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File: 1449277971547.png (705.89 KB, 925x588, lil.png)

No. 67871

thoughts on lilypichu? never paid much attention to her but i did watch a few of her videos one day a long time ago. I heard some people think her voice is fake?

I think it's quiet enough not to be annoying, but maybe it's just me, but i feel like she's also like nyanners in the sense that she's kind of pushing the loli shit?

No. 67872

I think she has a bit of a history of doing pornographic audio recordings like nyanners, but someone else would know more about that than me.

No. 67873

it seems fake to me

hate these league attention whores man

No. 67874

i have a semi nude of her saved somewhere, and her voice is fake.

No. 67875

post it

No. 67876

File: 1449287798400.png (449.09 KB, 479x506, 1414483129226.png)

There's already a thread about her in /pt/. She's a lying cunt who used to whore around for free shit and it's even sadder that she keeps up the voice facade around her boyfriend and friends. I bet she feels guilty about her entire existence which is why she's always saying she feels like shit. She constantly whines about her life on ask fm and is full of self loathing even going as far as covering her face with huge sunglasses at a panel. Fucking cringe.

Watch her video "deepest voice i can do" and her old LoL character voice acting videos. The low, womanly voice is her natural voice and it sounds really lovely so it's a damn shame that she uses that annoying banshee voice. She slips up all the fucking time too during streams when she gets too into a game.

Pic very related

No. 67943

talk about granny panties.

any more?

No. 67952

Oh hey my friend is friends with her, I always found something to be off about her but never went looking for any dirt
I can only listen to that fake voice of hers for a minute tops before my ears start to hurt

No. 67985

Also found it funny that in the "deepest voice I can do" video she actually edits the pitch of her fake high voice in order to pretend she can go higher than that. And you can tell anyway by the timber of her fake voice that it's not naturally high; it's just a normal voice constrained to be tinier. She can't even keep it up consistently in streaming. It always starts to dip lower and she has to catch herself.

No. 67999

not really. i've met her at summoner's con and asked her to do the voices. she can do them all perfectly. say what you want about her, but her voice isn't fake.

No. 68000


I've probably watched more streams than you and her voice sounds like it changes when she gets excited or sad.. like.. any other voice?

No. 68001

classic delusional lilypichu fan. next we should believe that every anime voice actress naturally has a squeaky default voice just because they are capable of doing it.

No. 68004

I mean, I'm the one who's actually seen and talked to her irl, while you're the one shitposting on a board so.

No. 68008

I've met her at a con once and her voice was actually not that high..it was high for sure but not like her videos high. I was surprised at how normal her voice was tbh

No. 68069

she's pretty hyper/excited when she plays league. it's not all that surprising it goes up whenever she records tbh. in her regular speaking videos it sounds like she does irl.

No. 68070

When I moved this thread to /snow/ I didn't realize we had a thread for her in /pt/, and could only find her mentioned in the league whores thread when I searched /snow/'s catalog. Sorry! My mistake!

I've moved the old thread to /snow/ and locked it. It can still be read at >>68014 but since this one is newer and the last one was very inactive, this should be the designated LilyPichu thread.

No. 68102

>I've probably watched more streams than you
Congratulations. Only takes a few of her old streams to listen to her accidentally use her real voice and her high pitched one quiver.

>m-muh real life loli kuwai gaming idoru can't be this fake!!
I already mentioned that she uses her fake voice irl around her boyfriend and friends. Did you just suddenly expect her to use her real voice around her fans? She knows it's the only thing that makes her have any sort of following so of course she's keeping up with it. Why are Lilypichu fans so delusional?

You should just read her ED page really. It's filled with embarrassing, lulzy shit.

No. 68126

Then link me to the streams for proof?

her ED page was made by some stalker named serbia who stalked her for years. most stuff on it isn't even true. half the stuff on her dox isn't even true.

No. 68130

how do you live with so much hate inside you

No. 68141

what else did you expect on a forum essentially devoted to hating on people?

No. 68143

because someone is speaking the truth you think they are filled with hate? lmao where do you think you are

No. 68146

>hating on people

No. 68758

File: 1449523692039.png (31.88 KB, 585x681, Lilymeltdown.png)

>How dare they make fun of me, so insensitive! only I can pick on other people!

No. 68778

Lily's just annoying/cringey as shit. She panders to weeby basement dwelling pedos that fap to her voice and flirts with LCS guys all the time. She's currently dating HSGG but before that she used to go "teehee~~ am I~~?" when people asked if she was dating Dyrus.

She tries really hard to be animu and it's gross. If she was a white girl she would've gotten torn apart ages ago.

No. 68803

Dyrus mentioned her real name on stream once and the silence went on way too long. It was so awkward.

No. 68867

When I first discovered lilypichu a few years ago, I thought it was pretty cringey how she would post tweets whining about her small boobs. Now I see her fame has really brought out how shitty her attitude is.

The league community loves praising mediocre content creators. Whenever you go on the subreddit, there's some awful fan art on the front page with tons of up votes. uguubear got so popular even though her art lacks skill. She's also like lily in that she doesn't take criticism well.

No. 68938

Yeah she used to be anal about keeping her real name and age private. I remember she used to ban you from her stream if you called her Yuri, kek.

Nah she still whines about her small boobs. She's trying to play up the "loli" but she probably is actually insecure about that.

I love how all these mediocre League girls stick together. Lily and Uguubear are friends with a bunch of other girls (Little Jenny, Natsumi etc). Seriously, it's a circlejerk of insecure females trying to act loli or hot shit.

No. 68954

This is her real name? And I always thought she was viet or chinese.

No. 68970

No. 68977

>I remember she used to ban you from her stream if you called her Yuri, kek.
lmao what a fake ho! her attitude is awful and she is trash that's why she needs her league friends to carry her to plat

No. 69066

I don't really see why that makes her a fake ho…I wouldn't want my real name out on the internet either TBH

I do agree she is a fake ho but not because of that

No. 73652

do you think everyone with a high pitched voice is gonna try to play out the same niche? And does she cosplay?

No. 73659

>>73652 Of course she does

No. 73699

no one rly cares about her anymore
it doesnt help that ppl are shitting on hotshot now too and realized hes a whiny baby, theyll prob realize that shes one too

No. 73736

every league whore cosplays

No. 73792

>do you think everyone with a high pitched voice is gonna try to play out the same niche?

If you look up girl league streamers, they're either playing up the tits-hanging-out gamer girl act or they're a sh-s-shy loli NEET desu uwu

No. 75644


how would a girl be different then? she can't be shy, she can't be a neet who plays a lot of games, and she can't be proud of her boobs? do you want some ugly flat chested girl who just silently plays games?

No. 75645

Do you really think girls can only fit into these two incredibly limiting personas?

No. 75757

Don't really care about her other than that her voice is definitely 100% fake

No. 98146

She got jaw surgery done in Korea, apparently.

No. 98190


Didn't she say she wanted to be a voice actor?? Why would she get surgery on her jaw?

But honestly, she goes on and on about wanting to be a voice actor but never puts in the steps to do it. Getting into voice acting is hard and this probably just fucked her up for creating different voices.

No. 98255

File: 1456440509228.jpg (78.33 KB, 960x960, hl0y1bh.jpg)

She went from saying it was for her voice acting to admitting it's mostly for aesthetic purposes in her blog post. Feels like a cop out in case her VA career still remains stagnant.

Pic related, her one week post surgery progress. Still some swelling but she looks completely different.

No. 98258

am i the only one who think lily is actually pretty ugly? fanboys and fangirls keep calling her cute but personally in most pictures people take of her she looks awful

No. 98260

>for aesthetic purposes
I found the blog post where she talked about it and she said the surgery was also for her improper bite, misaligned jaw, speech problems etc.

I almost thought it was just another Korean American girl caving in to the plastic surgery craze, be it double eyelids or jaw, due to peer pressure and superficiality.

No. 98273

She should get surgery on her nose while she's at it, thats what really needed fixing anyway.

Yeah I think she's a butter face as well, that's why she's always hiding behind her friends in photos or having them be the center point of the photo. It doesn't help that they look 50 times better then her either

No. 98286

wtf did she do differently besides put her hair up i don't get it

No. 98291

These are both pics after the surgery, showing the progression of the swelling.

No. 98313

I think its both, a korean girl lacking in self confidence and falling to the high beauty standards, in one of her tweets she said a plastic surgeron and orthodontist did not recommend she'd get the surgery and said she would regret it

No. 98514

File: 1456544811693.png (334.31 KB, 579x367, sw.png)

Find her annoying.

I don't think her voice is fake, but she keeps whining about people saying it is.

No. 98620

File: 1456585289546.png (163.52 KB, 323x340, Screen Shot 2016-02-27 at 9.59…)

I was looking through her fb and saw this pic posted in october, do you think she also got her nose done or it's just the angle?
It looks big here but small in that update pic

No. 98625

Your nose can look different depending on the angle and lighting. You'd need more pictures to determine if she had a nose job or not.

No. 100554

File: 1457094337972.jpeg (110.75 KB, 640x1053, image.jpeg)

No, she didn't get a nose job it's still bulby as usually and she'll probably continue to cover it stickers like usual.

No. 100569


Reminds me of that film… something pounds of beauty? Where the fat korean singer looses weight and gets surgery to get that manager


No. 100638

File: 1457115753577.png (522.93 KB, 517x859, image.png)


Oh I know what you're talking about is was on Netflix. Her face shape is so off now, I know it's still not fully healed but she looks bad now, and kek she is covering her nose like anon said.

No. 100691

File: 1457120821574.gif (1.19 MB, 762x324, bang_200pb.gif)

200 Pounds Beauty, love that movie.

No. 100704

Bet you shes gonna do her nose next

No. 100731

Heh, lily's getting her jaw done and HSGG is crying about muh bias.

No. 100732

File: 1457129639593.jpg (45.28 KB, 540x720, 1362017314099.jpg)

Yeah its not flattering without the angles.

No. 101141

So, despite her dentist and Doctor advising against her getting this surgery she does it anyway…and now she's blogging about needed braces which is what her dentist warned her about.

Her speech is gonna be so fucked up now.

No. 106447

She fixed her juria lip thing idk what it's called
She looks cuter than before

No. 106473

Who wins the fakest "cute voice" attention whore contest, Lilypichu or Dunkey's gf Leahbee?

No. 106475

I watched a few of her streams a long time ago and wow, I never expected her to look like this.

No. 106659

File: 1458202414154.jpg (67.65 KB, 540x720, 1412362_10202060432624417_1360…)

>i needed jaw surgery

No. 106660

The funniest part about this is she listened to someone who wanted her money give her advice about how x is y and etc and someone who reaffirmed her confirmation bias about her jaw… because the surgeon wants her money. What was the dentist doing in telling her that it would be bad, if he could have milked her for money afterwards with the braces? The dentist was looking out for her personal interest, unlike the plastic surgeon.

No. 106691

Wow, what a fucking bitch. I already heard she was a bitch by people who met her at conventions and in person in general. But really, you can't even gracefully accept a gift from your fucking mom? This girl fucking sucks.

Pisses me off how so many guys seem to be obsessed with her. She's not particularly pretty or funny and it's sad she has to constantly keep up a fake voice. Why are guys obsessed with this shit?

No. 106702

Cuz does are the type of guys that want a animu waifu

No. 106991

They are the beta males who need to feel superior by rescuing some poor wittle gurl who is being bullied :((

No. 107003

Someone I used to be associated with is friends with her.

No wonder they get along, both are flakey as fuck.

No. 107022

Got any stories anon?

No. 107132

It's Wendy isn't it?
Lily's closest circle of friends are some of the worst people ever, including Jummy. Most of them are insecure as fuck. If you ever want to trigger Lily, ask her how old she is point blank.

No. 107418


YO THIS! She's 24-25 right? I still wonder what she's going to do for a career, all her other roommates are like nursing students or have some sort of plan. Then here's her with one minute she wants to be a voice actor then the next animator.

Voice acting is competitive and hard to get into if you're new. It's not all about having a unique voice you need to know how to you know act, and versalitlity means more job offers. Here she is at 24 and every other post is about how she wants to be a voice actor and I'm just like when are you going to start when you're 30???

Same with her animation she doesn't even draw anymore just doodling. I remember she was using flash and made a tweet about how hard it was. It was a simple doodle, something I did in high school for class. She just comes across as so lazy and wanting hand outs. Like the voice acting job is going to fall on her lap cuz kawaii desu voice. That voice won't even get her into funimation.

No. 107484

It saddens me to say that her surgery money would've been put to better use towards acting classes or voice acting workshops. She has the potential, but as she gets older and still remains a teenager mentally, she'll never get anywhere in life. Even seeking a counselor or psychiatrist to help with her depression would have been a smarter choice. Sooner or later, someone younger and with a similar schtick will replace her.

No. 107488

I thought she was younger tbh lol.

No. 107490

Her bf owns a company, I'm sure she can just sit at home all day doing nothing as usual.

No. 107643

File: 1458468508446.jpeg (125.35 KB, 600x1067, image.jpeg)

Her swelling as gone down and she has posted videos from an editor app on her Twitter.

Oh and she got her braces apparently so those will be in for atleast 2 years

No. 107658

File: 1458475094610.jpg (37.18 KB, 305x425, 020t453.jpg)

Along with her features being out of proportion now, namely her potato nose, she has turtle lips going on after the surgery.

No. 107667

Even after the surgery she still doesn't look good

No. 108762

She said she got braces but ok her Instagram she smiled and there was nothing there? I would say it's Invisalign or whatever the clear braces are called but in her blog she said you can't see her braces when she talks.

Also what's up with the sudden doodle spam, my Twitter feed just blew up with doodles makes me think she's reading this thread. Before it would just be about eating and wanting to come back home for the longest

No. 110335

I get the feeling she's probably really regetting this surgery now.

No. 110353

I was wondering this too but I think she only got bottom braces done which would explain why her dentists did not recommend getting surgery

No. 110429

She looked more mature before the surgery, now she looks like some creepy child. Maybe she did to pander to the people fapping to her voice

No. 110433


Oh that makes sense, but yeah if its only the bottom she risks getting an overbite depending on her situation( I mean I can't see her X-rays)

Her face looks off now, she did look more mature before. No, she always had insecurities with herself in general. She'd always cover her chin for pretty much every selfie or her nose. Everytime she takes pictures with her friends some part of her face is covered up or she's like in the corner of the photo.

No. 111020

Her surgeon said it'll be a year before she'll get a see a big difference.

No. 113674

She's a bitch, end of the story

No. 113690

File: 1459459684793.png (184.02 KB, 657x864, 160237030.png)

lol ok who linked her here

No. 113776

Tbh she does look cuter with her jaw shaven down BUT of fucking course the surgeons are going to recommend getting surgery they want your money plus there are surgeries to fix your jaw without having to shave it down so stop saving "aesthetic" reasons she was just straight up insecure

No. 113976

mega hamconstellation narcissistic cow.

No. 114202


ure an autistic cancer

No. 114277

i cold bake a baguette in your yeasty shameless vag u goddamn grimey fukking cunt

No. 114411

There are pleeeenty of whiteknights all around haha. Can't talk shit about her on vg because of the knights.

No. 114412

I loooove the "I've never begged for donations" comments streamers always make.

Yeah, they just leave their paypal email and wishlists around for donaters because obviously they don't want money and buying products for them isn't money!!!!1

Yeah bitches, you're just asking for it in a roundabout and indirect way.

No. 114464

Lily needs more surgery shes still ugly

No. 114470


Oh yeah I remember that! I never watched the interview but I do remember her mentioning it. Still one oppurtunity? She should be taking any decent voice acting job and going for it because she needs to build a portfolio. I also remember the funimation oppurtunity and she "chickened out" and did even try….if they liked her they would of kept her on record even if she didn't get the role she wanted.

I work in Cali from time to time (although I do animation and concept art) and getting any creative job there is hard but I bet my ass she isn't doing shit or she's waiting for those lead voice acting roles. Refuses to take the scraps.

No. 118278

File: 1460503653996.jpeg (108.32 KB, 720x1280, CfDVpL-UEAAYw-4.jpg-large.jpeg)


I love how now her twitter is her face, she was always so self conscious about it but now that she got the " surgery she tots needed for medical reasons" she has no problem showing her face.

She used to cover it all the time at conventions with over sized glasses or that dumb medical mask but now she has "confidence". Still waiting on her to do anything with voice acting so I can go to the same audition (to bad she doesn't really try, I'd say its cuz of twitch/youtube/conventions making her busy but I haven't seen much shit from her)

No. 118366

Is she still dating hsgg

No. 118371


Is that Mira?

But on a more serious note, even if I don't like lily I think it's nice that she can show her face now?? I'd do the same if I actually learned how to wear makeup, id have more confidence too after changing and looking better

No. 118415

she's been showing her face for ages before the surgery lol

No. 119469

Yes. One of them mentioned they dont even hang out that much?

No. 124918

File: 1461734737087.jpg (24.29 KB, 400x400, rXki4Ybl.jpg)

Something about her looks so off now.

No. 126631


she's still recovering from her surgery so she's going to look a little off for about a year.

No. 135965

She looks not ugly in fan photos now.

No. 137013

I feel like Leah's voice is genuine, and she herself is more genuine than Lily because she doesn't attention whore herself as much

No. 137190

Nah, shit's definitely fake as fuck unless she has a medical condition such as pulmonary hypoplasia. No grown ass woman has a voice like that naturally, it would develop sweet and nasally at most (like Catherine Lloyd Burns) but not child-like. Notice how all these girls in the league community sound the same and/or are obsessed with anime. All of it is bullshit and I don't get why people would buy any of this one bit.

Greasy, flat hair and a part that doesn't fit her face shape is doing that. Her eyes make her look like a turtle.

No. 137424

I agree, she doesn't look atrocious when she smiles in photos anymore, or just photos in general. She isn't what so ever pretty now, but she doesn't look so awful anymore.

I've only seen her pre-surgery, and she looked even rougher in real life. Maybe her pretty friends could help her with makeup and stuff, and her homely fashion sense.

No. 137553


nah, i really think leah's voice is legit. she also only plays league with her boyfriend, she's a pretty casual player and doesn't even like anime.

idk why you're trying to rip up leah, she just looks like the socially awkward girl who was obsessed with horses in 8th grade.

lily on the other hand is pretty lulzy

No. 137764


What do you guys think of chocobars and her voice? tbh seems fake af to me. she is the girlfriend (leech) of wildturtle, a popular league player

No. 137766

Lea's voice sounds fake as fuck. I don't think she is going for a anime voice exactly (not really childlike) but for a 'sexy' whisper voice. She is litearly whispering in a 'sexy' way the whole time you hear her talk. I guess I don't blame her for trying to be sexy in her voice due to her looks

No. 137768

File: 1465224378387.jpg (17.13 KB, 320x320, little.jpg)

Anyone interested in talking more about these league whores and their drama?

Pic related, it's alittlejenny

>had an all girls team, the sirens

>they wanted to go pro but were not even top ranked players
>they disbanded partially bc of jenny's toxicity
>she is a constant try hard, posting on twitter 2edgy4me shit all day long
>sucks and fucks league people to get by

No. 137770

Absolutely forced to sound cuter.

No. 137774


is it even possible for anyone to sound like this normally? Never heard anyone talk like this IRL. I wonder what their boyfriends think about this fake voice

No. 137778

I know of people who talk like this when they are around people they don't know. I guess it's a shy kind of voice. But twitch girls are obviously milking it.

No. 137779

talk like what? squeeky fake anime voice? how is this a shy voice lol

No. 137780

It's like they get nervous and talk like that. But I'm not saying they are trying to sound anime.

No. 137803

I only listened to the beginning and her voice doesn't sound atrocious to me…

I have a high pitched voice in real life and I hate it. At least this girl sounds feminine but I get mistaken as a prepubescent boy sometimes so it's just high and annoying and not girly. I read about how some people went out into the desert and screamed until their vocal chords were damaged to deepen their voice, and I thought about trying it but I'm also worried that it may have unintended side effects or that my voice will just get raspy and not deeper.

I also do the thing where my voice gets a bit higher when I'm nervous in social situations and not conscious of it. If you listen to most people, when they're trying to sound kind while talking to kids and stuff their voice gets a little higher, and subconsciously I do this in a bid to seem friendly, but it just makes my voice more annoying.

No. 137804

File: 1465234755925.png (119.64 KB, 487x328, 1448937712852b.png)

No. 137878

I honestly can't tell the difference between the before and after of her jaw surgery that she fucked up and now needs braces to re-align her bite.

No. 137882

i can never tell who's faking it or not until i hear their voices get lower in a video or something. i went to this restaurant in china town and the girl at the cashier had a really high pitched voice but she talked really softly and not loud or squeaky at all because who would use a fake squeaky voice irl infront of customers and her family?
but isn't weird that it's mostly asians and rarely a white chick?
legit never seen a latina or black girl have a high pitch voice. what about the girl i linked? she sounds like a chipmunk but it's legit

No. 137940

Oh god no, blacks and chinese do it too see bibi, himeka and micky and xioarishu(?)

No. 137941

And all weeb lantinas ever

No. 137971

>who would use a fake squeaky voice irl infront of customers and her family?
Japanese people. Got I hade those women who fake a really cutesy high voice all day long. I wonder if they can even change it back to normal…

No. 137985

I'm considered to have a high pitched voice and I'm black. I've been told that my face doesn't match up with my voice and etcetera. At the end of the day, I can't really change it so..
I wonder what causes it to begin with.

No. 138008

Sounds fake.

