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File: 1571404226329.jpg (84.17 KB, 713x728, luna.JPG)

No. 881684

Luna Sobieski
>Instagram influencer
>Mother of 1


>Has (alleged) proof of another "big" instagrammer being a paedophile but refuses to take it to police (will happily blast it on insta for some clout though).

>Generally bad photoshop in pictures.
>Insincerely kind towards people usually in the hopes it will gain more follows or likes.

No. 881686

File: 1571404722881.jpg (32.8 KB, 750x430, luna1.jpg)

During the awfultune pedo drama, she had all this alleged proof of layla (awfultune (but also referred to as mike in the screenshots due to this happening prior to their transition)) being a pedo, but refused to go to the police about it. When confronted about the fact she publicly would post about layla whenever she could with the “evidence” calling her a threat to kids but not even contact the police in regards to the situation, she originally replied with the screenshot I will include, hoping that the “not my place to go to the police” excuse would work but quickly deleted it under the guise of “preventing people from twisting her words” when confronted about the fact shes an adult with a child of her own and the “victims” were literal children. (Not a child's place to say whether you can or not go to the police. If a child comes forth about someone being sexual towards them its your duty as an adult to contact the authorities for them LIKE ANY OTHER SANE ADULT WOULD DO). So clearly her priorities with exposing layla came in to question. She sat there and said layla is a threat to underage kids but also has chosen to not come forward with the evidence to authorities, and therefore (if layla is truly a pedo) is allowing her to go scot free and continue being an absolute nonce. So clearly her objective was not to protect people. Maybe it was the fact shed just changed to a new account with little followers, and by posting about the situation, she got loads of indirect free shoutouts from people sharing the post, and she would get traction on her page, but that is just a theory :)

No. 881687

File: 1571405042904.jpg (24.8 KB, 750x409, luna2.jpg)

What she changed her answer to after deleting the first like it changes anything.

No. 881688

File: 1571405750602.jpg (42.14 KB, 750x636, luna3.jpg)

She was confronted on facebook and suddenly her attitude changed from not wanting to contact the police because the children begged her to to having someone else go. Considering awfultune is still about, I would go as far as to say she had not.

No. 881693

File: 1571406168009.jpg (30.56 KB, 750x492, luna4.jpg)

As for photoshop, she claims she only does it to "smooth" out things and her figure naturally looks like that. However…

No. 881694

File: 1571406269943.jpg (65.57 KB, 750x1071, luna5.jpg)

Not 100% that doors warp like that naturally. Could be wrong though xo(nitpicking and lack of integration)

No. 881697

File: 1571406683191.jpg (32.57 KB, 750x1002, luna6.jpg)

This one is harder to see (hence the zoom in), but if you look at the side of her leg there is a light grey outline which quite clearly is part of the door being warped along with her leg. You can clearly see the light grey bit of the door warping to the right a little too.

No. 881699

inb4 shit thread/vendetta-chan

No. 881705

this doesn't make someone inherently milky.

No. 881749

I was there for the awfultune drama but can confirm she did anything she could to stop that pedo. She didn’t have any personal information on them is what she said and could not just go to the police with, “this is Michael Hoffman, he’s a pedo, not sure where he lives etc” the cops would just laugh at you without information. Also, definitely not milky considering she answered your question and said she smooths things down? Idk I choose not to follow her because personally I’m not a fan but you can’t bring “milk” like this to lolcow and have it be onesided

No. 881752

File: 1571419946730.jpeg (139.74 KB, 750x988, 17C3D0A5-5E93-4DD1-A4B8-FCBE79…)

No. 881777

She admitted to it so who cares

No. 881785

Exactly what I’m saying(namefagging, lack of integration)

No. 881834

yeah whatever for the photoshop but you can literally google how to report people online about incidents shes exposing people for. they had an account that could be linked the police could easily get an ip from. she didnt try everything. the police wouldnt laugh about a situation where literal children are involved! thats why you report these people so the can do the searching for you and lock them up.

