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File: 1617189618175.png (454.7 KB, 1102x1506, handmaiden_June.png)

No. 1198319

Last time:
- June is revealed to look like Momo without make-up >>1144409
- June gets catfished by a nazbol using a gay swiss man's pictures >>1145127
- the gay man makes an appearance 1145987
- some old scene-girl June videos pop up >>1149471
- The black man June used to date dies >>1152446 and June donates to his funeral fund >>1155697
- June makes fun of childless catladies like herself >>1160595
- Septic has a happy valentines day with his new girlfriend >>1161734
- June creates another fan-account to signal just how horny she is to her simps >>1170821
- June misses the good old days where men used to beat women >>1170824
- We find a video of Shoe's parents >>1171181
- June goes full tradthot >>1179051
- June leaks more of her nudes and nobody cares >>1183673

previous thread:

June's Twitter: https://twitter.com/shoe0nhead?lang=en
June's Main YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/Shoe0nHead
June's Second YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7UiChjgT_LDKcr_8NEEbMA
June's Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/shoe0nhead/?hl=en

No. 1198320

File: 1617189687446.png (468.68 KB, 1242x844, CEO-bisexual.png)

Since the mods auto-cucked the last thread for some strange reason and it was almost full anyways I made a new one. Enjoy.

No. 1198343

I know most bi girls are straight but claiming CEO of bisexuality when you only date and thirst after men or a human blow up doll is egregious

No. 1198347

Tranny logic, if they're bad they can't be one of us, impossible. That's why bis and trannies get along so well.

No. 1198428

>mods auto-cucked the last one for some reason
it's because it was shit. being an embarrassing NLOG and having braindead friends isn't good milk and the threads are always full of exceptional individuals

dykes stay seething at the sheer thought of bi women kek

No. 1198446

>shitting on lesbians and caping for shit0nhead in the process
June is straight girl who claims the bi label and milks trannies for twitter Cool Girl Points. she's not the first and won't be the last one to do this, and these anons pointing that out shouldn't rustle your jimmies so hard.

No. 1198494

Nta and I was just scrolling by, but those posts did seem like they were trying to incite an infight with the whole,
>bi girls are straight
>this is why bis and trannies get along so well
It wasn't even shitting on Shoe specifically. If you know Shoe is actually straight, then why insult bi women.

No. 1198524

>being an embarrassing NLOG and having braindead friends isn't good milk
She literally leaked her own nudes and got catfished by a nazi. How is that not good milk? June delivery pretty consistently with embarassing content.

No. 1198543

That's a small fraction of the thread though. Most of it was shitposting and somehow being surprised by whatever cringey shit June tweeted that day. She is consistently embarrassing but since it is just the same stuff over and over, it does get a bit stale.

No. 1199242

>a fraction of the thread
It took less than 10 replies for this one to devolve into bi vs les sperging. Sorry your queen caravans with a short bus.

No. 1199245

Sorry you can't read. Or sage.

No. 1199504

Anon I posted "bi girls are straight" and was joking, I'm bi kek

No. 1199515

This site is all about petty drama, look at all the threads around you making fun of cows simply for how they dress that day. Shoe's threads aren't even that active except for when she says something stupid or embarasses herself again.

You seem to have some kind of personal reason for not liking this thread. Pro-tip: hide threads you don't care about.

There is a reason we are on thread 30 and June will not stop being a lolcow anytime soon, so suck it up buttercup.

No. 1199682

I know preggorys cockriders will probably fight me on this but it's a massive red flag to me that preg is trying to get this serious with the Australian girl this quick. Along with pregs patterns of cheating and having another girl lined up, crying about how the previous girl was abusive and dangling the thoughts of long term marriage in front of her

I honestly don't know how people come in and rant about how greg is doing so much better when it's obvious his patterns are just gonna repeat itself

No. 1199693

It doesn't really surprise me. He strung June along until he felt "ready" for a serious relationship/marriage/(perhaps family) and once he was ready he realized June is not the woman to have that with.

So that he now knows what he wants and is moving fast is pretty common. Often times guys who tell you they are "not ready" end up dumping you and get their new girlfriend pregnant immediately.

He's also pretty old and has been married before. Tik Tok.

No. 1199788

is Greg making noise about moving to Australia?

No. 1199866

I'd agree if I haven't seen history repeat itself. There's been no talk of marriage or moving from what I've seen but Greg's been this way since his 20s and will probably be this way until he realizes he's too old to play games and will be forced to grab whatever his desperate ass can get or die alone

No. 1199874

has greg even met his new gf in person yet? how is he coping after all those gross thirstposts while he was still dating june about wanting a replacement little spoon?

No. 1201168

File: 1617477597699.png (1021.04 KB, 619x757, cia.PNG)

shoe and her orbiters were meant for each other

No. 1201188

So she's just photoshopping her lips into Belle Dephine's now?
Also, she really does have some of the worst makeup application. She's been doing the same, basic look for over a decade and she still cant bring her eyeliner down to her eyelash line or apply lipstick straight?

As for preg, he is a retard that cant be alone. He hasn't changed and never will. He's just another scrote that needs a woman to run his life. Australia chick is a fucking idiot for getting publically involved with someone who has said and done the shit he has and I'm gonna lol when he moves on again.

No. 1201196

No. 1201238

Is she trying to look like the FAS version of peter coffins ex? If so 10/10.

No. 1201248

Thats 100% what it looks like she’s doing lmao. She wants that whoville look pedos & incels love so much

No. 1201297

i'm sure that's also why he's tried to spin the narrative recently that shoe was emotionally abusive. you put out to everyone that the border being closed was the main reason that you guys broke up and that the relationship was so perfect while you were stringing her along and making her look like a fool by flirting with other women online and publicly ignoring your fiancée for years. how are you going to convince your new lady who lives half the world away that this won't be a problem after you've told the world that something that the distance and shut down ended such a ~perfect~ relationship? make your ex the bad guy and play the victim. he's so repulsive.

No. 1201380

That gap between her eyeliner and lashes…

No. 1201423

god, every photo of herself that she uploads on social media is such shit quality.. its like she takes her photos on a 2013 nokia..

No. 1201449

File: 1617512978070.jpg (104.58 KB, 595x584, Screenshot_20210404-070953_Chr…)

No. 1201463

Have we reached a skinwalking Ashleigh saga? Must've been jealous of Ashleigh's orbiters.

No. 1201482

between this and the giant gap between her bad false lashes and eyeliner… this is fuking embarrassing. I would love to see what she didn't post.

No. 1201513

File: 1617536318986.jpeg (193.95 KB, 828x497, AD19B8CD-9E9B-453F-8D4D-2464F1…)

“stage 5 clinger”

No. 1201531

Is that not just her eyelid

No. 1201565

No, she overdraws the inner corners cause she tries to immitate Belle's make-up.

No. 1201569

Women who were incredibly spoiled their entire life really think it's cute not to know how to do anything.

"OwO I burnt da oatmeal, I am such a silly willy!"
"I just don't know how to adult Xd"

It's not cute. No trad-man wants to marry a woman who acts like a child. That's why septic dumped you. You are 30 and you have zero desirable qualities or personality traits. Can't coast on your looks forever.

No. 1201582

pregory is not a trad man anon KEK. the whole reason why they were BDSM because it was a fantasy, septic was the feminine one. june is just plain retarded, that's why he left her.

No. 1201766

>pregory is not a trad man anon KEK
I didn't say he was. I said he dumped her because she is a child who doesn't want to become an adult and I also said that she won't find the trad man of her dream acting this way either. Two different things.

Sorry about your reading comprehension skills.

No. 1201808

June… you are 30 and single. You are not having 7 babies.

No. 1201816

this. I love seeing brain dead pickmes like shuwu act like this then claim they want a bunch of kids as if they wouldn't end up fucking killing the baby by not knowing how to place them in bed or how to warm a bottle kek

No. 1202003

File: 1617594387318.png (291.92 KB, 613x782, Untitled.png)

She deleted this second tweet along with this guy's reply.

No. 1202011

At her big age this is kinda sad. She's like a perpetual teen.

No. 1202029

Now now lets not insult teens, the average teen has more braincels than the simp known as shoe.

No. 1202088

Why would you brag about not having hobbies or interests? It's not cute. I can't imagine anything sadder than an adult that doesn't have a single thing to involve themselves in. This is why she can't get a man to commit to her.

No. 1202093


>thinks of herself as tradwife

>"will burn your food often UwU"

Fucking no one wants this. No one wants you, June.

No. 1202165

To emulate a trend that girls 10 years younger than her are following the fox/egirl eye trend.

No. 1202189

What's depressing is a lot of the comments are simps saying they like that she has those traits.

No. 1202268

Reach or no reach it's kinda funny how a racist who doesn't believe in systemic racism or white privilege started speaking in AAVE and posting almost only black/stan twitter memes

No. 1203213

Go back to twitter

No. 1203689

>>120321 after you leave your trailer

No. 1204802

File: 1617992114321.jpg (210.66 KB, 1061x705, Screenshot_20210409-201412_Chr…)

No. 1204850

File: 1617996960003.jpg (258.55 KB, 1006x996, Screenshot_20210409-213626_Chr…)

No. 1204863

Both of these posts next to each other. Confessing to never leaving the house and going out of her way to proclaim she does not care about women's issues. I do wonder if the two facts are somehow related… The more time passes, the more I realise how retarded shoe really is and always has been.

No. 1204866

Being a 30 year old NEET who still lives with her parents and can't cook is cute and quirky, nonnie. You just don't get it! She is not like us other girls!

No. 1205023

File: 1618016383183.png (265.88 KB, 1188x522, blah.png)


this is related to people tweeting this video of her being a racist at her all day.


she eventually decided she is "leaving the left" talk about a meltdown

No. 1205026

i see people under that tweet saying she's "based" and even someone talking about her breasts. These are the people Shoe attracts, i bet if she said something about trans women it'd never be forgiven and she'd make a "addressing a few things" video.

No. 1205203

Oh absolutely, she could swing back to being an edgelord centrist or go full right wing and her fans would be fine with it. I think insulting troons is the only hard line they have, and June is too much of a ball gargler to ever even think anything bad about them.

No. 1205281

it's so funny to me she admits to never going out and taking part in society, yet her viewers listen to her opinions on it? No hobbies, no interests, still lives with parents, no education, no job, no trad bf. kek

No. 1206275

File: 1618208116412.png (52.26 KB, 608x440, 4563462346.png)

Her simps are so fucking delusional jesus christ. How is the same womanchild that openly bragged about boiling pasta in her 20s going to unite two political factions?

No. 1206282

never taking part in society is a prerequisite to being a twitter socialist

No. 1206285


I think whoever wrote that tweet is a child, nowadays her fanbase is kids and degenerates

No. 1206466

Why doesn't she help herself out? I don't get how she managed to fail at life so badly when she was given every opportunity get at least something right. She keeps making the same mistakes over and over.

Shuwu, despite what your autistic incel fanbase thinks, you are still not old. You still have some time to get your shit together, have a real education or a job, not have to rely on the internet for your livelihood and socializing. You have horrible taste in men, please for the love of god raise your standards. I don't even like you but I feel bad for women who pander to the worst type of scrotes on th internet. They aren't your friends, they fucked you over so many times.

At this point though I doubt she knows what she wants out of life herself. Seriously though, there is a chance you are lurking. Get a life outside of the internet and stop dating weird scrotes online for your own good.

No. 1207857

>never taking part in society is a prerequisite to being on twitter

What's she gonna do, go without male attention entirely? She'd drop dead in a week. June is a very plain looking girl. The type of girl you pass on the street and don't look at twice. On top of that she can't do her makeup and the way she does do it makes her look even worse. Add to that she lives with her parents, is dumb as a brick, whines constantly, is untidy, unhygienic, and has absolutely 0 real world experience, why would any man that isnt already himself a worthless incel-tier scrote want to talk to her? Fuck her yeah, maybe, but long term relationship?

It's not like she can even fall back on being the nice chick, or the smart chick, or the hardworking family gal because she doesn't even understand her own ideology,acts like a raging asshole, and sponges off her parents. She has literally 0 going for her. These are the type of men that are on her level and she deserves.
If she hadn't raged at every other woman that exists she might have some girlfriends right now to help her evolve. She did this to herself and she would pick her incel army over anyone that wants to genuinely help her in a heartbeat.

No. 1208611

You'd think she'd have learned how to apply winged eyeliner by now

No. 1210396

File: 1618637987533.png (2.06 MB, 1061x2398, replacement.png)

Well, it's in the open now.
This is who Greg replaced June with.

They're not just hosting a podcast together, they're clearly dating(07:04):

No. 1210413

File: 1618641506951.png (86.64 KB, 582x528, Patreon.png)

Greg and Patrice's Patreon

No. 1210422

They've been known to be together since last year.

No. 1210425

If you can call that dating, they're LDR and I'm not sure if they ever met.

No. 1210549

We have known about this for months!

No. 1210789

You guys can't keep your stories straight.
> Known for a year
> Known for months
> They're not together
Anyway, I think it's hilarious that Greg went from "Skeptic™" to "believer in the paranormal" around the time this relationship kicked off. Patrice says stupid shit about "energies", so it's clear it's the puss in this that's caused him to flip.
Just an observation.

No. 1210790

NTA but Anon it's April. "for a few months" and "since last year" (not for a year) are the same amount of time.

No. 1210899

So much for "skeptic only like young girls with lot of hip to waist ratio"

No. 1210930

I'm pretty sure Greg's "type" is "girl whose Insta is 95% heavily edited selfies" Bonus points if she's too far away for him to ever have to see her in person, which helps keep the illusion of said edited selfies alive and well.

No. 1210948

Pickmes change for men, men change for Stacies. Nothing abnormal here.

Wonder what it feels like to contort your entire personality to match the pretentious man you're with, only to watch him change everything about himself to match the personality of another girl.

No. 1211200

File: 1618747374788.png (41.08 KB, 1164x776, is this bdsm.png)

Has anyone mentioned that they unfollowed each other on Twitter? I'm guessing they didn't "stay as friends" or even bother "supporting" each other's content after the break up. Really goes to show how the 24/7 BDSM and le "trad alpha" bf dumb liberal gf was all a grifting shtick. Surprisingly, it was shuwu that unfollowed first.

No. 1211218

Don’t throw a fit bc you’re late and can’t read kek

No. 1211222

Her hair is pretty nice looking, must be a nice change for preg to have someone with a full head of hair. I hope shuwu will start skinwalking her or something!

No. 1211308

Didn't say they aren't together, just that it's LDR and they most likely haven't met in person yet.

No. 1211316

File: 1618762699991.jpg (43.46 KB, 350x400, 43c68bd39576e4146182b6754464f0…)


Are you a Slowpoke?

No. 1211317

why are you so triggered by his late post?

No. 1211319

She did recently post a pic of herself in a blonde wig

No. 1211326

File: 1618763220241.jpeg (394.18 KB, 750x858, A8AA516B-EE18-4B7C-AB4C-4CDC45…)

Even her dog has more hair than shoe

No. 1211327

Do you know where you are nonny

No. 1211328

You're posting old news that we all already know (look at the last thread linked in the OP), you can't sage and you can't integrate and you're probably a scrote.

You're lost. Go home.

No. 1211336

I didnt post it so dont assume you look like a dumbass.

yup I know where I am dude do you know where are at man?

No. 1211338

File: 1618764496174.png (27.49 KB, 1662x388, kek.PNG)

Jesus fuck, relax.

No. 1211339

kept deleting it cuz the mods are quite happy to ban for "mean words" and dont want you wussies getting me banned cuz your fee fees got hurt again over words.

cry moar

No. 1211340

lol dont forget to screencap these you wierdo bitch(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1211344

File: 1618764801705.jpeg (5.72 KB, 250x202, images (1).jpeg)

No. 1211346

Are you the same anon that kept shitting up Kittyphina's thread?

No. 1211404

the fuck are her pictures kek. anons said she was cute but she's using a whole lotta angles and brightness/contrast jacking here to hide her chin.

No. 1211449

File: 1618775291769.gif (81.92 KB, 448x422, tenor (1).gif)

I miss when there was actual milk. Nowadays it's just her mediocre shit twitter takes and rehashed stuff from previous threads. Cmon wig, embarrass yourself, you know you want to

No. 1211589

Honestly in the last decade shuwu's only been interesting when she's bending over backwards to be picked by scrotes. Preg, Vaush and the latest catfish come to mind. All of her stances are to appease her scrote audience. Besides that she's honestly kind of boring. I suspect the thread will get interesting again once her scrote army demands a new political view from her or when she gets a new bf

No. 1211641

> we swear we knew
> also you're a fag
says the people that didn't post anything about it while they can't stop posting details about everything to do know

mod on here that banned the other faggot is also a faggot because they didn't break any rules

ya'll are pathetic(ban evasion)

No. 1211678

It's frustrating because between the breakup, the nudes leak and shoe getting catfished it's obvious that she lacks the dignity to wig out like a normal cow would. All the shit that happens to her she can only say "lol I-I'm not bothered" and take the abuse. It's getting depressing

No. 1211765

Does she still think she can make Tucker Carlson her boyfriend and "fix" him? (I don't keep tabs on her like this thread does, I just saw her say that in a Youtube vid)

No. 1211801

Someone could forward Vaush that collection of her old vlogs where she says overt racist and homophobic things and calls for the extermination of people with autism and bipolar…

No. 1211971

We discussed all of this in the OLD THREAD that is linked on the OP.

>thinking Vaush has any morals and doesn't know all this already
Grifters don't give a shit.
>Does she still think she can make Tucker Carlson her boyfriend and "fix" him?
No. That's a joke. She's not THAT delusional (yet).

Learn to sage and integrate if you're gonna keep ban-evading.

No. 1211978

to be fair, it's been almost a year since the breakup. we have 2 more months to go until the anniversary!

No. 1212002

Vaush has had racist and homophobic things "because jokes" too.

They're birds of a feather.

It's more alarming that Kyle Kulinski and Krystal Ball gave her a platform even though their fans directed their attention to her old content.

