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File: 1638262132319.png (5.34 MB, 3840x2560, threadpic125.png)

No. 860712

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>855603
Website: momokun.co (new) https://momokun.co/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Twitter: https://twitter.com/momokunco
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, btsmomokun (formerly xmariahmalladx), the ragdollranch (formerly mariahthecatlady, momoscat), momokun.co
Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@momokun.co
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile (seems to not exist anymore?)
Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/users/mariahmallad
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/momokun
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/momokuncosplay
Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Momokun_MariahMallad/

Tumblr blog receipts are all outdated as fuck (we're talking like when she got banned from twitter) but here they are if you want them
(you need a tumblr account to view this one since it's an 18+ blog)

Pretends to be into Elfen Lied due to an apparent resurgence in its popularity in order to keep up the illusion of her weeb cred
While answering questions, goes on a mini rant about minding your own business and letting shit go only to contradict herself less than a minute later by saying her biggest motivator is spite and wanting to piss people off
Confirms she is removing her Fate tattoo, doesn’t give a reason why, and says she probably won’t get many more tattoos after adding more to her cheese rose
Posts preview of studio website that’s just a free WordPress template and “client gallery” that is literally just her and her friends
Still hasn’t posted any new content to her Patreon since getting it back 2 months ago
Occasionally posts pictures from the gym when she remembers that she’s supposed to be working out, likely to cover up getting even more liposuction, claims to be training 5 times a week
Talks about a Journey cosplay as if it’s another one of her dream cosplays even though she’s literally never mentioned the game before now, the cosplay itself has yet to materialize
Posts memes and stories about supposedly wanting to be androgynous and wanting to cut off her “freakishly huge anime titties”, some anons speculate this is because so many of her cosplay friends are having a lot of success with androgynous/male cosplays as of late
Keeps pushing back the opening of the studio further and further while sinking more money into it and trying to fit a new set in every single inch of available space
This includes the “cyberpunk” set that is confirmed to just be the closet used to house the circuit breaker
Brags about the studio, going so far as to claim it’s the “best one she’s seen in America” (still takes her Halloween themed photos at a different studio though)
Goes on a very confusing rant about eating “cute” or “pet” animals??? No one is quite sure exactly what she was trying to say, deletes it pretty much immediately
Jumps in on the Astroworld fiasco in a bid to stay relevant
Buys another leopard gecko, no sign of any of her other reptiles
Anons speculate she did actually manage to use sex in exchange for cheap labor
She then whines about the quality of the work the carpenters have been doing, the speed at which they’ve been doing it, and about how they aren’t prioritizing her and her super speshul project like they should be, apparently completely oblivious to the fact that supply chains have been fucked up for months and it’s affecting everyone’s ability to get anything done and these dudes likely have multiple contracts they’re working on
Also whines about how men treat her like she’s stupid (because she is) and immediately deletes this whole rant as well
Posts a tone deaf and inaccurate “Squid Games” cosplay that just looks like she split her pants and pissed herself

No. 860713

File: 1638262575055.png (318.38 KB, 465x837, girlboss.png)

sure mariah

No. 860714

File: 1638263314624.jpg (656.42 KB, 1080x1859, 20211130_220424.jpg)

I never cease to be amazed by how many sets she has managed to cram into here..

No. 860716

File: 1638264178656.jpg (570.34 KB, 1080x1618, 20211130_220409.jpg)

.. And yet she has managed to cram yet another "set" in. This time in a corner? I guess it's safer than an electrical room atleast

She can't even market herself, let alone what will happen if a company looks her name up

Unrelated, but it's been nearly three months since she got her patreon back and, unsurprisingly, she hasn't actually posted anything to it

No. 860718

Thanks for the new thread. And what did she rent/lease- an entire warehouse district? I’ve tried to do a general guess at how big this place has to be for just the “sets” she’s been bragging up and just got lost.

No. 860720

File: 1638277869737.jpg (108.82 KB, 832x729, Studio.jpg)

I think its some sort of office/warehouse combo, Since the majority of her recent "sets" are being crammed into a warehouse space and only a few have dedicated rooms.
Tried to cobble together a layout of how I think its setup, but its so fucking confusing look at her studio shots that I don't even know where to begin.

No. 860721

Mariah, the least likely doomsday prepper, be making moves on the dl to secure a warehouse before it was made into FEMA camps

No. 860722

I still can't fully comprehend what the point of this whole studio is. Even if she rents it out, there's no way such a niche thing is going to be popular enough to pay for itself. It feels like an insane money sink.

No. 860723

LMAO bitch you have the brain of a god damned toddler and you go on temper tantrums when you don’t get your way. Your dangling cow udders aren’t going to get you THAT far in life. Lol god I can’t wait until you’re destitute you inept dolt.

No. 860730

Sooo she does realize photo studios have a bunch of negative space in each of their sets so a photographer has space to set up. How on earth does she except anyone to do professional photos with no lighting, reflectors, whatever.

Her paetron is a scam and she's being shameless about it.

Moo has finally admitted this isn't a real business, it's just a place for her and her friends to hang out and she never fully intended for people to book spots. Makes sense since booking is through Moo's instagram. Despite claiming this is not a business she still listed it as one and you know she's looking to get major write offs

No. 860731

she's saying it's just for friends etc because she knows it's going to fail. No one puts this much time and energy into something just for her friends to hang out at. I think as time has gone on she's reaized no one wants this shit.

No. 860732

Oh cool, discount Sniperwolf.

No. 860734

thinking she has a career outside of showing her CGI butt hole and doing fetish sets

No. 860738

Moo you're 25 and your job is porn. Jesus this bitch is juvenile

No. 860739

she says while making absolutely zero moves to become anything close to that

No. 860740

Does she think her shitty porn sets in a cheap warehouse is resume worthy? Mariah people want degree educated, experienced professionals that have a resume full of companies they've worked and interned for.

No. 860747

Not just discount, dollar store Sniperwolf.

No. 860748

she’s completely bought into the idea that showing her flapjacks for money is as good as an MBA and it’s hysterical.

No. 860757

File: 1638298192288.jpeg (462.44 KB, 1241x2183, 7BDBA6CE-E11C-4202-9D70-0C6D2F…)

Her "inspo" for this set

No. 860758

File: 1638298390847.jpeg (1.12 MB, 1242x1104, 8FB87864-06C8-4079-861F-71A8B1…)

Samefag as I dump a few images from between threads. She needs more of these?

No. 860759

File: 1638298567561.jpeg (254.87 KB, 1241x2199, A4DE774F-8627-46E7-AA1A-DFDB1F…)

No. 860763

Lol. Choosing to be delusional defines her entire life, every aspect of it.

No. 860788

this shit is so cheap.

No. 860796

Is this bitch gonna try to put a pond in this office too? Kek. I can’t wait for this train wreck. Also, the amount of construction she’s doing speaks volumes to how little the landlord cares about the property.

No. 860798

File: 1638328429411.png (3.79 MB, 1242x2208, 7C37FAF9-B561-4CC3-A6D8-71D915…)

So much “rage” for someone that gets paid ungodly amounts of money to do basically nothing all day. What’s wrong Mariah? Contractor get uppity about the work conditions in your vanity studio?

No. 860800


She was probably asked to leave an all you can eat sushi place cause that isn’t what they meant…

No. 860802

Didn't she say cardio isn't worth your time and to only do weights? Lol

No. 860811

well the rest of the story is a lie i imagine she does this imaginary cardio at her old online college's gym(also online) in her totally real prescription glasses.

No. 860814

She's just mad because she gets out of breath waddling from the sofa to the kitchen

No. 860845

Kek, she looks like a Simpson!

No. 860855

You'll only have a small variation on shots in such an enclosed environment. Reminds me of school picture day where they keep the camera stationary and slightly move the model. May as well go get your cosplay photos done at a Sears portrait studio.

No. 860867

File: 1638421454395.png (5.13 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_6496.png)

No. 860868

Did she do this for simps or a guy this time?

No. 860870

I'm going to guess guy. She'd never do something for her simps.
Either that or all the comments here finally got to her

No. 860871

Step in the right direction.

No. 860873


oh boy deflated hank hill ass lips saga beginning, soon to be followed by more fillers when she gets manic again

No. 860892

She can dissolve her fillers but the tissue is stretched so it will sag. She ruined her face trying to fix everything the quick and easy way and now it’s going to be a sagging mess or she’ll have to blow it up again with filler. I hope she realizes what an idiot she is

No. 860895

If she ever had self awareness she wouldn’t be moo.

No. 860902

Or maybe she can’t keep up with the fillers anymore because she’s dumping money into sears porno studio. I know we tinfoil too much about her money situation but it’s a thought.

No. 860912

Wondering what she plans to do to them next. The filler trend seems yo be dying but I know there are other procedures that allow for a more natural look while making the lips plumper.

No. 860914

she probably gave it up because it didn't make her more popular.

No. 860919

She’ll need surgery to fix the mess she created. Honestly a lip lift would have saved her so much headache but that ain’t our girl.

No. 860922

Def did it for a guy. Most men don't mind a lil filler if it still looks natural. But most don't like the fake bimbo lips since they don't look kissable… or like lips.
She didn't care before because it was her gross simps telling her they looked bad. I'm sure a cute guy finally told her they look stupid.

tbh no amount of surgery can fix Moo at this point. We've seen the horrors of when the filters come off. The face sag, skin texture and pre mature wrinkles makes her look like she's in her late 50's.

No. 860924

I wonder how Maddie feels about this since Moo basically set her up to get addicted to lip filler.

No. 860933

It makes sense that a guy would be in play. All that "working out" would make even more sense, next her more so playful Instagram stories.

No. 860955

I feel like she’s moving away from the bimbofication and going towards the non-binary/queer look of being a tomboy.

No. 860960

Gotta admit she looks 50% better but her chin is fucking scary

No. 860961

What was the quote again, "I can't be a dyke because I love long hair so much?", something to that effect. Nah I'd say it's more likely she's going for an animu look with her $30k perfect animu nose. Turtle lips and a botched pig snout really are kawaii.

No. 860995

Interesting point. I wonder what she’ll do, or what Moo will expect of her, given how she usually expects her little cult to emulate everything she does.

No. 860999

i bet that guy who's been doing the studio work is into whatever moo is trying to turn into. she's clearly been pissed at him for something.

No. 861000

She seemed upset that what little Moo gave him wasn't enough. I bet Moo finally understood she had to pay full price and give him fair working conditions to see good progress from the dude.

She usually promotes the people who work for her, but not carpenter guy. I'm sure the thought of him finding out she's a scam artist who was putting him on blast online scares her. She will never have another carpenter in Vegas work for her again

No. 861028

File: 1638560594967.png (2.85 MB, 828x1792, 61228891-C32D-46DB-B5D1-769D0F…)

i hate the way she acts about regular healthy things people do as if she’s the first one to discover it—news flash mariah, most adults over the age of 20 who don’t have the money to get lipo/plastic surgery every month take vitamins so they can be healthy, you aren’t the first person to take vitamin c and zinc

No. 861036

This is so weird, what is she saying? Is she sick? Does she have the flu? These are what I take when I'm feeling under the weather.

Next she's going to tell people about the wonders of a multi vitamin gummy.

No. 861038

File: 1638563614395.png (3.58 MB, 1800x1617, EFD5CE2B-C2CB-4383-8585-5ACA13…)

She won’t stop fucking around with the breaker room. How is this not a code violation?

No. 861040


“Hi I’m here to fix that breaker that tripped and shorted out due to lube getting into your light fixture. Just a few questions. How did the lube get there and why is the breaker box glued shut with cheap ass paint ? And do you really expect me to not charge you three times the price for the frustration? No I don’t wanna free pass to your stink ditch!”

-some random future electrician

No. 861045

it is. This whole place is breaking a bunch of violations. Maybe one of many reasons she wont make this place public. People are going to be calling this shit in

No. 861054


Gonna throw UV reactive paint under my stairs with the fuse box and call it a photo set. Jesus lmao

No. 861055

What baffles me more is she's in Vegas. A place that has every theme under the sun, looks amazing and huge enough to get any angles you want, perfect lighting. All you gotta do is call the place and ask if you can take pics.

But Moo is like "Nah my dingy lil building is the best place to take photos in all of the USA!"

No. 861058

Shit you don’t really have to do even that. The mall at Caesars you can take all the photos you want more or less and as long as you aren’t in the way of anyone nobody cares. The only time I’ve ever had issues was sitting on one of the statues at Luxor, and oddly a security guard helped me up. Granted taking a buncha lighting and stuff in is a diff matter, but we’ve come to a place in tech where you don’t really need all that much. But sure let’s all go to moos cattle barn located right off the interstate next to the airport!

No. 861059

and on top of that, there's already plenty of other set type places because of all the shows, productions, performances that happen here, the celebrities that visit, hell just the amount of porn produced in this city. even if it was excellently done inside, the location and competition of other similar businesses would sink it. i dont want to aggro the "she's so rich! you cant even imagine how rich! infinite money motherlode cheat rich!" but if anything is going to financially ruin her, it'll be this

No. 861067

File: 1638593393518.png (3.99 MB, 1800x1584, 539A9189-D1F7-43DC-AE41-530128…)

What’s the point of asking for book recommendations when they’ll wind up collecting dust as props in her shitty library set? We all know this bitch doesn’t read anything outside of ”therapy” books written by narcs like herself.

No. 861070

This is supposed to be a photoshoot set but it just looks incredibly busy? How are you even supposed to take pictures in front of this without them looking like shit? I don't have photography experience, would all the neon lights in the background mess with the end result/make editing a nightmare?

No. 861072

Looks like a bank vault lmao

No. 861077

This is a genuine question because I know nothing about this kind of stuff, but isn’t it easier/more practical to add in a background like this digitally, in post-production/editing?

No. 861078

All those bold straight lines are going to make any bluring/ photoshopping very obvious.

She should have hired a set designer.. shes putting in these big chunky pieces without getting the wall details in first. Then again, looking at her botched face and body, forethought and planning isn't her strong point.

No. 861082

KEK where the fuck are these neon signs going up???? This is a closet, there’s no more fucking room unless she expands the cyberpunk bullshit theme into the full room.

No. 861086

not entirely. the issue with moo's sets is they are too busy, she's built them like location shoots would look, but you want a set to be really clean and simple to look at or it's distracting from the model. the point of location shoots is the location not the background being cluttered. the lighting will be harder to get right, plus like others said, impossible to shoop around a lot of that. moo is trying too hard and she doesn't get it, cause she really doesn't know what she's doing.

No. 861094

That's what you have focus on a camera for. Anyone who is good at shooting will make the model stand out.

No. 861098

Well sure, but then she’s wasting her time with all this at that. She never learned the concept of less is more. For moo more is always better apparently. More lipo more food, more shade, and of course more space taken up by shit nobody will notice or will be in the way. But I’m laughing. Girlboss creative indeed.

No. 861115

But anon, why would she hire a professional when she's obviously the most gifted set designer in the world? It was one of the million things she excelled at in college, duh! /s

It honestly astounds me how long she's been in this industry by now and yet learned absolutely nothing. You would think just being in it and around it so much she might have absorbed something, but no. She still can't craft or sew to save her life, can't pose her body or her face in an alluring way, can't style herself properly, and can't create a cohesive, nice looking, on theme set that will actually lend itself to good cosplay photography. It is remarkable how confident she is while remaining so bad at everything.

No. 861128

It’s so obvious she’s only catering to herself with these. She forgets that most models, even onlyfans thots don’t only have 1 “flattering” angle that they do an entire shoot at. She might be stuck with her photographer in one spot but anyone else will want to be able to move around and get multiple angles, there’s just no room for that. I’m genuinely shocked by how many sets she’s trying to squeeze in.

No. 861132

This is just another desperate grab for her to try to get back into the cosplay circles. Kind of like that weird short movie she did where she spent 10k on the dress, she was 2 characters and 90 percent of it was awkward shots of her. Everyone shat on it, she had to hide comments.

This is that, but 10x more expensive and worse. She just can't cope she failed as a cosplayer years ago and had to sell porn to make a living.

No. 861182

File: 1638711125433.jpg (109.94 KB, 717x1275, 20211205_073036.jpg)

Our girlboss figuring out how to use her eye sight

No. 861192

She probably sees herself as a celebrity who doesn't need to dress themselves when others can do it for her. Peak laziness from someone who's supposed to care about cosplay and the community.

No. 861194

Someone remembered they have living creatures they make others care for.
And I can def tell Moo takes advice from her cats. Scream, eat, sleep/rest for 18 hours a day

No. 861198

She's so insufferable no matter what the topic at hand is. Mariah, even of you do read books like that, nobody cares. Sincerely, this shit isn't cute and doesn't make you look smart. I highly doubt she reads, and if she does, she doesn't absorb anything or just sees something she agrees with or mistakenly applies to herself (what with all her pretentious self help books she's posted before, and more philophizing) and then closes it and puts it on a shelf to gather dust. Loser.

No. 861216

moo will always think she's smart because will never get an education to learn otherwise.

No. 861219

it’s a short story they assign in high school for fuck’s sake

No. 861225

File: 1638775361159.png (899.3 KB, 1428x750, backdrop.png)

I like how she didn't address the part of the comment that points out how it's obviously just the electrical closet

No. 861226

File: 1638775463073.png (884.34 KB, 1431x741, lasertag.png)

Also this.

So… not cyberpunk at all then?

No. 861240

So is she pretending that during one of her infamous episodes she admitted this will never be open to the public and it's just for her and her friends?
Guess she wants to larp as someone with a business instead of an only fans thot who does fetish porn

No. 861241

speaking of. she hasn't been producing content for over a week now, and even before that she only did lazy selfies. The last "serious" set she did was over a month ago. I guess she's just sucking the cash from her only fans and paetron simps. What a lazy cow
I hope Onlyfans silently bans porn, the panic would be fantastic

No. 861242

do you think any of this will pass anyway? she'll have to take everything down.

No. 861245

Why it will never be open to the public. Someone will report this. If it's just her friends she can figure out who reported it and have her freak out

No. 861274

Can't wait for that! She'll probably eventually not post any more photos of the place and say it's always so full she doesn't want to get in the way!

No. 861297

File: 1638888091998.jpg (306.61 KB, 1749x1030, Screenshot_20211207-082451_You…)

I know Moo's cheese rose with 'tribal bars' is old ass news, but I happened to see this, picrel. They look like the tattoos Japanese criminals were forced to get lmao.

No. 861300

anon over here predicting the future

No. 861338

File: 1638918485083.jpg (2.11 MB, 3840x5761, DzjYfc1.jpg)

>the bleach stain on the bustline of the bunnysuit
>the bruised/dirty knees
>the wig band clip showing

chef's kiss

No. 861339

File: 1638918574507.jpg (2.16 MB, 3840x5760, L6JT2xi.jpg)

No. 861340

File: 1638918680753.jpg (2.38 MB, 3840x5761, Tn0w6QW.jpg)

No. 861351

God she looks so busted. Why couldn’t anyone fix her bow tie?

No. 861354

moo looks really male here

No. 861360

Holy shit lol. I used to think her end product pictures were OK. There were obvious issues if you looked closer. But not one bit of this looks OK. Not even scrolling past quickly.

No. 861363

She's smiling like children forced to perform by their parents on talent shows and being told to smile, it's so forced, she's suffocating in that corset lmao. How long has she had this corset, it lasted surprisingly long.

No. 861366

Her coochie is trying so hard to escape the fishnets and bunny suit. Let her breathe girl

No. 861367

Is she wearing 3 pairs of tights? I see small diamond white nets, the big black ones, and a pair of skin color control top tights?

No. 861369


No. 861371

Jesus, she looks like some strung out cigarette girl working the night shift on the strip.
I’m losing it at the three fucking layers of hosiery and the bleach stain.

No. 861372

they blurred this so hard half her cleavage disappeared kek

No. 861374

the waist editing on this is awful. But I guess we can't expect much when she tells the editor to make her into a different shape. But you can still tell this is the heaviest she has ever been

Heaven forbid Moo ACTUALLY go on a diet

No. 861383

All these years and bitch still can’t pose. be looking like the broad side of a barn.

No. 861384

can't really pose when you're 300 pounds and you can barely stand without wheezing

No. 861385

File: 1638935424562.png (Spoiler Image,5.59 MB, 828x1792, 5C8D7179-5117-4125-8631-F37DA6…)

Spoiled for close up.

But damn I can’t help but hyper focus on her mouth. There’s this weird circle around her mouth.

No. 861388

It’s her filler migrating, most likely the real reason she got it dissolved

No. 861393

Absolutely dead behind the eyes. How is she going to keep going when she's this soulless?

No. 861396

Because her veneers are worth more than our houses, and her botched surgery cost more than our college funds, or some shit, I dunno, whatever justification she feels like shitting out this week about why she’s better than us.

No. 861397

Veneers lol.
20k every 10 years
If only she made that kind of commitment to not being unhealthy.

No. 861406

Moo doesn't realize how much she's going to suffer when she's older. She's getting caught in all the traps designed to appeal uneducated people as something rich people do. Even other wealthy costhots don't spend as frivolously as she does. And she's probably planning on coasting on her costhot money her entire life, which is insane. Moo clearly doesn't know how to handle money and obviously has no one to manage it for her unless they are brain damaged(hell, her parents probably use savings accounts)All her friends are either trust fund babies or leeching off of her. I almost feel bad because the only friends she has will grown out of her eventually when they have to grow up.

No. 861410

I thought she was getting the red tattoo removed? Did she realize you have to go back for several appointments and it's not instant so she gave up?

No. 861411

File: 1638978374839.jpeg (2.37 MB, 1284x2306, 84990652-CA39-459E-962A-AFF4EF…)

trying to figure out how her leg transformed into this

also zooming in there’s like stains on the corset too, yikes

No. 861412

Funny that this is Martin Wongs work but his watermark isn’t on any pictures with her in them

No. 861414

Isn’t he pretty known for disliking fat women? Maybe that’s why lol.

