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File: 1534469521674.jpg (262.69 KB, 826x700, 1534364010981.jpg)

No. 563425

First thread: First >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>561909

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, xmariahmalladx, momoscats
Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile


IG Stories Archive: https://isdb.pw/mariahmallad

Google Drive:

Attn: Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/snow/386826, >>>/snow/644215
The Basics:
>The original “Thicc Samus”
>has received 2+ lipo sessions in attempt to create some sort of figure, all while lying about weight loss through exercise and diet
>is laughably bad at making own cosplays; buys and commissions 90% of her costumes and props, neglects to properly credit the commissioner or store (see: David Han/KoreanBarbq, Cookie Kabuki Cosplay, myOppa, “Waisetsu Missile” creator Taropun)
>rips off designs/ideas from smaller creators in the community then backpedals when she’s found guilty
>claims money is “hard earned” through her half assed, overly photoshopped sets priced at high marks; scams patrons by claiming 3-5 “teaser pictures” are exclusive when in reality they ARE the whole set.
>has delusions of grandeur; beefs up certain things she does so she looks more important than she is. Isn’t above using her social media status for free convention badges or getting into “exclusive events”
>despite earning 10k+ a month through Patreon, she still ghosts conventions and begs for money
>likes to pretend to be a fan of a series, expresses warped knowledge of said series so she is in the right, gate keeps and posts spoilers despite hating it when others do so
>professional backpedaler with a lack of remorse; has lewded young characters for photosets, said she sexually assaulted multiple acquaintances due to her ADHD, said really controversial statements/rants that paint herself in a negative light, but she still doesn’t accept what she does wrong
>in addition she preaches the false narrative of “positivity in the community” while she targets, attacks and exiles people once they speak up against her. She wants to be a fattie cosplayer messiah in her echo chamber of yes men
>Momokun is a sexual predator
>Moo forgets a cam site for adult content isn't Twitch; proceeds to take donations for sitting on her ass and not ~doing nudes~
>cam site patrons prefer Vamps over Moo as she actually does what she's asked and is nice. Moo looks dead inside from the lack of attention. Moo also skeeves Vamps out by saying random things Vamps never heard of before, proving Moo lies about everything and anyone she's with
>"Depression Stuff" rant (amoung other recorded shenanigans) enraged and disgusted Twitter.
>after however many months, Midna Ash and Sabrina Nichole finally dump Moo
>is still doing that Nero suicide scene even though its a bad idea
>Moo stacks foundation like she dipped her face in batter

No. 563428

Vamp is setting up for her stream, let the fun begin lads.

No. 563429

File: 1534469899685.png (822.7 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2018-08-16-18-35-26…)

For anyone out the loop: 7 pm PST for her Cam. Its 637 her time

No. 563431

File: 1534469934748.webm (6.08 MB, 1208x680, weedweight.webm)

I was waiting for the new thread to post this

No. 563432

Is she driving with the phone in her hand again…

No. 563433

File: 1534470016563.png (677.87 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2018-08-16-18-35-50…)

No. 563434


Bitch, where?

No. 563435

No. 563437

Vamp talking in chat

No. 563438


She's been setting up for a while. I wonder if Moo gave her orders to start at 7

No. 563439

File: 1534470180693.webm (733.75 KB, 640x1136, 1847548853097962556_217175041.…)


You better believe it.

No. 563440

File: 1534470316760.png (2.37 KB, 183x63, 11256548123.PNG)

>interested in: male

well, safe to say the lesbian narrative is over.

No. 563441

File: 1534470316982.png (9.53 KB, 422x102, KEK.PNG)

Even in Vamp's chat they're dissing Mariah :')

No. 563442


>Stage Name: Vamplette

>Interested in: male

No. 563443

She's going to fucking kill someone on the road one day if she keeps it up.

No. 563445

worst part is her lard ass would probably save her from the crash too

No. 563446

No. 563448

File: 1534470638884.png (5.5 KB, 338x72, 3db7201299a17929b41d81df4b94ef…)

No. 563449

ThorneChan's tweets are almost at 500 retweets so Mariah is being shat on all over twitter again

No. 563450

File: 1534471073297.jpeg (98.64 KB, 640x527, 7C7E4719-2DE7-47CB-867B-3180DD…)


No. 563451

This chat is gold LOL.

No. 563452

I forgot to clip it and I don't remember exactly where it was but she was asked if she was going to Dragoncon.

Her response No was it was too soon because of… and then trailed off.

She still expects this to all blow over.

No. 563453

It looks like her and Vamp are both planning on streaming at 7pm.

Did Mariah really think that she was going to win that competition?

No. 563455

aaaand she's live

No. 563457

vamp started right now
mariah just got online

No. 563458

Lost weight from quitting smoking cannabis? Yeah. Fucking. Right. Where did it go?

No. 563459


Currently Moo has 325 watchers and Vamp has 98.

No. 563460

Should we make a thread to live chat for the cam shows?

No. 563461

File: 1534471420101.gif (1.7 MB, 498x278, tenor.gif)

>I love my body more now

No. 563462

File: 1534471486642.png (531.05 KB, 1319x472, 47355205110adaaea4dbad237d3736…)

the comments in mariah's stream are disgusting. this is her fanbase

No. 563463

If Mariah's really trying to stream at the same time as Vamp for "revenge" for yesterday, she's really eager to have her feelings hurt.
Even if Elphaba just does the same standard twerking to summer bops every couple of minutes, she's still got better sense, a better body and a better face with her mouth closed. I'm here for Moo's last lapdog to realize she doesn't need her but that's unlikely.

No. 563464

you see the difference between Vamp's and hers… Vamp's chat is really respectful to her unlike the pervs Mariah gets

No. 563465

File: 1534471556120.jpeg (73.7 KB, 639x333, 60DC2E40-C112-4E9E-B7F3-06F272…)

She didn’t even try to look good

No. 563466

File: 1534471557963.jpg (85.1 KB, 849x498, hhh.jpg)

here she is

No. 563467

. . . Is she rally wearing that ugly ass banana hoodie?

No. 563468

Maybe they don't know Vamps is streaming? Also, tragic that the girl who actually has "cam girl manners" is with the lesser patrons

No. 563469

the fact that Vamp is fully dressed (for now) and her audience ain't giving her shit for it says alot. She's far better and charming at this than Mariah could ever be

No. 563470

Lmao in her classic outfit too

God she looks so Fucking busted

No. 563471

i'm going to go to vamp's room srsly fuck moo lol

No. 563472

Meanwhile Vamp is looking well groomed and is being polite in chat.

Momokunt vs Moochlette begins!

No. 563473


>I don't really care about a goal

Way to motivate your audience.

No. 563474

Vamp looks great in her stream. She took the time to get herself right and is being interactive and flirty with chat.

Mariah looks like she just threw whatever on, didnt shower, and is acting like it's twitch

No. 563475

she didnt even bother to cake up. this bitch is so sloppy. atleast vamp looks decent

No. 563476

She's just editing videos today. wow

vamp is cute and bouncy, mariah looks annoyed af

No. 563477

Recordanon here,

I'm so sad I have to record the dumpster fire over Vamps entertaining stream

No. 563478

She just wants to try to make a power move is Vamp doesn't get enough people. Like "See… yesterday was a fluke with you. I got more people see?"

No. 563479


Exaclty. So sounds so god damn pissed. She isn't even bothering to give a shit.

No. 563480

It's a huge contrast compared to Vamp's chat.

No. 563481

Fuck that. Record Vamp!

No. 563482

Is there anyone who can record some of Vamp's stream in case there's crossover milk? Moo looks so pissed off that I have a feeling shit might go down, even if its just a bitchy call.

No. 563483


But the milk, she almost called the camgirls whores again

No. 563485

Nevermind. Record Mariah. She looks like she is about the flip shit

No. 563486

Vamp is currently talking about cosplay and no one in the chat is giving her shit for it

Mariah must be seething with rage

No. 563487

Camversity makes my firewall insane, it's pissing me off.

No. 563488

File: 1534471948698.png (1.47 MB, 1088x608, awesome stream.PNG)

she is completely checked out

No. 563489


She looks done with it already.

No. 563490

oh my god moo is pissed the fuck off lol this is amazing, i hope vamp makes a few hundred tonight hahah

No. 563491

Are people here seriously saying Vamp is “cute” and singing her praises? I know she isn’t as gross as Mariah but let’s not get carried away. She’s still a 30 year old leech.

No. 563492


Yes and ofcourse we want them to praise her as much as possible, it will piss Moo off so much

No. 563493

Moo can't have her friends outshine her. Just look at Nana and Thorne. Now that she sees that people love Vamp, she's going to turn into a competitive shitbag.

No. 563494

She isn't cute but she sure is hell better than Moo at this. She's talking and her music isn't clipping the mic
And Vamp had the decency to tag her cam as non-nude

No. 563495

I honestly cannot wait until the inevitable day that Vamp finally wriggles out from beneath Moo.
Maybe it's just wishful thinking, but I feel like it'll be soon. The fact that everyone else seems to be getting fed up is making me hopeful.

No. 563496

she’s really going to read these cucks
BOOKS and not set a goal?

No. 563497

File: 1534472148765.png (652.84 KB, 945x519, 7c54889abaf800bd90eea63d662d5a…)

Vamp's Stream for comparrison

No. 563499

Good, let her. Then maybe Vamp will finally get away from her. I may be stupid but I still hold out hope that Vamp is just too enmeshed in Moo's abusive shit to see her for what she really is.

No. 563500

I wonder how many bitchy texts Vamps is getting?

No. 563501

Tbh vamp would be pretty cute just with a nose job. Not even worry about the teeth right now. She doesn’t have bad features, they are just so overshadowed with how awful her nose is.
I hope Mariah is seething. Maybe vamp will be tipped enough and can get a nose job soon lol

No. 563502

Agreed. It's kind of crazy to see the difference between their streams.

No. 563503

I think vamp isn’t a bad looking girl at all. She’d be pretty if it wasn’t for her teeth and nose tbh

No. 563504

Whatever makes Moo feel like shit it needs to be done.

No. 563505

I can't watch but are people being friendly to Vamp and not ragging on her and are they ragging on Mariah? The fact that I can't experience this shitshow is killing me lol.

No. 563507

Yep. Complimenting Vamp is going to get under Moo's skin so much since she wants to bring as many people as she can down with her.

No. 563508


That's a good summary, Vamp's chat is being nice, even about cosplay and video games.

No. 563509

Her nose ain't bad tbh.

Vamps stream is super chill. People at talking to her and it's really civil

No. 563510

File: 1534472439153.jpg (9.91 KB, 300x252, shooting-yourself-in-the-foot[…)

someone asked "are you sick?"
and she said "no i just look like this all the time"

No. 563511

File: 1534472456554.png (25.39 KB, 357x341, d440dd52d0ba0ef1d35d2f90a7fae0…)

Vamp's Chat

No. 563512

Neither of them have any tips so far

No. 563514

File: 1534472467216.jpg (74.04 KB, 997x369, kkk.jpg)

side by side lmao moo is pissed af

No. 563515

Yeah. The teeth aren't the problem, her nose is. She's even got a proper thicc ass for twerking unlike fatfuck Moo. It's so unfortunate that she chooses to remain under Moo's thumb.

I can only imagine the fucking truckload of milk Vamps is sitting on.

No. 563516

Moo is raging so hard right now

No. 563517

File: 1534472489785.png (32.82 KB, 356x464, vamp chat.png)

Yes. Also regarding the time slot comment, Vamp said
>I don't think that was her intention? I didn't put a set time. I just said after work. Idk

No. 563518

on Vamp's stream, someone asked how she felt about Mariah trying to steal her views by streaming at the same time, and Vamp replied kinda dejectedly with, "I don't think that was her intention…"

At the exact same time, Mariah says, "I won't do nude, but Collette is streaming right now and she might be doing some fun stuff".

No. 563519

Vamp is poking fun at herself and her tooth. She seems like a real person when not around Mariah

No. 563520

Three days in abd she’s so obviously done and over it. Everyone anyone mentions vamp she gets so pissy. You still have three months of this Mariah!

No. 563521

thanks anons

No. 563522

But imagine how much it would crush her to see that her lapdog is getting more attention tho

No. 563523

File: 1534472608828.jpg (724.61 KB, 1403x748, Inkedgvgvyg_LI.jpg)

hahahaha shes so pissed

No. 563524

boy camversity sure did choose a good person to advertise their site

No. 563525

fucking brutal

No. 563526

Recordanon here,

When I was rewatching her first stream, she said she is doing 20 streams a month for 3 months.

We are only 3 out of 60 guys

No. 563527

she literally just went "REEEEEEEE"

No. 563528

Anyone with tokens should Tip Vamp, she deserves it if any of you have the capacity

No. 563529

Seriously. Seeing Vamp have a good time and have a genuinely nice makes me want to try it myself even though I wouldnt do any camgirl stuff

She's a better representative

No. 563530

what a bitch lol at least Collette has the decency to tag it non-nude jfc

No. 563531

genuinely nice chat*

No. 563532

Vamp is making me want to hang out with her. She seems really chill. Mariah is making me want to not watch her at all

No. 563533

Yeah I don't want to seem like a WK because Vamp has been awfully shitty before, but on camera she's very likable. Engaging, makes small talk easily, laughs and smiles a lot and isn't looking at her phone every five seconds. She's asking the chat questions and responding to every comment.
The biggest difference to me is that when she talks about her hobbies like games and drawing and anime you can see she ACTUALLY means it and is passionate about them, not just the "yes/no" or random sperging to seem like The Biggest Fan that Mariah does. She comes off as very genuine.

No. 563534

LOL Vamp's chat is asking to see her Pokemon plush collection while Moo's chat is dragging her for not showing tits.

No. 563535

File: 1534472896558.jpg (17.59 KB, 262x215, ch.jpg)

good to see that chin procedure having worked so well

No. 563536

Ehhh…now this I'm not so sure about

No. 563537

I low-key always liked Vamp, she always came off as genuine to me. It's just that moo moo always dragged her shit down, so I hope this calming thing works for her and continues to make mariah mad

No. 563538

And people are being respectable towards Vamp. Probably because she didn't tell her audience that she has a pregnancy fetish, swallows cum, will give jerk off instructions, etc. Moo wanted that audience and now she has it.

No. 563539


She actually interacts and politely declines weird comments. Thats someone who is somewhat mature. In contrast to mooriah who is REEEEing so hard right now and completely ignores the chat.

No. 563540


In fairness, the more Vamp gets support, the more likely she may be able to escape Moo if that is indeed in her plans at all.

No. 563541

File: 1534472952081.png (10.03 KB, 338x62, Screenshot_73.png)

No. 563542

She had 1200 viewers yesterday with vamp. She has about 350 today. Good job CamV really bringing in those new viewers

No. 563543

she said she's not even doing the promised mukbang or any eating because she already ate

No. 563544


Might have missed it, but it's obvious she saw the comment and mumbled "fuck off" under her breath

No. 563545

File: 1534473033600.jpg (39.25 KB, 498x289, w.jpg)

No. 563546

God I wish I could have screencapped her face when she read this, she looked shook.

No. 563547

I hope Moo starts to stress eat, fuck the 'mookbong'. I wonder if she has shitty cholesterol already? It's got to be bad.
t. medfag.

No. 563548

I mean her maturity is pretty questionable. But she is actually respecting the camming profession at least

No. 563549

Do you guys remember when it seemed like vamp was finally going to break free of Mariah's clutches and how all the Twitter costhots started promoting and interacting with her? She could have it so good, yet she still sticks up for a trash heap. She could probably get in good with the cam community just for being normal and not a filthy little ogre like mariah

No. 563550

File: 1534473089262.png (598.87 KB, 690x444, a face.png)

No. 563551


Don't worry I got it recorded.

No. 563552

3rd stream and she's already clocked out. How she's going to do this months I have no clue

No. 563553

File: 1534473232547.jpg (9.51 KB, 217x320, 29e.jpg)

No. 563554

Vamp is really interacting with her chat and not a phone in sight unlike Moo who is so fucking awkward.

No. 563555

The fact she has set no goal, that has to be an issue with camv. They make money from tips so the fact she has set no goal or center discourages tips has to be fucked.

No. 563556


She straight up said at the beginning that she "doesn't really care about that"

No. 563558

Yes Vamp is better than Momo personality and look wise, but please stop stanning her. Don’t forget she’s still an awful person. Viciously defending Momo on twitter and attacking people, messaging Nana on Momo’s behalf calling her a liar, being generally rude online to anyone who dares says something about Momo.

No. 563559

Vamp with a very polite turndown to masturbating on camera. Her goals are reasonable too. I think that if her streaming goes well, she will finally break away from Momokun

No. 563560

God, I hope someone caught this

No. 563561

Someone post the link to vamps room on moomoos chat

No. 563562

No. 563563

Doing the vamp commentary here:

No. 563564

Just the kind of face dudes looking to jerk off want to see, I'm sure. Couldn't she have washed her face and done something with her hair? She always looks like a such a fucking slob. I hope her paypigs are disillusioned by the sight of their queen doing her 'crazy bag lady' cosplay.

No. 563565

Moo's previous calves acted a bit cunty to protect her before seeing the light. Vamp just happens to be THE grand master of all calves and closest to Moo. Is she mentally that brainwashed by Moo's narcissistic behavior? Or is Vamp just as bad? Nobody actually knows.

No. 563566

I personally want her to see the light for selfish reasons, you know she's sitting on the motherlode of milk. If I were Moo, I'd treat Vamps real well, I'm sure she knows where all the bodies are buried.

No. 563567

>don't support me, go support other girls :)))

god if my eyes could roll back any further

No. 563568

File: 1534473726502.png (610.08 KB, 693x465, the void.png)

No. 563569


Confirmed, she sprays herself with hotdog water everyday.

No. 563570

>Bringing an audience to help support other models.

So legit she was paid to show up 20 days a month to bring traffic to the website and hoping they’d lose new users would spread out.

What a joke. It worked fir the first few days because people thought she was finally doing calming. But the novelty is going to run out real quick.

No. 563572

File: 1534473924122.png (8.42 KB, 227x44, Screenshot_74.png)


She actually read it and said Nope

No. 563573

Armpit farts? Is this bitch actually autistic?

No. 563574

Part of me is hoping Vamp is just another friend wrapped up in Moo's narc ways that'll eventually leave when finally waking the fuck up to everything. Vamp has been a cunt there's no doubt about that, so keeping that in mind as she's got an attitude on her and hasn't been nice at all towards particular victims. Moo has lost many calves recently so she best be playing nice, Vamp definitely is sitting on a flood of milk.

No. 563575

File: 1534473985896.jpg (105.84 KB, 1042x473, hotdogwater.jpg)

also she's making fart noises now

No. 563576

File: 1534474023074.jpg (414.58 KB, 1264x557, kek.jpg)

No. 563578

Honestly if she was here to support other models she would be doing shoutouts and providing links to girls she wanted to support, but that would involve her admitting other girls were better than her.

No. 563579

fucking kek and that look

No. 563580

lmao she's trying so hard to detract from this >>563572

No. 563581

File: 1534474145044.png (626.67 KB, 693x465, 22 years old.png)

No. 563582

If anything this stream is gonna give us some great thread pics

No. 563583

Lol she is getting bodied in the chat. She is literally freezing up at any mention of sexual assault.

No. 563584

Vamp hasn't mentioned Mooriah once in her stream…refreshing.

No. 563585

DAMN Vamp just found out Mariah outed that she used to do camwork and went "HMM". Also she said "Moo's stream".

No. 563586

>>563581 This bitch is about to Hulk Smash out of sheer jealousy. You know for a fact that a certain cosplayer is going to catch hell for this once Momo's stream ends.

No. 563587

File: 1534474326606.jpg (19.29 KB, 275x185, 2g109k.jpg)

No. 563588

Yeah, she's def been a cunt but I do believe (or want to) that some of that is DARVO shit that comes from Moo treating her like she treats everyone else. However, now that Vamp is the only one left, it kind of changes the dynamic, Moo is depending on her for a lot of shit I think. We'll see, either way I'm keeping my fingers crossed for Vamp eventually seeing the light and spilling the tea.

No. 563589

>>563585 So does this confirm she's a lurker on the Mariah threads?

No. 563590

Vamp claims to not know any of the crazy lies moo has told like the one about her being moos girlfriend. So is she really saying that she never looks at moos social media? That sounds like a big lie to me. I know you are all asspatting her just to make moo crazy but let's not get carried away.