No. 1212228

women like shoe scare me. She is a racist, stupid, literal text book definition of a loser, hates other women but still manages to gain so much sympathy and adulation. It scares the fuck out of me because like other people have said there are users on this board who actually feel like they can RELATE to that. just sad all around. She can be as racist and mysoginistic to black women as she likes and its just "whatever" but if she were to ever say anything bad about white man turning into a woman because "muh gender identity" she would be out of here. I hate it here.

No. 1212257

She really shouldn't scare you anon. She's pretty pathetic by all accounts. No job, no life skills, no education at fucking 30 when you should have something for yourself or at least know how to care for yourself. She can't keep up her persona for long. She'll just drift away into obscurity. Maybe she'll pop up in the distant future with more self leaked nudes in chan boards but nobody will care. That's her bed she made for herself and she'll have to lie in it

I can't see her doing anything other than maybe coming out as trans and living with her parents until they die

No. 1212284

If June called a black woman the n-word she would also be cancelled immediately. Lindsay Ellis was cancelled just for using the words "squint" and "asian" in the same tweet.

Also you gotta remember that none of her simps actually care about her politics as long as they still consider her bang-able (which won't be for much longer, Instagram filters can only do so much).

No. 1212838

I don't like June because she's racist, classist, etc…
…but I don't get the "loser" talk.
That's just propaganda. There is no point to life other than what each of us decide.
Chasing status and money is for fools, and only "useful fools" promote that shit for these hegemonic systems.
Do you seriously expect any of us to believe you're against racism, etc… but for the hegemony that defines "winning" as something other than what we decide for ourself?
Giev me a break.

No. 1212839

She already did.
In a vlog years ago. It's still online, and she was called out on it.
It's titled "Good Times Had By None" and she also says "black people have the reputation for rape".
She also made a video where she caricatured how she thinks black people speak.

No. 1212846

she had all of her 'bloopy june vlogs' taken down because some sjws where using them to harass her


No. 1212941

"Years ago" was a different time where people gave less of shit. If she called a black woman the n-word in CURRENT YEAR she'd be cancelled as well. But she'd still have simps either way.

No. 1212942

File: 1618933611829.jpg (134.02 KB, 891x797, uh-oh-wacist-uwu.jpg)

No. 1213047

Sometimes I forget what a retarded clone of other women like Lauren Southern she was back then. Just that media tab with the "feminazi tears" mug and the crying baby pic for replies says enough. Not that she's changed much overall, but at least now her pandering is slightly more discreet.

No. 1213109

this is so embarrassing, I can't believe men actually fall for this shit

No. 1213845

"delusional wannabe victim brats"
says the idiot that denied statistics simply to anchor themselves to narratives

Delusion is when people refuse to accept beliefs that are proven or disproven based on evidence and analysis. June is one of these people because they refuse to submit to data calling it misleading while she uses logical fallacies to stick to her intuitive based conclusions.

She literally wrote a rap song calling other people emotional while she emotionally raged in the song and only used emotional "reasoning" in it; personal attacks and nothing else.

No. 1214005

File: 1619068806902.jpg (325.78 KB, 1079x1490, Screenshot_20210422-011830_Twi…)

Shoe made a meme about george floyd and theres a lot of people telling her to take it down because it's in bad taste. A lot of the quote tweets are saying she is blocking people telling her to.

Vaush even retweeted it too. I'm surprised the tweet is still up.

No. 1214159

What is this even supposed to mean

No. 1214180


It's about the Nancy Pelosi statement

No. 1214181

File: 1619104120347.jpeg (792.17 KB, 1242x1586, 9ACF4C7F-7874-4D6C-910E-E28D6B…)

She’s referencing this. People thought Pelosi’s phrasing was insensitive and shoe is just following the herd, as she does best. No shoe mask-off racist arc (yet).

No. 1214199

>greg is still making the "i just farted" DreamWorks face
please, please stop greg

i already do not like her personality based off of this then again i really do not like social media normie users in general.

No. 1214206

It's so obvious she made "being one of the bros who isn't afraid to be funny and crack jokes against feminists" (the boogeyman that losers on the internet would gang up on) her life purpose back in 2014, she hasn't grown up a single bit and just continues to do the same shit but with libs and wokes (the new boogeyman on twitter)

No. 1214308

nah she's a loser beloved

No. 1214404

Well you see, Shoe is just so much better than those icky democrat hags. George Floyd isn’t just a sacrificial lamb to her, he’s a prized meme! Very brave, very sensitive to the plight of minorities, very not just fishing for twitter clout.

No. 1214447

Greg upgraded. I'm shocked actually kek

No. 1214468


There are now 2 twitter accounts dedicated to documenting june being a cunt


Looks like they're zoomers too which I think she is trying to pander to

shoe is milking it though

No. 1214484

just because you define being a loser as not having status/money, doesn't mean the rest of us do. You're projecting.
June is a loser because she has been given every opportunity in life and thrown it away to chase racist men on the internet and hate women.

No. 1214604

So deep.

You know what's classist? Not saging this bullshit, just so it bumps ahead of everyone who knows how to integrate. Where's the meritocracy in that?

No. 1214740

so you're saying that june is a loser because she hates women? i don't think that's something most people in this world except for on this site agree with.

No. 1214746

NTA but do you think people disagreeing with something automatically makes it wrong? The pick me combo of self-hate and narcissism is lame regardless of how many people approve of women dedicating their lives to embarrassing themselves for men’s entertainment.

No. 1214786

File: 1619184162225.jpg (379.02 KB, 1080x1745, IMG_20210423_152102.jpg)

This was under @WhenShoe 's pinned tweet. Her simps are so fucking pretentious

No. 1214792

fat losers on this website obsessed with more successful ppl XDDDDD find a better hobby u fatasses are sad(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1214964

june is literally incapable of thinking that any serious subject matter (that doesn't have to do with white poor guys on the internet) should be given some level of sacrality.

No. 1215097

File: 1619209832557.png (32.64 KB, 720x307, Screenshot_2021-04-23-13-42-18…)

Is she gonna freak out once she finds out her rational wiki has her listed as 5'6"

No. 1215112

Not really sure how Shuwu's joke strengthens anyone's morale.

No. 1215146

Kek someones mad. Keep coping miss humongous eyebags.

No. 1215262

you are so slow. What makes someone a loser is a personal opinion, it doesn't matter what the rest of the world thinks. And it doesn't take a feminist to think June is a loser. See: kiwifarms.

her scrotes are so fucking stupid. "hurr here's a random ass quote that agrees with my point. checkmate SJW!"

No. 1215622

idiot forgot that it only works if black people are reclaiming racist jokes lmao the joke here is monument to black history is ugly uwu

No. 1215684

How the fuck do they still have her name wrong? They've been corrected several times and were even provided that old copy of her ID that floated about years ago.
It's so weird that rationalwiki tries to doxx and cyberstalk people and fails so bad at it.
For years they thought Greg's name was "AJ".

No. 1215688

No, she was like that as far back as 2011 during her Boxxy-stalking phase.

That specific arc ended when Catie referred to her as a "fan" instead of a "friend" in one of her vlogs. June went went full emo and complained that since they have talked in tinychat they should have been considered friends.

She has always been a bitch (making "fun" of people in her vlogs) with an obsession with approval, using bullying to make her feel better about her lack of accomplishments.

I was surprised that when Venti did her video "series" on June that she didn't cover her pro-political phase, but that's most likely because Brit only hates June because she sees has as attention-seeking competition.

Her parents are pretty awful too… there's old videos of them making racist jokes and both of them have been to court over fraud charges before, so it's not very odd that they spawned June.

No. 1215690

June doesn't hate women, June hates educated women with real jobs and real world experience that make her tactics of "appeal to bullshit" look childish and dumb.

Say what you want about SJWs but at least most of them have jobs.

June is insecure and has no real worth in the social or work field, so she shills for attention, protection and money.

Real women threaten her survival strategy.

No. 1215691

You didn't offer a debunk.
Great way to out yourself June.
If you don't want people to know it's you, then you really should learn about logical fallacies.
>so deep
Is just facetiousness masquerading as a thought-terminating cliche.

> You know what's classist? Not saging this bullshit, just so it bumps ahead of everyone who knows how to integrate. Where's the meritocracy in that?

This is a complete mess and no one has a clue as to what you're trying to communicate.(hi cow)

No. 1215694

File: 1619281516953.jpg (48.1 KB, 600x680, 57e.jpg)

> "so you're saying that june is a loser because she hates women? i don't think that's something most people in this world except for on this site agree with."

> "I don't think…"

Google "The False Consensus Effect" and then feel bad for being an idiot.

What a massive idiot.

No. 1215696

If someone really, and I mean REALLY wanted to break June, they would just have to make a mix of that comment where Catie called June a fan, and then stick to repeating the word "fan" over and over.

No. 1215858

File: 1619293874583.jpg (180.61 KB, 1080x822, IMG_20210424_214706.jpg)

Of course the woman who boasted on twitter of her boyfriend holding her on a leash is tweeting this.

No. 1215863

KEK so true. Why have a useless, bald, whoville looking obnoxious youtuber who relies on you for self esteem and confidence, when you could have a better looking, more intelligent and more mature gf who looks after herself? Seriously I know women barely 21 who are more mature and put together than she is. Men don’t actually like to be babysitters, contrary to popular belief. Women with education and #GIRLBOSSES scare the living shit out of her because all she has going for her is fuckabillity and gf appeal, they have twice as much as she does, and more.

No. 1215865

>lol what do you mean kink is deep misogyny haha how DUMB???
>pedophilia is a sidekink!

Does this bitch ever listen to herself talk?

No. 1215867

Bald bald bald bald bald bald bald bald bald bald bald bald bald bald bald bald bald bald

No. 1215870

File: 1619294999420.jpg (101.89 KB, 640x940, 1511991319253-1.jpg)


She should of stayed quiet because it's just proving the Brigid girl right.

Groceries treated her like shit publicly and claiming it was apart of BDSM. Insinuating that he would treat any women like this.

The minute he got with his new women he has treated her so far respectfully, unfollowed all the e-whores, no weird oversexualize talks in his podcast.

His misogyny was full form because he believes women like june don't deserve respect but his current girlfriend does. June didn't earn it in his eyes and wasn't worth it. She was just a placeholder.

No. 1215957

>both of them have been to court over fraud charges before

have been lurking juwunes threads since 2018, sauce for that? that is hilarious.

No. 1216044

Seconded tbh
op must be close to June

No. 1216057

wow that's gotta hurt lol. do you have any caps that show how he treats his new GF differently and with respect? is she a trad?

No. 1216074

She doesn't come off as a trad, just not online 24/7 and has more going on for her instead of just sperging about politics all day.

No. 1216107

I believe it's a critique on the cynical commodification of a human being's life. By politicizing George Floyd's murder, the meme argues that George Floyd becomes dehumanized, rendered into just another piece on the political chessboard

No. 1216163

>His misogyny was full form because he believes women like june don't deserve respect but his current girlfriend does. June didn't earn it in his eyes and wasn't worth it. She was just a placeholder.

Agree and I would feel REALLY bad for June, but the problem is she's a mean cunt who laughed when other women pulled the short straw. So now when it's her ass I can't say I'm sorry. She's too dumb and in denial that her ~hippity hoppity women are property~ shtick failed miserably.

No. 1216175

I mean he isn't wrong. Women like June don't deserve respect. If you're gonna act like a dumb hole for a man, don't be surprised if he treats you like a dumb hole.

It really shows just how smoothbrained she is that she has learned nothing from this and still acts the exact same way and will repeat this exact pattern with the next scrote who "picks" her.

Honestly, it's what she deserves. Being a pick-me who hates women only attracts absolute bottom of the barrel losers who will treat her like crap and she will keep roleplaying that being treated like crap is her fetish. This is going to be the rest of her life.

No. 1216243

File: 1619365062722.png (34.19 KB, 598x347, sad.png)

Why did she have to post two tweets "owning" this woman who didn't even get a thousand likes on her tweet?

Somehow her entire twitter presence is even worse than it used to be. If I didn't know this was a thirty year old woman posting I'd assume it was a teenage edgelord. Who is she trying to appeal to? It's just desperate at this point.

No. 1216342

Woman she is replying to actually understands marxist ideology and presents her points clearly in an educated manner.

Meanwhile Wig can only counter her with "??????" and showing off what a cool kinky girl she is, then she directs her simps to harass.

No. 1216442

Does she want to say that the whole BDSM thing boils down to mere spanking? That's all she knows as someone who used to be in a "full-time BDSM relationship"?

No. 1216461

she and that vaush dude call these people tankies unironically and have zero knowledge of actual theory. I really wonder if the online left (excluding based marxists like brigid) is a psyop sometimes.

No. 1216528

It's all a moneymaking venture for these twitter personalities, June just can't make her schmoney from being an edgy centrist anymore since being an edgy "leftist" is more popular

No. 1216553

yeah she is dense, getting spanked is NOT BDSM unless you go crazy with it or include other things. i would dare to say most couples enjoy some spanking, lots of people who have vanilla sex enjoy it, nothing odd or "uwu soooo kinky" about liking getting spanked. she has the mentality of a sheltered 19 year old.

No. 1216613

She knows that, I promise you. She just also knows that pretending BDSM is spanking makes the person she’s responding to sound sillier than if she came out and argued why men should be allowed to get off to treating women as subhumans.

No. 1216676

The "I love Boxxy" forums from years ago.
She had some stalkers there and someone used a smurf account to drop images of her family and info on them. It was suspected to be Julian ("Ian").

This was part off the reason why the various Boxxy forums were merged into the one controlled by Catie (in reality by Intrepid). Too much doxxing was taking place. People were still sharing this back in 2011 when her forum got "hacked" and everyone's PMs were leaked showing people actively ganging up to share doxxed info.

I didn't bother saving much because I was going through a "holier than thou" phase at the time.

No. 1216704

I bet this woman is almost a decade older than shoe.
Why is she so fucking pathetic.

No. 1216849

Based anon
Do you remember any details of the fraud charges?

No. 1216853

File: 1619444971090.jpeg (410.1 KB, 828x1087, 0F4055FD-B71C-4328-9BE5-2EA9C5…)

Isn’t this what he did to June? Convinced her he loved her and still jerked off to e-girls? I wonder if this is about Shoe or his new chick

No. 1216860

yeah I love how he's not taking responsibility for also doing shitty things too, if this is a vague post about Shoe.

No. 1216862

I mean, i want to be proven wrong. I want people to think of girls with internalized misogyny as losers and i do so myself but her presence online tell me that most people don't which is sad.

No. 1216873

I’m pretty sure most women think it, they just don’t say it out loud.

No. 1216876

He's such a consoomer manchild. He can only think in terms of hero/villain, black and white, Marvel capeshit. No one wants to learn from someone like him about life and how to deal with issues, because he clearly has no idea what he's doing.

No. 1216880

Maybe Skepfat found out Wig has been shittalking him while flirting with the catfish who used gay guy's pics lel

No. 1216885

"BUT WE BOTH LIKE IT." -Shoe every time someone called Greg out.

No. 1216919

He vagueposts because if he accuses shoe of cheating or abuse everyone would just bring up screenshots of him cheating and abusing, if he does it like this he takes the responsibility of the relationship off his part but also keeps people guessing on what June could have possibly done that was worse than all the emotional labor, money, humifaction and cheating june let him get away with

unless he goes out his way to claim that shoe was physically abusing him, which would have me keking all the way considering how much he prided himself in being strong but fat and tall and couldn't defend himself or shut down a 5'5 string bean that doesn't work out

No. 1216922

June is a loser because she started out with a privileged life, and had many opportunities to advance herself without punching down and yet she's made really bad choices that have resulted in stagnation despite having a very large fan base. She's the same entering 30 as she was in her early 20s and that's truly embarrassing.

Even other tradthots like Lauren Southern bugged out of clickbait vlogging and she now larps as a journalist and mom.

No. 1216998

Well to be fair he wasnt horrible at June either at the beginning of their relationship. At first it was mostly June herself posting about their totally hawt bdsm sex life~ and all the ignoring, cucking and public humiliation came later. Men like that dont respect women ever, they can just act decent when they are in the need of gf.

No. 1217038

Exactly. I feel like the anons who are hyping up Greg to be doing better in life with a perfect respectable gf completely forgot what Greg did or was like when they first started dating. It was almost always June who bragged about how misogynistic he was but Greg would rarely post actual misogynistic stuff on Twitter other than bragging about the amount of money June would spend on him

No. 1217077

kind of weird to be publicly subtweeting about your ex when you're in such a happy relationship with your ~muse~ lol

No. 1217086

Cringe. Is it not enough for him that most people already consider him the "winner" in this break-up?

I mean I wouldn't be surprised at all of June was a total manipulative bitch in their relationship, but so was he I am sure.

It is always cringy to me when people air out their dirty laundry after breaking up. Usually when you have been in a relationship for years with a person you both end up with a truck-load of dirt on them and each person has done shitty things to the other at some point. You don't air it out because then it becomes a nasty shit-flinging contest where neither party looks good. Just shut up.

No. 1217087

his sad meme tweet prior to that about being alone makes me wonder if there's an issue going on with his new girl or if he's putting that out there to make her start feeling bad for him so he can cheat since they can't see each other irl, the same way he did with june. he's disgusting and he will never change. i don't believe june was perfect in the relationship either but she was more invested and he was openly cruel to her and strung her along for years and humiliated her by liking and talking to all these ethots while ignoring her. i wish he'd just come out and say what his problem is instead of being a coward and hoping people will think it's about june and that she's a shitty person. he's not even giving her a chance to defend herself if she wishes to.

No. 1217094

it's a little sus that greg hasn't put out a new podcast with patrice since the end of march.

No. 1217103


Apparently Patrice is no longer his cohost. They must have broken up. Maybe those tweets weren't even about June after all.

No. 1217125

well, she dodged a bullet there
hope she got whatever she wanted (clout?) out of it

No. 1217138

lmao. rebound not work so well huh greggy-san?
Not Gonna Make It.

No. 1217162

File: 1619467658487.gif (391.6 KB, 500x374, 1395163124486.gif)

Her social media is gone now too.

So Preg got with shuwu by cheating on his wife. He gets with this chick very quickly after breaking it off with shuwu, they never met physically but, quickly made her his cohost of his podcast, similarly how he made shuwu his co-host for his movie reviews.

