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File: 1619853317026.jpg (412.82 KB, 1536x1536, 1619659506371.jpg)

No. 1220853

General Milk

Maddie -
www.instagram.com/dollltears (main)
www.instagram.com/dolllfears (private)
www.instagram.com/fnafmode (‘friendship account’ with Mandy)
www.instagram.com/brattygothixhoe (super priv)

> 19 year old drug addicted autistic NEET

> Lives in cat piss squalor with her abusive younger brother and troon sister
> Only income is OnlyFans and e-begging
> Had anorexia, now has bulimia and has gained weight
> Chronic oversharer, always goes live tweaking out of her mind
> 50% of her posts are throwbacks talking about how much she hates herself
> Was sexually assaulted and robbed because she got in the car with random men while she was drunk, accepted alcohol on the street and went to their house (again), creates Gofundme
> Constantly posting throwback pictures and crying over the fact that she’s ugly now
> Gets a temporary heart monitor due to ED related issues, wears only see-through shirts the entire time
> Gets robbed by Ashley’s friend because of her stupidity (again)
> Posts live stories she doesn’t remember filming, slurring, repeating words, tweaking
> Talks about how much she regrets it the next day, immediately does it again
> Mixes pills and alcohol one live, forgets to pause and argues with her mom offscreen, goes to puke, comes back and gets naked without realising she’s still live
> Tries to sell her @dollltears account but no one buys it

Ashley -
www.instagram.com/vivadrag (main)
www.instagram.com/damagednerves (inactive)
www.facebook.com/ashleyyinreverse (facebook)
www.instagram.com/_the_new_flesh_ (current)

> 23 year old wannabe goth e-thot

> Drug addicted junkie who is now ‘sober’ (switched to alcoholism)
> Dated a string of insta-scrotes, some now dead, claims some were abusive
> Started selling nudes to support her junkie NEET lifestyle
> Gives drugs and alcohol to minors, groomed Maddie and introduced her to drugs
> In and out of rehab, hospital, psych ward etc.
> Enabling mother who seems to support her financially
> Older brother passed away
> Claims to be a victim of abuse in all failed relationships
> Ashley gets engaged to a drug dealer after dating for 5 months
> Apologises to her followers about her glorification of drugs
> “BDSM roleplay” goes too far and ends up in hospital
> Boyfriend overdoses while Ashley is asleep and fucking dies
> Ashley ODs
> “Gives up the vivadrag thing” and switches accounts, takes a small break from social media but still lurks
> Switches up the story and says she was “abused, threatened to be killed, around gang violence and given any drug she wanted”
> Her ex Simon passes away
> Old roommates steal all her belongings and she cuts ties, yet was okay when her roommates robbed Maddie, then makes OnlyFans content with them

Old Milk


> Thought she was pregnant because she tasted metal, just gum disease from purging

> Started outpatient after being denied inpatient and starts several new medications at once. Redneck mom gives her antipsychotic meds without a prescription
> Troon sister Mandy enables and encourages her to overshare about sexual assaults on live when intoxicated
> Shows off her binge haul on live and brags about how much money she spends on food, pukes in her mouth and swallows it
> Crack porn gets leaked
> Steals stray cats and collars them, lets them sit on the dinner table while they piss and bleed everywhere. Had a geriatric fat dog and told everyone on live she sat bare-coochie in its diarrhoea
> Admits to being on 2000mg Benadryl on top of all her other medication and binge drinking
> Discovers some of the many medications she’s been put on cause weight gain, freaks out in comments
> Admits to sneaking out crossfaded and prostituting herself in a crack den
> Starts going to class again for her GED, walks out of her classes because she ‘feels stupid’ and is ‘too afraid to answer the questions’
> Lurks and finds out farmers have access to her super priv, keeps talking about purging ‘the fakes’ and gets a follower cleanup app, finds out it’s a phishing scam and gives up
> OD’s again and ends up in hospital, posts selfies in her school bathroom showing off her bandaged arm and fakes getting upset when people ask about it, consistently posts photos with her wrists in focus
> Gets an autism diagnosis and brags about it all over her spam, shares screenshots of her medical history for attention
> Posts about hospital bills and the next day brags about getting the most expensive bleach she can find to destroy her hair even more
> Keeps spending past her overdraft and getting fees, opens several Cashapp/Gofundme appeals to get in the positive balance
> Has a full-on pedophile stalker, doesn’t go to police (or even block him)
> Cat’s face swells twice its normal size, in obvious pain, she films it for instagram and doesn’t take it to the vet
> Opens a Gofundme for Mandy’s testosterone, nothing comes of it, gets $25
> Goes live to bleach her hair again, actually starts crying when people tell her it’ll fall out and ends the live
> Says she made $4000 from of in one month alone, could’ve made a living off it etc. and yet is in a negative balance
> Fat anger issues brother gives her a black eye, runs away from home and gets picked up by the cops, wakes up in hospital
> Spams selfies with her black eye, starts another Cashapp appeal to move out, says she wants to waste a portion of donations on sending a ‘goodie mail’ to donators, incurs further overdraft fees because she keeps using her card with no money, offers custom content including piss fetish videos
> Goes to cheesecake factory with family for brother’s birthday, she spends the entire time filming herself
> Posts throwback pictures of the burnt house she got “abducted” in (willingly went to with strangers)
> Gets a job interview at Dunkin, gets $1800 tax returns, goes manic and makes grand plans about moving out, immediately spends it all and goes into her overdraft again
> Gets high the night before her interview, fucks it up and doesn’t hear back
> Says she spent real life money on a guy she met on Wizard101 (an MMORPGfor children)
> Posts a picture of a bucketload of Benadryl
> Brother wants her out of the house, throws her things in the trash
> Covers her face and neck in temporary tattoos, talks about getting a tattoo with her next tax return, ignores a question on live about what happened to the move-out donations
> Makes a new account for her and Mandy’s ‘friendship’
> Claims inactivity from OnlyFans due to feeling fat
> Thread constantly spammed with baby’s first gore shock photos, courtesy of Mandy (a fat fakeboi obsessed with sonic and FNAF)


> Blows smoke in her cats face

> Falls asleep driving under the influence with friends (Kira) in the car. Kira’s dad wants a restraining order, continues to post videos on her phone while driving
> Constantly ‘jokes’ about drugs despite being supposedly sober
> Lovebombs her dead ex Simon despite calling him abusive
> Calls out people in a store for not wearing a mask, proceeds to go to bars every night with strangers and not wear her mask
> Admits to being arrested but laments her mugshot not being posted
> Brags about cutting herself to The Smiths like its cool
> Considers creating Gofundme to reimburse the ‘rare MCR merch’ her roommates stole when she overdosed
> Wants to move back to New York
> Stalker finds out where her sobriety program is
> Ashley, Kira, and Sophie go live on Chaturbate slouching around bored in lingerie, trolls invade chat and Ashley sits offscreen because she ‘isn’t feeling herself’, the others complain that she’s ruining the vibe and attracting trolls because ‘people don’t like her’, offer her drugs
> Tries to curate a fake film buff persona, fails horribly, posts videos of her impersonating joker, complains about weight
> Gets bad lip fillers apparently
> Insists her frizzball hair is ‘not even damaged at all’
> Is gaining weight from binge drinking all day


> Ashley still bringing up Simon and his passing, still no mention of Jake and erases any mention of him

> Continued binge drinking taking a huge toll on her appearance, taking a step in Maddie's footsteps by reminiscing on her old looks
> Maddie continues to have multiple daily breakdown's on livestream, deactivates and reactivates her accounts, also continues to blow through money donated for her "escape from home" like no tomorrow
> Ashley and Maddie reunite to make content for OnlyFans, posts videos post bar crawl driving presumably under the influence
> Ashley provides Maddie with more alcohol, more bar visits and a foursome with two complete strangers occurs, sketchy from the beginning
> Not even 24 hours after, an old friend of Ashley expose her on social media for her compulsive lying, grooming and manipulative behavior towards her own friends and minors.
> Multiple people come out with similar claims and stories, including Maddie's older brother, former friends Elaine and Josh (younger brother of Ashley's on/off BFF Kira)
> Evidence surfaces that Ashley left Maddie alone at the bar to score drugs with her older male company, proving she isn't a sober queen, Maddie not in any state to consent
> Confirmation that Ashley indeed got an underage Josh (14-15 at the time) addicted to fentanyl, gave an underage Maddie (15-16 at the time) drugs at a party when they first met
> Maddie finally grows a pair and admits to being groomed and poorly treated by Ashley, blocks her on social media
> Damage control ensures, Ashley throws everyone under the bus and takes no accountability or responsibility for her actions. Lies about how long she has known Maddie to make the story work in her favor, backfires as more texts and messages (and general old Instagram posts) are released disproving her claims
> Messages between Ashley and Elaine show that Ashley never cared about Maddie, knew how much Maddie looked up to her
> Ashley's so inconvenienced by the drama that she decides to stop caring, knowing she can't dig her way out of this one, continues to bar hop and looking more and more like a bloated corpse with every new selfie
> Without a care in the world of the massive amounts of proof of her shitty behavior that is still coming out, has become a grunge loving skateboard queen and movie buff as her new persona, starts a romance with an equally and openly non-sober filthy swamp monster who has a child
> Maddie's decline continues, still living in her abusive household and is once again physically assaulted by her younger brother

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No. 1220856

First time making a thread, put it together pretty quickly so I'm sorry if there's too many repeats of information or if I've left something important out!

No. 1220897

You did great anon don't worry, thank you for making the thread

No. 1220935

File: 1619873840854.jpeg (174.37 KB, 826x1108, 5277FBD5-0336-4EF7-A4E5-901A85…)

super depressing that she’s still in this same situation 4 years later

No. 1220960

saged for old milk
people were speaking on tyler towards the very end of the last thread and I would like to add a few things.
tyler is/was a very sensitive and kind person. he called me when ashley and him dated, practically in tears, about how horrible she was being to him. we spoke for a short period of time, but what I gathered from him was she was incredibly harmful to him. she would rub the attention she got from other guys in his face, not respond to him for hours but be active on social media, and verbally/emotionally torment him. and even as recent as her dating simon - people were still asking about tyler and she would make videos laughing about the relationship and degrading him. they broke up two months after we spoke after people tried cancelling ashley the first time on facebook due to how horrible she was being to tyler came out. every relationship that doesn’t work out, ashley is first to play victim and claim the relationship was abusive. she’s been doing this since 2018. the only relationship I believe she truly was the sufferer in was her first, where she was groomed. my theory is she enjoyed the sympathy and attention she received when she spoke about that relationship, and wanted to recreate that support even though abuse wasn’t present.

No. 1220989

She didn’t leave Maddie at a bar to score drugs, she left maddie alone at a hotel with a stranger to score drugs. Just a minor correction but I thought it was important.

No. 1221042

thanks for the new thread. I observed this on the Nika/Jaelle thread as well, but anons need to stop taking bait and fighting with the retards that come on to wk the cows. it's fucking annoying to read and gives them a complex to come back and further clog up the threads. just report it and move on.

No. 1221144

File: 1619894359190.png (334.81 KB, 550x724, Screenshot_20210501-153622~2.p…)

why does maddie keep posting pics of herself where her face looks like this? she looks deformed and. old

No. 1221159

god i cannot stand her lipstick

No. 1221178

File: 1619897980288.jpeg (21.7 KB, 323x213, 14EF301F-8283-48F7-B8BA-64924A…)

Ashley has been looking really rough and haggard lately. Like she’s rapidly gone downhill looks wise ever since she’s switched from a fentanyl addiction to an alcohol addiction.

No. 1221180

she looks so high jfc

No. 1221241

File: 1619903411710.png (2.87 MB, 750x1334, E4F0356C-E629-4498-875B-998A3B…)

No. 1221246

File: 1619903981056.jpeg (1.04 MB, 3464x3464, 268AC8F6-0E49-4A75-A02E-B11AF8…)

btw proof that ashley did not get fillers and just pushes her lip out like a retard in all her selfies. these are from her boyfriends account and it's ridiculous how much worse she looks in candid pictures lmao

No. 1221254

Thanks for the new thread!

No. 1221273

whats the name of her first bf?

No. 1221296

How is this milky other than the fact that she's a butterface lol

No. 1221298

Vincent I think? The one who groomed her when she was 14 by giving her drugs

No. 1221301

she kinda looks like kira here lol

No. 1221362

Makes me wonder if she’s gonna become abusive to her new junkie bf although he looks like he beats girls.

No. 1221415

I honestly doubt this ‘relationship’ will last longer than a month. why can’t she just stay single? it’s really unsettling how desperately she needs to have a partner …

No. 1221429

Her new dude definitely has that alcoholic/trailer park vibe. She really knows how to pick em! They seem perfect for each other and can share their love of terrible tattoos and getting wasted. Great role models for his kid.

No. 1221430

File: 1619929857227.jpeg (177.69 KB, 960x960, 1227A97F-F646-4B96-AB13-11D670…)

this is a photo from her Facebook of her and her first boyfriend Vincent, the one she says groomed her, but it’s hard for him to deny when you can see the huge age difference

No. 1221451

Does she purposely look for guys who scream OD and dead at 23?

No. 1221478

File: 1619937371486.jpeg (263.91 KB, 750x656, D35CFA6D-29C7-45BC-9A76-DAE41F…)

I guess this is a Dayton thing

No. 1221480

CAR MECHANIC? she probably doesnt even know what a clutch is lol

No. 1221505

her new bf is probably way older than 23 (either that or he’s just going downhill way too soon looking like that)

No. 1221600

Ah ye here we go again

No. 1221601

File: 1619954279178.jpeg (262.5 KB, 750x1180, 09186E40-4B80-496A-9757-652434…)

No. 1221627

File: 1619958765764.jpg (340.77 KB, 881x1166, Screenshot_20210502-082954_Fac…)

This is Vinny now, and yeah hes an absolute grooming crackhead and I cringe every time hes posted being around his very young neice. His whole family are a bunch of fucktards, from his abusive brother, to his trailer park trash mom. Ashley definitely has a type. I know she was groomed by Vinny but its a pattern lol. Look up Vinny Metzler on Facebook if you want to laugh at his absolute cracked out posts.

No. 1221641

I knew him momentarily from tinder, everything is true he’s fucking crazy and manipulative but will pull some bullshit like it’s your fault, him and his nieces mom are both always looking for a fight and he will repeatedly pull the card that he won’t hit women but his nieces mom will do it for him, he was never physically abusive and I didn’t stick around long enough for him to get mentally abusive, but he shared a lot with me and he basically admitted to everything with Ashley but tried to justify everything he said, he still doesn’t think he was in the wrong even though she was 15-16 and he was 18-19

No. 1221644

It was 15 and 20 just putting that out there

No. 1221651

It was 15 and 18, he turned 19 before she turned 16 though

No. 1221654

File: 1619964275828.jpeg (924.39 KB, 1125x1444, 358037F0-5C85-4F28-A616-CB6A2B…)

If you don’t know what you’re talking about don’t fucking talk. This pic was was 2015, he’s 26 now and she turns 22 in June. The math makes her 15-16 and him 19-20

No. 1221655

Meant to link it to the post before yours

No. 1221670

she is at the hospital right now

No. 1221719

File: 1619971438049.jpeg (912.68 KB, 1125x1979, BA421575-138F-4568-B7CE-DC25EA…)

Girl holy fuck, maybe spend this hospital trip actually working in your mental health improvement rather than pulling sad faces for your instagram story. Yet another hospital fee Gofundme in 3…. 2….

No. 1221734

Can someone make a collage of all the times maddie's posted an ugly face from the hospital please it's basically a meme at this point

No. 1221756

She's an addict and at that a very unaware one, naturally she'd run into relationships I think it's hilarious how she jumps from one to the next and they're always
> so special
But it inevitably ends the same. Must not be that special after all kek.
What freaks me out is her new bf has a very cute son who is like a chubby faced toddler and Ashley will have influence over this new little human.
Genuinely makes me feel sick that she of all people is around kids rn.

No. 1221757

I blame her mother, she says they never had sex but come on lmao, clearly they did she's resentful as fuck about it.

No. 1221872

wait he was only 18? how is that grooming?

No. 1221874

annoying ass bitch

No. 1221906


He was more like 19 or 20 at that time and what grown 19/20 year old man needs to be fucking around with a 15 year old? If you dont see that as grooming, you at least need to see something fucked up about that. At 20 I couldn't imagine looking at a sophomore in high school?

No. 1221909

he was 18. that’s the age a lot of people are still in high school in the US lmao

No. 1221916

Someone literally did the math faggot

No. 1221919

You seriously don’t see how a person out of highschool dating a sophomore is strange and worrying? Weird take but okay. Just say you’re cool with the idea of adults engaging in ephebophilia and go lmao

No. 1221927

lol the kid already has a shitty disgusting father who dates junkie whores. He literally wore a shirt that said “Beat Your Kids” i’m sure Ashley’s presence won’t make an influence since the poor kid is already doomed with a loser daddy.

No. 1221929

what happened? suicide attempt???

No. 1221943

Probably just bait as per usual.

No. 1221951

learn how to sage if you want to pick a fight with another anon retard

No. 1221953

at this point i think not even her mom worries anymore, its always the same

No. 1222025

i love how her borderline ass always copies whoever she’s dating at the time, the girl has no personality whatsoever

No. 1222178

Sad but true. She needs to get her shit together, but it seems she thrives on the attention she gets from being in her position. Funny how 4 years ago she was in the literal same exact shit >>1220935 and she seems self aware enough, but alas, attention whores will be attention whores.

No. 1222878

File: 1620088931195.png (770.1 KB, 713x1076, 4gvyimze6cq31.png)

Every time I see her face this image comes to mind

No. 1223368

File: 1620148656279.jpeg (412.91 KB, 1124x1978, AED9578A-FE89-46B3-8DC4-34DAE5…)


No. 1223377

Kek the I'm baby shit is so cringe and frankly it's old it was never cute then and especially not now??

No. 1223412

I know, and it’s always the most haggard looking people pushing that “I’m baby uwu me go dumb dumb spank me daddy” mess. Lmfao bish please, you don’t look a day under 45 now go hydrate and apply sunscreen

No. 1223437

I wish she would get herself a bf with some sense of style, at least she would copy something decent for once. Also, Ashley babe, i know youre loving this whole white trash aesthetic, but please dye your hair. Natural blonde Ashley have the most trailer park girl vibes and thats not a good thing

No. 1223438

Shes looking worse than Maddie with that hair.

No. 1223565

Rough as fuck

No. 1223657

File: 1620173712655.jpeg (448.32 KB, 807x998, FA3E5C8C-9D88-4519-9043-D69A5F…)

So unfortunate

No. 1223874

did she steal her boyfriend's son's shirt

No. 1223924

100%, why else would she make such a fuss about it. she’s been giving off such desperate vibes lately (more so than usual).

off topic: does anyone know if ashley has her ged? I know she dropped out senior year cuz she was “too famous for high school” but I never heard if she actually got her degree…

No. 1223930


Has anyone else noticed that Ashley's been dressing in baggier clothes since she started getting fat kek

No. 1223931

Probably, and now it's all stretched out

No. 1223984

this is so creepy. I wonder if he fucked her in his baby's clothes

No. 1224028

she probably bought it on depop for 40 bucks

No. 1224046


Yeah right, like this bitch has any money. The only way she bought it is if someone else bought it for her

No. 1224050

She changes her career path like every day. She tried to get her ged, then started modeling, then wanted to go to cosmetology school, and then claimed she was going to be a tattoo artist. Idk she is all over the place

No. 1224051


>i was also told that I AM an actual baby

Probably. Fucking gross.