No. 138011

And I find her to be worse than Lily. Like, an actual hot person pretending to be shy and stuff. Couldn't imagine someone who goes to Vegas to party in the pools to be like this.

No. 138038

I hate this girl so much. So full of herself acting shy and whatnot

No. 138204

Her latest WordPress entry is her whining about wanting to be a voice actress really bad… as always. She's too socially inept to get anywhere, much less secure professional level jobs. The only ticket she has is her fanbase. I thought she'd be better as a public figure during her MomoCon panel but she was as boring and awkward as ever. At least she's a bit easier on the eyes now.

No. 138208

I think it's the thickness of your vocal cords or something like that. I'm a hobbit with a very youthful/kind face and I wear pink dresses all the time but when I open my mouth I sound like a lesbian Johnny Cash.

No. 138245

She could. I mean look at Jessica Nig. irl western Sonico, lol.

No. 138265


shit i remember that cringy video they did of themselves! videogamedunkey did a great parody video of them

No. 138279


what's wrong with this girls face? I seriously can't tell but there is something so off. is she fat?

No. 138517


she is just ugly

No. 138550

I agree on the shyness part, when uncomfortable i get a squeaky hamster voice. Also some people do have problems that can cause a weird voice, like Yamio (art) who has EDS that affects her vocal chords.

No. 138649

pointing out the truth isnt "ripping up" somebody. i meant what i said and not everyones a fangirl

No. 138657

Honestly you could make a snow thread for her whole group of friends. Wendy's main goal in life is to be a housewife, Jummy is a thirsty pedophile, Aria is a leech, Annie's only relevant because she's with BoxBox. It's a whole crew of teenagers stuck in mid-20 bodies.

No. 138670


fan girl? nah i just think leah's voice is legit and isn't a cow like lily or the other asian girls so i just said what i wanted..
>pointing out the truth

No. 139346


Why does George tolerate Jummy constantly flirting with with Lily on stream?

It's so obvious that he likes her. In most of the videos and streams where he is with Lily, he makes some 'joke bet' where if he can successfully do something he gets hold hands with Lily.

No boyfriend would appreciate some thirsty guy joking like that with his girlfriend.

No. 139422

George seems too stupid to even care. Plus it takes two to tango, and Lily will never be interested in Jummy.

No. 139458

Her voice has been the same for 10 years. I know the girl and have spoke to her via skype/in person. It's not an act.

No. 139512


I made a thread here >>139506

No. 139603

>abloobloo :^(
Thread is about lily not leah. Go take your hissy fit elsewhere.

George probably doesnt give a fuck because jummy isnt on his level. as the other anon said, lily wouldnt drop hotshot for jummy it would be a major downgrade lol.

No. 139622


Even if she's not interested, it's still disrespectful to be flirting or making sexual jokes towards a girl who is in a relationship.

No. 140496

File: 1466088592594.jpeg (102.28 KB, 639x984, image.jpeg)

I'm tired of her boohooing, living in the gold mine area for persuing everything creative and she can't do some simple networking. Like grow a pair, you're an adult if you're so hungry for being a VA like you say go for it with everything.

She wants hands outs, she was a roll literally handed to her. Thinking just doing some classes are enough for that business. If classes are so expensive as you say just pocket the money and seek a mentor or reach out to a working professional actor. At the very least make a voice reel.

Collab with animators on YouTube or people with small projects to build a portfolio. She goes on how she doesn't want to do YouTube forever, then put in on the backburner. Because honestly once you reach 30 on the internet you're literally a grandma unless you're doing something like tutorials or using YouTube as a tool for your job in some way.

No. 140506

You can see more of her whining on her spam account @annoyinglily. One of the tweets is of her basically being upset when she sees other people say that someone else is similar to her aka will be the new LilyPichu. I mean, they're not wrong.. someone new and young is eventually going to take the limelight from her and probably know how to handle the popularity and opportunities better. She is literally wasting her time and potential, and judging by her tweets, she is aware of this too. There's a point when being shy isn't cute anymore, it's just crippling and embarrassing.

No. 141139


>she was offered to be the voice of Lulu from League of Legends

>she chickens out because "I don't feel like I deserve it"

No. 141142


She has interviewed tons of voice actors. I'm sure there's plenty of local businesses that need a voice over for their website/advertisements. Or a bunch of Youtube animators that want a voice actor. She should be voicing something for someone every week.

No. 141146

You really have no idea how difficult it is to get into the industry. I speak from experience, so I don't blame her. it's extraordinarily cutthroat, and youtube voice projects aren't going to cut it. The business is different from an outsider's perspective.

No. 141147

That entire twitter is a joke account.

No. 141149

I mean..it's her personal blog, I don't know what you expect lol

No. 141212

lol white knights of Lily coming in to make excuses for her, as if she doesn't make enough for herself

No. 141266

Everyone can and will blame her because she was actually offered roles and denied it because muh anxiettyyy.

No. 141268

Diff anon here but
>Someone disagrees with me giving valid points
>It must be whiteknights/Lilly/whatever!

Commit sudoku pls

No. 141271

She was handed roles plenty of times to try out for. She just chickened out and that's not "wanting it more than anything". Besides that one indie game she voice acted for she hasn't done anything.

I don't want to hear the excuse the voice acting is difficult to get into, anything creative is difficult to get into. Whether is voice acting,animation, and writing etc. It is all about netorking and oppurtunity at the end of the day, and she isn't making as much of an effort as she keeps crying about.

No. 141274

She instead decided to try and look pretty.

No. 141276

Lilypichu's voice fucking sucks, it's not even cute. That's why no one in the industry wants her voice, it's generic and forced

No. 141283


Pretty is a stretch bro, her nasty gummy smile is gone though so that's an improvement. Maybe if she did something with her clothes and hair. Put on minimal makeup

No. 141417

Omg, I remember this girl. Back in the day all her fanboys were crying after XiaoUnlimited took her virginity and "ruined her innocence."

No. 141449


when did this happen?
how did people find out?

No. 141474

There was a tiny indian chick in my program that sounded like Lily. It was kind of trippy the first time I met her, but she definitely wasn't faking it.

No. 141577


2011 maybe? When she played RO.

She was 19 and they had been "online dating" for a few years. It really wasn't a big deal, but naturally all her RO fanboys freaked when she told them for one reason or another and it became big news.

Then they broke up and she started dating a guy who was like 30.

No. 141668



here I thought George was her first and only boyfriend and that she was a virgin.

No. 141684


I'm guessing that is the image she wants to portray.

Her old photobucket (with fan art of her ex), but it's not very interesting: http://s222.photobucket.com/user/islilyreallyloli/library/

No. 141691

File: 1466284689408.png (575.53 KB, 615x475, image.png)

She always tried to pretend to be the "pure loli waifu". It's sad.

Her dramatica always gives me a kek at the Hentai moan part. She knows what she's doing, not very loli innocent desu if you ask me. Nothing triggers her more than addressing her age, honestly I think she doesn't put on makeup on purpose to seem young.


No. 141699

Isn't she like 24 now?

No. 141752


awful lot of misinformation

No. 141807


No…as far as the chat log and nyanners is concerned those are all true. She used to pander to the pedos on 4chan with her and one other girl.

No. 141823

File: 1466336368410.gif (1.21 MB, 320x240, 567.gif)

Misinformation yet 4chan has archives, and you can just find caps a few years back.

No. 141826

Does she have a lolita or underage girl fetish?? Ew

No. 144441


She's obsessed with being a loli, so I guess so

No. 144467


This article is so outdated. No mention of the League scene or the time she got swatted twice or any of drama that happened in 2014-2016

No. 144489

I know there was drama in 2014 but what happened 2015-2016?

No. 144539


The guy who swatted her is OUT of jail now. He's a huge fucking creep who thinks threatening girls = online gf/nudes. He would do it to multiple female streamers usually for that reason.

Here's an article about him

He isn't allowed to use the internet but he is still secretly using twitter now.

No. 145710

Leah just seems to speak very softly, Lily is actually squeaking.

No. 145713

I hope her family has already reported that to the police so they can search his computer and phone.He can go right back to jail for that. That's awful nobody deserves that.

She sounds like a copycat stephanine sheh.
But Lilys voice just sounds straight forced. That VA sheh who's been voicing high pitch characters forever. When I first heard lily she reminded me of her and the other designated high pitched voice actors. If she wants to make it she better have more than one voice, because going against pros who already have a better high pitch voice and an awesome portfolio, is no different for applying at a competitive firm right after graduating. No wonder she isn't getting hired for anything, why would they want someone with a shaky high pitch voice and barely any previous work/ no connections from networking when there's already 3 voices actors who do a similar voice but extremely well. High pitch with emotion.

No. 145805

I have no idea if lily or any of the other victims are aware he is out of prison.
He will usually harass my friend and spam her inbox about how the police took his tablet and pc away. But he always seems to get a new one.

No. 146133

No she does look better now especially in fan taken photos.

No. 146137


She looks better…but she doesn't look pretty. It's not like fixing just her jaw is going to make her gorgeous.

No. 146138

And where the fuck did I say she looks pretty? Trying to look pretty makes you pretty now? I see, I guess I'll just go try to be rich then.

No. 146141


Chill, you're the one quoting someone from 4 days ago who said she wasn't pretty. I agree with who you quoted. She improved but she isn't pretty.

You bumped a thread with nothing to contribute

No. 146142

Mm, contribootin' so much there.

No. 149932

Do you think Lily ever regrets not dating Ken Ashcorp now that Ken Ashcorp is part of a popular band called Mystery Skulls?

No. 149935

Why would she curr when she's dating a yellow fevered faggit that owns one of the biggest lol and etc teams company?

No. 149938

Must be nice being Lilypichu.

Your dating pool is either a famous animator, a famous esports guy, a famous musician, or a famous voice actor. 10 talented guys that wanted her. WOW

No. 149952

File: 1467449070146.png (25.12 KB, 834x275, hmmmmmmm.png)

/vg/ thought that the coach Chris was kicked because Lily fucked him.

No. 149996

e-sports has more drama than real sports

No. 176420

as far as i know he has done collabs and covers before but he's not involved with MS (and mystery skulls is not a band, is only one guy)

No. 176557

I'd never trade anything to look like her. I guess if you're into beta nerds it would be manageable???

No. 176752

off topic, but george isn't a bad looking guy tbqh

No. 177898

All of his exes were Asian(yellow fever). He's also balding now.

No. 178182


Sure, he's ok if you're into beta yellow fevered nerds (aka, the whole league scene). He also doesn't seem like a very smart guy (at least in his business management skills)

No. 178688

It's doubly weird because in my experience Asian girls tend to get the highest quality white guys.

No. 178814

yeah but keep in mind they're cringey as hell and have baggage of their own. not to mention, they were average looking at best.

it's all subjective and point of view. in my experience, special snowflake white sjw hoes from tumblr seem to get the best guys.

No. 178944

SJWs don't get anyone fam. You're thinking of the cute nymphette crowd who occasionally virtue signal.

They do get cute guys, but that's only because a lot of them are really attractive themselves.

HotshotGG is attractive.

No. 179202

File: 1475608210423.gif (Spoiler Image,1.93 MB, 360x182, tumblr_ocdt7ove321syxm38o1_400…)

This gif kind of looks like her

No. 179241

Holy crap that does. I wonder if the background matches some of her nude pics that's been floating around. If it really is, then that's just golden

No. 179245

That girl's hair is really, really pretty.

No. 179319

I feel like girls with fake voices was never really a thing until LoL started to hit big. I remember watching league videos for the first time and all these gamer gurls just happen to have soft "kawaii ugu" voices.

No. 180807

File: 1475903525220.jpg (42.17 KB, 480x480, 14516542_1060073317424855_7692…)

It's alright, Lily, we all know the truth anyways.

No. 180810


what did her jaw surgery even do? I don't think she looks different now(or does she?)

No. 180825

I honestly can't tell the difference either and she insisted on the surgery disregarding professional opinion and now has to wear braces kek

No. 180829

File: 1475913615470.png (97.82 KB, 536x444, Screen Shot 2016-10-08 at 12.4…)


She claims it was only for medical reasons, but she clearly thought it was a win win that it would fix her jaw. Why go to Korea to get simple jaw surgery if all she wanted to do was align her jaw to fix the TMJ problem she talked about 3 years ago.

I believe she did suffer from it because it was obvious she had a serious over bite, but I don't think it was as bad as she made it seem. Last time she talked about the surgery on fb it was going on and on about how insecure she was about how it made her face/smile seem then medical reasons.

She just wanted to hit two birds with one stone.She just won't admit it.

Oh well

No. 180830

File: 1475913724250.png (66.02 KB, 511x332, Screen Shot 2016-10-08 at 12.4…)


Exhibit B

No. 180831

File: 1475913866112.png (80.78 KB, 516x402, Screen Shot 2016-10-08 at 12.5…)


And C

No. 180842

I mean, even with the surgery, she still tries to hide her face if her makeup hasn't been properly done by someone else. I hope she doesn't think that doing surgery will fix all her insecurities. Plus, now she's experiencing money issues. Her voice acting career hasn't really gone anywhere either, fixed jaw or not.

No. 180843

I remember her having some "watch my vid and support me! <3" post about some voice-acting contest a couple months ago. Guess all those neckbeard views didn't help.

No. 180858

Heh it'll pile up more on surgery money anyways. I mean I'd have a lil' more respect for her if she wasn't so much of a little shit. She can just be straight honest about it without having to cover up how insecure she is with her looks instead of giving people excuses.
And yeah she hasn't gone anywhere, she just has retarded humor coupled with an annoying squeaky voice and for some reason people find that endearing. Voice acting takes a lot more than that, and she got where she is because of her fan base.

No. 180910

Is she not showing her face becuz she had more work done and needs to heal?

No. 182289

>Let's cycle through two voices and call it a commercial VO demo!


No. 182365

She still sounds like she eats her words. Her jaw surgery did nothing for her enunciation like she thought it would.

No. 182419

Holy shit this is terrible, I mean really incredibly terrible. Any casting director that starts playing this would stop three seconds in and move on to the next person.

No. 182422


I thought you were joking with the two voice cycle….christ….I can really see those Voice Acting classes paying off.

I really truly hope this isn't what she's sending to auditions.

No. 182507

Does she really think that people will hire her to do her shitty fake animu voice? Lol her normal tone is alright but I wouldn't say it's suitable for commericals

No. 183280

I'm happy she's putting herself out there VA wise(wrong way to go about it but pleased nonetheless)

It really isn't the best reel but I'm sure someone somewhere will call her up for something. I just wanted to see her try, she is a bit so kudos. I'm not going kiss her ass about it since it is a bit mediocre but trial and error.

Everyime I reflect on why lily isn't further in the voice acting career I always try to be realistic since it is hard in Cali to do anything with acting/artsy stuff. Everyone is doing it, and some will be godlike so you have to keep plugging away. But then I remind myself I came out of state work my ass off and got into my own industry, she grew up here you think it would be easier for all the sources are right there. Maybe between her fans,anxiety,laziness, her being in Cali she thinks it's always going to be there waiting for her? The voice acting career that is?

Part of me wants to believe she's trying but then she half asses something or backpedals to appease some fans and it's hard for me to give her any credit.

No. 183282

It's not because "it'sjustcali" she just bad at voice acting and there are far more talented people.

No. 183292

She actually grew up in New Jersey, which explains a lot about her personality.

No. 185219


Yeah she's from "boringville" as she put it before she deleted her old wordpress.


No. 186591

Kind of off topic, but does anyone else find her friend Popushi/Sandy extremely cringy on social media? If anyone follows her, majority of her tweets are "OMG SENPAI TOUCHED MY HAND TODAY". She's known for being extremely thirsty and guys tend to avoid her after realizing how crazy she is. Sort of suspect she's passive aggressive friends with Lily too, but knows better than to burn that bridge.

No. 186644

What do you mean by passive aggresive friends?

I don't follow Popushi on Twitter, but I do find it amusing how much pride she has in working at Atlus…as a QA tester.

No. 186646

Samefagging, but I've been going through her social media and the senpai stuff is cringy shit, but she really wants to be a professional VA? I'm questioning this cause I've met her a few times irl and she has this mini-lisp when she talks that I feel like would be detrimental to voice acting?

No. 186719

File: 1477126448830.jpg (172.03 KB, 814x599, asdn8934na.jpg)

>What do you mean by passive aggresive friends?
It's hard to pull receipts since they post so much, but one of the things that still happens is that she always makes sure to point out Lily's bad habits. She unnecessarily mentions how late Lily is, how she always picks her up because Lily can't drive, and just subtle jabs at how flaky Lily is. This is one of the things that stand out to me because they only hang out probably 3 times max in the year and she never fails to mention these things under the guise of "haha lol XD jk we good".

There's also this weird competitive vibe I get, mostly from Sandy's end, of wanting to one-up each other since they're both trying to become voice actresses. From what I've heard, Sandy really pushes herself into social circles then namedrops whenever she can to show off her connections. She does it a lot with the kid who voices Steven Universe.

No. 186786

Who the fuck is Sandy?

No. 186966

Another e-grill famous because of parody songs and squeaky animu voice and who wants to make it in the VA scene. Pretty similar to Lilypichu but she's Hispanic instead of Asian, and imo more likely to succeed cause she shows more assertiveness but she also shows more cringe too.

No. 190195

w-where are her eyebrows though…

No. 190322

She also used to Loli-bait guys online from the voice acting alliance(forum) when she was underage. It was weird.

No. 190332

Even if she tries to play it off like she's joking, that's still a really random, inappropriate thing to put in the caption. Definitely a shady bitch.

No. 190338

Does this girl have enough to make her own thread? I love more league girl drama.

No. 190395

it might be more fruitful if somebody makes a "fake squealy youtube VA" general or something along those lines. there's enough snowflakes in that community and we'd be able to cover the smaller ones that wouldn't warrant their own threads.

No. 193213

File: 1478211510453.jpg (712.28 KB, 666x2488, 1321876319.jpg)

I probably see drama where there isn't, but this was all too coincidental. The timing of their subtweets are perfect.

No. 193405

Kek, as someone else who does some Youtube cover shit too, even duets can be shit to organize especially with "omgah i'm so indecisive!" types since you have to pick song, spend time to script, find people to help on video and mixing if you need it, etc. Still, these girls have all the resources they need at their fingertips, so the fact that it didn't go through screams that someone didn't really want to do it on at least one end.

No. 193440

I can see that. But they both seemed really enthusiastic about it. I feel like this is something else that came up since Sandy has been complaining a lot lately about people judging her.

Anyway, here's another example of Sandy taking the opportunity to throw shade at Lily - https://twitter.com/Popushi/status/784590998248755204

No. 196279

File: 1478758803498.png (18.48 KB, 577x174, Capture.PNG)

Of course you have to quote mean tweets with people's usernames, you couldn't just reply privately or ignore it.

No. 216621

Is Lily cute now she had surgery?!

No. 216739

I don't think she's ugly. She just looks like your average Asian girl with double eyelid surgery and jaw surgery.

No. 218212

Didn't she just have jaw surgery? When did she do double eyelids?

No. 229907

Can we talk about Popushi in this thread? She was already talked about a bit before, but holy fuck is she way too spergy and teenage drama angsty than someone in her 20s should be. I didn't think she fit the streamer category well, and she doesn't have enough milk for her own thread.

No. 229924

You sound like 12, newfag.

No. 229978

Nope, just had some recent interactions with her that I wanted to vent about, but we share too many mutuals for me to do it off anon.

No. 229981

tbh she's a cow but she's so irrelevant imo? i rarely hear about her even tho im in the league community

No. 229984

I think it's because she's migrated away from the League parody route and more towards anime and voice acting, but she still interacts with League people.

No. 231882

Sorry if I bump the thread, newfag here.

Briefly friends on Facebook with Yuri around the time she uploaded that pomf video. No longer friends though.

She went all the way from New Jersey to Canada to hang out with him for a month or so. Even made friends with his circle, so it must've been pretty serious in my opinion. The guy himself (Danny Tran) was into loli girls. He mentioned before that anything bigger than an A cup was gross or something along the lines.

Just her jaw. She never did anything to her eyes.

She has a lot of insecurities. She almost never posted pictures of herself on Facebook and called herself gross a lot. Often she would post pictures of her hiding under her blanket cover in a dark room.
Any picture of her actual face had comments regarding her lack of boobs, and Danny would often comment about her having a pig nose.
Despite all this, she seemed to be well liked among her friends. Lots of like and comments on her profile. Many of them found her adorable.

I personally think she enjoys being regarded as a loli. The constant jab at her lack of boobs that she makes herself sometimes, the pomf video that gained her attention, and her league names are "cute little girl" and the other is "lolily" (for loli lily rather than lol lily).

No. 231885

lily never made the pomf video that was nyanners

No. 231887


I think it was them actually fucking that wasnt a big deal. Esp compared to everyone after going "OMG HE TOOK ADVANTAGE OF HER" when really it was a fairly normal age to have a relationship and lose your virginity.

She is definitely into being seen as a loli still even though she is 25.

No. 231890

Both Lily and Nyanners made a pomf video.

No. 231917


Lily confirmed ddlg fetishist.

No. 231919

I thought that strip was from an incest manga?

No. 231924

Lily has a second channel called LilyRaichu since initially it was meant to be "the more mature version of LilyPichu" if I'm remembering correctly. Not really the case anymore since it's mostly just covers that she decided not to upload to the main channel.

No. 231933


Which one?

No. 231959

Anyone see lily's ranting on FB about being called a bitch? She says these things don't bother her anymore but she sure does give it a lot of her attention.

