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File: 1635279430413.jpg (376.28 KB, 1372x1372, IMG_2947.JPG)

No. 1356314

General Milk

Maddie -
www.instagram.com/dollltears (main)
www.instagram.com/dolllfears (private)
www.instagram.com/fnafmode (‘friendship account’ with Mandy)
www.instagram.com/brattygothixhoe (super priv)

> 19 year old drug addicted autistic NEET

> Lives in cat piss squalor with her abusive younger brother and troon sister
> Only income is OnlyFans and e-begging
> Had anorexia, now has bulimia and has gained weight
> Chronic oversharer, always goes live tweaking out of her mind
> 50% of her posts are throwbacks talking about how much she hates herself
> Was sexually assaulted and robbed because she got in the car with random men while she was drunk, accepted alcohol on the street and went to their house (again), creates Gofundme
> Constantly posting throwback pictures and crying over the fact that she’s ugly now
> Gets a temporary heart monitor due to ED related issues, wears only see-through shirts the entire time
> Gets robbed by Ashley’s friend because of her stupidity (again)
> Posts live stories she doesn’t remember filming, slurring, repeating words, tweaking
> Talks about how much she regrets it the next day, immediately does it again
> Mixes pills and alcohol one live, forgets to pause and argues with her mom offscreen, goes to puke, comes back and gets naked without realising she’s still live
> Tries to sell her @dollltears account but no one buys it

Ashley -
www.instagram.com/vivadrag (main)
www.instagram.com/damagednerves (inactive)
www.facebook.com/ashleyyinreverse (facebook)
www.instagram.com/_the_new_flesh_ (current)

> 23 year old wannabe goth e-thot

> Drug addicted junkie who is now ‘sober’ (switched to alcoholism)
> Dated a string of insta-scrotes, some now dead, claims some were abusive
> Started selling nudes to support her junkie NEET lifestyle
> Gives drugs and alcohol to minors, groomed Maddie and introduced her to drugs
> In and out of rehab, hospital, psych ward etc.
> Enabling mother who seems to support her financially
> Older brother passed away
> Claims to be a victim of abuse in all failed relationships
> Ashley gets engaged to a drug dealer after dating for 5 months
> Apologises to her followers about her glorification of drugs
> “BDSM roleplay” goes too far and ends up in hospital
> Boyfriend overdoses while Ashley is asleep and fucking dies
> Ashley ODs
> “Gives up the vivadrag thing” and switches accounts, takes a small break from social media but still lurks
> Switches up the story and says she was “abused, threatened to be killed, around gang violence and given any drug she wanted”
> Her ex Simon passes away
> Old roommates steal all her belongings and she cuts ties, yet was okay when her roommates robbed Maddie, then makes OnlyFans content with them

Recent Milk


> Ended her friendship with maddie after an explosion online. Ashley supplied maddie with pills and alcohol, then they had a foursome with bar scrotes.

> Gaining weight and deteriorating looks as she binge drinks every day
> Dated a racist and abusive scrote, only called him out after the relationship had ended
> Made vomit porn with said ex
> Claims to be sober but smokes pot and drinks heavily
> Called out maddie for posing with heroin needles and glorifying addiction, despite being the queen of drug glorification herself
> Unable to take accountability for her own actions, lied about maddie laughing at dead drug addicts to make herself look better
> Hangs out with a literal pedophile


> Supposedly got a job, but rarely mentions it despite the constant posting of bullshit

> Posts about doing hard drugs, probably in hopes of getting fired
> Frequently whines about her worthless life, but doesn't do anything to better her situation
> Called out ashley for lying about her recording and laughing at dead drug addicts
> Dated an abusive whitetrash metalhead, only outed him as a piece of shit after the relationship had ended. Still frequently posts about him on instagram.

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No. 1356334

Thanks for making this anon, I'm the op of the first shit thread. I really didn't know what I was doing, but I enjoy watching these two degenerates fuck up their lives. Cheers to you.

No. 1356786

File: 1635349818520.jpeg (133.79 KB, 749x749, D4166B42-6474-4159-8CDB-187CAF…)

No. 1356950

where is maddies brother during all of this chaos. wondering how Liam feels about his bpd mess of a sister

No. 1356969

wow is that alex jones

No. 1357070

File: 1635376520681.png (3.11 MB, 750x1334, 2DBE9D52-B51B-4708-BE2A-5B7307…)

No. 1357120

Isn't that kiras pedophile boyfriend?
Love that she went private after she was outed for dating him. She's got no spine.

No. 1357861

yikes no wonder she ended up like that

No. 1358195

any of you know if maddie got fired? cause she seems to be living her usual shitty life idk I thought she could get better but she's lost fr

No. 1358866

File: 1635652316168.jpg (678.97 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20211030-205129_Pho…)

She probably fucks customers for alcohol

No. 1359119

She did, she failed the drug test

No. 1359170

File: 1635713976285.jpg (761.83 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20211031-135815_Pho…)

Her name for her drunk self kek please outgrow this you are not 15 anymore.

Ashley you need a hobby other than alcohol, you're getting fatter and uglier by the day

No. 1359268

Did she post it or say it during a live? I never caught that but I'm not at all surprised they canned her after a day or so.

No. 1359327

Maddie is going to be 20 soon and has still never held down a job. She’s not going to just magically wake up and understand responsibility, she’s so stunted it’s sad. But at this point she can’t blame anyone but herself

No. 1359420

File: 1635746043609.jpeg (168.76 KB, 750x1078, 254643BA-0580-4C2F-9514-CF5E84…)

No. 1359435

What does that even mean I've been trying to decipher in actual medical terms what the fuck she's saying but like imo
She should be concerned her organs are shitting out from all the alcohol and cough medicine it will actually kill her

No. 1359485

she really needs to learn how to just shut the fuck up

No. 1359488

Wow, i don’t like Ashley but working as a bartender/server at a bar customers will often buy you a drink or two after your shift. Pretty retarded to assume she’s prostituting herself at work for drinks lol

No. 1359624

Anon it wouldn't be the first time she whored herself out for drugs kek

No. 1359670

No, you literally get drunk while working .. that’s how drunks do(sage)

No. 1359716

Sounds like she has a stomach virus. Happens a lot to heavy binge drinkers.

No. 1359762

tell us you're too young to be in or work at a bar without saying it

No. 1359774

File: 1635794594339.png (4.11 MB, 750x1334, 2A795062-D62F-4AD8-83F3-2CC8EA…)

No. 1359776

File: 1635794622658.png (2.76 MB, 750x1334, 9ED8A13E-E776-4B15-9C63-4DE529…)

i didn't think her tattoos could get any worse but here they are

No. 1359843

I personally love that all of her MCR tattoos she got cracked out of her fucking mind

No. 1359900


No. 1360144

File: 1635835350242.jpg (252.45 KB, 1080x1459, Screenshot_20211101-233914_Ins…)


No. 1360229

File: 1635859594380.png (1.16 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20211102-062030.png)

Oh Maddie no, you clearly don't understand hair treatments. Your hair is FRIED- it is DRY and brittle, and dull. And if you continue to treat your hair this way, it WILL break off and fall out.

No. 1360246

Maddie is just another sob story. She has the ability to get a job, she just doesn’t wanna try. She’s going be 21 in the future with not job because she’s too busy on her phone telling her whole ass life story on the internet. So embarrassing.

