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File: 1604461246495.jpg (57.79 KB, 275x275, thats a Wide Ass Person.jpg)

No. 803401

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>797033

Website: momokun.co (new), https://momokuncosplay.com (old)
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, btsmomokun (used to be xmariahmalladx), theragdollranch (used to be mariahthecatlady, momoscats), momokun.co
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@momokun.co
Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile
Pornhub: https://www.pornhub.com/users/mariahmallad
OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/momokun
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/user/momokuncosplay
Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/Momokun_MariahMallad


Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/w/92925
General Costhot/Cosplayer thread over here >>>/w/88208
Don't post irrelevant random cosplayers "roasting" her on Twitter unless there's actual new milk attached. We've seen it a million times by now.
Nitpicking (and specifically titpicking), armchair analysis/diagnosis, cat sperging and blog posting are against the rules.
Asking if we have media links to her content is also not cash money. Stop.
And yes, we know about the Kik for Fat ad.

>Announces 3 OF videos including a squirting video, with the usual “i'm so nervous but this was so fun uwu.”
>First vid is 30$ just to see her rubbing herself.
>Squirting vid costs 80$ for a few minutes of Moo clawing the inside of her vag, laughing and saying “oh my god!” as she squirts on her floor and mirror. Anons notice what looks like blood on one of her pointy fake nails as she pulls her fingers out of herself.
>Dildo riding is 45$ to see Moo flapping on top of a torso. Most of the video is a shaky mess as she holds her phone in her hand and stares at herself on the screen.
>Posting a lot on TikTok and joining in on trends, such as buying the strawberry dress and struggling to do the WAP dance. Occasionally deletes or restricts comments.
>Controversy about her cosplaying Nezuko, an underage anime character. People on TikTok making videos and posting comments calling Moo out for sexualizing a minor.
>Went to a cabin for a Legend of Zelda photoshoot with 2 other costhots. Made an OF post claiming “some heavy girl x girl content coming soon.”
>Computer breaks, immediately goes out to buy a gaming laptop (to play Among Us) instead of some quick google searches or going to a repair shop. A few days later, it appears that she bought a new premade PC from Costco.
>Says she’ll be moving around the end of the year, posts photo of a basic cookie cutter house under construction.
>Did a clown photo/video shoot as part of Umbran’s “OC clownsonas”. Moo’s clown is supposed to represent anger but she’s smiling or acting awkward in most of it.
>Green orc cosplay which actually suits her well, sizewise. Might be hopping onto DnD hype train.
>Other cosplays included Bloodborne Firekeeper, Mt Lady from MHA, Mio from Dororo, Yumeko from Kakegurui, Shizuka from HSOTD, a succubus, and a plague doctor. As usual they all had some combination of ill-fitting clothes, poorly applied makeup and heavy eyelashes, a bad wig and blurring/editing in the photos.
>Says she's voting on election day, doesn't trust mail-in voting and couldn't vote early cause "no time. Was working everyday." Posts a screenshot of her calendar which includes appointments for lashes, therapy, and a party.

No. 803414

She’s been oddly silent. No obnoxious selfies and IG stories yesterday from the polling place to flex on the haters. Guess it’ll be safe to assume that Moo didn’t register and vote.

No. 803415

>>803414 Can't you see who's registered to vote online? Like it's public record or something? I think they just looked it up in the Ariana McMillan thread and some other cows who have been suspected of lying about being registered. But idk how to check in Nevada, nor do I know enough of Moo's info to fill out whatever forms necessary to look her up.

No. 803416

I think someone looked her up earlier today and it said she wasn’t registered.

No. 803441

Speculation but Vamps got a nose job. Maybe she's actually taking care of someone for once

No. 803443

I think if Moo was taking care of Vamps she'd be posting about it at least a little bit, something to indicate she's with her. we know she's incapable of doing anything for anyone else without letting people know about it.

No. 803448

Oh she’d be bragging about how caring and good friend she is if she was taking care of her lol.
Yeah i think someone posted about it how Moo wasn’t registered.

No. 803464

File: 1604508300704.png (239.13 KB, 1686x1028, 1604366713773.png)

Repost from last thread, not my ss but yes, someone did look it up and Mariah is the only one of her family that wasn't registered.

No. 803465

I think they're 'friends' in the sense both know too much about each other and remain on semi friendly terms as result. But actually being around each other for extended periods probably is out of the question. Besides Moo already showed how 'busy' she is.

No. 803473

Nevada is one of the few states that allow registration on Election Day at the polling station which is why I asked if it was updated. Since she was silent all day, I’m going to assume she did nothing.

No. 803503

File: 1604523572964.png (817.27 KB, 1172x749, 1920470329857.png)

This seems like a patronizing comment from Moo.

No. 803519

how long till moo botches her nose too?

No. 803522

I was thinking the same. She’s probably waiting to see the results from this quack on Vamps nose and she’ll jump in to fix her own bulbous schnoz just to flex.

No. 803524

He's more known for boob jobs and I feel like she'd go for that before a nose job like how she 'owned' us with her fantastic lip fillers.

No. 803531

She’s already doing a lot of editing on her nose though, she can pass saggy tits but she save time by getting a nose job. Plus none of her friends have big tits, she’s gonna want to have what they have. Or maybe she’ll get that bbl first. Does this guy do those?

No. 803532

doesn't seem like he does noses but he took the knife to vamps, so who nose? lol

No. 803540

File: 1604534534522.jpg (350.08 KB, 1080x1729, Screenshot_20201104-155832_Chr…)

No. 803541

File: 1604534849582.jpg (402.86 KB, 1080x1911, IMG_20201104_210655.jpg)

No. 803542

>cheeseburger champion
All I can think is she's getting a burger to go along with her cheese rose

No. 803543

Is that her legal name?

No. 803546

Pretty sure it is. I also checked with just her last name and the same 3 that came up yesterday are the same that come up today.

She didnt vote. And with Nevada so close, I'm judging her more heavily for that than most of the shit she's done (close second next to her groping/and excuse drama).

No. 803547

I was about to say. How dare she not vote considering its all come down to her state

No. 803548

This is going to look even worse.

No. 803549

NTA but do you guys really want to encourage a complete tard like Mariah to vote? I mean does she actually have any political opinions of her own or does she just say shit to seem "woke" or whatever

No. 803550

File: 1604538415610.jpg (1.16 MB, 1164x751, 2dHcNWY.jpg)

are the mean 14 year olds on tiktok getting to you Mariah?

No. 803551

It doesn't matter what her political opinions are. In such a politically charged time as now, not voting is almost worse than voting trump. For someone like mariah who likes to jump onto trending topics for clout, it looks especially bad because it shows she can't or doesn't back up her words with her actions and that she's full of shit.

If Trump takes Nevada, people will absolutely come down on her for not voting (even if she were to vote trump, which would be hilarious considering her family all registered as dems). It's about the principle.

No. 803558

Exactly. And honestly, I’m hoping the person that called her on not voting early sees that she flat out lied to them about going in on Election Day because she “didn’t trust mail in ballots”. Which I’m sure is some bullshit Kevin fed her because Moo is incapable of forming her own opinions. Gotta say though, she really missed an easy opportunity to stick it to her “haters” but I guess sitting on her ass playing Among Us with her equally idiotic friends was worth more than voting in an incredibly important election. Ffs Mariah, you’re pathetic.

No. 803562

File: 1604541959588.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1242x1675, 59B31B3A-0483-4212-9009-B65E4F…)

Bruh he left her nostrils massive.

No. 803564

Maybe it's because I'm not American but omg you guys need to calm down. I'm more annoyed by her blatant lies than the fact she didn't vote. This is like an episode of South Park were Stan is forced to vote between a douche and a turd sandwich lol. Other than the fact that she's a liar, why do y'all care so much that she didn't choose between the red piece of shit or the blue piece of shit? Both are shit.

No. 803565


This is the same person that said she’d wear a hijab to Trump rallies and posted a cosplay picture to “defend her city” during whatever attacks happened at that time.

No. 803566

Plastic surgeons typically can’t do anything about the nostrils if they are naturally big they stay that way.

No. 803567

Because it's just another example of her being selfish, lazy, narcissistic,and also another example of her point blank being a liar with receipts.

And you bet if she did vote, she'd be shaming everyone that didnt and virtue signaling all over the place.

No. 803568

She's a stupid contrarian and lives to rile people up. I don't believe she thinks deeply enough about these things as an adult and just does whatever suits her at the time. That said, it's really funny that she's going on with her fake positivity because she's being bullied on tiktok instead of doing her civil duty at a time like this. Priorities.

No. 803569

I’ve seen PSs make smaller nostrils. dr Ghavami does it often. But it may cost more, idk. It’s just weird to see big nostrils and a small slope nose

No. 803570

In the calves thread one of her nostrils are actually way smaller than the other. It was wild seeing it

No. 803571

I mean, yeah, it's because you're not American. This was probably one of the most divisive elections we'll ever see in this country. It says a lot about her that she wouldn't bother when so much is as stake.(political derailing)

No. 803576

It’s probably because you aren’t American. Voting is a huge fucking deal right now, you can’t even watch a YouTube video without being bombarded with like 3 different ads saying “MAKE SURE YOU VOTE OR ALL YOUR FRIENDS AND FAMILY WILL SEE THAT YOU DIDN'T”.
Not to mention the fact that she’s constantly virtue signaling and acting “woke” yet can’t even do something as basic as voting.
Especially since Nevada is one of the deciding states right now.(political derailing)

No. 803577


>It says a lot about her that she wouldn't bother when so much is as stake.

Oh, wow, she didn't vote for either generic rich white boomer male A or generic rich white boomer male B? Whatever will she do? C'mon now, didn't you get the memo? It's a big club and you're not in it. You were never meant to be. Real change won't come until every last boomer's six feet under anyway, and it'll probably just be more of the same once the "adulting" types, the scrote chuds, etc come into their own. Screencap it if you want, you know it's true.(political derailing)

No. 803579

I don't think I'm cool. I think I'm not a deranged Democrat/Republican that thinks they can shame others into partaking in a political system they don't care about. Moo is obviously a liar, be angry at her for that. Idek why you'd want someone like her voting anyway, she has no real opinions of her own when it comes to politics so why force her to do something that's out of her mental capacity?(political derailing)

No. 803580

Are you really derailing because people are upset about a massively important election? Sorry we dumb Americans are out here having opinions on things that don't affect you but feel morally superior enough to repeatedly comment on? And make references to 10+ year old episode of the advanced polical commentary of south park…?(political derailing)

No. 803582

Tone down the autism anon. You obviously don't know what you're talking about so stfu and stop derailing

No. 803584

You’re forgetting how much she likes to stick her nose in social issues for points.

No. 803585

Not to mention she wanted to make sure everyone knew how woke she was when BLM was big. So much of her virtue signaling revolves around the political climate in the country. Her blatant hypocrisy is milky regardless of how dumb you think the election is.

No. 803586

She had a deviated septum and the left nostril was so collapsed before surgery. They usually have to put a mesh into the airway to hold it up.as if it were cartilage, so they usually widen the nostril. Why is everyone nitpicking Vamps? Let her have a nose job. Lol

No. 803588

Nah, she turned BLM into ALM and only posted about how Arab Lives Matter just as much then stopped posting all together

No. 803592

Most people have some sort of deviated septum kek this is such an excuse

No. 803599

Her nose was completely crooked. If I had a nose that crooked I'd fix it too.

No. 803601

Her nose on her socials are edited. Her real nose looks like a baseball fly popped her one. You're so salty about the fix. Go derail in the calves thread where they are doing the same retarded nitpicking for something good that happened.

No. 803602


Anon this is so embarrassing lmao get a grip

No. 803605

nta but are you the same anon in the calves thread derailing there, too? Get a grip. you're taking this so seriously.

No. 803606

You're in /ot/, the calf thread, and here crying about people talking about her nose job. I didn't even know vamps had crazy stans kek

No. 803608

I think it looks better than tiny dot nostrils that a lot of nosejobs end up having and looks super unnatural

No. 803609


Theres more than 1 anon calling your nitpicking.

No. 803611

yanks quit shitting up threads with election shit nobody else cares but you

re: moo excited to see an addition to the swiss cheese tatt.(derailing)

No. 803620

Bruh you're the one shitting up the thread cause we're mad she didn't vote. It actually does matter even if you're sick of hearing about it so stfu(infighting)

No. 803621

derail more longflaps, go jam yourself. sorry your country sucks kek

speaking of longflaps, moo is getting swolle, bets on the new tattoo? is it going to be hyper weeb or something more sinister?(infighting; derailing)

No. 803622

Speaking of nosejobs how much longer until moo gets one? Vamps did it so it could be any week now.

No. 803626

Nose jobs swell for a year after surgery, especially in the nostrils.