No. 861418

Why does it look like the golden ratio kek

No. 861428

I noticed the stains too and that’s just the ones Martin forgot to edit out, probably tons more. I bet her cats pee on her costumes or something

No. 861442

does she have two pairs of tights on?

No. 861443

Moo is just like every other thot or cam girl. Spends money like an idiot. By the time she's 30 she's washed up and in debt. However at least other cam girls are smart enough to stay fit enough to find a splenda or sugar daddy. Moo is such a disgusting slob she has to pay guys to be with her and even then it isn't enough for most men. So I don't know what her plan b is.

No. 861445

Three from what I can tell. Black fishnets, white fishnets and control top pantyhose. Overall just a trashy look.

No. 861447

She's wearing two pairs of fishnets, possibly skin colored tights I'm not sure and spanx. Though seeing spanx hanging out like that is weird to me since most people conceal them. They are not lingerie, they are closer to old lady underwear. Makes sense since most of the women who buy them are between 40-60 years old

No. 861451

She’s layering her tights like a man in drag concealing his hip pads. Idk why she didn’t think to wear a dark shade of tights.

No. 861463

File: 1639017204812.png (3.54 MB, 1800x1514, 37660473-D358-43AD-855E-0D5789…)

I think it would physically hurt her if she were forced to look at herself in the mirror without her phone and multitude of filters.

No. 861465

That delusion to think this looks realistic. She really slid the waist option to the max while leaving her upper and lower body lookin 300 pounds.

No. 861467

The back fat exposes you Mariah

No. 861470

oof, those stretched and deflated lips. can filler destroy the natural shape of your lips if you overfill them like she did? I can't believe how much permanent damage she's done to herself in such a short amount of time. and all in an attempt to look more attractive that dramatically backfired lol

No. 861483

Return of the turtle lips!

No. 861485

She’s so lumpy and misshapen. Moo lives in a dream world if she thinks this photo looks anything other than nauseating.

No. 861488

this belongs in the bad photoshop/filters thread. Momo hates fat chicks and just can't cope she is one. Bet that if you ask what's wrong with her upper body she will say it's her biceps and rippling muscle and not fat

No. 861490

File: 1639067481577.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1242x1490, C1CF6990-2837-40B8-A347-2D4C4C…)

Speaking of lumpy… she just posted this to her IG after yet another vacation.

No. 861492

only took a pic of her upper body but we can still tell she's MASSIVE. I guess she's having her last moments before not even photoshop can save her and not even porn can save her

No. 861493

I just can't wrap my brain around having so much money while so young yet looking 40-50. At any point she could give up being an e-whore, sell a few assets and live a quiet, healthy weeb life, maybe get an education or learn2code or get really into some niche hobby that requires more money than talent. Like literally why not go whole hog making cosplay props with 3D printing? I can't imagine being this allergic to effort and good decisions.

No. 861494

giving real fat grandma at the beach here

No. 861495

Moo is one of those girls who would rather die young than live long, in my opinion anyway. But you're right, what's the point when your body looks and feels like a 50 year old womans? Can barely walk, guys think she's too gross to fuck irl. She can't enjoy much, maybe why she's such a bitch.
The only thing she wants in life is to inject drugs, booze and lard into her body. She has no real dreams

No. 861507

Witch of the waste lookin ass

No. 861517


Her undereyes have beer bellies lol

No. 861518

I can’t get over the black line tattoos they’re so horrendously fucking uglg. What is even the point of them?

No. 861519

Is she actually into asian men or is this another lie made by people trying to slander her?

No. 861521

Oh abuelita what are you doing in the pool

No. 861523

Lurk more newfag

No. 861537

Moo has made racist comments, even towards Asians. But she wants one because it will give her weeb/nerd points to date one. However she will ignore him if he has no following, can't make her props or isn't a 10/10.
She's still a racist cunt, but now she's one with a fetish

No. 861539

She’s only into cartoon men. Real ones don’t interest her because she has the mentality of a 5 year old.

No. 861543

She is into real men. It's just after a lifetime of rejection she's salty AF. Men who say no to her are not "real men".

No. 861547

Holy train wreck that nose job did nothing for her. She looks like someone in there late 30's drained from there own bullshit. I think a REAL vacation would help, rather than her need for clout through her expenses.

No. 861550

I truly can't get over what a bad and unnecessary decision her nose job was, even for her. Like it's so botched. From the collapsed bridge to the newfound crookedness/asymmetry to the permanent piggy-ness of it. I know she'll never admit to regretting it, but she really did ruin a perfectly good nose for absolutely nothing. It couldn't have happened to a nicer person though, I hope she tries to fix it with another one and makes it even worse lol

No. 861551

File: 1639099429202.jpeg (1.59 MB, 1082x1801, 778DBF5D-D6D4-4827-8BF5-B008CE…)

I noticed she’s already removed this for some reason.

No. 861553

Maybe the passing resemblance to Tommy Wiseau. Or the fact she looks like she’s posing in a hot topic. Perhaps it’s the dead looking grease spot she calls hair. Or the fact her tits are drooping to her gunt and her legs look like hanging hamhocks. I dunno maybe it’s another reason lol

No. 861562

File: 1639108800164.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1242x2031, D28D45F0-14B0-45EF-A620-1936C0…)

This guy is still a hack and I’ll never get why Moo is so proud of her flat ass.

No. 861564

How has she not noticed that the shading to make it look like she has an ass on the bodysuit looks like a shit stain instead

No. 861567

Where the fuck are her ankles

No. 861568

Calling it now, she’s going to try to badly copy it.

No. 861569

File: 1639111497336.jpeg (877.17 KB, 1170x1794, A42B0279-73FE-4463-B763-642890…)

Really! She could have saved all that time and money by not doing the fillers in the first place and would have still ended up the same.

No. 861570

It wasn't for nothing. Now she has loose skin on her lips and because of the migrated fillers her jowls got worse. So there's a difference, but not in a positive direction

No. 861571


What the fuck are you even talking about?

No. 861575

Lurk more newfag = Read the thread to catch up on the subject, and integrate to image board culture. Ain't no one 'slandering' Moo.

No. 861576

>125th thread of talking shit about her
>"Nobody is slandering her"

No. 861577

Learn to integrate newfag. Moo isn’t going to fuck you for defending her here.

No. 861578

File: 1639121915532.png (8.06 MB, 1284x2778, D9BF43D5-CEA6-463F-BACE-5932C1…)

I wonder if she thinks everyone that follows her is a complete moron Iike she is. The wall and her arm are obviously edited, and shitty too. Just fucking quit Mariah, troll ass hag.

No. 861579

she could have done a lot of things but lucky for us she did all the entertaining ones because she's an idiot. didn't she only get fillers after all the turtle lip insults?
no one is going to fuck you for "defending" the thread by responding to obvious trolls. jesus. did i go to fucking /cgl/ by mistake?

No. 861580

File: 1639122933525.png (2.75 MB, 1082x1801, hellomybaby.png)

her proportions are so fucked, her legs are straight frog drumstick territory, flat butt included

No. 861581

looks like a fibonacci spiral wtf

No. 861598

God if that’s what it looks edited, wtf does it look like unedited? Terrifying.

No. 861603

File: 1639160701728.png (3.81 MB, 1242x2208, DD9AE883-8A32-4D97-89BA-8F8D04…)

Despite saying all those procedures were so she didn’t have to rely on filters anymore and yet she’s abusing them more than ever.

No. 861604

I can't say Moo has bad genes because her mom and dad both look younger than her. This is tragic

No. 861606

File: 1639170710960.png (2.31 MB, 1242x2208, 1639160701728.png)

And now she has to live with this her whole life unless she gets another surgery. Great job moo.

No. 861607

A lip lift would be the only PS that actually makes sense. I can’t truly tell with the filter but her smile looks better without the prolapse anus on her face and filler mustache

No. 861608

What if she got a septum piercing to cover that area?

No. 861610

Bet money she's going to get her lips re filled under the mentality of "Now that I don't have migrated filler around my lips I can plump them up again! YAY!"

No. 861617

File: 1639188431416.png (5.08 MB, 1800x1628, 893D5F5E-EEDA-4546-BC89-1E6318…)

>goes on a mini rant about regretting certain tattoos and not placing it right.
>”think about tattoos. Don’t get a lot, they won’t look good with certain outfits and you’ll have to get them removed”

Mariah, usually tattoos are a sizable expense for others who aren’t flush with cash so they are carefully considered before committing to it. Not everyone can afford to waltz in and get tattoos whenever the mood strikes and pay to have them removed shortly after when whatever it is you got isn’t the flavor of the month. What a dense bitch.

No. 861621

But she's keeping the cheese rose and the criminal black bands, make it make sense. Tbh all her tattoos are cringy, ugly or both.

No. 861622

as if anybody but her stupid impulsive ass needs to be told to stop and think about tattoo design and placement before committing lol

No. 861631

This is the exact shit people told her when she first got her archer tattoo but she blew it off and said she knew what she was doing. The fact she’s now spinning it as some sage advice it’s a fucking joke.

No. 861638

Is sensei single now? Dissolving her lip filler. Going on about making good, smart choices about tattoos (how many times did he tell her her tattoo ideas were terrible?). And of course her pseudo intellectual self-therapy babble.

No. 861665

it's just calf all the way down

No. 861669

honestly a lot of people get shit tattoos they regret, they usually don't have the cash to get them lasered off tho. moo is just extremely impulsive so it's impossible to tell if she really wanted the tattoos in the first place or wanted to remove at all. just like how we're still wondering if she's going to get new fillers or not. she does these all "transformations" every few years after all. is this for a guy? cosplay related? is she on a bender? no way to tell.

No. 861670

File: 1639237211020.jpg (97.7 KB, 720x828, 20211211_093905.jpg)

ffs moo wash your fucking hair. i know we get on her not bathing a lot but this grease is something else

No. 861671

Can she just not survive without wearing every single pair of pants halfway down her feet? It looks beyond stupid, especially when she pairs it with her slides and sandals. Maybe she's trying to hide some hideous cracked heels.

No. 861672

Just when I scrolled down I seriously thought this was Maddie at first.

No. 861683

I'm more concerned with her filter abuse. Blurry dorito chin is not a look. Does she avoid staring at mirrors? Or does she always have her phone in her face?

No. 861694

What I don't understand is if she really is as rich as she claims to be, why does she still feed her cats shitty dry food and cans full of grains and actual animal shit instead of meat and personalized meals for their breed. I wouldn't badmouth someone with an average income who would only be able to afford these kind of processed foods to take care of their animals but she is "rich". She can afford it and chooses not to.

No. 861701

Because she doesn’t care about them. They’re nothing but accessories for her.

No. 861703

This exactly. Sage isn’t even the one that cleans or feeds them anyway I’m sure.

No. 861718

Shes a moron who went to one of those themed cosplay photo places in Japan and thought ill do this back home and itll make heaps of money. Without realizing the actual business side of it, most those places are niche af and make most there money from JAV shoots.

No. 861721

As a former fatty, wearing it down to your heels sorta feels like it makes your legs look longer when you're standing up (as opposed to it just cutting off at the ankle).

No. 861724

Are they compression leggings? those can go down around your heel and top of the foot normally, so it compresses fluid out of your foot as well

No. 861727

absolute self-delusion, they just look like a fat person with leggings that are too long
99% of the things fat people make them look skinnier don’t

No. 861732

More like can she survive without making this stupid puckered face in every single selfie. It just makes her punchable.

No. 861747

File: 1639299179305.png (2.6 MB, 1242x2208, A950ABA2-D86F-4DC9-8430-B0E37D…)

Filters maxxed out so hard her hair is disappearing over her face. Still couldn’t hide her acne tho.

No. 861761

Lululemon will alter a pair of leggings for you if they’re too long too short.

No. 861764

Don’t most of their leggings give you a choice of length anyway? I know Aligns do. Ironic that she buys mostly Lululemon when she is exactly the type of woman the founder of that company said shouldn’t wear them.

No. 861770

>make most there money from JAV shoots.

probably going to be true for her too. porn and maybe super low-budget music videos is going to be all anyone is interested in shooting there. she'll get an initial wave of costhots because they're either her friends or she's giving financial incentives, then it's going to die hard. she definitely lacks the professional and organizational skills to run a business, even at basic levels like scheduling and cleanliness, so she'll be either hemorrhaging money to pay for staff (which will probably also be people like maddie) or run the business into the ground victoria bella morte style.

No. 861771

File: 1639331651114.png (2.99 MB, 1242x2208, 1EF461CA-3AFA-41F1-B1CE-559CE8…)

No. 861772

And we are back on the original script from years ago. Wow. So she’s taking business class 101 at Clark county kommunity kollege and grain silo? Moo you don’t need to walk to a diploma mill to get a degree.

No. 861773

Moo, no college has classes on Sunday. If this is an attempt to seem smart, she’s failing hard. I suppose it could be some other sort of class (art, dance, underwater basket weaving etc) but why wouldn’t she say that? She’s trying to act like she’s in school again

No. 861774

File: 1639336908028.jpg (Spoiler Image,3.6 MB, 3024x4032, 2021-12-07_14-18-42_2295473026…)

No. 861775


That hair…..I just can’t even.

No. 861779

The obvious extension line i can’t

No. 861780


Did she think not washing her hair would make it blend in with the extensions more ?

No. 861786

She probably thought her unwashed hair deflected from her unwashed cottage cheese ass

No. 861792

I know she’s delusional and all but how do you look at this photo and not regret your life choices. Without monthly lipo sessions, she’d definitely be in the 300’s, there’s no doubt about it. The fat folding over even the backs of her knees is proof enough.

I’m sure that’s why she also bought this new pair of glasses to try and convince people of this new lie. Tbh, with all the new age/enlightenment crap she’s been posting in her stories, I’ll bet it’s some class on “spiritual healing” or some crock of shit.

No. 861799

Everything in this photo is warping towards her

No. 861810


I have to imagine this is a joke or reference to something. Because there is no way she is dumb enough to try and peddle the same lie about being in school that she tried years ago.

No. 861812

Moo has admitted she does not wash or brush her own hair. She either has her friends do it or just goes to the salon.

she pretends to be an educated woman when a lot of people threaten her intelligence. she has mentioned the men in her life are making her feel stupid. I'm surprised she doesn't feel that way all the time

No. 861815

Reminds me of being in the showers at the local pool and having the misfortune of seeing a naked granny out of the corner of my eye.

No. 861816

she probably can't do it. she's really fat, especially in her upper arms, it's probably difficult for her to reach.

No. 861817

would also explain her weird love of bidets and the other weird confession she doesn't wipe her own ass. She literally can't
I don't know how much she shops herself but she doesn't look THAT morbidly obese.

No. 861818

A gourd going chunky-dunking… now I've seen everything.

No. 861819

Does anyone know the location?

No. 861829

Cantwell Lodge/The Cliffs at Hocking Hills in Ohio


No. 861835

Why would anyone spend $800 a night to visit Ohio?? Maybe she was there getting work done?

No. 861836

Why does this pic remind me of shaynas big foot-esque pictures in the woods.

No. 861844

That's what I was thinking. It goes with her new natural moo phase she's in. There are a billion other little places like this, many closer than ohio as well.

No. 861845

It is Christmas. She usually buys herself a lil xmas gift which is more surgery. I don't think we can tell everything she got until we see candids. I also think she got something else done when she got her lips dissolved. but Moo is so botched you just never know

No. 861847

Because they’re both smelly, ugly, stupid hambeasts, perchance?

No. 861849


I wondered that myself - there isn’t anything really around there unless she’s busy trying to pretend she was somewhere that got hit by tornadoes or is trying to say she’s trying to help with some do good effort or something. I wouldn’t put that past her in the least.

No. 861851

Ohio anon here for my one chance to help. Hocking Hills is a pretty common "get a cabin for a weekend" destination, but I didn't think anyone outside of the midwest knew about it. There's nothing else interesting in the area, so I can't imagine there was any secret meaning to her trip but also cannot imagine why she picked this. Only guess is that she didn't check weather and thought there'd be snow for winter onsen pics in that little koolaid-teal spring. But again, so many better options available.

No. 861854

Love the permanent fat folds behind her kneecaps. Very Shatna.

No. 861856

This is like the last week for college work right now? She is probably seeing some private hack that is milking moo. She'd never last going back into a real institution especially seeing real career women working towards things that aren't clout.

No. 861870

Holly T Wolf and Umbran went with her to this cabin. I'm sure there were more people but they didn't make themselves known

No. 861876

Interesting. I’m going to go with Ohio anons theory that they were hoping for a more winter -esque environment for Christmas shoots. Jokes on them though since it’s going to be in the 60s this week. Welcome to climate change!

No. 861893

Why the fuck would she travel allllll the way to Ohio for that? She did a winter shoot in the mountains near nv/ca where it actually snows. I think they went for another reason. I don’t doubt for a second that moo is still doing online dating and trying to meet these guys but she’s a catfish so it only ever goes so far. She has the money to make the random trip for dick.

No. 861894

Nothing compared to the pain you will feel in 5-10 years when nobody wants to pay to see your unwashed filtered fat ass anymore and you have to try and live in the real world again dumbass

No. 861896


she did it for the clout of staying at a $800 a night place,why else?she probably saw it in some youtube video.

No. 861912


Another Ohio anon here, we get like 1 week of real snow usually late January and then the rest of the time our winter is just gross grey slush. Plus Hocking Hills isn't actually that secluded, its busy af on weekends.

No. 861913

Have you been to this place? Only reason I ask because it looks like there’s a path right in front of the springs. I hope no one could just walk past the hippo exhibit and be traumatized.

No. 861914

She’s gotten so massive that she now has the obese people feet. They have weird rippling on the heels are are always rough looking. Plus I bet the soles of her shoes are worn the fuck down.

No. 861916

File: 1639455436873.png (278.87 KB, 474x834, 2sides.png)

lol when has this bitch ever disappeared for a long time? she wouldn't even disappear for a short time, even though her fans suggested she should for mental health reasons, because she was terrified people would forget about her.

No. 861919

File: 1639457597190.jpeg (271.95 KB, 960x773, A9EBB703-1598-4B60-8148-BD810A…)

Wtf is is tao & I Ching?

No. 861920

Chinese spiritualism basically

No. 861921

Called it. I knew her “class” was going to be some spiritual bs.

No. 861922

I'm so over her fake performative spiritualism. So obvious that she doesn't actually embody the teachings when she's still so hateful, vindictive, and materialistic all the time, always clapping back and bragging about how much money and useless shit she has so she can feel better than everyone else. Fuck off.

No. 861923


Well, at least she isn’t claiming to be in actual school again. Just more philosophical horseshit that she’ll try to use to show how good of a person she is to dunk on people calling her out.

No. 861926

Is she chasing sensei's dick again?

No. 861927

Moo in a cult feels very on brand. Not saying what it is is actually a cult, but it put the idea on my head

Money will be out even sooner

No. 861928

The Dalai Moomoo era has officially begun. Her ending up in a cult would be hilarious.

No. 861931

File: 1639468324871.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1079x1940, 3A638111-09D9-4567-968D-13858D…)


No. 861932

File: 1639468430174.jpeg (1.07 MB, 1092x1927, 47FFD389-DD78-4334-8F1E-4767FA…)

Who burned Moo this time?

No. 861933

File: 1639470809230.png (2.74 MB, 1242x2208, B4B78616-6194-431E-91FD-CD4F1A…)

No. 861934

Probably about squarecuck he started an “agency” but he wanted a percentage of OF earnings from his clients. That’s why he has two models officially because moo bounced and so did others. That’s why he doesn’t shoot with her anymore.

No. 861942

"I'm not here to call anybody out that's why I'm here vaguely calling them out."
Cowardly Mariah as always.

No. 861943

Moo didn't you also "advise" ethots and participate in Squarecuck's company?? You took your photo down when people noticed lmaoooooo

No. 861944

This. Not saying she’s wrong in that there are people out there preying on SW but I just find it hilarious how fast she can turn on someone when they start asking her for money.

No. 861945

I’m kind of thinking it’s the opposite tbh. Didn’t he do her archer tattoo? She’s been public about how she doesn’t like it now and is getting it removed, and I’m thinking her new wave of spiritualism is a try to one up sensei. He must have turned her down again or is getting married or something.

No. 861947

He told her the placement was not a good idea. Moo, having a skull almost as thick as her gunt, tried to act like she wanted it that way. Everyone else saod it looked retarded and now she wants it gone.

No. 861954

I agree with Moo for once but she's only where she is now out of dumb luck. But it's Moo, she's calling out her ex friend. That or she's salty she tried to enter a modeling agency and they laughed her fat ass out the door.

He's the one who told Moo that a lot of her tattooes are stupid, including the archer one. It's so weird how Moo says she hates it when men call her dumb and degrade her, but she was letting Sensei do it to her face for YEARS because she's obsessed with fucking her bestfriends ex's for validation. Talk about desperate

No. 861957


. . . Isn’t her dumbass the one that is constantly going on about having a “crack team” that’s constantly on her beck and call whenever she needs them? Also, I’m guessing this is another lackey (She doesn’t have any actual friends, just people she pays to put up with her bullshit) that she’s burned another bridge with? I wonder what lie they refused to perpetuate for her this time that made her want to drop them. Also typical coward Moo, going on social media to put people on blast instead of handling it behind closed doors like an adult. I know she thinks she’s doing something good by airing this out publicly, but really it only serves to show how trashy she is by constantly airing out her dirty laundry publicly like this.

No. 861961


Not too much tinfoil but my thought on all this is she wanted/begged for a collaboration with someone and they shot her down or even funnier they knew her for the clout chasing fat ass drama whore she is and told her she had to pay them and they got all the money and she got some exposure. Nobody she Collabs with is so stupid they DONT know what she is right?