Will her learn his lesson the third time or will he pick up another desperate woman and "co-host" her?

No. 1217454

No. I could be misremembering but I THINK both of her parents made false claims on their taxes about damages and expenses and they were caught. I think her father (Michael) faked an injury for some reason as well. They were just screenshots of basic background checks. Not too many details.

No. 1217473

Damn, it would be such a shame if her new leftist fans found that video of her and Preg calling Leslie Jones a gorilla and trying to justify it as not racist.

No. 1217483

It's ok she's a "dirtbag" "leftist", they only care about white people LARPing as rugged proles.

No. 1217496

I hope Preg's new girl cheated or did him dirty in some way. It would be great karma for all the shitting on women he's done. Hopefully the milk spills and we find out some details

No. 1217500

anons been calling out this predictable pattern of behavior for months

No. 1217539

File: 1619502057816.jpg (460.99 KB, 1080x1789, Screenshot_20210427-072447_Ins…)

The long public love letter post is gone from his insta so either they had a huge fight, stalker problems or most likely they've broken up.

'My ex was a villain' is so childish and cringy, I love it. They're all so trashy.
Greg and Shoe get back together arc when?

No. 1217547

Taking a man back after he broke up with you and fucked other women.. the ultimate cuck move. Yeah that sounds like something she would do. I doubt he would go back tho.

No. 1217557

hmm. i thought she was his angel, his muse, that they were always meant to be together. or was that all because he's a lovebombing asshole who also wanted to stab shoe in the heart all over again.

No. 1217558

Christ he dresses like a shitty magician. I have no idea how this man can pull women who look like >>1210396 but I can at least take solace in the fact that she probably cheated on him with someone better looking.

No. 1217562

I wonder if he proposed an open relationship and Patrice told him to fuck off kek. I hope she at least got paid for her work in the podcast.

No. 1217569

File: 1619506491857.png (515.25 KB, 816x548, fullmetalpatrice.png)

No. 1217576

not a matter of if, just when.
And i’ll be waiting for the milk with some popcorn

No. 1217581

Let me see here.
1. Greg dates Patrice
2. Someone posts that info here
3. They break up
Did one of you douches link her here?

No. 1217587

It would be good if they did and she realised what a gross POS he is. Based Patrice. Get out while he’s still simping so he’s heartbroken.

No. 1217590

So what if someone posted that info here? They already revealed that they were dating each other with their mushy Valentine's posts.

I see it more like:
1. Greg dates Patrice.
2. Greg looks like he won the break-up.
3. Patrice sets up the podcast and does free work for him (writing, planning and graphics).
4. Greg gets all he wants from Patrice.
5. They break up.
6. Greg whines about being the victim again.

No. 1217592

Don't know why he tried convincing her she's a "villain"? Maybe he started with his camgirl coomer hobbies again and Patrice wasn't happy about that.

When will Preg finally go salty MGTOW?

No. 1217617


Kek at all the anons who congratulated Preg and said shoe's doormat pickme behaviour is the reason he treated her like that when they were together (like the posts this anon was answering to in the last thread >>>/snow/1163568).

No man who simps for e-girls in his public Twitter while being in a relationship involving a pedophilic fetish (even if he was just enabling shoe's "cool girl Who is sexually forward with her boyfriend" persona) changes in a matter of days (long enough after the breakup to start dating the new girl) for a new girl.

And all of this without mentioning that this is the second time in less than a year that he's subtweeted his ex(s) for being "abusive" or "a villain" while implying he was just a poor victim.

No. 1217631

> 3. Patrice sets up the podcast and does free work for him (writing, planning and graphics).

What writing and planning? Seems like amateur hour to be honest. Same thing with the "graphics" claim.

If I were a betting man, I'd think you were Patrice.

None of Greg's productions have been above high school grade professionalism.>>1217590

No. 1217664

Someone posted the info here and in kiwifarms ages ago. They've officially been together on insta and had a podcast so it was hardly a secret.

Well but he still treated Shoe like shit and Patrice at least publicly with respect.
There's a difference between publicly calling someone an amazing partner, inspiration, muse and a soul mate and calling Shoe a stupid female who deserves to be slapped if she disobeys him and post photos spanking her and having her on leash.

No. 1217683

I don't listen to their podcast. I was just going by from what they have said about each other and how much he praised her for writing and making the graphics.

No. 1217728

Exactly, she's among the kind of twitter postleft who would probably still say the Leslie Jones thing now in 2021 kek

No. 1217740

Can you learn how to fucking sage and stop shitting up the thread with your Guru Gossip level takes?

No. 1217772

File: 1619535667661.jpg (88.87 KB, 750x613, PUA_Mystery.jpg)


>Christ he dresses like a shitty magician

No. 1217798

you're on a gossip board. what do you expect

No. 1217813

Greg has a repeat pattern of douchebaggery, the more he does it the more out and about it gets and it's easier to research. He fucked himself over by fucking over June with his douchebag cycle not because June's an angel but because June has an army of simps as well as the fact it's easy to see what he does publicly when he was with June

His past few relationships have fell into the same cycle
>He meets someone while with his partner
>Starts cheating, simping for teenagers, taking advantage of his current for work, money, ego, etc
>As soon as the next partner is arranged he breaks and immediately gets with the other woman
>Claims the previous was actually the one doing the abusing
>He meets another

I also think it was Greg posting here in the past few threads trying to claim that june was the mega abuser and the reason why he simped for teens and shat on her publicly is because poor little preg was being abused by June all along and wanted her attention or the constant asspats about how preg "won"

No. 1217814

File: 1619538999171.png (427.73 KB, 748x742, getdabbedon9yearolds.png)

Shoe trying to dab on a woman, but accidentally dabbing on a 9 year old boy by calling him autistic.

I am sure she will delete this soon.

No. 1217858

Nta, but they are literally just asking you to sage, newfag. kek

Honestly makes me wonder how quickly he's going to cycle through the next few relationships. It's pretty obvious he used Patrice as a means to cut ties with June and rub it in her face. If he's dropped her already, is there already a new one waiting on the sidelines? Surprised June even lasted as long as she did, though it was pretty obvious he had been done with her for quite a while near the end of the relationship.

No. 1218439

Lmao why do you guys think it was him who initiated the breakup tho

No. 1218474

it's weird that he doesn't even mention her by name in his last livestream too. like you don't even say 'hey patrice and i broke up so i'm going it alone now, no hard feelings tho everything is cool' or some type of quick statement about it to just acknowlege it. he made a big statement about june, obviously the situation is different she has a huge public platform that patrice doesn't have, but still, nothing?

maybe he was catfished this whole time lol.

No. 1218477

I'm gonna be real, it doesn't take a psychologist to intuit that at the very least that mom should get the kid an eval. Her descriptions are fairly textbook male high functioning ASD.

No. 1218479

>maybe he was catfished this whole time lol
God I hope so

No. 1218480

hot take but both autistic and non-autistic males need to be taught how to shut up
t. female autist

No. 1218518

How is this milk? Did you read the article? The mother was a retard who was freaking out because his 9 year old boy was sharing information from an encyclopedia he was reading in his free time.

No. 1218555

Hes probably hoping theres still a chance and is avoiding announcing the break up because of that

No. 1218659

Yes? It's funny cause June is calling this little child who just likes to read books an autist to own the mom.

No. 1218891

June's being literal here brain damaged anon

No. 1218895

mom just wants her kid to shut the fuck up tbh nobody wants to hear random facts 24/7 and autism doesn't negate being a mansplainer lmao in fact autistic males can be even worse with that shit than neurotyphical males (ex: Vaush)

No. 1218985

The middle pic in the top row. I hate myself for this but he is pretty good looking in this one. ugh

No. 1219050

He's so slimy. Get some standards anon.

No. 1219153

Extremely based

No. 1219156

Greg would be way less ugly if he weren't painfully fucking spergy in every possible way. His facial expressions, the way he dresses, and his weight cancel out any good looks he actually has. Whenever he wears normal clothes and isn't dreamworksposting he looks like a decent guy. But it's impossible to see him that way because he's built his life around being a living embarrassment

No. 1219194

No. 1219196

Hut why would he treat her with respect? Shoe loves being degraded and being insulted and she hates women.
Shoe deserves a shitty relationship. Shes disgusting and has no problem sending her autistic fanbase to harass women and make stupid videos about MMMUH feminism with no arguments.
Shoe is the type of woman to blame her daughter if she was raped.
Hes worthless just like she is, but she didnt deserve any better.

No. 1219239

Retarded question but does Preg even have a job?

No. 1219300

honestly i suspect greg suggested an open relationship (for him) until they could meet irl because he's lonely and wants sex and patrice nope'd out. and now he feels too stupid to say anything about it so he isn't acknowledging the breakup except for vaguely playing the victim on twitter. good for her tho. she did seem like she had her shit together and she deserved better than greg.

No. 1219347


NTA but anon I'm pretty sure it's because of the Ursula on her cup. I think Preggy's tweet is def about her but I don't think he's smart enough to 4d chess some snide Instagram reference in his whiny vague tweet. Interesting parallel though.

No. 1219355

Maybe she realized he wasn't going to commit to her/marry her in the long run but would keep stringing her along as long as he got nudes/emotional support/was allowed to buy bing bing wahoo toys/jerk it to teens.

No. 1219375

especially because she's older than shoe and if she wants to have a family/kids she needs someone to actually start a life with who will be serious about her now. not some man child fuckboy divorcee rebounding from a broken engagement ten thousand miles away calling her his muse who she's can't even meet in person for god knows how long. and who knows if she knew about his behavior before getting together with him, maybe she found out later when the lovebombing started to fade and realized she didn't want to deal with his shit.

i'm a little older than shoe as well and i can't imagine the uncertainty/fear from a relationship like that when you want to have a real partner and a family in the future. who wants to waste their time?

No. 1219438

Never said he should treat her with respect. Just that he treated her like shit and it's because of how she acted so you basically agree with me.

No. 1219494

What is with the strange "the only reason why a women would dump greg is because he's obsessed with sex" trash on here.

There's literally dozens of better reasons, some of which has been causally lobbed out here.

1. He has no job
2. He has no education
3. He admits to an intellectual disability
4. He's overweight
5. He's a narcissist
6. He tries to make people think he's more stable and successful than he really is
7. He has no plans for the future

Since this is a June thread:
1. She's a narcissist
2. She's a bully
3. She's gaslights people
4. She's racist and sexist
5. She tries to appeal to prejudice to get attention
6. She's mentally ill but in denial of it
7. She has no education
8. She has no job
9. She has no plans for the future

No. 1219528

Yeah but most of that list is also a "list of reasons to not date Preg in the first place". You have to wonder what would change the mind of someone with such low standards to begin with. What are the things that someone might be dumb enough to overlook at the outset, but realise a few weeks or months in that it's too tedious to bear?

The sex stuff is the most obvious.

No. 1219533

Agree. My guess is that either he asked for an open relationship or she caught him tipping camwhores.

No. 1219677

It's quite possible that she didn't know some of the things listed and other shit as well. Many men manage to hide certain facts even IRL, and it's way easier on the internet. I suspect he could even ask her not to look for any info about him, having made up a shitty explanation. And she could find something eventually, probably even ask someone about something, and that's what made him angry. It's just something manipulative men do, and they genuinely feel like victims, I guess.

No. 1219690

is this the same anon? you really like making lists

No. 1219738

NTA but nobody cares. Shouldn't it be expected that people who frequent threads make multiple posts in them?

No. 1219963


Santanon is coming to town.

No. 1220183

I just now occurred to me that the reason June leaked her nudes was so that she could no-so-casually transition to being even lazier and switch to doing OnlyFans instead of YouTube.

I'm willing to be she was expecting more attention on this and would be "forced" to talk about whether or not she's ashamed of her body… resulting her in opening a (at first) non-nude OnlyFans.

Over time she would transition completely over to that platform.

No. 1220185

I was only one of those.
Lists are just easier, less time consuming, and easier on the reader.
Do you really prefer multi-paragraph text walls of criticisms?

No. 1220212

She didn't leak them herself. She looks very unflattering in a lot of them. I think there is even one without her wig where you can see how bald she really is.

No. 1220218

I don't think so tbh. Her appeal is being the brash, politically incorrect girl that is cool enough to be sexually adventurous, but not outwardly so enough to be considered a slut (which is what 90% of her simps/target audience think of girls who open OF accounts, see idubbbz's girlfriend drama), with the only change since she began dating Greg being moving further to the left.
Opening an OF would annihilate the greater part of her audience.

No. 1220264

Okay June.(hi cow)

No. 1220274

I suspect that Greg leaked them. It was around the time of the Swiss catfish. Maybe he was jealous or wanted to be the unequivocal winner of the break-up. I think June mentioned that he has the password to all her accounts due to their "BDSM" lifestyle.

No. 1220299

>Pretending June would upload unflattering pics of herself
Her nudes were boring as fuck, if she truly was Soo kinky she would have put in more effort instead of trying to look as curvy as possible then over filtering her skin

No. 1220304

File: 1619788726464.jpg (Spoiler Image, 52.37 KB, 527x972, Snapchat-1547613711.jpg)

People saying June leaked her own nudes when they literally look like this

No. 1220306

Greg and June fap to ugly ass cam girls like syren cove and think she's a goddess

On a related note I think June's nudes look fine body wise, there are some where she's making weird faces but June posts ugly photos all the time. Pretty easy to think you're hot when your obese Daddy Dom is masturbating to dumpster fires

No. 1220338

>June fap to ugly ass cam girls
>June faps to girls

I don't think so anon. She pretends she's totally cool with her bf fapping to other women, then goes to other room and pulls her hair while having a breakdown.

No. 1220355

Disgusting. This grown ass man dresses and presents himself as a literal clown on social media and desperate women still simp. I guess they want to be the next pickme getting subtweeted as the “villain” who “abused” poor failed Vegas magician impersonator Greg uwu

No. 1220360

Anon how dare you remind me of Mystery

No. 1220721

Anonymous now No. 1220719

yeah Greg's a deadringer how tf did we forget that part

No. 1220755


Off topic as hell but I wasn’t expecting seeing mention of Sryen Cove my personal lolcow kek

No. 1220832

No. 1220880

You probably missed those threads where it appeared for the first time

No. 1221201

File: 1619900623378.jpg (18.21 KB, 589x351, hahahahahaha.jpg)


No. 1221224

he probably didn’t stop replying, anon

No. 1221226

this is a nitpick but her eyes are so close together and her philtrum is so, so long….how

No. 1221239

File: 1619903184577.jpeg (116.9 KB, 801x1024, 6D4BD83A-E5A0-4124-A3DE-0B5169…)

It’s the rodent physiognomy

No. 1221258

No. 1221264

File: 1619906366557.jpg (1.41 MB, 808x1038, WhoOnHead.jpg)

She says she's from Jersey, but a little known fact is that she was actually born in Whoville.

No. 1221278

you know this shit bothers her deep down.

No. 1221293

I'm pretty sure this is a joke

No. 1221314

Sounds like they just had communication issues and he's exaggerating it due to a persecution complex.

No. 1221604

this woman needs to calm down with the filters. idk how any of you can say she's good looking when she brightens off half her features and uses the same fatty angles/stupid faces preg does.
They're also not even clearing $300 a month on patreon. This whole podcast venture is fucking embarrassing since you damn well know this is preg's fulltime job.

Doesn't look like any of their pages have been updated in a month. Guess they might be over kek

No. 1221666

I am surprised that only two people have stopped contributing to their patreon. They should be dropping like flies. Patrice and Greg disappeared for one whole month and didn't even bother to give them an explanation.

No. 1223925

Honestly, Greg and June were perfect for eachother. Hes a horny retard and shes so desperate for attention for a man that she would let that fat fuck cuck her so she could say "I got picked!"

No. 1223933

I actually hope they get back together because I like seeing them both miserable.

No. 1223934

I find it oddly suspicious Greg left her right around the time "anti-SJWs" content fell out of fashion. Like he was using her for business, and she was too dumb to realize that.

No. 1223937

My prediction is that they will, they just complement each others' stupid degeneracy too well and both failed to try to get someone else (Greg likely fucking up with Patrice, and June getting catfished by the Longist guy)

No. 1223975

Right? They are so hilariously compatible in their cowish endeavours and toxicity. I can’t believe I ever wished for them to break up.

No. 1223981

Because you deliberately cater to the exact type of gross scrotes who’d say some crap like this and bounce, you fucking dumb dumb.

No. 1224044

Nah, anti-SJW shit fell out of fashion way before they broke up (hence why they both changed their content accordingly, June pandering to left-wingers now that Breadtube is popular). I think he just got sick of her acting half her age and figured whatever business benefits he was getting weren't significant enough anymore.

No. 1224360

this thread isn't here for you to vent, retard. No one gives a shit you knew a bunch of idiots online.

No. 1225344

Why the fuck are you greentexting to a post that doesn't even exist in this thread? You didn't even bother linking. June detected. How does it feel that you weren't invited to Andrews funeral? lol

No. 1225345

File: 1620395491079.jpg (805.14 KB, 2000x1500, 7 (4).jpg)

The look on Red's face here says it all.

No. 1225357

File: 1620396152230.png (1.95 MB, 1500x844, 7 (5).png)

She used to "beg" Greg to "not" post pics on Unichan. What do you think the pics were for, Greg? Why do you think she even mentioned that place? What a broken attention whore. What the fucked happened in her past other than her high school friends leaving her behind? Did she do something her senior year that forced her to become an outcast? What broke her?

No. 1225359

Oh my god, who actually posts this shit on the internet? It looks like a goddamn crime scene photo. June will never find a man who takes her seriously as “tradwife” material with this creepy garbage floating around, nor will Greg find a woman with low enough self esteem to put up with his narcissistic headgames and “fat Criss Angel” fashion sense for long. They’re both absolute losers who’ll die alone if they don’t get their shit together ASAP.

No. 1225360

I saw this on the front page and thought the scrotes are back to posting disturbing photos of women

No. 1225374

Finally she can’t talk or tweet

No. 1225379

where did you find this photo anon? did she post it herself?

No. 1225445

File: 1620405524506.jpg (316.47 KB, 1280x720, 1507913909558.jpg)

Shouldn't have laughed at this but I did.

