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File: 1610399687556.jpeg (256.72 KB, 1080x1033, EED6B502-C5DE-4964-A3C3-5FEC01…)

No. 1128792

Previous thread: >>>/snow/1118370

Any further mention of celebrity weight gain without providing actual milk will warrant a 3 day ban. Nitpicking song lyrics because you have no milk will also warrant a ban. Unless someone is actually botched, save the comments for yourself.

Last time:

>More Spanish LARPing Hilaria-related hilarity with her past exploits being revisited in light of recent developments >>1118559 >>1118838

>Other celebrities join in the snark >>1118693
>Legendary rapper MF Doom is dead at 49 >>1119151
>Noted pickme Halsey gets dragged for posting “triggering” eating disorder photos on Instagram… with a trigger warning on the fucking picture itself >>1119151
>Gwen Stefani fleetingly revisits her weeb era, still looks amazing >>1120915
>Azealia Banks drags a fashion blogger who was retarded enough to try her in the DMs >>1121371 >>1121373
>Harry Styles is dating Olivia Wilde, no one cares >>1121922
>Kim Kuntrashian and Kanye West are getting a divorce >>1123177
>Tinfoiling about Kanye and Jeffree Star “remaking Brokeback Mountain” in Wyoming abounds in the media >>1123177
>According to one anon with fashion connections, Kanye’s predilection for getting his dick sucked by scrotes in the industry isn’t even hush-hush >>1124133
>Jeffree Star denies allegations about him and Kanye, however a lot of other rappers have “visited his mouth” (apologies for that cursed mental image) >>1125066
>Grimes jokes about “finally” getting covid, is ~so quirky and 3edgy5u~ because she likes being high on DayQuil (in reality is probably high on something a lot stronger than DayQuil) >>1126665
>Joe Jonas has seemingly fucked half the population of greater Los Angeles, including the siblings and best friends of his exes, all while wearing a purity ring >>1127306
>In preparation for her new role as Candace Owens version 2.0, Azealia Banks has a bootlicking, racist, tin foil hat wearing, delusional /pol/ flavoured sperg for the ages in response to Parler being booted from several app stores and AWS >>1127383 >>1127384 >>1127387 >>1127456
>Lana Del Rey posts yet another painfully tone deaf screed on Instagram to accompany the “art” (for want of a better word) for her new album, reminds everyone the she has black friends >>1127852
>Armie Hammer has DMs leaked, aspiring Patrick Bateman confirmed >>1127456 >>1128315 >>1128316

No. 1128804

Lana's video isn't too bad but I wouldn't be surprised if she got shit for it because she's always using brown and black bodies as sex objects in her videos but here she's the most clothed one. Probably bc she's fat idk(racebait )

No. 1128807

File: 1610400604320.jpeg (40.99 KB, 500x500, 326F25B6-71A4-4196-9711-39E069…)

The mesh mask sucked and looks like a fruit net

No. 1128808

>Armie Hammer has DMs leaked, aspiring Patrick Bateman confirmed

No. 1128834

I've never seen those before. What are they used for, other than to make them look sexy?

No. 1128841

it keeps them from being bruised and getting soft spots.

No. 1128847

Protects them from armie coomer biting onto them

No. 1128849

File: 1610403480294.webm (2.84 MB, 640x1280, tumblr_qdpxmpzaps1ykwxxn.webm)

I wonder how many he got to actually sign an NDA

No. 1128857

File: 1610403861177.jpeg (71.76 KB, 1125x633, ErVQC7fXEAA-ML2.jpeg)

No. 1128862

lbr he ain't lying. He Ain't Lying.

No. 1128863

>brown and black bodies
How in the world is this not dehumanizing? Just call them people or go back to twitter

No. 1128865

I like the fact Armie is singlehandedly proving all women right for being cautious around unknown scrotes. He looks so normie too.

No. 1128866

You just know Armie wants to see inside that fruit.

No. 1128868


They're both so bipolar that frankly it would be more notable if they somehow managed to not fall out. I'm sure Kanye couldn't handle it that Scott put out a better project than he could manage to crap out in the last 5 years

No. 1128869

probably a stupid question but im legit a bit confused now. are the leaked DMs from different people or always the same person?

No. 1128875

Looks like more and more are popping up

No. 1128877

those two "brown" girls have been her backup singers/dancers for years now

No. 1128884

stop being hypersensitive. this isn't tumblr. she literally used their bodies as props, in her tropica video when she was surrounded by black women only, shaking their asses, and in the new one where they're all skimpy dressed except for her.

What's really terrifying is this man is huge. imagine being caught in the circumstances you read about in these DMs. This is a 6'4 going on 6'5 giant not some fucking manlet.

literally the point. it's a visual trope, one white girl among nonwhites. makes her stand out, look exotic, etc. most noticeable in Tropica to the point where it looks visually bizarre.
white women do this shit a lot, like Gwen Stefani when she 'adopted' those asian girls and used them as props and pets for that one shitty era. the degeneracy, jesus

No. 1128886

Can someone tell me where the pic of of Armie holding a gun is from? It sends me.

No. 1128903

Might be sorry to bother you, where I think he just played himself and not a character tbh

No. 1128932

Daily reminder that if anyone believes that those screencaps are legitimate they're dumb.

Btw his name sounds similar to that german bdsm cannibal that gave me nightmares.

No. 1128949

why wouldn't they be?

No. 1128962

Probably because anon wants to fuck Armie, kek.

No. 1128967

Armin Miewes?? Lmaooo

No. 1128968

this thread’s off to a great start.

No. 1128985

Shit OP make other thread.

No. 1129023

oh yikes I never realized he was that tall

his fans are called "charmies" kek

No. 1129024


Like I said on the other thread, I definitely wouldn’t put it past a rich Hollywood guy to be this weird, but I’m questioning why he’d DM all that on a public IG profile under his real name. “Hey guess what, I’m a rapist cannibal serial killer haha! I’m into murders & executions, I like to torture little animals and I’m also a Nickleback fan!” It’s just…a lot. Either someone is trying to make him look bad, or he’s not only crazy but also REALLY stupid. I’d believe either one I guess.

No. 1129029

the only one i can think of in recent years is when lily allen did that song about being a bitch while black and asian girls twerked around her

No. 1129031

if he was getting NDAs i don't see why he wouldn't do it under his ig. youtubers and influencers have been doing this shit for years. they even send dick pics with their faces in it. horny men are stupid as fuck.

No. 1129046

Its sad this is the type of guy Azelia might potentially go for, like she's a crazy bitch but I have known let's of crazy bitches whose lives/behavior improved when they started dating bland, stable guys who could balance out their craziness

No. 1129052

File: 1610417410951.png (900.83 KB, 828x1792, not my ss.png)

if they had been talking to each other for awhile they probably built up some sort of trust

No. 1129065

File: 1610418557972.png (258.92 KB, 1200x1200, 1A1BD907-2EB6-4525-8B90-F49082…)

I still believe he’s named after baking soda

No. 1129069

does anyone else feel like these girls aren't protected enough to out men who openly get off to "cracking ribs", rxpe, and "stalking someone down the hall" after he rxped them while they were sobbing?

also no offense but this girl's dm from him looks so harmless especially in comparison. all those married men do this, and they do it connected to their professional name because they know they can easily come after you and get off from it.(twitter censoring)

No. 1129070

Never trust anyone below the age of 60 who types "Hope this finds you well".

No. 1129091

File: 1610421232712.png (761.71 KB, 806x1194, ege3.png)

This is kind of old, but I'm concerned. Does it look like AB's kicking or kneeing her dog in this video?
He doesn't make any noise, and if she's abusive to him, it doesn't make sense that she took him in and took care of him to begin with, but the movement is tripping me up.

No. 1129097

His real name is Armand. Not joking

No. 1129108

Just looks like she stuck her knee out and it jumped into her leg, I do the same because I can’t stand dogs jumping on me. I don’t see that as abuse but dog nutters might lose their shit about it.

No. 1129111

it's from the show reaper

No. 1129120

He is lmao. Isn't his grand daddy the one who started the company? Poor guy. Imagine going through 9 months of pregnancy and the pain of childbirth just to name your kid some stupid shit like Armand, after baking soda.
It looks like she knees him when he jumps up but maybe that was just her walking backwards and the camera angle (it shifted back/downwards a little) made it look like she was kneeing him? It is sweet that she took in the dog though. Atleast she's nice to animals (except for chickens).

No. 1129132

Old hammer was the oil tycoon billionaire collector you dumbasses lmao. Armie has the funds to pay all of the girls quiet for years

No. 1129136

with lana, another friend and her sister were 3 white women. did you even watch it?

No. 1129138

File: 1610425764714.jpeg (165.16 KB, 828x476, 3248B465-3EE3-485E-B1C7-0ECEB8…)

Not at anon-but you reminded me I had looked this up awhile ago because it struck me as incredibly funny, too

On the off chance other anons are curious about it, it’s not incredibly exciting but the backstory is apparently this:


Which isn’t more interesting despite the article saying it is IMO and it’s definitely less amusing. It is funny that he was called “Baking Soda Boy” though kek

He was named after his great-grandfather, who was named “Armand Hammer” (Arm and Hammer) after the logo of the Socialist Labor Party since his father was apparently “closely involved”.

The Sr. Armand Hammer bought his way into the baking soda company through buying the parent company’s stocks despite being told he couldn’t buy the company. Looks like his namesake doesn’t like being told “No” either.

No. 1129151

>oil tycoon

I don’t know why but this just makes it even funnier

>Looks like his namesake doesn’t like being told “No” either

kek, entitled scrotes

No. 1129155

I understand that it's something stupid to do but, anon, look at it from his perspective, flashing his name and money to these girls is literally part of the appeal/game, and its also not like anything ever happens to men who get caught in shit like this.

No. 1129163

File: 1610429638555.jpeg (226.01 KB, 1665x795, 4F89BA79-53B2-44F4-AC11-37822C…)

I can’t with these sausage lips.

No. 1129177

File: 1610431860747.jpeg (76.59 KB, 857x847, 18C02A6B-AB64-4562-A0ED-884737…)

She posted this on twitter and I was so confused looking at it at first. She looks like a caricature of herself, its creepy. I always wonder what she would look like now if she never got any surgery(nitpicking)

No. 1129178

They don’t look nearly that good in person, but how is this milk? Why are you posting these? This thread is a steaming pile of shit now

No. 1129182

Am I dumb or did she get part of her ear cut out?

No. 1129184

Is she wearing a wig? It looks like she’s balding and combed over a chunk of hair to cover how sparse it must be at her hairline.

No. 1129187

File: 1610432922175.jpg (111.59 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

That 90s ponytail with the front combed over and flipped ends is a hair trend right now. I think Ariana always wears extensions anyway

No. 1129199

I imagine she have extensive damage from excessive dying during her disney channel days + that tight ponytail she had for years

No. 1129202

Wtf is going on, the inside of one part of the ear matches the wall

No. 1129210


No. 1129212

Good evidence he looks for pu$$y under his main username, though

No. 1129220

File: 1610439530617.jpg (40.09 KB, 636x620, uh.jpg)

While I don’t know for sure if those DMs are real or not, I want to point out that Armie Hammer liked BDSM images with his public account several times until he found out that your Twitter likes are public. And like >>1129031 says, other (internet) celebrities have been doing this for years. Think of all the influencers that are getting exposed these days – or James Franco hitting up minors on Instagram, even sending a selfie to prove it is him kek. Armie Hammer’s alleged convos are even more disturbing, but it is the same coomer mentality that is behind them. Being a coomer makes you dumb – and contacting people with your real profile makes getting laid easier because many of them will be starstruck and easy to impress. He even mentions NDAs in the conversations, so he probably thought it would be fine. It also is pretty clear that he was not really scared about people finding out about his sexual preferences, but about his wife leaving him.

The allegations were retweeted by at least one of his ex girlfriends and there also is a voice message that sounds exactly like him and a picture of his hand sent to the woman who is exposing him. Could still be a big hoax, but I find some of the evidence and reactions pretty convincing.

No. 1129231

File: 1610442949793.jpg (125.47 KB, 2048x1249, Ariana-Grande-Angel-Wing-Tatto…)

i think it's just a shitty faded tattoo

No. 1129233

How the fuck did James Franco not get cancelled btw? I remember reading that he had an acting school and molested several of his students

No. 1129235

With all the dms about drinking blood, and this, it really feels like he is trying to be a living Anne Rice character kek

No. 1129238

Also his divorce apparently happened because he sent one of his kitten texts to his wife who immediately knew what was up. He was horny and dumb enough to sext his wife something about his affair, so it isn't surprising that he used his real account for all of this.

I think he said that it was all lies and the whole thing was dropped eventually. Some of these scrotes get away with everything stg. I can also see Shia continuing his career after doing his therapy and "coming back as a good person". It might be because these guys are attractive and have young stans that defend him like they defend Armie Hammer already.

No. 1129241

And if they're not attractive they only need to be funny like Louis CK or… whatever it is that Johnny Depp has going for him.

No. 1129244

He did lose some work around that time. James Franco had this strange way of continuously being cast in projects even though most of his shit was financially unsuccessful on every level, but that did seem to slow down pre-pandemic.

