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Hellweek extended until 5th February! Read the thread

File: 1601341602211.jpeg (50.16 KB, 550x309, EEA99CB8-89A3-44B8-B652-F7D043…)

No. 1047615

Brand new thread for cringe Australian cows. We all know the quality of Australian beef. Originally mentioned in the egirl thread >>/snow/1005403.
Anything from ewhores, scammers, skinwalkers, BPDfags, pedos or all just around problematic- post your Australian milk here.
Cows briefly mentioned in the egirl thread, also a few more mentioned throughout all boards.

No. 1047696

This is a beautiful thread to call home, thank you anonchan.

No. 1047697

Can we also post about "chronic illness" malingerers?

No. 1047713

I'm not op but I don't see why not, as long as they're milky ausfags.

No. 1047714

File: 1601351026882.png (1.03 MB, 1440x2675, Screenshot_20200929-134157~2.p…)

Can we add @misogoth to this?
Brisbane based e-girl. She recently went viral again calling out a local tattooist.
Her facetuned alien face is nightmare fuel imo.

No. 1047750


It's been so long since the munchausens threads got canned, I can't remember who's from Australia. That one British girl who moved there? Amy Fisher?

No. 1047805

File: 1601367875868.jpeg (217.65 KB, 750x1200, 2FCF5947-E9B0-46DB-A510-7275D4…)

> constance wilcox - goes by “cents”
@pcpcents, @lostcents, @blaidebabi, @lithiablade
> adelaide based
> major lilith levisis skinwalker
> has been problematic for years
> absolutely no friends because everyone hates her
> whores around and has slept with half of adelaide
> cheats on every boyfriend then cries rape
> glamorises excessive drug usage, has since she was 14~15
> posts her self harm, blood stains etc
> started “sex work” but just scammed money and didn’t post
> pretends like she’s some underground soundcloud artist yet has been “making music” for the past 5 years and has never posted ANYTHING
> posts stories often of her absolutely blasted on benzos, lean, coke, mdma, alcohol pretty much anything she can get her hands on
> is the biggest judgemental cunt, shames anyone who isn’t anachan but constantly advocates for ~positivity~
> recently posted multiple stories publicly of her yelling and accusing her boyfriend of apparently cheating on her. she was clearly off her face and her boyfriend just left, it was painful to watch.

this has been a personal cow but she’s honestly so milky. lots of quality content in her highlights.

No. 1047806

File: 1601367958301.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 178.06 KB, 750x1193, E800AB8D-37CB-4794-946F-558828…)

> pic related to posting bloodstains

No. 1047810

Both these creatures intrigue me. Particularly the perpetual sound cloud rapper who hasn't released anything and posts her cuts for the world to see.

No. 1047825

File: 1601373304654.jpeg (198.51 KB, 750x1181, 2CF520BB-4983-4CAB-81D4-4A7F19…)

> 3 years ago

No. 1047829

I tried to scroll through but had to stop at the fuck racism tattoo

No. 1047843

File: 1601379012591.jpg (299.55 KB, 1080x1589, Screenshot_20200929-213007__01…)

What the absolute fuck is this edit? Also spy the cow crossover kek.

No. 1047854

those are cardi b lyrics jsyk. from the song bodak yellow that was popular around the time that picture was posted

No. 1047871

is that a real tattoo lmfao

No. 1047908

all her tattoos are real, has Yolandi and another that’s a razorblade and lighter (KEK)

No. 1047909

sage for samefag, also has “lost girl” on her fingers.

No. 1047925

what's the milk on isob3lle.3? i used to follow her and thought she was chill

No. 1048120

Georgia Collings (georgiakcollings on instagram) - claims to have super severe anorexia whilst stomping around in an obese body.
Shay (shay.w99) - claims to have "chronic bowel obstructions" aka holds in her shit to the point where she needs hospital admissions to flush her intestines out. Also shaved her head an eyebrows to "support her friend with cancer" and totally NOT to make herself look sicker. Oh and also claims anorexia.

No. 1049139

File: 1601549915397.jpeg (209.68 KB, 750x1200, 77D5989D-63D9-48DF-AA37-B5B574…)

blaidebabi found this and went on a huge rant on her story basically confirming half of the milk. what was posted wasn’t even bad - imagine if she saw the other threads.

No. 1049140

File: 1601550035578.jpeg (518.99 KB, 1758x1363, 411BAA6C-C60E-487E-A61C-3D26CC…)

story was long but here’s a few screencaps.

No. 1049141

File: 1601550066725.jpeg (645.13 KB, 1830x1363, 5B3D7CA0-2AC5-4B7F-9F2F-70D951…)

No. 1049144

since she’s lurking, she should probably know that she’s never ever going to get anyone’s “IP address” from this site. the admin would never give up user info to some random cow. inb4 she threatens to sue, kek. plenty of people have tried before and zero have been successful. if you want to stop being posted about, stop engaging. ignore it. there are over one million posts in this section of the website alone, which means hundreds if not thousands of people came before you and have been forgotten by now. you can also become irrelevant on here if you shut the fuck up and stop sperging. it’s literally as easy as that.

No. 1049150

anons, we are now apparently all men named alex that have been abusing women for years

No. 1049163

Calling the people on these boards men is always the go to with all the best cows. Kek.

No. 1049172

File: 1601553482467.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 365.26 KB, 1608x1363, 214AD9DA-1708-4219-A496-19042C…)

spoiler because self harm.
how is this a reminder to others that ~things get better uwu~?

also - don’t even know how I forgot to mention this, she has posted her own DDLG cp.

No. 1049190

File: 1601555109035.png (78.59 KB, 448x534, gerb.png)

Apparently being a cow is bragging rights now.

No. 1049192

File: 1601555424591.jpg (473.28 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200929-214045.jpg)

Ah, the inevitable sperg we were all waiting for. Quicker than expected I might add. Here's a fully sick photo of her mixing antenex and weed. Such a ~bad kid~ kek.

No. 1049253

God bless this thread, I feel like ‘straya kind of gets ignored which is a shame because we have more than enough fucktards to go around

No. 1049266


what? how the fuck is that gonna work?

