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File: 1633538473793.jpg (1.79 MB, 2560x1920, bossassflatassbitch.jpg)

No. 855603

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>850544
Website: momokun.co (new) https://momokun.co/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Twitter: https://twitter.com/momokunco
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, btsmomokun (formerly xmariahmalladx), the ragdollranch (formerly mariahthecatlady, momoscat), momokun.co
Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@momokun.co
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile (seems to not exist anymore?)
Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/users/mariahmallad
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/momokun
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/momokuncosplay
Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Momokun_MariahMallad/

Tumblr blog receipts are all outdated as fuck (we're talking like when she got banned from twitter) but here they are if you want them
(you need a tumblr account to view this one since it's an 18+ blog)

>Allegedly taking a break from her busy cosplay schedule to work on the studio and "train" in the gym.
>Her nose continues to heal and look like shit, not suiting her face at all and she continues to abuse filters to try and hide this
>Currently on another fake gym stint to make it look as though she’s losing weight naturally when she’s clearly just getting more liposuction and gaining more weight
>Posts and deletes about holding back on some costumes to "lose weight" and will bet a breast lift and augmentation in March after she "loses weight"
>Getting Archer tattoo lasered off.
>Continues working on photo studio, filling it with the cheapest and tackiest furnishings imaginable.
>Also fills said studio with her own old sweaty costumes and wigs, basically turning it into an aggrandized storage unit as anons suspected, but promises a luxurious experience with fancy air and everything!
>Squarecuck hasn’t been seen or mentioned in quite some time, anons suspect they may have split over the modelling agency he started
>Martin Wong's Mrs. Potato Head era begins.
>Martin so far has shot almost exclusively in the lobby with solid color backdrops.
>Patreon is restored, immediately uses it to attempt to scam previous patrons in higher tiers
>Banned from TikTok for now after being called out by zoomers for being a creep.
>IG disappears for "verification" but not a blue check in sight
>SSSniperwolf skinwalk intensifies
>OnlyFans continues to let thots be thots for now
>Studio opening pushed to "October"
>Still no information on how to book, an actual website or any makings of a legitimate business, but has peach printed toilet paper!
>Shoots yet another awkward breast smashing/dildo clip filmed with questionable legality in new studio's exercise room.
>Customers can enjoy a sampling of Mariah's bodily fluids among other amenities, including an extremely authentic Japanese living room complete with very realistic and well rendered window.

No. 855610

File: 1633542262901.jpg (505.45 KB, 1080x1556, 20211007_064305.jpg)

Please for the love of God moo, stop using marble everywhere.
Just because you can, doesn't mean you should

No. 855615

File: 1633546505471.png (1.45 MB, 1242x2208, E776F371-3310-46DC-9682-203B66…)

No. 855616

File: 1633547157457.png (5.3 MB, 1609x1800, 9F70A498-C292-4E35-8943-E6A0A1…)

Some screencaps from the last few days. Moo is “crafting” again for a Chainsaw Man cosplay everyone saw coming. Looks about as bad as you expect from the woman that brought us the toilet paper roll headphones and wonky cardboard cowbell with the shit paint job. Guessing she’s still trying in vain to be considered a cosplayer by the time this studio opens.
Apparently the studio has a couple larger sets that already look horrendous, including the “Victorian” room. Proving once again (like the “cyberpunk” set) that she has no knowledge about the theme of sets she’s tossing money at. (She didn’t bother to put up a faux wall to cover that large ass fucking crease. Just painted over it and slapped moulding on it.)

No. 855617

I wonder if she's just going to use her peachyfans domain given that her bootleg OF is still nowhere to be seen
Just how many rooms does this place have now, I'm starting to lose track of them all

No. 855618

File: 1633548487982.jpeg (341.27 KB, 1242x871, C06144EC-B763-47F6-9430-936831…)

Comment on bathroom photo post. Called it, bathroom confirmed as a set.
>heavily cleaned every day. After every client.
Sure Moo. I sincerely doubt that. There’s no amount of disinfectant for your ass stains on the exercise set equipment.

No. 855619

I’d put money on her using that domain. Her delusional OF replacement plans went in the trash as soon as OF backtracked and she was able to continue collecting money from there again. Plus, she’s fucking lazy. But at least that means no one has to go through her IG to book. One would hope the zoomers will come through and place tons of fake bookings lol.

No. 855624

it's not chainsaw man it's leatherface the apron is literally right there, anon. it's likely the bishoujo leatehrface figure too.

No. 855628


And a Michael Myers - peep the mask and knife underneath the flimsy coveralls. Why not just use a real chainsaw/knife for photoshoot quality?

No. 855655

Seems to me that the whole studio fiasco is just an excuse for her to try and barge into the shoots that she thinks are going to happen there. If anybody semi well known or even half cute was there do you really think she would stay away invited or not?

No. 855660

I stand corrected but she did post in a story while the thread was closed that she was cosplaying Makima from Chainsaw Man as well. Hard to keep up with all her bullshit plans.

No. 855667

File: 1633565847809.jpg (12.77 KB, 171x467, HpbOJS2.jpg)

No. 855668

holy hell her wig slave looks like an easter island statue

No. 855669

I know it can take a long time for a nosejob to settle into its final shape, but it seriously just looks like the surgeon cut off most of her nose bridge and nothing else. It makes the tip look even bigger and piggier. I'll never get over that she paid $30k for that hackjob, fingers crossed it's another one of her lies.

No. 855670

For how much money she has, I’ll never stop being amazed at how greasy and blotchy her skin is. She has the money to invest in a good skincare routine, along with a personal trainer and even a nutritionist! There’s no excuse for her to look the way she does, she needs to stop the temporary quick fixes she’ll never be happy this way.

No. 855672

It would be pretty funny if she was using her peachyfans domain. Even funnier if onlyfans cuts off thots and she has to scramble to make a new scammy website. I feel like this photo studio is going to be the biggest mistake of the year

No. 855673

Mother Moo taking her guntling out for tendies.

No. 855676

File: 1633593404898.png (6.02 MB, 1800x1791, 3F957FDE-BC76-4967-BD74-168D5E…)

Not even filters can do damage control at this point on that mug.

No. 855677

File: 1633593594208.jpeg (980.87 KB, 1242x1484, EE48CEEF-1BCB-46ED-B855-B4C25E…)

Samefag but this is what rock bottom should look like but we know she can (and will) go further.

No. 855678

She most definitely will sink further. It’s pretty obvious she’s addicted to plastic surgery. She already has a botched nose, i bet her upcoming breast lift will be botched too.

No. 855679

all those fillers and her top lip still reminds me of a turtle. instead of that nose job she should have gotten a facelift

No. 855681

File: 1633600046980.jpeg (779.71 KB, 3264x1690, 173268C4-AD55-4938-8F60-77BE68…)

I craft props for cosplay frequently and this hurts my fucking eyes. I don’t actually get what I’m looking at. It looks like she used PVA foam mats as her source for some of the foam, which is pretty typical except she didn’t even bother to sand off the texturing on the back of them. That’s beginner level shit. They’re also dirt cheap and surprised that she didn’t invest in some higher quality higher density foam considering how much she brags about her wealth. Whatever half assed pattern she scribbled out with that red pen might have been good but naturally she’s ruined it - also peep the edges of any of the foam pieces, looks like she’s just hacking at it with a dull blade, especially at the teeth of the chainsaw. I can’t wait to see how terrible this turns out. She’s been in the cosplay scene for years relying purely on sex appeal from tasteless simps and she has absolutely no skill to show for it.

No. 855684

I’m making a prediction. It’s October so this will probably be for her ~Halloween~ shoot since I feel like she’s done with her When they Cry, since her last attempt kept getting her dunked on for using a Fortnite mask as a prop. Now she’ll be the biggest Ellfen Leid fan

So I predict, detective style, that this is going to be either nude with fake blood while she tries to look sultry but it’ll end up looking like grandma got into the Taco Bell mild sauce vat at the factory. OR it’s gonna be that bandaged up look but with flapjacks dangling out, successfully looking like a Kroger’s ham wrapped up in dollar store single ply tp.

No. 855688

File: 1633607640992.jpg (122.47 KB, 1080x709, Screenshot_20211006-221330.jpg)

Came across this tweet and feel of might be directed at someone we know.

No. 855701

File: 1633613122291.jpg (1.71 MB, 1920x2560, craftfoam.jpg)

It looks like her team of lawyers got this throwback video removed from youtube, but it lives on on fb. Literally zero growth in 4 years.

No. 855707

Man those comments are a throwback.

No. 855708

Man those comments are a throwback.

No. 855710

Lol I still have this video on my computer from when it was originally posted and I’ve always laughed at it. I think she’s actually gotten worse over time and I think this video was the turning point when she realized she isn’t as good as she thinks she is and just made everyone else do her shit ALL the time

No. 855713

I thought it was always hysterical that she would paint on highlights and considered it “weathered”

I remember the era where she tried to one up a prop that was made for her (by kbbq? It was that Saber shield) and she was posting progress pictures basically shitting on how the prop was made and how she was gonna do it better but it ended up looking like shit lol.

No. 855714

holy shit at how much she has changed her voice

No. 855725

File: 1633625324967.png (5.94 MB, 1242x2208, 18CE5245-D666-44D0-8E78-9637DD…)

I’ve never seen her mention liking this anime. How many times has she said “finally got to recreate my favorite ____” and it turns out to be a sloppy mess? She hasn’t announced any big video projects for Halloween so I hope people dunking on her “elaborate” past endeavors finally sunk in. Anyone have that gif of her getting slapped from the Umineko video? That was some unintentional hilarity I think we need now.

No. 855726

File: 1633625517884.png (1.81 MB, 1242x2208, 98E13DF8-C3E6-4380-9FF3-F3B698…)

>it’s like everything I’ve ever wanted
To shoot porn in a children’s classroom? Ok.
Only her thot orbiters are excited for this shithole.

No. 855727

Is this supposed to be Lucy or something?

No. 855728

That's because she had 2 people doing props for her at the time [David and someone who replaced him, but not Vamps]. She has never had to make her own props for 7 years and she can barely do it now. Also since her 'friends' have been getting more popular, they are busy trying to crank out sets too, make their own props, look at Vamp ffs. She's been making sets out the wazoo and sewing, crafting.. Moo wishes she had talent for cosplay. She just has talent for putting on ill-fitting clothes and being fat in front of a photo editor.

No. 855733

I can't wait to see her botch these with her saggy tits, lack of ass, and weird liposuction stomach. Holy yikes.

No. 855734

Look at how close the fucking desks are to the board kek. It’s even smaller now with all the shit jammed in. Also the pedophilia is jumping out

No. 855735

File: 1633632070386.jpg (Spoiler Image, 195.97 KB, 1140x1426, 1140x1426_904961ffbfa66858fa80…)

She really shopped half her arm fat off but forgot the back fat behind it.

No. 855736

There has been a resurgence for Elfen Lied recently for a couple of reasons but the one I know of is some popular youtubers have drawn attention to a video called "Why we liked Elfen Lied".

Just another hype train for momo to jump on, but now she can "muh nostalgia tru fan" too.

Sage for no milk and sperg

No. 855737

Don’t worry anon, she will have someone paint her a new body on photoshop anyways. She’s too much of a coward to let coomers and us see her actual body.

No. 855738

She has never looked good in pink hair, her face looks dark.

No. 855741

Ah yes the anime where there’s a pissing scene and shitty ultraviolence for the scrotes.

No. 855744

Whose body is that? Kek

No. 855745

>>855735 kek the pointy stomach rippling from photoshop

No. 855746

She should have gone for a darker wig anyway, as per usual this one isn't even accurate to the character who's hair is more red.

No. 855747

Shit on her arms looks like pretzel sticks. Would love to know what that guy is thinking while looking at her.

No. 855755

I’m shocked she didn’t pass out and hit her head with as hard as she’s sucking in her gut. All that photoshop and lipo and her legs are still massive, cankles and all.
It’ll never stop being hilarious how hard she’s trying to convince everyone that she’s not fat.

No. 855770

File: 1633650221250.jpg (9.58 KB, 181x181, oink.jpg)

When you ask for the kawiwi anime girl, but you get the pig snout instead.

No. 855771

Her inflamed tit and cut in stomach shoop is Chef's kiss

No. 855774

One of the most tragic things is if she never got plastic surgery, didn’t ruin her hair and lost 150 pounds she would actually be attractive.
She Completely ruined herself.

No. 855775

Why hasn't any or her scrotes commented on the quality of her photos? She has one of the best phones for pics, but they look like they were taken on an old disposable from the 80s.

No. 855777

because its easier to disguise her edits.

No. 855779

There has always been complaints. She just remains stagnant because she thinks she knows how to use a camera..

No. 855781

File: 1633661730276.jpg (25.59 KB, 319x576, RxTXQUy.jpg)

Moo currently in the woods with Akemi, Martin and Eric.

No. 855782

File: 1633662525732.png (3.65 MB, 1242x2208, 8532DE31-6EEE-4706-B497-486AD4…)

Her Ross Geller veneers will never not be fucking hilarious. Is there any part of her body she hasn’t completely botched at this point?

No. 855784

She does know that tits start at the armpit, right? You can't just shoop out the line.

No. 855785

Well at least she haven’t had any procedures done on her pussy, i guess? Otherwise idk if there is a part of her body she haven’t got some surgery done. If she keeps going she’ll turn even more nightmarish.

No. 855786

There was a mention about her getting a labiaplasty but I don't know if that was true.

No. 855787

No, it's just anons saying she should get one. She's never mentioned it herself as a surgery. She's mentioned her eyebags though.

No. 855788

Different anon, but we all know she lies a lot, especially about surgeries. Though i still agree, that she haven’t gotten labiaplasty, yet at least.

No. 855789

I don't see her ever getting one, tbh.

No. 855792

File: 1633669256013.png (9.62 MB, 1284x2778, 3EF9D020-DA1D-4454-AE6B-637DD5…)

What is wrong with her nose????

No. 855793

File: 1633669368297.jpeg (150.87 KB, 1284x1725, B4A22B79-D8C0-4C35-8F5E-3F5D02…)

fucking w i d e Martin wong must be rolling in the dough to eat his words about skinny cosplayers to be photoshopping this cow into somewhat decent

No. 855794

She's trying to use controur to make it even more minimal, but it looks botched. I don't know why she thinks a narrow bridge is cute because even girls with cute, petite, noses don't have bridges that small. Is she seriously trying to do the swoop, not bridge, anime look? That's not achiveable and looks awful IRL.

No. 855795

Did Jessica stop shooting with him or something or did he move to Vegas? I know she lives in Arizona.

No. 855796

File: 1633669665139.png (2.43 MB, 1334x900, Moo.png)

I think the first time he actually shot her was in 2017. She looks nothing like she did then and now looking at his edit from 2017, she looks 10x cuter here even though we know her body is a fucking massive garbage truck. At least her face didn't look as stupid as it does now. That's one thing she kind of had going for her: her face didn't look bad, but her body was obese as hell.

No. 855797

The funniest thing though is that once again Moo has roped in a photographer who hates her with her scrotebux. Square hated her before his then-girlfriend got them together on shoots, and now high and mighty Martin Wong has sunk lower than low to get this cow's dirty money.

I guess he forgot the times Moo would try to shit on his work and Moosplain photography to him on social media, money really does cure everything.

No. 855810

Good to know she's still 300 pounds. Moo reminds me of this chinese chick who conned simps thousands of dollars every time she streamed or took a picture. But then ran away from the internet when the filter broke and showed she was obese. Except Moo hangs around anyway

No. 855817


you can see the sloppy photoshopping on her waist. literal chunks taken out and the wig hair hanging from her tit defying the laws of physics. i know she is a hamplanet but she does not have her own gravitational pull.

No. 855838

File: 1633704548927.png (251.33 KB, 1242x2208, CAA81A6D-6BA2-446F-A624-5C8BC3…)

No. 855844

Did someone cut her off again?

No. 855845


Aka stewing in anger because you’re a fat toddler proportioned woman who shits her pants and pouts when she doesn’t get her way.

No. 855853

Somehow I feel like it’s about Square but it could be anyone since she burns so many bridges. Still, so much for those “therapy” books, she’s still as much of a bitter and vindictive bitch as she always was.

No. 855854

anyone else getting Logan Paul's Trip to Japan vibes from this?

No. 855876


That isn’t forgiveness dipshit.

No. 855877

Saged for kinda ot but like, what the fuck happened to froggy hairdresser and that other guy she took to Hawaii like 2 years ago?

No. 855881

File: 1633741531920.png (3.81 MB, 1242x2208, 00D2E72B-2FAE-4150-A277-C4A3C6…)

No. 855883

File: 1633741749594.png (5.17 MB, 1800x1195, B70FAC07-B7F4-4BE8-A353-161271…)

No. 855885

File: 1633742133800.png (4.63 MB, 1800x1199, 9862C4F3-73BC-4410-BCEC-5D7F11…)

Maddie is a fucking hack and Moo has no sense of style or creativity. Their mediocrity combined makes for a flat, fried AF mess. I hate the fact they have the nerve to call themselves “professionals”.

No. 855887

What the fuck is wrong with her nose. Is the lighting playing tricks on my eyes?

No. 855891

Acting as if the “never talking to them again” was your decision and not theirs, lmao.
There’s a reason ppl leave u so much moo.

No. 855898

she wants to call her ex friends out so bad. but because she over shares everything they all have too much dirt on her

No. 855899

She straight up looks like she has Down’s syndrome in the left picture. Wtf.

No. 855900

File: 1633747856049.png (4.82 MB, 1800x1701, C6231F06-B241-4861-907B-603CF7…)

If Mariah really wanted to release a scary set for Halloween, all she would have to do is not put on pounds of makeup and release the raw images of her unfiltered body. That alone would be frightening.

No. 855903

She looks like she’s trying to look Japanese in a really creepy way, like she’s skinwalking some gravure idol or some shit.

No. 855904


It looks like she’s still contouring her nose the same way she did pre-op and it doesn’t suit her new one at all

No. 855906

john wayne gacy would be right up her alley. fat tub of lard that loves fried food and looking like a clown.

No. 855907

File: 1633749934777.png (4.23 MB, 1800x1004, DDFD6AE6-BB2A-40B9-830C-8156F1…)

Did Painted Gypsy force blast diarrhea on those walls? Jesus it’s fucking ugly. I know post apocalyptic scenes aren’t supposed to be pristine but this just screams half-assed, like the rest of the walls in the studio. I have to wonder how much she’s charging Moo for this unless it’s for clout.
I’m also afraid of what that bed frame is for in the bg of the last pic. And her shitty screens are there too. This really is Moo’s glorified storage unit.

No. 855908

Is that a garage?

No. 855910

The stairs just abruptly end. Why didn’t they put a mock door at the top so it looks like it at least leads somewhere.

No. 855911

Looks like she put just as much thought into that set like she did with the others… which is little to none. Mariah has no clue what she’s doing. She has a vague idea of what she wants and thinks will be cool but has absolutely no fucking clue how the execute it properly. And since none of her friends can critique her without being labeled a “snake” or doing whatever this >>855838 is, Moo will continue throwing money around like a child on useless crap because she thinks it’s “aesthetic” enough. I mean, we all saw the warning signs over the years like her buying a bunch of fake/cheap Japanese decor for her bathroom (like a fucking bonsai lol) and calling it her “onsen set”.

No. 855912

File: 1633752329718.png (4.84 MB, 1800x1410, A99F4ACB-B467-42E7-9259-C6365A…)

She limited comments on the peachycollective account. Gee, I wonder why?

No. 855914

File: 1633754753619.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1235x2208, 942A8D60-BA61-4CA1-9076-434CF5…)

No. 855916

File: 1633756595329.jpg (455.19 KB, 1080x1951, Screenshot_20211009-001523_Ins…)

Kek she really looks botched here

No. 855919

I love how she has to edit her upper lip because her thin upper lip can't hold any if the filler and just looks like a 3d mustache

No. 855920

It's like there's a smaller nose inside of her wide nose. I've never thought about that before. If you have a honker and they remove some cartilage inside, you still have all of that skin and flesh just laying there on top.

No. 855921

10's of thousands of dollars later and she still looks like a turtle.

No. 855922

File: 1633763057731.jpg (Spoiler Image, 686.53 KB, 1500x1500, BeautyPlus_20211009020220512_o…)

No. 855924

Oh yeah, i’d love to hear the dirt vamp and square have of moo.

No. 855928

She’s actually openly stated “I’m not an egirl im a gravure model”
So ur not far from the truth

No. 855929

And young boys.

No. 855930

what the fuck is going on in this picture

it looks like one of those photos that's supposed to represent how a stroke feels where you can't focus on any single object.

No. 855931

post-apocalyptic? more like Post-apologetically bad. This looks less apocalyptic and more like a run-down warehouse.