No. 861969

File: 1639528594326.jpg (Spoiler Image,160.1 KB, 960x1280, EDhXR2y.jpg)


No. 861970

I’m sure Moo is banking everything on her studio succeeding because goddamn, her body is beyond photoshop’s help at this point. What a sad dumpy grandma body at only 26 years old.

No. 861972


Dear moo- no matter how you thrust it out you won’t have an ass. People that have an ass have cheeks that go further than a quarter of the way across their legs.

No. 861973

so wide and flat. I'm sure most of her milf loving fanbase don't know she's 25, not 50

No. 861975

File: 1639531457958.jpeg (2 MB, 1618x2373, 0F6860C5-7DBB-4BFA-8FF1-5D1D9F…)

Probably the first cosplay she’s actually nailed.

No. 861976

can a more talented anon than I put Moo's head on this. It's too perfect

No. 861977


I go hiking out there a few times a year. Spring and fall are crazy crowded on the trails. I think that path might be private property, but it looks like its close to Cantwell Cliffs and some of the other super popular trails in the area. So yes, someone could probably see her blobby body by accident.

No. 861978

File: 1639532390134.jpg (594.79 KB, 521x921, 1ueV4pC.jpg)

fursuit legs

No. 861979

even the baby has more of an ass than her kek

No. 861980

those thighs freak me out man, they're not right
why are they all in the front

No. 861983

Lipo happened. Her body is suppose to be 300+ pounds. The fat cells are just gathering in her thighs and she's pretending it's rippling muscle instead of rippling fat.
The reason her back side is flat in comparison is because she sits on her ass 90% of the day and has no real muscle.

No. 861987

File: 1639537224595.png (2.11 MB, 840x1232, bigbaby.png)

No. 861989

Yoooo how is she so self unaware that's she's trying to show off her legs and abdomen… Girl u look extra terrestrial

No. 861990

The thighs are weird as hell but also those ham hock fore arms.

No. 861991

Is it possible for her to do a fat transfer from her thighs to her ass? She should look into that.

No. 861992

File: 1639542224078.jpg (53.89 KB, 508x854, Cha_franky.jpg)

Silly nonna, she's just thicc and ripped and definitely not relying on filters lipo and shoop. She needs that arm muscle to fight off haturs.

No. 861995

File: 1639543570765.png (2.28 MB, 809x1187, bigbaby2.png)

sorry, i probably should have kept her head tiny for better accuracy

No. 861997


Uhhh didn’t she try to launch her own kinda OF? Peachy fans or whatever lol, sure Mariah. Sounds like you’re bitter no one collabs or wants to work with you.

No. 861999

who is shotting her now then? i really thought he was still under her leash

No. 862000

Martin Wong has been doing her shoots lately (who doesn’t like shooting fat people to begin with but money talks). Squarecuck hasn’t been in the picture for months now which is odd considering how far up his head was in her ass.

No. 862001

It's really weird, she does lipo, she did coolsculpting, but not once ever thought of doing a Brazillian butt lift to transfer her fat to her ass. In her heavily shooped photos besides smoothing the skin she barely changes the size of her ass and upper thighs, she somehow has done enough mental gymnastics to delude herself that she does have an ass and therefore doesn't need any work done.

No. 862002

She got "Kardashian" butt treatments that definitely weren't snake oil. Realistically scrotes don't mind her baked potato looking ass so she doesn't have much incentive to actually improve it instead or pretend to be on some fitness journey. From irl experience scrotes wanting to look at a white and fat ass don't care about much else as long as it's white and fat.

I keep insisting she doesn't have the endurance for healing from a BBL with how much she must sit on her ass all day. And she already insisted that she was getting a boob lift this winter so she's unlikely to do both unless she is hiring more live in care than Maddie can provide.

No. 862004

im pretty sure she’s admitted as such, that she doesn’t have the strength or patience to heal from a BBL. she probably also is smart enough (barely) to know that the risks/cons of a BBL outweigh the pros and i’m no doctor but i bet obesity adds to the risks as well.

No. 862005

this bitch is so dumb lmao that ass is as pathetic as her saggy granny tits lmao why is she think this is a good picture to show

No. 862008

File: 1639565560495.jpeg (Spoiler Image,78.97 KB, 453x598, BD4736FF-E9C6-4010-A902-8380F4…)


No. 862021

A cross between a morbidly obese Suburban Sasquatch and Cousin It?

No. 862022

Unfortunately for moo, a boob lift can't fix most of the damage from her old reduction.

No. 862023

Mariah, do you really think we believe you've lost weight? We just saw this >>861969
Your delusions are somehow becoming more insane. And comb your nappy ass hair.

No. 862027

Actual birds nest. Does she know what a hairbrush is?

No. 862033

she will def do a BBL if it's some quack doctor who is making up BS about it being low pain and fast healing just like her nose job.

No. 862038

Inb4 “my bbl doctor PIONEERED the technique he is using that will cut healing down to 1 day and minimize discomfort to that of a small nosebleed! It only cost 92,000 dollars but he’s elite and better than your doctor!”

No. 862049

And then she gets a flesh eating infection on her ass for being an unwashed hog.

No. 862053

File: 1639614254202.png (2.93 MB, 1800x1119, 70292272-AE26-42A6-B293-53791E…)

I’d be very afraid, if I were Phil, of this bitch trying to grope him in public since she can’t separate reality with her shitty anime.

No. 862054

Samefag but the fact that she’s dressing up as that particular character when he’s dressing up as Douma sends up so many red flags. You just know she’s going to want to recreate some fantasy she has in her head with that ship.

No. 862056

Excited to see non-edited photos of Momokun in the wild. It’s been two years since we’ve seen what she really looks like.

No. 862057

If she is cosplaying WITH him you know she's going to jump on him and try to fuck him. Cos guys only work with her once for a reason. She's too aggressive and is a predator

No. 862058

She's planned Mitsuri months ago

No. 862060

Isn't Phil gay

No. 862061

And? Your point is?

Yup but that probably won’t stop her from trying. Let’s not forget her “real men” rant and how she thought gay men (and anime men) were superior to straight guys or “boys” as she referred them to lol. Hope Phil packs some jaws of life because he’s going to need it.

No. 862062

seeing as how Moo doesn't think gay is a real thing and her mentality of "I can make him straight if I try~ My puss is just that good!" yeah, Phil better run

No. 862063

yep. but i doubt that will stop mariah. she seems like the type of woman who thinks she could turn a gay guy straight/bi for her.

No. 862071

Inb4 cowtippers “warn” Phil about moo threatening to kidnap and sexually assault him.

No. 862072

She deleted the last one. Probably in a bid to make her seem less desperate lol

No. 862073

Lmaoo she's flying all the way to Florida to see Phil dress up as her husbando. That poor man better RUN

No. 862074

I'm so fucking tired of hearing about this fucking Douma character.

No. 862076

my theory is she doesn't give a fuck about the character or the anime and she actually has a huge crush on Phil. She doesn't go rabid for any other cosplayer on this level.

But I'm all here for Moo getting in heat again for attacking a gay cosplayer

No. 862080

This is 100% about squarenoodles because he takes something absurd like a 20% cut per month and encourages his models to push their boundaries (which a lot have come out saying they regret doing), wonder if it’s the same for Moo re: nudity and pornography and she’s bitter now lol

No. 862088

I doby think she’s that bitter considering all the money she has now and the fact she keeps putting out half hearted porn

No. 862091

that and she was already sending nudes and porn to guys in DM's anyway. If she's mad about anything it's she can't charge 100 bucks a pop for fake topless pics.

No. 862092

File: 1639675916088.png (3.32 MB, 1242x2208, 46B76E5B-1E17-42FC-9136-5B5429…)

No. 862093

Bitch you ARE a kid at Christmas. A fat whiny child who is all flex and no substance.

No. 862095

She does realize Phil isn't Doma right? He wont fuck you just because you dress as Shinobu. Maybe that's why she was thinking about cutting her titts off, so Phil would finally notice her. The same out of reality bitch who would ruin her sisters birthday if she didn't get cake and gifts as well.

No. 862096

Calm down, bitch it’s just a costume. A costume millions of other people has dressed up as before. You’re not unique or special. You’re just like every other fat chick who thinks they shit exuberance when really you’re just another pig squealing and rutting in mud.

No. 862100

What the hell kind of drugs is she on, like for real. Feel at peace for cosplaying a character?? This sounds like some weird ass acceptance speech. What the fuck.

No. 862104

I know right? She's acting like studio Ufotable personally asked her to cosplay Shinobu. Even Yaya was more humble when capcom asked her to cosplay for them

No. 862106


She acts like every cosplay she does is one where the creator/company personally asked her to cosplay the character and that she embodies them so perfectly that they can’t see the character as anyone else but her. Pure delusion on her part. Probably seething because she had tried going after other cosplayers who actually get those deals to cosplay on behalf of the company and all her fat ass could do was bitch and whine about them social media. They’re off living the life she desperately wants, while she is stuck degrading herself doing trashy porn in her living room for degenerate simps.

She is really nothing more than every other sweaty fatty who dresses up as the character at some local convention. Except hers is always somehow worse despite the fact that she has access to materials and builders that most normies don’t. Imagine claiming to be a professional cosplayer making thousands of dollars a month with nothing but time and resources on your hands, and having worse builds than the normie who put their costume together in a week.

No. 862110


Shit you give her too much credit. A kid on Halloween puts better costumes together from scratch than anything she does. And every time she says cosplay we all know it for the self delusion it is- she’s not even a porn star.

No. 862118

Did she just call herself an artist? There isn't a trait within that potato sack of a body that hints at an artist. Money doesn't equal skill, Mariah is a hack that couldn't spawn an original idea if her life depended on it. She destroys EVERYTHING that money has created for her.

No. 862121

Hey anon it takes alot of time and artistry to paint a new ass!!

No. 862124

Don't you remember when she was tracing manga pages for a week at the start of the year without crediting shit hoping no one would notice? Total artist
Claimed she could be a mangaka if she really wanted to
Delusion in Moo is high

No. 862159

but anon she totally speaks japanese and translated all that manga remember?

No. 862167

ah, how could we forget. And lets not forget trying to chat up japanese artists on twitter, which, coincidentally, is where she got these >>860758 photos from

No. 862191

If she leaves the hotel room. Moo has gone 2 years without being in public and what we get is extremely edited or her bundled up like she lives in Alaska vs Vegas. I'm calling it now she's gonna lose her nerve and go to Disney or Universal instead and spurge out it was a 'spur of the moment.'

No. 862193

we will be seeing Moo at cons next year. She's a delusional narcissist and hasn't looked in the mirror for years. She believes the delusional shopped/filtered pics are real. She will waddle in thinking she looks great. Kind of like how she tricked herself to think she is a professional athlete and not one burger away from a heart attack.

No. 862194


But who’s left to be her little bodyguard squad? Maddie? I doubt anyone would even give two fucks enough to take candids simply cause moo isn’t anyone.

No. 862195

File: 1639778199829.jpeg (772.02 KB, 828x1476, C428AEA6-A6A0-4F8F-8941-B22489…)

No. 862196

File: 1639778281334.jpeg (508.55 KB, 828x1467, 544883C3-443E-4A08-B0DE-AABA8A…)

No. 862197

probably that chick she took golfing. Or she will get some desperate small cosplayer, pretend they have been friends for years and literally pay them to keep her safe

right on time! though if this is gunna be her squad they all look like they would flee from danger and Vamps does her own thing at cons now

No. 862198

File: 1639778334574.jpeg (435.76 KB, 828x924, 59F1CEFB-886D-4565-AFA3-024F43…)

No. 862200

It looks like her boobs are going to pop out at any moment.

No. 862206

The aheago trend is dead moo. Much like your career.

No. 862208

her boobs look so small here, despite how saggy they are. her reduction and then constant weight gain from lipo really fucked up her breast shape.

No. 862215

She has them scrunched up in her top like slinkees.

No. 862217

File: 1639796867359.png (1.03 MB, 1026x602, watda.PNG)

self absorbed and obsessed

No. 862218

File: 1639797343514.jpeg (2.1 MB, 1072x1940, 34104CE5-F92E-4031-8CC5-450FF4…)

Nothing about this looks even remotely good or remarkable considering she probably spent a ton on it. That goes for her haggard face too.

Her tits look like the fake boob chest plate drag queens wear. It’s almost like they’re being strangled.

No. 862219

She made herself look like Mickey Deer.

No. 862221

This is such an ugly costume, what the fuck? I feel like I'm looking at an inebriated housewife thinking she's Giselle from Enchanted and tried to make clothes from her shitty patterned drapes.

No. 862222

File: 1639800847968.jpeg (1.26 MB, 1094x1782, 73AE2920-2046-4A86-8A03-AFE7BE…)

No. 862223

Hat got folded probably because Moo couldn't be arsed to pack properly, and the costume is in need of an ironing. Professional cosplayer indeed.

No. 862224

if it wasn't for a boob vein I would say this is a fake set of tits, they just look too damn small for her frame

No. 862226

File: 1639804164293.jpeg (807.68 KB, 1242x1329, 7DFDC5A8-EF61-495D-B0A1-CB6E00…)


No. 862231

File: 1639814241646.png (2.3 MB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_20211218-012551.png)

From someone's story

No. 862232

File: 1639815749918.jpg (100.26 KB, 400x400, hospital.jpg)

No. 862233

File: 1639815992081.jpg (304.42 KB, 1284x2282, 2021-12-18T015441.275.jpg)

No. 862234

File: 1639816786247.webm (3.03 MB, 720x1280, 2021-12-18T030409.360.webm)

No. 862235

File: 1639816856379.jpeg (859.51 KB, 1170x1253, E77A6A24-9376-4B16-94FE-2AA4E0…)

Bless you anon lol

No. 862237

This fillers gave her a perma-mustache, or like she got her lips stick in a vacuum hose.

No. 862240

Jesus, even her makeup looks disgusting. Why does she think the thick eyeliner looks good? Moo’s stuck in 2012.

No. 862242

It's supposed to hide the 3 layers of falsies

No. 862243

AliExpress paper fabric costume looking ass

No. 862244

They really did; pre-fillers = turtle lips, with fillers = prolapsed butthole, post-fillers = moustachioed duck lips. But then, botched is her brand, so it fits, I guess.

No. 862246

I hate how much almost all of her wigs look like unfortunate helmets

No. 862249

Isn't she supposed to be getting that shit dissolved? Doesn't that only take a session or two?

No. 862250

Moo needing to cling onto the bar for Light/easy mode of DDR never fails to crack me up. Get some proper cardio sometime, Mooriah.

No. 862251

Two lard asses finally getting a little cardio.

No. 862253

Moo can barely move because of all the compression gear she piled on to hide the fact she just gained a bunch of weight.
I see why she choose this cosplay though. Can hide her roles and shapewear

No. 862257

File: 1639856955297.png (4.45 MB, 1242x2208, FF137934-FE08-4359-A45F-12385D…)

Do they have the same store bought outfit? Phil better watch himself around this horny heffer.

No. 862261

I was wondering about that as well, but his pants look different. But the haori sure is super similiar. Is the wig the same she wore?

And for claiming she is so into wearing Shinobu, her cosplay sure looks cheap af. Couldn't even put in the effort to buy a nice one.

No. 862262

File: 1639860983642.jpeg (1.87 MB, 1242x2191, C0EED7A4-475A-4257-931F-83B188…)

Lol holy shit they're sharing the same cosplay. Credited the same studio for when she wore it. The hat is even creased in the same spot. Let me guess, she paid for the whole thing as a "gift" for him?

No. 862267

File: 1639862029855.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1125x1387, 6F117B15-CACC-47BE-A5FB-72387C…)

Probably the happiest she’s been in a while, look at the way she looks at him

No. 862271

This is dissolved, the skin around her lips is all stretched out/slack now, so it has that weird mushy deflated mustache look.

No. 862272

Do we have any idea of what she's gotten done? 'cause it seems like her face is way smaller than it was before, even in this one photo from someone else.

No. 862273

Those eyelashes make my skin crawl, they look like spider legs or fur or something, really uncanny. This wig also looking especially like it was carved out of foam, 10/10 umbran handiwork once again.

No. 862274

Probably more facial lipo. She got it done before she probably got it done same time as her lip filler dissolve so when her face deflates the same as her lips she could blame it on 'oh it must just seem that way because my lips are smaller too!' as if that makes any sense.

I think she probably also did a round of those fit teas that make you poop like crazy but if I remember properly they do remove a ton of bloating. (also probably face tape)

Doesnt change she looks literally twice her age

No. 862277

Well yea she’s thirsty af. And seriously does she really even hang out with guys that she isn’t either a pump and dump tinder thing or someone that friend zoned her?

No. 862282

File: 1639866731984.jpeg (779.31 KB, 1125x1254, E15CC6AF-D2C5-4675-8755-E96131…)

Odd she didn’t use umbrans wig, since she’s her wigslave and all

No. 862285

He looks mad ugly but still too good for moo WOOF

No. 862295

Isn’t this man gay? I can’t remember but I thought he was. Either way, Mooriah wouldn’t have had a chance regardless.

No. 862296

Mariah going from "short hair makes you a BUTCH DYKE" to desperately trying to be in a fake relationship with Vamps for horny men and failing miserably, to now thirsting for a gay man she will never be able to sleep with is absolutely golden. Her life truly is a Greek tragedy.

No. 862297

File: 1639871457784.png (1.55 MB, 1080x1765, Screenshot_20211218-174548~2.p…)

The blonde one is rentchan's
The other is probably umbran's

No. 862298

Yes anon, this has already been pointed out. He's gay.

Her face looks so haggard and awful.

No. 862299

Nice caked on make up. Can’t wait for the influx of acne because we know this whore never washes her face.

No. 862301

Oh shit you’re right my bad

No. 862305

File: 1639876465387.jpeg (1.17 MB, 1085x1956, 9247B307-8C8C-4882-B3A4-D248F8…)

I know it’s a meme but it still looks like a self own considering how cheap she looks lol

No. 862306

she really did give herself a michael jackson nose lmao

No. 862309

File: 1639877010786.jpg (306.52 KB, 2477x3500, 1557717475.jpg)

first thing that came into my mind

No. 862311

Dude it's so weird. He's gay Moo. She's being so creepy about this.

No. 862313

If she gifted him that cosplay… gross?
Wasn't she wearing it for hours, played DDR in it, got it all sweaty, and god knows what else she did in it (It's Moo, we all know what she did in this outfit while thinking of Phil) I don't think he's aware she did that. Seems like some weird ass fetish to "claim" him. There are so many red flags it ain't even funny. Run dude

No. 862321

Her nose looks off. One nostril looks longer than the other.

No. 862322

I love how the left side of her jawline has that mysterious extra line there by her ear (our left her right)….

No. 862324

Jesus Christ, this man is fucking ugly, if he wasn’t gay, I would say that he’s a great match for Moo.

No. 862326

I'm fucking dying anon, it's spot on

No. 862334

HAJAHAHAH god bless

No. 862343

>>862324 To each their own I guess. You’re in the minority opinion-wise though. The only thing that’s unattractive about him to me is that he hangs with Mariah.

No. 862346

Wearing Moo's unwashed cosplay also adds to the barf meter.

No. 862349

File: 1639915193914.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.09 MB, 1778x3840, 2021-12-18_22-32-24_2305834966…)

No. 862351

Holy photoshop batman

No. 862352

Maybe im too baked but why did it seem like she had an amputee leg at first glance?

No. 862354

File: 1639922824181.jpg (927.73 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20211219_090614.jpg)

No. 862356

She’s trying to make herself look younger/natural hence the filler dissolving and boobie shooping

No. 862359

File: 1639931293393.jpg (487.38 KB, 1536x2048, habitat.jpg)

Ah, finally. A picture of moo in her natural habitat, a food store

No. 862360

Nothing on his own page about this cosplay. I can't imagine him willingly posting pictures with Moo himself.

No. 862364

File: 1639935262427.png (4 MB, 1800x1652, 29321452-0451-4571-AC67-B528EC…)

Don’t worry, Moo is working overtime to make sure people know they were together. That’s the majority of her IG stories.

No. 862366

if she gets any more manic she's going to start telling people they're a couple and the magical story of how she turned him straight. Then wonder why he blocked her

No. 862368

Well damn she got me I thought for certain she'd cower in her hotel room since Vamp doesn't dwell in her hank hill ass to protect her anymore. But did anyone see her outside her Douma cosplay? I'd love to see the Mitsuri in the wild.

No. 862369

we probably wont. she seemed to go to areas where not many people were around. After she put her sweat, stank and love all over the cosplay she promptly gave it to Phil. So now he smells like fish and hot dog water as well

No. 862370

There’s some convention going on? Wow, i almost thought she’s over those and too scared to go, in case of some candids.

No. 862372

It's her signature, in almost every shoot she would somehow look like an amputee, claims to be a professional cosplayer but still shit at posing and angles.

No. 862374

Figures, Douma likely was the only exception because it covers her fully. But I'll say this con is def testing the waters if she'll return to the scene. The majority of cosplay crowd rn are zoomers are their attention span is next to nothing, she's kinda a nobody so she may skirt by with returning if she doesn't be the wonderful Moo we know so well.

No. 862375

Phil is there so she has to make people assume they're dating and drug him.

No. 862385

Phil has a boyfriend. No one is mistaking them for dating. People know who moo is and know who phil, a guest, is.

No. 862414

This bitch is so dried up, no one tagged her in any photos this weekend lmao what a downfall, fucking quit Mariah you waste of space

No. 862426

When has that stopped her before?

