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File: 1422589549498.jpg (48.27 KB, 236x352, earache.jpg)

No. 44673

No. 44731

I wish she wasnt such a crazy bitch as i actually like a lot of her songs. Also lol at the part where she claims Gaga stole the wheelchair idea. If she is talking about the one she was in for a while, Gaga broke her hipbone when she fell of the stage…

No. 44736

I remember CosetteAlice actually being pretty nice. Super lame that EA had to shame her in front of, at the time, the whole community.

But the "I'M THE POOREST PERSON IN THE WORLD" rant is the most classic. Pretty sure it was the one that started the disintegration of the fanbase.

Every once in a blue moon, I'll listen to her stuff again because she was a pretty HUGE part of my growing up. But I get bored almost immediately. We still have Amanda Palmer still, right?

No. 44739

File: 1422613502613.png (28.94 KB, 543x900, imissdisdramamang.png)

From Troll Like a Girl.

I stopped paying attention to this stuff for a long time. Guess she's still being a scammy cunt.

No. 44746

Such a waste of talent.

Her whole Alice Liddell thing drove me so crazy too. I mean, I like American McGee's Alice too but I don't want to become a video game character. She's just like those tumblrites that romanticize mental illness.

No. 44757

I agree, I like a lot of her songs too. It's a pretty unique genre that you don't come across too often. She seems like a really fucking annoying person irl though.

No. 44759


>still have amanda palmer

I've got some news for you…

No. 44775

I actually thought this thread was about Amanda Palmer at first (but then I found my glasses)

No. 44780

No anon, shhh. I don't want to dislike Amanda too

Its so obvious she stole the story from McGee. She didnt even try to make it a tad bit different.

No. 44801

Context for this is that she started preorders for an audio book of her 'autobiography'. Maybe a year ago now it started, and it still hasnt appeared. She makes vague twitter posts talking about recording but it was supposed to have been out by the end of fall, and now its 2015.

People have emailed her store about wanting a refund but everyone so far as been refused and ignored. Its far too late for paypal claims too so they are just fucked.

No. 44811

She's really like Doe Deere 2.0

Hey since her sponsorship with Aromaleigh fell through, she should team up with Lime Crime. It'd be a snowflake relationship of epic proportions.

No. 44816

Make sure to never google her then.

I ship it.

No. 44823

yeah but Amanda can put out her audio book out within three days its taking EA fucking almost a year.

No. 44830

Never thought I'd see an EA thread on here.

I think I'll always have a soft spot for her pre-FLAG music, Enchant mostly, but God her personality is just shittier.

Currently trying to get through her fucking book. God help me.

Didn't her manager (who added everyone on facebook) get fired or quit? Does anyone know what happened?

No. 44842

File: 1422636013472.jpg (12.22 KB, 450x450, Emilie-Autumn-emilie-autumn-24…)

She "quit" cause she had better options lined up from the company she is working for or owns.

Haven't read her book because I refuse to pay her,and haven't found a legit torrent of it.

I've been waiting for the day she would be posted on here.

No. 44847

I'm kind of sad the official forum is kill, that place was a goldmine for pretentious teenage itas.

No. 44848


Oh, I had a pdf of the entire TAFWVG book, I'll see if I can find it.

No. 44861

Same, especially when shipping to the UK would have been upwards of $50.
I'm uploading the PDF to mega.co.nz but it's over 1gb so it might be a little while.

Not only the official forum, but also the $100 entrance fee fanclub. Kek.

No. 44869


Ah yes, I remember the shitstorm when people paid $100 for the 'fanclub' and all they got was a couple short videos with Emilie and her fuckbuddy

No. 44890

File: 1422638260029.jpg (52.75 KB, 466x700, Emilie-Autumn-emilie-autumn-24…)

bless you.

Oh man and then she played it off like it wasn't her idea to do vip fanclub. BS EA you are a hungry money cow.

Also she needs to get another manager cause she clearly doesn't have any time management skills.(which is nothing new)

No. 44899

Can anybody tell me what happened with the fanclub? I officially left the EA "scene" (idk what to call it…) right when people were annoyed about only getting a few videos. Did they just cancel it and not give everyone refunds?

No. 44900

Nooo! They also got printed dogtags and a piece of paper!

It ain't no thang.

AFAIK, people are getting small rewards (?) as an apology for it all.

Ooh. Does anyone remember that one girl who paid something like $10k for EA's rat tail? I wonder if she's still a fan.

No. 44905

File: 1422640275903.jpg (95.1 KB, 536x800, rsz_rat_tail.jpg)

Someone paid that much for that? What a sucker.
Was it a literal rat's tail or like pic related? (sorry, I don't know much about the EA drama)

No. 44908

I can't get over how callous she is towards her fans. She's always speaking like they're lucky to have her and she does so much for them. Without her fans, she'd be nothing. She's such a self-important cunthole.

No. 44911

File: 1422641382057.jpg (40.41 KB, 450x686, 8dc062a61a4fe97e839dc1d91fdc88…)

Lmao, pic related.

No. 44912

Ohhhh. Gross. I didn't know she was famous enough to have someone pay 10k for something she owned.

No. 44914

File: 1422641876346.png (27.14 KB, 413x451, ss (2015-01-30 at 06.15.23).pn…)

I was wrong, the tail was only $2,550, the rat mask was $10k.

No. 44915

What the fuck, people are so dumb.
>Thank God I'm Pretty Handwritten Lyrics. 940.00 USD
Seriously? Whyyyyyy. I can kinda understand most of the other stuff because it's like original and unique kind of things where there's (probably) only one of them. But written lyrics that she could replicate in 5 minutes a million times over? So stupid.

No. 44921

File: 1422643574480.jpg (69.35 KB, 500x752, CI_87471_1390694382.jpg)

Thank you, downloading it now. Want to see for myself if its as cringey as some people say.

I also wonder about the fans that win the bids of her stuff, like are you still crazy in love with her. Cause I haven't seen any of the items for resale.

No. 44924

I'm 21 pages through and have been for about 3 weeks now. The PDF has been sitting on my laptop since it was put on TPB. So far it's just, plot-holey and sprinkled with some typos. It's just a bit silly and I have zero motivation to read it.

https://twitter.com/4OClockOphelia This is the girl with the tail, and it looks like her life is nothing but EA and the Crumpets. She's got VV's feather fans too, and various other stuff.

Right? I think the mask only got so much because it was the first and only item for sale (for a while) and people didn't realise she'd be auctioning the rest of it all.

No. 44927

File: 1422644649931.jpg (38.64 KB, 576x432, Emilie-Autumn-emilie-autumn-23…)

Yeah I'll see how far I can make it.

Jfc a plague rat. Like every picture is about VV or EA.

Side note shes also a year late on her BROADWAY MUSICAL!!!!!1!!11!!!!!!!

No. 44929

Ooooh God. I was actually at the show where she first announced the ~moosical~ (2012, and it was bland as fuck) and I just stood there thinking how great it was that she was bragging about yet another thing that won't happen.

That dress she's wearing in your pic is so pretty, I wish she would go back to that stuff.

No. 44930

So I'm really hoping she just has rich parents or something.

No. 44931

I feel like I'm replying too much ITT lol.

I used to follow her tumblr and (IIRC) someone asked where she got the money for it like, if she just had it lying around or if she took out a loan or something and she said it was a gift from her bf who just happened to have the money lying around? I'm assuming he must be rich cause he bought the flights and shit to come to the UK and stalk EA and the Crumpets.

No. 44932


It really is a pretty dress. It's a lot more ~*~victorian~*~ than the shredded toilet paper corsets she wears in her newer shows, too. Not saying it's particularly historically accurate or anything, but what's up with the weird seaweed tissue paper skirts and shit she claims is 'neo-victorian' nowadays?

No. 44936

She gave lifetime members an autographed book page and their own cell numbers…which people were pissed about because she goofed up andsent them literally everyone-non lifetime members included

No. 44938

I seriously love this style so much, but she doesn't even play violin anymore, so I don't think it'll ever happen.

Other than aromaleigh, she also had sponsorhips from both a shoe and jewelry company that fell through, as well as manic panic. such a trainwreck

I found her because of my love for tea and rats, and I kind of got fond of her because my dad died in a fire and also we seem to have lot of similar feelings regarding pregnancy and stuff? and finding out she lied about the fire thing was such a slap in the face. Like…you don't do that. That's so fucked up.

No. 44941

>died in a fire
Her dad died from cancer, and the rest of her family is still very much alive. It's what really sickens me. When I found that out, and the other stuff I started liking her less and less.

I didn't know about the jewellery, I knew she was in a shoe ad, but also didn't know she was sponsored by a shoe company.

No. 44943

File: 1422646963186.jpg (61.75 KB, 461x370, tumblr_m7xm4rfdlv1r61wvuo1_500…)

Do you mean twitter? I've never known her to have a tumblr account. And are you talking about Mark? (her platonic fuckubuddy)

The reason those are nicer during her pre- enchant/enchant days is cause her mother made them.

Yeah the whole my familys dead,and dad dies from a fire was shuch a shitty thing to do. Seeing as she knows she has fans that can relate to that.

But don't forget guys its her real life and Emilie Autumn is not a character.

No. 44945

File: 1422647251591.jpg (21.34 KB, 500x489, 6333.jpg)

Also I forgot to add that her family is fairly wealthy. Her mother is a well known figure skating designer. I think her mother backs some of her stuff. I could be wrong.

Her mom uploaded a family photo on pinterest of EA and wrote a small comment about missing her. (I have to find the screencap) But a few days later she took it down.

No. 44946

File: 1422647454740.png (72.2 KB, 1041x534, ss (2015-01-30 at 07.48.30).pn…)

No! The girl who bought all the merch/tail/shit's tumblr.
Pic kinda related?