No. 1129264

>he sent one of his kitten texts to his wife
Jesus that's embarrassing kek

No. 1129265


Lana Del Rey gave a new dumpster fire interview.

Trump's presidency: "As bad as it was, it really needed to happen."

"It’s not capitalism, it’s narcissism."

Man she is probably like the dumbest celebrity.(imageboard)

No. 1129267

>If you’re an asshole and everyone … if you’re a jerk and everyone tells you that you are and everyone tells you that you’re a jerk, then we finally need to address this big issue in the world of what do we do with all these people who don’t know they’re hurting other people? Do we put them all on an island together?
She belongs on the island, honestly.

No. 1129270

Annie Mac kept trying to steer her back to the album but Lana wasn't about to be tethered to a topic.
She really sounds like she eats xanax as if they were cornflakes.

No. 1129273

File: 1610455174949.jpg (1.21 MB, 1024x4285, IMG_20210112_133424.jpg)

No. 1129278

Dropping her persona and opening her mouth was the worst thing she ever did. She’s idiotic and trashy

No. 1129280

I actually feel sorry for her at this point, she is really fucking stupid, where is her publicist? Or is this some whack new celeb thing were they say controversial, stupid shit to get people talking about them?

No. 1129281

Her persona was what gave her the career she has. She should be thankful to her management for creating Lana Del Rey bc Lizzy ain't SHIT

No. 1129285

That made me laugh. Honestly when she was "quiet and shy" I thought she was so chill. Turns out she's been insufferable always. Keep your mouth shut Lizzie, unless you're singing! Musicians are so narcissistic

No. 1129286

Azealia Banks dug up her dead cat and cooked it


No. 1129290

File: 1610458835556.jpg (240.28 KB, 970x1990, Screenshot_20210112-083959__01…)

No. 1129291

I don't think she ate it but someone needs to call her a fucking ambulance right now and get a psych hold.

No. 1129294

I am Speechless. She about to hex Doja Cat.

Her lyrics 'Im still strange and wild' is so funny, she's the stereotype of the basic white girl, from the astrology and reading 'women who run with wolves' to the faux intellectualism on politics. There's nothing strange or wild about her. Angelia Jolie is strange and wild, Lizzie is like that Horse Girl at your school whose parents were dummy rich.

No. 1129295

File: 1610459039236.jpg (236.54 KB, 959x2000, Screenshot_20210112-083942__01…)


No. 1129297

this bitch was born a lolcow if she wasn't famous she'd still have her own thread on here. I'd like to know exactly what type of disorder this is. Is it BPD? NPD?

No. 1129298

Girl needs help. Her last videos on Instagram are so embarrassing, too. She is basically just hate-watching clips of Megan Thee Stallion & Doja Cat, screaming that they are ugly and fat. Her commentary is often amusing and clever, but screaming "YOU ARE FAAAAT! YOU ARE OOOLD!" at a TV screen with her cringy parrot friend is just not it. Her last social media activities are worrying and each post it gets worse tbh, even for someone who witnessed the chicken incident.

No. 1129300

File: 1610459463061.png (Spoiler Image, 788.84 KB, 842x542, catsoup.png)

Taxidermyfag here, by the looks of her other post (picrel) she might have been boiling it to get the skull/ bones for decoration or some witch shit she's up to. It's common practice for the hobby but with her other behaviour she defo needs help. The pic is graphic so beware.

No. 1129301

File: 1610459475189.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 166.7 KB, 750x1110, 9F1A7282-4EB6-4ED3-9DE6-FF6FC6…)

Spoilered cuz I’m sure most anons don’t want to see a cat skull floating in……..well whatever’s in there

No. 1129303

Archive doesnt work

No. 1129307

what the fuck, someone needs to lock her up in a ward for a while.

No. 1129309

that gay male friend of hers in the video is also next level cringe. I'm guessing he just parrots everything she says and completely enablers her.

And holy hell If you Azealia's recent stories on instagram, I think she's off to catch a plane to her new place in Miami. She's in a bad state clearly and is possibly drunk/high. This is not going to end well. As we've seen before, planes and azealia do not mix…

No. 1129310

I think Azealia just got banned on insta

No. 1129314

instagram deleted the video but her account is still up

No. 1129315

>>1129314 I can't see it.

No. 1129316

In taxidermy, you never want to boil the bones. It causes them to take in the fat from the tissue and the bones over time become brittle and stinky.

No. 1129317

azealia is into some too dark shit and literally needs jesus and meds in that order

No. 1129319

File: 1610461302528.png (2.02 MB, 1920x1218, 53531.png)

So, this post is deleted, but I still have it open in my browser. I'm not sure how to save it, so I've just done a little transcript to show her mannerisms the whole time and taken some screenshots.
First video:
>(male laughing)
>"So, a lot of you guys don't know, but Lucifer the cat died 3 months ago, and we had to put him in the ground, and we're digging him up for the very first time. The very first time….The real cat. The c-c-c-cat cat cat cat (gibberish), (breaks into "212") Uhh! She's comin' back to life, cunt!"
Second video:
>(male says "Okay…")
>"Bring the bitch, doo-doon-doon-doo! Bitch (still making "music" noises) The cat is in the baaaag!"
Third video:
>(No voices, just music playing while she stirs the cat's remains in the boiling pot, and she shows off its skull)
Yeah, no, I've admittedly WKed her a lot, but I can't defend this. The way she seems to think of it all as a big joke and is laughing the whole time she digs up this cat. This is nasty.

No. 1129320

File: 1610461426052.png (Spoiler Image, 1.8 MB, 1968x1244, 1891.png)

The male is the one who pulled out the cat, by the way.

No. 1129321

This is stomach turning. I could never imagine touching my beloved pet's dead body, let alone tossing it into a pot and boiling it in hot water. I feel sick

No. 1129322

File: 1610461493223.jpeg (397.58 KB, 750x1050, 9E75B5AE-3A89-469C-8B4E-18AC72…)

tbh I find azealia very fucking funny, but isn’t it odd that no one brings up doja’s weird past of being on racial group chats or video chats or are that rumors?

I swear some of these female artists can escape criticism it’s like they have immense luck (or maybe just amazing PR managers lmao)

No. 1129323

File: 1610461517820.png (1.96 MB, 1884x1210, 8121.png)

No. 1129324

File: 1610461593649.png (2.27 MB, 1948x1276, 891224.png)

Thumbnail of the first video, in case it's backed up anywhere

No. 1129325

she's giving serial killer teas. they start messing with animals first.

No. 1129326

watch out, armie. you got competition

No. 1129328

jesus christ, kek.

No. 1129330

Why is everyone so up in arms about the cat..? Did she kill it explicitly so she could make bone ornaments out of it or did it die of natural causes?

No. 1129332

American Psycho Edition indeed. The milk is flowing this 2021

No. 1129333

omg haha

No. 1129334

Don’t be retarded, she didn’t kill it. The pearl clutching over this is absurd. If she is insane enough to believe that boiling her cats decomposed corpse is going to magically rekindle her career or result in Megan being swallowed by her own ass or whatever then who cares?

No. 1129335

My bad anon, I meant more in terms of maceration tanks rather than actually boiling them but I couldn't be arsed to explain what they were bc most the people here don't care/ are rightfully more focused on banks being a nutjob.

No. 1129336

Anon what, are you saying that it's just totally mundane to dig up your dead pet and cook in in a pot?

No. 1129337

um even if she didn't kill it, i'm pretty sure you have to have a significantly decreased lack of empathy to dig up a dead pet and boil its remains in a pot of shit.

No. 1129338

lol fuck off psycho

if it died in 2020 how long was it in the ground? looked like there was a lot of meat on the bone, imagine the smell when she was boiling it, i’m gonna be sick

No. 1129340

>she's giving serial killer teas
You may be onto something, anon. Where exactly did Azealia get that human skull she posted?Things that make you go hmmmmmm

No. 1129341

Doja’s tinychat past was discussed a lot on here and in general and social media though. She apologized for it and people were still making a huge deal out of it. It is still frequently brought up although she was not canceled. And her past behaviour is in no way comparable to what is happening with AB right now – Doja just obviously spent too much time with 4chan type edgelords as a young woman and was part of their tinychat channel where she was very drunk and cringy, saying some more or less offensive things. Not really a big deal imo.

I was thinking the same. Those last two days have been insane in terms of psychopath celebrity gossip. I need some peace, but I am also desperately waiting for a statement from the cannibal. Apparently his agent is already trying to get accounts deleted and I just saw that you can’t comment on his Instagram posts anymore.

No. 1129343

pandemic + election got people here acting out, famous or not

pray for azealia, she’s far gone

No. 1129344

lmao did you even see the clips? she didnt eat it, it was some of her muh traditional african religion business. she is nuts but digging up an animal skeleton doesnt make her a psycho, if you truly believe that then you probably should log off for a while

No. 1129346

Are you genuinely retarded? This was discussed over 2 thread when this thread was in /ot/. Males in the industry get away with literally raping and physically abusing women around them daily but you're pressed doja is a loser that hangs with other losers online? Grow the fuck up

No. 1129347

Hot take: Lana's Serial Killer was written from Azealia's pov. Their fates are just intertwined.

No. 1129349

The level of your retardation is absurd, anon. No one goes about their day thinking this is normal, or that people are overreacting when it happens.
Also who the fuck hangs out with someone and digs up a dead cat to cook? The levels of fucking insanity here. She doesn’t need a ~social media break~, this isn’t something petty like the Lana shit. This bitch needs an intervention

No. 1129351

I don't think she's cooking it, it looks like she's trying to get the meat off the skull so she can display it. I have several family members who do the same. Vulture culture / taxidermy type stuff isn't inherently nefarious imo. (Probably weird to broadcast without mentioning what you're doing but I don't doubt she's doing it for publicity to some extent. She's trending on twitter so it worked.)

No. 1129352

ignoring the fact it's psychotic, manic, just generally uncivilised behaviour it's also extremely unhygienic, I can't imagine this sloppy tweaker bitch and her crack head friends following any sort of protocol, covid-21 here we come.

No. 1129354

thank christ not everyone itt is brain damaged, this is nothing but a publicity stunt

No. 1129356

the cat was dead for three months. and yes. the stench from cooking it WAS absolutely horrendous.

No. 1129357

??? publicity stunt where are you from anon just lmaooooo

No. 1129358

She posted on her stories earlier today about how she thinks covid is a conspiracy, I don’t think I have ever seen her in a mask, come to think of it
>inb4 she goes full QAnon

No. 1129359

this is just everyday Azealia

No. 1129362

>>1129339 she didnt eat it lmao

No. 1129364

>digging up a skeleton doesn't make her a psycho
I'm sorry to inform you but most level headed people don't entertain the idea of digging up deceased animals

No. 1129366

Already gone

No. 1129367

File: 1610463763145.jpeg (360.54 KB, 827x1488, 40F79827-8321-4275-9074-84AA40…)

Just a cat skull chilling with a crucifix, a bottle of Veuve and Chanel No. 5, lmao. The way she poses her shots absolutely sends me, she always has to flex luxury brands like the most ratchet ass bitch

No. 1129369

Fuck me, that isn't even half way clean. I bet that fucking stinks to high heaven.

No. 1129370

This is such a weird argument, like it's totally normal to dig up your dead pets and boil them if you are doing it for publicity? what?

We all know Azealia does crazy shit publically all the time but this is like a new level of crazy, even for her.

No. 1129373

>stop being hypersensitive. this isn't tumblr.

Nayrt, but you really need to take your own advice. If the dancers felt uncomfortable with the video, they have to ability to drop out and work with someone else. Clearly they wanted to do it. Cope.

No. 1129375

They aren’t rumors, people are just done talking about it. It was months ago. Anyone who still liked her despite what she did still do, and those who hated her for it are over her.

No. 1129376

I seriously can’t tell who’s crazier or more demon possessed at this point. Let’s hope they never meet and go on a crime spree because no pets would be safe.

Also Lana’s rambling, disconnected rants read like the brain fog of a long term prescription drug abuser. She seriously needs to stfu and get help. This site destroyed any remaining illusions I had that celebrities were somehow smarter or more stable than regular people. I wouldn’t want to spend a single minute around any of these narcissistic fucknuts.

No. 1129377

Nta, but oddly enough those who did initially "cancel" her over those old dumb vids started liking her again. There's a flake on here who was going on about Doja being trash at first but now she's gushing over her again.

To me it seems like people don't really care, they're just looking to gain clout from following what's trendy.

No. 1129379

Praying for her new neighbours. Remember when her old neighbour asked her to turn her music down and it triggered her so much she made a up a hysterical story about him pointing a gun at her? Pepperidge farms remembers.

No. 1129380

Unlike you I don’t fucking tread or stalk every Celebricow thread because you have absolutely nothing of value happening in your life. It’s super rich hearing that last bit considering these celebricow threads bitch and moan about the most vague and reductive shit that anons think are the most offensive thing that some celebrities have done, especially when a lot of these are hyper focused on the lives of female celebrities. Suddenly it’s a problem when the threads are being used for its intended purpose. Please get the fuck out of here with your misdirected bitterness and bitchiness because I have no idea who the fuck you are talking to like that.

