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File: 1531630906526.png (424.79 KB, 900x506, moolesterjester.png)

No. 548719

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>546765

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, xmariahmalladx, momoscats
Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad


IG Stories Archive: https://isdb.pw/mariahmallad

Google Drive:

Attn: Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/snow/386826

The Basics:
>Originally 'thicc Samus' with 2+ lipo sessions now trying keep some semblance of a figure (and failing miserably) all while lying by saying she's exercising
>So laughably bad at making cosplays; gets 90% of costumes commissioned/bought and then makes gloves so she can credit herself as a talented cosplayer and claim her money is "hard-earned"
>Does "boudoir"/softcore porn shoots to hide how shitty her costumes are
>Thinks she's hot shit; delusional about her level of fame where she'll loiter around booths/other cosplayers or pretend to be a con guest
>Has to beg for money, con passes, or just ghosts at cons despite +$10k/month on Patreon, not above bullying staff to get a free 'Professional' badge
>Pretends to know about the series she cosplays, despite evidence proving otherwise; will tweet profound essays to prove her expert fan knowledge
>Has lewded young characters for the attention; backpedals after backlash
>Goes on crazy media tirades against people like old fuckboy KBBQ, old photog, yet preaches about being nice to everyone
>Constantly goes on pity party rants or videos, trying to make people feel bad for her about things that are happening to her when she’s done the same
>Lies about attending college even in the face of mountains of evidence proving otherwise
>Rips off a dress design from indie designer MyOppa, denies it and has yet to make an "official statement" about her blatant bullshit
>Also rips of well-known hentai character as her original character and mascot, once again denies it
>Yes, her photos are being used for a KIK FOR FAT ad
>apparently "used to lift", was sorely butthurt when multiple liftfags told her that her body form was dangerously off
>wants to be a fattie cosplayer messiah in her echo chamber of yes men

>Vamp works hard for that sweet, sweet nosejob money by messaging Nanasushibear, asking why she was "lying" about Moo's bullying
>Whiteknights and Moo start flagging Youtube videos exposing her shitty antics
>Zach Fischer (shitty armor fan artist to the cos-gods) denounces Moo, regrets making Moana armor picture for her
>Philip Defranco blesses us with a Momokun video. Anons suspect that both Moo and Vamp followed him IMMEDIATELY to guilt trip and backpedal him.
>Vamplettes takes Moo out on the town because she's victim being cyberbullied :[
>Apparently re-did her apology video ~3 times~ only to release a shitty copy/paste apology to her instagram
>is cosplaying Albedo because she is an unimaginative Moomookunt

No. 548720

File: 1531631007558.png (1.92 MB, 1812x1848, goofing off.png)

No. 548723

No need for me to say it, that photo already does. Mariah is always lying even when she's put in the hot seat and tons of people are watching and waiting to catch her in a lie to use against her. She falls into the pit every time and makes herself look even more pathetic than she did mere hours before.

And even though Gabby's statement gives credibility to Nana's, she's not going to apololie.

No. 548724

I would like to make a statement to encourage people to warn people not to accept her apology since I have a feeling that there will be stupid people out there who thinks one apology is enough. But her actions for the past week speaks for itself. She didn't even apologize for all the things she does and only cherry-pick certain things. We can't let her get away again.

No. 548725

File: 1531631339304.jpeg (155.29 KB, 640x602, 911F82F5-3483-4F87-A4EE-B4AA78…)

Reposting cause what a cunt

No. 548726

I don't think she realized exactly how closely people are going to start scrutinizing her now. Lolcow was one thing, but now way more people know who she is which means way more people are going to be nosier about what she's doing and what she's up to.

Her existence is going to be a constant stream of people checking every. single. word she says. She's going to spend more time blocking and deleting comments than actually producing content.

No. 548727

File: 1531631347340.jpg (487.8 KB, 1362x900, Screenshot_20180714-214535.jpg)

Throwing this out here just to preserve it since Moo is deleting comments

No. 548728

File: 1531631388479.jpeg (132.26 KB, 750x461, D4F1D939-B339-4E01-A890-38BD40…)

She’s so full of shit. How are you going to apologize but then like a comment like this?

No. 548729

File: 1531631426046.jpeg (301.57 KB, 750x1203, EEE812A1-0B8E-44E6-9891-D296BB…)

Here’s it showing she liked the comment calling people immature cunts

No. 548730

I don't think anyone's falling for it this time, anon. She waited far too long, contradicted herself and only said "not blaming ADHD" cause she was backed into a corner and looked hella retarded for saying it in the first place.

I still don't understand why she would even say something like this after seeing how many people, even Zach Fischer, are supporting Nana. It makes her look like a petty cunt who doesn't like being wrong. So…it makes her look like her true self.

No. 548731


This will be the comment that does her in. She just had to clap back and it's going to turn around and fuck her in the ass just like it did with Jannet.

No. 548732

she did this like almost immediately, like calm down and take a step back before you fuck your shit up so hard.

No. 548734

She still calls it being "handsy" and "playful"
Pulling a top down to expose breasts in public isn't "playful"
Say their names, Mariah. Say the names of the girls (you can't say the men bc you didn't even know them) you sexually harassed. And then say you sexually harassed them. Say it so you realize what it really is

No. 548735

File: 1531631593182.jpeg (97.35 KB, 750x350, 8477BBEF-F9C7-436C-984F-41C97F…)

No. 548738

Last time I checked getting your nails done wasn't a necessity. She prioritized her nails over the sexual assault/molestation facts and then pretended like they didn't matter for a whole week. She's really fucking out of her mind if she thinks that shit is going to fly.

No. 548739

File: 1531631750782.png (3.03 KB, 704x46, BINGO.PNG)

bingo anon don't forget

this isn't a video, we fuckin' won my dudes jajaja

No. 548740


she said in a comment she's gonna post the video, she just wanted to post the script first, and the pic is of her filming, so i'm gonna give her the benefit of the doubt and see if she does post it in the next bit before calling instant blackout

No. 548741

Why post the script and show yourself "filming the apology? All she is doing is appealing to the white nights

No. 548742

Because narcissists do what the public demands, not what the heart demands.
If she was sorry, she'd apologize to everyone without holding hostility.

No. 548743

She's already curating her FB posts leaving all the ass kissing ones

No. 548745

Seeing so many people accepting her “apology” is so disheartening.
I feel like it takes away from all the victims when they should be winning the fight not her saving “face” even though the community and so many more know who she is with negativity attached to her.

No. 548747

Remember, she's spent NIGHTS blocking people. All that's left are paypigs

No. 548748

Is she filming her apology with her cat? Everything about this looks like a terrible staged film production and that's all it is.

There's nothing genuine about this in the least bit.

No. 548749

Why does she spend time deleting comments? It just shows how much of a weak bitch she is

No. 548750

Because she's rather bury it so she doesn't have to face her actions. Like a child covering their ears going lalala.

No. 548751

File: 1531633083641.png (361.46 KB, 488x820, 32424235.png)

No. 548752

She's acepting criticism, just not letting there to the world to see

No. 548753

File: 1531633216237.jpg (32.49 KB, 524x721, 1501630921712.jpg)

No. 548754

People have to remember an apology doesn’t mean anything if the actions are completely deplorable. Mariah has done far more damage, and ruined her reputation and basically the whole world knows about her now. She’s sorry because she got caught and the people with a brain will know and understand that, con chairs, cosplay guests and organizers, sponsors will see that. She may fool the bottom of the barrel idiots but not the people who actually matter in shaping her career. Besides, her real name is tied to all of this, her life is ruined unless she can still make patreon bank.

No. 548755

I find the silence of bunny and kay bear very suspicious

No. 548756

She keeps going after nana.

No. 548757

i love it when someone does a horrible thing and when they have to make an apology video they bring their pets into it. typical…

No. 548758

Give it time anon something will pop up eventually.

Where's Amber? I'm sure she'll love to see how Moo will never apologize to her friend despite the evidence proved that she's the abuser.

No. 548759

Guzma, Jaeda and Vamp have always been sympathy props.

No. 548761

>>548758 Mariah is hellbent on bullying Nana out of the cosplay community. Completely disregarded any inappropriate touching of Nana. Instead, she insists on sticking to her guns about what happened whenever Nana apparently passed out and didn't get to be a part of a group shot. It's sickening.

This shit has me livid. The audacity of Momo, combined with the stupidity of her white knights almost ruined my faith in humanity.

At least I have you guys. Thanks, anons.

No. 548762

File: 1531633889970.jpeg (524.56 KB, 1125x1122, A4131F94-54BB-443D-BD66-62A4D5…)

She’s seen it.

No. 548763

File: 1531633895817.jpg (332.82 KB, 1240x827, 1.jpg)

Okay guys. Patreon posts coming in, so be patient. Its a lot.


No. 548764

She's doing it because she thought that Nana would pull the statement after she released the text messages. Nana didn't so Mariah's going to what she does best which is going into full cunt mode.

I do hope that they'll say something because right now it makes them look like they believe Mariah's shitty apology despite her already saying that she's not really sorry and attacking Nana for speaking out against her.

No. 548765

File: 1531633992429.jpeg (236.71 KB, 1067x1600, UniJCnhw.jpeg)

No. 548766

File: 1531634041977.png (413.56 KB, 552x390, Screenshot 2018-07-14 at 10.54…)

jfc cucknoodles

No. 548767

I’m here and I’m beside myself.
I’m not very sure what to do.. nor do I want to tell nana just yet.

Trying to not panic for the sake of staying strong for my friend.

No. 548768

File: 1531634067966.jpeg (157.69 KB, 1600x1066, x8MzYdSw.jpeg)

No. 548769

File: 1531634107378.jpeg (105.64 KB, 1600x1066, 4ySeEU-Q.jpeg)

No. 548770

File: 1531634153049.jpg (Spoiler Image, 6.62 MB, 5760x3840, WmFbPfCtbU-sS0h9Io_YM-7h-6xOTT…)

No. 548771

That guy isn't even looking at her. He looks like he's going towards the light ready to meet Jesus cause she's crushing him to death.

Tell Nana not to let that droopy looking cunt bully her. She's much stronger than Mariah is and if she leaves like Mariah wants her to then Mariah is going to see that bullying works and will continue doing it. Show her how far her statement spread and so she sees that she has a huge support system.

No. 548772

File: 1531634173817.png (273.74 KB, 535x367, Screenshot 2018-07-14 at 10.56…)

No. 548773

File: 1531634205884.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 173.53 KB, 1067x1600, 0gKJQv-A.jpeg)

No. 548774

File: 1531634247518.png (595.86 KB, 750x750, photohop wow.png)

No. 548775

The amount of photoshop is insane. What the fuck. We all know she does this by now but I'm still taken aback.

No. 548776

I had kept her updated with all the positive and traction her statement gained. She wasn’t really planning on coming back to social media other than maybe twitter here and there to update everyone so her silence is just her living a nice life.

I just don’t want What happened last time to happen again even though she’s already offline for the most part.

I can’t watch my friend spiral again because of her.

No. 548777

File: 1531634324049.jpg (125.8 KB, 620x930, SmRKyYSHYEV18XjEkTkVyu8QQjAEVm…)

No. 548778

File: 1531634328192.gif (1.95 MB, 480x270, a23c45817004c31b93b5fc0e360fa6…)

It's like a really terrible looking mtf who still looks mostly male

No. 548779

No. 548780

File: 1531634390092.png (675.47 KB, 612x730, outlinedjustlikemyanimes.png)

Come on bud…these aren't even good edits by amateur standards
There are a bounty of fucks up in this shoot

No. 548781

File: 1531634391974.png (242.08 KB, 585x485, Screenshot 2018-07-14 at 11.00…)

TBH Amber, you both did the right thing. I think for Nana's sake say nothing for now.

No. 548782

You held her hand through all of the shit that Mariah put her but this time Mariah doesn't have the community standing with her, Nana does.

No. 548783


lmao her but cheek looks like a cartoon

No. 548784

File: 1531634436109.jpeg (171.57 KB, 1600x1066, i40XdP7g.jpeg)

No. 548785

File: 1531634476891.jpeg (131.1 KB, 1067x1600, 5rV9QRzg.jpeg)

No. 548786

File: 1531634496345.png (444.71 KB, 585x554, Screenshot 2018-07-14 at 11.02…)

rip mikey for trying to construct her ass

No. 548787

File: 1531634511569.jpeg (123.69 KB, 1600x900, khmhlMp8.jpeg)

No. 548788

File: 1531634572568.jpeg (126.16 KB, 1067x1600, Aect2ruw.jpeg)

No. 548789

File: 1531634603885.jpg (413.72 KB, 1024x768, tinfoilhat[1].jpg)

theory: mariah herself leaks the dropbox links to distract from current controversy

No. 548790

Thank you guys,

I hope we made an impact and people are aware of who this women as.

We never expected an apology from her, we just wanted it known how she treats people she “loves.”

No. 548791

File: 1531634648176.png (397.2 KB, 664x709, mai.png)

No. 548792

That is the nastiest looking belly I have ever seen. It looks like she fused with a centipede.

No. 548793

If anything, people have turned on moo to side with nana. Everyone else who already hated moo hate her more and fully support nana. Everyone who knows mariah's bullshit is on Nana's side. If anything, let her know we have her back. Of course there will always be the WK that take her side, but I'm sure we're all aware of that.

No. 548794

File: 1531634749864.png (85.63 KB, 275x273, Screenshot 2018-07-14 at 11.06…)

Nuh they'll be deleted in a sec

Also she looks autistic. I'm hollering

No. 548795

It's infuriating that none of the ass kissers are taking the ADHD thing into consideration in the Instagram comments. The majority of positive comments are along the lines of "Well, that's not really sexual assault", ironically followed by "You can sexually assault me whenever".

A few people are rightfully calling her out on her bullshit. Some are mentioning MyOppa. Some are questioning the vendetta and attention seeking accusations Mariah eluded to. Mariah still isn't (and probably won't be) naming anyone who she allegedly spoke with to clear the air.

I feel like we'll see this blow up tomorrow once the victims and the critics wake up to the news. As for right now, it's disappointing to see how many people are praising her for her atrocious scripted response.

What a train wreck. Just when you think she can't get any worse…

No. 548796

File: 1531634878643.png (1.08 MB, 1168x831, mariah cat.png)


this is absolutely one of my favourite mariah pics. the butchered and crooked wig. the special needs thousand yard stare. the zoidber belly. the cameltoe. the feet. she is my muse

No. 548798

She fucked up when she dumped those messages the other day. She came off as a patronizing cunt bringing her fake ass positivity and got mad cause everyone saw right through it. Now she's in, "Nana only told lies about me!" as if people are going to believe that after she's been proven to be a lying sack of shit to thousands of people now. A million people if you go by Phil deFranco's video. She's not a very good actor so she must be failing those theatre skype classes.

No. 548799

I actually was going to mention something like that. A lot of posts are missing. Either she isn't delivering them when there are posts saying, "Coming soon guys!" or she is directly sending them to people.

No. 548800

File: 1531635017653.jpg (45.94 KB, 475x383, Fans.JPG)

The majority of her fans are just disgusting.

No. 548801

File: 1531635019093.png (549.01 KB, 373x660, 6f393681e1de05dd5cf3b23f5273a9…)

never forget

No. 548802

File: 1531635039816.png (152.09 KB, 357x332, dc32aa2e1431b448a17f74aa8092da…)

Expectation vs reality

No. 548803

File: 1531635118057.png (126.22 KB, 267x320, Screenshot 2018-07-14 at 11.12…)

link was deleted? or?

ganbatte gingerkun

No. 548804

File: 1531635385158.png (581.49 KB, 485x500, regret.PNG)

As it progresses you can see he's trying to find which exit will give him the highest chance of escaping.

No. 548805

Maybe they're asleep or at an event?

No. 548806

He looks like he's either saying mental goodbyes to his loved ones or going to vomit in all of the photos with his face showing.

No. 548807

>those rolls disguising as tits

No. 548808

OT but he looks like hes cosplaying Archie from Riverdale

No. 548809

I like how she is trying to use the PJ to hide the fact her knees are facing outwards to make her "ass" look larger.

No. 548810

File: 1531635596102.png (123.85 KB, 636x388, Jane.png)

Oh boy, here we go…

No. 548811

That was just a single post. No set with the bed.

No. 548812


No. 548813

is she holding her tits away from her body WHAT EVEN IS THIS SHIT

No. 548814

Didnt she say Sakura's whole backstory is tragic and this guy is supposed to be puppeteering her mind? Then why the hell is Moo looking like the one in charge when it's not canon? I thought she recently said canon means everything to her? She can't even act in a cosplay she said she's been 'dreaming to bring to life'.

No. 548815

Thank you Jane! Don't let this die!!!

No. 548816

File: 1531635846494.jpeg (2.83 MB, 3578x5367, carrie.jpeg)

Poor Carrie

No. 548817

They’re both on east coast time. It’s after 2 am for them. Not everyone has moos fucked up sleep schedule

No. 548818

File: 1531635923049.png (1.26 MB, 1280x1920, Shirou.png)

Here's character ref.

No. 548819

The bitch has an IG story up. Didn't post screenshots, nor am I able to provide detailed info on what she said. Expect more laziness and bullshit. Proceed with caution.

No. 548821

Don't worry anon, Mariah is pissing on her own memory too.

No. 548822

File: 1531635996992.gif (2.85 MB, 366x274, kurt hose.gif)


I wasn't too worried. We just have to be patient and I know all of the concerned parties are going to respond.

And if Jane is already coming out swinging then you can pretty much guess what the general reaction is going to be.

No. 548823

I agree, it's easily the best picture she's ever done. It perfectly accentuates her entire garbage person, aside from the "bitch boy" tier shit, I guess.

No. 548826

Bitch hasn’t learned shit. She is still making jokes in her instastories right now.

No. 548827

I've noticed that Jane is the only one who Mariah never addresses. It's easy to see that Mariah's scared of her cause she fights back.

No. 548828

wrestling kun, is kurts whole fucking gimmick milk based or what the hell dont think im not noticing the consistent wrasslin gifs

someone record that shit, i am too dumb and hate insta

No. 548830

File: 1531636138728.png (11.16 KB, 539x108, teaaa.png)

Never change, moo.

No. 548831

No worries Mariah, no one will look at you the same way again either. Especially since you just keep getting more pathetic.

No. 548832

She reminds me of a baby who hasn't developed cognitive skills. The pose, the look as if she doesn't recognize what a camera is or how bad her appearance is.

No. 548834

>>548826 Noticed this as well, anon. She's in her full sociopathic, unapologetic glory as we speak. She's smiling, laughing, and doing goody voices. No subtlety or sincerity behind her words.

I can't imagine how passed off the girls must be over this.

Hello to Amber if she's still here, on a side note.

No. 548835

She put her broken phone in view for us specifically and posed with Guzma cause she has to prove he doesn't hate or is at least very annoyed by her. Bets for what work she is gonna have done while on this "break"? She's already claiming to be going to the gym so I'm guessing something to alter her weight again

No. 548838

I hope none of the girls forgave her. What kind of predator approaches the people they molested with so many people watching their every move? She's a special kind of stupid that only a mother can grit her teeth through.

No. 548839

File: 1531636515873.png (5.63 MB, 1242x2208, 80A026CF-3E92-407B-8F79-066AB1…)

She posted a bunch of shit in her story. If anyone can transcribe to save us please do. But basically she’s getting comfy and brave again saying I love you all, there’s so many lies, etc. Also still no bed sheets, disgusting.

No. 548840

File: 1531636541227.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 115.08 KB, 853x1280, H0qT6dqA.jpeg)

People actually pay for this?!

No. 548841

thought her phone was fixed

No. 548842

File: 1531636612231.png (74.23 KB, 646x841, jane00.png)

No. 548843

That cat is like, "Please end my suffering so I can finally leave this bitch."

She's only making herself look fake and dumb. "I'm sorry to everyone who I molested." ten seconds later "So many lies my dudes"

No. 548845

Even her explaining what's going to be on the video just seems so disinterested and unapologetic, I really hope this doesn't die.

Also I like how she says she doesn't care what people say when she's been frantically deleting peoples comments day and night. Really shows you don't care momokunt.

No. 548847


Unable to record either. Basic jist is:

“Thank you all for your support uwu”

Says “I love you guys, but not in a sexual way”. Still making true same jokes she did in her “apology”. Shows she isn’t fucking sorry and still thinks it will all blow over

“I’m the the biggest scapegoat in the community right now so people can say anything about me and people will believe it”

“Y’all don’t know me, I know who I am as a person and I don’t care what anything thinks about me”

“A lot of people aren’t really speaking up to help but to pretty much dogpile on me right now because they already didn’t like me”.

Listed about three cons she says she’s not attending (Pax, SDCC and another I didn’t quite catch), still plans to attend other cons later in the year (Mentioned Blizzcon)

Addressed the dipshit in her comments that accused her of drunkenly fingering another girl (Which I think was the impetus for this rant and an out she is trying to take: One person falsely accused me of something so now I can use this to say “See?! This isn’t about helping people! Hey are just out to get me!!!!”.

Bitch keeps reiterating how “I’m not trying to play the victim”, yet she keep bringing up excuses and deflecting.

No. 548848

The cow is trying to modify the narrative making a huge hugbox, she cannot fhatom that the people who are in charge of cons and sponsors will notice and further reasure the toxic person she is

No. 548849

Is this a genuine set from her patreon?

It's just so terrible it cannot actually be one.

No. 548850

File: 1531636967202.jpg (34.07 KB, 600x600, 1300044776986.jpg)

You know, for someone who loves to cry about "snakes" she sure does cater to the one eyed type a lot.

No. 548851

File: 1531636971299.png (141.12 KB, 630x1055, brooke.png)

No. 548852

She’s pretending she was attending SDCC/PAX/RTX so people will feel bad.. bitch never said a peep about them before this

No. 548853

This bitch is still in her insta stories joking about everything. She mentions colette and lucoa were consensual, but doesnt mention when he touched that guy at the con, messed with kaybear and bunny ayumi.

No. 548854

Yes. She shot it in an air bnb or whatever they're called.

No. 548855

I like what you did there, anon.

As always, Mariah's picking another fight soon after a fake apology.

No. 548858

She's using her IG story right now to make excuses for herself and contradict everything her video "tomorrow" (a "short, monotone version" of her written statement) is going to say. She's not apologetic in the slightest, and it's infuriating watching her do her Jenna Marbles imitation while smirking and talking shit out of one side of her mouth.

She's complete trash, STILL making jokes about how she loves people but NOT IN A SEXUAL WAY YOU GUYS HEHEHE. I hope this manic IG story spam keeps escalating and she directly mentions Nana or the ~6 names she's been avoiding saying.

