are her results. Why is her name Scribbled out?
Unless she’s using someone else’s info and scamming the system.

No. 1286492

Anyone hear her on the phone with medi-cal? She has to be scamming the system, how disgusting. I know for a fact her income is too high to qualify, and they are supposed to look at your assets as well, she was posting a pic claiming she had $80k in the bank a couple months ago. I’ve seen people get rejected who worked minimum wage retail jobs because their savings in the bank was too high or they owned an expensive car. Sabrina is trash. I know that her ex Michael talked about how she was scamming the system all the way back then when she had Coda and was collecting any kind of assistance she could and would go spend it all on makeup, nails and hair extensions. Things never change do they?

No. 1286504

File: 1627539623312.jpeg (244.98 KB, 1284x1721, BF4A0D21-D727-4EFF-BE43-001392…)

What a creep. Sharing photos of one of your three abandoned children and ex.

No. 1286507

Imagine reposting that to 200k followers. And the video is more about her and AJ’s relationship than the baby. Also, does anyone else find that disrespectful as hell considering AJ has been with another girl for awhile now?

She’s losing it. She’s not used to going this long in between men. She’s probably desperately trying to get him back now.

No. 1286513

It’s extremely disrespectful. That’s probably why she did it. She’s posted similar things regarding a few of her ex’s in the past and they were always in relationships.
She’s disrespectful and toxic.
I bet she’ll post about Nathaniel or ty next.

No. 1286539

She’s open about her legal name and birthdate so crossing it out is kind of suspect. Maybe she wants to go out and party soon without looking like an inconsiderate asshole so she’s posting this.

Now she’s suddenly acknowledging she’s sad about not having her kids around. More like she doesn’t have a guy to give her love and attention so she’s missing the next best thing: her children.

No. 1286636

Why is she begging for pity from online when she is literally a dead beat mom no one feels sorry for.
Her and Sandra were on cam and a member said I bet you girls don't like Asians and Sabrina said "I have a baby with an Asian!" super proud and cringe like. Poor kids

No. 1286708

She must have deleted this one bc I don’t see it anymore. She did this to herself. I have no putty for her.

No. 1286811

Probably trying for pity handouts because she needs money

No. 1286896

Wouldn't doubt it if it were an earlier test and she kept the paperwork for whatever reason

No. 1286926

File: 1627595690363.jpeg (357.55 KB, 1169x1503, F04236D2-07A7-461D-AC95-703BD1…)

Didn’t she do all of those things to a few of her closest friends? Lol she’s delusional

No. 1286941

Did anyone catch her when she was drunk saying she hates blondes in her recent IG live? She freaked out afterwards and said she shouldn’t of said that. Later on when asked in her chat why she backtracked and said she meant to say she hates blonde hair on herself. When has she ever had blonde hair? I’m thinking it was directed at her former bestie Ana, Nathaniel’s ex or Poppi. Might be related to her recent twitter likes.

No. 1286961

Yup, I DMed both Tyler and Sabrina when they started hooking up and they both were saying some of the most vile, horrific stuff about Samantha (Tyler’s other baby mama and Sabrinas close friend) They were attacking her mothering skills, and making fun of her physical appearance. I won’t repeat the stuff because it’s messed up but the fact that Sabrina went running back to Samantha after to try to become her best friend again is so hilarious. Sabrina is as phony and manipulative as they come.

I remember when she used to cam and would get drunk and start bad mouthing other cam girls and her friends in depth, and airing out all the personal stuff she knew about them. And then would be camming with them days later. And people would bring up what she said and she’d either gaslight you and say your crazy and that never happened or she’d call you a “hater who’s trying to create drama between my friends”

No. 1287008

File: 1627603811658.jpeg (257.92 KB, 1284x2011, EDF6E1A3-36A6-4F6C-B2D6-ECB7AA…)

I wonder if this has to do with comments about her ass (or lack there of)

No. 1287022

She’s such a fucking narcissist, no one is paying that much attention to you girl. Kek

No. 1287035

Makes me think she does read here. It’s funny she views herself as pretty as she presents herself on strategically posed, curated and filtered photos (especially with her mouth closed). She looks different in motion and in candid photos she looks like an ordinary skinny girl with no ass. Those carefully angled butt photos she used to post sure had me fooled.

No. 1287151

She has to be self conscious about her veneers.

I swear she hasn't given a full on smile since she supposedly had them done.

No. 1287273

Yeah it was when she was asking people to choose an outfit for her live, neither of which she actually wore. Both would have hidden her flat arse, what a shame.
It was a strange backtrack, she definitely sounded more like she hated blondes (or specific blondes) than herself blonde

No. 1287677

She was smiling on IG live the other day while drinking wine from a bottle in the car. It’s hard to see what her veneers actually look like with the crazy filters she uses.

No. 1287726

I’m almost certain she hasn’t actually had her veneeers done and only got the molding done which is what she posted. Pretty sure it takes time and that comment of her side profile and nasty teeth definitely shows it hasn’t been done(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1287808

I feel like that screen shot was just another pathological lie, there's no way she's got that money, she doesn't even have a bed frame. She sleeps on a mattress on the floor.

No. 1287916

Yeah she got asked on the live if they'd been done yet while going through questions and she didn't answer. They don't look any different to usual

No. 1288145

Lol I noticed that when she’s live and girls ask her questions or even just leave her nice comments she just ignores them and goes to the next. But she makes sure to always read out loud and acknowledge the males ones. I noticed she LOVES the sexual ones from weird foreign men. All she cares about is male validation.

No. 1288150

As for the veneers, I’m pretty sure she didn’t get them done. My guess is that they took a mold, BUT she also had her mouth examined and probably needs a bunch of dental work done before they can be installed. She probably needs root canals and fillings. And knowing Sabrina she will keep putting it off and not do it.

No. 1288249

Validation from men and being wasted is the only thing she cares about. It’s shocking she doesn’t have a new boyfriend by now. Leeching off Sandra and whoring around at parties seems to fulfill her for now.

No. 1288318

Her nose is so short. Vertically, from between her eyes to the nostrils. Abnormally short. That along with the long philtrum kinda makes her look like a lil monkey.

No. 1291739

Lol in her story of Sandra in cam, Sandra said she and Sabrina both had Covid and Sabrina cut it off before Sandra said more.

No. 1291913

who honestly gives a fuck if they have covid? I mean it's not like they're around KIDS or people who matter soooo

No. 1292137

Just because they aren't in direct contact with kids doesn't mean they didn't spread it to people who have kids who then spread it to their kids. They were spreading it all over because they didn't bother wearing masks unless they absolutely had to. Anon who tf are you to decide who are the "people who matter"

Also it's relevant because they are acting so ott when it comes to trying to hide their diagnosis and that they ever had it. They come off like two paranoid tweakers and are dumb for thinking people didn't know what was up

No. 1292614

Not forgetting they both only apparently tested negative after Sabrina was asked on her live by a friend if she was going to be attending a party at the weekend, non stop shadiness from the both of them

No. 1292853

File: 1628320089079.png (5.43 MB, 1242x2208, 099C1D37-FFB5-495A-9819-5F6CFC…)

Ohhh the irony of abusing a drug for years, and then paying to receive it in small doses in a clinical setting for treatment.

No. 1293172

lmao glad someone else thought the same. Will be interesting to see what she says about it; I can't help but think that at worst maybe she'll like it iv.

I wonder if she's going to develop K bladder one of these days. It's been happening a lot to people who use it for several yrs. Basically k damages the bladder and eventually the buildup of scar tissue causes the bladder to shrink and harden. Then the fun really starts and the person becomes incontinent lol /s

No. 1293373

I can see this turning into her using k intravenously at home.

No. 1293543

kek! these 2 are so entertaining to follow! delusional, yes. but still so fun. I wonder what a professional voice coach would have to say about sandra's music. shes got the motivation.. so i think that a plus. kek.
the more i read about sabrina, it just makes me wonder what her actual story is. shrug hopefully she can get some stuff straighten out (or NOT) for her kids….so sad! but she seems to be content living the way she does. some people dont wanna be helped. who knows…..

No. 1293711

I put Sandra's music on once out of curiousity and it made my dog hyper. She should go into some kind of animal whispering (or squealing) instead, the high frequency does something funny. I imitate her when we play fight, pupper loves it, humans not much

No. 1293756

File: 1628394216367.png (4.12 MB, 828x1792, C13381AE-2B7C-4ABC-8C2C-0AFA24…)

No. 1294088

File: 1628428009070.png (288.68 KB, 1080x1442, IMG_20210808_140330.png)

From just one of Cafe Lu's pictures of Sandra, I noticed they've added a warning to be respectful or people will be blocked to their bio recently. Guessing because every picture of or with Sandra gets lots of negativity. You'd think they'd take note, can't be good for their look

No. 1294263

File: 1628440843526.jpg (277.54 KB, 1080x797, Screenshot_20210808-115001_Ins…)

It'd be one thing if Sandra was just overly skinny. Not healthy but plenty of guys do like that kind of look. But she seriously needs to practice posing in front of a mirror. She looks rigid and unwelcoming with her lifeless corpse poses.

No. 1294758

Sandra would look so much better if she toned up her muscles and stopped doing that stupid fucking peak thing with her hair. It looks ratty, just have side bangs without it. I personally think she's not too bad looking but would be obnoxious in person.

No. 1295592

anon I have to tell you, you're the most agreeable anon I've ever come across during my time on lolcow! We were thinking along the same lines when it comes to these two

No. 1295639

Am I the only one who thinks Sandra squealing music sounds like porn? Every time she’s playing it in her IG stories I have to turn the volume off really fast so people don’t think I’m watching some weird cartoon porn

No. 1295710


Omg… I've only listened to tidbits of her music so when I read this I wasn't thinking anything of it. Then I watched her IG stories. Wtf. Seriously cartoon porn hahaha. I'm feeling so much secondhand embarrassment after hearing that song especially since she thinks her music is so amazing

No. 1295860

File: 1628508745230.png (1.19 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20210809-123056.png)

If she maybe ate something with some actual nutritional value, all she ever posts is noodles and crisps/chips

No. 1296151

File: 1628530952204.png (76.21 KB, 720x484, Screenshot_20210809-133843~2.p…)

No. 1296154

File: 1628531129774.png (589.18 KB, 720x1162, Screenshot_20210809-133924~2.p…)

Nathaniel moved on and upgraded. Weird how Sabrina leaves Nathaniel on her IG when he deleted everything of her kek

No. 1296156

This is on his IG? I can’t see it anywhere?

No. 1296184

She framed his cum and her period blood towel.. idk about this being an upgrade

No. 1296188

File: 1628533801027.jpeg (271.82 KB, 1284x1904, E4E4D28B-6B60-43C3-842D-2D8CAD…)

No. 1296193

it's art tho

No. 1296256

Does lithium make people act loopy? Serious question because Sandra’s behavior is super odd and can’t put my finger on it. Why does she eat noodles and spill it all over herself like that? Why is her music, fashion, style and friend choice so bad? Looked up that Corpse Husband guy and he seems to be her obsession at the moment. It all so weird.

No. 1296298

Art may be subjective but this is straight up gross

No. 1296301

I'm no medfag so I don't have a serious answer sorry. But I thought it was supposed to suppress the loopy, maybe railing ketamine and drinking alcohol on a regular reverse the effects and create an illusion of grandeur?

No. 1296452

People may feel spacey or out of it as their body gets adjusted to lithium. It all depends on dosage. But no, lithium does not make people act like they are high or on drugs, unless somehow their prescriber royally fucks up and gives them way too high of a dose. Lithium gets bumped up slowly after a few months and dosage involves a lot of blood work. These girls just act like this because they're high on something else, but it isn't because of the lithium.

No. 1296492

Maybe Sandra simply has a low IQ combined with a big ego. That’s kinda the vibe I get.(sage)

No. 1296817

Gotta have a low IQ to think the rigid dancing while miming along to her own squealing 'music' she posts on her IG story is remotely attractive

No. 1297132

Who puts on the better show in their room?? As far as audience engagement and actual "visuals" go? I only follow them on IG so I'm curious because thats their hustle… or one of them kek

No. 1297162

File: 1628615739655.png (731.73 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20210810-131110.png)

NathanialKnows new gf hangs with Karen kek Sabrinas ex best friend/ weird incest sister thing. Sad she really has no friends anymore unless its old men at a cockffee shop

No. 1297230

Her only friend is a mentally challenged girl she’s taking advantage of. Is Brina back to escorting because she doesn’t appear to be working like Sandra.

No. 1297593

Anyone want to bet that Sabrina is hooking up with sandras friend James? Prob why she’s been mia

No. 1297659

File: 1628655629129.jpg (700.75 KB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20210811-001908_Ins…)

Definitely. He was in her bed when Sandra went to give him his birthday gift on her IG stories

No. 1297684

File: 1628663588760.jpeg (313.53 KB, 640x793, 4CD9741E-D6EB-42C2-80DA-BC4EBC…)

Hahaha this guy promotes Aaron Carter’s clothing line

No. 1297970


who is this guy? kek. Is he a finfluencer?

No. 1298119

Brina probably got him hot cheetos for
his birthday.

No. 1298151

And a bag of K

No. 1298357

I’m dying laughing at this. Do you all remember when Sabrina acted like eating hot Cheetos was a personality trait. And for her birthday Rhett even made her a birthday cake with vanilla frosting and crushed up hot Cheetos sprinkled all over it. And she really was bragging about it like it was the most incredible thing. Her standards are set so low.

No. 1300498

File: 1629025467392.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1170x2070, 519DC35E-0799-40F2-A170-7E00F1…)

Vero showed up to her moms birthday party. Sabrina hid in her room.

No. 1300670

I wonder why she hid in her room all day posting depressing music. You’d think since she lives there she would have helped Sandra out with that party.
Seems like they are at odds right now.

No. 1300703

Because pmdd

No. 1300795

personally think sandra is gorgeous, she just needs to fix that hair (and her life)

No. 1301577

Her PMDD is so annoying. I’ve been diagnosed with PMDD too and you want to know what the proven treatment is? Birth control.

I’ve talked in Sabrinas DM’s about this. She doesn’t care. She’d rather whine and complain about it and blame everything on her PMDD. She said verbatim, “birth control is so scary”
like, wow I would have never guessed coming from you lol

I’m also convinced she’s never actually been diagnosed by an actual doctor with PMDD

No. 1301722

Not wanting to go on birth control and fuck with your hormones isn't milk dumbass.

No. 1301727

She probably should go on birth control so she doesn't get pregnant again

No. 1301738

Normally I would agree but she literally has three kids she doesn't take care of.

No. 1301797

She thinks birth control is scary cause it makes her gain weight.

No. 1301829

Kinda is for a woman who is happy to pop out kids, abandon them then try gain sympathy for not being with them at her own choice though right?

No. 1302979

File: 1629316373139.jpeg (279.13 KB, 1284x1005, D5013BCB-9C69-4F73-A9BF-05E07A…)

Still trying to compete with Lisa?

No. 1303238

I like how she specifies that this is a throw back as if 99% of her content isn't already throwbacks lmao

No. 1303321

Actually dumbass, it is. The reason you have PMDD is from a severe change in your hormones so birth control is used to stabilize your hormone fluctuation and skip your periods. She shouldn’t keep complaining and blaming everything on her PMDD when there’s a solution right there for her. Also for someone who has 3 kids with 3 different dads, at least two aborted, and multiple miscarriages, I’m going to say that birth control is probably a pretty important topic pertaining to her.

No. 1303992

even her "new post" is from what 2015? she knows she's aged horribly that's why she wont upload new photos that aren't horribly photoshopped

No. 1305312

File: 1629538072195.jpeg (252.27 KB, 1170x1349, 6ACC4A0D-8392-4006-AE38-EC532F…)

This is going to be difficult times for Sabrina :D(:D)

No. 1305570


someone had mentioned that her OF didnt have actual content? or it was very little. lol. im sure she'll be fine. shes always managed to have someone take care of her somehow…

No. 1305652

Iirc she just has old cam shows up and nothing new. She'll have to take those down though

No. 1305682

Sabrina Nellie is the definition of difficult times kek

No. 1306534

File: 1629682911262.jpeg (456.3 KB, 1284x2282, 783820A2-E1FA-44A3-8F8A-57C83C…)

No. 1307359

Dude is probably a trust fund baby supporting her financially

No. 1307461

How long till she's pregnant with this guy?

No. 1307690

I give it 5/6 months. If it lasts that long.

No. 1308117

File: 1629893914665.webm (3.33 MB, 720x1280, StorySaver.Org-sabrinaanellie_…)

Lol the filter

No. 1308735

File: 1629954757054.jpeg (467.89 KB, 1284x2072, 7FEFE7B0-9EA4-41BD-9115-4AB7E6…)

Anyone happen to see sandras new crackhead bf? He’s being called out for abusing his ex while Sandra defends him. No wonder her and Sabrina are friends

No. 1308736

File: 1629954788103.jpeg (480.97 KB, 1284x2119, 7A6C9A6C-8444-4368-A6F3-70CE0F…)

No. 1308773

Didn’t read all of his ex’s IG stories because it’s too long but um wow.. the dude Sandra is dating is a complete psycho. The bite scar he left on his ex is horrifying. Sandra, get away from this dude!

No. 1308958

I watched the ex gf’s ig stories and i cannot stop laughing at the fact that sandra’s new bf had her blocked until a month ago!! and also sandra looks fucking dumber than usual. how are you blaming a victim and this girl literally showed proof he beat her and bit her.

No. 1308967

He was acting like he was about to beat her ass and his friends were holding him back while he’s yelling “I’m gonna knock this bitch out” like Sandra… girl.. you defending this?

No. 1308974

I fucking hate these people. Just checking off the list of excuses for men who abuse women, and she fucking buys his worthless ass drugs while going after women who are just trying to warn others, and what looks like other sex workers who are always targeted by men like this. Abusive men are one of the most common things in their job, and they all follow this same pattern of reversing abuser and victim with the same nearly cut and paste way of how they make the women they’re now grooming to defend them until they get it too.

Stop fucking these men, they never change and they just adapt because that’s all they know, abusing women to survive.

No. 1309011

It’s hard to have any respect for Sandra after this and it’s disappointing. Egovert’s Instagram is getting spammed about beating his ex and Sandra is out here defending him.