No. 44947

She's not underground/alternative enough to be considered cool (at least not anymore), but not mainstream enough to be famous.
It's pretty much the worst state for an entertainer/artist to be in.

No. 44948

Let's not forget EA's sister Sunshine who's a pro bodybuilder.

No. 44949


Yeah, I know, but Emilie has some kind of sewing ability herself, and it's not like she couldn't buy a cheaper dress and DIY. Even the Opheliac era's clothes were a bit nicer than the FLAG era. I dunno, it's maybe a bit nitpicky but man, they just look so tacky.

Here's the archive of Emilie's mum's website for anyone curious, btw.


No. 44950

Doesn't Asha have a sister who's a bodybuilder, too?
Lolcows are getting eerie.

No. 44951


When I heard about Klubo I immediately thought of Sunshine, actually.

No. 44952

File: 1422648016091.jpg (90.3 KB, 900x720, monster_high_as_emilie_autumn_…)

Sorry read it wrong. Thought you meant EA.

Yeah she can sew,and shes gotten better over the years. But its no where near on what her mother made and that German Crumpet.

No. 44954

vecona's stuff is GORGEOUS

if theres one thing I can say I like about EA, it's that by proxy she's introduced me to a lot of cool chicks who are really good at their crafts. Like, vex's art, and NGL, I love Contessa. (Keep in mind though, all these people no longer associate with EA. I WONDER WHY)

No. 44955


Yeah, I just meant it's not exactly an excuse to have shittily done stage costumes. Her mother's costumes were beautiful, though.

Because we all know she's 'too poor' to afford a costume designer. If Vecona doesn't count.

No. 44958


I think it's quite beautiful how she burned her bridges with so many people.

I can't find a link for the Velvet Acid Christ drama, but iirc they did a remix of Dead is the New Alive for her Liar/Dead is the New Alive EP, she said she hated it but put it on the EP anyway and didn't give them any of the cut for it.

No. 44959

Here's another decent EA drama source: http://asylumplaguedoctor.tumblr.com/drama

No. 44960

Oh wow, that one is news for me.

I'm so happy you guys, EA drama is my favorite and I'm glad now more people know wtf I'd be talking about

No. 44964

God her ass is fabulous.

No. 44965

The queen of burning bridges. I wonder how long her relationship with mark and the DC guy will last.

No. 44967

>DC guy
Devil's Carnival?
I think they've been acquainted for a while, they both worked on Saw 3.
Ah yeah, and Attrition she joined them and recorded vocals for a song and then quit?

No. 44970

She's just a big fat pile of WTF. I have to say I believe the whole mental illness thing 100% because no sane person would act like her.

I basically grew up with EA and I loved her faerie phase, her Trisol-fueled mallgoth act, even FLAG. Love the outfits, around 50% of her music… I keep coming back to her like a battered wife
So many amazing opportunities were handed to her throughout the years and everytime she's like "lol no, bye". WHY

No. 44972

I'm not saying Emilie isn't a shitty person, but her mother sounds like a terrible narcissist. Exactly the type of parent that makes children move out at the age of 16 and cut all contact for decades.

No. 44973

Well we know she has been to a mental hospital a few times. Flee confirmed that it was multiple, and the book talks a bit too frankly about killing herself to be a lie. She also did have issues with medication when traveling europe, so yes she does have bipolar.

No. 44975

There isnt any reason to assume the cutting off was on her mother, especially when the dying in the fire line covered up her whole family, inlcuding her father that she had mentioned had cancer. Her mother also supported her a lot during enchanted era. We know she made the costumes of that time and the merchandise.

No. 44981

Really though, in my opinion EA isnt much without her crumpets. Sure she makes music, but it were and still are the crumpets that make her stage shows interesting by doing circus acts and interacting with the public.

No. 44985


She flips the fuck out because downstairs a rave is going on and it interrupts her. Video's like this really do make me believe she is an actual bipolar

No. 44986

File: 1422661424058.png (26.05 KB, 487x380, 2f7.png)

This video gets me everytime.

No. 44990

File: 1422661941966.jpg (64.74 KB, 470x314, emilie-autumn-and-burlesque-ga…)

I feel she would be some what bland without the crumpets, but I would really love to see some choreography between them for songs.But then again not much point when you only have two left.

No. 44991


Emilie chimping out over her bear

Although in fairness, it does seem like it was 80% stage persona

No. 44994

I know, because it is not weird angry stage persona anymore, she is legit angry.

Lol yeah, if there was a show with all the crumpets I would love to see. But she only has two left. Most of them circus girls. I also kinda want to snog Naughty Veronica. But you know, not worth my money.

On a funny note, i love this tumblr: http://celebsthatcopyemilieautumn.tumblr.com/page/2

No. 44996

*most of the circus girls left

No. 45015

I really like Moth because for a moment I though a bit of Enchant was sneaking back. ;( I wish she would have stuck around more so her character could have been developed more.

It's kinda fucked up…I hate EA, but I love her. I talk so much shit online, but I'll stil buy her shit. Someone compared it to being like a battered wife and tbh it's not entirely wrong. I don't know why I keep getting pulled back in. I know that sounds legit cray tho

No. 45044

I feel you anon.

No. 45050

File: 1422678985623.jpg (44.13 KB, 621x285, hashtagsexdreams.jpg)

The best tweet

No. 45098

Does anyone know if there is a free leak or torrent for the audiobook version of The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls? I can't find it. I really want to hear her narrate it.

No. 45105

>Implying there's a finished product to distribute.

No. 45106

Is there not? I thought she released it last summer.

No. 45108

Nope, she's still recording it. There are some excerpts on her Vine account.

No. 45114

I was a prominent member on her forum in about 2011 (on of the top 5 posters at the time) I was online friends with the guy she accused of stalking her and he got banned from her shows and forum. He contacted Tristol many times and also became friends with Vecona. He told me she quit because EA demanded certain elaborate costumes and Vecona asked for money to pay for the materials, but EA expected her to make the costumes and pay for materials out of her meager wage. She was literally expected to make Aprella, herself and EA costumes with a material cost in the thousands out of her own pocket. EA flipped shit after Vecona billed her for materials and fired her.

She also used to fuck one of the Tristol operators for brownie points.

She had Apneatic lined up as a crumpet but she backed out after Vecona contacted her about the situation. EA abused Apnea over email. This ended her long-term professional and personal friendship with Aprella as she just didn't want anything to do with these nuts.

I have MSN convos from this guy on an old lappy and he sent me emails between him and Tristol also him and Vecona. I'll try and find them. He gave me so much dirt on her. I forget his EA forum username but he originally started the hate campaign against her. He was a prominent guy in the European goth music scene and dated Roxy Saint from Zombie Strippers when he moved back to the US after he got over his EA obsession.

No. 45116

>I assure you, you will get your money's worth
Fucking lol

No. 45125

Holy shit, poor Vecona. No wonder she left, i would too.

No. 45136

Got more stuff to add. The boyfriend that didn't visit her in the mental institution and got her preggers was Brendon Small from Metalocolypse. She has a history of fucking her coworkers for fame.. Another example being Billy Corgan from Smashing Pumpkins.

The person who threw away her cutting scraps of paper she would blot the blood onto was that dark skinned chick she had in heaps of her old blogs (forget her name but she also posted on her forum).

Her old cello chick, the Asian girl.. Jun Lee or some shit got fired because Emilie didn't pay her at all, even for the first gig she did on TV where she played Misery Loves Company. She didn't pay the other crumpets either, one was named Mistress of Darkness or something. It's been years since I have thought about all this so the names are hazy as fuck.

No. 45138

lol right? she wasted everyone's time at the concert bitching for 10 minutes. wouldn't exactly say that's worth money.

No. 45139

Real name Emily Autumn Fritzges. She cut contact with her family of her own accord, after moving to Chicago. She made her mum mail her one last costume before cutting her off, that white tank too corset with the billowy sleeves and heart on the chest. Her father died of lung cancer and has been divorced from her mother since years. She has 5 siblings in total growing up in her upper middle class Malibu life.

Her mum also took the photographs for her earlier albums (By the Sword and her first classical album) as well as making the costumes.

No. 45143

Love u anon.
Forreal, I've never been so involved in a thread before.

>Jun Lee

Joo Hee? She was so lovely.

No. 45174

Yes! That's her name. Forgive my retardness it has been years since I've been involved in EA crap. I gave up after I saw her in concert for the first time which was her very first Australian Tour at her Brisbane concert. I think it was The Key tour. Hardly any singing, and while I did love Aprella and Captain Maggots because babetrons, it was just a load of prancing about and sub par humour/acting/ballet. I gotta find these Tristol email screenshots but they were on an old uni lappy.. Having an IT bf means he probably destroyed it seeking parts le sigh. I was Wicked Wench on EA's forum.

No. 45177

Dark skinned friend was LadyParasite, the purple-haired friend who featured heavily in her very early Opheliac personal photos. She was disturbed by her leech jar cutting papers and threw them out I guess to stop EA from romanticising her self-harm. EA writes about this in her book but omits the name. Also in the book the famous woman asking for her piss to pass drug tests was Courtney Love from when EA toured with The Chelsea pre-Opheliac. Courtney then introduced her to Billy Corgan whom EA did costumes for his shitty solo project music video and played violin for We Three Kings on one of those American chat shows (Aus fags cannot differentiate between this shit k). They started dating because she literally dates every dude she collabs with because she's a fame and money hungry mall goth.

No. 45178

Ahh, my first chance at seeing her was 2012 FLAG. It was just.. meh. Like I watched concerts on youtube and was so excited, the only part I really remember was Maggot's stage dive, cause I touched her butt, and VV's dance. After that I had a bit of a "high" where I was into her more but it died down and I realised it really was disappointing after being into her for 4 years or so then seeing that, when her Opheliac era seemed a lot more idk, human. Everything now looks so cheap and rushed these days, but I guess that's what happens when you're poor and don't get paid ~~~~~~~

I wasn't active on the forums, I think I only had an account to lurk things where you had to be a member..

