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File: 1498839467922.jpeg (73.41 KB, 875x897, 1498702737662.jpeg)

No. 404189

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Twitter: https://twitter.com/mariahmallad
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram / Snapchat: mariahmallad

Recent: Posted a three part video on her twitter of her crying her eyes out over "how hard" it is to be a "celebrity" and how she wants people to treat her like a human, only to immediately turn around and start attacking anyone who isnt kissing her ass on Facebook. And to show off she "totally isn't bothered" by one drawanons picture of her, she proceeded to make it into a shirt and give it out to all of her friends to wear at Anime Expo. She has the money to do that but not send out her prints to her patrons. She's currently at Anime Expo debuting her Space Yoko which is already bursting at the seams. Momo is also back at it again with sexualizing childing by cosplaying a fem Deku from Boku no Hero.
The basics:
>body positive, but photoshops her body and wears shapewear/corsets constantly, resorted to getting liposuction
>Proven through twitteraudit that she has bought at least 20k followers.
>laughably bad at making cosplays – if she's told they're bad, she falls back on her Samus/ Wicke costume and makes excuses for why she couldn't wear the new cosplay
>spends very little time and effort on each costume and then claims her money is "hard-earned"
>claims she cosplays because she's passionate about the characters and the hobby, but is only in it for the money
>does monthly "boudoir"/half-naked shoots to hide how shitty her costumes are
>thinks she's hot shit; delusional about her level of fame
>has to beg for money, con passes, etc. despite making over $10k per month on Patreon
>known to spend chunks of her Patreon income on fancy vacations, alcohol, drugs and treating her friends while simultaneously half-assing all her cosplays
>pretends to have played/know about the series she cosplays from, despite evidence proving otherwise
>loiters around at booths during cons, pretending to have been invited as a guest
>lewded a dragon loli after people told her not to and massively backpedaled after she couldn't just laugh off the backlash

No. 404191

Forgot to link the previous thread

No. 404198

Loving the new pic

No. 404212

New thread pic is A++++

No. 404215

File: 1498843661876.png (75.8 KB, 750x693, IMG_0283.PNG)

>more than just lewd
That's what 90% of your fan base will always see you as. They don't give a shit.

No. 404222

"I can do more than just lewd"
Okay maybe you shouldn't have picked a titty monster to prove that point.

No. 404232


Sure Moomoo. You "worked hard", which means you did it last minute and cut corners to get it out for your next con. Just admit you aren't full of shit and stop trying to convince everyone that you care oh so much about your craft and are not just looking for neckbeard validation and money.

Also, your followers could give two shits how "hard you worked on it" or "not wanting to be seen as just lewd". All they care about is you taking off your clothes and having some guys thumb in your asshole with fake cum on your tits. It is far too late for you to demand any modicum of respectability when you have made your "career" on being seen and treated as a trashy, lewd "thicc" animu goddess who will make all the nerdy boys cum for you if they pay enough money.

No. 404234

File: 1498845144758.png (1.71 MB, 1440x2264, 20170630_105044.png)

She posted a pic of the Yoko wig and as expected it looks fucking terrible.

No. 404235

So her argument works if she was talking about a good costume that she made herself whose central theme wasn't giant tits ala Yoko.

To my knowledge she hasn't made an actual costume that was anywhere near pro quality. My cited examples are her Rin and Misato, which look like something made rushed and not what you'd expect to be made with her amount of funds.

Same with how her few middling quality shoots used almost exclusively premade or commissioned costume pieces.

Honestly it kind of hit me hard the other day when she mentioned her 2 year cosplay anniversary. To think some of the earlier shoots are not only the same person, but the quality has if anything declined hard.

No. 404243

What's so bad about the wig I have no knowledge of wigs..

No. 404244


She must still be buttmad about all the comments she was getting about how her "cosplay" was nothing more than cheap, shitty, ratty wigs and bikinis that are clearly too small for her fat body.

No. 404245

File: 1498846969434.jpg (88.45 KB, 800x560, starboobs.jpg)

It's supposed to look like this, but I have no idea why she spiked those two pieces at the top the way she did.

No. 404249

And before she goes and recycles this wig for fem!sidon or pyrrha

No. 404253

Oh my fucking god, with as often as she tries to dickride Miles Luna, I can totally see her trying to do a mega-fat Pyrrha to try and get his attention. The joke is on her though, he doesn't like landwhales.

No. 404256

The fact that she even feels she has to prove this should tell herself something?? Her work speaks for itself and she's paid FOR lewd, certainly not for her costume making skills.

No. 404258

Don't say this anon I love Pyrrha and I still haven't even cosplayed her yet
I'm not ready for Moo to do it(no1curr)

No. 404260

File: 1498848966976.png (293.53 KB, 491x819, twinning.png)

Thoroughly convinced this admin is among us.

No. 404263

I feel sorry for the fact she has to make it a running gag for her and her 'friends' by making those shirts with the lulzy artwork to wear at AX. They're laughing at you too not with you Moomoo. Anyone sticking by her side is only in it for the exposure and money she has, she's too toxic & self absorbed for any true meaningful friendships.(sage this)

No. 404266

Thank you for using my troll reply for the thread pic. I feel so honored.(sage this)

No. 404269

Whoah, she blocked me and deleted my posts. Surprise surprise. Still got this gold straight from the moo's udder.

No. 404271


Must have struck a nerve for it to happen that quick, you've been blessed.

No. 404273

File: 1498851230886.jpeg (240.25 KB, 1242x1717, image.jpeg)

The Internet saves all, baybeeee

No. 404276

Someone has GOT TO make a thread on Krissy Victory! XD(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 404277

These chicks are SO egotistical that the SLIGHTEST jab at them rustles their jimmies! Lmao!

It just proves everyone's point of how narcissistic they REALLY are!

No. 404281

Take it to a different thread and stop derailing.

No. 404282


No. 404284


Because it's quite derailing, but she might as well be Moomoo's clone at this rate. Narcissistic as fuck, easy to piss off, a cheap sellout Patreon boudoir cosplayer and when things don't go her way, uses the racism card, while Moo uses the body shaming card instead. Agreed for having her own thread.

No. 404286

I wish I capped it, but someone commented on one of her posts via Facebook about how she is a stupid cow [their name was Egg Salad] and how she has all the money to spend on these shirts, but refuses to give out patreon prints from MONTHS ago. She replied with 'I DIDNT SPEND SHIII'. Girl. you BOUGHT those. You fucking dumbass. I think she got blasted by some people agreeing and she wound up finally deleting the comment. I'm kicking myself for not capping it.

No. 404287

Then go make your own thread for her stop shitting up Mariah's thread, and sage your post.

No. 404288

Also has anyone else noticed she was TOO PUSSY to keep the 'T' in the original image she posted when she was going to order them? AHAHA

No. 404294

My question is this: if she's ~supposedly~ supposed to be paying for her parents who both are convinently out of work, why would she waste money on 10-15 shirts that literally no one is going to wear again?

Don't you think you should save your money, Mariah instead of wasting it? It's one thing if it's cosplay stuff for her patreon since that is how she gets her income, but it's another to do stuff like this.

No. 404295

That's what I noticed lmaoo
Same with when she changed her twitter name to Momokunt to show us haterssss that she's not phased but barely kept that shit up and changed it back. Bahahaha

No. 404301

Been following these threads for the past week, since this momo bitch always comes up in my explore on Instagram and she always bugged me, my question is, why is her head too small for her GODDAMN body?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 404302

Stop namefagging

No. 404303

Obesity, famalam

No. 404304


As funny as it is if she was too much of a pussy to do it, maybe whatever shirt site she used wouldn't allow it, some are strict about crude words. Weird if that's the case as I'm surprised the art was allowed to be made into a shirt lol.

No. 404307

Cunt I can understand, but momokunt clearly LOOKS and SOUNDS bad, but isn't technically anything close to a real word. Also, the site she used doesn't care. She was just too much of a pussy to bother keeping it because she doesn't like being called Momokunt. Too bad that's her nickname. Not the self confessed one of 'bodysuit queen' or whatever bullshit. /s

No. 404308

Im ao glad to see in her new Twitter video and snapstory that she is breaking California law by having your phone out while you are behind the wheel. Someone pull this fat fuck over.

No. 404309

Krissy thread >>>>> >>>/snow/344156(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 404310


She's been recording behind the wheel for months, it's all over her Snapchat, Instgram, Twitter, everywhere. Maybe the footage is worth showing to the cops?

No. 404316

Da fuck? How the hell is she going to go with this dumbass lie? You posted the website, people know you spent at least $400 on this shit, Moo. I doubt some rando Tshirt website is going to give you 15 free T shirts

No. 404322

Gimme money, plz. No porn here lawl.

No. 404325

No way in hell a shirt company would give her these shirts for free + expidited shipping with that image. Those companies don't give a fuck who you are. Hell, even Jessica wouldn't get that shit for free. Moomoo, you're not that fucking important. This is a mass manufacturing business. They don't CARE.

No. 404326

They weren't free. A moo as such gets nothing. -Queen blocked troll

No. 404327

File: 1498856935877.png (536.29 KB, 559x573, fill your names you whore.png)

Couldn't even spend $40 getting new nail fillers. For fucks sake. Those look so ugly and digusting. At least take a sharpie or some shit and color in your real nail.

No. 404328

>heading out in casual wear
>too pussy to wear the shitty shirts she made
>probably because the ones she ordered only fit her FIT friends IE Vamp

No. 404329



The wig is inaccuratte as fuck, I don't get it

No. 404332

Its like the obese girls cosplayg Rose Quartz and getting asspats for all the inacuracies. Its the same fucking logic these 'fans' have. I don't know why she would bother dressing as Jasper when she should go with Amythest istead. She isn't fit enough to be Jasper. It'll be an entirely Rogue bodysuit fat ass with a corset scenario again. Moomoo, lose some FUCKING substantial amount of weight before cosplaying. /slight ot

No. 404336

>>404286 Someone made a joke about losing 20 patrons and that is also gone. Lol.

No. 404337

I'm new to this thread stuff I didn't know I was namefagging my b

No. 404338

File: 1498859175540.png (333.55 KB, 502x507, corset.png)

Is she seriously wearing shapewear or a corset under her normal clothes to look thinner? Also, NO ONE IS WEARING THOSE SHIRTS. OMG. THEY ALL SERIOUSLY WUSSED OUT!

No. 404339


Don't be too hopeful yet, the dumbasses will probably wear them when out binge drinking & partying on one of the con days and we'll get to see random videos of her thinking she's hilarious for wearing it.

No. 404340

File: 1498859469807.png (444.17 KB, 540x960, waddle.png)

She 100% is. Thats so pathetic.

No. 404341

File: 1498859769925.png (12.08 KB, 574x100, not a guest.png)

She's trying to play it off like she is a guest OF THE CONVENTION. She isn't She isn't anywhere on the guest list. She is a guest at a Funimation event which isn't even affiliated with the convention. Hell, AX even have Kiss A Frog cosplay [which is 3x bigger than Moomoo] as a REAL guest. Shut the fuck up Momo. No one wants you as a guest because no one fucking requested you as a guest.

No. 404342


Lol I love how she's trying so hard to be "badass" by posing that way with her "squad".

I'm only going to be at AX tomorrow but I hope to run into this trainwreck and sneak pics of her shitty cosplay.

No. 404346


That's what I was saying. She keeps referring to herself as a guest at AX as if the con asked her to come. Just because you may have gotten a free pass because of Funimation, you also get one if you're on a panel, that doesn't make you a guest.

No. 404349

Leave the name field blank and if your post isn't milk-related or adding anything new, type "sage" (without the quotation marks) in the e-mail field.

Also have a look at the rules. There should be a guide for new people.

No. 404350


She wishes she were a guest at any convention, it's sad how she has to word it to make it look like she's hot shit so her gullible fans think their idol has made it huge in the cosplay realm.

No. 404351

Is that a fanny pack? How are you gonna pretend to look badass with a fanny pack.

No. 404353


You are still namefagging. Drop the "anon-kun" and leave it blank.
Also, write "sage" on the email field when you don't say anything relevant to the thread/milk.

You are welcome.

No. 404356


She is always so far up her own ass about how "famous" she is. She is trying to act like she is an invited guest and has all these deep connections with big name people when she is just another loser. So god damn pathetic.

Watch when someone calls her out how quick she will be like "WHEN DID I EVER SAY I WAS AN INVITED GUEST?!" to appear to look more humble.

No. 404358

I'm amused that she's always wearing athletic gear and she never works out.

No. 404362

Imagine spending hundreds of dollars to try to prove you don't care, but you actually do care a great deal.

LMAO THIS TWAT. You are NOT guest for AX, Moo! MAYBE you got a free pass because you're butt buddies with whatshisname, but that does not make you a guest for the whole con. Good lordt the delusions and the liiiiiiies

No. 404374

I think my friend might have a screen cap, but someone commented that she looked like she was gonna rob a bank on one of her Izuku pictures and a few minutes later the picture was deleted from her Instagram. I don't know if they're connected but I thought it was funny.

No. 404377

$100s on conventions, costumes, everything bsides actually sending out REAL things for the people GIVING YOU FUCKING MONEY.

No. 404383

No. 404423

File: 1498866413029.jpg (492.77 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_20170630_194543.jpg)

Did she shoop her arm a bit? It looks a bit thicker in her shadow.

No. 404431

She does have something in common with DBZ characters. She never changes her god damn clothes.

No. 404432

Man she's really squeezed herself into some compression material.

No. 404435

That corset/shapewear she is wearing under that outfit is fucking embarassing. Why would you do that to yourself You're going to be fat as hell as Yoko, so why not just show everyone what you look like normally? Also every time she stands with her legs spread out makes me fucking laugh. It doesn't make her look THICC, it makes it obvious she is trying to give the illusion of a thigh gap when she doesn't have one. She looks so fucking stalky and huge here.

No. 404445


This wig doesn't look too bad.

No. 404448

tinfoil hat theory: i've been thinking all this time why would she cosplay yoko since ttgl hype is dead. i thougt 'ok it's because it's a revealing outfit' but that didn't add much because it's a intricate outfit and she could slut herself up with something hyped and way simpler to do.
then i thought, maybe she did that trainwreck in the hopes of proving all the anon wrong about how she can't do anything herself? and also an opportunity to slut out of course

No. 404451

Yeah I mean, she's clearly trying to prove the people who say she can't craft/buys her best costumes wrong. If she had actually taken time to get the correct foot for her machine, research techniques, make proper fabric choices etc. maybe this could have been her turning point into showing she cares about craftsmanship. But, she's Moomoo, and she did it in two days on no sleep and it's falling apart.

No. 404461

Oh god…this video is GOLD! LMFAO!

No. 404463

File: 1498868755757.png (103.45 KB, 218x227, Untitled.png)

This needs to be a meme!

No. 404464

How's trying to act like Jessica Nigri working out for you, Moo? You look like an imbecile.

No. 404465

Imagine how it smells after a long, hot day in LA.

No. 404467

straight jnig copy, is she that unoriginal?

No. 404471

File: 1498869365659.gif (233.9 KB, 360x202, 1rt084.gif)

No. 404474


No. 404476

File: 1498869727622.png (1.48 MB, 1366x768, caked.png)

Her makeup is so fucking caked. Its disgusting. You can see it seperating.

No. 404478


more like rob the nearest place that serves Pho

No. 404481

i was just thinking like how fat do you have to be have to your legs spread that wide and still no thigh gap…

No. 404484

She's also doing it because one of her exes is going as Simon. I imagine he turned her on to the idea so she would pay his way at AX, she even got him a ~Momokunt~ shirt to never wear!

No. 404491

Someone pls point this out to her. You are not on that guest list Moo.

No. 404504

so when do you get back to school? xD(XD)

No. 404534

File: 1498873979497.png (77.26 KB, 1004x733, Moooooo....png)

No. 404537

No. Not only she would love that, it would be fucking annoying…

No. 404541

You forgot to edit out the mentions.

No. 404545


No. 404546

She picks her acne under her nose..

No. 404551

File: 1498874684784.jpg (294.33 KB, 2048x1536, moospotting.jpg)

No. 404553

"The Moomookun prowls for fresh azn dick to snort. She does this in preparation of Anime Expo"

No. 404554

momo put on that tank top you are so proud of. Or are you embarassed no one wants to wear it around WITH you?

No. 404555


That's a huge bitch

No. 404557

She legit looks like a long haired fat kid in that getup. Also, where are the rest of her squad?

No. 404558

The chick in yellow and the skirt was walking with her to the con in her instastory. Looks like she is trying to be the leader of the group, but no one gives a fuck if she goes off on her own and no one follows. Moomoo. Let your friends do their own shit.

No. 404561

It looks like she saw that Lucoa and started to have a crying fit lmao

No. 404563


No. 404566

Left side

No. 404568

Could someone do a side by side of Momo and Gamera? I feel they may look similar, and it would be a good cosplay for her to do.

No. 404571

Anyone else here kind of wanna hate fuck the shit out of her? She's be fun for a good fuck n go. Nice squishy body. That bunny cosplay scares me though(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 404575

I wouldn't touch her with a 50-foot strap-on.

No. 404577

She looks like somebodys mom who wandered in here to see what all those crazy kids were up to now.

No. 404579

She really doesn't stand out. Its kinda sad really. If I made her money, I wouldn't be dress as some nameless face in the crowd.

No. 404583

I don't think she made that; I believe it was Spelling Bee (another KF user). Still, I appreciate PC for posting highlights.

No. 404585


My favorite pastime, watching a paranoid Moomoo desperately trying to sniff out who is snapping all these embarrassing candids of her.

How much you want to bet she has another twitter tirade like the one she had after everyone saw her gross cottage cheese thighs and flat ass in that bikini?

No. 404588

seriously if i made the money she wastes I'd make sure to have a wardrobe where i looked amazing even when lounging around my house. it baffles me that she makes all that money and just shoves it into her face instead of using it on things like: making her hair not look terrible, learning how to be better at makeup, even nicer trashy lounge clothes she wears. she must really think that wearing a black cloak makes her look skinny when in reality it doesnt help her at all. If anything wearing a hoodie and capri leggings just emphasizes her actual size.

Hey Momo: if you wanna pretend to be 'thicc' : loose fitting low cut shirts and sweats that hug hips and thighs. leaving your cankles visible only makes you look shittier. PS wedge sneakers. Tromping around in dirty ass sneakers just makes you look dumpier and being able to compare your shin to your foot makes you look that much fatter

No. 404599

Oh crap, true dat.

No. 404605

Every con she is dressed in black, its doesn't make her thinner. What is her style? She not goth, sporty or even tumblr fashionable. If I have to give her style a name it would be sloppy bland.

No. 404610

Holy shit Luna GTFO if you'd spend more time fixing your tits and contributing real milk than samefagging maybe you wouldn't be such a failure

No. 404624

what the shit, her skin looks so yellow

No. 404628

What happened to the like 10 cosplays she was wearing this weekend?

No. 404633

She was supposed to be lounge yesterday, rogue today, right? She already fucked up.

No. 404634

File: 1498880465250.png (566.09 KB, 708x590, Capture _2017-06-30-20-39-50.p…)

That's Gabby

No. 404635

File: 1498880482607.png (535.43 KB, 450x592, no headphones.png)

No headphones. Can't even be bothered to properly last minute cosplay. Oh man. Another hotel room shoot too. Surprise.

No. 404636

How to use BeautyCam on max level 101 and still look like shit

No. 404637

i'll be surprised if she does rogue again after the shit she got for it

No. 404638

File: 1498880974209.png (429.61 KB, 540x960, lipo.png)

MORE SCARS, yo. Has them on her sides too!

No. 404639

Who is this Gabby and why is she relevant to Momo?(sage this, lurk more)

No. 404640

>B-But my freckles are just perfectly aligned! There's nothing weird about this, my dudes!

Seriously how long are her dumb fans going to think these are freckles/birth marks?

No. 404642


lurk more.

No. 404649

File: 1498881836467.png (108.91 KB, 750x664, IMG_6326.PNG)

No. 404654

Ughhhh Moo, you fucking make bank, why don't you invest in new undergarments? Those gross panties must be blown out to fuck and back by now.

No. 404657

chick on the left actually has a legit curby thicc body that ya'll know moomoo thinks she has

No. 404658

>what is her style
being fat and too lazy to flatter said fatness

No. 404671

that's swimsuit succubus, isn't it?

No. 404673

Please stay on topic. Saged posts still need to contribute something to the thread. Some samefags have been banned.

No. 404674

Proof that she is wearing shapewear right now or that she got lipo again because she has some new marks on her sides. Jesus fucking christ, moomoo. You're whole self is a fucking lie.

No. 404676

Her bra doesn't even fit her, but thats because she has this idea that 'wow I spill out that must be sexy for boys to see' is actually a GOOD thing. If you want to look SKINNIER you wear bras and underwear that DONT pinch your skin into folds.

