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File: 1650667673270.png (1.41 MB, 945x1176, 1650578059349.png)

No. 874714

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>870969
Websites: https://momokun.co/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Twitter: https://twitter.com/peachygirlmomo
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: momoku.n, mariahmallad (currently down/banned), mmallad.jpg (formerly btsmomokun, xmariahmalladx), the ragdollranch (formerly mariahthecatlady, momoscats), momokun.co (currently down), peachycollective.co
Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@xmomokunx
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile (Old, deleted)
Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/users/mariahmallad (Inactive)
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/momokun
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/momokuncosplay
Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Momokun_MariahMallad/

Tumblr blog receipts are all outdated as fuck (we're talking like when she got banned from twitter) but here they are if you want them.
(You need a tumblr account to view this one since it's an 18+ blog).

Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/w/92925
General Costhot/Cosplayer thread over here >>>/w/174607
Don't post irrelevant random cosplayers "roasting" her on Twitter unless there's actual new milk attached. We've seen it a million times by now.
Nitpicking, armchair analysis/diagnosis, cat sperging and blog posting are against the rules.
Asking if we have media links to her content is also not cash money. Stop.
And yes, we know about the Kik for Fat ad.

Last thread:
>>Discovered where her photography studio is, as it's apparently located in an unsafe, super sketchy part of Las Vegas in a nondescript office building/shopping plaza. Looks super sus and doesn't look as "expensive" or "luxurious" as she's been pawning it off to be.
>>Nobody apparently booking other than small time cosplayers and those close to Mariah as no one in their right mind would want to shell out hundreds of dollars for IKEA sets placed inches apart from each other while Mariah waddles around looking for ideas to steal from smaller creators.
>>Got work done on her lips again even though she said she was "done with the bimbo look".
>>In a shocking turn of events, Moo defends Lori Lewd for having her candid's posted on the internet as a direct comparison to the usual shoop she does to her photos. This becomes an obvious attempt at trying to dissuade anyone from posting any candid's of herself in the future.
>>Stella Chuu, known cosplay clout chaser connoisseur, enters the fold(s)! Visits Moo in Las Vegas under the guise of friendship so that she can use her new studio (for free) to take shitty cosplay photos with shitty lighting that would make a novice cosplayer cringe.
>>Stella posts about Moo's new studio on Facebook trying to promote it and almost immediately gets shut down by other cosplayers in the community calling her out for supporting/engaging with a known predator/creep. Tries to defend her decision stating that everything happened so long ago so it doesn't even matter because Mariah is a changed woman, completely disregarding the escapade with Bunny/Susu from not even a month prior. Goes on to say that there are "different levels" regarding the severity of sexual assault along with other forms of whataboutism to try and save face. At least the floors at the studio are apparently really clean?
>>More people speak up against Stella's poor choice in friends, leading to Sean McCoy, head of the S-Class Afterparty, to jump in trying to defend both Stella and Moo. Acts like a complete tool while trying desperately to justify Moo's need for government photo ID's. Stella ends up blocking a bunch of people from the thread but not before removing Mariah from her follow list and untagging Peachy Collective from a bunch of photos she took at the studio.
>>This entire time Mariah continues to reshare intellectual quotes on her Instagram to prove to everyone just how unbothered she truly is. She is so unbothered, in fact, that when her main Instagram and her backup gets taken down (for good?) she whines about how she doesn't deserve this type treatment and that she has never done anything bad to anyone ever, actually, while unknowingly admitting to her audience that the constant take down's aren't due to verification purposes, but because she keeps getting banned.
>>Takes to TikTok, her last remaining Instagram, and her (new!) Twitter to tell everyone she doesn't care about what people make up about her, because she's better than all of us and has already "made her bag" by being a cum-sock for the cosplay community.
>>Ends up replying to a bunch of people on said platforms by either mocking them or expressing how much better she is than them because of her money/status.
>>Desperately trying to cling onto her cosplayer status even though no one associates her with cosplay anymore. Posts a bunch of cursed Demon Slayer lewds onto her OF and debuts a Rengoku cosplay that looks like if Guy Fieri gained 300+ pounds and shrunk to 5'2. Ends up backfiring as her paypigs rage about how they aren't able to see her floppy tits and shooped waist, proving what everyone already knew–that no one who likes Mariah actually cares about her cosplay or thinks that she's good at it, they just want her to do porn. Posts pictures of her butthole on OF as an apology to her paypigs a few days later.
>>Gets slammed by her neighbors/HOA for having lights that are too bright on at night and for her windchimes(?). This isn't surprising considering the neighborhood of McMansion richies she probably lives in, but then again, it's Moo and she's probably covering up the real reason as to why her neighbors apparently hate her. Goes on multiple rants within a 5 hour span and deletes each of them within the hour they were posted. Anon's end up finding a bit of solace in the fact that her neighbors also think the white on white marble is tacky.

No. 874718

we want to add fansly to her links since she's trying to sell her old sets there now too

No. 874719

Good thread pic

No. 874735

fuck i knew i was forgetting something, thanks for the reminder, i’ll add it here for so the next op won’t forget either


also side note for the recap i forgot to mention that the hoa situation isn’t confirmed and that it’s just speculation at this point, something other anons pointed out in the last thread

No. 874755

God moo has gotten even worse over the years holy shit

No. 874756

File: 1650689996574.jpg (493.85 KB, 1079x1420, Screenshot_20220422-215853_Ins…)

Holly finally shot here. The lighting is terrible as anons say

No. 874757

Ew, Holly is looking haggard. Moo's place isn't worth…that.

No. 874758

Who let the grandma with the unfortunate wig onto the set? Also, these were tagged in the studio IG a while ago. Didn’t seem relevant to post since she’s so goddamn hard to look at lol

No. 874759

Um… did she see what Saber’s hair looks like? That wig color looks like it’s for Saber Alter, it’s wayyyy too light for regular Saber.
The neck tie is way too big too. Only the best and most accurate costumes at Moo’s studio!

Sage for fate sperg

No. 874761


YIKES. An old woman, so gray. She deserves it for continually supporting Mariah the entire time. Spineless ass leech

No. 874762

The state of the back of the wig is something to behold. Umbran-unibrow is a hack. And this light casts the worst shadows on this old gals face it makes her look like an old skeletal hag.

No. 874763

Don't be mean anon, Holly is just doing her part for the environment and preparing for her bike ride home!

No. 874768

Lmfao I'm dying. Her pool filter is prob broken and making some awful noise bc it happens here w Ppl. It's like a loud screeching

No. 874769

The more pictures from her studio I see dropped, the more I see I was right. They have to do close up blurry shots to hide all the other crammed in sets.

No. 874771

where's all the photography lighting moo's supposed to provide?

No. 874775

Oof, everything about this is bad. I think one of the issues, among countless others, is that moo is used to her photographers photoshopping pretty much everything. She has a "fix it in post" mentality, where as it's glaringly obvious that this lighting/set is trash, ps or no ps.

No. 874802


I think this is my favorite thread pic of all time, knowing what the original picture is.

No. 874820

File: 1650751781272.jpg (1.14 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220423-125423_Ins…)

Any guesses that this is the dude with the tattoo that fucked Moo? I can't find photos of him arms/hands to check for that triforce.

No. 874821

She's hiking with this guy, btw. Probably should've mentioned that, but also if any anons want to know, Twitter now has a fake engagement/buying engagement report function. Lol

No. 874824


Nah. Pretty sure that's tattoo sensei.

No. 874825

Pretty certain this dude has been around her before. Also fairly certain that tri-force guy was just a pump and dump of tinder or whatever . Doubt he was the kinda guy she'd willing date

Seeing another tattooist around her though reminds me, How's that tattoo removal going moo?

No. 874826

Wait, that's Nick? I don't think so. he had a different handle.

No. 874827

It is. He changed it awhile back.


No. 874828

is that really why she's been posting all this shadow self bs? i'm excited for this to come cascading down when he realizes it was all bullshit.

No. 874831

Tattoo sensei! He's my favorite thirst of hers. I'm torn, anons! I want tattoo sensei to still be hanging out with his cutie of a girlfriend to make Moo seethe, but I felt bad for the gf because she seemed way out of his league. I hate seeing douche bag scrotes with nice girls.

No. 874832

So is the girlfriend around and Moo immaturely cropped her out or did she only invite him for a "friendship" hike
either way it's beyond sad that she refuses to take a hint

No. 874834

Nice to see her fake therapist again.

No. 874838

Tattoo Sensei is back, so I guess he's fishing for gifts from his sugar piggy again. It does explain the recent new age regurgitation Moo has been up to lately, as other anons have pointed out.

Wew lad, Holly looked busted as fuck before but this photographer is doing her dirty. Not that Moo's shitty studio is doing the shoot any favors, mind you.

No. 874839

why is there a male photog in there? didn't moo say it would be a "safe space" or something?

No. 874840

Anon, no men is only for scrubs. Her friends and potential fuck targets get a pass.

No. 874841

ah yes, of course. it just applies to all the people lining up at the door to shoot there. moo must so busy with background checks and applications!

No. 874842

Moo needs to be more honest about the photog being male because on the website she lists her female friends.
She knows some girls will feel more comfy with a girl taking the shots. It defeats the purpose if she's hiding the fact a dude is taking the pics and being a "female only" business

No. 874844

It only applies to men she's never gone to Japan with!!

No. 874846

Why would a predator be honest? Kek
Can you imagine tattoosensei going hiking with moo? Moo sperging about her husbandos and what she read in a book.

No. 874847

>Moo needs to be honest
Are you new? lol
Also, the guy most likely was brought in by Holly anyway since photographers also need to go through the bullshit membership/ID verification process too. Anyone with a crew has to do the stupid procedure for each person.

No. 874848

this is pathetic. moo could fly POPE BISHOP VIIX out there to fuck her like a bishie fuckboy but she's out here for renfaire Davids who are into most likely teen, beast, and gilf porn

No. 874858

Calm down, Anonette. Moo is not worth seething over. We’ve gone over this.

We can all hear the Twinkies jiggling inside your esophagus. No need to get all fat on us.

No. 874870

tinfoil but imagine if moo's neighbor sperging is just a lie and she's going to use it as an excuse to sell her house?

No. 874871

Ngl, that's some dumb tinfoil.
If she wanted to sell and move elsewhere, she'd just pull out her "property investor" card and use that as the excuse for why she's in a new place

No. 874872

i dunno, think about it. she's pretending she's being "racially profiled" by all the "white neighbors". and she's so so proud of "designing her house" it sounds reasonable.

No. 874873

She'd only pull that card when she finds a place. "I've been looking around for the last year for new properties and just found the perfect place, my dudes!"

No. 874874

No she just desperately wants to be oppressed and not white when she looks like a white plastic thot

No. 874875

okay, that's why it's a tinfoil. calm down.

No. 874876

Garbage tinfoil

No. 874878

Just like you're probably one of the people that said her doing "porn beyond showing her tits" was a garbage tinfoil too til it happened. You seriously don't keep up or you're one of her friends to not think this is somehow out of Mooriah's reach. Like do you literally believe she wouldn't when she uses EVERY OTHER excuse in the book for her decisions? To the point of blaming her "shadow shelf"?

No. 874879

okay but i will remember this when she posts about designing another new house away from racist white people or some such nonsense.

No. 874880

NTA, just adding that the tinfoil sucks like other anons pointed out.

No. 874883

Jfc you give her too much credit. She’s not that smart, she just wants to be oppressed. If she does move she’s an idiot because she would LOSE money. She’s not as rich as some nonnies think she is. She may have some liquid assets but her money is now being siphoned to that vanity project no one is going to.

No. 874884

if she was moving it'd be because she needs to move due to $$ reasons and the oppression thing is the excuse as to why. she'd never tell anyone she had to move, but she'd for sure tell people she was being forced out. are you guys stupid?

No. 874885

>are you guys stupid?
They're either newfags or one her friends, literally no one else would think she doesn't make up excuses like, no one said she's "Smart" lol, she has an excuse for everything.

No. 874887

She would move because she wouldn't be allowed to do whatever she wants in her yards let that be her being naked and shooting porn or landscaping issues because of neighbors or HOA. I don't know why anons are reading in to it as a race thing just because she called the doctors 'white'. Move the fuck on.

No. 874888

If she moves, it will be because she was forced out. She isn't going anywhere. she can't go anywhere unless she's prepared for a downgrade

But honestly a small, well designed apartment is better than her fake marble box

No. 874889

If anything she will probably try to make a cosplay house.

No. 874890

you clearly didn't watch either of her stories.

No. 874891

That's literally what she complained about.

No. 874892

Either way, Moo is stupid AF
She has a studio but still chooses to dick around her home. She either has to accept she has neighbors now or buy a home in the middle of the dessert with no neighbors around.

But we all know Moo is just going to be extra inconsiderate to her neighbors in typical Karen fashion

No. 874893

she's probably scared shitless to do her nude shoots at the studio since the address is online and can easily be reported for porn, which she has no license for. also i definitely think that she's using the neighbors to set up something regarding her house. whether it's HOA related or mortgage related or what, this won't be the last we hear about it.

No. 874894

I remember before she had neighbors she was playing with a flamethrower in her backyard and showing her friends her guns

If she wants trouble she should do that again

No. 874895

That was her friend's house I think.

No. 874910

moo still owns guns though right? i'd feel very unsafe simply knowing that.

No. 874918

Why are you bringing that up? No one even mentioned that and it's LV. Most people have guns

No. 874921

do you know how to read?

No. 874928

File: 1650850503551.png (1.32 MB, 750x1334, A13DE179-EFEE-4840-83A5-95DE06…)

Sage just because not sure if this is even relevant but I’m a huge demon slayer fan and hate how obsessed she is with Douma, a demon who literally only eats women because he thinks they’re weak. So sometimes I can’t help but reply to her stories about Douma because I don’t understand the obsession and she replied the other day. Was scared to post because I didn’t want her to read the forums and block me, I love watching her stories but I guess I can always come here to see screenshots in the future.(don't touch the shit)

No. 874932

Like you didn’t know already that she hates women? (Especially ones who are prettier and more successful than her) It’s common knowledge at this point nonnie

No. 874933

which costhot are you?

No. 874934

>I love watching her stories
Get help.

No. 874935

Doesn’t this kind of count as cow tipping?

No. 874943

Moo relating to a woman murderer who slays women he thinks are weak. Who would have thought.

No. 874944

Moo's new TikTok is gone?

No. 874945

Good, that community hates her.

No. 874946

File: 1650872886330.png (291.63 KB, 1284x2778, BB96D29B-7B6F-4DE3-8AD0-92F945…)


No. 874947

File: 1650873333876.jpg (287.12 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220425-005316_Ins…)

she's sperging out right now, every notch is this same video and it's really cringe

No. 874948

So quick question, where do anons want updates on who is shooting at the studio? The calves or here since it's technically her stuff?

No. 874954


Lmao, I'm living for this arc of her actually getting slapped for her bullshit instead of thinking she can get away with everything.

No. 874956

here for now i think, since she's obviously paying/bribing them to use it.

No. 874959

I think as long as it’s in relation to them shooting at the studio and if people don’t nitpick the person then here is fine. Obviously making fun of the sets/ lighting/ etc is fine but I don’t want to scroll through anons but picking a randoms nose or some shit.

No. 874964

Her having a tiktok under her porn name was weird anyway.
Now, if her new Insta and twitter can go down too. It would be hella funny

No. 874965

Nah, it wasn't weird. Trying to groom kids to see her as ara ara anime mommy and to go look at her porn is typical Moo shit.

No. 874967

That's exactly why it was weird, even if it was typical Moo shit.
I wont forget when she said she wanted to be a teacher just to be sexy around boys and watch them get horny for her.

No. 874973

File: 1650899252907.jpg (851.26 KB, 1080x2200, Screenshot_20220425-080644_Twi…)

Moo is liking OF guy posts. Im guessing she's trying to get on one of these vs the Tinder guys.

No. 874974

Hoping they don't know her history and catfishing them with photoshopped pics

No. 874985

Probably fishing for a dude to pay or "pay" to bone her for that M/F set she's been oinking about again.

Excited to see the next deeply unsexy groping video from our gurlboss porn kween.

No. 874994

Elon just bought Twitter. No its never going to get banned and trump is going to come back most likely. If that's the case, I'm going to love seeing people drag her with the facts that aren't reportable as harassment towards her/about her.

No. 874996

But what ever happened to the beautiful Victorian house she was going to buy many threads ago? I swear, you have to be an archivist to remember all her bullshit over the years.

No. 875000

it was a well designed home and not a over sized glorified cardboard box in the middle on nowhere. It was out of her price budget. But she'll never admit to that.
Moo likes to pretend her home is on the same level of Trisha's or Nigiri's.

No. 875012

I'm happy her accounts are going down
But a part of me is curious as to why all around the same time? Are people just that tired of her shit finally? Was it her last outburst during the bunny drama really it?

No. 875014

To be honest, IG has started having a more strict approach towards comments and content being shared around. If it looks like bullying they will look at it once it's reported. TikTok is kind of the same way. Twitter still lacks the same strict protocols IMHO. She might be safe for now but this is her third? Twitter account to be deleted.

No. 875020

She got real cozy being a cunt online for years without any repercussions and now it’s finally biting her flat ass lol

No. 875032

File: 1650960974692.jpg (78.71 KB, 500x676, mmbg.md.jpg)

Well well

No. 875035

ugh, revolting. I should know better than to eat while scrolling Moo's thread

No. 875039

she looks dead inside
well, at-least she's not showing her glazed chocolate doughnut yet

No. 875040

File: 1650963085210.jpeg (882.66 KB, 1089x786, C87400BC-DA8F-4445-80BF-C7D3DD…)

Judging from that ugly background, she filmed it at the studio… you know, the place she forbade anyone else from filming b/g porn.

Rules for thee, not for me.

No. 875041

sorry stupid question but what does B/G mean?

No. 875043

porn speak for boy/girl content meaning some poor bloke stuck his dick in this behemoth. Imagine the smell.

No. 875044

I am going to doubt this, looks like cum lube.

No. 875045

File: 1650966726119.gif (350.31 KB, 500x288, 1A0CEEF0-219D-46F1-83F6-E739CF…)

No. 875050

>First ever B/G porn
Trying her best to forget limp triforce-kun, I see.

No. 875056

Have a feeling it’s just a one and done, she’s in her fantasy world that found her new David but it’s just going to be a repeat of Triforce, a one and done.

No. 875073

"I don't do porn, I do cosplay"
What a joke

No. 875074

She can get in trouble for filming porn there. If it was a residence it's fine. But it's a place of business. In the laws eyes it might even look like an unregistered brothel. She's in dangerous waters

No. 875075

She has her shit hidden, no one can easily report her.

No. 875076

first ever…as Mitsuri, I guess

No. 875077

no she doesn't. the address is in the last thread.

No. 875078

So we go from her trying to backpedal and be a cosplayer to full blown (pun not intended) pornshoots in her “totally not a porn studio” studio? I’m wondering if she really did spend an insane amount on her stupidity and is trying to recoup it by…going straight to HC porn? She seems more manic than normal.

No. 875079

probably. vegas anons were speculating that her studio costs 2-3k a month just to rent, not counting all the other monthly costs. and she's been paying rent on it for a while, even before it was ready. plus all of the furniture and stuff she bought for it and the renovations she did. she seriously thought this place would make her 20-30k a month, but no one is using it. if she's not making atleast the cost to operate it, she's losing a few thousand dollars every month.

No. 875080

notice how Moo hasn't been buying stupid shit or expensive "luxury" surgeries. She didn't even get her monthly lipo. All her money went to the studio, paying people to shoot at the studio, buying new friends. Then her buying followers and engagement for studio posts.
She's going to go down with this ship. It's funny because the studio was suppose to be her foot in the cosplay door. But like everything else, it's just porn now. An unregistered porn studio as well. She needs to cut her losses and stop before she gets into serious trouble

No. 875081

Also note it's the end of the month as well. Which is more money lost.
She also forgot something very important this month. But I'll wait a week or more to mention this since I know Moo lurks

No. 875100

Cow tipping is against the rules
anon was just stating facts. Moo can get into hot water. No need to get nervous about it

No. 875101

It was probably mooriah lol.

No. 875102

the comment is already gone in typical Moo fashion. top kek

For anons wondering, the comment that was deleted basically said
> what are you going to do? Show police this one photo to prove what she's doing?

If anyone wanted to take Moo down they have more than just one photo. What a dumbass

No. 875104

yes also, there's an online reporting form for reporting unlicensed activity. nothing to do with police, they'd investigate and fine her. moo's scared shitless as usual, because she doesn't actually know anything.

No. 875105

She saw other thots had studios for cosplay but it wasn't an impulse thing for them. They planned shit out carefully
Moo saw that and thought "It isn't a porn studio, it's a photo studio because I said so"
Basically her thinking rules and laws don't apply to her. She's lucky non of us care enough to do anything. We're just here for the show

No. 875110

So now she's just drinking her cum lube?

No. 875111

She's implying she sucked the guy off to completion. But remembering the guy who was pumping into her with his limp dick, she was probably sucking on a guys barely flaccid thing, the scene cuts as she puts fake come in her mouth and pretends she made a guy climax.

Though the anon who predicted her next porno would be just close ups of her and hiding her fat was spot on

No. 875112

I guess I should have put /s at the end of my post.

No. 875114

Yup, also she never did her breast reduction/ breast lift in March either. The only cosmetic she got done was her lips but that’s cheap compared to something more intensive like lipo/ boob surgery

It’s very obvious she’s struggling. And the fact her socials got nuked also takes away that revenue too if she wanted to do any sponsers

No. 875115

She's probably trying to lose weight before she does it so that it doesn't look so weird to have smaller tits [reconstruction and lift, unless she gets implants] with her body. She's already mishapen.

No. 875116

Without lipo Moo can't lose weight, she's probably gaining like crazy again. Her going to get ramen past midnight along side her 5 meals of the day isn't helping either

No. 875118

I would love to have this tunnel vision line of thinking, but unless more candids come out, she does look like she lost weight, but everyone knows she's done more lipo. We just haven't seen the scars yet.

No. 875120

bitch where?

No. 875121

Wouldn’t what Moo did technically be considered prostitution in the eyes of the law? She did it on a premises that’s not registered as a brothel and definitely isn’t allowed to shoot porn there (according to other anons) and both parties are benefiting financially from it (the dude was likely paid to be there and she’ll profit from posting it to OF). The kicker being that out of all the counties in Nevada that allow legal prostitution, Clark County (where she resides and does business in) is not one of them.

No. 875122

Not really. Consensual sex for the purpose of selling isn't prostitution and we don't know if they paid each other for sex or if he's just getting a cut. I love jumping to conclusions too, but most of this is going to be tinfoil AF.