His ex mentioned he tricks small artists into thinking they’ve signed with him. Wouldn’t be surprised if he “signed” Sandra and she genuinely thinks he’ll help her out with her laughable music career. And she paid him 2k for a song feature lol. On her YouTube channel she has a video of what she looks for in a guy and one of the requirements was someone who’d help her with her music career. She seems like a clout chasing groupie desperate to attach herself to any up and coming artist.

No. 1309060

lol 2k? he was selling them for 500 not too long ago

No. 1309073

File: 1630001143435.png (812.54 KB, 1080x1731, IMG_20210826_190409.png)

Might be because she offered up a 1-2k budget.. obviously he wanted the highest amount kek girl should have asked for prices properly instead of just offering him 2k of drugs on a plate

No. 1309112

Hahahah the nerve of Sandra calling anyone mentally challenged. I can’t. She’s literally being taken advantage of by an abusive drug addicted opportunist.

Egovert’s ex probably shouldn’t of publicly admitted to certain things. Sandra’s attempting to collect receipts and asking her followers to help because everyone is being mean and defaming her totally innocent boyfriend. Sandra really believes his ex paid someone to bite her leg to make him look bad? This girl is dumb as rocks..

No. 1309120

Sandra must be SO desperate for attention and any kind of affection from a guy to be leaching onto this scum bag and defending him. This is just nasty on her behalf. I hope this guy doesn’t do that to her, but she needs to realize he is CLEARLY not a good person to be with.

No. 1309124

File: 1630004812786.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1125x2021, 245E2E8F-268A-4A6E-8DFC-57C7FF…)

Looks like Sandra is already getting yelled at by him. This is on the ex girlfriends story.

No. 1309125

Saw that and I think she’s going on tiktok to tell her story soon. Sandra is a weirdo for getting involved in this.

No. 1309170

Caught some of the live at the end
>Sandra and Egovert in the chat talking about how they have lots of money to sue her
>Egovert bragging about making 77k a year, most likely from ripping off artists who paid for a feature and him not following through
>Sandra getting roasted in the comments for defending a woman beater
>Sandra calling Ego’s ex a man beater in retaliation
>Started playing Sandra’s music and chat went wild with laughter because Sandra’s music is shit
>Sandra and Ego refusing the leave after the whole chat told them to go away
>Played a video where Egovert (or a friend, couldn’t tell) was saying the n-word and other offensive language

No. 1309540

he doesn’t shy away from that in his music either

No. 1309747

File: 1630092588147.jpeg (412.81 KB, 1284x2061, CED20111-4030-49C6-A23F-0DD5A6…)

Low key I feel like this is Sabrina or her new bf writing in these comments.

No. 1309768

It seems like the guy Brina is hanging out with since he’s always at Sandra’s place with them. He seems somewhat normal and probably is encouraging Brina to keep out of this as she’s been quiet during the whole thing.

No. 1310290

I can't get the video to post it but has anyone worked out wtf Sandra is saying on her story? She sounds xanned out of her head, unpacking Ensure supplement drinks? None of it makes sense, Sabrina clearly isn't with her looking at both their stories the distancing theory works out

No. 1310661

She’s singing Up All Night lyrics by Drake with a vocal fry and heavy slur

No. 1310996

If you go to this chick’s insta stories right now she just uploaded an audio of Sabrina and this Ego guy arguing. Super messy.

No. 1310999

It almost looks like Sabrina’s hand in one of the videos because of the tattoos??

No. 1311002

File: 1630222241827.jpeg (111.83 KB, 1170x2080, 7E757A88-CB47-4DBD-B976-8C3B25…)

This might ruin their friendship. He yelled at Brina and her bf last night, threatened to shoot up the car and wanted to beat up Sandra’s dad. What the fuck?

No. 1311016

And in the meantime, Sandra’s been uploading stories in lingerie listening to this Egovert’s music while smiling and moving in bed like the girl from the exorcist kek. It’s been months now since Sandra’s been way milkier than Brina… I mean, who would have thought that she was gonna be the one that ruined their “friendship”? Not me! This girl is delusional and deserves her own thread.

No. 1311020

File: 1630226137462.png (8.95 MB, 1242x2208, 5038608D-A2B5-48B4-B936-56712E…)

Y’all just missed the craziest drama. Sandra was live, having a full blown panic attack hyperventilating, screaming and crying yelling at that Sid guy because he bit her? And she was trying to kick him out and he wouldn’t leave. Sandra’s poor mom was sitting there recording everything as well in the door way telling him to leave. Sandra shows a tray full of drugs that was sitting out with cocaine, ecstasy and weed. The guy kept refusing to leave. He was on FaceTime with someone else during the whole thing. At one point he says he’s calling a friend and Sandra says “you’re calling the shooter?! You’re going to kill my family?! Please don’t shoot my dad just kill me instead.” And everyone in the chat is saying to call the cops. Her friends in real life are telling her to go lock herself in a room. The guy everyone thinks is Vero’s baby daddy said that Vero was on her way and this Sid guy should fear Vero more than the cops. When Sid realizes that Sandra wasn’t just recording a video, she was actually live streaming the whole thing he starts freaking out and is embarrassed so he starts trying to air out her family’s drama. Sandra said her moms bipolar. And then the feed froze and nobody knows what happened but I think someone did call the cops…

No. 1311023

Yes, watched the whole thing and feel bad for her. It was sad.

No. 1311025

Also leading up to that live that Sid guy threatened to shoot up a car Sabrina was going to be in, and she left. Sabrina recorded the whole thing and you can watch it on @urfavlikeskids IG

What I took away from that live is he’s is something Z List sound cloud rapper and Sandra’s been supporting him financially, he’s been living with her, and she buys all his drugs for him. And his whole thing is he threatens to sue people for money. And keeps threatening to sue Sandra and her family

No. 1311026

Did anyone screen record it?

No. 1311058

holy shit what a mess, she needs to kick this scumbag to the curb. i know she’s an adult, but she is (imo) “slow” so if she’s not gonna kick him out then her parents need to step tf in and do it. oh and get some protection too because he’s gonna retaliate no doubt. those kinda men hate their egos/pride being fucked with.

No. 1311275

File: 1630261359942.jpeg (443.71 KB, 1284x2043, BA9799C0-E7D8-4B77-B4B4-D60866…)

Sabrina’s room.

No. 1311277

What would he sue her and her family for? They let him into their home and he threatened to hurt everyone. Something isn’t adding up here. The only thing Sandra did wrong was being too trusting of this guy and allowing him to bring drugs.

It was infuriating watching him smirk and use reverse manipulation tactics like claiming he was having a panic attack when it was clear Sandra was actually having one. And trying to guilt Sandra for kicking him out because he’s mentally unwell and she shouldn’t do that to him. It’s like he couldn’t comprehend what he was doing was wrong and how hurtful he was being. It was all about him and his feelings which is sociopathic behavior.

He was disrespectful to Sandra’s mom and would say no one asked for her to talk when she tried to defend Sandra and asset herself. The idiot forgot he was inside her home.

He exposed and weaponized traumatic family secrets. Using past trauma to hurt and mock Sandra because he wasn’t going to get his way. The guy Ego was on the phone with also joined in. It’s like they enjoyed tormenting her.

Sandra realized she was being used even offered him money to leave. The guy on the phone was laughing and said he’d take the offer when she offered up 100k. Before that Ego said he doesn’t want to sue her family unless he had to and tried to claim they don’t have have money anyway. They clearly do and Sandra is a sex worker with minimal living expenses.

Ego’s ex mentioned the lG live said the police were called so hopefully she’ll post an update. This man does not deserve any career, friends or any kind of redemption. If anything bad happens to him it will be well deserved.

No. 1311279

This ego drama is really horrific.
Side note, was that text saying she hooked up with one of her friends while her new bf James watched?

No. 1311281

I really hope he was arrested or 5150.
This was infuriating to watch.
He’s such a scumbag.

No. 1311340

I think the family was too scared to call the cops because there was drugs all over Sandra’s room. And Sandra hasn’t posted today so I wonder what ended up happening? Hopefully she didn’t get arrested as well because you never know what you’re going to get with the police. Today was Aaron Carter’s baby mamas baby shower and Vero and Brina are both there but no Sandra.

as for Sabrina, why does this girl have BARS?! Clearly it’s not prescription. And I just feel so bad for Sandra’s parents. Their house is literally a circus of girls who need to grow up and go live real lives with actual responsibility. It sounds like they just enable them. That or her mom loves drama as well. I felt so bad for Sandra’s mom watching all of that unfold. Sid was so disrespectful. And then starts trying to embarrass the family when he realized Sandra was on live and bringing up stuff she told him in confidence to try to ruin her relationship with her mom.

No. 1311343

In the video Sabrina recorded…. can anyone make out what they are saying or what the lingo is when they said it cost $60… are they talking about drugs?

No. 1311352

Idk either I just got the vibe that her and her bf bought some type of drugs off of him for beyond and there was a miscommunication with payment then sid threatened to shoot up the car they were in.

No. 1311367

No surprise Brina is still taking Xanax and everyone in this situation needs to get off that stuff. Sandra’s parents seem passive and let her do whatever she wants and invite anybody over which brings chaos. While Sandra is an adult in her mid-twenties, she seems sheltered and has little street smarts when it comes to judging character. You’d think with her line of work she’d have learned a few lessons by now and would be cautious and cynical of people’s intentions. There’s lots of shit men out there.

No. 1311399

Still no sign of Sandra anywhere. I’m wondering if she got 5150’d herself or arrested.

And Sabrina looks high as hell even at a baby shower. But imagine how shitty of a person you look being at a baby shower when you have 3 kids of your own and don’t see any of them. I’m shocked she can even show her face there.

No. 1311402

On what accounts do you all follow this drama?

No. 1311426

Look at fadingtattoos insta story all the milk is on there

No. 1311454

Who is Nathan?

According to Sid’s ex, Sandra is doing okay now. It’s likely she wasn’t feeling up to socializing or going out after staying up late from the drama.

No. 1311553

The chick posted that ego is out of jail and in the hospital now. I really hope Sandra distances herself from him now. What an awful situation. I’m sure she is regretting standing up for him and calling his x a liar!

No. 1311569

It would interesting to know what he’s in hospital for. Did he hurt himself, attempt to overdose on drugs or did someone rough him up? Sandra shouldn’t forgive or feel bad for him because he’s scum.

No. 1311575

It appears so but it’s not really cheating if her bf was there and didn’t care.

In the video Brina recorded last night it was revealed Sandra and Brina had plans to have a threesome with Sid that never happened. Maybe she was going to and decided not to so in his mind that’s cheating.

No. 1311593

i have the feeling that he’s gonna worm his way right back in and sandra will try to act like nothing happened. idk i just don’t think this is “it” for them sadly

No. 1311605

Why is brina now off with her sister and her boyfriend like nothing happened?
This was the biggest Shit show I’ve ever watched.

No. 1311610

I thought the same thing. I was surprised Sabrina didn’t stay and help her best friend out with that situation.. considering how bad it got.
And I’m also curious why Brinas new man didn’t even bother coming inside to make sure neither his gf or friend wouldn’t get hit by Sid. Like they all know he’s clearly unstable and beats women and at that point had already threatened to shoot up their car.

No. 1311613

Pretty sure that anon meant mental hospital

No. 1311632

How the hell do this mid to late 20 year olds still have time to act like high school kids?

No. 1311660

egovert / sid is only 21. not a high schooler but still a kid compared to them. how old is sandra again?

No. 1311765

File: 1630336047232.jpeg (413.48 KB, 1170x2098, F3076DED-A3B1-4B3C-9A43-352359…)

Who let this girl near a baby… she’s at a (late?) baby shower, with Vero and Sandras mom. Sandra is nowhere to be seen.

No. 1311766

File: 1630336072231.jpeg (308.54 KB, 1170x2107, 7794123A-D74C-4CA3-A43F-4D14A5…)

No. 1311768

File: 1630336181277.jpeg (276.74 KB, 1170x2100, 2F387474-1FA7-4939-8C76-D3AD31…)

Sandras mom next to Brina

No. 1311769

File: 1630336242909.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1170x2079, 2204DF1E-502D-4EE3-8464-73AEBA…)

Meanwhile Sandras xanned out acting crazy with flat hair. Looks like a demon.

No. 1311811

It's interesting/weird that Sandra's parents are so involved in the antics of their trashy daughters and her friends. I don't get it

No. 1311818

I thought Sandra just turned 26 or 27..

No. 1311872

The middle hair part is an improvement!

The baby shower was for Melanie Martin, Aaron Carter’s girlfriend. They have a toxic relationship and Aaron is still on drugs and is focused on growing weed plants in their bathroom and being manic on IG live. He’s a whole damn cow himself.

No. 1311914

What an interesting group of individuals. What’s the phrase? Birds of a feather flock together.

No. 1311936

Brina is single white femaling into Sandras family. Would not be surprised if she told Sod where her Xan bars were to cause the drama. She probably did some shady instigation too.

No. 1311997

i really want a thread on schizo celeb cows. aaron carter, tila tequila, sometimes azealia banks, like every 90 day fiancé cast member. they’re so entertaining and i can’t keep up with the milk.

No. 1312027

thank you!

No. 1312510

this is so weird to me, i don’t understand sandras parents at all? like i get it, she’s an adult but clearly she has issues…..so how are they just fart arsing about whilst she’s high off her tits (is the guy still there?) i guess i would expect them to be tryna help her and not just go to a baby shower after all that went down idk

No. 1312645

Maybe they’re in denial about how bad her situation is. How much can you really help someone when they don’t want help though?

No. 1313011

File: 1630462925391.png (2.04 MB, 640x1136, 1B137FFF-EBB3-448E-A95D-7CC13F…)

Sandra’s praying her sins away

No. 1313069

File: 1630473097150.jpeg (38.57 KB, 828x609, 8540B7D2-2A90-4DF9-A570-251BF6…)

Sabrina unfollowed Sandra.

No. 1313076

I wonder how soon she’ll be moving out with her new bf.

No. 1313086

the new bf, who was also Sandra’s beloved friend, unfollowed her as well.

No. 1313101

Yes anon!! This!!! This is what gets me thinking they have to ALL be mentally unstable after this shit show, they are all acting like nothing happened and Sandra now praying and taking Xan dancing like a demon…. like what the actual fuck?

No. 1313104

I noticed she unfollowed shortly after that fight with Sid.

Sabrina really can’t keep friends can she?
And that whole baby thing was extremely laughable when she can’t even take care of her own kids, who thought it was a good idea to take a picture with one? Lol

No. 1313283

You called it on this ruining their friendship! I guess Sabrina draws the line at her friends “boyfriend” stealing from her? I would think after what Sandra just dealt with, she would really need a friend. I wonder what else happened that we didn’t see!

No. 1313296

Sandra's IG story of her knealing in a church before Jesus cut to a Hitachi and some dildos is too much, because it's not even supposed to be humorous!! She needs her own thread for REAL

No. 1313302

The discarding of Sandra was inevitable once she didn't need her for shelter. I have no doubt she plans to move out with her new boyfriend who she never looked twice at until she got to this new level of desperate.

No. 1313306

Good point. Now that Sabrina has a BF there is no need for Sandra. Very in line with past behavior.

No. 1313307

I vote yes on a Sandra thread!

No. 1313403

It would be good to have a LA/OC sex worker thread to cover their social circle. Also noticed Aaron Carter and Melanie have broken up again and unfollowed each other on IG. Lots of drama going on everywhere.

No. 1313472

agreed! I have a lot of stories and ss's of Sandra but don't post them because they're not related to Brina and lately I'm just fascinated/amazed by sandra & her family, like I'm watching a crazed bar-head in the wild lmao

No. 1313489

Sandra does not need her own thread.

Also if you can't sage your nonmilk your 'vote' shouldn't count retard

No. 1313589

Sandra votes yes for her own thread

No. 1313842

File: 1630575875750.jpeg (290.75 KB, 1125x1949, 7CF2BB47-6EF2-4481-BB7D-896FAB…)

Okay Sandra is now going on a huge binge…. Is she alright? Lol

No. 1313999

I thought that too when I saw her story posts, more food than she's posted before so maybe there's a real ED at play here

No. 1314091

She eats like 10 year old. Wtf is wrong with her?

No. 1314159

lol she's following her again now wtf

No. 1314169

maybe the new bf stopped her from moving into his place (or dumped her already) and had to come back to Sandra’s for shelter kek

No. 1314287

He probably didn’t have place for her to stay. He probably lives with his parents too since he’s always at Sandras i

No. 1314304

File: 1630623409253.png (2.18 MB, 640x1136, D34B8B47-E334-4255-844C-5F09E1…)

They’re friends again playing footsies with each other

No. 1314403

Got her script of xans filled I see

No. 1314630

Such a shit show rite? Lol

No. 1314633

Definitely an ED at play, I noticed Brina removed her little Ed attention post she seems to have fallen down that crack again.

No. 1314707

Unsurprisingly, ED's and drug abuse often go hand in hand. Throw camming into the mix, the pressure of being seen and needing to maintain a certain image and you've got some very expensive future therapy bills when they can no longer uphold any one of their behaviours

No. 1314944

I would bet she’s fallen back into her Ed habits. Clearly she’s back on substances as well. I can’t see these girls ever changing their ways.

No. 1314947

I love this idea!
Can we also include Karen? Sabrina’s former BFF? I have much milk on that cow.

No. 1315053

Brina’s boyfriend trusts her enough to go to those poker games where girls are known to do extras?? The relationship is new so she’s likely not cheating yet but it’ll happen sooner or later. Let’s hope he’s not stupid enough to knock her up.

No. 1315066

He’s sleeping over in Sandras parents house. Puke you imagine have to put up that clown show of a house?

No. 1315067

She always ends up pregnant or faking being so for attention. She doesn't use birth control ffs

3rd having a separate thread for all the messies

No. 1315962

If there’s no thread made can you share the milk here? I’ve always been so curious about Karen. Is she an escort? Why did her and Sabrina claim to be sisters? My ex was a member of a metal band and had lots of fan girls who would throw themselves at him and Karen was one of them. She sent him unsolicited nudes photos when she knew he had a girlfriend and was trying to get his number and was offering to blow him to try to get on the guest list to one of his shows.

No. 1315966

Melanie is claiming now that Aaron Carter cheated on her. She’s dumb though, she knew what she was doing with him, she was trying to get pregnant with him from the beginning to try to secure the bag. The guy doesn’t make THAT much money but he does pull in a lot from royalties, more than the average person. Aaron even went on a podcast and said he spent almost $300k in a year on stuff that Melanie wanted from a new car, to clothes, shoes, jewelry, etc. He seemed defeated about it too— he wasn’t bragging. And then Melanie just sits there with a smirk on her face. Melanie also got arrested last year for domestic violence after she punched Aaron in the face. These people should not be allowed to have kids.

