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File: 1683479219340.jpg (387.8 KB, 1155x1500, wetpaint.jpg)

No. 1570259

Discuss art and related topics such as:

-Talk about Art Youtubers
-Ask about art supplies
-Discuss trashy art trends
-Instagram bullshit
-Art theft!
-General Art Bullshit
-Fandom and Shipping Discourse
-AI generated art


Articles about useful resources for improving one's art:
Tried and true books on perspective, anatomy for artists, etc:
1. Perspective Made Easy by Ernest R. Norling
2. How to Draw by Scott Robertson
3. Framed Ink by Marcos Mateu-Mestre
4. Figure Drawing by Andrew Loomis
5. The Atlas of Human Anatomy and Surgery JM Bougery
6. Drawing the Head and Hands by Andrew Loomis
7. Figure Drawing by Michael Hampton
8. Force by Michael Mattesi
9. How to Render by Scott Robertson
10. Color and Light by James Gurney
11. The Skillful Huntsman by Scott Robertson/Mike Yamada/Khang Le/Felix Yoon


No. 1570263

just wanted to say the threadpic is excellent

No. 1570277

File: 1683479667498.jpg (256.17 KB, 3541x2507, 52297810_p14.jpg)

anyone else feels like their art is unappealing? its one of my biggest struggles, specially because i want to make a manga eventually
pic unrelated, i think pic rel is ver appealikh

No. 1570354

Yes. I hate my art style but I feel trapped in it. Whenever I try something different though it doesn’t feel like me and I feel like I’m trying to be someone else.

No. 1570407

Same, anons. I find it impossible to trust the process when applied to myself. I know artwork looks better the more time you spend on it but I just see my foundations and it's so bland in my eyes.

No. 1570499

File: 1683496968842.jpeg (256.16 KB, 1170x2152, 797FD7DD-770E-40D5-9D8A-EFDD39…)

Personal cow of mine had a meltdown over a commissioner posting an older WIP of the piece with their character because it was the “unapproved” version and he didn’t tag her in it.

No. 1570517

File: 1683498507984.png (1.49 MB, 1423x925, sddfgsdf.png)

The "offending" image in question versus the actual final. Unfortunately looks like a lot of the original posts were deleted.

No. 1570527

File: 1683500095186.jpg (327.75 KB, 1284x1500, EsLp31gVQAQQirp.jpg)

i am glad i am not the only one. I specially get sad when i see westaboo art on pixiv, wish i could draw like that. On paper it looks 'easy' but i dont know how to reach that level of appeal. I know i am being a dumbass but i am starting to gaslight myself into thinking the ''asian genes'' meme is real.

No. 1570540

I honestly prefer the offending one, not that there’s enough of a difference any person randomly scrolling by would notice. I don’t get why the person who commissioned freaked out so badly, artists often post WIPs of commissions or older ones, plus it’s still the artist’s work. I guess this is why if you do comms, you should put absolutely everything in your TOS upfront about your rights to your work and any kind of posting expectations. This also should have been handled privately between the two of them. I would personally never want to work with someone who makes this kind of minor drama public.

No. 1570641

For anyone who’s feeling stuck with art or a project, sometimes changing the medium really helps. I was stuck making wips for a comic forever digitally but i switched to paper and managed to get out so much. I’m really happy

No. 1570804

Same, I'm getting kind of frustraited cause I don't find my art appealing at all, kind of hate the style I've worked myself into but everytime I try to copy someone else's it doesn't come out like I want. Kind of hoping in a couple years I'll just work myself into something better

No. 1571212

File: 1683558801506.jpg (99.11 KB, 1080x1440, FB_IMG_1683329219004.jpg)

Does anyone remember rei_17? Turns out, she's a huge cow within the chinese-speaking community, especially on her personal Weibo. She doesn't hesitate on calling out copycats, people using her art w/o permission, starting fights out of thin air and was famously known for her bitchy, holier-than-thou, and narcissistic attitude.
One of the more recent incident involving rei was about the AI debacle, she was gloating about how
>"AI next time should credit whos art they reference from and she felt joy that these dumbass artists are getting replaced by AI if they don't change"!?
That's all the info I can gather from a third party source. After that Weibo status, people started putting her art into ai as prompts kek.
Very little was known about her private life, or at least to our outsider's knowledge. Iirc, someone said she attended School of the Art Institute of Chicago and the reason why she is still around is because she got a very influential agent behind her back, seems like she got pretty rich parents to me. She'll live but I do wonder what's going to happen to her in 10 years time…Is she going to fall out of favor? Delete everything?
I hope more chinese anon can weigh in on this or maybe update us on her shenanigans because my god this bitch is milky.

No. 1571219

Her drama blew up a few years ago when she was invited to draw a CE for the game Fate Grand Order, where Chinese fans got so mad she pretended to love the characters she drew they spilled the beans to non-Chinese fans that Rei actually loathes one of the characters she drew, not to mention openly shat on one of the most popular artists connected to the franchise.

No. 1571220

File: 1683559507359.png (46.83 KB, 724x882, hrhrh.PNG)

To recap some of her milk in the past
(Ik ik reddit, but check out u/onerollingtomato posts)

No. 1571226

You're almost on the right track with the genes thing, but it's not genetic, just the culture they all shared growing up. I didn't meet other artist who grew up in my region until I was an adult, and it was very surprising how similar our styles were due to shares influence of local culture

No. 1571302

who cares if she hates the games she draws for? a job is a job and if the end result is good then it doesnt matter that it wasnt done by a hardcore fan
>was in a relationship with another artist and drew R15 fanart of them when confronted she claimed they where being a tsundere
objectively i know this is a horrible thing to do but i also find it funny. if a male artist had done this he would be hailed as a meme king. shadman drew porn of a real child actor and no one has tried cancelling him for it it's just treated as something quirky he did.
I dony want to defend it but i dont think its worth being cancelled over

No. 1571364

I can see why they posted the "unapproved" one. Definitely looks better than the final piece.

No. 1571454

I don't think you know just how much she hated and talked about how much she hated said character. Besides, it's generally good practice to not shit talk everyone in your industry that relies heavily on networking.
Also she wasn't cancelled. She's still popular. People just called out she was a massive two-faced bitch.

No. 1571480

>no one has tried cancelling him for it
I don't know what was the reaction immedeatly after he did that, but I'm pretty sure people have tried to cancel shadman + celebrating him getting arrested

I never understand how fully grown twitter artists can have personalities this rancid.

No. 1571490

>irregular use of they
This gendie Twitter talk is so distracting, Rei sounds nasty though
Modern Japanese artists have a very different culture from modern western artists. Besides, their style is, generally much less simplified than western cartoon style so they apply a lot more subtle detail. Instead of being anti-improvement like all these zoomer artists on Twitter nowadays using excuses such as muh style to not improve, Japanese artists (and I guess East Asian artists in general) cultivate a hard-working spirit that makes them strive to always do better no matter what. That "my style" bullshit doesn't fly in Japan so if you want to be an artist but don't want to have an embarrassing and shit art style you have to get better (and they often do get better unless they're autistic or retarded or something).
Also, Chinese and Japanese artists have to learn from childhood how to write in their writing system, which is probably related to their ability to control the flow and thickness of their lines so well in drawing (the pic you posted is an example of how different their lines make the same character look vs. when a westerner draws it).

No. 1571497

File: 1683579568253.jpg (172.66 KB, 2732x2048, 20230508_155749.jpg)

The artist who got fired when her secret proship account was found has now started alter system posting.

No. 1571498

the legs on the approved art remind me of when i was terrible with proportions and would underestimate of how tall my character is on the page but would stubbornly still try to fit the whole height on the page kek

No. 1571505

Who the hell is this? I want a name at least

No. 1571527

I think anon is talking about Vee who got fired by Viziepop

No. 1571528

It's handsomehugs she's mentioned in the western animation cow thread, not much new milk other than some new vent comics tbh

No. 1571546

Oh thanks I've heard about her being a huge shotafag. I think 4chan scrotes love her pedo drawings
I thought it was someone entirely different who's also a storyboarder from another cartoon and was so shocked kek

No. 1571591

What is it about twitter that causes some people to act so aggressive at the drop of a hat. Of course now she's baiting for sympathy.

No. 1571639

>people have tried to cancel shadman + celebrating him getting arrested
women maybe, but men who are active in the online art community still fanboy over him

No. 1571690

Can't get screenshots now because she's privated for the 4th time but she started her sympathybaiting by posting about the "death threats" on tumblr through anon (but somehow, not on twitter where a) She's actually active and b) it's significantly more bothersome to fake. Of course while continuing with the fake apology and saying her harassment campaign was an "emotional mistake".

No. 1571734

In case you haven't seen it

No. 1571736

File: 1683606347440.jpg (68.3 KB, 564x764, FuurXoAAijsq.jpg)

Eyvind Earle's process breakdown:
1) Block in the shapes
2) Perform forbidden sorceries

No. 1571752

File: 1683607403709.jpg (225.75 KB, 1280x2160, 1682703665188969.jpg)

this movie is so underrated. It looks so modern for the time with the more blocky style. It's a shame Disney only attempted that darker fantasy look once for the black cauldron, and the result was so meh. Wish the page i buy books from hadnt closed i would love to own the Sleeping Beauty artbook.

No. 1571804

File: 1683614338505.jpg (1.17 MB, 2268x4032, FvIcjZPXsAIK3J0.jpg)

who's your favourite art cow? tbrainrot is insane, kinda surprised she hasnt gotten banned off twitter. For people that dont know
>ex tranny
>obssesed with Lisa Simpson
>draws her self insert in creepy scenarios with her
>Draws a bunch of gore/loli
>severe porn brain rot, with each drawing she scalates the degeneracy
>identifies as heterosexual despite drawing nothing but loli shit
>possibly autistic

No. 1571809

is that… incest fanart from that comic by the self inserting aiden

No. 1571815

thats tame compared to the other stuff she draws

No. 1571830

File: 1683617924243.png (25.12 KB, 742x681, FvkRVslaQAE9m70.png)

It's interesting drama, I'm scrolling through tweets mentioning her and it seems she's blocking everyone. She even blocked a Patreon pledger (not my pic)

No. 1571842

File: 1683619389647.png (23.28 KB, 541x976, FfhH5QD.png)

>Can't get screenshots now because she's privated
Its just a lot of arguing and discussing with people + something to do with character being black?

No. 1571844

File: 1683619449370.png (25.83 KB, 528x685, LmVX5Qz.png)

No. 1571847

kek maybe I'm just war-hardened from the 'blr but that is such tame hate for tumblr standards. To call that "this is going too far" is so funny to me

No. 1571862

>glad you're losing follows
> analysis on the oc
LMAO this tumblr hate is pretty tame

No. 1571932

why is it that im demotivated, is it because I do not show others my art, or is it because i am not consistent with it? or it is simply because I can on longer be entertained by it anymore? I can no longer stay doing it after doing it for so long ? do I just need a new hobby or am I not challenging myself properly? I'm thinking of the saying "results don't come from motivation, rather results bring motivation."… is that really true?

No. 1571938

File: 1683632838477.jpg (105 KB, 800x666, F5lDv-ExIAALVfs.jpg)

What are your thoughts on copyright protection?

No. 1571942

I am in favour of it, I think artists are allowed to do whatever the fuck they want with their work and should retain full power over it. Every person i have met against copyright has been a retard too, their only argument agaist it is ''I want to make my official pokemon porn game without Nintendo sending me a cease and desist'', they are also proAI. I think this video gives a good idea as to why copyright should be protected and the ''it will help artists'' argument of anti copyright laws retards is fake.
tl;dw: the original trolls creator didnt get the rights for it due to some mistake, so a bunch of greedy fuckers made their awful rip-offs to try to make money off the trend. Fan-work has never been threatened by copyright too.

No. 1571962

Should a person quit trying to pursue art carrier, if their following hasn't grow for several years, they haven't achieved anything near the same recognition as multiple other creators had, and
it is clear that nobody likes their art?

No. 1571993

no, being a faggot achieves nothing

No. 1572093

My motivation for drawing comes in burst often (sometimes I'm doing whatever and suddently my brain decides I really want to draw [X] thing kek), but to be honest I feel that last thing you said is true. I had a ~4 year art hiatus and only came back because one day I was trying a complete different way of drawing than the one I was used to and I loved the result, so I kept experimenting and trying/learning new things and that made me motivated again.

No. 1572102

I think it’s a good thing but in too far of an extreme it’s bad. Artist not company should retain the rights. Companies aren’t people and shouldn’t be able to hold them. I also think the way Disney keeps control long after the artist is dead is a problem. We need to roll the laws back to before the mouse came into town.

No. 1572162

Yeah this is how I feel. Original artist should hold it until their death but I don't agree with it being owned by a corporation or owned by the estate for all eternity. Maybe artist death + 50 years so their children are able to benefit. At some point I think things have to go into the public domain because it'd be overkill for idk Tolkien's great-great-great grandkids who never even met him to own his work 100 years from now.

No. 1572227

>Chinese and Japanese artists have to learn from childhood how to write in their writing system, which is probably related to their ability to control the flow and thickness of their lines so well in drawing
NTAYRT but that's an interesting point, I hadn't thought of that before! Fascinating how that cultural difference in writing systems could affect drawing/art skills too

No. 1572437

Well deserved. She tried to act like hot shit online and now that people have visual evidence she's a huge ass it backfired immensely on her. I hope she gets blacklisted from everyone's commissions. Saying her bpd triggered her to blast her dumbassery to 30k followers is embarrassing, girl step down.

No. 1572642

god i hated her for the whole fgo debacle years ago. like okay they're paying you for art and you wish they get killed via bombing because…you don't like the game? just deny the work then!

at events, i've seen her always accompanied by a man who does everything for her(carries bags, opens doors, etc), so that must be her agent.

No. 1573050

the most shocking thing to me in this whole post is the fact she uses a screenless tablet. the true mark of insanity.

No. 1573278

people that use cintiqs always suck at art, but i do agree we, screenless tablet users, are a bit unhinged

No. 1573279

Wish we had a thread on Vee, she threatened to kill herself several times

No. 1573303

I stumbled across some AI bro community and they were mocking artists who said “I never agreed with my art to be used for AI” because apparently in instagram’s (and I assume other sites’s) T&C there’s a line where you agree you images can be given to it. It feels like such a deal with the devil, if you want your art to be seen, either by potential clients and customers or just to share it with friends and family you pretty much have to put it online. And terms and conditions arent written in a way where the average person will even try to understand them nowadays. Yet those assholes use it as a kind of gotcha moment. It’s just so infuriating to me, them acting like they’re entitled to artist’s efforts and work to an insane level, and then turning around and saying that we are the ones who are asking for too much. Nobody is stopping you from making and enjoying art, in fact I encourage everyone who wants to do it. But writing prompts into a machine and taking the images you like is just another way to get instant gratification and no substance.

No. 1573307

File: 1683745700971.png (395.3 KB, 2104x1980, aliens vee 1.png)

Vee is my favorite artcow tbh, her recent hiatus is due to a) her constantly lurking 4chan /co/ boards and taking everything the moids say about her art or parings there to heart and b) she had somewhat of a psychotic break where she believed she was contacted and abducted by a race of aliens, someone leaked multiple screenshots from her discord, and chaos ensured. Attached is her relaying the alien's belief around incest

No. 1573309

File: 1683745811776.png (49.93 KB, 403x940, alien vee 2.png)

talking about the abduction and other related stuff.

No. 1573322

I use a screenless tablet but it's because I'm poor.

No. 1573325

File: 1683746494490.png (31.59 KB, 687x880, trainnies seething and malding…)

They finally banned AI from fanbox, which means less AI shit.
>our aim was to create a platform where creators can create their own communities of fans who will support and cheer them on.
>however, with the recent influx of (the vast amount of) AI-generated art, we feel that they were made only to create contents that can be marketed and we disaapproved of this mindset.
>and this is why FANBOX will stop supporting AI-generated works (in a future, unannounced date)
>failure to comply with this rule will lead to their accounts to be warned, privated and then deleted.

nonnies the tears are delicious, trAInnies got banned off fanbox/fantia. It's even funnier because i am sure that it's collateral damage from when they banned loras trained on artists because Ogipote, an extremely famous anime artist, called out an Aitard using his style. Funniest part? people were acussing Ogipote of making up a fake AI account to generate controversy and get more attention, which would be extremely hilarious and based if true considering it resulted on such a massive change on AI rules on one of the biggest, and most affected, art platforms. Wonder where these leeches will migrate, Patreon will ban the fuck out of them if they try to sell their baby-faced big titty anime pinup shit.

No. 1573332

i remember this, she was releasing some shota comic and was getting a tons of attention from anons, to the point there was always a thread up for it on /co/, then she went full schizo and threatened to kill herself, saying how she was broke, living on the streets, etc. Her simps said they would give her moneys, but she doesnt want it for some reason, most than likely because her situation was fake and she was baiting for attention. Unhinged shit. She and >>1571804 fill the void nemu left. I love unhinged artcows.

No. 1573336

I saved up for a Cintiq for years and ended up having to sell it again because I hated it, kek. I find a regular screenless tablet a lot more comfortable and easy on the wrist, plus it can take a beating. >>1573278 got a point, though. A lot of young artists who get a Cintiq suck at art anyway. It's no wonder when they have to spend all their time to clean and maintain the fragile screen, kek.

No. 1573374

File: 1683751623930.png (9.76 KB, 128x119, IMG_4835.png)

tfw you’re an nsfw artist but are anti irl porn and sex pozzies start following you

No. 1573385

All I can say to that is "congratulations, you played yourself."

No. 1573398

How does me drawing fujoshit correlate to real women being exploited? Answer quickly.

No. 1573403

I was just saying if you draw porn, naturally it's going to attract sex pest. It comes with the territory.

No. 1573408

“answer quickly”
kek anon this isn’t twitter, your insufferable fagginess doesn’t belong here

No. 1573410

just block them, ofc nsfw is going to attract people into irl pornography. You are just making a mountain out of a molehill.

No. 1573459

Yeah block em

No. 1573535

File: 1683767420391.png (153.96 KB, 534x500, 548754.png)

Why is huyandere so popular?

No. 1573546

They do make aesthetically pleasing art to the point where where you can kind of over look the gendie bullshit. Plus, being a gendie is just that much in vogue right now.

No. 1573556

god i hate this style

No. 1573564

File: 1683770181773.gif (1.3 MB, 220x220, kek.gif)

lmao now patreon is also thinking about banning AI too. Ai trannies are on suicide watch, some trAInnie that makes generic pinup shit already nuked all their stuff.

No. 1573574

this is great news. I wish I could witness some of them melting down, is there any twitter tag they're rallying under or something? kek

No. 1573577

No. 1573586

Vee has talked in the past about her mother's debilitating schizophrenia, this just makes me sad with that knowledge in mind. Isn't that shit hereditary?

No. 1573587

File: 1683772370449.jpg (27.66 KB, 1125x126, wat.JPG)

kek observing moid brain rot from afar is hilarious. The only thing they can think of to make arguments is porn, since it consumes most of their time online.
>you don't want to see ai art? well i don't want to see pregnant women in my porn
like why is that the example you settled on kek. so monkeybrained. especially since most of the reason they're having a conniption fit about ai being banned is because they use it to exponentially increase the rate of their porn consumption, and anything that could hamper that is ebil

No. 1573592

very hereditary. watched a friend's friend slip into schizophrenia as teenagers, she was terrified to turn out like her schizo dad who just wanders the streets babbling. She turned out the same way despite her mom's best efforts. It's like a curse.

No. 1573619

Thank you it's insufferable enough to see it on twitturd

No. 1573649

File: 1683780588473.jpg (81.49 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

I hate this greasy, expired fritos smelling bitch and I really don't understand why she keeps getting interviewed about art-related topics as if she's some kinda expert when she's not even an artist. she's a fucking video editor.

No. 1573657

crusty lipped goblin

No. 1573664

shes one of those "art youtubers" that makes it more of an aesthetic than an actual hobby or career.

No. 1573672

>clean and showered
>this bitch smells like fritos and FAILURE
Every time

No. 1573732

it's not surprising more and more sites are banning it because AI posters spam hundreds of images every day. Even if they only care about their own server costs, it makes sense to ban it

No. 1573735

she looks completely fine. Just needs a bit of chopstick. Hate her content tho

No. 1573758

File: 1683796727015.jpg (119.92 KB, 1039x768, SmartSelect_20230511-051249_In…)

1/?? Artist ripping off american mcgee's alice to a degree & arguably crappy artwork. Doesn't even bother to redesign alice and just uses disney's design.

No. 1573759

File: 1683796751336.jpg (135.89 KB, 1023x615, SmartSelect_20230511-051300_In…)


No. 1573761

File: 1683796860909.jpg (138.33 KB, 1043x626, SmartSelect_20230511-051307_In…)


No. 1573762

File: 1683797040339.jpg (137.38 KB, 1045x614, SmartSelect_20230511-051321_In…)


No. 1573764

File: 1683797255385.jpg (68.74 KB, 1031x603, SmartSelect_20230511-051330_In…)


No. 1573766

File: 1683797619699.jpg (91.31 KB, 1001x597, SmartSelect_20230511-051339_In…)

>lobotomy doesn't fit the time period iirc (correct me if im wrong
>rips off the mental institution shit from american Mcgee & the dress changes, among other things
>barely redesigns anything, absence of creativity. You can see her boring ass designs for the mad hatter on ig
This entire idea for a game is just so simple like this feels like it took a day to create. Barely any changes from the original alice in wonderland aside from the ~edgy murder~

No. 1573767

File: 1683797784911.jpg (143.52 KB, 974x1256, SmartSelect_20230511-051238_In…)

Almost forgot to include this lel

No. 1573785

god this is so bad. the edge

No. 1573793

Alice in the original works has been depicted as blonde before, Disney's is just more well known.

No. 1573827

God, Alice in Wonderland is such a played out concept anyway. There's almost no creative way to make it interesting, it's the same tired tropes over and over again.

No. 1573828

Even worse is that the author was a pedophile and based Alice on a real little girl to whom he was attracted. Totally ruined the entire series for me.

No. 1573878

imo the rpgmaker game alice mare was definitely an interesting original take on some of the brothers grimm fairy tale & alice in wonderland. It took stuff from the sources while also having an original plot.

Ehh it doesn't really ruin it for me, as you can enjoy the whole story with or without the background knowledge of the author. It's not like pedophilia is expressed in the story. A shame that the original author is a piece of dog crap pedo though.

No. 1573884

I think vee is genuinely insane, akin to soren and Chris Chan, which honestly makes me bummed out, like the way she is I do believe she probably comes from a poor and fucked up background. I've been following her from her tumblr days before I even knew she shipped zadr and she has always been open about being did and stuff…idk I guess maybe the idea that she could have been a normal person if certain things never happened makes it way to sad for me to laugh at her

No. 1573904

Gotta love how the last two words are spaced more for extra dramatic edgy points, as if this kind of telling of Alice in Wonderland hasn't been done a thousand times already.

No. 1573966

i agree, they should make more stuff based on hansel and gretel. The set up could lead to really spooky media if done right.

No. 1573973

wait really? that makes it pretty fucked up the creator of magiswords bullied her and got her blacklisted. Even if she's a cringy shotacon she could have hurt herself or worse.

No. 1574363

I think the art is fine, but their brand of "humor" is fucking terrible

No. 1574367

No. 1574594

File: 1683871234374.jpg (68.22 KB, 500x762, 528aaec6a0480080c63907ecb4c30f…)

Didn't Emilie Autumn also do the 'Alice is actually in a mental asylum and Wonderland is her coping fantasy'?" I find this idea pointless, edgy, and somewhat insensitive. At least McGee's Alice had a happy ending and the ability to return to reality on her own, whereas this interpretation seems to lack purpose and depth.

No. 1574600

It's so boring and redundant. It's right on par with hehe Alice trippy drugs lsd shrooms.

No. 1574722

She did oil paintings, no? I seem to recall she had videos about it

No. 1574745

Hello everyone! I want to ask you something: do u know about Domestika? It’s a website full of courses and tutorial pretty similar to Skillshare. I found up in here lots of interesting courses and each of them kinda costs around 10€. I would really like to partecipate to each and every single one of them, because they seem so interesting, but I was wondering if it was the case to literally spend these 10€ every time. Maybe there is a cheaper option out there (besides YouTube, but I only use it as background noise and I don’t know if I will able to learn from here) Any opinions or advices?

No. 1574766

sage for rant but I cannot stand when artists make the hairiest, beard-having, inverted triangle male bodied "lesbian" ocs… straight up a man but it's a themby/ has sheher pronouns so it's totally lesbian yuri uwu!!
same goes for the reverse (big tittied, pussy out, hourglass figured "gay man")
I guess words mean nothing anymore

No. 1574849

File: 1683902099900.jpg (62.2 KB, 840x400, rockandriot-840x400.jpg)

Why are woke artists always so obsessed with their OCs being criminals or 'outcasts' when, in reality, most of them are the softest and most delicate human beings IRL?

No. 1574853

Because outcasts are more interesting.

No. 1574858

They all wish they could talk back, but they know that they cry if someone tells them to move out of the way.

No. 1574866

They wish they could be as badass and cool but they're not so they make OCs that are like that

No. 1574922

Plus the "crimes" they do are pretty mild or they are that "cool" kind of outcast who shoots cops and then throw cheeky one-liners about transphobia.

No. 1575119

I suspect it's because despite how gay those artists claim to be, they just don't experience same-sex attraction, so at the end of the day all their yuri/yaoi has to have at one tranny for it to appeal to them. Tras can't perceive homosexuality as anything other than a fetish at all. The only advice I can give you is to block all pronouns in bio retards and blacklist every tranny term imaginable. Only follow Eastern artists or people who know hate troons.

No. 1575406

This reminded of an awful meme I saw some time ago about the 'ideal relationship dynamic,' featuring two co-dads. One was portrayed as buff and gruff, while the other was happy and cheery but a bit smaller. The final caption read something like 'both are wanted in 37 countries for war crimes.' Even though I was a dumb tumblr teen when I saw it, that meme struck me as infuriatingly stupid and cringe inducing.

No. 1575644

oh i haven't seen this, THANK FUCK
I just hope pixiv bans it too but i think it would be pretty hard to wipe everything
, I miss 2010 pixiv,

No. 1575811

Took them long enough, now it just has to spread throughout the site and it'll be good. Another Patreon/Fanbox site named Ci-En has also banned Ai crap after prompters began flooding the site following this announcement. It seems like Patreon is gonna do the same pretty soon. Another called DLSite (hosts indie japanese stuff) has also told them to fuck off.

No. 1575961

I think artists and photographers need to stop posting free HD images online. We just need to stop. If people want a big copy, they can buy a print, magazine, or book, just like they used to. These days it drives me insane to see somebody posting professional quality work online for free, and they obviously don't even get more than a few hundred views.
AI illustration should be banned from art sites on the basis of copyright alone. It's so obvious with illustrations that you're just looking at a shitty collage of other artworks.

No. 1576090

>personal cow
don't be shy, share the other milk

No. 1576245

Emilie autumn's entire aesthetic is victorian mental asylum x Shakespearean shit "opheliac" not quite alice in wonderland. I think the Victorian elements are from the same time period as alice in wonderland/american mcgee's alice so i understand confusion though. I really enjoy her music sometimes but i'm pretty sure her reputation is in shambles.

No. 1576246

Forgot to include in my reply (last comment) is i get why you'd think it insensitive, but its known emilie autumn suffers from like bpd and is a csa survivor. Not that its an excuse but it probably explains her behavior.