No. 803628


moo must be seething that people would rather talk abt Vamps' nosejob than her-even on her own thread kek

No. 803629

couldn't agree more, we need a mass senicide if we actually want change, but that probably means we'd be voting for either gandalf or tony stark as president or some shit LOL(political derailing)

No. 803631

File: 1604596262199.png (Spoiler Image, 35.06 KB, 1461x333, Tremor.PNG)

No. 803636

File: 1604597365806.jpg (280.21 KB, 1044x1155, 20201105_092816.jpg)

So much to pick apart in this post. Umbran just leeching off of moo now for bills? We know she hasn't had any commissions from anyone else…(>>>calves thread)

No. 803639

Discussion of Umbran and Vamp, unless involving Moo, needs to go in the calves thread.


No. 803640

Let me guess what happens
>Lubes up the machine and jacks it off
>Hops her flat ass on
> As it goes in she makes a dumb face
>"Turns it on"
>Awkwardly wiggles around on it
>Half assed thrusting
>Fake moans and says "oh fuck"
>Awkward camera angles and tiny head

No. 803674

File: 1604608907997.jpg (367.43 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201105-143936_Ins…)

She's been deleting comments asking her whether she voted or not

No. 803681

people wouldn't be asking if she voted if she didn't make a big deal saying she was going to do it.
I don't know why she lies about stupid shit like this. Then again, everything that comes out of her mouth is a lie

No. 803687

This is why everyone that follows her should take it with a grain of salt every time she virtue signals about something relevant… like her “support” for BLM. Remember all the IG stories she reposted only to be outed for liking Kevin’s anti-BLM post. She’s completely disingenuous. If she supposedly cared SO MUCH for the movement, then she should have voted. What a cunt.

No. 803695

>this is like an episode of south park

lol anon i hope you’re a troll idk i stopped reading at that point

No. 803696

File: 1604627992094.jpg (397.35 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20201105-195652_Ins…)

The guy who commented was the first to call her out and she deleted his comment and blocked him

No. 803712

Is it just me, or does she actually look like a giant here?

Probably a dumb question, I know, but humor me for a sec.

No. 803716

File: 1604640275908.jpeg (271.24 KB, 1242x1633, CB8F2752-5EBF-43B3-9F67-D914E7…)

Forgot to post this yesterday but Moo really has no right posting memes for an election she didn’t take part in.

No. 803720

File: 1604642294467.jpg (69.83 KB, 1080x368, Screenshot_20201105-181628_Ins…)

Looks like someone else looked her up online as well. I've been seeing a few comments asking about her voting and even one saying how could she not have voted. Wonder how long until she deletes them all

No. 803723

File: 1604643789525.jpg (207.21 KB, 1080x861, 20201105_221917.jpg)

Guessing she hasn't seen all the comments then lol

No. 803726

File: 1604644896194.png (Spoiler Image, 1.78 MB, 750x1334, FBE6906A-2C79-48E8-9436-08FEF1…)

tit check but no vote check

No. 803740

Aren’t you not legally allowed to show proof of voting?

No. 803741

You can easily look up voting records online. She’s never registered and therefore, never voted (which is honestly really pathetic at 25). Also, sage your posts.

No. 803742

You kinda expect her to prove the haters wrong by posting a picture at the polls saying something about how important voting is or how amazing she felt to vote etc. But none of that happened so obviously she didn't go.

No. 803751

She's probably going to show off a "I voted" sticker you can get anywhere to prove us wrong

No. 803763

So she acknowledged she's stupid because she's from Nevada.

No. 803764

It's why she molests people. Cuz she's from Nevada. ADHD was just a bonus
joking aside it's funny seeing her outside of her hug box. She's universally hated in all communities

No. 803773

File: 1604685965774.jpg (64.69 KB, 1080x504, 20201106_120432.jpg)

No. 803774

File: 1604686008949.jpg (85.6 KB, 1080x787, 20201106_120455.jpg)

No. 803777

Momo out here thinking people wouldn't fact check this shit.
She could have avoided all of this if she said nothing. But she had to humble brag for clout cuz voting is the current hot topic. But didn't realize how serious people are taking this.
Whatever, it will all blow over in like a week anyway for her.

No. 803778

When you make bank off doing under the bare minimum..you kinda expect your following to be dumb as shit.

No. 803782

File: 1604689295928.jpeg (297.83 KB, 1242x1027, AEDEFD50-FC3B-40E8-A3E0-7AFD2C…)

She’s really doubling down on this lie… Mariah people can see you’re not registered to vote. You just made it worse.
(I got lucky and this was there when I refreshed, have never caught a post this fast before)

No. 803784

Notice how she never directly said she officiall voted. She's also using the BLM movement as an excuse as to why she didn't vote. Like what do those two things have to do with each other Momo?
Also, she wouldn't be the first racist to donate to a charity to tell people to leave them alone. You can throw money at all your problems Moo

No. 803786

I also remember earlier this year when Momo was preaching BLM and a few black cosplayers were pissed because Moo told them they need to cosplay within their color and other shit.
That and whenever she wants to appear trashy she puts on a "hood" accent. She literally thinks she can pay to be racist

No. 803787

Didn’t she like her friends anti BLM post? She’s such a snake. Only supports whatever is convenient for her public image.

Just another lie for the pile.
It’ll go right next to that time she lied about donating to charity, or when she lied about still being in college taking acting lessons through skype.

No. 803788

She's basically telling all black people she harassed in the past (And continues to with her BS hood persona) to shut up because she threw money at a donation. Not for them, but for obvious clout.

No. 803790


Can’t help laugh at how hard she is going to get clowned on this. All her self-righteous virtue signaling and lecturing and the dumb bitch didn’t even register to vote. And she thinks tossing a couple bucks at some charity let’s her off the hook lol. “I DONATED TO BLM SO SHUT THE FUCK UP PLEASE! ISNT THAT ENOUGH?!!!” She practically told on herself with that one. Completely sidestepped any mention of voting and as usual thinks her wallet should do all the talking for her.

Unfortunately Moo, this is something you can’t hide with “people just looking to hate and cuss drama” and “misinformation and rumor spreading”. It’s a very simple check to see if you are registered to vote in the state you live in. And last checked, you aren’t. And in such an important election too. You couldn’t have picked a worse time to stand on your soapbox and lecture people.

I say keep the comments coming no matter how many she tries to delete. Let her know what a shitstain she is and how her opinions amount to absolute dick. Let her know that when it was time to perform her civic duty and “be better”, she instead sat on her fat ass and played among us with her equally shitty friends.

No. 803791

File: 1604692349868.jpeg (481.42 KB, 1242x1728, 6094FAFA-998A-43C8-A109-4527C2…)

Back at it again with MUH LAWYERS

No. 803793


Lol you know she is full of shot when she pulls the “MUH LAWYERS” card.

She’s had excuses every damn step of the way

- “Why didn’t you vote early during the two weeks of early voting?”

“Look at muh schedule, I’m way too busy!”

- “Why didn’t you mail in your ballot?”

“I don’t trust the process!”

- “Why didn’t you vote on Election Day like you said?”


And of course instead of just admitting to lying, she has to double down as always and trot out her horseshit “lawyers”. As if her and only her, voting information is under secret lock and key and protected from any unwanted eyes. Why does she always have to come up with asinine lies like this?

And lol at her attempting to be humble about this. “I did my part and no one else to know and I don’t have to prove anything to anyone”. This is the same bitch that will post selfies for donating blood after mass shootings, posting receipts after donating to every charity she claims to donate to and still have the nerve to lecture people in a holier than thou “I did my part, what have you done lately?” manner. But no guys, this time she is totes humble about it. No need for selfies and instastories, no lectures about how “You need to get out there and do your part as well”. She did her part and no one else has to know about it and they can believe what they want. Bullshit. You know damn well she’d be there posing up a storm and acting like an insufferable dipshit with her friends if she was actually there.

She’s made it abundantly clear that instead of actually doing something and voting, she sat on her fat ass all night playing video games with her friends.

No. 803795

now she's taking credit for her friends going out to vote. And no "lawyer" will remove you from a database after elections Moo
What is she going to do when people ask the obvious question
"What does donating to BLM have anything to do with the elections?"
Seriously, what's her point?

No. 803796

Lawyers? Doesn't she mean her 3rd rate cronies that paid her to promote their business that "protects" camgirls. Also if any of these claims were false she could easily sue for defamation.

No. 803797

The question still stands
what does BLM have anything to do with voting?

No. 803799


Because she thinks it gives her enough of a pass so that people won’t question if she did. Her mindset is “I donated to BLM, which of course makes me totes not racist now, surely my reputation should speak for itself after that and no one will question if I voted.” Except her dumbass doesn’t realize that donating to organizations has shit all to do with voting, which she clearly didn’t since she keeps dodging any mention of it and kept coming with any excuse she could for why she didn’t do it earlier.

She has always had the mindset of “If I throw enough money at something, everyone will have no choice to see what a good person I am and never question me again about it.” Except people are catching on to her bullshit now and aren’t letting her off the hook anymore. Which only makes her madder and causes her to double down even harder and thinks that getting indignant and offended will save her.

No. 803800

that same logic can be applied to her relationships, friendships, family members and her body. kek

No. 803801

I wanna see her get so mad she will say something along the lines of getting the cyber police on them. But we all know she will do the typical "Any mention of voting is now bullying and will result in a BAN! You're not a fan for fact checking my lies"

No. 803802

the whole reason people are so surprised momokun hasn't talked about how she voted is because of how much she constantly talks about other things she thinks will give her Woke Points. she won't shut up about how much she donated to BLM over the summer because she thinks it will bag her some clout and some white savior points, as she's always tried to do whenever she talks about social/political issues or whatever. if mariah was truly as woke as she pretends to be on her instagram story, she would have actually voted + stressed "how important voting is, my dudes" and now she's just getting defensive and babbling about her "lawyers" since people called her out for not voting

No. 803803

In a way this confirms that she didn't vote. She doesn't say that she voted then she immediately provides excuses as to why it's ok for her to not vote. Hmm.

No. 803804

File: 1604697030119.png (772.1 KB, 1220x1800, 188A0ED4-8227-4F95-A9C5-94734E…)

I know Moo is incapable of coming up with convincing lies but she can’t even do a simple google search to back up her bullshit. Nevada /can/ make SOME voter info private upon request but that goes towards things like phone numbers/addresses and SSN. You can‘t just hide everything like you don’t exist. The only reason you don’t show up in the records is because you never fucking registered. I honestly thought she would ignore these questions and move on but that was foolish of me because this is classic Mariah to double down and make it worse for her. Lol at the typical bigot move of “I donated to their cause so therefore I’m not racist” it takes more than throwing money at something to show you’re helping in a cause. Actually voting means you give a shit about the problem and are working to actively change it. Jfc Moo, it’s not that hard. It literally costs you nothing to vote and takes less time than a round of Among Us to register. Nevada even mailed all registered voters their ballots so all she had to do was drop it off at an official ballot box or polling place. She really is fucking pathetic to be 25 and doing this shit, I wonder, assuming some of her friends voted, how they feel about this. Not to mention her family, who are all registered Democrats and actually have a voting record lol.

No. 803805


Not to mention the practical radio silence on her part about anything having to do with the election. This bitch makes an event out of everything to try to show how she is “such a good person” and lectures others about how they need to “do their part as well” and “be a voice for change and good” and “be better”. Yet this time, not a word out of her except excuses for why she didn’t do it earlier or why it’s okay if she didn’t. It obvious that she didn’t with how defensive she is getting and she thinks that getting offended that people would even dare to ask is going to get her off the hook.

No. 803806

Voter registration records are public information and can't be removed unless SHE did it herself. What kind of dumbass lie?

She's religiously documented every aspect of her life, even her sexually harassing people or being flat out igorant and racist. She can't admit she fucked up and forgot to vote/didn't care enough to vote so she tried to cover up her shit with a layer of "but im a busy business woman uwu" and as soon as everyone saw how little she does in a day, she tried to cover it up with her good ol' lawyer lie once "I donated to BLM!" fell apart too.

No. 803807

She made all her posts about ArAb LiVeS MAttEr. She rarely posting anything about BLM. Even her harassment apology if off her page and has been since the April of 2019. She literally does bare minimum.

No. 803810

She wants to have her cake and eat it too. She's a piece of shit, wants to harass people, but wants to be seen as this beacon of positivity
"Do as I say, not as I do" rings so hard with Moo. It's the only thing she lives by

No. 803813

She also never actually donated to BLM? Idk what thread it was but she was just offering nudes to people who showed "proof" that they donated.

No. 803815

You're right about that. But didn't people call her out so she donated a small amount to shut them up. But it wasn't even an official BLM donation link so god knows where the money went to.

No. 803818

File: 1604703463432.png (194.12 KB, 720x1184, 1591056027381.png)


Old post is here >>778239
What a charitable queen, we stan

No. 803819

Don't want to participate in this but it's been obvious before that politics aren't her forte. She did say that we should give Trump a chance during her camstream.

No. 803820

File: 1604703884079.png (745.65 KB, 720x1189, 1591067356922.png)

She wasn't even matching donations. Does she know what fundraising means?

I can't believe I read that but lmao she big mad. So many people post voting selfies without mentioning who they voted for. You don't need to post a picture of your ballot? In fact that's illegal in some places? What does she even mean by "what I said on the questions" it's MULTIPLE CHOICE?