No. 1225457

Looks like a goddamn crime scene photo. bruh

No. 1225468

not her, that girl has blue/green eyes if you zoom in.

No. 1225484

File: 1620410465474.png (97.92 KB, 200x237, lmao.png)


This is NOT June. This picture has been popping up for years and was already confirmed not to be her several times.

No. 1225522

Had the real girl come forward as alive and well? Because that photo is disturbing.

No. 1225939

File: 1620480572316.png (227.77 KB, 1080x1761, Screenshot_20210508-092155.png)

Is it old news that she has a bitchute?

No. 1227805

File: 1620746318599.png (1.07 MB, 1916x868, tradwig.png)

She bought a fucking blonde wig with roots and now she perfectly embodies the pick me based girl meme.

No. 1227916

june looks insane. go back to the brown wig please and for the love of god she needs to stop opening her eyes like this to try to look younger, it isnt fucking working.

No. 1227956

The part about makeup should really say
>pretends not to wear much makeup but applies minimally or abuses filters to fool males then shits on women who are honest about makeup

No. 1227960

Flo from Progressive Insurance cosplay

No. 1228074

was this meme made about Sava from tumblr?? lol

No. 1228100

I don't really watch or pay attention to Shoe, but it feels like she wears the same shirt everytime I see her, is that her uniform or something for her videos?

No. 1228103

Her rectangular eyebrow looks stupid as fuck. The look just reminds me of an overzealous PTA mom.

No. 1228391

Shoe is the e-girl equivalent of a Karen, so it makes sense she's owning it with Karen hair.

No. 1228472

The red hair was better, this wig makes her look fat.

No. 1228875

This better be a costume

No. 1229172

preg is posting about whether or not he should use dating apps and about how he's in the top 20% of men in attractiveness.

so much for him and patrice always being meant to be lol.(imageboard)

No. 1229202

this is an image board

No. 1229246

he’s literally not even in the top 20% of people of walmart for attractiveness
copium addict, thinks he’s hot just because he’s tall and not bald

No. 1229247

damn. i wish i had half the delusions of myself that he does.

A man that barely has any online footprint if he isn't with Shoe thinking he's the best of the best lol..

No. 1229274

That means he thinks he's an 8/10? Ok that is so delusional. That means he thinks he's on the same level as celebrity men.

I would grant him 6/10 when he was skinnier and didn't have his greasy long hair. Now he's a 5/10 at best.

No. 1229292

File: 1620922091486.png (71.86 KB, 552x430, Skeptic.png)

No. 1229301

File: 1620922777716.png (188.9 KB, 548x577, Discord.png)

Didn't Greg close the ArmouredSkeptic Discord for Patrice? I guess they broke up around the end of March.

No. 1229618

man i know patrice seemed kinda nutty but honestly good for her, she dodged one hell of a bullet

No. 1229702

june already wasted her 20s on this idiot, i'm glad patrice didn't waste her 30s on him.

No. 1229740

and this is why screenshots are important instead of reacting to 2nd hand descriptions. >>1229172 made it sound like he just randomly started a thread about being in the top 20% of attractiveness, not responding to a neg with a self-aggrandising joke. Sure, it's not funny and he probably secretly believes that anyway, but it's not the same kind of hubris.

No. 1229844

File: 1620983592287.jpg (357.04 KB, 1080x1879, IMG_20210514_110942.jpg)

Is the chick answering to him trying to surpass Shoe on pickmeism?

No. 1229845

File: 1620983749517.png (519.9 KB, 599x598, greg.png)

No. 1229849


He's so pathetic kek. Spent 9 months after his breakup with shoe larping on being in a super happy relationship (even taking jabs at June in his Instagram valentine's day letter, saying how healthy and fulfilling this new relationship was after dating for such a short amount of time) with a girl he hadn't even met in person, and now he's on Twitter posting dumb shit again and asking advice on dating apps.

No. 1229856

>The top 20% of the bottom 50%

No. 1229860

The last thing an anime waifu pillow sees.

They're not wrong, dating apps are a sausage buffet for women because men are so thirsty for hook-ups they match and try to fuck anything. It's not women only wanting to fuck Chad, it's that 90% of users are me trying to bang anything that moves.

No. 1229871

This is all so funny when considering shuwu would claim everytime they went out, women would throw themselves at him and that he use to have so many of her fans stroking his ego because they were also manchildren who related with Preg.

It's hard for him to realize now that he wasn't at all as attractive as she was claiming(and was only doing it for her benefit "I have a hot dadbod bf uwu") and her fans were just playing along. Still zero sympathy for him, he's a creep and I'm glad Patrice got out.

No. 1229880

Who would swipe right on this kek

No. 1229887

The fact he thought this was a good angle sends me.

No. 1229901

File: 1620997500202.png (43.84 KB, 287x380, comments.png)

There are people kissing his butt in the comments

No. 1229926

He just looks like every other unremarkable toothy dude from upper Canada, I'll never comprehend what Greg's brain must do when he looks in the mirror to make him think he's in the top 20%

No. 1229958

Preg should be reminded that he is nearly 40 years old with no kids, he hit the wall years ago with his beer gut and saggy arm muscles

No. 1229962

He is also unemployed, uneducated, broke and obsessed with Star Wars toys. No normal woman would want to settle down with him.

No. 1230009

The ends of his hair are so ratty, that shit does not look good at all kek

No. 1230247

Men use dating apps way more than women, and men will literally fuck hot pockets. Those stats are fair and as they should be. Having standards and preferring to be alone otherwise is a good thing.
his extra chromie is showing

No. 1230319

File: 1621031720478.png (1.3 MB, 1640x1640, Cart_Titan_character_image_(Pi…)

Anyone else

No. 1230324

Nah, titan’s nose is too small

No. 1230345

>June’s view for 5 years

No. 1230639

File: 1621080910373.png (67.42 KB, 250x202, best angle.png)

Men, especially on the internet, believe that they're are immune to aging. A bald dude looks better than whatever tf

the dad angle, except preg isn't a dad thankfully

No. 1230728

Did she cake on white eyeliner below the eye like they do in cosplay?

No. 1230962

File: 1621120237593.jpg (194.94 KB, 1080x611, IMG_20210516_010452.jpg)

I honestly don't know if I prefer that pic to the ones in which he makes that gross cocky/smug face.

No. 1231083

File: 1621138767188.png (109.89 KB, 877x621, fygyef745b.png)

some of her followers were real salty about this lol

No. 1231098

Based tbh.

If June made a video discussing how sex workers are victims of capitalism, I would actually probably respect her.

But that would basically make her a feminist.

No. 1231250

She will never admit that women could be victims of anything. She is very much someone who thinks sex work is fine UNLESS it's women tricking poor lonely men into spending their money on pussy pics and twitch streams, then they're exploiting men.
Her being pro-sex work is unsurprising considering that to acknowledge capitalism exploiting women, you must acknowledge that there are social and biological forces pitted against women to make that possible. She's too stupid to make an obvious connection. Imagine recognizing that radical feminists have a point about sex work being a problem for women because of our biology and social roles but not acknowledging trans ideology is a problem for women for the same exact reasons. She is literally braindead.

No. 1231380

Shoe is always trying to look like the current incels favourite internet waifu. Now shes trying to look more like belle delphine bu adjusting her eye makeup and doing the no top lip smile. Its kinda sad that she has such a lack of self confidence that she is trying to look like someone else to appeal to the lowest form of men

No. 1231389

Kek I bet this is the same reason why she never ended up doing a video on Meghan Murphy.

No. 1232033

>June hates educated women with real jobs and real world experience that make her tactics of "appeal to bullshit" look childish and dumb.

I used to think this was an exaggeration until my online girl friend that was friends with June back in the Boxxy stalking days got back in touch with her this year after not being in contact for a couple years.

Apparently they were chatting just fine at first. But then when June asked her how her life's been, and my friend talked about getting her master's degree and her job and writing a book and shit, June ghosted her after she asked what June's been up to.

No. 1232069

It costs nothing to not LARP. Especially if it’s unremarkable.

No. 1232168

File: 1621284340759.png (26.98 KB, 572x903, here's the screencap she gave …)

Did I fucking stutter?

>Especially if it’s unremarkable.

That's why I saged. You should learn to do it too.

No. 1232712

oof. retard.

No. 1233006

Kek anon this reminds me of when she made a whole video sperging about that findom girl. She doesn't get their 24/7 atm relationship

No. 1233177

File: 1621383581840.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 413.36 KB, 828x1170, B77155E6-470D-4762-8E23-5F7730…)

i guess june sensed a dip in her simp bux

No. 1233744

Imagine caring whether or not some scrote has a job

No. 1234215

You just KNOW that if someone unironically tweeted "every woman a queen" she'd make fun of them for it. Hypocrite.

No. 1235124

This makes me irritated because it's fucking true. I genuinely hope she reads lolcow and has her depression worsen

No. 1235162

She doesn't care. She gets paid to pretend to care about scrotes.

No. 1235260

Uh-oh, the old gray mare she ain't what she used to be

No. 1235886

File: 1621712610167.jpeg (349.38 KB, 815x792, cringe.jpeg)

>I love men

No. 1235910

This shit sounds dumb as hell wtf is he trying to say “actually men are discriminated because they don’t get asked to take a sexy insta pic out of nowhere because that’s totally how girls spend all their time” June is such a pick me she’s devolved into complimenting raggedy hick boys who go fishing and think killing things is a fun personality trait. Aw uwu those boys just needed someone to care and be nice. Getting dumped only made her double down, she must be desperate

No. 1235921

You all keep trying to find some kind of logic in her behavior, she will literally say nonsense all day long as long as it panders to men and makes them think she is a based "not like other girls" girl.

No. 1235925

it's crazy how Pick Me's like Shayna and Shoe, always get Picked by disgusting scrotes or not at all.
The type of dudes she's pandering too aren't decent men. I love that for her.

No. 1235928

holy fuck men will take something as innocent as girls taking pictures while hanging out and spin it into some great injustice towards them. Ask your friend to take your fucking picture, bro. It's not hard. Or what? Is that too gay or some dumb shit? Men are absolutely pathetic. They literally stand in their own way and get mad at women about it.

Men love to joke about how women don't get on but they also complain when they get on too well and it makes them feel bad about their own shitty friends.

No. 1235938


As someone who was a part of the "sphere," I used to be jealous of her because I was working hard on my education, poor, stuck with a depressing life. She seemed like she had it all.

If Shoe was actually friendly and kind, I probably would have felt more happiness at her success/been inspired by her. She was a bully and only cared about male attention back then too…

These days I feel so much schadenfreude when I check in on her. She's depressing. I simply can't imagine being alone, single, friendless, and terminally online from my childhood bedroom at 30. It's so sad.

No. 1236022

Misread "neutralized" for "neutered" for a moment and it would have made the tweet x100000 better.

No. 1236099

File: 1621748321050.jpeg (238.5 KB, 1242x1300, 4D360D35-4D16-456F-BC07-DC3B9D…)

Will she an hero on her 30th anons? I imagine she will spend the whole day crying and maybe make a joke because she’s ToTaLLy iN oN iT!! on twitter

No. 1236106

Remember when she used to say "I'm the nicest person I know" back then? It always made me wonder how few people she knew if that was really true. At least she's self aware enough now not to say that anymore.

No. 1236354


No but I believe it. She was always a super contradictory person in retrospect.

Like how she acted as if she didn’t want attention or to be called the queen of /m/. Then did everything she could to be the center of attention on that board.

I also remember her offering to exchange nudes for guys to show pictures of their faces to her, then acting like she was above girls who publicly posted nudes.

That always made me think the trad persona was a cope. She never managed her hair pulling, left her mom and dad’s house and only attracted men who were losers. She could make being inexperienced seem like her choice during her trad larp phase.

No. 1236693

File: 1621830981506.png (221.87 KB, 796x862, Screenshot_20210524-003321.png)

Shoe was going really hard against leather daddies at pride when she literally posted a picture of Greg holding her leash on twitter.com for everyone and God to see.

Her whole identity used to be kink what ground does she have to stand on.

No. 1236696

“oh no, me getting a few minutes of attention and notoriety for having a dumb ill informed opinion about something i’m a hypocrite about? i wouldn’t want that to happen oh please noooo”

No. 1236701

What's dumb or ill-informed about what she said though? She's a hypocrite, but what she's saying isn't unreasonable or even weird.
Am I missing something?

No. 1236704

June is just saying whatever gets her asspats from her scrotes.

No. 1236729

File: 1621844610539.png (1.76 MB, 2626x1054, june.png)

She's right, but only because she is pandering to the rightwing scrotes now. She is a huge hypocrite who forced everyone, including children who might see her marked SFW content, to her dumb BDSM kink.

No. 1236745

i think she knows it was cringe but even a while before her and preg broke up they pretty much stopped referencing it. i think she is embarrassed over it and likely wouldn’t broadcast it if she found a new scrote.
that being said, she never really acknowledged “i did this and it was cringe” or denounced it. not like she absolutely has to address it but i feel like i would just to say hey uhh sorry that was weird wasnt it? but ive never been e “famous” (lol a stretch for shoe) myself

No. 1236788

why would she denounce it? she might still hope for preg to come back and actually miss all this cringey shit

No. 1236905

Here's another take:

Pride is an adult event and it has been for decades now. The real weirdos are the parents bringing their children to a parade that is INTENDED to celebrate SEXUALITY.

No. 1236967

I would be fine with pride parades being an “adult” event. But unfortunately many organizers shill these events as family friendly.

No. 1237020

Longism making her more tradcon?

No. 1237033

It's out in public. If you want to host an event "without children" you need to do it inside a building and have someone at the entrance controlling who is allowed inside.

Honestly pride is so fucking gross and degenerate that it is doing the absolute opposite of what it intends to do. You are just showing the world that gay people are dangerous to children and can't keep their dicks in their pants in public because they are hypersexual perverts.

Sexuality does not need to be expressed by having sex in public and wearing fetish gear, sicko.

No. 1237101


yea?? because there are gay parents with children and also gay teenagers who go to pride

No. 1237205

this is like that one cringe tumlr post "erection is basically a penis blushing uwu boys are so cute"

No. 1237208

One thing you need to know about phalloids is that they absolutely LOATHE seeing women have fun, especially if it's in a way that doesn't involve men in any way.

No. 1238192

File: 1621997036564.png (506.48 KB, 1080x1617, Screenshot_20210525-224204~2.p…)

No. 1238194

File: 1621997059649.png (442.78 KB, 796x1168, Screenshot_20210525-224301.png)

No. 1238200

well this should be interesting

No. 1238202

Gay minors exist, anon. Pride is being marketed to children as well, not just adults. Also, why are kink and homosexuality conflated? The BDSM community has no shortage of heterosexuals, along with the fact of consent being a big part of the whole movement, this take seems purposely obtuse.

No. 1238226

imagine getting called out and rekt by sarah z of all people

No. 1238231

Celebrating sexuality (I would argue it’s more identity based) is different from celebrating your sex life and freak fetishes. BDSM has nothing to do with the concept of pride and like many others have said isn’t exclusive to gay people anyway so why even care to include it. It makes it seem like gay guys are all into weird leather/latex shit and swinging their dick around as if there’s somehow a need to be prideful over that. Like you don’t see lesbians in the street fingering each other or dudes getting pounded in the butt just because that’s related to LGBT sexuality.

No. 1238234

didnt shoe have the "pedophilia is a side kink" take, on that askfm site? sounds like she's is projecting alittle

No. 1238236

File: 1621999509428.jpg (73.76 KB, 538x566, side kink.jpg)


didn't she call pedophilia a "side ki->>1238234

No. 1238239

KEK shoeonhead's bitch ass is just probably going to ignore this

No. 1238301

unfortunately so. i was hoping for at least some drama lol

No. 1238316

funnily enough, her age will be the least of her problems. plenty of women have no problem finding a good man in their 30.

any potential boyfriend will see her internet presence and history early on. when she was with preg her personality revolved around him. if she was just a generic onlyfans thot who didn't advertise herself as a doormat she'd be better off, but at one point another man was a part of her online persona.

plus she has no life experience, no skills, not even a job, and lives with her parents. she lives her life online. if she ever somehow finds a boyfriend, he will be at her same level (or somehow below) and won't have shit going for him in life. and of course any relationship she manages to get into won't last long because of her past. a relationship with june would have more baggage than an airport

No. 1238344

File: 1622019172572.png (1.67 MB, 1472x2000, kids_at_pride.png)

Personally I enjoy seeing June get a dose of reality from the community she so vehemently defends and likes to pretend she is a part of. Oh no the tranny commie degenerates who thirst after dickgirls and make their "queer sexuality" their entire identity are… degenerate? The people whose entire twitter timeline is porn and lolicon have no moral values and don't care about protecting kids? I am so shocked!

Honestly surprised tho that horse dong lover and age-of-consent debater Vaush is on her side in this.

I do think however that she is only taking this stance to pander to the right and find a trad husbando. She never cared about exposing kids to kink and was proud of being a gross BDSM degen in public, I just don't think this change in stance is genuine cause she is still friends with trannies and people like Lilith Lovett.

Picrel are some of the tweets she has curated.

No. 1238346

how does she manage to attract the worst adherents of every political spectrum?
This is chronic, debilitating pickmeism.

No. 1238347

The absolute compensation for her average looks. A misandrist woman who is more conventionally attractive would get picked before her.

No. 1238350

>we should ask the kid
I'm gonna kms

No. 1238352

File: 1622020978940.png (136.86 KB, 1152x374, fetish.png)

>why are kink and homosexuality conflated
Because a lot of homosexuals build their entire identity around their sexuality and their fetishes.

Only like 1.5% to 2% of men are gay, but 1 out of 4 fetishists are gay men. Gay men are more likely to have some kind of fetish, so there is absolutely a correlation.

source: https://labs.la.utexas.edu/mestonlab/sexual-paraphilias/

No. 1238367

>can be attracted to grown women still
june basically admitting that pedophilia is a mostly straight male thing. if it wasnt, she would have said attracted to grownups.

No. 1238369

Damn, she's got a point. Shoe only selectively cares about forcing people to be party to bdsm cringe.