No. 1576247

No. 1576393

No. 1576485

Nonas, is artfol and inkblot good places to post art? I'm desperate for some art friends… if not I'm joining an art forum because I feel those places are kinda nice for actually talking about art related stuff.

No. 1576810

File: 1684008041867.jpg (202.14 KB, 516x2377, Queer Horror.jpg)

Reminded me of this awful comic.

No. 1576860

I don't mean to be mean but someone in my gc's art fucking sucks. Her figures always look stiff and awkward because she traces from 3D models exclusively, her colors are muddy, and her rendering techniques are just plain bad. Whenever she posts something she made traditionally you can see her actual skill level. But if I tried to tell her gently "Hey, you can improve this by doing that", chances are she would actually kill herself because she's so unstable.

No. 1577005

Have any of you posted onto the internet but stopped completely? I stopped a few years ago but I’m hesitating in starting again. It’s a bit overwhelming.

No. 1577015

*have been

No. 1577049

Girl in the painting looks like me with blue eyes

No. 1577070

Yeah. Last time I publicly posted my art was in I don't know, maybe 2014. It feels a little awkward going back into public online spaces now.

No. 1577127

File: 1684036171287.png (1.57 MB, 1500x4500, comp.png)

The saga of the average mentally ill twitter artist

No. 1577131

for some reason my first thought was this is oddly feminine behavior

No. 1577145

What is this implying

No. 1577147

This is getting more horrifying every single image I scroll

No. 1577151

PLEASE tell me he has diabetes or something and that this isn't a repeat of the dry ice furry paw guy.

No. 1577152

kek, its unfortunate but you're right, women are socialized to direct mental illness/bad emotions towards themselves in self harming ways, whereas its way more common for men to hurt other people somehow

No. 1577157

Doesn’t anxiety make one sort of like overexagerate problems with their bodies or something? I remember back in high school wanting to break my fingers or cut my whole hand off but I didnt draw about it or told anyone really

No. 1577158

I am so confused. Why is he built fine and also an amputee and also draws the most womanly nasty shota art. I am going to be pondering this for at least a half hour.

No. 1577167

I guess I'll pretend I didn't see this.

No. 1577181

File: 1684043203507.jpg (135.99 KB, 768x1024, FLp81gVvAQK.jpg)

Are you telling me that this isn't a girl? I know that the frame looks male, but the behavior and art style seem more TIFish to me

No. 1577202

might be shit like body integrity identity disorder where they want to cut their limbs off and it's not related to gender identity or shit like that

No. 1577204

Anons are retarded, there's nothing feminine about wanting to cut a limb off, this illness afaik mainly presents in men where they think a limb doesn't belong to them/they want to get rid of it and they use very violent ways to get it ampueteed.
He's built fine because he's just a dude who happens to have this illness.
First of all, shota means poenographic depictions of little boys and nothing about that is womanly. Second of all, this is cartoony basic art, nothing shota related. Quit projecting.

No. 1577215

Osomatsu-san has truly done a number on society if you think that style is "shotaesque", kek.

No. 1577218

No like there's actual shota art on that account if you scroll down

No. 1577221

File: 1684051165415.png (135.34 KB, 592x585, gross.PNG)

if I understood correctly this is supposed to represent him and his gf but it's still disgusting

No. 1577227


I think it depends on what kind of community you want to seek out first? most of artfol looks juvenile to me, but it's still totally possible to form friends, I haven't actually engaged with people on there or posted so I might be a bit unreliable

definitely have a feel for either of the two just by looking around and maybe even at least just posting maybe once on either and decide which one would probably resonate with you the most or completely ditch both if that helps

No. 1577238

i think this is made by a gay guy last i read

No. 1577244

ayrt yeah I must've read something wrong. Made the mistake of scrolling further and there's extremely disgusting shit in his feed. Where do anons get the tinfoil that this would be a tif? I've never seen these levels of brainrot in a woman. Someone like lacryboy I can picture as an extreme female coomer but this creature? Impossible.

No. 1577332

File: 1684069368206.png (Spoiler Image,1.24 MB, 3537x1749, homunculus100_.png)

she drew this last year and deleted it. women can be deranged coomers with their art btw, look at nemu or tbrainrot kek.
spoiler for tranny surgery gore

No. 1577337

How any tif can be 100% aware this is what her transition includes and still go through with it is beyond me. The meat-arm dick is genuinely one of the most disturbing things ive ever seen in my life. It's straight out of a fucking horror movie.

No. 1577424

Hmm it wouldn't be the first time an artist who happened to be obsessed with giving canon male characters female genitalia was trans. I guess the shirt pic was just a flattering angle.

No. 1577513

I comic with you in solidarity, Nona. And I will browse front pages of webcomic sites wondering if we ever crossed paths.

No. 1577517

Explains the arm wrap, ed al incest, and ronpa shota images. Shes up there with that other horror cow who kept picking at her legs until amputation. I cant imagine having a healthy kid only for them to hurt their body so much just for an aesthetic/fetish.

No. 1577547

>I've never seen these levels of brainrot in a woman
stop pretending like women are all saints whose only fetish is hand holding and pre-marital copulation. Fucked up female artists exist, @TBrainrot draws pretty fucked up stuff and shit herself with Lisa Simpson, the author or kodomo no jikan is a woman, the artist of those cringe worthy ahegao anime tshirts is also a woman.

No. 1577548

File: 1684087542826.png (160.04 KB, 480x638, esv9Xys.png)

oh hey, this person
a while ago i was curious if (s)he was a TIF or just a male who's really into shipping anime boys, so i dug through old archives of her blogs aand… i found an old selfie of her from 2013! so, mystery solved. she is indeed a TIF. unless this is just someone who had the url before her? but a bunch of things line up so im not sure.

No. 1577554

The majority of their art is highly graphic incest shota about Ed and al elric.

No. 1577555

no way, she looked so normal. I expected her to look like that typical chubby nerdy girl that got bullied in HS for liking yaoi, she looks like a Stacy there.

No. 1577559

Backing away slowly and quietly. I actually want to know nothing about why their leg is amputated now goodbye this is potential horror cow territory

No. 1577563

It's telling that the only TIF who utilizes testosterone for working out also happened to be a typically attractive person when presenting as female and took general care of her appearance.

No. 1577564

File: 1684088438305.jpg (30.72 KB, 508x541, 608a7d2de0cf6898c3869b116c4231…)

Wait, did op link the previous thread yet?

No. 1577566

File: 1684088624952.jpg (360.53 KB, 1232x1785, 1683993955929928.jpg)

Ai is getting banned off all mayor patreon-esque and aitards are having a tranny meltdown, even saying the same bullshit of ''t-they can't tell!!'' hilarious
i forgot someone else do it i got lazy

No. 1577572

I scrolled their tweet alt and everything was wordy, extremely feminine, and gushing constantly about ed and al but also mentioned having a gf and saying they basically think of ed as a girl several times. They also mentioned using urinals in school. Idk. I'd like to hope that they happened to lose their leg in childhood, had a lot of cormorbid issues from that trauma, and fixated on fma because Ed was an amputee but the gore and violence fixation weirds me out. I also don't think there is any excuse at all for drawing cartoons that literally look like 8 year old boys having graphic sex and on top of that they are brothers. The mpreg al art made me think they self inserted as al. Idk the whole thing is highly unusual.

No. 1577579

Afraid? Who's afraid of ugly people? It's mostly a mixture of disgust and pity.

No. 1577580

File: 1684089162416.jpeg (46.79 KB, 640x506, jimin.jpeg)

>Idk the whole thing is highly unusual
its not, women are unhinged too, they just dont commit crimes irl. The kpop and dream fandom are also filled with women that want to skin their favourite moids, stuff them with cotton and keep them as teddy bears. I, for once, accept with open arms these type of degenerated.

No. 1577583

I believe you, anon, but can you link this account to her existing stuff to prove it's her? How did you find that account?

No. 1577584

I'm not saying the creepy degen fetishes, that seems to be common among women on the spectrum that dealt with CSA or other issues, im talking about the fact that they're a literal amputee

No. 1577591

oops i probably should have done that in my first post. i will but its gonna take a bit for me to gather everything i found lol

No. 1577592

i wanna know how she became an amputee

No. 1577608

File: 1684092040363.png (221.16 KB, 1280x960, tumblr_n884e6UJsy1qkgd66o1_r7_…)

ok i thought she deleted her sol–lux blog, but its still up. i am fucking retarded. if you look through her archive its pretty obvious its her old art blog lol. heres a danganronpa drawing from 2014

i also found another blog of hers which is now deleted but its archived on archive.org (https://web.archive.org/web/20230000000000*/kellan-ebooks.tumblr.com) she links her sol–lux blog on her about page, so yeah thats her.

No. 1577627

Did she ever mention her old blogs on the homunculus100 account(s)? I'm shocked that you dug this all up.

No. 1577632

>about 1700 positive prompts and 6100 negative prompts
LMAO, do these braindead coomoids seriously think that typing a bunch of anime porn keywords into an image generator that works by combining the results of the effort and skill of ACTUAL artists, is as hard as drawing a piece like that yourself? I'm speechless
Also cackling at the comically tiny legs on that AI anime girl kek

No. 1577730

File: 1684102053141.jpg (19.75 KB, 864x864, 341620338_779141833551141_4153…)

Do any self-taught artists here feel bad about not attending art school? Idk if i'm missing out on a lot of oppotunities and connections.
I felt like signing up for those distance learning programs that they have, aka atending night classes after hours with a shorter learning time. However, it can be a huge investment and Idk if it was worth it because of the money.

No. 1577734

went to this twitter account to see what's up and now I'm just hoping she's on a watch list somewhere

No. 1577786

Oh I know this artist she drew a mob psycho amputee fetish comic about Reigen and Mob and one of them was like mentally retarded too, I wish I had saved it to post here but also I don’t think it should ever be unearthed again.

No. 1577879

Don't you need to skin only your forearm or only your thigh for the useless tif flesh sock, not both? Because if she drew her thigh sliced too, and this was drawn by the amputated leg person, is that how… or am I thinking too deeply into this

No. 1577910

>Chinese and Japanese artists have to learn from childhood how to write in their writing system, which is probably related to their ability to control the flow and thickness of their lines so well in drawing
This is a retarded take, you got to admit.
I attended a design school, not necessarily an illustration school but I did take an online art course and I can say it might help your productivity if you're not the self motivated type. In my experience it's an easy way to get connections as well, instructors talk about how this one student who excelled now got a job under their recommendation. The prices are absurd for a thirdie like me though.

No. 1577918

This is so funny.

No. 1577942

yeah, live in the US and going to uni for something completely unrelated to art. I feel sort of lost, maybe I'll find different ways to pave through making art a career, but still don't know yet

No. 1577975

Okay I admit I was wrong kek, might've been just shocked by the pee holding torture shota comic that she drew and proudly posted on her twitter. Now I kinda want to dive down the rabbit hole and find out what the hell happened between >>1577548 and>>1577127

No. 1578006

You sound like you've never been on the internet lol, just look at anime fandoms like Black Butler.

No. 1578045

this doesn't surprise because even if these sites don't care about the morals of AI art or whatever, these guys spam any site they're allowed in daily with multiple pictures. It's just not good for the servers

No. 1578108

You do know that screenless tabs are the more ergo of the two right? Don't buy into the cintiq meme, Nonnies.

No. 1578326

>never been on the internet
god i wish that were me

No. 1578333

>Idk if i'm missing out on a lot of oppotunities and connections
Same. Even though I prefer self teaching and have seen improvement in my art, and you can definitely network by yourself, I feel like at art school you can network way faster.

No. 1578375

no im also wondering about that too. i read an article about this woman who had her leg amputated after an injury caused constant extreme pain and i want to know if this one was seriously wandering around fantasizing about cutting off her leg for the coom or if it's like that

No. 1578848

Thoughts on recycling animation?

No. 1578849

It's not a big deal

No. 1578852

Would you rather be an animator back in the day when you had to hand paint cells? Have you not seen the old animation machines that look like elevators? Reusing old work isn't a big deal and it is an old trick. If you look at a lot of the work these are in, it's only a segment, not even the entirety of the whole movie, so there is still so much hand drawn and hand painted work still involved. They still have to hand paint the cells for these even though the animation is reused too.

No. 1578909


"Only follow Eastern artists" such a weird choice considering how common gender fluidity is in Japanese media, it's not like it's been in multiple globally popular series or given a platform on variety TV or anything

the only difference with eastern artists is usually when they draw degen stuff the art is better. the only way you're safe is because you can't read what they say, but it's not like you're necessarily shielded from art like that

No. 1578935

I honestly think it's fun that these old movies did it, it just feels like a little easter egg

No. 1578944

File: 1684225299294.jpg (323.05 KB, 1080x1465, IMG_20230516_102150.jpg)

I can't hold it in any longer:
Why does every character lord gris designs look so ugly and cluttered I swear she is only famous because her coloring is good every single character just looks like she threw every accessory at it and they just come out looking like shit

No. 1578960

Don't know who Lord Gris is but the design doesn't look bad.

No. 1578985

Japanese artists making traps and gnc characters isn't the same as tranny bullshit at all. There's some that do embrace trannyism but they're definitely the minority, you block them once they make it known, ez.

No. 1579006

File: 1684233204384.jpg (294.92 KB, 1080x1652, IMG_20230516_123057.jpg)

Sorry here is a better example, from a character design book. not sure what to look at, the wings, floor length pink hair, fox tail? Cat ears??? Random rip in the two coloured leg warmers?

No. 1579009


you mean like one piece, one of the most popular manga literally ever, which has two confirmed trans characters?

or fisheye from sailor moon who looks identical to a woman but is male, exactly what the person who even brought up this topic was complaining about, not even getting into the gender-bending of the sailor starlights. oh then nuriko from fushigi yuugi, ranma from ranma 1/2, please save my earth where humans have spirits of opposite genders from past lives, do i need to go on? or how about irl when arashi brought trans onto their variety show and interviewed them like in 2002

jp ppl have normalized playing around with gender for like 40 years at least, so the way this sub fetishizes eastern artists as somehow a bastion from this stuff is really funny. the only difference is you just can't read it and they don't virtue signal about it like americans do

No. 1579071

mgl this could now pass as a "simple" vtuber design today

No. 1579095

Tbh I don't mind gender bending in east asian media as much exactly because they don't virtue signal as much.

No. 1579114

NTA but despite these things existing in media, I almost never see any of that reflected in fanartists' works (I'm not into anything you listed, so I'm unsure about their fandoms). They even put warnings when/if they draw same-sex ships & genderbends.
The only similar thing I see are femboys (mostly for the fujos and weird men) and gerdenbends of male characters (to either make a gay ship straigh or just because boobs). I know some japanese and so far I haven't encountered too many tranny shit in art accounts, but maybe I have been just lucky.

No. 1579121

Is that a BIID sufferer? Did he cut his leg off? Is that what he’s implying?

No. 1579130

I agree. There are pro-tranny manga and anime from as far back as the 80s, likely due to ignorance (understandable) or just not giving a fuck about its consequences. Just because Japanese artists don't virtue-signal 24/7 doesn't mean that they don't support tranny shit.

No. 1579136

Eh, don't really see it here either. I guess it IS typical weeb character design (also the back part of the hair's position is kinda messed up) but it's pretty harmless.

No. 1579179

wow this is trully awful, looks like something i would design when i was 12

No. 1579188

>The only similar thing I see are femboys (mostly for the fujos and weird men)
fujos dont like femboys, its a extricly moid fetish

No. 1579200

the draftsmen podcast with proko and marshall has a of material regarding art school
they even did a whole series on how to "replicate" it at home

No. 1579228

I meant when they make one of the guys wear dresses or overly femenine stuff when drawing m/m, I see women drawing that pretty often. Maybe femboy wasn't the correct word for it.

No. 1579231

crossdressing isnt the same thing as femboys and its pretty rare in fujo media, at least outside of ''lol haha doesnt he look embarassed in that maid outfit''. Femboy shit is ''draw a girl call it a boy'' thats why its so common on scrote media like fata, re:zero, haremshit, etc

No. 1579234

File: 1684254470885.png (17.96 KB, 1049x243, moid cope.png)

there is a cope thread on /ic/ because the yumefujo thread has better artists than the rest of the board

No. 1579248

Where can I see this art?

No. 1579250

Because its a gijinka. Everyone who makes these usually have busy characters, especially the pokemon ones.

No. 1579252

>most of these fujos are women
All fujos are women you retarded male, it's in the word itself.
>the yumefujo thread has better artists than the rest of the board
Based as fuck, I remember seeing some of the first threads, the art female anons were posting was great and moids were seething, in particular one gay moid who even went to CC's PP threads to cry about it because the women were drawing beautiful men instead of disgusting barashit.

AYRT, maybe you can find the old threads on warosu. I don't want to go to /ic/ to check but there's probably a thread up right now.

No. 1579255

What about this is criminal or outcast looking? This is rockabilly.

No. 1579256

No. 1579264

Ah thanks for the clarification, yeah I meant the former. Lots of artists I follow and their circle seem to enjoy the whole crossdressing & maid stuff.

No. 1579303

>Please save my earth
This is a bit OT and I've only seen the OVA but PSME having character reborn as the opposite sex isn't really tranny adjacent cuz they don't mope around about not belonging to their current sex. It's only brought up in a "oh but we're both boys wah" way (unless the manga actually does have them complain about having the wrong body idk).
Agree with you that this thread sucks japan's toes way too much tho. And there were old mangas with straight up troons not even just "magical genderbend cuz lol" or "you tought it was a girl but it's actually a pretty boy" like your examples but those aren't the ones current trannies like to bring up.

No. 1579306

File: 1684258443429.png (558.09 KB, 884x638, lord gris.png)

i was a bit curious so i redesigned it. her original design is too overwhelming and all over the place like is she a rock princess? or a lolita one?

No. 1579313

I'm not seeing how this is "overwhelming" at all. The original looks like a typical magical girl outfit. Your redesign doesn't appear to be any less busy than the original but I will admit I prefer your straightened twin tails over the braided ones.

No. 1579318

sorry thats my animator brain talking, it would be torture to animate this but i do think its a cute design ! although im not sure about those lace? sleeves? on her shoulder puffs

No. 1579324

Nta but I agree with you it looks cluttered and random as fuck. Like, no rhyme or reason was put into any part of the design. It looks ugly.

No. 1579364

i prefeer yours a lot more, though i would completly erase the ugly dog collar and the kind egg toy necklace. The original looks so cheap and unoriginal, like the artist just searched ''fantasy dress'' and colorswaped the first result to match with the design.

No. 1579373

/ic/ is full of scrotes who only want to learn how to draw so they can draw their own degenerate porn or satisfy the fantasy of possibly being followed by or befriending their favorite asian degenerate porn artist. It's all about their cocks and substitutions for actual social skills. They're whiners, resource hoarders and jealous seethers. Anyone who goes there regularly for anything but a laugh or to check out the artbook thread is ngmi.

No. 1579515

What's going to happen to these gendie artists when this stuff falls out of vogue and only comes up when a lawsuit or child abuse is being discussed.

No. 1579531

I joined Inkblot, but it's very pronoun-focused, if you know what I mean. If you don't mind that, it might be worth trying.

No. 1579540

Plus you literally don’t even need to post or lurk /ic/ to get their resources, just use the archive to search for whatever content they might have

No. 1579572

the only thing complicated about it is the hair

No. 1579630

File: 1684282945328.jpeg (Spoiler Image,57.69 KB, 750x655, IMG_2595.jpeg)

This person’s art is disturbing. She’s definitely a self harmer and fetishizes it like in picrel.
I’m surprised that it’s a woman, I thought it was a degenerate scrote.

No. 1579666

>you mean like one piece, one of the most popular manga literally ever, which has two confirmed trans characters?
Yamato isn’t trans. Kikunojo is debatable.

No. 1579676

fuck nah, i learned 100x more after uni than i did in uni. it's not that the content being taught was garbage (it was mid) but i was simply too young and dumb to properly absorb the information and put it to good use. 4 years goes fast and you are more likely to teach yourself in the realm of art. i do rec taking online classes if that's your drive! i've had good luck with them

No. 1579733

that perspective is pretty bad

No. 1579737

what the fuck… I knew this person a few years ago and they were not this fucked up. I mean still pretty fucked up but just on the level of "draws incest ships" not cutting off own leg.

No. 1579751

hehe yours is cute anon, but yeah I hate how the original added a dog collar as well.

No. 1579753

>edgy-cute sh
>mob psycho
>Oma kinnie
Most woman shit I’ve ever seen

No. 1579761

No evidence but I'm imagining the photo is of an amputee boyfriend. It would make sense for an amputee fetishist girl to seek out a guy like that IRL.

No. 1579765

Their typing style and interests are unmistakably hyperfeminine, as is a majority of their art prompts. I was really confused at first, even being transgender you would think the long term hormone use and being really passable from the neck down would mellow them out or like… change the extremely weird girly energy but I guess not. It's very distinct and ive never seen a man even a terminally online one talk about sexuality like that ever in life. I don't understand why they draw graphic shota though that's so fucking weird, I'm glad ive avoided these types of people my whole life.

No. 1579767

No, that's them. Male pronouns, made up a story on their alt about having to stop using the urinal because the school vp or something used the one next to them, has mentioned having a gf. They're just trans. I'm still thinking they've always been an amputee and just hyperfixated on characters like that as a coping mechanism.. hopefully

No. 1579768

File: 1684295128291.jpg (271.73 KB, 1582x1413, 90469818_p1.jpg)

Anyone else feels under immense pressure to get good at art? i want to draw obscure characters/relationship dynamic/fucked up fetishes or unique ideas that i dont seem to share with anyone else. I think this is my biggest motivator but also the root cause of my anxiety, i fear never getting good enough. Pic rel motivates me, she must be like one of the 100 female architects in the whole world and her art is so incredibly good. I hope i can someday reach her level.

No. 1579772

I dont know if picrel, but you want to draw Nazi shit like picrel? That's Major from Hellsing, leader of the Nazi org.

No. 1579776

File: 1684295513808.jpg (Spoiler Image,979.14 KB, 4689x3038, 92721468_p24.jpg)

no, lol. Nazi bishies are dime a dozen. I know the character, the artist is into fat guys and that's her husbando i assume.

No. 1579782

There’s a sizable swathe of fujo who descend into full shota guro dom, I see them on jp twt where there isn’t as much moral fagging and gendie mental illness. I genuinely don’t think 90% of these women sexually get off to these drawings like a male might literally ejaculate semen to child abuse, it’s like they enter a conceptual state of being where they get off on thinking about degeneracy.

No. 1579784

Is this the artist mgong520? (also her fetish is drawing fat women)

No. 1579785

Just draw nona. Draw and keep drawing, and then take a break, look back and you'll realize how much you've progressed. I assure you this artist isn't content with her current skill level either, but she clearly enjoys drawing anyway.
Just call her a woman. It doesn't matter if she's "trans" or if she passes, she's a woman who hates herself and has a self-mutilation fetish.
>PSME having character reborn as the opposite sex isn't really tranny adjacent cuz they don't mope around about not belonging to their current sex.
NTA but trannies idolize genderbend and trap characters like this, who literally turn into or just look like the opposite sex and are happy and not ugly. It doesn't have to be a realistic tranny with muh gender dysphoria and depression for it to be tranny-adjacent (troon ideals are unrealistic). They also often project their gender identity onto characters that are perfectly gender-conforming.

No. 1579789

>The original looks like a typical magical girl outfit
Nha, it's too boring. She looks like some random girl wearing cheap shein clothes or something.

No. 1579793

yeah, i am also pretty sure she's into both

No. 1579799

Stop using so many italics faggot

No. 1579802

>self harm
>art trade
I don't know why but whenever I see her art it gives me the creeps. It's horrifying and disgusting to see her project her fetish on minor characters.. especially the arm mutilation

No. 1579804

No. 1579815

Or you could not do that? Being able to draw the heinous shit isn't something to be proud about? besides if you're doing just because you think that makes you a good artist is more retarded. Most artists who done this have huge skeleton in their closest which later get them cancelled. So all that hard work down the drain.. but hey if you become a cow we can laugh at you

No. 1579823

i could stop drawing the things i like to please twitter faggots and get a few extra internet updoots…or i could keep drawing what i enjoy and make twitter faggots seethe in the procress? lol, what a hard choice. Besides, AI already replaced the artists that draw generic, bland non-threatening pretty girl art to get the normies to press the like and follow button. I honestly dont understand why you would willingly draw things for something as worthless as follows, imagine throwing away your artistic individuality for that. No wonder all the good modern artists end up being degenerates.

No. 1579827

Ranma is not a troon it's just a genderbend gimmick, he doesn't want to be a woman. There is an actual minor troon character in the series though.

I think still the amount of gendie shit is much less than in the west where it's a plague with zoomer girls and there is little virtue signaling. It's treated like a character trope, not as "representation" or a woke selling point.

You also won't see trooning out already existing normal characters, drawing them with gender badges, chest scars, standing in a white void yelling "trans rights", etc. from japanese artists. Plus since being a fujo is not problematic there unlike in the west, fujos don't feel the need to troon out to continue drawing their shit and then projecting their transition story onto the characters.

That said, tranny crap and subtle "trans rights" type artwork is only becoming more and more present in the form of original content in Japan, I follow mostly asian artists and it still keeps getting shoved in my face. Avogado6 comes to mind.

No. 1579829

I'm beginning to believe this is the end destination of the edgy unstable art tifs who cut themselves and fap to shota ~to cope~ instead of seeking therapy. They truly are the female answer to AGPs obsessed with little girls and futa. They wish to be the little suicidal boy.

No. 1579830

>comparing cringy girls who draw fucked up shit to actual rapists and sex pests
they arent equal

No. 1579833

Men will always be worse than women. Naturally the female equivalent won't be as bad.

No. 1579834

As a massive fan of Ranma, it's a gimmick. It's not a trans thing at all. You want to call the Dad being turned into a Panda and hitting on women as beastality too? Tell me you don't know the difference between tropes vs sexualizing tropes.

No. 1579835

I didn't meant the shipping and topics noone draws I meant the weird fetish stuff (unless you're into them?)

No. 1579836

>the weird fetish stuff (unless you're into them?)
i am obviously into them if i am going through so much trouble to draw them, lol

No. 1579858

Literally only the On Piece characters are trans. The rest are pretty crossdressers. They don't make it a tranny thing like western faggots do, and that's the problem.

No. 1579928

I hate how people say shit like this nowadays and just 10 years ago no one would bat an eye. Phobs would get cancelled nowadays in a heartbeat for her nazi-related arts, but how tf is that a problem? As long as you don't actually praise the ideology? Yes, their uniforms are aesthetically pleasing, yes Hellsing characters are fun, let people draw

No. 1579959

File: 1684322171550.jpg (24.67 KB, 750x712, say again.jpg)


Anon if you are a part of the pixiv/twitter fetish art spaces you can get away with anything. Especially with pixiv. They get crazy over there to say the least.

No. 1579986

Amputee fetishism and BIID are typical scrote stuff, so I assumed it was a gay male at first.

No. 1579993

Imagine drawing what you like because you can separate your fantasies from reality.

No. 1580135

That stops when it's about men drawing things, right? Femcel is obsessed with Nazi character, blaming that he's fat when there are other fat characters lol Not a scrote, but I find the dismissal of women being into this stuff really hypocritical. >>1579836 Like this anon says

No. 1580151

This isn’t the place to discuss your fetishes, faggots. Go back to /ic/

No. 1580185

Its related to drawing

No. 1580194

your version looks like a precure! very cute.