She's realy trying to turn every foot of space into a set isn't she. The marble, "apocalytpic
and tatami room are all sharing what looks like the same space which looks like some sort of storeroom. Between those, the bathroom, the lobby and the electrical cupboard she's really filling this place up.

Since she wanted rooms that where double purpose, why not use the tatami mats in her "Japanese house"? It'd look alot more Japanese than it currently does.

who thought two unrelated sets side by side was a good idea?

No. 855932


Can’t wait until the parking lot is also a set “here’s our Japanese street gang set for all you yakuza cod players :3”

No. 855933

This is actually shockingly bad, even for her. I didn't think she could look worse, yet she continues to prove me wrong. She looks super downsy here; what's with changing her face every single photoset? She never looks like the same person.

Someone posted the Beekeeper Mei up thread and wow, if she had just left her face alone despite everything she could come back… by just losing weight for real… but she had to ruin it.

No. 855936

they couldn’t even curl the ends? jesus.

No. 855937

Anon, no.

No. 855938

File: 1633782431027.jpg (821.26 KB, 1078x1849, Screenshot_20211009-052535_Ins…)

Not even her followers like her face now. She gets half the normal likes if she posts her new face unless she's half naked. Its been 11hrs and everyone hates these photos lol These photos are the most disliked so far because of how botched she looks.

No. 855939

not only that but her diehard fans were the same people defending her for denying surgery. they probably don't like all the surgery she's getting now(both because she's spitting in their faces with this and they are mostly creeps). moo isn't good at much but she's great at shitting where she sleeps.

No. 855940

I doubt they know how, umbran seems to only know how to do play dough looking monstrosities she calls wigs.

No. 855944


I just cannot unsee her Gomez Addams mustache…. I know it’s just her fucked up lips but damn.

No. 855952

Anon her face didn't look bad in the pic because she used facetape to tuck her jowls in. Of course in retrospect she looked better then than now but let's not pretend she was even "cute".

No. 855960

File: 1633805546581.jpg (373.58 KB, 1078x735, Screenshot_20211009-115213_Ins…)

Probably last update on these recent photos, but they are getting noooo traffic lol

No. 855961

File: 1633805651687.jpg (252 KB, 1080x963, Screenshot_20211009-115404_Ins…)

She's deleting and limiting comments, but got these 2 before they are gone

No. 855964

I think she looks more like a turtle than she did before the surgery.

No. 855968

Anon, yes

No. 855973

Every anon that calls Moo a pedophile is retarded.

No. 855974

Take your derailing bait elsewhere scrote.

No. 855980


lmao it's always amusing when one plastic surgery addict slanders anotherplastic surgery addict. coleslaw vs potato salad

No. 855986

File: 1633833842283.png (2.18 MB, 1242x2208, 9290D461-8CBE-4205-8230-10BA23…)

No. 855998

File: 1633848687046.png (3.17 MB, 1242x2208, 0ADC1B34-8928-4C7F-95D9-19908A…)

Let’s throw some crutches in the corner because that’s what every hospital does right? You’d think for someone that’s been in and out of clinics for lipo and other shit that she would know what a “doctors office” would look like. This set comes off more creepy than the post apocalyptic one. Like some serial killer’s dungeon, especially with that stupid fake window.

No. 855999

I get anons trying to rationalize these sets, but as someone who has been to studios like these and stuff, this is what you do to pass off a small space for cosplay or other photography. Her color choices and stupid shit like painting a WINDOW where a SOCKET is, is one thing, but these hospital props are good enough for coomers, but the fucking fake windows. Jesus Christ. It's like she doesn't know what a fucking scene backdrop is.

No. 856001

I guess window backdrops were too cost effective and pleasant to look at for Moo. So since she loves to piss her money away, she hired her shit tier artist friend to make less convincing finger paintings for probably much more than a backdrop would cost.

No. 856002

I feel like she's had a labiaplasty. I'm gay and her pussy doesn't look like any girls' I've been with. She has like no labia minora, it's bizarre.

No. 856003

I really don't understand why she got a nosejob. Granted, the glasses in that pic draw your attention away from her nose, but there honestly wasn't anything wrong with it. She had kind of a long philtrum, but it was better than the gross filler-stache she has going on now.

All she ever really needed was more flattering makeup, or maybe a blepharoplasty at the very most. The turtle lip thing could easily be fixed with some careful use of lipliner in a shade other than matte nude. I do not understand her obsession with nude matte lipstick, it does not flatter her at all.

No. 856006

Wait, wasn't the classroom set meant to be interchangeable with the doctors set?

No. 856007

Yeah these set designs are not good, they're very basic
The problem is that cospkayers can work with basic and this studio, sadly, will do well

No. 856011

Will do well? By fucking whom? lmao, the only people that are going to go there are her inner circle and will either get it discounted or free if they kiss her ass hard enough. I doubt the public will be lining up to use this monstrosity. not to mention actual well-known cosplayers aren't going to give her the time of day much less flock to the doors.

i would be genuinely surprised if this glorified storage unit lasts more than 2 years.

No. 856016

It's normal looking, just small

No. 856021

so Muslim

No. 856023

for people who think this will do well are kidding themselves. Like everything else this is a vanity project. Horrible location, no management, a ghost staff. Moo is still giving out free sets and she's the only one who's using it for personal use. The only people who will use this are people Moo bribed. Outside her inner circle she's hated. That and she already shot herself in the foot. She said this studio is "For women by women"
Already saying "fuck you" to male clients. Lets not forget there is no website and you have to "book" by messaging Moo directly.

Most people aren't going to bother to fly all the way to vegas to a building next to the air port to possibly get harassed/molested by Moo.

No. 856025

Exactly. The whole cosplay community hates her, except for the few people she pays to play her friends/staff.

No. 856026

We can't prove if Akemi and Vamp paid to use the space. You're saying free like you know. Calm down.

No. 856030

She’s announced that booking on the website will be up soon, which will most likely be the “peachy” website she originally bought when she panicked about OF tossing her ass. One can hope it gets flooded with zoomers filling out fake bookings lol
nta of course we don’t know but it’s VERY likely she comped them and will most likely call in a favor from them to spread word about it in return once it opens. I doubt she even has a PoS set up yet.

No. 856046

File: 1633899800832.png (1.77 MB, 1800x1002, 460B4511-8148-4584-A1A3-7D1955…)

Wonder why her “peachyfans” link is trying to redirect to OF.

No. 856061

kek of course her website is shady as fuck

No. 856062

You know, with how much Moo slaps a Peach on everything I would have expected her to get a Peach tattoo

No. 856063

Don’t understand the peach brand either, it’s usually used in reference to a cute ass.
Which she does not possess.

No. 856064

it's because at the start of her career it was her thing to shove her ass in pictures or videos. An ass photo bomb so to say. She long since stopped doing it because people were making fun of the fat chick shoving her flat ass in people's faces for attention

No. 856072

File: 1633916809022.jpeg (151.05 KB, 1125x871, F0388009-0071-4CCD-A4A0-95AA17…)

Large yikes. Why does she think this looks good? Jeezuz.

No. 856074

She doesn't. She knows she's getting scrote money no matter what.

No. 856076

I remember when she was skin walking Nigiri. Her SSSniperwolf phase is just as creepy.

No. 856077

Momo is Japanese for peach so that’s why the logo persists. Her branding was ~6 years back when she actually had a little shape to her.

No. 856084

Momo means vagina and even when she had "a little shape" her ass was still flat and not enough of a thing to base her entire brand off of. It's not like there aren't countless oppai or other weeb boob puns or nicknames she could take on. No, just momo, not like other girls -kun.

No. 856085

No it doesn't and she's said several times she chose Momo because of peach and hurrdurr butt. It was during Samus times when she thought the painted ass helped give her an ass.

No. 856086

You are thinking of manko, momo means peach

No. 856089

This makes her look like she’s wearing diapers

No. 856094

File: 1633942831004.png (4.48 MB, 1800x1603, 0A6F4BDE-A998-4841-8C17-514201…)

>”my design”
So… it’s going to be the exact same as the artwork except alterations to the design will be because she was too lazy to put it together. Just like her “Moo Moo” OC from the hentai or the red riding hood dress ripped from My Oppa. lol “my design”, bitch, you couldn’t design shit if your OF funds depended on it.

No. 856096

File: 1633944772745.jpeg (490.12 KB, 750x1109, C6518F8D-6841-48D2-BCDF-FCFBD0…)

Soulless, lifeless, wrong.
You are grounding to look at, moo.

No. 856097

lets be real. she isn't a fan of the artist or the character. she only likes it because she can be low effort and just be naked and put on a wig. but is she color blind? the characters hair is black, not brown? It's anubis too, a design that is known to be black

I kinda miss Square at this point. Martin edits her to be a mom in her late 40's trying to seduce the pool boy

No. 856098

To further your point, people say Wong hates fatties, so maybe this is all on purpose and is doing an emperors new clothes trick on her?

No. 856132

This also highlights the fact she went out and got veneers for no reason at all, she didn’t need them. No, she doesn’t need anything she gets but on the other things I can at least see some sort of “purpose.” The teeth make no sense. Just spending money to spend money and because she sees other people getting them, I guess.

No. 856151

File: 1633980523107.jpg (62.93 KB, 640x400, 678543576890.jpg)

Can't believe she went from this >>855796 to this >>856096 , she's looking more and more like one of those fnaf thing with them fake ass veneers and droopy eyelids.

No. 856165

File: 1633985583629.jpg (606.74 KB, 1080x1601, 20211012_095146.jpg)

Would it have been so hard to hang the mirror up or idk, just making it a mirror wall instead?

No. 856166

File: 1633985860099.jpg (418.96 KB, 1080x1440, 20211012_094958.jpg)

So Japanese I can almost smell the cherry blossoms.
Also something strange I've noticed, is that she seemingly deletes the oldest post whenever she posts something new. The shots of the classroom and gym are gone now

No. 856167

She was so cute, wtf.

No. 856168

I think you need to visit an optometrist. She only looks cute because of editing and with enough editing, you could turn a literal pig into Marilyn Monroe

No. 856170

She's literally cuter than she is now.

No. 856171

Maybe you do need to see an optometrist after all, apparently you can't read either

No. 856177

We go through this every few threads. Two years from now we will think this era of Moo is cute by comparison. It's just worse versions of Moo through the years. Honestly I'm kind of cackling her body and face are melting away. Keep up the good work Moo. Self care

No. 856181

Seriously. I’ve been around since thread 6 and literally every year or so people do this over and over. Moo has always looked like a train wreck, it just got progressively worse as time went on and she got lazier. Honestly, she was never good looking and I’m tired of people saying she ever was, Moo was painfully average from the start.
I can’t wait to see how her busted nose settles in once the year is up because you just know she’ll get other procedures done during that time that’ll fuck up her face even more.

No. 856186

File: 1633989712756.png (795.85 KB, 1242x2208, 9F852004-8E29-4B20-AB94-2D78E1…)

All that money and you’d think she’d see a real therapist. Instead she reposts garbage from this this account to make herself feel important.
>alone and misunderstood
Bullshit, maybe if you didn’t buy your friends and weren’t a cunt then maybe you’d have meaningful relationships with people.

No. 856189

This looks like a cheap dollhouse found at the goodwill.

No. 856194

She’s also starting to remind me of that plastic surgery addict character in American Mary, especially with her new $30k nose.

No. 856200

Not only is the window ugly, lazy, and stupid but if this is a tokyo living room, wouldn’t the view be a city? Or buildings ?

No. 856205

I really don’t understand why they painted the “window” like that. Honestly looks more like a door.

No. 856207

I would LOVE to see that garbage painter of hers attempt a cityscape. I’ll bet it would be hilariously childlike.

No. 856227

She thinks life is an anime and she’s the main character. Jesus it’s so cringe.

No. 856228

File: 1634015952580.jpg (161.45 KB, 794x794, il_794xN.2933557162_86v7.jpg)

Doing it exactly where there's an outlet is beyond stupid. I could see it working, maybe, if she moved it where the outlet is not in sight (literally behind the curtains??) and if she used like a matte wall decal of a japanese skyline.
>Inb4 you're helping her!!
Nah, she's lazy and she already payed for that hack job, I'll doubt she'll swallow her pride and redo it.

No. 856232

to be fair, that decal is no better. Who puts a house in the middle of a highway?

No. 856234

File: 1634025613892.jpg (105.44 KB, 500x750, 9ef2322633897930f3ede4b4e5c38a…)

It was mostly an example, the best option would've been getting a pic from Pinterest or whatever and doing it custom. But even that wall decal, you could imagine the building was in a area above the highway, whatever the name is in English (I've seen it before) or straight up just cut the highway part and leave the buildings in the pic.
Anything would be better than that downsy windows XP knockoff.

No. 856235

File: 1634026061167.jpg (481.13 KB, 1080x1440, 20211012_205739.jpg)

And would you look at that, the classroom and gym are back.

No. 856236

File: 1634026085739.jpg (472.63 KB, 1080x1440, 20211012_205720.jpg)

No. 856237

I think whats bugging me the most is the lack of depth on the "balcony". There should be shadows, but there aren't any so it just looks a green wall. A little bit of shadow would've at-least made it a little more convincing

No. 856247

It’s so funny to me how close the desks are to the wall like?? Has she never been to a classroom? Or why even do it as a set if she doesn’t have enough room, it looks so dumb.

No. 856259

Its props and photography will fix depth. You can probably move a set to the side of the room too. Some of you are nitpicking the rooms when its not entirely bad for scene photos because you're not going to be shooting at the angle she's showcasing these. Hate thots, but at least know how thot photography works.

No. 856271

She better be careful none of her “customers” flash anyone outside the office windows. If it’s in a busy area there’s going to be traffic there for other shops.

No. 856276

File: 1634071309402.png (4.29 MB, 1800x1603, AF3E259D-930E-4B37-80FA-7399FA…)

Every time she posts something from the gym (which is few and far between now) I immediately think “where did she get lipo now?”

No. 856280

imagine the progress she could make if she actually just kept going to the gym and stopped eating junk

No. 856282

I’m late but I want to know why the doctor’s office set needs a full ass bed frame lmao

No. 856288

I want to know why it looks like an asylum bed

No. 856290

So she needs a 200+ dollar a month exclusive gym membership (closes at 8pm) and a personal trainer…. To do single dumbbell front squats, she has weights at home. (No mask too) insane bro. She works out for the aesthetic of working out and then just gets cosmetic surgery. Ur not fooling anyone u have 0 discipline Mariah.

No. 856291

Idk if those are front squats, back extensions or some kind of fucky deadlift

No. 856296

Single dumbbell Sumo Romanian Deadlifts. If you know nothing about fitness, just don’t guess? Just say, “exercises she could do at home.”

No. 856297

File: 1634082745342.png (4.31 MB, 1242x2208, 323E7F45-0012-484E-8CAF-54FEB9…)

Tbh I think that trainer is more focused on maintaining a social media presence than he is in actually training anyone. She could easily do this at home but who would hold the phone and post it to IG otherwise??? (Besides Maddie lol) Moo just loves pissing away money since this is the same trainer that had shared Moo’s meal prep pic before but she’s back to eating all kinds of shit. So no discipline has been hammered into her, ever.

No. 856298

She has terrible form and she is only doing quarter squats. She’s not fooling anyone lmao

No. 856300

That’s a hip hinge movement, not a squat. We know she can’t hit depth when she squats, but even so, it still looks totally different when she’s trying to do squats compared to this deadlift movement.

No. 856302

who fucking cares?

No. 856305

File: 1634096592835.jpeg (218.93 KB, 680x1483, 1511404596526.jpeg)

back at it again

No. 856307

They were just fiending to throw the “if you know nothing about fitness” all day LOL

No. 856308

Funniest shit ever moo, idk why eating in a deficit and walking on a treadmill is rocket science. Nope gotta get surgery every other month.

No. 856313

File: 1634106613622.png (3.25 MB, 1242x2208, D98906E4-AEE8-4F09-B091-56F93C…)

It makes my head hurt to think how much money went into this vanity project…

No. 856318

No, I just prefer it when we call Moo for things she actually does wrong, like when she called a move Frog Squats, but it wasn’t even close to looking like them. Saying “she’s only quarter-squatting, can’t fool us,” when she’s not trying to do a squat in the first place is something Moo would love to see, because she can ‘flex on da stupid haydurs’ on her Instagram.

No. 856320

Went back to thread 10 and wow mooriah looks like Jessica Nigri after reconstructive surgery by a doctor with parkinsons

No. 856331

i know the answer is no but does this lazy bitch ever do cardio? damn

No. 856334


She wears a sweater every time she goes to the gym, does it look like she does cardio

No. 856337

She looks less huge her or am i blind

No. 856338

Blind+Angle+Clothes she's in.

No. 856342

Cool thanks nonny

No. 856348

What serial killer is she trying to be?

No. 856349


No. 856363

File: 1634157611241.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1242x1695, 9226A2C0-3890-49A9-8386-416944…)

The more you look at it, the funnier it gets.

No. 856365

File: 1634157724573.jpeg (76.41 KB, 1242x240, 1F72573C-3594-49A5-B737-019015…)

Samefag but her fans are wising up lol. Counting down before she deletes it.

No. 856367

lmao at the massive blur on her gunt.

No. 856369

File: 1634162287974.jpg (32.48 KB, 640x960, 1457982282097(1).jpg)

Went back to reflect on Moo's devolution, thought I'd leave this here for reference.

No. 856370

This is terrifying why are her eyes shopped so big and two different sizes

No. 856373

to skinwalk jessica nigiri

No. 856377

Any time, ignorant fatty anon.

It’s so obvious that she was skinwalking Nigri here, and skinwalking sssniperwolf now. Moo just has no shame of any kind; she even changes her voice to sound like her current target.

No. 856379

File: 1634168120836.jpeg (314.88 KB, 762x1336, 6982AF3A-79E4-489A-A633-509944…)

She had to of lied about this right? There’s no way she spent 30k for her nose to end up looking this creepy and deformed. And I mean if she did, she was scammed.

No. 856380


Colette did a more invasive nose surgery and was fine, so did a bunch of people. Lol she’s delusional. Mariah you could have saved 20k, you’re just a moron. And your nose job sucks.

No. 856383

File: 1634169502118.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.18 MB, 2880x3840, jQr3CTK.jpg)

Her face is wrinkling more than usual.

No. 856384

File: 1634169594984.jpeg (1.39 MB, 1242x1729, 91AE1F37-2EE2-4B33-9D3E-EE1B60…)

>26 years old
Fucking haggard.

No. 856386

File: 1634173602350.png (2.64 MB, 1242x2208, 6C876155-A3EC-4194-A545-C17ACD…)

Birth of Flannel-kun 2.0

No. 856390

It looks like shit foundation, too.

No. 856394

i know its a pointless nitpick, but god, i wish she'd stop getting those awful nails. they look horrid, especially when paired with her sausage fingers

No. 856401

The wrinkles on her lips from the caked-on makeup cracking looks disgusting.

No. 856403


This girl really has no ass whatsoever and thinks she can coin peach for herself, better off using a pancake as your logo lmao

No. 856405

is the "hand on back to give the illusion of a waist" the new "invisible hat"?

No. 856406

This cow spends $$$ on luxury skincare like La Mer but won't use any of except for performative instagram stories.

No. 856409

No. 856413


That philtrum wrinkle, that spackle foundation, those dead eyes I'm fuckin SCARED

No. 856421

Why is the philtrum wrinkle there? Is it because of her shit fillers or something else: natural, aging, etc.?

No. 856427

Probably due to her fillers migrating, dry skin and poor diet. The makeup looks very cakey and bad.

No. 856439

Invisible waist

No. 856443

that one arm still haunts my dreams

No. 856444

Is she wearing little zit stickers all over her face or am I tripping? Look, just above noth of her eyebrows.

No. 856453

I see it, too. It’s either than or shoddy concealer at work.

No. 856462

Fucking hell. She looks like a creature from an indie horror game.

No. 856465

Looks like she’s getting the rough patches of skin under her chin/jaw area that other fatties get.

No. 856466

Are all cows doomed to get worse?

I remember when we thought this was as bad as it would get. See this happening in quite a few threads. What a sad state of existence. compared to this, it's hard to imagine what we'll be seeing from when 5 years from now.

No. 856483

I am here for it anon, rock on moo!

No. 856491

Its zit stickers, look at how one overlaps across her brow.

No. 856505

File: 1634261391169.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1242x1883, 2BAD3A67-7E49-467D-826E-8D4E68…)

She really pulled up her sweater to hide her double chin.

No. 856506

god she has gotten so much fat sucked out of her stomach from her weight yo-yoing because she can’t stick to just moderate exercise and eating decently that even when her stomach is stretches out you can still see the little pockets of cottage cheese looking fat on her upper torso, under 200 my ass lol

No. 856519

she's cosplaying as an uncircumcised penis and brown balls

No. 856530

Did she buy a Douma realdoll and remember that she's supposed to be obsessed with him when it arrived?

