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File: 1414297735156.jpg (27.11 KB, 480x360, image.jpg)

No. 68014

Lilypichu thread? Who is your favorite awkward below average looking weeaboo girl with daddy issues? That pretty much describes every Lolcow on this board but I'm surprised lilypichuu hasn't been posted here yet. Dramu deets?

No. 68015

I don't think that picture's actually her. It comes up when you google for some reason but comparing to confirmed pics, she looks really different.

No. 68016

who's she? more info pls

No. 68017


I want to know too

No. 68018

she does league of legends-related videos on youtube where she talks in an exaggerated fake high-pitched anime voice. for some reason nerds eat that shit up and she's friends with professional players and whatnot. she's not actually particularly good at the game or funny or anything, she just has a "kawaii" anime voice and is good at playing victim

that being said i'm not too aware of her "drama" aside from her playing up her depression for pity and she had a weird "we're totally not dating teehee" thing with hotshotgg for a while, probably solely for attention

No. 68019

Is being a cute uguu girl + playing video games the new bandwagon now?

No. 68020

Pretty much. If you get into the League community there's insane amounts of girls with the ~uguu loli~ voice. Lily, Jaynee, etc. I swear, all popular female streamers either have their tits hanging out and makeup pasted on their face, or are ~pure and innocent~ with squeaky voices. Gdi just speak normally.

> she had a weird "we're totally not dating teehee" thing with hotshotgg for a while
She did that with Dyrus too IIRC.

Personally I don't find her a lolcow exactly, but she's pretty cringey to watch. It's like she's actively trying to be that sad-backstory loli anime stereotype. She's thirsty for attention and panders to neckbeard LoL players for it.

She also has an ED page but it hasn't been updated in a long ass time.

No. 68021

Her voice is totally fake just like Nyanners. As long as man children are there to validate them there will be below average looking girls with daddy issues.

No. 68022

>that con video
>that 0 charisma
>that weeb getup
>that Rukia bang across her face

jesus fuckin christ.

also lol @ neckbeards thinking that's any girl's natural voice. i can do the loli voice too, can i get famous nao?

No. 68023

Not even gonna lie, I would dig my chopsticks hard into that chicken chow mein. Hate if you want

No. 68024

File: 1414477698155.jpg (27.15 KB, 271x340, Lilykorea.jpg)

>Group of friends changes every year or so, the more popular she becomes. Not sure if on purpose or just situations change.
I can't remember where I heard this so feel free to take this with a grain of salt, but apparently Lily pulls an OC a lot and tries hopping onto whoever she thinks is more popular at the time for more attention. I remember seeing her asslick Team Siren's Jenny (who's a lolcow in herself) a handful of times on twitter and insta by drawing her and commenting omg ur sew pretty~*~

>Her group seems to be full of drama

Pretty much. They're all insecure attention whores so shit probably gets stirred up constantly.

She gets pissed if anyone asks her age or real name (Yuri Kim) because she claims it "ruins her character". You can find it easily by googling though so I don't know who she's fooling lol.

I've actually played against Lily twice before. In my opinion, she's below average for a plat. And that's saying something, considering she acts all great and is ~bff~ with MLGs and shit. And both times she played Ashe so lel

The amount of drama in the League streamer/MLG community is actually astounding. For a bunch of nerds that click a mouse for a living you'd think they'd be a lot more chill. But I guess to be fair a lot of the time it's some attention whore that starts it.

>pic related

No. 68025

File: 1414482937133.png (428.65 KB, 1053x795, number 1 daughter.png)

Is that even her?

No. 68026

File: 1414483129226.png (449.09 KB, 479x506, 1413562976012.png)

Someone posted this of her, it matches her old room.

No. 68027

Please god… tell me there's more.

No. 68028

Girl, if you're gonna send people underwear pics don't do it in your granny panties

No. 68029

Got more info on the LoL drama?