No. 1224234

It's because she has no actual goals, she sits on the internet all day, smokes cigarettes loitering at the skate park with losers like Sophie, then heads to the bar at night for her evening alcoholic drinks and greasy bar food. Truly a white trash npc. I'll be shocked if she ever develops a career plan, or has a stable job. The only thing consistent about her is her personality disorder and her unwillingness to change.

No. 1224236

Yes it's hilarious, she posts throw backs so much more often now too. Pulling a maddie and trying to remind us she was once cute kek.

No. 1224243

File: 1620252327580.jpg (89.4 KB, 1080x722, Screenshot_20210505-150223_Pho…)

This was posted in the too poor thread ages ago making fun of her face and it still holds true lmao.
They brought her up for being a skin walker, little did they know in the next few years she'd get like 3 more copy cat tattoos kek.

No. 1224406

If you found shit that was already discussed on an old thread keep it on the old thread. Her tattoos have already been talked about, it’s old milk

No. 1224777

Okay mini mod

No. 1224799

File: 1620325091768.jpeg (1.06 MB, 3464x3464, 7BEC18DF-67B5-4106-BFDC-643A63…)


No. 1224854

sage for sperg but I think it’s hilarious how the both of them are desperately trying to maintain this ‘alt girl fits and makeup’ persona since 2017, pretending as if nothing happened, as they rapidly deteriorate unlike anyone Ive seen before. They obviously can’t keep it up anymore, but since they wanted to excel at Instagram more than school, they’re still plugging away, looking more and more haggard each day. I find this colossal glow-down entertaining as they comb their camera rolls for throwbacks, but it’s also rather sad and pathetic. At least Maddie is consistent in her style and limited interests. But holy fuck , Trashley. I guess her eyes don’t work anymore. After all the times she’s cut her hair, now would be a good time to do it lmao

No. 1224980

File: 1620338143457.jpg (484.43 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210506-145541_Ins…)


No. 1225552

File: 1620418692477.png (8.05 MB, 1125x2436, 5D92E275-EDD0-406F-9883-49AAE6…)

anyone else think it’s disgusting she smokes indoors? especially knowing there very well may be a small child running around

No. 1225645

not to mention i’m 90% sure there’s at least one cat in that house

No. 1225743

Anons she's literally blown smoke in her cats face before on her Instagram story this is not new behavior sadly.

No. 1225818

lol shes changed her style again. shes a dirty skater girl now

No. 1226640

File: 1620588263580.png (Spoiler Image, 3.07 MB, 750x1334, A558211D-6380-48B7-B2FE-7EB716…)

lmao her hair looks like shit, did she tried to cut a mullet or something?

No. 1226985

You have to have a very specific look about you to pull off a mullet, especially a short one like this.. she doesn't have that look at all kek. This looks like a mental break down hair cut to me I doubt she got it done by anyone but herself or Andy.

No. 1227027

pretty sure it's a mixture of her shaved sides growing out and her hair just being damaged af and not growing back. it looks like the front pieces of her hair keep breaking off but she just lets the back grow anyways and it looks hideous lmao. accidental bleach damage mullet i guess

No. 1227068

have those girls ever heard of the color wheel? just stop bleaching your hair everytime you want a new color and folow the fucking wheel. its not that hard

No. 1227131

it really annoys me that ashley dyed her hair green over orange hair like she rly doesn’t realise that she mixed them together and made a shit brown, now she’s complaining that dye fades so fast

No. 1227420

Maddie is currently live oversharing in uncomfortable detail about her sexual assaults and suicide attempts

No. 1227423

the way maddie talks makes it seem like she’s constantly fucked up, it’s so awkward and she can never form a coherent thought

No. 1227427

This has to be one of the worst haircuts I've ever seen. Probably only beat by chelsea haircuts, kek

No. 1227432

I really don't think she ever got fully sober enough to take her sobriety seriously and stick to it long term, so yeah im not surprised she's doing old bad habits again. Sad really. Got any caps?

No. 1227458

Is there anywhere to see her lives besides insta?

No. 1227488


Risking ban but I think this haircut looks really cute on her and she's j stunning without makeup. I'm surprised that she wears so much normally when she looks so cute barefaced. Wish I knew how to give myself this exact haircut.

No. 1227521

Instagram is her one and only stomping ground it would seem

No. 1227643

Maddie has a Facebook as well

No. 1227663

agreed. this website is mostly clean cut people so this sort of style doesn’t appeal to them, much less if it’s on a despised cow

No. 1227705

Are you retarded? Do you know how many camwhores are here. Have you seen the fashion thread and Allie express cop thread? A majority of anons are not clean cut

No. 1227727

File: 1620732926194.jpeg (923.35 KB, 3464x3464, 602C732C-B36B-408B-8BE6-67EBB9…)

there's a huge difference between an actual mullet and whatever broken off mess maddie has on her head. i agree that it doesn't seem too bad in that one picture but if you look at anything else she's posted it's obvious how fucked that "haircut" really is lmao

No. 1227772

File: 1620743653510.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1125x1913, C8DD902A-64BC-4F0A-B536-4C24F4…)

No. 1227812

I get she needs escapes i really do, I just wish she'd focus her energy on actually moving out. She really could if that was her focus instead of motels and whatever else she wastes money on.

No. 1227954

File: 1620757787291.jpeg (604.81 KB, 750x1086, 2AE3C748-FF40-4D2B-B925-028A07…)

someone's manic again

No. 1227993

its kinda sad cause we know it aint gonna last

No. 1228035

File: 1620763436030.jpeg (309.37 KB, 1125x1068, 50EBD9ED-6BAD-464F-89A1-A7F238…)

No. 1228045

File: 1620764161684.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 428.83 KB, 750x1106, 5B0236E1-72A8-4819-B5FC-363355…)

time to remind everyone of how underweight she used to be!!

why do those cows have to solve all their issues publicly? dms exist for a reason lol

No. 1228073

Jfc I'm so sick of this cow body checking and bragging about being sick, she clearly needs fucking help the internet can't give her. She doesn't want to help herself , period. idk how else to explain posting this thinspo shit to her underage following and the weirdo ED fetishists who follow her.

No. 1228119

I know her mom is the shittiest parent but i don’t believe she will actually kick Maddie out if she doesn't have any money to move out. She will go to a motel now but then what? It’s not like she has money to stay there or to rent an apartment.

No. 1228147

I personally would not at all be surprised if her mother has taken the route of
> you are a legal adult so I am done with my job now, you can figure it out on your own.
Even though maddie is mentally a child who desperately needs guidance her mom's never gave off the vibe that she cares outside of obligation. Like when her brother physcially abused her this cap is in the threads I don't care enough to dig it up for proof and her mum was texting maddie like
> call the police or something if he becomes violent again
So nonchalant and over maddie and her children in general, she's probably relieved one of them has left, albeit temporarily.

No. 1228180

File: 1620774247436.jpg (277.66 KB, 1080x1682, Screenshot_20210511-160324_Ins…)

Imagine seeing this swamp creature at your local park ew
I'd be spraying shit with lysol.

No. 1228182

File: 1620774491291.jpg (705.4 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210511-160722_Pho…)

How's drinking every day been treating you ?
She's looking more and more haggard and strung out to me lmao.

No. 1228185

File: 1620774772572.jpg (675.05 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210511-160911_Pho…)

"This is a message to my haters" screams obnoxiously quotes frenemies, begs trisha to notice her
Okay my message to you is don't give drugs to minors and you needed braces as a kid lmao
My bull dog with a massive overbite has less jagged scary looking gnashers than u kek.

No. 1228346

Lmao you guys are pathetic. Literally everything you have to say is so stupid and ignorant please get a life. I genuinely worry for you

No. 1228355

Hi Ashley!!!

No. 1228384

she took the fucking cat to the motel

No. 1228385

did you catch the "she doesn't usually use the litter box" ?? YIKES

No. 1228417

File: 1620804183220.jpeg (74.95 KB, 750x833, 0D4E6DD5-37B6-4CAB-A5B1-AA2091…)

imagine thinking that getting drunk in a gross motel with your dying cat is peak living. i somewhat feel sorry for her because she's clearly spiraling but girls like her just shouldn't have a platform to begin with. literally all they do is show off their fucked up junkie lifestyle and act like that's somehow egy and okay bc they're mentally ill

No. 1228458

This was my response too, what the actual fuck.
Barf, can you imagine the stench? Maddie looks like she reeks of cat shit and piss at the best of times, I feel so sorry for whoever has to clean that motel room, you know that they’re not being paid anywhere near enough to deal with that

No. 1228471

File: 1620816796586.jpg (79.76 KB, 1080x294, Screenshot_20210512-065317_Fac…)

Maddie is at a crusty motel i doubt anyone cleans it anyway. And Ashley is at skateparks full of minors and probably supplying them with alcohol. Kira is on Facebook talking about vicodin, probably going to sell it to Ashley or go to her daycare job fucked up. God they are all shit stains in the underwear of life.

No. 1228475

maddie literally posted a video of cockroaches in the room earlier. i feel so bad for that poor cat, she must be so stressed out

No. 1228487

has she shared what she's planning to do after those few days at the motel? She says she's finally out of her toxic household but she's surely gonna be back there after her little motel run, because she can't afford to rent anything being a jobless kid. So what's even the point

No. 1228523

The first (and really only) reason I could see her staying longer is if she’s doing SW out of there

No. 1228608

She could make a lot of money on onlyfans, but she doesn't post regularly

No. 1228925

File: 1620861022490.jpeg (624.68 KB, 750x1023, 0C92673C-3B81-4FA1-81D8-506252…)

girl that’s just ROOTS!!!! FIX YO SHIT!!

No. 1228926

she acted as if she did this on purpose lol. it looks like shit

No. 1229001

She lurks so hard, she's talked about her hair looking like shit in at least three posts this month, she's obsessed with it. It looks like trash because u abuse ur hair Ashley. maybe if u saved and went to a nice salon instead of spending all ur $$$ on whiteclaws and cigs u white trash waste.

No. 1229259

lmao she’s pathetic why can’t they talk to each other in private like normal people do

No. 1229518

File: 1620939556167.png (9.25 MB, 1242x2208, C89500EC-BCC0-419B-966F-DFC191…)

is she back home?

No. 1229638

File: 1620948740971.png (1.54 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210513-163110.png)

>"new content"

inb4 scam complaints

No. 1229686

It amazes me she thinks people want to buy her crusty porn still

No. 1229874

File: 1620990543245.jpeg (324.04 KB, 750x1277, 7373A8BD-B1A7-4009-A4CE-9AFF16…)

Damn she loves this mfer already? Bitch has serious codependency issues.

No. 1229902

nitpicking much?

No. 1229912


Lol these bpd bitches are all the same: hate self, go out to the bar, find someone that pays the slightest amount of attention, sleep with them, latch onto the fleeting feeling of being cared for, ride that train to reconcile own feelings of inadequacy, realize you don't actually "love" them, you just love the idea of them, break it off, realize how alone you are, rinse and repeat.

I mean, she consistently cycles through these shallow relationships and then when it doesn't work out, she changes the details of the relationship (calling them abusive, saying she didn't have a choice, didn't want to be around gang activity, etc)

Like, does she really believe nobody can see right through her actions?

No. 1229914


This guy looks like a literal scrotum kek

No. 1230094

File: 1621015970579.png (163.43 KB, 864x964, Screenshots_2021-05-14-11-12-0…)

No. 1230132

ashley is pregnant???

No. 1230136

I seriously hope they're joking

No. 1230138

File: 1621019609695.jpg (89.8 KB, 1080x971, Screenshot_20210514-121300_Ins…)

Those comments aren't there anymore, makes me wonder.

No. 1230146

File: 1621020273182.png (902.43 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210514-120741.png)


Taken from her boyfriend's stories. How long until he gets tired of her possessive, clingy, narcissistic, skank ass?

No. 1230149

File: 1621020356287.png (1006.1 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210514-120839.png)


No. 1230150

File: 1621020454483.png (998.11 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210514-120846.png)


Like he really doesn't seem that into her like her usual simps

No. 1230188

That's how it seems. I checked the commenter and they weren't followed by her, so it could've been a slight that she misread. But it really does seem like he knocked her up.

No. 1230196

Just checked, and yes they are.

No. 1230338

Maddie is back home from the motel already

No. 1230354

We saw.

No. 1230455

Ashley did not cut off the most valuable part of a supreme shirt and make it into an ugly make shift wife beater

No. 1230456

i know id finna be a wife beater if she was my wife bro i would of killed her, girl go to goodwill and stop wrecking your mans shit for no reason than to be quirky

No. 1230507

well that was fast lmao i wonder if she came back by choice or if someone picked her up

No. 1230951

File: 1621119143163.jpeg (306.55 KB, 750x1194, BF6D5904-EDC1-461D-AD87-B49060…)

No. 1230954

Her caption was something about an IV but I have a strong feeling it was meth lmao

No. 1230971

Because dayton girls are shooting up meth now… great guess lol

No. 1230989

I don't put much past these human tragedies lol
Heroin is a better bet, since she thinks doing vicodin is so cute

No. 1231001

Dayton is ridden with meth and heroin and fent. Crusty butthole bitches like Trashley and Ketamine Kira would definitely shoot up given the chance lol. Have you seen Ashley's new boyfriend? Dude is definitely a heroin addict.

No. 1231038

she had her tonsils removed, hence the IV bruise and the vicodin

No. 1231093

Kek do u really think it's her first time using vicoden though? Her and Ashley have been posting their various drug use on the public jnternet for years.

No. 1231101

I mean.. her tonsils got removed. seems like a pretty good reason to get prescribed painkillers. whether or not that’s the first time she’s ever tried Vicodin seems pretty irrelevant

No. 1231108

God she looks terrible

No. 1231300

File: 1621179680674.png (5.5 MB, 1242x2208, 9F074DF2-AF21-4D96-B62F-21FE08…)

Her friends thumbs are weirding me the fuck out

No. 1231460

The nitpicking in this thread is ridiculous

No. 1231745

File: 1621222941885.jpg (506.72 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210516-204208_Ins…)

She'll definitely reactivate her old account kek

No. 1232010

doesn’t seem like they were genuinely judging ashley on their friends fingers you fucking idiot.

No. 1232152

Then why would they clog up the thread with nonsense nitpicking
You fucking idiot? Take your hurt ass off the thread unless you have milk retard.

No. 1232345

File: 1621302047734.png (4.6 MB, 1242x2208, F3CC56ED-1AD9-4C3E-8469-99371F…)

i mean i know this is a place for more than ugly pictures but…

No. 1232347

her nose makes her so much uglier kek

No. 1232504

Jeff the killer vibes

No. 1232948

File: 1621366724572.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 252.93 KB, 827x1124, 58597121-B569-468B-931E-E53F30…)

maddies bodychecking again, i really don’t understand how she can do this when she knows there’s literal children, like 13 14 who follow her. stop romanticising your ed

No. 1233005

She's reminiscing on the days when she used to be posted to ED twt and tumblr moodboards. Those days are gone, maddie. You've changed

No. 1233014

i swear since the pic of her and Elaine started circling ed twt she’s been posing more thinspo and old pics when she was at a lower weight.

No. 1233021

she's also put it on her story lol

No. 1233322

Why the fuck is her head the size of a peanut? She looks like a stretched alien

No. 1233359


Probably because the mirror is propped up against something and not flat against the wall. Her caption obviously refers to the distorted reflection.

No. 1233416

File: 1621410474570.jpeg (442.3 KB, 750x856, 6148DBEF-3938-4AC9-9608-8F0C68…)

the haircolor combined with the fact that she's visibly getting fat from alcohol is really not a good look lol

No. 1233675

she looks good except for her fat chin. stop drinking everyday ashley

No. 1234305

Damn y’all have some low ass standards

No. 1234366

Lmfao next thread pic

No. 1234981

File: 1621575816091.png (4.18 MB, 1242x2208, 916985CD-DA0E-4E28-88B8-A7AF0C…)


No. 1235008

Omg she looks like ariana in this one

No. 1235009

File: 1621581785425.jpeg (29.59 KB, 305x526, D56D4235-96D5-465B-A4B5-83A175…)

maddies back to complaining about hating herself and her life while also posting video after video of her being a mess

every time she posts her drunken benders i'm astonished by her lack of self awareness. at least stick to your lies and pretend to be sober but posting herself going out to bars everyday is so stupid when she pretends to be this sober queen lmao

No. 1235676

File: 1621679988177.jpeg (1.38 MB, 3464x3464, 4DE753E0-0E7E-43A1-96D8-CF2214…)

she’s so cool, and so sober

No. 1235766

File: 1621697168391.jpeg (845.47 KB, 1125x1871, 85AC09CD-A8E3-440E-B7D9-4F6504…)

girl we KNOW you’ve told us 600 times

No. 1235908

imagine being only 18/19 (or idk how old she is) and living in your past, romanticizing times when you were 15? like girl you still super young! what will you do when u 25yo?

No. 1236071

File: 1621742686426.jpeg (444.73 KB, 1124x1373, 1122D1A8-CF3D-45AE-872F-B028E4…)

That’s cool that they’re happy but I can’t get over how this man looks 14 and 40 at the same time

No. 1236135

Also cant get over the fact that she was literally homeless and couch surfing right before they started dating and immediately started living at his house full time lmao. Like make it less clear that you use your partners for drugs and housing maybe?

No. 1236157

File: 1621760388035.png (3.07 MB, 750x1334, 5EDE9045-34DC-4485-89E3-F19EAA…)

i guess at least it's not on her face this time

No. 1236165

She looks really stupid

No. 1236231

File: 1621780296037.jpeg (430.53 KB, 1125x1933, AACA3F8A-77C2-4143-9346-A0C5CC…)

brush your teeth??? gross

No. 1236243

Saged for no milk but holy shit how difficult is it to maintain basic oral hygiene? Fucking nasty bitch probably gonna get hairy tongue

No. 1236262


What a surprise! A bulimic with gum disease

She's always complaining about her health issues but not doing anyting about it until it's severe or her family/medical people intervene

Is she not still on he mothers insurance? I could of sworn she said she was on it until she's 22, I don't know how US medical insurance works but I'd assume some of those companies covered dentristy

No. 1236598

She should be covered till 26 if it’s a parents medical insurance

No. 1236608

ashley posted an ass pic recently did anyone save it?

No. 1236621

File: 1621823834754.jpg (726.6 KB, 1920x1920, 1618714702422.jpg)

does anyone have this video?

No. 1236684

man ur starving, an ass pic of someone who does porn is not milk. this thread is going to shit.

No. 1236747

File: 1621848746198.png (1.22 MB, 1714x2048, Screenshot_20210524-043039.png)

Why the fuck is she using the toilet with the seat up?

No. 1236763

FFs spoiler these anon.