She also collaborated with Corgan on 'DIA'.

No. 45179

Die Warzau's clip for Born Again shows her lezing out and humping another chick… i just remembered this haha. I'm commenting too much sorry.

No. 45185

My LAST show was the 2012 FLAG tour, I believe. I had gone to every single one before and always had a great time. Eventually I realized that I didn't enjoy the show, just the people I had met on the forums. EA doesn't change much in between tours and the last one I went to was actually really boring. Like I had an awesome seat but I went to sit down because I had already seen the show every time before. Emilie just isn't this creative genius that she seems to think she is.

No. 45194

some random chick i had the misfortune of talking to online really likes EA and she's a bit of a lolcow herself:

- is "asexual" and dumped her bf for kissing her
- complained that her teachers were "gaslighting" her about her academics
- says there was nothing good about the 20th century except for womens rights
- wants to dress in Edwardian costumes all the time
- incessantly whines about her suicide attempts and mental health issues to random people in a public chat group

No. 45208

Sounds like the typical EA fan, wouldnt say lolcow just stupid and naive. When the forum was a thing there was a lot of people trying to be like Emilie, saying they were depressed and bipolar because she was, and believing the 'history' that Emilie spews about victorian England.

The only time I ever thought of spending money for her is to see moth live, but that was too short lived.

No. 45218

I realized this woman was a total bitch when she asked wingedzephyr to remove all her lyric videos from YouTube, if anyone remembers that.

No. 45232


I do think the girl had legit mental problems but way to overshare in front of a bunch of randos. I have my own problems but i'd never go on about them in front of total strangers and expect them to put up with it.

No. 45233

Is that what happened? I thought she was just fed up of having them there or something.

'Born Again' was a good song though, 'Dry' too.

I agree. Just the same shit over and over again.

No. 45258

LOVE her shows. They're cheap and look fucking awesome most of the time. I've seen her live during her peak of fame in Germany and was completely speechless. I would never ever spend money on her elsewhere though, she's too unreliable…

I like how the general consensus of fans in this thread is "I like her, but I hate her", I feel exactly the same way

thank you so much for the upload, anon!

No. 45331

(from Lauryn Lawler thread)
just gonna say that victor/socklessfuck is one whiney cunt that deserves their own fucking thread. i followed him and his ex for a while and jesus christ that girl got fuckin lucky getting out of that. His EA blog was kinda good though but their personality is ass

No. 45338

I also thought she just decided to take them down on her own. I want to hear this story!

Also, I remember her saying something along the lines of "people who upload songs to YouTube are worse than the ones who download them for free." So I wouldn't doubt it.

No. 45343

Errr, confession time…

I've bought merch from her store, 4 times, and tbh, once I ordered in the morning, and it was at my house NEXT DAY which actually baffled me. It's always been super fast shipping and stuff for me…

when the product actually exists that is

No. 45566

Do you live near Cali? Thats the only reason why you could get your stuff over night.

No. 45573

>How DARE people listen to my music and give it extra attention and popularity by uploading it to YouTube!
I guess all those celebrities with VEVO accounts are going about things the wrong way.

No. 45585

File: 1422827697557.jpg (124.25 KB, 664x1000, Emilie-Autumn-emilie-autumn-23…)

The nerve of those patronizing fuckers!

No. 45586


No. 45589


I remember hearing two stories; one was that WingedZephyr decided she didn't want to be known as "that girl that makes Emilie Autumn videos" and took them down (which doesn't make much sense, because why not just make another account?) and the other was that EarAche asked her to take them down. Any source on EA asking her to take the videos down?

No. 45590

I want to know the story behind "fucking patronizing fucking".

No. 45593

File: 1422829941283.jpg (28.72 KB, 500x180, fpf.jpg)


>After waiting anxiously (like any of us would) for a forum post from the Goddess, Emilie finally called in. CosetteAlice was so over smitten with joy that she began to go on about how amazing Emilie was and when she finished, Emilie swore at her abruptly. Fans began to wonder whether or not Emilie exercised proper etiquette and wondered if it would have been TOO much for her to give CosetteAlice a proper hello. Countless threads were made with trolls and flops proclaiming they were done with Emilie and her rude detached ways. They were seen posting the next day.

No. 45596

>that pic
Gonna have to pull out my magnifying glass for this one

No. 45602

I remember that post. Fucking hell I've gotten old.

No. 45604

No, Detroit and the emporium is in Illinois. I actually received the package before I even got shipping confirmation, I honestly don't know how that happened lol

No. 45607


I know it's shit, but the forum is down now, I got it from TLAG and that's the biggest size I could get.

No. 45609

File: 1422830833591.png (1.07 MB, 1153x636, tumblr_m0xr36ei9M1qixzrmo1_128…)

Bruh she fucked Brendon Small? I always wonder how she got on Metalocolypse.

No. 45678

It's so sad to watch her go down like this after so many fond memories.

No. 45683

shes such a painful tryhard

i liked her a bit during her enchant days and a few songs off of opheliac but holy shitstain batman is she terrible

just watched like 55 seconds of FLAG and i feel genuinely pained for her

like, you know at the end of her life, on her death bed, she'll just be regretting all of her career choices and realizing what a shameful embarrassment she is

id just like to point out the fact that she is 35, and still pulling this shit

also can we please talk about her transatlantic accent that she puts on? it's so fucking cringeworthy

honestly, if i hadnt known she came from an upper middle class family, with her taste in clothing/interests/idea of what it is to be cultured, i'd figure her to be white trash

like, wood paneling in her mom's double-wide and dollar store, dusty, stale english breakfast tea bags, claiming to be a tea connoisseur

No. 45684

I laughed.

No. 45695


Agreed 100% with everything.

I wonder how much lower she can sink. I really want to see what she ends up like in 5 years' time.

No. 45697

The accent thing tho


No. 45706

File: 1422845618991.jpg (114.34 KB, 555x800, emilie_autumn_13.jpg)

I've always wondered why she just doesn't hire people to read certain parts like for a character and stuff. But then I remember she would have to pay them, and we all know they don't deserve to take the spotlight from her or her money.

No. 45710


That fringe tho

Did she try to cut the wig herself or what?

No. 45713

Yeah she did, but then went on a tangent about people who wear wigs and clip in shit. IDEK man.

No. 45740

my prediction:
she keeps touring doing the exact same thing.
her stage costumes become eventually more and more tattered, her crumpets leave her, and her die-hard fans die off. eventually it's just emilie in an empty venue scrambling around shrieking verses in her affected accent, scratching out cat yowls on her violin, wearing nothing but a bunch of rags and a bedazzled corset.

No. 45744

Wait what? When was this?

No. 45762

I think it was on twitter or I saw someone saying it on a confession blog. Its been awhile.

No. 45826

Yep yep. They dated for quiet a while. She was living with him, went into depression mode, tried to commit suicide, doctor told her to go to the nut jar and Brendon stopped giving a fuck.

No. 46111

Yea but she was depressed with Billy too. I always thought all the shifty stuff was because of him.

No. 46333

I went to her concert in 2013 in Sydney.

While at the time I was excited and seriously enjoyed it, (especially the crowd, some very nice people even if a lot of them, including myself were ita,) the show was very lackluster.

Firstly, it took a long ass time, like, the gig started I think almost an hour late to what the show was supposed to begin.
Other than that, it was kind of just playing the entire album with EA singing, with the routines and choreography. I was really hoping for like, new skits and shit because all the shit I saw on YouTube made it look like an interactive fun night during the Ophelia years.

A friend of mine noticed how very…pre planned the Rat's Game was, too. I wouldn't doubt they contact someone so they don't lez out with someone with herpes or something.

There was a little bit of the Opheliac charm right at the end, but it didn't really last long, it was like getting a dessert of chocolate cake, but someone licked off the icing.

No. 46353


To be fair, that sounds like a lot of the concerts I've been to. It all depends on the performer, the venue, the crowd, how well the roadies setup the soundsystem, etc.

Concerts always start late. It's why you only see kids queueing up while everyone else is in the pub and waits until the queue is gone before walking in.

Tours are always scripted. If you see the same band multiple times on the same tour you will often even hear them saying the same things to the crowd. The only unscripted concerts are the small venue warmups bands do before a tour (or more rarely, the 1-2 small venue cooldown concerts they do at the end). If you ever see someone officially "on tour" it's gonna be scripted. Even stand up comedians only have enough material for like 1.5 shows so if you see them more than twice you realise how even "improvised" segments aren't as improvised as they first seem.

Pretty much every terrible concert starts to get good at the end. I don't know if it's because I get drunk or if the performers just become more confident. A lot of times performers don't really get in their stride until after they've played some of their top hits, their most recent single, or anything else they've practised a lot.

I dunno, I've just been to a lot of concerts and kind of expect 50% to be duffs as there's so many variables. Some people get super hyped up expecting great things only to be disappointed.

No. 46382

Yeah that's why I never paid to see her back in 2009. I had seen most if not all of that tour on youtube. However her vans warped tour look like it would have been interesting. Defiantly something she could shell out more and do on stage for a tour. Which unfortunately won't ever happen.

No. 46394

My experience was pretty much the exact same.
I also do think the rat game is pre-determined, the girl who paid out the ass to buy EA's tail got to play the game and VV even mentioned it to her on twitter beforehand iirc.

I think the only show I've been to that wasn't planned/scripted/whatever was Amanda Palmer's. She got like 10 other performers to play and sometimes didn't know what was happening herself, I think the setlist generally remains the same, (Theater is Evil was what she was on tour for) but even then she still took a request and threw in some older stuff too, along with a song performed that she wrote ten minutes before the show and never planned on singing again.