Go ahead anon. A lot of people know of her since she's always in everyone's face.

No. 232056


She always say those things don't bother her, but continually brings attention to it. So clearly they do. She just wants to put on the facade that she's above it all yet she comes here frequently and makes passive aggressive tweets about lolcow or people bashing her in the comment sections.


I agree that she's totally a cow, half the stuff she's done in the past quallifites as cow level but currently she doesn't do much of anything to give consistent milk.

No. 232063

She constantly constantly whines about people shittalking her then tries to act like it doesn't affect her. She hasn't changed a bit. She's still so passive aggressive.

No. 232336

My ex was a massive fan of hers and after we broke up I found out the guy was a pedo. Literally nothing else about him implied that - grown ass man, not a NEET, air Force trained.
Makes you think.

No. 242972

File: 1485926533491.png (494.55 KB, 853x658, 1383710.png)

Was curious on how Lily's recovery has been doing after her surgery. These are from a recent video just a few days ago. I honestly feel like the surgery was an unnecessary waste of money. It gave her a weirder looking chin and makes her look bloated. It doesn't help that her default expression is a slightly open mouth.

No. 243087

Wow like tbh she's kinda cute from the front (or maybe that's just Asian angles and filters talking) but her profile is so messed up now.

No. 243099



As someone who was in their school jazz band, I had to perform on stage it's probably the harsh angled lights that are making her face look weird here.

But still every time I do see her at a side view it hasn't been the greatest. Her face looks squished

No. 243143

she had absolutely no chin at all before so this is a little improvement

No. 243239

File: 1485986713314.png (437.4 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-02-01-17-05-29…)

New pic, lily lurkin??

No. 243247

Lmao if anything this just makes her wonky jaw even clearer.

No. 243252

Honestly, if ppl saw her in the streets (in asia), they would come up to her and recommend she get plastic surgery.

No. 243280

Looks like she shopped her nose to look taller and pointer

No. 243802

Holy kek, the tip of her nose!

No. 243810


She's always lurking here, hence her passive aggressive tweets, Facebook status and such.

I wouldn't put it past her if she check every week to see if the thread was bumped or not.

No. 243836

lol what a mouth breather, her jaw looks pretty weak too

No. 245966

File: 1486392220825.png (105.14 KB, 750x924, IMG_0427.PNG)

No. 254354

File: 1487525609496.png (134.23 KB, 750x884, IMG_9776.PNG)

This artist on Instagram looks like her and its freaking me out

No. 264656

"cute little girl" is actually supposed to stand for CLG iirc

No. 265149

Koreans do sugery to look different, once they do they look like everyone else who had surgery

No. 268744

That body and the whole fake voice thing….Is she trans????

No. 278521

File: 1490639862256.png (449.38 KB, 800x400, lilypichurealchange.png)

No. 278526

>b ..but my surgeries were for muh health !11!!11!!
Sure Lily

No. 280934

File: 1490903824846.png (140.56 KB, 314x304, y-iè(.png)

shes look way too different on other photos taken from her fans compared to her photos on instagram. She's so fake, she's fooling everyone with her korean kpop star look with wing eyeliner and circle lenses. At least her friend Ariasaki looks beautiful without make up

No. 280937

Even just the circle lenses and closing her nasty chiclet-teeth mouth really does wonders for her

No. 280943

File: 1490904344927.jpg (6.01 KB, 300x168, gummysmile_lilypichu.jpg)

Dude Lilypichu has the gummy smile. That's why she said she didn't like smiling

No. 281037

File: 1490911132962.jpg (65.87 KB, 720x960, 14364867_10154614881857174_567…)

Honestly I'm sick of the circle jerk fest that goes on between her and the other girls, but behind each others back via fb or in person they talk mad shit.

Lily has no sense of style and for the longest time relied on others to do her makeup(well still kinda does if it's anything beyond eyeliner), and basically style her. She clings onto any asian girl that is slightly attractive to be her friend, but those same girls talk shit behind her back. But she does the same. Which just caused a clash between the "squad"

For a while like clock work whenever the lilypichu thread was updated the league of legends girls thread was "magically~" updated too. Some of the posts in that thread is her, I know it because she whenever she gossip to us the phrasing was almost the same as in the thread.

I'm glad she's clinging so desperately to her youth that she dresses like a goddam child, it's not even so much for her fans either. She legitimately doesn't want to wear heels or anything a women her age would wear because she wants to be seen as someone 16-18. I thought it was a joke but it triggers her whenever someones like "w0w you're that old!!!!"

No. 281073

It stands for counter logic gaming you idiot

No. 281075

File: 1490914380949.png (11.59 KB, 229x220, images.png)

LMAO so you're telling me anon chan who mass posted pics of that hyon person is actually jelly grandmapichu?? AHAHAAA

No. 281076

File: 1490914704451.jpg (290.49 KB, 720x805, CYMERA_20170330_185557.jpg)

She doesn't look young, looks like she's in her mid 20's

No. 281080

File: 1490914849721.jpg (316.38 KB, 720x892, CYMERA_20170330_190041.jpg)

Looks like she got the eyebags injections

No. 281089

File: 1490915136676.png (327.28 KB, 648x889, image_crop__2017_03_30_19_03_0…)

She still looks awkward as fuck. She should go back to korea to fix her nose. Her crappy makeup skills is not doing her any favors either.

No. 281096

few years back lily use to go to conventions and events wearing these bulky ass sunglasses and a face mask

No. 281097

File: 1490915518374.png (303.05 KB, 708x837, image_crop__2017_03_30_19_12_0…)

Can't find any pics with the mask, she looked ridiculous

No. 281100

File: 1490915746514.jpg (211.67 KB, 720x715, CYMERA_20170330_191333.jpg)

She totally had eyelid surgery. She straight up looked like a guy before.

No. 281106

File: 1490916034677.jpg (116.95 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Lily also use to stream like this

No. 281111

File: 1490916261475.png (11.66 KB, 457x457, 12342.png)



No. 281113

pls for the love of christ that would be funny. I was really hoping for the sperg to do more so the admin would look into it. Def is one of the goons or someone who had vendetta. Legit no one cared about the hyoon bitch, so it has to be someone within the circle

No. 281114

File: 1490916498901.png (633.43 KB, 529x533, 11111.png)

Even after her surgeries, Lily still doesn't look particularly attractive or unique. She just looks like a very bland east asian girl

No. 281122

File: 1490917189908.png (68.88 KB, 705x449, image_crop__2017_03_30_19_39_1…)

Posted sometime ago on warosu (I think)

No. 281126

So what happened to the nudes of lily? Aparently she used to do alot of cam shows for guys and sext them

No. 281208

This sounds far fetched and baseless.

No. 281215

Have you not seen the pic of her in her undies? It's at the top of the post, I think it's plausible since she's a attention whore

No. 281235

That's her in granny panties, that's undeniable. People send nudes to their boyfriends all the time though.
Sexting and holding cam shows though, there's bound to be solid proof of that somewhere if that's true. Considering you could secretly record and screenshot it.

No. 281254


She's not young? She's like 26

No. 281276


what did she even do ? why does she look so different ? didn't she only do her chin??

No. 281306

She tries to portray herself as a teenager. She's a full grown adult.

No. 281313

File: 1490927900285.png (227.65 KB, 709x706, image_crop__2017_03_30_22_37_5…)

Her face looks wonky

No. 281315

Anon, seems like you personally know her, got anymore deets on grandmapichu?

No. 281317

File: 1490928065241.png (347.12 KB, 703x737, image_crop__2017_03_30_22_41_0…)

Actually, she looks weirder in this pic

No. 281318

She probably did her eyes

No. 281325

File: 1490928503309.png (578.52 KB, 479x637, ww.png)

even after her surgery, lily's chin still doesn't look that good. did the surgery push her jaw forward or did she get an implant?

No. 281330

Is she forcing her smile to not be as gummy or is there surgery to reduce gummy smiles too?

No. 281347

Yes there is a gummy smile reduction procedure

No. 281357

I realize this is Lily's thread, and I really don't want to derail, but I used to be in a very close-knit skype group with Sandy.

God it must have been nearly 7 years ago. Holyyyyyyy fuck. I never thought I'd see mention of her on here. If y'all make a general thread or something I'll spill everything I can. I know for a fact she is a hyper-sensitive bitch with a huge ego. She got hacked once and someone deleted her youtube, she had a massive temper tantrum and announced she'd never sing again. Extremely over dramatic and an attention whore. Not surprised that she has tried to ride Lily's coattails.

Sage because OT.

No. 281375

Honestly I'd love Sandy drama, because whenever I met her, her personality would leave a bad taste in my mouth. Idk if mods would be cool with it though.

No. 281697

She constantly loses friends and would always just move from one boyfriend w/ status to another when I knew her. 100% would not be surprised to find that she is bitching about people behind their back because that's exactly how she always was. She constantly had a bunch of ugly desperate fanboys who she lead on.

I know she used to post on 4chan in a maid outfit and go on /c/ a lot, too.

Since I knew her (age 16 or so jfc) she had always sounded the same whenever voice clips of her were posted. Sorry!

No. 281701

Anyone got deets on grandmalily??

No. 281708

File: 1490980379537.png (78.18 KB, 166x287, greht.png)

Caught half of her face. Can actually see she's ugly af without circle lenses, winged eyeliner, angles and filter

No. 281716

File: 1490980842410.jpg (81.72 KB, 600x800, BlIjVy_IAAAXrnA.jpg)

what do you mean? she's kawaii!

No. 281718

File: 1490980887811.jpg (364.21 KB, 720x720, CYMERA_20170331_132033.jpg)

She tries so hard to be the "flat" anime girl with the high pitched voice archetype. Life is not a anime Lily.

No. 281723

File: 1490981092891.png (8.61 KB, 235x214, download.png)

Looks like troll face

No. 281724

lol troll face XD. I knew her face was familiar!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 281727

She makes behkuh look like a goddess

No. 281732


she looks cute here though

No. 281791

Her features are way too big for her face. Bad proportions.

No. 282394

she looks so bad

No. 282412

Agreed, I love these 2 pics. She looks cute and elegant, but not like she's trying to be a loli.

No. 282418

She's not a model, but I personally still think she's cute in a girl next door kind of way. I find her facial features endearing and sweet looking.

No. 282566

is this recent lol

she looks (somewhat) better now due to makeup and confidence

No. 282607

File: 1491125975070.png (382.22 KB, 720x911, image_crop__2017_04_02_05_39_0…)

At least lily knows she looks like a potato unlike himeweeb

No. 282612

PULL please go, or at least go back to your containment thread.

No. 282816

File: 1491168409112.jpg (419.36 KB, 720x1029, CYMERA_20170402_171828.jpg)

To be fair poki isn't all that good looking

No. 282926


This whole picture is so awkward… Why is she standing like that?

No. 283003


holy shit lily's 'im just a potato uwu can't say im ugly i already kno lolz' is so fucking annoying. Like you got plastic surgery on your eyelids and jaw please get some self confidence. Does she not make enough money streaming or does George not take care of her and let her dress this bad all the time to public events. She could easily pull off being ~18 - 22 without needing to dressed like she only has access to clothes from aliexpress like yumi king

No. 283085

Ugh those black shoes do not match her outfit at all. Is it that hard to get some beige or brown shoes if you're going to wear such a light-colored dress?

No. 283137

This is an example that plastic surgery doesn't necessarily give you confidence, it comes within

No. 283141

Lily only has had two boyfriends in her life. She's not the type to bitch about people, but she just complains about her own life. I've known her since the ragnarok online days.

No. 283653

Lies lies lies lies.
Just because she only dated a 30 year old neckbeard online doesn't mean they didn't date :)

No. 283690


No. 284076

>I thought it was a joke but it triggers her whenever someones like "w0w you're that old!!!!"

This is a huge sore spot for her. It'd be pretty funny to see a bunch of birthday wishes this year with everyone specifically saying "Happy 26th birthday Lily!" with public posts. Whenever she meets a new cute girl or someone is up and coming in the community, one of the first things she asks them is how old they are. Also, with her depression, it's sad that she threw money towards plastic surgery instead of paying for therapy or medication.

No. 284199

She dated some 30 year old nerd (Gene) on an RO server after she broke up with a guy more her own age (XiaoUnlimited - Dan). She also maintained close friendships with stupid guys who just brownnose her so at the least she strings them along, lol.

Not a huge scandal but she is not a pure innocent loli waifu who never dated before, like anon wanted to imply.

No. 284652

uhh that was an online ragnarok wedding. she was 15, gene was like what, 25? they were never actually dating, it was an ingame thing.

No. 284653

I've never heard her ask that before. She's pretty open with her age. She constantly says she's in her mid 20s whenever she streams.

No. 284820

You've never heard her ask that before because you're not one of the girls she has met lol. She asks them personally when she meets them, I'm not talking about her on-stream stuff. I'm talking about how she acts in real life. Plus, her saying "mid-20s" is such a cop out instead of saying her exact age.

No. 284823

I don't see how a 26 year old who's only been in two relationships is somehow impure or whatever you're implying. And how is a Ragnarok RP relationship real? If that's true then I was a fuckin playboy in my teen years breaking up and gettin in "relationships" pretty much every week in Mabinogi. It hardly counts unless she was like being intimate with the dude and sending nudes and cybering I guess.

I'm all for shitting all over her but you need some spicier snacks to work with than "such a sl00t 26 years old and 2 (3 if you count online) BOYFRIENDS!" My little sister has had more and she's 16.

I'm only saying this because you're just making her look good, dumb ass.

No. 284839

anon complaining she's impure is probably a weeb with Japanese idol standards for purity (i.e. can't even date).

No. 285343

Is it really lily who keeps whiteknighting herself in these threads because I can't imagine her "friends" doing it for her

No. 285348

I wouldn't be surprised if she does. I mean, she already uses this forum to talk shit about her friends.

No. 285356

File: 1491447145873.png (341.77 KB, 658x646, image_crop__2017_04_05_22_52_2…)

Grandmalily's ugly asian slut squad

No. 285543


I am not saying she's impure, I'm saying she has dated before and i even said its not a big deal, lol. I was just responding to anon who was like "omg she only dated 2 ppl EVER!" because it's blatantly untrue. Putting her on a pedestal as some kind of being without any kind of sexuality or history is just as bad as calling her a slut or whatever.


Sending nudes, ERP, and meeting IRL counts as dating, ok.

No. 285547

File: 1491484262406.png (194.36 KB, 320x320, fzkCX2l.png)

I, for one, can't wait until HotshotGG cheats on her and everything implodes.

No. 285554

He probably already does, dude totally has some asian fetish going on

No. 285664

File: 1491498657214.png (23.05 KB, 720x150, image_crop__2017_04_06_13_11_0…)

Gmalily must be so happy to see these kinds of comments of her videos

No. 285667

can PULL fuck off already.

No. 285668

Pull doesn't even talk about Lily, lol.

No. 285925

Same. Considering how she whines and blatantly fishes for compliments with her "i'm an ugly potato uwu" jokes, HSGG cheating on her would result in a meltdown of epic proportions.

No. 286306

How old is lily? Like 27? 28?

No. 286449


I think she's like 28 now. When is she gonna have kids? Isn't she getting kinda old?

No. 286462

she should not reproduce

No. 286463

imagine her faking her loli voice around her kid.

No. 286934

File: 1491661022361.jpg (254.68 KB, 720x700, CYMERA_20170408_101615.jpg)

>27 years old
>still dresses like this

No. 286938

And yet she looks super cute? Get over yourself. There's no age limit on cute clothing. Wearing cute clothes that are clean and match is not a lulzy thing and if that's what you think constitutes as milk you're a joke. Sorry she's not wearing boring normie thot clothes.

No. 286940

Says alot about her maturity.

No. 286973

Isn't she cosplaying the girl from kimi no wa?

No. 287076

I think she is but it's pretty sloppy.

No. 287138

is it me or does her voice changes throughout this video?


No. 287179

she's literally in cosplay. are you a 30 y/o weeb and dress like that? she looks like a retard and so do you

No. 287187

File: 1491690734357.png (91.9 KB, 319x337, rzgr.png)

Why tf does she look so different in here ?

No. 287223

I actually knew Sandy as well back in 2007 or so. Met her through a mutual friend and she was very shallow and rude to almost everyone in the group under a "haha jk" guise. Any girl in the group call (skype/MSN groups) would immediately be pinned as some sort of competition, and she would make sure to establish that she was the "cutest girl" in the group. Even going as far as to put down the chicks she was apparently pals with and smearing their names behind their backs.

There were also multiple times in which she would fall in love with some guy in our group and obsess over him, but right when she found out what he looked like and it didn't fit her definition of attractive, she'd block/delete him and act like she never knew the guy.

A few other times she was petty was when she dated one of her friend's exBFs for a couple of weeks just to get back at her. She apparently broke up with him right when she found out the friend wasn't pissed off at her for doing so and the kid ran around ranting about how he thought she liked him.

One more story, as I don't want to clog this thread (as I could go on for hours about some of the crappy things she did to my friendgroup and I). She told me this personally and I found it cringey the moment she pressed send: she said that the way to becoming popular is to befriend people who have talents and use them for them, i.e, artists, video makers, audio mixers, etc. and that she would not befriend someone who does not benefit her in one of those ways.

No. 287282

Can we take this to the other League girl thread since it's more relevant? I have some personal petty stories with Sandy too so it'd be nice to commiserate with other anons.

No. 287291

because she got unnecessary jaw surgery so she fucked up her bite so she has to hop on braces again kek

No. 287313

Sounds good. Can you > me to it? I'm relatively new to this website. I only go on here to lurk most of the time. Never have seen a recognizable name on here.

No. 287331


league crew thread: >>139506

No. 289935

File: 1492021208810.jpg (140.89 KB, 960x1200, CttqXHIUEAAkIAW.jpg)

Lily and ariasaki look like guys dressed in drag

No. 289940

those costumes look like utter shite.

No. 290003

got to admit Ariasaki doesn't look her best in this photo. But Lilypichu wears a lot of make up in this photo, plus she's hiding behind her side bangs

No. 290043

is it bad that I think they look cute? Especially Ariasaki

No. 290057

File: 1492032318974.png (363.84 KB, 720x689, image_crop__2017_04_12_17_24_4…)

Are u sure about that?

No. 290069

Eh, just looks like standard Taobao/Aliexpress fare.

No. 290452

File: 1492082526361.png (401.4 KB, 720x993, image_crop__2017_04_13_07_20_5…)

What's the point of getting jaw surgery if you're still gonna shop your jaw??

No. 290470


She is dating a millionaire. Why the fuck is she wearing a paperbag?

No. 290539

I don't see how that picture proves she shopped her jaw. It looks awkward in some angle but that looks normal to me.. ?

No. 292085

File: 1492270240806.png (842.79 KB, 3377x3165, 1453372366620.png)

>Implying George is a millionaire

No. 292413


Lily is annoying as all hell but lets not pretend she doesn't make a lot of money when you add up her twitch,youtube, and selling her shitty doodles/merch.

She probably wearing a shitty cosplay because she most likely can't make anything herself. She can't even dress her own self properly, you expect her to be about to cosplay?

No. 292414

>implying that he isn't

No. 292455

What's wrong with buying cosplay?

No. 292468

File: 1492318945900.png (513.84 KB, 921x500, 67sIcHk.png)


buying cosplay isn't bad as long as it's good. and lets face it, it usually isn't good…

No. 293129


Sorry he is. :(


She has bought the cheapest shit possible. It looks like paper. Wtf is she doing. Buy some real clothes.

No. 293147

File: 1492439295319.png (142.7 KB, 750x1003, IMG_3506.PNG)

There's gott be photoshop involved for sure. Cause she still look like shit.

No. 293149

File: 1492439439779.png (116.8 KB, 682x680, IMG_3508.PNG)

And this recent tag

No. 293254


This video has her in profile a bit and she looks like a mouth breather.

No. 293897

File: 1492520684814.jpg (Spoiler Image,26.74 KB, 753x600, MX33SAJ.jpg)


all i see…

No. 295269

File: 1492710253787.png (441.36 KB, 1884x1197, lol lily why.png)

No. 295294

somehow i'm not surprised she's posting in r9k, but it's also pretty cringy

No. 295299

File: 1492713000768.jpg (614.25 KB, 1872x1254, comb.jpg)


the picture that the random person posted of the bedroom matches her old bedroom >>67876 >>141691 >>141823

No. 295303


I thought this was Anisa lmao

No. 295307


It's not confirmed, but sounds like riri to me.

No. 295327


Actually I am convinced that >>295269 is lily.

But not >>295299

No. 295392

>women really are the devil
wow she really hates herself, huh? no wonder why she's so insecure. she sounds like a hateful bitch too but waaah how dare others talk bad about her. :'^(

ugly on the inside and out lol

No. 295409

File: 1492725557585.png (348.47 KB, 1920x685, postses.png)

Just put together her post on r9k and linked it to the stuff on this thread / stuff she says.

No. 295575

File: 1492738463586.jpeg (16.45 KB, 236x284, 6b66bf28e78ee2696dbf621c074b26…)

thank you anon, my favorite read thus far on this thread. hahahahahah she described herself as a 6/10, 7/10 with makeup, and 8/10 with good angles. now all those cucks think its anisa HAHAHAHAHA lily didn't even come into their realm of 6/10 .

No. 295582

lily doesnt live in canada tho.

No. 295585

File: 1492739260286.jpg (11.42 KB, 320x320, 17933732_434103436923067_91025…)


See >>295409

I don't think the random knew exactly wtf was going on, but Lily directly quoted this thread lol.

