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File: 1617153977165.jpg (1.82 MB, 1890x1890, daytonsfinest.jpg)

No. 1198022

General Milk

Maddie -
www.instagram.com/dollltears (main)
www.instagram.com/dolllfears (private)
www.instagram.com/fnafmode (‘friendship account’ with Mandy)
www.instagram.com/brattygothixhoe (super priv)

> 19 year old drug addicted autistic NEET

> Lives in cat piss squalor with her abusive younger brother and troon sister
> Only income is OnlyFans and e-begging
> Had anorexia, now has bulimia and has gained weight
> Chronic oversharer, always goes live tweaking out of her mind
> 50% of her posts are throwbacks talking about how much she hates herself

Ashley -
www.instagram.com/vivadrag (main)
www.instagram.com/damagednerves (inactive)
www.facebook.com/ashleyyinreverse (facebook)
www.instagram.com/_the_new_flesh_ (current)

> 23 year old wannabe goth e-thot

> Drug addicted junkie who is now ‘sober’ (switched to alcoholism)
> Dated a string of insta-scrotes, some now dead, claims some were abusive
> Started selling nudes to support her junkie NEET lifestyle
> Gives drugs and alcohol to minors, groomed Maddie and introduced her to drugs
> In and out of rehab, hospital, psych ward etc.
> Enabling mother who seems to support her financially
> Older brother passed away

Old Milk:

> Maddie is sexually assaulted and robbed because she got in the car with random men while she was drunk, accepted alcohol on the street and went to their house (again), creates Gofundme

> Constantly posting throwback pictures and crying over the fact that she’s ugly now
> Gets a temporary heart monitor due to ED related issues, wears only see-through shirts the entire time
> Gets robbed by Ashley’s friend because of her stupidity (again)
> Posts live stories she doesn’t remember filming, slurring, repeating words, tweaking
> Talks about how much she regrets it the next day, immediately does it again
> Mixes pills and alcohol one live, forgets to pause and argues with her mom offscreen, goes to puke, comes back and gets naked without realising she’s still live
> Tries to sell her @dollltears account but no one buys it

> Ashley gets engaged to a drug dealer after dating for 5 months

> Apologises to her followers about her glorification of drugs
> “BDSM roleplay” goes too far and ends up in hospital
> Boyfriend overdoses while Ashley is asleep and fucking dies
> Ashley ODs
> “Gives up the vivadrag thing” and switches accounts, takes a small break from social media but still lurks
> Switches up the story and says she was “abused, threatened to be killed, around gang violence and given any drug she wanted”
>Her ex Simon passes away
> Old roommates steal all her belongings and she cuts ties, yet was okay when her roommates robbed Maddie, then makes OnlyFans content with them

Recent Milk:


> Thought she was pregnant because she tasted metal, just gum disease from purging

> Started outpatient after being denied inpatient and starts several new medications at once. Redneck mom gives her antipsychotic meds without a prescription
> Troon sister Mandy enables and encourages her to overshare about sexual assaults on live when intoxicated
> Shows off her binge haul on live and brags about how much money she spends on food, pukes in her mouth and swallows it
> Crack porn gets leaked
> Steals stray cats and collars them, lets them sit on the dinner table while they piss and bleed everywhere. Had a geriatric fat dog and told everyone on live she sat bare-coochie in its diarrhoea
> Admits to being on 2000mg Benadryl on top of all her other medication and binge drinking
> Discovers some of the many medications she’s been put on cause weight gain, freaks out in comments
> Admits to sneaking out crossfaded and prostituting herself in a crack den
> Starts going to class again for her GED, walks out of her classes because she ‘feels stupid’ and is ‘too afraid to answer the questions’
> Lurks and finds out farmers have access to her super priv, keeps talking about purging ‘the fakes’ and gets a follower cleanup app, finds out it’s a phishing scam and gives up
> OD’s again and ends up in hospital, posts selfies in her school bathroom showing off her bandaged arm and fakes getting upset when people ask about it, consistently posts photos with her wrists in focus
> Gets an autism diagnosis and brags about it all over her spam, shares screenshots of her medical history for attention
> Posts about hospital bills and the next day brags about getting the most expensive bleach she can find to destroy her hair even more
> Keeps spending past her overdraft and getting fees, opens several Cashapp/Gofundme appeals to get in the positive balance
> Has a full-on pedophile stalker, doesn’t go to police (or even block him)
> Cat’s face swells twice its normal size, in obvious pain, she films it for instagram and doesn’t take it to the vet
> Opens a Gofundme for Mandy’s testosterone, nothing comes of it, gets $25
> Goes live to bleach her hair again, actually starts crying when people tell her it’ll fall out and ends the live
> Says she made $4000 from of in one month alone, could’ve made a living off it etc. and yet is in a negative balance
> Fat anger issues brother gives her a black eye, runs away from home and gets picked up by the cops, wakes up in hospital
> Spams selfies with her black eye, starts another Cashapp appeal to move out, says she wants to waste a portion of donations on sending a ‘goodie mail’ to donators, incurs further overdraft fees because she keeps using her card with no money, offers custom content including piss fetish videos
> Goes to cheesecake factory with family for brother’s birthday, she spends the entire time filming herself
> Posts throwback pictures of the burnt house she got “abducted” in (willingly went to with strangers)
> Gets a job interview at Dunkin, gets $1800 tax returns, goes manic and makes grand plans about moving out, immediately spends it all and goes into her overdraft again
> Gets high the night before her interview, fucks it up and doesn’t hear back
> Says she spent real life money on a guy she met on Wizard101 (an MMORPGfor children)
> Posts a picture of a bucketload of Benadryl
> Brother wants her out of the house, throws her things in the trash
> Covers her face and neck in temporary tattoos, talks about getting a tattoo with her next tax return, ignores a question on live about what happened to the move-out donations
> Makes a new account for her and Mandy’s ‘friendship’
> Claims inactivity from OnlyFans due to feeling fat
> Thread constantly spammed with baby’s first gore shock photos, courtesy of Mandy (a fat fakeboi obsessed with sonic and FNAF)


> Blows smoke in her cats face

> Falls asleep driving under the influence with friends (Kira) in the car. Kira’s dad wants a restraining order, continues to post videos on her phone while driving
> Constantly ‘jokes’ about drugs despite being supposedly sober
> Lovebombs her dead ex Simon despite calling him abusive
> Calls out people in a store for not wearing a mask, proceeds to go to bars every night with strangers and not wear her mask
> Admits to being arrested but laments her mugshot not being posted
> Brags about cutting herself to The Smiths like its cool
> Considers creating Gofundme to reimburse the ‘rare MCR merch’ her roommates stole when she overdosed
> Wants to move back to New York
> Stalker finds out where her sobriety program is
> Ashley, Kira, and Sophie go live on Chaturbate slouching around bored in lingerie, trolls invade chat and Ashley sits offscreen because she ‘isn’t feeling herself’, the others complain that she’s ruining the vibe and attracting trolls because ‘people don’t like her’, offer her drugs
> Tries to curate a fake film buff persona, fails horribly, posts videos of her impersonating joker, complains about weight
> Gets bad lip fillers apparently
> Insists her frizzball hair is ‘not even damaged at all’
> Is gaining weight from binge drinking all day

Previous Threads

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(#2 dayton ohio’s finest) >>>/snow/1113746

No. 1198024

Long time lurker, this is my first thread. Hope I did everything right! Let me know if I fucked anything up lol

No. 1198041

great job honestly

No. 1198049

10/10 threadpic

No. 1198056

File: 1617157928728.jpeg (77.99 KB, 356x640, 6E81E034-AD21-403F-9AFA-F9DFA3…)

always finds a way to bring this up

No. 1198057

You did well anon, thanks for making the new thread

No. 1198123

File: 1617165323969.jpg (800.24 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210330-213351_Pho…)

How much yall wanna bet Sophie was the stupid drunk driver lol

No. 1198186

No fucking doubt. Trash surrounds themselves with trash kek.

No. 1198318

Great new thread anon, no worries. You nailed it.

>>1198056 didn't Jake go home and kill himself like immediately after that. What the hell is she thinking when she posts that shit lol.

No. 1198321

File: 1617190125472.jpg (337.64 KB, 1080x1512, 20210331_072818.jpg)

Wasn't this when she was with jake?? They were constantly playing with guns like it was no big deal. Its so fucking unhinged and the fact she just laughs like it's no big deal? Even if its not loaded what the fuck?

No. 1198354

This is gross. I bet the sex was gross too.

No. 1198434

has maddie deleted her instas?

No. 1198469

damn yeah

No. 1198472

just checked and yep! the super priv one is still there tho

No. 1198505


Maybe someone from her most recent lives reported the account?

No. 1198514

>finger on the trigger
Thanks, I hate it.

Good. She needs to get the fuck off of insta. Can’t imagine her absence will be long though, she’s too addicted to the attention.

No. 1198532

I can almost guarantee she will be back in some forms relatively soon

No. 1198556

i feel like its out of embarrassment but tht she’ll be back in like an hour

No. 1198635

File: 1617218081181.png (5.39 MB, 4096x4096, 009CFF9D-861A-42CF-889A-14A4D0…)

funnies from maddies super private tht i was able to gather

No. 1198636

File: 1617218112439.png (7.46 MB, 4096x4096, B33A4AD1-337A-4F08-B35C-B9C313…)

^ some of her medical records. a little gift for the new thread!

No. 1198652

File: 1617218707019.jpeg (61 KB, 1200x680, 44297797-E32A-4EC3-B00E-8DF509…)

this is amazing thank you anon

No. 1198662

So she’s not even heroin chic? She just abuses cough meds?

No. 1198719

The trash took itself out. Wish every misogynistic scrote like him would too. Ashley acting like it’s so cool and funny her pos bf almost killed her during sex is gross too.

No. 1198789

god you people are pathetic lol

No. 1198797

>I need that serotonin so I’ll do anything!!
Anything but get a job, finish school, actually save money, and move out kek

No. 1198820

wait is @dolllhears maddie too? or is that an old account? im slow

No. 1198854

File: 1617232406826.jpg (1.11 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210331-161221_Ins…)

All they do is drink what a waste of space and air

No. 1198872

Wouldn’t she have some terrible bruising if she was choked so hard it was nearly fatal? Something about this story just seems off to me.

No. 1198891

Are you new to the internet hun? Do you need a tissue?

No. 1198895

They were doing fentayl which scares heroin addicts its so strong. She came up with that dumb excuse with Jake to try and save face since they were presenting 'sober couple goals' then, we all know it was probably just an accidental OD.

No. 1199077

I’m worried Maddie is going to kill herself. She’s deleted everything

No. 1199078

As heartless as it sounds, don’t worry about her. In the beginning it seemed reasonable, and I felt the same. I felt bad about her. But she has proven time and time again that she’s in it for the attention. It’s no wonder she was diagnosed borderline.

No. 1199134

She’s too in love with herself

No. 1199146

Exactly. She showcases every little detail of herself on insta, to the point of being a total inebriated mess on live. Very vain and selfish. This girl has an OF and degrades herself for it too. The handouts are expected. She’ll take advantage of that once she comes back to social media.

No. 1199167

well Andy is posting absolute rubbish (per usual, not milky) so pretty sure Maddie is still earth side.

No. 1199349

Well, I'm not. She deletes stuff all the time.

No. 1199631

same anon. she’s never been absent for this long, which is mental in itself considering it’s not been long at all. I believe if she wasn’t serious she would’ve reactivated her accounts by now - as she’s done countless times before. I really wouldn’t be surprised if she ends it at this point. sounds heartless but on the basis of the past few months, it really doesn’t seem unlikely. sage for general tinfoil

No. 1199707

nah. Maddie is too strung out and too dumb to know how to effectively kill herself on purpose. Suicide is actually hard to go through and most successful suicides are either with gunshot wounds or hangings. I don't see Maddie doing that, she's too much of a junkie. She would either die from a drug overdose or get murdered by a serial killer.

Maddie, sweetie, you need to clean up yourself, stop doing drugs, and move out…

No. 1199859


One day I'll get my pictures.

No. 1200192

No. 1200393

File: 1617381582780.jpeg (205.2 KB, 750x942, 2EB399EC-0439-44AB-B97D-DF3DD5…)

looks like she’s posting on the Instagram she made for her cats, there’s a video on the story as well from 3 hours ago

No. 1200471

File: 1617387156072.png (2.79 MB, 750x1334, 76C15634-80EE-43A6-9C3D-4F67FC…)

she’s alive so no need to worry anons^^(^^)

No. 1200534

File: 1617394951271.png (5.23 MB, 1125x2436, DE019182-8511-41F5-9DCA-2AAF9F…)

And she’s back (private at least). Said she couldn’t last more than two days without instagram

No. 1200544

File: 1617395930427.jpg (763.42 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210402-133118_Ins…)

I was on her live today and it was relieving for me at least to see her aware of herself / surroundings, she said she spent a few days focusing on herself mostly offline. Ashley is such a piece of shit, I bet she hasn't been there for Maddie throughout any of her recent troubles. It's honestly so disgusting to me how she does Maddie.

No. 1200564

"focusing on herself" more like going on a drug fueled bender probably. also ashley is a piece of shit but i can't blame her for not wanting to deal with maddies shit lmao. it's just funny how they pretend they're such great friends when ashley obviously doesn't care about maddie at all and maddie is just weirdly obsessed with her

No. 1200710

maddie was live tonight on dollfears playing call of duty. less than 10 people watching. only to reactive dolltears to play cod on live? i thought instagram was bad for ur mental health maddie? you don't need more people watching u play call of duty

No. 1200856

File: 1617432706407.jpeg (386.69 KB, 750x1137, C45D0EF1-A791-4534-8DC6-8B5034…)

Has she been on hard drugs lately? She seems like she’s been spiraling and her brain is rotting

No. 1200878

Hate to be this anon, but at this point I rly don’t see the interest w these cows. They’re just stupid, at this point we’re reaching for milk. These two are boring.

No. 1200881

at this point we’re just waiting for the shit to hit the fan

No. 1200907

Basically this. Just watching and waiting for the inevitable train wreck.

No. 1200908

Havent we been doing this for a while though? I seriously see no milk. I just see a few trashy girls.

No. 1200925

don't read the thread then. personally i love watching them make bad choices and embarrass themselves

No. 1200946

same here, they're both simply entertaining wrecks to make fun of. also i don't think they've stopped being milky at all, although i agree that it's not necessary to post every ugly selfie they post. especially with maddie it's only a matter of time til the next big drama or "tRaUmAtIc eVeNt" though and in the meantime i'll happily watch her embarrass herself online lmao

No. 1201097

did you see on maddie’s Live ashley said she got her own place now and invited her over? I’m surprised she left her parents house again so soon but it’s probably another trap house or something

No. 1201120

File: 1617472334046.jpeg (183.83 KB, 750x1334, 6C2B4976-EE79-4A21-9BFB-55C655…)

Everyday Ashley tries to prove her subculture. Currently it’s grunge. It’s so try-hard it’s retarded. She’s an incredibly basic bitch beneath all the bullshit

No. 1201161

She ended her live after I asked how she's got a new house with no job and how she's going to meet her goals with no plans and an ongoing addiction issue lmao(bragging about cowtipping "lmao")

No. 1201167

i know it’s very cringe i feel like i saw a month ago or so that she was freaked out by her neighbors? because they were doing a drug deal in the drive way

No. 1201191

I saw that too it's funny because she's a fentayl addict she should be desensitized to seeing dealings like
> poor little Ashley! A seasoned fent addict seeing other addicts do what they do how very horrifying.

No. 1201192

She said on live today she spent her childhood living in a trailer park kek, explains a lot actually.

No. 1201195

lol why on earth would she be freaked out by seeing a drug deal?

No. 1201295

she felt triggered lol

No. 1201852

File: 1617575166195.png (2.8 MB, 750x1334, 0560EC9F-FE3C-4B3C-8888-625EF7…)

what's with these bitches visiting their family and then doing nothing but film themselves? first maddie was being all weird at that birthday party and now ashley is literally recording her aunts conversation while smoking and posing, it's such creepy behavior. also her alcohol addiction is really starting to show on her face, it's getting fatter everytime i see her lmao

No. 1201888

File: 1617578846904.png (4.13 MB, 750x1624, 9A5DBE54-3C83-4C18-B865-5FF46A…)

real life type beat.

i feel for her on this one. kek bc covid is stopping basically everyone from seeing each other but generally speaking a lot of ppl relate to this. nobody should feel alone on the holidays

No. 1201936

is it any wonder why she was so clingy with Ashley? it's obvious she is very lonely and doesn't feel belonged anywhere so she is desperate to have friends so that she could feel like she is part of a group. I feel really bad for her at times but at the same time she needs to stop self pitying herself, get clean, get that GED and move out.

Maddie, if you are reading this, we're all rooting for you sweetie, YOU ARE STILL YOUNG AND YOU CAN GET OUT AND CHANGE YOUR LIFE

Ashley on the other hand is pure trash.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1201996

Lmao nah, speak for yourself dude. I’m sure as hell not rooting for this cow. She willfully chooses to be a NEET and e-beg out of everything instead of taking any kind of responsibility or accountability for her actions. She gets no sympathy from me.

No. 1202068

File: 1617609125447.png (3.49 MB, 750x1334, CEB645F6-AC18-4532-9675-2D05F0…)

same lol. she literally just spammed her whole story with videos of her rambling about how sad and lonely her life is again and it's the most frustrating shit ever lol. she seems high and even mentiones that she's aware of how dumb she is for oversharing every part of her life on the internet but it's her "coping mechanism" and she acts like she can't do anything about it lol. i don't feel sorry for her at all, she's just annoying and ruining things for herself constantly

No. 1202641

File: 1617697832355.jpeg (161.06 KB, 750x645, 145D3D40-14F9-4F35-8BD1-E17D55…)

why save your money and make realistic plans to get out of your oh so abusive home when you could just waste all of it on an expensive hotel, right? she's insufferable

No. 1202704

so tired of wishing for the things to work out for her, she’s a fucking idiot

No. 1202716

she’s not 21 yet, how is she expecting to get a hotel when i’m sure neither of them are of age? or are the rules different in ohio? at best they could get a shitty motel or an airbnb but i don’t think a real hotel will take them.

No. 1202729

Serously, even AirBnbs are cheaper.

No. 1202835

OH is pretty cheap, right? she could get a roomie and live in a small house in a college town somewhere in Ohio, maybe at Kent State, college towns are pretty great to live in if you're broke and in your early 20s and looking for a fresh start.

No. 1202956

Shit’s like 350-550 for an entire 1 bedroom apartment, the fuck is her problem? I pay 3-4X that amount for a room working min wage and reduced hours post-covid. She wants to be helpless and blurt out her retarded backwards ideas to a dwindling audience.

No. 1202967

Well first she’d have to look for an apartment which would be too much work for her. Then some apartments would need to check her credit score which I’m sure she has none. Then she’d need pay stubs and that’d mean she would have to have a job. All things that are doable but would require even a minor amount of effort but I guess it’s easier to sit at home and do nothing but brew in her thoughts and cry online.

No. 1203095

File: 1617757095731.jpg (886.7 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210406-170656_Pho…)

All I caught from the videos before this is that she's having a hard time because her mom woke her up for school.

No. 1203179

School? Did she start going to her GED classes again?
Also imagine being over 18 years old and still having to be woken up by your mother kek

No. 1203204

File: 1617780756671.png (1.88 MB, 750x1334, 4BB858E7-644D-4E87-9EDF-3C2FD3…)

she's posted a youtube video consisting of nothing but cracked out pictures of her, it's really no surprise that she never got any job lmao. i just don't understand why she has to act and portray herself like this online. in her stories today she seemed to be tripping balls again but i guess for her that means it's time to share every single one of her retarded thoughts with her following on main

No. 1203219

Apparently self aware, but also very retarded.

No. 1203225

No. 1203351

wow she's been losing lots of followers. All that self pitying and "woe is me" stories are losing her fans.

No. 1203372

File: 1617812205107.jpg (94.19 KB, 1564x1008, dolltears kek.JPG)

lol tragic

No. 1203488

File: 1617825846802.jpeg (250.82 KB, 1125x1975, 1687992D-4B34-4709-A749-2D4F07…)

She keeps promoting her onlyfans as if it’s not getting reposted on Reddit and discord for free. How does she not know this

No. 1203518

Is she going the shayna route of unflattering face angles to promote her only fans now

No. 1203558

File: 1617831478608.png (3.8 MB, 750x1334, 921B9149-8FE7-46C3-8E28-DFBEF2…)

can maddie make her skinwalking even more obvious?

No. 1203569

God i looked up the reddit threads because im stupidly curious and now I wish to burn my eyeballs. I like hair on girls but I know God damn well she the type to find dirty crusted panties on the floor and rewear them. She stinks so bad irl.

No. 1203598

now i wanna see that shit, what did you search on reddit to find it?

No. 1203642

Just googled "vivadrag reddit" and it pops up lol

No. 1203786

bro she just sits there and fucking mouth breathes the whole time she’s literally the laziest sex worker i’ve ever seen(emojis)

No. 1203787

i’m so uncomfortable hA

No. 1203797

integrate, newfag

No. 1203823

this is the most unappealing picture

No. 1204010

Looking like they smell like yellow old man feet, how anyone could fap to these human wastes is beyond me.

No. 1204019

File: 1617905816985.jpeg (209.71 KB, 828x1429, F4875DF7-E9F5-4007-B943-69E9F4…)

the punk phase is starting

No. 1204027

File: 1617907029524.png (859.72 KB, 720x997, Screenshot_2021-04-08-15-36-07…)

no wonder why that fatty andy is now trans. look at how gross he used to look as a girl

No. 1204029

File: 1617907219288.png (536.2 KB, 711x946, Screenshot_2021-04-08-15-39-45…)

Oh my god but why does she still have this public as if she looked good?

No. 1204031

She had a bit of a punk phase when she was with that Zalvid guy (Tyler? I think) and Simon. Probably trying to appeal to their personas. She does this with all of her boyfriends. Typical bpd behavior

No. 1204046

File: 1617908351961.png (2.15 MB, 750x1334, E379490E-802E-4A8C-AA3C-BE3053…)

sage cos not so milky… but you can definitely notice her weight gain from drinking everyday lol

No. 1204048

that double chin

No. 1204056

I love how it keeps growing too, her chins are visible in like every pic and video now its hilarious.

No. 1204057

i dont think it's that bad, her eyebrows look decent and that haircut makes her face look good imo. her newer pics are definitely more concerning than this one.

No. 1204058

Looking like an ED poster child was her goal though I'm sure

No. 1204090

never noticed she has inverted nipples

No. 1204096

File: 1617910989429.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1242x1848, FFB89169-F259-47A2-9D5A-E71EAB…)

i miss this andy

No. 1204097

I've always thought they looked weird

No. 1204100

Andy is so weird, they probably have no friends outside of maddie

No. 1204201

No one gives a fuck. Not even the fam most likely. 3/4 of the fam or associates will drop from drugs and “Maddie” the “od”(side effects) of testosterone.