No. 862434

For real. All that hoopla on her story and tagging her posts and nobody wants to be seen online with her KEK. Only when they're huddling awkwardly in a hallway or in the privacy of a room will they bring any attention to the fact that heifer is there. She clings like a leech and they all just act like nothing is even there while she's sperging online about her best friends and having the best fans and totally having the best time ever. Meanwhile in every candid at a con she looks dehydrated, disgusting, anxious, lost and is always positioned just outside of whatever friend circle she's standing near.

No. 862452

she wants to be in the cos scene so bad even though no one sees her as a cosplay. Because she put the title of "Cosplayer" on a pedestal and still think she's better than other sex workers. She still doesn't say she does porn, she "models" and does "gravure" If she films herself shoving glass up her puss it isn't porn, it's "acting"

No. 862483

File: 1640054737778.jpg (580.63 KB, 1077x1078, Screenshot_20211220-214441_Ins…)

The more you look, the worse it gets.

No. 862484

She looks like a midget or a fat baby

No. 862489

What is this supposed to look like? Because it looks like a knockoff Warhammer fig you’d find in a dollar store.

No. 862490

Paya from Breath of the Wild

No. 862493

Those hooves, oof.

No. 862494

I feel terrible for the cleaning ladies after this cow leaves a room. I bet you anything she leaves it filthy and doesn’t tip.

No. 862497

File: 1640071975199.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1284x2406, CA63668F-9B25-4A6C-82A1-9BE9FE…)

There’s something weird about that ratio. Almost 60k likes with only 52 comments? Is she buying likes?

No. 862500

I couldn’t stand it everytime she used to say she’s a gravure model.
You’re an only fans girl Mariah.

No. 862501

Look at the stains on her skirt. Did she not wash this after wearing it for the porn set she did in it a while back? That's some CWC-level shit, walking around in clothes with jizz/lube on them.

No. 862502

the stains are actually on the mirror.

No. 862503

It's on the mirror anon.

No. 862514

File: 1640104862264.png (3.01 MB, 1242x2208, 30073A9D-BBB2-466E-B83A-608999…)

We remember what your “normal” lips looked like. Those are not normal.

No. 862515

File: 1640104971216.png (3.26 MB, 1242x2208, 76AF478A-49A2-4D02-94D9-3D1998…)

No. 862516

I could almost swear she said she got an implany for her upper lip

No. 862517

Moo has always fluffed all her numbers to pretend she's relevant

did she re plump her lips and now trying to pass them up as "Natural"
this is her "I never had lipo" phase all over again. What a stupid thing to lie about

No. 862518

File: 1640108660110.jpg (933.09 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20211221_124326.jpg)

Whose normal lips are you comparing yours to, Mariah? Because it's clearly not yours.

No. 862519

It's been less than a year and she's already regretting her irreversible plastic surgeries. If only she had slowed down before she got a 30k nose job huh? What'll happen when she starts to regret that one too?

I'm not one to sympathize for Moo but the absolute manic-ness she's displayed this year is just downright depressing. Surgery, car upgrades, tattoos, only for her to immediately turn around and dislike or regret them. It's not that I feel bad for her, it's just seeing this year's spiral is horrific when you know all of it could've been avoided if she calmed the fuck down for one day. She should really use some of that endless money to get prescribed some meds, ones that aren't from a plastic surgeon lol

No. 862520

Definitely, her lips used to be almost non-existant before she started with the fillers. A very dumb thing to lie about, since i think moderate or minimal amount of lipfillers look better on her. On another note, holy shit her eyebrows are awful, looks just like shaynas sharpie brows.

No. 862521

The healing from that would be obvious including the way her edges would move. Anons have bright it up as a fix to the turned down corners as thats common due to the stretching after fillers, but she doesn't have one currently. They are also thin and barbed.

No. 862525

why do these cunts always use skincare shit with lashes n shit still on?

No. 862526

I've asked myself this question for years.

No. 862529

If I'm not mistaken she has lash extensions which aren't the same as normal false lashes, and usually stay in for weeks so it'd make sense to still do skincare with them on. Lots of things to shit on Moo about, but this probably isn't one of them.

No. 862531

she's still wearing makeup and brows, genius.

No. 862533

Her brows and eyes are still done, you retard. Lots of instathots do this.

No. 862538

File: 1640136800158.jpg (480.23 KB, 646x752, GqLktX1.jpg)

Why lie about not having a public tiktok again?

No. 862539

File: 1640136891305.jpg (606.08 KB, 517x919, NmnA6bS.jpg)

No. 862541

She didn't want people reporting it lol

No. 862542

She really doesn’t seem to grasp the long-term consequences of altering her body and treats all of these procedures as if they can be easily and perfectly reversed when she changes her mind. If she gains weight, she thinks she can just get it lipoed away without consequence, or if she doesn’t like a tattoo, she can just get it lasered off and it’ll be just like new. Except it won’t, because medicine isn’t magic, skin stretches, fat finds new places to grow, filler migrates, and removed tattoos leave scars. She can’t seem to wrap her head around this. She plays so fast and loose with her own body & she’s in for a shock in a few years.

No. 862543

I've been waiting for someone else to notice this, moo definitely hasn't got all of her filler dissolved. She's left some in her upper lip because she knows her turtle pout is ugly

No. 862545

Maybe one of her paypigs said something. She never does these types of things logically.

No. 862550

she doesn't grasp the consequences of anything.

No. 862552

I am disappointed in the lack of moo unedited photos.

No. 862575

Don’t be. It just shows no one at the convention gave enough of a fuck to even ask for a picture of her, or even snap one without her knowing. She’s fast approaching irrelevancy and most people in the scene nowadays won’t even know who she is. She’s not the ‘famous cosplayer’ she imagines herself to be and no ones in a rush to meet her.

No. 862579


Now that you’ve mentioned this, she’ll go on incessantly about how she “never felt so loved” and “getting to meet so many awesome fans”.

No. 862580

Especially now that you bring this up knowing she lurks, lol.

No. 862581

That and no one in Florida gives a shit about internet famous chicks. The cosplay scene in Florida actually is about community, and making friends.

No. 862586

File: 1640213588870.jpg (260.03 KB, 1080x1318, Screenshot_20211222-235038_Ins…)


No. 862587

File: 1640213636138.jpg (20.76 KB, 406x326, 20211222_235133.jpg)

I cant was she too lazy to paint her fucking toe nails 😂

No. 862588

That blurring wont fool anyone(emoji)

No. 862589

I'm more surprised she's in Florida and isn't taking thotty bikini pics by the pool. She's been in shape wear and covered up head to toe. I'm surprised she didn't collapse yet

Blurry drawn on hooves, blurry drawn on chin, blurry legs, titts, everything. Just commission an artist and tell em to draw a fat version of the character at this point

No. 862592

Not to whiteknight over something retarded, but if the editor is using premade colouring actions/PSDs instead of manually adjusting colours themselves its very easy to get this blown-out cartoony mess. And if the editor is using premades, you can also assume they're also using a premade frequency separator as well. This is all entry level hobbyist skill level, so she's probably saving hella money editing for herself or hiring a sixteen year old to do it for her.

No. 862595

She is just sitting down on the floor and still has to be edited to hell and back. Everything in her life is predicated on her body image and self esteem being so fragile yet she yells in her instagram stories about her body costing more money than most people's homes. It's more of a cope than a bragging point if she shows up this blurry and edited.

She's going to fall further and further and no one's going to throw their hand out for her because they know she'll bite them if they do. "That cheap spandex suit" truly became the snake that bites its own tail.

No. 862602

Reminds me when she was flexing about the cost of her cosmetic procedures and a lot of the comments were like "You spent all that money and you still look that bad?" and proceeded to delete the post. Aaah, good times

No. 862612

no anon, she's sitting on comically small tatami mats that aren't even set up properly. it's totally different!

No. 862637

File: 1640277290423.png (3.6 MB, 1242x2208, 9C0C3FAA-31C3-429C-A2BB-CD7295…)

No. 862639

that looks no different.
I wonder what her next tattoo will be now? Still waiting for more of the black bands and cheese roses she mentioned earlier in the year. Or the color behind doumas eyes she was going to get done

No. 862641

I see she read my previous comment >>862542 kek go ahead and show us in 12 sessions Mariah, I’ll take that bet. I’m not the one who has to sit through 12 painful sessions because I’m retarded and have no concept of the future.

No. 862642

combination of too fat + she knows candids would escape on the internet no matter how hard she tried. not surprised she's only emerging fully costumed.

No. 862661

File: 1640287859186.png (2.33 MB, 1242x2208, F5C211C7-F138-485D-99EA-B77D29…)

I guess the old comments finally broke her but of course her lazy ass will take any way out except any that requires actual effort and hard work. As per usual. 26 and taking snake oil, anti-aging supplements… jfc

No. 862662

This is basically just an expensive multi-vitamin. It’s $238 for a 90 day supply, and the instructions say to not eat or drink anything but water for 2 hours before and after for the evening dose. Realistically any weight loss Moo sees will be from the four hours she manages to keep food out of her mouth. If she sticks with it at all, which she won’t.

No. 862663

More bullshit, she could just take a multi vitamin and get into a routine.. but we all know moofatass wants that quick fix.

No. 862664

one, Moo you're in your 20's. But I get it, you look 50. But she's out here throwing shade about other thots using "Snake oil" but she's takes this and use to promote diet teas.

No. 862666

This is the worst possible publicity for this product lmao, the company should send Moo a cease and desist for defamation. A snake oil company deserves it though.

No. 862667

File: 1640292209559.jpeg (165.9 KB, 1123x987, 25AE63AE-F41E-48BB-B595-0CB212…)

Moo gout saga when?

No. 862671

She's gonna pander to the vomit and scat fans long before we experience her gout saga.

No. 862690

File: 1640303432293.jpeg (129.85 KB, 828x1031, B9198C4B-CB1D-4E43-8220-61FF97…)

Taking anti aging pills while in your 20’s is pretty grim, this is targeted at women over forty five. She can take all the pills she wants the issue is that she doesn’t take care of herself, eat well, or workout. But I guess she’d rather slap a 200$ bandaid on the problem than put in any kind of real work.

No. 862692

Samefag but she’s deleted it

Considering she already looks 50, maybe it’s warranted lol

No. 862694

Seeing how she wears spanks, has veneers and is now taking anti aging pills yeah, Moo is 50 years old. Not mentally, but physically she's old

No. 862697

You just know Vamp is eating it up. Sure she got the short stick being a butterface. But she still has a decent body, doesn't look 20+ years older than she is. But now she gets to watch Moo destroy herself, and can walk away any time with minimal damage.

No. 862700

Vamps is still a bitch but she has all the legs up on Moo
Looks younger, better body, actually has a cosplay career instead of making cheap porn, gets invited to cons, people wanna hang with her.
The only reason I see Vamps hanging around Moo once in a while is they both have dirt on the other so they both better behave

No. 862701

I think Vamp at this point is just along for the shit show. Sure Moo has plenty of dirt on her but Moo's word holds no weight whatsoever anymore. I always assumed Vamp only came back to watch her spiral out of control and lust over Sensei who was her FWB. It's probably cathartic for her.

No. 862712

this. vamp clearly also has dirt on moo. we know moo can't keep her mouth shut. she probably told vamp a lot of things. she clearly expected vamp to back down during the sensei saga. and yet vamp walked and was welcomed back immediately, she's also holding cards. i honestly wonder what maddie thinks of vamp tho, she's crazy about moo in a very uncomfortable way…

No. 862727

The problem with milk is that it sours- eventually whatever dirt moo might have won’t have any impact on anything. She could put vamps on blast and it wouldn’t affect anyone or anything imo. So I agree with the idea she just wanted front row seats to the shitshow. I wonder how long it will be until moo realizes she can’t backpedal and be a cosplayer- she wasn’t really one in the first place but I’m certain her paypigs won’t pay for her vanilla shopped pics for long. She’s past that point now.

No. 862730

File: 1640336638924.png (4.28 MB, 1242x2208, 19779433-6B89-41E1-A296-5E1294…)

Nine noble virtues and yet none apply to Moo. She really is living in her own little world.

No. 862733

It's rules for maddie to follow

No. 862735

Maddie's rich ass parents must be next level insufferable if she prefers to be a grunt for the gunt.

>I share hearth, food, and drink
>I take joy in labor
>I gain skills
Do you though?

No. 862743

Lmao, I love these little teaching lessons about expensive skincare shit, like her La Mer hard-on, as if they're just working wonders for her skin.
Moo, you look terrible and pills aren't going to save you.

No. 862759

Didn't know Maddie's parents were rich does she pays moo shit?

No. 862780

File: 1640407987225.png (378.6 KB, 471x846, ahshitherewegoagain.png)

Obsession ended with Douma. Now Ranma is my husbando.

No. 862783

Who cosplayed Ranma at holmat? I have to know.

No. 862784

Didn’t she already fail at cosplaying Shampoo?

No. 862786

File: 1640412049168.jpeg (139.03 KB, 1400x1919, A86C9370-626E-488B-9900-B01C66…)

Who could forget? I’m sure we’ll see her fail again sometime in the near future now that she’s sperging hard about it again.

How many thousands of dollars does she blow through every time she cycles through “husbandos”?

No. 862787

oof those cankles

No. 862793

Moids really pay money and get hard looking at this when equally garbage Shampoo cosplay is out there for free…
Did she fall in love with a taller buff Ranma crossplayer and now wants to warm her gayish ace status in the microwave?

No. 862798

Holy shit. Her cosplays were always so cursed. The proportions are so fucked, it looks like she's three feet tall and has a huge head. The dead fish-eyed, red demon stare is intimidating, not sexy. And this is years old already. How does someone just get worse and worse over time like this?

No. 862799

It’s because she couldn’t turn that gay cosplayer straight and found a guy that likes ranma 1/2. She’s very easy to read. This is how she always operates. If one fandom or mood doesn’t give her the attention she craves she hops in somthing else to try to gain notoriety l. She’s done this with Steven universe, fate, dbz, furry community, etc.

No. 862800

Not sure, it can be mainly because Ranma is circulating the normie crowd again, so she's of course trying to worm her way in on this, yet again.

No. 862801

isn't this that super old anime where the dude turns into a girl with cold water, and a guy with hot? You would think Moo would hate a show like this with her history of "Don't shove your gay agenda in my face!" attitude. Also, is she going to remove the Douma tattoo now that she realized she can't turn Phil straight? Moo sure is acting like tattoos are not permanent

No. 862805

Countdown to ranma “dream cosplay” of her stuffed into an ill fitting Chinese outfit as girl ranma with her tits out in a hot spring and dry humping a panda plushie.

No. 862811

Ahh the start of the fupa saga, such memories anons. KBBQ awkwardly smushing his hand into her flabby tit. Right after this we got the lipo tinfoiling.

Eh, Moo's been a fan for sometime of Rumiko's work, she swore her first cosplay ever was Inuyasha. I think it and Ranma are some of the few she actually likes along with her obsession with Higarashi and Umineko. My guess she's falling back on media she actually knows. I'll not be surprised if she suddenly hops on the Inu Sequal despite how dogshit it is.

No. 862818

It's not hard to have actually watched Inuyasha or Ranma or any RT work because they're all a billion episodes long. I seriously doubt she has the patience or attention span.

No. 862847

File: 1640494317010.png (Spoiler Image,1.58 MB, 888x890, moomoo.PNG)

Xmas shoot

No. 862848


Hi I’d like to return this present it was too big for my house.

No. 862849

wtf she's got the nose of a burn victim

No. 862850

Undoing her lips was the best choice she's made in forever. Too bad she can't undo that ungodly pig snout of a nosejob.

No. 862853

That black band tattoo looks like a literal band that’s cutting into her fat arm. It just accentuates how big it is.

No. 862854

File: 1640499383135.jpg (360.8 KB, 1080x1041, Screenshot_20211226-011606_Chr…)

What could that be?

No. 862855

That’s a piece of hair, anon

No. 862861

it's disappearing into her fake jawline.

No. 862862

because it’s badly edited as usual nonnie

No. 862885

File: 1640544618358.png (1.46 MB, 888x890, lmao.png)

Where's the demarcation between her body and titty rolls?

No. 862886

It's always been one big tire there's no division

No. 862895

File: 1640551053838.png (2.94 MB, 1800x900, 049331B1-8DCB-4705-80AA-EBA712…)

I can’t help but be reminded of Fire Marshall Bill every time I see those creepy af veneers.

No. 862899

Kek spot on nonny. Also wow, looks like Moo has taken our advice and tried to smile in a photo instead the mouth breather expression.

No. 862901

This is a great comparison; they just look so bad, it’s shocking. Her teeth were fine before, what a weird decision. Sure Moo, your veneers might be worth a down-payment on a house, but that just means you paid that money to look worse than you did before. Like with the nose job - I’m starting to wonder how she’s going to breathe through that caved-in mess when it finally “settles.”

No. 862903

Her titties have merged with her backrolls, anon.
And that is not even the most noticeable fuckup with PS I see in those pics. Shooping her must be so hard since she has completely ruined her body and there is no way to salvage it anymore. If it was anyone else than Moo I would feel bad for her. Suits her tho to have an outside as ugly as inside.

No. 862904

What strands of hair have you been looking at? because I don't know of any that form a straight uniform shape and disappear into one's floating head

No. 862906

File: 1640563141060.jpg (528.53 KB, 888x890, IMG_20211227_125612.jpg)

I don't want to stick up for Mariah ever, but if you adjust the photos you can see it's just a piece of hair which has a slight wave to it and sticks out there, I've traced the line as well as I could but her chunky arm is in the way but the hair shape makes sense especially compared to the second photo.

No. 862940

anon, it's disappearing into her face because she's using snow or some app to shoop these selfies.

No. 863046

File: 1640676672005.jpeg (890.7 KB, 1242x1892, B239A063-BD8E-4816-878F-0810A6…)

No. 863047

File: 1640677207882.jpeg (67 KB, 498x766, E47DDCFA-839E-478B-A16B-A000BA…)

Why does she post sets like these? Has to be the worst example of Hank Hill ass Ive ever seen on a chick

No. 863087

Shayna Clifford would like to have a word.

No. 863088


She deleted the picture lol

No. 863092

out of all the poorly photoshopped pics and hank hill asses she choose to delete that one picture? Guess it doesn't matter since scrotes will pay whatever. Speaking of paying for nothing, how is her paetron? Did she post anything? Or is she still leeching off her scrotes for food money

No. 863093

just checked. She's posting her old cosplay sets but charging them ridiculous prices. She's also selling nudes which is a no no for paetron and has it as one of her goals. Guess she thinks her paetron wont get magically shut down this time

No. 863094

adding in she didn't post for 3 months and is now putting in everything in the past couple weeks. Guess since the new year is coming she needs some extra cash. That or she needs it for plastic surgery

No. 863099

Nudity is allowed under the community guidelines on Patreon, she just can’t post sets or video of her sad masturbation attempts. I’m still not surprised to see her trying to fleece people on that site again for a passive income. Guess that lipo money needs to come from somewhere.

No. 863104

we know the sets aren't going to be tasteful nudity lmao. just her dirty snatch with cheap toys and lube.

No. 863105

Either way, her paetron is def not going to last a year and onlyfans is shaky at best. If Moo doesn't find a plan B for her life she's fucked

No. 863112

Tbh I think onlyfans WAS her plan B. Her reopening Patreon is her trying so hard to backpedal and catfish (because they are all old sets she already sold). The question really comes down to how long her paypigs will tolerate her backpedal and her not making with the porn they are expecting.

No. 863125

File: 1640740844535.jpg (294.29 KB, 353x609, pWuVYbV.jpg)

No. 863127

File: 1640740953196.jpg (2.03 MB, 3840x5760, Sin5wJG.jpg)

No. 863128

File: 1640741044606.jpg (1.67 MB, 3840x5760, 3aNMKJ5.jpg)

No. 863129


Those acne bandages from Ulta are so conspicuous.

No. 863131

I know we say this almost everytime she posts a new photo, but fuuuuck, her her head to body ratio is absolutely fucked.

No. 863136

I remember her breast exam pics and I thought she looked thinner until we saw candids. The fact her head looks so tiny and you can still see the rippling fat even though she's smoothed out tells me she's still over 300 pounds

No. 863147

So on other news sssniperwolf agreed to meet a 10 year old kid with terminal cancer but then ghosted them. Proceeded to make herself the victim
kek, no wonder her and Moo are friends

No. 863149

File: 1640752564933.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1073x1826, F7948FDC-FADF-411F-A746-64D03B…)

Moo going all out on that tacky oriental phase grandma look.

No. 863151

I really thought she'd go for a big balled tanuki statue instead of dogs.

No. 863152

I'm nit picking here
but both of those foo dogs are male
anyway, I can hear Moo's inner monologue now "Yes, this will attract the asain men to my home!"

No. 863155

File: 1640758814611.jpeg (771.41 KB, 1077x1928, 8DB4AD6A-06CC-4FA5-942D-2C3557…)

No. 863159

What , is she setting up a trap door and a cell under her tacky McMansion? Putting the lotion on the skin kinda thing?

Tacky af but that should fit the rest of her houses decor.

No. 863172

i know this is the moo thread but, call them guardian lions, it's not the 80s anymore.

No. 863173

even shopped to hell and back, she has the stomach of shell-less Zoidberg.

No. 863175

File: 1640799681283.png (2.1 MB, 1242x2208, 05A9F496-0BDB-4814-A3A6-0CAEF1…)

So… this tai chi whatever phase is only because “Ranma aesthetic”. Because of course it is.

No. 863176

Moo seems like the type of idiot who thinks men wanna fuck women who look and act like men and then wonder what went wrong.

No. 863178

Ranma tattoo coming up in 3, 2, 1… maybe something to cover the red blotchy mess that's going to be left over after her Fate tattoo, perhaps?

No. 863179

If you ~feel like Ranma~ then take a hot shower forever bitch, the world has enough insane, smelly Asian obsessed incels with too much access to money and guns.