No. 548859

It's this sort of expression of an artistic vision that is so inspiring and elevating.

No. 548860

The behavior in her current IG story contradicts the heartfelt, somber message she tried to convey in that scripted copy/paste garbage apology.

She's back to being an insufferable twat. Basically having a good laugh that she thinks she got away with sexual assault. Delusional enough to call herself a martyr, and believes she's going to be a welcome sight at future cons.

I cannot wait for the other girls to go off on this lunatic.

No. 548861

File: 1531637310826.jpeg (922.54 KB, 1242x1540, janecallout.jpeg)



Jane was the one who originally called Moo out saying that Mariah wouldn't do shit at AX if she was publicly confronted. And that's pretty much been true. As soon as everything happened Moo fake cried and hid in her room and she's been hiding ever since.

No. 548862


downloaded all the stories, i have instagram ++ just have to link it all together

No. 548863

File: 1531637362319.jpeg (78.2 KB, 1024x682, _YONFkZA.jpeg)

When she does her stupid hentai face next to a normal person it becomes even more evident how bad she is at making expressions and how crazy she looks. This is nightmare fuel yet some people are stupid enough to pay for it. At this point I'm betting half of her patrons have forgotten they even pledge to her and the other half is legit retarded.

No. 548864

File: 1531637389780.png (211.12 KB, 347x661, Screenshot 2018-07-14 at 11.26…)

Transcript incoming:
>I just wanna tell you guys I love you so much, um, thank you for all the [inaudible] responses on my post. You guys rock. Thank you for all your support and, yaknow, ah - I'll be releasing the video ..tomorrow? I believe?
>Colette came over and helped me film it because the camera I was using wasn't autofocusing and it was driving me insane so I needed someone to literally come over, press the record button and have it focus on me because I couldn't…that is [sigh]
>Essentially it's a shorter version of what I've written as a written statement just so that you guys can see me. And I stayed VERY monotone in the video causeIjust-
>Didn't want to look like I was crying for attention orrr anything -it's like, I really like, …thiss kinda like this..like. I'm sorry. ((is trying to talk monotone but just sounds the same))
>so in the video, um, I look super shiny like I do right now because my A/C is broken anndd it really fucking sucks cause it's eightyyy…six degrees in the house right now
>For those who were asking about the break I was talking about on my post: I will not be attending San Diego Comiccon anymore. Um, I won't be attending RTX and I won't be attending PAX West.
>I will be act Dragoncon and Blizzcon this year, um possibly New York Comiccon..possibly. Uhh, yeah.
>It's hard and I'm not saying this to bring victimization to myself at all. I'm just sayin' it'd be hard for anybody. Um, but today, a lot better mindset and mentality talking to a lot of people and yeah
>Wore my comfort flannel. Everyone has a piece of clothing they like and my flannel happens to be one of those. It makes me happy, it makes me feel comfortable, [inaudible] make people feel like…fuck
>I hope that this is not just a lesson for myself but for a lot of people in the community since…it's not just me. There's…lots of other people guilty of this..and I hope- I HOPE…PLEASE LEARN FROM THIS
>Don't wanna see this happen to anyone else and if I have to be a martyr for this, for myself and lots of other people who're gonna learn their lessons, so be it. Shit needs to be discussed. Shit needs to be talked about.
>At the end of the day I don't care too much about what people view me as…'cause I know who I am as a person. You don't know me but you can think you know me.
>And I know that I really like to cosplay and I really genuinely love people, LOVE people. Not like in a sexual way but like - I just, I care wholeheartedly for people. So, yeah, also Jaeda got cut like a lion and…she's so cute.
>And I understand right now that literally anyone can say anything about me and people will believe it 'cuz…I'm kind of a scapegoat right now for people. And I understand that, I get it, put the blame on me. I get it.
>There are actual, genuine concerns but there's a lot of people coming out of the woodworks with some bullshit
>I did not drunkenly finger a girl while she was drunk or passed out? What the fuck Reddit? What the fuck?The. Fuck.
>Alotta weird shit. A lot of weird shit..and I get it, I understand but be aware..please do not believe everything you read on the internet it's…not everything's true. I might not be true. Am I real?
>I've also seen people been using the video of me and missus Chief and I grabbed her boob…um she's actually said something about that so please stop using that as a video to say I assaulted her [insert cap of original post of Cheifyplays disclaimer]
>The girl I was tickling in the video during the interview was Colette and I have consent to tickle Colette.
>It's just like, weird, watching the video knowing alot of it was scripted ((no shit dumbass)) and people are so taking out of context like "oh god, oh boy"
>We should absolutely address serious concerns but be aware things are absolutely scripted and, uh, don't take things too seriously sometimes FOR YOUR PROOF
>Thank ya guys so much. Thank you for just wanting me to be a better person and wanting to see me make better decisions [kek sounds] I know I do. Um…you guys rock I love you.
>It's actually been a while since I've been actually able to like talk like this and able to make a Instagram story. It's… it's- it feels good to smile again. And it's been a while since I could.
>Literally been inside, crying and/or playing Fate Grand Order to …stop the tears. But still crying at the same time.
>Colette is best girl, so fucking much, bitch I love you. You muh girlfriend [kissy sound]
>So I'm not sure what everyone keeps talking about sponsors for some reason…I haven't lost any sponsors..I didn't even have any sponsors.
>So…for the meme going around right now…"do not blame sexual assault on ADHD". I only said I had it, because of that leaves alot of impulsiveness. I explained that I did not see that as an excuse. I was trying to give some context to where my idiocy comes from sometimes. But the memes are funny, I'm not gonna lie.
>There's one guy digging a hole [disgusting laugh] he was digging a fucking hole and, uh, he was saying stuff and..uh, jumps into it. I lost my mind
>I get it , we laugh at my expense I GET IT MAN I GET IT OKAY I GET IT
>[tags Vamps again] Bitch [kissy noise]

((..I need a small break…))

No. 548865

the other half is just her lmao.

No. 548866


Still pushing the “don’t believe everything you read on the internet” bullshit. Still thinks this was all timed and planned

“I don’t know why everyone is saying I lost sponsorships. I’ve literally never heard a sponsor before”


Basically trying to debunk and clap back at everything that’s been said about her and trying to laugh it all off.

No. 548867

I can't wait to see a super cut of this train wreck.

No. 548868

Mariah you stupid cunt. We know you're reading the thread right now. Zooming the camera in and out when you say shit doesnt make you look funny. Stop being a retard

No. 548869

LMAO notice how she never once apologies to the victims in her stories. This bitch is such a narcissistic. Can't wait for her to post her video on youtube where she can't delete comments.

No. 548870


Hey, I"m excited to hear she'll be attending Blizzcon since I bet Jannet will be there.

No. 548871

i don't think moo can stop being retarded i think that's just who she is.

No. 548872

Bitch you were not going to go to either of those cons in the first place, and the only one you could of gotten away with your ghosting bullshit at was PAX.

Have fun festering in your room blitzed out of your mind at DragonCon and baking in the sun outside unloved at Blizzcon!

No. 548873

File: 1531637695016.jpg (19.78 KB, 500x377, 14e560b696325348588b5c4bcb1fbd…)


she looks like michelle tanner in alternate timeline

No. 548874

Still gonna laugh at you, Mariah.

No. 548875

So that without a doubt confirms that she probably told Philip Defranco that she thinks she's being witch hunted and used as a scapegoat.

What kind of actual sociopath
She actually is that crazy, wow

No. 548876

god bless you for listening to this stunned cunt, i cant stand the sound of her and i know im not the only one.

No. 548877

When was this taken? This year?

No. 548878


did this bitch literally just call herself a martyr

No. 548879

File: 1531637836560.jpg (20.78 KB, 230x221, IMG_5339.JPG)

On mobile so I can't load full res but wtf am i looking at???

No. 548880


How can she take a break during PAX West but still attend Dragoncon?


No. 548881


>I did not drunkenly finger a girl while she was drunk or passed out? What the fuck Reddit? What the fuck?The. Fuck.

I guess this explains the rape allegation. Admit I've never heard about this before, and am inclined to believe it would've been brought up here if it had any legitimacy.

No. 548883

She'll be attending outside of Blizzcon for two hours, same as last time kek

No. 548884

And if she thinks the East Coast is going to receive her better than the West, she didn't learn a single fucking thing from the last two Katsus. Hell, she's going to look even shittier at D*C because people take their costuming almost as seriously as they do their partying there.

No. 548885

The lower body of a troll doll.

No. 548886

File: 1531638075216.jpg (43.67 KB, 400x411, 1528516420807.jpg)

>admits to doing it because muh ADHD
>a week later backpedals
So which one is it, Moomoo?

No. 548887

$5 she made it up herself to be able to bitch about it later/use it to invalidate other claims.

No. 548888


"I'm not trying to victimize myself

>Victimizes herself literally two seconds later

No. 548889

Like her sexual assault and rape claim. If that were true, then she wouldn't nonchalantly make fun of the people who she sexually assaulted and definitely wouldn't call it "being playful".

No. 548890

>Yeah, I hope you guys can understand what's sarcasm and what's not in these posts…um, I do take everything that happened seriously and I do really care what's happened…and, I just- [sigh] I miss you guys, I missed-
>Um, I will be kinda like pulling back a little bit from how much I post. Alot more will be on Patreon …uh, not that I'm advertising it I-I'm just saying
>Please, also stop with the comments about saying "you can sexually assault me if you want". Don't..don't say that. That's…that's not okay.
>So in the videos I'm laughing I'm not laughing at the situation…I'm..I'm laughing that people made JOKES out of it. In a serious situation, people made…jokes. That's what's funny.
>I know there's baggage in my eyes, everyone keeps saying it, I know they're there. They're there. I haven't slept in three to four days …um I actually got sleep last night and that's why I think my mood has just changed incredibly.
>I just wanted to talk to you guys. 'cause I genuinely did miss you guys and…it's been hard. I will be kinda like pulling back a little bit, like I said, um…won't be too active in posting and stuff. Uh, yeah
>Like ..a few weeks so I can just…refocus myself. Figure out my values as a person and like.. what I know is good for me…to do.
>It just felt good to kinda just talk and like…giggle. Maybe it's not the most appropriate time to do so…but, um, I know I really needed to. I needed to like… make myself laugh 'cause as someone who laughs as much-
>or like who laughs all the time and like loves to laugh and like genuinely smile its been really hard not to. I'm not trying to victimize myself like that cause I know there's [sigh] fuck, nothing I say is right now I understand
>I know these videos as well will be taken out of context just-just let you know that I care, I really genuinely care…[sigh] more than I can really explain. And..I'm…Ijust really love you guys.

No. 548891

she literally said she's a martyr. i love how she's all "it's fine if i'm a martyr guys idc, but i tooootally care and don't want to be one!" bitch can't even act humble long enough to end a sentence.

No. 548892

This whole "I was rape, sexually assaulted too" If this happened to her she wouldn't be so touchy feely with people. That shit traumatizes people, but here we have mariah laughing at the situation and touching random people. Shit doesn't add up, but of course she's a liar

No. 548893

is she really not wearing panties????

No. 548894

Best part is that Jnig is going to Blizzcon as well.

The "sarcasm" she described sounded more like bitterness to me but yaknow

They were edited out. It's was her stretched out grey thong

No. 548895



No. 548896

She still laughs at jokes about the situation. Seriously? And we're suppose to forgive her?

No. 548897


“B-but I take this all very seriously! I’m just laughing because ITS BEEN SO HARD FOR ME TO SMILE LATELY!!!!!! DON’T YOU SEE HOW MUCH I’VE BEEN SUFFERING?!!!!!!!”

No. 548898

"Sure they got touched but I was just being playful! Enough about them, they didn't suffer nearly as much as I have! I deserve support!!"

No. 548899

At this point she'd literally be better off if she went on a social media blackout. The more she says, the deeper she digs her grave because she's an idiot and because she doesn't actually understand how shitty of a person she's been.

No. 548900

"Also I haven't slept in 4 days! I'm suffering as well!! WHERES MY PITY!"

No. 548901


“B-but I’m totally not trying to victimize myself”

No. 548902

"Bad behavior shouldn't go unpunished and I did sexually assault people but people like me need a great support system"

No. 548907

Finally strengthened my stomach enough to watch some of these.

She doesn't sound sorry at all. She sounds like she's doing this as a formality or like it's a "business as usual" sort of thing.

No. 548909


It’s just like the one she gave during AX. Saying all the bullshit she thinks people want to hear from her, still trying to make jokes and laugh it off, still whining about “witch hunts” and “personal vendettas” and how “this shit was all planned”, still acting like she is the victim in all this.

She hasn’t learned a fucking thing.

No. 548910

The fucking audacity of this cow.

She’s ‘happy’ she can post again and not being stuck inside ‘crying’ and playing Fate.

Bitch, you should be downright miserable for months for your behaviour. Apologising doesn’t absolve you from the crime.

Can’t imagine how her victims must feel.

No. 548911

Yeah, she comes across like she only gave the apology so she could come back to the community that doesn't want her ass, not because she was genuinely sorry. She would have to think that she was wrong to be sorry.

No. 548914

The way she treats Vamp gives me serious Lamey vibes, individual grossness included. Constantly putting her down or ignoring/not bothering to credit her and then lovebombing right in the thick of it. Love yourself, bitch!! Legit hoping school and that nosejob help her shake off this disaster for good (not that she's the best person either) but, hey, free food trumps dignity I guess.

If Momo wasn't so meat-seeking missile on any (taken and/or Asian) man in a 50 mile radius, I'd swear she was leading her on romantically or some shit.

No. 548915

Would it be cow tipping if I talk to DragonCon and BlizzCon staff about her coming? She shouldn't even be near those places especially with the reputation she has now and how the whole thing is a big joke to her.

No. 548917


That’s exactly what she is thinking

“Ok guys, I apologized. Can I be let back in now? Y’all didn’t really mean any of that stuff about me being cancelled, right?” Haha funny joke guys.”

Like that was all it takes and this was just a big laugh everyone had.

No. 548919

No one would know that you did it unless you announced it here like you just did.

No. 548921

Delete your post and don't tell us about it.

No. 548923


Yeah, it's best to just do it and not announce that you're going to do it.

No. 548926

"Thank you guys for the support! I love this community so much!"

>deletes a ton of real messages

"Really thank you so much I love this c o m m u n i t y"

No. 548927

Oh lord. She is actually going to sweep this whole mess under the rug, isn't she?

No. 548928

File: 1531640318552.png (10.37 MB, 1242x2208, 5185411E-3B33-48DB-91A6-698DDB…)

Yeah Momokunt, those lovely messages you’ve decided for your narrative.

No. 548929

samefag. fit*

No. 548932


No, that's not happening. Jane and the others have not addressed this development yet. Most people have not had a chance to react to it yet. There's more coming, especially if she's dumb enough to release a video apology now.

No. 548933

Got it!
So here’s the link to the original apology and I wanna post this and see if anons do agree and see how much mental gymnastics she does
^first apology during AX
^followup to the official apology video she filmed and how fucking insufferable she is

No. 548935


crap you beat me to it lol, downloaded them individually and linked them together, here's another link I guess


No. 548936

Spoken like a true narcissist and her dumbass fans are lapping it up. Fucking predictable as shit. She's disgusting.

No. 548937

>>548933 We all know she performs mental gymnastics. We've known for 70+ threads, not to mention some time in snow.

No. 548938

It's mostly because she's deleting any comment that isn't a feel good comment.

No. 548940

Correct me if I am wrong, she has replied on comments and addressed in insta stories the comments in the vein of ‘I’d let you assault me’ and leaves them for the world to see. She’s a mass comment deleter. Why the hell would she leave them up? It speaks volumes about her fan base. It’s disgusting.

No. 548941

About her as well since she said that those kinds of comments aren't good. Yet she left them up and probably liked them too.

No. 548943

I know but it’s fucking insane how not even a week ago she was saying it was “muh ADHD” to “ I wasn’t blaming my adhd it’s just what causes me to act stupid >> hurrdurr those memes tho amirite guys”
Also when she was talking about one meme her eyes began to water and tried to play it off as laughing

No. 548944

File: 1531641109669.jpeg (290.24 KB, 750x1161, 1531629316536.jpeg)

>I am very thankful for their responses.

Did anyone bother comparing this to the old script screen cap? Cause I was under the impression no one fucking replied aside from dragging her further.

No. 548946

I just read one of her replies to an IG comment saying about her goofing off for a week and her response was basically "if you guys couldn't see me I wasn't there !"

No. 548947

>>548943 I'm under the impression that she's trying to act unusually eccentric and quirky in order to add validity to her ADHD claims.

I know Mariah has been open about various things in the past (marijuana use, drinking, and cigarettes at one point), and yet I can't seem to find anything that indicates she admitted to having ADHD, or takes medication/gets treatment for it.

So not only does she perform mental gymnastics, she's secretly trying to set the Guinness world record for the most lies ever told by a human being prior to the age of 25.

No. 548948

I can't believe she said she's a victim of sexual assault and rape, she is a really had to to there…

No. 548950

She needed to one up the people who she sexually assaulted.

No. 548951

She's so fucking predictable it hurts and sick for going that far.

No. 548961

File: 1531642824942.png (617.63 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180715-041841.png)

She's adding to her IG story again. The bong is cashed out, so now she's mumbling about fake interactions inspired by a series of fake private messages.

Meanwhile, I'm distracted by her herpes.

No. 548962

Man i cannot wait for the east coast to wake up and see this shit. Gonna be epic. Also I hope Nana doesnt take this shit on. The greatest part of this is that that little snippet of shitflinging at nana will be one of the major points that for real show moolestor hasnt changed any and hasnt learned anything. No armchairing needed- she totaled her "imachange" narrative almost immediately.

No. 548964

File: 1531643052495.png (1.29 MB, 750x1334, 728B07E1-F04E-4C8E-91A5-7AB2DE…)

Her skin. I wanna pop that zit above her lip
So bad.

No. 548966

Is she trying to annoy people into forgetting? Because it might be working

No. 548967

File: 1531643440058.jpg (969.02 KB, 1062x847, ew.jpg)

I guess she was wearing something looks like it was just badly melted into her skin to hide the lines around the plastic

No. 548968

Even if she feels so good that she proved nana being wrong (but Mariah that’s not the impression you give to people, you manipulative twat); she never denied or addressed the point in which nana claimed to be sexually assaulted by her. Which is like the whole point?
Let’s say she “lied” about Mariah being a shitty friend, she was still molested. But since she turned on Mariah, Nana Doesn’t deserve an apology? Hands all over her body are the payment for her confession?
That’s not really how it works. And if I got it right, she can’t even say she never touched nana because it was her who was groped before that Lucoa cosplayer, right?
She’s so full of shit, dear lord…

No. 548970

the fuck is on her neck?

No. 548972

lmfao one of those tattoo chokers that was really popular in the 90's.

No. 548973

That eye roll she does at the beginning where she starts talking about the DM she got is so telling, she really doesn't give a shit about this and is just trying to get ass pats now.
She's so scummy.

No. 548975

>Just got done talking to someone in my DMs who was very upset withme still..And, um, they told me that they went through some assault as well in their life
>Um, this person was very…vigorous, relentless at me ..[inaudible] ignore it, I'm gunna talk to this person. I realize that this person really-
>has been affected by what has happened…and I don't want people to think I'm "getting away" with something negative or something bad cause that's not the case at all. Um-
>Because this is going to follow me the rest of my life. No matter if it's 100 people or 1 person saying it- the rest of my life, it's going to. It's on the internet, it's there forever. Um, I'm gonna have to learn to like, talk about this.
>I want…to talk about this. I want this to be something to be discussed. Y'know, that …the stigma that "it's okay because it's a girl" is not okay anymore. I don't think it's-
>I don't think if it's a guy it should be more vicious and worse punishments. Grr.
>I think with intent it's important. Malicious versus, like, playful or like an idiot myself to be put into account-
>People should just be…people that's getting away with something should be aware that people deserve chances or um - though I've had my fair share - um, especially with situations like this
>I'm very appreciative of them though there's been like people like -[inaudible] I'm sorry similar cases that's happened not understanding boundries not as severe as mine but
>That not understanding boundaries thing. And I feel like that is a prominent situation like I've had like - for example - I have a male friend who would slap my ass constantly at cons.
>I just pulled him aside one day and I was like "hey man I don't really want you to do that to me anymore. I don't really like it" Anndd, we were basically cool after that and still hang out to this day.
>Most situations can be handled like that…um, 'cause I know his intent wasn't to be like [creeper tongue flick] but you know not everyone can be like that sooo here we are
>I wanted to touch base on that I don't agree with that double standard …um, yeahh. I dunno, there's so much I wanna say.
>Care. I care alot. I want to spread a positive narrative and I want people to know positive narrative. I don't want to spread a fucking bad narrative. I don't want to be negative. I don't want to be a bad person. I don't wanna do bad shit.
>When bad shit happens, I wanna fucking make an example of myself.I don't want people to learn from me. I don't want people like "ho ho, got awayyy " No. I don't wanna do that shit.
>Be like I have alot of things I need to think about, and I'm proud of myself having this new mindset it's good. I felt like yaknow, I'll just come out of hiding but no I've alot to do

No. 548976

Mariah pretty much blaming Bunny Ayumi in her lasted insta stories for not saying anything earlier.

Claims her male friend would slap her ass constantly at cons and she asked him to stop. They're still friends and its all peachy and cool. Said "Not everyone can be like that, so here we are…."

What a DUMBASS. If your fucking friend slapped your ass at cons and YOU DIDN'T LIKE IT. What makes you think you can do it to others??????? This bitch is grade A STUPIDDDDDD

No. 548977

This bothers me too. Because Nana called her out on being abusive and shitty, she doesn't deserve an apology at all not even for Mariah sexually assaulting her.

No. 548978

Going down further into the rabbit hole she is. Grade A dumb cunt lmao.

No. 548979

Bunny said that she had just met Mariah so she wasn't even chummy with her yet.

She didn't know the girl that she embarrassed by putting a megaphone to her vag either.

No. 548980

File: 1531644370090.jpg (90.82 KB, 599x759, tipster.JPG)

Good to see that many people understand how fake and staged her entire "apology" is.

No. 548981

It’s crazy that she said she needed a friend to come over and film it for her, because it wasn’t focusing.. what???

No. 548982

File: 1531644479812.png (1.1 MB, 1320x728, 859.png)

No. 548983

File: 1531644594851.png (17.73 KB, 482x344, 858.png)

Looks like her antics are becoming standard knowledge

No. 548985

File: 1531644832313.png (214.09 KB, 346x668, Screenshot 2018-07-15 at 1.54.…)

>I just realized my video cut off pretty…early from what I said. I explain the difference between a guy and a girl. I was trying to say no, the punishment should not be more vicious on a guy. I'm sorry, it cut off early. ((You literally just said this???))
>I love you guys…but I have to [inaudible] I'm- I'm so tired, I just need to sleep ..I love you.

