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No. 544576

First thread: >>>/snow/93507
Previous thread: >>542514

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MomokunCosplay
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Momokun
Instagram & Snapchat: mariahmallad, xmariahmalladx, momoscats
Twitch: https://go.twitch.tv/mariahmallad


IG Stories Archive: https://isdb.pw/mariahmallad

Google Drive:

Attn: Please keep the discussion about Momokun, her calves have their own thread here >>>/snow/386826

The Basics:
>Originally 'thicc Samus' with 2+ lipo sessions now trying keep some semblance of a figure (and failing miserably) all while lying by saying she's exercising
>So laughably bad at making cosplays; gets 90% of costumes commissioned/bought and then makes gloves so she can credit herself as a talented cosplayer and claim her money is "hard-earned"
>Does "boudoir"/softcore porn shoots to hide how shitty her costumes are
>Thinks she's hot shit; delusional about her level of fame where she'll loiter around booths/other cosplayers or pretend to be a con guest
>Has to beg for money, con passes, or just ghosts at cons despite +$10k/month on Patreon, not above bullying staff to get a free 'Professional' badge
>Pretends to know about the series she cosplays, despite evidence proving otherwise; will tweet profound essays to prove her expert fan knowledge
>Has lewded young characters for the attention; backpedals after backlash
>Goes on crazy media tirades against people like old fuckboy KBBQ, old photog, yet preaches about being nice to everyone
>Constantly goes on pity party rants or videos, trying to make people feel bad for her about things that are happening to her when she’s done the same
>Lies about attending college even in the face of mountains of evidence proving otherwise
>Rips off a dress design from indie designer MyOppa, denies it and has yet to make an "official statement" about her blatant bullshit
>Also rips of well-known hentai character as her original character and mascot, once again denies it
>Yes, her photos are being used for a KIK FOR FAT ad
>apparently "used to lift", was sorely butthurt when multiple liftfags told her that her body form was dangerously off
>wants to be a fattie cosplayer messiah in her echo chamber of yes men

>Amidst the rebuttal of her actions, Mariah sought refuge in her hotel room trying to avoid any potential contact with ~HaTuRz~
>Angel Mort Shion was a tragedy with spilling sacks of fat, falling thigh highs and cellulite galore
>Proves to "ghost" the con yet again by taking another's badge and entering the dealer's hall
>Spent hours closing comments, untagging herself and blocking people on Instagram
>Friends like Holly T Wolf and cucknoodles (squarenoodles) show off what little brain cells they have left by providing statements in favor of Moo
>In a Twitter video of a drunk dude giving Momo his card, Sabrina Nichole Bunny got pissy because he was "recording her"
>Is going to create a new video "explaining" herself. Hopefully she doesn't record herself with a red nose again

No. 544578

File: 1531159516665.png (69.12 KB, 596x559, Screenshot 2018-07-09 at 10.47…)

Reposting first cap so they're all together

No. 544579

File: 1531159535169.png (91.91 KB, 586x523, Screenshot 2018-07-09 at 10.47…)

No. 544580

File: 1531159643342.png (92.07 KB, 811x865, bingo.png)


she's not wrong. death threats and leaked nudes are uncalled for

No. 544581

As of now, OEnvyUs retweeted Stellachuu's rant on the situation so she's well aware. No statement, however

No. 544582


WOOPS i meant to put this in a separate post. anyway here's the bingo card for momo's video, carried over from the previous thread.

No. 544583

File: 1531159750974.jpeg (549.46 KB, 1242x1189, 942FDD13-DD8C-4D27-82E2-29A9F9…)

Amazing how moo is home now and suddenly theres really badly disguised sock puppet accounts popping up with her trademark “sweetie.” Shes so transparent and terrible at hiding that it’s her.

No. 544585

I personally have never seen RECENT leaked nudes. I saw the shooped nipple one but that's it.

No. 544589

Lmao that’s the ONLY tweet on the account. It was litterally MADE to attack ss and bunny

No. 544591

Why gf is under "" ? They are in a partnership and it's clear Momo was jealous since all her partners fuckin bailed and she could never get someone as good looking as any of them.
God, Momo is so SO transparent.

No. 544592

Can someone just do us the favor and track it’s up so we know it’s from Vegas lol

No. 544598


Just another hint at her blatant homophobia despite being “totes bi my dude”

No. 544599

aww are you hurt mariah? i thought you said you just gotta keep smiling! i fucking hate narcissists, she doesn't think she's done anything wrong, can't wait for that "i'm sorry if you feel upset about what you think happened" apology

No. 544600

Moo's mad because she's tried to claim she was dating Vamp several times and no one bought it. She originally claimed it like a year ago and then again recently within the past couple months/weeks.

She forgets to keep up the charade just as fast though.

No. 544601

Sage for off topic but it's been speculated that Susu and Bunny are 'partners' just for show and lesbian appeal, and Susu is actually still dating her photog bf.(derailing)

No. 544607

She said girlfriend..
If anything susu, bunny, and photo boyfriend could be in a open or poly relationship. But that’s really not our business.

No. 544610

Etika doesn't archive his streams but in the last Fakku party he went he said they were pretty much together and full lesbos, Susu can be bi tho. For me if a girl is lesbian I lose my interest completely, but I guess cucks like it.

I don't think it's homophobia, maybe she is just jelly, she is a jelly bitch after all.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 544611

>doesnt know you can’t sage on PT
>brings up this alleged BF out of thin air
>susu has never once publicly mentioned a BF

This is just so obviously moo crew trying to derail.

No. 544613

My bets are on
>"This community means so much to me, I just love everyone SO much and the idea that I hurt people just….. Breaks my heart…"
Her usual bullshit
>Mentions Fate or another anime

No. 544616

I can totally see moo trying to rip on their relationship because she tried to pull the same “lesbian partnership” shit with Vamp but it was so clearly fake and forced. Also look how Vamp hasn’t even defended Moo well while susu sticks by Bunny.

Btw your comment was so stupid because It’s not like you had a chance with them if they were straight. Retarded that you cuck yourself in your own fap fantasies

No. 544617


Pretty much. It’s so completely obvious. Bullshit mention of a previously unmentioned boyfriend. Tries to discredit Bunny and Susu’s relationship. Totally Moo.

No. 544618

I thought Mariah had a video to make? This is w i l d

No. 544619

Of course you don't have a chance if you are on this kind of forum or even paying Patreon mate :^).
I only following Mariah Mallad drama cuz it's fun, beyond that I don't care about most of these people.
My comment was purely on real life interactions, I don't lust over lesbians cuz they are not in my reach and you have to respect that. If the person is straight you DO have a chance, just don't be a dick or a retarded and you'll be fine.

She's probably bashing her head on the wall for ideas.

No. 544621


Exactly. She is so pissy no one bought her obviously fake and forced “Vamp is totally my gf” bullshit so she thinks she can get back at Bunny and Susu by trying to call their relationship fake.

No. 544622

There's no way she can turn this around, she raised hopes for a serious answer and now everyone will wait for it, and since there will be no answer there will be no backlash or rage against her stupidity this will probably go silent, as all the serious accusations that have been done before

No. 544624

Nah not Moo, not trying to derail either. Just answering a question as to why that account might be putting girlfriend in quotes from what I've heard through the grapevine.