No. 1360274

It always looks so damaged and horribly done, maybe if she stopped doing it herself her hair wouldn't look like horsehair or fried barbie hair all the time kek

No. 1360278

it’s so funny seeing her saying this bc her hair literally has a shaggy/mullet cut due to falling

No. 1360279

I've never seen someone's hair stand straight up without products
She's giving Mohawk vibes unintentionally.

No. 1360355

File: 1635877977431.png (3.01 MB, 750x1334, A2D1B601-C545-4318-9A1E-AAB3F4…)

No. 1360361

File: 1635879311291.jpg (84.3 KB, 907x1360, 61O5eAdNVEL.jpg)

Jfc eat something
She looks like a gust of wind will float her away
This is why you end up on ed Twitter you're fetishisizing being sick showing off your body like this

No. 1360413

File: 1635884991885.jpeg (114.38 KB, 750x1089, 646059B4-5F37-4953-B995-7B3D11…)

I've been trying not trying say anything for a long time but this is so pissing me off. Ashley, you CANNOT fucking skate so please shut the fuck up. Anybody who's skated can legitimately see that you've never came 10 feet between you and a skateboard. You can't even fucking RIDE or keep your balance on the board which is the easiest fucking thing to do. The fact that you say you can ollie(but doesn't show the video of you actually doing it) but ride like a 5 year old with kneepads on is such a dead giveaway. You look like the board is riding you instead. Please do yourself a favor and just spend 30 minutes actually trying and come back when you can at least fake it well enough to look like you know what you're doing. It's so obvious this is just a weird little personality trait you're trying to add. Gross.

No. 1360683

What is wrong with you at least she can actually drop in why are you so mad about her focusing on something healthy for once

No. 1360684

Do you skate? She Ollied in that video and has done multiple other tricks. I may not like her but the fact that she’s trying to do something productive unlike Maddie just wasting away seems to be working for her lately

No. 1360787

you know that to her this is a compliment, right?

No. 1361006

Scrote level nitpick. Everyone starts somewhere and skating isn't cut and dry like that. I know dudes who can laser flip on command but suck shit at ollies or they almost eat shit when they pop off curbs. Everyone has things they can do and struggle with. Ollies are usually the first trick everyone learns, but not always. Also…. coming for protective gear at any stage is retarded. Good luck with your metal bones and CTE later, anon. Your reason for skating determines your style and proficiency until you get to a serious level and branch out to challenge yourself as a skater. She reads as a casual and for a casual, this tracks. Your determination to pin her as a calculated tryhard whos using it as a "personality" reads a little desperate to me. Saged for no contribution, I just hate seeing women shit on other women for skating. We're already treated weird enough in general so maybe fucking support other women when they show interest in learning?

No. 1361200

These threads have really gone to shit lately
why tf are you arguing about her skating just stfu and wait for milk

No. 1361212

what a retarded nitpick lmao
who cares

No. 1361620

File: 1636046112440.jpeg (364.62 KB, 1242x1538, CD207786-6383-4303-A5F0-97536B…)

guess miss fat neck found a new boy. do you think this one is an addict, an abusive bf or both?

No. 1361741

File: 1636053358402.jpeg (55.79 KB, 750x336, 94B8EABD-C665-412C-A8CD-DFF74E…)

No. 1361813

File: 1636060889078.jpeg (51.09 KB, 1242x291, A279B673-B840-44EA-831C-25F811…)

best part is her old ass mother calling her sis lmao
“im not a regular mom im a cool mom, you can do all the drugs you want!”

No. 1361815

File: 1636061024970.jpeg (391.42 KB, 1242x2129, 45F27587-E0A6-44E0-AEF0-E1F41B…)

kinda sad how a fake account has a better feed than hers

No. 1361877

Her mom failed her in like every regard. I never saw her encouraging Ashley to go to school or work at somewhere that isn't a fucking bar. I have seen copious viva mom cringe shit and when they were in Vegas that's all her mom talked about. These two male strippers basicslly approached them to ask for $$$ for pics with them and her mom kept mentioning her follower count and they were so clearly disinterested. Her priorities for her children are so warped that's probably why one of her kids opted out. (Permanently, if you catch my drift)

No. 1361880

Not to mention her mom was in a hotel in Vegas with her while she made content. People in the real world usually don't care about internet clown shit, Ashley isn't making money off it anymore so idk why her mom was ever proud really she's so embarrassing

No. 1362738

File: 1636169215191.jpeg (13.22 KB, 178x202, 53D61C70-6B0F-41E3-9B52-BB0583…)

No. 1363865

File: 1636316176803.jpeg (65.36 KB, 618x604, F4ED60F1-A5FD-4FB5-B497-FDCB25…)

cool and interesting

No. 1364595

File: 1636396200715.png (6.27 MB, 1170x2532, 7FEB8E33-DBCB-4CC5-B197-246E95…)

Jesus is she actually getting a professional tattoo for once, other than crack den stick n pokes

No. 1364676

File: 1636402433777.png (6.12 MB, 1170x2532, 95B5DB38-CCFB-403E-88A6-BEBE5C…)

Nevermind spoke to soon, scratchy ass tattoo

No. 1364685

Lmao that's one of the worst tattoos I've seen on here in a while.

No. 1364696

Was the tattoo artist 1) blackout drunk, 2) having a grand mal seizure, or 3) going through an earthquake while this was happening?

No. 1364704

The way that she copied her exs tattoo oml
He was covered in the same exact ugly style
She's skin walking some wanna be skater girl so hard
Who're you gonna be this time next year Ashley? Kek.

No. 1364785

that must be the worst line work I have ever seen. I hope she and the artist feel terrible lmfao

No. 1364922

checked out the artists instagram, shes an apprentice and does her tattoos for free lol.

No. 1364962

People still have to tip apprentices though. But that would also explain the line work

No. 1364967

six days before she got it some dude got literally the same exact thing

No. 1365082

Since when did tattoo apprentices do tattoos for free? here in the UK no apprentice would even be able to touch you with linework that bad still, I’ve had loads of apprentices tattoo me and yes you pay them a lower rate than normal, but regardless if it was free or not I’d be so fucking mad if she did that to my leg

No. 1365097

There are definitely some apprentices in America that have to do free tattoos for a while. Usually it's your friends that you tattoo for free tho.

No. 1365103

Must be a american thing then haha(newfag)

No. 1365119

Damn how old was she in those photos? it must be loads of facetune/ps right? sometimes i can't believe these two were ever considered as models/promoted by hot topic etc.

No. 1365241

File: 1636477662155.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1170x2117, FAF09D73-4141-41AE-871A-A2143F…)

It’s the socks for me

No. 1365462

File: 1636493958566.jpg (539.5 KB, 1080x1080, 2021_11_09_13_22_05_804.jpg)

Kek so original
It looks free on both of them
You could not pay me to desecrate my body with this high school drop out tier artwork

No. 1365506

Skeleton has too many fingers, fucking kek

No. 1365515

Idk how she didn't notice that
The thumbs are drawn like normal fingers
An actual kid could've drawn better

No. 1366882

File: 1636648772963.png (4.74 MB, 1242x2208, C6A9D674-16CC-4CEE-9591-60E759…)

love how they’re suppose to be three best friends but they ignore ashley all the time

No. 1367490

File: 1636704432809.png (2.96 MB, 750x1334, 3EF82403-7F69-451B-BF4F-847422…)

she's now posted a thousand stories of them facetiming to prove us wrong lmao lurking much again

No. 1367617

File: 1636724822453.jpeg (577.16 KB, 1160x2407, 8E7BCD7F-AB9F-423D-AD3F-7D1E73…)

No. 1367618

File: 1636724847148.jpeg (357.49 KB, 1170x2404, 84C70CA4-3467-4BB3-8426-79FECB…)

No. 1367671

about time someone is calling this out.

