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File: 1534540581491.png (623.14 KB, 928x708, 1534491046571.png)

No. 564208

Current Main thread: >>>/pt/563425

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, xmariahmalladx, momoscats
Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad
Camversity: https://www.camversity.com/MariahMallad/profile


IG Stories Archive: https://isdb.pw/mariahmallad

Google Drive:

Stream Archive:

Attn: Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/snow/386826, >>>/snow/644215
The Basics:
>Hired to promote Camversity and try to get in non nude and other streamers to the service
>Under an NDA so cannot talk about it but keeps mentioning some things that likely break the NDA
>Suppose to do 20 4 hour streams a month for 3 months
>Has exclusivity agreement and cannot stream on Twitch for 3 months

Stream 1:
>Actually put some effort into her appearance, makeup and sexy outfit
>Says shes a lesbian
>People point out her tags say topless, she doesn't understand what that means
>Mentions that her and Vamp are in a relationship, not sexual but in a relationship
>"I'm not too much of a sexual person to other people"
>Will not be going to Dragoncon because its too soon after…. trailed off
>Smoked alot of weed and gained a ton of weight last year but is "losing it", currently is at 195LB
>Gives the worst depression advice ever, some people have it worse get over it
>Creepy neckbeards ask her about fetishes(foot, breeder, feeders and etc), acts like shes so into it but gets disgusted and block somes
>Wants to be a mommy and have a kid
>Couples apparently get off to her pics
>Claims to have dated FTM and MTF trans
>Doesn't read hate sites
>Sets goals for tokens but keeps changing the goals, ends up in "micro" bikini top and jiggles tits for tokens
>Rates dick pics and cum tributes for tokens
>Likes thicker dicks, previous guys she date had smaller ones. Totally lesbian my dudes
>Claims to not have a rape fetish but favorite hentai is euphoria
>Her translating manga was converting Hirgana to romanji
>Japanese guy in stream talks to her, can't understand a word
>Reaches final goal, gets into full bikini and looks like a lumpy blob
>Does a terrible mukbang, stuffs her face really quickly and then is too full
>End of stream

Stream 2:
>Not wearing makeup, stream is going to be her doing her makeup. "Takes about 30 minutes" took over 2 hours
>Has powered milk again for photo shoot
>Vamp arrives, Momo immediately gets banned from Camversity
>Gets unbanned, has to add Vamp as featuring
>Promises to fix goal for tokens before ban, never does
>Coats her face in a billion layers of concleaer and foundation, looks like a alien
>Isn't really interacting with chat, doing makeup
>Chat asks them to kiss, Vamp says fuck no
>Vamp admits she was a camgirl and stripper before
>Chat says Momo said they are in a relationship, Vamp looks disgusted, says they are like friends
>Ask about going to some cons, says its too soon due to things
>Sets goal for Vamp to twerk because Momo doesn't know how
>Vamp takes over, actually interacts with chat. Chat seems happier and less toxic
>Goal reached, Vamp twerk, chat goes crazy and loves Vamp. Momo comes back looking upset that people love Vamp more
>Visibly gets more and more upset as chat loves Vamp more
>Sneezes on her hand, rubs it in her hair and then puts in contacts
>Still looks like a lumpy blob
>Does photoshoot in gross milk, doesn't point cam down because goal wasn't met
>"Hitler did nothing wrong" Vamp 2018
>Ends stream early to do implied nude photos and because goal wasn't met

Stream 3:
>Delays stream by 5 hours to exactly when Vamp will be streaming
>Suppose to do a mukgang, already ate veggie or turkey burgers before hand
>Stream starts 5 minutes after Vamp starts
>Isn't even trying today, no makeup, in her Banana jacket that everybody thinks is PJs, probably smells like rotten milk
>Very angry and visibly upset, chat is extremely toxic
>Cousin signed out of her google drive so can't get footage she wants to edit, takes an hour to get password
>Extremely short with chat and getting more upset as the stream goes on
>Promotes Vamp a number of times when people mention her in chat
>Ask about relationship, says they are in a relationship. Vamp is asked and says they are more than best friends like sisters
>Momo confronted about it, still says they are in relationship just not dating, texts Vamp
>Next time asked about relationship, says it was explained yesterday
>Chat is ask about sexual assault and new people comfing forward, reads and more visibly upset
>Starts making fart noises with her hands
>Asked if having career as a sex worker is gonna make up for the sexual assault, says Nope
>Confirms she told somebody to drink bleach
>Asked about AX, said she was dealing with stupid shit
>Confirms that she sprays herself with hotdog water
>So fucking done with chat now, playing with cat
>Reacting to cumonfigurines, super overreactive and screeching like a retard
>Vamp streams end, Momo checks the time can't wait to end
>I edit lots of cosplayers videos

No. 564211

File: 1534540855839.webm (18.29 MB, 1208x680, photoshop.webm)

Day 1 Highlight

No. 564213

File: 1534540933714.webm (16.53 MB, 1208x680, 1534300868584.webm)

Day 1 Highlight

No. 564215

File: 1534541070694.webm (6.08 MB, 1208x680, weedweight.webm)

Day 1 Highlight

No. 564216

File: 1534541114264.webm (7.4 MB, 1592x676, whores.webm)

Day 2 Highlight

No. 564219

File: 1534541338669.webm (18.45 MB, 1572x676, stupidshit.webm)

Day 3 Highlights

No. 564220

File: 1534541395457.webm (1.89 MB, 1572x676, ieditvideos.webm)

Day 3 Highlight

No. 564221

He had to edit more because your body got worse. Dumb bitch.

No. 564380

Shes online, stream hasn't start yet though

No. 564381

I wonder what shenanigans will happen tonight!

No. 564383

We and the regulars are the funniest part of this whole thing and the only redeemin feature is the chat…I never thought I'd say that about any camgirl site. ever.

No. 564384

Reminder to not shitpost in her chat for screenshots. We can tell when it’s just you.
If you get caught it will be cowtipping.

Let the milk flow organically please.

No. 564385

File: 1534558543440.png (3.78 MB, 750x1334, 4C95756E-57AA-436F-85DC-8E4CE9…)

don’t worry, she didn’t dress up

No. 564386

sigh goddamn it Moo. Learn a fucking lesson once in your life.

No. 564387

Yea- what the farmhand said- we don't need to sperg- there are enough neckbeards from her Patreon doing that for us lol

No. 564388

People are already showing distress over her not showing the goods.

No. 564389

File: 1534559011164.png (602.55 KB, 913x511, Screenshot 2018-08-17 at 7.23.…)

No. 564390

HULK is right

No. 564391

the hulk? well at least thats truthful

No. 564392

She doesn't look like she's showered since the milk bath.

No. 564395

She looks like someone's gran trying to figure out how to skype the grandkids to read them a bedtime story across country.

No. 564396

She probably hasn't and smells like rotten milk

No. 564398

File: 1534559207510.png (2.31 MB, 1496x1235, lol.PNG)

someone asked if she knew if vamp was gonna stream today and she just

No. 564399

What is she drinking?

No. 564400

Moo bringing them styles fresh outta Wal-Mart

No. 564401

22 years young

No. 564402

She called Vamps on stream and she was taken aback. Moo asked her if she was hopping on stream and she said no but she was coming to Moo's after she hung out with her friend

No. 564403


No. 564404

I love how she's wearing her glasses today when she didn't while sitting in the dark editing

No. 564407

It's really sad how she's letting her looks go more and more each stream. She did her makeup and dressed 'sexy' for the first one, then started to get sexy with less enthusiasm for the second and when Vamps was clearly more popular she just didn't try for the third..

And now she looks like she just has no fucks to give. I doubt she'll even bother doing another one after this.

No. 564408

The chat is trying to get her to read My Immortal, and that might be the only thing, other than nudes, that would make this stream watchable for her fans.

No. 564409

The glasses really add to her grandma look.

No. 564412

No one wants her to read the book. lol

No. 564415

Isn't she not allowed to have her cat on stream?
Also she's fucking shaking him around like crazy

No. 564417

She treats her cat like a sack of rice.

No. 564419

Only pussy they gonna see in the stream. Also, why wouldn't she be allowed to have her cat on the stream?

No. 564421

File: 1534559718078.png (1.31 MB, 1920x1040, moocam.png)

Moo responded to something I said but then when I tried to ask another question this is the message I kept getting.

No. 564423

Camversity has this rule about no animals and stuff

No. 564425

You just can't have animals involved in sexual activities or in the room while you do them. Otherwise, they are fine.

No. 564427

OMG I think that would be hilarious if she read My Immortal- shes missing an opportunity to actually make something funny lol

No. 564428


I can't say anything at all in her chat now without this message coming up.

No. 564429

"Highest Tip: LilCerberus (1 Tokens)"


No. 564431

File: 1534559810687.png (739.9 KB, 674x623, 0b622d7720aff90922e425073394a3…)

Monster as always. And she referenced like a 10 year old video about the mom talking about Satan and Monster

No. 564432

No. 564433

She said last night when a person who works for the site said it was allowed

No. 564434

I can comment just fine

No. 564435

Boring ass chat. Boring asd bitch. No way am I going to watch this

No. 564436

How can someone look so oily and disgusting?

No. 564438

she probably found the "mute basic members" button that most cam sites have

No. 564440

Incredible Hulk more like Incredible Bulk

No. 564444

I'm basic and i can talk in there

No. 564445

>click stream
>grease ball forhead

im fucking dead already my dudes

No. 564447

Her skin is SO GREASY. How can she not be embarrassed to stream live looking like this??

No. 564448


I didn't post my screencap until like 5 minutes after I originally posted in her chat under a name I did not mention. She actually responded to my first few messages then suddenly stopped responding to me even before I said "hi moo"

No. 564449

why is she acting like thats her room.

No. 564454


Can any other basic members confirm? The only things I've said in her chat are super vanilla and boring so she's had no reason to block me but I can't comment at all.

No. 564456

is this really happening right now………

No. 564458

She can't even read…

No. 564459


Seriously. This is so fucking boring. The chat isn’t even roasting her to make this somewhat entertaining.

No. 564461


Yes this is really happening. Press F to pay your respects to Recording Anon (no dont I am kidding but hes doing gods work)

No. 564462


If I try to post a comment at all I just get the Purchase Token feature. Is camversity monitoring?

No. 564463

she sounds like she's reading a school book report at the front of the class. completely uninteresting

No. 564464

man shes already stumbling over words.

"ive never ridden…"

did this bitch not read in school or something? god im going afk just to make it look like people are watching and she has to keep going

No. 564465

Welp I'm taking a shower

No. 564467

Do you have to pay just to view the stream? All I can see is the chat

No. 564469

I don't pay and I see it fine.

No. 564471

no, i dont even have an account and im there

No. 564472

That's so hard to watch, she can't even read properly..

No. 564473

this is all a fucking joke. there are tons of other models working hard on this site and mariah is an insult to them.

No. 564474

this is literally like the teacher picking the slow reader to read for the class

No. 564476

This is the first time I've listened to an illiterate person read.

No. 564477

File: 1534560425176.png (309.47 KB, 518x248, Capture.PNG)



No. 564478

>If you don't like it, you can leave

You wish, cunt.

No. 564481

Is… is she alternating between Kombucha and Monster?

No. 564482


No. 564485

File: 1534560554928.jpg (367.74 KB, 1887x935, Itsherlargebody.jpg)

No. 564486

Bruh lmao but seriously she looks like a damn granny

No. 564487

What is she reading? Did she say?

No. 564488

Damn her roots are already showing?
Also lmao so much for that acne 'clearing up'

No. 564489

File: 1534560724619.jpg (45.65 KB, 302x475, 1534550984644.jpg)

Some book about a cat

No. 564491

7:50 PM

No. 564492

Vamps is going to do Yuri from DDLC with Moo's Monika

No. 564494

Vamp should be "Monkia"

No. 564495

But anon, she's a dual major in her senior year of college. And one of her majors is linguistics. Why would you assume she would be able to read?

No. 564496

holy shit all she has is like 150 people. Thats so depressing compared to the 1200 she had with Vamp the other day.

No. 564497

Apparently in theatre she reads really well. Doubt.

No. 564498

If she reads like this, I highly doubt it.

No. 564500

>I want it to be like we're hanging out and having a good time!~

>phone beeps

Bitch, no one is enjoying this.

No. 564502

She's just nervous my dudes

No. 564504

Is vamps with her?

No. 564505

No, you horny faggot. Go away.

No. 564506

I assume it's because people wanted to know how bad it was gonna get, plus Vamp was actually entertaining the chat. Now people know and don't want to waste their time

No. 564507


>there’s a misprint here my dudes


No. 564511

she looks so greasy. every time she moves her forehead is just glistening

No. 564516

Please be joking…this bitch can't be a senior at any respectable university.

No. 564518

Doesn't know what the word maw is

No. 564519

Woah calm yourself dude, I was asking cuz I can't see the stream and just noticed in the chats people mentioning Vamps and ask who she was with. Thought I'd ask here.

No. 564521


She called Vamps to see if she was going to stream. Vamp said she was with Rebecca but would stop in later to visit Momo

No. 564522

I apologize, there's too many newfags.

>>564485 This is still all you're missing.

No. 564524

only 180 viewers on this one.. ooooff

No. 564525

File: 1534561628991.gif (1.09 MB, 320x180, 86cf2Ne.gif)

This is actually agonizing

No. 564526


She got stuck on the word "maws"

No. 564527

Sounds like she's got a 9th grade reading level

No. 564528

This book sounds like it's for middle schoolers so…that lines up

No. 564529

That's a very insulting Anon. Ninth graders read better than Moo.

No. 564530

File: 1534561785337.png (33.98 KB, 625x290, 1534549485538.png)

She's so sexy and flirtatious my dudes

please kill me

No. 564531

How does she not know what a maw is? That's middle school stuff. Even after people tried to tell her she said, "No it's different!"

No. 564532

There’s barely anyone even there I’m the chat to roast her. This dumb bitch really thinks this will bring traffic to the site?

No. 564533

im just impressed she knows how to read

No. 564534

Yeah, I noticed anons post saying it above. I'm only half listening haha. I deleted it when I saw their post.

No. 564535

>monologues are so much different than reading a script
are you serious bitch

No. 564536

0:49 talking about theatre and reading scripts

No. 564537


No. 564539

Couldn't she have at least been fun a TINY bit and wear cat ears?

No. 564540

No. 564541

File: 1534562178274.jpeg (486.63 KB, 2048x1365, TupTub1511744193.jpeg)

She should know what a maw is, considering she has one.

No. 564542

She couldn't even shower, you think she'd be able to put in the effort to come up with something clever when she can't even CLEAN herself?

No. 564543

Whew lads I can't do it anymore this is so painful. I guess she succeeded in not getting roasted by boring everyone out of her stream.

No. 564544

god bless the recording anon for having to sit through this without clicking away and coming back later. it’s only been about an hour…there’s still three more hours of this

No. 564545

What is she doing to the book?? What the fuck did that book to to deserve this?? The image alone is making me cringe so HARD, I'm so not watching the stream.

Also I don't think the "Hitler did nothing wrong" bit needed to be included in the summary since Vamp was just reading out loud from the chat and didn't make any agreements but w/e.

No. 564547

oh man that would have been so much better, and she could have even used fucking goals to change into kitty stuff

goddamnit moo why are you so retarded

No. 564548

Please Recordanon- dont give up!

No. 564549


if this gets to a second post I'll leave the Hitler part out of it.

No. 564550


I want to kill myself, I slept through half of lastnights and this is so much worse.

No. 564552

did she just mis-say lucille

No. 564553

It's not too late to put on some headphones and zone out through this one too. The sane approach.

No. 564554

I've been listening/watching since the beginning of the stream, and I have no idea what it's about. I'm so lost. Any plot this book might've had was lost in her scraggly voice.

No. 564555

According to a description I saw it's about Tibetan Buddhism, in the form of a story told by a cat.

No. 564557

If she does ASMR we are all doomed. That will be ear cancer.

No. 564558

Do you guys think she's intentionally being boring to scare the farmers away?

No. 564559

I kind of meant it as an insult but also kind of factually…. the words she doesn't know and her constant pausing ("nervous my ass") suggest that reading level from my experience.

You are right, though. There are a lot of ninth graders who do read better than her too.

No. 564561

Do you think she's that smart? Also, how would you explain the first stream?

No. 564562

She's absolutely acting like she ~totally understands~ buddhism.

No. 564563

Holy SHIT Mariah stop trying to sound smart about presentism

No. 564564


Pretty sure she said she wanted to do this in the first stream long before she had given up and tired of this

No. 564565

1:06 talking about "future predictions"

idk if that's really interesting but someone might want it

No. 564567

Iagree with that anon that including that quote is akin to spreading misinformation which makes people discredit other shit that actually happened. There was no reason to put it in since she was reading something someone else said

Plus, this isn't a vamp thread

No. 564568


She is so utterly incapable of not sayin stupid shit that will get her into trouble that she has resorted reading a boring ass book on stream.

No. 564570

So this is 201 tokens tonight?

No. 564571

301, I guess.


What's with this dude?

No. 564575

I agree. She's making it as unwatchable as possible so she can sit here and get whatever she was paid to be there and leave. Hence why she doesnt care about tips or engaging anyone. It's not gonna work moo. Anyone who thinks she would do this without a paid contract is dumb though, she legit doesn't care if something won't benefit her.

No. 564576


But she can't read, the book has hard words for her and she'll try to discuss the philosophies in it but look dumb.

No. 564577


I think he's either a plant there to try to encourage tipping from the Admin of the site or a friend she paid to do so

No. 564579

She just looks like a greasy dumbass.
Why doesn't she just do a flirty stream like Vamp did? JFC she is just making herself look worse, as if that was possible

No. 564580

Only him and one other premium member, no color names.

No. 564581

8:43 PM

No. 564582

No. 564583

No. 564585

Man chose a bad night to shoot his shot

No. 564586

idk when but around 1:20 she spazzes over ITS A LURVE STORY OMG

No. 564588

and cant say joie de ver w/e i cant spell french but shit

No. 564590


can you guys fix these before you post them

No. 564593

1:37 she finally gets to chapter 2

No. 564594

651, I guess. He's the only premium account in here.

No. 564595

File: 1534564957139.png (49.25 KB, 370x150, Screenshot_73.png)

Well that book is ruined

No. 564596

whats a more efficient way than backspacing every single letter to format it right? i tried copying it into another window first, and it still pasted like shit.

that one i was worried she was going to delete, since im slow to cap.