No. 1238379

>Ask your friend to take your fucking picture, bro. It's not hard.
Yeah, exactly. He's infantilizing men.
>"Do your buddies ever just hit you with a "you're looking fresh af today let me take a pic"?"
But where is the bromance that guys keep talking about? Kekking

No. 1238382

Our society used to have an unshakeable agreement that yes, if children can even CONCIEVABLY be exposed to an adult activity, the activity should be stopped or relocated to a place where children cannot go. Why is this even a debate? Peak 2021

No. 1238383

Imo pride should have a zero tolerance policy for minors, including gay teens, because of how sexually predatory and explicit the subject matter is at pride. Anyone who's ever gone knows it's an adult party for fucking and being degenerate. No one under 18 should even be allowed to attend. If anything there should be a separate pride for teens or something.

No. 1238388

Because being proud to be gay means you need to wear fetish gear and get ass-fucked on a dick-shaped parade float and since kids can be gay I guess they need to learn what the future holds for them? At least that seems to be their argument.

No. 1238390

I wish she had brought up the "pedophilia is a side kink" take, lmao.

No. 1238400

Sarah Z has a point in Shoe's hypocrisy, but she seems to be defending having kids around Pride. How is having a cheap AliExpress choker comparable to having a full BDSM leather outfit? It reminds me of Vaush's defense to CP: "Well, if it's okay to buy computers made with child labor, we should make it legal to buy CP to be morally consistent."

So Sarah Z doesn't think that there is nothing inherently wrong with June's tweet or public sex life, it's just that she should shut up and let kids go to Pride to learn about BDSM from gay people. If you don't agree, you are homophobic.

No. 1238406

I need to stop checking this thread because it's a just pure dose of depression. Every time it's some sort of sexual deviancy being tolerated or even praised. I hate it here.

No. 1238418

Sarah Z just said that bc she’s terrified of being accused of having an opinion lmao. she stepped into a conversation that she had no business being a part of because she’s clearly not a lesbian or bisexual no matter how much she wants to be but god forbid she lose a single follower/subscriber for daring to shame june’s vanilla ass kink in the process.

No. 1238432

Public sex doesn't happen at pride you nonnies. The reason people are pushing back on the "no kids at pride" thing is bc all those things don't even happen in the first place. It's a parade for fucks sake

No. 1238441

nobody's teaching kids about BDSM at pride? if you can't take the 5 seconds to explain that the man in the leather puppy costume is playing pretend with his friends and then redirect to the colorful Chase Bank float or the people doing flips on those trampoline stilts or any of the other 5 million things going on at a pride parade that's on you.

No. 1238443

why is there a guy in a leather puppy costume in the first place?

No. 1238447

because the guys in the leather puppy suits have been at pride and doing shit for the gay community longer than both the people on stilts and the chase bank floats. Why come to something that's been going on for decades and then demand that it cater to your kid though? the past few years there's been an upswell of both sober and all ages events during pride week; I don't see why those people can't either go to those events with their kids or make more of them if they're so uncomfortable.

No. 1238448

Kinks like that are degeneracy and it is not a normal human sexuality to act like a fucking puppy. It totally shouldn't be out in public and certainly shouldn't be celebrated. People also don't want to be part of the perverts exhibition kink without their consent and you are dumb if you think those perverts don't get off on children seeing them.

No. 1238452

You sweet summer child. I've been going to pride since 2008, it absolutely happens and quite a bit. Mass amounts of alcohol, drugs, and condoms being handed out is a staple of Pride. Just the parade is one thing but the all day event is a whole other beast.

No. 1238458

When these guys started being active in the community, if they've been there so long, I'm sure being "kinky" was something different than it is in the 2021 world of hyperviolent on-demand fetish porn. If they really want to help the community and always have, shouldn't they call out how degenerate and unsafe these spaces have become? June is a hypocrite but defending gross BDSM fucks to be contrarian to her is just as silly.

No. 1238462

I've also been going that long. And people being fucked up and condoms being handed out still is not literally public sex. This whole thing is just normies freaking out about seeing leather daddies.

There ARE sex parties that are adjacent to pride but they're ticketed private 21+ events

No. 1238473

Glad we can agree that sexual degeneracy and forcing your kink onto others in public is an essential part of the homosexual identity.

I mean, you can not expect an adult gay man, sorry I mean a "leather daddy" to NOT wear his fetish gear in public! That's his whole personality and why he is there to begin with! Don't like gay people exposing themselves in the street and waving their dicks into the face of your kids? Vote conservative!

Thank you gay men fucking each other infront of kids, you just created more homophobes that will vote to have your rights taken away!

No. 1238481

>Men "playing" in leather puppy costume with friends
>People being fucked up
>Handing out condoms like candy
>Close to sex parties
I can't believe normies are not okay with their kids in Pride!

No. 1238484

Not only did she make tweets and post selfies she made this entire video talking about her BDSM relationship. She's such a hypocrite.

No. 1238489

The sex parties are 21+ you dolt and they're not advertised on the street. The public part of it that everyone is so worried kids will show up to is just a parade with some loud gays in hot pants. Yall need to stop being mad about made up things

No. 1238492

Yes sure, hot pants, that's all. There's a even photo of a kid interacting with "leather puppy" fetishists upthread. Nice try minimizing it tho

No. 1238493

It sounds like you've never been. It's okay to admit you're wrong nonnie

No. 1238495

Uhh so don't take your kids to Pride then? The parades are on set routes and very well advertised. Pretty easy to avoid if it's not your thing. We have an even more insane and less child-friendly gay parade where we live (Southern Decadence) and we just don't take our kids downtown that weekend. This is such a dumb debate.

No. 1238500

I don't really get why there should be entire days specifically dedicated to BDSM exhibitionist fetishists where you shouldn't take your kids outside on certain streets or in certain areas unless you want them getting an eyeful of dick.
That has nothing to do with gay rights, being gay isn't a fetish lol.

No. 1238501

Exactly, kids don't belong in Pride and it's not homophobic to point that out. Shoe is a hypocrite, but she is not wrong about Pride.

No. 1238502

That's the thing though, you literally do not see dick at pride. That's illegal as it takes place in public. Stop perpetuating this idea bc it's dumb af and not even true.
Seeing a guy in a leather outfit or puppy mask =/= literally seeing dick or public sex

No. 1238503

…I literally saw a clip of a naked man at a pride parade walking past a kid (who looked disgusted). I don't know why you're lying, or why you're trying to downplay people walking around in full-on leather BDSM outfits and assless chaps in public.

No. 1238504

Okay? What you saw was a man committing a crime then and he should have been arrested. I'm a lesbian anon, I would not be still going to pride was wall to wall dick and buttsex. It's quite literally not
Also the second thing you mentioned is just clothes. Come on lol

No. 1238506

I listed those things as things that happen AS WELL as the public sex, which is very much there, and also foreplay happening very publicly. I dont think there is anything wrong with that stuff at Pride, it's an adult event.

No. 1238510

File: 1622048294002.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 129.51 KB, 332x500, 080629-78.jpeg)

>just clothes bro

No. 1238513

Wow look at all the children in that crowd who are scarred for life now lol

No. 1238514

File: 1622048524503.png (Spoiler Image, 7.06 MB, 2402x1847, pride_parade.png)

Clearly nothing wrong with this folx and if you disagree you're a bigot!

Also public sex never happens at pride!

No. 1238515

So, you want me to go and look for pictures of these people in front of children and post them here for you?
Can you like, give us your full name so we can make sure you're not in a sex offender registry? I'm not sure you're even legally allowed to be on a computer.
The point is: Being gay isn't a fetish, BDSMfags do not need entire days and public spaces cleared out for them, and kids shouldn't be seeing that shit. End of.

No. 1238517

>it's all gay men and trannies
what a surprise!

No. 1238518

Lesbians were literally the first to stand against pedophiles trying to link themselves to the gay rights movement (I think it was NAMBLA).
It's a shame that so many are brainwashed handmaidens to horny scrotes now.

No. 1238522

File: 1622049188987.jpg (Spoiler Image, 25.99 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (1).jpg)

>Wow look at all the children in that crowd who are scarred for life now lol
Look at this child literally being groomed to twerk for adults at pride, wholesome!

No. 1238526

holy shit the kid's face in the bottom left, you couldn't have found a better pic to prove your point if you tried

No. 1238528

Thanks anon, I didn't want to find that shit again but it proves the point.
It feels like we're in the fucking twilight zone. How can anyone defend this?

No. 1238531

Exactly- don't bring your kids to pride. It's that simple.

It is an adult event known for these spectacles. I remember my parents wouldn't allow me to go to a pride parade until I was 18. I had no issue with that because it simply wasn't appropriate for my age.

I did not NEED this parade to feel accepted, although I was extremely excited when I got to go to my first parade. It did not change my life or anything, though, it was just like a precursor to being allowed admittance to queer bars.

As I've gotten older, I've been more shocked that people are bringing their children. It wasn't a huge thing until maybe 5 years ago? I noticed it is primarily straight couples standing on the sidelines with their kids. If they're personally okay with their children seeing things- that's on them. Not the people in the parade.

No. 1238532

Oh my god I'm gonna throw up. Does anyone know where these pictures are from? I've been to pride three times and I never saw anything close to this, maybe because I'm in a relatively conservative country? The most sexual thing I ever saw was shirtless guys dancing on a float

No. 1238533

Shoe isn't telling people kids don't belong at pride. She's saying they DO belong at pride, and it's on people attending pride to make it a more kid-friendly event.

No. 1238534

Yeah I think the kids thing was recent. I went to my first pride back in 2010 and I didn't see any kids there. At the most I only saw a handful of babies but I mean, they're babies so yeah. But absolutely no kids and especially not kids twerking…

No. 1238536

What kind of retard parents are bringing their children to these events.

No. 1238538

File: 1622050137160.png (Spoiler Image, 4.2 MB, 1824x1366, lesbians_at_pride.png)

Don't worry, I made you one with lesbians as well, cause I know you anonitas will appreciate seeing these wholesome ladies at pride.

No. 1238539

This isn't really answering why BDSM kink should be promoted as if it's part and parcel of being gay. You don't need to be gay to be a BDSM fetishist, and tons of gay people aren't, so what's the defense for blocking off entire public sectors just for that demographic and having to make people keep their kids away to avoid them having to see shit like >>1238514?

No. 1238541

The only point you're proving is that the people who want to bring their children to pride are probably committing covert incest by exposing their children to sex at too young of an age.

It's definitely an adult event. It should stay that way.

No. 1238542

>What kind of retard parents are bringing their children to these events.
Probably normies who think pride is about gay people not being ashamed of who they are and celebrating a different way of life who didn't expect it to be a complete fuck-fest of degenerate fetishes?

At least that's what I thought pride was about. It's open in public and some people might just be on their way to fucking work coming across this. What fools!

No. 1238544

They aren't, that's why this whole debate is so stupid. There's not unassuming families showing up at pride in the first place so the "think of the children!" angle is a complete nonissue

No. 1238545

How about you have your gay gang-bang indoors in a convention center? You know, where there is a guard at the door making sure no kids are allowed in and not in the middle of the street where a kid coming home from school might walk by. But it is about beeing seen by the public isn't it? The whole point is that everyone has to see it, right?

No. 1238547

It's an event celebrating sexual identity. That's quite literally what it is.

So there are people being open about their alternative sexual interests. If you do not want your children exposed to sex at a young age, do not go to an even celebrating sex.

Pride is very easy to avoid. The roads are closed off for it. Because it's a parade.

Perhaps the posters could say "18+" on them but I don't think the people attending are really like, "WOW I WASN'T EXPECTING THIS."

No. 1238548

Pride isn't on a school day. Parades can't be held in a convention center.

No. 1238550

queers are never gonna get rid of this sex weirdo image, will they? During Obama era the call for lgbt rights was that they aren't a fetish, and sex isn't everything about them. I don't get how this is supposed to help

No. 1238551

I guess you expect people to lock up their kids on gay gang-bang day? If you want to hold a parade to celebrate your gayness maybe you can try not having public sex at it and being in fetish gear. You can literally not have it both ways.

>b-b-ut how will people know I am gay and not ashamed if I don't have anal sex in public?!

Sad to see that you can not celebrate your sexuality without actually having sex infront of people.

No. 1238553

The only people who believe in that image are conservatives who have never lived side-by-side with a gay person.

Most gays are normies and it's so obvious when they're your neighbors, coworkers, etc.

No. 1238554

Honestly most of these pics are probably from Folsom Street Fair which is 21+ and does have public sex but it's fenced off and ticketed

No. 1238555

You're not even worth engaging with because of the level of strawmaning.

No. 1238556

Why are you watering down the meaning of LGBT to just "alternative sexual interests"? What is your problem?

No. 1238559

Amazing how the thread went from "penises in public, that never happens, you should try actually going to pride" to "oh, well, kids shouldn't be there anyway" once pictures were posted lmao

No. 1238562

A group of people screaming "look at me! look at me! look at me! telling people "if you don't like it, just don't look and hold your kids eyes closed too" is really hilarious.

Sorry alphabets, this shit makes you look horrible and instead of defending it you should probably try to convince your fellow sexual deviants to reign it in a bit if they want public acceptance and to be seen as "just another normal person".

No. 1238567

File: 1622051452595.png (414.72 KB, 800x442, tumblr_33caa6fa2d9060d1ebf32b7…)

@ everyone itt arguing if kids should be at pride or not

No. 1238571

Can you fucking spergs get back on topic about June or just stfu about how much you hate gay people? Nobody cares.

No. 1238574

Uglier misandrists than her get picked by better males.

Shoe herself would be more likely to get picked if she was a misandrist. Moids don't really like to be pandered to.

No. 1238577

not wanting to see fetish gear and naked people in public is hating gay people?

No. 1238581

June said that children don't belong in Pride >>1236693, then pedophiles >>1238344 and retards like Sarah Z >>1238192 called her homophobic.

No. 1238585

Neither june nor anons hate gay people for thinking degenerates should keep their degeneracy at home, wtf. Drop this narrative. This is finally one of her better, least scrote tier takes.

No. 1238615

Lesbians were some of the first people lobbying the gay community to tone it down with the degeneracy so the LGBT could be more palatable to the public.

No. 1238687

Last night Destiny (someone who used to be fairly close to Vaush up until recently) made an interesting comment about Vaush/Shoe's relationship, saying that it is likely they are going to publicly announce they are dating soon. tbh feel like he wouldn't say this if he wasn't at least semi confident of it.

Im not sure how to publicly upload the clip on here, it says file too big. hope this works, maybe someone can repost it in case it gets taken down.

What do yall think?


No. 1238701

I'm still thinking about that anon who said vaush would leave her for a horse kek

No. 1238713

I don’t disagree with her take on this but I do think there’s an argument to be made that her hypocrisy over exposing minors and nonconsenting adults to bdsm only being bad when she can dunk on the gays could still be born out of homophobia. Of course, it could just be June having no real sense of morality beyond what she can use to appeal to her scrote du jour.

No. 1238716


He said he guesses they'll be dating within 3 months.

Vaush is already doing the thing narcs like to do where they put down the object of their affection, create distance, then hoover object of affection back in.

She's already in a cycle of abuse with him- why not make it official with a relationship.

No. 1238717

Also, be the change you wish to see? Take your friends pics and maybe they'll start taking yours? Complement your friends and maybe they'll start complementing you back? Oh thats gay? STFU then, you're the root of your own problems.

No. 1238751

Most have their genitals covered and 0 are engaging in public sex. Closest being masturbation. These are not the same things

No. 1238783

Imagine dating a tranny chasing, horsecock loving, woman hating, ugly idiot like Vaush. Shoe comes off desperate, then again, I don't think there's any bigger youtubers/personalities who want her.
It's only weirdo nobody scrotes on twitter. So I guess vaush is as big as it's going to get for her.

No. 1239341

true, he could actually make her relevant again

No. 1239342

Isn't Destiny a huge drama whore and known for spreading bullshit around …?

No. 1239359

i mean yeah but his point makes sense. vaush broke up with his gf of like 7 years who he was in an open relationship with who still lives with him and his manager and has been sucking up to shoe… it just makes sense lol

No. 1239360

he was in an open relationship with some landwhale for 7 years, 2 months ago he broke it off with her. she would let him fuck other people and for a while he had two troons living with him as sex pets. after they broke up he hid it from his stream for like a month cuz his ex-gf does all the work/is the manager/generally is better liked by the community than vaush himself, and then backtracked and said she's still living w/ him and shes going to be his manager

No. 1239421

ok but that strap on fucking rules

No. 1239444

based. many gay men are pedos too. many gay men admit they were victimized by a gay pedo and that started their "awakening" to being gay(shit baiting)

No. 1239447

i think in the past june definitely had the perspective of not exposing kids to it but definitely did not care about exposing adults to it, like "wahh grow up VANILLAS" even tho most normal people dont wanna watch a couple even making out

No. 1239709

The one at the bottom in the middle with the pink hair is in the middle of being eaten out as others are holding her up. The top left are also engaging sex. Those are screenshots from videos, obviously I am not going to post the porn directly. But lesbians aren't any better than the gay men, plenty of them are just walking around completely naked.

No. 1239711

Found the degenerate twitterfag. BDSM is all about being ~safe sane and consensual uwu~ until it comes to exposing your fetish to nonconsenting adults and children in public spaces.

No. 1239737


Grow up. There's no such thing.

No. 1239838

Vaush’s audience is constantly calling her hot and attractive. Can’t wait till they start dating because you know her ego will be through the roof

No. 1239844

I think the bigger concern is the fact the parade itself has started marketing towards children in the past couple of years.

No. 1239898

File: 1622134890138.png (263.66 KB, 493x1344, Vaush.png)

>Honestly surprised tho that horse dong lover and age-of-consent debater Vaush is on her side in this.

He flipped his stance on this so he could defend shoe0nhead. (https://twitter.com/LiarShoe/status/1397043776313561088)

But there should be

Distinct lack of kids in those pictures nonnie. They're degenerate but it's not pedophilic.

But my response to shoe0nhead's take is the "Heartbreaking: The Worst Person You Know Just Made A Great Point" meme.