No. 875124

the actual issue is moo needs specific permits for filming porn in a business location. porn is considered a separate entity from prostitution, but it's not permitted in businesses without the correct licensing, which moo doesn't have since she disallows PiV sex in her studio, she just thinks that porn is only classified as PiV sex, but it's not. LV has strict laws and very specific categories for SW to protect the workers. moo just thinks she herself is exempt from rules, as usual. her business or not, she can't use it for porn.

No. 875126

Imagine the smell the other people are gonna face since she literally had sex in that small space. What if people are gonna use that area for photos? She doesn't clean her house so it's more likely she's not gonna properly clean the place afterwords.

No. 875127

samefag, but here is an example of the LV requirements for "internet adult entertainment" businesses, it's separate from just getting a business license, and you can see on the LV business listing from the previous thread she doesn't have this.

No. 875128

she knows it's wrong, that's why she calls it a photo studio. Thought she was super slick

No. 875133

> 30 days prior to commencing business
Yeah, there’s no way she did any of this and if she applied right now after lurking, she’ll probably be in deep shit for operating her business without those specific permits. I wouldn’t be surprised if they slapped her with penalty fees or some such.

No. 875135

sorry for the not momo questio, but then costhots that film their porn in hotels could get in trouble too?

No. 875136

in the US alone, the regulations around this are going to vary from state to state and possibly even from municipality to municipality
then there’s every other country where the same may apply to provinces/cantons/counties/whatever
there’s no way to give an answer that would be accurate for every situation

No. 875137

When you rent a hotel it's seen as kind of a private residence
Moo has a business that she owns and is falsely reporting. Hotels don't sell sex, Moo is

No. 875140

I hope Moo cleaned and sanitized that tatami mat!!! She's such a clean photo studio owner!! Stellachu said so!!!

No. 875141

File: 1651011321732.png (Spoiler Image,243.34 KB, 960x960, Mitsuri_teaser_photo....png)

Oh no

No. 875142

Part of me just thinks this is just Akemi with a realistic dildo strap on…

No. 875143

B-but anons! The Molekules Air purifiers practically run the place! Of course it’s gonna be sanitary! /s

No. 875144

Knowing moos sexual history and how KBBQ basically said she was a dead lay I’m nearly certain that’s fake cum lube. I sincerely doubt any man would be sucked to completion given her lack of sexual encounters.

Also the guys still fairly hard and not post nut limp. I have many doubts.

No. 875145

the eyebrow meitu showing through the wig

No. 875146


Not to be crass but that is one dry dick for someone that just got a BJ. There is so much off here.

No. 875147

That is clearly a fake dick
Any idiot can get a guy hard. Even another dude. Makes you wonder how busted she looks and her odor is irl if multiple guys wither in front of her
Also I don't know why, but I don't see an anime character in this set. Moo just looks like a sad clown

No. 875149

Not even just a sad clown. But from this angle, a sad clown amputee. Moo really out here gunning for those niche fetishes!

No. 875151

File: 1651013911922.png (Spoiler Image,113.03 KB, 960x960, Mitsuri_teaser_photo..._3.png)

No. 875152

File: 1651013953340.png (Spoiler Image,1.04 MB, 960x960, Mitsuri_teaser_photo..._4.png)

No. 875153

thanks for the info and sorry for going off topic

No. 875155

do they make gross circ'd dildos?

No. 875157

Yup that’s a fake dick . I’d be furious if I had paid for the b/g set and she’s fucking a dildo LOL

No. 875158

All I can think of is Maddie getting cucked for the umpteenth time and sobbing washing the cum out of this wig

No. 875159

Who’s to say it isn’t maddy with the dildo?

No. 875161

I said it above but now I’m more convinced it’s just Akemi with a strap on.
lol you would think but Moo has done more sets with Akemi posing as a dude for her to slobber all over. (The BotW and Demon Slayer sets specifically)

No. 875162

Wouldn't surprise me. Time will only tell, that is certainly a dildo. Mariah thinks she's so slick.

No. 875163

lmao I love how clear it is that she's about to absolutely manhandle this dick with her fat grubby little hands. she's just incapable of being delicate with anything. I kinda hope it's just one of her friends with a strap-on, otherwise I feel bad for the guy.

No. 875164

So she's fucking in the room she said cannot be used for sexual content because it can't be cleaned. >>867540

No. 875165

Oop, she better slap herself with that arbitrary $500 cleaning charge!

No. 875169

But anon, she has a crack team of professional cleaners who scrub the place down daily

but yeah. Of course Moo's own rules don't apply to her. I'm sure the place already smells like fish and swamp ass

No. 875171

The place is barely active asides from her and her buddies but those poor Molekules air purifiers are already working overtime. Truly the hardest workers at the studio. I’ll hold a vigil for when they eventually bust from the stench.

No. 875172

True that. But she had the place for how long? Moo posts every time she takes a breath. We have seen zero posts on HOW she cleans. Zero clean up days, nothing.

No. 875173

They all are usually. Finding an uncirc'd dildo that actually functions and isn't just a sleeve over a dildo is actually hard.

No. 875174

She most likely fucks off to get ramen while either her friends clean or she pays a cleaning service to mop up after her. The fact she hasn’t been transparent about how the place is cleaned/disinfected is obviously concerning but I guess people were just supposed to take Stella’s word on it.

No. 875175

well no they don't work like real ones but they don't look like they're cut…

No. 875176

>inb4 my rules stated no pornography only toys!

I mean that’s clearly a dildo although she got one that looks semi realistic with the texture etc. I thought the dick looked weird in the first picture but couldn’t place it.

No. 875178

It looks real but the things making me think it could be a toy is that it's COMPLETELY DRY in any of those pics, and the lack of a condom.

Aren't there certain laws about having to wear protection when filming?

No. 875180

The main hint it's a dildo
The person who's wearing it wont take off their pants. It's a lazy way to cover up a strap on. But yeah, it's fake

No. 875181

Lol, Moo. There's not fucking hole in the tip.

No. 875182


yeah imma disagree and say that's a real dick.

No one makes a dildo that ugly and with a circ scar

No. 875183

is… is she doing anal?
Oh how the mighty have fallen

No. 875184

Um you do know that the curc scar is the head right? And the thing is no dick is that uniformly colored straight or lacking veins.

No. 875185

You'd be surprised how realistic dildos are these days
I'm concerned some anons never seen one irl. The gland is the main give away. It's the same texture as the shaft, no urethra

And come on, no twitching, cuts to cum in her mouth, not actually coming out of the dick. Some anons are really showing their virgins

No. 875186

File: 1651024860044.png (245.62 KB, 942x198, Screen Shot 2022-04-27 at 02.5…)

i think anon is referring to this scar

No. 875187

I figured upthread she would pull some bait and switch bullshit. And if we are able to see how bad this is in a few still shots the videos going to be hilariously bad. I would almost feel bad for the thirsty paypigs. Almost.

No. 875190

File: 1651025736999.png (Spoiler Image,7.06 MB, 2561x1690, ihaetmyselflol.PNG)

I can NOT believe I saved this image to my fucking computer because a nonny has never seen a dick IRL before. God damn I'm an idiot.

I'm not saying it's for sure a real dick, but I have friends that work in real doll-esque and realistic dildo making and according to them, there isn't much of a market for hyper realistic ugly scared dicks. Could be wrong tho, if it's fake it probably cost a lot of money for that level of detail.

Yes, what this person said lmao. Ty. >>875186

sage cause I'm a dumb ass who took bait and have to give nonny an anatomy lesson.

No. 875191

It's absolutely a real penis. The fellow has pearly penile papules (the little bumps on the corona of the glans,) and the vein patterning is just too real. You can see the veins suddenly change at the circumcision scar. The presence of pearly penile papules in a circumcised penis means this poor bastard was circumcised at a later age. They develop in late childhood to puberty. It doesn't surprise me the penis is cut, though. Koreans do it to their kids as well as americunts; the only difference is Korean parents drag their kids into the circumcision clinics at around 10 years old as rite of passage.

No. 875192

Anon, You can pay for this coloring. This is something those livedoll dildos have for instance.

No. 875194

File: 1651027300187.png (Spoiler Image,1.27 MB, 2388x973, ihatemyselfagain.PNG)

Again I hate myself for taking the bait lol.

My friend worked for realdoll. ONE OF THESE DICKS ACTUALLY is molded after her husband. They're some of the most realistic on the market.

You will notice they are all beautiful dicks. Jones is even obviously circumcised. (you can tell because the missing frenulum)

Even this dick is beautiful and doesn't have a nasty ass circ scar.

The fact that a lot of yall don't know what dicks look like, or that most dildos are modeled after uncirc dicks (fyi the frenulum is usually removed with circumcision.) is wild to me. I'm just going to start assuming you're all 11.

I'm so upset at myself for falling for this bait lmao.

I'm not saying it's not a fake dick, but if it is, it is the most ugly realistic dick I've ever seen, and it had to cost at least $500.

Also, some of yall don't want to admit that there are nasty ass scrotes out there willing to put their actual real dick inside of moomoo's nasty ass mouth.

No. 875195

I said nothing about it being real or fake. I'm pointing out how realistic some are. I even have one of these. That's why I'm mentioning it. The feel is also pretty uncanny.

No. 875196


Fair enough, sorry nonny if it seemed I was jumping down your throat.

The technology is honestly terrifying with some of the realistic ones. Especially ones like these that have floating balls and slinky skin and such.

I still haven't seen one as ugly as it is realistic. You would think moo would want to buy the most beautiful realistic dick that she can pretend is her animu husbandos.

No. 875198

am i crazy or is this picture edited (the original) the left side of the dick has a weird line and the top side of her thigh seems to morph around it?

Also NTA >>875194 but if you simply google 'live cast dildo' you can find PLENTY of dildos with similar scarring and that are even uglier than this one. I know you're not saying it's impossible but the fact that there's no slit visible in >>875151 makes me pretty convinced it's fake.

No. 875199

File: 1651033443267.png (Spoiler Image,6.1 MB, 1800x1800, 7EB2DBFD-F1E0-4A20-81D2-A3EEFE…)

Ok, so this is a huge HUGE reach and I’m dumb so anons can feel free to dismiss but Akemi’s foot has a very similar shape to the person’s in the photo.
I mean, that and the other anon pointing out how the clothes conveniently cover up the area to potentially hide a strap on just screams that Moo just has her buddy doing this and what she advertised as b/g is total BS (as usual)

No. 875201

Question for anyone monitoring her OF- how much is she going to charge for this shitshow fake b/g video?

No. 875202

The foot does look rather narrow and dainty for a man's foot, but I suppose everything looks kinda small and dainty next to moo.

No. 875207

I'm going to keep it brief and simply state for a fact that the highly detailed "realdick"-style dildos are molded based on actual circumsised penis renders either captured by silicone forming(this isn't that style) or multi-layered fabrication using vacuform followed by layering and detailing individually to look as real and natural as possible - many of them do include the circumcision scarring as the primary market for them is in America, where that is what a typical dick will look like.

It is not a real penis, and the fact that the dick is just stuck out of the zipper instead of having pants down is all the more conclusive evidence of it.

No. 875208

Also the “urethra” is poking out. And it lacks color and wetness. Looks dry and depleted of any natural oils or lubricant.

And no visible hands which makes me think it was a woman with a strap on. God I hope she paid her well.

No. 875210

CI'm looking for a pic of realdicks / dildos / strapons that are able to penetrate and have a circumcision scar as obvious as this one.

The only one I can find is one modeled after james deen's dick, but it's defiently not this one.

No. 875211

Not just that, but the light is weird on it. Even just asked my bf and he said the way the light halos around the skin is very indicative of translucently which normal skin, even though the top layer is super thin, wouldn't hold light like that to create a halo.

Also that's a big dick with no urethra hole. Looks like a pimple on it.

No. 875215

She is charging $14 for 4 photos, to which some were posted here. I estimate the video will be $60 or more.

No. 875218

Mariah doesn’t know how to be seductive or sexy. Her sexual experience equates to laying like a dead fish and making the man do all the work and gross hentai she watched to not be like other girls. She really is a man trapped in a gross play dough body of a woman. Everything she does from her mannerisms to what she thinks is sexy is totally from a males perceptive but not in a good way.

No. 875219


If it were real and erect wouldn’t there be precum? Lol. Like I’ve worked in a sex shop. I’ve seen fake “realistic” dildos. Unlike moo I’ve seen my share of cock unsolicited or otherwise. I’m gonna be on the side of ‘its a strap on.’

No. 875227

actually no. to me it looks real but the guy isn't into it at all. also i don't know why moo would go through the trouble of making a fake dick that looks so gross. most dildos wouldn't have a scar or mole or dried up head like that. it's probably >>874973 guy's or something(he also looks gross).

No. 875228

I'm with nonny here, this is a real, hideous dick. Even the especially "realistic" straps have a texture that's more ideal and…ugh… glide-y. There's no sheen on this, it looks chafed and partly flaccid. Look at the mole. I know we all think she's gross, but I don't think it's inconceivable that she could find some ugly guy to participate for a cut of the profits. I do think Moo is sporting fake cum in this shot, though. The zipper and pants can easily be explained of homeboy is kinda fat and paunchy and wants to cover it up. Time will tell, I suppose. But I vote real.

No. 875229

Yeah I’m on team it’s real dick. However the fact it’s so dry after supposedly being sucked off is a red flag, and makes me think she didn’t actually get him to finish and she used the fake lube.

Also the fact he won’t take his pants off could be him trying to keep his identity hidden and doesn’t want anons to figure out who he is. Maybe he has tattoos etc.

Of course it being fake and it’s one of her gal pals is much more juicy so I welcome the speculation. And wouldn’t be the first time she jebaited her followers.

No. 875232

I think if it is real, he is wearing clothes because Moo is. It would look weird if he was butt naked and she was fully clothed. We all know she won't get fully naked and have sex on camera because she can't edit herself like in photos.

I'm also thinking about that discolored hairy asshole pic she posted and grossing myself out at the fact that a man really stuck his dick in that. I really hope it's a dildo kek.

No. 875238

File: 1651076165582.jpg (530.44 KB, 1080x1935, Screenshot_20220427-091431_Ins…)

Moo, we've known since your cousin moved out, you don't own anything lol She took video of this game before over a year ago, zooming around on the ocean. Guess that was a LP or her cousin . She can't even keep up the fake "I PLAY THESE GAMES GUYS!" thing

No. 875242

More things to collect dust. She also bought a gaming PC set up. We haven't heard from it since and she doesn't play a thing.
Moo is just a performative fake nerd because it gives her attention. She has no personality other than a hag stuck in her high school glory days

No. 875247

I couldn't imagine being her age and not having a single genuine interest or hobby. Everything is based around whatever dick she's chasing. Even her anime interests aren't genuine and are simply whatever the flavour of the month is. It's truly tragic

No. 875251

Trying a new mating call to lure Tattoo-kun back, Moo?

No. 875252

The blurred hand in the bottom corner looks awfully feminine to me.

No. 875253

The fact that wiiu has been out since 2013. Kek

No. 875254

This seems more like it'd be for triforce-kun. She already tried luring tattoo-kun back with that recent walk and her shadow self nonsense and that obviously hasn't worked

No. 875261

Oh ffs she really does think her twat is golden. Here’s to hoping when the video finally drops her paypigs actually rebel. I dunno about false advertising on OF but this reeks of it. Just like her entire life.

No. 875262

>>875238 maybe she's trying to go for >>874973 after all. does he have dick pics so we can compare?

No. 875263

she's just desperate for cash before he career ends
tough shit for Moo because she's going to be paying a lot of fines later this year

No. 875264

Wait yeah why is the hand blurred? It can’t just because she has her watermark on it and it doesn’t seem to be in motion??

No. 875267

File: 1651086431949.jpeg (1.66 MB, 1212x2048, 8E46A174-D31D-42F3-BA72-BFE36D…)

The neighbor saga continues

No. 875268

Things that never happened, lmao. Holy fuck why does she think ANYONE would buy this?

No. 875269

File: 1651087148475.jpeg (570.46 KB, 1065x1774, B1065C60-287F-4744-A68B-3D3F27…)


No. 875271

Oh come on, it's obviously in motion. Both their hands are blurry.

No. 875275

All gone kek

No. 875280

File: 1651091642136.jpeg (Spoiler Image,270.27 KB, 1045x565, C72DF582-4F66-458C-9FC6-C089AB…)

I could be wrong but it looks a little extra blurred, regardless of motion. The edge of the pants is pretty crisp right above the watermark but then blends into the hand (the hand also melts into the wall on the right). Gave me the impression she ran a blur tool all over that corner of the photo. But I digress, whether it was intentional or not doesn’t answer my question of why the hand looks so dainty and feminine. Maybe this anon isn’t so crazy after all? >>875199 or maybe Moo does just make everything look small and dainty in comparison to her generous frame kek

No. 875284

Shes the bigger person, so much so that she even posted it for thousands of strangers to see. Amazing. Why doesn't she just post every interaction she has with everyone in her life at this point? Why cherry pick or act like it's not solely about public shaming the other people can't see

No. 875285

Boy those neighbors are gonna be pissed when they see this. Like why bother doing this shit? It just makes you look like a spoiled brat who doesn't get their way. Also good job for exposing your neighbor's name…

No. 875288

>Moo: respect muh contractors!
>Also Moo: asks contractors/carpenters to work for free

She's such a cunt

No. 875290

I just want to know why her “contractors” are there all the time? Are they the ones putting up the cypress trees or doing other work.
Love the fact she talks made shit openly on IG but when she’s talking to them she’s all “pls no enter my yard uwu 🥺👉👈

No. 875292

I think this is so funny too

I don’t think her neighbors would be so kind to her if they knew how she was talking about them behind their backs

No. 875304

why was she shook? the lady was way more respectful than she will ever be

No. 875306

don't you get it? how dare anyone "trespass" on her property! only she's allowed to trespass!

No. 875309

The neighbours were fixing her broken pump for her but doesn’t offer to help them fix it.

No. 875312

moo's "neighbors" sound more and more like HOA every time.

No. 875313

So who is Ann? Is that the "creepy neighbor's" wife? It would be hilarious if it was HOA >>875312

No. 875314

Didn’t some anon mention in thread her pool pump probably being the issue ? Whoever did shoulda bet that in Vegas. And of course she doesn’t know shit about anything anyway- she can’t help them fix it- and I’m sure her contractors are tired of her thirsty ass already .

No. 875317

Alternatively, her contractors are overcharging her through the roof and love her. They’re willing to be her “boys” while overcharging for unnecessary work. And the neighbors are just trying to help while moo is an absolute c-word to them

No. 875318

I also wonder why moo has their number?

No. 875319

It could be that they came over like normal people, introduced themselves and provided their contact info just so they can keep in touch due to emergencies.

I've never applied for a HOA residence but I assume they have it because you would be held responsible for fees and violations. They need a way to contact you.

No. 875321

Sounds like Moo pulled a Karen, is mad at her neighbors and was shouting at them from her backyard while she was high. That and we know she isn't maintaining her home. Her neighbors honestly sound sane. She's the one who sounds a little nutty

No. 875322

She took a page out of sssniperwolfs book and posted cropped out/out of context texts. Even then she looks like a POS

No. 875330

What a dumbass talking shit about her super "Karen" neighbors when they most likely know her last name and are probably smart enough to use Google. She can delete stories but nothing's stopping them from finding this thread where everything's saved. They even get a butthole shot, free of charge!

No. 875332

I’ll bet the neighbors went over, the “contractors” were fucking around doing nothing since moo wasn’t there, they said “hey the owner isn’t here right now can we help you?” And they said that they heard the filter and wanted to help out, the contractors said they would look at it and the neighbors left. And Moo turned this into an altercation in her weed addled brain.

No. 875333

a lot of HOA board members live in the community so they can keep an eye on things. i wouldn't be surprised if that's what this is and moo is shooting herself in the foot by being a cunt. if they are HOA and she actually upsets them, they will find a way to fine her for every little thing in the hopes of making her move.

No. 875340

This is why you don't piss off your neighbors, especially if they can hear and see all of your business. They can probably hear her screaming like a psycho cunt from inside their house.

No. 875343

Kek I wonder if her “contractors” are the same ones from her studio. Weren’t they around moo’s age? And there was some speculation she met them one on tinder cause her profile said she was looking for a contractor? KEK

Probably why contractor is in quotations and Ann doesn’t like them. She assumes they’re her friends which they clearly are. IDK but I’m enjoying the HOA saga

No. 875348

So these neighbors went from yelling about her lights and windchimes and looking into her windows to going into her backyard to help stop a pump break (which was presumably dumping water all over and flooding the yards)?

Riiiight. If the fight was about anything else and she was gonna screencap it she may as well have brought up the issues before, or have had some kind of proof of them.

No. 875354

does the dick look photoshopped to anyone else? the scar the anons are referring to might be caused by the manipulation or filter

No. 875355

Moo is wasting more money than we thought if she just moved the contractors to her house… for no reason. What are they there for anyway? Sounds to me Moo just pays them to dick around her home to do nothing so she can have dick that wont fuck her.

Moo can't have a professional relationship with anyone. Everyone has to be her "friend" and wonders why places ban her months later because professionals don't want to play her narcissistic games.
So Moo, what happened to your hair dresser friend you tried making your hair slave?

No. 875356

the studio has a facebook page too now. should be entertaining once comments start rolling in

No. 875360

And due to Facebook/Meta's rules, the page has to have transparency if it's tagged as a business or professional account.

No. 875361

no, it looks like some gross dude's, partially aroused gross dick with a circ scar and a mole. this is probably one of the worse dicks i've seen.

No. 875365

File: 1651158654560.png (289.76 KB, 1349x741, facebook.PNG)

Next to no engagement on her studio facebook page. There's no review section either.

No. 875368

Well of course not anon- have to have customers for reviews- and actually a business. She really doesn’t have the guts for honesty either.

No. 875369

Landscaping. Highly doubt it's the same ones doing construction.

No. 875371

I also hate how she keeps pulling the age card with these neighbour stories. I know we can’t afford houses these days but since the pandemic happened a lot of us ended up buying homes. Since it’s Vegas I can’t imagine someone in her neighborhood not being in her age range.

No. 875375

Landscapers and contractors are two totally different things. It’s clear these are just paid friends hanging out while she’s not even there. No wonder her neighbors are suspicious as hell.

No. 875376

Moo also fails to realize that most neighborhoods also have their own chat groups or neighborhood watch group besides HOA. I believe with all my heart they are aware of her and talk shit about her. You do NOT fuck with the HOA, they will fine you out the ass and report you for any little thing. She failed to realize that there are bigger and worse people out there than her that won’t play with kids gloves on.