No. 856534

The only woman I’ve ever seen that has to pay for sex, gets a real doll of her favorite anime boy.
Such an odd person.

No. 856535

what the hell is inside that box?

No. 856539

Can you imagine the chub rub on this bitch? She better never wear corduroy pants. She’ll start a god damned fire.

No. 856545

I thought sayathefox's nose job was bad, this is yikes

No. 856548

It’s the statue of Douma she’s been mooing about for weeks in her IG stories. Calm down anons. We know she’s desperate and would jump on it if they ever did make a sex doll of her (flavor of the month) husbando but this ain’t it.

No. 856556

File: 1634311679928.jpg (Spoiler Image, 9.04 MB, 2316x3088, Photo Apr 22, 6 30 01 PM.jpg)

Honestly, seeing how fast and far she tumbled down to a botched mess reminds me of how she went from "I use fake nipples because I'm too good to get naked so you'll get scammed with this" to now she's destroying her couch with tiger claws on onlyfans.

No. 856572

File: 1634320486519.jpeg (177.58 KB, 828x1628, 197A2C54-4C67-4A9D-ADBD-2945EB…)

she posted this to her insta story—glad to see she still mentally hasn’t aged past the age of 13 in the romance department since no real man would ever step willingly within a thirty foot diameter of her

No. 856573

Did she really think this self own was some kind of sick burn? Lol it only shows how pathetic and lonely she really is. And she even broadcasted it this time in her stories to prove what a “bad bitch” she is. Jfc, you should take their advice and grow up, Moo.

No. 856577

It's giving me 3DPD incel.

No. 856581

File: 1634324245941.jpeg (287.44 KB, 828x1118, B815B9F5-602D-48C8-AB06-AE7FC7…)

I don’t know about you guys but why does she have to be a stuck up bitch about everything? And call everyone else out when he was just making a fun guess? ‘ for someone who posts cars you don’t know much about Mercedes interiors ahaha’ and for a bitch that posts so much about self healing and losing weight you sure as hell like to not get over shit and continue to eat like shit and get lipo instead of sticking to an actual diet and workout routine. She literally can’t be a dick to people and it baffles me that the simping stoops so low to kiss her toes and for what?

No. 856591


Only a complete socially inept retard like her would think this is any kind of own. If you’re trying to argue that literal fictional characters and drawings on a screen are somehow better than real people, you are either a child still in elementary school, or a fucking loser who no guy with any common sense or dignity would want to put his dick anywhere near you. I’d almost feel bad for her is she wasn’t such a shit person who absolutely deserves to die alone surrounded by her cats.

No. 856594

What’s funny is we make fun of her scrotes and figured it’s cause she’s one of them- then she goes and owns herself and proves it conclusively. As for her car BS she didn’t know shit until she got one, and a dollar says she had to read that off the manual that came with it. Such pointless and stupid flexing

No. 856596

it’s always the bitches who post about “self love” and “spirituality” that end up being the rudest more insecure assholes, huh

No. 856598

Because you can get ANY dick in reality you toad chode lol. You can’t even PAY a man to fuck you. No ones ever going to love you genuinely and you’re gonna be 80% botched plastic begging for money under a freeway in LA. One day. Better invest in a nice tent and a empathy dog because I see nothing but McDonald meal vouchers and spare change in a Folgers tin for you in your future.

No. 856601

File: 1634340754428.png (4.25 MB, 1652x1800, 959CC990-06FF-4C84-A8DC-0BED3E…)

I’m glad she’s losing it in pic form this time, saves me the effort of recording her meltdowns for once.

No. 856602

I love how you can tell when the fat bitch lurks here lol

No. 856603

File: 1634341050643.png (708.24 KB, 1792x1226, 16491BC8-46DD-497C-BA6F-F258E2…)

She’s on the “there are no real men” bullshit again today. Mariah is a prime example of “money can’t buy you happiness”. God she’s such a miserable piece of shit.

No. 856604

File: 1634341134374.jpeg (194.37 KB, 1242x624, 9746E84D-D5AF-4EAB-8051-B341EE…)

Ban evading on TikTok, because of course she is.

No. 856605

I'm pretty sure this recent spergout is just cuz her comment section is calling out the weird stupid Douma "obsession", and they don't like the botched bimbo asthetic look she's going for lately.

No. 856606

File: 1634342425396.jpg (399.79 KB, 1440x2335, Screenshot_20211015-164326_Ins…)

No. 856607


No. 856608

Porky forgot her fanbase are balding men. Don't you show your scarred tits for money, Mariah?

No. 856613

Still don't want no lame bozo my ass lmao, she's still chasing after Tattoo-kun and trying to buy his dick with furniture and other expensive "gifts"

No. 856615

Tell the entire world that no man wants you without actually saying that no man wants you.

She is so embarrassing.

Like listen, as a weeb I too find fictional characters attractive. But we all have a point in our lives, Mariah, where we grow up and realize those anime boys are not real. They're fun to look at buy merch of, but they're not real. To think she'll actually die on this hill that anime boys are better than actual people. She is lonely af.

No. 856617

By her own account then that means Sensei isn’t a “real man” lol. Guess those few years of trying to buy his affections didn’t pan out the way she thought it would. How much of a desperate loser do you have to be to announce to the world on that large a platform that you’re a stunted woman-child that believes fictional men are the pinnacle of “manliness” and are the only ones deserving of her love. I’m sure her simps loved seeing that.

No. 856618

based and pinkpilled

No. 856622

she's just hurt because someone rejected her for the 100th time. I don't think she likes Douma. I remember her weird Guzma phase and that dude from fate. This new phase is just so she can push her annoying feelings on anything. Even if it's a fictional character. Heck, the only reason she's obsessed with Douma is because she wants to boink the gay guy that cosplays him as a trophey win.

No. 856623

File: 1634354359290.png (3.13 MB, 1242x2208, D235362A-AEB8-489F-A515-DC77D8…)

Looks like someone caught flak for a bullshit statement and had to backtrack.

Also, isn’t her dad bald? lol

No. 856624

This reminds me of when she would make fun of fat chicks and now she is one. Anyways, she really shouldn't be talking shit about bald people. Her hair is already thinning, crunchy and can't grow past her shoulders. Like everything else she has to fake having long thick hair with those ratty extensions she has to replace every week.

No. 856625

Pretty ironic she’s on another “my self worth doesn’t require a man” kick when she literally posted a video of herself getting slapped in the face and rawdogged by a fat guy with a Triforce tattoo on his gunt, so she could get attention from men.

No. 856627

>my insult only implies to the people who look like this but have an opinion i agree with

Also why the fuck is she complaining about objectifying woman when her job is literally to get boys and men to objectify her to the point they give her money for slutty pics and videos of her fat body?

No. 856630

Right? She's really like "Silly simps, you think I need the attention and validation of a MAN? LOL I'M GOOD. Also subscribe to my onlyfans and brb ban evading on TikTok because those underaged boys miss mommy."

No. 856631

She’s just afraid she’ll get mass reported again since they won’t give her back her main account. Such a shame but I’m glad her reach on that app is dead.

No. 856632

File: 1634361762535.jpeg (106.77 KB, 1242x1383, 8DB01176-CC2D-410F-81FC-A17C4D…)

I can’t prove this is her (typically impersonators misspell or add numbers) but the dumb bitch has always used her real name on accounts so I wouldn’t be surprised if this were her backup.

No. 856634

thats been there for awhile, I'm pretty sure its a fake.

No. 856635

File: 1634367709434.jpeg (51.53 KB, 750x149, 89433D20-14E8-46E3-995D-304445…)

The “no one is a real man” hill she always fights on is funny to me.
As if she’s the grand judge of what makes a man a man when her only perception of men is from anime and coomers.
Most people think real women dont go on tirades at 25-26 on Instagram.

No. 856636

Girl go take care of your dozens of neglected animals and shut the fuck up.

No. 856637

Let’s not forget from her original “boys aren’t men” rant that she thought gay men were the only manly men and that Rengoku, a fucking anime character, was the best representation of manliness ever. And it was at this time she was reposting Phil Mizuno’s Rengoku cosplay constantly in her IG stories… She couldn’t be more fucking transparent.

No. 856645

I’ve never seen an actual unironic femcel as big (Kek) as Mariah.
She cannot let men exist without emasculating them due to her outlandish standards. No wonder all the men in her life leave her.

No. 856646

Ah yes, the "nip nops" saga was hilarious.

No. 856654

Loving how she still has to use filters to conceal her fucked it mug. Remember she said she didn’t want to use filters anymore and wanted to be naturally pretty? Lol. How’d that work out for you, you walking sausage link?

No. 856657

She's right though. No woman should settle for any man that isn't perfect. Low value coomers deserve to be knocked down a peg, even by a cow who sells them porn.

No. 856696

File: 1634415390061.png (3.05 MB, 1242x2208, F3BC44B9-B193-4AD5-9311-FB36B7…)

No. 856708

It will never cease to amaze me how she can be a deathfat with absolutely zero ass

No. 856709


There's knocking coomers down a peg, and then there's being so disgusting that no real man will touch you, leading you to huff copium in the flavor of "only anime mans is good enough" while constantly selling your body to coomers. It's not empowering to be delusional, nonny. Realistic expectations and goals are the best way to avoid becoming a subject of discussion on this board.

No. 856716

The fact she responded to the above comment out of fear of losing her simp money is hilarious

No. 856720

File: 1634441250835.png (3.94 MB, 1242x2208, BFF693C6-5E96-483F-9C70-E02365…)

No. 856733

My God, how much lipo is she planning on getting, to be sharing all these “wow, much fitness, very health” posts?

No. 856741

Umbran really needs to lose the hime bangs. I get that shes a weeb, but they don't suit her. So many horse faced white girls think this will work with their face shape and it just doesn't. Girl needs help.

No. 856746

File: 1634456713830.png (2.59 MB, 1242x2208, 2AF185A7-B4CF-4C49-8726-023C99…)

Flannel-kun 2.0 getting put to work

No. 856749

It really looks like she's stitched together 2 or 3 different flannels to fit her girth

No. 856752

saged for ot but every time i see her i cannot even begin to explain how i have never seen anyone with a more unfortunate face than maddie, on-top of her literally emphasizing everything off putting about her face with bad hair styles and literal bricks for eyebrows, the little bits of personality we get to see just reek of a cringey mid-western weeb

No. 856758

She's so hot. I love jacking it to these threads.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 856759

>>856720 This photo of Maddie isn't so bad. I'm convinced she would be gorgeous if she lost more weight, got better at makeup, and learned how to style her hair better, though I think this isn't so bad; black, pinstraight hair can be beautiful. I'm just not sure it suits her face most of the time, lol. Though overall since she sticks around Moo I don't have much faith or sympathy.

Why does this bitch do everything but cardio? If you're fat you need to sweat when you work out. It's the only way. You don't have to obsess either, a lazy 40 min walk on a treadmill still helps you maintain. That, plus not drinking your calorie allowance in booze, energy drinks and soda. But it's too late for her at this point even if she lost weight for real.

No. 856766

Cackling at the idea that she probably has to buy a men's XXXXL flannel for it to be baggy on her

No. 856769

I mean, if she did sew multiple flannels together, would it even be wearable? We've seen her cosplay "skills"
This bitch just bad at picking out clothing

No. 856770

File: 1634477266956.jpg (303.09 KB, 1080x1459, Screenshot_20211017-092515_Ins…)

Bruh Maddie…. What is up with these horrifically overdrawn lips? Best you don't take notes from moomoos book, she merely got lucky. You won't.

No. 856772

Losing weight wouldn't change her bone structure. She has the same man face as PT and will always look like Spiderus. Blunt cuts exacerbate strong features like hers and she needs a hairstyle to soften them.

No. 856773

Serving us drag queen realness.

No. 856775

Oh no, i don’t understand why some cosplayers do drag queen makeup, it doesn’t look good at all with cosplay.

No. 856776

She is prettier than moo, got to give her credit for that

No. 856785

File: 1634485328593.jpg (136.15 KB, 1280x720, AAAABeV0Af4XqVIi8qSUEeV_llbkH9…)


Weird choice stylistically considering the character doesn't have strong make up

No. 856788

Saying she's prettier than Moo implies that there's at least a trace of beauty, therefore it's more accurate to say that Maddie's slightly more tolerable looking than Moo.

Hold on can someone explain wtf is happening with her right claw? Did her thumb snap in half?

No. 856790

She's obsessed with clowns. She's like that one Tiktokker kid who does these cosplays in her garage. It's her aestetic.

No. 856791

Thumbs are on the inside of your hand and it's just bent. The elongated finger is a pinky.

No. 856796

File: 1634492882214.gif (185.16 KB, 220x220, stop-it-get-some-help.gif)

>I'm convinced she would be gorgeous
I'm convinced you need an eye exam?
Please get a grip inexplicable Maddie WK.

No. 856799

Nonas in this thread pretending like Maddie don’t look the mf easter island statues

No. 856804

Maddie looks fine here
if she's an actual man kek

No. 856810

File: 1634502635724.png (3.87 MB, 1800x1633, F3839880-1D06-42CE-A1C6-381685…)

I want to punch her. She looks like an amputated, bloated Michael Jackson corpse.

No. 856818

I can’t believe she posted this. The nose!! It looks fucking awful holy shit. It’s like two holes in her face

No. 856819

File: 1634506483010.png (4.28 MB, 1628x1800, 054F1687-7B9A-4321-8225-F4E777…)

There is so much to unpack here…

No. 856820

File: 1634507328910.jpeg (677.37 KB, 2048x2048, A78BB52C-4A7A-46A4-A85E-13DE07…)

i love the irony here.

No. 856821

She literally contradicts herself in less than 10 minutes, that has to be a new record. Guess she can finally stop pretending she’s seeing a therapist because it’s clear from this that she hasn’t changed one bit.
I love how she deludes herself into thinking it’s her content and (lack of) skill that got her to where she is and not luck.

No. 856822

luck, cheating, and brown nosing. she sucked up to the right people, stole ideas right from underneath others, and bullied her competition out of the scene completely, making it much easier for her to weasel herself into more successful cosplayer circles. if she hadn't been such a conniving, two-faced, back-stabbing cunt she would have just been another fat greasy nobody. she tells people she got where she is/was because of her "talent" and drive, but anyone actually paying attention knows that's a lie she loves to tell to convince herself more than anyone else.

No. 856826

File: 1634509555907.png (2.22 MB, 1242x2208, A07027EE-986B-472D-9CFB-D5912C…)

She’s so full of shit lol

No. 856827

File: 1634510653115.png (1.86 MB, 1242x2208, A9A35297-E1C4-4F66-9DDA-A0E28A…)

No. 856828

File: 1634511249710.png (2.12 MB, 1242x2208, 1BD7DC58-5B39-4EF4-BB5B-37CF1D…)

No. 856832

I read this as “I usually weasel myself into some guys orbit and then try to get with him especially if he has a girlfriend, and then when I get btfo I say they are toxic

No. 856833

File: 1634512433165.png (2.74 MB, 1242x2208, 96E0F93C-E272-4E14-8717-39BB00…)

Her home looks like a mental ward.

No. 856834

Unironically the caricature of a crazy cat lady.
The hypocritical obsession with light and positivity makes it all the more funny.
It’s always the people that are the loudest ab “peace and joy” that are depraved and worthless emotionally. Moo when u read this I hope u know who sent it.

No. 856837

Her blown out asshole lips makes me want to gouge out my eyes. Thousands of dollars to look fucking uglier. Lol

No. 856838

Omg I’ve never seen a close up version of her black band tattoos. That looks soooooo bad, it’s not even a straight line! It’s like a vicky shingle’s tattoo. Ugh throw the whole fat arm away

No. 856840

She's removing the EMIYA tattoo? Wasn't Fate one of those fandoms she loved so much? I could have sworn Artoria was another one of her "LIFE DREAM" cosplays.

Wonder what other fandoms she's going to backtrack on.

No. 856842

slightly off topic but does anyone know where she gets her button ups? i struggle to find one with a larger bust that aren't like $80+ USD

No. 856843

File: 1634519130538.png (115.46 KB, 502x376, 1634511249710.png)

This is beyond botched, I'm genuinely speechless

No. 856844

The men’s department honey.

No. 856845

Damn, the black bands are even worse than the cheese rose tattoo itself. Not a smooth clean line in sight.

No. 856856

they don’t actually fit her
get bravissimo when they have a sale, or better yet learn to tailor your own

No. 856872

Remember when even tattoo senpai told her not to get those shitty bands? And she still did it anyway? Can’t wait for the BBL saga.

No. 856875

Moo is one of the ugliest cows on the board. I mean if she hadn't botched herself and gained 300lbs she wouldn't be quite so bad.

No. 856878

I’ve thought to myself what era of moomoo I liked best, and I think fat samus, and mai saga was peak moo fun for me, I use to check this shit all the time to watch what she got up to. Now it’s the same shit with her, shitty sergery to fix other shit sergery, shitty money flex on poor choices, terrible nude photo shoots. I miss invisible hat pose, terrible mai comparisons to how they’re just so much alike, to Samus wig in x theme photo shoot aha. Part of me wishes moo still had fat samus to shoot in and to see if she’d attempt to fit into it and reminisce how it’s the suit that got her “all the fame” and not her terrible character, personality and burnt bridges lmao.

No. 856880

She’s slowly transforming into lord voldemort i guess.

No. 856883

File: 1634547843470.jpeg (345.21 KB, 1242x1184, 56522834-B417-4C7F-B89A-761589…)

She can’t resist clapping back at the dumbest shit. So much for that “I’m only bitter to improve myself” crap she spouted earlier.

No. 856884

Immature girl is the ceo of “what makes a real man” but doesn’t realize at her big age you dont have to clap back at everything. it’s not the serve you think it is Mariah. It’s sad

No. 856885

I don't have a favorite moo era. I remember how smug she used to act. Now she's dead behind the eyes, botched, photoshopped to hell and back, all while riding silicone dicks because no man will fuck her. Even for money. Bitch has no idea what a long troll game is, and I'm here for it.

No. 856888

I'm looking forward to the 'only fans money is all dried up' era. By the time moo hits her 30s she's gonna look like some sort of monster mash plastic surgery disaster, when the money's gone nobody will want anything to do with her. Can't wait to see how it all pans out for her.

No. 856904

30? I give her another year tops and that’s being generous. Going by the money she’s dumping into her studio, buying friends, and procedures she shows and doesn’t show us her money’s gonna dry up fast when newer, fresher, more younger visually appealing women enter cosplay or SW.

No. 856911

Lmao dodging the question in the 3rd pic because she knows the answer is to get plastic surgery do porn.

No. 856915

File: 1634567745574.jpg (24.04 KB, 347x520, friday-347x520.jpg)

>yeah don't be coming in here acting a fool sir. We good. Wise up.

No. 856928

wait… her upper lip indent sticks…out…what the fugggggg

No. 856940


It's Michael Jackson, back from the dead.

No. 856944

Her current lipo binge is weird. She usually does a huge session in the summer, then again for the holidays. The fact she has been getting lipo done in spring, summer and now fall of this year is concerning. This year is when she finally broke 300 as well. She is the most unhealthiest person ever and I'm just waiting for her to get a heart attack. Can't say stroke since her face already looks like she went through one.

No. 856948

Man I'm so behind on these threads. When did she get six cats? I feel bad for Maddie and the people her clean her home. You know Moo does absolutely nothing to care for any animals in her home. I'm sure most of the reptiles she bought are dead too.

I don't know why she's mad? I thought she was going for that botched look? She certainly isn't going for natural

No. 856953

She absolutely thinks she looks natural lmao

No. 856955

She wants to look natural, she’s stated before that she wanted to stop using filters, and wanted to look like an anime girl. At least that was her excuse for her hideous nose job. Lol, so it’s really funny how she’s still using filters to disguise her bloated fucked up face. And she can clap back however she wants but as soon as that money dries out her face is going to melt of even more than it already is.

No. 856958

wants to look natural, uses face tape and spends thousands monthly on plastic surgery. Thinks "anime girl" is a natural human look. Funny think is she is so far from anime girl. The closest we have are petite Japanese girls. Moo is just a cringy, obese white girl with a fake black accent.

No. 856960

“ I’m straight as a ruler but no one wants to fuck me. No matter how many gifts I buy for them they don’t want my shrek grundle. So I aggressively gift and love bomb taken men and try to wedge myself between them and their girlfriend because I don’t really want men I just want to put other women down and feel superior because my ego is as fat and bloated as my liver surely is”

No. 856972

She does like hardcore now? Fuck lol

No. 857005

File: 1634625067311.png (3.19 MB, 1242x2208, 478E7C4E-EF3F-47D3-93B6-5392BA…)

Is she just resorting to shopping in the men’s department now or?