No. 564597

Holy shit did it really take her like an entire hour

No. 564598


deleted long c&p since >>564595 got a cap

No. 564599

Yes, and she was reading almost the whole time. Worst high school English stream ever.

No. 564600

Please tell me Record anon will get her my immortal reading for god and country

No. 564601

851 tokens

~1:42 she's going to start reading My Immortal
aka now

No. 564602

I loved his comment allllll the way to the very last sentence.

No. 564603

She only got mad because he said nigger.

No. 564604

People want her to read my immortal but I don't think they realize how much worse it'll be following a nigh-retard attempt to read something that's barely comprehensible. This bitch can't even read sentences that have proper grammar. It'll take her to hours to get through one chapter of that garbled mess

No. 564605

All hail, Mr_Wonka

No. 564606

Oh lordie. Lol

No. 564607


Just stopped and restarted the recording so this will be its own separate part

No. 564609

Oh no, is she going to latch onto these decade old memes now?

No. 564610

She only read shittily because she was trying to be careful and "not racist" for mispronouncing Asian names but with My Immortal, she is reading fine.

No. 564611

File: 1534565409114.gif (855.85 KB, 500x281, 2MIB.gif)


pic related

No. 564612


Purple and red names showed up.

No. 564613


>This is close to how I used to write fanfictions on Deviantart

No. 564614

I checked the FAQ, premium can pick their own colors. I assumed they might've been levels or staff or something. Like every other site.

No. 564615


I have to say this- shes actually killin it- and the chat asked her to do it- so it really isnt her latching on

No. 564616

She's almost tolerable, when she's not up her own ass.

Someone just told her to read her own fanfics.

No. 564617

Maybe around 1:50, before 2:00 she starts having a mental break down about old RP forums and shit.

No. 564618

She said she's gonna read hers after.

No. 564619

Alright anything after 2:07 someone else will have to note. I can't anymore.

No. 564620

The fall of wonkanda….

No. 564623

This is so sad. Can Mr_Wonka donate 100 tokens.

No. 564625


He donated 200 more, so 1251 so far.

No. 564626

No. 564627

Vamp is supposed to show up soon, hopefully she revives this snorefest.

No. 564628

Honestly i've had her muted the whole time. I'm just having fun in the chat.

No. 564629

File: 1534568261080.png (2.16 MB, 1838x852, shitposting.png)

It's just really people shitposting

No. 564630

Or better yet, ditch Moo and start her own stream. I hate Vamp but she's carrying Moo so hard why waste the effort.

No. 564631

admit it though- this is not anywhere NEAR as bad as it was.On another note when she said she actually was a weeb somewhere writing fanfics she sounded totally honest.

No. 564635

File: 1534568411808.png (2.14 MB, 1404x788, candle.png)

She hit her candle and it was the most exciting thing to happen all stream, jesus

No. 564637

It's only day 3, and not only she gave up on her appearance, she gave up on her room too.
>messy pigsty of a bed
>didn't bother closing the wardrobe

Wtf is that blue stain???

No. 564638

The melted wax

No. 564640


she kicked her candle- the fact she lit a candle for any reason baffles and amazes

No. 564641


the blue stain is candle wax, she knocked over her candle

No. 564642

File: 1534568668745.png (68.05 KB, 263x196, Screenshot 2018-08-17 at 10.03…)

Wow your skin looks soooo good, Mariah

No. 564644


Jesus Christ, and it'll stay there for a year too wouldn't it.

No. 564645

File: 1534568788665.png (755.38 KB, 1397x788, RIPbedsheets.png)

Well the bed sheets didn't last long. Good job, Moo!

No. 564646

bitch is literally a womanchild. she can't even have a candle lit without ruining her own belongings.

No. 564647

File: 1534568913525.png (528.28 KB, 910x508, Screenshot 2018-08-17 at 10.07…)

she's using her AX badge to scrape the wax LOL

No. 564648

Yes, it's better than yesterdays. But that's not a high bar.
Also, we've seen her fanfics, so…

No. 564649


the classiness we've come to expect from mariah

No. 564650

File: 1534569165748.png (1.07 MB, 1401x786, guzma.png)

What's that about animals not allowed on cam? Jesus moo.

No. 564651


I agree completely- but at least tonight I dont wanna pull my eyes out and stab my own eardrums. its the degree of hell you are stuck in

No. 564652

Surely by hanging out in her chat, you're making her look popular to the people who are paying her.

No. 564653

>a bunch of unregistered idlers = popular

lol ok lapdog

No. 564654

File: 1534569552946.png (447.3 KB, 914x502, Screenshot 2018-08-17 at 10.18…)

No. 564655

For the most part, people in the chat are just giving her instruction on getting the was cleaned. But otherwise pretty dead compared to before.

No. 564656

How can anyone genuinely be watching this? She’s just scraping the wall off getting angry, and the only comments are instructions to clean it.

No. 564657

File: 1534569970041.jpeg (34.91 KB, 640x153, 8B1D6F1E-A9E3-4D8E-A0E2-B48A42…)

This one made me laugh.
She’s had a consistent 120 viewers, most of them have got to be farmers at this point. This is just grating to watch.

No. 564658

I'm more impressed she's making any sort of effort to clean it up.

No. 564659

You can immediately tell who the farmers are.

No. 564660

Someone is telling her to be careful with candles because of her cat, now Mariah is telling us how Guzma’s okay around candles because he’s already gotten wax on his tail.

No. 564661

I'm PoignantPepsi on there. So far I've just been cheering the wonkandan prince and trying to get attention of our cow. It's been a very boring stream but the obvious farmers on there make it worth it.

No. 564662

It feels like Vox and NicholasCage are definitely farmers, too.

No. 564663

Sorry to doublepost, but she rents now but just said she's going to buy her own house soon.

No. 564664

Mariah says she's buying a house and that her credit was horrible because someone stole her identity.

No. 564665


Yeah, drunk/high!Mariah

No. 564666

She wants to buy a house and start a cat sanctuary. Specifically wants to foster kittens. Also keeps reiterating she never sleeps.

No. 564667

No. 564668

buckle up, kiddos, she's talking out her ass about depression again

No. 564669

>>People ask "Mariah, Why are you so happy?"
>>I say "I'm alive, I'm well… what more could I ask for"

Whoo boy. Also she's talking about depression again. Says she was suicidal. Didn't feel good enough because of her dad. Was in mental hospitals apparently kek.

>>"From now on I'm going to be happy"

>>"Surround yourself with people who make you happy"
Aka her calves and hugbox

No. 564670

she says this is where she stayed in 2011: http://montevistahospital.com/

No. 564671

She also talked about how depression destroys people, and how no one understands that.
Huh Mariah. Kinda like the depression you caused Nana Bear and Thornechan by bullying them out of the community?

No. 564672

Say the time est for recording anon to clip.

No. 564673

Around the 3 hour mark

No. 564675

>cured depression through sports, by expressing anger
>always wanted to do acid

No. 564676

no one including herself. just get over it my dudes.

No. 564677

03:23:35-ish she says she doesnt want people to twist her words so she gets in trouble

No. 564678

So after borin the shit out of everyone by reading a book on stream, she has no decided to kill the mood by talking about her depression?

Has this bitch ever been in a cam site before? You would have to actively try to suck this bad.

No. 564679

File: 1534571440454.png (463.17 KB, 909x503, Screenshot 2018-08-17 at 10.50…)

>03:24:00 talks about being arrested in middle school. sister bullied her a lot by saying "fucked up things". dad ripped up art when he got mad at her. got into huge argument with mother and dad, took a knife to herself and threatened to kill herself. she was restrained in the hospital

No. 564680

File: 1534571454084.png (1.92 MB, 1404x784, whatissexy.png)

She said she was the black sheep, she was bullied by her younger sister who said her parents hated her, she was going to kill herself.

No. 564682

File: 1534571651875.png (567.2 KB, 911x508, Screenshot 2018-08-17 at 10.53…)

>talks about how people say she was a popular girl but "that was the complete opposite"
>said she wanted to animator and had some YT channels dedicated to it.
>when dad was bodybuilding, he was angry and took it out on Mariah. Anything she liked he would break. Had a bass guitar and piano. He broke things even if she didn't eat her food. This triggered a eating disorder

No. 564683

I hate mariah, but her dad really fucked her up. The things her dad did are really fucked.

No. 564684

She's more emotional here than she was in her apology….

No. 564685

Jesus Christ this is getting really depressing.
I’m almost feeling bad for her.
Except she can’t even address the things she has done.

No. 564686

Here's the thing tho, that doesn't excuse how she is
I'm sure most people here had shitty fucking dads but you don't see us being a raging cunt and sexually assaulting people

No. 564687

if this is true, daddy was definitely on steroids
I've seen that too, it is not pretty

No. 564688

File: 1534571752704.png (554.72 KB, 908x505, Screenshot 2018-08-17 at 10.54…)

>dad thought she went into his vitamins, little sister did it instead
>dad ripped her art she taped on the walls and she didn't find out until she got home from school one day

No. 564690

Never said it was an excuse, but still damn she legit needs to see a therapist.

No. 564691

who's to say shes not lying or exaggerating for pity points?

No. 564692

Idk if I actually believe everything, though. She's a habitual liar for asspats and sympathy and attention. And even if it did happen, it doesn't excuse all the shitty things she has done.

No. 564693

I kinda feel bad for her. Like, she's still a piece of shit and a sexual abuser, but this is really hitting too close to home.

No. 564696

File: 1534571884942.png (1.87 MB, 1402x786, cryingmariah.png)

This is the most emotion I've ever seen from her tbh

No. 564697

Part of me feels bad but part of me feels like she's lying what with her history of lying.

No. 564698

I believe it.

Fuck, I wish I hadn't dropped the stream now.

No. 564699

jfc she should not be on the internet. what a fucking mess. moo is like a sloppy drunk friend that has too much and cries at the party.

No. 564700

3:34 she shows her art on stream, all stuff that's obviously traced until her mew-two concept that's waaaaay worse quality than the rest.

No. 564701

File: 1534571964005.png (609.27 KB, 912x507, Screenshot 2018-08-17 at 10.57…)

>apparently does see a therapist
>viewed art differently since the incident. gets very depressed when she draws

No. 564702

File: 1534572007800.png (599.55 KB, 909x509, Screenshot 2018-08-17 at 10.58…)

No. 564703

I'm actually feeling really bad for her. This seems genuine compared to how she acts at other times. As someone who wants to work with youth in abusive households it's hitting home.

She should really take a break from cosplaying and the internet and focus on drawing. She'd grow and heal by diving into her own interests and give the community a break.

No. 564704

03:37:34 talks about cosplay community hate

No. 564705

Anon- we are either getting the real deal or the greatest proof of her ability to lie. either way this is educational.

No. 564706

Don't let your own emotions get in the way of realizing that while she's POTENTIALLY had these things happen to her she's still a shitty person who had all the means of taking these bad memories and making a healthier lifestyle for herself. Instead all she's done is ruin peoples lives and dug herself into her own grave with all these lies.
She doesn't deserve anyone's sympathy.

No. 564707

>all this traced shit.

No. 564708

File: 1534572091708.png (3.57 MB, 1402x1576, momoart.png)

More art to add for people.

Also talkes about how nobody in the community likes her and she hates that and that she looks at how loved other cosplayers are and "wants that"

No. 564709

This bitch is still dealing with trauma from her childhood. After the story of her dad you can tell where she gets her anger and attitude from. She needs to take a break from the internet and work on herself tbh wth

No. 564710

It's probably both, tbh.

We can feel bad for her, and still drag her.
She needs therapy and to quit the internet.

No. 564711

File: 1534572190054.gif (28.41 KB, 250x225, tumblr_njudz5Tg1O1tqxsu6o3_250…)

Take everything Moo says with a grain of salt. Remember this is the girl who laughed through her "response" to people she legit hurt or "stupid shit" as she called it. Who lied about being bullied before.
Even if her dad torn up her art and she had a tense homelife, all she did was take that feeling she may have experienced and forced others to feel that way.
It's like feeling bad for rapists and murderers because they have bad childhoods. They chose to become the people they are.

No. 564713

3.40 talking about cons

No. 564716


I don’t

We’ve seen this shit before. Just like her “I love my body” cry stream where she talked about this shit before and ended up crying. And everyone was feeling sorry for her. And yet she still never turned it around and went right back to being a total cunt. And also, she still hasn’t owned up to any of the shit she has done. The sexual assault, the bullying. Still trying to pass it off as “People taking stuff out of context” and “Internet rumors”.

So she can fuck off with this sob story. She’ll go right back to being the cunt she always has.

No. 564717

>03:40:13 someone suggested she stop going to cons and just update patreon, she says she's trying to do that but she enjoys hanging with friends and enjoying the con. she lost close friends along the way and it's been hard. there are people who ever thought she was sorry, they would find something else to be upset about. she's trying to find ways to accept it.
>she saw the threats people are going to hurt her at dragoncon.
>saw the depression stuff rant reactions and had a close friend come at her aggressively about it.

No. 564718

Talking about the people who talked about her depression comments on twitter
>>"I'll figure it out, I always figure things out"

No. 564719


I'm with you here- As I said either you are watching a master at work or the truth- but no matter it excuses nothin imo

No. 564722


Has she noticed most beloved cosplayers don't do enormously shitty things like she does

No. 564724

On one hand watching this has me feeling bad, on the other it's funny because Camversity is paying her to be on for at least 4 hours a day and their top streamer is bawling in a sweatshirt.

No. 564726

I agree. She's going to go back to being a cunt in less than 24 hours. If she follows her usual pattern, she'll be worse than she is currently.

That being said, I still think that, at least for these last 15 minutes, she's been honest about herself for the first time in years.

No. 564728

03:46:26 someone hoped she comes back to the community. some top cosplayers talked to her through this debacle but wont say anything publicly. these top cosplayers are friends with people who "bully" her

No. 564729

That's very true. If you had a shitty upbringing the lesson you shouldn't learn from that is to make others lives worse.

She does have a tendency to be overdramatic and fake but this just feels more genuine because its coming from a real place. She could be overdoing it, but there's something real in there. Even so, nothing changes until she changes

No. 564730

Talking about cosplayers talking to her privately but no one wants to discuss it publicly because they don't want it to effect their careers. Well no shit, mariah, you are a social shithole.

No. 564731

Agreed. There are many people who've had terrible childhoods who would never do the things she did to others. She really has no excuse.

No. 564732

Yup, pretty much this.


No. 564733

She's getting so many asspats in the chat, it's kind of disgusting. Is everyone going to just gloss over everything she's done??

No. 564734

3:49 she addresses the sexual assault and her reactions to it.

No. 564735

03:48:48 someone asked about the sexual assault allegations.

No. 564736

tfw when the fucking actual video on the sexual assault was fake, but she genuinely talks about it ON A CAM SITE

No. 564737

To be fair, it's really easy to feel bad and take it easy when someone starts crying about their fucked up childhood. If she says anything bad they'll probably change their tune

No. 564738

Girl has hella issues. But she'll be a cunt by Monday. Needs to stop mirroring her dad and being a "bad bitch".

Some people left over last time lmao

No. 564739

I'm like speechless at this bs

No. 564740

3:54 addresses MyOppa

No. 564742

I can't watch right now, what did she say?

No. 564743

It seems most of the farmers have been quiet since the serious talk, you can tell we are all just watching.
Also 3 hours 54 minutes talks about myoppa stuff

No. 564744

She doesn't understand copyright lol

No. 564745

>said some of the girls who made allegations were going to meet up at their homes and let Moo stay over
>another wanted to do Patreon sets with her and talked to her up until AX
>there was a statement that was put out that was "very much lies" and was extremely hard to see for Moo because she didn't see this person act like that
>myOppa thing was her not being aware of "having a design like that". She saw a design, found the person and didn't get a response back. Commission Castle Corsetry, did the thing and didn't know it was a bad thing.

Does Moo understand how people work with trauma?

No. 564747

She's giving the impression that money solves everything, which isn't anything new.

No. 564748

>says she either stuffed the myOppa red hood ripoff away or donated it

No. 564749

She can feign ignorance as much as she wants but she has NEVER responded or apologized appropriately. She's never even asked how. I get that fucking up and getting backlash is scary but she's a fucking adult now. If she doesn't know how to make things right, she needs to ask and then take action.

She's a massive idiot baby who isn't at all convincing with her "trauma" bullshit because she's never tried to be better.

No. 564750

She's… emotionally stunted or something, I swear. Very much still the 15yo bully. Only now she's an adult and getting overwhelmed.

No. 564753

after being told her apology woulda been better, I think she started to lie a bit since her eyes got weird. I dunno. I think any idea of the truth is done now

No. 564754


Exactly why I’m not buying any of this shit. She can talk all she wants about “trauma” and not knowing what to do out of fear. But the one thing she never tried doing was be better. All she ever did was make excuses and talk about how “I know I fucked up and I’ll try not to in the future”. But guess what, she never fucking did. She always went right back to being the cunt she always has because actually trying to make things right is too hard for her.

No. 564755


No. 564756

I can't believe we are finally getting some deeper shit into all this stuff and it's on a fucking cam porn site of all places. This is where she is sobbing and talking about important issues. Bravo, Moo.

No. 564757

Aaaaand sympathy gone

No. 564758

>03:58:54 said she was in a weird position. in every video she made, she looked insane and couldn't post them.
>said she messaged everyone before the apology video. even messaged someone who was not directly involved, who "gaslight" the situation. said same person called her names and bodyshamed her.
>around 04:00:00 wants to tell the girls she's upset about how her actions put her in the situation she's in now. she was trying to be a friend, is emotionally charged. every one of those girls she never seen in a bad light and still sees them as good people. doesn't think they did anything out of hate. wishes she could take it back and be friends with them again

No. 564759

Tries to be better but always fucks it upshe is saying
>>"Hey mariah we wanna give you a chance"
>>"Fuck your chance"

If she is this self aware, shouldn't she, idk…. do something fucking about it?? Jesus christ, just stop being an asshole. Treat people with respect. It's not that hard!

No. 564760

What an absolute cunt, she feels absolutely no remorse and still going woe is me, can't wait for these clips to go viral.

No. 564761

she keeps moving the laptop, i cant fucking hear her

No. 564762

I think she's lying. The looking away is pretty sus to me and it really feels like she is just saying what chat wants to hear frankly.