No. 1239934

Don't see lesbians fisting eachother in public at pride the way fags do but if you say so

No. 1239935

fuck you mods, i was serious lol. and i got trips. up urs(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1239938

all gays are pathetic and weird and have unstable lives, get over it. straights only tolerate you

No. 1239944

Really doesn't sound like you have any room to judge on that front, retard kek. Only desperate moids tolerate you. Kill yourself.

No. 1239945

actually i can have an opinion whether you want me to or not. and i will continue to have it so seethe.

No. 1239948

You're a deranged, friendless cunt with 80 distinct personality disorders and are completely out of touch with the straight normie demographic your larping as. Why must you shit up the thread with your OT opinion like anyone gives a fuck? k e k

No. 1239961

Degenerate gay men are degenerate by the fact that they are male not becuase of their gayness.

Lesbians ain’t out there embarrassing women as a whole because surprise surprise female sexuality isn’t fueled by disgusting awful bullshit.

No. 1239965

don't reply to bait ffs

No. 1240006

No. 1240011

Quit derailing and focus on the thread subject.

No. 1240129

To return to the lolcow in question,


You were right anon and she is self aware about it. She knows what appeals to her arguably not pedophilic scrote fans and sticks to it


No. 1240130


Stuck the wrong image and I'm an idiot who doesn't know how to delete

No. 1240132

File: 1622153242103.png (379.85 KB, 583x393, Capture.PNG)

To return to the lolcow in question,


You were right anon and she is self aware about it. She knows what appeals to her arguably not pedophilic scrote fans and sticks to it


No. 1240448

Only top left and bottom right are peter pan collars. Such a fashion expert.

Peter pan collars are ROUND.

No. 1240453

File: 1622190479731.png (1.86 MB, 2208x1392, simps.png)

Simps in replies cringe compilation

No. 1240816


She always does poses to make her eyes look huge when they're actually kinda small…

No. 1241330

Ikr. When you do it in every single picture, it just looks retarded

No. 1241361

File: 1622310361149.jpg (92.6 KB, 700x696, 1618613553784.jpg)

i wonder what they would say if she posted pics of her without the wigs. men will simp for ANYTHING even a baldy lol

No. 1241911

looks like preg is back to being disgusting on twitter. i mean, he had been in a sexless relationship since ending things with june so it shouldn't be surprising.

No. 1241945

RIP to those anons who were posting about how he'd "changed" and "grown" because he "finally found a woman he could respect", kek.

No. 1241997

nudity is sex apparently

No. 1242001

is this from a pride event or a bdsm event? this seems like a straight bdsm couple

No. 1242017

not everyone wants to see naked bodies on the street anon, we arent all perverts who think about what other peoples genitals look like. also the girl w/ pink hair and horrible roots at the bottom is getting eaten out so cope dyke.

No. 1242028

>we arent all perverts who think about what other peoples genitals look like

literally proving my point, lol
you're probably one of those weirdos who thinks breastfeeding in public is sexual too. not to mention, nobody except weirdos are arguing that public sex should be legal.

you come off as sexually repressed, usually people like that have the worst fetishes imaginable so keep projecting onto the gays, its great.(infighting)

No. 1242037

>not everyone wants to see naked bodies on the street anon
Don't ever visit Europe then, I don't think you'll be able to handle all the "perversion".

No. 1242040

NTA but do you think we just run around town naked?

No. 1242042

One of these days I’ll make a list of all the ridiculous shit people on lolcow claim happens in ~Europe~. I’m sure it’ll be a hoot at neighbourhood parties.

No. 1242052

Clothing is a social construct, educate yourself, bigot

No. 1242062

wat lol? retard. i don’t have fetishes, sorry i’m a nasty straight who has normal vanilla sex and i dont need a strapon lmao.
and comparing breastfeeding to just being naked for strangers to stare at? you are the gross one. one is necessary and the latter is just overtly sexual. there’s no reason to have your genitals out at a parade in public. do whatever you want behind closed doors. im not “projecting on the gays”, you just sound insecure. why so hypersexual?

No. 1242072

Which country? Iceland, Ukraine or Portugal?

No. 1242085

Nobody walks around in public naked in Europe you dumb Amerimong. We have some nude beaches that are decladed as such and seperated from normal beaches but that's about it.

No. 1242107

this is an imageboard, anon

No. 1242124

Yeah, nothing sexual about walking around half-naked in nothing but a harness, leather panties and/or a massive strap-on. Just clothes, only a bigot would see a problem.
Please. Show up to work, a retirement home or a local school like that. I'm sure it'll go over swimmingly.

No. 1242138

??? No one walks around naked in Europe lmao what. Also there's no such thing as universally "European" customs or culture you ignorant burger

No. 1242287

>Breastfeeding is just like fucking in public or wearing bdsm gear in public

Found the degen. I bet you think it's like a blowjob or some other retarded shit pedo proponents of public nudity believe.

No. 1242582

i was referring to nudist beaches

germans walk around naked in parks
In Italy, I've seen braless women and their exposed nipples through their tank tops! the fucking horror… I didn't fucking care and I moved on with my life.

you're delusional if you think
i've said anything of that.
nobody should be for public sex but pieces of skimpy clothing at pride isnt going to traumatize anyone. You're espousing the same arguments used against about bikinis and speedos.

I don't see nudity as something inherently sexual. Nobody should be ashamed or ogled at for something that wasn't a problem to begin with until puritanism came along. Keep projecting pedophilia or perversion onto me though.

No. 1242584

Why are you conflating literal fetish wear with swimsuits and the natural body?

No. 1242590

>massive strap-ons
I am against bringing dildos or strap-ons to pride that shit is more of a health hazard.

my line of reasoning is this - fetish clothes empathize the figure of the person wearing it, and people wear skimpy swimsuits for the same reason. So what's the issue here?
All a kid knows is that the strange people are wearing costumes and they'll forget about it.
Noones arguing that children should be exposed nor educated about BDSM and shit like that; if a kid saw it, it's not going to be the end of the world for them, it's not a big deal. I would judge the parent more than the BDSM people at pride.(no1curr)

No. 1242599

>germans walk around naked in parks
No we fucking don't, good job falling for fucking clickbait. If someone was laying around completely naked they would be arrested in no time, especially if kids are around

No. 1242632

You are retarded. Nothing exists in a vacuum. Swimsuits are appropriate for the beach, that's the cultural norm, but fetish leather gear is appropriate only to be worn in private. There is a massive difference between swimsuits and fetish gear. Stop oversimplyfying. Holt shit.

No. 1242653

>There is a massive difference between swimsuits and fetish gear.

but both have the implications to be sexual. difference being the practice and the knowledge. children don't know or care, and nobodies advocating BDSM for children.
swimsuits are also a massive fetish, some people even think if you wear a bikini, you deserve to be raped.(move on)

No. 1242660

File: 1622446582407.jpeg (270 KB, 1170x1890, 9DEE1099-AE25-42D5-9BDC-5C1DE2…)

NTA, but he tweeted this recently

also can we move on from the clothing debate pls it’s actually getting tiring

No. 1242671

>Skimpy swimsuits are just like a latex dog outfit with an ass opening for a tail buttplug

Not sure if 'tism or just terminal twitteritis

No. 1242693

>swimsuits have the implications to be sexual
Lmao what? Just because it's possible to fetishize it doesn't make it inherently sexual. I know it's bait at this point but jfc you have to know how ridiculous the argument you're making is deep down right?

No. 1242698

Can you pride spergs just move on and ignore posts you disagree with or take it to your containment thread in /ot/ or something? No one wants to read literally days of pointless infighting about this

No. 1242765

Thanks anon! I’ve been avoiding this thread until the mass spergout is over. Who has time to sit in a thread debating the same retarded points for days?

No. 1242770

File: 1622465628004.png (174.01 KB, 347x347, IMG_20210531_145245.png)

>you deserve to be raped

No. 1242804

There is a thread on /ot/ to take the pride sperging to.


No. 1242809

Hasn't changed a bit, then

No. 1242965

File: 1622485833136.png (559.73 KB, 2200x1840, shuwu.png)

Since the thread is getting derailed, I decided to make some shuwu fanart - greetings from radfem!(mentally challenged fanart)

No. 1242996

The falling eyelash is a nice touch, anon

No. 1243102

WTF, why is this ban-worthy? What rule is this breaking? Honestly mods are fucking retards.

No. 1243106

Those sad sad women replying…

No. 1243141

Im really confused what “greeting from radfem” is supposed to mean

No. 1243164

probably "give me your tears shoe"

No. 1243174

i lived in chicago for a while and saw a ton of girls’ nipples through their shirts, that isnt a europe thing, lmao.

and clothes didn’t happen because of puritanism idiot. clothes became a thing to protect people from the elements. people got used to seeing naked bodies less and less. should we all walk around naked and expose ourselves to the elements again to “stick it to puritanism?” get offline and go outside you absolute tard(move on)

No. 1243265

this is based, mods must be having a bad day

No. 1243272

…Literally almost every threadpic is shuwu fanart, at this point it's customary. Tranny janny must have forgotten to dilate today

No. 1243633

I fucking knew greg would immediately go back to being gross. Men like him don't change, they just fake it for their new gf in the honeymoon period

No. 1243635

I know, “Greg won the breakup! He’s changed with the help of a GoOd WoMaN uwu” anons BTFO.

No. 1243650

Pretty sure preggory comes here and larps, ever since the shoe thread was started there's always been one specific preg simp who's always gassing him up

No. 1243652

Lol this. People have always made cow art memes, don't know why mods decided to do something about it this time

No. 1243711

Poor little Ollie

No. 1243847

File: 1622578311822.png (262.87 KB, 734x634, shoe_bo.png)

Apparently Bo Burnham has gone full communist and Shoe is simping.

The irony of a rich, straight white man whining about capitalism on his NETFLIX SPECIAL that you have to pay for to access escapes her.

No. 1243849

File: 1622578346749.png (548.85 KB, 663x780, vaush.png)

Or maybe she likes it because he took the Vaush-pill.

No. 1243852

i need to see left vaush without the beard
(but bo burnham looks the same)

No. 1243862

His cartoon portrayals of himself seem to be inspired by Yes Chad beard fetishism, so you can be sure that he's entirely chinless.

No. 1243865

File: 1622579485110.png (1.03 MB, 597x960, beard_be_gone.png)

Here, I tried to make your dream come true Anon.

No. 1243871

I honestly thought when skimming past that top right was pewdiepie

No. 1243931

if you didn't pick up his massive leftiness in… all of his other specials i don't know what to tell you anon

No. 1244014

Which online ersatz big brother for pimply teenage neckbeards doesn't look like pewdiepie

No. 1244098

Fuck you sceptic dont ruin my sign

No. 1244100

when did bo snap he's always this inflammatory

No. 1244153

File: 1622621627350.png (162.76 KB, 638x406, property.png)

There is a bit of a difference between beeing a lefty self-hating white male and being a communist who thinks private property is theft, don't you think?

Meanwhile he is a multi-millionaire living in Los Angeles, why don't you share your wealth with the poor? Bo? Shoe? Anyone? Yeah that's what I thought.

Commies are all larpers, of course June would eat this shit up.

No. 1244185

>protects the interests of the pedophilic corporate elite
I mean… is that necessarily a left-wing view? That's a basic component of beliefs espoused by Pizzagate/QAnon believers. Lots of sects of the political right often make disingenuous "attacks" on those who are in charge of society, too, while actively supporting or contributing to the structures that give the corporate elite their power in the first place. Right-wingers are known for touting how they "hate modern society" while also accusing any attempts to change and improve modern society of being ~evil degenerate Judeo-Satanic globohomo one-world-government brainwashing plans~. Hell, there have been multiple instances throughout US history of members of the US government garnering voters by positing themselves as "outside of the system" and "against the big guys"… despite being a member of the US government.

A right-winger or a lukewarm liberal throwing some vague mention of how he also hates cops into his cheap attempt to get attention through a streaming service doesn't make him a communist, or even remotely left-wing. It's depressing how the sociopolitical atmosphere in most Western countries is so dominated by the political right that thinking "maybe it was wrong of a government organization to assassinate a human rights activist" makes you considered a radical leftist or a communist, instead of just a rational person who experiences empathy. I don't have Netflix and don't care to watch whatever this is (and I'm not saying Bo Burnham is a right-winger) but it reeks of "affluent white male microcelebrity facing no real material struggles suddenly realizes there are social and economic issues in the world, and thinks he's a revolutionary who needs to be pat on the back just for realizing it."

No. 1244195

Watch the entire thing and come again. Apparently the whole show is like this.

No. 1244208

Thanks. That was as corny as I thought it'd be. It was on par with The Gravel Institute, the YouTube channel that makes videos explaining basic democratic socialist ideas, whose comments are always filled with baby leftists claiming that the channel "pwns the neolibs!!1!" despite the fact that none of their content explicitly subverts a neoliberal foundation and the ideas they describe as radical left-wing ideas to their mainly-American audience would be considered normal by the governments of certain European countries. (Democratic socialism is just "US capitalism is bad, but Europe capitalism is good" after all.) I don't think Burnham is a right-winger, not after that, but someone isn't immediately left-wing or a communist simply by making what could be perceived as an "attack" on the ruling class, given that right-wingers can make attacks that seem equally sincere to the untrained eye.

Maybe believing that capitalism is built on imperialism and genocide, murderous government organizations are bad, capitalism separates workers from the means of production, and private property is inherently theft - assuming he genuinely believes these things - does make someone a communist, but in that case, communism is just common sense. Do we pat people on the back for common sense?

Again, it reeks of
>"affluent white male microcelebrity facing no real material struggles suddenly realizes there are social and economic issues in the world, and thinks he's a revolutionary who needs to be pat on the back just for realizing it"
especially in the way the show's formatted as if the character is revealing some kind of deeply secret knowledge about the world, instead of knowledge of social, political, and economic disparities present in capitalism that marginalized groups have been aware of for decades, even centuries. With all due respect to Burnham, it's amazing how affluent white men are told that they're thought-provoking and cutting-edge for pointing about problems with society (in a format intended to be humorous, on a service that has to be paid for, just as a flex of privilege) that people from historically marginalized groups have been aware of and have been deplatformed, silence, jailed, and even killed for trying to fight against 30 years ago.

That's more of a critique of the current mostly-white mostly-American middle class internet-based "political left", though, not specifically him. I guess it could be argued that in the grand scheme, he's at least doing something to raise class consciousness, but you can only wonder if people like him, Shoe or Vaush really care about raising class consciousness, about any of the issues they discuss, or if they're just grifters and like every other thing they take interest in it's only because they want to seem intelligent and want people to pay attention to them. It's less "I want to raise class consciousness" and more "I want people to tell me I'm smart for knowing about class."(Derailing)

No. 1244280

File: 1622650096668.jpg (171.44 KB, 783x1021, grifter.jpg)


She's "left" because being "left" is now trendy on internet. She was an alt-right panderer but jumped ship when criticism started piling up. Now she's pretending to be a wacky lefty but is still bothered by people who criticize her and almost every other day she whines about people seeing through her shit and tries to get asspats from her fanbase. If some anti-woman natsoc movement started getting popular and "accepted" she'd jump ship in a second.

No. 1244288

File: 1622651408684.png (333.88 KB, 1917x570, Screenshot (32).png)

I wonder if she regrets changing all her views except for the anti feminism shit now that channers are simping for terfs

No. 1244290

This isn't gonna end well for her

No. 1244318

>will fight your porn addiction
>has huge mommymilkers and is not afraid to show them

Bro she just wants you to buy HER porn. God men are so fucking dumb.

No. 1244344

She isn't actually a Tardthot though, other then less a dozen pics or so so, she rarely posts anything about her self
She's actually very popular on radfem twitter though

No. 1244348

File: 1622660712634.png (351.18 KB, 738x578, thot.png)

She's not trad, clearly. Just a thot.

Absolutely pathetic when you can only get attention for your hot takes on feminism by posting slutty selfies to 4chan.

No. 1244356

Posting yourself in mildly revealing sexy outfits (age appropriate ones not retarded pedo bait schoolgirl uniforms and maid dresses) is fine imo. If she sells porn/nudes it's news to me.

No. 1244357

No. 1244360

File: 1622661418131.png (454.57 KB, 738x692, jewfro.png)

Literally only because she has a short unkept jewfro.

No. 1244367

She's not an ewhore afaik, she's just a regular political twitter grifter who works (or worked?) for basically the Canadian version of Breitbart

No. 1244372

She has a cute face, way cuter than June's. Wish I could see June seethe over 4chan scrotes picking a big meanie terf over her.

No. 1244404

File: 1622665176669.jpg (39.03 KB, 640x639, sL2yoRy.jpg)

4chan scrotes will fuck literally anything including their dogs, parents, grandma and a tree that looks vaguely like a butt, if you think them wanting to fuck you is an accomplishment you have brainworms.

Fucking cringe handmaiden with a pol-tard clown avatar posting thirst-traps and selfposting on 4chan is not a feminist. She's as much of a feminist as pol-tards are saviors of the whuite race.


No. 1244412

Calm down, June.(Hi cow)

No. 1244477

what is her name?

No. 1244480

she's not wrong, though.

No. 1244484


It's Anna Slatz. She has some good takes on things.

No. 1244524

While I know nothing about this person I sure as shit know that selling your own porn and promoting self-objectification online makes you absolutely not a radfem

No. 1244526

she doesn't do either, she's actually very anti porn and onlyfans

No. 1244530

>she doesn't do either
She’s literally posting pictures with her tits popping out

No. 1244540

Agreed, this is what I was getting at. Radfems generally reject the idea of objectifying the female form for male sexual validation. Radfems generally reject women seeking personal value from their physical appearance because the idea that women SHOULD do this is patriarchal. This person doesn't know what their own ideology even means. Just another grifter

No. 1244614

She posted less then a dozen pics of herself over the course of years and they were mostly showing off her weight loss

No. 1244878

Calling women handmaiden over these things is such a bad nitpick. She posts actual feminist takes on her twitter and was accidentally discovered by a scrote. Living a life without ever seeking validation is sad, she probably didn't mind the idea of getting compliments from the lesbian radfem side of twitter even.