No. 544625

File: 1531162082644.png (693.38 KB, 1242x2208, 50CAB2AC-9431-47FA-8022-BF42F1…)

No. 544626

Sage hasn't been on pt for months and saying it doesn't make it saged.

Moo has always been homophobic though. Maybe she's a jealous homophobic bitch haha.

No. 544627

>doesn't browse drama sites
>uses the word "bait" in a conversation
>person literally posted caps in full and asked a simple question she could've ignored like the rest of Moo's asslick krew

okay, sweetie

No. 544628

>some shit drama site

lmao lurk more holly

No. 544629

>b-but I don't spend time visiting drama sites!

No. 544631

File: 1531162349474.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 477.44 KB, 1242x2016, 7DF95084-8D2D-49B3-8251-81E7D0…)


No. 544633

God she's as dumb as Moo is. Now I see why they hang out together.

>says they don't go on drama sites cause they're totes too busy having a life

>clearly lurks on drama site

How much you guys wanna bet that it was her trying to derail over the past few days.

No. 544634

File: 1531162399647.png (97.27 KB, 811x865, bingo.png)


she mentions fate so much i edited it to put it as the free space

also added a header and a "bonus instant blackout" at the bottom

No. 544635

File: 1531162406090.png (729.28 KB, 1242x2208, BC504B65-E4DC-4FC6-98A1-B14179…)

I have a feeling she’s only saying this cause of the DMs getting posted in the first place. It’s nice and all but take responsibility for your own responses and not “I got taken out of context”

No. 544636


She is fucking pathetic. She doesn’t want to admit to lurking and acting like she is “so above it all and doesn’t get into drama”.

How about you get your head out your ass Holly and stop trying to bullshit everyone. You aren’t fooling anyone.

No. 544637

Damn dissed by an asian man. This is going to hurt her to the core.

No. 544638

Holly just needs to stop talking, she's making herself look like even more of an idiot. Didn't realise being a costhot and having photos taken with your 22 year old sex pest friend was such hard work, who knew.

No. 544640

She might be into that denial play. She fetishizes asian men, afterall.

No. 544641

Hasn't Mariah claimed to be poly too or am I misremembering

No. 544642

I have ADHD I take ritalin to do my job and yeah, why people are saying this even an acceptable excuse? ADHD only means you have trouble to be focused on a single thing at the time, there's nothing to do with impulses (physical) or lack of social awareness, that would be autism.

No. 544643

This is a master stroke right here.

Be prepared to honor your words there, Holly. Mariah hates doing these things "proper".

No. 544644

You're thinking of the other narcissist, her former friend Onision.

No. 544646

File: 1531162794923.jpeg (451.7 KB, 750x732, A74CB58F-6198-41FF-BF1A-CE00F0…)

The shade

No. 544647

LMAO, you beat me to it AND my caption.

still funny

No. 544649

Someone commented moo and her knights might try to use that pic against bunny and susu like one of moo’s wks did on that video of bunny getting danced on.

No. 544650

There's no way Moo is going to make a video today. She's too lazy. It'll be a week.

No. 544652

I would be VERY surprised if she made a video today. I would also be slightly surprised if she ended up making a video at all. I was really banking on her just ignoring it and going private on all her accounts until it was safe to come back out of hiding like she always does

No. 544653

Funny how she pulled an all nighter to passionately address Jannetincosplay, yet is taking her sweet time with an apology.
She never even addressed the My Oppa situation like she promised so idk what I expected.

No. 544654

That backfired on the wk though cause the dancer and Bunny got permission.

No. 544656

Which is ridiculous. It's like saying a person whose relative was murdered can't watch horror movies with killing scenes.

No. 544657

File: 1531163317657.gif (470.19 KB, 236x200, mWJGrDC.gif)



Lol damn she is roasting her.

No. 544658

No no anon shes totally gonna make this video! Also apologize to myoppa,donate to charity,kiss her "gf" vamp and pack her a homemade lunch for work,clean the house,sew her new cosplay all by herself with careful attention to detail,and then send out patreon rewards to all her upstanding respected and beloved backers! Its all in a days work! She may have to cut classes and might miss her workout routine at the gym, but self sacrifice is what shes about! Listen and believe!

No. 544659

the "leaked" nude is fake. she herself leaked her old nudes years ago, but this new one is an "x-ray" version of one of her valentine's diarrhea pics, which we have access to all of.

No. 544661

Holy shit guys we have 68 threads on this girl. Not that long until we will have to have a 100 thread celebration looking back at all the fuckery from. I feel like we should have a Nesquik sponsored award ceremony

No. 544662

i agree. the answer to a sex crime should not be another sex crime.

No. 544663


Id bet on it having come from moocows own camp. Deflection

No. 544664

No one leaked anything.

No. 544666

Has ever a cow received this much attention? I'm not into drama but holy shit I hated her guts since I first heard of her years ago.

No. 544667

yes, and then she will livestream her exorcism because clearly she was possessed by the devil when she molested anyone since she is normally a pure and saintly individual.

No. 544668

No. 544670

I honestly think more of her followers should speak up on her failing to deliver her Patreon rewards. Not only that but her awards are barely enticing in the first place. Sexual assault probably wont cause a stir amongst her fanboys because most of them are creepy pervs themselves, but nothing will trigger a basement dwelling incel more than paying for sexy shit from your internet gf and not receiving it. Honestly Patreon should crack down on people who don't commit to giving their supporters promised content

No. 544671

i know but i still think it's shitty people are doing photoshops like that. like those porn vids on reddit with celebrities superimposed onto pornstar bodies. not illegal, but still shitty.

No. 544672

Nesquick?! Get that 3rd world chocolate milk out of here were going with Yahoo

No. 544673

File: 1531163878324.jpeg (158.82 KB, 640x809, 16F93DBF-44DD-4987-B6BE-7BD862…)

The only picture with comments still on and it’s still going strong, it was around 2,500 comments yesterday when I checked.
It’s 95% hate. People aren’t letting it go.
Most of the whiteknights just talk about how sexy she is and how they wish she would touch them.
This is the fan base she created for herself. Her only defenders are incel neckbeards.

No. 544674

As a third worlder I am very offended. Nesquick chocolate milk is the best.

No. 544675

Shitty but not real and not really the same. Mariah was already 98% naked in it and all they did was shoop pasties away and put fake nips.

No. 544676

is it gross and weird, sure. but it's not a leaked nude. it's moo with some other girls nips and vag on her. tbqh, anyone believing it is moo is just doing her more damage because it implies she does straight nudes.

No. 544677

File: 1531164022494.png (421.09 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180710-032047.png)

I found this in an AX group

No. 544678

Here's another suspicious account https://twitter.com/1ast2kno/status/1016340347956416512

It's not worth screencapping

‏ @1ast2kno
4h4 hours ago

any actual proof of momokun lifting peoples clothes at cons besides just saying she did? anyone can just tweet "x did this and that!". asking for a friend #MomokunIsCanceled

No. 544680

Her Cosmommy Nigri was probably in v.i.p. and she wanted to try to beg her for a photo-op/declaration of her support. I can bet you a million dollar Jessica has been ignoring her messages, especially since Kayybear was basically her protégé and it will look incredibly bad if she does anything that resembles sympathy for Mariah.

No. 544682

Look you seem pretty sane, so I'm just gonna give you a heads up not to make emojis. Someone probs already reported u tho.

>I don't see much drama cause I'm such a hard worker!!!1
>I was baited!!!