No. 1236837

I don't have that video anymore, I deleted a lot of that shit off my phone after dumping it in the thread. Guarantee you that you can see more of her crusty ass on reddit for free if you'd like her content lmao.

No. 1237045

Kek its so uneven and unflattering, I actually somewhat liked that tattoo before she added that shit to it, looks way trashier now.

No. 1237222

File: 1621901669078.png (2.67 MB, 750x1334, 9A617D64-924F-4E1A-8AED-C0DFE0…)

Nice chub, laughing my fucking ass off good one Ashley

No. 1237223

Why didn't you spoiler this, dumbass

No. 1237224

honestly i struggle with brushing my teeth mostly i grew up poor and in a druggie home, its hard to instill that habit personally. however its kinda like she seems just lazy? frustrates me seeing the absolute lack of care in her demeanor

No. 1237232

oh boo hoo you saw a dickprint! stop the presses

No. 1237235

Gagged a little tbh

No. 1237262

Damn, zero hygiene, alcoholic, batshit crazy AND built like Mrs. Potato Head? Pick a struggle mate

No. 1237299

She really likes guys with small dicks, gosh her standards are just getting lower and lower..

No. 1237384

thats just nitpicking lmao its a soft dick, what did you expect?

No. 1237391

Fucking this. I’ve grown up similar, but seeing blood every time you brush is something that near anyone would take as an alarm. For fuck sake Maddie you know why you’re bleeding, just take care of yourself… But who am I kidding, she won’t better herself if she can milk the attention kek.

No. 1237658

He literally just reminds me of Earl Hickey

No. 1237743

File: 1621963925257.png (1.93 MB, 750x1334, 9679D0E7-9848-4AC2-922F-A1E55B…)

this is just the most moronic post imaginable. how long until your manic high of self confidence crashes and you regret you made this post

No. 1237747

to be honest looking back it seems much more like a potential advertisement for one of maddies infamous hookup sprees

No. 1237748

The fact that someone willingly fucks her…

No. 1237772

Men will fuck anything with a pulse nonnie

No. 1237789

do you think she knows bc shot makes you gain weight? maybe she knew and didn't care because she couldn't be assed to take the pill same time every day.

No. 1237826

Was my immediate thought too. If she did know I’d be surprised. More likely she’s just taking the easy way out with no research.

No. 1237876

ew she’s always fucking random guys, i wonder if she ever bother using condoms now that she had those injections

No. 1238001

She could easily contract an STD like that, I hope that's not what she's doing but we all know she's a reckless idiot in many other aspects of her life. She's so worried about being pregnant like her emaciated body could even handle a pregnancy.. maddie if you're reading do yourself a favor and google herpes before you hook up with anyone else love.

No. 1238951

File: 1622061903768.jpeg (599.44 KB, 750x1099, 0A217E7E-AFBB-4867-A902-060876…)

who the fuck crawls around in public bathrooms and then brags about it online?? i don't even wanna know what kinda diseases this girl got

No. 1239562

What's really funny is that this isn't funny at all. The only one laughing is literally Maddie. She thinks it's funny and quirky but to the worker all she sees are two drunk junkies trespassing and crawling around the floor of a public bathroom

No. 1239599

File: 1622090420016.jpeg (6.56 KB, 299x168, images.jpeg)

finally figured out Ashley's bf reminded me of my name is earl

No. 1239620

kek nailed it anon

No. 1239636

File: 1622095037614.jpeg (167.83 KB, 750x1324, 8FC149F2-7A0D-4F2B-94B0-756A30…)

Lmaoo yeah that's right fuck that narcissist bitch you go maddie XD(XD)

No. 1239665

everytime this girl posts something about ashley /maddie/ whatever shes mad about i think about how she only got her boyfriend because she hit on him while he was a teenager and she was already 18. i mean, its not like she would get any guy without grooming them, shes weird and ugly af and her whole holier than thou attitude is just lame to me

No. 1239666

>while he was a teenager and she was already 18

No. 1239708

im pretty sure they’re only one school year apart age wise. if they were both teenagers when they got together i don’t see the issue with that?

No. 1239710

Please don't be one of those people who think that a one year age gap equals grooming. They're both teenagers/young adults with one clearly turning 18 soon??

You can't groom someone one year younger than you.

No. 1239719

they’re three years apart, ashley and maddie are four. how is that any different

No. 1239847

File: 1622129541025.png (1.89 MB, 750x1334, DC4BBA2C-FF9F-4D80-80B8-50EE3E…)

ashleys "response" i guess

No. 1239851

File: 1622130117855.png (1.12 MB, 1080x1918, Screenshot_20210527-083542~2.p…)

She's such a ~*SoBeRqUeEn~*

Funny how she fell off the wagon just like everyone expected. Fucking sloppy. Does she really think she is appealing in any way? Literally trailer trash and she has no hope of a better future. She's going to die in Dayton.

No. 1239895

Kek love to see it, it's comforting knowing some people never change lmao. Her mum must be so ashamed in her own private time she created that thing.

No. 1239949

dont tread on me hand tat, nice

No. 1239960

File: 1622139005691.png (2.59 MB, 750x1334, 883239CC-E8FC-4BAD-BADD-E1B51E…)

lurking much. i wonder if that one anon that keeps trying to defend ashley is actually her lmao

No. 1239995

Another reason why it’s impossible for Ashley to ‘groom’ Maddie. They’re both clearly unstable

No. 1240013

She looks like she smells like potent BO

No. 1240014

God stfu, her giving maddie drugs while she was underage was wrong what's so fucking hard to understand about that. Grooming? Who the fuck cares at this point. It was wrong and Ashley knowingly did that, point blank period. End of conversation.

No. 1240021

you sound just like her like her with those dumb "she was addicted and mentally ill!!" type of excuses. i love how this has been discussed and proven a thousand times yet the same anons crawl out to kiss ashleys ass every single time the grooming is mentioned

No. 1240027

File: 1622147245077.jpeg (154.76 KB, 501x821, 57906B42-1232-4E40-8FF1-BA078E…)

No. 1240152

My guy elaine coming in w the cold hard facts lmao

No. 1240159

maybe all of you retards should create an elaine fan club and stop acting this embarrassing when she’s just as pathetic as ashley and maddie. newfags always ruin everything kek

No. 1240161

File: 1622155320517.jpeg (246.11 KB, 1125x1975, 140B0016-05C2-4EDC-B85D-31EEC2…)

wait, her lazy ass already dropped out AGAIN? what happened to ‘i’m gonna get my GED, i’m gonna get a really good job and move out!!!’? looks like she just chose binge drinking and social media yet again

No. 1240168

stfu already, no one ever said elaine is a great person, quite opposite actually, she's just not a fucking groomer. but you keep whiteknighting ashley for no reason i guess, it's clear that what she did to maddie is nowhere comparable to what happened between elaine and her bf.

i think she must've dropped out a while ago tbh. she hasn't posted school stuff for quite some time when she used to brag about it 24/7

No. 1240185

yeah, i think maddie was last at school in like early Feb

No. 1240217

i wonder how she’ll end up in life. there’s NOTHING she can do what the fuck man she’s the lowest of the low
im so tired of her life lmao
maddie please just find yourself an ugly boyfriend and leave with him. its the easiest way since you can’t get anything done by yourself

No. 1240338

This made me ugly laugh anon this is what Ashley is doing as we speak kek

No. 1240347

wow it’s almost like that was the whole point

No. 1240545

File: 1622207662464.png (596.33 KB, 1200x630, DopeyDoofy.png)

This is all I think of when I see him

No. 1240671

Lmfao straight up officer doofy. He would have passed as attractive in 2012 with that mustache but that ironic era is so far gone he just looks retarded. And with Ashley on his shoulder they look like two adults that never mentally developed lol. Emo autism

No. 1240781

has Maddie ever had an actual bf? I only see that she had an OF and was sexually assaulted a few times but never saw any mentions of her with a stable BF. Ashley is already on her 4th boyfriends since this thread was first started two years ago (ish)

No. 1241129

anon i’m almost certain it’s more than 4. tyler, conner, simon, jake, and this new guy are just the ones i can name - but there’s way more, even if they were short lived.

No. 1241170

I remember she mentioned she drunkenly hooked up with the stabnic drug dealer guy but there seemed to be more going on

No. 1241333

looks like ashley has deleted all the pics with her bf off instagram

No. 1241341

Damn, trouble in paradise already?

No. 1241400

File: 1622313797829.jpg (218.8 KB, 1920x1920, 2021_05_29_11_42_38_933.jpg)

Kek, this is a new record, even for her. Bet you anons she'll be sucking viva moms ass again real soon now.

No. 1241413

He still has pictures of her up but she and all her friends have unfollowed him so I'm hoping / thinking something big happened

No. 1241469

everyone better get ready for the “he was abusing me !!!” posts

No. 1241493

i’m so excited y’all, bring the milk coming Ashley!!!

No. 1241547

Sorry guys but she’s still following him, you have to search “very” instead of chill. Still strange she deleted their pictures though so maybe there is some milk on its way

No. 1241917

Maddie is hanging out with 2 guys who look like they’re from a 80s hair metal band lol. she finally looks happy in a long time.

No. 1241918

File: 1622357208261.jpeg (748.96 KB, 828x1401, 0865BDF8-6B64-4890-9A3F-D2EB02…)

No. 1241923

File: 1622357593248.jpeg (959.6 KB, 828x1272, 3ADACBCA-444C-4326-9C50-C72A28…)

No. 1242141

honestly this is cute! he really seems like her type i hope she can get into a relationship with someone who cares about her and try to better herself.

No. 1242205

i was actually gonna say she actually looks happy and healthy

No. 1242235

Yeah I like this she needs a metal head boo

No. 1242365

no man on this earth will push her to get her shit together lmao. she has absolutely no will to change anything about her life, she never even finished school and i doubt some man will magically make her issues disappear. i bet he'll get annoyed by her real soon or some other drama happens. after all she's never managed to keep a boy around for more than like a week, why should this be any different?

No. 1242384

damn he's cute. waiting till he gets bored of Maddie so I can shoot my shot

No. 1242404

lol that's petty af.

nobody can change someone else but if she gets into a relationship with someone who truly cares about her, it can push her into improving herself, she seems like a sweet naive girl who's been caught up with the wrong crowd. this guy plays in a band, i checked his IG and he seems pretty normal. they both share a mutual love for 80s metal and punk. he could be good for her. but idk if they're dating

No. 1242405

Kek, gross anon. Hes probably one of maddies grimy ohio hookups, I truly don't understand why anons are acting like she's publicly dating him, she's never dated. I'm pretty sure I've seen this guy on her Instagram before too so he's not new. If they were dating we all know she'd blast that shit to anyone willing to listen, they're probably fucking and he knows she's a mess and doesn't want to get fully involved because why would he do that to himself lol.

No. 1242408

They're most likely just fucking, calm down lol her life is not going to change miraculously overnight because new dick kek.

No. 1242438

i’ve never seen him posted on here so idk if he’s new in her life.

??? i’m calm here thanks. nothing wrong with rooting for her to be happy once in a while. some of y’all are just nasty and vile…

No. 1242454

let's hope so because I want him(no1curr)

No. 1242457

drink some water anon lmao

No. 1242487

I'm rooting for maddie too but im also not like weirdly romanticizing her love life lol
>sweet naive girl uwu
Maddie lives in cat piss squalor anon and has had a foursome with Ashley she is not an angel kek

No. 1242518

Yeah but let's not act like she would have chosen this if she were born into different circumstances. Suffering from multiple mental illnesses and having a neglectful mother / shitty family life while living in a crackhead town in Ohio is a recipe for disaster. She doesn't seem like a genuinely nasty person like ashley she's just really deep into her mental illness and unfortunate circumstances.

No. 1242572

naive doesn’t mean innocent. i meant that Maddie seems naive about people’s intentions, she literally got into a car with two strange men who then tried to rape her. i’m well aware of her foursome experience (and OF)

exactly well said. when i said “sweet” i meant that she doesn’t seem to have a mean bond in her body, she’s not a mean girl like Ashley who makes up lies to smear guys she breaks up with.

No. 1242642

and then people say this isnt an i love maddie fanclub bahhaahah fuck you retard

No. 1242645

saw that and thought he looked kinda cute. probably shes more into him than hes into her considering her only relationships had been with famous men in her head (and also he looks like her type) but lets see what happens

No. 1242648

File: 1622443455313.jpeg (580.14 KB, 750x1086, A3B508A6-401A-48A4-9676-4FCBA4…)

aside from the guy, who tf are all these people? i highly doubt that maddie just randomly made a bunch of friends, unless she's on another manic spree or something

No. 1242649

File: 1622443762923.jpeg (538.29 KB, 750x1032, 05F35D97-FB40-4740-BACA-7A2E2F…)

looks like ashley unarchived a bunch of photos from when she was with jake. sure, she was soo afraid of the violence around her and totally not involved with it but keeping up a photo of herself with a fucking gun for the ~aesthetic~ is quirky and okay i guess

No. 1242651

sage for old milk

No. 1242656

it literally is saged.. unlike your post lmao

No. 1242657

you sound really triggered, you ok???

are they all from Dayton? it seems like a small city where everyone know each other in the scene but we never saw them in any of her pictures before?

i think ashley is trying to divert attention away from the fact the guy is gone from her ig so she’s bringing back old pictures lol

No. 1242666

omg just quirky borderline things am i right guys

No. 1242704

File: 1622456450829.png (1.91 MB, 750x1334, 72D7896E-B8D6-43AE-9798-7B5308…)

it's hilarious how she's becoming more and more ugly each day

No. 1242893


So I'm gonna tinfoil a bit here, but I'm guessing Officer Doofey dumped her bc he already has a kid to take care of and doesn't need another. Probably got tired of her acting like a high schooler, i.e. confirming to his interests/style/attitude, unable to draw the line when partying, acting like an UwU lovesick puppy, disrespecting his possessions and using them for clout, etc.

No. 1242903

File: 1622481502452.png (1.05 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210531-100652.png)

Yeah, she definitely got dumped. I bet baby mama is still in the picture and Ashley was just a rebound/bad decision lol

I mean really, all she cares about is her platform and how she comes across on it. She could never give it up and be a normal, well-adjusted person, let alone a mother figure LOL

No. 1242918

File: 1622483460687.jpeg (149.98 KB, 750x1080, 85045508-8ECD-4025-97D8-F36926…)

and y'all still defend maddie?? fucking vomit wig, i can't believe she brags about that online

honestly she lurks so much, i think if they were still together she probably would've proven it by now lol

No. 1242919

this is such a reach it’s her priv she can post whatever she wants and it’s good that she recognizes it was insane

No. 1242923

File: 1622483623974.jpeg (61.36 KB, 750x302, 5F2CA627-7103-40DD-A4D7-4F37F4…)

No. 1242929


Yeah he's probably not willing to 100% commit to her bc of baby mama and the kid and she's too immature to handle herself like an adult.

No. 1242931

Holy shit she looks unfortunate, this is what alcoholism does to a mf.

No. 1243022

Kek her chins and hair, she's devolving so rapidly I could cum
Thank u god

No. 1243024

The fact that she actually really looks like Danny devito, I -

No. 1243067

we get it, you really hate Maddie and keep sperging over her. stfu already.

is he actually a good father? he keeps partying, drinking and hanging out with thots. sorry but no respectable father is gonna do that when he has a kid to take care of…

from this tweet i get the impression that Ashely did the dumping? idk lol

No. 1243127

File: 1622492907349.png (1.09 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210531-132539.png)

This retard out here eating raw meat lol. I hope she gets sick

No. 1243140

lmao you do realize this thread is about both of them? let's not act like it isn't absolutely hilarious that this is how she presents herself and yet wonders why she's never gotten a job and generally does so terribly in life

damn it's just a matter of time now till she comes out with some story about how he abused her or was horrible in some other way

No. 1243157


Nobody said anything about him being a good father lol. In fact, if you read the thread, you'll notice the general consensus supports this. As shitty of a parent he may be, it isn't like being with Ashley was ever going to make him better either. It's the blind leading the stupid.

You say that the impression is that she dumped him based on that tweet alone, but you're forgetting that just a few days ago she got sloppy drunk off of tequila at a party and had to be taken care of, not to mention the fact that she can't hold down a job or support herself without mommy's help. No, clearly the most important thing to Ashley is to feel like a Main Character; She drives whatever narrative she needs to in order to maintain that, even if it means lying to herself as well.

The fact that she's deleted all trace of yet another boyfriend and he hasn't tells me that she's saltier than him. Judging by his actions/appearance, he seems like the type who won't give a fuck either way at the end of the day, and she clearly will (though she'll act otherwise).

No. 1243158

i just saw that and gagged wtf lol. i think some people advocate for eating raw meat but it has to be fresh, and the video showed that it was taken out of a ziplock bag. barf.

it would be funny if Ash gets mad when she sees that he doesn’t care. waiting for the eventual freak out.

No. 1243159


Lmao is this Ashley?
Seems like it based on the wk and obv context manipulation

No. 1243183

not even a far reach, considering ashley probably checks this thread daily and even posted here several times. i think that this particular one is just the butthurt anon who keeps defending maddie though lmao

god i hope she gets salmonella from that shit. is being disgusting in a desperate attempt to get some attention the new thing for all these ex egirls now?

No. 1243222


I wouldn't be surprised if he did the dumping, knowing her history of getting her fans to attack Exes of hers he could just being saying this to avoid the harrasment

No. 1243224

File: 1622501249235.webm (2.32 MB, 720x1600, 20210531-154411-720x1600.webm)

I'm honestly at a loss for words

No. 1243227

I didn't think she could get grosser and she went full cave man what the hell

No. 1243251

File: 1622503600778.jpg (478.1 KB, 1080x1886, Screenshot_20210601_012508.jpg)

Corn? On the carpet? Eww.

No. 1243263

i think she’s mad that he chose to spend the holiday weekend with his son? maybe that’s his time to get his kid if he shares custody with the baby mama but i bet Ash is too dumb and immature to understand that.

yep, white trash confirmed. lol

No. 1243267

Which one is this?

No. 1243277


Wait, didn’t she move herself into his house? If they’ve broken up where’s she at now?

No. 1243279

where did you see that she moved in with him? i don’t think that happened

No. 1243280

she’s at her relatives house for Memorial Day. she posted a story of her family including an older man who looks like her grandpa i think?

No. 1243351

Maddie is hanging out with the metal guy again, he's in her stories. is she dating him?

No. 1243355

File: 1622517029678.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1125x2218, C7E4F106-AFBE-460A-9DFE-FA2E36…)

Oh great

No. 1243357

wow she's so dumb. she literally has a shitty forehead tattoo so she wears bangs to cover them. is she still gonna wear her hair like that everyday when she gets older? kek.

No. 1243365

Good lord, so they've hung out more than once. That doesn't mean they're dating. Grow up

Nah, I'm pretty sure she's been staying at her mom's house and crashing at his now and again (maybe hoping he'll see how DoMeStIc she is and let her move in). I would be so so so so happy if he dumped her bc she was clingy kek

>"Half-assed a shitty tattoo that I'm going to regret bc I'm feeling manic and insignificant. I'm PROUD of my shitty life-choices!"

Your legs are gross by the way. Barf.