No. 1129381

Yeah her rants do read this way, it's also been pushed that Lana was an alcoholic but has been "in recovery" for decades. I do believe most of her drug related songs allude to her her past but she seems like the type to claim she's "sober" while at the same time popping xannies like they're candy

No. 1129384

So you complain people aren't talking about Doja Cat even though you don't know what people even talked about. Very big brain.

No. 1129386

…You're aware dancers need money to live, yes? They aren't at fault for taking a job to feed themselves. We need less trashing people just doing their jobs and more trashing of people providing these shitty jobs that make people participate in their own dehumanization.

I won't get started on how a dancer speaking out just gets them blacklisted from the industry. It's why people keep quiet in Hollywood.

Lana is really unwell, she's like a tame Kanye West. A mentally-ill narc who spouts bullshit. It's why she came so hard for him, the whole 'similars repel'

She plays up the fragile white woman thing a lot, too. Not to beat a dead horse, but the 'shaking my ass is the only thing that gets this black narcissist off my back' or whatever the lyric was, is obviously about Kanye. But she plays victim and ignorant, 'oh no, I didn't mean that uwu'. Like when she wrote Fucked my way up to the top because she was butthurt over Lorde or whoever.
She's an annoying Becky.

No. 1129389

it’s not flexing it’s an offering

No. 1129393

Pretty sure this is a Nganga which is a brujeria practice. It's a big cauldron you put meaningful things into and it stores your witch powers. She's done weird edgy shit like this before like when she showed off her bloody chicken sacrifice closet years ago. I think she does actually practice this stuff but she only posts about it for edgy points

No. 1129396

black cat bone. hope she didn’t taste it to see if it was bitter. shit’s demonic.

No. 1129397

yeah, nganga pot. she has two i think.

No. 1129398

Lana may be unwell but come on, I think she's just drumming up publicity. She just put out a MV which is trending #2 on youtube to it likely worked, album comes out in March. She's just stupid but not Kanye level insane

No. 1129402


Nganga is a Palo thing, you have to be an initiated priest to learn how to build and consecrate one properly, and it’s taboo to take photos or show the public its construction. What she’s doing is just some mentally ill struggle witch mess.

No. 1129405

appropriate that the thread name is american psycho lol

No. 1129411

File: 1610466497979.jpeg (239.29 KB, 946x1410, 58329C45-FE3D-48BC-A4DC-49E80D…)

does anyone have the original video for this? I don't think I've ever seen a starfucker publicly admit this shit before

No. 1129416

Should probably consider birth control, simple fix for chronic abortions.

No. 1129418

This makes me wonder, is there an industry of starfuckers who try and professionally baby trap men?

No. 1129419

File: 1610467305367.png (3.52 MB, 2134x2270, CEB50962-7624-4692-8815-CB99C1…)

Pic related: petty jab or cookbook research? Discuss.

No. 1129420

'My cancer is sun'

Jack and Lana were so drugged up, neither one caught this.

No. 1129424

it means that her cancer is in sun… it's not that difficult…

No. 1129428

Is English your first language? Who the fuck phrases it as 'My Cancer is Sun'

No. 1129429

Astrology lingo

No. 1129431

File: 1610467989100.png (3.02 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshots_2021-01-12-10-08-5…)

Amanda Palmer read "I need a hug" to her IG viewers Because of the riots and how "traumatizing" they were to so many

did not recognize her with eyebrows at first

No. 1129435

Yeah, the nganga/caldero is palo, not brujeria like she professes to practise. You’d think she would know better than to plaster it all over social media but then we’ve already established that even if she does practise palo/brujeria/santeria she only posts about it for edgelord points and to get a rise out of people. Which has clearly worked. All of twitter is convinced she ate the cat, which is topkek (and also disturbing, as it speaks volumes for how fucking psychotic she is perceived to be)

No. 1129436

This is the same woman who says big asses smell and said grimes smelled like pennies. I believe the grimes thing but her obsession with others smells is probably projection and she smells rancid herself lol

No. 1129437

To think that twitter is seriously defending this. It's scary and appalling.

He sounds pornsick as fuck, that kind of man isn't exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. Plus he's rich and powerful, why would he worry about it? His army of simpettes and BDSM pickmes are already working overtime to defend his sorry ass.

No. 1129438

I know plenty astrology beckys, no one says 'my (sign) is sun'

Why didn't she just sing 'Imagine' to cure America instantly

No. 1129439

Azealia is out here digging up her dead cat and cooking it up into a potion, but you're more interested in Amanda Palmer reading a book?

No. 1129444

I agree, she looks like she reeks. Imagine the stench of that apartment with all the chicken blood in it, now with top notes of essence de chat mort

No. 1129445


I did not read the thread before posting this because Amanda is just being cringe for "emergency book reading" of a children's book for millennial adults. I did not expect to wake up to real live milk from Azaelia.

No. 1129447

They had to make it rhyme with the last line “you’re born in December I’m born in June”. Come on this isn’t rocket science

No. 1129449

File: 1610468948313.jpeg (234.29 KB, 1241x1982, A11D6A7B-EE97-422C-AD32-A8603C…)


OT because not a celeb but it reminded me of picrel

No. 1129450

Calm the fuck down. It doesn’t take a genius to put together the fact that the Doja drama that happened months ago would take place in threads that happened months ago. I've never seen an anon get so defensive about being called a retard, kek.

No. 1129451

lmao even reddit is saying it's weird writing it like that.

'I'm cancer sun, moon in leo. you were born in December, I'm born in june'

Lyrical genius can't rhyme without sounding drugged up. This bitch has a ghost-writer for sure.

Twitter is where all the freaks are. I saw several be like 'Armie daddy uwu wanna hit up his dms tbh uwu'
like girl, he's more likely to Literally hit you up.(nitpicking)

No. 1129452

I'm surprised the semen would survive long enough on the condom for that to be possible lmao

No. 1129457

Idc about the dancers but I must say anon, like most employees they can't just turn down jobs. Most dancers aren't told what video they are gonna be in or what are they going to do until they get in the studio.
And I can only imagine how badly their dancing agencies will react if they want to back down from the job.
You can't just walk away from your work kiddo.

No. 1129460

Yeah no I'm feeling sick, time to log off for today

No. 1129461

The lyrics are “you’re born in December and I’m born in June. My cancer is sun and my Leo is moon”. Both 11 syllables so the vocals flows right. This is a silly nitpick, since when are lyrics meant to make perfect sense lmao

No. 1129464


Excuse me anon, grimes smells like a roll of nickels thank you very much.

No. 1129465


I know come on, nitpicking lyrics and saying she's hella drugged? Can we focus on the American Psychos of today please

No. 1129466

It's every fucking thing. Azealia gotta be the most mentally ill bitch on the planet jk don't ban me
I know she's doing this for witchcraft, but this is exactly why you don't eat at everybody's house.

No. 1129471

No. 1129473

how many times are you gonna repeat this joke

No. 1129477

File: 1610471098856.webm (2.87 MB, 720x1066, poor salem.webm)

Here's the video for anyone that missed it.

No. 1129478


Why would you take birth control when there’s a chance of baby trapping one of these scrotes into mailing her checks for the next two decades? I thought that was the whole endgame of being a starf*ing groupie, I doubt their goal is to entertain a steady stream of rich weirdos for free.

No. 1129481

File: 1610471252046.webm (1.08 MB, 720x1280, sage.webm)

Another one. Just her saging after boiling the cat but it's so weird that she's so happy about this.

No. 1129482

Boiling bones is the best way to irreparably fuck them up.

No. 1129485

I thought that the whole thing was planted by some salty incel in her tinychat, he deleted a tweet about it and there was a video of a bunch of its regulars discussing the dynamic

No. 1129486

She is soooo ugly haha ew wtf oompaloompa

t. armin on PULL mode

No. 1129487

File: 1610472099138.png (Spoiler Image, 1.22 MB, 891x891, arm.png)


No. 1129489


In that case I hope someone reports him to the police. Not that I think an ultra-wealthy white American dude with family connections will ever face justice, but just to force these allegations into the public eye so people know who they are really supporting. These are multiple serious felonies he is bragging about, and it wouldn’t be difficult for law enforcement to verify if they’re really coming from him. Other rich scrotes like Franco, Weiner and Bezos got publicly dragged and cancelled over MUCH less vile sexts so it’s the least he deserves, even if this is just some deranged role play and he didn’t actually do those things.

God I’m not a squeamish person but between those disgusting DMs and Azealia’s cat head soup recipe, I need a break from the internet vomit

No. 1129493

AB wk are you on her payroll or vpn layers?

No. 1129500

No. 1129502

Honestly don't even know who this is or anything about her end game, she seems like a real winner though

No. 1129503

Agreed, I think that those girls should absolutely report him. At least the one from the texts where he admitted to raping her, and the one from this text >>1128857 since it sounds like a legit threat.
>God I’m not a squeamish person but between those disgusting DMs and Azealia’s cat head soup recipe, I need a break from the internet vomit
Same, it's like the thread suddenly went into full-on horrormode over the last 24h.

No. 1129505

Celina Powell is known for fucking a lot of men in the music industry. She dated DJ Akademics and lied about being pregnant with Offsets (Cardi B's husband) baby. I think most recently she lied about fucking Lil Wayne and knowing the gender of Nicki's baby through him. She's just another cloutchaser and I'm sure she's had a lot less abortions than she's saying. Idk what method she used, but aren't surgical abortions really dangerous after the first?

No. 1129519

anon, it's okay to curse. we're all adults here.

No. 1129520

There’s nothing to report, his wife found out over a year ago and divorced him and he hasn’t killed anyone so it’s safe to say the woman will not have her “head removed”

No. 1129537

This sounds like a stupid lie he made her say as part of the settlement

No. 1129546

What millionaire would want to fuck a 40 year old toilet lady
Anon think. Lots of people spill their stupidity. She’s a toilet lady, if she was smart she wouldn’t end up being one.

I say this as a fellow dumbass who would probably make the same mistake. I have respect for her motives though.

No. 1129550

> What millionaire would want to fuck a 40 year old toilet lady

Arnold Schwarzenegger

No. 1129563

>She’s a toilet lady, if she was smart she wouldn’t end up being one.
Your classism is showing, dumbass(no1curr)

No. 1129568

condoms contain spermicide

No. 1129572

god, imagine if we could get azealia and ariana plasticandproud to hang out. the local roadkill won't know what hit them

No. 1129573


>What millionaire would want to fuck a 40 year old toilet lady

Which is exactly why he probably thought he could get away with it. Do you seriously think these rich, horned-up scrotes wouldn't fuck anything with a pulse? Do you really think he it's impossible someone like that wouldn't want to take advantage of someone "beneath" him?
Also he "just happened" to leave a bank statement lying around? Fucking lol.

No. 1129574

>forgetting dominique strauss kahn already
Scrotes will fuck anything

No. 1129578

That’s exactly why rich men sleep with women employed by them, it’s a power move.

No. 1129582

and why celebrity men date down from them, lots of them date younger hostesses, waitresses, makeup artists, crewmembers, non celeb women as a power play so that they can more easily manipulate them

No. 1129600

Dating beneath your league in order to be put on a pedestal and have all the power in the relationship is the new "dating".

No. 1129612

Uh, no. Plenty condoms don’t have it. Spermicide tends to be skin irritating so most people just get plain condoms

No. 1129628

Yeah but it’s just that- dating. Basically amounts to just fucking someone for a short period with no commitment. This is why I don’t understand starfuckers who think these famous men will fall in love and marry them. Unless you jack his sperm and have his baby, you ain’t getting much out of it but an std and a broken heart.

No. 1129629

Personally, it disgusts me that she's laughing while she does it.
The religion thing is one thing, but she seems genuinely gleeful to do this shit with the corpse of what was meant to be a loved companion. Like, could you do that with any friend/pet/loved one? Of 11 years? I sure couldn't, and if I had to, I'd be fucking crying the whole time.
It just rubs me the wrong way, bad energy. I really hope she hasn't killed/sacrificed any cats or dogs before, but I can't say I would be surprised if she doesn't think it's a big deal. Hell, that might even be the reason why she has pets. To create meaningful memories with them, so that when they die, she can further "sweeten" her sacrifices.

No. 1129632

I don't think she's killed any of her pets, but she has killed chickens and didn't seem to have any respect for them considering how she didn't clean the closet before or after each sacrifice, so I wouldn't put it above her to be killing other animals.

No. 1129706

nah a true starfucker is insane and as manipulative as hilaria, she basically became a celeb's wife by manipulating to his fetishes and preferences

No. 1129710

Yeah. For a normal person, it'd be a horrific sight to see the 2 month old corpse of your beloved pet. To cook it in a pot and film everything gleefully for the whole internet to see, even? I don't mind AB, love her Muskrat roasts even, but this was some sick, sick shit.

No. 1129740

Yeah but I mean she grew up wealthy. Her dad is a doctor in Boston. It’s not like she was working at Denny’s and living in a trailer. These people tend to stick to their own kind, for the most part

No. 1129741

I cannot believe the level of wk for azealia in this thread kek
>muh traditional african relijunz
get civilized

No. 1129748

Doja is a legitimate self hating bedwench. She's a racist through and through, but considering her upbringing it isn't surprising.
I know that the knowledge of her chan involvement has been known for years now, that's not the problem for me. The problem is the level of self hatred you need to demean yourself and black people for cookie points. She could have just minded her own business and been like every other weeb outcast but she had to go 10 steps further.