No. 1204202

i… actually think andy looks better as a female? grow longer hair, do makeup better and find better fitting clothes.

No. 1204229

File: 1617921481647.jpg (191.59 KB, 1080x1406, Screenshot_20210408-150444_Ins…)


No. 1204266

how fucking tragic

No. 1204277

Honestly feels like andy trooned out cos she wanted attention. Makes sense if your the fat friend and maddie gets more attention cos she looks better in comparison. Also seems like maddie hangs out with andy less and less lately could just be me tho since I don't keep up with this thread too often

No. 1204395

was wondering where Andy has been, I mean Maddie did post that her dad had moved to another state and I’m pretty sure Andy lived with him and her mom, while Maddie lives with her mom and (younger) brother. Older brother seemed to move out ages ago now, good for him he seemed relatively normal out of the bunch of them.

Whatever friendship group she did have is gone now though. There was a period of time before Ashley moved in with drug lord boyfriend (RIP) where they all hung out with the same people or associates (kiras younger brother and his mammoth of a girlfriend who was friends with Liam I think) but Maddie truely is all alone. She used to actually have a social life, now she’s 10x messier, Ashley practically has abandoned her for the millionth time, stuck at home with an abusive household, yikes. Maddie has had so many chances to get out of her situation but her cognitive dissonance bites her in the ass every day.

No. 1204416

Did everyone forget that Ashley got Kira’s younger brother addicted to fentanyl speaking of? It seems like it’s never mentioned on these threads.

No. 1204493

Any proof or screen caps never heard about this. Though I always thought it was weird that Ashley hung out with her, at the time, ex friends little brother.

No. 1204517

File: 1617955089939.png (Spoiler Image, 700.4 KB, 750x1334, 55EAE5BF-4D96-40DE-9C31-5AE8DE…)

No. 1204520

This in no way looks desperate to prove you have friends at all

No. 1204521

Was going to say the same thing kek.


No. 1204536

File: 1617958617480.jpeg (102.77 KB, 750x1100, BE52DC12-0D00-4541-A8C5-5EA64A…)

Maddie posted her hospital notes.
I’m losing it at “disheveled orange uneven hair” and “questionably reliable”.
This is embarrassing why would she want people to see this?

No. 1204650

based doctor

No. 1204663

Fucking kek imagine thinking your doctors examination is more funny than legitimate. As always she proves she doesn’t give a fuck about getting better.

No. 1204701

because its funny lmao they roasted her

No. 1204706

File: 1617981595672.png (1.98 MB, 1170x2532, D276FF0A-5436-40FB-9E73-9B52A4…)

She definitely lurks here.

No. 1204731

There is no doubt in my mind that she’s been lurking a nice long while now.

No. 1204745

wait I'm confused… is Andy also her step sibling? or are they only friends?

No. 1204748

Andy is Maddies step-sibling, Andy’s mom is married to Maddies dad.

No. 1204767

Sage for no milk/old milk
Just today I was on ig and saw ashley vivadrag acc so I went to look, she literally has 0 pictures with her dead fiance, but she has with Simon (wich she talked a bunch of shit) and she also has with that zalvid guy, like I personally have bpd but I don't shit talk my exes or anything hahahsha so I don't blame the illness, she just has shitty behavior…
Anyways it looks like Maddie and Ashley are talking now? Lurk much?

No. 1204768

I think it's cute when ppl say sage without saging lol

No. 1204785

File: 1617990659866.png (796.81 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20210409-145625.png)


No. 1204787

File: 1617990996271.jpeg (103.06 KB, 704x773, AAFB7822-0779-4BA8-A3A0-DCC38F…)

her hair is deadass fried, you can see that it fell out by the damaged

No. 1204796

Looking fat and fried out, washed up and has been, life really is catching up to her I love it

No. 1204800

File: 1617991807389.jpeg (206.63 KB, 750x1333, CF83B9EA-3A63-41F9-9B78-A27C01…)

Maddie and Ashley are going to a cemetery to take pictures together

No. 1204803

how is it possible that she looked better addicted to like ten different drugs than she does now "sober" lmao

No. 1204818

kek Maddie's comment. Ashley's hair looks like someone dyed dead grass red.

No. 1204855

What is up with her logic? Saying she's sober but she drinks 24/7 man I really want to see her in a few years…I have some family members who are heavy drinkers, she better not get used to the fake compliments.

No. 1204869

maddie and andy's relationship gives me such insect vibes nitpcik but the amount she talks about andy and missing him and the fact she made a scrapbook of for for andy and their "friendship"

No. 1204917

learn to sage bpdfag

No. 1204942

"What made you decide to get a forehead tattoo?"
> fentanyl
> skin walking toopoor

No. 1204944

File: 1618007875357.jpg (423.75 KB, 1080x1826, Screenshot_20210409-153708_Ins…)

Nice boogers , she's photos hopped herself before don't see why she'd post these kek

No. 1204945

File: 1618007939548.jpg (385.74 KB, 1080x1652, Screenshot_20210409-153635_Ins…)

She loves attention lol

No. 1205010

File: 1618014375909.jpeg (654.12 KB, 1125x836, FB8988E8-AF74-437B-B0C1-B16DE3…)

Maddie’s makeup is just… no

No. 1205102

do you think ashley goes home and just complais about maddie being annoying and retarded for 2 hours straight? cause i do

No. 1205103

why does she paint her fucking lips like that? i seriously dont get it at all

No. 1205117

why does this feel like it was written by maddie

No. 1205138

it wasn’t

No. 1205140

she looks so much like freddie highmore im-

No. 1205151

File: 1618036990318.png (1.77 MB, 750x1334, ADE8BDF5-29A8-4F63-86A0-E6B0C1…)

I’m guessing Ashley gave Maddie those hickeys? yikes.

No. 1205157

File: 1618039214919.png (6.1 MB, 1125x2436, 9FC62E80-9004-4D8B-AAF3-F249C2…)

ashley kept uncomfortably covering up her double chin lmao. they went to a bar and then spammed videos of them screaming/singing and drunkenly flailing around while driving through a thunderstorm

No. 1205184

it doesn't look that bad. i like the way she does her makeup.

No. 1205236

was Ashley drunk driving? Because they were clearly intoxicated at the bar. Also isn’t drinking age 21 ? A whole lot of unagreeable fuckery going on. Didn’t Ashley make a big stink about drunk driving yet proceeds to do it on her story??

No. 1205366

she was definitely drunk.

I dont know how the driving laws are in america, but where im from you can legally have a BAC of ~0.06% with your FULL drivers license. (That means taking another driving test two years after you get your drivers license)

If its the same in ohio, i SERIOUSLY doubt ashley has her full license.

Even if she did, she definitely went past 0.06%. She is so ridiculously stupid.

Not only that, but she's encouraging maddie's drinking and drug problems. AS THE OLDER PERSON, you NEED to take responsibility for people younger than you.

Even if maddie says "but I WANT to be drinking!" it doesnt matter. ashley is providing for her. Its fucked up.

I hope maddie realizes how much ashley is using her. I hope ashley realizes what human scum she is.

No. 1205374

small towns especially where they live normally don't care about IDing when you go to bars they probably let her in because she's over 18 she just can't buy drinks dosen't help that ashely bought more drinks for them even tho maddie brought a cup of vodka in ashleys car
this will probaly be the only time ashley hangs out with maddie this month and will ignore her again sad but this is basically all to their friendship; getting drunk spamming ig stories and reminding us to but content from them gag i can't imagen what those horrid pictures look like

No. 1205484

File: 1618088088026.jpg (548.35 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210410-135442_Ins…)

Can't wait for her to get covid I truly hope she keels over and dies(a-log)

No. 1205486

File: 1618088129431.jpg (652.06 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210410-135449_Ins…)

Fugly is so bad at driving she hardly looks at the road. You're not even 21 and you're fat kys Ashley.

No. 1205487

File: 1618088184762.jpg (578.41 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210410-135646_Ins…)

At the bar again

No. 1205488

File: 1618088215991.jpg (504.71 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210410-135656_Ins…)

Driving under the influence, constantly looking at madfies phone trying to be cute whilst on the fucning road

No. 1205490

Oh absolutely. Whenever I see them together it feels so artificial, they're doing it for 'content', maybe for maddie it's real somewhat but at this point idk how she doesn't see her lack of value to ashley. It could be because she's a wee bit retarded lol but it just is so blaringly obvious she's just someone to take pics with and to be drunk with.

No. 1205527

File: 1618093008993.jpeg (403 KB, 750x1005, C61FA5FD-A155-48E5-AB52-C4D7CE…)

"fat ass"

No. 1205528

File: 1618093010709.jpeg (615.13 KB, 2560x1920, CCAE7E7C-133A-4BBD-8ADA-77BE4E…)

sure jan

No. 1205595

This made me ugly laugh she's so flat

No. 1205597

File: 1618101954262.jpg (885.23 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210410-174607_Pho…)

She uses being drunk like it's a personality trait kek

No. 1205741

sage goes in the email field, newfag

Maddie’s eyebrows clash terribly with her hair

No. 1205750

Her makeup is fine, y’all nitpicking kek

No. 1205780

did she delete it? kek

No. 1205787

File: 1618139146877.jpg (493.76 KB, 1440x1080, Collage_20210411_130510.jpg)

That's a glowdown if I ever saw one

No. 1205801

tbh maddie looks way better without make up. she has a cute face but ruins it with the awful overlined lipstick look she does and bad eyebrows

No. 1205802

Agreed; she's still really ugly bare faced but her look would improve so much if she just did her eyes and brows and left her lips, like she used to do. The bright red clashes so bad against her skin and hair

No. 1205809

Oh come on, she’s nowhere near “really ugly”. She makes herself look terrible but she’s objectively pretty when she’s not pulling retarded faces or wearing poorly applied makeup. She looks really cute with a blunt black bob and bangs but she insists on these looks that are on par with Ashley’s “white trash Midwest crackwhore” aesthetic.

No. 1205895

maddie looks like shit in the before picture too, she’s just ugly and makes ugly faces

No. 1205906

damn you people have really high standards lmao. she has a normal, pretty looking face. if someone doesnt look like a model it doesnt mean theyre ugly

No. 1205941

Well i think she was really pretty. Now u can se how drugs and alcohol ruined her face and her skin. I think she could still look nice if she only stopped using drugs, sleeping with makeup on and started eating healthy food,

No. 1205942

right, and its really funny because guaranteed none of these people screeching about their looks look any better than them or even close to as pretty as maddie. misery loves company!!

No. 1205948

at least learn to sage if you're gonna shamelessly WK

No. 1205956

bitch looks like lord farquaad but okay, whatever you say anon(s).

No. 1206008

Can anybody on here their instagram(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1206023

Her makeup is fucking terrible lmao nothing flattering about it

No. 1206060

i think i look better than maddie thanks very much

No. 1206066

File: 1618175628067.jpeg (141.33 KB, 750x300, D13FB6BB-6AEA-4A83-9EA6-7011CE…)

this is so fuckin ridiculous lol

No. 1206073

No. 1206077

File: 1618177200995.jpeg (1.23 MB, 3464x3464, 407D53B7-5276-45A5-B35A-65AB4B…)

they both look incredibly ugly and it seems to only be getting worse lol. especially maddie just has bad bonestructure that no amount of makeup will ever cover and ashley is getting fat while dressing like a middleaged trailerpark crackwhore

No. 1206087

You could but these with a before and after on drug prevention posters. They are both so wasted and drained rn.

No. 1206125

File: 1618183887313.jpeg (316.69 KB, 1125x1382, C6059041-9F3A-454F-AA88-9EE17A…)


No. 1206126

File: 1618183923032.jpeg (364.07 KB, 1124x1380, E3D1B5EB-BC98-400D-A0E0-93698C…)


No. 1206191

File: 1618190865455.png (6.12 MB, 828x1792, A017ABAF-0565-4D4C-8EB4-12216F…)

Has anyone noticed her pupils are like pinpoints like shes on some sort of opiate?

No. 1206193

honestly i find her ugly either way. ashley was very pretty before she ruined herself, but maddie always has been ew without photoshop

No. 1206273


they got so ugly its kinda sad. but its literally all their fault. they chose to have shitty haircolors and terrible decisions that age one like 10 years. maddie in my personal opinion doesnt look insanely different, but Ashley did go from average girl to genuinely fucking ugly now. i cant even put my finger in what it is, but shes ugly as fuck in my eyes.

the fact ashley clearly thinks shes above maddie in anyway is crazy to me cause ashley is one ugly fuggo. she should be glad to have maddie as her simp cause if she looks like this i cannot imagine in a few years.

No. 1206392

File: 1618234839116.png (Spoiler Image, 615.37 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20210412-104632.png)

Look at my scars y'all!!!

No. 1206393

as someone who briefly knew ashley in person, I want to let y’all know that honestly not much has changed. her hair and weight have gotten worse yes, and the trashy tattoos don’t help, but ashley has very bad teeth that she very rarely shows as it’s a big insecurity of hers (i’m assuming). she heavily edited her old pictures with multiple apps and wore lots of makeup. seeing her in person, I barely recognized her tbh. her ‘catfish’ skills are very impressive.

No. 1206429

File: 1618239965324.png (933.81 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20210412-121044.png)

That lilworm idk girlfriend posted this to her stories

No. 1206430

File: 1618239993420.png (1.07 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20210412-121047.png)

Pt. 2

No. 1206449

Not to be dramatic but I love her. Jfc the only aware person in this entire lot of idiots.

No. 1206468

File: 1618244309767.png (10.99 MB, 1170x2532, 9556FD16-3043-4C04-9870-6CE505…)

No. 1206469

File: 1618244415337.png (6.23 MB, 1170x2532, 146DD5A7-3D21-4092-9F42-D08C91…)

No. 1206473

Ashley really acts like it's cute to be this dependent on substances kek, it's not a personality trait you sound like the husk of a real human being

No. 1206489

File: 1618246683784.png (1.92 MB, 750x1334, 6B8F96BB-B44D-44E4-8B41-B013BA…)

"addiction is so funny and quirky!!"

No. 1206502

I usually dont post in this thread, so I dont have a clue if those people are addicts but anon they are doing poppers. You cannot get addicted to poppers. They give you a head rush for like 2 minutes and loosen your anus

No. 1206527

honestly their old friend now i guess has honestly always given me better vibes than maddie or ashley. she actually seems like a decent person

No. 1206595

Lmao maddie keeps deleting my comment about how Ashley’s friend robbed her and that maybe it’s bad she’s hanging with someone who’s supposed to be sober when she’s fucked up every other day of the week.
Got a reply from someone telling me to mind my business but when I clicked the comment was gone. interesting.

No. 1206596

yeah but they’re really fuckin bad for you, like NOS balloons. Literally do bad shit to your brain, like stunting brain development if you’re under 25, and for what? A couple minutes high? It’s such a cheap trashy crackhead high and it’s definitely not “cute” or healthy. Snorting chemicals shouldn’t be as much as a “trend” as it is. And taking pictures of it when 50% of your following is 16 and under who want to copy you? Nah I’m good

No. 1206602

elaine is not a good person either. she started dating worm when he was 15 and she was like 18 and just made jokes about how he didn’t “feel” 15. also worm robbed people too and stole from innocent people then bragged about it online

No. 1206607

Agreed I'm grossed out she has the audacity to share that post like she should feel any way but ashamed of herself

No. 1206609

Proof ?

No. 1206610

I have robbed madeline I sold her a fake gram of coke last April. Please watch my story.

No. 1206617

You know damn well you have robbed more than Maddie. Stop trying to bring more viewers to your page from Ashley you guys are trash too lmfao

No. 1206619

I don’t have “proof” besides seeing it on worms story and knowing these people in person, lol not associated with them now but Elaine and Worm are definitely shit, even worse than Maddie if you ask me.

No. 1206642

I honestly like her, good to see someone from that circle call her out. A two year age gap is not a reason to call someone a pedo, I wonder if Ashley or maddie called her that because lol the irony

No. 1206650

The age gap thing is petty indeed. It’s legal and fine. What, a guy can date a girl two years younger but because it’s Elaine she’s a pedo? However, stealing is a whole other thing. Why bother to sell Maddie fake coke anyway?

No. 1206660

File: 1618259762652.png (3.91 MB, 750x1334, EDFA6F23-5788-4EFB-9C33-1325D5…)

really going off on ashley

No. 1206720

Sage old milk anon

No. 1206727

Money. She also said on her story that her and maddie have known each other for years and have a tumultuous love /Hate relationship. She seems far more sober than anyone else from their ecircle, she said she was working on that and acknowledges doing fucked up shit but never going as far as Ashley has gone. She said she was awestruck getting to date worm because she was fat for years and the same people now hating on her are the ones who encouraged the relationship. If Ashley called her a pedo I find that so rich considering she groomed maddie and then made content with her while drunk to sell to internet creeps.

No. 1206756

She threatened to expose me by saying I was dating a child ( she got a child addicted to fentanyl ), I robbed madeline and that I do drugs.

No. 1206799

File: 1618267283245.jpeg (86.12 KB, 660x625, DB01B554-A717-496B-AA67-229357…)

Hi Elaine bestie, didn’t give Maddie oxy and that’s the whole point of this. Well really your only point is you want tea… but there is none I didn’t give her shit . I heard you were telling people I gave her oxy and fent so I guess you’re just making things up at this point because even Maddie said she didn’t say that…

No. 1206807

The girls are fighting!!

No. 1206816

File: 1618268212052.png (4.35 MB, 828x1792, A68C9576-2073-4C27-A3D2-672634…)

Hey bestie, in a call with her right now. We were in a group chat discussing how this was going to happen and we were all gonna expose u because you fucking suck. I know that she still loves you very much bc shes worshipped you for months and shes upset and keeps talking about how she regrets this and doesnt want you to hate this and she didnt want it to go this far. I dont think she meant to word it like that. I was told that U gave her oxy but now that I know its XANAX (not like thats that much of a win for you) I will apologize on that. Did not mean to spread misinformation.

No. 1206822

what the fuck is going on

No. 1206841

K thanks. Would like to add that I told her not to take it and she grabbed it out of dudes hand and swallowed it as quick as possible. I apologize for bringing her into a bar environment but I thought she is an adult so she could handle it: but I didn’t give Maddie drugs, period. There’s a lot of other things you’re claiming that just didn’t happen but I’m not here to embarrass Maddie just say that like what the heck…

No. 1206856

Honestly Ashley I have no reason to believe anything you say. If you truly didn’t hand Madeline drugs - something she told me you did - and madeline is lying then you shouldnt have brought her into a fucking foursome with you in the first place. Thats just so wrong. There is nothing in this situation that makes you innocent. I know Madeline hasn’t spoken out on her own yet but I hope she does and I know what she will say because shes told me it all, Im not going to post screenshots of my fucking conversations with her without her permission like you did though. God.

No. 1206858

Who is this? What are we talking about. Is that ashley or is it that strange person that keeps boasting about robbing Maddie.

No. 1206866

i’m sorry if i didn’t sage right this is my first time and there’s no how-to but anon i’m p sure that it’s ashley and elaine talking to each other on here but i’m not too sure… and ashley, can we discuss the elephant in the room? You got “worm” addicted to fentanyl and obviously drove drunk with your friend in the car not only a few days ago

No. 1206875

File: 1618272723348.png (814.94 KB, 837x551, Coleman-Angus.png)

She hath returned

No. 1206877

I'd pay cash money for you to expose her dirt my guy elaine lmao

No. 1206878

File: 1618272789287.png (1.52 MB, 750x1334, 57858E13-795C-4336-868E-F5647B…)

No. 1206880

Worms ugly ass loves to involve himself even though all of his followers came from Ashley LMAO

No. 1206883

wtf is going on is maddie claiming ashley have her xanax? is ashley just openly not sober now or ahat

No. 1206884

Okay true but it's so refreshing to see them talk about it. Pretty sure fentantyl killed Simon and it for sure killed Jake. A lot of their sheep followers think their
> woe is me, I am an addict so I must use something to get by
Lifestyle is normal or cute even. Ashley's never taken real accountability for this issue and this is the main reason (I think anyways) people like me can not stand her. When she does any substance it's usually not alone she is using alcohol and drugs with other people and it really makes me wonder how many people she's gotten addicted to drugs.

No. 1206888

How is he involving himself when this is literally about him?

No. 1206889

ashley fucking sucks. how the fuck can she be out in a pandemic with no mask on giving drugs to people and still post this shit and claim to be sober. and most of all how do her dumbass followers fall for that shit??? hope she gets exposed (again) for the asshole she is. look at how many life's she's ruined and how many have literally ended because this narcisistic bitch needs attention

No. 1206890

been following the thread for a while, first time posting (sorry if i make any mistakes), used to support ashley heavily and i have to say she really has no excuses lol not gonna repeat everything she has done because everyone on this threads knows it but ashley if ur reading this ur a scumbag lol, ur not a poor drug victim anymore stop pretending to be fake recovering to your minor filled audience when you go to bars everyday, you lost two people bc of drugs and it’s still hasn’t been a wake up call, we all know maddie has done shitty things but she will never recover if shitty crackheads like you keep enabling her drugs. its fine if you dont want to recover and keep frying your brain but dont put a false discourse just to appear like a good role model lmaooo im so glad elaine is exposing her rn this is so fun and i hope maddie cut ties with her

No. 1206892

look at her last post on vivadrag w maddie. there's ppl claiming these two "raised" them. how fucking sad to have these two as your role models

No. 1206894

File: 1618274299571.jpeg (337.5 KB, 750x665, CA664931-B1ED-4EB7-8338-3FB7E5…)

Maddie is currently having a mental breakdown on live saying She wants to love everyone, she’s sorry and something is all her fault basically repeating herself I’m not sure if she’s high or not but I know Andy joined but didn’t say anything.

No. 1206902

maddie youre not a bad person for telling the truth. ashley is an asshole and she's at fault for giving people drugs. you don't have to help this bitch if she doesn't want to help herself

No. 1206904

i feel sorry for maddie at this point she’s still a kid fuck ashley

No. 1206939

ashley just posted an instagram story of her in a bar again(imageboard)

No. 1206945

this is from years ago when ashley was still using. it just shows how much ashley set maddie up for a downfall when maddie was still really young

No. 1206961

File: 1618280069496.jpg (1012.43 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210412-191415_Ins…)

Another day of doing non essential activities during a global pandemic

No. 1206977

even if Ashley didn’t give Maddie drugs, she brought her into that environment. Just wish she’d stop acting so innocent and own up to her shitty behavior.

No. 1206989

She's still young, naive to a fault imo, I hope she figures her situation out. She needs to set boundaries for people, standards, cut ties, etc. Sometimes it's really better to feel lonely than to have shit 'friends' who are users and enablers.