No. 46409


Setlists are the same as with stand up routines. They have enough material for like 1.5 shows so if you see two consecutive shows in the same city you will get a mix but more than that or if you follow them to other cities you see how prepared everything is.

So a band can pretend that they're taking requests but really all they're doing is playing a song they've already played twice that week for other cities. It's a similar gimmick to encores where bands want you to feel like you cheered them enough to come back out but they were always planning to come back out because they haven't played their closer yet.

I saw The Dresden Dolls supporting NIN once and it was terrible. The sound system is always setup for the headliner so having support acts that aren't the same genre is always a stupid idea.

There's been a couple shows I've seen that were definitely unscripted. Joey Jordison playing drums for Metallica after Lars got stuck in Germany was definitely heavily improvised. Joey obviously knew the structure of Metallica's songs but was otherwise doing whatever he wanted so you ended up with a weird Metallica/Slipknot hybrid.

I also saw APC at The Astoria before their Thirteenth Step tour. They ran through the album flawlessly but then James Iha started doing Oasis covers, Twiggy did a metal medley, while Maynard was getting the big neon G-A-Y sign turned on (the venue was a gay club at the weekends) and starting an argument with the crowd about whether Bush or Blair was on top. You could tell it was improvised and they were messing around because they kept fucking up and just moving on to the next song without finishing the previous one.

No. 46773

File: 1423164927618.jpg (71.07 KB, 540x304, tumblr_nj9rv6B90T1r3moc7o1_540…)

I really hope someone does it.
I would love to see how EA would react.

No. 46978

You have great taste in music, Anon.

Would EA even know? Unless it was published and sent to her, she might not even know anything if she has no contact with the family. It would be interesting though. What sort of things would be asked?

No. 46983

I feel like see stalks stuff when it comes to her family.

Im not sure what people should ask maybe her side of the story.

No. 73798

I just stumbled into this thread - hope it's okay to bump it. Really enjoyed the discussion I've read so far.

Small update from her mom, posted in December on Facebook and dug up by a poster on WVC a little over a week ago:
> When you and your family are the ones being lied about…..horribly!!! it does matter! Just so you know………..endless bullshit for too many years!
(Screenshot at http://waywardvictorianconfessions.tumblr.com/post/114229326082)

Now, I obviously don't know the whole story but Jan's behavior on social media is just odd to me. Don't get me wrong, she has every right to be pissed about Emilie's lies but I kinda have a feeling Jan isn't telling the whole truth about what happened between them either, especially since it's been years between Emilie telling the fire death lie and her coming out to speak up. She flies off the handle every once in a while, followed by radio silence for weeks, rinse and repeat.

I really can't make sense of it. Any thoughts?

(Also thanks to the anon uploading her book, I've been curious about it forever.)

No. 73877

Idk, her mom is just probably fed up and frustrated. I'm sure over time she's gotten lots of EA's fan messaging her and it's just really gotten under her skin. Maybe someone had PM'ed her and that's what sparked the comment.

I mean, there's really no way to say either way, but I can see the frustration on the moms part.

No. 73883

File: 1427940927894.jpg (458.33 KB, 800x635, tumblr_m5qgv3zEZ01qmz2szo1_128…)


I really think that has to be it.
I mean could you imagine being harassed for years by your daughters fan wanting to know xy and z of someones life.

I also feel like Jan would do a small interview to get her side out there, but the one asking the questions would have to be professional and unbiased (which means most of the rat queens fans wouldn't be qualified).

No. 74009

Anon who uploaded the book here, I read through it and saw a few of the pages of the cutting diary is missing, I don't know why, but it's how I downloaded it.
The book is so bad though, like it has some fairly good points but it really disappointed me with how cliche the ending was.

No. 253180

File: 1459138552068.jpg (76.21 KB, 500x339, tumblr_o4luza4Dg11r3moc7o1_500…)

How bout its been two years and her audio book still isn't done.

This confession hit the nail on the head when it comes to this fandom.

No. 254118


is there any dirt on this business? it actually seems kind of cool, but i don't want to patronize it if it's more tumblrcore limecrime tier garbage

No. 254157

Any more info on this? I read that her mum posted an old photo of EA in one of her costumes and said something like "My daughter in one of my dresses… Before I died in a fire". Anything else about her family? Not specifically them but how she has lied about them and her life?

No. 254206

i thought it was well known that she made up most of her life story

No. 254213

Pretty much, though people seem to try to keep her family out of the drama.

I just think it's funny that she goes around calling out of celebrities for plagiarizing her life story and work (Lady Gaga wheelchair, Suckerpunch) when it's pretty obvious she stole the background story for American McGee's Alice for herself. Wonder if the bitch even played the game.

No. 254303

Wow, I remember hearing about this bitch ages ago and thought that she was just some goffick Amanda Palmer clone for tweens. Wasn't expecting electo music. Why do people like this woman? Her gimmick isn't even interesting, it's just contrived.

No. 254322

File: 1459455787351.jpg (445.15 KB, 1024x768, nuclear autumn.jpg)

>Why do people like this woman? Her gimmick isn't even interesting, it's just contrived.

No. 254328

Her violin sounds like screeching, too. She certainly has very good finger movements but her "songs" are terrible, they have no real harmony/theory behind them, it's like a mish mash of notes.

No. 256047

I wouldn't hold your breath. Probably would take years for her to finish it, let alone even get off her ass and just start it.

No. 256114

Dafaq is that guy wearing? Reminds me of my friends husband who literally thinks hes neo from the matrix shudders

Sage for OT

No. 256184

What a clusterfuck of bad outfits. And why in the FUCK is that girl in the pastel green dress wearing a black belt?!

No. 256332

I never listened to Emily Autumn but this song which came up first on youtube sounds A LOT like Amanda Palmer (the singing) just not as funny and witty. Has EA always made music like this, is she copying Amanda Palmer or is Amanda Palmer copying her?

No. 256374

Something about her fandom encouraged reverse Coco Chanelism. Fuck taking one thing off, put six extra things on before leaving the house.

Autumn was mostly just a violinist at the beginning, but I think the Dresden Dolls/Palmer were doing this sort of thing slightly before she ever did. It took Palmer years before she tried to monetize her fans though, EA was on that train pretty early.
>Would you like books/blended teas/fan club memberships PayPal me bb.

No. 256398

Willow and Revelry are okay and actually have a melody, but yeah the rest are all edgy screeching tbh.

No. 256491

File: 1459995813576.jpg (89.62 KB, 504x779, poster1.jpg)

Enchante and On a Day are her better albums.

No. 256498

I'm still so fond of enchant. It's like, tradition to play it on the way to the Renaissance festival.

No. 256506

This is probably the only song I remember where she doesn't do that horrible thing with her voice that sounds like she's gasping for air because of emphasema.

No. 256545

File: 1460004503100.jpg (37.35 KB, 311x311, bbea8779fdba6e2390b1030aef24ae…)

God shes been around for a while now, tbh I enjoyed the vibes in Opheliac, the harpsichord and the fiddle was sublime, but the industrial/technobabble shit she dives into, I cannot stomach.
Also, her style is tacky, if she could refine it a little, in regards to ott colour, what looks like post-gangrape rips in her outfits, and lace, instead of aiming for full blown Victorian Era whore, she would be 100x better aesthetically.

Subtlety is key ladies.

No. 256548

actually, I'll admit also she was somewhat splendid in her cameo in The Devils Carnival as the Painted Doll.
I dont think she has a spoken line in the entire picture, and she bites some guys tongue out. The entire movie is on youtube, its pretty great if anyone's bored enough.

No. 256599


she bites his ear off not his tongue

and there's a sequel now that's much much better. Emilie has loads of speaking parts and she's actually not bad in it. I'd recommend the tdc alleluia if you liked the first one.

No. 256622

So this was the retard who bumped this 100 year old thread. Ever heard of sage?

No. 256725

Oh, get over it.
Who cares if the thread is old; it's here for discussing EA and if people want to discuss her then let them.
Hide the thread if it bothers you that much.

No. 257173

There's a thing such as milk and if a thread cant provide milk it is cancer. Thats why this board has become cancer.

No. 257943

Has this file been uploaded anywhere else/could it be uploaded anywhere else? Don't want to join/download mega just to read the book unless I have to, but have been looking for this book for years and can't find it anywhere else.

No. 257955

You unfortunately can't download files through the site on mobile, which sucks, but if you can get on a computer you don't have to join or download the app. You can just download the file through your browser like normal.

No. 257965

I tried and it said to download megasync for my browser because the file is over 1gb, but I guess it'd be okay if the site is trustworthy. Thanks for responding, by the way!

No. 257971

Ah, okay, I didn't know it made you do that for files over a gig. I've never had any troubles with Mega, but if you install the MegaSync thing you might wanna make sure it doesn't also sneakily add in those crap programs/toolbars or whatnot.
And no problem, friend!

No. 257972

Yikes, I don't know how to check for sneaky add ons, so I think I'll leave it for now and hope the book shows up at the library or something just so be safe. Thanks again!

No. 257982

Just make sure you read everything you check "I accept." on when installing. A lot of programs bundle ad software you agreed to download while clicking through. You'll be fine anon!

No. 257989

Thank you so much for the advice!

No. 258646


rememeber when she had that stupid contest for enchant. if you found all the pieces to this supposed puzzle you get a prize. I wonder if that was bullshit as well

No. 258649

No one has still been able to figure it out.
And when anyone would ask EA about it she would just skip over those ask.

Like shit, you can say that you forgot what it was.

No. 258650

I only came across EA because an acquaintance is obsessed with her music and told me she's a "great person, who's also dealing with depression', etc. I had no idea there was this much drama surrounding her, but this thread has been an interesting read.

No. 259755

Did she finish the goddamn audiobook yet?