No. 563591

File: 1534474419065.jpeg (51 KB, 360x360, 4A734686-9E41-4484-881A-E4F7B2…)



No. 563592

Not so hung up on her /having/ acne (since a lot of it might be hormonal), but she doesn’t even try to look like she bothered to comb back her hair or anything for a cam session intended for her fans. Shows how much respect she has for them and how little effort she puts into her image.

No. 563593

It's a cam stream, you think you'll see the cream of manhood in there?

No. 563594

File: 1534474452521.png (6.55 KB, 348x78, ewfefwefefe.PNG)


No. 563595

Moo has interfered and told Vamp what to say on stream about their supposed relationship. She used the same words as Moo in the first stream.

For fuck sake quit the lesbian act.

No. 563597

Moo decided to lie that she got suspended on Twitter in 2012 for saying "dumb stupid shit" when she was in high school.

But correct me if i'm wrong, wasn't she banned earlier this year?

No. 563598

What the fuck is the point of that?

No. 563599

Vamp has lost some major points for blatantly lying. She was doing good up until this point.

No. 563600


She neglected to mention the reason she was banned the second time was for trying to avoid the first one by making a new account

No. 563601

Pretty sure Camversity jumped her ass about blocking people. She's not blocking people repeatedly calling her for sexual assault.

No. 563602


I think it was because her first account was suspended for the 2012 tweets and she proceeded to make another account, which Im not sure that violates the ToS.

No. 563603

Yep, she told someone to drink bleach and then brushed it off like it was nothing.

No. 563604


She said she got banned in April for "dumb stupid shit" that she did on Twitter in 2012.

But then she also said after that she did tell person to drink bleach.

No. 563605

She denied saying that she said that and then a second later said that she said that. That's how fast she forgets her own lies.

No. 563606

File: 1534474717525.png (23.63 KB, 362x78, Screenshot_71.png)

No. 563607

I disagree, two people I know got banned already so I don't think she's letting up on that.

No. 563608

>>563599 I'm wondering if she had to say she avoids sites like this with the intention of not giving Mariah any thoughts that Vamp may be secretly contributing or getting dirt on Moo. To me, that sounds like a calculated move on Vamp's behalf. Don't wake Snorlax!

No. 563609


Thinking that as well. She has to sit there and take it now and for the most part has been trying to pretend she doesn't see them

No. 563610

Please someone tell me they screenshot that weird ass eye roll.

No. 563611

>how does it feel to not be able to get a normal job like everyone else and only be useful as a piece of meat for uneducated blacks and horny 14 year olds

Fucking yikes

No. 563613

>>563601 I agree with this. It may have been the reason why Mariah started the stream so late. The company reps could have been telling her to quit her cowardly bullshit.

No. 563614

Lmfao Snorlax…

No. 563615


>”I didn’t TELL someone to drink bleach. They just said they wanted bleach for their eyes and I said they could ingest it”

Bitch ……. that is telling someone to drink bleach what is this

No. 563616

Vamp said that they're more like sisters not girlfriends, while Moo's trying to play up the lesbian thing.

No. 563617

Just got on and she's acting pissed still. Quickly answering questions, raising her brows like she's annoyed, very muted.

Someone asked what her worst cosplay was and she said "Camilla"

No. 563618

Momo is texting Vamp

No. 563619

Why does she find it at all acceptable to show up on cam like this? Her cake face was horrid but her face legitimately looks like a Halloween mask here.

No. 563620

What makes you think this?

No. 563621

She looks like she hasn't showered in a day or two. Like her hair has the greasy weight to it. A shower and some simple, natural look make up would have been fine.

No. 563622

She was trying to reset a password not texting vamp

But they probably thought this cuz someone in stream said vamp seemed mad at Mariah during her stream and she sounded really confused

No. 563623

Vamp confirmed it again, they're like sisters.

So much for that lesbian fairytale. Lmao.

No. 563624

Because if you watch both streams side by side, you see vamp grab her phone and text someone right after Momo finishes sending a text. It happened a couple times so it was pretty obvious

No. 563625

If yesterday was anything to go by, I don't think moomoo has any idea what a natural look makeup is, much less how to apply it

No. 563626

Sup, I contributed to getting her permabanned.

I personally reported it for bullying and harassment (easy to back up) but the first time she had her twitter deleted was the suicide bot.

No. 563627

She's probably not even properly washed since being in the milk bath yesterday. She looked gross while putting on makeup too, so she's probably not been clean for a few days.

No. 563628

Just confirmed aside from upper and low abs, she got inner thighs done with lipo

No. 563629

>wants to do book reading streams and ero reading streams
>says being in a relationship doesnt mean you're dating??

annd she blocked people so hard on her keyboard her monitor's camera shook

No. 563630

> “I never said we were dating. I said we were in a relationship. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you’re dating. I literally explained this yesterday on stream.”

No. 563631

They're definitely texting. Moo was typing on her phone for a good thirty seconds, Vamp immediately grabs her phone, texts, then says "Sorry, having some issues here."

No. 563632

Moo looked at her phone and said that Vamp is hilarious so they are clearly texting

No. 563633

Someone suggested she cosplay and make her own "Bitch I'm a Cow" video and she literally malfunctioned around 1:08:00 mark

No. 563634

File: 1534475746681.jpg (198.26 KB, 1146x514, ruined.jpg)

I hate to ruin the breakfast club for you all, but the resemblance is uncanny

No. 563635

File: 1534475762399.png (555.37 KB, 907x509, Screenshot 2018-08-16 at 8.15.…)

just burped and said "sorry I had 2 veggie burgers before stream" and called herself a fatty

No. 563636

File: 1534475810435.png (69.21 KB, 629x443, drink bleach.png)

No. 563637


I really hope she gets banned for having no goal. She looks straight up unwashed and greasy.

No. 563638

Someone should ask her about the new assault victim coming forward

No. 563639

Around 01:12:00 she has another pissy rant about non-nude content and her streams. Says she made sure she could "play video games" and seemed pissed anyone asked this question

No. 563640

Someone just jokingly accused her of killing tentacion and she said “be careful someone might fucking believe you!” and deep sighed. Lol bitch 90% of the “rumors” about you are true bye

No. 563641

Someone should just ask "if you make your goal, will you brush your hair and put on decent clothes?"

No. 563642

I'm living vicariously through those of you who are able to watch these streams. The Mariah stream sounds insufferable. I'm guessing Moo has fewer tips than her "lesbian lover"?

No. 563643

Surprised nobody has confronted Vamp about being friends with someone who's sexually assaulted people. This chat is too nice.

No. 563644


She's getting pissy because people keep asking why she's not getting nude like every other girl on the site.

Bitch thinks " girls getting naked and masturbating" is a "stereotype" of camgirl websites. Fucking lord she is stupid.

No. 563645


Moo has 0 and Vamps has 50

No. 563646

Last time I checked, Vamp has more tips

No. 563647

File: 1534476060376.png (575.51 KB, 912x509, Screenshot 2018-08-16 at 8.20.…)

No. 563648

I don’t see it. Bender is attractive with great hair and skin.

No. 563649

>>563641 This is a great rib. I approve!

No. 563651

She just threatened to ban the guy joking around about it. She said “I know you’re trying to be fucking funny I get it but people take shit so seriously” ……. I don’t think anyone is going to genuinely think you killed tentacion PLEASE chill

No. 563652

File: 1534476132552.png (705.37 KB, 693x465, suffering.png)


She looks like she doesn't even want to be there.

No. 563653

I think she just might have subtlety revealed she isn't going to Blizzcon. She was talking about Vamp cosplaying Widow at Blizzcon, but she didn't make any mention of what she will be doing.

No. 563654

They're both at fifty now unfortunately

No. 563655

age him 20 years and make him a single mother from florida with a heroin addiction

No. 563656

Maybe she's trying to make the contract end sooner so she doesn't have to do it.

No. 563657

They're paying her to promote the site, and she shows up like this…

No. 563658

bitch which was it a veggie burger or a turkey burger

No. 563659

She always has vape and/or phone in hand. The only exception to this rule is when she's eating.

No. 563660

>>563657 Totes giving us a sneak peek at a Grimmace cosplay, my dude.

No. 563661

This has backfired splendidly. I truly think she expected it to be a hug box with the occasional troll she could either ignore or go BAD BITCH at, and a few disgusting fanboy comments.
Vamp clearly being more liked and linked in today's stream has really done it.

If she lasts to the end of the month, I'll be surprised.

No. 563662

>>563658 Anon, in Mariah's world, turkey IS a veggie.

No. 563663

Laserway paid her for promotion too and she looked the same way. A hot mess.

No. 563664

Vamp being a cunt as usual. Waving off all of Mariash's shit as "People taking stuff out of context" and "being way too sensitive and making things bigger than they are."

She needs to be dragged in her chat more.

No. 563665

Oh Vamp, wtf girl…"people tend to take things that Mariah does out of context," you cannot be serious.

No. 563666

Vamp just confirmed that she's shown Mariah the ADHD memes during the sexual assault drama and Mariah found them funny while Vamp was laughing talking about it.

Yeah, she's not that innocent as most people make her out to be. She also didn't wanna answer more questions in relation to Mariah's drama.

No. 563667


Well, so much for the path to redemption, huh?

No. 563668

Vamp stated she doesn't want to talk about the Momolester files.

That people are too sensitive, subtly laughing at the ADHD meme that was made, said she doesn't want to get involved as people will take it too far, that Moo has apologised so what else can she do etc.

Not a word about the victims, literally breezes right over the question.

Fucking wow.

No. 563670

She's looking extra Jontron tonight.

No. 563671

Welp there goes support for Vamp.

No. 563672

Someone asked if she knew Arabic and she said some of it, mostly prayers. They then asked for a sample and she said she doesn't want to say it

No. 563673

I guess she pays her dog well. Is someone recording both? I fell asleep and missed so much shit.

No. 563674

They both got tipped by the same person

No. 563675

She whispered a prayer you could barely hear it

No. 563676

>>563668 Crossing my fingers that someone asks about the "cat on a lap" apology video that she allegedly filmed, and why it wasn't ultimately used.

No. 563677

Best way to get Vamp to spill milk isn't pressing her about Mariah. It's building her up so she sees she doesnt need Mariah

No. 563678


She was mumbling it.

No. 563679


Also now ignoring any comments about Moo and her sexual assault. Probably going to start banningh

No. 563680

Im recording Moomoo no idea if any is recording Vamp

No. 563682

vamp and moo texting, on picks up the phone as the other puts it down, vamp looks distressed when reading the texts

No. 563683

File: 1534476854064.png (670.49 KB, 1332x576, Screenshot 2018-08-16 at 8.33.…)

That was a prayer? I couldn't even hear what she was saying

No. 563684

She is getting SO FUCKING FED UP with the chat. I really wouldn’t be surprised if she absolutely lost it on stream tonight

No. 563685

"She's like my girlfriend, but we're not like dating"


No. 563686

Blocked me for asking about the new victim

No. 563687

Vamp hit 500 tokens, I think Moo is still on 50?

No. 563688

Vamp just met her goal (sorry if off topic)

No. 563689

Yes, and 0/0 goal.

No. 563690

Vamps master keeping her in line by text we see.

No. 563691

Exactly this

No. 563692

Is she watching Vamp'd stream?

No. 563693

Vamp's 20fps butt and embarrassed giggling is way more tolerable than Mariah's sad sack face (who only gets excited when someone mentions food).

No. 563695


She must be. She put on the same NSP song Vamp was twerking to.

No. 563696

Sorry that I'm asking, but can Mariah face repercussions for essentially hijacking and sabotaging Vamp's stream? From what I gather, Vamp was cheerful and entertaining prior to Moo and her interference.

No. 563697

File: 1534477318219.png (575.28 KB, 910x508, Screenshot 2018-08-16 at 8.30.…)

Everytime someone asks something difficult she blazes through a text and it's hilarious.

Said her Artoria armor fell off where the elastics weren't stable..and since "everything else was happening" it was "the icing on the cake"

No. 563698

Omg. She just accidentally said she was dealing with “stupid shit” during AX and caught herself very quickly and was like “SORRY NOT ‘STUPID SHIT’ just ….. it was a messed up weekend”

No. 563699

Vamp could have ignored her phone it's not that hard, just let music play and put messages on mute.

No. 563700

yeah, don't want to give Vamp too much credit but the difference between the way she and Moo interact with the audience is hilarious

No. 563701

Keep on digging that grave Moo lol.

No. 563702

>Why should I put the goal to 1k?

It's almost endearing. Dammit, I'm gonna feel pity for Vamp again after she's been a huge hook nosed witch again so long. >>563700

No. 563703

God I can't wait for clips from this stream

No. 563704

Vamp with lowkey shade at Mariah, talking about how rude it is to stream and be on your phone

No. 563705

Confirmed not going to NYCC

No. 563706

Vamp has ~100 unreg guests, Mariah has just under 300. I am too lazy to count actual guest numbers.

kek, I noticed that too. But I don't think she did it on purpose.

No. 563707

Vamp literally wants to talk shit so bad. You can see it.

No. 563708


She probably had to tell her to stop texting her


In her "apology" she already said she wasn't going.

No. 563709

people need to keep egging her on lol

No. 563710

Vamp says she was never a camgirl prior to this and only watched camgirl when Mariah showed her. There goes that whole theory out the window. She still made more than Mariah all night.

No. 563711

8:49 PM

from Mariah's chat lmao

No. 563712

She confirmed yesterday on stream she was a cam girl 7 years ago and was a stripper at a peepshow

No. 563713

What the hell is Mariah doing anyway? Making a fucking AMV?

No. 563714

what is Mariah's token count at? Vamp is closing in on 1k

No. 563715

The headphones Moo is wearing must be to listen to Collette's stream. Another reason why she's so distracted, gotta make sure she still has a hold on her.

No. 563716

50, 0/0 goal

No. 563717

She confirmed today again that she used to cam when she was 21 but the company took most of the profit, where she had to go to their office or studio to declare her earnings.

No. 563718

>that disingenuous "i'm so proud of her"

No. 563719

File: 1534478017998.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 617.12 KB, 3072x1536, 942DC8E7-9FF5-4CA5-A2BF-BA2C84…)

The difference between their two streams is astounding

No. 563720

Lmao this is tragic.

No. 563721

Egging her on won't work and she'll likely clam up because she's too scared to upset Moomoo

It's something she has to decide to do herself

No. 563722

Holy shit someone is lighting up her chat asking about cosbunny and thorne

No. 563723

File: 1534478232841.png (484.17 KB, 673x357, i wonder why.png)

No. 563724

Vamp says she hasn't had a best friend since high school. And has been with Moo for 3yrs.

No. 563725

File: 1534478276683.jpeg (368.62 KB, 1242x827, 15DF54F5-FC90-4B58-99EA-BB3CA7…)

No. 563726

>>563715 This is so unprofessional. I know we're talking about Mariah here, but for someone who doesn't care about barking dogs and what not, she sure does like to pour gravy on her body before walking into a kennel.

No. 563727

Camversity sure did a fine job getting Moo involved with their website. She doesn't want to be there, she couldn't give a fuck and the lack of tokens tonight proves it.

No. 563728

Vamp says "Real friends call each other out on their bs"

Literally tries wave off Moo's sexual assaulting as "People taking stuff out of context" and "people being too sensitive".

Fuck off

No. 563730

It honestly makes a lot of sense, Moomoo is her only "friend" and is afraid of losing her so she does whatever Moomoo commands.

No. 563731

Vamp was reading stuff from the chat.

No. 563732

Moo is sitting there laughing at the footage of herself

No. 563733

File: 1534478568291.png (106.8 KB, 692x457, moo chat vs vamp chat.png)

No. 563734


Yeah. And she agreed with that statement in the chat. Yet literally does the opposite of that.

No. 563735

My bad, I'm trying to listen to both and it's a pain.

No. 563736

Had a feeling this was the case. It's similar to being in a toxic relationship for the sake of it, Moo is her only best friend and she hasn't had a best friend since high school.

No. 563737

Guys please chillout in the chats. Holy shit. One of you asked Moo about lolcow ffs.

No. 563738

Lol she is literally silent now

No. 563739

File: 1534478865540.png (489.76 KB, 930x526, Screenshot 2018-08-16 at 9.07.…)

No. 563740

She's so bitter. She can't even hide it. What a miserable person!

No. 563741

File: 1534478932868.png (8.36 KB, 352x84, 33014b76439138fa87ee2fa10e7cbc…)

No. 563742

I can't listen to that same clip of music from her dumbass fucked up Tamao video being replayed anymore. I didn't think she could find a way to be more annoying/boring, but here we are.

The Vamp in headphones has to be legit. That's why they stopped texting.

No. 563743

>>563741 BTFO!

No. 563744

gosh why doesn't she at least TRY it's not that hard, at least clean your face momo…

No. 563745

File: 1534479034720.jpg (207.02 KB, 1417x1417, guy with glasses and his hands…)

holy fuck! this has got to be a jab at her depression comment

No. 563746

I want thank the person that came up with this idea of hiring her. The milk is almost too rich and we supposedly get more.

No. 563747

The face of about to give up on everything.

No. 563748


Stream 3 of 60

Only 57 more to go

No. 563749

2:06:00 she does a weird hand gesture. Was it a handgun?

No. 563750

Yeah she is losing it. She is getting sick of everyone asking her why she isn't going nude

No. 563751

Someone asked why she isn't getting naked.
>I don't wanna!
>You don't have to give me money. I don't want it.
She directed them to Vamp's stream earlier.

No. 563752

I'm glad she got Vamp involved, we're finding out tiny things that fill in the gaps of Moo's elaborate stories lol.

No. 563753

Agreed. Farmers got pissy and went to fuck up her chat, whatever. The way to her wising up isn’t to tell her she’s a dumb cunt or to press her on Moo’s shit, it’s so much easier catching flies with honey than with vinegar.

No. 563754

I am honestly getting that impression the more this goes on

No. 563755

File: 1534479214350.png (538.12 KB, 885x374, when the hugbox isn't hugging …)

No. 563756

Vamp's worn more different pairs for bra/panties in two days than Moo has in years.

She mumbled a prayer (I guess), on a cam site, while music with explicit lyrics played in the back. Also I'm pretty sure she's blitzed.

I can't with either of them, too tired. I'll have to catch the highlights later.

No. 563757

Vamp worked a full day and still managed to look nice for the stream. Moo literally did nothing all day and looks like she hopped out of a fryer. It's beyond sad.

No. 563758

Sticking by her best friend regardless of everything shitty she has done because she has no other close friends, so she just deals with it because she doesn't want to lose that bond that she hasn't felt since she was a teenager.

That's quite sad.

No. 563759

Someone asked Moo what her back tattoo was. Took her a good her a good couple minutes to remember "Saiyan Crest "

No. 563760

File: 1534479338354.png (2.44 MB, 1954x1006, Screen Shot 2018-08-16 at 11.1…)

Cat's out again.

No. 563761

Vamp got off work at 5:30 and was streaming by 7. Moomoo delayed her stream by 5 hours and bought some plants

No. 563762

that's hilarious!!

I know. And even her wig is clean and neat. Mariah is a mess. I doubt she will last on camversity much longer.

No. 563763

File: 1534479403217.jpg (43.95 KB, 540x696, madman.jpg)

Plot twist: the camversity person who booked her is a farmer

It's easy to tell the old type of trolls from the new type of trolls.

No. 563764

Is Momo even trying to lead a conversation at all?

No. 563765

Vamp and moo are both horrible horrible people and they deserve each other. Both are liars and ugly inside and out. Seriously, you vamp sympathizers must of forgotten all of the horrible toxic shit she's done RECENTLY to defend Mariah. She's a fucking ugly ugly dog.

No. 563766

If this is how she's gonna be I WANT her to be on her full contract or whatever the fuck. Just the fact she has to show up for her "job" makes her miserable.

No. 563767

She wants in on Vamps stream incase she misses something hugely important. Moo is on the edge. I imagine she's like this most days when looking up about herself on social media continously. Like she's afraid she'll miss something lol.

No. 563768

Read the thread. People are in both streams and Vamp has said rancid shit already.

No. 563769

File: 1534479548844.png (680.11 KB, 668x452, is it lunchtime yet.png)

Wasn't she going to do a mukbang

No. 563770


Nope. Just resorting to petting her stupid can't a being "lol so randum" like a complete retard.


Exactly, she is still just as shitty as Moo.

No. 563771

This is definitely against the site rules.

No. 563772

We've not forgotten anon don't you worry.

No. 563773


she said it was off, she ate 2 veggie burgers before going live

No. 563774

I’m not sympathetic to her ass and never was. Anyone that wants to latch onto the fat rotten beef that is Mariah Mallad is a horrible person. It’s just funny as shit to see the one she shits on the most being the desired one on that dumpsterfire of a porn site.