No. 1580236

I'm not sure if you mixed up your replies, or what
I wish there were a place I could discuss these topics (primarily from an art business sense) with other women, but it'd get invaded by scrotes and the same people who told us to leave but follow us anyway

No. 1580254

She really had to draw the bulging dick on a child huh

No. 1580276

>I wish there were a place I could discuss these topics
here, lol

No. 1580300

No one wants to hear you talk about your fetish for obese men.

No. 1580318

You're confusing me with >>1579768
I don't like fat people, but I want women artists to express themselves and not GAF about being cancelled. some of you need to get over the fact there are female artists who draw some weird shit that aren't pickmes or groomed (or are weird troons/groomers/etc.). Whether your tastes are completely SFW and nonsexual, or this kind of stuff, owning your work and your subject matter is.

No. 1580324

>stop judging women!!1!!!1!
do you know where you are

No. 1580325

No. 1580331

No, I don’t think women can be degenerate w/o having some kind of mental disorder. Men are perverts by nature, but in women paraphilia are usually results of integrated trauma.
Maybe you should sit down and think about why you have the fetishes you have in the first place.

No. 1580339

Well; I like femdom because I'm naturally assertive and like manipulating guys. I also enjoy their reactions when someone else takes control. What mental illness is that?

No. 1580352

File: 1684357896423.jpg (746.25 KB, 2503x3575, 92721468_p12.jpg)

i dont know where you got that i have a fetish for fat men lmao. Some of you need to learn how to read. Also, i am obssesed with mgong lately, she ignited the fire to finally start focusing more on color and rendering, though i mostly prefeer her older stuff, not a huge fan of her new painterly style

No. 1580353

shut up loser

No. 1580357

Yes women are pure and chaste vanilla angels, anyone who has a single fetish or wants premarital sex has been molested or is a tranny.

No. 1580358

Funny you should mention femdom since it shouldn’t even be considered a fetish in the first place - women are just conditioned to believe men are dominant by default.
Ok bpd-chan

No. 1580361

Lmao well fetish or not, I followed her because of your posts. I love her style and emotion. Thanks to all of this AI mess, I've been paying more attention to storytelling and tempo. She seems to handle both of those well.
The other person your quoting didn't even mention femdom. While I completely agree with your statement, stop blurring people together.

No. 1580367

File: 1684359267079.jpeg (100.86 KB, 1170x822, 1683229729955.jpeg)

When I do art, I always cannot do something else, like web development. It needs to be one task a day. Anyone else feel this way? Also, can someone tell me good free brushes from procreate that I could use for lineart and sketching? Thanks..

No. 1580381

They're obsessed with being seen as "rebels" it's why they idolize being activists.

No. 1580418

This isnt true, plenty of women have bizarre paraphilias. They just generally aren't violent or rape people. Obviously women's paraphilias will 99.99 percent of the time never hold a candle to males, it doesn't mean you have to be traumatized to like idk feet or amputees or something.

No. 1580461

Idk Nemu was a schizo herself

No. 1580478

Some anons swear up and down women simply can't have paraphilias, it's very weird.

No. 1580489

I think its because when they think of paraphilias, they automatically associate it with the worst most negative sexually repressed depravity that cause men to harm women and children. It doesn't always refer to that. A woman drawing like, idk 2D piss drinking or limbless dudes is kind of creepy but I can deduce that they aren't hiding in bushes to abduct men, saw their legs and arms off, and piss on them. Unfortunately the difference between the sexes is that you can't always make the same safe deduction for men.

No. 1580499

i wonder if thats why so many of these weird girls become trans. Terry is a detransitioner and the amputee girl is trans. If anything its more dangerous to say women cant have weird paraphilias than just accepting weird girls exist. I would rather them draw MOB psycho amputee porn than cut their tits off and take hormones that might actually encourage them to get violent.

No. 1580509

yes i also feel this way. i recently got back into posting art online because i got into a fandom i really enjoy. no one's judging me except myself…my followers don't seem to care. i'm in a japanese space so my art doesn't feel as pretty or cool as the artists i admire.

what i'm trying to say is, it's all in one's head, you just have to step outside yourself sometimes. the people you admire probably feel the same way.

No. 1580535

Or people can draw what the hell they want. Art doesnt always have to be comfortable, or pretty. Piss off.

No. 1580543

I just assume those posters have never been on an imageboard before.

No. 1580594

I've been having this lately. If I have some other task I won't draw at all that day. If I'm drawing I won't do any other task that day. It's called being retarded, I think.

No. 1580621

File: 1684394507050.jpg (27.36 KB, 514x596, guel.jpg)

Me too nonnie. I have a specific ship I like and drawing fanarts in a small Japanese twitter group is so fun. Whereas while I was in the normie twitter space I kept getting comments like "is __ trans?" "Omg so cute trans pride!" Mind you I never said that the character was trans nor I drew him feminine.i like how jap spaces focus only on producing fanart and not the other shit

No. 1580626

Yet the artist she idolises has drawn borderline cp and is into fat cuntboys strange to leave that out huh. artists can draw whatever they want doesn't mean I won't judge them if they're into fucking weird fetishes we literally talk about degenerates like nemu a fetish artist

No. 1580637

>draws borderline cp/cunt boys
does she? the only nsfw pic i have of her fat husbando has a d. I mean no one says you cant make fun of them, terry is my favourite cow because of her fucked up drawings. I do respect her tho.

No. 1580646

When will retards understand that what makes nemu and the other art cows with weird fetishes cows is their unhinged behavior and not just the fact that they were into weird shit.
There's thousands of artists who get off to weird shit like cuntboys and yet no one cares until they do something really stupid or are involved in drama. You can judge people for their strange tastes, but you only need one post for that, not derail a whole ass thread over it.

No. 1580660

This. People loved Nemu and considered her proof that women could be into weird scrote shit and still be "nice, normal, contributing members of society". It wasn't until all of her dirt came out that the opinion of her flipped.

No. 1580667

NAYRT, I think a lot of the cows in these threads are undeniably skilled, but I don't have respect for all of them. Terry for one said she's willing to draw toddler porn.

No. 1580672

she already draws lisa and gore porn, where do you draw the line?

No. 1580863

Anybody else find themselves losing motivation as they are about to finish an illustration? I'm probably 90% done with a piece that's taken weeks but the final details always feel like a massive slog to work on.

No. 1580918

Just because they can doesn’t mean they should. Look at all the guro loli porn allowed to reach the light of day due to “freedom of expression”.

No. 1580946

Can't believe the thread went to talking about /ic/ anons being scrotes who draw horribly and horrible shit to anons here confessing to being weirdos in one day.

No. 1580958

The weirdos are the ones who think women can't have kinks and shouldn't draw them, or assume that the kink somehow means something illegal.

Some of you are new to imageboard culture and it shows.

No. 1581003

> who draw horribly and horrible shit
haha lmao some of you need shock therapy before posting to an imageboard.

No. 1581074

No. 1581121

This thread makes fun of people for drawing weird kinks all the time. Maybe you're the new one.

She does. It was interesting how her main pairing went from the fat nazi guy x his tan subordinate in Hellsing, to making OCs that follow the same formula. She used to mostly just draw her fat cuntboy OC x the two amputee twins mostly (linked because it's explicit) https://twitter.com/m2gong520/status/1589997328647487491

No. 1581138

>This thread makes fun of people for drawing weird kinks all the time. Maybe you're the new one.
who says i cant laugh at artcows while drawing degenerate things too?

No. 1581139

Do whatever you want, but then don't act surprised when people make fun of you for drawing degenerate things? Is it that difficult to understand?

No. 1581146

File: 1684444679519.jpg (Spoiler Image,431.81 KB, 1909x2048, FwZydPmacAEnvwt.jpg)

No one cares what you do in private. It's just if you post about liking weird shit to a thread that clearly makes fun of people for said weird shit, then don't be shocked when anons here call you a freak too.

Speaking of artists drawing NSFW or cuntboys, has anyone else witnessed an artist they used to like to get ruined by this? I know Constellor has been brought up many times in the past, but ever since she opened up her NSFW account, I can't stand to look at her SFW art. Her porn has ruined her anatomy and the charm of her old pieces. It's become one of those art styles you look at and can just tell they draw the most coomer-tier shit ever.

No. 1581189

you are the one scared of meanie anons on the weaving basket forum lmao. If i ever get talked about here i will take it as an accomplishment because i am not 12 years old and scared of what people think of me. Plus i would rather draw interesting stuff that gets talked about rather than generic shit that's the visual equivalent of white noise.

No. 1581190

File: 1684446676696.jpg (213.65 KB, 1600x1005, Sakimi old 2.jpg)

>Speaking of artists drawing NSFW or cuntboys, has anyone else witnessed an artist they used to like to get ruined by this?

Yes, I was a fan of Sakimi-Chan's work before she realized how much money she could make by pivoting to NSFW.

It always makes me think there might be a day where one of current favorite artist (Guweiz) might do the same.

No. 1581193

speaking of guweiz or wlop or krenz, i am so tired of their ''style'' i am glad that AI is going to accelerate the fatigue of ''generic chinese artist drawing pretty girl standing sourrounded by highly detailed background''. I am so tired of them.

No. 1581201

Was just going to say this. That over-rendered overly detailed style just blends in. I honestly couldn't tell you who made that angel piece. You could pluck 10 similar pieces from art station and unless you obsessively follow artists of this ilk, you wouldn't know the difference.
There's a certain brand of artist that's just that self-cannibalizing. The homogeny is so boring.

To sakimichan's credit though, I can actually point out her late stage broken coomer trash anywhere.

No. 1581224

File: 1684450024704.png (734.53 KB, 1800x1117, 1657573138585.png)

they are still stuck in the early 10s when digital artist wasted time drawing every hair fiber and everyone wanted to be a concept artist so they drew nothing but pretty girls, space marines and boring factories/spaceships with ugly muddy colors. The only thing i like about the modern web is the high amount of amazing artists with different and unique styles that draw for fun instead of to become soulless concept art machines. I am glad we are going back to the 80s/90s and making art with colorful palettes, expressive poses, unique ideas. The 10s were so dull-looking thanks to everyone wanting to be a sakimi or other chinese artists clones. I do not miss it. I really like this artist, wish she would post more though.

No. 1581288

lmaooo this is spot on.
>guweiz or wlop or krenz
fucking kek. It's like the names of all of the shitty Chinese "brands" (dropshippers) on Amazon with names like MOTTBUZW or ZGGCD

No. 1581421

Why is drawing the face at the front view got to be so damn hard? Every time I think I got it I flip the canvas and ofc the eyes are not looking straight, the jaw and head are titled to the other side. It’s so annoying and embarrassing I want to die.I can’t blame artists who use the mirror tool for this shit

No. 1581431

I unfollowed her a long time ago when she came out as a fakeboy and started her NSFW account. She kept drawing her tranny self-insert OC being a prostitute (literally that's what she made her oc, a space ranger thing who fucks criminals). Also she saw Promare once and decided that neon pastel vomit with triangles and random shapes was now her style.

No. 1581446

Technically, the face isn't suppose to be symmetrical if you wanna look at it that way.

No. 1581454

File: 1684482767269.png (6.43 KB, 1024x1024, pngkit_mesh-texture-seamless-p…)

Try drawing with the grid turned on, if your program has that, or use something like this on a separate layer. You'll catch your mistakes way sooner.

No. 1581466

No. 1581509

File: 1684493674048.jpg (62.02 KB, 667x680, FmDwijgWIB0-a4J.jpg)

Pantsuripper was always a coomer but his more artistic stuff was interesting. Then he made a patreon for lewd drawings, and now he will post five patreon advertising drawings in a row before posting one actual art piece and then a bunch more patreon stuff. Following him is too fucking obnoxious now.
It's also extremely obvious when a drawing that sometimes would otherwise be fine is a patreon drawing (aside from the obvious poses) because the boobs always have a weird as fuck shape.

>inb4 what were you expecting?

Yeah, I don't know what I expected from someone with a screen name like that, but it's still obnoxious as fuck.

No. 1581513

picrel is pretty, who made it? is it fanart?

No. 1581516

Can anyone recommend artists (either trad or digital) who don't draw in an anime or cartoony style and are good in your opinion?

No. 1581520

>he will post five patreon advertising drawings in a row before posting one actual art piece and then a bunch more patreon stuff
that's just how the current nature of the online art community is. Either it's srtists who just posts constant advertisement, or it's artists who posts a gazillion tweets where they whine about their private life or rant about their fandoms before they actually post art. At least I can't be too harsh towards the former group since they need the money to eat

No. 1581856

>everyone wanted to be a concept artist
I still feel like that's the case except everyone wants to be a character designer

No. 1581892

File: 1684528346492.jpg (Spoiler Image,217.44 KB, 1050x1566, tumblr_nr7kg991At1rrliaeo1_128…)

holy shit yeah, him and jcm2 fell deep down on the coomer rabbit hole. jcm2 was my biggest inspiration when i was a teen. Then he started drawing loud house porn, developed a vomit inducing art style, deleted all his cool shit from patreon/DA and now he only draws the most soulless porn i have ever witnessed.

No. 1581900

File: 1684528800134.jpg (220.69 KB, 1254x1000, the-poor-poet-1837.jpg)

>norman rockwell
>nc wyeth
>dean cornwell
>juan jimenez
>mead schaeffer

its original, her handle was nekromagi i think

No. 1581922

He was drawing loli on his pixiv months before he got into Loud House. I thought his older art was cool but he's just another pedo coomer who's followed the money. He's just crookedtrees/cassettetape without the brony shit.

No. 1581941

i just followed his Deviantart to be honest, only checked his pixiv after he nuked his DA
>He's just crookedtrees/cassettetape without the brony shit.
i dont see the resemblance

No. 1581952

Who is Terry? Is it Lacryboy? And if so where was it revealed that she's a destrans

No. 1581955

its @TBrainrot

No. 1581958

Thanks but I meant current, living ones with an online presence

No. 1581964

Thanks nonners. Horrifying thing to scroll

No. 1581970

Yeah, I get that, but it's still annoying af because he draws the boobs with such a gross shape and obvious focus that it's impossible to ignore even if I only see the "sfw" versions. Also because I'm pretty sure that what got him big was the memey evangelion drawings, not the coomer shit, which makes his evolution even more annoying.

No. 1582003

why does it matter if they are current? most modern social media artists are either heavily inspired by anime, disney or those soulless chinese concept artists. Pick your poison i guess.

No. 1582004

i have been so long on imageboards i am ''curada de espanto'' like they say in my country. I honestly just laugh at the sheer absurdity of her late, i bursted out laughing at her matt walshxshota ben shapiro ship art

No. 1582008

File: 1684536066439.jpg (572.34 KB, 2250x2250, [20-06-17] 1273106989158141952…)

as an /ic/ fag seeing his descent from interesting horror artist with a focus on extreme perspective to shitty memes and coom was a pill hard to swallow. I guess thats the fate of most online artists nowdays. I have never seen someone go from promising to soulless so fast.

No. 1582050

There are so many artists that draw like this on tumblr, I don’t see a point in getting hung up on a pornsick moid

No. 1582143

File: 1684546873578.png (83.9 KB, 2170x2170, [20-02-23] 1231645927213010944…)

link them? i rarely see artists that explore perspective, which is a great lose

No. 1582145

NTA but for me it's more that I don't follow that many moid artists so his case was the first time I saw it happen, so it was like suddenly getting hit with a testament to moid pornsickness.
also I think more people should make fun of him for it

No. 1582184


Nta but I find it easier if they aren't current because of what you said, and, it's also easier to detach and focus on the work at hand that I'll be studying from instead of feeling salty that I won't match up to a contemporary.
I dont know about anyone else but it's better for me to pull influence and study material when they're old or dead.

No. 1582298

Who the fuck jacks off to this? She looks deformed in so many ways. Moids these days can only get off to deformed caricatures of women I guess.
This guy's art devolution is so tragic.

No. 1582305

Fellow artist anons, how do you guys overcome jealousy of other artists? I don't envy every artist with more talent than I have, but the handful I do have a grip on me so hard it's physically painful on some days. It's to the point where I can't even bring myself to draw or show my work most of the time because I know I will never be on their level. Coping by using them as one sided competition doesn't work either. I just don't have a competitive spirit. It bothers me because I badly want to take breaks or abandon social media altogether so I won't be triggered, but they inspire me so much. I feel stuck.

No. 1582306

Just keep working, study their art, maybe take a break from social media if you dont live off art and focus on doing it as a hobby for yourself. I know how you feel, my favourite artist is my age and she mogs the shit out of me.

No. 1582394

I actually get over the jealousy pretty quickly on my social media art ''career'', when I realized that there always will be people better than me, but also bunch of people much worse than me. Maybe I'm build different, but I always try to say that to others, you shouldn't worry about these things, nonnie, because even if you'll get better you'll still think that you're not good enough. I know it's easier to say than done, but it''s waste of thoughts and time!

No. 1582870

File: 1684625724470.png (14.09 KB, 719x293, Screenshot_2023-05-20 A New Wa…)

No. 1582881

It only just occurred to me the arm wrap is to cover a phallo scar

No. 1582882

Personally no. I'm happy for any and all talented people who use it the way they want without hurting or exploiting anyone. The only thing that's ever creeped me out is those women that get into weird one sided obsessive competitions with you and want to copy every little thing you do, that's kind of sad and repulsive. Even then I've never had a genuinely admirable person stoop to that level so it's whatever.

No. 1582891

File: 1684627825907.png (84.29 KB, 566x767, 1684564731989175.png)

Supreme Court ruled that Andy Warhol Foundation was NOT allowed to use a famous photographer's [Goldsmith] creative work of Prince to make "new" pictures.


is sending shockwaves throughout the AI world, and the comparative AI fair-use argument used by generative AI supporters has a new context and precedent. AI companies are claiming they can steal BILLIONS of creative works without consent or compensation to train their AI models to make "new" images, music, and media in output. NOPE…


In the case "Andy Warhol Foundation for Visual Arts, Inc. v. Goldsmith", the artist Andy Warhol's foundation got into a disagreement with a photographer named Goldsmith. Goldsmith told the foundation that they were using her photograph of Prince (the musician) without her permission, which she believed was against the rules.

The foundation disagreed with her. They said that their artwork of Warhol, which was based on her photograph, either wasn't breaking the rules or was fair-use. So, they went to court to get a decision on who was right. And Goldsmith, the photographer and artist, won the dispute.

Here are the details and legal ramifications moving forward for AI:

>Training Data and Volume of Use: Generative AI models typically require vast amounts of data for training. If a substantial portion of this data is copyrighted material, it could potentially be seen as infringing, especially if the AI's output is commercially exploited. The cumulative use of copyrighted materials could be substantial, even if each individual instance might be seen as a small portion of the total data. This ruling may inspire stricter scrutiny of the sources of training data for AI models, highlighting the need for clearer permissions and rights for the use of copyrighted content.

No. 1582908

Amazing news. I hope to see more of this in the coming future

No. 1583081

I find it cringier than other artists descents just cause I hung around /ic/ and saw him go from a nobody to a big twitter artist. He could've ridden out his popularity just pumping out nostalgiabait weeb fanart but I guess coom is a lot easier.

No. 1583115

What’s her new handle? The DID shit has been going on for a while, she was also claiming to have been abducted by aliens and claims to have a wife now last I checked

No. 1583116

This looks like an interesting read, thank you. Would you happen to have a version of this article behind the paywall? I don't subscribe to the Atlantic but would love to read and discuss this. Looks promising so far.

No. 1583127

Just click the blue archived copy link, nonna. Very good read, crazy how only 20 years ago reporting on distinction between AGP/HSTS was acceptable but you'd be burned at the stake mentioning it now. The medical field diagnosing paraphilias for profit is interesting too.

No. 1583139

straight women who exclusively draw nsfw art that caters to heterosexual men are going to hell

No. 1583145

File: 1684652406550.jpeg (428.41 KB, 2048x1367, FwcGz6PaIAIF9MT.jpeg)

reminds me of the furry who "accidentally" fell asleep with dry ice wrapped on his hands for arthritis, and had both amputated. he is also not the first person to do that, nor the last I'm sure

No. 1583155

Who is this

No. 1583157

How did he bully her? I thought he just cut ties because of her shota art

No. 1583164

File: 1684655179681.jpg (164.64 KB, 1500x1000, KR.jpg)

No. 1583434

did you just discover English grammar? Not everything is a statement on gender, ffs

No. 1583436

What do you think caused this shift?

No. 1583450

she looks like who pixyteri wishes she looked like

No. 1583569

You just love to see it. Watching that retard compare "a child learning to sing by copying Taylor Swift" to AI using Swift's music to sound like her get blown out was hilarious, especially since that's the default argument all these prompters resort to. https://twitter.com/stealcase/status/1659583557730287618

No. 1583634

She's still at handsomehugs. Are you retarded?

No. 1583803

File: 1684710925440.png (380.22 KB, 720x1100, Screenshot_20230521-154735-298…)

No. 1583850

lavender town of all people having the guts to redesign shit made by professionals. Stick to your ugly coomer humanizations. I still cant understand how she got so big, her style has to be the ugliest shit i have ever seen.

No. 1583875

I mean, her art is fugly but it’s funny to see people malding over her.

No. 1583876

lol calm down, she deleted that twitter and was going by politelyhaunted for most of the year until she sperged out and deleted. glad she’s back, she’s one of my fav cows

No. 1583882

Twitter kids are always so obnoxious about disliking her. They need to realise that "her art kinda sucks" is ok on its own, no need to try to cancel her over convoluted terminally online flag discourse to be allowed to dislike her art, especially because some of their arguments are so obviously self contradictory (Promised Neverland is racist for giving the character huge lips but LT is whitewashing it by toning it down??)

Honestly, LT sounds like a nice person, but sometimes she makes puzzling artistic choices. She's pretty much the definition of "churning out content".
Also, in her video she mentioned she changed Haruhi's armband into a sash because it gave her "hetalia axis powers vibes in a bad way", which gave me second hand embarrassment when I heard it for being so stupid also, design wise it also sucks because with japanese school uniform and especially sailor style the torso already has a bunch of detail by default whereas the length of the arm has pretty much none, so she's just making the torso look painfully cluttered she also gave Haruhi the most hideous hairstyle I've seen drawn before

No. 1583901

not defending the twitter zoomies but she's pandering to that crowd, she gets what she deserves

No. 1583908

>"hetalia axis powers vibes in a bad way"
that's a convoluted way to word it. Can you get banded from youtube for saying nazi? because if you can then why are you allowed to say axis powers?

No. 1584005

File: 1684736436235.jpg (170.9 KB, 1642x958, LM.jpg)

These reasons are so retarded. Twitterfags need to stop tacking on these mundane reasons to shit on her art.
Also holy shit these are the ugliest designs I have ever seen

No. 1584014

Seconding this pls. Might be a bit off topic for this thread, but I'm currently obssessed with this kind of art.

No. 1584017

>used the wrong lesbian flag
Oh my god this is like the worst thing that has ever happened in the entire history of mankind.

No. 1584045

not that bad considering it's lavendertowne. At least the color pallets don't hurt my eyes.

No. 1584055

the picrew skin color one… what other colors are there?????? She included the entire range. twittertards are actually insane and i've had the misfortune of watching them lambast non-english speaking artists for the same dumb shit.

No. 1584096

One literal white skintone. 2 light skin tone(where one is warm and the other is cold), 1 medium and 2 dark skin tones. Plus 3 fantasy colours. There could maybe be a little bit more but considering that picrews are free and they are intended to be played for fun I think this is perfectly fine amount. I have light skin and none of these colours match me.
The thing about picrews is that unlike triple AAA video games you make a character in a few minutes and then that's it you had all the fun you could get. The artists who makes them are either hobbiest or prof artists who makes them in their spare time. So expecting to make your OC or a realistic self portrait is a bit much. Yes it sucks when the options are limited and I understand why people with dark skin are frustrated that they are always left out in character customizations but wouldn't it be more productive to promote picrews that uses a wide range of darker skin tones rather than making callout posts for artists who don't. Lavendertowns style is so distinctive anyway that even if she did offer every skin tone on earth it would still be hard to make a self-portrait or an already established oc

No. 1584167

>made horror character ''attractive'' by removing their scars
The way they said it sounds like it's supposed to be the most horrible shit person can do (next to racism) is funny to me I'm sorry

No. 1584174

artists are honestly insufferable, at this point in time they are competing with each other for the most mundane shit and doing things like this is easy attention grab. couldn't imagine LT actually giving a fuck because she has an actual viewer base, but who knows, most seem neurotic anyway.

No. 1584232

She panders to zoomers and these callouts don't come from any artist, but zoomer "artists" specifically. You reap what you sow i guess.

I do find it funny that the same people who are bringing this old dirt up and lashing out at LT for "fixing" (uglifying) Haruhi and other anime girls do the same exact shit except making them black/troons/deathfats and then it's okay, kek

No. 1584492

Not trying to white knight, but I think you're being too harsh on how much you think she's "pandering". I think she's way too normie for that.
The videos I've seen of her with a topic that could be kinda pandery (like the one where she redesigns problematic character designs) had an extremely normie approach to it. Even the retarded armband thing I mentioned was more "ignorant normie says really dumb shit" than actually trying to cancel the show for it for brownie points. I honestly don't think she's even aware of the xe/xir trigender foxkin kids as a potential audience.
At most she "panders" in the same way business boards do, where the pandering isn't ideological at all, just based on picking topics that might be popular.

I think that was either self censoring because she likes to stay as pg as possible or just her using Hetalia as a reference point because she's a weeb.

I just realized another reason I dislike the middle and right one. The heads with LT's bug eyes style look decent on their own and the bodies look decent on their own (except for the weirdly unshaded hands), but together they look so weird because the body has realistic proportions. Middle one's torso looks so long because of this.

No. 1584570

Don't be sorry, it's fucking stupid. Like I know they probably point it out as "ableism" or whatever but it sounds like it's coming from a horror movie killer fetishist offended that they bishified her husbando kek

No. 1584731

File: 1684814852437.png (76.69 KB, 585x801, Screenshot from 2023-05-23 00-…)

Thanks to this recent incident (picrel), we'll probably see more cases coming up.

No. 1584732

File: 1684814852434.png (76.69 KB, 585x801, Screenshot from 2023-05-23 00-…)

Thanks to this recent incident (picrel), we'll probably see more cases coming up.

No. 1584738

Even when he's dead Andy Warhol keeps losing to women

No. 1584739

big if true

No. 1584740

No. 1584765

I secretly hope this leads to a total ban on AI generated shit so porn/deepfakes and pedo shit disappear

No. 1584770

insane the amount of damage that happens with one fake image. How can we say our economy is real

No. 1584829

not salt but damn i love when autismos put all their power into crazy good fanart content. They also evolved and became actually good, in comparison to the late 00s

No. 1584833

they are also animating it. God bless them

No. 1584856

this is so cute

No. 1584863

File: 1684833268416.jpg (703.04 KB, 1343x2474, 1677425354797263.jpg)

Do you study the funDIES nonny? I started hard grinding this year, so far i did get better at anatomy, but still suck at everything related with painting. Right now i can only do 3 hours daily of studying, would love to push it to 6, inspired by pic rel.

No. 1584900

I don't want to be mean to newbies and really want to support them, but the local pop culture convention (prime time for artist alley sales) and there are always fresh newbies with a poor grasp of… everything. It makes me annoyed to see good artists get snubbed of a table to these overconfident people, who then sit at a table for hours and watch as nobody stops to buy anything because their art frankly sucks. Once they get tired they just close down and now there's an empty unused table, which makes the whole area look sloppy and like it's about to close down.

