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File: 1632803065313.jpg (935.38 KB, 2500x1774, weapontism.jpg)

No. 1336187

23 year-old ‘mysterious’ edgelord musician/rapper and YouTube horror narrator whose only characteristics are being an emo fuckboy and having a deep voice. Has a retarded fanbase of horny teenage girls and a growing hate-base.

Possible identities:
"Randall", Ice Poseidon, Slavic Joshua, Lil Xan, Dahvie Vanity lookalike, "Hi-Tech Hustler" Gregory D. Evans, some fat fakeboi, Leafy unmasked by farmers

Last Thread >>1319966
In a show of weaponized autism the likes we have yet to see on the farms farmers tracked corpse down by:
Compiling his apartment backgrounds >>1322765 >>1323038 >>1323049 >>1323107 >>1323009 >>1323194 >>1323334 >>1323423

Cross referencing his habits and businesses he name checked regularly >>1323194 >>1322764 >>1322762 >>1322936

Looking through resident lists >>1323506

Before finally arriving at a name >>1329579

Looking through family facebooks
>>1329785 >>1329780 >>1329772 >>1329769 >>1329755

Finding a photo >>1329702

And using parkour details to further prove the claims >>1330167 >>1330195 >>1330227

Compilation images of proof:

Censored details can be found off the farms

>Super shy emo uwu guy with social anxiety that never shows his face
>Began on YouTube in 2015 narrating horror stories on his channel, had his music debut in 2016
>Got recognised outside of his music/ horror audience in 2020 after playing Among Us with the likes of Pewdiepie and Pokimane >>1059619
>Friends with the likes of Boyinaband, Jacksepticeye, Loeybug, Glam&Gore, Sykkuno and Pewdipie
>Constantly sadposts on his socials and gets thousands to millions of likes for posting singular emojis

>Makes horrible music with shitty lyrics that only appeal to horny/edgy teenagers, with creative titles like ‘E-GIRLS ARE RUINING MY LIFE’ and ‘Cat Girls are Ruining My Life!’ >>1059724 >>1059933 >>1078775 >>1135034 >>1135035 >>1182561
>Posts pictures of his veiny hands/arms to appease begging fans and to quell rumours of having 6 fingers >>1056622 >>1058464 >>1076069
>Flip-flops between hating his e-fame and stan culture loving it, constantly whining about it and then perpetuating toxic stan culture by applauding fans for clapping back, gloating “if they shove me, you shove back ten times harder” >>1159287 >>1078699
>”Chronically ill”, claiming fibromyalgia, thoracic outlet syndrome, GERD and depression. Searches for pity points often, says his illness has been “so bad that I couldn’t lift a spoon to my mouth” >>1135930
>Claims his GERD has made his voice deeper >>1159287
>Is such an edgelord he wears an eyepatch because screens hurt his eyes >>1159287
>Releases song and puts a random tik-tok e-thot that reacted positively at its release on the album cover without her consent >>1059200
>Has a drinking problem, saying he’s “ruined every drink for himself” and that he’s “never felt more like doing drugs in my entire life” gets sad and plays VR drunk >>1135287 >>1135311 >>1159287
>Has claimed to be of several different ethnicities, claiming Spanish, Portuguese and Italian, then decides he’s Mexican, Native and Irish >>1134888
>Incorporates fragments of Spanish in his raps to try and keep up the Spanish heritage lie, is learning Spanish in VR >>1135636
>Posts autistic violent outbursts where he smashes glass, screams and stabs tinfoil, laughs manically to questions about his mental health, loves “inciting chaos”, tells BrookeAB to “shut the fuck up” in AmongUs to the discomfort of everyone >>1056626 >>1134060 >>1134088 >>1159287 >>1134102
>Peaks his creepy factor by posting a soundbite of himself breathing, fans go wild and it trends on Twitter under #onlybreath >>1128060
>Close friendship forms with Loeybug - posts cringe screencaps with her and Corpse calling each other “baby”, visit each other in ACNH to sit on a bench and “boot feets”, says he texts her more than anyone else >>1133215 >>1133245 >>1136002 >>1159287
>Claims to be in debt on his mom’s side and his own, says he grew up extremely poor and that he dropped out at the age of 12 and proposed if he wasn’t big by age 21 he’d kill himself >>1187999 >>1187436 >>1159287
>Glorifies self harm, cut his face with razorblades 10 minutes before Among Us streams >>1159039 >>1186404 >>1186460
>Is confirmed as fat >>1138161 >>1138186 >>1138202
>Shoves Valkyrae in last-minute for the Daywalker music video because he doesn’t want to be filmed, said costume & manicure staff were on-hand, she does a “making of” vlog for it and shows no staff were present has to do it all herself, visibly annoyed & uncomfortable
>Had a mental breakdown and relapsed >>1211720
>Admits to making GERD worse by drinking copious amounts of alcohol >>1212592 complains about it >>1253633

>E-girls went gold >>1199942 Corpse reminds us he got a plaque in his latest song Hot Demon Bitches Near U!

>Delusional pick me's get corpse lyrics tattooed >>1200029, most notable is the titty tattoo >>1199987
>CreepshowArtgate happened, comments in thread laughing at the girl who got the titty tattoo despite Shannon ass kissing Corpse >>1200081
>Corpse was apparently sending shirtless pics to fans pre-popularity because he was going to the gym, claims he wont reveal face because he would be in a 'compromising situation' >>1200276
>Corpse's real voice sounds like Chills >>1200381
>Corpse somehow makes it on Jimmy Fallon >>1202491
>Releases yet another abomination with Night Lovell, basically a pt.2 of e-girls >>1315364 yet another try hard e-thot as the single cover
>Flock of fans find thread >>1318400 >>1318413 took the Richard Ramirez post seriously >>1318432 takes a whole day for them to build up the courage to type in thread accidentally dox themselves in the process by not reading the rules

YouTube (main): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFNTq9XKHDNy_1-2lL0kqCg
YouTube (gaming): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQ0uJ8rlpTU0HwDTVBJdizA
YouTube (music): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuZPtWDsczOuztPMUr0mmpw/featured
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/corpse_games
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Corpse_Husband
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/corpse_husband/
SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/corpse_husband

Be mindful of lolcows rules regarding family, cowtipping, and doxing
Do not engage with copehusband fan posts - report and ignore

No. 1336188

File: 1632803247651.jpeg (857.66 KB, 1175x1784, F81E2616-1A0D-4E24-AAF2-3A5378…)

I saw this on Facebook. Can anyone confirm that he Sid it wasn’t him ?

No. 1336189

I haven't made a thread in years and I Dont Go Here but here u guys go, congrats on capturing the eboy flag

No. 1336191

File: 1632803410433.jpg (25.75 KB, 314x300, 865675467.jpg)

New leaked photos from the Facebook parkour page.

No. 1336192

If I was pretending to be an uwu edgy anonymous sadboi and got exposed for looking like that, I’d deny it too. Too bad that’s his reality. Better start putting some of those fem simp bux towards a new face and veneers for those snaggle teeth

No. 1336193

File: 1632803472331.jpg (458.48 KB, 1080x1160, parkour1.jpg)

No. 1336194

File: 1632803542591.jpg (21.26 KB, 247x538, a.jpg)

No. 1336195

He's 24 years old since August 8th and the account he mainly uses is this one https://twitter.com/CORPSE

He hasn't said shit.

No. 1336196

File: 1632803631028.jpg (25.64 KB, 269x346, b.jpg)

No. 1336197

should quote the main post w the shit I missed

No. 1336199

You fucked the links to posts in the other thread up, delete and put a comma between each link and it’ll work

No. 1336200

File: 1632803827952.png (475.45 KB, 620x519, fatty.png)

the giant arms

No. 1336201

it's way too late for that, next thread you all make sure to get one of the spergs that frequents this thread to step up so it's not lacking

No. 1336227

He kinda reminds me of a poor man's Josh Peck before he lost the weight.

No. 1336238

File: 1632810228044.jpg (51.24 KB, 1000x750, 5e99b19629d6d94c622f0589.jpg)

Found a picture of what Corpse looks like now.

No. 1336240

Man… what’s sad is I don’t even think he’s ugly. A bit more slimming down and he could actually be kinda cute in that boy next door kind of way.
But he’s not the anime e-boy goth king his fanbase has imagined him as, and that’s going to cost him.

Also kek at the dubstep bro shirt.

No. 1336252

no this is a good photo of him too like he's just Some Guy if he got /fit/ he could be passable even. alot of these streamer-youtuber types are just slightly above average dudes and they manage to capitalize off the everyman aspect he fucked up his bag by saying he looked like some hot rockstar-model waif sadboy

No. 1336271

his arm looks like a chicken wing on this pic

No. 1336274

Kek he is hilariously chunky but I could see normies finding him hot, especially with the burp voice. He really fumbled the bag with his try-hard mysterious act.

>drop beats not bombs

says the terroristic "music-maker"

No. 1336275

File: 1632817224222.jpg (231.68 KB, 1500x1000, NINTCHDBPICT000620771820.jpg)

Weird how his arms look not that chonk on the pic he posted. Is it just a posing or chonky shooped himself like all of his egilrs did lol

No. 1336280

I am new here, did he ever say how he self harmed? there are no scars on that arm its annoying me
and he looks choob in that photo too just not super flabby like in the old photos but look at the upper arms and the way the shirt is tucked into the arm and draped over them and the torso, the meaty inner elbow and undefined biceps, the way the folded arm is cut off. it's likely he's just flexing and knows his angles, maybe using some ana distorted mirror tricks but that's just not how a skinny tall sickly sadboi is built. again if he was ok with being just some guy or like a fit dude he could work with it but he was faceclaiming andy biersack when his elbows are the thinest part of his arm instead of the thickest like it is for the skinny eboys he wants to be

No. 1336281

He's flexing harder than the pro-ana skellys doing their body checks. It's easy to make your arms look more muscular in a picture if you do a few pushups first.

No. 1336285

File: 1632819818767.jpeg (60.11 KB, 315x542, 6DAEADAD-F215-44BD-8CF9-2CA25A…)

No. 1336287

Thanks for the clean picture.
Yep, uggo confirmed. No more sexy animeboy persona. kek

No. 1336290

Now, when did he'd be cutting his face again? He's implied that he's had streams in the past where right before he'd cut his face, but how far in the past is he talking if he gave that statement in early 2021? (the timestamp isn't working, it's at 5:34)
I'm semi-fixated on the tinfoil that the entire face cutting bullshit is lies and that he's avoiding a face reveal because it'd show the uncut face of a liar. It's suspicious.

No. 1336293

most AI photo enhancers are trained with attractive people so they end up making people look better than they are in the og photo dude is a dog irl l o l

No. 1336294

samefag *when did he say he'd be

No. 1336298

DeFranco's commentary on this (at 3:25, it's short):
>it may or may not be corpse, idk
>the internet is going crazy over this omg
>[shows tweets of people calling CH ugly]
>[shows tweets of people moralfagging against those who called CH ugly]
>he's just some guy trying to live his life
Sage because it's boring. Waiting on Keemstar and H3 (if they ever pick up this story).

He was 20 on 2017 and already online as Corpse Husband. Some OG fan may be able to answer that.

No. 1336299

Corpse has done really well to ignore the dox and pretend everything is fine, but it really is just a matter of time before someone he knew/knows IRL comes forward. Thinking we might get a recent IRL picture from a stalker is hopium, he's probably already moved out to prevent that. But the Philip DeFranco video helps prevent this from running out of steam, so the nightmare is not over for Cowpse.

No. 1336302

Damn, now that a commentary channel is covering it we might get a statement from "boss man" himself eventually. We should make bingo cards for it: muh mental health, body dysmorphia, this has caused me to spiral, etc etc etc.

No. 1336304

File: 1632822679099.png (1022.83 KB, 998x1556, copium.png)

Twittertards going overdose on copium is hilarious

No. 1336317

>random guy
>talented as fuck
>his songs are fantastic
the delusion, my sides. im probably in the minority here insofar as i dont think he is fugly, but he is still a colossal cow. the funniest thing about all this is that had he not insisted on perpetuating his own 3edgy5u lore and rather than being faceless took advantage of filters/editing like ethots do or even just use angles and styling to work with his appearance the embarrassment could have been avoided

No. 1336318

Female socialisation is a helluva drug. They should check out what the scrotes are saying about his sister who committed the heinous crime of playing video games on Twitch while being a woman.

No. 1336319

You just know that if he does acknowledge this he will use it as an excuse to never do a face reveal. even if his retarded fans are huffing that copium now they will soon get tired of their aidoru refusing to show his face and find some other edgelord eceleb to rub themselves raw over

No. 1336327

Anyone has a clip or screenshot where he claimed he looks like Andy Biersack and/or Joji?

No. 1336353

He's not gonna show his face because he went and said he has cuts on it. What if he doesn't have them though? Then the conversation will move onto how he e-begged for pity points, which will nuke his bag for good. Of course he doesn't want that, so he'll avoid the subject.
Sage for speculation, but I suspect he originally just did not want to show his face for business/insecurity reasons, and came up with the spicy story of self harming on his face to cement that it's a thing that shouldn't be prodded further. Now that the taboo is less respected, he can't back away from that dramatic tale, so he's stuck.
Though, if the face in these threads really isn't his after all, he's still an asshole for not actively debunking it. Why? Because he essentially leaves some rando guy's face up to be mocked by farmers and twitturds while enjoying his privacy and fangirl attention. Calls his harmless gentle but edgy but awkward but gentle husbando character into question if you ask me.

No. 1336354

the fact that this dr suess who-looking fag dropped his hoodie into sykkuno's hands in that short video clip sends me - two catfishes scheming together. i wonder what it was like when they met irl

No. 1336362

this is gibberish to me post whatever clip u are talking about i wanna see the fuglies interact

this man was telling girls he cut up his FACE….. with razor blades and girls fell for it…….. jesus christ

No. 1336363

File: 1632830140701.jpg (307.02 KB, 1200x1556, syukkuno corpse.jpg)


You inspired me anon

No. 1336367

I have no idea who this geriatric looking faggot is but LMAO at the fan art, it’s even more egregious than Chonk Hamplanet’s is

No. 1336381

lurk harder then

No. 1336401

File: 1632836457106.jpeg (169.7 KB, 1365x2048, CADD3154-55CA-4703-BD87-6ECFF1…)

Do a flip!

No. 1336407

if he is really as mentally ill as he claims and does cut up his face (very doubtful) i wonder why? cuz it seems like his fam is normal enough at least his sister seems well adjusted. makes u wonder what happened if anything, i only know one person irl who does sh to that extent but they were SA as a kid… its also disgusting that he told his thousands of impressionable fans he does that because dude wtf, trauma dumping on a bunch of kids that you cut ur face before stream ? whats the goal here? if anything it gives those dumb fans ideas that its okay to do that shit

if corpse is going around perpetuating a dark traumatic past and it turns out he is just a fucking fake sadge for internet points that would piss a lot of people off, that shit is nothing to joke about and talk about for pity points, even if it was true (again doubtful) its fucking weird to be saying that shit to ur fans

No. 1336409

He doesn't outright say he looks like him but he draws a resemblance to Joji at around 45 seconds in this vid.

>Think less Chris Hemsworth and more Joji, you know? I'm not this giant fucking massive human being with like, fucking veins popping out of my biceps and triceps. That's not me, you know. I don't want to be that anyway. Think more Joji, if that makes sense.

Notice the ~mysterious~ allusion to his parkour days at 0:28 as well kek

No. 1336410

retarted tinfoil, chonk husband is just a liar he def never cut up his face and the reason he says shit like that is to ensure he can trap his fans in a sick cycle of pity so they wont leave

No. 1336424

If this wasn’t actually corpse then why hasn’t Anthony told everyone it’s not him and apologizes to the kid in the photos?
I think corpse lied about cutting up his face because if his photos got leaked his fans could say it’s not him.

No. 1336425

I wonder if the "cuts" excuse just means he's waiting to get plastic surgery, go through the healing process and THEN do a face reveal.