No. 564763

File: 1534573921063.png (133.92 KB, 389x1520, the chat.png)

Some of the chat stuff

No. 564764

>04:02:00 bits are interesting. said some girls were never involved and just said they were hateful
>04:04:00 she thought she was doing good for a while but things were brought up and now she posts anything and it gets taken out of context
>someone suggested she provide proof and "shut down the haters" and she asked if she should post the apologies she sent to the girls?
>said at jteamjason's bday she was talking to a friend and as she was talking she was cry talking. friend suggested the therapy.
>said its good to talk to someone who doesn't screenshot stuff

No. 564765

I think there was a bell curve- Bullshit, some actual real shit going on, and then bullshit again. Like being asked to provide receipts.

No. 564767

I don't think shes showered since the last stream because her hair looks even greasier

No. 564768

>04:10:00 addressed "taking a break", said she wasn't sure how to take one, suggested by a friend she doesn't and "move on like pewdipie". was convinced by friend to keep on posting and was scared if she didn't post people would forget about her
>originally wanted to step back for a few weeks
>does not have a manager anymore

No. 564769

>>"I thought if I didn't post, people would forget about me, and don'twantpeopletoforgetaboutme"
(kind of whispered that last part quickly, like she is mocking herself or something)

No. 564771

She's talking about controlling things a lot. Guess her saying she felt she needed to be in control wasn't a farce. As if we needed more proof.

No. 564772

the stream is going on for more then four hours damn. usually she stops a few min before

No. 564773

>feels like she doesn't want a manager anymore. maybe a PR manager
>04:13:23 what did she lose after the allegations was asked. she lost Creator's Guild, Senpai Squad party spot, friendships, reputation. still saying she had no sponsorships. said friends messaged her saying they loved her but they can't associate with her due to loss in their business. that if she communicated publicly with them the business/friend would get shat on

No. 564774

I buy this. When she broke down she was genuine, but when she got it all out of her system and realized the chat was eating it up she got back into her bullshit

No. 564775

>only attending Blizzcon. canceled the others. loves Blizzcon and hopes it goes well
>tried to get twitter back a third time
>regrets getting popular in the coscommunity. gained a ton of responsibilities and had to take care of people and didn't expect it.

No. 564777

In 5 years, still wants to be doing cosplay, wants to liked, be well respected, and then it's hard to hear her. She keeps mumbling.

No. 564779

>>564777 to be liked and well respected, doesn't want people to disassociate with her. just repeated the whole dialogue people don't want to be publicly shat on when associating with her

No. 564781

Ending the show now, 7pm tomorrow will be a new stream.

No. 564782

oh boy I hope this isn't like the stream where she cried about her body and everyone here ate it up only for her to be back on her bullshit 2 days later.

moo needs to get some fucking therapy if she's really suffering that much. her actions alone scream she needs counseling of some kind.

No. 564783

She abruptly ended it again.

No. 564785

She's said some things that people can hold her accountable for. She keeps saying "I know, I know" when people give her legitimate advice, but I'm kind of having trouble buying it. I want to give her the benefit of the doubt, but she's doing that thing where she just kind of vaguely brushes off legit advice and embraces the compliments more so…. I dunno.

I hope she realizes that NOT following up to this with action is just going to drop her even deeper into the pit so…

No. 564786

She said she's in therapy, but it's recent.

No. 564787

Well, people seem to be eating it up. Whether or not she reverts to her old ways, time will tell. But yeah she should get some therapy.

No. 564788

From what she told us she's VERY stunted in the emotional and growth area. She's most likely going to fuck up again. She knows she fucks up, but for some reason she can't stop doing it.

No. 564789

Since the stream is over, I think it's time to move over to the normal thread. Did record anon get it all? Should we compile all the important parts over there?

No. 564790

I'm wondering if maybe she saw THIS as her therapy session? I can easily see this becoming a thing where she starts becoming emotional just because she's using it "as therapy"

No. 564792

If she could actually do what she said and take a break I think she'd be so much better off. She can't let go of her need to be popular but she's proved again and again that she can't handle it or conduct herself maturely. Girl let it go, do therapy, heal yourself and grow.

But she won't and that's why she's a cow.

No. 564796

Now that it's over:

Mariah needs to stop pushing this "rich bitch" skin walking persona and making it her life. While she did express genuine emotion tonight in her stream, it won't mean jackshit if she keeps instigating drama, if she keeps clapping back, if she keeps trying to adopt this ghetto attitude. I can relate to 90 percent of her history since we were raised in similar households…but the difference is that I'm not a public influencer working for coin on social media. She doesn't know how to carry herself on a neutral plane. She doesn't comprehend people's feelings because her dad didn't comprehend hers.

We've said it multiple times before where we suggest she stays off social media and work on herself til she can calmly live her life without trying to one up others in the "umU sad boi olympics", if that makes sense.

No. 564797

The first 3 hours were excruciating but that last hour made it worth it.

I really don’t think she’ll change.
She kept repeating how everything is taken out of context, and made it all about her and not the people she’s affected. Seemed really disingenuine.

No. 564806

Yeah we've seen this side of her a million times now and she won people over only to do the same shit all over again. And just like every other time we get gullible anons who fall for her shit.

No. 564810

I was there. I was not swayed but I was willing to be swayed a little, if that makes sense. I will believe it more if things tomorrow are better or different. hell even if in a week things are a little better. cause if its bullshit its GOOD bullshit. and true sociopaths can lie with all the bells an whistles. But her actions will tell.

No. 564814

I admit it too..when the waterworks came on, it was hard not to feel sorry for her. But I think this small powwow would help her kind of set things into perspective. I know she will fuck up tomorrow but hopefully it's less of a fuckup? I dunno

No. 564819


The statement that was “very much lies” she is talking about is Nana’s. She still keeps contending that Nana is lying and that “She doesn’t know why she is being like that”.

No. 564834

You know she did this same shit on twitch and went back to her same old bullshit right. Stop acting like newfags.

No. 564836

The true lapdogs are following every moment she streams, registering and commenting. Oh then capping themselves and self-posting here. Sad!

Like the farmhand mentioned, Lainey got pretty popular on Younow with farmer's help. Food for thought.

No. 564838

imagine coming to a fucking camgirl site thinking you're gonna see some bbw tiddies and instead you see the incredible hulk sitting on the floor and crying

No. 564840

this! and the same with her lipo vieo.

No. 564841

I’ve grown up with an abusive father and never bullied anyone in my life. This girl needs to learn some basic morals.

No. 564845

i have like 3 different eating disorders and ive been raped by my dad. i dont go around touching people without consent, bullying them, and hiding my liposuction behing photoshop and fake workout videos. i dont feel sorry for her. tear the bitch apart. she doesnt deserve to be in this community.

No. 564849

When people use someone's childhood experience, disability, mental health or anything else in particular to excuse cunty behavior, that is a shit move. Moo is a narcissist who knows exactly what she is doing and gets a high out of being the toxic waste she is.

No. 564850

File: 1534589708517.gif (1.4 MB, 244x224, unnamed (1).gif)

for real though. like most people's childhoods weren't perfect and a lot of people had equally shitty if not far shittier upbringings. like I'm sorry her dad roided out at her and emotionally abused her but it's 0 excuse for being as fucking terrible as she is. she KNOWS what she's doing and has done and still hasn't given a genuine apology for it. I hope for her sake that her bitch ass is truly in therapy because her reality is precariously close to crashing down. when her costhot patreon days are over she's well and truly fucked because all of that, from nudes to sexual assaults, are linked to her actual, real legal name. if she has a fucking brain cell left to force a coherent thought out of she'd fix her shit ASAP and learn some humility along the way.

until this dumb bitch makes any meaningful progress at all I don't give a fuck about her daddy issues.

No. 564851

I honestly don't believe any of it. She lies SO MUCH and makes the most elaborate stories, this is nothing more than a way to make people sympathise towards her AGAIN.

No. 564853

Very sorry to hear that anon and you're absolutely right. Moo deserves no sympathy or asspats at this rate.

No. 564854

oh no, her dad broke some of her stuff, poor baby how does she sleep at night?!

No. 564857

She's got more emotion about her supposed childhood past than she did in her entire apology video. Her acting skills are on point.

No. 564859

How do we know she isn’t lying AGAIN, tho? Mariah lies all the time, after all.

No. 564862

Recording anon here, fell asleep during the boring stuff but I checked the footage and I got all the emotional stuff.

Thanks for the time stamps, if there's any specific clips people want let me know

No. 564863

If she can lie about being raped and sexually assaulted herself, she's capable of lying about anything. This is another case of 'woe is me, feel sorry for me I'm such a victim' so Moo's hug box doubles in size.

No. 564873

File: 1534596200307.gif (616.07 KB, 500x336, eyerollgif.gif)


Exactly! Her dad was an abusive mess, but that's like excusing serial killers and rapists for their actions because they have shit parents. Everyone is responsible one they become an adult.

She has sexually assaulted several people, blamed it on her adhd. She abuses her cats by not caring for them properly and using chemicals around them. She lies all the time. She bullies others (cosplayers and non cosplayers) once she is called out.
Remember the incident with the girl's tail she stepped on twice? I feel zero sympathy for her.

I found out about Moo through her racist overwatch Mei stuff. And her mocking of other asian cosplayers.

Moo is trash and always will be, no matter what happened in her childhood.

No. 564876

>so happy
>cries on stream day 3
Also voxpopuli is such an obvious farmer. Cut that shit out already.

No. 564886

Shows that she can only cry about herself. If (IF) the emotional abuse from her dad is true, still doesn't excuse shit. Many people have faced parental abuse and didn't do half the shit she's done.
To keep it short: this is so sad, Alexa play Mambo n 5

No. 564892

They sure would be if this wasn't all lies.

No. 564893

I don't believe for a second her father was as bad as she pretends he was. Has anyone else in her family ever mentioned abuse? I've only ever her mention it.
Even if it was true, it's an excuse not a valid reason for her actions and behaviour, just like "it's ma ADHD" or "I thought friends just did this stuff".

No. 564894

True, after all she's known for throwing people under the bus to try and clear her own name

No. 564895

She even blamed her younger sister for bullying her. First of all, I have an older sister and know alot of people with one older or younger sibling, it's usually the eldest that "bullies" or picks on the youngest, not the other way around. And how she was described in high school is that of a big bully. I have no doubt Mariah has been the bully her entire life and somehow manages to blame everyone else around and pretend to be the victim. She doesn't care about her "fans", she doesn't care about her "friends" and sure as hell doesn't care about her family.

No. 564896


Everyone from her high school talks about how she was that big bitch bully. She was the one making fun of kids for likin nerdy stufff like anime and video games. She would also fatshame and slut-shame other girls.

This is absolutely some revisionist history bullshit going on.

No. 564897

She still is a big bitch bully that fat and slut shames people. Knowing that she actually has people on Thorne's personal facebook keeping tabs on her or how she's constantly getting her calves (or should I say Vamps) to go after people and trying to silence them. Most people grow out of their middle school or high school bullying/bitchiness but not Momo, she continues to bully and abuse people all while playing the victim card.

No. 564903

I want the one of her talking about new allegations

No. 564906

So I'm catching up to last nights stream. Is Momo really claiming that she was once a really good artist/animator and was going to do that before her cosplay stuff happened? Bitch where?

No. 564908

I don't feel bad for this lying cow anyway. This is the same spoiled brat who wanted to kill her mom for getting the wrong car and not feeding her whenever her fat ass demanded it. In all honesty, I think her narc brain warped the memories in her head. I'm sure all her family did was say no and applied some sort of punishment on Momo and she just flipped her shit.
This is the same girl who thought it was funny to physically and mentally torment her classmates when she was in school. As for her dad picking on her to do sports? Yeah I can see that, but remember that Momo bragged to hell and back about her "hawt body" and fat shamed other girls. She LOVED that she was the hot chick. The day I believe anything that comes out of this spoiled brats mouth is the day Momokun suddenly drops 50 pounds.

No. 564909

I'm almost 90% sure these are all traced. I almost want to find the originals to all these just to confirm. I've never seen this cow draw or show any interest in art, drawing or what not.

No. 564911

So is she going to cam always that late from now on?

No. 564912

Watching Momo in real time is so weird. She lies so much, but I don't think it's for the viewers I think it's for herself. I honestly doubt the victims asked Momo to hang out and have a sleep over at their house and do special shoots with her. From everyone I heard Momo hasn't apologized to any of them, much less spoken to them. She really doesn't have a filter or think "hua, maybe I shouldn't just spout the first lie that comes out of my head." She can't even remember half the lies she said

No. 564915


It honestly sounds like more of her throwing people under the bus. Almost like she is calling them two faced by saying they still talk to her behind closed doors despite publicly denouncing her. “Oh they all messaged me talking about wanting hang out and have a sleepover. But publicly they all still mean things and won’t ever associate with me”

I’m more inclined to believe that she is a lying sack of shit. None of the victims have said anything about still wanting to be friends with her and still call her out for everything.

No. 564916


It seems that she likes the 7PM PST streams. Tonights is suppose to be at that time too

No. 564918

This is so surreal, crying and posting your artwork on a camsite, whose fetish is this? oh wait it's hers

No. 564921

She also outted herself to being an art tracer. She is everything people hate. You can tell when she drew something herself (like that shitty concept sketch of a dress) to her traces of DBZ and Madoka.
"I was going to be a famous artist and mangaka b-but my dad tore up my art one time!"
She she is a dual major linguistics theater
business expert who was also an Olympic power lifter and pro artist/animator… who professionally edits other cosplayers videos? Am I missing anything?

No. 564922

she also speaks fluent Japanese and translates manga

No. 564929

File: 1534611838038.webm (14.71 MB, 1572x676, sexualassaultresponse.webm)


Here you go anon

No. 564932

Anons who supposedly know her family have said he's shit, but that's only worth a grain of salt.

No. 564933

At the end of the day, all she cares about is how people came at her for what happened. She barely mentions the people she assaulted, and very clearly thinks it was all blown way out of proportion. She is not sorry for what she did, stop feeling bad for her just because her childhood was shit.

No. 564934

agreed. she cries as a last resort and makes up bs

No. 564935

I don't know if I buy that her sister bullied her to be honest. She didn't mention having a problem with her sister at all and now suddenly she used to bully her? Also if memory serves me her sister was ignoring or denying stuff she did and why would she defend her if she was a bully to her? (Maybe it wasn't her sister though and it was someone else. Original point still stands: I don't think she ever brought up major conflict with her before.)

No. 564936

what is momo going to do if her weird fans harass her parents the next time they run a booth for her? Momo is going to have to explain shit to her family

No. 564938

I honestly believe her about her dad, I'm not trying to excuse her but the majority of narcissistic people act like that from learned behavior. I do hope she's not lying about therapy because she REALLY needs someone to get it through her head that she needs to stop and think before "clapping back" or whatever. Also I'm not sure if I'm just a dumbass and misread but are some anons saying she mentioned being assaulted? That would obviously be a lie because then she would understand how the girls (and guys) she touched feel lol
I can see why people feel empathy/sympathy for her, I do as well but even if she may not know she's doing it she's definitely manipulating the narrative… I genuinely don't think she realizes how vile she is which is kind of scary, but this moment of self awareness was nice.

No. 564964

Of course she's fucking lying about therapy. She documents her entire life and always happens to not document the things that she's lying about.

No. 565010


lmao, it's so fucking obvious that she traces. just look at the difference between the (traced) goku picture in the first photo and then to whatever she drew later.

No. 565016

maybe your father ripped it up because what’s the point of tracing shit, you dumb cow? kek

No. 565020

the worst part of this "but muh abusive dad!" thing is that it moo is spitting in the face of everyone who's ever suffered parental abuse or neglect. whether it happened or not is irrelevant, because the issue is how she's using it. she is choosing to broadcast it out to the world for all to hear, which is fine. but what's not fine is that she's using it as yet another excuse.

No. 565066

I guess she thinks because she forgives her dad and still loves him, that's what everyone else should do for her abuse? fucking no

No. 565067

Bully kids tend to come from bully parents. I tend to think she and her dad are peas in a pod.

No. 565119

She's online!

No. 565124

Thank god she changed clothes and still isn't wearing yesterdays

No. 565126

She won't even being setting up her new computer, she got the wrong color desk.

No. 565133

Vamp said she was over to get her vape juice and raven cosplay not to see Mariah.

Not sure if shes joking or actually serious

No. 565136

She's on friendly terms with her so I'm guessing it was a joke.

No. 565137

Bossing around Vamp damn

No. 565140

She said that they're going in November.

No. 565143

That's the last thing Vamp needs if she's in massive debt.

No. 565144

She's a huge fan of DBZ and Dragon Quest but never heard of Chrono Trigger?

No. 565145

Can we get a cap of what the beast looks like tonight for the anons that don't wanna give her views? I'm assuming it's the usually bare face, dirty hair and some sort of baggy sweater or shirt covered in cat hair…

No. 565146

Someone mentioned Akira Toriyama, she said nothing about Dragon ball


No. 565147

File: 1534646572816.png (900.77 KB, 800x420, Screenshot_77.png)

No. 565148

Yup, what I expected. I kinda wish I didn't ask.

No. 565150

Mariah mentioned somebody asked her to buy them a ticket so maybe Mariah is paying for Vamp to go.

Unlikely though and she probably got another credit card

No. 565154

Feet pervs are in the chat loving Vamp.

No. 565157

Vamps must be loving not being the ugliest banana in the bunch. Mariah, on the other hand, is probably fuming.

No. 565159

They're ordering food…

No. 565161

Mariah: "My feet are hella dirty from cleaning"
mkay, sure.

No. 565162

Lol Vamp read the chat and is now quietly swinging her feet around looking at the cam, Mariah doesn’t notice.

No. 565165

Someone wrote “pet the cat if you need help” and Vamp deadeye stared down the camera and reached over and rubbed the cat’s head…

No. 565166

3 veggie burgers, 3 fiji waters, 3 fries and 3 protein truffles is 87 dollars??

No. 565168

Chat is loving Vamp more than Mariah.

Bunch are saying they love her moe tooth

No. 565169

No. 565170

I’m loving it. You can tell Mariah is pissed and Vamps is a little smug.