No. 404678

It is indeed. She's got a gorgeous figure. Can't wait for more candids, she's looking huge in every one.

No. 404683

I love how everyone is wearing nicer casual outfits and she's just in her usual activewear that never gets used for it's created purpose.
Jfs I haven't really seen any photos of her out and about in anything except sweatpants. She talks about how popular she is all of the time so you think she would actually want to look as nice as she thinks everyone sees her to be.

No. 404699

File: 1498888153485.png (362.2 KB, 922x474, Screenshot 2017-06-30 at 10.48…)

No. 404700

I hope one of her patrons mentions the fact that she wears the same underwear 24/7.

No. 404702

ratty shoes, ugly waist pack(fanny pack????), backward hat, workout wear. This whole outfit scream "I am the fat friend"

No. 404715

File: 1498889840661.png (512.7 KB, 935x596, Screenshot 2017-06-30 at 11.17…)

No. 404717

same scene. same underwear. same shitty cosplay. how does she do pocchaco or whatever without the headphones?? How does she think this looks anything LIKE pocchaco? Jesus fucking christ.

>gym clothes

>hotel room


No. 404729

Looks like Nigri is ~going for fun~ and probably not cosplaying with Mariah.

No. 404730

Sounds more like she isn't a guest [which she isn't this year, finally]. That means she can debut her new outfit without having to man a table most of the convention. Her only committment is the Funimation thing.I dont think she was ever going to cosplay with moomoo. She just assumed Jessica, as her friend, would want to HANG with her and BE with her. Still no sign of those shirts, anons? /s

No. 404731

File: 1498892931886.png (1.09 MB, 720x1185, Screenshot_2017-07-01-00-05-25…)

No. 404732

Fuck anon you beat me to it. Do you have the other 3 snaps?

No. 404733

File: 1498893002745.png (1.15 MB, 718x1187, Screenshot_2017-07-01-00-06-04…)

Only this Nike outfit

No. 404734

File: 1498893239929.png (688.58 KB, 540x960, pooch.png)

K I got you. I am almost 100% sure she got more lipo before AX. Laser is none evasive and can easily be done in an hour at clinics and you can do stuff the next day.

No. 404735

File: 1498893273747.png (241.29 KB, 540x960, legit.png)

Like I am SERIOUSLY thinking she did. She didn't have those markings on her sides in >>404638 before. Those are NEW.

No. 404737

Wow lol stay jealous ladies(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 404738

Hey moomoo why don't you show these threads to your fans? Also, where are you tank tops? Too embarassed to actually wear them? Don't be a pussy now. You spent money on those.

No. 404739

File: 1498893969116.png (807.89 KB, 1236x700, 1496883505959.png)

She did have those before actually.
Can't be bothered to go through older threads, but here's a compilation of her markings that an anon made a while ago.

No. 404740

Too fat and lazy to be bothered to workout, so lets get lipo. What a fatass. Thats like a story you hear on Niptuck or My 600lbs life. She going to be on botched like Penny Underbust too? I HOPE she runs into her. I swear. Moomoo, do a shoot with Penny. Let everyone cringe at you both.

No. 404741

>Cries about how she wants to prove to fans she can do more than just lewd
>lewds again and posts 100 photos about it

Okay yes we're gonna start taking you seriously now momo

No. 404742

>When you spend around 80 work hours on an elaborate costume part to make it clean and accurate and get 100 likes at tops and this cow gets 10k for nothing
feels bad fam

God Mariah ditch that backwards cap immediately. It looks horrible with your hair style, it literally makes you look mentally retarded and it bugs the fuck out of me.

Why the fuck does she even do this? Does she think people won't notice it? I mean her neckbeard fans don't care anyway as long as she feeds them shitty porn shoots but anyone else MUST notice her name missing on the list.

Also one anon mentioned that it's to hide her hammy arms and I concur, it seems to be the most feasible reason. It's a popular character in slutty clothes that only show her tits and lipo'ed midriff and upper thighs, but hide her massive arms. The perfect deal.

No. 404743

The only reason I can think of is that she probably wastes all her money on drugs. It's the only way that she can burn 13-15k every month and skimp on the cosplays, furniture and clothing.

god she's not even trying to hide them anymore after her neckbeards got all horny over her "THIGH FRECKLES". Stop eating shit and work out so you don't need lipo Mariah, if you did that you'd lose the weight pretty fast at your current weight.

No. 404745

What confuses is how they mistake them as freckles. Freckles aren't even that dark. Those are way more like moles if anything. Men are fucking stupid when you show a pair of tits.

No. 404762

is that gabby at the background? what's her deal anyway?

pet peeve with cosplayers that don't think even for a second about the scenery and if it matches what they are doing

No. 404786

File: 1498901486010.jpg (311.12 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_20170701_052807.jpg)

Good lord

No. 404787

File: 1498901511259.jpg (796.81 KB, 1172x1080, 20170701_052907.jpg)

No. 404788

File: 1498901547726.jpg (997.35 KB, 1920x1080, 20170701_052939.jpg)

These were all from a twitter post she was tagged in

No. 404789

She looks like she just caught a nasty whiff from herself.

No. 404790

its her reworn dirty clothes. I've been watching her insta-stories and she's been wearing the same things all weekend. Can a anon confirm if she smells at AX?

No. 404806

File: 1498905204804.png (1.12 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6852.PNG)

No. 404822

Can you really say you're going to cosplay something at a con but only actually wear it at a porn shoot in your hotel?????

No. 404823

If hellweek never ends shouldn't it be called hellyear?

No. 404847


in all fairness it's only been one day so far

No. 404848

But in the picture it can be seen one in her hip that wasn't there before… So maybe it's true that she got more lipo.

No. 404885

if you mean the ones on the side of her hips, those were pointed out a thread or 2 ago by another anon (visible in one of the samus bikini pics).

No. 404886

Holy shit, Susu stands out so much even when wearing a casual outfit. That's a great body. I bet Mariah is seething inside every moment she spends next to her

No. 404894

I think anon meant the ones on the side of her waist, they could've always been there tho and we just never saw that angle yet.

No. 404896


maybe she finally got lipo in her arms and thats why they're shaped weird

No. 404915

Ugh, his shirt is so gross. Hope you're proud of your fanbase of smelly virgins, Moo~

No. 404932

newfag here, but can´t wait to see her trashy drinking pics again like from colossal. also going to try and talk to her if I see her this weekend(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 404934

File: 1498929703142.png (66.48 KB, 625x626, thisisbait.png)

No. 404935

Sage for OT but I think susu may have had lipo at one point to get her waist that small, which also might be how Momo got the idea. Not sure though, I just can't imagine susus body being naturally that shape

No. 404947

i mean she's lean as fuck it's not like she's got flab on her, either way I think she just works hard to keep her figure and makes sure to wear clothes that flatter that figure. I WILL say i'm tempted to believe that she wears hip pads hence why she tends to have the entirety of her hips covered when people can see her.

But to bring this back to momo: The fancy water lipo commercials are always running and i'm sure she's had plenty of people suggest it to her since that's a common fatty jab (i.e. 'you're making all this money and blowing up like a balloon moomoo why dont you use that money on lipo?') and I generally dont get that vibe from susu.

No. 404951


That's reaching. To me, she looks like someone who actually takes care of herself. Plus she is also really thin and short with large breasts for her frame. I think in proportion it makes her waist look smaller.

Sage because I don't understand why people can't accept someone looking good naturally without accusing them of having work done. Don't spread rumors if you don't have receipts

No. 404964

File: 1498936741336.jpg (142.71 KB, 901x1200, DDrBfoLVoAExZqn.jpg)

Moomoo just posted this on her twitter and instagram.

I can't wait for the candids, lol.

No. 404966

fuck that eyeliner and half-glued on eyelashes. i've never paid much attention to her makeup, is it always this bad?

No. 404970

that's a huge reach. she probably did waist traiing before sex work

No. 404974

Liposuction does not make you smaller , waist training maybe
But even then who cares, she takes care of her body unlike moo

No. 404977

File: 1498938028563.png (820.36 KB, 1164x1150, didyoueven.png)

oh god.

No. 404981

Did she fucking use sharpie again on that neck piece?

No. 404985

oh my god I hope the seams bust while she's out today, that would be hilarious.

No. 404997

Where is she? Trying to find her to take pics and compare how huge shes gotten

No. 405001

File: 1498940317156.jpg (202.49 KB, 899x1200, IMG_0773.JPG)

she's going to be pulling that top up all damn day

No. 405003

File: 1498940406038.jpg (187.2 KB, 899x1200, IMG_0774.JPG)

No. 405004

The result of a rushed costume and measurements done incorrectly…just like Camilla, or any of her costumes that have fallen apart within hours, it'll become a cheap boudoir set to make up for the talent she lacks.

No. 405009


Rushed costume aside, why is it impossible for her to have undergarments that fit?! Beyond having clean, character-appropriate underwear for boudoir, there's no reason that she can't acquire a supportive strapless bra for this costume with her Patreon income. They come in larger sizes but she can afford it. It's baffling to me why she wears the same ratty underwear in and out of cosplay. If you're making it your career to pose as mostly undressed fictional characters, invest just as much, if not more, in your underwear as you do your costume.

No. 405011


Who's the girl on the far left? She is super cute.

No. 405012


Please read the freaking thread or lurk way more. That's swimsuitsuccubus

No. 405018

She's wearing a regular bra, the one she wore in last nights boudoir shoot no doubt. With all that money she couldn't afford a strapless bra or pasties??? Of course she didn't put elastic in the bandeau, Mariah learn to fucking add elastic!!!


She said she'd be by the horseshoes most of the day until the funimation thing.

No. 405020

Those stars look like they're begging for the sweet release of death.

No. 405021

The bra kills it for me. Cant se use Google to look the characters up? Momo just put "Google" in that magical bar at the top.

No. 405022

The top is already falling down and she's wearing a regular bra… she couldn't get a strapless? Even if she didn't feel like a strapless was strong enough, get one with clear straps. Hell, she could have saved it with this bra if she pinned the bandeau to the top of the cups and pinned the cape to the straps so that you can't see the bra.
She is so lazy it hurts.

No. 405023

I meant supportive enough, I know strapless bras with big boobs can be uncomfortable

No. 405028


she legits has the body of some obese whitetrash woman in her 40's now. thick my ass.

No. 405032


i don't think any of them is like super attractive (other than swimsuit succubus) but they all make moomoo look like absolute shit. she's legit the duff friend. sad! they all have better hair, style, body, height, poses, just pretty much everything better than mariah. and like i said, i don't even think they're anything special in the first place lol…

No. 405035

I think she looks happy and like she's enjoying herself but the costume looks a bit unfortunate

No. 405036

File: 1498943664144.png (1.16 MB, 1120x626, Screenshot 2017-07-01 at 2.13.…)

No. 405038

Those stars are very unfortunate.

No. 405040

Their wigs look soft while hers looks stiff as fuck.

No. 405050

she does look happy but i can't imagine she's comfortable. sucking in all day and walking slow so your costume doesn't burst at the seams can't be too fun.

No. 405052

File: 1498944875854.png (138.68 KB, 750x1334, IMG_2778.PNG)

How the hell is this already stained

No. 405055

Looks like glue from the star, which came undone.

No. 405056

Looks like she tried to glue it down but once she put it on, it stretched and ripped off.

No. 405059

So much is wrong wih this…

>wearing tights that are white

>does the wig even have a ponytail?
>regular bra with the straps pulled to the side
>chopstick hair pieces not correct
>can't wear underwear that fits

Jesus fucking Christ momo. At least fucking remake this shit at some point.

No. 405063

She uses gel instead of other methods to hold shape like slightly watered down glue for points and small amounts of teasing with mousse or Get2B. Like.. For fucks sake. There are so many tutorials. I suck at wigs and even I fucking know this shit. Moomoo, come on. At least try since you are a 'guest'.

No. 405070

I think she complete deleted the post about her saying she will be handing out free business cards with her photos on them during her 'guest' appearence at Lucky Strike.

….So. Free coscards. Like every other cosplayer. Not like anyone charges for those, Moomoo. For fucks sake. Stop trying to make anything you do sound more important than it is.

No. 405072

Are you going? Take pics

No. 405073

AND she just deleted another tweet to Jessica because Jess ignored the first one, so she deleted the one she made 4hrs ago while I was at work. I shouldve capped it! Ahaha. Keeps saying stuff like "You go Jess' etc. She doens't want anything to do with you moo.

No, I work. My job isn't THAT lenient to let any of us off for the holiday weekend.

No. 405085

File: 1498946283114.png (425.01 KB, 540x960, blurr.png)

Motion blurred, but close up of this.

No. 405087

File: 1498946351576.png (714.5 KB, 540x960, loli.png)


Thats exactly how the video goes.

No. 405090

She could not fucking be bothered to cover up that regular black bra she's wearing under the top? Holy christ this is her "hard work"? And the stars peeling off already? She literally doesn't even care.

No. 405091

its so funny when people make jokes about being a pedophile when they actually are low-key

No. 405093

So she did more lipo for "fitting" this shitty costume and going to a con. What's gonna happen to her skin? I don't think it's healty to do lipo again and again and keep eating shit?
Priorities my dudes

No. 405095

Its like impossible for her to stand without her legs apart. Is she seriously THAT fat that she can't put her thighs together? How does she walk? Does she waddle? Someone who sees her tell me how she fucking moves. Even outside of this outfit, she fucking always stands with her legs apart to make it look like she has a gap when she will NEVER have a gap. Her vagina is too fat, her fupa would spill over if she wasn't always sucking it in and leaning back to stretch her abdomen. JUST GO TO THE FUCKING GYM ALREADY AND STOP GETTING LIPO AS AN EXCUSE. In Fact, TELL YOUR FANS YOU GOT LIPO. Tell them your experience. Tell them HOW you shouldnt try to conform to something like cosplay and body standards by getting SURGERY like that. For fucks sake. You stand for absolutely nothing you actually try to project. I don't respect SS, but fucking hell. She's still 10x better than you. Even Nanabear and that is staying A LOT.

No. 405098

She 100% got more lipo. She has new marks on the side-sides of her hips. Those are seriously new. If anyone is able to get a look at her underside of the arms, let us know. We know about the ones on the pelvic area, but there are new marks directly on her hip sides now. She seriously got lipo again since Col' Thats so fucking pathetic. So somewhere between Rogue and now, she got more.

No. 405101

Wig part is still on the wrong side and she didn't pull back one of the hair strips. It's like she's got dyslexia but she constantly mistakes her left and right sides. She really needs to lay off of asymmetric designs.

No. 405107

File: 1498947493792.jpg (86.1 KB, 720x960, nanabear.jpg)

From Nana Bear's Facebook page. Those poor stars aren't going to last.

No. 405108

TAKE A SEWING CLASS AT JOANNS! Nana has been doing this LONGER than Moomoo and even she can't fucking sew. Are all her things seriously fucking bought as well?

No. 405110

File: 1498947705705.png (456.38 KB, 470x624, Screenshot 2017-07-01 at 3.21.…)

ot but i dont think anyone in this group knows how to sew

No. 405111

She straight up stands with her legs a yard apart. She looks so stupid. The tricks a woman who is 20 pounds overweight uses to look slimmer don't work when you're a human tater tot. She's just a really fat woman who looks like she's so fat her legs are being forced into a permanent split.

No. 405113

File: 1498947980215.jpg (22.85 KB, 256x554, 41684546.jpg)

ugh, can't stitch right to save her life

No. 405117

regular yoko would be so easier to her and maybe just maybe it wouldn't be falling apart like this. mariah you are fucking dumb

No. 405119

i don't think that is anything anyone wants to see

No. 405125

How the fuck did she make this wig look matted and nappy already?

No. 405129

Most sewing machines these days have speed settings to help with stitches. This is awful…she has no excuse for this poor craftsmanship.

No. 405131

Are those sewing pins holding the costume in place around the collar?

No. 405135

They both look like shit. Moomoo's making some weird ET face and Nana looks like she's intensely holding in a fart.

No. 405151

File: 1498952298488.jpg (1.3 MB, 1000x2000, momokunssecret.jpg)

I've noticed that Momokun wears a lot of stuff from Victoria's Secret, so I spent over 9000 hours in paint and made a thing in case anyone else wants to make ~high quality boudoir shoots~ like her.

If I didn't include something, it probably wasn't a VS/PINK bra or I forgot lulz.

Some notes:
* The panty from her Lucoa cosplay is the seamless thong from PINK, which is also part of the 5 for $28 deal.
* The difference between the Body by Victoria Demi bra versus the Perfect Coverage bra is that Perfect Coverage goes up higher, which is how I differentiated from the two.
* Loonie also wears a lot of stuff from VS too.

also yes hello im the same vs anon from previous threads.

No. 405169

Damn anon you have really got her wrapped up in a lacy expensive bow. Ty

No. 405182

I'm honestly surprised she can manage to wedge herself in these bras. They're pretty obviously too small and VS doesn't run that big. I can't imagine how uncomfortable those bras must be.

No. 405189

File: 1498956156730.jpg (154.93 KB, 900x1200, DDsGp10UIAAB_i6.jpg)

She managed to find him at AX.

Her top is so ill-fitting. Half of her bra is hanging out.

No. 405190


LOL that face "Help me"

No. 405193

She claims he said he loved her. Miles I have to much respect for you, I hope you were just saving face. How disappointing.

No. 405199


Those aren't "I love you eyes", those are "Jesus fucking christ get the fuck away from me eyes."

No. 405200

File: 1498956909035.jpg (205.57 KB, 900x1200, DDsGp11VwAAicWS.jpg)

Are you saying this isn't the face of someone that's excited to meet her?

No. 405201

Huh, I thought it was, "She smells like onions and sweaty vagina."

No. 405202

Probably why her bras never fit tbh.

No. 405203

File: 1498957487919.png (867.88 KB, 831x613, Screenshot 2017-07-01 at 6.04.…)

No. 405205

File: 1498957591204.png (379.49 KB, 354x625, Screenshot 2017-07-01 at 6.06.…)

No. 405207

She needs to take her ass over to fredericks of Hollywood or lane Bryant's. Her rib cage is to big for vs bras. Maybe if Mariah went shopping at either mentioned she'd actually buy cute underwear that fits!

No. 405215

This group is a fucking mess

No. 405216

This entire group is tragic. I've never even watched the show but I've always admired the character designs. Momo has butched it completely.

No. 405219


No. 405223


Let's be real, she probably uses bra extenders to fit into them, and even then it doesn't work

No. 405227

File: 1498960000414.png (535.75 KB, 926x448, Screenshot 2017-07-01 at 6.45.…)

I feel like this would have been better executed if she make it out of lighter stretch than Yaya's ultrapreme. It's bunching like a diaper

No. 405229

God the amount of fatties at this con is depressing

No. 405232

File: 1498960595684.jpg (Spoiler Image, 92.61 KB, 720x540, 6QqRQ0J.jpg)

Nah, she's probably around a 38 band size, close to the picture size (38FF) but VS is shit and carries like 5 cup sizes

No. 405238

File: 1498961870282.png (529.35 KB, 811x595, Screenshot 2017-07-01 at 7.17.…)

No. 405242

She actually looks cute here.

No. 405244

Nice smile, but it's not doing her cheeks any favors imo.

No. 405245

How long until someone makes a fuss over her wearing a qipao?

No. 405248

If she has done or will end up doing lipo for the arms, the scars will be by her elbow (depending on the dr and her size, there may be a single dot or a line of three, on the sides and above the elbow joint), just a tidbit of info.

No. 405257

Someone accused her of laser lipo, but that stuff doesn't really work. The results are so minimal, and you have to couple it with exercise and good diet.

If anything, she looks like she gained more weight. Especially around her midsection.

No. 405258

Nana fainted at the con and Moo probably didn't know or didn't care
She hasn't posted a thing even on her story

No. 405259

She will now that you stated it on here

No. 405260

That bra doesn't even fit the photo. I promise you she is 40-42 band size. No way in fucking hell is she anywhere near under that. It basically looks like she hasn't bought new bras SINCE she gained all that weight. Boys don't think its hot when you are busting out of a bra. It pinches you fat, moomoo and legit makes you look like a cow, not the opposite. Even Torrid has cute shit you could buy.

No. 405262

Is that her fucking CHUN LI and is trying to pass the outfit off as FORMAL??? Ahahahahaha. Holy shit. Stop last minuteing your fucking shit Momo!

No. 405266

You have no clue who she is. At all. Like not even the slightest. Couldn't make anything identifiable for the character. Fuck, keep the stupid stick in your hair, not throw a bow on your head and off to the side. She looks nothing even close to Mei. Not even in any kind of universe.

No. 405268

Even worse, it's her "formal" Mei

No. 405272

she just needed her glasses to pass it as mei geez

No. 405279

It really says something when momo isn't the worst looking person in a group. Everyone is such a fucking mess, I wouldn't even know where to start.