No. 1336428

File: 1632839070080.jpeg (1.13 MB, 4096x2731, 30133CA1-101D-4678-BD12-5A87A8…)

KEK he reminds me of Cousin Lumpy from Addams Family(namefag)

No. 1336438

THIS is the galaxy brain move. Buccal fat removal, chin implant, cheekbone filler, maybe a threadlift, and a keto diet. He could look like his animesona in 6 weeks, he has the money and now he has the motivation.
If I were him I'd get white ink tattoo/scarification on the face just to follow through on the origin story. Something tasteful over one eye and through the eyebrow lol.
Then say the surgery was for scar removal and he's been secretly getting laser treatments so this is the last scar he had left.
Face reveal in December, sync with holiday merch drop. Cash flows, reputation protected.
Ive never watched this croaky faggots content but I'm your marketing manager now bitch!

No. 1336442

is he a Marilyn Manson fan? cause his "i cut my face every day uwu" schtick, when Hamson was in his post-Evan cringy emo phase he said he cut his face 152 times or something with a razorblade, each time after ER Wood denied his phone call. considering his emo interests i wouldn't be surprised if Corpse took the idea from here, Manson once appealed hard to cringe emo/post emo edgelords

No. 1336448

Considering Anthony has taken ideas from other artists this isn’t a far reach

No. 1336483

DeFranco said absolutely nothing of value but him cashing in on the situation will bring more attention to it and further pressure corpse. Are they 'friends' to any extent? Would be funnier if some relevant channel commented on it and CH felt cornered and forced to address it.
I bet syukkuno is still uglier than current CH

No. 1336488

This bitch has been fucking SILENT on twitter since this shit dropped, excluding liking all the tweets his fans have tweeted at him.
He’s hoping the same outcome for him will happen as the dream face reveal, if he ignores it long enough and doesn’t make a comment about it, it’ll go away. Smart.

No. 1336495

His music is at #26 on Spotify. Looks like Drake and Kanye gave him a chance kek.

No. 1336500

File: 1632846491586.png (256.01 KB, 615x300, B66DF54D-6DBD-4A02-8E22-A3E0CF…)

No. 1336522

File: 1632847924160.jpeg (386.33 KB, 2594x2225, 9D9A93E8-5D54-4A1E-9E1B-8A6AB8…)

I’m starting to see some fans speculating that this leak is corpse himself testing his fans. These people really think he faked a leak using some ugly mfs pics to weed out the shallow fans. Actual delusion kek.

No. 1336523

They sound like religious freaks who spout “Jesus is testing you” by saying that.

No. 1336540

My sides anon, this made me audibly chuckle
The copium is topkek, it’s getting progressively more unhinged you don’t need to censor the names, these retards are as cowish as their beloved uwu husbando

No. 1336545

where is this from? Looks like its taken from a video.

No. 1336565

They might as well just say "no way my sweet corpse husbando is this fat ugly fuck"

No. 1336575

I couldn’t have asked for a better ending to the corpse husband phase. You skinwalk as a hot fit eboy and then your pictures get leaked and 75% of your fan base can’t even believe it’s you because you’re so fugly and out of shape. Poetic justice.

No. 1336578

This is so funny. They're going from screaming it's all fake to "I-It's not that bad! It could just be an old photo! H-He's still cute!".
Boy better be lining up those plastic surgery appointments fast. Then he'll have to follow up with some X-shaped emo boy face cuts, too.

No. 1336583

Some rhinoplasty or filler for his whoville nose would be nice too. Plus he could also use some proper care for his pubelike hair to make it pop, they look severely uncared for and matted. Scrotes just don't know how to take care of their hair in general but it's 10 times worse with curly hair. He could also straighten it for the emo look
Sage for hair autism

No. 1336604

>If not outright Spanish
>Too many Caucasian features
I knew the collective IQ was on the right side of a decimal point, yet….

No. 1336607

Most Americans just don't seem to understand what Hispanic means

No. 1336610

His mom is white.

No. 1336624

Anon, I have some bad news for you about your addition to that 'collective IQ'.. Or maybe I should say subtraction..

No. 1336625

I’m not American so sorry if I don’t know.

No. 1336628

The point is that hispanic =/= brown or mestizo. He could be full hispanic and yet still look caucasian. Spain is literally in Europe…

No. 1336637

I assure you it had nothing to do with being American, outside of that Americans are stereotyped as being ignorant/retarded when it comes to any other race/culture/what have you. >>1336628 explained it plainly

No. 1336777

hes said in the past that he cut his face with razors prior to streams

No. 1336786

If that was true then clearly he was ugly before, no one handsome is going to slice up their face. Also sounds unhinged.

No. 1336788

unhinged can be attractive, especially in someone youre projecting emotions onto to begin with. girls love a badboy

No. 1336805

Yeah but you gotta be hot for that to work, tony da phony is not hot

That girl was my favorite, she coped so hard she ended up at varg teir “south Europeans aren’t even white!!!” Race science

No. 1336806

Not a corpse stan but this guy isn’t even unattractive tbh. He’s average but not nearly as bad as Dream. I agree that Corpse could turn this around and gain positive PR if he revealed himself or even confirmed one of the not-so-bad parkour photos as legit. Anything is better than that 12 year old ugged out photo sticking in the minds of the public.

No. 1336808

the personality helps a lot. and if his voice sounds like it did in his video with boyinaband i'll continue to simp for him(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1336818

A video made about Corpse Husband’s face made by a lookism Youtuber QOVES Studio, you can’t make this shit up.

No. 1336825

Consider this: >>1336293
And the fact that he's an alcoholic that only eats trash.
He was chonky before, now he's definitely fat.

No. 1336829

imagine simping for this ugly ass fucker, and sage your shit

No. 1336835

just saw this on my google home page and I knew lolcow were the ones who did this, good job farmers!

No. 1336837

His "personality" is shit.

No. 1336839

>"It sucks that nobody can respect a faceless celebrities privacy by just leaving them alone, who cares what they look like, as long as they have good content."
His content is absolute cancer though…

No. 1336847

File: 1632870600161.jpeg (19.27 KB, 500x420, images (2).jpeg)

If he doesn't take this as an opportunity to work on his appearance then do a face reveal then he's one stupid faggot. Don't just give up, corpse, become the self of your dreams

No. 1336849

He's gonna create a quasi-religious cult that's made only of BPD-chans if he doesn't speak up.

lmao the concern trolling is off the charts.
Everyone is gonna cash in on this because, unlike the previous failed attempts at unmasking him, this one is absolutely real.

No. 1336866

most comments under the video of course talk how cruel it was to doxx and invade privacy blah blah blah. nobody would care if he didn't drop hints making himself look like some super hot uwu boi Andy Biersack tier and posting these idiotc thirst trap photos of his hands and veins etc. he knew the impact these photos had on these stupid girls. imagine if he drew a more realistic avatar, not a stick thin frame, it would be less of a "let down" for his fans and sensation for others. all the "magnet" he had was being cartoon character to project on, his "contect" is shit, anyone can play amongus. and honestly that "choke me like you hate me but also not lowkey wanna date" was fucking amusing before we even knew his identity. has he even produced anything besides that or is it only these 2 songs out?
if he doesn't want plastic surgery then he could at the very least try to lose a lot of weight, straighten his hair and dye it Dark'ness Dementia Raven black, add black nail polish and emo clothes. And add Demonia boots on very tall platforms, idk what's the height but he looks very average. the very emo makeover is his last chance to keep these girls interested

No. 1336877

"Good quality content"


>songs with moanings and cringe, disturbing fanservice like "choke me like you hate me but you love me"
>videos directed to a child audience

No. 1336879

He only played Among Us because it was trend and children loved it.

No. 1336889

He fucked up so bad baiting that he was some beautiful smol sadbbyboi, his mask thing is based on Donnie darko right? He could have just said he looked like that actor and had it work cause that actor was normal cute-just ok looking and only thirsted after cause of being dAmAgEd instead of claiming to be a twink sex god

No. 1336901

i can’t believe none of them said anything about that, but there’s no way they’re into games or whatever socially online and don’t know how those sludge monsters talk. they have probably been blocking it out for so long but they really don’t have to put up with that. i was keeping up with the face reveal a little bit bc i was hoping some girls would look at how they were manipulated by a raging narcissist alcoholic who’s standards are actual anime girls, but it’s not happening.

No. 1336902

Nonna you’re a genius. Posting this for free was a mistake, you could’ve sold this to him kek

No. 1336906

File: 1632874221670.jpeg (408.13 KB, 995x1159, 70A9F6A0-01E0-4504-B7E9-F24A52…)

holy shit how brainwashed is every woman who has gone online, this is jake gyllenhaal when he played donnie darko. do you know what bone structure is? because you’re comparing a grey lumpy piece of putty with pube hair to this and you don’t have to just because you’re conditioned to be afraid he could become a mass shooter. have standards.

No. 1336914

He looks ok in that photo but in the movie he looked boring and school shootery but girls loved him. sorry I insulted your crush lmao but he’s not much of a looker either

No. 1336928

nonny, he's cute as fuck, what are you talking about

No. 1336957

Ok ladies let's not stray too far having our panties soaked by Jake Gyllenhot, he ain't the discussion topic here

No. 1336962

I’m honestly thankful for the freak out from fans. Means we were on the money.

No. 1336966

File: 1632879280665.jpeg (Spoiler Image,608.38 KB, 1170x728, 7D89A719-7ACE-4104-B59E-0A89CA…)

I’m sorry ladies I’ll let the Jake talk die but first he does have that sort of regular guy feel depending on how he’s styled and, at least for that movie, would have been a better faceclaim for CH than biersack or whoever.
His mask and shit has to be violating some kind of copyright, he might as well take the skinwalking to the next level.

No. 1336997

File: 1632881239647.jpg (25.23 KB, 300x400, Jake-Gyllenhaal-1.jpg)

Please shut up and move on. It's clear what OP meant and she was right.(derailing )

No. 1337052

Has he still been mute about this? He's going to have to post something eventually.

No. 1337088

Absolutely quiet, not even replying to a few stans or close acquaintances/friends, only liking their tweets. The stans are already in the acceptance stage, btw. kek

He will probably say something after the commentary channels stop reporting on the situation. I predict "muh mental health" pity party.

No. 1337096

>alot of these streamer-youtuber types are just slightly above average dudes

No. 1337182

He just looks like a normal guy to me. Then again, nobody looks like a preteen stans oc y/n anime daddy dom fanfiction boy irl. It was unrealistic from the start and rabid stan culture did not help

No. 1337183

File: 1632904310506.jpeg (31.37 KB, 320x547, S2QFD76.jpeg)

This was taken in 2015, and he's actually very decent looking? Probably lost more weight during the white tee era, but might be heavier now for all we know.(sage)

No. 1337208

He's average, but the face reveal was never really about dunking on him for being ugly. It's about dunking on him for creating this skinny 6-foot-something anime boy avatar with scars on his face and a tragic backstory that he could never possibly live up to. The face alone is not that milky without the dipshit hyping himself up by comparing himself to Joji and Andy Biersack and promoting idealised fanart of himself.

No. 1337209

>Testing you

He's not God sending a challenge for you to prove yourself, the very point of the leak is to show he is a normal guy. They need to unstan immediately, this is not healthy.

No. 1337213

I thought about posting something about the Donnie Darko choice last thread, it now seems clear he chose to visually refer to the movie in his avatar because he related to Jake's character in the movie. Normie, suburban, has a sister, edgy/dark/deep mostly in his imagination.

No. 1337222

very decent looking is a stretch. he looks unremarkably average in every sense of the word. the type of guy whos face could be AI generated to be a npc.

to be fair i was expecting him to look like a repugnant bridge troll and i bet so were many other people, so setting the bar that low might make him look good in comparison. the fact he's eye-glazingly average looking might even be funnier than if he was a full on, grease donned basement dweller, because at least he would have something to be properly insecure about in the latter case. as it stands, he's just a man crushed with self-loathing over looking forgettable and that delights me a little.

No. 1337269

corpse stan had to pick the only photo where you can barely make out his face to call him decent looking. he has a rodent philtrum, a pig nose and grand canyon deep nasolabial folds (and that was 10 years ago). your prince isn't going to look any better after the doordash diet and male aging bb. what's even worse is that he is a compulsive liar and larp'ed as animu husbando

No. 1337272

Ok, but forget the 6 week keto and platic surgery speedrun- he might as well come out with his real face and be like
>hey guys, anthony here, I've seen my face posted a lot online these days and my sister explained the situation to me
Only question is how fucked his voice is at this point.

No. 1337275

I find it funny chonkers compared himself to Joji because Joji fucked up his vocal chords/throat(? I can't remember the exact details) doing the Filthy Frank voice so he might actually end up with a throat condition after all kek.

No. 1337285

File: 1632915921165.gif (17.59 KB, 340x340, 1455012926168.gif)

Imagine that wrecked burp voice of his coming out of a pudgy, alcohol bloated face (with fake scars, he gotta keep up the sadboi persona after all).
His fanbase would dwindle in a month.

No. 1337286

File: 1632916018663.jpeg (508.77 KB, 828x1444, 08A48D8C-9C4F-4271-A1C2-46F9BB…)

The stans are still perpetuating this nonsense, kids no matter how much you want him to look like this he doesn’t, deal with it

No. 1337287

File: 1632916056188.jpeg (270.89 KB, 828x867, 26DC6A1E-6E5A-47E5-A3E8-87D3D4…)


No. 1337288

It's like these kids have never heard of the concept of lying before. Absolutely incredible.

No. 1337290

And Munchie Husband is well aware of that. He didn't even confirm he has fibro, he just stayed in the "chronic illness uwu feel sorry for me" munchie limbo and his stans are eating it up.

No. 1337292

File: 1632916622409.jpg (244.61 KB, 1080x1114, IMG_20210929_133313.jpg)

Hmm but I thought corpse is a fit bodybuilder? How can he be too sick for parkour?

No. 1337293

Huh, I didn't know that. That makes things even more confusing because if they're diagnosing him with fibro then surely they'd know more about it. You can develop it at any age. I used to be a boxer before getting fibro. Also it's not a death sentence. Being a moody prick and never lifting a finger will most likely make it worse. It's very possible to stay active with fibro as long as you're cautious. Things like yoga and tai chi can be great for it.

No. 1337294

i kinda love how he's so pathetically vague about everything so his stans have like ten different conflicting narratives about him

No. 1337303

Good on you for dealing with it, nonnie.

When it comes to his claims, somewhere in the 2nd or 3rd CH thread there's a video/audio where he only speculates he could have fibro, but the doctors can't figure out what he has and so he continues making a pity party and treating his body like shit. Some anons discussed his "chronic illness" could be the result of severe anxiety.

No. 1337314

I know right, his manipulation is quite masterful in some ways. Like claiming he hates how he looks while allowing people to think he looks like the fan art that gets circulated. When Anthony Padilla said that he was surprised by how much Chonk looked like a particular drawing said drawing was never revealed. Comparing himself to Joji is pretty nebulous because he could easily cite intentionally ugly Pink Guy or Filthy Frank as his point of reference if/when he is called out on it. His fans have no one to blame for all this but themselves. If he’s smart he’ll capitalise on the whole thing by making an example of himself as a victim of evil body shaming ableist internet boolies uwu

No. 1337328

File: 1632920683789.jpg (48.94 KB, 1080x284, 20210929_080255.jpg)

i didn't realize fattybug had a shitpost alt lol

No. 1337334

>still simping over Corpe
god, she's so pathetic

No. 1337347

File: 1632922620660.jpg (229.28 KB, 1080x1325, 20210929_083454.jpg)

kek, this cringe is retarded

No. 1337360

I heard that if you have GERD it’s not normal to be buff as a teen

No. 1337382

you're probably either gonna be fat and the GERD is somehow a consequence of that; or skinny and unable to gain much weight because you avoid food that triggers the acid reflux.

No. 1337391

her tiktok is even worse. I'm honestly not suprised that Corpse nor any of her other so called "friends" post anything in her favor anymore. She's becoming more of a cow each day.

No. 1337417

Isn't this her posting about her dad who died? She seems like a whole bag of crazy but at least this isn't about corpsey.

No. 1337422

>eye-glazingly average looking

That's a perfect description anon, I actually expected him to be a bit weirder looking. But it's exactly as above.

No. 1337428

File: 1632932411950.jpg (46.9 KB, 1080x289, 20210929_111903.jpg)

that makes more sense, but she posted it on the same shitpost account that posts this garbage, so my bad

No. 1337440

File: 1632934137608.jpg (63.56 KB, 1080x393, Screenshot_20210928-104423__01…)

I have no words

No. 1337466

File: 1632935778188.jpeg (1.25 MB, 3464x3464, D54D678E-7BE9-4F6A-A3D1-95BF9C…)


I apologize, I was half asleep when I was typing that and an extra word ended up in the wrong line.