No. 1207074

shut up ashley youre a piece of shit and you should also stop pretending to care about anyone else other than yourself. just leave the girl alone and go fuck your own life rather than somebody else's

No. 1207090

File: 1618309014999.jpeg (117.17 KB, 570x385, 01FF3001-77AC-401E-9752-2AAD84…)

These marks on maddies neck do not look like hickies did she get them from Ashley?

No. 1207105

Oh stop maddie isn’t 10 yo, she’s grown up woman. Noone shot heroin into her veins. She said yes, she wanted it, she took drugs and she drunk alcohol. Thats what u get for being dumb

No. 1207124


Ashley gave Maddie drugs when she was 16-17 lurk more

No. 1207155

i feel kinda bad for maddie in this whole situation bc ashley is probably trying to manipulating her a shit ton rn. just the way she talked about maddie on here as if she's some dumb child that can't be left alone shows how fucked their relationship is. she just sees maddie as some annoying girl she can use for clout and maddie seriously needs to stop obsessing about that bitch and focus on her recovery. what friend posts private text messages in a fucking hate forum and talks shit about you just to try and save her own fucked reputation?? i'm glad that elaine (?) is trying to help maddie now and finally called ashley out

No. 1207158

From Maddies brother

No. 1207159

File: 1618318324512.png (2.29 MB, 750x1334, A58960D6-BAD1-4A73-B6F8-1A58C1…)

Forgot the fucking picture, sorry

No. 1207162

File: 1618318358585.png (2.51 MB, 750x1334, 42204940-9CCB-45EF-95DA-3BCB36…)

No. 1207163

Wo, even Liam speaks up.

No. 1207166

File: 1618319023027.png (2.67 MB, 750x1334, 6D1F6D6D-8EDB-4F49-809F-363BD5…)

Incoming caps of a former friends Insta story (from the account Liam just posted)

No. 1207167

File: 1618319061748.png (785.25 KB, 750x1334, F65BB63A-E14E-45AF-B406-E85BF7…)

No. 1207168

File: 1618319128838.png (1.13 MB, 750x1334, 57004B77-382F-4B0A-A7E7-E4D745…)

No. 1207169

File: 1618319157014.png (1.46 MB, 750x1334, AEA31EBB-83A2-4C90-A4C6-7B7985…)

No. 1207170

File: 1618319233525.png (1.6 MB, 750x1334, 22F2CF46-1F35-4462-8890-8A9B05…)

No. 1207171

File: 1618319261979.png (782.28 KB, 750x1334, A45CF503-7935-48A6-A216-E76C36…)

No. 1207172

File: 1618319291131.png (2.29 MB, 750x1334, 190D1AB5-4545-4489-81AD-703033…)

No. 1207173

File: 1618319328253.png (2.03 MB, 750x1334, E804E0CC-CE24-471F-99C7-0D8022…)

No. 1207175

File: 1618319408699.png (2.79 MB, 750x1334, 7FCE69CF-5EF5-46DB-8266-649009…)

Sorry for all the screen caps, tried to stitch some of the photos together but it cropped off too much text.
That’s all of them, posted in the last few hours

No. 1207276

Liam won’t even hold Elaine accountable for dating a 15 year old. How is a pedophile any better than a drug addict. The ones behind this cancel VivaDrag movement are not any better than her because they’ve all used her for likes and followers.

No. 1207277

The user “bigger than some” is an ogre pedophile, racist, and steals from people.
She is not in the right place to cancel someone else.

No. 1207280

i get what ur saying, i think bc ashley has a bigger audience its important to call her out. but the people calling her out arent saints either. i think everyone in this fuckfest is a mess

No. 1207287

How is Elaine a pedo? Some of yall are reaching

No. 1207288

File: 1618328216748.jpg (965.91 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210413-083601_Ins…)

No. 1207291

File: 1618328505498.jpg (925.81 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210413-083606_Ins…)

No. 1207292

File: 1618328531807.jpg (739.96 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210413-083609_Ins…)

No. 1207294

File: 1618328599789.png (1.27 MB, 750x1334, 0B410CA5-BA7E-43D4-9743-FBCAAE…)

andy posted this in his story earlier today

No. 1207296

File: 1618328699617.png (756.76 KB, 750x1334, 6DC51251-A3B5-459C-A458-EB361D…)

No. 1207304

Elaine is a pedo because she was 17-18 and started dating “Worm” at 15 years old and said that he “didn’t feel 15”. Ashley and Maddie are the same age difference as Elaine and that worm kid. Except worm is younger. If Ashley is a groomer, so is Elaine. She coerced a 15 year old kid on oxy to sleep with her because nobody else would

No. 1207310

this may be a tinfoil but if ashley was really sober (and i mean from other stuff not from alcohol obviously) shed be flaunting how much time she had. its a good way to get positive attention and we know she loves that. her being suspiciously quiet about “sobriety” makes me think she fell off the wagon a long time ago. and liam and andy and everyone else coming out about this confirms those suspicions even more

No. 1207311

bruh shut the fuck up.the difference between a 15 year old and a 17-18 year old is funny af. just because someone turned 18 doesnt mean theyre suddenly mature and know much more than a 15 year old. itd be weird if she was 20 something, but a 2 year difference? you people are nitpicking

No. 1207323

y'all calling elaine a pedophile are reaching really hard lmao. can we talk about how ashley manipulated maddie into having a fucking foursome while she was high with people who look at least five years older than her?? she might be nineteen but she's literally disabled and acts like a 15 year old at best. i couldn't care less what elaine or anyone from that fucked up friendgroup did, i just love that ashley is finally being called out for all her lies

No. 1207335

being 18 and sleeping with a xanned out 15 year old is definitely not okay.

No. 1207338

Exactly, that's like actual sexual assualt..

No. 1207344

she was 17 and he was 15 when they got together, that's literally two years and not unusual at all? also she wasn't giving him drugs to my awareness and especially not to fuck him so wtf are you all talking about i don't even like her but this is just ridiculous

No. 1207351

sounds like you're trying to deflect from ashleys actions tbh. even if this was true i wouldn't give a fuck bc this thread is about ashley/maddie and not about all these other shitheads

No. 1207369

who the fuck cares. make an elaine thread u annoying dipshit. i don’t like elaine and the relationship thing is definitely weird but that doesn’t automatically mean she’s wrong about ashley?? they are BOTH weird and this is ASHLEYS thread. shut the fuck up about it everyone, please.

No. 1207373

Ashley is deleting my comments. People are finally commenting on her posts on her accounts saying “grooming minors into doing drugs isn’t cool” and people are defending ashley.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1207376

Ashley just blocked me on _the_new_flesh_ lol

No. 1207386

has Maddie said anything yet today? I haven't checked her IG yet but i hope she's ok…

No. 1207389

That’s not deflecting, anon was replying to a post specifically referring to Ashley.

The entire group is fucked up but it’s unbelievable how you can see parallels in the behavior, as if even outside of the drugs Ashley’s brand of brain rot is contagious.

No. 1207391

I'm talking about Ashley and maddie not Elaine and her bf you dipshit lol

No. 1207398

File: 1618335121298.jpg (928.77 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210413-102840_Ins…)

The insanity you caused kek

No. 1207401

File: 1618335302449.jpg (202.94 KB, 1080x1641, Screenshot_20210413-103013_Ins…)

Yall never post caps and it irritates the fuck out of me. If there is something worth mentioning you could include a pic this is an image board after all

No. 1207402

maddie isn't 15 lol

No. 1207403

File: 1618335426833.jpg (125.9 KB, 1080x935, Screenshot_20210413-103106_Ins…)

I'm so excited to see how she victims blames or completely avoids this. I hope this shit doesn't go away as well because it's about time people outside the thread hold her accountable

No. 1207409

File: 1618335539702.png (7.12 MB, 1125x2001, E30FD99F-F44D-4B85-AE08-6AE909…)

No. 1207410

File: 1618335564765.png (7.41 MB, 1125x2001, 503C7078-B51D-4B0C-B9D9-674BAB…)

No. 1207411

File: 1618335589776.jpeg (234.34 KB, 828x1472, C3EC67AD-CCDD-4C7A-B4FE-BDBC86…)

No. 1207413

Maybe instead of blaming everything you did on addiction and fentanyl you straight up own up to what you did, address it, and be an adult.

No. 1207416

File: 1618335820464.png (Spoiler Image, 778.72 KB, 1125x2001, 63C88551-036B-4D07-ADEB-9E629B…)

No. 1207418

Queen kek

No. 1207419

File: 1618335992492.png (780.85 KB, 1125x2001, 57714B93-804E-4127-B447-39E61C…)

Doubt she’d tell the truth

No. 1207420

Narcissistic hag

No. 1207425

This bitch watches too many movies, she is acting beyond dramatic and just needs to admit that she’s a horrible person

No. 1207428

Just because you "weren't yourself" when you did something awful doesn't mean you get to just feel bad and move on Ashley. You have to prove that you're sorry and change your actions, and clearly you haven't. You're still abusing substances, even if they're not the same ones. Yes, alcohol counts. You're still dragging Maddie into your trashy bullshit. Even if you didn't directly give Maddie those pills the other night, you still brought her into that kind of environment. If you know your friend is struggling with substance abuse, why the FUCK would you bring them into a situation like that? You are an awful fucking person. And those two dudes from the bar look so fucking nasty, are you really out here going to bars and having sex with randos?

No. 1207431

Like what gets me is the lack of accountability she is able to own up to. If she just said “Yeah I really fucked up. I’m really sorry. Here’s all the things I did. I feel bad for them.” then this would be salvageable but the fact she is saying only half is true… OK? Own up to the half that actually happened then. Like I’m so confused. Wouldn’t you want to help your reputation not hurt your image?

No. 1207434

File: 1618337291801.jpeg (286.6 KB, 1125x959, C384972D-482C-46B8-B481-AFD93E…)

Anyone know what the first person is talking about?

No. 1207443

Imagining this whores body count makes me feel unclean

No. 1207446

lmao notice how ashley never actually mentions what she did? she's aware of how bad she looks right now and how many claims are being made against here, yet she adresses none of it and tries to ecxuse everything with basically "none of this is true, people just want to deplatform me, i was an addict and also i hate myself!!" she gave maddie drugs/alcohol and manipulated her into a foursome just last week, how is she acting like that's all in the past??

No. 1207447

she literally posted their private text convos in this thread and talked shit about maddie what

No. 1207449

File: 1618338018990.png (2 MB, 750x1334, E73912C2-0940-4BC5-9C81-F31620…)

No. 1207450

File: 1618338029267.jpeg (696.29 KB, 1124x1979, 70B06A8B-7A23-4039-81F6-EA8A29…)

No. 1207451

File: 1618338050342.png (2.52 MB, 750x1334, 91358C04-E34D-48AC-BB09-DBF7A0…)

No. 1207454

maddie is pathetic lmao fake ass bitch

No. 1207457

maybe ashley is being honest when she says that xanax was maddie’s idea and so was the foursome but honestly ashley why are you taking a 19 year old drinking in a bar and around older men who you know are involved in drugs? also saying she doesn’t want to throw maddie under the bus but then say maddie lied to elaine just to “give her drama” like i don’t understand, ashley can’t just own up to anything can she kek , honestly hope ashley or maddie are smart enough to know now that no matter what their friendship is gonna be toxic and controversial and they should just end it

No. 1207458

File: 1618338412289.png (2.28 MB, 750x1334, 95A3E796-76E0-46C0-8E34-010146…)

No. 1207460

honestly i have no idea why everyone is acting as if maddie is a kid. she’s fucking 19. just because she acts retarded doesn’t mean she’s a child

No. 1207466

The thought of Ashley knowing Maddie since she was a little before 17 and her watching have sex with two guys is just so fucking weird to me even if she didn’t participate

No. 1207468

In the end if Ashley is telling her truth in this situation, she is simply just a bad friend for surrounding Maddie with people who do drugs. It’s Maddies choice as an adult to do drugs or have sex.

No. 1207469

"we leave and my friend gets xanax"
"I do apologize for bringing her into an environment where that was around I didn't think that would happen and if I did I wouldn't have brought her".
Bro…. Those two statements contradict each other. You wouldn't have brought Maddie if you knew there would be xanax? Um, you went out in the middle of hanging out with Maddie to go GET xanax. You didn't bring Maddie into a situation with xanax, you brought xanax into a situation with Maddie. You didn't have to but you did.

No. 1207470

if thats a reach so is their claims about ashley being a groomer

No. 1207471

Maddie needs help. The first chance she had to make Ashley look bad and herself like the victim she did, even if it was lies. They’re all fucked

No. 1207473

i really wish kira or eryn would speak up about ashley too, the amount of shit they probably have on her but i don’t see how maddie is gonna be friends with ashley after this now andy doesn’t even like her i wish maddie would act her age and listen to the people around her who want her to do better

No. 1207474

All this drama because fat ogre elaine wanted attention

No. 1207476

Hey guys while the accusations we are making are (as far as I know) valid, it’s not very cute to fat shame or body shame or shame anyone in general for the way they look. People can be shitty people but you don’t need to stoop so low as to attacking appearance. Seeing the “double chin” posts are hurtful for anyone, and even if she deserved to be made fun of, no one truly deserves to be body shamed. It’s just basic common decency.

No. 1207478


Are you mensturating right now?

No. 1207479

Ashley archived the post people were talking about this on kek typical. Run from it all you can dumbass it won't go away!

No. 1207482

Fatty fat fat fat
>wah wah poor baby cry me a river fatty

No. 1207485

Lol as if we don’t have all the screenshots of the comments ……

No. 1207486

Do you really put it past Ashley to lie so she can keep some of her followers? I don't. I'm sure it's full of half truths, hope maddie wakes up because Ashley securely assaulted and abused her.

No. 1207489

ow ow your little penis words are hurting me ow ow owie

No. 1207496

bitch nobody even knows who you are, no one cares

No. 1207497

Ash/Maddie and Elaine/Worm are both 2 year age differences but the context isn't the same and it matters.

Elaine/Worm went to high school together and met+started dating while they were both underage. This is not grooming, this is a natural relationship between high schoolers. Sometimes two high schoolers date and then one of them turns 18 during the relationship. That is NOT grooming.

Ash/Maddie met when Maddie was underage and Ash was an adult. Also, Maddie idolized Ashley. Ashley got Maddie into drugs. Then as soon as Maddie became an adult Ashley started getting sexual with her. This is grooming. Full stop. To say these two situations are the same is so wrong. Not to mention that both of the underage parties here were given drugs by ASHLEY.

No. 1207499

you are so right about the grooming thing it makes so much sense. how has she not addressed THAT

No. 1207501

Why can’t Ashley be a true friend and help her friend, maddie; an addict, get fucking help. She has the mind of a 13 year old and she’s clearly gonna try kill herself soon- another death on Ashley’s hands

No. 1207502

I just feel bad for Maddie I wish she could speak on this and lay it all out. I don’t know who to believe though.

No. 1207504

she should've just told maddie to shup up about the fucking foursome thing and called it a day. sure, maddie is dumb for even suggesting that shit (if that's even true) but why tf would ashley go along with it and now act like it was aaall maddies fault and essentially publicly humiliate her. this just proves ashley is a narcissistic bitch that looks down on maddie and would do anything to save her own ass. maddie isn't innocent and annoying as hell most of the time but the more ashley "explains" herself with these half assed excuses and essentially throwing her friend under the bus, the more i just feel sorry for maddie

No. 1207506

File: 1618340926875.jpeg (198.88 KB, 750x724, AE1E7C3C-2386-4823-B092-DAB561…)

No. 1207507

lmfao that’s the girl on the bottom of that viral picture and she’s been around for years, where tf have you been

No. 1207512

Nta but you could have provided with context, even after reading this post, it took me a while to connect the dots

No. 1207516

no one has to explain shit to you, read the thread

No. 1207523

She’s an autistic 19 year old BPD-ED addict who idolized a crackhead and orbited around her. Maddie is a retard who spews bullshit regularly but she’s been an adult for a year while exclusively engaging with other crackheads. What the fuck kind of accountability are you expecting out of her? Kek she’s not going to magically step away from all of this when she spends all her time the way that she does, just because she’s a legal adult. Her brain is fried at this point. I’m more inclined to give her the benefit of the doubt regarding these allegations though than the groomer who actively brought her into this situation in the first place.

Can you newfags sage and read the fucking threads.
This isn’t a landwhale hugbox. Sage your retardation.

No. 1207524

what’s her @? wasnt she just hanging out with ashley not even a week ago kek

No. 1207528

I get that Maddie is 19, but where she lives that's under the legal drinking age. It's weird that Ashley wanted to take her underage friend to bars and buy her multiple drinks. How does she not even take responsibility for that and act as if Maddie got her own too-many-drinks at the bar?

No. 1207529

i know where she’s from, anon, doesn’t mean anyone cares about her. she’s completely irrelevant to this thread

No. 1207530

lmfao Maddie has repeatedly walked into dangerous sexual situations, constantly combines drugs/alcohol, and refuses to stop. This doesn’t shock me and she needs to take accountability for her own actions. I honestly don’t think Ashley gave her those drugs or coerced her into anything, I think she’s just a retard who brought a 19yo to a bar.

No. 1207531

i consider all of ashley's original orbiters to be relevant to the thread ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ funny how once everyone starts calling her out, her friends drop like flies kek(¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

No. 1207532

funny how you say that as if people should care. its not anybody’s problem if she’s retarded and makes poor life choices

No. 1207533

it's lowkey funny because ashley never stops talking about how "iconic" that picture is when that girl literally hates her lol

No. 1207535

finally we have something interesting to talk about and not 40 posts of retards bitching about lip fillers

No. 1207536

that girl does not hate her. they literally have remade this picture multiple times even did it a few weeks ago. she takes pictures with ashley whenever she wants some followers just like her other old friends

No. 1207537

"Maddie was having so much fun!!!"

Yeah and so were all of your dead friends right before they overdosed.

No. 1207539

that’s pretty much it. everybody keep talking as if ashley changed maddie’s entire life for the worse but everything would still be the same - with or without ashley. maddie still would find other ways of fucking her entire life

No. 1207540

How is any sane person defending Elaine after she said her 15 year old boyfriend “didn’t feel 15” and molesting him high off oxycotin but calling Ashley a groomer at the same time?

No. 1207541

u smell like shit

No. 1207542

Basically. They live in fucking Dayton, these people would be on drugs with or without Ashley’s help. Ashley is still a bottomfeeder, but Maddie has countless posts detailing her exploits in fucking strange men, getting into dangerous situations, regretting the obviously dumb decisions, and then begging for sympathy. It’s fine if Ashley gets called out for her actual bullshit, but this is a demonstrably false accusation

No. 1207543

File: 1618342987221.png (6.02 MB, 1125x2001, B359F30B-EF3A-47BF-9B4D-DC4F1B…)

No. 1207546

THIS Ashley is finally getting what she deserves and people are trying to distract from that with this pedo crap.

No. 1207549

“it was stupid but she was happy and having so much fun” an addict will have fun if there’s drugs, of course she had fun

No. 1207550

it doesn’t fucking matter if maddie was ‘comfortable’, have some responsibility ashley. you should’ve known that she was being reckless and impulsive because she’s a retarded bpd-chan nympho alcoholic, and not enabled her by taking her into a bar and buying her drinks?

No. 1207551

I like the mentality of "if this person speaking out also did something wrong, then we shouldn't believe them at all". Like, even IF Elaine is a pedo groomer like people are saying, is she WRONG that Ashley is a shit person who gives drugs to minors and enables her friends' addictions? No, she isn't wrong. So don't discredit her just because you think she's also a shitty person. Have some nuance, people.

No. 1207552

even if maddie makes fucked up desicions and even if she lives in dayton and was gonna end up on drugs anyway you don’t go around and give your minor friends drugs and she still hasn’t adressed that. if she does she’s probably gonna say something like “omg but maddie wanted the drugs i couldn’t stop her” fake ass bitch

No. 1207560

so ashley just openly admitted to not being sober and none of her fans care nor does her mother. wasn't she triving and sober and shit lmao why is she doing xanax. like all of the accusations against her are all so fucked up everybody just forgot this whore was supposed to be SOBER

No. 1207564

currently watching maddies live and shit i really feel for her. she’s been completely groomed

No. 1207577

what is maddie saying in her live? i can’t watch, i don’t follow her private accounts

No. 1207586

literally just crying and saying she wants to love everyone like the fat girl in mean girls

No. 1207587

Who is that 15 or 14 year old boy that ashley supplied fentanyl for? Do we have a name? Was that recently or some time ago. I am sorry I kinda lost track of the milk here

No. 1207591

in the live Maddie said she DIDNT snatch the drugs from the guy, a 14/15 year old boy was givin fent, has od’d and almost died, and she herself was given a ton of drugs at 16.

No. 1207593

kira and eryn’s younger brother @lil_worm23

No. 1207594

she was having a mental breakdown over wanting to tell the truth but still being somewhat afraid of ashley i guess. she was mostly raving about how ashley got that 14 year old addicted to fentanyl but also confirmed that ashley got her to do a fuckton of drugs when she was only 16 and it was terrifying for her bc she had never done shit like that before. she also claimed that she never snatched the xanax out of that guys hand and that ashley made that up so that's fun

No. 1207595

who’s putting bets on that maddie ODs and ends up in hospital again tonight because she can’t handle anything

No. 1207596

File: 1618345556327.png (1.44 MB, 750x1334, C3B90666-D357-4789-B3EF-F5A863…)

No. 1207599

File: 1618345727604.png (1.45 MB, 750x1334, A377D74E-25B6-4C44-9D54-960926…)

She’s just completely throwing Maddie under the bus to save her own ass. What a friend.

No. 1207600

she keeps trying to say she’s changed but literally the other day she snuck an underaged alcoholic girl she got addicted to drugs into a bar and bought drinks and xanax for her? jesus

No. 1207601

I like how she has to mention her "boyfriend at the time"(which was Simon btw), because adding an extra person to that situation makes it less her fault.

No. 1207604

Maddie did get in Ashley’s car with her own alcohol but Ashley still took her to a bar and then got drugs…u still guilty boo

No. 1207606

how is she brushing off giving a fucking 14 year old fentanyl as "just another dumb decision" she did fucked up?? being so high on xanax that you forget weeks at a time is your own responsibility and getting minors addicted to drugs has nothing to do with that wtf. is she aware that a half assed apology changes nothing about her actions?

No. 1207609

>funny how you say that as if people should care

By stating what happened to her in a thread that is literally about her? Integration is key, anon. The next people to overdose are the Ashleyfags on copium.

>”I didn’t supply her with anything”
>she got into the bar because of you
>she got to the hotel with those guys including your “friend” because of you
>she got ahold of xanax because of you

Accountability 101, no walking out required.