No. 405280


Shes not even wearing those anon.

No. 405282

Even her Chinese New Year skin is more formal than this shit. There are so many formal designs online from fanart and she fucking last minute jumped on board Stell's idea just to make sure no one else was dressed as a 'formal mei' for the fucking unofficial gathering. Its so pathetic.

No. 405286

File: 1498967447776.jpg (69.37 KB, 640x960, 867og.jpg)

No. 405288

She's one good sneeze away from everything exploding off of her.

No. 405292

Gotta love that lopsided bra/top

No. 405293


Her gloves look like it has a whole? Before even going to the con? lmao


It looks like it has a hole here too, on the thumb.

And the stars… Tragic. Also, her face looks darker than her boobs?

Her left (our right) boob looks like it's spilling from the top. If it wasn't for the bra…

This cosplay choice was so unfortunate, overall.

No. 405295

File: 1498968126373.png (454.41 KB, 382x628, Screenshot 2017-07-01 at 9.01.…)

No. 405296

Nothing about this is Mei. You see this hog walking around in this and you think its just a weeb trying to be cute in a chinese inspired dress.

No. 405298

File: 1498968431865.jpg (Spoiler Image, 60.2 KB, 596x630, IMG_8692.JPG)

All I can see.

No. 405299

It's sad that this shit is the kind of cosplayer that idiots make popular. Why??? Like seriously WHY. This is SO. BAD. There are hundreds of other talented people out here that deserve recognition… yet this cow pulls crap like this out of her ass and gets 10k likes.

No. 405301

that was my point exactly

No. 405309

did…………did she put chopsticks in her hair??

No. 405316

File: 1498970207431.jpg (138.31 KB, 806x850, had to do it to him.jpg)

Something about the stiff pose and stupid smug face gave me some "you know i ahd to do it to em" vibes

No. 405319

File: 1498970561822.jpg (175.88 KB, 900x1200, IMG_0780.JPG)

one she's tagged in from twitter, did she bother making sure her top was up for any of the pictures?

No. 405322

Did that fucking idiot boy put ace bandage tape directly on his skin? Cause thats what it looks like. God they are a giant fucking mess.

I'm starting to wonder if she couldn't pull the top up–thats why its fucked up in every picture. Like she fucked up making it so it literally couldn't get up over the top of her boob.

No. 405324

File: 1498971179099.png (371.73 KB, 540x960, meio.png)

You can tell who everyone is except her. Everyone but her put fucking effort into this unoffical gathering. I am so embarassed for their group pictures. Wrong head piece, no glasses, not evena hit on Mei's color. No one knows who the fuck she is. She probably has to tell people who she is supposed to be.

No. 405325

Is the one on the left of her a Sombra because that's one shitty Sombra.

No. 405326

File: 1498971270262.png (430 KB, 540x960, wide as a boat.png)

She's so fucking wide too. Not like normal wide, but like Im a fat cow wide. She looks so bad. Her makeup is already seperating in person. Jesus fucking christ. Can someone just get her drunk here and drag her out already?

No. 405327

Oh hey you can tell who she is supposed to be.

No. 405328

Couldnt be bothered to get special occassion chicpsticks at least?

No. 405330

is this the ONLY pose she knows for yoko? like holding the glasses for mei

No. 405331

i didn't realize that if you gained enough weight your shoulders would widen. momo teaches us everyday

No. 405336

She already HAS the parts for Mei as well and didn't even need to make them. Is she so lazy that she can't simply place them in her suitcase?

No. 405337

The reason why she hasn't sucked the fat from her arms is because she needs to hold her tops up

No. 405338

Weight gain typically spreads throughout your whole body, anon. I think it's quite obvious lmao.

No. 405344

File: 1498972316257.png (1.04 MB, 962x621, Screenshot 2017-07-01 at 10.11…)

Everyone looks good…then there's Moomoo

No. 405346

and of course she had to plant herself in the middle

No. 405347

idk why Momo's gross leg is sticking so far out but it's distracting and annoying.

No. 405348

How does she think she fits in wih them? Nothing about her is idenfiable as Mei? Everyone else has at least a little thing. A chinese dress doesn't a Mei make. Hell, even fucking Mercy has her wings. Thats HUGE. I don't play Overwatch and I can already tell which characters are which besides HER. No glasses. No even slight detail of Mei. Fuck. If she really did commission this cow tent of a dress, she could've asked for blue piping instead of gold. Or white trim and have the hairpiece not be a RED BOW but blue and white chopsticks. SOMETHING THAT LOOKED LIKE MEI. Its so BAD. I can easily see why she's lost 40 patrons this past week. Jesus fucking christ.

No. 405350

She's as big as a planet, of course she's in the middle. Everything else gets caught up in her atmosphere and can't help but revolve around her

No. 405352

She and the Widowmaker are the only ones I can tell though so I think you guys are nitpicking in that respect.

But the sombra is still a garbage looking Sombra and i won't let her slide.

No. 405353

she's that girl who WOULD make sure her leg is out the furthest

No. 405356

That Torbor is perfect though(I'm not gonna try to spell it properly right now)

I'd forgive it if she had Mei's glasses.

After Mei's new year outfit came out though I don't think Mei is fat. She just got them good kinda curves (tits, hips, ass). So this bitch is gross.

No. 405359

I don't play OW but I feel like Mei's character would be more shy and reserved so she would be sitting with her legs closed elegantly. Or at least standing in a cute pose on the side. Moo just has to have her ass planted in the middle with her leg flailing out like a plump Christmas ham. They really should've picked someone more suited to portray Mei

No. 405361

this group is trash though? seriously mercy looks like a widow, widowmaker has her headpiece on (WHY??? ITS FORMAAL) and everything else just sucks. only one that is working for me is pharah

No. 405362

Only like 3 people in this group actually look decent and like their characters, everyone else looks like trash

>OT but is that Sheena as tracer in the back there?

No. 405363

I'm not sure. The Tracer looks more of a healthy weight and not gangly and breasts popping out but I can't really see the rest of their body too well.

Sheena's also a person who would try to take center stage, too.

I'd love to see Momo try to sniff up Sheena's ass since they're both disgusting manipulators and Sheena would absolutely be the type to use Momo for her money.

No. 405367

The construction on this outfit is so fucking lazy.
>The cape just melts all over the place with no added support
>the topstitching is awful
>one of the gloves already has a rip in the seam
>her panties don't sit at all
>the stars are tearing off the top
>her bra is visibly showing
>the wig is so ratty it looks like someone sat on it
>the wig's swiped bangs are on the wrong fucking side
>AND it has those two front hair parts when the adult Yoko has only one on the left side (from the viewer's point of view)
>It's the same makeup she uses for every character

You literally got nothing right about this cosplay Moomoo and you keep sobbing about how you wanted to "impress my dudes and show I can do more than lewds" while fucking absolutely everything and doing it in a lazy rush a week before the convention? Don't you have any self-respect?

No. 405368

honestly looks like a funeral

No. 405369

File: 1498976418386.jpg (155.38 KB, 675x1200, still a dumptruck regardless o…)

No. 405370

File: 1498976495844.jpg (236.23 KB, 900x1200, bet the next cosplay also has …)

No. 405371

>Everything about that Kittan
>Kamina's hair
>Simon's hair
the whole group is a wreck tbh, in the olden days shit like this would be posted to bad cosplay threads but now one of them gets like 15k on patreon and has a massive fanbase

No. 405372

I really wish we had photos of the back of that cape, bet it was a mess as well.

No. 405373

File: 1498976907784.jpg (24.85 KB, 263x268, cantimaginewhatthisguysawfromt…)

No. 405377

God how far has Martin Wong sunk to take pictures of this pig

No. 405378

Wow this group is disappointing… I was looking forward to seeing how everyone else would adapt their characters to the formal style but this is just incredibly lazy. Why is everyone wearing black? It looks like a funeral. Black works for certain people, like Widow, and maybe Pharah, but for other characters like Tracer and Mercy it makes 0 sense. Nobody wins this one.

No. 405379

She should of done a formal roadhog, way more fitting to her shape then mei is.

No. 405380

The widow doesn't bother me having her headpiece on tbh because in the one skin she does have without it in game she looks awkward and not like herself. To be recognizable she probably debated on going with or without the headpiece for awhile. I'm okay with it since she still looks elegant otherwise.

I think the Mercy's okay. Love the Torb. Hate everyone else. Can't tell what anyone else is.

No. 405386

This is awful, and I thought momo was the only one that was gonna look bad

>Kittan's boots are ill fitting and don't even zip all the way due to her huge calves

>you can see her corset/girdle thing poking out and her wig is pretty bad
>Simon's wig is a mess and that puckering around the flames at the bottom of his coat is atrocious
>Kamina used his actual terribly dyed hair and wearing sweatpants

I love how he was cocky as fuck when he was Guzman but now he just looks like garbage

No. 405387


I think the tracer is bindismalls maybe.

Ugggg and I think the mercy is one of the worst. Only because those wings are tragic. I feel like the halo would have been a better option

Sage and props to Winston

No. 405388

Is it in Mei's character to force jiggling bouncing tits? That's 80% the bikini video "more than just lewds"

No. 405392

so THAT is her ex? well he looks like trash just like her

No. 405393

the line today was 5 hours long… and holy fuck the worst [art was the B.O from all the neckbards and nasty cosplayers around me having their caked makeup dripping

fucking shower momo

No. 405398

File: 1498984622658.png (627 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-07-02-03-35-59…)

I believe this is moo on jessicas story

No. 405402


Nana and Moomoo are such a wreck in these costumes. What pisses me off is they put out shitty work and they have a shitton of fans who kiss their asses so hard, praise their work and tell them they look amazing, so they know they can keep putting out half-assed work. I know so many cosplayers that do great work but since they don't show off their tits/do "cosplay boudoir" they don't get even a 1/4 of the attention these two trainwrecks do.

You'd think that for as long as they've been cosplaying and how much money they make, they would put out quality work, but as we keep seeing and saying, that money is definitely not going towards good cosplay supplies and fabric.

No. 405403

File: 1498986667462.jpg (52.96 KB, 779x959, 18950922_1367887506599626_7387…)

i agree that both costumes looks atrocious, but i don't think its fair to lump nana with mooo.
nana has some really good cosplays and 80% of them fits her body type really well. (she do have some shitty ones and some bad choices, but wtvr) on the other side moo cant do anything that will compliment her body

for example, rick does not compliment her body but she did pull him off really well, her toot is also good

sage for oot

No. 405404

seeing jessica on moo's instagram story awkwardly wearing the anonart tanktop and saying "awuhhh aynon this is rly cute look at the lil butt" is fucking hilarious and pathetic

the face mariah made when jess called her ass "little" i'm fucking dead

No. 405405


She REALLY has no confidence wearing this. Which I have noticed recently. Even in her Rouge cosplay she was keeping her arms close to her body and barely smiling for pictures.

No. 405406

File: 1498987856181.jpg (227.28 KB, 1024x768, collage-2017-07-02.jpg)

No. 405407

File: 1498987905323.jpg (148.89 KB, 1024x768, collage-2017-07-02 (1).jpg)

No. 405410

Good to see people waking up and seeing through her bullshit

No. 405411

File: 1498989099353.jpg (363.55 KB, 831x831, 2017-07-02 04.50.18.jpg)

No. 405413

did she fucking style her wig entirely in a mirror or what

No. 405415

Everything about this cosplay is wrong. How does she do it?

No. 405416

She's so lazy that people will think her cosplays are decent enough at first glance and nothing more

No. 405418

>i worked so hard just to prove to everyone I can do a complicated cosplay

You proved nothing, and this isn't even that complicated of a cosplay. So I'm confused.

No. 405419

This is borderline offensive tbh

No. 405421

Really, you can't tell who the Winston is in this picture?

No. 405423

Yeah, tbh I was really surprised by how much little effort they put it into it. Its clear they just decide to buy black dresses/ suits and thats it and not actually design or craft anything original. Would have been a really cool idea if done less lazy.

No. 405425

to me she looks more like a Chun Li wannabe than Mei.

No. 405427

nah I'd say she's closer to being at least a 42 band size. Torrid would carry her sizes and look flattering, and still carries cute underwear sets for bigger women.

No. 405428

It's pretty obvious aside from her once a month hikes she lives a fairly sedentary life. Even going to the gym a couple times a week for half an hour ain't gonna do it for her. She needs to cut her calorie intake back to like 1500 and she'd easily lose weight.

Also, VS bras only go to size 40 bust band and usually only DDD sized cups. No way Moo has been able to appropriately fit in this stuff for a while now.

No. 405429

her mei wig's bangs are on the wrong side too and have always been. how does she not notice shit like this?

No. 405430

File: 1498994153348.jpg (71.54 KB, 960x606, 19553974_1112964802181801_5994…)

Apparently the Formalwatch group is based on this fanart

No. 405433

File: 1498994355190.jpg (24.21 KB, 320x210, 15GQNH7DudTtjWuiFOu7eA7HO-x7oJ…)

No. 405439

I mean… I'm still annoyed the artist decided to put the two Asian girls in versions of traditional Asian dresses. And although the designs in the fanart are a little more interesting you can still tell a lot of the actual cosplays are just store bought dresses.

No. 405441

that zarya disgusts me

No. 405450


Wat? D.va isn't wearing anything even remotely traditional, what are you talking about? It's just an ugly dress. The ugliest, imo.

I like the canary but I guess it doesn't translate that well irl.

No. 405451

Maybe it is an ugly dress, but the sleeves and bow make it look like some weird, slutty, kimono dress even though D.Va is Korean

No. 405472

no it doesn't lol it looks like a pretty normal prom-like dress

No. 405489


Middle left is my post on FB, how did you manage to even grab this.

This isn't new , people have allways been voicing this opinion up here

No. 405497

Wait, that Kamina was the Guzma cosplayer Moomoo was so obsessed with?

No. 405501

Of course it is Moo, you can recognize her in one look.
By the way, the fact that Nigri is always posting very, very unflattering pictures of Mariah makes me think of a non-too-subtle shade

No. 405513

I wouldn't be surprised if this was the case. And you know Moo wouldn't ask her to stop because she wouldn't want her "cosplay mom" to kick her to the curb

No. 405514

Stop your whining, at least it's ok, except for moo's.

No. 405519

File: 1499008850465.png (576.11 KB, 1093x948, elite.png)

She didn't even post a picture of her wearing the shirt, I'm disappointed.

No. 405520


No. 405521

Drawanon you are fucking PERFECT!

No. 405525

File: 1499009175289.gif (9.51 MB, 380x214, gKqNY.gif)

Don't ever leave us Art-sama

No. 405527

From the pic name to the misaligned red bands on the gloves, everything is perfect. I love you draw anon and I will never lose hope to see the rest of your art.

No. 405538

I have never seen anything more perfect in my life.

>watch moo put this on a shirt too

No. 405540

Gold. I also really love your coloring style, anon

No. 405541

I was at AX yesterday, sitting outside a panel, and I overheard Momo half-bitching half-whining to a group of what appeared to be her friends? They seemed to know each other at least. They were teasing her like "Oh! It's Momokun Cosplay! Look out for the cameras!"

And she got the heaviest scowl on her face and said something about ""rebranding"" as ""just 'Momokun' now"". Her friends or whatever died laughing when she walked away. Girl could barely hold her top on.

No. 405543

I love u for this. Hope she makes t-shirts with ur drawings for sale, need it.

No. 405556


Bless you and your talent, draw anon. We doesn't deserve you.

No. 405563

To be quite honest I don't think Mariah has any actual friends. People hang out with her because she buys them things. Vamp will only stay with her as long as it takes for her to get popular then she will drop Moomoo like a hot potato.

No. 405571


No. 405575

She didn't post any pics in her Momokunt shirt but on her Instagram story it shows her and her friends wearing them to go out, but they were all wearing hoodies so chances are they were doing it to cover up the emberassing cringe.
Nigri posted a video on her Instagram a few minutes ago with a big group at the FUNimation gathering and of course attention whoring MooMoo is in the center of the group flipping off the camera agressively "LOOK AT ME DAMMIT"


I honestly don't think her ego is a part of the cool kids club anymore lmao.

No. 405577

In the Christmas comic, Widowmaker has her headpiece on her head despite being out in a cemetery with a trench coat on. I'd say she might keep it on

No. 405579

draw anon you are the hero we need. i wish there was a way for me to follow your art without you outing yourself cause your skill is obviously legit.

No. 405581

It was pretty much confirmed by anons that know her IRL that she only gets invited to things because is the road of less resistance. Its easier to invite her and deal with her dumbass, than it is to not invite her and deal with her flipping shit for it.

No. 405582

You can see the moment Jess sees Moomoo and her friend flipping off the camera she goes "fuck" and immediately pulls the camera off them and turns the video off. She clearly was embarassed and didn't want that on there. (happy waving suddenly becoming fuck you? yeah no. Not on brand)

No. 405583

looks like she did it after another friend put their hand over her face
don't reach, anon

No. 405591

That's quite a reach anon. I'm pretty sure it was because she was kind of smacked by the guy at the end of the video. I actually had to watch the video a few times to even see moo and she's acting like like an edgy retard as per usual

No. 405603

She was mimicking asian eyes…

No. 405610

Reach anon, she's clearly rubbing her eyes.

No. 405612

In the beginning of the vid, you mean? It looks more like she's just rubbing them.

Please stop reaching so hard anons, it makes us all look less credible.

No. 405620

Her reaction to the shirt was actually great. I bet Momo was hoping she'd address the "haterz" with it on but all we got was how cute she thought the art was, the 'sorry' at the last clip made it better. Nigri knows what she's doing and Momo is too blinded to realise she's being mocked by her & everyone else in the friend circle.

No. 405622

File: 1499020023734.jpg (41.56 KB, 453x500, IMG_0292.JPG)

10/10 incredible draw anon. The details are amazing.

No. 405623

So much for ~wearing all con~ She just wore it there under a hoodie, changed, waited a day and a half and then did this blunder. Didn't work like you wanted huh Moo?


No. 405625

You can tell jess is freakin wasted in that video too.

No. 405628

This is great, good job. The sad stars made me laugh more than I wanted to and now my sides are in pain.

Even if it is based on fanart, it still looks like no one in that group even tried, except for maybe three or four people. Sad.

No. 405631

Let us all take a moment to realize that drawanon puts more effort into these blessings then momo does on her cosplays.
…15k a fucking month

No. 405632

File: 1499021904068.png (1.26 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2793.PNG)

Her and like a group of people wore the shirt out last night, you can see on her Instastory. Nigri wears it at one point and is like "yknow anon this is real cute. It's my ringtone- no wait the ID photo. I know you did it out of hate but it's real cute"

No. 405633

File: 1499021929810.png (1.47 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2791.PNG)

No. 405634

File: 1499021950404.png (1.68 MB, 750x1334, IMG_2790.PNG)

No. 405636

Lmao ITS NOT THERE ANYMORE. The cunt is an oily fat lard

No. 405637

since when does Kamina have the Flock of Seagulls hairstyle?

No. 405638

>when your idol has a picture of you looking disgusting as your caller ID on their phone
…right, my dudes? Anyone?

No. 405639


And wasted people are great with telling the truth. We know full well she thinks Momo is a joke, ffs the art is her called I.D photo for when she rings. Why not a pretty cosplay portrait? Oh wait…

No. 405640

File: 1499022414169.jpg (159.7 KB, 1200x901, IMG_0785.JPG)

No. 405646

Jessica Nigri wearing my artwork on a shirt is the last thing I ever expected to happen to me.
Love how it's Moo's caller ID too

No. 405652

the best part about this is that jess isnt wearing the shirt in any of these pictures so moomoo probably begged her to put it on and then jess probs immediately took it off. I wonder how many of those shirts were left at the party venue

No. 405654

OT af but since you are here among us Draw-sama, if Moo ever did try to make money off of your work would you actually do anything about it?

At least with her spending up to $400 on these shirts is milky in itself, but I'd be annoyed if she was actually going to make money off of it since she did 0 work (as always) for it.

No. 405660

Man that's rough standing next to that chick looking like that.

That zubat guy and mariahs ex (marooncosplay?) seems like nice fellas and got somewhat neat cosplays. But this whole fucken group has rushed written allover them, horrendous.

No. 405661

File: 1499024499002.jpeg (182.02 KB, 1736x1378, received_1618835054795862.jpeg)

AX 2017. The hunger is real.

No. 405662

Also doubt draw-anon did it out of hate, just memes. Calm down ho damn

No. 405664

Nah I don't think I'll do anything about it.

It's been discussed before that I probably can't win this case anyways since I was portraying her or whatnot, and like you said it gives me life how much money she spent on those shirts just for her and her friends to awkwardly hide them under hoodies, and that's enough for me.

Sure, it would suck if she'd make money with my art but as long as I'm having fun drawing that gorgeous thicccccc++ body I don't care.