No. 857006

It’s the only department that fits her or it’s either home goods and appliances

No. 857014

File: 1634635177346.png (4.74 MB, 1800x1603, 1D0CED15-4265-46B2-B0B7-8A9C80…)

“Client gallery” is just herself and her friends. Moo, they can’t be clients if you’re letting your friends shoot there for free.

No. 857015

She hasn't worn normal clothes in years. I'm fully convinced she's fully supported by shape wear. Without it, her skin and cellulite would be jiggling everywhere. And her getting lipo and cool sculpting like weekly now to get below 300 pounds I can only imagen what her skin looks like without filters and photoshop

It's also so she can prove on taxes that she gets clients and this isn't just a money pit. She's hoping to make all her money back on it. I hope the irs gets on her back

No. 857016

What makes her think this is even going to be successful. Her name, her cosplay handle and her real name, are ties to infamy. If you look her up on YouTube you see nothing but the scandals and bullshit. Her name is already muddy and her reputation in the cosplay field is shit. She’s a nobody to new comers and she’s a disgusting sexual predator to those in the know.

No. 857023

nothing shouts "professional studio" like using a free wordpress template. Interesting that she doesn't list maddie on there despite her supposedly selling her wigs through the studio
Also gotta love her bookmarks. "entry-level resume" as if you have anything thats even worth putting on one; and "google translate", i thought she was supposed to be a Japanese master? Guess thats for when she tweets at jp artists

No. 857028

Multiple bookmarks for entry-level resume templates. Hm

No. 857038

Great catch. I thought she was a bossbabe and supporting herself and her new business venture just fine? Hmm. I don't even think there's anything she could qualify to do professionally since she basically never entered the workforce as an adult.

No. 857039

She also has no skills.

No. 857041


Can't someone please fill in a relative newcomer on how she made her money initially? I DON'T understand how she has this kinda cash. No other cosplayer does.

No. 857042

False, other thots make more than her.

She got her initial cash boost by scamming paypigs on Patreon though. She rarely ever delivered on promises and rewards and dangled the carrot of nudes forever and a day.

Then once she got to that point, she's been barreling downward at the speed of desperately trying to earn more cuckbux on OF.

No. 857043

Speaking of her patreon, It's been a month since she got it back and she's only posted two things to it. I genuinely can't believe that she managed to get it back in the first place, but that she is getting away with the exact same thing all over again.

No. 857046

oversized plaid jackets are on trend right now in the US
for once Mariah is dressed like a marginally fashionable person

No. 857049

File: 1634658995772.jpeg (49.08 KB, 600x450, 4C2061C6-BBCA-49B9-B752-2F91EE…)

You can tell she’s raiding the men’s section as their clothing closures are on the opposite side from women’s. the button up shirt she wore has male side buttons kek.

No. 857056

Ah, looks like she's going to do something Jujutsu Kaisen related. Watch her magically become it's number one fan
I had to Google this because I thought you were just making this up, but it turns out it's an actual thing, I've just never noticed it before now.

No. 857057

are you blind anon? there are no buttons on the jacket. There's a zipper by her left leg. She also could have flipped the image. I mean it wouldn't surprise me at all if she is wearing a men's jacket. But if you're going to contribute, use your eyes and common sense first.

No. 857059

she worked at starbucks for a month before they fired her for being late everyday and just being incompetent. Remember? She also said they really didn't want to and they threw her a party on the day she was fired. Her lies are wild

No. 857060

Kek, I remember that. She tried to make it like she was like the most admirable employee and was super special awesome at her job. I even remembered how she tried to act like a knowledgeable barista, too. LThis bitch needs her ego lowered and a reality check. She can flex her money all she wants but she’s just sad and pathetic.

No. 857061

She’s probably using her business venture as her “work experience” she could say she’s “managing a small business” to get ahead. What if this has been a ruse for some poor company to hire this useless clown? All it takes is one search on google unless her name is changed.

No. 857063

If that’s the case I wonder to what she could be applying for.

No. 857065


she did just start a business, could be looking at resumes for people to hire to work there

No. 857066

casino work? not that she could do any of the jobs, but her parents might have an in with hr

No. 857068

It would make more sense if the filename was something like "Resume 2021" but these are mutiple templates which seem to be for her to fill out herself.

No. 857069

I forgot about this! She even tried to sexualize being a barista if I remember correctly and tried to do apron lewds. God, she's immature.

No. 857071


the filename does say resume? i don't see any templates

No. 857075

nepotism really does work wonders doesn't it?

No. 857085

Ehh, I dont think even the sloppiest, most desperate dunces who want to work for her company would send her something titled "entry level resume." Agree to disagree, but I'm not going to give her this much credit. She was panicking when OF looked like it was gonna ban NSFW content. Her outrageous spending screams paycheck-to-paycheck

No. 857086

File: 1634679078020.png (1.81 MB, 531x1800, 15354929-E37E-4852-92A2-3A9DCD…)

None of this is doing her any favors. She’s dressing like she lives on a compound in Montana awaiting the new world order.

No. 857087

All those facial serums and her skin still looks like shit. Also, truly, nothing says "fall" quite like a compression shirt/pants and circus tent sized flannel.

No. 857092

File: 1634683216746.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1170x2103, C4DB0796-9FCD-4E33-A6B6-692E65…)

Jesus why doesnt anyone tell her that her hair looks like shit? I could be wrong but it could be the looking she’s going for, to prove how much work she’s putting in the gym lol

No. 857094

People do, she doesn't care.

No. 857095

You know her trainer is shit because all they ever show is her strength training. Never any cardio. This bitch NEEDS cardio, she can't even go up a flight of stairs without being winded.

No. 857100

She got more lipo in September, I think that's pretty clear, but also I can't imagine wearing super tight, delusional, clothes to the gym where it pinches and rolls into the skin. That shouldn't be good for post surgery since you're supposed to wear full torso compression, not gym wear.

She will get lazy again because after the boobjob she won't be able to lift anything for 2 months unless she wants to migrate the implants because everything is internaly healed.

No. 857101

It could be that she specifically tells him not to take a pic or vid of her doing cardio because cardio is a lot harder to fake at. I no doubt she would be winded after lightly speed walking, just imagine her jogging. She’s be a sweaty pig that no filters could help.

No. 857105

It also means that she would stink to high heavens when she starts sweating. She already smells bad from obesity and not bathing.

No. 857106

File: 1634685126118.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.54 MB, 3840x5760, Hpvqrqe.jpg)

No. 857107

File: 1634685279176.jpg (Spoiler Image, 128.03 KB, 960x1440, dsO1RD1.jpg)

No. 857108

she needs to wear thigh high nylon socks rather whatever is going on here.

No. 857109

Looks like grandma needs help getting up and getting dressed. Jesus Christ I know we say it nearly constantly but she really has no idea how to act sexy. What even is this pose? Martin is just collecting the paychecks at this point since it’s pretty much impossible to make her look even halfway decent.

No. 857111

File: 1634686056671.png (196.76 KB, 554x667, Screenshot (2).png)

this is some new lolcow i've came across while surfing the web, have fun messing with him i guess

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOEMP4drF5BHJBreCNA23kg(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 857112

She could probably fit the whole pumpkin patch up there. And bum? She trying to be Brit or something? What a joke.
Also lumberjill

No. 857116

jfc Her lips look like Vieanna sausages

No. 857117

Jesus Christ that face. Everything about her is horrifying.

No. 857128

She’s so stiff because she doesn’t want to show how much of a blob she still is. Her posing has gotten worse.

No. 857129

File: 1634691766170.jpeg (104.59 KB, 371x404, 75948A21-7C0F-4A1C-AB39-E412E9…)

I’m scared. Her nose is so botched. It looks like it can be so easily ripped from her face. The skin is so thin in that one area.

No. 857131

This pose is making her already fucked up proportions look even more fucked up. Her tits look like a fupa.

No. 857133

Good God he didn't even try with her pimple covered ass. Man really just said "blur tool 100%" and called it a fucking day lmao

No. 857134

I wanna see her floppy loose lipo skin without the compression gear or photoshop. Either way I'm excited for her yearly holiday blowup where she loses 50 pounds but gains 100

No. 857135

melting stroke face, digitally painted ass, titts down to her stomach. Lovely

No. 857152

File: 1634715669848.jpeg (383.37 KB, 740x868, 2D81E7FC-4F13-4457-8BDA-B737F4…)

Holy fuck moo stop getting cosmetic surgery

No. 857154

You know how moo works. If you tell her stop her dumb stubborn baby brain will activate and she’ll get somthing else done to own the hadurs. Waiting for the labia plasti arc.

No. 857160

Grandma cosplay.

She looks like the fat tranny version of Derek Zoolander, but with Onision's droopy eyes.

No. 857170

her eyes drooping from her heavy lashes make her look so fucking dopey, I will never get over it

No. 857180

lol take your own advice anon, that ayrt was talking about the button up shirt from >>856810 and not the jacket

No. 857194

File: 1634751519322.jpeg (38.57 KB, 450x450, open-uri20150422-20810-1pw6dak…)

I hate the way she holds her mouth so just a little bit of her chiclet tooth caps show through. She looks like Rex from Toy Story with that mouth. Moo, please dissolve everything you look insane!

No. 857198

is that cat or human hair in her right eyelash? wtf is with her eye?

No. 857201

God, how could I forget Nip Nogs. Feels like yesterday.

No. 857202

File: 1634758273338.png (3.23 MB, 1242x2208, 5A24014F-487E-4684-A15E-6B653D…)

Might as well wear the wig Maddie made since your hair is 80% extensions anyway.

No. 857209

Her profile is so fucked. Where her over-stuffed lips meet her pig-nose is horrifying to look at.

She looks photoshopped onto that chair. The chair cushion has no folds or gathering where it should from her sitting on it. I guess when they shaved 100lbs off of her they had to block-color the chair kek

That tit is hanging down to her waist and she’s just so casual about it.

No. 857214

Everything about this picture is unintentionally hilarious but her neck is freaking me out. Is she straining to hide her double chin?

No. 857215

File: 1634771021033.png (3.42 MB, 1800x1007, C3C84E81-F0CC-4DFA-B37F-6E2D57…)

All these stupid self enlightenment books and she’s still a self serving, spiteful bitch. She should just chuck them since it’s obvious she won’t learn.

No. 857217

Every cosplay is a dream cosplay. Shut the fuck up, moo.. Admit you’re just a shallow vapid attention whore.

No. 857218

What cosplay is this? Looks cheap.

No. 857221

I mean, all her cosplays look cheap and both pics are no exception but the middle one is yet another character from Demon Slayer I think.

No. 857222

File: 1634779680903.jpeg (32.61 KB, 700x421, 79F41055-13E0-4BC0-BB5B-099D0E…)

the last one is the little guy from journey. i am baffled by this because he’s in a full outfit, unless she plans to make holes in the robe for her tits??? girl can’t cosplay anything without sexualizing it.

No. 857223

if it was her dream cosplay, should would have made it herself

I'm shocked this was ever on her list. seems so random. I love this game and cant imagine someone as vapid as her liking it for real

No. 857226

Absolute tinfoil, but maybe since cons are coming back she's entertaining the idea of going under cover as a fallback if people dont welcome her back with ooen arms? Not that she could conceal her humpty dumpty ass body enough for people to not know its her.

No. 857230

She's doing it to show off her Muslim heritage. kek

No. 857231

File: 1634783819039.jpeg (140.2 KB, 671x496, 7F0B1BFF-EFFA-4203-AD06-4ECF67…)

Besides every other fucked thing in this picture… what’s up with that black thing in her teeth

No. 857237

She's going to do some dumbass sexy ghost version of this character with fishnets and shit.

No. 857239

because she doesn't actually like it. Its like how she pretends to be into God of war, yu-gi-oh or whatever flavour of the month anime is popular

No. 857241

The crease though?? That’s definitely not supposed to be like this. Does it have to do with her nose job?

No. 857242

When I first saw this I thought she was hanging upside down. Would not surprise me if she decided to suspend herself upside down on a machine to seem like she's a bad ass.

No. 857243

i personally think she should get more plastic surgery like a face lift. since she already had a nose job she might as well do more right? kinda sad to get a face lift in ur 20s but she desperately needs one

No. 857246

File: 1634799585835.png (4.54 MB, 1242x2208, 7850F3B2-D915-464C-BA2F-E8E023…)

No. 857248

and this dumb cow wonder why no man wants to get close to her let alone fuck her

No. 857250

She trying to appeal to the special gender kids now? Lol

No. 857251

Lipos her stomach to attempt an hour glass frame, big cartoon lips, drag make up so she doesn't look like a man

You called it

No. 857252

I wasn’t aware that anime titties hang down to the knees like badly fried eggs nailed to a damaged sack of potatoes. Interesting.

No. 857255

You know this is her trying to get in with a certain group of people… again. She’s not even trying for fandoms anymore at this point she’s vying for anyone who will take her. Sorry moo. Your “short hair is for dykes” attitude kinda voids any belief of you wanting to be androgynous. Not even queer people will want to fuck you. Accept you’ll be forever alone. Lol.

No. 857262

"Dream cosplay" at this point means she probably played it for the first time recently, ordered the cosplay, and then forgot about it until it showed up.

No. 857263

Journey is making its rounds again, so as usual she's trying to capitalize on slutting up characters from something popular.

No. 857264

I know I can speak for all us androgynous folk when I say back the fuck out. This cow will never understand what the term and lifestyle is. Why would she want to be androgynous when dykes scare her? Bitch tries to grasp onto ANY validation, I almost feel slightly sad for her. She's been reaching for any sort of acceptance for so many years from so many different groups of people. I truly wonder if one day she'll realize no one actually likes her.

Mmmmm nothing like some black shit stuck in your fake over-whitened baby chompers

No. 857265

Exactly! It’s like she’s trying to find a group so she can crawl out of doing SW. but she dug herself into this hole and she’ll never get out.

No. 857266

She can’t appeal to anyone nerd adjacent because they all run in the same circle as the anime nerds. Her only hope is to dive headfirst into ethotting. Coomers don’t care and just want coom.

No. 857268

>mentions minteaprince/Riss
>starts talking about wanting to be androgynous
Incoming attempt at a Riss skinwalk?

No. 857270

File: 1634823878642.jpg (24.05 KB, 590x617, FB_IMG_1634823827756.jpg)

Everything makes sense now

No. 857274

She probably thought she could get away with pretending to be andro because the only thing that fits her now is xxl mens clothes and compression wear. Cuz "only dykes wear flannel"

No. 857278

Oh yeah we have been comparing her shirts to the men’s section. Kek her feelings must be hurt.

No. 857287

She's hates being butch too unless it's when she does her chimping out. If she thought she was anywhere androgynous she would've been doing both looks from the beginning. Someone must be jealous that Vamp does all gender cosplays. Moo you're too fat to pass, it has nothing to do with your tits. Your face isn't even androgynous because you're obsessed with bimboism now.

No. 857288

She must love Tyler the Creator. He's obsessed with dykes too.

No. 857289

I think moo would explode if she couldnt do a cosplay where her tits or flat ass ARENT hanging out on display. So Idk where this sudden need to be androgynous came out.

No. 857298

Previously mentioned Minteaprince a fakeboi is well respected for her crossplays and craft. It might stem from that.

No. 857299

I think this is definitely likely, as well as what >>857287
said about Vamps, because she just can't let her friends have anything to themselves and seethes if they start having more success than her at something. She just has to butt in and insert herself, especially if she thinks it will make her more popular or relevant or liked.

No. 857305

So, basically she’s the fat autistic kid who has to have an inclusion cake and gift at a birthday party for someone else lol.

No. 857308

Considering that one year she had to be given a birthday cake of her own during her sister's birthday, yes.

No. 857309

I think it's just her bragging about her big tits.

No. 857312

she needs exactly one surgery and it’s a gastric bypass
okay, then she will need loose skin removed and a tit lift, but she’s wasting her money on any surgery until she gets the bypass
and shitloads of actual therapy

No. 857314

What’s to brag about two Kroger bags filled with off brand jello?

No. 857328

Because its Mariah and she's always done this?

No. 857329

that shit only works if you'll eat less, so it will just give her different health issues (I knew a girl who got it and didn't adjust her diet and she ended up like bursting her stomach and getting infections, not to mention having constant uncontrollable discharge from her asshole)

No. 857330

right, that’s why she needs the therapy also
she needs to stop gorging herself and also stop spending like a drunken sailor

No. 857332


So the dozen lip fillers is also androgynous? How about the lipo in specific areas so you can look curvier? The nose job? Hair extensions? The double eyelash stacks? Super androgynous.

No. 857343

File: 1634870152574.png (2.67 MB, 1146x1800, 36AF655A-0A25-441D-93E7-6E31B1…)

The only time she’s this dressed up is when she’s shooting porn in the back of a rented limo or (what was formerly) the Hooters Hotel. Her nose looks especially busted here.

No. 857344

Her hair is starting to look like one of Umbran’s weird, bumpy, crispy wigs.

No. 857347

Makes sense since Moo publicly threw shade at frogdresser and hasn’t seen that other guy in forever. Maddie is in house and probably has to do it between cleaning litter boxes.

No. 857355

I keep forgetting that’s her house and not the lobby in a dental office.

No. 857366

Over $40k to look like this. I'm just in awe man. In just 2 short years she went from looking natural to a clone of MJ. An amazing transformation, albeit insanely sad. She thinks she looks good/still natural. Moo, hiding your misshapen body with a tan tarp won't hide that shitty nose job and sausage lips.

That actually makes so much sense. Vamps has been getting extreme positive feedback from her crossplaying. And you know Moo can't have someone receive that without her having a slice too.

No. 857371

I just need to clock her attempt at pulling an oversized trenchcoat look, only to have her still ham hock upper arms straining the seams.

This is probably the biggest the (probably overpriced nonsense) brand goes too. Poor thing.

It's the other thing that makes me roll my eyes at all her 'money'. She could easily afford a tailor to make things look better on her but she's stuck in her fat girl compression wear mentality it doesnt even compute for her. (inb4 her bragging about taking her 'whole wardrobe' to a tailor or some garbage)

I wouldn't be surprised if frogdresser is a part of hair dresser circles in the area and told everyone about what a wreck of a client moo is.

I can only hope that us complaining about moo's hair enough will get her to go find a fancy hair dresser to brag about so I can stop looking at her gross unwashed nasty extensions

No. 857375

Sage for no contribute but moo strikes me as the mind of woman to wear a white gown to someone else’s wedding and try to snog the groom at the reception.

No. 857376

Showing her extremely fat face. She's going to need another round of face lipo. It's amazing how the weight just comes back with a vengeance.

This outfit isn't bad. But yeah, doesn't fit. Trench coat can't close and the dress is pretty much a shirt.

No. 857377

For someone who legit needs to have her tits and ass on display to sex up any cosplay, her day-to-day look is weirdly asexual. What's up with that?

No. 857379

File: 1634913456919.jpg (Spoiler Image, 102.75 KB, 807x672, 1634907555869.jpg)

She looks so inhuman in this pic.

No. 857389

Because she can't post tits and ass liberally on insta.

No. 857392

Because it’s too much for her to shoop day to day looks that intense. If she’s clothed, she can hide shoops easier.

No. 857398

She’s not worried ab views clicks or money when she’s walking around irl,
She knows the only thing ppl value her for is her deteriorating fake body.

No. 857399

She’s Inhuman in every pic anon shes soulless and vile.

No. 857401

Oh definitely, or a red dress just to make it all about her.

No. 857428

File: 1634947504466.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.67 MB, 3840x5760, 6BvbUqD.jpg)

Blurry ass

No. 857429

File: 1634947720644.jpg (788.05 KB, 3840x2560, 1rMJgv7.jpg)

No. 857431

I don’t know where to begin with this… the blurred out asscrack, the butt cheek optical illusion, the copious amount of falsies weighing her eyelids down (that also look filthy), clothes weren’t bothered to be lint rolled, those sad saggy tits. Goddamn what a mess.

No. 857432

File: 1634947964871.jpg (Spoiler Image, 2.94 MB, 3840x5760, ixTYYAT.jpg)

No. 857434

So like is she going for someone’s mom trying to pay the gas bill, or…?

No. 857435

What the frick is that lip overdraw?

No. 857436

Why is she starting to look like an actual ape or a baboon jfc.

No. 857443

File: 1634959143192.jpg (Spoiler Image, 483.72 KB, 598x894, tEmJ6u6.jpg)

Photos incoming. The rash has reached both tits

No. 857444

File: 1634959252269.jpg (Spoiler Image, 525.43 KB, 589x907, Vs2Ct7I.jpg)

No. 857445

File: 1634959352885.jpg (Spoiler Image, 492.59 KB, 675x883, omL7ob5.jpg)

New incision scar she's trying to erase in recent photos

No. 857446

File: 1634959453127.jpg (229.99 KB, 535x406, PwuZ2QQ.jpg)

a good eye bugout

No. 857447

File: 1634959542037.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.11 MB, 2316x3088, D397ZeN.jpg)

hair everywhere
in the video she showed off her unshaven pits

No. 857448

Spoilers almost don't feel like enough for this. This is rancid.