No. 295863

She is so dumb. I love that she checks the thread every day. I bet she was the person I was arguing with a year ago when I was the first person to call her out on her voice being fake. Ahahahaha

No. 295900

File: 1492791019404.png (1.72 MB, 1920x1520, lilypichur9k.png)


lowkey i wanna find out how much she posted on r9k over the years.

wonder if she fought with mystery and eliza and that's why she was so keen to drag them?

No. 295906

File: 1492792087464.png (597.18 KB, 1400x693, lilypichu tendies.png)


Hi Lily

No. 295911

File: 1492792550334.png (503.18 KB, 2000x1200, lilypichuu.png)

>same wall
>same hair
>same shitty tshirt she wore all the time
>pikachu in the background

Who is it then? :^)

No. 295924

That person sounded like they knew too much about who's post was who's. Oddly specific. Ayy Lily

No. 295925

File: 1492793702423.png (182.78 KB, 1840x817, bawwleted.png)

No. 295928

File: 1492794127861.png (193.71 KB, 1838x357, oh please oh please.png)


Well. I wonder what is going on.

No. 295943

How did you find these posts? Are you just lurking 4chan? She's the only person who would care so much about getting posts involving this 'mysterious celebrity' deleted off archives unless we're getting trolled to hell by someone posing as her for laughs.

No. 295953


Just checked r9k to see if she had posted there and found that. I actually think it's fake, though.

Has Lily fallen out with someone recently?

No. 295954

Lmao lily be trying to cover up her tracks

No. 295966

File: 1492797860716.png (242.84 KB, 246x627, dEK7NAO.png)


Part of me hopes that it's potatochu but it's too good to be true.

No. 296033


Even today, the League whore thread wasn't updated until this one was. And the update was cyattie as hell.


Let this be a lesson to you farmers that no amount of plastic surgery or pandering can fix your insecurities or your self-esteem.

Let this be a lesson to Lily that your self-hating generalization of women is just a coping mechanism for your poor life choices.

You can either choose to either let go of your ego and try to make a world a better place by preaching "women empowerment~~~!" or some sort of shit like that, or you can choose continue to participate in all of this "contempt exuded daily from lolcow a bloo bloo ;w;" and pretend like you're better than the rest of us when really, you're the same.

No. 296045


Lily couldn't resist posting. She's so transparent. I bet she's been Poki posting since she was hanging out with her the other day in the most boring vlog on the entire planet.

No. 296052

File: 1492806519517.jpg (47.63 KB, 640x640, 12627861_1554565474859722_7826…)

God lily is such a fugly korean.

No. 296054

File: 1492806584522.jpg (47.36 KB, 413x650, 221546ea1154dfde524046303ede6e…)

A lilypichu body pillow. Lol. You gotta be kidding me

No. 296058

File: 1492807812424.jpg (28.87 KB, 320x362, 12317371_1561844604105482_1526…)



That's actually a good picture of her.

No. 296060


The high quality version of this is closed off from the public. Only the artist and a few others have the high quality version that can be used for a pillow case.


You guys can't seriously believe that the OP of that thread is Lilypichu. It's probably someone else. Lily doesn't seem like the type of person that posts on 4chan

No. 296063

File: 1492808078317.jpg (36.51 KB, 320x320, 12299043_1049176135126563_9090…)


>Lily doesn't seem like the type of person that posts on 4chan

You clearly don't know her very well. Sorry, she is not actually an loli, she is a 26 year old woman pretending to be innocent and pure for betas. She used to be an avid 4channer when she was an actual teenager. :>

No. 296081

>doesn't seem like the type
…just like she doesn't seem like the type to post nudes or lie about her age or voice being fake but here we are?

Is she really trying to push that she's 22? She said she was 24 about 2 years ago. Why lie half way into the fame?

No. 296087

and a /b/tard on top of it all

No. 296088

File: 1492810842417.jpg (13.39 KB, 320x320, 17494616_1040414999424954_7086…)


Lololol is she telling people she's 22? That's fucking hilarious

No. 296100

File: 1492812433993.jpg (72.34 KB, 600x800, CZX7tUvWIAEMaGh.jpg)

Honestly seems like grandmalily is trying to convince everyone that she didn't expose herself when she clearly did lmao

No. 296108

File: 1492813174036.jpg (64.86 KB, 595x595, 17494493_1868195010113080_8005…)

Isn't it common knowledge at this point that LilyFakevoicechu lurks here? Right after someone made fun of her shitty chin job she posted a side profile pic and the funny part is it was photoshopped. Lily is so funny. She also makes annie the champion look like a dyke.

No. 296111

File: 1492813582190.jpg (43.66 KB, 480x480, 917582_1715197045392097_413100…)


True, but how could she be so fucking dumb to post on r9k knowing that she would be found and she even tried to drag mystery/Eliza (implying she knew of / followed them and their drama and doxxing etc.). I mean, jesus christ, how dumb can you be?

No. 296114

she has an ugly mouth

No. 296141


She looks like a giant from attack on titan.

No. 296144

what exactly has she done to get all this hate?

No. 296147

Why don't you scroll up and read the thread, you bozoe.

No. 296150


I did, there is nothing that really justifies it but speculation and rumors.

No. 296152

File: 1492817631550.jpg (22.5 KB, 480x360, hqdefault (1).jpg)

Lily prob thought she would looks like this after the surgery. Too bad she still looks painful average then ever.

No. 296154

meh. at least she looks a little less like a rise farmer.

No. 296159

Whoever's pretending to be her here was trying so hard and yet still managed to get her age wrong lmao

You guys will believe anything it seems as long as it's something bad about someone you dislike.

I'm all for shitting on her and discussing her bad traits but if you're going to blatantly masquerade as her and make things up for drama it discredits a lot of other perhaps true things in this thread.

No. 296167

File: 1492818874164.jpg (157.12 KB, 500x750, tumblr_inline_mppdlqzL1k1qz4rg…)

>lily uses damage control!
>it's not very effective..

No. 296172

File: 1492819737552.jpg (33.92 KB, 480x480, 10919200_252938911706526_24741…)


>sells footjobs at anime north

>parades as sweet innocent loli

lily did nothing wrong u guise!!


Go home Lily. Or is this her ex bf who is still obsessed with her - Eaguru?

No. 296174

This lady literally fixed everything. Hairline, eyelid, nose and jawline. I think lily would look like 6/10 minimal if she did more surgery on her face. i'm giving her max 3 months until her next surgery plan

No. 296175

>Anything that goes against the hive mind must be lily or her friends!

Who showed you kids lolcow and can they also show you the exit.

No. 296179

No. 296181


Must not have been her, thread over.

No. 296184

Nah it's not legit proof that she doesn't go on imageboards.

No. 296187

LMAO gmapichu be tryin so hard to cover her tracks. What's with the bandwagon protect milady whiteknights doing here?

No. 296189

File: 1492821065440.jpg (51.81 KB, 640x640, 12357514_197675530584103_13941…)


Is someone in her discord server? 10bux says she is crying about it to her fanboys as we speak.

No. 296190

but it isnt. the proof is in her videos and literally the 3rd post is a nude for free shit along with uh everything else thats been posted here. where are all these white knights coming from

No. 296191

tbh there's actually more bandwagon "make up shit and believe everything" arriving and posting atm. Unless it's the same 2-3 people samefagging.

No. 296196


All of her fucking fanboys posting like "uwu lily did nothing wrong."

>her discord is full of the same old buttkissers.

No. 296198

Notice how these two posts have the same writing style kekeke

No. 296201


whats wrong with selling footjobs?

also are you sure she did that?

No. 296205


To ForeverPandering.

She used to show feet on stream for money, too.

No. 296208


whos foreverpandering?

No. 296217

File: 1492823323144.png (46.02 KB, 720x380, image_crop__2017_04_21_21_07_2…)

Hey Lily, if you say your face is so irrelevant, why did you stop wearing your mask and bulky sunglasses + started posting mad selfied after your cosmetic surgery??

No. 296219

some furry orbiter who she rejected after he asked her to go out with him and made her a song. this was back when she was just starting to get big

No. 296221


she posted selfies before and even when her jaw was healing from the surgery.

No. 296222


why would she give him a footjob after rejecting him, also how do you even know she gave him a footjob?

No. 296223

im not the other anon who started talking about footjobs, newfag.

No. 296224


not identifying anonymous posters as two individuals makes me new. pls explain.

No. 296225

>when your reading comprehension is twice as poor with every post you make

No. 296226

Lilypichu has never given anyone a footjob. She doesn't frequent Lolcow/4chan. She didn't make that post. You people are desperately looking for any 'legit reason' to bash on her. She's a nice person. You people have no legit reason to hate her. You can scan analyze every blogpost, social media post, and every Youtube video and you're not going to find any dirt on her. Anything bad just looks bad because it's taken out of context.

Lilypichu discussion doesn't belong here. This is worse than The Mighty Monarch pretending to be a vigilante to take out Dr. Venture's archenemies so Monarch can be Dr. Venture's sole arch-nemesis.

No. 296228


sure thing buddy, go remove your kind from the genepool.

No. 296230

This is probably bait, but yeah she does. She's been browsing /a/ for about 7 years now which is the only reason why she became famous. She spammed her videos all the time.

Please stop shitposting if you're just going to get mad at everyone who gives you legitimate answers.

No. 296231

File: 1492825051437.jpg (28.21 KB, 320x369, 13380956_1257528007621361_8093…)


>Lily is a nice person

>Posts on r9k saying she hopes female tripfags get raped

Really makes you think.

No. 296232

>crabby and can't into reading
anon go to bed it's nap time for u

No. 296233

I asked you to explain how not identifying

No. 296234

two anonymous people as two different people makes me new.

No. 296235

I don't get why so many people make fun of Lilypichu


No. 296237


That post wasn't made by her. All because someone mentions they're a League streamer who gets accused of being older than they actually are it doesn't mean that that person is Lilypichu. There's other threads on Lolwcow where a female streamer is accused of being a lot older than 'they lead on'.

No. 296238

Does she still talk to Uguubear? I cba to dig through her social media

No. 296239


They directly quote this thread and me tion Lilypichu specific criticisms. But I will listen, who do you think it is in that post?

No. 296240

why are you defending her so hard? yeah because those were the only two things called out in the post. all the things mentioned even down to the file name are pretty big giveaways and we all know she posts on 4chan

No. 296241

why are you shitting on her so hard? its all speculation and rumours.

No. 296242

Honestly to me it looks like some anon from here pretending to be her to add some drama for people to spread. She's stupid but not that stupid, and people who believe otherwise are those that would believe anything mentioned on here just because it fuels their hate. Please keep things credible or we'll just have people saying shit like lily once ate a bag of dicks.

No. 296243

>lily once ate a bag of dicks

wew dude, watch what youre saying. people on here might believe that.

No. 296244


Someone calling themselves a potato is common slang for Anime fans/gamers in their early 20's. I'm not trying to whiteknight her. If you guys are going talk shit about her at least have some bases for your claims. She's a nice person that goes out of her way to please her fans while dealing with life, friends, and family. You think you're better than her then you end up believing some sloppily put together screenshot that the person didn't even bother fact-check before accusing Lilypichu of being a sperging edgelord who wishes harm on Eliza. She probably doesn't even know Eliza.

Everything in this thread is just speculation. There has been no proof of her having a fake voice, actually being older than 25, giving out footjobs, sending nudes, backstabbing friends, manipulating betas, shilling on 4chan. A Lilypichu thread does not belong on this site. She is not Kiwifarms material.

Those screenshots need to be deleted.

No. 296245

all the evidence is in this thread that youre in. try reading it some time or just looking at it. or watching any of lilys video where her voice always slips :^)
u ok bud?

No. 296246

File: 1492826078937.png (220.52 KB, 600x338, xnvzU5F.png)


>quotes thread word on word

>whines about age
>whines about sucking at make up / hair / fashion
>league of legends
>cheating boyfriend
>same keywords


I doubt anyone from here made the thread, because everyone thought it was Anisa posting at first.

>Please keep things credible or we'll just have people saying shit like lily once ate a bag of dicks.

Yeah except "posting on r9k" is a world of difference to "ate a bag of dicks"

You sound like a thirsty fanboy sent here to damage control.

No. 296248


This. Lilypichu has been in this game for years. Her friends probably have PR managers. She would know better than to vent on /r9k/. She has Discord and friends if she wants to vent. If she wanted to vent on /r9k/ she would be more anonymous about it and not give out so many details.

No. 296249

You know, with the circlejerk echo chamber bullshit this thread has devolved to I wouldn't be surprised. Someone has definitely linked this thread to a group somewhere because it wasn't this active before and the recent posters have just been retarded. Might even have been the OP of that r9k thread who knows.

No. 296250

File: 1492826294322.jpg (14.05 KB, 304x403, lilymake.jpg)


Which is why I think you are here doing damage control after Lilypichu fucked up. How hard would it be for her to make a stupid post? Managers aren't going to watch her phone, you know. Get real.


IF someone faked her, they fucked up because it almost got pinned on Anisa. Making me think it was actually Lily and everything now is damage control.

No. 296251


The animation post is someone else. The posting style is way too different. None of these posts match Lilypichu's posting style. Lily isn't the only one who struggles with make up. It's either coincidence or just some roleplayer that was just skimming through threads and picking out details.

No. 296252

File: 1492826416794.jpg (18 KB, 366x380, 1334329164853.jpg)

>potato is slang for gamers/weebs in their late twenties
What the fuck? Potato is slang? For gamers and anime dweebs? Do you think we were born yesterday? WEW

Nobody calls themselves potatos especially not anyone in their 20s except for Lily. Thats something a middle schooler would say in 2011. And what does being in your early 20s have to do with anything? Is potato a meme exclusive word to those in their 20s? Wtf.
And who cares if shes nice to her family or friends or tries hard in life. Sounds like youre one of her beta friends.
>acting like majority of farmers are not in our 20s and into anime/gaming

No. 296253


It's not Anisa. It's not Lilypichu. Just leave it alone. It was horrible that people were so quick to get judgemental about it. People's reputations are at stake. It's not a nice thing to accuse someone of wishing harm on others.

No. 296254

>gets her own age wrong ???
OP says she's not even 25 in the thread. You can't just ignore things which goes against your argument if you're trying to make a believable point.

No. 296256

File: 1492826531852.jpg (33.32 KB, 600x600, wikipedian_protester.jpg)


>posting style is way too different

how? just how?

>none of these posts match Lilypichu's posting style

provide proof please.

>Lily isn't the only one who struggles with make up

tell me who else?


>gets her own age wrong ???

everyone knows lily is salty as shit about her age now she's getting elderly.

No. 296257


Potato is new generation slang. People who grew up in the early 90's and late 80's would be too old to be exposed to what teens are calling themselves when they're being lazy.

An 80 year old man wouldn't see something extraordinary and exclaim "YO! THAT IS DA BOMB!"

No. 296258


Lily is the only person who says potato outside of her circlejerk.

No. 296259

>potato is slang
you really are reaching with that damage control.

no one says that. it's an internet thing not an 80s/90s thing. and you're a retard because shes not even in her early 20s like how she wants everyone to think.

No. 296260

read the screenshotted thread again. OP claims she's not even 25 but gets called 28 or 30. she's 25 already and is 26 this year. If it was her she wouldn't say this.

No. 296261


That's what you think since you're probably in your mid 20's or don't hang out around weeaboos who are in their late teens or early 20's.

No. 296262

Lots of tinfoil hat and e-detective shit going on in this thread.

No. 296263

Pretty sure this is bait. No one can be this stupid.

No. 296265

File: 1492827165314.png (12.04 KB, 240x210, download.png)

Lily is a 0 self esteem e-hoe. She never posted pictures of herself without garments covering her face or scribbing over it with a face. She only started posting selfies after she did the surgery. Why doesn't Grandma'sLily's fans even reading before they breathe heavy and start typing? Bahahaa Grandmapichu tries so hard to damage control but it's actually making things worse, your minions are fucking you over.

No. 296268

File: 1492827440396.png (100.26 KB, 1013x597, roastiechu.png)



>ditches friends
>fake shy
>cheated on bf
>physical assault


No. 296269

File: 1492827449106.jpg (45.59 KB, 300x419, emoji-head-guy.jpg)

>mfw she's so insecure she hides her real voice
>mfw she actually attended her own panels at anime conventions with a hood, face mask, and pair of giant sunglasses to hide her fugly face as to not ruin the illusion of being a cute loli waifu
>mfw she said it's because she wants to be anonymous
>has no problem attention whoring otherwise
the cringe is real she is such a bad liar. ur track out ma

No. 296271

People change over the years. A blog post from 2012 or an old from when she was becoming popular doesn't prove that she's currently a closet edgelord who struggles with lots of insecurity.

No. 296273

Pretty sure it is too. There were those of us who were genuinely curious of drama in the beginning, now there's a group just spreading baseless info and reposting it, dismissing anything reasoning contradicting them, and now these baiters.

I've already listed the contradiction in the r9k post but if people don't have the observational skills or reasoning to deduce it's 99% not her I'm not going to waste my time trying to argue it and I'll go back to lurking.

People only here to read what they want to believe lol. lolcow has become a shitshow

No. 296274

>There was another time when she talked at length with one of the guys in the chat about giving footjobs, and she took pictures of her legs and feet for him after he agreed to buy her fancy thigh-high socks. Weird shit always went on with her. You could always tell she was constantly putting on an act for people. A bit creepy, honestly.

No. 296275

File: 1492827744532.gif (616.86 KB, 498x498, 971.gif)

>not struggling with insecurity still
>photoshops her pictures
>still has problems showing her smile
>gets plastic surgery
>calls herself ugly potato sandwiched between hot girls
Just stop now.

No. 296276


Yeah. Anyone who has been following Lilypichu would instantly know that the post wasn't her. People just want reasons to make fun of her. They can't wait to antagonize her.

No. 296277


what if its all the same person. and this thread didn't magically got more active. I somehow doubt multiple people are this stupid.

No. 296281

>following her
Now we know where you came from. Farmers don't follow cows. At least, not the kind of following you mentioned. Go back to leaving x's and o's in her yt comments section and believing shes an a little angel

No. 296283

no one says shes a little angel, but the accusations and rumours in this thread just don't have any proof to them.

No. 296284

Samefagging's allowed on this unfortunately.


almost definitely samefagging or part of same social group though.

No. 296286

File: 1492828539000.png (48.75 KB, 705x530, roastiechu.png)

Everytime lilypichu gets mentioned on r9k these comments crop up.

She 100% posts there.

To celebrate, I'm going to post some old drama where Lilypichu assaulted a guy!

No. 296287

Keep sending in the white knights lily, ain't helping you.

No. 296290


An anonymous person saying things is not proof. Nyanners has dozens of guys on 4chan claiming they knew her in highschool and said that she was a **. If they haven't posted verified pictures it's probably not true.

No. 296291

This might be too out there but that defensive anon is listing while using dash marks just like in >>295928
I just find it weird because everyone on imageboards would just greentext. You never see anyone make lists with dashes on the chans, you know.

No. 296292


I licked Yuri's (lilypichus) big toe once, trust me I'm a childhood friend.

No. 296293


Or maybe people just don't like it when people spread baseless rumors about others. It's not whiteknighting.

No. 296294

File: 1492829210943.png (397.05 KB, 1028x2139, roastiechu.png)

This is back when Lily had just dumped the guy she was (secretly) dating Eaguru aka XiaoUnlimited aka Danny (who is still clinging onto her). Before she fucked hsgg at a con and then dumped him. He wasted 5 years of his life on her and is still waiting for me.

No. 296295

Why do you keep samefagging?

No. 296298

File: 1492829267734.jpg (57.11 KB, 936x380, ayWYw2c.jpg)


try again you piece of shit.

No. 296299

File: 1492829327296.png (Spoiler Image,207.82 KB, 257x355, 1414540267454 (1).png)


And here's a close up of her vagina, that may or may not be hers.

No. 296300

why are you so angry? angry enough to shitpost over and over. no one cares if you dont believe what anons are saying. if you dont believe it, then why do you care so much

No. 296301


have you even seen a vagina in your life?

No. 296302


I'm all for shitting over people when they've actually done something worth shitting on them for. But most of this thread is just false rumours and speculation.

also I wouldnt even dare to reply after failing this hard at calling out samefags, I respect your courage even though you seem to be dumb as fuck.

No. 296303


They'll be fanboying in her threads forever untill she dies, sadly.

>Lilypichu showed off her feet during a stream in exchange for goods.


No. 296305

…I'm sorry to break this to you, virgin anon, but that's what people call a canker sore…

Wait, we're using screenshots of old evidenceless threads as evidence now?

No. 296306

Yep takes a lot of effort to correctly call 2/3 posts samefagging. Especially when youre dumb enough to leave a giant fucking gap between the response and sentence like the other dipshit who cant into imageboards. But sure, its a fail just like >>296284 failed miserably at their attempt. Please stop licking lilys brown butthole and get help for your loli fetish.

No. 296307

File: 1492829865726.jpg (10.91 KB, 544x99, GFV2MSM.jpg)


look this guy licked her toe once, he also know her real name. he must be legit.

No. 296308

File: 1492829883183.jpg (113.82 KB, 1280x720, 1280x720-x9e.jpg)


I know who posted it, I know everyone involved in these stories. I was very close with her back in her animaRO days and maintained contact up until a year or so ago.