No. 1367722

quite a lot of the pedos on to catch a predator went on to get married. it's a fucked up world, anon.

No. 1367743

The two girls literally don’t live in Ohio anymore y’all are grasping at straws here

No. 1367780

She's admitted to lurking this was right after anon said that kek but okay
All Ashley has is her dumb friends and they don't even like her that much. When she was on fentanyl they all hated her for it and being with Jake. She's the third wheel and is trying so hard to seem important to people because really isn't. I'd say she was important to maddie but Ashley valued her narc high from maddie way more than an actual friendship.
All the people Ashley is friends with have someone better than her at the end of the day and Ashley has her viva mom at most. That's why she lives at home and all her friends hang out without her, live together, do things without her.
Im sure at her social media peak that was the primary reason they became her friend, they all magically appeared during that time besides Kira who is dating a literal child molester she does not count.

No. 1367881

maddie saying she don’t know how to cut a piece of meat lol no wonder that she will never get a job and live by her own

No. 1368774

File: 1636912414760.png (800.48 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20211113-215033.png)

What a fucking narcissist, jfc

No. 1368779

File: 1636912608496.png (1007.06 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20211114-105114.png)

Like, imagine thinking you're special simply because you bought an iced coffee during winter. She's a "not-like-other-girls" tryhard and it's so fucking cringey, especially at her age. You're two-dimensional, Ashley, and you always prove it.

No. 1368783

File: 1636912772567.png (464.46 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20211114-105152.png)

Attention-seeking narcissist alcoholic

No. 1368848

She makes the smallest, dumbest shit her identity it must be tiring to be so fake and bad at it too

No. 1368876

babe, as a barista, I can assure you, you’re not

No. 1368903

File: 1636923225065.jpg (674.15 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20211114-125226_Pho…)

soo goth and soo extra guys

No. 1368969

File: 1636929394271.jpeg (227.6 KB, 828x824, 981C8995-C4AF-4F83-886C-CC3D4C…)

No. 1369013

The fact that she’s still referencing high school for interesting stories says a lot.

No. 1369523

I'd feel bad for her if she wasn't such a cunt but I find it funny she destroyed any chance of a modeling career with her hideous stick and pokes, or career in general since she dropped out of school before completion, has no talents to speak of and now she spends her time working at a shitty bar and getting drunk. Her Instagram is nothing like it once was, even if she tried to go back to the e girl clout begger life style I don't think she'd ever be able to pull the numbers she used to be able to, when she knew how to photoshop and she didn't look flabby and rubbery from drinking every day yet

No. 1369532

Tell me you're a loser who peaked in high school without telling me you're a loser who peaked in high school lmao
(Pretty sure she's said people at her old high school didn't like her and she sat alone all the time kek)

No. 1369550

she’s posting about simon again kek(this is an imagebord. Post screenshots )

No. 1369681

so strange to see maddie porn leaks on reddit because she literally has the body of a child

No. 1369763

File: 1637045728443.jpg (74.05 KB, 1080x837, Screenshot_20211115-220118_Red…)

No. 1369764

File: 1637045757898.jpg (38.83 KB, 1080x382, Screenshot_20211115-220133_Red…)

No. 1369766

File: 1637045807814.jpg (65.19 KB, 1080x701, Screenshot_20211115-220227_Red…)

Sorry for spamming but the reddit comments are so funny to me I had to share

No. 1369781

It’s really sad. She’s so young and her porn is forever on the internet for people to see. I want her to get better but how could she actually have a career or anything with all this shit on the internet? Like I said she’s so young and it’s kind of sad. She could do more with her life

No. 1369796

File: 1637056777869.png (794.86 KB, 750x1334, A473ACAA-5A5F-4465-B3CE-67CA06…)

it's not just that she looks like a child, her porn is also just incredibly cringe to watch. it's more visible on video but she basically just akwardly fumbles around in her skirt and smashes her boobs in the most unappealing way possible. idk who the fuck is into that except for pedos and pro ana fetishists

No. 1370028

File: 1637099275705.jpeg (181.68 KB, 1125x615, 08577A20-899E-40FE-A936-BEA438…)

she’s totally aware of what her alcoholism is doing to her weight lol

No. 1370034

File: 1637099964796.jpg (253.5 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20211116-135742_Fac…)

Baby you're not sober you've never been lmao

No. 1370090

Lmao as if they weren't just annoyed at the fact that she was blasting music in class.

No. 1370352

File: 1637159427422.jpeg (62.71 KB, 276x279, C5299D4A-5B31-4231-95FC-4B528B…)

the way she has to break her back just so she can look like she has an ass lol

No. 1370354

File: 1637159456317.jpeg (41.92 KB, 204x352, E970CDF4-97A9-4CE2-9A3D-04BA40…)

No. 1370567

Looks painful bahahahaha

No. 1370621

flop era viva

No. 1370666

dude i used to follow this chick like waaaaay back she has a whole ass lolcow thread thats crazy(sage)

No. 1370680

Can someone fill me in on what happened with Ashley’s fiancé?(newfag)

No. 1370713

It's in the OP, he died of an overdose. Please read the old threads, don't put anything in the name field and put sage in the email field

No. 1370744

File: 1637199455105.jpg (300.17 KB, 1080x1792, Screenshot_20211117-173602_Ins…)

How long are we betting on her being obsessed with him before she inevitably claims he was oh so abusive and awful
I give it 6 months, & I think that's generous

No. 1370779

this is like 100% a different guy from the bar pictures where she "won darts", right

No. 1370859

File: 1637215536414.jpeg (581.16 KB, 750x1197, F79A36A5-1E25-4B2E-A329-2DB34D…)

same dude
they just bleached their hair together lol

No. 1370860

File: 1637215560766.jpeg (628.33 KB, 750x1197, 73E4F8D6-FA35-4992-9024-453F69…)


No. 1370879

You can really tell they did it drunk and at home kek
Suits her, it's so trashy.
Also I love that you can see her morgu3 tattoo so much better now!
She's just bad decisions galore.

No. 1370881

File: 1637217818059.png (2.04 MB, 750x1334, 5120FBE0-E631-44B8-9455-0C4B2C…)

No. 1370896

She looks so bad omg

No. 1370899

its crazy to me that these white thrashes even have a following outside their town. and they dont even have anything to offer like smbdy explain to me WHY? do people even follow them. oversharing is it for me i cant stand a random girl just spilling shit that goes through their head every 5 minutes(sage)

No. 1371221

File: 1637271420280.png (1.26 MB, 750x1334, 5DCF1C92-BE3C-477E-B5B8-DA50EE…)

she looks like a naked mole rat

No. 1371236

Not sure if I can say that for anyone but myself, but they were "first" kinda-goth instagram e-girls. Vivadrag would appear on mine and my friends explore page all the time, and we aren't even American. Somehow the algorithms were really pushing them. I remember lurking Ashley's profile sometimes, not really knowing who she is nor caring.
Probably a lot of people are just old followers/people who haven't unfollowed.