No. 1243387

Did anyone else see that video Ashley just posted of some dude licking blood off of her arm or

No. 1243388

File: 1622520201211.jpeg (546.63 KB, 1125x1277, E55CF9F8-095F-4468-AF0D-654C2F…)

No. 1243394

She's has no self control kek, her body art reflects her personality tho
White trash messy regrettable garbage

No. 1243407

I'm sorry but what am I looking at…?

No. 1243410

This seems like the most realistic answer. He chose his kid/babymama over her for Memorial weekend and now she has to go out and prove that she can have a good time on her own, like she doesn't care. Clearly she needs the attention though lol

No. 1243437

Thats the guy licking blood off of Ashley’s arm. It’s a screen grab from a video she posted on instagram

No. 1243447

Are those AJJ lyrics?

No. 1243448

File: 1622529626715.jpeg (155.32 KB, 1372x1372, 5FE02385-39FF-4343-B52A-C29E19…)

Well they finally unfollowed each other

No. 1243457

Found his baby mama's account. They don't follow each other, but she posted pictures of him in august of 2020 so she might still be in the picture idk.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1243462

File: 1622531592619.jpeg (199.49 KB, 1125x1978, D179EC03-3BD7-470F-BD4B-26926E…)

No. 1243463

Ah yes, my new sleep paralysis demon

No. 1243467

Uhh do we really need to post pictures of random uninvolved children here?

No. 1243468

File: 1622534107897.jpeg (156.22 KB, 1125x1283, 547BA268-0D8F-4959-8D84-80B9EF…)

No. 1243470

File: 1622534129117.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 167.56 KB, 1124x1279, E0085070-5A12-420C-9CB5-D6A42A…)

Spoiler because blood

No. 1243471


If you post your kid on social media, ppl are going to see??? It’s public now, and no one said anything bad about them. She actually looks really pretty and mentally stable

No. 1243474

File: 1622534880130.jpeg (253.96 KB, 1043x958, FF8B9FDF-C190-4CB7-ABC7-78622D…)

Not that anon but I agree, it’s a cute pic! And she’s pretty, Ashley is a colossal downgrade. She is packing it on with all the boozing

No. 1243486

File: 1622535809965.jpeg (517.07 KB, 750x806, DBFA8B90-0D9F-4D05-B0CA-958750…)

did she do that shitty tattoo on the fucking lawn while her family gathering is still going on? i hope this was afterwards bc her friends are in the pictures too, but tattooing herself with a sewing needle while drinking white claws on her family's lawn is peak crackhead behavior, even for her

her upper arm tattoo is aging so terribly too, i didn't think it could get any worse but it does kek

No. 1243501

i think she got instable and dumped him. have you ever had a relationship with a borderline? theyre always trying to break up because of their own insecurites and fears. she probably went crazy and left him for a small thing. sorry for the medfagging but good for him! kek

No. 1243505

right? the woman is already with someone else, what kind of mental malabarism you have to make to say they broke up because of her lmao sometimes i feel like this page is full of fifteen year olds with no life experiences

No. 1243506

sage your shit

No. 1243531

Looks like it. Sad a swine like her mocks them like this.

No. 1243560

God her hair is fucking… so fucked. it doesn’t look fried necessarily, but it obviously won’t hold color. There are giant splotches of dark brown, green, and stripped blue now… couldn’t she have just taken it slow and gone ginger? It might look better than thissss
saged obvi

No. 1244395

File: 1622664427867.png (1.02 MB, 828x1792, 559518F6-D9F5-4A30-9F7B-4C52C0…)

Well.. that was quick.

No. 1244879

bahahahahahahaha oh god

No. 1245578

File: 1622770315672.png (886.66 KB, 750x1334, D1B7E8D7-3E73-46DE-B692-2D5DEC…)

No. 1245663

File: 1622780501773.jpeg (932.54 KB, 828x1433, C7977170-9F17-4CF2-AFDD-DF5A61…)

This is actually so nasty lmfao why is she always so proud of being gross

No. 1245672

File: 1622782054093.jpeg (737.21 KB, 828x1379, 1B7A99EF-DAA6-4CE1-AD8C-D3F627…)

Not really milk but this was on my fyp, inb4 Ashley starts posting throwback pics from a time when she was the “goth mom” prior to becoming a fat alcoholic

No. 1245692

Are those pistachios? A spilt cigarette dish? What the fuck am I looking at ahaha she's so openly gross with no shame I could never

No. 1245707

File: 1622787551758.jpeg (131.74 KB, 750x1243, F402908E-B276-448D-BFBE-7A65B2…)

Sleep paralysis demon forsure

No. 1245714

girls brain is so fried she cant remember the difference between a matress and a couch smh. Bed bugs saga when?

No. 1245742

File: 1622794496123.png (2.87 MB, 750x1334, D38F8C34-A683-4802-A84A-905388…)

the saga of ashley flexing her flat ass continues

vomit wig and moldy matress, i really have no sympathy left for her. being mentally ill and doing gross shit is one thing but why brag about it constantly online? it's not quirky girl

No. 1245743

Just because she doesn’t have a Nicki Minaj shit filled diaper butt doesn’t mean she has a flat ass. Jesus do you have Instagram induced BDD or something?

No. 1245748

never been in this thread before but this is a cute bum. To any anons with similar shape: you have a very cute bum.

No. 1245905

File: 1622820420524.jpg (444.94 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210604-082704_Ins…)

She wants to be quirky and cute so bad this shit is mega embarrassing sis

No. 1245935

Isn't he a prolific school shooter? Disgusting that she'd even post his face SMH.

No. 1246000

Yup. Parkland shooter.

No. 1246032

Kek she has zero class and self awareness for that.. swear to God this bitch has never had a aware thought in her life.

No. 1246073

Ok but have you guys seen Jim Can’t Swim? It’s a YouTube channel dedicated to criminal psychology and he just did a video on the parkland shooter. In the interrogation he talks about how he was listening to Mac Demarco while committing the murders so everyone is memeing it with other indie bands. This really isn’t as bad as you guys think (still don’t like Ashley just saying)

No. 1246087


There was a video that went viral basically calling out how this asshole was pretending to be crazy, I see a lot of people talking about it.

No. 1246095

it's just a meme about some viral youtube video, really not that deep tbh

No. 1246390

Just because other people are joking about it doesn't mean ashley doing it is funny, I feel like people laughing about it or posting memes like this are insensitive to victims of crimes like these. And hot take, but Ashley is a degenerate narcissist who doesn't care that people died because
> uwu funny meme I am alt so this is about me!!!

No. 1246414

It’s definitely insensitive but that’s the internet. People still make memes about the Boulder Colorado movie theatre shooter. The internet is never gonna be a place that cares about your feelings

No. 1246416

hot take, this place is insensitive to drug addicts and makes fun of dead people so you don’t really have the moral high ground to complain about a meme she posted. at least not here. it’s really not milk

No. 1246546

the difference is she chose to take drugs
those Parkland kids did not choose to get shot.

No. 1246559

Her drug use has nothing to do with that meme. It’s a viral video going around that a lot of people are posting memes about. Not saying that makes it right, but it just seems like some of you will screenshot and post anything for the sake of posting when it isn’t actual milk.

No. 1246816

File: 1622906079951.png (5.26 MB, 828x1792, E719AA10-021B-4864-BC16-972BFE…)

uhh. who is this dude??

No. 1247186

probably some friend of hers? who cares

No. 1247232

File: 1622938488038.jpg (951.73 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210605-171406_Ins…)

I thought he was doormat for almost this entire video, iconic

No. 1247308

She cycles through men so quickly so I wouldn’t be surprised if they thought he was a new boyfriend

No. 1247585

“who cares”

No. 1247603

File: 1622985688512.png (2.46 MB, 750x1334, 90C04D8A-A53C-42ED-9EC6-21021C…)

Maddie is at some gross metal “concert” without a mask on. It looks like there’s about maybe 100 people there. Does these bitches not get that we’re living through a fucking pandemic? Would it hurt to just wear a fucking mask for once and maybe not go to cringe mini concerts in some sweaty basement full of retards.

No. 1247608

maddie is becoming obsessed with the long haired guy she’s been hanging out with, pretty sure he’s at the gig with her. Im pretty sure she was swooning on her stories over him playing guitar.
it’s sweet to see her happy but im dreading the moment he drops her like a hot brick.

No. 1247637

Now it probably won’t stop your sperging but for what it’s worth Ohio lifted it’s mask orders on June 2nd

No. 1247648

yeah i work at a bar on the east coast and people dont give a fuck anymore about crowding

No. 1247927

Or when she gets covid and dies, idiotic that she's out doing that rn. If she gets covid she'll definitely die, she weighs like 50 lbs are her organs are probably ly all damaged. It's a death wish for her to get covid.

No. 1248373

imagine being on this website and try to defend maddie for no reason other than being retarded

No. 1248417

File: 1623059264888.jpeg (57.2 KB, 570x757, A206AD7F-BD6B-493C-8EC4-419052…)

yeah she's doing great

No. 1248561

>> wow this hair really is fucking terrible

No. 1248668

Next thread pic

No. 1248673

Looks like maddie deactivated her main because I can't find it on my accounts, hope she didn't catch the ick at her concert but yall already know statistically maddie or Ashley had to get it

No. 1248871

maddie is a disgrace but are you implying smoking weed means ur not doing good

No. 1248894

Look at the absolute state of her. Tweaker level. Also, Shayna is an example. Weed makes unstable snowflakes even worse and reinforces shit behavior and laziness. The last thing Maddie needs is to be more complacent and impulsive, which weed will do that.

No. 1248917

I second that notion, but honestly better she smoke weed with andy then do hard drugs with Ashley, ya know?

No. 1249072

I think Maddie needs to stop using substances completely and try to figure out who she is as a person. She's a cute young girl now but no one is going to give a shit about a washed up 25 year old druggie. I understand addiction isn't as easy as just quitting, but she needs a better support system and environment to help her mature and grow. All substances are bad for an addict, especially a young one, because they can't use in moderation.

No. 1249127

File: 1623117033017.png (Spoiler Image, 2.44 MB, 828x1792, 870D38BF-D9DA-4ABA-9FF3-FDE98A…)


No. 1249128

File: 1623117054419.png (Spoiler Image, 3.77 MB, 828x1792, 1DBCE30D-A8FF-47BF-9411-9581D3…)


No. 1249141

for someone who is constantly saying how ugly she is, maddie sure does love putting endless videos of her staring at herself and fluffing her hair on her story huh

No. 1249213

ok? what's the point of posting this here

No. 1249349

Is this Elaine posting pics of herself bc who actually looks at her page lol pathetic

No. 1249515

how is this milk? it’s summer and people like to skinny dip in the pool. get the fuck over it. also she’s not a lolcow and not relevant unless she’s speaking out against Trashley.

No. 1249531

ew nobody wants to see her ugly ass titties

No. 1249737

File: 1623171353345.jpg (40.27 KB, 622x391, E0MKq6xVEAArcE_.jpg)

No. 1249886

People need to stop babying maddie. She’s an adult, whatever she choose to do with her life is on her now. She’s lazy asf and it’s because people in her life enable her to do so. She bitches and complains about things she could actively be doing instead of wasting her whole life on fucking Instagram and drinking every night with her meth infested metal head friends.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1249969

Why would she change its getting her attention

No. 1250067

File: 1623191568430.jpg (901.35 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210608-153254_Ins…)

Trisha has never not sucked kek

No. 1250146


Newfag here. Who's Trisha?

No. 1250184

Trisha Paytas lol

No. 1250231

Lol are you stupid, she's still only 19. when you turn 18 you don't suddenly become capable of changing your life. A lot of 19 year old kids still live with their parents, the difference is she lives with a neglectful mother who doesn't give a shit if her mentally impaired child ruins her life. Maddie may be 19 but mentally she's way younger than that. It's not "on her now", she's still been a minor for the vast majority of her life and honestly the circumstances she lives with aren't her fault. Sorry for the sperg that's just a dumbass take(a wk'ing friend)

No. 1250344

Agreed. She's a kid and needs help and I really wish she had a better support system. Yall really don't understand addiction

No. 1250345

sorry but anyone who looks up to Trisha (or in general any youtube attention whore) is a fucking retard and a big moron. Alas, Trashley just proved again what a dumb stupid whore she is.

No. 1250346

Projecting much

No. 1250358

shut the fuck up, this isnt a maddie support group. stop defending her, retard

No. 1250371

learn how to sage, idiot, do you have a negative iq? just write "sage" on the email field, its not that hard

No. 1250372

your only comeback is to tell people to "sage" lmao

No. 1250376

This is a gossip forum so people are going to either shit on Maddie or defend her. Quit trying to control the narrative ~~retard~~

No. 1250424

quit trying to defend newfags

No. 1250427

Dude you're obviously 15 calling people retards. Everyone is gonna have a different opinion it's a gossip forum

No. 1250434

this page is just a bunch of femcels and it's so obvious

No. 1250435

Nta but it's not that kind of "gossip forum". You're lost and need to go back.

No. 1250436

ok if this isn't a gossip page then how would you define it?

No. 1250451

this thread is turning to shit. can't we just ignore the obvious newfags and whiteknights instead of clogging the threads with unnecessary arguments?

No. 1250456

fuckin kek

No. 1251028

this thread has always been shit. people here only bodyshame, find things to pick at, and absolutely avoid the real drama. this is a bullying thread. there are people here to follow the pathetic lives of white trash, and laugh at bad people, and then there are people here who are only here because they like to be fucking just as terrible and just as pathetic but under the guise of a keyboard warrior who are on the same level, just projecting anonymously onto a public platform. lol.

No. 1251030

It’s gossip; however, this thread should be dedicated to discussing and focusing on wrongdoings and actual events that are leading on that are 1. A result of said events or 2. Whatever domino effects of said events.
Ashley’s poor white trash bf leaving her and her immediately getting a new one** ? That’s worth noting.
Elaine’s tits? On her own Instagram? That’s not beneficial, interesting, and is just being used as a tool to bully and project. I want to puke thinking of all the insecure and rotten femcels just blowing up this thread with dumb bullshit because they are just as lowly and embarrassing irl.(Samefagging)

No. 1251091

Fr. Anons itt need to chill out with the bodyshaming and nitpicking of appearances. It's so much that the actual milk gets overshadowed or barely touched upon. Especially when anons yap about how fat ashley apparently is. We get it. She's gained a bit of weight from drinking, but she's not even fat. Sage for no contribution, just think we need to move on from these topics and focus on real milk lol.

No. 1251145

lmao i don't think that anyone in this forum is allowed to have some moral high ground on what is bullying and what not. sorry to break it to you, but anyone who spends their time here is shitty and it's ridiculous how some of you keep trying to act like you're better than everyone else. i agree that the nitpicking in this thread is annoying and i also disagree with a lot of anons opinions but how about we just ignore it and focus on the milk instead of arguing about the same shit every single time?

No. 1251419

you lost?

No. 1251438

you faggots come here and complain about bodyshaming like this isn't a female chan. if you want the milk without the culture of the board then make a zoomer exposed account on instagram with receipts. both of them are crusty honkies that smell like cough syrup and are ugly as fuck. if you're mad maybe the shoes fit you too

No. 1251545

Ewww lol

No. 1251548

Ewwww Lol anyway guys what's new for her and maddie haven't checked this thread in a while

No. 1251552

I don't think she's ugly, its just her lifestyle which has had a poor effect on her looks, if she stopped the alcohol etc, got a job and tried getting the tattoos removed shed be prettier(Samefagging)

No. 1252114

File: 1623359110883.jpeg (106.21 KB, 1125x799, F03F4A7D-9566-4241-8919-76A29D…)


No. 1252118

That is so fucking disgusting. This shit annoys me how Ashley thinks that this shit is quirky or cute. Dirty ass

No. 1252122

File: 1623359433054.jpg (895.66 KB, 1076x1919, Screenshot_20210610-171109_Ins…)

No. 1252129

File: 1623359623477.png (145.68 KB, 288x307, 1623208480863.png)

Much like the porn addiction to CP timeline, the vanilla sex work to taboo/illegal fetish porn is too real. Young women making themselves do god awful misogynistic kink porn just because they feel they have no worth intrinsically and cannot make fast money otherwise. Most repugnant behavior.

No. 1252133

i just know this bitch pH balance all out of wack

No. 1252153

She is fetishsizing ED (again) shes so reckless and brain dead.

No. 1252213

wow i hate this so unexplainably much

No. 1252217

File: 1623363579391.jpeg (237.82 KB, 750x857, E6B5378F-CE5B-4880-9EC5-FEE11F…)


No. 1252393

File: 1623374512077.jpeg (571.79 KB, 1242x1722, C1C195D9-B4B4-4B68-BFAD-637E8F…)

she’s scamming people now?

No. 1252482

File: 1623378949019.jpeg (396.18 KB, 1242x2153, E862CB80-79BA-420B-9851-2B1B06…)

No. 1252483

File: 1623378970107.jpeg (290.39 KB, 1242x1909, 67D05FA6-E3BC-4326-8A42-E6E866…)

No. 1252772

File: 1623396801175.png (684.75 KB, 750x1334, 2F0A3253-AEAB-4B93-9373-595157…)

are americans actually this braindead or did i miss covid being over in ohio?

No. 1252832

File: 1623404304657.jpeg (999.13 KB, 1125x1578, 9817875C-359D-4ED4-81D2-D6FA9B…)

she was evicted?

No. 1252875

Yeah ohio is pretty red except big cities so covid was hardly a thing to these rednecks anyway. Now big chains like grocery stores are lifting mask mandates. Id say 90% or more do not wear a mask OR have been vaccinated.

No. 1252967

her mom taking the picture reflected in the window is sending me

No. 1253258

yeah but honestly just bc your republican government says it's ok to not wear a mask doesn't mean it isn't completely irresponsible and selfish to actually do so. i'm not surprised though, i guess her new "friends" don't care about covid either

No. 1253411

agreed. maddie, to the best of my knowledge, has not been vaccinated - and neither has ashley. ashley for sure pretended like it didn’t happen for the entirety of last year, and i guess maddie is following along. just because some states lifted the mask mandate doesn’t mean it is “okay” to not take precaution anymore. but being completely honest, maddie is more likely to catch an std (and spread it) from one of those basement parties over covid. i’m sure the girl is quite oblivious to all forms of protection, not just face coverings.

No. 1253446

No. 1253702

File: 1623485721684.png (1.77 MB, 750x1334, 21D9596F-6132-4FD3-8A37-759EDF…)


No. 1253738

She's going to be a waste of human space forever I guess. Literally how hard is it to get a job, an apartment, learn to do basic things like drive, get a covid vaccine, etc. Pathetic lol. She's absolutely dense.

No. 1253739

File: 1623493176338.jpg (571.89 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210612-031919_Pho…)


No. 1253987

good catch. sending me too.

No. 1254580

File: 1623547748341.png (4.68 MB, 1125x2436, F63A9FAB-77C1-4947-ACC2-8C86C2…)

nitpick but her “fit checks” have been just jeans and a tshirt and i get confused

No. 1255384

She never has good outfits anymore because the men she's been dating are stale white trash and her bpd naturally makes her skin walker her way into their perceived ideal woman

No. 1255566

he's got a don't tread on me tattoo that looks like he got when he was 15 and thought is was just a "mteallica thing".
Let's hope it's that or he might start hitting her at some point bc that's what this kind of thrash libertarians are like.