No. 1049298

Did you just forget to include the last slide?

No. 1049299

File: 1601569463735.png (652.7 KB, 720x1153, Screenshot_20201002-022205~2.p…)


No. 1049353

I have no fucking idea. The small percentage of people who actually "lace" their weed tend to spray whatever it is in liquid form, and then let it dry. I might be nieve but I'm convinced this is just edge.

No. 1049360

clearly this is a cow pouring pills into chopped weed? I don’t know how you gathered that

No. 1049370

No? Didn’t think it needed to be included, just because they were ~last year~ doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be posted. Maybe don’t post your self harm for the world to see and it won’t be posted on anonymous image boards.

No. 1049405

File: 1601577726221.jpeg (230.44 KB, 750x1334, 9A5CD31D-6021-4B5F-B840-5D301B…)

Enjoy. Lmfao. Since you wanna talk about Australian cows.

No. 1049406

File: 1601577775354.png (1.13 MB, 750x1334, 8DC3264C-12EC-4AE9-9816-87D5D6…)

No. 1049411

File: 1601578027941.png (1.29 MB, 750x1334, 95F653DE-B864-4940-8A16-0968CE…)

He is a white supremacist

No. 1049431

File: 1601579789338.png (1.6 MB, 750x1334, EF165E73-3B45-4015-A7BB-EB69F4…)

No. 1049432

File: 1601579828447.png (1.38 MB, 750x1334, F61ECD90-6151-4EF3-99A5-A0A8B5…)

No. 1049434

File: 1601579849555.png (1.6 MB, 750x1334, 594721EF-07D2-462C-B289-41FF0D…)

No. 1049435

File: 1601579883011.png (2 MB, 750x1334, B4487D2B-3476-4983-B670-D7BEBA…)

No. 1049436

File: 1601579947440.png (2.23 MB, 750x1334, 82EBDE7E-3BF1-4E9E-9D64-70B724…)


No. 1049437

Exactly how related are his parents? He's like a Hapsburg pudding.

No. 1049438

Looks ftm here

No. 1049445


Looks FTM in the court picture too. Hmm.

No. 1049493

File: 1601585934531.jpeg (53.86 KB, 750x521, 0B4EC9C8-E398-495C-9D38-6C798A…)

nice self post constance, might want to crop out your icon before you post screenshots KEK! knew she would do this too, post to shift the attention from her.

> this is blaidebabi, mods.

No. 1049496

samefag but this guy is KNOWN in Adelaide for being a freak. he excessively stalks people, doxxs, makes a million accounts to follow people. he is posted on Adelaide Girls Advice pages often because he creeps on people everyday.

No. 1049503

Ah shit, here we go again

No. 1049507

Bye alex dauginas. Stop stalking me. We all know who you are you ‘kek’
‘lolcow’ ‘abomination’

No. 1049510

I’m not scared of you. You’re pathetic and I will win my case against you. Goodbye. Thanks for sending me a $200 gloomy bear.

No. 1049512

File: 1601587920218.png (194.74 KB, 750x1334, 92DCAB28-EDB7-4A8E-8252-602A24…)


No. 1049513

File: 1601587945319.jpeg (164.65 KB, 750x1334, 751C7A54-144F-4CCB-BE2E-935E40…)

We’re not Alex but whatever makes you sleep better at night.

No. 1049514

File: 1601588006193.png (186.27 KB, 750x1334, 771EF81A-2E3C-4E0F-B355-D35F30…)

Thanks. I appreciate it yet unfortunately you turned out to be vicious

No. 1049515

Honestly stop, this is exactly what everyone on this thread wants. You’re not doing something slick. This will just give us more to talk about.

No. 1049518

>>1049513You support
him? Sure lol alex dauginas Love others supporting rapists, child molestors
Lol he is a vicious psycho stalker.

No. 1049520

File: 1601588358836.png (1.95 MB, 750x1334, 1C1561BD-5EF5-4483-8405-215EC1…)

‘Slick’? Bro lol just trying to expose this guy. He is a nazi rapist in my town. Goodluck supporting him. Disgusting. Taking him to court he’s said everything not me. Goodbye alex. And thanks

No. 1049521

The milk keeps rolling in? So you’re going to court? With what case?

Will openly take his money for a plushie, but will cry stalker when it goes sour. What do you expect? Dumb cow.

No. 1049522

is Alex the white wolf guy? I'm lost

No. 1049528

Yes, Alex is WhiteWolf.

No. 1049530

Yeah it’s me @blaidebabi, @lostcents and
My fucking birth name Is Constance-Marie Wilcox And I love it feel free to call or email lmfao even dm? But no you’re too scared? My email is conxtance@gmail.com and my accounts are @blaidebabi and @lostcents which you clearly already know lmfao
You’re almost 30…. want me to post the shit about you talking to me while i was 16???

No. 1049534

defamation. I will win the case. Clearly.

No. 1049536

Mods please ban this annoying cow.

No. 1049538

File: 1601589423432.png (1.2 MB, 750x1334, 16F718E6-78A9-46C9-8F3C-CB49BC…)

Annoying lol just me standing up [removed] if u really wanna try me

No. 1049540

Call me unless you’re really just bullshitting.

No. 1049541

WOW couldn’t imagine posting my mobile number on an anonymous image board, are you asking to get doxxed? Or?

No. 1049544

Lmfao just asking for people to talk their truth? Imagine being an incel wow…… what a life
I posted my mobile in hopes one of you would be ‘man/ballsy’ enough but surprise surprise none of you were

No. 1049548

You must be a girl. Lmfao u like pet play ?? Bet u do(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1049553

No. 1049558

Every time you post, you bump the thread to the top where more people can read all this.

No. 1049761

File: 1601609439761.jpg (601.75 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200929-213455.jpg)

>My fucking birth name Is Constance-Marie Wilcox
>0477126248 if u really wanna try me

Peak fucking autism when a cow doxxes themselves. Can we expect to receive your address next unprovoked? What happened to being a high vibrational being kek?

No. 1049768

It's all really obvious attention seeking. Forced milk is bad milk.