No. 881836

also imagine coming on to your own page on here to act like another made up person who doesnt really like her but has gone out of their way to defend her but chose to reply using your real name and a screenshot that shows you liked 3 comments of which when checked the only person who consistently like 3 three comments was Luna…

No. 881937

Imagine coming onto here thinking this is milk when you didn’t do anything with the information either. Police wouldn’t do anything in another state and internet drama is definitely something they laugh at. I would know! I wouldn’t have to come here and defend myself if you didn’t try to terrorize my life Over something definitely not milky lol

No. 882222

We are talking about evidence of LITERAL PEDOPHILIA here. It is deeper than internet drama. Stop acting like the police would do nothing when there are countless examples of cases like the awfultune case where the police were involved and have sent the pedos to prison. The fact you've come on here to defend yourself and tried to do it slyly and lie by acting as someone else shows you know you are in the wrong. Why fake having people defend you if you’ve done nothing wrong?

Keep making excuses Luna. Dig your grave. I really hope you did do this for stupid follows or whatever because its easier to stomach than the idea of you just holding back actual evidence and indirectly allowing awfultune (if they are in fact what you claim them to be) to walk this earth and continue their bullshit.

No. 882255

This bitch is boring, this isn't milk. Vendetta-chan if it's not following the recent trend of selfposting. Get nuked.

No. 882285

And what did you do OP? Did you report? How did that go? You obviously know everything about this situation so why didn’t you report? If you did, what’s the outcome? As far as I’m concerned nothing has come out of it. You’ve got alotta nerve posting this thread that is clearly a vendetta. If it weren’t for her, nobody would know what awfultune is. People have already forgotten. You sound like you’re more on awfultune’s side then anything else so clearly this is vendetta-Chan. I agree, get nuked.

No. 882288

She tries to explain how she reported awfultune and you refuse to let her tell you? You blatantly deny she’s done it? You sound like you don’t want her to be good. As for faking kindness? Proof? Where’s proof? If you’re so afraid of photoshop then oh boy does everyone on Instagram got news for you. Vendetta-Chan.

No. 883049

Yo I don’t know the story but as (probably a fucking idiot…) who opened up about a r*pist and their crusade of harassment to silence me I didn’t follow thru w police or lawyers bc of all the crazy statistics about backlash. Pedophilia is different in the sense that people care more about children then women so she probably won’t get any backlash and may even be applauded or whatever for reporting it, but she could be worried about his kids worst case scenario.

Idk i’m just saying the internet is a fucked up place and when it comes to these things you reeeeeally can’t say anything. She might not have he evidence she claims and claims she did just to get them to stop, and now if she backtracks or tells the truth they’ll get revenge on her. She said she never wanted to comment on it again and that ‘someone else’ went in for her, so it seems like she’s getting targeted somehow. I don’t know the story, she could have misunderstood something, i’m just saying it’s not black and white and I wish the law protected people more to be able to come forward with these things instead of thinking the internet full of angry loser ass dudes is a good place to put these things. It’s just too serious of a subject that I’m surprised it’s considered milk, I hope everyone involved is ok..

No. 911416

I hope whoever made this thread feels retarded bc the pedophile she outed truly was a pedophile(emoji, necro)

No. 911417

What does “mother of 1” have to do with anything? You’re nitpicking OP

No. 911424

Prolly awfultune tbh, they're on hiatus now, still posting shitty fucking music to rake in coins

No. 912667

File: 1577946604969.png (1.25 MB, 750x1334, 514F2A8A-FFAE-44B6-A290-7A1B0C…)

is she trying to copy babighoul?

No. 912668

File: 1577946640671.png (1.61 MB, 750x1334, C67304EA-CB6D-462F-9197-3C2D45…)

No. 912670

File: 1577946855907.jpeg (1.09 MB, 3464x3464, 9DD64848-C561-4D9B-AE61-404866…)

another copied photo? Lilausu - Babivampiire

No. 912677

File: 1577948515517.png (151.48 KB, 1472x582, Screenshot at Jan 02 02-02-06.…)

i have no idea who you are but you just outed yourself for selfposting lol
luckily for you you're not milky enough for anyone to care that much

No. 912684

Hehehehehehehehe I love pissing y’all off(ban evading retard)

No. 912686

Except no one cares about you enough to be mad. You're a nobody who just embarrassed the fuck out of themselves hehehehehe

No. 912687

not mad sis, just amused is all

No. 912750

Correct me if i'm wrong but didn't she buy her current account off of that Dolltears girl and flipped out when people started to unfollow her since she'd taken it over?