Mad she got caught imo

No. 544683

File: 1531164345125.gif (750.38 KB, 275x189, 1529620140332.gif)


I hope more stories like this comes out cause it's hilarious. Just imagining the look on Moo's face when they told her no is great.

No. 544684

that emoji is like a 4chan staple. some mods here know that but many don't.

No. 544686

File: 1531164468230.jpg (44.57 KB, 1061x251, Screenshot_20180709-092657_Tum…)

One of the comments on tumblr. Her fans fucking make me sick.

No. 544687

If it's the full body nude with her legs spread, and is a top result for 'mariah mallad nude', the shop job on it is worse than the one in her own photosets.

No. 544690

By "proper" she probably means reading the script they all worked on. (yes, this is tinfoil)

Fair enough. Yours is obviously used right, I think it's more to discourage others who don't understand from using them.

No. 544693

File: 1531164885926.png (159.28 KB, 1080x1657, IMG_20180710_033503.png)

I like how more and more people are posting their interactions with moo in Facebook

No. 544699

As funny as this is, this guy also had sexual assault/harassment allegations against him so how legit are his claims?

No. 544700

File: 1531165868320.png (263.16 KB, 1438x1556, Screenshot_2018-07-09-13-47-00…)

From Eurobeat Kasumi. I remember he regularly shoots with her. Good to know he's pro sexual predator "as long as you pose with me"

No. 544702

I was going to say. This guy was ostracised from the black cosplay community months ago for being a creep.

No. 544703

I have no idea who this guy is but he sounds retarded.

"Look I don't care what's going on, I need to get my photos out!"

No. 544704


Sounds like something Moo could have written herself. Not surprising that the garbage she hang out with and work with are just like her.

No. 544706

A old old OLD cosplay photographer who "retired" this year. Is a creep too so

No. 544707

"someone posted my screenshot on a drama site i don't look at" This is bullshit. Like its obvious ALOT of people posted here lurk. You either lurk or you don't. I've seen lots of people who get posted here (like Gabby or ThorneChan) who genuinely have no idea whats going on besides what they see on twitter. There is NO WAY Holly would know about us posting her here unless either she lurked or her friends did for her

No. 544710

I’m from the same state as him and he’s known as a 3rd rate photographer in the con community. He’ll literaly photograph anyone. He’s a little creepy too.

No. 544711

Speaking of Gabby, has she said anything about the situation?

No. 544712

While we still wait for moos's video - other people pop up with more videos about her lol

This was a youtube recommendation.

No. 544713

considering he just said that he'd work with anyone i am not surprised.

No. 544714

Yeah, he's a relic from the era where EVERYONE was shit (see: Usagi Kou) and has coasted on his fame of being one of the first 'big' cosplay photographers even though he's still shitty at his work and rather creepy.

It was thanks to him that he got to see Moo's pelvic razor stubble in all of its HD glory last year. It is what convinced her to start waxing, as lazy as she is at that now.

No. 544715

Gabby posted that "umU I see da toxicity I'm toxic 2 " to instagram and liked LLW's rant about Moo's situation so she knows.

No. 544716

She didn't post anything about spending any time with Moomoo at AX either and wasn't tagged in her big Facebook hugbox so I don't think Gabby supports it

No. 544717

Eurocreep is a predator himself. That’s probably why he doesn’t care enough and is fine being neutral

No. 544718

to be fair her post seemed more like "I can finally see the toxicity in the community and realize I've been toxic for participating in it. What do I do now to change?"
not really important but it seems like she is done with Moo for good

No. 544719

To be honest she's probably been waiting for the moment to officially decline seeing Moo ever again. Let's see if Elizabeth, also, does a shoot with her again after this.

No. 544721

kek Momotrump. That would make for an amazing edit.
Not to get off topic but I'm hearing the creep comment a lot for him, is he a predator like her too?

No. 544722

I don't know why these people are acting so fucking stupid. How do you change-stop hanging out with people who think sexually molesting others is ok is a good place to start followed by refraining from touching others without their permission next

Uh duh?!!?!?!?
So sick of this uwu im an innocent babbie idk what all of this means gomen!! shit. If they're so stupid they can't tell it's wrong to touch strangers, they shouldn't even be leaving the house

No. 544723

Her last few IG stories are hilarious, like cmon moo we all know you are saying "I'll do a video later" so you can get whatever b/s story you spin straight.
Wait for the "they have always been after me" but she won't even comment on the harassments i bet !

No. 544724

I think Elizabeth supports her. She tagged her in her dumb FB posts yesterday.

No. 544727

I mean, yeah, she was tagged with other people but there were no pictures TAKEN with Moo.
Elizabeth and her b/f were also part of the Camelot group. I thought it was weird they also seemed to decline doing a group photoshoot because Elizabeth still licks her ass.

No. 544738

Moo is probably just waking up and hasn't even thought about the video yet.

While waiting however, I've noticed that the hate comments have spread to her youtube too.

No. 544742

I bet there's going to be no video made and it's going to be another MyOppa statement situation.

No. 544745

It's a fail for her either way. She knows that if she makes a video or not, she's going to get torn apart because she not only lied, blamed ADHD and stalled but claimed that it was all vendettas even though the idiot admitted to the sexual assaults already.

You can't treat people like they belong to you and you sure as fuck can't accuse the victims of being vendetta-chans and expect for it to not bite you in the flat ass. The more she says, the worse it gets for her and it's merely because of what she says.

No. 544746

Perhaps. Except that the myoppa incident wasn't as hot button as sexual assault is. Harvey Weinstein being in court yesterday wont help either since moos been compared to him im sure google will bring her up even if she isnt mentioned. No the time to get on top of this is past. Now we want to see the show!

No. 544755

File: 1531172621366.jpg (7.24 MB, 2891x3465, black summer.jpg)


Pic related. And yeah, that's too bad people are doing that.

But you know what? Everything that happened at AX proved that the business-side of the cosplay industry is bad at dealing with this type of behavior and the reaction to people like Bunny who came out and told their stories proves exactly why victims don't go to legal authorities when these types of things happen.

So now the community is dealing with it, and this is how they deal with it. If it scares you, if it makes you uncomfortable, then don't be a shitty person who touches people without their consent. And when people see that the consequence for doing that is the death of your career and your social contacts, then a lot less people are going to do it.

And don't even start with arguments about accusations ruining lives. Moo admitted to this, so it's only her shitty behavior and shitty choices that are ruining her life.

No. 544756

If she even puts it out I bet it'll be at like 2 am or something

No. 544758

File: 1531173375577.jpg (118.6 KB, 750x1334, 1530935776764.jpg)

When you are so arrogant about starting a riot on an already hated cosplayer, no one notices you doing white supremacist poses in the middle of the hallway. I don't k OC what's worse. Momokun blaming ADHD or the that these two are being called heros and and just as much scum as her.(take it to the cosplayers thread in snow)

No. 544760

Are you high.

No. 544761

No that's just another "POC" trying to cash in like kaybear, who still roomed with Momokun after alleged allegations.

No. 544762

File: 1531173512908.jpg (34.08 KB, 601x367, 24d.jpg)

Am i or are you a dense mother fucker.

No. 544763

Do you know what T-posing is? lmao

No. 544764

Work on your video, Moo

No. 544765

I love it when Moo has a meltdown, the calves and WKs that wander in here are outrageous!