Not sure if this is milk, but I found this Twitter account named SpookyCryBB. Follows corpse and corpse follows back, it also follows Tyler the Creator & Archillect. Under liked tweets, there’s one that reads

“ Sad part is that interactions like this with Uber/delivery drivers etc. have become the norm to me (along with a lot of other people), and the few times I’ve brought it up to friends I’m told I can’t take a compliment and love the attention … what?”

The posts are very similar to him, his story, and things he would post himself. I’m pretty sure he most likely has/had secret accounts to interact with his fanbase, but that’s not confirmed. I have no idea, but I wouldn’t put it passed him, he really does like the smell of his own farts. Maybe it’s a reach, but corpse doesn’t indeed follow.

No. 1337473

Does* I mean

No. 1337599

File: 1632944452847.png (1.65 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20210929-123329.png)

Here's a video on it. He reads a bunch of tweets and asks what the audience thinks of the situation. Carcass fans pretty much do their normal delusion, projection and coddling routine in the comments

No. 1337639

File: 1632947772855.jpeg (116.64 KB, 754x697, 46AAAC5B-1355-41C4-B4C4-153B98…)

No. 1337655

He shoulda based around Edward instead of an anime emo boi kek. lil bit of goth make over and some filters and his fans would eat that shit up. Though regardless of him having a average face he's still miles above Sykkuno.

No. 1337657

I got my throwaway twitter acc suspended for posting this

No. 1337662

Corpulent stans are watching anything CH related and mass reporting or he has friends at Twitter HQ.

No. 1337664

Another video kek

No. 1337665

File: 1632949985582.gif (2.72 MB, 242x259, Em7x.gif)

No. 1337698

This. I would understand if this was just his fans projecting but from what I have read he was the one who was baiting people about how he looked. I think had he not he would not have had this reaction.

Calm your tits and learn how to read.

No. 1337707

Thought this was interesting

No. 1337719

Nonna, delete your other post that's lost in the field, please.

No. 1337736

Sorry, I was too late in deleting it. I reported it though, oh well, here comes my ban. That's what i get for being retarded.

No. 1337765

Where did you get these screenshots? They're obviously from a video, but I don't think the video has been posted?

No. 1337768

They were originally posted on kf, taken from a video on the parkour coach’s YouTube or something.

No. 1337774

this is glorious thank you for that anon

No. 1337898

how rich do we think he is? do we know any definitive numbers?

sorry if this is common knowledge I only started reading this thread after face reveal

its wild that he thought this would never happen and didnt spend his faceless time trying to make himself more attractive like bro what was your endgame lol

No. 1337927

CH's net worth isn't known. Yet.

No. 1337928

File: 1632977508585.jpeg (138.58 KB, 963x709, 1FA65629-1C53-49EA-8AF9-897948…)

Social blade gives an estimate for youtube
No word on twitch earnings

No. 1338013

Before I clicked the video I thought it was gonna be baka mitai, but this is funnier

No. 1338082

this. i could never believe he dropped out at 12 and sold crack to help his mom. he lives in a rich city. he would have been trying his hardest as a wagie at a blackmarket under the table pay restaurant job with immigrants if that was the case. look at his house, his school and where he hangs out. some dropout with no education and money wouldnt be wasting his time parkouring. what i hate about him is the blatant lies and sexism. tries too hard to be edgy and spreads the degenerate "kinky beedeeessem call me daddy you littl slut" to teenagers. whatever else gets revealed about him will probably be about grooming a fan or a sexual assault. his music is overrated and the lyrics are trash. pull any random tweets from a horny edgy profile, arrange them to slightly rhyme and rip off an anime episode. there you go, you just made a corpse husband music video… how is he also not getting copyrighted for using the tokyo ghoul clips and the donnie darko mask as his avatar? this bitch most definitely did not cut his face either. when you look at anthony in their interview you can see his grimace tell it's all bullshit.

No. 1338117

Sage for sperging. My just turned ex had some wild fucking lies about his past too. Homeless at 12, drug courier, supposed hitman, I always just nodded and smiled because I knew it was all bullshit.

Seems a similar character trait. I'm sure there was trauma there, but.. Scrotes apparently. It can't just be shitty parents or being neglected, they have to go 100% edge. Fascinating.

No. 1338197

Wow we must have been dating the same person, exact same story. Why are they like this?

No. 1338231

why are you dating men like that in the first place?

No. 1338248


I have to question just what type of men the both of you are dating? Even if they were telling the truth, why the hell are you dating men with a past like that?

No. 1338251

Same shit happened to me. He came out and confessed, but I don't think I'll ever fully understand. Even he can't explain it all.

No. 1338255

I don't really understand the appeal of Corpse's music to be honest. Like sure, I like some anime and some edgy art but naming off 5 anime references mixed in with bdsm daddy choke me uwu type lyrics doesn't = a good song, even to most teenagers.(sage your nonmilk)

No. 1338270

File: 1633023637299.png (86.35 KB, 578x515, yoho.png)

>>1338255 His lyrics remind me of old BOTDF lyrics - mix of game/anime references, devil edgy shit, overly sexual and cringe word play that makes his stans go 'OHWOW SO CLEVER WTF LUKA MAGNOTTA KILL MY PUSSY GET IT?????!!'

>chose this one at random but the eyepatch reference fits rather well kek

No. 1338274

I mean my 12 year old bf made up wild stories like this Kek

No. 1338277

kek this defenitely reads like corpse husband lyrics

No. 1338281

I can't be the only one who wants to see that "video killed the radio star" deepfake with this thumbnail picture, it seems oddly fitting

No. 1338288

I had a friend in high school who told similar lies as fatoful boyfriend. I think some people can't cope with being a normie suburban kid and try to turn themselves into anime protags

No. 1338295


For the longest time I thought his songs were meant to be satire lol. I think ppl mostly listen to him ironically tbh

No. 1338303

That's really it, it's no different than private school kids acting like they're in gangs. They're just larping as things they think are cool. I forget what song it was but one of them he says something along the lines of "Like Gaara" So he definitely identifies with edgy characters and wishes to be like them because he doesn't think his real life is interesting enough.

No. 1338308

You just unlocked my knowledge that thats die antwoords entire schtick lmao. I guess being unfortunate is popular if it's not real

No. 1338328

File: 1633028962202.jpg (164.08 KB, 1048x1026, Screenshot_20210930-210825_Chr…)

>Real bad bitch, pussy bald like Saitama
>They used to hate me now they want me, bitch I feel like I'm Gaara

I still don't understand why this song wasn't ridiculed for its massive cringe lyrics.

I guess everything is forgiven if you larp as hot dark anime boy with anxiety~

No. 1338365


No fucking clue. To any of those questions. That's the shit those secret weirdo libfem guys seem to come up with when you're dragging them home utterly drunk, somehow them more fucked up than you— trying to seem oh so mysterious and special while all you can do is smile and nod else you'd burst out laughing.
Maybe it would just be a dream.
Or some bullshit, that's what a friend told me

No. 1338658

those aren't rich cities that any of you have mentioned, he is living in or had roots in, some of the more affordable housing is there. everywhere has expensive areas but the rent is cheaper in those areas

No. 1338664

Meant that in regards to this comment. It's very common in that area to move drugs at a young age and get into doing hits. Not saying he's being honest about his own life it's actually not fully doubtful due to the fact it's not uncommon to get wrapped up in that here. You don't have to look like a cholo gangster to live that life.(learn2sage)

No. 1338683

He shot his own foot so hard by hiding his face and letting all these 14 yo stans grow into a cult. He is honestly not ugly, just very regular, and that with a little styling can be somewhat resolved. A lot of very ugly ass dudes like anything4views or that alex youtuber guy who is bi have a bunch of stans and get pussy. But now connecting this average dude to that sex god he pretended to be just feels really goofy(sage)

No. 1338704

I mean maybe, but they talk about being 23 years old in 2019 and also being a paramedic.
Anthony most definitely has an alt to stalk his uwu cat-tards though.

No. 1338777

I've been catching up with his act and I've realized how bad he wants to be robb banks, he takes a lot of inspo from soundcloud/tumblr rap in the early 2010's but robb's the main one I can think of with the super deep gravely voice playboy lyrics and anime lines when that was still fresh

Is he still ignoring the leak? Do you guys think he's actually busy moving apartments or something?

No. 1338791

File: 1633080021048.png (447.1 KB, 590x646, chm.png)

His stans continue hyping him up as if he's gonna kill himself or DFE because they know the dox is real and the allure of his mysterious darkboi persona is gone; random commentary channels are still milking the story (they also know the dox is real) and he hasn't said a peep, not even after the 1 year anniversary of one of his "greatest" hits.

No. 1338798

Wait it's not satire? Are you serious? I know a lot of people (including myself) who listen to his music under the guise that it's meant to be funny. This is the first I'm hearing about it not being satirical, has he said it's not? My whole life is a lie.

No. 1338820

File: 1633085732463.jpg (260.4 KB, 1080x2006, Screenshot_20211001-115449_Chr…)

It's being picked up by some websites now

No. 1338822

Poor guy

I honestly didn't know he was that relevant, I only found him from this thread

No. 1338824

holy moly kek

No. 1338825

gotta to get back to banging on about how much of a hideous fatso he is I need this on coming breakdown to be the most it can

No. 1338826

It’s not poor little scrote. He brought this on himself and he deserves it.

No. 1338827

him keeping quiet this long is honestly impressive, maybe the most genuinely agoraphobic thing he's done

No. 1338833

>I think ppl mostly listen to him ironically tbh

The people I know irl who listen to his shit listen are serious. When one had me listen to one of his songs (forgot which one because I don't care) I commented on how bad his voice sounded because and the response was "well, it fits this style of music" and the person seemed offended that I didn't like it.

No. 1338845

what's with all this cope and pity in this thread? this guy is a certified liar, he lies about illnesses, his looks for brownie points online while raking in thousands of dollars per month - all for sitting on his fat ass and manipulating his voice and fanbase. there isn't a current pic but if you had seen his old pic without context all of you would have said he is an ugly moid.

No. 1338856

true i guess it's because he seems so pathetic. it's just sad like why are you such a freak when you're a normie guy. at least dream was both fat and ugly so it made sense

No. 1338887

File: 1633096875071.png (427.22 KB, 1440x1080, 5129-full.png)

Obscure frenchfag ref but Corpse really is the embodiment of the average first year Japanese LLCE student. Acting like a 13 yo edgy weeb by faking a deep and mysterious past, alongside other Uchiwa larp tier bs kek. Reminds me of Charlie's "Anime Made My University Afraid of Me" vid

No. 1338891

Kek, fellow baguette. Yes, he truly is the living embodiment of the "DarK SaSuKe" kikoo-jap meme.

No. 1338896

This is amazing and deserves more views. That dance scene made me lol

No. 1338976

I always assumed it was a similar situation to how people liked Brokencyde

No. 1338994

his songs really sound like a 2020 version of brokencyde. Equally overly sexualised considering how young their audience is. Corpse is a copycat in so many ways lmao

No. 1339014

i honestly wanna see if anyone can locate where he went to school now that we have his whole ass name and whereabouts he was living maybe we can find out and prove that he also lied about dropping out at 12

i know he said in a past live he dropped out at 12 but did go back to school 'for a bit' or he would just show up at friends schools and no one would realize? im at work right now so i cant verify exactly but it was along those lines

it never sat right for me because no way is him and his family not getting in trouble for letting a 12 year old drop out of school and i already looked into him and his families state records and couldn't find any charges that would corroborate that, theres gotta be proof that he attended or something idk when i go home ill give it a try

No. 1339041

Bingo but we already had an anon look up records for his mom and himself I'm pretty sure she had some traffic violations that's it. Schooling in California is compulsory between the ages of 6 to 18.

No. 1339125

He always sounded more like a parody of the Bones and Xavier Wulf type of soundcloud rap to me, and he's already confirmed to be a Bones fan. The deep voice, monotone flow, dark edgy beats, and short 1-2 minute songs make him sound exactly like a shitty knock off Bones.

No. 1339141

File: 1633119376151.png (41.37 KB, 618x260, Capture.PNG)

Sage for poorfag sperging but cope husband acts like he was in some section 8 housing trappin to survive and it pisses me off. The parkour gym that he used to go to doesn't have a clear pricing for individual members but their charter school rates start at 170, see picrel (from their website). Idk about you anons but that's certainly not 'cheap'. He's cosplaying as a poorfag so people give him pity points and excuses for his shitty "I dropped out of school at 12" behavior

No. 1339171

File: 1633121588461.png (206.54 KB, 595x447, awol corpe.png)

Meanwhile, in stan world…

No. 1339175

Jesus Christ, what is wrong with these kids? I'm autistic and I've never fixated this hard on anything. I feel like being a stan is a mental illness in and of itself.

No. 1339210

There's nothing to pity the guy anon, he's made bank from lying to the world.

No. 1339215

That's exatly what being a stan is, raging mental illness

No. 1339296

Didn’t he say he grew up in a room with just a mattress and black walls? I always thought his whole story was funny and people like buying into it. They wanted to be lied to lol

No. 1339400

Adhdkatie does look the same though

No. 1339408

I mean they all worked with each other and sounded a little similar in the raider klan days which is what cope's emulating sonically
I more meant that like this video of robb talking about his fake deep anime villain face and neck tattoos in that stupid low voice(natural) with a bunch of adoring fans/girls in the comments is everything cope wants but will never have on top of that robb has hood cred despite his dad being a famous dude which again, cope only wishes he could be accepted as hard while having a nice background


Don't have have to pay for charter schools tho? things might have changed in the past few years but when I was in school doing online school was kind of a privileged thing to do because it required having lenient parents and paying for a private service or living in a nice enough school district that they would offer it

No. 1339440

Admitting you're a home schooled weirdo since the age of 12 doesn't hit the same as 'I dropped out''

Also bet ya the parkour lessons were am idea of his mother's to get him out of the house so he might socialize and make friends as that he wasn't attending regular school

No. 1339452

There are some Temecula farmers are there not? Any anons in that area should try checking their yearbooks if they went to school at around the same time as him. He's 24 which meams he would have graduated in 2015 I think.

No. 1339560

File: 1633174260113.jpg (128.43 KB, 931x1284, Screenshot_20211002_132702.jpg)

No. 1339580

File: 1633176506428.jpg (107.11 KB, 1080x957, Screenshot_20211002_140710.jpg)

No. 1339708

Yet another lie he's been caught in kek. Good job, anon.

No. 1339785

98% sure this is just click bait but it popped up on my recommended and it's kinda funny imagining a Netflix series considering the leaks

No. 1339851

This man looks like he’s both a fanboy and like he has a ton of CP on his computer. Probably also has a hastily made corpse themed body pillow with dry semen stains on it standing up in the corner of his bedroom out of camera view

No. 1339920

File: 1633212725717.jpeg (161.1 KB, 750x875, C9FF7F49-D38E-49B3-A929-0C3606…)

>”also do you think because someone is famous they lose their right to be anonymous”

kek he definitely knows

No. 1339924

File: 1633213084971.jpeg (515.23 KB, 960x1335, 589E0242-79A0-45A4-94B6-FF2C18…)

His unmasker should be lolcow-tan.

No. 1339936

File: 1633214107106.jpeg (72.53 KB, 194x432, 199332E5-ECF6-4C01-B848-A6F7F2…)

No way, he was definitely lurking this thread there’s no way this is a coincidence

No. 1339940

This is one of the ugliest things I’ve ever seen. This is for a music video or something?

No. 1339943

His art is coomer tier. He draws black women in coomer poses.

No. 1339945

File: 1633215338594.jpeg (Spoiler Image,174.02 KB, 425x714, DF32A5FA-8439-4CC4-8FAA-97E923…)

Look at this blatant racial caricature he had the audacity to post to his social media(offtopic)

No. 1340008

His sister is live again after the last bad stream, she has been putting it off for days. Ever since the leak she hasn't been streaming as much.https://www.twitch.tv/obviouslyqueen

No. 1340020

File: 1633223424289.png (6.48 KB, 335x52, eh.png)

Weens could try poking at her (like picrel lol just checked her stream) but she has nothing to worry about, tbh.
Ariana isn't selling a coom fantasy nor roping thirsty teenage girls and lonely adult women into a parasocial hell like her dear old brother.