No. 913468

I mean the person who created thread didn’t have milk so at least she’s giving it to you, smart lmfao

No. 913558

embarrassing as fuck

No. 922912

Michael Hoffman aka Layla aka awfultune traded nudes with my boyfriend at the time who was 13. If was 2015.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 941212

I know this girl irl, she’s a druggy and goes to shows to do mdma and cocaine(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 941255

so does a good 70% of the population at all music events plz sage

No. 947354

File: 1584601592513.jpeg (23.02 KB, 259x259, FE41D458-2DC6-478B-9AE8-E1230E…)

back at it with photoshop but the kick is she told one of the comments she waist trains

No. 947355

File: 1584601622608.jpeg (41.71 KB, 749x385, 2D0742FC-5F7E-4A22-815C-E3004C…)

No. 947384

No one gives a fuck Luna, or Luna orbiter, stop fucking self posting

No. 947650

not a self post, it is embarrassing that she did though. Had to unfollow her for it.

No. 947699

Cool story. Anything actually interesting besides you being mildly annoying by a randoms slight photoshopping?

No. 947700

Annoyed* oops

No. 948836

I guess not, I could do better. I’m not bothered by the photoshop, I’m bothered she lies.

No. 948960

just another fast fashion egirl,nothing that could even be considered copying

No. 949004

Imagine lurking on your own threads and trying to start drama with bigger accounts for clout. Yikes.

No. 971179

Someone leak her onlyfans content?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 971185

It’s $9, are you really that poor and desperate? I promise you no one on this site cares enough to subscribe.

It will never cease to amaze that scrotes come here of all places to ask us to go fetch their nobody porn.

No. 971246

U mad mad lmao

No. 971476

File: 1589055248691.jpeg (239.16 KB, 1108x1506, 11017A49-CED8-4AE3-807E-6574EE…)

Wow, never thought I’d see the day Luna has her own thread on here. I remember when she started as a Facebook thot years back by stealing viral tumblr posts and tweets. When called out, she’d always delete the comments. After getting enough hate, she’d say her stealing posts is valid because she has a “similar sense of humor that mirrors those posts” so it’s as if she came up with them. I also remember her pretending to be an Urban Outfitters model when she was like 15 lmao.

Some things never change

No. 971517

Seems like a lot of bitter former classmates on this thread

No. 971822

hi I’ve been on Facebook with her too and she’s always claimed they weren’t hers. I don’t like her either but don’t lie now just because you don’t like her

No. 972876

She Talking about Awfultune again(emoji)

No. 972877

File: 1589300908409.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 75.5 KB, 749x817, C1786DA3-6BAB-4035-A5A5-E06B21…)

From her OF

No. 972951

Super smooth haha

No. 973085

Um is there like an uptick in scrotes?

No. 973133

Wasn’t that pic on her twitter?

No. 973139

Yes, I blame the venus thread. Honestly, I don't think nudes of cows should even be posted at this point since it attract them this bad.

No. 973142

Nudes of all cows have always been posted, would be weird to stop now. Plus we’re here to laugh at all of the cows antics and that’s included.

No. 973148

Ok u caught me I got that pic from her twitter. I’m just guessing it was of content. But she posted it herself so.

No. 973156

File: 1589332452812.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 511.19 KB, 2048x1984, A8CD25C1-F93D-469E-A4C6-8D59DE…)

She Posted this on her twitter herself so

No. 973159

Damn. Her nips look different than I thought they’d be
Maybe from her being a mom and all that

No. 973184

She’s having a 25% discount on her Onlyfans
Someone maybe get it just once and post it all here

No. 973190

Spoiler that shit, learn to sage, and pay for your own porn scrote. Jesus christ.

No. 973192

No one cares that much. Shes not milky besides showing her giant nips

No. 973197

Do it yourself, luna

No. 973213

Those are some big cookies

No. 973229

She's lucky NSFW Twitter isn't big on perfection. She's very average, but that's enough because the community screeches ~all bodies are beautiful~ every two seconds.

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