No. 803821

Hahaha so she never even donated to BLM. She just took credit for other people's donations
Just like how she took credit for her friends voting

No. 803823


> "what I said on the questions"

Holy shit I missed that little chestnut lol. It isn’t like a high school test, Moo. She has no idea how voting works, fucking hilarious.

No. 803827

Jannies banned me for the voting thing not being milk, but I think it's safe to say this is most definitely milk now. Jesus christ

No. 803828


Fucking lol. I missed that too. The fuck does she think voting is? Like taking a high school test? She can’t even make up a believable lie this time.

No. 803830

She means the AMA bubble in her stories

No. 803831

This isn't true, Alabama is currently #50 overall. Nevada is 45. Nevada is actually fairly well-known for using gambling taxes to fund improvements in civic services like public schools. The whole state is not as stupid as you.

No. 803832

why didn't she do that for her family too then if her lawyers are that good though?

No. 803834

A huge chunk of her "fanbase" on onlyfans must be pro-trump but her followers on insta are democrats. Must be why she's being so shifty about it. Don't want to lose money on either sides.

No. 803835


Because it’s an obvious crock of shit that no one with any good sense would believe. For her, “lawyers” are code for “I have no answer to anything you are saying and am using something that is considered established position of authority to get you shut up and stop asking me about it”. She thinks the second she mentions lawyers are involved it means anyone still asking her questions or looking for answers from her needs to shut the fuck up.

No. 803837

Regardless I'm tired of these fucking e-celebs being pussies. Heaven forbid you put your follower count and tax breaks on the line for basic human rights.

No. 803841

oh yeah I agree it's cowardice at its best. Yet she loves to pretend she's fearless kek her whole life is a coward's lie.

No. 803844


What AMA questions? She hasn’t posted any AMA’s about the election or anything about voting period asides from memes because it was trendy for a bit to dunk on Nevada for taking its time. She clearly thinks there are questions that require written answers on voting ballots because she’s a fucking idiot.

No. 803845

File: 1604712069918.png (547.66 KB, 594x844, please vote me mates.png)

why not vote? she could've done a pasty thing with the 'I voted' stickers or something?? it'd be so on brand too

No. 803847

Holy shit, my sides!! Please let this topic be relevant enough for the next thread pic! Good job anon

No. 803848

Hey moo, you dumb bitch, your lawyers can't erase public records…

No. 803850

the text on the ballot, i'm crying lmao. this is 100% thread pic material

No. 803851

thanks, and yeah sorry I don't know how you vote in the us lol

No. 803854

Why is she making it complicated?
She could simply say "I didn't make it to the polls in time. I didn't vote"

No. 803855

I nearly choked. Next thread pic please, I’m begging.

No. 803857


Because she kept giving multiple bullshit excuses for why she didn’t do it earlier. “Too busy” to vote early. “Didn’t trust the process” of mail in ballot. What’s her excuse now? She doesn’t have one, hence her doubling down on acting indignant and offended at anyone even suggesting that she didn’t vote. Except her dumbass didn’t think about how easy it is to prove she isn’t even a registered voter. Hence her retarded notion that she somehow has this crack team of lawyers making sure her voting registration information is under lock and key for no one to see.

No. 803859

The Stacy Atlanta strippers vs The Becky non-voting moo.

No. 803864

Because she knows people will be on her ass for not voting in such an important election if she admits it. It makes her look like a selfish bitch. (Which she is but, yknow)

No. 803867

File: 1604720858162.jpeg (573.46 KB, 1242x1673, C65861F4-AE31-4B4B-89FE-1B9773…)

Was bored so checked out what Twitter had to say about momokunts lack of voting but instead I was pleasantly surprised that people still are talking about what she’s done and why she’s trash. It warms my cold heart

No. 803868

I mean I think she is referencing how every 'personal' question gets the same "Mind your business" reply from her.

No. 803871

She’s like teump- too big of an idiot baby to admit she fucked up. similarly, she wants to project an image of strength to her followers, who are the only ones who are buying it

No. 803881

Jesus Christ who gives a fuck if she didn't vote. This isn't milk.

No. 803889

You’re missing the point. She constantly spergs and virtue signals over shit like this, acting woke and high and mighty. Yet can’t even follow through on it when the time comes. She’s all talk but no action, a hypocrite. That’s why it’s milk.

No. 803900

Moo dear, donating doesn’t give you the right to be a racist piece of a shit. Also it seems to be very easy in states to look up who registered to vote and she wasn’t, oh how dumb she has to be. Apparently she thinks her followers are even dumber than her, which is kinda true since one can’t have more than braincell to still keep supporting a racist sexual harasser.

No. 803911

It's probably because she wants to fuck Kevin and he's such a anti-communist (probably thinks anything but Trump es communism)

No. 803913

Yes it is. She said we would vote, posted about it for months and then didn't even bother to register. Now shes lying about it because she got caught. God she's such a dumb bitch

No. 803922

No one forced her to comment on that facebook status saying she hadn’t voted yet. No one would be asking or caring if she didn’t say anything, but she went out of her way to make a big deal about going on Election Day. It’s not about politics like you complained about in meta right after trying to start infighting here. She sticks her nose in social issues as loud as she can, and tried to use donating money to an arguably unrelated cause as her reason. No one is harping on her calves for voting or not because they kept their mouths shut.

No. 803925


Okay, I see your point.

No. 803927

Imagine wasting your vote and throwing away your integrity for someone who looks like Kevin

No. 803936

Exactly this.
She haven’t posted even now that Biden won. Maybe she forgot to vote but wished for Trump to win? Would go along with her wanting to fuck Kevin.

No. 803947

I just can't believe none of her friends dragged her along to vote so she didn't look like a damn fool to her peers/fans. I wonder if umbran voted?

No. 803951


She probably one of those “Both sides equally suck/My vote doesn’t matter” dipshits. With all the excuses she kept giving she is obviously a lazy cunt who will do nothing when it counts, yet bitch and complain about the state of the country.

No. 803954

If Moo didn’t vote, I’m betting Maddie didn’t either. I mean, Moo has to drive her ass everywhere already right? One of their stops is definitely not going to be a polling place lol. If anything, Maddie probably didn’t register in Nevada when she moved.

No. 803955

File: 1604792646552.jpeg (1.54 MB, 1242x1540, 70EFF87D-D0B3-4B91-8ABC-F4E7C3…)

What a fucking hot mess. Boots don’t fit. Dress is ripped because she’s fat and keeps giving wrong measurements. What the fuck are the buttons on there? Again, BOOTS. Maxed out with ribbon cutting into her and the tongue of the boots lmfao it’s just there. A fucking mess, girl please QUIT.

No. 803956

That dress is so ill-fitting. Look at her chest. She's stuffed into that thing and it being the wrong size, does not accomodate the size of her fat boobs. Her arm fat is just another indication of that. Her wigs are always a hot mess as well.

No. 803958

File: 1604794763227.jpg (694.8 KB, 441x906, LtRSlxP.jpg)

Does she just have no feeling in her legs anymore? Because there is no way this doesn't hurt like hell.

No. 803961

File: 1604797330345.jpg (195.58 KB, 1366x2048, FB_IMG_1604797302419.jpg)

No. 803963

File: 1604797440631.jpg (202.63 KB, 1365x2048, FB_IMG_1604797413273.jpg)

No. 803964

Those boots are crying for help. They also just make her look extremely stumpy.

No. 803966

Where's her plague doctor cane?

No. 803969

despite her asking Noodle to edit out 100 pounds you cat still see these boots can't close around her leg. Fuck, makes you wonder how much weight she has gained. Not like it matters how big her legs get, she will just lipo her gut like a dumb ass.
Moo, your whole body is a problem area.

No. 803970

I have a pair of the same boots and adding the measurement of the top with two tongue widths, the part of her thigh where the boot ends is 25.5 inches around.

No. 803971

She couldn't even be bothered to pull the flap back up in between takes making it look like she has on weird knee pads.

No. 803973

Oh boy she does look huge but that big? Her thigh is almost the width of my waist jesus. Huge bitch.

No. 803975

"It's not fat! It's muscle from working out cuz I'm an Olympic level weight lifter. I can fuck you up. Here's a picture of my dad in his roid days"

No. 803976

soon her thighs will be far larger than her waist kek

No. 803977

I think they are when she corsets herself. Which isn't impressive at all considering her body is that of a 300+ pound woman, she just sucked the fat off her mid section

No. 803986

Spicy take but I think this might be her "older" Teen Titans Raven dress from back when Sabrina was her friend and did the cosplay. It'd explain why her tits are so smooshed and her dress ripped in multiple places

No. 803989

Not a plague doctor. She’s the plague. Also her left hip area looks really really funky here

No. 803993

Along with the literally everything wrong with those boots, they couldn't even be arsed to take 10 seconds to fix the rolled-over clingy top of the stocking on her left leg. Such professionals.

No. 803994

She never did an older raven?

No. 803995

Older as in a older idea. I don't remember if she mentioned "ageing it up", now that you mentioned it but she did mention wanting to do Raven from Teen Titans

No. 803998

She's not Juliette Michelle you dumbass.

No. 804005

File: 1604813237327.jpg (354.44 KB, 692x1230, 20201104_171954.jpg)

It's slightly old milk, but I was trawling through her Tiktok and she looks so fucked up. Lips shouldn't do this, and the filter making her nose wonky, it's awful.

No. 804007

Jfc, how many times do we have to tell you newfags this. Instagram/Facebook's bot algorithm takes bots out within a day, sometimes less. It is nearly impossible to not have bot accounts gone by the time you buy them. They are flagged so fast. These aren't bought. Fucking deal with it.

No. 804008

Ok Mariah. Still pretty shitty engagement either way for 1 mil.(hi cow)

No. 804013

Not Moo, you retard. Literally just having a brain and this have been talked about since the threads were in their 30s. This is common knowledge for anyone who uses social media. Even YouTube has an algorithm that flags and deletes bots pretty fast. You act like this is rare or something to have as a social media safeguard. Engagement is always low. You never, ever, ever get as many as the people who follow you. Not only do your posts not get reach if you are flagged, which from prior reports and account 'deletions/takedowns' will and does effect your reach too. Most people tend to follow creators, but theyr rarely actually interact. Most follow because of one or two things and ignore everything else unless another post relevant to what they like is posted. Comments are extremely rare and likes are usually not 100% common anymore either. It's not hard to understand. You can make a post, have 8272 see it, get 600 engagements, and 13 likes. That's how social media works, anon.

No. 804021

reminds me of anons constantly sperging about how "her patreon numbers are dropping!!" despite it being a normal thing at the end of the month

No. 804022

Kek, this could be a verbatim quote.

Holy fuck, Michael Jackson lives.

No. 804024

ntayrt but chill out anon jfc…

No. 804029


Instagram is actually not as good at catching bought followers. Thats why Lillee Jean consistently has 1 mil followers on insta but about 10k on Twitter & YouTube. I would be willing to bet that moo has substantially more followers than LJ simply because moo posts pornography, and I am certain that she has previously bought followers and many of those fake follower could still be following, but now she is so comfortable coasting on her onlyfans income to the point she cancelled her patreon that she probably sees no reason to buy anymore.

No. 804040

She didn't cancel her patreon, umbran did.

No. 804054


Whoops I guess that's what happens when people keep posting that stuff in here instead of the calves thread. My theory still stands tho

No. 804081

It's not a theory. This is how it works. Also there are subscription services you can use to keep bots up to date because of how quickly they are taken down. She has gradually grown, anon. Stop being a sperg about it. It's literally just dumbass people following her for clout and ugly ass neckbeards.

No. 804083


But I said her current following is probably more genuine than not….

No. 804095

File: 1604869309067.jpg (469.34 KB, 1080x1375, ITuQpd2.jpg)

Not my cap but this was the worst costume choice she could've picked imo

No. 804096

File: 1604869392169.jpg (487.45 KB, 1080x1580, V69tgcU.jpg)

also Square couldn't edit in her green? From the splotched out areas?

No. 804097

File: 1604869536001.jpg (33.35 KB, 383x455, LstZzHA.jpg)

No. 804098

File: 1604869566126.jpg (49.43 KB, 500x278, tumblr_inline_pjzv6tm9t21rjdaf…)

No. 804103

Ah yes the orc she posted on tik tok. Moo better be careful on there. Tik tok has recently been crackin down on 20-30 year olds on there for dating their teen fans or being overly sexual in messages/interactions.
She isn't a pedo, but she is fucking stupid enough to say something sexual to a child so she feels better and can say "Mommy still got it"

No. 804108

Ah of course she mentioned roleplaying now that we mentioned that she very unlikely plays anything and is just riding the trend.

No. 804111

She's a straight up groomer trying to get kids to jerk off to her. Idk why she sees it as some kind of flex. Like wow, you have a lot of followers on an app for teens where you constantly show your tits? That doesn't change the fact that no one her own age (that isn't equally pathetic) wants to fuck or date her kek.