No. 1129762

She's not even African.

No. 1129771

Isn't brujeria a Latin American witchcraft

No. 1129773

She's biracial, and should be allowed to claim her white half the same way America wants her to claim her black half.
If she wants to pop pussy for incels, let her. That's "her culture" as much as AAVE and lifted wigs are. She embodies the trash of both groups, from stereotypical daddy issues/pick-me white trash e-girls who love pandering to misogynistic 4chan scrotes, dd/lg and/or BDSM, taking xanax constantly and wearing shitty AliExpress clothing and Chinese cosplay wigs to stereotypical daddy issues "ghetto" black girls who love twerking on convicts, being stoned or drunk 24/7 and wearing slutty clubwear and bad weaves.
Nobody should expect anything else. She's simply reflecting the failures of parents of this generation, both black and white.

No. 1129778

>She's simply reflecting the failures of parents of this generation, both black and white.

anon this was beautifully put.

No. 1129789

She doesn't market herself this way at all and she knows it. Why do you think she works with Dr. Luke?
She can do whatever she wants, it doesn't make her any less racist than she is. She truly showed herself. We all know she is biracial, that only makes her issues worse because she knows she benefits from her social standing.

No. 1129825

File: 1610493155422.jpeg (575.71 KB, 828x864, E7820052-9581-4BB9-9200-AC47B3…)

Lana looking like shes had a bit too much Botox on her latest Instagram vid

No. 1129826

The state of her bedroom though.
Housekeeping is clearly on a break.

No. 1129837

Fake eyelash popping off. She must be having a mental breakdown of some sort. How else could she be in that mess and post it for all the world to see? I can't imagine having all that money to be able to do nice stuff with and living in a pig pen

No. 1129839

She looks poor.

No. 1129841

Does she have a 360 deal or something? That would explain it.

No. 1129843

she looks black, though. even if she wants to claim her white side, white people don't see her as one of them.

No. 1129851

living on lana's Jerk Island would be such a flex though

No. 1129852

>>1129825 ugly as fuck. Bloated face with shitty makeup. Disgusting.

No. 1129878

File: 1610497016358.jpg (42 KB, 750x228, tonedeaf.JPG)

Lana, you are 35.

I don't think anyone is jealous of you. Especially not since she's been the whipping boy of the media for a long time now and also looks fat and puffy. Like…no one wants to be her, not even with all her millions.

No. 1129897

File: 1610498303594.jpg (115.32 KB, 798x1200, 57321fa2bc9445b963911d81d47795…)

Since Armie is a freak who likes 20 year olds, do you think they fucked?

No. 1129899

Narcissism at its finest.

No. 1129900

File: 1610498413812.jpg (50.09 KB, 640x499, 6gsmbp6jmeh21.jpg)

some of yall bpd-chans really think she looked better after surgery. this is what it does to you. lol. everything starts collapsing so you have to get more injected and you eventually just look really weird and bloated.

No. 1129903

It doesn't mean she was not ugly as fuck before. At least she has lips now.

No. 1129907

Probably where he got his chlamydia from

No. 1129913

That peach got eaten. Literally.

No. 1129917

Hate her music, but she looked cute before the surgery.

No. 1129925

God Timothee is so ugly, I’m so confused as to how he was so sexually popular that he spread chlamydia throughout a college campus???
She wasn’t ugly, all these celebrities with lip fillers look like shit.

No. 1129928

she looked cute and normal

idk he's weird, i think he's adorable in CMBYN but he looks terrible with longer hair, for some reason it makes him look like a creature

No. 1129935

File: 1610499931781.jpg (90.59 KB, 750x550, la.jpg)

She looks so huge when next to other women. Not her weight, but her whole frame is suddenly 'Big'. What the hell causes this? Or is it really just weight gain?

Sorry, not an amerifag so fatties aren't a usual sight for me(nitpicking)

No. 1129941

Her weight gain makes her look average in size but her fillers have made her look bloated, similar to Jaclyn Hill

No. 1129942

I imagine half of these posts about Lana are just Azealia shit-posting

No. 1129944

File: 1610500458991.jpg (41.27 KB, 1200x628, tim.jpg)

He looks like he'd be related to Crispin Glover. Men get uglier as they age, you can't convince me otherwise. Every heart-throb turns into a creature.

Azealia is too busy boiling cats while dancing with machetes.

No. 1129961

She’s starting to look like Lindsey. This is not a compliment.

No. 1129982

Chalamet is so fucking despicable looking, my god. Love yourself ladies

No. 1129997

Lana is fat like my cock(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1129998

while she has gotten bigger, this is probably just the angle of the photo as she's sort of tilted back and more head-on while the other women are leaning forward a bit and posing better

No. 1130004

File: 1610506494564.jpg (62.49 KB, 615x409, 0_MAIN-MAIN-Gwen-Stefani.jpg)

>Gwen Stefani…still looks amazing
she's a hollow hollyweird freak just like the rest of them

No. 1130006

her top lip looks bizarre

No. 1130007

she still looks better than many women her age, at least body wise (since she's obviously had work done on her face)

No. 1130008

File: 1610506630921.jpg (191.72 KB, 1908x1146, 23955588-0-image-a-45_15801669…)

here's a larger one

No. 1130010

Sage but the latest ep of AoT was soooo good.

Also we need more actual celebs in this thread

No. 1130011


those look like two entirely different people holy shit

No. 1130013

File: 1610507016454.jpeg (382.95 KB, 828x773, E5EDCFEC-6627-4F2F-829A-F7E16E…)

another armie accusation

No. 1130014

File: 1610507038138.jpeg (268.04 KB, 828x528, F85523F3-847B-46BF-9A51-60BA5A…)

No. 1130015

she doesn't look that different imo? she definitely has had fillers to keep up with aging like almost all famous people do but you can tell it's still her. i think maybe the difference in makeup is throwing you off kek

No. 1130051

Baking Soda Boy looks like he smells like a Smash Bros tournament.

No. 1130068

jesus fucking christ I wanna disemb*wel this repugnant mutant(twitter censoring)

No. 1130089

File: 1610511323554.png (890.5 KB, 828x1390, Capture.PNG)

At least 5 subs have come forward with similar stories of meeting up from twit/ig for cnc scenes (rape roleplay). hes obviously a shitty dom who pushes too far and doesn't do aftercare.

And its clearly his voice on the clip; she didn't find an imitator and issue so many serious warnings to other lifestyle subs if it were just for a "joke".
I'm laughing, Tisch isn't known for a hot student body like ucla, its just really cliquey. ugly to mediocre looking theatre majors tend to group up and fuck like rabbits, especially in the dorms

No. 1130090

Why do you keep censoring words, you can swear on lolcow anon

No. 1130098

File: 1610511816627.jpg (65.65 KB, 512x341, unnamed (1).jpg)

too bad this show is off the air, ab learning how to articulate her cat's skeleton with this adorkable goth would be such a cute interaction

No. 1130105


since when is disembowel a swear word

No. 1130106


Reading this made my misandry increase by 1000%, cancel men plz

No. 1130108

this is originally from LSA
not sure if this true bc OP kept backtracking.

No. 1130115

Repeated abortions are not any more dangerous than the first

No. 1130151

I still can’t believe any girl found ansel elgort attractive. he looks like he’s permanently up against a glass window.

say what you want about disney stars but disney chose heartthrobs that has consistently been hot as fuck. zac efron, jonas brothers (well except kevin and the little fourth wheel brother), the sprouse twins. even the guy from phil of the future was fuckable.

No. 1130161

Zac is a pig faced redneck now, but yeah. He didn't hit the wall as quickly as that creature.

No. 1130178

File: 1610525077662.jpg (186.42 KB, 1069x1600, pbwjlnub4ph21.jpg)

She wants to be Priscilla Presley so badly.

No. 1130180

>phil of the future
oh god dont remind me i had a crush on him as a child

No. 1130181

weird fujoshi shit to speculate about this tbh

No. 1130183

A few more fillers and she's getting there. I remember she used to emulate her voice and appearance in the early phase of her career

No. 1130186

>>1130098 I loved that show. Though no doubt AB would scare the shit out of the whole cast, say they threatened her at gunpoint, then go find a cat to boil so she could hex them.

>>1130013 When is God gonna do a factory recall of all men? Seriously cause this kind of shit >>1130014 makes me feel like all the models with a Y chromosome are terminally defective and need to be sent back to the human-making factory for assessment and disposal. Or women need to rapidly evolve to have mantis blades for arms or some shit, idk, but this shit ain't it sis. Like what is wrong with these coomers, fuck. He's not even a coomer, he's a fucking rapist. Ugh I feel so bad for that girl. He needs jail.

Sage for rage.

No. 1130198

The lady in the middle looks like Grav3yardgirl kek

No. 1130199

Anon you're naive. Women are as much of a problem as men. Men aspire to become the millionaires with whores all around them and some women aspire to be the whores who open their legs for a quick buck. I mean have you seen how popular onlyfans is among women? No man forced them to humiliate themselves for few dollars like that, they just LOVE degrading themselves for that men attention.
And like you saw with the pickme girls on twitter high-key inviting the rapist to slide in their DMs, if girls like that who inflate the sickos ego didn't exist they wouldn't get away with that shit.
It's women who need to evolve, feminism happened decades ago and most of them can't move past relying on men to make a living.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1130246

dont argue with the insane radfems on here, they think women like >>1129411 purposefully getting pregnant and aborting her children for money are an inspiration(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1130251


I just saw the article where he wanted to cut off a girl's toe and keep her until she died. AAAAAHHH Serial killer teas. Future Jack the ripper bulshit.

No. 1130254

File: 1610540130589.jpg (306.63 KB, 1080x2400, sus.jpg)

According to the Daily Mail, Elizabeth Chambers (Armie Hammer’s ex-wife) is shocked and believes the allegations after many women have reached out to her. I really hope she keeps the kids away from him. He already has acted out some of his fantasies and it can only get worse. Even his pre-leak behaviour seems very disturbing now, for example him saying things like he would love to have dinner with de Sade, his fascination for meat and often posting pictures of dead animals… Another disturbing thing is that he often mentioned his kids in the DMs with houseofeffie, e.g. he would spend time at the park with his kids and asking his mistress/kitten to come over and tease him from the distance. Or him walking by her house with the stroller and writing that he wants to see her. It might seem like a minor thing compared to his cannibal antics and him actually raping and abusing women, but it is just as braindead and disgusting. Imagine having someone like him around your kids.

No. 1130263

File: 1610541635181.jpg (20.66 KB, 400x400, 9pTj7ejH_400x400.jpg)

I think you are absolutely right. Involving your kids, even tangentially, in your sexual deviance is a big red flag. What a freak. I wonder if his female co-stars like Lily Collins had any freaky experiences or vibes from him. He struck me as so bland. Weird that he apparently hero worshipped Patrick Bateman for real. Old money people are fucked.

No. 1130272

File: 1610543876103.jpg (16.33 KB, 600x600, e9d.jpg)


so she…had her upper bridge filled out? what was she thinking?

No. 1130275

File: 1610544740232.jpg (30.89 KB, 600x480, lana-del-rey-nose-job.jpg)

nope, her nose bridge has always been high, she just had the bump removed and the tip augmented(no1curr)

No. 1130300

File: 1610548604105.webm (966.24 KB, 576x1024, 373fa630619601829eab662d5312fc…)

I added her reply to someone that asked for proof.

No. 1130321

Lily Collins is a pickme and probably loves it. Fucking other people’s husbands makes her feel better about her downs syndrone father dumping her mother over text and totally abandoning her for years in favour of a much younger woman.

No. 1130326

i wonder why he or his publicist hasn't put out a statement yet? i feel like waiting this long definitely isn't a good thing.
but even if they do, i'm sure he'll just say he's going to rehab for sex addiction…as if rehab could help that twisted fuck.

No. 1130337

What happened, what did she do

No. 1130340

Don't you mean Lily James? I think she was the one who was rumoured to have an affair with the baking soda boy

No. 1130341

Either works, Collins was with him in that snow white movie

No. 1130363

Imagine thinking that's something to brag about. Im pro choice as hell but this is trashy.

No. 1130368

i was just about to say the same thing. people will preach this as her being a "bad bitch" but what's so special about fucking a bunch of celebrities who probably won't even remember who you are?

No. 1130369

I don't mind gwen having work done, but I do wish that she would stop with the nude gloss lipstick and super bold eyebrows because it isn't looking good on her mature face. She does not have to return to the bold red lips, but a bit more color would make her look a bit more alive if you know what I mean. Brows could've stayed the same since 2010 because this was perfect for her imo

No. 1130381

File: 1610555697738.png (Spoiler Image, 1.21 MB, 2070x1142, 2RpbEbg.png)

It's Lily James, not Collins. Someone did a deeper dive and both him and James are following the same suggestive account on ig with barely 300+ followers

No. 1130389

It's not, but someone itt keeps censoring swear words and other "sensitive" words like rape and murder. I have to assume it's all one person

No. 1130400

I hate this fucking asshole and I never knew who he was until now.
Catfished, built up trust, make a consensual agreement then went back on it during the act and raped her. Piece of shit.