No. 875377

Probably because she cant use instagram right now. The app has been down for hours at this point.

No. 875381

Further if there are enough complaints the HOA can force her to sell her house and move the fuck out. Takes some serious shit to get to that point but this is moo. She’ll do enough eventually that this is the case.

No. 875383

It takes engagement bots 12 hours - 72 hours to complete the "natural" trickle in.

No. 875384

I work with people who are at risk of foreclosure and this happens more than you think. Do not fuck with HOA

No. 875386

Tbh, the fact that the other neighbors trespassed, good neighbor help or not and then trying to instruct her workers, yeah, that's an issue for HOAs too. That's not really chill with people to trespass, especially after they've had issues previously, so now it looks sus on their part. Especially if Moo has their contact info, they could've called to ask. There's no excuse for them, but Moo right also want to look into HOA rules before fucking with landscaping.

No. 875389

I'm pretty sure none of her neighbors treat her differently because of her age. Moo thinks she's this young beauty every envies and is mistaking for a teen but she probably looks older than most of them

No. 875393

Ah, but you forget that it would be moo vs an entire neighborhood. Maybe they trespassed but easy enough to say “ there was an emergency and there were these guys standing around looking “off” . Yes it isn’t a good look but in the end it wouldn’t stop them forcing her out. I’m honestly surprised there isn’t a privacy fence or something dividing the McMansions. That seems odd. Only god knows what the neighbors have seen. Also depending on what contracting work is being done, that by itself is a reason to investigate if these people are HOA- because iirc any modifications have to be approved. And we all know moo loves doing actual paperwork….

No. 875394

If a kindly anon could link the last thread, there is a reflection off her oven that shows just how close the neighbors are.

No. 875395

If anon is right and it's all people her age with the mcmansions and not all old fucks like her neighbors, they wouldn't give a shit about her OFs and aesthetics. That's the way those kids with new money are. Gotta pick one. Are they like Moo or are they all old.

No. 875396

Did you mean this one >>874320

No. 875399

It seems like the neighbors did call but moo said she wasn’t able to answer the phone or that she didn’t see the call because it was marked spam. Even though she clearly has her neighbors phone in her contacts.

No. 875400

just realised she has one of those smart fridges with the lil screen.

No. 875402

Thank you anon! Yeah, you can see their balcony..

No. 875403

Moo on Instagram: “what is it with these smelly old people being like ‘you young homeowners don’t know what you’re doing’ I’m a total girlboss genius”
Moo texting neighbour: “I am just baby homeowner, help me I not know what I doing uwu“

No. 875405

The video she posted shows just how small these sets are. And really moo? You showed off the bathroom like that’s a thing? Also the last second or two bonus of her and her slaves in a reflection (I think)

No. 875408

File: 1651182116566.png (35.83 KB, 347x677, Lol no.png)

I know it's technically a repost from her site, but you can't do this on FB or anything as that makes it sound scammy.

No. 875412

I don't it would even be a neighborhood thing. This is moo and her neighbor and they just moved in so, who tf would they know?

No. 875413

File: 1651185450325.jpeg (1.15 MB, 1068x1803, 2C5BB61A-9B3D-4EEE-868E-E0AA5C…)

>maintain a safe and comfortable environment
But let’s her friends hand out in the lobby with their tits hanging out. I guess that would mean the studio is open to, what, one group at a time then?
How is putting a cap on memberships a sustainable business model? Most of the people who use that studio are her friends and likely will not be cycled through. I think it’s a given this place has no waiting list, who is she fooling? I’ve never been to a photo studio but are signing liability waivers a typical thing to ask for before shooting?

No. 875414

Kek major shaynus vibes from this photo.

No. 875419

Signing a waiver is fairly standard- limits legal liability in case someone decides to crawl up on some furniture to cosplay as Batman and breaks their neck. What she’s doing isn’t standard or even aboveboard. I wonder if she’s bothered with the business licence for this particular trainwreck? I believe her stupid LLC wouldn’t cover that shit.

No. 875424

waivers usually protect the company from lawsuits, not allow them to sue for damages. moo doesn't have anything in there that removes her liability for injury or anything in the studio.

No. 875429

LLC only works for franchises. This is one studio and she's the owner. What a fucking dumbass.

No. 875447

actually all an LLC does is limit the liability to the company and not the owners/shareholders. it's not just for franchises. moo registered that way to protect her personal assets. however, if the company is ever liable for anything and it doesn't have the funds to pay fines, judgements etc. moo, as the owner would retain the rest of the liability, hence limited. so basically she's trying to cover her ass, but it doesn't matter because the studio isn't making money, so there's no one there that would need to hold it or moo liable for anything. so all she's really done is complicate her taxes.

No. 875449

(samefag) another thing i just realized. since moo registered an LLC she can't write off her business expenses because they're considered investments since she used her own personal funds for it. and since she's a separate entity from the business she would have to recoup her expenses from the business profits. which explains why she's going so nuts and fell right back to porn so quickly.

No. 875456

god the random capitalisation and the use of "and" followed by "+" just screams ESL. Did she have to pay some poor hack to create a fb page for her or is she just that shit at English?

No. 875464

The “What is a membership” text looks quite special needs too, like her illiterate texts to her neighbours.

No. 875466

Yea that threw me off too. It should’ve read “Why is membership needed/required”, no one is unaware what a membership is. Especially if they’re old enough to shoot in this “studio”

No. 875470

none of the membership section makes any sense at all. rather than safe, it comes off as "exclusive", which is clearly what moo wants given the price to shoot.

No. 875472

Also shuffling through people makes no sense when there isn't an expiration unless someone ghosts the studio one month. The only exception would be her kicking people out to free more 'exclusivity' space. She words it this way so she can use the excuse of it just 'being good for business'and not out of being petty.

No. 875474

Also keep in mind she failed to mentioned the website protocol of how she requires picture of your ID etc uploaded. Basically this is a giant scam (as per usual of Moo) that really needs to be shutdown before it DOES actually cause harm.

No. 875491

This shit sounds exactly how she played her patreon. The high money tier was basically to see if she would even cosplay the character they’ve chosen, there was no guarantee she would do it.

No. 875493

does moo know that peerspace wouldn't require people booking to make her stupid memberships? it doesn't even mention the membership requirement on there iirc.

No. 875504

File: 1651258770689.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1242x2009, 3809C305-A27D-4FEA-8024-B63E88…)

Looks like a typical Moo fan if we’re being honest

No. 875505

lol, probably a friend of hers since she's actually hiding the license plate now.

No. 875512

She liked an anti-blm post by one of her guy "friends" before she jumped ships with him.So its definitely one of her friends.

No. 875513

I’m pretty sure they’re still friends, he just deleted his social media

No. 875575

i'll never get why she posts these. What does it accomplish?

No. 875606

i doubt she knows why either, anon, she's probably high as fuck. also i hope that's not her friend's car, they stopped making those cars almost 20 years ago.

No. 875607

I mean, it’s hilarious. Ebola? Impeach Obama? Yeah, going to get right on that, six years after he left office.

No. 875614

File: 1651330391453.jpg (90.38 KB, 533x551, Screenshot_20220430-075135_Ins…)

From her latest post. There's a gel thing on her nose (not a strip), but she forgot to edit the bulbous tip down,so here is an unedited shot of her healed nose with some shiny goo on it.

No. 875616

I’m immensely curious of what her neighbors think of her botched face lol they get to see her unfiltered mug every day, those poor souls.

No. 875617

Her nose looks fucked. Inb4 vamplette anon spergs about how better of a nose job Vamps has.

No. 875618

You people need to learn the difference between stating facts/comparisons and sperging lol. We went numerous threads without someone bringing her up to even state there's a dedicated vamp anon.

No. 875620

this. people only mention vamps because it pisses off moo.

No. 875622

It's still just as bulbous but wayyy too short now, and I can't get over the very clear and obvious break in her nose. There's no delicate slope, it just suddenly turns very harshly upward. She paid 30k for this. Dude is such a fucking hack. Like, it's what she deserves, but still, holy shit lol.

No. 875623

It's almost like a claw because the tip still dips as it did before. Once she starts shaving off cartilage, she will have to get implants. What will it be, Moo? Fuck with the cart or keep the slight claw bulbous look?

No. 875626

it's moo's fault. everyone knows you can't get a drastic nose job. she can't take no for an answer, the dr just did what she asked.

No. 875627

I still can't believe she paid for an upturned pig snout. If someone told me Moo smashed her face in concrete I woulda believed it.

No. 875638

She's legit made herself into a bad caricature drawing.

No. 875642

Nonna her appearance is the perfect summary of what she's become: an amalgam of a legbeard and a lazy talentless shill who can't for the life of her be honest or trustworthy. She's spiralled and now she just flounders showing her gunt to any pathetic scrote who'll pay to see it.

Sit tight nonnies, I'm sure she'll try to coolsculpt her way to a body that looks remotely like her shopped 'photosets'.

No. 875678

File: 1651361121789.jpeg (2.36 MB, 1073x1778, 9186B59C-AE99-4A0A-A659-B8F3A1…)

That’s one way to announce you’re going to circumvent a device ban.

No. 875683

>the monkey mind
Uh, no, you’re just a graceless clumsy twat.

No. 875699

She's basically stating she's getting around her device ban.

No. 875706

too bad she's probably IP banned.

No. 875713

Monkey mind as in her throwing an adult toddler tantrum and probably threw both and broke them lmao.

No. 875717

how much money is this spazz willing to flush down the toilet for fake internet clout?

No. 875735


Literally all of it, nonny. Are you new here?

No. 875758

nta >>875717 but ffs it's just a post

No. 875768

File: 1651436719710.jpeg (1.06 MB, 1242x2020, 477B5304-683E-4041-8A37-33AEDC…)

I wouldn’t be surprised if her neighbors could see her veneers from their home.

No. 875769

Oof she's looking extremely rough, even with all those blurry filters on max. Looking twice her age here. I will never understand why she posts these

No. 875773

Looks like she got more lipo on her neck
Too bad her fat paws give away she's still morbidly obese

No. 875796

She’s not been wearing her bracelets or rings because they’ve gotten too small for her swollen fat girl hands.

No. 875802

could also be shoop. hard to tell with moo.

No. 875804

Kek seriously. Her knuckles have that roll that obese people get on their elbow when their arms get huge.

No. 875843

Really going full tilt for the pinhead look, huh?

No. 875847

I would punch this face so god damned fast the force of impact would shatter her tic tax teeth. Like I would cage fight this bitch. The weight class would be drastically unfair since I’m only 130 but lol. Not like I couldn’t aim for her knees and watch her fall to the floor.(a-logging)

No. 875850

Sage for old dick tinfoil but it looks like an emisil Lollipop | ER04

No. 875854

no, it looks like a real dick, a real, pathetic dick. i knew lc was full of virgins, but the idea that you guys think someone would make such an unappealing dildo is insane to me. if it looks weird or off, it's because it's barely hard in the pics. probably because moo is extremely unsexy and is probably manhandling the fuck out of it. it just looks like any standard circ'd american's dick.

No. 875855

>think someone would make such an unappealing dildo is insane to me.
…Speaking of virgins lol. Yes, nonnie, toy makers also take custom orders and there's some that specializes in "unappealing" toys. The point people are making is given this being mooriah, it's not out of the realm of possibility that it could be a fake dick and one of her costhot "friends", but she's been releasing clips of the video, it truly is a sad sight.

No. 875857

they don't make them that look like that jesus. this tinfoil is so pathetic.

No. 875858

virgins are the only ones who would know autistic amounts of information about dildos, anon.

No. 875859

>Knowing anything
>"That makes you a virgin!"
Ah, the classic response of someone with nothing to add. I'll accept your concession.

No. 875860

quit derailing the thread with this.

No. 875861

Doesn't explain the puffed out, no urethra issue.

No. 875862

There’s no way this isn’t a strap-on.

No. 875864

simply google 'livecast dildo'

there are UGLIER actually.

No. 875865

Jfc, I miss when Moo was the most embarrassing person in the thread, not all the “fake dick” theorists
>>875191 already closed it out, which is why no replies (no one has yet to share a dildo with ppp)

And others don’t know the diff between inner foreskin and scar tissue and don’t realize the texture and shape of real heads can change

It’s a real dick, it’s not like there’s no dudes in Vegas that would fuck moo (she might not have even paid him :0 )(emote)

No. 875868

It’s fucked that moo has her girlfriends use the strap on her. Like imagine being Akemi fucking your filthy ass friend with a fake penis for only fans. It’s fucked.

No. 875869

fucking thank you. this is what i meant about virgins.

No. 875870

Considering it looks like Akemi's pants from that cosplay, I wouldn't be shocked. The poll was too soon, so now way Moo got someone to do that with her dressed a Mitsuri. This isn't the first time her and Akemi did this shit.

No. 875875

>she might not have even paid him :0

Lol. Good one, Moo.

No. 875876

Here's the main reason why I KNOW it isn't a real guy

Moo is an attention whore and EVERY male model she ever worked with she made at least 5 posts of them in a romantic setting and how much she's in love with them. She even made like three posts with tattoo kun during a dinner date even though he's just a paid whore
Some of yall forget this is Moo we're talking about.

No. 875881

File: 1651519040610.png (3.91 MB, 1595x1800, 9466792E-16F7-474C-B101-1807B7…)

No. 875882

Is she trying to pass that bubbling fat as muscle?
Also I feel bad for that beauty app. She posted a similar selfie in the past before she was exposed during her Tennis Princess Peach cosplay

No. 875883

Jesus , i know that she has 0 self awareness but what kind of surgeon sees this and thinks " this is ok " without pointing it out to his client?

Look at those turkey flaps in the arms , look how fucking WIDE are those legs , no amount of black tights or shapewear can save you from overeating…

No. 875884

the scary part is
this is AFTER she used the slimming app on max

No. 875886

File: 1651522695595.jpg (658.14 KB, 1080x2169, Screenshot_20220502-151755_Chr…)

Oh yeah moo. So strong your "muscle" is drooping

No. 875887

She deleted the arm wrestle one already kek

No. 875892

Did she get more arm lipo? It still looks fat but not as fat as a while back. And also she’s showing it off.

No. 875893

>"Let's arm wrestle.", she said while showing off her massive bingo wings


No. 875896

Sage for silly question but how the hell does Mariah recover so fast from the lipo rounds?

Friend of mine got liposuction on her tummy and back last year and it took her almost 3 months to be normal again. Had to wear compression clothing and attend physiotherapy to avoid swelling and fibrosis. Couldn't go out because she was walking all weird from the procedure.

But Mariah seems to get lipo every 3 months and we never see her doing the mandatory exercises, wearing surgical clothing or restricting what she eats (I think you are not supposed to have pork or fatty foods for almost a whole month). How does she do it?

No. 875898

She's become one with the lipo. Instead of rejecting the foreign fat suctioning device, her body has adapted to it. Molded to it. Nobody cared who she was until she sucked out the fat.

No. 875899

She might be supplementing with cool sculpt/ laser treatments that have a remarkably faster recovery. It would also explain why she’s so lumpy because those treatments are notorious for leaving weird lumps when you do them too often.

No. 875902

I just think it's funny how transparent Moo is. It's the start of a new month and she just sucked out a bunch of fat and is in compression clothing again just because she has some new cash despite the losses she had the past couple months.
Seems her top priorities are convincing herself she isn't morbidly obese and getting attention

No. 875905

This dumbass had surgery to remove the first round scar tissue rippling, still gets more lipo after calling the first doctor a hack and calling the scars a bad lipo job, but she still gets it and nowmore underskin scar tissue lines. She's an idiot. Rippling scar skin aint cute, no matter how skinny. Look at Tera Reid.

No. 875906

Onlyfans pays out every 7 days.

No. 875907

yeah but her scammy paetron pays monthly

No. 875913

File: 1651530971708.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1088x1835, 8BFA6EE4-E64D-4014-9A38-ECA795…)

What a cowardly piece of shit lol

No. 875914

this place is cursed
Anyone who takes pics at this place looks busted AF

No. 875917

Your arm is fat. Fat isn’t muscle. The muscle that is there I’m sure is weak af.

No. 875920

that's because of the awful lighting. she looks like she's in a storage closet, especially with how everything is arranged.

No. 875922

short answer, she doesn't, she never does her proper aftercare.

No. 875924

She seriously thinks fat is muscle? No wonder she thinks she's mega strong. Those bingo wings are probably the arms of Arnold in his prime in her mind.

No. 875926

she got cool sculpting so much she believes it's real kek.

No. 875928

The lighting is like… astoundingly bad. I know no real thought or serious planning went into this, but you would think a photo studio of all places could have flattering lighting.

No. 875929

A smart person would have consulted with actual photographers while putting this place together but no, not Moo. Mariah thinks she’s smarter and more talented at set design than anyone in the history of ever lol which is how she ended up with a studio crammed with sets that force people into awkward positions with terrible lighting and can only feasibly be used by one group at a time because of the lack of privacy. Stella in that pic looks like she’s being forced at gunpoint to pose in some serial killer’s basement.

No. 875930

good one anon.
now i kinda want an edit of her wearing a mask made out of lipo gauge syrenges and canules

No. 875931

…anon no. That's not how that works. Jfc. They pay monthly for her, but her payouts, can be every 7 days from when a single person buys or subs. If you don't know how the system works, then stfu.

No. 875932

Tbh makes me want to shoot here just to showup how much gear you need.

No. 875935

She gets some kind of weird pseudo lipo that she’s awake for, water lipo or some shit. It’s not as invasive, a few years ago she posted nasty videos while she was getting it done. Back when she got her real lipo in the Mei days she was bedridden for at least a month and blew up like a balloon from the swelling.

No. 875938

they're talking about patreon, moron.

No. 875948

She looks like a 60 year olds head was surgically attached to a 30 year old body. Really bad lighting and no place to actually stand. Wtg Moo. You’re killin it.

No. 875950

Surely she must have gotten advice from her professional photographer friend Girlonthemoonpro!

No. 875951

File: 1651562935980.jpeg (1.38 MB, 1242x2030, 17B3D8F6-C258-41D8-A9CC-728625…)

With Mariah’s larger IG account nuked, there’s literally no reason for Stella to keep hanging around since there’s no clout to be had. She doesn’t even acknowledge Moo or her studio in stories/posts. What exactly does Moo get out of this besides a hostage lol

No. 875954

Stella is also a wide load not moo tier but that bra looks like its strangling her

No. 875961

That's just it lol, she's her 'friends' are gonna be there on the DL but moo is making sure its known she's around her.

No. 875965

What is this set supposed to be? It just looks like stuff you'd find in a highschool's prop storage room. The way she's just awkwardly wedged in there is just so telling of how little space there is. One step to the right or left and you're going to get the next set over in frame.

No. 875967

Mariah has always been that person that needs to bribe people just to be friends with her. Stella may not really get any clout but she’s probably getting free shit from moo just the same.

No. 875972


It’s supposed to be Greece- Ancient Rome or some shit. Moo never got the “less is more” philosophy in any part of her life.

No. 875977

File: 1651588326324.jpg (Spoiler Image,61 KB, 640x818, s3m8w4mwyzl71.jpg)

She came up with this idea right after Bishoujomom did a set based on some game or manga. I noticed the correlation. Probably jealousy as usual. Picref for the set in question. She got obsessed with wanting a greek looking background after Aphrodite cosplays started getting popular.

No. 875982

I know this thread is about Mooriah but Jesus fucking Christ this bitch look awful.

No. 875983

Yeah she does, but Moo seems to think she looks like this.

No. 875985

Yeah but she is what Momo wants to be. I know she edits like hell as well, but comparing to Moo, she's a 10/10
Moo is out here thinking she looks like the love child of Bishoujo and sssniper, but she looks more like a bloated corpse

No. 875992

File: 1651596446698.png (2.42 MB, 1242x2208, E168AB55-C178-4A16-B1BF-326C95…)

She only ever takes this many selfies showing off when she’s had new lipo done. I don’t even know what’s the point of posting it when it’s filtered to the point where it looks like she’s wearing flesh colored leggings.

No. 875993

File: 1651596887729.jpg (168.45 KB, 936x599, Untitled.jpg)

incoming furry arc lol
>I would even beg my mom for gold cat collars
sure you did

No. 875997

The filters are on max. But the t shirt is giving her a fake shape. Looking at her shoulders and everywhere else she's still huge. Also looks like she re did the neck/chin lipo.
What I wouldn't give for a candid however. She still looks over 250.

"I'm a mega fan of this. I'm the only fan of this. It's my dream to become insert character here"

No. 875998

Many kids did that Mariah, you're not special. Kids also want to be dinosaurs, they don't try to turn them into life lessons. It's a fucking kid's movie.

No. 875999

She already had her furry arc, they told her to gtfo.

No. 876000

Didn't she make fun of several people for being furries and looked down on them? And didn't she tell one to kill themselves?
She should stick to getting money for showing her greasy asshole and pretending she makes money from cosplay

No. 876001

Well yeah. The new scarring from tubes is evident too.

No. 876002

I get it, I love Artisacats too, but Duchess isn't in the movie as much as everyone else and she's the exact same copy paste sweet girl like Lady.

No. 876003

That and weird comparison. Doesn't Moo pride herself for being messy, dirty, loud, immature, "athletic", hard bitch and one of the boys?

The only character I can compare her to is Eric Cartman

No. 876005

moo would like this awful movie.

No. 876007

File: 1651602999888.jpg (55.08 KB, 982x726, newFile-3.jpg)

Now we know how she was taught to speak beautiful Chinese as Mei!

No. 876018

It really looks like she got lipo on her neck. It’s super thick at the base where it meets her chest.

No. 876025

why she looks lumpy and deformed unedited.
shes the only person I know who only uses lipo as a means of weight loss
then proceed to pretend the sculpted fat is muscle

No. 876026

I love when she rewrites her own lore. Anything to make her “unique and quirky and not like other girls”. Like her acting classes and her going to college for pharmacy and her manga translator phase and her manga artist face and her champion weight lifter phase, and her tattoo enthusiast phase, and her peaceful warrior phase and….

No. 876030

she's probably as unhealthy as someone twice her weight as well. she's just getting superficial fat removed, the internal fat is probably choking her organs and clogging her arteries.

No. 876032

Remember when she was the biggest yugioh fan for like 10 whole minutes? Or when she was the biggest Zelda can for 10 whole minutes?

She ALWAYS has a "this was my favorite thing as a child" story, but it's always a thing thats never come up before, not will it ever be mentioned again.

No. 876036

…she plays the flute and is double jointed…

No. 876037

i remember that racist shit in that movie. of course she probably saw nothing wrong with it.