I don't get it. Have they never had a look through artist alley before and noticed the quality of the works there? Did their friends gas them up with compliments to make them think they're good enough? Or is it because they've seen other newbies that they keep thinking it's a good idea even though their tables are embarrassingly empty and the contrast to the others is obvious?

No. 1585033

That'd be nice but it's impossible to ban, the best they can do is retroactively add rules and laws.

No. 1585109

This is why I'm not a huge fan of the lottery system, and I think half juried, half lottery is a good way to balance it out.

No. 1585124

If it's a lottery, these artists probably applied because they've seen that tier of art in AAs before and thought they'd get some sales. If it's juried, it has to be retardation. Sometimes it's artists who have a decent following online and think that views equal sales, but they haven't caught on yet that their audience of underage TIFs has no money to spend.

No. 1585249

I've seen artists return to juried events with shitty work return year after year having never improved and their table is always empty, nobody wants their crappy fan art. It's a waste of space and money and I suspect the only reason artists like that return on jury is bc they know someone on the jury panel.

No. 1585269

How does that work? Like they preselect the lottery contestants based on quality?

No. 1585285

half is lottery, the other half is selected by jury based on quality.

No. 1585364

I'm actually surprised more conventions don't opt for this, especially if they get accused of being biased. Though it's obvious when there's a bias when a weaker artist gets in every year no matter what system you use like with >>1585249

No. 1585461

I havent seen tawog in such a long time, did Darwin die or is that just the creator's way of getting around him having kids with a ghost woman

No. 1585474

The anti Lavendertowne thread is hilarious. Did she piss in these zoomers cereal or something? They’re reaching so hard to find instiances of her being problematic that they’re considering giving a RAT humanization rodent buck teeth to be literally a racist caricature of an asian person. I don’t like her art even but I aspire to make retards this mad over cutesy girl drawings like she does.

No. 1585516

Yeah the worst thing Lavendertowne is guilty off is being bland.

No. 1585644

File: 1684914983333.png (71.23 KB, 298x681, 1684910773271022.png)

Twitter is going to start scrapping stuff for AI. I hope ellon's ass gets sued into oblivion. I doubt Nintendo, Sony, Disney would like the new change.

No. 1585738

Just when I wanted to open an art account? RIP!

No. 1585763

could this mean a mass migration back to tumblr? but then again twitter artist has made several statements about gking back to tumblr but they never do it

No. 1585771

Every few months there's fear mongering about "Twitter's new ToS!!!!!". Nothing there is new and all platforms have similar terms, that's all legal speak for "we're allowed to show the images that you upload, modify them by resizing and generating lower res thumbnails, and let people retweet and share them (distribution)".

No. 1585779


I swear reading comprehension is deteriorating with each passing year. This is bog standard TOS and nowhere in the quoted text does it say AI scraping. People just want artists to leave twitter in droves and just so they can have a more convenient place for them to follow. As if Mastadon (where this post originates) wasn't a flop.

No. 1585785

ellon musk is pro AI though, so i am 100% sure they are going to come out with their own AI image generator eventualky

No. 1585791

dA has a similar TOS and likely used the clause to build their own AI model. So while the "sudden news" is unwarranted, the concern has basis because we've already seen this happen before.

(Also, please keep in mind that Mastodon is just the software. There are several Mastodon instances that cross over into others. Tumblr is working on federated compatibility so that it's easier for people to actually utilize these networks for their own exposure since it's confusing to people who aren't familiar with the landscape.)

No. 1585937

File: 1684948901723.jpeg (125.52 KB, 720x759, IMG_3061.jpeg)

Was searching on Pinterest and I saw some cute art. I regret searching up the context of it. Whats wrong with being a girl? This is literally a straight ship with extra steps. I hate jojo fujos so much.

No. 1585939

File: 1684949080742.jpeg (63.45 KB, 720x647, IMG_3063.jpeg)

It’s supposed to be jotakak and Kakyoin is basically a typical teenage girl except totally a boy.

No. 1585968

just make ocs at this point jfc

No. 1586013

I will never understand what is about this character that turns fujos into complete autists, even for Jojo fandom standards

No. 1586015

This is just a genderbend for the people who say genderbends are "transphobic"

No. 1586016

Even the characters in Wish by Clamp looks closer to the actual Jotaro and Kakyoin than these things.

No. 1586017

Why is girl Kakyoin that dark when she's a mexican/japanese mix? Mexican isn't a race so she probably means indigenous mexican but still topkek.

No. 1586121


plenty of japanese people get that dark with sun exposure

No. 1586133

Let's not act like that artist was going for realism kek it's pretty obvious she drew her that dark because she's half-mexican.

No. 1586433

Isn't Kakyoin meant to be a native Japanese student? I guess one minority ethnicity wasn't special enough

No. 1586659

Has anyone noticed a trend with how some artists (mostly online) being very annoying with saying that they have the "tism" and use that term so frequently to an obnoxious amount.

>"Oh sorry, I have the "tism"

>" I can't eat that food because of the texture, it's the "tism"
>"Sorry I tend to dose off because of the "tism"

I don't know if it's just me but I tend to listen to some artists who stream for background noise when I'm drawing and I've come across a few online streaming artist who speak like this and they use the term so frequently that's it's freaking obnoxious.

Like I have autism myself but I don't talk about it like that, i hardly ever bring it up and it baffles me seeing other artists using it like it's some form of street cred or something.

I also see this with the phrase "neuro-divergent" that I've also seen used with frequency among some online artists as well and just as annoying.

No. 1586660

>the phrase "neuro-divergent"
try "neuro-diverse", i got an ad for "the only browser that understands ADHD" that's for "neurodiverse" people, yeah no shit, everyone's neurodiverse, it's how brains work.

No. 1586663

AYRT, sorry anon, I was just quoting what I've been hearing in the streams I've been watching the last few weeks and they use that phrase so much, it's just so annoying lol. It's like okay, we get it, you have autism. Can you like stop reminding us? Kek.

No. 1586893


This and the "haha sorry my ADHD brain" this and "ADHD that" has been trending as an excuse for a lot of things lately when 99% of the time they haven't been diagnosed with it.

This trendy bullshit with the mental health talk is really starting to get played out. Everyone is walking on eggshells because of someone else's "triggers"

Artists are prone to feeding into this nonsense because they feel like they need an excuse for whatever behavior they're exhibiting. The constant ADHD/'tism mentioning, unprompted usually indicates I'll get really tired of interacting with that artist, really fast, and that they don't have the mental maturity to keep personal health bullshit to themselves. Everyone is oversharing it and leaving themselves vulnerable.
Must be the 'tism.

No. 1587055

There's a whole trend of faking autism and adhd on tiktok along with quirky uwu phrases like "you have a touch of the tism", before that the trend was DID and tics, and in a few months it'll be something else, not surprised it's been bleeding outside tiktok too

No. 1587075

File: 1685037582727.jpg (105.76 KB, 980x1287, Praying Cat.jpg)

AYRT and thank fucking god I'm not the only who noticed this with mental health being used as some "uwu qUiRkY" excuse to obnoxiously feign for oppression points. The artist I've been watching who's been doing this claims she was diagnosed and she's in her 30s but most of the other artists she's friends with who join in on her streams are zoomers with the youngest being 19 and I can't help but feel that the reason why this main chick I'm referring to is like this is because her tard zoomer friends act like this.

>The constant ADHD/'tism mentioning, unprompted usually indicates I'll get really tired of interacting with that artist, really fast, and that they don't have the mental maturity to keep personal health bullshit to themselves. Everyone is oversharing it and leaving themselves vulnerable.

Must be the 'tism.

I feel you anon. I will say that this artist isn't as bad when she's doing streams by herself and while she'll still obnoxiously bring up the "sorry guys, it's the 'tism" bullshit, she doesn't do it early as much when she's with her friends. But it's just that I have come across a few other streaming artist who say the same thing. I remember being initially confused by the slang "tism" until I heard what it was meant to mean kek.

No. 1587081

AYRT and ah okay, that makes a lot more sense. I'm not on TikTok but I do remember hearing about how there were some people on there faking having disorders but the one I remember hearing about was when people were faking having BPD and Dissociative identity disorder. I didn't know it was now extending to Autism but it makes so much more sense why I've been seeing more artist use those phrasings like "tism".

It's just annoying (but not surprising) how this bullshit slipped into the art world.

No. 1587959

You never really stop coming back to grind fundies, nona. But remember to put time on application through original/fan artwork.

No. 1588111

File: 1685114914132.png (239.63 KB, 665x529, FwTmqUVWcAESr8a.PNG)

I used to like doodle date but nowadays Steph doesn’t post much (which is understandable because of her health) and Adam’s have just become insufferable. His art still has not improved at all, he only draws lolis with minimum clothes and refuses to draw males. I used to have their streams as background noise but since he has taken over them I can’t stand him and his horrible art.

No. 1588304

I wouldn't say studying fundies helped me improve my illustration skills. What really helped me improve was finishing complete illustrations. You can spend hours learning how to draw anatomy, but so what. That's all you'd learn. Try to finish a complex scene like the image you've posted. By trying to figure out how to do that, you'll be training yourself at the same time.

No. 1588368

File: 1685129798402.jpeg (315.45 KB, 2048x2048, B2F847B1-0181-4E5F-B0F8-D7E491…)

Proko is so chill I love his attitude so much

No. 1588456

Twisted Disaster shared her recent con experience at Comic Con Revolution and how she didn't make as many sales as she was hoping to and that she didn't even break even. She says that this was the case for all the other artists that were working the artist alley but part of me feels like this isn't really true and that the truth is that her art just isn't as great as she thinks it is.

I want to give her the benefit of the doubt as I'm sure that ever since post-Covid, people haven't been buying things as much compared to pre-Covid but even with that in mind, I just gptta be honest in my thoughts that her art is so off-putting and not in a good way. I know that Michie's lack of anatomy skill has been discussed here plenty of times and it's just so bewildering that she really hasn't improved it and I feel like her fail of turning profit at this latest con is a dose of reality that her "style" isn't as great as she thinks it is.

She still draws eyes way too big which wouldn't be a problem if she didn't space them so close together. I'll admit that I think her coloring style looks good but it really does her art as a whole no favors when her anatomy skill is so generically basic. It feels like she doesn't understand that good coloring does not improve a subpar base (in this case her anatomy).

I feel so mean in saying this but she mentions in the video that she got her box full of various merch she designed stolen from the first day of the con but was able to get it back the next day when another artist working the alley found it and gave it back to her. Thankfully (for her) nothing was stolen but deep down I was thinking "maybe it's because your art isn't worth stealing…" I feel crappy thinking such a thing but it's just how I feel.

She also mentions how a lot of the other artists there were underselling themselves which is what made some of the con-goers coming to her asking if she had anything cheaper which further makes me think that again, her art skill is still subpar in comparison to other artists while in on setting. Selling independently online is so much different than selling in a more competitive environment where your art will be compared and judged.

I was curious and took a look at some of the artists who were working the artist alley and I gotta say that there were quite a few that looked like they had lots of skill and polish and I wouldn't be surprised if they actually were getting sales and unfortunately for Michie, their styles just looked a lot more appealing. It's not even because she prefers drawing spookier themes, her art just looks derpy and will only appeal to niche of people, mainly teenagers which she has said do make up a portion of her commissioners.

She has potential to have a decent style but she doesn't practice on the aspect that really matters. She mentions over and over that she practices with her coloring and inking and it shows but it really doesn't take you that far if you're not also improving your anatomy even if it's supposed to be cartoony.

Anyway sorry for the blog-post but I was in shock at the potential delusion of this woman with her art and why it doesn't really have that much appeal.

No. 1589004

I agree with you, her art isn't appealing at all. I remember i looked at her social media and she barley gets any traction, so it is weird to me that she doesn't work to improve her art more. It feels very deviantart to me.

At one point her audience was growing and if she had put more effort into her art, she would have gotten more popular. Now she only uploads sobstorys to yt, that is probably also not appealing to new people.

No. 1589088

KEK I thought this was a gijinka of Mordecai and Margaret from Regular Show.

No. 1589110

i do both

No. 1589538

kek the fucked up kangaroo still cracks me up

No. 1589658

Nothing to reply about her con experience, but the way she colors and does lineart is nonsensical. The shadows are not based on any light source, she just adds shade randomly everywhere, and the line thickness is also added randomly. I've never seen anyone draw so tediously, it's a very amateur technique.

No. 1589689

I'll always have something of a soft spot for TwistedDisaster just because I was a huge fan of hers back in highschool and she inspired me to finally start posting my art online, but even I thought it was strange how she kept talking about the other artists; "The other artists this", "The other artists that," and complaining about not making any money. It just reeked of insecurity, but like, doesn't her husband support both of them? Money from conventions would be nice but as an adult, she oughta know that the economy is an absolute shitshow and planned for decreased interest in her art compared to newer, more talented artists with higher prices. I don't know how to articulate it; she's always been kind of hit-or-miss but this time around she felt particularly whiny and weird and I found myself cringing at both her and the art.

No. 1589842

She's always been such a miserable person to me. Always something to bitch about to gain pity points. I'm not expecting artists online to be all sunshine and daisies but holy shit, she's like a pile of sludge just looking for other people to commiserate with. I wonder if, given her resistance to improving her art, she's even enjoying making it anymore. She seems to be on autopilot with her technique and never does anything new. I'd be fucking miserable too if that was my art style for the past 6+ years and I was left behind in the dust. But that's all on her, not "the other artists" she keeps whining about.

Reality has to hit her at some point that maybe the reason she's never been able to support herself from her art, is because it just isn't as good, and that she's in a very lucky position to have her husband support her hobby the way he does; maybe she doesn't want to admit it is a hobby.

No. 1590000

I was happy a couple of years ago when Steph made their snack date channel into her own channel. I wish she had been able to keep it going. When they do post a doodle date video Adam steamrolls the whole thing with his talking and adds too many annoying sound effects. They need to focus on Steph

No. 1590057

Sorry for a stupid question, but what's all the hate for screenless tablets? I've used wacom bamboo for 8 years and never regreted purchaising it. This year I bought wacom one which works just fine for me. I honestly don't see a point in uprgrading to a cintiq if a screless tablet covers all my needs.

No. 1590070

I have screenless as well, it's a Huion. The pens are shit, gotta have a new one every year but the tablet itself is great, my cats steps on it, i spilled water on it and it didn't get inside, it's a sturdy boy. Before i had Genius and it worked for like 10 years before the pen died. I bet people hating just don't know how to draw down on a table and look ahead on the screen kek

No. 1590072

I don't get the impression that people hate them, but a lot of people make the argument that learning the hand-eye coordination isn't worth it with screenless tablets since they want to draw exclusively on a screen tablet. I kinda get that, at least from a beginner's perspective. Personally when I finally got a cintiq after years of screenless tablets I had no problem switching back and forth, but I stick to my screenless tablet now because it's better for my posture and so much more sturdy. I once had a younger artist complain how she could never get on my level because of her "stupid intuos", the very same version I use, kek. A lot of these people seem to think that all good artists use screen tablets and get salty when some of us "make do" with a screenless one.

No. 1590574

Still can't believe that bro couldn't draw an animal from imagination kek

No. 1590581

>she mentions in the video that she got her box full of various merch she designed stolen from the first day of the con but was able to get it back the next day
>nothing was stolen
So the thief stole it but then realised they didn't like the art, ouch. At least she wasn't stolen from of course but if even a thief doesn't want your stuff for free…

No. 1590657

Can you please just say this is Pucca instead of trying not to say her name?

No. 1590662

>I remember I looked at her social media and she barely gets any traction, so it is weird to me that she doesn't want to improve her art more.

Yeah exactly. I don't want to judge her on that merit alone though because I can admit that I don't get much traction on my own art neither and I think that my stuff is okay though I'm trying to take steps to improve my work.

She has said that the reason she doesn't practice more is because she's "too busy" and "doesn't have the time" which is just… Really? She doesn't have an IRL job and after listening to some of her streams, she always complains about how something inconvenient happens in her life that "kills her mood" and to where she feels entitled to take an off day to relax… It just makes me wonder if she's just that much of a laze about.

>At one point her audience was growing and if she had put more effort into her art, she would have gotten more popular. Now she only uploads sobstorys to yt, that is probably also not appealing to new people.

Yeah she was growing for a bit but I think the only reason that was happening was because she was doing her YouTube so consistently back during that time. I don't think a lot of people watch her content for her art but just because they either enjoy her personality or enjoy her talking about drama whether it's online or personal life stuff.

No. 1590672

See I'm the same way. Granted me and her are the same age but I remember when I came across her content in 2016 and though I didn't really like her art style that much, I liked listening to her for BG noise and I felt like overtime her art style would improve but 5+ years later and her art still looks unappealing to me.

>but even I thought it was strange how she kept talking about the other artists; "The other artists this", "The other artists that," and complaining about not making any money. It just reeked of insecurity,

It definitely was insecurity but she didn't want to admit it. Again I looked at some of the other artists who worked the artist alley and a lot of them had pretty well-done styles, even the cartoony or anime ones. She probably deep down felt intimidated but wants to save face.

>but like, doesn't her husband support both of them?

Yes he does anon. Michie hasn't worked a IRL job in at least 5+ years and her husband is the main breadwinner. He even got a promotion at his job recently from what she shared in one of her recent streams this month. So it's assumed that Michie doesn't have to work a regular job since her husband already makes enough to support the both of them even though she claims that she pays a sizeable portion of their bills though I kind of doubt that and at most, she probably pays for the electricity and/or groceries (she's done "emergency grocery" commissions in the past).

>I don't know how to articulate it; she's always been kind of hit-or-miss but this time around she felt particularly whiny and weird and I found myself cringing at both her and the art.

Same anon, same. She's hit/miss with me as well but lately she's been missing a lot and comes off super whiny and it doesn't help that her art hasn't improved neither. I can't help but feel that part of the reason why she doesn't practice more with her anatomy is because her much younger friends gas up her art even though I gotta admit that her younger artist friends styles look much more appealing than hers and they're like 6-10 years younger than her.

It's a shame because if she just stopped with the shading practice and worked on her anatomy, she would see genuine improvement.

No. 1590673

File: 1685322289128.jpg (307.57 KB, 1200x1200, Fwe2gKxaIAAfqL4.jpg)

>I wonder if, given her resistance to improving her art, she's even enjoying making it anymore. She seems to be on autopilot with her technique and never does anything new. I'd be fucking miserable too if that was my art style for the past 6+ years and I was left behind in the dust.

She says that she still enjoys making art and she always feels the need to geek out over how much she loves the way she colors eyes which again yeah sure, her coloring is somewhat okay but it doesn't fix her derpy ass looking style that is not gonna appeal to many and she claim she doesn't care all she wants but then she shouldn't be surprised if people don't want to buy her art when she's working the cons.

Pic-rel is one of her recent pics she did that she turned into merch and her saying that it didn't sell much… I mean yeah why is that surprise. Like yeah it's Zelda and Zelda is hot right now because of Tears of the Kingdom but yet the characters look absolutely unappealing in her wonky style. Link looks kinda okay but Ganon looks horrible and Zelda is very "meh".

>Reality has to hit her at some point that maybe the reason she's never been able to support herself from her art, is because it just isn't as good

I feel like her latest experience at this con is that reality or at least part of it. She says that this other con she went to didn't go so well neither but she didn't explain why (yet) so we'll see but if it's because she wasn't making profit there neither, that should be a double wake up call.

No. 1590678

Exactly. I mean it's great she didn't lose the merch but it should say something if no one bothered stealing anything which can signify that eve a thief finds your work too lackluster to even try to sell on their own.
And obviously she didn't manage to sell much if at all of the merch in the box anyway so… That's just a lot of space inventory to add to the pile.

No. 1590924

What? We're talking about Twisted Disaster. See >>1588456

No. 1591008

Never heard of her before this thread but this is such unappealing basic shit. Why are they all cross eyed?

No. 1591022


Because she won't let up on the symmetry tool I'm assuming. It looks like she over uses it then doesn't correct for the cross eyed look that the symmetry tool can sometimes cause.

No. 1591024

They each look hideous and psychotic, lmao. How does someone look at this and think this looks fine??

No. 1591076

There is never a reason to use the symmetry tool to draw human features (except vtuber models made for rigging), it will always come out uncanny and stick out like a sore thumb. You also instantly look like an amateur that can't draw faces. She just comes across as an incredibly lazy person, no wonder she hasn't improved.

No. 1591174

File: 1685377416103.png (10.09 KB, 640x400, Idol_Club_Vol4_31.png)

>almost halfway through the year
how are you doing on your art journey nonnas?
i feel dissapointed in myself for not improving as much, but i downloaded some tutorials and i plan on watching them this month.

No. 1591180

I planned to finish an illustration each month but I failed last month as well as this one kek. But I was taking care of commissions and other projects so I guess it's not too bad. I feel like I'm about to reach a point where I can comfortably draw what I want and genuinely like it too.

No. 1591185

I wanted to make a least one doodle a day after not drawing for years, even bought a notebook for that, well, I haven't drawn a single thing. Maybe I will start in 3 days, maybe I will keep pushing it away again, still I think that I will start drawing again this year and actually learn something and maybe for once like what I'm doing.

No. 1591188

Symmetry tool is the laziest cop-out for faces and it never looks good. It will always look lazy and weird.

No. 1591209

So I have a relatively well-priced art book by Hideshi Hino, picrel. I'm not a big fan of his work really and I'm considering selling sometime in the future but not til I figure out what kind of paper the illustrations in the book are printed on. I'm getting ready to print some zines in the near future and the book is currently in storage, so I don't have access to it right now. Was wondering if anyone has a copy and can lend me a hand in trying to figure out what I need to look for in print shops.

No. 1591213

File: 1685380496195.jpg (409.97 KB, 1200x1600, s-l1600.jpg)

Forgot to post the picrel.

No. 1591256

I don't know this artist and I have nothing against/for her personally, but how do people end up with art styles like this? On a technical level she's "ok", nothing amazing but it's not terrible either. But there's absolutely no appeal whatsoever in her style, it's plain ugly. Are some people just blind to it?

No. 1591258

What >>1591022 said. Ever since she learned about the symmetry tool, she uses it VERY frequently from using to for the eyes and using if for when she shades. According to her it's "working smarter, not harder" but yet the end result looks like… That.

And it doesn't help that she draws the eyes so close together. She doesn't use the 1 eye apart principle and it's also what enhances the cross-eyed look even more.

Because she thinks her coloring/shading is so great looking. As I said in another post, she tends to dote on how much she loves her shading style and it doesn't seem like she cares much about the anatomy (or lack thereof) because again, she's too busy with commissions to practice (even though she has a near 2 year long queue of commission work…)

No. 1591260

Honestly I feel like the whole VTuber thing is what influenced her to use the symmetry tool so much. Her troon/TIF friend makes Vtuber models (she made Michie's current one) and they've gotten really close and I think she probably watched her draw and use it a lot so she started using it for herself and doesn't seem to notice how horrible it translates to regular art.

No. 1591275

File: 1685383864578.jpg (136.42 KB, 687x1163, Fwh4dHmacAAbL_W.jpg)

No problem anon, look her up on YouTube when you have the chance to see what we mean, her username is Twisted Disaster. That's also her DeviantART account where you can see more of her art to get a better look at some of her other stuff.

>How do people end up with art styles like this?

I think it's because she just got complacent in her skill level, especially with the friend group she hangs around in these days. She's said time and again that she wanted to go for a cartoony style and so it feels like she uses that as an excuse to justify not practicing more on her anatomy to clean it up. She also draws a lot of chibis and I can't help but feel that that also contributes to why when she draws non-chibi art, it looks so unappealing.

Your analysis is correct in that she's not the worst but it's not great neither. She's stuck in a limbo in-between and it's a shame she doesn't practice more because with more tweaking and improvement, her style would look more appealing and she'd probably get more business.

It doesn't help that her art friends who are so much younger than her gas up her style which probably makes her not feel like improving more which results in lack of sales IRL in competitive artist environments.

No. 1591431


No. 1591433

>ex tranny
where was this confirmed?

No. 1591441

File: 1685396938851.png (77.55 KB, 1145x978, tbrainrot.png)

No. 1591478

I swear to god tbrainrot is this generation's Nemu with how messed up and cumbrained she is online and irl. If she were halfway attractive, which she probably isn't thanks to mangling her body with hormones, we'd see her behaving like a coomer at cons and stuffing Lisa figurines between her tits just like dear ol Christy did.

No. 1591482

nimu was an attention whore, terry isnt. I honestly wish she would sperg out more, but she seems selfaware enough to just post her cringe art, respond to a few questions and leave for days. God, i wish we had another nimu i miss her so much.

No. 1591612

Anon didn't really quote it, so it could've been them.

No. 1591675

I started drawing again after being unemployed for awhile, yet I'm still struggling with digital art after trying it for the x time.

No. 1591676

Has anyone ever feel a little bit awkward participating in your own country art community? I live in a rather small country mind you, so participating in this community can be a little bit scary at times.
I previously had some falling out with a few artists in the past, nothing too juicy, it's just we don't get along anymore and I'm afraid of bumping into them when the time comes.

No. 1591749

I don't like mingling with the local art community because it's either annoying commie politispergs or or edgy scrotes like khyleri.

No. 1591805

a bit of a shot in the dark, but does anyone have trickywagon's old privated studio vlogs saved? i've been wanting to rewatch them, but haven't found them archived anywhere so i was hoping someone here might have them downloaded

No. 1591834

Stupid question but what does "rendering" really mean in art? I always thought it was a 3D thing and since I don't do 3D art I never paid attention to it, but now I see people use it for all art all the time and I don't really get what it means. Like people will compliment my rendering and I have to sit there like "uhh thanks" not even knowing what they really mean and it's embarrassing

No. 1591837

Rendering means Coloring with all the lights/shadows/etc. So if you draw a picture with flat color with no shading/lighting, there was no rendering involved.

No. 1591906

Kind of, mostly because i feel most artists in my country are either
1.full on SJW
2.full on unfunny scrote
3.participate more in the "international" art community (don't speak mainly their native language, engage often more with foreigner artists etc)
4.if none of the above, there's a huge chance i'm just really not interested in their artstyle/subjects

No. 1591961


The kind of art i make isn't really the kind of art that matches what locals like so, I keep it sort of to myself. I don't really like mentioning I'm an artist irl because people think that means a musician, or someone who renders real people or 'street art' or tattoos, and it always leads to them thinking they can get art from me without pay or want links to my insta, which I don't use. It's an annoying exchange of questions and answers so I avoid it altogether.

No. 1591963


I can't answer your question, sorry, but I remember really liking her art but I've recently fallen out of interest for it. I read the prologue of her comic she's been hyping up for ages with her characters and was super underwhelmed. It looked kind of rushed and has that annoying webtoons scroll format. On top of that, it was boring as rocks. I like her art otherwise, her sketches and videos are amazing. It's her first comic and most people's first comic sucks but.. It's just that kpop romantic drama flavor I don't care about, and if that was the prologue the rest might not be good.

I dunno how she managed to get as popular as she did with such vague characters, but maybe it really was just the aesthetic looking, mellow artvlog videos.

No. 1592055

Gradually coming along. In the process of eliminating bad habits that kept me from drawing. Got GDevelop to start laying out the UI of my dressup game and working on sketches for it. Haven't decided on a style, but we're not at that stage yet! Trying to take things one step at a time instead of plan for 20 things at once.

No. 1592655

Don't go on twitter today

No. 1592669

what happened? is it related to shadman?