No. 1049794

File: 1601613221905.png (108.77 KB, 410x427, lc.PNG)

//sorry about the shit cropping as i dont have the instagram app on my device

how is this a reminder of getting better?

No. 1049795

samefag here to add that she posted this on her story less than 12 hours ago with all those other motivational things

No. 1049802

Bruh I'm not making an expensive long distance call to call u a sad piece of shit when u can read it here for free.

No. 1049817

How's she problematic? gimme the quick run down?

No. 1049829


Spill more milk on Alex what did he do? I think his instagram is gone or renamed

No. 1049844

File: 1601616696752.jpg (114.82 KB, 750x1334, 118863876_2786408568128931_270…)

finally I can contribute! Larsaparilla (melbournian munchie) wants to be a doctor now because, get this, greys anatomy says she can!

No. 1049846

File: 1601616812104.jpg (91.1 KB, 540x961, 118994531_316097639618231_7822…)

dumping what i got

No. 1049848

File: 1601616901340.jpg (155.78 KB, 750x1334, 119731765_637591630522721_4333…)

no physically demanding work, huh

No. 1049879

Good god, how far up ones ass can this creature be. Not gonna get thru med school with the "uwu I hab mento helf probs, I knowww moreeeee" bullshit. Honest to god I would have a psychotic break seeing this monstrosity in person.The insane leading the insane, excellent idea, wonder why it hasn't been tried.

No. 1049891

the "lived experience" being this

No. 1049899

Well, adding on the original post. Few more notable things throughout the years.

> Was originally @pcpcents but changed it to @blaidebabi after she got hate because she hasn’t done pcp

> Posted her own ddlg cp
> Had “sadist so unless you want to bleed GTFO my dms” in her Instagram bio for a long time (so cringe but she changed it)
> Claims to be ~the original~ before the egirl trend blew up (@dead9irl and her would get along kek)
> Brain is literally fried from the concoction of prescription meds she takes
> Sperges about how sadistic she is, how much of a baddie she is etc but really is a 5ft 40kg girl that doesn’t leave the house
> Copies everything she posts, have screenshots of her copying photos down to the EXACT pose
> Takes drug pictures from tumblr and pretends they are her own
> Takes quotes / captions from other e-girls and posts them on other social medias claiming to be her own thoughts
> Posts excessively about her ~oh so many~ drug overdoses eg “I have overdosed 8+ times why am I still alive” ??
> Also constantly posts about going to the looney bin
> Photoshops and facetunes her pictures a ridiculous amount
> Apparently makes “music” and has been ~dropping her mixtape soon~ for the past 3 - 4 years. Has made excuse after excuse as to why she hasn’t dropped it. Multiple people have called her out publicly on not releasing her music because she posts about it every week but hasn’t shown any snippets, beats, the process or anything.
> First claimed that her whole ep was nearly finished (mind you this is after 3 years of music bragging with nothing to show for it)
> Then claims she was completely finished recording and just doing the finishing touches. Only going to release when her page gets more following
> THEN posts about apparently releasing her first two songs (single and cover) when she reaches 5k followers on her main + 1k on her spam however continues to loose heaps of followers
> NOW apparently she doesn’t like any of the music she’s recorded, is completely scrapping it all and starting fresh. HOW CONVENIENT.
> Begged for money for a mic but still didn’t post anything
> Haven’t seen her post anything music related for months and pretty much denies any of it ever happening

*Note - I know being a fake soundcloud artist doesn’t seem milky but honestly if anons saw how much she would brag about it, they would understand. Everything she does is for clout. She wants to rep all the benefits of life but not do any of the work, then cry ~why me uwu~ on her story and posts.

No. 1049916

>size 10
Wow, what a vile bitch. A size 10 isn't even big. Wtf.

No. 1049977

Lord have mercy on the patients this creature treats in the parallel universe where it actually becomes a doctor.

No. 1050565

What forums are they(?) referring to?

No. 1050603

mostly reddit illness fakers i think, but possibly here too.

No. 1051339

File: 1601793300181.png (3.4 MB, 2048x1152, BEC33FA1-A5C8-4085-BE7D-2614FB…)

blaidebabi is posting milk from the lilboweep thread on her story. way to make it obvious that you’re lurking the other threads?

but we’re all big meanies remember? however she’s allowed to publicly post about other people.

No. 1051343

File: 1601793862942.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 108.96 KB, 750x504, 659AB099-CFAF-4FC4-BABD-9017EB…)

samefag but ~sadist so unless u wana bleed gtfo my dm~

spoiler for gore in her header.

No. 1051430

File: 1601808940877.jpg (397.51 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20200929-213537.jpg)

Was just browsing LC on the toilet, you know how it is ladies

No. 1051486

File: 1601818619940.jpeg (183.96 KB, 750x967, A3FAEB12-A40C-4562-9441-B581F6…)

Tinfoil: This is blaidebabi. The lack of sage, interrogation and all around newfaggotry screams her. Also she posted milk on her story today from the lilboweep thread, SURELY it’s not a coincidence?

No. 1054710

File: 1602201494141.jpeg (408.35 KB, 1720x1361, A1156783-FA2D-4E71-9922-E16AD1…)

Constance-Marie Wilcox without facetune. Taken from her story when the filter flickers.

No. 1054721

File: 1602202464044.jpeg (176.43 KB, 750x1200, 5EA3D4CD-75E3-4B61-A8DC-BEBD91…)

No. 1054791

That header is from a death metal band she most likely doesnt listen to. Good album. I'm not posting the name so her poser ass can google songs to pretend to like. Good luck trying to hang with those elitist dickheads.