No. 1207610

I'm personally enjoying watching her dig her own grave here lmao

No. 1207612

File: 1618346091419.png (925.99 KB, 750x1334, DF78FBCB-754C-4460-B785-624328…)

"i have ptsd so bad!!" oh boohoo bitch, it's your own fault

No. 1207614

Never wants to touch opiates again because of the PTSD but is 100% fine going to bars literally every single night and taking her ALREADY DRUNK friends to go get xans, as if that’s not dangerous at all and wouldn’t lead to yet another bad situation like before.

No. 1207616

so she claims she only did fucked up shit because she was on xans. but she's still doing them so?

No. 1207617

Someone’s Finally calling Ashley out and she immediately throws Maddie under the bus

Everything Maddie originally had access to (drugs, alcohol and partying) Was all through Ashley from when Maddie was 16 and Ashley blames her “ADDICTION” immediately again to defend herself from giving Maddie drugs and alcohol kek

No. 1207627

File: 1618346956738.png (3.14 MB, 750x1334, 34738F88-4F18-4063-BC20-222A42…)

maddie is live again but i had to stop watching bc she is just crying and whining about how she "wants to say it but can't" referring to ashley giving that boy fent, so nothing which hasn't already been confirmed. she mentioned she blocked ashley though, so maybe maddie is finally realizing what a terrible person she idealized all this time

No. 1207633

I know for certain Maddie and Ashley didn't go to the same school lol, I went to school with Maddie and she started homeschooling around the time she started her ig, Ashley is lying to seem like she's not a groomer

No. 1207638

>>1207612 see

"I was young and dumb and on drugs and can't remember doing any of it" is an explanation, but it is not an excuse. You don't get forgiveness because you were in a dark place. You have to work towards forgiveness. You have to change your actions, and you haven't. Different substance same addiction. You're still enabling your junkie friends and dragging them back down with you. Look at how many people you've hurt.

No. 1207639


She just ended the Live repeating “I can’t I can’t” after going on a tangent saying “It’s not like I was raped or something”

Also went on and on about “being 16” when she met Ashley whilst implying Ashley has given several Minors drugs

No. 1207641

i feel so bad for maddie

No. 1207645

what the fuck is the R word? rape?

No. 1207646

it's retard

No. 1207652

She’s really pulling Simon into the mix, who literally most likely died from drugs and was hospitalized for a fentanyl overdose. This doesn’t make her case any better. I’m so disgusted, like I’m sure his gf from before his death can see this shit. So much for taking accountability

No. 1207654


While I agree, I also feel roping someone along to or consenting to allow someone to drink illegally makes them a responsibility. I think they're both self destructive idiots but Ashley helped to create this monster and out of the two of them Maddie is probably working with the least cognition at all times.

No. 1207656

File: 1618348334321.jpeg (1.57 MB, 1125x2002, AA77468A-8D4A-40C9-ACE0-20D9A3…)

No. 1207658

File: 1618348491254.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1125x1991, 11CC0BFE-F028-4C3A-B729-CAC459…)


No. 1207659

lil_worm23 is not a kid anymore and still a shit person, robs people and brags, has stolen from hella people. He is not some innocent child who can blame everything on Ashley anymore.

No. 1207661

Seems like the blonde cow and the worm person want to blame their unfortunate no job having lives on Ashley yet they haven’t been friends for years. Time to accept your life is shit because you are shit too.

No. 1207662

ashley is so fucking stupid. it's not other people's jobs to tell you how to be a better person. stop being a fucking junkie, get a real job, become a real fucking adult and figure out your life and stop.asking people what they want from you. maybe ask yourself what do YOU want? do you even want to stop being a junkie?

No. 1207663

ashley if u want to do something, leave maddie the fuck alone. she obviously has a problem with alcohol so dont bring her around you or anyone else in ur life. if u wanna fuck up ur life with alcohol thats fine but leave her alone cuz uve already made a fool out of her through this whole thing. thanks for coming clean to literally everything people accused you of even though you said it wasnt true. so stay the fuck away from her

and i just hope maddie gets her shit together but i bet this is just gonna screw her up more

No. 1207664

Literally. All of that money that went into rehab could’ve gone into community college classes or something. She is a train wreck

No. 1207665

File: 1618348899794.jpeg (302.22 KB, 640x861, 7F30C736-B488-472C-8255-7F4C78…)

Old milk but the post of Ashley hinting about the Od whilst driving thing, not going to address that?

Bonus Maddies Ironic comments

No. 1207666


goddamit shes annoying, maybe don’t take your “friend” to a bar and in an environment filled with hard drugs? maybe don’t drive while being drunk and stop using your phone to prevent killing someone/yourself?maybe don’t go out every night to get drunk when we are in the middle of a pandemic?since you’re so sober now, this things shouldn’t be that hard. you’re so pathetic ashley

No. 1207667

holy shit this bitch still cares about her fucking instagram account. this is the problem ashley. you should be apologizing to people on private and leaving them the fuck alone without making a circus out of this. the fact that you still have to do all this shit in public for clout and attention instead of quietly leaving says everything you attention starved junkie

No. 1207668


This is so grim. I didn't follow either of them before these threads so it's been a ride. I know just how hard it is to recognize someone you've loved and idolized as the pos they are. It takes a lot of reflection but I hope Maddy will pull through all of this.

No. 1207669

she doesn't care and won't change because she knows next time she or one of her junkie friends ods and she gets scared her mom will just pay for it again for the rest of her life

No. 1207671

File: 1618349106443.gif (205.1 KB, 220x124, B2BD2A36-9167-4297-9CAE-D2EA83…)

This cow couldn’t possibly lurk any harder. She obviously hasn’t learned or tried to do anything, otherwise her last “break” from social media would have been permanent and she’d be sober right now and no longer hanging around dealers and dealing to teenagers. KEK at her asking for what she needs to do to show she’s ready to take responsibility. Does this trailer trash think people are her unpaid counselors and therapists? Nobody owes her that kind of free labour. Instead of begging on the internet she should try getting a grip.

No. 1207672

Disgusting. You can't rewrite the narrative when we have been following this whole thing. And this fucking attitude I can't.

No. 1207674

wait where is the proof that she relapsed? wasnt it just elaine who said it?

No. 1207675

File: 1618349302270.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1125x1998, 0D54C3D9-01D2-488A-BFD9-396C7E…)

No. 1207676

> but anon remember she said she gets it for free not from mommy's wallet, it's totally free to go to rehab multiple times.. yeah right lmao

No. 1207677

If you think Ashley ever got sober then lord help you

No. 1207679

no i highly doubt she was sober this whole time but i wanted to know if there was something out there that proved it. she was literally hanging out with someone who was getting xans so that may be obvious

No. 1207681

How can someone “finish outpatient” when they’re admitting to buying xanax?

No. 1207685

there are so many ppl who don't have the resources or the help to get sober. this bitch has absolutely all the material conditions and yet she refuses to change or take any responsibility and still gets mad when people call her out on her shit like the spoiled little entitled bitch she is. if I was her I'd just delete all my social media and go do some real soul searching

No. 1207686

Josh was just being a piece of shit 2 months ago Elaine keep lurking but Calling Ashley out won’t make you better people at all. Apologize to the people you bums have stolen from and disrespected, Start there. There’s a reason people fucking hate you.

No. 1207688

also. if she was drinking she was never sober. alcohol is still a drug, no matter what she says to herself so she can sleep at night lmao but yeah she admitted to doing xans I think, and the other day she was given some misteryous pill on a live lol she was never sober

No. 1207689

We’re expected to believe she bought xanax and didn’t do it I guess. Sure ashley…. only madeline did it. What a bunch of bullshit.

No. 1207690

>something out there that proved it
Like Ashley stating she’s done more “stupid shit” and was hanging out with crackheads and going to bars? Individually these 3 factors may not look like much but when you add them together surely you could see the bigger picture. And she just admitted to buying xanax while battling addiction so there’s not a lot of room for confusion here. She’s probably never been sober.

No. 1207693

Exactly, Sophie gave her something when they were on that chat cite that one night not long ago

No. 1207696

yeah u guys r right its a lot stacked up against her. i was just checking if there was anything else

No. 1207698

“he hasn’t robbed in so long” the bar is under the earths crust ladies

No. 1207699

Literal aged of the internet here, but these fucking kids can’t even live without crying PTSD, SA or gRoOmInG. Honestly, grow a fucking pair and move the fuck on. Yeah, drugs bad, people die, 17 year olds date 15 year olds, some people are fucking losers and hey, guess what, most people only have themselves to blame. Maddy is an absolute autist, so I have some sympathy for her. Elaine, whatever. Ashley…I think natural selection will take care of it. Based but I don’t think she should be getting as much shit as she is. The whole situation is fuelled by a 250lb tea seeker.

No. 1207700

holy shit I thought my home town was white trash. can you imagine living in dayton? a place where if you don't rob people you're a good person

No. 1207701

isn't this proof?
>>1206429 - is it a private story or something? Elaine posted it in the beginning; that's ashley's current haircut and her saying she's - besides drinking - doing drugs. So she admitted to it

No. 1207710

File: 1618352059140.jpg (1.1 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210413-142054_Ins…)

I agree with Elaine on this one. Ashley was advertising content with maddie the other day I think she filmed this horror show and her money and 'clout' is the obviously the only thing she gives a shut about

No. 1207713

Gives a shit* sorry. I hope maddie is doing okay and doesn't blame herself because this shit show is not her fault and she clearly felt bad on live today.

No. 1207714

Are some of you really messaging Simon’s ex trying to get her involved in this wtf is this all you guys have to do

No. 1207718

all of this mess reminds me of when ashleys fiance died and she came on here just to talk absolute trash about him and his family to justify herself and save her own ass. her bad that maddie, unlike most of her exes, is still alive and can defend herself. ashley has always been a narcissistic bitch and i doubt that'll ever change

No. 1207719

>>1207410 Basic, basic, husk of a human Ashley. All you care about is attention, validation, power over the impressionable, and your precious fucking FOLLOWERS. Numbers. Strangers. You’ve done been cancelled. You’re long past your explore page heyday. You’re ugly as sin inside and out. And it’s all over the Internet. Forever.

KARMA, BITCH!!!!!!!!!

No. 1207722

She’s literally a sociopath.

And NO, that isn’t a cool personality trait, you aging, vapid shitstain. Lmao you deleted my comments back in the day and had your sock puppet account minions attack me over a negative comment. Heaven forbid you’re seen in a bad light! All you have done is cover your own ass because you have nothing inside. nothing. You have a phone and an app. You’re turning into the hag you really are.

No. 1207724

File: 1618354779441.png (7.89 MB, 1125x2436, 28FA477B-D8DD-4DBE-9D78-F543E1…)

wow, maddie looks really torn up about all this

No. 1207726

Not defending maddie entirely but you’re allowed to smile and be happy during a stressful time not everyone is perfect LOL

No. 1207727

do you want her to just keep crying about this forever?? Can she relax for a min damn

No. 1207730

>>1207724 people were telling Maddie to go to Andy’s and spend time with people who make her feel safe so she doesn’t harm herself… and that’s exactly what she did.

No. 1207732

right like what do you want her to do? be miserable or get better? personally i would like to see her get help and get better and be around people who uplift her not people like ashley

No. 1207738

Oh fuck off, she didn't cause this mess and she shouldn't feel bad about it either. Ashley should be the one deactivating her shit and evaluating her choices but of fucking course that's not going to happen. I stg she's not human. I'm glad maddie is with Andy she's with someone who cares about her.

No. 1207739

leave a binch alone damn

No. 1207744

File: 1618355656804.jpeg (331.04 KB, 1124x2221, DE76418F-E470-49CD-AE5F-E7A112…)

I feel so bad for her

No. 1207748

y'all wanna talk about vapid shitstains - well there you go. the person who messaged Simon's ex is a literal mongoloid

No. 1207756

Whoever brought her into this can go straight to hell. That was so fucking unnecessary.

No. 1207757

People are mad commenting on Maddies recent post and Ashley’s recent post on her main account. People are defending Ashley like crazy

No. 1207762

File: 1618356620462.jpeg (369.25 KB, 1125x808, 34C20514-1847-4EFE-B4A9-598103…)


No. 1207765

File: 1618356682057.jpeg (327.05 KB, 750x972, 22D897F8-EDBE-4E85-8716-6C6D9C…)

why are these fucking 15 year old retards trying to defend ashley? isn’t it obvious she is lying to everyone how pathetic

No. 1207767

i just hope maddie deletes the comments and don’t relapse harder or something, i hope ashley is proud of this lol fuck her

No. 1207768

File: 1618356838314.jpg (149.15 KB, 1080x1049, Screenshot_20210413-163250_Ins…)

Their followers have brain rot or genuine retardation I am no longer amused this is gross. Ashley deserves to be slammed on, not maddie. Also what did she lie about? Ridiculous.

No. 1207769

File: 1618356973146.png (736.2 KB, 1125x2001, 59C86E9B-9F6A-4A86-8981-2A2C21…)

No. 1207781

ashley fans are so annoying and agressive for literally 0 reason all these wannabe alt girls cancel everyone until the one egirl they look up to gets cancelled

No. 1207792

Right. They didn’t go to the same school at the same time. They were constantly talking on Instagram about meeting for the first time and they even posted about when they actually met for the first time and it was only a couple years ago NOT when Ashley was 14 over 7 years ago. Maddie didn’t go to that school when she was 12

No. 1207793

we all know if they were to the same school they would have already bragged abt it all over the internet

No. 1207795

Coming from someone who went to the same school as them, they didn’t know each other in high school. Ashley and her friend Kira both left freshman year I’m pretty sure? Ashley was groomed by a dude named Vincent who was like 20 dating her at 14 and said he groomed her by giving her weed and alcohol. Which after that happening don’t understand why she’s do that to Maddie and act like it isn’t the same thing. Maddie went to that school for maybe a few months if that, before she dropped out and started home schooling and I’m 99.9% positive Ashley was already gone but everyone knew her from her VivaDrag persona and Maddie heard about her through all the mutual that had went to that school and started idolizing her. They officially met shortly before Ashley started giving her drugs

No. 1207798

thank you for sharing!!

No. 1207799

they’re not even being fucking aggressive. stop pushing ur insecurities on other people trying to find out what the fuck happened. nobody fucking looks up to her we’re all confused and don’t know the real story

No. 1207801

it’s because ashley fans choose to believe ashley’s side before even hearing out maddies side. there’s people saying “who even is maddie?” and still defending ashley

No. 1207802

bc its not agressive at all rushing to someone post to accuse them of lying and making ashley have a bad time when they know less than we already know but ok

No. 1207803

lol they're literally on Maddie's post calling her a liar

No. 1207804

I think most of Ashley’s fans are failing to realize that she’s the literal reason why Maddie has an addiction problem. She’s the only who got her hooked on drugs in the first place when she was younger. I keep seeing her fans comment that they both have addiction problems but uhhhh…. Maddie got messed up by Ashley. And it’s not like Maddie 100% willingly chose to do that at a young, impressionable age when she was starstruck by the vivadrag persona who was getting her fucked up like every time they would hang out.

No. 1207805

invalidates everything maddie is saying by calling her a liar
DEFINITELY not aggressive though

No. 1207820

just let her be, jesus. i dont think id ever seen her smile like that before. she's getting out of a traumatic event and learning that she shouldn't keep ashley in her life. good for her.

No. 1207822

^this. i think people need to stop commenting and talking about this unless Maddie or Ashley talk about it anymore.

No. 1207828

File: 1618361945767.jpg (298.29 KB, 1080x2041, Screenshot_20210413-175728_Ins…)

The timeline matches up, I knew they met in like 2018
Ashley is lying. (We all been knew though kek)

No. 1207844

File: 1618363535742.jpeg (528.5 KB, 1170x1905, 8BE70C41-03AA-495A-9E46-F225EA…)

No. 1207853

As someone who would shit on Maddie, I just want to say I’m proud of her for this. It’s a big step forward. I just hope she keeps this up and betters herself.

No. 1207858

File: 1618364255329.jpeg (658.71 KB, 828x1141, 4BC0827B-432F-455F-9676-56FB54…)

girl what

No. 1207859

this feels so crazy to actually have her admit this. its what weve all wanted. i mean we been knew but its good for her to finally let people see ashley how she is and not the “amazing friend” maddie wishes she was. im glad her facade is finally gone

No. 1207860

This lol, ashley is such a fucking dumbass, does she think switching narcotics anonymous for AA is any better? Everything she does is so destructive, I don't think she's ever used critical thinking in her life

No. 1207862

I for one am really proud of Maddie. I think this is a good step for her boundaries and sobriety. Also what the fuck are they putting in the Dayton water treatment facilities that are causing teenagers to rob each other and sell fake coke to people lol

No. 1207864

im so glad maddie spoke out abt this… people just needed to know ashley is shit, i hope maddie tries to better himself and no one around her enables her more drugs or alcohol

No. 1207866

She is such a piece of shit.

No. 1207869

where are the mods?

No. 1207871

File: 1618365761211.png (479.06 KB, 750x1334, B9C2C4F0-91B7-4352-AF17-D35A22…)

No. 1207873

The lack of self awareness is off the charts. Doing fent everyday catches up to your brain I guess God damn

No. 1207874

i really hope she’s not about to fall for ashleys manipulation again, the manner in which she is talking about everything is really concerning

No. 1207876

i dont understand why they cant just meet and talk in person. they probably have nothing better to do so why dont just deal with stuff responsibly instead of texting and posting screenshots? ashley is in desperate need for attention

No. 1207879

God I hope not too, maddie I honestly like you I feel like at the end of the day you deserve better than Ashley and need to cut ties because it's whats best. Obviously I can't make you do that but you deserve better than users and abusers. She's a narcissistic person and no matter what you say you'll be wrong, but the reality is she is awful like genuinely a shit human and it's in your best interest to leave her in your past and keep bettering yourself

No. 1207881

If she stays in this toxic ass relationship it’s gonna kill her, she needs a good support system and people who genuinely want to see her do better for herself

No. 1207882


this shows once again that ashley is in fact not sober at all and still takes drugs and lied in her earlier ig story today lol i actually feel sorry for her mom having to pay rehab two times

No. 1207886

File: 1618367107734.png (1.09 MB, 750x1334, 06FA9D4D-6014-480D-99F3-15DFF2…)

No. 1207887

File: 1618367163296.png (1.22 MB, 750x1334, 033C08C5-E1B5-4B6D-9E64-685F11…)

No. 1207892

They're both raging alcoholics and drug addicts and I don't believe either of them. Nothing to debate because they're both probably lying to some degree.

No. 1207922

Way to go Maddie. See the truth. You’re becoming aware. This thread is in support of you. You wouldn’t be messed up on drugs if it wasn’t for Ashley. She is NOTHING to look up to, hun. The complete opposite. An IG following isn’t an achievement. She’s a sociopath and just wants to use and abuse you. Don’t fall for the lovebombing or manipulation. She doesn’t care about you. But many of us do. Forget her. We’re happy to see you happy and want you to do well.

No. 1207937

Maddie is currently on live and crying about the entire situation, I haven't caught all of it but she is crying about why she isn't off live and how she is embarrassing herself, if anyone has the screen recording post it on here

No. 1207940

maddie just finished the live, she started it bc she said she was alone and didn’t know how to cope and needed to be with someone. she was crying and in the comments there was liam and andy telling her to get off lice and to call them and later elaine did the same. she then thanked her followers and said they are in her heart and thanked them for supporting her and ended it

No. 1207941

File: 1618373893270.png (1.41 MB, 750x1334, C2CDBA24-6CDB-47D7-8A4E-B3FD32…)

No. 1207942

live* lol, there were like 200 people in her live and they were all telling her to go off live and call andy and her brother and that it’ll be okay and to take care of herself

No. 1207945

I was there, she's okay luckily. She's going through it a bit but she promised to call loved ones and keep herself together. I'm rooting for her, she's shown a lot of strength today.

No. 1207947

I don't think she's sober, i really hope she ends up with someone tonight. Liam and Andy and Elaine were talking in the live chat so I'm glad she's got them rn in her corner.

No. 1207949

Is that really necessary to post that right now? I know im mini modding but this feels so fucking insensitive to me

No. 1207950

she's got a slew of mental health issues and has been doing drugs since she was 16, sadly I think that IS her sober.

No. 1207966

All this shit did was make Maddie abuse drugs and want to die.

No. 1207974

Sad how even though everyone involved with both Ashley and Maddie are somewhat messy themselves a lot of there problems began with Ashley in the first place, and her introducing hard drugs to anyone she can. Ashley has bad such a terrible impact on so many people, people have almost died because of her and for what? So she can get others addicted to feel less shit about herself and live a happy Instagram facade with her underage fans to praise her?

No. 1208005

soo being bi and nonbinay or whatever is another lie of hers.

how is anyone believing her side of the story when she's known for lying about everything? we alread proved that they didn't meet when ashley was 14 and she also lied about being sober and wasn't even only drinking daily but also doing fucking xanax apparently. i always thought maddie was annoying but this shit makes me feel sorry for her and hope ashley finally gets some repercussions for her actions bc drugging minors is not "drama" but a serious crime

No. 1208007

yeah. i hope she gets thru the nite ok

No. 1208085

Ashley is super weird about LGBT+ people from what numerous people told me. I had someone that actually met her before tell me she misgendered them and was just overall extremely weird about trans people so I am not shocked she lied about it.

No. 1208142

god I hate ashley so much. I hope this time maddie finally sees thru her bullshit and stops idolizing this bitch. maddie if ur reading this get sober and forget ashley existis eventually she's gonna od anyways it doesn't have to be ur problem

No. 1208174

Let the record show how supportive this forum has been of Maddie over the last 24 hours. No one can hop on here anymore and say “wow you guys are just so negative” we call out the cows when they need to be called out, and we cut them slack when we actually see some growth and potential. Something we’ll never see out of Ashley unfortunately.

No. 1208194

kek this is still a site for gossiping and all you newfags who don't even know how to sage flooding this thread doesn't suddenly make this some sort of support group for maddie. i feel sorry for her too, but you can't twist things around and pretend you're doing her any good by posting on here lmao

No. 1208222

exactly, maddie is still a dumbass junkie who isn’t completely blameless. her crying on live doesn’t make her any less embarrassing

No. 1208241

File: 1618416213142.jpg (260.75 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210414-090250_Ins…)

This made me laugh this is Jake's girlfriend before Ashley if yall didn't know. He basically left her for Ashley to live in the drug trap house and have gross group sex so I can imagine her being a little tickled seeing Ashley get some karma. Looks like vivawhore deactivated her account because I can't find it anywhere.

No. 1208248

Jake cheated on his ex girlfriend and abused her before Ashley

No. 1208254

i just googled her vivadrag IG and the page is broken, looks like she deactivated it.