No. 259759

File: 1460614669936.jpg (46.55 KB, 606x869, about fucking time.jpg)

I'll be damned.

I would have thought she was too busy bombing acting auditions these days to bother with this old shit that fans preordered years ago.

No. 262792

Loool I can't breathe…

All this time I've spent lolcow and I never knew an EA thread existed. My 2 cents is that she is supposed to be on medication for her mental illness(es?) and is trying to do some vegan, holistic self-medicating shit and comes across twice as nuts because of it. That's the feeling I get from her facebook posts and such

Not that she wasn't batshit before or anything…

No. 262805

bear with me because this story is kind of pointless, just tl;dr an outsider's perspective on emilie autumn.

i never listened to EA during my more "sensitive" years, ie teenhood. saw her pictures every once in a while and was intrigued, and was into similar music but thank goodness i never found her. i think she would have been a terrible influence on me and i hate to say it but the cutting part in her book was really very triggering, especially for a younger person

when i was 20 or so i was part of this pro ana group. feel free to judge. MPA had just started up and wasn't so big yet and this forum had another name i don't remember now. it was small so it was easy to see everybody's business even for just a casual lurker.

this one girl, woman i guess, took up a conversation with me on kik or something. her life sounded fucking awful. apparently she was raped by like a bunch of people at a young age and the cops told her it was her fault. and she told me how her fiancee held her hair back for her while she purged. most relevantly to the story was that she said she used to sing emilie autumn lyrics over the phone to her ex gf before gf killed herself. i was like holy shit. i think i left the forum a few days after that. girl in question posted selfies in which she was definitely emaciated. i don't know what was true or not but she was a sad sad person so it all seemed kinda plausible.

anyways this chick LOVED emilie autumn. she was nigh on obsessed and had been for a while probably. i listened to the music some after that experience - and granted parts of emilie's sound were pretty neat. however in lieu of knowing what kind of people associated and connected to the music, the music made me feel dirty and i was kind of disgusted. sure EA had some cool costumes and theatrics but at the crux of it she's fucking nuts and flaunts it like it's going out of style. and she attracts vulnerable people into her narratives. wish she'd grow up a bit and be more responsible for the people she's influenced.

No. 788999

Anyone remembers Emilie Autumn? She's barely relevant, for years there was nothing to laugh about as she just sits at home and does nothing (this time expensive upper class New York apartment, bitch is delusional to try to wriggle herself into Broadway) and scams fans selling overpriced necklaces made from 1$ ebay materials and China-printed asylum bullshit of all trade, but recently there's been a HUGE meltdown in the fandom. Basically she lost almost entire leftover fans she even had, cause they finally got fed up with her shit and want her to be canceled. The only audience she has now are her most loyal bootlickers on her private Striped Stocking Society group (about 600 people). Everything because she turned out to be racist and she fucked up BIG TIME. I recommend you all to read this link, it includes all timeline of what happened, plus receipts and videos. She's out of her mind lol. This is some quality drama:


Meanwhile, people are bringing up her old dramas. This blog listed all problematic shit about EA, with scans from book and quotes:


And this instagram account has stories on old drama/fandom in general:

No. 789022

Yeah and I still love her though her latest offerings are shit and I am really not feeling the musical. I don't think it will ever come out, why didn't she settle for a movie?
The BLM drama was something else, I haven't expected this fandom (or rather what's left of it anymore) to have another ePiC drama because it's so dead. Personally I don't care about the drama though Emilie obviously should have acted more respectfully… I probably need to reread the whole story though. What personally annoys me more is her airy fairy bullshit, it's like she and Veronica morphed into the same new age-y boring auntie. She used to have something to say about society and now it's just tarot cards, magic and other bs 24/7…

I hate the shitty merch that she pushes recently. The only thing that I would love to own is the asylum dress, but it's damn overpriced so nope.

I used to comment a lot on WVC and I miss talking with other plague rats about EA. Good times. I miss the Opheliac era so much. TBH even the FLAG era was better than whatever she's doing now.

No. 789027

Idk, nobody was really surprised by that drama, but it tripped a switch and people finally stopped making idiotic excuses for her shit. I recommend to watch SunlessNether and VioletVixanne's videos on YT, they were directly tangled in that drama. Anyway it's crazy how EA is a perfect example of all that fake allyship & white fragility complex. There's been rumours about EA being racist for years, but it's been hushed. Tbh i don't think she ever meant her music to be directed to black audience at all. Maybe she wasn't racist consciously and definitely in the beginning, but she's ignorant and has some internalized racism issues crawling out of her at times i think.

I agree she should've went for the movie, that was her only chance and she wasted it. I thought she had a falling out with Bousmann but i see he came to comment on her Instagram just to cover her ass, cause Marc called him just so Emilie has her daily dose of ego-boosting comments (she can't have it from bootlickers anymore, now that she closed comments or deletes anything else). This is pathetic, she came to New York but does nothing, before lockdown she was like going to Broadway shows everyday as if she thought one day they will just notice her and propose to stage her musical, lol. I don't get how she and her boyfriend (which i think must be secretely some sort of snowflake if he puts up with Emilie Autumn for so long) can afford that NY lifestyle, maybe they've got some huge heritage or whatever.

I agree 100% with that magic witch bullshit, but i think she's outgrown Veronica (oh the irony). Veronica is shady af too but she's got some actual life and business and her magic posts aren't as wild compared to EA now. Not as obsessed/haunted, idk.
She totally lives in some sort of fantasy, not in a real world. She hangs onto that horrible *lightpositivitytarotmagic** bullshit, if you know what i mean. Some sort of new agey shit where she preaches love&light (but in fact she silences everyone and emanates negativity), she talks like a haunted woman if you take a look at her Instagram. How long she's been pushing that tarot deck? I feel like for the last 2 years she's been talking only about this tarot deck and other ugly merch. This damned tarot is more important than her music, lol. Recently she's all into those ugly crystal bracelets, plants. She constantly commits cultural appropriation, with that sage cleansing. Also, she shows of some Asian religion regalia/talks about chanting. The most cringey thing is how she calls everything "she", "look it's my mother moon", "look at New York, she's cleansing" n shit like that. I guess she uses it as a way of coping, but it's cringey and very unhealthy in my opinion.

She goes through odd phases, constantly changing and erasing traces, old work and old albums, constantly rewriting that one book, shedding skin just to imitate next thing and becoming a twin of her current boyfriends, etc. Now she's left with basically no fanbase and yet she still thinks anyone's willing to stage her mediocre musical?

That asylum inmate dress would be 100 times better if it was shorter, thigh-high or above knee, cause it's like down to ankles almost and it's very unflattering. The rest of the merch is horrible, i don't know what the hell happened to her, she has no taste. I get she likes christian/mormon grandma clothes now, but you'd expect her merch to be victorian themed but noo. And it's still the same woman that used to sell all those Willow Tech House, Opheliac designs, bloomers, leeches, violindustriaL? I'll never forget how she made a horrible knee-lenght big ugly skirt with a horrible pink-yellow collage of "victorian valentine postcards". Of course it wasn't anything aesthetically pleasing or even remotely victorian, just some kitchy cherub patterns - that's the extent of her "victorian" now.

I guess I like still her oldest stuff and it's a shame how we all miss old days and mostly fan interactions, cause we're rather fed up with Emilie herself… It's just there's nothing to discuss anymore, this drama is the most activity i've seen in the fandom in 6 years. WVC is silent again. There's no place to discuss, i've seen people coming to Reddit or Pretty Ugly Little Liars forum. Anyway PULL thread was interesting, some string player broke down EA's violin playing style and it turned out she constantly makes beginner level mistakes and is in fact very mediocre… also the girl provided info on the budget behind Emilie's violins.
Gand & Bernardel - from 10 000 to 17 000 $
Zeta Strados - 2000 $
Pajeot violin bows go as high as 30 000$.
Emilie Autumn got her first violin at the age of 4. Her parents bought a violin for (at least!) 10 000 dollars just cause a 4 year old said she wants so. God, it says a lot about her priviledged background.

No. 789031

Kek what parents they died in a fire many moons ago.

Idk I just hope her mom isnt funding her life style some how. Also she seems sickly thin, like I know shes always been skinny but she looks pro ana thin in her pictures.

No. 789034

Super late to this party, but this bitch has some nerve to accuse ANYONE of ripping off anything she's done when every single thing about her from her look to her music is a BLATANT Rasputina rip off. Unreal. I can't believe I didn't see anyone mention that here.

No. 789038

File: 1596345228083.jpg (40.87 KB, 430x600, 20ada2fd0abae3ca547ce437ea0166…)

I see that you have missed the EA copied Ophelia Rising party kek
Would you care to elaborate onnthe similarities between EA and Rasputina? I never listened to the band, but now I'm intrigued.

No. 789040

File: 1596347250670.jpg (187.86 KB, 683x1024, 5472683911_c85588bb7d_b.jpg)

Not familiar with 'Ophelia Rising' but I just looked them up, and honestly they appear to also probably be a Rasputina rip off. According to the bio I just read it was started in 94, and Rasputina has been around since 91 at least. Rasputina was founded by a cellist named Melora Creager, it's basically a cello goth rock band and has always had "Victorian Era" style, from the clothing to the subject matter of the music. I strongly suggest you look them up, they are 100000x better than any of these cheap imitations. This is a picture of Melora. She did it first and she did it better.

No. 789053

Ophelia Rising is likely more of a Marilyn Manson ripoff, Lexa Vonn was once obsessed with Manson. But then she read some book of the same title and got inspired, something like that.