No. 296309


A bunch of fake stories. Sounds like someone got a hold of some old pictures of Lilypichu and claimed they knew her.


Looks nothing like a vagina. More like someone showing their canker sore or something. And it's probably not Lilypichu.


Exactly. No proof has been posted in this thread. Lilypichu has no dirt.

No. 296311


>all pictures available on instagram and google

>crying about it

No. 296312

The thing is, you have about as much credibility as the person in your ss without proof.

No. 296314

That image has been on the internet for almost a decade. Your baiting is subpar at best.

No. 296315

>Looks nothing like a vagina. More like someone showing their canker sore or something. And it's probably not Lilypichu.

pretty sure it's just a canker sore, but I'm pretty sure it's hers, I can tell by how the fingers look. But atleast 50% of the rumour is true right?

No. 296318


Doesn't mean it's okay for you post and make fun of her. Show some decency.

No. 296319

So uh, where's the milk in this thread?It just seems like a shittier Taylor R thread from what I'm getting.

No. 296320

welp gg, the "whiteknights" are part of the hating group trying to make things worse with these posts

No. 296321

>Yes. Lilypichu is pretty average looking. She has a bit of an awkward shaped head and jaw. I'm not hating on her. No one is perfect and no one shouldn't be. She can look decent when she puts work into it and sometimes she can even look like an 8/10 when she really tries.

No. 296323

>implying i posted that
just end yourself for having the iq of pinhead.

No. 296324

Pretty much. This thread turned into a fucking circus.

No. 296325

whoa youre getting too real, lets stick to shitting on her shall we?

On this occasion I want to tell you about that time where she killed a homeless person stole 10 grams of meth from them and smoked that shit on the spot, afterwards she snorted the biggest line of coccaine I have ever seen.

trust me I've known her since kindergarden and I've maintained contact up until a week or so ago.

No. 296327



The same whiteknights show up everytime she is posted, I swear. Guessing one is Danny (Eaguru) and the other is some hopeless cuck.

No. 296328

Don't see why he would waste the effort defending her if she really did cheat on him. People need to think before making assumptions.

No. 296330


youre missing the theme of false assumptions and rumours in this thread. how dare you?

No. 296332


These people sound so juvenile. What makes them think it's okay to DOX her and leak private pictures/personal information?

No. 296334

it's almost like you've never been on the internet before

No. 296335


They're still close, you can see them interact often. i.e. on her discord, twitter, twitch.

>it is never her own fault, always gotta be someone elses

>lily can never be responsible for anything, she can only be a victim for everything

No. 296336

What the hell is this league yaoi fanfic she wrote? http://ririki.deviantart.com/art/Taric-and-Ezreal-s-day-174962325

No. 296337

This is from 2010 anon

No. 296338

just did a quick search don't even think her ex has a Twitter. You sure you're not talking out of your ass.

No. 296339


We all did cringe stuff aged 20, ok.

>Lilypichu has a boyfriend for literally years that she keeps top secret

>She dumps him for HotshotGG
>Suddenly she wants to shout from the top of the world that she has a boyfriend

No. 296342

File: 1492832492133.png (139.16 KB, 960x430, ivebeen22since2012.png)

Ok, but why does she keep lying about her age?

No. 296345

Asian girls use it a lot, mostly those who are like really young though. My girlfriend uses it all the time and she doesn't even know who Lily is.

No. 296348

Burden of proof is on you, dumbass.

No. 296349

File: 1492832728597.jpg (42.21 KB, 350x434, commission8___soul_linker_by_b…)


Danny Tran from Brampton, Ontario, shouldn't be too hard to find him, especially since I gave you his usernames.


She also had the msn email yamoto.lily@gmail.com

No. 296350

Did I say otherwise?

No. 296351

No. 296352

> anon shows a screenshot
> "lol show proof of this bitch doing any of this shit"
> anon shows another screenshot
> "LOL NO U"

No. 296353


Now how many of them have a thread on lolcow where people call them 28/30 and say they "can't wait for their boyfriend to cheat" and that they "lose friends"?

No. 296357

Sperg alert

No. 296359

You can see her tiny asian dad raking leaves on google maps and I laughed way more than I should have. You can also see her old curtains from the backyard.

When did she move away from Jersey?

No. 296360

Danny Tran went to Brampton Centennial Secondary School. I only know this because in his last year there he was part of the yearbook committee that one of my friends was also in.

No. 296361


No proof has been posted. What we got:
-Anons on 4chan making up stories and posting old pictures of her
-A chatlog of 2 guys who don't know how to effectively dox someone and get lots of info on Lily wrong . They're just compiling pictures from google, social media, and deviantart. They refer to her complaining about cyberbullying as 'CRYING' 'WHINING' when it was reasonable for her to be upset since she wasn't a big Youtube celebirty yet and someone digging into her private life
-people posting old forum posts from when she was still a teen and act as if they have never done cringey/awkward/embarrassing stuff when they were in highschool

No. 296363

File: 1492833859811.jpg (58.96 KB, 720x343, CYMERA_20170422_000356.jpg)

Y do u always gotta be lyin??

No. 296365

Lily + friends + her fans has been working hard defending on this thread! Keep it up teem!

No. 296370

Finally a sensible anon, I'm starting to think this one person has a vendetta

Not a fan/lily/friend just scrolling through threads,I don't even know who she is but this thread is shit.There's no milk. Again, sperg alert.

No. 296371

I'm pretty sure people know better in their 20s. It would make sense if you said teens but you didn't. What world do you live in exactly??

No. 296372

>I'm pretty sure people know better in their 20's
Kek, are you new to this site?

No. 296375


People should be more self-aware in their 20's but it doesn't mean they still won't do cringey things. She's isn't perfect. Especially when she deals with depression, insecurity, and lack of social skills. She's bound to screw up some times and that's okay. No need to shame her for her mistakes. She's already knows she screwed up and is dealing with the embarrassment.

So the only dirt this thread has on Lily was that she did cringey stuff when she was young. This thread shouldn't exist.

No. 296379

File: 1492834533732.jpg (72.88 KB, 514x720, Cn2QoqEVUAAGspC.jpg)

>sending feet for free things but I'm still kawaii so I'll add a rilakkuma plush in the background :33

No. 296381


>Lilypichu takes pictures of foot

>some Anon makes up a story about how she using feet pics to get people to buy her things

No. 296382

File: 1492834650799.jpg (154.89 KB, 765x1024, CmFR5LMUgAAHDbQ.jpg)

that face you make when you fuck up and post about yourself on 4chan featuring high definition awkward turtle mouth, steve buschemi eyes, and greasy, open pores

No. 296383

her whoring for free stuff has been known for years. its already been discussed itt a year ago too.

take a trip to ed some time and ask them all about it

No. 296384

She looks like an Asian Nick Cage.

No. 296386


The ED article about her is extremely outdated and full of false information. It also barely has any information about her.

No. 296389


>look at this cringey stuff Lily did in highschool

>look at how Lily doesn't look like a natural 8/10
>she had more than one boyfriend!

That's seriously all you guys got in this thread. You have nothing substantial to base on your hate on.

No. 296390

Can admin please confirm that there's one person sperging out over her for some unknown reason?This thread took a quick turn to retardville

No. 296392

File: 1492835095635.jpg (61.51 KB, 640x640, 12292861_496571033836944_17257…)

How many lily guardians are in this thread? They are always so quick to dismiss everything and to put lily as the victim. Lol.

No. 296396

Or maybe it's you?

No. 296398

File: 1492835414386.jpg (41.59 KB, 596x628, retard.jpg)

You seem to be the only one here who actually cares about her enough to save pictures of her and consecutively sperg out over her. So how did she traumatize you anon?

No. 296399

Other than her cringy voice acting and the jaw surgery (then again, plastic surgery craze and self-consciousness), she really doesn't have a lot of milk to be made.

It's also common for some Asian girls to cover up certain parts of their face so that they aren't easily identified (depending on the situation).

I do. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

No. 296400

Not an argument.

No. 296428

The posting style is different? Are you retarded?

I can type correctly like this.

or i can type like a stupid tumblr kid uwu

Or!!! I can mix them up its really easy to type in a different style,,

Your argument is completely invalid there.

No. 296519

File: 1492850844815.jpg (336.14 KB, 664x1289, YpIgPzT.jpg)

Where has she been doing this?

I meant that a Twitter couldn't be found but you said they still interact on things including Twitter.

Screenshots of another thread claiming shit is hardly proof guys

she WAS 21 3 and a bit years you go. Unsure if you don't know how these timestamps work on these sites or you just can't do basic math.

aaaaand a quick Google proves this was taken out of context; not a private foot pic for free shit. Who the fuck you trying to fool?

Trusting ED, lol.

Can we get some real shit on this girl here please and not a high school level rumor mill

No. 296528

The danage control is once again A+++

No. 296530

The samefagging in this thread is ridiculous.
Now heres the thing tho- this lily thread has been here a long time, and no one actually gave enough of a fuck to defend her nor did any of these beta whiteknights frequent here. No one gives a fuck about lilypichu, thats why its a dead thread most of the time.
This thread would have just died, if none of her beta cucks came out of nowhere defending that one dumbass post on 4chan, so its obvious its damage control or shes heard about it from her other friends who def lurk and post here. Its getting really ridiculous honestly, but you know im not gonna cry over spilt milk, if anything it would be cool to have more milk coming from this

No. 296548

This thread started out OK but has now gotten to the point of

>Accusation with questionable "evidence"

>Reasonable counter-point with evidence

If people can't construct a reasonable argument, do us all a favor and stop posting because you're adding nothing to the discussion.

No. 296570

You're on Lolcow.
Yes hello people cry about/discuss shit like this all the time. If you're going to defend lily go defend all the other threads because 90% of them are the same as this one.
You're just as bad as the rest of us for being here, defending or not. Either get used to it or ignore it, easy.

No. 296698

>just as bad
Not that Anon, but really? How are people defending her (not white knighting, but at least disproving everybody else's theory) just as bad as everybody else making fun of her? You're acting like they don't have a choice in the matter and HAVE TO have hostility towards the subject, like they have guns pointed to their heads.

Sage for OT

No. 296755

Lily's forum/stream mods are really anal about protecting their innocent wifu. You faggots coming in here saying LILYWOULDNEVERDOTHAT shit doesn't make people stop talking about her.

No. 296761

i'm not on anyone's side here, i just lurk this thread when it's bumped and I think its my first post in this thread.
I just don't get why people come to white knight when they feel as if this particular cow shouldn't be here, there's plenty of other threads that are just as dry and have nothing but nitpicking. If you come to defend one cow, you may aswell defend the others who are just as dry or stay quiet and not use the website and choose to ignore it.

No. 296783

File: 1492892539191.png (263.1 KB, 720x729, image_crop__2017_04_22_16_20_5…)

Lily is 26 now, isn't it time for her to grow up already?

No. 296819


She 100% sent people here.


>the file names, lol.

>someone knows lily and poki. aria dat you?

No. 296839

what's up with the file names? sorry new fag
are they from FB or something

No. 296841



The same person took both, using the same program.

No. 296932

Not the anon you're replying to but, I have yet to see anyone white knight her.Disproving baseless accusations doesn't = white knighting anon.It just seems like there's one person here who gives a shit about her enough to consecutively sperg out over her.I just want to know how she traumatized this specific anon,otherwise this thread is pretty stale

No. 296953


Well, anon, it all happened when Lily acted like an uwu cute wittle girl whilst being a slut and selling lewd photos to her old fanboys. Doesn't help that she hid her boyfriend to pander to beta nerds and then dumped him the second that a more famous / rich guy came along. Also she is ugly, inside and out and surgery can't fix that.

No. 296964


I would love to see how beautiful you are.

mind sharing?

No. 296966

GrandmaPichu is such a fugly hoe. The most basic looking asian ever, too bad the surgery didn't do much for her. Why don't you do her makeup and dress her right next time you see her anon.

No. 296971


I'm not saying shes beautiful, shes pretty average looking. But saying shes ugly and shitting all over her looks while you're probably some fat neckbeard sitting in your mothers basement, shitposting on image boards seems pretty retarded to me.

No. 296972

File: 1492916707490.jpg (28.25 KB, 320x399, 17439236_623356454525395_57473…)


Hi, yes, this is me. See how kawaii I am?

No. 296974


you don't look any different to her anon, why are you shitting on her looks?

No. 296979

File: 1492917248614.jpg (15.92 KB, 320x320, 12277526_1660666274211937_5979…)



because ugly.

No. 296983


like I said before, I'm sure you're a beauty.

No. 296985

File: 1492917413740.jpg (20.77 KB, 480x360, e94s3.jpg)

Please anon, tell us how Lily traumatized you for you spazz out this much over her. Your samefagging is too obvious, it's cringey and sad at this point.

No. 296994

Everyone stop

There is obviously a group here that isn't part of the norm here shitting up the thread.

If anything the people coming to her defense are the ones producing more milk than Lily herself.

I feel like if these guys left, REGULAR lolcow users would have been bored by now. I really haven't seen this thread so active before.

As for my opinion on Lily? She isn't my cup of tea. I find her voice annoying and I wonder why she does it when she can speak normally.
Seems nice? But if she does post on chan sites, she really shoulda stopped when she was gaining popularity.
It's fine she had jaw surgery. She's obviously very insecure about it. She lied about it and now she can't back out of it. I know people who do that.
For everything else, I honestly don't know. But again, all female LoL streamers are just annoying.

No. 297000

True,I honestly don't even follow her to be "defending" her I'm just lurking. I just want to know why this one anon is so traumatized though and what she did for said anon to be this spazzy.That's all.

Also kek at you bumping this thread and at
>REGULAR lolcow users

No. 297004

nice greentext anon

No. 297006

thank I try

No. 297007


lawls good point, I should have used another word other than regular

There seems to be two kinds of spazzes. The spazzes who shit on her for every selfie she takes and the other spazzes who are white knighting everything

But I do want solid proof of a few things. And by solid I mean shit she cannot absolutely deny.
The foot fetish thing and giving people foot jobs is the biggest stretch ever

No. 297012


haven't seen anyone whiteknight her, just other anons questioning baseless assumptions and rumours. I don't think that classifies as whiteknighting.

No. 297013

I've always found Lily to be so irritating, even before I knew anything about her. Even if she does have a ~naturally high uguu~ voice she definitely plays it up so she sounds more baby-like. Then again I'm a fan of nyanners so maybe it's her personality that bugs me.

No. 297014

No. 297184

File: 1492949533016.png (168.36 KB, 1440x841, Blahblah.png)

Coincidence or…?

No. 297186


newsflash: you're anonymous on the internet even though you're not posting on an image board under anonymous.

No. 297208

File: 1492953366578.jpg (701.19 KB, 1200x1200, CYMERA_20170421_183623.jpg)

She's like 26 and still dresses like a child. Why is she so obsessed with appearing as a "loli"?

No. 297209

It's the same two people shitting up the League Drama thread judging by the cap names.

No. 297223

File: 1492956746100.jpg (117.51 KB, 1080x1080, wtf.jpg)


tinfoil hat
Aria is screencap-chan.


This! Lily, since we know you're reading: you're 26. Grow the fuck up. Also your outfits are ugly.

No. 297234

File: 1492957449595.jpg (83.81 KB, 750x937, fetusface.jpg)


i just looked through lilys tagged photos found one of her friends who is also doing the loli shtick. they must have some circle jerk of adult women trying to be babies. i mean really, look at this chick called l0llicon, at least she seems cute, though. sage for offtopic.

No. 297259


Sage for OT but something looks off with her.
I don't get why they're obsessed with looking like they're 12 year olds. And the ridiculous amount of photoshop is unreal

No. 297266

File: 1492961806554.jpg (73.79 KB, 750x937, 16465013_1840033069599638_8181…)


She just over edits I think. Her face always looks so blurry and ghosty. But she dresses like a normal person despite the weird pedo pandering.

No. 297378

>seems cute
>stubby pig nose
>snapchat filter-tier shooping
>big ass round urkel glasses
>mouthbreather chin
>unkempt italian plumber eyebrows
>balloon ears
>crusty foundation
>crusty concealer (why) lips
>bulimia cheeks
>basic bitch "im aesthetic because i have a lord farquaad haircut"
Anon, are you okay?

No. 297380

Oh god, that doesn't even look like the same person. Kek at those lips, blurred chin line, and her left nostril melting off. Sage for doublepost.

No. 297477


She's better than Lily at least.

No. 297491

truth bomb. no ones as ugly as lily.

No. 297493

True, lily got surgery done and still looks bad

No. 297496

Why does does not like her real name yuri kim? Lily ki makes her sound vietnamnese or something

No. 297499


Self hating korean.

No. 297823

NEWSFLASH: Some people have different opinions. Yes, it's obviously shooped, but I don't see 7/10 things you described.

No. 298645

File: 1493130934709.jpg (178.68 KB, 1200x1200, C-OEb7vVYAE38LN.jpg)

You'd think she would wear real clothes at this point

No. 298662

I'd love to see how you dress.

No. 298671


not that anon, but prob not like a fucking weeb lmao. who are these people constantly defending lily?

No. 298678

They probably migrated from that r9k post she made. Robots need to GO BACK

No. 298680


I didn't defend the way she dresses in any way. I'd just like to know how the person dresses that criticizes her style.

No. 298682


being anonymous and all, its easy to shit on others looks, so he could post some of his pictures for us to judge if hes even in a position to even talk about style.

No. 298684

lmao go back to r9k, you incel.

No. 298687

off yourself buddy.

No. 298689

No. 298690

I think this is for a cosplay video? Looks like the Your Lie in April uniform off the top of my head.

No. 298691

wew. nice comeback lad. but really. now you should really hang yourself.

No. 298693

yes it is. people on here are ignorant and think she really dresses like this.

No. 298695

Go back to r9k, you neckbeard.

No. 298702


1. send me a pic of your neck just to confirm that you're not the neckbeard here, from what I'm reading it really seems like it.

2. wew told me the 2nd time now to go back to r9k when I havent even been there once.

before hanging yourself you should make sure your parents dont breed anymore, would be for the better for everyone involved.

No. 298721

File: 1493139378104.jpg (9.33 KB, 225x225, download (1).jpg)

Does lily fans have a radar for this shit? Lmao. They get so triggered and come in hoards whenever one person says something about this fugly korean, also they fail at making it seem like they are not apart of Lily's 24/7 protection squad.

No. 298723

File: 1493139548870.jpg (91.9 KB, 720x907, IMG_20170425_125905.jpg)

Your goddess is here to pick you up anon

No. 298728


The most offensive thing about this is how CHEAP IT LOOKS. God damn.
The second most offensive thing is her dressing like a fucking teenager when she is almost 30. Fucks sake. Grow up.



No. 298729


its called cosplay you mongoloid piece of shit.

No. 298737

who's she cosplaying as? lily ki? :^)

No. 298749

File: 1493141854000.jpg (131.09 KB, 720x713, IMG_20170425_133045.jpg)

Yuri has no sense of self, all she does she mirror the person she's hanging out with for awhile before she finds someone new to clone.

No. 298756


as she is performing a song from kimi no na wa, I would say shes cosplaying the female MC

No. 299150


>picking the cheapest cosplay possible from aliexpress

>cosplaying someone literally half your age when you are old and haggard as fuck

it's just cosplay u guisee!!!

No. 299151

>teens are the only ones allowed to cosplay as teens

wew lad

No. 299157

File: 1493206777953.jpg (136.15 KB, 720x901, IMG_20170426_073911.jpg)

Who dressed you up this time?

No. 299160


sorry anon, but, lily is almost 30 and she needs to grow up and stop basing her entire identity around looking and acting like a teenager.

No. 299162

Perhaps she doesn't want to grow up, I wouldn't be surprised if she wants to be a teen forever

No. 299165

She definitely does not want to accept her own adulthood since her whole persona is to try to sound young, dress young, and actually lie saying her age is years younger than it is.

No. 299175

>26 is almost 30

nice meme anon

No. 299291

File: 1493231202016.jpg (96.5 KB, 1168x657, Sequence-05Still003.jpg)

Lily the adult baby

No. 299295

File: 1493231845618.jpg (70.03 KB, 640x640, 11875469_1481926632134677_1556…)

I bet yuri wished she was japanese. Her history says weeb all over. She just started embracing her heritage ex. Having some korean streams after kpop became a thing.Too bad she was born as the race that was enslaved by them.

No. 299684

File: 1493305135892.png (759.64 KB, 900x1200, SKzwKkd.png)

She definitely made the r9k potato post.

No. 299704

Idk who's uglier, Yuri or Aria

No. 299710

File: 1493307876098.jpg (124.15 KB, 871x1024, c63a7c708526ee2e18b4bdbff355e3…)

even her friends do a shitty job at dressing her up

No. 299776

Who the fuck wants to be responsible for trying to dress and do make up for their friend whenever they go out? Why isn't lily embarassed by this that she can't do her own hair, makeup and clothes.

No. 299952


Because being an uwu helpless kawaii potato child is her thing

No. 299960

to be fair, none of them are well dressed there

No. 299972

If she can dress herself that means she's an adult! How else is she gonna be irl loli.

No. 299997

good point

No. 300139

Do you know what it's like not having a childhood?

Parents always working. No one your age to talk to. Not allowed to hang out with friends after school. Not allowed to bring guys home. Then suddenly you get the money to be able to move out. You think you're going to be a responsible mature adult once you got money and a job? NO! You're going to go out and do all the stuff you missed out as a teen. You're going to have sleepovers. You're going to cosplay. You're going to have LAN parties. You're going to enjoy acting silly with a bunch of people that also like anime and videogames. You're going to act much younger than you actually are because you will feel incomplete if you start acting like an adult without knowing what it was like to act like a kid.