No. 1054968

What the absolute fuck this looks nothing like her Facetuned uploads

No. 1056641

Lilith / Zheani and TooPoor, Holli / Lil Bo Weep / Dana Dentata and Internetgirl are all have bad blood with each other. Can anyone explain why or have any reciepts? I know lil bo weep and zheani are about a living situation? And zheani in a song skitz cunt calling out one of the girls beef with lilith. Thats all can find out though…

No. 1057696

File: 1602606556874.jpeg (145.91 KB, 722x960, 31E6D782-C0A2-4A4A-BBA9-A513A9…)

@babydollvomitx Is a toopoor skinwalker Victoria.
Says she sober and posts videos with @doomwife kek it’s easy to tell they’re cooking
They’re trying so hard to look like they are on heroin/toopoor(newfaggotry)

No. 1057704

she looks like Layla, I don’t see how that’s skinwalking. every girl has that “faux goth” aesthetic now. she’s pretty not to wk

No. 1057718

File: 1602607639126.jpeg (504.79 KB, 750x1025, 2E523EE4-8AA0-42EE-9CDB-419339…)

No. 1057720

Is she asian?

No. 1057902

That fat greasy hoe looks nothing like toopoor. Also looks way too fat to be a heroin junkie.

No. 1057926

A lot of junkies are fat. Have you not seen Luna?…

No. 1057943

I still dont get junkie vibes from her, but she does look really disgusting. She probably doesn’t wash herself to keep that ~heroin chic uwu~ look.

No. 1057944

LMFAO anon really?

No. 1059146

Apparently it's somewhat well known that she dated raped her friend's bf

No. 1059159

File: 1602747583886.png (385.78 KB, 720x1259, Screenshot_20201015-183949~2.p…)

Looks like they had a cow meet-up kek

No. 1059250

i have a few mutuals with this chick, she's actually pretty nice. She just went full ana, got herself hospitalised and is now a sex worker.

No. 1059446

File: 1602788195153.jpeg (108.14 KB, 708x960, D965245A-3126-42F6-8530-DE7345…)

Nina Vuitton on Facebook.

No. 1059451

File: 1602788414880.png (2.72 MB, 750x1334, FFFECE9F-8C41-4514-996C-851971…)

No. 1059474

File: 1602791357226.jpeg (98.25 KB, 750x1005, 205E6314-14B5-41C5-843D-8C12B9…)

She looks so good like this.

No. 1059663

File: 1602815659432.png (753.57 KB, 669x1088, Screenshot_20201016-133511~2.p…)

No. 1059704

She photoshopped herself to look like a Tim Burton bobble head? Am I missing something here?

No. 1059876

thought i recognised her then realised i have some mutual friends. whats the milk? she just seems edgy

No. 1060551

File: 1602955621804.jpeg (107.73 KB, 735x958, DCA19FB0-BF45-461B-A2D9-ED018E…)

No. 1060552

File: 1602955672116.jpeg (87.49 KB, 960x516, B1761603-1E99-4423-B162-0B6125…)

No. 1060553

Why are you just posting pics with no context

No. 1060558

Where is the tea!?

No. 1249881

Used to know Lars and Jasmine irl. Haven't talked to them in years, friends joke we should start a victims of Lars/Jasmine's abuse support group. Melbourne is a suprisingly small city and I know many victims of Lars and Jasmine's BS. They're so scared of coming out about the abuse because they know Lars is manipulating so many uwu's. And these kalvin call out vids going viral don't help with that.
>Rich Queensland couple who can't rub a brain cell together to save their life
>Dog piss and shit everywhere, destroy housemates belongings-gets kicked out and claims it was for transphobia
>Burnt their house down because they left a candle unattended
>Somewhere in Queensland jasmine tapes someone, Lars defends jasmine
>Started a gofundme
>Moved to Melbourne with the GoFundMe money to avoid cancellation
>Works somehow for years
>Constantly defends Jasmine- their wife and a known serial rapist
>Let's people "couch surf" at their house, abuses the fuck out of them, steals their medication and belongings, demands access to their social media so they can stalk people who hate them, kicks them out to assert power. jasmine creeps on people couch surfing there, is hypersexual, someone who lived with jasmine saw them pissing in the yard "to see what the dogs would do"
>"Yeah I'm gonna bait kalvin into responding" joke about it for a while, tell them that this is a bad idea and how it feels like theyre misrepresentation of people's experiences with gender is fake woke as fuck.
>"Lol too late" basically
>Jumping with joy when kalvin made a video, boasted to everyone that they got tons of new followers
>People take photos of them walking around, shows me kiwifarm and lolcow threads
>Tell them I'm uncomfortable, and to delete photos of us together on socials BC I didnt feel comfortable being dragged in
>Got angry at me
>They are actually disabled, that part of people mocking thems shitty
>Begins to bug out
>I warned you
>Kicks the couch surfers out, one uses a wheelchair and was left street side homeless. Idk where the other one went. Was told he developed stress-induced epilepsy from living with Lars and is doing a lot better. Seen him in the CBD a few times but never talked to him.
>Shits on drug users 24/7, found a dirty water bottle full of syringes under their sink and can't breath without a cone.
>They're on gel, not diabetic either.
>Gets warded because of kalvin backlash, feel bad but also I warned you.
>Another friend spots them and warns someone about Lars BS
>Lars throws a tantrum, wipes off the memorial whiteboard to severely upset all residents
>How tf do you get kicked out of a psych ward
>Gone from claiming they're aboriginal to claiming they're Romani.
>Crashes someone's house party who used to couch surf at Lars and calls the cops when they see them OD even after these peoples housemates explicitly said Lars and Jasmine were not welcome
> Tells everyone they saved their friends lives
>Those friends stop talking to them for obvious reasons
>Tried to pierce their own cheek with a eBay kit while fucked on benzos and had to be forced to stop by their ex best friend housemate
>Housemate leaves because they're sick of Lars bullshit and Jasmine's creeper shit
That's the last I know. Lars manipulates vulnerable people into being their friend, and forces them to be their social media henchmen. Warn fucking everyone you know.

No. 1249999

File: 1623187315024.png (1.93 MB, 750x1334, 4C4A5585-2D06-4F5E-A7C3-FE35B9…)

While I’m here, adding @arsonaffinity to the list.

>befriended lilboweep when LBW returned to Adelaide

>load of chaotic messy nights out ensued
>drama unfolded check lilboweep thread but basically confirmed weep pregnancy was scam
>says weep stole her tweaker bf
>claims homelessness
>bitches that her fucked up friends only see her when she’s also fucked up…I mean obviously
>moves to Brisbane to escape grotbag life in Adelaide
>that seems to fuck out so rinse repeat she’s now homeless again
>ongoing themes are life is shit everything fucked chronically ill new music coming soon

One to watch.