No. 565177

File: 1534648456062.png (514.05 KB, 539x419, collette.PNG)

I love the look on Collette's face. She's been getting her ego blown by the chat, people are saying she's hotter than Mariah, and she's not feeling like the shadow anymore. She looks relaxed and content, not giving any shits about Mariah's company.

No. 565178

i wish she'd stop screeching

No. 565183


that triggers me, because it's still considered (for good reason) one of the best rpgs of all time that Square released. But okay, such a big toriyama fan she is

Well, i mean, i don't like vamps either, but she is clearly better looking than Mariah by a lot. Also, she actually cleans up for the stream rather than looking like an unwashed dishrag.

No. 565184

Somebody posted her nudes asking if they are real

No. 565185

Wait, so all they're doing is playing smash ? Why cant they do that bs on twitch? this is so boring

No. 565186

I'm sad my poor, decrepit lap top can't load her stream. just the role reversal sounds worth it for a little while, at least.

No. 565187

You're not missing much.All they're doing is staring at a screen and playing the switch but no one can see what they're playing. it's boring af

No. 565188

Mariah gave in and is showing her dirty feet. She's desperate to get more attention than Vamp

No. 565189

Vamp left and chat is still complimenting her

No. 565190


Now they're calling her Queen vamp. rofl
The chat loves Vamp but ignores Mariah most of the time

No. 565192

They are playing Bomberman

No. 565193

because muh camversity nda

No. 565194

File: 1534649445641.png (15.22 KB, 370x59, Screenshot_83.png)

No. 565195

wait she went home already? moo gonna cry again cause chat is meanies

No. 565196

left the room, they meant

No. 565197

No she only left for a few minutes, Mariah said hey to chat and started reading it. Everybody kept talking about Vamp so she sat there in silence.

No. 565200

>>565165 Holy fuck. The bad news is that Mariah is going to really tighten the leash on Vamp after coming across this during her late night lurkathon.

No. 565203

not if we delete that post

No. 565205

Yea delete This

No. 565207

Can anyone else confirm this holy shit

No. 565215

Can confirm, I saw this as well.

No. 565217

This is going to get good…

No. 565222

File: 1534650642028.png (634.82 KB, 912x509, Screenshot 2018-08-18 at 8.50.…)

Eating on the bed…

No. 565223

>said she watched a documentary on cows and the dairy industry. Moo says she wants to try and step back from it

No. 565224

Eating vegan food…is this Moo's attempt at being healthy lol.

No. 565227

that doesn't even look like proper vegan food. Are those fries?

No. 565229

Someone should ask if she’s going to respond to new allegations, heard she went to Shinecon and got kicked out because that cosplayer was there

No. 565230

>says the all you can eat sashimi bar/oyster bar is 30 dollars. ate at least 40 oysters aside from the other food. Vamps brought a guy date with them during their latest outing and he wimped out after "one round" of food. Can't go with Marvin anymore because he's gung-ho about it

No. 565231

Fries are vegan. Wtf?

No. 565232

"vegan chili fries"

No. 565234


Recordanon here, can confirm she was touching cat around the time of that chat. Theres also another message around that time you guys can tin foil about as well

No. 565236

Yeah, agree with other anons. This is good milk but anon maybe you should delete this so moo doesn't see.

Chlli usually has meat… kek.

No. 565239

They ordered from a vegan restaurant.

…….Do you not know vegetarian meat and dairy substitutes exist?

No. 565240

>says she doesn't want to eat eggs anymore either

No. 565241

sure, it'll be healthy for her as long as it's not the type of fries that is coated in iodine and bathed in deep fry.

No. 565242

>>565239 I mean, she could have easily just bought a bag of shredded lettuce, fat free dressing, and a few choice veggies for an easy salad, but she decides to pay up the ass for delivery services.

She'll drop this vegan facade in about a week.

No. 565243

>in the middle of her artoria shoot, she asked vamp to go get something. when she came back, the parking spot infront of the boudoir house was taken. vamp called moo angry she had to wear her costume and carry a bus from far away.

No. 565245

How many people in room tonight?

No. 565246


Around 145

No. 565247

From a ton to 145. Yea shes killing it lol.

No. 565248

>around 02:17:00 Moo wants Halloween outfits to be White Chicks. Vamps is against it, Moo asks whether they should do it in secret and Vamps said theres no way

No. 565249

Said it was too controversial especially for her

No. 565250

File: 1534652380764.png (630.14 KB, 912x509, Screenshot 2018-08-18 at 9.19.…)

No. 565251

vamp can put legs behind head

No. 565252

>02:22:40 talks shit about breeder-kun

No. 565253

>02:24:00 joking about suicide for 5 seconds

No. 565254

Shots fired by Vamp, Moo is truly stupid if she goes ahead with the idea. You've caused enough shit as it is.

No. 565257

If Vamp continues camming she can cater to the flexibility fetish crowd for extra tokens. They love that shit.

No. 565258

>around 02:27:40 she said she didn't start drugs until she was an adult. Vamps introduced her to weed. At Fanime she was "gone" where she was frantic about her not having pockets?
At the rave, a bunch of her friends went to the ball and were rejected because one of her friends arrived in drag. They were rejected due to too short of a skirt and too high of heel. Moo thought they rejected them because they were a "boy" and Moo flipped her shit while intoxicated.
>went missing for 24 hours, her phone was not on

No. 565259

vegans don't only eat salad you shit.

No. 565261

>admitted she drank a shitton, remember who she was with and Vamps running towards her.
>drank some of Vamp's cran and vodka bottle
>said Vamps on Sunday night as Perona hooked up with someone dressed as Zoro
>only grew up around lesbian girls
>Vamps has a huge sex drive and fucks alot apparently

No. 565262

It's too late to delete it and Vamp was probably just joking.

No. 565263

Did she watch that one Netflix documentary everybody watches and starts trying to go vegan right after, only to inevitably give up…

No. 565264

>says 5 guys, 2 girls
>Vamp is at 21, thinks shes missing a bunch

No. 565265

still cannot believe this is more boring than yesterday. My tinfoil- shes here to bore everyone into going to other models rooms.

No. 565267

>Moo would peg a guy

No. 565268

>has drawer full of sex toys and ropes

No. 565269

>says she's not addicted to vape

No. 565270

She's only saying stuff like this to compete with Vamp.

"I'm more kinky than you are!"

No. 565271

>>565265 Starting to sense that Vamp is more reserved because she's thinking about her own brand for once, and she's basically there to add a civil dynamic without giving anyone a reason to give Mariah tokens simply for having Vamp around.

Mariah knows it's the end. What a fantastic first week of the world's worst cam show.

No. 565272

>no buttstuff
>never had anal
>will do things to herself

>Somebody mentions her buttplug on etsy

No. 565273

>>565268 And yet, she won't show her accessories on a web cam broadcast that caters to porn enthusiasts.

She's lying about said drawer contents for kinky girl clout.

No. 565275

>02:48:58 Vamps confirmed Moo bought a buttplug.
>insinuated that Vamps fucks for "passes" from a guy named "C"

No. 565276

02:52:00ish where do u draw the line for sex i don't

No. 565277


She looks dead inside and the only thing keeping her sane on cam is Vamp's company. Not long till she just gives up completely.

No. 565278


We are currently on stream 5 of 60

No. 565279

Lmao how many of us are going to endure this pain and watch all of these streams…

No. 565280

2:56-ish she admits that she has an older brother. I'm not sure if this is new information.

No. 565281

>someone named "Cindy" called and asked about the bed she moved upstairs.

No. 565282


so 55 more days of this ? its like purgatory. though I have to confess to morbid curiousity as to how fucking horrid it will be the last of her "contractual" shows if shes gone this far downhill in only 5

No. 565284

>around 03:00:00 talks about the "irrelevant 4"/Jeffree Starr drama

No. 565285


From what she has hinted at and said, she has to do 4 hour streams, 20 times a month for 3 months.

No. 565286


Shows off a refrigerator full of drinks a few weeks ago, then decides it's wise to order 3 bottles of FIJI from a place that delivers vegan food.

This is the same person who brags about being a mindful, savvy businessperson, right? Economics aren't her thing, clearly.

No. 565287

She's gotta flex, anon
Plus I bet the only drink from her fridge she actually likes and drinks is Monster

No. 565289

3:06 "Cindy Mallad", so younger sister.

No. 565291

File: 1534655222830.png (198.3 KB, 460x471, Screenshot 2018-08-18 at 10.06…)

>apparently does tai chi

No. 565294

>Vamp shuts down reading next chapter of book

No. 565297

>03:14:00 wasn't sure if futas are trans or just "chicks with dicks"

No. 565298

>said the only cosplay she didn't like, I guess, was Cindy
>still acts like she didn't know what Shinecon was and is proud of Sean for putting it on
>hardly watched Darling in the Franxx

No. 565299

>around 03:18:00 said she wasn't at shinecon and thinks someone was making it up that she was there

No. 565300

Except that people saw her there and the con owner said it was true

No. 565301

>03:20:00 was trying to find proof she wasn't at shinecon

No. 565307

>had a meeting with "Brandon", I'm assuming is Holly's editor that was hanging in her chat

No. 565308

>03:34:00 someone mentioned she was kicked out because another cosplayer was there and she denied it

No. 565309

>Vamp asked if she wants her to check the dreaded site

No. 565310

I guess vamp is checking lolcow now. Hi!

No. 565311

>03:35:18 mentioned "new assault victim" andVamps asked if it was "Sierra" (Thornechan). Moo said she only heard about it

No. 565314

>03:38:50 ish people are telling her about TheCosplayBunny and she says "why would I care about Cosplay Bunny"

No. 565317

>03:43:37 TheCosplayBunny accusation reaction

No. 565324

File: 1534657875957.png (358.23 KB, 988x524, Screenshot 2018-08-18 at 10.51…)

>03:48:31 someone asked why she would go irl and talk to people about what happened. She asked who and said theres some people not worth talking to.

No. 565325

Her reaction to that quote was just


No. 565327

03:55:00 vamp sperges about moo's controversy

No. 565328

03:57:00 someone mentioned she's banned from all local cons and she commented about lvlup. talks about lolcow

No. 565329

somebody mentions lolcow in chat

No. 565330

>03:58:00 said cosplay bunny was "messaging her like crazy" to do shoots, crafting, hanging out

No. 565332

Seriously, whoever mnilw and dangman are both need to stop. They're obviously both cowtippers.

No. 565333

>04:00:00 said the drama is a "bandwagon" and the girls want attention, pity and clout

No. 565334

>>565332 Seriously. And what's more upsetting is that Mariah and Vamp read the threads, and never say "Hmm… that anon is right on that".

Not everything on here is an absolute troll job. Several people have provided some useful insight that Mariah could really benefit from.

No. 565335

be an old raider not new raider honey not vinegar no tipping just give us info

No. 565336

Aren't we supposed to just chronicle the facts and keep the receipts. And any fee fees I had at ALL for last night went out the fucking window and Im only reading your guys writeup on it all. only 100 peeps in now, yea this is netting CamV a goldmine rolls eyes

No. 565337

Y'all need to stop…you're getting too excited and cowtipping

No. 565338


So did she not fucking learn anything?

No. 565339

Hour 4, around the 3:30 mark, Mariah was ranting about Patreon, and quickly said something about putting herself in a situation where she has more bills.

Sounds like she inadvertently confessed to struggling financially.

No. 565340

>>565332 thrall also

No. 565341

same lol

No. 565342

>04:08:00 talks about EVO posts
>mentioned Holly

No. 565343

Let's face it. People are only watching for Collette at this point. She isn't always right, and sometimes her delivery sucks, but she's leagues above Moo.

No. 565344


this is not a coincidence. Moo changed her time to be when Collette was off work. Moo gets torn apart when its just her. Collette rocks the camming (in comparison) We mentioned ITT Moo hates being upstaged- I expect this shitshow will be the norm cause Moos too sperg to stand her own.

No. 565345

Of course she didn't learn anything.

No. 565347

>04:16:00 Sabrina doesn't like that she's camming, says she's ignorant and pulls too many stunts. Says Moo is nothing special to sit around and be paid.

No. 565348

>>565344 Yeah, and the problem I have with this is that she makes Mariah look like less of a demon by proxy. I know better, and you probably know better, but others are going to see this as two girls having fun. In reality, Jabba The Hutt is keeping Slave Collette around to provide entertainment, and I don't think Vamp wants to waste time doing this on Mariah's account, when Vamp easily made about 75 bucks in 2 hours the other night.

No. 565349

>04:18:16 Talks about Gabby, saying she was always there for her and helped her fiance out when he first posted about his cancer. Saw her tweet about not playing games
>04:19:00 talks about going to EVO only for "Smash", saw the line and left

No. 565350

Vamp is going to stream tomorrow night, expect Mariah to stream at the same time

>Talks shit that Mariah can't twerk

No. 565351

Book stream tomorrow

No. 565363

found it interesting she still refuses to "prove" anything. Vamp sperged about how people talk shit all the time so they can get "attention" but they can't prove jack shit. where's the receipts? Where's the screencaptures? She couldn't even prove Sean's text tonight.

No. 565364


It’s they both are obviously full of shit. They both can go fuck off in their own little bubble. Everyone else still hates them.

No. 565365

Vamp spends all this time reading lolcow but makes 0 effort trying to prove people are attacking Mariah. Irrelevant.

No. 565366

So how long before Mariah tries to join a Succlette stream? Mariah would lie and claim it's being done to help Vamp get numbers, but in reality it's Vamp who runs the show on streaming platforms.

No. 565367

less talking more vamp twerking plz

No. 565369

File: 1534666493218.png (1.08 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180819-011404.png)

This fucking girl. YOU ARE THE SHARK!

No. 565373

this is the livestream thread specifically, this looks like it should go in the general >>563425

No. 565377

>>565373 Sorry about this. I had both tabs up, and misplaced this. Tried to delete, but it wouldn't let me.

No. 565394

Lmao great job talking about yourself their Moo. Jeez she's seriously a saint in her mind, what a delusional cunt.

No. 565629

Do we know when she'll be streaming tonight? Should we assume 7pm PST again?

No. 565636

Yes it should be around 7PM PST again

No. 565728

I can't watch at the moment, is she streaming?

No. 565730

still offline and its 7:26 pm

No. 565731

According to insta Vamp and a guy are over so no stream yet

No. 565732

lol no ones gonna be watching

No. 565735

50 ppl, and her bio still says 2pm starting, wow.

No. 565738

And shes currently a vegan restaurant…

No. 565740

File: 1534733048778.png (259.26 KB, 339x657, Screenshot 2018-08-19 at 7.43.…)

No. 565764


lol, she couldn't even do this for a week.

No. 565767

No stream tonight. Tomorrow she's editing videos for other people.

No. 565769


Lol sure she is. Shes also making her super saiyan goku lewd cosplay and getting her certificate for Magna Cum Laude

No. 565779

*mega cum latte

No. 565780

i mean thats all momo would be good for a cum dump

No. 566047

Stream today?

No. 566095

As of 6:00 she was still in bed. No post on instagram yet indicating it's on or off.

No. 566098


She posted, no stream tonight. Stream tomorrow at 7PM

No. 566099

File: 1534816822165.png (184.26 KB, 349x657, Screenshot 2018-08-20 at 7.00.…)

No. 566172

>>566099 And, of course, it's a late start time, which means she'll probably have Vamp with her, or she'll have those headphones on the entire time while Vamp works for her own tokens.

These start/finish times are so fucking ridiculous, by the way. 7 P.M. to 11 P.M. on a Tuesday?


No. 566173

she said shes gonna edit other ppls videos again

No. 566174

>>566173 One would think that with all of these editing gigs she gets, she wouldn't have to settle for some B-rate cam show garbage for extra income.


No. 566378

Shes live

No. 566379

She looks like she still hasn't showered since the milk bath.

No. 566380

We all know she hasn't showered. she probably heard that "milk is like, totally good for your skin muh dudes"

No. 566381

Sounds like shes no longer vegan. Just ordered a chicken

No. 566382

I see the dumbass is already starting in with the blocks

No. 566383

She just said that she's planning on getting a new cat.

No. 566385

Probably trying to impress someone as usual, short lived attempts most of the time.

No. 566386

her being vegan was somehow shorter than the amount of time we felt sorry for her

someone post a pic to show the mess she is today plz

No. 566388

File: 1534904453958.png (1.24 MB, 1045x571, Screenshot_70.png)

No. 566389

File: 1534904488743.png (4.1 MB, 1920x1080, 2018-08-21.png)

the troll in her natural habitat

No. 566390

A boring uninviting mess once again. Those poor cucks.

No. 566392

Claims her chest is 42E, 00:22:30

No. 566394

00:26:20 confirms that she bought Vamp's ticket to japan/talks about her planned Japan trip.

No. 566395

Was asked about her bdsm tag on her bio and what shes into, instantly was worried about her vape being hot and leaking oil in her Gucci fanny pack, ended up ignoring question.

No. 566396

omg she looks like she should be in the confetti club

No. 566397

>>They don't allow molesters in japan

the chat going hard for her right now.

No. 566398

File: 1534905503683.png (14.04 KB, 355x48, Screenshot_71.png)

She said she faps to NTR

No. 566399

File: 1534905600097.png (2.27 MB, 1399x786, oh my.png)

No. 566400


Dead ass looks like Big Foot stepping out for a photo. And of course she still lives in complete filth.

No. 566401

File: 1534905871129.png (1.06 MB, 1403x789, eww.png)

The state of her home, my god

No. 566405

dang farmers dont even care about her streams anymore

No. 566406

doesn't surprise me this is some of the most boring shit ever made anywhere and shes banning anyone that seems interesting

No. 566411

Honestly I have her up on a second screen so I can actually do interesting things while she's… sitting there… doing nothing…

No. 566412

double posting to say that she is actually showing us the video she's editing, but it's a Patreon video for Vamp.

She's literally showing us someone else's paid content.

No. 566415

But she got mad when her viewers wanted to see the retarded bath photoshoot.

No. 566416

File: 1534908436931.png (422.05 KB, 912x509, Screenshot 2018-08-21 at 8.25.…)

>apparently didn't get dropped by CamV
>editing Vamp's Zelda video

No. 566417

I wonder if her/Vamp have permission from the DJ that made the remix to use the song for commercial/profit purposes.

No. 566418

Moo never gets permission to do anything with someone else's property.