No. 563775


One of the dudes that works for the site is literally in the chat right now. Hope they enjoy the dumpster fire

No. 563777

She's so rough and irritating towards her cat

No. 563778

Vamp had her cats in her stream too, so both of them have already messed up there.

No. 563779

>>563764 Remember the screenshots from her Discord, in which people were asking her questions about video games, and her answers were unrelated to the questions, and not really directed towards anybody in the chat.

For being such a force to be reckoned with in business, she sure doesn't know how to generate any. Piss poor dialogue. Easily distracted by what Vamp is doing (damn that ADHD). Unable to block as aggressively as she wishes she could.

She sold her soul to the devil for this contract. Meanwhile, it's like a gift from the heavens for the rest of us.

No. 563780

She keeps sperging on people calling that ugly ass jacket pajamas

No. 563781

Meanwhile vamp is having a very active chat not asking her to get nude or go topless. lol

No. 563782

She scared to face Jane imo.

Don't disregard her flannel. They worked very hard, only for bananas to take over.

No. 563783

Said if she did Toriel every Undertale fan would "lynch her"

No. 563784

I know it’s beating the horse at this point, how audacious of her to have no crafting talent or physical maintenanc, and then doesn’t even bother to be personable. And now she’s going into camming? Ridiculous.

No. 563785

Annual reminder this is a 22 year old

No. 563786

Any time someone mentions Vamp, her face drops and she forcibly tries to say how excited she is and loves Vamp. Mariah can't fake shit unless it's for neckbeard cash and attention.

No. 563787


She seemed to think it would be exactly like her twitch steams except easier to make money

No. 563788

>>563781 Calling it now. The instant Vamp ends her stream, Mariah will make up an excuse to prematurely end her stream within 2 minutes.

On that note, I think Mariah is going to coach her puppy on how to act and behave during streams.

"Don't be so fun and engaging".

"Don't talk about me, unless you're promoting my cam show, social media, or Patreon".

No. 563789

tempcow did this with Lainey, and it went horribly. Just a late reminder.

No. 563790

File: 1534480231028.jpg (85.08 KB, 942x500, 2g14ws.jpg)

Unfunny meme one of her viewers made that Mariah requested.

No. 563792

I know I missed some stuff in Vamps stream but I'm so glad I'm recording this dumpster fire, this is almost perfect

No. 563793

No Mariah, you guys can't just relax and chill. You wanted a perverted audience and you got it.

No. 563794

Has she responded at all to the person spamming her chat about Thorne and cosplaybunny

No. 563795

Vamp's the only pet left, I'm sure they both read here. But I'm also sure Mariah makes her check for her.

No. 563796

No. 563797

She's reacting to "Cumonfigurines" and screeching like a retard.

No. 563798

Someone had to inform Vamp of course.

No. 563800

God this is so fucking stupid and obnoxious to listen to. She's screeching and cringing like a fucking teenager

No. 563801

yet she's fine with dudes cumming on her pics and showing her.

No. 563802

It will be good material to use when she finally does porn and her younger self can be reacting to her taking loads to the face

No. 563803

Vamp just ended. Lets see if Momo does too

No. 563804

Now wait and see how long it takes Moo to waddle offline.

No. 563805

She keeps checking her watch for the time. It's so obvious she is looking to leave the second her time is up.

No. 563806

Dudes were sending her cumming videos on insta 2 days ago and she was reviewing them

No. 563807

Vamp did any twerk? i think i lost it.

No. 563808

Maybe Mariah should add "incest" and "lying" to her tags.

No. 563809

she twerked to take on me

No. 563810

God this bitch annoying. Someone please tell her to stop screeching into the mic like a retard

No. 563811

And off goes her headphones, hmmmm

No. 563812

>What's unhealthy cum?

No. 563813

>>563788 Looks like the prophecy is about to be fulfilled.

No. 563814

she's probably jealous of the anime figs and their anime tits.

No. 563815

Did anyone recorded the stream? i need to see this

No. 563816

Either she was listening to vamp's stream or she's getting ready to sign off

No. 563817

why not both?

No. 563818

Almost 3hrs still only 50 tips I guess.

No. 563819

It's just the dipshits in her chat sending her cringey shit to react to. I swear most of them are probably no older than 14 with this "hurdur look at this gross fucked up sexual stuff" shit.

No. 563820

Probably both.

No. 563821

She's getting paid as a promo thing. Whether she sets goals or not doesn't matter to them. It won't be in her contract and that's why she's not bothering.

No. 563822


She literally said she doesn't care about getting any tips.

No. 563823

are you kidding? they don't get money if you don't get goal money. this is a free site. for the last time a struggling cam site isn't going to be that lax. moo isn't even the biggest lewd cosplayer, neither is holly. it's not going to be much money and the site does infact expect something back from her. moo probably did what she does best and boasted about how popular she was so they went with it. if there are no tips the site loses money from wasted bandwidth.

No. 563824

You can almost bet that Mariah is going to bully Vamp into appearing in as many future streams hosted by Mariah as possible after this debacle.

No. 563825

This seems like a horrible way to promote a site. I mean, I would think you would want somebody who was engaging, fun, and does stuff for goals thus making people want to stay and see other models and spend money.

At the very least it would have been smart for her to pick 2 - 3 models to promote so others to have a drive to stay.

No. 563826

File: 1534481957294.png (285.06 KB, 651x460, Screenshot 2018-08-16 at 9.58.…)

Juicy Couture suit costs. It's ugly and a waste of money for her

No. 563827

>>563825 Or, Momo could have been honest and admitted that she doesn't have what it takes to do cam girl work. She's so used to getting by with her laughable cosplays that she took another industry for granted, all because she really thinks people will support her no matter how much she sucks. She did this to herself.

No. 563828

i'm honestly not going to be surprised if they drop her after tomorrow.

No. 563829

Holy fuck, Moo. Went over to her page for 5 minutes. She checked her watch 3 times.

No. 563830

this is some super fucking discounted shit jfc. maybe if moo bought JC perfume she wouldn't stink like old ass.

No. 563831


Perhaps that guy last threads email to them got them to look at the room.

No. 563832

2:57:23 she recognizes depression rant

No. 563834

I wasn't defending her, to clear that up. Moo deserves everything she's getting and more, frankly.
I just think it's bad for a website to pick her and not give her something like promoting other models if she's not going to do the whole cam thing.

No. 563835

the paid promo shit is still just hearsay you know?

No. 563836

>>563834 No worries, anon. I certainly never assumed for even a second that you were defending her. Your take was very rational. I'm just as stumped as you are that Mariah was chosen as an ambassador of sorts.

No. 563837

There was so much shit touching tonight it’s embarrassing, keep it to Shayna’s thread ffs.

So glad that Snaggletooth brought in more than Moo. She’s probably never going to hear the end of it. How dare she outperform the fabulous Mariah? Sucks to be Moo, I guess.

No. 563839

I wouldn't put it past her to be reading here while pretending shes a cam girl.

No. 563840

>keep it to Shayna’s thread ffs.

wtf are you on about?

No. 563841

She just mocked that user so fucking rudely holy shit

No. 563842

Just like every one else, they saw her fake numbers and assumed it was a good decision.

This will be good to clip together with the first bit and share anytime she cries about her strugglezzzz

Cause she def has used that card for pity points/whatever, and I'm sure she will again despite "JUST GETTING OVER IT MY DUDES"

>her pretending to ban herself

She thinks she's so fucking funny.

No. 563843

around 3:05

No. 563844

So hostile, shhh.

No. 563845

Thanks! Halloween isn’t too far off, now I can try to win my workplace’s “Scariest Costume” contest. Just need a pink wig

No. 563846

>rubbing her eyes all over the place

fucking trigger warning
god shes so gross

No. 563847

>I don't really care about "reaching people". ..I just wanna be HERE

No. 563848

lurk more newfag.

No. 563849

File: 1534482774664.png (8.69 KB, 356x126, ethththth.PNG)

who is this wk?

No. 563850

prolly just her on her phone lmao.

No. 563851


Dunno. But it's telling that she didn't immediately shut it down by refuting it. She knows damn well it's true and didn't do anything to shut that shit down. Just "Can we nooot talk about this stuff guys?"

No. 563852

File: 1534482906661.jpg (72.59 KB, 1440x220, Photo Editor-20180817_011412.j…)

How to be delusion: be this idiot

No. 563853

File: 1534482967430.jpeg (140.89 KB, 928x708, 53AAC579-C933-423A-B94A-CB79E6…)

22 years old. Can’t believe it.

No. 563854

>admits OC is Milk Party girl

no shit you bitch

No. 563855

backpedaling on her OC stealing 3:12

No. 563856

It’s kind of crazy when you think back to when she started. She looked okay. Now her face is fucked up, her body is ruined, her future is bleak as hell. Girl is in a spiral, and she did it all to herself.

No. 563857

dark knuckles and dark under eyes.
Is she pre diabetic yet?

No. 563858


She says "That's what it started as but I had to change it because it looked way too similar"

Yet the bitch tried to claim it was all an original idea in the first place.

No. 563859

lol it still looks way too similar

No. 563860

This Gucci dude in the chat is a WK or a puppet account.

No. 563861

Did anyone record Vamp's twerking from this stream?

No. 563862

She has gotta be reading here right now, right.

No. 563863

samefag, and without her glasses too, her poor eyes.

No. 563864

She won’t answer about Thorne and Bunny. Someone keepz asking about it and she won’t respond and chat is shutting them down. It’s a patron too.

No. 563866

File: 1534483429348.jpeg (22.3 KB, 629x354, open-uri20150422-12561-1slu9ik…)

she's in for a rude awakening next month. i think she assumes all the "trolls" aren't patrons at all. because of course no real fans would go against her.

also i realize who moo reminds me of…complete with turtle lips.

No. 563867

10:24 PM

No. 563868

obviously moo.

No. 563869

She has plenty of terrible twerk videos else where wankanon

No. 563870

Also, sorry, this is how chat copy and pastes it's retarded.

No. 563871

she has that slow, labored, fat person breathing lmao

it's the only thing to comment on because it's the only thing she's doing on cam right now.

No. 563872

That’s a farmer trying to get her to say shit, trust.

No. 563874

She also leaves her mouth open and does that like… fat person tongue thing? I dunno how to describe it.

No. 563875

Actually she is bringing out her own signature scent soon. Eau de Hotdog Water by Mooriah.

No. 563876

give her some credit horrible person but at least tries to make her patrons happy/ not pissed them completely off

No. 563877

Why vamp chatter in Mariah thread

No. 563878

So far my fav part was someone mentioning Vamps getting invited to a con. Moo got salty looking as fuck and did that fake so happy thing. I've read about it here but never actually Seen it.

No. 563879


No. 563880

Cool sculpting really did wonders for that double chin! /sarcasm

No. 563881

in who's?

No. 563882

These are the only legit people in the chat, I guarantee it. I dunno what the colors mean though.

No. 563883

Mariah's. The Twerk person was giving Vamp a ton of tips. Vamp quit after 2 hours I think.

No. 563884

Done watching the stream. She's not done but jesus, how fucking boring

No. 563885

I left the tab open out of spite. I want to see if her sign off is somehow worse than just dropping the whole stream like last time.

No. 563886

3:39 says she "edits a lot of peoples videos"

No. 563887

Moo trying to pretend shes a video editor. Says she video edits for other people, fails to name them, says "sometimes they credit her most times not. IRONY

No. 563888

Yeah, I noted it because I wanted to know if anyone had see these mysterious credited videos.


No. 563889

there are things she says that just leave me so dumbfounded as to why she's saying them, like why she thinks anyone cares. this is definitely one of them.

No. 563890

Didn't you know? Mariah has the midas touch, except everything she touches makes her an expert in that field.

No. 563891

Jesus christ.


No. 563892

I got so distracted by this edgelord, I forgot to add she says she's going to Blizzcon I guess?

No. 563893


It almost sounded like she pronounced the word similar to YandereDev calling his game Yan-dairy Simulator.

No. 563894


It was pretty quick. Makes me think she is planning on ghosting and doesn't want to make a big deal about it. The second it get made public she is fucking done.

No. 563895

Yeah I'm out. She is so fucking boring to listen to.

No. 563896

10:56 PM

No. 563897

Thornechan was never assaulted jfc this is what makes so many people think everything is a rumor

No. 563898

File: 1534485439273.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 669.44 KB, 1242x694, 413AF36E-FD6E-40C2-9917-510BFC…)

No. 563899

How does she go on a cam site and not even show cleavage why not stick to twitch or something.. even twitch streamers show their tits off

No. 563900

She did the first two nights at least. She's literally treating it like twitch

No. 563903

She dropped mid sentence before saying Vamps Patreon.

No. 563904

tonight she straight up looks like someone died and excluded her from the will

No. 563905

the last ten minutes of her show were pretty damned salty IMO- she mentioned collette and you could see her trying to gloss over her pissy

No. 563906

File: 1534486085689.png (53.92 KB, 410x776, kek.PNG)


I saw that too fucking kek

No. 563907

One of her Patreons would not let up about Thornechan and TheCosplayBunny wonder if she will say something

No. 563908

Yes, everyone was praising Vamp and she was like, 'oh yeah good for collette im glad for her.." ok bitch sure

No. 563910

I’m sure that was a farmer

No. 563911

File: 1534486555235.png (617.78 KB, 750x1334, D6F9B067-EE23-4DD5-851B-1863E5…)

Her smile and optimism: gone

No. 563912

They way they were talkin bout it was weird, they asked about the shit with Kay and Ayumi it seemed genuine to me

No. 563913

They kept saying they were hurt because she wouldn’t say anything about it

No. 563914

I mean if she fuckin tried at all to make any money lmao
She would’ve. Like yeah Mariah looks like shit but she has big tits and a ditzy personality. She could’ve gotten tips.

No. 563915

Looks like her Camversity page has been deleted.

No. 563916

I assume this was around the 1:30 mark for clipping anons. (basing it on previous screen caps)

No. 563917

File: 1534487640547.jpeg (82.05 KB, 750x507, 63FEBFAB-7959-4818-8B1E-669A29…)


No. 563918

All she did was edit the same video for four hours

No. 563919

Not for me.

No. 563920

File: 1534487851079.png (227.15 KB, 928x445, Screenshot 2018-08-16 at 11.36…)

The way she walks in this is hilarious

No. 563921

File: 1534487979271.png (241.46 KB, 349x658, Screenshot 2018-08-16 at 11.38…)

this is creepy. gif anon?

No. 563922

File: 1534488047691.jpeg (254.17 KB, 1280x725, shirtless-adam-driver-1073144-…)

No. 563923

File: 1534488075096.png (222.44 KB, 354x660, Screenshot 2018-08-16 at 11.39…)

No. 563924

File: 1534488080218.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 264.11 KB, 1242x781, 9E2F2CBF-8D37-4574-B2F9-10C2E1…)

Someone left a nice surprise in her chat
Can’t wait to see her reaction

No. 563925

File: 1534488692323.gif (1.95 MB, 421x750, CDDC7F3B-34B2-4BF1-BECE-625C65…)

No. 563926

File: 1534489230856.png (1.17 MB, 750x1334, 675E147A-AD03-41F4-A16A-B7000B…)

This instastory was so disgusting

No. 563927

“What’s the fortnite dance? I don’t know what that is”

No. 563928

That’s a fucking cryptid out in the open

No. 563929

File: 1534491046571.png (623.14 KB, 928x708, 4-hours.png)

No. 563932

File: 1534491521600.jpg (43.41 KB, 430x322, 4636533.jpg)

No. 563935

>when the fat ugly bastard shows up to ruin the hentai

No. 563937

File: 1534492778480.png (43.2 KB, 271x288, be000b40f1cbc92965d4df79639f6d…)

bless you, anon; this comment gave me life

No. 563938

Imagine going to the beach just trying to have a nice time and you end up scarred for life seeing that

No. 563939

Maybe they enjoyed the surprise of whale watching?

No. 563942

File: 1534494411021.jpg (39.88 KB, 540x960, FB_IMG_1534494337252.jpg)

aw, I saw this screencap on normiebook and thought she became an hero. Guess she's still cucking her own wallet

No. 563944

File: 1534495463791.png (2.42 MB, 1428x1473, 20180817_011648.png)

I feel like this perfectly relates to her

No. 563946

She looks so much like jersey shore Snooki, it's uncanny

No. 563948

how dare you insult snooki like that

No. 563954

More like the South Park version where she tries to molest everyone

No. 563955

What the fuck is going on with her face? She looks like she's melting. Like literal vagina lip mouth going on there. Moo can't eat or drink properly.

Also she was fucking driving, what the hell.

No. 563956

at least Snooki got her shit together and lost weight, not sure Mariah is capable

No. 563958

File: 1534501683985.webm (637.19 KB, 640x1136, 1847767264013033672_217175041.…)

Surprised nobody posted this, it even includes a cow

No. 563961


Typical sucking in, arms raised up, probably some sort of filter on, who this bitch trying to fool?

No. 563962


Also, she can pose in underwear for Instagram but spends her entire Camversity stream in a hoodie and shorts?


No. 563968

Tinfoil but, she's used to her Instagram supporters licking her ass no matter how shit she looks.
She went on stream the same time as Vamp. Maybe she wanted to put Vamp down, showing her “Hey! You’re trying hard to impress people but I’m still more loved/have more views/get more tips despite looking like a gross, sweaty slob!”
And attemptinf reverse psychology by being all “uwu i am not begging for money. You don’t need to tip me. I’m a patron saint for camgirls, pleas make a donation in my name for these poor, desperate girls. “

No. 563971


Instagram is her best and only hugbox where she's safe. Her streaming at the same time as Vamp was really pathetic and it's great it failed so badly. She got torn apart. Vamp's stream was a success and you know that has pissed off Moo even more. Now she'll be running with the "look at me, plz lowkey donate to me!"

No. 563975

Did Moo ever actually show her screen of what video she was "editing"? Otherwise I'd be 100% convinced all she was doing was watching Vamp's cam the whole time to make sure Vamp doesn't expose her from chat questions.

No. 563977


Absolutely. The whole scene where she was "apparently" pissed off with her cousin about emails or some shit was just a load of bull lol. She was watching Vamp's stream the whole time, it's really obvious.

No. 563978

It did seem like she was editing as she kept replaying tiny chunks of music but definitely watching Vamp too.

Mariah advertised on insta and got about 400 viewers. Vamp advertised nowhere and got 150+.

No. 563997


She peaked at 400 viewers, then went down to 300 and it ended in the 200s iirc. She only had 1 donation of 50 tokens and Vamp made her 500 token goal and i think 150 or 250 after the goal was met.

No. 564015

I know recordanon got moo, but dis anyone record vamp? Would be interestkng too see how she is w/o moo as everything i've seen of her she's with moo.

No. 564016

I got the first 5 minutes but after that I recorded Momo.

From what I saw when I periodically watched it was she seemed fine besides for when stuff about Momo was brought up.

Her chat was actually nice and she interacted with them, answered there questions, politely declined the sexual ones and etc

No. 564019

well she seemed like she was into the camming the 1st day but after the mess that occured she definitely changed her tune.

No. 564020


Pretty much this. Her chat was being respectful and she just got normal questions. She tried her best to interact with everyone who was there and politely declined any sexual requests.

She initially answered a couple questions about Moo, basically hand waving all her shit off as “People taking stuff out of context”, “internet rumors” and “People these days are too sensitive and try to make so much out of nothing”. I personally think she should gotten dragged more for this, but whatever.

No. 564023

To add to that she did inadvertently give some context as to why she's so much of a lapdog to Momo and still supporting her

No. 564024


Vamp's reaction to questions about Moo were very weak and ignorant. Laughing about the ADHD meme for starters was a shit move.

No. 564025


Moo is her only closest and best friend since high school, which says alot about why she sticks around. Vamp doesn't want to be alone.

No. 564026


Oh yeah. Basically that she is a loser with no friends and Moo is The closest thing she’s had to a best friend in years.

Sad, sure. But that doesnt excuse any of her bullshit. The being cunt to and block anyone calling Moo out. The trying to gaslight Nana into an apology to Moo. Even revealed she was the one showing Moo the sexual assault/ADHD memes being made about her durin AX and was laughing at them.

No. 564027


*For to add in she hasn't had a best friend since high school, Moo has only been her BF for 3 years which isn't long at all.

No. 564028

in all honesty since that's the reason, i'm not sure they'll ever part ways.

No. 564029


And for Moo, Vamp is probably her only best friend too. They have nobody else close enough apart from themselves.

No. 564030

Nobody is saying it excuses any of what she says and she should still be held accountable for that. It's just we got some context behind it.