No. 1250224

sage for spoonfeeding, what’s the usernames anon?

No. 1250395


larsaparilla, my bad

No. 1250449

Thank u nonnie I am one of lars most dedicated hate followers but I’ve not seen shit about them for ages, I gotta say though I really don’t reckon they’re actually disabled, I had receipts for this ages ago but deleted them when they caught wind of it which I regret v much - they really express extreme munchie behaviour (though I don’t doubt they’re extremely fucked in the head , just not DID )
Sorry to sperg with no proof

No. 1250502

If you end up finding evidence let me know, I know they try bait farmers into screening them.

I hold the opinion that they are disabled and trans, I know they've been diagnosed with some spine thing. Its a personal thing where I refuse to invalidate people's identities like that BC (a) they could be telling the truth (b) I'm not gonna entertain their bait like that.

Lars needs to realise that 99% of their suffering is their own doing and that they need actual help and to get off social media so they heal. I hope one day they realise the abusive shit they've done and enabled, and have the strength to do better.

Jaz is a piece of shit who constantly bangs on about "I did stupid abusive shit in the past, it was an accident but I'm working on it uwu" as a way to get into young lesbians and trans peoples pants. They constantly go on and on about how they're trying to be a better person and how they understand if people don't feel comfortable around them, that they want to be upfront and honest with people about their abusive past so people can choose to associate. But if you don't want to will throw a massive piss fit and say you're being transmisoginistic. You don't accidentally force someone to suck your dick, you don't accidentally take advantage of a drunk teenager and not use protection. Also every time Lars is breaking down screaming and self harming Jaz fucks off to "study" or literally anything other than support Lars. Shows zero emotion when Lars is melting down and everyone I know says that when they broke up years ago Lars got better, but then they got back together again :)))))
Jaz also has all the qualifications to be a dentist, but refuses to work and wants to be a philosopher and milk money from everyone trying to help.

No. 1250506

Hope my posts weren't too cryptic, I'm posting as I remember shit happening BC it's been a while. And I don't want them catching on who I am. Lars when you see this know that the reason the group of people stopped being friends with you in late 2019 is because of your partner, and your constant belittling and abuse. Not because we are secretly truscum or transmisoginistic. We hate you and Jaz for what you two have done not your identities.

No. 1250520

yeah again sorry for no caps, i was the anon who posted >>1049844

a mutual friend was on their close friends list on multiple platforms and i kind of got spooked cause i didn't want to get them caught and framed as a filthy lolcow user when it was me all along… hah. if you've been following the disaster that is the spoonie community, phoebe tickner etc. (who was e-mates at some point w lars) you'll see that the fakery lines up. I think your beliefs are sound, though, as I myself could easily be called a munchie by my own illnesses, so i totally get where your coming from. I just have less reservations when it comes to abusive disasters like jas and lars. Blog but this thread is a bit slow anyway

No. 1250541

I'm a newfag who got reminded of who Lars was from the cops hate Moe video and decided to try find the threads they showed me years ago, of course lost to the void. If you have any links that'd be great so I can see other peoples perspective

No. 1250558

oh and their new private is systemgender. they haven't added me though so I have nothing unfortunately. they usually do their most deluded ramblings on their hugbox private accounts

No. 1250563

fuck had to delete the post cause i am a retard and didn't crop properly, but they go by anticistamines now, and for some reason they've been really good at deleting a lot of callout shit on reddit

No. 1250883

Lars is on meth now, right? I haven't kept up with the shenanigans since the illnessfakers days but the weightloss since 2020 is pretty dramatic and I see a few meth related posts on the ig page. You'd think that would be the last thing you'd take with autonomic nervous system problems.

No. 1250942

File: 1623264660134.jpeg (339.42 KB, 827x1475, 2662BA02-EE70-404A-9078-0DC41F…)

Arson ebegging again. She does this at least once a week… she’s a huge munchie that has a handful of ~chronic illnesses~

BTW her “working” is online sex work / stripping.

No. 1251102

Can't find that username nonnie, is this the correct one?


No. 1251460

Highly doubt its meth specifically. They took a lot of dexys, Ambien, xans, oxys ect when I saw them. They seem to lean towards abusing other people's scripts

No. 1273556

File: 1625766432710.jpeg (1.83 MB, 3464x3464, 93BE2C0B-DF18-4D19-9EDA-E6BCE6…)

More of @arsonaffinity who’s birth name is abbey finch but she has decided to change it to lainey, coma or arson kek. begged to meet lilbotweak yet claims she didn’t.

No. 1273564

I met arson once in the city of Brisbane all she was doing was nangs on nangs

No. 1273603

The ebegging is sickening. Boweep skinwalker just needs to get Centrelink link and shut up.

No. 1290428

You guys are all fucking delusional and majority of your information is completely false. Literally stirring the pot to create drama and affect young women’s lives because yours is seriously that fucking boring? Literally all of this is laughable and I doubt any of the women mentioned here give a shit because it’s so far fetched. You all know you’re making shit up you fucking idiots.
You’re all pathetic. I hope someone takes this to police one day because literally all of you would be charged with a federal offence(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1290520

>I hope someone takes this to police one day because literally all of you would be charged with a federal offence

Go on then. Literally do it. After you literally stop bawling that no-one cares and so unbothered … after bumping a dead thread.

No. 1346823

saged bc im bumping a dead thread but is there a new lilboweep thread? cant find it + cant be fucked to make one myself

No. 1380793

does anyone remember that post @askulloffoxes made about rioting? i remember the backlash but i can't find anything about it now

No. 1482456

File: 1648332075724.jpeg (276.96 KB, 828x1454, EAAA3B02-02CB-43E2-AB40-700BB5…)

Zheani milk

No. 1482458

File: 1648332109397.jpeg (277.52 KB, 828x1448, 9FFF4BA8-6053-45E9-9466-5D824F…)


No. 1482466

File: 1648332360686.jpeg (781.83 KB, 828x1451, 68442A77-BB3C-4F60-A59C-38A681…)


No. 1492884

Who did you screenshot these from?