No. 1315987

is there an aaron carter thread? he seems super milky but i’ve never been able to follow along

No. 1316086

Probably belongs in celebricows, but I'd like to read more about him as well.

No. 1316138

Karen is another drugged out deadbeat mom. Two baby daddies taking care of them for her. Not too different from Sabrina. I think her youngest is 4?
That’s when she went and had a huge tummy tuck and loads of body work done.

No. 1316291

I think there's an overlap of milk here with the IP2 network.

No. 1316907

File: 1630911114690.jpeg (309.93 KB, 1284x1982, 54527DF4-100B-4136-B82A-0B3AEB…)

She can manage to fly her new bf to Vegas to visit her dad but can’t drive 30 min to visit any of her kids? Lol. Pathetic

No. 1316914

why do we shit on her for not seeing her kids? she's a sludgy toxic cesspool who should never be around children in her life

No. 1317168

Because she uses them (specifically Chloe) whenever she wants to play house with a new boyfriend. Then when she's done she discards them like nothing. The kids probably would be better off if she just totally disappeared from their lives, but they're kids and might not realize what a pos she is yet. It's gotta hurt that she makes zero effort to see them.

No. 1317250

Does anyone have the live recorded of Sandra and sid? Also another yes vote for a Sandra thread

No. 1317373

Sid’s ex recorded some of it and posted it to her stories. I don’t know if she’ll share them again since she blocked me when I tried to talk to her about Sandra.

Someone mentioned in the other thread Brina’s not allowed to see her kids. She needed court supervised visits to see Cora but was too stupid and useless to plan one.

No. 1317535

yikes those droopy lidded xan eyes. I will never understand all these cows who get super fucked up before flights. Most crashes are survivable, but you have to be able to get up and out of the wreck and that's hard enough to do sober especially if things are broken, upside down, smoky, etc. Like they're nervous about dying in a crashes but literally increase their odds of that happening

No. 1317574

I wonder if her dad will notice how fucked up she is again. She looked like she had made some physical progress while living with him.

No. 1317817

I always thought this dude was a dealer or s/t and that's why Sandra hung with him. Who is he? Anyone know about James? We know no decent normal guy would ever date Sabrina so..?

No. 1317832

Lets just keep this one thread with all the Brina and Sandra bs

No. 1318450

File: 1631066925922.png (3.36 MB, 828x1792, 0496C6F7-DA9E-4ADF-9D70-9A49AC…)

Sandra actually looks hot

No. 1318620

This is old unless she’s taken everyone’s advice and fixed her hair. She looks amazing there.

No. 1318808

that's a bad chest photoshop but the hair is an improvement

No. 1318819

Her hair needs to always be this way. I feel like the more teased it gets, the more unwell she is.

No. 1318967

Sabrina has really lost weight recently, I would have screen shot but it’s actually quite scary now. She needs back in rehab ASAP.(post screenshots)

No. 1319052

I’ve noticed as well.
Drugs and back on her bullshit

No. 1319146

Post pic pls? How do they lose weight so fast and stay so thin? is it the xanax that makes them forget to eat or smthing? Sabrinas body is ugly but sandras look really good i cannot imagine her exercising though

No. 1319159

It could be Sabrina doesn't eat the food she posts (or that’s all she eats for the day), purges meals or has a crazy metabolism. She definitely doesn’t work out.

No. 1319227

So many anachans in here lately. I wouldn’t have an issue with how thin Sandra is except for the fact that she has zero muscle tone, she’s just skin and bones. That isn’t that hard to achieve and maintain given her constant drug use and the shit food that she does put into her body is probably purged. She eats nothing if nutritional value when she does consume food.

No. 1319261

It’s a combination of things.
Xans, ket, alcohol 24/7 plus Her neighbors in her old high rise complained she would smoke meth so it wouldn’t surprise me if she still did, Considering she never sleeps.
Her untoned alcoholic body can only be achieved by this lifestyle.

No. 1319888

File: 1631208649679.jpeg (438.15 KB, 1284x2139, 356B8D06-6ABF-4127-90B7-7ED839…)

She’s looking thin like she did with Rhett.

No. 1319901

She looks like she has a bald spot near her part.

No. 1319998

Her hair has been gradually thinning out. Her hair parts are getting wider, She has tons of hair loss around the frame of her face and behind her ears. Possibly from malnutrition? She’s always said it’s from iron deficiency but who knows.

No. 1320854

File: 1631305032956.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 427.22 KB, 1284x1777, 05D18F44-53C7-40F3-A547-307DD1…)

Probably because her new man likes blondes lol

No. 1320932

It makes sense. Sabrina loves sleeping with guys her friends like or are dating. Competing for men and “winning” is her thing. I bet she trashed talked Poppi to Sandra and James and made up lies about her. It’s a pattern from the past she’s likely to repeat over and over.

No. 1321209

File: 1631367921179.jpeg (407.37 KB, 805x1399, B97D047B-D86E-4B60-A384-625DA1…)

No. 1321211

Are Sabrina and Poppi even friends anymore?

No. 1321218

I'm positive James has fucked every girl Sandra has ever brought over there haha, Sabrina isn't special

No. 1321330

Poppi still follows her and has Sabrina’s pics up. But Sabrina doesn’t lol.
We all know Sabrina is incredibly catty, insecure and jealous in her relationships.

No. 1321566

Antipsychotics why am I not surprised Sandra is bipolar or schizo

No. 1321815

File: 1631436940090.jpeg (582 KB, 828x1696, 01EDD39B-BB05-4DF7-8E53-FB31BC…)

Yeah, I know she’s doing terrible lately but at least she fixed her hair, which was without a doubt the biggest problem she had!

No. 1321879

File: 1631443963596.jpeg (187.36 KB, 828x1467, FE468DBC-71CD-40F8-8E0E-1A8136…)

Sandra’s stories are pretty disturbing. I think she’s having a psychotic episode

No. 1322201

File: 1631469024096.jpeg (200.14 KB, 1284x2282, 01FF7DD8-87EE-4FEE-B41D-215E97…)

Nitpick but taking photos in front of a toilet is a terrible look. Does Sandra have trouble pooping? Is that why she has a squatty potty footrest thing? She needs to eat more vegetables high in fiber instead of pop-tarts and candy.

No. 1322310

I feel bad for her, she seems so unwell she doesn’t even notice how awful these photos look or how bizarre it is to think sitting on a toilet looks sexy.

No. 1322347

Same. Brina is a manipulative user and she really fucked Sandra over. I hope Sandra gets some help eventually.

No. 1322358

Foot rests are good for you, that's how your body is supposed to be positioned even if you eat properly

No. 1322597

File: 1631492906664.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 679.72 KB, 828x1453, 957B4C28-6A2F-412D-9103-B82F40…)

Back to over teasing the hair… litter box in the background too.

No. 1324221

File: 1631657460034.jpeg (802.86 KB, 828x1608, E26D118D-9693-471D-A676-292833…)

No. 1324347

I feel for Sandra. I think she's a good person but obviously has problems. I hope her new meds help her and maybe she'll eventually dump dead weight Sabrina

No. 1324413

I agree, poor girl. Sabrina is definitely using her. They don’t even seem to spend any time together anymore. New boyfriend means she dumps her friends?

No. 1324437

#TeamSandra & #TeamLexapro

No. 1324453

Finding the right medication is hell so good for her for trying, sticking to it, and sharing her experience online in a relatable way. I wish her the best, that sounds like a good combination but I’m happy she’s comfortable to speak up if it doesn’t and switch. A lot of people look down on that process but it is in fact hell and your body is adjusting to a lot, and processing that is so much. Again really good for her for committing to her health in whatever way she can, if she finds something that works she will be able to notice the toxic aspects of her life and be able to let them go to become the person she is meant to.

No. 1324669

I agree with you, hopefully it is the right combination and she dumbs Brina once she realizes she deserves better than that user.(learn2sage)

No. 1324878

They’ll probably stay close until Sabrina moves out. Sandra is a person with good intentions that makes terrible decisions while Brina is just a shitty person. Sandra needs to raise her standards with who she associates with and not let losers and bums into her parents home.

No. 1324931

Are the meds going to fix her immaturity?(sage)

No. 1325103

File: 1631741169352.jpeg (204.64 KB, 828x939, 7C61047F-C93F-4640-9512-4BC1B8…)

No. 1325110

tbh meds alone won’t but they can help get her to a place where she can grow and mature and get healthy. idk anything about her but I’m rooting for her.

No. 1325578

File: 1631801365007.jpeg (182.09 KB, 1125x1202, 12468767-BA3D-4D1C-91B7-5D54AB…)

Lol oops(cowtipping)

No. 1325601

What was the point tho

No. 1325722

James no longer follows poppi all of a sudden.

No. 1325951

File: 1631825482817.jpeg (240.56 KB, 1284x2018, AFFCC5FC-2223-4DC9-BBEA-BA1582…)

Karen throwing shade at brina

No. 1326003

Looks like Brina made him unfollow her in a fit of jealousy. Poppi seems like a catfish with the facetune and filters but she’s still prettier, younger and doesn’t the baggage of kids and multiple baby daddies.

Sounds like Karen is still bitter but I’m enjoying her throwing shade.

Sandra is bizarre. Why post a deep and meaningful mental health caption on IG with a picture of your legs open and vag pretty much on display?

No. 1326018

File: 1631831289690.jpeg (203.9 KB, 823x1248, 03003774-F43B-4CD8-A098-2D2985…)

And continues to be.

I feel like Sandra just really literally hasn't had many people there for her in her life. Hence the weird overshares

No. 1326160

Yeah. Gl with the meds but god damn just quit the sex work already. Seems like a she doesnt realize how fd up it makes her. She wants love and isnt gonna get it this way

No. 1327530

File: 1631982181429.png (3.07 MB, 750x1334, 14149A96-EBA1-4BB5-84B0-67652A…)

this has to be a joke… omg 😆

No. 1327534

That’s disappointing. At least we’ll get more drama if she’s friends with Sid again. Wish she’d sort herself out instead.

No. 1327557

File: 1631985386827.jpg (947.25 KB, 1078x1190, SmartSelect_20210918-191543_In…)

Sandra been a personal lolcow of mine for some time now since she's involved in the aaron carter drama.
Her music videos are amazing! I kinda feel like one anon said, she wants love but just seem so confused.
Her twitch career is extremely funny since she just invested in a ton of Pikachu things and called it a day kek
Sage for personal lolcow sperg

No. 1327582

I bet this disgusting, manipulative scrote will try everything to make her come back to him over and over again like the absolute scum he is. Insecure mentally ill girls like her are prone to be caught in such bullshit and make an easier target for malignant narcs like him. This will only escalate further now that he knows that he can get away with shit like that. I don’t want to know what will happen next, only thing that can help in a situation like this are good friends which she doesn’t seem to have. Sad

No. 1327621

I follow the Aaron drama too. There’s a video on YT from a year ago with Aaron raging because Sandra publicly talked about Aaron and Melanie’s relationship and said she was worried about Melanie’s safety because she wouldn’t pick up her phone. Aaron was triggered and said she’s no longer welcome in their lives.

Both Melanie and Sandra seem to be attracted to manipulative narcissistic men.

No. 1327651

i had no idea she was involved in anything related to aaron carter, he is so fucking mental and so sexist yet spouts such ridiculous pandering statements about loving women. i know this isn’t an aaron thread but if anyone can let us know how she was involved it would be cool, if not all good! i hope the medication will give her some distance so she can see what kind of men she’s letting into her life

No. 1327700

SERIOUSLY. Like we are rooting for you Sandra. You are obviously not a bad person but wtf? She is so low iq and naive I don't think she stands a chance with a narc manipulator. Ohhh Sandra. Just stick to picking flowers and find a nice normy guy with a normal job that helps guide you..not one that makes you buy him drugs fuck sorry for blog but its kinda shocking after that family video breakdown video was posted and after he stole from Sabrina. Like she's your only friend and she doesn't even like you that's a given but don't you want to keep your friends and fam safe like?? Sorry spergyblog

No. 1327746

Melanie is close friends with Sandra and Vero. Aaron has been to a few of their parties/events. Sandra mentioned her and Aaron were going to do a song together which never happened.

Wasn’t there for the drama while it happened and can only piece some of it together. A YouTuber that covered Aaron’s drama got in contact with Sandra and Vero with concern for Melanie because Aaron’s behavior was concerning. Vero and Sandra talked to the YouTuber on a live stream and were trying to get a hold of Melanie who wouldn’t pick up her phone. Aaron caught wind and got big mad as shown in this video. He proceeded to make fun of Sandra for being a twitch gamer.

They’ve all made up since and Aaron was at Vero’s baby shower earlier this year. Aaron and Brina follow each other too.

No. 1327758

And to add to the connection - I actually got interested in the Aaron Drama after Karen (Sabrina's ex best friend) had posted photos waking up in bed with him, back on her insta stort
a few summers ago.

No. 1327771

File: 1632006572103.jpeg (144.38 KB, 640x511, 9E53FE22-1BF9-44E3-BE78-1D5349…)

This might be why Sandra didn’t turn up to the baby shower ???

Didn’t know Karen messed with him too. These girls love sharing guys.

No. 1327831

Sandra isn’t normal. She and her “friends” are only attracted to shitshows of human beings.

No. 1327925

based Sandra

No. 1328510

File: 1632083176805.png (3.38 MB, 828x1792, ECB36A85-91EA-4A39-B868-849162…)

Jfc Sandra. We get it. You're mentally ill.

No. 1328511

Incredibly cringe

No. 1328580

So cringe and attention seeking. Is she going through a late scene/emo/edgy phase now it’s trendy again?

No. 1328719

File: 1632106728784.jpeg (478.65 KB, 828x1406, E0895ECF-1454-447E-99F8-5E92D8…)

Is Sabrina’s new bf wearing a wedding band?

No. 1328797

Never realised how goofy her teeth are until she opens her mouth. Lol

No. 1328828

File: 1632114052327.jpeg (434.77 KB, 1284x2441, DCE4DE0B-8932-43C2-BD87-55DC05…)

Looks like someone’s losing her weight again. Back to ED? Or drugs?

No. 1328829

File: 1632114120634.jpeg (429.99 KB, 1276x2334, 56097137-14B1-4FD2-BBBB-67D287…)

Sabrina is looking terrible.
Like a corpse.

No. 1328830

Idk but he’s rolling balls.
His pupils are huge

No. 1329233

The legs are serious ED thin, holy

No. 1329239

I’d say both drugs and ED are to blame for this. Homegirl needs help, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her looking this terrible.

No. 1329453

File: 1632177345286.png (368.57 KB, 828x1792, D0A03A06-83D7-4CDF-94B7-C0EC61…)

Suicide bait? New meds??

No. 1329613

Vero, Sandra, Melanie and brina are only associated with Aaron Carter because of them being escorts. That's literally the only reason they even crossed paths. Aaron doe not follow Brina or Sandra, but Brian follows Aaron in hopes she can grab those seconds as usual.
If Brina wasn't escorting she would still be living with her dad

No. 1329728

He was following them a week ago. He frequently unfollows people (including his kiss ass fans) frequently.

No. 1330409

File: 1632255150336.jpeg (664.4 KB, 828x1469, F44B837E-86C0-477D-A352-656818…)

Looks like she’s documenting everything

No. 1330479

File: 1632258258249.jpeg (45.47 KB, 1284x2282, DFA38D31-F5D3-4C3B-B894-8279C4…)

Take drugs, go to church, pray to Jesus and masturbate for money. Nice.

Keep those pills far away from Egovert.

No. 1330499

Sandra on Adderall is going to be a shit show. I’ve seen people on psych meds and adderall…. they don’t mix well. And if we thought she was skinny already, she’s going to get even skinnier since it is a known appetite suppressant. Oh and when you stop taking them you go extra psycho. It’s really not a med that should be handed out so easily. People call it legal meth for a reason….

No. 1330546

you know she’s a sex worker, filming content is her job. maybe it won’t be after she keeps getting help for a long enough period of time, but why bother pointing it out?

her adderal is only 10mg so she should be fine, i’m surprised she wasn’t given vyvanse or other options. she should consider a break while adjusting to new medication and let it be an experience she keeps private so she can build boundaries.

No. 1331016

File: 1632292438754.jpeg (396.68 KB, 1284x2148, 5C0DE6C4-EE4B-482B-829F-F38636…)

No fucking way. The same guy that threatened to shoot up sabrina and James car and threatened to beat up her dad??

No. 1331018

File: 1632292470668.png (6.62 MB, 1242x2208, 05A455A7-265B-466A-8C69-436FE5…)

Well that didn’t take long. She’s already trying to get him back into her life.

No. 1331022

Seriously? This kid threatened her friends and wanted to shoot her dad.

No. 1331174

I remember her saying on her last live that they're still friends. It's legit scary that she's keeping that waste in her life, how did his actions towards her and brina not prove to her the crap he's done to other women is true?! She's going to lose lots of respect being so lovely with an abuser

No. 1331564

the next slide said that that she was "vibing" which makes me question if she even has adhd. She shouldn't be getting a high if she actually needed them. I can't help but wonder if she was getting them for him or just more shit to get high on that will help suppress her appetite.

No. 1331756

Wouldn't be surprised if it was for either of those reasons. She was complaining she'd gained like 4/5lbs by eating loads after the egovert stuff but she was going through stress and that can make people binge so gaining weight is to be expected

No. 1331791

Maybe or she might be misdiagnosed as anxiety symptoms can look like ADD/ADHD. Not a medfag anyway and it’s her doctors call. She mentioned she has trouble staying awake with her other medication so the Adderall will help with fatigue.

No. 1331796

File: 1632355114262.jpeg (434.55 KB, 1284x1966, 7DDB5D8A-5D13-4215-8483-128406…)

Wonder if brina is getting more of those ketamine injections

No. 1331840

her prescription is only 10mg, you could just drink green tea for that small of a dose.

No. 1332112

File: 1632396702160.jpeg (378.81 KB, 828x1696, F4D018D2-707F-4C47-B589-6A73FD…)

Sandra’s writing songs about Brina now?