No. 863180

KEK I thought this was a farmer edit. What is that head size

No. 863181


>>Looks pretty good for 38.

No. 863184

watch her pull a Trisha and say she feels like Ranma because she's trans

No. 863192

File: 1640827272293.jpg (372.94 KB, 517x920, d2QfB96.jpg)

Rant about Sssniperwolf drama:
>Says "this its ridiculous" the mom went to Keemstar to bitch about Sssniperwolf dipping, knowing "how he is"
>thinks that the public needs to look at this behavior with a "bird's eye view" in regards to how the mom painted her "dying child's idol"
>implies that what was said was "slander"
>says Sssniperwolf makes content for children, isn't made for ripping apart people's livelihoods
>thinks Keemstar's "character"/content is made for children and thinks that children are easily swayed by the content he makes. Doesn't think they realize that his content is harmful.
>Talks about the responsibilty of having a child audience. Pleads that these creators needs to be aware of that environment

She seemed really skiddish mentioning this. She didn't play up her AAVE/bad bitch persona. I don't care about Sssniperwolf in respects to drama but I'm sure someone will know more details than I in regards to what happened.

No. 863194

Considering she makes kids content I'm wondering why no one has called Sssniperwolf out on being friends with momokun the self admitted sexual harasser.

No. 863195

The "children" in Sssniperwolf's audience made fan cams of Moo.I don't think they realize she's groped people.

No. 863196

Sit the fuck down moomookunt. You aren’t in any position to defend anyone and you have done as much shit talking as anyone. But go crazy I suppose.
I don’t know the drama with sniper nor care. I think it’s shitty to say you’ll do something then don’t but then this is what they are- shitty people.

No. 863197


I expect her to delete this when people start coming at her and bringing up her past and questioning why Sniperwolf is friends with someone like her.

Her dumbass still hasn’t learned to just shut the fuck up and just keep her opinions to herself instead of always wanting to stomp her hooves in and insert herself into drama and offering opinions that no one asked her for.

She is absolutely the last person that should be commenting on drama of any kind of attempting to lecture anyone, considering how she handled her own public disaster, where she tried to completely blow it off, take no responsibility and even attempted to make jokes and just sneer behind the camera with her friends during the whole thing. And this bitch has the nerve to think she can tell people what to do and how to act.

No. 863199

So these two guys decided to do a good deed to a dying child. Giving her games, money, just having a blast. She mentions she wished she could talk to sssniper wolf since she was watching her content while going through kemo.

So a bunch of youtubers told sssniperwolf and then she reached out to the mom of the kid and said she would love to have short phonecall with the kid (only asked for a couple minutes)
for almost a week, sssniperwolf snubbed this kid saying "i'm so busy~ sorreh. You don't understand. Maybe tomorrow" all while posting her going out to fancy restaurants, eating cake, shopping, having a general blast.

So the mom had enough, told sssniperwolf it would have been better if she didn't offer the phone call at all so she could at least tell her daughter "we tried" instead of stringing them along. sssniperwolf proceeded to make herself the victim and told the mom "wow, you don't need to be rude. I said I would do it eventually" about a child who could die any moment.

So everyone started putting sssniperwolf on blast, saying how disgusting she is. Instead of saying sorry to the mom, sssniperwolf spent hours arguing with people on the internet (instead of spending 5 minutes talking to the kid. The one she herself said she would). sssniper wolf said people are just using this to gain clout and how she's the victim in this situation

Again, child… dying of cancer. She ghosted her.

No. 863200


Makes sense why she and Momokunt run in the same circles. They are both garbage people that don’t give a shit about anyone besides themselves.

I take it back, she won’t have to delete those stories for fear of people putting on her blast for being associated with her. People will be more than happy dragging the both of these bitches for trying to defend this shit.

No. 863201

To try and slightly go off topic, for context: Sssniperwolf did post about it on her instagram. She posted a screencap of a conversation to the supposed instagram of the dying kid. The instagram picture for Sssniper (in the cap) didnt match the anime one she has now.

Moo has zero concept about creating "child content". She has zero idea what it means to be a parent of a dying child. Was it a poor choice to go to Keemstar? Sure. However, Moo has told people to kill themselves. Moo has posted pictures of her "haters" on her instagram to make fun of their appearance. What does she know about maintaining a postive image? The mom was running on short time. The mom acting a certain way wasn't perfect but it definitely wasn't slander.

No. 863203


A selfish cunt like Moo would never think to put herself in the shoes of a mother of a dying child whose final wishes was to just be able to talk to their favorite YouTuber. She views everything through the lens of “I’m the bestest ever and anyone who doesn’t treat me as such is just a jealous, toxic ass hole looking for clout”. All she ever knows is how to think about only herself and can’t ever fathom how other people must think or feel. She couldn’t give a shit that a child was dying and the person she wanted to talk to more than anything kept blowing her off. All she sees is that the internet is dragging said shitty friend who ghosted this little girl and thinks it’s just the internet being the internet and simply wanting their pound of flesh from another popular creator.

She viewed her situation the same way when she was outed as a sexual abuser. Just accused everyone of calling her out as trolls looking for clout and refused to take any sort of responsibility for her actions. Hell, she even laughed about it with her friends and I’ll bet she is doing the same with sniperwolf right now, trying to convince her that it’s “no big deal”, and “it’s just internet assholes looking to get clout off your name”.

No. 863205

File: 1640836036749.png (2.89 MB, 1242x2208, C6A5171F-63D4-4DEA-B88D-E3C7A6…)


Moo’s incoherent rambling recorded in case of deletion.

No. 863207

Makes sense that Moo would defend her friend for blowing off a kid with cancer since Mariah herself isn’t above giving local kids the cold shoulder at cons. Shitty birds of a feather flock together.

No. 863212

bold of her to say you shouldn't make judgements about a person based on a single sentence when she had a multi-hour meltdown after jannetincosplay mentioned how tacky she felt implied fellatio was or whatever and mariah just latched onto that and assumed it was about her

No. 863214

Samefag, she already deleted it lol

No. 863217


Fucking called it lol

No. 863218

Too bad that just like her, sniper has MULTIPLE instances where she's a POS. But this one takes the cake. She could have just not contacted the mother at all.

Think of it. Instead of owning up she's a POS. She told this mom the obviously lie "Sorry, my family flew in for the holidays but I'm so stressed because they're sick and I'm worried." To a mom, who's kid is literally dying. Also note as she was saying this sniper's insta was full of stories going out and having a good time.

"You kid is dying? Well here lemme lie and tell you my family is sick. Feel bad for me. I'm the victim here! More so than you"

No. 863219

It's funny she defends her when sniper takes sneaky jabs at Moo and her weight. But Moo has to take it on the off chance sniper might give her a shout out and some of her clout.

No. 863220

She deletes like clockwork at this point whenever she feels the need to make dumbass public statements in her stories. I’m just laughing at the fact that Lia is supposedly this "great friend" and she couldn’t keep her stories up supporting her for more than 2 hours before pulling it like the coward she is. I hope this bites Moo in her flat ass.

No. 863223

It won't, just because outside of being a feeder fetish thot… moo is irrelevant.

No. 863242

Of course Moo defends Lia. She wants to have her popularity, looks and body. Look how many times she's skinwalked her in shooped photos.

No. 863246

Everything Moo said about keem could equally apply to herself. She isn't a positive force. She's used her platform to damage and slander others. And what she says at the end about big yters who cater to kids have a responsibility should be applied to Lia. But Moo is too stupid to realize the massive holes in her arguments.

No. 863248

It’s just so funny the mom going to Keem is now the scandal. Like sure the mom has shown some sketchy behavior, but like I said in the Lia thread she acted like this way before knowing the mom and knowing the mom would blow up like this.

It doesn’t somehow erase that she ghosted s little girl dying while flaunting about going out to party and lying about sick to get out of a simple video call.

No wonder her and Mariah get along. They know think and care about themselves

No. 863249

Yeah Keem isn't the best guy in the world. But Moo doesn't go over how what she did was wrong. If this was someone Moo didn't like she would be disgusted with their behavior. But because she wants Sniper's clout she will continue to skin walk her.
Doesn't help that Moo is self inserting this drama with her own years back. It's so eerily similar how they both don't care about the people they hurt but instead say "There is no drama, everyone just wants to use my name for clout! This was planned!"
Like sexual assault victim and a dying little girl have nothing better to do. Both are narcs

It's weird the mental gymnastic she does to make herself not at fault. She herself knew that partying was more important, and that if she waited for the little girl to pass she could get out of it but still pretend she's such a good person for agreeing. a few minutes was too much for her ego when like Moo, both do nothing for most of the day but party. She even cropped the conversation out of context to make herself look like the victim.
Both of them don't care about the fan that Sniper agreed to meet. They both might as well have said "Fuck kids with cancer"

No. 863250

It reminds me of the time she defended Ssniperwolf at a con and you could see her shitting her pants while she whitekknighted her to some twitch streamer. Never change, mooriah.

No. 863252

Moo makes it obvious that Sniper is her plan B if she can't thot around anymore. Too bad Moo is so delusional she can't see Sniper will never lift a finger to help her.
So the next best thing Moo is doing is being an creep and skin walking her. Surprised Moo didn't pull the "We're sisters" bs or "We're twins"

No. 863254

Disagree. I believe moo is excited she thinks she finally has a female friend that isn't mooching off of her for gifts or clout. Sadly unaware that Sniperho is using her as a fat friend prop.

No. 863271


It’s actually the exact opposite with her. Despite all her bitching and whining about not wanting to be seen as a “golden goose”, she wants, no, needs friends that she can lord over with expensive gifts, vacations and dinners. Because it will mean they now feel indebted to her and won’t have the balls to actually speak out against her because they have something to lose. A friend with their own money and clout isn’t going to put up with her annoying bullshit because there isn’t anything she can threaten to take away from them. She’s proven time and again that she can’t function without surrounding herself with people who do nothing but kiss her ass and tell her how great she is. She takes any sort of disagreement or criticism as a personal attack and wants its completely ejected out of her life so that she doesn’t have to face it.

I’m sure that once Sniperwolf sees that Moo has outlived her usefulness to her, she’ll kick her fat dumpy ass to the curve without a second thought. And all Moo will able to do is autistically screech at her hug box because if she even thinks about trying to drag Sniperwolf down with her, her fans will be more than happy to drag her fat ass across the internet.

No. 863274

I agree with you on everything you said, only point I think is important is: if she acts like this with her supposed "friends" (lackeys), it's because she deems them inferior to her and that if she didn't control them, they would take the upper hand and become the "alpha".
Moo feels inferior to Sniperwolf in all fields. Sniper is prettier, thinner, has more clout, has more "talent". She is everything she could never be so she's desperate to please her and be worthy of her attention.

No. 863277

File: 1640932594162.jpg (45.62 KB, 640x960, moolips.jpg)


I'm late responding to this, but just as a reminder here are her natural lips from way back before she started injections

No. 863278

File: 1640933209549.jpg (703.2 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20211231-004539_Ins…)

I'm so sure she busted a knee and isn't just covering for another surgery.

No. 863280

File: 1640933950122.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1284x1813, 15E4B735-3DFF-4F80-BE0B-9CE621…)

Normally I would agree but I’m assuming her fat ass ate shit when she tried to go snowboarding.

No. 863281

Judging from all of the jump cuts in the IG story videos of her snowboarding, they probably removed all the shots of her falling on her ass. insert avalanche joke here

No. 863283

File: 1640939081743.jpeg (735.15 KB, 1242x2024, 9CD6F4CC-6FB1-49E3-86E7-4511A6…)

Possible future studio slaves?

No. 863287

Of course she wants slaves or she would just advertise that she’s hiring and go from there. But then if she hired someone that was qualified to do whatever they would make her look as stupid as she actually is and fire them, so I see her point.

No. 863288

Ngl this sounds straight up predatory.

No. 863289

Wasn't her studio supposed to open this month?

No. 863293

whoever said she'd try get people to work for free from a few threads back, come get your award

Yeap. and last month, and the month before that. She's constantly moving the date.
Shes also frequently deleting posts off the studio's instagram for seemingly no reason

No. 863303

She wants the studio to be for "female only"

No. 863304

but she still isn't doing anything by the books. you can hire only female employees legally.

No. 863306

Moo and sports don't mix. Doesn't matter if she shops herself down to 150 pounds. That's 300 pounds on her joints, add in whenever she tries a jump. No wonder her knees blew out. Stick to waddling from now on Moo, it's all you can do

She was suppose to open this shit show this year. What happened to her "friends" who were going to be staff here? What happened to "this is just a studio for me and my friends to fuck around in"
Also love how she worded it. Assistants can mean unpaid as well

known for sexually assaulting females for a power move and breaking their props. kek

No. 863339

I wonder if this is the same knee she got injections for. Y'know, the "bad one" she earned from playing sports? The one we never heard about ever again? That one?

No. 863346

The waist shoop isn't even remotely subtle at this point

No. 863348

Everyone moo surrounds herself with. Female wise, is as obese as she is esp that akemi cunt. Idk just sad

No. 863349

Whod want 2 look like lia? Shes fat 2 and just as ugly as moo. Not long till shes moomoo sized

No. 863353

You mean Aly Brazil. Akemi just looks like a boy.

No. 863354

no i mean akemi. she looks like a chubby boy and isnt skinny. she prob cant fit a size 2 if she tried lol. so much shoop.

No. 863355

Sage your fucking shit and learn 2 reply, newfags.

No. 863373

Be gone, anachan

No. 863400

File: 1641109138520.png (3.29 MB, 828x1792, 9F0046FE-C4BE-4C74-B967-B8693D…)

I’m sorry to be nit picky as fuck but my god sis- if your gonna get your lashes done, take fucking care of them. They should not be that twisted and glued together like that. How are you gonna spend that much money to make yourself look good but it just looks worse??

No. 863401

I rlly wish she would leave me alone

No. 863403

File: 1641113469838.jpeg (941.14 KB, 1073x1922, B00A42F2-9C7A-45DC-8CD0-1C254C…)

No. 863404

I have never seen something less self-aware in my life

No. 863408

So she got her lip filler dissolved, but left the migrated shelf of the filler that’s given her a muppet mouth? Weird.

No. 863410

Good people warn other good people of bad people so they stay out of harm's way.
It's so obvious she doesn't have a good bone in her body because she has no idea what good people are really like. She can't fit into her fat head what it's like to genuinely care about another person.

No. 863414

I've never seen a woman exude this much neckbeard energy.

No. 863418

i feel like she posts these as some kind of subconscious cry for help. they always get posted right after she or her friends do something fucked up.

No. 863419

Yeah a cry for help for her scrote fans to not listen to the shitty things her and her friends like to do in hope her fanbase won't dwindle even more. It can be translated to "It's all lies I'm just a victim of cancel culture I'm such a kind soul who only wants to spread positivity and happiness with my cosplays! :("

No. 863424

Don't talk bad about Hitler guys!!! Especially if you're just as bad!!!

No. 863477

That’s never been her message though lmao. She’s always been “I’m better than other people ESPECIALLY fat girls. I’m not far girl no. These are my thicc girl muscles. I don’t like girls who do porn. I’d NEVER have to take my clothes off for attention …. But what -I- do ISNT porn though guys. It’s just acting. So I’m still better than everyone else.”

I’ve been on these Moo Threads for like I feel like since thread one and it’s just baffling that she never learns or tries to grow from her mistakes. Because I’m her mind nothing she does is wrong and it’s everyone else who has an issue with her.

I feel like she took therapy once and they said to start thinking of others beside herself and to stop having an inflated ego and she got buttmad about it because they didn’t say everything wrong in her life is because of other people and not herself.

No. 863490

she just lies so so much, she probably doesn't know what's real anymore. think about it, moo is dumb of course, but she didn't catch lightning in a bottle, she was really pursing this cosfame at all costs. unfortunately for her she did it all through lying. selfposting and paying for interviews, lying about high school bullying to gain sympathy, and that's only from before she blew up. but really, what hasn't she lied about? and she had no life experiences, she learned lying is what makes her successful, so she keeps doing it. can she even stop herself now? it's become a lifestyle for her. even know, she's lying about how her studio is definitely opening up soon as a business but also is only for her friends to use. which is it? and she's clearly so frustrated she's funneled so much money into it, but she won't be honest. she lies and is the biggest bitch but she posts rants about being a good person, but everything she says makes someone a bad person is always something she's done already. honestly her dad probably made her this way a bit, stubborn and arrogant.

No. 863493

Has she even still been posting about her money pit business? Almost like everything else she’s attempted to do it almost seems like she’s memory holing it. Well that or she had to go on vacation after watching others working wore her out lol.

No. 863502

no she does still post updates on the studios instagram. but thats about it. Strangely, she has a habit of deleting posts showing various sets for seemingly no reason

No. 863508

I think she's upset because big cosplay names didn't come and beg to shoot in her broom closet studio sets. So to help her ego it's just a studio for her and her friends

No. 863509

More sad to note that she was giving the contractor a hard time for not finishing projects fast enough and shortly after she's bored and will most likely give up on the studio idea. What a waste of the guys time and resources

No. 863539

File: 1641259923355.jpg (Spoiler Image,1011.52 KB, 2880x3840, ZfJLOSG.jpg)

No. 863544

What is this? Another lipo session or something?

No. 863548

You know it's bad when you exude neckbeard energy even with your tits out.

No. 863549

File: 1641268096699.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1083x1926, 2C6B2D9A-C86F-4F2F-A0BF-1899DF…)

No. 863551

File: 1641269056287.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.87 MB, 1706x1920, Studio_Project.jpeg)

No. 863553

her tits are so….long.

No. 863555

Is she getting her breast implants? Maybe this is a before photo?

No. 863558


This looks more like a place to get a facial to me. There looks to be a mini fridge and a ton of bottles of serums on the counter. Some places do ask that you take your top off so that they can give massages, so I wouldn't be surprised if she just decided to sneak a photo in post- facial.

No. 863567

I guess all that ass kissing worked in her favor. Lmao.

No. 863578

She said she was getting a boob lift this year so this could be a consultation. It makes sense to do it now (after her weeks of "training" kek they probably told her to lose weight first before going under) so they are healed up before what I'm sure will be a summer of slightly less saggy, more uncanny bikini shots.

No. 863584

definitely a surgical office. look at the rest of the room.
i am on the edge of my seat waiting for that. the after is basically going to look like another reduction once all that sag is removed. she's going to be so disappointed and probably cave for implants.

No. 863587

You can see something with the Circadia name and logo on the counter — that’s a brand of facials, chemical peels, etc., so I’m guessing it’s a medspa rather than an actual surgery center.

No. 863588

It's a med spa. A real surgery center would look more like a hospital. She's getting a hyrdafacial or microneedling or something done

No. 863596

it just baffles me she thinks it's a flex that she spends most of her cash on beauty and plastic surgery to still look like a 50 year old. That's not a flex, it's sad.
I have friends who are in their 30's who look youthful just from diet and exercise

No. 863597

Um, is that a funhouse mirror? Because we’ve seen her tits way flatter and sagging down past her belly button, so…

No. 863599

She uses those video apps with the sliders. She uses it mostly for her waist, chest and hips to pretend she has an hour glass figure

No. 863647

File: 1641348029671.png (3.6 MB, 1097x1800, 941B96FE-B754-403F-AD13-65B522…)

The way this bitch just pisses away money is unbelievable. Cant wait for OF to eventually tank.

No. 863649

Dumb bitch should be careful lowering her car. Her fatass unit of a body is gonna get it even lower each time she sits in it. Also she never seemed like the type who knew how to handle a car, imagine if she got into a car accident and she blamed her ADHD kek

No. 863650

Lowering cars is such a dumb thing to do anyway.

No. 863651

File: 1641351816842.jpg (638.77 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20220104-205640_Ins…)

Gotta love a wonky filter

No. 863652

Is her nose seriously that pointy?

No. 863654

How does she even make enough for all this frivolous spending? I'm surprised still has any simps at all tbh

No. 863655

>perfect face filter
Lol ok

No. 863656

She must be manic today. She's posting alot and deleting alot.

No. 863658

File: 1641352961165.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1064x1768, 3E5196EA-F819-4B91-9D64-D25A49…)

No. 863661

I'd definitely smash that like button, if you know what I mean.

No. 863662

I'm talking about putting my big, meaty clitoris inside of her vagina :)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 863663

We take a car designed by some of the worlds best engineers and manufactured by trained workers and computers and hand it to a guy named Raul to make it drive and look a lot worse and worth a ton less- cause that’s playa style baybay
Grats moo you look just like every other loser in the hood.

No. 863674

what on earth is happening with her nose

No. 863675

File: 1641368114790.jpeg (544.47 KB, 828x1439, C745D14D-474F-452D-A656-3D3C77…)

in what world does this character with a nose that isn’t botched and lips that don’t look like they’re sliding off of her face look like mariah

No. 863679

It’s the V shaped turtle mouth kek

No. 863690

whose dick is she trying to get now? also what the hell is a "wide and narrow wheel stance"?

No. 863693

If she really wanna go into Lol she can cosplay Gragas..

No. 863694

Didn't she make it clear she HATES league and only cosplays it because it gets her attention? She went on a rant about hating it the same way she hates Evangelion.

No. 863696

She always does this at the start of the month when payments come on.

No. 863697

She did
But with the recent popularity she might do what she did with Envengelion and pretend to be the biggest fan ever despite shitting on it

No. 863699

What kinda car is this

No. 863700

What game was it that she bought herself an entire account and then never mentioned again? LoL sounds like something she would do that as well

No. 863701

bitch is getting so many tickets for this illegal shit. how many tickets do you think she already gets? she probably gets stopped for driving and using her phone often with the number of instastories done from her car.