No. 1493354

real talk how are is everyone here going to cope with those new anti trolling laws being introduced, they will effect users of this site specifically

No. 1493359

if you think that, you clearly don’t have a good understanding of how image boards work.

No. 1493362

they have your IP address dipshit. and if they didnt give it to them, wed get blocked from this imageboard and every other imageboard like this

No. 1493364

maybe read the legislation before you open your mouth next time

No. 1493368

They made that shit so no one could shit on the media/celebrities. It’s so transparent. They won’t give a fuck if we shit on some nobody. Like when kings used to have gestures so they could pretend to not be tyrants, well now the kings just cry you’re bullying them. I still think the NBN was implemented to censor the internet and stock illegal downloads via enforcing a standard.

No. 1493787

Well I mean technically you’re not wrong. It’s only if we defame them but I imagine the category of defamation will be broadened to include the activity of this sote

No. 1496590

I know the Nina topic is very old at this point but as someone who had the displeasure of knowing her in real life there is a lot of tea about her from her days in the Melbourne alt scene.
I remember seeing her at a goth nightclub one night and she told me she was 19/20 then a few months later I saw people on her Facebook posting about her 17th birthday.
Known rape apologist too but that was a messy situation and everyone involved probably fits in as cows anyways.
Saged for old news

No. 1500477

Nice try

No. 1500633

No. 1635712

necro cause we have no thread and are underrepped

anyone else filthy hilltop tries to be wholesome while songs like vidrel exist?
now I have to hear this shit and "cosby sweater" on the radio when they're flaming misogynists? does every australian have fucking amnesia?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MD8flUkymrM(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1635740

wait why was this banned

No. 1635824

it's the schizophrenic tranny male

No. 1635913

not schizo or male, am as confused as you guys

No. 1695704

I have no idea what this is but on the subject of her accusations against Die Antwoord just popping in to say she was most likely completely truthful. Just saw a video from their adopted son basically corroborating what she said about them. Saged because I don't wanna get banned for necro so I doubt anyone's going to see this.

No. 1698257

personally i can't believe her, she attempted to accuse smaller local artists of similar things before the die antwoord thing. i think it was clout chasing

No. 1698292

She posted text messages to prove everything she said though

No. 1803019

new info soon(necro)

No. 1820328

Koma aka arsonaffinity new @isoldheroinatagaragesale is on some next level skinwalking type shit right now. I feel like I don’t even need to mention who she’s trying to be, it’s that obvious. Also teasing some shit like music, or being a tattoo artist that’ll never happen as per usual. Looks like she’s got track marks in one of her latest posts too kek

No. 1821718

Lmao @ Koma the amount of times I heard her spit the N word

No. 1832851

Koma supports pedos too(don't use emojis/ emoticons)

No. 1832852

^ and pretends to have aspd

No. 1832854

File: 1684854852221.jpg (20.28 KB, 720x267, Screenshot_20230524_011509.jpg)

No. 1832855

File: 1684854937856.jpg (103.82 KB, 720x1161, Screenshot_20230524_011435.jpg)

bonus just because funny

No. 1832951

wtf how did i not know about this shit-show of a thread? this has been a wild read so far. let’s make this thread more active pls this is great

No. 1832957

self-harm must be contagious; I saw her post that, and now I wanna kms

No. 1832977

You gotta be hideous irl to have rape fantasies about yourself, wonder what she looks like without all the blur and extreme angles

No. 1832994

Damn seen this on main and wondered where do i know this idiot from, ofc it's Koma/Arsonaffinity. Gotta love how much ~morally better~ she was posing as back in the days when Lil Bo Weep was exposed for her shit, and how Arson was visibly elated & getting off on the attention she got from that drama. A few days before LBW's death she was making exposed videos, but right after she pulled a 180. I've seen her posting on Lil Bo Weep's fansite instagrams under various photos and telling shit like "I took that photo" or "I was with her that day" nd shit. She's a total cow, never thought i'd see her selfposting on rape kink reddit. Didn't she boast that she's part of some team fishing and reporting pedophiles online? kek

No. 1834022

arson only posts on Reddit to promote her porn lol, that’s why all her shits linked on there all her content is clickbate, pretty low to flirt w rapists for clicks. Have you seen her lately with the literal LBW clone @ shanisabell? Don’t even get me started on her. Arson was also bragging ab being mutuals or friends w onision lmfao.

No. 1834112

You date rapists Kirsty("hi cow")

No. 1834507

oh no!! look who's mad cause they don wanna admit they support a well known pedo(unsaged infighting)

No. 1834661


Weep about it you’re the one jealous of the junkie

No. 1834915

post pics if you have, she's such a cow. She was milking tf out of being "once upon a time a friend of Lil Bo Weep", while literally few days before her death she was posting big expose video series about her on tiktok (her source of dirt being lolcow thread, ofc). I mean, ok, LBW did ll those things, but why suddenly doing a 180 and going ohhh we were such friends? Not whiteknighting Winona but Arson was such a cloutchaser… my fav part of this story was how LBW "fed her and made her a fentanyl addict" lol no. Arson did fent patch with her maybe 2 times and she's already "addicted", ok.

No. 1835220

File: 1685139215772.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 50.01 KB, 1159x829, 5ED41B8B-6639-42C8-A737-91A544…)

All of that is literally on the other threads already. She never mentioned how much drug usage actually happened between her and lbw together other than the whole fent psych thing so I’m assuming you know them both personally so don’t be shy on the milk. I can’t screenshot because the story expired but arson mentioned some shit about how she felt about her online scandal or cancel culture era whatever the other day basically just some virtue signalling about victim mindset and that she was/is an asshole. Still on the “I was so horrible to everyone but I’m still in the right.”mindset. Judging the lyrics she as showing on her live yesterday or the day before it looks like she’s attempting to, write a song about it seeing as one was like “that’s what you get for using your dead friends for clout.” something.