No. 804114

the way she engages with them is also pretty disgusting. She even encourages the sexual comments too. Like Moo, what are you doing? Replying to gross coomer comments from teenagers? I don't care if an adult cosplays teen characters from an anime. They're fictional characters, who gives a fuck. But 90 percent of her cosplays there are of teenagers, and her straight up in a school uniform in one of them. Tell me that isn't sketch

No. 804116


That’s pretty much it. No one her own age wants to date/fuck her. Well, at least the only ones who meet her ridiculous standards. I’m sure she has more than enough desperate, degenerate sweaty neckbeards wanting a chance at her rancid pussy. But unfortunately all she is interested in is fit, small Asian fuckbois to be her cosplay boyfriend. Who of course aren’t going anywhere near a disgusting fat slob like her. So her only option now is grooming literal kids who don’t know better and are looking to stick their dicks in anything to impress their friends. Her ego is bruised to shit after constantly get dumped and passed over for obviously more attractive women and she is looking for anything to point to that she can say “Mommy can still get it”.

No. 804118

Well, until they see her irl that is. Moo is the worst kind of catfish.
And her standards are only high because she knows any other guy would reject her offer. I guess getting rejected by that porno dude who fucks fat chicks for a living was the last straw for her. That's a low blow, but at least other chicks have the decency to take a fucking shower on a regular biases.

Watch, she's going to try to becomes "friends" with a popular teen cosplayer on tik tok. Then claim "We just caught feelings. No hate"

I'm sure she likes the idea of teens cuz the last time she was a "boy friend stealer" was when she was a teenager herself and dealing with high school boys who rub their dick against a piece of furniture.

No. 804121

She’s more flexible than I though she would be.

No. 804123

File: 1604881982508.png (1.25 MB, 750x1334, E32FE6FC-1BEB-41A8-B7B3-553CCD…)

No. 804127

gotta keep their sugar momma happy but also why does this look so sad

No. 804130

cuz you know she was bitching at them to do something so they went to the grocery store and told the clerk to write 1 million

Also so much for her not liking cake

No. 804132

>when you just turned 25 and have to rely on mommy kink to be sexy
This cake is so depressing and looks like they went with the cheapest option. Only fitting for their queen. Can't wait to see her act coy and "um actually i hate sweets ohohoho".

No. 804134

When you get paid too little to have a social life but you gotta make the person who holds you financially hostage happy.
They didn't have them write "Happy 1 Million Mariah"? What is the point

No. 804135

The "ohohoho" made me seriously laugh out loud given her girth and pompous attitude. Thank you, anon.

No. 804136

you'd think they would try and put in a little more effort since she's their meal ticket but that's expecting a lot from two braindead idiots who can't hold jobs or be bothered with responsibilities

No. 804143

Because it was likely her idea. They probably were just out buying groceries and Miss "I don't really like sweets" demanded a cake and had whatever poor fuck behind the counter write that.

No. 804144

lmao they dont ever bother sticking in a bunch of photosof her there, are they just buying the cheapest cake they can get? yeah that make sense >>804143

No. 804147

This cosplay is pretty tasteful compared to a lot of what she's posted lately.

No. 804148

Its a grab and go decorate cake. That's why.

No. 804186

Don’t he have a girlfriend to attend to?

No. 804197

I thought so too! the set and the cosplay seem like they had an actual concept in mind, not just showing of her saggy boobs. Its a shame she cant actually put out content in fitting garments and put some thought on the execution.

No. 804201

Same, i actually like it but it frustrates me so much that she wont iron things or like, topstick the boots up. If she put in like 5% more effort it would really show

No. 804204

Moo is trash but this proves she can have a decent cosplay. Maybe if she was smarter with her social media/in person presence she might get away with being trash. Lmao

No. 804205

Can you guys remember that these are NOT her cosplays. She didn't make any of this. She is a literal moving mannequin. Looking good is surgery and everyone around her doing work and photoshop. She probably has Umbran do all her tiktoks except the cringey, badly angled and shitty quality ones like the school girl outfit ones (which are extremely disgusting on a kids/teens app). Moo deserves none of this credit.

No. 804209

Yeah I know but even still, she's been "cosplaying" for how many years now and she hasn't figured out how to iron? I agree with you anon, I'm just amazed she's still so bad at this i guess

No. 804212

I don't think anybody claimed she made it lol. We all know she has clout slaves willing to do it all for her. Least she can do is iron the damn thing.

No. 804273

Yes, we all know that. What exactly is your point? That she's not a cosplayer because she doesn't make her costumes, doesn't create her own ideas for tiktok, because she "models" her costumes that she didn't make? No one here is validating her as a "real cosplayer". We tear her to shreds on the daily.

The other anons were just saying that this cosplay looked good for what Moo put out. No one is saying she's some god tier cosplayer, just that this particular outfit doesn't look anywhere near as trashy as the last 20+ "cosplays" we've seen recently.

No. 804306

Slight tinfoil: Could this be her attempt at skinwalking Jessica again?

The boots and skirt cut are basically the same as JNig's Pyramid Head. The plague doctor idea is an easy jump to mix because especially around October but just in general plague doctors are a huge 'thing' on tiktok.

The only thing I can give her is that the capelet looks nice but I'm sure eventually we'll find out she copied that too.

Yes this shoot looks better than usual but remember she has a track record of looking notably better when someone else is in control of how she looks (Never forget the one witch photoshoot years ago where she looked better than she's ever looked before or since)

No. 804308

No. 804360

File: 1605037676616.jpg (Spoiler Image, 412.78 KB, 1025x482, Tf3P5AH.jpg)

>load tremor with lube
>thrust up and down making obvious slop noises
>pretend you're into it

No. 804362

Ew, it's like she covered it in fettuccine sauce.

No. 804364

File: 1605037945709.jpg (Spoiler Image, 569.17 KB, 1029x481, xLuVeKz.jpg)

Just for you

No. 804365


This is so fucking disgusting, I want to puke.
I can't believe people find this repulsive bitch attractive

No. 804366

She films these on the worst camera. It's like she's shooting on a razor flip phone.

No. 804367

Must be the burner phone. Remember, she has multiple.

No. 804368

And yet can't make that backup Twitter to promote herself. Probably knows that she would be reported so fucking fast. It's really gross to see high profile cosplayers supporting her still who aren't Jessica, but other ones rising.

No. 804407

And the only reason these cosplayers are following her is for clout. She hasn't been a cosplayer for about a year now.
She makes D grade porn. She's just using the title of cosplayer for clout and attention

No. 804409

It’s the fact the video is ran through multiple filters/ photo editing apps.

No. 804417


I didn't need to see that.

No. 804418

Ugh. It’s like when you peel a slug off your car windshield in the cold morning.

No. 804423

File: 1605060084388.gif (44.22 KB, 220x220, 3657534.gif)

Anon, your description made these pictures even worse…

No. 804425

why does it look like her fupa has a fupa?

No. 804426

okay so can anyone explain the marks?? are they poorly healed lipo scars?? is she dragging 2 dollar cvs razors over her stomach and pelvis and getting razor burn or smth i’m really confused…

No. 804427

Hey, try tagging your inquiry or showing what you are even talking about.

No. 804429

this monstrosity.

No. 804430

On her abdomen? I think half lipo, half just discoloration. She has hyper pigmentation not just on her face (not medical bs like spergs like to go on about). Also dark stretch marks and the ones right above the futa are from a stretch mark surgery that has a very low success rate.

No. 804431

It's def razor burn

No. 804435


is it just me or is her belly button really high up? like i feel like you should be able to see it in this pic

No. 804436

I know what you mean, I thought the same, but I think it’s an optical illusion because she’s so big - it warps your expectations of her proportions.

No. 804440

Did she seriously try to cover her stretch marks with foundation? That giant pale unblended patch looks so convincing.

No. 804444

File: 1605095298781.png (868.37 KB, 750x1334, E6304A1B-83C1-409A-B72C-E68BB5…)

Place bets on what character moo is going to ruin next

No. 804445

File: 1605095334112.png (829.4 KB, 750x1334, DDDF8D98-BFC9-4F7B-AFF3-6BE8BA…)

these were posted by rentchan btw

No. 804450

Hoping she doesn't go the Lewd-A-Minor route and fuck up Miku..

No. 804451

Brunette one is definitely Aeris

No. 804453

Done it once. She will do it again.

No. 804457

Oh god, I don't think I can handle "Type 2 diabeetus Aerith".

No. 804460

That pale lilac one.. is she redoing her dreadful Shampoo cosplay when she was 100 lbs lighter?

No. 804461

File: 1605109056219.jpg (689.4 KB, 2160x4616, ibgodctrsqj51.jpg)

Looks like Lucina and the gradient one makes me think of the new Ahri design.

No. 804462

The gray one is the new Eve design too.


No. 804470

The Miku wig looks horrible, I hate the colour she chose. Blonde straight wig looks like Rosalina.
Also can't wait to laugh at the new shampoo cosplay.

No. 804475


No. 804476


Purple looks like shampoo from ranma 1/2

No. 804477

Obviously she's doing Shampoo re shoot anons come on now. I can't see her doing Aerith as the dress would have to be unbuttoned to about her waist for her massive legs to fit. Remember she had to hack into her Slave Leia costume to fit her same result here. The jacket alone would have to be massive to fit her hammy arms.

No. 804478

Wonder how umbran's coping with the fact that Moo's using someone else for wigs now lol. Both rentchan and umbran make equally fried-looking wigs

No. 804479

She really out here trying to snatch the Queens crown and do shampoo. News flash moo you will never be as good as the Queen.

No. 804480

Umbran was complaining about losing her spark and joy in making wigs and doing commissions anyway. Seems like Moo has kept her so busy and she's seen how Moo got over that clown, which seemed a little more of a passion project for Umbran and she wanted Moo to care like how Moo expects people to care about her shitty Halloween weeb short videos. Maddie probably feels like utter shit the way she saw Moo ask for another wig, right after, and ignore the persona. Like other anons pointed out, Maddie was into her character. Moo looked like she couldn't care less and knew a clown would grab Umbran's fans. It's all for clout. She's realizing it. I think Moo had her change her style too. The wigs are less crunchy and I don't think she likes her style being changed.

No. 804483

Oh no i hope she won’t ruin the queen Ahri. Aerith is for sure at least but hhh.

No. 804484

Samefagging but ffs, no. Bitch don’t even play league? And she won’t suit either Ahri or Eve. I’m disgusted in advance. Wonder if she’ll even have the all out or baddest skin outfits made for her or if it’s only going to be lazy washed up lingerie?

No. 804486

not playing a game/watching an anime/etc. has never stopped moo from cosplaying characters
before. anons in the past have pointed out how despite moo claiming how big of a fate fan she is, she's gotten several things wrong about the series and its characters in her posts about it. no character is safe from moo just because she may not play the game or watch the anime they're from, she just cosplays whoever will give her clout when a series is at peak popularity or trending on instagram and tiktok. league has been popular on instagram lately so even if she doesn't actually play it, she'll still cosplay the popular characters like ahri for clout

No. 804487

Definitely Aerith. She already destroyed Tifa so it's fitting she does the same to the game's other heroine. I can't wait to see a giant fat Aerith praying for more toppings on her pizza.

No. 804490

The only video game character cosplay Moo has pulled off is Wario.

No. 804491

I mean sometime last year she cosplayed Ahri and it looked like complete ass. As long as it’s trendy or has a market moo WILL cosplay it.

No. 804492

I know. Still it amazes me how she keeps faking being a geek? That’s some middle school shit. Perhaps she never grew up from that mentally.

No. 804493

Why i don’t remember this? On which thread it was? Been lurking from almost the beginning.

No. 804494

File: 1605128580474.jpeg (451.61 KB, 1242x2048, F04CEE4C-9418-486D-870D-35DDF0…)

my bad I misremembered, on >>610871 she had a bunch of KDA Ahri stuff on her etsy wishlist and thought this image was it. She did cosplay Christmas Ahri though

No. 804496

File: 1605130832430.png (3.3 MB, 1242x2208, 9B2E5812-CC80-4630-9D65-25D748…)

Couldn’t be bothered to vote but supports veterans. Lol ok, whatever Moo.

No. 804498

is her crush CommieDestroyer88 a veteran? or is this just virtue signalling to cover up the voting blunder?

No. 804506

File: 1605133889366.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 683.14 KB, 828x1392, 1FF0F07B-1530-46F0-9608-E31BDC…)

Not her awful yumeko cosplay again. This bored, dull stare is nearly as bad as her open mouth “sexy” face
(apologies for the repost, forgot to spoiler the image)

No. 804507

File: 1605134797803.jpg (Spoiler Image, 438.26 KB, 573x805, klWD5T8.jpg)

Another day, another weird shower video no one asked for:

>vigorously rubbing soap all over her body, probably the first shower she's had in a while

>has shorter brown (?) nails now but made it a point to shove them in her gunt
>lots of closeups for the simps
>weird moment where she tries to take a ass shot, bends so her ass looks ~plump~, realizes it's not working in a concealed way so she stops

No. 804508

File: 1605134989102.jpg (Spoiler Image, 233.14 KB, 577x1007, JilYKCl.jpg)

>giving PT a run for her money

No. 804509

File: 1605136146318.jpeg (158.42 KB, 750x581, 06CBED14-A9DD-4304-A071-98BEF3…)

reply salt is always my favorite

No. 804510

Every now and again I forget how truly massive she is, then someone posts something like this and I'm both reminded and shocked.