No. 1244888

Pretty sure they exist

No. 1244896

>was accidentally discovered by a scrote
If you can't see that the 4chan post is a self-post to advertise her twitter then… idk. Obviously using the "sexy" pictures too to get more scrote followers.

Honestly if she's using 4chan and pretends to be a TERF she's probably on here too and all this whiteknighting for her seems rather fishy.

"Look at this woman that June is totally jealous of!!!" Hm yeah, totally not selfposting either.

Just stop talking about this random thot, she's not in any way related to the thread topic.

No. 1244901

>Living a life without ever seeking validation is sad
Do you even know whose thread you are in? Thanks for pointing out that Anna and June have a lot in common.

No. 1244903

I'd argue there's a difference in the amount of validation they seek

No. 1244904

You want us to make you your own thread, or what? Nobody gives a shit about you, jewfro thot. Go back to 4chan to seek some more validation from coomers for being "not like the other TERFs" or whatever.

No. 1244906

i'm not sure we read the same post anon, or is it that you might have missed her saying "wow /r9k/ robots thank you for looking at my tits! thank you for all the attention"? might it be you also missed all the
>we have got a mommy GF
>im thinking we won
crap in the 4chan post?
because i don't understand how you'd read all that and come to the conclusion "well CLEARLY it's not this thot trying to milk all that sweet sweet male validation, all this love for her is completely natural and organic. it must be! surely she shouldn't be called a handmaiden for being so loved???"

where are the wires getting crossed exactly?

No. 1245109

No it's not.

It's not like she's wearing a tanktop in the hot summer and her tits happen to be out. She's wearing sexually provocative clothing and posing for the moids in a mirror selfie.

There's literally no reason to do that unless you're a pick-me.

No. 1245117

love how the jew hating poltards change their tune when a lost idiot woman who looks ethnically jewish panders to them. men have no true convictions when pussy they think they can get is involved. pathetic.

No. 1245495

Her last name has Israel as a second most common country, after the USA. 4channers are hypocrites but that's not news.

No. 1245512

Lesbians and bi girls exist and like looking at sexy women too. Idk why any remotely provocative picture has to automatically "for the moids"

No. 1245514

so porn induced, internalized male gaze is okay now? gtfoh. and again we're off topic so stop white knighting

No. 1245540

dykes are no better than coomers then lol. idgaf if you dykes foam at the mouth at titties too, coomers and dykes go to hell

No. 1245641


You're the one foaming at the mouth like a retard over a woman posting a few pictures of herself in a form fitting dress online. Do you also have a meltdown whenever a Filthy Whore posts pictures of herself wearing a bikini at the beach? Keep seething like a bitter incel because sexually attractive women exist.

No. 1245656

Straight women tend to objectify other women more than lesbians tbh. Then they become the June flavor of "bi" where they say they find women hot but have never been emotionally attracted or interested in another women.

There are definitely lesbians out there who ogle the same way men do, but honestly that tends to be super butch girls who are trying to seem masculine.

No. 1245658

i wasnt the person u were responding to lol, wasnt even part of that convo at all besides the comment about poltards. dumbass.

No. 1245661

>straight women objectify women more than lesbians
do you realize how retarded this statement is? lesbians on this site literally tinfoil every female cow posted as a lesbian secretly because they are doing wishful thinking. people ogle people they are sexually attracted to, straight women don’t OGLE a woman the way a woman sexually attracted to her would. get a brain please

No. 1245669

shut the fuck up and stay on topic, radfake clown.

No. 1245676

radfake, never heard that one before lol. what a poor attempt at a “gotcha”. you don’t have to be a radfem or even a feminist to dislike june or make fun of her failure of a life. her “anti feminist” beliefs are just grifting for the purpose or making men like her anyway.

No. 1245681

Anna Slatz thread

No. 1245682

Sooo countdown to her 30th birthday!!!

No. 1245836

Wig needs to do something interesting so her threads don't devolve into debates about pride and fake jew radfems. Hopefully she melts down when she officially turns 30.

No. 1246099

Wonder if she'll finally realize what a huge mistake it was to waste her 20s pandering to moids online and dating a fat misogynistic loser instead of getting an education, starting a career, or developing any useful skills whatsoever…even going the tradwife route is looking bleak since most of the men interested in a submissive houseslave/baby maker see women as used up by 30. Like, does she think she can keep living off her parents and YouTube revenue for the rest of her life??

Correct me if I'm wrong but AFAIK she hasn't /ever/ had a job. Her situation is pretty dire. Good luck trying to find decent work as a 30 something with a blank resume and no degree, kek

No. 1247706

nah iirc her mom is in some kind of makeup business and june was able to weasel herself a Benefit counter job at her local mall for a few years. she has told stories about it and shit. but yeah she hasn't had a job since, and that was probably ten years ago or more when she worked that job.

No. 1247935

File: 1623013912976.jpg (366.55 KB, 1080x1844, Screenshot_20210606-160847__01…)

wig and the amazingautist having a retarded argument about globalism where he brings up the fact that the borders she's so adamantly defending were part of the reason she and preg broke up

No. 1247938

File: 1623014002760.jpg (376.69 KB, 1080x1862, Screenshot_20210606-160856__01…)

unironically parroting alex jones

No. 1247939

shoe accusing someone /else/ of fostering parasocial relationships? talk about the pot calling the kettle black

No. 1247988

Do you think she'll go dark or delete on her birthday?

No. 1248103

File: 1623024101289.png (131.57 KB, 630x630, 17650730_0.png)

She'll pretend to be fine with it by making a joke but it's going to eat her up inside. Too many young people never really seem to believe they'll be old one day

No. 1248110

File: 1623024781258.jpg (122.73 KB, 1080x691, Screenshot_20210606-161839__01…)

her new (I think?) twitter bio is so cringe. "bimbo populist" "I will never read a book" joking about your very obvious lack of intelligence isn't cute, June. it's just pathetic.

No. 1248114

samefag but I just realized EMAK stands for "every man a king". wonder if she'll still feel that way when her incel simps inevitably abandon her for being an old unmarried hag the second she turns 30

No. 1248145

Fitting style for someone with Peter Pab syndrome

No. 1248154


Huey Long is a right-wing dog whistle. Shoe is retarded.

No. 1248257

Why do commiecows love the word "parasocial" so much

No. 1248270

you can tell how terminally online someone is by how often they misuse it

No. 1248329

Fuck this unholy timeline

No. 1248345

File: 1623049173371.jpg (14.84 KB, 719x155, 20210607_085924.jpg)

barely related but I wish Wendigoon would stop trying to get in her pants. Like aren't you a Christian taken man?? I expected better from him

No. 1248358

File: 1623051196841.jpg (233.23 KB, 1080x919, IMG_20210607_092031.jpg)

Hate men. His girlfriend is so much prettier than June too.

No. 1248559

She's not just being unintentionally retarded, she followed all the former leftthots (who are mainly conservatives, interact with prominent rw figures, etc.) and is moving toward being an "anti-left" twitter personality as well, because it's getting more popular than being a fake internet socialist. The populist thing, bimbos, anti-globalism, Huey Long, and generally more conservative views are all part of that scene's aesthetics. It's just June shifting her ideology to what is lucrative and popular again.

No. 1249037

File: 1623109084082.jpg (301.35 KB, 1080x1769, Screenshot_20210607-183432__01…)

why does she always insert herself into the most autistic and deranged discussions imaginable

No. 1249039

What happened to "pedophilia and zoophilia are side kinks", june?

No. 1249051

she's so fucking stupid god damn

No. 1249147

I see horse pleasurer Vaush is out of the picture

No. 1249906

File: 1623180055322.jpg (257.38 KB, 1080x1286, Screenshot_20210608-142040__01…)

No. 1249907

File: 1623180089584.jpg (304.09 KB, 1080x2107, Screenshot_20210608-142045__01…)

No. 1249924

Hot take June over here defending factory farming with the “muh natural caveman DNA” argument. Plus furries are so weird haha everyone agree with this overwhelmingly popular opinion!

No. 1250002

you hate this tard so much you think it's okay to fuck animals now?

No. 1250015

Ntayrt but I'm assuming the first person at least just means she's retarded for consistently getting into the dumbest arguments imaginable on twitter instead of doing literally anything else with her time.

No comment on the vegan sperg though

No. 1250019

guessing she deleted that bc she realized that she will in fact be a 40 yr old woman in 10 years, which she usually copes with by lying to herself 90% of the time. good luck larping as a teenage girl when you've got crows feet, shoe.

No. 1250208

File: 1623201558972.jpg (375.06 KB, 1080x1862, Screenshot_20210608-195735__01…)


No. 1250234

Uh no but nobody thinks it’s okay except one little tiny fringe group of freaks that are already the laughingstock of internet culture. It’s not even worth commenting on because the poll is retarded and of course everyone is going to say “well yes it is different because my behavior is the norm”

No. 1251209

File: 1623281080204.jpg (169.24 KB, 1080x1334, Screenshot_20210609-181304__01…)

idk why she bothers to condemn shit like this as if she isn't a known degenerate who hangs out with other degenerates. She had a very public ddlg pedo incest roleplay dynamic going on with preg until recently, thinks actual pedophiles aren't a problem as long as it's just a "side kink", and doesn't seem to mind that vaush is a confirmed sexual predator and horse fucker who thinks possession of CP shouldn't even be a crime. love the hypocrisy as always, June.

No. 1251273

I'll have to go digging to find it, but I swear Shoe tweeted that incest was chill between two consenting adults while she was dating preg.

No. 1251402

Wait why is vaush a confirmed sexual predator?

No. 1251449

why is she even calling out an obvious troll account?

No. 1251451

File: 1623302587775.jpg (158.44 KB, 1080x1025, Screenshot_20210609-222134_Chr…)

She's trying to say more than 10 years? 10 years was generous, she looks just like this lady now

No. 1251752

File: 1623342507292.jpg (70.8 KB, 481x803, Capture.JPG)

desperate need for beta bucks

No. 1251834

what do you mean "why"? he is lol

No. 1251858

File: 1623348866626.jpg (200.71 KB, 1080x755, Screenshot_20210610-130843__01…)

being a 30 yr old chronic NEET that lives online and never leaves your bedroom isn't quirky or cute, june, it's just sad and pathetic. god what a self drag

No. 1251866


iirc there are some discord screenshots floating around of him being a total sex pest to a girl who's clearly weirded out by it, but who needs consent when you've got an army of brocialist simps to defend every retarded thing you say and do

No. 1252320

File: 1623369522729.jpeg (403 KB, 749x1287, A9E09D49-8557-4892-BEA9-BF0CC3…)

She must really hate the idea of getting older.

No. 1252421

are you fucking stupid?
because she has no value other than her youth. She's well aware it's all she has. Bitch don't even have hair.

No. 1253364

File: 1623451061981.jpg (115.4 KB, 749x1124, 20210611_173041.jpg)

She posted this on her twitter today with the caption "found my old Instagram, nothing has changed" god this shit drives me up the wall. Why would you idealize relationship dynamics based on women being subservient in every regard and having absolutely no financial power nor the ability to press charges for marital rape (wasn't even illegal till the 60s) and very limited resources for severe physical abuse??

Of course if this were anyone else I'd assume this kind of "I wish I was a submissive 50s tradwaifu!1" schtick was just a dumb joke but this is shuwu so of course she's dead serious.

No. 1253371

Shes begging for alt right trad simps to coddle her and want her despite hitting 30 with nothing to show.

No. 1253381

she suffers from the same cognitive dissonace of neet fat gamers who idolize super trad masculity. sad

No. 1253401

its really so embarrassing how she thinks having zero character growth is something to proud of

No. 1253402

>have a delicious dinner ready
cooking pasta in a pot isn't "dinner", you don't know how to cook
>listen to him, let him talk first
funny because in her videos with greg he was pretty quiet and she would babble all the time
>encourage the children to be quiet
what children?
>clear away the clutter
bitch we have seen your bedroom and incapability to clean. you arent fooling anyway
>be refreshed when he arrives home
put on wig, slather on pounds of makeup, put your unwashed aliexpress ~uwu~ generic skirt on

she has to be joking. You Will Never Be a Housewife. its funny how pandering to the left didnt get her a husband and now she is pandering to pol yet again. it wont fucking work june, they hate coalburners, women into ddlg, and they like women in their early 20s not someone that in 11 days will be 30 lol

No. 1253418

Genuinely it's so hilarious that her cope for ruining her chances of ever joining the work force (zero marketable skills, an empty resume, and no education) is shitting on "girl boss" career women and making it her ambition to be a trad housewife…AND SHE CAN'T EVEN DO THAT RIGHT.

Shoe, you're 30 years old with no boyfriend, you have no cooking or housekeeping skills, and you don't have the emotional maturity and selflessness required to raise children. Not to mention that you're bald, astonishingly stupid, have no hobbies aside from larping as an edgy "leftist" online and pandering to basement dwelling scrotes, have a ten year internet trail of degeneracy, and are a desperate pickme that no halfway decent man would choose to be his wife and the mother of his children. It's over for you. You're going to have to settle for a bottom of the barrel loser who will inevitably dump you. You just might be lucky enough to get a job as a greeter at walmart before the cps takes away your child. This is the future you've created for yourself.

No. 1253434

I was just about to ask does Shoe even know how to cook?

No. 1253435

File: 1623456206437.jpg (41.69 KB, 600x600, st,small,507x507-pad,600x600,f…)

Tbh June is literally the definition of "gaslight, gatekeep, girlboss."

>Created a brand around herself

>Hustles for whatever side has the most coin
>Makes enemies with random nobodies on twitter to market herself

No. 1253440

File: 1623456372050.png (89.55 KB, 1256x436, homemaker.png)

She can't do any of these things…

No. 1253455

ew don't associate a funny and based meme with her

No. 1253480

>marital rape (wasn't even illegal till the 60s)
Pretty sure it wasn't illegal until the 90s, at least in the US.

No. 1253868

her "muh adhd" ridden ass is just lazy and begging for a man to fix it. funny because it seems greg tried to "fix her" and that didnt work. this is just more evidence bdsmfags are nutjobs who think a "bdsm dynamic" (usually a 'sub' begging for abuse in lieu of self abuse) will fix their problems in life. june you're still a sexual degenerate, no "trad" men want you

No. 1254057

File: 1623522677537.png (2.69 MB, 2308x1096, shoe.png)

I think Shoe would be a tradthot by now if she could find the right man for it. She'd drop all her lefty believes in a second if a conservative man stepped into her life. Her only issue is that they don't want her.

Also lol at her romanticizing this 50s housewife aesthetic while she literally lives in a room with trash everywhere and can't cook.

No. 1254172

theres no milk on it but the instagram is "juneskii" for anyone wondering

No. 1254283

File: 1623535612783.png (1.32 MB, 1706x1062, Screen Shot 2021-06-12 at 5.45…)

Idk why she's drawing attention to this account even with the username censored, especially during her "leftist" phase. It took like 2 seconds of digging to find her using le edgy slurs. But the most tragic part is that she was 23 when she posted this.

No. 1254419

By 2014 I was an actual teenager and not even using those words. She is a perpetual child.

No. 1254452

Calm down, twitterfaggots.

No. 1254567

File: 1623546155092.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 221.82 KB, 1170x675, 21213935-2739-4007-A91E-61DFE5…)

wonder what this is about

No. 1254616

The long-delayed Pregory OnlyFans saga, perhaps. He'll be top 45% in no time.

No. 1254681

imagine the type of person who would pay for that lol.

(also sorry i accidentally clicked the spoiler image thing when posting because i'm a moron.)

No. 1254734

Bold of him to assume the world cares enough about him to cancel him lmao. It's like he doesn't even realize he's totally irrelevant. I'm sure all 10 fans of yours will be heartbroken, preg.

No. 1254823

most people who performatively agonize over the threat of cancellation are literallywhos nobody would ever bother to cancel

No. 1254968

Did he get married to June? I can't imagine anything he could have done thats dumber than that. kek.

No. 1255094

File: 1623594999960.png (237.74 KB, 443x648, Skärmavbild 2021-06-13 kl. 16.…)

No. 1255095

File: 1623595125404.png (33.89 KB, 339x191, Skärmavbild 2021-06-13 kl. 16.…)

No. 1255167

Looks like she took EMAK out of her bio. Maybe she read one too many comments from men calling her a bald whosville looking expired e-thot kek

No. 1255170

Nope, he was engaged to her for like 5 years and kept stalling the wedding despite wig obviously being very desperate to finally tie the knot, then he dumped her right after she turned 29. Very tragic for our poor aspiring tradwife.

No. 1255226

Yeah, I know. I was making a joke about him getting back together with June after his new boo dumped him.

No. 1255240

File: 1623606398963.jpg (152.55 KB, 1080x744, Screenshot_20210613-124405__01…)

leaving a few details out of your "political journey" aren't you june

No. 1255325

off topic but if every man is a king, no man is. succs dumb lmao

No. 1255337

sorry for being late to the party but

OF COURSE she's bi lol. the lowest effort identity to rack up points with the internet leftist sphere, you can just SAY you like pussy without even having seen one in person that wasn't your own and you're good to go

No. 1255761

You kind of have to be relevant to be canceled and most people stopped caring about him after the breakup. No one ever watched Greg for him, they watched him for June and he’s fucking delusional if he thinks otherwise.

No. 1255842

She's really pretending huh

No. 1256025

there's really nothing special about June ironically being proud of never reading when her brand of "leftists" say reading theory is ableist

No. 1256688

i think that's more the picrew she/they/faers than… whatever shoe is

No. 1258026

It's amazing how she wants kudos for "evolving" in terms of politics while pretending she was a leftie all alone

No. 1258043

I mean June's the only girl who would've funnelled money to him despite him acting like an asshat at all times. June's annoying and stupid but a good financial decision for a lazy POS like greg

No. 1258106

literally completely informed by memes and internet trends. Embarrassing

No. 1258271

File: 1623880662029.jpg (285.1 KB, 1080x1584, Screenshot_20210616-165043__01…)

So is she gonna log off and go find a trad husband to breed with any time soon considering how badly she claims to want to have her own nuclear family white picket fence life?