No. 300148

yuri def takes the cake for being uglier

No. 300163

Isn't that just normal korean/japanese fashion? Legitimate question, not defending. I see lots of Asian chicks dress like this in late 20's even in clubs I frequent.

No. 300170

Everyone is so terribly dressed in this, it's no wonder she dresses as she does if this is her friend group.

No. 300171


Looks like it's just a casual outing. They're not really dressing to impress anyone . They don't always have to dress their best when going out.

No. 300173

is no one going to acknowledge this or

No. 300176

Lmao. I know people who were forced to growup fast. They were given adult responsibilties at a extremely young age and now as adults they are n't dressing up and acting like children. Don't talk like no one's had it worse than you to justify your weird loli shit. Your whole persona is based on being a child and that's pretty sad. Grow up Yuri.

No. 300178

lol cant tell if this is YURI or a manchild

No. 300180

they all look like they put effort into their outfits, but it looks like what my friends and I wore in highschool tbh.

looks like cheap taobao/spreepicky clothing

No. 300182

Let me elaborate on this shit, in case any of these girls are reading this thread and want constructive criticism.

Far left girl: Honestly the best dressed one here. only problem is SHOEHORENED BLACK for socks and shoes. Like what the fuck? Your outfit is pastel and white. Nitpick that the bag is teal while the coat is blue, but it could be bad photo lighting. Match your colors better and DON'T THROW BLACK AT THE BOTTOM OF YOUR OUTFIT IF IT'S A LIGHT OUTFIT. White socks and white shoes would have fixed this shit. Also those shoes look fucking terrible design wise, but it;s hard to see them. Those super chunky bottoms are unflattering on your slim legs.

Girl mid left: Decent but bland as fuck. Honestly can't see your outfit too well. You actually have good color balance; ditch the "I just wiped my boyfriend's anus with my hair" dye and you'll be better. It looks like a sweater, or some knitted top. Could be bad angle - but a tank top would have been more fitting for your summery look. I'd diss the sneakers and tell you to go for girly shoes but this is just a casual outting it seems so do you.

Lily - don't do this to your hair, those shoes are very ugly, and paint your toenails black if you're going to show them off and wear a black outfit. Ditch the Rilakkuma bag for this outfit, it clashes. The top and cardi isn't bad in itself, just everything else around it and definitely that hair.

Girl on right: Again, don't just fucking throw BLACK shoes onto your light outfit. Do none of these girls know how colors blend? I guess not caus that fucking hair dye exposing her roots HOLY FUCK. The top looks really cheap, and the fitting of it looks off I don't know if that's how the cut of the dress is really made, or if she got the wrong size. Get something that doesn't look like a granny nighgown, somehthing that hugs the skin better. She really looks like she just draped a tunic over herself.

Guy in the back with glasses and the yellow graphics tee: Lookin hot, my dude. You should teach these gals how to dress, after having all four of them line their asses up for you to pound in succession. Just be sure to control your kegel muscles so you can nut at least one shot into each one of their cunts.

No. 300183

File: 1493354007472.jpg (26 KB, 480x343, If you could choose one loli h…)

What Yuri aspires to be, which is pretty disturbing.

No. 300185

Their outfits are hideous, shoes don't even match or go with the outfits. They dress like a bunch of 14 yr olds who have recently discovered soompi and ulzzang fashion.

No. 300187

Didn't know lolcow was full of Fashion Design experts. Do you secretly criticize everyone in public for not wearing appeasing coords?

No. 300188

File: 1493354691832.jpg (212.31 KB, 523x932, IMG_20170428_004459.jpg)

This is Yuri we're talking about guys, she has no style.

No. 300189

You'd think that she would be better dressed since other people dress her.

No. 300190


Can we stop acting like Lily keeps having people dress her and do her make up?

No. 300191

File: 1493354889622.png (167.08 KB, 750x974, IMG_3969.PNG)

She looks like average Asian. Also check Lily's balding hair

No. 300192


Lily isn't balding. You just wish so many bad things on her that when you see a little off-putting detail about her you assume the worst.

No. 300194

majority of females do this though, wtf you on about?

No. 300195

Are you a newfag? lolcow sprouted from /cgl/ and lolita livejournal. Knowing fashion should be the bare minimum for using this site.

Seeing as you used this word, I'm sure you understand.

No. 300196

File: 1493355207872.jpg (86.83 KB, 640x640, IMG_3971.JPG)

You seriously can't blame someone for thinking this. It genuinely looks like it.

No. 300202

No. 300206

File: 1493355451524.jpg (8.5 KB, 190x190, exorcism-the-power-of-christ-c…)

Yuri's band of autistic white knights are back

No. 300207

kek her gummy smile makes her look like an ajhumma

No. 300209

That's what eating disorders do to you, you lose alot of hair.

No. 300210

im pretty surprised she has white knights, when big white man George is dicking their (26+) pure Asian loli waifu.

No. 300211

then you must be new here. a lot of people here genuinely know how to sew and many went to college to study fashion

No. 300215

File: 1493355736256.jpg (24.23 KB, 320x320, UHBUBUBU.jpg)

She has no style, she has no grace. This Kong has a funny face :^)

No. 300216

I always wonder what their sex life is like. Something strikes me as George being pretty disinterested and fapping most of the time to porn and them having sex like once a month.

No. 300220

File: 1493356046279.jpg (284.93 KB, 720x830, CYMERA_20170428_010721.jpg)

No. 300221

More like she wanted it to fit

No. 300223

File: 1493356299958.jpg (55.71 KB, 600x660, 808a983acb2e5b55395e6a32c800c2…)

Yuri prob always wanted a pedo onii chan to feel her up

No. 300228

Seems like you guys wish she was creepy and weird so you can have a legit reason to have a thread about her on /snow/. She isn't fake, she doesn't scam her audience, and she isn't toxic to those around her in real life. If she were horrible we'd probably get testimonials from people that know her and post evidence of her being unsavory.

No. 300232

File: 1493356816604.jpg (43.56 KB, 463x405, IMG_20170428_011810.jpg)

Bitch.. do you even know what you're saying?
>testimonials from people who know her
There was. Multiple too.
Why don't you try reading the thread next tine.

No. 300234


Greentext stories with no pictures don't count as testimonials.

No. 300239

File: 1493357220901.jpg (96.03 KB, 720x795, IMG_20170428_012637.jpg)

No. 300242

The thing is it wasn't green text lol. What's the point of barging in here all the time trying to helplessly defend your fugly loli maiden if you're not going to read anything and assume that people haven't posted pr00fz

No. 300250


>read through thread

>Hello, r9k, here's an picture of Lily that isn't from her social media that got leaked that I just found. I'm going to pretend that I'm some guy she sent the picture to and make up a story about how we used to date

>Here's a picture of a canker sore, but you can squint your eyes and pretend it's a vagina

Still not enough evidence . You girls are making farfetched baggage claims and you're at the wrong airport.

No. 300255

You skimmed the top and near the bottom. What about the friend that talked about Lily being in her friend group? Betcha didn't read that ayasuna

No. 300257

i feel like it would be like japanese porn sex. where the guy puts in low effort to get off, and yuri lies down like a dead fish and makes monkey screeches.

No. 300259

"hehe im so smol like child"

No. 300260


>someone is calling out my friend on being a fake

>I know she isn't fake and it bothers me that this person is being mean to someone that I consider a friend
>I know it bothers my friends when people think she is faking her voicing
>she gets so many death threats and hate because of her voice. If could stop talking the way she does she would
>I will stand up for my friend because that's what friends do

No. 300261

chill she's not gonna let you put your dick in her anytime soon

No. 300262


It's the human thing to stand up for someone that's been harassed for no good reason. Not everyone defending Lily is her friend, some fan, or a person wanting to whiteknight her in exchange for validation/sex.

No. 300268

So having this thread is considered harassment? Since when is Lily immune to criticism? so funny when white knights think they can put a board into halt/make a difference.

No. 300270


Isn't the whole point of this board is harassment? Isn't the whole point of this place to out women who take advantage of their Internet fame and connections to famous/talented people for their own personal gain? Isn't this a place for women that backstab friends, act abusive, scam people, break promises, and take advantage of vulnerable people who have low self-esteem?

Lily has never done anything distasteful just to get free stuff, bump up her social status, or make easy money. Criticism is a necessity for any artist or human being to grow. What you women are doing is not criticism. You women are just making fun of the way she looks. You women are fantasizing about how her faking her voice and sperging out on the Internet. You wish so hard that Lily would have a cringeworthy moment publicized on the Internet. She's so high up the social ladder and you are just waiting for that one vulnerable moment to see her fall so you can laugh about it.

No. 300274

File: 1493361323803.jpeg (36.79 KB, 661x349, 537C49D5-67EA-4ECC-A692-E7F08F…)

Someone want Lily vag so bad

No. 300276


Why can't someone defend someone without being accused of whiteknighting?

Lily isn't perfect, but she's not some Frankenstein's monster .

No. 300322

Her things in >>296167 look so much bigger in comparison to >>300220

Everything about this cosplay is awful. Especially the shoes.

No. 300327

It's the extent your doing. You religiously check this thread and try to counter anything that is said about your precious loli yuri. You white knight.

No. 300342

Oh shit didn't notice the typo. *thighs not things.

No. 300343

File: 1493383928848.jpg (156.94 KB, 395x714, CYMERA_20170428_085150.jpg)

One of yuri's white knights ayasuna/ayasunyan

No. 300345

File: 1493384424234.jpg (6.19 KB, 275x183, images (5).jpg)

No one is doing that though. You should get your head out of your ass lmao. No one is gonna stop making fun of yuriifakemyvoice.

No. 300398

Damn George went from beckuh to an ironing board

No. 300448


because beckuh was any better lol

No. 300505

i hope this is bait
"yuri's social ladder"
"no cringeworthy moments"
"real voice"

No. 300521

File: 1493404007359.jpg (117.89 KB, 430x287, fZc3S4J.jpg)

Atleast behkuh was a attractive. Can't say the same about Yuri though.

No. 300727


>Lily has never done anything distasteful just to get free stuff

Except the whole nudes to her little friendgroup as long as they paid, right? kek

No. 300734


nah, I really don't find behkuh attractive at all, just look at that fucking nose.

No. 300735


would you elaborate? maybe provide evidence such things happened?

No. 300761

poor ayasuna always gonna be on the backburner. Yuri could careless about you and your knight work

No. 300769

File: 1493433535549.jpeg (204.42 KB, 720x540, 190F384E-7B6E-488D-BFD2-0C00C8…)

Nah all these twitch girls are basic asf. That or cake face. And I'm confused as to how is her nose small but at the same time look like a potatoe.

No. 300784

File: 1493435394175.png (73.94 KB, 300x256, confuzius.png)


what the fuck is your grammar anon?

No. 300786


>how is her nose small but at the same time look like a potatoe.

are we looking at the same pictures bro? just look at that thing.

Also kek at that makeup, looks really scuffed with her right eye being much smaller than the left one.

No. 300787

Her nose contour is terrible. It makes it look bulbous, like a potatoe.

No. 300789


it doesn't just look like one m8, its fucking huge.

No. 300792

This so much. I don't know why people are blowing this so much out of proportion. And the A-Logs… Oh, Lord.

And how do you know that without checking their Internet history?

No. 300904


The picture in the thread in underwear is one that she gave out to her close-knit male fans who were donating to her on twitch.

No. 301017

File: 1493486282385.png (58.6 KB, 586x650, wheres the ass.png)

Someone posted lily on reddit.com/r/streamersgonewild. The comments are pretty funny, everyone is disappointed.

No. 301042

>implying you aren't the one who posted it

No. 301075

Doubt it. I sometimes go on streamersgonewild and plebgod has always been an active user posting many different pics. It would be suspiscious if it was done by a random user with no history.

No. 301077


who says he isnt plebgod

No. 301111


yes i am plebgod and waited 3 days to post this.

No. 301116

You're sassy like plebg0d. I think it's plebg0d confirmed.

No. 301344

File: 1493523615799.jpg (134.31 KB, 720x747, IMG_20170429_233942.jpg)

The whiteknight could be ayasuna, he did defend her in the past and his this on his twitter bio

No. 301345


No. 301352

It's definitely him. No one else got the time to sit there and anxiously wait for this slow ass thread to update. Just to defend for someone who isn't going to put out.

No. 301359


>you can't leave the thread open in a tab and watch for the reply notification

neck yourself anon

No. 301379

Good job missing the point, ass monkey.

No. 301477

What point?

No. 301500

please elaborate, what point?

No. 301501

Why don't you ask lily the clinic she went to? You look like a monkey ayasuna.

No. 301649

Same fagging is so painfully obvious.

No. 301653

It didn't matter if he had tabs up or not, no one gives a shit to monitor a tab, other than Ayasuna. I was one of the anon that replied to his white knight that other night, trust me when I say, he definitely wasn't browsing the net with the tab up. He leaped so quick to white knight, homie is pussy whipped.

No. 301685


I whish I could prove that its not samefagging, why would I ask twice what point I'm missing.

No. 301686

File: 1493583585727.jpg (6.37 KB, 417x41, HY0WTF4.jpg)

this is how my chan tabs look like. you can tell there are many more other tabs open by the size of them.

No. 301687

You know yuri is never gonna fuck you right? Monkeysuna

No. 301690


this is what* so that none of you faggots comment on my grammar. I meant to say something else first so I got tangled up.

No. 301724


No. 301729

No. 301738

Ok, but are we making monkeysuna thread or nah?!

No. 301930


Any evidence she was selling nudes? Seems like a private picture that got leaked. Even if it really is Lilypichu sending nudes to a boyfriend or someone she's interested in, so what? Sending nudes is normal for couples. Sending nudes is a normal part of flirting.

No. 301931


Behkuh isn't ugly. She's decent looking.

No. 302033

Monkeysuna trying a different approach now.

No. 302069

File: 1493650883452.jpg (249.06 KB, 720x893, CYMERA_20170501_110008.jpg)

Everytime yuri posts a performance clip it always ends with her doing a forced "cute" bow. She wants to look like a nervous shy loli so hard.

No. 302070

you guys really find the most common things to shit on. how creative.

No. 302075

File: 1493651934158.gif (3.51 MB, 260x394, 1o7w13.gif)

No. 302076

sshhh, don't let them know that they're being extra, or they'll accuse you of being her!

In all seriousness, people here need to chill, and quit reaching.

No. 302077

Yeah and you're still here Monkeysuna? Don't you have other miladies to defend other than Yuri? She's never gonna fuck you, let alone notice your efforts.

No. 302078

now were ayasuna and samefagging, wew.

No. 302080

File: 1493652380972.jpg (72.45 KB, 1024x576, Ep1-4Yukiarrives.jpg)

Keep sending your 24/7 watch knights yuri

No. 302081


not quite 24/7 though, I have to sleep about 8 hours a day. also what would defending her on this board even do for me? all I do is point out your guys stupidity and lack of creativity.

No. 302127

The monkey speaks

No. 302152


how about 'Defend Lily because people are saying hurtful things about her and are overreaching for reasons to bash on her'?

Not everyone whiteknights for for senpai to notice them.

No. 302156

Same could be said about the other threads here, why don't you defend and knight others posts too~

No. 302158


Because I don't follow the other girls to know them well enough to be able to point out discrepancies. Venus/Anzu did nothing wrong , but she already gets whiteknighted and most of the hate goes toward her mother.

No. 302162

tfw the other league thread doesn't have a million whiteknights like this one does

No. 302163

If Lily got rid of her hideous eyebags, cut her bangs and hair shorter, and stop only lining her top lid, then she might look somewhat decent. I don't think I've ever seen someone with a permanently awkward face like hers before.

No. 302164


Lily is more popular is she gets more whiteknights

No. 302165


meant for


The League thread is mostly girls that are not as popular as Lilypichu

No. 302167


Sorry she can't just magically 'get a better face'. Not everyone can look like a natural 8/10.

How does one simply get rid of gummy smile, bad chin, and baggy eyes? She can't help the way she looks. She didn't learn how to be fashionable or use make up while she was young.

No. 302174

You know it's bad when white knights acknowledge that plastic surgery can't even fix her face

No. 302177


Not saying she's ugly, but there are just some things Lily can't fix about the way she is and we shouldn't be poking fun at that.

No. 302182


No. 302184


I don't think Lily is ugly. "Bad chin" was a bad description. I haven't had breakfast yet and couldn't think of a more friendly way to describe her facial structure. Lots of people are some imperfection about their body and it's pathetic to mock people for things they can't control.

No. 302185

File: 1493663244262.jpeg (28.33 KB, 801x534, lmaoo.jpeg)

Poor Yuri. Even her #1 bitch thinks even after surgery she still looks like a potato

No. 302188


No one said that Lily still looks like a potato after the surgery. She did not even look like a potato before the surgery. She needed the surgery because her jaws weren't aligned. Her face may look a little off, but that is probably because her jaws weren't aligned from birth so her face is going to look a little weird no matter how much surgery she gets. Surgery doesn't magically turn people into beauty queens.

No. 302196


its ok anon, all those idiots talking shit about how ugly she is yet they're afraid of posting pics of themselves when asked to. bunch of neckbeards trying to bring someone down just because they can't accomplish anything in their sorry lives.

No. 302198

File: 1493664413751.jpg (33.43 KB, 367x425, Fuck that bitch.jpg)

Keep trying to convince everyone otherwise Ayasuna. Yuri is gonna not wanna hangout with you anymore after this, kek.

No. 302201


what the fuck is that 2007 meme anon, you can do better.

No. 302202

1/1 The difference is Mr. Whiteknights, is that Yuri Kim aka. Lilypichu, is a internet personality. This can be said for everyone that appears on the media. When you put yourself out there like that people WILL talk about you no matter what. So she can either deal with it like a fucking adult and stop sending her

No. 302203

autistic white knights to defend her or just leave the internet and stop being a online personality.

No. 302215


or just stop hating on her because she's not a 10/10 who happens to be Internet famous.

No. 302232


I mean, it's pretty impressive to make it on the internet as a girl especially if you aren't looking 10/10

No. 302243


Lily works hard which is why she made it so big.

No. 302246

>woman child baby voice

Seems pretty easy in this case

No. 302247


There's dozens of women with cute voices trying to make it big, but they lack the talent and dedication to be Youtube famous.

No. 302266

File: 1493670981588.png (57.22 KB, 237x461, image_crop__2017_05_01_14_53_1…)

Lol. Monkeysuna blindly follows Lily. You should open your chink eyes, if you did maybe you would see why people don't like her. If anything you make me hate Lily even more. It's nice to know that she sends a knight on watch to defend any and everything said about her.

No. 302267


What reason do you have for hating Lily?

People in this thread seem to just diss her for things that beyond her control. yeah her cosplays aren't very good, but she's a voice actress/musician. Cosplay , fashion, cosmetics aren't her specialty.

No. 302271

She's a voice actress but her voice fucking sucks. Even Nyannerz is better.

No. 302273


Lily is still learning how to voice act professionally, but she isn't terrible.

No. 302308

How autistic are you Ayasuna?

No. 302309


Not everyone defending Lily is Ayasuna or one of her friends.

No. 302386


>uwu im getting surgery to eat better

>lol jk now ill put mega photos up
>uwu delicate princessu cant dress myself or put on make up
>uwu kawaii virgin loli
>sends nudes to her guy friends for moneys

No. 302404


>insecure about how she looks

>saves up money to afford going to Korea for expensive surgery
>gets surgery for something that's been hindering her speech and affecting her appearance
>after months of recovery, pain, and hard work she has the confidence to show off her new look

It's like getting upset at someone for wanting to take selfies after they removed their braces. Lily hasn't sent nudes to people for money.

No. 302426

Defend her all you want. You're just further feeding into her fantasy/delusional world into thinking that she's a loli child.

No. 302435


>insecure and socially awkward

>starts having friends in adulthood
>never had a chance to be cute in front of people
>acts cute to fulfill the whole her lack of a childhood has created

She doesn't want to be a child. She just needs a place and time to act like a cute anime character to be happy. She isn't going to be like this forever. She's acting out less and less .

No. 302454

No. 302487

to autistic sperg anon calling everyone anusnyan/lily/white knight

If they were really the samefagging/white knights, mods would have banned/highlighted the posts. So far no posts have been highlighted and no users banned. People are just annoyed with your low quality posts, chill the fuck out and get better milk.

No. 302532


do mods really ban samefags though?

No. 302544


Mods/Admin would only highlight posts if the samefag breaks a global board rule.

Lurk moar.

No. 302559

Kek. Whiteknights care too much its embarrassing. It takes more effort sparratically jumping to defend her and giving a fuck at any instance, than talking shit about her. And dont forget, they would go as far as using vpns and proxies too.

No. 302562

It takes more effort to look at her social media/Youtube and look for a reason to bully her than to scroll a Thread about her and respond to the hateful messages directed toward Lily.

You girls ain't got no milk on her. It's just immature "look at how ugly and socially awkward she is. OH MY GOD SHE HAS A LOVE LIFE AND DATED MORE THAN ONE GUY! LOOK AT THIS POST WHERE SHE IS BEING IRONIC" banter.

No. 302566

File: 1493697448781.png (175.96 KB, 750x1068, IMG_4254.PNG)

>b-b-but her vioice is naturally high pitch n real!!1!!

No. 302571


Lily's voice is naturally high pitched. All because she sometimes speaks in a deeper voice it doesn't mean that's her 'REAL VOICE".