No. 548987

What is this gecko turtle morph

No. 548988

It never ends! She's still posting.

Also, hi. New here. Got told about it because a lot of my shit is disappearing. -_-(don't use emojis)

No. 548989

Not going to cap it but she invites people to message her…but she had people blocked so I don't understand why she's inviting in the first place. Dumb bitch.

No. 548990

Hey new person, this is Mariah being obnoxious as usual. Try not to let her enrage you.

Try not to use any emojis here so you don't get in any trouble.

No. 548991

Don't use emoticons here

No. 548992

Gotcha. I'm an emoji person so I'll try to remember. And yea. Been a non fan for years.

No. 548993

My guess is that it might be an easier way for her to block certain people that don't agree with her.

No. 548994

Found this on twitter.

No. 548995

File: 1531645549364.png (183.52 KB, 609x781, 218146.png)

Dropped image, sorry.

No. 548996

That's exactly why. She's just making it easier to block people.

No. 548998

Um. That's mine.(no1curr)

No. 548999


Exactly what I thought. She wants her hug box to be more involved and her "enemies" to be out of the picture.

No. 549003

Dammit, I didn't think the bingo board would be THIS accurate.

No. 549004

wait what, the 'intent' matters?
by that logic if someone raped you because they 'love' you its a-okay or what?

No. 549005

File: 1531646598873.png (168.23 KB, 720x935, Screenshot_2018-07-15-02-21-23…)

Chasin that money

No. 549007

File: 1531646619368.png (148.11 KB, 720x932, Screenshot_2018-07-15-02-21-32…)

No. 549008

This chick is a trainwreck. She literally has been going out of her way to reply back to people, then immediately block them so they can't reply. Happened to my account and a few other people have brought it up too in the comments. She's a fucking coward and should feel bad for defending Moo.

No. 549009


I wouldn't take anyone seriously if their avatar is a picture of themselves making a ahegao face.

No. 549010

Harassment is verbal, Assault is touching, Rape is penetration. Jesus, this isn't hard.


No. 549012

Prime example of getting to know someone just for growth of their social media. Id understand if it was one or two comments but she's commented on every ~Moo hatur~ comment

No. 549014

File: 1531647507760.png (1.88 MB, 1242x2208, 6E84106A-1846-419F-8000-A5FA66…)

Cheeky bitch really posted this lol

No. 549015

Who is this narcissistic to make this many stories, like bitch, stop lol. Repeating ass

No. 549016


>if i have to stay up all night to reply to your messages, i will

>its the least i could do
>i owe you guys a lot

…Omg. Her fake positivity is really disgusting today.

No. 549018

if she put as much effort into being nice as she does being fake she wouldn't have this problem.

No. 549019

Notice how she's trying to give back so much to her asspatters but knows full well that the people who hate her and therefore she won't be reaching out to are the people she actually assaulted and affected

No. 549022

She's such an insufferable cunt, notice how she picks and chooses who she will try and suck up to? And having her dog Vamplette be the messenger just days ago shows what she's really like.

No. 549023

At least she stopped posting. It's 6 AM here. I stayed up all night for this.

No. 549024

New thread pic when.

No. 549025

File: 1531650535345.jpg (565.55 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180715-032759_Ins…)

No. 549027

File: 1531650805140.jpg (223.05 KB, 1268x741, touchy touchy hooo hoooo.jpg)

Let's put that useless and terrible shoot to good use.

No. 549028


>she didn't attack anyone ….

mmmmhhh you sure? Pathetic and stupid people belong to Moo, they deserve it.


a masterpiece

No. 549031

>Most situations can be handled like that…um, 'cause I know his intent wasn't to be like [creeper tongue flick] but you know not everyone can be like that sooo here we are

This is such blatant, fucked up victim blaming.
"This is how I handled it, I didn't call it sexual harassment and it worked out FINE but I guess some of us can't do that so now I gotta deal with this shit."
Even after "apologising" she's still blaming people for the situation she's in. It's the same line all her neckbeard fans are using - "Why now? Why not sooner? Why not in a different way?"
She's just full of it and it actually pisses me off.

No. 549032

>she recognized there was an issue and is confronting that
Wrong. She's only 'confronting' because she backed her flat ass into a corner and can't get out
>something that is mature and new to Mariah
Why the fuck is she talking about her like she's legitimately got autism??

>she didn't attack anyone, she didn't call anyone out or put the blame on anyone else

Did she wake up from a coma yesterday and decide to defend Moo? Bitch has done literally every part of that sentence.

This is embarrassing to see people reaching so hard to defend her when they choose to turn a blind eye to her actions, really not letting her do this so called 'growing' by licking her asshole.

No. 549035

You see, moo, this is why professionals and celebrities go under the radar and release an official statement (in due time) after an incident, whether it's self-imposed or adviced by their managers. The trashy ones take to the media at the get go to "clear the air" but end up making shit worse.

This is exactly why. This bitch really won't learn.

No. 549036

File: 1531652823920.jpg (232.99 KB, 1280x1239, touching.jpg)

No. 549038

If this didn't escalate how it did and reach beyond the cosplay community this bitch would have carried on like it's no problem without even a slight hint of an apology. The attention is a threat to her career and that's the only thing she gives a fuck about, she doesn't have a heart and she's still fucked regardless. She claims she's taking a break from cons but give it a week she'll be back just like when she said she'd do less lewds. Moo never does what she claim she will do.

No. 549045

File: 1531656486337.png (109.67 KB, 1080x731, IMG_20180715_130142.png)

Oh yeah, forgot to post this one.

This cunt…

No. 549047

This just shows, she's just apologizing because she just caught. She never intended to apologize sincerely.

No. 549048

She's fucking revolting.

No. 549049

https://streamable.com/51ads stolen from twitter. She said she's going to address the MyOppa incident.

No. 549051

File: 1531657423947.png (495.7 KB, 581x951, Caps.png)

Samefag idk if this was already posted.

Also cap of the original tweet.

No. 549052

I wrote her as well and she sent me a video answering my message to her. Tbh I appreciate it that she answers people but I've been following this thread for too long to not see how she tries to win everyone over again.
If she changes thats good. It'll be a loss on milk but whatever. I seriously doubt that. I think she will just be more sneaky with how she handles everything.

No. 549054

pics or it didn't happen. I've messaged her over the past week too and didn't get anything.

No. 549057

Has she ever mentioned being a victim of rape and sexual assault before? The only time I can remember is when she lied about that one guy.

No. 549058

She never has as that incident with the other cosplayer was kept under wraps, which makes this fucking worse. Just like when she mentioned ADHD and other mental health problems. They only magically appear when she has an epic lie to tell.

No. 549060

File: 1531660647534.png (1.05 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180715-151552.png)

Hope this is enough. I did record it too but I'm not gonna expose myself on here. I can transcribe it but I will not post it anywhere.

No. 549061

If she has (and I'm saying that with a strong "IF"), wouldn't she have more sympathy towards her victims? Wouldn't she be more aware of not touching people without their permission, ESPECIALLY since she constantly harps on about not wanting people to photograph or touch her?
I hate people who magically claim illness, trauma or tragedy when it's of use to them.

No. 549063


Could you not just download a screen recording app and just leave it running while you watch her IG story? That would give you a copy of it without snapchat telling her you grabbed it.

No. 549064

File: 1531661015919.png (121.43 KB, 1076x771, 20180715_092029.png)

The wording of this. "They didn't reach out to me "
As with any victim of sexual assault,the Victim has to have a nice, loving talk with their Attacker to make their Attacker feel better.
Fuck. Outta. Here

No. 549065

File: 1531661070162.png (41.81 KB, 578x184, Screen Shot 2018-07-15 at 9.24…)

Not sure if this was already posted here but there have been more people coming out on twitter about Moolester bullying, harassing, assaulting and being a straight up cunt to people.

No. 549068

i think you guys are really over-estimating moo's core audience and the cosplay community in general. anyone defending her is either a thirsty dude who wants a piece of her pie, or a girl who gets so triggered by bullying it wouldn't matter what moo was doing, she could be livestreaming herself torturing small animals and still have these same people defending her.

No. 549070

It's gross how some are saying 'we all make mistakes, we're all human'. Didn't know sexually touching someone without their consent is just a normal human mistake to do, who would have thought? Her fans are beyond brain dead.

No. 549071

Sitting with the cat on her lap like a good old school villain

No. 549072

Hey guys is there a way to post anonymously on Twitter? My friend wants to come forward about her pulling up her skirt but is scared to be attacked by her white nights and supporters

No. 549073

She should create an anonymous twitter that won't hint to her. No random nickname or else it won't look believable. Or write her story down and have someone else publish it for her.

No. 549074

a lot of them aren't even her fans, they're just people who would defend anyone and don't understand the difference between bullying and calling someone out.

No. 549079

File: 1531664427813.png (686.79 KB, 1584x844, rapelies.png)

For the record this is the only screenshots left of when Moo lied about being raped.

No. 549080


David is KBBQ of course and the one who is talking in pink is KrissyVictory.

No. 549082

>Fate/Hello Kitty

No. 549084

File: 1531667182004.jpg (80.15 KB, 590x886, Earthbound Giygas.jpg)

Giygas cosplay.

No. 549087

File: 1531667984810.gif (Spoiler Image, 704.78 KB, 455x247, a0f19613b5b3c0bdf058a9ae299a3e…)

Here's a shocker to Momo and her fan base
no one is obligated to accept a fake apology that is still throwing blame around and deflecting!

No. 549090

This was all I could think after seeing it too, anon.

No. 549091

i dont know who is moo in this and i dont understand the conversation to see the lie. someone break this down for me

No. 549092

This needs to be spread like wildfire if she’s playing the rape victim card in her apology video

No. 549093

first two is Momokun telling Krissy I assume, that she was raped by Nathan, last one is someone else being told Momokun lied

No. 549094

File: 1531668953319.jpg (60.56 KB, 720x708, 89e.jpg)

She just refuses to be held accountable.

No. 549095

Moo is the grey message bubbles in Facebook Messenger, blue is someone she confided in about the alleged assault. Obviously someone leaked their convo and the pink one wirh Krissy Victory is a follow up on how Moo obviously lied. It sounds like a case of she was fucking around on KBBQ, called it rape, it got a bit messy, Nigri and Ryan didn't even know and brushed it under the rug.

No. 549098


No. 549100

File: 1531670442425.jpeg (197.68 KB, 998x1682, F480A2C9-2089-4328-B6C5-50D4C0…)

No. 549101

File: 1531670454259.jpeg (194.3 KB, 1008x1612, F50A97B3-9DEA-4A84-8E1E-CAE2D1…)

No. 549102

File: 1531670470318.jpeg (194.55 KB, 1008x1410, 7796D7A1-DF72-4ED0-ADAF-4E3C84…)

No. 549103

What in the god damn. Who told her Plumers Crack poses where sexy. Someone needs to photoshop her trying to fix a bathroom sink or somthing. Future career of Moolester

No. 549104

I know this threads about Moo but jfc that Sonico girl is terrible. This is me but I fucking i hate when girls try to stick out their tongue and they barely have one to begin with. Makes them look like they had a stroke.(no one cares)

No. 549105

these caps are confusing and out of order.

No. 549106

hahah so natural, omg how the guy is just staring up into the air thinking about his life choices

No. 549107


These caps look like someone who is just not having her apology honestly lol. She's apologizing over and over again and the other person is telling her to fuck herself. It kind of looks petty.

I'm not sure how I feel about the situation, I don't like how she took so long to even acknowledge that what she did was fucked up, she threw so much shade at Bunny and kept cryptically trash talking people who were "sad and jealous of her success" but in reality it was because of all of this stuff.

Like she just thought she was honestly this big famous cosplayer who everyone hated because they were jealous. Someone pumped her up so much and fed her so much egotistical bullshit that this is what she honestly thought until her little collabs got pulled away from her. Then she decided to acknowledge she did something wrong.

And she's still using her passive agressive "im sorry you feel that way". Its stil so FUCKING MANIPULATIVE that shes sorry people have feelings that they shouldnt.

I dunno. Again we will see. She will apologize and if she ever publicly goes back on her bullshit again people will disown her for good. Her career is on a thread right now.

No. 549108

What's going on here and who's this convo with?

No. 549109

yes, but they repeat the same thing 3 times there are parts of the convo that's missing and posted out of order. we also don't know who the fuck she's talking to.

No. 549120

Found these on fb. This is the person she was ranting about on her story saying they were “deeply upset with her.”

No. 549123

It sounds like one of her calves cutting ties, she usually doesn't open up like that to a random.

No. 549136

bitch doesn't care about that, it's clearly someone she was sucking up to.

No. 549137

The thing is, everytime something major comes out, she spews this "I'll be better, I'm in the public eye and need to grow up" but then does more shit, she's not sorry at all

No. 549138

Exactly. If Mariah was actually sexually assaulted and raped then she would know the level of fucked up nonsense this is and wouldn't be victim blaming. Instead, she chose the MomoAkuma approach.

No. 549139


Yeah. It definitely seems like this was someone she kisses up to and who’s opinion she actually cares about. She’s pretty throwing out all the “I’m soooo sorry! please forgive me!!!” stops with this person and they just aren’t having it. If this were one of her calves trying to leave her she’d absolutely be trying to shame them into staying and using her usual “I’m so sad you actually believe all these mean things people are saying about me” and she’s completely ignore it if this were some random who messaged her.

How hilarious would it be if this was Mama Nigri?

No. 549142

She never apologized for calling the victims liars. If she were truly sorry she would take a break from cosplay and social media, not just 2 conventions. I really wish the victims would demand she do exactly that

No. 549143

she's not even "taking a break" from those cons, she's just not going. the ones she wants to go to she's still attending

No. 549144


It also reeks of self post. It's like "oh look at poor me im so in the wrong and im sorry im losing all my friends feel sorry for me and accept my apology" martyrdom bullshit. I dont know who posted the caps originally but if they were on facebook im wondering if she leaked them herself.

No. 549145

I'm glad that person didn't cave with her bullshitty "I'm remorseful" lie. And they call it a slap on the wrist which it is.

No. 549146

considering she did herself dirty with the nanabear caps, i hope it is her. you can tell it's not though because her responses are on the left.

No. 549148

>I know I will not gain your forgiveness in a few messages. But I hope you want me to be a better person

Really, Mariah?! Holy shit the guilt tripping here. And you aren't entitled to their forgiveness at all! They don't have to forgive you now, int he future or fucking ever. You can't guilt trip a person into forgiving you, you snotty little turtle turd. So fucking fake.

No. 549149

where did you find it, anon? it's obviously been capped by whoever moo was talking about, do you have the source? if it's you, you can say, who is it?

No. 549150

I'm not here often so can someone explain to me why Bunny/her gf won't formally sue Momo if there are plenty of evidence/witnesses?

No. 549151


It’s like she doesn’t know what an actual apology is. She thinks she can just say “I’m sorry” and all is instantly forgiven and forgotten.

You are not entitled to their forgiveness you stupid cow. Not now, not ever. And attempting to guilt them into it makes you look like even more of a slimy cunt.

No. 549152

Sorry, there are more victims than just "Bunny/her gf", Mariah.

No. 549153


I wish someone would though cause Mariah thinks she's getting away with it.

No. 549154

File: 1531675910511.png (519.47 KB, 432x915, Screenshot_2018-07-15-10-30-28…)

No. 549155

Sounds like the kind of person who says rape in marriage is impossible.

No. 549156

Lul I just made a question because I'd be more interested in watching this thread if there were real life consequences and not only people boycotting someone's "job" (cosplaying is not a job)

No. 549157

I can only assume she's having fun at the rage of people in reaction to her statement, and will certainly stick to and even exagerate that narrative in her video, the more we all comment and critize it after the new momo post-apology, the more we feed her ego, the hubris will be her downfall

No. 549158

It's hard to believe her when she's only using them to look better. Not really girl who cried wolf, but something similar.

No. 549159

I can see now through those screen caps that Momo is just a manipulative little cunt. She is just throwing her catch phrases and hoping they will stick. She said similar shit in her first thread 2 years ago "I love you guys, I wanna be a better person! You guys make me a better person" before she flipped her shit and said "that spandex suit got me more attention than you will ever get."
Stay mad Momo, no one important is going to buy into your shit anymore.

No. 549160

Her hubris was her downfall.

No. 549161

This is a stupid take. Being a costhot is literally Mariah’s only form of income, regardless of whether or not you “feel” like it’s a real job or not.

No. 549162


Because lawsuits are very expensive and often reap little to no rewards if the person lives basically in abject poverty like Moo does (Despite what people think, she doesn’t make nearly as much as everyone thinks she does) so lawyers may not even take the case.

The most they can hope for is a restraining order against her.

No. 549163

A restraining order would be a good idea since we see that she doesn't plan on leaving the victims alone.

No. 549164

Her parents are not poor, they can shell some, besides that would leave an actual mark on her life and not only in the cosplay community.

No. 549165

So unless she saying herself that she lied, this isn't proof at all. It's just two other people talking about her being a liar but no actual proof about the rape claim being a lie

No. 549166

Any job that you have to think you might be doing something else in 10 year is not an actual long term job, imbecile. Mariah is doing university because she knows cosplaying has an expiration date for her.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 549167

but she isn't doing school

No. 549168

she's only pretending to go to school so people will assume she isn't stupid. like how she pretended to know Japanese

No. 549169

the old caps from kv showed more tbh, i'll try to find them in an old thread, but as soon as moo tells her she basically forces kv not to tell anyone else and then acts weird in the texts.

No. 549170

So what's Momo's plan really? Block the whole cosplay community and only make herself public to her hug box/neck beards/fellow patron thots?

No. 549171

it wasn't even that, she was pretending to go after she found out someone who was shit talking her was getting a medical degree. she hasn't even been pretending the entire time, she actually lied about going to school for business before, but implied that she had done so already and just got an associates.

No. 549172

you can make replies without using reddit-tier insults you know

No. 549173

It's easy to just assume someone would do something you say is "right" in any situation but sometimes they don't react the same way you do. Stop.

No. 549174

A job doesn’t have to be long-term to be an “actual” job, you’re thinking of a career, and she doesn’t have a real contingency plan (unless it’s porn.) Mariah’s reputation is incredibly important to her job and her self-image.

No. 549176

Well she can flush her dreams of having a career down the toilet then. Even outside of cosplay a lot of companies will look at your social and she was dumb enough to attach her real name. Now all that will show up is her BS, her bullying and most importantly, the sexual assault. Her only option is to go into porn in a few short years.

No. 549177

There are tons of 'jobs' that dont usually last 10 years ESPECIALLY in the 'entertainment industry'. How many actors, models, musicians from ten years ago are still relevant?
Also even if she was in school? Degrees dont mean shit in the current job climate without job experience and she's only worked at starbucks and got fired because she was doing ero-cosplay (Sorry I mean she totally left on her own and they threw a party for her and everyone loves her all the time forever)

No. 549178

Why does this girl think she can just waltz back into conventions? Thats not going to happen. She has a sexual assault scandal on her hands. All people need to do is complain to conventions and they will blacklist her. And even if she does go to them she'll constantly have to be watching her back because no one will put up with her.

No. 549179

Even porn has an expiration date, trust me. I am curious as to what she has planned for after cosplay. Has she ever discussed it or hinted at something other than her lies.

No. 549182

File: 1531677444161.gif (3.45 MB, 418x362, ooops.gif)

>When you remember something funny about your lies but you can't laugh

No. 549183

seems like a young palermo shit, sucking old fans and unwary people and living off e-beg

No. 549184

File: 1531677557692.jpeg (285.97 KB, 750x933, CB26323E-AF71-4804-860D-BB2D70…)

Another day. Another accuser coming forward. She really is the Bill Cosby of cosplay.

No. 549185

Next thread pic plz.

No. 549186

Jane just made a post about false rape claims and joking about rape. Jesus Moo.. You better hurry with your video. More people are coming out and stuff is being brought up.

No. 549187

File: 1531677984485.jpeg (56.25 KB, 750x275, 4B215650-3290-4705-A26E-9773F4…)

Apologies if already posted. Even during a shitstorm Mariah has to remind us all how bisexual she is.

No. 549188

She was an idiot to ever associate her real name with cosplay. Now when people Google her the sexual assaults come up. She's kind of fucked for the rest of her life. Even if nothing comes from this apology, her cosplay career will end eventually, she can't hold it up like Kamui or Yaya and do different things in the community. She's literally going to have to explain WHY she is victim blaming when people ask about her past.

No. 549189

this says two things
>she's a pillow princess
>and she's sexually penetrated someone

No. 549190

Using her real name is horrible because you can find her family. I would never do it but I have a few people who said they messaged her mom. Leave the family out of it. They already know she's shit.

No. 549192

Just want to be clear, Starbucks won't fire you for that. Its VERY, VERY hard to be fired from there even as a non-union company unless you've done something with their logo [meaning she wouldve had to put out a gravure or lewd set with their logo]. She quit most likely to pursue cosplay. Didn't even her own sister agree she quit?

No. 549193

starbucks fired her cause shes' a lazy shit. and no she admitted she got fired, but said they threw her a party. she never said she quit.

No. 549194

she herself even said she was late every day or never showed up and was "too tired" to work. She made excuses as to why she was late. But working with her was probably a nightmare. She probably showed up an hour late and glared at you if you mentioned she should do something like clean or take orders

No. 549195

File: 1531678693368.png (8.36 KB, 676x46, a04c340aba4560a478a6f10aa9a8ed…)

Her neckbeard fans are disgusting

No. 549196

Randos coming up with stories that are most likely fake to jump on the bandwagon are detracting from the actual testimonies with merit and give momokunt an excuse to act like it's ALL fake.

No. 549197

God, this reads like a shitty politician trying to cover their ass by saying what people want to hear. She's deplorable.

No. 549198

Not true. She quit on her own. One of her Patreon goals was that she was going to quit her job as a barista and do cosplay full-time if she reached it, which she did. She made the "wahhh I was fired for cosplaying!!!" lie up later for pity points during one of her stupid speeches about how ~empowering~ lewd cosplay is for her.

No. 549199

The IG story Mariah made immediately after sharing her scripted apology showed her true colors.

Now I'm wondering how this "cat on a lap" video will be interpreted. It was evidently recorded before her obnoxious, revealing IG story that proved she didn't change one bit, so I sincerely doubt we'll get anything new or useful out of this other video.