No. 1332201

File: 1632409197384.png (3.71 MB, 828x1792, 0C6E4756-A81D-4200-8D02-3CD696…)

OK Sandra blasting 'You should be sad' by Halsey, obviously up all night in Adderall and dramatically removing Sids picture from her frame on ig stories is the attention seeking bullshit I came for.

No. 1332204

Where is there any evidence to her saying she gained weight and was unhappy about it

No. 1332207

File: 1632409513348.png (2.44 MB, 828x1792, 3C163042-D132-435A-9FBC-8AD33F…)

Proud of you Sandra, now take out your trash jfc bitch it's overflowing

No. 1332268

This looks like questions they would diagnose ADHD. I’m assuming she doesn’t have it because the doctor said “seems like you have a lot going on” and rescheduled her for December.

If they had put her on adhd meds she would’ve been scheduled for a med check up in a week or two.

No. 1332269

File: 1632413858093.jpeg (161.27 KB, 828x1465, 34111AC3-EA3C-4BB4-A5D8-AACB5B…)

Getting rid of this asshole for good, hopefully. Where’s Brina’s support for her lately? They never do anything together anymore.

No. 1332307

How did she already have printed pics with him, didnt they date for like 3 days

No. 1332355

She claims they were friends but clearly has feelings for him. It looks like her meltdown is because he won’t call her back so she wrote sad lyrics and ripped up his photo.

No. 1332446

That was Sabrinas psych note. Not Sandra..

No. 1332482

File: 1632433165858.jpeg (144.35 KB, 1170x2080, 49A3046A-CBBC-4C03-80E6-7061D8…)

Egovert’s ex is warning everyone about these two. Curious about what happened since Sabrina (or her bf) was siding with her against Egovert and providing info a few weeks ago.

No. 1332634

More like search The Dirty or here and find out in 2 seconds all you need to know kek >>1331840
They are probably getting her body used to a baby dose like they do most mental health drugs at first.

No. 1332737

Sabrina’s story’s are so uncomfortably cringe. She looks like the grudge awkwardly showing her emaciated body.
I have no doubt she’s on more than Xanax.

No. 1332751

No that’s a standard questionnaire to rate someone’s depression from mild, moderate to severe. You’re usually supposed to fill them out each session for your therapist or psychiatrist to determine how you have been doing depression wise.

No. 1333182

File: 1632502897875.jpeg (308.57 KB, 1284x2066, 282F7FD6-64B1-4FCF-8E86-2DD8FF…)

Congratulations. You’ve fallen for a narcissistic deadbeat mom. Hope she doesn’t get pregnant again and make him baby daddy number 4? Or is it 5 now?
Must be love if he’s okay with her escorting on the side.

No. 1333315

I love you more than you love your kids

No. 1333457


I love you more than your kids love you.

Also hot sauce is great and all but wow this guy has got to be the lamest guy she's ever been with, aside from the old men she fucks for $ kek

No. 1334149

The guys who end up with her are the ones who are glad that she doesn’t have her kids because it would create too much responsibility and would take away attention /time from them. She’s going to live the rest of her life with low grade men because anyone decent wouldn’t want to be associated with her.

this James guy just gives me reaaallllyyyyy weird vibes in general. Anyone else get the “Domestic violence behind closed doors” vibe from him?

No. 1334277

I don’t get that vibe from him. He seems like a sensitive pushover.

No. 1334334

File: 1632617063703.png (3.84 MB, 828x1792, 054C9FFB-65FD-4874-8E94-5F366C…)

No. 1334435

this bitch is gonna fall on her boney ass in those heels and whatever the hell she is standing on

No. 1334555

Sabrina’s boyfriend recently survived a traumatic brain injury. Need I say more? He’s not all there. But beyond that if you look at his Instagram the guy is a major clout chaser. My friend who is close with that Tana youtuber girl said James is a known drug dealer in LA and he’s the plug for a lot of youtuber people even for David Dobrik’s nerdy ass vlog squad

No. 1334559

Of course he's a dealer lmao. Brina is so predictable. That might explain why she's so ana right now, she has easy access to coke etc

No. 1334626

What’s with the same shit from pumps thread? Go home loser.

No. 1334628

Agreed anon! Lol

No. 1334633

cool larp

it’s definitely a screening for depression + anxiety and they probably put her on an antidepressant and told her to come back in a couple months to check on it. pretty normal stuff. i hope someone’s watching her for manic episodes and i WISH someone was keeping her the fuck away from this BPD al qaeda little slimeball

Sabrina will only “date” a dude who has something to offer, and the only dudes willing to “date” her have TBIs, so this checks out

No. 1335437

It's interesting to me how little she's posted him compared to Nathan whom she was OBSESSED WITH. Probably because she didn't have to fight anyone off for this 5'6 in shoes manlet

No. 1335732

Nathanial is hot as fuck - and she knew that she was not a catch for him. This new guy James is prob a cuck and gives her free drugs until she's caught stealing from him too

No. 1335834

File: 1632774095181.jpeg (231.81 KB, 1284x2282, 2B0A0E7C-9A31-4D68-9409-6B1D24…)


No. 1335836

File: 1632774208869.jpeg (31.99 KB, 1284x2282, 060E4AFC-51C0-4527-A11F-9C3507…)


No. 1335838

File: 1632774304462.jpeg (166.76 KB, 1284x2282, 400B33AD-5873-4DC8-8659-D8CE29…)


No. 1335841

File: 1632774406418.jpeg (140.96 KB, 1284x2282, DD4124BE-0B3E-4A4D-AB4D-DBE1D5…)


No. 1335843

>at night when I eat my cereal

No. 1335904

She has literally gone off the deep end wtf

No. 1335946

Yeah, really… I feel for her though. Mental health problems are brutal and then getting mixed up with the wrong people, too? Ugh. Bad combo. While Brina is trash with unforgivable behavior, Sandra could turn herself around.

No. 1335966

File: 1632782040764.jpeg (431.74 KB, 828x1408, 5C2AEA2B-34C3-4D1C-B675-073447…)

Comments on Sabrina’s family page that she keeps but does nothing with?

No. 1336125

Has brina ever said she has BPD?
I thought it was only pmdd and textbook narcissism.

No. 1336145

Never heard her mention it but based on her behavior over the years and the diagnostic criteria for BPD she might have it. Unfortunately people get misdiagnosed for years since symptoms overlap with other disorders. Comorbidity, drug use and not being honest with your doctor can make it difficult to spot. She needs a GOOD psychiatrist who can monitor her long term and not give her xanax and call it a day.

No. 1336226

has anyone else watched sandras stories up rn? she has to be trolling w her vocals surely?????? saged this womans voice haunts me

No. 1336231

Absolutely hilarious isn’t it …. I am patiently waiting on that duet song with Brina that she mentioned awhile back on stories. Bring it on.

No. 1336253

I wonder if anyone has tried to gently tell her that music isn't her thing. I'm guessing some don't want to hurt her since she's clearly already not doing well and others keep up the charade so they can keep using her for money. It'd be different if she just loved singing, no matter how terrible she is, and sang karaoke in her bedroom for fun lol. But the poor girl is putting a lot of money and time into this delusional dream of hers to make it in the music industry.

No. 1336463

File: 1632842263520.png (133.43 KB, 828x1792, FAE31539-D51F-4AB8-930C-21E540…)

Noone ever talked about the fact that her parents want MORE messes moving in to pay rent. Interesting. Also still laughing at Egovert being like..'you're over emotional, don't text me' and Sandra translating that to 'I'm going to risk it all, and kill you'

Stop saying goodbye on your Twitter and stories every fucking day Sandra. Your dramatics are getting pathetic and boring. He's JUST not that into you. You got used. You need to move on, YOU look crazier than him atp and that's..a new low..

No. 1337141

File: 1632898857090.jpeg (148.43 KB, 1284x2282, 0824D019-69E8-4041-911F-EA285E…)

Sandra reads KF? And why is she publicly asking Corpse Husband (who wants to keep his identity a secret) if this is him.

No. 1337279

She said it was sent to her by someone. But it’s always possible she does read KF or here.

No. 1337386

BPD and narcissism are challenging to diagnose because often the patient isn’t self aware. Self awareness is key to a successful diagnosis and treatment, and Brina definitely has zero self awareness.

No. 1337533

File: 1632939789977.jpeg (89.15 KB, 1284x2282, 2C817019-D50B-4B0A-8382-546877…)

Does Sandra know how unsafe it is to ask strangers on social media to audition for a part in her next masturbation video? She’s putting herself in a situation to be taken advantage of.

No. 1337680

Not only that but in the script she's shown the story is like she has sex with the gangster then turns into one herself so like… is she asking randoms from her OF to audition for an actual sex scene? I know she escorts, so it's not super different, but still so risky and dangerous especially when she clearly isn't in the best place mentally right now…

No. 1337782

File: 1632960150814.jpg (261.14 KB, 1080x1906, Screenshot_20210929-200041_Ins…)

This is Sandra's outfit for her "queen" roleplay. Queen of what, cockatiels? That hair.

No. 1337805

File: 1632962251022.jpeg (356.47 KB, 828x1470, 6E6BB59B-B4B0-4A2B-A7D5-981E33…)

No. 1337836

How is this milk?

No. 1337885

she must have meant drag queen

No. 1337974

Milk because it's an obvious "long time fan aka Sandra" putting an illusion they make such desperate money. Sad

No. 1337975

Keep paying yourselves this is such a cool plan.

No. 1337993

File: 1632985068023.jpg (195.85 KB, 1078x1915, Screenshot_20210930-025508_Ins…)

Sandra's sobbing on a few different slides on her stories. She didn't say why or say anything at all. She really needs better mental health help than she appears to be getting.

No. 1338605

File: 1633052641772.png (350.41 KB, 828x1792, 3FB2C6FC-65A2-431E-9705-574F11…)

No. 1338606

File: 1633052693970.png (142.15 KB, 828x1792, 3948D3ED-909D-44FB-B11A-643737…)

Oh Sandra…….

No. 1338608

File: 1633052724849.png (161.11 KB, 828x1792, D507A055-0CBF-43E1-8F20-116461…)

No. 1338616

this idiot was just writing goodbye letters to her loved ones like a month ago when she had covid

No. 1338646

Sabrina and her made it clear on Sabrinas sorry it was about Egovert

No. 1338647

She and all of her dumbass friends literally caught covid from going to a concert on her bday.

No. 1338692

and they all survived…(sage)

No. 1338710

Oh my god, I don’t even follow this thread but I live nearby. I wish I didn’t have a life and responsibilities, I could go and report back lol
There was a pro-trump/anti-vax protest there just a couple months ago that had to be dispersed because they were running into traffic and shit.

No. 1339197

Lol you don’t follow this thread yet are commenting on it??(sage )

No. 1339217

Lol you’ve been following this thread all this time and don’t know how to sage?

No. 1339284

File: 1633130700442.jpg (382.1 KB, 1080x1897, Screenshot_20211001-192207_Ins…)

As it turns out the anti-vax protest is just her sitting with signs as random passerbys who sound just as nuts as she does come up and write things on her blank posters. She's on live right now. So cringy.

No. 1339306

I watched part of the live. So cringey. Weird old men loitering around, spouting off their misinformation and Sandra agreeing and asking them to write their opinion on her little posters. Lmao, I can’t.

No. 1339342

File: 1633136621962.png (7.87 MB, 1125x2436, 23DB06E8-5BDA-4602-AFE4-179602…)

Omg Sandra’s hair

No. 1339359


No. 1339375

Giving off Julie Terryberry energy

No. 1339392

File: 1633144135422.jpeg (243.7 KB, 828x1696, 63558D77-BA16-4907-9A00-A83638…)

So much for friends meeting up with her during the protest. Oh Sandra. Focus on your mental health!

No. 1339394

File: 1633144160673.jpeg (268.63 KB, 828x1686, 62119FC3-4755-4ACE-A1BC-AE1336…)

No. 1339409

Something tells my intuition that Egovert was very openly against the vaccine, and she soaked that all up, and this is a last sad ditch attempt to get his attention. Like..work on your Miss MFC shit, clearly Adderall has made her less focused which it does to people who don't have ADHD to begin with (medfag here)

No. 1339453

Sage for nitpick but her hair and choice of clothing ages her soooo bad. She looks 40.

No. 1339796

The main reason Sandra is protesting is because she can’t go to a concert where you need to show proof of vaccination to get in. It’s not as if she actually cares about rights and is only speaking about it now because she wants to go to a concert and hang around SoundCloud rappers and boys she’s likes. During her protest people spoke to her about the origin of the virus and how the vaccine works but of course it flew over her head.

No. 1339967

File: 1633217159228.png (563.69 KB, 720x1313, Screenshot_20211002-192042~2.p…)

Finally Sandra has called Sabrina nellie out on her fake bullshit

No. 1339968

File: 1633217222651.png (19.29 KB, 720x477, Screenshot_20211002-192016~2.p…)

And blocked her and Sabrina's ugly boyfriend, go Sandra!

No. 1340025

And looks like Sandra removed all Sabrina’s pictures on her friends highlight album lol. I wonder what happened

No. 1340039

The way Sandra mentioned taking action to make the world a better place makes me feel like she's mad bc Sabrina didn't go to her little anti-vax one person protest. I doubt this is going to stick. I used to root for Sandra but lately I feel like she's a lost cause

No. 1340041

what's going to happen to their living situation if they were just looking for roommates together?(sage)

No. 1340052

Sandra has been showing less of Sabrina on her IG for a while and also by posting her crying showing that Sabrina is not there for her but that her good long time friend James (Sabrina's "boyfriend")that Sandra was taken advantage of.typical Sabrina. Which is why all of her old friends no longer follow her on social media or a part of her life. Sabrina will step on whoever she has too, and she was finally called out.

No. 1340055

Sandra I think is also relating how shitty Sabrina treated her after her fallout w egovert. Like Sabrina, your ugly clout chasing bf hid in the car and you ran out as fast as you could. Were you there for Sandra, no. You left and then told her to get over it pretty much. Yet when Sabrina was with Rhett he posted videos treating her like shit and she stayed no problem. It has nothing to do with the vaccine

No. 1340102

File: 1633233054369.png (8.88 MB, 1242x2208, 4CE0DA67-6A12-4E51-9DBF-61AEAE…)

And now Sandra’s crying while packing up her whole room?

No. 1340190

I did notice Sabrina finally got around to deleting all of her pics with Nathaniel… that took forever.

No. 1340442

File: 1633279653364.png (2.4 MB, 828x1792, 1434C0C7-AB43-4206-9650-91D620…)

Yes, definitely drive on Klonopin Sandra..good fucking idea. Between the uppers and downers, feels like the psych gave up on her. Literally followed this girl for years, and she honestly only recently became this much of a cow on her stories. If you even just look at her YouTube videos from a year ago so she was looking, and seemingly doing so much better. She was streaming on the Bigo app which is no nudity, not even bikinis. Before Sabrina moved in she actually told me she's was a nannying too.

No. 1340500

File: 1633285469143.jpeg (601.99 KB, 1284x1912, 232496DD-7B2F-4DFE-A6E9-5C45D6…)

Vero stopped following Sandra as well.

No. 1340592

So Sandra is moving out according to her stories. Sabrina knows she needs to get the hell out of that’s the case. That’s mad weird if she’s staying with sandras parents.

No. 1340634

Single white female strikes again. Crazy how she infiltrates and ruins families

No. 1340689

Is Sandra having a manic episode? Her sister doesn’t follow her and she doesn’t appear to be friends with Brina anymore. She’s moving out of her parents home which means she’ll have less of a support system.

No. 1340737


I def think she's extra unhinged right now. She was just posting like a week ago that she and Brina were starting a clothing line, posted looking for roommates at her parents' home around that same time, and just days ago posted a text convo between her and Brina with Brina telling her Egovert is done and asking if Sandra wanted to make a doll of him and bury it… lol. If I had to guess Sandra probably wouldn't stop whining over Egovert and Brina got tired of it since she doesn't really care about Sandra anyhow and things blew up quickly.

No. 1340762

File: 1633315542110.jpeg (83.73 KB, 828x393, 39A7F2CA-5442-45CF-BAC1-AF06C4…)

New comment on Brina’s family page. Did Sandra really not see this coming? She’s a user. Is Brina living with her bf now?

No. 1341040

What are the bets on Sandra getting stressed out by adult life and uhauling back home in a week?
This is an obvious attempt to get Egoverts attention. He probably told her he hated Sabrina and her fam, and he'd never go to that house to hang with her again so she left. Sandra would burn a lot of bridges to have a boyfriend. It's sad as shit

No. 1341295

It’s the adderall.
I’ve been waiting for this and it’s happening so much faster than predicted.
You do not give a bipolar person adderall, it’ll put them into a manic phase which is exactly what we’re witnessing.
The crash is going to burn, bad.
“Come be in my porno, random men!”
“I’m starting a clothing line!”
“I’m rallying against vaccines!” sits alone with posters for 4 hours
“I’m moving!” packs all things and leaves without even having the approval to live somewhere else

I just hope she doesn’t hurt herself or ruin herself financially.
I don’t think she’s a bad person, just retarded.

No. 1341296

File: 1633394548234.png (421.27 KB, 1284x2778, B911AA73-CBB4-4648-A5F0-57A65D…)

Oh and her newest one-
“Gonna go audition at a stripclub!”
The delusions of grandeur are real with this one

No. 1341450

File: 1633420938382.png (7.07 MB, 1170x2532, 700A3390-8D6A-425B-880A-6C3679…)

Sooo, Sandra is living in a hotel?! Where did all her crap from the uhaul go?

No. 1341451

Storage unit

No. 1341532

It would be nice if she used some of this time to watch a few youtube hairstyle tutorials.

No. 1341554

Oh god I'd love to see that awkward rigid dancing, wonder if she'll pick one of her own songs to dance to and mime along with. Thinking back to her birthday party pole attempt I doubt it'll go well

No. 1341639

Can we change this to a Sandra thread? Sabrina has been a nobody since 2014, and is shown still living at Sandra's parents house, how sad

No. 1341708

Sandra seems way milkier these days tbh. I know brina is a shitty person but Sandra is straight up crazy and it's actually interesting

No. 1341737

Ffs whats wrong with leaving the thread how it is? They're still intermingled in their own fucked up dynamic.

No. 1341779

In the last few stories where Sandra is dancing in her hotel room it’s to that Egovert guys music :/

No. 1341894

Can you learn how to sage first? I’m sick of seeing this thread bumped when there isn’t any new milk.

No. 1341898

Saged because it's not really milk, but here is Sandra's newest song.