No. 302575

There's a reason Lily's voice is "whispery"

No. 302578


Because she didn't learn how to socialize as a kid so her voice is naturally soft-spoken.

No. 302586

>being this gullible

No. 302587


Her awkward mannerisms and blog posts/Twitch rants about her early years indicate that her high pitched voiced is her normal. It's her nature.

No. 302595

Are you retarded? It takes more effort giving a crap how lily feels and white knighting her on a daily basis. This thread should have been dead a long while ago, but you tards keep coming back here to kiss her ass. No one gices a shit about lily and her reputation, you obviously do

No. 302596


If this thread is going to die, the haters should at least be informed that they are wrong so that way any bystanders reading this thread will know that Lily isn't very deserving to have a thread on this board.

No. 302599

when it's offtopic and derails the thread
see: venus, kota, etc

lily sperg pls chill

No. 302605


i hate lily but her voice is real. i guess its hard to believe a random anon but i've noticed that at least one other anon has known her from her RO days and I can also attest that she's always sounded like this.

voices like these are pretty uncommon and it's kind of weird that so many people stream/do youtube videos with these baby voices. a lot of them fake them, my friends ex gf has a semi-successful stream where she fakes her baby voice and her voice is naturally deeper than mine.

meghan mccarthy is an example of a natural baby voice. also, video related is another streamer with a real babyvoice.

No. 302686

Her voice is fake. She has slips on her stream when she gets in to it. She has a regular voice like every other adult.

No. 302712


link a timestamp, I'd love to see that.

No. 302714

to anyone saying lily's voice is fake, check this shit out.


No. 302719

Pretty much everyone with these baby voices is Asian from Asia or a weeby Asian American/Canadian etc. I believe people can raise their voices to sound cute so often that it does become their real voice, but it's definitely cultural (I've lived in Asia and Asian-American dominate parts of the United States and Asian women speak with voices like 10x higher than Asian American women besides those who are into Asian shit like anime). Personally I think it's cute sounding to have a baby voice, so don't gaf if it's fake or real…but it's definitely possible to be "both" (faked because of cute culture so much/from such a young age it becomes natural/real).

Another example of the ability to change voice pitch is in metropolitan Africa, where weebism is growing and machoism is slowly dying. Older people (men and women) will often have deeper voices than young people into asian/white cultures. People often stereotype black people as having naturally low voices, and asians as naturally high voices. But Asians into hip-hop, working out, and shit will often have lower voices and blacks into anime and kpop will often have higher voices.

TL;DR: When you get used to speaking in a certain pitch it becomes natural, just like having good or bad posture.

No. 302730

Lily is ugly and fakes her voice

No. 302749

The only people who have a problem with fake feminine sounding voices are mainly Americans where women are practically men now. In east Asia aidoru, maids whatever the fucks all fake their voices. Asians don't naturally have higher voices they just value feminity. Men also are more attracted to women with softer voices.

No. 302760

Lily is just like yumi kek

>doesn't like their real name

>has a eating disorder
>fakes voice
>loli kid act

No. 302769


where the fuck does that eating disorder rumour come from?

No. 302794

Lily should get more surgery, she needs it.

No. 302849


Lily doesn't like it when strangers refer to her by her real name rather than her stage name. She isn't ugly. Lily doesn't have an eating disorder. What's wrong with her being 26? Her voice isn't fake. She acts cutesy, not like a kid. She isn't a weeaboo. She's just Asian and enjoys anime/asian things.


Surgery for what?

No. 302854

Yuri needs more surgery to further fix her ugly face.

No. 302981


Now you're just being mean.

No. 302984

File: 1493758471897.jpg (92.75 KB, 720x715, lily.jpg)

Any time she appears IRL rather than in a posed and angled photo with heavy filters/editing she looks like a grinning chimpanzee.

No. 302985


Lily looks okay. Sure she isn't as beautiful as other Youtubers/Streamers, but she isn't ugly. Even if she is ugly it's pretty petty to make a thread and many posts to point how ugly she is.

No. 302986


how do you look anon?

No. 302991


how do you look anon?

No. 302994

Do you know where you are?
God forbid that anyone acts mean on fucking lolcow.

No. 302995


Lolcow isn't a website for hating on famous people for no good reason. Women girl don't really "hate" on someone. They criticize Internet famous people for being shady or acting like terrible people.

Lily isn't conning people. She isn't abusive. You have no reason to hate on her.

No. 303005

Go to PULL
We don't care.

No. 303006


Why would I go to PULL? I'm not the edgelord here. This thread has been up for over a year and you women still have no noteworthy dirt on Lily.

No. 303013

>you women

No. 303018


you certainly act like one.

No. 303025

that was my first time posting in the thread in days maybe even weeks. try again, bud

No. 303034


LOLcow is a site made by women for women so it's safe to assume that most posters here are female.

No. 303041


Rule 29 states: In the internet all girls are men and all kids are undercover FBI agents.

Rule 30 states: There are no girls on the internet.

No. 303042

>you women
Go back to where ever you came from and stop samefagging and ahitting up the thread.

No. 303043


accusations of samefagging, how original.

especially on a board where you can't disprove it.

No. 303044


>please stop shitting up a thread where we are making fun of the appearance of some woman who is only 26

No. 303050

File: 1493764429362.png (66.34 KB, 234x248, tufjh.png)

Reasons she's annoying af:
-She acts as if she was clumsy all the time, so people will find her cute
-She insists on her shyness so people will find her cute and will sympathize
-She dresses in kawaii/children style, like a character from an anime so people will find her cute
-She makes her voice higher and talk like a child so people will find her cute
-She retweets some hateful comment so people/white knights will immediatly defend her and that will show people how -she's always the victim/the angel/the innocent person
-She fakes her appearance, she tries to look like an ulzzang with her winged eyeliner and circle lenses when in reality she looks ugly af. Lying to all her followers by trying to look like someone she's not
-She will always say she's the "potatoe one" among her friends on photos to enhance the fact she's insecure and people will tell her she's as beautiful as others
-She never replies to her fans on instagram, haughty bitch
-She always says she's insecure so people will like her and will give her compliments
-She always says people do her make up and dress her to show people she's innocent, she's bad at make up, she doesn't know the grown-up women stuff, that she's like a child, a sweet doll
I think there are more…

No. 303055


Lily is pretty honest about how she really looks. She isn't shy about admitting how filters and make up mask how average looking she is. All because Lily doesn't respond to every public fan interaction, it doesn't mean she doesn't acknowledge them. It doesn't means he isn't responding to fanmail and private messages. Lily does a lot for her fans, it's just that it's not very apparent since it's mostly private interaction. It's common for young looking people to act younger than they actually are. Physically she's 26, but mentally she may feel like she's still 16 or 18.

No. 303058


>She acts as if she was clumsy all the time, so people will find her cute

believe it or not, some people are clumsy by nature

>She insists on her shyness so people will find her cute and will sympathize

believe it or not, some people are shy by nature

>She retweets some hateful comment so people/white knights will immediatly defend her and that will show people how -she's always the victim/the angel/the innocent person

tweets are public, don't tweet if you don't want it to be public.

She fakes her appearance, she tries to look like an ulzzang with her winged eyeliner and circle lenses when in reality she looks ugly af. Lying to all her followers by trying to look like someone she's not

you can say this about 90% of the female population

>She always says she's insecure so people will like her and will give her compliments

believe it or not, some people are insecure by nature

>She always says people do her make up and dress her to show people she's innocent, she's bad at make up, she doesn't know the grown-up women stuff

how is this even a reason to hate someone?

you gotta get more creative anon.

No. 303059

That's literally what lolcow is for, lurk more or read up its origins, you're thinking about PULL.
I hate people who try to make it seem like this website has any moral high ground. This is a nitpicking shit talking board, nothing else.

No. 303060

Yeah and despite all this the samefaggot knight is gonna say a lengthy ass story as to why his goddess is never wrong and can never be disliked

No. 303061

Lmao nvm I called it. He was alrdy on it.

No. 303066

File: 1493765603272.png (65.08 KB, 1338x542, 000001.png)

why did you delete your post, lily? too bad i took a screenshot, eh

No. 303069

File: 1493765670510.png (221.64 KB, 328x331, fzgrfg.png)

You can possibly have all these traits but the fact that you show to people how you are ALL of that and ALL THE TIME makes it fake, makes it seems you aren't ashamed of that behaviour but proud. And she IS proud, she wants all the people to see how she looks like an anime character in real life : the cute girl who is clumsy, shy and insecure. That's so fake, we all know she loves anime and if she can look like a character that will be loved by billions of weaboos, she will continue to be fake. She needs to stop. No one is like this in real life. She's a stereotype.

No. 303071

And she's 26. Drop the loli act already Yuri. Anome doesn't exist in real life. She just wants to be worshipped by filthy weebs. She's not cute, her behaviour is on Yumi levels of disturbing.

No. 303072

What do you girls even want out of Lily?

She can't be anything without someone pointing out she's a fake.

No. 303075



We want you to fuck off this thread with your faggitry

No. 303076


You are a woman and no one can tell you otherwise.

No. 303098

>mfw this thread suddenly blew up
She isn't even interesting or lulzy lmao. LilyP has probably pissed of several of her friends and now they're bashing her anonymously.

No. 303100


Lily is a pretty chill person. How can she unintentionally piss anyone off?

No. 303102

Go back to your bridge, troll.

No. 303105

Wtf is going on in this thread lmao. Not sure if actual white know knights is here or just a troll. Anyway, from personally knowing Lily and her friend group, I know she loved lowkey flirting with other streamers publicly online because it got rumor mills going. She liked being shipped with other popular people and didn't do much to dispel rumors. She does this less now though, being with George and all, who's pretty much top tier for her. Any attention was good attention for her. So the whole ~uwu if I could take back my internet fame I would… being popular is hard!~ is a shtick, at least.

No. 303106

Go to PULL fag.
Lolcow is not any of those things you have described. If you want higher grounds or "nice peepole speak" go to PULL. They fit what you have described.

No. 303107


Are you sure it's flirting and not just "friends having fun". She makes those kind of jokes in her videos/streams (if we win I will let you hold my hand).

No. 303109

Dumbass. That's flirting.
Fucking trolls.

No. 303110


If you're going to gossip about someone at least have some supporting evidence.

No. 303124

So how come kiki got outted as a sperglord but clearly someone is shitting up this thread

No. 303186

Got nothing to say Yuri whiteknight? or are you afraid of getting exposed?

No. 303195

File: 1493779637391.jpg (44.95 KB, 500x364, 2c1431924f60f8757b72f73565ea16…)




Read the thread ffs. These League whore threads are fucking cancer at this point now.

It's worse than the ana-chans ffs.

No. 303256

This is late but in regards to higher voices and child like voice. People who have gone through extreme sexual abuse as a child retain child like voices for some reason. I'm surprised no one on this forum filled with women brings this up. Leah doesn't seem like the attention whorey cute wannabe type. Very low key and naive and child like when you watch her videos. Lilypichu on the other hand… Anything goes and she seems to check a lot of the boxes for seeking attention and approval. You don't get jaw surgery and braces to look good at home.

No. 303262

I agree with you here. Not enough milk here. She's just your average almost famous internet insecure girl. Maybe she's slighted a few close people? Her voice is pretty polarizing and so is the loli act. I don't get it nor do I care. She's harmless.

No. 303384

??? So you're telling me Lily is an annoying fake loli cuz som1 put their dick in her when she was a kid? Lol

No. 303412


you're retarded anon, hang yourself.

No. 304335

File: 1493904616267.jpg (47.88 KB, 1096x394, C-8Unl3XkAAXsVs.jpg)

Blametruth's emote for weeb lmao

No. 304396

File: 1493909567328.jpg (33.27 KB, 564x460, d84e22fe76b7958dab2ea511253e94…)

What Yuri strives to be

No. 304751

File: 1493939445891.jpg (40.68 KB, 640x640, 11357831_135393713458879_21060…)

Is Yuri actually a guy in drag?

No. 304753


No. Lily is a woman.

No. 304766

faggot can you shut up and stop giving this thread even more cancer than it already has

No. 304768

Lily squad has to defend muh queen no matter what!!

No. 304786

boop beep

No. 304787


thats actually a pretty good picture of her.

No. 304788

Hello humans of planet earth.

No. 304812

All with a cynical mindset.. expose with inferences about someone to feel more in power. More in power to type behind the computer screen.. Quite interesting. To laugh out loud until someone gives up.. Is this the purpose of this thread? Milk out a person who is not a cow. What a weird concept. That is all I had learned here.. I must do claim.. I am part of the irony on what I said. In case someone has to point out that I am a hypocrite. All too sad. Please do continue for your needs to be cynical.

No. 304822

So cute! Looks just like CL ^_^

No. 304871

>Do not spam or flood any board or thread. This means repeated contentless or identical posts that add nothing to a discussion.

Surely someone is spamming this and the League Whore thread, thats a global rule. They're not detailing but some of the shit in the League thread sounds like a vendetta, and posting more than 10 pictures with "omg she so ugly" captions are pretty bad. In this thread it's all white knights.

Either way, some people have way too much time on their hands. It's a shame because these were threads I lurk if bumped.

No. 304875

It's funny when you know it's just white knights, why aren't you on every other thread on the board? 90% of threads are us shutting on people for no good reason.

You got to be dumb to think her voice is real, you can actually hear her struggling to speak at times, her voice cracks. She probably doesn't have a low voice but we can stop pretending her kawaii voice is real. Unless admin locks the thread this thread will stay. Probably longer with you white knights bumping the thread and making it worse.
I'm stupid for taking the bait but fuck it.

No. 304877

Sorry anon I responded to You, I didn't mean to. Too lazy to repost.

No. 304897

You know what gives her milk? her retard white knights and her loli shit facade as a 26 year old woman. And whats more kekworthy is that her knights try to justify it

No. 304904


>unironically using the term kek

hang yourself

No. 304923


How does samefagging and white knighting relate to spam? Saying "omg shes so ugly" isn't unique to this thread or the League slut thread.

Every. single. thread. has comments like that. We might as well out each and every user who had posted a comment just like that, right?

The best example of that rule being broken was when Kiki became sperg-chan. She flooded /pt/ with pictures of gore and text post nonsense that made no sense.

At least the white knights in this thread are using what little mental capabilities to post something warranting discussion (such as asking for proof other than screenshots from a chan board) instead of shit like "sukka sukka ma puss".

Come on anon.

No. 305106

I wonder why yuri's gone wild post got removed~ lurk more.

No. 305114

Logical? All of the knight posts are denying everything with a little sprinkle of bullshit. So you're telling me the reason why Yuri, as a 26 year old adult woman, fetishes and acts like a child is because she was raped as a kid? >>303256

The knights are not very bright. But atleast they try to come off that way, kek.

Yuri is a stupid ass cow that can't stand it when people call her out on her shit and gathers her minions to attack any forum that talks about her slightly.

No. 305133


you sound upset anon, shall I make you a nice cup of warm milk?

No. 305139

You should tell Yuri to seek a therapist to deal with her child molestation trauma. That's better than dressing up as a child to cope with it, if you were even a caring friend that is.

No. 305142


I'll make sure to let her know

No. 307856

File: 1494301949777.png (488.03 KB, 1816x510, Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 11.5…)

I keep seeing these posts on r9k over and over again, are they her?

No. 307880

sounds like whichever anon framed her initially is back at it again

No. 307881


That isn't her. All because some femanon mentions Lolcow it doesn't mean it's Lily . It doesn't mean it's actually someone who has been mentioned on Lolcow. It could be someone who is just roleplaying.

Please, just let it go. You all have nothing on Lily.

No. 307972

>post made at 11:48
>puush made at 11:51

yeah you totally didnt make that post and just stumbled upon it on r9k where posts get pushed off the page in seconds

No. 308066

File: 1494335440643.jpg (287.88 KB, 720x757, CYMERA_20170509_090611.jpg)

Whoever hired her must have really low standards. Her voice acting is worse than the voice actors for hunipop.

No. 308070

File: 1494336501181.jpg (37.42 KB, 555x391, IMG_2534.JPG)

Honestly I'm glad you're trying really hard this time to wreck this thread for once Lily, and the white knights, truly it's the hardest you've ever tried.

But I'm not going anywhere and the few others that matter aren't either. We just point out what you already show, your pitty fest was annoying too. Congrats on the upcoming train wreck of a game you got to voice act on btw, the pincale of your voice acting career. At least I can't say that you haven't done anything with VAing recently anymore, right?

No. 308084

tbh this looks like the makings of one of those chinese developed 'guest artist' mobile games with tons of stolen traced artwork.

No. 308085

The most yuri can ever get is voicing low tier shitty mobile games, kek.

No. 308087

Yeah I send my male friends nudes in a friendly way when we are just having fun, too lol.

Definitely a guy in drag.

She used to post on r9k as did her friends. I wouldn't be surprised if she had fallen out with one of them so they were framing her.

No. 308093

File: 1494338847477.jpg (75.76 KB, 616x711, 18221580_468895303454679_34626…)

When is yuri's game gonna be released? In 2004?

No. 308094


It's on kickstarter, so, never.

No. 308105

File: 1494340663920.jpg (29.26 KB, 320x320, 15538903_1365428313502561_2904…)

Ayy lily you can save up for a nose job now with the va money

No. 308112

Her face is honestly just flat, no amount of work is going to actually fix that.

No. 308148


Everyone has to start somewhere. Lily's voiceacting has improved over the years. She'll do fine. She may be professional sounding yet, but she's not a bad voice actor. Lily isn't going to immediately start voicing for some big company videogame. She'll start small and work her way up.


The artwork isn't stolen.

No. 308151


*She may not be professional sounding yet, but she's not a bad voice actor

No. 308152

>art from twitter and art from >>308093 aren't even the same style

yea, sure thing.

No. 308153



Game is barely into development and it's made by an amateur team. There's multiple artists working on the game. Even Katawa Shoujo had "inconsistent artstyles"

No. 308160

nah man, shit is a scam. these mobile rpgs are a dime a dozen

No. 308163

How do you know it's a train wreck if the game hasn't been funded yet?

No. 308173

dw guys the yuri knights are here to defend and fund the crappy game.

No. 308174


There's not even a trailer out so no one knows if it's crappy or not.

No. 308177


Anything with your precious Lily in it is destined to suck.

No. 308178


All because Lily is involved it doesn't mean it's destined to fail.

No. 308183


>games fail because of one badly voice acted character

hang yourself anon.

No. 308184

not that anon but hiring her does say alot about the developers. she's not gonna RUIN the game, but chances are it's going to be mediocre since it's starting out that way.

as someone who works in this industry, the best thing to do is not have VAs out of the gate on your first project, and either patch them in later when you get money or put them in a future project.

No. 308212

Hang yourself with Yuri's used panties faggot. And while your at it why don't you use her tampons as a mouth gag such you love being up her pussy so much.

No. 308228


its funny that you assume I'm whiteknighting her even though I myself said she isn't all that good at voice acting.

No. 308564

why dont you just make a good thread instead of whining about the wks, literally no one is stopping you from having a pity milkless party but yourself.

No. 310076

File: 1494502021520.jpg (166.26 KB, 720x990, IMG_20170511_072603.jpg)

Even hotshot doesnt want to deal with her shit anymore lul

No. 310089


I'm sure she dumped him, not the other way around.

No. 310110

Oh shit, when did they break up? Iirc they were living together? Wonder how Lily will do now that she'll have to move out and work a job and pay rent.

No. 310163


>mattress on the floor

Lilypichu r9k confirmed.

No. 310174

File: 1494527961300.png (38.69 KB, 625x328, deleted tweets.png)


Looks like Lily deleted a drawing/tweet about Hotshot. I hope this is real.

No. 310232

Godbless hotshot, now he can date a real woman that doesn't pretend to be a child.

No. 310331

Please do not make assumptions about the break up without evidence. It's normal for someone to delete and change things on social media after a break up. It's like putting away a former lover's belongings after a break up. This is a normal process. Please do not spread any rumors or antagonize any party. Just leave them be. Don't try to console. Don't question them. Don't post harass them about it.

No. 310335

File: 1494542151451.png (8.1 KB, 412x304, single now.png)



I bet HSGG found her sending naked pictures to some thirsty fanboys. I love this shit.

No. 310345

Is she balding?

No. 310347


No. Lilypichu isn't balding. Her hair is just thin.

No. 310350


Please don't talk about Lily like that.

No. 310358

did hotdog not allow her to take full body pics at their shared home?? warning bells going off

No. 310360


It's impolite to take selfies in a room where others are present when they don't want themselves to be seen on social media.

No. 310450

Did you just assume that Lily's only full length mirror is always in the vicinity of George?

Uhhh, yeah he's totally going to do that now… Lily was several steps down in maturity from Behkuh. And Behkuh's maturity isn't worth writing home about either…

No. 310452


how does Lily come off as immature? You probably haven't spoke to her in real life. There's not enough videos of her online in her natural state that could accurately depict her personality. You just know what her stage presence is like.

No. 310455


Now you're assuming I've never spoken to her; I've known her since she started on YT and have her on Skype. She's one of the pettiest people I know and people who aren't/or are no longer apart of her current clique would agree with me.

I have no idea who you are, whether you're just a random fan trying to support her or another one of her immediate dicksuckers. Get out of her hugbox and ask yourself if the way she acts is becoming of a 25 year old.

No. 310459

>Real life

Do you really think that how a socially awkward person acts in person is indicative of their true personality? Get real.

Sage for samefag.