On a more related note I did not get that she was cosplaying formal Mei until I saw the fanart

No. 405666

She looks gone as fuck
Probably crossfaded

No. 405670

Kittan's packer is really something else. No one wants to see a dick through your cosplay.

No. 405675


Jesus Christ she looks completely shitfaced. So did she try to drink her butthurt away?

No. 405683

That's a girl, anon. It's Nanabear.

No. 405684

I think that in case she tried to make profit off of your work, without involving lolsuits, you could make a throwaway Twitter or Tumblr or whatnot with the proof you made that drawing (maybe some pic from the drawing process, idk) and call her out. The artist community is usually pretty fast on tearing people apart even just for credited art reposts, let alone anyone selling stolen art. I don't know if you follow SimplyKenna thread, but recently she's gotten in trouble for trying to sell stolen art, and the artist didn't even say anything, probably doesn't eve know about it. Never underestimate the power of an angry artist mob.

Who's the pretty girl?

No. 405685

File: 1499029739142.jpg (258.85 KB, 900x1200, flab.jpg)

No. 405687

A packer is a fake dick anon…the other anon knows she is a girl

No. 405688

Did she just…cut out star shapes with construction paper, and hastily glue them on to a sports bra? I'm shook.

No. 405690


But she worked so hard on cutting out those starts from construction paper….

No. 405692


It looks like him so going with yep, it THAT Guzma she was gushing over for months and who's in the Pokemon group shots back when she was Wicke.

No. 405696

that widow looks so good, why their widow couldn't bother to go the same way? it is a easy concept

and you know the group is shitty when moo are the only one (besides pharah) to do something actually close to the fanart

No. 405703

I think she legit CANT put her legs together or else everything will bust.

No. 405704

It's not a packer, it's the edge of her waist cincher poking outward at the bottom. You can see the hooks for it lined up along her stomach.

No. 405707

Nana could've easily put a body con shapewear over it to hide that too, but these fat fucks are too lazy. Its not hard. Bra, corset, and shapewear that snaps at the crotch and goes up the chest. Fuck, Ive done it. It's not hard and it fucking hides everything and helps prevent the weird shape boobs something get when you wear a corset with a bra.

/s for ot

No. 405724

File: 1499036651342.png (795.31 KB, 713x1179, Screenshot_2017-07-02-16-01-31…)

I like how her meet n greet consisted of 4 people

No. 405727


How embarrassing…

No. 405728

File: 1499036967957.png (1.05 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-07-02-16-08-35…)

No. 405729

File: 1499037000998.png (1.01 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-07-02-16-08-39…)

No. 405733

Classy poses in front of a bathroom.

No. 405739


she looks like roseanne

No. 405740

How anyone, even con creeps, still approaches her for a picture is beyond me. She looks horrible and actually really really fat. I have no clue why she decided to do a bare midriff cosplay, and an unflattering one as well. Even to someone mildly chubby the outfit would hide the waist, she could have picked so many slutty characters that she would pull off slightly better.

This is reaching a bit, if you're walking around at a con of course you're going to be approached for pictures in not-so-classy places.

No. 405764

People should be aware if their public image though. But this is Momo, I think that's what they're getting at. She doesn't give a fuck

No. 405766

I think she's pretty drunk here though

No. 405773

File: 1499042472065.png (162.19 KB, 338x314, Snooki.png)

I imagine moo at con parties is a lot like south park snooki

No. 405775

File: 1499042741576.jpeg (152.6 KB, 2034x1920, received_1618873268125374.jpeg)

No. 405776


It's so obvious she's leaning foward to make herself look thinner.

No. 405784

Muh sides… someone should print this on a T-shirt and give it to momo ;)

No. 405785

File: 1499044879045.png (803.45 KB, 600x600, 6a2.png)


No. 405787

underrated post

No. 405788

File: 1499045627495.jpg (111.36 KB, 433x756, 20170702_213104.jpg)

That arm though

No. 405789

why does she look like a midget?!

No. 405791

Anon, if it makes you feel any better, it doesn't look like Miles liked or commented on her photo with him… or even choose to follow her.

No. 405793

Nothing about this fits her anymore. Not since a year ago. Jesus fucking christ, Moomoo. Learn when stuff no longer fits. You got FAT. Deal with it and not with lipo. You bras don't fit, your old cosplays don't fit, you can't even seem to make underwear from scratch that fits.

No. 405796

Oh busted ass Mei boots, I missed you so much! Welcome back to the con scene!

No. 405797

Her bra is so ill-fitting that her fat is spilling out her back. Come on, MOO. I know you're a cow, but put those disgusting flabby udders in something that fits. Not only will it MAKE YOU LOOK SLIMMER BECAUSE YOU WONT HAVE FAT SPILLING EVERYWHERE AND BULGING, but you look so fucking DUMB with your ugly tits half hanging out as if this is how bras are supposed to work. No, no one is jealous of it. You don't have bigger boobs because you gained 20lbs and its clearly genetics that you have big boobs and boohoo can't find bras. Go to fucking torrid.

No. 405798

anon is clearly standing higher up than her.

No. 405814

Wait did anon actually take that photo how did you get so close wtf?

No. 405815

the fucking glue marks under the stars….jesus christ.
i cannot get over the stars. i just can't. look at the point that's sticking out. literally looks like construction paper, kek
and holy fuck why did she think wearing a bra with straps is a good idea? it's been pointed out before but i'm just amazed at how she isnt even trying to hide it.
also, i don't even think she's wearing a wig cap.

does anyone else think it's possible she's wearing opaque white tights because she's afraid to show off lipo scars? i mean, it's likely she lurks here and we've been calling her out for that.

No. 405816

I just want someone to ass blast her on something, even on a fake account, and straight up SPAM THE HELL OUT OF EVERYTHING SHE HAS comment after comment. She has to spend tons of time deleting all of it and by that point some fans MUST see the posts.

No. 405818

Shit. Forgot to add, I think she did this shitty job on purpose. Like.. Im not even kidding. I think she thinks the whole "I did my best for you.." tsundere thing is endearing when it isn't. Like in animes when they cook and it is awful, but the person eating the food still eats it anyway. That kind of shit. No fucking way she did this bad of a job on purpose. The stars are so bad. Like..How do you not fix those?

No. 405822

I didn't take the photo. A friend at AX who is a photographer took it and she was holding his camera

No. 405823

The stars look like shit on half of what we see with their shitty glue residue. I'm with you, Anon. They're fucking terrible.

No. 405824

You might have a point if she hasn't always been shit at anything not bought. If there was a hint of talent we'd of seen it What I don't understand is why she didn't just order star iron ons

No. 405826

File: 1499051237059.jpg (245.82 KB, 2048x1365, 19620966_1507011405987261_3207…)

No. 405829

sage for the off-topic but holy shit anon what's with your grammar? are you browsing lolcow while high?

No. 405831

I can't stand that she only does this one pose. It's like cosplay 101 to have several pose ideas for photos. I expect newbies to do the same pose each photo but Momo is "professional" so you'd think she could think up more than this fucking finger up pose.

No. 405836

why would you wear a corset under a body suit???

No. 405837

File: 1499052108244.jpg (263.88 KB, 1367x2048, 19621036_10158912813885032_890…)

No. 405838

To hide the breasts, Sherlock

No. 405840

No. 405841

Saged for ot, but did Nana sharpie her eyebrows??

No. 405842

They both look so fucking lard heavy. Jesus..

No. 405844

Martin your shout around fucking sucks and she looks HUGE in this. This cosplay no longer FITS. It's like a 50 year old who used to be a cheerleader, but thinks their 300lb ass can still fit in forever20 stuff. Its so sad and pathetic. Someone put her on the What Not To Wear show.

No. 405853

Caught her staring at me today a few times and she looked upset

No. 405854

What is the context of this. Upset about what?

No. 405855

This is one of the rare instances where her face looks kinda cute, but what a shame that it's overshadowed by that dumpster fire cosplay. She should consider a different hobby. Maybe she could give streaming a shot a be one of those fake girl gamers if that's still a hot market.

No. 405857

jeez her leggings are stretching so much that its starting to look transparent

No. 405858

I was wearing a cosplay she had done before so I assume that was it

No. 405860

>>405840 private account. How are we supposed to compare the two if you don't share screenshots? This is an image board, after all.

No. 405861

OT but does Martin just hit up the same people every time he takes a photo? Seems like I only see the same people with his water mark on the photo.

No. 405862

No. 405863

No. 405865

Just looking at the cheap, thin fake leather belt thing from China makes me cringe. I purchased shit like this when I was STARTING out cosplaying. She is going on 3 years. Wtf moomoo. You're not 13.

No. 405868

did the other chick just straight up put a line on her face for contour? LMFAO

No. 405873

there are far more effective ways to bind your breasts. (corsets are usually underbust or are specifically made to enhance your bust, not hide it.) having your corset sticking out of your shitty bodysuit looks pretty unprofessional.

tbh that's something i would've expected more from momo than nana

No. 405882

Thats not true. Many are made to reduce your breast size. Manypeople opted for that in the early 1900s, especially in the 20s and 30s when flapper style was popular which made women want a more straight like, boyish figure.


No. 405892

nothing about this bothers me more than how much her bra strap is digging into her shoulder like ow girl get a new bra that fits please!!

No. 405896


Buy a fucking binder like a normal person. I cosplay men all the time and bought a ftm binder and it works great. All this bullshit about corsets. BUY A BINDER.

No. 405897

Didn't mariah style the kamino wig? It's honestly no wonder it looks like trash.

Glorious draw anon, you are leagues above the rest. Can't wait for her passive aggressive, "totally not bothered" buttmad reaction.

No. 405900

She did use a binder
She used an underbust corset and a binder but she binder incorrectly or too small and she fainted because of it
It looks bad regardless but Jesus

No. 405908

She did Simon's hair
That guys hair is his actual hair, not a wig

No. 405919

File: 1499066305493.png (903.7 KB, 1440x1274, 20170703_031540.png)

No. 405920

File: 1499066640033.jpg (116.47 KB, 904x1199, arm flab.jpg)

No. 405921

She probably bitched to him about people saying he doesn't actually like her. Jesus fuckign christ Moo. Leave people ALONE.

No. 405923

File: 1499066714473.jpg (43.16 KB, 719x719, wide load.jpg)

No. 405924

File: 1499066748621.jpg (361.86 KB, 1200x1200, I can't get over HER ARMS.jpg)

No. 405929

That arm jesus

No. 405930

who that?

No. 405931


Momo doesn't look comfortable at all. Any costume she has no confidence in she poses with her arm to the side more so than usual.

No. 405932

quit playin

No. 405933

Oh Nana you fat cow, don't ever change~

No. 405943

i'm from overseas, i don't know who he is

No. 405945

Who cares? Sabat sucks, he's a one voice range va that no one likes either.

No. 405955

Met her at Anime expo today because some of my friends said hi to her. She said "who?" We they introduced me and then refused to speak or make eye contact for the rest of the conversation. She's extremely rude to people that won't continue to raise her fame (she snuggled up to my friends who had more followers than her) but we all already knew that.

No. 405957


Not surprised, if there's nothing in it for her to gain more exposure from she doesn't want to know. Reminds me of a cosplayer I met a while ago who would only speak to people who were fawning over her at the con but would barely acknowledge those who just wanted a simple friendly chat. Momo is just disgusting all around.

No. 405961


is her boot just straight busted open?

No. 405964


Holy shit I thought it was the other girl wearing chunky shoes or something, it's actually Mei's boots finally dying. She had plenty of time to make or commission a new pair as well, unreal.

No. 405967

File: 1499080179425.png (1.01 MB, 640x1136, IMG_8175.PNG)

She's inhuman for doing squats and not being out of breath… omfg momo

No. 405968

File: 1499080581924.jpg (44.43 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 405970

File: 1499081294214.png (1.4 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-07-03-05-33-02…)

Above her lip, acne or std?

No. 405974

File: 1499081722855.png (1.62 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-07-03-06-12-09…)

Why haven't we seen any back pics of Yoko yet? She didn't get a chance to draw on an ass crack yet? Funny how she won't/hasn't yet flaunted her rear like she's known to, still worried another unedited butt pic will surface

No. 405976

okay but you still call her goho soooo

No. 405978

File: 1499082356091.png (1.86 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6348.PNG)

She's calling her own ass a Hank Hill ass. Momo, please tell us again HOW UNPHASED YOU ARE BY HATERS…

This is so pathetic. Based on this video it's so obvious she's forcing people to put this fucking shirt on just to prove how much she doesn't care.

No. 405980

Ffs stop reaching. It's a pimple. It should come as no surprise that she is getting breakouts with all the garbage food she shoves down her gullet.

No. 405991


Going to meet the voice of Vegeta? Better make the most turtle face possible.

No. 406003

In regards to this and all other recent pics >>405837

Mariah, since you'll be lurking, please go and get measured and purchase new bra's as it is painful to look at how much they're cutting in and this can be incredibly dangerous to breast tissue. You clearly have more than enough time and money to, and correctly fitting bra's will make your shape a little better.

You're slowly taking advice from this site as all the "she suits blonde" comments have gotten you to lighten your hair, so please stop squeezing into old clothes and underwear.

No. 406015

Her hair is not a wig o, that's an amazing purple hair, she is really beautiful instant follow.

sage cuz super ot

No. 406016

Y'know, I was lowkey salty went she caught wind of this first pic, but now I sorta can't wait for her to see this one >>405519

No. 406024

Hahah woooow, yes, she almost certainly cried to him about the mean ol twolls putting her down over what he's said about her. Good to know he doesn't deserve any respect just like his poor widdle Gohoe.

No. 406028

question that bugs me. why is it Gohoe and not Hoehan?

No. 406034

That is what he called her when she was trying to impress him during a Q&A at LVL Up while wearing her shitty 'Slutty Gohan' costume.

No. 406035

even so, actual binders are a) more cost effective and b) don't show through your shitty $20 cosplay suit. the point is that it looks fucking bad.

i generally thought nana was an ok cosplayer, and i liked how she picks characters for her body type (like pam) but my opinion is totally reversed now.

>the busted open boot


No. 406065

>Cares more about her haters than her fans
class act moomoo

No. 406079

Lurk more, that was already posted.

No. 406081


This was already posted. What's up with people not reading the fucking thread

No. 406084

Question, how pissed do you guys think she'd be if someone made the shirts again but with the T at the end. It obviously pissed her off enough to remove it.

No. 406085

Does anyone know if she is going to RTX? I'm honestly surprised if she not just because of how much jnig has been posting about it and how much she loveeeeessss RvB and miles

Sage for slightly ot

No. 406099

Eh, I'm not gonna shit on him for being nice to a fan, even if she doesn't know how to do the same with her own fans. Although her smug duckface in the pic with him is still cringey.

No. 406101

For those who want some lipo fun facts, I know it's silly but here I go

Since Momo has done so much in the usual extraction points when she goes into the clinic it is possible and recommended for the doctor to try to poke in previous spots as to not cover her body in spots. Why her body keeps getting thinner but more and more lumpy.

The only area she didn't get lipo done is her arms. Most doctors, even shit ones don't like to lipo arms since the sagging arm skin looks to much like a wing. If she was to lipo the arm fat, the doctors would suggest to remove the skin, and at that point it would be too obvious she's altering her body instead of claiming "I'm getting body freckles now"

No. 406107

Sage goes in the email field, but thanks for your info. Are there really doctors who would probe/use the same spots though? Does it not develop scar tissue or problems? I'm genuinely disgustingly fascinated with the optical illusion that seems to be Moo's body. She now looks smaller than she did in Rogue, where she looked bigger than we've seen her look since her original lipo (Vday shoot/Mei Pov).

No. 406108

Thank you for telling me about the email thing

Well NORMALLY people don't repeat lipo suction. They lose weight, do it once, and if they need, remove skin. Momo is a… special case. Her doctors don't care if she loses weight on her own. She's a cash cow. She comes in every other week when she gains weight. They don't care if they are ruining her body because it gives them an excuse to continue to "fix" her problems.
Momo doesn't care and her doctors don't care.

No. 406109

If this it true it's truly horrifying. She should just quit, get out of the public eye for 6-12 months and lose her weight the natural way. She's starting to look like a disfigured cartoon character or something.

No. 406111

Every pic of someone wearing this is taken in a room somewhere. Never in public. And yes, she is forcing them to put it on and then taking pics/vids. What an obsessed loser. She probably spends more time in these threads than any anon.

No. 406112

Whoa really? I didn't even notice that.

No. 406128

Didn't she say she was wearing Midoriya this con? Why is she wearing Rogue today?

No. 406129

It will be another thing she'll never be a guest at, at least. Nigs is a (terrible) voice actress on RWBY and Meg fucks Gavin, credentials Moo doesn't have.

No. 406132

She doesn't even have to quit the internet, if she actually wasn't a lazy PoS she could easily lose the weight if she just focused and stuck to a routine, even while doing the cosplay circuit

No. 406140

While I don't want to give Momo any credit, I do think going to cons constantly and having a regular work out routine on top of eating right is very hard. You can do it, mostly if you pack your own food and if you're lucky your hotel might have a gym to do a 15/20 minute bout of cardio. However, when you wake up at 10, take an hour (or three?) to prepare, roan about, change, and then party to 3 AM you're not gonna keep a routine.

It's hard enough, but if you're not sleeping right or planning for the days you travel where you can't work out it's a mess.

No. 406146

I know J.Nig has been known to do her insanity workouts in her hotel rooms. I think if Moo just made better choices when eating out during cons, she could eat well at home and use the gym there and videos on a laptop when away from home. Some are only 20 minutes. I think it's possible.

No. 406149

LOL well she has enough free time to browse here, make lame the shirts and sub par cosplays amirite?

No. 406152

You don't even need a gym or anything like >>406146 said. You can find plenty of quick at home workouts to do that are shortish. You can also actually PLAN ahead and make a few of the con days be your rest days so you can relax a bit, as well as planning meals and where you'll be eating and such. Maybe it would be a little slow going then if she went hardcore with it, buts its totally doable. There are plenty of fit cosplayers out there that go to cons all summer long and don't make the excuse "BUT ITS HAAAARD"

No. 406167

Plus more and more hotels have gyms now. Even the motel 8 looking hovels moomoo likes to shoot in have a gym. Idk why that anon was trying to defend moomoo not having enough time when that's all she has at this point.

No. 406176


I can only hope RT doesn't sink that low. I guess I was just wondering if her stalker ass would show up there since her cos mom and crush would be there. I personally haven't seen anything but didn't know if anyone else did.

No. 406178

…Honestly don't think she looks that bad here. Not defending the cosplay because other photos show that it's falling apart but she's pretty much on par with most con goers (sad considering she's a supposed ~professional~ but I digress)

No. 406179

but it's not like her out of con life is so busy she should have gotten this big anyway? That's what i dont get i know people who dont work out, dont eat great and work desk jobs so they're on their butt all day but they dont gain weight as fast as her.

She literally has to spend hundreds of dollars a week on food to gain weight as fast as she does

No. 406184

It's either that or she has some undiagnosed illness or medications we don't know about contributing.
>inb4 "stop defending moo"
I know if she actually had something like a thyroid condition she would milk it for attention, but it is a distant possibility.

Most likely she's just a fucking pig and her metabolism is ruined from not sleeping/drugs/alcohol/whatever.

No. 406190

Its probably just alcohol, being lazy, eating a ton of junk, as well as already having a body type predisposed to gaining weight and harder to lose it.

No. 406200

File: 1499127485046.png (1.01 MB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-07-03-17-13-49…)

Apparently her line came out.

No. 406203

File: 1499127594990.png (759.07 KB, 704x1051, Screenshot_2017-07-03-17-18-44…)

No. 406204

File: 1499127630697.png (699.39 KB, 720x1280, Screenshot_2017-07-03-17-13-57…)

No. 406209

No vamp?

No. 406210

Vamp didn't go to AX. She's going to RTX tho

No. 406211

Hahahah that is some boring as shit stuff, not to mention a line she 'borrowed' from one of her coshot buddies anyway! Also loving no mention of Mootchette even though she wasn't at the con to help pimp this garbage.

No. 406212

Then Moo confirmed to be stalking her Cosplay Mom and Miles Luna some more next week.

No. 406214


I almost bought shit from Creator's Guild before.. really glad I never did if they're producing garbage like this.

No. 406215

Man these are so boring. This looks like something your mom bought you customized from L.L. Bean.

No. 406220

File: 1499128730690.jpg (186.15 KB, 3072x1995, 8HSEvHg.jpg)

No. 406221

Sorry one wrong reply. Is she seriously that cheap? With the 6k/8k from patreon at least a pretty descent printing can be done. Or she can pay an artist for make some design for her shitty brand, there's multiple options. (Sorry for the broken english)

No. 406224

Not gonna lie she looks 100x better when she's making a natural face and not her stupid ass duck lips or overexaggerated expressions.

No. 406226

Wtf does that even say…??