No. 876045

I FORGOT THE FLUTE PHASE!!! “learning the finger placements ” lol

No. 876051

A few notable missed not like other girls phases are. Mei glasses are totally real phase, plaid shirt kun phase, her moving to Japan phase, figure collector phase, cat ear phase, WoW classic phase, The clown phase with Maddie, the probably all dead reptile phase, and finally Fate phase where she even bought someone's account to get the summons she wanted. Probably missing a few but these are the ones that stuck out to me

No. 876054

Crystal Lust had to turn to selling scat porn for awhile though cuz even she had drop off….so yeah actually up Mooriah's alley.

No. 876059

don't forget how she totally met up with the umineko author and showed him her shitty video and he loved it and whatever else she claimed.

No. 876063

Lol no the irony is that when she was going through her “uwu number one Umineko fan” phase, the author was a guest at Sakuracon and she didn’t know about it (probably because she’s a fake as fuck fan) and cried that she wasn’t there when she found out

No. 876064

It was a girl from a monster cafe in Japan, showed him apparently, told moo, and moo thanked her for it.

No. 876074

And then claims that “ackshually lipo makes you gain weight.”

No. 876085

File: 1651678601932.png (4.11 MB, 1782x1560, 3AFA2A5F-FDBC-4D6D-8508-3DDBB9…)

Is “monkey mind” going to be her new go-to excuse for being a cunt?

No. 876086

People who believe in horoscopes are no different from conspiracy theorists anyway. I'm not surprised Moo using those are excuses for how she acts. There are people who are Virgos who are the nicest people ever and because they don't feed into this bologna, don't unknowingly twist their personalities to fit into a character of their zodiac. She keeps forgetting that she hates women too. What a queerbaiting fuck.

No. 876087


Sage for autism, but the “monkey mind” phrase reminds me of that whole bark like a dog at somebody you think is attractive fad that was popular awhile ago.

No. 876088

You only think an average looking woman is attractive because you could be thrown in a herd of pigs and people would struggle to identify you, moomoo.

No. 876090

Monkey mind is her new 'mate'.

No. 876100

Who hunts down the social media of some stranger they saw at the gym? How hard is it to just do your workout and leave?

No. 876101

She's a stalker and sex pest. Imagine that.

No. 876105

>hot bimbo girl
Disgusting, I hope that woman finds her stories and blocks her.

No. 876107

She’s really not helping her case here by admitting she watches women at the gym while they’re working out, referring to them as a "hot bimbo" then finding/stalking their insta. Good going on further proving you’re a predator, Moo.
Who wants to bet she’s taking pics of them in the guise that she’s taking selfies?

No. 876109

File: 1651688488389.jpeg (1.38 MB, 2331x2048, 1107F742-4EB7-438D-838D-DB6D37…)

She already deleted this but it’s funny how she always tells on herself.

No. 876110

In a lot of private gyms it's actually against the rules to bother people during their work outs. People don't go there to be bothered.
That and it is against the rules to film or take photos of other people because it is predatory.
Knowing Moo she wants to catfish some girls with her fake following and clout and trick them to take photos at her studio. Bonus if she can be in a fake lesbian relationship with them like she did with Vamps.
Moo is a predator not that she gets sexual gratification. But her hating women and using the mind set of "Other women can't be sexual predators. Now let me humiliate you slut"

No. 876113

That’s true, but rules have never stopped Moo from taking pics/video where it was against the rules (or illegal) to do so.
Even if she were to try and catfish with her fake following, having her pathetic backup on IG isn’t going to impress anyone. Neither is her 13k bought Twitter account that she hardly used since making it in late April lol

No. 876115

File: 1651691180412.jpg (40.97 KB, 526x313, dk.jpg)

am i crazy or is there a resemblance

No. 876117

True. I hope someone catches her or calls her out and shows Moo's social. Because she also has taken pics in the bathroom of the same gym and that isn't allowed
She should be careful with this gym. I have a theory she was kicked out of the previous one she went to

No. 876130

Stellachu and Vivid Vision are really hamming it up with Moo. They've been out eating and to the same crystal store Moo posted about. How disgusting that their opinions changed as soon as Moo paid for their trip

No. 876133

Ooh, are we in for ‘Groping Moo 2: the Gropening aka Blame It On the Monkey Mind’?!

No. 876136

She probably also has more brain cells than Moo.

No. 876152

So I have to wonder how much stalking she had to do to find this “bimbo girls” insta. I mean without a name or anything that would be difficult. And even then that isn’t to say the girl didn’t use a fake name for her insta. Either this is a fake story or she went and asked the girl her deets or worse started stalkerish asking around or whatever. If it is real I have no doubt if she’s telling the truth she didn’t take some pictures without permission.
Also I wonder if she finally dropped that BG video and how much she finally charged for that shit.

No. 876157

Not that I’m a stalker, but she could have looked up the gym name, found it under “locations” and sifted through stories/recent posts

No. 876158

That's literally assuming she even posted something.

No. 876166

Or she looked through who followed the account of the gym. Gym might have also reposted something by the girl in case she tagged the gym on her stories. Many possibilities.

No. 876169

File: 1651719399946.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1071x1851, C62123C6-8419-4BDE-8703-532398…)

>tfw an old white neighbor reports your wind chime

No. 876171

she's so ageist
But I bet she's secretly mad the 50 year old boomers look younger than her

No. 876172

cleavage and chin are both shoop'd to shit. she literally just pulled her cleavage line up her chest. jesus.

No. 876173

she's doing the fat girl trick of putting an arm under her boobs and shoving it up
Her breasts are like half empty sand bags

No. 876175

Nonnie this shouldn’t be a shock when it comes to stellachu- same girl that supports leon and his predatory antics, told people to keep black lives matters issues out of the cosplay community because we shouldn’t bring that kind of negativity in a place where people try to have fun and get away from reality, and is all around just a sneaky flip flopper. She’s cool with the predators and makes dumbass “monkey brain” as moo would call it, moves and then goes “ uwu sorry guys, plead forgive me for this slip up!” And people forgive her. Her and moo are two peas in a pod, surprised they haven’t been buddy buddy sooner

No. 876178

that plus she edited it. look at all the blur on her boob shadow. bitch is pathetic.

No. 876182

>told people to keep black lives matters issues out of the cosplay community because we shouldn’t bring that kind of negativity in a place where people try to have fun and get away from reality

I agree with that though, the BLM period was horrible with all the people virtue signaling on their dressup hobby accounts.

No. 876184

Makes sense bc stella is a sicjo chubster herself. Fatties stick together

No. 876198

I’m sure that’s a trick that most of us here are used to doing. :((:()

No. 876202

I don’t even think it’s the fact she was responding to the issue as a whole but more so cause leon got attacked for it because he was pissed more people were interested in the movement instead of his birthday- and as the person stated, since her and leon are buddies it’s no doubt she saw all the hate he got for making such a dumbass comment and backed him up on it. As we’ve all said- this shit group that momokun has around her, their all pals for one bad reason or another

No. 876205

File: 1651760774877.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.13 MB, 1242x2033, D639E0FB-3A23-4752-B3BE-6458A4…)

She’s changed her pfp to this as well.

No. 876206

I wonder what kind of elaborate story we're going to get for this. Perhaps a fight with her neighbours? Perhaps she was defending someone in Chinatown?

No. 876207

Maybe her nose job kek jk. It doesn’t even look like it’s coming from her nose if she’s trying to pass it off as a nosebleed. Also her necklace looks like an unused condom.

No. 876208

It’s her trying to gain the followers of men who get off to women who like girls because “hurhurhur lesbains are only acceptable if I can fap to them”

No. 876209

It's a filter on instagram you absolute cuties.

No. 876210

Her fugly spider leg lashes makes me want to yank them off. She cannot take care of anything. Imagine selling yourself as a hottie bossgrrl, but you're really just a slob legbeard.

No. 876213

Hope she gets banned for self injury lol what a fucking dumbass

No. 876214

It's the "goth" filter, her and idiots like her are copying the rapper after the dave chapelle incident, she is beyond transparent.

No. 876219

Aren't you like a decade or two too late for the edgelord fake blood selfies, Moo?

No. 876221

File: 1651771856526.jpg (558.97 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220505-123100_Ins…)

No. 876223

Am I going blind or do I see three separate layers of shapewear on her fucking gunt lmao

No. 876224

bitch out here looking like fat gumby. is she made of rubber?

No. 876226

She's beyond delusional at this point. I couldn't even imagine only being able to see myself through filters and slimming apps, it's gotta hurt her when she sees her reflection.
Also, wtf is going on with her legs?

No. 876227

She wore different shapewears together just to look like the worms from Men in Black.

No. 876230

Just when you think her pictures and delusion couldn’t get worse… my first thought was she’s drying her eyes with her shirt realizing she looks NOTHING like what she sees in her phone. But it’s moo and she’s an idiot with zero self awareness. Bitch looks like popeye

No. 876234

This is real life body horror. Moo is a horrorcow. Oh my god. She's really going to keep chasing that dragon until she has 1000lb infinifat legs and tits but no waist. Her body will soon be unable to carry the weight because of how cartoonishly unbalanced she is. Her spine will suffer immensely and she won't have knees soon. Fitting fate for a repulsive bitch. I hope the agonizing pain and hundreds of thousands dollars are worth her dying at 40 from serious complications. Hopefully her lackeys can drain her remaining assets and studio dry post-mortem.

No. 876235

That's fine. She's posted it without filter tags though so it looks like self harm on her timeline, not her story. Reportable still

No. 876236

this is just delusion and mental illness at this point
She edited herself down to a 130 pound woman when she's more than double that size

No. 876239

I genuinely don't understand why she does this. It has to be so damaging to her mental health to see the reality of her body in the mirror after using all of these filters and slimming apps at their max. It's obvious she hasn't lost any weight. She's trying to make it seem like she's miraculously dropped a hundred pounds in like 6 months but the size of her arms, tits, and thighs give her away every single time. They would all be noticeably smaller if she'd actually lost the weight. And her gross fans continue to like her the fatter she gets so I just don't understand why she does this? Is it to get praise for weight loss without actually doing any of the work? That's so fleeting and shallow. Like… if she put even half the effort she does into just appearing slimmer into actually losing weight, she'd probably be halfway to her goal by now. Sorry for mini rant, I've been in these threads for awhile but it's just still so mind-boggling to me.

No. 876240

It's as simple as Moo hates fat people to a weird degree. Even gives unwanted advice to tell other people to lose weight.
She hates herself the most but doesn't want to admit she's fat. She's also insecure and shops herself down to be the same size, or thinner than her fit friends. I would feel bad if Moo wasn't a complete POS.

No. 876241

she's got bad dysmorphia.

No. 876243

Simple: she's fat but despises fat people and is deeply insecure. She's trying to convince herself as much as she is everyone else. It's sad because you're right - if she had spent the last year or two actually working out and eating right every day, even with some fuck ups here and there she'd still be near her goal.

And even as things stand it's not impossible for her to lose weight for real. She just… doesn't. Even though she's wealthy and has a fuck ton of free time, she doesn't take care of herself properly. I would feel bad if she was a nice person struggling with this but she's the worst type of person so whatever,… suffer, Mariah. You have everything you need in life in order to succeed but you still can't do it because you can't face yourself as you are. Those filters can't hide the truth.

No. 876244

I can't feel bad for someone who has a lot of money and all the time in the world but chooses to sit on her fat ass and eat all day while being a cunt online. She has no excuse

That and we all have seen her "busy" schedual a few threads back to prove how hard she works. It was literally her waking up near damn noon, nail salon, going to parties, eating and plastic surgery appointments. There was no gym time or anything.

But watch her fatphobic ass claim fatphobia if someone calls her obese

No. 876259

File: 1651792529984.jpeg (909.34 KB, 1242x2048, 4782F841-5E15-45BB-88C3-1C5A78…)

I’m sure all the girls you’ve made fun of over the years can relate.

No. 876265

She's just upset because she's lurking lolcow and saw no one buying her BS edits and calling her delusional

No. 876268

File: 1651802773623.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1178x1603, 0311428D-E91B-4B04-94BC-1012E8…)

“take my strong hand”

No. 876269

Slimmed to the max. Her rat paws and Dino arms give her away every time kek.

No. 876270

File: 1651803265958.jpg (378.56 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220505-211332_Chr…)

When you forget your sharewear doesn't cover doesn't cover your back fat

No. 876271

All the stories show Cat making the food. Moo poses acting like she did all the work. Typical Moo.

No. 876272

File: 1651803476834.jpeg (180.37 KB, 1778x1000, 5d0127a22400008c17862704.jpeg)

this doesn't even look like her anymore. She's def the most delusional cow

top kek
But makes you wonder what man called her fat that made her wear all the shape wear and shop herself down so much

No. 876274

File: 1651804907374.jpeg (64 KB, 828x274, 97BD3110-3F55-48AE-ADC8-004608…)

yeah bro for sure

No. 876275


I’m wondering if it has anything to do with her “omg first BG video” and a lack of positive feedback, or the guy told her off and that they weren’t a thing.

No. 876277

yeah wait didn’t she say the video would come out sometime last week lmao

No. 876282

she probably catfished the guy and he just did the bare minimum since he was already there. he was clearly uninterested from the photos. she could also be scared someone is going to report her for doing it in her studio. it could be a lot of things.

No. 876286

I don’t think it’s a concern about being reported for using her closet… studio I meant. She thinks she’s above the law and smarter than everyone. And of course she hasn’t released any video yet- she’s gotta go edit it to oblivion to be both filtered AND unerotic. Just like everything else she’s ever done. Bland oatmeal level of sexy is what moo strives for .

No. 876288

>3 layers of shapewear
>Ridiculous shoop
>Endless filters
>Still no ass

At this point I'm just waiting for her to get a BBL and fuck up the aftercare big time.

No. 876294

it took multiple waist trainers, rounds of lipo, and slimming filters just for her to (sort of) come across as an average size woman right here. So many 20-somethings maintain that size without any tricks or effort and Moo has to go down every avenue possible just to get close. Bleak.

No. 876296

lmao it looks like she has a fucking hunchback. imagine posting a photo where you look like quasimodo's fucking sister just because the filters make your waist look snatched and you think that's enough to convince people you've lost weight.

No. 876302

Did…did she slim one arm and not the other?

No. 876305

File: 1651820533544.jpg (144 KB, 1080x885, Screenshot_20220506-000122_Ins…)

She updated her bio again, now tagging both other accounts. How long until she does it again with some girlboss quote?

No. 876310

Delusions run in the family. She's going to be surprised as fuck when she visits Mariah and surprise! She's still very fat.

No. 876312

Ok, we get it. You’re calling us fat. Can we PLEASE get back to shitting on Moo?

These threads are about one specific fat girl and not about the ones reading and posting in them.

No. 876318

I'm pretty sure it is mooriah trying to shit on us lol, just ignore it.

No. 876321

yep. she doesn't know how to shoop very well. she's delusional if she thinks this looks good.

No. 876326

it's probably that ugly literally who that was selfposting here, the comments started around that time.

No. 876330

Speak for yourself kek

No. 876331

Ahh nice to see mooriah moollad up to the same shit

No. 876332

From what I can tell she keeps releasing short teases too hype the pay pigs and she doesn't even try to hide her disgust of what transpired.

No. 876341

Disgust? How so? I would expect that aspect from the guy not her thirsty ass.

No. 876344

With all the previews I think we have seen the full length of the video
She never focuses on being sexy, just making sure she doesn't look fat. I bet she cut more of it out so it's less than 30 seconds
Or the slim possibility it isn't even a dude

No. 876383

One of the previews is her after a facial and you can see her struggle too keep a smile with it on her face you can just see digust and regret.

No. 876385

File: 1651887223612.png (Spoiler Image,668.53 KB, 540x922, Definitely loves it.png)

Yeah, this is definitely the face of someone who enjoys it and enjoyed "finishing them like a girlboss!"

No. 876388

Ew. She looks so orange. Wtf

No. 876391

File: 1651889266870.jpg (10.25 KB, 469x469, t0y1WV3.jpg)

No. 876392

File: 1651890067322.jpeg (311.58 KB, 828x1112, 0FF90112-1785-42BA-AA42-921EDD…)

No. 876393

this is how we know it's a real dick.

No. 876398

To be fair, she always looks like that when she’s "forced" to do gross amateur porn (I mean, the OP image is full of regret lol). It’s the only thing funding her lifestyle and she knows it.

No. 876400

That doesn't look like real cum though. It looks like the fake cum she uses all the time

No. 876401

yeah, it looks strangely bubbly kinda like foam.
cum would be more consistent. And if that's all that he could squirt on her face, that's kinda tragic

No. 876402


I’m sure when the video is out it will become obvious if it’s a real guy, real anything. Hell her face is unreal. My bet is still on everything being fake and with all her quick cuts to other views scenes whatever it will be a mess.

No. 876408

I’m still going with fake. The cum looks way too white(maybe too opaque) and bubbly.

No. 876411

If it happens to be a real guy wtf has he been eating for his cum to be so foamy? Did she shake his cock like a soda can before he jizzed?

No. 876413

>wtf has he been eating

Soap. He tried to wash the smell of Moo away in advance.

No. 876414

It’s possible she added cum lube to make it look more plentiful or he couldn’t get off so she just did a jump cut to it being on her face or something. I one watched a documentary about porn and they said they did pictures of the “money shot” using pina colada mix or soap before they shot the actual porn because there was the possibility that the jizz could get in the girl’s eye or something and would look bad. However I doubt Moo would ever do enough research to think to do that.

No. 876419

Fake cock
Fake cum
Fake everything

No. 876421

If a guys cum is legit like that, he needs medical help like yesterday, it's not a good sign

But knowing Moo, it's fake like everything else about her

No. 876427

Might be real cum she spit out so mixed with saliva. I still think it's probably fake though

No. 876428

probably couldn't get him off. considering he was only half hard.

No. 876433

Maybe not spit, more likely tears of regret

No. 876457

>dead eyes just staring at her own reflection
>2 mini spurts of cum
>mixed it with her spit to make it look like a sizeable load
>mask-like pained smile
She looks like she was held at gunpoint to suck cock behind a con venue. Between this and the period video I'm convinced people just pay to watch her suffer and hurt herself physically.

No. 876484

This. Real, hideous junk but fake gum for the photo because she's just not that attractive and her heart's obviously not in it, kek.

No. 876486

Yea, I remember her play doh tit video with the guy Trisha Paytas fucked. She was so uncomfortable at the end she got near his crotch only to shake her head and go "No."

No. 876487

She looks like she’s about to throw up and/or cry, is that an anime trope or something? She’s usually copying something to appeal to coomer fans, or claims to be.

No. 876490

File: 1651965539068.webm (Spoiler Image,1.06 MB, 720x1280, You Wanted this mooriah.webm)

Same fag but watching it in motion is even more hilarious.
No, no tropes, you know aside someone being raped in hentai.

No. 876496

I'm still on two tinfoils of it not even being an actual dude and her just suckin on a strap on and it cuts to fake cum in her mouth

or her failing to get a guy off and having to use fake lube. The woes of being a body horror cow

No. 876497

she really looks like she's gonna cry. fucking tragic. and she did it all to herself.

No. 876502

it's obviously the second one. that is a real, almost flaccid dick, and that cum is fake. if it wasn't a real dick she wouldn't be so upset.

No. 876520

So she's not even going to hide she filmed porn at her studio anymore.

No. 876523

The fake eyelash hanging on for dear life

No. 876525

File: 1652008441580.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1089x1792, C2790297-B2A8-41A6-A413-8930FF…)

>entry level resume
It’s still there lol

No. 876526

File: 1652008514727.jpeg (1023.44 KB, 1078x1754, 5ABC9616-2003-41DA-9156-47E445…)

I don’t think even the filters know what her face shape is at this point.

No. 876527

Looks like she heard japan is opening back up to tourists again.
I don't even want to know why she's signing up for roblox at this point

No. 876528

>Flight Selection
>As if she's actually going to be in Japan
>Creeping on kids still and trying to lure them into her porn shit
It's so sad how this bitch literally cannot be stopped.

No. 876537

File: 1652020421879.jpg (Spoiler Image,311.32 KB, 1440x1491, Screenshot_20220508-074349_Chr…)

What the fuck is that face

No. 876538

The face of someone not sexy as usual lol. She's definitely stretching out releasing the vids, since she still didn't release the OTHER vid.

No. 876539

I'm becoming more convinced it's a fake dick. The cum looks super fake and this is the second clip where the surrounding flesh isn't shown? Especially during "sloppy toppy." Like what guy is like, no let me keep my pants and underwear on while you slobber all over me.

No. 876540

File: 1652021081624.jpg (486.72 KB, 1440x2474, Screenshot_20220508-074249_Chr…)

No. 876541

I will NEVER get tired of moo pretending she "Always wanted to do (XYZ)" bitch is on record stating she "doesn't have to resort to porn or getting naked to make money." lol

No. 876542

I'm laughing that all these dicks are overly large for white dudes and always covered at the base! LOL

No. 876551

someone who is embarrassed but wants the money.

No. 876557

Nta but it’s not like his balls would be identifiable lol there’s literally no reason to keep it closed up like that unless it’s hiding something. I’m not convinced it’s real, Moo has lied and twisted things to suit herself enough at this point so why stop scamming now?

No. 876558

Could it be that he has tattoos and thus moo think she’s big brained and doesn’t want what happened last time and have tattoos be identifiable.

No. 876560

Could also be that the guy agreed to it as long as there was nothing identifiable. But I’m sure we’ll be able to tell once the videos come out. I’m sure it will be a mess and either cringy or hilarious

No. 876561

Because roblox is full of kids, adults are too wise to her shit

No. 876564

Her face is looking like a fucking mask.

>and art / sex work
What the fuck kind of art do you think you're doing, Mariah? It's porn. Taking off your clothes to do porn is not an art. Stop trying to make it seem much more than what it actually is.

No. 876565

>What the fuck is that face
The face of someone getting ready to bite a dick off

No. 876623

File: 1652087011485.jpg (135.71 KB, 535x478, low effort.jpg)

oh how the (not so) mighty have fallen

No. 876637

Im loving that square is done with her. No one to shoot her ugly porn anymore except herself lol

No. 876639

she's two things, the model and the photographer and the editor and the camera and the lighting setup…

No. 876641

clearly girlonthemoonpro wasn't good enough for her standard

No. 876651

And where’s her sister to deny that Moo does porn? Come on now, don’t be shy.

No. 876653

They look about 5.5- 6 inches, it’s the camera making them look bigger, but see how they compare to Moo’s hands. Definitely that one dick with the pearly penile papules, mole and twisted inner foreskin is real, hard to say about the blurred one, but might be the same guy. Some guys are just shy about their body and do the “dick only” porn - it helps the size illusion

No. 876657

maybe it makes it somehow more bearable for him that not any more of his skin has to have direct contact with her skin and we know that guys don't care where they put their dick, so he might have no problem with that part.