No. 1256864

File: 1623719286334.jpeg (406.8 KB, 828x1019, E6E844DC-15DE-41C9-84D2-59C532…)

No. 1257094

File: 1623729364297.jpeg (487.98 KB, 1125x1986, 307957CB-3D43-4833-ADED-82276E…)


No. 1257095

File: 1623729398351.jpeg (371.37 KB, 1124x1977, 20AF0896-ABF9-46CB-BC09-5D9295…)

No. 1257107

Pretty sure that's illegal. Lmao wish they had done it.

No. 1257148

that’s her (at least) 3rd car and she’s only 21… the enabling needs to stop.

No. 1257213

File: 1623743611407.jpg (113.84 KB, 714x904, IMG_20210615_105238.jpg)

is this what her scrote boyfriend is telling her

No. 1257578

She got picked! Enjoy subjugating yourself to sexual and emotional abuse at the hands of one of the crustiest scrotes to ever walk on earth. I love when women think being misogynistic even jokingly will save them. No, baby. You're still a hole to the world no matter how much you appeal to men.

No. 1257702

so edgy! she deserves to get punched in the face.

No. 1258201

File: 1623873500732.jpeg (47.65 KB, 750x195, 1E8BDA42-EC7F-42B5-8C6F-627375…)

from ashley’s recent… wtf

No. 1258206

is she actually pregnant or is this a troll trying to insult her by calling her fat(sage non-milk)

No. 1258222

LMAO burn

No. 1258318

I am going to take a wild guess and say Sir lolololnope123 is a troll.
It is funny tho

No. 1258397

File: 1623897002703.jpeg (607.71 KB, 750x989, AFD380DB-9CC8-4FC4-B02B-53C952…)

So Ash’s bf must have the hots for Pammy, sage for tinfoil but I predict her hair is going to get even more fried as she goes blonder. She’s been dressing more femme & showing more cleavage. I reckon she’ll skinwalk 90s Pamela Anderson next.

No. 1258458

oh so does she want to get beaten and abused? Tommy was a violent abusive piece of shit who hurt Pam and back in the 90s they were seen as a huge joke. Truly pathetic.

No. 1259366

Didn’t a child die in a pool under Tommy Lee’s supervision? Imagine actually glorifying that asshole and his skanky ex wife. It’s almost like Ashley aspires to be white trash.

No. 1259524

File: 1624032621889.jpeg (215.46 KB, 750x1062, 9B0A264B-BA57-42ED-9C3E-94398E…)

not milky but lm ao
dad maddie actually go to art school or school at all besides her GED classes(unsaged)

No. 1259992

No because who tf goes to art school in 7th grade come on now

No. 1259996

This reminds me of Luna romanticizing Kurt and Courtney. Tommy gave Pam STDs, abused her, and cheated on her pretty publicly. Goals.

No. 1260107


In Dayton where these skanks live theres an art school for Jr high/high school kids. Its pretentious af tho.

No. 1261434

She willingly posts the most autistic shit it's incredible to me that she has no self awareness on how she comes off to ppl at all

No. 1261506

She's reminded me of Luna for a long while now, crusty and on fentanyl/meth is such a look

No. 1261613

File: 1624312136885.jpg (664.72 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210621-144720_Ins…)

Did this bitch really get a new kitten or have I lost track of her animal hoard … jfc the animal neglect is already bad enough so can u pls fucking stop getting more you piece of shit

No. 1262124

she couldn’t stay away from the bar for one night even with a sinus infection. but she’s in recovery right

No. 1262315

When she finally has covid(emojifag)

No. 1262684

File: 1624463092636.jpeg (304.81 KB, 828x725, 66D8B81A-C4F6-4AD3-83E8-702DB9…)

new milk kiras updated her facebook status to being in a relationship with Adrian Hill whose a guy who got charged with rape in dayton kek

No. 1262685

File: 1624463224967.jpeg (388.59 KB, 828x842, BD9B57FA-521E-4D4F-987B-9956F2…)

pretty sure this is the guy?

No. 1262686

File: 1624463450078.jpeg (175.48 KB, 828x716, 24A37494-20EE-4598-88BA-9E3F36…)

8 years old

No. 1262726

why don’t we respect andy’s pronouns and name? just wondering.

No. 1262727

Because he spams this site with snuff and horror images, he's a weirdo

No. 1262728


No. 1262921

holy shit maddie get a fucking grip and stop with the neverending throwback pictures, nobody gives a fuck but you you narcissistic moron

No. 1263087

i don’t think that’s a strong reason to be transphobic to someone who’s done next to nothing wrong,,, misgendering and deadnaming him are probably gonna make him want to spam more. i do wish maddie would stop posting pics of andy in very feminine clothes, unless he’s stated that it’s okay, but it just feels really off and inconsiderate of maddy to post those things.

No. 1263088

Shut the fuck up. She’s a woman and always will be. She thinks trooning out will cover up the fact that she’s the fat ugly sister but it won’t.
She’s also an edgy cunt who spams pictures of dead people.

No. 1263248

shut the fuck up u crusty degenerate, this also goes out to the other incels stop justifying ur transphobia and whatever else, like we just want this groups trainwreck lives on show, i don't get why ppl voice their opinions here like no one cares lmao go play with ur shrivelled up raisin dick(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1263706

File: 1624592738177.png (873.03 KB, 640x1136, 1EC8CBA7-3542-4E20-BE6A-06A693…)

Speaking of andy/mandy or whatever, yes I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that gore was spammed every time she posted caps from here or directly referenced this site for example: immediately posting “I am the chris chan of fnaf” right after that was posted in this thread and gore/porn being spammed soon after

Funny she’s still reading this thread

No. 1263806

File: 1624612577880.png (5.97 MB, 1125x2436, 2D6B57C7-8B5A-44CC-A175-3D3645…)

“Why is it that when I don’t sleep I actually look decent”

No. 1263845

File: 1624619628845.jpeg (236.8 KB, 653x696, 3C4D00E0-020F-4F55-A604-680F39…)

just..why? great for the new thread pic tho

No. 1264218

This image asked me to shower kek

No. 1264435

File: 1624672434961.png (1.54 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210621-223554.png)

No. 1264439

File: 1624672490656.png (1 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210621-223612.png)


This is an image board. Post caps

No. 1264446

File: 1624672847882.png (1.69 MB, 1080x1785, Screenshot_20210625-185005~2.p…)

Holy shit that shade is so god awful. The color is all fucked up and it only enhances her trailer park aesthetic. Top fucking kek

No. 1264514

it’s to add to the pamela anderson look. ashley is doing this just to appeal to her bf of the month, like always. she was “goth” for tyler, “punk” for simon and who knows what other subculture she skinwalked for some penis.

No. 1264593

it looks more like a rip off of Courtney Love (90s style riot grrl messy shaggy hair) but this bitch will never look as good as Love or Pamela Anderson.

No. 1264779

she looks ugly in a Kira way with those bleached eyebrows

No. 1265002

Not a good look, but not surprising either kek. Wonder what’s next for her current skinwalking.

No. 1265056

love how she’s trying so hard to pretend to have tits just because her bf is obsessed with boobs

No. 1265643

File: 1624818610363.png (4.55 MB, 1242x2208, 352FEC27-F642-4D22-89C5-94A86D…)

they really kissed the disgusting mirror…

No. 1265709

She wore a pushup bra once and thinks shes got God's given rack kek

No. 1267407

What would happen if he implanted a frozen pea in her uterus? Do you think Ashley would be sober enough to drive herself to the ER??

No. 1267504

Not once ever has this person drove sober

No. 1268784

File: 1625121423343.jpeg (85.42 KB, 750x932, DEAC3AA1-944A-458D-9C7B-5C9B79…)

She looks like Elaine now

No. 1268853

ok thats the meanest thing this website has ever said about ashley's appearance

No. 1269859

File: 1625242852354.png (1.67 MB, 750x1334, 3BF70D51-87EB-4E32-8235-CFD777…)

>>it’s so weird i google search instagram goth girl and i immediately see a pic of me when i was 15

No. 1269861

File: 1625242873616.jpeg (454.6 KB, 750x1073, 1BED955E-A008-4241-9567-341363…)

No. 1269864

not sure why she’s so obsessed with her 15-17 is it cos she was “relevant” online back then or baiting guys

No. 1269892

but it’s accurate, god damn

No. 1269988

File: 1625251312178.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1125x1913, 897CE019-88D5-4A8F-BAD7-1A34A4…)

Surprised she posted this of her dancing with someone who “abused” her

No. 1270007

people arrest at the age they peaked

No. 1270029

File: 1625253024935.png (8.38 MB, 1125x2436, 27C33F00-AFB1-45C4-AE26-AC0253…)

How long do y’all think she’ll last at this job? Lol

No. 1270049

Sadly I don't have any screencaps but Maddie said on the live yesterday that, this dude with the long hair is now her boyfriend.

No. 1270054

She’s had and held plenty of jobs in the past unlike Maddie So I don’t get your point

No. 1270107

Lmfao I just googled Instagram goth girl and she doesn’t even come up but Viva does LOL

No. 1270122

File: 1625257045101.jpg (279.06 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210702-131658_Ins…)

Sober queens posted up at the bar and posting about pills as per usual kek

No. 1270126

she's always been obsessed with her past self tbh, not just 15/16. she's constantly posting videos from just a year or even months ago rambling about how much better her life was back then (even though literally nothing changed). it's a common thing with egirls who lost their relevance and bpd bitches in general but she's not self aware enough to get over it or at least stop annoying everyone else with it

No. 1270279

Neither of them do unless you click on a pic and only then did I see Maddies

No. 1270376


LMAOOOO the bitch dyed her eyebrows back to normal! Think she saw the Elaine comment? Kek

God she is so mediocre in every possible way

No. 1270441

What's your definition of holding a job? Lol.
Ashley has a reputation at this point for not holding down jobs, her sobriety, her friendships, jobs, men, pets, the list could go on.

No. 1270550

File: 1625300321041.png (3.21 MB, 750x1334, CCF7342E-DC69-44E9-BA57-9DD8D2…)

she still looks exactly like this lmao

No. 1270650

File: 1625318585445.png (676.71 KB, 750x1334, 206DD9FC-19FA-478A-A781-03C055…)

Josh just posted this about that metalhead dude maddie was hanging out with a while ago

No. 1270734

maddie said on live yesterday and the day before that Neanderthal_gang is her bf(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1270735

Sorry, samefag I fucked up trying to tag the person above me who posted the image. Mobile has me retarded

No. 1270754

I thought the exact same thing lol. 8f you consider what she's doing with her life now a glow up, sure ashley.. ya did it.

No. 1270756

File: 1625330906505.jpeg (697.26 KB, 1125x1759, F23559B3-D2F4-4974-BB35-4A01AF…)

all this girl does is get drunk and google herself 24/7, the biggest narcissist i’ve ever seen

No. 1270973

File: 1625358848458.png (1.08 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210703-173249.png)

No. 1271046

maddie is spamming self hate more than ever, maybe she got dumped? lol

No. 1271047

she gained so much weigh

No. 1271063

oh come on, she fucking sucks but her body’s okay(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1271112

she’s got a nice body. she’s a young adult so having a stick thin prepubescent body like Maddie tries to attain is retarded. adults don’t look like children lol. still thin.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1271451

Maddie only follows him on her private now, maybe they did break up. Could've had something to do with Josh's previously mentioned story post about him

No. 1271488

ashley also archived her pictures with her white trash bf and they stopped following each other. their bpd is getting boring so fast

No. 1271551

File: 1625442993958.png (633.31 KB, 720x1512, Screenshot_20210704-205439.png)

Ashley is really embodying the white trash American aesthetic. Ive never seen someone so proud to look like a dope addict before.

No. 1271577

File: 1625446641636.jpeg (154.83 KB, 750x611, CBF4E912-61D6-4315-BBA2-E880D8…)


No. 1271586

File: 1625447479999.png (995.55 KB, 720x1120, Screenshot_20210704-220728.png)

No. 1271588

Is he dead? Sorry, newish to thread and hadn’t seen anything about it when skimming through them. Never not trashy to “turn up” in honor of the dead, though. Especially if he happened to die due to addiction or something.

No. 1271598

File: 1625448829536.png (3.37 MB, 1440x2324, Screenshot_20210704-203020(1).…)

wait, wait is this the rapist guy??

No. 1271602

he killed himself some years ago

No. 1271634

she’s trying to impersonate that ugly ex bf, white trash was kind of his type, and she mimics every guy’s personality she dates

No. 1271663

Ashley drunk on her story nearly falling over a table kek

No. 1271713

Jesus it also looks like Kira either hid the status on fb or broke up with the child molester

No. 1271735


I'd hope so Im pretty sure she works with kids herself

No. 1271770

this is why her brother killed himself. imagine having that for a family

No. 1271790

this is how you can tell that she didn’t grow up poor. only rich people treat being poor as an aesthetic.
and if she argues “but i’m poor now!!!!!!1!!!”
yea ashley you’re poor now because you haven’t had a job for more than a month in what, like 5 years?

No. 1271933

this. switching aesthetics every few months depending on what guy she's fucking is one thing but bragging about "being poor" as if it's somehow a quirky fashion statement just shows how ignorant ashley is once again. having a terrible sense of fashion doesn't make you a "trailer trash babe" lmao

No. 1271986

Isn't being able to switch aesthetics every few months quite the opposite of poor

No. 1272122

Literally me too
> getting drunk in his honor! Uwu owning the white trash aesthetic because they called me that on lolcow
Truly bpd cringe I'd be embarrassed to know her and her weirdo mum

No. 1272125

If that's who kiras dating then RIP to any shred of self respect she had left. sis he looks like a pedo uncle AND HE IS.
what the hell are we doing with life if that's your boyfriend kek

No. 1272150

also celebrating fourth of july when she prides herself on being such an ally to minorities …

No. 1272151

Ashley is looking by far the worst she has ever looked. I am HERE for it. I can't wait til she gains 50 pounds and starts talking more about body acceptance.

For real, I've always thought she was hot. Very stupid, super dumb, lotsa drug addict, much pathetic, but hot…

Now she isn't even hot! I am intrigued by the intense downward spiral.

No. 1272156

File: 1625528854675.png (5.19 MB, 1125x2436, D5D6B8F7-FA2C-49BE-9A31-352398…)

There's nothing more disgusting than seeing someone change into a bikini with the security tags when they don't plan on buying it.

No. 1272157

File: 1625528986209.jpg (151.24 KB, 1080x895, Screenshot_20210705-164743_Ins…)

Wow it's almost as if she's reading here

No. 1272159

File: 1625529093558.jpg (976.11 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210705-165118_Ins…)

She's giving mall theft vibes for sure in your last one kek

No. 1272161

what the fuck is she going on about

No. 1272220

File: 1625543124465.png (1.95 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210705-201652.png)

No. 1272298

File: 1625561895192.jpeg (607.25 KB, 1284x1817, AAB1C875-1F3A-4DE1-A6EE-766359…)

holy shit it's so much more noticeable how much the binge drinking has been affecting her when you see candid pics

No. 1272449

> I look hungover because I am
It's only a matter of time before this escalates or she relapses on sweet sweet fentanyl

No. 1272600

File: 1625609173951.png (1.05 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210706-150051.png)

Lmao she really has to justify her shitty choices, doesn't she? Always manipulating the narrative to paint herself in the best light possible.

Ashley, you're a shitty person and it will always be painfully obvious.

No. 1272602

File: 1625609350596.png (2.23 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210706-150059.png)

Kek. I love it when she reads our comments and it actually bothers her enough that she has to address it on her feed. It validates everything that we say and she's too fucking narcissist/stupid to realize it. I am HERE for it

No. 1272605

ashley we know you’re reading here so PLEASE get a job

No. 1272615

Lol she thinks she has one rn
It won't last we know the drill by now

No. 1272616

"i miss living in a trailer" wtf is wrong with her? i thought the whole drugs are quirky thing was bad but i guess we're romanticizing being homeless now. big kek at her lurking though, i don't think she's as unbothered by us as she'd like to be lmao

No. 1272622

Bpd made her kek

No. 1272627

File: 1625611160941.png (709.37 KB, 1125x2436, 82143CE3-90CF-4720-9FA1-D9029B…)

how many times does
this have to happen for her to realise spending money you don’t have has consequences?

No. 1272629


The fact she's even "owning" the trailer trash aesthetic demonstrates her delusional narcissism and a supreme lack of ambition.

Top cringe for sure.

No. 1272635


Imagine actively "embracing" being white trash lmao

No. 1272656

aren't drugs cheaper than the amount of alcohol she drinks? like, if you're gonna drink all day every day just do coke already

No. 1272657

this is why she can't get a fucking job. imagine you Google your employees name and that last picture shows up lmao

No. 1272884

pathetic as usual

No. 1273097

hey Maddie you fucking retard, you can opt out of overdraft protection.

No. 1273297

File: 1625711106530.png (1.9 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210707-165330.png)

Omg her new "job" is a cocktail waitress at that shitty bar she's always at. Grade A kek

No. 1273298

File: 1625711162226.png (982.07 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210707-192552.png)

Paid cash under the table? Lol

No. 1273324

today anon learns about the concept of cash tipping

No. 1273386

with the rate of her binge drinking anyone have any bets on how long it'll be until she inevitably goes back to rehab, claims she's a "new person" all the while her mom is paying for all of it

No. 1273858

Inevitably this will happen I'm sure. I'm with the anons who think she'll end up relapsing sadly, she's clearly not on a good path.
To be honest I don't think she's using fentanyl right now but she outed herself for doing molly when she and Maddy got in that big blow up online that ended their friendship.
She never really stopped using shit and she's always drunk now on top of it so yeah, her mom will have to support her dumbass again. lmao maybe fourth times the charm? Rehab isn't cheap where I'm located so I hope she's at least grateful, idek how much it is in Ohio but she claimed its free which it definitely is not lol.

No. 1273987

File: 1625842382663.png (624.44 KB, 720x955, Screenshot_20210709-115206.png)

Ashley is back on vivadrag again

No. 1273988

can you imagine overdosing on fentanyl only to go back to rehab for alcohol. that's embarrassing

No. 1274219

File: 1625868432508.jpg (173.24 KB, 1080x1367, Screenshot_20210709-150251_Ins…)

Kek her comments on her old vivadrag posts.. mark my word I'm gonna find the one where she admits to smoking meth and argues with someone she's a good person in the same breath lmao

No. 1274300

The fact that she has so many posts of Simon kek

No. 1274391

File: 1625892566183.png (7.82 MB, 1242x2208, AE725709-AC70-436B-8B71-9B349A…)

this its called having bpd

No. 1274581

did maddy deactivate her insta?

No. 1274606

lmao she thinks "apologizing", shifting blame, deleting her account only to come back a few months later is "taking responsibility" for all the fjcked up shit she's done. this bitch will never get better and never take the blame for any of her past mistakes even if they end up literally killing other people and ruining their lives. I can't believe that she has the nerve to come back to that account and there are still people who kiss her ass. which is one of the reasons Ashley keeps getting away with ruining her life and everybody else's: everyone around her is enabling her. in a way these people deserve to have their lifes ruined if they keep being around this junkie bitch after everything she's done

No. 1274637

She deactivated it for like an hour lmao

No. 1274811

File: 1625980412893.jpeg (354.09 KB, 1125x1929, 43025D35-5265-42F1-9632-B627C8…)

Omg look at kiras face

No. 1274848

bets on how long she’s gonna keep vivadrag activated???