No. 310460

File: 1494550603472.jpg (104.15 KB, 1157x1114, bloom.jpg)


Everyone grows at their own pace.

No. 310461

Didn't sage properly, first time doing this bs on my phone.

No. 310464

im sure he got sick of all her lying and the shady shit she does online. i cant imagine how much fighting that would cause over the years.

more like not everyone is rich enough to afford a bed frame. especially someone in her mid twenties who doesnt have anything going for her. furniture is expensive.

no just typical asian hair

No. 310466


What lying and shady stuff does Lily do online?

No. 310468

read the thread newfag

No. 310470


Don't think Lily has ever lied about her age, sold nudes, faked her voice, trashtalked other girls, or betrayed friends.

No. 310474

>where da proof
>disregards proof
go back to twitter whiteknighting then. no one heres gives a fuck about you shitting up the thread with your same inane bullshit. we already have all the receipts and you wont change anyone's mind who knows of her tea.

No. 310478


Where is the proof? The only things posted are archived 4chan posts . Everything is just stories.

No. 310483

everything else you said is debatable but the nudes have been proven in her ED article

No. 310485


Let's say that the nudes are her's. Where is the proof that she was selling them?

No. 310486

You disregard everything anyways
But now Yuri is single you gotta amp things up so she notices you

No. 310487

I was friends with Lily during her shurelia fall out. LOL. She's currently trashing HSGG on discord, this white knight doesn't even know her. SAD!

No. 310492


If actual proof is posted I wouldn't disregard it. I will believe what you are saying if you post proof.

No. 310499

>only prototype of game up is a login screen that can be coded in a few hours


No. 310500


Give them time. It's a very ambitious project by a small group of people.

No. 310577

uh, no? 6 months is a hell a lot of time to only have that to show for it. i had a java class and i programmed an android app login screen for a semester group project, literally took a few hours and i've never used java before this semester. guess i should expect to be funded for that too huh?

No. 310580

post caps, dont hoard the milk fam

No. 310600


Can't risk posting caps because it would be easy for Lily and her mods to figure out who took the screencap. Capping her social media and discord is probably a bannable offense.

No. 310608

What happened between her and Shurelia? They used to post videos together often and I was curious why they stopped.

No. 310803

Just trawled through the ED article and found nothing on that. Want to ss for me?
Joined the discord on a throwaway and ran a search, nothing came up from her about hsgg.

No. 310863


Unless you post transcripts or ss you're lying. No one can track a fucking print screen to one single person smfh do you think we're retarded?

No. 310906

File: 1494586210418.png (150.04 KB, 750x1082, IMG_0692.PNG)

Hotshot and lily broke up, anyone know why?

No. 310910

hi slowpoke

No. 310914

Damn I'd talk shit about her on r9k if she was brought up and some fag would always defend her, makes sense rofl.

No. 310917

Hey hey hey now. He probably liked it. He was with her for a long time.

No. 310919

You're full of shit.

No. 310979

>You probably haven't spoke to her in real life.

tfw newfags dont know lilys old friends all hate her and are all here

No. 310992

One year later and still no milk in this thread. No proof for any of the claims mentioned. Since you can't find proof you just make fun of how she looks, how she sounds, and other things she can't control.

No. 310998

Ok and? Keep bumping the thread like this you're doing a great job on keeping it alive

No. 311003

And you can't post any milk because Lily is a decent person.

No. 311005

nigga leave

No. 311053


bitch have you looked at /snow/?

Lily is an obnoxious little goblin and that's enough for a thread tbh. Just look at her.

No. 311055

How long have lily and hotshot dated? Im surprised they didnt break up sooner, most people in their early 20's go through a new relationship at least once a year.

No. 311077

Who ever he is strongly believes that yuri is a pristine angel godessu that would never do anything bad and she would never whore herself out for attention

No. 311143

Reminder thst moving in with your significant other is the surefire way to kill your relationship.

No. 311150


It's easier to gauge a relationship by living with a partner. They're both in their 20's so it's a lot more convenient and cheaper for them to be living together. If the relationship didn't go well, then they both would know it was for the best because they spent over 2 years living together.

No. 311172


So what happens when you get married?

No. 311298

Anon I'm sorry but that's retarded

Kind of OT but her gamer ex's home looked big but it was constantly empty

So gamers just not give a shit about their homes

No. 311299


It would probably be more furnished if it was a home they planned on living in for a longer time.

No. 311368

So…whatever did happen between Lily and Shurelia?

No. 311370


No one can say for sure because none of them are publicly open about it. it's best to leave it at that and not speculate.

No. 311465

So do the samefagging whiteknights ever browse the other threads on lolcow or are they just this oblivious to the purpose of this board. Maybe they should personally contact admin-sama to delete this thread since lily is pure and has done nothing wrong!! Evidently no one's convincing each other of anything so what's the point of wking anyway

No. 311497


The point of whtieknighting Lilypichu is to stop misinformation from spreading. Other threads on this board are backed up with evidence. So far no evidence has been posted on Lilypichu other than her age and Lily has never lied about her age.

No. 311558


Lily got into a fight at Anime North and then refused to even try and do an amazing job that Shurelia pulled strings to get her.

No. 311564

File: 1494634022549.png (771.09 KB, 1080x810, WX8ILkV.png)

TBF I am completely behind HSGG breaking up with Lily. Imagine living with and supporting someone like Lily. Her entire persona is based around quasi-pedophiles worshipping her and her making "lol my flat chest" jokes."

Aside from that she has "lol depressions" which isn't necessarily her fault but instead of maybe paying for therapy to get help she spends her money flying to Korea to get plastic surgery. I'd be so fucking mad. She wallows in being depressed because it makes her interesting.

She even had the gall to forget Valentines day and wrote like "i have no money anyway."

She was a total fucking leech.

No. 311570


She saved up money to go to Korea to get surgery to fix something that's been bothering her. It wasn't a purely cosmetic surgery. Her misaligned jaw was affecting the way she sounded . It affected the way she ate. It's not her fault that couldn't have enough money to do something special on Valentine's Day. Lil's personality isn't based on those kind of people worshiping her. It's more of a high pitched anime girl who cusses , uses THUG LANGUAGE, and rants about depression/anxiety/shyness/loneliness. She caters to people who like anime, League Of Legends, and

No. 311572


Lilypichu is an ugly hoe who sends shitty sub par nudes to pedophiles. She puts on a squeaky voice and dresses like a child because it's what her fans want.

If it wasn't cosmetic she would have gotten braces like they suggested to her. She spent her money on going to Korea multiple times because all Lily cares about is herself. She was happy to live with HSGG rent free because it gave her status and she's a fucking leech.

No. 311580


Where do you get the idea that she send nudes to strangers? Lily mentioned on her Twitter/Twitch streams that she pays for rent.

No. 311592

Why does lily like to cater to pedophiles? Because they the only outlet that supplies her with attention.

No. 311651

She sure is! Of course she'd ignore a loser like you for a CEO of a game company! No doubt she still won't get with you :^)

No. 311654


I can defend Lilypichu without wanting to be with her. I know I'm a loser so I don't even think about being with Lily because she deserves better. If Lily was as vile as you people say her "FORMER FRIENDS" would be leaking MILK about her. It's not like Lily is this powerful person that would sue or ruin the reputation of anyone who does leak any MILK on her. Or maybe her former friends are decent people too and don't want to go as far as to decide to leak anything about her because it's not the worth the risk of losing their jobs.

No. 311657

Hahah you're an absolute loser and only losers like Lily. Thanks for the proof, no wonder hotshot dumped her.

No. 311660


Plenty of different like Lilypichu. Look at the people who follow her on Instagram, reply to her on Reddit, watch her Twitch streams, or comment on her Youtube channel. A lot of them are college students majoring in multimedia/art/computer science or anime loving parents watching her videos with their kids. I maybe a loser, but that doesn't mean all of her fans are losers.

No. 311663

Oh they're all losers with useless degrees. Thanks for additional proof, fuggo.

Hotshot probably couldn't stand losers like you stroking her ego into thinking she's always right even though she's wrong.

Aww, hawking the thread like a good little bitch!

No. 311665


Please stop assuming things about their relationship. There is nothing wrong with majoring in art.

No. 311673

Hotshot broke up with her because of losers like you(you're still not getting with her), deal with it you loser.

Probably couldn't stand how childish a 26 year old is. Haha!

No. 311677

ok but have you actually convinced someone? other threads have plenty of people speculating random drama/gossip/rumors anyway (i.e. take 5 minutes and look at the cryoatic thread - its 3? threads about speculating a break up/dakota threads about how she can still afford to live in japan)
this thread is the exact same shit and yet this is the only one where I see this level of whiteknighting

No. 311680

What is Lily to you exactly? Even her closet friends wouldn't do what you're doing, like why dude? There's life outside of this you know

No. 311683


I can't convince people to stop hating Lily, but I can get people reading this thread to not believe all the pictures and stories being posted about her.


Lily is an innocent bystander who doesn't deserve to have this level of harassment. I'm not even whiteknighting. If I were familiar enough with other girls I would be defending them too. It would be demanding to go in every thread and telling everyone they're in the wrong for hating on someone for petty reasons.

No. 311697

You are whiteknighting. Literally. I other thread is getting knighted to this extent


why are you assuming these things? Take your own advice, ugly loser.

No. 311700


Not this word again. Deserve doesn't mean shit. You get what you get and you deal with it. I'm sure hard working people deserve lots of things, but they don't always get it. You dig? Damn art losers are delusional and need to get out.

No. 311703


You can choose to not be mean to her for no good reason.

No. 311704

>doesn't deserve this level of harassment

But she says it doesn't phase her so who cares? Is this how you jerk off to make yourself feel good even though the other party doesn't give a shit?

No. 311706

Or I can choose to be mean to her. Life isn't always a one way street, close minded retard!

No. 311708


All because she says it doesn't phase her or she doesn't care about the trashtalk , it doesn't mean it's okay to keep harassing her. She may accept that being popular means having haters, but it's not okay to keep hating on her.

No. 311709

Actually I'm not even being mean to her. Talk is talk, she's famous, she chose her fame, so she can deal with people talking. Again her CHOICE. But you don't respect her choices.

No. 311711

It is okay that's why the threads still up. So sorry that you don't realise the world doesn't revolve around you dumb opinions. She's a snake bitch and you're the grass she slithers on, ugly loser!

Losers like you jerk off by whiteknighting- so pathetic!

No. 311712

But it is. I heard she gave feet pics to losers like you and that's why you're so desperate right now. Hahahah!

No. 311713

>doesn't mean she doesn't care

…why are you assuming when she literally said she doesn't care about it? Damn this thread must have rustled your white knight armour into believing what we said LOL

No. 311716

>white knight believes Lily
>Lily says rumours don't affect her
>lolcow talks about how it does
>white knight believes lolcow over Lily
>whiteknight claims to be trying to get "other people" to not believe da ROOMORZ
>white knight himself believe the rumours and assumptions talked about itt

Projection at its finest. Go talk to Lily instead of feeling guilty here and annoying and bumping her threads and hiding behind false pretences.

No. 311803

Lol haha whiteknights are one of the most pathetic kind of men nowadays. Whats the point of doing all of this when she doesnt notice or you dont get anything in return? Youre selling yourself short m8 and your beta is showing. Your kind is also one of the reasons social media is so fucked up with all these flared 5/10 egotistic girls thinking their hot shit

No. 311805


You don't have to do nice things while expecting nice things in return. Just wanted to call people out on being petty and have no legit reason to hate on Lily. There's no evidence of any milk so you resort to poking fun at her insecurities and looks then speculate on make-believe drama.

No. 311810

who is reading this tho

No. 311812


People that google "lilypichu" and see this thread. Don't want bystanders getting the wrong impression of Lilypichu.

-she doesn't sell or send nudes
-she doesn't send feet pics
-she doesn't purposely act childish to cater to certain crowds
-her depression is real
-her voice is real
-she doesn't lie about her age

No. 311814

Nah if anything the rest of the thread only showed more about how youre a whiteknighting fag and embarrasing yourself.
I guess that helps divert attention from lily? Well anyways youre still pretty pathetic to be here defending someone who doesnt give a fuck about you. Shes still lolz worthy at times and theres nothing you can do about~ so cry more

No. 311816


What was the last thing she did was that "lolz worthy"?

No. 311823

You act like youre gonna be convinced but if you cant see it yet despite everything, lily can be eating dog turd for breakfast and youre still worshipping her. Jack yourself off to sleep already you cuck

No. 311825


I don't view Lily as a perfect goddess. I assume she's a decent a person. Unless you provide proof that she's not or post any evidence of her acting like a goof then

No. 311829

The samefagging is unreal. No unrelated group of people use "loser", "pathetic", "ugly loser", end posts with "Hahaha!" or "!" in general, etc.

Your posts are too similar and close together kid. "Ugly loser! Hahaha!"

No. 311836

File: 1494659077264.gif (1.16 MB, 480x358, 1492138267022.gif)

Googled lilypichu. Lolcow comes up at the very end of the second page, which most people only look at the first page

I usually lurk lilys thread but for once I actually feel like saying something and thats that this newfag infestation here is getting out of hand. If you're in love with her, go praise the cunt on her social media. cow/snow threads arent here for your whiteknighting faggotry. If people choose to gossip about a public figure-someone who goes out of their way to put themselves out there and get attention like she does, then that's that and no amount of your fucking bitching and moaning is going to change it

"There's nothing to talk about" Yeah so thats why she's always had a thread here right? Thats why she has threads on other sites too right? Not going to waste anymore time.
Take your mentally ill cringeworthy commentary about good a person you think she is somewhere else. No one should be this new that they actually go to a thread to defend someone-you dont belong here if you do and it shows. Painfully.

No. 311837

The same fagging is real with you white knights lol. Talk about the irony

No. 311893

Samefagging? More like everyone knows you're a loser and a joke.

No. 311903

File: 1494675032749.png (414.5 KB, 720x972, image_crop__2017_05_13_07_29_0…)

Funny how lily still covers her face even after the surgery

No. 311912

>1% covered

anon pls

No. 311915

Still covers her chin even after having jaw surgery*

There I fixed it.

No. 311921

File: 1494677236290.jpg (52.23 KB, 600x900, Cek8Z35W4AQtdmj.jpg)

what did she get surgery for?
oh yeah, her jaw

it is weird she still hides it, might b a subconscious thing since she did fix it
habits die hard

No. 311924

>What was the last thing she did was that "lolz worthy"?

Got dumped by HSGG.

She overuses filters because … tbh have you seen how she actually looks in candids?

No. 311926

File: 1494678850693.jpg (77.63 KB, 649x887, hhMniPM.jpg)


No. 311928

The wk is angry. Poke it with a stick

No. 311930


just wanted to show you how dumb you actually sound.

No. 311944

Do you know how autistic and sad you sound by shielding your precious lily here?

No. 311962

File: 1494685994388.png (32.19 KB, 720x354, image_crop__2017_05_13_10_33_0…)

Musta been delighted in doing it anyways

No. 311976

Studied? She studied voice acting? From where?

No. 312000

Why doesn't she want to voicr act a five year old? That's not even a low tier for voice acting. Lot's of great voice actors voice children.
Does she think she's gonna get a voice acting gig for a big studio first try or some shit?

No. 312022


Definitely what she wanted considering she goes by the name lolily / islilyreallyloli / constantly talks about ~muh flat chest~ / dresses like a toddler.

No. 312053


This is literally such a standard request, wtf does she mean she didn't study for it????

No. 312096


Maybe she's talking about:
>not wanting to do silly voices when out with friends/people
>not wanting to be typecasted into only doing high pitched female characters

No. 312368


~princess lily~ can only do blockbuster voice acting jobs.

No. 312377

didn't she major in music or something? did she expect someone to ask her while she was out to sing or to conjure a piano and play? wtf lily

wtf wk, first you argue that her high pitched voice is real, now you're saying that she doesn't want to be typecasted into high pitched female characters. lily has said in the past that her low voice is straining and she can't do it for a long time… and it doesn't really sound anything special, they can easily get another va who can do it better and make it sound natural.

No. 312552

the wk contradicts himself alot throughout the thread and when facts are given or proved he disregards it and goes to talk about her appearance or voice instead. Also he revealed that Lily was molested as a child, hence why she acts/wants to be one as an adult? Lol sorry bud. Contrary to what you believe, you're a shitty friend.

No. 312583


funny that you assume its only one guy.

No. 312586


blatantly is since lily is such a vapid cunt though

No. 312614

lol she probably said no to the voice acting a 5 year old job. But she's trying really hard and taking all the opportunities she can get you guys!!!1!
I don't understand why i'm not a voice actress yet when i've refused any vr job that could potentially put me on the map!
She's pretty picky for not having done anything noteworthy in her career.

No. 312622

I'd like them exterminated tbh.

Let's be honest, we all know her knights are the ones who feed her ego and helped ruin her relationship.

No. 312623


I'm sorry I usually ignore the wking but if you're going to wk don't do it over something you have no idea about.

If you automatically think a 5 year old voice has to have a high pitch voice than you clearly know nothing about voice acting.

What they asked of her was standard, and no 5 year old should have a high pitch voice so I hope for her sake she didn't pull that out. Let alone it didn't have to be a female, she could of easily did a little 5 year old boy voice, which is also normal for female voice actors to do.

Lilo and her "friends" in lilo and stitch w
ere all 5 years old in age, did lilo have a high pitch voice??? No. Because no 5 year old should sound like they sucked on helium.

I don't know why she posted this, if it was more asspats that she's chasing her dream or to seem quirky. I'm not going to bother disscecting this post because being able to voice act children is standard skill she should have by now because that's usually what the market wants. To voice children for shows. All this post revealed to me is that she has the same two voices under her belt from that one demo she did

No. 312624

Um what's up with the assumptions? Take your own advice and stop assuming things, smh.

No. 312625

There are other people here now. I left for a few days, see you're still here in the time I was gone, loser! Hahah!

No. 312626

Talk shit about Lily instead.

She must be getting too wrinkly for hotshots tastes. He can get someone younger and less childish.

No. 312724


>doesnt get bf a valentines day present because "no moneeyy!"

>gets plastic surgery in korea
>refuses a voice acting job
>"wahhh why am i single?"


No. 312777


>doctors advise not to perform jaw surgery

>she insists anyway and now she has to get braces for another year or two
>still had to get plastic surgery funded by donations/hotshot
>claims its for her career but refuses to use her own earned money as investment for her dreams
>zero difference in her voice pre/post op

She probably initiated the break up with hsgg since he never seemed to give into her random gold digging. He easily agreed to it since he can stop being with someone that sounds like a real debbie downer to be around with. i.e. the millions of self-deprecating jokes she makes on twitter

No. 312839

Yuri is pathetic. She thinks depression and her fake clumsiness is cute and considered as a charm point. She's so far off in lala land that she believes that she is an anime character by injecting the whole loli bullshit as her persona

furthering the whole "I'm so flat chested and short" bullshit accompanied by her shitty unflattering fake voice.

People like Yuri need a reality check.

No. 312940

File: 1494806117686.jpg (51.93 KB, 500x500, 1p18zo.jpg)

No. 312969


nice watermark anon, next time atleast create your memes yourself.

No. 312974


how do you make font like that in GIMP?

No. 312976

Sorry Lily.

No. 312978

I did make it myself lul. I ain't paying to get a premium account to get the watermark removed, retard.

No. 312983

>not using GIMP or PS for your memes

wow anon youre so basic.

No. 312993

File: 1494813207168.jpg (16.33 KB, 600x600, e9d.jpg)


Obvious derail attempt, but I'll bite.

I s2g the logic in this thread is astounding.

Anecdotal screenshots and farmer accounts in the thread are considered "dry milk" and "nitpicking" yet these god damn white knights are here doing the exact same thing by pointing out the most mundane shit about farmers here like they're something better.

Yet when >>312724 is posted, with screenshots of Lily's own posts and tweets that correlate with these statements that have been posted here months previously, ya'll ain't saying anything.

Now would be a good time to tell us why we're wrong and just ~jealous bitches~ who don't understand why she isn't a shitty person who didn't remember Valentine's Day and said herself on twitter that she didn't have money to get her bf a gift and got an elective plastic surgery done in Korea when numerous medical professionals told her she shouldn't do it.

I'll even help you out by saying stuff like "Well Valentine's Day is just a capitalist ploy to sell marked-up themed products!!!"

Come on, I shouldn't have to do your job for you.

No. 313000


I can tell you worked hard on that post anon, but I'm afraid its all for nothing.

also nice meme.

No. 313019

File: 1494817621146.gif (3.8 MB, 480x358, retard.gif)

No. 313075

At this point, it isnt lily whos even getting offended; the white knights are being personally offended and triggered. So its still funny and sad to me. Its an evovled form of whiteknighting that got surprisingly even more pathetic

No. 313087

File: 1494828083080.jpg (106.73 KB, 422x317, New canvas.jpg)

I kind of thought you guys were just being nit picky about her face so I looked at her twitch streams and wow she really does shoop her pics

No. 313090

> The point of whtieknighting Lilypichu is to stop misinformation from spreading.

Everyone go home, Lilypeechu is innocent guys.

If you really are trying to defend her, you're doing a pretty shit job of it considering every time you respond with your autism you bump the thread back up.

Basically this. I had a friend like her at one point, at first it's funny but then it gets uncomfortable, cringey and annoying real fast. It's no fun to be around someone who's every second sentence out of their mouth is about how ugly or useless they are. I mean what can you do? You awkwardly laugh it off. You try to deny it?