No. 804512

Why does she got so asschapped if people point out her sexualizing characters. She shoves her fucking felons up her pussy, she has no room getting upset

No. 804515

I know we speculate a lot concerning her weight, but this pretty much confirms without lipo she'd be 300+ pounds. And this is with filters running at max, she must get winded just getting up to go to the bathroom at this size. It's hilarious going from Yumeko above to this. squarecuck deserves some praise for shaving off nearly 150 pounds off her

No. 804518

How can she post these images?! How is she not mortified by how massive she looks, and how funny her weird pinhead is, like some kind of mismatched reverse Bratz doll?

No. 804519

It is very shocking to see how much shes let herself go. I thought Momo was working out and at least eating right. This is the worst shes ever looked.

No. 804521

Looking very turtle-like here

No. 804524

Whats up with her nipples? They look almost painted on lol

No. 804531

Brunette is Aerith. Then again the prettier Aerith cosplays out there at the moment won't fit her size if she's buying it on taobao.

No. 804534

So why is her main account down now? She isn't going to a con or anything

No. 804535

And she claims she's back under 200 pounds too. That's the funny thing

No. 804536

why does this look like a public shower…? I mean obviously she's in a stall, but this seems so gross to me

No. 804537

It's not, someone was showing a past thing.

No. 804538

Such a slob. I'm sure this gross body is a fetish territory. Her fatass shoulders are massive compared to the rest of her lipo'd body. Her breasts are deformed and her nipples look drawn on. 100% absolutely disgusting.

No. 804541

I’ll never get to tired of her “i’m not bothered bro i’m not!!” 5 paragraph essay responses to randos

No. 804542

Trying to explain how she isn't just doing porn now, it's still cosplay despite the fact she's only relevant because of porn

No. 804543

Her lips are shopped into a smile! LOL I'm fucking rolling. She can't smile properly and needs it to be edited if her mouth is closed

No. 804544

Its Yumeko. It's clearly just a shitpost salt comment from the user too. The whole anime, Moo is right about it, is super sexualized.

No. 804547

I just think it's one of those really large multiple people showers. Like the ones the size of a new your city apartment with the bench in them.

No. 804549

But why? Where is she then? That's not her house.

No. 804550

it's a jail shower lmao.

No. 804551

I have a feeling this is a spa place and it's umbran behind the camera. Gross.

No. 804605

I don’t think she’s posted Tifa pics yet. I remember her teasing it with a pic of her bracelet and then being disgusted at how she would do my girl dirty like that. But tbh I don’t think the Aerith wig is for Moo

No. 804608

She's posted Tifa I forget what thread but it was before she moved into this house or right after. She did her signature ass up to make it look full on the ground pose.

No. 804619

File: 1605213120003.jpeg (1021.97 KB, 1242x1998, D1CD60F4-68A8-43BB-A202-0D2413…)

She would never survive working a normal 9 to 5. She can’t keep this up forever considering how quickly her body is deteriorating thanks to her shitty lifestyle lol

No. 804626

I can see her owning a business and having her calves run it in exchange for clout. Not sure what type of business though.

No. 804632

It would be obviously some modified cosplays by her store, since she’s such an amazing seamstress.

No. 804646

No. 804676

as if she has any other choice in career

No. 804692

File: 1605242644136.png (1.68 MB, 750x1334, 470A2366-1F5D-4CB3-9419-35F782…)

>”working out” with claws while wearing balenciaga

No. 804697


Love how despite her trying to flex in the gym she is still as fat as ever lol.

No. 804699

I legit thought this was someone in a gorilla outfit

No. 804702

This doesn't read as remotely feminine or fit, why post this…

No. 804703


Of course Moo would pick now as time to “return” to the gym to show the haters up… during a pandemic. Gyms are considered hotspots and she sure as hell won’t distance herself or clean off the machines (she doesn’t even clean after herself at home why expect her to do it in public for other people’s benefit?) Granted she is going at night when it’s less crowded but still, doesn’t she have exercise equipment in that sad empty house of hers?

No. 804704

File: 1605248048806.jpg (325.84 KB, 459x891, 16c4PB8.jpg)

She goes with Kevin and Umbran so she can appear interested in working out. It'd probably help if she didn't buy booze for someone else she LIVES with, so that she can't easily drink it herself?

No. 804705

wasn't kevin known for being stupidly proud of being straight edge? I remember him having that on his socials before but I haven't followed him since he broke up with nicolett so I might be remembering wrong

No. 804742

I'm thinking it's because she didn't wear a mask and is trying to hide it. Also it could be an old pic, maybe she went there to film the shower video.

No. 804745

looks like she's planning to get more lipo

No. 804752

Prob not having a mask, most open gyms are doing only cardio machines don't need masks since it needs heavy breathing. But two machines on either side must be not in use. (usually with a sign on them blocking access) But where she is is weights where they would be requiring a mask. She probably went in for either the shower video or her "Look guys I'm totally working out" lipo pic.

No. 804755

File: 1605295419922.jpg (822.04 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20201113-111931_Ins…)

Sorry to debunk but she is wearing a mask. She lifts her head up in the IG story toward the end of it. I'm all for nitpicking, but this isn't one of those times.

No. 804769

she looks like a walking meme with her goofy ass nails and giant hulk hogan build. I genuinely would've thought she was a guy with shitty hair if I glanced at her in a gym.

No. 804781

That's my thought too anon. Every time she "works out" it's to cover up her lipo.

No. 804789

For someone her size to be lifting such shit weight especially when her dad is ripped (on gear, but whatever). I mean FFS you lie about everything else moo just set a better set of weights at your feet for the flex pic goddamn she is so stupid. Not even to mention her shit footwear choices. Guarantee she leaves a snail trail of her previous "lube ride" because she doesn't shower. At this point she is a chemical weapon of stink released on these poor gym members. How many layers of shrink wear do you think she wears to prevent her sweat from soaking through her outerwear while just casually walking around taking gym flex pics?

No. 804825

i hate momo but complaining about cosplayers sexualizing characters is retarded. its like complaining about artists drawing nsfw. its a fictional character who cares?

No. 804826

The fact you even ask this shows where your moral ground is..and you may want to rethink that.

No. 804830

Sexualizing minors in any way shows you're a typing dumpsterfire with no respect of kids/teens and their wellbeing.

No. 804831

This topic has been discussed dozens of times in these threads and your opinion isn’t interesting or original enough to warrant not saging.

No. 804859

the problem isn't her cosplaying fictional minors that are already sexualized by the shows creators. It's the fact she's pandering her dressing up like a teenager to actual minors and getting proud kids are jerking off to her

No. 804878

Horny teens are going to jerk off. Moomoo has nothing to do with that

No. 804886

Nah, she has everything to do with it. She's the adult here, so she shouldn't be trying to court minors when all her content is nsfw. That's like the bare minimum responsibility she has a content creator primarily because distribution of nsfw content to minors is illegal.

You don't see actual porn stars in anime tiktok tags or other spaces with a lot of minors because they know better and know how to build an age-appropriate audience around their content.

No. 804887

File: 1605386852662.png (1.43 MB, 1242x2208, 04993462-1BFD-4C84-8FE2-EFB09C…)

Love how she posts crap like this while going off at people in her comments over minor shit.

At least sage your shitty posts if you’re going to derail.

No. 804905


yes, horny teens are going to jerk off to anything and everything, moo's saggy titties included, but moo shouldn't be pandering specifically to teenagers or encouraging them to jerk off to her and her nsfw content of teenagers like yumeko, etc. if you want to create nsfw content, whatever, but you shouldn't be posting it on websites/apps dominated by minors like tiktok, and you certainly shouldn't be encouraging teens to interacting with your nsfw content; nor should you be making nsfw of minors to begin with. get a grip

No. 804916

It's always bitches who can't keep their shit together posting "zen memes" kek.

No. 804918

File: 1605405075013.jpg (923.47 KB, 1015x743, GNAqJnC.jpg)

No. 804919

Maybe when she stops clapping back on instagram with 5 page essays she'll get there

No. 804920

Big words from an unregistered voter

No. 804921

this just reminded me wasn't she talking about getting another tattoo recently to go with her lovely cheese portrait?

No. 804924

Oh she got a jersey with her waist size on it

No. 804925

Or her IQ

No. 804928


Got a lot to say for someone who didn’t even bother registering to vote. She ought to shut the fuck up on anything vaguely political. Cause when the time came to actually enact change and do her part, her fat ass sat at home and played video games instead. Now her lazy as wants to pretend she actually made a difference and that “the fight isn’t over yet”. Fuck off.

Also lol at her wearing a Steelers jersey. Two parts cringe. One for her obviously trying to appear politically informed by supporting Pennsylvania because of the election. And two because she is obviously trying to pretend to be into sports in order to get some fuckbois attention. Let me guess Moo. You’re now “not like all those other girls who complain when the game is on”?

No. 804929

Elections are not done though. Georgia has 2 extremely important run off elections that will determine who holds majority in the Senate. She COULD be using her platform to educate her GA simps about that, but I doubt she follows the news at all.

No. 804931


>“I’m going to bring up the mask debate so my idiot followers stop asking who I voted for”

Also, this is rich coming from the girl who is still going to parties despite the number of Covid cases being the worst they’ve been since the start of the pandemic.

No. 804935

sorry for sports trivia but that is a Troy Polamalu jersey which she is probably sperging about since he got into the hall of fame but because of her shitty coloring in the photo and not showing the team emblem of the jersey people can misconstrue that she is wearing a Brett Favre Green Bay jersey who endorsed Trump. So if this is an attempt at showing her political fealty then she messed it up again

No. 804936

you’re right, I was confused because I could tell it was a Steelers jersey but you can see people in the comments saying “go pack go” it could just be sportsfags jerking off their team in the comments since there’s a few of those but after looking at it again and seeing how it does look green I’m a little convinced

No. 804945

You guys are giving her way too much credit, we know Moo. She doesn't care who is in the white house/ hall of fame. But she does care about trends/ what guy in her life gives a shit. If anything Kevin cares or some other guy does and she wants to impress with how into that thing there!

No. 805020

File: 1605480901689.png (724.88 KB, 470x892, 41DB8A8A-AF73-496C-9C78-1ED0AA…)

Also Moo: 13+ person gathering one month ago, no facemasks or social distancing

No. 805024

File: 1605481805133.png (214.39 KB, 400x400, mbnewprofession.png)

if true then

No. 805026


Well she definitely has the shoulders to play linebacker lol.

No. 805029

Vamp Mentioned she got covid but i didn't bother capping it weeks ago

No. 805032

When did she mention getting covid?

No. 805051

File: 1605502331625.jpg (1.02 MB, 539x943, Q19xi2H.jpg)

Can't cap it but she made another tiktok of her Greg Universe makeup and her nose is 90 percent muddy contour.

No. 805052

In a story a few days or a week ago. It wasnt recent she got it. I assumed someone would cap it for the calves and now I'm regretting not doing it myself.

No. 805053

File: 1605504279923.png (3.72 MB, 1800x1206, 59AF4F71-9167-4986-992D-73E83C…)

I got chu fam

No. 805055

In her Tik tok where she lipsyncs to the Miley Cyrus cover of the Arctic Monkeys song she doesn’t even know the words

No. 805059

File: 1605505753453.jpeg (479.42 KB, 750x1196, BE1C5D33-0620-450A-8CF7-AEE0DD…)

Finally an accurate cosplay.

Greg Universe is a fat, obnoxious, big nosed slob that looks like he seldom showers.

I’ve actually always thought she kinda looks like Steven and Greg in a way

No. 805061

is this the same wig she used for the orc cosplay?

No. 805062

How much longer until Moo cosplays the implied incest sweet home alabama steven+greg fusion?

No. 805063

File: 1605507908182.jpg (706.73 KB, 480x901, 2LUOaFI.jpg)


Also more Pochaco coming. I wonder if the other pink wig on her table is Moo's Francis Drake wig? Or maybe a Moo OC wig she's making, since she changed her icon to her OC's art? I'm speculating of course

No. 805065

File: 1605509948185.jpg (670.23 KB, 533x940, QPUFafg.jpg)

captioned "hide my power" like she's mad someone called her fat or something

No. 805070

File: 1605518623088.jpg (210.41 KB, 1080x1745, 20201116_012157.jpg)

No. 805074

Brand new Pochaco wig, and you can all but guarantee she'll still be using those same toilet paper tube headphones she always has.

No. 805077

I was thinking about that, how isn't she embarrassed every time she shoots with miso who actually has decent sonico headphones?