No. 1274925

bitch wtf lmao shes so ugly

No. 1275094

File: 1626038276533.jpg (688.96 KB, 1080x1407, vivadrag.jpg)

lol she unarchived a bunch of stuff on viva from her time w simon but that gerard way copy is nowhere to be seen. the anon who wanted to find the meth comment can try finding it now. also is this the brother who offed himself?

No. 1275104

its crazy to think her looks were never genuine, must be sad having no real personality

No. 1275105

She used to be so pretty with a cool aesthetic, now her looks are ugly AF.

No. 1275239

File: 1626063417769.jpeg (320.17 KB, 749x791, A4C6F1D6-55E2-45AA-B2DB-214C3F…)

jesus christ i dont know if its her receding hairline and thin hair or her fucking creepy smile but she looks exactly like gollum. this bitch works with kids right how are they not terrified going to sleep that this monster is in their closet

No. 1275383

the thing is, all the asthetics she used to have werent her true self. when she was punk or goth. that was all for instagram praise and "belonging" to whatever subculture the ones around her belong to so she could be cool too. its really disappointing to have followed her for being a punk girl and see her become what she is now. also i think its weird that being white trash is considered an "aesthetic" for her. i thought it was just an insult for poor people.

No. 1275501

Kira your looks are being drained because youre knowingly dating a literal convicted pedophile
karma doing its job

No. 1275682

A fentanyl addiction and bpd took away literally all hope for her, she could've had a modeling career that blows my mind knowing she fucked up her only real chance, because we all know she can't go to college or get a job better than her shifty bar job kek

No. 1275686

Literally my first thought the lord is slowly but surely putting all they asses in check and I am living for it.

No. 1276035

File: 1626200376075.png (2.17 MB, 750x1334, EC588D7A-CCDA-4790-A91A-46C83E…)

No. 1276163

ashleys live rn on vivadrag and just said that maddie was lying about ashley giving her drugs

No. 1276165

She’s looking haggard as fuck. No wonder she’s putting on makeup. It’s like every time I see her she gets older and older looking.

No. 1276183

File: 1626216321638.jpg (376.74 KB, 1080x1918, Screenshot_20210713-183428_Ins…)

No. 1276195

Wait is it true Kira is dating a convicted pedophile? And she works with kids?

No. 1276319

ok you all are obsessed with both ashley & maddie's appearances…. anyone got anything constructive to say?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1276320

apparently so. we knew this

No. 1276344

File: 1626248453604.png (379.18 KB, 750x1334, A004381A-B934-445C-B096-952959…)

top kek

No. 1276360

this bitch never learns does she

No. 1276361

seriously they both need to stop oversharing everything they do.

No. 1276390

File: 1626264087866.png (5.55 MB, 1125x2436, 20A3FE64-922C-4981-A842-4112A5…)

she has a black eye again and is talking on her story about purging

No. 1276556

I honestly though she was uploading old videos from when she had a black eye before. But she’s posted more videos now with the same black eye, wonder if it was her brother again?

No. 1276619

File: 1626295227114.png (418.74 KB, 750x1334, D3F32FE1-C9FC-4479-9648-ED6E4D…)

No. 1276881

I don't even feel bad for her anymore. She's getting older and is perfectly capable of turning her life around, but she never does. You can't blame everyone else for your fucked up life forever, Maddie.

No. 1276929

But what would she do without instagram? This bitch has no school, no job, no friends and no hobby. She’d die from boredom

No. 1276948

Then she'd actually focus on the real world, I'd love for her to do it but after following this thread for a considerable time I know it's super unlikely. Anyone could easily read this thread and know that Ashley gave minors drugs there's literal proof, I truly don't get why she let's randos who can't be bothered to read bother her they're clearly not in the loop here

No. 1277449

maddie is posting pics w/ her whole body covered by bruises, is her brother beating her?

No. 1277508

File: 1626391782452.jpg (265.89 KB, 1170x2310, IMG_3743.jpg)

No. 1277509

File: 1626391804845.jpg (238.28 KB, 1170x2284, IMG_3744.jpg)

this one is on her arm

No. 1277517

When did she post these? Just checked her story for them and looks like she must have deleted them already? Perhaps results from falling over whilst abusing drugs/drink.

No. 1277608

she posted them about 6 hours ago. just checked again and yep, deleted

No. 1277773

using uppers/excessive drinking also makes it so bruises appear a LOT easier

No. 1278074

Yeah she's gonna kill herself before 30 by the looks of it. Truly pulling a TND by posting her bruises for attention when we all know it's drug induced yikes.

No. 1278704

File: 1626503549771.png (1.61 MB, 1080x1697, Screenshot_20210716-232437~2.p…)

And this trainwreck just keeps getting better and better

No. 1279160

To be fair she doesn't look tossed here, not to say she's entirely sober I'm sure she never is but still. She had the decency for once lol.

No. 1279234


Omg she looks so fat here. Pre-ham for sure

No. 1279348

???? no she doesn’t? i swear some of you dumb cunts want all girls to starve themselves and be skeletal skinny.

No. 1279563

She definitely gained weight but she's not fat, anon lmao

No. 1280085

I don’t understand this new style/aesthetic she’s taken on, this fake skater girl style, like the biggest poser ive even seen,
I get the skater style for people who actually skate, like girl pick a personality/style and stick with it

No. 1282035

ashley starting this ‘film account’ is hilarious. since when did she become a movie critic? she’s so doing this as a way to appear to more men.

No. 1282157

"appear to more men" reaching much?

No. 1282246

how is that reaching? ashley loves attention from men, and she only dates men.

No. 1282590

bruh its just a movie account. everything else, i get it, but the movie account…? its just her being a poser as usual

No. 1282657

to appeal to film guys… we literally talked about this in the thread weeks ago when she started dating trailer trash dad

No. 1284196

File: 1627248556471.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1242x1496, 1C26903C-3950-43E7-B70B-5CE2FF…)

is andy dating someone now? who is this fatty lol(namefag)

No. 1285505

File: 1627416058188.png (3.31 MB, 750x1334, 06EBFCED-712D-424D-83A1-A2C896…)

damn maddie bleached her hair again..after complaining about how ugly and thin it is literally every single day kek

No. 1285783

i hope she keeps bleaching it until it falls off lmao
two months from now shes gonna be like aw i was so cute and pretty before why cant i be this beautiful right nowww my life was so happy now im so sad

No. 1285929

File: 1627473394483.png (712.12 KB, 842x473, S5E36.080_Muscle_Man_Suggestin…)

im sorry but

No. 1286219

File: 1627504975269.jpeg (171.94 KB, 750x1313, 87D68A05-29C0-4376-898E-59607F…)

Whoop there it is

No. 1286221

File: 1627504996289.jpeg (134.14 KB, 750x1267, 9B965EB3-12FF-4022-BBBA-6AC258…)

No. 1286225

File: 1627505099238.jpeg (56.84 KB, 749x1253, B27E1BE3-9E2F-4971-AD2B-FD703E…)

How fucked up would it be if he actually kills himself and Ashley has yet another dead ex

No. 1286238

File: 1627505917831.png (196.74 KB, 750x1334, 004756F5-1C93-4A26-8E4B-F1B17E…)

WHY WAS THIS MY EXACT THOUGHT. I SAW THIS AND I WAS LIKE “welp this is what we all said would happen. They break up and a couple months later he was SOOOO ABUSIVE” time to check the cow farm LMAO. Like if this really happened damn I feel bad, no one should go through that but part of me feels it’s just another attention grab

No. 1286247

didnt she post a picture with him literally yesterday?

No. 1286250

File: 1627506796036.jpeg (137.8 KB, 750x1265, 09503807-D840-4A0E-87BD-E14766…)

The screenshots she posted of their conversations do make him seem kind of psycho so I think she might be telling the truth

No. 1286262

Yeah she went to some gig he had

No. 1286292

he's pathetic. i dont understand why ashley allows him to treat her like this when she claims this has happened to her before so many times. she never learns huh

No. 1286319

File: 1627513186234.jpeg (112.48 KB, 750x1328, C1CC48C2-7AC8-4266-A029-F155F7…)

Isn't he like 28 years old? Acting this way over a vape? Grow the fuck up dude this is embarrassing

No. 1286376

Ashley is going to eat this attention up lol its the first one she's really been able to post any real proof of since Vinny. Like I dont want to victim blame her cuz hes obviously a psychopath BUT how convenient yet ANOTHER abuser and more attention for Ashley.

No. 1286390

File: 1627521918788.jpg (463.1 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210728-182252_Ins…)

Already on her narc high from finally leaving him lol.
Genuinely glad for her, but we all called it. History repeats itself, I hope somehow she can learn to pick better men.. her dating track record is a fever dream idk

No. 1286394

The similarities between him and Jake are actually scary. Different year, different abuser, same shit. Here's a tip ashley; don't do heroin or date men who do heroin. Try going to school instead of the bar. Actually work on becoming a person instead of a character. I do feel bad for her that she's been abused but if you remain where you're at, better things won't be coming.
And FYI, your haters are not proud of you for doing something you should've done ages ago. You've made no real changes to your life in the few years I've followed your thread but congrats on your

No. 1287043

i do not understand how someone lets a man talk to them like that. I get that it's emotional abuse and stuff but like… what the fuck

No. 1287150

File: 1627633729048.jpg (991.51 KB, 1077x1921, Screenshot_20210730-042842_Ins…)

No. 1287218


Im waiting for there to be some police report for blackmail on this guy with Kira. Theres no way she really likes him. Its not like she's a catch but at least she's not a balding pedophile. How can they even stomach being around someone who did that to a child???

No. 1287265

i always wondered what makes some people ALWAYS be in abusive relationships. whats about them that attracts those weirdos? how the fuck do they do that

No. 1287269

save the dog!!!

No. 1287395

wasnt ashley groomed as a minor?? whys she cool with hanging out with a paedophile?? crazy

No. 1287396

Didn’t ashley groom minors… has everyone forgotten about this. Seriously.

No. 1287416


havent forgotten lol. was just bringing up another point about her hypocrisy

No. 1287479

File: 1627670046633.jpeg (463.03 KB, 828x1229, 6A2C1FA1-3612-4767-A801-7C71F5…)

definitely the same guy he just got fat and fucking bald and old

No. 1287706

these people do not care. they are shitty people and also drug addicts. as long as you're doing drugs with them whatever is fine lol

No. 1287951

File: 1627740490425.png (680.41 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210730-124245.png)

No. 1287956

File: 1627740803719.png (736.81 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210731-070456.png)

Aaaaand we've come full circle once again.

No. 1288437

I wish someone would drop kiras school so someone could let her employer know she's dating a pedophile
The fact that this bitch works around kids fucking irks me. Ashley is disgusting and has no shame but at least she isn't getting access to people's children. Fuck you Kira you ugly bitch if I could I'd punch you in your fat nose.

No. 1288454

can someone bite the bullet and comment why the fuck she is not addressing the dude who raped a kid? shits driving me nuts

No. 1288697

whos that?

No. 1288828

No. 1289537

Maybe finding her mom on Facebook would help but who knows. I'm against doxxing but the dude raped an 8 year old.

No. 1289716

I friended her mom during when she overdosed and her partner died bc I was worried ngl. Think it would be too far to engage w her family and I’m pretty sure it’s against lolcows rules. Is there a chance she doesn’t know??? Idk

No. 1289731

File: 1627944900375.jpeg (162.77 KB, 750x1441, 0D4EA2DC-782B-40C1-B4C1-B74FC0…)

bro she is naked on the street lmao

No. 1290011


This is about Kiras pedo boyfriend, not Ashley's. I doubt they don't know honestly. Especially with all the browsing they do here.

No. 1290126

Kiras been awful quiet since anons mentioned him here. Must be so difficult publicly dating a rapist.
So did it not happen according to you or are you just okay with him touching kids even tho you work with children? Fucking cunt. Engaging with her mom is stupid, her mom has to know what he did imo, I doubt she cares she is a drunk ohio trailer mom.. If anyone finds out the school tho do post it because wouldn't it be lovely to see a rape apologist crash and burn? Some people have no self respect, you're so pathetic Kira lol. I hope you wake up everyday and it feels awful to be you.

No. 1290362

File: 1628028389653.png (377.34 KB, 750x1334, 578E52AB-5EDF-4191-86F2-9B21AD…)


No. 1290447

She was on the verge of seriously being kicked out a while ago to, she’s so dumb. Literally all she has to do is take pics for OF, like the easiest thing in the world to do.

No. 1290469

File: 1628046519792.jpeg (181.43 KB, 1125x2000, 983DADBD-0BDA-4E9D-9F8E-19FEDF…)

does anyone know why shes still following him?

No. 1290523

oh boo hoo
nobody cares maddie youre an adult, stop being pathetic

No. 1290526

lmao???????? she followed him again, she wasnt before

No. 1290666

File: 1628085518151.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 54.44 KB, 750x418, 3D578397-468B-4ABB-9D5C-D04992…)

No. 1290859

Am I being unreasonable because I think 5 months is perfectly normal. Maybe stressful sure but take OF serious or get an irl job and be consistent. Like it's not impossible it is real life why is she so upset. She will get away from so much abuse there ffs.

No. 1290860

I noticed that too, she must be desperate kek

No. 1290884

lol where did u find that?

No. 1291024

that small cock tho

No. 1291071

File: 1628114177913.jpeg (224.37 KB, 1125x1450, 4628FE5B-CC4D-4F64-90EE-100373…)

No. 1291196

File: 1628128301066.jpeg (181.42 KB, 828x1429, 79681F90-2D0B-4F1E-9BE6-93D3BF…)

Really? Your fucking eye? More miserable than when Simon died? Or your fiancé died?

No. 1291203

Boo hoo your problems don't matter you're vapid and first world bs

No. 1293898

File: 1628405803807.png (5.74 MB, 828x1792, D8EC01D7-F04F-4479-9024-2A6B7B…)

ashley kind of seems like the worst kind of coworker. always on her phone, her friends are there a lot and she drinks there like what? every night? I’d be embarrassed to work with her

No. 1296028

She deleted that, lmao lurk much trashley?

No. 1296846

LMFAO i didn’t realise she deleted it

No. 1297513

File: 1628637998461.png (5 MB, 828x1792, 5BD34828-8871-49B5-9D33-68409D…)

track marks?

No. 1297613

File: 1628649665599.jpeg (473.6 KB, 2048x2048, FECF490D-9C90-423A-A9FB-ABF77C…)

lol trashleys hanging out with the guy she had a foursome with maddie with im pretty sure her and this guy left to get xanax together that night

No. 1297686

File: 1628663892894.jpg (524.54 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210810-233758_Ins…)

Actually deranged

No. 1297714

wait what happened with her eye?

No. 1298024

She's crying becauses she's a little bitch there is nothing wrong with her eye

No. 1299178

File: 1628855747192.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 972.62 KB, 1242x2052, 4DD65C5C-E83D-4F26-8472-C93EF1…)

lol how about not share the one with your dirty ass underwear? or maybe just stop sharing any with you on the toilet, esp the ones where you’re bare assed on a public toilet

No. 1299233


I think she had some nasty ass pink eye. I dont even want to think about how she got it lol

No. 1299299

She scratched her cornea or whatever

No. 1299368

I–wow. That is just purely disgusting. I don't understand how you can forget about that. How can you be so natural with posting yourself on a toilet you glance over your dirty fucking panties and still post it online willingly

No. 1299615

I wonder if it irritates Ashley that like 85 percent of her reddit page rn is maddie lmao

No. 1299665

File: 1628911327335.jpeg (129.36 KB, 1125x335, E7C077EF-4FAB-47A2-91FA-97D470…)

It’s hard to know which ex she’s talking about because she chooses the worst men, I get she’s not the reason they’re all terrible people, but it’s so obvious she chooses them because they’re terrible and it’ll give her another 15 min when the relationship blows up

No. 1299701

File: 1628919982967.png (1.89 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210813-192524.png)

No. 1300043

She's my 13th reason tbh

No. 1300106


Ashley’s personality and lack thereof is easy to describe: Wannabe Trisha Paytas crossed with the interests and aesthetic of whatever dude she decides to make as her next host.

No. 1300246

File: 1628989221146.jpeg (1.7 MB, 2999x3999, 5CE47215-03FD-4E58-8E8E-6B60AF…)

maddie just put up a shit ton of stories "exposing" the metal dude but none of it is really surprising tbh. i guess fucking gross dudes and then being surprised when they turn out to be pieces of shit is common behavior for these cows.

No. 1300262

and yet she managed to date him even tho she knew he was like this. she’s just as gross as he is

No. 1300314

>nonstop would tell me to respect myself
B r u h

No. 1300766

File: 1629066185726.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1125x1897, A6F163DD-C3CB-4FCA-8E73-B6E41C…)

My thing about Maddie in this situation is she’s not really calling him out to warn others, she’s doing it for the attention she’s getting

No. 1300810

It really feels more like she decided she finally had enough of getting dogged by him and didn't like getting reminded that she degrades herself, so this is like revenge-posting. I'm not trying to nitpick because it's genuinely a good thing to expose a pedofile and a racist but considering you went the entire relationship okay with it and tolerated it and it only came out at the end really makes it look vindictive and like an attack. Call it how it is, don't try and use it to look morally superior when you literally knowingly dated a racist. What's the excuse for hearing him drop the N bomb and not being a good person that would instantly rethink the type of person they're with. Playing ignorant now is pretty lame and it shows how little she actually cares about the right thing.

No. 1300944

K but heres what I don’t understand, maddie obviously knows people that knew him and have known that he’s acted this way for awhile now. Plus she hung out with him before they started dating, and now she decides to out him? Like I feel bad but also I feel like she’s always known he’s a racist, homophobic person and she just rolled with it because she finally found a metal guy she likes. In my opinion that’s just as fucked. Like what if she has black friends and they were hanging out and her bf was being racist would she even say anything? or just fucking laugh about it in the moment??? Maddie needs to make better choices in the people she chooses to hangout with. This is ridiculous. Like girl when are you going to get a job? or go to school? or get your licenses? or find a way to get insurance to have therapy and get back on meds? These are literally things you could be doing rn instead of hanging out with shitty people who aren’t benefiting you in anyway. It’s time to stop the petty party and start holding yourself responsible for your own decisions. No one can help you but you.

No. 1300946

FUCKING THIS. the girl KNEW he was a horrible person and chose to date him anyway. its not like she found out later on their relationship, he was always like that on their others interactions. seems like she didn't give a fuck until he started being mean to HER. imagine hearing a white metalhead saying the n word and calling her best friend a girl and being like "nope, no big deal, i can fix him!!"

No. 1300996

File: 1629095289973.png (1.21 MB, 749x1326, Screen Shot 2021-08-16 at 2.26…)

No. 1300997

File: 1629095473358.png (1.2 MB, 1832x894, Screen Shot 2021-08-16 at 2.23…)

old but we love an ashley that romanticizes heroin abuse

No. 1301184

why does ashley feel so comfortable airing where she works? i’m not familiar with dayton, but i doubt she works at a chain restaurant. people could easily find her, learn her schedule and wait to attack her in the parking lot? she proves her lack of common sense daily.