No. 406227


Love how there is absolutely no mention of Vamp, even though they were supposedly starting this clothing line together. As usual, Moomoo taking credit for everything and completely ignoring anyone that makes stuff for her.

No. 406228

It says "Lewds before nudes".

To be honest I think Mariah did design those shirts. They're so plain and amateurish I don't think Collette, being an art student, would make something that bad.

No. 406230


lmao why would anyone ever buy this shit? I mean from a design point, if you even liked the phrase–as someone said, it does look like the L L bean font. And you can barely read it.

No. 406233


Exactly, they are so basic and boring that it is totally obvious she made them. Like either fuck does that even have to do with her cosplay? It's just some retarded phrase she keeps repeating so she won't admit she is a trashy whore. She couldn't even commission some poor sap to design and print a logo for her. But she'll pay out the nose to print t-shirts of an unflattering drawing of her that "sooo doesn't bother her lol" to piss off her haters.

She'll be lucky to even sell 5 of these tacky shirts.

No. 406234


The problem is they aren't even tacky–I love tacky, I buy tacky things and wear them ironically. But these? Are just boring. And that's the worst crime fashion can make.

No. 406235

Anyone know how much she's charging for this garbage?

No. 406237

Wow, this is pretty boring… At least make the text bigger and have a better font if youre not gonna have images on them. This doesnt even look cute like those art hoe aesthetic shirts with like a little cactus on the chest or anything.

No. 406238

Honestly, I'm glad they didnt credit Vamp on this. She doesn't need these shitty designs tacked onto her name like that.

No. 406249

The only people who would buy these are obviously fans of Mariah and not the product. And that is a horrible business method. You need to make clothes that 1, look good, 2 are good enough for a broader audience. If all your clothes only pertain to you SPECIFICALLY you'll only get people who like you specifically

No. 406251

Superorange has plain shirts, but the font is fun and the text is (kind of) creative/cute for nerd/weeb culture. I'd rather pay them for another shirt than buy this crap.

But watch moomoo steal their shit now or buy from them that I mentioned it.

No. 406257

File: 1499133902561.jpg (658.86 KB, 1080x1641, selfiespam.jpg)

No. 406258

Lmfao I cried

No. 406266

I don't even think she wants to lose the weight; she thinks being obese is "THICC"

No. 406274

Not just fans, but a very specific subset of fans who want to get her to notice them.
>"maybe if I buy this shirt and post a photo of me wearing it, my thicc queen will personally acknowledge me and feed into my sexual fantasy of her"
for the neckbeards and
>"maybe she'll retweet my picture and get me noticed by her thirsty fanbase"
for the female orbiters.

People who just like her posts in passing aren't going to waste their money on ugly, likely overpriced shirts with a dumb catchphrase in a shitty font. Most of her patrons probably won't even buy anything because they're in it for the fap fodder, not her as a personality.

No. 406279

File: 1499140679350.jpg (183.13 KB, 768x1024, DD3Fww5UMAAyGog.jpg)

looking extremely wide in Rin.

No. 406280

she's had that wig for a month and it's already starting to look like a ratty mess

No. 406286

File: 1499141753370.png (Spoiler Image, 1.89 MB, 750x1334, IMG_6356.PNG)


No. 406287

File: 1499141817823.jpg (7.21 KB, 318x313, CtZD64GUkAAQMEh.jpg)

No. 406289

File: 1499142124593.jpg (26.14 KB, 960x640, yamate.jpg)

No. 406293

File: 1499142391097.gif (37.9 KB, 435x200, 200_s-9.gif)

No. 406295

File: 1499142476180.jpg (17.32 KB, 640x361, FB_IMG_1496182450166.jpg)

No. 406296

Why would she do this when she works so hard to maintain the illusion of a thigh gap. Jfc.

No. 406300

File: 1499142671524.jpg (44.11 KB, 693x435, Screenshot_5.jpg)

No. 406311

File: 1499144257394.png (481.89 KB, 471x623, Screenshot 2017-07-03 at 9.57.…)

No. 406312

Ahaha you can SEE the corset at the bottom where her fake navel is!

No. 406314

File: 1499144832836.jpg (318.55 KB, 1365x2048, 19620295_1508166942538374_3963…)

I think ever since anon said something she's been intentionally covering her crotch because of cameltoe.

No. 406317

She looks like a midget

No. 406320

Those shoes and jfc look how much her bra is digging into her shoulder.

No. 406323

PT did it better.

No. 406332

File: 1499146855827.png (73.67 KB, 626x348, 1498796795507.png)

No. 406336

Oh but you guys! She can do more than just lewd! That Yoko cosplay totally proved her worth among the REAL cosplayers. /s

No. 406339

File: 1499148234312.png (Spoiler Image, 575.34 KB, 540x960, whore legs.png)

Dont worry anon. She also, in the video, opened her legs up just for you because she doesn't know how to keep them closed.

No. 406340

File: 1499148250640.png (145.03 KB, 419x346, Capture _2017-07-03-23-03-17.p…)


No. 406341

That has to hurt so bad. Wtf, why hasn't she bought new bras or at least adjusted the straps

No. 406342




No. 406344

Saw her today at AX as rogue, jesus the back of her wig was a fucking mess. You would think she could at least brush a wig, or afford to buy a new one each con, or pay someone to brush it

No. 406352

if she doesnt have the straps that high her miltanks will sag down to her belly button. it's the only way she can pretend to have big tits because otherwise the shirt would immediately flatten them because they're hella flabby. you can tell in her mei bikini video by how much they ripple

No. 406357

File: 1499149900268.jpg (26.89 KB, 315x326, IMG_4937.JPG)


No. 406360

God she looks like Cotton Hill.

No. 406362

No. 406377

I was wondering when this video was going to be posted… You'd think by now that that channel would think twice about interviewing her again after LVL UP. She's toned down the level of cringe but she's still annoying as fuck.

Fun fact. I'm in the background of the video giving MooMoo some serious stink eye.

No. 406381

File: 1499154075005.png (86.13 KB, 449x312, absolutely.png)

No. 406382

Holy shit, shut the fuck up.

No. 406383

Trying to look like Mei but looks more like torbjorn.

No. 406389

aren't those panties?
I really can't see a corset

No. 406390

It's like watching a 10 yo you gave way too much sugar to.

No. 406392

File: 1499156904190.gif (4.43 MB, 360x253, 1499156401383.gif)

okay but why is she touching her crotch or near area? and this part WTF…

No. 406396

Anon she's just pulling the fabric of her suit up in that gif, there's nothing WTF about it at all

No. 406397


it's actually kind of wtf that she decided to pull up her crotch fabric during an interview

No. 406398

she was just touching that area and trying ¿? to cover it or something so many times and then she did this so yeah it was gross, why not grab a pantyliner and place it in your underwear horizontally.. too much effort maybe

No. 406399


Does anyone hear some weird type of audio whenever both of them talk? You can hear it with headphones one when they speak. It's kinda hard to explain.

No. 406401

Wtf no wonder she wears that Nike sports bra all of the time, none of her real bras fit right. That has to be painful.

No. 406402

Did she think that her crotch was not in the shot? She keeps scratching it.

"I've been watching, like, My Hero Academia or something."
>Interviewer looks at the camera and whisper-corrects her

No. 406416


>"If I had a super power it would be to read minds"

Mariah you don't need that. You already know what everyone thinks of you since you lurk here so much.

No. 406419

These are really bad. The shirts show absolutely no design, and are really drab. Meanwhile the hates have that weird logo which doesn't go with the minimalist text aesthetic of the shirts at all. Its just… bad.

i'm really curious as to why Vamp didn't go to AX if they were "launching" their brand

No. 406420

>She couldn't even commission some poor sap to design and print a logo for her

Which is funny considering she paid whatshisface hundreds of dollars to design an armored Moana that she will never make. But she can't even shell out some money for her actual line of shirts?

No. 406422

I refuse to watch another of these and give this chick anymore views. She continues to interview Moo and it continues to be a hot every single time. Get a damn clue.

No. 406426

File: 1499168205688.png (565.18 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4938.PNG)

That was fast….love to the other German häider #liebe

No. 406428

This i why "normal" people can't take the nerd culture seriously..This "zombie apocalypse" part was minecon level of cringe

No. 406430

Thank you for forcing me to see this with my own two eyes, anon

No. 406435

why does the "add your comment" box have the same avatar next to it as the comment you're saying is by "another german". Come on anon

No. 406436

oh geez, that's embarrassing lol

No. 406444

>>406426 Cringeeeee but back to business.. do you know the other cosplays on the list She is gonig to ruin for everyone?

No. 406445

File: 1499172647122.png (1.55 MB, 1489x744, laugh gandalf.png)

No. 406447

File: 1499173170358.png (67.04 KB, 500x567, IMG_4939.PNG)

Oh shit I made a fool of myself.. Well I fucked up this time gonna do it better next time and learing it

No. 406448

Excuse me but this is a momokun thread cut the bullshit

No. 406449

File: 1499173737211.jpg (109.68 KB, 592x639, mm is a real fan.jpg)


Claiming she reads the manga, doesn't know the name of the show shrugs

No. 406450

Why do famous cosplayer always jump on the "hype" train??

No. 406451

because thats how they get money

No. 406456

ita not gatekeeping if you legit don't even know the name of the anime moo

No. 406461

>that girl on the left in the red flannel
n-no homo….

but yeah moomoo always looks like shes trying so hard to be the cute one but everyone else just looks better than her without trying. Shes up on the cement block posing as hard as she can, and the girl in the pink dress outshines her just by existing.

No. 406465


She didn't even name one of the characters in the interview and kept rambling about how cool the powers are in such a lame way….

No. 406471

Different anon, but another fun fact.
Lipo is not some magic surgery that works like magic. Based on ALL of the follow up studies if you don't change your diet, the fat WILL grow back. Not where it was either, it will grow back in very weird spots.
If she keeps it up she's going to look like a bag of potatoes.

Lipo is supposed to be in conjunction with diet changes, not a "fat cure" in itself. There is no get out of jail free card, momo. No pill, no surgery, nothing will fix your weight except you changing your own eating habits.

Just like weight loss surgery, you have to go on a specific diet afterwards, forever, to prevent regaining what you lose. It just makes it easier because you're less hungry. Even then, if you eat shit and eat too much over a long period of time the stomach will stretch and you will gain weight landing you right back where you started.

Just put down the fork and eat some decent food momo or you're gonna destroy yourself more than you already have. (But we all know she won't because she's a lazy, lumpy, fatass so she'll just lipo her body until she looks like a rotting potato covered in spots)

Sage for rant.

No. 406475

I'm sure momo just plans to get more lipo on her lumps

No. 406482

Looks like she went to scratch her crotch, remembered she was on camera and disguised it as just pulling the suit up.

No. 406483

Momokun could cosplay characters like telma from twilight princess…But noooo she won't do that because she is not plus sized just "thicc"

No. 406484


She I'd like every other girl who claims to be "such a geek/nerd lol", where they immediately cry "gatekeeping" when people call them out on their bullshit instead of just admitting how full of shit they are.

You are the shining example Moomoo of why girls aren't taken serious in "geek/nerd" culture, because of fake bitches like you who only pretend to be into this stuff for attention and Patreon buxs, which means they have to work twice as hard to prove that they are fans so they don't get accused of being one of you.

Her entire attitude screams "I only pretend to like this garbage so you losers will find me more obtainable"

No. 406496

jesus christ moomoo it's just the cheapest bulk hoodie you could ever find with the cheapest fucking free source font saying "lewds before nudes" in a small font what the fuck is WRONG WITH YOU how do you sleep at night knowing you're trying to pass this shit off as a legitimate "brand"??? you literally ripped the whole slogan off from SSS too, this is just too awful for words

No. 406500

>says Academia like Macadamia
>really interesting quirks
>'one guy has like fire and ice'
>'one guy like has like all this strength that he can channel into like fingertips like this incredible strength'
>'one guy who uh like makes like fire like burst from his hands'
>'there's one girl who's like invisible and then like the entire time you just see her clothes'
>then proceeds to claim the girl is 'cute because she's a girl' and is just like 'desuuuu dessssuuuuuu'
You mean some of the most boring powers that have been in other media time and time again???


calls the main fucking character 'one guy'

My weeb rage is strong because like she could have brought up Uraraka or Iida or Mina or SHE COULD HAVE EASILY SHILLED and talked about Momo who can literally pull any inorganic object from her body if she understands how it's made??? she literally chose some of the most generic shits from the series. She only brought up 1 of the characters she claimed that she wanted to cosplay and couldn't even fucking name him.

She also says at the beginning that 'they're all born with these quirks' when literally the plot of episode 1/chapter 1 is 'Here is our main character who was born without a quirk' GG moomoo keep claiming that you're actually reading that shit.

>sage for butt hurt weeb rant

No. 406507

the audio is super fucked up. there's this distorted echo. I wonder if they really didn't notice or if they just couldn't even be bothered to fix it.

I think Momo tries too hard to be this ~lulz quirky random~ but it doesn't work for her because you know she's forcing it. Every time I see her videos, it becomes more and more obvious that she has zero self-confidence. She's just awkward on camera.

No. 406516

Lmfao pretty sure her fans (or Momo) don't even fucking know who Nietzsche is
Love back to you too

No. 406518

Tried to watch the whole thing…her voice is just too damn annoying

No. 406519

File: 1499191242692.png (324.75 KB, 720x922, Screenshot_2017-07-04-10-58-35…)

>cares about friends
>only posts that Nana looked good and not that she fainted from doing something stupid

No. 406520

Man I bet that camera man wants to punch her. She keeps bringing him up and laughing at him every time. I'm surprised she didn't way 'widdle man' like that fucking tweet she posted.
Honestly these people have no self respect if they continue to interview her after the last time.

No. 406522

Can someone summarize this video (or point out important parts)
Can't stand to watch it with her trying too much.

No. 406523

Look at this shit that the whore posted on Instagram.


No. 406524

Lmfao her wide load behind is leaning waaay back on that door to create that gap, lmfao. She prolly looks like a right angle from the side xD

No. 406525

In a tweet about her cosplay She referred to All might and Midoriya as her babies lmao
I can't believe momo is actually trying to make people believe that she actually gives a shit about the show, she doesn't know anything about the characters or about her "bby" Midoriya. She doesn't be even know his name for christ's sake.
Get your wide ass out of my fandom momo and leave my broccoli son alone

>sage for being another butt hurt weeb

No. 406526

God, it's pt tier modeling. There's nothing sexy about it, the pose is weird and awkward and it's not even remotely flattering. Wtf.

No. 406527

Sage for ot, but Nana fainted because of the corset?

No. 406528


>"teehee I'm going to flash my panties and struggle to part my jello thighs because it's cute/sexy/funny."

The sad thing is, I used to think she was decent looking. Then I opened my eyes, and saw how ugly she really is, both physically and mentally.

No. 406529

Is she airing out her vag or something? Can she just stop already, she's so goddamn desperate for attention.

No. 406530

If dropping 20lbs per week is what she's going for then whatever. But dropping the pounds that quick, obese or not, is going to leave her with rolls of skin hanging off her stomach. Something like what PMRants ended up with. video related. It's not pretty. 2:17 for the results.
Imagine the extra lipo she would need

No. 406533

>90 percent "cucumbers" in joke that no one gets and she apparently shares this with the cameraman
>rubs her belly because she likes food haha funny
>talks about shit that she obviously doesn't know about

No. 406534

File: 1499194239255.jpg (89.46 KB, 1024x682, zoGkLjs.jpg)

Mind you she also is making a set with a Saber cosplayer.

No. 406535

File: 1499194365542.png (392.46 KB, 378x599, Screenshot 2017-07-04 at 11.52…)

No. 406536

File: 1499194514527.png (430.26 KB, 362x599, Screenshot 2017-07-04 at 11.54…)

No. 406537

File: 1499194719858.png (190.41 KB, 1235x1827, IMG_5785.PNG)

No. 406539

She's two of that girl omg

No. 406542

That contour is so bad… everything about this image is bad. This pose does not flatter her face at all and makes her body look enormous.
I wish she would stop with the open mouth in pics. Wear a good lipstick or get lip injections, we all know you're down with seeing plastic surgeons every other week.

No. 406549

File: 1499197226995.jpg (3.4 MB, 5312x2988, 20170704_115743.jpg)

I stopped by the Creator's Guild booth to get pics of Mariah's ~clothing line~. It's not even a hoodie, it's a shirt with a neck warmer attached with straps to tighten it. The text is a waste of embroidery thread and no where on the shirt is Mariah's name or her logo on it. No price tag was attached though but I wouldn't be surprised if they decide to retail it for $30-$40.

No. 406551

File: 1499197749671.gif (523.87 KB, 480x270, 9o9Ml3t.gif)

Rin Tohsaka would laugh at this cow.

No. 406552

Yeah I guess she put a corset tightly over an already tight binder and she fainted.

No. 406555

So the basic athelti-bitch wear Moo likes to don, just with a phrase that isn't even unique to her on it. Gotcha.

No. 406558


the term you're looking for is cowl neck sweater, anon

No. 406560

This is the most braindead design I've ever seen. No way anyone's going to shell out the cash for this.

No. 406561

Thanks anon, I didn't know what they were called.

No. 406562

more like cow neck sweater

No. 406563

That's fucking pathetic

No. 406567

Is that all? Hats and these shit sweaters? Where's the rest..

No. 406568

here's the stupid thing about this phrase

it still implies that she does nudes?

Susu's phrase is 'lewd never nude'

'lewds before nudes' just implies that she's gonna tease you but will eventually do nudes anyway

No. 406571

File: 1499200800227.png (26.94 KB, 390x342, vampletteAX.png)


Vamp couldn't get time off work or afford to go. The theory of Momo funding her con trips kind of goes out the window now, maybe she's getting bored of her "bestie" and is throwing her money elsewhere. Vamp also made the coat (which was pointed out earlier for looking puckered) for the Simon cosplayer in Momo's Gurren Lagaan group.

No. 406574

At least someone in that house is responsible with money.

No. 406586

File: 1499204193524.jpg (52.99 KB, 549x670, IMG_5555.JPG)

What her hoodies should really say

No. 406591

>The theory of Momo funding her con trips kind of goes out the window now,

Not really. If anything i'd be willing to bet that she just tacked that on to try and get some pity patreons since that would have been posted at the end of the month. If she couldnt get time off of work then it wouldnt matter whether or not she could afford it

No. 406598

That and she's supposedly a manager at Albertsons, kinda shitty to be a manager and be out of town every weekend. Especially after losing $200 on patreon

No. 406602

File: 1499207136554.png (44.7 KB, 410x486, IMG_4186.PNG)

No. 406603


For her it's mostly code for "I'm not a trashy whore who gets fucked on camera for porn. I'm much better and classier than those girls"

No. 406606

File: 1499207583406.png (1.64 MB, 675x1200, she looks about to burst out o…)

No. 406607

What is that pose supposed to even be?

No. 406609

File: 1499207893206.jpg (122.64 KB, 640x640, xhhiSYi.jpg)

No. 406610


She always does this pose and it's cringy as fuck.

No. 406611


she looks like she could be his mom.

No. 406612

Why though, isn't that pose supposed to be making fun of people whose asscrack is showing? She's never near anyone like that in any of the photos, unless maybe she's trying to allude to how thiiiccccccc she is.

No. 406614

I see a lot of people doing that pose but usually it's like you said and in reference to someone who's 'THICC' or has a nice ass

No. 406615

She really can't close her legs can she. That costume will burst wide open…Do we have any of her sitting in it?

No. 406616

what has she done to my waif? Yoko doesn't deserve this

No. 406618

File: 1499209529473.png (104.99 KB, 750x849, IMG_4604.PNG)

This got posted to a fb page that momo has went all "my dude" at before. She'll probably see this and make another shirt ayy

No. 406622


The comments are beautiful lol.

No. 406628


that's the thing I don't like about susu, her entitlement,

No. 406636

File: 1499212482192.jpg (540.93 KB, 1280x1919, PASOYKC.jpg)

She's clearly copying the queen.

No. 406642

File: 1499213159864.png (11.97 KB, 254x249, ss (2017-07-04 at 08.03.18).pn…)

They're a little too gung-ho for my taste. We all hate on her but death threats are a tad much even in jest.

It's kinda funny how quick they are about catching these.

No. 406644

Lmao that johnman dude really fucken hates her

No. 406648

File: 1499215957121.png (513.77 KB, 540x960, Screenshot_2017-07-04-07-17-19…)

Sad to say I didn't see Moo at AX, so I couldn't snap any candids of her. However, I did find this pic of her from colossal on my phone. Rip swimsuit.

No. 406654

>those boobs resting against her stomach

She's probably checking Lolcow in this pic too, kek.

No. 406659

Was gonna say, how much do we want to bet she's checking lolocow here?