Big thanks to the anon who asked about the stolen designs and got a video reply. However, that video reply makes me think this other Mariah video won't say shit about Susu or MyOppa.

No. 549200

if she was really sorry she would say IN PUBLIC that she was lying about saying she had no idea what she was doing was wrong, and say sorry for calling her victims liars multiple times and saying this is all a witch hunt. She only said it in a private IM.

No excuses and no passing the blame Momo. You have A LOT to apologize for, not just about he sexual assault.

No. 549205

Yeah. Starbucks even has a lot of people who are known cosplay deviants. They don't bring that into the workplace and they don't bring starbucks into their sets. Im going to stop talking about it now because I don't want to derail, but just being late, not showing up, or even porn, doesn't get you fired from Starbucks. Everyone who leaves always quits unless its something to damage the company.

No. 549211

I don't know, if I had to find someone to cover somebody's shift cause they were always late or had a bad attitude, I'd fire them too. I think she got fired because of the lie that she told when it happened. They threw a party for her? For someone that they fired? Really? That screams of someone who was in denial.

No. 549215

>>549211 They probably threw a party to celebrate her firing.

No. 549216

Those are some fake ass names, too.

No. 549219

File: 1531681778661.jpeg (41.63 KB, 640x270, 1461181940827.jpeg)

Jesus christ stop with the "she was fired" bullshit. It's a lie she made up herself. She quit her job willingly because she wanted to become a full-time e-thot. She was going on and on about work being too hard and exhausting and invading her "cosplay career", she made a patreon goal about quitting her job if she reached it, and after she did she was talking all about how happy she is that she can focus on cosplay now. About a year or so later she made that dumb fucking post about how she was bullied and made to leave her lacrosse team (another lie) and her job because of cosplay because she wanted to be a poow wittle nerd gurrl victim. I know y'all want to watch her burn and reading through 70 threads is exhausting but at least stop making shit up.

No. 549221

she posted this later anon, she wasn't using the 'i got fired' excuse to victimize herself either, she's saying she quit to act like she was too good for the job.

No. 549222

or it was the same reason they kicked her off the lacrosse team. She kept showing everyone her nudes "lookie my cosplay~"

No. 549223

That's why I said I didn't want to derail too much about Starbucks not firing people even though its rare they do. Most turnover is people quitting.

No. 549225

This also isn't confirmed. Unless someone from the team has caps about it or something or proof of her doing it, its just more conjecture.

No. 549234

>m'lady remains attainable

No. 549239


she said she quit to save her dignity, but her sister outted her as having been fired.

she posted in one of the threads just over a year ago to clear up some misconceptions, one of them was:
"She worked 30+ hours a week at Starbucks when she was 19 and 20, but was fired for being late too many times. They actually threw her a going away party and gave her lots of gifts because they were a family there and didn't want to fire her, but it was a corporate decision."

No. 549242

Comparing herself to Donald Trump is a good one actually. She also thinks she can touch people without consent because she's above criticism.

No. 549243

Stop with the Starbucks shit

No. 549244

I gagged looking at her sweaty, greasy, unwashed hippo face.

No. 549245

File: 1531683576549.jpeg (1.42 MB, 1781x3362, 1AE1D712-EA2B-427C-911B-ED48D1…)

I really hope this gains more traction

No. 549246

>IT WAS PLANNED (rigged!)

the most self awareness she has ever shown by making that comparison

No. 549250

This is the most comprehensive post I've seen shit her. It's perfect

No. 549253

God her paypigs are something else. Even first glance this is disgusting there's no appeal. Is it because her ass looks like theirs that they like her so much?

No. 549261


she literally copy/pasted her nonpology from the story to the caption of those pics. yes you're not insane she actually did that.

No. 549263

it's cause she's on their level. they see her as an easy slut.

No. 549272

This deserves alooot of attention. This sums up everything about Mariah perfectly. Props to her.

No. 549278

File: 1531685769882.gif (1.6 MB, 275x207, 1500004406900.gif)

This is the most wonderful post that I've ever seen!

No. 549279

her own mom came into a thread and admitted she got fired for being late all the time, stahp

No. 549284

i have no idea who this is but she did a wonderful job articulating every issue with mariah

No. 549289

She acts like this is the one thing people are angry at her about and not the 30 plus other things she's guilty of.

No. 549291

This has been copy and pasted to Mariah’s fb post and second half apology on instagram by amber and other.

No. 549292

We can just only hope it gains the traction it deserves.

No. 549293

This needs to go viral

No. 549294


It what she usually does. She finds the one thing that she can actually point to as being false and continues to harp on that and completely ignores all the other shit she has done.

No. 549299

not wrestling-kun but Kurt's whole milk thing was sort of the "wholesome opposite" of Stone Cold and his beer.

No. 549301

this set makes me really sad because if you put any other person in her place those photos would be STUNNING

No. 549308

what kind of kigu opens at the butt though i'm so confused

No. 549311


mine does. But not with a zipper. it has a butt flap.

No. 549313

jane has no chill about this and i love her for it

No. 549314

File: 1531689283279.png (4.23 MB, 1242x2208, 3B62D65F-1356-4298-9F5C-167E46…)

I think this is Jannet’s Boyfriend? It’s the filthy frank “no one cares suck my dick” meme lol

No. 549317

that's so stupid and adorable omg

>believing anything mariah says

No. 549319

yeah it opens so you can use the bathroom. mine has snaps and a flap. zipper is weird.

No. 549321

I bet they're loving this shit back in Russia lmao.

No. 549322

File: 1531690671482.png (Spoiler Image, 401.02 KB, 654x555, SS071518.png)

i know she fessed up to the lipo but did moo ever admit to having a tummy tuck? she's got some pretty obvious abdominal scars in this photoset.

also does this count as porn now?

No. 549325

she got weird/ugly cool sculpting or whatever its called

non admitted, but a lot of anons called it out

i just assume whatever you are seeing is from that

No. 549327

Yea its cool sculpting. It gives you those weird 'ab' ripples you see on her. Main reason I don't bother with it anymore (besides the fact that it hurts like hell). Makes you look like someone tried to squeeze you and only got a few spots.

No. 549330

File: 1531691645168.jpg (Spoiler Image, 459.38 KB, 1800x1694, collage.jpg)

I think her scar looks like a mini tummy tuck possibly?

No. 549333

Probably had that done with the whole Lipo thing. Downtime for that is horrible though so trying to use it constantly isn't exactly a great idea. So originally probably that and then cool sculpting to maintain (not that she knows how to maintain as the ripples come and go regularly). Cool sculpting has no down time.

No. 549335

Most noticeable is between her Android 21 and the MooMoo collab/slave Leia. 21? no ripples. Just fat. Moomoo/Slave Leia? Suddenly has slight ab definition. And that's not going to come from working out. Not in one month and at her size.

No. 549337

And not with the way that she eats.

No. 549338

Jesus christ why did I click

No. 549339

I cringe every time I see her with food so I try to avoid those posts. Just…ew.

No. 549340

That got you too, huh?

No. 549342

Her abdominal area looks too fucked up and lumpy for her to have had a tummy tuck. She probably had tight jeans on, quickly changed to this outfit and snapped the photo within 20 minutes. If she did have surgery then I know to never consider Vegas doctors because they did a horrible job.

No. 549347

You mean her old reliable grey pair of CKs

No. 549349

She really does think she's a fucking anime character "I-IF I JUST SMILE THE PAIN WILL STOP" kind of bullshit…

No. 549350

when you can smell the image

No. 549354


I legit think that she has trouble discerning fantasy from reality. She really thinks she is some anime character and that everything will be okay as long as she keeps smiling through it. It’s ehy her “apologies” are so half-assed and fake. She’s simply saying all the stuff she thinks people want to hear from her right now and doesn’t believe a single word of it.

Watch how hard this shit is going to hit her once she has to face reality.

No. 549355

It gets worse when you're aware that getting this and/or jacking off to this is what her White Knights are fighting for.

No. 549357

Silly anon, she can't fit into jeans that's why she only wears leggings.

No. 549363

>>548751 underrated

No. 549364

File: 1531698704856.png (173.99 KB, 586x790, deluca.png)

Fount a screencap when Moo got confronted about about her own false rape allegations a few months ago.

No. 549365

Good work anon. I wonder if she ever answered this.

No. 549367

File: 1531699172276.jpeg (147.46 KB, 750x1112, moodontlie.jpeg)


Highly doubt she ever did. She claimed to never made a false accusation and left it at that, she even replied to herself which is fucking weird.

No. 549372

not to go off topic but what does one have to do to get a board in here? I mean, Momokun deserves one on every platform. She's just a disgrace. But what are the 'cow' requirements?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 549375


Narcissism is a top requirement, as well as not willing to improve their behavior and only become worse instead.

No. 549380

She promised her video today right? Who wants to take bets we won't get it today

No. 549382

She's been promising it for a week.

No. 549383


It’s her 4th time promising it within a week

No. 549384

If you were self aware and genuinely feel like you are changing, why do you block anyone who disagrees or calls you out?

No. 549390

File: 1531704882095.png (60.61 KB, 640x569, steff.png)

I'm glad Steff isn't having her BS

No. 549391


Further proof Moo will never change. She was manipulating then and she's doing the same thing now and everyone is falling for her lies.

No. 549392

I followed the Nana post on fb and got a notification saying Mariah commented on it but it was deleted by the time I checked. Wonder what she’s scheming up.

No. 549393

So happy that Steff isn't backing down and making it clear that Mariah is all lies and bullshit.

No. 549394

I can't cap it but ThorneChan responded to Steff's and also tweeted her own call-out Mariah post

No. 549395

File: 1531705802685.png (51.36 KB, 598x474, ivydoomkitty.png)

IvyDoomKitty giving Nana her support now.
Fuck Moo.

No. 549396

File: 1531705834541.png (34.87 KB, 631x335, TC.png)

I got u anon

No. 549398

That took a long ass time. Oh well, still a more "popular" cosplayer speaking out. Anything helps.

No. 549399

File: 1531706020116.png (195.51 KB, 564x709, Thorne.png)

People are not backing down after the shitty apology

No. 549400

hell yeah, fuck moo!

No. 549401

File: 1531706111318.png (118.47 KB, 642x421, SteffVon.png)

There are people telling steff to form a support group for mo victims, if this goes forward this is gonna get even bigger

No. 549402


Another hit is better than none at this rate.

No. 549403

File: 1531706308433.png (70.85 KB, 636x911, gosteff.png)

Keep it up Steff

No. 549404


The thought of this smug bitch bringing other cosplayers to the point they are visibly upset is too much. Cunt needs to be erased for good, fuck her apology, her fans and her 'friends' who still stick by her.

No. 549405

File: 1531706467217.png (80.8 KB, 633x920, thorne3.png)

No. 549406


Someone needs to get in contact with KrissyVictory because she's the one speaking with Moo in the rape accusation screencaps.

No. 549407

File: 1531706595801.png (51.72 KB, 619x653, thorne0.png)

No. 549408

Funny how that didn't apply to any of her schooling though.

No. 549409

I also like to tell lies to save face

No. 549414

File: 1531707869612.png (504.5 KB, 634x1950, stardust.png)

I realize stardust megu isn't a big name cosplayer, but having more people speak out against mooriah's bullshit is good.

No. 549415

File: 1531707970527.jpg (358.1 KB, 1080x1571, Screenshot_20180715-222600_Fac…)

Actually looks like Ivy commented on it initially on July 5th but it was originally on her FB page

No. 549419

I’m going through the comments on her apology. The white knights forgiving her have about 20-30 likes (Mariah has liked all of them as well kek), where as the people against her have over 100+ likes.
It’s good to see the tides change.

No. 549420

Revolution is coming.

No. 549421

lol, I caught that slip up on her part too. Illiterate bitch. muh linguistics tho

No. 549422

She was fired for coming in late. The day after she got her final warning she was late.

No. 549424


What the fuck this is so sad

No. 549425

it seems like whenever this dies down a little bit Momo's victims keep adding fuel to the fire. I'm very proud that no one is letting this go, not this time. They don't want her to get a simple slap to the wrist. All her victims want her out of the community. They are out for blood.

No. 549426

Exactly, people won't let this die. Jane hasn't even released her statement yet, that should add even more to the cause. Hopefully Bunny, Kaybear and Tasha say something as well. It's a good sign that people aren't buying her bullshit though >>549419

No. 549427

If they don't release statements I will be severely disappointed in everyone. Its gotten this big cuz y'all opened your mouth, people that were big enough for it to cause a big scandal, better stick to it.

No. 549428


Weebs are the most desperate losers I've ever see tbh.

No. 549429

Surely they will. Also she blocked them so they might not have seen her recent post?

No. 549433

they're probably waiting for the video.

No. 549434

I wonder if her "mom-ager" knows what her angel is getting dragged for.

No. 549435

How did she contact them then?

I hope they do say something. If they really want sexual harassment and assault to decrease or stop along with the double standards that come with it, they would have to make sure something gets done about it rather than back out the moment they hear a fake apology.

No. 549436

File: 1531711647777.png (563.13 KB, 806x591, Screenshot 2018-07-15 at 8.28.…)

Nice pullback from social media

No. 549438

File: 1531711831012.jpg (135.28 KB, 839x708, 2018-07-15_23-28-11.jpg)

Reminds me of when she was talking shit when Low Tier God called her a thot and she said, "My instastories get more views than your youtube videos".

No. 549439

File: 1531711841758.jpg (117.04 KB, 793x570, 2018-07-15_23-28-46.jpg)

No. 549441

File: 1531711918257.png (28.09 KB, 447x241, Screenshot 2018-07-15 at 8.32.…)

are you retarded

No. 549442

This is definitely up there near Mariah-tier retarded.

No. 549444

this is super cringy

No. 549446

File: 1531712146689.jpg (41.33 KB, 859x209, 2018-07-15_23-36-05.jpg)

This definitely sounds like something she would say. She only sees the community as "fans" and potential fans cause the idiot thinks that she's a celebrity.

No. 549447

Can’t even go one day

No. 549449

Oops meant to reply to >>549436

No. 549450

It's good to see that plusfox is speaking up too.

No. 549455

Was that the photog that took her Lust photos and then she told him how to edit all the photos and then never credited him as her photog? Apologizes if I'm remembering this all incorrectly, she's done so much…

No. 549456

Wonder if nomisphotos will speak out too

No. 549458

Yes. She proceeded to call him a bitch boi in a rant. Kinda hope someone digs it up and posts it to YT. She was just as bad

No. 549460

File: 1531712636130.png (191.42 KB, 345x658, Screenshot 2018-07-15 at 8.44.…)

No. 549462

Weeewww, a narc through and through. She’s never going to change. Maybe crash and burn one day, but even then it will be everyone else’s fault, not her, the tragic animu heroine.

No. 549467

File: 1531713012604.jpeg (599.23 KB, 1125x1512, 270CD625-2515-4BF9-933E-0CEBA1…)

Everyone is seeing right through her lmao

No. 549469

I think it was Samus? Might have been Lust also but I know it was Samus for sure

No. 549475

Thank you, anons.

No. 549479

File: 1531715077142.png (413.6 KB, 1372x1843, Capture _2018-07-16-00-24-55.p…)

Someone calling out momma nigri to say something and even accused her of blocking them when they called out mariah


No. 549481

i guess nigri don't want anything at all with mokunt

No. 549485

File: 1531715894221.png (14.27 KB, 608x130, Momokun1.PNG)

Found this on a random video titled "Exploring The Momo Situation". Still working on that apology moo?

No. 549486

>>549479 This is upsetting. It's along the lines of the popular saying "If you're not condemning it, you're condoning it". Nigri hasn't even released a generic blanket statement since this controversy gained momentum. She's makeup on a pig, if you will.

I've also become weary of the sudden silence from Kay Bear, Bunny, Susu, and Tasha at this point. Jane says she hurt herself, so I'll give her the benefit of the doubt. But the other girls I've named in this paragraph have been eerily silent since Momo finally shared her scripted apology and irritating IG story.

I shouldn't be surprised, but I'm incredibly disappointed at the lack of action being taken by the very people who got the ball rolling.

No. 549489

File: 1531716305186.jpg (222.25 KB, 789x1024, 16245844521_ec440a4649_b[1].jp…)


wouldn't it be something if momokun or one of her fans set up the momo creepypasta to distract from the current scandal?

No. 549490

I'm seeing my mutual friend count with moo dropping by the day. What a great feeling

No. 549491

Her "apology" hasn't even been out for 24 hours yet. I say give it some time. They may be busy and haven't even seen it yet. Now if a week passes and nothing, then we should definitely be weary.

No. 549492

the other girls are blocked by moo and also may be waiting on a video, don't act like they're being shitty, moo's the one preventing them from direct dialogue.

No. 549493

It kind of seems like they accepted her fake ass apology and are being quiet about it.

No. 549494

Or hey maybe they're waiting for her to release her BS apology video rather than responding to every little thing she does?

If they kept replying to everything she does she would be able to use that against them. It's pretty simple logic tbh. Once she puts out her reply video ESPECIALLY after all this wait she wont be able to turn around and add more to it or go 'I WAS GONNA COVER THAT IN MY VIDEO. SEE GUYS LOOK AT WHAT A BULLY THEY ALL ARE!!!'

She probably put out the text version to try and prompt a reply from them but I honestly feel like they're waiting to tear down her big apology video.

No. 549495

How did Moo contact them if they're blocked?

I'd agree but it's kind of silly to wait on her video since at this rate, it's never gonna happen.

No. 549496

I dont think they have had any contact with her. Shes had them blocked and i doubt she actually has reached out.

No. 549497

Lmao I am living for this I can't believe when I called her out for being a martyr with those weird screencaps SHE GOES AND CALLS HERSELF A MARTYR IN HER STORIES AN HOUR LATER SHE REALLY TURNING HERSELF INTO THE VICTIM HERE


No. 549498

I'm sure if another week or the end of the month hits and she hasnt replied they'll say something but as of right now she's used what some people see as valid excuses.

Also >>549493
If they accepted it wouldnt they have said so or deleted the tweets that are still getting circulation?

Can we stop assuming things? It seems like it's been 5 years in moo time but is HAS only been a few days since she claimed she was originally going to do it. The other girls actually work on content and do things other than sit online all day and night like moo so no they're not going to clap back at everything like moo does.

Waiting is the smarter thing to do because it gives Moo less ammunition and with how much bs she's been posting while thinking she's big n untouchable she's actually been giving them tons to tear down whatever apology she does eventually post.

No. 549499

>>549494 But the apology video was prerecorded prior to the IG story Mariah made last night, which Mariah said would be a shorter version of what she already said in her scripted message (I'm paraphrasing, by the way).

Therefore, if the video isn't going to bother addressing victims by name, or bring up other vile acts committed by Mariah in the past, then why the delay?

For those of you who are naive enough to believe that these girls haven't seen the IG post (at the very least) by now, I hear Momokun has a Patreon you can subscribe to for awesome rewards that always show up on time.

No. 549500

omg anon shut the fuck up, we get that you're impatient but seriously. stop with these fucking accusations. unlike moo the victims have real lives and friends and appointments and don't have time to play into moo's childish dramu.

No. 549501

You know that it's multiple anons speculating, right? It's an imageboard where speculation and talk happens.

No. 549502

>>549500 See, here's where you're wrong, anon.

You can't press the gas pedal to the floor and throw something around like "I was sexually assaulted by Momo", only to ease up on her once she resurfaces in an attempt to win back public favor.

No. 549503

not to mention, the victims don't owe moo shit. she's the one meant to apologize, they don't even have to respond to her in any capacity. you're being a brat by needing people to respond in a way that you want, that's not how it works. now stop acting like moo and get over yourself.

No. 549504

Two hours left in PST. Will she drop the video today? Place your bets.

No. 549505

>>549503 see >>549502 for a sensible rebuttal. Bring something to the table next time.

No. 549506

and? i'm addressing someone who's obviously been going back and fourth.

so? no one is working on your or moo's timeframe, stop being impatient and let things unfold. many other people have come out and aslo started a dialogue after the fact and they weren't even involved. why don't you go get sexually harassed by moo if you want to be in charge of how victims schedule their replies to a fake ass bitch.

No. 549507

bawwing about people taking too long to meet your own personal standards is not a "sensible rebuttal" but go ahead, and keep patting yourself on the back, bby.

No. 549509

Moo never de-surfaced so how the fuck can she resurface? She's been active the entire time. You're super caught up on holding moo's VICTIMS responsible or something, you sound like a wk.

No. 549510

>>549506 The problem I have is that some people on social media, as well as these threads, are starting to get uneasy about the lack of a response by the very same people who made their confessions to CG, and I think I can see their cause for concern. These girls opened the floodgates, and now they're silent.

And people wonder how Momo managed to maintain support outside of the neckbeard portion of the cosplay community. It's because Momo can trick people into saying things were coordinated, or these girls may have buckled privately and accepted the apology. If they chose to accept the apology, then that's fine, since they were the true victims and all. But it would be some disheartening shit if they led the charge, and suddenly disappeared from the battlefield while others did the fighting instead.

No. 549511


Not today but she did have time to post 72 stories on her mariahmallad instagram in the last 24 hours :)

No. 549512

I don't know if you know this but not everyone on the internet is as obsessed as Moo or us.
Whether they care or not, Moo has them blocked. It's been confirmed. She's also said there's two girls that did not respond. Not everything needs to be out on the internet. They probably only wanted it resolved behind closed doors anyways because, well, they run businesses too. They'd rather not have their every personal transaction on their business social media. Not saying YandereJane hasn't done it, because it's obvious she doesn't care, …but I know Susu is more level headed and legit doesn't give two shits about Moo.

No. 549514

Either way if you want to talk about what the victims are or arent doing? take it to /snow/

Originally it was possibly relevant but now you're obsessed with 'WHY ARENT THEY DOING ANYTHING?' So it's not Moo related.

No. 549515

File: 1531718973412.png (159.31 KB, 351x653, Screenshot 2018-07-15 at 10.30…)

No. 549516

Exactly it's beyond simple speculation and has gone into annoying territory.

No. 549517

File: 1531720344313.png (31.92 KB, 570x261, Screenshot 2018-07-15 at 10.52…)

No. 549518

File: 1531720473133.jpeg (258.11 KB, 1062x1581, B651D42E-D7C3-4C26-A626-DD57C9…)

A close friend of mine who wants to stay anonymous because she works at Disney came to me after seeing everyone’s statements about this interaction at a con once. I blacked out her cosplay because it was a cross over cosplay that would be easily Recognized.. I wish this had more weight to it but it’s a small fry cosplayer.