No. 1341917

Ok what in the methamphetamine did I just listen to?!

No. 1341973


I can’t even understand any of the lyrics and it’s painful to listen to, like all her other songs. Hope she auditions at the strip club to her own music. The ultimate cringe.

No. 1342104

did she think she could sample eugenia cooney and we just wouldnt notice

No. 1342116


Well, they’re both definitely in denial

No. 1342266

The only way to earn money with this music would be if you could pay for it so that it stops. Sounds like you're to torture all Pokemon and Happy Tree Friends. I get anxiety attacks while listening, holy shit.

No. 1342281

Someone would pay her to play this music at Gitmo as torture, that’s about it

No. 1342313

Every one of her YouTube uploads bar one has more dislikes than likes and holy shit I am not surprised. If she marketed it as piss take e-girl tunes I'd understand but she's actually serious about this utter shit?!

No. 1342317

Wait a min, did Sandra move out and leave Brina with her parents? That's a bit strange

No. 1342397

Sandra could also be brought up in the general camgirls thread, but it seems to be locked and I can’t locate the new one.

No. 1342422

File: 1633541557051.jpeg (157.28 KB, 1284x948, 2EE6AE53-2576-40BA-AC33-70F167…)

Girl.. your literally still couch surfing at your friends parents house.

No. 1342454

I noticed today no one has made a new one. I thought about it but Im stoned and its to much, by S/O to whomever does eventually.

No. 1342458

Its hard to even compare it to something else, I can say its not like anything I have heard before. I wonder if they play this at the Cafe Lu when shes there.(learn2sage)

No. 1342484

I don't have the video but a while back Sandra posted on her story where she was showing someone at Cafe Lu her music and his face was all kinds of 'wtf' while she giggled like a lunatic

No. 1342589


I’m starting to become convinced that Sandra is a legit lunatic crazy person. With the recent move out of nowhere, auditioning at a strip club, sitting outside alone for hours protesting vaccines… she’s all over the place. Ugh. I think her psych needs to reevaluate her meds stat!!!

No. 1342612

That made my whole day TY anon.

No. 1342744

Sounds like tranny noise shit ala Black Dresses and 100gecs. Unintelligible and feels wrong to listen to.

No. 1342804

Yet Sabrina was going to make a song with her and danced with her to shit pop music on if live a whe back. They are both insane, also if Sabrina makes soo much money why is she still living at Sandra's parents house? She loves posting these fake bank statements but shows nothing to show for it. Her poor kids are old enough to Google her at this point and the first thing that comes up is a dildo in her while drugged out. Feel bad for them on top of Sabrina's new boyfriend, didn't she just post about missing AJ like days before they became a thing

No. 1342816

in other words… she moved, she applied for the only job she’s qualified for, and she protested. wow, so crazy. who would want to move out of their parents house, apply to a job to get their own money, and protest for their rights? what a crazy bitch, i cannot believe she did all that. wow.

No. 1342821

You clearly haven't been paying enough attention to her spiral into this manic episode if you think anything about what she's doing right now is sane.

No. 1342830


100%. Sandra is on one right now, and it’s not a good one. I mean the fact she moved out without having a place to live lined up, in itself, is bad enough. Compound that with everything else. We know she has mental health issues, as we’ve all seen her posting her psych meds etc on insta. Something is up with her right now and I just hope she doesn’t do anything too stupid.

No. 1343055

>protest for their rights

You tried, but until she exercises her right to a hairbrush we'll have to cut her Vyvanse script.

No. 1343512

She also doesn’t even know if she will be able to get a place. In most apartments in LA they make you prove that your income is at least 3x the cost of rent. And they don’t care about your savings account. You need active income. Which means she’ll need proof of her onlyfans bringing in that much which I doubt it does if she’s auditioning to be a stripper.

What’s craziest to me is that she moved out and just left the cat behind lol

I feel like this is all one big manic plan to try to get egovert back and be closer to him

No. 1343680

File: 1633701061736.jpeg (205.49 KB, 828x1543, 64F2951A-AF6D-4801-9F88-77B177…)

Did Sandra just delete her Instagram account? That’s a major mental breakdown happening there. I hope she becomes more active in Twitter at least since I’m never tired of this shitshow.

No. 1343766

I don’t see her page anymore either. I wonder what this means for her??(sage)

No. 1343779

File: 1633714086073.jpg (Spoiler Image, 371.87 KB, 1080x1889, Screenshot_20211008-132644.jpg)

She had this tweet up earlier today but now it's been deleted. I wonder what's going on with her and Egovert

No. 1343792

File: 1633715515932.png (3.09 MB, 828x1792, 2E5BB88F-162B-400B-8BEF-28E33B…)

I can forgive a lot, but I can't forgive someone leaving their cat behind with Sabrina. Save Kitty!

No. 1343814

I thought this was a jab at Sandra!
Like, haha I’m still in your house and have your cat.

No. 1343822

I thought so too especially since in the past I think Sabrina has posted videos of Sandra's cat running from her and being standoffish. Same thing happened with the cat at her dad's. They must sense her negative energy

No. 1343838

She is legit starting to look like post-amphetamine addiction Michael Jackson in the face. Both her and Sabrina are great cautionary tales for young camwhores on how they'll age if they don't get their shit together and remain stuck in the drugs and fast money lifestyle.

No. 1343854

Cats don't follow the social niceties of humans, if you're an evil bitch they'll absolutely let you know to your face.

No. 1344220

File: 1633751572543.jpeg (156.67 KB, 828x1559, 2BB9BD80-1535-4467-8644-88281A…)

Did anyone else see this yet? It’s on her family account

No. 1344236

Just waiting for her to remove all of the comments calling her out on what a shit parent she is

No. 1344252

File: 1633757919436.jpeg (10.49 KB, 240x427, E58EA754-5F85-442A-B323-68FCBD…)

The comments will be gone when she deletes her family account

No. 1344287

There could actually be a legit movie out of their story. I used to think no one could be more milky than Sabrina, but Sandra is passing her fast. Her weird ghoulish look is both horrifying and hilarious.

No. 1344450

seriously! this cat is clearly already going through it with sandra. You're supposed to clean persians eyes with saline on a cotton pad twice a day because they have smaller tear ducts than normal cats and judging from all that eye crust around the poor kitty's eyes Sandra isn't doing it and sabrina even less. Hope a male neighborhood cat doesn't show up or dumbass sabrina might just do like she did with xanny and let them out to live in the streets forever. I always hope someone noticed xanny wasn't a street cat and took her in but i can't help but fear the worst for her

No. 1344626

Sandra's IG is back. Girl gives me whiplash

No. 1345538

File: 1633990086131.jpeg (1.02 MB, 828x1341, 4A21E879-6C1F-4BA0-A50C-52E079…)

No. 1345580

Sandra got an apartment. It looks nice. I still think she moved out to try to get back with Egovert (I doubt he was allowed over her parents' house after everything that went down) but I'll be happy for her if this ends up being a positive thing for her.(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 1345637

File: 1634007449910.jpeg (240.9 KB, 1284x1440, 10F69490-443A-4D2D-AF68-708433…)

Wonder if she got dumped again.
She added a new highlight to her “family” page.
It includes lots of pictures and videos of aj.
Also James follows this page.

No. 1345653

So… did Sandra move somewhere in LA? That’s going to be a nightmare to get to her psych appointments and cafelu.

No. 1345670

Does she ever post about working there anymore? It seemed liked it lasted a couple weeks.

No. 1345692

File: 1634013485421.png (3.33 MB, 1800x825, 6F5FCB78-232B-4A7F-8298-D2F5D4…)

Yes and the comments are still gold. I wonder how she can just pop in whenever she wants to work. No set schedule or problems with her obvious mental health issues? So sketchy

No. 1345702

Ohh I read Sabrina when that clearly says Sandra. That middle picture is… something special. Wonder what her relationship is like with her coworkers.
I haven’t seen Sabrina post that she has worked there for a long time. Does anyone think Sandra’s parents charge her rent for staying there?

No. 1345705

File: 1634016792549.jpeg (401.95 KB, 1284x2159, E5664FCE-8054-49D0-821E-2B8811…)


No. 1345714

Oh my god. The other women look healthy & attractive and Sandra looks so weird, skeletal, dried up and cracked out by comparison. Girl needs help.

No. 1345724

File: 1634019548591.jpg (219.41 KB, 1080x1758, Screenshot_20211012-021530_Ins…)

Melanie commented on one of Cafe Lu's recent photos of Sandra. I wonder if Sandra ever reads the comments. I'm sure she does. If I were her I'd never want them to post me

No. 1345729

She's serving real "I wanted to be a trophy wife, but all I got to show is a coke habit" energy. Either that or "sex trafficking victim in eastern European brothel".

No. 1345732

The tacky costume jewelry is too much. I wish someone would steal that necklace and those earrings and burn them.

No. 1345771

Which highlight is new? They all say they’re from almost 200wks ago

No. 1345799

I just caught up with Sandra’s antics on The Dirty and if true, I feel kinda bad for her. She’s been working at that fake coffee shop escort place since she was 16(!) and her sister was pimping her out. She never left that place or achieved more with her life, and she’s now getting roasted (by the same gross moid customers who simped for her as an underage girl) as she ages and drug abuse/ED catches up with her. What a miserable existence.

No. 1345843

The first one. With the clock.
Old pics/videos, new highlight.
I did notice tys little girl was on that highlight again too.

No. 1345999

It says they were all posted almost 100-200wks ago

No. 1346128

Sandra atleast has her own place. Sabrina's been couch hopping off people since Rhett broke up with her years ago. Happy for Rhett for finally getting away and actually being successful

No. 1346161

File: 1634105713835.png (1.28 MB, 1242x2208, D2305AF1-074D-4291-AF8A-DE90F9…)

Retweeting about parenting her own children. LOL IS THIS REAL LIFE

No. 1346179

Lmao break the cycle? When has she done an ounce of effort towards that?? The damage is done. She deserves to never see her kids again. I know that her son who she hasn’t seen in maybe 8 years is thriving galore with zero issues it seems thankfully. Here’s to hoping Chloe and Cora aren’t too traumatized by her abandonment though.

No. 1346283

I worry for Chloe in particular. She really loves Sabrina. Either Chloe will repeat the cycle or it will affect her in a way that she strives and urges to be a great mother since she never had one. I pray for the latter.

No. 1346440

He is a drug dealer so…

No. 1346458

A successful one at least, unlike James who apparently sells to YouTubers, yet doesn't even seem to have his own place or Sabrina would've already been there living like she did with AJ the second she had the chance

No. 1346653

She still has her music career

No. 1346861

File: 1634176850824.png (406.79 KB, 720x615, Screenshot_20211013-215640~2.p…)

Sandra def snorts out of her left nostril kek also what the fuck with this hair no wonder her own sister doesn't follow her

No. 1346939


Lol. That big wave hairstyle has got to go. Sandra is actually a pretty girl, but that hair and the gaudy jewelry are doin her dirty.

No. 1347718

She probably had open rhinoplasty which often results in uneven nostrils. I don’t think Sandra does hard drugs and her behavior is a result of severe mental illness. Vero posted a throwback of her and Sandra the other day so they might be on good terms again.

Sandra is stunning but her style is dated and unflattering.

No. 1348126

File: 1634289260621.png (1.72 MB, 1242x2208, 08707EF9-0F55-478A-9F65-28D4F4…)

…… didn’t she get put on adderall after the whole altercation happened when the cops were called? It’s like she’s having a manic episode within a manic episode. A manic inception. She will do anything to get that guy back including moving to be closer to him and cutting everyone out of her life who tries to stop her.

“I started thinking the worst and got upset and jumped to conclusions” uhhh no honey, we all saw it on live. He was threatening her and her families lives. Refused to leave her home. Even the mom couldn’t get him to leave. He was trying to blast her familiy’s issues to the internet. His drugs were laying out everywhere that she paid for. This girl is such a sad lost cause. I feel like deep inside she seems so sweet but too naive and too desperate for love and affection.

No. 1348217

Sandra, you assume things are bad and negative because you need therapy, not because of your bipolar disorder.

No. 1348227


so if her mom gave her so much ~trauma~ why would she so willingly farm babies just to give them to her? god shes such a loser.

No. 1348265


Whoa. This is crazy. She probably IS bipolar, and the adderral did throw her into mania. Wasn’t that already predicted here by someone earlier that the adhd med was gonna send her for a loop- and it did! BUT!!! Back to this situ… she’s been so gaslit by egovert that she thinks she did something wrong by getting “upset” by his actions. No, no, no!!! Maybe her bipolar made her have an elevated response, but dude… anyone woulda been upset by that situation we saw happen. The last thing she needs is this guy in her life. I seriously hope she gets her meds and mental health in order so she can wake up to the reality of the situation. And in the meantime I hope he just stays away from her :(

No. 1348375

This is sad. Sandra has been making a lot of poor choices but flipping out on Egovert was completely justified. Did she forget him threatening to harm people close to her and stealing medication? That ugly little dwarf is manipulative and evil.

No. 1348625

I feel like Sabrina posts here against Sandra and egovert, whoever the fuck he is. She spent what $2000 that's like 2 days work from Cafe LU for her, super sad. Yet brina whored herself out from there also. Still living with Sandra's parents is super weird

No. 1348878

No. 1348881

she ages herself 10 years with that style and makeup.

No. 1349304

Hi >>1348126
Sandra %100 went on Adderall after they broke up. There was even specular was getting it for him to get him back. I have never seen such public desperation, it gives you a lot of insight into her mind. Hes a little manlet..like I don't get it? Is the dick magic?

No. 1349464

egovert owns her mind. He literally is her pimp, and be sure that the cash from Cafe Lu is going in his pockets. Shes beyond therapy at this point.

No. 1349657

File: 1634498836780.png (407.91 KB, 828x1792, 27350FA9-C209-45AB-A3DE-462B5E…)

At least she's trying

No. 1349674


I feel so bad for her reading that. You’re right, at least she is trying to better herself. She has enough self awareness to know she needs help and is seeking it, something Brina can’t figure out how to do.

No. 1349767

Same. As big of a mess as she is, she has a level of self awareness most cows don’t achieve.

No. 1350167

She needs to see a psychologist and get help beyond taking medication. I think Sandra thinks that medication is just going to be a switch that fixes everything for her, but it’s not. She needs cognitive behavioral therapy amongst other things. She probably also just needs a safe place to talk to someone and explain everything that’s gone on in her life. To be honest I wouldn’t be shocked if she actually has some form of PTSD from her past.

No. 1350236

Maybe Im to cynical but I dont believe a word of it. My thought would be she did some weirdo stuff to egovert and hes trying to distance himself and this is her half hearted apology/explanation. She might be self aware, but I think she uses it to garner sympathy and never makes any real effort to change besides constantly flipping between meds.

No. 1350403

100% agree. It's not the first time she's posted a big paragraph and then still acts crazy. I don't think she's actually self aware, maybe has realisations but they're not well founded given she's still so obsessed with egoturd

No. 1350462


As someone who struggles with mental health, it’s lifelong. You have to be committed to your mental health so much so that when it flares up you’re equipped to manage and respond appropriately - it seems she’s still in the initial phases of getting it dialed-in. Combine that with the fact she doesn’t seem to be the smartest, this could take awhile. And yeah, it’s not the first time she’s posted a paragraph and then continued to act crazy, but she’s prob gonna have an uphill battle with her mental health for some time, and hopefully she keeps fighting. What is stupid of her though is to keep airing it out on IG to the extent she does… sure gives us some shit to talk about tho, kek.

No. 1350562

File: 1634584161968.png (99.94 KB, 1080x1550, IMG_20211018_200658.png)

What a great idea

No. 1350703

Does she want to get better? Her actions show otherwise. Does anyone know who her sex tape is with?

No. 1350714

It doesn't look like it, no psych would recommend someone as turbulent as her to be med free not right now at least

No. 1350783

Yikes, I wonder how long she has been on some of these meds because with a majority of psych meds you shouldn’t just stop them cold turkey because you can have intense withdrawals. If she isn’t already manic now, then buckle up because shits about to get crazy

No. 1351120

File: 1634652307696.jpeg (784.27 KB, 828x1422, D660C653-4982-45FA-ACC4-4703CA…)

Stopped her meds, smoked a blunt instead. This can’t be good for Bipolar

No. 1351322

File: 1634670505016.jpeg (284.18 KB, 1281x1575, 1D33B4F2-6292-4364-AD4F-42C916…)

They are new highlights with old photos.
She added a new one. She’s been pretty quiet lately. Wonder if she’s pregnant yet.

No. 1351352

If she doesn’t taper off of her meds properly she’s going to have a psychotic breakdown or two and get really sick.

No. 1351515

Damn, dude. Is anyone seeing Sandra’s stories today? She’s bought 200$ worth of marijuana products. Ah, man. An ex of mine had bipolar disorder and would try to self medicate with weed… this is an imminent disaster.

No. 1351521

If she’s smoking the wrong strain her anxiety might get worse and trigger more episodes. Someone also needs to teach her how to inhale and properly roll a blunt.

She doesn’t seem like she’ll listen to reason at this point and will continue self medicating. Makes you think if she’s even in therapy.

No. 1351526

She's probably only smoking to try impress Egoturd. I doubt she cares about how it will effect her MH

No. 1351546

$200 isn't necessarily that much weed because the tax is like 15%, but i agrees till, still not the best move for her

No. 1351577

I noticed that she hasn’t been posting much either. Sabrina has now made her personal account private, wonder what that’s about

No. 1351592

She’s been laying low and probably happy everyone in this thread is paying attention to Sandra instead. She doesn’t seem to need as much attention and validation from social media. Or she could be too busy being on a bender with her drug dealer boyfriend. Sandra should do the same in regards to pulling away from social media.

No. 1351743

Same with her Twitter.
Bets on a pregnancy?

No. 1351877

File: 1634727812058.jpeg (586.38 KB, 828x1696, CFC9E009-8AF2-4C1B-A437-05CCF9…)

Damn, poor cat. I really feel bad for him, his face is full of eye boogers and you can tell he wants to die. In the meantime, Sandra’s smoking joints instead of taking her medication. This is plain animal abuse.

No. 1352036

Smoking weed is fine but sheesh. Get a pipe or learn how to roll.

No. 1352077

She's taken a cat who was allowed outside at her parents to an apartment where he'll have to stay exclusively indoors that's sad

No. 1352350

Someone suggested ketamine infusions on her insta live today, and she stated the only medicine she needs is weed. Heh. Vero is a big pot head, so maybe she's following suit?