No. 1130402

Oh god didn't even read the second part yet. He violated her a second time right after this. He needs to be put on trial, people have been imprisoned for less.

No. 1130403

Only retards think she's a bad bitch, apparently she was abused sexually abused as a child. Nothing about her should be looked up too, but the Only fans culture we live in now loves this kind of shit.
One day one of these celebrities are going too fuck her up or harm her. At first I thought she was an troon but she's not.

Snoop Dog, a married men, KEEPS getting caught with her and she even called out his wife.

No. 1130404

>No man forced them to humiliate themselves for few dollars like that,

I mean there has been lockdown and economic crisis for a year, OnlyFans wouldn't be nearly as popular if women weren't confined to their homes and lost their jobs. Prostitution thrives in low income/poor countries and areas. Women also are suckers with the empowerment uwu but you can't ignore the surrounding situation which coerced them into it.

You also can't read literal accounts of rape and deception and blame the woman. Nobody signed up for that.

No. 1130406

It must be run by someone they both know.

No. 1130420

File: 1610558736831.jpeg (93.84 KB, 1241x687, 41D3F963-DADB-4DE6-8D35-C65246…)

her ps and incredibly bad makeup make her look like a troon but she's not. she's so notorious in the rap scene for being a pass around that even drake said he doesn't want to deal with her

No. 1130426

His publicist went around fabricating and spreading fake screenshots of the girl "admitting" it was all fake.

No. 1130449

shut up tbh

No. 1130459

I know about Celina from 2 years ago, when she live requested Aaron Carter and kept asking him to give her a baby so she could repay a large sum a money she took from him. He wasn't having any of it lol.

No. 1130463

any celebs that are known alcoholics?
like demi lovato, johnny depp, daniel radcliffe… who else?

No. 1130477

practically all of them anon

No. 1130481

Leo Dicaprio? His dadbod weight ballooning was said to be from binge drinking

As >>1130477 said most of them, really. Also factor in drug addiction and drug use. Either they tend to abuse one, the other, or both

No. 1130484

No one thinks Celina is a bad bitch though, wtf are you guys talking about.

No. 1130519

File: 1610566127720.jpeg (196.48 KB, 750x872, 1372D5EE-ED0A-413B-9ECC-FB77CA…)

No. 1130522

No one blamed rape victims that's just retarded

No. 1130525

Just opened an article which says this guy is 34?

Really assumed he was in his 40s, guess that depraved lifestyle is taking it's toll. Also loving how his publicists have so far failed to cover any of this up. Gonna have to release a movie called "Depraved" to try and erase these search results.

No. 1130531

File: 1610567184521.jpg (22.03 KB, 308x185, 37923684-0-image-a-22_16104825…)

No. 1130533

I watched the video and it's ridiculous. LoOK How OuT oF cONtrOl I aM!!! He's like a fucking teenager

No. 1130540

I think he filmed that to try and make some sort of defense/case that he was inebriated or having mental health problems. While looking completely sober in the video and these accusations (with proof) going back four years.

No. 1130542

>He’s not a sexual psychopath! He just has a substance abuse problem, poor dear.
- his publicist

No. 1130547

File: 1610568018808.png (190.89 KB, 790x1204, 3422442.png)

Azealia responding to the backlash on her story.

No. 1130548

File: 1610568070258.png (281.46 KB, 900x1258, 3321121.png)

No. 1130549

makes sense. some kind of backwards thinking to defend the DMs and shit coming out now. "i was totes not in my right mind and on drugs when i sent those!!"

No. 1130552

File: 1610568200247.png (310.24 KB, 844x1248, 4225242.png)

No. 1130558

File: 1610568315572.jpg (122.54 KB, 750x1333, azealiabanks_2021.1.13_x70uym.…)

No. 1130563

this or they do drugs with some kind of regularity because that's what you do when you're rich and famous and stressed

No. 1130566

File: 1610568719584.jpg (90.77 KB, 750x1333, azealiabanks_2021.1.13_maydh1.…)

If she's going to have it gilded, why did she make a point of placing it in her sacrifice basket like that >>1129367?
Also, she and her friend were literally laughing as they did it. Actual joy at what they were doing, like the cat didn't even matter to them (or worse, like they enjoyed it), just the spectacle of acting like deranged crackheads on camera at the expense of this dead animal.
That's not just "being tough".

No. 1130567

File: 1610568755545.jpg (111.98 KB, 750x1333, azealiabanks_2021.1.13_l72g5f.…)

No. 1130569

File: 1610568846899.jpg (108.89 KB, 750x1333, azealiabanks_2021.1.13_mu3oz1.…)

No. 1130571

File: 1610568937228.jpg (55.7 KB, 750x1333, azealiabanks_2021.1.13_atszc9.…)

No. 1130574

File: 1610569038035.jpg (60.2 KB, 750x1333, azealiabanks_2021.1.13_fn7gjm.…)

No. 1130575

File: 1610569083803.jpg (71.41 KB, 750x1333, azealiabanks_2021.1.13_qianmt.…)

re: doja and megan

No. 1130577

File: 1610569157897.jpg (96.58 KB, 750x1333, azealiabanks_2021.1.13_5lk3vp.…)

No. 1130580

this is the same worthless bitch who mocked other black girls for having dark skin and then she wants to cry about anti-black racism? fucking cunt.

No. 1130584

This. Doesnt this hype have a whole ass line of skin bleaching soap too?

No. 1130590

she is truly a crackhead with no moral standing. she just uses her blackness when it benefits her. Meanwhile she likes white racist republican men and has claimed to for years. the girl is a lost cause LMAO.

No. 1130593

Armie is a sick fuck. There's a video that came out about a year ago of him filming his toddler son sucking on his big toe. Disgusting

No. 1130595

*Armie's big toe

No. 1130615


I just googled it and wow, he tagged it “foot fetish on fleek” and said he let it go on for “7 minutes”. I’d normally post caps across to here but won’t on this one because I feel bad for the poor kid. I hope the ex wife goes for full custody and gets the kids away from this degenerate.

No. 1130620

She has a point

No. 1130621

Ew I never knew this kek

No. 1130622

>if you're disgusted at me cackling gleefully as I dig up the 2 month old carcass of my cat to cook in a pot and livestream the whole process for everyone to see, you're racist!
Azealia… please.

Except it's not actual flesh and blood they consume, but alright AB. You got us.

No. 1130623

This is fake and gay but I still think his character in Sorry To Bother You was just him and not a character at all kek

No. 1130626

These people aren’t wrong, but I hate the witchy trend bc it’s retarded not bc I think “““actual””” witchcraft should be practiced. AB is deranged

No. 1130636

he's not even hot, what is wrong with straight women

No. 1130651

File: 1610573374394.jpeg (124.67 KB, 1125x1061, Erj5EoCW8AAuXud.jpeg)

>Lana Del Rey Doesn’t Believe Donald Trump Purposely Incited Capitol Riot
She really can't stop saying stupid shit.

>"The madness of Trump… As bad as it was, it really needed to happen. We really needed a reflection of our world’s greatest problem, which is not climate change but sociopathy and narcissism," she said "Especially in America. It’s going to kill the world. It’s not capitalism, it’s narcissism."

>She continued, saying that Trump didn't know he was inciting a riot and arguing the rioters were responding to an ongoing "disassociated rage" in the country more than any speech.

>"You know, he doesn’t know that he’s inciting a riot and I believe that," she added, saying that Trump has "delusions of grandeur."

>"They want to wile out somewhere. And it’s like, we don’t know how to find a way to be wild in our world. And at the same time, the world is so wild," she said of Trump supporters, before noting that the riot was a clear, frightening update on the mental health of the nation.

>"We didn’t know that we got half of the country who wants to shoot up the Capitol" Del Rey said. "We didn’t really know that because we never got to see it. I think this gave us the opportunity to see where our level of mental health is at."

No. 1130655

File: 1610573504105.png (187 KB, 798x642, 0_j.png)

No. 1130658

one of the worst things about this armie drama is that it will endear hybristophile / ddlg edgelord girls to clamor for him even harder regardless of how fucked up he is. really hope he actually suffers repercussions but given how hollywood likes to ignore white male crimes i'm worried it will just pass on

No. 1130659

Agreed. We already saw the r/ihavesex-tier goons rushing to defend it, and I know there's some morons saying "Duh, they totally consented, what's the problem". It will just get worse, and he probably won't face repercussions.
What'll really sicken me is seeing them insist that any bad he did is because he was struggling with alcohol and drugs, so he should be forgiven. That's the treatment they're about to give dog-killing, conniving piece of abusive shit Shia, and I hate it so much.

No. 1130662

i'm quite worried for the people who spilled deets. armie has a lot of money at his side, i wouldn't be surprised if they suffer some kind of retaliation.

No. 1130670

I highly doubt he will retaliate, that will just make him look worse. Think the other anon was right and he’s pulling for the “I was under the influence” excuse

Not wk him but I do think a lot of the cannibal shit was just creepy fantasizing

The most troubling thing is the rape stuff, if that girl felt she was raped I think she
should sue the f out of him and get some money, lord knows he has plenty. She could def sue for emotional damages. I mean she has an admission that he raped her

No. 1130677

>>1130659 this. Funny how when women struggle with alcohol and drugs they end getting raped (not to mention fucking dragged in the press) and taken advantage of, but somehow these men are just accidentally rapists/raging misogynists because they're so uwu deep and damaged they had to get wasted and hurt someone. Like, what? IDGAF who you are, if you have the impulse to do this kind of shit, whilst sober or otherwise, off yourself.

I can't with these scrotes. Fuck tumblr (and, frankly, artists like LDR) for endearing and grooming an entire generation of young girls to play into this pornsick fuckery.

No. 1130686

Lana's uwu innocent act is getting tiring. Nobody should have allowed her to post online, at least not under the Lana Del Ray accounts.

No. 1130688

Fuck me, the recap for this thread is going to be wild.

No. 1130692

I really think Lana is on drugs. I'm not defending her, I think these are her true feelings, but I think it's why she's laying it out there. Her sudden move to middle america, weight gain, appearance change, sudden engagement to some random nobody. idk when she posts selfies she looks so bloated and BAD and I don't see what she's seeing. Her hair ages her a decade and it's crazy because these are active choices she's making.
It's like she's cosplaying Lana Del Rey's Mom at this point lol

No. 1130699


That video where she was complaining about the magazine pretty much confirmed it for me. She has the bloated face, unfocused eyes and slurred speech of a drug abuser. I think she probably pops a lot of pills.

No. 1130717

>Not wk him but I do think a lot of the cannibal shit was just creepy fantasizing
i agree he sounds like myself/people i hung around when i was a super edgy teenager. it feels like he just discovered hardcore kink or something and is being a sperg about it to everyone. i doubt he'd actually harm anyone irl (aside the obvious rape) but still.

No. 1130718

except he’s a grown ass man and most likely a serial rapist

No. 1130720

If it's true that she struggled with addition as a teen, a relapse perhaps? Honestly she's always seemed pretty sober to me..up until this year obviously.

No. 1130745

idk, i feel like if he is just fantasizing about it, how long until he crosses the line and actually does harm someone?

No. 1130747

That's one of my least favorite things about the internet/social media. Not to sound like a boomer but before social media took off, at least we weren't subjected to celebrities' constant attention-whoring on the web. I like Lana's music but I really wish she'd shut up for once or at least keep shit like that to herself or save it for her friends or whatever.

No. 1130758

As long as she sticks with the "fought my way out of crushing poverty" narrative (didn't she bring that back up recently?), idk if I'd trust any of Lizzy's teen recollections.
She probably watched Spun at boarding school.

No. 1130765

she's got pain pill pupils in that messy room photo and she probably thinks it just fits her sugar baby/perc popping bad gurrrl image

No. 1130801

>i doubt he'd actually harm anyone irl (aside the obvious rape) but still.

This thread really has some great quotes, huh. There seems to be a definite irl sociopathy/empathy failure issue with him, such as the example of tying up and raping a woman and then just leaving her like that while he took a shower, before returning to spaff in her face.
Nothing about that suggests someone who wouldn't go further, and in my experience men always actually do all the things they "joke" about. And he didn't even suggest he was joking, all those texts were dead serious.

Though now he's been outed, the likelihood of him actually murdering someone has plummeted since people would probably say "maybe it was Armie Hammer" as a joke at this point.

No. 1130812

Should we start a Azealia containment thread? By the looks of it she seems entertaining enough to have her own.

No. 1130818


CDAN said Laan's weight gain is due to her being taken off of ADHD meds

No. 1130823

God Anon you made me read about Priscilla and I knew that Elvis snatched her up when she was only 14 and said he wasn't able to fuck her again after she had his child, but I didn't know this part of her life after divorcing him

>Beginning in 1978, Presley had a six-year intermittent live-in relationship with male model Michael Edwards, until he began developing feelings for the [her daughter] Lisa Marie.[71] Lisa Marie was aged 10 to 16 during his relationship with her mother.

I had to stop and put my face in my hands for a minute, kill me

No. 1130834

I mean bdsm and that shit is degenerate and weird but tons of people do it and don’t kill anyone

No. 1130894

Nta the shit he has done goes beyond some "kinky bdsm" shit, to my knowledge that shit has two consenting adults, not a baking soda scrote raping and laughing about it later. Hope he doesn't end up murdering some woman.