No. 863704

Mercedes CLS

No. 863705


I mean, she wanted an anime nose, she got it lmao

No. 863706


Trying out some new looks before another $30k rhinoplasty??

No. 863707


In what world? Why, the world where she looks just like her overly photoshopped pictures and where her candids don't exist, of course

No. 863708


She does that with everything, of course it's something she'd do. It's only a matter of WHEN. She's probably sharing that pic in order to gauge the appeal and see if throwing money at it is worth it or not. Gotta get a return on that investment, in ass-kissing and likes ofc

No. 863709


Either won't ever touch the car again so it doesn't matter, or thinks she's above the law and the thought that she might get pulled over isn't even entering that tiny brain of hers. Probably both.

No. 863715

It was Fate when she had her other anime crush. Admitted she didn't know how to play or even evolve the characters. She didn't even level up any of them (actually playing the game) she just bought in game currency to try and get legends but got a bunch of crap

No. 863716

File: 1641406983361.jpg (192.47 KB, 960x960, 1458317439163.jpeg.jpg)

Does she seriously think her lips look the same as they did before?? They still look like a swollen baboon asshole compared to her old turtle mouth.

No. 863717

Moo only pulls the POC card when she's being outed as racist (Which is stupid. You can be POC and racist against other cultures)
Moo seems like the kind of white Karen who will give the cops a hard time. But now that we mentioned it might not be street legal we wont see this coward drive it out in public again

No. 863719

I see she was just as cringy as she was back then. Guess no one clued in teenage Moo that this only works if you have a bunch of friends. It looks sad when you do it alone
Accurate though, shows she only has one true friend

No. 863724

She looks like she was the most insufferable basic bitch in high school (I mean, not that much has changed or anything). Like the type who smokes cigarettes in the morning to impress guys while digging her ruined Uggs in the snow and carrying around an empty Starbucks cup all day so everyone knows she had it earlier. Sorry to nitpick/sperg but she has a very common punchable face I've seen a million times before.

No. 863725

She does look like the kind of girl who bullied weebs and nerds, as we know she did.

No. 863726

She still does. She just thinks making her living off low grade porn means she's better than the other nerds kek
Calling them names, breaking props, sexual harassment. Moo hasn't changed since high school mentally.

No. 863727

She will be obsolete like Stephanie Michelle soon.

No. 863729

No. 863751

File: 1641440931182.png (1.91 MB, 1242x2208, 8BE7B77D-3C15-4685-A0D0-B39C99…)

Still using the custom domain to link to her OF account. What happened to your OF replacement site plans Moo? Wasn’t as easy as you expected huh?

No. 863772

Maybe her “team of lawyers” weren’t good enough.

No. 863780

She's probably using it to be able to link her OF while avoiding ig and tiktok from shadowbanning her. That way she doesn't have to write it weird or call it the forbidden spicy

No. 863782

honestly that’s smart
must have been someone else’s idea

No. 863785

Smart, but also trying to bypass ToS/EULA, which is reportable.

No. 863799

File: 1641514889026.png (1.38 MB, 976x851, flattenjapan.png)

No. 863800

File: 1641514995038.png (654.85 KB, 486x866, 326191651.png)

No. 863801

Ah yes, the way to enlightenment is via overly photoshopped images of sexualized body parts…

No. 863802

"Get it, live-in slaves! If you end that little Ego of yours you would be less selfish and be at my beck and call, then you would reach Enlightement! You would be greater beings if you just obey me!"

No. 863803

The stitching on her ass is about to bust on that cheap looking suit.

No. 863805

Literally DeviantArt tier ssbbw morph porn.

No. 863812

so much for her annual 10 seconds of being Muslim

No. 863814

Another pic where the tip of her nose looks really fucked. The longer I look the worse it gets.

No. 863816

File: 1641532092387.jpg (85.77 KB, 353x364, Screenshot_20220107-000749_Ins…)

Designer nose job guys

No. 863817

it's gotta be Sensei again he's the only one she does new age warrior for. Did he and his gf split?

No. 863818

The angle of her reflection and the angle of the ~sexy shot~ don't match and it's making me crazy

No. 863821

She overpaid a doctor to give her a pig snout and she thinks it looks anime

No. 863822

File: 1641539368763.png (2.25 MB, 1920x1040, 0DwIsFn.png)

But, Nonnie it IS Anime.

No. 863823

while it would be one of the only fitting cosplays left for her, i don't want to see it…

No. 863828

This looks like fucking fart fetish stuff.

No. 863835

Her new video got released on OF. JFC it’s the one where she takes a big dildo and it makes her bleed. There is so much blood. It has to be fake, it is a serious amount of blood in it. No wonder she pushed back releasing it.

No. 863836

her new OF post also said that she wants to sell physical items and wants to sell her used panties, like wtf no one wants that shit…

No. 863837


>>no one wants

You would think that and any sane person would agree but this is moo and her paypigs are probably just gross enough to buy this. Also I can’t wait until she doesn’t deliver. Or tries to rope her slaves into helping with the shipping and handling. And we all know she’s going to charge some stupid amount of money.

Also it’s a federal offense to ship toxic waste and hazardous materials.

No. 863840

Is she supposed to be mirrored in that building because that sure ain't the same pose she's making with her ass facing the camera, that's pure I'm poopin'. Such attention to details.

No. 863842

You can’t just tell us unsaged that it’s horrifying without at least a screencap

No. 863845

Sounds like BS, and there's no way to fake blood like that, she's not a vfx artist.

No. 863846

I'm known for cosplay. I don't have to do porn, I'm not like THOSE girls

No. 863847

Well there IS but she isn’t the one to do it and neither are any of the low talent hacks that can stand to be around her.

No. 863848

Have you guys considered she was just on day 3 or 4 of her period and just gave no fucks?

No. 863851

That’s somehow even worse.

No. 863855

No screencaps makes me think this is just a bored troll. Same thing happened in Shay’s thread where some gross scat-anon wrote this creepy, very specific fan fic of shay after she said she made scat porn and they supposedly bought it. But offered no proof.

No. 863856

dA front page tier.

No. 863857

File: 1641584254536.jpg (Spoiler Image,261.22 KB, 1284x2334, qjqMkb1.jpg)

Actually…they're not wrong, just dumb

No. 863858

Why the fuck is she masturbating on her kitchen floor?? So gross and unsanitary

No. 863859

File: 1641584554988.jpg (Spoiler Image,359.72 KB, 429x716, K8Qe7fU.jpg)

>video is 7:01
>lots of posing in her kitchen with the heart filters, watching Uuunnnnnhhhh (Trixie Mattel/Katya)
>attempts to suck off/poke her boob with the dildo, fails. Poses with heart filter instead

No. 863860

File: 1641584827559.jpg (Spoiler Image,343.16 KB, 431x726, NOEnMqd.jpg)

>actual impalement starts at ~2:01
>mentions the dildo looks like a cork? Orc? and says "fuck" in a dudebro way
>when she starts pushing it in, she almost immediately bleeds
>doesn't stop when she comments that it might actually go in, or hurt her
>blood is actually gooshing out

You're welcome. I ate food thinking this wasn't as bad as anon said. She just didn't stop. I don't understand her end goal. Was she paid alot of money? Did she think doing this was going to make revenue fast? It's sick to think about.

No. 863861

File: 1641584921887.gif (46.47 KB, 220x132, 12FED805-8942-4C37-A603-9B85F7…)

Those fucking teeth. I stg it’s probably her worst cosmetic decision.

No. 863862

Respectfully and truthfully…
The least of your worries.

No. 863863

We can add period fetish to the list of gross stuff she'll do to keep her scrotes interested.
But gotta say, even with filters on full blast she still looks old af

No. 863865

I guess the flat pancake ass comments here are getting to her. Looks fucking terrible

No. 863866

bet cha at the next con she's going to wear butt/hip pads
She can complete that drag queen look

No. 863867

Haha this is exactly what her teeth reminded me of.
It's really funny that she started her cosplay career saying that she didn't need to take off her clothes or do sex work like others. Now not only does she do that, but delves into some gross fetishes. She could be Chelhellbunny's twin sister now.

No. 863868

If you think they don't make lube that looks like blood, you have way too much faith in humanity.

No. 863869

didn't she shit on Chel for showing her asshole?

No. 863871

Yep. Now Moo spreads her ass cheeks every day for money.

No. 863878

I'm pretty sure just using her period blood would be easier. I can't believe I just typed that. There is nothing hot about bleeding uncontrollably for days. Or ripping your vagina with insertion. I hate scrotes so much.

No. 863879

This and keep in mind Moo is an over sharer. She has shown every bottle of lube she has ever bought. Even the cum looking one. If she bought blood looking lube she would do a vampire shoot and rub it all over herself

Oh wait, she already did that
Anyway, she used her period

No. 863881

Yeah she didnt drip it on anything or shove it into her beef hole on camera. The area was too clean and not red to indicate she inserted the lube.

No. 863888

I don’t think that exists, at least not that I can find. All I found just now was an indiegogo that didn’t get funded.

No. 863891

File: 1641593943066.gif (4.03 MB, 480x342, EF860467-3F30-40A7-BB6D-B0FE1E…)

Our timeline couldn’t get darker yet here we are

No. 863892


And yet another mess in her kitchen that she makes
Mom clean up.

This isn’t fetish shit this is her not giving a fuck. Like she’s trying to piss her OF pigs off or something so she can cry about it or something. I dunno I’m still laughing too hard at moos arc of decent to think straight

No. 863893

Seeing how her only sexual knowledge is hentai is it possible she did this as a hymen break fetish? Like when she tried that succubus tattoo one but it was just uterus temp tat that fell off in her terrible shower set.

No. 863900

It's definitely not what we had in mind when she said that her cheap spandex suit has gotten her more attention than one anon will ever get. It's always nice to go back to thread one to see the abomination that she turned out to be. Good times.

No. 863914

I really doubt with her middle aged surgery addicted mom looks anyone is looking to her for a hymen breaking fetish. I've never had a dildo rip my vagina open but I'm sure it wouldn't look like normal period flow amounts of blood. Scat saga incoming. Just imagine the simp bucks flowing like shit out of her pancake ass.

No. 863916

you could just add dark stage blood to lube though

No. 863917

I'm honestly at a loss for words
What was she thinking? does she think at all?
This is truly vile

No. 863925

File: 1641616035769.jpg (51.43 KB, 540x401, 1611005193568.jpg)

I am very much expecting poop and fart porn next.

No. 863938

Oh my god it looks chunky. What the actual fuck man..
I don't think blood stuff is even allowed on OF, I feel like I specifically remember a rule about no blood play. Is she trying to get banned????
I'm actually shocked shit did this lol wtf is going on

No. 863940

Can't see anything in the ToS about blood specifically. She's likely violating the rule that you can't show "urine, scatological, or excrement-related material" but that's the closet I can find.

No. 863945

Isn't this the type of content that will get her OF banned?

No. 863946

Blood has always been disallowed on OF. They recently disallowed Piss/Scat porn as well which used to be done PPV wise. So she actually kinda fucked herself if her scrotes stop jacking off long enough to report it.

No. 863948

Some of you must be under the mistaken assumption that OF actually gives a fuck about what their creators (that bring in revenue) do. Now random thot A with 20 subscribers would get banned for breaking their TOS. Moos obease body brings in a healthy amount from feeder fetishists. They won't even warn her even if someone makes a complaint.
Slightly off topic but pokimane received a 1 day ban for streaming copyrighted content. (We all know she did it to get a guilt free day off). Why only 1 day?, because she brings traffic and revenue. That's all any of these for profit sites care about. It's just how it is.

No. 863949

You're trying too hard to pretend it's not period blood. As a uterus owning human, I guarantee you period blood does not look the same as stage blood.

No. 863950

Uterus owning? Tf are you on?

No. 863955

I think you’re blowing her relevance way out of proportion. Yes she makes good money on OF but there are thousands of others who make OF just as much if not more money. She is not some sort of OF royalty if enough of her subs did report it and they did find it breaks their TOS she’d be done.

No. 863956

It has to be period blood, it's even stringy and congealed like heavy flow. Idk what possessed her to do this, idk what possessed me to zoom in. If it was some vaginal tear fetish I guess dumbass scrotes could fall for it but it's obviously a period. Aren't they usually repulsed by periods?

No. 863958

she probably just didn't care that she's on her period. she's delusional about her looks after all, she probably thinks no one else would care. she's disgusting remember with her birds nest wig for hair.

No. 863959

it’s a fetish for some gross dudes

No. 863960

right, but that's just a plus in her mind. unless she's planning to pivot her brand again doing worse and worse shit.

No. 863961

Either way it isn't allowed. If she tagged it as period play then she's fucked. If she didn't include the tag then it's up to her scrotes if they find it sexy or gross.
Though ngl it would be funny if THIS is what brings her down. But it's totally okay guys, she has Peachy fans and a thriving photo studio

No. 863963

It's 100% period blood. Lay down long enough it can collect and as soon as you get up it'll start a heavy flow. She used the dildo to slosh the blood around and out. She probably took advantage and used a huge dildo knowing scrotes are too retarded to understand what periods to make it seem like it's ripped. If I were her mother, I'd slap the shit out of her for being so disgusting.

No. 863965

Seeing how her mom likes every post of hers on IG, it wouldn’t surprise me if she praised all of her disgusting content on OF if she knows about it.

No. 863971

>I’m just a cosplayer! I won’t do lewd stuff!
>okay I took some suggestive cosplay pics, but it’s just lewds, I won’t ever do porn!
>okay the one with fake cum on my face probably counts as porn, but I won’t do nudes!
>okay I did nudes, but I’ll only show my tits!
>okay I flashed my butthole, but I won’t show my pussy!
>okay I bought some stupid underwear and took pics of my pussy on the kitchen floor, but I won’t do penetration!
>okay I bought a sex machine, but the camera is only on my face!
>okay now I’m showing everything, but I won’t do weird porn!
>okay I did weird gross porn, but—

The only way is down.

No. 863972

At this point she should just do basic porn where she lets one of her scrotes stick it in. Unless the smell just kills boners and she doesn't want to film that

No. 863975

didn’t she already post one where she was being porked by some chubbo with a video game tattoo?

No. 863977

yeah, but he wasn't a scrote he was a paid man hoe. He gave a few half assed pumps and was flaccid near the end of the video. He clearly didn't want to be there

No. 863980

Upset to wake up and find out that mariah doing depraved period blood porn is real and I didn't just dream that. Hate it here

No. 863983

Can you imagine being Umbran or another roomie, walking in on Moo washing her own blood off the floor?

No. 863985

Bold of you to assume she’d clean it herself lol

You forgot the weird fake nipples she got to avoid showing her real nipples! (It was that Hinata set I believe)

No. 863988

You're right. She'd leave it for her maid to clean up days later.

No. 863989

Umbran may be better at grooming and self care than Moo but she's just as gross. Remember, this is the weirdo who swallowed Moo's spit on cam. She would love cleaning up the mess in the weirdest ways possible.

As for any other roomie… yeah there's a reason people don't last more than a year living with her.

No. 863996

Mfw ranma is 16 years old…bruh moment moos husbando choices are so weird and random

No. 864004

It's sussy but it isn't that weird. There are plenty of weirdos who lust after My hero Academia characters in the school years.
tbh Moo seems to be the kind of weirdo to date a teen if they were popular enough though

No. 864013

File: 1641704746874.jpeg (965.56 KB, 1083x1094, 26F7C64B-DB32-425D-89C4-32BF8D…)

Lagoon must really hate her to edit this like she let out a massive fart explosion. (Plus the shoop on her ass is atrocious as usual)

No. 864016

I like how she’s not even in a proper fighting stance and has to lift her footie to make her “ass” pop

No. 864017

Not even with the shoop does she look like she has an ass. So many memes worth to dissect.

No. 864019

He had to totally reshape her. At this point this is just 3d art.

No. 864033

The headless farting giant.

Was there nobody around to give any sort of direction to these images? I can't believe I'm saying this, but her typical porn selfies have better "composition" than any of these.

No. 864035

You forgot
>my tits are out but I'm wearing fake nipple pasties to cover my actual nipples so it's not really porn!

No. 864040

This is beyond fuck up.

No. 864043

they look like old PT sets but with green screen. bitch is regressing.

No. 864045


That’s been her whole thing now for how long? She has been regressing for a minute - trying to undo tattoos, her lips, her “career” and so on. Trying to convince people (herself most) that she isn’t some grotty bottom tier cosplay wanna-be OF “model”. And it doesn’t seem to be working out for her all that well.

No. 864050

why she's shitting herself at the idea of losing her onlyfans. She can't rebuild because she knew the first time was pure luck. She can't rebuild again

No. 864051

File: 1641750484589.png (2.15 MB, 1081x1094, brap.png)


i am so ashamed of myself

No. 864052

Honestly, that's what it looked like already though lol

No. 864053

Just so anons feel better, that's not real blood. You can easily tell. I just never expected her to do "too-big-itll-tear" type content. Wtf

No. 864059

>it’s not blood because you can easily tell

well, I’m convinced

No. 864062

What, never did anything while on your period plus the way it sticks to the dildo. Sticking like water, not blood. Not sure what answer you want, anon.

No. 864064

I was just razzing you anon, I choose to believe it’s fake for my sanity anyway

No. 864065

Also factor in she recently finished Halloween stuff, so shooting after october. She had plenty of stage blood. It's noon toxic so it's /technically/ safe for this use

No. 864069

Keep wishing. It's very clearly tissue filled period blood. Stage blood isn't that chunky/ thick.

No. 864070

A quick solve, since it looks like a capsule too, is for someone to post the actual video. Even with tearing, it doesn't look like that. If it just erupts with blood, it's fake.

No. 864079

It’s gross either way. Either she did it for real or just pretending the fact that she bothered on either count and seems so pleased with herself shows a real downward turn.

No. 864084

Post the pics from this set.

No. 864085

Go buy em yourself, scrote.

No. 864098

Guys I don't care if it's fake blood or not. It's fucked up she would even do this.

No. 864099

this. it's gross no matter what.

No. 864100

And against OF's rules.

No. 864102

Same anon. Most actual porn stars don't do blood stuff, even. Like why go there? Does she think this is a business strategy?

No. 864110

I'm just confused as to why anons are arguing if it's real or not. If she photoshops herself into losing 120 lbs, hiding her saggy jowles, bags under her eyes, backfat rolls, and bluring her skin texture into oblivion… you think that shit isn't shopped for texture or color? Really?
This is forgetting the point that she has lowered herself into the sad state of pretending to ride a novelty dildo. Spent all those bucks on cosplays and noone even cared to take candids. She's beyond a nobody now. Just abother thot.

No. 864111

Regardless of whether or not its fake, the fact that she's even toying with the thought of period porn should be concerning. Someone said she'd never lower herself to poop porn not too long ago, and I would've agreed but at this point, after seeing this, I wouldn't be surprised to see it (in some form or another) in like a year, tops.
It's a slippery slope she's on and she's sliding right down it.

No. 864115

Anons seeing this as period porn are really giving her the benefit of the doubt. What it really reads as is fetishization of making a girl bleed and tearing her hymen when she loses her virginity. A degenerate sect of rape hentai that is misogynistic and not to mention not even realistic or accurate. I'd almost PREFER it be period porn than what it really is: paying homage to rape porn and dog whistling to all the disgusting rape fetishist scrotes that pay her money

No. 864116

anon, it's nothing like that kind of thing…even moo would be yelling like an injured bovine if she was faking that.

No. 864117

really? anon you're delusional if you don't think moo talking about how the dildo would hurt her before putting it in isn't a clear indication, and you obviously haven't been in moo threads long enough if you don't know about her disturbing love and passion for rape hentai yet. she cosplays characters that get raped in hentai all the time. it's absolutely a dog whistle for hymen tearing/rape hentai, do you know what a dog whistle is?? it doesn't mean it's what you see on the surface.

No. 864118

samefag but mentioning it's like an orc dick is also a pretty clear giveaway, orcs in hentai are always the ones involved in gangrapes

No. 864119

I stand by my theory that a large percent (at least half) of moo's income comes from a very small group of wealthy degenerates. They pay the big bucks for custom sets, which she recycles to her entire follow base

No. 864120

She's mentioned in Momoakuma's podcast interview that this type of hentai/doujin turns her on so I wouldn't put it past her that she'd post something like this. Again, I am not sure what her end game is. If it jump started her period -okay great, natural process. But this bitch recorded, edited and sent it. She is so careful with her shoops and how people perceive her. She wouldn't just send something if she knew she didn't look good in it. I wonder what other fucked up commissions she's done that made her look like she's doing self harm?

No. 864122

Lurk harder. She's mentioned in several threads on lolcow and this is like the 1424th time anons have compared her to Stephanie or Bishoujomom.

No. 864123

She's not toying with period porn. She's toying with tear penetration/hymen break/too big porn. That is a fetish. The blood is so fucking stupid though. Most 'Its too big!' people just do normal porn, not this tearing oh no blood bit.

I honestly believe she's into abuse porn. Not because she wants to be abused, but she has this obsession with extreme domination even if that means she's treated like trash. This calls back to her obsession with hentai where death gets involved and her obsession with gore anime. She just wants someone to treat her like trash. Maybe that's why she tried to fuck sensei so bad. She likes being turned down and having to prove with money she's worth anything.

No. 864134

File: 1641845105392.jpg (378.73 KB, 1494x2141, E.jpg)

It was awhile ago, but she was bragging about enjoying this piece of garbage, which contains rape and poop. She loves larping as the "most hard-core fan" of everything nerd related, but being publicly in favor of this shit is a huge self-own. No one needs to tell you she doesn't respect herself, she already does every day. Loudly.

No. 864137

> she was bragging about enjoying this piece of garbage, which contains rape and poop

The anon who said poop porn is on the horizon might have called it early

No. 864141

Off topic but Euphoria isn't bad. it's just making the rounds again for normies, which includes her.