No. 68030

File: 1414540267454.png (207.82 KB, 257x355, 1413565866002.png)

apparently this is a cropped picture of her spreading, the person wouldn't post the full pic.

No. 68031

File: 1414540431769.png (676.54 KB, 623x462, 1413563988210.png)

I know hands are a bad comparison, but hands/nails look the same.

No. 68032

That could be anyone. It's so cropped I'm not even sure it's a vag.

No. 68033

Thats something with a big ol pimple that is begging to be popped.

Also basic boring sluts aren't lolcows.

You have shit taste, kill yourself.

No. 68034

Not Lilypichu specific, but there was a massive amount of drama about Chaox and Behkuh and HSGG and shit.

Apparently at the NY IEM afterparty a year or two ago another medocre attention whore streamer named Behkuh got drunk and started making out with a bunch of other guys (SaintVicious, Dan Dihn, Lapaka, etc). Chaox had a massive thing for her and watched this shit go down and didn't do anything about it. Instead he acted like a massive beta and got wasted and acted like a fool on his stream later that night and began shit talking SaintVicious. Behkuh ended up leaving the party with HSGG. Apparently HSGG had a girlfriend at the time too (who dumped him soon after, so it's not a far reach to conclude they had sex that night). Apparently Regi was a bro to Chaox though and called Behkuh out on her shit which was pretty funny ("IT WASN'T 5 GUYS MAYBE LIKE 3 OR 4").

I don't understand why all these female streamers gasm themselves at the thought of HSGG. I personally think he's an asshole and looks like a douche.

Doubtful that's a vag. If it is, doubtful it's an Asian vag. Asians usually have brownish pigment around there rather than pink, coming from an Asian who's jelly that I can never naturally have a cute pink vag. :(

No. 68035

Yea, looks like a canker sore in a mouth to me. Something along those lines.

Sorry to hear about your non-pink vag, btw.

No. 68036

>Apparently Regi was a bro to Chaox though and called Behkuh out on her shit

people give regi a lot of shit for a lot of things, but he is a bro through and through

>I don't understand why all these female streamers gasm themselves at the thought of HSGG

he is quite ugly imo. i don't get it either.

bjergsen is top-tier handsome though.

No. 68037

No it's just any girl that's been with hotshotgg that's a dramallama, aside from the first. Any other lol girl seems normal in comparison. I'm talking about bad behaviour, not nudes.

No. 68038

Hotshot hates regi and talks mad shit about him, it's pretty obvious why.

No. 68039

my thoughts exactly but i felt like a bitch for thinking that
like send half naked pics for all i care but not with 0 effort cmon

No. 68040

Plus any girl that tries to associate themselves with Team Siren as a "supporter", mainly those who try to kiss up to Jenny for God knows what reason. She seems like a terribly toxic person.

Speaking of Jenny, does anyone have the screencap of that reddit post that seemed like they were speaking from the perspective of a Siren member? They didn't outright admit they were but based on the timing of their intro video, the post, and the information from it, it seemed pretty likely.

> Was thread about horrible work experiences or bosses or something

> A member comments talking about their female boss
> Says boss has a bunch of daddy issues
> Got an abortion at 17
> All live together in one house (vaguely recall them specifying gaming house, which would've sealed the deal on who this was about) and are somewhat (in)famous for their work
> Things began falling apart before their debut
> Boss was a massive psycho and kicked people out of the house left right and center for the tiniest things
> Another girl there slept with a manager or exec or something and boss went crazy mode (seems Team Siren was a bigger lolfest than it initially appeared)

That's all I remember from the post but I'm pretty sure there was a lot more specific information about Jenny and why she's so toxic and it talked about her dad and things.

>I'm talking about bad behaviour, not nudes

You mean Pooksie? Was that just an email hack or what because I've heard that Voyboy/his teammates found and leaked them but it might've just been tinfoil hat.