No. 1208256

FairyGrandma dated him knowing he was a piece of shit who said Faggot and Retard also she did drugs with minors too so she’s not any better than Ashley Lmao

No. 1208259

god imagine ur man leaving you for vivadrag how sad is that

No. 1208291

maddie deleted the pictures of her and ashley on her instagram kek

No. 1208296

No. 1208297

Newfags, READ THE RULES and sage your shit. Like goddamn, it isn't that fucking hard

No. 1208301

When did I ever say this was a support group for Maddie?? Being on this forum for 5 minutes you can see that it’s definitely not that lmao. I was simply pointing out that people were with her while she was finally starting to see Ashley for who she is but never implied that suddenly she’s a new a better person with brand new morals but go off

No. 1208308

If you have any old milk on them (especially jake) I'd love to hear about it. She used to comment under Ashley's pics (the ones where she was wearing jakes brand that never popped off lmao) trying to like advertise his shit and self promote kek. I saw a few comments floating around and if I see them again I'll share them, people basically saying they placed orders and were charged but never received their items.

No. 1208310

Sage goes in the email field

No. 1208347

File: 1618425152403.png (1.63 MB, 1170x2532, 82CFD8CE-048F-4A1C-9B25-7D5AF7…)

Obviously was not sober

No. 1208348

File: 1618425215799.png (2.94 MB, 1170x2532, E154F7E6-103E-4506-9D2E-DBD7C5…)

Queer baiting

No. 1208349

File: 1618425280385.png (6.83 MB, 1170x2532, 39F921E7-5ED7-4A04-B333-466E33…)

Admiringly being out at a bar during the pandemic without a mask

No. 1208352

she's disgusting

No. 1208358

didnt this girl just say she doesnt have anything to do with ashley and her drama? this picture is very recent

No. 1208359

Yes the photo is from last month according to her tweet

No. 1208360

File: 1618425929076.jpeg (177.99 KB, 1170x726, 6E5AB280-2CD8-42BB-A539-4DE868…)

As they say,, there is some truth in jokes

No. 1208361

File: 1618425985973.jpeg (247.77 KB, 1170x734, 7A5DD130-9B0F-43B8-8B15-024DCF…)

Pro shoplifting

No. 1208362

File: 1618426022081.jpeg (449.2 KB, 1170x1163, C9488D46-6573-4662-9D22-D04B2D…)

Admitting to being a huge bitch to her “abusive” ex

No. 1208363

File: 1618426070423.jpeg (234.68 KB, 1170x945, 009BBE07-4BCD-4F8C-A93A-7E50B3…)

Bragging about intoxication/drug abuse

No. 1208364

File: 1618426115631.jpeg (244.85 KB, 1170x619, 9DE09681-8C28-4D8D-8D96-838965…)

Admitting to blacking out

No. 1208366

File: 1618426345043.jpeg (188.6 KB, 1170x720, 5F7F7F71-E991-402B-8213-6E41E4…)

Admitting to queer bating again

No. 1208369

File: 1618426371545.jpeg (233.47 KB, 1170x578, 8E8F49E2-7960-4A77-834F-A84B92…)

Admitting to blacking out again

No. 1208371

File: 1618426435833.jpeg (506.83 KB, 1170x1214, C40AEB95-CC1D-4C56-9601-8AD1C1…)

Again queer bating, false promises, and just saying she’s clean from fentanyl.

No. 1208372

File: 1618426589614.jpeg (181.64 KB, 1170x731, C72A6852-71DA-452C-8F3B-EC2624…)

I would say that if you have to wonder if you’re a sociopath, you’re probably a sociopath

No. 1208374

File: 1618426642015.jpeg (565.94 KB, 1170x1313, AE50D4FA-735D-488B-99DA-BA14A4…)

Kinda defeats the purpose of you’re still abusing drugs. Also sorry for spamming, she literally is calling her own lies on Twitter.

No. 1208385

File: 1618427567919.jpeg (475.13 KB, 1170x1325, AAE0A38F-AD71-4EA7-941A-4B3487…)

No. 1208387

File: 1618427613471.jpeg (145.08 KB, 1170x650, 43E005F0-E565-46BC-88F8-2CEED7…)

No. 1208388

File: 1618427687244.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1170x1945, A8025FCA-D6BC-4BDF-9989-23D48A…)

No. 1208389

File: 1618427735751.jpeg (121.98 KB, 1170x334, 1C7CAB00-EE24-45CD-83A5-0B4AC4…)

Are these normal ways to talk about gay people? Idk

No. 1208391

File: 1618427818481.jpeg (536.06 KB, 1170x1082, 9A219BA2-583B-4B51-8A85-EBC2CD…)

Using girls for money

No. 1208394

File: 1618427913727.jpeg (198.52 KB, 1170x526, DC9F6556-5AD1-468F-8EFD-CA6962…)

No. 1208395

File: 1618428061067.jpeg (320.97 KB, 1170x802, 8ABEA913-8AA5-4A18-BE14-FCEC48…)

Who brags about this?

No. 1208406

stop spamming old ass milk without even fucking saging. also i wouldn't exactly call most of these tweets proof for anything

No. 1208409


Omg stop with the rotten milk. None of this is new, sage your shit.

No. 1208415

Riggght, she hasn’t admitted or joked about queer baiting, jokingly retweeted faggot, or lied about being sober :)
The tweets show her real character as a liar etc. No, they don’t directly prove the accusations being made against her, but you can surmise that they aren’t far off just by reviewing them.

No. 1208416

God I hate Ashley so much she's genuinely a disgusting person in so many regards. Get off the internet and maybe spend some time actually thinking about WHO YOU REALLY ARE for once instead of your personal and followers perceptions. Gross.

No. 1208418

Didn’t say it was new, was just adding it to this thread. As I just stated with these you can surmise that she’s lying rn.

No. 1208422

at least learn to integrate and sage old milk

No. 1208427

still no need to spam them fucking seperately and bump the thread bc you're too dumb to sage when none of this is even new. most of that has already been discussed in the threads before and everything else is just her being a bitch or making terrible jokes so stfu already or learn to integrate

No. 1208428


And everyone can surmise you're a retarded newfag as you continue bumping the thread with unsaged spamming.

No. 1208431

Missing the point by trying to argue with me lol
You sound miserable and obese :)(stop :))

No. 1208455

oh my bad, god forbid i dont spend all of my miserable existence on gossip forums like you do. i just came here to talk about one person that is a danger to other people, but i can see you're the type of person that uses these sites daily to compensate for yourself(ban evasion)

No. 1208458

must really suck to be so insecure that you're a regular on these sites that likes to give people shit about integrating

No. 1208465

bitch shut the fuck up already. And when you make a post, literally type "sage" in the spot where it says Email. Please. This thread is so fucking wild rn.

No. 1208476

File: 1618431754902.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1125x1993, 9D74F979-747F-4C9D-8C89-81D279…)

Girl please get off the internet

No. 1208480

ashleys biggest flaw is that she listens to avenged sevenfold

No. 1208482

File: 1618432037196.png (3.04 MB, 750x1334, 5CB64AA8-F2F0-4AE2-A105-434DDB…)

i wish all of these annoying newfags would just get banned lmao. unsaged, old milk is unnecessary and clogging the thread, we should be talking about actual milk and not old boring tweets. deal with it and don't get butthurt over a ban for being annoying

also ashley is posting attention seeking shit on her other account again as if nothing ever happened. deactivating an account that you never used anyway is not the same thing as taking actual responsibility bestie

No. 1208496

right ? she literally was like “what do i do guys i don’t need to be on social media i can just leave” meanwhile deactivates account she doesn’t use and then go on another more active one kek. she really can’t stay offline

No. 1208504

File: 1618433569129.png (2.49 MB, 750x1334, 2CEE0104-214D-4A16-AAF4-A9FA1C…)

No. 1208506

File: 1618433649512.png (3.66 MB, 750x1334, AF85F595-5C6E-43A7-9A1D-9BC584…)

i don’t understand why people keep trying to involve her and simon? ashley is the biggest cunt for trying to throw simon name around and didn’t hold herself accountable for anything smh. atleast maddie is respectful and refuse to mentioned simon in her story on her live

No. 1208512

File: 1618434177539.jpeg (847.94 KB, 828x1461, 9145A0CF-0DFC-45D5-9475-3C70CD…)

cryyme talking about ashley. there’s more on her story

No. 1208515

If it’s relevant then post caps. Wtf.

No. 1208516

File: 1618434275466.jpeg (542.05 KB, 828x1470, 51380363-FD3D-4682-AD9A-E5553E…)

No. 1208517

File: 1618434309302.jpeg (714.29 KB, 828x1470, 01D2861C-3110-4703-A9BB-C83048…)

No. 1208518

File: 1618434398418.jpeg (711.92 KB, 828x1470, 72015BBE-116E-48EF-AA53-C2222E…)

No. 1208523

i love how everybody is throwing ashley under the bus when most of this people didn’t even care to open their mouths before

No. 1208524

there was literally no reason for ashley to even drag simon into this mess in the first place. she really just treats all of her dead exes with zero respect and constantly drags them into drama even after their deaths like wtf. his last gf really shouldn't have to deal with this kinda shit

sorry but who's that now, were they involved with each other or anything? i've never heard of her but i love how everyone's finally calling her out lol

No. 1208529

i’m pretty sure they just followed each other before, sav is friends with toopoor and emma (lil peep ex’s) but i wouldn’t say she’s really associated with ashley maybe just heard things

No. 1208533

>power emballance

No. 1208546

I'm honestly glad she's talking about it because more people will know the truth about Ashley.

No. 1208550

File: 1618437520013.png (990.77 KB, 750x1334, 7A518ECE-9C2F-4D55-99C9-B7015A…)

No. 1208555

This is probably one of the most disturbing things I’ve seen about her

No. 1208561

Oh my God Ashley does not give a single fuck about anyone but herself. A 15 year old getting drugs from a 21 year old 'influencer' makes me fucking nauseous

No. 1208562

there are probably soo many people from ashleys reallife that experienced fucked up stories like this one but were too afraid to speak up. i can't believe she explains shit like that with "i was at a bad place!!" like that's ever been a valid excuse. hopefully all the dirt on her is finally being made public this time, people need to know what scum she is

No. 1208578

i guess everybody didn't see it but Maddie confirmed this same thing on her last live, the one she was crying and everybody wanted her to leave to get herself together

No. 1208581

File: 1618440477970.jpg (593.59 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210414-154827_Pho…)


No. 1208582

File: 1618440584217.jpg (601.25 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210414-154808_Pho…)

There's no way she isn't tweaked tf out rn dancing to blood on the dance floor after she gets accused of grooming like what lmao

No. 1208599


CCryme (Savannah) and Ashley used to be friends back in the Facebookfamous/ Early Instagram days and When Savannah did some edgy shit Ashley immediately threw her under the bus

They’ve had drama since Mainly Savannah trying to start shit with Ashley, Savannah also had screenshots of the older threads on her story so I wouldn’t be surprised if she luklrks

No. 1208617

Is that a vape lanyard

No. 1208666

File: 1618449630153.jpg (309.75 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210414-182002_Chr…)

I got curious and when I tell yall she was served that humble pie lol (1/2)

No. 1208668

File: 1618449697807.jpg (421.53 KB, 1920x1920, 2021_04_14_18_19_41_526.jpg)

Soooooooo satisfying

No. 1208670

File: 1618449809629.jpg (651.94 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210414-182312_Pho…)

No. 1208672

File: 1618449859272.jpg (866.39 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210414-182320_Pho…)

I'm so proud of Andy and maddie rn, character development love to see it

No. 1208692

I'm so glad this is happening. I hope maddie realizes this is not life and finally seeks actual help after this. i really don't care for ashley she's probably gonna od or whatever anyway

No. 1208701

So glad to see vivadrug get her karma

No. 1208788

File: 1618459049432.png (234.87 KB, 750x1334, 9C47CB2A-48E7-4E48-A590-BE521D…)

Maddie posting texts between her and Ashley. I find it so funny that supposedly Ashley totally didn’t think about how she was spending time with the person who not only robbed Maddie but openly bragged about it. Somehow I just don’t believe that just slipped her mind.

No. 1208790

File: 1618459118132.png (501.33 KB, 750x1334, C7F64B44-ABAB-4C2B-BEBD-AF89EF…)

Glad Maddie is finally calling out Ashley on her bullshit

No. 1208805

At this point she does not give A FUCK. i’ve messaged her privately and she said she “really doesn’t care anymore bc the people who know her know the truth” I used to have faith her in her that she might recover one day and be a good person but that will never happen. I don’t have faith in her anymore(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1208808

I dont get you. Noone made maddie do xanax. It was her choics. She could you say no or go away. You keep acting like 16yo is a fucking minor when it’s almost full grown up.
It was her choice bc she’s dumb as fuck. And that what she gets

No. 1208812

You need a good ole lobotomy to fix your thinking there my friend. Sharing your addiction with anyone when you're someone's idol especially is deplorable and ashley deserves to be deplatformed.

No. 1208813

1. teens don't make the best decisions
2. she looked up to Ashley and she gave her drugs. What is wrong with you Ashley stans, she gave 2 minors drugs, why do you keep overlooking that.

No. 1208817

Being young isnt an excuse for being dumb lol

No. 1208818

being an addict isn't an excuse for roping others into addiction

No. 1208819

You’re right. No one made her do anything. Was she young and impressionable? Yup. Was she pressured into it? Most likely. That’s why she did it. From personal experience, i’ve been pressured into doing things I didn’t want to do. Most of the time I said no but sometimes I didn’t. When you’re that young and around an addict, you might do something you regret.

No. 1208820

Ok but i guess i was only some xanax right? And we know maddie was taking oxy and for sure some speedball/opiates iv. Soooo theres long way from benzos and taking hard drugs iv and noone pressuered her into thatt

No. 1208821

Maddie also said she was given klonopin

No. 1208822

Klonopin, xanax same shit its all benzos

No. 1208824

Maddie isn’t innocent either, I don’t agree with a lot of stuff she’s done but she was still young.

No. 1208831

>You keep acting like 16yo is a fucking minor
It literally is, underage b&. Teenagers unilaterally have poor impulse control, decision-making, and long-term planning skills and are in general absolute morons, full stop. Throw a lifetime of poverty and neglect in there and it's pretty clear to a rational adult that Maddie was going to be at risk of adopting whatever shitty habits she was exposed to.

No. 1208836

Can you newfags go back to Instagram? Learn to sage ffs

No. 1208845

ashley’s new flesh account is private now, don’t know if that was as of very recently but it seems like it

No. 1208847

Even if she wasn’t a minor, she very obviously has serious mental issues. Offering drugs to a mentally ill person is extremely negligent and arguably abusive. Even if Maddie was older than Ashley it would still be irresponsible as fuck. Obviously it was Maddie’s choice at the end of the day but Ashley facilitated it.

No. 1208913

lol this is a textbook example of gaslighting. i love how she refuses to hold herself accountable for ANYTHING, being too fucked up to function does not reverse any of your actions girl. i get that people make mistakes, but the way she's handling the whole situation proves that she doesn't actually feel responsible for anything and just wants people to shut up about this. she pretends all of this is old news and she's a whole different person now, but she didn't even get sober and clearly didn't change any of her behavior either

No. 1208961


Ccryme has had on and off “beef” with Ashley for a few years now but it mostly reads as a jealousy fueled vendetta to most and that’s why no one takes her seriously when she speaks out on anything related to her.

The irony is ccryme is a cow herself, so seeing her and others kick Ashley under the bus is definitely giving me major pot calling the kettle black vibes.

No. 1208975

Who tf cares newfag. Misgendering troons isn’t milk. Hating trannies is based.

No. 1208978

fucking kek. Maddie is a dumbass clit brained junkie

No. 1208988


what kinda retarded logic is this? a 16 is almost fully adult year old? having nudes of a 16 year old will get you to prison, theyre still too young and usually get coerced by an adult creep, thats why its a crime. teenagers will do anything someone asks if they're "cool". thats why many celebrities have scandals with underages and youtubers too. cause 16 year olds are too fucking stupid to know better. if this girl who is popular on instagram asks her to do dumb shit she will absolutely do it cause Ashley is a "cool girl". shes just following what the cool girl says. shes not in her early twenties, shes a teenager and teenagers are impressionable as fuck

even biologically you are very wrong cause the human brain stops growing at 25 which is pretty fucking far away for Maddie


>clit brained

jesus shut the fuck up scrote. OP was cringy as fuck and i hope they got banned but who the fuck talks like that even.

No. 1208999

some of u people in the comments are fucking trash. is clear that u dont understand whats like being and addict and having a personality disorder. im not saying this just justifies everything they do or say but wtf????? try to understand that some of the things they do is bc they dont have control over themselfs. everyone is up to talking about mental health till someone behaves this way. u are all equally fucked up(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1209003

>be 16
>see your rolemodel exposed as a rapist and groomer
>blame everything but the rolemodel

hows life working out for you bud? being an addict doesn't equal being a bad person, ashley manages to do both. you think all the people here are without empathy? trying to understand can only go so far, if you start grooming and supplying 16 year old girls with drugs, thats a pretty hard line, no matter the circumstances

No. 1209004

16 IS a minor

No. 1209008


she didn't "almost get choked to death" she fucking OD'd the day before her fiance did and died.

ashley, you are a compulsive liar. stop talking about jake like he was not a fucking human and my friend! he's gone now and just because you didn't genuinely care about him, doesn't mean his actual friends don't. i'm so tired of you spreading lies about him to make yourself look better, you're incapable of caring about anyone or anything but this image you have of yourself in your head. get help and stay away from people, you will only hurt them until you sort your shit.

No. 1209012

being mentally ill doesn't give you a free pass for horrible behavior lol. she literally hasn't changed a single bit, she still drinks daily, takes benzos (and who knows what else) and even provides teenagers with them and lies about it. yet her victims are supposed to simply forgive her just bc she claims to have been "in a really bad place"?? she needs to be called out, addiction doesn't make you give drugs to 14 year olds, that's just her being a terrible person

No. 1209013

I can understand being proud of Maddie rn, but Andy is still trash. Wasn't she the one spamming these threads with pictures of dead people just a week or two ago? She's clearly batshit insane.

No. 1209017

Can all of you pseudo morality police new fags fuck off back to Instagram already?

Fucking sage your shit and stop bumping this thread.

No. 1209028

it’s so weird when y’all all of a sudden pretend to give a fuck about privacy as if simons face isn’t literally in the header. she needs to stfu nobody cares abt her

No. 1209056

File: 1618498918700.png (8.3 MB, 1125x2436, 257C22CD-1A71-4B34-AF35-098CA7…)

No. 1209060

16 years old is still a child. Scientific studies have shown that people's brains don't fully develop until they are 25: https://bigthink.com/mind-brain/adult-brain

I sure as hell was NOT the same person at 16 years old and now I am in my 30s and I cringe hard at my past self. Maddie is still growing and developing, and giving her drugs at 16 really fucked her up. Hopefully it's not too late for Maddie to get help and improve herself while she is still young.

No. 1209061

File: 1618499125153.png (2.46 MB, 750x1334, A6A678D3-527B-46B8-A255-C7F7EE…)

No. 1209064

i think this was more about the weirdos who cowtipped and sent her dms than simon being brought up here in general. though i agree, nobody cares about her so idk why she's being dragged into this. ashley is the one who's trash for involving her dead ex in drama that has barely anything to do with him

No. 1209068

didn't someone on here say that Ashley was lying about going to school with Maddie? Maddie was homeschooled, right?

wonder if Adam/Liam will reply back with receipts.

No. 1209070

Groom, gaslight, repeat. She has no shame jfc.

No. 1209073

File: 1618499781868.jpg (57.75 KB, 1080x450, Screenshot_20210415-081644_Ins…)

This bio asked me to drink bleach

No. 1209079

Her sexuality is accusation she's choosing to focus on rn oh my God she's dense

No. 1209083

"i don't wanna be a part of this shit anymore" you ARE this shit ashley. just bc she personally doesn't consider what she did to maddie grooming, doesn't mean it's not fucked up to feed drugs to minors that admire her and that also doesn't mean everyone calling her out for that is lying. same goes for her claiming she met maddie when she was 14, just because ashley saw her at school a couple of times, doesn't mean they knew each other since then lol. she keeps twisting things around and trying to gaslight everyone but i just hope her followers don't buy that bullshit anymore

No. 1209085

you can have the worst case of personality disorder and addiction in the world and you’d still deserve to get dragged through the mud for grooming children and getting 15 yr olds hooked on fent. why are personality disordereds always so allergic to taking the tiniest bit of responsibility for their awful behavior

No. 1209088

jake was a piece of shit, you can choke

No. 1209101

why does she think saying "i am not a groomer" will convince anyone?? obviously her followers will believe her with absolutely no evidence. she is just so sketch

No. 1209113

maddie has been homeschooled ever since starting her instagram, but they most likely went to the same school for a brief time before that. one of them posted a picture of them together with a caption along the lines of "we finally met up!!" in 2018 though, so that's when they actually first met

ashley even mentioned in her last stories how she didn't lie bc she and maddie "never hung out, but KNEW each other". at first she claimed they had been friends for years as an excuse for the grooming allegations but then people were coming out with proof of them first meeting in 2018 and suddenly she acts as if she never said that lmao. whoever still believes her shit is seriously dumb

No. 1209117

soo she's admitting that her being bisexual is another a lie? and "being confused about being cis" makes her "super queer"? her making out with girls for clout when she's literally not even into girls is the actual definition of queerbaiting so i dont really get what she's even tryna accomplish with that shitty excuse

No. 1209188

she changed her bio to the cowboy hat emoji….she been lurking

No. 1209196

File: 1618508154075.png (2.5 MB, 750x1334, 264CF6A4-C4C0-417B-A74C-0463F8…)

oh so now maddie's a rapist too

No. 1209197

File: 1618508194156.jpeg (251.04 KB, 828x1685, 2FB8E395-2DEF-497E-8BE7-0E6F55…)

No. 1209199

lmao ashley just admitted to being straight

No. 1209200

omg just cuz others are crazy doesnt mean ashley is not a pos shes just shifting blame

No. 1209201

both these girls and all their friends need to get off social media and go to rehab. but they're not gonna do that and this mess is way more entertaining anyways so

No. 1209204

I'm so glad twitter is finally catching up to Ashley being a piece of shit junkie so I don't have to see her face on there anymore

No. 1209205

why is she suddenly bringing up maddie allegedly raping people and what does elaine being trash too have to do with anything that ashley did? as if her now desperately trying to shift the blame onto other people is gonna make her look any better lmao

No. 1209207

File: 1618508754571.png (2.67 MB, 750x1334, 7C886A7B-5954-4756-9DC9-631D9B…)

did she really putting the blame on maddie now …

No. 1209208

Of course savannah would involve herself into this shit show

No. 1209209

She's allergic to accountability, it's really incredible watching her dodge her ownership in this. The cognitive hoops she jumping through rn. Absolutely wild.