No. 1301365

No offense but you kinda sound like a whole creeper right now. She's not public enemy number 1, she's an e-junkie. Nobody's going rambo on her ass.

No. 1301366

Didn’t she also have a stalker or something lmao, like yes what a smart idea to post my whereabouts every second of the day

No. 1301370

no offense but you sound oblivious to the dangers women face

No. 1301402

You just sound like a 5 year old. She's a grown woman and she's honestly constantly around other people. There's not much danger in letting people know where you work because it only takes one person to know that to spread that info.

No. 1301404

This is all dumb. Yes, it’s not a big deal to share where you’re at, but when you’ve had a stalker I feel like you should at least be a little more cautious

No. 1301425

I was gonna post earlier “Maddie is just trying to pull an Ashley with MUH ABOOSER” followed by selfies. It’s sad when you have to use other people to get attention. Empty, dumb, dumb, duuuuuhuuumb bitches

No. 1301452

Does anyone know a good converter for longer videos? I want to upload the video of him screaming at her but I'm having a hard time. For those of you who don't have Instagram he actually seems terrifying, must be insecure about his micro cock for sure.

No. 1301539

You guys are shitting on Maddie for dating a guy that says Nigger when Ashley did the same thing. When Ashley responded her trash boyfriend why did no one say she was in the wrong for dating a racist hick that says nigger. Maybe both of these girls are a little lax with their views on race lmfao

No. 1301542

why did no one notice this milk she literally hung out with the guy she did xans with maddie and that other fucking sperg. she’s clearly not an ex junkie more like a current junkie.

No. 1301568

First off we all expected this from Ashley this is not new milk. She dates a racist boyfriend like every other month it’s old news at this point. Second half the people on here baby Maddie and she’s not a fucking baby. Maddies shit too and so is Ashley. They both suck dick literally and figuratively for money and views. No one talked about Ashley‘s boyfriend because we all know that he’s shitty in general because Ashley is fucking stupid. whereas this is probably Maddie’s biggest relationship that she’s ever let out on the Internet so we’re all really shocked but I guess also not surprised that she’s dating a racist asshole, but now she wants to cry about it all of a sudden like wtf. Maddie just is never going to get her shit together regardless of the Ashley situation. She’s been like this before Ashley she’s just lazy as fuck and always depends on other people to support her

No. 1301622

File: 1629167363112.jpg (1.16 MB, 1920x1920, 2021_08_16_19_28_45_435.jpg)

No. 1301625

File: 1629167528843.jpg (767.59 KB, 1920x1920, 2021_08_16_19_31_34_094.jpg)

No. 1301628

File: 1629167648012.jpg (1.26 MB, 1920x1920, 2021_08_16_19_33_51_636.jpg)

No. 1301636

File: 1629168100358.webm (4.39 MB, 1080x2400, Screen_Recording_20210816-1919…)

Saged because it's not new milk

he's such a little twat, I'd love to kick his scrawny ass

No. 1301644

File: 1629168598503.webm (5.43 MB, 1080x2400, Screen_Recording_20210816-1920…)

This!! I was rooting for her to get some stability and to be an adult for ages but it's not happening. Idk about other anons but I had a soft spot for her because she's clearly from an abusive home. It's been so long and I haven't seen her take any steps to better herself, hopefully one day though. I'm Glad she got rid of this douchebag but she'll probably rinse and repeat w another one.

No. 1301647

File: 1629168900001.webm (3.53 MB, 1080x2400, Screen_Recording_20210816-1921…)

No. 1301691

No. 1301728

File: 1629185560009.jpeg (207.19 KB, 750x1013, F50D8622-BE53-49F3-B435-021FB5…)

Sage for tinfoil. She's smoking pot in nature, which can only mean one thing. She's hanging out with her racist trailer trash abuser again. Maybe don't expose him as garbage until you're sure you're done with him, Ash.

No. 1301752

File: 1629189811247.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1170x1760, A52705D9-E467-4CD7-BB56-492D5B…)

Ah yes, I’m sure everyone did

No. 1301757

File: 1629190855421.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 189.22 KB, 1170x1704, 53A1C45A-8755-41C5-8ED3-3AAAEE…)

Trashley has the hairiest anus

No. 1301762

File: 1629191226346.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 173.17 KB, 1170x1854, FAA5C1C2-F219-47EB-BF30-771F0C…)

No. 1302039

yo does anyone know if she made another priv?

No. 1302111

File: 1629226581731.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1125x2004, 68B643A3-7CA5-45BB-BE54-9072C3…)

No. 1302201


>Consistently dresses like a slut

>Always out drinking, either at her workplace or somewhere equally low-brow
>Post more and more "thirst trap" pics because "everyone told her 2 post" (right)
>Less than 24hrs later "I'vE tAkEn A sTeP bAcK fRoM SW tHe LaSt YeAr, SoRrY tO dIsApPoInT"

Like bitch you're so deluded lmao

She's still a slut, except now she isn't getting paid for it. What a fucking joke.

No. 1302230

Literally we'll see get back in 6 months after she cracks out again and goes broke lol.

No. 1302262

She really did SW, made fun of other sw'ers, and blamed doing it in the first place on drugs.
I can guarantee she will do SW again having a normie job would kill her for sure.

No. 1302290

She's done tons of custom videos in the last year so I really don't understand why she's all high and mighty about not doing it now kek.
Her version of doing better is working a shitty part time job and drinking all the time ? Jfc the Midwest is a cesspool.

No. 1302294

she still owes people from the videos she promised that people never got but still paid for.
also bitch you’re still doing drugs. nothing has changed

No. 1302391

Right like why in what universe is she trying to act sober lol

No. 1302463


She's following him on ig again, so maybe

No. 1302505

he sounds like a 15 year old lmaoooo

No. 1302510

its hard, its just thin af
kinda explains his behavior in general

No. 1302538

File: 1629271478621.jpg (79.04 KB, 1080x1150, Screenshot_20210818-002406_Ins…)


No. 1302597

i am actually shocked she went back to a dude who calls people the n word and told her to OD. youre telling me there’s not one decent dude in Dayton Ohio? that’s half decent looking? honestly, she should just move to a new city and get a fresh perspective. shes not special but she’s still selling herself short

No. 1303077

Honestly, she’s really not selling herself short, it’s sad but that’s probably as good as she’ll ever get

No. 1303311

she had a modeling career started, was in “normal” teen relationships albeit toxic, I guess once she became an addict she changed. I still think she could turn it around.

No. 1303432

This fugly bitch has lost whatever chance of being a model that she ever had. She literally has a morgue tattoo on her forehead.

No. 1303655

Not to mention her other trap tattoos and that she has a flabby alcoholic body now kek

No. 1303740

File: 1629400236180.png (587.38 KB, 750x1334, A309E2DA-BB71-4B81-86E7-15A106…)

It's just like, holy shit you dated a man with THIS many red flags and previous incidents, and it's been obnoxiously happening for years and you never knew about his history? You're dating him and he was arrested for threatening to shoot up a school but you're just now getting to know this? Maybe because she's homeschooled she just didn't give a fuck

No. 1303863

i’m sure she had an idea, but her need for a metal bf was too strong apparently

No. 1303897

lmao she def knew but her borderline ass didn’t care

No. 1304063

File: 1629416108225.jpg (770.21 KB, 1920x1920, 2021_08_19_16_34_32_854.jpg)

How desperate do these girls have to be its so fucking embarrassing truly

No. 1305301

File: 1629536990368.png (2.69 MB, 750x1334, 17B061AC-B5D8-40E3-A079-E5FF31…)

imagine telling your doctor that your only source of income is shitty porn and then being surprised when they react that way

No. 1305863

> are u selling yourself .. ?
It made me audibly laugh imagining this conversation going down

No. 1305967

File: 1629628332931.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 288.51 KB, 1372x1372, 391FD9DF-BA46-4B94-830F-BA0560…)

First pic is from May, second pic was posted today. She must be editing the fuck outta her pics because we all know she's not that skinny anymore kek

No. 1305993

Or maybe she’s starving herself for others approval which is likely

No. 1306042

Her face looks completely different, it’s so bloated now.

No. 1306166

File: 1629651631130.jpeg (120.16 KB, 381x501, D383DC8D-5C21-4E84-9AF1-EA44EC…)

not necessarily editing but definitely a shit ton of sucking in her stomach and posing. i mean we all know how she looks in cadid pics lmao

No. 1306250

File: 1629659399691.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1125x1835, 1317B3E0-DD2B-4CE4-8FE8-782774…)

It’s almost like she keeps talking about it because it’s the only thing that’s made her somewhat relevant. Like she needs the drama for people to be interested in her life lol

No. 1306582

she probably is losing weight for whatever reasons (starving, drug use, etc) and despite her serious daily alcohol binging cause severe face bloat. a ton of alcoholics are “skinny fat” but I would just say she’s thin with a lot of alcohol bloat.

No. 1306873

File: 1629731434127.png (2.56 MB, 750x1334, 2F6CADAA-F0B4-43CD-A756-A50C1C…)

How much you wanna bet maddies going to get with him again lol

No. 1306990

just realized something….what’s maddie gonna do now that OF is taking off explicit content??? she’s not be able to make income off of that anymore lol…..can you imagine her getting a real job? she would literally never get or hired/get hired and then fired her first day on the job

No. 1307073

y’all are brain dead and read like one unsourced article. onlyfans is only removing sexual content with violent, incestuous, or excreted bodily fluids content. porn is still ok, just not extreme porn, which neither make.

No. 1307078

Anon are we reading the same thread
Ashley has done vomit and piss porn

No. 1307081

File: 1629754308006.png (1.08 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210823-125955.png)

No. 1307162

Lmao she’s definitely only saying that because she knows her drinking is gonna catch up to her body, I mean her face already shows her alcoholism. I mean what else will people pay attention to her for when she’s not conventionally attractive anymore

No. 1307170

File: 1629762107639.jpeg (608.97 KB, 1125x1770, A2370590-0E5F-43B3-8903-566F85…)

This is an old Facebook post of hers from when she got out of rehab one of the many times, love it for her that she’s saying she doesn’t have an issue with alcohol when she’s literally always drinking now, yet here she is openly admitting to the problem, if she gonna lie like that at least learn to delete your old posts that contradict her

No. 1307349

File: 1629780689638.jpeg (296.16 KB, 1242x1564, 6C9047B4-0C1C-439E-823F-BC0C1C…)


No. 1307382

90% of her content has been customs thru literally cash app and venmo lol. but the subject really was MT not AR.

No. 1307387

what the FUCK?? it's like she doesn't even give a SHIT about maintaining her fake morally correct image. How can you legitimately go like a week exposing this man as a pedofile, a racist, literally all that and more and then crave his affection? Heartache is not an excuse to condone pedophilia. Now obviously we can see that she didn't care he was a pedo and potential school shooter. The reason she spent this much time and energy 'exposing' him and trashing him because she was just using that to hold over his head. At the very least it shows maddie does not care about the shitty person he is and wasn't genuinely trying to warn other people but was just doing it to spite and for drama. Maddie is one of the trashiest bitches I have ever heard of.

No. 1307396

How long did they even date lmao, like she’s so hung up on some guy she knew for like a month

No. 1307436

File: 1629801067025.png (2.18 MB, 750x1334, 11F02F25-2B7F-433B-B526-30C7A0…)

Like, responding instantly and showing that you're actively lurking and are more worried about the negative perception you might get from expressing that you miss a pedofile just makes you look like shit. You have no way to rewrite the fact that you knowingly called a pedofile out of desperation? what a bad look

No. 1307469

File: 1629810410928.png (8.03 MB, 1242x2688, E4422B59-B435-4451-99BC-E81B66…)

No. 1307482

does she have fetal alcohol syndrome or smth, her features are so weird looking

No. 1307516

I just can’t believe that she didn’t break up with him as soon as she heard him using racial slurs. like maddie you claim to care so much about black ppl but not breaking up with someone who says that shit makes you responsible for being racist.

No. 1307526

we’ve known she just did it for the attention and drama, Maddie just confirmed it for us

No. 1307619

Literally. Her and Ashley have dated men like this and had them publicly be racist and they're acting as if associating with them doesn't mean they're racists.
He calls black people ni*gers and you think that you accepting that is not racism? Smh.
Theyre both literally so brain dead I can't. Drugs take their toll I guess.

No. 1307637

File: 1629830450597.png (2.82 MB, 750x1624, 797CBE22-4C8C-48A3-803E-3418E8…)

lmao this is such a rank ass picture, trying so hard with the old ripped paper bag too. i dont think "trailer park whore" is an aesthetic for her anymore, i think she's genuinely that low in her life.

No. 1308001

so does she even have any plans for a new home when her mom sells the house? she says nothing about her plans while crying about guys… i really think she’s gonna end up either homeless or live in a crack house

No. 1308016

lmao poor girl doesn’t have a personality at all

No. 1309326

Ashley's drunk on her story showing off her tacky outfit and screaming about seeing third eye blind, a band she's never publicly listened to outside of trying to seem interesting kek
Don't get covid you babbling alcoholic, when she inevitably does get it she'll act like she had no idea what she was doing was putting her at risk. Embarrassing.

No. 1309342

off topic but not really - does anyone know if ashley or maddy got the vax? most people post about getting it but i haven’t seen shit from either of them about it. maybe they’re anti vaxxers lmaooo

No. 1309369

File: 1630027253544.png (1.48 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210826-164619.png)


She's in denial about how she's starting to look more and more like a walrus and I am here for it.

No. 1309372

File: 1630027393970.png (900.5 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210826-182223.png)

No. 1309373

File: 1630027457503.png (958.15 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210826-182233.png)

Also she is filming some random guy? Fucking lurk lol

No. 1309409

File: 1630031172394.jpg (558.05 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210826-192428_Ins…)

Is she like anti mask or something?
She never wore it on her Vegas trip around people, or anywhere else I can remember she like never wears it

No. 1309467

more like she's a selfish human being who doesn't care about anyone other than herself

No. 1310039

File: 1630116901798.jpeg (704.68 KB, 1125x1099, ED276344-6A3B-475B-A1DB-575778…)

Found this on Insta lol

No. 1310083

File: 1630121288084.jpg (526.41 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210827-202643_Pho…)


No. 1310297

Nobody in Ohio is getting the vax. Covid hospitalization is skyrocketing and hospitals are understaffed. Even the deer in Ohio are getting it.

No. 1310476

File: 1630171732821.jpg (626.37 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210828-102745_Ins…)

Still thinking about with the guy who is racist and told her to kill herself? Cute.

No. 1310477

"I'd never treat me so shitty"
Ma'am you treat yourself like shit daily what do you mean

No. 1310673

File: 1630188026434.jpg (642.46 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210828-145955_Ins…)

Next thread pic

No. 1311827

File: 1630344794482.jpeg (253.42 KB, 1170x2383, 92B88F23-29B6-4028-B408-9E93C9…)

No. 1311829

File: 1630345159988.jpeg (824.64 KB, 2048x2048, D23909CA-845F-4486-880D-AFE88C…)

No. 1312000

God that forehead tattoo ruined her

No. 1312007

the pics would be so much less-disgusting had cleaned the mirror lmfao

No. 1312103

File: 1630361421004.jpg (162.85 KB, 1080x1802, Screenshot_20210830-150834_Red…)

It's so funny how she acts all above SW when she did vomit porn
Absolutely deranged.
Anything for drug money I suppose

No. 1312397

File: 1630390095113.jpeg (236.84 KB, 750x889, 3567AB44-3520-4BFF-AAAF-A1C6EE…)

Whilst looking through Ashley cow and Kira cows twitters I believe I’ve come across Kira’s rapist boyfriend’s twitter. Has no one spoken out about this yet? I know Ashley isn’t against manipulating children but a child rapist? Surely they have to know giving how much these whores lurk

No. 1312414

When confronted they both say that the accusations came about abt the 8year old because of a “jealous ex” i’m sure that’s the story they’re going to “believe” or at least pretend too, unfortunately

No. 1312494

even at that point, he was arrested. with an accusation of something so disgusting, how could you date someone who could’ve POSSIBLY done something like that. there’s news articles about it, they publicly associate themselves with someone who has a rape accusation. of a child.

No. 1312609

They have zero shame and morality, there's years worth of Ashley being an idiot on these threads but Kira sort of surprised me. I guess you'd have to be a cow and self absorbed narcissist too, to be long term friends with someone like Ashley.

No. 1312747

you absolutely cannot under any circumstances be arrested without some evidence leading to say that you committed a crime. someone saying “oh he raped an 8 year old” or even the 8 year old saying “oh he raped me” is almost never enough for someone to be arrested. he could be brought in for questioning, but he wouldn’t have been arrested.

No. 1312756

Exactly, Kira knows he did it and must not care. I pray they never reproduce their parents clearly failed them, must be an Ohio thing to let your kids do fentanyl, give drugs to children, and date documented pedophiles.

No. 1312841

Where did you hear this from? Who confronted either of them are there any screenshots?

No. 1312851

Different anons here but it's not far off at all, considering Ashley always has an excuse for her behavior I'm sure Kira looks at it like it wasn't his fault or something fucking ridiculous so he doesn't have to be accountable

No. 1312860

A bunch of girls in their early 20s being friends with a guy in his 30s with a child rape accusation… Dayton Ohio things. Also dating guys who say the n word and have a trashy trailer park aesthetic.

No. 1313023

he deleted his profile lmao lurking much

No. 1313080

if you go into the previous farm, there’s the screenshot from his news article. look up “Adrian child rape Ohio”. Maybe you wouldn’t want that on your search history lol.

No. 1313332

File: 1630518965062.png (1.35 MB, 750x1334, 7205A876-F6E0-42D1-ACF6-4F3AD6…)

No. 1313628

File: 1630546013901.png (240.68 KB, 750x1334, B18FE4A6-4E35-410A-8FA2-12AA75…)

Original Anon here. I’ve confronted ashley too many of times from commenting on her pics to dming her. i usually get blocked so i don’t have those. i encourage you guys to do the same as she’s a literal rape apolgist.(cowtipping )

No. 1313629

File: 1630546045348.png (1.04 MB, 750x1334, D245DDD8-1119-430A-8835-14B900…)

No. 1313630

File: 1630546078161.png (923.2 KB, 750x1334, 7AE96A66-1BFF-4A37-89BE-3246B3…)

No. 1313731

disgusting bitch

No. 1313801

File: 1630570900763.png (1.7 MB, 750x1334, 8E244EA6-8F63-408B-9829-24BE50…)

still loving animal abuse

No. 1313804

File: 1630571193245.png (386.67 KB, 750x1334, 2EEAACFD-5334-4CD3-A959-3E33C6…)

this is what someone who has heavy trauma from "gang violence" looks like

No. 1313826

can you newfags read the rules and stop bragging about your cowtipping

No. 1313854

File: 1630577574407.jpeg (762.27 KB, 3464x3464, B737CBF2-E8ED-4072-AF51-1A3409…)

she is clearly editing her photos. it’s only somewhat subtle. we already know she is not built like that. also lighting wouldn’t cut her stomach in a perfect curve. she is embarrassed about her thighs. you can see where the counters cut a bit and lean in. she’s tried to edit them to be straight but you can see the pixel quality cut. this one is just so painfully obvious.