No. 549519

File: 1531720566425.jpg (151.76 KB, 428x535, wideloadmomo.jpg)

how the turntables

No. 549520

What a garbage human. She also “liked” a tweet that said something along the lines of “its 2018 can cosplayers stop lying about making their cosplays” and I died reading it

No. 549523

I seriously have this tinfoil thought that all of this is a ruse to get her into some sort of attention. She paid off everyone claiming to have been harassed by her and this is all leading to a conclusion that all of them show up at the end of this 'apology' video and then laugh at the 'anons' who are trying to shame her like Ricegum and Fouseytube. I know it's a stretch because she's dumb but the aluminum foil is not disappearing until i see this video.

No. 549524

She's not that smart.

No. 549526

she doesn't have that much expendable money to bribe top cosplayers to risk ruining their reputation.

No. 549529


I know for a goddamn fact that she apologized only cause Jessica Nigiri is making her.

Momokun doesnt give any bit of a shit that this stuff is happening to her and is going through her usual shit of just deflecting it constantly until people forget or move on. Its worked the last like 10 times it happened.

No. 549530

Lets be real: if Jessica made her apologize then she would have done it by now and shouted out Jess like 'THANK U SO MUCH TO JESSICA FOR BEING SUCH A GOOD ROLE MODEL WE'RE SUCH CLOSE FRIENDS GUYS EVEN THOUGH SHE'S NEVER CHOSEN TO HANG OUT WITH ME WE'RE BASICALLY FAMILY' and cried about how much she loves her in her IG stories.

Momo would L O V E to use Nigri in her pitch for pity

No. 549533

jnig doesn't give enough of a shit abour moo to make her do anything.

No. 549534

File: 1531725531251.png (80 KB, 720x438, Screenshot_2018-07-16-00-14-31…)

W a t

No. 549535

fuck this thread is too full of newfags. what's with all the obvious tinfoil anons claiming they know!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 549536

>me and my friends molest eachother all the time!
>no one ever told me it was assault so it's not
>people should feel the same as me.

No. 549537

File: 1531726407971.png (63.22 KB, 456x496, 1508445088151.png)

If she was actually molested then she wouldn't be defending a molester.

No. 549544

lmao she looks like a linebacker and attributed her 'wideness' to genetics

No. 549550

I'm very disappointed with Nigri and her lack of giving a fuck apart from the occasional like on things relating to what Momokunt did. Not even a vague post about the cosplay community and she still follows her on Instagram. Everyone else is cutting ties, why does she find it so hard to do the same and address it?

No. 549551

She's not the voice of the community. No one is. I don't see people pressuring other high names like Yaya. Moo likes Nigri. Just because of that doesn't warrant a post about it. Seriously, everyone needs to stop thinking Jessica is the only person who can stop people in the community. It's not her problem.

No. 549552

it's not that "she can stop" momo, it's that everyone, even people in the know, have basically said momo has always wanted to be like Nigri. so you tell me what your reaction would be if the person you idolized over the years singled you out for being a piece of shit in a public forum like Twitter/YouTube? THAT'S why people are hoping Nigri makes a statement.

No. 549553

It's not a case of stopping Moo all together, her statement could help towards what's going on. Yaya Han has had no involvement in Moo, spent time with her at cons or follows any of her social media. Nigri on the other hand has and everyone knows Moo has wanted to be exactly like her for ages now. She's not capable of stopping Moo, but she can certainly HELP towards supporting those who she fucked over in the last few years.

No. 549556

why do you guys think jnig gives a fuck about the community? she's there for the neckbeard bucks and nothing else. why rock the boat and potentially alienate the people who made her career?

No. 549557

Just like every other costhot that's said something against Moo, they're all doing the same thing, she's only a bigger name in the money making game.

No. 549559

they're all making pennies compared to jnig and throwing in their opinion had a better chance of promoting than hurting. jnig can't get much more popular.

No. 549563

She'll hurt her career by continuing to be associated with Moo. Anyone with a brain cell would throw her to the side to save themselves. Nigri can cut ties and she knows it, her thirsty fans at the end of the day are the same type that will still throw money around regardless. They don't care for anything other than tits. It's her actual fans with morals who will be affected, ALOT of female cosplayers look up to her and that's more important than hurting some neckbeards feelings.

No. 549564

Alright so I’m a very touchy feely person and here’s the thing. IM ONLY TOUCHY FEELY TO MY FRIENDS LIMITS.

I don’t just go groping random fucking people at cons.

Also had my ass grabbed by someone at SDCC who disappeared into the crowd. I thought it was kind of funny and as flattered but that doesn’t mean everyone else is going to have that same reaction.(blogpost)

No. 549565

but she hasn't associated with moo for awhile? when was the last time they hung out or spoke?

No. 549566

You’re not wrong but here’s the thing.

She’s a recognizable brand name far more than moo is. Her and Yaya are two faces that bridge the com between fans and normies. It was really Fucking stupid and egotistical of Yaya to say she was the emporer of cosplay or whatever but she was right in the sense that she’s really well known.

If Jnig wth her reach made an official statement it would DEVASTATE whats left of moos fanbase. Jnig isn’t in charge of her but she’s highly influential.

No. 549568

I’m surprised she hasn’t claimed she’s on the [redacted] as an excuse as to why she can’t read social cues and grabs people without permission. I’m sure it should be added to the bingo card

No. 549569

The more these stories crop up, the more I start to believe them when at first I was a skeptic, I thought the opposite would be happening by now but they all sound exactly like her

That IG story she posted a few months ago filming that random girl with dip-dyed pink hair making fun of her was a true glimpse at her and how often she must judge or make snide comments about people

She basically admitted with all this adhd shit that she has no filter or impulse control, I don’t doubt for a second that she says this rude shit without thinking and then plays it off like it’s a joke

No. 549570

Ok, so she can cut ties quietly. She doesn't need to make a comment and as another anon said, she hasn't hung out with moo in forever.
Anons are way too thirsty for a jnig comment.
I honestly think the only thing that could happen is more shit apologies or moo turning on jnig. Moo won't suddenly disappear just because of jnig denouncing her

No. 549571

Totally agree with you
People should stop mentioning her all the time.
Some anon said that they wish this thread has a hellweek and I totally agree. It's getting hard to follow everything when every other posts a new fag comes in or someone derails.

To make my comments less OT
Did you all notice how now she is back to posting stories a bunch of stories on her instagram again.
Like shr thinks that this is it and now that she has addressed it she can go back to what she was doing before.
Another example of how she doesn't actually care about anything.

No. 549585

Yeah like she said she was canceling cons but then says she's maybe going to NYCC which is in October so wtf

No. 549586

You all don't get it, do you? Does Nigri owe anything to Moo or us? No. But it makes her look more like the fake bitch she is when she sits their throwing support and sharing content for Kaybear or Susu and all her actual friends that she says she admires are coming forward and denouncing Mariah, yet Nigri has only retweeted Stella's blurb about it and that's it.

If it's so well known throughout the community that someone like Mariah thinks she's emulating her idol and wants to be the next JNig…my first instinct would be to nip that in the bud ASAP and let people know that I don't support that shit in the least.

Her lack of speaking up really paints her in a bad light…like others said, neckbeards won't give a fuck but the people she says she wants to support in the community and help promote aren't happy.

No. 549589

File: 1531748409192.gif (1.05 MB, 320x240, CDAGvkF.gif)

No. 549590

NYCC passes are all mostly sold out and NYCC is as big as SDCC so no way she's getting a free pass for that. Plus, many of the cosplayers that frequent that con are people that have already disassociated with her.

No. 549591


if a man tried to pull this "silly play" shit he would be in prison. don't excuse her just because she's female.

No. 549592

She's the only instagram user I've ever seen to post THAT many stories… Look at how many fucking dots. I didn't even think it was possible. She really needs a hobby.

No. 549593

>She really needs a hobby

But anon, she loooooooooooves to play Fate/Grand Order!!

No. 549594

File: 1531750778649.png (156.82 KB, 753x428, Your logical fallacy is bandwa…)

>I-I also touch people without their consent therefore it's not bad!

No. 549595

Nigri is a cow herself, what did you expect? Only because she's started behaving since some years ago for pr purposes it doesn't mean that she's actually a good person or the savior of cosplay. She doesn't give a fuck about what's right and what happens in the cosplay community. She's only in it for the betabucks.

No. 549596

Reading the comments on her stuff "If someone was bothered by it, tell her when it happens." Do they not understand? If you KNOW who she is, you know she's cancer and will probably do or say something to make your con shit because you called her out in front of people. If you don't know her, most people will just walk away without speaking up because its awkward. Its a con. The majority of us that go to cons are awkward AF.

No. 549597

Only pixyteri (all glory to the queen) has an entire board named after her. This is a thread.

No. 549599

Oh thanks. I don't usually go to this kind of thing so I never know what things are. I'm a basic bitch of social media and only use the popular stuff.

No. 549601

It's a bluff. She'll be at the very next con drunk off her ass per usual. This is just a big fucking overdramatic show to score sympathy points. I highly doubt she was seriously ever planning to go to a few of those cons anyway and they were just thrown in there to lengthen the list. She's already acting like nothing ever happened so I don't put it past her to think she's repented for her sins by posting stories of her crying while NOT making a video apology. Only thing that might be different is that she doesn't announce she's going until she's at the con so people aren't initially on the lookout for her.

No. 549602

Who cares what jnig does i just want the fucking video!

No. 549603

And then when she gets to the con and starts posting, because we all know she loves being the center off attention, she'll be all "My friends convinced me to go because I was so depressed and I just love cosplay ma dudes."

No. 549604

I'd suggest reading https://lolcow.farm/rules and https://lolcow.farm/info if you're new.

No. 549605

Awesome! Thanks a lot. I still can't navigate this site properly.

No. 549610

It's pretty fucked how Mariah just uses the ig stories section to her advantage. She knows people aren't really going to look at it. Which is way she got away with using her script from the never to be released apology video on the ig posts she made. Otherwise people would have dismissed her big time. Since it's pretty fucking insincere to use a script to apologize. Not to mention making people wait all that time.

No. 549612

Cuz she knows its not permanent and if this all blows over she can act like nothing happened. I'm waiting for the apology to disappear after a while on her posts.

No. 549614

File: 1531755109317.jpg (44.89 KB, 588x717, twwet.JPG)

seen on twitter lmao

No. 549615

Preceding at least 10 Instagram posts, 20 stories and 5 Facebook posts about how she "feels so loved right now [shes] trying not to cry."

No. 549616

It's just gonna be the spoken version of her shitty, internet copy-and-pasted "apology" instagram post, nothing to be excited about.

No. 549617

She's a grade A manipulator. And she'll have had this all preplanned before she does it.

No. 549623

Do those more integrated in the cosplay scene foresee this as being an actual, long term dent in her reputation?

I'm sure it'll burn some bridges, but I get the impression once the initial accusations simmer down people are largely going to forget about it. Not like she's going to be permabanned from cons or anything, I'd assume?

No. 549624

Who's hoping we get an update from Philly D today about Momokunt?
Love seeing all these cosplayers come forward about there experience with Momo, but at the same time, it's sad to see how many people she's abused, bullied, harassed and fucked over.
Not all attention is good attention Momo, and everyone knows you as the cunt that sexually molests people, steals designs, lies and cons her fans out of their money. I can't see this ending well for her.
I hope it does mean permabans from cons. I've been wanting to do some research on if this sort of case has happened before and what sort of repercussions were put in place. I'll report back with my findings if anyone is interested.

No. 549625

I know momo's not doing much guys but can yall seriously stop bringing up other cosplayers if yall wanna complain about what they are or arent doing? You know it's fine if the thread isnt at the top of the page all the time right? Bitching and moaning about 'Why isnt this cosplayer saying anything about Moo???' over and over just shits up the thread.

I can say for certain I know of 3 cons that have her blacklisted from even buying a badge. They dont have plans to make sure she doesn't ghost just yet but the staff says it's up for discussion if she does post about wanting to attend.

No. 549626

I'm not so sure about an update from Philly D, since she didn't actually release a video I don't know if he'd still update today.

If he does update though, I really hope he doesn't fall for the written apology she posted on Instagram, and/or any messages she or Vamp may have sent him painting HER as the victim.

No. 549627

>people are largely going to forget about it
Nah, not this time. Not only the news have spread like wildfire, not only even a massively shared meme came out of it, but she also created a precedent: a female cosplayer who sexually assaulted many people (and blamed it on ADHD). Many people who didn't know of her before, now know her as the "molester cosplayer". Many people who already knew her before also know her as the "molester cosplayer". This is her new brand and it's not going to fade

No. 549629

I agree with you but I also understand anon's fear that people will forget about Momo's bullshit. But it's true, her ADHD excuse made her look so much worse and everyone now refers to her as "the fat cow that blames sexually assaulting people on her ADHD". She basically launched herself into meme status with that bullshit IG story and if there's one thing that never dies (at least on the internet) is memes.

No. 549630

File: 1531758191434.jpg (101.99 KB, 1792x182, 2018-07-16_12-22-40.jpg)

She's been this way since the first thread when she came here to "defend" herself.

No. 549632

This. she'll be at the next con and say, "I'll be enjoying the con but won't be in cosplay. I'm taking a break from being in cosplay at cons my dudes, don't believe everything you read on the internet, the lie's people make about me lol".

No. 549638

File: 1531759646887.jpg (28.2 KB, 750x390, IMG_20180716_104721.jpg)

Calling it now, there will be no apology video and if anyone asks about it, she will pass off her Instagram post as the apology.

No. 549640

I think she's already doing that. That's why she's gone back to sperging on insta-stories and making a million of them a day like her usual schedule.

No. 549641

File: 1531760253650.jpg (110.58 KB, 816x729, 2018-07-16_12-57-29.jpg)

It sucks that Jane isn't saying much but Steff has stepped in to drop truth bombs.

No. 549643

>blacklisted from even buying a badge

…well that's a non issue for her, kek.

No. 549645

Ghosting and waddling from security is her skill when it comes to cosplay, not actually making a cosplay or being a considerate person and nice. She just knows how to evade paying as much as possible to real things so she can spend it on fake merch.

No. 549646

she's not. she's just going for the lowest common denominator, that's why everyone sees through her shit. everyone speaking out now is saying the didn't cause of the backing she had from the community. that backing isn't from her manipulating anyone it's cause the community is a hugbox. if she was a good manipulator she wouldn't leave so much evidence.

No. 549648


I foresee a lot of permabans coming for any big name cons she wants to attend (i.e. Blizzcon, SD/NYCC, RTX, AX, PAX) and any Vegas cons. She’ll maybe be able to sneak in at some small time ones like she has been able to in the past, but even then if the locals make the cons aware of her I’m sure she’ll be kicked out as well. She might still get some international ones, but we all know how she feels about South America at this point.

Her professional reputation is absolutely done at this point. No con is going to want to take her on and all the drama that will come with it. Again, sexual assault/harassment is a huge hot button issue here in America right now and no convention or company is going to want to be seen endorsing a sexual predator like Moo with multiple confirmed instances of her behavior. No matter how “sorry” she is and all the bullshit apologies she gives no one is going to want to take a chance on her.

The most she can hope for is to get by on her Patreon and the disgusting neckbeards who will continue to throw cash as her no matter what.

No. 549649

So I know Leon got a press badge from Dragon Con based on his follower count. Chances are that's the type of badge Momokun has as well, since she hasn't taken pics of her postcard saying she bought one yet. Or she hasn't bought one.

No. 549653

Got a buddy that works for Blizzard. He has nothing to really do with Blizzcon but he said there has been a lot of talk about Mariah at work. Means at least they are aware of the problem. So I really doubt they will let her in. He's gonna do some snooping and if he gets a definitive answer he's gonna send me screenshots or emails with the info. I'm really hoping that a) he can get the info (cuz I'm just honestly nosy) and b) they permaban her.

No. 549654

she's never went into blizzcon lmao

No. 549655

Well she's probably never gonna go inside like she usually does. But maybe they'll keep an eye on her in case she ghosts like usual.

No. 549657


she has only ever ghosted blizzcon, you should make your buddy aware of that so he can pass it on

No. 549658

I'll tell him. Maybe he can put in a word of that.

No. 549660

They've probably ignored it before but with this they might take it more seriously.

No. 549662

Probably already known but this is a archive of her clipped streams if anyone is interested https://twitch.clips.gg/?channel=mariahmallad&sort=all

No. 549664

Correct me if I'm wrong but most of the incidents of momo touching people without consent happened inside the con (the video of her with the twitch streamer and the video of her groping that guy's ass AT her booth). If she acts this way while INSIDE the con and/or being promoted/partnered with the con organizers, imagine what she could or has done outside the con while ghosting with no security, no security cameras, fewer eyewitnesses… that alone should make organizers keep an eye out for her ghosting at cons and lurking outside.

No. 549666

i don't think cons ignore ghosting persay, it's just hard to catch. most of them, even big ones don't really check badges that well, and what would they do if they did? unless the implement some kind of photo ID system, no one would be caught unless the person remembered the name and caught the non-owner with the badge.

No. 549667

Luckily Momo's so fucking huge and obnoxious it's like losing a whale in a swimming pool.

No. 549668

If you want to find her, you need to follow her smell or listen to her scream "ching ching chong" into a megaphone

No. 549669

Saying ignored was probably the wrong word but only kinda? Like they know its too hard to catch the majority so they just are more meh about it. Especially if you have a high number of attendees. I know our local con (not big by any means) is a lot stricter at it but pretty sure the regular staff knows what these people look like and can catch them. They tried one year to leave the halls open and just rooms need badges but that was a nightmare so we don't do that anymore. With all this drama and her being a bigger name than most, they can find her no problem.

No. 549670

Even Arda Wigs took down her 'customer spotlight' page. It was there when all this started. Now I'm getting 404 error.

No. 549672

File: 1531764341867.png (370.08 KB, 750x1334, 5B01BD17-74DB-44DF-B850-9B2699…)

Looks like Bunny does plan on addressingit. No doubt waiting for Moo to trip all over herself with her shit video “apology”

No. 549673

Yeah that was already posted in the previous thread. Seemingly anyone (besides the retarded people like vamps, noodles, and her neckbeards) that was associated with her dropped her faster then you can say "jail time".

No. 549677


I really wonder what Bunny will say about Moo reaching out to her. Maybe Bunny was one of them who didn't respond to her "apology" or whatever she wrote to her.

No. 549678

It would make sense, as Moo specifically called her out. MomoAkuma also, coincidentally, called her out by name too. I wouldn't be surprised if they talked about her behind closed doors and concocted a scheme to twist the costhot's words against them.

No. 549680

God I would fucking go off if she did that. And since half her fanbase are probably [redacted] as well (no shade, I am too) she’d either get fucked or sympathy. Can’t tell.

No. 549681

she'd be obviously lying, and even if she wasn't my bf is [redacted] and knows better.

No. 549683

File: 1531765427914.png (390.88 KB, 750x1334, 145495BB-2FE1-4F70-ACBB-CCD6D4…)

No. 549684

Stupid bitch should've practiced what she preached.

No. 549685

Is this [redacted] stuff a new thread rule or are we just trying to not give momokunt ideas for excuses? just wondering

No. 549686

some anons started using it, cause mo lurks here, as a way to avoid giving her ideas, most don't use it, and if you do, use it sparcely, some just go overboard with the redacted shit that the message has no sense

No. 549688

Thanks for clarifying. I'm all for not giving momo any ideas, I just wanted to be sure it wasn't a new rule that I had overlooked.
I think the general public is aware that momo is a liar, it's not too hard to find examples of that. It's actually probably harder to find examples of her telling the truth.
Even if she did blame autism or Tourettes or any sort of mental handicap, it'll blow up in her face the same way the ADHD defence did. There isn't a disease or disorder that makes a person sexually molest other people, shitty people do shitty things plain and simple. And if she did have some sort of disorder or illness, that would prove even more so that she shouldn't be allowed at or near cons since she can't control herself or her actions.

No. 549690


She’s also now is trying to walk it back by saying she never blamed it on ADHD and simply stated that she had it and that everyone took it to mean she was blaming the disease on it.

Which of course is total bullshit since she herself said “A lot of it has to do with having ADHD”

No. 549693

She seriously lurks here? What? Talk about being full of yourself. Is she that stupid? that she has to see what people are bashing her for and try to fix it (at least in the public eye try to fix it, we all know she's beyond redemption). Is it that hard for her to be a decent human being that she has to find her faults and act like they don't exist because she doesn't know them herself?

No. 549694

File: 1531766989497.jpg (143.13 KB, 721x877, BRBukLY.jpg)

She's made responses to pretty much each thread through her instastories or twitter. Where do you think she got the image for her Moomookunt shirts? She tried to bait the artist into "claiming" their work so she could sic her paypigs on them

No. 549695


She is a narcissist. Of course she lurks here. She has to know every single thing that people are saying about her at all times. Who the hell do you think she is talking about when she is trying to clap back at people on her instastories? It sure as shit ain’t her coming for see hugbox comment section. Any time she is taking about “haters” she is talking about here.

No. 549697

She's so fucking stupid, we have video evidence from the cow's mouth herself blaming it on ADHD.
Also iirc she even said she was a "strong advocate FOR sexual assault". It's almost like her brain keeps telling her lies but every once and a while her tongue slips out a bit of truth.

No. 549698

That's just hilarious. I had seen the shirts but didn't know what was going on and looked over it. Like how she wrote "oh whale". Yes, Momo, we know you are a whale.

No. 549699


So hilarious no one wore the shirts after that and you could easily tell how uncomfortable everyone was wearing them in public. I guarantee that they all probably went straight into the garbage after that weekend.

No. 549700

Nigri even dismissed the shirt and said the image was cute when Moo was instigating. Too bad no one cared about it as much as Mariah did.

No. 549701

God bless the artist who made that image of Mariah. So sorry it was modelled by a bunch of brainless fucktards. They all look embarrassed to be wearing the most accurate depiction of their ""friend"". Did Mariah wear one as well?

No. 549702

They look uncomfortable in the picture even. Fake faces. Like "Please stop. This is mortifying."

No. 549703

praise be to art anon for triggering mariah so bad she almost died

No. 549704

I'm no body language expert but yeah they all look mortified. Blue haired prick on the far left looks too dumb to realize, the other two are basically oozing with cringe

No. 549705

If ChrisChan cant get away with it Momo who has never shown signs of ACTUAL developmental issues sure as hell cant especially since she has, on several occasions, said that she would punch/assault anyone who touched her without consent so it's extremely hypocritical of her

No. 549706


Wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what soured her on Moo. She was probably thinking “Is this girl really that much of a loser to get these shirts made and make us wear them?”


Wear one? Hell, she was the one who paid to get them made. All to prove to the “haters” how unbothered she was by it. Because that’s what you do when you supposedly don’t care, drop hundreds of dollars to get shirts made.