No. 1371267

File: 1637275818337.png (3.09 MB, 750x1334, E6ADEC90-C179-4689-A4F1-401C6D…)

No. 1371278

She is literally shaped like that crown royale bottle. Boxy, broad shoulders, tiny head.

No. 1371282

File: 1637276515220.jpg (43.27 KB, 500x333, yxMRqCF.jpg)

literally no she doesn’t. Have you seen a naked mole rat before? This is what they look like. Like a wrinkly circumcised anemic dick. There’s no way anyone would confuse a human female with one>>1371221

No. 1371522

File: 1637298972827.png (89.08 KB, 490x490, 14404611342366.png)

I don't drink so when I tell you I looked this up and spit my water kek anon you're spot on
They're long lost sisters

No. 1371573

File: 1637311344034.png (1.99 MB, 750x1334, 29B63E07-04AA-4D7B-B06A-923E96…)

she's still clinging onto her highschool pseudo fame lmao

No. 1371798

omg its her new personality !

No. 1371822

i feel very sorry for any borderline’s favorite person. stay strong king she’ll eventually disappear from your life after being a major bitch with you

No. 1372193

File: 1637385108011.png (2.39 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20211119-221033.png)

Is she taking this while on the shitter? Classic Trashley

No. 1372196

File: 1637385209421.png (629.42 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20211119-221040.png)

Also her clothes are getting baggier as she swells up lol

No. 1372210

The posts on ur other account are literally the same lol

No. 1372246

File: 1637405488466.png (4.06 MB, 750x1334, 7635D13D-83BB-4086-8D81-EDE926…)

she doesn't care at all, that's why she has to mention for the thousandth time that lil peep follows her

No. 1372291

Lmao why is that even relevant? He’s dead. If not he probably would’ve unfollowed at this point but mommy peep runs the show

No. 1372429

God she is such a loser. No one cares about your dying account or the fact that a dead drug addict follows you. Peep is so not relevant anymore and her referencing that to seem cool is actually so sad.
That's all you could accomplish in the last 5 years since your fyp days? Super bleak. Can't lie I'm excited to see what bottomless waste her life ends up to becoming in the next 5 years around.

No. 1372430

These aren't even on her stories anymore btw, keep lurking you piece of shit kek.

No. 1372661

File: 1637453009498.jpeg (163.49 KB, 750x369, 16F7BBB1-8D55-4C54-8573-CAB436…)

No. 1372881

lol sweetie he was trying to hit on you because that’s what creepy old men do since younger girls are more naive and easy to fool. idiot.

No. 1373386

Ashley thinks everyone is in love with her lmao

No. 1373422

In reality they want some easy pussy kek

No. 1373511

File: 1637565407698.png (5.11 MB, 1284x2778, 8B5C961E-B9F4-486C-98DE-385FBC…)

No. 1373521

File: 1637566520269.jpg (184.72 KB, 1080x946, Screenshot_20211122-023502_Twi…)

No. 1373523

File: 1637566751886.png (2.41 MB, 750x1334, BF1C79B5-33DB-4FA0-8B74-302AEA…)

how about wearing shorts that fit you for once

No. 1373524

was she drunk driving cause i wouldn't doubt it

No. 1373531

That cameltoe is so bad that it’s like her body is going through mitosis starting at the pussy

No. 1373537

File: 1637567859023.jpeg (33.34 KB, 369x315, 17F9D699-EE9E-4D7C-BE08-1445C3…)

No. 1373756

File: 1637598380005.jpg (78.82 KB, 1080x615, Screenshot_20211122-082520_Twi…)

So exciting watching her following get older and realize how fucking ridiculous she is kek

No. 1373757

Oh no it's becoming self aware

No. 1373827

File: 1637605119970.png (185.15 KB, 904x806, Screen Shot 2021-11-22 at 1.18…)

No. 1373829

does anyone have any updates about maddie or why she deleted her accounts??? Haven't seen or heard anything about her in like 2 weeks. Just hoping she's not dead honestly.

No. 1373833

File: 1637605879467.jpg (58.18 KB, 1080x610, Screenshot_20211122-103034_Ins…)

Maybe you're blocked anon?
She posts regularly, not as much as she used to though but she's still around and okay.

No. 1373840

Not Ashley of all people trying to insult her username
Okay the new flesh vivadrag little dark ash Missy aggravation and lilsnailgirl
Nothing about you is original or even real because you're a narcissist, shut up.
God I hope it was a front tooth. That would be just incredible. I'd bet you my entire paycheck she was drunk when she did that shit too.

No. 1373915

She drinks literally every day and still drives around. I would bet she was wasted as well

No. 1373974

File: 1637617146314.png (236.64 KB, 750x1334, 9EF131C4-FEB0-4CE2-81EB-C0A7C8…)

I abuse my friends bc I’m borderline so let’s laugh about it much post

No. 1374122

abuse? you fucking moron, stop reaching. she was 11 and did silly things as many kids do.

No. 1374224

Okay but is andy okay with the fact that maddie keeps posting pics from times when andy was a girl??? i meaan its kinda rude

No. 1374488

Andy is still a girl dumbass

No. 1374501

File: 1637691658491.png (3.8 MB, 750x1334, FB63829A-A8A4-459D-AFB7-32FFC6…)

she got into a car accident after that concert she went too

No. 1374503

File: 1637691785907.jpeg (177.69 KB, 750x1081, B7176A65-D553-45AB-8EB8-AC59B8…)

No. 1374504

File: 1637691826340.jpeg (309.04 KB, 750x1248, 9DAB8A1B-E60E-4F31-BF3F-C177F9…)

No. 1374505

File: 1637691859670.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 178.74 KB, 750x1259, 935BDC5E-CBBC-4630-A5AC-ABE4F2…)

No. 1374508

File: 1637691880078.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 138.37 KB, 750x1270, EFFD6321-EB1C-4088-8ED9-7889E2…)

No. 1374511

i like how she said she wasn’t drunk when she got into her reck with her brother in the car lol

No. 1374513

She doesn’t want to fully commit to the toothless white trash hillbilly look she’s been sporting? Weak

No. 1374520

Gross please spoiler that

No. 1374525

File: 1637692553547.jpg (Spoiler Image, 436.42 KB, 1080x1080, 2021_11_23_10_35_16_662.jpg)

Christmas came early

No. 1374527

File: 1637692637695.jpg (311.31 KB, 1080x1080, 2021_11_23_10_35_38_087.jpg)

Anyone who donates is mentally absent.
> only looked away for a second I was NOT drunk
Lol the ebegging is so on brand

No. 1374536

damn, I really hope that if she was drunk this turns into a wakeup call. But with addicts you never know, my cousin totalled 3 or 4 cars before getting sober.

No. 1374544

File: 1637694521900.jpg (Spoiler Image, 604.22 KB, 1080x2052, Screenshot_20211123-140838_Ins…)

No. 1374545

bro wtf how do you look away to talk to someone and just crashes into a pole

No. 1374550

File: 1637694619547.png (Spoiler Image, 4.05 MB, 750x1334, C69B945C-7432-454C-912F-5B30F6…)

No. 1374554

File: 1637695128282.jpg (1.27 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20211123-111730_Ins…)

This proves nothing other than maybe they did not test you
People that actually now the legal system know they don't always test on the spot and I can guarantee with every cell in my body you were drunk love.
There's no way she drove home sober from that concert she was posting herself getting drunk literally before it happened.
People can not be this stupid to believe her.