But Emilie Autumn must have seen at least one show in 2000-2003. They had you know girls in corsets and stripeys, umbrellas, flowers, dolls onstage. Check this live video, it shows it PERFECTLY:

As for Rasputina, well Rasputina was first with "industrial strings" mix, like distorted rock cellos + industrial crashes etc. Especially "How We Quit The Forest" and "Cabin Fever" albums.
Check these songs: Trenchmouth, Signs Of Zodiac, Things I'm Gonna Do, MayFly, State Fair remix. Plus combination of corsets + stripe stockings, but tbh Rasputina had much better costumes in 1997. It's funny how EA never mentions Rasputina, if she liked rock violins so much, then she would admit she likes them but hell no.

I don't think her mother funds her, someone recently messaged her about Enchant Puzzle and she replied so shortly that i think there's no friendship there. If someone has a heritage it's Marc probably. EA's father died in 2004 and she always whined about being homeless for next 3 years, so maybe she didn't get any money.
Someone counted all the money she spends and makes on those 100 variants "limited necklaces" and it's an easy way to make 19000 a month. It's hard to believe but bootlickers still buy any shit (she makes corona masks now xD she started making them as soon as lockdown started), so with considerably high prices she makes some money.

Then again, i don't think her book/music sells anymore. She boasted how her "sells are athrough the roof" because of the drama "but of course" she's going to donate it!!! She closed comments cause people were constantly asking for receipts. Hmm, ashamed to show how much you made? Maybe it wasn't so much after all?

No. 789054

File: 1596361880170.jpg (15.88 KB, 172x253, rasputina2.jpg)

some pics

No. 789056

File: 1596361923957.jpg (561.42 KB, 1280x1709, ecc24c3cb699326eb98f88b9da29fb…)

part 2

No. 789057

File: 1596362306856.jpg (31.83 KB, 281x375, mellybathroom.jpg)

part 3

To the person talking about her being anorexic thin: i don't think she's got ED but she's very controlling of her weight. She commented on some Enchant photo and she wrote "oh back when i still had baby fat". Lol wtf. If this is fat… But she had some fuller body in 1997-1999 On a Day era, i'll post the photo if i find it

No. 789059


Thank you for introducing me to Rasputina, anon. I was already very young (12-13) when I started on Emilie Autumn, so never got a chance to find anything like her. Do wish this kind of music/style was a little more popular, it's very hard to find anymore.

No. 789072


I remember she used to be really tight with Darren Lynn Bousman and Terrence Zdunich after they worked with her on The Devil's Carnival - but then suddenly there seemed to be nothing after they made the second TDC. I'd love to know what happened there.

No. 789074

File: 1596371632814.png (156.24 KB, 471x500, x.thumb.png.51f9c07d38f24eceee…)

Terrence Zdunich had some fallout with Bousmann and EA didn't post anything on Bousmann so we all assumed he got fed up with her and this bridge is burnt, but if you look up her Instagram, she does those idiotic tarot readings "tag your friend" and Marc Senter tagged Darren. This was obviously so desperate, she needed some positive comments but her source is running dry lol. Anyway last time i checked Darren Lynn Bousmann posted some half assed heart under one of her posts so idk. Last time they worked was in 2016 when he employed her for 2 days or so for his escape room or something. But EA never supports anyone back, she only wants to be supported so there's been no talk until that recent Instagram comment.

This pic sums it up perfectly lol

No. 789160

File: 1596412448910.png (620.36 KB, 751x888, zx.png)

For the anon who liked custom Asylum dress: someone remade it from the scratch for cosplay or something and just wow, it looks so much better with all the lace and controlled holes and stains. Emilie's dress looks like a potato sack compared to this.

No. 789264

It's so fucking sad how their relationship never resulted in anything actually cool when it comes to EA content. The FLAG video was absolutely shit! I'm still salty we never got the Liar video with bloody bathtubs. Same when ut comes to the promised Opheliac era tour DVD. Too bad that the recording is forever rotting somewhere in a Trisol archive. I wish someone would leak it (if it still exists). Sad that by now not many people would care…
>I'll never forget how she made a horrible knee-lenght big ugly skirt with a horrible pink-yellow collage of "victorian valentine postcards".
I hate what happened with her fashion style. Opheliac era aesthetics were amazing! Can't believe she is now wearing ugly hippie aunty clothes and pushing shitty clothes with the same asylum stockings print or monstrosities like the skirt that you mentioned. She used to wear such gorgeous and original clothes! Like the black, sort of Tim Burton style dress from the one photoshoot…
Can you give me a source on the custom gown? I like it a lot, not sure if more than the EA ones, but at least as much. Though the stains look a bit to real for me, I can't imagine walking anywhere in a shift that looks so filthy. I wonder if it would be difficult to sew your own shift or commission one? Do we know what is the font that Emilie uses for the Asylum markings and numbers?

No. 789443

aside from the blatant Rasputina ripoff, she really seems to give off big early Lene Lovich vibes for me

No. 789448

Wonder if Emilie would even know who that is.

No. 789453

Is Rasputina the only band allowed to play victorian inspired violin music (or whatever it is)? I can understand that Emilie is similar in some way to them, but it's hard for me to buy that she is a rip off of them. The Ophelia Rising comparison holds more water imho.
Highly doubt that. How Emilie is a rip off of Lene? Are two women across years not allowed to dress quirky for performing? This is the only similarity that I see though I only took a look at google image search results and haven't listened to her music, so I may be missing something.

No. 789619

No. 789620

No, of course not. I just commented on how odd it is she never mentioned it. But whatever, i agree she didn't rip off Rasputina, but she absolutely ripped Ophelia Rising show aesthetics. If you seen the OR show i posted, they played in Key Club in LA and EA would play the very same club later, it's this one Opheliac show filmed proffesionally by Kris Van De Sande on Youtube, you can compare those bands in the same venue. Anyway i searched for more Ophelia Rising. You can go to Lexa Vonn facebook photos and scroll a little, she's got plently of old Ophelia photos. Or this site: https://plasticsfactory.wixsite.com/lexavonn/music

This is so completely ripped, all that "originality" praised for years and it turns out Emilie Autumn is just playing on someone else's stolen underground aesthetic. They've got those half-naked dancers blowing soap bubbles etc., Crumpets used to do it too. Hell, Ophelia Rising was even first at throwing muffins to the crowd!
It's just a shame there's no one to talk about this shit anymore. There's like only Shefightslikeagirl blog (they're on hiatus tho) around and Bonnytymepyrate from fan websites these days. I don't know if you're guys familiar with Bonnytymepyrate, it's a great blog with archives and lots of old photos and themed posts on each Emilie costume and history. The only thing that's kinda meh to me is that she appears to be lowkey all on Emilie's side despite everything, she's not openly defending her but still you get those vibes a bit. No matter what happens she's still protective of her imo.For example how she was protective over EA's violin skills. It's been proven her skills are mediocre at best, violins and cellists spoke & and it turned out she makes beginner awful mistakes and has flat intonation.

I think it's the end for EA, the bitch exposed herself + the shit that came out with Ophelia Rising ripoff… unless she for real has some deal with Broadway people and plans something. Still no matter what happens, old fanbase 100% won't be there to support her

No. 789622

Well because Tim Burton dress was made by Vecona <3 But even her casual style was better, those plaid skirts-fishnets-demonia boots-tanks or bloomers, even that casual style was rock and cute (2004-2007).

As for the gown, the person who made it is perfectlittleparcel on Instagram. More photos:

Go and ask her, i think she'll tell you details and font. Idk about homemade gown, i think you'd have to find some plain gown and add lace, you can even sew it with a simple thread and needle. Not sure about stains, how to achieve the good but not sticky, dirty effect, maybe acrylic paint/t-shirt marker. For letters maybe permanent marker too. This person told he/she traced them out with a heat erasable pen then painted them on. I'd go on insta and ask her. Maybe you can even commision her, i'm sure you'll pay less than for Emilie's ugly robe, lol

No. 789625

>the promised Opheliac era tour DVD
She never even released the FLAG tour DVD, did she? At least I can't find any mention of it anywhere online, apart from the leaked torrents of it of course.

No. 789628

Well there was a Moshcam & some other FLAG era stream and i remember both were like "pay to watch" on Apple later but now they're both on Youtube. The promised FLAG dvd was actually FLAG music video behind the scenes documentary. She has 1 hour montage of behind the scenes ready somewhere and she planned to release it on a DVD with FLAG music video. She originally planned to SELL the fucking videoclip on DVD and not to put it on yt, can you believe.
I wouldn't mind having that flag behind the scenes dvd tho. Rabid fans would buy it and then eventually someone would rip it and post on torrents or whatever. What's the fucking point of making a 1h documentary if you're not gonna release it…

Tbh i wish i could get more of her VHS Enchant era videos. She cut those vhs vids into segments but i'm sure the longer video versions exist somewhere.

No. 789629

Anyway do you remember her naked lesbian cameo in Die Warzau video? She was in another video Porn Star Champion by Skum of the earth that was lost for years and literally nobody in the fandom seen it ever. Some fan found the video on youtube a year or so and just… her "sexy metal moves" lol

i like her outfit though.(imageboard, embed)

No. 789650

I made a huge post but accidentally deleted it so I'm coming back with dot points.