No. 68041

File: 1414603762072.png (1.17 MB, 1203x950, 1414563564919.png)

Not sure if this belongs in the general Camwhore thread, which is very MFC focussed, or here which is sort of Twitch related.

But what do you guys think of the new Twitch terms banning nudity, drinking on cam, etc?

Were the changes triggered by some drama I've missed? I've seen lots of drinking on cam but never any nudity, except for maybe John Carnage's shower show on the Destructoid channel a couple years ago (and John actually works for Twitch now…)

I saw a streamer last night shouting "but what about cleavage? Where does cleavage fit in?" She was obviously trying to stoke some kind of SJW outrage even though it's pretty clear what the intention of the new rules are.

>You mean Pooksie?

Fucking Pooksie. She really started this camwhore gaming stream trend. Good on her for being a trailblazer and all but it's pretty obvious that if circumstances were different most of these girls would be on MFC instead.

> pic related

> video related https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5EDGS_vSTgI

This is definitely the type of shit the rule changes are targeting, not random cleavage.

No. 68042

where was this leaked?

No. 68043

R9k, Lily's got a lot of fanboiz there.

No. 68044

It was an email hack, I think she said it on one of her Facebook posts concerning and confirming the nudes and saying she don't give a fuck anymore.

Btw, lamil did a great job in fucking odd one for some fame which later helped her get a job as a lol hoster.

No. 68045

there wasn't any more? that's some pretty sad nudes.

No. 68046

I remember that she was so passive aggressive in addressing it.

No. 68047


Most peoples' nudes are like this.

If you're a guy, stop fantasising that every girl's inbox is brimming with awesome nudes waiting to be hacked.

If you're a girl and making nudes better than this, good job.

In terms of something like The Fappening, I would guess that they must have gained access to at least 20 times as many accounts but there was just nothing in them. There were so many of Jennifer Lawrence because she was in an LDR.

Now for some advice: iOS and Android backups are like Windows restore point snapshots. This means that if you delete a pic off your phone it could still exist in a backup snapshot. If you want to truly delete stuff you MUST turn off automated backups in both iOS and Android.

No. 68048

I wasn't saying it was bad, just surprised there weren't more.

No. 68049


She probably deleted them and these scraps are what she forgot (or possibly they're super old from when she was younger and didn't take precautions seriously).

No. 68050

When you're earning hundred of thousands or millions I don't care if you're in a ldr, you have more than enough money to visit. And it's not even just her that earns that much. Normal people though, I get it.

No. 68051

Team Siren disbanned, not because of the bad publicity, but because of how negative Jenny was towards the team.

I actually left before the video got released. I left because Jenny was a very toxic and terrible friend/leader. A lot of things were hidden under the surface. Whenever a bad match ended she told us to mute all our streams so she can bash on every little mistake when she did not acknowledge hers. Her calls were terrible most of the time and would not let anyone try to make calls. She pretty much tried to replace everyone on the team at one point. It was hard living under the same roof as someone that hates you. She did not act professionally towards the camera team that was shooting our video (constantly complaining and *ing at every little thing because we had to walk for a long time, keep in mind she was the one walking in heels for the whole day) . It was embarrassing seeing as though I was the one to apologize to Michael Roud for her behavior. We would play 9 hours a day and there would be no improvement whatsoever. I stayed for as long as I did because of Solvanas. When I left they picked up Alexa for AD and this decision to make her AD was Jenny's, no one elses'. I don't know for a fact how team practice was different then than when I left but Solvanas and Caity were planning to leave for the same reason I did.

Of course Jenny wasn't always like this. I hesitated to join but she encouraged me to stating that "we're going to empower women of eSports!". I have learned a few things about her on a personal level that I somewhat understand why she is the person she is but it doesn't excuse her from creating a terrible environment to live in.

Although the intro video was horrendous. I wasn't surprised at how much hate Siren received. To be fair, the producers had us recite a bunch of lines that didn't seem that bad but I don't think they played league, either. We created a support system shortly before I left because we all saw the hate coming.