Oh moo, never change, really. I love my entertainment

No. 406668

File: 1499218502104.png (1.15 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-07-04-20-32-41…)

Only curves are the lumps in front

No. 406669

god damn that humpback on her

No. 406673

Not a true hump, just so much fat

No. 406684


Yeah, posing with a slim girl was a good idea. Her arms look like 4 times as big.

No. 406687

File: 1499221173861.jpg (18.31 KB, 402x290, 1493846530103.jpg)

tfw your thigh makes a bigger 'butt bump' then your actual butt.

No. 406693

I think when susu does it, its just for her specifically. Not regarding anyone else. When momo does it, shes looking down on other girls

No. 406695

She looks like somebody's 76 year old Jewish grandma in this pic. All she needs is leopard print leggings and a cigarette hanging out of her mouth

No. 406698

Her ~line~ is going online next week. This was mentioned on twitter.

No. 406701

You can tell she probably has a tired core from sucking it in all day for photos. Someone is out of shaaaaape. Go to the gym, Moomoo. There is a difference between "wah my dad made me go to the gym all the time and have a routine so I could do sports and as an adult i make my own decisions" vs being unhealthy and fat and using lipo as an excuse to live that way. Jesus fucking christ. Even going 3 times for a half hour a day would do you some good. Look how huge her stomach actually it. Probably overhangs a bit too when she isn't sucking it in and bending her back with her shoulders back and seeing how low her tits are? Hilarious.

No. 406702

Her overgrow acrylics are disgusting. Really couldn't find 40 minutes to go to a salon before the weekend to have them refilled for, like, $30?

No. 406705

Some people keep their nails long so their fingers look longer and thinner. Moo's fingers are so chub that it just looks like a lizard's claws.

No. 406706

Going to call it now, Moomoo is going to bandwagon onto Kakegurui
"Hot new anime" plus easy lewding? In retrospect, I'm halfway surprised she missed the Prison School train, even KBBQ was on that one

No. 406707

As far as I can tell, susu's "lewds not nudes" is purely descriptive, as in she's making lewds but not nudes so don't bother looking for those. Whereas Moo's "lewds before nudes" implies that lewds are somehow better than nudes and as an extension, she's better than the women doing nudes (ignoring that she has taken nudes and probably leaked those herself).
I don't think Moo is smart enough to understand the sequential implication of "lewds before nudes" and meant it more in a "bros before hos" way. It's the other way around for her, anyway.

No. 406717

She will now since you mentioned it here.

No. 406718

They were refering to mariah being the one trying to say she is above women who do nudes. The other girl retweets women who do nudes and has stuck up for sex workers several times.
Mariah really fucked up when she not only shit on girls who do nudes but also shit on fellow cosplayers doing boudoir by saying it's all porn and now is trying to make money off a stupid slogan that acts like her work is superior. Why does she just keep messing up so bad? She had so much potential to do well but just keeps making herself more and more hated.

No. 406721

Yeah, that's what I meant, but you said it much better

No. 406727

The characters on there are VERY thin. She isn't anything like them. She would be a dumb fucking idiot to even TRY comparing to any cosplay to them. Like seriously. Also, the anime and manga are to smart for her. She's a dumbass. I finished the manga last week and the anime so far is okay enough even though it's one episode, but you gotta really like that kind of genre and so far I don't think she's the type. At least she will pretend to be the type, but she will 100% get her ass made fun of if she tries cosplaying it.

No. 406728

No, she legit has room for new fillers. She was just too lazy to either have them removed or refilled. Its disgusting. >>404327

No. 406731


No. 406733

I wonder if she'll aknowledge this one cause it shows her lipo scar (drawanon is perfection btw)

No. 406736

File: 1499242950097.png (260.36 KB, 720x1034, Screenshot_2017-07-05-01-20-51…)

No. 406738


>"never got time for a break"

>"time for a 2 month break"

Also new here, hopefully formatted correctly

No. 406740

you're fine, but as your comment didn't add any new information it should have been saged. type sage in the email field next time you post something like this.

also, new OW cosplays? she needs to stop.

No. 406741

File: 1499244801320.gif (1.16 MB, 275x275, whatev.gif)

yeah she wishes.

No. 406747

SF cosplay?

No. 406749

Her cosplay 'career' is hardly sucking the life out of her. She only travels to cons within the US and that aren't too far away by car or plane. Her costumes are rushed, bought or commissioned, she spends shitloads of time on her social media; especially Twitter and Instagram, is always out with friends, out eating dinner and sucking up to Nigri occasionally for a 'break' and does cheap boudoir photo shoots which take very little effort to put together.

She'd never be able to handle the level some pros do, which is to be constantly on the go every week, working on panels, meet & greets, new costumes, new videos, new tutorials, commissions, judging competitions and travelling around the world.


No. 406752

Maybe she'll use this time to send out her Patreon rewards… nah who am I kidding she's gonna eat pho for 2 straight months.

No. 406753


Has she seriously not sent out her rewards? She never mentions them at all, but had plenty of time to 'design' her basic bitch range of boring clothes with Creator's Guild though.

No. 406755


Nope she hasn't, the last time anyone reported getting physical tiers was in November. So she's what, nearly 8 months backed up? Hard to believe people keep paying for those tiers while not getting any of their shit.

No. 406757

File: 1499247888014.png (62.27 KB, 1207x384, gNd6m8i.png)

Took a peek through the comments on her Patreon. She really doesn't care about sending out those rewards does she?

No. 406758


It's difficult to feel sorry for them as they keep mindlessly supporting her despite not getting any rewards for months and just thinking they're magically late. Christ…

No. 406761


If I were supporting her Patreon, or any Patreon for that matter, and I didn't get my promised rewards after 2 months (I can understand things getting backed up) I would have stopped pledging. It reeks of scamming. Can't say I feel sorry for them either, at this point they should realize they're being ripped off and they aren't getting their prints.

Watch, after she's read this she's gonna scramble together some shit quality prints with a half assed signature to be in the mail by next week.

No. 406763

File: 1499248458823.jpg (88.95 KB, 720x960, 19702137_1607601115939600_8354…)

No. 406764

File: 1499248470475.jpg (46.93 KB, 960x540, 19665665_1470289823017895_1899…)

No. 406765

File: 1499248487607.jpg (62.33 KB, 533x960, 19702333_1950277661875841_8498…)

No. 406769


She's laughing all the way to the bank. She was selling prints for $15 each to be signed at the Funimation event she was at during AX this past Sunday too apparently.

No. 406770

Don't you need a seller's permit like the people in AA have for something like that?

No. 406771

Her bra is fucking fully exposed here
jesus christ, moo; is it so hard to make something that fits?

No. 406772


I guess Funimation covered that? Fount her Insta post about being there.


No. 406779

>Two month break

I mean, I feel like she hasn't really been to a ton of cons this summer? Do you really need a break from standing around and doing drugs all day.

No. 406781

I'm just really curious, a few people on this thread seem to know something about sewing and I've always wondered about this kind of costume: with big boobs, couldn't you just have a bra under the costume and sew some sort of hook-shaped thing on the black strap here so that it hooks over the bra and never goes down (particularly because you could maybe conceal them under the stars here)? Obviously, you'd then go for clear straps on your bra, but I just wonder whether the solution I imagined is really stupid and that's why she didn't use it or if it's feasible at all.

No. 406783

Honestly seeing she's going to PAX Prime is a major relief because it means she won't be shitting up Dragon Con's Overwatch events. Sage for no contribution, but a lot of the South Eastern Overwatch cosplayers really hate her.

No. 406784

I'm low key excited for this "2 month break". It screams more lipo, and more pho-eating and ballooning. After this she'll be looking extremely deformed. Can't wait for it.

No. 406789

She's 100% getting something done over this "break" over than lipo i think she'd get lip fillers and maybe something with her ass

No. 406790

This 100%, it screams more surgery, who she fooling.

No. 406791

This 100%, it screams more surgery, who she fooling.

No. 406808


Cant that be used as evidence against her patreon? Weren't people trying to report it a while ago? Her shit needs to get shut down.

No. 406809

She would be an INCREDIBLY small fish in DragonCon's pond, even more so than she was at AX and Katsu, so I can see why she'd choose to go where a lot of her braindead fanboys are going to be instead.

No. 406819

i know we already confirmed she was doing beekeeper mei when that anon saw it in her ratty notebook, but im so excited to see this train wreck

No. 406821

This was my first thought too. Definitely getting more surgery done and afterwards she'll show off her new body she "worked really hard for my dudes".

No. 406834

There are several things she could have done, including velcro, snaps and straight up sewing the bandeau fabric onto a strapless bra or bra with clear straps with small invisible stitches. She could also simply have folded the fabric over and under the bra if she didn't want to alter the bra itself (even though at 15k a month she could easily buy a ton of new black bras). There are many options and she didn't attempt a single one of these because obv she's a great cosplayer who can do more than just lewds~

No. 406840

You have to rally up a bunch of people who are already subbed to her to report her patreon, I don't imagine it would do much for outsiders to report her when they weren't getting rewards in the first place. If enough subbers yell to HQ they will have to take action.

No. 406844


Honestly the screen caps of people complaining should be enough proof.

No. 406848

File: 1499271990365.jpg (131.01 KB, 1200x675, DD8LA_sUwAESSid.jpg)

No. 406849

Kel. It looks like they have the same body type. And her Nasolabial folds have Nasolabial folds. She's aging terribly.

No. 406850

Nonstop hard partying and pho binges will do that to a cow.

No. 406852

Hell, a couple of safety pins strategically placed would have mitigated the falling top situation. Who goes in cosplay to a con without spare safety pins ffs?

No. 406853


Fuck she looks absoloutely terrible. You can cake on as much make up and use all the beauty apps, but behind it all if you look like that and you're not 40+, then somewhere down the line you royally fucked yourself over. I'm almost 30 and I still look like a high school student. What in the fuck are you doing to yourself moo? You're a hot mess. Keep it up and you'll hit the point of no return.

No. 406855

sage your non-contribution/humblebrag. no1curr.

No. 406878

bad genes are a thing, anon
but congrats on being such a special snowflake

No. 406879

File: 1499276513986.gif (841.12 KB, 450x254, surejan.gif)

No. 406882

sage but do you guys ever think she'll hit a point and realizes what she's done to herself and regret? Or am I just giving her too much faith?

No. 406894

>implying she was intentionally humblebragging
She only mentioned herself once and didn't go off on a tangent.

No. 406895


She also smokes, definitely not helping herself at all.

No. 406900

From the photos at ColossalCon, she doesn't wear sunscreen either.

No. 406903

Jesus fucking christ. You can see she is struggling, this late int he day, to keep her stomach sucked in. Holy shit. She is fucking giant.

especially here and this is more than just an unflattering photo. She's legit what you call a hamplanet at this point.

No. 406906

It's okay sweetheart, just remember to sage next time.

No. 406921


No. 406970

Or she just didn't get one and didn't report it. It happens more often than people think.

No. 406986

Did they only take cash? People who only take cash when they sell at cons usually do it so they can lie to the IRS about how much they make and skip out on paying taxes.

No. 406989

File: 1499285954696.png (179.27 KB, 720x1054, Screenshot_2017-07-05-13-15-36…)

No. 406990

File: 1499285980161.png (182.32 KB, 720x1049, Screenshot_2017-07-05-13-15-23…)

No. 406994

My biggest regret of AX was that I didn't see MooMoo in person.
I was walking in the hall and a girl behind me was talking about how the only way for her AX to be perfect would be to meet her… the temptation to turn around and be like "BUT SHE'S A TERRIBLE PERSON" was strong.
Sage for no new info except that there are actually poor saps who like her.

No. 406997

File: 1499286511379.jpg (39.23 KB, 558x640, 19848848_1638120112866769_3047…)

bitch is evil

No. 406998

I saw her at the creators guild booth at AX talking to her "fans." They were 4 at the most and all incredibly sweaty neckbeards. I noticed she had one female fan that she took a picture with (complete with strained fake smile) then completely blew off like she didn't exist to talk to the next neckbeard. Didn't even aknowledge her and turned her back on her when the poor girl was in the middle of complimenting Momo. I wish I was recording at the time because it would have destroyed her. Wasn't sure if I believed she treated her female fans like shit until now.

No. 406999

Momo taking off her shirt for views at 8 minute

No. 407002

I notice that too. Ninety percent of her base is male yeah but I didn't see more than 3 girls go up to her for a pic. I think that if there's no dick around shell shoo you off

No. 407006


Her female fans mean fuck all to her, probably thinks they're competition of some sort. Any comment from a fellow female cosplayer that isn't kissing her ass and she makes sure the white knights are alerted, but when it's a male nothing gets done.

No. 407008

Just goes to show you what her real priorities are.

No. 407009


She could have just walked away, changed shirts or whatever she was doing to her chest and returned once done. Oh wait she needed the extra attention by doing it on a live stream instead cause it's for 'cosplay'? What an obnoxious cunt.

No. 407013

The people replying with Moo must be the ones who got their rewards.
Some people talk about subscribing to patreon like they're collecting Pokémon cards. If you want to support someone take a look at some artists or cosplayers you already like and go from there.

No. 407032

>explcitly mentions her age and then says she looks at least 12-15 years younger

yeah no, she totally wasn't humblebragging at all, her sweet youthful girlish looks were so necessary to include in her comment on how momo is wrecking herself.

anyway, I've never been involved with patreon and I have a question for the anons who are, for comparison's sake- anons who supply content, how long does it take you maximum to send physical rewards? anons who are patrons, what's the longest you've ever waited and did the content creator give a good reason as to why?

No. 407041

I have a Patreon where I offer prints along with tutorials, and other content. Even the tutorials don't take more than a few hours to make if it's a short or easy thing and the prints there is no excuse for what Mariah does. It takes Staples a few hours to print out your stuff and yes they do print nudes and NSFW, you just get it in a brown paper envelope so it isn't visible to other customers, you drive to pick it up which doesn't take long and I've never spent more than ten minutes mailing my stuff out at the post office. Addressing it takes a bit depending how many patrons you have but you can literally do that in a night while binge watching stuff. It really shouldn't take more than a week or two tops for prints and that's being generous.

No. 407046

have you ever had a situation which delayed you in sending out content? Like we all know momo is just a lazy shit who doesn't care about her patrons at all, but I could see a legitimate reason being overseas travel possibly? However, as a monthly content creator surely you could just explain it to your fans instead of making excuses.

No. 407049

Oh yeah, delays of a week or so for illness or travel makes sense, but you really should make a post if you aren't well or if you're going away and if you physically can't, most people have a friend or partner who makes the post for them.

No. 407052

Patreon is the dumbest shit ever

No. 407054

Only something with nothing anyone would ever want to pay for/too entitled to understand why others pay would say that.It's great for enemtertainers and content creators.

No. 407056

it's a good way to partially remove the middle man between the creator and the customer. It results in cheaper manufacturing prices for the creator which can be passed on to the consumer, and the consumer also has the satisfaction of knowing their money is going directly to whoever made what they've purchased.

No. 407062


Depends on the creator. Personally I find Patreon cosplayers to be shit tier, it's funding their hobby, and about 90% of them aren't professional at all. It was nice back when genuine artists were using it to build a better career for themselves. Now it's full of trash and Patreon have just gone downhill ever since.

No. 407069

False, you are only focused on the trash. Now more than ever tons of excellent creators are ysing it to make good products. Get off lolcow for a day and take a look at the top earners.

No. 407078

File: 1499295303860.png (646.85 KB, 934x600, Screenshot 2017-07-05 at 3.54.…)

No. 407090


:39 and onward lol - round like a bomb maybe

Idk if to sage…I don't see it mentioned before

No. 407094

Doing the fat people fish mouth/sucking in of the cheeks like Tess Holliday and similar whales.

No. 407095

File: 1499297706454.jpg (155.74 KB, 1439x960, FB_IMG_1499297485824.jpg)

Another photo from the Formal Watch group

No. 407096

What's with her face on the left and right? It's neither cute nor sexy, just punchable-looking.

No. 407097

how cringey everyone is. momo suits in with how ugly half of them are.

No. 407103

She couldn't have posed any other way huh? All it looks like to me is that she's trying to hide her panties with her hand. She even fails at being modest.

No. 407109


Momo wtf type of dancing is this?

No. 407117

Geezus fucking christ she is even worse in motion

No. 407125

When I first saw her in this video yesterday I was with my spouse and had to hold back the lolz

No. 407135

File: 1499301467659.png (14.14 KB, 490x81, 808908PNG.PNG)

kek, her costume looks especially shitty compared to everyone elses in this vid

No. 407138

File: 1499301610291.png (757.53 KB, 720x957, Screenshot_2017-07-05-17-37-04…)

No. 407139

File: 1499301636879.png (319.25 KB, 703x998, Screenshot_2017-07-05-17-36-58…)

No. 407147

File: 1499301879452.png (1.07 MB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2017-07-05-17-42-59…)

Only if their cosplay makes them as much money and attention as you amirite my dudes

No. 407155


Lmfao she's the worst possible person to team up with for their clothing line. Body acceptance? Equal amongst peers? Momo sees herself as better than most, anyone on a lower level and she looks down upon immediately.

No. 407167

Thanks for flipping the picture moo so we could read the shirt. Also why take such a shitty picture we can barely see I had to read her dumb caption to even know what other was.

No. 407172


No ass ?

No. 407177


Pffft. Is this a joke? She is absolutely nowhere near that thin. Also I wouldn't buy anything from a company that supports a toxic shit like Moomoo. She is the absolute antithesis of "gurl power". She basically tells any girl who isn't as popular as her to fuck off and treats them as competition that will take away her neckbeard followers. She isn't a "positive influence", she is a cancer that only makes everyone around her worse.

No. 407188

Everyone is so out of character…

No. 407190

Back of thigh lipo also confirmed

No. 407191

22 pages of threads and some of you anons still don’t get it. This is an individual who only lives for attention. Good or bad doesn’t matter. In fact she thrives on your disdain. She doesn’t care about money. As you can plainly see she just throws it all away. She wants to be famous, but infamous will do as well. She does not give a fuck about any other living thing but herself. She will never change because she has no self-awareness whatsoever. She would burn down the world as long as her name was what you spoke with your dying breath. She uses and manipulates everyone who she comes in contact with. It’s good sport to point out her many, many flaws, but in the end she just does not care one tiny little bit. She probably is actually mentally ill but will never come to the realization that she needs some professional help if she ever wants to be a functional human being. My advice to all is to continue to throw barbs at a distance. But stay very far away because when she finally goes down there will be a lot of collateral damage in the process. Many innocent fools will get splattered with shit when she finally explodes.

No. 407200

we're all pretty aware she lives for attention, nice wall of text tho

No. 407202

>but in the end she just does not care one tiny little bit

you sure? that shirt proves you wrong. but yeah, everything else seems right

No. 407203

The person who made it couldn't even be bothered with actual frog clasps you can find on amazon, etsy, ebay, wherever

No. 407214

>liked by SSS

Why doesn't swinsuitsuccubuss put up with momo, does she genuinely like her or feel bad for her? Is she just too nice to brush off momo?

No. 407215

Why does*

No. 407225

I think SSS is just too nice or doing a "fake nice" thing.
She follows me back on twitter and stays with me through all my dumb shit.. even when I made multiple tweets about momo being garbage. If she cared about momo and saw my tweets, you'd think she would have unfollowed.

No. 407235

File: 1499307510244.jpg (1.54 MB, 1920x1920, 2017-07-05 21.16.33.jpg)

No. 407236

File: 1499307539691.jpg (1.49 MB, 1920x1920, 2017-07-05 21.17.48.jpg)

No. 407237

File: 1499307594989.jpg (58.78 KB, 1061x710, 19238151_1704535646516780_8033…)

much quality >>407236

No. 407241

No. 407242


Perfect cosplay after her lipo. If she cosplayed this she could just be herself and I would not complain.

No. 407243

File: 1499307851929.jpg (1.58 MB, 1920x1920, 2017-07-05 21.22.53.jpg)

T-rex arms and the face she makes when the pho is ready

No. 407249

Why hasn't she shown us the back of Yoko? She's so quick to flash her ass for everything but not this one?

No. 407250


Lumpy space princess ftw

No. 407252

it probably looks hideous…do you really want to see the back, anon

No. 407256

Honestly I just want to see momokun's belly when she isn't sucking in

No. 407257

File: 1499308792085.png (300.19 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-07-05-21-33-36…)

No. 407268

is she wearing shapewear under that top? there's no way she's that thin

No. 407270

but ya'll be complaining about not seeing what it looks like if she didn't post the behind shot

No. 407273

Come on moomoo, that's not really asking much

No. 407275

I just gotta say, whatever costumes she said she'd wear at Anime Expo she did not wear at all. Also she lurked around the Funimation and TeamFourStar booths a lot.
Like, just lurking there.
She didn't even talk to the TFS guys.

No. 407276

Oh my god I saw her posing and security wasn't sure whether or not to tell her to move.