Also, did anyone see her new Amanda Bynes face tat Kek.

No. 1835224


She wasn’t pulling stuff from here often, she definitely lurked but she was in contact w Steven and sickodoggie for anything she didn’t encounter in person that was all in that tiktok series. (Can’t find literally any of it now apart from some screenshots on old thread) I mean it was apparent that arson and lbw were actually friends at one point but it takes a lot of disrespect to act like she’d be grieving over this after basically ruining her entire image and career. She got thousands of views on that series aside from the drugs arson totally was the cause of lbws downfall and of it was suicide I wouldn’t be shocked if it was arsons fault. Imagine even speaking about your ex friend if you potentially bullied her into suicide? No respect. She’ll probably use all this shit for her (if it ever even happens) music career.

No. 1835328

She may be a cow but don’t be daft, LBW died of an accidental overdose. No one bullied her into suicide ffs.

No. 1835672

Sure, but I meant she ws getting the dirt about LBW predating their friendship from here. I distictly remember her mentioning she's getting through old threads for more material to her videos? idk. I mean ok, LBW deserved to be exposed, but it's Arson's sudden OMG I'M SO SAD SHE WAS MY BFF NEVERMIND WHAT I SAID attitude immediately post-Winona's death was distasteful. Sure, she could've been deeply regretting these videos, but i feel like she still was just chasing clout. She was chasing clout back in the "Lil Bo Weep is not pregnant" livestream days, and now in a sort of "LBW was my friend" way. I'm not really surprised to hear she's hanging out with some Bo Weep skinwalker rn.

Now for suicide theory… nope, i believe it was accidental overdose. If you remember her (and her shitty friend's) last stories from that day, it's apparent she was hanging out with this group. who left her to die once they saw something's happening. Iirc she was on some SSRI a few days earlier? so maybe she had a short break from opiates, then did fentanyl or opiate laced xans and just accidentally overdosed. whatever it was, i don't think it was suicide as reaction to Arson's videos. >>1835328 is right.

No. 1837326


So if someone, introduced you to a group of junkies and then abandoned you, tore you to shreds, ruined your career. You wouldn’t kys?
Hope she gets charged for manslaughter

No. 1837327

Arsons acting like all of us hating her and coming after her was her karma for being a piece of shit, it’s literally what she deserves. Lbw was a cow but arson is probably worse. Manipulative vindictive evil cunt.

No. 1837657

Idk Arson is a fucking pathetic cow, but you sound like some scorned vendettachan. If anyone should be charged, it's fuckheads who left her to die in a park, not random bitch who wsn't even there.

I have no idea if she wanted to kill herself or not. But Arson definitely wasn't the first. there was lolcow, there was Steven & co exposing LBW's bullshit, there were people voicing they were scammed by her. Moreover, people in her comment section really were seeing that she's bullshitting, they were constantly calling her out on lying, faking pregnancy, being on drugs when she claimed she isn't, etc She was just deleting comments or denying, but not fast enough for others not to notice. She was in a way incriminating her own self constantly. her fans who followed her regularly were noticing what's wrong before Arson made the videos (which i guess reacher larger audience/casual listeners) & if you followed her thread, it's all there. Her career was ruined way before Arson. Not that her vids didn't add up ofc.

That being said, idk if she wanted to kill herself and if Arson's vid contributed to anything. But i feel like if she wanted to kill herself, she'd maybe leave a letter. And she'd do it alone, not going out with friends to a random fucking park and having an audience to watch.

No. 1838305

ABBEY not "koma" or "arson" was the one who splurged to everyone about what happened anyway its very bizarre that she somehow knew before anyone else

No. 1838352

Pardon ABBEY, whatever the fuck, that's a random bitch from the internet, i clearly don't know her as well as you. Splurged first about what? How Winona died? i don't remember this from LBWs threads but its entirely possible.
What's most sketchy is she spent that night with certain people, but nobody was charged for leaving her/not calling ambulance. thinking now, there's a lot of unknown about this case

No. 1838985

she was the one who posted in the thread about her dying in a park and that is how everyone on the internet found out, before that she told her friend that I'm very close with about what happened and other details that haven't been publicly shared (to my knowledge). She was the only one apart from the people lbw was with (some of them Abbey's friends, funny right?) who knew
her guilty conscience runs deeper than just "calling Winona out"

No. 1838986

That girl is evil when shit can finally come out don't be surprised

No. 1839193

File: 1685655741038.jpeg (354.99 KB, 1286x2062, IMG_0820.jpeg)

this ex-suicide girl brisbane cringelord with botched lips just funded a $30000 liposuction with sex work. which is fine but not when you promote your sex work and your child on the same account

No. 1839195

File: 1685655869420.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 251.98 KB, 1244x2259, IMG_0859.jpeg)

she frequently posts the exact location of her home

No. 1839197

File: 1685655946320.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 299.17 KB, 1277x2259, IMG_0858.jpeg)

always posting the location of her and the child when they are out. she is a cool friend mom not a regular mom.

No. 1839198

File: 1685656016051.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 247.67 KB, 1244x2248, IMG_0814.jpeg)

kristina wilds older child who she pimped out on youtube as a toddler recently addressed the horror.

No. 1839200

File: 1685656083446.jpeg (295.65 KB, 1345x2118, IMG_0815.jpeg)

No. 1839201

File: 1685656119236.jpeg (308.37 KB, 1265x2259, IMG_0816.jpeg)

(Not your personal army)

No. 1839217


If you’re that mad at “Abbey” personally. I knew her irl so you mustn’t as well seeing as you can’t even spell her name. You would’ve read the lbw thread, it was either one of those tattoo shop cunts that posted she was left to die seeing as one posted a poem about her too Kek. A literally posted she hadn’t talked to lbw for a month prior to her passing and lives across the country so I highly doubt she is involved. Those people also stopped being friends with A when they were friends with lbw. If you have milk about the cow post it but conspiracy theories are retarded. Go read the other threads on lbw if you want to fuel your delusions more. Find something new to talk about. She’s hardly milky anymore anyway apart from content baiting everywhere.