No. 1374555

also why is it so important to her to prove some internet randos wrong lol

No. 1374564

she literally had oral injuries, i'm sure they were more worried about getting her to the hospital than the breathalyzer. i believe they just chose to not test her. also, isn't this like the third car she's totaled? she just got into an accident like early this year, right? how is she still allowed a license?

No. 1374574

You know they do blood tests right

No. 1374578

the way you tried to do the classic lolcow transphobic diss but you literally used his preferred name LMFAO u clearly see him as a boy or at the very least as “Andy”

No. 1374580

I thought she was selling this account? she’s so annoying and predictable Kek

No. 1374609

I don’t know her real name and don’t care but do know that she’s a girl lol

No. 1374639

File: 1637699777508.png (Spoiler Image, 2.22 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20211123-133522.png)

Lol she isn't allowed to have painkillers because she's a documented junkie lmao

No. 1374657

definitely cuz she needs to beg for money

No. 1374692

so what even happened? she knocked out her teeth and is that covered in blood?

No. 1374782

The fact she won't posy pics of her totalled car is proof to me she was on something, at least drunk when she did it
You'd have to be a terrible driver otherwise to have that just happen as she described.

No. 1374783

she probably wiped the blood all over herself for maximum edginess

No. 1374785

File: 1637706834241.jpg (647.43 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20211123-143322_Ins…)

She did post one pic, you can tell she's trying to not show all of it since it's so fucking close up.
She definitely did this by being an irresponsible drunk driver and with a passenger in the car no less (again, lol act shocked everyone)

No. 1374788

File: 1637707157793.jpeg (300.75 KB, 1170x1294, FEC44DBC-CCA9-475B-ABAB-67A6C6…)

Looks like there was a lot of blood tbh

No. 1374792

Man who gives a shit

Isn't this like the average woman in the USA now? Do they all really need their own thread?


No. 1374795


Jfc, just how fast was she going around that curve? And even if her story was true and she wasn't drinking (which, again, she was), then why was she speeding in the dark on a back road she's never travelled before? At best, she doesn't give a fuck about her safety or well-being, and she's too selfishly irresponsible to consider her passengers.
She deserves every single thing that happens to her, and I'm glad she's missing teeth. Fucking dipshit.

No. 1374810

(Excuse my non american) I'm confused, does she not have insurance/is it legal to drive w/o it? Any sort of crowdfunding jeopardizes your insured benefits

No. 1374820


Illegal to drive without insurance but people still do it anyway.

No. 1374821

I think what they are asking is if she has insurance already, why is she crowdfunding or should she be.

No. 1374823

insurance doesn’t just make everything free, it barely covers anything, she probably won’t get any insurance money for her totaled car. it’s required to have basic car insurance but that only protects other people, for instance if she crashed into someone else her insurance would pay for their damages.

No. 1374825

she literally showed the ticket stating that it wasn’t for OVI y’all are so fucking sad(sage your shit)

No. 1374828

I bet you don't live in america kek
Unfortunately our police are not very thorough. It's gone now but her stories last night were her DRUNK. Go fuck yourself.

No. 1374831

This isn't the first car she's destroyed, I bet her insurance rates are gonna skyrocket lmao

No. 1374833


All ot means is that they didn't test her you tard

No. 1374866

It’s your sorry her own fault that her reputation and behavior precedes her. If she wasn’t drunk and knows it, plus has a ticket “confirming” she wasn’t, why does it matter? So fucking sad you came here to wk.

No. 1374884

There have been plenty of incidents where people are not tested for being under the influence after getting in a car accident. Have you ever been to a concert? You really think she wasn’t drinking? There’s literally pictures of her from the last thread driving drunk at another concert just a month ago. Nice try.

No. 1374904

are you new to the internet? or u are just a dumbass with a superiority complex lol literally read the room newfagg

No. 1374907

this could be true due to the aparent severity of her state after the crash, the priority was def not testing her and they could have messed that up because of the amount of blood on the scene, they were most likely on a rush to stop the bleeding and look for severe trauma. just tinfoil tho

No. 1374920

Did you reply to the wrong person? I agree with you

No. 1374940

She’s going to be in pain for a month at least after an accident like that. Thankfully nobody else got hurt. Hopefully it will be a wake up call.

No. 1374942

She may have not even been conscious when they found her. She had to hit her head pretty hard if she knocked her teeth out. I doubt they’d check to see if she was sober because if she was awake she’d probably be delirious from the shock anyways.

No. 1374956

It depends on your policy. You normally need at least PIP to drive in the US. But most policy requirements vary by state. PIP covers medical expenses for you and your passengers. Then you can include property damage, bodily injury, collision etc in your policy for additional monthly costs. You still have a deductible that usually varies between $500-$1000. And then you usually have to cover about 20% of your medical expenses after the insurance pays.

No. 1374967

+ she knocking teeth out makes a big big bloody mess, we have a lot of blood concentrated in the mouth area. Once my cat scratched me on the lip and the amount of blood dripping down my chin was way crazier than the severity of the gash.

No. 1374969

Crowdfunding will normally effect things like Medicaid but I don’t think it will effect your car insurance. However, it could possibly considered a scam? PIP (Personal Injury Protection) varies from state to state and can be as low as $4500 per person injured. Visits to the emergency in the US could cost $2000++ without X-rays etc.

No. 1374970

For example, minimum coverage for PIP in Utah is $3000 per individual. But the average ER visit is over $1400. And if you need to do treatments, get shots, get X-rays etc it’ll be an additional cost to the visit.

No. 1374972

I’m sure it looked terrible. Not sure if many in here have been in a really bad accident but you are sort of out of it for a while after. The shock can make you almost forget where you are. And that’s without being knocked unconscious.

No. 1374987

she waited days to tell she had an accident on PURPOSE so her drunk stories would disappear and nobody would question and screenshot that shit

No. 1375042

The silver lining in all of this is that maybe the reconstructive surgery on her teeth will fix her ugly snaggle tooth look lmfao

No. 1375083

File: 1637744423023.jpeg (167.1 KB, 750x219, D8E4E926-C4A0-4F94-8365-194D08…)

yeah honestly im certain that she had a bunch of stories up where she was clearly drunk plus her trying everything to convince her followers it wasn't her fault is suspicious af

also idk how that shit works in america but doesn't this look like they just didn't test her? bc if they did i'd assume they'd fill out the form or at least check the way they tested her but there's just nothing lmao

No. 1375144

All I got from her trying to defend herself is she’s still an irresponsible driver. How many cars has she totaled being high/drunk or even not anyways, I feel like I’ve seen her post a few times about needing a new car
Everything is always going to be pushed onto everyone else, like at the end of the day this crash was her fault and she admitted to it, so why should it be on others to help?

No. 1375158

tinfoiling majorly here if she was really that bloodied, they may have just focused on getting her to a hospital.

also, if she didn't have alcohol in the car and she didn't smell of it, odds are the cops didn't suspect anything, probably figured she was just a shitty irresponsible driver. ashley is an alcoholic, she's able to hide it if she needs to.