No. 544766

It's a meme you dumbass, go back to tumblr

No. 544767

Exactly how is kaybear trying to cash in when she was one of the people assaulted lmao.

Anon it's a regular pose, tone down the tumblr.

No. 544768

Yep. Anon dont you remember the.old newsreels with hitler and everyone doing dance routines to YMCA? Yea not a chance. Outta the thread ya dumbass white knight. Slinging mud at accussors in a thread not even about them. Hi moo

No. 544769

You can tell that it was a white knight too. Brought up three of the people who started it all. Next we'll hear about Tasha!

No. 544771

T-posing is a meme you fuckhead

No. 544772

File: 1531173705456.png (462.88 KB, 540x468, tumblr_inline_p4mcb0ugvR1v1qyc…)

Get educated and stop grasping at nothing, you ignorant little whore.

No. 544773

Whos gabby?

No. 544774


Don’t you have a video you should be working on Moo?

No. 544777

Shut the fuck up. Is this momocastro or something? I assume so because that bitch tried to reach and claim fat-shaming when they called mariah a cow and obviously had a vendetta againsy Bunny.

No. 544778

File: 1531173973646.jpeg (343.71 KB, 1242x1236, 1E7E26B0-52B1-438F-946F-2D1CC6…)

You’re embarrassing yourself, moo.

No. 544780

File: 1531173997192.png (1.27 MB, 640x1136, C7A80390-88C7-446A-8A64-99E40B…)

So she has time to address this… where’s the apology?

No. 544782

The derailing needs to stop. The only cosplayer who should be posted in this thread is Momokun unless it is something that directly relates TO her. That doesn't mean "oh she's Momokun's friend!" It means posts they are making about Momokun, photos with her, etc. There are multiple threads in /snow/ that can be used for others.

No. 544784

Her priorities are all over the place. Then she wonders why nobody believes anything she says and she gets attacked for everything, she chooses to ignore and not address for as long as it takes. Which also proves how full of shit she is as to saying the sexual assault claims are just part of a vendetta. Mustn't be that important and concerning if you have time to post about your tits instead.

No. 544785

File: 1531174203892.jpeg (82.01 KB, 750x343, 36FF3173-C799-47D9-940E-E30EA7…)

I have to wonder if the current situation has anything to do with this

(This is Vamplette btw)

No. 544786

The funniest thing about this WK is that now 'white supremacist' and 'mariah mallad' will bring up this thread.

But there's nothing that can save moo now even with a video because she's already fucked it up too hard. No one will listen to her excuse after blaming it on ADHD.

Whenever I think about posts like this I just remember when she said she wasnt going to post any lewds outside of patreon anymore and couldnt even keep it up for a week.

No. 544787

A pharmacist like her good ol' pal Moo!

No. 544788

File: 1531174278455.png (1.42 MB, 640x1136, 8F5A0E2B-9432-49D1-BC62-35E8CB…)

No. 544790

Betting Moo used Vamps story as her own, least Vamp seems more legit about it.

No. 544792

>i know i haven't made that video on how i'm actually the victim yet, so here's me being the victim about something else

No. 544793

Yes Moo your actions weren't okay. She keeps addressing everything else but what she actually did, fuck sake get it right.

No. 544794

File: 1531174463307.jpg (26.47 KB, 275x267, 1524324002484.jpg)

Is she high? What's this? Backpeddling?

No. 544795


The actual gall of the girl

No. 544796

That is, unless you have ADHD, right Moo?

No. 544797

I bet a thousand dollars it does.

Also is Mariah seriously gonna victimize herself about those comments lol they say that and even more disturbing shit usually but now she wants to address it when she should be addressing the allegations against HER. She should quit cosplay too lol

No. 544798

I honestly would not be surprised. She takes credit for everything else, so why not other people's lives too?

No. 544799


Lol looks like she completely flamed out and is giving up. Although she is more like a “never was” as opposed to a “has been”. No one was paying to see her shitty “twerk” videos and she is probably sick of all the drama she has to deal with being Moo’s personal lapdog.

No. 544801

The best part is the people saying that stuff are literally the last of her white knights. Soon she’ll have nobody to defend her.

No. 544802

Exactly, on that note, Vamps planning to go to college and get a career, whatever will Moo do now without her cosplay bestie once January arrives?

No. 544803

She's 30 years old and probably should have fizzled out sooner so she wouldn't get caught up in Mariah's bullshit all the time.

No. 544805

Good for her, she realized that's the only way she can get away and loose contact from moo and don't kick the hornet's nest

No. 544806


I would actually applaud her for calling out the gross neckbeards that are saying “Hurdur I’d let her grope me”, if she actually owned up to her shit and made the video she said she was. But this is just business as usual, throwing people under the bus to make herself look better. Call out the gross neckbeards and save yourself, right Moo?

No. 544807

Run, Vamp. Run the FUCK away and never ever look back. Now’s your chance.

No. 544808

It's so stupid because that audience is the one who pays her.

At this point, her quitting cosplay doesn't seem that far off. Might be ambitious to hope, though

No. 544810

File: 1531175037866.png (265.1 KB, 840x400, Makoto_Naegi_Assets_DR1_School…)

If you really mean it, say it in a post that carries some weight - not one that disappears in a day or whatever.

No. 544813

File: 1531175119991.png (4.11 MB, 750x1334, 6F35D88F-7A85-4128-98EA-2BF64F…)

No. 544814

File: 1531175123103.png (1.4 MB, 640x1136, 9595DB99-E2C8-45AE-BB74-3A18FF…)

Writing a script because she can’t make a genuine apology lmao

No. 544815


No. 544816

anyone notice moo moo magically got 10 new patrons?

No. 544817

File: 1531175185931.png (319.34 KB, 353x652, Screenshot 2018-07-09 at 3.27.…)

No. 544819

If anyone wants me to type out everything it says I can lmfao it’ll probably take a little bit cuz it’s so blurry but I can read the majority of it

No. 544820

so…who's gonna post the actual nudes she leaked herself lol

No. 544821

No one cares about how Y O U feel, apologize you egocentric kunt

No. 544822

Do it anon!

No. 544823


I’m sure she is still going to get the late night calls from Moo to come over and get drunk/high and watch anime with her. I’ll beleive it when I see her actually leave her.


She is pretty much biting the hand that feeds her. I’m sure that even her neckbeards won’t appreciate being personally called out by her.

No. 544825

this shit is totally readable on the screen if someone does the ol zoom-enhanced btw, it's readable just squinting

No. 544826

Only bother if her video doesn’t match the script.

No. 544827

If she actually goes through with this apology she's going to alienate her core fanbase. If she starts calling out harassment/assault shit it'll make them all uncomfortable and make her seem like she's gone over to the sjw side.

But we know she won't because she loves money and being fap fodder so you can definitely expect her to go on a 15m diatribe and go out and grope Colette at her job the next day

No. 544828

i see "thank you for helping me get on the path to becoming a better person"

No. 544829

This is pretty much why I was thinking I should type out what it says because I have a feeling she's going to change it up quite a bit, but I guess we'll see. I'll go ahead and type it up anyway just for the hell of it

No. 544832

also see that she's claiming to be "taking a small break from cons to reflect upon her actions"

No. 544833

Kek! Of course she ends it with the "I love you all" bullshit.