No. 566420

>110 viewers

No. 566421

Is Vamps ass nude in this video shes editing sure looks it. and thats hilarious- the video shes editing is more interesting than her sperg ass

No. 566422

File: 1534909884021.png (182.84 KB, 433x706, vampsblackeye.PNG)

Sorry that made me think of this

No. 566423

It's really not a good image of Vamp. Like, she's not an incredibly attractive woman, but this is really unflattering.

No. 566424

File: 1534910765511.jpeg (64.14 KB, 750x399, CC973209-0FC2-4D7F-A8DF-EBFC2A…)


No. 566425


you could count on Moos edits to make her look even worse than normal.

No. 566429

>the butt shot

trying to profit off of vamps body again

oh well, i guess she did pay for the trip to nippon so momo can whore her out as much as she wants

No. 566432

Man I hope record anon didn't bother. this is seriously like watching paint dry. Shes such a fucking dumbass. and g/l saying anything serious or she butthurt shadowbans

No. 566433

File: 1534912326747.png (1.46 MB, 1117x694, datcoolsculpt.PNG)

Yep…cool sculpting made her look SO MUCH BETTER Guiez!

No. 566437

Even the chat is bored. The first few days it was flying but today it's been still for upwards of 5 minutes at a time.

No. 566438

because vamp aint there twerking lol

No. 566439

So video editing is another one of those things she is supposedly an expert at now? Really, is there anything she can't do?

No. 566440

she can't fucking cam for shit, thats what

No. 566441

Surprised she isn't streaming in front of her new bedroom set up with the bed and nightstands.

Mariah is all over the place. That rotisserie chicken thing absolutely floored me.

No. 566443

Whatever dipshit at Camversity decided to bring her on should be fucking fired immediately. Holy damn, she is literally the most boring camgirl ever. And she isn’t doing any of the shit she claimed she “couldn’t get away with doing on Twitch” like reading ero manga or playing hentai games. Every stream has been nothing but boring ass shit than any idiot could find on Twitch.

No. 566446

It really stuns me that she claimed to stream here instead so she can read Ero-manga, but ended up reading some bullshit about Gandhi's cat.

No. 566448

She's texting in the middle of a live stream. This is pathetic.

Also, is Vamp doing a stream at the moment? I'm asking because Mariah has her stalker headphones on.

No. 566449

doesnt seem to be or almost everyone would be over there

No. 566453

Her edits aren’t bad when it comes to timing it with the music. But the actual footage and lighting/effects aren’t good

No. 566455

literally anyone can do this thought. this is 14 year old AMV level shit.

No. 566459

File: 1534914930632.png (1.12 MB, 1081x606, turtle.PNG)

No. 566460

Man I just can't watch this shit. Boring AF and mundane af

No. 566461

she claims that she isn't trying to be vegan, she's just trying to eat more vegan food. also she's cutting out dairy.

No. 566464

Imagine wanting to bust a nut and you come across this on a cam site

No. 566465


I don't know…imagine wanting to bust a but to moomoo in the first place. Seriously don't know what's worse lol

No. 566466

I never said it was anything special, I just said it wasn’t bad

It’s not like her horribly made cosplays where you can see how awful they are

No. 566468

TFW your friend STILL is more interesting and she isn't even there…

No. 566473

File: 1534916032075.png (720.23 KB, 811x512, LMAO.PNG)

sorry posted the wrong image but the screen for my quicklink on google homepage makes it look like shes about to strip and is crying lol

No. 566474

did she eat the whole chicken on stream or something

No. 566475

>>566474 No. But she ate it before the deliver driver made the short walk back to the car.

No. 566477

is she ignoring all the questions bout why shes boring the fuck outta a camchat? I'm at work so I cannot hear her (a blessing) I saw a few people asking wtf she was doing on camV of all places. I am sure the contract didnt state "paint your house in a burka" or anything

No. 566479

So her saying they didn't drop her is her confirming she has a gig with them, then?

No. 566481

She has to be getting dropped soon. Fewer than 100 viewers for the majority of the stream.

Camversity should have offered me 4 grand to look fat and be boring 4 hours a day, 60 times over the course of 3 months.

No. 566482

lol got blocked for that whole rant about watching her instagram

No. 566487

Week bans for whoever cowtips after this message.

No. 566578

File: 1534946721453.jpg (71.57 KB, 1024x576, CZ_lBzUWkAEY3SD.jpg)

told me

No. 566754


Someone please make this edit

No. 566788

File: 1534988877617.png (969.12 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180822-184548.png)

Well, shit. Contracted appearance? Or is this just to create the illusion she's still a Camversity paid rep?

No. 566790

is she nuts? "I'm gonna stream from 8pm to midnight on a wednesday! it's not like I care about my viewers"

No. 566794

Is she just trying to avoid seeing any people that know of her for her scandal and just cater to the midnight fappers on CamV?

No. 566798


Just a theory, but I believe she's streaming at these times in order to make excuses for why her viewer counts are so low, or to avoid trolls. During these hours, most of her audience in North and South America will be asleep. Therefore, she'll mostly attract the horndogs in places like India, which happens to be a place known for internet stability issues. It's just a mess. She has no idea what she's doing in life.

No. 566805

so is everyone over this cam shit now? it's not even fun to hate watch

No. 566806

I'll keep watching, it's okay white noise for doing other stuff. That way we don't miss anything she accidentally admits. If only I was recording.

No. 566808


I noped the fuck out after two streams. Couldn’t take her obnoxious ass voice screeching about stupid shit anymore.

No. 566816

She's streaming, and actually has a countdown goal. When she reaches 2500 tokens, Vamp will twerk.

No. 566818

Vamp is the bait again I see. If she needs her dog to bring in the money for her well that's just something lol.

No. 566819

File: 1534992903587.png (1.22 MB, 1185x636, Screenshot_75.png)

She actually did her makeup today

No. 566820

File: 1534992915433.png (2.7 MB, 1920x1080, 2018-08-22.png)

That's a big bitch.

No. 566821


How fucking pathetic is she? She knows no one wants to watch her boring ass streams where she stares at her computer the whole time so she drags her hook nosed lapdog in to shake her ass for the camera.

No. 566822

vamp is going to do all the work for her? ugh vamp you fucking idiot

No. 566823

She already threw a jacket on to cover up her hammy fucking arms.

No. 566824

Now vamp is gonna teach her to twerk if they hit the goal, we won't get to see that trainwreck

No. 566825


I love how insecure she is about showing anything. She knows she is a disgusting hamplanet, despite how much she tries to claim to be a “stronk anime gurl”, so she hides literally everything so that no one can see how gross she really looks.

No. 566826

Moo is the most shittiest cam girl in existence. She can't make any money without Vamp. Nobody watches Moo now for herself, Vamp's twerking brings in the tokens and that's the only way to keep the cucks interested is for them to see that. That's fucking bad.

No. 566827

is someone recording for when that time comes?

No. 566828


Recordanon here, I'm recording it like usual

No. 566829

That look when she mentioned Creator's Guild


No. 566830


I think she’ll find it difficult to twerk without an ass. It will just be her awkwardly humoing her hank hill plank into the air.

No. 566832

Claims to not be wearing a bra or underwear. 00:12:45

No. 566836

>thinks herself as a Amethyst and Vamps as a Pearl
>changed her mind to Pink Diamond
>always wanted to do Steven Universe cosplay

No. 566837

getting ear raped by the tinny remnants of their stupid background music that the software is trying to compress out. do these cunts not know how to stream

No. 566840

Not actually her cats, she's holding them while their owners are being evicted. She has to go get them fixed.

No. 566841


>one of the kittens are named "Kirito"

>being "cat sat" for 2-3 months

No. 566843

>after posting Vamp's video clip, she apparently got alot of offers from "models" and cosplayers to edit their videos.

No. 566844

Vamp is so disinterested in her claims of dating

No. 566846


Could she be anymore up her own ass? She swears that literally everything she does that people are practically tripping over themselves to want to work with her. It was no better than some shitty high school amv.

No. 566848

>how would u describe yoself
>momo: impulsive, loving, and loyal

No. 566849

This is the first time I've seen Vamp on video and her stray teeth are freaking me out.

No. 566850

Wew she's so needed in the cosplay community to edit those videos! Probably just irrelevant costhots with low followings desperately clinging to Moo to boost their rankings.

No. 566851


Didn’t she also say that Vamp found a guy she looked pretty interested in? Kind of shitty of her to keep trying to play this “Lol were totally in a relationship” bullshit when she knows Vamp is trying to date someone. If I didn’t know any better I’d say she is trying to intentionally sabotage her relationship with this “lol she’s already taken” bullshit.

No. 566852

Anyone notice how she didn't specify what her next con would be?

No. 566854

File: 1534994798376.png (341.45 KB, 538x497, Screenshot 2018-08-22 at 8.26.…)

No. 566855

>>how has fame affected you?

"I guess it's made me a more humble person"

No. 566856


No. 566857

>0:36:40 "How has fame affected either of your lives or personalities? Lol i feel like a interviewer"
>0:37:00 The Cosplay Bunny again

No. 566858


The last thing she openly talked about wanting to attend was Blizzcon. But she knows the second she makes mention of wanting to go to any con they are going to be notified of her attempting to go which might result in her getting banned if enough people are vocal about not wantin her to attend.

No. 566859


That’s about as much teasing as her neckbeards are going to get.

No. 566860

Popped in just long enough to hear awful tinny music in the background and Momo smacking Vamps on the ass. Don't know how anyone sits through an entire stream.

No. 566861


worst underboob since Lena Dunham

No. 566862

File: 1534995111791.png (85.6 KB, 170x187, ebc9e720f48b94d2eac92525f91437…)

>when the Monster and BO hit you

No. 566863

Don't understand why they can't just play music on an actual speaker and not their shitty quality phones. On top of their annoying voices without proper quality microphone equipment it's a ear fuck to listen to it all.

No. 566864

She streams from her laptop so it sounds weird

No. 566865

C u r s e d.

No. 566866

elote-kun is a fiend with these fucking tokens

No. 566867

File: 1534995689309.jpg (67 KB, 866x496, Capture.JPG)

Even on mute they're boring as all hell.

No. 566869

is no one going to comment on that stream that her contour looks like mud streams on her face? i would but her dumbass isn’t worth a throwaway account

No. 566871

Her "boob shake" isn't even a boob shake. It's just her playing with them for a second. What a fucking rip off. What dipshit would seriously pay for any of this?

No. 566872

File: 1534995979603.jpg (95.84 KB, 1299x453, confusion.JPG)

Vamps explaining something that happened regarding coupons and Momo looked so damn confused by everything retail related.

No. 566873

Vamp seems disinterested. Earlier, Mariah claims that Vamp would get the tokens after someone asked if they split tokens down the middle, but even that hasn't made Vamp want to be around Moo for these shit streams. Vamp is so much better on her own, and Mariah is only close to 400 guests because of Vamp.

No. 566874

Vamp's gotta earn that Japan plane ticket somehow my dude

No. 566875

They always play music from the phone and have it too close to the mic

No. 566876

File: 1534996181795.jpg (54.55 KB, 862x455, momostop.JPG)

Momo keeps digging around in her armpit and then scratching her face. No wonder she's having skin issues.

No. 566877

moo 100% got dropped by them. all this "i'm not dropped" but suddenly trying so hard to get vamp on her stream and wearing make up is super obvious.

No. 566878

Well she also suffocated those four large whiteheads on her chin in many layers of makeup.

No. 566879

If she wasn't dropped, she almost definitely got a talking to.

No. 566880

Too bad Vamps is hidden coloring behind her giant mass and everyone wanting to see her twerk aren't giving tokens towards the goal.

64 minutes in and it's 480/2500 goal and they've made a whole $24 while Momo rambles about Halo 5.

No. 566881


I'm sure she was pulled aside and told to put actual fucking effort in and pretend to actually give a fuck.

No. 566882

if i wanted to talk to an annoying fat bitch id just find a mirror, who tf cares about this sentient build up of pork fat and her toucan sam lookin ass passable tranny henchman. stupid ass ppl paying for nothing

No. 566883

Even with vamps this shit is boring. I'm sure shes heavy on the ban block button tonight too.

No. 566884

If she appears in makeup in the next stream then she definitely got a talking to

No. 566885

Chat: what's a good start anime?
Momo: Uhh.. One Punch Man. Attack on Titan.
Other Chatters: InuYasha. Cowboy Bebop
Momo: InuYasha is a great starter anime but I don't know if people would sit and watch it. I feel like there's better, shorter animes out there.

Chat: Do you play Overwatch?
Momo: A little bit but not in a while.

No. 566886

I'm out, guys. I made it an hour. I tip my hat to those of you who can withstand each of these streams in their entirety.

Seems like Vamp is trying to zone out by drawing, and I just can't listen to Mariah talk as she sits around and does absolutely nothing.

No. 566887


Pretty much anything that isn't retarded anime shit is getting blocked. And of course she isn't even going to attempt to acknowledge any of the sexual assault and bullying shit.

No. 566888

ordering food

No. 566889

Momo just ate an entire plate of fruit and said she wanted to order food.

No. 566891

>>566888 That watermelon was a warm-up snack.

No. 566892

She keeps baby talking and screeching over the new cats off camera and trying to get Vamps to look at them and being cutesy over the cats sneezing.

No. 566893

We could make it a drinking game because every time she touches the computer that's her blocking someone. Take a drink every time but at the rate she does that we'd all be dead. What a spineless coward

No. 566896

File: 1534997050496.png (51.42 KB, 263x145, Screenshot 2018-08-22 at 9.03.…)

how is her eyeliner always this fucked

No. 566897

Bitch can't even pronounce Rurouni Kenshin.

No. 566898

>said her favorite Metal Gear game is "Revengeance"

No. 566899

Earlier she mispronounced Lelouch, which pretty much confirms she wasn't a weeb when she was young.

No. 566900

>>566898 Oh, Lord.

No. 566901

She also that Vamps was serious when she said it's pronounced "Code Gayass"

No. 566904

I've seen men with nicer under boob

No. 566905

why does her underboob look like a tumor …

No. 566906

The game is actually called Revengeance. Still a shitty choice though.

No. 566907

Didn’t bunny and sss recently talk about doing those two?

No. 566908

No. 566910

Mariah's probably never used a coupon in her life unless it was 2 for 1 at Wendy's or whatever.

No. 566911

Said she'll change the stream slot to "6-10pm"

No. 566913

File: 1534998601290.png (472.39 KB, 913x511, Screenshot 2018-08-22 at 9.29.…)

No. 566914

is that a fucking litter box in the bedroom

No. 566916

yes and she was complaining that guzma was playing in litter

No. 566918

>01:43:00 she reads "how much to grope vamp for a while", laughs under her breath, Vamp asks "what" and Moo said "nothing

No. 566919

Well moo and vamp are copying the fact they’re in a relationship so it doesnt shock me they are going to copy a cosplay they have planned. Sss Lilith took a fat shit on Moo’s so I guess Moo really wants to get one upped again.

No. 566921

Guzma took a shit and now they're spraying air freshener. Very sexy.

No. 566922


Somebody better tell Vamp then. Everytime Moo mentions them "dating" she has that pissed off "I really wish you would stop fucking saying that" look on her face.

No. 566924

File: 1534999091438.png (93.12 KB, 197x430, Screenshot 2018-08-22 at 9.37.…)

they're complaining about guzma's shit smell and are lighting candles while gagging

No. 566925

How is there no mat under the litterbox? In a small space, I've been forced to do this, too… but usually you at least put it in the bathroom or near the garage…

No. 566926

be funny if that candle destroys her overpriced gucci fannypack

No. 566928

or at least a cover for the litter pan??

No. 566929

Yeah I noticed the no mat too. This just confirms that her place probably smells like piss and shit from her animals
Also way to not make an effort to put the box out of camera shot

No. 566931

has she still not learned air fresheners are bad for animals???

No. 566932

Vamp knows. She responded by saying that she thinks of Moo as a sister not as a girlfriend.

No. 566934

>01:59:15 scamming bit

No. 566935

Adding on Moo plans do do morrigan too. I bet she’s going to get castle corset to make a copy of the morrigan she made bunny.

No. 566936

>01:59:52? she said the term "neckbeard" is demeaning but she just used it a couple weeks ago during her "fans" rant?

No. 566937

Oh did she finally adddess new allegations? Probs not

No. 566938

>dealbreakers/pet peeves for guys: doesn't like when guys tell her what to do, laziness

No. 566939

she is the biggest hypocrite lmao

No. 566940

>got carne asada fries, has cheese on them
>said she was stop eating dairy

No. 566942

I missed the relationship bit, did she ever specify if she actually had a boyfriend?

No. 566943

she paused for a long moment then said, "no… i'm dating my cats."

No. 566945

File: 1535000948230.jpg (38 KB, 432x565, tumblr_mi8y8vx1yz1rpkuvko2_500…)

Of course.

No. 566947

I am glad I didn't try this as a drinking game. and god shes horrible

No. 566948


Maybe Vamp finally grew a spine and told her to stop telling people they were dating.

No. 566949

Lol she doesn't like anybody telling her what to do, and she's the epitome of laziness, what a hypocrite.

No. 566951

Moo just took the absolutely biggest bite of fries I've ever seen. There were like 20 fries on her fork.

No. 566953

stuck her entire hand in her mouth at 02:41:30 ish. I wish I had gotten a screenshot.

No. 566954

She doesn't live in a small place, she lives in a huge empty home.

No. 566955

maybe she'll actually set something on fire vs spilling wax this time

No. 566956

If she paused it's because she's just a side piece, if anything.

No. 566959

I thought Revengeance was pretty popular though? I guess it's closer to other Platinum stuff than 'actual' Metal Gear though.
Also throwback to when Moo was planning on doing a cyborg Raiden cosplay lmao

No. 566960

Yeah, it's not considered a real MGS game.
But her favorite Metroid game is Smash, so

No. 566961

A game she’s never actually played

No. 566962

>her favourite Metroid game is Smash
wew lad
Yeah, I guess it's a weird "Metal Gear game" to pick when people are already accusing you of being a fake nerd
Honestly I wouldn't be surprised if she was serious about liking MGR. It's so dramatic and over the top that it makes you feel like you're better at video games than you actually are, which seems right up Momo's alley. I'm not bashing the game at all but it does seem like it would be easier for someone with an attention span like Momo's than a standard Metal Gear game.

Sorry for video game sperging a bit but it's honestly interesting to see her pretend to like things for internet points

No. 566964

hahaha, I just made that up, but it wouldn't surprise me if it was true.