No. 857449

Sorry bestie. I tried to keep you safe

No. 857450

I..I was not prepared for that. just wow. easily one of her worst photos.
what a sad state her tits are in
you know, I am not the least bit surprised she doesnt shave her pits at this point

No. 857451

Is this shopped by an anon? Her bag looks like the mouth on a muppet or something

No. 857452

My assumption is that this must be a video, hence her not shopping any of it. But holy fucking shit, this is bad. Don't sell your body through porn if you can't take care of it and make yourself look clean. This is antithetical to the idea of what sexy is. Jesus…

No. 857453

Man, you can see where her body is saying its had enough. I seriously wonder how high she was when she took these photos. There is no way at all that she was sober. I mean, her eye is bugging out like Luna Slater's here >>857446

No. 857454

her face is literal nightmare fuel now. the nose job, lip filler, and veneers are bad enough but she's just so… lumpy? like her skin is just so rough and bumpy and misshapen. and I know it's likely a combination of acne/general bad skincare, migrating filler, and lipo/cool sculpting messing with her fat deposits but still… it's shocking just how bad it's gotten. she's absolutely fucking hideous to look at unfiltered.

No. 857455

Moo doesn't edit her videos period so

No. 857459

File: 1634964305099.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1242x1380, 88F70D5A-7326-42EE-A189-FB4BB4…)

>26 years old

No. 857462

Holy fucking shit. She is BUSTED. How do you look in the mirror and not think, "Man I need to stop doing this and start taking care of myself." I guess she makes money either say.

No. 857463

can't wait for the botox saga

No. 857464

she doesnt look in the mirror. She aims her phone with filters on at the mirror and looks through that

No. 857465

Holy shit this is the absolute worst she’s ever looked. Her face is fucked, completely. No ass anywhere to be seen. Everything just… sadly droops. She looks 55 and like she needs a mommy makeover. I almost feel bad for her.

No. 857467

The worst part, or the best you could say, is that her face was fine before this. Before the injections, the weird skincare products she misused, the weight gain and the surgery. People disagree, but I do think she was pretty, she just had to take flattering photos to minimize some of her flaws, like her nose bridge being a bit wide, and her lips being thin. Certainly not deal breakers. But now she looks like she's melting lmao. She literally can't go without photoshop and filters. And she's still as insecure as ever.
She should have closed lolcow and gotten on the treadmill.

No. 857469

Everything about her body is horrifying. The fact she's okay with even showing this to anyone shows shes in a deep state of delusion. Just knowing people actually pay for this and think this is attractive is disturbing and I pray for the world.

No. 857470

File: 1634973818510.png (1.93 MB, 1242x1380, deletethis.png)

No. 857471

literally janice from the muppets cosplaying as sssniperwolf

No. 857484

she really spent tens of thousands of dollars to look like… this

No. 857488

She's 26? Lmao, what a fucking disaster. I always thought she was like 32. Can't bealive how much surgery she gets thinking it makes her look good.

No. 857492

Her body looks painful. I'm convinced that her remaining scrotes are there just to get off on her degrading herself; nobody is still around for her looks or her "cosplays", despite what she likes to delude herself into thinking.

No. 857497

Is it the lighting/her expression that's causing that strange angular dip halfway down her nose bridge? Or is that just a botched shape?

No. 857505

It’s like you can tell exactly where her surgeon started chipping away at her nose. He left the tip bulbous and shaved a slope into her face. 30k well spent.

No. 857514

File: 1635023165257.jpeg (561.54 KB, 1170x2264, F2A1DCB1-ABAB-44F8-BCD4-081170…)

The insane money spending continues. Lumber prices are through the roof and custom builds sure aren’t cheap.

Also maybe I missed someone mentioning it but she changed her bts username to mmallad.jpeg

No. 857517

File: 1635026307763.jpg (12.13 KB, 103x112, h4smoAx.jpg)

that ass shoop job is hilarious, that is not how ass cheeks work

No. 857527

File: 1635035377875.jpeg (161.07 KB, 1713x1117, 16D38A0D-669F-4AF7-8B74-31D2C2…)

A fish with tits

No. 857530


Since she really didn’t have to actually, ya know, work for the money of course she has no concept of it. At least someone who knows what they are doing is getting some work maybe. Also I have to wonder- does all the modifications mean she has to submit to the city for building inspection cause I have severe doubts that the “cyberpunk uwu” being built so close to the fuse box is up to code, or the way she probably has blocked emergency exits and such. Since it’s being done as a commercial project the laws are different. And I doubt she actually has any permits.

No. 857534

Not sure how the laws are in NV but I know in California (at least in my county) any type of structure being built on your property must have a permit and be approved by the city. Even if it’s a playhouse for your kids. Any sort of structure or modification requires a permit. not everyone does this though but some things are easier to avoid than others.

Building a structure like this likely requires a permit and insurance approval. What happens if this is shoddy ass work, and it collapses on someone? I would not want to be around that thing if an earthquake hits.

No. 857538

don't open this kind of stupid sperg can of worms again, it's been so nice. looking up niche laws that may or may not even apply to her situation isn't creating milk, it just makes idiots slapfight about 'what ifs' that'll never happen. nothing is going to fall on anyone because no one but her thot friends is even going to go there and it'll be all over by 5 threads from now.

No. 857540

Actually anon this isn’t niche. It isn’t sperging about her weight. It was a genuine question. And legit enough- she didn’t buy an entire fucking building she sublet. So even though it’s only gonna be her and her asslicks using the space the landlord might actually take an interest especially if it’s non permit, or she accidentally catches the place on fire cause she’s an idiot. You must be one of those nonnies thinks it’s OT if we aren’t about her saggin ass.

No. 857543

File: 1635047391411.jpg (56.28 KB, 1061x365, 20211024_164727.jpg)

This place is never opening to the public is it?
First it was September, than October, now its just whenever.
Also interesting that she's removed links to her and umbrans accounts

No. 857545

First she changes the username of her bts account and now this. Is she trying to distance herself from the “Momokun” name for the studio? I know it’s just speculation but she probably is finally catching on that her name is poison in the Vegas cosplay community… and cosplay in general.

No. 857546

She's trying to rebrand. She can't come back to TikTok with her original name or Twitter, so she is trying to get known by her actual name I think which is just fine imo. It'll be easier to fuck with her future.

No. 857547

That’s pretty funny that she can’t even come up with an entirely new name to rebrand as since she’s so goddamn vain and needs to keep her actual name attached… like her real name wasn’t already synonymous with “sleaze”.

No. 857552

I guess she found someone to fuck her in exchange for manual labor. >>850171
Seeing this after her using Tinder as a Craigslist ad for a carpenter is fucking sending me.

No. 857555

Such a girl boss

No. 857570


nice catch anon!

No. 857582

Fuck anon I totally forgot about that. She has no shame

No. 857583

I totally forgot about that cap, anon. Good on ya for pointing it out! She’s fucking shameless.

No. 857596

This is the first thing I thought of too lol. Can't believe some poor sap actually took her up on it.

No. 857610

I doubt she’s actually fucking him in exchange for manual labor. He’s probably on the payroll at a discounted rate with fucking as part of that payment.

No. 857611

does anyone do any sort of QA before she puts these photos out?

No. 857622

No Bc Mariah cannot accept criticism of any kind

No. 857644

Of all the things she’s fucked up about herself, this photo shows just how badly she ruined her neck, jawline and chin when she had that lipo and - as usual - refused to follow aftercare advice. Christ, what a mess.

No. 857656

Pretty sure someone is catfishing as her on Twitter and making bank off her videos lol



No. 857662

Name something new. There's about a dozen accounts doing the same thing

No. 857692

Now that you’ve pointed it out this person is going to lose their catfishing gig because moo reads this thread kek.

No. 857693

File: 1635176455688.png (3.98 MB, 1242x2208, 348FABB5-D1BB-4B5C-AA76-ACC66D…)

What was the point of spending $30k on a nose job if she’s going to edit it to look just as bulbous as it was previously?

No. 857702

Being able to say she did it?

No. 857704

After seeing her recent unedited video the illusion is gone. Though I will always find it funny how she's trying to edit herself to resemble her 20 year old self. It's as if she's showing regret from all those surgeries and prefers her old appearance. Gasp

No. 857725

File: 1635196992298.png (1.53 MB, 1242x2208, E859476F-5D10-453A-8D84-71CE15…)

Sure Moo.

No. 857733

File: 1635203361936.png (12.43 KB, 1066x97, lurkin.png)

This was posted a short while ago over in the unpopular opinions thread kek

No. 857734

Thinking photoshopped insta hoes are real. This has to be a scrote or Moo

No. 857735

Judging from the style of typing (and knowing Moo is an illiterate piece of shit), it’s gotta be her lol

No. 857737

It's 100% her. She's not slick.

No. 857744

File: 1635208087967.png (4.83 MB, 1800x1609, 8E4996BA-A934-4C5A-9BE0-0BCF6D…)

No. 857754

>>857693 i have this tinfoil that she got her the tip of her nose bigger so as to distract from the landing strip that is her philtrum

No. 857760

Those are some meaty paws there, Moo. Shame you can’t get lipo on your hands, isn’t it?

No. 857764

not even trying to hide it lol
>bend and move:be flexible
Touch your toes then.

No. 857765

That weathering job is atrocious.. which means she did this herself kek

No. 857766

File: 1635220795337.png (2.22 MB, 484x1800, 4B01D78D-D127-4633-A3D3-593062…)

Tree trunk legs and tits too saggy to push up like her friends.

No. 857767

File: 1635221294208.jpg (1.25 MB, 1564x1564, Lmao.jpg)

moo was too cheap to buy or comission a chainsaw prop
not one talented bone in her body

No. 857770

File: 1635224126850.jpeg (800.08 KB, 1242x1684, 043E115D-4E69-49FB-99C2-9B6A5D…)

Ah yes, the Arizona tea brand chainsaw lol

No. 857771

Haha holy shit insane catch anon

No. 857772

File: 1635225993507.jpeg (237.34 KB, 1242x676, 4CBD0935-66BA-47CF-87CC-01BD87…)

Thanks! My broke ass would recognize that branding anywhere. She couldn’t even bother to smooth it out or anything. This level of propmaking is expected of poor high schoolers not someone who makes an entire career off it.
Also, of course that hack Kelton would kiss her ass.

No. 857774

They're supposed to be dressed up like the bishoujo horror figures but they look like three botched bitches that are very unaware of the source material they're trying to portray. Leather Face does not make a sex face, not even in the scale figure.

No. 857775

These look terrible as hell. You can't even tell who they're supposed to be cause they all want to show their ugly ass faces and sex up the characters. A big cheap fail.

No. 857776

it took me a good 20 minutes to figure out what this was. I thought she was doing a spooky version of her Diana cosplay or something. Then I saw one of them was wearing a Jason mask. I think the middle one is suppose to be Michael??? But whats the point if the character isn't wearing the mask? I still have no idea who the fuck Moo is suppose to be though

No. 857779

Shes supposed to be Leatherface (i assume) from texas chainsaw massacre

No. 857780

Wait really? Why did these three idiots choose characters that are largely defined by their masks? This is like her mewtwo cosplay all over again

No. 857781

The bishoujo figures actually don’t have the masks on so for once this is an accurate cosplay.

No. 857782

File: 1635229317109.png (3.17 MB, 1800x1312, 7B7A2E21-6703-4536-B43F-89C0F3…)

They’re based off of these. I don’t think the statues look that good either personally.

No. 857783

even going off of these figures, they couldn’t even cosplay right. the jason and michael outfits are the wrong colors and mariah just looks fat as hell in that shirt and apron she squeezed into.

No. 857786

oh wow this look awful as fuck, what kind of bottom barrel scrote would simp on this? lol and as usual Moo can't "make a face" at all

No. 857788

She not only looks fucking creepy with her uncanny face next to two average looking girls, but she barely fits in the frame.

She looks like some kind of Grudge curse demon in cosplay.

No. 857789

Most of her paying audience, judging based purely off her following, are not western.
So maybe the beauty standard in the middle east/ India is diff LOL

No. 857792

Eh there’s a tutorial on how to make a chainsaw prop with a tea jug online. I don’t think that this is really milk tbh.

No. 857793

nta, but I think the point they're making is that Moo is incredibly lazy and sloppy with her "awesome cosplay skills" by not even sanding out the logo. If she was actually super good at cosplay like she claims, that would be a simple step to include.

No. 857797

File: 1635247305172.jpg (12.18 KB, 136x237, 453485715534.JPG)

Lipedema is calling…

No. 857800

Mariah Le epic girl boss "professional" career cosplayer Mallad, should be made fun of for this level of shit tier content idk if youre looking at the same prop but she should be embarrassed

No. 857802

Were these taken in her new studio? Or did she go somewhere else bc she knows her sets are shit?

No. 857804

Especially since she brags about how much money she has but produces shit tier cosplays that look like it cost her $30. Her wig is super stiff and looks fried to hell while >>857782 has flowy hair.

No. 857812

Awshit he's still kissing her ass but not working with her anymore huh?

No. 857814

There's no way she made this completely by herself. I'm sure she had one of her hangers on help (as in, doing most of the work) because otherwise she would have posted about it nonstop. She posted how many stories about sewing an armband she never even finished?

No. 857819

File: 1635263022329.jpeg (40.1 KB, 342x606, C7A52FC2-3691-42FF-A6CF-200EBB…)

Shame they chose the three figures that are always re-sold but not the iconic Beetlejuice, Chucky, Edward Scissorhands.

No. 857826

But anon! That would require effort and money they probably can’t shake out of Moo to get custom outfits made! lol All of them look like they scraped the bottom of the barrel at Goodwill and while it wouldn’t be a problem for someone just starting out, all of these morons are promoting themselves as “professional”.
I don’t recognize any of the equipment here from any of the shots she’s posted so far of the studio, especially that uggo “apocalyptic set”. This place is definitely different. I’ll laugh if she adds this to her “client gallery”.

No. 857838

I'm sorry, but these all look stupid and they wouldn't look good doing any of them. She should've been a "sexy" pumpkin with her rotund ass.

No. 857844


Aly Brazil made it. You know Mariah can’t be bothered to do anything herself ever.,

No. 857853

File: 1635278728271.jpg (772.62 KB, 1315x2340, photobang.jpg)

The location is literally listed in the photo. >>857767

No. 857857

Would you look at that, a photography studio with sets located exactly in an area of Vegas you would expect it to be and not by the fucking airport.

No. 857858

She would have been a better sheet ghost.

No. 857863

That girl in the middle, what’s wrong with her face? It always looks like her features are shrunk onto her face. It’s weird. Did moo want the same nose as her? Because hers looks botched too

No. 857879

File: 1635291292235.png (1.95 MB, 1242x2208, 7C14E81C-0763-4A0B-9441-F99EA8…)

She has the filters jacked up to the point it literally just blurs out her entire face. Good going Moo, money well spent on a mug you don’t even want to show off lol

I thought the point of her opening a studio was that there wasn’t already one in Vegas that had sets and whatnot like her precious Japanese studios. Is she not confident enough in her own dumpy sets to shoot these there?

No. 857881

more likely scoping out the competition and looking for ideas to steal from better studios

No. 857889

No. 857891

True. Inb4 she updates the studio IG with “new plans” likely taken from the other studio.

No. 857900

File: 1635304132778.jpeg (79.03 KB, 750x750, 76BA82EA-9F9A-4373-8B04-3B9CE9…)

what absolutely baffles me is that she didn’t do this version of the leatherface, she could have had her tits out and everything.

No. 857901

Yeah, those figures look like shit, so I guess … they kinda made a good job of being shit, but only if it was on purpose? I feel like someone could make a good cosplay of the Jason figure because it’s so simple, but not these three, eh?

You nailed it, I always think this girl’s face looks weird, especially as she’s put more weight on, and this is why.

No. 857902

Maybe because she never wears trousers, because they wouldn’t fit her bizarre botched proportions, and getting them tailor-made would be too much like work?

No. 857904

her legs look disgusting from all that lipo. And none of them look good

No. 857916

Judging by what she wears she would be sweating buckets. I wonder if moo gets botox in her armpits so she doesn't sweat?

No. 857920

File: 1635319173112.png (4.43 MB, 1242x2208, 13BA8831-C972-4315-9817-A11864…)

No. 857922

Man wtf happened with her nose? It’s getting worse with each picture it seems like. Maybe eventually she’ll admit her nose job wasn’t worth it.

No. 857928

Pigs fly before moo admits she made a mistake though.

No. 857941

She'll get another nosejob to fix it.

No. 857942

“No, we’re not stopping for Amy Winehouse, we have Amy Winehouse at home.”
“Oh, mooom, you bought the store brand Amy Winehouse again.”

No. 857950

Wtf are you talking about?

No. 857952

nta but it's a meme nonnie, lighten up

No. 857959

More like Amy Swinehouse

No. 857963

Moo has no resemblance to Amy, especially since she destroyed her nose. Amy is rolling in her grave right now. Such a bad comparison.

No. 857964

She doesn't even look close to Amy.

No. 857973

She looks so bad here it’s actually saddening. She needs to talk to a damn therapist. She clearly isn’t happy with herself if she keeps altering her body and trying to cover her emptiness with fake positive posts on social media

No. 857974

She wouldn’t dare admit something is wrong with her though,
Probably goes to therapy to complain about others and then ditches the therapist when they point out she might be the toxic one.

No. 858003

So many faded and dark lipo marks too lol

No. 858017

the fuck are you talking about

No. 858027

File: 1635402925368.png (3.39 MB, 1075x1800, 20C5B844-6D8B-4E07-B2F4-378E11…)

Starting to wonder what tips she’s picked up from the other studio.

No. 858032

Why would people not just pick a backdrop while booking? Does she think she's going to have random walk ins? You can't steal ideas from a successful business in an location with actual foot traffic and think it will make sense in your fingerpainted airport compound.

No. 858033

Especially if she is going to have these bookings in block orders unless she's having them arrive 30 minutes prior or something, just so whoever has to set up the room has it set up while the cosplayer is getting prepped.

No. 858034

Wow, look how eco caring she is with these throw away slippers. She has hardwood floors. Why the fuck do you need slippers? This isn't a spa and people have footwear for cosplays.

No. 858039

She look like she puts drugs in her butthole

No. 858041

She’s acting like she’s a Japanese person with the whole no shoes inside bs.

No. 858042

Why are you offended

No. 858045

Mariah will try to be anything but herself,
She’s ashamed of being white/white passing.
No one is offended, just pointing out her flawed character.
Also sage ur posts if nothing to add.

No. 858046

The slippers thing is total nonsense and a waste of expenses (as is this whole shitshow). It’s like she sees something and doesn’t give a second thought to it before throwing money. Who the fuck is going to wear these? Employees everywhere have to fight with people to wear a mask in an establishment, good luck with enforcing fucking slippers lol
I’m curious as to who she currently has chained into working this studio full time for when it opens up since I can easily see her not being involved much or at all. I hope reality sinks in when she realizes she can’t fuck off anytime she chooses for impromptu vacations and that the OF gravy train won’t be around forever to cover the rent on that dump. Can’t wait for her manic episodes then.

No. 858047

But you add nothing talking about the fat bitch from animecon 2016

No. 858053

Unless you get barefooted for shoots I don't see why you'd wear slippers. If anything the studio should provide tape to stick under footwear for cosplayers if there's concern about sets getting dirty.

But I would be more concerned about the sets being dirty themselves because let's face it, those sets won't get cleaned properly.

No. 858054

I know she's saying this will be a legitimate business with customers but I really don't think it will be, and I think she knows that. I think this is just for her friends to use. She won't have any strangers or genuine customers in there. I really don't know why she's pretending lol

No. 858060

File: 1635427616293.jpg (62.42 KB, 1080x407, 20211029_022249.jpg)

Was looking through the studios Instagram, and I genuinely can not believe how much money she is sinking into this endeavour. There is no way she will make back nearly enough for this thing to be even near profitable, even less so given her reputation.

Now its Nov/Dec

No. 858062

I’d love to have a rhinoplasty surgeon that knows about it all to comment on what the fuck happened with her nose job. It looks like it’s bulging out on the sides where her sinuses begin. Especially in this picture you can see the bump where it looks stiff where her check is creased. Just wtf.

No. 858070


There’s nothing wrong with it! This guy pioneered the technique! Mines better than vamps is! It’s better than all the nosejobs that ever were! Because I’m better than everyone! Gimme cake and asspats!