No. 1209210

ngl I could see Maddie crying to get what she wants, but Ashley is just deflecting as usual

No. 1209211

this is so embarrassing they're all making each other look like shit and it's clear everyone involved is a junkie asshole. this is a MESS

No. 1209215

yeah, you're all pathetic addicts, we know that. what makes ashley special though, is the fact that maddie was only 16 and had never done any hard drugs until ashley introduced her to benzos. she's either really dumb for not understanding what's the obvious problem here or thinks her followers are naive enough to just believe everything she says. either way i love this shitshow and how they're now all throwing each other under the bus. so much for "i don't wanna embarrass maddie!!" lmao

No. 1209217

everyone in this situation is a fucking mess but ashley trying to deflect blame and avoid taking responsibility for her role in maddie's addiction is so fucked. how do people not realize that their actions can negatively influence others

No. 1209218

i actually believe this
theyre both fucked up borderlines, its not hard to believe they're constantly emotionally manipulating others (and each other)

No. 1209223

File: 1618509973362.png (168.66 KB, 750x1334, 74D167B4-77B8-4036-9AC9-53C5E2…)

No. 1209225

File: 1618510001592.png (149.77 KB, 750x1334, E1C431D6-80F4-41A8-BFE0-E426E0…)

No. 1209228

File: 1618510034527.png (160.91 KB, 750x1334, BA5ACAC0-BE43-4A4E-BBC8-2C2ABF…)

No. 1209229

File: 1618510066609.jpeg (300.33 KB, 1124x1988, 4E1C2D3C-1188-4966-B3B6-1A7CF8…)

No. 1209230

File: 1618510075839.png (156.93 KB, 750x1334, 42224C60-EF4D-48B2-8F31-3D9154…)

No. 1209233

File: 1618510128644.png (163.18 KB, 750x1334, 29C63A18-071F-4D2D-AB81-102D15…)

No. 1209234

File: 1618510161943.png (173.14 KB, 750x1334, 6EBF0C17-1D12-4253-95A6-09B5ED…)

No. 1209235

ashley has maddies credit card? what?

No. 1209236

is ashley just directly responding to this thread and twitter now? maybe it's time that she admits to herself that she's not some misunderstood victim but has to take some fucking accountability for her actions right about now. posting statement after statement explaining herself and getting caught up in her own lies won't magically save her reputation now lol

No. 1209237

I’m not really sure why everyone is speculating on whether or not Ashley is queer. It’s pointless, and sharing “gay marriage? Get a room” means nothing. Legitimately every young queer person I know posts pretend homophobic stuff like that, it’s supposed to be an ironic meme. Stop bumping the thread and talking about boring shit. Anon, keep the screens coming

No. 1209238

oof this has gotta sting. imagine all your worst fears about everyone hating you and calling you annoying behind your back coming true. at least its confirmed now that ashley never actually liked her and maddie is just super clingy

No. 1209240

No I’m literally just showing y’all that Elaine is a pos, loves to talk shit about all her friends, Maddie is known for pressuring people into sexual interactions making them super uncomfortable (what she did to me) and then guilts them by hurting herself or threatening it.

No. 1209242

This does expose Maddie but you’re totally deflecting

No. 1209244

'''''queer'''''''''''''''' = unremarkable attention-seeking straight person; spastics like her have no right to participate in LGB in-jokes

No. 1209247

elaine is shitty for gossiping about maddie like that but i have no words for what absolute trash ashley is for exposing her "friend" in a fucking hateforum like this. everything we thought about her being a bitch that only uses her friends for clout when it's convenient for her is true lol. love the drama though, thank you

No. 1209250

That doesn't erase what you did at all. girl you are deflecting and ya need Jesus.

No. 1209251

why even try to hang out with maddie if u hate her so much ashley lmao are u telling me u got pressured to hang out with her now

No. 1209254

Exposing Maddie doesn’t make Ashley any less of a drug pushing groomer. Maddie manipulated her into buying her drinks and taking her to the hotel and bringing back xans? Did she also manipulate her into giving other kids fentanyl? Did she make Ashley come to the threads to sperg about her dead scrote? Did she manipulate Ashley into refusing accountability for years? All these people are fucked but that fails to make Ashley look better when she’s as big of a fuck up as we already knew she was. The threads literally document that, stop being retarded.

No. 1209255

File: 1618511193716.png (Spoiler Image, 602.49 KB, 750x1624, B8E81754-32DD-43DE-9257-4B0BE4…)

i'm proud of her.

No. 1209258

and what exactly did you do there? talk shit about your "friend" with elaine? posted your private convos and super private stuff about maddie on lolcow? elaine has already admitted she and maddie never liked each other a lot but you're doing shit a looot worse than her right now. this doesn't prove anything and you now trying to portray maddie as a rapist seems really desperate lmao

No. 1209259

Wish you'd get off this thread and kill yourself Ashley you are deplorable.
Do the world a favor baby(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1209261

at least maddie is not posting a thousand shitty statements and coming on here to talk shit lol

No. 1209262

anyone else noticed maddie is now posting throwback pics on her priv with elaine? wonder if she's seen these screenshots

No. 1209263

Lol they both went to Stivers at separate times, I was in Ashley’s class. That’s not “going to school together”. Maddie looked up to Ashley like a “mom” her goth Instagram mom. For the little time Maddie was there everyone kept telling her how she looked so much like her and asked her if she was modeling after her. Then people starting telling Ashley on the viva Instagram that they should meet, they’re so much alike. Maddie saw how Ashley modeled for hot topic and “made it in life” so that was her goals, she was maddies role model. No doubt about it. She groomed her, she was an adult and Maddie was a minor the first time she gave her Xanax. She’s always been problematic. Her “real” friends make fun of her behind her back and are just nice to her face. She’s pretty much the laughing stock of Dayton, everyone’s favorite local trainwreck, watching who she drags down next. It’s sad they enable her because they love watching the chaos and want fame with her. They also just think as long as she’s not overdosing she’s fine. Which no she’s clearly not but oh well. And the fact that she had to bring up that she was a victim of grooming so ofc she couldn’t be a groomer since it was brought up before.

No. 1209264

imagine using yourself completely dissing and shit talking your friend who cared about you as a means to look innocent. if anything you look worse. if you didn’t like her why’d you string her alone u fucking bitch

No. 1209266

“those are the lowest of lows”
“yeah, they are”
so you both are disgusting ? oh ok

No. 1209267


You are a fucking retard Ashley KEK congrats now you made yourself look even worse than before

No. 1209268

She’ll see them soon enough. Kek I wonder if that was part of Ashley’s motivation for posting them. To “get back” at Maddie, because the caps do a shit job at clearing her name.

>why’d Ashley string Maddie along
Because Ashley is a sad and desperate crackhead so starved for attention she’s rather groom high schoolers than not be a deranged fucking person. Honestly she’s a pickme, making OF content with girls was a “girls kissing is hot” moment not a “I’m such a faggot queer” moment. I’m seeing parallels between her and James Charles but with more drug abuse and if he clickbaited by pretending he was interested in women.

No. 1209270

Ashley you do realize this is just more evidence that she was obsessed with you and had a co-defendant relationship and you GROOMED her. You didn’t actually want to be her friend but you wanted to benefit from her. By hanging out with her when you’re sad knowing she’ll say yes, by doing drugs with her knowing she’ll say yes, by eventually making onlyfans/sexual content with her bc YOU KNOW SHE WILL SAY YES BC SHE WAS OBSESSED WITH YOU AND NEEDED HELP. You played into it, REGARDLESS of what Elaine or anyone else said.

No. 1209272

Co-dependant* I mean. And this proves you had first hand knowledge hat she was going to the extreme of harming herself over you

No. 1209274

why are people on this thread even defending maddie? she’s fucking pathetic and manipulative.

No. 1209276

go home newfag

No. 1209279

Some are, but I think more are saying they’re both pretty shitty but Ashley still needs to take accountability for this so it doesn’t matter what maddie did currently for what Ashley did

No. 1209280

maddie is autistic and most likely has stunted brain growth lmao she is manipulative but if you ask me it's doubtful she even knows what she's doing. ashley introduced her to drugs when she still had hope and made her shitty situation 10 times worse

No. 1209288

>all she talks about is being addicted to drugs
And who do you think got her addicted, Ashley?

No. 1209289

Newfags need to sage your shit or die mad about it. Of course anons are going to talk more extensively about the groomer and not the person she groomed, are you retarded?

No. 1209292

love how everyone on Twitter is crying about the queer baiting and almost no one is bringing up the real issue of her GIVING DRUGS TO MINORS

No. 1209293

You're all a bunch of tweakers who should get off the internet and into a rehab clinic, but the fact your white trash ex-friends aren't saints still doesn't cancel the shit you did

No. 1209295

has maddie posted anything good on her private accounts?

No. 1209296

The fact that maddie may be autistic makes thus so much worse for me. Like when she likes someone it's different than the average person, I really hope she's okay.

No. 1209300

I can't find it on Twitter can you please share it here?

No. 1209302

Nothing new as of right now

No. 1209304

maddie's annoying and clearly insane for even obsessing over a trashbag like ashley but ashley is a loot worse than her. lets not forget that she got a 14 year old addicted to fentanyl and did countless other fucked up things that are all documented in the threads. so even if you don't believe what she did to maddie is bad, she's still an absolute piece of shit. also just the way she's acting up right now is funny af

No. 1209308

File: 1618514200148.jpeg (567.05 KB, 1176x1125, 7E6C15BC-5661-4B01-9413-2FA75D…)

everyone just keeps sharing fairypulps ig stories about her not actually being queer and supposedly robbing lesbians when that’s not even the biggest issue here

No. 1209330

she's diagnosed with autism, that's why ashley trying to shift blame onto her is so stupid lol like she doesn't have the capability to make decisions for herself the way Ashley does. she's not innocent but you really can't blame her for "doing this to herself". if you offer someone with poor impulse control and little to no decision making skills drugs what do you think is going to happen

No. 1209346

do you think maddie is gonna try to kill herself today

No. 1209348

watch Elaine’s stories, Maddie saw the convos Ashley posted here and is not responding to her

No. 1209354

plz post caps, not all of us have IG

No. 1209357

File: 1618519184090.png (4.59 MB, 750x1334, 4BAE697C-BD23-448A-8B93-D99CF3…)

No. 1209361

mostly videos. she’s reacting to the messages ashley leaked talking about how many of the things she said weren’t even true and then says shes been calling maddie but no one answers

No. 1209363

File: 1618519720479.png (9.65 MB, 1242x2208, 35421B2A-69A0-4EAA-BC88-E412DE…)

guess she’s fine

No. 1209371

idk what to believe but elaine seemed a thousand times more genuine in these stories than ashley has ever been in her entire life. she admits that ashley really got her with these screenshots but also it hasn't been a secret that her an maddie hated each other. she seemed to be genuinely remorseful though and claimed most of the things she gossiped about weren't even true, so i think she still looks a lot better than ashley right now tbh

No. 1209395

jesus, how fucking scummy it is for ashley and elaine to basically mock maddie self harm use like even if she was being annoying thats horrible why did you think sharing those screenshots was a good idea ashley kek

No. 1209407

well maddie was the one manipulating everybody with her self harm, so i think its fair that both ashley and elaine were mad at her for being toxic. maddie is no saint just because she’s the victim in other part of the story

No. 1209410

My thoughts exactly. I'm glad that maddie isn't alone rn. I wish u could upload videos because her stories where she's talking really make it understandable where Elaine is coming from. I don't think she's a bad person, I know that Ashley however is a monster.

No. 1209424

elaine already admitted that the stuff she said about maddie wasn't true though and i don't believe anything that comes out of ashleys mouth anyways. i guess it wouldn't be very out of character for maddie to do shit like that but i think claiming she actually manipulated people with self harm just bc ashley said so is reaching a little

No. 1209433

elaine said SOME of the things she talked about were made up, not everything. i find it very believable that maddie would manipulate people like that - being borderline and overall desperate

No. 1209437

I bet she did too but it's on Ashley to choose who her friends are and doing her so dirty was absolutely not necessary.

No. 1209441

Like when someone presents that kind of behavior you don't go and shit talk them. You wish them well and leave or you try and help your friends. Ashley's idea of friendship is so transparent and fake I can't.

No. 1209448

tbh i always got the vibe that she was looking down on maddie and secretly being annoyed whenever they were hanging out. she used her for her own entertainment and to fuel her narcissism, even after she claimed to have changed so much. posting these screenshots and exposing herself for being a fake bitch and horrible friend was the dumbest move ashley could've pulled off lmao

No. 1209459

She really showed the internet her true colors, she was losing followers so rapidly I think that's part of why she inactivated her account lmao, it's all she has to her name so pathetic. Girl needs a real life.

No. 1209484

wasn't this bitch defending Maddie last night why is she now doing this?

No. 1209496

Bc she thought if she defended maddie it would make her story look true lmao. People still don’t believe her and poked holes in her lies so she has to change it up again

No. 1209509

File: 1618530999494.jpg (94.95 KB, 818x156, Screenshot_20210415-195641_Goo…)

For someone who went to rehab multiple times you'd think she would have learned to take accountability for her actions when high/drunk etc

No. 1209516

No. 1209562

She's incapable of learning

No. 1209563

Because she's a narcissist and will do whatever she thinks will make her appear better, she's always about saving face

No. 1209580

those are older caps im pretty sure, from a different time that ashley is showing to make the other person look bad

No. 1209608

Elaine confirmed they're from December of last year on her story.
Ashley had to dig for those in a time when maddir and Elaine weren't friends to try and make it seem like Elaine isn't reliable.

No. 1209624

Yep this exactly. Ashley used OLD screen caps to throw Elaine under the bus. In Elaine story she admitted to her own drug use and her own shitty behaviour but was pretty genuine and honest when it came to her and Maddie friendship being on and off, clearly felt awful that the screenshots had been spread and went to see Maddie in person to make sure she was okay. Ashley’s really digging her own grave here yet it’s pretty sad to see all the underage girls defending her and attacking the people who’s lives she ruined. It looks like most of her following that are her actual age realise the gravity of the situation and see that she’s a liar and manipulator.

No. 1209626

File: 1618551808269.png (2.54 MB, 750x1334, F2643CB9-E813-4924-98C9-57C604…)

So many people are coming out with information about Ashley and all she’s doing is lying and throwing other people under the bus to save her ass, but she’s left so much evidence that’s been exposed that she can’t save herself now.
Most of the people involved are shitty in some way but most of that still manages to come back to Ashley, the fact that people are still supporting her are the same ones who will only see her side ONLY and not properly read the evidence that she’s a fucked up junkie that has hurt so many of her own “friends” even though there’s an abundance of it.

No. 1209628

Maddie isn’t fucking autistic. She let out her diagnose awhile ago on her other account and she has bpd, ED, depression, anxiety disorder, and she’s an alcoholic . She is perfectly capable of making her own decisions, she just chooses to act dumb and is constantly putting herself in these bad positions. She surrounds herself with these kind of people, and worms girl cant say shit because she sold a fake bag of coke to Maddie. God only knows if she actually has sold Maddie coke before and she’s just not saying it to clear her own ass. She also admitted to lying about Maddie when she talked shit about her to make her look like a bad person, so who’s to say she’s not doing the same with Ashley. Maddie likes to fuck up and then play victim while letting people talk for her because she can’t talk for her self because she’s a drama feeder and wants everyone to feel bad for her. Everyone in that group should just shut their mouth because that whole group has done fucked up stuff.

No. 1209653

Just wait before you know it Maddie will be pulling this same card on someone else or getting herself into trouble like she usually does. Elaine, and ccryme, are calling the kettle fucking black. Ccryme use to say the n-word and start fights with literally EVERYONE on insta. And Elaine has definitely fucked up in her life and has probably sold to underage people before to. Everyone’s just trying to save their own ass right now to make themselves look better. Last year Elaine was just fine with Ashley, and I watched her, worm, and Ashley do a live together while they were separately watching drake and Josh. Now all of a sudden she hates her and trashing her like she did with Maddie. Again Elaine admitted to lying about some stuff when she was shit talking Maddie to make her look like a horrible person. So at the end of the day everyone is weird asf in this friend group and I doubt anyone is telling the truth at this point.

No. 1209670

she's posted her diagnosis before lol. cringe af to even do that and it doesn't excuse her annoying behavior but i think it's obvious she's not a functioning human being and clearly autistic

nobody ever said they were innocent but they're a thousand times better than ashley still. idgaf about that ccryme girl, she seems to be some random egirl involving herself in drama bc she never liked ashley anyways. and elaine is pretty irrelevant too, but she was the first one to publicly call ashley out. she's a trash friend and former addict too but her story is still way more believable than ashleys web of lies

No. 1209671

File: 1618556066691.jpeg (147.55 KB, 750x346, 967473EF-C70E-4B8D-81BB-3369EE…)

guess this is maddies way of telling us she and elaine made up

No. 1209675


No. 1209676

File: 1618557310598.jpeg (102.36 KB, 750x498, 8AE317AC-E093-4831-90E5-A423EF…)

she's posted a bunch of excuses on twitter too, now she's suddenly bi again lmao. funny how she's focusing on the queerbaiting shit rn when that's objectively the least bad thing she's done

No. 1209677

File: 1618557812146.jpeg (206.69 KB, 750x1004, B4D2B7D4-186F-4E69-815A-2C254B…)

not ashley lying about this picture being candid now lmao. didn't they literally retake this a bunch of times over several years (she's just recently posted about that) bc it was just soo iconic?? she won't stop talking about how she basically wrote queer history with that fucking pic, so there's no way she now tries to use this as an excuse. there's even one were they make out for clout and ashley has literally admitted to not being into girls so what is she trying to prove again? it's always the same bullshit of her trying to twist around her lies and then getting caught up in them

No. 1209680

File: 1618558563496.jpeg (335.35 KB, 828x1118, 72F3094D-3538-4FD9-9F86-0AE122…)


No. 1209682

she has been actively deleting comments in on her recent. someone uploaded the link to this thread and it was taken down. the account that posted it is also deactivated now. she has deleted more photos of her and ashley together but none of their saved live-streams.

No. 1209683

i think it’s easy to deflect when every shitty mistake is open for the world to see… how embarrassing. they just don’t want to look at the proof.

No. 1209684

>lolcow is bad guys they have documented screenshots of stuff I typed with my own two hands and people I know have gone there to disprove my lies multiple times! They’re such terrible misogynists I went on there for hours so I could talk shit about my dead ex boyfriend and other women!

>”lolcow is bad because nobody gives a shit about trannies/male feelings!!”
>is best buddies with men who say faggot for funnies and are openly homophobic

KEK is Ashley this retarded on purpose? The autism excuse can only work for Maddie, dumbass.

No. 1209686

Yeah cause Elaine admitting she use to lie about Maddie, sold Maddie fake coke (which is funny because for all we know she probably has sold her real coke before) AND SHE ROBBED HER! But Elaine is Soooo Much better right? She’s just as manipulative. They all just want to fuel to drama train. And they know maddie is dumb and would never speak for herself because she obviously has a low IQ, and everyone is just taking advantage of her and taking this chances to put their hate out on Ashley. Maddie puts herself in these fucked situations. Maddie would rather smile in you’re face, start drama, and then talk shit behind your back so she can victimize herself and let people deal with the drama she created. She’s been this way forever. Shes the girl in school that no one ever liked because she was weird, and made people uncomfortable. And would say and do creepy weird shit. If she liked someone she’d idolize them and follow them like a lost puppy and then be possessive and upset when they tell her she’s clingy. She’s 19 and has an OnlyFans. She’s not 12. If she doesn’t like being around that stuff then she needs to stop surrounding herself with those kind of people and stop victimizing herself 24/7 and finally get her shit together.

No. 1209687

she’s absolutely this toxic in person. i bet she browses the platform herself. the only reason i believe elaine has any stance is that yeah… she’s right. she doesn’t have a huge platform. what benefit is she trying to receive? even if she is shitty, which she’s admitting to, who would she be trying to save face for? they’re all a bunch of fucked up losers…. but elaine seems like dragged in. we all know maddie is just sick in the head to the fifth degree. it’s not natural to post things like this online; it’s not fucking normal.

No. 1209689

So Elaine can be a shitty person and do horrible things because she has a small platform? That makes no sense. Their all shit. Period. All of them. Every single last one. They’ve all drugs together, given someone drugs, robbed someone, told lies about people. So what’s the point in picking fucking sides? What are you guys going to say when Elaine and Maddie hate each other again and Maddie pulls this same card lol(emoji)

No. 1209691

does she really think she has any right to complain about lolcow when she's come here SEVERAL times already to trash other people and save her own ass? the audacity this bitch has is impressive

No. 1209692

Yeah let us completely forget Maddie wiping her discharge on liams face, or guilt trapping people, or forcing herself on others. Or even just idk drinking and doing drugs in general with Andy on a daily basis and getting into random strangers cars. Again she does this to herself. Maddie is an adult now, she needs to grow the fuck up.

No. 1209694

What are you guys going to say when Elaine and Maddie hate each other again and Maddie pulls this same card?(namefag)

No. 1209695

god can you newfags please shut up or learn to integrate nobody said maddie was a great person but there's no need to type out four essays repeating stuff about her

No. 1209698

She sure lurks and cares a lot about defending herself on here for thinking all of us are just transphobic, irrelevant liars lmao

No. 1209705

any updates on her superpriv?

No. 1209707

File: 1618562154136.jpeg (253.25 KB, 828x859, FFE0DE70-3124-4978-A684-22020C…)

And this reply, kek. Many of us are lesbian TERFs who care not for your woketard McFeminism and LARPing, Ashley. Cope harder.

No. 1209710

Girl no.

No. 1209752

The fact that everyone is trying to forgive her like she wasn’t just providing drugs to minors kek

No. 1209758

imagine proudly admitting to be a terf. POS people on here. mind your own fucking business(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1209761

nta but lmao you must be new here

No. 1209763

You seem lost

No. 1209765

File: 1618572748963.jpeg (90.24 KB, 1080x1039, E2303867-57FD-4C96-BF25-6371A3…)

No. 1209786

god who cares about whether or not some of you are terfs, let's please focus on the milk lol. it's funny how ashley isn't capable of defending herself without trying to deflect from her actions. even if people in here were actual nazis it wouldn't change anything about what she did, focus on yourself girl

No. 1209792

nobody cares about your woke tranny loving bullshit here so either get lost or stfu

No. 1209796

We're manhaters, not nazis.

No. 1209799

lmao i was literally referring to the people complaining about terfs, but go off i guess. random anons political opinions are irrelevant af and y'all arguing about terfs now serves absolutely no point when these bitches are providing us with so much milk rn

No. 1209837

Girl, yes.