For me personally, I knew the hate would come ever since I joined 8 months ago but it was an opportunity I wanted to seize since the idea of living in a big home and playing league of legends all day was my dream. We played with eachother for 5 months before we moved in and I enjoyed playing with everyone.

Anyways, I apologize to everyone who we've offended. I understand that it was embarrassing for all the female players out there and if I could I'd take it all back.

No. 68052

File: 1415425844251.jpg (121.06 KB, 1432x384, jennypreggo.jpg)

No. 68053

my voice is naturally high and baby-ish though I just hate it when people do that voice on purpose ugh

No. 68054

thanks for bumping a dead thread with your incredible tidbit of information

No. 68055

File: 1419747948921.jpg (220.56 KB, 797x952, 1350142334514.jpg)

Hahah, behkuh.

This is now just a lol drama thread.

No. 68056

Kekkity kek

Behkuh is such a stupid shit. Attention whoring Asian girls + weeby neckbeard guys with somewhat inflated egos from pressing buttons = drama. Behkuh really takes the cake over the other attention whores by crying and trying to garner sympathy whenever something goes wrong on stream though.

No. 68057

i got flamed on reddit once for having a negative opinion of behkuh. teenage boys with yellow fever are a fucking strange mystery.

No. 68058

they must defend their waifu

No. 68059

I still don't understand how people can earn actual money by playing videogames by some method other than gold farming. Maybe I'm getting old.

No. 68060


Me neither
Aside from maybe getting viewers and monetizing the ads
How does it work

No. 68061

errr well what we're talking about here is E-Sports. the championships have payouts for winners, the gamers tons of sponsors and basically it works the same way being a sportsman does. 'b-but gaems r not sports!!' yes they are. welcome to 2k+

No. 68062


What >>68061 said, and also streaming. You don't just make money from ads as a streamer, you can make money off gaining subscribers (which give you $5 a month though you split that with Twitch if you use that website) and also donations. You can make a lot from donations, I've seen people get $2,500 from one donation.

No. 68063

File: 1420291411028.jpg (238.97 KB, 960x1086, 1414189522778.jpg)

I think behkuh got 10k at one point.

But yeah, its basically ads and sponsorships. You buy a product with their coupon, they get a commission from the purchase.

No. 68064

File: 1420291513482.jpg (348.93 KB, 1627x1543, 1359515553078.jpg)

She is by far the most retarded girl streamer I've seen. She has little to no self esteem and always needs to try validate herself to people, which is why she has so much drama surrounding her. Its quite pathetic.

No. 68065

Holy shit that's a lot.
Jeez maybe I should start getting in this business. I'm somewhat cute and can fake a high pitched loli voice.

No. 68066

Where are all these guys even getting enough money to throw at some girl just playing video games? NEETbux?

No. 68067


The guy in that screenshot is some reclusive nerdy Arab prince or something that randomly tips people on Twitch five figure sums. Nobody knows who he actually is.

There's still some random people who will tip like $1-2k here and there, but all the massive donations are from the same Arab guy.

I've been watching gaming streams on JTV/Twitch since like 2009 but it really sucks now. People used to do it for fun but as soon as Twitch monetised stuff all the gamer girls and LoL/DOTA players appeared over night and it's now much much harder to find entertaining streamers. I don't think I've followed anyone new in like three years.

You could probably say the same about YouTube. As soon as word got out that you could make $100k a year it all went to shit and the only thing a lot of people do these days is Minecraft and collabs because they bring in the viewers.

Hell you could probably say the same about MFC as well. The American models used to be a bunch of fun exhibitionists but now every girl is like the poor Russians who get grumpy when they don't make their daily goal.

No. 68068

File: 1420346226578.jpg (56.58 KB, 640x480, 1403087339485.jpg)

Does anyone have the video of her crying on stream?
Or of the ex calling her the town bike?
Or of saint detailing what happened that night?

No. 68071

New thread >>67871

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