No. 1352632

File: 1634791364728.jpeg (611.32 KB, 960x960, 87F3E5B1-D026-4238-BA95-B21DD7…)


No. 1352651

Why does that cat have so much eye goop build up, that really is not normal at all and would take a very long amount of neglect. I hate how people treat cats and prey type animals who instinctually don’t signal resistance as much, it’s going to cause so much stress on them.

No. 1352657

I don’t doubt she’s probably trying to get back with him. She needs a place to live now.

No. 1352873

File: 1634817098833.jpeg (445.17 KB, 821x1155, CB28A6C1-84D3-4F12-8488-751107…)

The manic episode begins

No. 1352901

I literally have not seen that cat’s eyes clean since we first started seeing it. So I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s build up. My cat has this issue due to breed and it’s something I have to clean everyday. I feel so bad for this neglected baby.

No. 1353269

Samefag. Not to sound neurotic but I feel really bad, and want to say something to her- but the last time we spoke was positive so I don't want to upset her but..this is not fucking ok, this beautiful animal deserves the best care

No. 1353425

Not much different then Sabrina letting her cat free outside in the wilderness and never caring about "Xanny" again. Same as her 3 children kek

No. 1353513

File: 1634883778474.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 155.05 KB, 1178x1799, 95BA1C55-373A-44DD-84CB-471718…)

What the hell is Sabrina doing on ig.
I hope her kids don’t ever look her up.

No. 1353654

File: 1634911081391.png (265.01 KB, 720x1316, Screenshot_20211022-094744~2.p…)

so pretty much saying living well is abandoning your 3 kids and living in your friend's house at almost 30. Yea seems about right. Pathetic

No. 1353710

File: 1634920411199.png (9.76 MB, 1284x2778, 7ECCEE27-8986-41BD-8DBE-28E01D…)

This dumb bitch is really posted up spamming busted ass selfies while egovert yells in the background
She also mentioned Sabrina would be coming over tomorrow to stream with her :|
How the fuckkkk is she so retarded, at this point I have zero sympathy for her enabling this psycho (egovert) and clearly Sabrina doesn’t care enough either now that her ‘xans’ are safe from him.
It’s obvious af now that she only moved out because he wasn’t allowed over at her parents place, because everyone in their right (ish) mind can see he’s evil.
I don’t think I can follow this cow anymore, it’s not funny/entertaining, it’s sad and she’s probably going to off herself.

No. 1353712

File: 1634920478585.png (9.29 MB, 1284x2778, 846F2AD7-BAB8-47C5-A0B4-78FEA3…)

Like are you really just on weed bitch? Doubt

No. 1353765

You are spot on, anon. I thought I was the only one who heard him in the background. During one of her IG lives the other day, you could clearly hear him yelling/talking nonsense and she had to tell him to be quiet and that she was live. She’s pathetic and absolutely desperate for him.

No. 1353766


Uggghhh dude. I agree. She posted so many drugged out looking selfies in her stories. Also, I didn’t know egovert was actually there. I only really heard her talk about Sabrina coming over or something. How could you tell he was there…. Anyway tho, if she moved out of her parents so that she could have this abuser back in her life then she really is sad, confused and mentally ill… and now that she’s off her meds and seems to be no longer seeking the professional help she needs….. annnnd self medicating……. A recipe for a complete shit show. She’s never gonna find peace. I feel bad for her but also at this point she’s doin it to herself.

No. 1353907

She had her family friend Alex from Romania over in her insta live..he helped her screw stuff into her walls etc, and had been over before many times, are we SURE Egovert took her back?.

No. 1353947

File: 1634942595492.jpg (115.14 KB, 1080x704, Screenshot_20211022-183915_Chr…)

I heard two dudes in the background and imo one def sounded like Egovert. Plus at the same time she was posting stories singing along to his music and at one point she was singing without music playing and asked the guy in the background, "Wait, how do the lyrics go?" What she sang was, "Gonna film a movie with this bitch" which is pretty close to lyrics in one of his songs.

No. 1353976

As long as she gets around to a hot oil treatment eventually.

No. 1354077

Surprise surprise, Sandra posted her and Sabrina won't be live til tomorrow as they have a threesome and roll along the floor on K til then kek. How are they not dead yet

No. 1354094

File: 1634957278476.jpeg (118.11 KB, 828x933, 68B2FDA4-565E-4909-B650-D249F6…)

What is going on with these two? One minute Sandra is posting about Brina abandoning her and now they’re live streaming again? Tf

No. 1354143

They probably won’t end up camming together anyway. Sabrina is sooo flaky and always delays/has some excuse. Or even when they do actually cam together (rarely), Brina has to be so black out drunk and Sandra just basically runs the show. I hope they do though cuz its always such an entertaining shit show.

No. 1354345

File: 1635004562689.png (223.52 KB, 828x1792, 373F44C8-05D4-4A46-B1E5-85FED2…)

Who posts this if they just got back with their boyfriend?

No. 1354442

We don’t know. You tell us.

No. 1354451

every camgirl seems to genuinely hate their "job" so why in the fuck won't they just go do something else

No. 1354468

Quick and easy money without needing qualifications. It’s not as if Sabrina can do anything else and she wouldn’t be able to keep a regular job because she’s lazy and stupid.

No. 1354515

What would you suggest they do instead? Getting naked and fucking yourself on camera for cheap coomers isn’t exactly a great resume builder.

No. 1354518

File: 1635027997916.png (4.41 MB, 1170x2532, E43D237D-A16D-47C2-A429-0E89A7…)

Hahahaha. Yes, exactly, which girl didn't even want to be an unemployed, mentally disturbed and run-down sex worker with an IQ below room temperature?

No. 1354903

File: 1635093909382.jpeg (745.12 KB, 819x1458, 79304414-70BC-4730-AF42-7D01C7…)

Sandra literally looks like she hasn’t slept in days

No. 1354943


Lmao, anon. “An IQ below room temperature.” Sandra is a hot mess and looks strung out on recent stories.

No. 1355135

Probably why Sabrina never posts because she is the exact same. Just slightly smarter not to post it as much.

No. 1355201

File: 1635127094952.jpeg (169.4 KB, 1284x1875, A70D6CC3-18CE-4A47-909F-3E2449…)

Here we go

No. 1355206

File: 1635127725312.jpeg (583.03 KB, 828x1463, 526B8555-D014-4E5C-B1C6-970A4E…)

Tf is wrong with sandra’s mattress?

No. 1355207

File: 1635127778859.jpeg (650.11 KB, 828x1454, 7DF7F1EF-48BB-440B-BAB5-46F6F7…)


No. 1355241


is this crazy b really looking for a boyfriend in her cam stream chat room? smh.

No. 1355446

She spilt coffee by the look of it but instead of cleaning, drying and covering it like most adults she's asking for a new one cause like anons have posted before her IQ isn't high enough to live alone like a regular adult

No. 1355519

You clearly don't realize how stupid Sandra is. She used to take boyfriend applications on Camversity which I thought were a joke- but weren't, kek

No. 1355524

File: 1635176044166.png (4.37 MB, 828x1792, 59FB2F48-D8F8-4419-9EF5-99F724…)

Bahaha at Sandra posting birth control pills that stop your period. At least she's not taking the Sabrina route.

No. 1355606

As much of an idiot as Sandra is, big ups for being on birth control.

No. 1357969

File: 1635498614825.png (3.28 MB, 1800x900, DCFF7F80-97AE-4253-AA9E-E2ABD9…)

Sandra, we get it.

No. 1358110

Rofl at Sandra’s stories dancing at Cafe Lu on the pole. Wonder whatever happened to her stripper audition she said she went on? Seems like she didn’t get the job.

No. 1358116

File: 1635525487186.jpeg (849.42 KB, 1124x1994, 1A61F30C-805E-4B1A-A5A0-6D8282…)

I don’t think I’ve laughed this hard in a long time….
Sandra: “Counting my moneh”

Money is about $35

No. 1358117

I thought it looked very wobbly I was a little worried there mite be an accident but deff not from her!

What’s with the spicy shrimp noodles? All I ever see her eating if she is actually eating

No. 1358122

Does she actually believe this looks attractive? Even the most desperate simps with the lowest standards are snarking in the Cafe Lu comments lately

No. 1358160

I see a few 20s in there this is probably at least $100-$200 just saying. That still sucks for what the job is but 20+20≠35

No. 1358239

It's a stage pole and they wobble like hell, at least she didn't try go upside down or her wig would've found a new home

No. 1358369

File: 1635564598337.jpeg (135.06 KB, 1284x1079, 05A47FA1-9D78-414A-BA59-23FF68…)

Finally having to leave sandras parents house?

No. 1358859

File: 1635650129286.jpeg (689.13 KB, 828x1450, DFFD7393-C4C7-48C7-AC19-2B36BF…)

Girl needs to start taking meds again

No. 1358936

File: 1635671758648.jpeg (144.53 KB, 828x742, 120425DC-00FC-4145-955A-62224F…)

Sandra's now following two other IG accounts other than her cat's… obviously. kek.

No. 1359027

File: 1635690363828.jpeg (480.94 KB, 828x1463, 33FBA079-81E1-4E84-9C77-0B21C4…)

No. 1359075

Oh god no. What is her obsession with egovert. Sandra is a dumbass, but she can do better than chasing an abuser.

Sandra and Brina have a toxic friendship. Wonder when it will implode again. Heh

No. 1359267

Both of their hygiene must be completely non existent, imagine the smell if you dare…

No. 1359477

Sorry I don’t get your currency but can you point as to where? All I could see is one dollar bills. But sorry if the sarcasm didn’t come off well.

No. 1359479

Oh dear! Tru! I feel bad for her, at this point now she is drinking alone and not around friends having fun sad timez(learn2integrate)

No. 1359501

File: 1635765371193.jpeg (1.96 MB, 1124x1994, 9B861D9C-7C2F-4524-89DD-5ACC19…)

Not the same anon and not sure why it matters that much but here you go.

No. 1359595

File: 1635777038640.jpeg (17.39 KB, 180x320, C603A921-C657-445F-BDF3-BBFF1B…)

Sandra drinking wine and making a series of stories of herself, by herself, ending up with her wiping her tears … major cringe.

No. 1359625

She had like one bottle of ChAmPagNe over a couple of hours and still ended up a mess… Not eating is a great combo with alcohol

No. 1359879

annnnnd she’s already unfollowed egovert.

I know that conservatorship is very taboo right now with the whole #FreeBritney movement, but Sandra is in desperate need of a conservator. This is wild.

No. 1359889

Sandra aside, what’s the deal with Sabrina right now? Laying pretty low. She never ended up deleting her fam account, which she posted that she was going to (as mentioned - a few weeks back).

The chances of her being pregnant right now seem low, granted never zero, but if she has some kind of court order keeping her from Chloe & was only granted visitation with Cora then wouldn’t the state not let her keep her next? How does it work there.

No. 1359909

ugh I agree. even if it was like, for a year or something. I don't know if that's possible. but it sucks to be rooting for Sandra and to watch her unravel like this.

glad she unfollowed microvert, but it probably won't be for long.

No. 1360154

Not sure about her kids. But pretty sure that guy James dumped her.
He’s been all over poppis ig recently.

No. 1360272

That would be weird cuz I swear I saw a story Brina posted (a week ago maybe?) where her and Poppi were hanging out.
Funny how Brina never really posted the James guy, but she was obsessed with posting Nathaniel, kek.

No. 1360387

Yes! I thought that I saw her and Poppi in a story, buying crystals & gems or something. Last week, maybe even this past weekend!(newfag)

No. 1360388

James has no clout. He’s not quirky, interesting, or attention-grabbing in any way. Your standard modern “alt” internet white boy with a drug problem.

No. 1360417

File: 1635885267872.jpeg (253.79 KB, 1284x1892, D4E7DED8-DBC2-46B0-B3AD-B0DFC5…)

She posted this around the same time James re followed poppi liking all of poppis pics. And then she and poppi hung out.
Seems weird.

No. 1361340

File: 1635997552967.jpg (1015.09 KB, 1080x2183, Screenshot_20211104-044250_Ins…)

Sage because it's just poppi doing a body check but why do they all live in filth? Imagine crawling up from your floor bed down on that dirty floor like wtf

Do poppi still hang w Sandra and Sabrina or they all broken up?

No. 1363575

File: 1636286220010.jpeg (756.7 KB, 828x1453, 49EC7B10-F313-4A5D-974F-F4C02E…)

Sandra doesn’t look right

No. 1364057

She’s gotta be on something.

No. 1364102

gosh, I think you cracked the code

No. 1364219

File: 1636346342531.png (3.23 MB, 828x1792, 1EBDB057-24BA-4A4C-9407-9A82C7…)

Bahaha posted at 4:30 in the afternoon. Shes one of my favorite cows rn tbh. Almost unpredictable

No. 1364220

File: 1636346440371.png (2.54 MB, 828x1792, A79A515D-BA01-44E3-96A1-5240AC…)

No. 1364232

At least she doesn’t have that god awful hair in this kek

No. 1364392

Cool but why take photos looking cracked out and then explain the grease instead of just having a damn wash. Oh yeah attention that's why ffs Sandra

No. 1364679

She has become mine, and thats saying something as recently I would have said Pumpy could not be replaced as #1. For me its her psychotic music, escorting out of Cafe Lu, and that awful hair. Shes just the best, and as milky as the day is long.

No. 1364716

File: 1636405673633.jpeg (925.66 KB, 828x1452, 99BFB5ED-200F-4421-8FB8-DE1695…)

Here comes Sabrina again with her monthly ‘I’m back!’ post. She probably just comes out of her xanax induced blackout every so often and remembers she has social media. She’ll be gone again soon. She’s so boring and washed up.

No. 1364724

She literally said this, what a week ago? She just does literally nothing, and then brag posts about concerned simp messages when she says she's 'back!'

No. 1364730

I wonder how many subs she actually has on OF. Probably dropping by the day, since it sounds like she doesn’t stay active on there either. She’s washed up, like someone else said. Time to get a real job, Brina.

No. 1364863

Her OF is dry as a bone with some awkward emaciated snapchat videos and old content from MFC. No new content ever, not even a fake phot shoot with Sandra ever happened. There is no way she's not supporting herself primary through the 'escorting.'

No. 1364892

File: 1636425570941.png (3.38 MB, 828x1792, 024717E1-1DDB-4B0C-BDBA-95B02B…)

Cool you went to an arcade, and got doughnuts and you're a mom of 3 without a single child with you. It's the tone deafness EVERY TIME for me kek

No. 1364953

File: 1636432096143.jpeg (535.66 KB, 828x1696, 9B4DFBB3-3DA8-4C29-8930-76FF53…)

What is up with this acrylic nail style she always opts for? Who does this shape?? I don’t get it lol

No. 1365052

Ive been wondering the same damn thing. Like shovels. Well, I guess they are still better than Shaynas hot dog nails

No. 1365105

File: 1636463676476.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 643.7 KB, 750x1334, 01F7039F-DE3F-4CE5-9FED-58C0E6…)

it’s the blaring egovert while taking videos of your ass bones for me

No. 1365201

From the looks/timing of her stories, seems like she didn’t even go to sleep last night. The manic episode begins kek

No. 1365214

I don't understand this shovel nail style AT ALL. I thought nail extensions were designed to make the fingers look longer and slimmer; these make them look short and stubby. Total waste of money.

No. 1365345

File: 1636485023160.jpeg (653.64 KB, 828x1451, A2790FB0-56EE-45C8-9F44-B337D9…)

Being manic and smoking weed all day sure don’t mix

No. 1365348

File: 1636485271409.jpeg (114.46 KB, 828x568, 03CAB380-78F7-440F-951A-03EF5E…)

James and Brina still follow each other on ig, so I don’t think they broke up. Funny how he follows her family page too, does he really support her having three kids she doesn’t take care of?

No. 1365392

File: 1636488875244.jpeg (21.78 KB, 178x320, 98041DEC-B38D-47FC-B8EF-C61A9B…)

Ok so did anyone catch the stories where Sandra now has a body guard due to “shit went down and needed some back-up”… Allegedly, this guy claims he has worked for Kardashians and other celebs

No. 1365397

>when that manic phase paranoia hits and you still have some $20s left

No. 1365414

Thx for the lolz, anon

No. 1365424

File: 1636491431843.jpeg (372.89 KB, 1284x1851, 92134545-F323-42CF-8E41-A61B38…)

She…she really left the house looking like this

No. 1365711

File: 1636513479302.jpeg (140.09 KB, 1681x1163, F3E0B41A-E73A-49E5-B5E3-1DC83D…)

Who’s this guy?

No. 1365771

File: 1636517736665.jpeg (809.18 KB, 828x1471, D817237B-4C48-472D-9747-0E9E4B…)

What’s the obsession with throwing up the middle finger all the time

No. 1365906

File: 1636538038696.jpg (189.38 KB, 1080x2183, Screenshot_20211110-105113_Ins…)

Really wanna think this is about Brina
They still don't follow eachoter anywhere from what I can see

No. 1366087

Sabrina is an escort, Sandra is too, atleast Sandra is interesting with her weird ass outfits, nails and drug binges. Sabrina was kicked out by her own parents, exes, and friends, no one will keep her for long.

No. 1366098

Wym anon, flesh-colored sclerae are obviously the epitome of good mental & physical health

No. 1366401

File: 1636586804573.jpeg (467.67 KB, 828x1450, 970E9F30-4AB4-4225-957B-C2C2D4…)

You’ve got to be kidding me. That poor cat. She should have left it at her parents.

No. 1366408

Smfh these irresponsible tards. I hope that cat finds a better home

No. 1366410

Omfg, the cat already got out?

No. 1366426

Kitty had a bs life with terrible negligence, hope they have a new home and never come back

No. 1366439

Hate when I just scroll through the first page of snow casually and something about how people are neglecting or flat out abusing their pets come up. Never ceases to make me see red. If you know you’re mentally ill and you have any form of life that depends on you, you should be doing every single thing possible to ensure their safety and if you need someone else to care for them for any amount of time, you get that done. That’s it and it really is that simple. A lot of the time pets can not only greatly improve mental health and your quality of life in general, but they can sometimes be the only “thing” or obligation you connect to and maintain yourself for no matter what is being thrown at you. They are like children in the sense that they absolutely need you and do attach and bond with you. It is one of the most rewarding things in life. It breaks my heart that even in the photos she posted, the cat has so much build up around the eyes, and probably has a very matted coat. If that cat was regularly taken to the vet they would have confronted her about neglect, so she’s not taking care of them properly. That cat is probably terrified right now unless someone hopefully has them. I hate these people.