To add she mentioned she is living pay check to pay check as well as having a bunch of debt and we know Momo is giving her shit/paying her

No. 564031

>vamp is her only friend


No. 564032

Lets be honest Momo doesn't have any actual friends, only people she can use, manipulate or benefit from.

No. 564033


They are entirely codependent on each other. I’m not sure how long one of them would last if the other left.

I just find the projection on the part of Vamp hilarious since she called everyone calling her and Moo our “Losers with with no lives”.

No. 564034

Momo would not last at all, her personality is too shitty

Vamp might be able to last and do fine without Momo it really depends

Not sure what Momo is going to do if Vamp does quit cosplay and goes to school, she'll have nobody

No. 564035


Starting to think Vamp is a narcissist herself, but in a different way to Moo. Just as shady, but is more "nice" upfront. We saw how she was in her chat, like butter wouldn't melt persona until she started getting questions about Moo.

No. 564036


Moo probably has it planned in her head that she'll lure Vamp back into cosplaying with her and going to cons, it's only college my dudes, that's not important.

No. 564038

I don't think any one can be just as shady. Vamp is super shady though. But every move Moo makes hurts someone. And I wish that was an exaggeration but she really just fucks people with everything she does.

No. 564039

vamp seems stupid and impressionable to me. it was a slow decline and she likely got guilted a lot by moo. i still think it's her who made the 4chan post, but i know she's a totally different person now either way. people change for better or worse, and whether she was better before isn't that important because she made her choice very clear. it'd take a lot for vamp to see that she's being used or that moo sees vamp below her.

No. 564040

I hope that's the case and it doesn't work. Vamp goes to college, finds real friends, ditches Momo and betters herself.

It would destroy Momo, her seeing her lapdog doesn't need her and is doing better without her.

No. 564041


Unfortunately you're right, everything Moo does harms people in some way, really badly too.

No. 564042

I mean, vamp going to college at all will piss moo off a ton. I honestly think vamp's alright, I know she's supporting moo but many other people who did are coming out against her. Vamp will be the last one, but it'll happen. Being friends with toxic people and acknowledging how toxic they are is really hard sometimes especially when you're close, cause you have to admit you were wrong about them.

No. 564043

i almost feel that vamp is digging her heels because she's in denial, which would be pretty normal.

No. 564044

But still, she chose to harass Nana on her own and show Mariah the memes and laugh about it, that's gross

No. 564045

i mean, she assumes everyone is making shit up. i still think she's a bitch yea, but she's nowhere near moo's level. evil henchmen are usually stupid rather than evil.

No. 564046

When you are blind you cannot see what's right and wrong, you can only go in the direction of the hand that guides you, not knowing if that hand is the one who tied the blindfold, when you are confronted you cannot see your allies and enemies, you can only lash out in the direction you've been positioned in. - A guy that looks a lot like jesus, 2018.
I just think that vamp has yet to see how bad moo really is and that she doesnt quite get the hate for moo so she dismisses it as trolls and haters. after all moo did put that collar around her neck.

No. 564047

Lastnight was beautiful when people were asking about their relationship.

Momo was saying they were in a relationship and when people asked Vamp she said they were like sisters.

That happened atleast twice and then eventually Momo tried to explain they were in a relationship but not having sex or dating each other. Almost like the concept of friends is completely foreign to her.

Finally she just started saying she explained yesterday about it and wouldn't say more.

No. 564048

moo got btfo'd tbh. vamp basically told her she doesn't want to be part of moo's gross neckbeard bait relationship.

No. 564049


And when asked about what Vamp and Moo meant as more than "best friends" that's when Vamp said they're like sisters.

Moo really wanted her cucks to believe they were super sexy costhot lesbians. That sank quick.

No. 564050

Poor moo, even her lapdog doesn't want people to think she's into that mess.

No. 564053


The chat comparison alone said a lot about who Moo caters to compared to Vamp. She pampers to low life neckbeards who dream of fucking her, leave vile comments on her pics and talk to her like she's worthless without addressing any of it like it's just normal.

Moo's tags were originally about foot fetish, lesbians, topless and more, exactly what her fans want before she bailed out.

Now that they watch her cam and behave the same way while she's live streaming, she can't cope and it's really fucking with her as you can see how annoyed she gets. Vamp's audience on the other hand were respectful and made her laugh.

No. 564054

In the first stream she definitely tried to appeal to her weird fans fetishes even being vague about doing general nudity.

She interacted with the breeder guy a ton, feeder guys, foot guys and made it seem like she was into all of them.

No. 564055

moo is too weak and thin skinned to actually deal with those comments in real time. she's not really into this and this camming stuff is sealing her coffin because it's ruining the illusion that she built up. she's just an opportunistic bitch who wanted a quick buck. it's just so amusing that she can't even seem to keep it up.

No. 564056

yuuuup. i remember she got grossed out by that guy who said he wanted to fuck her lactating breasts or something, then he came back and was more tame and got blocked again, then she just seems to have blocked all of it.

No. 564057

She actually said at one point she tried to make herself lactate once and that she wants her man to drink her milk

I think she got weirded out after that though

No. 564060

Honestly once Vamp gets a few friends in collage she wont need Momo. Hanging out with a mature group of people who occasionally party and drink but will help her study. Now that is a huge upgrade compared to being a dog for Momo.

No. 564063

>thinking pharm college is anything like this


No. 564064

Vamp is atleast about to put up a pretence that she is a normal and likeable person atleast from what we have seen on cam.

Momo can't do that at all.

No. 564066

this. i don't get this 'vamp is as bad as moo' shit. it's like they've never had a shit friend they tried to impress by being shitty. that kind of behavior is super common and moo is high school as fuck so i can't imagine vamp is very immature. she's never been shitty about stuff that's not directly relating to moo.

anyway we should bring this convo to the calves thread. and stop fucking armchairing about vamp being narc.

No. 564067

Recordanon here,

I'll have last nights stream up later today, due to how late it was yesterday I didn't get a chance to do it lastnight

If anybody remembers any clips they want let us know

No. 564069

the "i edit lots of people's videos" one for sure.

No. 564071

Moo backpedaling about her and Vamps totally legit lesbian relationship

No. 564072

You guys have permission to make a live stream thread.
But please do not go to her chat to shitpost for screenshots. This site was not made to mess with people, if anything it helps them.
Lainey stream is a great example,I imagine they made a lot of money from farmers.

Organize milk is the best type of milk.

No. 564073


the "I edit a lot of videos" part was the last 10 minutes or so of her stream. There was a part right after Vamps ended stream where someone mentioned Vamps getting invited to a con and Moo did the whole fake happy part. I thought that was sorta funny. Thanks Recordanon you are still doing the lords work lol

No. 564075


The part where she was talking about dealing with 'stupid shit' at AX before quickly correcting herself, another anon mentioned it here.

No. 564076

apparently there was a part where someone asked her about the accusations and she mumbled under her breath "fuck off"?

No. 564077


You are doing great work, anon!

Also those moments please:


and that


No. 564078

She bases her whole shtick around her appearance, how the hell is she constantly parading around with no make up, greasy hair and overall looking like a homeless person in a basement? It's not like she's a streamer who has some sort of a skill to make acceptable to rock the hobo look, she's supposed to look attractive. What the fuck.

No. 564079

see, she should be basing it around appearance, buy why bother when you can just shoop yourself to shit and look like a grandma.

No. 564080


Well first stream it was bikini. second stream it was collette. Third stream it was her being her average filthy overly covered self. Any bets on todays shitshow being her in full MOPS gear?

No. 564081

It will likely be similar to yesterday, just not caring.

She probably could have made camming work if she kept up what she did the first day. Have her makeup done, lowcut top and goals for bikini/lingerie. As long as she fixed her tags and didn't try to scam

No. 564083


Seconding these

No. 564084

Seeing how Momo is progressing she isn't even going to say shit and it's going to be us watching her on the sofa watching TV or something. She just want them to pay her the check, she isn't going to work for it

No. 564085

>she could have made it work if she didn't X
this is story of moo's life. self destructive cows have all the milk.

No. 564086

I'm guessing that Mariah's first stream went so horribly and the second was even more disastrous that Mariah stopped caring and is just honoring her stupid agreement with the streaming site. The first day she came in full make up, giggling and trying to engage but got nothing but demands for nudes. The second night she tried "offering" something in her half-assed narcissistic fashion by doing a "behind the scenes" type deal. Everyone hated it and worse she was overshadowed by a friend she looks down on. When has Vamp ever been preferred to Mariah? During events it's always about Momokun, her patreon is more successful and the shoots are always Vamp tagging along. For the first time, Mariah was playing second fiddle to Vamp and it really affected her. You can tell how she just gave up. No makeup, little to none interaction, and a bitch face while just doing editing and showing up. It was a stark difference to the full make up giggling she did on the first night. Let's you know Mariah is really that naive and stupid when it comes to herself. She thought she was charming enough the first night to entertain on a cam site and give cam girls a good reputation (wtf?) and it failed. So the second she decided that she needed to actually do something, but unlike patreon, no one wanted cheap cosplay and shit photography. Mariah actually thought she could sell herself on a sex site by being a personality. It's like a stripper wearing a winter coat in a strip club's dance floor and walking around expecting tips. The sheer insanity of Mariah going into a cam site and expecting a positive welcome for a bikini top is probably the most revealing of Mariah's understanding of how people view her.

No. 564087

don’t forget, tonight is a book reading stream!

No. 564088

Pretty much but this was really simple.

Show up looking half decent, talk to the chat, show as much skin as she's comfortable with and jiggle her tits/shake her ass a bit

No. 564089

one of the things that annoyed me a lot about last nights stream is that she advertised she would be doing a mukbang and then ate before streaming so she couldn't do it. like the one thing that was expected from her was just eating on cam and she couldn't even do that.

No. 564090

i'm half expecting her to come on tomorrow saying it's her last show. but who will cancel on who is up in the air.

camsites are money grubbing and very stingy so it's likely moo wasn't paid all upfront, which will leave them a chance to boot her if they please.

No. 564091

lol that's what i was thinking like she couldn't have just waited and ordered a pizza? and as if she only has one dinner cmon

>i already read a book earlier and i only have one so

No. 564092

I suspect the feeders creeped her out a lot.

No. 564093

but what about all her SCHOOL books anon???

No. 564098


You can absolutely see exactly how she thought this was going to go.

She took the deal thinking she could show up and just chill on chat, even asked if it was cool to stream games and ero manga. Absolutely made sure that she wouldn’t be required to get naked. Maybe deal with a few salty comments from rude neckbeards wanting tits, but that’s fine. People will stay for my personality alone.

Boi was she fucking wrong. Literally everything completely blew up in her face. She thought this would be an easy couple of bucks just for sitting on camera not doing much of anything. She had no idea how ruthless camgirl sites can be and how they absolutely don’t give a fuck about you or your life or your problems. They are there to see tits and nothing else. Also multiply that with how much she is hated online and how her very name invites controversy practically on a daily basis, then you get exactly what she got.

No. 564099

Speaking of, not heard anything about school lately other than her changing the lie. It's almost time for it to start, so you'd think she'd mention what she plans on lying about doing.

No. 564102

vamp is like 30
that's still about 10 years of being alone

No. 564103


She mentioned a few months ago that she was taking a break from school and would be starting back around the same time as Vamp.


She somehow managed to end up being the worst camgirl imaginable for them. It got to a point where she didn’t even try to hide that she is only there for a brand real. She flat out told the chat she didn’t care about getting tips, was getting visibly fed up with guys asking for tits or gettin made she wasn’t doing anything, and she straight up told them to go watch other girls and she was only there to draw traffic to the site with the retarded excuse of “Girls having to get naked on camgirl sites is a bad stereotype that I want to change. It should be for non-nude models as well”

No. 564104

Yeah, as an outsider I would say Vamp is her friend, but it's not mutual. Ugh, now I feel bad for Vamp again. I'm not used to grey calves.

No. 564105

This is what I believe too, it's going to be easier for her to see how toxic Moo is when she gets normal, nice friends at school.

No. 564106

Sorry, just scanned the newest posts, but
Vamp said she'd be deciding if she's able to go to Japan in the next few days (so maybe by next week?).

Maybe Moo forced her to apply for another credit card and go in to more debt.

No. 564107

Thanks, farmhand!

No. 564108

>she chose to harass Nana on her own

I was under the impress Moo sent her after Nana?

No. 564109

This is what trips me up. Moo seems to tell other girls/cosplayers to show skin for their fans but she couldn't even show some skin for people on cam. She didn't want to do anything for them.

No. 564110

There's some comments in here with time stamps (based on her videos listed time, I assume). I'm too tired to round them up though.

No. 564111


Well according to Vamp, she isn’t Mariah’s bitch and she doesn’t tell her what to do. So if that is in fact true, then she went after Nana on her own accord and attempting to gaslight her into an apology to Moo.

No. 564112

She'll wear bananas again or flannel.

No. 564113

Any votes for the live stream thread pic?

No. 564115

If she's in a crazy amount of debt, a trip to Japan should be the last thing on her mind. Her priorities are as fucked as Moo's.

Vamp is a lying(emphasis on lying) doormat. We all saw the screenshot, Moo sent her.

No. 564116

File: 1534526804956.jpg (11.77 KB, 200x207, 409.jpg)

tbh i kind of want to see

what level of book she picks (guesses: ya trash, grocery romance, or something above her ability)
how she stumbles over "hard" words

No. 564117

my vote for the livestream thread

No. 564118

She looks like the result of a turtle and a fish mating.

No. 564119

She going to read all those doujinshi she "translated."

No. 564120

she should translate for us live in cam

No. 564121

I have a feeling her "love" for Mariah is part of the reason she's acquired so much debt in the first place.

No. 564122

And we know that if it is, Moo isn't helping her pay for it at all. Hell, even if it isn't Moo isn't helping. Namebrands are more important than helping out your friends!

No. 564123


It will be as cringe as her reacting to “cummingonfigurines” where she wouldn’t shut the fuck up and kept acting over the top like she does with anything even remotely sexual.

No. 564125

That was super weird because two days before she was rating dicks and cum tributes and wasn't nearly as over the top.

No. 564126

PLEASE grab me the clip of her saying she was dealing with “stupid shit” during AX and then frantically trying to cover her ass. It should be around 3 hours and 5 minutes or somewhere in there.

Also around 2 hours and 45 minutes she talks about the depression thing and says how it’s stupid people are taking what she said out of context but then continues to talk about getting over depression.

Also the clip where she admits that her OC is stolen lmfao. I believe it’s somewhere around the end.

No. 564127


Her idea about camsites is like going to Home Depot for groceries. Camsites Moo are specialized niche markets FOR A REASON. You aren't going to change shit. They run these sites to sell a specific product, and you are going to get eaten for breakfast. Also I think the site will see she ISNT fulfilling her contract, at all. Yes they got a bump in traffic, sure. But they sold NO tokens for Moo cow, and about 100$ for Vamps. that isnt alot at all.

Also can we make sure to get a link for the stream chat page please?

No. 564128

File: 1534528771700.png (730.13 KB, 720x1182, Screenshot_2018-08-17-10-55-59…)

I dont get get why she does this but ok

No. 564129

Guessing trying to 'tease' what she might wear tonight since last night was such a shit show.

No. 564130

Still so hilariously pathetic she needed her mom to put that room together for her kek

No. 564131


She really believes camgirl sites should be like twitch, except allowing more sexual content. The stuff she is talking about doing like streaming ero manga and hentai games aren’t allowed on twitch, which is the only reason she is on this site.

She stupidly believes that she is getting in on the ground floor of an untapped market that no one is looking at (non-nude models on a camsite doing non sexual stuff) instead of seeing that she is offering shit that literally no one goes to a cam site looking for. And then getting pissy when people tell her that they don’t want it.

No. 564132

No. 564133


Not like it matters anyways. They know she won’t be taking it off or even give any sort of tease or peek. She stupidly shot herself in the foot thinking her “let’s just be here and chill u guize” shit would work.

No. 564134

File: 1534529792804.png (367.11 KB, 447x501, grannykun.PNG)

So I paused one of the clips of her second stream in the previous thread and the timing was so perfect I had to save it

No. 564135

what’s up with her feet? they look like they’re sinking into her room’s carpet

No. 564136

No. 564138

the classic fat chick trying to look fit pose

No. 564140

Moo is also getting dragged in her Instagram comments. People are really tearing into her for how unrealistic her photo sets look in comparison to her limp, lifeless behemoth-like appearance in real time. More and more people are showing their dissatisfaction with the lack of authenticity of her submitted photos, and this live stream shit pretty much negates Mariah from scrolling through IG comments for 4 hours a day, 20 times a month, and shaping a narrative with the shrinking amount of praise.

Her pics are also getting spread around Twitter. Naturally, the social justice crew is going apeshit over the fat insults, but they don't seem to mind how Mariah is constantly getting made fun of for her hair and complexion. Funny how that works.

No. 564142

File: 1534530877000.jpg (121.92 KB, 1132x482, 1534382805353.jpg)

Good. If I was a fan and saw this, I'd be feeling ripped off too

No. 564146

Already posted

No. 564147

File: 1534531566299.png (Spoiler Image, 542.19 KB, 632x481, 1534530877000.png)

stomach looking like jabba the hutt

No. 564148

Three people tagged moo in this facebook video yesterday and the comments have since been Untagged lol


No. 564150


She didnt want to show any skin on a cam site because camming is so different from pictures. You cant photoshop amd airbrush the shit out of a live stream.

Thats the problem with her body positive bull shit. She photoshops herself until her body isnt hers anymore.

No. 564151

For someone who's about that body positivity, editing yourself to look thinner and flawless is the way to do it. Moo obviously hates being obese.

No. 564153


Which is exactly why she can go fuck off with her “I love my body now” bullshit.

No. 564155

>Nang mathta wong reempa choonkee!

No. 564157

File: 1534532990247.png (264.6 KB, 341x664, Screenshot 2018-08-17 at 12.08…)

>will talk about this rug to conceal her pending sadness and loss of career

No. 564158

Absolutely, she doesn't even show her full self at all on cam. She's edited to death in her photos and on film, she definitely uses filters when she snaps herself. Moo doesn't want to be a plus size big girl, she wants to be 'thicc' and plastic looking to bring in neckbeard bucks. They sure as hell wouldn't pay for her sets if they looked like how she looks on stream.

No. 564159

File: 1534533025894.png (429.47 KB, 932x461, Screenshot 2018-08-17 at 12.10…)

No. 564160

File: 1534533135100.png (310.8 KB, 927x442, Screenshot 2018-08-17 at 12.10…)

No. 564161

corn cob tail

No. 564162

File: 1534533419107.jpg (440.13 KB, 1440x1155, Photo Editor-20180817_151628.j…)

Dafuq happened here?

No. 564164

This is exactly what should’ve happened to Mariah.

No. 564165



uhm sorry what?

No. 564166

I remember a joke anon made about SquareNoodles throwing up or sneezing whenever he has to liquify Momo's waist smaller. It really does look like a misplaced brush stroke

No. 564167

Cat's just happy to finally sleep on some god damn sheets.

No. 564168

the cute pale pastels, the fluffy pillows and carpet… I hate to be this anon but there's a certain couple who uses the exact same decor, but Momo's looks like the wal mart version.
Can't help but copy ** no matter what eh?

No. 564169

His work is so shit when it comes to this. How can he even let this be posted? And how can she even post it? I know Jack shit about editing and have to be told where mistakes are but I saw that instantly. Guess when no one gives a shit about quality this makes it to the public.

No. 564170

I’m a little confused about who exactly does the editing now. She did say cucknoodles did this, but during the 2nd stream stupid photo shoot vamp noticed cuck took photos on moo’s card, and moo said something about she might edit them herself, something along those lines, if anybody remembers more clearly

No. 564172

I wonder if this will be the last time he edits for Momo though. Having her yell at him to shave off 50 pounds and smooth her body must be a pain the the ass. Especially when Momo is publicly shitting on his work and blaming him for why her pictures look so bad

No. 564173

dont see anything wrong? unless you're referring to the bikini string hanging down mistaking it as the tail being badly edited on

No. 564174

Jesus christ what sort of photoshop magic did the editor use to make her body look not-like-a-wreck in the tamamo photoshoot? Whatever she pays that guy, it's not enough.

But anon, "body positive" means that you're "positive" about changing your body with photoshop, altering surgeries and other procedures!

No. 564175

It won't be. I've spoken to him about her and he's all "I'm honored she still works with me."

Now I'll get banned for cowtipping even though speaking to him had nothing to do with this thread.

No. 564176

She must pay him a lot.