No. 1209922

gotta agree with this anon (whos prob ashley) on everything

No. 1209924

speak for yourself retard

No. 1209972

File: 1618598408901.png (229.83 KB, 680x450, dd0.png)

Ashley be like
> Deflect deflect deflect deflect deflect deflect deflect
> I am not deflecting! They are the abusers are icky people! I didn't do or say anything wrong it's the people who called me out!
Yeah right. Dig that grave sweetheart. I love to see it.

No. 1210119

Heard ya like takin pictures in graveyards! You’re diggin a deep dark hole that isn’t very aesthetic.

No. 1210148

Ashley has literally posted pictures sitting on someone's grave and her reasoning when someone brought up how it's disturbing is
> well they're really old they've been dead so long I just wanted a picture they would've liked it

No. 1210169

Maddie posed on graves too lol

No. 1210170

have u ever met a goth anon?

No. 1210172

the nitpicking is getting a little ridiculous. gravesites have been a place for photos and black heeled boots to step on for over fifty years LOL. can we focus on the milk…… buncha femcels in here lol

No. 1210177

Oh nooo how anti-woman and misogynistic to call out larping men forcing themselves into women's only spaces. K E K

No. 1210229

sounds a lot like ashley lmfaooo isn’t being the “weird kid” what you people pride yourselves as ?


No. 1210231


how many times is this retarded junkie going to change the narrative? she keeps trying to deflect to the fact she gave maddie drugs when underage. but the entire reason her giving the drugs is a problem is because maddie was young and startruck. saying she chased you around and had breakdowns when you treated her like shit demonstrates this. she was a dumb teenager who wanted to hang out with you cause she admired you. her "following you around and cutting cause of you" only makes it more obvious you had a huge influence over her and could get her to do anything you wanted. including the drugs you gave her.

No. 1210250

I’m genuinely surprised neither of them have herpes lol… as far as we know. God imagine how that crack vomit pussy smells lol

No. 1210273

Does anyone know what happened to Ashwhore’s rats? I know she killed one of them but didn’t she have a few? she made rats her entire personality for like a month and then we never heard anything about them after.

No. 1210279

I've wondered that too. Pretty sure she pulled a Taylor Nicole Dean
ie the animals died due to neglect or she had to rehome them (I assume you're talking about the ones she had with Jake at the trap house) and is ashamed. Either way she should feel horrible because I've had rats they get very bonded with their humans and she clearly forgot about them as if they aren't living beings.

No. 1210315

File: 1618628514306.jpeg (554.4 KB, 828x1477, 9D8B9890-2A30-4F1E-B2C6-98F581…)


No. 1210319

I remember that she had an Instagram account for her rats with Simon. She left them in New York after she moved back to Ohio. She can’t commit to anything, not a career, pets, nothing

No. 1210327

did anyone find any updates of this

No. 1210330

It was first mentioned AGES ago in maybe the first or second thread, clearly by someone who knows them but was only really confirmed recently with everyone calling out Ashley. Elaine and worm confirmed it, so did Maddie too (possible Liam) and then Ashley herself when she was trying to save her ass these last few days. So not so much screenshot evidence but the words of those involved and Ashley.

No. 1210334

isn’t worm kira’s brother?

No. 1210345

worm (josh) is kira and eryn’s younger brother yeah

No. 1210369

She left her rats in New York with Simon and then when they broke up she claimed that he refused to give them back to her. Either a lie to make him look bad or he had a good reason to keep them from her. He took really good care of those rats and still had them when he died. The rats are okay and under Simon’s gf’s care as far as I know.

No. 1210378

File: 1618634899181.jpeg (473.61 KB, 1268x1974, 08E18A95-198F-48A4-967F-F5F0DE…)

Here’s Ashley’s story about doing drugs with Maddie and Josh (lilworm)

No. 1210394

File: 1618637690341.jpeg (25.35 KB, 827x233, 91D317E8-1B3A-44EF-A1DC-6D7A91…)

Okay Worm

No. 1210400

Imagine calling these people goth

No. 1210408

nta but she meant that goths hang around in graveyards, so criticizing that is kinda out of place since even real goths have done that for ages

No. 1210415

File: 1618641567725.jpg (519.04 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210416-233814_Ins…)

I love Elaine defending her bf, he was a kid when Ashley introduced him to this it's sick.

No. 1210416

File: 1618641592181.jpg (1.26 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210416-233816_Ins…)


No. 1210423

God Ashley is such a piece of shit

No. 1210428

wait so fairypulps friend that was allegedly involved in the robbery is josh/worm, the minor that ashley got addicted to fentanyl at 14?? correct me if i'm wrong bc ashleys tweets are purposely so fucking vague in hopes of confusing her braindead followers into believing her but she can't seriously be that stunted. she was engaged to the robber and her snapchat was being used to lure the victims in but somehow fairypulp is the bad person in this situation just because they're friends with josh, who was a victim of ashley too? nothing but lies

No. 1210430

File: 1618645160665.jpeg (690.52 KB, 750x1174, 700D2D0A-7549-4F0A-A1ED-D4AF21…)

sage for old milk but it's funny how jakes instagram is still mostly pictures of him and ashley, when she's currently trying to act as if the robbery has noothing to do with her. didn't she even admit to being involved in a shit ton of gang violence during that time?

No. 1210435

Yes she came into one of the last threads to sprerg about how she had it so hard because of being around gang activity.
News flash love you put yourself in that situation.
I never got caps of it because I couldn't be fucking bothered at the time but Jake was no stranger to flashing stacks of money from his dealing or whatever the fuck they were doing on his story. Once he talked about how he loved doing shrooms with Ashley Kek.
And Ashley was not scared of those people they were her friends. Videos I have saved from that period in time prove she was down with all of it. They posted a video of her twerking and Jake throwing money on her ass. She was very happy robbing people, dealing drugs, getting free drugs, etc. She is not a victim. I don't know how to post videos from mobile but if anyone is interested I have a lot of stuff saved that shows how much of a cunt she is in that format lol.

No. 1210437

I guess none of his friends have passwords or access to his socials, I wouldn’t put it past them or blame them to want to delete anything involving her but who knows how they feel about her, so far they haven’t really said anything

No. 1210438

Oh please do, I wish I’d saved her old stories from that time because some of them were pretty bad, and Jake deleted a lot from his insta around when they first started dating.

No. 1210442

saged for old milk. didn’t she make out jake’s passing to be a big deal sort of? like… like a real thought out suicide and tragic thing… when really she just supplied him with something stupid and fell asleep while it all went to shit?

No. 1210444

at first she was making a thousand stories on ig about how tragic his death was and that it was suicide but she later came to an older thread and basically completely trashed jake, claiming he overdosed and abused her. she also admitted to doing lots of fucked up shit while they were together , but since she was on fentanyl she thinks she doesn't have to face repercussions for any of her actions and everyone has to just forgive her lol

No. 1210454

File: 1618653300663.jpg (817.07 KB, 1920x1920, 2021_04_17_02_49_58_434.jpg)

I'll start digging, they'll all be pictures not videos but I'll explain what's going on. They'll all be saged for old milk, I'll try and not bump the thread by just sharing stuff I find interesting. Here is Ashley and all her trap house friends dancing intoxicated to music, it's from June. Honestly it's not very interesting in this format but you can tell she's really enjoying herself with these people. Not scared. A lot of different people come in and out of the house during these videos, I really wonder if they got covid and didn't know. Definitely more than 15 faces I've seen, at least.

No. 1210455

File: 1618653405286.jpg (817.72 KB, 1920x1920, 2021_04_17_02_56_31_119.jpg)

Same day, posing with a very intoxicated sapphire (doesn't seem very terrified of her gang friends here kek)

No. 1210458

File: 1618654712573.jpg (870.31 KB, 1920x1920, 2021_04_17_03_17_20_617.jpg)

Since I referenced this video

No. 1210559

"they're still friends with the person who actually robbed these people!!" her lies are getting worse lmao. josh is a literal teenager that SHE got addicted to fent at 14 and just happened to be at the house because of his drug use (if we believe elaine at least). she cannot actually think that's worse than her being fucking engaged to/good friends with the actual robbers and her snapchat being used for it. she's definitely phrasing her tweets this way in hopes of her followers not knowing anything about the situation and being naive enough to just believe her

kek thanks for reminding us of what a mess this time was. she really loves to pretend how much she hated being involved with these people and that she was in sUcH a bAd pLaCe but it really doesn't look like it

No. 1210562

Worm posted a video of him bragging about the robbery 3 months ago while sober he is not a good person either how long can someone blame someone else for their actions

No. 1210583

i just feel like people love to hate.
if worm and elaine hated ashley so much why would they go live with her not so long ago? it seems like they only remember to hate her when other people are doing the same. ashley is no good and that's not news. but maddie is no saint, elaine is no saint, worm is no saint. they all fake ppl looking for drama and we are giving them exactly what they want: attention
i bet that in a couple of months from now they are all gonna post stories together or so and we the clowns

No. 1210588

you don't get people addicted. don't give ashley that much credit or power. if worm or maddie decided to try fent at 14 that's on them. if they truly wanted they would have managed another way of getting fent without ashley, even if just to look cool or whatever for her
why are we treating maddie and worm as if they were 8 years old? i truly don't get it

No. 1210589

She first introduced him to fent. How could you blame him for that? What the fuck is wrong with you?

No. 1210590

I mean just be responsible for your own actions. Ashley don't have the power to get other people addicted If they don't want to.
She should assume her guilt of providing drugs to underage? Yes. but is not like they were 10, living in the streets and she was the only person they trusted….

No. 1210591

he could have said no, thanks? lol

No. 1210593

Doesn’t seem like you’ve read through the thread very well. 14-16 is still a very young and impressionable age nevermind the imbalance of power Ashley had over Maddie that has been outlined here about 10x over.

No. 1210595

My question in all of this is where the fuck were/are their parents during all of this? It’s hard to believe their families gave a single shit about them if they’ve been able to sink so low at such young ages.

No. 1210597

Are we really still debating this shit. They were still immature underaged teens at the time of this. Most 14yr olds lack critical thinking skills and still don’t quiet get how bad these kinds of drugs are, even with all the education out there. Ashley however does and did know, she knew what she was doing and getting themselves into, but they didn’t. If this had happened when Maddie and that josh kid were Ashley’s age it would be a lot different, but they were still kids who looked up to this person immensely (Maddie) and if Ashley has been friends with Kira for so long she would of known josh before he even ficking hit puberty, and still chose as an adult to introduce a literal child she’s known for a lot of his life to hard drugs because she’s the cooool and quirky older friend.

No. 1210599

the power ashley had over maddie is not something that ashley is responsible for.

No. 1210600

This sounds like something a groomer would say…yikes.

No. 1210601

kira should speak up

No. 1210602

where and when did ashley claimed jake overdosed and abused her? i only remember her insta stories crying so much and saying how much of a good person jake was

No. 1210606

Learn to sage for the love of god please. And lurk more, it’s well documented in the first-second thread, Ashley came here herself and threw him and everyone else under the bus saying she was aboosed and how awful he was to her, if you really don’t want to believe how she influenced and fucked Maddie and josh up with drugs while they were underage and too young to grasp really what was happening, then at least actually go through the threads that have massive amounts of evidence against her in general for being a manipulative, lying POS

No. 1210607

why would kira still be friends with ashley after she introduced fent to her brother (14)?

No. 1210611

Again, read the fucking threads. They stopped being friends for a long time until recently and it’s still debatable if they are actually friends now.

No. 1210612

Who knows? Why don’t you go ask Kira anon?

No. 1210614

i’ve never seen one person be so bold with their opinions in a thread while simultaneously making it so obvious they don’t actually follow or frequent it

No. 1210620

lmao she KNEW that maddie was insanely obsessed with her and used that to her advantage. ashley said herself that she always thought maddie was annoying and that she only hung out with her whenever she felt horrible and needed someone to do drugs/drink with. did you read anything in here or the other threads? nobody here even said maddie or anyone from that group is a great person, in fact they get trashed here on a regular basis, but that doesn't mean ashley can get away with giving drugs to fucking 14-16 year olds and all that other crap wtf

No. 1210621

File: 1618677804285.png (428.49 KB, 750x1334, A885D7FB-A487-4221-9619-BC4B9C…)

No. 1210648

what ashley has done is completely fucked up, but what some u guys forget is that ashley was also a child when all this started happening w drugs (if i’ve read correctly). just bc u have turned 18 it doesn’t automatically make u an adult, just legally, u still dk shit ab shit n i think maddie is just as responsible for her own wrong doings. they’re all fucked entirely

No. 1210652

Guarantee you it's Ashley or one of her goons

No. 1210653

God shut up and read the room. There was a power imbalance there you retard kek.

No. 1210685

File: 1618689238677.png (1.34 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210417-125135.png)

She is such a narcissist kek

No. 1210725

File: 1618691056732.jpg (179.35 KB, 1080x1187, Screenshot_20210417-132041_Twi…)

Yeah, you can try and forget it but me and everyone on this thread isn't going to forget you gave fentanyl to minors. Yall I'm not going to stop talking about this, you shouldn't either. She deserves to be deplatformed for grooming at least one minor. (Maddie)

No. 1210765

File: 1618693608948.jpg (1013.38 KB, 1920x1920, 2021_04_17_14_04_39_291.jpg)

Ashley maskless at a bar last june/August, tweaking out and twerking for the gram. Clearly terrified for her life lmao.

No. 1210775

File: 1618694873181.jpg (1.04 MB, 1920x1920, 2021_04_17_14_22_08_990.jpg)

"One..two..three..FUCK YOU." They're all screaming like the drunken idiots they are.
This was a direct response to farmers mentioning her drug use, again from about June. She's been maskless at bars daily since she was still on fent with Jake.

No. 1210804

I don't even care whether it's true or not but pls explain how does one take a shit on a doorknob. I am comically intrigued

No. 1210805

Can’t speak english and sages milk. what the fuck is going on

No. 1210807

I…. go on

No. 1210811

Kek what the fuck, I wish I saw that post

No. 1210814

Dirty delete where anon said Ashley took a shit on someone’s doorknob in front of them

No. 1210819

I hope that’s true kek. Could totally see her trashy self doing that. She already shits all over her supposed friends, it’s only natural.

No. 1210847

Her hair is fried and falling out KEK

No. 1210882

File: 1618706729613.jpg (782.25 KB, 1920x1920, 2021_04_17_17_44_47_981.jpg)

In my digging I'm dying laughing this bitch should just move into these bars she practically fucking lives there

No. 1210891

File: 1618708005373.jpg (812.56 KB, 1920x1920, 2021_04_17_18_05_23_550.jpg)


No. 1210893

File: 1618708028925.jpg (872.51 KB, 1920x1920, 2021_04_17_18_05_53_902.jpg)

No. 1210902

File: 1618708970946.jpg (484.72 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210417-182221_Pho…)

No. 1210905

I can feel the texture just by looking at it jfc

No. 1210915

File: 1618709497434.jpg (444.46 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210417-182809_Pho…)

Remember when Ashley said Sophie wasn't the drunk driver in that semi serious accident? Looking suspicious now sis.

No. 1210919

File: 1618709760221.jpg (1.11 MB, 1920x1920, 2021_04_17_18_35_14_753.jpg)

Acting like Corona is not killing people every day meeting all these new people

No. 1210923

File: 1618709950916.jpg (309.95 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210417-183754_Pho…)

She clearly hates using LGBT slurs kek, if you can't tell I'm being sarcastic. She's so gross I forgot just how much dumb shit she posted till I sat down and dug tbrough memory lane.

No. 1210924

this whole thread uses transphobic slurs constantly, who gives a fuck if she shared a tweet on her ig story that says the word faggot

No. 1210926

All I can think of alongside her wearing no mask all the time is how much money she’s spending drinking at bars every fucking day compared to just drinking at home. What the fuck.

No. 1210931

I doubt her only fans provides her with a lot of money, she has no other form of work so it looks like mamadrag is Ashley’s bank for now.
Not everyone on here is a TERF like you.(derail)

No. 1210936

ya no im not a terf my literal partner is trans so U actually got that completely wrong lol. my comment was pointing out that nitpicking about the use of the word faggot in a screenshot of a tweet in a forum where everyone besides myself apparently is a terf and uses transphobic slurs constantly isn’t really productive(no1curr)

No. 1210938

Different anon here I posted those because it shows how hypocritical she is in this area. She likes to act holier than thou like she'd never use that language but in the videos I have saved she does it all the time. I can't show you because again, don't know how to upload videos from mobile.

No. 1210941

You can upload the files here if they are WEBM format. They are likely MP4 by default, you can use an online converter like one of the following to convert it:



No. 1210955

File: 1618714166234.webm (5.66 MB, 720x1280, 20200606-040016-720x1280.webm)

Thank you anon!

No. 1210961

File: 1618714702422.jpg (726.6 KB, 1920x1920, 2021_04_17_19_57_41_046.jpg)

Jake filmed Ashley pissing and shitting what a precious moment

No. 1210964

what's with all the irrelevant posts shitting up the thread. if you have actual milk post it, what's the point in old rotten milk.

No. 1210967

People wanted to see it, it adds context and I'm saging them all

No. 1210973

File: 1618715585464.webm (3.88 MB, 720x1280, 20200524-135045-720x1280.webm)

No. 1211006

was that the same money he robbed from lesbians at gunpoint?

No. 1211007

wow she looked so different here. hard to believe that's the same girl just one year ago. now she looks like an aging soccer mom who tries too hard to be "cool."

No. 1211014

Her binge drinking has taken a very apparent toll kek

No. 1211026

If they hated Ashley so much then why did them go live with her like 5 months ago? Watching drake and josh? This whole thing is so dumb lol. This is high school shit, their all mean girls to each other. Their all shit and Iets be honest they’ve all done drugs or given drugs to underage people and are just trying to blame shift each other. Like they live in fucking Dayton, everyone there does drugs.(name)

No. 1211028

That's what I'm assuming because the timeline seems awful convenient

No. 1211046

those teeth tho

No. 1211085

File: 1618728972852.jpg (81.37 KB, 1080x886, Screenshot_20210417-235454_Pho…)

Yeah her teeth be wildin lmao

No. 1211101

File: 1618730038111.webm (5.44 MB, 720x1280, 20200718-113120-720x1280.webm)

No. 1211104

File: 1618730364558.jpg (817.69 KB, 1920x1920, 2021_04_18_00_15_47_676.jpg)

These are from the same day, when living in the trap house with Jake and the other people who were involved in gang activities. So idk I've found nothing other than her being happy around these people jc she fucking fit right in with them.

No. 1211111

She's sitting on the toilet with the seat up I'm gonna barf

No. 1211113

File: 1618730963861.webm (5.37 MB, 720x1600, 20210418-002327-720x1600.webm)

I've got a lot of her driving and looking everywhere but the road it really peeves me off. You have to be such an overt narcissist to film yourself while driving and to do it so fucking often. Sorry there's no audio on these but you wouldn't want to hear her screech singing anyways kek.

No. 1211114

File: 1618731070896.jpg (1.17 MB, 1920x1920, 2021_04_18_00_30_49_342.jpg)

No. 1211116

>I know the charm will eventually wear off
The irony kek

No. 1211117

File: 1618731283120.jpg (980.59 KB, 1920x1920, 2021_04_18_00_33_27_869.jpg)

She's so ugly in motion it's actually uncanny how rubbery she's looking since she started doing fent and alcohol hahahaha

No. 1211119

listen i hate this stupid bitch but bad teeth…… crooked teeth!??? y’all are just nitpicking at this point lol… anyways… where is the milk?

No. 1211122

File: 1618731665291.png (Spoiler Image, 585.51 KB, 525x525, 3813B697-2637-44C2-945D-701464…)

Come on you know she looks busted, I'd find her deterioration sad if it wasn't so well earned and hilarious

No. 1211146

File: 1618736036733.gif (919.84 KB, 300x300, EDC7BB43-F615-4560-8CE5-E4AC9E…)

No. 1211213

Maddie spent last night spamming her insta with videos of her and elaine and mandy. They looked annoyed, how long until elaine regrets checking in and goes back to hating her because of how clingy she is?

No. 1211259

we can hate ashley all we want but we can't say she's ugly

No. 1211261


bad teeth was too much

No. 1211268

you must be british. lol fucked up teeth inbred bitch

No. 1211276


I agree, they’re a bit crooked but it’s not like they’re rotting out of her face like Vicky Shingles or Luna over on /pt. This is such a nitpick along with reposting a million caps we already saw in threads 1-2.

No. 1211291

learn to sage ugliez

No. 1211311

Ashley is ugly, fucking sage retard.
All you insta/Twitter pussies fucking suck eggs by the way.

No. 1211374

you all sound like broken records lol. “biG bAd aShLeY gRoOmEd mAdDie aNd gAve sOme oTheR miNoR wOrm gUy dRugS!¡!!” WE FUCKING GET IT!! but let me tell you something, when i was a minor, i was fascinated with drugs and wouldve done anything to acquire them. and if i was maddie i would be kind and considerate enough to not be a complete idiot and throw the person who actually puts up with me and gives me the thing i want the most under the bus. like what’s with her and acting like a victim?? i know for a fact she wouldve given a kidney for those drugs and making this whole thing public and involving so many people and making her “friends” be on her side and check up on her is so fucking cringe

No. 1211390

File: 1618768925243.png (2.55 MB, 750x1624, D0A23E4A-636E-4AC9-BB14-E9E065…)


No. 1211403


i swear, this bitch acts like shes a god over this shit. let it fucking go.

imagine being a no talent junkie, who peaked at a stupid lesbian bait photo.

No. 1211407

Nice blog anon kek, maddie isn't the only minor she gave drugs to ya know. I think people are heated about it, myself included, because of the way she went about it. She skirted around her part in this shit storm in literally every way she could, she's overtly a narcissist who doesn't think she ever did anything wrong.

No. 1211413


> when i was a minor, i was fascinated with drugs and wouldve done anything to acquire them. and if i was maddie i would be kind and considerate enough to not be a complete idiot and throw the person who actually puts up with me and gives me the thing i want the most under the bus.

no one, and i mean no one, gives a fuck about your shitty upbringing. this thread has been spammed with this shit time and time again cause any adult knows maddie was too young to know better, just like youre saying yourself you dumb fuck. let it goooo, you literally only come to the thread to defend ashley and nothing else, no milk, no criticsm towards ashley ever, just "maddie this maddie that" shut the fuck up.

read the thread and shut up


No. 1211755

Lol she’s a Dayton 6 and an nyc/la 2….being above average for Dayton Ohio isn’t exactly a bragging right

No. 1211758

Did u not read the post above u dumb ass. Bring milk or don’t post

No. 1211851

File: 1618814486518.png (938.19 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2021-04-19-03-38-47…)

Theeeeere she goes again, 15 years old 3cool5u

No. 1211873

She’s so redundant with her attention whoring. Same shit, different day.

No. 1211881

so she let the blood run down her leg… dry and crust up… then took a pic with it.
that's fucking gross. go wash yourself before you get an infection.