No. 1130907

No. The cows it would attract would not be worth it. They can go to lipstick alley for that.

No. 1130915


I knew about Priscilla but by Allah it just keeps getting worse.

No. 1130919


Samefag but at this point in time giving the thread having Azaelia and Lana threads as autosaged containment units would be beneficial to the celebcows thread because it always gets shidded to hell with them.

No. 1130922

this is such a publicist move lol
holy shit I knew she was young but didn't know about her mom

No. 1130932

She sure looves pulling that race card, huh….. Actual professional victim.

No. 1130945

She's not wrong. People sperging about her bleaching her dead cat's bones give etsy wiccan bullshit a pass.

No. 1130950

Everyone doesn't need a separate thread. I know it's a bit Lanazealia heavy right now but it's easy to skip over when someone else turns into a cannibal.
Shidded though. Anon!

No. 1130951

who tf gives etsy wiccan bullshit a pass? i've never heard anyone say "oh those chicks selling bones and spells? yeah they're kinda cool lol" almost everyone in the mainstream thinks modern day witchcraft is creepy and dumb as fuck.

No. 1130952

Probably because they don't post crackhead instagram videos of them digging up bones

No. 1130959

Actually plenty of taxidermy pages show their processes and scavenging. You just had to use your pointed crackhead insult though. Keep showing yourself.

No. 1130961

File: 1610590019524.png (979.16 KB, 1211x1381, Capture.PNG)

his career is absolutely done lol

you do realize that brutal bdsm is actually harmful, right? A bad subdrop itself can be traumatic

No. 1130962

File: 1610590066298.jpeg (708.31 KB, 828x1145, 87C300C4-295C-4582-A752-9161DE…)

I wonder if she dug up this human

No. 1130964

I wonder if it's true that it was his decision or if the producers fired him

No. 1130966

If it was his choice then it was an act of damage control (though fat lot that’s going to do when his Jeffrey Dahmer meets Patrick Bateman psychopathy has been blasted all over the internet, say buh bye to your career, Armand)

No. 1130967

File: 1610590700846.jpeg (542.91 KB, 828x1495, 0CAA4CCA-FBC8-403F-9DE5-98503D…)

AB’s attempt to show that she has empathy and misses the cat whose corpse she defiled

No. 1130968

What i fail to understand with her religion sperg is that you usually don't manic post about your rituals? Like yea wow you managed to wear white and do the things but that's literally wtf you ain't supposed to do, you don't plaster this stuff for all to see. Also her taxidermy cope, she would love pnp, can't even treat a goddamn skull.

No. 1130969


No. 1130970

i'm not expecting any longlasting backlash from this. i've come to curb my expectations on what punishments famous men get when they're clearly pure evil

No. 1130971

As mentioned further up in the thread, it’s taboo to share your caldero in palo so either she doesn’t take her religion seriously or she doesn’t actually know anything about the religion she professes to practise and is doing this shit purely for attention. Or a combination of the two.

No. 1130974

Priscilla couldn’t catch a break. Ick.

No. 1130976

I highly doubt his career is done, this will probably be forgotten about in a couple of months. Creeps like James Franco still have their careers after numerous sexual assault allegations. No way an actor gets cancelled just for having some weird gore fetish.

No. 1130978

Honestly it's hard to be surprised about this cat thing after what she did to those chickens

No. 1130979

“He wouldn’t hurt a fly, he’s just a rapist, who caaaares?”

What the fuck is wrong with some of the anons here? Check yourself into a facility, fr.

No. 1130980

They only really get punished if they're ugly or irrelevant. I want to believe he won't come back from this because it's such an overwhelming amount of evidence proving what a psychopath he is, but he does come from money and it's likely he can either sue the victims into oblivion or bribe the courts to let him win or boot a case out of court if a victim goes up against him. Why the hell hasn't he released a statement yet? He just expects it's gonna blow over, or did he fire all his PR people out of rage? Either way the longer he goes without a statement the worse it looks for him

No. 1130983

I just feel bad for the cat. She was clearly using the skull as an offering, along with the alcohol, $100 bill, Chanel perfume, etc.
It's strange of her to claim taxidermy now. That obviously isn't what she was using it for.
By the way, speaking of the occult/religous context of all this, you can't actually sacrifice an animal that hasn't been killed for that purpose. And no, it's not just chickens that get sacrificed, and it's definitely not just Santeria she's into.
Some interesting info on her religion (if anyone cares/is curious):
>In the dark world of Palo Mayombe, many pets such as horses, dogs, and cats get stolen from loving families where they are traded for a monetary profit and subjected to brutal acts for ritual sacrifices. ARM has documented dogs and cats confined in small cages and exposed to the extremities of 120-degree heat, with only the blood of other animals to drink, a ‘step’ in preparation for up and coming ceremonies and only amplifies the degree of cruelty these innocent animals endure as “food for the gods.”

>But Jose Merced doesn't shy away from controversy—and he has no plans of doing so on this crisp day in late September. No matter that his neighbors remain uneasy with the ritual singing and drumming that are part of his Santería religion; no matter that they might, as before, call the police if they feared he was engaging in animal sacrifice; no matter that the city of Euless, even after losing a drawn-out lawsuit that tested the boundaries of religious liberty in Texas, is still searching for new ways to shut down Merced's spiritual practices. For him, the deities who reside in the back room of his house have been silenced long enough.

>It's been nearly three and a half years since he stopped the ritual slaughter of four-legged animals in his home to pursue litigation against the city over his right to do so.


>After the crowning ceremony, it was time for the animal sacrifice. As the animals were brought in, he was told to touch his head to the animal's head and its hooves to other areas of his body. The animal was absorbing his negativity. He had to chew pieces of coconut, swallowing the juice but spitting the coconut meat into the animal's ear.

>He would later learn that this was necessary for the "the exchange ceremony," which came next. The pieces of coconut represented Merced's message—his thoughts, feelings, needs—which were transferred to the goat for direct passage to Olofi. His physical contact with the animal was also symbolic of his commitment to God. As soon as the animal's blood was spilled, Merced's negativity, which had been absorbed by the goat, was released. The purified blood then spilled into the pots.

>"When I started going through this one particular pot bringing out all the sacrificed animals, goats, sheep, dogs, cats, on the bottom was that human skull," Couto said.

>First, although many Mayomberos are originally initiated into Santeria, very few Santerians also practice Palo Mayombe. In fact, most Santeria practitioners fear the Mayombero, claiming he practices a sinister form of Santeria which they call brujería–black magic or witchcraft. Second, the rituals of Santeria most often focus magic on positive actions designed to improve one’s personal position or please an orisha. Palo Mayombe, in contrast, centers its rituals on the spirit of the dead, often using magic to inflict misfortune or death upon an enemy. In fact, the Mayombero does not use the orishas but rather invokes the evil spirit of one specific patron who resides in his nganga, the cauldron used during most rituals.
>Additionally, the types of animals sacrificed for Palo include domesticated pets such as dogs and other larger animals. The nganga is routinely fed with blood, so sacrifice occurs much more frequently then in Santeria rituals.

>To bring this religion into action, that is, to actually practice the black magic, the practitioners will require body parts to worship. Any remains of the body part, can be used to enslave the spirit of the dead person which will commit the paleros sins as advised by them.

Maybe that's why she called him "Lucifer".

No. 1130984

Right? And because cats are uwu cute pets and chickens are just food to a lot of people it’s not just about being surprised, it’s cognitive dissonance

No. 1130988

>Defending azealia for 'the culture'
I'm sorry your people let you down anon

No. 1130989

Samefagging to add that AB has adopted a lot of animals. Dogs, cats, guinea pigs, hamsters. Why don't we see them? She loves posting on social media, no reason to hide them.
Last I heard, two of them were with her mother (who is extremely abusive, so I can't imagine they fared well). What happened to all the rest?
I really liked her as an artist, but this shit just disgusts me.

No. 1130993

I don’t think it’s outside the realm of possibility that she has sacrificed her “pets”. She strikes me as one of those people ego doesn’t like animals full stop; all this aside she doesn’t have seem to have any empathy or kindness in her at all. She is bitter and hateful and overwhelmingly negative and hostile

No. 1130995

honestly I’m kinda optimistic on this one, mostly because it’s such a fuckin gimme - “ohhh, look at how much we care about sexual assault, we cancelled armie, see?” (and then anything shy of “literally wanting to eat a woman’s heart” gets to be written off forever as “not so bad”, lmao, I hate this hellworld.) plus, as sick as it is to say, plenty of rich hollywood scrotes will empathize with a guy who’s “just” a rapist. only the serious edgelords are gonna be on board with the shit in those badly-written guro sexts

No. 1130998

Yea, I know and that's why it's o ridiculous how she tries to make it into racial thing, then backtrack to taxidermy and finally mention how it's huh religuuunnn. She needs to be put in a home or something.

No. 1131001

>i doubt he'd actually harm anyone irl (aside the obvious rape)
Are you even reading what you write, anon? He's a rapist.

This is a grown ass man, not a teenager. He said he's mutilated animals? Fantasizes about mutilating women and eating them? This is a little more than just "haha so edgy". There's plenty of degenerates out there with vore and violence kinks that keep that shit a fantasy, but this man is a whole rapist and animal mutilator.

No. 1131038

right just like that other C list actor whos been exposed with hundreds of hard fetish DMs and rapeplay meetings and video evidence from 5 girls? Even if effy maintains that this was all her elaborate joke he probably wont be able to get all of them to backpedal it.

No. 1131073

According to one article the other "kittens" met up in a group irl to get a timeline of the past 5 years. He had several girlfriends on the side and the effie one was around for years. I imagine she has a lot more evidence up her sleeve.

No. 1131106

when the fuck did we as a society decide that getting off to the concept of degenerate shit is ok because it's a fantasy. It literally makes you orgasm lmfao.

Any girl here defending this shit needs to ask herself if she can imagine a man being okay with a woman who masturbates to castration fantasies.

No. 1131116

kek what??????????

No. 1131123

That man just needs a place to sleep

Saying a whole lot of nothing with a whole lot of words

No. 1131154

This. Getting off to torturing people is not normal or ~kinky~. It’s pathological.

No. 1131161

bad day for Hannibal the Cannibal kek

No. 1131189

File: 1610614454879.jpeg (184.69 KB, 750x1053, B8A85068-E1FE-4092-A690-EC1215…)


“I wasn’t fired I quit!” - sure Armie.

No. 1131190

nice comeback, azaelia. lot of people don't know these interesting religious tidbits.

No. 1131192

armie jackhammer. never taking a celeb for a decent human ever again.

No. 1131193

"Actually guys, I'm like, a devoted father and shit"

No. 1131194

they all immediately go to the 'b-but muh children's safety' to drum up sympathy

No. 1131195

If he had a good conscience he would turn himself into the police for rape and animal abuse and stay away from his kids for their own good. Nice try Armie.

No. 1131197

Nice try. How does it affect his kids? If they saw what the rest of the internet did it's probably best they get away from him kek

No. 1131199

File: 1610616549502.png (445.47 KB, 640x640, surejan.png)

Tilda Swinton is ~kweer~.

>"I'm very clear that queer is actually, for me anyway, to do with sensibility," Swinton said.

Not found: any indication of attraction to women whatsoever.

No. 1131201

No. 1131204

he's absolutely guilty lmao

No. 1131205

she’s always been super andro/otherworldly so I’m not in the least bit surprised she identifies this way. Queer isnt always sexuality, it can be a gender identity.

No. 1131207

This. People like Bella Thorne pretending to be bi or Ellen Page just being a confused lesbian, I would roll my eyes at. Even the Miley Cyrus being 'queer' reeks of attention whoreism, but I definitely get the queer/lesbian/andro vibes from Tilda. Yeah she's chosen a time where all this tranny woke bullshit is a trend, but I am really not suprised and believe it. Seems genuine to me.

No. 1131212

Yeah, I doubt this is a surprise to anyone. Apparently she has an open marriage (translation: her husband lets her cuck him with other dudes under his own roof). She also played the titular character in Orlando in the loose adaptation from Virginia Woolf’s novel who goes to sleep a man and wakes up a woman, way back in the 90s before or was trendy to troon out and people had better things to do than shriek about muh diversity and representation

No. 1131215

Even without her acting career, her family has big Fuck You money so it's definitely not under his own roof. All of these super rich high-profile celebs claiming to be queer or trans or whatever really makes me uneasy. Like they'll do anything to be centre of attention and sooper speshul, including troon out lol

No. 1131217

Honestly, if she'd attributed it to her being/dressing andro I would've still rolled my eyes, but I would "get" it. But see my quotes: she thinks all queerness has to do with is "sensibility" (ie, how you respond to art or culture or whatever). So forgive me if I sideeye someone who thinks her ~sensibility warrants her the same label as a person who'd get beaten up on the street for their clothing/can't get legally married in most parts of the world. I'll end my sperg here to keep from derailing

No. 1131221

File: 1610621930704.jpeg (392.79 KB, 750x913, 208705B3-AFCC-4846-88B3-275C9A…)

I swear this bitch makes a documentary about her drug addiction every 5 years.