She even thanks the girls for coming forward even though she whined "Vendetta's!"

"I've reached out to the girls I've affected in this case. Who I've made uncomfortable, when I should have been [illegible] for them to feel comfortable around. I have apologized and let them know I will be better. I am very thankful for their responses.

To the girls, or for anyone that matter, I am sorry and thank you for helping me on this path to becoming a better person. I am so sorry to my fans or anyone for that matter who felt affected or disappointed about this. I should know better and I will be better.

Because of this I will be taking a small break from cons to reflect and truly understand my actions. And to give those time to heal from my wrongdoings. I will continue to cosplay and do my work as scheduled but I will not put myself out there while the wound is still fresh. I would like to give the community time to forgive me if at all."

Is all I can read.

No. 544834

Samefagging but not this anon. Hopefully anon can read it better than I can.

No. 544837

Is she claiming the victims have spoken to her?

No. 544838

lol is this where moo got the "i already went to pharmacy school" thing? cause vamp told moo she was going? what a cunt. she's just gotta try to one up everyone. i can just imagine vamp telling her and then her reaction.

No. 544839

That's how it reads but I really doubt that happened.

No. 544840

"I'm not really sorry, I'm just sorry that I got caught!"

No. 544841


More like she knows damn well that no con is going to want to touch her with a ten foot pole now and she has fucked herself out of any future invites. Not like she was really getting any in the first place.

No. 544842

Very top above her text I can see:
'I've always been an impulsive person and because of this I've gotten into another problem I can think of [[cut]]'

Underneath, as >>544833 says

Just above that:
'And it comes down to me just being an idiot. An impulsive idiot.'

No. 544843

Hiatus, as anons predicted in the last thread, and overly saccharine "love" and "thanks to the girls" she's been calling attention whores just the minute before. Not impressed.

No. 544844

Where did moo say she went to pharmacy school?

No. 544845

Lmao Moo is so predictable and this apology video will be half assed as we suspected. Bitch is only sorry she got caught, she's the poor victim in this horrible vendetta attack after all.

No. 544846

Remember when SSS was promoting her? Was there any documented shade between them before this?

No. 544847

Of course she’s not even going to mention or apologize for (redacted) when that’s the main reason people are pissed
And there’s a part where she mentions being “an idiot, an impulsive idiot”.
Trying to make people feel bad for her by insulting herself of course.
She’s so ungenuine.

No. 544848

Also at the top 'And a lot of the time I have trouble understanding [cut]'
what do you not understand in not groping people without consent when you yourself prone cosplay is not consent and shit

No. 544849

I bet the video will just be titled "I'm sorry" as if not to say out loud what she's done wrong

No. 544850

Illegible is "been someone"

No. 544851

Fuck off and learn to Google you retarded man.

No. 544852

Tbh there's nothing she could say to actually make it better. It's not just one mistake, not even two or three, she's been doing it for years and she's only sorry she finally got backlash for it.
The only thing she can do is take the L and leave.

No. 544853

Remember when she was only going to use her Twitter account for "official" and not personal shit?
Remember when she wasn't going to post lewds?

Remember how neither lasted much longer than a day, if that?

No. 544854

She is guessing so hard about what people want to hear but because she's an idiot she misses a lot of key points. either way her rep is done. Even if she says sorry hoards of people will report her if she gets any sponsors. It is so obvious that Momo tried victim blaming and when that didn't work she tried this. Get outta here

No. 544855

> I've always been an impulsive person and because of this I've [illegible] I can think of [illegible]
> And a lot of the time I have a hard time understanding [illegible]
>where my experiences with them have [illegible]
>be playful [illegible]
>And it comes down to me just being a idiot. An impulsive, idiot. And in no way does [illegible] actions in the slightest.
>I've reached out to the girl's I've affected in this case. Whom I've made uncomfortable, when I should have been someone for them to feel comfortable around. I have apologized and let them know I will be better. I am very thankful for their responses.
>To the girls, or for anyone that matter, I am sorry, and thank you for helping me on this path to becoming a better person. I am so sorry to my fans, or anyone for that matter who felt affected or disappointed by this. I should have known better, and I will be better.
>Because of this, I will be taking a small break from cons, to reflect and truly understand my actions. And to give those time to heal from my wrongdoings. I will continue to cosplay and do my work as scheduled, but I will not put myself out there while the wound is still fresh. I would like to give the community time to forgive me, if at all.
I need to do better than this. I know I have a lot of eyes on me and I do not want to be a bad role model during these [illegible] times. Having a support system is very important, and I'm happy to have you all reassuring me to be better.
>I love you all, I'll see you soon

No. 544857

>Because of this, I will be taking a small break from cons, to reflect and truly understand my actions
Aka "AX has been shit because I had to hide in my hotel room the whole time and when I finally got out I was paranoid of everyone approaching me in case they were going to call me out publicly and I'm too much of a chicken for that, so I'll wait until the heat goes down"

No. 544858

Kinda recently, but now its like 4-5 threads ago
threads have been burning fast

No. 544859

What happened to the vendetta comment you made last night momo? You're sorry alright. Sorry you got caught.

No. 544860

a few weeks ago on one of her insta-live sessions. she claimed that she "already went" but also claimed she "decided to drop it" it was weird. it was less than a month ago so it seems likely that vamp was already thinking/talking about the possibility of it.

it seemed really random at the time, but now it kind of fits. i'm also curious if moo really got vamp fired, since it seems odd she'd suddenly jump to a similar pay-rate but i think that's better discussed in the calves thread.

No. 544861

I think it was during her last instastream.

Illegible is also "unreadable".

She's not even going to address the shit that she said last night or the fact that she originally called Bunny a liar and said that she was just trying to get attention. As if Bunny has any trouble getting attention.

The last time she reflected on her actions, it only lasted for a day.

No. 544862

Do you guys think Mariah will genuinely change from this? Compared her other controversies there has never been this much widespread hate and unity against her before. Sure there have been small flames of discontent but this is like a fucking forest fire. I think the only way she will ever be respected again is if she quits cosplay and goes back to school and lays low for a couple of years working a 'normal' job. of course, the problem with that is both employers and her fellow colleagues can easily pull up her past which will cause both her and her employers problems that make her a liability. I think Momo is a great wakeup call for the costhot community. If your sole purpose for cosplay was to do basically soft core fetish porn, girls who look up to these women will now have to face the reality of things not going to plan and them ruining all aspects of their daily lives chasing neckbeard bucks.

No. 544863

Not to mention that if she truly wanted to give the victims space, she wouldn't have roamed around AX pretending like nothing happened the way that she did.

No. 544864

Yes, she'll drop everything and help the hungry children from africa

No. 544865

Hell no she isn't going to change. She's just saying what she thinks people want to hear to get the heat off of her.

No. 544866

no, she's just gonna finally start making outright porn for neckbeards until she turns into the nerdy version of charms

No. 544867

Lmao, no. After 68 threads we know her antics very well. She's only going to lick her wounds and pretend nothing happened, until the next drama

No. 544868

What's so hard to understand about "hey, we don't know each other, don't shove a megaphone into my crotch"?

No. 544869

Nope, she's gonna get the heat off her backs with a teary video and a bunch of people (including anons here) will fall for it just like they always do whenever she makes a "real" video before she says or does some stupid ass shit a month later.