No. 1340146

Corpse finally met Valkyrae. A distraction, perhaps? Or just wants her to see what he looks like now versus the old pictures of him?

No. 1340423

Is that a child?,

No. 1340483

So I think Valkyrae meeting corpse, and the way she worded it just confirms it even more(post screencaps)

No. 1340487

Her not saying his name, but referencing enough so you know it’s about him. Then saying he’s going through a lot right now (eg face reveal, being exposed)

No. 1340489


source on this?

No. 1340495

Is this the guy who was drawing brick tits? I remember anons talked about him here: >>>/m/145990
He made an angry YT video about the posts, he's definitely browsing.

No. 1340512

christ thats some vile racist misogynist shit

No. 1340515

He’s probably pissed because he can’t pitch his series about a “faceless” youtuber kek.

No. 1340605

Lmao considering the oddly defensive replies accusing anons of only hating his art because they’re sex negative manhaters, I’d say he was doing a little more than browsing.

No. 1340635

Oh no not this retard again. He and his ugly ass art can fuck off

No. 1340810

Okay so I didn't know who this faggot was and only learned it recently because of these threads
I listened to his voice for the first time just now and lmao fucking seriously? Teenage thots are getting hot for this? He sounds absolutely comical

No. 1340811

I don't want to watch this, what's it about? Just from perusing the thumbnails seems like he's selling something

No. 1340814

This is an imageboard, post screencaps or clips.

No. 1340894

it was from her oct 3rd I am fish stream/vod from 10:00-12:15. They have talked about Raes silver brick her possibly getting him one, it was a while ago don’t remember exactly when. It’s just the way she words it is very interesting

No. 1340925

I'm waiting for the return announcement he makes to be some variation of boohoo my mental health/chronic illness, and like always his stans are gonna scream ableism/stimga issues when people try to call him out for it, so pre-beating a dead horse; the issues he's struggling with (if they're not just straight up lies) are reasons he acts a certain way, but will never be excuses or valid points in a defense of him, saying 'my depression' in defense of lying and manipulating people into thinking you look like a twink anime emoboi is the same as punching a kid and claiming 'they were whining'

No. 1340927

He should be thanking us for reviving his relevancy tbh. This outcome will benefit him if he comes out and does a face reveal which will have lots of supporters no matter what he looks like. He can ride the pity fame to collaborate with other influencers and at the same time pump out content for the algorithm.
Unless he has actual criminal dirt on him, it’ll all be fine. Even then there will be people to defend it…

No. 1340958

You guys, how dare you spread such lies? As Valkirae has stated, corpse LITERALLY looks just like his fan artz!!! /s (0:11)
Then also proceeds to continue with "Just be kind please! be kind to my friends! they're very good people!" top kek

No. 1340962

im enjoying this so much nonnas. always knew he was a fake edgelord weeb.

No. 1340986

Pity fame can't really last when his face is out there, he doesn't produce content anymore (hopping on people's streams isn't content) and he can't sing or rap to save his life.

Well, I'm sure there's a 4/10 chonkyboi fan art out there. kek
I wonder if they would remain ~friends~ if CH's fanbase snaps out of the parasocial hell he has built…

No. 1340993

saged but do you think his gerd is faked?
if it hurt him so bad to use his voice he wouldn't be singing and talking all day.
it would be yet another pity point for his edgy martyr persona.

No. 1341004

Most def, he talks about it as if he has stage 3 throat cancer.
GERD is not the end of the world. Just take a pill, drink water and stop eating trash. Hell, sometimes you don't even need to stop being a slob, scumbag Ethan Klein has that shit and he's eating his feeling away but he isn't dying from GERD. lol
CH probably fucked his voice with alcohol, maybe smoking/vaping, and that was it.

No. 1341011

Calling it now. She filmed meeting him with all their friends for a vlog and that’s going to be his “face reveal”

No. 1341014

Would he really do a face reveal on someone else's channel though?

No. 1341033

I could see him 'allowing it' and then letting the channel that does it get the backlash for the 'leak' or using the clout/shock from it not being on his channel to brush the leak under the rug, maybe do more collabs/streams witht eh channel to leech of their fanbas

No. 1341044

Absolutely stratospherically retarded tinfoil but imagine if he actually got himself some cosmetic procedure/s and has been anachanning like a champion since his last meeting with Padilla and has turned himself into the uwu sexy skelly sadboi of horny autistic femcel dreams

No. 1341047

>anachanning like a champion
I am howling at this phrase. But yeah, tbh I believe this to a degree. I think he is going to do his own face reveal in a few months after the most forced glow up in the world looking like the third Bogdanoff twin

No. 1341054

Rae is the only one of them who vlogs big things regularly like Tina joining 100 Thieves. Her also being Corpse in the MGK mv makes sense for her to be the one to show the reveal. She did say that we would all see soon what the meet up was about and she was ridiculously nervous. Why be more nervous to meet your friend than any other big thing than for it to be a reveal?

No. 1341057


This is why I think she was going to film a face reveal with him. At the very end she says we’ll all see what this is eventually.(this is an imageboard. Post screenshots )

No. 1341058


I was assuming he's was doing that this entire time, I don't really keep up with him, but I safely assumed he at minimum got his body in shape.

He clearly doesn't like his face and ,besides the voice, his persona is based around tots a hot guy whos emo. That should of been incentive enough to go under the knife this entire time.

The only reason he's stuck in a hard place that he is right now is cause he hasn't been at secretly doing that this entire time.

Could of easily posted an updated photo of his body maybe to put more doubt to his fans if he was working out this entire time.

No. 1341061

Christ almighty all these people are so fucking unhinged, you’d think this motherfucker was the second coming

No. 1341159

She deleted the tweet and the archive link isn't working, does anyone have screenshots?

No. 1341182

It could just be with a mask (Like people have been using for covid)

I always wondered why he never did that until I saw those huge jowls

No. 1341243

I can’t decide if I want him to come out and admit he’s a pudgy little dude or if I want him to jump through hoops catering to the zoomer female gaze for the rest of his career. I feel like it wouldn’t even be that hard with the money and time he has. Because of the gothboy niche he’s chosen, he could probably overcome the manlet problem through platform demonias. They can add like four inches, and they’re easy to walk in cause they don’t actually have a huge heel. If they aren’t caught on camera, he just looks tall, but if they are, he’s just goth and his stans can pretend he’s not compensating kek
For once I just wanna see some moid build-a-boy himself like women are expected to in everyday life.

No. 1341303

>For once I just wanna see some moid build-a-boy himself like women are expected to in everyday life.
this. moids could have so much potential. the average ugly female is way more attractive than the average moid because she is at least trying. i am not even gay. saged for fagsperging.

No. 1341331

My thoughts precisely, his silence is pretty damning. Same goes for his family’s behaviour. Not only that but you’d think that Anthony Blue Gamboa would have come forward and said “lol I’m not corpse husband” and/or his sister would have said “lmao people think my brother is corpse husband” but all this points to the sleuthing being bang on the money

No. 1341411

anon that keeps posting and deleting stop it ur posts are relevant and it makes reading the thread confusing

I want him to lose his mind and have a public breakdown over his (admittedly just average)looks but would take him committing to ana and obsessively trying to make himself over in the image of sexi alt husbando he made for himself. Corpse if ur reading this new rocks are more masc than demonias and add like 4 inches on average, take up smoking cigs if you don't already it's and appetite suppressant and it'll fuck ur voice up some more

No. 1341424

He really is just average, but with some effort he really could become the skinny legend he wants to be. I guess it’s just easier to LARP as a handsome but tortured animu prince while crying into his door dash orders and pulling his pud to totally legitimate lesbian and not at all queerbaiting Emma Langevin

No. 1341472

You’re right, definitely new rocks maybe one of his seething stans will see this and tweet some recs at him kek but if he wants a weight loss drug, he should just go straight for coke. Pretty sure cigs make your jowls more pronounced or something, and who knows what state his teeth are already in. Half of his fans are probs starving themselves trying to be his next egirl album cover, he might as well return the favor.

No. 1341483

Corpse brought this all to himself. He should've had the mind to make himself look like his fanarts if he knew someone would smell something off about him and what he says.

No. 1341567

File: 1633443892247.jpeg (47.89 KB, 640x480, img4.jpeg)

lolzy pic from a few threads ago. Could we rule it out as being ch?

No. 1341570

this one looks better than the real corpse now, how times have changed

No. 1341576

the pic was found on a tumblr, anons thought was CH
There are more recent pics on the blog that threw anons off

No. 1341774

Watching Miz's stream and he saw Corpse LOL I don't have the clip hopefully someone does. But Valk and Corpse did meet.

No. 1341794

Sometime around 40-54 min? If not then somewhere around there where he talks about showing up at the big house where the people who make merch for the top creators like Valk and Mr. Beast are.

No. 1341805

File: 1633470072816.png (30.24 KB, 1224x213, ty TaylorMM from KF.png)

This, basically.

No. 1341872

For fuck’s sake can the anon who keeps deleting their posts quit it? It’s annoying as fuck

No. 1341881

Was she saying something damning or whatever? I don't get why anon is doing this hit and run game.
Guess someone gotta leave the thread open and screenshot every new post.

No. 1341887

I'm the one that deleted the last one asking when Miz talked about Corpse because I figured it out. I didn't realize someone had replied. My bad.

No. 1341897

that would be the good ending

No. 1341902

Sorry for sperging at you nona, there seems to be a fair bit of dirty deleting itt

No. 1341999

I watched the rest of Miz talking about Corpse and he said, “he’s a really good looking guy but I only saw his hands.” What does that even mean? He said he was fully masked up and wearing all black, basically exactly like what everyone would assume. Also that it was like “meeting The Godfather”. He was only able to get so close to him because Valkyrae and Tinakitten were acting like his bodyguards. Um okay?

No. 1342018

This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard, and this “miz” weirdfag’s coomy description is really embarrassing.

Like he’s some sort of powerful figure, few things make me laugh out loud, but this is a new one. Big if true, he would have two tiny women as his handlers, the soft ass sadcuck.

No. 1342052

maybe he meant to imply that he's not as fat and flabby as he looks in the leak

No. 1342060

So apparently (could be a rumour) Lil Nas X has a song with corpse and a photo of Valkyrae with Nas was leaked. They were possibly filming a music video, maybe there are a bunch of streamers in it like Bella Poarch did,

No. 1342088

File: 1633497749616.jpg (51.94 KB, 1125x1073, FA41CT7VQAsiB4Q.jpg)

>he’s a really good looking guy but I only saw his hands
Probably talking about this meeting, whenever that happened…
The "power" is the clout. Thousands of lonely girls willing to stream your shit and spread your new "art" by gaming the social media algorithms for hours on end FOR FREE.

No. 1342093

File: 1633497977414.png (46.87 KB, 646x384, 100tnas.png)

It's just a rumor for now. Really hope it's just some dumb 100t/lil nas collab and not some god awful song collab with corpse.

No. 1342096

That's Sykunno's hand. Not Corpse.

No. 1342101

Thought it was Corpse bait for his fans, tbh. Didn't know Sykkuno was into nail polish too lol

No. 1342109

Yeah he started it a few months ago. It seems like the male crowd around Corpse have all started painting their nails after they became friends with him.

No. 1342184

What's with those kiwitards and twittards doxing people who don't want to show their face? isn't that just evil?
These doxers,kiwifags and twittards are just drama whores that pretend to be outraged over things in order to shit stir. No different than the twitter hate mobs that go after someone for blackface or telling what is now considered a racist joke 10 years ago, it's a perfect illustration of horseshoe theory.(whiteknighting)

No. 1342191

File: 1633508903826.jpg (43.11 KB, 810x801, usher.jpg)


No. 1342225

File: 1633515845173.jpeg (48.91 KB, 640x615, CEECAF3D-84D4-4ADF-AAE7-6C589C…)

No. 1342229

I really hope you're aware that you're posting in a thread about a guy who conned millions of women into showering him with cash with an anime avatar, anon.

No. 1342231

NTA but I assumed that OP means random people associated with Corpse. Though rereading it, I sadly may be wrong

No. 1342234

Im glad that girl doxxed him and have been delighting in making fun of this fugly loser but this is such a stupid argument him being a hideous lumpy fraud larping/marketing as hot alt skelly sadboi king is funny and pathetic not some moral political crime or whatever

No. 1342282

the fact he is ugly pretending to be hot animu boifwiend is just an added flavor - the main issue here is some guy lying out his ass about several illnesses (mental and physical) in order to get pity and cash in. He is literally sitting on a pile of cash from all these naive girls who think they might be his next song picture on spotify, he is legit pretending to be oh-so-ill-and-weak-and-helpless for sympathy cash points

No. 1342289

Are you his doctor or smth? How do you know what he’s dealing with?

No. 1342292

He doesn't even need to go that far yet. His eye area isn't that bad. All he needs is maybe a week of starvation and a visit to a korean salon to get some idol bangs, then do a face reveal with a facemask on to hide the weak chin and whoville nose. He can even use a 3d print of his corpse mask, with that he can fake his jawline and chin. Hell that'd be really cool actually

No. 1342293

Because he mentions it every time he can. 6 chronic diseases with no link to each other whatsoever at such a young age. Press X to doubt.

No. 1342295

Just cuz he’s attention seeking doesn’t mean he’s lying…he literally had med results posted on twitter for his appointments and stuff(newfag)

No. 1342297

Are they actual documents or just him saying he doesn't want to go to therapy cause he's too sad ;_;?(;_;)

No. 1342298

Post them instead of wking.

No. 1342305

go back to twitter, fag. he won't date you

No. 1342308

Was he really on some munchie shit lmao I didn’t realize that’s even more funny. Still don’t think he’s evil or whatever for throwing out the mental illness card tho that’s required if ur gonna market to tweeniebops as an emoboy

Women are so nice all we’ve been doing with his dox is calling him ugly between admitting he’s not that bad and thinking up make overs for him

No. 1342318

File: 1633526719201.jpeg (766.27 KB, 1242x1282, CD9A923C-EF4E-496D-9CA0-3CC8D9…)

No. 1342319

File: 1633526773229.jpeg (265.99 KB, 1242x708, BD9E1FE2-D653-463E-A352-66E5E7…)


No. 1342320

Vidrel is his munchie spiel. Very sad n tortured boi.
Here's a half-recap: >>1253633

No. 1342323

Thank you for a link the the summary. Lol @ “19 in shape” we saw the photos cope you were flabbu in 2017 and 2013 safe to bet you were flabbu in 2016 too

No. 1342328

File: 1633529854999.jpg (70.29 KB, 784x442, KYM.JPG)

The face reveal is trending on KYM.
IDK if I am more glad that kiwifarms will take the newfags, or angry that they are taking the credit for farmers' hard work. Nobody fact checks I guess, since AFAIR the kiwifarms thread mentioned that the Corpse reveal is a repost from lolcow.

No. 1342355

Oh my goddd, why are we socialised this way? You could be a 10/10 and a man will still nitpick you and call you fat and ugly. Men can be a solid 2/10 like Fat Tony here and women will bend over backwards to defend them and call them cute.

No. 1342380

Because deep down moids know women contribute to society infinitely more just by being women so they have to socialize us from a young age to believe a 2/10 scrote somehow is valuable to a 10/10 woman and the only way to do that is to make the 10/10 woman believe she's a 2/10. It works because men are disgusting and couldn't care less about their own hygiene/appearance. Moid logic is we must ignore all of mens abysmal flaws like anger issues, ugliness, porn addiction and so on but women like pokimame or any other pretty girl streamer has to be aware of their flaws and openly accept criticism of it or else they're stuck up bitches who deserve the harassment.

Scrotes are an echo chamber and the more degenerate men that are put up on a pedestal for degrading women while looking like a melted candy bar the more even uglier scrotes will feel entitled to that same amount of societal value. Men should go back to dying in wars instead of sitting in their basements harassing e-celeb women in social media.

No. 1342405

Of course a scrote doesn't want to hear the word "no" from a 14 year old.