No. 864145

a degenerate hentai game with rape, shit and torture "isn't bad", begone scrote your kind isn't welcome here

No. 864146

Get out of here anon. It literally has animal/lolicon, lolicon/pregnancy, and any type of torture you can think of/sex.

No. 864147

I love when I come to this thread, see the moo moo banner of her dancing for Christmas what three years ago? And see the direction this current thread is going. What a great juxposition there. I remember we thought she was insufferable stupid shortsighted and fat THEN…

No. 864148

they literally gangrape female students and then force the male students to rape the girls, as the girls cry for the moms to save/help them. Get out of here you actual piece of garbage scrote

No. 864153

Moo planning to do the infamous “Reverse Pig Birth” scene for simp bux now?

No. 864162

the lolicon accusation is probably true too.

No. 864166

File: 1641868657413.webm (Spoiler Image,18.47 MB, 1080x1918, ughmomo.webm)

NSFL, you have been warned

Trimmed out the 5 awkward minutes of her sucking on it and flopping it around

No. 864167


say it ain't so…

No. 864169

Do they hand out razzies for hilariously horrible amateur porn performances? Also, I don’t think there’s any video that she’s posted where she stays onscreen for five consecutive seconds before littering it with smash cuts.

No. 864170

With the way she lets her big mouth hang open like a lobotomized pig during these videos, I’m shocked she hasn’t tried shilling vore videos to try and get that sweet furry money (despite burning that community too).

No. 864171

okay tinfoil but

I could have sworn she mentioned seeing blood on her dildo after a masterbation session like 2 threads back….

but this video is more recent than that. Her lip fillers are disolved here.

So was the first posting a test to see if there was interest?

No. 864175

Never attribute to planning what can be written off as timing.

She probably just doesn’t know how to do things and either hurts herself or she times it when she’s OTR. Also…she’s been doing the Z list porn thot thing for what, year and a half? How’s she actually getting WORSE at it? She’s about as interesting as watching grass grow but at least that’s a natural occurrence.

No. 864180

My main takeaway from this is that she got a ton of botox. Her forehead is completely frozen, her eyebrows barely move, there's barely any movement around her eyes. Not very hentai-like, Moo.

And if she didn't get a labiaplasty, is vaginal lipo a thing? Her nonexistent, fatless labia and missing fupa makes absolutely no sense with someone of her size. Not implying fat women have cavernous vaginas, but there's definitely external fat if you are fat.

What is it about her bathroom at home that she never shoots there? Iirc she did that "futa" strap-on set in a hotel bathroom. Literally why bleed your period blood on the kitchen floor?

Like she is really on the same level as her scrotes where literally nothing is off bounds and should be sexualized.

No. 864183

File: 1641879066638.jpg (Spoiler Image,48.87 KB, 545x777, tearplay.jpg)



Incase anyone still wasn't sure this is all fetish related. Going off these posts that are 6 months old. Looks like this is indeed tear-play size-kink stuff.

No. 864188

Just say woman, retard.
Fucking disgusting. Super rapey, which I’m sure she’ll tap into next

No. 864191

File: 1641907001468.png (63.72 KB, 446x457, mallard.png)

She pushed out blood at the end and it went so close to that crack on the floor.. I hope it isn't a wooden floor. She could've put something under her for this kind of messy shit.

No. 864194

You think she’s like fantasizing about this kind of encounter because no one will give it to her willingly?

No. 864200

She’s the embodiment of a female neckbeard, so she acts like these gross Hentai fetishes are totally her actual kinks, when we all know she just star fishes.

No. 864205

that doesn't mean she's not a pornsick freak.

No. 864206

Tbh, probably. A lot of people think about unprovoked sexual encounters, its the sudden harassment. Its not the same as it happening in IRL as thats con-non-con, but I think she's obsessed with wanting to be severly dominated. She calls herself a dom but her little bitch act at conventions proves otherwise. She just gets in her head about sexual power when she legal did nothing during those actual sex videos or even the high production one. She can't move.

No. 864207

I still don't think that's real blood. She is a wimp and it doesn't look like real blood anyways

No. 864208

What is this one? i never manage to finish this garbage game

No. 864209

No one wants to dominate her so she pretends she's a dom when she never took that role before. She's just salty. The only dicks that were inside of her were half flaccid. If they were full mast it was 10 years ago in high school when she was fit for like 2 years. Even then no one knew how to fuck well.
Moo's straight, but she's so salty so she jumps sexualities depending on who scorned her. Asexual, lesbian, bisexual, to finally "Only 2D men are real men"

My advice to Moo is to not use her 3d rendered cosplay pics in her dating profiles and accept that only feeders and chubby chasers want her 300 pound ass.

No. 864214

One of the girls takes a large stuffed pig toy - shoves it up her ass - then “births” it back out.

After what Moo just did - there’s no bottom to how low she’ll likely go now.

No. 864217

File: 1641927798755.jpg (92.37 KB, 680x680, f5753870a40ccef114a6cb88e7f485…)

I'm genuinely speechless. This is some of the most vile shit I've seen on here, and that's saying a lot. I need to lie down for a bit

No. 864221

I still believe the period blood theory, it's dark and goopy, and she clearly isn't in any actual pain the way she's ramming that in with no problem whatsoever. A small vaginal tear wouldn't bleed that much and the blood would be much redder, that's for sure either way. I'm honestly not surprised this is how far she's sunk, at the end of the day she does whatever the degenerate scrotes wants as she has no self respect whatsoever.

No. 864222

I’ve seen some comments from her paypigs and they are grossed out by the new video and downward trend.

I don’t know who she made that video for or why she thought it was a good idea.

No. 864223

This is an imageboard. Post where you've seen the comments or post the comments with dates.

No. 864226

Are you a man? It's clearly real. The color and clotting is obvious.

No. 864227

that sounds way more legit. she really doesn't look like she is in pain so period blood makes a lot of sense.

i still don't know why she thought her scrotes would like it though. they won't.

No. 864228

what in the –
what i don't understand is why she'd post this as if its just a normal 'omggg it's so big stop owo' vid in her usual shitty moo style complete with terrible acting and everything, but then at the end she just pulls out the dildo with blood all over it like that's what everyone's expecting to see? and she doesn't even say anything about it?
like anyone actually jacking off to this shit is gonna get whiplash so bad from that ending, shit is just vile

No. 864234

The video is listed under what? I know for a fact it can be removed because of the period play. Someone should flagged it for scamming people into paying for this period play garbage.

No. 864235

Blood actually isn't against ToS. Forced intercourse with real pain/torture is, but blood isn't laid out in ToS the way scat and golden showers are. Unfortunately this doesn't even come under violence/rape. Its period blood so it's absolutely not against ToS. It's just disgusting. Especially pushing out a clot in the end.

No. 864237

It falls under the bodily fluid, they just specified scat and piss because that was extremely popular.

No. 864249

Seeing as how she read lolcow daily I'm shocked she didn't take the video down yet. You would think she would want to protect her major source of income and food

No. 864259

Her nose looks absolutely fucked every time she leans her head back. The tip is still bulbous

No. 864260

This is so fucking weird man..why does she think this is a thing? This is not a thing. This isn't even an established hentai trope or anything. No one wants simulated vagina tearing porn. Truly what the fuck mariah

No. 864271

it absolutely is anon. virgins in hentai that get fucked for the first time always bleed like crazy, even though it's not realistic and hymens rarely tear/bleed.

No. 864276

Yeah it’s a big kink in hentai to ruin/break girls or steal the virginity of women. But it’s usually young, pretty school schools. Not 50 year old moms in Orange County.

No. 864289

Not the same thing or fetish. I know that's a trope, but it's always specifically to signify virginity loss. The "hot" part there is the girl having sex for the first time. There's no vagina tearing/bleeding from taking a huge dick trope, that would just be guro. Moo is way fucking off with this because her scrotes already know she's not a virgin

No. 864297

anons in this thread trying way too hard to protect their gross hentai that they end up defending moo kek

No. 864298

too many anons here are self reporting that they're scrotes or women that are just as sick in the head as Moo is

No. 864299

That, or people are just too fucking sensitive to fake media to the point they actually believe this.

No. 864302

Jesus christ, anons, do you forget this is about SIZE bleeding and not virginity trope? That IS a thing, especially in ugly bastard and monster fuck hentais. The whole point is that its so big, its tearing you apart. Thats literally a line constantly used too. I get we aren't incels, but don't be this retarded just because you don't know tropes. Saying its because of virginity troping… kek

No. 864323

excuse us for not being familiar with extreme hentai tropes. weird-ass flex.

No. 864326

Can we stay on topic and not fight about what is an hentai trope and what's not?

No. 864330

can you sage your non-contribution pleas for friendship?

No. 864336

File: 1642035470427.jpg (839.89 KB, 1374x2462, ICYNXAV.jpg)

No. 864338

File: 1642035801487.jpeg (1.09 MB, 2125x2018, E9249DA7-A686-4013-90F7-887024…)

Her Fursuit anatomy will never not be funny.

No. 864339

Shut up degen. Stop trying to rationalize that Mariah doing period porn isn't weird, it's extremely fucking weird

No. 864341

Lookin’ like she caught a whiff of her own fart

No. 864342


Ah good another great picture illustrating how little ass she has, and is she wearing compression under stretch pants?

No. 864343

that clump of hair over her shoulder looks like felt. god damn

No. 864344

is this old or did she refill her lips?

No. 864346

Seems like they never fully dissolved tbh

No. 864348

Someone should shoop her on fursuit legs for the next thread kek.

No. 864353


God her house is so plain, empty and minimalist. Everyone says "clinic", but it's more like those fake rooms in an Ikea.

No. 864357

Bitch needs to start brushing her goddamn hair

No. 864360

Seriously? THAT'S the most vile shit you've ever seen? What are you 12?

No. 864364

File: 1642071817366.jpeg (169.52 KB, 670x1472, 265B0C03-291E-461D-9D74-E09689…)

Poor little buggar.

No. 864369

File: 1642081912794.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1296x1281, 5C57C255-986B-4D3A-95BE-A5BF67…)

her flabby waist has its own asscrack. I’m shocked by the state of her eyes, those undereye creases are intense. They almost form a complete circle with her eyelids. Twenty-fucking-five.

gotta love it when newfags who don’t sage try to enforce rules and pick on other anons

No. 864374

too bad she isn't a furry, she could be using her own body to pattern out suits

No. 864375

Makes me wonder what she’d try to be lol. Probably try to revive her failed “OC” and make a cow

Do milking videos lmfao with like the suit on and shit.

No. 864376

She claimed to have commissioned a fursuit way back when. It was when her Etsy was still visible. Not sure if there was ever a actual fursuit made or if it's festering in her closet.

No. 864378

I remember ages ago when she tried to weasel into the furry community when cosplaying went south. They fucking hated her so she turned tail.

No. 864379

File: 1642090570151.png (1.97 MB, 1242x2208, FFD71560-E3DD-4AAE-9EE4-23965B…)

No. 864381

t. she's really upset about something.

No. 864383

I will never get over the fact that she looks great for like, 39, post 2 kids.

But that is one busted 25 year old.

No. 864385

I see what you did there, bravo

No. 864403

kek I would bet dollars to doughnuts that she thinks that's a ~sexy workout line~ like that hot muscle line women get when they actually work out. Just like she thinks her fat fursuit thighs are her quads, or that her shoulders are wide and not just being pushed out by her fat arms. She is my favorite when she's pretending to be a muscle queen.

No. 864408

Has an unknown number of plastic surgeries that would make Oily London blush. Still has to use multiple filters. Thinks shrinking her top half but not editing down her lower half will give the illusion of thiccness and hide her morbid obesity. Live on Moo

No. 864415

ahhh yes can't wait to use that on a resume.
Work Experience: Silly little online dress up magic shows
Cows always call themselves out because they know they're the clowns of this whole circus we live in.

No. 864419

File: 1642127256591.jpeg (552.71 KB, 1284x2099, 1390AECD-2917-475F-B6BC-717720…)

When you forget to buy likes on your post, the 1.5 and 30k+ likes on her photos is as fake as her jaw in the photos she posts

No. 864438

Same here! That little “glute and quad flex” she did where she just wobbled her flab was amazing. She’s so painfully deluded.

HA! Where are your 1.5m followers, Moo? Where’s your engagement? Unbridled liar.

No. 864448

so that's why she posted >>864379

No. 864468

It's also because she looks ugly here. We anyway discussed this photoset on her insta and we already took notice of no one liking her Lucoa. Lurk more. It has to do with how bad she looks. Her Leather Face cosplay has the same issue. People really fucking hated her lips.

No. 864475

lmao or it has everything to do with little traction. she literally gets a 5% traction of her follower count on normal posts or less. scrotes still liked her lucoa.

No. 864485

I'm so confused, why does she look so mad in a post that any other person would be celebrating?

No. 864487

she really looks old here, especially in comparison to her friend

No. 864488

Neither look good - there’s a fuck ton of photoshop on both. Skin smoothing cranked to hell and the right side of that Akemi girls jaw has been warped around.

They’re both pretty haggard irl - Moo just sped up her own deterioration

No. 864495

File: 1642215328518.jpg (1.95 MB, 2560x1920, 22-01-14-21-55-29-897_deco.jpg)

another set??

No. 864496

File: 1642215573072.jpg (2.25 MB, 2560x1920, 22-01-14-21-58-34-277_deco.jpg)

she posted more on the studio IG. it's back to back from the "library" set I guess? this place really screaming fire hazard if it wasn't already

No. 864497

File: 1642215640342.jpg (318.99 KB, 1440x1874, Screenshot_20220114-215732_Ins…)

last update. money sink.

No. 864498

someone needs to tell her there are colors other than white

No. 864504

For all the money she’s dumping on this place, every single set looks cheap af

No. 864505

Out of all the shitty half-assed sets we've seen so far, the space set isn't the worst offender. It's not amazing but it's slightly more pleasing to look at.

No. 864506

weird that she made a set of her house

this admittedly looks pretty good so far. the dichotomy between these and the earlier rooms are kind of crazy, so i wonder who she had design this vs what are clearly her ideas like the cyberpunk nightmare closet

No. 864509

the japanese garden looks like crap. it's basically the deep fried spicy tuna sushi version of what it should look like.

No. 864514

Kek - it looks EXACTLY like a sushi joint in an off the highway strip mall.

The plastic purple wisteria is probably another Demon Slayer jerk off over her Shinobu/ Douma ship


No. 864517

File: 1642234453537.png (2.78 MB, 1242x2208, D35B7B34-EDAF-45B1-BF5C-12D8F0…)

>biggest fan ever

That checks out

No. 864520

… it's almost like real studios don't do this because it looks like shit.
This looks fine as an empty set. Adding a reflective floor is going to make so much more work for photographers and editors.

No. 864521

Is the tree supposed to look like it's made of doodoo?

No. 864522

Ah yes, Ronwa 3/4. A classic

No. 864526

“The dub!!”

Subtitles on screen.

No. 864527

It's this set >>860716
Trees in studios don't work 99% of the time because no matter how you work it the trees usually are fake and short af, and this Wisteria tree one is no exception.

Jesus Christ those rocks give me anxiety, zen where bitch.

No. 864529

wisteria isn't even like that in real life, it has no "trunk". oh well, it matches the quality of all poorly sanded, poorly finished wood.

No. 864533

That wrinkly ass Astroturf is offensive. Nobody wants that in their photos, outside of a mall Easter bunny. Also, bitch, you really going to put sprayfoam on the floor of a rental?? It's fairly easy to get off with a putty knife and some elbow grease, sure, but still.

The only decent set she has is the space one, which clearly she didn't have her little sausage hands in and left it to whatever poor contractor she's trying to sleep with.

No. 864535

God her hair looks like absolute garbage. Since she’s already stooping so low with the period porn shit she might as well do one of those headshave videos for her scrotes

No. 864542

File: 1642269065025.jpeg (2.3 MB, 1600x1200, F362733F-7914-457A-9912-562FB6…)

Has she even seen a Wisteria IRL?

No. 864544

this was suppose to be open months ago. I guess she's at that point where it's either going to be a business or a "Haha just kidding! This is just for me"
Like she did for her Bowsette cosplay. It's always just a joke if something fails

No. 864553

This was doomed to fail from the start - Moo has no idea how a business works, let alone something that would involve actually caring about customers needs and safety.

This is the bitch that had a set built around the electricians box - nothing but a botched idiot pissing away money by the hour

No. 864581

File: 1642288714329.png (3.09 MB, 1800x1037, CA3055A4-4950-41F2-AC9F-82A82F…)

No. 864584

Why do all her books have grandma size font and each page has like 5 sentences.
I guess this is what she calls "reading".
Flipping through pages of commonsense and says its enlightenment.

No. 864586

She ONLY reads self help books. But I have a feeling it isn't self help but as a means to find new tactics to gaslight her slaves
"I don't have to defend my actions. That's toxic. It's toxic of you to question me"

No. 864592

Shes gonna end up living in this shit show when she loses all her money and her giant white in every room pharmacy house.

No. 864597

every book she reads says the exact same fucking things

No. 864599

>Don't be afraid of verbal abuse or criticism
The irony of her sharing this when she can't take even the smallest bit of criticism

No. 864602

Anon, you made my night

No. 864659

it's like clockwork. every one of these just calls out her behavior. maybe it's a mental check thing, like "fake it till you make it" tier positive motivation. she can't be doing it ironically she's not smart enough.

No. 864681

Why wouldn't you just pay the $10 botanical garden admission fee and take pictures in natural sunlight? This will be the most expensive, cheapest looking product in history.

No. 864686

If you are talking about the botanical gardens on the strip, there is no fee. The only issue would be space and you cant really be inside the set-up also the retarded amount of people always there. But even with those issues it would still be 100% better then Mariah's gross warehouse.

No. 864699

that's because moo tried to make this replace a location shoot. the entire point of these studios is to provide more interesting negative space. she clearly uses these kinds of sets but had a very difficult time mimicking them(because she is a dumbass) and doesn't underwritten
understand photography.

No. 864740

because you can't get naked or be an obvious thot on the strip/in a garden versus in someone's cluttered little storage closet of a venue. let's be real - no one's going to be interested in this because they want to take professional, normal, fully-clothed photos. the patronage she gets will be "cosplayers" shooting sad porn for their onlyfans, and that'll dry up when they all realize coomers don't care about fake wisteria and it was a waste of money vs using a hotel room.

No. 864755

Some sets are kind of useable, but one like this awful looking garden where no one can shoot up due to how bad the trees look and areas like the living room scene with the painted window. You can tell when she tried to work on stuff herself. Those areas you have to pick and choose and re-edit bad scene spots. She's trying to emulate a studio as is too, like Wonderland Studio. She's never made a set herself, all alone, no one else helping or giving her ideas. That was all on Vamplette tbh.

No. 864758

Problem is, the only people that will use these sets are other thots Moo invites herself and tell them they can use it for free.
This isn't a business. This is just to defend her ego so she can say she doesn't just do porn. The irony that the only use this place will have is porn

No. 864771

File: 1642559551987.png (5.77 MB, 1242x2208, EACB58FD-3232-4F45-9F56-C3CFD6…)

So painfully basic. You’re telling me she couldn’t find anything other than this fucking IKEA looking couch for this set? You can tell she had her hand in setting this up with how haphazard it looks.

No. 864773

Moroccan lamps and a mummy. Isn’t this a blend of two different cultures?

No. 864776

Christ, how many sets does this rental have now?

This looks like one of those cheap themed honeymoon hotels - what’s next? “The Utility Room”?

No. 864777

Christ. I am genuinely amazed by just how many sets she is managing to cram into this place. She's really trying to use every available inch of floor space isn't she?

Technically, she already has a utility room set. The "cyberpunk" one

No. 864778

this looks like it's a little bigger than the width of that rug.

No. 864781

File: 1642570860386.jpeg (1.6 MB, 1008x2208, 2D804AE4-B2E8-41B2-8904-8CDBDF…)

I mean, you’re not wrong

No. 864782

A Pier 1 Imports set is truly an inspired choice for a photo studio

No. 864788

File: 1642578669951.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1086x1935, 3F45C06B-937B-44E1-9627-6354F7…)

Moo the Mangaka is back

No. 864792

Yup. Her so-very lebanese ass must have searched "arabic" and bought everything that fell under the category

No. 864804

World Market has better staging than this, jfc.

No. 864817

the fuck is this?
and this? her whole studio looks cluttered like this because she has negative design/aesthetic sense. the entire project is being held back by her.

No. 864820

Did a schizophrenic draw this?

No. 864826

Insurence fraud when?
As soon as she realizes she sunk all that money into these sets and isn't able to get anything back from this idea?

No. 864829

She must have been on some shaky Adderall kick because this looks worse than her other chicken shit drawings.

No. 864835

What she's going to do is she's going to file her earnings with this building and every expense she put into it. Claim the studio was for her business or claim her onlyfans earnings was from the studio or helped her. Ya know, fraud.

This kind of stuff would be seen as a hobby or something for personal use and she can't really claim taxes on it. It was never a legit business and her income is totally separate from it

No. 864836

File: 1642614752666.jpg (1008.55 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220118-224608_Ins…)

These are only for straight forward shoots lol

No. 864837

Jesus Christ, how is anyone supposed to navigate this crowded hellhole? Every inch of space doesn’t need a new set, Moo. I’ve never been to a photo studio with setups like this before so an anon can correct me if I’m wrong but wouldn’t having less sets that are higher quality be best than vomiting up a million and one half assed, uninspired sets (that are potential fire hazard/code violation)?