No. 858071

Just need someone to read her like that surgeon did for Jacklyn Hill lol

No. 858077

File: 1635441444300.png (2.68 MB, 1800x789, F1CF904B-092C-4164-8D27-357971…)

I wish she would stop calling everything she throws on “cosplay” because this ain’t it. Store bought clothes and still manages to be inaccurate lol.

No. 858079

File: 1635441820830.png (3.96 MB, 1800x1552, 318175D4-484F-4C93-80C8-87416B…)

Posts this shit but still rage deletes any comment not kissing her ass or claps back to feel superior. How’s that therapy going for you Moo?

No. 858080

Why am I not surprised by she's cosplaying from a shotacon hentai

No. 858081

Should have gone for Orochimaru with that nose

No. 858082

Funny because her surgeon explained collapse in a TikTok recently

No. 858083

Foot notes, anon?!?!

No. 858084

That’s what it’s from? Not surprising at all. Also, the only accurate part of this “cosplay” is her tiny head on a massive body lol

No. 858085

oh wow the MJ face is real kek

anon pls learn to sage smh my head

No. 858091

Junji Ito, as if she actually gives a fuck about his work. She's never talked about the most prolific horror artist out of Japan, ever.

No. 858092

Its Junji Ito. Wtf, anon.

No. 858100


Hachishakusama is a Japanese urban legend. It’s a 8 foot tall women who takes and kills kids and there’s a few popular shota hentai involving her.

She has nothing to do with Junji Ito.

No. 858108

She acts like it’s a spa and not a photo studio

No. 858119

yeah, the print she posted along with it is specifically from a hentai too so…

No. 858134

The bridge of her nose in these shots look bad too. It looks like it has streaks

No. 858142

It looks like she's still contouring the nose smaller than it already is here so I'm assuming she still hates it

No. 858143

File: 1635475709174.jpeg (286.37 KB, 922x1300, twnd.jpeg)


lmao how embarrassing, nonnie. Junji Ito has never even done a story on Hachishakusama. The closest he's ever come is probably "The Woman Next Door", who looks like pic related.

No. 858158

Her face is so busted

No. 858162

File: 1635484200434.jpg (24.33 KB, 485x436, gRtppRA.jpg)

Moo why is it hard to clap back? I thought you were not only a POC but of Asian descent? Should be easy to explain your unnie edits

No. 858163

File: 1635484340911.jpg (1.81 MB, 3840x5760, wZu4mKv.jpg)

No. 858164

File: 1635484461881.jpg (807.63 KB, 3840x2560, vgUlyMy.jpg)

not the disappearing jaw

No. 858165

File: 1635484572439.jpg (1.15 MB, 2730x4096, 1hABFg3.jpg)

I mean really Mariah the upclose, redrawn jaw is superb

No. 858166

Ewwww. It's so telling how she'll pump her lips with filler over and over instead of using natural methods of keeping them looking plump, like moisturizing them and drinking water. Her bottom lip looks like a dusty balloon running out of air.

No. 858167

it's the foundation all over her fugly lashes for me… disgusting

No. 858168

She has had the dryest lips I've ever seen. These past few sets were really gross because the concealer/foundation/whatever would sit in the cracks and corners of her lips. It's super obvious

No. 858169

She looks like she's competing with Blaire White in the tranny awards.

No. 858170

Why do her lashes look so heavy? Does she stack them?? They make her eyes look so droopy and lazy.

No. 858173

Junji Ito is not the only Japanese that create horror stories and monsters anon lmao

No. 858175

I usually prefer to make fun of her but these last sets with her nosejob and knees bent inwards has me thinking, unironically and without a shred of mockery, "she's going to die"…

No. 858180

At least Blaire is an actual tranny lmao. Moo looks like a tranny inspiring to be MJ.

I don't understand why she keeps adding more fucking lashes to keep dragging her eyelids down. She seriously looks like she has down syndrome

No. 858182

mariah has officially crossed into the uncanny valley

No. 858193

Moo has only passed into the uncanny valley now? Nonnie you're so late to the party

No. 858194

Sage your shit, nigger. Don’t make me ask you again.(moid)

No. 858202

Thank you, Jediman_101, aka Ryan Padilla of Santa Ana, CA. Nice reddit, btw. Is Britney your sister or wife?

No. 858203

It’s annoying how she doesn’t even get the clothes right when they’re so simple, the character she’s referencing from has a spaghetti straps’ dress, that’s it.
But then again, she needs to wear lots of clothes to make her body have a semblance of a figure other than round as fuck.

No. 858205

I'll sell you some feet pics Jedi pedilla email's in the field

No. 858207

Damn u got his info quick LOL

No. 858208


not even trying to pretend her hair follows the laws of physics near her waist.

No. 858209

Play stupid games…etc lol.

No. 858234

File: 1635530853366.jpeg (343.06 KB, 1222x1059, 87D5F6EF-97FF-4789-9EC9-67758A…)

What the fucks happening here? Lol. Was she using the blur tool and the phone rang?

No. 858237

File: 1635531072227.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 60.96 KB, 828x590, 6020B7D8-2EF0-4F07-B8BF-D5B196…)

The absolute crust. Foundation powder on her lips? Also is her nose crooked now?

Spoiled for gross mouth close up.

No. 858238

the fact that her feet are two completely different shades really makes it look like she photo-shopped a random leg into the shot

No. 858255

I've been wondering this too, it's more noticeable at certain angles, but her nose definitely seems crooked/asymmetrical now. which is hilarious, because it was very symmetrical before she decided to fuck with it lol. I know anons keep saying it takes up to a year to fully heal, so I guess we'll see if it evens back out, but I think it's just kind of ruined tbh.

No. 858269

This right here is a prime pic to shoop MJ onto since it looks like she shopped another picture of her own face on it anyway.

No. 858272

File: 1635550339810.png (5.32 MB, 3840x2560, hachishakusama.png)

No. 858279

Goddamn my sides..

No. 858281


No. 858291

my vote for next thread pic

No. 858303

Chamone! grabs crotch aggressively
Wow, it only took Mariah one nose job for her to look as botched as Michael! Er … well done, Moo?

No. 858315

Omg you knocked that right out of the park and what’s really sad is your shop is actually much better! Next thread pic .

No. 858316

She looks like she just snorted coke and didn’t wipe the remains off

No. 858317

File: 1635577585279.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1242x1751, F935E4A4-E34F-4300-8E2F-A49D7A…)

“Dump” is appropriate, she looks dumpy af

No. 858318

Rich fat bitches are the saddest. How can you be rich but fat?

No. 858319

literally moo could afford the best in house chef to cook healthy, well balanced meals AND also afford a better, more individualized trainer and she STILL spends her money on a fuckton of plastic surgery that she can’t be bothered to do the correct after care for, like it’s astonishing she’s gotten to the point she’s at now with her body.

No. 858323

One more botched nose job and a lid lift. Her stroked out looking eyelids could never.

Arching her back to try to create any illusion of an ass, but failing horribly. Bonus points for her gut sticking out as far as her tits. How many rounds of lipo throughout how many years?

No. 858332

You can’t buy discipline, you can’t buy effort.
She is nothing without her money.
None of her friends are genuine, none of her relationships exist without what little fame she has.
An empty shell for even more empty coomers to throw money at.
You’re vile Mariah.

No. 858337

Late to the party but knowing Moo, she's probably been neglecting aftercare and doing shit she isn't supposed to do. And if she bumped her nose into something or even just received a small blow, it can explain why it's looking more and more deformed.

No. 858342

Her thighs are more of an ass than her ass.

No. 858345

That dry hair, harsh skin texture, busted mangled nose and anus lips. What a tragedy.

No. 858346

Geez, that pose was a choice.

No. 858347

I don't understand why she keeps making this same face. She looks like an ape and when she does the half lidded, dead stare it just looks even worse.

No. 858352

Because she a dumb ass wannabe slut and needs to show her chimpanzee dildo sucking lips.

No. 858386

she focused so much on the top half of her body she has the legs of a 400 pound woman. Seriously they're huge.

No. 858389

File: 1635647689956.jpeg (1.33 MB, 1242x2055, 2754AFFC-19EB-4336-A80C-F6027B…)

Speaking of… lol

No. 858391

Lol she has to reuse it. So much for people wanting to make you any cosplays.

No. 858400

She is convincing herself she got “thicc thighs” instead of facing the reality of having tree trunk legs

No. 858405

File: 1635669637280.png (431.83 KB, 559x548, lipoedema.png)

She's lipo'd herself into the form of a woman suffering from lipedema

No. 858406

File: 1635670135878.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1242x2034, D0336875-26CC-4867-9700-F3DFAF…)

It’s nearly 2am and she’s still eating after just attending a Halloween party. I’m sure her “trainer” is going to love seeing that. But it’s ok, this is what lipo is for after all.

No. 858407

Samefag but she’s in LA atm.

No. 858411

Ngl, that onion soup looks really good, but damn.. All that salt and we know she won't be active at all.

No. 858413

File: 1635674439457.jpeg (317.32 KB, 1242x1996, DE613067-16F5-4A8A-A26D-781CDD…)

It didn’t stop there apparently lol

No. 858416

Guess the whole vegan thing she was pretending to be was just all for show
Holy shit mariah that’s like 2000 calories in one sitting.

No. 858419

well she did just finish a nearly year long lipo binge. Moo tends to eat like absolute shit during winter, does one more round of lipo in december, then candids show she gained 100 pounds. It's a yearly thing. She should be concerned that she touched 300 pounds this year… but fatty has no self control

No. 858428

That's because she's in her feel-good Trisha phase right now. Just got lipo and is posting fake gym videos, and so she is treating herself. She will treat herself until just before Christmas and realize she looks fat as fuck again, and thus we roll into lipo spring.

No. 858434

File: 1635711031288.png (4.91 MB, 1242x2208, B974DA63-9ABB-4E50-BB24-0DDB79…)

Almost as if she didn’t pig out at 2am.

No. 858435

How the fuck are u starving when u just ate the average daily caloric intake in one meal less than 12 hours ago

No. 858436

Are we gonna ignore the fact that everyone besides moo and Maddie are eating like healthy salads, then you got the two fat bitches chowing down on 2000 calorie foods. Huge ass hamburger and like 3 pancakes with I imagine more food under it on Maddie’s side. It’s honestly comical

No. 858437

“Really guys? In front of my salad??”

No. 858462

When you eat as much as Moo does, your body begins to expect that amount of calories regularly, and you also lose the ability to sense when you're full or satiated. It's how the morbidly obese can eat so much without feeling sick like a healthy person would.

No. 858466

There’s nothing worse than fat bitches in Higurashi cosplay…

No. 858471

How about fat bitches that buy Instagram followers and comments?

No. 858475

Honestly surprised she did HotD when the 2 people she is with are doing Higurashi?

No. 858477

Couldn't be arsed to dig out and comb through her Shion wig, or just didn't want to do Higurashi because HotD is bigger scrote bait, and her Higurashi/Umineko love projects are flops that she doesn't want to face anymore kek.

No. 858478

because lets be real she was only ever larping as a Higurashi fan to attempt to leech a niche. That and she definitely cant fit in any of her Higurashi nor Umineko cosplay at this point, hell she couldnt fit in them when they were fresh made.

Imagine her now trying to fit into her Shion/Mion waitress get up where her back tits from the corset were bigger than her ass.

I find it ironic that she posted ,what? a couple times about the new Higurashi anime? But she's SUCH a big fan my dudes!

No. 858479

She looks nice here then i remembered shes covering her thighs kek

No. 858480

Moo is retarded but this whole asianfishing thing is autistic as fuck kek

No. 858488

Jediman kys lol

Even moo is doing better than you

No. 858489

And wear what? Shion? Takano? Old costumes that don't fit?

No. 858490

that's never stopped her before. Remember tamaomao? amongst many others

No. 858492

She looks nice in which universe, anon?

No. 858519

I didn't even realize it was HotD and not Takano with a new wig

No. 858522

You seem to forget that she hides behind a meitu filter then gets ballsy because she thinks she looks good. When she goes to a con she expects people to read her mind and absolutely NOT take pictures of her. Not everyone at a con is going to adhere to these rules.

No. 858523

File: 1635805079934.png (4.52 MB, 1800x1590, 6112A71D-AF8C-4776-801E-610EE9…)

She literally does the opposite of every point in that chart… Also, irony smoothie.

No. 858525

Those are some meaty looking paws with short stubby nails hiding under those claws

No. 858534

File: 1635819763453.png (3.95 MB, 1800x985, 27C145E6-5E60-42D8-9C63-B431FF…)

It’s a shame all that fruit will most likely rot in the fridge because she wanted to flex. She says she’s “housewife material” because she prepped a fish… which is kinda funny because we all know she’ll never marry.

No. 858535

Moo is the kind of fatty who will take a bite out of a fish or eat a carrot and go "Yaay I can treat myself. Now time to eat 3000 calories in a single meal at several restaurants today!"

No. 858537

That low sodium won’t do you any good when you eat double the amount of suggested caloric intake on a daily basis.

No. 858539

File: 1635825906496.jpg (29.91 KB, 460x301, aDxPnpZ_460s.jpg)

The fuck is she going to do with that many figs. It's always sad to see stupid rich people who either eat crap or try to flex with gimmick food >>858523
Or just waste money on ingredients they have no idea how to prepare without "the help."

Like that's easily a $30-50 fish that she's stuffing with onion rings, lemon slices, and straight up herbs still on the branch like….

No. 858540

Yes Moo, you should definitely be drinking your calories. After all, it’s coconut, so it’s healthy, right? That means the calories magically disappear, right? Sure Moo, genius indeed.

No. 858541

Why did she delete the first two??

No. 858543

File: 1635826974384.png (4.9 MB, 1242x2208, 8F384FA6-22D2-4B9B-B197-27B52F…)

She’s probably lurking tbh.
The woman who takes pics of literally everything didn’t take a pic of it coming out of the oven? I know it’s petty shit but she probably fucked it up and refused to show the result.

No. 858544

Can someone genuinely answer why moo lurks here? It’s so obvious she does.
I thought you don’t care ab what ppl think of you yet you constantly double back or revisit something after someone brings it up in this board.

No. 858546

The bully doesn't like being bullied or having her shit aired out without putting the words to a face or username.

No. 858548

Her ignorance makes her a completely unsuitable wife. Her storage of fruits bothers me to hell, because storing citrus items in there will make all the rest of her fruit age faster. There is nothing wrong with the herbs being whole because you do not eat them, but amount of rosemary and thyme is overkill. Her flexes just make her look like a greedy pig. >>858534

No. 858549

Amazing! Now she can add "professional chef" to her list of many talents!

No. 858555

File: 1635833486673.jpg (2.88 MB, 1920x2560, bakedfish.jpg)

Raise your hand if you think
turned into picrel.

Promise I will stop food sperging, but figs are notoriously fussy, do not keep well, and especially not in a refrigerator. They will explode into mold before she even makes it through one container. It's just so incredible to see someone with so much money be so smooth brained while pretending to be an expert in yet another field.

No. 858561


“Before I switched to pharmacy I actually went to culinary school but I was so advanced I was kicked out and was told to find a more challenging course. I tried but my body building hobby got in the way for me to pursue it further. What do you think guys. Do you want your Mommy Momo to make you a five star gourmet meal”

Cue photo shoot of her in the kitchen with fish fillets on her tits as she holds up a plastic dollar general spatula.

No. 858564

I remember the days of the drops of candle wax that looked like cum, but she was all "oh it's just a tease I'd never go too far. I don't need to. I'm a professional." What is she a professional at now? For sure not a cosplayer. Having your name on some documents doesn't make you a successful business owner. It's all just bobs and vagene for her coomers, and a big mausoleum to live in.

No. 858569

>What is she a professional at now?
If you let Mariah tell it, you'll never hear the end of that list. She's so fucking delusional.

No. 858571

Surprised there aren't any peaches given that she's trying to make it her gimmick

>we all know she’ll never marry

Silly anon, she's married to her husbando Archer. How could you forget?

No. 858572

this legit looks disgusting and over powering. Her level of cooking skills is forever stuck at cave man "Meat go on fire!"

No. 858573

Don't you mean Levi? Wait, I mean Rengoku. Wait, I meant Douma.

No. 858575

Oh god her Levi phase only lasted a week because Moo couldn't pretend to like a short dude. Didn't she make fun of short kings?

No. 858580

She sure did, the totally body positive queen.
It's ironic considering her thing for straight shota.

No. 858605

File: 1635910552564.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.67 MB, 2880x3840, 2880x3840_9879586954a651ab45e3…)

My eyes…

No. 858609

That’s horrific.

No. 858610

She's really milking the fupa lipo.

No. 858611

File: 1635914191176.jpg (464.93 KB, 1885x2048, Screenshot_20211102-213316_mh1…)


No. 858612

File: 1635914259450.jpg (475.26 KB, 1220x2048, Screenshot_20211102-213256_mh1…)

Of course Moo would never choose the healthier option

No. 858613

“Just eat all the ice cream and get endless rounds of lipo, duh!”

No. 858616

File: 1635920557462.jpg (201.5 KB, 1080x1874, Screenshot_20211103-021729_Ins…)

Looking cracked out talking about cutting her tits off in her stories right now.

No. 858617

File: 1635921348690.png (2.79 MB, 1242x2208, A2C03CC3-3A28-4AFC-A8F0-58B318…)

It’s almost as if she thinks it’s her cosplay and photo studio making her money and not her sad floppy tits. The moment she gets rid of them, she can kiss her money goodbye lol

Got a wonky recording of it.

No. 858618

Holy shit, I thought she was in the shower when I saw the thumbnails. Why does she look like a wet dog?

No. 858619

She always looks greasy. I guess she couldn’t get anyone to come to her house to wash her hair for her.

No. 858620

Is she wearing a binder…?

No. 858621

she and pumpy are like the same person warped on opposite ends of the Sims slider

just all grease and awful plastic surgery and fake flexing while being continuously embarrassing

but fr why do they always look this swampy

No. 858623

Samefag but she’s already deleted the last story in this recording. I expect she’ll delete the rest when she’s sober.

No. 858626

File: 1635933992430.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 403.44 KB, 750x1119, 2D221BE0-764E-4E5A-A86B-3A9E2B…)

Let’s dissect this horrid picture shall we?

No. 858627


The filter she is using blends her chin right into her neck, its freaky

No. 858629


Her movement and the way she's speaking in this really remind me of heroin users that overdid it or got a slightly hot dose. She hasn't looked this out of it since her con party days.

No. 858635

Why is she even in Stella's comments? Last time I checked, Stella spoke out against her during the Momo Cosby saga and did streams with the women Mariah sexually assaulted. Her lard ass needs to go choke on the ice cream she wants to drown herself in.

She seriously needs to lay off the drugs and alcohol, she looks more rancid and turtley than usual.

No. 858637

People literally starve in her area, especially since the west coast has so many homeless population, but there we are, wasting food. We all know she wont eat

No. 858642

Straight up, she seems pilled out or something. Not even exaggerating.

No. 858649

She deleted all except the “that wasn’t very poggers of you” stories. Nice lurking Moo.

No. 858650


It looks like a binder but if she's serious about "chopping her tits off" she could at least wear it right lmao

No. 858655

Moo TIF era starting soon?

No. 858660

I think its hilarious how she literally got a breast reduction at a young age, simultaneously gained 300 lbs & ruined her body with lipo, and is now acting like she JUST realized she has massive deformed tits??

No. 858661

File: 1635967365091.jpeg (307.25 KB, 960x1222, 0400D8A5-618D-4F22-A116-FB3AB2…)

No. 858662

Why doesn’t this bind the fat

No. 858666

didn't Moo give the exact same advice out? So if another thot says it, suddenly it's a bad idea.

No. 858668

Keep in mind Moo also said she wants a boob job and get those big anime tiddies. She's just trying to appeal to the gender specials. This is just like when Trisha said she was a gay trans man for attention

No. 858673

This is definitely not a binder. The cut would be way higher on her neck if it was

No. 858678


She is on drugs.

But I don't know wtf is going on with her fuckin' chin / neck

She looks like a muppet.

No. 858679

Moo always has to disagree with others because she thinks being in opposition for the sake of it is a personality trait. She always has to argue with people because she doesn't think anyone else can be right, even if what others are saying are things she inherently does believe in. She doesn't have a personality of her own which is why she has to build it off of the personality and opinions of others.

No. 858686

She did because Lia showed her how to dump a packet of kool-aid on a bunch of grapes and suddenly it was the most miraculous thing she ever ate and posted stories smacking her sausage lips about it.

No. 858695

Funny how she's said before she's worn sports bras to hide her tit size before. Now it's almost like she's doing this for more attention.

No. 858707

She bought SKIMS, remember? Probably the ugly flash colored bra thing.

No. 858708

She's just high as fuck.