No. 1342494

Most their threads tend to be, who cares? Only those losers would take credit for corpse like they did with Woof during zoogate.(sage)

No. 1342497

He looks like Steven universe

No. 1342738

Tbf it’s lolcow’s fault for the no doxing rule. Anyone coming here for Corpse’s dox won’t find shit since jannies redacted, so what good would them linking here do? Site’s gonna be gone at the end of the year anyway, who gives a fuck

No. 1342801

How old was he here again? Wasn’t he a teen? Ngl if they think that is him now and are saying shit like >>1342319 about it lol

No. 1342805

like 12 lol

No. 1342868

I wonder if the core people he streams with aren't streaming because of the doxx? If they're waiting to come back until he address it?

No. 1342879

They already streamed after the doxx though.(sage)

No. 1342894

File: 1633588563633.jpeg (279.1 KB, 1640x1640, 62940438-C4DE-414D-A2EE-6D9929…)


No. 1342955

This is beautiful

No. 1342962

The jowls are chef's kiss

No. 1342979

OMG this is beautiful.
Why are they pretending that hiding behind animu bishie isn't his brand? He wouldn't get famous at all if he has shown his face. That's why he is hiding behind the 3D model.
>Site’s gonna be gone at the end of the year anyway, who gives a fuck
I still believe it won't

No. 1343008

vote for next thread pic

No. 1343020

File: 1633607520695.jpeg (476.31 KB, 614x1433, 5E5DB45C-916F-4BAA-A16A-93D093…)

No. 1343060

File: 1633616166437.jpeg (530.38 KB, 828x1435, 31048645-1F84-4979-ABE8-7D1803…)

I checked Wikipedia out of curiosity to see if any mention of the doxxing had been made there but all I found was this
>to prevent vandalism
Absolute retardation

No. 1343242

You think it was a request of his to have it locked or is some fag on there a fan of his?

No. 1343246

File: 1633639614574.png (14.26 KB, 887x287, vcncvnvcn.PNG)

this is in the history notes lmao

No. 1343253

NTA, but it's locked due to vandalism since April. Pokimane and Ninja also have their pages protected, but theirs aren't indefinite. I don't think it's a fan, but it's interesting that the lock doesn't expire.
This is a nothingburger. "Biographies of living persons ("BLPs") must be written conservatively and with regard for the subject's privacy. Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, not a tabloid: it is not Wikipedia's job to be sensationalist, or to be the primary vehicle for the spread of titillating claims about people's lives; the possibility of harm to living subjects must always be considered when exercising editorial judgment."

No. 1343322

I love you so much, Nonnies

No. 1343333

The BLP shit is so fucking stupid, countless pages have “controversies” sections, surely his doxxing and alleged face leak would be considered “in the public interest”, that hardly constitutes vandalism or warrants having the page lock set without expiration

No. 1343408

I clicked out of it before I thought to copy and paste it (sorry!!!) but there is a thread of fans girls having a meltdown that he's liking tweets that suggest he's dating someone lmfao. He knows they stalk his likes so not sure why he's liking shit like that. For someone who is so private you'd think he'd avoid doing anything that could speak on his private life at all.

No. 1343423

Forgot to mention that the thread is on twitter.

No. 1343510

can you go back and screenshot?(namefag)

No. 1343547

this gave me one of the heartiest keks in recent memory, ty nonnie

No. 1343707

Never getting my 3$ ever again.

No. 1343858

File: 1633720522674.jpg (448.95 KB, 1080x2240, Screenshot_20211008_211429_com…)

Hanging out with Emma then?

No. 1344094

Men say the exact same, vice versa. That's the problem here.

No. 1344286

She makes me physically sick, honestly. She has one of those faces.

No. 1344331

is Emma Langevin a tran? serious question. (s)he looks extremely male to me, the thick neck and facial structure, the affected voice…and seeing how incredibly cringe this Corpse Husband person is it makes perfect sense to me that he'd be a chaser.

No. 1344360

She could be. Her hands look really masculine. Nta but apparently she was cancelled for following Blaine White

No. 1344382

Must be annoying to not realize masculine women exist.
Anyway,trans people usually dont have "she/they/he" in their bio

No. 1344431

She’s just a boring straight white girl who posts tryhard degenerate shit and LARPs as a lesbian because she knows she’s a boring straight white girl who no one would pay any attention to if she wasn’t being a queerbaiting e-thot

No. 1344495

Agree. She just has a strong facial structure. I was watching one of her lives and she called Corpse the other half to her soul, which I thought was cute (sue me). I don't know the dynamic to their relationship but I thought that was interesting.

No. 1344504

File: 1633805961014.png (3.32 MB, 828x1792, E6A7F037-B855-4B61-9A2E-C4DA7B…)

“A fake corpse husband face reveal has shaken the internet” Youtuber news claiming the leak was fake.
He goes as far as to say “It’s pretty certainly not corpse husband in these pictures, it seems to just be a random photo”.

Lol I wonder how many people are going to see this and believe it.

No. 1344511

How does quuerbaiting get you anywhere?

No. 1344536

Why do they keep using that photo? Lol I guess the other photos where it's obviously him if you compare his body to the videos he physically appears in don't exist?

No. 1344538

because moids enjoy fantasizing about 2 hot women dating/fucking, also the fantasy of "i want what i can't have" so it gets her lots of male attention

No. 1344540

Precisely because it looks less like him. If they use an old pic of him with a different hairstyle, it's easier to keep reposting it and bury the more recent pics that are more obviously him.

No. 1344542

Um, I was just agreeing with the other anon. Wtf

No. 1344611

This has to be bait. Regardless of whether you like her or think she’s pretty or whatever, she’s clearly female, and her voice is too despite the accent and vocal fry. Tinfoils like this just makes the site look bad.
Pretty bold to straight up call it fake when the guy himself hasn’t even tried to say it’s not him.

No. 1344925

Sage bc tinfoiling hard, but could it be corporate husbando has gone under the knife and has not said anything because he’s waiting for whatever plastic surgery to heal? Or he’s on a bender wallowing in self pity.

No. 1345027

File: 1633900669776.png (177.98 KB, 1117x3099, 1633901863867.png)

sage for autism

No. 1345042

File: 1633902103843.jpg (1.45 MB, 1080x2280, Screenshot_20211010-174100_Ins…)

Posted on Corpse's Instagram story- matching tattoos with Emma?

No. 1345045

His ankles seem slim.

No. 1345060

Valid tinfoiling, but he was already doing nothing before the dox (not posting content, occasional munchieposting, then hyping up his musical shitposting).
Would feel sorry for his stans being left to dry if they weren't so retarded, tbh.
lol so the darkboi persona still lives

No. 1345065

Seems like he's been hanging around Emma a lot lately. She tweets about him every time he's there. They're either dating or getting high together. She's a major pot head apparently, according to her tweets and stans

No. 1345067

Post caps.

No. 1345071

How is saying your other half is an emo fat-ass drunk with a frog voice ‘cute’?

No. 1345120

His freaking clothes are falling apart. Fat fuck cant afford a new pair of pants without holes?

No. 1345127

File: 1633911032765.jpg (620.63 KB, 2048x2048, skinnylegend.jpg)

I'm not so sure. He's not huge, but I wouldn't say slim.

No. 1345128

never thought I'd see Pon and Zi again

No. 1345133

Does anyone else find this weird? Getting matching tattoos with your supposedly platonic lesbian internet friend? like they've only know eachother for like what… a year? and over the internet?

No. 1345158

File: 1633915914185.jpg (544.7 KB, 2880x2880, 20211010_212858.jpg)

She deletes a lot, but here's some? She also said she was so high, she thought that earthquake they had a while back was just her, but I couldn't find that tweet. And someone earlier posted her talking about them hanging out.

No. 1345163

This lesbian larping cringelord gives me such bad second hand embarrassment with her 3edgy5u tweets. If she’s deleting shit that’s pretty sus, is it in general or just re: corpse?

No. 1345166

Yeah, If she didn't say she was a "lesbian" I would have assumed they were dating.
>inb4 corpse and emma dating scandal

No. 1345170

Just imagine how jealous that repulsive morbidly obese loeybeast would be lmao. Emma is cringe but at least she doesn’t look like jabba the hut in drag

No. 1345186

next thread pics please and thanks

No. 1345187

File: 1633919447478.jpg (765.72 KB, 2880x2880, blahblahtattoo.jpg)

Reaching, but Loey didn't like their tattoo photos, but she did like a pic of someone else's tattoo in the replies.

I can totally see her steaming rn that corpse and emma, her two "besties" got tattoos without her.

No. 1345196

You're not reaching, imo. Before the dox, Corpulent wasn't interacting with her at all and she was begging for his attention. She's getting the CH stan treatment lol no contact.
That must sting.

No. 1345197

Also speculation on my part, but I don't think corpse has the balls to get multiple major surgeries on a whim. He's probably trying to ignore and wait for it to blow over.

No. 1345199

Never seen her Twitter account before but her shower thoughts are incredibly inane and she only has a large audience due to the evident low IQ of much of Twitter/Tik Tok.

Getting matching tats with a male is rather sus for a "lesbian" to do so I don't believe that for a second, just something she says to try and sidestep online creeps.

No. 1345210

kek. the accuracy

Cringe culture alive and well

No. 1345228

You’re probably right, though it would be funny if he did get something done.

No. 1345243

i hope he turns out botched if he does get plastic surgery

No. 1345248

This is too perfect lmao

No. 1345272

The way she thirsts after him is so fucking embarrassing, she acts like a teenager. A gross landwhale like her must be seething over Emma being skinny and more popular and actually hanging out with Corpulent Hambeast instead of trying to direct his attention towards her cottage cheese thighs and saggy tits

No. 1345298

Not these uglyass shoes again. I fucking hate them

No. 1345308

I’m kind of surprised I haven’t heard about some big stan freak out over his ankles. Hands, hair, and an audio clip of him breathing practically broke Twitter for a while there, am I out of the loop or did the hype die down?

No. 1345309

the target looking converse wannabes that are apparently 1200$. looks like some cheap wish shit if you ask me. i could sperg about those ugly fucking shoes all day

No. 1345333

I looked into this girl and jesus christ she's obnoxious. She has a lot of corpse simping on her feed, even a pic where he's "choking" her

No. 1345346

Oh the hype definitely has died down, the whole egirl trend seems to be dying slowly.

No. 1345349

kinda proves everyone does believe those pics are him (because they are) so seeing an ankle is not so interesting anymore. He needs to do a highly styled hotboi emo photoshooot face reveal to retain his audience now imo.

No. 1345373

They really got matching pon and zi tattoos. Idk why platonic friends would get the characters from a myspace love comic tattooed on them but whatever ig.

No. 1345387

Kek at the filename anon.
I just realized a lot of his fanbase are seeing these characters for the first time, and now I feel a thousand years old

No. 1345448

There are some fans tweeting about it, but definitely hasn't gone viral like his previous "reveals". I think his face might have actually stunted his popularity. I can't wait for his music to flop too kek

No. 1345460


No. 1345464

Right? This is what emo couples on myspace would send each other in 2003. I bet they're dating and when it comes out she'll say "well I WAS a lesbian but then it turned out my best friend was here all along, uWu"

No. 1345475

Is her accent even real? It sounds off to me.

No. 1345492

File: 1633983971997.jpeg (456.05 KB, 724x828, 03F7B31C-D8C0-44DB-84AE-FA1124…)

Why would Loey be jealous of Emma when she looks like this?

No. 1345511

File: 1633986364034.png (560.4 KB, 1434x806, FF4A1517-E0D9-4651-9C57-6F8A8D…)

I wonder who came up with the idea for her to be the fat codependent who can’t drive

No. 1345578

she got called out for faking her accent and when confronted said she was just "playing it up" and it was "obviously a character" kek

No. 1345579

I'm pretty sure she exaggerates it, I mean the whole "jersey e-girl" thing is really what made her blow up so she probably has to stick with the accent now

No. 1345595

I believe it's fake. Young people from the NYC/NJ area don't talk that way, that accent has died out with the last few generations.

No. 1345612

lmao seeing this ham planet next to Eleanor really rams home how repugnant she is >>1345595
Isn’t that strong accent associated with ethnic communities? I’m not a burgerfag so pardon my ignorance

t. Someone who has watched the Sopranos too many times

No. 1345648

if by ethnic you mean italian?

No. 1345707

Do you have screenshots or a clip of this?

No. 1345708

No. 1345723

You can be fat while having slim ankles

Source: me

No. 1345731

the kids are back and school and only the bravest or most socially adept already popular kids dressing up like that will do it in real life public school

given the ramones I'm going to go ahead and say it's some awful techwear that comes ripped

he's chonk until proven otherwise not hamplant but very much not in the ballpark of skinny

No. 1345742

I wouldn't be surprised if all his fame tanks because those same kids don't need the parasocial relationship he created with them in lockdown, and that's the start of what were seeing hence the 'matching bestie' tat to try to stir up something, since he seems to have given up producing content that risks leak/face reveal questions

No. 1345756

File: 1634033858737.jpeg (39.22 KB, 678x452, yesthiswasinGQ.jpeg)

Most men's fat distribution is apple shaped, so they'd need to get to deathfat level before having noticeable fat ankles. A man could easily be obese and you could barely tell by his calves/forearms, it all goes to belly, chest and face.

We finally found that eerily accurate fanart of Corpse lmao, we knew it was out there!

No. 1345949

Holy shit was this intentional? It's spot-on

No. 1346054

It’s very intentional, it’s a low effort cosplay.

No. 1346067

So the male version of iron mouse(My medical expenses are 12k a week! uwu)? Gross.

No. 1346081

File: 1634089997248.jpeg (100.06 KB, 828x423, E31EAC00-D8ED-4BDD-9D0E-6EB7DD…)

The audacity to say that other people are “stinky” when you’re so obese you can’t wipe your ass properly and therefore probably reek of literal shit combined with stale BO, cat piss and rancid beef drippings

No. 1346157

we seriously need a thread dedicated to this blobfish bitch

No. 1346199

The only thing stinky is the rancid fromunda cheese this grotesque bitch has hiding in her fupa folds. Can’t imagine that smell.

No. 1346212

Definitely, she’s been milky for years. Seems like she completely changes her friend group and style every few years.

No. 1346213

I was thinking that too, there is one from a few years ago but it only has a handful of posts in it, most of which are white knights >>>/snow/254884
I know right, I swear every picture of her can be smelled through the screen

No. 1346259

the best move now would be for him to own up to those photos, start exercising and lifting, and reveal the progress on his twitter. use some filters, get some more edgy tats and piercings, and he might be relevant again, also using the face cutting controversy to harness more fame.

No. 1346377

That FUCKING bitch makes me want to literally end myself I’ve never known such misfortune in my LIFE before I came across a clip of her on YouTube, she’s probably massive as well(sage)

No. 1346413

Those moves could work… if his fans still cared. kek
The leg tattoo reveal didn't even trend on twitter.

No. 1347246

lol sad

No. 1347872

File: 1634259159223.jpg (402.54 KB, 960x960, CorpusMencia.jpg)

I crave new milk

No. 1347903

Sage for nitpicking or whatever
I actually live with a guy who looks scarily like CH (his real face obv) and he gets so much pussy (probably cos he’s tall) I reckon CH could easily come back from this with (aforementioned) surgery and fillers and a sad boy emo closet makeover(learn2sage)

No. 1347919

File: 1634264446099.gif (131.17 KB, 500x375, mirror.gif)

Honestly, he doesn't even need any of that. As long as he isn't monstrously fat, his stans will probably continue to see his animesona. It's like reverse-body dysmorphia.

Some fans will of course be disappointed and lose interest when his face is revealed. But if they were willing to put up with his general cringiness and hole-filled excuses before, finding out he's a 3/10 isn't gonna change much.

No. 1347924

This made me ugly snort-laugh so hard the entire neighbourhood heard me, outstanding work anon

No. 1347934

File: 1634265758036.gif (296.09 KB, 220x128, laughing-hysterically-dying.gi…)

the fucking nail polish and eyeliner klmaaaoo

No. 1348022

i gotta hand it to him i've been keeping tabs on this thread expecting a delicious meltdown but it's been two weeks of cope strangely keeping it together

No. 1348084

If he had an ounce of brain in him, or had some form of actual stage management controlling him I could see him coming back in maybe another week claiming he was in hospital or finally going to the doctors and the "support from the fans about the leak helped him through his horrible crippling anxiety" and then come back with a reveal of his now botched face after getting plastic surgery and fillers to attempt to fix himself and a shiny diagnosis on hospital letterhead with every munchie disease he wants

No. 1348626

>The leg tattoo reveal didn't even trend on twitter.