No. 1592766

I have pondered that one legged mfer twice a week since you posted the account here like. So what happened to the leg

No. 1592773

She got popular from fanart. I remember her Kingsman and Detroit: Become Human fanart being really popular before she made the pivot to posting mostly about OCs. The vlogs helped also, of course. I'm pretty disappointed by her comic as well. I know it's only the beginning, but it's so bland

No. 1592797

AYRT, oh that's right artists really were gripped by those two things specifically at the time. I saw a lot of Detroit become Human fanart but the kingsman stuff was pretty unique.

Props to her for going the OC route, and having it sell, that's honestly my goal so her vlogs can be inspiring to watch. I hope you find them, nona!

No. 1592871

I think i’ve done quite a bit of progress but not as much as I wanted to.
I started playing around with blender but i’m just following tutorials.
Trying to power through term 1 of radiorunner’s curriculum, i’m ashamed at how much tome I spent on it.
Not art related but I also started learning c#
I would like to progress outside the “tutorial hell stage”

No. 1593045

Notice how her mutilated leg is the same as the amputated one.Take my tinfoil with a grain of salt because i'm no medfag, but i think that either she really did cut it off or, more likely, had to have it surgically removed due to complications.

No. 1593078

what is it then? nonas in the ftm thread say it's a male, here it's a female.

No. 1593081

File: 1685543749650.png (Spoiler Image,22.14 KB, 475x337, rapistinvaderfantasygarbage.pn…)

samefag, they draw both characters with dicks, but it could just be a truemale fantasy.

No. 1593112

I can understand your confusion since she does pass pretty well in the photo she posted, however scrolling her twitter for like 5 seconds it's clear she's a tif. No man types like that or is so invested into fandoms/yaoi like that. Just because a woman has unusual/''moidish'' interests or paraphilias like gore doesn't automatically mean she must be male. This kind of thinking is so harmful because it's exactly one of the reasons why these tifs troon out.

No. 1593118

forgot to add that she possibly has phallo and so it would explain the dick on the bigger one, however i don't know about the smaller ones dick because she said she has a gf that inspired some of these comics. So either this is unrelated yaoi fantasy, rp or she's dating a tim (but i don't think so). Sorry for tinfoilsperging nonna i hope this was helpful somewhat

No. 1593134

i didn't think she was a man because of her paraphilias, it was the photo and that comic that fooled me, but yeah, the fandom stuff does make it obvious, Saihara x Kokichi, references to the climate of Tumblr, Aggretsuko, Deep-Sea-Prisoner's games, Reigen x Shigeo, Death Note L, Edward Elric, Spamton, all of it kind of does make it obvious that it's a mentally disturbed woman that ventured into the worst parts of the internet and left with several paraphilias.

No. 1593164

File: 1685549626241.png (Spoiler Image,124.93 KB, 675x861, homunculus100_.png)

I wasn't saying you thought she was male because of her paraphilias, i was referring to retards like >>1577204 spewing some bullshit about whats ''feminine'' or not as if that has any bearing on being of the female sex. hope this clears things up nonny.

here's her mentioning her gf, incase she deletes this or something

No. 1593169

NTAYRT but this is exactly what my local/national art community is like. Most of them are terminally online (so the few ones whose art style I remotely like are showing their tumblresque fanart-looking stuff/straight up fanart at real life exhibitions, are full-on LGBTQIA++++ supporters even though no one here except Americanized retards like them give a shit, are obvious coomers who love American cartoons…), the few artists who aren't like this are just… not very good. I saw a lot of these recently and virtually none of them know how to paint a human face or a body, or an animal, or a house. Their art is really basic, it just looks pretty and impactful because it's traditionally painted and on a big, often framed canvas. I want to be like them, even learn from them if possible and become a local painter whose art is both normal (not terminally online) and good. I've got a better grasp on anatomy and fundamentals than most of these mostly older people, but on the other hand, I don't know how to paint and it seems like an overwhelming skill to learn.

No. 1593204

Late reply but otokonoko culture is significantly different from modern troon culture in the west. Crossdressing has a pretty large "community" over there, most of the time it's not even seen as a fetish thing, moreso as a way to relax or be somebody else for a while, which is why you see stuff like crossdressing salons. Compare that to crossdressing in America where the closest thing we have is drag bars. You'd almost never see anybody like vid related over here, they'd just call them "eggs" and try to force them to become trannies.

No. 1593221

File: 1685555577099.jpg (183.71 KB, 785x1463, because it does.jpg)

so called islamic artist gets called out on coomer bait woman design. moids really are blind

No. 1593255

what did you expect nona

No. 1593260

Still a fetish thing desu. At least nippon moids aren’t delusional about being a man.

No. 1593286

Sometimes I'd like to connect with some local artists but the very few meeting they have are kinda lame and most of them are focused on drawing religious portraits, tryhard political messages or cringy sexy pictures. It's just not something I want to get into, and people like that hardly appreciate other types of art.

No. 1593295

The smaller character is meant to be FtM, based on her other comics.

No. 1593297

Is male crossdressing always a fetish? Women can wear whatever they want nowadays, and it's no longer even seen as crossdressing, but men are always looked at suspiciously when they wear a dress. I don't know, maybe it's because men are wearing clothes not made for their bodies, so it'll always look strange? No one is manufacturing dress-shaped clothing to fit male bodies.

No. 1593306

I'm kind of lowkey about it. People always tell me to go downtown and busk to make some money, but I really don't like rendering realistic portraits, I like sketching people though and have had some people pay me for the sketches I've done. There is a healthy appreciation for the arts where I live so most people won't expect you to do something for free, but they will lowball you. Artists tend to get the shaft compared to musicians I feel like. Other than that, I haven't started participating because I can't bring myself to keep my mouth shut about certain politics that would get me blacklisted real fast. So I've been trying to keep my work as apolitical as possible. I really want to get into selling my stuff at the street festivals that happen around here in the summer and don't want to deal with the backlash. I would like to get some gigs before I move out of town too.

No. 1593309

I’m actually a fan of this guy and hope his game actually becomes playable someday. It’s a shame since he’s a talented artist but he can’t design women for shit.

No. 1593315

File: 1685564049079.jpg (Spoiler Image,67.46 KB, 394x592, Bf95.jpg)

>No one is manufacturing dress-shaped clothing to fit male bodies
this isn't necessarily true. Female clothing patterned for men exists but it's all BDSM gear, or those horrifying sissy dresses. Sort of telling that it's all for fetish purposes. I think whether or not it's a fetish depends but you can usually tell. Feminine gay men wear makeup and women's clothes and nobody really cares, but the whole "transforming into a sexy lady" thing is popular with a totally different type of guy and it's for sex or humiliation purposes only.

No. 1593736

Does anyone else feel so alone when trying to connect with other artists when you don't believe in trans/nonbinary retardedness?

Like every time I come across a new artist who's art I like, they end up either being a troon (including "nonbinary" in this) or they're a raving TRA and I'm at a point in my life where I cannot pretend to be supportive of this BS.

It's made me much too afraid to try reaching out and making new friends within the online art scene. I wish there was a group or discord for "terf" artists but I have a feeling such a thing doesn't exist.

No. 1593803

No. I went to art school and had to learn to deal with gendies to survive. I just expect that most of my peers are into genderwoo and try to get along with them unless it’s all they talk about. In that case it’s a big sign that we aren’t likely to have much else in common. I have accepted that I’m outnumbered unfortunately.

No. 1593873

AYRT and that is some bleak shit, I'm not gonna lie but I understand why you feel this way…

No. 1593957

tbf any sort of openly religious artist will attract the most pearl clutching weirdos

No. 1594069

There used to be a terf artist discord and maybe it's still around. I quit discord though and don't know where you'd get an invite these days.

No. 1594089

I've given up on that. Even the few non-gendies are insane from being permanently online. I still talk to other artists if they start a conversation, but I keep it very brief and cheerful and completely ignore any bullshit they try to start. Treat them like you'd treat a toddler you're not responsible for and you should be fine.

No. 1594237

File: 1685634862707.jpg (174.91 KB, 1080x1417, IMG_20230601_090326.jpg)

This was so unnecessarily spiteful, the quoted tweet didn't even throw shade to Halle Bailey

No. 1594260

AYRT, ah bummer. I'll have to look into that but I dunno, I just wish I could have art friends again but I know that if they saw that I don't pander or validate troons and don't htink JK Rowling is the second coming of Hitler, they'd turn on me in a beat.

Yeah I have noticed that even the artists who aren't gender tards but are terminally online can be just as worse.

I still talk to some artists in passing and I try to keep it brief as well and if I notice them retweeting trans crap, especially in the last few weeks with the "next month is LGBTQ+++ month" bullshit, I just try my hardest not to say anything.

IT was really hard when some artist was virtue signaling about how troons are being murdered in the streets and it's like where is the fucking proof but I stopped myself.

I just would love to find artists who have a fucking brain, is that too much to ask? lol

No. 1594331

Eh just let these people enjoy their soulless, lifeless, by the numbers remake as if it's some "win" and I say this as a black person.

No. 1594336

Yeah I feel you. My strategy is to just keep going until I find people I vibe with artistically (my art ist unappealing to gendies). And I also just unfollow people who virtue signal, life is too short. I mean with some stuff I'm like "whatever" but pronouns or trans flags are a definite "bye". If you really like somebody's art you can come back later and check whether they've found sanity.

No. 1594370

Since when did criticizing objectively bad coomerbait become weird pearl-clutching?

No. 1594377

I hate this spiteful high school bully shit on twitter. This art is good, but it's an asshole move to QRT art. Their only motivation to post this was to gain followers. If they posted their art by itself, it would be liked/rted but that's it. Being a victim crying about whitewashing will make you popular, and that's what really gives them energy, not finishing a nice drawing.

No. 1594747

I hate how you can't call this movie dogshit without having to tongue Halle's asshole to prove you're not a racist. Disney now has an infallible advertising defense against their remakes; hire a black popstar and let the stans screech everyone into submission.

That being said I watched the original the other day and wow, I never noticed how well paced it was. It didn't have any scenes that would be wasted on overly ambitious worldbuilding or characters that serve no purpose, it just told a simple story from beat to beat with no lingering.

No. 1594769

I follow a lot of Russian artists with a cartoony style and I notice that they have amazing fundamentals and realistic figure drawing and went to art schools that actually teach that sort of thing. I don’t have access to schools like that locally and teaching myself isn’t working, can anyone recommend any paid or free courses in that same vein?

No. 1594805

New Masters Academy has a russian style drawing course and a lot of other traditional drawing/painting courses. I think they still give you a week long free trial. I really liked their 3d modells and refrences too.

It is worth a try, but you still need to force yourself to study and that's why i stopped the membership. I just can't bring myself to use it enough to make it worth it.

No. 1594845

Ugh all the people who act like preferring animated Ariel is racist, there are actual racists calling the actress slurs for being cast but no energy is directed at them cos its easier to split hairs with safer targets isn't it?

No. 1594905

Oh ok, that works cause I study everyday but it lacks direction. Thanks.

No. 1594958

That's a good way to go about it and I try to do the same. And I think I'm gonna end up unfollowing a lot of artists because of "pRiDe mOnTh" where these attention whores come out of the woodwork.

And believe me, I want to be able to just look the other way with this shit but when it comes to trying to make new friends, I just don't have the patience or motivation to validate such retardedness and pretend like my "friend" is the opposite sex or neither sex, I just don't have time for that anymore.

No. 1594960

I understand you anon. Granted I'm black myself and I could smell the bullshit like most of the others when the race change was announced, I understand why some non-black people may feel uncomfortable criticizing the movie for fear of being targeted by unhinged fans who unironically like the movie.

Personally I think that so long as you have criticism that isn't just on the race change itself, you should be fine (in theory…).

No. 1594962

It really shows their priorities though doesn't it? I I don't think Halle should be getting racist-fueled hate at all but those who genuinely don't like the remake because of how lifeless it really is, they shouldn't be getting hate at all and the fangirls/fanboys should be directing their attention at the actual racists but they won't do that because they know they can't get clout from it.

No. 1594970

Pronouns in bio are just expected these days though. Everyone uses them, even people I know who don’t necessarily buy into Gendie shit.

No. 1594971

Anyone who corrects someone about their pet's gender is the same type of snowflake they complain about with pronouns. It's not a big deal to have them in the bios. People just want to be mad because they want to act like Boomers who throw fits over the wrong Ms. or Mrs.

No. 1595070

Once again pride month has rolled in, looks like I'll be radio silent on socials for a month and some change.
Honestly have nothing against pride month as a concept it's just been co-opted by the most obnoxious people possible and most artists I want to have the patience to follow get especially insufferable around this time.

No. 1595081

Does anyone know good tutorials on how to paint lighting that makes the image look like old flash photography or early digital photography. I'm trying to branch out to horror art but can't get the mood right.

No. 1595132

Not where I live? Only a very specific group of people who is heavily influenced by US culture does that. Online I also see it mostly in queer influenced "western" cultural spheres. And yes, there's also a subset of people that just copies it without knowing a lot about trans ideology but they still look really stupid or immature and I wouldn't want to hang out with them. The whole concept of "these are my pronouns" is just much more ridiculous and invasive compared to "I am a man/woman" which normal people still say if they feel they need to clarify so for me it's a good red flag. And if it's some artist who is obviously just pandering to wokies for marketing reasons I still don't want to support that strategy.

No. 1595169

Kek I don't have pronouns in bio and it's always hilarious to see TRAs dodge using any for me because they've been taught that even they/them is ~misgendering.~ If they actually ask though I'll just say she/her, it's cringe but no small victory over gendies is worth losing half my audience for muh transphobia.
Best practice around gendies is to try not to interact in the first place, their spaces are infested with petty drama and it's not worth it. With older friends who they/them'd down the line I do the online equivalent of smiling and nodding but saying nothing. They're so desperate for validation most of them will take anything kek

No. 1595186

I personally don't care about if someone lists their pronouns in their bio. As long as they aren't using "they/them" or those "neo-pronouns" like "Xe/Xer", I don't automatically click off the profile upon seeing them. Now if the person turns out to be a troon and using opposite sex pronouns to describe themselves? That's a different story.

Yeah I don't have my pronouns listed neither, if people care that much, I'll answer but beside that, nah man, no need.

>Best practice around gendies is to try not to interact in the first place,

Right, this is why I avoid joining Discord places because I know that this is the main hub where many of them fester in and as much as I would love to try to connect with some new artists, it's just not worth the risk having to deal with troons, especially the unhinged ones.

Would you say that finding artists in their 30s+ would be the more likely way to finding artists who don't buy into the trans hype as much? Because it seems like Gen Z are the ones very obsessive with "muh gender identity".

No. 1595208

File: 1685724111135.jpg (147.71 KB, 828x1272, FxhIusxaQAIsME3.jpg)

The comments on the original post are fucking infuriating.

No. 1595215

File: 1685725114927.jpg (21.08 KB, 498x498, 4fddd84235fa2d0729d6a7798b320d…)

Tips on how to draw characters with backgrounds and make them look good? I love drawing characters in general and all the time I focus on the character alone too much and once I finished I don't know what the fuck should I do with the background; so I always either add a solid color or a gradient, and kind of destroys the rest of the drawing because everything is consistent but the bg.

No. 1595238

I think people are out there, but most likely crypto to protect themselves. It sucks because you can never really know if someone is safe to talk to or not. I wish it didn’t matter so much

No. 1595251

Yeah same here, if someone has pronouns in bio I assume they already buy into this bs. The alternative answer is that it's a new account and social media ask you for your pronouns when you sign up. Twitter used to be very annoying about it for me.

No. 1595253

The only discords that are worth it do not appeal to gendies at all. They're very focused on "grinding out fundies" and making it into the industry rather than making commissions.

No. 1595261

Many people actively avoiding the western art audience/community are into something, this shit is so tiresome. The new movie looks like shit anyway and the artists drawing is super cute.

No. 1595281

Do tumbnails before each piece and block out the scene you want to put your character in. Make your thumbnails really quick and sketchy so you don’t focus on them too much.

No. 1595284

There are definitely some artists here and there I interact with which I think are crypto, or at least indifferent and chill and I feel like they're getting the same vibe from me. I think what sucks the most about being friends with gendies is that even if they're normal and pleasant to talk to, you just know they would turn on you and make you miserable the moment you step out of line.

No. 1595301

Instead of jumping into drawing a character, think about the environment first. It doesn't have to be complicated, a girl sitting on a chair by the window, then gather references to draw that.

Also, I've found it way easier to color with accurate lighting when I know where a character is, instead of them standing in a void. If she's by the window, the light will come from the window. Just start thinking of entire scenes to draw instead of just characters, and backgrounds will become easy.

No. 1595321

Shrink the characters so they don't take up the whole page/screen. Focus on the setting first, think about how much negative space you'll need, think about how the perspective will affect the message you're trying to send. Block in the shapes/colors for the background, add the characters, adjust the characters so they don't look out of place, then work on the details.

No. 1595334

I don't want to shit on this thread, in fact I got a lot of useful advice itt… but holy fuck, it's such a blackpill.
One anon talks non-stop about how western artists all suck ass and I feel like I should quit cause I'm not a Chinese who shits out a fucking masterpiece every day or so.
Other talks about art schools and I feel like I should quit cause I'm a hobbyist who likes drawing for fun and we can't have fun and all be graduates from some fucking super secret Russian art school with 10/10 fundamentals.
Now another anon talks about tranny artists and I feel like she is talking about me personally (I don't draw gender shit anyway), cause God forbid I draw something I actually like cause somebody on the internet wouldn't like it, since of course we draw shit that must be approved by the shadow council.
And of course, never EVER have fun drawing your shit. I'm fucking done. I don't want some sort of popularity or even "make it". I just post in my teeny-tiny fandom and like to draw funny shit. But looking how other people are getting shit here for some mundane shit makes me feel like giving up.

No. 1595340

Not one of the anons replied to you, though I do get they just wanted to complain about the stage of current online art community and their own personal pet peeves. If you want a sunshine hugbox in an ~Artist Salt~ girly this isn't for you.

No. 1595353

Grow a backbone. Enjoy your shit, and don't feel belittled by other people with different goals than yours.

No. 1595355

File: 1685741569788.jpg (85.26 KB, 651x730, N01615_9.jpg)

what the other anons said and: STOP thinking of it as a character + background and segregating elements of the picture. from now on, think of making an image. you're cursed by the same affliction that is holding back a lot of contemporary illustrators who learn exclusively from the internet. an image like this wouldn't be possible if Sargent was thinking "i'll just paint these kids and stick them on a background". to make a good image, everything in that image must work together in harmony with a purpose.

No. 1595357

Why are you even here? When you come here, what exactly are you expecting? Stop taking this place so personall, draw what you want, and you'll do way better.
Nobody here is talking about you.

No. 1595358

maybe you should do art because it’s something fun to do for yourself, instead of caring about keeping up with the joneses or whatever

No. 1595362

Ok sensitive tranny

No. 1595365

who are you talking to

No. 1595366

who are you talking to

No. 1595434

I don’t think you’re in the right spot if you’re taking a bunch of posts talking about things that have nothing to do with you or each other as a personal attack.

No. 1595438

I can kind of understand how you feel, nonna but you can't live your life. lolcow.farm is not a clique of catty, judgemental bitches you should always feel the need to win the approval of. You're an adult, so do what makes you happy. Just don't be a hypersensitive embarrassment online and nobody sane will harass you for it.

No. 1595449

I'm confused. I haven't seen the soulless remake but did the artist redraw a scene from the remake with the OG Ariel or did they just make fanart of OG Ariel?

No. 1595615

It's a redraw of a scene from the remake but with OG Ariel. Despite saying she enjoyed the remake and sees both versions as canon, people are insisting she's racist for the timing of the tweet. Also doesn't help that the artist is ESL and liking sarcastic/subtle implication tweets

No. 1595627

I guess doomscrolling lolcow IS bad for your brain lol. Between itt and ftm thread, it really let's you down.

No. 1595629

>Would you say that finding artists in their 30s+ would be the more likely way to finding artists who don't buy into the trans hype as much?
Only slightly less. I’m in my 30s and say about 25% of my peers have trooned out over the last few years. Definitely less than if they were zoomers but lots of “now that I’m getting older it’s time to live muh truth” shit. The ones that haven’t have become very vocal TRAs.

No. 1595641

On top of that a lot of decent artists who do art for fun end up abandoning the hobby in their 30s as they grow out of it and move on to focus on their careers, family and such. I'm 32 years old and most of my friends irl who used to be creative have quit and treat their art phase as some embarrassing memory they don't want to talk about, kek. It feels like once you hit a certain age you are expected to either make a career out of your art or move away from it entirely.

No. 1595644

This was me for a while unfortunately. I was very depressed and felt like I had to “grow up” once I got to my late 20s so I stopped drawing for years. I’ve started again but getting back into sharing is hard. Everything about the online art scene is so different now, like the gendie shit we’re talking about in this thread. I’m resigned to making art just for myself right now because I can’t figure out how to navigate it, lol

No. 1595648

This is interesting. I've noticed that the older artists who frequent the convention scene do it together as married couples. You don't really see any struggling single artists in their 30s because most just give up if they hadn't made it a successful career by then. It's kind of sad, because there's no age where you must be successful or else. Also, women are pressured to start having kids in their 30s and that throws a wrench in any career, while men are allowed to stay bachelors for their entire life.

No. 1595660

I'm in my 30s as well and still trying to make something out of my art, even if as a passive income, while I hold a regular full time job. If not I'll just do it for fun. But I also don't plan to have children and that would fully take up your time.

No. 1595693

Same here with my artist friends, a lot just went completely offline to spend time with their immediate family or full time convention artists. Artists my age in their 30s just care less about what the terminally online have to say, right now we are making what we can for our retirements.
When I see artists I have followed since the 2000s are now still publishing degen doujin on toratoana, living the peak fujoshi life in their 40s, it does give me hope too.

No. 1595750


>start having kids in their 30s

Lmao, I'd argue the pressure starts sooner than that, Nona. It just gets more obnoxious like "WELL? You're 30 chop chop with the babies, bitch!"

But I digress, I'm also in my 30s and don't plan on having any children because I don't even like them and I am still pursuing art as a career. I never found instant success or momentum in my teens or 20s but I did learn a lot and feel like I'm just now hitting my stride. I'm pretty confident in my skill now, and I don't worry about what gendie zoomers have to say. They tend to gravitate toward my art but it's whatever, if they got money I'll take it.

No. 1595784

That makes me happy to hear anon! I am also in my 30s, and feel like I am finally competent at drawing. I was never a popular online artist in my 20s, it's barely my career outside of making money at cons, but I finally feel like I am at a professional level. I don't want children either, and it's nice to know I won't be the only female artist in my 30s+ without any.

No. 1595955

>join discord art server
>it’s 13+ so there a lot of underage there, no nsfw art allowed
>lotta guys there are perverted ride the line, definitely making “adult” jokes and references along with borderline porn/ pinup art
>draw and post cute art of male characters, not even revealing or overly sexualized, but I did draw them in feminine clothes and in a shojou style
>get picked on in various ways for this
>they can’t say my art is inappropriate because it isn’t, accused of “drawing yaoi on the side” (as if that matters if I’m not posting it. I don’t draw yaoi btw I just want to draw cute boys sometimes)
>whenever I post my art for critique now I get ignored, notice several of them have blocked me despite never interacting with them personally.
>check on gc sometimes and I see some are literally discussing incest porn, jerking off, and drawing big titted furries

I fucking hate men. Why are they allowed to be so horny but become puritanical when they see an innocent drawing of a cute boy? I could go off but my rant would be more suitable for 2x.

No. 1595958

If you’re old enough to post here you shouldn’t be wasting time in discords with horny high schoolers

No. 1595959

Moids hate being an object of female gaze. That is, they understand deep down that objectification is wrong, since they themselves don't want to be an object of someone's desire. But they still gladly apply it to women and actually are well aware that they treat women like furniture in their art. They know it's wrong but moids get a kick when they degrade women. And treating women as nothing but a sex object is degrading.
So moids hate it when we do the same, since they think we draw cute males only because we want degrade and put down maleness (which is not true).

No. 1595961

There are plenty of middle aged or older people at art classes or participating in art-adjacent fields, like museum employment and teaching. People who only do anime art and convention tabling are a minority in the art ecosystem, but I do think it’s a good idea to continue doing art as an adult because it can be an alternative income source if shit unexpectedly hits the fan later in life.

No. 1595975

It’s really irritating because I draw boys in cute frilly clothes and pastel colors because I really like them a lot, it’s absolutely not about humiliation or objectification, but I know many of them saw me drawing a male for the “female gaze” as a transgression against masculinity or whatever. I hate men and how warped their view of reality is, and then they apply their disgusting beliefs to my art and get mad at me over something completely innocent.

No. 1595982

I’d also like to add that the male artists there who were the most talented were very relaxed and supportive and complimented/defended me. I’m not saying this as a #notallmen thing, more like the difference between artists who respect and learn from their peers vs toxic ngmis who just draw coom/borderline coom and only care about making art if it gets them popular or if they can jerk off to it.

There’s a lot of art I find disagreeable but I’d never insult an artist over their taste, I’d recognize their merit for what it’s worth, especially if it’s something so innocent. I just hate how self centered most men are, and think everything crewted must exist in service of them, and anything that doesn’t is a targeted conspiracy against them.

No. 1596135

You keep doing you nona. If some males think it's ok when they do it and yucky when women do it, they aren't your audience. Unfortunately femininity is so sexualised that the average person might think your art implies a fetish, hopefully you can search out likeminded people?

No. 1596406

AYRT and thanks for the heads up because I'm in my 30s as well but I just haven't been very active on social media art besides just looking at art. You're right though that while most of the people I know around my age, they are TRAs as well. I totally forgot how some of my acquaintances reacted when Hogwarts Legacy came out and they were saying how "evil" JK Rowling is. Damn lol.

Aw this is so sad because it feels like you're right. I don't know many artists but my 2 friends in high school who were artists no longer draw anymore. Both of them got married and have kids and one of them is a nurse. This is where I feel a weird where I am because I'm in my early 30s and still do art because I genuinely love drawing but yet I have no desire to work for a studio and am content doing freelance.

Even though I never stopped drawing, I feel you anon, especially with how the online social landscape has changed in the last decade. Let me guess, where you o DeviantART as well? lol Those were the days, it was a lot simpler back then.

No. 1596408

+1 as someone else in their 30s who has no desire to be a parent. It's not that I hate kids but I just know I would be a horrible parent, especially with my own mental health issues and I'd rather not brig a child into the world to put that on.

I think this is why I have felt no need to stop drawing even though I'm ot "successful" with it. Drawing makes me happy and I've been doing it for like ever so why stop doing something that makes me happy? My main goal right now is to just continue practicing and hopefully be able to become a full-time artist who occasionally takes on small IRL jobs here in there.

No. 1596419

the first one has to be a girl larping as a man, it sounds female and looks female compared to the other troons

No. 1596432

File: 1685847563464.jpg (515.72 KB, 2046x1967, 1679583926194767.jpg)

Have any of you ever worked on an indie project? either a webcomic, game, VN, etc. I Have so many ideas for projects, but i dont feel good enough yet. Was thinking of trying anyways with an idea i am not too attached to, to practice but dunno, i am afraid of becoming that type of artists that gets stuck with a passion project and never improves(RebelTaxi).

No. 1596453


Same, I have tons and tons of ideas and projects that I really want to start and bring to life, but for some reason I cannot start and I literally do and feel like your picrel

(Actually I know what the reason is: I’m simply scared that if I start something I will become tired of carrying it on, leaving it unfinished before it’s done. It’s truly the only obstacle that is separating me from…. from basically anything I want to do, and I really want to overcome it, but I don’t know how and I feel like shit because of it)

No. 1596455


Thanks for the advice nonas, hope it works for me

No. 1596458

File: 1685851786395.jpg (48.75 KB, 687x686, sadccat2.jpg)

>On top of that a lot of decent artists who do art for fun end up abandoning the hobby in their 30s as they grow out of it and move on to focus on their careers
I'm in my early 30s and on the edge of quitting art and becoming a wagie (even though it caused me a mental breakdown) because I don't understand how to show my work to people. Thankfully I have a part-time job to support me right now, because I am totally clueless about business things.