No. 858709

I think she is building up the story behind her boob job coming up. She is getting them lifted and she said with implants, so she's going to look fucking stupid after posting this and then going and getting a full Bishoujomom "These are natural because I lost weight" type of bullshit story to go with it.

No. 858711

File: 1635987691996.jpeg (635.66 KB, 1242x1940, AA9EFFB7-7057-4410-BEE3-9396DA…)

The drivel she reposts from these so-called “therapy” accounts just inadvertently show what a manipulative, narcissistic cunt she really is. It just makes you wonder which one of her friends dared speak out of line.

No. 858713

too bad she can't take her own advice and shut the fuck up. if she does stay silent it's because the object of her vengeance has dirt on her

No. 858716

File: 1635996294932.jpg (958.19 KB, 1443x1832, 21-11-03-23-24-22-274_deco.jpg)

I'm starting to get Jackie Stallone vibes now olawd

No. 858717

Oh God, yes, I remember that. Moo doesn’t though, apparently.

Kek, you’re right, she’s really getting that botched stroked-out pill-addicted bloated look developing nicely.

No. 858719

>she’s really getting that botched stroked-out pill-addicted bloated look developing nicely
So young too! Can't wait to see how she evolves in the next decade with more botched procedures, lipo, and fillers.

No. 858720

I remember her saying she's getting a lift/implants in the spring so this seemed even more bizarre she would be talking about cutting them off

No. 858721

I think it's her exaggerating the procedure.
"Cutting my tits off" means she's gonna shorten how fucking long they are so they're not at her navel.

No. 858725

It kills me how in every single picture she takes that's not a "photoshoot" she's only ever looking at herself through her phone.
It's never a front facing selfie, or even her looking up at her "audience" in the mirror after positioning the phone.
It's like every mirror in the world is her equivalent to Dorian Grey's portrait.

No. 858728

File: 1636019463552.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1242x1729, B681D51B-6BDA-4E08-9F42-1181DC…)

Pure cringe.
The lighting in her home doesn’t make it look any less like a clinic.

No. 858729

Damn. This doesn't look like a home, it looks like a facility.

Warm tinted bulbs go a long way, Moo. Get some lamps. Turn off the ceiling lights. Get a rug. Jfc, she only gets shit she thinks looks "expensive", no style, no sense of home, her place is so fucking awful. Money really can't buy you taste.

No. 858732

her house is so sterile looking. No color whatsoever.
Putting the kotatsu in the middle of a presumably empty room is such a weird choice. Normally it'd go in a lounge/living room, but it's just..there

No. 858737

File: 1636030058077.jpeg (145.05 KB, 797x545, F7D0511C-6A9C-486B-9778-086FF8…)

sorry for trash shoop but it’s all I can see

No. 858740

Creepy yet hilarious. Almost looks like it could be a scene in a Terry Gilliam film

Thanks for the laugh anon!

No. 858745

Of course she chooses the ugliest one. And the room still looks empty and barren. If she wanted to do a Japanese themed room why not get some good quality tatami mats? Wood panels and shelves? Hell even a fuckin plant (guess they're all dead) Too expensive for her?

No. 858746

Can Moo even put her hams under that table?

No. 858756

She probably can if she’s the only one there. Doesn’t sound too appealing to share a kotatsu with someone who doesn’t shower.

No. 858757

I'm not even sure if Moo can cross her legs while sitting on the ground without assistance

Now que in Moo reading this and taking a picture of her legs pretzel crossed and crying for Maddie to help her up after.

No. 858758

Did she choose the ugliest and cheapest kotatsu she can find? All that money and she chose one that looks like a school lunch table.

No. 858760

It looks like one of those cheap school desks that doesn't last a year. That and I know most kotasu tables are small but this one seems tiny. Or is Maddie just that huge? Either way this thing looks like something a cheap american company pushes out for weebs

No. 858774

Wonder if he’s the guy she suddenly raw dogged for a video.

No. 858775

File: 1636062949216.jpg (447.35 KB, 1080x1493, Screenshot_20211104-144745_Twi…)

Accidently hit the wrong button

No. 858776

File: 1636063033645.jpg (141.97 KB, 768x1024, 20211104_145511.jpg)

Also some dude on twitter keeps uploading photos of Moo lately and the ugly unedited photos are a lot. I haven't seen these candids posted yet.

No. 858777

File: 1636063087870.jpg (430.6 KB, 1829x2048, 20211104_145741.jpg)

No. 858778

File: 1636063232515.jpg (153.73 KB, 946x2048, 20211104_150032.jpg)

No. 858780

Sage for OT but it baffles me how the 2 girls she's with chose child Satoko and Rika instead of their aged up teenager selves? Which they still would have been too fat for but still.

No. 858781

She really is like a different flavor of Yaya Han; Botched as fuck and haggard looking, self important narc, etc.

No. 858784

This has been posted here before, it was from last years Lvl Up Expo.

No. 858785

Yaya Han was an objectively skilled seamstress and prop maker though. I can't think of anything in Moo's life that she actually was able to develop into an impressive skillset.

No. 858786

This. Like Yaya is definitely complicit in turning cosplay into a race of who can get a boob job and patreon simps the fastest, but she was at least from back when cosplay required skills and resources. Moo is the lowest common denominator from the Nigri era.

No. 858787

Nobody said that she wasn't, but there have been plenty of times when her own costumes were shit-tier quality (go look at her burlesque Snow White without the filters or better yet, go look at her thread on here) and the point of my post was that she was once normal looking and botched herself with cosmetic surgery and developed a massive, unwarranted ego.

>required skills and resources

She used to be an escort, but go off. I'm dropping this here because I clarified my point.

No. 858790

No one cares about your hateboner for yayahun, take it to her thread as you mentioned. She has more talent than moo, even if she was a paid whore.

No. 858795


Pretty sure he's just a rando who used to simp for her, that's all

No. 858797

Can you post the full thread for context or are you gunna assume some rando boned Moo?
Also, Moo doesn't fuck black guys

No. 858798

No. 858799

File: 1636086855633.png (3.53 MB, 958x1800, 3FBF96D8-6B48-4F07-A302-51C759…)

She’s boasting about the studio, says “it’s the best photo studio I’ve ever seen (in America)” and also refers to that sloppy apocalyptic set as the “resident evil/silent hill” set…
I can’t wait to see who the stupid saps who agreed to work for her are.

No. 858800

She got them sanpaku eyes

No. 858802

Probably because they think it wouldn't be OG enough to cosplay the teen versions, like trying to say "I'm totally into Higurashi before this anime!".

No. 858803

If the pedestal really is an 18th century antique then I can't wait to see how fucked up it'll look after the "refurbishing".

No. 858806

She stays illiterate. If it's the best studio, why was she shooting at another studio weeks ago? And there's a victorian set now? Why not invest in making a few high quality sets and actually open and get customers and feedback before impulsively throwing money at any concept that floats into her cow brain?

No. 858807

Says the pedestal is from the 1700s but calls the set Victorian lol

No. 858810

To her, probably anything that looks old timey and fancy is automatically “Victorian-ish” lol we can’t expect this moron to know the difference between styles of different time periods. Like we always say, Moo has more money than taste (or brains for that matter).

No. 858813

NTA and sage but Anon >>858080 and >>858100
is right. It's from Shotacon Doujin
Junji Ito has nothing to do with this.

No. 858820

sage goes in the email field and no one needed you to reiterate that some idiot from a week ago was wrong about something

No. 858823

Pretty sure she also said the big plastic Greek columns she got a while back were for the "Victorian" set kek what a maroon

No. 858824

kek, anon…

No. 858830

"Staff" is a very weird term when it comes to Moo. Either way, the amount of time and money she's putting in this money pit for it to be a free studio for her and her friends is concerning. She still doesn't have a website and we still don't have official pricing. It's still not open to the public.

I will say this. Congrats on Moo having so much money and no direction in life that she can afford to throw away hundreds of thousands of dollars into this… kind of. The sheer panic she had when only fans made their announcement was funny. I guess this is her plan B

aka she went down to the goodwill

No. 858834

She sure is confident for someone who makes Nikicado Avocado's body look great in comparison. This whole saga and Moo has never been to an actual doctor

No. 858843

nta but it's more likely a Bugs Bunny reference than a mistake on anon's part

No. 858844

File: 1636148511138.jpg (211.28 KB, 720x1280, 20211105_163923.jpg)

Her lips are so botched that I honestly thought she was using one of those funny filters that expand features of your face. For the love of Christ Moo, get a lip lift and stop filling these bursting sausage lips.

Also can anyone decipher what the fuck she's trying to say?

No. 858845

File: 1636148550980.jpg (192.43 KB, 720x1280, 20211105_163944.jpg)


She uses a lot of words for the emptiness in her head

No. 858847

Careful, if Moo gets a liplift she'll wind up like PnP with that upturned nose and a massive set of stitches poorly healed underneath.

No. 858848

But she eats fish or?

No. 858849

Did she remember she's vegan? I mean… kinda late for that? She just ate a cheese burger the other day and steak???

No. 858850

File: 1636149241645.png (2.85 MB, 1242x2208, 7DD0287F-3F8A-425B-8668-238749…)

No. 858852

Who is she having this make-believe argument with? Follow up question: What the fuck even is the argument? That people eat different things and that's ok? Like, yeah, Moo, most people are aware of that.

No. 858853

I’m having an aneurism trying to make sense of these words shes mashing together.

No. 858855

Leave it to our cow to make eating deep without being vegan or giving a fuck about animals.

No. 858857


These have been deleted.

Same. I feel like she's either off her meds right now or on something. Unhinged

No. 858859

She basically said it was okay to eat dogs from what I gathered.

No. 858861

>cognitive thoughts
lmao ok moo

no but seriously im not sure why she's repeating vegan talking points when she was posting herself eating cheese only a few days ago. she eats fish and meat still, she hasn't been 'vegan' for months and to be honest i highly doubt she cares about animal welfare at all. she's friends with sniperwolf who made a whole response video to that vegan teacher defending her choice to eat meat.
actually yeah reading through this whole thing it sounds like she's saying we shouldn't judge other cultures for eating animals like dogs that we see as pets here? idfk

No. 858863

Did she get filler injected into her brain?

No. 858866

To me this is indirectly in defense of Trasha Paytas new controversies with her skinned rabbit table that she used real rabbit fur for no reason. The internet is up in arms about it cause she removed the video after admitting that she used real rabbit to make her awful “beetle juice inspired” table. Save for YT autism, but if I remember correctly Moo sucks Trashas botched tit for some reason.

No. 858867

Why does she think she’s so deep and woke. It’s just disturbing. She plays the tough girl who doesn’t care one minute then she’s back on some “birds eye view third eye” bs. No one looks up to you Moo we all laugh at you

No. 858874

Mariah just because you and your mom, dad or sister get on your case about not being a good enough vegan doesn't mean you need to dump on the rest of us how you really feel. You could've just told them?

No. 858882

I thought she's shaming the general population for judging cultures that eat domestic pets???
Did this bitch accidentally eat dog meat at a restaurant or some shit?

No. 858884

She's starting to sound more like Onision.

No. 858887

File: 1636175140469.png (3.86 MB, 1094x1800, 6B5E185B-85FB-4385-A067-3EABAE…)

Every set in that studio looks cheap and unstable. The “cyberpunk” closet gets worse every time she shows it off.

No. 858888

She's just sticking cables everywhere and calling it cyberpunk kek. That place is going to be a safety hazard, I guarantee it

No. 858891

There is absolutely no life behind those eyes, good god.

No. 858894

jesus what a cheap cunt.

No. 858895

The fluoride stare she always has. No life in her iris or pupils.
It’s Disturbing to me.

No. 858900

Someone's gonna get fried in that closet.

No. 858901

Cyberpunk set double as a LAN party/safety inspector's nightmare.

No. 858903

I might be crazy, but I feel like she just learned about the Trisha Paytas rabbit chair thing and calling herself vegan and eating only chicken skin and is trying to shoehorn in some stupid vague "don't shame people for how they eat animals". I don't know how she is making it about herself, but I get massive vibes of her dipping her toes into that drama without actually saying who these stories might be about.

No. 858904

That cyberpunk set is a massive safety code violation. Any electricition going in there would see the extra cables plugged in around the real braker box and see a fire code immediately. Moo is a fucking dumbass to be doing all of that around real facility wiring. Just because there is an outlet, Moo, doesn't mean you can use it to jack in as much as you want when you already have the rest of a building to keep running.

No. 858922


Lol I was saying this earlier IT. Some places are supposed to be utility for a reason and kept clean. If something happens (electrical fire or a need to shut breakers off) that’s gonna be a mess. And if something happens in that breaker box itself? Also at least the library set such as it is looks like she hired an actual carpenter. So at least someone is making some money. Feel bad he has to listen to her voice though.

No. 858926

This studio dream of hers is a hot mess. Listen, nonnies if you ever get in a relationship with a guy that dreams and throws money around like this just dump him before you’re in debt supporting his ass.

No. 858964

she has made no real income from this place. She has no real pay roll. She's paying people from her only fans income. She knows only fans wont be around forever, but she thinks this studio is whats going to save her lifestyle.
But she's delusional if she thinks this money pit will ever make a profit. More so if she thinks this will pay for the life style she's use you

No. 858965

If her OF money dries up, there is no way she’s going to be able to afford rent and upkeep with this place. She can also kiss her impromptu vacations and lifestyle goodbye as she will actually be forced to work if she wants to make this successful (it won’t be successful for a multitude of reasons tbh). And seeing how Moo is deathly allergic to work of any kind, this place it going to fail spectacularly.

No. 858976

File: 1636249069428.png (3.22 MB, 1242x2208, 8675EDFB-B1A6-4D98-A3BF-77A71C…)

No. 858977

>what society is becoming
how the fuck is this fat bitch about to get on this subject while literally being an onlyfans e-whore. Sad! The downfall is already horrible I can attest as I've seen your cellulite covered ass more times than I'd like

No. 858978

Isn't this the same bitch who was threatening to shoot people up and show them how Muslim she really is and threw a bunch of racial slurs? Also the same person who constantly makes fun of victims of sexual abuse?

Moo's woke phases are more annoying than her bad bitch ones.

No. 858979

And I think it's disgusting you never apologized for molesting people. Or stealing donated money. Or destroying people's costumes.

No. 858981

Threatening legal action to everyone she surrounds herself with irl is also a little funny.
NDA/Sue everyone Mariah! Ur friends definitely don’t hate you!

No. 858982

The only downfall to our society is people like you, Moo. She is beyond delusional, not sure there's a word for her anymore. She really thinks reading a couple of $5 therapy books fixed all her wrong-doings huh?

No. 858984


She has zero contribution to society. Her job only benefits herself and she does nothing with the mounds of money she makes but get dozens of plastic surgery to make more money to take vacations, eat expensive food, collect figures, buy expensive luxury brands and two brand new cars and god knows what else. Last person on this earth to discuss the good of society.

No. 858986

Says the same person who posted about how she supported literal terrorists and makes jokes about how she molested people. And didn't she pocket the money she "fundraised" for the Las Vegas shooting?
There aren't that many details even out about the event other than people panicked. There isn't even any info on how the people who died actually died. Her claim that this is somehow going to lead to the end of society is laughable.

No. 858988

Well as for the Vegas shooting donos- she raised the money and only after a few months did she actually do anything with it- after being badgered for proof iirc. I know she didn’t post receipts I think until December/January

No. 858989

>please open your eyes to what society is becoming
Bitch have you ever heard of Altamont? Or for that matter the Shakespeare Riots of 1849 that killed 22 people?

No. 858990

She shouldn't be talking about "what society is becoming" when she makes large contributions to the problems society faces. Moo just because you quote wisdom doesn't mean you use it.

No. 858991

it was the same for the bee charity. She pocketed the cash. And the wolf sanctuary. The first donation she used to buy her first designer kitten. She only donated the second time then harassed the sanctuary for a year before they told her to fuck off.

No. 858992

for context she thought by calling the owner her "friend" she could go over there whenever she wanted and treated the wolves like house dogs to pet and manhandled. She over stepped by bringing her sick kitten to their vet.

No. 858999

Like a lot of the woke crowd she really just gets off on scolding others. I love how every once in a while she’ll read a couple soundbites about random ass issues just so she can turn around and tell people how to behave. While being too dumb to know how uneducated she sounds.

No. 859004

it wouldn't even be expensive to make little props covered in LEDs what is she thinking?

No. 859007

I would love to hear her expand upon the direction she thinks things are going socially just so she can try to explain how she’s not a part of the degradation as well

No. 859033

This is pretty funny coming from the girl that told someone to drink bleach because they didn't think some of her photos were attractive.

No. 859034

I forgot, was the bleach before or after she got directions to exactly which building she was going to meet someone at to jump another student at the college?

No. 859037

File: 1636336413382.jpg (1.38 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20211107-175146_Ins…)

How's that reading healthy going, Moo? Sushi would've been a meal but gotta add that sandwich in too. Even made sure to get the large combo too.

No. 859039

That’s a huge bag for just sushi and a sandwich. You just know she has a sugary drink and chips too.

No. 859044

No no, this totally follows Moo’s ‘Rules of “Weight Loss”’ - it’s from Whole Foods, so it’s healthy, so the calories vanish into thin air, instead of depositing on her freakishly misshapen lumpy mess of a body! Just like the coconut Genius Smoothie! Mariah’s so smart, she’s like, totally a profesh bodybuilder, yo.

No. 859045

clearly the sushi and sandwich are the appetizers. The real meal is whatever shes hiding in the bag

No. 859051

It’s probably an entire rotisserie chicken all to herself.

No. 859056

File: 1636363249693.png (2.62 MB, 1800x1097, 6F556A10-4365-44AD-9132-B55171…)

>condemns Astroworld, immediately goes to a crowded birthday party/concert the following night.

No. 859060


Reach, no one got trampled to death at wherever moo is at.

No. 859063

Good. That means that she sat down the whole time.

No. 859065

Is there proof for that about the kitten or just speculation? I remember her getting the cat around that time but not discussion of her using the charity money for it

No. 859070

a la amberlynn

No. 859080

Moo's opinions are really based on who has it. If she hates someone, she will have the opposite. Because SSSniper wolf is there she just changed her mind. Don't wanna piss off the person she's currently skin walking

No. 859085

File: 1636399194112.jpeg (1.81 MB, 1242x2040, 336D430F-4424-43C7-A5E6-4060D0…)

I don’t know why Moo always insists on wearing a rats nest wig when the character’s hair isn’t that messed up and matted. I know she’s lazy but come on.

No. 859086

File: 1636399380841.jpeg (378.03 KB, 1242x796, CDF67DF1-CBE2-42D9-B991-0764EF…)

She took credit for making the hat… where all she did was tie wind chimes to it. Such a master craftsman guys.

No. 859087

File: 1636400675362.jpeg (570.13 KB, 750x1214, F57D248A-0B07-414F-96E3-BDD4A5…)

Uncanny valley
Ur looking less human daily mariah.

No. 859088

someone asks for a tutorial on how she made a woven hat and wind chimes. Instantly blocks the person who asks.
Or she can get ballsy and make a video of her super gluing that shit on a hat

No. 859089

Omg that upper lip

No. 859090

Real question… why did Moo put concealer on her over inflated lips? Usually people who get injections done get somewhat decent with applying lip sticks and liners. No one can tell me this is cosplay make up.

No. 859102

File: 1636406478246.png (2.4 MB, 1242x2208, 015FAC9F-8A84-41B9-8D0F-F73BB8…)

Did you reward yourself with another Whole Foods feast right after?

No. 859103

File: 1636406570882.png (3.2 MB, 1242x2208, 2CD3600F-E8B4-4778-BCC9-19BD85…)

30k well spent lol

No. 859106

i thought other anons were exaggerating how busted her nose is now but oh my god

No. 859107

honestly I don't think her "trainer" gives a fuck. I'm sure he saw all the food Moo was shoveling down her gullet and he told her "Just name drop my insta and you can be as fat as you want to be"

Though the guy is a dumbass. How is it going to look to have a client who gains 50 pounds under his training?

No. 859108

This is going to be a weird phrase but "nose plates" and "Dragon snout" is all I can think of. Unedited it's so oddly shaped and looks like she's growing a horn on the top of it.

With her fursuit like legs, cold lifeless eyes and fake everything she can come out as a lizard person and no one would be shocked

No. 859109

It's like her nose is made of clay and someone used a really sharp ceramic scoop to create her nostrils. Vamp just did a whole year's recovery post about her nose. I bet Moo is hoping hers will look different, but I'm pretty sure this upturned, botched Micheal Jackson look, is how the year end heal will be.

No. 859115

Nice filler moustache moo, did you get that for free with your regular top-up?

No. 859121

It looks like her lips are pulling at the philtrum skin which is what’s(also) causing her nose to look like….that. I might be in the minority but her lips are worse looking than her nose.