No. 1366442

That cat looks like a pricey breed too. I hope somebody nice takes them home.

No. 1366464

This pisses me off! The poor cat is probably scared af and lost. We can only hope and pray someone responsible finds the cat.

No. 1366466

Just like how Sabrina let her cat outside on purpose and never cared to look for it. $100 reward are you kidding, that cat is worth more than that. Stupid bitches

No. 1366472

File: 1636591750511.png (561.32 KB, 720x1257, Screenshot_20211110-194736~2.p…)

Sandra and Sabrina hanging out again kek

No. 1366482

I just saw those stories, too. I wonder if Brina is gonna try to weasel her way into living with Sandra at her new apartment. Pure chaos.

No. 1366484

File: 1636593095508.png (2.42 MB, 828x1792, C96EA178-8DA1-4449-8C55-CA123A…)

No. 1366486

James currently talks of his love for Sabrina on his stories so they definitely didn't break up

No. 1366526

Romanticizing toxic relationships, how cute

No. 1366738

File: 1636632898134.png (1.4 MB, 750x1334, DE985DC8-80E4-40D4-9452-A48384…)

OMFG sabrina is sooooo fucked up right now and there is NO way she got like that in 2hrs.. she can’t even form a sentence talking about redoing nathan’s videos ?? all while listening to egovert of course(don't use emojis)

No. 1366740

File: 1636632970397.png (2.31 MB, 750x1334, 87959C5B-E48B-4A80-A2C2-9A18C4…)

sandra hiding her because she’s obvi fucked on k

No. 1366758

They are the female versions of the Island Boys

No. 1366852

File: 1636645616713.jpeg (571.97 KB, 815x1306, 1714ECDF-0DDD-475F-9D57-6499DA…)

No. 1367004

Lmao, the most toxic friendship. I bet when Sandra had referred to someone earlier in her stories as a “fake ho”, she was prob talking about Sabrina. When will Sandra learn Sabrina is a narcissistic, abusive, snaky friend smh

No. 1367011

It was so hard to understand anything Sabrina was saying. She sounded so fucked up.

No. 1367291

File: 1636681424418.png (2.71 MB, 750x1334, C9A08F5D-0D8A-4014-9DE5-4B2E3C…)

No. 1367295

Addiction readings after buying 8 bottles of wine and 8 packs of cigarettes and a lb of weed and after doing K with Brina last night. Okayyyy. I love this cow

No. 1367296

Caught that Nathan shit talk, he really fucked her in the head with how hard and fast he dropped her when she thought she was in love bahaha

No. 1367312

Man I missed the two of them together. They are such a sloppy mess its so entertaining. Nice to see Brina hasn’t improved whatsoever. Just a run down, drug addict alcoholic per usual!

No. 1367382

brina is so jealous of nathanial and his new hot gf its her only personality, so sad.

No. 1367550

We are blessed to live in times of three fantastic cows. Out of the big three, I go back and forth if Pumpy or Sandra is my favourite. It's stuff like this that makes Sandra the best, as pointed out she reflects on addiction while enjoy a healthy snoot ketamine. She pontificates on the lack of respect people have for relationships, then escorts out of the Cafe Lu. Her life coaches are Brina and Egovert, and she keeps looking more and more like Michael Jackson. She may have started as the lowest member of the big three, but to me, she's become the most exceptional. I feel we are very close to an all out feud between her and Brina, one can only hope.

No. 1367658

File: 1636731906571.jpeg (495.94 KB, 1284x1943, 2D057BBB-7ED9-4510-9E73-9F7275…)

Looks like Sandra and brina were harassing egos ex lastnight lol

No. 1367659

File: 1636731928471.jpeg (423.71 KB, 1284x1904, 2A3B5B38-A40D-4F49-8090-E54418…)

No. 1367786

is that blaire white?

No. 1367875

File: 1636759932653.jpeg (152.42 KB, 828x1423, 718EF592-55C8-4569-B202-109FA8…)

I don’t think Sandra should be buying cars when she’s in a manic state

No. 1367908

The woman who's worn the same ugly cheap piece of costume jewelry every single day for several years can definitely afford a car. She's not bringing in that kind of money and what she does earn goes right up her nose.

No. 1367936

She said in a story that shes renting it because hers is in the shop

No. 1367937


she’s renting it while her car is in the shop

No. 1367943

File: 1636765860286.png (731.96 KB, 720x1166, Screenshot_20211112-200834~2.p…)

Brina is big mad, because Nathaniel is actually with someone who's not an escort and actually attractive. Happy for him for kicking Brina to the curb straight from her daddy's house kek

No. 1367987


> the wiggly stove behind her

No. 1367991

Better than the wiggly past Brina in his life with no ass and nothing but a drug addiction and 3 abondoned kids

No. 1368016

So he traded in one shooped whore for another. Big win for the scumbag I guess.

No. 1368021

File: 1636777364629.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 1.48 MB, 1433x1647, C853E641-336B-492D-8F3D-A10E69…)

Let’s not forget this photoshopped gem.

No. 1368052

spoiler that shit you fucking retard

No. 1368057


KEK I'm fucking wheezing her right boob is all fucked up

No. 1368139

Haha feels like you're definitely Nathaniels new whore. You're just as obsessed with Sabrina as she is you- clearly

Also kek at Sabrina not following Sandra on insta 24 hours after being together.

No. 1368188

The feud between Sandra and Brina is coming, it's gonna be lit.

No. 1368238

kek no i'm no one's whore just stating facts

No. 1368240

Brina hasn't followed her since the egoturd drama first kicked off anyway? Unless I've missed something

No. 1368251

File: 1636821714965.jpeg (406.25 KB, 828x1490, 6624DE4D-2E89-4F62-B570-5285C3…)

No. 1368281

Sandra is milky af, but can’t help feeling bad for her. She needs to stop being a sex worker and her her shot together.

No. 1368290

It seems she does want to get better, but sometimes it comes across as an attention act cuz she’s always airing out her mental health on stories. Glad she realized self medicating ain’t it since it looks like she’s back on rx meds. Now, if only she would stop hanging around trash like Brina… I think Sandra knows she’s bad news, but doesn’t have many friends so let’s her infiltrate her life outta loneliness. Sad.

No. 1368306

It's day 1, the Prozac won't even be in her system properly yet but I suppose the placebo effect is a blessing if you're as stupid as Sandra

No. 1368327

Was thinking exact same. Low IQ is maybe benefiting her in this instance, kek

No. 1368329

Pretty hard to do when you're not academically bright, and have been doing it since you were 16. Sandra has acknowledged she's not the brightest. I think the best that could happen to her would literally be some arranged marriage. Sabrina don't think because Sandra's antics trumping yours on this page have made us dislike you any less, we just find anyone but you more interesting at this point basically. Nothing worse than dried up milk that can't even keep a guy like Nathan when his requirements are literally: Buy me food and drugs.

No. 1368438

I do feel bad for Sandra. She’s more self-aware than the average cow and seems to genuinely want to get better, but lacks the resources and support. Brina on the other hand is a sociopathic lizard person. She’ll never change.

No. 1368463

File: 1636853379374.png (4.72 MB, 828x1792, 9BF1ABF6-93C1-4A49-8E31-452104…)

Same fag. She's quite the endearing mess. Always trying..something..she's an entertaining half wit woman child indeed. I'm rooting for her, but don't have much hope, still playing stupid games, with stupid people hoping for better results

No. 1368480

Yeah there’s no way she’ll get better with her #1 frenemy Brina around, I don’t think she could ever stand to see Sandra doing better than her. She wants Sandra unstable and desperate so she can continue to manipulate and sponge off her.

No. 1368694

File: 1636901504236.jpeg (217.95 KB, 828x1467, C9EF686C-E512-42C2-8BBD-DCE757…)

No. 1368756

At least that combo will be less likely to give her mania. The med game sucks, I hope she finds something that really works for her and sticks with it. As retarded as she is, I can't help but root for her.

No. 1368794

Finding right meds is a bitch..it’s easy to throw in the towel and turn to alc and drugs… she will prob fall off track a million times but big ups for trying .. I’m rooting for her dumb ass too kek

No. 1368828

File: 1636916555958.png (3.05 MB, 750x1334, A24A29A3-B4A3-4158-B6C5-B2F5E9…)

No. 1368841

Was coming here to post that, I can't comprehend what goes through this woman's brain to think 'yeah I'm gonna post this total shite'

No. 1368898

File: 1636922490883.jpeg (430.2 KB, 828x1454, C92EA451-3EC7-4E37-A7A0-A821F2…)

Sandra, shouldn’t you be using condoms?

No. 1368908

Hang on, I thought her cat was missing??

No. 1368920

Cat was found a short while later, either way, poor kitty deserves better

No. 1368954

Didn’t she show a picture on her stories very recently of birth control pills? What is going on lol

No. 1369071

lmfao the fuck is this picture, did she fuck the cat? lmao dipshitass

No. 1369093

You can't be on lithium while pregnant. Doctor probably asked her to confirm she isn't pregnant before restarting. Just posting it for attention it looks like.(namefagging)

No. 1369126

File: 1636947333836.jpg (649.25 KB, 1080x2183, Screenshot_20211115-043301_Ins…)

Lol at Aaron Carters prostitute baby mama is congratulating Sandta for throwing weed out while her FiAnCè is growing pot in the bathroom.

No. 1369169

I guarantee she picked that all out of the trash again because that was like $300 worth of weed
Also why performatively throw out weed when you were doing ket like 2 days ago?

No. 1369992

File: 1637094966688.png (7.35 MB, 1170x2532, 624C95F2-E292-4A11-B4E0-889A92…)

…what now?

No. 1369994

File: 1637095047523.jpeg (604.12 KB, 828x1444, 2ADBE036-ECD0-46A2-AA2F-95E7D4…)

No. 1369999

She's posted like 6 dumb ass memes while waiting to see the Dr for a panic attack at the ER. Oh SANDRA, never change. You are the reigning queen mess of this board.

No. 1370008

Lmao, came here to say this. She’s the ultimate attention seeking buffoon.

No. 1370078

File: 1637105271442.jpeg (387.89 KB, 1284x2088, AFD9EB5F-D008-4284-8CAB-C58154…)

No. 1370079

Exciting. Please keep us posted if they give her slipper socks.

No. 1370095

Wait so she drove herself, stopped to take a photo of the place on her way in, to be seen for a panic attack? Yea okay, Sandra. If it was truly a panic attack you wouldn't have been able to even drive. Kek get real

No. 1370133

File: 1637115153119.jpeg (650.87 KB, 828x1456, 45D6407C-17F1-4ED5-8DA7-83D486…)

Sandra’s saying she’s back at her parent’s place and today is day one of sobriety including none of the weed or cigs she allegedly threw away. Also, hoping she doesn’t mean no bipolar meds when she says no prescription medications.

No. 1370143

She made it seem like she does mean no rx meds, too. Bets on how long this “sober”journey lasts? kek

No. 1370157

She was literally fucked up on ket with Brina like 3/4 days ago. I wonder is she’s having a reaction from taking different meds on top of that.

No. 1370178

I definitely got a- 'I'm taking NOTHING from now on, even Rx meds' vibes which isn't a good idea. Her mother and her are both bipolar. BPD vibes asf too

No. 1370266

My guess is the ketamine really through her for a loop. The sobriety might last until Friday, but doubtful. More than likely this is just a show for her parents so she can stay with them for a while

No. 1370329

File: 1637156312889.jpeg (767.37 KB, 828x1240, 5B53A8B3-E3C8-4058-A05C-98609A…)

“Proud of you, it’s a shame I’ll never achieve that for any of my three abandoned children :’)”

No. 1370353

I heard sabrina made 60,0000 working as an escort last night. Can someone confirm what agency?
There’s never been record of her doing this work web cam and of only(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1370398

Tinfoil but something def went wrong with that recent sleepover, and the drugs. Sabrina unfollowed Sandra and went silent again immediately after, and we know Sandras been at her all time worst because thank God she never shuts up on her stories.

No. 1370399

Go away Moid

No. 1370431

Damn, right ..this b doesn’t shut up….her stories from last night where she was rambling on were so crazy, who does that. I hope she can make the connection that she hung out with Brina, and then nearly right after went off the rails. Sandra stay away from her!!!

No. 1370454

Oh damn i didn't know sabrina unfollowed her. That day Sandra was posting stories about how they're best friends "even though they fight" or whatever. Something definitely happened on the ket night

No. 1370510

She even said this is the end, well goodbye. Between that and posting her hospital visit, I just think she wants attention. I’m sure she’s suffering mentally, but come on, don’t mix BPD drugs with K, weed and whatever else. She’s off the rails.

No. 1370528

She's going to go see a holistic doctor, more milk incoming soon.

No. 1370546

Even her selection of prescription medications have been all over the place the last few months. Lithium, then quitting that, getting adderall for ADHD, quitting that, getting an antidepressant, quitting that, back on lithium.

That seems extremely dangerous for a medical professional to be prescribing her all those different meds so quickly. Then she's mixing in who the hell knows what, we all knew this complete breakdown was imminent, why couldn't her doctor see it?!?

Hopefully she can stay the hell away from Sabrina and actually get help, not just prescriptions thrown at her. I mean, dare I say she could help from being committed for a bit? Doesn't help us, but it would definitely help her.

No. 1370554

I have a feeling she’s been going to multiple doctors, prob seeking out second opinions etc. Doubt all those rx meds came from the same doc.

Now we wait to see what transpires from her upcoming holistic doctor appointment kek

No. 1370590

Right? Holy shit her poor kids finding her online and how she doesn't give a fuck about them ":')"

Sandra is only attention seeking, coming off of alcohol, ket and prescription drugs have withdrawals, chill out already or don't complain

No. 1370594

File: 1637185775569.jpeg (427.17 KB, 828x1521, 0B766097-593E-4A4C-BADE-6D1F4B…)


No. 1370650

She has been. She said she’s gotten multiple “second opinions” and I’m sure she doesn’t tell them which medications she’s tried. The combo of taking and stopping BPD meds abruptly and mixing with street drugs definitely fucks her up much more.

No. 1370800

File: 1637205055625.jpeg (167.33 KB, 1284x1035, 9C535F8D-DBFD-482E-BE32-040AAC…)

I bet your kids would love to see
this one day. Stupid fucking bitch

No. 1370804

There's truly no hope

No. 1370805

File: 1637206024044.png (4.04 MB, 828x1792, AA286177-E882-46A0-A3AD-B9850C…)

Meanwhile Brina feeds a squirrel as she hangs outside some random apt kek

No. 1370809

Unfuckinbelievable! This b is so tone deaf.

No. 1370830

meanwhile this is online kekek

No. 1370832

File: 1637210591120.png (Spoiler Image, 551.71 KB, 951x712, brinadt.png)

No. 1370840

I remember this stream, she was fucked up on k bragging about deepthroating rhett.
I don’t think she has a single care in her body that her kids might see any of this.
She will always be a drugged out alcoholic human mattress trash.

No. 1370862

File: 1637215781680.png (709.66 KB, 1215x598, sabrinakiss.png)

No. 1370867

File: 1637216590911.png (Spoiler Image, 584.91 KB, 1016x645, sabrinakiss2.png)

No. 1370877

she abandoned her children and then shit herself live on the internet. and shoved the shit back into her ass

it looks like they live in an abandoned mental facility

No. 1371198


The actual video never got out, did it?

She flashed it from her phone on cam, and that's about it.

Surprised she never sold it. There was a time she could have probably made some serious cash with BG content.

Now she's just way past her prime.

No. 1371395

File: 1637286491417.png (3.47 MB, 828x1792, 4F46DD4B-94F5-4E39-A169-972413…)

Sandra's airing grievence around Sabrina and their friendship on her story right now

No. 1371398

She’s also asking guys to slide in her DMs in hopes of finding a new boyfriend lmao how is she not embarrassed

No. 1371408

This whole weird rant just proved she has severe codependency issues. She is so torn up over that gross egovert dude that she ‘dated’ for like a week and he only used her to buy drugs. She has been in a spiral since and he could not give a fuck. She just needs therapy and to move on.

No. 1371421

She’s too fucking annoying to actually listen to her stories no matter how much I wanna know the tea lol

No. 1371469


The stories are down now. Did anyone catch them and can give a recap?

No. 1371523

Essentially she was mumbling about how it was day 3 of being “sober” and she thinks actually she does need her bipolar meds (no shit) and is supposedly going to a psychiatrist appointment tomorrow. Then talked about how she just wants to lay around and not do anything. Then rambled about wanting to be in love with a nice guy and about how she was waiting for a guy to change (assuming egovert) and he never did, and wanting nice friends too. She talked about some girl friend who wronged her (maybe Brina?)…. Oh and one hilarious bit about how she wished there were no drugs because they ruin everything or something to that effect. Like as if she doesn’t partake in drugs herself. Major eyeroll. She prob rewatched those stories and got embarrassed and deleted them. It was rather painful to watch but I did it to get the tea kek

No. 1371547

>>1371469 https://streamable.com/fk3ro6

> “I just wanna be happy, like, I don’t know. Like, I just want a normal, like, relationship with a guy were, like, he’s not trying to fuck every fucking bitch that he sees and, like, just trying to be loyal to me and, like, nice to me. I just want to be with a nice guy, like a nice, honest, like, guy. Like, I really like nerds, not going to lie. I like nerdy, and smart and, like, just fucking weird. I like, like, weird guys. Anyways, but like nice. I don’t like mean guys. Uh! Other than that, yeah, DM me if you’re, like, that type of guy ‘cause I’m looking for that type of guy. Uhm, whatever. Ehm, yeah. I’m sad.”