No. 407277

On instagram she said her next cosplays are Panty/Stocking with Vamps and Chiho from Devil is a Part Timer

No. 407279


No surprise there. The TFS guys would laugh at and shut down any attempts from her to brag about who she is friends with at Funimation since they have literally worked with and are friends with them.


She is always so buttmad that she literally has to try to clap back at anyone that isn't licking her asshole with praise.

No. 407281

Is Chiho the short fanservice one?

No. 407284

File: 1499311696746.png (844.2 KB, 720x1191, Screenshot_2017-07-05-20-23-43…)

How are you going to lose weight if you're using that much mayo for yourself

No. 407285

If you mean the small pink haired girl with huge boobs sure

No. 407287

I wanted to take a picture with her to show how she looks without any sort of filter but she just totally ignored me.
The best way I can describe it is she is short and the middle of her body is stretched more than the rest.
It didn't help she was wearing super frumpy clothes.
Also her eyes are fucking creepy, every time I saw her they were wide open or squinting. Never a middle ground.

No. 407288

Yeah, her. She works at the McDonalds.
I don't know much about the series, can someone tell me if the character is a Bleach level woman or is she like… actually chubby?
Also that Yoko cosplay is so bad, especially with how obvious her hair is poking out of the wig.
… Hairnets or something must be too tough for her, I guess.

No. 407290

File: 1499312047124.jpg (14.08 KB, 366x550, ud44SA4.jpg)

No. 407292

Oh, okay. Well, that answers that question. Thank you very much, Anon.
Also, I find it oddly hilarious she made a genderbent Deku cosplay.
Really, the super fan who makes journals out of literally everyone he meets that has a super power?
That is like the exact opposite of your level of commitment to the franchises you pretend to like, MoMo.

No. 407297

Probably just doesn't pay attention to you. A lot of e-famous people follow back fans without actually caring about what they have to say.
She'll probably unfollow you now and possibly even block you when momo reports back to her with what you said.

No. 407299

ouch anon..

No. 407304


15k a month and she chooses to dress like a frumpy mom. I bet she thinks it makes her more relatable to her neckbeard fans, like "I'm not like those shallow bitches who only care about expensive clothes and shoes. I'm totally a bro who like to chill in sweats and sneakers. I totally should have been born a dude lol. I like bewbs and booties like you guys do"

No. 407305

It wouldn't surprise me if she feels like this from time to time and 'solves' it by binge drinking and/or posting a selfie in her nasty underwear to bask in the neckbeard compliments.

No. 407313


Whenever she is feeling shit about herself and her life she cries to her neckbeards about "omg I'm so lucky to have so many people who love and care about me, I'm literally crying right now" and everyone licks her asshole telling her how "sweet and talented she is and and that all the haters can go fuck themselves"

No. 407318

File: 1499315960741.png (865.07 KB, 720x1185, Screenshot_2017-07-05-21-31-56…)

She loves to exercise the princess trope of hoping those who participant in the sales of her pornographic material will "save" her from the negativity that she should handle as a adult.
Also someone mentioned this past weekend in a discussion that as a hefty girl herself she feels MooMoo spreads a false message of fat positivity..because she drinks laxative teas, she wears shape wear outside of normal use, she has liposuction to remove fat instead of being a healthy individual.
She's a depressed unmedicated person and she needs to stop acting like a victim.

No. 407319

>>407268 A corset. Seeing how it still warps a bit, probably cheap, plastic boned crap. Leaves more money for booze and drugs.

No. 407320

And also imagine how she is at home. Her room's a sloppy mess, she lounges on the couch and doesn't do housework or go outside and when she does go to see friends she drinks heavily to bring attention to herself. Its disgusting especially since Vamp is working hard as an ADULT and comes home to take care of a CHILD. Mariah's a deadbeat loser.

No. 407324

File: 1499316889418.png (677.96 KB, 792x674, lol.png)

No. 407325

LOL this was directed at me when I originally said she was racist and then it went into her "professional" work. I had to private my twitter cause her white knights showed up and started harassing me. /csb

No. 407327

video of rin
Dem stretch marks on her leg tho

No. 407330

At least the rest of the group made an effort with props to help signify which character they were. Mariah couldn't be bothered to do anything more than toss on her mei wig with a halfassed qipao. She could have at the very least worn the glasses or did a mei pose.

She clearly shooped the advertisement she did, in the video her thighs are much larger, waist is much wider, and her chest is more squished/flattened in that top.

No. 407331

Anyone else who reads moomoo's thread not actually hate her? I have no interest in cosplay or anime and couldn't care less she's shitting up the community. I pretty much read them because I'm interested in her fluctuating figure and it entertains me how much she pisses off people.

No. 407332

you are not alone.

No. 407333

File: 1499320806671.jpg (29.22 KB, 224x224, IMG_0319.JPG)

I can think of a recent situation where Momo contradicts almost every one of these mission statements.

No. 407338

Same here. I came to lolcow for the onion threads and my hatred for him. Moo is just kinda morbidly fascinating to me.

No. 407356

It's really sad how useless the liposuction was for her. She should of put that money to good use somewhere else. She should of just gotten fat transfer or butt implants with how much money she put in for a whole body liposuction.

No. 407360

File: 1499325976951.png (710.98 KB, 1076x859, 2017-07-06 02.21.56.png)

This is what I assume her back looks like with her arms down/relaxed. The swimsuits and "I'm a nice gurl" outfit, she had her arms up to try and stretch out the folds

No. 407384

In one of the past couple threads someone posted a back shot they got from colossalcon. It looked pretty similar to this from what I remember

No. 407401

sage but different VS anon- it sucks how shitty the selection is but the T shirt bras and the surrounding collection have the widest range and they're also really sof (I hope this helps you)
I find it really odd how she's fitting into the non VS bras considering her supposed "mega milk" jugs

No. 407405

File: 1499333249845.jpg (78.66 KB, 1200x800, DECqDrmVwAAg2WJ.jpg)

what a scum

No. 407437

Not even lipo can save you, Moo.

No. 407443

Looks like someone's ready to take a dump, hey neckbeards here it comes your rewards!, a big shit

No. 407446

this just makes me miss PT

No. 407452

Why is she using the twitter peach to hide her no-butt instead of her "official" peach logo?

No. 407469

File: 1499347492817.jpeg (1002.71 KB, 1920x2560, image.jpeg)

A friend's friend from fb took these photos on fb & sent this to me.

No. 407473

She smoothed the hell out of her shoulders but did nothing about the lipo scars below her ass. She's incapable of putting her full effort into anything, isn't she?

PT at least tries to act like the characters she cosplays as. Moomoo just slaps on something vaguely similar to the character's outfit and then flashes her tits and ass and makes fuck-me faces. PT wants attention, and she wants to cosplay. Moomoo just wants attention, and knows she can get it easily through cosplay.

No. 407481

Yeah, she doesn't care. That's why she's always having Twitter meltdowns where she bitches about "haterz" and records herself crying.
She loves attention, but only when it's good.

And of course she claps back only when it's another woman who criticizes her. Neckbeards calling her every sort of names are A-Okay

No. 407495

File: 1499355396577.png (358.07 KB, 720x1052, Screenshot_2017-07-06-08-35-28…)

No. 407498

Just like how you credit people who you commission for a cosplay? Oh wait, someone has to call you out first for that. Funny how quickly you jump on someone when it's your own shit.

Fuck off Mariah.

No. 407500

File: 1499356310613.gif (460.78 KB, 400x301, everyslap.gif)

>Moomoo, who always has to be asked or told to provide credit for all the shit she commissions/photogs
>Finding someone's random con shot of her and telling them to give credit
>credit her for her work
Stay classer momokunt

No. 407504


Says the bitch who constantly has to be called out for not crediting people who make her cosplay.

No. 407505

Credit for what? You should be ashamed of the abomination you made and its obvious someone else took the photo.

No. 407509

File: 1499359759221.png (4.83 MB, 1242x2208, IMG_0347.PNG)

She just posted that Todoroki is becoming best boy. You just called him "fire and ice guy" 2 days ago…..please don't touch him.

No. 407520

Wow she's fucking dead in the eyes. She doesn't know shit about Rin, clearly, and these videos are getting worse and worse. Can't believe anyone would subscribe to her patreon for this shit.

No. 407531


She seriously jumps on any popular anime or game bandwagon doesn't she? If it's flavor of the month she'll milk it dry so she's known for being one of the 'first' to lewd it up somehow. She's too predictable.

No. 407532

I'm glad that this series is finally really popular like it deserves, but Moo is just hopping the bandwagon as usual. Or maybe she actually cared to read/watch and finds his backstory relatable, lol.
Please leave my sweet kids alone, Moo. I swear if she posts any shit about being horny for him I will vom (it wouldn't surprise me though).
It's too bad Mineta isn't her ~best boy~, considering how alike they are!

No. 407544

File: 1499367588567.png (119.41 KB, 720x946, Screenshot_2017-07-06-11-58-06…)

No. 407545

She wants to cosplay Lida, because hell yeah I can't name characters from popular anime


No. 407548


Asif she'd crossplay. She'll probably do genderbends then reduce them to boudoir bullshit.

No. 407549

His name isn't even Lida its Iida
It says it in the manga, it says it in the show, in the subtitles, and for someone who claims to know Japanese she should have known that.
Someone called her out on it and she claimed it was a typo
But my phone just autocorrected me trying to type Lida so idk what crack she is smoking

No. 407551

File: 1499368136697.png (317.6 KB, 722x1062, Chapter_12.png)

A simple Google search can prove that too lmao
What a fucking wannabe

No. 407553

I can see her pulling off Shouto or Bakugo (not well but way better than Deku)
She can't pull of cute or innocent characters. Not only because its not her personality but its just not how she looks
Kanna looked nothing like Kanna despite having everything right
She just has a more "mature" or "seductive" face (despite the fact that it makes me want to vomit)
So Deku is going to be a fucking train wreck more so than the others
Same with Ochaco
She should have done Momo, considering its half naked and has the same name as her???

No. 407560

Yeah, Momo would've been a smart move.
Has she even talked about the girls at all? Maybe she's going to make some weird argument about how sexualizing Kanna got her in trouble so she's going to do the boys instead because that's """okay""".

No. 407564

>cosplaying the three most popular boys
>can't even spell Iida's name correctly

Momo suits none of these characters, all of them are cute and have athletic bodies while momo is not cute and has a lumpy fat body.

No. 407565

I can't wrap my head around her wanting to do a genderbent cosplay of those characters anyways?
Most people who are really into them are fangirls and they wouldn't give a shit about a genderbent version.
And most of her neckbeards would be into the girls anyways, no?
Like Uraraka or Asui?

No. 407570

jesus christ. it's okay to cosplay as characters from series you aren't familiar with but to pretend to know about it is just sad lmao

No. 407571

To me it's her screaming, "See, I don't just pick the easiest character to slut up! I actually watch/read/like the series!" To try to prove us wrong. She will never copay them because they won't bring in the neckbeard bucks.

No. 407575

gotta be honest, i feel like drawfag's rendition of this 'stars falling off my boobs' cosplay is slightly more flattering than the actual photos

No. 407577

File: 1499371390895.jpg (287.75 KB, 1368x912, image.jpg)

No. 407578

File: 1499371452143.jpg (261.3 KB, 912x1368, image.jpg)

Always gotta be in the spotlight eh, moo?

No. 407579

File: 1499371494860.png (286.33 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-07-06-15-04-09…)

I'm ready to watch her fail

No. 407580

File: 1499371649388.png (683.77 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-07-06-15-06-49…)

Posing =shapewear

No. 407581

File: 1499371830061.png (354.72 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_2017-07-06-15-09-35…)

Does worshipping your own thighs counteract that pledge she took?

No. 407598

File: 1499373928847.png (92.45 KB, 750x956, IMG_0320.PNG)

This is so BAD

No. 407603

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AHAHAHAAAAAAAAAA oh my GOD. her top is COMPLETELY down on one side. how does she not feel that?
also i love the weird fat lines under the top. looks like a giant winking eye. god this pic is so tragic it couldnt possibly get any worse than this

No. 407604

> fat lines under the top
Those are mythical lines from working out, anon

No. 407605


I don't even know what the fuck I'm looking at. Her retard fans honestly believe that she has "sick abs"?

No. 407609

The squishiest of tits or the fatest of asses are and will forever be nothing but loads of fat and shit when the owner doesnt own a pair of ankles… To the slops with this one! The waste of that frame is why I need feminism.

No. 407617

At this point, she should've just glued the stars onto her bra and saved herself this disaster

No. 407618

Tbh no one has done a decent Tsuyu because she is impossible to look like. No one can get the giant creepy eyes right.

No. 407623

Wow she's even got workout out lines!
She must've learned it from PT

No. 407624


Almost identical to the beautiful fanart of this costume. Those stars…need help.

No. 407628

That's underboob anon xD fanservice

Yeah. Ok Mariah, such great posture

No. 407636

'I'm posing'

momo did you not look at the two photos? You're obviously posing in the Yoko photo and then your back is obviously arched in the other one so maybe dont talk out of your ass???

No. 407637

Anyone see Nanas post about how Mariah treated her like shit at AX and ditched her?
Nana was the one that helped her get famous but now that she has Nigri she is going to dump Nana? Fucking lame

No. 407638

screenshots, anon
this is an image board afterall

No. 407640

didn't nana even faint because she was cosplaying some retarded shit (and had to wear a corset) to accompany momo's group?

No. 407644

Ok but where, provide screenshots anon

No. 407647

Screenshot it

No. 407648

Screenshot that shit!!!!

No. 407650

The hole in the glove…

No. 407651

File: 1499384151277.png (42.89 KB, 501x353, Capture.PNG)

nayrt but here's the post

No. 407656

Jesus Mariah. Stop being such s shitty ducking friend. These are people for whatever reason have stuck by you. The least you can do is hang out with them.

No. 407657

wanna bet momo will see this for the first time on here and go on a rant on twitter about how much of a good person she is

No. 407660


No doubt Moomoo will now make some long winded Facebook essay about how she is "such a good person and how sad it is people only spread negativity and lies about her". Because it's another girl she will look to clap back at her, which she no doubt by will spend all day trying to craft it to appear to look like "lol don't care what the haterz say" as possible.

She is such a cunt to literally everyone and I doubt she has any actual friends.

No. 407661


The only thing Momo cares about at conventions is herself. No doubt Nana fainting was embarrassing in her mind and 'ruined' her group's image. There's little interaction between the two anywhere, even thought she bragged about how amazing their group was. She only used her it seems for photos and dropped as soon as it happened.

No. 407666


This is my first time poking my head into the Moo thread and what the hell is she doing in this video? Sweetie, you are trashy as fuck and not in any way cute or charming, please put your tits away.

No. 407668

Someone needs to keep an eye on this to see if Mariah replies.

I envision two things happening:
>moo tries to kiss Nana's ass or
>moo starts sperging out on Twitter about how much of a great person and awesome friend she is to combat this

It's wonderful to see her burning her bridges so thoroughly

No. 407676


Serves you right Nana for endorsing this fatass lump of shit.

No. 407678

File: 1499391153729.png (375.43 KB, 934x450, Screenshot 2017-07-06 at 6.32.…)

No. 407685

The funny thing is I saw her sort of trying to defend momo on someone else's Facebook post maybe a couple days or a week before AX

No. 407687

I hope Nana doesn't become her friend again out of obligation.
Lose all your friends, Moomoo. How much you wanna bet you'll lose someone else by PAX Prime?

No. 407704


Wouldn't crossplay mean she is trying to actually look like a boy? She just does rule 63 to everything.

No. 407705

A genderbent Gohan.

No. 407708

When your thigh is as big as your waist, you have a problem

No. 407712

File: 1499397944256.jpg (70.16 KB, 982x301, Screenshot_20170706-202316.jpg)

No. 407716

File: 1499398675555.png (418.88 KB, 853x480, 795.png)

this is gonna be entertaining

No. 407717

Just spill it aaaaaall, nana! Fuck that ho, she gives no fucks about you or your well being.

No. 407718

File: 1499398882189.png (19.99 KB, 599x122, Screenshot 2017-07-06 at 10.40…)

Yes Mariah, you clearly don't have enough drama of your own, so let's get involved in others.

No. 407719

File: 1499399006100.png (462.33 KB, 564x427, rihanna_011.png)

Spill IT Miss Nana

No. 407720

Is this Nana bear or someone else?

No. 407722


. . . Holy shit

No. 407724

File: 1499399443827.png (45.08 KB, 602x237, dontlewdthesquids.png)

No. 407725

Is she even friends with Nana on FB? I can't imagine her going this long and not realizing what she said.

No. 407728

I really hope nana spills the fucking tea

Don't even think about it momo, those squids are too cute to be ruined by your rolls

No. 407729

She reads these threads often enough that she will probably see it here relatively soon.

No. 407734

File: 1499400692137.jpg (25.53 KB, 300x380, Screenshot_2.jpg)

oh here we go

No. 407735

lol implying she has the talent to make literally anything any of the mainline characters wear. She's just got a boner cause Marina is the new twitter hotness.

No. 407738

File: 1499402563629.png (11.47 KB, 542x115, fdsfdfsd1.png)


Hm…really makes you think.

No. 407739

LUL like she has any room to talk about race issues in cosplay while screaming ching chong dressed as mei into a megaphone and making sterotypical "kung fu asian" sounds in a video right next to stella. Shut up moo.

No. 407745

Were there any fat characters in gurren lagann though? I can't remember any

No. 407748

I don't think so either.

No. 407749

File: 1499405894415.png (208.75 KB, 652x397, Beastman_Thymilph_001.png)

Thymilph, aka the guy who caused Kamina's death

No. 407752

This is the first I've seen her talk about Splatoon. I'm praying to any and all gods that she doesn't touch these characters

No. 407772

Actually, Nana passed out because of binding incorrectly in the TTGL group with Mariah. Mariah ditched Nana immediately, leaving her with no help because she had to go to the OW formal shoot. This was all over AX amongst all the cosplayers/photographers knew and were talking about this, heard this story a dozen times.

No. 407778

Nana and Mariah are no longer friends on Facebook due to the anime expo experience. This was a very one sided open issue that Mariah never considered to address. Or is just ignoring socially. And it has many close friends of nana that know the full story extremely upset at both parties for a. Binding incorrectly and b. The actions of a "friend."

No. 407780

Nana and momo still follow each other on twitter.

No. 407786

Wow, did they really want her to cosplay this? While Momo got to fuck up Yoko?! Man, I feel bad for Nana to be treated that way.

No. 407787

> extremely upset at both parties for a. Binding incorrectly

Like… I mean. She should probably know better than to bind incorrectly but I wouldn't ever be mad at a friend who did it and then passed out. I'd be there for them, and I certainly wouldn't ditch them to go to another event. Thats weird if people are actually mad at Nana for that

No. 407790

File: 1499427577430.png (52.04 KB, 748x384, notthicccindy.png)

Why does she always have to add T H I C C to any future cosplay idea she has? You're not THICC Mariah, you're a lumpy piece of shit. Besides, there's thousands of Cindys out there who've done a better job, good luck trying though.

No. 407791

Exactly. I've known some morons in lots of fandoms that did stupid things without regard for their health and most of the time the whole friend group still banded around them. So many groups I've seen and been in have a help first, chastise and mock later sort of dynamic. To not even help, Moocow is a special kind of piece of shit.
Sage for blogpost

No. 407792


Nice to see where Momo's priorities lie, making her presence known at another event rather than helping out a friend in her cosplay group. Can you imagine if this happened to her instead? She's completely useless.

No. 407796

Well, that's what friends do. You help the person and when they are better you yell at them for being morons so they don't do stupid shit again.
Moomoo is clearly not a friend to anybody. I don't think we've ever seen her help someone doing anything. She's a vapid pos.

No. 407797


Surprised this isn't getting more attention since it makes Moomoo confirmed filth. Maybe wwe are just in the calm before that storm, or maybe her neckbeard followers have already crafted their excuses and are trying to make Nana look like a "piece of shit who should be thankful to have been friends with Momo"

No. 407798

This is Final Fantasy sperg anon, as much as I know she's doing this to rile me up, I'll let it slide.
Because it will be even funnier to see this cow even try.
I should feel honored the cow would be going out of her way to show me I don't get to her.
Although I don't understand why she would pick Cindy when Cindy isn't even that popular, why not Tifa? Still the same amount of skin she's gonna try pulling off with Cindy, and a more iconic FF female.
Then again she knows shit about the series.
Go ahead and piss me off. Your ugly cosplays just entertain me at this point.

No. 407799

File: 1499432193205.jpg (670.71 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20170707-095500.jpg)

No. 407800

Nana should've known better when it came to binding (plus that corset) but damn Mariah is a bitch for ditching her just to shove her fat hams into the OW photoshoot like it would fall apart without her. No one would have missed her.