No. 544870

Not at all. She can afford to cut cons loose because they don't do anything for her anymore (not that they ever really did). She can still coast on thot dollars and live in her hugbox full of gross rapey men. Not to mention she's only doing the simpering uwu routine because people were giving her shit about the vendetta's post. This is pure lip service and she not actually facing any consequences so there's no need for her to actually change

No. 544871

Narcissists rarely change. They live in their own bubble and become the cause of their own demise eventually because they are always right and everyone else is wrong.

No. 544872

Interesting she plans on reaching out to the girls when she blocked half of them.

I don't think Moo will "change" from her inner being out. She will change on a surface level so people will leave her alone and then go back to being a little shit all over again. She's like a child who lies about eating cookies from the jar even though they have chocolate chips smeared all over their face.

Like anons have been following for a while, we know she will do this again. She's a creature of habit.

No. 544873

I'm so blessed. Can't wait to see these cows at Dragoncon.

No. 544874

she won't change until she has to move back in with mom and dad. and even then, she might not if she doesn't have to. i kind of agree that she'll go the cam girl route. it's super difficult for girls like this to get a real job.

i do think this blow is enough for her to disappear from real cosplay though. i think moo's real honest desire was to actually become another jnig, and i think that deep down she's really really torn up by how badly she fucked it up, not that she feels bad for her actions, but that she didn't get what she wanted.

No. 544875

I give it a week until she does something bitchy again and for her to say "At least it wasn't sexual assault!"

No. 544876

It actually says she apparently already has reached out to them. Which I find quite hard to believe as I think that they would've said something about it by now since they've been steadily talking about it on Twitter. The only person that hasn't said a word after the initial accusation is kayybear

No. 544878

This. There really is no hope for her. The best thing that could ever come of this is that she decides she's "too good for the cosplay scene" and becomes some other communities problem. Frankly the sooner the better.

No. 544879

also just to clarify, i mean it's hard for girls to want to get a real job, moo is without any kind of degree so the kinds of shitty jobs available to her (like mcdonalds and shit) aren't going to care about her past.

No. 544880

Tinfoiling but my guess is that moo is somehow going to rope her into her sob story she's creating for her nonexistant video so that they both go up in flames so she's making her exit now.
At least she was smart and didn't include her actual name in her cosplay business, moo's going to be haunted with this shit forever and it's hilarious.

No. 544881

Wouldn't it be funny if the girls who momo claims to try to apologize to said that they never received an apology from her?

No. 544882

To add to that, Moo herself blocked those girls on twitter. That would mean should would have to admit defeat and unblock them just to "apologize". She's lying like usual.

No. 544883

She did. Kayybear said that she didn't like that Moo accused Bunny of lying.

No. 544884


The whole "don't" thing. Because she's "impulsive" and "has ADHD" and "cant control herself"… because apparently common sense and decency isn't a thing that exists.

No. 544885

Her apology video will mean nothing. She went from “I don’t remember” to, “muh adhd”, to “vendettas and shit behind the scenes” to “I’m so sorry I’ve reached out to everyone my actions are diplorable. So far that is 4 different responses in less than 3 days. Not to mention this has reached far beyond the cosplay realm. She can fake tears all she wants but her immediate reactions and careless instastories and text paint her for what she is, which is a piece of shit, lying, scum lord of a human being. She is sorry she got caught as anons have said. She’s trying to make it seem like she’s sincere by showing a shit ton of text. Momo, everyone e hates you, thinks you’re a gross piece of crap and no amount of apologizing is goi g to fix that.

No. 544887

Moo is suspended on twitter so she can't block anyone on there.

No. 544889

I think we can bank on susu and bunny setting things straight if moo didn't reach out to them.

Also don't forget about the not famous people she assaulted. Bunny and susu are catty bitches so I wouldn't put it past them to deny things but the other victims have more reason to be honest about if she did or did not reach out to them

No. 544890

She blocked them via instagram because they were starting to confront her in her comments.

No. 544891

Whoops, thanks anon >>544890 for clearing that up. I mistyped.

No. 544893

She'll just ignore all that. Right now she is furiously googling other peoples apologies for stuff to copy and paste. You'll be able to tell because it will be written well. In the end though her apology is going to come down to "I'm sorry guyz that I am so quirky and random and fun loving."

No. 544894


I’m thinking that is bullshit and I wouldn’t be surprised if Bunny and Susu mention never getting a message or phone call reaching out to them. From how they are on Twitter right now I still think there is some contempt for her and I’m sure they would mention any attempts by Moo to reconcile

No. 544895

Could you imagine ever being at a point in your life in which you had to google "sexual assault apologies"? Smh

No. 544896

File: 1531177791872.jpeg (175.14 KB, 750x1020, EB4F4168-83F9-4525-ACE2-CB2BFA…)

I thought you were working on your totally not half assed apology momo

No. 544897

File: 1531177839335.jpg (204.92 KB, 1200x1035, DNW4pkMUQAAe_eg.jpg)

I knew her apology sounded familiar.

No. 544898

Not to defend her but pretty sure this was from yesterday when they were at the beach.

No. 544899


She already did in her instastory “apology” and it read like a sex offender trying to dodge a prison sentence.

“I’m sorry if I hurt or offended anyone”

“These actions do not reflect who I am as a person”

“I am very much an advocate for speaking out against ____”

“It’s sad to see people try to mischaracterize me as someone I’m not”

No. 544900

She just uploaded it about 5 minutes ago

No. 544901

Sorry for the confusion, I didn’t think she was at the beach right now I just meant that she’s uploading pics to Instagram when she should be working on her apology

No. 544902

File: 1531178087342.png (8.13 KB, 301x85, Screenshot 2018-07-09 at 4.15.…)

Almost thought this fan's comment was her description lol

Amazing how her fans reflect her true personality to a T

No. 544903

No. 544904


“Innocent until proven guilty”

You know, until the bitch literally admits to doing it. God her fans are so fucking stupid

No. 544906

i bet she had to come here to find the original lmao

No. 544907

Damn this guy makes a lot of good points. I like that he started off as referring to Momocosby as a man.

No. 544909


"innocent until proven guilty"

Several cosplayers spoken up about what happened. Momo admitted to doing stuff.

Uhm, right okay. Her fans have fucking tunnel vision.

No. 544914

Oh, we'll find out soon enough

No. 544916

You’re all thinking about the wrong Eurobeat. This is Eurobeat Kasumi, a woman. She’s a better photographer than Eurobeat King, but after seeing her post this >>544700 She is fucking vile. The Momolester situation isn’t something you can remain neutral on and still be a good person. At all. Fuck her.

No. 544919


….They're the same person.

Eurobeat King literally has this post on his profile under a huge AX good/bad rant.

No. 544923


To further explain just in case: He changed his name from Kasumi to King awhile ago. You can tell it's the same person because he still uses that dumb Pepe bird plush in photos. He "retired" from Kasumi in like March in the sense that he stopped using his photography page..

No. 544925

I think the thing I hate about this stupid girl the most is all the lies. Look at this latest thing for example. All the lies she told trying to deflect it and now all the lies she will tell to explain it and try to make it go away. This latest fuck up also illustrates what a big lie her whole manager thing was. If she really had one that person would be heavily involved in doing damage control now. Like many anons have said before, farmers are her manager. So whatever you do don't mention (redacted) and how they got out of trouble by (redacted). And whatever you do don't bring up (redacted). Because that really seemed to work for (redacted).