>>1371421 Re: Sabrina
> “You know what sucks? Like, so. I had a friend and yeah”
> Thought friend was cool but then something happened and know she doesn’t know
> At the same time kinda misses her but does she really? Or is it just being “fucked in the head and not on [her] medicine”?
> Emphasised that she doesn’t understand anything right now
> Can’t move, stays in bed all day and feels like complete shit
> Despite that girl “really really” doing her wrong, she wants to forgive her but that girl never apologised and has yet to reach out
> She shouldn’t reach out first
> If that girl reached out and apologised, then “cool” and would probably forgive her as she likes to forgive people
> Needs to know the people she forgives are “a good person”
> Feels trust would have to be re-earned
> “I don’t know, like, I like to look past all the bad shit because I know we all make mistakes and stuff like that”
> Doesn’t hold grudges
> Doesn’t like that people don’t like to apologise

>>1371523 Gives a decent summary for those that don't want to listen

No. 1371599

She is an endearing looney. Im sad and confused on why cant she get a man like she is the prettiest from brina and her sister and she seems good hearted I bet brina is the one blocking her from dating a nice guy cus she would try to keep him for herself and doesnt want her to stop being a sex worker with her. My theory is she holds a lot of trauma for being pimped by her sister while underage but its too dumb to realize that. She needs to cut everyone and start over but will never do that.

No. 1371728

All of that is obviously problematic. And on top of this she’s probably annoying af in relationships and just in general too. Like from the baby voice to being a dumbass to her “music”… Looks only take you so far.

No. 1371759

Anyone feel like brina is back with an ex that's why she's not posting as much?

No. 1371769

Doubt it. I don’t think any of her ex’s would take her back. I think that guy James has her keeping everything private because he’ll get bashed online for being with her.

No. 1371858

Brina has been posting outings to restaurants and a sports game and James hasn’t. I’m assuming she’s on an escort weekend while he does his thing this week. Next week she’ll be done with this escort job and back to posting again so she can bait for a paid week/weekend with another Jon.

No. 1371943

Sandra has a beautiful face but she is very mentally ill, and her music proof of this. She needs to start going to therapy as well as starting back on medication. She could probably use a week or two's stay in a psychiatric facility where she can have professionals monitor her and finally find her the proper dose and combination of medication. She also really needs to work on her eating disorder. She is not in the proper headspace for a relationship, she needs to work on herself first. She is a pretty girl, but she is not well. Even though people post about her on this thread, I think we all want what's best for her and a relationship is NOT that.

No. 1372186

File: 1637384165931.png (1.2 MB, 1191x668, brinapreg.png)

also she doesn't forgive drinking this "rainbow baby" live on cam away as she was obv pregnant, with her little hamster all she had in her life. so sad. she needs birth control or to OD already

No. 1372364

File: 1637425736534.png (1.61 MB, 828x1792, A098C91C-B274-4A28-B304-67674A…)

No. 1372373

His hair is giving Dorothy from the golden girls

No. 1373213

File: 1637526313097.jpeg (569.46 KB, 828x724, C95ADCBF-7C7A-4A12-8038-5B5146…)

Why is Sandra flipping the bird?

No. 1373279

Because she's retarded and this is her default pose. She's mentally 13

No. 1373300

one of these girls is not like the other

No. 1373335

Gahhh it literally is her go-to. I don’t get it. She’s a dumbass per usual.

No. 1373456

She has no ass and thinks she is edgy(learn2sage)

No. 1373498

She's the only wearing wearing dramatic clunky lingerie to emphasize her hips and boobs and make them look bigger than they actually are, and also wears a jacket to hide her waist and arms. All while the other girls are only wearing lace bra and panties

No. 1374008

Everyone hating on Sandra’s body should just… stop. Her body itself is more or less fine. There are much better things to pick on Sandra about. Such as the clothes she chooses to wear on her body. Or being a fucking moron. Or her hilarious music endeavors.

No. 1374629

File: 1637699488282.jpeg (572.22 KB, 828x1467, 2BC8DEF6-8C63-4B37-AB6B-ECEBEB…)

Brina looking drugged out, even with a heavy filter

No. 1374763

She posted that at like 830am. Prob was on an all night bender kek

No. 1374840

her forehead is huge or has so much hair loss it's caused a bad receding hairline

No. 1374937

Thought this was Sandra while scrolling because of the hair kek

No. 1375256

File: 1637780676991.jpeg (160.32 KB, 1281x982, C82A56DC-2696-48BF-925D-BBA694…)

Dumped before a holiday.
Thought she was living with this new guy. Wonder where she’ll be living now

No. 1375263

File: 1637781466739.jpeg (102.94 KB, 828x665, FF749457-C617-481E-9DDA-940535…)

Yep, he dumped her. Who would’ve thought? At least he didn’t get her pregnant.

No. 1375275

weird af that James even followed her "family" account,like yea I follow this page of sad memories of years ago when my gf played mom for a few years, kek so sad

No. 1375452

File: 1637799971731.png (8.58 MB, 1170x2532, A653B369-8C4F-4FAE-8EC2-3FFC3F…)

They’re still together???

No. 1375454

…was just gonna post that!! Wtf? Unless he broke up with her and she just hasn’t accepted it yet.

No. 1375456

He posted the same post as sab so they’re definitely still together

No. 1375471

Prob made up and had her fly out and meet him

No. 1375486

Idk, I think she’s talking about Sandra and made the post for attention. Maybe Sandra is evening out on her meds.

No. 1375489

Yeah. I actually see how that coulda been about Sandra, rather than about James. I guess Sandra’s meds must be working since she hasn’t been on ig stories making a fool of herself lately.

No. 1375555

I think it was about James because they both unfollowed each other but are following each other again. She probably begged him to take her back

No. 1375599

thry arent broken up, he bought her a handbag and they were at the airport together

No. 1375605

Yep, that’s definitely the case. They unfollowed each other for hours. Now I’m afraid she’ll get pregnant again kek.

No. 1375726

File: 1637853161633.jpeg (718.26 KB, 828x1358, 89A37B93-8F1E-418D-85D9-F5F793…)

No. 1375778

Lol is she implying they're doing coke in the bathroom together?

No. 1375810

Probably ketamine or Xanax since they’re on a plane

No. 1375921

File: 1637880547148.jpeg (709.63 KB, 750x1308, 53353D76-EB00-4894-9CCB-47031A…)

With Chloe. I guess that’s why she went to TX with James…?

No. 1375928

Oh god, that poor girl. The way Brina is in an out of her life must be awful and confusing for her. I bet Brina is just trying to show off for James. Smh.

No. 1375930

Omfg doing drugs on the plane and meeting your daughter right after, stay classy brina

No. 1376055

I wonder if Chloe asks about her little sister Cora. Or even about her brother, Coda?? She’s getting old enough that she’s going to start asking questions about the mess that is her mother’s life. What a sad scenario for her.

No. 1376179

how old is her daughter? i hope she never googled her

No. 1376187

Brina still dresses like she’s 23. I used to love her style, but it looks ridiculous on an almost 30 yr old

No. 1376207

She just turned 13

No. 1376251

Jeez, 13 is old enough that she probably has access to the internet somehow and has probably seen her mom diddling herself or doing drugs or both. This poor girl

No. 1376404

She 100% has ig and internet access.
She 100% knows her mom is a horrible selfish person. Sabrina is visiting her for her own selfish reasons trying to validate her own delusions of being a mother and introduce her new boyfriend per usual.

No. 1377059

Thought brina was getting veneers?

No. 1377137

Brina is too broke for veneers, she hasn't even had a place to live for years, unless she's mooching off of someone else as usual

No. 1377180

I know, it's hilarious cause I think everyone else knew her post was BS about getting veneers it's been how long and her teeth are still fucked.

No. 1377200

File: 1638053893360.png (505.26 KB, 1076x1982, Screenshot_2021-11-27-17-55-30…)

No clue who this guy is, but Sandra's so desperate for him to respond she's asked Aaron Carter to reach out to him so he'll respond..

No. 1377204

File: 1638055276558.jpeg (244.88 KB, 811x1166, 228B6D14-F03A-40B7-90F2-019435…)

Well it looks like this guy is close with egovert. Or was. So Sandra is probably just trying to still get ego’s attention or make him jealous now.

No. 1377409

This is one of Moxas's super hits, Love Curse. Rumour is Sandra loves this song and has been trying to hook up with him for a while.

No. 1377547

File: 1638121438541.png (2.63 MB, 828x1792, 6644941B-1F32-49A4-9370-82EA9D…)

New obsession? One can hope. Sandra has been boringly stable since she remedicated, and fell out with Sabrina again

No. 1377548

File: 1638121483903.png (2.5 MB, 828x1792, 50B76323-C6F7-4C70-AD13-33B613…)

No. 1377572

Let the shit show begin… this guy has been associated with egovert, so you know it’s a shot at trying to get his attention. She’s so messy.

No. 1377582

why does she wear those matching sweatsuits constantly kek

No. 1377816

File: 1638145007267.png (643.34 KB, 720x974, Screenshot_20211128-191400.png)

The comments on this are spot on, drugged out after just bringing home a newborn. No wonder Sandra and Sabrina are friends with his baby mama kek

No. 1377817

File: 1638145043113.png (211.8 KB, 720x1216, Screenshot_20211128-191436.png)

No. 1377851

Ew wtf his feet…

No. 1377871

jrc i knew Aaron was white trash, but this is worse than i thought. Hope Nick is doing better, since he at least admired to having fucked up childhood trauma in a bsb reunion

No. 1377892

File: 1638152945632.jpeg (767.32 KB, 828x1469, E0175978-C785-45F2-AE12-DE18BA…)

As if she dressed like this with her daughter.

No. 1377894

File: 1638152973633.jpeg (172.25 KB, 709x1280, AE0F9C36-EF84-44DF-8301-0A91A1…)

Ok did anyone notice the way she is looking at Sabrina?? Ugh! This poor girl. I worry for her…(don't post minors)

No. 1377898

Ugh Brina should not be around any of her kids whatsoever. It just does more harm than good. We all know she’s just visiting Chloe for a few days to play pretend mom, then won’t see her again for another couple years.

No. 1377901

anyone else watch “house of carters”? it gives great insight into their dysfunctional family and its highly entertaining. it doesnt seem scripted to me either

No. 1377907

can someone post the actual video? not everyone has instagram

No. 1377988

This is just so embarrassing!. Her poor daughter.

No. 1377996

Her daughter is only 13, right? That's an awfully short skirt for a 13 year old

No. 1377999

Pretty positive it’s one of Sabrina’s skirts…

No. 1378014

I was wondering that. It looks like sabrina dressed her up n her ho clothes to go out

No. 1378015

She absolutely should not be allowed around her kids. The sad thing is, her poor daughter has a very high likelihood of following in Brina’s footsteps. I kinda wonder a bit about Brina’s upbringing / family life growing up. Wonder if it would explain a lot. Does anyone have info about that? Not that it would be an excuse by any means for abandoning her children!!!! She’s a trash can of a person.

No. 1378030

Am I the only one who feels like she shouldn’t be posting her child’s face on the same IG where she promotes her onlyfans/drug use and has a massive following of people from her camgirl years? She has no idea what kind of creeps she’s exposing her teenage daughter to. And they look just alike, her facial features are just like Brinas, it really is her mini. Posting her there is all sorts of wrong.

No. 1378037

it is definitely wrong. she should know better but of course she wouldn't lol.

No. 1378066

This feels icky.
It reminds me of that movie 13.
Except one of them is damn near 30.(learn2sage)

No. 1378082

Sabrina has gone on rants in the past while drunk and camming about her mom and her childhood. It sounds like her dad moved to another state and was rarely in her life. And then she would constantly bad mouth her mom saying that her mom was a terrible mother and very immature and acted like a child and didn’t know how to be a parent. But whats ironic is she was sitting there saying all of this about her mother…. And her mother was the one who had full custody of Chloe at that point. So if your mom was so bad why would you want to repeat that toxic cycle with your own daughter? Because Sabrina is a narcissist and would rather choose to be the victim.

clearly there was some issues going on in that family considering Sabrina was knocked up at 14 or 15 and again at 17 and her little brother has spent almost his whole adult life in and out of prison. And then there’s her step sibling Audessa (anyone know the story about her? Was she ever in Briina’s life?) who was knocked up with her second baby selling nude snap chat content in the shower desperate for money because her phone service was about to be shut off. Also Sabrina’s mom really has moved ALOT with Chloe—I’m curious to know if she even has a job or she just scams the system like Sabrina was doing at 18(sage)

No. 1378091


that sentence made me sick, poor girl was probably dressed comfortably and appropriately for her age and her mom decided it is wasn't good enough and put her in a mini skirt.

No. 1378162

File: 1638196735178.png (489.19 KB, 720x1125, Screenshot_20211129-093619.png)

James re-posted Sabrina's ig story putting "das mah girls"
Dude didn't you just meet Chloe? Poor girl is probably so used to this type of behavior by now, it's so sad. What a shit show of adults that can't raise kids they bring into this world

No. 1378259

I wonder if Chloe still lives with Sabrina’s mom full time / if her mom has full custody. I remember there was one point where Chloe seemed to be living with Brina occasionally a couple years ago or longer. What a hot mess. I prefer Sandra’s drama, where no children are involved. It’s straight up sad to think about Brina literally abandoning all three of her kids.

No. 1378261

File: 1638209618118.jpeg (506.08 KB, 828x1404, C8254796-40E5-44DE-908F-09339D…)

Seriously? Is she trying to validate her absence from her kids lives?????

No. 1378263

KEK how selfish of those kids.

No. 1378299

The only people she’s isolated herself away from are her kids. She clings to every dude she dates. She’s not “isolating” herself for therapy to get better one day to be able to be in their lives normally. This is so weird to post after being with Chloe the last few days. It’s basically gaslighting her own daughter for knowing better. Chloe can see for herself the life Brina chose over her, Brina flew down to show it off to her for a couple days. This is going to be so so damaging to Chloe later on down the road. It’s infuriating to watch Brina be such a selfish cunt. She should not have went to see Chloe.

No. 1378329

File: 1638215738112.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 556.8 KB, 1284x2283, 32578BD4-E7C2-466C-B88D-DFEBCE…)

Brina really thought this hoodie was appropriate to wear infront of chloe!??
Absolutely trash.

No. 1378349

Audessa has two children, and works. Audessa also used to care for Chloe along with Sabrina's mother because sabrina is irresponsible and couldn't even give any money to help with her children. Her dad was in her life but not as she makes it sound. Nathan has been in and out of jail since he was a teenager. Sabrina didn't have a terrible upbringing as she claims.

No. 1378405

Hey Audessa(hi cow )

No. 1378454

Sabrina’s current stories with Chloe are gut wrenching. You can see that Chloe’s spirit is broken from everything that has transpired since the last time Sabrina “bothered” to have her around. I can’t fathom the pain. While Sabrina SHOULD be a part of her children’s life, it SHOULDN’T be like this… parading them around for a moment, calling them pet names, and then taking off for years in the blink of an eye. Nevermind, a new guy in tow EVERY time. This is chaos. It’s trauma. Whoever has custody of Chloe, which I’m assuming is still Sabrina’s mom, should be using better judgement and exercising more caution. Do we also know why Sabrina is allowed unsupervised visits with Chloe, when she’s required supervision around Cora & Coda?

I can’t even imagine how hard it’s been for Chloe to have sibling after sibling ripped away from her. Nothing has ever been consistent for this poor girl and she deserves so much better than this.

No. 1378497

I agree with your thoughts and will add as others have, it's worse than it even seems on the surface. This whole charade is meant to endear her new BF to her. By this point in her life, everyone knows she is a horrible mother. This trip, and acting she is really close with the kid is her larping as a Mom to impress some rando dude who will be gone soon. Its almost impossible to imagine how emotionally abusive this is to her daughter. My heart goes out to her, seeing her 30 year old mom show up hours after posting on IG she was doing drugs on a plane, the spending the day with her as a pawn to impress her new dude.
Brina's story is so much darker than Pumpy and Sandra because of her endless emotional & mental abuse of her children.

No. 1378508

Ugh dude. 100% this. It’s like she wants James to believe she’s actually involved in her kids lives, at least to some extent. Narcissistic b. Her behavior is so incredibly damaging to Chloe. How can this guy not see the red flags? Three kids, three diff dads, no custody - Right there alone is one million red flags. Is he a moron or something? Anyone with half a brain would not want to be involved with someone like that. Also, while I’d say this James guy looks like a loser, compared to some of her past dudes I’d say on a surface level he seems a bit more normal. Idk tho. Run, my dude. We know what’s coming …

No. 1378548

It’s total and complete narcissistic manipulation. Brina leaves breadcrumbs for poor Chloe making her believe that she occasionally loves her and always leaving her to want more of her mother. Chloe looks honestly embarrassed though and who can blame her? How is James so stupid? I swear, Brina must tell some elaborate sob story for every man she’s with for them to believe her bs. Anyone from a mile away can see how much of a gaslight narcissist she is.

No. 1378560

If brina wasn't such a dumb, didn't graduate HS autistic tard, she wouldn't even post her embarrassed kid on her sexworker IG. It's embarrassing for everyone involved. James had a brain surgery or something right? Maybe that's why he doesn't see all the red flags. Even Rhett and Nathanial dumped her and he is a red flag. That says a lot kek

No. 1378573

Chloe's bangs and dyed hair speaks volumes

No. 1378609

Well she's already thirteen, she's gotta start looking for a baby daddy. Can't have her enjoying her youth now.

No. 1378622

>is he a moron or something?
I mean yeah, he is lol. I think it's safe to say anyone in Brina's social circle is a smooth brained idiot.
Poor Chloe. She's right at the age where this will affect her the most

No. 1378627

MTE the second I saw her hair I thought..oh no. She's already outwardly showing her life has been FUCKED

No. 1378640

I'm not Audessa.
Chloe is around the age Sabrina was when she first started having sex. Sabrina's mother has been stable for Chloe but Chloe still wants to see her "mother" and she respects that with caution. SABRINA does not have custody of Chloe! Her mother does.

No. 1378679

What’s really sad is it won’t be a shocker if Chloe follows in Sabrina’s footsteps. She’s a kid and that’s her mom who she still looks up to. Gah. Sabrina shouldn’t be around her (or any of her kids).

No. 1378944

Chloe is nothing like Sabrina. She doesn't look up to her, she's trying for a relationship. Unlike Sabrina Chloe loves being in school learning art and her friends. Sabrina never cared about school just boys. Chloe has been well taken care of.

No. 1378951


That's good to hear, I hope it's true. It's possible Sabrina's mom grew up when she saw her daughter repeating the toxic cycle she created and wants to do good by her grandkids. Hopefully that's the case, and she can guide them successfully to adulthood. If not her, I hope a teacher looks out for Chloe and the other kids to make sure they're going down a positive path. I'm uncomfortable with saying Sabrina doesn't deserve to be in her kids lives. She's scum but idk, the girl wants at least one of her parents. That's gotta be painful