No. 564177

…this fat whale doesn’t even have a bed frame. I don’t know why I’m surprised when she’s too disgusting to use sheets like normal people.

No. 564178

or being associated with Momo made most of his customers flee and she is all he has left

No. 564179

It's only her porn bed, so why spend more than she needs? I give it a week before it's a pigsty was well.

No. 564180

I give it a few more months until Square noodles ditches Momo and says she molested him as well during photo shoots

No. 564181

I knew Vamp before she met Momo, and she was nothing like she is now

She was still the twerking girl since her old cosplay name was Twerkette and she had a bit of a “thotty” personality but she was really kind and genuine

No. 564182

It is going to take his girlfriend ditching Moo, I think. He hated Moo's ass until Miso twisted his arm into working with her all the time.

No. 564187

She's been getting tagged on Instagram about being a Moo supporter and turning a blind eye about what she's done, so maybe she'll realise having her around will only bring damage. More will abandon her soon, it's only a matter of time.

No. 564188

rofl even the tiny head fits.

Underrated comment.

No. 564190

File: 1534538857953.webm (711.83 KB, 1572x676, fuckoff.webm)

"Fuck off"

No. 564192

This isn't the ADHD shit or whatever, she's replying to a dumb meme.

No. 564193

No. 564195

I'll take another look but thats all I could find around that is close

No. 564197

I honestly can't remember, but yeah, ligma is a meme.

No. 564198

File: 1534539677633.webm (18.45 MB, 1572x676, stupidshit.webm)

Dealing with stupid shit

No. 564199


This >>563541 was the comment she mumbled “fuck off” to.

No. 564200

Gotta agree with the other anons, she even says the ligma bit before saying fuck off.
I'm all for calling her out on her bullshit but this one's a reach.

No. 564201

File: 1534540181547.webm (1.89 MB, 1572x676, ieditvideos.webm)

Edits cosplayers videos

No. 564202

She got caught red handed in that line about AX

No. 564204

Jesus Christ why couldn't she have at least turned on another light and not make this look like some snuff film about to happen? I wonder if she sees herself as a natural beauty so she doesn't have to put in ANY effort? I just don't get it.

No. 564206

You can almost hear her hit the verbal brakes on that one, she tried to stop that fast.

No. 564207

File: 1534540571067.jpeg (267.31 KB, 750x586, 01A3ADBC-CA57-45F5-923D-187652…)

This is getting popular on twitter

No. 564209

Livestream thread up for when she streams today(if she does) >>564208

No. 564210

Any idea when shes supposedly showing up for her (kek) job today?

No. 564212

File: 1534540864824.png (57.62 KB, 441x302, ZHmHih5.png)

No. 564214


Obvious lies are obvious sheesh shes not even a GOOD liar how the hell does anyone fall for her crap IRL

No. 564217

she said later than yesterday
and also that shed update the times in her bio

No. 564218

she didnt update bio and theres angry ppl in chat lmao

No. 564222

Being called out for being a sexual pest sure is stupid shit Moo. Wow what a cunt.

No. 564223


Ugh I'm on the east coast, I fell asleep during lastnights one

No. 564224

Hagwa je killya, dolpa ADHD!

No. 564225

File: 1534542023464.png (1.13 MB, 750x1334, 148E7113-D774-4637-B219-DD61F2…)

No. 564226

File: 1534542062107.png (1.13 MB, 750x1334, 58DE58CB-4635-4996-A971-00D100…)

No. 564227

Is she gonna stream today?

No. 564228

File: 1534542208749.jpg (652.37 KB, 1248x2220, 18-08-17-16-41-51-716_deco.jpg)


No. 564229

File: 1534542238107.png (766.25 KB, 466x872, moo.png)

So I know this image has been posted before but I thought it was too dark to see clearly how butchered her body is in more detail

No. 564230

Guilty as charged. So much back pedalling AGAIN.

No. 564231


But she doesn't read hate sites, how would she know?

No. 564232


Sounds like MAYBE she should stfu and actually…ya know DO A CAMSHOW- most of her neckbeards would WK all week for her if she just stopped thinking shes above all that. Sounds like she isnt bothered in the slightest by any of this ….lol

No. 564233

Someone should ask her to remake the Kik for fat ad during the stream. lol

No. 564234

she might as well just @ lolcow at this point jfc

No. 564235

Lol then there was that lie about her nudes being on Patreon. I really hope nobody fell for that shit. My money is on her crying RN cause she knows shes gonna get pwn'd again in chat on cam since she thinks anyone currz about her opinions. Now shes just trying to offend her followers since its Us, and Followers. there are no other people there

No. 564236

> are there any cosplayers like her, I mean by her body shape

Yeah every single one she did and tried to bully out of the community

No. 564237

Maybe she's busy writing down all her lies so she can keep her shit straight and not have to do damage control ever 4 mins

No. 564238


I love how her an her retard Vamp are now trying to play this “W-well people take what she says out of context”, like it’s a fucking Daily Show routine. No one is taking shit out of context. It’s literally stuff you said when asked for your opinion. You’re just getting pissy that no one is letting you off the hook for your shit anymore. So now you are trying to walk it back and play this “Well I guess I can’t say anything” bullshit.

No. 564239

HOLY SHIT. She's more upset her cosplay busted than the fact she had sexually assaulted all those people that came forward.

No. 564240

"what is your viewpoint on depression"
gives it

No. 564241

Not thirsty, and not trying to gross my brother anons out. I know how she can shut it all up for a while. She can get on her cam. She can set a goal that she will bate while crying and saying shes a sorry POS- her neckbeards get her nude and they can fap- we can get our keks, and its a better apology than the shit tier one she offered. win on all fronts.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 564242

She said it twice. Once to the Ligma comment and again when reading that comment.

No. 564243

Honestly, I will give her the whore comment because after watching the clip its clear she was just repeating what the commenter was saying and not calling camgirls whores themselves.

But there is no talking her way out of the depression thing.

No. 564244

>brother anons

No. 564245

This bitch hid away in her hotel room crying and watching TV most of the con weekend while getting support from her little posse as they sat in the room with her lol.

No. 564246

She hid because she thought people were going to legit whoop her ass lmao, it had nothing to do with her feeling bad for everyone she assaulted.

No. 564248

What was the tip count from last night (both Moo and Vamp)?

No. 564249

Momo 50, Vamp around 650-750

No. 564250

She definitely was shitting herself, those were tears of fear not remorse. The one con we see Moo be completely shut down and it was glorious to watch.

No. 564251

i was entertaining the idea that we should try being nice to her on the stream today, and then i thought about how she was nice to thorne et al.

No. 564252

W-o-w. That's really sad! Moo had so many more viewers too. What a waste of time for her.

No. 564253

Shes getting paid to be there for 4 hours so shes not too concerned about tokens yet.

No. 564254

File: 1534544973251.jpeg (235.48 KB, 1241x997, A19E2611-0F51-4674-8203-74D509…)

Show more emotion in this shot than she did in her “response video”

God shes repulsive

No. 564256

It's crazy how shallow she is. It's easy to create a fake history and personality for yourself when you only have to write a sentence or two at a time. But when you are live on a cam not only can people see how busted your body is but how little you know about pretty much everything. Even the stuff you are supposedly so into and an expert on. Dumbass really screwed up this time when she allowed herself to be exposed as she is irl.

No. 564257

tinfoil hat but We have over 77 threads thought that she only did her lewdz when she was thirsty for someone or a photog or to show off what they were missing. Now shes on a camsite and dressing like grandma on her way to bingo- so maybe the hypothesis was correct- she only went lewd for thirst and now wont cause shes alone and nobody in their right fucking mind would touch her nappy dugout

No. 564258

Hideous creature.

No. 564259

If the rest of her body is any indication, that thing is completely destroyed. I don't want to think that that milk bath did to it.

No. 564260

Reading her body language on cam is a big one too. Constant disconnected eye contact, looking down, nervous laughing, going really silent, not making any sense when talking about various things-watching a narcissistic in the full form is interesting.

No. 564261

She'll keep the lewds because she needs the money now

No. 564262

Has she said at all what time she'll be streaming? I'm not going to be surprised if after yesterday is donzo

No. 564263


Unless the site flat out drops her I don’t think she can just not do it if she signed a contract. She still has to do this for 3 more months.


Pretty much. She only slutted it up when she was trying to get some fuckbois’ attention after they dumped her rotten ass. When it’s not that, she is about as sexual as a god damn nun. She has absolutely no idea how to be sexy or enticing otherwise.

No. 564264

so she has to do 20 4-hour streams each month, do they have to be on different days? maybe she's going to do what she did with the fit tea sponsorship and leave it all to the last minute and we'll just have days where she's streaming non-stop to make up for lost time.

No. 564265

Her words being taken out of context? Momo wtf are you talking about? You can't change English. You're just pissed because you can't keep your lies straight

I'm in a relationship with Vamp. But it doesn't mean we are dating.

I'm a lesbian but I don't fuck or kiss girls

Topless doesn't actually mean topless, it means bikini

Get the fuck outta here

No. 564266

Makes it friends only, cuts it up to only show a certain narrative and no comments or other probably nasty shit she said, shows that on IG. Moo…at least fucking try.

No. 564274

She majored in linguistics. That means she's learning to change English to suit herself and use her degree to justify it. Gosh anon, respect her as a strong, educated, businesswoman.

No. 564275

File: 1534549374018.jpeg (186.04 KB, 872x827, C399A654-0B2F-4BE6-9650-1C7E00…)

I was to lazy to come here and get to her link, so I googled camversity. This was the result. Unbelievable they spend ad money on google. And check out how they worded the ad

(Sorry if it was already posted, but TOPKEK)

No. 564276

File: 1534549485538.png (33.98 KB, 625x290, Capture.PNG)

They really are trying to push the non-nude cosplayer and Twitch streamer angle to get more money. They probably thought Momo's reputation would mean more money for them.

No. 564277

>professional presence


No. 564279

They picked the perfect time to push that angle too with the upcoming changes to IRL on twitch

No. 564280

Lmfao FUCK OFF I googled this the other day and thought it was just some recent search tag by mistake, asif they've done this. Camversity are idiots.

No. 564281

Sexy and flirtatious vibes? Boy are they barking up the wrong tree with moo. These guys must be russians or something. They are obviously clueless as to what is going on in the US.

No. 564282

File: 1534550184527.webm (547.29 KB, 1572x676, sexualassault.webm)

Forgot about this clip and can't believe she actually read it

No. 564284

I'm out of loop with Twitch, are they cracking down on gamerthots and costhots finally?

No. 564286


They are getting rid of IRL and Creative and splitting it up into 13 new categories.

They will have to move between categories depending on what they are doing and its going to limit their exposure a lot.

They also have been cracking down on things a lot lately.

No. 564288

Good to see at last Twitch is getting their website together. It'll make it harder for those who do next to nothing on there and expect money. Patreon need to take note as they're just a mess.

No. 564291

File: 1534550770384.jpg (151.67 KB, 1080x1920, 38711960_2089195081105309_4841…)

No. 564293

File: 1534550809615.jpg (171.5 KB, 1080x1920, 39494074_226016344729638_74999…)

No. 564295

Oh fun, granny's reading us all a bedtime story. She's gonna ignore the chat all during stream I swear. And she's still not on, 3+ hours late, well done Mariah.

No. 564296

She's literally going through every type of stream she's ever seen.
Actually surprised she didnt plug this as ASMR

No. 564297

tonight is going to be a fucking chore

No. 564298

File: 1534550984644.jpg (45.65 KB, 302x475, 17381612[1].jpg)


jesus christ you can hear the boners shrinking

No. 564300


And I'll be recording it, lastnight was painful enough. Fucking shoot me now.

No. 564301

Thoughts and prayers go out to the anons that sit in on this stream. Buckle in boys, it's gonna be a long and shitty night.

No. 564303


. . . I hope this bitch gets absolutely torn apart in the chat tonight.

No. 564307

She's reading a book…on a website where you can view girls fucking themselves with a dildo.

I can't. I'm done. LMAO.

No. 564309

She could at least read an erotic book??
I thought she wanted to play ero games and stuff. Why not do that, Mariah?

No. 564310


She could at least read an erotic novel or some some erotic fan fiction from whatever stupid anime she constantly spergs about. But no, this bitch is really going to read a fucking book on a camgirl website.

No. 564312

Shit everyone should join this website to read books for money, what the fuck lmao this is hilarious. Not even an erotic book, this sexual persona she puts on is fake as shit.

No. 564313


And its the second book in the series too, not even the first one.

No. 564314

But she's gonna read it in a sexy flirtatious manner anon, isn't that enough to hook you for FOUR whole hours?

No. 564315

File: 1534551608271.gif (1.79 MB, 368x368, godspeed.gif)

good luck, anon

No. 564316


Exactly. Wasn’t this bitch going on about how the reason she joined the site was to do shit twitch wouldn’t allow her to do like stream ero manga and hentai games? So far she hasn’t done any of that shit and has been a complete fucking bore.

No. 564317

The only thing she did by joining this site was basically out herself as a boring and unoriginal piece of shit. Like, she seriously thinks that people are gonna choose listening to her chain smoking granny voice over girls who (whether or not they do sexual stuff) have actual conversations with their viewers…

No. 564318

Wouldn’t that be copyright infringement though? Books do have it and that could land camversity in trouble?

Sorry for going ot

No. 564319

$5 says she just went out and bought this today and doesn't even know who the Day-lie Llama is.

No. 564320

I honestly think Moo has lost the plot, well and truly now.

No. 564321

"Why does a llama have a cat? This book is so stupid guys lul"

No. 564322


As if this bitch knows how to do anything sexy or flirtatious. She’d spend the whole time giggling and screaming like an obnoxious retard over the slightest mention of anything sexual.

No. 564323

Watch her start pulling the "I'm a Buddhist" card.
Wasn't she banned from twitch or am I misremembering?

No. 564324


She showed it on the first stream, somebody lent her the book to read. I think she said Brandon but I can't remember.

No. 564325

Do you guys really want to great her screechy nasally voice read porn

No. 564327

File: 1534552093197.jpg (373.73 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180817-172309_Pat…)

No. 564328

No but it would be more appropriate for the site and fit with her narrative of "stuff I can't do on Twitch"

No. 564329


>Milking Moomoo

Shes gonna hook those udders up to a milking machine?

No. 564330

Probably just the powdered milk bath she did the other day

No. 564331

File: 1534552208999.jpg (366.1 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180817-172322_Pat…)

No. 564332


I doubt she has showered from that yet.

No. 564333

>prison school.

She's gonna do that one busty guard, isn't she?

No. 564334


And she still can't even bother to spell Monika's name correctly. Pft.

No. 564336

File: 1534552806179.jpg (147.64 KB, 680x585, Andre_anime_design.jpg)

She's better suited for Andre

No. 564337

Her head's even as proportionally small as his.
She'd be perfect.

No. 564339

Milking MooMoo…dear Lord please no

No. 564340

>>OMG Thank you so much for ALL THE LOVE
>>Two friends jumped the sinking vessel that is Moo
>>Entire chat on cam site absolutely continues to rip her to shreds
>>People still calling her out on other platforms
>>Proved she has no idea how to be sexual in the least bit
>>Caught in so many lies
>>Best friend is doing much better on cam site after Moo attempted to bring her in so she can be the 'hot one'
But sure, keep trying to pretend everything's roses when all you have is a garden of woopsie daises.

No. 564341

She's already done Moomoo, Velma, Mei, Morrigan and Lilith. I imagine she'll just reuse the old crumbling pieces and the rest that require effort will be scrapped.

No. 564342

This is stupid, but I really hope she confuses some references of prison school with nanabaka. I guess my hopes are too high

No. 564343

File: 1534553460879.gif (729.81 KB, 500x333, tumblr_n7v2cz8hFi1ta9suso1_500…)

Her bathtub Blair is gonna look like a walrus in a wig and hat.

No. 564344

Didn’t she shit on Janettin cosplay for doing bathtub Blaire during her spergfest?
She posted a picture of her Blaire cosplay when calling her out on making cosplay sexy, iirc.

No. 564345

How interesting, JannetinCosplay did this exact shoot and it was spot on. Moo will look like a hog roast in a pile of soapy dish water.

No. 564346

She's gonna read the whole book tonight? Her retarded ass can't focus on a single sentence without getting distracted.

No. 564347

Yup it's in the recording of her Instagram story against Jannet that's on YouTube. When Moo thought she was the hardcore boss ass bitch.

No. 564348

she should read her old fanfic

No. 564349


Its 232 pages, I doubt she'll even get through a 1/4th of it.

No. 564350

shes gonna get lipo before sept

camversity is paying for lipo

No. 564351

Didn’t she just get a brand new computer? You’d think she’d be playing games like she promised she eventually would.

No. 564352

File: 1534554143501.jpg (92.84 KB, 1200x904, DWa1gtOW4AEcm4r.jpg)

Jannet did a good Blaire and was pretty spot on with the scene and costume. Good luck topping that Momo.
If that is the case she's not gonna get enough money for that AND the cool sculpting monthly treatments. You can't fix that mess no matter how much money you throw at it.

No. 564353

File: 1534554152885.png (39.21 KB, 572x304, e8a1658cc3b163552cdf24b052378c…)

In ThorneChan's tweet, she mentioned how Mariah has someone spying on her PERSONAL Facebook account making sure what cosplay she's planning. It's pretty shitty Mariah has a spy looking at Thorne so if she's doing something, Mariah will add it to her Etsy wishlist.

No. 564354

See, that would be a good idea. Trying to make something cringey sound sexy could be entertaining, but Mariah doesn't believe in effort or making fun of herself

No. 564356

What the fuck is Moo's problem? That she has a one up on all of these girls and will do better in the costume? Thorne needs to look into her friends list very well and have a cleanse. That's fucked up.

No. 564357

Mariah is a filthy casual. She doesn't know much about anime and manga, so she checks out other cosplayers to see what's in. Plus if she immediately adds it to Etsy she can be like "I HAD PLANS A LOOONG TIME AGO!!" She's definitely trying to compete with other cosplayers.

No. 564358

File: 1534555180632.png (1.86 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-08-17-21-18-20…)

She for real put this on her story…Omfg.

No. 564359

Haters don't phase me my dudes

No. 564360

What a very sad existence. To only want to compete with other cosplayers, funny enough with mostly other plus size female cosplayers too, like she's the ONLY big girl that can cosplay these characters and look the best. Karma is watching her intensely, she's going to crash and burn sooner than we think.

No. 564361

But we all know this proves the opposite. You took the time to repost it, Moo. And lord knows you can't let that shit go. Thumbs up on showing how much it does botber you.

No. 564362

She seem miserable. If I didn't know the stuff she's been doing for years, I'd feel sorry for her.

No. 564363

>You don't have to tip. Or subscribe or nothing.
>Monkia and Yuri
>Here are some stuff I'm like really excited about them all.

I know pointing out her shitty grammar and spelling is an old meme at this point but Jesus, she types like she's stoned literally all the time. For someone who acts like she's a fucking genius, she always sounds like some idiot teenager.

No. 564365

Every time I read 'here here' on her CamV profile I want to shake her.

No. 564366

Wait a minute, she's doing Velma again? Why, the last time she did it it was garbage and Scooby-Doo isn't exactly popular right now. I almost wanna say its to spite Thorne some more but that's too tinfoily of me

No. 564367

The wig hasn't fallen apart yet so she has to reuse it instead of putting effort into something new

No. 564369

This. If it’s not on Netflix she doesn’t know about it unless another cosplayer she watches did it

No. 564371


i honestly think it is to spite her. she got called out for doing a shittier velma in a short amount of time to try to beat thorne to the punch, so now she has to do a better velma to prove herself

No. 564372

Or she'll only know about something if a fuckboi she's trying to impress is into it. She doesn't go out of her way to actually watch something out of interest, explore different shows and games, actually be passionate about something. Moo just loves a bandwagon hop and only cares for what will make her money in that moment.

No. 564373

you would think she would at least get a cruncy roll or VRV. But I guess it's annoying to read subs when an anime hasn't been dubbed yet… well for Momo anyway

No. 564374

>be Momokun
>pay for a service that benefits the anime she watches

No. 564375

I know I'm a little late but yesterdays stream is up and I included 5 minutes of Vamp I recorded as a comparison.


No. 564376

You're braver than most and doing God's Work.

No. 564377

It's 7:02pm. Where's the bitch with the book lmao

No. 564382

Shes online, livestream thread is over at >>564208

No. 564393

File: 1534559085619.png (880.08 KB, 1000x566, Moo1.png)

I couldn't resist

No. 564406

dear god, she is one wiiiiiiiide load.