You could see the cringe on everyone’s faces in all the photos they took. Just “Why is she making us do this?”

No. 549707

No. 549710

"Cause I'll leak our private messages."

No. 549711

File: 1531768494973.jpg (825.83 KB, 1080x1688, 1499722722960.jpg)

Thanks, anon, it was actually in the thread that followed this one. Looks like she wore it over another shirt with a sweater over top of it. Even she looks humiliated in it and it was her freaking idea.

No. 549712

File: 1531768509913.png (133.22 KB, 640x1136, 6F7D31E0-BA6E-4FB6-A6F3-39EC9F…)

Bunny tweeted this a short while ago, btw.

No. 549713

already posted anon

No. 549715

That’s what happens when you’re on mobile, I guess. Sorry.

No. 549716

Not defending her, I’ve posted several times my distaste for her, but she definitely didn’t say “Ching Ching Chong”, in her Q&A video she says meis actual voice line and it sounds like what she slurred into the microphone

Spreading petty, false shit overshadows what’s actually true.

No. 549718

Cool thanks for clarifying, Mariah.

No. 549719

Except she did say that and it's not false information, try again.

She even said, "I can't speak Japanese so I don't know how to say her line" but Mei is Chinese.

No. 549720


. . . Really nigga?

Fuck out of here with that “I’m not trying to defend her” bullshit. It’s literally on camera you dipshit

No. 549723

Mariah also lied at first and said that it was an "inside joke" while also trying to get the video removed. She's tried to cover her ass over this a ton of times.

No. 549724

lmao sure, she just happened to be mumbling mei's voice line as she walked way from an asian cosplayer with her friends.

No. 549725

Pulled up the Momo video then all Mei's voicelines. I can see which one 'might' have been close but its not really close at all. it went from "Bīng qiáng, shēngqǐ lái ba!" <<<what i assume you are trying to say she was saying to "Ching chong ching ching chong" Not close.

No. 549727

watch for yourself anon.

No. 549728

Lol some of you are straight up autists and make it hard to enjoy this thread or find any justice in it

That incident was when she was rude as fuck to someone asking for a photo, she didn’t say Ching Chong to them she blew them off like a cunt

This shit is all on video, why are you all so hellbent on refuting this when there are actual cases of her being awful?

No. 549729

There's also other evidence that proves her racism. Like her going up to a cosplayer and asking them to speak in an Indian accent. She would have gotten away with it cause it sounded unbelievable even for her but she's retarded and tried to cover her ass by making a tweet saying, "I always thought that [don't know the character] should have an Indian accent." Only after the idiot did that that we believed it.

No. 549731

She worked at an anime store?? I've never heard of this, wat

No. 549732

lol watch the vid, even the thumbnail shows her being all "nice" to her face.

No. 549733

See >>549727 before making yourself look like an "autist".

The anon got it mixed up but she did scream "ching chong ching ching chong" to an asian cosplayer before the fan walked up. She was about to do it again but stopped.

No. 549735

i think steph is saying she worked in the store, not moo, but moo probably used the store to try to self-promote.

No. 549736

Because idiots like you like to nitpick tiny details. I just posted the video, watch for yourself.
She did, in fact, scream "ching chong ching chong" in a megaphone at another Asian cosplayer. Don't want to shit up the thread? Don't post retarded shit like this, thanks DUDE!

No. 549737

h-how many stories does she post in a day? I have never seen such an insane amount.

No. 549738

She's trying to make up for when she was hiding her ugly face.

No. 549739

Its fucking hilarious as soon as she posted her god awful apology she went straight into her instastory spam again. She makes it so obvious she think its all over now that she "apologized"

No. 549742

Said she was making an apology video over a week ago, posted pictures of her editing and filming the video (in that order)… no apology video. It's obvious she never actually worked on anything. Hopefully, Philly D will take her half-arsed apology as the official statement and rip into her for how shit it was.

No. 549743

You can tell that she's not genuinely sorry. She has yet to release the video and it's been a week. Know how many insta-stories she's done since then? >>549460 Just look at how many dots there are. She's put more time into herself than she has that apology to the people who she molested. She doesn't give a shit about them.

No. 549744

>we worked at
i think she is saying mariah worked there too

No. 549745

Just proves that she's not sorry about what she did, she's sorry cause she got caught and wanted people to get off her ass. She such a selfish cunt she can't be bothered to even try to apologize. What was the point of all this build-up to the apology video when she just wrote her half-assed apology in the description of a photo of her working on the apology video? Honestly, she is retarded, not medically or anything, she's the same level of retard as Onion.

No. 549746

Indeed, anon. She's only sorry that she got caught and is only saying it so she can go back to talking about herself.

No. 549749

i was kinda wondering that myself. whats the point of a video now if she just did it on instagram?

No. 549751

There is none. My bet is she will say "I'm not going to do the video cause I already addressed the accusations". Despite her statement being on a photo of her ""filming"" said apology. It's all lies, she probably just set up the camera, grabbed the cat, set the timer, took a few shots of her looking "uwu so sad", picked out the best one and wrote her statement in under 10 minutes.
Not sure what she half asses more, the apology or her cosplays…

No. 549752

"gotta shit this apology out quick so I can go back to documenting my boring and sad life! There's no time to fix my crumbling career and negative public image, GOTTA GO BACK TO SHOWING PEOPLE HOW GREAT I AM MA DOOOODS!"

No. 549753

Wasn't she suppose to address the MyOppa situation as well? What a fucking liar

No. 549754

They both worked at the store. The place was called Anime Revolution, and they hired cosplayers to be models in the stores to draw people in. Collette I believed worked there too for a while (or just showed up from time to time). I believe the video of Mariah and Collette in Samus and Fox cosplay playing Smash where Mariah showed off her ass to the camera was taken in the store.

No. 549755

Wasn't it also where she had her first interview by Squirrel Girl?

No. 549756

IIRC she stated she and MyOppa settled it privately. She did say she'd make a public statement but that's Mariah for ya, she likes to talk and promise shit but never does it. Just look at her patreon.
I 100% doubt it went the way Mariah said it did, I think MyOppa probably threatened legal action (privately) and they settled things outside of court. I doubt Mariah was the one to go to them first and MyOppa probably had to hound her down to respond.

No. 549757

working with isn't the same as being a sales employee.

No. 549758

To answer your question Mariah “modeled” at an anime store called Anime Revolution when it was in planet Hollywood. The store was sketchy and paid cosplayers to model in the store windows as living mannequins, Steph, Gabby, and even moochlette worked there but they were all payed under the table and some cosplayers (cough moomoo) were given priority and more screen time when the store would host smash bros competitions that would be streamed. The store treated everyone badly except moomoo.

No. 549759

>I think MyOppa probably threatened legal action (privately) and they settled things outside of court

As much as I would love for this to have happened, isn't MyOppa located in France? And she's a small independent business. Taking legal action domestically is already an incredibly expensive venture, but internationally it just gets even more complicated. Many small designers and creators just get shafted in the grand scheme of things. Unless MyOppa bluffed her way into making Momokun submit, it's unlikely she saw too many real repercussions for the whole thing.

No. 549760

that's doubtful. the "settled it privately" thing was just the same excuses she threw around before. she mentioned she offered to pay for the design (and also lied about the set being for sale) but her saying she would pay for the design, was something she used to defend letting cunty corsets make it. back when it came out that she stole the design she claimed that she contacted MO to get MO to make it, which she did but she didn't read that all the commissions were full and emailed the wrong email address anyway. she also emailed the same incorrect email to ask MO if moo could pay MO for the rights for someone else to make it, didn't get any responses because the email address was still wrong and they made it anyway. i think she thinks everyone forgot, but she used the same claims twice. MO said she wouldn't do anything about it to many of us on DM.

No. 549761


No. 549762

but the semantics are important in this case cause it would imply moo had a legit job instead of just panhandling her costhot wares.

No. 549764

So did Mariah sleep with the owner or were they like a family friend or something? I can't imagine anyone favouring Mariah over others unless they were bribed or were forced to.
Thanks for correcting me. I was just theorizing but now that you mention it there probably wasn't any repercussions to what Momo did with MO.
Would a lovely anon be able to direct me to the thread in which the Momokunt vs MyOppa incident was first discovered?

No. 549767

I'm not 100% sure about the timeline, but if this all went down when I think it did, there was actually a time where her "thicc samus" was genuinely viral, her body had some semblance of a figure, and her awful reputation hadn't caught up to her yet. I know I definitely saw her all over my feed. And yeah, she was fat, but she was still half the size that she is today and hadn't fucked up her weight distribution with lipo and coolsculpting.

If this was that early on, I can possibly see how she might be favored for smash events, just because she'd be in the moment more recognizable to that scene than any of the other names.

No one really could have expected what a shitshow was awaiting us back then tbh

No. 549768

File: 1531773798286.png (180.42 KB, 358x491, Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 4.41…)

Looks like Vamps whored herself out to Anime Revolution also. God it's hard to believe this was taken only 3 years ago. Vamps looks basically the same while Mariah looks like a completely different person (in that she the size of a normal person)

No. 549769

File: 1531773800187.jpg (544.1 KB, 1080x2220, 20180716_164201.jpg)

Recent comments on Moderately Play Cosplays newest photo which seems like a jab at moo. I know for a fact that this dude HATES moo so it's not too out of the water is it? I'd also like to point out that THIS is how to be mature and professional about controversial stuff like lewd cosplays and how people label it, not have a raging bitch fit all the time like mimi does whenever someone has a different opinion than her.

No. 549771

File: 1531773842366.png (188.24 KB, 344x568, Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 4.41…)

Gabby too

No. 549772

File: 1531773848355.jpg (552.51 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180716-164056_Ins…)

Susy doing a low key callout

No. 549775

The MyOppa vs Momolester was thread #46 I believe.

No. 549779

File: 1531774114158.png (824.24 KB, 1920x1080, it_s_all_over_now_dood.png)



No. 549784

I think the owner was a lady? Correct me if I’m wrong here folks! Like it was run by a family that really had know business doing what they did with the cosplay models. Technically illegal how they paid Steff, gabby and the idiot twins as there was no w2 or any tax on the pay since it was cash. At the time “thicc Samus” was moos shtick and she got attention because of ign , arda and mayhew photos helping her out. Also moo spammed the fuck out of the original AX threads with her shitty black cat “cosplay” and DT jam who was a moderator refused to oust her from the group.

Moo working at anime revolution also coincided with her nudes getting “leaked” on 4chan which is why she got so much attention. Anime revolution recognized moos “popularity” and focused on her hard while treating the other models like crap. Including Moochlette. Anime revolution eventually moved locations after Steff and Gabby outed the shady dealings from the store, the store also misled people who went to otakon vegas into thinking they were the official store for the con.

Moo basically has gotten shittier people boosting her along the way which is why she’s so fucking smug and thinks she can get away with things like she always does.

No. 549812

File: 1531777906903.jpeg (135.71 KB, 750x1184, FC9C0B02-7DAA-4E8A-A867-C30678…)

Looks like Vamplette is on a spree now too

Well we know her position in all of this

No. 549817

What does this even mean

No. 549818

File: 1531778266692.jpeg (400.8 KB, 1125x1761, B3AC21D5-826D-4461-BF03-C1FE3E…)

I thought she was taking a “break.”

No. 549819

I means they’re planning a shoot.

No. 549820

Maybe by break she meant nap.

No. 549821

No. 549822

Video is up.

No. 549823

No. 549825


Yeah, I knew this whole “taking a break” thing was total horseshit. She’s trying to continue on as if nothing happened. And her dumb ass didn’t have sense enough to post this after her “apology” video.

Also some girl in the comments is threatening to kick her ass if she shows up at Blizzcon. And of course her white knights are defending her saying people shouldn’t threaten her with violence. Funny. I seem to remember her making threats of violence to people who “touched her without her permission” and how she would “fuck them up”. Now all of a sudden that’s too far and okay for her to make those types of threats.

No. 549826


Is there a mirror link so we’re not actually giving her views?

No. 549827

she just does not seem serious in this at all, huh?

No. 549829

No. 549830

14 seconds. Thats how long i lasted watching this. Ugh you THINK there should be a response?

No. 549831

This doesn't look like the version that she claimed she made with Vamps, just another lie to add to the fire.

No. 549835

It's all about the impulses eh Moo?

No. 549837

no, no direct apologies, not really addresing what she did, blaming the girls for no answering her, calling herself "permanent" member of cosplay community, and bullshiting about taking a break from cosplay, also, not spamming herself… REALLY BITCH?


playing the victim

No. 549838

Tinfoil time!
the camera change was done so she could get the tears ready, there's a complete emotional shift in her tone after she switches cameras

No. 549839

She really doesn't seem to give a shit. Welp, it's not like I expected otherwise, so.

No. 549840

File: 1531780772769.png (14.14 KB, 589x111, BELLISSIMO.png)

Strategically uploaded right after Phils show finished today kek

No. 549841

I'm going to show this video to a psychologist to find out when she's lying.

No. 549842

Not that it wouldn't be super easy to just forward it to him and be like "okay cover this tomorrow, look how fake the apology is" or whatever. He's GONNA see it, I'm sure. The real question is if he'll find a follow up worth his time.

No. 549843

1:00 in and shes already said "I, I'm, my, me" 20 times JFC.

No. 549844

she looks absolutely disgusting. She is greasy, nasty, and looks like she could laugh at any moment. She smiled through the entire video, that is certainly fucked up. This bitch is ridiculous

No. 549845

Wow if i didnt know better she looks like she's about to start laughing about it. Perhaps I'm wrong.

No. 549846


Count how many times she says '''genuinely'''

No. 549847

File: 1531780980313.png (627.59 KB, 770x482, mulie.png)


She always has this big fucking grin on while talking - especially in the middle of this sentence:
"… to touch someone without their consent … there's no excuse."

Fucking LIAR

No. 549849

Well, she used the original footage she said she wasn’t going to because it was “out of focus” and needed vamps help to re-record.

It was literally the script from instagram.

She doesn’t kinda almost cry till almost 6 minutes in when she’s just thanking her friends.

Doesn’t actually address anything, doesn’t actually say she assaulted anyone.

Where is our bingo card?

No. 549850

File: 1531781155020.jpg (29.64 KB, 1140x100, Capture.JPG)

the fucking comments are sad as shit, holy fuck. i've never seen so many fat and desperate foreveralones in one place.

No. 549851

The only part of the video that I agree with is when she says she doesnt believe that the cosplay community isnt obligated to forgive her.

>Doesnt mention My Oppa

>Doesnt mention OC design theft
>Doesnt name the people she assaulted
>Literally a pity party with a few 'but u dont haaaave to forgive me' that's obviously only included to try and make people who dont forgive her look bad.

No. 549852

Also, just from the title she started with the wrong foot

My Response

No apology, no statement

Also if you ignore what it is a response for you really don't get it, throwing shit like "some people call it sexual assault" and the likes, she's just flying under the radar for normies, doesn't surprise me that she was so vague throughout all the video

No. 549853

File: 1531781615676.jpg (275.77 KB, 1080x929, 20180716_145316.jpg)

No. 549854


Apology would imply guilt. She wants to be as vague as possible. She's very transparent.

No. 549855

how do her neckbeards continue supporting her when they see this face right in front of them? yikes. Aren’t they the same incel types that get angry about women using makeup/photoshop and call it “false advertising”? Or are they just at the level of absolute desperation x 99999 I can’t even fathom

No. 549856

which cut of this video is this? no cat to be seen from the previous filming setup

No. 549857

There's no point in watching the response video. If you've read her instagram blurbs, then you've heard it all. Way to keep it nice and cheery with your smile, Moomoo. It makes the video genuine because it shows your true self and how much you really care about all of this.

No. 549858

File: 1531782054951.png (53.6 KB, 732x392, Takano Miyo Gods Men YouT…)

Slightly unrelated but after the "apology" video Youtube automatically brought me to her Takano project video and the comments are 99% shitting on her, especially the recent ones after MooToo.
Also, her new video already has more dislikes than likes. I'm pretty sure she's officially cancelled.

No. 549859

the one she literally just did cause she clearly didn't do more than one take.

No. 549860


She more than likely saw all the comments giving her shit for having the cat with her to drum up sympathy and had to film something last minute

No. 549861

File: 1531782212062.png (83.46 KB, 862x710, magically disappearing comment…)

Whelp she's already deleting comments on the video. I'm pretty sure three of these are deleted

No. 549863

File: 1531782264693.jpeg (637.86 KB, 2048x2048, 6FD82F75-B835-41D1-8317-A40BAD…)

Oh girl.. what happened to your eligant YouTube set up and quick wrap up that wasn’t already typed on instagram for everyone to read along with?

No. 549864

so exactly how her cosplays are made

No. 549865

you can't delete youtube comments.

No. 549866

lmao it really is just the same shit she wrote up. The worst part though is that her face looks like she's about to crack up at any moment so it sounds extremely disingenuous.

lmfao linguistics

Things that she said she would do:
> Not going to cons
> Not advertising/"spamming" herself

We'll see how it plays out

No. 549867

I don't think she'll ever really go away. She has enough neckbeard money to be fine and none of them really give a shit. Even if she does take a break from cosplay for awhile, I don't think she'll be done for good.

The cosplay community is shitty enough that people will forgive her. Hell, there were already people still willing to support her and people that have accepted her apology without question. Shitty people stick together

No. 549868

File: 1531782615930.jpg (318 KB, 768x1024, 20180717_010930.jpg)

No. 549869


No. 549870

Quick Update the bingo card.

No. 549871

File: 1531782735101.gif (5.46 MB, 700x420, 1.gif)

No. 549872

Literally google 'How to delete comments on youtube'. I dont know if you're trying to white knight or just dumb.

Oh she'll be around but she'll be banned from cons, will never be allowed as a guest, will never get any legitimate sponsorships and will be among the other washed up nobodies. She might make neckbeard money but she'll never get what she wanted and with her continuous degrading quality she'll lose more and more money every month.

No. 549873

Didn't notice, i always use ABP

>another mark on the bingo card

No. 549874

It's so easy to tell when she lies, she's got that little smile on her face that clearly means she gives zero fucks.

No. 549875

She looks like she bathed in a toilet before this video. She looks so haggard, I guess for sympathy

No. 549876

>No one wants to feel like they're wrong

Being wrong is how you grow, you lying sack of shit. She's laughing and joking throughout the whole video and looks like she doesn't even believe the shit that she says(She most likely doesn't). Girl it's molestation. She fails to care about how serious that is.

No. 549877

She's soooo sorry that she'll profit off this because she knows it will get views. This takes the cake that she does not care about anything she's done.

No. 549878

This apology is so genuine. You can tell by the way she's doing her best to hold back her laughter

No. 549879

She probably did.

If she approached those girls the same way she approached Nana and her friend then she deserves a beat down.

No. 549880

i'm not a wk, but there have been people ITT literally saying that the video is how she won't be able to delete comments.

No. 549881

Onision does it all the time.

No. 549882

It's like she's so not used to say "sorry" that she literally has no idea of what expression to make. Like a sociopath, can't relate to human emotions

No. 549883

No. 549884

She's thanking the people who she molested like she's Kevin Spacey.

No. 549886

what the fuck??
She's posting home movies on her IG stories

No. 549887

File: 1531783381496.png (201.1 KB, 480x344, received_2011785902167555.png)

No. 549888

What the hell, I think this is the thinnest I’ve ever seen her look. She doesn’t even look like the same person

No. 549889

Just went to check and Jane mentioned a fractured wrist which might be why we haven’t seen much from her. She’ll drag moo soon enough though I’m sure especially with that video out now.

No. 549890

If she's trying to gain sympathy by doing this, she's not going to get it.

No. 549891


This is fucking creepy. That is the most narcissistic smile yet. Holy fuck she's such a liar.

No. 549892

Wtf is this shit lmfao. It’s like she just finished a really big paper or exam and now that it’s finally off her plate she’s free to start dicking around again and forget every single thing she learned

No. 549893

I nominate this as the next thread pic

No. 549895

so, this video she posted was the original one she filmed that she said she hated and put off uploading so she could redo it?

something is off here.

No. 549896

She lied. Nothing is off. This is classic Mariah

No. 549897

She says no with her head and even laughs…

The audacity of this bitch

No. 549899

File: 1531783963649.jpg (188.59 KB, 1434x1079, Scene 7 2018-07-16_18-08-24.jp…)

No. 549900

The cry for sympathy, jesus. 'look how cute I was as a kid, how can you be so mean to me now my dudes.'

No. 549901

she was just not going to do it and only made this one cause she felt pressured. she's only doing this stuff cause she feels pressured.

i take great solace in the fact that all her shitty actions ruined her chances to become cosfamous like she wanted. she's going to continue being a shit-tier sexy cosplayer and lose more and more money and lose more and more support.

No. 549903

The more I look the more I realize this was just a staged photo. She's so obviously posing, with one her terrible looks of yearning she uses in her photos. She probably had no intention of uploading the actual video, but then saw people were still getting on her ass about it and was afraid Phil was going to do a follow up.

No. 549904

I also think she’s doing it to show HEHE SEE IVE ALWAYS BEEN IMPULSIVE GUYS!! the first clip of her running away with the other kid and her mom saying “Mariah stop, Mariah come back” or whatever and the other clip where they’re filming her cracking all the eggs into the pan feels a little “see my dudes im always making messes whoops!”

No. 549905

I think that she didn't care enough to record once more so she procrastinated for a few days and finally decided to upload the first one.

No. 549906

moo should thank her lucky stars that so many idiots in the cosplay community hate anyone being "bullied" including rapists and sexual harassers and pedos.

No. 549908

File: 1531784459474.jpeg (540.4 KB, 1242x1351, FCB40665-EFC2-416D-9EC7-82A42A…)

YJ says she might tear into her via ig live

No. 549909

I'm beyond appalled at her "response"
All I'll say is…bitch couldn't have at least showered beforehand?

No. 549910

Her laughing at her own childhood antics is so damn narcissistic and obnoxious. “Omg I have always been so hilarious and adorable! Look how great I am/was!!!!”

No. 549911

File: 1531784542834.jpg (499.96 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180716-183852_Sam…)

But on a side note:this girl has no business owning an animal if she's stupid enough to fucking spray paint/use barge cement in the fucking house. (On carpet REEEEEE)

No. 549913

Too much effort, and we all know how she feels about that

No. 549914

Oh that's being generous anon. She waited for Phiily D to upload his Monday video to upload hers after. She staged the insta photo and went with the first recording she did cause she's lazy and doesn't really care. This is shockingly terrible.

No. 549916


lmfao every time i look back at this i feel jealous of the artis, i'd have laugh my butt out of orbit if i drew something like that and then was wore and photographied by the cow herself. Priceless.