And she probably just watched an LP of it. I assume all her game knowledge comes from pewdiepie and fuckboys

No. 566965

lmao I know you were just kidding but let's be real, we definitely know she wouldn't have played a Metroid game pre-zero suit Samus, and that's if she's played one at all. What's the point in playing a game you can't do a ~sexy~ aliexpress cosplay for?

No. 566966

but she pronounced it revengie-ance

No. 566968

the size of momo next to Vamps is insane.

No. 566969

Vamp is the star of these streams. I had to see it for myself.

No. 567020

I thought they said they were quarantining the new kittens because they have a vet appointment tomorrow but they've got Guzma in the same room? And I know the kittens were there because she kept disturbing Vamps to look at them and calling Kirito's name.

No. 567024

File: 1535031664567.jpg (1.5 MB, 3264x3107, you never shine if you don't g…)

Your wish is my command

No. 567078

File: 1535046643207.jpg (25.53 KB, 600x300, c7c3135f21f3ce71ca8cb0fd407d3d…)

>eatting and keeping a litterbox in the same room.
I'm disgusted.

No. 567183

mmm, delicious toxoplasmosis

No. 567190

She is live, and wearing makeup + showing cleavage. She definitely got a talking to.

No. 567193

File: 1535073402055.png (3.1 MB, 1920x1080, 2018-08-23.png)

samefag but dropped photo.

No. 567197

That or some cucks who are dedicated members complained about her. Her streams are still shit even with working on her appearance. There's nothing worth watching at all.

No. 567199


I’m sure she was pulled aside and told to put actual effort into her appearance after constant complaints of her coming there not giving a shit. Shows how shitty she is thinking that she can show up on someone else’s dime thinking she didn’t even have to try and still expected to get paid.

No. 567200

Can’t even make it a few minutes, ugh. She keeps going “Oh what’s that say” before reading comments and seems barely able to read certain words, tbh.

No. 567201

She's currently talking about Chris Chan.

No. 567202


Hiding her hammy arms with a hoodie again I see

No. 567203

Does this bitch really plan on reading again? Does she not see that no one wants to fucking see that?

No. 567205

They should meet up and bond over their creepy behavior towards other women.

No. 567206

She could atleast read something ero instead of her stupid book

No. 567208

00:28:25 on the new stream, holly is confirmed for the Japan trip as well.

No. 567209

She’s talking about how she feels bad for Laura Lee in this drama going on in the beauty community because she is such an ‘empathetic person’ and catches a bit of what they’re feeling. Kek. A fake apologizer sympathizing with another, not surprised.

No. 567210

She has seen the DBZ Huge Momo meme and apparently loves it

No. 567212

Three obnoxious costhots on a trip to Japan, couldn't think of anything more stomach churning.

No. 567213

>>567208 This trip could bring some combustible elements together. Will Mariah spend most of her time kissing the ass of Holly, who still has a presence on cam show sites and cosplay events? Or will she cater to her alleged ride or die bitch Vamp?

No. 567214


Or will Mariah be extremely obnoxious and loud everywhere they go and both Holly and Vamp will be extremely embarrassed and try to act like they aren't with her?

No. 567215

Betting Vamp will be like the third wheel. Moo has a habit of dumping her in favor of the more 'popular' acquaintances of hers. Like when she abandoned her at a con to hang out with Nigri when she first started stalking her and only cared one of the days because it happened to be Vamp's birthday.

No. 567217

This is my first live stream, but it seemed like her first few were milkier. This is pretty boring, so thankful for anons who sat through it. I missed the hand bra.

No. 567218

She wants to do ASMR… god help us

No. 567223

She's having a lot of technical issues this stream. Earlier she went down, and just now she went to BRB and doesn't seem to have noticed.

No. 567228

01:16:00 she's talking about lipo and changed her story; "i wanted a body I idolized, and there are still surgeries I want."

No. 567229

>>567228 She also said her definition of body positivity is having the freedom to do what you want.

I wanted to ask her about self-harm so bad once she said that, but I'm not willing to face a ban on this account, since she actually addresses me.

No. 567231

those fucking arms. christ.

No. 567236

She keeps pronouncing Demeter "Dim-a-tar" lmao

No. 567240

is she really trying to compliment susu and bunny like they don't hate her ass?

No. 567241

She knows jack shit about Greek myths. Her trying to explain things is pretty entertaining as background noise.

No. 567243

File: 1535083976404.png (214.72 KB, 403x440, Screenshot 2018-08-23 at 9.12.…)


No. 567244

File: 1535084210117.jpg (37.1 KB, 924x604, IMG_20180217_113514.jpg)

Oh my god, please no

No. 567245

File: 1535084270698.png (Spoiler Image, 505.82 KB, 909x506, Screenshot 2018-08-23 at 9.17.…)

god made me incomplete

No. 567247

Welp. It's happening.

No. 567248

>~01:32:00 she bought a milking machine and is selling the set on patreon but is making prints for "charity" again. the proceeds go towards a dairy farm. Said her milking machine was 400 dollars
>Sept 19th is her bday and is doing a bday shoot with cake

No. 567249

Why the fuck would you want to support a dairy farm

They’re so cruel to their animals???

No. 567250

…did she say she's going to cosplay "Birthing Moomoo"?

No. 567251

>added that she did NOT get to give proceeds to her friend's wolf sanctuary. is doing another wolf shoot soon

she rephrased it as a "sanctuary farm"

No. 567253

>smokes weed, tried ecstasy and tried shrooms but nothing happened

No. 567254

>selling keychains during Xmas now, wants to do "something with them"
>working on something else to accompany them

No. 567256

1:44 someone asks if shota is okay in mommy kink doujin recommendations. Says she’ll allow it and see how uncomfortable it makes her

No. 567257

Someone mentioned Sengoku Rance…

No. 567258

>but nothing happened

Okay sure?

No. 567259

>~01:48:00 said something in Lore Olympus happened to her and she smacked her lips

No. 567260

>might do a YT or patreon video of her sex toy collection
>says it's more than 5

No. 567261

Apologies for slightly OT, but I'm in the Vamp stream looking for milk (not recording it, unfortunately).

Someone asked her if she thinks Mariah should have taken a hiatus, and Vamp straight up said that she tried advising Mariah to do this, but understands that Mariah probably said no on account of it being her means of income.

No. 567263

>~02:08:00 ~inspiration message~

No. 567264

Once again proving Moo cares about money above all else. What a greedy cunt…

No. 567265

File: 1535087786226.png (190.22 KB, 465x382, Screenshot 2018-08-23 at 10.16…)

No. 567266

File: 1535087840557.png (Spoiler Image, 454.1 KB, 917x500, Screenshot 2018-08-23 at 10.16…)

No. 567267

and now shes shitting up vamps cam

No. 567268

File: 1535088315429.jpg (43.61 KB, 382x156, accidntmuhdude.jpg)

No. 567269

Translation: You were probably speaking the truth and I prefer lies my dude

No. 567270

>>567264 It's clearly only about the money for her. When your best friend says you should take a step back and let things cool off a bit, it's safe to say you (Mariah) screwed up.

>>567267 As soon as I saw her appear in the chat, I quietly logged off. Vamp's stream was really laid back, and just about everyone was being very respectful. Then Mariah came in and started trampling on buildings and swinging her back-fat tail.

No. 567271

Because she's jealous and wants to try and get back the viewers that she lost for being a lazy prude. She's starting to see Vamp has competition and will try and rain on her parade every chance that she gets and Vamp will sit there and let her treat her like nothing.

No. 567276

She’s annoying and schreechy irl. And even worse she’s boring. Should have never let the chumps see the real you moo. Biggest mistake yet and that’s saying a lot.

No. 567277

I've long accepted that she knows very little about everything.

But it's still weird because she recently watched a vegan documentary.

No. 567278

Because she's so big. It takes me half of what it takes my friend that is her size to trip. She prob didn't take enough.

Wtf is she going to do with a milking machine? I'm scared.

No. 567696

She said she'd start at 7:30pm PST, and now, 8 minutes later, we play the waiting game.

No. 567697

samefag but
She's live, with Vamp!

No. 567699

Vamp will twerk at goal, hope to god Mariah doesn't try again

No. 567700

yet another stream where Vamp is expected to carry the weight…Those stretch pants are working way overtime

No. 567702

Moocunt looks dead.

No. 567703

I know Vamp is a terrible person, nearly as bad as Mariah, but I can't help but wonder what she has to gain from helping Mariah out.

No. 567705

>joins stream out of curiosity
>closes stream

No. 567706

Mariah keeps getting up to break up the antics of the new kittens. It's the most exercise she's gotten in the last 8 months.

No. 567707

>0:23:00 said tattookun didn't want to teach Vamps about tattoo art because he wasn't confident

No. 567709

>0:27:00 talking about Vamp's ex who she described as "dark skinned" Arabic who said the nword. she didn't like him

No. 567710

>~0:30:00 said "Aziz" from the Smash community said Vamps was cheating on him when she and Moo went to Fanime. She said that was not the case but he went about saying they were broken up at a party in Vegas. He eventually went to her "on his hands and knees crying" after she broke up with him.
Moo said he was such a negative influence, never let Vamps do anything. "Aziz" made Vamps change her name from "Twerkette" to "Vamplette", questioned her boudoir work.

>~0:33:00 talks about recent racist tweets that are destroying careers. admitted her own racially charged tweets

No. 567711


>0:34:49 racist tweet/cancel rant. says people should give xyz a chance, take a break if theyre offended and come back

>said laura lee's apology video is much like hers where she had alot of people in their ear telling them "PR" ways of making an apology and "it sucks". Vamps cued in saying people need more "understanding"

No. 567712

>when she was a child, people called her a "sandn**r" and she blew it off even though it made her uncomfortable. she eventually learned the meaning and it was clearer
>says her family makes jokes about "coming from the sand" all the time and Vamps also made jokes like "Aloha Snackbar". She says she knows Vamps isn't making Arabic jokes out of hate. said if she had some "rando" come and call her names she would be offended and weirded out

No. 567713

screen plz

No. 567715

>0:42:44 someone asked about the "logan paul/bill cosby" of the cosplay community moniker attached to her name and said she didn't rape anyone etc.

No. 567716

File: 1535253842973.png (465.5 KB, 903x504, Screenshot 2018-08-25 at 8.23.…)

No. 567717

and didnt molest anyone also

No. 567718

>~0:45:00 said her video was monetized and confirms it as she is showing Vamp "it was not monetized"

No. 567720

File: 1535254089843.png (467.58 KB, 720x1226, 20180825_202711.png)

Someone asked why she didn't use the apology video with Guzma. Both of them casually ignored it.

No. 567721

She's lowkey having a mental breakdown on stream. It's a lot of forced, dead-eyed laughter while talking about the accusations against her.

No. 567722

>~0:51:00 someone said in chat they forgave her and she said she didn't think it was anyone's place to accept or deny it aside from the people involved (whether it was genuine or ingenuine)
>continued to say she didn't want more controversy and said people were sperging over her "camming"
>0:52:48 makes fun of someone who posted on one of her post that they were glad that Moo finally tags people in credit. she said she was confused, apparently, and the person said she was lying in response

No. 567724

>said her tits were so fat because she got liposuction and the fat needed to go somewhere

No. 567727

Bless you, Recordanon. I try to tolerate these things, but Mariah is insufferable.

On the other hand, I can appreciate a solo stream featuring Vamp, because the people in the chat aren't all over the place, and things flow so much better without Mariah around.

No. 567728

~1:00:00 claims pansexuality

No. 567730

>What is your favorite movie?

>Master of Disguise…

No. 567732

File: 1535255628243.png (294.98 KB, 505x507, Screenshot 2018-08-25 at 8.53.…)

No. 567733

then what was the point of getting a reduction ya fucking weapon?
this is like the 3rd time shes done this no?

No. 567734

She has a "reward". Every time 300 tokens are tipped, she does a 10 second "hand bra".

No. 567735

>I haven't been eating good the last couple of days

Only the last couple of days?

No. 567736

>wants to lose 20-30 lbs

No. 567737

it doesnt look rewarding at all

No. 567738

>~1:23:00 acts like she didn't get coolsculpting on her abs. Said she wanted to get it on her upper abs

No. 567740

wants to do a green screen comp

No. 567741

~1:40:00 mariah reads a comic and leaves stream to collette

No. 567742

File: 1535257499799.png (450.41 KB, 903x507, Screenshot 2018-08-25 at 9.24.…)

No. 567743

>1:49:42 said she moved out of Moo's because they dont live well together. Related it to living with a b/f and being annoyed because you're always close. "You see someone so much so you don't value their time"

No. 567744

>~1:51:19 asks chat how Hades became king of underworld

No. 567745

File: 1535258145350.png (434.85 KB, 896x506, Screenshot 2018-08-25 at 9.34.…)

>would pay the artist of Lore Olympus "a grand a month" just to draw her ships

No. 567746

hitting the hay early. she's literally reading a comic on stream and letting Vamp steer. Boring af, more than usual

No. 567747

Mariah has a tendency of screaming when Vamp is in the middle of engaging the viewers just to draw attention to herself. Even the people in the chat hate how loud she is.

No. 567748

I scrolled really quickly past this and thought she was holding her knees

No. 567750

File: 1535260975943.png (1.52 MB, 1821x832, chrome_2018-08-26_00-17-12.png)

Nothing really interesting except the admin asking her to check her notifs. Vamp twerks while Mariah sits in the corner. I have no idea why Vamp does all this shit for her.

No. 567751

Mariah is prob using her to keep the heat off her, get views, have an easier time, etc and in return Vamp gets all tips for Japan.

No. 567752

agreed she should be twerking/making money on her own stream and not letting MooMoo use her to boost her shit

i only watch the stream to see vamp's ass lol

No. 567754

Wonder what admin wanted aside from maybe telling her knock this shit off

No. 567756

File: 1535262866065.png (112.96 KB, 342x661, Screenshot 2018-08-25 at 10.54…)

Baiting cucks into being paypigs like

No. 567757

File: 1535263013787.png (Spoiler Image, 107.94 KB, 287x251, Screenshot 2018-08-25 at 10.56…)

No. 567759

She's paying off her debt of the Japan ticket, I'm telling you.

No. 567760

She is literally screaming like a aspie while playing Smash with Vamps

No. 567761

is she referring to the rape scene ???

God Moo is such a liar

No. 567780

I bet this isn't even the lie's final form. It went from cat issues to this and next will be the actual truth.

No. 567831

vamp is an idiot. Mariah is using her so she has to do less work/no work at all and Mariah keeps all the tokens.

No. 567843

I’m sure it has to do with the fact vamp is the one doing all the work in these streams while moo just sits around and does nothing.

The fact she actually has “token rewards” all of a sudden suggests they’ve already talked to her about what they expect from her. But she’s still failing at being a cam girl

No. 567846

File: 1535295078594.jpg (72.12 KB, 619x416, rules.JPG)

Could be any of these rule infractions depending on what admin saw or what got reported.

No. 567972

she’s live

No. 567974

She eats like a pig. Is there any stream WHERE SHE DOESN'T EAT?!

No. 567975

>>I own guns for my protection

She has guns?

No. 567976

Kek. She had to think about what guns she has. She said two guns were a glock then said she owned one glock. Proceeded to say she got training. She has training and licensing and doesn't even know what kind of guns she has?

No. 567978

she couldn't even name another brand beside the one a cuck named, so she claimed she has 2 Glocks. lmao couldn't even pronounce beretta

No. 567979

Cosplay prop ones of course, Moo would ever own the real deal. Is she really talking about owning guns for protection because of what's going on in the gaming news today? She milks everything deemed a 'tragedy' for her own benefit somehow.

No. 567981


Yes they were talking about the Jacksonville shooting and she mentioned she has some guns for her protection

No. 567982

She's smacking, eating with her mouth open looking disgusting. Is there anyone watching that isn't us?

No. 567983

Despite all of the other shootings that have happened this year she miraculously owns two guns and knows her stuff; this bitch honestly…I'm not watching her stream as I find her obnoxious self boasting voice insufferable.

No. 567984

Sounds about right for a slob, she has no basic eating mannerisms either.

No. 567985

fat cow chews cud, dont be surprised

No. 567986

yes anon, she is eating like a literal cow

No. 567987

I'm pretty surprised…I mean she's on cam with a public audience. How can you embarrass yourself this much without a fucking clue?

No. 567989

She just said she only drank twice this year, but didn't she also get shitfaced at her friends birthday party recently and then at the bar too?
Bitch can't keep her lies straight anymore lmao

No. 567991

she's discussing with "friendos" on how to revive her discord

No. 567992

Another streamer came into her chat and asked why she was sending trolls to her stream

No. 567993

She also called her a fat fuck. I went to her stream and she was listening to Mariah addressing the comment.

No. 567994

>~0:49:00 discussing with I'm assuming tattookun and other friends on which flight to take to tokyo

No. 567995


Late to the stream, but what? Why was mariah sending trolls to her stream?

No. 567996

She wants to go to the Fushimi Inari-taisha shrine in Kyoto

No. 567998


>0:54:00 said she didnt want a"logan paul situation"

No. 567999

I think I figured it out. I went immediately to Isabella's stream and saw a guy named "cici" get blocked. Didn't catch what he said. The same name got blocked in Mariah's stream for some racist garbage. I think someone just started shit in streams randomly blaming Mariah and the Isabella girl was dumb enough to fall for it.

No. 568000

She isnt even paying attention to her chat right now? Why did she even bother streaming

No. 568001

She mentioned her friend group "jess and ryan", so I wonder if Jnig is the friend who told mariah being seen with her would ruin her business.

No. 568002

said 760 yen is 70 bucks in usd.
what a retard??

No. 568004

She already bought a bunch of tickets, you'd think she'd roughly know the conversion rate

No. 568011

File: 1535338029043.png (194.03 KB, 444x329, Screenshot 2018-08-26 at 7.46.…)


No. 568013

>Guzma (I assume) got his head stuck in a jar and whipped it to the side, trying to get it off. it didn't shatter. she was trying to figure out where it came from since her cosplay room is "closed"

No. 568014

paused stream to go to bathroom

No. 568015

>760 yen is 70 bucks

Holy fuck
Most weebs can figure that shit out… she is just that much of an absolute retard.

No. 568018

For someone sloppy with money, it’s even fucking easier. Just pretend a Yen is a penny. Boom, you’re done.