No. 876662

i wouldn't want moo touching any of me if i were this dude

No. 876664

So this shitshow of a videos supposed to drop today? Place your bets on what kind of Eldridch horrors are in store for us. And how insane she priced it.

No. 876666

Was supposed to at 8am. "Everything is scheduled!" We're going to see 700 jump cuts for 2-3 scenes that lasts 10 seconds at best.

No. 876667

File: 1652114379419.jpg (159.73 KB, 1200x800, Screen_Shot_2017_07_13_at_1.09…)

So instead of getting a steam account, something everyone has… she gets roblox

No. 876668

the fact they're both hell bent to hide the strap on with the shirt and pants
it would literally be easier to just roll up the shirt if this was a guy

No. 876679

Dude might also have distinguishing marks or tattoos in those areas and she remembered how anons in the previous threads went batshit trying to figure out who the Zelda cuck was. Doesn't really matter on speculations if the video isn't even out yet.

No. 876680

all the spergs itt who think it's a fake dick need a ban.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 876681

As do you.(infighting)

No. 876682

I sometimes think that guys and their dicks aren't directly connected and therefore don't care about what their dick touches. Once saw a documentation about prostitution in one of eastern europe's countries and the girls had open wounds and infections (for example, Luna looks healthy and fresh compared to what I saw there on TV), guys didn't care, kept their clothes on and still let their dick have contact.

No. 876683

Pretty sure that's more so they can gtfo incase they get caught/close to caught. Also you dont wanna be buttass naked fucking in an alley.

No. 876686

the girls/women had their own room and there are enough countries where prostitution isn't illegal, so they won't have to care for getting caught. Just can't remember which country was the example in that documentation, so your idea could also be right.

No. 876687

i think the point is these moids letting someone infected touch any part of them at all.

No. 876688

They do not think that far ahead. Men would fuck a McChicken if left alone with it for too long. They fuck dead bodies in staggering amounts. Way more than you'd think. I think it just boils down to they don't care where the dick goes as long as it cums.

No. 876689

It's where kids hang out and it's also insanely easy to create teams of players who will craft games and maps for you that generate IRL profits. A lot of scrotes make salary level money off the backs of kids in that game. A lot of them use crypto and promise they will bankroll the teams working. She likely is just going to use it as a side grind and have someone else run it in-between her using it to post on her story. There were some video essays made about this exact ponzi scheme not too long ago and they got a LOT of views. I bet the hag was very inspired.

No. 876691

too bad roblox itself does everything in their power to take most of the money.

No. 876692

most prostitution doesn't happen in alleys kek this isn't a jack the ripper movie

No. 876694

completely off topic, but are there women-only funeral homes? I know that when I'm dead, I'm dead, but the idea of a disgusting moid having sex with my old, dead body, no, thank you. Damn, humans are disgusting, that someone even has to think about something like that.

No. 876696

Lol women only funeral homes? You’re kidding right? No- that isn’t a thing. And if it was you can bet the transtrendies would be fighting for that too.

Back on topic though it’s funny moo can’t even be assed to be on time ever. I thought 8am local was a stretch unless she pulled an all nighter

No. 876697

not a joke, I think it would work for the generation 30+ in the future, of course troons wouldn't be allowed, the funeral home wouldn't do clown make-up.

And yes, we are all waiting for the video to determine if he is real or fake, kek, guess she had to, don't know, cry, because she loves making porn, I mean, art, so much.

No. 876699

File: 1652129414297.webm (Spoiler Image,17.44 MB, 2276x1280, LDhJUlWM_720p.webm)

Video is over 19 minutes. 16 of it is her jerking or blowing him.

There's some weird cuts like mid stroke her hand will change positions and a lube bottle pops into existence.

But here's what people are probably interested in

No. 876700

The guy moaning in it is fake it’s on a weird loop

No. 876702

it's literally edited weird.

No. 876703

Tf is up with the weird duck noise going on in the background??

No. 876704

Okay it's real and disgusting. what a hideous penis. I can't believe this fat dumbass devolved into this. She probably copes by wishing we had the money she did, but a lot of us have chill lives, decent jobs, and loving partners and friends. And we don't have to read self help books and make up copes to get through the day.

No. 876706

i kind of wish it was a fake dick now. but moo isn't smart enough to even buy a realistic fake dick and she'd have bought a huge one to try to make us all jelly. this is probably that OF guy upthread.

No. 876707

This right here is what makes Moo kinda hilarious. She contributes nothing to to the anime or cos scene and is hiding behind "I'm a cosplayer, so that makes me better than the average sex worker."
Glad to see that she seems to be giving up on cosplay knowing no one gives a fuck

No. 876708

This is actually.. terrifying. She has no sex appeal AT ALL. I understand if it's a "facial," but she doesn't look interested at all… no tongue out… no genuine expression of fulfillment or pleasure. It literally looks like she feels instant regret. This is terrifying.

No. 876709

Because she wanted to be a big "boss babe" and spent her whole career shitting, bullying and making fun of other cosplayers. She thought she was the best cosplayer ever

She was never cos famous and now she has to resort to porn while the people she shat on are making fun of her decline

And as anons predicted it's all going down from here now that she did porn. Her scrotes are going to get bored and a lot of them are complaining she looks creepy with all the plastic surgery.

No. 876710

We need a new banner for this using her old “I don’t think what I do is porn” BS- maybe incorporating the old one.

No. 876711

i interpreted the noise as some sort of cicada chirping to go with the ~authentic japanese background~ but your guess is as good as mine.

No. 876713

Why not jack him off yourself? The guy moaning is so gross, what scrote wants to hear some random guy moan in a porn video?

Also, I was kinda hoping the cum would get in the shitty wig and ruin it so Umbran would have to make a new one kek

No. 876714

whatta fuck is up with the random frog noices at the backround?

No. 876716


Watching the video I'm still not convinced its not fake, it never changes for all 19 minutes.

Its the same hardness the entire video, its never semi soft after scene swaps, theres never precum and it never swells/throbs/etc, its just static semi hard all video.

No. 876719

That's just Mariah Mallard.

No. 876721

I've noticed a lot of cut guys have to jerk themselves off rather violently to come, especially during facial scenes.

It looks pretty real to me. He probably took viagra to keep it consistently swollen throughout the entire awkward ordeal.(sage your phallus expertise )

No. 876724


>This guy does alot of "uhhhhh" moans randomly then dies down because I'm assuming she's rubbing his dick raw for 3 hours until she actually fucks him (hence the dragon lube bottle next to her)

>Can confirm cicada sounds/"Asian spa" music in the background
>Never shows one of his hands or torso, which makes me think this is Gunt-kun
>does random, out of sync changes from one scene to the next. These aren't natural. It transitions too quickly like something happened and she didn't want it in the final product. It's just a random edit.
>around 13:40 you see the open dragon lube bottle disappear and his dick is suddenly covered in it. No ejaculation was in any of the video until the end when he rubs one out on her face.

No. 876725

that's standard for moids with death grip, honestly. they fuck up their dicks by jacking off too violently and it's not as if moo is going to turn anyone on.

No. 876726

He didn't see an ass to smack.

No. 876727


He does finger one once, by that I mean it shows him touch her and then it cuts and his hand is hidden under her while she moans.

Also there's the 2 second tit job that I'm not sure why she didn't just cut.

No. 876734

Thousands of years of pictures
Hundred or so years of film
Twenty years of homemade nudes
And then moomoo thinks she’s making art and still somehow comes off as lifeless and boring.
the cricket noises in the background are hilarious; it’s how I felt watching this trying to laugh at her.

No. 876735

Nonnie, I'm begging you to please get laid, by a read dick or fake, I don't care.

I can't believe how many of you thought that nasty ass pearly penile popper whatever dick was fake.

No. 876737

She broke her own studio rules
And also it's official, she's making porn in the studio
There are laws and licenses you need for that. Any legal sex work requires people to follow safety laws as well.
If someone hated Moo enough, they can get her into deep shit. Vegas really doesn't fuck around when it comes to sex work

No. 876740

you’re weirdly obsessed

No. 876741

Vindication for team "real but ugly dick" nonnies. God, her ass is like a rhombus. It comes to a point at the bottom. Convinced her only customers are old pre-porn fans who delight in her humiliating downfall.

No. 876742

her address is online and anyone can report her via the vegas site.

No. 876743

Well to be fair there is some schadenfreude to be had after she shit on HOW many people about being better than them? And as someone itt stated this is a minor stop on the slippery slope. Her simps will demand more, knowing if she gets broke enough she’ll do it.
Also according to people she charged 46 dollars or so for this.

No. 876744

They have cum tubes for these too. It doesn't move like a real dick, barely bends like a real dick or gives indentations into the skin. This is a hidden pump dildo. Most dicks are 2 toned too and this isn't.

No. 876745

So many things..

>most dudes DO NOT peep their dick out off underwear hole for sex, they get their boxers wet and shit and its a mess, especially private sex. Theres zero reason in Moo's videos.

>Moo never got a hide duck dude before, this is way over average and never shifts firmness, even after 'cumming'
>not real cum
>never see him cum
>same bloated stuffed urethra

Come in anons. This is fucking Akemi

No. 876746

you guys are fucking retarded.

No. 876747

What they're saying isn't wrong though? They do make products for that
I'm on the neutral team for this
that and Moo and the possible guy so hell bent on showing just the shaft is hella sussy
They do that a lot in fake futa porn as well

No. 876748

Neutral team is equally as dumb as fake team. It’s like saying “I’m open to both sides” of that flat earth debate. Fake-dickers should be b&

No. 876749

quite the jump there
you okay nona?

No. 876751

Nta but it really isn’t out of the realm of possibility. The dick still looks fucking fake and the person Moo has been most comfortable with most doing “intimate” shit is Akemi. She even jokes in stories that she’s her “boyfriend”. I don’t buy the “maybe he doesn’t want to be identified” thing other anons are pushing. If you don’t want to be associated with Moo, maybe don’t agree to be on camera with her then? Because sooner or later someone is going to figure out who it is.

No. 876752

That’s right… And no one yet has brought up the “futa” set she did with the strap-on not that long ago. I’m not digging for those pics to compare though.

No. 876753

that's right, she did have the futa set
Didn't she use the same white cum for that shit as well?
Hopefully a more dedicated anon can dig that up
Cuz I'm not comparing either

No. 876755

only a sheltered virgin would think that's a fake dick no one makes fake dicks like that, even though they make gross realistic fake dicks it's gross in a pathetic way. anons obsessing over no precum have never had bad sex before.

No. 876758

Take your fucking meds, holy shit

No. 876759

File: 1652148120162.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.5 MB, 2880x3840, E853649B-1116-4560-8B47-F0519E…)

Dug it up from thread #118. I’m not proud of myself..

No. 876763

File: 1652149512478.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.28 MB, 3840x5760, RDT_20220509_23235611927021686…)

Someone posted the whole thing to reddit. https://gofile.io/d/sC8DeD
Open at your own risk.
I was on team fake dick before the video, but yeah it's real. That's obviously a male body as well, so no Akemi at all.
She truly has no sex appeal at all, and some stuff she does is Shayna tier. What even is this pose, she looks like Shrek's e-thot daughter.

No. 876765

I've come around now I'm team fake dick. The way it flops when they let go of it is really plastic. Same with how it looks when she pulls it out. I think this is Umbran. Look at their thighs and build.

No. 876766

The dick is most certainly real and you absolutely see and hear him cum. Like… Mariah definitely lies but the lengths she'd have to go to to fake this? She's far too fucking lazy. And I'm honestly kind of shocked at how many anons seem to think Akemi would be up to… literally fucking her. Like… simulating intimacy is one thing. Actually strapping up and fucking your friend on camera for their only fans is another completely. I don't think Moo could pay her enough. Some of you guys sound fucking deranged about this. It's not that hard to believe she'd find a guy willing to fuck her, men will fuck anything.

No. 876767

jesus she really ran her teeth on that dick.

No. 876768

Well the way she plays with him looks rough AF. As in she doesn’t know a thing about how to do shit. Makes sense though.
Also dudes hands look like he hasn’t done shit for work ever.

No. 876769

Where's LV prostitute anon when you need her?

No. 876770

File: 1652151995518.png (Spoiler Image,4.23 MB, 2272x1432, Untitled.png)

Ok. At risk of revealing that I have potentially lost my mind. I really think this is Maddie's hand with no fake nails.

Plus didn't she cosplay Obanai with moo? So the costume was already made in her size.

spoiler because I did some censoring but still.

No. 876771

Even with all the attempts at skin smoothing and slimming all I see is someone lumpy and misshapen
holy fuck she's huge

No. 876774

I'm pretty convinced that's Maddie

No. 876775

File: 1652153114230.png (Spoiler Image,1.82 MB, 2340x1080, thisisart.png)

So very erotic.

No. 876776

She looks like she's going to burst into tears.

No. 876778

I don't know what is worse for her. Resorting to porn to get money and having the guy call her fat and not to call her back
Or having to do porn with Maddie
I would cry in either situation

No. 876782

I skipped around but i actually dont think its the worst video, it just doesnt seem like either of them were enjoying themselves and do not have any chemistry. But in fairness that dude sucks at fingering. And dear god what is that cricket/frog noise

No. 876783

YO ITS DEF UMBRAN. Idgaf, its a fake ass dick. We already knew it was a girl.

No. 876784

For anons who keep complaining about rules, you can call the cops all you want, but NV does not have laws against what she is doing in her business. She isn't renting out prostitutes and we don't even know if this person is being paid for production which could in turn be the only thing that could go against her as she is paying for sex, but as of 2015 Nevada currently has no rules specifically covering pornography production. And no permit is needed to film on private property, a home or in a hotel room, according to the state film office

No. 876785

It's not a home or hotel though. It's a business and she listed it as such

No. 876786

we already posted a link where it says she needs a permit. she's filming in a business venue, not a residence. and again, it's not a police matter you imbecile. it falls under the internet adult entertainment genre and she's not allowed to charge money for this filmed at a business venue without proper permits, which require inspection and zoning.

No. 876787

The laws are only about prostitution. Literally Google about NV laws for filming sex. I put down exactly as it states already. There are no porn film laws in NV that prohibit her from filming in a private business she owns. Hotels are the same, a private business. Doesn't matter what type, it doesn't have to be a porn studio. How else do you think people film in Vegas like Trisha who had sex out in the open, in public, but it was a private rooftop? She's not a vendor, she isn't a porn distributor as far as law goes because OF doesn't cover that. It also isn't prositution, so it doesn't cover that either. Anons are looking at laws regarding porn producing, mass selling businesses, not a solo Moo. There's a difference in laws and as she is doing, it's not against the law unfortunately.

>In 2013, the Nevada assembly

proposed a human-trafficking bill: AB

This bill left the first amendment open for people like Moo to have freedom of filming except in certain places and under conditions. This basically allowed porn to be filmed freely in Vegas, minus indecency laws and common sense. The only other law would be distribution, but she's not selling physical copies and OF isn't regulated like normal prostitution. This is a whole gray area for the real laws that exist unless she's pimping people out.

No. 876788

it's funny because if she was doing this at her house like she was before she would be fine. But this anon is right
that and she's inviting others to this porn studio as well

Porn studios and brothels fall under different rules

No. 876791

It wouldn't be any different than shooting in a hotel which is also legal. She's not doing anything illegal, unless she's going to start taking money from people to borrow her cosplay slaves for films too. She needs to be actively participating in prostitution for anything to be done about it. She doesn't even need to register this business as a pron studio because it's already a private studio. It's not even a public space. It's in a commercial lot, but it isn't just a walk-in type of place.

No. 876792

whatever makes you sleep better

No. 876793

Do some real research regarding production when it isn't a porn studio that creates tangible CDs or copies of films. That's the only way she would qualify.

No. 876794

Also to add, Moo doesn't even have to register her studio as a porn studio when she isn't exclusively using it for porn. If that was the law, then a lot of movie theaters would have to register as porn studios because sometimes people have sex and film in in their theaters. There isn't some trigger law for Moo or friends shooting porn sometimes in a private business. Wait for some indecency laws to break or she's selling costhots for cash from other people. The only thing she has to do with a normal LLC and she is already registered her OF and other things via her tax info, so that's under 1099s.

No. 876796

It's not a porn studio. It just happens to be used for porn sometimes which is legal like Hotels.

No. 876797

File: 1652159455544.png (Spoiler Image,1.54 MB, 1920x1080, vlcsnap-2022-05-09-16h24m01s97…)

The sex appeal of a noodle

No. 876798

File: 1652159525846.png (Spoiler Image,1.88 MB, 1920x1080, vlcsnap-2022-05-09-16h15m54s73…)

Why is she jerking him off like that? What the actual fuck is that angle?

No. 876799

Because it's Umbran with a strap-on. A real dude would not let someone touch his junk like that. Looking at the way she violently rips it out of "his" pants adds credibility to the idea that it's fake as well.

No. 876800

Ok before I said it was a fake dick based on that teaser photo from like a week ago. But this looks like a real dick. Is this the same one? The other dick was like …lacking color and definition.
God she looks so dead behind the eyes.

>teethy blow jobs

I see she’s been taking tips from Shaynus

No. 876803

This is a stretch but I do actually think it’s a guy- at 9:42 you can see the persons head raise up and it looks like a guys even if it was for a split section. Sadly don’t have a screenshot cause it’s so hard to get an image of it, it happens so fast

No. 876804

Ok gross I watched a few minutes of it. She doesn’t moan or make any noises for what seems like forever. Definitely a real dude but holy shit those cicadas are obnoxious kek

No. 876805

She's more in lust with the camera than with the guy. She was looking at the camera more than she was at him and when she did look at him her expressions were fucking hilarious. She was breathing like it was a cardio workout. She has no idea how to be sexual at all despite doing porn for money.

No. 876807

I was watching this with my fiancé next to me and he looked over and afterwards he said it killed any horniness he had and made him feel sad.
Anon my sides.

No. 876811

Fwiw those are the girliest hands I’ve ever seen on a dude. And I’ve met rich kid bankers.

No. 876815

enjoy paying those fines, dumbass.

No. 876816

Nothing, and I mean NOTHING could prepare me for the anguish that image just caused me. Holy fuck. I don’t even know where to start.

No. 876817

That wig has definitely seen things… Moo will no doubt continue to let others at the studio rent that wig tho it has to be haunted by now.

I can’t get over her fucking chiclet teeth lol

No. 876819

i hope the cowtip anon reports her ass. i usually don't hi cow or even tinfoil, but i feel like moo is trying to do damage control here defending her lack of adult internet entertainment permits. even the dick sperging seems more like her trying to convince us it's not a real dick so no one will report her.

No. 876826

What do you expect from a thread full of fat girls? You can hear the Twinkies jiggling in their esophagus. Same fat bitches who are currently angry over the whole Roe v. Wade thing.

They want others to think that they have sex and aren’t virgins when in reality, no one will ever come near their assess. That is, unless they have a fresh box of Twinkies for them.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 876831

I thought the dick was fake, but i was wrong. However, this bitch still doesn't know how to record a porn clip.

Other thing i noticed it's how the dude it's pretty flacid when he "fucks" her, if you can call that a fuck.

No. 876833

File: 1652183059639.png (1.11 MB, 761x781, 32984u093.png)

her tongue the entire time though

No. 876834

damn, spoil this literal pig.

No. 876835

File: 1652183288486.png (Spoiler Image,1016.31 KB, 739x710, omnomnom.png)

Also that part where she eats her hand for a minute while giving him the world's worst (and unusually dry?) blowjob had me dead. It's pretty obvious she has no clue what she's doing, to the point where it looked outright painful for him most of the time. kek

No. 876836

File: 1652183391077.jpeg (Spoiler Image,372.65 KB, 2046x1170, DA43583C-EA49-4BE7-8E6B-298225…)

The audio is definitely fake, at 2:51 there’s a video cut but the awkward male moan doesn’t change or have a cut. She probably added the awkward frog croak sound effects so loud because she doesn’t know how to edit audio very well

Why is she eating eating her whole hand?

No. 876838

it looks like she's midway through having a stroke.
it's almost like shes never sucked a dick before

No. 876840


Or the amount of teeth she seems to have used.

Also the way she manhandled that dick jacking it off makes me wince.

I hope it’s fake just so somebody didn’t have to experience that.

No. 876842

File: 1652185900132.webm (219.68 KB, 750x168, head.webm)

No. 876847

God I can’t believe there are still fake-dickers. IMO the first photo proved it was real, but the video is undeniable:
>At 2:15 when she starts the ultra rough tit/hj, you see the skin move in a very realistic way
>For ppl thinking it’s Akemi or Maddie, you’re forgetting Moo is huge - the man in the video is at least 5’10 and his hands still look petite - a girl, even Maddie’s hands would look tiny
>the foot movements at certain points are more tuned in than someone trying to fake it
>the reason the dick is similar size/hardness the entire time is the reason for constant cuts - he had to keep fluffing between takes

No. 876849

this. i am almost convinced it's moo trying to stop people from reporting her.
>no no don't worry there was no porn made here, just a realistic dildo!

No. 876850

Though the same, dry af blowjob, it's like she's afraid and just opening her mouth all she can and going back and foward trying the best to not touch the dick. Really no experience at all. I guess that's why she's making a new video called "sloppy".

The dude really having a hard time trying to stay erect.

No. 876852

Because she’s a mentally a virgin. Her only sexual education came from hentai and Japanese pornos.. I remember KBBQ said she was a dead lay and made him do all the work.

No. 876854

File: 1652192707246.png (37.41 KB, 137x127, Screenshot_2022-05-10-09-18-13…)

>>No eye contact with her scene partner
>>Guy just digging his hands into her breasts like he's molding a pile of mashed potatoes
>>Omnipresent frog noises
>>Their equal lack of interest in one another
>>Moo's expression usually looking less like sex appeal and more like "I farted" and "I regret everything"

No. 876855

she looks mentally challenged here.
she's mentally a neckbeard virgin, which is worse. but she's not even being sexy in a hentai pornsick way, she's just an idiot.

No. 876856

Its POV, it's not supposed to be looking at him directly, the camera is supposed to be in place of whoever buys this. It's a self insert. I get hating on it, but at least be accurate as to why she isn't looking at the dude most of the time. That wasn't the point of the video.Literally stimulation is enough to get a dick off. She could have a bag on her head and he'd still cum.

No. 876860

Thrush? Why does it look like that?

No. 876862

NTA but a lot of the video is filmed from sideways and weird angles so Moo can look at herself on the screen. Unless the point was that there are two guys and the other one is a third wheel who does not get to participate it's a shitty POV.

No. 876863

in POV stuff the camera is supposed to represent the guy she's doing stuff with so the viewer can self-insert. most of these angles aren't that at all.