No. 549917

the Momokun Apology YT Universe. Coming Soon: My Response: An Apology

No. 549918

File: 1531784651219.jpg (14.76 KB, 316x421, the mighty ducks.jpg)

WTF? I hate the Mighty Ducks now!!(no1curr)

No. 549919

File: 1531784653839.gif (1.91 MB, 215x170, e25fd607956c7a7ab10d555dea389a…)

This sounds good

No. 549921

The comments are looking so beautiful on that video right now. Monetizing that video was the perfect touch, she's fucked.

No. 549923

File: 1531784861801.png (5.89 MB, 2162x1844, Faces_of_Mariah.png)


>transcription for everybody (sorry for typos)

Hi, there! My name is Mariah, I do cosplay on internet and [hmmm] recently some stuff has happened where I believe there's a response needed from me.
Because there's a lot of people angry and a lot of people saying crazy thing right now. Now I just need to talk to you guys.

I have always been an impulsive person no matter what it's been and it's gotten me into more trouble than I'd like to admit. I've been like that since I was a kid,
I just act without thinking sometimes, I get excited, I get overwhelmed [hmmm] that's just how I am as a person.
Also my actions have never been met with malicious intent, I have never meant to ever, ever be malicious with any action that I caused or that I do.
I'm very like loving person and I really really love people and genuinely care about people.

But there's many times where I have mixed close friendships in my relationships and boundaries with those people, with people who are not close friendships and more so acquaintances. But in the last year I've come to learn so much about what consent is and boundaries after entering the costume community or the
nerd community where everyone is very touchy and very like over-exaggerated, everything's really crazy .

I took some time for me to learn what is okay and what is not okay like. Like who you can do certain things with and who you can't do certain things with.
In many relationships with people I've come to realize that I touch people without their consent not realizing that it is a form of sexual [Saar] assault or sexual harassment.
So from seeing this so much in my own friend group, I be-believe, you know, this is okay like messing around, playful, it's…it's consensual, but I realize now that it's not. I realize that it's inappropriate behavior whether it be playful or malicious no matter what it's inappropriate.
To touch someone without their consent there's no excuse. Don't touch anyone without their consent.

As a woman, I should be leading by example and not participating in such problematic behaviors, I got all.
There's… There's no excuse for my actions, whether it be ADHD, impulsiveness or being a fucking idiot.
There's… There's no excuse.

Sometimes I fight back with my initial response to criticism or accusations wrongdoings because sometimes… Cause I don't wanna feel like I'm in the
wrong, like, no one wants to feel like they did wrong but sometimes you gotta, like, remove yourself, step back and be like "ah, you did wrong".
My immediate response was impulsive and thoughtless, it wasn't really well educated at all.
In no way does it excuse my actions, in the slightest. I personally do not think I'm above criticism in any way, I've never felt that way
about myself.

I think it's the exact opposite, I think a lot of what I do should be criticized and should be looked at thoroughly.
I don't think I can say or do whatever I want, I think it's the exact opposite. I think I can't say or do whatever I want…
I think… I feel like… A lot of what I do is look that under a microscope and I understand why it is and I'm not mad about it at all.
I know everything I say and/or will be discussed thoroughly so I… I sometimes, like, freaked out about what do I say, what's the right thing to say, what's
the right thing to do and I overthing myself and I kind of just put myself into a bigger hole and I just goof myself over and over again.
And because of this I really need to learn from my mistakes and actions and move forward on this.

I reached out to the girls that I disrespected or made feel uncomfortable and I understand that I made them feel uncomfortable or unsafe when I…
I should have been respectful and nothing but supportive.
I'll judge my actions and promise to improve my behavior to them… and ahm… have spoken to a few of them behind the scenes and that's why this video
kinda took so long, because I wanted to talk to them first.
And I'm beyong thankful to the girls that have responded to me…ah…. If there's other girls… other girls that haven't I hold no ill will…
I… I know that I wronged them and they owe me no… no words. It is on their own accord and I understand completely.

To the girls, to the fans, to anyone who might have felt affected or disappointed by my behaviors: I am sorry.
And I understand words can only do so much, I should know better and I will be better.
As a prominent member of the cosplay community, I owe it to my girls, my fans, my friends and myself to be better than this.
I'm going to be doing now.. is I will be taking a small break away from cons to reflect and understand how I've affected this community and how I've
affected people and to allow people to heal from my wrongdoings. I think that is… the best option and it's… it's what I believe and you know I
understand I had a lot of cons plan these next two months but I apologize I'm going to be cancelling them all. I… I… I really believe
that I need to do this and I really need to take time and step back.

I apologize for the weird camera change, my batterie just died on my camera. I was about -
I will be taking a break away from cons right now to reflect and to truly understand my own wrongdoings and how I affected this community.
I will continue to cosplay and do my work on patreon. Hm… but I'm not gonna spam myself right now and put myself out there too much while
the wound is still fresh. I don't it is a good idea.

I… I would like to give this community time to forgive me and… If they can. I… I don't think anyone owes me anything right now.
I genuinely [closes eyes trying to express emotion], genuinely love this community so much and the people that are in it.
Ah… It's heartbreaking right now and… uh… [eyes get teary] and I'm very sorry. And I really, really, genuinely want to see the best in this community
I want to see nothing but a positive narrative spreaded throughout this community.
Ah… Inappropriate behavior should not go unpunished and I agree completely with this.

I… I want to thank everyone that has been by my side, especially while at Anime Expo and who have offered me nothing but love
and advice. It's… It's incredible and I am beyond thankful because I was very lost and confused and I didn't…
I didn't know what to do, I didn't know what to say. Hm… It took a long time to really put my thoughts together
and realize what actions I'm going to take how I'm going to react. Thank you to everyone who's been here through
this emotional time [licks mouth and looks to the side] and thank you to the people who want to see me a better person
and believe in what I do and just… just thank you.
I love you all so much. I'll see you soon.

Just notice her smirk smile while talking.

No. 549924

god, bless you transcript anon.

No. 549925

She looks happier in these screenshots admitting that she sexually harassed people and lied about ADHD than she does in photoshoots or at cons. yikes

No. 549926

i'd donate if it meant the creator would go and save moo's cats personally as a masked crusader. bonus point for putting it on youtube as a social experiment.

No. 549928

This is the same expression she makes when she's making jokes in her stories about "I will hug you oh wait ohh no no we will air hug ohohoho" or when she's doing her stupid meme voice saying "ooohhh jannet I see u there u think you smart huh"
Whenever she's doing over the top shit, she makes this face. She's not serious.

No. 549929

File: 1531785189364.png (463.08 KB, 480x495, 87648768648768.PNG)

This is definitely the face of remorse.

No. 549930

>As a prominent member of the cosplay community
She couldn't even help boasting about herself in an apology meant for her victims. She also smiled when she said that.

No. 549931


No. 549932


Prominent EX member of the cosplay community now. Wew lads all that smiling and monetizing the video has just put the final nail in the coffin.

No. 549933

TFW Logan Paul made a better apology.

No. 549934

File: 1531785661383.jpeg (213.41 KB, 1242x1045, 5A5468DD-64A8-40FE-9B16-B3888D…)

No. 549935

File: 1531785688680.jpeg (329.79 KB, 1242x1457, 50F409F2-A9E8-4C9A-9059-AE5CA5…)

No. 549936

take a shot every time she says "I" or "me"

lol jk don't do that you'll die

No. 549937

Fuck at least she dressed up for the first one
She looks like the fattest methhead ever with those picked at face zits

No. 549938

File: 1531785986020.png (765.65 KB, 962x569, punchableface.png)

The face of someone who really is sincere and so sorry for their actions.

No. 549939

Yeah I was thinking the same thing. Just shows how much she's declined over the last year. Sad to think about really.

No. 549940

like seriously, that's some Lie to Me shit right there

No. 549941

has anyone done the bingo yet?

No. 549945

god her facial expressions have absolutely no fucking correlation with her words, i hear more sincerity in silence than i hear it in her "my response" video, never change moo

No. 549946

Uh… no cat and no background and clearly shot on a webcam instead of that bigass camera from her facebook post???

So… is this just the original one she didn't like… or???

No. 549948

Don't think too much, the stupidity levels of mo are uncomprehensible

No. 549949


It was all just another big lie, like all of the other lies she has told.

No. 549950

File: 1531787247519.png (1.96 KB, 168x56, Screenshot 2018-07-16 at 5.26.…)

Viewed 4004 times since the upload and this is how many dislikes. Y I K E S

No. 549954

are u drunk or dumb? you can totally delete comments… wtf

No. 549955

>"As a woman, I should be leading by example and not participating in such problematic behaviors, like at all"

This part bothered me a lot. I watched the video and when it hit my ear I physically recoiled and my stomach dropped.

"Participating". This word implies that "other people were doing it, so I thought it was okay". That WORD alone is a complete shift of blame for the ACTION to peer pressure instead of herself. All she is taking responsibility for is ignorance, not for the actions themselves.

Real talk, I know we love drama and tea here… but on a real REAL level… this was one of the worst responses to sexual assault claims I have EVER seen. It made me physically sick. I don't even want to rag on MooMoo for it, I'm just literally disgusted at this person.

No. 549958


It's increasing swiftly too lmao.

No. 549959

"entering the costume community or the
nerd community where everyone is very touchy and very like over-exaggerated"


No. 549961

also love how she confirmed that she was lying about being a poor bullied nerd in school too.

No. 549962

wait guys, did she move? it seems suspicious that she'd randomly move her entire computer set up.

No. 549963

Momokunt is on such a high amount of damage control right now and her lies are becoming so bad it's actually stomach churning. What a fucking disaster.

No. 549964


Could be Vamp's previous room.

No. 549967

just before this scandal she was over-exaggerating jannet's comments. tf?

No. 549971

File: 1531789018962.jpeg (658.43 KB, 3072x3072, BFF27741-C85E-4BA0-8487-E02443…)

y i k e s

No. 549972

The chin shoop lmao

No. 549973

manages to look horrifying, shoop or no shoop. that's our Moo lmao

No. 549983

File: 1531790535890.png (285.15 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180716-212116.png)

Might see a follow-up from Repzion on this situation. He just left this comment:

No. 549985

File: 1531791014876.png (475.6 KB, 800x450, 487A0916-E592-46A6-9C31-7F1BEF…)

No. 549988

File: 1531791177134.gif (1.05 MB, 320x240, 1531515324070 (1).gif)

No. 549989

Torn between watching the video. On the one hand, I would be helping the monetize exploit she is doing. On the other, I can give it a thumbs down.

No. 549992

No. 549993

Just watch it on hooktube. she's getting plenty of thumbs down without us >>549829

No. 549994

ever heard of adblock anon?

No. 549996

I wonder if Youtuber reagan wolf will analyse this. She's done some great videos analysis body language in our drama faves.

No. 549998

I'm sure if she knows, she'll do it.

No. 550000

Someone seriously needs to do a count on how many time she smiles in her “apology” video. Jeezus Christ

No. 550003

she smiled the whole time

No. 550005


B-but anon. It was because she was trying to stop herself from crying!! Don’t you see how much she is suffering?!!!!!!!

No. 550010

If it was anyone else, and just like a smile or two I'd say it was due to awkwardness. But its very clear she isn't taking this seriously at all and is bitter she even had to do an "apology"

No. 550011


Video summary,essentially

No. 550012

Anyone notice how she changed moods when she got her iPhone out? I thought it was creepy how attached she is to it that she felt comfortable to cry crocodile tears

No. 550013

Kind of in poor taste to wear a Melanie Martinez necklace while apologizing for sexual misconduct but then again what isn't about poor taste with moo

No. 550015

She tried saying it was bought because of Devilman but let her believe what she wants it's sad

No. 550016

File: 1531793996549.png (2.49 MB, 750x1334, F9B129CC-9199-4107-8D8A-CC71F5…)

getting her second peel or whatever done and talking about how she’d also like to get the cool sculpting on her chin area this visit if she can. wew, business as usual.

No. 550018

"Guys I'm soooo sorry for real but like should I get some work done on my chin?
What do you mean I said I was taking a break from social media?"

No. 550020

File: 1531794329898.png (14.64 KB, 598x140, repreply.PNG)

He is.

No. 550021

Loving the remorse.

No. 550022

>>550020 Thanks for sharing. You brightened my day with this.

No. 550023

File: 1531794666827.jpeg (255.64 KB, 1242x724, 971742A6-3C86-48CB-9B26-4AD8FF…)

No. 550025

This bitch is so dumbbbbbbbbb
Holy fuck you just said you were taking a break and you make a new IG post/Vid. Jesus she has no fucking tact. And ya dumb bitch stop acting like this is your first time getting cool sculpting. We all know you got it on your stomach and that's why it looks all fucked up now.

No. 550026

File: 1531794717555.jpeg (180.65 KB, 1024x1024, 92F742B7-F625-4C88-BC70-D4829A…)

My candidate for next thread pic

No. 550027

Does that mean we get to see someone beat the shit out of her in the near future like KSI is gonna do to Logan Paul?

No. 550028

File: 1531794814870.png (101.74 KB, 240x240, laughing at modern rappers fro…)

jesus fuck

No. 550030

Don't tease, anon.

The most beautiful replies in this thread.

No. 550031

File: 1531795032347.gif (35.38 KB, 220x211, yallmind.gif)



No. 550032


Another girl threatened to do so if she saw her at Blizzcon in the comments of her latest IG post. She’s since deleted them of course and some dipshit white knight offered to be her security. Funny how she is always threatening violence to “anyone who touches her without her permission”.

But we all know Moo is too chickenshit to fight. Going to hide in her hotel room all weekend just like AX. That’s if she isn’t banned from entering lol

No. 550034

File: 1531795201367.jpeg (249.09 KB, 1242x788, 4BE1BA3F-2EC7-4A3B-9B3D-2B4ADC…)

Found on her RV post on IG. So she’s going to wrangle more of her squad into doing security duty?

No. 550035

She means Nicoletters, Emerson and Vamps kek

No. 550036

Silly anon, she clearly means Nigri kek

No. 550038


The only “security” she has is whatever dipshit leeches have stuck around her after all this time. And if she can’t guilt them, then she’ll take her parents instead.

No. 550039


if anyone is curious she says "I, me, my" and other variations 146 times

No. 550041

File: 1531795655787.jpg (75.58 KB, 803x571, 2018-07-16_22-47-10.jpg)

More from Steff.

No. 550042

This is so beautiful that I actually want to print it out and get him to autograph it next week.

No. 550043

Do it!

No. 550044

My drawing idea consists of drawing beavis and butthead making fun of momokun.

B: Hey butthead. Hehehe there's a dude dressed like a chick.
BH: Damn it Beavis.You dumbass that is a chick. An ugly chick huhuhuhu.

No. 550046

That has to be nicoletters right? Who else had her blocked/ very opening disliked her just to be sucking her dick now

No. 550049

File: 1531796934841.png (691.13 KB, 1085x817, 42cba22a9982535875af55ef1a1866…)

When she can't delete comments and create her own positive narrative we see how the community actually see's her. Get lost mariah no one wants you around.

No. 550051

File: 1531797069945.png (3.44 MB, 750x1334, 4F481DC3-9E72-40CF-A335-512FAA…)

> Getting coolsculpting on her chin on Tuesday and she’s really excited!!!

Holy fucking shit she posted her apology video and IMMEDIATELY went right back to vlogging her entire life on instagram. It really is disgusting you could tell she was just waiting to get it out of the way so she could go back to normal and pretend nothing ever happened

No. 550052

Jesus Mariah, you're only 21 and you already need cool sculpting for your turkey neck double chin

No. 550053

She is not really 21 is she?

No. 550054

File: 1531797303815.png (2.63 MB, 750x1334, 306D7A06-87F7-4790-A262-6FEC3F…)

No. 550055

No. 550056

maybe 22? either way she is super young to be getting a procedure older women get

No. 550058

I’ve seen one of Mariah’s instastories screenshot on Twitter about recreating a suicide and I was hoping someone could give me context for that, googling didn’t help.
I feel like it can’t be as bad as I’m assuming because she would have actually gotten buried alive at something that awful, but I’d still like to know

No. 550059

File: 1531797470414.jpg (141.66 KB, 1079x671, Screenshot_20180716-231513.jpg)

She's losing subs, but very slowly. The bottom is her sub count around when the "apology" came out, the top is where it is now.

No. 550060

I mean she's 22 technically but yes, she has aged like shit because she: has a shit diet (evidenced from insta stories), shit sleep schedule (evidenced from overall erratic activity times and likely overindulging in monster energy), little to no workout routine and overly partakes in alcohol (at a minimum. Perhaps also stronger/illicit substances; not really given to speculation on this but I'd believe it).

No. 550062

That happened a day before AX, it's like 2 threads ago

No. 550063

doubleposting (550060) but I also recall she was considering a blepharoplasty at some point, which is something women conventionally get when they begin getting heavy wrinkles under their eyes from the loss of elasticity in their skin. momo could possibly reverse her puffiness/eye bags by fixing her diet/consumption and sleep, but she seems to favor the easy and instantaneous route without regards to lasting results and/or maintenance.

No. 550064

She posted her "apology" FOUR hours ago and immediately went back to vlogging her entire stupid, shallow life. Like she's trying to spam so it hides the link to the video.

No. 550065

File: 1531797920979.jpeg (413.51 KB, 1242x1704, 464DC17A-F558-40D4-A7B6-15F610…)

She actually asked for photoshop help on this. Lazy cow

No. 550066

File: 1531797945305.jpeg (284.96 KB, 1242x1698, A344EEAD-5650-426B-AD78-8F4A9F…)

No. 550067

>today, a lot better mindset and mentality talking to a lot of people and yeah
>since…it's not just me. There's…lots of other people guilty of this
>Literally been inside, crying

For fuck's sake, nobody gives a shit about how you're handling the situation. You fucked up, you get no sympathy. Stop talking about how upset you are that you got called out.

No. 550068

she cancelled shit she wasnt even going to, that was obvious with the overlap

No. 550070

What do you mean? Hasn't she been deleting comments on every platform?

No. 550071

wtf is this anyway

No. 550072

Alify is seriously still standing with her? Well I guess nothing says "I support sexual predators" like losing clients.

No. 550073

File: 1531798499689.jpeg (264.73 KB, 1199x1590, E40BA89C-4758-4CA2-8ACC-FF5AB9…)

No. 550074

uuuh… is she legit retarded? does she think that this is over because she released an "apology"
haha ooooh this is going to be fun

No. 550075

She's already gone, and completely contradicted what she said in her response video. So much for, "not spamming," on social media, but what can we expect she is a compulsive liar after all.

No. 550076

It's so nice for a mom to take her daughter out to eat while in the middle of a sexual assault scandal.

No. 550077

That’s EXACTLY what she thinks and it’s fucking disgusting and I really wish she wouldn’t be allowed to get away with it but she has more than enough neck beard fans forgiving her and blowing smoke up her ass for her to think she definitely got away with it and she doesn’t have to mention it ever again

No. 550078

Yes, but in her mind its worked before with prior scandals. She still doesn't realize how big this is and this isn't a lipo/ MyOppa situation

No. 550081

this is so weird, she is openly admitting to cool sculpting now? that's pretty ballsy for a 22 year old to admit… or is she 50?

No. 550082

shes been lurking since #1 >>549630
but if you post i guess its not really lurking, eh

No. 550083

She's forgetting to put a filter on herself after going for days without saying much.

No. 550085

why does this trouble me? I feel like she's going to be a much more scummy bully. Like she is so delusional she might openly bitch slap someone and strut away

No. 550086

>>550083 This truly speaks volumes about how much of a narcissist she really is. She thinks people genuinely care about her skin care appointments, when the reality is that her IG videos are nothing but cannon fodder for her critics. But it's amazing how she can't get enough of herself, like she's some hotshot social media juggernaut.

No. 550087

I hope she does. Let her fuck up.

No. 550088

Was anon right? Will she really turn into a soccer mom and talk to everyone's manager from now on?

No. 550089

File: 1531799415042.jpg (59.84 KB, 790x415, 2018-07-16_23-49-36.jpg)

I hope she touches on the Janett issue. Outside of lolcow it seems like people have forgotten.

No. 550090

moo is going to get herself put in the hospital by someone.

No. 550091

File: 1531799645697.jpg (14.08 KB, 303x305, 34525253.jpg)

lol please anon, she would never lay hands on anyone she's all talk. don't forget this face where she literally shat herself because someone came up to her just for a random video at AX

No. 550092

I'd almost feel bad for Mariah if she wasn't such a narcissistic cunt because it's obvious she's spiraling into a vortex of total self loathing. She puts on this bitch facade and pretends she's better than everyone else but the chin coolscupting? She's become self conscious about it, shooping it a lot lately. The multiple lipo rounds? She despises her own body so much she'll go under the knife again and again as it only fixes it for a while. She can't even wear nice clothes and pants that aren't leggings and she knows it, the only place she stands to show without shoop is her carefully sculpted fake abdomen.

Mariah hates herself more than anyone else here.

No. 550093

we are all hoping she becomes a botched monster

No. 550095

No it’s ok don’t worry she has security!

No. 550097


Maybe she should of stayed in school. I get that not having a conventional job seems to be the mark that cows see as success for some reason but she would probably be a LOT happier.

No. 550098

1253 words, so AT LEAST 10% is just her referring to herself

No. 550100

no one is making her stay in the cosplay community though? if she really cared about herself (physically/mentally), she would have left by now. it's bittersweet because with that comes giving up thousands. what i will say is sad is what people will do for money and "fame".

No. 550101

That's how she always looks.

No. 550102

Hasn't she already had coolsculpting done on her body? Is she trying to pretend that she didn't and is just going to try it on her chin for the first time?

No. 550103

she spent thousands on plastic surgery and still looks like horse shit

No. 550104

I'm the dude who commented below repzion. I have never wanted to punch a person in the face so much after watching her shoddy apology. Her trollface during the entire thing irks me so bad.

No. 550106

lol guess she's giving up the facade of working out soooo hard my dude.

No. 550107

It's easiest to do on PC.
Open link, pause video, dislike, view on hooktube.
Doing it on mobile is a pain in the ass tho.

No. 550108

She's gotten it done on her stomach before, so it's hilarious that she's trying to play it off like she's getting it done for the first time on her chin, when she REALLY should be focusing on those hammy arms.

>has to drink a gallon of water every day for the next 30 days after she gets it done
inb4 moo substitutes that with her nasty monster drinks because we all know she's allergic to actually following the rules and drinking water

No. 550109

File: 1531801203321.jpg (217.39 KB, 1358x2000, lol.jpg)

No. 550110

File: 1531801551227.png (2.05 MB, 1180x1182, Screen Shot 2018-07-16 at 11.2…)

So she needed Vamp to help her re-film? This is the same footage that she put on her IG story. What happened to the setup she had in pic related?