No. 568019

File: 1535339223838.png (546.4 KB, 909x511, Screenshot 2018-08-26 at 8.06.…)

she's been having this conversation for like a half n' hour

No. 568021

God she's gonna be an obnoxious twat. I can just see her sperging about the various hot food vending machines and 7/11 food selection now. Since we know she's gonna eat just as shittily there as she does here

No. 568024

When I went to Japan I was taught if something was say, 700 Yen, you move the decimal point two spaces to the left.

700.00 Yen = 7.00 USD (roughly what it was around the time I went).

She admitted she didn't want a Logan Paul situation but considering she defended him during his drama because how dare people take away his income but I also doubt she has enough respect for another country to adhere to their comfort.

She did it in Mexico when she was loud and obnoxiously loud but now being surrounded by her lackeys will make her do her normal screeching at everything.

No. 568025

Everything Mariah has is on display. If she really had guns she would be showing them. Just more bullshit. Any subject, she's an expert. Any object, she owns it. Blah, blah, blah.

No. 568027

It makes me wonder if Tattoo dude, or any other guy she's thirsty for, might have mentioned he liked guns or had some.

No. 568028

Tattoo dude looks like the kinda gun to have guns to be "manly" and hardcore. So I don't doubt it.

No. 568034

This right here is why all my love to record anon. And I'm surprised anyone gets a conflicting opinion in since her fee fees get hurt and she blocks damned near anyone.

No. 568035

File: 1535343907718.png (413.12 KB, 670x501, Screenshot 2018-08-26 at 9.24.…)

she's wearing pasties…

No. 568040

File: 1535344809846.png (Spoiler Image, 474.21 KB, 909x509, Screenshot 2018-08-26 at 9.38.…)

No. 568041

File: 1535344853335.png (Spoiler Image, 582.48 KB, 910x510, Screenshot 2018-08-26 at 9.39.…)

no cool sculpting on abs my ass

No. 568042

There it is. We’re witnessing the fall of moo live.

No. 568043

File: 1535344955629.png (Spoiler Image, 433.55 KB, 909x513, Screenshot 2018-08-26 at 9.39.…)

No. 568048

>03:12:00 said she just posted on FB about a fake friend?

No. 568053

Money from the site obv.

No. 568056

File: 1535346795134.png (5.54 KB, 414x33, Screenshot (2).png)

ended stream early to "make some phone calls"
right before she ended it she was typing up an email to pateron and then looking upset at her phone.

No. 568057

The end of that stream got weird in a hurry. She spent a lot of time typing, claiming it was for Patreon. In reality, I think someone was going in on her doing the titty pasties.

No. 568078

if record anon could get this please

No. 568082

She's been "discussing" with "friends" since forever. It's not coming back.

No. 568092

Recordanon get the newest stream?

No. 568106

I'll get the clip later today

The stream messed up for a little bit so I'm missing I think 20-30 minutes. Whenever she was putting the DB stickers on her face. Should be uploaded later today

No. 568109

Record anon doing great work and making it easier for us to not support her even vicariously. Thank you

No. 568158

File: 1535399039205.webm (15.3 MB, 1572x676, moodchange.webm)


All of this is like the last 10 minutes of stream which is too long to clip but here is the mood change from singing to typing and phone.

No. 568163

How many tokens did she make last night?

No. 568194

she's so boring. And damn, her wrist is about to pop off her fat wrist. All she does is text on her phone and ignore the chat. I saw someone tipped over 1,000 tokens before. Why?

No. 568195

Her tits look painful. Maybe she needs to go to the doctor

No. 568259

File: 1535419444970.png (225.58 KB, 337x512, Screenshot 2018-08-27 at 6.22.…)

she said no goals today because working in a bikini would be uncomfortable??

No. 568262

for anons who missed the first 5 minutes working on cosplay with vamp tonight, vamp asked if they were going to do a goal and momo said “I don’t wanna craft in binkinis…that would be uncomfortable” vamps agreed

No. 568263

>0:7:23 he said gainzfranco went to a makeup job where they turned him into a stereotypical mexican thug because he was mexican

No. 568264

>making Tsunade and helping Vamps make Raven

No. 568267

File: 1535419821714.png (547.71 KB, 909x507, Screenshot 2018-08-27 at 6.30.…)

No. 568269

Moo confirmed she looks like a lumpy potato

No. 568270

So how many days in a row has she worn those stretch pants?

No. 568271

3 days

No. 568272

Probably more like if she was in a bikini you'd see the true multitude of her girth and width in motion, unfiltered, no fat girl angle, and no photoshop.

No. 568273

shes taping Vamps but could've bought a skater leotard pattern for like 8 bucks..
if she's worried about taping her coochie and memes coming from it, save yourself the trouble?

No. 568276

>My nose is crooked, don't use that

No. 568277

Whoa. You can tell that's some serious lipo. She's got a somewhat (I use that loosely) flat stomach from the front, but the side shows that the calories can't disappear into thin air.

No. 568282

File: 1535421664068.png (624.55 KB, 911x509, Screenshot 2018-08-27 at 6.59.…)

she is taking so long to lay out fabric. this is amazing to watch

No. 568283

File: 1535421763279.png (351.47 KB, 563x513, Screenshot 2018-08-27 at 7.02.…)

outlining her fabric with silver sharpie..

No. 568284

the music is always so choppy. why can't they get a proper speaker set up to connect to their phone?

No. 568285

jfc, not chalk? she really has no idea how to sew anything without her asian fuckbois around.

No. 568286

She switched out machines because the one originally on her desk is still broken. it's been how many months? No service to poor sewing machine..

No. 568289

Jesus how are people watching? You go to the main page and there are girls fucking themselves with dildos or some that are just nude and then you have Momo's and Vamps knitting club. If she wanted to live stream her chores she could just do that on younow or twitch.

No. 568291

If this is Moo's attempt to make herself look like a hard working cosplayer all over again that everyone will look up to, it certainly isn't working and especially on a cam girl website. This is just pathetic.

No. 568293

she's been trying to sew the same sleeve for 10 minutes?


No. 568295

File: 1535422716480.png (143.7 KB, 310x399, Screenshot 2018-08-27 at 7.18.…)

>"whoa i made this really long"
r e a l l y

No. 568297


Even with Vamp there who knows how to sew she still hasn't got a clue about basic seamstress skills in the years she's been cosplaying. Moo is just useless without her slaves now and doesn't want to improve.

No. 568298

File: 1535423005187.png (567.09 KB, 910x510, Screenshot 2018-08-27 at 7.22.…)

And it's not even a hard thing to do. it's a kimono. Sewing triangle and rectangle shapes. I don't get it.

No. 568301

A kimono is simple, a level of simple Moo won't understand because she's too lazy to use her brain properly. She should have just got it commissioned or Vamp to make it, oh wait she wants us to take her more seriously now, all is forgiven, Moo is such a dedicated cosplayer!

No. 568304

Was she actually wearing something different 4 days ago
cause I borderline refuse to believe she takes them off.

No. 568306

>just a weeb with a broken sewing machine my dudes

No. 568307

I'm dumbfounded. It's been well past 30 minutes and she's still not done?

No. 568308


Pretty sure she had leggings with a sheer panel on the side 4 days ago or solid black.

No. 568316

so nothing happened tonight?

No. 568317

No. 568318

>03:32:00 talks to "tax guy"/ accountant

No. 568320

Mostly uneventful. Mariah seldom engaged. Didn't even talk as she made her basic ass costume preparations. Fortunately, Vamp did her best to save the stream, and really tried to interact with everyone while Mariah hid off camera.

No. 568322

did vamp twerk at all?

No. 568325

>>568322 I only watched the last hour, and there was no twerking while I was on. Someone tipped 5 tokens. The high tip for the night was only 350, and viewers needed to tip 500 and 1,000 for the twerk perks.

It was some pretty boring shit. Mariah has zero charisma as a streamer.

No. 568326

File: 1535433160758.png (Spoiler Image, 467.39 KB, 911x509, Screenshot 2018-08-27 at 10.10…)

wow mariah its almost like this is NOT your stream

No. 568327

Wow, Vamps is actually pretty cute when you can't see her face.

No. 568329

This was boring as shit. Camversity needs to drop her

No. 568333

Vamps charging patreons 75$ for her 'twerk tier' but twerking for peanuts on can.

No. 568399

vamp could probably make a lot of money with her body and charm/the way she interacts with the audience, but she chooses to help Mariah. I wonder how long this will last for both of them tbh.

Has vamp even logged into her own account since the first week?

No. 568400

For a moment when I saw this I thought Momo embraced her inner fat middle aged woman and was wearing a muumuu.

No. 568567

File: 1535505566820.png (1.7 MB, 1146x637, Screenshot_77.png)

Shes wearing fucking bear ears today

No. 568569

File: 1535505789251.png (1.8 MB, 1161x652, Screenshot_78.png)

Please kill me

No. 568570

File: 1535505926187.png (1.83 MB, 1399x785, chrome_2018-08-28_20-23-45.png)

She's got two! lol

She's been looking nicer in these streams lately. Guess camversity really did tell her off.

No. 568572

File: 1535506221587.png (199.6 KB, 322x333, chrome_2018-08-28_20-28-58.png)

Paying off that Mooch debt to Moo.

>Moo: It's been so long since I had a haircut. I Haven't had a hair cut in almost a year. Maybe that's why my hair has been stuck at this length. It took me so long to grow this that I'd be afraid to just… [motions] good bye.

No. 568573

um mariah you can get an inch off and it hardly makes a difference

No. 568574

So excited to be there on cam with her bestie, not.

No. 568575

Shes said God of War wrong multiple times. Gods of War and Game of War so far.

Vamp just called her a fake gamer girl

No. 568576

File: 1535506811931.png (1.63 MB, 1400x742, chrome_2018-08-28_20-38-57.png)

Vamp has no self respect.

No. 568578

She's never had any to begin with lol. She's officially Moo's cam bitch now and we've not seen her stream on her own channel for a while.

No. 568582

So Moo is Vamp's pimp now? She's putting Vamp center stage while she gets to sit off to the side and be lazy.

No. 568583

She just ordered $90 of pizza

No. 568584

Wtf?! $30 is more than enough for 2 people where I’m from if you’re including a drink and a side, how the fuck do you spend $90 on pizza for 2?!

No. 568585

File: 1535508292267.png (4.97 KB, 349x63, chrome_2018-08-28_21-00-09.png)

When this popped up, Mariah stared at the screen and kind of looked blank faced… Ouch.

>Says she wants to cosplay Ursula

>Wants to shoot her slave Leia next to a huge Jabba the Hut statue
>Has taken an hour to order pizza and ended up spending $90 on three "little" pizzas. "It's fancy pizza".
Mooch: That's it? That's all you got? The tax and fees were $20 itself.
Moo: OH, I didn't notice that…
Mooch: You should have just went to Domino's…

No. 568586


She didn't even get drinks. She ordered 2 medium pizzas, garlic fingers, poppers and chicken wings

No. 568588

On why they chose their names:

Moo: Mine is Momo because, you know, Mariah, Momo. My teacher would call me -kun, like a little boy instead of a little girl. [mumbles] Now everyone thinks I'm trans[trails off]

Sounds like she realized it was a stupid thing to say on stream and that's why she kind of mumbled it/stopped saying it halfway through.

No. 568589

File: 1535509064313.jpg (141.64 KB, 1394x738, chrome_2018-08-28_21-16-24.jpg)

Mooch tells the stream she would use her recorder to masturbate.

Mariah: I didn't find out how to masturbate until I was 14.
Mooch: I started when I was like… 7. It's because my cousin showed me!

Is Recordanon getting this? I'm catching parts that I think would be interesting for the thread to know, but I still miss a bit. Recordanon can get the clips, if they're catching it.

No. 568590

damn thats kinda fucked up, i'd feel a bit bad if she wasnt talking about this on some fucking cam site where people are trying to mastrubate themselves if there was any boners left theyve either died or jumped off

No. 568591

File: 1535509238871.jpg (169.07 KB, 1388x729, chrome_2018-08-28_21-19-11.jpg)

Mooch is currently humblebragging about how all the high school boys hit on her/confess to her and how everyone thinks she's still 21.

Mariah: How big are your boobs? I'm a 42E.

Mariah showed the stream the dildo she's been wanting to buy.

No. 568592

Recordanon here,

Recording the stream, I'll try to get clips tomorrow.

No. 568593

Wait… like the "band camp" story from American pie?

No. 568594

Yes, and she said then she'd clean the cream out of it and bring it to school the next day to play.

Also she used a lightsaber as well

No. 568595

>I have no self respect for myself

No. 568597

These sound like lies in my opinion. Just like Momo's tentacle dildo. I dunno.

No. 568598

Moo is talking about how she doesn't think you loose self respect by taking your clothes off when people in chat ask for some tiddy.

>Mockingly says, "I don't need anyone saying 'Oh,momokun thinks people who take their clothes off have no self respect!'"

Um, you already did…

No. 568599

File: 1535509699730.png (368.29 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180828-192637.png)

Will someone please let this fat cunt know that her makeup and the bad contrast/lighting makes this bitch look like she really IS The Incredible Hulk with her green fucking face? Look at her arms for comparison.

No. 568601

They're just… arm wrestling while they wait for pizza.

Not many tippers today. Maybe people are getting fed up with Moo's bullshit and empty promises.

No. 568602

While she's talking about how she'd kill(?) someone if they ran up on her at a con (I think she's talking about winning a fight?), her mom walks in with food, I think?

>Moo to mom: Brandon's coming over later, too. You guys are still fighting? Don't worry, I'm working on him.

Has she mentioned this Brandon person before?

No. 568603

File: 1535510520081.jpg (126.71 KB, 1392x741, chrome_2018-08-28_21-40-06.jpg)

Panty shot while they're eating. Classy. Someone donated another 150.

Vamp looks hot next to the slob that is Moo.

No. 568604

jesus h christ, her arms could rival vamps legs.

No. 568605

Vamp is kinda ignoring mariah and its hilarious

No. 568606

Mooch is going to be the nastiest cougar

No. 568607

if she actually worked out those arms would rival the fuck out of vamps legs, since she'd eat even more cause "i worked out so hard today, it like like The Rock"

No. 568608

Mariah asked her a question and she didn't even respond

No. 568609

File: 1535511250320.jpg (126.58 KB, 1398x739, chrome_2018-08-28_21-51-46.jpg)

"it's another twerk and purging episode"
what the fuck, did I hear that right?

Vamp is reading chat for Mariah, but it seems like Vamp is slightly annoyed? She's interacting more with chat than with Moo.

>that arm

No. 568610


??? Maybe she meant to say binge…?
Or …~spiritual~ purging shit?

No. 568611

File: 1535511600240.png (2.01 KB, 209x28, chrome_2018-08-28_21-59-21.png)

vamp ate an entire medium/large pizza, damn. No wonder she's gaining again. She's got a meal ticket as long as she's around Moo.

Moo: I eat the right things, but I eat too much. Like, I binge eat.
Mooch: I eat appropriate portions. Except when we go out for sushi giggles.
Moo: I never really did. The reason I was so skinny was because I worked out so much and I would, like, starve myself.

Someone posted this after she said all that lol

No. 568613

File: 1535511698391.png (585.66 KB, 921x503, Screenshot 2018-08-28 at 8.00.…)

No. 568614

File: 1535511878868.png (268.72 KB, 344x660, Screenshot 2018-08-28 at 8.04.…)

No. 568615

>>568609 Vamp has to be a little passed by now that she's always addressing the chat while Mariah hides in the background, or that Vamp has to carry the show with her natural ability to converse with the viewers. Not trying to kiss Vamp's ass too much, but she makes Mariah look so infantile on these streams. It's like comparing chocolate chips to rat droppings.

No. 568617

>>568615 Meant to say pissed, not passed.

No. 568620

File: 1535512069351.png (1.93 MB, 1396x737, chrome_2018-08-28_22-06-38.png)

Someone called her a "slampig" in chat and they looked it up on urban dictionary.

Moo: That's… that's not me… That's this one over here… [points at Vamp]
Vamp: [silence]

No. 568623

Moo made the "oh, that's you" comment to Vamps again and she almost rolled her eyes lol Moo is such a cunt.

No. 568626

>makes "the best" yakisoba noodles with eggs

No. 568629

Mariah said something along the lines of, "I can just see something and cook it" and Vamp took a long rip from the vape and kind of looked away. Vamp seems so done with Mariah's shit half the time.

No. 568632

yakisoba noodles do have eggs in them, the noodles in yakisoba are the same type as ramen noodles…

No. 568633

No, like, scrambled eggs I assume. I doubt she does a fried egg

No. 568635

Someone asked if Vamp or Moo had been with women, and another person answered, "Momo no,
vamp idk she be a freak lol"

>Moo: Don't answer for me! I've been with women! Do people miss out on the fact that I've been with a transgender woman, er, man, thing? Well, I mean, I dated them when they were a woman, and then when they were a man.

No. 568637

unfortuntely the UD def is wrong - as far as I know it means a woman who's so ugly it would be unrewarding to fuck her but SO easy it's worth an approach

No. 568638

File: 1535512954527.png (337.1 KB, 544x497, Screenshot 2018-08-28 at 8.22.…)

No. 568639

>Vamps is getting braces eventually

No. 568640

i thought she meant that she hand makes the noodles.

also it's not like yakisoba has some strict ingredients list. scrambled eggs go fine.

No. 568646

I've noticed that Vamp tends to take a rip from the vape whenever Mariah starts humble bragging. Like a subtle diss to her bullshitting.

No. 568652

Possibly since Mariah hates the smell of Vamp's vape

No. 568653

File: 1535513914522.png (1.3 MB, 957x705, chrome_2018-08-28_22-36-51.png)

Gentle reminder that this is supposed to be Moo's stream.

No. 568655

And again not doing it on her own channel. Gotta make the money quick for her master.

No. 568656

More like she sees something and just eats it…

If she could actually cook ~uwu japanesu foodu~ we’d see 500 IG story posts of it

No. 568657

I'm surprised this isn't against the rules. Can she make money off other people being on her cam on her personal channel?

No. 568660

Whoever the fuck Nekokun3 is, you're super obvious and kind of a sperg. If you want info, ask in a more subtle way.