No. 544926

There's so much redacted in this that I don't know why you posted it at all.

No. 544929

for the memes!!

can't wait for it to die

No. 544930

is this like a fill in the blanks? or like an ad-lib?

No. 544931

Time for Moo to go home and be a family man

No. 544933

Moo's apology video is going to be a ride, she went from talking shit about Bunny, to claiming her behavior she's aware of is because of her ADHD, then to the claims being part of a group vendetta then to how her neckbeards shouldn't say things like how they want Moo to grope them.

Her story is full of so many flaws. What a cunt seriously.

No. 544935


Totally agree. There were so many possible ways to deal with this situation and she chose the absolute worst way to go about it. And it's only going to get worse once this new apology comes out, because she has no idea how to admit that she's actually in the wrong without throwing other people under the bus.

I have been tempted to post things to the extent of, "If only she did this instead," but I've been holding back because I don't want to be responsible in any way for helping her.


At this point that would probably be the best possible statement she could make. But we know she needs constant validation so she can't take a step back from cosplay or even keep her comments turned off for more than a day or so.

No. 544937


And really, this new apology and this whole incident should silence anybody else claiming that she's totes a master manipulator. She's not.

She's just a bully who picked a fight with somebody that wasn't afraid of her (Janet) and now she doesn't know what to do because her whole bad bitch act isn't fooling anybody anymore.

No. 544938

Speaking of Janet, I wonder if Moo's going to apologize to her as well.

No. 544939

Remember who else uses scripts moomoo? Actors..when they pretend to be something they are not. Like sorry. I betcha its totally ghostwritten and shes just transcribing it. And being compared to harvey Weinstein? Yea i.dont think even laying low will help her. She gave birth to a meme ffs.

No. 544942

Probably not and we have that bitch rant of hers archived. The only thing she's going to try and get everyone to move away from is her being a sex pest. The lewd cosplay drama is irrelevant to Moo now as it's not fucking her over.

No. 544945

Yep we do.

>Damnit Janet why do you have to make yourself look like a fucking airhead right now, WHAT ARE YOU DOING

It's like Mariah had a premonition and was talking to herself here.

No. 544946

One way to go from narcissistic bullying bitch to a complete coward who hid at the entire con and has to turn off comments. Cunt got knocked down in one huge hit.

No. 544947


She won't apologize for that because she doesn't think she's wrong. One of her fans posted in support and told her that they thought she handled the situation incorrectly and that it was reasonable to label lewd cosplay as ero-cosplay. Moo's response was, just "but it's still cosplay." totally shut that girl down and shit all over somebody that was publicly supporting her.


Yeah the Janet incident is not particularly relevant to this and honestly it's a stupid thing to argue about. Literally the disagreement was about whether lewd or erotic cosplay should have its own label or just be referred to as cosplay.

Then again, I'd argue that what happened at AX was a direct result of Moo trying to bully Janet, because it was Moo bragging that she would fight anybody who shit talked her in public that prompted people to tweet Creator's Guild.

No. 544949

It's all thanks to Moo's stupidity and shit fake aggressive chick attitude that Creator's Guild were contacted in the first place and THEY were the ones who wanted proof of her sexual harrasment right there on Twitter. One thing certainly led to the next because of her actions.

No. 544950

I think it’s relevant in the sense that Moo lead a huge dramatic withchunt over the situation, and acted like a tough bad ass bitch clapping back.
Now that she’s being called out, she’s a meek scared deer in the headlights, with no one to defend her.
What happened to her take no shit clap back attitude?
She also stayed up all night responding to the situation when she was supposed to be working on cosplay.
Yet has been hiding and giving no attention to this situation.
It’s just ironic and shows what a pussy she really is.

No. 544952

Yeah, she shouldn't have tried to argue with Janet about it cause it was a silly disagreement.

But this is why her impulsive behavior is and will always be her downfall. She bullied Janet "because she was bored" as she said, and made her look really hostile. The following week the sexual assault stuff came out and because of Moo's threats the previous week, people said that they didn't feel safe visiting the Creators' Guild booth.

I very much doubt that this will be the last we see of Pariah's impulsive behavior. She isn't going to stop, because she doesn't want to. She just hates getting into trouble for it.

No. 544953


I find this to be pretty weird. Makes me tinfoil someone wrote it for her and she's sharing this pics to make it look like she's writing it (in case she has to read it on camera)
or it's super obvious she's reading). Because seriously who the hell shares these kind of pics before an apology????

No. 544955

File: 1531180887172.jpeg (435.1 KB, 640x1046, C095939F-5BE7-4116-B644-37C7DF…)

She’s officially turned off comments on ALL of her posts

No. 544956

Yep. She got away with it for so long because people kept bringing old receipts and the majority said, "But she's changed! That was ages ago!" and even Mariah rubbed that into Janet's face. Because of the bullying she did just last week, fresh receipts were brought. So any other bullying that she decides to do this year will be met with receipts from this year.

No. 544958

File: 1531180983075.jpeg (582.52 KB, 640x1043, 22D86CFA-48AA-4D10-A74F-E0C6F3…)

Wait let me correct that, she turned off all comments up to the post marked in blue

No. 544959

Who even writes a script for a "sincere" apology in the first place?

No. 544960

If she thinks that'll stop the 'hate' she's delusional. She'll get these comments for a long long time now.

No. 544961


Which is why she'll be sticking to patreon and Instagram where she can control the comments and pretend everything is fine

No. 544962

or just disable comments on youtube

No. 544963

She's making herself look even worse. That tough bitch act we only just saw last week was an act of bullying. Now that she's been caught out in something serious, she's a complete pussy and hides like a scared child.

No. 544967

She hasnt disabled comments on her fb and the callouts just keep coming and coming.

No. 544968

A person who is plagiarizing almost the whole thing.

No. 544969

File: 1531181895694.gif (1.98 MB, 268x268, giphy.gif)

I've been on vacation for the past week and couldn't ever get lolcow to load on my phone… so imagine the blessing of getting to read essentially 3 threads of this shitstorm after coming home.

No. 544970


It's not really the script that's the problem it's how all of that looks to other people. I can totally see somebody wanting to write down their thoughts or have a series of talking points.

It's just that people don't usually show everybody else their script, and it doesn't look good when you do. Moo is thinking, "I'm going to get so many ass pats for being a good person and taking the time to write a detailed apology." But all it looks like to people seeing those posts is that she's not being sincere and she's just going to give a prepared statement.

Also, she already gave an "apology." So, giving another apology now just highlights how phony that first one was.

No. 544972

A blessed homecoming…
Now stay tuned for the shitshow scripted apology!

No. 544976

Milk hangover

No. 544978

God am I ready. I finished catching up with thread and I can't wait to see what fully-fleshed out 'blame it on my adhd/vendettas are everywhere/be the positive force you want to see in this community!!1!' video awaits.

You know, since she's such a good linguist, this should be simple. No one will be able to see that she doesn't know apart/ a part are different words if she says them aloud!

No. 544980

She did admit to it in one of her stories didn’t she? But I doubt any of her fans actually ever watch those.

No. 544982

She did. It was during her big 'apology' speech when she kept 'getting distracted by the fireworks' because of her ADHD muh dudes.

No. 544986

It’s almost like she waited till the fireworks happened so she can use the ADHD excuse. Fireworks are fucking distracting regardless of ADHD or not.