No. 1596467

I have a decent world fleshed out for a group of characters but I'm too scared to publish it due to retarded ftm/mtf/kids ruining it by making fan characters, copies, or making shit like "she has a penis hidden under that skirt #sogirlpenis". Also just because I can design and world build doesn't mean I can write an actual story with it. You still have to focus on a conflict, character growth, or theme. its easier in my mind to make random sketches and colored of them doing stuff than actually making a comic because it leaves some mystery. animatic would be nice but since windows movie maker got deleted in 2011 or so idk how else to edit for free without a fat watermark.

No. 1596469

da vinci resolve is neat

No. 1596483

I'm in a similar situation right now, I think the important thing is to just start because the time will pass anyway. I'm planning to make a comic with around 10 episodes and while I'm already sketching out scenes and thinking about where to publish I'm getting scared that no one will see it or care and that I'll be wasting my time. But I know myself, if I don't have a plan to follow I won't do anything and if I want to make a comic that want is all I should focus on, no need to question if it'll be successful with others. It is a kind of throwaway-idea though, specifically made to ensure I could pull through in a short amount of time. I've had ideas like that before and nothing came from them because they just weren't good enough. Even if it's supposed to be very short you have to do something that you really, really want to because it'll still take some months to finish. And in that time you will get so much better and later you will have the necessary experience and skills to do whatever you actually wanted to do, I'm wishing you luck nona. Artists only stop improving if they stop doing studies of things they struggle with or don't look at their work critically to figure out what needs to get better, so don't worry

No. 1596537

I honestly think the solution is to do an idea you’re actually attached to, not just trying something you’re so-so about because you’re scared. These kinds of projects take time and effort and lots of perseverance so it’s important to love and believe in your project so you can keep going when it gets tough.
I started working more seriously on a project I’ve been thinking about for a few years now and it feels incredibly rewarding to see it progress. Obviously it’s not always easy but just thinking about having it finished makes me happy so I keep going and I really enjoy the process.
It’s really important to actually get your ideas out there and not just let them ruminate in your head for years, and you’ll improve so much more if you work on a project and publish it and have people see it and get feedback. You’ll find out so much more about how to do things and it’ll get easier to do the next one.

No. 1596674

I've run a fanzine that ended up losing me money kek but it was a huge experience, a level-up if you will, I learned so much about managing a team project, the costs, what I absolutely never want to do again, and my will and patience to keep going to see a project through to the end (even if the end isn't that great) has increased.

Nona, you just have to do it. The reality is, no one cares what you post online and what you're doing, so just do it. Failing at gaining an audience, or whatever your end goal is with a project, doesn't mean you failed. You will learn so much by just doing the thing. You will learn nothing by not starting anything at all.

No. 1596728

File: 1685893320759.jpg (643.86 KB, 1821x2800, clean.jpg)

Does anyone know how to paint like this? I've always been curious about how they did this but I have never cracked the code yet.

No. 1596736

File: 1685893621727.jpg (1.61 MB, 3000x4000, IMG20230604174406.jpg)

If you want to get some nice but not expensive markers, I really recommend decotime markers from Action. They're really good for that price; 4 euro for 10 markers, 7.50 euro for 30 markers. Damn every time I'm at Action I buy another set kek

No. 1596742

I had a bunch of these but the brush nibs got worn out pretty quickly

No. 1596782

File: 1685897638016.png (74.31 KB, 272x205, rr.png)

Nonas, do you watch any art YouTubers and if yes, who and why? What kind of art video types do you like the most (draw with me, speedpaint, streams, gimmicky etc.)?

I would like to watch some but so many (mostly women) have such juvenile content, I can't really get into it. On the other side male artist are so boring.

Pic slightly rel, used to watch waffles but she has been having medical flare ups again…

No. 1596799

mmmmonexx on Youtube. Male Japanese artist. Yeah his videos are more educational or him just sketching but I like the more step by step type of art videos. Rossdraws was probably the only real entertaining male artist on Youtube but he hasn't posted in a while. All of the others are more education based.

No. 1596811

I know some nonas would believe I'm reaching here but that style is a tiny bit similar to rinotuna; he has some tutorial books if you search enough.

The difference is that the colors of this style is brighter and eye-catching, using pink for reflection light and baby blue for casting light.
Plus, there are some obvious textures added on top of the drawing.

So tl;dr cell shading but with some blending

No. 1596812

I love robin sealark, she's so mellow. I think i prefer vlog style videos where you can get to know the artist instead of just watching a timelapse

No. 1596817

Typically all they do is the typical base colors, shading on top, and color dodge for highlights. I got a demonstration once and the artist tended to avoid using multiply or color adjustment layers for the shadows, but I don't think that's standard everywhere. They aren't restricted to using the same color palettes per cover and have creative freedom over how things look so long as it's still iconic. Tldr:
>Base color, paint shadows, paint highlights, or use add(glow)/color dodge layer
>Make sure the character is what stands out the most in the artwork, and that they have the most contrast
>For some reason, almost every character is shaded with equal amounts of attention, but if you really want them to be in the background, put a screen layer over them with the same color as the atmosphere
>Grain filter

No. 1596835

>so idk how else to edit for free without a fat watermark
nonita…. piracy is a wonderful thing… use it more kek

No. 1596839

maybe a bit too edgy but i enjoy not even dust's content tbh. if it was a moid doing the types of drawings she does i'd ignore, but she's not a scrote so to me she's based kek

No. 1596859

I hate how picrel really describes me so well. My main problem I think is that I believe i’m not ready or I do not have the skill set needed for my project so I spend a lot of time working on it while simultaneously feeling like it’s a waste of time

No. 1596878

File: 1685907068438.jpg (87.82 KB, 800x667, 037.jpg)

Misako flodin, I like her oil paintings
Kelogsloops, I like his watercolour stuff
Madoka kinoshita, she makes digital art looking paintings with traditional paint, picrel looks like she used blur tool but she did it with acrylics iirc
And proko lol

Yes another dust enjoyer

No. 1596998

Yesss nonnie I love dust

No. 1597036

for fun i like to watch moriah elizabeth, which is ironic because i mostly watch serious/''male'' content, so seeing my youtube feed be a mix of edgy videogame reviews/tech stuff and a girl with the girliest most pastel thumbnails repainting squishies is kinda funny. I also love and recommend manga materials.

No. 1597040

I used to like Moriah as background noise because she's zany and cute but the lolrandum editing and cutaways got old after a while.

No. 1597045

She mellowed out with the adhd inducing editing style. She also stopped taking sponsors, which is such a nice change of peace from the typical ''before we start our video let me tell you about the sponsored scam of this video'' bits that every youtuber seems to make nowadays. I say give her a second chance if you want something comfy in the background. She also started making her content more varied lately, which is nice considering she refuses to get out of her art comfort zone.

No. 1597056

Need help finding references for hot guy poses that aren't on pinterest. Any nonnies have suggestions?

No. 1597061

https://www.imgmodels.com/milan/men i only have this, also want more cute male pictures to study from. The men in all of the figure drawing pages are so fucking hideous.

No. 1597151

File: 1685931241819.jpg (765.79 KB, 1191x1505, FkIT9z0XEAA4qLl.jpg)

Unironically any popular gay porn account on twitter

No. 1597164

is there an archive of these somewhere? how didnt i know about female playboy?

No. 1597174

ot but today i learned it's possible to find sexy pics featuring my exact type of man in old playgirl issues, ty

No. 1597180

Trawl archives for anything interesting if you're bored I guess
>female playboy
Women weren't really the demographic here either

You are welcome

No. 1597186

No. 1597242

this probably gets asked a ton, so forgive me, but is there really no place online i can post my art to that doesn't have a community full of trannies? i want to participate in fandoms again but every time i post something it just attracts the most insane users

No. 1597252

I checked out a few of her recent videos and the editing is still too ADHD sensory video for me. I'm glad you enjoy her though, nonna.

No. 1597518

Sorry nonna, that’s just the online art landscape now, you’ll never find a platform that’s not full of troons or genderspecials unless it’s right-wing or the mounting trans backlash explodes and the zoomies start detransitioning (although they’re probably more likely to just double down)

No. 1597547

No. 1597580

I remember this person. I commissioned them a while back when I was starting college. I was talking to them when I was younger before their transition and even remember their dead-name and the name they changed to. She would cosplay as Komaeda too and I found her through minicing a dance mmd. This actually saddens my heart if she actually removed her leg and it wasn't because of health reasons. I think the bandage arm is due to having been given a fake penis. I really hope she didn't go to someone to remove it all for a feteish. She was really nice to talk and I didn't think she would be this mentally ill.

No. 1597764

File: 1685957224485.png (294.08 KB, 1280x1834, 118.png)

unrelated to anything but it blew my mind to find out watanabe akio was 54 yo, what the fuck. I really love his stuff, i know its moid shit yada yada, but i wanna implement his style to my anime boys.

No. 1597791

I like his style too but most of the anime he's worked on are gross.

No. 1597872

Most of female playboy was really a stealthy way to pander to gay men. But hey if you like beefcakes, maybe you might like it.

No. 1597898


My fucking god, I wish the online English-speaking art community wasn't so annoying and dominated by identity politics. halle bailey really isn't that special and Her "vwey gwood swinging skwills" are going to be dubbed over in international releases of the movie.

Anons who speak languages other than English and share their art online, Are things as bad on your side of the internet? Or is it truly a problem primarily found in the Western art community rather than being language-dependent?

No. 1597907

i only watched monogatari and komugi a long ass time ago. It just made me wish there was an anime aimed a yumejos with that level of fanservice tbh.

No. 1597917

File: 1685973287885.jpg (36.53 KB, 680x539, 1683725947069432.jpg)

I feel so dirty, i just downloaded the entire gallery of a hyper bara artist because their rendering technique is like nothing i have ever seen before and its what i hope i can achieve someday. Why couldnt this talent go to a woman instead? men are so autistic and nasty

No. 1597921


No. 1597925

File: 1685973816847.png (57.79 KB, 496x445, 1646461554800.png)

holy shit how did you know

No. 1597970

Post example pls I can't find it

No. 1598091

File: 1685992486741.jpeg (6.84 KB, 320x360, 1664236594300.jpeg)

Thank you nonnas. I'll make sure to try it out

No. 1598228

Eri Aikawa is a hidden gem. Love her chill vlogs and paintings.

No. 1598342

NAYRT but goes by roku6enashi on Twitter but honestly, it looks like pretty standard gay bara scrote art to me.

No. 1598354

the rendering is so fucking good

No. 1598376

File: 1686020247127.jpg (85.76 KB, 1062x1037, 1682699287072778.jpg)

anyone else struggles with liking way too many styles and not knowing what to focus on? i wanna draw women in a more realistic style, like greg ruttowski or leyendecker, but i love early 00s anime and wanna draw my anime boys like >>1597764 I feel like if i didnt have this problem i would be much better by now. I feel like this indecision has stunted my growth and i am scared i might never get better thanks to it. I keep seeing that one of the best art advices is to copy artists you like, but the artists i like are so diverse in style i dont know what to focus on.

No. 1598389

Question to artist nonnas:
Do you think it's acceptable or wrong to redraw and color a piece of art that was posted long ago online but deleted and has completely deisappeared from the internet? If you find it wrong, do you think it's ok as long as you give credit and explain what happened to the original pic?

No. 1598393


No. 1598397

File: 1686022426809.jpg (183.35 KB, 809x1200, E3Nn9FsVkAA6pmY.jpg)

>Aladdin getting his hole reckt by genie
>pokemon sex so creamy and ushy gushy I can't see what's actually happening in the illustration
>extremely good pencil sketches
>I love him

No. 1598400

>Are things as bad on your side of the internet? Or is it truly a problem primarily found in the Western art community rather than being language-dependent?
I think it's mostly concentrated on Twitter and Tumblr and those sort of spaces, regardless of language. Yes, the Anglosphere is the most fucked, but it has been spreading to other countries and linguistic online communities in reccent years, but like I said, it's mostly on those kinds of social media sites (and TikTok probably).
Even in the Anglosphere there are still some decent art communities that aren't all about trannies and identity bullshit like it used to be a decade ago, but they're hard to find, especially since most artists feel forced to engage in social media these days.

Same, there are so many straight hentai artists that render like that, I don't see what's so special about him other than his ridiculous anatomy and perspectives

No. 1598402

>there are so many straight hentai artists that render like that, I don't see what's so special about him other than his ridiculous anatomy and perspectives
can you give examples? people in this thread always say that whenever anyone compliments the style of a controversial artist and then they never give examples of other artists that are on the same level
enjoy, lol. I appreciatte his turboautism. Look at this shit, dude spends several hours drawing the creases in the creases of his roided up blob. I gotta admire the dedication

No. 1598403

forgot to paste link. This is by far the wildest speedpaint i have ever seen

No. 1598415

I have a webcomic that got decently popular with several thousand followers. I try to keep up with it but its hard to maintain motivation when its a story idea I came up with years ago in my teens, a lot of it is not up to my personal standards of quality, and I have so much less free time now. I think if you wanna do a project its best to just throw yourself into it, you'll learn as you go.
>i am afraid of becoming that type of artists that gets stuck with a passion project and never improves(RebelTaxi).
Artists who make shitty projects are more accomplished than artists who insist they'll make their masterpieces later when they have more skill but never do. Don't worry about making something shitty, cause the process of making something shitty will teach you a lot if you're willing to learn from your mistakes. You need to be less self concious and simply enjoy the process of creating and learning.

No. 1598416

It's male sakimichan, incredible

This man doing amphetamines to spend four hours shading the cracks and sheens of a man's wenis and muscle ripples I know he sweating like a hog

No. 1598481

lmao no way, sakimichan rendering style is so ugly and plastic. He's miles ahead of sakimichan.

No. 1598583

is it your own old art? if so who cares, and there's no need for explanation. if you're redrawing someone else's work, giving them credit for the original is probably fine.

No. 1598598

This is so fucking funny. The way the screen is constantly spazzing out, whatever the fuck creature that's supposed to be, the perspective. I can't tell what's going on at all, it's amazing.

No. 1598602

>This is so fucking funny. The way the screen is constantly spazzing out, whatever the fuck creature that's supposed to be, the perspective. I can't tell what's going on at all, it's amazing.
i watched it with an artist friend and we lost him at him painting the reflection of the reflection of the reflection of that metal thing. I wish i could forcefully induce myself into a coom trance and paint like that.

No. 1598605

>This man doing amphetamines to spend four hours shading the cracks and sheens of a man's wenis
And no effort on the blob face. Moid autism is something else.

No. 1598643

Honestly, this isn't wild? It's just difficult to follow what he's doing because it's been sped up too much. If you want to get insane details/polish in digital art you have to zoom in and refine.

No. 1598648

File: 1686056627859.jpg (177.58 KB, 960x1200, wow.jpg)

Sad that most of his efforts are put into grotesque coomer shit, I like his surrealist stuff

No. 1598656

File: 1686056930530.jpg (1.82 MB, 3026x3933, aaa.jpg)

Ok I'm done sucking his dick now

No. 1598743

I have different styles and I just draw in all of them. I used to think I should only have one so I can be recognised for it easily, but it started to kill my motivation. It helped me to match style to subject matter, I do animals in my painterly soft style and cars in my comic book kind of style. Being able to do multiple styles might also cast a wider net in terms of who wants to commission you, if you care about that. Hope you can find a way to utilise all of your styles, nona

No. 1598759

There are many styles I admire that I would love to have as my own, but I know I would hate actually doing it (like a line heavy style) Liking a style does not mean you will enjoy drawing in that style, and you must enjoy it.

Also, what is your end goal? Because each field of art has different styles. A leyendecker style would not be suitable for the animation field, for example. If you want to create cute merch, an anime style could work.

No. 1598771

File: 1686068425413.jpg (83.87 KB, 425x588, descarga (2).jpg)

I wanna make art for games and also stand alone illustrations. For games i wanna go with a pc98 older anime style or something like watanabe's 00s moeblobs. But for illustrations that mean something to me i prefeer to go with a more realistic style. It's actually funny to see my illustrations of women compared to my drawings of men which are just anime moeblobs in lewd poses, lol.

No. 1598819

Nta but there are many artists who do both painterly and simple-cutesy artworks depending on what they are going for and it'll still be recognizable either way. Studying a broad range of styles and then going for what you enjoy most is how most artists develop anyway. Good luck nona, don't worry too much about how your pieces will look next to each other and just draw what you like

No. 1598841

Please, someone: how the hell do I make my own doujinshi? Is there a certain protocol? Size of canvas? Am I overthinking?

No. 1598874

File: 1686074806743.png (Spoiler Image,3.73 MB, 1247x2737, i hve to sides.png)

thanks! actually one of my fav artists, yoh yoshinari(above) has a pretty varied style, but i still feel like what i am going for might be waaaaay too different to ever find a middle ground. But i will try regarless, the fundamentals of drawing are all the same anyways. Below are some of my favourite artists, i like being able to enjoy varied artists, but its a pain to brainstorm what i like about them and how to implement it on my art without it being a mess

No. 1598899

Yes nona don’t worry about technicalities now. If you enjoy big canvases just use one that you can scale down after you draw

No. 1598903

Yes nona don’t worry about technicalities now. If you enjoy big canvases just use one that you can scale down after you draw

No. 1598904

it's the same as making a manga, just search tutorials on yt and they should give you average measures for canvases/panels, etc

No. 1598940

Commission nonas, is it just me or this year has the lowest commission orders for all of you? Is it the same for your merch store as well?
I know recession started hitting hard by 2022 but this is the only year where no one really wants to buy literally anything! I noticed it's the same with my art mutuals as well when they keep retweeting their own commission tweets. This never happened to me and I've been doing commission and online store consistently for a decade.

No. 1599071

I don't sell commissions anymore but as a usually frequent buyer, I've definitely been more hesitant to buy lately. Everything feels so uncertain and unstable that I just don't like spending money much anymore if it isn't essential, I think a lot of people are the same way.

No. 1599102

It's just sexual homunculism, he doesn't care about the face, he cares about the body

No. 1599349

File: 1686106360497.jpg (Spoiler Image,189.42 KB, 848x1199, Kiwifarmsmeetup.jpg)

There really are different dimensions and realities because in what world

No. 1599364

i hate to bring the everpresent bummer in the room but could it be AI is taking would be clients away. hate my actual life

No. 1599469

I dont think so, AI is still extremely limited. It cant do anything outside of randomly generated anime girl standing in 3/4. I have worked on commissions for a long time and most people commission you their OC, several characters interacting, backgrounds, etc. All things that are pretty much impossible to do with AI as of now.

No. 1599477

The only people who think AI art is good enough to "replace" artists are coomers and grifters. People who want nicely drawn pieces of their characters will still seek out actual artists. Stop doomposting.

No. 1599480

Morons that know nothing about machine learning really think that all that shitty art isn't produced off the backs off actual artists

No. 1599504

It's so funny to see how AI ''art'', one of the most important technological achievements in the last decade, devolved into being used for porn and scams. Like, what the fuck did they expect? Someone lazy enough to use AI isn't going to create anything of worth.

No. 1599518

AI art is the cheap version of skilled human made art so it's likely people using it now either didn't have the money for commission before or were not interested because they don't value art. If you have a developed taste and money to spend on art you do not like AI art, it's ugly. I think you underestimate the impact of recession and severe inflation on luxury purchases.

No. 1600158

I won't lie, I'll admit that I have seen some AI art that does look nice but ultimately it all is soul-less feeling. Like sure it may look high quality but yet the knowledge that it's not an actual drawn piece just kills it for me.

And on DeviantART there is a shit ton of AI art clogging the front page these days and as I said before, it feels so artificial and can even blend together.

There will always be a place for actual artists so it's best to not sweat it about AI art as unsettling as it can be for some.

No. 1600210


i agree with the sentiment that artists aren't losing quality clients to ai. i'm not trying to doompost but its clear that many artists are getting less commissions lately, including myself. is it really so unreasonable to think that ai could be contributing to this alongside the shit economy? a shitty coomer client is still a paying client nonetheless. i personally am losing a lot of the "draw my OC!" client emails, and im wondering if it has something to do with ai but obviously cant prove.

you're probably right, this is my first recessions as an artist and i'm just worried about how well its coinciding with the rise of ai. again, not trying to doompost but it feels like my inbox is crickets right now.

No. 1600317

Another Madoka enjoyer. She’s been doing this for years. I love her style. Proko is great but he had a school now or something and his website and channel has a bunch of guest artists. It’s a smart move but I’m not sure he’s releasing his own videos anymore.

No. 1600399

I was the OP for the commission question, holding your hands tenderly nona at least I know I'm not alone in this commission recession stage <\3(< / 3)

No. 1600747

Question, Im currently on DeviantArt, Artstation, Tumblr, Instagram and Pixiv. Which one should I leave and add to get commissions? What do the nonas think about twitter?

No. 1600755

Twitter and Instagram are the best, it would seem, but I also saw a few zoomers who swear by discord communities to get commissions. I don't know much more about it, but maybe that could be something worth looking into?

No. 1600800

Hey nonna it has also been a terrible year for commissions for me too, I eventually decided to close them because it embarrassed me. I used to have way less followers than now and got commissions consistently, with triple the amount of followers nothing now (keeping the same prices). It's not just you

No. 1600822

why would you close them out of embarrassment? that's stupid. Just keep them open and somebody will show up eventually

No. 1600858

Hold your hands tenderly as well nona. I understand the embarrassment, although you should keep them open in my opinion.
If it makes you feel better, I tried lowering my price a month ago and still cricket noises in my inbox. This year economy is really that bad.

No. 1601519

Keep all but T ry Artistree too - more of a commission processor than a social media platform to get them, but the community around it is growing on social media so quickly that just posting “I’m taking my commissions on Artistree, here’s my request form” gets engagement. Might not make a massive difference but it’s worth a shot and it worked for me

No. 1601616

Does anyone use Krita as their main art software? How do you like it? I've tried to make it work for me but I haven't done much with it yet and the controls take getting used to. I need some opinions so I can commit to it kek.

No. 1601626

Seconding what other Nonnas said. I’m struggling to get commissions unless it’s the sketch cheap option. I think people want to get art, they just don’t have the money or are hesitant to buy.

No. 1601634

I've been getting orders, but I make niche stuff (pixel page dolls) and my commissions are usually cheap (under $30). I make adopts too sometimes and I've been struggling to sell them for more than $25 this year, last year I could sell some for $50. I've been trying to come up with cheaper and quicker things (like sketches or bust commissions) but it's hard to get orders and I'm not too happy about having to spend hours on a piece just to get $20.

No. 1601683

File: 1686306587258.gif (4.17 KB, 99x56, d3e8nd1-69ecbaf9-25c9-48ce-854…)

It's alot of fun to reminise about Deviantart during it's heydays but remember when you'd get a notification for a work being favorited and being excited, only to see it was a random scrote adding your innocent artwork/photography to some fetish collection? Moids with obvious fetishes still on the currently popular platforms exist but I feel less gross when AnimeTummyLover34 on Twitter just likes my innocent fanart rather than adding it to a public collection I can't control.

No. 1601796

For the commission nonas, have you ever posted a drawing and lied about it being a commission? I usually get an influx of people asking about commissions after posting a commission I've done. It might work better than retweeting a wordy commission sheet every other week.

No. 1601818

I dream of a thread where struggling artanons can post their comm info, we could fund each other (you get mony i get husbando art), it's hard out there trying to find sane non gendie type artists. Hope the market picks up for you guys.

No. 1601821

Kek I've done this a lot of times actually. I do some random drawing and I write "for anonymous commissioner"
It never fails to get me actual clients, it's a good strategy

No. 1601824

That would be so neat, I second this

No. 1601829

its against board rules, sadly

No. 1601830

Oh absolutely plus I can't help but be paranoid some scrote would bait and out private communication to clown on some poor woman. Just a pipe dream.

No. 1601831

I've wanting to make an artistree account to but I dont know…is any other nona here using it?

No. 1601857

considering the saturated comm market, have any of you tried other avenues? recently i started learning live2D and vroid, and i am thinking about making a youtube channel(though not sure if art related yet).

No. 1601876

also i started vtubing which earned me quite a few commissions

No. 1601961

I used to do this ten years on deviantart and it has proven to work well. I would recommend this to new commission artist anons who haven't had rigid posting style yet. Right now I'm just happy that my non-commission posts are getting more traction and new followers than my annual commission crunch.

This is why I would never sell my brand to coomers for the majority of my commissioners have been fujo and yumejo. I cannot tell you how lovely to work with these customers in compared to having a moid in my DMs every three days for his dirt cheap kofi commission.

No. 1602394

Yeah if you're a fandom artist, or wouldn't mind doing that for some cash, joining fandom discords could get you some leads. Very big ones like genshit you'll probably get ignored but decent sized and niche ones maybe.

No. 1603060

Do you think that Jazza was genuinely screwed over by his sponsor or is he just making things up to get people to buy his stuff? Because it seems unbelievably stupid of him to spend a five figure sum on a sponsored video with a contract that allows the sponsor to pull out completely at the last minute just because they didn't like his art.

No. 1603067

God I hate this shit when youtubers complain about their business stuff. Imagine the owner of the restaurant I like to visit whining to me while I eat about how his business partners or whatever fucked him over. I just came to eat lunch, why would I care. Likewise, I just came to watch a video on a certain topic.

No. 1603159

File: 1686430973703.jpg (23.78 KB, 564x536, df79d8a7621955cced1119985e96cf…)

Any anons on here use toyhouse and get money from it? i've been using it for some time but only recently to make money and i've made some selling some characters but i haven't actively made an effort to make it
any advice to actually get a following/clients in there? i don't think toyhouse has much discussion or strategy planning like other site (da in it's time/twitter/instagram) so i thought id ask here

No. 1603162

Nta nonna, but how did you get yumejo commissioners? By drawing husbandos with large fanbase or?
Ive been drawing my husbando and other attractive male characters a lot lately, and was thinking if i could throw commission tweet…

No. 1603257

I have a best friend who's obsessed with otome games, she'd spam me news of whatever new otoge available with her new favorite husbando. I think it all started of us drawing our fan arts of those otoge to develop a niche audience of yumejo now.
Japanese/Korean/Chinese visual novel fandom should be worth to look into anon, we're a parched bunch.

No. 1603348

Been using TH since around 2016. Not worth it TBH, adoptable market is really oversaturated and Toyhouse users are some of the whiniest motherfuckers you'll ever encounter, you've seen it if you're already there. If you have a pretty-boy anime artystyle though, you might be able to bring in some money, things like that and page decoration like animated pixel icons and pagedoll chibis always bring in some attention from the patterns I've seen over the years. Good luck either way, nonna!

No. 1603471

Comic book artist Ian Mcginty passed away at 38 and now the hashtag #ComicsBrokeMe are sharing stories of how much the comic industry will chew you up and spit you out. Sad to read but not surprising sadly.

It’s a reminder to me of how much the world hates artists and how I wish I was passionate about something else. I’ve changed majors and worked in different industries and art is the only one that sticks. Any art nonnas relate?

No. 1603793

Was his cause of death listed? Incredibly sad. I do think Miuras death was likely related to his work in comics, berserk specifically. I used to dream of being a comic artist or even an animator, but those dreams are dead now lol. I'm good with my office job that gives me time and energy to draw on my own time. It's worth it imo Nonnas.