No. 876867

File: 1652197211471.png (114.27 KB, 241x200, having a blast.png)

you forgot to mention this face of sheer disgust as she jerks him off, nonna, that was my personal highlight

No. 876868

Either Moo is a lesbian in denial or she's asexual, or just plainly can't stand producing porn. This is kind of hysterical… the disgust on her face at times, my god. I would explain away parts of how awkward it is with how obsessively she worries about how she looks on camera but… she's not just distracted, she hates this. They both seemed to be completely dry.

No. 876869

Moo is not a lesbian.
She is not bi
She is not asexual.
She is certainly not into doing porn but she knows she's washed up and can literally only scam people. Such a farcry from "I will never have to take my clothes off or do porn like these other bitches."

No. 876871

It’s because she doesn’t want to be there lol. She doesn’t want to actually give a blow job on camera so she’s trying to make the illusion that she has the dick in her mouth but is failing. Badly.

No. 876872


LV Prostitute tea anon here, this isn't anyone I know of. As I've said in past threads, they all know better than to work with her after her borderline obsessive behavior with the last one, and no one in the circles I know of would be stupid enough to film in a location like this, either.

It's been a while since I've had any real chatty time with anyone outside of groupchats since rona's fucking with everyone's business still, but no one's mentioned Mariah at all in months, so if she did reach out to anyone they're keeping it quiet(and no one in this circle keeps anything quiet - gossip is the lifeblood of the LV SW scene).

No. 876874

POV and NTR. This is basic shit. It's not that hard. Obviously she keeps trying to look at how she appears because she is filming this herself, probably selfie mode for half and him holding it for the POV shit.

No. 876875

Oh god, are you the tinfoil anon who made up the blacklisted all across vegas bs? Stfu. You have yet to produce any proof of anything you said last time, show these group chats where multiple people exist where you wouldn't be as identifiable, especially if you aren't the one even mentioning her. This is an imageboard, not some tinfoil space.

No. 876876

She said "no sex acts at my studio"… and she kinda is still in line with that rule. I don't call that video a sex act. I barely even call it an act. You can get free videos better than that shitshow.

No. 876879

I completely agree. Anons in here want so bad for it to be a fake dick, and I don't understand why. You're just blowing up Moo's ego when she lurks here.

You're already on her tiktok, so you know Maddie has the same acrylic style nails that moo has and she's had the same set for a while now. I don't think this porn was filmed between that last set. ALso the porno person's hands have veins and are over all bigger than maddie's.

Lmao nonnie cuckmoid get off the internet and yell more about your poor uwu murdered babies in the street wtf.

seriously. The ugly chopped dick and penile paupiles was enough to tell anyone.

Oh shit, this is actually some good tinfoil.

No. 876880

Pics were for on old threads so they’re older. And fake nails can be removed. We don’t know when this was filmed.

No. 876888

File: 1652207090631.png (860.25 KB, 1080x719, Screenshot_20220510-112332.png)

God this is the funniest video, not original but I thought all the anons posts would look funny together. I am tickled. This heifer looks like she's gonna throw up any time she's touching a dick.

No. 876892

KEK anon

What a day to have eyes. I think real dick or not we can all agree that this video is the least erotic porn to have ever been made. The best part was seeing her regret everything in real time.

No. 876893

this is a real "her smile and optimist, gone" kinda photo.

No. 876898


No. 876899

I still can't figure out if he's fucking her pussy or asshole, just looks like shoving his dick in between two hams.

No. 876900

It's a fake dick, you fucking retards.

No. 876901

sure thing.

No. 876902

That is the saddest piece I've ever goddamn seen. I really, REALLY could do without Moo looking at her goddamn self in the camera the whole time. It's sickening.

I am honestly going with the "Moo is a lesbian" theory here. I've thought it for a long time. But her complete lack of interest and her, shall we say "interesting" method of jacking off a <fake> dick gives her away. That is not how you jack someone off. And even a cut dick has some give on the skin, this one does not.

God this is just sick.

No. 876903

Damn femcel, tranquilo, it ain't that serious. Have you ever seen a dick before?

No. 876904

I will honestly never get how anons will jump to "Moo must be a lesbian" because she’s horrendous at portraying intimacy with a guy. Did we all forget how uncomfortable she looked doing the video with Sabrina long ago? Moo hates women, it’s been covered to death in here.
Can it just be that Moo hates having resort to porn to sustain her lifestyle? Because it certainly shows in that video.

No. 876905

Has to resort to porn but is too stupid to realize the diminishing returns. Now that she’s finally crossed over totally it’s only a matter of time. She may make some decent money off her simps on this but she will have to really up her game to keep interest. Slippery slope just got steeper.

No. 876908

No it's not you deluded fat cunt.

No. 876910

The sheer number of turbo virgins insisting this. That, or you're a lesbian in which case I don't blame you for not being able to tell or look at it long enough to determine it's real kek.
I feel like Moo just doesn't get much play to begin with and it's always transactional. It's clear from these faces she's having an awful time >>876888
Wonder hie much she paid off the moid this time.

No. 876911

Mark my fuckin, words, man.

No. 876912

Hi again cow.

No. 876913

this thread used to be something else
now it’s just fat rejects who’ve never seen a dick

No. 876914

Pretty sure it's always been that way

No. 876920

I was team fake before the video. Girl…it’s a dick. I watched him poot that measly bit of spooge on her eye. Get over it

No. 876923

It will never not be funny when I remember Mariah announcing she "finally found a guy she’s comfortable with" to do this kind of shit and she looks like she regrets every minute of it. Keep convincing yourself that you love what you do Moo!

No. 876927

It’s a fake dick. The cum isn’t even coming out the peehole it’s coming from underneath. All the weird angles and cuts. It’s not even a man. And she cuts when the “guy” cums from a handjob. Y’all are acting like you’ve never watched porn.

No. 876932

The way she fingers and rubs that “guys” urethra at 13:30. I hope it really is fake because that shit looks painful and weird

No. 876934

Can we stop infighting about whether it's a fake dick or not? It doesnt really matter either way and I think it's much funnier to just look at how far she has to go to maintain numbers now and how it's fairly obvious she's only doing this because of how much a flop her 'studio' is.

The guy could have a deviated urethra or maybe the cum was fake because he was so turned off by moo's complete lack of sex appeal. Also the videos we're seeing are filtered imagine having to jerk off to Moo looking like that after a LOT of dick chafing and however many times she decided she was 'too tired and needed a break'. The best we can do is hope it was fake cause everything she does looks so dry and painful.

No. 876940

The entire vid is on Reddit if you gotta dissect it. And watching this video in its entirety is A- painful both because of the jump cuts (some done when she apparently starts laughing) and the way she handles that dick. She has no concept of erotic or sexy and probably never will. And the cuts are like someone changing channels- no natural flow just “doing something/CUT/PASTE new part.

No. 876941

I don't know why "real dick" anons come off as so angry

Anyway, it's obviously Maddie. Sorry Moo is unfuckable

No. 876942

Some anons choose to die on retarded hills. That's a constant in moo threads. Agree that its maddie and her Easter island head looking ass.

No. 876943

Mariah’s self posting a lot in here. Lots of angry “it’s a real dick, you’re retarded, fat chics in this thread” posts. Admin/mod can you please regulate, shits messy

No. 876944

If it was a real dude, he wouldn’t be covered to the absolute maximum.

how disgusting is it she had her best friend fuck her with a strap on because she’s unfuckable(you seriously need to learn to sage)

No. 876945

File: 1652230508645.jpg (Spoiler Image,85.72 KB, 769x454, Screenshot_20220510-204730_Chr…)

She looks dead inside. You can tell she hates this but has no choice if she wants the money to keep rolling in. I would almost feel bad for her if she wasn't such a cunt.

No. 876946

None of the people buying this want to see a naked guy. We all know she won't get naked because she can't filter herself like with photos. It would look retarded if he was naked and she was fully clothed.(sage your shit)

No. 876952

Not every cut dick has give; my first boyfriend was cut so tight it literally looked half erect when flaccid, the skin was always taut even soft. Sometimes they just take too much off(enough about penises)

No. 876953

The funniest part is theres only like 2 mins of her getting dicked, the rest her her boring as blowjob/handjob

No. 876954

Just type in momokun Reddit into google. Easy enough to find

No. 876955

what the actual fuck are these poses? god, with how long shes been doing this its unbelievable how bad she is at posing for literally anything

No. 876956

I mean, no one asked her to do this.

No. 876957

That part had me dying, moo was literally just bopping at, tugging, teething, and clawing at this poor dudes dick. Hope the money was worth it for him. lmao

No. 876958

All I can say is:

if those aren't female hands, they are the most gorgeous goddamn hands ever.

No. 876959

if she can spend a huge amount of money on a "photostudio" and do plastic surgery every week, there is no need to do something like that to gain more money. She brought this to herself, no one forced her to do porn and maybe it's just karma.

No. 876960

I can't believe how many nonnies in this thread think scrotes have actual standards. Most will put their dicks near anything for free, but this dude was most likely paid and/or is getting a cut of her sales which makes an easy decision even easier. Yeah, most moids Moo is attracted to would never be caught dead in public being romantic with her but fatties and troons get plenty of action in secret.

No. 876961

Kek nonnies in the shay threads used to talk about her ex’s hands and how feminine they were. I wanted to make a joke about the hands but I kept my turbo autism at bay. They are very feminine tho.

No. 876975

Yep. I can’t believe I’m going to say this Anonica, but I’m starting to agree with >>876826 over here.

No. 876978

I can't believe we still got cockgate going on, out of all the reasons to infight for several days this is the worst one. Can't we just focus on Moo's antics themselves until we know the truth - we all know she can't shut up and will slip up and reveal the truth or accidentally give us some clearer hints on who it could be (man or woman) sooner or later anyway.

No. 876979

I'm on team Maddie. The hands share way too many similarities, like how her thumb just kind of tapers down, finger lengths, no hair, and the nail sizes. Unless Moo specifically chose this guy based on how well his hands mstch up to her roommate's, then they're just too suspiciously similar to ignore.

No. 876980

This. She looks miserable because she hates doing porn. A little while ago she could still pretend what she does is ‘modelling’ but not anymore. Being unhappy about having to put a revolting dick in your mouth to earn money doesn’t make someone a lesbian. Just how many scrotes are there in this thread? Do they think other women in porn actually want to be there? They’re just better at acting than Mariah despite all of those Skype acting classes.

Very true. Anons in this and previous threads who think that no man would ever lower himself to touching Mariah are weird. Men will fuck animals, surely she can find one who’d be willing to fuck her. It just won’t be the kind of guy she (or probably any other woman) is actually attracted to, which is why she looks so miserable.

I’m still putting some money on it being Maddie with the world’s ugliest strap-on though, purely because that would be hilarious.

No. 876986

Yes, and she was making such fuss about it. Literally a virgin saying i fuck a lot.

No. 876987

I’m scared of Fridays sloppy toppy video, there’s going to be so much teeth in it.

No. 876988

She's singing karaoke on her story with the possible mystery man

No. 876989

File: 1652278337390.jpg (557.67 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220511-091223_Ins…)

No. 876990

File: 1652278495762.jpg (884.85 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220511-091457_Ins…)

Also yet another cat

No. 876993

File: 1652279057642.png (3.18 MB, 1220x1800, 48785C98-D799-4D0E-90BA-4685FB…)

Not sure who these two guys are.

No. 876996

She's just trying to pretend they're dating, as always.

No. 876997

que in weird obsession after one meeting and her un dying love
Perhaps this guy is the reason she's been shopping herself down to 120 pounds? Either way, I suspect her to go on an angry rant by next week about how men are boys and only 2D husbandos are the way to go

No. 876998

And all the trashy high/drunk “look what you’re missing out on” nude selfies

No. 877001

Another cat? Wasn’t she already over the legal limit for how many cats she could have?

No. 877003

nah this guy's not fat enough to be whoever's in the video Maddie, his hands wouldn't look like that

bottom right is her cousin Brandon, you'll find him in some of the older threads, but he hasn't been around as much lately. anons speculated there was something with him and Vamps on one of the Japan trips which led to a falling out, someone else may be able to fill you in better

No. 877004

Unless its a hoarding situation, the only people who GAF about that stuff is apartment type renting. Houses don't usually matter unless you can tell it's a hoarding situation. They cats seem fine, bored as fuck as cats usually are because people don't let them in the backyard to roam and discover and usually don't keep them entertained. Moo isn't hoarding, she just wishes these were guys and not cats. She has an obsession with being loved and it's easier for her to get it from an animal than a real human being. Aside from her other shit she takes care of, Jada being old and matted isn't a shock as older cats get this way super easy even with combing because they don't care for themselves and Moo isn't home 24/7 to brush [Not trying to defend her, but long haired cats aren't about to be groomed 24/7, so she should honestly stick with short hairs] her, but overall the cats seem fine. I don't know why anons act like it's an episode of TLC Hoarders when it's not even close. She doesn't need another fucking cat at all, probably barely cleans the boxes every 5 days, but they seem fine also. Cats are the easiest things to care for as they are mostly self sufficient.

No. 877005

Whoever's hands they are, they turned me the fuck on, ok? Only good part of that sad shit show.

No. 877006

ayrt that’s right! I had honestly completely forgotten how he looked so my bad. Maybe he came to take his Zelda games back from Moo lol

No. 877007

It's that her cousin in the one photo? Just looks like he got floppy bowl cut.

No. 877009

The baby hands that looked scared to touch her fat ass turned you on? God, none of you have good sex do you? Why do nonnies post their L's.

No. 877011

File: 1652287482896.png (707.46 KB, 847x652, t56554ye6gv4.png)

Looking absolutely huge. Not sure how she has the nerve to post this shit after her ultra slimmed filtered videos.

Seek help.

No. 877015

Her forearms are like the size of a normal persons calf.

No. 877017

I would be terrified if I saw this beast irl

No. 877020

Wearing winter clothes in that heat
"I'm not fat, it's my sweater"
Also Moo doing Karaoke? What torture is this? I hope this wont be foreshadowing to "I'm a professional singer" saga

No. 877023

It's not the first time she's done it

No. 877024

Her cousin and the other guy looks like Miso Tokkis brother.

No. 877025

are you stupid? you can get animals taken away if you have too many, even in a private home. it can be considered neglect or abuse.

No. 877026

No one would take her animals away if the thing. 5 cats isn't an issue in a 3k sqft+ size house

No. 877028

and honestly I don't think anyone gives enough of a fuck to call it in?
Yes, she is over the legal limit. But I prefer her cats be bored in her house than in a shelter. Lesser of two evils so to say

No. 877029

they legally could though is the thing. she's being stupid and putting them at risk.

No. 877030

Even if someone told on Moo I'm sure she'll just lie about the number anyways. Not like they can go into her house. I think they can only do something if it's an obvious case. Like neighbors complaining about cat piss and dead animals

No. 877033

She just needs to stop having long haired cats lol. At least then we can be sure that Maddie is taking good care of them.

No. 877034

I'm just sad for all the dead snakes and lizards

No. 877036

>But I prefer her cats be bored in her house than in a shelter.

Can't say the same about her reptiles, unfortunately.

No. 877037

They really don't. Foster homes and shelters are even more crowded.

No. 877038

So even if someone called and they took some of her animals away I would think the caller was a dick. They wouldn't be thinking about the cats wellbeing. Yeah Moo can't have all those cats, but they're better in her house than in the shelter

No. 877039

The cats are fucking fine too. They aren't being abused or neglected. They are spoiled as fuck.

No. 877040

so stop defending her for buying more cats and putting all of them at risk? it's not like he's getting these cats from shelters…

No. 877041

anon, she had to get one of them shaved because she's too lazy to groom her. you forget that already?

No. 877042

Nah, its probably moo defending herself like usual. Anyone who actually keeps up with these topics knows the cats are stressed out as fuck, even during the "YOU CANT HAVE PETS ON YOUR STREAM" platform days you can see the cats weren't exactly chill.

No. 877046

File: 1652322239288.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1083x1797, FE7C9DA7-763E-4E00-9BEC-9C5184…)

It’s almost as if whenever anons start infighting about her cats, she posts about how good they have it.

No. 877048

Yeah me too. Their future was bleak the moment of sale. I just hope she was smart and sold them after that phase.

No. 877049

Yeah it’s probably Moo herself in here trying to defend herself. She is a shit pet owner.

No. 877052

moo has nothing to do because her business is failing, of course she's posting here.

No. 877054

That's not something rare with long haired cats. Most people have to shave them at some point, especially with age because they can get aggressive with grooming, even your own cat, and they won't clean themselves properly. Sometimes taking them in and having them sedated and shaved works off better.

>inb4 but she said she doesn't take her in

No shit, I'm talking generally for long haired cats.(derailing)

No. 877055

you're not supposed to shave most breeds of cats. stop defending moo.

No. 877058

Her cats are fine. She has a big ass house. They aren't jammed in some trailer or anything.

No. 877060

most of the monkeys in these threads just want to fling shit at nothing bc they hate her.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 877069

Hmm, to call a spade a spade or not…

No. 877070

Persians and maine coons are commonly shaved due to how unruly their hair can be and ffs anon, vets sometimes do these shaves and its fine. You clearly know nothing about cats and are just blindly nitpicking just because you hate Moo. Stfu already.

No. 877071

Calm down moo, don't you have a blowjob video to poorly edit?(hi cow)

No. 877085

Not Moo, you autist.

No. 877088

yes PROFESSIONALS will shave a FEW breeds of cats. Not Moo shaving her cat because it was matted because of the neglect. If it was during the height of quarantine and social distancing i could understand but she can spend all kinds of money on garbage for her photo studio and not pay $40-$70 to get her cat groomed professionally? Its gross she spends thousands on her own 'grooming' a month and cant put out a fraction for her cats

No. 877091

Anon, please read and calm the fuck down. Even with maintenance on a long haired car, long haired breeds are notorious for matting, especially with age. Moo can have control ask she wants, but old cats like Jaeda mat even overnight sometimes, nit to mention needing shaving for health reasons like to prevent poop from sticking to the butt and long hair matting the claws between the fur pads. Say you know nothing about cats alrwsfy and drop it.

Her cats aren't abused and are taken care of. You have a blind rage hate for Moo and its showing.

No. 877092

LOL $500 to sedate a cat like Jaeda. Man you're dumb as fuck. Cats aren't like dogs. They aren't the best with even vets grooming. Usually need a pill or sedation unless they've been trained to deal with the grooming. I wish I read that last part because acat getting groomed who is aggressive, when groomed like Jaeda, is untouchable with only $50. Lol fucking braindead

No. 877094

Anons that think moo is abusive to animals by grooming them (poorly, sure, but she is still attempting to take care of them), feeding them and providing them a home to live in- if you're so gung-ho that what she does is abuse, call the SPCA or whoever your local animal welfare shelter is. Call them and see how that goes for you.
I have called the RSPCA before over seeing a puppy be literally skin and bone and it still took them weeks to investigate my call. You call them and tell them that moo shaved her cat one time and see how they laugh at you.
Seriously, we all hate her, but this isn't the hill to die on.

No. 877101

Please calm the fuck down, you don't need to post 4 rants in a row christ.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 877102

Sounds like a familiar set of IG story rants.

No. 877103

I'm >877904, the other posts were different people. Just because people disagree with your retarded take doesn't all suddenly make us one anon

No. 877106

Or you're just wrong. Stop baiting at this point.(infighting)

No. 877107

File: 1652406042666.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1071x1939, 2D4DF6A2-7EF8-4E12-8FC7-1A3416…)

More woo woo books to gather dust in her marble mausoleum of a house.

No. 877108

I highly doubt she'd have even the least bit of patience to read any of those. There's not a chance she has the attention span for that sacred symbols book

No. 877130

"Girlboss" in thought, but no action

No. 877132

Books?! Really?! Hahaah tanning and working out is alot more important. Sorry once the world ends, ppl like moo r the first to be picked off. Morbidly obese Weeaboos. Those r all soycuck topics anyhow(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 877135

Trying to figure out what's up with the table. Did the laminate top break off?

No. 877136

my moneys on it being someone else's photo. Not the first time she'd have posted someone else's photo

No. 877137

Sperging over cats, experts on “fat girl angles,” and arguing over whether a penis is real or not.

Both >>876198 and >>876826 were right. Bunch of fat, virgin, crazy cat ladies in these threads.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 877139

blind rage hate, tons of “hi moo”, calling her an animal abuser, fake dick debate
this thread is genuinely so bad it’s funny.

No. 877142

So whose the pagan dick she’s chasing after now?

No. 877145

Considering the kid’s toys there in the bottom corner (my kid has a ton of those) it’s likely is someone else’s photo.

No. 877146

What kid toys? You're talking about a whole category of people that Moo belongs in where its common to buy toys as an adult. A toy doesn't mean its not Moo.

No. 877149

putting aside the toys, she doesn't strike me as the type to buy second hand books either

No. 877153

She was at the Psychic Eye bookstore from what she posted in her stories recently.(it’s not that far from Summerlin) That place is full of secondhand books like in the pic and it’s probably where the rest of her "collection" came from.

No. 877157

The colorful triangle things at the bottom of the photo. Picasso tiles or magnatiles- they’re a kids toy. You build things with them

No. 877170

Who cares

No. 877179

Are you from edtwt? You seem like that unhinged poster who keeps spamming her nudes in snow. Surprised you haven’t shown us your saggy titties here too.

No. 877181

I find it interesting that the thread where she devolves into total porn and she cannot write it off otherwise breaks down into total off topic stupidity arguing and shit. Pretty sure that isn’t a coincidence- anything to keep us from laughing at her sad pathetic ass attempt to continue to be relevant to anyone besides us.

No. 877183

this isn’t moo’s doing this is just the true colors of the ppl in these threads,
it’s actually a joke now.

No. 877185

This has been one of the most autistic Lolcow moments I have ever witnessed, entertaining as it was/is.

No. 877209

We all know Moo is in this thread at this point, it’s pretty obvious. This has all become the most autistic thing on the board and it’s hilarious.(sage your shit)

No. 877211

File: 1652537501393.png (1.43 MB, 1800x1606, 4CBC718A-CBC2-47E2-95DC-6C5007…)

You make porn, Moo. It’s not that deep.

No. 877213

again with the shadow self
she's really trying to find a way to cope with having to make porn now, isn't she

No. 877214

the only web moo weaves is a web of lies. both to others and herself.

No. 877215

Spirit guides are animals you see frequently like owls, deer etc. is her house that dirty she chose the spider as her animal?