No. 1131222

You’d think that would be the case but she has talked about having her “lovers” live with her and her husband, I’m trying to find the vogue interview where I first saw it mentioned but to no avail

No. 1131226

Does anyone on Earth actually care about Demi Lovato?

No. 1131227

Demi Lovato is the most boring basic bitch ever and I feel like she keeps talking about her drug problems because she thinks it makes her interesting and a sUrVIvoR

No. 1131231

The mother of those children doesn't want you anywhere near them though, baking soda scrote

No. 1131232

I mean, most child-stars turn out like this. They all get molested in Hollywood. It leaves you with issues.

No. 1131233

Awww, dad of the year.

No. 1131234

>Seems genuine to me
Queer is not a genuine orientation or identity. Stop believing in tranny agendas and that just because you're a woman who has short hair and sometimes likes to wear a suit you are somehow not a woman but "other". It's dumb.

No. 1131237

Animal abuse? I only saw the rape/cannibal shit, are there animal abuse dms?

No. 1131239

at this point I'm thinking his publicist must be one of his kittens

No. 1131243

That's not even a reach. She could be a kitten or she could just know about the situation, probably has for years. A publicist who wasn't involved would probably look at this situation and say "fuck it" and quit.

No. 1131248

File: 1610626578328.png (668.22 KB, 828x1792, deer.png)

So. I want to die.

No. 1131249

File: 1610626712318.png (287.89 KB, 828x1792, deer-2.png)

No. 1131250

File: 1610627002909.jpeg (61.41 KB, 512x396, 8C241644-2E37-4F6F-9B86-F0939C…)

No. 1131253

imo he just comes off like such a tryhard. like he's got a boner over the roleplay where he is this crazy guy who eats animal hearts, trying to scare these women. what a dope

No. 1131255

kek the contrast between his family-friendly good guy image and these embarassing message will never fail to not make me laugh

No. 1131256

He sounds like a fucking 16 year-old edgelord holy shit, what is he trying to prove? Weird af

No. 1131257

I'd think he was a dope too if there wasn't claims of him drinking the blood of some of these girls. Not to mention he's very consistent with his weird interests( his twitter likes and IG accounts show his into weird shit)

Men always practice their degeneracy on animals before moving onto people. I sincerely believed he would've murdered one of these girls. It's easy make normies disappear when you come from old money.

No. 1131258

why tf does this read like a shitty google+ roleplay from 2013?

No. 1131261

Anon didn’t you read? She has short hair and sleeps with men other than her husband. Super queer and non-cishet. I guarantee there’s a flag for that.

So he’s done this shit in front of male friends, too.

No. 1131264

File: 1610628329756.png (235.38 KB, 500x889, friends.png)

No. 1131265

File: 1610628472520.png (342.76 KB, 943x1530, friends-2.png)

No. 1131274

File: 1610630173977.jpeg (52 KB, 750x532, 2C148162-BB86-4D9A-9F27-58E4D7…)

From the HouseofEffie insta exposing Armie Hammerbal Lecter. I guess she’s implying he got them all to get tattooed as an act of submission to him.

No. 1131277

This is starting to feel more and more like that NXIVM sex trafficking cult shit. How many of these "groups" are there in Hollywood circles?

No. 1131278

File: 1610630515092.jpg (109.97 KB, 1080x1672, 654871c4bae192518ae794954f92c4…)

No. 1131280

File: 1610630544736.jpg (135.07 KB, 1080x1666, 0fd4337a17a0ea27acde7da7bbc3d5…)

No. 1131281

File: 1610630616384.jpg (127.65 KB, 1080x1676, 308b2554a5cd598bb4cf8d49d55284…)

No. 1131284

I'm laughing and vomiting at the same time

No. 1131289

For an even better time, read his DMs while looking at the OP pics

No. 1131290

Okay, Jeffrey Dahmer. Why those girls gave him the time of the day is the real question.

No. 1131298

For some reason all the cannibal stuff doesn’t bother me as much as
>keep you in a vegetative state to fuck you
Obviously it’s twisted and disgusting, but probably more fantastical than the idea of keeping extremely vulnerable women to fuck or abusing unconscious/locked-in-body women. It’s cringy to read, but knowing he’s lived some of his dark and extreme fantasies leaves me uneasy with the rest.

No. 1131306

File: 1610632466540.jpg (199.66 KB, 956x540, notkeendog.jpg)

"Fuxking your actual brain. Haha"

No. 1131308

Can we just burn this degenerate at the stake now

No. 1131321

These read like they were written by an edgy teenager who watched one too many Dahmer documentaries

No. 1131322

Yeah the new rules have turned this thread to boring shit. Barely anyone posts because everyone's fucking banned.

This is a thread to shit on celebs, let us just be Free.

No. 1131341

File: 1610635671956.png (465.35 KB, 600x919, 0A662FCA-E9FA-4D97-9105-8122CE…)

I don’t even care if it’s “just fantasy” and he’s never act on it, he deserves to suffer immensely for the vegetative state comment. That has fucking triggered me

No. 1131351

>I cut you into pieces and fxxk your actual brain. And then what haha

No. 1131352

Why is he censoring fucking lmao

No. 1131358

imagine not hating men

No. 1131359

Drop the caps jeff and tyler and whoever drop em

Seems like there's a lot of evidence floating around to back up these "bullshit claims"

No. 1131363

This man probably fucked all the meat that was ever in his household fridge. He's now officially the posterboy for "I thought he was a nice guy" "he looked so normal" "he's a family man"

No. 1131367

I think even men hate themselves deep down, and project it on to women. They’re just so foul and sick in the head lmao

No. 1131368

File: 1610637629372.jpg (123.39 KB, 750x1298, ErsTDvkXcAAUuK8.jpg)

looks like gaga will perform the national anthem at Biden's inauguration ceremony. JLo will contribute some musical performance. Tom Hanks will be also there.

No. 1131373

>"not all men" you're right. Armie Hammer would never do this.

No. 1131375

Andrew, Ashton etc. are probably into the same shit as Armand (I can’t be the only one picturing rich white frat boys in blazers here) or at least enabled it. I doubt they’ll speak up unless they actually get in legal trouble and think throwing Hammerbal under the bus will benefit them.

No. 1131376

Huh. Seems a bit random on its face, but I guess they're going for diversity points with the gays and the Latinos

No. 1131379

I also hope that they will share some caps, although I am sure they are just as degenerate as him. However, the video in >>1130519 where he takes drugs while driving and drinks behind the wheel is addressed to his friends (he made the video for "the boys") and it got leaked as well. Maybe his friends are already sharing his stuff? Or the other anons were right and he "leaked" it on purpose to have "I have a drug problem!" as an excuse just like Shia.

Agreed. The cannibal stuff almost made me throw up, but so far that is mostly a disgusting fantasy (although he describes biting into his kitten several times and I am not sure how far he went there). However, his hate for women and desire to hurt and own them is very real and thus bothers me a lot. I think BDSM is degenerate in general, but most of his kittens still seem to practice and enjoy it. They always point out how important "a good aftercare" and mutual respect is though. He lacks both, he abused them and left them behind then – I really don’t get how people are still defending this and say what he did is a consensual, positive practice. He is not a consensual sadist or responsible daddy dom (lol), but someone who really wants to harm and even kill women and does not care about them at all. Piece of trash.

No. 1131380

> Implying they aren't the backbone of this thread, kek.

No. 1131385

Not to wk male degeneracy in this context, but it is also funny to me how you got anons itt rightfully disgusted by his bs while over in /g/ fetish threads, there’s always anons who are into stuff like Boyfriend To Death which afaik is created by women for women and let’s you play out these exact kind of fantasies… Not saying any anons would ever take it as far into real life as psycho Armie at all, but still, degeneracy is not just just scrote problem at this point lol

No. 1131387

File: 1610639444611.jpeg (155.46 KB, 750x545, 61E24445-E448-48A4-ADDB-E3467A…)


> someone who really wants to harm and even kill women and does not care about them at all. Piece of trash.

Absolutely, but also with some Madonna-Whore complex shit mixed in there, like, I truly believe his wife had no idea about any of this and he kept things pretty vanilla with her because of stuff he’s said in interviews in the past like picrel.

No. 1131390


You almost have to admire his commitment to sound like a hideous asshole 100% of the time, every time he talks.

No. 1131394

File: 1610640385392.jpg (441.07 KB, 1450x816, cover3.jpg)

ok patrick bateman

No. 1131396


This dude is giving me serious cult-y, Keith Raniere/NXIVM human trafficking vibes at this point, especially learning about his male “friends” being involved. I wonder how many victims are really out there. And this is just pure speculation, but I wonder whether he could’ve been trafficking women to other Hollywood people. That might explain why he keeps getting promoted despite having zero talent and being box office poison.

No. 1131406

File: 1610641384179.gif (458.74 KB, 500x213, tumblr_m59xw7BY5M1qdqhx8o1_500…)

No. 1131421

Armie "Bateman" Hammer writes like a deranged Nicole Dollanganger circa 2011 fan with a penchant for binge watching serial killer documentaries and Hannibal lol, all that "earth could be shaking around us i wouldn't care" horrible shit. Except it's not just edge for the edge's sake, yuck. The case is getting more and more disgusting with each new text leaks posted, with all respect to Azealia's poor cat, this is the worst. Who knows what else comes to light next

this interview though
"I'm such a caring sweet gentleman, i respect my wife uwu, i save disrespect and violent shit for the kittens"

No. 1131467

File: 1610646317010.png (9.29 KB, 1084x77, salty.png)

Careful anon the meta fags are gonna start bitching again

No. 1131485

>I respect my wife too much to degrade her sexually!!

Ok but that still begs the question, why do you want to do those things to any woman? This reads like an excuse to cheat on his wife and degrade only certain women.

No. 1131489

He sees other, younger women as being "lesser" than his wife, it's what celebrity men who are married do with side chicks, the side chicks are there for them to do what their wives or girlfriends won't let them.

No. 1131508

Because bdsmfags always tell on themselves. They know choking and hitting women giving them a boner is degenerate no matter how respectful~~ and consensual~~ they pretend to be, which is why they save it for women they consider 'low value'.

No. 1131548

This guy is very often seen with Azealia on her videos and pictures, isn't that her gay bff? He always acts a bit like a yes man to her, I wonder if he's as crazy as her.

No. 1131552

She's always been a magnet for these dumb parasites. Dunno if this one is just her gay bff or dealer or both though, sometimes they multitask.

No. 1131571

He obviously views women as objects and his brain has turned into slush from watching porn 24 hours a day through VR goggles. It's never any deeper than that, men just don't see women as human. He knows he'll face social repercussions for treating his wife that way because wives are supposed to be special (and his personal property might run off if he treats her like a psycho), but random girls he never has to see again? Free for all.

No. 1131608

In general, beautiful, clean cut women with high self esteem (like his wife) don’t want men do weird violent shit to them during sex. It’s women with low self esteem (often not very conventionally attractive either) who have a penchant for this shit. It’s pick meism to the extreme

No. 1131628

it's based when males get a taste of their own degeneracy, the only thing I have a problem with is those anons not actually practicing it like men do

No. 1131636

Sexpozzed feminist moid accidentally admits that you don't do BDSM with a woman you love and respect. Wouldn't be surprised if his degeneracy increased because he felt e muh skulated due to his wife being, like, human. Their need for narcissistic supply is a bottomless pit, I genuinely hope he runs into some paycho bitch who "accidentally" kills him during sex.

To every woman who's married to the nicest guy who ever lived - this is what your Nigel (including mine) is probably doing behind your back. Male sexuality is based on disrespect and exploitation, things cease being sexy to them unless there's sadistic power tripping involved.

No. 1131643

Lol, no. These women are all stupid as fuck. What do they expect entertaining a guy like this

No. 1131652

As much as I hate to admit it, FDSfags are entirely right. If a man demands porn shit from you you're not the one, and they never suggest "kinky" sex to high value women they want to marry out of fear of spooking them and losing them to another man. They'll cuff these women by posing as vanilla and showering them with resources, then fulfill their need for degeneracy on the side.

This is why you should only marry for money and then ditch him when his degeneracy reaches critical mass, using his depraved infidelities to get a more favorable settlement.

No. 1131695

Yeah, exactly. This is why presenting yourself as normie as possible is advantageous. That cherry emoji bdsm goth shit might get you attention online or irl, but it will rarely be high quality attention. You will just get sickos like Armie who want to degrade you and cheat on their wives

No. 1131704

isn't it two sides of the same shitty coin, you're either the enabling not like the other girls perfect prop wife while he does degenerate shit elsewhere, or you're the person suffering the degenerate shit while his wife helps him maintain a good public image. Though to his wife's credit she dropped him as soon as she found out.

No. 1131706

Like in this scenario you get the psycho Armie whatever happens, you just get to choose being the kitten or the prop wife. You still lose because Armie is in your life in any capacity.

No. 1131715

Ntayrt but I mean who do you think has the cushier life? The pretty normie wife or the mistresses who he degraded and dumped? One of them gets half his money and vanilla sex, the other gets none of his money and gets abused and dumped.

Don’t put up with men who do this shit. That is all. If you have some desire to entertain married men who want to do bdsm with you: get help.

No. 1131735

File: 1610663818053.jpeg (614.87 KB, 750x1113, 766D16B8-ED8B-4246-8CD6-48A934…)

Might get flamed for this but are we supposed to believe this man isn’t a closeted homosexual? Christ.