- I was a top 5 poster on her forum during the Enchant and Opheliac eras. I was close to most of the other top posters and had EA and fLea's personal facebook pages.
- EA would always get fLea or top posters to come into threads that were criticising her to make a huge post about being nice. If something really pissed her off she would make her own post raging about how she is right to do whatever and everyone else is stupid and mean. I am not surprised she is still like this with the BLM thing.
- EA underpaid Vecona for the first Europe tour. EA refused to pay what Vecona asked for the costumes she created and was basically paying her in "exposure" and a really shitty base wage for being on tour.
- EA was still in contact with her parents during the start of Opheliac. EA's mother made a heap of her costumes. The last one she made Emilie was the white sleeved corset top with a red heart. She did mention her family sporadically on her forum until her dad died (of cancer I think). After this she refused to mention them and did the whole Emilie Liddell thing and claimed her family died in a fire. I remember the post she made about her dad dying. She said they weren't close and she implied he was a some sort of sexual predator. She also blamed him for her smoking in her younger years.
- EA was a huge bitch to all her friends. Joo Hee her old cellist was booted from her life as she didn't want to participate in the first tour. She was a decently successful music teacher and couldn't go on some huge tour for poor pay.
- EA went on a huge tirade after sending the number one poster a few goodies and a few items she promised were missing. She basically promised this young girl (TiggTea?) a goodie pack for being the top poster. The girl only ended up getting one or two posters after months of EA forgetting to send the package/blaming the postal service. The girl was disappointed to find out it was a few posters (she was promised a decent pack of exclusive merch and CD's and this was when EA had no merch other than posters) and made a post about it. EA went psycho on her for doing this and the post got deleted and all this drama.
- EA was upset about having to change her hair to appear on Crafters Coast to Coast and just shit on how rude the team were for saying her fishnets, miniskirt etc were not okay for a G rated craft program. She complained about how they asked her to play the violin a bit for the show and that they don't understand her or her work and she only likes to play for people that get her whole deal.

I'll see if I can remember more stuff.

No. 789658

More stuff
- Early 2000's she released Enchant then recorded violin for America's Sweetheart and toured with Courtney Love.
- After Enchant she dates her bassist Jimmy Vanaria. He posted on her form as birdfeeder defending her as a moderator. People think he was the boyfriend that triggered her "asylum" admission but he wasn't. She broke up with him and tried to remain friends in what she suggested was a genuine friendship but really she was stringing him along. Users on the forum speculated that she dumped him to get with Corgan but kept him as a backup/was still "casually" seeing him. I'll get to this again later.
- Right after this breakup she posted about loosing her dog (his dog) and shortly after she was dating and living with Billy Corgan. This is in 2005 just before she started working on Opheliac with the "Asylum, crazy girl" direction. Opheliac originally started more like Enchant. Her earliest Opheliac songs weren't manic depressive Gothic Victorian asylum girl they were more like Enchant. She released a heap of early versions of Gothic Lolita and other songs that were not Asylumed yet.
- At the time this stuff would come out months after the fact. Emilie didn't exactly show/claim she was dating anyone and kept it private. She did post enough images that after time became obvious. Like pictures of Corgan in her costumes and at parties. Just his body with no head in frame, but he is tall and has a weird as fuck body/posture that it's obvious it's him and they are more than just collaborators.
- Corgan got wise to her maintaining a weird relationship with Jimmy and wanted her out but agreed to work on the relationship if she cut him out. They stayed together for a few weeks after but it just wasn't going well. She then gets kicked out. Afterwards she has the suicide attempt at the lake near Corgans's house and goes to the psych ward for the first time. Of course she had to dramatically go near his house after being moved out to attempt an overdose.
- In her book she mentions having a boyfriend who knew she was in the psych ward but he never visited her or contacted her. At the time we all theorised that her relationship with Corgan was just fucked and he made it clear that him asking her to move out meant the relationship was over. She did not take the break up with Corgan plus the loss of Jimmy well. At the same time she lost one of her best friends Lady Parasite. It seems she took Jimmy's side and peace out of there. This situation is what caused the suicide attempt.
- Most of the songs on Opheliac are about Corgan which is just gross because it's Billy Corgan and he is a weird looking bald narcissist.

No. 789677

I live for all the vintage EA milk, anons.

Is anyone from you guys currently in the Striped Stockings Society closed group (or used to be)? I've been forever curious about it, but never joined as taking the photo in the rat claws pose is a pain in the ass. Plus, I am always paranoid about coworkers being able to somehow see what I post in Facebook groups (even if they are closed). I wanted to make a fake FB account just for that purpose but I somehow cannot bring myself to take the damn photo, even though I own the ebook, paperback and now evern harcover version of TAFWVG (thanks to the BLM drama, I was finally able to purchase it for next to nothing compared to the regular price on Ebay). Is EA even posting something special in the group? I somehow doubt that but I have no idea. I wish I hadn't missed all the chats with her, especially the ones in the early (?) Opheliac era (I didn't know about EA back then tho. Sad)
>Ophelia Rising
I did a small research into Ophelia Rising a few months ago. I wish I could listen to the actual music (though I doubt it's good tbh) but the record is not available on Spotify for me and I cannot download it anywhere. The purchase link on the wix website also doesn't work for me. How do you know about the muffins being thrown into the crowd? Did you read about it or can it be seen in some video? It's crazy how similar EA's shows are to Ophelia Rising's! I find it very hard to believe that it's just a coincidence, though a part of me wants to lmfao.
I love the blog and have major respect for the admin (Isn't it the old DisneyAdmin from WVC? Maybe I'm wrong in that assumption). It's nice to have a fandom archive of EA and she is doing a great job. I would subscribe to her patreon (if she had it), especially if it would increase the amount of posts.I don't mind her being slightly protective of EA, it's not like she doesn't see EA's fuck ups, she just doesn't concentrate on them because what's the point when you are running basically the last fandom blog? It's more of a place to cherish the fandom memories than dunk on EA. Most people that still give a fuck about her know how ridiculous she can act.
Thank you for the instagram link, I will check it out! Would love to comission the gown once I lose weight lmfao. I'm mad that most likely there will be no EA shows to go dressed up to as a Wayward Victorian Girl. If she will never be able to tour due to her health issues, I wish she gave us an update so we know it's over for sure. But I can see her touring again if she's ever desperate for money lmfao. Her fanbase is no longer what it used to be though. I remember someone noting that back in the Opheliac and even FLAG era you could meet an EA fan on every random internet forum even though she was an underground artist. Now barely anyone cares and for good reason. She fucked up her career so bad.
Wait, so the FLAG dvd never was released? How did it leak? I have downloaded it years ago as I could not afford most of EA's stuff. I must have missed it never being released.
>Die Warzau
I hated that video, not becuase of the lesbian content but because of how cheap and edgy it was. Everything about the video is a reason why people in my country say that Germans have no aesthetic taste (lol). The song Dry that EA did with Die Warzau was lovely though, too bad it also never got released officialy (I think?)>Scum of the Earth
Why is the music some cover (?) version of We Will Rock You? Interesting since EA made that Tea Will Rock You cover later on lmfao. She looks cute, I miss that EA. Obviously she is much older and cannot rock twin tails anymore, but damn, I wish her style leaned more toward goth than a hippie aunt.
Thank you for coming with all the vintage EA drama. I have never heard about some of this stuff even though I've been in the fandom for a pretty long time. I've missed most of the Opheliac era though… sigh.
Can't believe EA didn't want to pay Vecona, like how the hell is posterity supposed to help her out? It's not like Plague Rats had tons of money to comission her. Of course refusing to pay someone is always a scummy move, but has EA truly believed that Vecona would get anything out of the deal? Horrifying. She should have cherished and paid Vecona well because a huge part of EA's appeal was in those gorgeous clothes.
>The poster drama
Never heard about it, the fandom must have collectively forgotten about it. Why was EA even promising stuff she did not have?
>EA's mother
Forever wondering what the fuck happened there, especially since EA's mother made quite a few snarky comments on youtube and her instagram. I know it's none of my business, but would love to hear both sides of the story with no censorship.
>Crafters Coast to Coast
OMG I've been forever wondering why she was looking so bad in that video! I thought that she was not yet found her Opheliac fashion style. This explains so much. Always was wondering why there is a part in the video where Emilie is awkwardly playing her violin. The feature was cool but Emilie looked so unflattering. I feel crazy because the EA segments of the show uploaded to youtube are missing it, but I remember there being a part where EA was shredding on her violin with a crazy face and since the sound was quite unpleasant, it looked like she could not play at all lol.
>Courtney Love
Also would love to find out more about this relationship. I remember EA defending her then shitting on her for the whole faking pee drug test thing. And then EA sort of got inspired by Dirty Blonde for the look of TAFWVG. I don't doubt that CLove was terrible (even though I love her art), wish I could hear the deets lmfao.
>Ea's boyfriends
How do you know all this stuff like EA stringing Vanaria along and Corgan wanting her to cut off the relationship? I somehow don't doubt that Corgan was a toxic douche. He was a big celebrity (even if a bit of a has been) and EA was the young, virtually unknown girl that he was fucking. Also wasn't Lady Parasyte the former friend that threw away EA's self harm kit or am I wrong?

No. 789750

File: 1596868040413.jpeg (28.61 KB, 480x640, images (1) (5).jpeg)

This is all theory that ran around the EA die hard fan circles. EA ALWAYS vagueposted about stuff in her personal life. This theory came from hyper analysing her posts and stalking social media. Billy Corgan also had this weird as hell blog where he posted shit from his past and present that alluded to things like an ex trying to coming suicide and blamed him for causing her mental breakdown.

EA had bright orange hair just before Crafters Coast to Coast. They asked her to tone down her look. She blogged that when she met with them in her house before the filming that they didn't like that she was in a tartan miniskirt, fishnets and looked too "sexy". Not sure if they would of asked her to dye her hair but she dyed it that weird dark burgundy red specifically to go on the show.

Lady Parasite was the friend who took her leech jar after her first psych ward admission.

Here is a pic of Emily and her siblings

No. 789751

With Vecona EA did pay her a tour wage. The issue was EA didn't pay what Vecona wanted for the costumes she designed and handmade for EA and the Crumpets. She basically paid for the materials and that's it. A German fan who was honestly kind of stalking EA started talking to Vecona just after she left the group. I had screenshots (they were in German) but this was years ago. At the time Vecona made avant garde highly detailed Victorian steampunk clothing that she sold for about $200-$500 a piece. The price being she was a work alone designer that put hours into handmaking each item. The clothes she created for the tour she probably would of sold for $5000. EA only really paid Vecona for the materials plus a bit extra. Vecona had issue with this. I am unsure if Vecona confronted EA about it or just got pissed off and left without a fight

No. 790548

It's so nostalgic to me to read this stuff, used to be obsessed with EA in my teens! I even had real friends on the forum, I wish I still kept in contact with some of them. I've pretty much grown out of EA but I still give her old stuff a listen every once in a while.