Thank God. People swooning over a glimpse of ankle like it's the 1800s is fucking ridiculous.

No. 1348664

tbh he should honestly just consider a body double at this point kek

No. 1348718

he'd need to find someone with the voice tho

No. 1348729

its obvious hes already pitching his own voice, he could just do the same for his stand in lmaooo

No. 1348896

I agree, but his stans used to lose their shit about anything pertaining to Corpe. The absolute radio silence after the dox is just funny.
I wonder how those stans with a CH tattoo (his YT icon or a strand of his hair) feel now…
Didn't he use a double for that interview with Padilla?

No. 1348901

File: 1634393739072.jpeg (200.15 KB, 828x1504, 4BC474EB-0EE5-4158-B6F9-C630D3…)

I stumbled upon this Instagram today. He has the same deep burpy voice as CH but posts also his hands all the time?

No. 1348923

Lol great find nonna, he must be a Corpse fan. I looked at his tiktok, and the voice changer glitches out at the end:

No. 1349074

File: 1634409024851.jpg (303.13 KB, 1080x2049, noselfrespect1.jpg)

Loey at it again…Its pretty funny that even her own audience realizes how bad she's simping for him tho.

No. 1349338

this shit is so weiiiird baiting thirsty 14 year olds for what?

extra gross cause this type of stuff on tumblr absolutely worked on me seeing it as an adult is so weird like that's a grown ass man at least on tumblr it was other teens

No. 1349378

Same, anon.
Corpse is the Belle Delphine for wannabe e-boys.

No. 1349394

pls, PLS can an anon make a thread for her.
i can see her only posting this hoping corpse would reply

No. 1349424

>friendship with a man
what friendship lmao
he cut her off months ago

No. 1349632

I’m willing to bet she commented that on a sock puppet account just so she could post that. I would actually put money on it

No. 1349719

I just had a thought: If this guy is not corpse don't you guys think he would have cleared this up by now? This has blown up, people have his name, wouldn't you or your friends talk about it and try to clean things up? This and corpse not saying anything is a big red flag…Sage for tinfoil

No. 1350021

probably not because there is many, many corpse skinwalkers, and why would corpse give someone trying to be him the clout?

No. 1350677

I'm not talking about the hand guy, I'm talking about the quasimodo looking fuck

No. 1350772

LMAO my bad, yeah it is a bit strange but i dont think he ever came out abt the other photos that were ever leaked so its hard to say. tbh i think us farmers were a bit too late to figure it out, the corpse trend has pretty much burnt out completely and no one really cares about him anymore.
but im sure it caused some havoc within his personal life and people who DO know him kek

No. 1350786

I have to give it to him, he knows how to work social media. His first post back was a video of Tina and the last time he posted a video of her, he talked for weeks about how good the numbers were on it. What confuses me is just a couple days ago she talked about how they are strictly just friends, that he knows she isn't flirting with him etc, and now he seems to be baiting the shippers.

No. 1350799


https://twitter.com/corpseyhands/status/1447441528755048451(this is an imageboard. post screencaps)

No. 1350913

I don’t know if this is even gossip worthy but I thought it was funny. I was looking at milkgore’s Instagram and I saw he deleted his comment “Jesus fucking Christ” on one of her pictures. Kind of odd. I remember it being there because there were a lot of comments under it. He also called her an awful person on a Minecrafters video today. Wonder what’s the deal with that…

No. 1350972

File: 1634626202385.jpg (432.44 KB, 1080x1610, r.jpg)

Not sure if this was mentioned before, but she decided to "go on break" when corpse got doxxed. She was probably embarrassed to find out that the guy she had been publicly thirsting over for so long looks like that. Hopefully she's rethinking her life goals and priorities rn. I know I'd be mortified.

No. 1350981

Clip of him saying that about her? This is pretty interesting, but we need the evidence to back it up.

No. 1351091

Tommyinnit and his friend were asking about advice for girls and said that corpse is an expert cuz all his covers are of girls and he would’ve had to text them to ask them to be on the cover and he said they are all awful people jokingly

No. 1351095


No. 1351183

im more surprised she didnt milk the corpse clout for longer kek

No. 1351331

They're in bed together in this clip btw Not many people noticed

No. 1351374

File: 1634673028953.jpeg (265.43 KB, 1169x1796, DE5610F1-20AD-4657-A675-66D3E3…)

Not milk but I love a cow crossover. Nice to see fake Japanese/Korean/Chinese Ahri Seo AKA Skyleigh Quick is successfully clout chasing off our very own corpulent husband, although she’s a little late to the party.
Thread here if anyone’s bored

No. 1351405

are they still claiming to be "best friends" at this point? I mean c'mon, giggling, wearing his necklace in his bed. She's dated much uglier guys for clout before, would not put it past this girl.

No. 1352053

is it just me, or literally all of CH's streamer "friends" suddenly started talking about meeting him IRL and saying how he looks "just like the arts of him" (rae) or "looks just the same" (tina) or he is "handsome" (some other fag i don't remember the name of). also in this clip tina endorses the uwu gay fantasy for corpse and sykkuno shippers

No. 1352075

why does the art look just like Sykkuno there in that thumbnail?

No. 1352091

I haven’t heard about her in years, is she still lying and pretending to be asian? She obviously wants Corpse to use her photo for his album cover, too bad for her he doesn’t use pics from uggo e girls

No. 1352112

File: 1634752444849.jpeg (354.33 KB, 3464x1939, A3816489-B7C0-4EEB-BD34-A07E6D…)

Giving me opening of amateur porno vibes. He’s dating her or making it seem like he is because he knows it rakes in the views. He obviously understands his fans are going to freak out over a giggling woman laying in his bed.

No. 1352139

Now that you mentioned it… yeah, it's a thing now.
Associating with CH and his fanbase is easy money. Just smile and nod, pretend the dox isn't real (until a stan bumps into Fat Tony on the streets and takes a pic/video) and enable some of their fantasies. Very low maintenance.
It's more to make his stans freak out. That video could've been shot with anybody, elsewhere and she only sent it to him.

No. 1352467

That's his bed. He posted an ig story a few days before and it looks the same.

No. 1352512

She is actually retarded, holy fuck. But yes, all his friends making a point of saying “uwu he looks just like his animu fan art uwu!!11!!!!1!!” is suspicious as fuck

No. 1352524

I'm not a frequent visitor to this thread because I don't care about corpse other than this hilarious leak but this stuff about GERD isn't true.

I have GERD and have had to go to the hospital before over an ulcer, but it has no effect on you're ability to exercise. I was super fit for a few years and then got lazy so now I'm fat.. but if anything my GERD was better when I was fit because stress makes it worse (and exercise is the best way to relieve that). I don't recall having any issues with it then outside of having to wait a bit longer to exercise after eating (but who works out right after eating anyway?). Avoiding trigger food doesn't make you too thin either - I'm a US size ten and avoid all trigger food but am still fat… GERD isn't some crazy life threatening illness if you're not an idiot.

No. 1352533

Why would you not sage this?

No. 1353133

Pretty messed up how he’s only giving the really pretty girls the time of the day, when he himself is having so many self esteem issues and people criticizing him about his appearance. -> his cover girls or Tina vs. Loey for example. You‘d think he’d know better and not be so shallow.(learn2sage)

No. 1353139

He also mentioned the necklace in hasanabi‘s stream. First he asked if Tina was still with him and then he „I need to know what you think of Tina’s necklace“. Corpse honestly seems weirdly possessive about Tina. Makes sense, since she seems to be the prettiest in the group and he seems very shallow, like I said earlier.

No. 1353141

Scrotes will never ever do the courtesy of being decent to women unless they have sexual value to them At the same time, scrotes expect women to dote on them and worship them for just existing. They are not self aware creatures, not because they are incapable but because they are unwilling to see women as humans worthy of respect. Even the ugly ones.

Sage your shit.

No. 1353151

File: 1634845665505.jpg (92.1 KB, 750x790, DsRNuqiVAAEPwnT.jpg)

I know we've confirmed CorpulentHusband is rancid but does anyone else think TinaKitten isn't particularly great looking either? She looks very similar to Lee Chaeyeon from IZONE who gets a lot of hate in Korea for being ugly.

No. 1353170

She might not be kpop idol pretty but she clears normal girl pretty anyday. Koreans are too picky with celebrities

No. 1353180

Korean beauty standards are insane, anyone trying to use it as a metric is delusional. Chaeyeon and Tina are good looking. They're not ~omg stunning~, but they're not remotely ugly either.

No. 1353204

wym she got a squidward nose

No. 1353208

This doesn't look too bad when you skim past, but if you actually look at her features they are quite ugly and if you imagine what she looks like without professional lighting, editing and make-up… she's probably pretty hideous.

No. 1353236

she looks okay
like, you would never notice her as either pretty or ugly, just okay

No. 1353290

The Tinakitten girl and that kpop girl look nothing alike to me. I know you want to shit on her because of corpse, but this one is pushing it.(sage)

No. 1353293

found the incel knetizen

No. 1353326

you are a total weirdo, both of them are pretty but they also look nothing alike. imo tina is even more conventionally pretty. back to kiwifarms, faggot.

No. 1353623

I mean she's definitely not ugly and is good looking with makeup but you can find egirls on tiktok that look way better in two seconds. She's just got a large following.

No. 1353632

Idk who this is but she’s not ugly and she looks nothing like Tina. Only moids are this face-blind. Nice try though.

No. 1353655

Lee has a nose that doesn't conform to Korean beauty standard. Tina looks prettier than Lee tho

No. 1353791

she’s too pretty for anthony that’s all i’m goona say lol(sage your shit)

No. 1353855

I'm confused because I always thought she was secretly dating Karl. I watched a bit of them last night on her stream and she either really loves him as a friend or there is something else there. She was so happy talking to him.

No. 1354302

She flew to New York with Karl one week after dumping her boyfriend. Her boyfriend was the one who introduced her to all of the OTV people and got her started with streaming. She dumped him after she leeched off enough to be able to stream alone. Pretty cold

No. 1354340

This is actually quite based.

No. 1354498

What a girlboss. Good for her!

No. 1354545

Her bf approached her while she was still underage back in 2015 on twitter. They were friends for a few years and then started dating once she reached 19. On top of that, he was 7 years older than her. He's an ugly and insecure dude so he probably couldn't deal with the fact that she got close with some other popular male streamers. She wasted years of her life and dated this creep until she was almost 23. No fr, good for her.(derailing)

No. 1354556


this is pretty based of her. Scrotes are stepping stones

No. 1354576

funny thing is she actually seemed to like him and put more effort into the relationship while he was using her as a trophy girlfriend just to show off to other people online. He constantly tweeted about her saying how he couldn't believe she was his girl. These kinds of men are disgusting garbage and deserve being used.

No. 1354860


True and true. All these things men have done to us before. I don't follow or know her but good for her for building her career.

No. 1354863

Can you bitches learn to sage please

No. 1354913

File: 1635095487611.jpg (55.53 KB, 914x303, hot bois.jpg)

it is what it is

No. 1355497

No. 1357348

the fact almost everyone is using the fake fat shooped version of his photo never fails to SEND ME LMFAO

No. 1357727

Shopped? It's a photo from his parkour days posted on the guy's website/linkedin

No. 1357731

Kek this
Is the original. The pic that keeps getting shared is a farmer edit

No. 1357891

sage, and its an edited version. the pic the anon above listed is the original version where his face is a lot slimmer, but the photo that circulated on twitter and other outlets is the fat edited version.

No. 1357927

Is this fat fuck really just going to ignore the dox it’s been a month

No. 1358109

oops, my bad(learn2sage)

No. 1358157

he probably doesn't care since he still has fangirls

No. 1358208

Learn to sage newfag

No. 1358417

tbh it was the best thing for him to do. acknowledging it just brings it more attention… corpse has an IQ of at least 90 and knew that no one would care about some unconfirmed doxxing on an imageboard unless he inadvertently comfirmed it.

No. 1358429

it just pisses me off because the world deserves to know abt this kek.
we seriously were just 6 months late on the doxx, he fell off before we figured it out and now no one cares because hes bordering irrelevant now.

No. 1358610

File: 1635612569168.webm (873.06 KB, 2560x1440, 2660304-9f2cc8070589f74388e44c…)

She like the way I look at her, she like that I am hard to please
I cannot fuckin' help it bro, these cat girls always fall for me
They all try to fix me, uh
Fuckin' switch up, like a blade on me, uh
Got her handcuffed, put chains on me, bitch
I don't give a fuck, do not try to change me

No. 1358611

what a fucking twink

No. 1358616

No. 1358746

>Literal mouthbreather

No. 1358757

kek the farmer edit of his face was accidentally accurate

No. 1358814

I can't imagine how bad he looks now with the weight gain. His face is all cheeks, no chin.

No. 1362952

File: 1636205271718.png (27.17 KB, 741x293, twtr.png)

She is not a woman. She is a special little snowflake

No. 1362955

Yeah great way to deal with misogyny 10/10 gurl. Just like every transman lesbian:
>You hate women? Rather than address the problem I will disclaim being a woman

No. 1362957

oof. those slumped, small shoulders are so unattractive. Do some push ups

No. 1362983

Maybe he's pretending to be hood but Temecula is a shithole.

No. 1362990

File: 1636211881228.png (17.31 KB, 597x231, emma.png)

She hasn't drank the gender koolaid it seems. I wouldn't be surprised since she calls herself an ace lesbian(a contradiction) so she might just be collecting identities.

No. 1362995

File: 1636212219514.gif (2.7 MB, 218x218, tenor (1).gif)

>A bit more slimming down and he could actually be kinda cute in that boy next door kind of way.
gay(sage your shit)

No. 1365391

File: 1636488768321.jpg (615.51 KB, 971x2342, kiwitard.jpg)

Not sure if I believe it, but this was posted on kiwifarms yesterday.
I'm really hoping its true tho. Then his fake stories would really be coming true, people actually following him around lmao.

No. 1365403

I'm actually speechless. the autism of kiwis knows no bounds

No. 1365411

What do they even hope to accomplish

No. 1365417

Nothing, they literally do it for the lulz and internet brownie points. Autism is a beautiful thing.

No. 1365420

This is glorious, but I'm worried that anon has posted about it too early. Tony will probably hear of this now and warn his family.

No. 1365425

If anything I wanna see a recent picture.

No. 1365500

Warn his family about what? What are you hoping happens to his family anon?

No. 1365507

Nta but he would probably warn his family about the people stalking them? And then they would even delete all of their accounts and such.
I don’t really care about what could happen to his family tbh, I just want to know what he looks like nowadays so the whole corpse husband face mysterious case can get closed already.

No. 1365530


This just reads as performance and ingenuine autism. There is indeed a private investigator in Laguna Beach by the name of Eric Golz, however. His website appears to be down, but his linkedin says he's still in business.

No. 1365531

I don't think anyone wants anything to happen to his family, I don't think anyone cares that much lol.

I hope he tells his family tho lol, just one more reason for them to dislike him. He got them doxxed and stalked by a private investigator. All because he wanted to act edgy online. Good job Anthony

No. 1365532

File: 1636499209793.png (24.17 KB, 420x454, Capture.PNG)

Doublepost, not sure why the image didn't attach but

No. 1365821

File: 1636524122402.jpeg (561.08 KB, 1125x1157, 6988AB3C-6283-492C-8425-66FA5D…)

Probs fake and therefore even more autistic

No. 1365897

i hope its fake lol. as much as i would LOVE to see obese newday corpse, this is a bit much. who spends their money on a pi for random internet personas they hate? embarrassing
i am still waiting for a deranged stan to track him down, i mean farmers have made it easy.

No. 1366654

Hey corpse, how's your day going?(hi cow)

No. 1367815

File: 1636751739263.jpeg (237.65 KB, 420x722, C5B1C245-F109-445A-A9D3-D0D470…)

This was featured on my Snapchat discover page.

Just pretends his face wasn’t leaked, going over his health issues, and when he was attacked randomly “in the middle of nowhere” last year. Thought he was crawling on the floor to get groceries back then?
Says he admits that his face will get leaked against his own will, and footage is a compilation of music videos, AP interviews, and his hand/outfit/whatever pics.