No. 1603889

Everyone who isn't an artist does not value artists, this is reality, no matter how talented you are. Non -artists value the money you will make them if you're good, that's it. That's why you have to focus on your creations only, not "making it big" in the industry, not getting validation or likes. If you aren't in love with art, quit, because no one will value what you do more than you. I wouldn't advise making comics your career unless you build up a fanbase around your own IP. Working for comics publishers is a black hole of minimum wage slavery for 10x the work of a normal minimum wage job.

No. 1604543

This, if you're into comics invest into your own IP and finance it with something else, if necessary. Just don't draw pages for clients that pay so bad you're subsidizing their company without getting any shares. If you're not bent on comics I'd recommend going into art areas that aren't flooded unless you seriously stand out quality-wise.

No. 1605367

i get what you mean but it really isn't equivocal. by that logic, whenever someone gets fucked over by a sponsor, website, etc. they should say nothing about it even though it pertains to their community or niche.

It's one thing if the owner comes up and starts complaining to you specifically when you have no interest in it versus them putting up a sign or making a facebook post about how a sponsor or business partner stole money from them. And usually, when it comes to sponsors/business partners being shady, they are shady to more than one person.

given how i've heard rumors of sponsors being shady, having bad deals/contracts, etc. in general when it comes to the YT art community it is probably more likely than it isn't. At 6.3 mill subs, he really has nothing to gain by lying since YouTube is probably enough in and of itself to keep him afloat. Given how his art is, he can probably afford it by virtue of the fact that it can be written off as a tax expense + the sponsor likely paying him more money given his size.

No. 1605502

File: 1686663091201.gif (208.25 KB, 500x377, F2A26188-2B52-4242-BB84-869F6F…)

I am drunk and one of these days I just want to reply kys to all the "hurrbhur his pussy slays!!!XD" comments on my husbando arts. Imagine spending years on your art so you can finally draw hot men just to receive this kind of bullshit. Worse, if I were to draw a hot anime girl the next thing would be having scrotes asking whether if she's a futa. Please kys.

No. 1605525

If you’re on Instagram blacklist all the words related to those comments in your settings. Then their shitty comments won’t post.

No. 1605578

It's always the least feminine dudes too. Troons love projecting their mental illness onto fictional characters who would make fun of them if they were real.

No. 1605636

File: 1686674817486.jpg (130.63 KB, 620x1167, FycVMzCaIAAo0vs.jpg)

dont know if anyone saw this idiots tone deaf/now deleted thread about this. below mid art no wonder you struggle in the comics industry

No. 1605708

Ngl looking at how difficult it is to get into the industry for a small artist, and how often I had seen stuff about artists being treated like shit in set industries, makes really think that taking a small but stable wage job is better, and just have art as a hobby that only occassionally give extra bucks. As well as admire more people who somehow managed to make a name for themselves


No. 1605727

she regularly makes posts telling people to get out or avoid the industry instead of giving in to unscrupulous companies and she does have a point. stop giving companies such power in the first place and give up on unrealistic dreams.

No. 1605891

File: 1686693179968.jpeg (80.4 KB, 1125x833, FFDBAD79-FC97-4423-BB18-78A1C7…)

isn't this her 4th or 5th twitter handle already? She got suspended by twitter so often I don't even keep up anymore.
for a self proclaimed communist she sure likes to shit on her fellow peers, picrel Skill Issue indeed.

No. 1605894

She‘s right though

No. 1605910

When I first switched to digital art on pc, it was the first thing i downloaded, but the amount of options was a bit overwhelming, so I switched to firealpaca. Im probably in a better position to try out krita again, now that ive used FireAlpaca for a few years.

No. 1605913

This is all true tho

No. 1605914

Started using my ipad for art more since my computer broke and I’m starting to get wrist pain after using it. I have never experienced any pain while drawing traditionally or with my pen tablet. Has anyone else using an ipad experienced this? Kind of scared since I don’t want to fuck up my wrist

No. 1605925

his porn freaks me out so bad why so much blown out assholes

No. 1605934

relax your grip nona… Use your non-dominant hand to zoom in canvas, get an elbow bracer too while you're at it. My elbow hurts more when I draw on the ipad.

No. 1605970

Because they are for cocks

No. 1605990

>Work on lineart for what seems like an hour but have barely progressed
>Zoom out
>Looks like shit
>Start over
>Rinse and repeat

>Look up videos with the same advice:

>"no hairy lines!"
>"make your strokes in one go!"
>"don't zoom in!"
>Follow that advice
>Still looks like shit and soulless
Seriously how do artists just have this magic pressure and stroke control that makes lines look flawless? Lineart is the biggest thing I avoid and I hate how I still cannot get it down no matter what I do. Can anyone relate?

No. 1606052

Yes, I fucking hate doing lineart for this exact reason. I never know what to do and I think that's the problem, that I don't plan what I want to do with my lines when I'm "inking" digitally. I visualize the whole picture, not the finer details of the lineart. It's also something that you have to experiment and practice with a lot (for example, changing the thickness in different places to achieve certain effects) and also it's important to start small or you'll be overwhelmed with a bigger canvas.
But regardless of whether or not it looks like shit, when you start to color and render, it'll look much better and the lineart will be barely noticeable.

No. 1606063

>A comic where a white woman falls in love with a black woman in rockabilly attire in the 50's
>in reality the white woman would tell her racist names and call the police.

No. 1606072

File: 1686711961877.png (127.52 KB, 340x244, dumlupinar.png)

>looking for more gouache tutorials
>someone is painting a Studio Ghibli with them

I understand skills and all, but is always the same backgrounds.

No. 1606077

I like ghibli movies as much as anyone, but the chokehold ghibli has on internet artists is unholy

No. 1606079

I noticed these artist always use the backgrounds from five movies: Howl's moving castle, Spirited Away, Ponyo, Totoro or Arrietty.

Granted, people can draw their fav movie, but there are tons of movie from Ghibli and still are the same scenes.

No. 1606089

Ah yes it's the "lets paint all white people as bad" time of day again. Funny how this shit doesn't get flagged by mods as racism.

No. 1606116

just because interracial relationships were illegal and looked down upon doesnt mean they didnt happen, also white people just a decade later supported and were involved with the civil rights movement.

No. 1606124

it never looks like ghibli

No. 1606139

Not every white person back then was racist, dumbass

No. 1606158

File: 1686718582861.jpeg (305.03 KB, 1944x2139, AB51C98C-DA0B-480D-BAB6-8A6F48…)

DMs between non-mutuals restricted to twitter blue shills

No. 1606237

A great deal of black and white Americans have a non-negligible percentage of one another's genetics in their DNA and most of it didn't get there in the last generation. Not everyone was racist, segregationist or anti-miscegenation back then.

No. 1606405

File: 1686753257917.png (290.11 KB, 996x424, lmao.PNG)

I don't really use the ClipStudio assets unless I'm looking for something specific brush wise that I can't do with the brushes I already have but I can't help but think "either make it free completely or not free at all you asshats!" when I see this stuff in the top free assets section

No. 1606420

interracial marriage is only legal because an interracial couple sued to make it legal.

No. 1606423

Not to sound like a bitch, but it would really have to be a special kind of brush before I would pay for it.

No. 1606472

I know the point of the thumbnail is just to show off what the brush can do but some of these chose to have some of the most soulless art to showcase it

No. 1606485

Nonnies, I struggle with drawing and painting unattractive faces, for lack of better wording.
I hate that, especially when drawing women, so many artists seem to only draw conventionally attractive faces with very little variation in features. I also used to gravitate towards drawing pretty girls, but I think it's limiting, boring and stupid so I've been trying to draw and paint portraits that are true to life and don't focus around the subject being attractive. I've discovered that I love painting elderly people for this reason, but when it's a younger person I can't help but make them prettier. It's like the drawing doesn't look right to me when I add unconventional features or flaws or uncommon proportions in their face, even if it's still very much a realistic looking person.
Any other nonnies struggle with this? I really want to shed this bias of attractiveness somehow.

No. 1606493

Literally just stop changing the features. Sit with feeling uncomfortable or “wrong”. Put it away and look at it in 2 months. Idk what you want from anyone.

No. 1606554

File: 1686765884736.png (180.9 KB, 795x782, loomis heads.png)

I struggle with this, too, nonnie. Don't feel afraid of stretching proportions or exaggerating certain features. Try drawing from life references, but don't only seek out pretty models. I know Loomis is memed a lot, but taking the standard rules of head proportions and breaking them like he suggests works. Starting with the base and then messing with the proportions is a practice many character designers do. It results in varied facial features and head structures. Picrel is an example of old people, but you can use this method on younger faces. With younger people, their skin sags less (or not at all, depending on how young), and they are more attractive to the public than older people, so it's okay if they're not all drawn unappealing.

Also would recommend taking inspiration from artists that don't draw in a modern anime-esque style nor those Instagram-famous people like Sam.

This is pretty bad advice. They aim to have more varied features, not be stuck with the same ones.

No. 1606575

> This is pretty bad advice. They aim to have more varied features, not be stuck with the same ones.

no it's good advice. OP says she changes the features to be more attractive because the drawing otherwise makes her feel uncomfortable in a way. so she should just stop making the features more attractive, sit with that weird feeling, put the picture away and forget about it, then revisit at a later time and see how she feels.

No. 1606652

That's just because making it free for a limited time and adding a colorful pic is almost guaranteed to get them more downloads because people don't want to miss out and when it's then moved into the paid section it'll be displayed on top because of all the downloads

No. 1606693

>I've discovered that I love painting elderly people for this reason.
When you play elderly people you just don't change the features? Is that the only difference? Then maybe >>1606493 is right. Just stop changing it. I would advise you to not draw models, try looking up actors, they tend to cast people who look more plain and normal on a lot of series and movies and with movies and series you get to see them in different angles and expressions, just avoid the obvious big hollywood ones where everyone is super hot.

No. 1606844

I use ClipStudio and I can count with my hand the few brushes I have used from the Clip store. Most of the time I use brushes I exported from Photoshop or ones I have been use longer.

No. 1606874

File: 1686787881457.jpg (104.21 KB, 800x534, 2-9.jpg)

You can draw whatever kind of face you like, I gravitate towards drawing a certain kind of female face, too, but mostly because of how expressive it becomes, and how flattering it is on each woman. But I recommend you look through older art, and when I say old, I mean OLD. I'm talking Roman funeral portraits and onwards. Look at what was considered attractive for each era. Try drawing a portrait that matches each era. Look at as many faces as you can, both painted and photographed. An artist should absorb as much visual info as they can, not limit themselves. Variety is the spice of life.

No. 1606913

File: 1686789662020.jpeg (695.82 KB, 2814x1727, DCF0CB5C-8818-46AC-9F75-D61963…)

Say what you want about artists complaining about dead end opportunities and shit pay but these pick mes are the fucking worst. He’s not even an artist and I can only assume how much he pays his artists to draw his godawful fetish bait 16 year old donut steal.

No. 1607099

do warm up gestures before lining. and in general, i usually do 1-3 passes when lining. my first line art is almost never what ends up in the final draft lol

No. 1607575

I want to make a comic. It's nothing special, just 5 or so pages of a short story. I have it planned and made drafts/researched paneling and all.
But my drive to polish everything stops me from just starting doing it. Every time I pick up my tools to start the layouts, I always think to myself: oh, I need to work on my anatomy a little bit more to make the characters pop/oh, I need to work more on backgrounds/I need to learn more about paneling and storytelling/my writing kinda sucks, gotta work on that too.
How do I stop this retarded thing? My dream is to make a comic like that but my insecurity is holding me back. I don't even plan to post it anywhere, it's purely self-indulgent, so I don't care if I get BTFOd by haters cuz my art is not good enough. I mean, it's not bad if I say so myself, but I held myself to a standard that I can't possibly achieve.

No. 1607578

>>1606874 nta but nice example i love fayum mummies portrait it's one of the most naturalistic ancient art out there it feels like i'm looking at a photo of a person and see their lives

No. 1607590

Put stability around 10 to 15%, it helps a lot without slowing your stroke speed, also don't draw in a small canvas, everything will look pixelated.

No. 1607591

If it's digital you can always go back and fix things later. Or you could come back in a year or two and remake the whole thing with a new skills. Just because it's done doesn't mean you can't go back and fix it.

No. 1607794

5 pages is not a huge investment, and drawing a comic is nothing like creating an illustration. You actually don't have to be amazing at drawing to create a compelling comic, a stick figure with a speech balloon is all you need.

If you have everything planned out, just start making panels and laying out the scene. What you're doing by not starting is re-reading your recipe, having your ingredients ready, but not starting until you find the right apron, or until it's the perfect sunny day for baking, or until you've found the right baking music playlist, or, or…just start baking. You'll only get better at comic making by making a comic, not perfecting your drawing skills.

No. 1607819

looking to start a new art account. should i even bother with doing a watermark?

No. 1607948

Yes. And watermark your work in 3s, top/mid/bottom with transparency so it colors the area slightly different and it's harder to remove. Then do a normal full color watermark. I am not fucking kidding, after being online for 4 decades now, that artists need to label and mark and just fuck all to their digital art. It will never be seen the same as traditional art due to how easy it is to steal, so spare yourself from being found on Aliexpress. There's absolutely no good excuse to not watermark your work. I don't care if artists think 'it's ugly', okay. Sorry you were thrown into an AI algorithm because someone decided to upload an entire booru that had your pieces of art in them too. Or the people who roleplay OCs made crop just the head so your watermark isn't there. That's why you mark it in 3s.

I'm probably coming off way more salty about this as is, but this idea that marking up your work for YOU safety and propriety is not going to ruin your chances of being seen. DA has done watermark for years and people still used it. Twitter and other sites are no different from people having watermarks.

No. 1608001

Would it be a good idea to add a big ass watermark and then offer the non watermarked version as a Patreon reward?

No. 1608009

If you think your stuff is worth patreon, sure. Usually with patreon I add in the uncolored layer, a photoshop file, timelapse.. Otherwise there is no point and you need to add a clause on your patreon that says that receiving rewards such as lineart does not allow for reproductions without credit. A lot of people like the lineart because they try to emulate and practice through your timelapse. I wouldn't put a big watermark like DA does/did, but in areas of 3. Let me try to make a quick mockup to explain.

No. 1608019

File: 1686852765260.png (642.33 KB, 1536x1139, attachment2.png)

(Samefag) Okay, so hopefully this makes sense. You want the faded/multiplied/luminosity/overlay whichever you'd like to use to be in three important spots that are easily stolen or edited on your photo. One touching the face, one touching the top of the head or hair and one around the mid/bottom. Or move it around so 3 makes sense in the form you made or scenery. Then you have one main watermark with your handle. These are all the same watermark, but 3 faded out so that editing it is a pain in the ass and they have to do multiple color matches to edit out your watermark which is more of a pain that needed for more people when stealing art.

No. 1608110

thanks nona

No. 1608225

This. A4 or A3 are perfect for lineart. It helps you to do more lineart value.

No. 1608227

The problem is that there are many ways to get Patreon rewards without using a Patreon account. Timelapses, Discord Server, Photoshop Files (smaller than your common canvas) or even a free card are the most popular prizes for your patrons.

No. 1608297

NTA but wow, four decades? Share us your wisdom nona, what was the art sphere for you back when you started? Go sperg because I'm genuinely curious.

No. 1608378

how do you guys study? right now i am spending a week to study something then moving on to something else so i dont get an artblock.

No. 1608419

AYRT, same! I was shocked the first time I saw them because of how "advanced" the painting technique was. Then it became a sort of lost technique until oil painting resurfaced. And yeah, it's like getting a snapshot of the person at their prime.

No. 1608469

I do a mastercopy of some work i like or that has elements i want to practice. It's easy to get so caught up when creating an original piece, taking a break to redraw something that already has a foundation helps to just exercise the technical skill

No. 1608477

whats your workflow when doing mastercopies?

No. 1608491

I map out the simple values of the piece (shadows, shapes) and then work in the color and details. Even if the finished product doesn't look the same, it helps with artblock cause it reminds me art is not just a final product but a process.

No. 1608508

Oooh I wanna see how yours have come out. Any chance you could post one?

No. 1608546

No prob. You don't need to cater to the 2 people thinking your art is ugly with watermarks when you have 3 people who don't care about the public post with watermarks who are instead paying for all the extras + no watermark through Patreon. Your art is worth protecting, anon.

No. 1608558

Kek sorry nona, I'm too schizo to post art online, but you made me smile with your interest, hope you make lots of art this year

No. 1608708

God I hate comicsgate grifters. Their books are trashy shit that no one outside of their shill circle reads, that’s if they ever even deliver their scam books. They’re shitting up the hashtag with their cash grabs and goading about the money they make while making absolutely no impact outside of their bank accounts.

No. 1608896

Is there ONE damn site that won't butcher my drawing when I post it online?? Twitter sucks, tumblr resizes big pieces, dA is garbage now and no one uses Pixiv. Fucking hell why do they feel like resizing and frying every fucking image that gets posted, it pisses me off so much.

No. 1608906

Images cost MB, which costs hosting space which costs money. Huge SNS sites have the means to host HQ images but of course if they can cut corners they will.

No. 1609041

I understand the frustration but why would you want to upload anything in high quality for free in the first place with the amount of theft going on? Twitter users and the like should be happy to even get a shitty 300x400px scrap from artists and as long as the colors are shiny they'll eat anything up

No. 1609246

Get a website if you want a place to display high quality uploads. Most people scroll social media on their phones. The drawings might look like pixelated shit on your computer or tablet, but they look decent on phones. No one notices, truly, do you care how compressed other people's art looks on social media?

No. 1609295

I intentionally post smaller + compressed versions of my art, I like being the only one with the full res. Compression is not a big deal imo, it still looks good enough to the vast majority of people who are only gonna glance at your art for a couple of seconds at most. I don't really mind it when looking at other people's works either.

No. 1609671

File: 1686975319831.jpg (269.65 KB, 1079x1723, Screenshot_20230617_050903_Twi…)

I really fucking hate Celestial Fang/Archon of Flesh. Not because of their art or because of what they draw (mostly), but because I really love their art and absolutely hate them as a person. They're an enormous attention whore whose halfassed AAP antics and superficial edgelordery threaten to overshadow their genuinely fantastic art. It's not like I can actively search for artists who blend modern, digital, character-based art with classical art education, because the popular artists are the ones who polish turds into flat anime spadefaces.

Also yeah yeah 40k cringe moid fandom but Archon's somehow doing all this in a uniquely femalebrained style of cringe. Complete with the "muh sexualizing my own trauma to cope" crap.

No. 1609676

File: 1686975882655.jpg (284.58 KB, 1044x2047, 20230617_052350.jpg)

When they're not being cringe and salivating over femboys like an mtf looks at stripey socked anime girls they make things like this. Side tangent but if anyone knows artists that are similar or better I'll love you forever if you share.

No. 1609701

cut that shit out

No. 1609718

Anyone know of a decent course on creating comics? I'm lost.

No. 1609728

File: 1686982803943.jpg (407.47 KB, 1381x2048, FubE-l9XoAE8QEG.jpeg.jpg)

Check out vetyyr, that style looks a lot like hers to me and she also has a lot of tips about drawing/painting on her tumblr, she used to talk about browsing /ic too. Maybe also check out awanqi and start looking at the following list of artists you like to hopefully find ones with similar styles. There are a lot of people who don't only do flat anime but I couldn't really name them because this isn't a direction I personally care for

No. 1609758

^^^^^ This. Not only because I don't mind compression but because I like to trawl sites for high-res art that I can use for textures/interesting patterns later. Saves me a lot of time, so if you don't want it swiped, shrink it down!

No. 1609789

Maybe you're right anons, thank you. I get frustrated sometimes because I like to put a lot of details on my art and when they get compressed no one can see that, but yeah it's better to not have the full resolution piece around (even though I not many people see my art but still). I often tend to treat social media site as portfolios where everything has to be crisp and clean but it's not a good idea.

No. 1609824

Yeah yeah eat my ass, not the fucking point.

No. 1609826

Just block her and move on to better artists

No. 1609902

File: 1687007577627.jpg (261.66 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20230617_141442_Gal…)

How can you stand scrolling through this shit to get to the few good posts she has kek, surely there's at least one other artist out there drawing like her and isn't a yaoi coombrained tif. Like use Google lens to search using her images, and look at all the related artists that come up.

No. 1609947

Thanks nona now I have to bleach my brain after having to read that line with 'boypreggers', how do they keep coming up with disgusting words like this
There are plenty of chinese speaking artists share this similar illustration style, and thankfully I cant read CN to understand whichever cringe they've said online.

No. 1609954

File: 1687013125165.png (106.41 KB, 500x494, EFF34DBD9BA0.png)

I have to ask why do they bother even with the femboy larp? the character she draws and their function is the same as basically breastless women she even draws them as they are "bred and impregnated", at that point what's even the point of even pretending its two men.
And I know all fujos do this to an extent, but this is perhaps the worst case of this, I've ever seen.

No. 1610022

I've noticed it's because these twinks, not femboys, can realistically be more 'feminine', meaning for them skinnier, than real women due to their bodies just normal carrying less fat in areas. That's why they are always the most anorexic looking fucks too, and then the opposite is straight muscle. They make the excuse it's lack of muscle, but that's not how that looks from someone who has been ana. It's honestly just another way for women to admit they hate other women and instead focus on degenerate male-centered porn/attractions. Which in turn leads to men don't like women, they like women shaped things. This artist doesn't even do femboy/women for dom type stuff. That says all I need to know about them.

No. 1610057

Late reply but pls drop the name, anon

No. 1610106

>she is only famous because her coloring is good
>her coloring is good
Looks half-assed to me.

No. 1610147

She's projecting. She also claims to be trans and uses he/him pronouns but in she dresses feminine, has worn sexy cosplay, and looks like the average asian woman. She wants to be a femboy and the coomer talk is her attempt at sounding like one of the guys.

No. 1610296

I think she's been talked about in the tif/fakeboi thread, she's the type of tif that presents fully as a woman but insists she's a man. Tifs who try to be men are the opposite side of the same delusional coin of course, though its funnier when these nlog girly girls tweet stuff like "as a gay man" "we feminine boys exist, deal with it, how I look with he him in my bio" like >>1609671

No. 1610368

It's bad, usually I'm desensitized to fujo fakeboi shit but this is terminal. The constant complaining about not being taken seriously as a man when she doesn't even try to pass really gets to me. I just don't understand why not even a single person under any of her posts has called out this shit, it feels like a fucking insane asylum.

No. 1610373

As a side note, I'm really sick of her shilling her shitty gorefest 40k rapefic. It's actually kind of offensive to anyone who likes writing dark things because it's so painfully tryhardy and mediocre at best and yet she's got several big communities pogging out about how it's the DARKEST and most FUCKED UP thing they've ever read.

I know 40k has a terrible redditfag problem but christ alive people, have some fucking standards, and stop stroking her ego. Not only does she think she's a man, she also thinks she's a writer now.

No. 1610395

File: 1687046822556.jpg (Spoiler Image,553.57 KB, 2349x3382, 1HHsY5w.jpg)

The fact that she doesn't even attempt to pass makes her act laughable. Content aside she's a competent artist, so I don't know why she feels the need to do the most for attention. I'm guessing the 40K scrotes didn't care about her being a girl that likes Warhammer so now she seeks it by trolling them with her edgy Agony In Pink tier fics and art, then uses he/him pronouns so she has a personal army of troons to defend her. Tifs pass easier than 99.5% of scrotes without even touching hormones yet she can't be bothered to at least dress less like a 40k waifu. She's just a horny fujo who wants to live out her fantasy of being an uwu rapebait twink by hiding behind seven genders.
What's this obsession with genderspecials and trying to shock and out-edge everyone? It's like they're all in a race to skinwalk Gretchen Felker-Martin. I'm not offended by dark content, but the least they can do is make something good for once.

No. 1610399

I like to neutrally lurk tttt when im bored and recently there was one claiming to be malebrained because they were ~naturally super perverted and disgusting all the time~. Like they got ran out of a town for being extremely gross and described in earnest like it was funny and cool that they'd just deadpan say creepy hypersexual shit about having sex with random nasty old ladies that work at the grocery store or something as a ~joke~ and that made them malebrained. Anyways what im saying is that I hate that it's supposedly suuuper male to be murderous or creepy or hypersexual because there is no excuse to be like that at all and no it isn't natural to anyone.

No. 1610433

Just another tif trying to show off that she's an edgy bug rat frog boi, but accidentally showing off that she believes in very rigid gender stereotypes. Like "boys will be boys, their gross creepy behaviour is natural, unquestioned, and a convenient excuse for me!" Ok dear.

No. 1610443

The post said that they were in Appalachia and were run out of town for real because they were so creepy and disgusting that people thought they were really biologically male and pretending to be biologically female to take advantage. Not something to brag about. Not something to think is cute or quirky or just a ~part of your autism~

No. 1610479

>The post said that they were in Appalachia and were run out of town for real because they were so creepy and disgusting that people thought they were really biologically male and pretending to be biologically female to take advantage
Kek, that sounds so made up. She probably got shunned by a friend group in her town for being weird and creepy and crafted the rest of the ~run out of the conservative town for being too HARDCORE~ narrative to sound cool.

No. 1610500

It didn't sound made up, I'm just not good at paraphrasing. The anon had previously been homeless and was staying with a woman and her sons, then had sex with one of the sons. Either the dad or someone else related was angry and threatening to beat them up or something and people were accusing them of being a predator. But shook quirky and pervy teehe3

No. 1610511

File: 1687061085827.jpeg (6.65 KB, 220x220, B36B9194-AF9A-4DDC-A984-D16907…)

>The anon had previously been homeless and was staying with a woman and her sons, then had sex with one of the sons.
Anon can you at least link to the thread for us to read from for a tiny crumb of context. wtf how is this real???

No. 1610538

Lol I can't find a thread from /tttt/ that's a couple days old. It seemed pretty real, the anon was obviously incredibly autistic but for whatever reason was really pleased with being a creep. You'll see a lot of interesting stuff there honestly, I never post nor do I intend to I just watch other people be horrible people.

No. 1610544

Raise your standards and get better tastes nonna. She's trash and so are her drawings, damn I'm mad because so far every woman and fujo I've run into on WH40K has to be a gender obsessed freak and ruin it with her troon shit (I can't forget that girl obsessed saying that magnus is genderfluid and another saying that konrad is a transman and many other similar things)
WH40K fandom doesn't deserve this

No. 1610554

You had me until the last part.

No. 1610556

>Lol I can't find a thread from /tttt/ that's a couple days old.
You can find deleted threads here nonny

No. 1610582

Yeah I love WH40K too and it's either 4chan moid shit or gendie girl shit.

No. 1610797

Yeah you're probably right that it's not worth it. Between the genderfuckery and the moids who completely miss the point of the series by making it all edgy 100% of the time it really sucks to not have a reliable online space to discuss it (aside from lore communities, at least they read the books sometimes.)

I just want to enjoy my necrons in peace.

No. 1611077

What's up with Hullo Alice? She's looking more and more rough in every weekly stream.

No. 1611100

Let me clarify. I'm not going to waste more than ten minutes of my time looking for a random thread I can't even remember the threadpic of because that board moves much faster than lc, it was a string of posts from a couple days ago that stuck with me because of how unapologetically unhinged and creepy it was. I didn't think anyone would take interest.