No. 1131737

True, but if he's rich it's better than entertaining any other seemingly nicer, poorer scrote. They're all the same, so if you're gonna tard wrangle, might as well get a payout.

No. 1131760

File: 1610665085720.jpg (245.8 KB, 1290x880, bbq.jpg)

No. 1131775

File: 1610665579485.jpeg (161.19 KB, 750x632, 51C1F680-41EA-4549-A68B-C20D5F…)


She’s really done him dirty and we love to see it.

No. 1131779

"if i had a little cut on my hand, he'd like suck it or lick it. that's about as weird as we got."

some women have no instinct for creepy behavior and it shows.

No. 1131781

bruh if I'm gonna pay for cock I'll get a Jordan Barrett or something, she really can buy something much better looking lmfao

No. 1131784

if all women had a functioning crazy radar, literally no man in the world would ever get laid

No. 1131788

File: 1610666040651.jpeg (237.1 KB, 750x771, 36845A9F-0581-4B81-AC9F-D5F220…)

She’s either straight up lying or he hid his wealth from her because uh..

No. 1131810

I don't think I've ever seen a celebrity be destroyed so flawlessly by his own behaviour >>1131788
Maybe his family won't let him touch any of the riches due to him being an obvious loose cannon

No. 1131811

Patiently waiting for something similar to emerge about Jared Leto

No. 1131814

If he has siblings, he's definitely not getting the inheritance. Imagine this faggot running a company.

No. 1131819

All the men with J names seem to be wackos. Jared, James, Jim

Surprised Franco wasn't buried by his previous allegations. I guess he doesn't act as much anymore now? Still waiting for the other J's to be canceled though! 2021, what else you got, throw it at us!

No. 1131825

No. 1131826

File: 1610667639275.png (49.82 KB, 906x546, michaelhammer.png)

His dad and mom are really creepy christian fundamentalists and Armie has been somewhat stranged from them for years, he also hinted to some weird religious abuse he suffered as a kid on twitter some years ago (can't find caps of that rn).
His father also completely squandered the family fortune doing Art Fraud and creating Christian Fundie non-profits in the Cayman Isles.

No. 1131834

Ehhh. His ex who claimed he was broke might’ve just been trying to slander him and make him look like a broke chump. Obvs the sucking on blood shit she mentioned is true but the “he’s so broke” shit sounds like some scorned ex stuff

No. 1131835

The family’s worth is like 800 mill or more, they’re oil heirs. That money doesn’t just go away because of fraud charges, it’s not how old money works. New money, sure

No. 1131839

High IQ post of the day, ngl

No. 1131849

it's not unheard of for old money kids being cut off bc they're degenerates. rich parents can cut their kids off too, they just usually don't. and if he's into all this weird shit and ran off to do acting in the states, I would think his parents were mad as shit at him for doing so. they seem to prefer island life and christian bullshit.

and looking it up, Armie's little brother Viktor is the businessman, not him. lends more to the theory that Armie is the black sheep and isn't able to dip into much of the wealth of his family.

No. 1131870

Maybe his weird ass fantasies were too much even for his fundamentalist parents, so tey decided to cut him off financially. Wouldn't be surprised is all of this came from a messed up childhood.

No. 1131880

Is he cosplaying as kev from shameless? Wtf is going on here?

No. 1131883

File: 1610670890799.jpg (82.62 KB, 750x1334, gnt6rkki2eb61.jpg)

No. 1131889

Lol.. He invited my friend to Portugal when she was 16/17. They met in Sweden while he was performing at an amusement park in Stockholm. This was 7-8 years ago.

No. 1131892

Let's not pretend that all women deserve respect.

No. 1131897

Let's face it this motherfucker has absolutely been torturing animals since he was a child. It's amazing how much people can get away with just because of money. Family members are willing to hide disgusting secrets for fear of the family name being tainted.

No. 1131907

In his Elle interview (the one where he mentions an ex gf cutting him with a butcher knife) he claims his parents cut him off when he left home bc he wanted to be an actor. He also says he and his wife are frequently dead broke and live paycheck to paycheck but they "eNjOy" it bc it makes having money again feel better and that way he never has to "put his tail btwn his legs" and ask his parents for help.

No. 1131912

Let's not pretend that this is about the woman. If the idea of hurting others turns you on, you're a degenerate faggot who needs to be shot.

I don't give a fuck if you're only fantasizing about hurting someone you don't seem "respectable". You're a dirty scrote who doesn't deserve a family or being loved in any "vanilla" manner whatsoever.

No. 1131917

Absolutely based

Is Leto old money or something? I'm surprised he's still not blacklisted and mentioned in the same breath as Weinstein, Spacey or that guy from Nexivm. Where's Leto's immunity coming from?

No. 1131918

He has a net worth of like 50 mill, how the fuck is that living paycheck to paycheck? Dude is totally full of shit

No. 1131924

Don't think Leto comes from significant money. His family moved around a lot apparently.
It does seem like he was smart enough to not leave a huge trail of evidence for whatever he got up to.

No. 1131930

He's also considered to be more of a rockstar than solely an actor and for some reason musicians historically tend to get away with a lot less scrutiny when they abuse and exploit younger girls.

No. 1131935

Agree, especially Leto. The girls basically threw themselves at him back when TSTM was still somewhat relevant. He had a pool to choose from, even though it was obvously messed up that most of his fanbase were teenage girls. Hooking up with teenage groupies isn't even something most people in the music industry will lose sleep over, sadly.

No. 1131945

Think he’s just been famous for like 30 years now so he’s well connected

No. 1131949

This just randomly made me remember Kat Stacks! The OG pass around. That ICE saga was something else.

No. 1131952

The Armie Hammer thing is so weird and out of the blue I'm starting to wonder if it's a viral marketing campaign, like if they're remaking American Psycho or Silence of the Lambs with him.

Is it as out of the blue as it seems or has he been sus for ages?

No. 1131964

No. 1131973

No, i've been following his coomer antics for a good while now and there were too many signs of some fuckery going on even years ago

No. 1131978

>>1131883 Fucking hell. This gave me goosebumps. He did the same thing to me when he was playing in my city. Came to the restaurant I worked at and offered me tickets to the show that night. He was clearly high on something. I told him I was 16. He said, "And?"

I didn't go, obviously, and never had any proof except my coworker who witnessed the exchange. It's bothered me for years because I knew I wasn't the first and wouldn't be the last. This was ten years ago. Sage for blog, sorry anons. Just glad to see him get called out.

No. 1131985

File: 1610677402920.png (48.49 KB, 172x188, Screenshot 2021-01-14 at 9.21.…)

>He’s too quirky to fit into the mainstream roles available to him, and so much more than the sum of his handsome parts. He might look, as Mirror Mirror director Tarsem Singh put it, like who you’d draw if you were going to draw a prince.
>But is Hammer truly a unique star who’s finally finding his niche — or simply a beautiful, pedigreed white man who’s been allowed, in a way that few others in Hollywood have, endless attempts to discover it?
I'm tired of these fraudulent beauty standards. They keep having to repeat these men are "so handsome", probably because they know they really aren't, but need it to be part of "the canon". Enough.

No. 1131996

trustfunders love to tell fake poverty stories like these to seem relatable. See: Ed Sheeran.

No. 1132002

I googled some more pictures of this guy and his eyes seem to be dead in so many of them… maybe that's just my perception because I know all these things about him, but I do see it on a lot of men.

No. 1132007

I get what you mean. It's like the dude is smiling but his eyes aren't.

No. 1132008

File: 1610679385240.jpg (65.52 KB, 600x1258, 371758935ea89842c23df5a974fb60…)

You know how misogynistic men talk about how porn stars have dead eyes/"the thousand cock stare"? There needs to be a term for the eyes of degenerate coomer males with porn addictions and abhorrent fetishes.

No. 1132012

serial killer lookin ass

No. 1132022

File: 1610682090270.jpg (43.22 KB, 940x625, 18fb1945-7263-4ebc-84ff-45c19d…)


His eyes have been dead ever since he played the Winklevoss Twins in The Social Network

No. 1132029

Old guys like Leto aren't the only ones who sleep around either. Everyone treats Harry Styles like an unproblematic angel but he's said to have fucked around with fans especially during 1d's hayday

No. 1132047

>>1132022 THAT'S where I recognize him from. Was wondering why he looked so familiar despite not knowing who TF he was lol. The Winklevii.

>>1132029 Yeah, I believe it. I remember my mom being in disbelief at one point when I told her all the 1D and Jonas Brothers guys are 25+ now. I imagine some fucked up shit goes down with some of these super young fans of adult male "boy" bands that are marketed to little girls.

No. 1132081

There is. The word is ugly.

No. 1132125

Coomers are so pornsick, they can even seem bisexual bc they'll put their dick in ANYTHING

Like when they tried telling us that muppet from Maroon 5 was voted the 'sexiest man'. Sure jan.

No. 1132127

I want Leto and Cavill to go down next

No. 1132130

Cavill first, PLEASE. At least people seem to acknowledge that Leto is a weirdo but everyone is still all over Cavill's dick because he's a ~wittle nerd, and I'm sick of it.

No. 1132131

Ironically, nerds guys are the worst lmao. They're usually those pedo loli creeps and we know Cavil likes them young. No shocked pikachus here

No. 1132135

File: 1610696903297.jpg (70.49 KB, 1685x945, stand back he's emoting.jpg)

He even had those dead eyes on Gossip Girl a year or so earlier than that, pic related.
I thought he was wooden as shit in Social Network so all of the praise he got was a bit wtf. It's okay to credit the special effects, it's not like he twinned himself out of dedication to his art.

No. 1132142

RIP to this thread, I don't care about a C list celebrity's dms.

No. 1132146

You'll be missed.

No. 1132155

If he didn't have his family money behind him he would have never even had a career in Hollywood, so that's unlikely.

Probably has a trust fund but can't access most of it, just gets a couple hundred thousand in a monthly allowance

No. 1132157

lmao a c list celebrity being outed as an aspiring cannibal is the most insane shit this thread has ever seen but okay, anon

No. 1132161

>>1132157 No no, you misunderstand. See, this one anon here – who is contributing nothing to the conversation – is bored with our conversation! We must fix it by talking about what she wants! She wants us to stay on topic, and the topic is celebricows and–oh…we are on topic. Huh. Funny, that.

>>1132142 so tell us, dear farmer, where we have erred. Would you prefer we return to the riveting discourse of nitpicking weight gain and bad lip injections? Enlighten us.

>>1132135 I always found it weird he was praised for that role as well. It's not like he pulled a LiLoh and filmed a whole ass movie playing two of himself at the age of 11.

No. 1132173

Wtf.. this thread has been delicious lately.

No. 1132177

fitting that cavill should go down after armie considering they both starred in the man from uncle. manifesting it now

No. 1132186

He's a probable rapist who has been in movies with some actual stars and wants to eat women and turn them into vegetables… but yeah totally boring run of the mill stuff here.

No. 1132188

Thank you for your expressing your retarded opinion and making zero contributions to this thread, bye now

No. 1132193

File: 1610707604572.jpg (70.36 KB, 1000x514, starr.jpg)

Lol, reminds me of Anthony Starr as Homelander. Smiling but totally dead behind the eyes. Probably because his brain is stuck on some horrific endless loop of cutting off women's toes, or eating them, or rendering them comatose.

No. 1132217

>In interviews, Hammer was very careful to undercut any suggestion of privilege. Every mention of the Cayman Islands — both then and in the years to come — is followed by one of Hammer’s ringworm. “I swam and fished and had something to do in the water every day and rarely wore shoes, to the point of getting ringworm a couple of times,” he told New York Magazine in 2001. “Isn’t that disgusting?” He mentioned ringworm again to Details in 2011, to Town and Country in 2012, and to both Entertainment Weekly and Nylon Guys in 2013.
He should have been cancelled for this bullshit alone. Incredible how him and his colleagues tried to deny that he is a privileged cunt.

No. 1132228


He's been in shit forever, seemingly. I wonder how much damage he's caused within the industry, hope shit comes out soon

No. 1132241

> THAT'S where I recognize him from. Was wondering why he looked so familiar despite not knowing who TF he was lol.
I saw The Lone Ranger and still had no idea who tf Armie Hammer was lmao. Both his looks and acting abilities are so bland and forgettable. Fr he wasn’t even that good in The Social Network…

No. 1132249

I notice this dead stare look is more common for men with blue eyes. I don’t know why exactly.

No. 1132260

Selena put something out in spanish and she dosen't sound like absolute garbage for once

No. 1132291

the legitimately bisexual coomer scrotes are some of the most horrific degens out there imo. i wouldn’t be surprised if he fucked around with guys sometimes but treated them way differently than his “kittens” (puke, what a fucking tumblr-daddy-dom-ass nickname)

No. 1132312

Maybe he only barely counts as a celeb, but top fucking kek at Ariel Pink going on Fox News. Seeing conservatives pretend to be fans of his music was not an item on my 2021 bingo card.

No. 1132325

How is that milk? No1curr

No. 1132346

>he dosen't sound like absolute garbage for once
anon what? her accent is terrible and the lyrics sound like they were written with google translate

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