No. 805092

File: 1605554483118.jpeg (246.47 KB, 828x1111, 6933E846-152A-4F0A-BB1F-8F0B40…)

i’ve had enough of momo littner to last me a lifetime. god

No. 805093


No. 805094

File: 1605557105177.jpg (445.61 KB, 1023x930, Screenshot_20201116-150454_Tik…)

mariah get boots that fit your calves challenge

No. 805095

Momo's fans are pretty dumb or never step outside and see real humans. Nothing on Momo is real, not even her hair

No. 805106

She’s been honest about some of her procedures too, didn’t she put a list of what she’s had done in Instagram comments lately?

No. 805107

Bold of you to assume her fans could read lol. But yeah, she’s mentioned in multiple clapbacks at people in comments what she’s had done, her followers are just too stupid to read/take in that information.

No. 805108

She always says lipo twice. Only.

No. 805113

Did she get anything other than lip injections, abs and chin cool sculpting, and lipo on her neck, arms, back, midsection and thighs?

No. 805123

when did she get lipo on her arms? i don't remember that. if she's had lipo on her arms and theyre still as fucking massive as they are now, that's just sad.

No. 805139

> 4.0

just let it be over with at this point

No. 805153

she got the breast reduction? Idk if that matters in this context though

No. 805154

I wouldn’t be surprised if she had cheek fillers too. Also didn’t she get lipo at least twice on her midsection, or was it on thighs?

No. 805185

it doesn't since she uses it to brag

No. 805238

File: 1605652619488.jpeg (378.35 KB, 750x888, B77E48F1-9F67-4AF8-B27B-DE1A8B…)

A big bitch. Her face looks like a wax figure more and more everyday.
Also at least she admits that she has no creativity or such.

No. 805248

File: 1605655419674.jpg (757.22 KB, 504x940, cci4sQR.jpg)

Sperging because ~the tiktok kids~ wanna know what procedures she's had. Apparently.
>has always been ~thick thighed tho~ but she had a belly
>had lipo 4 times, all done awake and not put under
>recent procedure was in March for a "revision" to get rid of her scar tissue in her upper abdominals
>says best thing to do is calories in, calories out calorie deficit diet and working out. Says doing "40 mins. lifting weights, 20-30 mins. of cardio can, like, literally change your body

I'll watch out for a part 2. This isn't all the shit she's had done. We know that.

No. 805249


Except when someone calls her out for being the lazy, no talent, trashy thot she is those garbage tier “cosplays” are the first thing she tries to point to show what a “creative genius” she is and “how hard she works everyday”.

She only says shit like this in a vain attempt to appear “humble”. But her default is to instantly want to flex on people and immediately shut down any criticism with but a whisper.

No. 805250

Even after all this time she feels like she's qualified to give people health advice

No. 805252


At this point she might as well just tell people “Just save up thousands of dollars and get lipo done every couple of months like I do. Then lie to anyone asking you what your routine is. And if they ask you to elaborate further, give them some generic bullshit about watching calories”. Failing that, just sperg out about how your dad used to be a bodybuilder and how he practically passed down all his knowledge to you.

Any one with functional eyes and common sense can see a fat pig like her has no business giving any sort of health advice.

No. 805255

She always starts bragging about her totally real whole food diet and workout routine either right before or right after she's had a new procedure done. Lines up, since anons have been speculating recently if she's done anything new.

No. 805259

File: 1605658597056.jpg (70.97 KB, 1280x720, A turtle made it to the water.…)

Looking like the Tortals from World of Warcraft more each day

No. 805317

Tortollans, anon.

No. 805318

I wanna say it was the lipo job done prior to the most recent? Because she did arms and stomach and I think chin sculpting all around the same time.

Unfortunate that she did it though because they look hammier than ever.

No. 805328

retarded nitpick but how cheap does the shelf behind her look. she didn’t even take off the sticker on the bottom

No. 805352

Honestly, I used to be a fan, but once I heard of all the disgusting things she's done I immediately stopped liking her. That and she's gotten way grosser since she started.

No. 805363

>I used to be a fan
I have to know. Why??

No. 805365

Jesus these threads are becoming more and more shit with each iteration.

Seems to focus on these topics: "she fat! she fat and cosplaying like she sexy!(and she can't do that cuz she fat!!!!!) she fat AND doing SEX stuff!??!?! and now she didn't vote!!!!!(because popular vote is the only thing and not electoral, amirite?)" I get it, most of y'all are apparently size 00.

I used to like these threads, but this has gotten so stale and only come by to check to see what's new…which is nothing. Geezus, I guess these threads will die when she does ffs. Saged for being triggered i guess.

No. 805366

God. How can she thinks this looks good? Her face is horrifying. Every time she gets more plastic surgery, she looks more and more like anon art.

No. 805371


some doctor-in-training could write a fucking case study on her and Trasha Paytas over-use of lipo. Just monitor for 10 years or something and note their franken bodies decay

sorry lol, it just horrifies me knowing they're so obsessed with immediate gratification so sage

No. 805376

geez even with the filter she looks like an old hag. She looks 20 years older compared to the other picture

I also miss the days where Momo felt safer with her lies. How she thought linguistics meant she knew multiple languages was a golden era

No. 805383

shes not even registered to vote so neither of those matter. if the presentation bothers you so much, why dont you contribute something else or make the op?

dumb cunt wants to tell everyone what "works best" when shes the one who opted for lipo 4 times prior to counting. i can smell the projection from here, saggy fuck wants more lipo.

No. 805389

File: 1605748148421.jpg (42.76 KB, 768x432, tess-holliday-fitness-fb.jpg)

I knew Momo reminded me of someone body wise! It has just always threw me off. If Momo didn't get Lipo every month she would look like a young Tess Holiday.
Except Tess has a less aged face despite being older. Never do drugs and drink water kids

No. 805391

To think Momo spends thousands a month to keep her face looking like it's melting. How can she literally look into the mirror?
Applying make up with her phone's filter must be depressing

No. 805403

Found the fatty.

No. 805407

I was never big on social media, so I didn't know of about all the shit she did at the cons. And before she got super gross she wasn't that bad a complainer. Of course now she's fucking awful

No. 805409

Fatty spotted. Also if all people talked about was her biggest scandals there wouldn't be 116 threads lmfao are you okay anon

No. 805414

Yeah she was. She was always an issue. Even as a teen she would brag about how she would kill her mom for the wrong phone or car. Something stupid. She's always been a loud mouthed cunt.

No. 805422

maybe lose some weight and you'll stop seeing yourself in moo and taking all the GOSSIP on the GOSSIP website to heart? or just idk, stop reading them since you're sooo much better than all of us kek

No. 805427

I mean, Moomoo herself is getting less and less interesting. Her "career" has just been going downhill since the groping + ADHD scandal. Honestly she's just an irrelevant sex worker now and the same topics and nitpicks always come back every thread. It's still fun to watch sometimes, though.
But there's no use in complaining about that, just don't check the threads anymore if you're not interested, anon.

No. 805429

Also didn’t she bully some people to the verge of suicide? And can’t forget about her doxxing another cosplayer who then had to leave the whole community.
Moo is truly just the worst person, who’s now just a botched fat sex worker, too bad there haven’t been much milk lately.

No. 805442

I'm surprised no one's posted this monstrosity yet. NSFL

No. 805443

File: 1605802784574.jpg (Spoiler Image, 224.83 KB, 720x1180, 20201119_101856.jpg)

Forgot to attach file above like a dumbass.

No. 805444

File: 1605802827104.jpg (Spoiler Image, 166.95 KB, 720x1187, 20201119_101843.jpg)

No. 805449

Gotta love how "working so hard every month" means working on seasonal themed cosplay during the season, not before to have it ready for the season. Its mid November. You're lazy Mariah.

No. 805450

An actual sleep paralysis demon

No. 805451

The last thing a buffet line sees… she’s just gonna keep using those pig ears isn’t she? Well it is fitting I suppose.
As for the redundancy of mood threads… the downward slope in the last six months has been hilarious. I’m just waiting for the inevitable badly shot and edited bukkake porn she has to pay guys to participate in because it’s “UWU so kawaii and authentic!” And her “lewdest thing ever” where she charges more than anyone else (when you pay by the pound you pay more though). So while redundant She will eventually top her stupidity with another horror show.

No. 805453

File: 1605808236595.png (1.66 MB, 1080x1279, sketch-1605808200089.png)

No. 805460

please let this be the next thread pic, omg

No. 805465

She does this all the time. She has no concept of planning. She does all her Halloween shoots right at the end of the month just to be released during November. Instead of planning and prepping her shoots a month earlier so they could be released in October. She does it for every holiday set and I’m confused as to why no one tells her to get her shit tigether.

No. 805467

File: 1605825987282.png (2.83 MB, 1242x2208, F7F6549A-09A3-44AF-9FC2-133E14…)

She really chose now, during a dangerous spike in Covid cases in Nevada, to drag her toadies to a cooking class… way to set an example Mariah.

No. 805468

I am resisting a-logging the fuck out of her right now. All the cows are out and about, cooking classes, cosmetic plastic surgery, shopping irl, etc. It's insane how completely removed they are from all people and reality. I will wage money on Moo getting a bunch of people seriously sick. Americans #1 shitheads.

No. 805469

She, and every other privileged shithead like her, are seriously out of touch with reality. Moo has no excuse not to quarantine when she makes literal tens of thousands a month, rents an extravagantly spacious house and has the ability to have necessities delivered to her during lockdown. But no, “muh freedoms” are more important than keeping others safe.

(Lol not to mention she risks going out to learn how to make fucking dim sum but didn’t muster the same effort to fucking vote? Jfc Moo. Priorities.)

No. 805471

Of all the things to do right now a cooking class is def up there among the dumbest. It would require that she take her mask off a bunch to taste things right?

No. 805472

File: 1605831334146.png (1.72 MB, 1242x2208, 9DB4CA8F-C3F2-4AB7-A0E1-672F28…)

But of course. In this story, they all have their masks off/pulled down. I guess they were celebrating Cat’s birthday(?) Which goes to show that every one of these selfish assholes has no regard for the health of anyone around them (like the employees there to entertain these pathetic morons) because they think they’re entitled to have fun regardless of a deadly pandemic. Fuck them all, no wonder this country is in the state it’s in.

No. 805473

She isn't there to learn to cook, she's there to teach her live in slaves to cook for her

No. 805474

I mean, that’s a given. Moo doesn’t just /give/ people things without wanting something in return. I hope the golden goose will be the one paying for their medical bills since she feels the need to put lives on the line for crap like this.

No. 805475

File: 1605834058942.png (6.38 MB, 1242x2688, 125E6710-B32F-422C-8BB7-748198…)

hoo boy

No. 805476

She didn't help her friend when she passed out at a con. In fact she told people that her friend was just looking for attention and proceeded to talk shit about them until they quit cosplay. If any of her lackies get covid they're on their own and they better suffer in silence

No. 805477

her head keeps getting smaller lmao I don't know if it's the filter or what but she looks like she was cut out of construction paper and magazine pictures of different people and pasted together

No. 805478

oh man. If that is an evangelion prop, I cannot wait to see her sperg about it. Please, enlighten us on the ending moo.
it is funny how disproportionate her body is

No. 805479

File: 1605835237683.png (381.51 KB, 428x770, 4352345345464.png)

Looks like you're right anon.

No. 805480

Can't wait for her to go on a homophobic rant about how they are all straight and people need to stop pushing their gay agendas on straight characters

No. 805481

…is there a reason why such a relatively simple prop would cost so much?

No. 805482

If it was made of metal

No. 805483

I looked it up, it's one solid piece of steel.

No. 805484

Because dumb clout-chasing thots like Moo will pay for it.

No. 805485

The funny thing about is this isn’t even a fairly accurate replica kek

No. 805486

File: 1605837629363.png (12.51 KB, 340x262, 1C93A8F0-BCB3-4255-BE72-B18242…)

It seems like Moo just likes burning money, like why spend nearly 1.5k on a fucking spear that isn’t even accurate?

No. 805487

so much for the fake invisalign

No. 805488

Does she really watch eva or just doing it for clout or something

No. 805489

She’s just doing it for clout. Otherwise she wouldn’t drop one month of someone’s rent on an inaccurate spear :/(:/)

No. 805490

She watched it once and said it was overrated and she didn't understand it, and like >>805480 said, went on a giant rant about how everyone needs to stop pushing their "gay agendas" on Kaworu

No. 805491

watch her cosplay asuka now to show the haters how big of a fan she is

No. 805492

File: 1605839812692.jpg (140.5 KB, 768x1024, d0bc9a9cb46b592d53b8bccf0edcf7…)

she hated the show with a burning passion because a few years ago it was the favorite show of a cosplayer/judge she hated, Steph something. She was judging Moo's Mewtwo outfit that made zero sense and mentioned was poorly put together and wasn't competition worthy. In Steph's defense, she wasn't wrong

Funny thing was Momo was so butthurt but she didn't even sew this shitty kimono. It was Vamps

No. 805493

File: 1605839874534.png (144.73 KB, 640x1136, 1462428759176.png)

Her dumbass compared it to Pacific Rim years ago on twitter. But now that it's on Netflix, we all need to know she's Eva's biggest fan with this dumb $1k+ flex

No. 805494

Oh how far she has fallen. Look at those thin, villainous lips. Still looks better than her prolapsed dog vulva mouth.