No. 1368282

"tragic" pls lol. why does this feel so pathetic, but suits him well? his whole existence is tragic

No. 1370439

>pretty privilege

I'll take "Bullshit" for $500, Alex(No1curr)

No. 1370956

I love how he simply ignored the over dramatic face reveal and people don’t give that much of a shit anymore about it. See, that’s how you do it!

No. 1370995

At first I agreed, but the more I think about it, he's gonna kill his career this way.

He's laying low, not addressing anything and he even decided to not release his new music last month either. He's effectively keeping himself out of the spotlight, but as much as its helping him its hurting him too. If this continues eventually he'll just waste away on his friend's Twitch streams until he becomes totally irrelevant.

It's been what, around two months since the dox? He's already lost a lot of his initial popularity by not capitalizing on it at the right time and by not putting out content. When was the last time he trended on Twitter? He used to trend all the time, but I haven't seen anything big since the dox.

Is it even possible for him to make a comeback anymore? His last song flopped, and this was before everyone knew he was ugly. How is he gonna release yet another song about how much he gets laid when he looks like a whoville sex offender?? I dunno, this is starting to feel like the beginning of the end for him.

No. 1371004

Wasn't he already losing relevancy before the dox?

No. 1371042

Yes. He was on his way down either way, but I think with how he's handling the situation it's only going to speed up his downfall.

No. 1371081

What do you think he should do now to save his tanking career? If he released something new and spoken about the doxx, he'd MAYBE make the news and get attention for additional few seconds, but at the same time he'd have to either deny that doxx was real (which would only make people to do more research to prove he lied) or confirm (which he'll never do bc he'd be burning from shame).
Imo if he was smart, he'd be spending that radio silence time on losing weight at least (and buying Buffalo 12cm platform shoes or something) but idk if it helped the situation anyhow

No. 1371097

I agree he should be spending the down time working out, getting himself together. Maybe this is too cruel, but if he wants to continue with this whole "sexy emo boy" persona, he's gonna have to do something about that face. I think someone has said this before, but if I was him I would be getting cosmetic procedures and then do some sort of big face reveal.

If I'm being honest, I don't even think that would work. The problem isn't necessarily his looks, his personality isn't attractive either. He's not charming, he's not charismatic, he's not funny…he just has a deep voice. Think about it, if he had some high nasally voice would he have a following at all?

No. 1371711

He's been hanging out with a bunch of people all over the place so I don't think he cares tbh. Dude even met up and lent a popular minecraft? kid named Tubbo his clothes a few days ago. So while he isn't addressing the doxx, he has been rather active…

As for his popularity, there's no saving it. Though, I feel like that has more to do with Among Us' drop in popularity, and him not streaming than the doxx itself. His mistake is thinking he can do well with his music alone and even outright said he doesn't want to be partnered with twitch or be a streamer.

No. 1371948

Not milky but he did upload a new video two days ago (and tweeted about it on his side twitter). Not surprised its barely gotten any attention as he quickly fades into obscurity.

No. 1372119

Another new video, this time on his main channel. It’s a video of him playing Crab Game with Rae, Sykkuno, and some others.

No. 1372164

Any publicity is good publicity; the moron didn't milk the spike of media attention from the dox and now he's back to his pre-amongus recognition. Ignoring the situation was probably the worst thing he could've done for his career.

No. 1372635

fr he could have done some clickbait "face reveal" video for some cash, or released his music while everyone was paying attention to him. Now there's no new milk and the thread is as dead as his career lol

No. 1372814

Even though this thread has taken after its corpulent forefront manlet, let us take a moment to appreciate the fact that every person farmers suspected to be Corpse was 1000 times more attractive than him. That's the perfect ending.

No. 1374222

File: 1637642134100.jpg (500.86 KB, 2160x3840, dryassmilk.jpg)

Not really milk, but he re-uploaded an old video for whatever reason? He hasn't uploaded to that channel for months until this week, and now he's reuploading old videos. I wonder if he's going broke.

old video was privated https://www.reddit.com/r/CorpseHusband/comments/p81lic/choking_my_friends_corpse_new_gaming_clip/

reupload https://youtu.be/oVF_i5Jnn-8

No. 1375198

File: 1637765739035.png (149.74 KB, 1033x820, sb.png)

Socialblade says he lost subs after he uploaded.

No. 1376030

File: 1637897437329.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1184x1509, 6AF57852-B261-4613-B6A4-7FF4FB…)

Fucking weird. They’re both cringe. Emma isn’t even that pretty tbh

No. 1377400

Really fucking cringey. Also, am I the only one who gets Shuwu vibes from Emma?

No. 1378183

I don't understand how he thinks he can keep his fanbase. For someone terrified of losing it he never streams, rarely tweets, and the only times people ever hear of him is when he's in the background of his friends streams. All he does is release music then drop off the face of the planet, but even that's been dry since the leak. One of these days he's going to wake up with all of his fans gone and wonder what happened while simultaneously avoiding that he was the problem.

No. 1378704

I'm curious, is this the first time being ugly has killed someone's online career? I'm trying to think of another example, but I don't know of anyone who fell off this hard after their face was shown. (on purpose or not)

No. 1379249

yandere dev and leafyishere come to mind, although the reveals themselves didn't shut them down immediately like it did CH. He needs to do damage control already, a lot of his fans would eat it up anyways

No. 1385998

File: 1638750540380.jpg (389.12 KB, 2880x2880, yawn.jpg)

he posted this to his story today.
>doesn't post for weeks
>stream my shitty song I released last year

no one cares about your 1 hit wonder fat boy

No. 1387677

File: 1638923414387.png (387.54 KB, 597x900, Untitled.png)

No. 1387760


Context anon? If this is him then he's fucking cute after all, sorry yall

No. 1387771

File: 1638930653282.jpeg (59.65 KB, 827x841, BD97BAAA-33E1-4C91-98E6-36BCF7…)

Lmao please seek help. What the fuck are those eyes

No. 1387772

NTA but that's Karl Jacobs on the right. Corpse is on the left.

No. 1387862

Emma is pretty but so annoying, only a pickme would hang out and enable a fat pubehead

No. 1387897

cute? his face is literally melting

No. 1387919

nta but Its an alight race, wouldn't call it cute but its "eh" not particularly ugly or good looking

No. 1387922

File: 1638956718052.jpg (204.89 KB, 418x438, 3Pwzdb7.jpg)

No. 1388270

File: 1638996102829.jpeg (409.33 KB, 819x1436, FFC5573A-2F63-4A66-9EA9-3D5184…)

No. 1388299

Nah, Leafy still had a strong fanbase. He only fell off due to the drama. Idk about yanderedev though, but nobody was his fan because they imagined he was a dreamy husbando. Now he is just a meme more than anything. Correct me if I'm wrong

No. 1388358

this is after he repeatively begged his fans to stream the song as much as they can for months

No. 1388898

Fatal alcohol syndrome looking ass

No. 1388899

Samefag his hair looks disgusting and greasy what the fuck

No. 1389069

No. 1392676

File: 1639495143658.png (480.94 KB, 746x1482, corpse.png)

>we hit 200M you guise
>here's a 2 second clip of my greasy hair
Seriously, what does this guy even do anymore? Updates from his Twitter, apparently actress Kim Rhodes used his song in one of her Tiktok videos or sth. Imagine being in your 50s and liking a song that includes lyrics such as 'real bad bitch, pussy bald like Saitama'.

No. 1392737

Kim Rhodes is autistic, no surprise she’s drawn to Corpsetard

No. 1392791

File: 1639503999286.gif (947.94 KB, 245x184, 31fe4f7afee9721d26393bd4137278…)

>zack and codys mom is a corpse stan

No. 1392796


Did not know zac and Cody's mom was a tard. Lolcow does teach you things

No. 1393245

Sage for kinda OT but who even is she and what does she do/what content does she make? I looked her up and apparently she's huge on Twitch for what looks to be only Just Chatting streams but I've never even heard her name disconnected from Corpse or the Brooklyn Blood Pop song.

No. 1393305

File: 1639571415933.jpeg (470.58 KB, 828x1165, 38AD5CC7-50D8-4054-8426-C32C54…)

If only there were a website where you could type things in and find out information about any topic…. open up, here comes the choo choo train.

No. 1393313

She's talking about Emma

No. 1393336

Kek that’s so embarrassing for me, what a smug ass bitch I really thought I went off

No. 1393346

For a moment I also thought it was about Kim Rhodes and wondered what horrible timeline I had entered.

No. 1393710

lmao no hard feelings, it happens!

No. 1393777

wow the best thing that's happened to him since the dox. someone's mom likes his song. cool Anthony. pls he's so boring now, I cant anymore lol

No. 1398718

I swear he can’t even sing or rap with a decent flow. My 16 yr old niece can write better music than he does and she can sing and rap way better and she’s getting better at it while this troon isn’t trying one bit.(ok)

No. 1398724

No one cares about your retarded niece namefag

No. 1398743

this post is very, "how do you do, fellow kids?"

No. 1399909

no you got it, she's known for being connected to corpse. And is she actually huge on twitch?? Its crazy how far you can get just for being pretty and a leech

No. 1400521

File: 1640312396614.webm (268.01 KB, 632x1280, uglyboyinstastory.webm)

he gave us a shoutout on his instagram story kek

No. 1400524

File: 1640312575200.jpg (551.8 KB, 1080x2105, flopstar.jpg)

also from his story. he's totally in the studio you guys

No. 1400591

File: 1640319375142.gif (1.56 MB, 640x272, FQh3fAD.gif)

Happy Holidays, Fat Tony!
Remember to not stuff your face too much, otherwise your remaining fangirls won't stick around for your mic burping sessions when they only see an obese man's forearm. kek

No. 1402254

mamamax name dropped corpse his latest video, the milk is minor but it's something

No. 1402283

Damn, big if true. And I would assume it is since Max has nothing to gain but hate from stans by bringing this up.

No. 1402312

What video is he talking about the one where corpse says dyke or the retarded one ?

No. 1402324

lmao did fatty steal this guy's fake deep voice schtick or the other way around?

No. 1402350

>inb4 fans excuse narcissism and complete lack of empathy

No. 1402423

Seems like corpse stole it from him tbh. Max even looks more like his stupid avatar than he does.

No. 1402490

Max was recently brought up in YouTube general because an ex said he was a narc. That being said, I have mixed feelings about what he's doing here. Max has a bit of a head on him when it comes to what he does. It's a good thing that he's biting back at YouTube for consistently failing to protect its creators from people taking advantage of TOS.

However, this corpse thing is very calculated. Max has thrown a backhand at corpse by exposing him for being a dick. Now, the two options corpse can take directly benefit Max. Either corpse plays along, apologises, and helps Max using his massive influence, or he ignores Max which would give him the opportunity to launch a hate campaign framing corpse as a pedophile apologist and as someone who uses their friends. This is actually a very clever idea. He's essentially cornered corpse.

(Also, bare in mind that corpse is famous because he thirst traps underage egirls. That is excellent ammunition for someone like Max who goes after adults who prey on kids)

No. 1403042

Very calculated, but I don't really think there's anything wrong with it. Corpse messed up and, instead of reacting emotionally, dude just knew how to play his cards. Kudos to him tbh

No. 1403489

Ayrt. Nah, there's nothing wrong with it, I actually think that was a fantastic choice. If YouTubers were smart they would do what Max did and hold that kind of "this guy bad" expose content for when they need to do something like this.

Anyway, Corpse hasn't said anything, a the only big YouTubers that have responded are Muta admitting that Max is unprofessional and Kavos calling him cringe

No. 1403927

I don’t know if it’s the voice thing but this is almost too cringe to take seriously. The video call out because the dude took down a video that was getting hate and didn’t get an instant friendship out of it, I just don’t get it. Besides, if he cared that much about staying at his sick girlfriend’s bedside, why would he leave her at the hospital just to gain favor with chonk husband? He should have just told him it was gonna have to wait until he got home. Maybe I’m missing something because I do not see where the impressive, calculated exposé narrative is coming from.

No. 1403947

It doesn't seem like Max left his gf at the hospital, if you read the discord messages he tells Corpse that they're checking out and will be home in a few hours. Also it seems like they were already friends and Corpse probably dropped their friendship as soon as he started getting more famous, and Max resented that. I agree the voice thing is cringe and hard to take seriously but teens probably like it and that's who he's trying to reach with his videos about internet grooming so I think it's not really meant to appeal to me.

No. 1404102

my bad, sounds like I had an esl moment and misunderstood the screenshots lol

No. 1410765

Has Corpse gotten irrelevant already?(necro)

No. 1410780

Oh what about that Dream guy? For some reason he had a fanbase that imagined him as a cute softboi and then photos leaked of him as a fat kid

No. 1411190

Honestly my biggest lolcow disappointment of 2021, i expected his faceleak to atleast become a thing but seems like literally no one cared.

No. 1412266

His fans couldn’t cope that he was actually that ugly so they said it was fake enough times that the internet believed them. That’s probably why he’s so quiet lately, that’s gotta be a massive blow to his self esteem.

No. 1414300

It was pretty disappointing to have it brushed under the rug, however just knowing he's as ugly as I thought he was is enough for me. Plus its got to be crippling for him, seeing as he's still in hiding. He's nothing more than a voice and he knows it now too.

No. 1422233

Looks like corpse is going the same way, just a voice. And though his voice was his selling point people have gotten used to it. Sure his mentally ill hormonal she/they fans liked his horny songs about them but they all sound same-y, and they liked the allure of a mysterious animu husbando but he's confirmed ugly. Also among us isn't trendy anymore. His 5 mins of fame are up kek.

No. 1436843

Corpse is going to be a voice actor for Tribe Nine, he will be the voice of Ojiro Otori if anyone knows about that anime. It airs on Funimation.

Definitely no real acting gigs with his face showing though, we all know why.

No. 1436926

idgaf about this faggot at all but that thread pic is legendary, i knew he was some doughy little nerd

No. 1437552

i don't think the anime nerds are gonna like this. the chicks, maybe, but the dudes are gonna hate this. i hope it brings a new wave of autistic weebs to his platforms.

also, kinda sucks some fallen off youtuber got this role instead of ya know a professional voice actor, who has trained for years and could actually do a decent job.

No. 1438187

having to listen to the dollar store version of the burger king foot lettuce guy is exactly what the weebs deserve

No. 1439633

So now he's going to start doing anime. Get ready for this thread to blow up again.(namefag)

No. 1439643

You don’t have to put your name or email in the boxes. Ah yes because corpse just has so much “range” with his voice kek. Nobody watches dubs anyways.

No. 1456400

Sorry for necro Corpse and Sykunno showed up in a Friday the 13th collab with virtual streamers, including Ironmouse who actually has a condition. How is the doughy scammer still relevant?

No. 1466104

LMAO, Daywalker is a term used to
describe vampires.. he wasn't specific in his music video. Gingers get bullied a lot for being called Daywalker Ginger genes come from Asia not ireland.. ya boys a scared little ed sheeran racist anxiety fan.. LMAO.. they probably never met a real albino in there life since red heads are type 3 albinos LMAO …(autism)

No. 1466105

File: 1647164542550.png (15.76 KB, 638x127, 13.png)

LMAO Ya gotta ask them what a daywalker is … watch him choke on his own words and get anxious from not being able to see himself

No. 1466106

A half mexican and half irish man
thinks they can say "Daywalker"
Ya'll better know at least know how to say the N-word.. irish doesn't give you the N-word pass … LMAO

No. 1466107

Some chinese hate my lofty Tibetan monk and daywalker LMAO Dalai Lama still love you and BTS, ed sheeran and Conan O'Brien would never maybe fake it to feel less depressed from the shit LMAO

No. 1466109

George Floyd still Loves you

No. 1466110

Must be weird with black face being illegal but dye-ing hair color not.. LMAO you have to ask if randall is real

No. 1466206

What in the name of autism.

No. 1466393

Shut up newfag

No. 1466546

corpse is fat and i would not have sex with him.

No. 1466598

Go take your meds and gtfo this site you namefagging retard

No. 1468370

I'm actually confused… Crops is dating Tinakitten or he's using her for content?(sage)

No. 1468383

Looks like he likes her but she, being a girl boss, holds him on a distance. At least how I see it.(sage your shit)

No. 1468435

Total tinfoil but I think him taking on more public work like this means we might get our anachan + plastic surgery face reveal after all. Unless Funimation lets their VOs record from home which seems unlikely because it's his first acting gig so he probably needs in studio guidance.