No. 1258276

She doesn't want it really. Shes barely a functional adult at 30 who has never lived on her own. She just wants approval again for being a woman and saying that women suck

No. 1258285

I honestly believe she THINKS she wants that kind of life, but only the romanticized version of it that she sees in her mind. What she clearly doesn't realize is that being a housewife isn't just sitting around 24/7 being lazy and occasionally dusting some shelves. Every single day you're in charge of cleaning an entire house, cooking 3 meals for yourself and your family, tending to some tradscrote's every whim and need, and then add motherhood (a full time job in and of itself) on top of all that??? She would crash and burn. Hard work is something that's totally foreign to her, she's spent almost a decade doing nothing but making retarded low quality YouTube videos and literally nothing else. She's a long term NEET at age 30, what are the chances she'll get her act together in time to have her perfect trad family? Slim to none.

No. 1258294

Most people, Shoe included, idealise a 50s trad family model that was propaganda. Nobody during that time had the time to look pretty, clean a 3 story house, cook for 7 every day, entertain guests, manage the household, do the child rearing etc.

My own grandparents are what would be trad at this time with about 5/7 kids each and a stay at home wife. It was mainly a lot of yelling, not a lot of money to spare and not enough time to educate the kids properly.

What Shoe imagine her trad lifestyle is what upper class people do when they have a nanny to take care of the kids, a gardener, a housemaid and mainly have to look pretty and network for the husband. It’s even more unrealistic nowadays where being able to afford all of that would put you in the 1%. Shoe is solidly middle class, idk why she has elite aspirations.

No. 1258315

She's apparently going to be on Vaush's stream in 10 minutes making fun of TPUSA. She doesn't join streams very often so I predict cringe.

No. 1258339

File: 1623890096094.png (665.87 KB, 950x530, shoe.png)

looking like a raccoon

No. 1258347

cringe they both sound so retarded as usual and say nothing smart or entertaining

No. 1258353

Idk if anyone is watching right now but at times they are acting REALLY flirty and June is practically making heart eyes at him. It’s clear she’s enamoured w the amount of attention he gets on YT and twitch lol. Always chasing that e-famous d, for the last decade…

No. 1258358

AliExpress lashes that smack you as you try to scroll past.

No. 1258370

Her eyes are so close together, like how shannon/creepshowart's draws her characters

No. 1258390

they've also been tongue-in-cheek joking about her uwu tradwife fetish this whole time

No. 1258516

This. There's a reason women worldwide are trying to escape from this, and June is a fucking retard. A market job, even if it's a 60 hour week hell, is still easier because caretaking is inherently alienating.

If you're a wagie, you still get paid real money for your work. If you're a wife, you're an indentured bangmaid getting paid in basically food and shelter. You don't know what the value of your time is, how to price it correctly or how to decline non-contractual responsibilities, because you're stuck defining your labor in terms of romanticized woo while your actual "employer" sees you as a tool. At least with a real job you harbor no illusions about where you stand, and you can't be guilted into doing more than what you're paid for.

No. 1258530

You might be autistic.

No. 1258531

File: 1623915124569.jpg (175.05 KB, 839x643, seven days....jpg)

soon she'll be 30… tick tock… (i know its 6 days)

No. 1258533

idk, my grandparents had this exact life that people consider "ideal", but my grandmother was a hard worker. She got up at 5am to start cleaning and making breakfast and getting ready. She always had the house spotless, she always looked perfect and she made homemade meals 3 times a day plus she raised 4 kids. It can definitely be done if you want to put time and effort into it and have a man that financially supports you and sticks by your side.

But June can't even keep ONE room clean, let alone a house. She can't cook, she is lazy and she cares about nobody but herself and her internet clout. Being an attention whore on twitter is already her full time job. She'd burn the food and let the kids play in traffick while she is engaged in a heated twitter debate. She's not even wife-material because she's such a pushover and needs so much validation that not one man can give her. Let alone a "trad" wife.

No. 1258542

you're on lc, you much be autistic to post here

No. 1258550

My NEET life collapsed at age 31, I got my shit together, fixed some of the easier to fix stuff, found myself a good man at age 33, he baught me a house, I became an office clerk at age 35, currently I'm in training to become a finacial accountant.
Meanwhile two of my friends got pregnant at age 38 and my man and I plan on having our own child next year, when I finished my training.

You guys seem to believe life ends at age 30.
But if June gets her head straight, she still can have almost everything she wants.(Blog)

No. 1258553

>You guys seem to believe life ends at age 30.
Nah Shoe and the type of men she prefers believe that, anons are just rubbing it in.

No. 1258555

Oh, ok then…
I really was afraid, this many people could actually have a that depressing outlook on life.

No. 1258581

File: 1623926068588.png (456.49 KB, 736x480, ageshoe.png)

We make fun of her because she tweets shit like this and chases after men who think that women are empty egg cartons after 22.

No. 1258588

>My NEET life collapsed at age 31
>found myself a good man at age 33

No. 1258590

So living as a tradwife is an actual dream of hers (and has been for nearly a decade) and not a cope she developed last year to justify the fact that she has no job?

Why did she not use her fame from her 2014 gamergate anti feminist SJWs videos to find a tradguy with money?
It's not like she had a lukewarm leftist political ideology (like she does now) to stop her from attracting a conservative guy that was willing to use his family's money to start a life with her.
Why did she hop on a relationship with a degenerate fetish (a well documented one, at that; another obstacle in finding a guy willing to support you throughout your marriage) and stayed for years instead?

No. 1258600

Because June is an idiot. She’s constantly using second degree jokes and “sarcasm” to hide that she’s really dumb as bricks.

She banked on marrying Preg and fell for the “I’m the cool chick, I’m not going to nag you into marrying if you’re not into that! Let’s do a long engagement and gawk at hot girls together” then got dumped unceremoniously before she turned 30. I guess being firm on what you want and when is for feminazis and she ain’t one. People marry despite the distance, borders or even have to be cut off from their families if they really want to. She should have seen the writing on the wall the moment Greg started stalling and telling people he was only doing it for the visa (So trad!)

June wants to be the perfect little trad wife but she’s opinionated, has to be loud, has her nudes out there and would rather be involved in politics than in her local community. There’s nothing trad about her and it’s pretty late for her to hop onto that trad lifestyle when people usually marry their highschool sweetheart pretty early on.
Obviously her life is far from over but she needs to reassess her expectations cause the trad thing is probably never going to happen for her (and it’s only sweet karmic justice when she spent all of her time shitting on everyone else when she thought she was picked by Greg before the big 30)

No. 1258623

File: 1623933055373.png (156.72 KB, 537x961, 30.png)

They're already starting to make fun of her for it. You reap what you sow.

No. 1258624

>I’m the cool chick, I’m not going to nag you into marrying if you’re not into that! Let’s do a long engagement and gawk at hot girls together

Yeah, you can't be "one of the good ones" and a tradwife simultaneously. Whiny guys that are into red pill/mgtow/masculism kind of shit do dream about idealistic version of 50s housewife and want to see themselves as these more intelligent strong providers and so on but they won't really lift a finger to achieve this lifestyle and come closer to the idealistic version of 50s husband. And if you're a woman and you fantasize of this kind of life, yet at the same time cozy up to these lazy self-pitying manchildren, then you probably just get some unemployed, unhelpful yet demanding slug. Nothing romantic about it.

No. 1258634

Most "real jobs" are 50% socializing/hanging out. That's why so many people end up befriending their coworkers as their main friend group or cheating with their coworkers.(off topic)

No. 1258636

A lot of "trad" life in the 50's was built on cheap labor from black people.

My grandparents were solidly in the middle of the middle class and they were able to afford maids and nannies because it was so cheap to hire black people.

Not trying to racebait it just makes me cringe whenever people try to glamorize that time. There was so much wrong socially.(racebait)

No. 1258673

That post was actually made by some kiwifarmer https://kiwifarms.net/threads/tranny-sideshows-on-social-media.33028/page-2457#post-9128110
You're dumb and so are your stupid conspiracy theories about this terf.

No. 1258684

Do you assume everyone was American in the 50s? That slavs or germans had black nannies in the 50s? That time is fetishized around the world and isn't based on 'cheap labor from black people'.

No. 1258709

Not to derail but the 50's were not fetisized among the majority of slavs lol

No. 1258720

shartonhead is american, so she's obviously speaking from that perspective since it's the only one she knows. and nona is right, black labor was exploited for the american dream. so maybe calm down i guess.

No. 1258740

anon I worry about you if you think this is difficult or exceptional

No. 1258742

it's literally only fetishized in America

No. 1258748

File: 1623949190748.jpeg (171.36 KB, 884x589, d6141e_b71d753b1479411ea3c4184…)

>I just wanna live in 1950s coca cola ad

Yeah and I just wanna live in 1970s Kim Il Sung ad

No. 1258750

>encourage the children to be quiet
>what children?
lmfao she's like a female version of the owner of kiwifarms. he rants about how the only purpose in life is having kids yet he's an incel who lives with his mom. he and june should hook up, then they could live out their inane trad fantasies together.

his twitter btw. pot calling the kettle black.

No. 1258755

>That time is fetishized around the world
nta but where? Most of Europe was in complete shambles in the 50s after the war

No. 1258758

samefag but especially Germany since you mentioned it kek

No. 1258763

No money, lost my flat, had to move in with my mom again. Didn't like that.

Got myself some shitty jobs, worked hard, used the money for a more decent appearance (better clothes and stuff), found a better job, used the money for a more decent flat, thus having the self esteem to date more decent men.

Like in UnderTale you just need… Determination!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1258768

No one cares

>Like in UnderTale you just need… Determination!


No. 1258776

Did u baught the determination yourself?

No. 1258778

Shut up the fuck anon you bitter bitch, I thought the undertale thing was cute.(derailing)

No. 1258784

shut up it's endearing. I'm proud of you autist chan(derailing)

No. 1258804

I’m from one of those countries that was in shambles after WWII and while I know plenty of people who romanticise the 50’s, they explicitly romanticise the 50’s as it is portrayed in US media, complete with gratuitous English. Never underestimate the effect of the internet and exported American media.

No. 1258883

>Everyone in this world is an Amerimutt just like me
I'm the one you're replying to. I'm European and so are my grandparents. No black slaves in sight.

No. 1258980

https://twitter.com/highprogressive/status/1405363206034501635?s=19 shoe calling charlie kirk based for hating women's rights or something, even vaush stans seem to hate her for pandering to neocons and are confused abt why he's collaborating with her as if it isn't obvious(imageboard)

No. 1259092

Just like manlets, pickmes never learn kek

No. 1259154

File: 1623980669482.webm (1.09 MB, 640x360, 4QbtD98fc-JWZMyO (1).webm)

She's obnoxious but so is taking all her edgy jokes literally

No. 1259172

But her jokes are reflections of what she really believes. She literally built her entire online career out of hating on other women and being 4chan's favorite Based NLOG Tradwaifu. She simps for misogynists constantly and panders to men who hate women (of both left wing and right wing varieties). Shoe is the epitome of a Cool Girl, constantly putting other women down for male approval.

No. 1259184

and for what lmao? To never even get picked kek

No. 1259190

wtf is this website lol creepshow art(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1259245

30 is not old at all. But when youre larping as a trad wife it is old. Especially to these types too. Any woman who is above the age of 25 is a shriveled up old broad who has rode the cock carousel too much and wont make a good submissive housewife. Really not sure why shoe wants to integrate into the trad wife circles so much, every woman that larps as being trad just seems absolutely miserable. You can be a functioning adult that cooks and cleans without being a maid to a guy that probably cant even bring you to orgasm

No. 1259247

she was never popular on cuckchan anyways, only lowest of the low fedora clad mgtow redditors tolerated her

No. 1259258


No it wasn't. Go read her thread, the last few posts explain how it was a selfpost.


No. 1259286

she's not a TERF, unsaged-chan, just a panderer and grifter who is clearly desperate for attention, and especially male attention

No. 1259333

Yeah, it's like the bare minimum, if you want to achieve sovereignty over your own life.
That makes it even more sadcringe, that Shoe can't do it, even with all the financial support she already has.
She just keeps on doing the same old stupid shit over and over again, wondering why her life isn't changing for the better.(sage)

No. 1259377

You think Shoe hating women is a joke? You must be new to her. She really does think this way "No rights for women? UwU SO BASED! Fuck those femoids! Thank god I am different from them, right boys? Tell me how different and cool I am for shitting on women just like the men do!" - Shoe in a nutshell.

No. 1259416

her falsies look so retarded. she looks pinheaded here.

anyway i think women who push the "trad" thing yet don't actually DO the "trad" thing are jealous of any woman who is living a successful life. shoe has been a lazy internet addicted person her whole life so she never really did anything that has remotely made her successful (only other ecelebs would agree being an "internet prescence" is success). she wishes her whole life was picked out for her, "trad style": a husband who would let her live with him, take care of her financially, an easy "successful" life. but its not the fucking 50s anymore so of course she just LARPs wishing it would still happen to her. she is a lazy turd no one wants and copes by pretending a man out there who is "trad" will still want her somehow. june 'dunks' on women and womens rights because she is genuinely jealous other women are happy and she is still living at her parents' as a NEET.

No. 1259455

No. 1259536

File: 1624034261527.jpeg (330.08 KB, 828x887, 82F71C0E-0109-464B-840D-444DF3…)

More daydreaming.

No. 1259561

She's definitely gearing up to go antileft/post-left/whatever that twitter circle is called right now, which is hilarious because Lauren and Venti are both trying to as well. It's going to be so funny when they're all sitting in the same boat together after all 2018 shit, I hope it brings fresh milk.

No. 1259582

its because she doesnt want to engage with the point and instead tries to be funny, but it's shoe so she cant really do that(sage your shit)

No. 1259590

I don't think that's a conservative take. Wanting people to be able to afford a home on a single income is just sanity.

No. 1259593

Literally nothing is stopping her from living this life, plenty of women still get married and become SAHMs. And if she wants to LARP as a 50s housewife nothing is stopping her either. But she's too attention-hungry to get off Twitter, too lazy to cook or clean, and too selfish to take care of a family. How long does she think she can keep fooling alt-right simps by shilling a lifestyle she's never made the slightest attempt to achieve?

No. 1259602

File: 1624041580970.png (8.4 KB, 309x463, ST_2016.10.06_Jobs-42.png)


Families should be "single income" so that one of the parents doesn't have to "waste away" at work…

So which parent's job is it to waste away? Is it the dad's job to waste away, June? Or is the implication that only men flourish at work and women waste away?

This is super half-baked idea. Lots of people have jobs they love. And people who have full-time jobs tend to enjoy their families more.

>pic rel

No. 1259606

Are you on crack? Slavs and Germans don't fetishize the 1950s, fucking kek. That era is specifically fetishized in American culture due to the GI Bill allowing working/middle class veterans to buy homes for the first time, and the resulting post-war baby boom. And it's not "race baiting" to state the FACT that the whole thing was supported by cheap black labor, half of these "trad housewives" weren't even cleaning their own toilets or raising their own kids. Shoe is an idiot.

No. 1259609

The point is both people shouldn't HAVE TO WORK to afford a fucking house and kids. If both people still want to work that is cool, but it should be a choice and not a necessity. Libshits are seriously so fucking brainwashed. "Yes I love being a wagie! Me and my husband both work 50 hours a week it is so fulfilling! Just because I am all in on my career and don't want to have kids means all women must want the same thing as me!"

literally how the fuck can you turn "people should be able to afford things without working themselves to the bone" into a bad thing? Retard.(derailing)

No. 1259653

Its not a bad take but this is June. Dont give her the benefit of the doubt. Shes only saying this shit so some ugly scrote can pick her and she gets to continue as a lazy leeching neet since she has no life skills whatsoever and shes turning 30 on a few days. Its pathetic. Being in a 1 income household means someone will properly manage the home. And June cant even clean her own room

No. 1259654

Ntayrt but you're being obtuse, of fucking course no one should have to work so much to afford to have a family, I don't think anyone ITT is denying that modern capitalism sucks. The point is that shuwu says all of this not out of any concern for class issues but to posture herself as a based tradwife to her incel followers. She doesn't want to be a normal hard working SAHM with agency, she wants to live in some misogynist fantasy land where she's just an accessory to her husband and her entire world revolves around her him, and thus she never has to take responsibility for herself. It's all just one big cope for the fact that she knows she will never have a proper career like the Wagecucks she disparages (only when they're women though, of course, men are allowed to have jobs and their own income stream without being relentlessly mocked for it) so the best she can realistically settle for is to larp as trad in the hopes that some scrote will pick her to push out his retarded children.(infighting)

No. 1259752


No. 1259998

>People should be able to afford to have a house and kids on a single income as was the case for almost all of human history

>you must be a communist!

>no actually you are a /pol/tard and virtue signaling for incels like June!
You really are retards. Hope you at least have the excuse of being zoomers, the most retarded generation yet.(calm down)

No. 1260192

commie mad (x20)(autism, ban evasion)

No. 1260263

>black nannies
the fuck? black people are still barely existant in most of the slavic countries, and I'm not even mentioning the communist 50s that were so fetishized because people were going to jail for the most miniscule things and getting brutally beating up there
I hope you're american because that's the only way I can swallow what you've just said lmao(infighting, derailing)

No. 1260513

File: 1624146610060.jpg (345.71 KB, 1060x1486, Screenshot_20210619-184335__01…)

Obv the person she's replying to is also retarded but her total lack of shame or apology over her years of blatant incel pandering. If she had a track record of transphobia half as long as the one she has of misogyny she'd be forced to grovel or else be bullied off the internet. Just goes to show that neither side of the political spectrum gives a single shit about women lol.

No. 1260517


as if she ever stopped being an anti feminist

No. 1260602

File: 1624155691229.jpeg (622.92 KB, 750x922, B4C43B4A-F820-4682-90BB-5E39B6…)

Her wig must stank after this

No. 1260622

Of course she has to have those meme sunglasses. Whenever she leaves her NEET den and goes outside once in a while she still has to bring some crap from the internet with it. Doomed to be terminally online.

No. 1260661

Aww look at the little house urchin pretending she goes outside uwu
I'm picturing her hustling up those beach rocks with that ice cream as soon as she bought it just to take this forced photo lmao.

No. 1260664

File: 1624167004497.gif (2.99 MB, 480x320, 1554858724205.gif)

>disabled (enjoys vaush)

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