No. 877220

File: 1652545095435.jpeg (23.33 KB, 828x142, D3E7385C-8E3A-415B-80B2-25988F…)

does her autist sister know how to say anything else when moo posts pictures or does she feel the need to constantly lie so that she can securely mooch off of moo’s cuckbucks

No. 877222

it’s so sad how there’s a whole 16 minute video of moo literally doing the thing she said she’d never do (more publicly than last time) and yet the people who frequent this thread couldn’t be bothered to discuss it since no one here can discern a real penis from a fake one to the point that it caused infighting lmao

No. 877230

What about getting cum on its face for coomer bucks, Moo? Is that a spider/shadow self thing?

Kek isn’t this “fatphobic” or some bollocks?

No. 877235

This must be Sydney trying to cope with the fact that her sister does porn kek

No. 877238

So much for her body positivity steak. Fattie loser lol.

No. 877239

Outside of this just being fatphobic, what a weird thing to say with nothing else
If my sister came up to my face and just yelled "skinny!!!" That'd be weird as hell(sage)

No. 877250

I feel like this could be a jab at Moo. Moo knows she isn't skinny, so it must hurt every times she hears this. She's just pretending because if she calls her sister out she's calling herself fat, which is worse.

No. 877251

File: 1652573638866.jpeg (915.84 KB, 1081x1509, B480C7E8-02CB-406F-965F-069D07…)

No. 877252

she really shouldn't be editing herself down if she doesn't know basic anatomy
Also, whichever anon said she would soon be posting "look at what you're missing out on" posts is spot on. I'm sure the dick she hired turned her down when she asked him out

Moo, you're 300 pounds, 26 going on 50. Get over it

No. 877253

why is she pulling her bra out like that?

No. 877254

I’m more entertained by how she always tucks her t-Rex arms in so no one sees her backfat.

No. 877263

File: 1652584851025.jpeg (650.12 KB, 1086x1612, DA2AFA4F-6E0E-49C1-906B-BF361D…)


No. 877264

File: 1652585000563.jpeg (109.59 KB, 1036x439, 08573A85-A49D-4DD0-85F8-32C524…)

Seems like it’s the only thing she can come up with since she shares one brain cell with Moo apparently…

No. 877265

File: 1652585086168.jpeg (191.28 KB, 1068x664, C178F618-E223-4C54-8143-29AAE8…)

>internal bra surgery
That’s new

No. 877266

File: 1652585442380.jpeg (453.33 KB, 970x1465, D0F6BC24-5307-48CB-B151-569228…)

And finally, her "trainer" being as much of a complete tool as Moo. No wonder she chose him.

No. 877273

rock hard abs but 40 inch bingo wing arms??? yeah, that makes sense

No. 877274

That wasn't even a bad comment? She's right, too, Moo's "medical team" to put it gently, deserves credit for having to hover over her hotdog water asshole once a month while they suck more fat cells out of her stomach.

No. 877275

I looked it up and it's basically the thread brow lift but for your tits.
>Provides internal “hammock” support for breast by suturing a biological mesh to the lateral or free edge of the pectoralis major muscle

No. 877277

Can't wait for this to go the way of fillers and implants from "it's completely safe and removable!" to "my body and/or immune system is permanently fucked due to my vanity…? I don't understand?"

No. 877278

She usually shares numbers when she loses 12 pounds from lipo. Guess she doesn't want to share her current weight, even if it is a lie because she's ashamed she's over 300

I don't know why she's mad? It's true. In some posts she even proudly admits it. Unless she's extra salty because even Moo can't believe she's getting away with these BS edits
anyway. Surgery, editing. Whatever it is. Can't wait for candids to show. I'm sure she forces her friends to turn off their phones or point the camera away from her unless she's in a giant hoodie. Hanging out with Moo must be stressful

No. 877279

File: 1652594500681.jpg (382.39 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220515-010129_Ins…)

Total skinny legend. That's why that lump of shoulder fat, I mean, muscle pops so much.

No. 877283

Nobody wants to smell that, Mariah.

No. 877289

File: 1652604429451.jpg (711.11 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220515-034708_Ins…)

Please don't ever get pregnant moo

No. 877291


I like how she’s consistently covering her armpit fupa(sage your shit)

No. 877298

Is she trying to jump on her trainers dick? Is that why she's gone into "enlightened mode"?
Moo is all about spreading positivity (and her buttcheeks)

No. 877299

This thread has been a fatastrophe for a while.


No. 877308

She’d get a “mommy makeover” right after and would be jealous of her own daughter.

No. 877312

Is her sister her new attack dog? It used to be vamplettes, then Maddie (kind of) and now it’s just her sister and some roided out guy she’s probably spending thousands on. Which makes me question if moo is doing what most super fit lifters do, and taking steroids to help lose weight. There’s a medication broncaid (?) you can buy over the counter that essentially heats your body up so you are constantly burning more calories. She never did things the right way so why start now

No. 877317

I highly doubt Moo lost over 100 pounds in a month

No. 877319

I doubt she lost ANY pounds in a month.

No. 877321

File: 1652644548216.jpeg (787.2 KB, 1088x1862, 1BD3B27A-308E-4DD3-9DA6-7619E4…)

At what point does the "Moo is in a cult" saga begin?

No. 877327

Already been in effect with the woo-woo books and the shadow self bullshit. Just looking for more ways to shirk accountability while appearing ~deep and mindful~ uwu. Let's just hope she doesn't end up like Lori Vallow.

No. 877328

>sloppy kiss

What kind of an incestuous comment is that? Disgusting.

No. 877329

even a cult wouldn’t pick her

No. 877331

Moo will a daughter in actually:
Daughter grows up thinner and prettier than her. Moo grows fatter an uglier with more surgeries. Constantly is a narcissist to her daughter, saying she’s the one whose fat and ugly. Constantly would steal her clothes and take Instagram pictures stretching out her kids clothes trying to fish for attention trying to be young and hip but ends up being cringe. Would say “I used to be thin and attractive before you!” As she snorts Coke off the living room table while the kids trying to do algebra homework. Ends up moving into a friends home or her grandparents to get away from Moo and moo would have a manic rant about how her childs ungrateful to her after everything she’s done for her.

Just a wild guess.

No. 877332

bitch is really out here trying to seem smart while capping a wikipedia article.

No. 877343

File: 1652655479578.jpeg (1.32 MB, 3264x3264, 98F0C18B-06E5-4873-BF06-BF94A9…)

She went on a cringeworthy rant (have it capped but can’t upload yet) where she can’t even articulate the bullshit woowoo nonsense that’s coming out of her mouth.

No. 877344

File: 1652655762367.jpeg (818.82 KB, 2693x2292, 3A8E0B7F-A736-4D5D-B91E-1D8653…)

Her "recommendations". God she is such a condescending cunt.

No. 877345

>western society
yeah okay, what alternate society is she talking about? caste systems? this just screams ignorant woke westerner.

No. 877346

>I’m a goddess
>you’re also a goddess or god
so that’s just nonsense, if every human is a deity, then deities are just humans

No. 877347

kek, this. this is all just egotistical lipservice spiritualism.

No. 877349

File: 1652656982407.jpeg (987.79 KB, 3264x1897, 9E5C57B7-9DF5-4B67-93DD-AA3971…)

No. 877350

She probably had a bad acid trip then bought a bunch of books. She sounds identical to Rosemarionette (Jude bishop’s pastel now “enlightened” ex-friend) or whatever the fuck her name is.

No. 877351

Seriously, who cares

No. 877352

too much weed can cause psychosis. maybe that's it

No. 877355

"mythology class" is that really a thing? And I can't take anyone serious who recommends reading Jung and recommending it to get knowledge for your life from it. What will be next, Aleister Crowley?

No. 877357

Oh, so kinda like Madonna only without any talent whatsoever? Seems fair.

No. 877360

I doubt highly she could read and understand Crowley, but I’m sure she’d try to regurgitate the golden dawn stuff as her own.
So…she has roofing tiles made of books? And no moo you never stopped buying designer shit, just that most designers don’t cater to fucking landwhales ya insufferable cunt.

No. 877361

File: 1652661667035.jpeg (785.07 KB, 1138x2008, 28A29DC4-16F4-48AE-8B07-3D1525…)


The full rant (so far)
Someone needs to take her weed away.

No. 877363

Yes, but it's usually region separated and if there's room, a willing teacher, a willing college, and enough students to sign up.

No. 877364


Weird roundabout way to say she's too stupid for math

No. 877365

Just say “comparison is the thief of joy” and “don’t be an asshole” and move the fuck on. This is what happens when someone with the depth of a puddle starts reading high school level philosophy. This isn’t even her first time coming out with this shite.

No. 877369

Why does every stoner think they’ve got a phd in philosophy? No wonder she never loses weight she’s constantly smoking and having the munchies like Shay.

No. 877375

Why is Moo making shit up for attention still? She could've just shut her mouth. I guess the b/g video flopping twice got her flabby ass worked up

No. 877379

Samefag but she’s deleted everything again. Like clockwork.

No. 877381

File: 1652677702894.png (220.93 KB, 467x338, 129E43E0-FC83-484F-87B0-0D5C41…)

I cannot get over how she goes on these weird schizophrenic spiritual rants for her masses of followers who are only there to watch her put out. No one fucking cares girl.

No. 877387

Did it flop? I mean her paypigs will beat off to damned near anything even this.

No. 877394

Waiting for her Jordan PaaaP

No. 877397

So who's going to tell her self help books won't explain why so many of her paypigs won't pay for her shitty low effort b/g porn?

No. 877400

How do we know that she didn’t make much from it?

No. 877416

Because she always meltsdown when shit doesnt go her way or her scam doesn't plays out.

No. 877421

this and her current book obsession makes her remind me of the globglogabgalab
>I do be reading
Please read a dictionary at some point
like >>877416 says. That and whatever paypigs do buy it, share it. The number of people actually buying her stuff are likely alot lower than you'd think

No. 877422

People that go to "self help" books to help themselves are retarded. If you're relying on another person to show you how to do.. you aren't self helping, are you? No, you're shelling out money to a quack that's generalizing a specific problem.

But you all know moo, she's about as self aware as a fucking dishrag.

No. 877423


Ah I didn’t think of it that way but now that you mention it I suppose if it had made her a ton of cash and received praise she’d be posting “OMG SO much love and support!!!” BS.

No. 877425

New BJ video out. So dry. I feel bad for the guy. She’s stroking him and I’m reeling in sympathetic pain for him. No cum shot and she rides him in the end for a few seconds. Dude is fully dressed again. Why?

No. 877428

Because then it's cosplay and not pornography, at least in Moos swiss cheese brain.

No. 877431

She does a tit job in the new video but she’s wearing a long necklace and for most it she’s grinding the dick into the chain. Ouch

No. 877432

do you nonnies sub to her OF kek?

No. 877433

she seems to have lost a lot of paypigs after starting porn, especially after doing more hardcore stuff. her weeb simps don't want to see blood or watch her slobber on some other dude's dick. and a lot of weebs who like lewds think that as long as a girl isn't naked she can still be pure like their precious anime girls. her sleezy fans who just wanted to get her to take her clothes off will get bored of her boring sets and won't like anything not nude. she's pigeonholed herself into this awful fanbase.

No. 877434

it's why her prices have been going up. She wants to make up the loses with a higher price tag

But if you think about it, at her peek she had way more subs and she could charge 100 dollars for lewd not nude content
Now she's charging 40 for obscure fetish porn.

No. 877435

No, it's insanely easy to get OF/Patreon content for free immediately after upload.

No. 877436

ntayrt, but it's already being shared around

No. 877437

the other problem she'll have with raising prices, is that people will just leave. Why would they pay however much she's charging when they could find someone that not only charges less but looks better

No. 877439

Why no one actually cares about her other than other porn thots. She's delusional and thought she has been in the cosplay community when she hasn't been in it for years. She's just selling low quality porn
Smart people are putting a distance between themselves and Moo now that she's on the decline. I'm sure some were waiting to see how her studio would do. But now that people know it's just a dirty building collecting dust and bodily fluids they are bailing

No. 877440

correction, delusional porn thots who think they're cosplayers. Other sex workers hate Moo since she thinks they're below them.

No. 877441

File: 1652721013883.png (Spoiler Image,990.57 KB, 1136x640, 6D8C8A0C-0DCE-4597-B828-A9E5DF…)

Cat hanging out witnessing all these horrors

No. 877442

all that loose hanging skin
I guess lipo is at it's limits

No. 877443

Ahh so Sensei is back, did he and his gf break up? She only goes on these holier than thou spiritualist episodes when he's around.

No. 877444

She goes to him whenever she freaks out about something stupid in her life
So he gives her a self help book from his pile and tells her to fuck off

No. 877445

God I can't imagine the horror if she actually does have a kid. Her body is already beat to hell from overuse of lipo and no upkeep/aftercare. Add the natural weight that comes from pregnancy she could open a body horror exhibition.

No. 877449

File: 1652722568995.png (Spoiler Image,126.54 KB, 426x240, regret.png)

here's the vid for your viewing displeasure's.

probably smelt tuna

No. 877450

this is why you're only supposed to remove stubborn leftover fat with lipo, not a second human being's worth.

No. 877451

That’s definitely the face of a woman who has no regrets about her life whatsoever. She looks like she’s about to cry lol

No. 877452

Moo seriously put Emotional Prism in her porn video? You see and heard it appear at 8:30. I can even tell which youtube video is on the tv it's this one.

No. 877454

Looks like she’s skinwalking SSsniperwolf again kek. Also who the fuck moans from giving a bj?

No. 877455

Literally no one, at best you'll hum/vibrato.

No. 877456

Moo wants so badly to be hot anime waifu to some oriental. but no self respecting asiatic man will want her after shes reduced to fucking mandingos for cuckbux.

No. 877457

And Mayonaka no door, which she sang terribly at karaoke in a ig story. She's so embarrassing trying to charm a guy yet gives the worst head

No. 877459

moo doing it is weird because she clearly is miserable, not because it's weird in general.

No. 877462

Why do porn if you can't fit a small dick like that down your throat? She has no problem deep throating food. You can tell she's not had much sex at all and has had to teach herself through porn. Not to mention, that's the dryest blowjob I've ever seen I bet his dick was chafed after.(nitpicking a cows penis handling skills. go outside.)

No. 877463

Moo is a BIG FAT STUPID BITCH!!!!!! And I hate her! Stupid stupid rotten bitch!!(take a break)

No. 877464

The paypigs will probably only enjoy the parts where he grabs her hair and takes control also she kept her eyes close for like 2 mins probably thinking that if she can't see it then its not porn. The riding aspect at the end will either be its own video or be something the paypigs demand more of she can't get away with shitty bjs forever.(sage your shit)

No. 877465

But tell us how you REALLY feel lol

No. 877467

finding it funny that all these are in her house and not in the studio where it'd totally be legit and legal!

No. 877468

Doesn’t look small, maybe around 6.5-7.5in. I know the camera also makes it look bigger, but it needs to be above 6” to fit Moo’s hands.

No. 877470

thank u for not being a retard anon

No. 877476

File: 1652733530218.jpg (Spoiler Image,936.99 KB, 777x765, IyzGBzl.jpg)

This part is just peak Moo cringe comedy. It's right at the start and she just randomly rubs him on the corners of her mouth. I don't know why but with the city pop playing in the background, her marble mcmansion and a guy desperate to not be ID'd getting his dick rubbed on the corner of her mouth was just too hilarious to me. I wonder if her sister or mom watch her porn and pretend it's result of her skype acting classes.

No. 877480

I can't tell what part of that shit show was worse. The dry blow job, the dry hand job, the tit fucking with the gold chain and pendant being pushed into his dick(dry btw), or the lumpy saggy stomach that shows she's not the toned skinny queen she's been presenting. Oohhhh I know what's the worst part.. she couldn't make him cum for any of it. What a failure of a sex worker.

No. 877481

Having your dick rub on that hard necklace in 12:44 can not feel good(sage your shit)

No. 877484

I can only imagine how rough the whole thing is. You can tell she's always half clothed because she's trying to hide how different her irl, unshopped body looks. Neither of them seem into it at all, Moo looks like she's ready to cry for a good 60% of it. Again, who is this for? It's so bad it feels like blackmail

No. 877497

So does she not produce saliva or what? Jesus, I've never been so uninterested in a blowjob in my life(scrote pornposting)

No. 877500

Constant daily use of weed causes a condition called dry mouth. She literally cannot produce saliva
Dry mouth also causes chronic bad breath
Tinfoil and I'm not saying Moo is on cocaine. But heavier drugs also cause dry mouth and rapid weight loss

No. 877501

Moo also displays most behavioral and physical signs of someone on coke. But it's hard to tell because of her personality

No. 877503

ntayrt but you’re right. Yesterday’s rant alone would have sold me on the "moo is on coke" theory if I had no idea who she was previously.

No. 877504

it’s not hard to make a guy cum, anyone with any sort of stamina can make it happen.
either she sucks at it or he’s on antidepressants

No. 877506

Anon no. It it doesn't permanently give you dry mouth.

No. 877508

I don't think I've ever seen "I peaked in high school" expressed via blow job. It's almost artful, really

No. 877512

and he didn't come once. good job moo.

No. 877514

Man, i can feel the dudes pain through the screen. When she gets two handed with dry penis like that, i can assure you that doesn't feels good at all

No. 877517

if you smoke daily and constantly yes it does

No. 877522

Anon, no it doesn't. Please. Please tell me you're joking. Say you don't smoke without saying you don't smoke. You get temporary cotton mouth until its out of your system. There is no permanent irreversible damage. Moo probably fucking smoked beforehand.

No. 877524

NTA but what I THINK nonnie is saying that because she's probably still smoking multiple times a day every day, for her it is 'permanent' because she probably wont stop smoking anytime soon.

No. 877527

moo's high 24/7 if the canniboids are still in her system it can still cause dry mouth.

No. 877528

i wouldn't be surprised if she had an Adderal rx either for her "quirky ADHD". that lasts longer than coke for more sustained rant power

No. 877530

"You like my fucking hand pussy. It's literally a hand pussy."
How does she have any fans when she unironically says shit like that.

No. 877532


how do you even -ussy that? Handussy? Palmussy?

No. 877535


lmfao same. you can tell which anons are inexperienced and/or extremely young. kek.

No. 877538

why is she so freaking aggressive? it seems really unpleasant. the manic laughter, the spitting producing very little, her ham handed tactics, this was rough to watch.

No. 877543

just think back to that "try to be more feminine" comment her photog gave her.

No. 877545

This reminds me of the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial where it was noted that Amber was wearing the same stuff Johnny was and even copied his behavior. It makes me wonder if Momo either has Borderline or Histrionic Personality Disorder, or both.(containment thread)

No. 877548

Sage, faggot. I can tell you’re male.

No. 877550

Moo is always high so your point doesn't matter that much. I'm 90% sure she smoked before filming, because she grew up Muslim and was told everything she's doing right now is for sinful whores. I'm sure she smokes the pain away and probably can't leave the house without a blunt in her mouth and one in her bag.

No. 877552

That was the original anons point. She smokes all the time so of course she has cotton mouth 24/7.

No. 877553

>grew up Muslim
only her dad is Muslim, and he's a former bodybuilder. moo's stupidity comes from her selfishness and spoiled upbringing(getting a cake for herself on her sister's birthday) she probably can't deal with being sober anymore.

No. 877557

I don’t think she grew up in an especially religious household though? I really think while badly blowing a guy on camera it finally started to click for her exactly what she’s gotten herself into, what she’ll have to do to keep the money coming in, and what her future could look like. If she weren’t such an awful person it’d be desperately sad.

No. 877561

Do I do legitimately feel bad for her at this point. I know she sucks but this shit is unspeakably humiliating. Any single screenshot of her face in these videos really tells a tale.

No. 877563

Im kind of thinking it’s a dildo and not real(7.5 Tinfoiling with no basis to a claim)

No. 877564

I wouldn't feel bad for her. She can stop at anytime. She's the one who decided money and attention was worth a lifetime of humiliation. I can understand why she's high all the damn time

No. 877567

this. she can fill out that entry-level resume anytime. i can't feel bad for moo because she did all this to herself. she dug this hole because she thought she was too clever. she can stop anytime and get a real job.

No. 877568

Pretty sure she grew up Christian/Catholic since she used to wear a cross necklace. I don’t think she was ever super religious, but if I recall correctly, she only brought up being Muslim for oppression points

No. 877569

>she can stop at anytime.
Yes, but not really. Once you're accustomed to a certain standard of living it's absolutely unreasonable to most people to go back. Imagine working a 9-5 for the type of person she is while living all these years doing absolutely nothing. She will be forced back into a lower standard of living when her porn dies out. She's aging quick, her cosplay porn has a small niche with no presence in the community which was a big turn on to coomer weebs.

Lipo is a shit procedure. It's pretty much meant for young women with tight skin that want to appear smaller framed. The best candidate would be early 20s woman that's skinny and has a pot belly. Lipo would flatten it wouldn't removing enough fat to loosen the skin. Lipo removes healthy fat that keeps your skin looking plump and young. So removing very little is optimal. Moo is in her 20s but she has this very deflated look of older women. I mean a lot older too.

No. 877570

This. And her tax bracket. Imagine being in a 200k+ bracket and then the next year you only pull 50k and you still have income, property, business taxes for 200k+.

Hopefully for her her real estate envestments go beyond her crackerbox porn studio.

No. 877572

no. she lives in the moment and never planned for the future. hell, she didn't even plan her shit studio out well enough for it not to be hemorrhaging money.
she can quit, go bankrupt, move back with her parents, it just won't be ideal. she caused all this and she's the one who will suffer for it.


kek, that's not how you spell that.

No. 877574

The bitch that can't capitalize or provide proper punctuation is really going to try to spell check me?

No. 877576

Lmao but didn't she say herself that she does not need to do that? She has made her money, she does not need to work anymore for the rest of her life and is doing porn just for fun since numbers mean nothing anymore. Then she bought some followers and likes for her Twitter. Hilarious.

No. 877578

lol yeah she did say just that. "Numbers aren’t important and I already made my money" blah blah blah then proceeded to dump money on buying 16k followers on a Twitter that has a whopping 46 tweets (and she’s already abandoned it for the time being)

No. 877580

She made enough money for her old life style of living with her parents. But the amount she currently spends monthly will last her maybe a year if she stopped

No. 877581

I honestly think she may have finally come to her senses and realized that her lifestyle isn’t sustainable especially after she sunk so much money into the studio that no one is trying to use (except her friends who are probably invited and not paying). I think she thought she still had a following in the cosplay community and then when no one requested membership or to use the studio, she realized she had dumped tens of thousands of dollars into a location that will not make any money back. So she decided that b/g porn was going to be the way to make her money back. Except she’s completely unsexy, doesn’t know how to shoot or edit to make it enjoyable for the viewer, and charges too much for it so the coomers will just go looking for a leak.
I’m not sure how she can ever make the amount of money she used to; how much does she make now on OF? I’m sure it’s at least a few thousand a month, and if she is careful she might be able to get by, but she really screwed up her life.