No. 1839221


Yk she mentioned on live briefly she had to give a statement to the police or lbws parents back then so wouldnt that be why she “had info” what information are u even talking about apart from the one weird post from an anon.
Go find some actual milk if you hate this bitch cos so much you sound insane.

No. 1839223


This looks like personal beef and not milk. Can’t you bpd bitches deal with anything like adults?

No. 1840621

nta but do y’all really think this woman’s daughter came here to lolcow.farm to get a personal army after her? farmhands are literally retarded

No. 1841016


It’s very obviously a triggered ex friend of this literal random person. Go grab some actual milk for fuck off. Maybe deal with your adult problems like adults instead no one cares about you and this nobodies argument

No. 1841366

did you read the post? the texts are clearly from her daughter, not her friend

I have no idea who this person is, just think it’s weird people are trying to shut down discussion on her

No. 1846333

Not Koma going to Melbourne just to see her pedo bestie so he can cheat on his fiancee with her because she thinks they're in love HAHAHA(sage your shit)

No. 1847764


How do you know something so oddly specific?
It’s giving off jealous, personal drama not milk lol. Wanna spill?

No. 1852919

File: 1687707427065.jpeg (202.86 KB, 1170x2080, 8F58358B-0431-4137-871E-151D43…)

Ethan bramble on Komas story

No. 1854714

Koma trekking her stupid ass down to Melbourne for her pedo bestie, fucking him and then having a massive falling out with him and pretending to be soooo i luurrrrvvv with his best friend to make him jealous has been funny as hell to watch go down how does she function like this(sage)

No. 1854861

Fuck me I thought this was Canyon

No. 1855169

Lmao don’t speak that name nonna, he’ll pop up like Candyman to haunt the farms with his cursed dick pics

No. 1855175


It’s Abbie and I trekked my stupid ass to Melbourne to work, not to congregate with junkies as much as I’m sure it would’ve been a blast. I have no need to fuck anyone to make someone jealous. I’m very secure in myself as of late. Sorry to disappoint by outing some fake milk. Also as much as I did Winona dirty it’s pretty obvious I didn’t kill her, even though I obviously didn’t like her didn’t mean she deserved to die. If you want milk on me there’s a lot just find some that’s actually true. Sorry LC admins for self posting love ur work.

No. 1855754

ugh what's the point in lying you fucking weirdo don't go after someone's man and people wouldn't hate you!!(learn to sage)

No. 1855756

Throwing yourself at someone engaged isn't a flex your fucking dirty(emoji)

No. 1855762


Why do I know this user has bpd and has made false allegations

No. 1862884

File: 1689169668789.png (121.83 KB, 707x895, Screenshot_20230712-234503~6.p…)

lovely words from komas new bf

No. 1869736

File: 1690126221081.png (222.68 KB, 1080x1485, Screenshot_20230724-012339~2.p…)

hell yea nothing like victim blaming

No. 1871474

I wrote that @ myself xx learn how to sage Retard <3(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1873145

it's ok don't be shy to show your true self komerrrr hahahaha we known each other toooo long we too familiar I got erything

No. 1881614

rumours going around my circle thag koma/abbey has died.

No. 1881916

File: 1692095948941.jpeg (104.9 KB, 414x736, 5E116230-B404-42B3-BE3A-7DF349…)

No. 1882425

shit no way rip, do u know if there will be a funeral?

No. 1882963

Swear I’ve only ever looked at and clicked on the Ausfag thread twice in my life but the first time was when Winona died and now this. Weird. RIP anyway, her poor family.

No. 1888666

did a bit of digging and the fancentro posted recently… https://fancentro.com/arsonaffinity(imageboard)

No. 1890048

Wait so is koma alive or dead(spoonfeeding request; unsaged)

No. 1893203

Koma said she was taking a break from or leaving social media or some shit months ago, she’s not dead. That post from her “mother” is clearly fake she literally used to go on about hating her mother and having no contact with her for years lol. Idk how faking someone else’s death benefits whoever posted that but it’s cringe.

No. 1893294

Wtf. I searched for Arson's social media and all are gone. I thought her mother deleted them after her death (especiaally since Koma did porn/onlyfans etc iirc). Any proofs mother account is fake? You would think Arson would come back and say death rumours are fake right. Also, she seemed like one of those attention whores who can never leave sociaal media for longer than 2 days, i can't believe she would yeet everything and not leave any traces

No. 1934157

maybe old milk but Koma's still alive? faked her own death?(this is an imageboard, post caps)

No. 1934209

Proof? Screenshots? anything? i hope its true & girl is alive ofc but you guys get wildest tinfoils out of nowhere, provide no proofs/screens/explanation of any sort & just bump thread with shit quality posts like this

No. 1934999

Well, she's active on insta so..(sage your shit/this is an imageboard)

No. 1935543

This is an imageboard. We post pics/screenshots when we want others to show something, not just telling "she's doing this or that", especially since things tend to disappear from the internet. Not everyone here is vendetta following this girl's every step, i couldn't find her current social media handles for a good while. Her new instagram is servicedisconnect3d, if anybody cares. and yes, she's very much alive& active.
Has she said anything about that yet? Who the fuck was in charge of this >>1881916 facebook account?

No. 1952437

File: 1704734700277.jpeg (87.47 KB, 720x1062, orca-image-2076287854.jpeg)

the shoop on this whore is wrong ctfu(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1957666

Koma (arsonaffinity) cheated on her boyfriend with melb fag rapper Yargi lmfao

No. 1957667

File: 1705826349694.png (4.42 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_8560.png)

She literally posted this while her and her apparent boyfriend of 2 years “fuckhazz.” were together, told me personally that she cheated on her boyfriend with him.

No. 1961767

don’t touch the poo

No. 1961770

File: 1706855940730.jpeg (24.9 KB, 554x554, IMG_8895.jpeg)

Cents (Constance) After being obsessed with lilboweep, seeking out her home address to “kill.” her before she died, is so obviously skin walking as winona. She still hasn’t released the so called music she’s advertised for years. She’s probably LBWS biggest and most dangerous fan. She’s changed her entire look to be exactly like winona’s.

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