She probably didn’t have any manga nearby to trace off of lol

No. 864838


Screw “potential” this place IS a fire hazard. I’m looking at the million trip hazards, the overcrowded areas (I am sure that Egyptian bed will be easy to lounge on with a fake plant crammed up your ass), the fact she painted on and around the main breaker box and probably cut off access to the pipes for “muh cyberpunk space weeb” set or whatever. I’d bet money she blocked any emergency exit doors as “oh it’s just a back door!” Or some shit. She is a talentless moron no doubt, and the density of these cheap ass sets almost guarantee if there is any accident it will be a total mess. And knowing moo? It’s gonna be. Anyone wanna bet how many more “sets” she’s gonna set up? Also I agree with the idea that she is doing this trying to screw money out of the government by pretending she’s a “small business” or some shit for taxes.

No. 864842

they are too fucking small. she will barely fit in them herself.

No. 864843

That tape on the floor means it's dangerous to obstruct that area but she expects people to set up and take photos there. It's just mind boggling. It couldn't be made more obvious to stay away from that electrical box.

No. 864845

File: 1642634313976.png (485.04 KB, 1440x1481, Screenshot_20220119-091643~2.p…)

No. 864846

File: 1642634363041.png (788.72 KB, 1440x756, Screenshot_20220119-091831.png)


No. 864848

But she always looked like a jersey shore wannabe reject. Doubt she even hung out with the scene/emo crowd and if she did she more than likely made fun of them as well as the anime nerds

No. 864849

I know she wrecked her face but the foundation was always rocky as hell. She managed to look cute at times with makeup, wigs, face tape, contacts and shoop, but she's always been ugly in every sense of the word.

No. 864850

Jfc she looks old at any age. There’s just no saving that mug.

No. 864851

I don’t think moo realizes that their must be a health inspection, building inspection, and a safety inspection to even open. Operating without a business license or passable any safety code can get you into hot water.

No. 864853

I'm just wondering how she's going to sanitize the wigs and cosplays people "borrow". I haven't seen one wash room or even a way for her to sanitize things?

No. 864856

this legit looks like some of the sets we built in my high school theater tech group. Who does she have building these?

No. 864857

Lol it’s all slave labor, mom, and a few contractors she probably tried hitting on that got sick of her shit and did half the work at twice the estimate just to be done with her.

No. 864859

File: 1642664014751.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1085x1944, A6718BE5-58A1-4BE0-BAEE-04F08D…)

I can guarantee this will look worse than it started now that Moo is butchering it.

No. 864861

i doubt her contractor even got proper permits for anything either. as soon as they find that circuit box she's fucked.

No. 864863

Bold of you to assume this'll ever open to the public. It'll be in a perpetual state of opening soon, whilst her and her slaves use it to make low-tier porn

No. 864867

she was the one claiming that it would be. honestly she's probably going to pretend it's just for friends and charge other idiots anyway.

No. 864869

samfagging, but even if moo owns this warehouse, it's commercial property, meaning it needs to be for business. she can't use it for friends privately, she's still using commercial property. not to mention, even homes need to have permits to do certain construction and get electrical work inspected. bringing anyone in there for any reason is going to be violating something.

No. 864870

have you actually lost your mind? people are allowed to bring friends to their business space

No. 864872

Meaning it still needs to be inspected. This is either going to be Moo's biggest waste of time and money, or she's going to get into a heap of trouble with this. And knowing her she's planning on doing tax fraud to get some of her money back on this "business"

Honestly to be it will be kinda funny to see the whole place burn to the ground. I'm just here to watch the show

No. 864875


“I see here Ms. Mallad you itemized “botched nose and tattoo removal” as “business expenses”. What line of work are you in specifically?”
“I’m a professional cosplayer”

twenty minutes of laughter later
“Sure you are”

-from the transcript of auditor, in the near future

No. 865033

Moo, you autistic fuck, nobody is going to use this tree (or even this space). If someone needs a tree, they'll likely either A) Go shoot outside or B) Photoshop one.

She wants to bad to prove how craft -saavy and artsy she is, but that ship sailed years ago. Even at the "height" of her cosplay "career", everyone knew she couldn't craft/make anything worth a single shit. This whole project is just a dumpster fire and it's not even complete yet.

No. 865065

She didn't even make those shitty trees. She's just fucking with it to trick her followers she made it
Kind of like when she fucked with cosplays she commissioned. She will put a line of paint and pretend she made it

No. 865079

"I didn't have that in Hong Kong"
Is he trying to say Hong Kong doesn't have emos or he doesn't have an emo phase? If it's the former then he's obviously never set foot in Mong Kok.

No. 865091

but what about the moss? she glued moss!

No. 865092

File: 1642752899003.jpeg (661.65 KB, 1170x2189, 7D0C1722-D624-461B-A8FD-57389E…)

30k nosejob and she still has to cover it for selfies

No. 865097

Her hair, holy fuck she needs to comb it. Mental illness moment

No. 865103

how long has she had these extensions in? her hair is going to be fucked.

No. 865104

The tip of her nose is almost pointing straight up, dear god.

No. 865114

does she have these extensions sewn/glued in? I don't understand why she doesn't get a clip-on or halo if she doesn't want the upkeep? She's so fucking stupid it hurts. Looking good is literally her job. She's such a fucking lazy slob.

No. 865119

She looks to be the same size as the time she went to Hawaii. She tried to do angles and slim photos down but candids proved she was def over 300.

Also why is it a thing for her to not brush out extensions?

No. 865120

Because she knows nothing of hygiene or how to take care of herself. This is why when she got fucked on camera the guy wasn't even really hard.

No. 865121

That poor guy. she also took him on a few "dates" to make it seem like they were together and she posted it on social. You have to be next level stupid to go on a date with a hooker.

No. 865129

She's not a hooker or prostitute. She wishes she was wanted like them. Tbh, probably her fetish to be treated like one.

No. 865131

Lmao nice warped wood paneling

No. 865132

File: 1642792042316.png (3.18 MB, 1170x2532, E939FB3D-316F-41F8-8DCE-A2535E…)


No. 865133

File: 1642792140726.jpeg (181.53 KB, 1170x2108, E9F2918E-305C-4A0C-9E2C-AB8A65…)

Judging by the comments on her weird face covering pics, she had a bit of a mental illness moment and cut her own bangs, she’s calling it a “hime cut”

No. 865134

Umbran just got her hime bangs cut off so I guess it was her time to take over

No. 865135

No no, she tried to take a male prostitute on a date and tried to make it seem like they were dating.

Gotta copy her friends and get more attention from it. It looks horrible but at least her hair is brushed and more of it is covering her busted face

No. 865136

I can’t get over how awful her nose still looks. The operation was earlier last year right? So it still hasn’t “settled” in a way that looks in any way good lol. Her droopy eyes and deflated lips just add to the horrorshow that is her face. If she’s going to fuck with her hair, she might as well just hide her face behind the greasy extensions.

No. 865137

I’m sure she’s only taking these photos because of that stupid emo concert bullshit that got announced in Vegas.

No. 865138

File: 1642794753442.png (2.79 MB, 1242x2208, A106E94E-0585-4875-9394-0E8F13…)

Like damn, maybe it’s a good thing you’re so irrelevant these days that kids don’t see the videos of you groping people. Because kids are so dumb and will copy anything right?
It’s funny whenever she feigns concern about “the children”, we all know she doesn’t give a shit about them… (except probably underaged boys.)

No. 865139

Nathan Lane in drag

No. 865142

File: 1642801729607.jpg (23.12 KB, 318x255, jojo hortonmovie.jpg)

She looks like the emo kid from Horton Hears a Who. nose, eyebags, migrated filler, the bangs. damn

No. 865144


No. 865145

30k guys

No. 865146

What video is this sow talking about? It’s creepy when she talks about children.

No. 865147

File: 1642807713769.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1077x1932, 4FECD7CB-E342-4EFB-BF05-FEBDC5…)

I don’t know the video but trying to make sense of her rambling and poor af grammar certainly doesn’t help.

No. 865150

A girl who encourages sexual behavior as a means to success has influenced a number of teenage girls, and has distorted the idea of body positivity and a healthy self image. She's so deep in her own shit that she's gotten used to the smell.

No. 865151

jfc she looks like a face transplant recipient

No. 865154

this is the most grandma thing to do, just start rambling about a thing you disapprove of in the vaguest possible terms

No. 865155

She's one to talk. Doesn't she push her porn content on kids all the time? Wasn't that her main goal when she came on tik tok? Same woman who said she would love to be a teacher and loves the idea of making her male students horny. It's weird when she tries to take any moral high ground but she's worse than the people she shits on.

No. 865157

File: 1642825461502.jpg (53.91 KB, 500x749, 01a0e9a7ab3e42d0a82633fe321e95…)

one is a successful icon and the other is a pig.

No. 865160

Still can't believe she paid money for someone to butcher her nose this bad.

No. 865168

I think the funniest part is she did SOOOO much research, and she went to a totally top rated Dr that invented the procedure, and she totally wasn't going to bruise. She likely did a single Google search, fell for a Dr blowing smoke up her ass, paid 3 times the amount of a decent nosejob, and is likely going to have to get a revision done somewhere down the line. GG, Moo.

No. 865169

It's not even a nitpick at this point. With her saggy round face, it looks like an over done pig snout. She got botched, and paid 3 times over what a top of the line rhinoplasty costs. She does this, and we're expected to believe she's making smart investments with her feeder fetish bucks? Sure thing.

No. 865170

Damn girl we get it you tailgate.

No. 865171

maybe she did, honestly, the issue is probably her. she likely wanted this tiny nose and didn't realize how bad it would look. nose jobs only look good when a little bit is taken off or when only certain areas like the bridge are altered. doctors can only advise so much and moo clearly thinks she's an anime character and therefore needed this mess.

No. 865180

Nose jobs look good when you're a mutant like Vamps. Hers wasn't even a great nose job, but it was so proportionally fucked to the rest of her face anything shaved off would help. Moo looks ethnically white, to me at least, like dark haired/eyed greeks, spanish, italians. And for most, a sloped nose is natural. It's not a beauty standard but it matches your face. Best nose job you can do in that case is shave down some of the bridge and minimize the slope or get yourself a perfectly straight nose as long as it's not too pointy. >>865132 This is probably Moo's best contribution to society. A tale to young girls not to botch their face to look like a current e-girl trend. The shittiest part is that intentions on the nostrils are super deep and pronounced. That's the smallest thing you can get rid of in plastic surgery or even make up to make your nose more conventionally attractive. I can't freakin wait until the nose job heals to its final form which will be more upturned and thinner.

No. 865181


No. 865185


No. 865196

These are obviously clip-on bangs.

No. 865207

File: 1642880389683.jpeg (2.67 MB, 1242x2178, 2CAE5552-932F-4C22-92DA-63E9B1…)

Whoever said “black is slimming” obviously hasn’t met Moo. Also that ginormous scrunchie makes her look even more retarded than usual.

No. 865212


“Hun that obese special needs kid has gotten out of her house again and is flailing around the park trying to act like Elvis”

“Early Elvis or late Elvis?”
“Late Elvis only bigger. And with a few less rings”

No. 865219

Knee brace huh? Poor joints are getting weak from her weight already

No. 865233

File: 1642899524666.png (Spoiler Image,825.6 KB, 592x884, moo1.png)

She is so blobby

No. 865235

File: 1642899835782.png (Spoiler Image,690.84 KB, 604x959, moo2.png)

Definitely got more lipo sorry forgot spoiler.

No. 865238

This screenshot makes her look like an amputee earthworm.

No. 865242

This bitch learned the fact that people like messy sex hair and went too far

No. 865250

instead of walmart Nigiri she's not a walmart Sniperwolf. She's even doing very similar poses and style as her. I guess why Moo ditched the glasses. Doesn't want to be TOO obvious

No. 865296

godamnit , ive seen actual trannys ( ftm) with botched top surgery with better pepperonis than moos current ones …

No. 865300

File: 1642914230083.png (3.22 MB, 1242x2208, 8F353B26-34BF-4609-8DF9-BA1582…)

I’m sure that’ll help with all the grease in that matted mess…

No. 865341

Lmao does she think this is a flex? I, too could go outside and rip the tops off commonly used in landscaping herbs and let them…soak in water? So I can rinse my hair in it! I smell like herbs! Imagine smelling my hair and acting like a vintage herbal essences commercial instead of openly gagging! I smell great, ok??? I paid Maddie to say that already, right?

No. 865342

okay but…. why?
Just wash, condition and brush your hair
This wont benefit her hair all that much. It's the same as getting your hair wet. Just wash your hair Moo

No. 865344

This got me thinking. Moo flexes everything. You would think she would flex an expensive shampoo or some bamboo brush. But I just remember how the woman admitted she only lets the salon wash her hair and she normally doesn't touch it and I wanna gag

No. 865346

>flexing weed water
Next she’s going to show us water with a lemon in it.

No. 865349

This isn’t going to do shit for her hair. There’s no benefit to this and it’s not going to smell good so I’m just??? Moo, just buy some hood shampoo and a hair masque. You’re going to smell like stinky medicinal herbs like this.

No. 865350


So does…she ever like wear jeans? Or anything not disgusting skin tight?

No. 865354

The last time we saw Moo in denim was her Cindy cosplay and we all know how that went.

No. 865359

these raw, unmuttled herbs are going to do fuck all.

No. 865392

Imagine trying to get each rosemary thing out of that tangled extension mess.

No. 865410


She wore denim shorts early on, but after a few candid shots showing how far and gross her flabby cottage cheese thighs were, she’s worn yoga pants ever since.

No. 865414

Rosemary and lavender oils are believed to be good for toning the scalp/skin but dunking your head in a pile of wet nettles is gonna do jack shit.
I also imagine her juicing the sticks when she can't find anything in Trader Joes, only to smell like a baked chicken. Anyway, have fun with the seaweed water!
Remember two years ago when she had her OC that wore ill-fitting jeans?

No. 865417

Moo’s nips were botched by her breast reduction/enormous weight gain combo platter.

No. 865420

File: 1642972942452.jpg (176.16 KB, 1300x800, I-Am-The-Globglogabgalab-Lyric…)

No. 865435

File: 1642981346067.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1088x1942, 75107CBB-AB7B-4CAE-A719-60FA8C…)

God she is so full of shit.

No. 865437

Yes moo, if you ate healthy food and less than twice your weight every day, your body would change and get smaller. Too bad you just go get the fat vacuumed out while acting like it’s diet and exercise.

No. 865444

>>865435 Essential oils won't heal anything on the average person what makes momokun think they'll help her body with how much she abuses it?

No. 865445

what’s “just new growth from December”? all you can see is a filtered blur

No. 865447

She's responding to:
She makes it no secret she lurks.

No. 865448

Whatever your delusions tell you, mlmkun.

No. 865453

she has to use a filter for a close up image of her hair, i can't with this bitch anymore. moo, if your hair was that healthy, why'd you go get those matted, disgusting extensions back in?

No. 865456

"Essential oils and herbs can heal your body"
She sounds like those anti vaxx face book moms who harp on essential oils. Bet she didn't even dump the shit on her hair and she just went to the salon to wash her unkept mess. Guess the comments here really got to her. Also what diet changes? You're 300 pounds Moo. You're a cheese burger away from a stroke, and you already look like you had one judging from that droopy face

Moo, it took over 2 years to grow your hair to your shoulders. It will never be as thick or grow as it once did.

No. 865471

Don't know extensions were "new growth" looool

No. 865474

it's been said before she probably physically has trouble washing her hair. i honestly believe that now. she won't even get it styled daily or anything(because she can't afford it) yet she digs her heels in about not brushing her own hair?

No. 865486

It's obvious from the locs of matted hair she's incapable. It's disgusting

No. 865503

Herbs and essential oils won’t decrease the fat that’s gathering and choking around your internal organs. Can’t lipo that way, dumb shit. But as long as you can flash your floppy tits for more pho and sushi money then you do you. Though I can’t promise you you’ll live to see 30.

No. 865525

File: 1643041147474.png (562.58 KB, 775x798, Ew no.png)

It looks like her vag vomited up a jelly donut.

This is why God doesn't talk to us anymore.

No. 865568

File: 1643071051974.jpeg (1.22 MB, 1066x1825, D1FF1B2D-9AEE-413F-A39D-FF12F5…)

That’s not a kimono, its a circus tent.

No. 865574


She looks fuckin pregnant in a cheap ass Kimono. I do love her idiotic flexes.

No. 865594

At least the artists got paid? Goddamn. Who is she about to butcher and the randoseru even close by is A LOT. Please chill on how much you want to grope unsuspecting anyone, I'm begging you Moo.

No. 865595

Nice furisode, show us it now closed and tied with an obi? Oh, right…
It doesn't even reach her wrists when it's opened. No way in hell that thing will close.

No. 865613

It’s funny how she has to throw away money as some sort of flex. Look at her ugly smug ass face “no one likes me b-b-b-but look! I have so much more money than you! I’m better than all my haters because I have MONEY. Look at all my expensive purchases. Y-yeah. Haters. B-bet you were like me now!! Eweeeeeh”

No. 865614

Kek, the filter name.

What character is she going to slut up with these? Or is she just showing off basic level 1 weebness? Next she'll flex a bottle of ramune and hello panda cookies.

No. 865615

My bet is demon slayer or some inuyasha or ranma bullshit.

No. 865618

The absolute state of Japanese larping white women.

No. 865628

File: 1643129669764.jpg (1.03 MB, 1079x1671, Screenshot_20220125-085242_Fir…)

The stitching on these silks is terrible, tbh, and the silk is so so thin. Looks like kimonos you get from a Japantown vs Japan. Also really still trying to pass off recently gotten lipo as working out.

No. 865634

File: 1643131296267.png (92.71 KB, 210x511, turian.png)

she photoshops herself into a turian

No. 865637

Nta but noses don't get more turned up as they heal so hers can only get thinner if she has edema left and that's not likely either. The tip drops after a few months so hers probably won't drop further, she may need a second rhinoplasty if she wants to fix it and they'd need to take cartilage grafts from her rib or ear.

No. 865638

I know we overuse the word ‘haggard’ but…damn. Her face looks BAD. I’m surprised she doesn’t care more that she has the complexion of an older, heavy drinker. why don’t you go rub some rosemary on that

No. 865640

You know I wonder when’s the last time shes visited a [REAL] doctor and had a physical. I’m certain her blood pressure and cholesterol is off the fucking charts. The rapid weight gain only to get lipo seemingly on a fucking annual schedule has to be doing massive damage to her internal body.

No. 865641

But she has essential oils and self-help books!

No. 865644

What ever happened to her weird animal girl phase where she was collecting those expensive ears and using those to flex? The bottom right wig just reminded me of that. Did she quit once she realized the furries didn’t want her either?

No. 865646

Pretty sure she sold most of them on depop

No. 865650

Pretty sure those packages are stuck in a post office warehouse as “hazardous materials”

No. 865658

File: 1643145206553.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1242x2053, 9F788CD5-8477-41C8-8E8B-1625A1…)

Filter blurring half her face and neck into oblivion but doing nothing for the other half. Ever since she boasted about not having to rely on filters after her nose job, we’re almost a year in and she’s abusing them more than ever. Gotta suck being so insecure but she did it to herself.

I dunno why she keeps showing off her lipo’d stomach like it distracts from her disproportionately ginormous upper arms and thighs.

No. 865660

She has to spend a ton of money to try to feel more superior than others but every person who she's trying to prove wrong, doesn't have to look at her botched face and body in the mirror. She does. We don't have to be a whore to keep whatever wealth we have from a bunch of disgusting men. She does. She may have money to flex but that's all she has. She's miserable inside and out.

No. 865662

I can't get over how bad her nose is. The new head tilted back nostrils out pose is so obnoxious. Why does she insist on looking like a smug asshole at all times?

No. 865665

her spending money, over eating, drinking and doing drugs is her cope because she's miserable. People like Moo can never be happy

No. 865666

She’s been turning her nose up at everyone her entire life, only now she paid money to make it more obvious lol. She’s such a smug cunt.

No. 865669

And she's still has a filter on. yeeesh
makes me wonder how many filters she runs through photos and videos usually.

No. 865678

why tf is there an air mattress on the floor?

No. 865682

And it still couldn't hide her bumpy face. The smug picture makes her pimples stand out more. Imagine how they would look without the filter.

No. 865693

Would be only fitting for the live-in cosplay slave to sleep on an air mattress in the cosplay room, wouldn't it

No. 865698

Or her actual bed probably smells so much from her not showering she had to resort to an air mattress in a different room lol. Her room probably has too many fake cum stains on the floor and cat piss/shit everywhere

No. 865703

she gets worn out changing her cosplays/wigs so she uses it to rest.

No. 865711

She probably had someone over or never put it away. Umbran has her own room with a real bed.

No. 865769

File: 1643298758165.jpeg (1.25 MB, 1242x2045, B6CACD55-574E-4408-B87D-6C5F7C…)

Do “gorgeous gorgeous girls” have to rely on filters for a video of their hand?

No. 865771

Kay, so like … why do -you- have them?

Fucking chubby ass rat claw.

No. 865772

Looks like fungal nail infection.

No. 865774

She relies on nude because she thinks it slims her fingers lol Her sausages look way shorter and chunkier with colored ones.

No. 865776

The natural nails on her hands must be paper thin and horrendous.
Even once, those nails will destroy your cuticles and nail strength.
How long has it been since I last saw a moo without claws, 2015?

No. 865783

Looks like Maddie opened wig commissions for the first time in like, 5 years.

I wonder if Moo stopped paying her slave allowance? Or maybe Maddie is just taking commissions from other cosfamous people like usual.

No. 865798

File: 1643318843291.jpg (584.92 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220127-152627_Ins…)

Maddie seems to be losing weight or getting surgery like moo so maybe she stopped paying her because she's having better results?

No. 865800

Please use a spoiler on graphic imagery in the future.

No. 865805

It must kill moo to see someone with healthy hair near