No. 1211922

File: 1618829809449.png (2.36 MB, 750x1334, 08514026-CE8B-4D85-8D0C-C1636F…)

ashley posted this yesterday and immediately deleted it. so she's couchsurving now?

No. 1211937

Ashley/vivadrag, this is from Portugal!
I just want to tell you that you have all the right to change and become a better person <3
People posting on this thread are probably perfect, with perfect lives, no mistakes ever.
It seems like all they want to do is to criticize you, they don't want you to be better, they are willing for you to make another mistake just so they can comment about it. And you are the narcisist, right?
They comment your everyday post, your past, all your mistakes, all the stories you ever shared, they make a fucking thread to comment on your life decisions and try so hard to update this everyday. But you are the narcisist? YOU are seeking all the attention? What a joke.
This is so gossip girl/mean girls shit, like everybody here must be 15 years old with no life to live.

No. 1211949

Imagine defending someone who doesn't give a fuck about you in a gossip forum. Kek

No. 1211960

thank you portugal i just died of cringe

No. 1211961

how are we seeking attention if were anonymous you moron

No. 1211962

imagine hating someone who doesn't give a fuck about you in a gossip forum .
your life must be so interesting

No. 1211965

i didn't say you're seeking attention, you are accusing ashley of seeking attention when she's just living her life and YOU are the ones printing everything she does so you can comment here lol
you make a big deal of every fucking thing she posts

No. 1211966

i'm sorry if your life is not interesting enough for people to make a thread about you and update every single day
i just died of boredom

No. 1211967

lmao go back to twitter, retard

No. 1211968

get your life together so you don't get the need of updating a gossip thread about someone you say you hate lol i can only imagine if you loved her….

No. 1211972

You say you died of boredom yet you are still here, good job you mongoloid

No. 1211975

because of how interesting your life must be for you to post/comment everything someone you HATE does lol(bye)

No. 1211976

Ashley is an awful person. I doubt anyone in the thread gave fent to a teenager

No. 1211977

Sometimes I wonder if this entire fucking thread is just Ashley and her crackhead friends LARPing as farmers, so I'll remind you all again:

No one gives a shit about your argument as to why giving fent to a teenager is justified, or how Ashley can become a super great person. This thread exists to laugh at your scummy, retarded behaviour.

Fuck off.

No. 1211993

No one is defending her doing drugs with people but that was two years ago and people can change in that time. Especially when they’re actively seeking help. Recovery isn’t linear people slip up sometimes but she admitted to what she did years ago and didn’t excuse it at all. What else do you want from her? You people just want any reason to cancel her so bad(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1211997

Motherfucker just dm this to Ashley herself bc we don’t care.

No. 1212006

How TF is she sober she admitted herself to doing xanax. you're defending someone who doesn't even defend themselves. this is so embarrassing. stop white knighting for this junkie bitch she's not going to fuck you

No. 1212012

Ashley never takes any accountability for any of her actions. And recovery? She was just hanging out with people, who were mixing pharms with alcohol, and who were also okay with drinking with a 19 year old at a bar. So in the last two years not much has actually changed.

I want to hope this can be a turning point for Maddie, but then I thought that about the other crappy stuff before too. Whatever happened to moving out of her abusive home? Oh yeah, she posted stories of herself on drugs, drunk, and/or binge eating. She always seems so perfectly content in these shit situations.

No. 1212053

File: 1618846171052.jpg (402.96 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210418-104911_Twi…)

No. 1212058

Does anyone think her "Vivamom" (kek) finally got sick of her junkie shit and kicked her out? Thats honestly what I'm hoping for, don't think she's ever openly posted about something like this before.

No. 1212070

doubt it, her mom seems like a fucking idiot whos proud of her daughter for being partially famous online. her whole "vivamom" persona is cringe af, as if shes trying to live her lost young years through ashley or whatever kek

No. 1212193

Yeah come to think of it she's never seemed ashamed of Ashley, despite everything lol. Imagine being a parent with such low standards, my tiger parents would shit bricks if I ever did drugs like fentanyl and Ashley's mum is probably used to it at this point kek like it's the normal for her to be zonked out at home with her family.

No. 1212208


"People can change!" If she stops posting her barhopping and general edgy, cringy behaviour people will stop laughing.

No one in this thread gives a shit about her ~totally legitimate and justified~ reasons reasons for acting like a 15 year old edgelord or why her and her associates insist on crack ranting on Instagram about their drama. We're just here because they do.

Learn to sage at least.

No. 1212415

File: 1618866129315.jpeg (1.46 MB, 3464x3464, 9ED5A1BD-0693-4E34-B824-C8CF71…)

yeah she definitely changed soo much and surely isn't both drinking and popping her benzos every single fucking day

No. 1212416

File: 1618866204354.jpeg (226.84 KB, 828x1391, 4E81DF5B-662C-423B-9433-2904B1…)

So she’s scamming people now?

No. 1212418

File: 1618866251756.png (1.22 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2021-04-19-17-59-56…)

you can see here how fat she's getting from drinking

No. 1212419


the shoutout to fucking Portugal makes me kek so bad. its literally just "come to brazil" shit. this is funny as fuck like this bitch really came to lolcow to send ashley a letter. how does a fag like this even end up here.

shoutout from greece to maddie/dollltears! im not from greece but you know!


ashley hasnt showed change in her for a single minute. she backtracks and changes goal posts and then gives up. no accountability ever, how is she ever going to change? but youre retarded, so youre going to keep posting this shit.

No. 1212421

File: 1618866323619.png (1.11 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2021-04-19-17-58-53…)

oh look guys!!! i hurted my knee!! blood everywhere, give me attention!!!

No. 1212460

I can't get over how ugly this bitch is and all her matronly friends but she thinks she's this alt queen with the coolest click. Folks the cognitive dissonance here is full force lmao.

No. 1212469

File: 1618869504687.png (941.9 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210419-144829.png)

>Day 2 skating I can get over a rampy thing woohoo

Guess the film buff thing wasn't working out, huh? Too hard to bullshit kek

No. 1212483

She is actually obsessed with herself

No. 1212498

Kek at her still milking a fucking scrape

No. 1212536

File: 1618873605077.png (1.22 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210419-155650.png)

What a waste of space

No. 1212550

so i guess her worthless friends haven’t cancelled her yet? oh wait they’re all junkies .

No. 1212552

Can't wait for her inevitable fentanyl relapse and the milk to keep flowing, she really has no future goals and aspirations huh. After all this time she's made no actual progress towards anything it's incredible. How does one waste so much of limited earthly time on stupid fake bs kek.

No. 1212560

amazing how she has no personality and tries a new one everyday

No. 1212563

imagine spending all ur time talking shit ab someone that doesn’t give a flying fuck ab u loooooool like u rly come here n use ur energy to constantly talk ab someone that clearly lives in ur head RENT FREE

the time u have wasted just to sound ‘holier than thou’ - we get it, she has fucked up n needs to learn from it, but to b fully consumed by somebody’s every single fucking move is mf sad. the fact that some of y’all have tons of vids/pics loaded up on ur phone is fucking WEIRD, do u guys not get that?????? mf weird.

ashley needs to get her shit straight, but clearly, so the fuck do all of u

No. 1212566

why do u guys always have to talk about her weight???? jesus fuck lol and for u goofies that keep saying she’s so full of herself because she posts so many pictures and videos of herself on HER own platform………… isn’t that what ppl do when they create something of their own???????? lmao post themselves???

No. 1212571

I would make the usual “sage your shit newfag” comment, however
>u goofies
Holy fucking kek

No. 1212572

File: 1618875434944.jpg (342.09 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210419-163619_Pho…)

No. 1212573

File: 1618875593692.jpg (135.12 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210419-163832_Pho…)

Ashley when her brain dead followers come to lolcow to whiteknight
Yall really have me rolling today lol xoxo

No. 1212577

Not that I need to defend myself to you, but most of what I save isn't Ashley and you have no idea what my irl life is like outside of this thread lol. This is an image board so if you're uncomfortable seeing pictures and videos then why are you here? That's all this place is buddy, not just this forum like all of them have images saved to show milk. We're here to laugh at cows. Keep up your white knighting tho, maybe one of these days Ashley will let you smash her stretched out asshole with your fists. (I've seen that video floating around, she's loose as a goose btw)

No. 1212580


Save or crop your reaction images, newfag.

No. 1212586


No. 1212589

wait but aren’t you all uncomfortable with everything Ashley does with HER life and whatever she posts on HER instagram? still you are all here giving attention to someone you hate

No. 1212590


No. 1212591

You must be new here

No. 1212593

you must have a brilliant future ahead of you with this fucked up mentality
i feel sorry

No. 1212596

Oh boy, more pointless bumping from Ashley’s ass kissers

No. 1212598

or…wait this might be shocking to you but….she’s just …..posting herself..on HER instagram….that YOU choose to follow, sorry

No. 1212599

Exactly. So fucking annoying. This threads been a shit show lately but I'm convinced at this point her fans are just posting here trying to pass as farmers

No. 1212605

Stop typing like a retard and put sage in the email field. Your sentiments may very well be correct but your argument is mute on a forum board dedicated to stalking degenerates.

No. 1212606

No. 1212608

my thoughts exactly lol

No. 1212625

stop talking to yourself, retard

No. 1212629

That’s cool and all to stick up for her, but no one cares kek.

No. 1212641

u weirdos rly love saying the r word, big yikes(ok retard)

No. 1212646

go back

No. 1212647

Do you know where you are, retard?

No. 1212648

Hope they feel better, clearly it's been a rough one kek.

No. 1212653

Kek who wants to take bets on whether those posts are from Ashley herself, a friend, or a devoted fan?

No. 1212654

this is hilarious can you imagine coming to a gossip forum to whiteknighy for a junkie whore and for some reason decide to include the country you're from as if that's going to do anything. she's not even going to read it

No. 1212655

yeah and YOU chose to read this thread and bitch about it you retard. follow your own advice and get the fuck out no one cares if your feelings are hurt

No. 1212659

for what reason do you follow this thread? serious question

No. 1212674

My bets are on butthurt from Portugal lmao

No. 1212675


No. 1212683

You’re probably right anon kek

No. 1212710

File: 1618890070126.png (211.92 KB, 1080x1897, Screenshot_20210419-202311~2.p…)

On her latest ig post

No. 1212717


Portugal anon wants the world to know that ashleys addiction makes her country proud! i cant even be mad anymore, shes too retarded. has to be like 13 or something. thats why she thinks maddie at 16 was "almost a grown adult" kek.

No. 1212737

i used to be a big friend of maddie when we were about 16/17 and we used to hang out a lot with ashley but me and her never got the chance to be closer bc we could feel a weird tension between us. i used to think it was because i was nothing like her or even maddie but then one day we were at "her" house where she used to live with other people and she was dating simon at that time, but that didnt mean anything to her in that time. so the thing is she told me that she had some poppers in her bedroom and she was so drunk that she couldn't find them, she asked me to help her and we came to her room where she closed the door and told me i was too beautiful blah blah weird shit. I asked her where the poppers where so i could try them (i never did it before that day) and suddenly she started to kiss me while her hands were trying to get under my pants. I told her to stop but she never listened and kept forcing my pants, i was stoned and i didnt had the strength to pull her away, i started to cry and she fingered me multiple times even while i was telling her to stop and asking for simon and their relationship. So yeah that girl is a fucking sociopath who lies about all the things she "didnt do" to maddie and the only reason she never said anything about me is because i didnt had an instagram profile, but ASHLEY I want you to know i fucking remember EVERYTHING even though you ever said anything or apologized. Man, the lightest thing she did was giving drugs to minors, she is a fucking predator and i cant even be with anyone in that way since that day bc of the awful ptsd and the longest years thinking it was my fault because i was stoned

No. 1212740

File: 1618892218150.jpeg (316.53 KB, 1125x1160, 2EFDEB2D-8E98-4BE6-9927-5A5D4C…)

Oh great I guess she found a new guy

No. 1212742

I bet he's her plug too kek
History tends to repeat itself.

No. 1212743

I believe you, I'm sorry.

No. 1212744


oh some unwashed junkie thought you were attractive? wow ashley we are all so jealous. just as good as dating a doctor, except instead of a doctor youre sleeping with a drug addict with no real feelings towards you. but just as good! so happy for you junkie to meet a junkie

No. 1212748

File: 1618892795339.jpg (119.73 KB, 1080x890, Screenshot_20210419-212129_Twi…)

Her little pea brain is repeating the romanticizing cycle again my God
Literally the drugs and infatuation talking, hope this ends shit for her cuz idk what's gonna make her realize she can't be in a real relationship the way she is
Especially after what happened with Jake my mind is boggled how she's not even sober and is jumping into this new found
>Meaning (cough cough validation, cough cough narcissistic supply)
Shes getting fom a total scrote I presume. Amazed at how much male attention actually means to this bitch lol

No. 1212750

This is far too detailed to be fake. I’m sorry that pos did that to you anon.

No. 1212771

What the fuck anon, I’m so sorry. That’s actual rape and considerably worse than just giving drugs to someone. Chances are there are other girls she’s done this to as well because she could exploit the uwu muh goth mom power imbalance

No. 1212776

There’s really no doubt in my mind that she’s taken advantage of many people in this way. Looking at the repeated baiting with this shit >>1210902 tells you all you need to know to confirm it. So pathetic.

No. 1212788

god i'm not even surprised that ashley did way more fucked shit than what we knew already. this bitch has been like this for years and i don't even wanna know what kinda stuff she did that isn't talked about bc her victims were afraid to speak up/didn't have a platform to do so.

looks like all the newfags who came for the drama are now suddenly realizing this is a gossip forum and not just a site were bad people get called out or whatever lmao. but please go ahead and keep making a fool out of yourself, it's entertaining af

No. 1212865

I called Ashley out for bullying me and she came on the thread like "oh I NEVER bullied anyone!!!" OK well 1. She did. I still have issues related to it (id say exactly what but I dont want to give myself away right now) and 2. Claims not to have been a bully but as if being a liar, narcissistic, predator junkie is much better lol.

No. 1212940

Ashley's ex groomed me and then she stole money from me lol it's shocking to me that it took this long for her to get called out

No. 1212963

Which one? Honestly I agree, I've been following thus cow for awhile and the signs have been there people just chose to ignore it because
Uwu 3edgy5me she has a following

No. 1212968

so she cheated on simon (and now she cries everyday (r.i.p)) to fucking rape girl WHAT THE FUCK and you were underage damn, she should be in jail

No. 1212987

File: 1618938990426.gif (163.44 KB, 1702x1384, 735.gif)

us watching ashley's downfall. maddie and Elaine serving us milk

No. 1213046

File: 1618945077746.jpg (1.03 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210420-115631_Ins…)

She's actually really funny lol, I like Elaine she seems down to earth and honest. Sophie deserves to be hit with a coin sock. Might fix her big jew nose too kek. (I'm Jewish so come for me)

No. 1213066

Not comfortable saying which ex because she will know who I am but she 100% knew about it at the time (I told her) and still stole from me. I never said anything about it online because I was ashamed of the whole thing but she's a horrible person. And it doesn't surprise me that she's scamming people out of content she's been doing that shit for years, a couple years back she was scamming her followers out of $20 story shoutouts lol. Like that takes no effort and you still scammed people out of them? Very weird.

No. 1213071

go white knight on their insta if you like her that much. They are all annoying… in their own special way. You can also just say you think her nose is ugly without enabling antisemitism. But you do you I guess

No. 1213199

Oh I remember that, wish I had the caps. She made such a big deal about wanting to do it for the money and didn't do a single one. I wonder how many people she's scammed in total, now must be a lot. When she dated Jake I remember seeing comments about her scamming and she'd delete them so fast kek.
Are you the anon who hates Elaine for like no reason kek. I did not say anyone is perfect but she seems the most normal out of all these Ohio wastes. And it should mean something to you if you believe the recent allegations that someone in her social circle is speaking the fuck up about Ashley being a pos who uses and abuses people.

No. 1213521

File: 1619015699046.png (2.73 MB, 1125x2436, 9C143254-5896-43BC-BEE4-01D6DC…)


No. 1213544

wasn't she the one who came to one of the old threads after ashley trashed jake and friends on there and tried to defend herself? i think there was also drama bc that girl was interested in jake too but i only vaguely remember lol

No. 1213640

File: 1619029151711.jpg (948.16 KB, 1920x1920, 2021_04_21_11_17_56_239.jpg)

Reading this made me smile, Ashley never deserved a friend like maddie and at least Elaine apologized for shit talking maddie like Ashley could never.
Apologize sincerely?
Never heard of her.

No. 1213644

There's no real proof it was her she didn't say her name ,
But people did come in to defend Jake and shit on Ashley a few times, could be her. I find it really funny she's posting that shit now when they haven't seen each other probably since Jake died. Anons were saying he fucked her because based on the way she worded a very long post… he did lol, and while he was with Ashley too. They definitely had some feelings for each other but they took a back seat for Ashley I suppose.

No. 1213692

This cow is not funny, she has done just as much bad shit as Ashley. She doesn’t deserve praise just for canceling Ashley to make herself feel better about how gross she is.

No. 1213720

May she have been one of those that stole from Ashley?

No. 1213765

Pretty sure that was her old roommates from when she was living with Jake, one of which she posted happy birthday to today kek

No. 1213815

fuck all of you newfags acting like this is a team maddie vs team ashley kind of situation. maddie is a retarted cow, go being proud of her somewhere else dumbass

No. 1214403

not @baileystorms liking ash’s recent selfie LMFAO

No. 1214466

why are we so dry today i’m scared

No. 1214470

right? nothing new is really happening, ashley is just being an alcoholic who's always on bars, as usual, and i don’t know abt maddie

No. 1214473

File: 1619135205068.png (8.27 MB, 1242x2208, 5052E680-6A1A-41A3-8F7E-351481…)

what a beautiful human being

No. 1214572

ew what color is her hair now ?? this is tragic

No. 1214626

File: 1619155719745.png (2.27 MB, 828x1792, 8F7F7EED-8E25-47BE-95CF-396369…)

saging for potentially old milk but like???? y’all still look up to her???

No. 1214692

File: 1619169949765.jpeg (1.52 MB, 1125x1957, 28620AC2-4A1C-40ED-837E-22B8B5…)

Wtf is with Maddie’s new fake gamer girl phase? This is like the first time she’s played games in her life and she’s spamming stories of her playing CoD and stuff

No. 1214712

File: 1619173739404.png (6.8 MB, 1170x2532, 57F29801-84F5-430A-8895-B83457…)

way to get an infection

No. 1214716

>> 1214692

she used to play a wizard gamer or whatever a while back and apparently she was a cod player when she was younger

No. 1214726

are we really nitpicking about maddie playing a videogame now? there's no point in filling this thread with unnecessary stuff just because there's no new milk

No. 1214777

Maybe she just got it and didn’t have a gaming setup before. Can’t squeeze milk from a stone, anon.

No. 1214824

I’m pretty sure she’s played cod for a while? Also your logic is retarded considering someone has to start somewhere and isn’t a fake just bc they haven’t been doing something their whole life. Post real milk

No. 1214952

that's awful, im so sorry. i hope getting to tell your story helped take some of the burden off.

No. 1215086

File: 1619209088969.jpg (569.96 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20210423-125508_Pho…)

I checked YouTube the other day and this live is now gone, so it had me thinking she probably contacted the person and had to tell them she wanted it deleted because during it she was high off her ass on fentanyl. I have the entire live, it's old milk but I rewatched parts of it and god damn its hilarious. I could upload milky bits here (it's it's hour long in total) if anyone would like me to, it really captures her true essence kek. Most of it she's rambling high and arguing with people telling her it looks bad it's great.

No. 1215088

She really thinks she's doing something with her influence huh. She's nothing but a negative influence on anyone who fucking meets her, when her followers grow up like I did they'll understand how sick in the head she is for sharing this shit to literal kids.

No. 1215095

please post it

No. 1215150

post it on youtube and share the link here please, this website is awful for videos

No. 1215269

post it please kek

No. 1215320

Maddie went live and someone sent her a bomb threat so she immediately ended it

No. 1215333

i thought it was a joke lmao

No. 1215358

File: 1619234059494.png (1.26 MB, 750x1334, 0425DD10-E6F0-47C7-9061-DC344F…)

No. 1215360

He looks…interesting

No. 1215361

He looks like he stinks, badly

No. 1215377

File: 1619235527461.png (3.52 MB, 1125x2436, 5172ECCD-DDDE-4117-A4B7-DE18C5…)

uh oh…also not her calling herself a potato

No. 1215379

File: 1619235585476.png (7.71 MB, 1125x2436, 81FEB953-514D-482A-90D0-2C2818…)

lol sorry didnt see that someone posted it but come on what is this shit

No. 1215487

File: 1619242787898.png (Spoiler Image, 3.4 MB, 750x1334, C83C9A6B-A654-4ABA-BF22-5417C4…)

No. 1215512

i thought that was doormat and ashley stole him from ariana ngl

No. 1215527

he looks like a strung out, divorced, adam sandler who piqued when he decided to drop out of high school - so yeah, right on track. shall we make bets on how long before they ghost each other and she calls him “abusive” for not wanting to hangout with her everyday?

No. 1215530

maddie’s main and spam are either gone or she changed the username. but her very private one is still up. has anyone noticed this? (saged incase this isn’t new milk) if she’s off the internet, i’m really happy she’s made that choice. it sounds like she’s taking sound advice now, I hope she stays off for a while this time.

No. 1215599

“cutie butt” yall my hatred for this lil woman grows stronger per day.

No. 1215605

They’re both gone. A few hours ago Maddie went live crying and talking about how she’s a piece of shit and she’s going to delete instagram and how she wakes up screaming every day or something like that

No. 1215815

ME TOO he looks like the typa brother to work at taco bell till he's in his 30s kek

No. 1215821

wow imagine if maddie wasn’t an annoying retard 24/7

No. 1215856

He looks like Nick Mullen

No. 1216036

File: 1619316001610.jpeg (13.54 KB, 185x195, 540C99F6-990E-435D-BBA3-7DB485…)

this her new man 0w0(0w0)

No. 1216054

eww he looks like John Holmes the faggot porn star who died from AIDS.

No. 1216055

i hope she's ok, did anyone check on her to make sure she didn't OD or try to kill herself?

No. 1216069

Literally same

No. 1216070

File: 1619324942755.jpeg (223.52 KB, 750x1090, 499C9AD1-5901-488C-8E63-B6FD8A…)

Why would u light up around a "recovering" drug addict?

No. 1216071

File: 1619325005972.png (2.26 MB, 750x1624, 3B466DC8-B788-4593-9917-1ECDE8…)

No. 1216072

he is at least a foot taller than nick

No. 1216095

Noone cares

No. 1216099

File: 1619332115587.png (2.49 MB, 750x1334, B0B69FED-13B7-411A-8C0D-9DE1DE…)

Lol she’s good