No. 1375178

It varies from the officer on scene and the ambulance.

IMO, she definitely was drinking.. she drinks all the time.. and suddenly when this happens she’s not? Yeah, no.

Since there wasn’t another party involved and only a pole, the main thing was taking her to a hospital and towing the car.

This happens all the time, some people get lucky and don’t get a DUI.

No. 1375239

Fortunately for her, she is still young enough to turn her life around. It is definitely a wake up call. She’s had many close calls and is lucky to still be alive. I hope she realizes that. Many people wouldn’t get so many chances. She’s also very lucky that her brother didn’t sustain any injuries and no other parties were involved in the accident.

No. 1375241

I’m sure if she was really drinking she feels like an idiot. It may be hard for her to admit to because she probably cannot afford all the hospital bills. But she could also have not been drinking and then it would be totally ironic. Either way I’m sure she’s feeling very low.

No. 1375292

File: 1637783957763.gif (169.26 KB, 220x229, toothless-laugh-toothless-smil…)

Donations are usually biggest on the first day, so I'm thinking she's very close to maxing out now.
She's barely got enough for one dental implant, the donations are really slowing down and spacing out now.
She's gonna have to get back to work and normal life looking like she's even more inbred

No. 1375303

ntayrt but andy is an extremely common female nickname for andrea you complete sped

No. 1375389

why’d you @ me that’s literally what i’m saying, that anon can put a little more effort in their transphobia attempts, you retard.

No. 1375517

File: 1637808541925.jpg (637.84 KB, 1080x1080, 2021_11_24_18_48_01_296.jpg)

She's in so much pain she got another shitty tattoo guys lmao
I hope her idiot followers know that's exactly where the money went
I shouldn't be surprised but I am kek

No. 1375519

The line work looks like shit so it was probably done for free by that apprentice again

No. 1375528

File: 1637810372154.jpeg (296.5 KB, 1170x815, 28279222-B0C7-45ED-B5DB-2F2F06…)

It’s free

No. 1375535

File: 1637811820296.jpg (427.33 KB, 1080x1631, Screenshot_20211124-194247_Ins…)

Lol it was,
God she really needs a career change, her art is absolute shit

No. 1375543

the fucking handle on the sword…..im dying

No. 1375616

File: 1637828617248.jpg (323.63 KB, 1080x1392, Screenshot_20211125-002044_Ins…)

No. 1375617

File: 1637828765085.jpg (373.09 KB, 1080x1766, Screenshot_20211125-002049_Ins…)

Did she get this drunk kek
This is insulting to common sense

No. 1375650

Would you shut up and go back to twitter already? If you think we're sooooo transphooobiiicc you can fuck off, no one's gonna miss you

No. 1375717

angery(infighting )

No. 1375817

File: 1637868052564.jpg (839.91 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20211125-111938_Pho…)

Hanging out with friends, shopping for shoes, and getting a new tattoo
She's clearly in agony guys lmao
Why anyone would give this rat money I can not fathom

No. 1375819

File: 1637868110578.jpg (632.63 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20211125-112138_Pho…)

No. 1375837

File: 1637869980984.jpeg (34.5 KB, 358x355, 46849C28-208E-40BE-8F7F-557499…)


No. 1375842

Poor baby…. looks like her 12 hour break from social media really got her back on her feet. Is 12 hours really all it takes to recover from a traumatic experience? lmao

No. 1375894

File: 1637877651255.jpg (1.26 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20211125-140002_Pho…)

Her liver isn't grateful she's switched to chugging alcohol daily lmao

No. 1375906

File: 1637878319826.jpg (311.97 KB, 1080x1080, 2021_11_25_14_10_20_796.jpg)

She posted something on her story from her old rat account so I mindlessly went there and lmao
When she deleted her accounts because she was exposed on Twitter this was the only way her fans could yell at her into the void kek

No. 1375907

File: 1637878346634.jpg (278.58 KB, 1080x1080, 2021_11_25_14_10_40_530.jpg)

No. 1375912

File: 1637878915565.jpg (267.93 KB, 1080x2111, Screenshot_20211125-141836_Ins…)

I've never had a rat before but I don't think their eyes are supposed to bulge out of their skulls like this?

No. 1375914

this is so embarrasing. it’s called boggling and they do it when they’re really happy.

No. 1375933

File: 1637882512139.jpeg (195.41 KB, 1125x1434, 6CF5A76E-A454-426B-8A32-302C66…)

No. 1375936

File: 1637883478727.jpg (41.72 KB, 1100x825, bitcg.jpg)

this girl is one of the worst cases of angle catfish I've ever seen, she looks like a malnourished mole rat and in her popular pics she looks like a doll

No. 1375947

Someone sounds a little butthurt lol

No. 1376122

File: 1637921139841.png (1.4 MB, 750x1334, D2DC3F7E-D416-4C85-8163-77B6C4…)

No. 1376165

At least neither of them are ashamed of their lurking

No. 1376239

it is actually, it’s called boggling and it just means they are happy

No. 1376248

Pretty sure you can report fundraisers as fraudulent

No. 1376296

File: 1637953565598.jpg (106.72 KB, 1080x1176, Screenshot_20211126-110031_Ins…)

I tried that, doesn't seem likely it'll be removed.
At this point I was right, her donations have slowed down and it seems like maybe it's reached its maximum.
I'm just wondering what her teeth look like atm, and how she's going to cover at least 3 dental implants with barely even enough for one.

No. 1376313

File: 1637956083110.png (1.68 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20211126-123810.png)


Lol, NONE of that money is going to medical costs. She's using it to shop for shoes and clothes.

Frankly, the fact she's using ANY money for material bullshit just proves that she never intended to get her face fixed. Otherwise, why wouldn't she put all of her money towards medical expenses and bills? She's going on about how she won't be able to work for a while due to her face and she needs money, but then goes around and buys a bunch of shit she doesn't need instead of setting her money aside for bills, food, medical expenses, etc.

What a fucking joke.

No. 1376390

To further your point, if she was not able bodied enough to work, then she wouldn’t be out in public like this anyways. Obviously she’s not suffering in pain.

She may even have a good enough car insurance/ health insurance plan that her teeth would be covered for all we know.

No. 1376419

Hope you idiots know you can’t even withdraw from GoFundMe until it gets verified which takes up to 10 days. And after that the withdrawal process takes a week too. So stupid

No. 1376420

Also I’m pretty sure she doesn’t want to go to work with missing teeth(learn2sage)

No. 1376425

They aren’t missing. They were put back in temporarily and she will have to get new ones in the future.

No. 1376433

File: 1637966270513.jpeg (291.94 KB, 1011x1800, 940639A7-727D-448C-BAD2-09E49D…)

Interesting that you chose to call everyone idiots, yet didn’t include the proper numbers.

No. 1376436

Besides the fact that by saying this you prove nothing at all. She could’ve had money in her bank that she would have been unwilling to spend before but will now spend because she will be ‘reimbursed’. It’s not like she wasn’t working before this accident. You really think someone strapped for cash would just be out shopping?

No. 1376442

That’s the policy from their website. You are giving anecdotal evidence that may not even be true. Nobody knows you or the supposed medical bills you needed help with.