No. 805495

She originally sperged about hating it because it was Steff von Schweez’s thing but since it became popular again when it was brought to Netflix, she’s suddenly THE BIGGEST FAN EVER. It’s not news she only does shit for clout and her interest in anime is limited to what’s available on Netflix or basic tier shit like DBZ/Inu-Yasha.

No. 805496

here she does look like a cheap off brand Jessica Nigiri. But now she looks like Jessica's mom trying to be hip

No. 805502

It's my friend's birthday! She's Asian! Let's bring her to a STIRFRY PARTY?

No. 805504

File: 1605845102461.jpg (Spoiler Image, 175.69 KB, 960x1280, lUzfuhq.jpg)

No. 805507

I know it doesn't matter since she will get attention for being topless but… bruh
are those gray hairs? It's not even just the hair. She looks like she's in her late 40's
There is no way this is a woman in her 20's that is wild

No. 805508

File: 1605846128786.png (2.09 MB, 1659x2048, Screenshot_20201119-232136.png)

r o u g h

No. 805510

I keep forgetting how short her real hair is. It has been stuck at this length for years now, like it can't grow past this point. Now you can see some gray hair growing from the roots.
I don't know if it's because of all the bleach or because her insides are that of a 300+ pound woman and her hormones are just out of whack

No. 805517

If she is going grey (and it really looks like it) its probably partly stress caused by obsessively lurking here and deleting the constant amount of hate she’s getting on TikTok and other accounts lol It must suck being the most hated person in her “profession” but she brought it on herself. Like, she has no other reason to be stressed because she doesn’t fucking work. (I’m sorry but her sitting on her ass while her friends dress her up and shoot/edit her photos isn’t work)

No. 805520

Really rockn’ that sad, botched, mom bod at the ripe old age of 25. But that’s what she wanted right? Since that’s the kink she plays to and all kek

No. 805528

I don’t even read this chick’s threads but I always figured she was in her 40s with some extensive plastic surgery. Damn.

No. 805531

maybe because her one looks more like a fork her size?

No. 805533

Looking through his instagram, there are a handful of nose jobs, and for the most part they look ok. The videos of some of them are intense af though.

No. 805534

File: 1605863059756.png (2.02 MB, 828x1792, AA8E1600-5730-4889-A644-1B2A6E…)

looking at this comment makes me assume she ONLY watched the rebuild movies, since they completely branch off from the anime and watching them won’t help you understand the last episode at all.

No. 805538

File: 1605865850219.jpg (728.62 KB, 1080x1772, Screenshot_20201120-044630_Chr…)

She tried and failed to one-up Gabby by wearing a Misato cosplay q few years back. Can't wait to see her fuck up eva even more.

No. 805539

File: 1605865955044.jpg (830.49 KB, 1079x1628, Screenshot_20201120-044731_Chr…)


This was around the time she was groping people dressed as female Gohan

No. 805540

File: 1605866312769.jpg (43.45 KB, 525x919, low effort.jpg)

I was inspired so have a low effort edit.

No. 805560

File: 1605889362988.png (1.49 MB, 1800x1546, 9550EE2D-0DF0-4CF8-B5A2-9C1CF7…)

Here she goes again with this crap. Who pissed her off now?

No. 805562

Lol her cooking plan probably didn't work out with whoever she was trying to impress.

No. 805563

That is actually a costume one of her paypigs made her wear back when she had the cosplay suggestion tier for $$$ on Patreon. It was particularly hilarious at the time since Moo previously oinked about how overrated and dumb Eva is.

No. 805564

Wasn’t she also charging $500 a month for that tier too until she “got around” to doing the person’s request? So that patron most likely spent more than $1k only for her to show up for the shoot in downtown Las Vegas with a sharpied on jacket, ratty wig and foam necklace.

No. 805567

drive by comment, why do her nipples look like that?

No. 805568

Kek. I appreciate this anon, it made me laugh.

No. 805569

Gee remember when she was shitting on eva to be hurdur edgy and making her friend(?) mad by saying it was a bad anime. Is it because the new Eva movie is starting to gain talk traction? What a predicable heifer

No. 805571

Imagine having this body and becoming a deformed blob with line backer shoulders. She looks like DK and this is not an attempt to be funny. She really does have the body type and even a walk where she hunches over like a gorilla.

Dumb bitch should have just added a slight amount of filler to the upper lift. Thot addictions are the best.

No. 805572

She's gonna chow down.

No. 805574

breast reduction when she was younger and skinnier. it seems to have totally fucked her nipples. and since she got fat after the reduction and her breasts grew even larger than before the surgery, they look like that now. she probably has no feeling in them at all.

No. 805577

Oh no bitch. Don’t cosplay Asuka. She’s thin and a child. Watch her lewd her too.

No. 805578

Yeah. She made only 2 of the cosplays asked of her from those tiers. She scammed the whole tier for like 3 years until she finally got rid of it, not to mention scamming about the Discord server, but deleting it and keeping it in the $30 tier for 2 years after that and yet when people asked "Oh, It's there, just needs to be activated". Simps are idiots who believe the long haul because of tits. It's so pathetic.

No. 805579

The saddest part of all is that it worked in the end, she got so hungry for money and attention we're at the point she's pissing on her mirror for cuck bucks.

Of course the ones she hasn't disgusted into dropping her at this point are the dudes with feeder and degregation fetishes. Well that and bob vageens, but that group goes after every woman online.

No. 805581

File: 1605898643289.jpg (436.92 KB, 720x1520, Screenshot_20201120-125636_Chr…)

Imagine paying 1500$ for inaccuracy when she could've payed 400$ for a more accurate spear, albeit not actual steel.

No. 805582

Well yea she has no feeling in them, remember her breast play video? Guy was so rough on them and she showed no reaction whatsoever.

No. 805583

She gets paid no matter what so she really doesn't care.

No. 805587

I have grey hair and I'm 24. You can get it from stress.

No. 805590

Honestly degrading herself for simp bucks really is Karma's work. So what if she gets loads of money, she's ruining her body to keep her simps around. Time will tell.

Also genetics play a factor as well.

No. 805596

Derailing but y'all realize its very likely just dry shampoo or baby powder, right? Mariah's hair is damaged, so even if she didn't shower for a few days, her ends will still be frizzy while her crown would be more greasy. It would also explain the stiffness of her bangs when we all know Mariah doesn't typically style herself.

No. 805600

Also, why steel? the idiot selling that thing and the idiot buying (moo) are the same. 3d printed props are so much lighter and easier to make accurate. This $400 is a good price and looks miles better. All Moo has now is an inaccurate steel lightning rod.

No. 805601

Also lol at her calling it the Spear of Longinus because isn’t it more commonly called the Lance of Longinus or Longinus Lance? wow such a big fan moo

No. 805604

Don't forget the physical rewards that never got/get sent out, and in fact she's still offering them. When was the last time we ever saw her mentioned?

No. 805606

exactly. for years she thought she was too good for porn and had such a high and mighty attitude that she would never need to do that. Until she made less than 10k a month at her lowest point and HAD to turn to porn. She doesn't want to admit she's wrong and now pretends she's proud she has to show her stained asshole for money.

Funny thing is she still thinks she's better than the average stripper. When they make more money than her and they are smart enough not to post their bits next to their real fucking name. It doesn't matter how business savvy she thinks she is, she will always be a stupid bitch for that move.

No. 805607

Spot on. It's definitely called a Lance. It was featured on both Eva and Bible black. Thought she'd know since she's such a huuuuge fan of both series.

No. 805608

the stupidest part is that she won't even be able to take the expensive one to cons in the future, so she just spent $1400 on an inaccurate photo prop for a series she only pretends to like. real W moo

No. 805609

File: 1605920337805.jpg (254.19 KB, 1440x1136, Screenshot_20201120-195839_Tik…)

god she's such garbage

No. 805611

doesn't realize they are not impressed. Just baffled why she spent more money to be inaccurate. That isn't impressive Moo, it just shows how stupid you are.
Anyone can rip off Moo and she wouldn't bat an eye because she has no concept for money

No. 805618

you know Moo bitches about being a golden goose a lot but she should be grateful some chad didn't pretend to like her and take a large amount of money from her and ditch her for a cutie pie
I can see Momo being so desperate if the right guy shows up that she straight up buys him a house

No. 805620

Well that's because Moo only wants taken guys and Asians, plus she's terrible to be around. I can't see anyone putting up with her long term for even a payout if it meant being intimate.

No. 805632

File: 1605936481564.png (3.65 MB, 1312x1800, 39C53EC4-DCAC-4B15-8915-6E7C8E…)

Surprised Moo’s flat/wide ass didn’t tear the kigu. It’s pretty damn close though.

No. 805636

I know deep down in my heart she’s gonna sperg soon about how much she loves EVA and how wearing a plugsuit is a dream of hers but god help me I’m not ready for it

No. 805638

File: 1605941924491.jpeg (59.33 KB, 680x301, EEDEDD2E-A2CA-41F8-AEA7-6B6408…)

No one is truly prepared for that sight and I’ve been here since the early threads.

No. 805639

Please make it happen. I think it has meme potential.

No. 805649

the setting is so nice though. imagine if she really tried.

No. 805651

File: 1605954101244.jpg (413.14 KB, 1920x1080, kda-all-out-eve-league-of-lege…)

are you new here? obviously she will cosplay what's trending. i love eve but at the same time i cant wait to see her into this. the absolute mess it will be

this is all the costhots tbh

No. 805654

No, but her thottery still baffles me. Anyways, still excited to see her make a fool out of herself again and again. Especially when she’s so late to every cosplay trend.

No. 805655

File: 1605958585594.png (91.21 KB, 684x420, yikes.png)

All the kigurumis I've ever seen are designed to be loose-fitting, comfortable loungewear and I'm sure that this one is no exception but god DAMN do those things look like a tight fit, especially on Moo. I am no stranger to Moo being a big bitch but for some reason seeing her fill up an entire kigurumi by herself is just a really fucking sad sight to see.

No. 805657

I've just noticed she's wearing a fanny bag at home. Why?

No. 805659

this is sooooooo ironic with the caption and the fact that she was groping people LMAO

No. 805662

I can't stop laughing she melted her cat to hide her size

No. 805679

I had the same thought. You're supposed to be swimming in a kigu and it's skin tight on her

No. 805684

Got to pretend she has a waist somehow muh dude!

No. 805699

File: 1605985865556.png (1.66 MB, 750x1624, EE63B1AB-F306-4D36-BC5F-10DF3C…)

I’m worried

No. 805710

Incoming ~onsen~ photoshoot, I suppose. Gotta make everything about this character sexual for the cuckbucks! Because y'know, a mom can't just enjoy a spa day with her pokemon.

No. 805716

Snow has a waist feature, so this is really funny. I love seeing is wobble because it forgets her face for a second or when the ass or waist glitches. It's so embarassing.

No. 805721


She sees practically every character as a “cock hungry cumslut who wants to drain your balls dry”. She is so creatively bankrupt that her first instinct is always to do nude, hyper sexualized versions of whatever she is cosplaying. She will take the most plain and boring character and have them on all fours begging for cock because she has no idea how to make a character appealing than automatically assuming her simps want to fulfill some gross sexual fantasy of the character by proxy of her.

It really speaks to her lack of overall talent and creativity that she is literally incapable of thinking anything else the moment she lays eyes on a character.

No. 805728

>automatically assuming her simps want to fulfill some gross sexual fantasy of the character by proxy of her

I don't disagree with your read but isn't that more or less exactly what her audience wants?

No. 805729

Shit dropped sage, sorry

No. 805739

are you aware you can delete a post within 30 minutes it has been made instead of shitting up the thread like this

No. 805745

She looks like Dahvie Vanity.

No. 805750

she's like a sonic fan when feet are shown on screen.

No. 805766

I'll be surprised if she still has the wig to slut this up. Even with her wig slave Maddy she rarely reuses wigs cause she doesn't take care of them at all. Even her Greg Universe reusing her orc wig looked extremely rough. And that was like what? A week or two apart in wearing?

No. 805785

Nta and that’s true, but the reason she cultivated this kind of audience over the years is because she is like this. Normal cosplayers get sexual comments too but their fans doesn’t get disappointed if they don’t whip their tits or ass out every time, unlike Mariah’s fans who have come to expect this.

No. 805807

File: 1606059719511.jpeg (401.63 KB, 1242x2515, 8144A340-CC67-4962-BF1F-FE5F9F…)

She ordered 200 of these, gifted a handful and sold what like 50? There’s over a hundred books just laying in her house, pathetic

No. 805819

Gifted? This is one of those things where someone gifts it and you have a hard time saying thank you. It really stands to show just how far up her own ass she is with her ego.

No. 805838

Yeah, would be weird to receive a book of nude photos of someone i knew, especially when they’re photoshopped so much you wouldn’t be sure it’s even the same person.

No. 805852

>only 131 remaining
so even her paycucks didn't buy it kek

No. 805853

She gifted around 12 I think. Makes you wonder which poor soul who didn't want this got it anyway.