No. 550111

It was used for her photoshoot, as you see there. It filled it's purpose.

No. 550112

Why would she need two vapes if she only uses it for weed?

No. 550113

Indica vs Sativa or just a different flavor or strain

No. 550115

File: 1531802151481.jpg (43.92 KB, 808x307, 2018-07-17_00-35-16.jpg)

I'm so glad that Steff isn't holding back anymore. She went from being mousey to saying nothing to going off.

No. 550116

Oh my god this is so glorious. I'm so glad Steff is letting loose.

No. 550122

File: 1531803041674.png (46.28 KB, 638x524, goallin.png)

No. 550125

You know this is really hitting her hard cause they're male cosplayers.

No. 550128

She attempted to be more "sincere" talking about her lipo jfc

No. 550129

File: 1531804983194.png (378.37 KB, 806x593, Screenshot 2018-07-16 at 10.22…)

No. 550131

I don't understand this. Is it a meme? Is it an inside joke? What do they have to do with this movie??

No. 550132

no doubt all comments calling her out have been purged from there

No. 550135

File: 1531805436713.png (338.85 KB, 640x1136, 378D60C8-9AFF-479E-BF46-95F7B4…)

Get ready y’all

No. 550137

holy shit she couldn't even give it a day before returning to business as usual? what the FUCK is wrong with this bitch

No. 550141

moo will need the RV to live in when she can't afford house rent.

No. 550143

Maybe the bus will hit her

No. 550145

Her apology, this is a reupload because her video is monetized.

No. 550146

Can't blame her for monetizing her apology vid. Gotta make money any way you can now that your career is dead.

No. 550147

So we can all agree that her "taking a break from cons" for like 6 months has NOTHING to do with being sorry and everything to do with that she is scared of someone confronting her irl and wants to wait for things to simmer down.. right? Like nobody thinks that she's actually "taking a break" right?

No. 550148

ThorneChan is in here too

No. 550149

About as much as we believe she donated for the bees,the wolves,the hurricanes, apologized behind the scenes,worked out,had sponsors,bought tickets, etc etc etc

No. 550150

YJ is saying that she thinks the reason that Moo changed her tune from "VENDETTAS!" to "uwu i'm sorry guiz i didn't mean it" is because JNig is chewing Moo's ass out behind the scenes

No. 550151

File: 1531808168456.png (600.77 KB, 1350x575, statline.PNG)

Another stat update on the apology

No. 550152


Well, that may be part of it, but it's more likely a cover story to divert attention from the fact that she is likely banned/blacklisted from attending any major cons in the next 6 months.

It's not like she would have been a legit guest at any of the cons she's supposedly "cancelled" her appearance at. It's a well known fact at this point that she regularly ghosts cons and lies about being a "guest."

No. 550153

well on one hand good on yj for confirming she's a farmer, but on the other hand that tinfoil is too much.

No. 550154

She's probably hoping/expecting it to reach Logan Paul apology video levels where it gets over a million views or something crazy. A greedy bitch until the very end

No. 550159

File: 1531810034929.jpeg (673.82 KB, 3000x2000, 198BD866-2150-4D91-8E57-6957C0…)

No. 550160

wtf are her keys? also is this bitch wearing a too small bikini top as a shirt?

No. 550161

File: 1531810252128.png (38.96 KB, 798x316, 1531768782725.png)

Carrying over from the Onion thread. RIP.

No. 550162

No anon, she is wearing her jacket as a shirt.

No. 550170

File: 1531811720967.jpeg (627.24 KB, 2000x3000, 8D3C3463-15AC-473A-BE2F-77E48B…)

No. 550171

File: 1531811743586.png (4.37 MB, 1242x2208, 813C1E03-6B6D-4196-86A2-F11C92…)

No. 550173

W _ _ _ L _ _ _

No. 550174

Gotta get her hourly 4 monsters

No. 550175

Seeing her next to normal sized people still freaks me out, it's so ridiculous. She's so wide and her proportions are so weird, her solo photos tend to make her almost look like a fat midget. Then you see this and just…. yikes. She big and tall and one of her thighs is the size of any normal young woman's waist. Those shorts look like they could rip at any moment.

No. 550177

File: 1531812070526.png (2.7 MB, 1242x2208, wide load.png)


i can never get over her tiny little butt

No. 550179

Bitch is still hellbent on not sleeping.

No. 550180

So this is all just her fucking around today after dropping that apology? She doesn't have to stay inside and be miserable to show remorse but this is still a bit tasteless.

No. 550181

if she drinks the zero calorie ones, she won't gain weight, r-r-right anon?

No. 550182

this was before AX

No. 550183

File: 1531812287779.gif (7.69 MB, 640x360, 1531134290496.gif)

You kill me, anon.

Cause she's not sorry. At all. She said what she had to say to come back to the community but she's 100% forgetting that they don't want her predatory, tiny ass.

No. 550185

Is this from a profile or is this an undercover anon?

No. 550186

Holy fuck, she actually couldn't wait to get back to normality after releasing the video, like it was such a chore to do. Unbelievable.

No. 550187

No, she just did instastories of her traveling to California and she was wearing the same thing

No. 550189

Her and her friends are just disgusting. Let's carry on and forget everything that happened!

No. 550191

Found in a mutual’s AX FB album

No. 550192

Just so you know anon…
>and she was wearing the same thing

When it comes to Moo, that means nothing.

No. 550193

YJ called Mariah out to connect with her so they can live stream together and she can ask her questions about everything

No. 550194

File: 1531813419087.jpeg (355.39 KB, 1242x1853, 4118FC25-DBAA-467A-9378-B93B04…)

No. 550195

So much for not showing her ugly face for a while. She really has no shame.

No. 550196

This is the first time I saw her wearing a USA print top so welp

No. 550197

She's probably still wearing it.

No. 550198

Is she actually connecting now or was this a offer/call out?

No. 550200

She was attacking Nana in the comments of this pic on Instagram just hours ago, fucking christ.

No. 550203

File: 1531813837445.png (27.86 KB, 298x291, Screenshot 2018-07-17 at 12.50…)

I'm fucking rolling.

No. 550204

She can't seriously believe that her shitty screencaps in any way incriminate nana. They were fucking nothing

No. 550205

File: 1531814190073.jpeg (270.54 KB, 862x973, 5465A0B3-9FAA-4D6D-BD62-E3D2B7…)

No. 550206

File: 1531814237046.png (96.41 KB, 720x685, Screenshot_2018-07-17-00-53-37…)

No. 550207

File: 1531814282286.png (58.96 KB, 720x400, Screenshot_2018-07-17-00-53-24…)

No. 550208

File: 1531814310431.png (79.73 KB, 720x477, Screenshot_2018-07-17-00-53-05…)

No. 550209

File: 1531814338821.png (99.95 KB, 720x607, Screenshot_2018-07-17-00-53-15…)

No. 550210

I'm so ready for the mukbang saga. I think it's the only way she could disappoint her dad more than she already has.

No. 550211

She's literally just moving on with her life and back to her normal trashy wannabe edgy self with her equally as shit friends. She's learned nothing, absolutely nothing and is still making big money on Patreon.

No. 550212

Monetized like her "response" video
I'm glad people aren't taking that shitty apology seriously and I hope Phil does a follow up

No. 550213

Yes they did. She sure as hell didn't pay for those badges herself.

No. 550214

She’s not even taking a break. She’s still doing Dragoncon and Blizzcon which were probably were her next cons anyway. She just claimed to be attending 3 smaller cons that she now HAS to cancel because the haterz.

No. 550215

I get the feeling that she is not afraid to go after Nana it's because she knows she is sensitive and easily gets affected by things like this. I would love to see her go after Bunny, Susu or Jane, especially after showing screenshots that said that Bunny was lying about the sexual assault allegations. She has caps but doesn't have the balls to go after her. What a pussy and a bully.

No. 550216

Exactly, she's so hell bent on her responses about Nana but says fuck all about the other girls involved. What a cunt.

No. 550217

File: 1531814979548.gif (1.97 MB, 276x244, giphy.gif)

I wish Nana would do this to moo

No. 550218

She already has security. kek Just when you think there is nothing left n the world for her to lie about, boom.

No. 550219

Hell she definitely looks strong enough to do this. The way Moo keeps provoking people, someone's going to end up doing that to her someday.

No. 550220

File: 1531815201308.gif (1.42 MB, 245x186, tumblr_msh5rshFCm1sc0sroo1_250…)

>>550218 Momo's security.

No. 550221

DragonCon is gonna eat her alive. I hope she still goes. She's going to travel across the country just to hang out with the same friends she does on the West Coast because no one who's worth anything will want anything to do with her

No. 550222

File: 1531815375951.jpg (47.6 KB, 822x375, 2018-07-17_04-15-20.jpg)

It's gaining a lot of traction. People don't believe your fake apology, Mariah.

No. 550225

Whoever had "See a specialist about cool sculpting on your chin" in the office pool for Mariah's path to redemption, please step up to the window and collect your winnings.

No. 550229

No one can do anywhere near the damage to her that she has done to herself. Mariah, your fake ass apology was the biggest dumbass move you have ever made. And your immediate return to your so called life makes it 1000% worse. You could have done nothing and this whole thing may have died down. Now that’s not going to happen. You need security to protect you from yourself. This is the beginning of the end for you and if you truly want to know who is to blame look in the fucking mirror dumbass.

No. 550233

Sabrina's hairline is about on par with dude on the left.

No. 550235

File: 1531816853706.png (232.73 KB, 740x610, tumblr_my18ahSetV1ro5q9jo1_128…)

Over 1K in dislikes on her video.
Congratulations on screwing yourself beyond repair moo.

No. 550236

SquareNoodles can say goodbye to his future clients then. Who wants to work with someone who obviously still licks Moo's ass?

No. 550240

Maybe she's going to wear a bulletproof vest outside from now on like Onision.

No. 550242

she'd have to get one commissioned

No. 550245

File: 1531817724733.png (127.97 KB, 244x244, oh kek here we go.png)

and in true Mariah fashion, end up taking credit for it, too

No. 550253

its just like "I dont wanna upload so much lewds" thing

No. 550256

File: 1531820010835.jpeg (132.68 KB, 902x902, B914D157-0909-4F30-90DF-3AFD7A…)

Favorite comment of the day. Thanks for the laugh, my dude

No. 550257

I needed this laugh, my whole week as been shit. Bless you anon.

No. 550258

that's cause she can't play it off. she threw all the caps out and both the action of doing that and the content e her look nuts. she's trying to snuff it out.

No. 550260

Of course she's not going to ShineCon or any other local cons lmao their 3 big Cosplay guests next month are Moderately Okay Cosplay, Steff, and Gabby- all 3 of them have spoken out against her.

No. 550262


Sorry for sounding like a dumbass, but is the term "my dudes" something Mariah says? I tried looking in previous threads and I can't seem to correlate the popular usage of the phrase to the origin.

No. 550263

Yea. She stopped a while ago because everyone was using it to make fun of her.

No. 550265

She used to overuse it in an attempt to seem laid back and relatable. She loved using it on those whom she disagreed with to try to annoy them (like when people sarcastically say sweetie) but we all just ended up making fun of her for it.

No. 550267

I’m pretty sure she was blacklisted from there too

No. 550270

File: 1531822923100.png (1.08 MB, 750x1334, 12B5544F-C27E-4AD1-8044-773406…)

How has no one posted caps of this shit?

Of all the lies she’s ever told “I don’t drink at cons!!” was one of the most pointless.

No. 550273

She'll wear it with her totes professional lifting belt because she's such a tough bitch my dude.

No. 550281

File: 1531827392775.png (1.66 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180717-213259.png)

Okay but seriously how the fuck does one become so busted at 22.

No. 550283

I find it more curious why she posts herself looking like this. Not even talking about her being without make up, that's totally normal, but more like… her hair often looks greasy, she looks like she took her last bath 10 years ago. I literally doesn't know anybody else posting pics like this.

No. 550286

tbh i've thought about that and i feel like it's for her self esteem. like if she posts disgusting selfies she thinks people think she's pretty. like "if i post these ""real"" photos and people still like them/don't unfollow or unsub from patreon, they like my natural beauty"! even though she knows damn well they'd stop if she pulled this shit in cosplay and didn't wear makeup or photoshop her photos to hell and back. not trying to bring other cows into it, but onision does the same shit. i think it's just a narc thing.

No. 550287

File: 1531828801156.jpg (98.34 KB, 1280x720, bpBCmzoGMG5L3erWDRfO45SvigW.jp…)

nice dennis cosplay, fits well since you're both psychopaths

No. 550290

wtf? is this from her peel? guess her bitch ass was out prancing around under the Vegas sun instead of avoiding it like you're supposed to after. moo is always going to look like shit no matter how many procedures she gets because she's too lazy to take care of herself.

No. 550292

File: 1531830252441.jpg (370.93 KB, 768x1024, Screenshot_20180717-142236.jpg)

No. 550293

File: 1531830275839.jpg (304.18 KB, 768x1024, Screenshot_20180717-142342.jpg)

No. 550296

File: 1531830813499.png (337.1 KB, 1440x1864, Screenshot_2018-07-17-08-32-03…)

Ani-mia, a pretty big name cosplayer, just posted this

No. 550298


Sorry if this has been asked before, but where can I find the video to Sabrina asking the person if they asked for a photo? I've looked through the threads and I can't seem to find it.

No. 550299

it was in a twitter video of a guy coming up to her and giving her a business card at AX. can’t find a link to the video itself but it’s in the thread during either saturday or sunday of AX if that helps narrow it down.

No. 550301

Who’s keeping count?! How many days has she worn that flannel in a row now.

No. 550304

Not that anon but I'm pretty sure they're right, she's trying to say "dong zhu, buxu zou", she just doesn't speak Mandarin and sounds embarrassed. Its down to the same syllables and who the fuck screams "ching chong, ching ching chong"? As far as I know that's not how Americans usually do it.

No. 550306

It definitely sounds like "ching chong ching chong." With her history, it's not that surprising that she was mocking it in the most ignorant way possible.

A lot of racist Americans say ching chong to mock Asian languages.

No. 550307

It could also be that she's doing both, like pronouncing the ching chong bit like how someone would say Mei's line correctly.
Either way it's one of those things where if you don't know how to properly pronounce it without looking like a giant twat you probably shouldn't be screaming it into a speakerphone, she made her bed and now she's gotta lie in it.

No. 550308


Fuck off. She wasn’t “trying” to say anything. She doesn’t know Mandarin so screamed the stereotypical racist “Ching chong” shit Americans say when making fun of Chinese people. And when her dumbass got called out she said
“I don’t speak Japanese”

No. 550311

Lmao are you fucking retarded or just deaf

No. 550313

Did Jane made a post yet? Just woke up

No. 550314

No. 550315

ching chong is 100% racist American bs wk-chan. have you never been on the internet before? Google it and see what happens.

No. 550316


>being this retarded

she doesn’t say it to actually act like the character. she’s screaming it into a microphone inches from other people’s ears to be funny. there’s no reason she would yell the line at her friend, she’s making a joke out of it by screaming “ching chong”

No. 550317


Uhh…My sister used to be racist as hell toward Asians and she'd shout "CHING CHONG YOU UNDERSTAND ME CHING CHONG" all the time - sometimes at them.

No. 550319


stop replying to whiteknights

No. 550321

Why the fuck is she so red…?

No. 550327

File: 1531842656544.jpg (2.85 MB, 4032x3024, 153184262516230243672143839513…)

No. 550329

The only thing that could possibly end Moo is her Patreon being hit, which unfortunately won't happen as Patreon love degenerate cows who make them good money no matter how awful they are. She's learned nothing in these last couple of weeks, literally nothing. Never seen someone get away with so much.

No. 550331


She can be a fetish model all she wants, but now she can forget about getting any of the "Legitimacy" from the cosplay community that she so desperately wanted.

Now she can finally get out of the hobby and just show her fat ass to her desperate, greasy fanbase.

No. 550333

Is this the girl that guested at Wondercon when Moo did?

Channeling her inner Onision.

No. 550334

That is a defining trait in narcissists. They manipulate and treat everyone else like shit while latching onto and draining the life out of anyone that stays close to them to fill the bottomless pit that is how much they despise themselves.

I am not surprised at all to see that Jason Mills and his squad are still friends her. That whole crew is a giant pack of drama queens and malicious narcs.

No. 550335

Kaybear retweeted this.

No. 550338

So it's safe to say she didn't reach out to her.

No. 550342

File: 1531847322740.jpg (53.95 KB, 716x763, Screenshot_2018-07-17-11-52-26…)

Those dislikes.

No. 550343

File: 1531847483927.jpg (48.97 KB, 857x380, 2018-07-17_13-10-20.jpg)

Those likes.

The only thing keeping her in cosplay is the money and attention. The community doesn't want her back after all of this but she refuses to leave like a sticky booger on a finger.

No. 550345

File: 1531847639168.png (624.37 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_20180717-130727.png)

No. 550347

Momo must be absolutely seething. First he disses her with his Samus IG post and now this? She brushes off other women's remarks so easily but having good looking men do the same thing just hits home.

No. 550348

File: 1531847772249.jpeg (128.54 KB, 800x1440, D287B84F-E6AA-4F53-8A06-9E2062…)

Here’s the photo Mariah was bothering the girl (op) over. As you can see it’s nothing special (you can barely see Momo), but it goes to show just how paranoid she’s been/become.

No. 550352

But she'll happily take candids of others without their consent/permission.

Hell yes it is.

No. 550353

….this??? This is it??? Holy shit I assumed you would at least be able to see her body. This is so stupid to get mad over.

No. 550358

File: 1531850215917.png (25.11 KB, 894x527, 2018-07-17 19_52_43-My respons…)

Holy shit these comments. She'll disable comments soon enough.
What was she thinking, she can't keep a straight face for more than 30 seconds.

Also, she couldn't at least try to look half decent?
I know it doesn't really matter in what she has to say, but she just looks dirty.

No. 550359


Tinfoil, but it's almost like she was trying to emulate one of Trisha Paytas' emotional breakdown videos. Like she wanted people to think she's way more emotional about what happened than she actually is. 'Look at me, I'm such a mess. I'm so sorry, see? Etc.'

No. 550360

File: 1531850671262.jpg (92.54 KB, 639x512, Sin título.jpg)

Angi might not have the reach that many cosplayers do, but she's someone very well known and respected among other cosplayers. It's definitely spreading like a wildfire

No. 550361

Isn’t the subject of the photo Hanyaan? She is so much more influential in the world of cosplay than Moo… Why would anyone give a shit about her in the background

No. 550363

File: 1531850922373.png (24.18 KB, 586x148, Screenshot 2018-07-17 at 11.08…)

You seem…tense. Butthurt, even

No. 550364

Ironic because when his shit kicked off she was well up there supporting his ass on Twitter. Sure there's screenshots of it.

No. 550365

File: 1531851551475.jpeg (787.65 KB, 1125x1371, EEF59072-4F56-4C8E-A6FD-4377BF…)

that’s definitely Hanyaan

No. 550366

Who are you referring to, anon

I'm not sure if that's the case, but maybe she didn't accept Moo's apology.

No. 550369


This speaks to what a paranoid dipshit she is. She probably thought that they were anons looking to snap candidates to post here and laugh at her. Funny how snotty she gets about people snapping photos of her without her consent yet she is constantly doing it to others to laugh at them.

No. 550373

I bet 97% of the time when she claims people are taking photos of her without asking, they’re not even looking at her lol.

If it was really happening as much as she says it does there would be a hell of a lot more candids… and it seems like most come from her friends/people at the same room party or whatever so you can’t really say that’s the same thing.

No. 550375

The guy. He seems like a weenie.

Would explain why she has an actual orbiting group to conceal her at all times. She doesn't want people to take pictures of her so she needs to have people half her size blocking ~the haturz~ view

No. 550377

File: 1531854456348.jpg (2.68 MB, 4032x3024, 153185443560858048961460641499…)

No. 550379

File: 1531855146697.png (3.18 MB, 1151x2048, CF9B921A-BA83-443F-B285-D1D0ED…)

How Momo sees this pic

No. 550383


Between LGH and Moo, I can't decide who I want to crash harder.

No. 550384

Wholesome edit

No. 550385

friendly tip, don't do this. at a minimum learn good humor and digital art before trying again.

No. 550387

File: 1531856331834.jpg (109.9 KB, 1080x320, 20180717_113822.jpg)

Incel spotted.

No. 550390

No. 550391

No it was fakenerdboy, she donated to his streams

No. 550392

Stop responding to obvious trolls

No. 550393

File: 1531857140545.jpg (228.94 KB, 768x601, 20180717_215155.jpg)

No. 550397

I mean she did flat out call her friends enablers guess that didn't go down too well for the calves.

No. 550398

Funny because Moo has always copied Gabby. Will her cosplay now go down in the shitter now her muse is gone?

No. 550400

File: 1531858072259.jpg (40.38 KB, 804x202, 2018-07-17_16-06-17.jpg)

No. 550402

>implying Moo's cosplays has never been in the shitter
Moo will always find someone to copy because she's unoriginal and a lot of her cosplays are just trying to one-up/suck up to other cosplayers and failing.

No. 550407

Kay Bear retweeted this. So much for those apologies

No. 550408

i'm sure when moo said she 'reached out to them' it was either with bribes or threats to sweep it under the rug. tbh if i were any of the victims i would be silent right now too. moo would just try to start shit if they did speak up.

No. 550409


Guess she was one of the ones that didn’t respond to her “reaching out”

No. 550411

It didn't help that Moo refused to say their names or what she really did. She also called them liars a few times and said that it wasn't that big of a deal because other people did it to her. She also tried to paint herself as the victim instead of the actual victims so really, she gave them no reason to accept her apology.

No. 550412

Wait really? Jessica Nigris boyfriend?
Do you have any caps/more backstory on that?

No. 550413

Is it true Moo told a fan to kill themselves earlier last year? So much for all that "I love people" bs she posted in her response

No. 550414

Remember when everyone first spoke out and Mariah said it was planned because they all had vendettas? Those were good times.

Speaking of which, did she even apologize for saying that in her "apology"? Because she prooobably should've

No. 550417

go back and read older threads. it's been reposted like a million times

No. 550418

It was waaayyyyy back in the beginning threads when she was first trying to suck up to nigri, and she tried to get to her through him. She would tweet at him constantly too and buy his clothing. Have to dig pretty far to find it

No. 550419

Nope, she didn't. Nor did she apologize for saying it was all a conspiracy