No. 1611180

File: 1687118604869.png (96.27 KB, 685x885, star girl.PNG)

don't know why steve huston is making me cry (in a good way). going to read through his book for an hour a day + do figure exercises and shit and see if i can't finally learn how to draw. don't even need to know how to color shit nonnies i just want to make dynamic and pretty sketches

this is a year old but i have basically not advanced past this point since 2020 kek kill me

No. 1611344

Does a thread for learning art/discussing the process exist on LC? I checked /m/, but didn't see anything. Very well could've looked over it though.

No. 1611376

No, if it does then it’s buried deep.
i’m not sure if one could even exist since many nonnies are paranoid about having their digital footprint traced back to here.

No. 1611389

ntayrt but is there really that much risk with posting studies or giving critique over unfinished art/art that hasn't been posted on social media?
I'm really asking because i can't imagine being able to tell who someone is from some gesture (but maybe i'm retarded)

No. 1611397

Am i the only one that thinks this looks like very unfinished rendering with some blur effect or something?. The blood on the lower part looks so bad and the light effects on the armor look like a bunch of blots, the green wings on the background look kind of difuse especially the part closer to his hand.
Don't mean to insult anons taste though, the artist probably has better stuff and artist don't always have consistency all the time

No. 1611418

No. 1611712

File: 1687159257400.png (138.26 KB, 665x1192, x.PNG)

This person is right about coomer anatomy genderswaps but twitter users in general are getting way too comfortable complaining about free fanart online when they aren't even artists themselves. It's really not their place to "criticize" anything, if you can even call this that. I saw another thread complaining how artists who only ever draw anime/genshit are now failing to draw the diverse characters from spiderverse and someone commented that looking at the art is "a hellish experience". Which is so fucking funny, like you can actually choose not to let some strangers fanart ruin your day and instead draw it yourself if your eye is that good. And in another qrt to this artwork where the person showed pictures of leanbeefpatty the artist even commented but didn't get a response. It just goes to show that they don't care about the person making art, to them it really is nothing but a picture on the net that they can talk about however they please because they happened to dislike it for whatever reason. It's a scary and strange disconnect

No. 1611744

just saw this as well. A lot of popular artists defend the OP artist after seeing so many dunk QRTs became viral than the art itself.

Not going to lie I had mixed feeling at first because the original gender bender art really is not that good to defend, though I've been on twitter long enough to see QRT become a reddit comment cesspool. There's no win-win when posting on twitter no matter how good your art is, someone is going to act like it's free internet and talk shit at your work.

No. 1611761

These dunks also get way more attention than any artworks that actually show what they talked about wanting, all they care about is complaining.
And yeah, even if I dislike the art myself I don't see the need to speak out about it like this. I think that OP also said something about not knowing how to draw muscles properly and on one hand you could say she should study before attempting but on the other she really doesn't have to do shit just to please others, if she ended up feeling satisfied with the piece despite not being able to fully realize the vision it shouldn't matter. The trend of people demanding to see certain things in art is really pissing me off, they can draw it themselves if they want it so badly.

No. 1611773

I'm experiencing cognitive dissonance. Big butt scrotebait genderbends are annoying but being a sensitive cunt about art that wasn't made for you is worse. A genderbend doesn't have to look like a tranny to be correct. Miguel has the typical idealized superhero build so his female self wouldn't be out of the way for having the typical idealized heroine build. People on Twitter love to forget that sexual dimorphism is a thing and that women don't naturally develop muscles the same way men do, even if they were bitten by radioactive spiders.
Also, the OP of that tweet is a significantly less talented artist so it was at least partially motivated by envy.

No. 1612043

Yes and no because as someone who has done gymnastics, that's kind of the stature you get.. Have you seen gymnasts? They aren't like figure skaters where they are super lean. We have big ass legs usually and spider-men are very nimble in the same vein. I don't see this as a part of coomer anatomy, this just seems like a fake reason to get mad on twitter.

No. 1612115

This whole situation just continues to prove that the internet is incredibly comfortable with attacking female artist. The pile on for this art is over the top.

No. 1612169

To be fair that artist is just used to drawing that idealized female bodytype, Miguel is not supposed to look like a lean gymnast. He's shown running on all fours and clawing at metal and he's a lot bulkier than most other spidermen, he stands out in that way because he didn't get his powers the way they did. No need to defend the artwork but there also wasn't a need to dunk on them like that, especially when moids have been doing the exact same thing with genderbends basically forever but for some reason that goes by mostly ignored

No. 1612172

I'm saying gymnasts aren't lean. You read two comparisons as the same.

No. 1612237

Oh, my bad anon. I totally misread that

No. 1612261

Not a course but making comics and understanding comics by scott mccloud, you can find them online easily
Also just look at comics you like and see why you like them, and framing and cinematography in movies helps too

No. 1612270

File: 1687206662528.png (189.46 KB, 865x848, Screenshot 2023-06-19 153126.p…)

There's a recent trend of female-ran meme pages making memes of text over art and sometimes it's nice and funny and relatable and sometimes it's just awful obnoxious BPD posting. But one particular account that's extremely popular never credits the artists she takes from and when anyone asks about artists for particular memes she won't reply. She has 40k followers btw. Why do some people have this weird entitled anti-credit mentality? It's really not that hard and if you have time to save a bunch of an artists' work off their page then you have time to @ them in your post.

No. 1612277

samefag and I happen to follow this artist from picrel (an uncredited meme from her account) so not to be a hypocrite and add to the problem their ig is @mirin_kou and they make the most adorable sculptures

No. 1612283

A guy draws coomer shit and it just gets called coomer shit. A girl draws coomer shit and suddenly there's think pieces, infantilization of women, and a ton of "Anyways here's MY take" or "I fixed it" QRTs. The pic isn't very remarkable but definitely not the worst/most moid gaze gender bend to get worked up over. The people reaching making this about irl body standards and masc representation need to log the fuck out
Wish I saved it but someone pointed out if she'd drawn beefcake male Miguel and captioned "She/Her" the same haters would've eaten it up

No. 1612385

File: 1687220669881.jpeg (167.03 KB, 1170x1545, IMG_5026.jpeg)

I personally don’t care for Kamii’s rendition (give me hot, tall and butch Miguel) but the coomer “defending” her isn’t getting criticism even though it’s drawn poorly.

No. 1612554

File: 1687234314748.png (69.73 KB, 740x1020, kcokaine.png)

I hate anyone defending coomer art because you always end up with pickme's like this who come out of nowhere talking about how "well aksually I look like this irl so you're wrong!" Plus the woman QRTing in the pic can only draw the same, skinny, comic-book-style women and hasn't bothered to come out of her shell. Her men are diverse but on her side account she makes them tifs. I can't take her seriously because she just drew a skinny, genderbent Miguel to "piss people off" but it's unimpressive because it's the same style of woman she always draws, just with a different skin tone.

No. 1612582

They always say they're built like some triple stacked washboard ab ribless organless superhero baddie with gigantic upturned tits and then you click their profile and they just look like your cousin Becky

No. 1612628

I think a large amount of people are defending Kamii at this point. If anything it worked out in her favor since it exposed more coomer moids to her art since it looks like they're the main ones defending her.
yes it's annoying as hell. I've had to press not interested on so many similar tweets of people dragging random artists just for easy likes/retweets and half the time the artists getting shit on are complete nobodies. stuff like this just makes me miss deviantart. Yes there were unnecessary hate campaigns over trivial shit and insults disguised as critique but it was never this annoying. or maybe I just miss early fanculture in general. I don't even know if having more dedicated sites centering artists would help anymore since it would still attract the same kinds of people and they'd be constantly running to twitter/tiktok/etc to stir up drama.

No. 1612639

I love how the female body is problematic and harmful but the unrealistic moid body is ok because he's hot I guess. Tell me that looking at drawings of beautiful women triggers you without saying it. I'm all for drawings of muscular women, but I will laugh and block if a clown tells me what type of bodies I'm not allowed to draw.

No. 1612642

Thank you nonna I was about to ask before I saw your post. Their sculptures are adorable.

No. 1612645

Tbh this is the first time I’ve ever seen genderbends called out for being misogynistic. The discourse I usually see is that they’re “transphobic” which I don’t get at all.

No. 1612649

It’s honestly not new, when artists primarily posted on tumblr oversexualized fanart and bad anatomy was shit on frequently. It just takes twitter 5 years to catch up.
It’s pretty cringe to see all the coomers white knight for her when most of the critics may have been rude, were right about her interpretation of female Miguel. It’s boring and cookie cutter. She even admitted she doesn’t know how to draw muscular women well. However, it’s better than most of the coomer art.

No. 1612650

>"Tell me that looking at drawings of beautiful women triggers you without saying it"
>Implying coomer art of women is beautiful art
Draw whatever you want but if you take a muscular man and genderbend it into a generic anime girl, I'm going to call you a loser.

No. 1612682

Coomers will defend a pile of shit like it's the Sistine Chapel if the shit offends the "puritans"

No. 1612829

Why do so many good artists have shit taste in characters/fandoms? Tired of seeing a gallery of shitty Genshin impact twinks and coomer fujo speak

No. 1612836

That looks hideous. Lmfao.

No. 1612837

IIRC it used to be because genderbends enforced the ~twansphobic idea~ that there are only two genders, nowadays people claim it's because equating genders to stereotypical traits like woman = boobs and butt and eyelashes is transphobic (but not misogynistic)? As if troons don't do that IRL kek

No. 1612840

Thank you my friend. Peace be with you.

No. 1612848

she would be so based if she wasnt a tif

No. 1612866

File: 1687267559824.jpeg (334.71 KB, 1425x1204, 2D7DEA13-7986-4F38-8928-B80926…)

I saved this image off lolcow like a month ago and I stumbled on it again today. Does anyone know who the artist is or remember where the original post was? I wanna see more in the same style but I don’t want to search all of lolcow for the right thread to ask.

No. 1612877

you can just google lens it nonnie. The artist is marion bulot.

No. 1612908

You're right nonna, today they call anything coomerbait. They don't even care if the artist can draw better or not, they're just angry because the artist doesn't draw what they want.

No. 1612913

You're right and I'm pretty sure that the artists that actually want a community to share things in are already in private discords with their friends for that reason. Any artist-targeted sites or apps are doomed to fail because those who already have a private group won't use them and popular artists won't use them and terminally online people with no skills won't get enough attention there and might develop worse jealously that leads to more malicious callouts. The fundamental issue is that talking shit is quick and easy but brings a lot of attention to these lonely miserable people, while actually drawing something takes time and effort and won't yield the same results. Social media has made it too easy to talk to a huge amount of people and it gets to their heads very quickly

Because those things are popular and get attention. So many genshin yaoi artists have 50-100k followers on twitter, it's really obvious why they keep doing it. It oftentimes starts with a mild interest and once the numbers rise it'll become almost impossible to let go of because original works will never get the same attention as their fandom slop, so why change. I hope they all manage to profit off it somehow at least

No. 1612919

Google lens couldn’t find it, thanks for the name!

No. 1612996

File: 1687277243024.jpeg (61.1 KB, 1170x698, IMG_5030.jpeg)

Yora is a pornsick woman so it’s expected her artwork would be shit. I was surprised she wasn’t a scrote based on how she acts and draws. The way she drew Miguel’s breasts, thighs and ass is laughable and the face is ugly as fuck.

No. 1613090

Literally vacuum-sealed kek

No. 1613122

A scrote wouldn't draw flattened breasts like this, they'd attach giant balloon tits. She at least applied the physics of this ridiculous vacuum sealed outfit to the chest too.

No. 1613151

I want to dive into art, comic-creating, and making animations, but I also want to be a storyboard artist. I hate my indecisive and procrastinating tendencies, drives me crazy. I wish I went to a good animation school back in the day, I'd have been in the field by now and have an idea and experience under my belt (internships).

There's also people who own their own productions, making big bucks on Patreon. Oh, what a dream.

Did any of you go to animation school? Or make your own living from being an artist?

No. 1613153

For future reference, Yandex has a great reverse image-search implementation.
More than google etc.

No. 1613250

Should I take the Genshit pill for views and followers? I also notice Genshin has taken over zines too, which sucks.

No. 1613255

Not saying this is the case BUT: maybe she claims to be a man because a lot of fujo get shit in recent years by rancid Western zoomers for "feTishiZinG" gay moids (which is an insanely stupid and psyop'd take) but this way she gets away with it and not too many people say anything.
Again I could be wrong.

No. 1613335

File: 1687311678061.jpg (83.35 KB, 690x1084, _iamnotenough_.jpg)

You're not wrong. She always show off her "body count" and how much sex she has from "gay old men" (that are chasers). She always has to mention they're GAY to feed her TIF delusion.

Since this is an art thread and the TIF thread is on snow, I just remember Jennadelle.

No. 1613374

It's a cope for delusional femcoomers who want their followers to think they look just like the hypersexualized female bodies they draw. Most of them are either skinnyfat or fat.

No. 1613448

It's only worth a shot if you have at least some interest in the characters and don't mind, otherwise you'll be miserable. You could try making and posting a few pieces and see if it ever picks up, but depending on your current following it might take some time to get shared around. I'm sure you can tell what kind of stuff gets popular yourself, my only tips would be drawing modern fashion and/or interactions between characters and aiming to be very consistent and quick. If it's fashion you can basically just use genshin characters as your dolls and since they barely have a personality you can project all your tastest onto them. But I'd recommend waiting until you find another media you actually want to create for and are passionate about or you'll feel awful once it becomes something you're known for.

No. 1613511

I don’t think any artist should be harassed but I am really tired of “genderbends” just being coombait.
I also am posted at all of the people running defense over coom interpretations of characters while the same people stay absolutely silent when other artists get harassed for drawing race bends oc characters. “I care about artistic freedom” no I think you just care about boons, to be honest.

No. 1613522

Same, but genderbends are generally an easier topic to speak on and in this situation it's a relatively inoffensive artwork that got an unreasonable amount of hate. I don't remember there ever being an instance of someone drawing their race headcanons and whatever and someone qrting it to dunk on them and that getting 30k+ likes the way it did here. I also don't think you can say with certainty that it's the same people doing this

No. 1613644

Never got the appeal of her art

No. 1613738

File: 1687361497661.jpg (129.56 KB, 1080x931, 004.jpg)

Literal mental illness. There are so many bad genderbends out there, I wonder what about this one specifically hit a nerve with these freaks

No. 1613822

File: 1687369181476.jpg (76.12 KB, 1200x717, 1259387416.kace_comm_j_sally_1…)

Back then it was her digital work, monster design and "emo" theme that caught attention. She then changed her style and then disappeared again.

No. 1613836

The problem is people went out of their way to be mad about it. That's the difference. This artist out of all of twitter. It's just a stupid pile on and I honestly like their take out of spite at this point. People going after artists because their ideal version isn't being drawn religiously is a massive mentally ill plight on the these screaming consumers. They can go draw their won Luisa from Encanto version of Miguel then, but this is just a pathetic cherry-picking witch hunt.

No. 1613885

These terminally online types are genuinely psychotic.

No. 1614131

Will never praise people for drawing moid-pandering coomer art out of spite. There were plenty of people with valid criticism. I feel bad for the artist who got dogpiled because they don't deserve it, but I've seen people using this just to defend their shitty misogynistic art.

No. 1614656

It isn't even misogynistic art.

No. 1614719

File: 1687453828730.png (71.24 KB, 735x753, 22101116.png)

Not talking about that artist in particular, I'm talking about people like picrel.

No. 1614727

This is what I can spite art lol

No. 1614768

This redesign just looks like a blowup doll, I get why people don’t like it, and I don’t feel sorry for the artist because the coomers defending it act as if you’re putting them on death row when you say you don’t like the fleshy alien blobs they call art.

No. 1614779

Even disregarding the coomer anatomy, boobs socks are just so stupid. It looks like she's body-pointed instead of wearing a catsuit.

No. 1614781

If you go out of your way to support coomer art because it makes women mad on twitter, then you're no better than the porn sick moids who make it

No. 1614788

Women who get mad over everything being sexualized when it's a comic, need to go outside. The original art wasn't even that offensive and of course people are going to make fun of the people who clearly looked for clout by freaking out over one person's interpretation that was still muscular, but not good enough and big enough for some people. Dear god, do you hear your argument on how this overblown this is?

No. 1614812

learn how to use commas moid

No. 1614959

did he pick you yet?(infighting)

No. 1615456

Is it a good idea to start vtubing with a self drawn model that is above average quality? I've been thinking of taking the plunge after years of deliberation but does that actually attract commissions?

No. 1615532

Yes, but following vtubers and posting about commissions regularly usually works just as fine, as long as your art style is anime-adjacent. If you gain a following of vtubers, I can almost guarantee you'll always get commissions no matter your skill, at least in my experience.

No. 1615545

It is worth it to keep my artistree account open or should I close it? I never got clients through there.

No. 1615561

So many coomer types always have these very generic styles it’s so fascinating

No. 1615750

this dude's painting style is insane i fucking love it i cant believe he upload all his stuff for free, i hope i can someday achieve his level

No. 1616235

thank you. I actually have a handful of successful partnered vtubers following me (each around 10-30k) but maybe I should try to attract smaller ones and draw more fanart. Is hyping up a standard debut optional, or would it help a smaller account like mine (sub 1k)

No. 1616305

If you want to be an artist and not become a vtuber, I'd say no. If you are gonna invest time into video making anyway, maybe post speedpaints with "vtuber model" in the titles instead? Or something like "Drawing cute anime girl for vtube" "How to make a vtuber model"? It's not my scene but basically: use key phrases that will make it possible for vtubers to find you and establish yourself as a craftsperson.

No. 1616402

It would help, but the one thing you should avoid is staying too long in a "pre-debut" stage. Lots of people do it, but people tend to criticize them because it's not like you can stay pre-debut if you already revealed your whole avatar and started streaming.

No. 1616563

Heard a lot of rumours that they’re making a marketplace soon, worth sticking around a while to see if they do imo

No. 1616575

You can with AI, sadly, most AI can replicate this.

No. 1616577

afai understand, your artistree is just what you would link people wanting to comission you in dm's. Otherwise you need to advertise it heavily on other platforms in order to have anything done there. No one will find your artistree on their own. I see it mostly as something I can link to new clients, to filter out people that weren't interested in paying or following my terms anyway.
that sounds interesting

No. 1616579

AI looks like shit and cant do anything but generic big titty anime girl standing

No. 1616629

nta and sorry for the spoonfeding question but have they announced any of the features the marketplace is going to have?
It's always the same discourse with these ai-tards, don't engage please

No. 1616704

Theres a whole encyclopedia of fairytales they could make media off of, yet they always revert to the same few over and over again. Bluebeard? I would love to see a movie of that. 12 dancing princesses? They really show that they no nothing of fairytales nowadays and instead just rely off of the same overused ones instead.

No. 1616764

File: 1687647205816.png (660.48 KB, 1004x900, 1687629855355.png)

How the fuck did anyone approve of a character design this awful and fundamentally flawed.

No. 1616782

File: 1687648851139.png (12.95 KB, 500x1533, Angel_Dust_by_ToughDoge.png)

Is this vivziepop? She does a lot of busy edgy designs that 2000s scene kids would love. Tifs also love hazbin hotel especially for the androgynous gay stripper picrel because of course they do

No. 1616809

>Is this vivziepop?
>busy edgy designs that 2000s scene kids would love. Tifs also love hazbin hotel especially for the androgynous gay stripper picrel because of course they do
Yeah the designs are shitty a lot of the times, but tifs also love them because a lot of zoomers love emulating 2000's subcultures, including scene
I still find her designs pretty jarring considering they COULD be good but i think viv 100% clutters them on purpose

No. 1616826

File: 1687652354278.png (1.8 MB, 2400x1244, 1682446256618265.png)

i used to hate vivzie and would like those ''fixing hazbin hotel designs'' videos on youtube, but nowadays i respect her. We live in the most soulless era of western animation, where a character has to be a blob with a bean face to be cheap to produce, even indie internet animation has this samey/globohomo style that refuses to use sharp edges and bright colors, so hazbin designs actually feel like a breath of fresh air, and very unique. Honestly, if people want to animate vivizie's sparkledog oc's, let them. Funnily enough, unlike those billion dollar corporations vivzie actually works with animation studios, unlike CN/Nickelodeon/Disney who ship their blobs to be animated in Korean sweatshops.

No. 1616857


the nonstop stream of "she's talented/based/too hot to be a tif" compliments disguised as complaints about this girl whenever she shows up always makes me wonder if she's selfposting, because her art is overwhelmingly boring and even female imageboard autists are too good to be into 40k, that's moid shit (hence why it attracts lowest of the low pickmes like her).

No. 1616859

agreed. People need to separate "personally don't like" from "terrible" designs.

It's hard to say the designs are objectively terrible because they reach their target audience. People that want adult cartoons or animations but not have the art style just be another futurama, simpsons, or family guy rip off like 80% of other adult animations. The design is also immediately recognizable as Vivziepop

A lot of shows on Disney/CN/Nick are just getting worse with art styles because they're just each copying from each other and/or Steven Universe but without what made Steven Universe unique or look good. It looks like the mandated corporate art style because most of the cartoons are the same genre with just different characters, settings and maybe some different themes. The stories can be good or decent like Owl House and Amphibia, but there is nothing to really be said about their animation or art style which is pretty forgettable and if you showed me any of the characters out of context I couldn't tell you what show they came from or who made them.

No. 1616864

autist women want other autistic women to identify with, its not moidish or selfposting, retard

No. 1616873

Did anyone here manage to make the jump into making money with art? Details?

No. 1616896

I'm the second anon and i just asked is if it looked kinda unfinished for anyone else idk what you meant.
I don't think she's self posting because anons complain about tifs they find attractive all the time

No. 1617087

File: 1687689096006.jpg (41.53 KB, 1033x334, 2306232112.jpg)

what the fuck is this comment? i think the colorism drama over drawing black or brown characters slightly lighter is retarded but i'm tired of seeing this type of stupid takes. the artist drew hobie from spiderverse and i guess people were arguing about his skintone. but they sound very entitled and make it all about race, turning white people yet again into the boogeyman. also it's not like asian people don't have their own history of racism and fuckups so that's such a weird thing to say, as if they're able to accurately draw black people solely because they're not white
the weirdest part is that by looking at this person's gallery it's literally filled with tons of drawings of white male celebrities (and hobie is like the first black guy they drew) and characters with very eurocentric features, like white people are not allowed to give you advice but you can obsess over them?

No. 1617095

Asians could make jim crow cartoons and get away with it. My sides

No. 1617160

>turning white people yet again into the boogeyman
>also it's not like asian people don't have their own history of racism and fuckups so that's such a weird thing to say
I don’t even disagree with your main point, but how did you not have any cognitive dissonance typing this

No. 1617180

>We live in the most soulless era of western animation, hazbin designs actually feel like a breath of fresh air, and very unique

>hard to say the designs are objectively terrible because they reach their target audience
>The design is also immediately recognizable

I agree with all of these, compared to blah designs like Steven universe it's something to look at, though they're probably a nightmare to animate and some of the designs are too busy in a way that doesn't flow. Middle grounds are boring though since extremes get the most attention, so idk if there's a point in saying I wanna see that

No. 1617217

anon how did you know!! While cant say which character I had drawn fan art of, he's as close as Kiryu from Yakuza series and yet.
Is there any way to draw fan arts of just dudes chilling without immediately attract delusional fans at all, or it's just a pipe dream these days.

thanks for the tip nona

No. 1617234

What should I expect as a non-native artist drawing native characters? I have a thing for brown skinned boys. Will I get in trouble for fetishizing them?

No. 1617376

File: 1687724379013.jpg (311.57 KB, 1000x1277, FTJycGDWUBg01db.jpg)

There's a furry artist grifter I constantly see art from and bases by on my TL and it seems like every other week they are in DIRE financial hardship.

They also have two luxury cats (persian, purebreed) and talk constantly about renovating their RENTALS when they omg don't have money to eat/pay rent/lost their car/ got scammed by x y z company.

They also have several artist beware pages about them and their various usernames on not delivering on commissions.

AND EVERYONE IS BUYING IT FOR SOME REASON? I swear to god they've made like 15k in grifting alone in the past year. Maybe more.

No. 1617378

I noticed twitter goes rabbit when over artists drawing non-white characters.
Honestly if you ever do get hate, don’t feed the trolls and don’t cultivate a following that would turn on you i.e don’t post political bs

No. 1617380

This is really funny because East Asians (Chinese, Japanese, Korean) are racist af against each other and brown South and Southeast Asians and black people. The only ones who aren't, ironically enough, are the ones exposed to and enjoy American and western culture.

No. 1617389

I'm at a point where I feel uneasy about drawing non white characters because you never know when someone is going to pick a fight for you for it wtf

No. 1617390

>I have a thing for brown skinned boys.
but why tho don’t flag me for racebait, i’m brown and i hate moids of my own race kek

No. 1617391

you can either curl up into a ball and cry and let them win or ignore, block and let the retards get 0 of your attention. Your choice

No. 1617400

>Will I get in trouble for fetishizing them?

Yes. There was a Japanese artist (@Eda_log) not long ago who drew native American inspired characters and got dog-piled for it. If you're not willing to stand up to those kind of people then I recommend against it.

No. 1617430

I worry about getting labeled a "fetishizer" over making yaoi but I realize you gotta just do what you want and lean into it. Embrace the controversy.

No. 1617435

nta but I'm assuming she means Hispanic or southern european guys, like I'd never date a South Asia or Muslim moids, but Greek and Spanish guys are pretty hot imo.

No. 1617464

God it weirds me out to see the changes in what the popular furry art style is. I've seen like 100 artists with this same art style and 1000+ ocs with the same purple yellow sky/galaxy theme. Why didn't you mention the username? it's nowehre in the pic or the filename

No. 1617466

God it weirds me out to see the changes in what the popular furry art style is. I've seen like 100 artists with this same art style and 1000+ ocs with the same purple yellow sky/galaxy theme. Why didn't you mention the username? it's nowehre in the pic or the filename

No. 1617512

NTA either but I assume anon meant First nation natives, doesn't have to be Native American or Native Canadian whom are often spoken about in mainstream media but also the Ainu in Japan etc etc. I get the appeal since I also grew up with manga like Shaman King, which has crazy good amount of positive culture appropriation.

Go for it nona, have some fun researching and experimenting with the designs and symbolism etc. Don't let them gatekeep you from getting good at arts.

No. 1617514

Oh weird, I thought this piece had their signature on it. The artists name is Luxebytes

No. 1617527

Jfc, it feels like western art spaces have completely accepted racism against Asians as a normal thing, I constantly see Asians either being vilified for their race or treated like retarded babies who don't know how to use the internet. Same for hispanic and white artists to a lesser extent. But the instant you say anything about black artists being shitty or racist you get dogpiled on by all sides(global rule #7)

No. 1617584

Whats the name of homunculus100s side account again? Took it out of bio and I want to lurk

No. 1617591

that sounds like a terrible idea, this is how that site will be infested with fiverr crap and AI shit

No. 1617755

I genuinely don't get this sentiment. It's not hard to research cultures and make sure you're representing people right. I feel like people here blow a fuse whenever the word is even mentioned, but it will help you improve as an artist and expand your creative library. If you don't want to offend anyone, just look at artists of that race and how they draw themselves and reference that. Anyone who has bad faith criticism can of course be blocked, but if someone tells you that your art is inaccurate in a polite way, there's nothing wrong with apologizing and trying your best to do better.

No. 1617810

Agreed, though I understand anon's anxiety from the amount of skilled and mostly harmless artists being targeted over the years for cultural appropriation. It's good in practice to experiment and draw inspiration from other cultures but once you put it on Twitter Dot Hell, of course some cunts going to make you the villain of the day just because of the nature of the terminal online's constant feed loop on rage.