No. 877584

from my experience, Moo never learns any lessons. If she could, she would dump the studio now but she can't
I think she's thinking of the next money pit to buy her way back into the community.

But I do agree with you on the point she's upset that she has to resort to porn, and not cosplay to make her money. She had so much pride in the past she's a cosplayer. She's still clinging onto that thought.

No. 877590

The only way out now is to sell the studio equipment and downsize her expenses. Number one rule of making money is to not spend more than you earn.

No. 877591

When looking at what moo might have in assets ya gotta wonder if she bought her house outright not saving for the property taxes, and after that bought her new car that she then “modified” (fucked up). And the studio. Plus accessories for the studio. So if she bought all that outright pretty sure she’s not got much in reserve.

No. 877594

She has to be renting the studio, places like that generally are owned by property companies who lease the units. She probably will be on the hook for repainting and getting it back to the state it was in when she rented, but she should definitely try to sell what she can and end the lease as soon as possible. If no one is booking now, they’re not going to start. She might have been able to make it work if she had tamed her ego and not had her name attached to it and not let anyone know it was her; I’m not sure how much of a market for that kind of studio there is in Vegas but her name being attached was poison.
If she was smart she would have bought the house outright but knowing her money management she has a mortgage, plus taxes etc. Unless she can figure something out (such as fetish porn that she’s able to do without killing boners or something) she’s never going to be able to keep up her standard of living anywhere close to what she’s used to. She’ll be lucky if she’s able to stay in her house without charging her friends rent/renting out rooms.

No. 877598

>either she sucks at it
did you even watch the video? So many farmers here say stupid shit like "men don't wanna fuck her" which makes 0 sense when her entire financial fanbase wants to do just that, but they're right about her not being able to suck dick.

No. 877599

They want to fuck the edited version of her. What Moo does counts as catfishing. I have never seen a guy willing to fuck her more than once other than KBBQ and that was 150 pounds ago. And even he wasn't very into it. More like it was for her benefit

No. 877602

moo definitely doesn't own the studio. she mentioned a landlord and the vegas business site says it's leased. it was literally a money sink.

No. 877606

She's failed as a "rich person" going out into different ventures. Everyone knows the best passive income is being a landlord kek.

No. 877643

She makes probably near six figures a month, if not more.
People here refuse to believe it or have no idea what popular ofs actually make.

No. 877645

you're joking, right?

No. 877646

Oh fuck off. There's no way she's making six figures of OF alone. Maybe between there, patreon and fansly she might be making six figures, but even that I'd doubt.
And even if she was, by the time she's paid taxes, bills, etc she'd be taking home less than you and other accountant anons claim

No. 877650

I’m a thot w an of that is nowhere near hers and I don’t have nearly the rabid degen fanbase and I make a lot.
Nigri, omgcosplay, peach jars … they make $75k on a single post, easy. Tips, gifts, stuff sold in message are even more on top.
I get that no one wants to believe it but it’s embarrassing to see you all think she’s making “a few thousand”.

No. 877655

Another Thot here, moo is in the top .0%
0.05% is 100k a month
0.01% is from 250k-millions a month (amouranth, celebs)
Moo hasn’t posted a screen cap in a while but I’m pretty sure she’s still up there. It’s really not hard to spam PTV messages to horny dudes with no self control or financial literacy and make several thousand in a day.
Taxes are a minimum 20%.
Even still, the fat ho is a millionaire.(sage your shit)

No. 877656

Maybe you could sage your porn career shilling.

No. 877659

i think it’s important for them to realize hating her doesn’t automatically make everything they think about her on default true.
she’s rich. it’s a fat cope to think she’s not or that the well is drying up anytime soon.

No. 877660

Agreed. Nonnie proving to us once again that they were right about all the fat bitches in this thread.

Calm down Nonnica. No need to get all fat on us.

Anonette, you’re fat. I’m not going to sugar coat it because you’ll eat that too.(rattle rattle)

No. 877661

Notice the hostility and calling everyone fat and the aggression everytime they post whenever moo comes under fire? Like a certain someone?

No. 877667


This right here. The ONLY thing I have to wonder though is why the sudden push to do porn when she’s been fighting that for awhile? Trying to disprove the idea she doesn’t get any? Or has to pay to get some? Lol not proven yet. I just wonder what pushed her down the slide

No. 877675

Because all OF thots get to this point.

No. 877678

because she's losing 2k a month. she hasn't been in the top percentile in years, and she blows her money on dumb shit all the time. if she still had money she wouldn't be doing this, she'd have no reason to.

No. 877679

Lure of even more money. She most likely gets tons of thirst messages from gross scrotes trying to pay ridiculous amounts to see her do porn. Moo is lazy and greedy. The lure of even more simp money for weed and paid dick is too good to pass for her.(sage your shit)

No. 877680

she's selling this stuff for peanuts compared to before.

No. 877682

This. Its just natural progression. Moo isn't the only one this pattern has followed from cosplay to patreon and now OF. It makes her money, simple as that.

No. 877690

Ah ok this makes some sense- escalate or lose subs kinda thing. And since we all watched her fail to re integrate into cosplaying because she’s an idiot who can’t stfu, makes sense she’d double down on the OF thing. I still think this is the beginning of a fast slide to totally debasing herself, and that’s never going to be unfunny. Especially when I log in here and see her old self in the banners.

No. 877691

Yeah, she peaked years ago now, it's only downward for her from here. Something tells me the desperation dry dick sucking isn't gonna revive her "career" either.

With her vanity "studio" project being a massive money sink and her poorly constructed mess of a marble mcmansion, I doubt she'll keep things afloat into her 30s. kek

No. 877695

she also lost a significant amount of her old fanbase by doing nudes. she may have gained a new one, but her new fans aren't the same kind of simps as her old ones. degens who want to see almost nude cosplays of anime girls aren't the same ones degrading women on camsites. she turned many of her old fans off with her tons of plastic surgery also. plus, moo didn't invest in anything but her shit house and lipo. she just thinks she knows better and because of that she's stuck giving awful bjs if she wants to retain her lifestyle.

No. 877702

I wouldn't doubt Moo makes a shit ton and her studio is allowing her to money sink without her batting an eye. Thing is that she may be able to get through a lot of her 30s with dwindling money, but she spends so much money she's going to run though it. She's just not smart enough to not be living in the gutter later on in life. Trips and extravagant living is for people who can retain the money she's making for life. She can't. It's porn. I'm assuming her escalation is from seeing her bank account drop. From our perspective, she's just plain rich, but she will see herself as poor if her bank account goes down or if she's making a few 1000 less. People with money are freaks about it.

No. 877703

Men don't care about naked women and they'll vocalize their distaste about it not escalating to more explicit content. They only follow women like Moo long term because they know insecure and desperate women will break down and do anything for a constant flow of excess money and male attention. She's competing with "cosplayers" who will sell 10+ minute extreme anal and all the typical fake ass porn shit. Men would rather watch what looks like brutal anal rape or domestic violence than be teased by some lewds and short bj videos. She knows that she's facing that fate and she's finally acquiesced to chase the cash flow. Also I'm sure she felt she was above that all but, insecurity will make you stoop lower than you thought possible just to get positive affirmation from strangers.

No. 877704

She's going to go the TND route. Maybe minus the heroin addiction. She will blow everything, and have nothing to show for it. (I don't count the botched body.)

No. 877707

Eh, I don’t think she would have done the b/g porn if she was still making the same amount of money. She’s clearly dying inside while doing it.

Also keep in mind that she lost her main Instagram. There goes a big funnel to the OF. Her twitter doesn’t have a lot of followers either.

No. 877708

maybe you need a break, you're becoming more delusional than the cow herself

No. 877709

That was part of my initial point. I meant that she's not making AS MUCH. She's probably making a decent amount from lazy coomers who have money to blow, men waiting for her to go even deeper, and those that just plain find her hot (same guys who fuck a sandwich every night). I don't doubt she went into b/g because she's lost money. In fact, she started escalating her porn because of the subs dropping for her lewds. The fact remains that she's still making money but is trying to keep it stable when it's implausible for women who age out and continually get competition with "barely legal" women coming in to take their place.

No. 877712

well one of her main issues is she never learned how to invest or keep money. she burns through it like nothing. it's doubtful she has a lot saved up because if she did, she wouldn't seem so frantic. obviously she's not living month to month, but she has no sense of the future that would make her inclined to save money until she's losing a lot of it.

No. 877713

She probably likes the validation too because she's been so boyfriend-less for so long and her queerbaiting doesn't work because she looks so uninterested when working with other girls and trying to be in that same sexy mindset. I think she also focuses too much on whatever field camera there might be, looking at herself posing before shots. She did this a lot with the Mitsuri photoshoot she had with her tits out. she wanted to look at the photos every 4 or so.

No. 877735

She spends like a drunken sailor. Even one-hit wonders and child stars can go from rich to flat broke and hustling whatever they can get if they're as careless as Moo is. Look at the trajectory:
>fully clothed cosplay
>as many skin tight outfits as possible/cleavage
>lewds + other cosplayers
>"I don't think what I do is porn"
>nipple covers and but otherwise clothed
>simulated sex acts while partly clothed
>hiring partners for shoots sans cosplay
>solo porn
>bloody toy incident
>b/g content with or without cosplay

She's gonna reach a point where there's nowhere else to go but the extreme to keep those s crotes paying. This is not the behavior of someone who is secure in their funds.

No. 877740

Can we stop with the "i dont think what i do is porn" when that was said years ago now and she's openly admits to doing porn now. It's such a retarded gotcha at this point because it's clear she doesn't follow that anymore.

No. 877743

except she still back pedals and says she's a model or a cosplayer depending on how hurt her feelings are

No. 877744

The statement was obviously made to show her descent into madness, calm down.

No. 877745

That was a timeline so it belongs in there.

No. 877765

File: 1652922415965.jpg (461.18 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220518-200602_Ins…)

Slimming filters here are so heavy they're damn near blurring out her face. But oh what a confident woman she is. Can't post a single body post without 100 filters

No. 877777

Look she still thinks she has an ass when its a straight line down

No. 877797

Can an art anon outline her body parts in that black blurry blob?

No. 877799

My God, Moo, you’re a monster.

No. 877802

lol, you sound suspiciously defensive over this statement, why is that, hmm?

No. 877811

With no way to promote her content anymore she’s just gonna keep bleeding subs.

Content is going to escalate and get more desperate. Can’t wait for all the Instagram rants/breakdowns

No. 877813

File: 1652973420491.jpg (147.13 KB, 1080x1954, Screenshot_20220519-081459_Ins…)


No. 877814

If she’s trying to cosplay Cher well… she’s still failing cause Cher still is better than this and is probably equal for procedures done

No. 877817

File: 1652983170460.jpeg (21.08 KB, 170x264, 8AE56846-6FB4-467C-A335-497FCB…)

All those filters got her looking like picrel

No. 877822

File: 1652990073987.png (216.08 KB, 405x643, kek.png)

This is with the slimming filters. Check her chonky arms.

No. 877823

Ass of a 90 y/o grandma. Flat pancake.

No. 877828

Kek, Moo’s surgeons are the equivalent of the old lady who botched this restoration

No. 877832

nona you are being very generous on her arm. She sticks it out more to appear skinnier so her upper arm is a lot thicker as it goes down towards her shoulders.

No. 877834

File: 1653002656776.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1094x1812, 49BD6C9F-CC27-46FA-9D2E-DF9814…)

I know we’ll never get the levels of drama that was Moo’s sexual harassment outing at AX again but one can hope. (Especially now that she’s back to ban evading on Twitter)

No. 877835

File: 1653004221133.jpeg (1.67 MB, 1073x1795, 07467241-F7E6-48AD-B647-650D1E…)

My hunch was right, she is buying out Psychic Eye’s stock of secondhand woowoo books.

No. 877836

Samefag but pointing out the not so subtle dig at her neighbors. Someone is still butthurt about the chimes lol

No. 877837

Has Moo posted her convention schedule at all? Seems to be common practice with people returning to normal now. She probably doesn’t want anyone to know where she goes.

No. 877840


She'll probably do what she always does, take some photos outside and hide in her hotel room

No. 877845

File: 1653014334920.jpeg (995.78 KB, 1059x1926, F5B72F10-023E-4987-854E-1E1A23…)


No. 877847

It’s like the fake lesbian relationship with Vamps all over again. It’s so pathetic.

No. 877855

What’s the actual point in going to a convention then? No need to blow her money on AX then hide after lmfao.

No. 877856

I can't stop laughing at how wobbly her bathroom gets from the slimming filters.

>>877263 the wooden thing around the top edge of her bath tub is relatively straight here

>>877765 it's like a piece of spaghetti here

No. 877859

Well she is Vamp's replacement.

No. 877867

What’s this shit with Whole Foods, apart from the “flex” of it being expensive? Do they have nights out there, like normal people do in bars and clubs?

No. 877874

This looks like it’s at the studio, this ugly looking troll is the only one actively using it lol

No. 877878

If so then that means Mariah isn’t even at the studio while her friends are shooting there?

No. 877882

didn't she shit on Levi and said he isn't a real man because of his height?

No. 877883

it's her current way to buy friends

No. 877891

File: 1653072837972.jpeg (931.64 KB, 1242x2040, E03350B9-29BE-4223-91B0-A11DFC…)

Leave it to “big fan” Moo to think Rumiko Takahashi is some niche artist overlooked by everyone despite having some of the most popular IP ever under her belt.

No. 877895

wait til she finds out about Clamp

No. 877903

When I think about mainstream anime/manga that most people know about, InuYasha and Ranma are on the list. As if Rumiko Takahashi never was a big name that was celebrated.

No. 877904

wasn't she saying basically the same thing about naruto just a month ago?

No. 877905

That's like saying Osamu Tezuka or Hideaki Anno is underrated. Surely people who just bumble through lying about being an anime fan would absorb the most basic info after, what, ten plus years of LARPing? Whenever I think she's already said the dumbest thing possible relating to anime she proves me wrong immediately.

No. 877908

No. 877912

There are so many popular trail blazer anime/manga made by women.

It's extra stupid because Yashahime was a thing and it's also not 'ground breaking' because tons of super old anime have been getting remakes/retellings for years now (Casshern Sins, Devilman Crybaby, Sailor Moon Crystal, Osomatsu) but Moo is addicted to feeling holier than thou

No. 877922

That's right, Moo. Nobody else acknowledges her but you. Congrats on winning the title "#1 anime fan".

99% of her "woke spergs" make me want to a-log, but then we get little gems like this and it just shows how much of a oblivious dipshit she is.

No. 877926

File: 1653109112223.jpeg (702.28 KB, 1083x1736, E0CD8042-FF7D-4287-85F0-14CB75…)

You’d think by now considering Moo’s past of sexually assaulting people that she’d avoid sharing shit like this and laughing about it. (Guy slaps the girls ass and drags her limp body away) She must be taking notes for AX.

No. 877927

File: 1653109187861.jpeg (861.49 KB, 1078x1817, D2416B11-8E0C-488A-AD79-BEA3D9…)

No. 877928

Even from the screenshots alone, this makes me uncomfortable. Her brain must be rotted from all those drugs to find this 'hilarious.'

No. 877929

How retarded is she? Its always been popular both in Japan and overseas. It still has merch in Japan despite being off air and finished for like, what? More than two decades? And its getting a remake and it experienced a resurgence in popularity with vaporwave due to gifs used from the series. Never mind that the "female lead" puts up with too much shit from an awful protag. Maison Ikkoku was the superior Takahashi work, fuck off, Mariah. Sorry for that sperg, anons.

I hope people call her out for this.

No. 877933

I wonder if anyone in her life let her know how dumb she looks posting this. Rumiko Takahashi is a household name for most anime fans. Does she know the world of anime expands beyond what millennial scrotes find interesting? Why doesn't she bring up how Kimetsu no Yaiba is written by a woman?

No. 877935

Because up until you mentioned it she didn’t know it silly nonnie!

No. 877936

nta but it would probably break her heart to know the two perfect examples of manliness (Douma and Rengoku) that she puts up on pedestals were written by a woman lol. Moo would probably go on unhinged rant about "the feminine" not understanding "masculine energy" or whatever bullshit she regurgitates from her books.

No. 877937

Inb4 she notices KNY is written by a woman and gushes over it.

No. 877938

She's too young to have even experienced this time period of anime. This shit is straight offensive to us old weeb hags.

No. 877939

hard to believe she once claimed to be a translator when she can't even spell karaoke correctly

No. 877942

How dare you. She’s translated more big name manga works than you can imagine, her awful teeth are worth more than your house deposit, etc…

No. 877945

Moo is going to be 27 this year. I don’t think she was a real fan in High school either because everyone knew of these shows being super popular lol. I’m a year older than her and literally remember seeing people with Naruto headbands, bleach masks, and holding replica death notes kek.

No. 877955

She's cosplayed from Ranma and had a 'biggest fan' moment for Inuyasha. She's just showing how much of a fake those moments were AGAIN

No. 877958

I think she actually likes these shows, but I'm embarrassed by her biggest fan speeches when these shows aren't niche, never were niche, and are just a product of their time. They aren't popular right now, but they were the biggest thing during their runs. She's as bad as guys when it comes to proving she's a fan. It's so tryhard.

No. 877962

doubt it. she only talked about them either during talks of remakes or continuations and stuff.

No. 877967

I think most of us don’t care whether she actually likes them or not (because I’m sure a lot of us do or did like these shows). It’s the fact that she acts like she’s so unique and quirky for it, when it’s shows that we’re huge at one time. It’s like calling Bleach or Naruto niche when they’re not super popular now, but they were the biggest thing in anime at one point.
Honestly I don’t understand why she does this. Is it mental gymnastics to try to convince herself that she’s better than other people? Is it her manic thoughts that she posts without thinking? Is she just really high? It doesn’t make logical sense.

No. 877968

Is this the dick she's been renting /abusing for her horrid shoots lately?

Either way given that line up, that is one god awful karaoke session.

No. 877970

Stop. Thats her fucking cousin. Lurk more.

No. 877971

Nonnie, someone you rarely see get posted/talked about isn't going to be remembered/known about especially given current context. Stop defending moo.

No. 877973

He was all over the threads previously. Just lurk. You have one job.

No. 877977

Actually, I think it’s the shirtless guy from >>876993
(Her cousin was sitting next to him at the table in the previous pic and has a different haircut)
The dude’s IG account is tiny af with like, two videos.

No. 877979

that guy is east asian, dumbass.

No. 877980

File: 1653162947150.jpg (727.14 KB, 1080x1217, Screenshot_20220521-145526_Ins…)

I feel like all this spiritual bs is sensei dick riding

No. 877981

File: 1653163244910.jpeg (207.73 KB, 990x760, 5FE84679-04EB-429D-B42B-C18FB3…)

God she’s fucking stupid

No. 877983


Momo would know everything about investing in loss, wouldn't she? Kek.

No. 877984

It's always been, anon.
Remember when she showed up at his house with a ps5 for him? She's a gigantic cuck for this dude

No. 877986

Kek reminds me of Vicky’s pseudo-intellectual word salads. Literally nothing about what she said made sense or applies in anyway in life.

No. 877987

File: 1653168017784.jpeg (442.51 KB, 1081x1816, 1082752B-4FC0-409B-91E8-E374CF…)

Sensei better run

No. 877988

This fucking inept dumbass doesn’t realize that her precious demon slayer is written and drawn by a woman and it’s currently this generations equivalent of bleach/Naruto/whatever popular shonen flavor show everyone’s watching. But she doesn’t want to talk about it because she’s gotta stroke her two pump pud of an ego to poot out “I’m more of an anime fan than all of you” cum.

Also it was popular but I don’t think it “revolutionized” anything. It’s a a light eechi anime ffs.

No. 877992

Reading this is like reading those posts meant to imitate how stroke victims read.

No. 877994

I should have capped it when I had the chance but Moo deleted someone’s comment on the post asking if this was the dick in her OF videos lol!

No. 878002

A lot of what she says comes from a good place originally, but then she uses it to justify the worst behaviour possible. She doesn't truly believe or know what she is talking about, it's just another shield for being an unpleasant person. If she really believed in the things she expressed, she would be living a different life of true abundance, with loved ones, a healthy glow and healthy decisions. This is just another vapid accessory for her. Accepting the divinity within you means acting accordingly, too. This way of thinking isn't intended as an excuse to be arrogant or haughty, but rather to appreciate the creative power of love and openness, so that people stop focusing on superficial and material matters for validation, but rather turn inward to find peace and exude love.

No. 878003

In principle it is so good to choose education and reflection over materialism, but it's such a blatant lie that these posts are perfect laughing stock

No. 878004

She is so shallow and dense, I can't. She can't even use terms properly

No. 878015

sage for sperg but sometimes I just thank vamp for having shit taste. We'd never get the ongoing dollar tree spiritualist saga without it. >>877994 Could be him, we speculated he mighta pity fucked her when he took her to a wedding. She's been hung up on him since then for sure.

No. 878019

He likely has tattoos on his hands/fingers tho like most tattoo artists. Her dick had none.

No. 878028

Not to be an ass about women mangaka but Mamoru Oshii hard carried Urusei Yatsura by making it existential and trippy when the manga was a generic harem parody. Ranma 1/2 and Inuyasha are stronger examples of Takahashi's work. I don't see a reboot working nearly as well without him.

No. 878088

The photos of Moo out with Sensei and his girlfriend are one of the funniest things I’ve seen in this thread, they just sum Moo up perfectly. She’s such a pathetic, perennial loser, but always self-inserts and poses like she’s the ultimate winner who’s better than you. Never stop failing, Mariah.

No. 878089

Where's his girlfriend? I don't see her in any photos

No. 878091

Because Moo is petty and tries to not include the gf. She does this a lot. She'll invite taken guys and take couple-ish photos with them on purpose. She already admitted it's a fetish of hers and likes making other girls insecure

Other than that I'm living for her sagging drooping skin and her having to wear trash bags for shirts to cover it up. Though the combo of drugs and lipo can only do so much. She always gains 50 pounds for Christmas

No. 878092

To add to the gf thing
Moo gave sensei a golden buddha statue that cost 100s of dollars and gave his girlfriend shit from the dollar store. Let that paint a picture for you

No. 878095

File: 1653272680603.jpeg (199.61 KB, 828x632, 3DB9018D-8FF4-46AD-AD03-99945F…)

kinda ot but i saw she hid a bunch on comments on one of her more recent instagram posts and each one of them is funnier than the one before.

also in relation to this comment >>877994 i’m wondering why she so persistent about hiding the fact that she did porn