No. 564512

File: 1534561405444.png (9.05 MB, 2208x1242, 3316FF7D-1E3D-4351-BA02-E026DF…)

Grandma, what did I tell you about streaming on camversity?

No. 564546

File: 1534562420746.png (414.79 KB, 475x845, 1533519683015 copy.png)

Stream is really boring

No. 564556

LOL she's so incapable of not saying shitty things she's succumbed to reading a god damn novel on a cam site to protect her from her own words

No. 564560

Fuck she is a boring cunt.

No. 564566

File: 1534563086086.png (2.93 MB, 2208x1242, 8934523495.png)

No. 564572

Was she at Shine Con today?

No. 564573

Considering that person was spamming about thorne and thorne's tweet has over a thousand retweets its safe to assume she is definitely doing it out of spite. wonder if thorne knows yet

No. 564574

No. 564591

I didn't see the stream what's she crying about?

No. 564608

File: 1534565327254.jpg (153.37 KB, 913x511, BULK SMASH.jpg)

No. 564622

This is cringe, she's fucking up every 5th word and speaking like a 9 year old who has to read in front of class.

No. 564624


From watching her streams these past few days, i honestly think she has some type of chemical imbalance in her brain. I doubt this girl has ADHD because that was an obvious lie from the get-go, but i feel she has something else that makes her act this way. From what i'm hearing, she's mispronouncing words reading that cat book and she even can't spell at certain times on Instagram and her Patreon. Not to mention her being a liar and a narcissist lying all the time and barely telling the truth about anything. I understand nobody isn't perfect with grammar but i feel she has something off in her head.

Now i have no sympathy for her and i'm not excusing her for the shit she's done. She's obviously a piece of shit human being who can't keep her hands to herself and loves to lie to get out of a situation. I have never seen a human being act the way she acts, the mannerisms she shows online is just… baffling. The lack of self-awareness is another thing.

No. 564632

Maybe she's just a dumbass.

No. 564636

I think she's just dumb, Anon. She's not quite special ed but she's slower than the rest of the class and it's not due to an actual learning disability.

No. 564695

i feel like that now she has physically made the account, she will eventually use it for its intended purpose when her patreon money and shit dries up

No. 564712

File: 1534572223469.png (1.87 MB, 1402x786, cryingmariah.png)

Just to update those not in the stream thread, she's crying on camera right now. We're almost at the 4 hour mark, too, so it might be ending soon.

No. 564714

Tinfoil but maybe she opted to read a book so she wouldn’t say anymore dumb shit kek

No. 564715

Link to Cam thread pls

No. 564725

Sorry my dumbass didn't know how to link it

No. 564727

Wtf is she crying about
I swear if it’s because “my friends are so great”

No. 564741


Don't fall for it completely, see if she actually changes.

No. 564746

She's finally addressing the MyOppa issue in stream right now.

No. 564770

Was at Shine Con earlier. I can say for sure Mariah is not welcome there. I overheard tons of people shit-talking her and hoping she wouldn’t show up. Lots of guys from EVO are still pissed she showed up at that event.

No. 564780

File: 1534574702321.jpeg (990.27 KB, 1242x1667, 6291DD31-B107-4CFE-B100-79054A…)

curious to know how yj will react to tonight’s stream given moo was crying about this exact thing in the stream tonight.

No. 564784

And the stream is over. Next stream will be tomorrow at 7pm she said.

No. 564793

not falling for this. moo isn't suddenly like this. she's been like this. these things are too deep seeded. she can't change and won't change. she doesn't want to change her behavior just how people treat her. she seems like a child here wanting what others have.

No. 564794

>she seems like a child here wanting what others have.

I mean
she almost literally said as much lol

No. 564795

She was crying about childhood trauma with her dad. Then went on to talk about the sexual assault accusations, myoppa, and other serious topics. Crazy it was all on a cam porn site.

No. 564798

I've seen camgirls cry on stream before and it's usually pretty funny but i feel a bit bad about them but with Moo it's just obvious its for attention. She's just hoping people will pity her and give her more tips.

No. 564804

I mean, if therapy helps her change, good for her. Lord knows she fucking needs it.
But I ain't leavin' till the fat lady sings. And I don't mean that literally.

No. 564805

I noticed that wihle she was talking about the sexual harassment victims, she was still kind of playing the victim. It felt like she was framing it as 'oh these girls hate me and there's nothing I can do to change that even though I tried my hardest to mend our relationships.'

Like someone mentioned earlier, if she'd just provide proof that she messaged them individually to apologize, that would actually prove all those girls as liars and actually put her in a good light but I can also see why she'd be wary about the others trying to spin it negatively at her expense again. She's kind of in a catch 22 but is deciding to roll over and not deal with it productively

No. 564807

Actually, here's a thought

Do you think she'll apologize to Nana now? Or is Nana (still) the liar?

No. 564809

I highly doubt it. She'll keep thinking that she's the real victim, not anyone she bullied or sexually assaulted.

No. 564811


If she were smart, she wouldn’t buy any of this bullshit but Moo has literally already done this shit before. The crying into the camera about her past “traumas” and how her dad fucked her up. And everyone was sitting here feeling sorry for her. And then 2 days later she went right back to being the cunt she has always been. And this time won’t be any different. She isn’t going to to change shit and still wants to act like the victim in all this, which she was clearly doing in the stream where she framed the whole sexual assault thing as “oh woe is me, I tried to make peace with the girls but they wouldn’t have any of it. I just wish I could take it all back and be friends with them again uwu”.

So Moo can just fuck off with all of this. Not once through any of her bullshit did she ever attempt to be better. She just keeps making shitty excuses and plays the victim. And I hope Jane calls her out on it.

No. 564812

Her not looking at the camera a lot and looking away entirely rubbed me wrong. I know she said it was so she wouldn't cry but I think it's more that it would be harder to catch her in the lie.

It's very obvious she definitely sees herself as the victim in all this. I think she's mostly sorry she's lost a lot of friends and cosplay contacts most of all.

No. 564813

At the end of the day, she reeeeally needs to take a break from the internet and cosplaying.

No. 564815

notice when she was told she might have to provide proof of her apology she sorta shied away? That part I sketched on.

And if record anon is here- I would love so much the reading of My Immortal.

No. 564816


But she won’t. She literally admitted that the reason she didn’t step away before after all the sexual assault stuff came out was because “Well I didn’t want people to just forget about me”. She admitted to always wanting to be in the spotlight no matter what.

No. 564817

Here, here.

I think this was an actual defense mechanism. Think about it: her dad wanted a boy but had a girl that is really good at sports. He disregarded her feelings while trying to work out his own demons. I'm slightly whiteknighting because I kinda know how she feels. She doesn't want to show emotion and mumbles/looks away to lessen her embarrassment. I don't remember a time where she did this in any of her responses. Usually she responds like a fuckboi and is ~unapologetic~.

Anywho, I do truly believe she won't be magically cured overnight and will not publicly respond like an adult. I'm not that naive. She will need to take a step back to put herself on the right track tbh.

No. 564818

Did she talk about the new girl that accused her

No. 564820

Not anyone by name.

No. 564821

jfc just get married moo.

No. 564826

She got baked out of her mind so she'd be easily emotional and made some shit up and the chat got soft as hell on her.

I guess we deserve this bitch if our short-term memory about her compulsive, pathological lying is this bad.

Lotta armchair going on in both threads now, too.

No. 564827

File: 1534580115738.png (1.27 MB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2018-08-18-01-08-09…)

No. 564829

Idk about the baked thing but I agree

No. 564833

I hope only a few people fall for this crying shit.

>said its good to talk to someone who doesn't screenshot stuff

She screenshotted literally every conversation with Nana and showed everyone so she needs to shut the fuck up.

No. 564870

Where did all of the recent posts about Moo's daddy issues and how it's not to blame for her behavior go?

No. 564871

Great athlete was another fabrication. She was the worst player on a college club team, who quit to tell tall tales instead.

The only reason she’s crying now is because she finally got hurt. Not by the community responses to her horrible bullying, but by Vamp being so much more popular on cam.

No. 564875

For those of you eating up her crying during stream:
This is not the first time she's done this shit.

Thread 21: >>pt/398048 posts a 3 part twitter video of her crying about how hard it is to be a 'celebrity' and she wants people to treat her like a 'person'(this was after the first unedited pic of her butt from ColossalCon was posted). She then proceeded to clap back at anyone who didnt eat it up and this was right before the Momokunt shirts

Sometime Before thread 52 (I cant remember where it was but she went on twitch and cried about stuff >>pt/520127 All I can find atm is this post of someone bringing it up) But she got 'real' and a bunch of farmers ate it up but she was right back to being shitty after that one too.

I will only believe moo is ever actually remorseful if she makes a proper apology video, takes a break from cosplay and conventions for at least 6 months, and even then she needs to come back acting different. She's played the 'woe is me' card again and again and especially uses it in one on one situations (Lets be real she had Sabrina eating up her 'it's them not ME' bullshit) If she REALLY wanted to apologize to the people she hurt she needs to make a video with screenshots saying 'I said they were lying and doing this for attention because I wanted people to believe it, not because I thought so.' and then apologize DIRECTLY and USING NAMES to everyone she assaulted, INCLUDING how she assaulted them. None of this 'sorry if I made you uncomfortable' bullshit.

This is simply her attempting to get people to sweep it away because 'u gaiz it's my dad's fault' Also if her father was roided out and abusive her entire life; what about the SEVERAL posts she made SINCE moving out about how GREAT AMAZING PERFECT BUFF ADONIS SUPPORTIVE WOW her father is? INCLUDING one not too long ago.

No. 564879

Twitter got ahold of her AX clip oh boy

No. 564880

GOOD. This is probably the best bit of evidence we have that Moo didn't give a shit about what happened at AX, labelling it as stupid shit was her true colors coming out.

No. 564881

screenshots?? i hope something goes down

No. 564882

File: 1534599505300.png (128.1 KB, 614x897, Screenshot_75.png)

No. 564883

LOL your twitter icon anon…is that Moo's lipo abs?

No. 564884

Yes it is, just throwaway account to follow the drama on there

No. 564885

File: 1534600561918.png (721.42 KB, 755x635, Screenshot_72.png)

Her abs in all their glory

No. 564888

File: 1534604036868.png (440.2 KB, 616x513, Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 10.5…)

Jesus even her vagina looks fat. If this is what her body looks at 22 I'd hate to see what it's gonna look like in 10-20 years.

No. 564889

Yes, I am so fucking tired of farmers buying into her crap every time she has herself a crying fit on camera. Empathy for the cow gives her what she wants.

She's a stone cold Narc folks, she doesn't give a flying shit about repenting, she's only throwing out anything she can to see what sticks and helps her continue her crap.

No. 564890

File: 1534604220128.jpeg (351.53 KB, 750x729, D74DD4B8-18C8-4D73-B145-F07794…)

Meme found on salad snakes insta. If no one knows, he’s a pretty popular meme page on that platform. If she wasnt toast before nows a good time to grab the butter

No. 564891

I feel no sympathy for her. She's just like Onision whenever he gets backed into a corner he blames his parents or upbringing to attempt to gain sympathy and avoid fault or any sort of consequence.
Sorry, Moo, we all had fucked up childhoods, doesn't mean we go around bullying, harassing, abusing, lying and scamming everyone we meet. That's just dumb. Most of us deal with our problems and learn from our mistakes. Not go on a camming website in full granny PJ's to read a book about a Buddhist cat, cry and then show off traced artwork. Seriously, is this the twilight zone?

No. 564900

100%. Everyone needs to stop feeling a bit sorry for her. She's a NARCISSIST. Google the word, do some research into narcissism, realise how good narcs are at manipulating and making themselves look like the victim. This is what she wants, sympathy and attention. The one things narcs thrive on to keep going.

No. 564902

Our moo is just like all liars. She sprinkles in just a few partial truths. Was her dad an asshole? Probably. But she has always been a bully. Her sister bullied her? Not hardly. Don't be fooled by a manipulator. Her tears are tears of frustration at finding herself in a situation that she isn't smart enough to wiggle out of using her usual methods.

No. 564907

Plus it's a really big insult to her victims, she's been living away from her parent's home for how long now? She's a grown adult and still chose to act the way she does so it's pretty shitty of her to mention how her dad treated her when she barely sees him anymore (but hey lets all remember that time she bragged about paying her family's debt and bills and took them to cons when she was invited even though they apparently abused her)

No. 564914

File: 1534609811053.png (159.74 KB, 493x273, momokun-la-mole-cc-omariahmall…)

Old but gold.
I'm trying to find the post(s) she's made about her dad. IIRC she always seems to flip flop on her view and relationship with her dad. It's always either "boohoo my childhood was rough, my dad did this or my sister did that or my mom didn't do this" or "my family is so great and supportive, I'm the best daughter ever. my parents are better than yours!"

No. 564919

File: 1534610519390.png (601.09 KB, 934x504, Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 12.4…)

So abused uwu

No. 564924

Onision has like ten years on her. I only agree with you to a certain extent.
She actually feels bad, but only due to consequences.
Greg feels…. Man I don't even know what to write for him.

But if she doesn't get support via her alleged therapy, she's going to be him… maybe minus grooming young girls.

No. 564926

File: 1534611608099.gif (1.35 MB, 250x250, tumblr_osmqkiA19M1r55eygo2_250…)

>I love him more than anything in the world!

Muh abuse.

Farmers can be so gullible when cows turn on waterworks. Toughen the fuck up and go back to thread one for a re-read. Onision does the same thing when he's trying to get the community to love him again. Guys, this is the same cow that cries on camera when watching anime and herself during an apology. Not when she thinks about all the people who she bullied(even in high school), sexually assaulted, drove to near suicide, told to commit suicide, or the pets who she harmed(Like Jaeda), but when talking about herself and throwing someone under the bus for pity points. All of those people were lying cause Mariah's so innocent and Jaeda's infections and matted cold are simply because she's old! Not the fault of Mariah. Nothing is ever Mariah's fault. I still don't think she's seeing a therapist. She documents literally everything in her life but we've not once seen nor heard of the therapist. It's the manager thing all over again.

No. 564930

Going to therapy would admit Moo thinks there's something wrong with her, and she never thinks she's wrong

No. 564939

Of course, Moo never thinks she's the root of the problem, she's just a victim.

No. 564940

While I don't like Mariah, it's still very possible to care for and love an abuser.

No. 564941

y'all should see her discord server them dude is hyping her up so much that it sad

No. 564942

This is an image board. Post caps or don’t bother posting.

No. 564944


Another one who fell for Mariah's crocodile tears.

No. 564945

the closest to pity anyone should have is to vamp (and only because i don't know how to describe how someone might feel bad when you catch your dog stuck in your fence)because she gonna get fucked hard by both momo and all the communities when momo leaves her to mooch off someone else

No. 564946

Lastnights stream has been uploaded


Parts 1 and 2 are her reading her cat book.

Part 3 hear reading My Immortal and spilling the candle

Part 4 is the rest of the candle and her emotional talk

No. 564947

lol, nah. She's still a shitty person and previous "abuse" doesn't excuse her. She should have learned that isn't how to treat people. Just saying it's possible to love an abuser and I don't think that her sentiments about loving her dad can entirely disprove her story of abuse. Honestly, I believe if her dad was on steroids he easily could have been as asshole to her. She's still a shitty person herself fully though.

No. 564948

I can’t wait for Mariah to cry “MUH CONTEXT”.
How many times can she use that excuse?
These are things she clearly said, they’re not taken out of context at all.
She even has Vamp believing people just take her out of context.

No. 564949

File: 1534615564408.png (537.53 KB, 662x1496, mariah.png)

Saved some caps from an old thread that confirm that not only was her dad a shit person (who was def on roids) but she has been a shit person from the very beginning herself. If she's able to look back and see how toxic her father was, you'd think that as a grown as woman now, she'd know better than to mimic those same behaviors today

No. 564950

File: 1534615603251.png (372.45 KB, 660x1876, mariah2.png)

part 2

No. 564951

Her dad is so gross, the whole bodybuilder mentality is aggravating. I’m sure he’s a prick but so are a bunch of parents. I’m not feeling the tears, frankly.

No. 564952

It was quite obvious that she was like that from the beginning when her old classmates outed her for bullying them, she'll never change

No. 564953


like father, like daughter. and no one's surprised.

No. 564954


…is this the same brianna she said she went to high school with and was saying hi to in chat

No. 564955

"the only time I'm proud of myself is when I win" y i k e s

No. 564956


Wow. Once a cunt. Always a cunt

No. 564957

Calling people losers because they have fun even if they lose? What an obnoxious cunt. It also showed when she HAD to be known as the "thicc" version of every character she cosplayed and had to be the first for everything and the biggest fan

No. 564959

You know in a way Camversity hiring Momo is a great marketing tool because girls can look at her in all her greasy glory reading a book and getting tips for it and go "I can do way better than that" and sign up.

If Momo can do it then anyone can do it. Too bad if she found out she'd just take it as "I'm so inspiring my empowerment of women got other strong women into this for non-nudes!"

..no we just think we have better hygiene so clearly we could earn more by comparison.

No. 564960

I hope one of the streams she does her "beauty" or "skin care" routine so we can just see how fucking bad it is

No. 564961

Jesus what the fuck? What the fuck is WRONG with her?! Who thinks like this? Girl really does need therapy.

No. 564962

She did her makeup and looked like she was covering herself in butter

No. 564963

You missed everything else that was in that post.

No. 564965


Exactly why I want to see her skin care routine if she even has one

No. 564968

The fact that farmers are constantly touching the poop where she’s concerned. It’s not a secret, anon. Read her thread, there’s no way you can miss it.

This, people need to keep in mind who we’re talking about. Mariah doesn’t care and I doubt she even thinks about the things she’s done seriously after she’s written it off as ‘haters’. What I saw were crocodile tears. Narcs are really good at turning those on when they feel it’s necessary.

No. 564969

It's easy to see how she got away with things for so long. People fall for the tears and suddenly she gets sympathy points.

No. 564972

This. Newfags need to read all the threads from the beginning. And her evil shit started long before lolcow. Her whole thing is about controlling the narrative. Stop being so fucking gullible or join the moo fan club.

No. 564974

I completely forgot about this

No. 564976

Narcs are good at turning on the waterworks because they genuinely believe that they are the victim. Moo's not depressed or a poor abuse victim uwu, sure her dad is an absolute cunt, but with basic human empathy you'd learn to not do the same shit to everyone else, she's wired for the narc path, and she chose the narc path.

Moo's a grown woman, if she does know better she would've seeked therapy, she would've admitted her mistakes as her own faults and seek no other excuses, hell she wouldn't have ended up with 77 threads full of her shit. I feel no sympathy for her, if anything I'm even more pissed off.

No. 564977

mariah is still human and she is allowed to have sad thoughts and be sad about things and cry about things without it being manipulative. i think last night she was genuinely upset about these things. i do think when she gets upset she doubles down on her cuntiness shortly after to try to seem less like a vulnerable weakling. she wants to be seen as someone who has depth of character but she's very good at fucking that up and just comes off as a cunt.
i think the mature thing to do during her stream would have been to switch the topic to something less emotional. a live stream with a couple hundred strangers is not the right place for this kind of stuff.

No. 564978

No one is saying that she can't and isn't "allowed" to be sad, but she was being manipulative by throwing her dad under the bus to excuse her behavior and turning on the waterworks for a bunch of people watching who dislikes her and win some of them over, which she did.

No. 564979

"Unlike you all, I will reach my field of battle, at any means of my disposal… and when I arrive there, I shall arrive violently!"

I know she's younger here but this sounds like some anime shit lol she always thought she was an anime character

No. 564980

It’s amazing how some cheap and easy tears makes it all better for some people, maybe I’m an asshole but I would never forgive a narc like Moo that easy. You’re just asking for pain.

No. 564981


i just get annoyed when people see mariah show any kind of emotion and automatically think she's only doing it for person gain and being purposefully manipulative instead of just having a moment of weakness like any other person. people keep painting mariah as 100% evil villain, but she's still human.

No. 564983

This is approximately the 23492038492384th excuse she's given us for her shitty behaviour. If she actually felt bad for how shitty a person she was?

She would have stopped it by now.

What's so hard to understand about this? Even the SHITTIEST cosplayer has at least changed managed to stay out of drama. Even mostflogged who is a legitimate crazy person is able to go to cons, run a business etc.

Mariah has been a consistently OPENLY shitty person for two and a half years and it's ALL documented here. If she was going to be better she would have gotten better not WORSE. She went from just being a lazy shitty attention grabber to assaulting people and stealing their ideas.