No. 1376445

Clearly you missed the point entirely. She needs money for medical bills yet is out shopping and getting tattoos? She can’t go to work yet has done nothing but socialize? What are you even defending? By the sound of it you do things in a matter of poor taste as well.

No. 1376457

My mistake, I thought you were the same person still disagreeing.

No. 1376470

This is funny. No I am not retarded. As I just said I thought you were the same person arguing that it takes over two weeks to get a payment.

No. 1376478

go whiteknight somewhere else

No. 1376534

File: 1637972325966.png (1015.69 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20211126-171301.png)

Lmaooo someone is lurking again

No. 1376650

christ… is it just me or does it look like maddie has aged about a decade? her face looks like its sunken in. it looks like the kind of sudden aging you’d see with amphetamine addicts

No. 1376894

I mean i don’t think people are even saying that she’s spending her gofundme money directly on clothes, etc but pointing out that if she’s so struggling with money she wouldn’t be out shopping period, which is valid asf lmao.

No. 1377153

Lol it's weird seeing cows interact with shit I post

No. 1377211

File: 1638056307941.jpg (638.38 KB, 1080x1080, 2021_11_27_15_32_48_835.jpg)

Im so excited for this
She's thinking she's going to be an actual tattoo artist of some kind when in reality she's the most untalented bitch ever with some ink and a single needle probably kek
What other garbage will she put on herself? And others?
Her art (and the stuff on her) is an absolute joke, she's not an artist but it's so onbrand of her to role-play one to try and seem interesting.

No. 1377218

wtf ashley can’t even draw

No. 1377286

File: 1638069363108.jpeg (247.15 KB, 1170x1052, 43E1E31A-E74B-4AB5-BF6B-E445E6…)

Ashley going to a bar not even a week after her accident kek

No. 1377312

lmao love the fact that ashley is hanging out with clare after they had a huge and public falling out all over twitter ….

No. 1377342

File: 1638077652046.jpeg (100.14 KB, 1920x1080, 4B46B31D-A535-4D00-AB96-2D3A77…)

why oh why did the fucking mullet of all things come back into fashion…. and for women too! ever hear the phrase “business in the front, party in the back”? or seen joe dirt (the movie)? or how anyone with a mullet was relentlessly bullied/had shit talked about them up until a few years ago? i mean, unless you lived in portland or seattle or something where trying to look as ugly as possible is trendy kek

No. 1377361

What a piece of shit Ashley is. Already out shopping and getting drunk. Deflects any responsibility for the accident and profits off of it from her immature fans.

No. 1377584

the mullet came back into style late 2017. you're reaching. and you also sound 30

No. 1377685

i agree it’s a dumb critique but do you even know where you are retard?

No. 1377724

love the slur usage, that's grrrrreat. and yeah, a place to talk shit about ashley - someone i actually know irl. i didn't realize middle aged women come on forums like these, don't y'all have kids or a husband to tend to?(infighting)

No. 1377727

Oh, man, you're retarded. They're going to have fun with you.

No. 1377735

so um like i found your last statement heinously heteronormative could you like tone down your hate speech please!

No. 1377741

If you wanna defend her so badly drop your Instagram name, defend her publicly

No. 1377744

i'm a lesbian and someone sounds old and butthurt. i don't have an ig so i come here to catch up on the dumb shit she does. but if y'all are old hags shitting on a 20 year old you don't even know, that's like really embarrassing so i guess i'll get the cringe updates somewhere else.

No. 1377758

Waiting for the mods to realize a cockroach has entered the thread kek

No. 1377765

I'm younger than her kek , but okay I'll tell my totally real husband and nonexistent children I'm sorry for neglecting them


Ah yes my apologies. I'll get back to stroking my grass outside as one does
Why are you even here lmao

No. 1377768

admin pls

No. 1377769

meanwhile you’re here defending someone who wouldn’t kill a fly for you i’m sure. love that you have to defend your friend in private because you know otherwise you’d get attacked. ashley your “”friend”” is friends with a literal child rapist.

No. 1377771

the good thing about this people is that they don't even know how to use the site so they'll be put out soon

No. 1377775

idk man is it bad that i find this sort interaction entertaining

No. 1377779

lol, it's a public website, you didn't invade anything. Also it's just not worth the hassle doing the whole back and forth thing. It's easier to get you blocked so you can't come here anymore

No. 1377780

>>1377779 i mean ive done this before and i can come back as many times as i want, so please keep trying because its funny watching you fail LOL(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1377781

What if this is Brazil anon back from their ban lmao
So far up Ashley's ass they've forgotten what the sun is like poor soul

No. 1377782

Brazil anon what's the inside of Ashley's asshole like? Is it comfortable?

No. 1377784

it's a admin fail, but you'll have to wait a few days to come back. also, I don't really get the point of calling people who use the site losers since you yourself have enough time to come here and get blocked every once in a while for what? to deffend someone who doesn't even know you? I think that's somehow worst. for us this is just free entertainment, for you is actually important

No. 1377788

I'm just chilling on a sunday night, watching some stupid bitch make a fool out of herself instead of working. You don't get it do you? I'm basically cow tipping at this point lol

No. 1377792

yeah fr guys we need to learn from her!!

No. 1377794

She's a minor

No. 1377798

File: 1638144065194.gif (42.1 KB, 220x229, tenor.gif)

No. 1377799

File: 1638144200162.jpg (24.11 KB, 282x361, A-1527996-1344764615-4789.jpeg…)

thank you m'lady

No. 1377800

Do we have any info I could use to find brazilian anon?

No. 1377804

nice, so you ARE brazilian anon

No. 1377806

File: 1638144590316.jpg (254.83 KB, 800x1090, Anthony_Frederick_Sandys_-_Que…)

yes, thank you.

No. 1377807

Idk u but I want to be friends bahahahaha so funny.
Literally no surprise it's the same idiot AT WORK no less kek
The irony of everything this moron has said , so tasty

No. 1377808

You sound like you’re drunk trolling and definitely not at work.

No. 1377811

File: 1638144797961.jpg (121.25 KB, 300x575, spot.jpg)

i'll be here all week

No. 1377815

You’ve literally been commenting on this thread every minute for the past 2 hours and you’re telling people here to get a life. Oh but you’re definitely “at work”

No. 1377821

You need more booze huh

No. 1377826

no one is mad, this website is literally made to watch people like you say really dumb shit and get made fun of. you are just making more content to laugh at. so honestly thanks

No. 1377833

you don't need to be made fun of, you are already doing it to yourself, we are just watching

No. 1377844

Were waiting for you to tire yourself out like a toddler at this point

No. 1377845

Ashley gave drugs to minors and hangs out with a child rapist. But ok keep embarrassing yourself

No. 1377847

this is amazing tbh
please keep going(do not encourage the troll)

No. 1377848

What’s funny is they think they’re annoying us when this is what we love to see happen

No. 1377859

you literally started out admitting you use this website but now you’re all of a sudden offended by its existence. So offended you didn’t leave for 3 hours lol

No. 1377861

She finally got banned, I posted on the admin thread lol sorry

No. 1378011

File: 1638164430655.jpg (259.32 KB, 1080x1326, Screenshot_20211128-213727_Ins…)

Somebody is desperate for some validation
I follow you solely because you're a cow, as I'm sure a lot of people do.
Not to mention most of her followers are ghost followers on that account lol.
God I can't get over her hideous hand tattoo

No. 1378166

thank you admin!!!