No. 859122

Cause it’s her version of “male” makeup. No contouring, no actual masc makeup work just hiding her lips lol

No. 859123

It's still in it's healing phase so it's bloated and still swollen. Fucking KEK. I can't for that to get worse.

No. 859124

"Male" make up but she still covered her eyes in black liner and giant lashes? Leave it to Moo to fail on multiple levels

No. 859125

File: 1636418347047.png (1.69 MB, 1043x1800, 135E78A5-B004-4B5A-8A58-FC2CB4…)

Here we go again.

No. 859126

File: 1636418401802.png (1.26 MB, 1242x2208, 79A2C573-B25A-4170-8D80-93BE96…)


No. 859127

Can't believe this bitch is trying to take the moral high ground when she's done bad things too.

No. 859128

People really need to remind her of the pages of shit she has done.

No. 859130

Beginner's male cosplay makeup tutorials that are from the same era as Moo's normal cosplay makeup (like late 00's early 10's) have always used concealer to cover the lips to look animu.

No. 859133

At first glance it looks like she’s placing her hands on her pregnant belly

No. 859134

Not trying to WK moo, but there's a difference between groping some randos at an anime convention and literally doing nothing while you watch people die at an event you're in charge of. Both are wrong and warrant jail time, but one is significantly more sadistic.

Like the way she's talking about it is tasteless and spergy, but a broken clock is right twice a day. Travis Scott is a psychopath, and he's encouraged stampedes at his shows before. He 100% invited this shit and I doubt he cares that people died, though I bet he likes the media attention.

No. 859136

Fucking kek

No. 859137

Not to sperg about this but how the fuck is this shit his fault? He's the performer not security.

No. 859138

Yall chill out travis is evil so let Mariah h e this one and tell her to repent like everyone else should.

No. 859140

Sage your shit

Apparently the festival organizers/promoters (Live Nation) have a history of shitty conduct and tons of lawsuits so it’s not like it’s just this rappers fault but Mariah doesn’t do any research on her own and only parrots what her friends/family/Tiktok tells her. Like her sperging about Hamas and Israel, she wouldn’t have known unless her mom gave her the gist of it. Bitch only watches anime so I can’t really expect her to watch the news.

No. 859141

There was an ambulance in plain view in the crowd and he continued performing without even mentioning it it, for starters. It's likely he incited the stampede in the first place.

No. 859142

File: 1636444323182.jpg (398.04 KB, 1280x1600, tumblr_4f87d9572444f5078fb3b51…)

Ngl, had to google the character, she looks nothing like him. This just looks like her regular makeup with some foundation over her lips? At the very least she could have tried to do the eyebrows and hair like picrel. It's not even recognizable as hotaru

No. 859143

But … but … she made the hat. This is top-tier cosplay.

No. 859144

Kek. Is she suddenly jumping in on the satanic panic? Is she now Christian again? This shit is like when boomers lose their shit over qanon and think there’s some paranormal higher level thinking when it’s just awful people being awful.

No. 859145

File: 1636450075080.jpg (85.11 KB, 1200x675, mask.jpg)

anon, shes clearly cosplaying the masked version

No. 859146

Why does she even try to cosplay male characters? She literally sells her body with the fantasy of having big tits and being into the scrote who pays for her dumb videos, she should’ve just done some “sexy ugly mask guy from overrated anime” cosplay instead, it would make more sense.

No. 859147

Mariah is right ab Travis, but it is ironic how she’s taking this “anti evil” Christian standpoint when she is the poster girl for all 7 of the deadly sins. Especially gluttony.
It’s the Spider-Man pointing at Spider-Man meme.

No. 859150

She's trying to do it because Vamps is successful at it now. She literally cannot have anyone in her inner or outer circle having something to one-up her on. Are we gonna see a half-assed attempted androgynous saga? Being andro myself I'd love to fucking see it.

It's one thing to believe in something and another to post disturbing vids of it. This reminds me of the pics she posted of what was it, burnt kangaroos from the fires in Australia? The vids she reposted have some unconcious people being dropped and convulsing. She trashes Travis like she any sort of empathy.

No. 859153

File: 1636471618165.jpeg (1.47 MB, 1242x1848, 0C75458F-2FE3-4F2C-B94F-60302C…)

Definitely recommend watching this whole video she posted. It gives off the same vibes as those illuminati theory videos from a decade ago.

Haven't seen this posted yet, is this a new gecko or an old one? The way she phrases it sounds like she just got it. Also, no Mariah, that gecko is not chunky.

No. 859154

New, it's guaranteed the rest are dead. She did some backreading on her threads as usual.

No. 859157

Who does she think she’s fooling? We all know she’s reading her threads. Is this a way to impress anons?

No. 859158

all of these “it’s the demons/Illuminati” theories about a fatal crowd crush, a thing that happens every few years somewhere in the world, and the explanation is always the same—the venue doesn’t care about the safety of the customers, they just want to make as much money as possible by packing them in

No. 859162

It's funnier because before her cosplay career took off she wore gold crosses and was boasting about how Italian and Christian she was. And seeing how she and her family don't celebrate any Muslim holidays and celebrate Christmas… yeah.

I'm guessing her move will be "Guys I'm mixed lol. I told you guys before. So yes, I do have a say in this conversation. In fact I was so good I was a priest at my church!"

No. 859163

def new. she didn't own a gecko of this color before. Anons are right, the others probably died and Moo being bored was thinking "Let me get another animal to take a quick pic of and neglect until it dies"
I think it's easier to do this to reptiles since she doesn't see them as real pets. Wont forget the time she squashed a lizard in her home and took a picture like she was proud.

No. 859165

Are the snakes also dead?

No. 859167

snakes can sadly survive a long time when being neglected. We are either going to see a new snake (since she reads her threads) or a snake in pretty poor health

No. 859169

Thanks, just wondering as a snake owner and realized that we haven't seen them for a long time. I guess they'll make an appearance once she reads this, the cow.

No. 859170

A lot of people are referring to travis as sadistic (rightfully so), which people seem to keep conflating with 'satanist'. They are not the same thing. Even if people are calling him a satanist, they definitely exist, so i'm not sure why people are acting like they don't. Also, I heard the area was zoned correctly (meaning it could've held at least 2x the amount of people that were there). Not sure though, that's just what I heard.

No. 859171

moo is too busy causing an electrical fire to go out and buy healthy snakes right now, anon.

No. 859173

Yall some sinners too why focus on mariah and not your own

No. 859174

say that to my face in church

No. 859175

Bc we aren’t posting for “millions” of followers to see while simultaneously taking part of the degeneration of society and taking advantage of an industry of depravity and addiction. Mariah is the pot calling the kettle black.

No. 859176

Uh oh. We got holy moo coming to condemn us.

No. 859177

Nah, people are straight up thinking he’s satanic and was doing rituals on stage. They think he’s sadistic AND satanic and doing the devils work. KEK

No. 859180

-Revelation 21:8

No. 859183

Fucking kek

No. 859188

Inb4 it gets eaten by one of her six cats

Also what's this about Moo having geckos and snakes before? I've been reading these threads for years and I don't remember that.

No. 859189

File: 1636548439824.jpg (725.14 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20211110-064704_Ins…)

"We are also absolutely fucking illiterate!"

No. 859193

3/10 maybe in the dark

No. 859205

She bought them when Kevin (Weebking not adolaskye) was living with her. She was wooing him super hard and they pretty much vanished from her stories when he fucked off again.

No. 859209

That's also not even the word she wanted she wanted to use. Her company is ran by this air purifier? It's probably more qualified than she is.

No. 859215

I think what's she's really saying is that basically you shouldn't find an animal to be sacred since some other cultures will still eat them. It actually makes the fact she's basically turning into an animal hoarder all the more disgusting.

No. 859217

this screams "I never gave a fuck about covid but now I have an excuse to not follow guide lines if someone calls me out"

No. 859218

I would never trust someone who can't even wipe there flap butt properly to have proper cleaning equip for a fucking pandemic virus. God knows she didn't sanitize that gym equip during her nasty porn shoot at "Peachy Collective".

No. 859219

File: 1636576539408.png (2.47 MB, 1242x2208, 9E38EC66-BE98-4017-9C46-9A9427…)

She’s incapable of coming up with any convincing lies

No. 859220

File: 1636576950904.png (4.07 MB, 1800x1078, 2A169735-288A-4739-934E-B151E5…)

It’s honestly mind boggling to think about all the money wasted here. This place hasn’t even opened to the public and she’s already redoing the dressing room when it was already finished. That library looks like it cost a lot to build but at the same time feels cheap af.
Is the “storage room” another set?

No. 859221

Take the filter off Moo
She's as bad as those Chinese streamers

it's a theory she's fucking the carpenter since she was looking for one on her dating profile page and one just so happened to show up when she needed him

No. 859222

Especially when it isn't true and you're still eating triple the calories necessary per day, right Mariah?

No. 859228

Wood is insanely expensive as is freight right now. I know everyone says she’s rich and all but with how little she’s producing for her onlyfans there’s no way she’s making more than she’s spending these last few months.

No. 859229

That's why she used cheap ass Plywood for that set. It looks so bad but she definitely used the cheapest wood there is. I'm surprised she's wasting more money doing shit like raising the counters? Like why?

This thing just keeps getting worse and worse.

No. 859230

Maybe she’s eating her snakes and lizards. That’s why they’re never shown anymore.

No. 859232

Well she has on many accounts shown an appetite for “whole” foods.

No. 859234

Oh that would explain her rant about eating pet animals. A crazy tinfoil but that’d be something lol.

No. 859238

It was about her idol, Trisha.

No. 859244

“Oh my God, I neglected my lizards to death! Eh, waste not want not, let’s cook it, lots of cultures do.” Cue weird Instagram sperg. (I’m only half-joking…)

No. 859255

"Shoved figs and wholes branches of thym up my former pet's behind! It was cooked to perfection, my family and I ate it so fast I didn't take a picture!"

No. 859260

All the wood being so close in colour makes the library set look cheap af. Moo really has no taste.

No. 859293

The floor and walls in that “library” set clash and it’s so mismatched. I hate it.

No. 859299

I find this funny because didn't she shit on Trisha for bullshitting her weight loss this year?
Or is Moo going full delusional since this is the year she hit the big 300?

No. 859302

File: 1636690555567.jpeg (748.01 KB, 828x1358, 7836C519-FDA2-4080-8B62-3AB29A…)

holy shit

No. 859304

Mcnuggies meme

No. 859305

File: 1636691235843.jpg (647.54 KB, 520x922, EtUdgOf.jpg)

deflated flapjacks

No. 859306

Looks like Moo found a new app to abuse and max out. Welp, whatever fantasy that keeps her from offing herself I guess.

No. 859307

also just fucking noticed how haggard her side profile looks here jesus

No. 859308

Someone come get their 56 year old mom of three in Jesus sandals out of here.
I'd love whatever weed she's on cause it made her delusional enough to post these. Fake it 'til you can pay for it, I guess.

No. 859310

File: 1636700885018.png (3.99 MB, 1800x1549, 9BF76FA7-4D11-40EB-9F5E-76983E…)

So flat and yet so wide.

No. 859312

$30K nose job, or bad face transplant after having her face ripped off by a chimp? You decide!

No. 859316

man, that nose is busted
why not both?

No. 859321

these fats always feel like hot shit in leggings like we don’t know it’s a wobbly cottage cheese mess underneath. you don’t get to this size with your muscle tone and skin texture intact, you just don’t.

No. 859325

Moo must be so relieved that high-rise leggings/jeans/pants have been fashionable this whole time; fatties think it hides their gunts and fupas, but like Mariah here, it actually emphasises that there are rolls upon rolls underneath, just aching to burst out.

No. 859326

she also wears baggy shit even though baggy clothes make your body shape more obvious.

No. 859330

The anon that said she has fursuit legs… can’t unsee.

No. 859335

File: 1636762037522.png (2.21 MB, 1800x1015, C137EE99-9305-4DB4-B024-48B27A…)

A scam artist calling out other scams, lol ok

No. 859336

File: 1636767516083.png (Spoiler Image, 2.46 MB, 996x1800, 65D6A194-DB29-42B4-B942-FE6E35…)

The all white ensemble really highlight the stained asscrack and inflamed tits.

No. 859337

why can she not fucking spell therapy

No. 859344

Because she’s illiterate. It’s funny how she wants people to believe she goes to therapy but she can’t even spell it.

No. 859347

>Trust me!

No. 859354


Not her calling people lazy for wanting operations. If people are lazy for wanting one, what does that make you that’s gotten a dozen plus!??!

No. 859355


The amount of photoshop and the weight the photographer edits off of you is a scam. Not to mention the actual scams you pulled off by telling people you would do one thing and then not after getting their money - fundraising for donations, Patreon fulfillment,

No. 859357

she finally found a group she’s smarter than and it’s the kind of people who think those 3d animations on ig are actually real.

the lengths people will go to to avoid walking and lifting a fucking weight.

No. 859359

Holy shit why would you not colour correct the shitstain and tit rash before putting these out?! This is embarrassing.

No. 859364

Kinda believe her when she says she wants to chop her tits off when she treats them like this.

No. 859366

Her excuse for as ass is tragic looking

No. 859374

Why tf are her tits pink is that photoshopped? Are they rlly pink like that wtf??

No. 859377

This is hilarious because it also confirms she lurks here even more. It also shows she's been shopping around for a BBL.

No. 859384

she will blow that out so quick. i hope she gets one.

No. 859385

Each time Moo does the pose on top pic I'm always in awe of how it emphasizes her lack of ass, it's like a playdough person just folded over.

No. 859388

She should check for breast cancer, I don't think it's normal for you tit to be all red

No. 859398

Not only is her facy top notch uncanny valley, above all, she looks incredibly sad in the photos.
Has she recently looked at good modelling or cosplay photos at all? Her sets are neither sexy nor uplifting in any way.
I feel as if I'm looking at a trafficing victim who's forced to do photo shoots and tries her best in order to not get beat up afterwards.
It's really terrifying.

No. 859400


Seconded, that top picture looks so sad and uncomfortable, like not just awkward.

How do you look at that and not think she is miserable?

No. 859408

Lala tail & Albedo horns? I assume the wig is also recycled from what Zelda/hotd/higurashi?? OCs are just what she had laying around ig

No. 859415

Agreed. She’s botched and disfigured eitherway, at least she could change her expression and smile a bit on some photos.

No. 859416

This scans that she's too scared to go through with it or she has been focusing on pretending how much she works out and will pull a bishoujomok, disappear for 2 months, and suddenly lipo with BBL and tit implants. Moo tries the long con stuff like this all the time like with her lipo. She thinks being honest about what she's had done in the past means everyone will believe her

No. 859427

She already said she plans to get her tits done next year and is "training" before so you know they're going to do some other shit while she's under. But a Bbl is unlikely while she's healing from breast procedures. It's in the OP and last thread.

No. 859429

except she isn't honest. She will tell the world she only had lipo three times. Then says her appearance is because she is an ex Olympic power lifter. She will also boast about how natural she looks, using wording to trick people. She had so many procedures we all lost count and I'm sure so did Moo

No. 859442

The problem with this line of thought is that she will tell you she’s living her bestest lief evar! And then go eat all the ice cream. And really who gives a fuck if she’s sad or looks it? She’s a proven piece of shit who wouldn’t think twice about stepping on someone to get where she wants to be (the ice cream aisle mostly). If she looks sad all the time good.

No. 859443

Doctors do do both procedures at the same time with waiver consent. Its not unprecedented to think she do both and a round of lipo

No. 859448

Are you the same idiot who keeps insisting she's getting both? Just because it's possible doesn't mean she'll do it. Some $5 prostitute doing both doesn't mean it's common. Moo is stupid but she's not going to put herself out of commission for weeks unable to sit or lie down after her tits get butchered no matter how many pain killers she's on.

No. 859451

Did she forget she got these types of procedures by another spa some time ago? And was going to do a collab video with them? Buyer's remorse

No. 859458

It's a trope in hentai, anon (japanese porn too). Scrotes like it it when women are so "horny" they look sad and cry out. It's her attempt at looking so horny she's embarassed .

No. 859462

Is it the Melony wig, maybe?

No. 859464

melony had the parting a bit to the left side so no, she made maddie slave this one away

No. 859483

Moo looks more like Hide the Pain Harold (only more miserable) than an overwhelmingly horny anime girl. She fails again.

No. 859489


If she has enough awareness to make hentai-sexy facial expressions why she can't pull off a single normie-sexy facial expression?

No. 859503

File: 1636941591652.png (2.02 MB, 1242x2208, C957E4EC-705E-4F4E-86F6-2840AE…)

Incoming “sexy Gollum” cosplay? Or better yet, Shelob.

No. 859520

More like sheblob, amiright? I'll see myself out.

No. 859526

AYRT Damn, that expression doesn't come across as such at all.
Maybe I just don't belong to her target group, but I find her facial expressions rather off-putting. Maybe it would suit her to genuinely smile and be happy in some of the photos or sets.

No. 859528

she's not doing anything like that in those pics. it's just generic bedroom eyes, but moos bedroom eyes are not sexy because she looks like a shadman character.

No. 859532

File: 1636994549736.jpg (234.09 KB, 319x718, 6teeJA9.jpg)

Hanging out with byndogehk

No. 859537

Every thot that interacts with her, anons take notice and so does the community.

No. 859539

Moo's "friendships" are money based. If she was just creepy and not rich no one would give a shit about her.

No. 859541

File: 1637002947957.png (3.35 MB, 1242x2208, 2F1B5CEF-AF3D-4C0F-9C59-B7C3F8…)

Gotta love when her own acquaintances out her like this with unfiltered video.

No. 859542

monthly lipo and cool sculpting and she's still that huge. If she doesn't want to diet and exercise she should just have a machine sucking the fat out 24/7

No. 859543

You can still see how lumpy she is despite it being compression pants. Instead of 300 pounds she looks to be down to 260. But that's all thanks to lipo

No. 859548

Goddamn, those lumpy Italian genetics do NOT play around no matter how much lipo she gets. It's almost impressive how her enormous thighs are inverting her ass.

No. 859552

The way she wears those pants over the heels just drives me up the wall.

No. 859553

How is her thigh thicker than her buttcheek wtf she has a fat roll on the back of her thigh instead of an ass. >>859532 her legs are thicker than her ass and hips from all angles. She literally doesn't have an ass. How is this even possible?

No. 859554

I will never get over her lack of ass. She's over 250 pounds and still has chronic old man frog butt lol

No. 859556

Now that anons are ripping about her weight she's going to come back with fake numbers
"Ummmn excuse you haters! I'm only 200 pounds! Not 300! I'm a sexy boss babe and I don't use filters!"

No. 859562

it’s the inside of the knee fat roll for me

No. 859568

>is a beast
Yes, yes she is.
Also with all the plastic surgeries she's been doing and considering one would think she would have done a Brazilian butt lift. There's so much fat lipoed away anyway, could've injected them into her butt. Is she really delusional enough to believe her thighs are her ass?

No. 859573

File: 1637023663584.jpeg (85.79 KB, 750x1000, 92936A64-105C-47D5-9A78-D9EB81…)

Yikes. Her legs look backwards. Renegade angel looking ass.

No. 859590

Is… is she trying to come across like 'only TRUE nerds will get this teeheehee!' to one of the world's most popular and recognisable movie franchises?

No. 859591

Byndo must have some low standards as to who she's hanging out with I guess.

No. 859596

I think Ungoliant fits her better since she’s eventually going to keep eating herself to death lmfao. Yeah.

Now watch her buy a copy of the silmarillion and humbrag about how she totally read it and comprehended it for nerd points.

No. 859601

Damn i must be totally out of the loop since I don’t even know who this chick is. Im assuming someone with a decent following moo is trying to pay off to be her new friend

No. 859602

They do though. Why are you mad?

No. 859603

She's trying to get a new squad. She does this every year so they can keep her safe during cons.

No. 859613

File: 1637086382087.png (178.79 KB, 343x608, Screenshot 2021-11-16 18.12.32…)

Did she get the filler dissolved again? or is it just the angle looking less like sausages?

No. 859617

File: 1637092241513.jpeg (418.37 KB, 1170x766, 1017B91F-D137-47CC-AD37-ADCECD…)

Just another example of Moo not knowing how to pose after so many years lol

No. 859628

It looks so much like a stub

No. 859631

she looks like shes in absolute agony
and why does her crotch look all blurred

No. 859637

She's straight up grimacing. I think the blurr is just the shading of the spandex being blown out 200% it's intended size.

No. 859638

They really tried to give moo a waist smaller than the other botched thot

No. 859642

File: 1637109181242.png (4.26 MB, 1242x2208, AB2FD9E3-9DBF-473D-93AB-AC924A…)

More money blown on products she’ll never use.

No. 859643