How does suffering parental abuse somehow magically excuse: Sexual Assault, Content theft, Sexual Harassment, Psychological and verbal abuse, blackmail, Scamming, Buying attention, Property Damage, Doxxing, Sending her fans to harass people, Chasing SEVERAL people out of the cosplay/con community, and the list goes on and on.

No. 564984


While it's true she's human, it's also true that she's a narcissist. Moo has a track record of being manipulative and only doing things for personal gain.

No. 564985

So be annoyed? I’m not sure what you want people to do. You think she’s genuinely expressing some sort of remorse, some of us think it’s more of the same. Neither group is going to change the other one’s mind. Redemption takes time and it doesn’t seem like Moo is aware of that fact. Regardless of what she said when she was crying on cam.

No. 564986


Exactly. Explanations are not excuses. She is still accountable.

I'd feel more sorry for her if she offered genuine, non-monetized apologies for everything she's done and owned up to all of it, instead of only feeling the need to respond due to one massive callout in an attempt to save her cottage cheese ass and then later calling it all "stupid shit" anyway.

No. 564987

Go and be her friend then, and see how long it would take for her to shit on you. She’s had chance after chance after chance. Some people are just assholes, and it’s no one’s fault but their own.

No. 564988

Dude, she was crying on a camming site where chicks masturbate for money about her "abusive" father. Literally, every girl on that site probably has some sort of daddy issue, do you see them crying on their third or fourth day? No.
No one is saying she's not human, she's a garbage human which is the problem. A lot of people have shitty upbringings or abusive homes, that doesn't automatically make all their mistakes and fuck-ups ok. Jesus Christ, why do people get so easily manipulated by a girl crying? Onision could cry his little red face off and no one would change their opinion.

No. 564989

THIS. Anyone who has any remorse for Mariah, read this and get your head out of her flat ass or grow a neckbeard and join her group of incel pay pigs.

No. 564992


Exactly this. She can go fuck off with this whole sob story bullshit because she has already tried pulling this in the past. Him many fucking times does this has to happen for people to see its fake tears for sympathy?

I really don’t want to hear another word out of her mouth until I see her make strides towards real change. Not her “I know I fucked up and I’ll try to be better” bullshitbshe says but real change. Like actually apologizing to the victims and not trying to play the “oh woe is me” victim card. Actually fucking staying away from the cosplay community and cons for an extended period of time and not trying to weasel her way in because she “doesn’t want to be forgotten about”. Apolozing for all the bullshit she has done in the past including but not limited to the theft and bullying.

If her next moves don’t entail any of those things then she can fucking walk

No. 564994

Cosplay is the new softball, I guess.

Do you think she realizes she turned in to her dad?

No. 564995

I doubt our cow has that much insight. No idea what her dad is like besides what she's said which is he's an amazing dad but also a scum bag so who knows what he's actually like.

No. 564996

The new chick who said she assaulted her is going to be at shine con I’m going to ask her about it

No. 564999

Don't do that. She doesn't owe some drama farmer any interaction. She also likely doesn't wanna talk about it
Let them live

No. 565004

File: 1534624486012.png (82.31 KB, 611x656, Screenshot_76.png)

No. 565007

I thought we were playing nice in the chat to see where she went. Don't mean I really buy the shit. So what's the takeaway? How close to fucking done is she?

No. 565011

>The fact that farmers are constantly touching the poop where she’s concerned.

Are you autistic?

No. 565015

I think that anon was referring to the Reddit rule "don't touch the poop". Touching the poop basically means cowtipping if that's what anon meant.

No. 565017

Oh then they are a newfag. The fact that they're talking about "keeping it to shay's thread" should have tipped me off.

No. 565018

As much as we all love fresh milk, please let it flow naturally and don't creep on people IRL for it. It makes you no better than Moo and her herd of shitty calves.

No. 565019

why do you idiots always announce this stuff. if you want to do this there's only one way to go about it, but you fucks always announce it like we're going to be all "go get em' anon who is totally unreliable and not really a person because we're anon. just stop.

No. 565024

Moo also lurks here and will probably send her dog Vamp to message the poor girl after reading it.

No. 565025

exactly. plus no one ITT would be convinced unless you had caps which leaves you open for moo's attack dog.

No. 565026

File: 1534632481567.png (538.39 KB, 720x1196, Capture _2018-08-18-17-47-31.p…)


No. 565027

File: 1534632517628.png (645.07 KB, 720x1196, Capture _2018-08-18-17-43-31.p…)


No. 565030

>"The only time I have fun is when I win"
Fucking yikes. She really has been a mean, nasty bully from the start. It obviously stems from some deep shit but there's no excuse for this.

Just a guess but it sounds like Mariah's dad "praised" her when she acted like what he considered a leader and a winner to be, and she always sought his approval. But she never had to do that when it came to her mom - her mom loved her unconditionally, which is probably why Mariah walked all over her and was as mean to her as she was to everyone else. They're both partially to blame for her being a shitty, miserable person but it's still a bit sad.

But also lmao that Moo still sounds like she did in high school with this anime shit. "I have what you guys don't…. HEART. My team is there for me, and I'm there for them!"

She's practically still saying that same spiel now. She really has to be delusional, she lives in her own world.

No. 565031

moo is just a chuunibyou.

No. 565032

File: 1534633358992.png (388.55 KB, 720x966, Screenshot_2018-08-18-15-37-42…)

No. 565033

can someone translate? this is an incoherent mess.

No. 565034

gonna take another fucking hour and a half to read a chapter in a book, cant wait

No. 565036

File: 1534633544942.png (907.04 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2018-08-18-15-38-33…)

>stubbed her toe. She screeched so loud that the alarm system went off. The company called to check up on her and the security system apparently thought her window glass broke

No. 565037

File: 1534633612980.png (459.29 KB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2018-08-18-15-38-46…)

>tries moving a king sized mattress up the stairs by herself. Gets it stuck

No. 565038

Dear god, is she going to wear the same clothes? It looks like right after the stream she climbed into bed and woke up and thought she still looked presentable.

No. 565039

so, i get camverity or w/e is just trying to be twitch, it's blatantly obvious. but do they like not realize there is a reason porn sites and regular sites are seperate? like, a reason other than being all ages? and why are they using moo for this? she has the personality and charisma (and voice) of a dying cat.

No. 565040

So she's going to have another mental breakdown and start crying by the end of it again I'm guessing? Man is her life fucking miserable. She's pretty much a circus monkey doing tricks for money these days.
She should just stop and never do this again. Usually her neckbeard fans didn't have to see what she looked like IRL that much since I doubt most of them follow her snapchat or whatever, but now them clicking in and seeing what she REALLY looks like is just too much of a difference and probably just turning more and more off from her. There isn't a single sexy thing about her other than photoshopped pictures

No. 565041

LOL. i can only imagine what happened
>delivery guys get there and unload the mattress out of the truck
>moo waddles downstairs
>mooove over boys, i got this (flexes flabby fat arm)
>they try to convince her that one person, let alone her, can't move the mattress alone
>shows a pic of her dad
>they leave just dumbfounded

No. 565043


Life lessons from that book? Between her mispronunciation of damned near everything and interupting herself every 8 seconds even if I wanted to it would be easier to read it myself. Bets on hulk showing up tonight too?

No. 565045

my favorite part is that weird "what really makes you happy" comment. who is she talking to? what did she mean by this?

No. 565046

File: 1534634108479.png (372.14 KB, 647x311, Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 7.14…)

>>I've loved every moment of it
-being called out for being a molester and bully
-getting dropped by creators guild, almost every sponsorship and got exiled at AX
-being on Philly D as a sexual predator
-everyone in the cosplay community onward knowing you as a scumbag social climber (even Onision pulled his pledge)
-Having to default to camming, showing up unwashed, in granny gear, reading a book about a cat while crying.
Doing great Momo!

No. 565048

Another night of recording that book? Fucking shoot me now. If it wasn't for all the milk lastnight I would skip it entirely.

No. 565049

She was on cam for four hours and only read on chapter…

No. 565050

File: 1534634509705.png (495.66 KB, 647x310, moo.png)

No. 565052

It took her an hour to read one chapter of that book and it was painful.

No. 565053

dat linguistics degree doh.
Seriously though how many chapters does this book have? poor recordanon is gonna have it rough if she reads this whole book.

No. 565054

I'm not tellin people what to do but maybe only a few people should watch the stream to limit her getting views n traffic?

No. 565055

if i were record anon i'd just leave the shit on autopilot, maybe read my own book. no problem having to cut off an hour of dead air if it means not sitting through this. i've seen kids with learning/speaking disabilities that sounded more eloquent than she does.

No. 565056


The book is 232 pages and looks like 11 chapters.

No. 565057

…that’s it?
I bet it’ll take her the whole month of streaming to finish it

No. 565058


Pretty sure the first chapter was only 16 pages…..

No. 565059

Nah, half the people in this thread are dying to cowtip and will be there asking her stupid questions for caps.

Can we please let her be milky on her own?

No. 565060


She really needs to be out of her mind for real this time. How? How did she manage to smooth out every single thing out of her skin and be like "yeah, Ill post this to show the hate… I mean, barking dogs. That Im thicc"

She must have an actual mental disorder to think she looks like that.

No. 565062

File: 1534635921890.jpeg (141.39 KB, 750x887, 4E656CF0-8814-4BB9-836E-E1B691…)

Lol look what Nicoletters retweeted

No. 565063

I realize I’m late but I’m just catching up. When is she camming again? Arabic speaker here and hell I’ll make it easy af for her and even transliterate so she can’t even use the excuse of not being able to read or write? Fuck I’d love to… she wants to talk all this shit about muh heritage, muh language, and muh religion when she knows fuck all?

No. 565064


She is suppose to be camming at 7PM PST tonight

No. 565065


I'm starting to think she really does have a some mental disorders.

Starting to wonder after watching these streams if really believes her versions of things and that is genuinely thinks they are truth. It really sounds like she is splitting due to some personality disorder which would definitely tie unto her narcissism.

No. 565068

>>564871 This anon hit the nail on the head. Vamp's popularity, plus the fact that Vamp was apparently with another friend, are the real catalysts in Mariah's decision to cry on camera.

Moo has generated sympathy for crying in previous streams, so she knows she already knows she doesn't have to fix it if it's not broken.

The way this bitch transitions from one persona to another makes me doubt the legitimacy of just about everything that comes out of her mouth. The only time I would actually believe her is if she were to say she liked a certain food.

No. 565069

fucking stop, if anything she's pathological liar, you armchairers are as bad as she is.

No. 565070

Wasn't Vamp supposed to go on cam with her last night after the friend hangout too? I can definitely see that adding fuel to the fire.

Tinfoiling but part of me thinks that IG post Vamp made recently about her head not being in the right place probably had to deal with this.

No. 565071

If being a cunt is a mental disorder then yeah. I think she's spinning out of control, she thought she was going to be able to just sweep this under the rug like she always has but realized that isn't working and is now in panic mode. People with real problems aren't like this. There's no diagnosis for being a bitch.
100% accurate. I think Moomoo's tears and shit are due to Tucan Sam getting more attention than her

No. 565072


All of these things. What people fail to realize is that she DOES probably have to hold in tears a lot while doing streams like this because it's just CONSTANTLY people going IN on her looks, her actions, her weight, etc. She keeps that all bottled up to seem "SO UN-PHASED BY THE HATURZ MY DUDES" and then likely uses times where it would benefit her to release those tears. It's a pretty common acting trick (remember those skype theater classes my dudes) to use emotions towards one thing (in this case the constant onslaught of insults) and then channel it or funnel it to make yourself cry in a "scene" where you need to be emotional or sad.

Moo is probably sad. About a lot of things. None of them are things you should feel bad about. She brought all of this on herself.

No. 565073

She was 16 there I think, way too old to be talking like such a sperg.

No. 565074

eh, i disgree, moo is human, sure, but she's a human who is shown to knowingly use this shit to manipulate things, there's nothing wrong with assuming it's more of the same. the same shouldn't be said of everyone, but moo shouldn't be given the benefit of the doubt.

No. 565076

She's really good at pretending this whole cam girl thing isn't a huge dumpster fire.

No. 565077

Really throws her "I was the dorky nerdy loner in high school. I was always picked on" shtick out the window. She really flip-flops between "I'm tough! I'll stab a bitch!" to "everyone always picks on me, I'm so timid and shy" whenever it's convenient to the situation.

No. 565080


Practically everyone who went to high school with her has come and said what a huge bitch she was and she she practically bullied everyone and drive some to near suicide. She was never this “shy, timid dweeb who was picked on for liking anime”. She was absolutely the bitch who made everyone’s lives miserable and couldn’t wait to get away from her.

No. 565081

lol, so when she said "I want that" she was referring to Vamp?? Maybe…

No. 565083

She still talks like this though.

No. 565087

Know why people go in on her? Cause she does it to everyone else. She doesn't try to bottle in those fake tears when watching anime and wanting the world to know, so I don't see why this is any different when she wants people to have sympathy for her. She can turn the waterworks on on command just like Tana.

No. 565089

She also kicked a lit candle with her foot and spent like 20 minutes on stream trying to scrape the wax off her wall with her AX badge.
I think that helped cause the spiral. She was already in a bad mood and that obviously set her off even more.

No. 565090

exactly. i said it before but why treat moo like a human if she only wants that treatment when people feel sorry for her and not when they hold her responsible.

No. 565091

Fucking exactly. She sexually assaulted a bunch of people and the first thing she did was accuse them of lying and then blamed the nerd community for her behavior. She also pulled out the good ol' "I was molested!" card. On top of that during her "sincere feels" last night, she still didn't properly apologize for what she did and has yet to apologize to Nana. So human! This girl has no limits when it comes to blaming other people for her actions.

Like damn, her crying about her childhood made farmers and the like forget all of the shit that she did? Really? Her tears drowned 77 threads of drama into nothing kek

No. 565092

Can confirm Mariah did go to Shinecon. I watched her walk up to registration, get intercepted before buying a badge, then turn around and left. Not sure if staff or con goer but someone told her to GTFO.

No. 565093

Is she that fucking stupid.

No. 565095


All she ever fucking says about is "I think what I did was wrong/disrespectful". Never once does she actually apologize. But what she will do is say "Everyone was overreacting and even went so far as to call me a rapist and try to make me out to be some kind of monster uwu". Again, still playing the victim.

No. 565096

File: 1534639694355.png (150.25 KB, 720x965, Screenshot_2018-08-18-16-25-43…)

O k a y

No. 565097

File: 1534639726471.png (134.63 KB, 720x931, Screenshot_2018-08-18-16-25-51…)

No. 565098

File: 1534639855835.png (109.9 KB, 720x728, Screenshot_2018-08-18-17-49-37…)

No. 565103

File: 1534640137311.png (1.71 MB, 582x2012, moo.png)

This is all I see with this new 'context matters' excuse she's giving

No. 565106

File: 1534640639186.png (1.34 MB, 720x1186, Screenshot_2018-08-18-18-02-00…)

She doesn't HAVE furniture tho…someone moving in?

No. 565107

File: 1534640685028.png (619.05 KB, 720x1188, Screenshot_2018-08-18-18-02-06…)

No. 565108

This is just her trying to save her ass again with lies when there's video of what she actually said. She hasn't changed.

No. 565110

She gave all of her old computer to Vamp? What a waste of money, but whatever.

No. 565112

God damnit I'm on the east coast

No. 565113

So then my suspicion that her talking about how bad her life was last night was only to throw it in people's faces is true. It's clear she went off about that last night just to be able to say "see i'm depressed tooooo"

No. 565115

HA didn’t even make it in the door and told to fuck off how rich is that

No. 565117

ah yes that's what people want at like 10pm on a Saturday night: to have a book read at them

No. 565120

Recordinganon here, I missed the first 5 minutes.

Didn't expect the stream so soon since she said she would be late or may not do it at all yet started on time

No. 565121

File: 1534644379227.png (1.1 MB, 720x1194, Screenshot_2018-08-18-19-04-33…)

Sike, she's with Vamps and is setting her new computer up on cam

No. 565122

Livesteam thread at >>564208

No. 565123

File: 1534644466381.png (892.11 KB, 720x1192, Screenshot_2018-08-18-19-03-39…)

No. 565125

File: 1534644489033.png (917.96 KB, 720x1191, Screenshot_2018-08-18-19-04-24…)

No. 565128

death eater and her house elf Vamp

No. 565129

File: 1534645453394.png (896.68 KB, 720x1180, Screenshot_2018-08-18-19-22-42…)

No. 565130

File: 1534645481818.png (745.11 KB, 720x1191, Screenshot_2018-08-18-19-22-51…)

No. 565134


Why even have a filter at that point, just use a headshot of a different person, who the fuck cares.

I love the butterflies as well, as if we will think they’re the only change to an actual picture.

No. 565142

this looks like a baby

No. 565151

File: 1534646855436.png (219.82 KB, 585x475, Screenshot_78.png)

No. 565152

File: 1534647025015.png (29.02 KB, 578x227, Screenshot_79.png)


Anybody know who they are talking about?

No. 565153

File: 1534647091441.jpeg (179.9 KB, 750x1123, BBD36E07-9EA9-4D1F-B9AD-911383…)

My only guess is this? But I honestly didn’t think this was about Mariah. She’s not Facebook friends with her anymore.

No. 565155


Nigri hasn’t mentioned her in months. It’s obviously not her.

No. 565156

Maybe Holly then

No. 565158

File: 1534647471001.png (54.31 KB, 269x282, Screenshot 2018-08-18 at 7.57.…)

Added to Etsy

No. 565160

B-But anon, that's for whores!

No. 565163

She mentioned on the first stream that she would love a tail buttplug so I guess shes finally gonna get it

No. 565164

If you read the past threads, there are a few cosplayers (including Nigri) who went suddenly silent during her sexual assault scandal.
Misotokki and Tenderbroembrace, if you remember, deleted the photos they took with Moo and krew at the beach because of the backlash. They also went as far as to cut Vamps/Moo out of their instastories to conceal the rest of their trip.

No. 565167


Holly has no problem publicly lending her support of Moo. This is someone who publicly shit on her and more than likely joined in on the #MomokunisCanceled" stuff, but behind the scenes is still friends with her and still supports her.

No. 565171

File: 1534648043781.png (39.72 KB, 617x318, Screenshot_80.png)

No. 565172

File: 1534648272971.png (18.62 KB, 617x208, Screenshot_81.png)

Looks like its possibly Nigri?

No. 565174

I'm gonna bet Nicoletters actually
They're still friends on facebook
Mariah and Nigri aren't

No. 565175


Again, Nigri hasn’t mentioned her in moths, even well before any of the sexual assault stuff came out. It’s not her.

No. 565176

last night in the last hour of her stream, Moo mentioned top cosplayers and friends not publicly associating with her because those friends were scared of being shat on or having their businesses suffer. its not that deep

No. 565179

Seriously. Jessica stopped supporting her around the MyOppa shit I'm p sure.
They havent been seen near each other since I think.

No. 565180

My other guess is Bindi Smalls. They still interact on personal Facebook and follow each other despite having stopped publicly supporting Mariah (and ironically being good friends with stella and dangrrr who dangrrr was one of the victims lmao)

No. 565181

Same with Byndo Gehk.

No. 565182

File: 1534648634876.png (16.44 KB, 605x139, Screenshot_82.png)

No. 565191


That's what I was saying? She's almost 100% for sure manipulating the situation by using her tears for pity points.

My point was that her tears weren't because of her "muh abuse" father story. They were likely tears that she's been holding in cause she thinks she's being attacked and USING them to look like she's getting emotional about her dad.

No. 565198

Hey, so official word from Shine Con staff.

Mariah did show up but didn't make it to the actual convention. She was banned from a unanimous vote from the guests.

No. 565199

Top kek

No. 565201

I believe you, but do you have a cap/proof of staff saying this?

No. 565202

I also actually saw her there

No. 565206


It wasn't a text conversation but straight from Sean himself at the Banquet currently. And since he's the head of the con, ye.

Sorry, I realize its an image board but I wanted to ask since someone said they saw her earlier. Sorry for no solid proof.

No. 565208

Evidence or other witnesses? Cause I can't believe she would honestly be THIS stupid without at least someone else confirming

No. 565209

I saw her. Got turned away insanely. Whole hall went silent when she walked in.

No. 565210

If there's eye witness and Sean said something about it then I believe it

Maybe the incident will be posted to twitter and one of the guests will comment just for 100%

No. 565211

On her second stream she acted like she didn't know what Shinecon was and said she wasn't going because it was too soon

No. 565212

Interesting because Jason promoted it and Tony (zubatprime) is promoting Shinecon merch. Not sure if he worked it though.