No. 805858

I'm pretty sure majority of her sales were impulse purchases from that one convention she tabled at, sweaty neckbeards love to buy degenerate shit at conventions

No. 805860

Yeah, I was there at Lvl Up when she had it on full display with nothing censoring it. Not even just on the table but held up and elevated at the sides of her stall so kids could literally grab it and flip through. Which I’m sure happened because both her and Maddie were distracted a LOT, taking pictures, on the phone and not paying attention.
For all the braying she did about selling SO MUCH of them, it’s very telling when 130+ are still sitting there since February kek

No. 805861

I mean, why buy the book when you can download the images for free
That and I'm sure the guys who bought them did so to get 5 seconds of her attention in hopes she would fuck them

No. 805946

File: 1606153212162.jpg (Spoiler Image, 807.7 KB, 787x996, NWZkWuh.jpg)

the worse she's looked tbh

No. 805947

File: 1606153367769.jpg (Spoiler Image, 863.99 KB, 814x1004, BBkQNcJ.jpg)

her 12,000 step skincare routine working so well

No. 805951

They have got to stop putting the filler into her cupids bow. wtf

No. 805953


Holy fucking shit she looks beyond busted. I know we joke about her looking old but yikes, it’s never been more apparent than it looks here. Her lifeless expression, bloated lips and dead eyes aren’t helping matters either. How did she think this was a good look to post? It’s not intimate or alluring at all, it’s like seeing a waterlogged corpse getting a spa day.

No. 805954

They are overfilled to the max.

No. 805962

Jesus Christ if she looks 50 now what the hell is she gonna look like when she’s actually 50?

No. 805965

Looking like the old lady from the Shining. Her most on point cosplay i suppose.

No. 805966

File: 1606155887593.png (738.79 KB, 960x1004, Screen Shot 2020-11-23 at 1.22…)


No. 805970

Omg, her filler migration is so bad. Its so far above her lip now

No. 805971

Throw a blonde trump wig on her and it will look like she's golfing on the right.

No. 805983

What a poor choice of nail color

No. 806002

Yeah she is getting them over filled or improperly filled and shit is migrating. Bad fillers often create shelves like this but God damn mono go get that shit dissolved you idiot

No. 806004

what kind of mother admits to having their son follow a porn account and is okay with him
"accidently" ruining the print outs with god knows what

No. 806013

File: 1606177387584.jpg (34.32 KB, 379x428, YigNcGG.jpg)

Obligatory "I spent too much money so I need to make efforts to make money" post
How many times a month does she need to promise sets? How many dropped projects is this? Late projects that don't even make their respective holidays? Bonkers

No. 806037

holy fuck it's a joke you retard, learn 2 internet

No. 806040

This reads like one of the numerous accounts that RP her on Twitter lol. That’s how fake she sounds.
You can also expect her Christmas plans to go up late January or early February as per usual.

No. 806043


This literally looks just like the picture of Anna Nicole Smith's corpse that got leaked when she died.

No. 806047

File: 1606192033282.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.97 MB, 3840x5760, rscsiIX.jpg)

Damn Eric really fucking sucks at editing. It's like he learned from squarecuck but altered her face into uncanny valley x100

No. 806048

You aren’t kidding. Her face doesn’t even
Look like it’s attached to her
Fat ass

No. 806049

JFC….. why the hell would she even post this? Even she can't be delusional enough to think this actually looks good. This is what undiagnosed/untreated mental issues looks like, kids…

No. 806050

Looks like she's wearing a mask of Belle Delphine's cut off face.

No. 806051

all that editing to the face and didn’t even bother to fix her crusty lips?

No. 806054

This is literally the kind of selfie I’d take then realize my life is getting out of hand and I need to take better care of myself. You don’t post it or send it to anyone you delete it and take a hard look at what you can do differently tomorrow

No. 806055

lmao anon perfectly stated

No. 806059

File: 1606197485635.jpeg (963.39 KB, 3037x2281, B40893BD-9F0B-4E93-9811-008ED0…)

Sad how she manages to look gross in both photos.

No. 806060

What the fuck, really looks like a completely different person? Are her simps that dumb to just buy into that lol

No. 806067

Evolution from Nigri skinwalk to Belle Delphine skinwalk?

No. 806071

File: 1606208984758.jpeg (578.18 KB, 1242x1035, 838668F8-0730-4502-A393-D403C0…)

Did anyone else notice her ring is absolutely smushing her finger to the point it has a roll. My siiiides

No. 806074

This has it all. All the greatest hits. Overfilled swollen lips. Skin discolored to shit from eating like shit. Shit colored nails. Rings cutting off circulation in her fingers. Rolls and rolls for days. Discolored tits, pepperonis. Droopy eyes, horse jowls, acne. If she uploaded this as a #nofilter empowering “I’m beautiful just the way I am” send off then boy it fucking backfired.

What in the belle delphine skinwalker delusion…

No. 806075

Jesus Christ she looks like a dead stroke victim. Why would she mutilate herself like this, and then share it with the world as if it’s something she deserves adoration for?!

No. 806092

File: 1606227432063.jpg (312.02 KB, 1080x1970, 20201124_081553.jpg)

I just noticed her foot, like is it that hard to do decent photoshop

No. 806099

This is the type of comparison that low IQ guys will assume is just makeup and lighting instead of photoshop. It’s the same case with the Kardashians.

Is the shelf lip usually a sign of cheap fillers? I remember a lot of girls in Essex would get this kind of deformed shape because they usually got their work done by a local beautician instead of a proper cosmetic office

No. 806106

It's so funny to see her continue to do shitlip despite her having to see all the comments about it in her threads. She genuinely thinks it looks good.
Mariah, with all the money you literally pump into your lips, at least exfoliate and moisturize them. At least use a flattering lipstick color. I'm sure her cuckie umbran would love to rub honey and sugar on them for her. She's just as clueless about beauty as her neck beard fans unless it's a service she can pay someone to do for her.

No. 806112

File: 1606243682916.jpg (186.13 KB, 1200x1800, kWx0N9t.jpg)

Immediately made me think of one of these sex dolls tbh. Dead eyes overexposed skin tone cheap wig.

No. 806117

File: 1606244570128.jpeg (54.75 KB, 640x640, samephoto.jpeg)

holy fuck she straight up looks like foreverkailyn here

No. 806120

File: 1606245010396.jpg (16.8 KB, 292x288, Screenshot_20201124-110847_One…)

She's editing the posts in her phone. This is a premade photo edit using one of the settings on faceapp. Looks like one of the Hollywood ones.

No. 806122


This looks "good," but she doesn't even look like herself lmao.

No. 806124

She's just putting too much filler in period. She had a tiny upper lip and it could only hold so much before the filler started migrating. Iirc Kylie Jenner has a similar thing going with no makeup on but it's usually hidden with overlining and photoshop.

She could get them dissolved but they will definitely never look normal again. My guess is that she's going to hide behind shoop and filters for now but eventually fully embrace the botched bimbo aesthetic.

No. 806129

she's like a tlc double feature. "my 600lb botched nympho life"

No. 806130

Despite this being a horrible edit and becoming a new person… you can tell they shaved off 100 pounds and she's still massive. They had to air brush on a new skin to hide the editing mistakes. I'm still so morbidly curious about her actual state since all we see in unfiltered pics are her titts

No. 806147

She won't look like anything because she'll be dead if she keeps living like this

No. 806181

I… I genuinely think she can't get that ring off

holy shit I have tears down my face fuck diabeetus knuckles, this bitch is literally about to lose a finger bc she's too lazy to try and get a ring off

No. 806183

I'm sure it's a common occurrence for Momo to go to a jewelers and ask them to cut rings off her fingers and get new ones.
Girl should be pushin 300 pounds by now if it wasn't for all that lipo

No. 806189

File: 1606277294722.jpeg (2.92 MB, 1242x2594, F81FF65D-33DB-4BBC-AB02-C910E2…)

Her knees.

There is no way she is under 200 pounds

No. 806190

I’m beginning to think it would actually kill her if she showed any expressions/emotion in her shoots besides “Completely braindead/head vacant” and “shitty ahegao”.

No. 806192

All muscle, kek. Flabby stumps.

No. 806193

Don't forget her workout lines under her breasts! She's been working soooo hard!

No. 806196

File: 1606282570412.jpg (2.47 MB, 2560x2560, 20-11-25-00-33-50-965_deco.jpg)

seriously, she's a fucking orc and she can't be bothered to even attempt to look… angry? proud? anything but vaguely empty-headed? the audacity of calling herself a model lmao

No. 806198

I can’t with her lmao. Rolls over her knees? That’s something i never wanted to see. Was doubting the anons saying she’d be pushing 300lbs without lipo but not anymore. Her intestines are probably covered by a thick layer of fat.

No. 806199

For all those Skype acting classes they never told her about how to get into character or emote. Here I’ll help cause I know she reads here- orcs are perpetually angry and although you’re always telling everyone woo woo positive bullshit, moo just think about things that make you rage. Like the fact everyone liked collette better in your own cam shows. How no man will ever love you. Or how every other cosplayer you know is actually more
Respected because they aren’t trash fires . And all you have is some money. No skill sets no future no actual friends nothing. Now try to think about all that and rage! Be the orc! /sarcasm

No. 806201

kinda OT/random but she is fucking up her face so much with PS she's starting to look like blaire white

No. 806202

File: 1606289602763.jpg (776.33 KB, 1009x746, X5gbL6q.jpg)

Was curious to see if anything was missed since Moo never released her ~collab videos~. Discovered this horror

No. 806204

I'm like 99% sure that her Cartier jewelry is all high quality replicas. I feel like she's been more careful about showing them off compared to a lot of her other big purchases. I wouldn't be surprised.

No. 806206

Jesus, I knew she’s had the lipo/cool sculpting earlier this year from her IG stories, I just didn’t know it was this excessive. She didn’t go into detail on what was done but seeing that, I’m not surprised. She really does think lipo solves all her problems. Can’t wait to see her melted mess of a body once the cuckbucks dry up.

No. 806207

At this point she's basically just a living (melting) wax sculpture

No. 806208


Anytime someone asks how does she look like that and what are her workout tips all she’s says is “I got lipo!” She won’t admit to the dozen and more procedures she’s gotten. Boobs, chin, cool sculpt, multiple sessions of lipo on stomach, lipo on thighs, lipo on arms, pretty sure she had something done with her eyes, lost count of lip filler, cheek filler maybe?, more lipo, “HD sculpting” on legs, arms, stomach, thighs, etc etc

No. 806251

Has it ever occurred to her maybe some people ask for her “routine“ as what not to do to avoid looking like her? That’s probably just wishful thinking considering her fanbase is as dumb as rocks.

Didn’t she say she got her chin shaved too in one of the procedures? Lot of good that did her lol

No. 806252

Imagine if she started selling her lipo fat on onlyfans.

$50 for an ounce of flank fat - 10% off when you subscribe for 3 months!

TBH it's a legit opportunity for her to become relevant again

No. 806256

You know doctors will not give it to you because its bio, right?

No. 806259

Jesus fucking Christ. All that work and still looks like shit lmao. Any bets on her sperging out because of this… or is this old. Idk.

No. 806261

Says posted in march, but would love to see tiktok people call her out because like other anons said, she does only say she had 2 procedures and glosses over anything after the first two lipos. She's a liar and she's doing it on a kids app. How fucked up do you have to be to pander plastic surgery as authentic, all you to kids, and be half naked in sets you're taking off for fans on the side. It's so gross.

No. 806263

The thing is, she’s saying the number of sessions she’s had but she’s clearly not admitting just how many procedures she’s getting done per session. I can’t wait to see how ducked up she’s going to look in another year.

No. 806264

No, anon. She's literally only replied to a tiktok saying two lipo sessions. Even comments after told otherwise. She has only admitted to the first two, 3 years ago. She won't admit to chin, HD, everything that >>806202 mentioned. Not including the two lipo sessions anons have been able to point out because of fresh holes since her hike photo crap.

No. 806273

are you from the past? pay attention to the conversation.

No. 806287

File: 1606339754063.jpeg (2.41 MB, 3464x3464, D94CD8EB-4E2F-4FBD-AB57-DE6785…)

She ruins things in such a comedic way. The fraying and general frumpiness of this entire look has sent my sides into orbit. I’m really praying for her melted ass to do an Asuka plugsuit. I need the laughs. Saged for old pics.

No. 806289

File: 1606343086010.jpg (48.66 KB, 270x584, SNIJLwr.jpg)

Not my cap

No. 806292

Does she read these back to herself before sending them out? God it’s so embarrassing, shitty grammar and all.

No. 806295

I assume this is some kind of halloween shoot? She knows halloween was a month ago and November is almost over right?

No. 806297

It's literally this shoot >>803955

No. 806302

Oh no, is squarecuck taking her pussy pics now too?

No. 806313

that wonky eyelash is killing me

No. 806319

Naw prob just her in her room I can't see him as desperate as he is for her money going this far.

No. 806320

File: 1606377790360.png (5.06 MB, 1242x2208, 48FCD188-A385-471E-BFC6-0988AC…)

DK shoot when, Moo?

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