What was the makeup brand that had some sort of drama with EA? I remember that very vaguely, they were vegan, I think?

No. 790993

okay, slightly offtopic, but how many god damn versions of Wayward victorian girls are there?? she seriously keeps shleping that out, and not to mention that it's not even a good book in the first place and she doesn't even fix that or read some god damn reviews. if you're ever bored, there's some extremely entertaining ones. only people who give it a good review are the fans.

No. 790994

this review is the one that tickles me the most. some absolute gems that completely give a good POV of emilie's horrible personality https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/1416087927

No. 792277

Courtney Love fan here, can say something more. Read above in 1st part of the post, i wrote how she recorded violins for AS but they never got used. She only got the credit on back & she claimed her vocals are on "Never Gonna Be The Same". Entire record with Emilie's violins went to trash, Courtney Love was forced by the label to re-record everything and throw out decent amount of songs and in effect NONE of Emilie's violins was included on final record. The original version is locked somewhere in the Virgin Records vault. The only known person that has the old record is the producer/engineer from the sessions, Courtney's ex-boyfriend.
I believe EA was asked to pee to fake drug test, cause Courtney was a HUGE MESS back then, she was on coke all the time and had to pass those tests because her daughter Frances had been taken away from her again and she couldn't sleep in the same house with Courtney. The reason why Emilie played only 2 tv shows and 2 shows with Courtney Love and The Chelsea was because the tour had been postponed because of Courtney Love's court problems. She had to go to court in summer i think. Besides, one of the court cases was how Courtney Love got accused of hitting some guy with the mic stand at Bowery show. That was the show that Emilie played with her and EA said it was a press lie. Courtney continued touring later, but without Emilie. But the entire toured was cut down eventually because of more problems & Courntey had to go through enforced rehab and that's where it all ended.
Emilie absolutely stole Dirty Blonde aesthetic. Courtney Love showed her Gothic Lolita bibles AND she introduced her to Billy Corgan. EA became really salty about her, i think more because of Corgan than pee test, cause she hung out a few times with Courtney in 2004 and 2005. That first time she met Corgan, she was meeting Courtney. She was ok with Courtney after The Chelsea but really bitter after 2006. That would make sense because Corgan started dating Courtney again almost directly after Emilie, lol.
By the way Courtney Love is not conscious of the shit EA told about her, she posted her 2009 Opheliac photo on her pinterest once and was rather protective of her.

Corgan was the one who inspired Opheliac. Brendon Small was the boyfriend who drove her to mental hospital in her book. She lived with him when she recorded Laced/Unlaced.
- I'm confused with what you say about suicide attempt at Corgan's lake. She wanted to commit suicide, but came back inside to post some In The Lake lyrics. She didn't try to drown or anything, it wasn't that overdose trial. I don't know if she came to asylum in 2005, but that overdose in bathtub she described in the book was in 2006-2007, when she lived with Brendon Small. The dog who found her was Ernie, Small's dog. She constantly references S__. The only time i think she talked about Corgan in the book was that chapter RICH BOY or something about living with a famous Hollywood guy who was homophobic and racist, that fits just about right.
There's some things pointing to 2006-2007 timeline, it wasn't Willow that found her, it was Ernie. Plus, she wrote about "dirty pink tiles" in the bathroom she overdosed in - and guess what, Brendon Small's bathroom had pink tiles. She showed it in her lessons to be a wayward victorian girl, she had a "Deathklok" tank on. Plus, those christmas calendar videos were shot at Small's office/studio/house.

UNLESS there was some another overdose after Corgan/Jimmy thing, so I'll have to ask, how do you know about this? Someone told you or you're just guessing? I'm not saying it's not true but that's surprising.

Plus i knew that her mother made her Enchant clothes but a year ago Emilie told a sob nostalgia story about that white heart costume from 2004 and told how she made it herself from a thrift store wedding dress, cause she was oh so poor at the time, lol

Whoever asked about SSS:
SSS is private and removed from google now, that's how scared she was. I don't advice getting there, it's a very toxic place, from what i heard it's a mixture of eternal cringe, bootlicking to some astral cosmic levels, no voice other than stanning Emilie. Plus those people are crazy, they all make up their glittery romantic disorders and post their horrible cosplaying photos. It's kinda ironic how much of SSS are overweight people with no sense of style. I'm not throwing shade, but Emilie Autumn for sure is disgusted of overweight people, but she can't chase them xD Seriously, it's worse than causal bootlickers from years before. There's a lot of young people who came long after Devil's Carnival and know nothing on EA's history like we know, but also plenty of people who are quite old for a fan, you know… most rabid dedicated blind fans from early Opheliac and whatnot. It seems like they have no life outside of EA sometimes.

Ophelia Rising was the first to throw muffins in the crowd. I found this info in their band biography info, but I think you can see it a bit in the live footage how they throw stuff.


1st and 2nd editions are the same except for minor spelling changes and 1 photo collage. It's a huge hardcover version with photos.
I believe there was 3rd edition which was the same as 1 and 2.

4th was the audiobook, which was heavily modified, even more son than the paperback. She was 17 in this version of the book, lol. It was the stripped version she wanted to sell for mainstream but failed.
5th edition is similar to audiobook, but there's less of bs (like being 17). It's the "black cover striped legs" paperback version. I don;t recommend it - IT'S SO CHANGED. Not only diaries are lacking (and drug/cutting diaries were long and huge part of the books). Basically a lot of hospital diaries were cut, Asylum story was modified, cut down. AND if you want Emilie Autumn's story, buy the 1st version. The 5th edition is basically Emily With a Y only book.

No. 792442


This review is gold xD But i'm soo surprised she (Emilie) didn't delete it. There was an outrage cause she used to delete all negative reviews in the past & crying about "cyberbullying".

Anyway her career is nonexistent. You could pick any egirl discussed on this website and even the biggest cows have bigger career/more fans/actual stuff going on in her lives. All she does now is posting about tarot, plants and ballet classes. She tries to make a living on her stupid asylum oracle (wtf still buys this shit anyway?! i thought everybody interested bought this already). Her insta feed is literally a paradise for boring hippie aunts or housewives. To be really honest, she's just that - a plain housewife. She doesn't work really, no touring, no music, just selling overpriced merch and spending the money on Broadway. (Her Broadway fixation is kinda sick by the way.) Emilie Autumn is just about as much interesting as the plants she posts on her socials.(xD)

No. 792480

Its smart of her to cut out her personal stuff from the book now that she is trying to reinvent it into this musical. The dairies were the best part, it was raw and probably too close to the truth.

Im shocked that she really hasnt done anything besides this musical stuff, and its almost a decade since she made any real music beyond that. Both her and Marc havent done anything after the Devil's carnival either. I guess I cant see how they made enough money to not be working for a decade when there isnt much of a fandom left..

No. 792753

She left some short parts of diaries, they're included in the end of the book, named "Evidence of insanity". She added "Sharpe's commentary" AND one of the the comments are something like "W12A experiences psychosis (etc), schedule ECT session". I can't even tell how fake and in a bad taste it was… That's supposed to be true retelling of events, personal notes, and she adds that? Even with understanding that it's some kind of extra and not truth, it made entire fandom cringe.

I agree it probably goes better with the musical… but there's been too much of editions, changes, reinventions after year, it just feels so forced…
Anyone read "The Gown"? That was truly laughable, 10-pages or so thin piece of paper with "Yellow Wallpaper" ripoff story… Maybe unpopular opinion here but her best literary work was that short story written in liner notes of Trisol Enchant, that tale about broken fairie.

I agree, technically they do nothing. I can't believe they could fund both LA and NY expensive lifestyle from EA's tour money or even Devil's Carnival movies. They either invested in something OR one of them got some huge heritage. If someone from EA's family died around say 2015 and didn't actually exclude her from testament, then she might have gotten a decent amount of cash. Her family is rich. If they recklessly bought a 4 year old a 20 000$ worth violin… Anyway Emilie has no qualifications to work anywhere other than Starbucks and she's too proud for that now. She makes her money on merch though. Someone on PULL counted the amount of cash she made on those crappy necklaces and it was thousands. But still not enough to fund NYC lifestyle.

I don't know why am i still checking her from time to time. I find no fun in it all anymore, except maybe in gossiping about her (although now it's rather saddening, unlike in the golden years like 2009-2012 "fucking patronizing fucking" era). It's just hard to understand how could someone ruin their career so much and still have delusions about big Broadway debut. I can't say if she's literally that delusional or if she just doesn't care about anything anymore.

I've seen some fans speculate if she's going to drop some big news in September. She always announced something new on her birthday, like new album etc. In my opinion they'll only get some new tarot reading/instagram story about plants. Remember when she baited fans to buy Behind The Musical with possibility to win Skype talk with her? I'm surprised that she doesn't offer paid private oracle readings yet, like Veva.(blog)

No. 810949

I've always known EA was fake and pretentious bitch. Even her "asexuality" was made up. Love some of her music, hate her as a person. It's time to grow up, she's a better storyteller than Kanwulf from Nargaroth.

No. 810956

Ok Alicia Rivera Leesh

No. 810964

yeah, what's up, Sage?(autism)

No. 810977

Don't fill in name box

No. 810978

The fact that not only will this page now appear in Google search results when "Alicia Rivera Leesh" is searched in quotes, but that she thought your name was "Sage"… prime lolcow.farm humor.

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