No. 565213


I'll see if anyone got a picture of her, but I'm not sure if she was here long enough for candids.

No. 565214

If we can physical evidence she was there today and add it with that clip, twitter will have a fucking field day

No. 565216


pretty sure it is nigri. yj has only ever mentioned looking up to her so it’d make sense.

ntm you can delete someone off of facebook and still message each other via messenger. janes tweet about damage control and a script would explain why mariah suddenly made a 180 and apologized since nigri is mutual with sss and bunny. i could see nigri being peace keeper in the background while pretending to have cut ties with her.

No. 565218

same fag but sorry for the tin foil

No. 565219

What damage control and script though? nothing professional sounding has ever come out of mariahs mouth nor has she acted professional even if someone else was pulling the strings

No. 565220

Mariah has apologized before and Nigri says some pet shit like "good job".

No. 565221

Nigri’s friends list is private. I have mutuals with her 100% but she doesn’t m show up on their friend lists. So she probably is still fb friends with Mariah

No. 565225

I'm friends with both mariah and nigri on facebook. They don't have each other on there.

No. 565226

think about it: moo was hellbent on not apologizing and clapping back only to spontaneously see the light and decide to apologize. it was an overnight change. i think nigri saw tweets from sss and bunny ayumi and got on mariahs ass. and given nigris tweet comes the day after mariah cries on a cam site and bout how top cosplayers want nothing to do with her anymore… it’s just too conviennent to me.

No. 565233

what time mark was this talked about? she talked about her candle incident?

No. 565235

Imao, good! Most of today and yesterday all people would talk about was if she would show her face at the con after what she pulled. I’m sure I’ll hear even more at the con tomorrow about her being turned away. Amazing, I now have some faith in the Vegas con community.

No. 565237

I'm an idiot sorry. Thought this thread was the livestream one and was referring to anons lol. I got the tabs I have open mixed up.

No. 565238


You cannot tell me the same girl who was claiming that she was friends with Nigri before they had ever met wouldnt have been like 'omg thank u mama nigri for setting me straight. she's such a shining beacon and good role model uwu' if Nigri was giving her a script or had given her any advice.

It would have been good for both of them. Also Mariah changed her tune because Kaybear came out with her story and she has had no public beef with Mariah before. it was the same night not 'overnight' anyway. Do you think Nigri told her to blame her ADHD or to blame it on parental abuse?

not everything is about moo. If it was about her why not earlier in the day or right after the stream? Nigri makes 'treat each other with kindness' posts like every other week, it's really not that deep.

No. 565260

this. we need to stop with the cringy nigri tinfoil.

No. 565283

Carrying over from the stream thread: Moo had someone named "Cindy" call and ask about the size of the bed she moved upstairs earlier today. "Cindy" is buying sheets for it. Maybe a new roomie?

Also, not sure if new info but Moo also confirmed through "Cindy" that she has a older brother.

No. 565288

cindy is sister

No. 565290

sister is Sydney, not Cindy

No. 565292

>>565283 If this Cindy person turns out to be a new roommate, it's safe to assume Mariah is in a financial bind. Assuming Mariah still lives in the Summerlin area, my guess is that Cindy (or any roommate) is going to be forking over $600 or more.

Why is this relevant, one may ask? It's because she hasn't been separated from Vamp for very long, and yet Mariah is the one who appears to be scrambling for roommate money, in spite of being able to pull over 10k per month on Patreon.

No. 565293

Sorry, it sounded like Cindy.

No. 565295

>>565292 Samefag. Didn't know it was Sydnee. Forgive my tinfoil sperg.

No. 565296

Rent here is about 1100-1300 a month for a nicer summerlin 2 bedroom apt/condo.

No. 565303

Crossover post again: Mariah swore up and down that she was not at Shinecon today. She was trying to find proof (instastories) showing she was trying to move furniture all day and was not trying to get inside the con.

No. 565304

File: 1534656321755.png (713.36 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180818-221914.png)

I'm on mobile, so apologies in advance if my upload isn't the sharpest in the world.

This picture with the unrealistically narrow waste of Mariah's…

Cucknoodles did such a shit job of filling in the background after he cropped her fat out.

Take a look at the water to the right of her hip area (Mariah's left). It seems like the current of the water is actually going in a completely different direction. You can also see the silhouette of her normal width on both sides of her hips. And while my screencap may not fully reflect this, her crotch area looks like he basically gave up and called it a night.

No. 565305

>>565304 Out of curiosity, does anyone know if these are the same shorts as her Cindy (FFXV) denim shorts? She was a moose at the time of that Cindy shoot. It's no wonder that zipper won't go any further up than the very bottom tooth.

No. 565306

They are

No. 565313

Somebody is cowtipping in stream, stop it

No. 565315

The shop looks like actual crap. I cant believe she looked at it and thought it was ok to post. I may actually buy that she has a mental disorder now

No. 565316

Vamp just read this post out loud on Stream, and Mariah has denied it. Like she always does.

No. 565318

File: 1534657346101.png (22.05 KB, 603x176, cosplaybunny.PNG)


No. 565319

VAMP, please know that you do not have a contractual agreement to be friends with Moo. Tenure doesn't mean shit. There is a reason everyone hates her and are dropping like flies. Just run. Run away fast.

No. 565320

File: 1534657413977.png (704.1 KB, 1330x509, Screenshot 2018-08-18 at 10.43…)

Texting Sean to find out why people are ~lying~ about Shinecon

No. 565321

Christ. I'm starting to believe that farmers are the only ones still watching the streams at this point. Now Mariah and Vamp are breaking the 4th wall.

No. 565322

Dear Mariah/Vamp,

Please quit trying to pass this poorly shopped garbage off as passable work >>565304

It's evident you're both lurkers if you refer to this as "the dreaded site". As one of your managers, I demand my clients produce better content.

No. 565323


Not sure if it's just the quality but her skin looks worse here. Regardless of what career path she chooses to set on fire, you'd think she'd care more about her looks

No. 565346

She does this every time someone says something concerning her, she sends them an aggressive message, or sends her dog to do it, bullying them into shutting up and apologizing to her.

I bet this is also what she thinks “reaching out” to someone is.

No. 565352

File: 1534659696754.png (358.23 KB, 988x524, Screenshot 2018-08-18 at 10.51…)

No. 565353


Moo was able to con people here, I imagine it would be easier to do with someone you supported. We all know she has no problem reminding people what she did for them.

No. 565354

Reaction to the new accusation from thecosplaybunny

No. 565355

All she said to that was "Jesus"

No. 565356

Come on. I’d think those ~Skype theatre classes~ taught her better than that.

No. 565357

All her victims coming out one by one. Whenever she thinks it's done, poof! Another person she was a cunt to bites her in the ass.

No. 565358

I know this was mentioned before when everything started, but I really hope KBBQ comes out at some point. With how much it’s spread there’s no way he hasn’t heard about it by now.
Everyone would support him now over Mariah.

No. 565359

Dude I’m her chat was sperging about new victim every1 @ Shinecon today was talking about them they said

No. 565360


And then her dumb as really said that they are looking for attention. Fucking wow does she not ever learn


She still keeps trying to say she was never there.

No. 565361

to the people cow tipping tf guys learn from the old raider report info here not the other way around

No. 565362

>>565358 I may be in the minority here, but I feel as though KBBQ doesn't have anything to gain by coming out against Mariah. Everyone is aware of how she is by now, and I don't think he wants to deal with another harassment brigade, even if the milk is decent. He's laying low and probably having a good time. The more he distances himself from Mariah, the better.

No. 565368

sorry for OT but people keep using the word "narc" for narcissist, but a narc is a narcotics agent.

No. 565371


words can have more than one meaning

No. 565372

Why Mariah cant simply do a proper apology video, donate to a sex violence victims kind of organization (and not post about it everywhere) and lay off the internet for a few months while doing therapy and trying to better herself? All of this she does are useless, she is spiraling herself even more into a shitty situation, cant say she doesnt deserve it though. I just cant believe she is doing therapy. No self respecting therapist would be aware of all of this and dont say a word. With those streams, she is finishing to drag her name into the mud. It is time to stop posting, Moo.

No. 565374

Because she doesn't think that she did anything wrong by molesting people.

No. 565375

She at least could do a better job pretending she cares. Right now there isnt a single thing she is doing that actually improves her situation. At this rate she will just become a sex worker. Cant wait for Shayna levels of disgusting milk, mixed with Moo spice.

No. 565376

I don't really care what the case is with Momo (if it's true or not that she was abused)
BUT, I hope people in this thread realise being abused by a parent leaves really complex scars. Many want to have a good relationship with their parents and try to forget the abusive behaviour, or do not even realize the abuse until the symptoms of abuse show up later in life…
Probably not the case with this chick but I hope if someone close to you comes forward about being abused, you dont let them telling two stories about their relationships lead you to not believe them.

People usually separate the abuser into two different people.

No. 565378

If she really is in therapy and not just saying it for PR, then she might not be 100% a lost cause, as a person at least, not regarding being an internet personality.

As you said, if she is going, she acknowledges she needs help for herself, which a pathological narc will never be ABLE to acknowledge.

If what she says about her father is true, he might have been a narc in a pathological sense, and being a child of a narc can lead to a none pathological form of narcissism in their children.

If that's the case, she at least has the ability to better herself. Pathological narcissist do not.

No. 565380

File: 1534669110285.png (1.08 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180819-011404.png)

Meant to post this here, but accidentally shared it in the wrong place.

Anyhow, enjoy yet another lack of self awareness by the queen of contradictions.

No. 565383

>>565372 She's not very good about donations and partnerships. Think of the charity prints. Think of the top she had on backwards in order to show off her titties while selling a product. She's not a good person, therefore doing good things isn't a part of her itinerary. And so much for her disappearing for a while, since it appears we still have to sit through 55 more streams that she's supposedly contractually obligated to fulfill. You're not wrong though, anon.

>>565376 I have no doubts that he tried to get her into sports, but I don't think he was abusive. I wasn't there, obviously, but I think this is another textbook example of Mariah and her love affair with sensationalism. Let's cover a few things…

In one thread, someone suggested that her dad wanted a bit, which was why he pushed Mariah into sports. Well, apparently, she has an older brother, and he probably dabbled in sports. Something tells me Papa was hoping sports would give her a reason to become social in a proper manner, all while incorporating exercise into her life to counteract poor eating habits. She always praised her dad, and had no reservations about shitting on her mom. Hell, Daddy Mallad even accompanied her to a con, so he eventually decided at some point to let bratty Mariah continue doing geeky antisocial things, and she became gluttonous once she was no longer under his watchful eye in the house.

No. 565384

She also never talked shit about her dad on Facebook in high school. Ever. Just her mom and other kids.

No. 565385

>>565383 He wanted a boy, not a bit. Sorry for the double post.

No. 565387

>>565384 Exactly. And I know many of us try to play detective as we spin theories, but the fact of the matter is that we shouldn't be making up excuses for Mariah by saying "Well, maybe X is why she grew up to be like this".

I'll make it simple for all of those people that insist on inspiring Mariah with additional excuses she could use down the road.

She's a bitch because she wants to win at all costs, and she'll stab as many people in the back as she can to get what she wants.

She's a fat fuck because she spends over $60 a day on food, never cooks for herself, only eats healthy for social networking clout, pretends to go to the gym, and knows she can rely on photoshop to eradicate the numerous flaws on her gross oily body.

No. 565388


2 years but it's always bothered me
why not just use the full word and not one that already means something else?

No. 565389


narc is a common short form for narcissism

No. 565391

Also… context? If the words "narcissist" and "narcissism" are used on this site/ITT often, why not shorten it slightly? There's nothing wrong with using an abbreviation that literally everyone here understands the meaning of. Anyway, I hope this conversation doesn't derail too much, plenty of milky stuff goin' on, no need to argue semantics.

No. 565393

>I don't understand mistajes
>posts full of errors
Oh, Moo.

No. 565395

File: 1534676696381.png (17.98 KB, 463x200, 448605f4f32159ddc3284fe91c8387…)


Was just browsing through Facebook and found this comment lmao.

No. 565396

ugh I wish you would have mentioned what the video was of

No. 565397


for real. that was incredibly jarring

No. 565398

So no one else needs to see what I saw, it's a big seal raping a penguin.

No. 565414

File: 1534690846687.png (94.45 KB, 509x991, danielle beaulieu and kinpatsu…)

A friend showed me these. Danielle Beaulieu and Kinpatsu Cosplay.

No. 565415

Notable people who liked the status, from what I can see, are Kelly Jean, Dolly Fallon, Vamplettes, Jenna Lynn Meowri, and Kinpatsu Cosplay.

No. 565416

i really would not be surprised if yanderejane ends up being outed as a cow herself in the near future

No. 565417

YJ has been going on about mariah way too much imo for someone unaffected. None of the actual victims go off as much as her.

No. 565418

…These ladies know that Moo has done the same exact thing to other cosplayers, right?

Haha of course they haven't, they just look at the surface of things, including Moo's (very, very large) front of 'OMG LOVE EVERYONE COSPLAY IS MAGIC!' Kudos to them for not wasting time looking deeper but come the fuck on.

No. 565419

God her feet are gross.

No. 565420

Nice how they just ignore the Jannet situation. Hell, even Nana and Thorne…

No. 565421

No. 565425

I have a suggestion for all these people who think moo is being treated unfairly. Get in touch with her. Hang out with her. Become her friend irl, not on the internet. Then get back to us.

No. 565426


I love how retards like her think Moomoo still isn’t doing her bullshit. And the reason why is exactly because of shit like this letting her off the hook. All because of this retarded “COSPLAY IS FOR EVERYONE UWU!!!!! DON’T BE TOXIC TO ANYONE!!!” bullshit that prevents terrible people from getting called out and held accountable because that somehow make you the bully according to stupid people like her, which is exactly what Susu was talking about in her and Bunny’s video and how this shit needs to stop. Garbage people need to be excommunicated from the community regardless of how sad it makes them. The second you look away she thinks you’ve let her off the hook and will continue on her bullshit.

It’s just Moo and her stupid orbiters trying to make her the victim in all of this. They go fucking rot along side their cow princess.

No. 565427


If ANY one needs a reminder of this watch her cams. One day poor me and not even 9ish hours later back to same ol same ol.and if one of us had her fucking character arc and the shoe was on the other foot shed be leading the lynching crew

No. 565428

Danielle is firmly up Moo's ass I see. There is no witch hunt, it's people calling her out for her bullshit and there's countless proof of it. These costhots need to focus less on showing their tits and using their brain for once.

No. 565429


She was literally on a hate page on instagram dedicated to a cosplayer who she believed lied about being raped by a male cosplayer. So her and her stupid fucking orbiters can fuck off with this “DONT WITCH HUNT HER” bullshit. She’s led plenty of her own in the past.

No. 565430

They wouldn't be costhots if they used their brain though.
What is so hard for these people to understand that if you do shitty things and get caught doing shitty things, people have the right to call you out and hold those shitty things against you if and until you change or own up to those mistakes. That's not a witch hunt, that's not a vendetta.
How many times do we need to remind people of what Momo did to MyOppa, Nana, Thorne, Jannet, Bunny, KayBear, just to name a few? They were the victims, not Momo.

No. 565436

Sorry for seeming like a newfag but who is this bitch anyways? I'm assuming another social climber like Vamps or Sabrina who think of Momo as a stepping stone to the big time costhot payload. She should go talk to Nana about being forced out of a community for no good reason and being driven to depression/suicidal thoughts. Momo isn't suicidal just look here >>565380 or here >>565032 or >>565158 These are not the actions of a suicidal or depressed person, these are the actions of regular cunty, attention seeking Mariah.

No. 565437


But anon, you don’t understand. Having to deal with those things every day makes her really really sad.

Holy damn are these bitches stupid. It’s almost like if you do shitty things, people will call you out on and won’t simply let you off the hook just because your feelings got hurt.

It’s like saying “You guys should stop calling out and making memes of Bill Cosby. It makes him sad having to read all that stuff everyday”

No. 565438


Another Nigri wannabe. Literally a fucking clone lmao except trailer trash looking edition.

No. 565439

Don't they just realize that this so called victim did the exact same thing to other people? We're only here to call-out on her behavior since apparently she still thinks all of this is stupid and she's not really sorry. Also did anyone realize that when Sabrina called her out on deleting the apology Momo claims that she got a manager who does that but then on her recent Cam show it's the opposite. Who does this bitch thinks she is?

No. 565440

She said on stream someone told her to act like normal, like pewdiepie when he said nigger or whatever the last offense thing he did was.

No. 565441

but anon, bill cosby is a famous person, they don't have feelings!

No. 565442

Exactly! How many of these people would say the same about Kevin Spacey or Bill Cosby or Dj Victor Malice or John Leigh? Oh wait, its cause those are men and Momo's got a vagina which somehow makes it all okay. Fucking hell.

No. 565444

This. Combine Sabrina’s tweet about the manager, and the clip of moo saying she doesn’t have one. (but really who didn’t already know…)

No. 565445

File: 1534697197460.png (10.84 KB, 552x168, retarded.PNG)

>she said she was sorry for sexually assaulting me, so everyone else should get over theirs

is this bitch for real

No. 565446

Isn't Momo's manager her mom? God, there's just too many lies to follow with this bitch

No. 565447

This mindset behind Moo and giving her the benefit of the doubt it exactly fucking why female sexual predators get away with what they do.

Just move on everyone, she said she's sorry, no big deal! Like fuck would these "cosplayers" even say that if it was a big time male cosplayer giving their vagina a feel.

Every single one of her supporters are brain dead.

No. 565448


That is the worst attitude to have and say, it's almost like laughing right in her victim's faces. Fuck Danielle.

No. 565449

>hasn't apologized properly to her victims
>isn't the slightest bit regretful
>still thinks the victims are just hurting her based on personal vendettas
>still going to cons
>"but she has apologized to me so it's all ok now you guys are just being meanies!"
What a blind costhot, just because Moo was nice to you doesn't mean she was nice to anyone else. And I've lost all respect for Kinpatsu Cosplay.

No. 565450


Trash attracts trash. Moo thinks people with depression need to “get over it”. This dumb bitch thinks “She already apologized to me, so other people need to get over like I did”.

No. 565451

Does anyone know which thread(s) has the situation(s) with Mariah bandwagoning/accusing other cosplayers of sexual assault or misconduct? Also didn't she herself falsely accuse someone of rape/sexual assault? Correct me if I'm wrong

No. 565452

I have to agree a little with her though. Some of the nitpick things we use as slander to trend things on medias like Twitter are a little bit of a reach. Sometimes is cringy to see the very small details others try to blow up in order to 'take her down'. I think that's what they are talking about in regards to reaching with some stuff she does or says. Like I get the depression thing she said, but at the same time Dan' is right. She isn't a therapist and we all know she scks at public talking, so explaining shit probably isn't her forte, but at the same tiiiime, she has gone on about how she 'suffers from deprssion so bad I wanted to kill myself' which, in all honesty, was mostly just a spoiled brat throwing a tantrum and a lot less of someone with an actual mental disprder.

So they are half right and half wrong. This is why its important to stop tinfoiling. It makes actual things she does look like just gossip in the community and nitpicking rather than something that really is worth bringing up on social medias.

No. 565453

Yeah, tell that to Susu or Bunny, especially Susu. She will rip that chicks throat out and for good reason too. You don't just "get over" someone publicly humiliating and sexually harassing a loved one or friend, and more importantly, you don't have to. People have the right to be mad when they've been hurt by someone, the person who hurt them doesn't.

No. 565454

She accused Nathan Deluca (?) of raping her, told Krissy, and she started telling other people to beware of him then Mariah said Krissy was a liar, someone posted screen shots maybe 3-4 threads ago of someone saying Mariah denied it happening

No. 565455


I'm waiting for Susu to say something in response to Danielle, she doesn't back down at all.

No. 565456

There’s screenshots of Mariah detailing the alleged rape itself. I know I’ve seen those in past threads

No. 565457

Found it. Thanks, anon. It's scattered among a few threads but I got the screen cap messages that show momo's false claims.

No. 565458


Thread has reached 1100 posts. The thread will be locked and you will be unable to post in it shortly after it exceeds 1200 posts. Please begin preparing a new thread and post a link to it when it's created.

No. 565459

Maybe someone who has allegedly driven other girls to suicide, or at the very least, depressive thoughts, should not talk about the fucking issue with such blase then.

No. 565460

new thread pic suggestion:

No. 565461

File: 1534698522103.png (686.79 KB, 1584x844, rapelies.png)


Moo's convo in the first two blue screenshots, Krissy talking about how Moo lied in the pink.

Those are the only screenshots but it's a rough idea of how it was worded.