No. 568662

nekokun is clearly from here smh

No. 568671

File: 1535516530237.png (1.7 MB, 1402x741, croptops.png)

Why do fat girls like Moomoo insist on wearing crop tops…

No. 568672

fucking hate it when people compare "eating too much" to binge eating, which is an extreme disorder. so first she was anorexic and now she has BED? this bitch full of shit. you're just fat with no self control, moo, dont try to blame your nonexistant eating disorders.

No. 568673

Vamp shoving recorders up her crotch and sleeping with over 30 dudes, like damn.

I bet Mariah steals her sex stories and combines them with the smutty fanfic she reads to create her own narrative.

No. 568674

>a glow in the dark dragon dildo

jesus christ

No. 568675

lbr it's probably a normal sized shirt, she just refuses to actually buy something in plus size so everything is crop top on her

No. 568676

to be fair anon it IS the smallest part of her, next to her ass

No. 568677

i bet she does that instant noodle ramen with egg that's always posted as ghetto food on 4chan

No. 568678



No. 568679

With how fat she keeps getting, I’m surprised no one has called her SuMomo yet.

No. 568680

Another nip slip but I missed screenshotting it. She should just straight up do topless, it's a cam site for christs sake

No. 568682

As both of these bitches are liars and just make up shit to make themselves look good, it sounds more like a way to lure in cucks who will fall in love with their nasty selves. They know exactly what they're doing on cam.

No. 568683

I'm surprised too. Vamp has been on nearly every single one of Moo's streams doing this shit and earning her tokens. Vamp has zero dignity

No. 568684

File: 1535517659126.png (199.68 KB, 231x341, chrome_2018-08-28_23-39-20.png)

That double chin. I wonder why she doesn't bother with the face tape?

Someone said, "As long as vamp is in the room, I ain't tipping shit" and vamp replied, "Wow, that's fucking rude. All the tips go to me!" lol way to hit her in the ego.

No. 568685

That was "vampworksharder" and they keep sperging in the chat tbh, easily spotted farmer

No. 568687

File: 1535517827296.png (1.96 MB, 1403x786, fuckingyikes.png)

double post but jesus

No. 568689

There's so much in this image to take in

No. 568690

I don't even think these are actual farmers. They and that nekokun person sound like spergs that were linked back to lolcow from twitter or some shit and don't know how to not be retarded.

Imagine getting 3-4 rounds of lipo and coolsculpting and looking like this.

No. 568691

Cuntlette should go to her own stream then and stop being a sell out on Moo's.

No. 568693

I'm mind blown neckbeards pay for this shit. Truly am.

No. 568695

she is heading back into zoidberg territory

No. 568696

Collette knows her worth. She's only known at all because of Mooriah. No one was paying for her shitty $75 twerk videos, but will gladly tip her $100 to twerk for 30secs on Moo's stream. Don't act like Vamp is anything other than below average when she's not associated with Moo. They're made for each other.

No. 568698

wait her mom was there?

No. 568700

File: 1535518302557.png (2.04 MB, 1843x901, annoying.png)

the sperging in chat

No. 568701

File: 1535518416417.png (11.9 KB, 367x135, chrome_2018-08-28_23-52-43.png)

People like this, too. You can tell they're from Twitter or facebook.

They hit their goal. Mooch is going to twerk while Mariah cosplays and vapes, I think?

No. 568702

Someone has to clean the house.

No. 568704

Yeah, her mom came in shortly and you could hear her talking off camera, but we never got to see her. Just saw Mariah responding to her.

No. 568705

I'm cringing so hard at this goal

No. 568706

File: 1535519024369.png (1.97 MB, 1402x789, notworththemoney.png)

No. 568707

ikr mariah get off the cam lol

No. 568708

The show is such a fucking cringe fest right now, oh my god.

No. 568709

She's being so obnoxious. The chat is finally seeing what they want and moos trying to steal back some attention by coughing and screeching

No. 568710

File: 1535519114197.jpg (131.94 KB, 1394x724, chrome_2018-08-29_00-02-31.jpg)

Moo keeps doing this exaggerated coughing/choking thing as she vapes and it's so obnoxious and obviously to grab attention.

This is beyond cringe.

No. 568711

File: 1535519218934.jpg (132.34 KB, 1377x730, chrome_2018-08-29_00-02-13.jpg)

No. 568712

File: 1535519233449.png (37.66 KB, 397x620, sperging.png)

And then this happened. Kept spamming the n word.

No. 568713

"Did you guys have a good time?" Yeah I dont think anyone did moo

No. 568714

$200 and I bet they fucking regret it lmao

No. 568716

File: 1535519899506.png (20 KB, 361x267, chrome_2018-08-29_00-18-04.png)

Another model was lurking in Moo's chat and said this

No. 568718

trying to get good publicity with everyone in chat hoping for more people coming to see her instead.

No. 568719

Turns out they're both from Vegas. Their interaction is almost kind of cute, if Moo wasn't being so spergy and screaming the whole time.

I thought so, too, but she's not online right now.

No. 568720

The person she's 'cosplaying' as does that, so shes doing it too

No. 568721

She ended the stream screaming her lungs out, rip headphone users

No. 568723

File: 1535520699308.png (17.67 KB, 360x242, chrome_2018-08-29_00-30-07.png)

That tryhard faggot was sperging up the chat the entire time. If you're here, could you maybe rub two brain cells together next time and not act like a fucking dumbass? If you didn't notice, they just ignore you. If you want milk, you need to use your fucking brain.

There were people in the stream who you couldn't tell were farmers who were getting information by just acting normal.

No. 568724

did you guys hear her essentially pissing on CamV and saying that her show was whats really going on? I didn't catch all of it but it sounded like she was biting the hand that feeds

No. 568725

post a timestamp and recordanon could clip it

No. 568726

I heard part of it. It sounded more like she was shitting on the other cam girls. Like, "We have the most viewers and we don't even take our clothes off~" kind of thing. I think recordanon will have it clipped (it was around the time that the model came in to her chat). I didn't catch it in time because I had it minimized when she said it.

No. 568728


My ears….I feel really bad for RecordAnon right now.

No. 568735

Yup. It was somewhere in the last 20 minutes of that shit fest. “This is the most viewed page on Camversity right now. I’m so sorry.” She’s such an asshole.

No. 568757

Can you really even count about 125 of the viewers? They never leave her chat.

No. 568761

File: 1535545534158.jpg (59.78 KB, 1054x528, list.JPG)

Checked out of curiosity and there's 129 people in her chat right now and she's not online and no one is talking. 100 guests (no accounts) and 29 basic and premium members. There's no way that's legitimate.

No. 568763

File: 1535545731108.jpg (44.68 KB, 1128x397, list2.JPG)

Same poster but by comparison here's Vamps' page. I'm starting to wonder if CamV tweaked something on Momo's page to pad her views.

No. 568765

I'm thinking she asked people who follow her religiously (her extremely dedicated WKs) to watch to keep her numbers up so they don't drop her and then they just leave themselves in there so they don't miss. And it can be multiple devices. Tablets, phones, computer…list goes on.

No. 568770


her feet are SO gross

No. 568774

128 people it counts you either way she definitely being pumped by either bots or Wks

No. 568779

Moo is such a fucking gross hypocritical cunt. She had to resume to a fucking camming site and still acts like she's so much better than the other models, when in reality she's just emberassed of herself and the stigma that comes with sex work and how people will percieve her. Just have a backbone in your whole body full of cholesterol and fat and do your job right for once. If she wanted to be a streamer she shouldn't have used a camming site.

No. 568794

Just wait until she's spent and can't even bag a real world job because her fucked hp exploits online. Not only is she's not gonna be young forever, but she's gonna get nasty and age fast, just watch. Soon she's gonna be getting bad face lifts on top of lipo haha.

No. 568799

can we stop with this "she's not gonna get a real job" shit. she's not going to because she has no education, not because of camming. pizza hut isn't going to care if she's a former camgirl.

No. 568826

I think they're referring to her general online sperging.

No. 568827

either way, the point is she's not qualified for any jobs that even care who you are.

No. 568842

Agree with this. I used to cam, used my real name (like the young idiot I used to be) and I work for Apple. generally jobs don't care unless you are applying for something that your image will ruin theirs. She won't ever be the image of wherever she works but she'll definitely get jobs. I just don't ever expect her to educate herself and get a real job that requires knowledge and not to be a screaming nasty mess.

No. 568875

File: 1535571810244.webm (17.36 MB, 1572x676, masterbation.webm)


Here's their convo about masterbation

No. 568878

File: 1535572000482.webm (897.19 KB, 1572x676, camversity.webm)

No. 568883

File: 1535572519716.webm (18.56 MB, 1572x676, camversity2.webm)

No. 568887


yeah, that's a very big NO. I wonder if that's against the rules??

No. 568888

File: 1535574383638.jpg (30.31 KB, 275x275, 1533115672620.jpg)

Absolutely disgusting, who talks about masturbating as a little girl in front of an audience of horny men?

No. 568969

I'm fucking laughing my ass off. Someone asked her about her PlayStation trophy level, and she said she was at a level zero, which isn't even theoretically possible. You start off as a level 1 just for creating the fucking account.

Totes gamer, my dudes.

No. 568975

Recordanon here,

Missed the first 45 minutes, did not think she would go live this early she is usually really late.

This is going to be a boring stream….

No. 568978

>>568975 Bless you for your fortitude. I was the one who posted about her trophy inquiry, and gave up on the stream about 5 minutes later. It's insufferable.

No. 568979

File: 1535589535243.png (1.35 MB, 1402x787, ohmygod.png)

Just hopped on and saw this, I legitimately jumped. This is horrifying, why no make up and THIS HORRIBLE ANGLE? Ugh.

No. 568985

Someone asked her about God of War
>Well, I've had it for a while. I've been super super into mythology lately. I don't know why.

Because you get attached to one thing (Lore Olympus) and don't have a personality, Moo.

No. 568987

She has a lit candle sitting right infront of her tv in the middle

No. 568989

File: 1535590829644.png (1.6 MB, 1246x732, chrome_2018-08-29_20-00-01.png)

This is the face of camversity, my dudes!

No. 568990

Wow this is fuckin disrespectful. No makeup just showing herself basically talking shit like a daranged 10 year old

No. 568991

>>568989 260 lbs. of pure sadness.

No. 568992


All she needs is a cigarette and she’ll look like a a 30 year old mom of 3.

No. 568993

I know some 40 year old moms who don't look anywhere near this rough.

No. 568994

File: 1535591177511.jpg (774.22 KB, 1564x1564, IMG_20180829_180522.jpg)

Mariah advertising for Camversity


Mariah appearing on Camversity

No. 568996

This is so sad because she doesn’t even try to work out and eat healthy. She just eats like shit and then goes and gets Lipo/ cool sculpting whenever she’s feeling fat.

No. 568997

File: 1535591420466.jpeg (106.72 KB, 1193x462, 79DC7357-65DA-46E4-9E03-7A1DDF…)

Sexy gamer girl, my dudes. She’s really making Camversity look good!

No. 568999

She has the audacity to complain about the equipment that's required to broadcast the actual gameplay costing $90.

She spent $90 on pizza yesterday.

No. 569000

File: 1535591744518.png (276.94 KB, 498x462, Momokun.png)

I'm not proud of this

No. 569005

File: 1535592521432.jpeg (392.97 KB, 1242x431, E27C1F46-9A6F-4F53-AE4C-C59F74…)

Record-anon, I feel sorry for you this might be the most boring she’s ever been.
I’m tapping out I can’t stand her staring at the screen with her mouth open trying to figure out this game.

No. 569006

File: 1535592565091.png (2.83 MB, 1242x2208, 59AF3CFE-FFF7-4854-9781-F33701…)

She’s such a “gamer gurl my dudes” she has to look up shit about how to get through the game. Nice cheating gamer gurl

No. 569007

Her own mom doesn’t even look like that. Moo is just a pile of shit.

No. 569008

Worst part, this is stream 1 of 2 today

No. 569009

I'm sorry, what?

No. 569010

>>569009 She's running errands, AKA doing a line of whatever she snorts and coming back refreshed.

No. 569013

She looks like a jobless fraud who gets by on disability checks and food stamps while living on the sofa 24/7. How can she stream and think this is okay? Is it because she doesn't have Vamp around? She puts little to no effort into her streams when she's on her own.

No. 569015

Wait… to broadcast what exactly? I don’t pay anything to stream (aside from buying the game)…?

No. 569016

File: 1535593034614.png (2.95 MB, 1242x2208, 64413815-D652-423A-940C-6DEE96…)

She looks so haggard and soulless.

No. 569018

Camversity told her she needs Manycam studio to be able to stream gameplay and webcam with them

No. 569022

Double post

It appears that Camversity doesn't use a stream key or anything like that so you can't use OBS or a streaming software

Its entirely browser based and captures webcam/mic through that.

No. 569031

She’s going to put makeup on and dress as moomoo and come back and apparently try to set a goal and do cute stuff. Doubt she will follow through but who knows.

No. 569035

She said lewd stuff not cute stuff, but she'll never reach her goal

No. 569040

She confirmed she is doing something Prison School soon

No. 569045

File: 1535596058786.png (829.47 KB, 720x720, aug291cam.png)

TL;DR this cam session

No. 569046

Did she cut her stream early? Was lurking went to get food and now shes gone.

No. 569047

She went to run "errands".

No. 569052

>>569045 This is great. It's like you turned The Brady Bunch into into a horror movie.

No. 569054

i feel sorry for anyone who listens or pays for….this

no vamp no care

No. 569056

File: 1535598445471.jpeg (95.71 KB, 1000x603, 69A8E1DA-B6D2-4EF4-B002-15793C…)

The resemblance is uncanny.

No. 569059

Bottom left corner is her face when she see potential dick to jump on.

No. 569060

File: 1535599190959.png (5.52 MB, 1865x1034, forgive me lord for i have sin…)

my shitty edit but this is just her summed up

No. 569064

She is beyond delusional thinking she is anywhere near 190lbs. She is easily 270. Holy fuck she looks busted. Her skin is awful for someone who is ONLY 22, her hair is always gross, unkempt, and greasy… and to top if off she's just a super unfortunate looking girl to start off with. She looks mentally challenged half the time, like a super fat kid that takes classes in the trailers outside behind the school.

She's only 22. I can't stop thinking about that.

No. 569068

She has the arms of someone who is 250-270, but since she's probably lipo'd away 30lbs, I do believe she's probably around 230.

No. 569069


Thread has reached 1100 posts. The thread will be locked and you will be unable to post in it shortly after it exceeds 1200 posts. Please begin preparing a new thread and post a link to it when it's created.

No. 569073

Smh late as usual….

No. 569075

File: 1535602983401.png (8.69 MB, 1242x2208, DDA20F22-9A0A-4FE1-9B0C-D72CBF…)

Of fucking course she cancels at the last minute looking like utter shit. Lazy ass

No. 569078

She is online, she's just dressed and playing her game. I guess taking her shirt off is too much effort.

No. 569080

File: 1535603894827.jpeg (497.47 KB, 2048x2048, 3CDE3627-471C-4F0D-A5E5-9CE45C…)

The resemblance is uncanny

No. 569082

next op plz

idc which thread, but op this

No. 569090

The many manic personalities of Moo. Next OP pic right here.

No. 569102

I know she's already gross, but her and Vamp both look even worse when they're vaping. They're like a pair of worn out, hipster hookers.

No. 569125

Don't forget the cost of the PC you are on. There are also people out there who stream on shitty PC's and desire better hardware to stream smoothly.

No. 569126

She literally just bought a new fucking computer.

No. 569135

Does she think she’s pulling off the ~cute messy updo and sweater~ look? how the fuck does she find this acceptable
She is truly a fucking anomaly

No. 569138

That's what under tit looks like when you get a reduction and don't take care of the healing process correctly.

No. 569139

>which moo are you today

No. 569140

I don't think any of us look this busted, not even on a shitty day

No. 569200

New thread in anticipation of tonights stream >>569199

No. 569216

i wanna make this into like an alignment chart.

No. 569225


Chaotic - - - > Neutral

No. 569282

She’s live now

No. 571048

holy shit she is so ugly

No. 571892

File: 1536342300105.png (513.87 KB, 911x509, Screenshot 2018-09-07 at 10.40…)

No. 571895

>doesn't play games on "difficulties" she just like the story
>thinks boss battles come down to techniques and the boss she's going to fight during the "sick boi" plot is like a Dark Souls boss

No. 571897

>likes to figure things out on her own, doesn't use game guides unless she needs to
you just used one the other day and it didn't seem that difficult..

No. 571904

Lol as if this normie trash has ever TOUCHED a souls game

No. 571905

Fucking ew

No. 571909

File: 1536343892807.png (169.41 KB, 397x321, Screenshot 2018-09-07 at 11.11…)

chinsculpting looking hella tight

No. 571912

File: 1536344068763.png (507.77 KB, 907x509, Screenshot 2018-09-07 at 11.14…)

is shapewear-kun back?

No. 571914

File: 1536344092100.png (349.75 KB, 583x510, Screenshot 2018-09-07 at 11.14…)

No. 571916

Her schedule today
Currently 11:16 am
>makeup at 12 pm
>leave by 2pm
>arrive at studio (I assume Wonderland) at 5pm
So she's doing nothing all day before 5?

No. 571918

>Now she said she CAN stream on Twitch, she's just not streaming there right now

No. 571921

>someone asked if she'd cosplay One Piece and she said she hasn't watched it
>Collette said she should do Nami but she said she has to like the character/series alot to do cosplays

No. 571928

>people ask her her favorite Fate/GO characters but every time someone names a new character she's cosplayed or she's mentioned in the past she reacts with "oh YEAHHHHHHHHH"

No. 571929

>doesn't like Chichi because she turned into "a annoying hag"
>used to like Vegeta but later on liked Gohan because he's "a Daddy"
>doesn't like Android 18 because she's money hungry and knows it's for her family

No. 571939

File: 1536345873507.png (521.93 KB, 912x514, Screenshot 2018-09-07 at 11.44…)

No. 571940

Jfc there's already a new stream thread made 8 days ago here >>569199 stop bumping the old thread ffs

No. 572168

File: 1536381655123.png (3.91 MB, 1242x2208, 41D1D70E-31D4-45CF-8773-9D5E8C…)

“The ropes dug into my skin” yeah it’s bevause you’re fucking fat. “I’m so tired I just got back from a 4 hour shoot” wow that’s almost like half a shift at a normal job

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