No. 407801

Samefag but if she's really playing FFXV on stream, she was sucking up to Leon Chiro yesterday about his apparent "black face" scandal that I didn't even know existed, but she acknowledged the drama to say he was a talented and good person.
Leon is known for being THE Gladio cosplayer. Yet another shallow see through attempt to try and impress another cosplayer for attention.

No. 407804

Everything about this is so tragic.

No. 407806

File: 1499433963728.png (90.75 KB, 720x729, Screenshot_2017-07-07-06-25-03…)

No. 407808

File: 1499434072817.png (86.89 KB, 720x622, Screenshot_2017-07-07-06-26-45…)

No. 407809

File: 1499434095362.jpg (92.04 KB, 940x492, pearlvsmarina.jpg)

She is so fucking obvious. Too bad for her, Leon only does photoshoot with attractive people who put effort in their costumes right?
a little offtopic, but I heard that Leon called some cosplayer too fat for a character when he first got famous for his gladiolus cosplay?

Well it good she has shit taste in squids, but I hope she doesn't cosplay her.

No. 407810

Leon himself is a piece of shit and an insufferable narcissist, just a good looking one so he gets away with it.

No. 407811


I desperately want to see how Moomoo will try to make herself the victim in all this. A "friend" of hers passes out and possibly needs medical attention, and she instead chooses to run off and do some stupid photo shoot?

You know Moomoo, an actual "good person" like you constantly scream about how much you are would have stayed with that friend and made sure they were ok.

I'm sure she is already crafting her excuses and finding ways to make Nana look like the asshole in all of this.

No. 407812

blue gloves


No. 407813


For once I might actually agree with Moomoo.

I mean, she is a piece of shit who lewds children. Pretty much nothing is off limits to her, so you can't really be shocked by her actions anymore.

But this is what, the 1,996th time she has screamed at Twitter trying to excuse her bullshit to the haters she supposedly doesn't care about?

No. 407818

Yeah Cindy cosplayers were e wry where when the game first cane out, even before that. She's one of the few female characters in the game AND she has her tired and ass out.

But as usual Mariah is like 9 months late to the party. Why the sudden interest? She's never said anything about any FF game before. Which is weird since you'd think she'd be all over it

No. 407820

Come here Nana, talk to us. You bring the milk, we have the cookies

Maybe he shook up her italian thirst

No. 407821

a few threads back she admitted to never playing them

No. 407822


Because her next popular cosplay target to get buddy buddy with is Leon. She couldn't give two shits about Final Fantasy.

No. 407829

I guess it's clear she's going through friends like dirty underwear, so anything th match j to people huh

No. 407836

I guess kbbq isn't leech worthy anymore, i always wondered what happened between those two.

No. 407839

Has he even acknowledged her? Afaik he's actually famous as a cosplayer, and Mariah is a neverending source of drama, not good to associate with if you have a public image to defend

No. 407841

You haven't been to a convention in the last few years, have you?

There are Cindy cosplayers everywhere. She might not be the next Yoko or Slave Liea cosplay but she's damned close.

But there are a lot of way better Cindy cosplayers, even in Vegas, so I would be surprised if Mariah did her because there's a lot of "competition" for her.

No. 407848

If she desperate to show she famoose, she'll probably stalk leon to the next con and get a paid photo with him as best or a pity one at worse. Than act how buddy buddy they were the whole con.

No. 407850


Oh she'll find a way to be acknowledged by him. She's getting there with Phil Mizuno already. Taking time but it's showing.

No. 407851

She couldn't just go commando or wear a gstring?

The seams on those boot covers….God damn she's a mess

No. 407854

The sad thing is I think Moo is in fact going to suck (and suck-up) her way to the 'top', but at least her name is already poison to the community at large. She'll be very unhappy and very alone by the time she becomes truly COSFAMOUS, going by the shit with Nana and many others who have previously spilt tea on her.

No. 407857

File: 1499443135929.png (105.36 KB, 720x716, Screenshot_2017-07-07-08-57-45…)

Big builds, my dudes

No. 407859


Reposting last year's cosplay photos only show how obese she's gotten in that time frame while fooling her fans that she's working hard at the gym and shit. Well done Mariah!

No. 407860

>big builds

HAH. oh boy this GON be good.

No. 407861

Didn't she just took a picture with Phil or something like that? Phil has this "pure" and professional image to maintain, no way he would ever be close with such a pest.
The only famous cosplayer who ever came close to Mariah is Nigri, who only acknowledged her to have the token ugly, too obsessed to leave girl in the group to make fun of and look 100x better when posing in pictures with. Professional cosplayers either look away or just try to be polite with Momo and only when she engages with them, but at safe distance. Iirc even drama cunts like that other semifamous cos girl, don't remember her name but we have a thread for her, the asian or half asian one who went on a sjw tirade against Nigri because of that "Asian frahwurr" picture, hate Moomoo's guts.

No. 407869

What big builds??? Her weight?

No. 407871

File: 1499447147431.jpg (33.68 KB, 650x365, mei-overwatch-beekeeper-annive…)

probably her beekeep mei.

No. 407872

LOL at her trying to convince everyone she's going to be making this. She was talking bragging about how proud she was for doing Yoko (bc it was a super complicated cosplay guys) abd that was a DISASTER. we all know she's just going to commission this abd act like she made it.

No. 407873


Betting Beekeeper Mei will be commissioned just like she did with her previous Mei which is the only reason why it looks good. Then no doubt she'll do this for Blizzcon, milking the costume and making it look like she actually made the entire thing.

No. 407874

What 'fat' character?
Honestly, this person sounds really butthurt and not in a way that makes me feel empathy. Her fainting and being ditched can't possibly be all Moo's fault, no matter how she spins it. Usually people who have a shitty time at conventions for the majority of the time are at fault for their own miseries.

No. 407876


And I don't think nana is saying its mariahs fault for fainting, but it's a shitty thing for a "friend" to ditch you when you just passed out to take some photos

No. 407877

Moo still ditch a friend for a fucking photoshoot. She was in her fucking group. Yes, its not moo fault she fainted, but could she have pretended to care even a little bit? A pity tweet? Something!

No. 407889


Sorry, must be my bias because I hate cosplayers. But no, I wouldn't expect my friends to keep from having fun because I had a faint spell or Tweet about it like it was a grave injury.
I just really hate histrionic cosplayers, and Moo.

No. 407911

I got a feeling that everyone else at checked up on her or showed concern at some point. All except Moo. Even a short text saying, "how are feeling?" Would suffice.

No. 407919

Dang anon who did you dirty?

No. 407921

But what if it wasn't Nana that hadn't fainted in their group?? What if it was someone else or if nana had fainted for other reasons??
Idk I've done stupid shit for cosplay but it's because you get caught up in the moment for it
Anyways I wonder if it had been her cosmom nigri who fainted she'd be all over her and posting everywhere how she was there for her through thick and thin

Leon looks weird to me tbh lol I'll give him credit for his body but otherwise he looks weird, lol at attractive cosplayers when he was all over Danielle beaulle (sp?) at this past katsu
Also what happened to her wanting to be more than lewds and now saying don't surprised when I lewd characters????

No. 407932

Think she'd ever do dark skinned characters and paint her skin brown? Kinda wanna see what happens if she does it. She never did Moana, so we never got to see what she'd do for skintone. Cosplay Marina for science, Moomoo.

No. 407936

Of all the well known cosplayers that I have seen that tried to brownface/blackface they haven't been relevant after because people tear them up like sharks, and I feel like people in the cos community take that more seriously than lewding an underage character.

No. 407937


I have no doubt how much of an insufferable cunt she would have been if it was Nigri. Constant posts about how "See I'm such a good person and a good friend for staying with you #friendshipgoals/ omg I'm literally crying right now because I don't know what I'd do with my "cosplay mom"

No. 407938

Seeing how shit she is as makeup/cosplay her spotchy dirt makeup would win cow of the year. Please do Marina, moomoo0 it would make me sooooo angry and jealous of your skills.

No. 407940

I honestly think this whole situation is pretty immature. Are she and Moo even close friends? Seems more like she was invited into the group because they needed another person. That and I can't really feel sorry for her when she fainted due to her own stupidity. I usually wouldn't defend Moo but really just seems like Nana is trying to get some attention

No. 407943



No. 407948

Anon isn't wrong though. Nana is a dumb ass for binding that way, what the fuck did she expect? Boo hoo she fainted and her shitty "friends" left her. Why is she surprised they're shitty people? They post enough bs online and yet she still decided to hang out with them

No. 407954

hoping she doesn't cosplay more fate characters because it's cringy as fuck

No. 407955


She did blackface/brown face. Look at her Ana.

No. 407956


They called 911 and ambulances came. Imagining having your head that far stuck up your ass that you had to leave a friend who needed emergency medical attention for selfish unnecessary shit. That's a cunt move.

No. 407957

Not to mention the whole formalwatch group pretty much, as has been said repeatedly, was garbage anyway so she wouldn't have been missing much anyway.

No. 407959

She didn't brownface tho for Ana probably bc of "muh Arab heritage" probably. If so it would have been pretty noticeable.

No. 407960

She put her face up to Moomoo's ass so I assume they're somewhat close friends.

No. 407962

Stay in the Smash section like last year
The FGC doesn't want you moomoo kthnx

No. 407964

oh man, I didn't know they had to call 911. Yeah that shit is serious, I could never imagine just leaving a friend like that, even if she had others there to support her.

No. 407965

You guys are forgetting that she probably never considered Nana a friend because how much of a narcissist she is

No. 407966

Oh I'm sure she didn't, you're right anon. But still have it right there for all the world to see how fake she is really boggles my mind.

No. 407967

What if she ends up cosplaying B.Va instead of beekeeper Mei? It may not be a signature Moomoo Mei cosplay, but it'll be skintight.

No. 407971

that's the point I was making through, I don't think they look at her as a friend at all. Based on what's been said and how things were prior, it's pretty obvious that they weren't real friends. Moo was just using her like she does everyone else and Nana should've known none of them would care. It's a shitty situation but I can't believe Nana would be surprised

No. 407975

File: 1499461685353.png (59.53 KB, 720x482, Screenshot_2017-07-07-13-59-34…)

I'm really not though. At least she's not trying to pretend like she loves the video games.
Honestly I'd be more disappointed if she touched my genderbent babies. I've seen some awesome crossplays of XV and I don't care if she cosplays the most basic bitch cosplay of the game. If she pretended to care, and tried to pull off a genderbend, then nothing would be sacred.
I don't even like Cindy tbh. >>407841 I have but maybe it's my preference. Id rather Aranea over Cindy.

No. 407981

I'm butthurt. This lard ass needs to fall over and die already, I hate this bitch honestly.

No. 407985

Oooh, what parts of previous cosplays she's going to recycle for this is one of my favorite games!

She's going to reuse those yeast infection-causing shorts she used for Lucoa for sure, but what shall she do for the rest?

No. 407986

She'll probably repaint the Lucoa hat as well. Maybe the Pochako wig 'restyled'?

No. 407988

Lol I'm seething honestly but I'm trying to make the best of a terrible situation. She didn't genderbend or crossplay, and Cindy isn't a waifu for me.
If she even tries to speak like she knows anything about the game I'll fly to Vegas and bitch slap her myself. I only hope anyone in the fandom on twitter has the balls to call her out and warn Leon about this gross landwhale succubus.

No. 407989

Sage for samefag but as much as I find Loonie Lanie completely and batshit crazy, she's the only Cindy I like. Granted there might be Photoshop everywhere in those pics but MooMoo is #notmycindy

No. 407991

Ew. I actually cringed.

No. 407992

I bet she's gonna wear those damn shorts that she wore with Lucoa. You can almost smell her nasty ass through the screen.

No. 407994

You're on to something there, but god forbid poor, broke, hardworking MooMoo might have to buy a new swimsuit for it. I'll laugh forever if she uses her usual black wrap garbage one.

No. 407996

She's going to re-wear those awful black thigh high from rin.

but my bet is she going to buy the premade jacket

No. 408000

I liked Byndogehk the best. Luna's wasn't bad though. I don't want moomoo to touch a fucking thing in the FF universe. The only thing I'll accept her to cosplay is Queen Brahn

No. 408004

Aranea, Iris, Lunafreya, Gentiana…all better than Cindy anyways.

No. 408009

i can only imagine the horrible yeast infection she'll get from those shorts.

No. 408017

Didn't she said not too long ago she wasn't interested in cosplaying final fantasy I really wished she kept her word but then again it's moo we're talking about

No. 408022

Leon don't want your yeast infection pus Moo! Cindy is worst girl anyway.

No. 408030

I've noticed that people in the cosplay community take people like moo under their wing. It's like they want to be seen as this savior we love everyone type when we know behind their backs their talking major smack.

Half the people who associate with moo or others similar to her I'm betting do it so that they seem like their such fucking great people to fans who know the moo moo drama and are all like "oh she's my baby let's not be mean"

No. 408038

I'll admit I'm one of those people and tbh before the kanna shit storm i honestly just believed she needed someone who would be tough but fair and actually send her tutorials and stuff but she just proved time and time again to be too far up her own ass.
I feel like even someone like kamui cosplay could take her under her wing and she still wouldnt improve.

No. 408040


It's because the cosplay community already has a toxic as shit reputation and if everyone isn't constantly kissing everyone's ass then there is always stupid drama.

No. 408049

When Xv came out she was talking so much shit about it. Now that she's friends with all I do is mug roxy she's into it.

No. 408062

File: 1499474583013.jpg (171.79 KB, 1500x1500, 1499474464923.jpg)

I was trying to come across as not butthurt because she loves it when people are mad at her, but since everyone else is here are the fucking screenshots you lying fat ugly piece of trash lmao

No. 408064

No. 408066


No. 408067

File: 1499475463531.jpg (8.73 KB, 200x218, absolutelykimochi.jpg)

"pay 5 dollars to see my butthole? No? You get no ~god tier cosplay~ my dude"

No. 408069

File: 1499476267264.png (592.3 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1506.PNG)

>>408064 take screenshots next time

No. 408070

File: 1499476350326.jpg (165.71 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1511.JPG)

No. 408071

File: 1499476393321.jpg (233.3 KB, 750x1334, IMG_1510.JPG)

No. 408072

she doesn't even look like shes trying to do a serious face… just like a … meh…
i could believe what that guys saying to be true kek

No. 408075

>hates gameplay
>probably only ha swatched streams


No. 408091

File: 1499479320904.jpg (30.08 KB, 188x206, 20170707_185749.jpg)

When you're not rewarded for being a thot

No. 408095

i am having trouble believing she's only 21. them face wrinkles. maybe it's time to quit smoking, Momo.

No. 408100

holy fuck, i didn't know how old she was.
she's only 21? what the actual fuck. i thought she was mid-twenties at the youngest and was thinking well, you can't look young forever/metabolism changes/whatever else.

that's so bad. she looks terrible for 21.

sage for me not knowing anything.

No. 408109

File: 1499482256021.png (851.67 KB, 720x1187, Screenshot_2017-07-07-19-49-13…)

No. 408111

Not only did Moomoo leave and not say ANYTHING about Nana's fainting, but Nana's fb post implies that even though she was asked to be part of their TTGL group cosplay Momo and co. were shitty to her, especially if the part about getting ditched everyday was referring to them as well.

No. 408118

Didn't know signing a photo was work

No. 408121

Seriously why does she expect asspats for doing her job? And being months late in fulfilling such a simple task. Can't imagine how annoying she must've been as an actual employee

No. 408123

Gee Moomoo, there wouldn't be so many if you actually fulfilled your pledges on time instead of partying. How long it will take to actually send those is the question now. Probably another few months.

No. 408131

According to the recent whiteknight post, she was fired from Starbucks for being late way too often, and her coworkers threw a party.
>ding dong the witch is dead
I think it's safe to say she was an absolutely shit employee.

No. 408134

Nana made the post public for a reason but I doubt sense Mariah hasn't said anything anywhere it was either half heartedly handled privately or never even noticed by Mariah. Some of nana's friends were actually really heated in the post if you scroll up to the earlier comments. It's really saddening to see such a young girl burn so many bridges.

No. 408140

Yet doesn't even come to America anyways?

No. 408142

I'm pretty sure he was a guest at this past Katsucon and Anime Matsuri

No. 408146

File: 1499486806390.png (94.64 KB, 641x651, Screenshot 2017-07-07 at 9.05.…)

No. 408150

Lol you fake bitch. I bet she hasn't played shit.

No. 408151

File: 1499487641957.png (32.42 KB, 584x194, Screenshot 2017-07-07 at 9.20.…)

I might be reaching for the kettle but what about this tea

No. 408152

Meh, I don't really see how this applies to Moo. Kind of a reach

No. 408154

So she laughs at herself? She's a millennial too. Barely does shit herself too and still expects full rides from cons. Whatever, they're all stupid.

No. 408156

File: 1499488157182.png (482.86 KB, 1421x1322, Capture _2017-07-07-21-28-17.p…)

No. 408157

File: 1499488246100.png (173.78 KB, 1369x615, Capture _2017-07-07-21-29-59.p…)

Phone posted too early but that's in response to this tweet she made

No. 408158

File: 1499488276042.jpg (61.5 KB, 547x772, ohreally.JPG)

No. 408159

No. 408160

File: 1499488326920.png (260.98 KB, 1392x920, Capture _2017-07-07-21-28-29.p…)

More tweets responding to her

No. 408162

File: 1499488454003.jpg (60.42 KB, 564x736, hmmm.JPG)

And what Nana said.

No. 408165

Backpedalling already? She was complaining about her entire cosplay group. Mariah was without a doubt the loudest, most prominent member of that cosplay group. Yet somehow she's totally unrelated to the drama? Suuure.

No. 408166

No. 408167

https://youtu.be/aXcCSezpXY8 another music video she made

No. 408168

File: 1499489241202.jpg (39.34 KB, 356x351, IMG_0331.JPG)

She's going to look more like a skimpy and blonde Ellie.

No. 408170

>I have changed my mind now that people paying me to spread my cheeks on hotel beds at cons across the US have told me I should cosplay one of the only female characters in the game

No. 408172

There are like five, lol. She just wears the least amount of clothing.

… Unless she does like THICC Shiva or something.

Fuck it, all the XV cosplay is terrible anyway. DO THICC SHIVA.

No. 408176

File: 1499491209924.png (121.8 KB, 640x860, IMG_4893.PNG)

Backpedaling so hard nana haha pieces of shit tend to stick together

No. 408178

This POTUS45 is either a farmer or someone who reaaaaally hates Moo. They literally comment on everything she posts. At least someone is keeping up with her and pointing out the truth.

No. 408179

File: 1499491610465.jpg (259.75 KB, 1015x1229, FFXIV_Shiva_Concept.jpg)

i would love to see her try any of the shivas, would look so fucking gross

No. 408180

File: 1499491727744.jpg (33.9 KB, 640x480, 1492266574621.jpg)

Isn't the point of this exercise the fact that Mariah has 0 time to be publicly concerned about her friend's health. You went to Formalwatch anyways, left Nana feeling like shit the whole weekend due to her ~friends situation~ and we know you do not care about people who do not contribute to your piggy fund.
Nana taking this onto herself and making her self esteem drop - must be a common trait to make yourself the victim in this circle.

No. 408188

Nana backpedaling so god damn hard now that Moomoo said something. Before she was all my "friends" made me feel like shit all weekend, now she licking Moomoo's asshole because "lol I hate drama".

No sympathy for these cows. They always excusing each other's bullshit and turn tail and run the second they get called out.

No. 408189

File: 1499492719156.png (93.63 KB, 750x397, IMG_8477.PNG)

No. 408191

well? did she say that?

No. 408192

Seems Momo put her dog in the doghouse.

No. 408195


What does it matter if she did? Either way she'll spin it as "Lol it was a joke my dudes. Stop coming at with with fake drama lol"

No. 408198

Nana you fake ass cunt you literally wrote "all of my friends were mean to me" then when you pointed out the people enjoyed you didn't mention her. No one is stupid enough to think that you weren't casting shade at Mariah. Idiot.

No. 408214

OT but what the fuck is this font are you actually retarded to use this?

No. 408218


Nitpick much? Jfc…stick to the topic instead of finding reasons to get triggered.

No. 408219

Its kind of sad that her idea of productivity is sitting and signing prints.

No. 408220


Funny how she only starts signing her prints after we mentioned here about her failure to send out her Patreon rewards. Hi Moomoo!

No. 408221

>Please don't start rumors!!
>Makes a public facebook posts talking shit about every cosplay group she was in at AX
>Mariah was in her cosplay group
>Everyone knows Mariah is a piece of shit
>Of course people would think of her
>Even thanked all the people that made her trip fun, didn't thank Mariah
>But it had nothing to do with Mariah!!

Fuck off Nana. You knew what you were doing when you made that post, you knew you were trying to stir shit up.

No. 408228

File: 1499514961619.jpg (315.04 KB, 1360x1604, 7thgrademoocollage.jpg)