No. 1468468

File: 1647338197735.jpg (545.13 KB, 1536x2048, FL_5_VUUUAMQ8rD.jpg)

They are not dating and Tina has been playing a lot lately with minecrafter foolish_gamers (although don't think they are dating either)

No. 1468890

insightful analysis

No. 1469366

yes, i have the vibes he really likes her, he's always watching her and saying weird things.(sage your shit)

No. 1469660

Nah, Corpse is to manipulative for Tina and anti-Semitic(sage)

No. 1469690


Wait, anti-Semitic?

No. 1469701

I am surprised he would choose a subject field like this.

No. 1469840

It's very obvious Corpse and Tina are nothing more than friends. Corpse always talks about how he doesn't date in front of Tina, and Tina flirts with other dudes all the time. Even her calling him "bestie" just gives off that gay bestfriend vibe instead of anything romantic since that term is generally used among women. Not sure why some of his fans or her fans think they are dating at all.

Also, he was hanging out on streams so much while she went to L.A earlier this month. If anything, shes probably dating Karl.(sage)

No. 1469882

Sage but he looks like a true epiphany of soylord megaredditor, yet better looking than CH for sure. No wonder she spends more time with better loking moid and seems low-key disgusted by CH. She saw him IRL and looks terrified when he flirts/jokes.

No. 1469948

type sage into the email field

No. 1469996

>soylord megaredditor
Kek nonnie, I'm stealing this

No. 1470676

After the pandemic hit, Funimation has been recording their dubs remotely and have been expanding their VA line up. A little while ago they boasted about how they casted people from like 11 countries or some shit in 2021. The ADR directors have been directing over call during recording sessions, so unless Corpse flew to Texas in the past month he likely recorded it from home and sent them the files

No. 1499350

File: 1649747848205.jpg (18.36 KB, 238x320, nightmarefuel.jpg)

A little bit of new milk.
He released a new song and it flopped.It charted at 154 (on Spotify lol) the day it released, then fell off.
On youtube his music used to get millions of views within a few days. Its been four days and it hasn't broke 1 mil yet.

More old videos of him have been found. He was definitely a fatty. I'm not sure if it's the quality of the video, but it looks like he had a double chin too.

No. 1499361

His music is truly fucking horrendous

No. 1499378

Linking the video. It's sitting at 793k views rn. He references dropping out in the 7th grade in the song and it also features this gem of a line
>Blew up for the thousandth time / Guess I'm always lucky, right?

No. 1499384

File: 1649751575932.jpg (1.75 MB, 3464x1949, retardcollage.jpg)

I haven't kept up on him, went to twitter to catch up. Seems like he hasn't improved at all. Still delusional.

His twitter harem of teenage girls are holding "streaming parties" to try and boost his music on the charts because no one else is listening to his shitty music.
(sorry for the messy collage, graphic design is not my passion)

No. 1499506

File: 1649769454656.jpeg (437.22 KB, 750x979, D2444247-BA67-40E5-AAAA-290C33…)

He posted this on twitter before but with the eyes censored over. It looks like he might have deleted the tweet with it now. Do you guys think this is him or a stand in?

No. 1499521

It could be his body, but the face is definitely edited to look like that avatar he uses

No. 1499662

File: 1649782932140.jpg (1.02 MB, 1080x2064, Screenshot_20220412-095615_Ins…)

just a rumor, but people are saying its a 3d model made to look like this @john_supnik guy. No clue who he is, but definitely what Anthony's fangirls wish he looked like kek.

tl;dr there's a stand-in because Anthony is ugly.

No. 1500218

there's no way that isn't a 3D model lmao.

No. 1500224

>Skip at least 3 songs an hour or the ~Spotify algorithm~ will think you're a bot
tf? Just never listen to trash and you never need to skip anything

No. 1500304

to my knowledge there aren't any owens boots that look like that so it makes more sense that it's a 3drendering or some knockoffs

No. 1500320

No. 1500338

It's 100% a 3d model

No. 1500339

The hair is just the same texture repeated over and over kek

No. 1500367

I misread your initial post and thought the John guy was a 3D animator making 3D models of Corpse and thought "wow, has science gone too far??" because shit looked hyper realistic but my dumbass took so long to realize that it's just this dude's actual photos kek.

He's definitely what Corpse wishes he looked like. When I still believed these were 3D models, I noticed the photo on the top row all the way to the right looks slightly reminiscent of Joji. Photo on the second row all the way to the left just vaguely reminds me of Lil Xan. Both people are what Corpse says people said he looked like. Well, at least Corpse has reference photos to show his plastic surgeon now kek

No. 1500379

learn to read, i said the ones in the photo/3drender do not exist, the link you provided links to the boots everyone knows and if you aren't blind you can see they aren't the same ones. ps learn to sage

No. 1500484

File: 1649869278920.jpg (1.66 MB, 3464x3464, retardcollage2.jpg)

exactly, even his own fans dont want to listen to it, they have to "take breaks" from listening to his garbage kek.
They're doing all of this to boost his numbers, and its not even helping lmao. Not charted & not trending like all the other times. His fanbase isn't what it used to be. They pretended the dox didn't matter, his looks didn't matter, but it does and now it shows. They were there to "support" a sexy emo boy, not Fat Tony.

No. 1500488

This sounds absolutely miserable. Also how is falsely inflating streams helpful? It just sets him up to not meet expectations again next time.

No. 1500501

it's not helpful at all. its the reason why the numbers on this song are so low. even with their "streaming parties" he can't match the inflated streams he used to get during the height of his popularity.

No. 1500555

Doesn't this shit make him feel embarrassed?

No. 1500564

Maybe a little because it's not happening organically, but the shame almost always gets hidden away by fame hungry losers who want the life on easy mode instead of a legitimate career built on hard work. Dork ass loser tbh.

No. 1501331

Nah, that's 100% a 3D model.

No. 1501459

His fans are being so open about what they're doing, they must know the song needs all the help it can get

No. 1503369

File: 1650156199557.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1242x1534, 123529C4-469B-4AF3-963B-CE31F8…)

Corpchella is trending on Twitter I thought this moid’s ten minutes of fame was over with

No. 1503434

It's just a photoshop.

No. 1503443

are you retarded? that looks nothing like Anthony, and you can barely see the "face" as it is. It's a 3d model photoshopped onto a picture lmao

No. 1503451

File: 1650162946196.jpg (937.88 KB, 3464x3464, sad.jpg)

so since his new song wasn't getting any recognition, his fans made this up for attention…why is everything about him so pathetic lol

No. 1503467

ngl this is really funny

No. 1610387

File: 1659974675391.png (171.19 KB, 537x306, Screenshot 2022-08-08 090447.p…)

twitter can go fuck right off with this bullshit.

No. 1610406

this isn't milk, no one cares about this faggot anymore

No. 1665572

After what happened to dream corpse is never doing a face reveal lmao

No. 1725416

I didn't know about this guy until just over a year after the doxx.
It's been fascinating reading though the history and how you lot found him on the old Snapchats.
Note his two latest songs are still struggling to get a million views.
His fans who 'loved him' have completely abandoned him.
I have never seen it happen so fast in YouTube history.
Just because he looks like Steven Universe in real life.
A lesson to everyone to just face reveal at the beginning of your career or at least body reveal on camera so people have low expectations.
Is the ex-girlfriend he broke up with in 2017 and he still bangs on about in the song 'Life Waster' KYOKOMUSIC? Does anybody still care? Probably not.

No. 1726527

it's just taken a little over two months to reach one million views for his latest song.
You guys have partly destroyed his music career lol
Oh well he has all the money to cry over.(sage while you're at it)

No. 1728284

Saged but retard above bumped the thread so I'll say I still think about the insane retards who got this faggots hair and audio squiggly thing tattooed on them. That's how crazy people were over him not even that long ago, and now not a single person gives a flying fuck

No. 1729084

yukoexereal/kyoko waters has deleted her music videos in the past few days. Only auto-generated YouTube playlists created on the 14th December 2022 exist. Her Instagram hasn't been updated since 20th February.
One of her songs interested me called fingerprints. It seems to be about an abusive relationship.
Her other songs are silly less then two minute nothings about childish shit,which are similar to Corpse.
The only interesting Corpse songs are about his ex girlfriend LARAIN/MISS YOU/LIFE WASTER.
People in this thread had theories about Corpse's previous relationship with his older girlfriend being abusive, him being violent.

No. 1729566

Samefag tinfoiling…
Watching livestreams when Anthony's Blue bloated Corpse shows up.. I wonder why people act a bit scared of him, he talks rudely to them and they don't say anything back.
And he must of had a very good glow up because Emma, TinaKitten and others have been sleeping with him.
Milkgore has gone from Norway to la a couple of times earlier this year. She posted pictures and video at his place.

No. 1737066

More tinfoiling…
Even on her official YouTube channel created back in 2020 Kyoko Waters has deleted the playlist with the song 'fingerprints'.

I thought I was barking up the wrong tree because I found she was in a relationship with someone else on Instagram in early 2017 when supposedly Corpse broke up with his girlfriend.

No. 1746353

On milkgore's alt Instagram which she has since made private, 9 January post of her crying and writing 'pussy from a girl who's never been loved properly'.

On loeybug alt twitter hoeybug post 9 January 'pussy game astronomical tbh they never forget'

Both having mental health crisis at the moment especially loey. It's pretty obvious that Corpse and TinaKitten are together so I'm tinfoiling that they both feel used after going to see him in March 2022 and not getting the happy ending like Tina seems to be getting.

No. 1748064

On 8th January Corpse Husband vods posted Foolish 2nd January livestream. At 1:27:00 Corpse sends a message to everyone but Tina's one has a picture. Maybe explicit.
Maybe Milkgore and Loey are in a bad state because of this.

No. 1761229

New song called 'under the weather'.
More abusive stuff about killing the ex then himself because he misses her.

No. 1761758

Y'all need to post some screenshots and drop some links. This is an imageboard.

No. 1762288

Nobody cares about this dude anymore. I don't want to risk doxxing myself for nothing.
I might add the screenshots, see how I feel.

No. 1883120

I wonder why emma doesnt follow corpse on instagram anymord(necro)

No. 1883122

The clout dried up the only reason she hung out with this retarded fatty was cause he was famous, a pretty girl like that has no interest in even being friends with him.

No. 1883157

Holy shit you guys think this is corpse? Nah. In one million years if you had to guess you would not guess who corpse is, dude. Corpse is definitely ugly though, and lying about pics.(slowpoke.png)

No. 1883197

Hi newfag! We don't think this is Corpse. We know Fat Tony is Corpse Husband. We also know his sister.

No. 1883302

Kek It’s already been proven and you’re a year too late

No. 1883583

i hate this faggot and im annoyed he was ever remotely popular. corpse husband represents this new shitty era of the internet where everything is fake over exaggerated and corporate. this fucking loser collaborated with actual U.S. politicians in office (AOC) because he “has a deep voice” which was always obviously faked and made shitty music and played among us, like wtf? CH and related people perfectly demonstrate clown world

No. 1883675

what is he doing now anyways. Surely there's no psycho fanbase anymore even? Who the fuck plays Among Us anymore
The funniest thing this drama is so old and it's been 2 fucking years since Fat Tony was outed. He could've safely used those years to lose fat, or get operation, whatever tf, and then do a reveal. No chance to do anything with his height, though.

No. 1883683

ntayrt but he somehow got a collab with Gloomy Bear and BMTH and another collab with some Soundcloud artists lol. Not sure what else he's been up to though.

No. 1883690

….my god…the fucking cringe…

No. 1883966

Oh wow! That's bad.

No. 1888237

Released on Tina's birthday. Probably not a coincidence.

No. 1897971

Guessing Milkgore and her twin have something to do with it too. She also unfollowed both of them and stopped liking their pictures in July/August(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1898073

Can we lock this thread already? There isn't gonna be any new milk for a while.

No. 1898498

Milk doesnt follow fat tony either it seems(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1899269

The lyric video was released on Tina's birthday. They made a big deal of it on her birthday stream.

No. 1899272

Milkgore and her twin went to meet Corpse in 2022 to fuck but Emma and a few other girls were there as well.

No. 1899277

I wonder why Corpse and Tina don't just come out about their relationship. He doesn't have a massive fan base anymore so what's the big deal? He is just using her for sex.

No. 1905183

File: 1695823278081.jpeg (122.03 KB, 1170x835, 5BFB8CBE-709D-4A79-BAEC-274935…)


Sage just in case, but actually Corpse does still follow Milkgore’s sister…. What could have possibly happened? Milk has even removed each and every video about Corpse from her Tiktok page.

No. 1905184


I remember at that period Milkgore always used to post TikToks and pics with her sister and two other girls. I’ve quickly checked on his profile right now and he still follows those two girls. He basically only unfollowed Milkgore from that group

(Sage just in case as well and sorry for double posting)

No. 1910379

When Milkgore, her twin and the other two girls went to meet him in March 2022 Los Angeles she was obviously hoping for a serious relationship or something afterwards. But it hasn't happened.

No. 1910380

File: 1696697602528.jpg (636.78 KB, 1080x2160, Screenshot_20221228_230350_com…)

No. 1937752

you are sick, you must be uglier than corpse and so unhappy unsuccessful in life to give so much importance to the face of someone who didn't meet your expectations(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1937825

Retard really bumped the thread to defend this ugly moid who’s thread was already dying KEK(contributing to retardation)

No. 1938025

Says the retard really responding to already banned bait TOPKEK(contributing to retardation)

No. 1938217

ban someone for saying something you don't agree with lol get a job or something like that hating people because of their appearance is disgusting

No. 1938235


No. 1938249

He looks like quasimodo. This was one of my favorite threads back then.

No. 1938251

you guys looks like kids, horrible people(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1938302

File: 1701784006969.jpg (396.7 KB, 1080x2138, Screenshot_20231205_094646_X.j…)

Kek his Twitter is dead as fuck. Sage because he's an irrelevant dead ugly cow.

No. 1938390

Just so fans know:
The animated music video corpse got commissioned was made by the same guy who made the Fish Tank intro for Sam Hyde.(sage your shit/this is an imageboard)

No. 1938425

BMTH fell off. Collating with Lil Uzi and this creep. They are fighting for their lives to stay relevant

No. 1938455

It’s the funniest thing when I saw them at a fest no one knew a word of their new music, like play your 2013 songs and get off the stage grandpa.

No. 1938933

>this was one of my favorite threads back then.
Same. I'm almost sad that he turned back into irrelevant nobody because the milk used to be just chef's kiss

No. 1939094

This was my favorite thread too. I'm glad his fans who tweeted about not caring about his looks because it's the inside that matters blah blah… quietly stopped following him and moved on.
This dude promotes self harm and misogyny to very impressionable teen girls. Fuck this scrote and fuck influencers who form parasocial relationships with their underaged fans.

Speaking of parasocial relationships with underaged fanbase, the stuff that happened to Dream could happen to Corpse Douche as well. That would be milky but also horrible.

No. 1939129

What happened to Dream?

No. 1939283

Grooming allegations.

No. 1940438

I'm surprised it never happened but hopefully his career ended before then. Didn't he have a special fan discord server?

No. 1942000

I wonder what the ex-girlfriend is up to. I like the thought of yukoexereal/kyoko waters being the ex. She has been quiet on the music.

No. 1969461

Emma blocked him and lena foxx on instagram and removed everything about him from tiktok I wonder what happened. She literally has a matching tattoo with him(necro/this is an imageboard)

No. 1969462

He also put lena on the cover of his new song and played on stream with her after that(sage your shit)

No. 1969846

lena foxx is in relationship with the guys called brake on social media but i feel like she might be close to corpse

No. 1969847

File: 1708864296020.png (2.12 MB, 1290x2796, IMG_3208.png)

lena isn’t her really name her name is simone
she’s had a drama before she’s kinda a liar ya know

No. 1976236

Raccoon eyeliner trend…glad it died with “scene”.

Anti-Semitic? No one followed up with evidence of that… I’d like to know… and how’d we find the 2017 ex?(unsaged necro)

No. 1978212

The ex is maybe Kyoko Waters.

No. 1988380

kyoko water isn’t the ex she was in relationship with thomas J redgrave search it up or go on his instagram scroll down y’all see he was with her cat for more proof

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