No. 1378169

the shading is so off, she should be insecure, shame is something this bitch lacks. I can't believe she is going out and shopping while a bunch of good people donated to her so she could recover and get her face fixed (and she is dumb enough to be posting all that too).

No. 1378250


No. 1378274

Such a narc

No. 1378372

“I don’t have an insta so I come here to check up on the stupid shit Ashley does” sure Jan. Also are u really using someone else’s phone to comment on here? Pathetic

No. 1378461

File: 1638226576972.jpg (187.63 KB, 1080x1080, 2021_11_29_14_55_19_074.jpg)

She removed the link from her spam account but not vivadrag lol, very purposeful after she got a few hate comments about her ugly new tat on the new flesh so cringe. It looked like she deleted some comments too that I saw earlier kek

No. 1379181

File: 1638300469220.jpeg (545.39 KB, 750x968, 7BECDA66-3AC7-4D3F-A1C6-37CEB6…)

No. 1379193

File: 1638301662760.jpg (503.11 KB, 1080x1080, 2021_11_30_11_47_06_583.jpg)

Kek she thinks she's an artist now

No. 1379323

Thinks? That’s just her art

No. 1379325

Also “now?” It blatantly says that stuff is from high school. Y’all reach too much how is this something you take time out of your day to talk about(sage your shit)

No. 1379338

Well she said she wants to be a tattoo artist but hasn't drawn since high school lol

No. 1379409

This is the internet. Get off your high horse

No. 1379433

Lol Ashley if this is you posting and lurking that’s pretty hilarious. You’re not going to be anything but an E girl, just like Simon said. You can’t even stay off vivadrag because you crave attention from strangers. And your art sucks.

No. 1379535

File: 1638312628598.jpg (1.13 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20211130-145006_Ins…)

Guarantee she will continue the ebegging whilst shopping and shit kek

No. 1379556

File: 1638313424697.jpg (552.59 KB, 1080x1080, 2021_11_30_14_59_17_264.jpg)

She went off her antidepressants and ranted about that the other day, now that she's back on them she's starting to post a lot more

No. 1379645

How many times has she complained about doing stupid shit when she’s drunk lmao Maddie get a job

No. 1379717

her eyebrow goin all the way back to her ear, goddamn.

No. 1379801

I showed my friend a pic of Maddie the other day and all he said was “what’s wrong with her eyebrows” lol

No. 1379860

In most of her pics you can tell that she photoshops her eyebrows to be more defined. They always look warped and overshadow her bangs

No. 1380036

Tbh although she does this often i think the pic in question isn’t edited because she was drunk and she actually drew her eyebrows on like this which is arguably worse then having it be a photoshop fail

No. 1380050

File: 1638330853408.png (1001.51 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20211130-205400.png)

No. 1380371


nah i'm pretty sure she's back on abilify which is an antipsychotic, but either way she shouldn't be drinking on them

No. 1380411

How do you know that much about a cow’s medicine

No. 1380663


because she posted the generic name for it on her stories the other day lol

No. 1380892

She posts constantly if you don't follow her Instagrams, that's literally why people here thought she died when she stopped posting for awhile.
Her mom had her on a cocktail of pills, it’s been discussed here before. If I were her I'd try to stop taking them too, but I dont blame her for getting back on them if she didnt ween herself properly and felt like shit. Anti depression meds can be super dangerous if you just stop like she did, by the sounds of it anyways. She's so cognitively delayed she can't drive a car, has no education, and has no job. People here actually kinda want her to get better, at least I do. I don't feel bad for her necessarily, but I don't dislike her like Ashley. She's definitely not as full of herself. This probably comes off like I'm defending her but really I think she needs to make serious changes herself in her life, but I know she's had only horrible role models, Ashley included.

No. 1381010

Her liver is literally rotting lol but at least she’s not on fentanyl right!! Just replaced that vice with alcoholism. What an inspiration

No. 1381027

File: 1638398114895.png (7.03 MB, 1170x2532, 5E32A89E-9105-4F6B-BF2E-20DE51…)

When your personality never progresses past the age of 14

No. 1381043

That's definitely a dude

No. 1381301

File: 1638405050766.jpeg (323.26 KB, 1168x2067, BB84F458-FCEA-404E-B23B-BB54E6…)

she complains about her life being miserable all the while she sits around getting drunk doing nothing with her life. the sympathy is really running low Maddie

No. 1381311

The fact that she spends all her money on booze then ebegs for money because her account goes negative. Such an idiot

No. 1381356

Does anyone have any idea why maddie would be moving to Massachusetts? She said that today on her private and public, is she seriously moving in with her dad who almost baked her in a car as an infant

No. 1381695

Hopefully moving will help her. I don’t have high hopes though

No. 1381998


Did Simon really say that? I mean it's true but why does she keep posting so much about him if they weren't even amicable after they broke up ? He had another girlfriend before he died so what she does is abhorrent either way tbh

No. 1382100

File: 1638458497712.png (2.01 MB, 750x1334, 530B4418-2495-42D9-879A-1A9FA6…)

you're not better than anyone for listening to abusive dad-core music faggot

No. 1382537

Yes, when they broke up she posted tons ot texts, etc. Trying to prove he was abusive to her, I don't think anyone here got caps because it was years ago and they weren't even that bad. They were arguing about her social media use and that's about all I remember. Simon's most recent ex came in here to say he was a great boyfriend.
Also the irony of him picking Bailey to date is not lost on me. She's everything Ashley tried to be but wasn't successful at, like modeling and being a consistent egirl for MONEY not just to be a thot and get attention lol

No. 1382541

The genre she pretends to like changes with the dick she tries to get with, imagine that.
Ashley you're entirely basic sweetie, in case you forgot lmao.

No. 1384234

File: 1638580779451.png (1.24 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20211203-181422.png)

No. 1384298

File: 1638585919776.jpg (98.98 KB, 744x972, Screenshot_20211203-214421_Chr…)

No. 1384302


that's how flash tattoo pieces work nonnie, shitty qual or no

No. 1385388

File: 1638690405347.jpeg (260.34 KB, 749x731, F0C3757C-5A54-4BCC-8750-DC3A5E…)

No. 1385595

File: 1638719802628.jpeg (72.56 KB, 700x480, 9EED45B8-88DA-4A8A-A23B-707273…)

Maddie since you lurk here, stop over lining your top lip so much everyone thinks you look retarded, the smoky eye is ugly and stop fading out your eyebrows so much. thx~

No. 1385631

tell me why it looks like she trimmed her hair ever so slightly to look more like ashley’s

No. 1386021

it's probably just falling out from being fried honestly

No. 1386229

she said she cut her bangs too short but she also bleached it another time and complained about it being frizzy and breaking off again so it's just a matter of time til she looks like ashley lmao

No. 1387048

File: 1638862504514.jpeg (187.6 KB, 750x880, 14462712-D325-4F1D-8A16-5BD305…)

is that a joke

No. 1387682

Ever since I’ve seen the post about all maddie does is fluff her hair on Instagram stories it’s all I can think about why does she have a following what is anyone gaining besides this forum

No. 1387724

File: 1638926335714.png (2.81 MB, 750x1334, C8651FF7-61B7-4184-B128-82349E…)

shocker begging for money again seriously don’t even know why she goes to these “job” interviews if she’s not even going to show up to work

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