No. 1314134

lmao yes her waist was never this small, not even when she was thinner. i thought you were embracing your body ashley can’t believe you lied to us

No. 1314325

That's what I'm saying! When I posted this picture originally, all these anons were white knighting her saying she lost weight.
Like you don't obtain and tiny little waist you've NEVER had before by starving yourself for a few weeks. Plus she's still binge drinking so that's just out of the question. Also she deleted the picture from insta.

No. 1314326

File: 1630626410070.jpeg (156.65 KB, 750x965, D5AFF210-A793-4A16-BF46-58727E…)

There's no way she really looks like that from the front kek

No. 1314388

Her little rolls from the back outted her kek
Keep drinking tubby!

No. 1314481

File: 1630643146018.png (1.43 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210902-212503.png)


No. 1314482

File: 1630643212018.png (1.06 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210902-212511.png)

Also posted on main. Boy she must be really hurting for cash and seriously needing some validation for her existence. How sad

No. 1314534

That is insane. She stopped doing sex work for TWO WEEKS. I bet she got fired from her fucking job. I wish I could heal mentally as fast as these idiots.

No. 1314599

There’s no shame in stopping and starting up again, but when she stopped it seemed more holier than thou. She made a big show about stopping, how she felt it correlated to her drug use. I mean I guess we all know she’s never gonna make the content like she’s paid for anyway

No. 1314981

File: 1630698317668.jpg (955.11 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210903-124453_Ins…)

She's hurting for money real bad it seems. Tinfoil but she's finally lost her shit part time job from being such a slag off all the tine

No. 1314982

File: 1630698497603.jpg (89.88 KB, 1080x933, Screenshot_20210903-124701_Ins…)

Bahahaha the denial here,
> I've had bangs since I was 3 I'll go ahead and have them when I'm 30 as well
God she's such a disaster

No. 1315168

File: 1630713846991.jpeg (82.69 KB, 750x312, A7188EC9-7CED-44AE-9433-391A47…)

No. 1315225

File: 1630718155273.jpeg (216.49 KB, 750x1325, F3ED9F20-1C0E-4D03-9926-869103…)

So Maddie just went live from the hospital, saying she is getting kicked out of her house and is now going into a program to help young adults find shelter and jobs. The nurses gave her a bunch of Ativan and she ended the live saying "The medicine is kicking in. Fuck, fuck, what am I doing?" She seemed blacked out. Like just chilling in the hospital blasting metal music on live. Not weird at all.

No. 1315243

File: 1630720094880.jpg (191.28 KB, 1080x1684, Screenshot_20210903-184755_Ins…)

The comments on Ashley's recent oml

No. 1315293

File: 1630727621242.jpeg (245.51 KB, 828x1496, F7764934-8B7C-48A3-83EC-790626…)

No. 1315461

God her stories rn are exclusively hospital tvs and whining about how she hates it there so much.
Didn't you put yourself there maddie? I'm not shitting on mental illnesses, but some accountability is in order when you've done nothing to change your life for years and keep putting yourself in these situations.
I feel like she does like it there. At a hospital is decent structure on getting better, and she can't do drugs or self harm because she's being monitored. Idk that's just my opinion but if you hate it so much put the fucking phone down and focus on why you are in the hospital..

No. 1315774

why is maddie in hospital? i missed her live

No. 1315799

She looks hideous as always. She looks like a ape. She looks like that junkie home alone kid.

No. 1315952

I really hope they help her. This is what she needs and hopefully it’ll make some kind of difference.

No. 1315965

new here? this is not her first time being kicked out or ending up in a hospital for abusing drugs

No. 1315998

No it’s not her first time she’s been doing this shit for YEARS. Maddie will be 21 eventually but is still money grubbing off her brother and being a cry baby as usual. She won’t even try to get a really job or change her life because she’s LAZY. I’ve seen her do this a least 6 times and she never gets better she just ends up doing the same shit going live on Instagram and ranting while drinking and doing drugs with her friends. She bitches about her living situation and life but doesn’t ever try and be an adult and fix it. I swear this girl could be 30yrs old still doing the same shit.

No. 1316027

I know it’s not her first time. I’m talking about the program to help young adults find shelter and jobs. I know they can’t force her, but they’re professionals and dealing with people like her is their job. I’m just hoping. I’ve seen people worse off than her with so little hope get better eventually. But obviously in the end it all depends on her. We’ll see, I guess.

No. 1316081

File: 1630813317305.jpeg (77.51 KB, 750x698, F7EE3536-C52E-4C01-B203-3D00B3…)

This hits different when you know she's a child rape apologist. God she is so tone deaf.

No. 1316958

File: 1630919227357.jpg (467.02 KB, 1080x1080, 2021_09_06_02_06_41_689.jpg)

No think only post kek

No. 1316961

File: 1630919454643.jpg (218.57 KB, 1080x1529, Screenshot_20210906-020850_Ins…)

Even her followers who all think they're her friends see it at this point, she's spiraling and no one can help her but herself.. Idk I'm hoping u get better maddie cuz I personally have never hated u, I do hate ashley tho. At least maddie can say she never gave drugs to kids or nearly killed someone in a vehicle smh. Poor girl is so mentally ill she's posting the ugliest pictures of herself I truly think she's having an episode or something.

No. 1316966

File: 1630919895752.jpg (367.31 KB, 1080x1080, 2021_09_06_02_13_23_343.jpg)

There's quite a few more but they're not as funny to me, I don't personally feel comfortable posting her hospital related pics but if you're following her spam you can go look. There's one with a huge IV thats got blood all over her arm and she pinned those comments saying how awful the nurse is. I haven't spent a lot of time in hospitals but it didn't seem that bad to me? Not even that much blood tbh? I wouldn't know I ig, Tin foil but she's trying to make the hospital seem as horrific as possible so she has a valid enough excuse in her brain (for us and her followers) to go back to her cat piss squalor house

No. 1317090

Ivs arent supposed to be bloody at all its a pretty straightforward medical process usually isnt that messy. There was no blood when i had one

No. 1317178

She 100% messed it up herself for the photo.

No. 1317182

File: 1630947279359.png (1.55 MB, 750x1334, C2302ECA-D6E6-4B31-A0A3-347670…)

quitting hard drugs by vaping lmao

No. 1317216

Why is she holding it like that?
Also why is she claiming shes not a smoker??

No. 1317261

No. 1317295

File: 1630956933097.jpg (881.13 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210906-123524_Ins…)

Anyone else feel like she's lurking kek

No. 1317314

those cheap ass vape pens aren't gonna stop her doing drugs at all. if anything she'll fuck up her lungs with it

No. 1317324

What hard drugs does she even do? It seems like she’s trying to prove she’s worse off than what she is

No. 1317325

i think she used to do coke but i dont understand how she managed to afford it??

No. 1317337

She probably never bought it herself lol and just used if her friends had it

No. 1317362

Alcohol and an obscene amount of cough and cold medicine

No. 1317368

That’s not that hard lol, like yeah you def shouldn’t be abusing it like that but it’s no heroine or fent

No. 1317411

Coke benadryl and a shit ton of medical stuff

No. 1317413

Okay but was she actually using coke or was she just occasionally doing it by her friends had it?

No. 1317420

i don’t understand why she haven’t moved out yet, she doesn’t pay anything at her house and OF gives her money, if she tries hard she could gain $1000 per month, which she claims she already gained before

No. 1317422

I don’t understand why this bitch would spend money being at the hospital if she’s literally broke and being kicked out

No. 1317512

some ppl here said she also used heroin but again, how would she afford it?

No. 1317732

She’s just trying to portray herself as worse than she is. Not saying she doesn’t have issues, but what “hard drugs” has she actually done recently. Cough syrup you can buy from cvs is still bad for you, especially mixed with alcohol, but it seems like she’s trying to say she’s on harder stuff. We all know if she was using she’d be posting it all over Insta, either glorifying it or doing the whole woe is me thing. Addiction is fucking serious, she’s def an addict, but she should focus more on her addiction to attention.

No. 1317737

heroin isn’t that expensive, but still more than she can afford considering she won’t work at all, so it’s highly doubtful she could ever get her hands on it

No. 1317825

chicago has an indoor mask mandate but trashley doesn’t even care…..but what else is new i guess

No. 1318217

Shes been posting a lot about doing coke. More than about cough syrup lmao

No. 1318247

File: 1631052252787.jpg (Spoiler Image, 450.72 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210907-150357_Ins…)

But why

No. 1318431

y’all keep saying she has no money for drugs but how do you think she is broke? OF does pays her and she is always broke like where tf else do you think she spends her money than on drugs

No. 1318512

She gives off hella moocher energy, never buys her own drugs but always wants to do them, plus she has no irl friends so where would she even get them from

No. 1318536

I feel like people here are forgetting Ashley used to give her drugs all the time when they were 'friends', they were always tossed on live together their friendship seemed based on drug use and them both being ohio ethots. Maddie was and is on a variety of pills, plus she drinks. I'm sure she did coke but if she did it consistently I feel like she'd talk about it more since she can't seem to hold back lately. She definitely mooches whatever she can off people and it's shown over time in different people tbh.

No. 1319026

File: 1631126518192.png (895.79 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210907-211201.png)


Posted on Trashley's story last night. Looks like she's still hanging around Eric "the psycho abuser" Meyer after all of that shit she posted about him. Her self esteem must be at an all time low lmao. I love it.

No. 1319029

File: 1631126590699.png (1.87 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210907-211213.png)

Everything in this picture is filthy

No. 1319031

Trashley was probably just talking shit about her ex for attention while they were in an argument but doesn’t actually care about anything she’s accused him of

No. 1319034

File: 1631127220788.jpeg (496.09 KB, 2048x2048, AFA8480F-5CE0-4BDF-9C6D-46AC6B…)

Trashley definitely edits her pics. She might be vaccinated because Chicago has mandates for restaurants and bars no? Still, you are supposed to be masking as you can still spread it to others.

No. 1319300

That's not even him bro

No. 1319529

I've been stuck on this, it looks like him to me but his face is never shown in the video. The guy has the same or similar trashy tattoos, and the same exact body type & hair, they're also at a skate park which was their thing if those losers had one during their few months. Idk I'm pretty sure it was him, this wouldn't be the first time she publicly shat on him and then went back as if she didn't say he told her to OD, etc. I guess we'll have to see if she posts him again.

No. 1319596

File: 1631184322900.jpeg (229.01 KB, 750x1030, 6ABE1864-F4D8-49E3-A6AF-F4C30A…)

His neck looks like this

No. 1320229

Are you saying this is or isn't him? You can't see the front of his neck in that video

No. 1320248

are you retarded?

No. 1320777


That’s not him. I’m a local. She’s not hanging out with Eric anymore. Don’t crucify a random stranger, you losers

No. 1320825

You sound a little butthurt

No. 1320874

They both have tattoos on the sides of their neck too, but it's honestly obvious it's not him to me idk

No. 1321000

File: 1631322223055.jpg (472.29 KB, 1080x1080, 2021_09_10_18_01_34_972.jpg)

Anyone think this kitten is hers? I feel so bad for her hoard of neglected cats. It must be hard being so desperate for male attention constantly kek.

No. 1321103

File: 1631339118033.jpeg (796.91 KB, 2048x2048, FFA5335C-0216-496B-ACF3-6E89E1…)

No. 1321121

This is not even remotely milk.
I guess I'm surprised she's held the job so long? I didn't think she'd be able to keep it more then a month or two, although my expectations for her were and are very low.

No. 1321174

File: 1631360884858.png (368.76 KB, 750x1334, 34CF294B-71DB-46E5-8C69-641B42…)

lmao even her followers notice how obnoxious she is

No. 1321533

LMAO that first one is dangerously accurate

No. 1321909

File: 1631446950295.jpeg (141.38 KB, 750x315, EF63A998-20A8-4A8D-BDCA-8E7D90…)

she's really willing to do anything but move out on her fucking own. yeah girl, move in with your estranged dad! what could go wrong, especially considering how awesome the rest of your family is

No. 1322265

not to give her any ‘benefit of the doubt’ or anything, but maddy is sick and her brain is underdeveloped. she should have a job, but any job that pays her won’t give her 3x her rent, which is required for her to get her own place. if she does move out, it would most likely be with roommates, but the only roommates she could afford to live with would also be druggies, so there’s really no sage haven or obvious answer for her right now. she should definitely have a job, just to save up money in general, or something, but it’s very very very unrealistic of anyone to be telling her to get her own place. i work a full time job, and if it wasn’t for my partner, i wouldn’t be able to afford my one bedroom apartment due to income requirements, and i make almost $3,000 a month just myself. i think everyone here needs to be a little more realistic. she’s a troubled young girl with an underdeveloped brain and a rough home life.

No. 1322403

There’s places surrounding the Dayton area you can get cheap apartments in, I lived in a neighboring part where I made 3x the rent (barely, but still did) working at a fast food place full time. It was shitty as all hell but it was still a roof over my head I was providing myself

No. 1322417

File: 1631485587782.jpg (626.2 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210912-134441_Ins…)

No. 1322585

File: 1631492502597.jpg (604.17 KB, 1080x1080, 2021_09_12_17_12_20_183.jpg)

Don't get me wrong I agree with you on everything you've said but it's the fact that's she's been so stagnant in her life for so long. Even Ashley has accomplished more & we all know how incredible she is with managing her pathetic life.
It's incredibly tone deaf for her to whine about her life constantly when she's old enough to do something about it. If she could do anything different then what she is now I'd give her credit. The girl doesn't drive, work, all she does is dye her hair, use substances with andy, and ethot herself. The last few years on this thread I've been kind to her and wished the best for her for those reasons but at some point she's gonna have to grow up out of this cycle because it isn't working.

No. 1322845

File: 1631518239266.jpeg (144.83 KB, 720x819, DA362F74-E68D-4263-A57D-664852…)

nightmare fuel

No. 1323531

Maddie is drunk on live and her mom started yelling at her to start taking her posters down, “I want you out of here as soon as possible!”

No. 1323538

File: 1631595414599.webm (8.86 MB, 1080x2400, Screen_Recording_20210913-2153…)

I'm having a really hard time uploading for some reason so I cut most of it but damn this live was depressing to watch. She's clearly on something and no one mentioned it. She was talking about music moving the camera rapidly, & making some really weird faces

No. 1323541

File: 1631595789780.webm (12.68 MB, 1080x2400, Screen_Recording_20210913-2159…)

She has no business doing herself so dirty.
Please watch these sober maddie and decide if this is what you deserve because I don't think anyone should subject themselves to public humiliation like this.

No. 1323543

File: 1631595966422.webm (6.21 MB, 1080x2400, Screen_Recording_20210913-2158…)

No. 1323989

jesus fucking christ thats hard to watch.

No. 1324071

She went live not even a half an hour after I posted it too called "mental health awareness' or something like that, she's lurking really hard ig. I felt kinda bad for posting it tbh but she made her bed, now lie in it.

No. 1324157

is she on meth? she’s grinding her teeth so hard in those videos and she has a bloody nose.

No. 1324204

File: 1631656784669.png (229.83 KB, 385x347, 156156165.PNG)

No. 1324233

File: 1631658597473.jpg (520.84 KB, 1080x1080, 2021_09_14_15_07_49_288.jpg)

Do you ever learn?
You'll inevitably be posting again within a week I promise.

No. 1324277

god she is so embarrassing. at this rate, her behavior will probably continue well into her twenties, maybe thirties. eventually people will realize she doesn't want to change, and will stop feeling bad for her. she won't be a "dumb kid" forever.

No. 1324660

File: 1631707627086.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 683.74 KB, 1125x1570, D6D546B3-C72A-453B-B1B6-74E49F…)


No. 1324769

Maddie - here's some advice: you can't keep embarrassing yourself on live if you DON'T GO LIVE.
These are choices you keep making.

No. 1324808

Honestly, get this – I think with almost full certainty that her life is just that drab and empty that she doesn't care that she looks bad, looks like a junkie, gets trashed, whatever it is. It doesn't matter if you're calling her slutty, gross, shitty person or anything. It's the fact that people are talking about her and it gives her some purpose. It's stimulation and it's the only real attention she gets. Her haters are more active than her "fans" are and quite honestly she probably doesn't give a fuck because at least people are talking about her. She's fine doing drugs to regulate her happiness and seems totally okay with just scraping the barrel in life. It will come crashing down at some point.

No. 1324923

File: 1631730445642.jpg (169.51 KB, 1080x1708, Screenshot_20210915-112355_Ins…)

No. 1325124

Maddie is very lost. I was very lost in my teens and early 20s and got into drugs so I feel for her. It took me till I was about 24 to get sober. Most people’s brains don’t fully develop until they are 25. It’s around your mid - late 20s that you start to see people stop with the bullshit drinking and drugs if they’re going to stop, but usually if they don’t stop and change before they are 30 they just keep on with it. Her family might have been abusive and she might not feel emotionally equipped to actually take control of her life but she has to stop with the excuses. It’s only going to get harder for her as she gets older if she doesn’t just get a job and focus on herself for a while instead of all this empty attention online she gets from shitting out every embarrassing thought she has. I think Ashley has started to notice how oversharing ends up biting her in the ass later and that’s why she’s been laying low.

No. 1325337

File: 1631761368262.jpg (Spoiler Image, 39.14 KB, 561x740, f670f3be90741b2f5084144cadf3fa…)

is this vivadrag? her videos are horrible quality and she seems out of it in each. or are these uploaded by someone else?

No. 1325353

Because she was on fentanyl in all of those, that was taken when she was living in a trap house

No. 1325358

No. 1325485

File: 1631787523002.png (2.59 MB, 750x1334, 50C0C41B-A5EF-44AB-95F6-C382C3…)

Nobody wants you there either

No. 1325566

File: 1631799337803.jpeg (403.45 KB, 1242x2181, B82AA2A6-6840-41A9-B2D1-A48A59…)

Why does she feel the need to dye her hair once a week this shit looks awful

No. 1326013

File: 1631831008422.jpeg (644.68 KB, 828x1390, 79F7C570-77C0-4F1B-A2D8-F7C993…)

I’m betting on because Ashley just dyed hers.

No. 1326053

nah its probably because it's the only thing she can change about herself and makes her feel better for looking different

No. 1326069

File: 1631834728639.jpg (734.69 KB, 1080x2312, Screenshot_20210916_172346_com…)


No. 1326075

File: 1631834941221.jpg (806.05 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210916-192728_Fac…)

No. 1326078

File: 1631834978908.jpg (432.08 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20210916-192750_Fac…)

No. 1326201

File: 1631844268254.jpg (359.88 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210916-190216_Red…)

She will forever be an absolute loser scammer no matter how hard she tries to deflect that lmao

No. 1326275


now wtf is all this about him killing someone shes not spoke about that before right

No. 1326598

bitch wtf

No. 1326791

She's posting him on her story still like him yelling and kicking someone else's door down..
Honey you dated this man , and you didn't know any of this going into it? Really? Were not that dense here but your following may be.

No. 1327133

bro she never looked so bad

No. 1327136

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