Anyways. She’s too busy posted about DBZ on her alt account and deleting comments rather than addressing anything at the moment.

No. 544990

Maybe she is just going to file it away with her Myoppa statement. She thinks that worked so why not try it again?

No. 545015

This. People who are paying for her porn don't care about her rep. These are guys who are paying for fap material and nothing else. They already know she's terrible, in fact, it's easy to fantasize fucking a trashy person because you can just dispose of them afterwards without any sense of attachment since they already paid for what they wanted to see.

Thing is, money has never been an issue for her. IIRC I've talked to Alify before and he's disclosed that Momokun had 32k a month off her Patreon at one point. What she wants is a rep the same as Stellachuu, one where she can build a brand on that way she can still float financially when she can't make money off her lewds anymore, and still be reputable at the same time. It's the reason why she's desperate to claim cosplays that aren't made by her as her own, that way in the long run she can use those cosplays as a reference to any fabric and prop brand who'd want to use her as the face of their products.

If she admits wholly to the accusations without any crutch(ADHD, vendetta, liars, etc), people will hold on to the fact that she's admitted to being a molester, whereas if she doesnt and she weathers the storm, she can just tell any worried brand or investor that those allegations have never been proven and that her accusers are liars.

No. 545018

What part of stop giving her ideas do you not understand…..(mini-modding)

No. 545022

She wasn't featured in the new DPiddy video

No. 545028

I'd joke about it being totally free of charge, but in all honesty, I genuinely think that's her overall gameplan. It certainly explains everything she's doing at the moment.

No. 545039

>I've talked to Alify before and he's disclosed that Momokun had 32k a month off

Yeah because moo hasnt lied to people she had close before???

She lied to Sabrina about 'being public about her lipo'

We basically know for a fact that she lied about her charms selling out because maybe 4 people posted about getting them and even when she tried to sell them at cons she had a bunch just sitting at her table that obviously hadnt moved between photos.

Her highest tier has been debunk for months and she hasnt been sending out physical rewards in over a year now (is her print store even open?) So what are the chances of her actually having any high rate backers (plus we've seen how much her numbers tank every month). Has moo ever done anything to show off that she's making bank other than claiming to spend $2000 on her Semiramis which she SHOULD be able to afford since she spends maximum $100 on most of her other costumes every month.

Even at her highest peak i doubt she was ever making 32k.

No. 545040

File: 1531185403324.jpeg (90.53 KB, 1242x567, 0DC9F3D8-78C8-470C-AFAD-7A5F54…)

Comment on Vamp’s quitting cosplay status. I thought you were taking 2 years off school, Moo??

No. 545044

I think she's going to go to school for real when Vamp does just to try and keep a leash on her.

Don't you have a video to make, Mariah? This girl is doing everything except for that.

No. 545046

File: 1531185583759.png (99.66 KB, 720x729, 1530823887403.png)


I'm going to say that without some kind of proof I'm not buying the whole 32k a month thing. I think people have said 6 to 10k a month before, which sounds reasonable at her peak I suppose. But we know she buys followers and inflates her Patreon numbers, so, those numbers by themselves are not a good indicator of much.

And she could probably claim they're just allegations if she hadn't admitted to them, but again, she has. So even if she could somehow "weather the storm," she's not going to be able to tell that story to sponsors or brands that might want to work with her.

But, like you said, she wants a reputation, and the fact is that her reputation in cosplay is ruined now. As an example, Pink City very publicly dropped her when they were asked about an upcoming collab with her, and they didn't ask for any proof. That's what most professional organizations are going to do, because they don't care about proof, they care about the rep and how it's going to hurt their economic bottom line.

Someone who is very prominent in an industry, who has a proven track record of being a money maker, and who by most accounts has a good reputation, can play the "unproven accusations" card. That's why until recently it's been very, very difficult to bring down people in positions of power who engage in this type of behavior.

But Moo doesn't fit into that category. Nothing that's associated with her image sells, as her stupid OC has demonstrated. And she's always had a reputation as a bully and a thief among other cosplayers, and those are the people who are going to get her blackilisted from cons and collabs.

Sure, she can still make money with her neckbeard base, but it's not going to be as a cosplayer. We've already seen her Patreon numbers dropping and it's because she's not giving her base what they want: porn. Not lewds; not ero-cosplay; porn. And if she doesn't go that route soon she's going to lose what's left of her neckbeard base.

No. 545049

Ikr everyones waiting for this dumpster fire video

No. 545052

We also know that Onision did a mutual pledge with her on Patreon and he unpledged. He seems to pledge large amounts with mutual pledges.

No. 545054

I thought she was taking classes in the spring?

No. 545056


Very true.

And I mean, hey, I'd love for Moo to correct us all on this and publicly state that she's making 32k a month since we know she's not paying taxes on any of that. Doesn't the IRS pay a bounty for reporting people for tax fraud? I'm sure Vamp could use that money for school…


After finals she announced that she was going to be taking a couple of years off. But we know she doesn't keep up with her own lies so sure, maybe the story now is that she's going to school with Vamp.

No. 545059

They'll most likely pay her a visit like they did to Onision. It's obvious that she's not paying any taxes otherwise she'd be complaining about how much she would have to pay.

No. 545064

If I remember right, her highest was 16k before she began to decline then hide her patreon bux. It was very early but I know proof was posted but it’s probably anywhere from threads 10-20. (I can’t search at the moment since I’m at work)

No. 545066

She was down to 600+ last month. Her pledges started dropping rapidly earlier this year/late last year.

No. 545070

Me personally, 12k was the last I saw, but yea to correct people Alify did say it was 32k -at one point-, so it could've been years ago, and it was a response he posted on a post made by a Singaporean coser.

That said, whatever she does, she's pretty much done for. Anyone who's stupid enough to latch on to her now deserves to fall with her.

No. 545072

File: 1531188133349.png (994.97 KB, 720x905, Screenshot_2018-07-09-19-01-33…)

Busy my dudes

No. 545074

I'm assuming the screenshots of her shitty apology and accountability was the "video".

No. 545078

She probably doesn't have the guts to put it out and I'm guessing she hasn't apologised to people like she said she had

No. 545082

Inb4 “I need an extra day to make it perfect”

No. 545085

She never should have promised a video. Should have just put it out if that’s what she was planning to do. None of these celebrities getting accused say, “hey guys, I’m busy filming a fun movie so it’ll kill my vibe to admit I’m a piece of shit. Please wait 3-5 business days and i’ll be back to give a half assed, extensive list of excuses.” They give their pr statements and keep quiet. That and they don’t have anyone on their team try to do damage control. Letting her personal friends get involved was terrible mistake.

No. 545086

File: 1531189373713.jpeg (286.67 KB, 1240x1160, 0EB3E906-E117-4DD4-B27B-63B6A1…)


Is the highest I can find which was over a year ago.

No. 545088

Not going to happen. She can't get financial aid because of and probably still owes from her first semester drop out/kicked out adventure at UNLV.

No. 545089

tbh she was probably paying her own subs even as far back as this. vegas is very cheap, and while she does buy lots of food, she also has no furniture or many nice things for the amount she has.

No. 545091

No. 545092

File: 1531189648325.jpeg (372.07 KB, 1440x1080, 01818E1B-01CD-4CEB-99B2-B955D3…)

Did Vamp gain weight? Also looks like Moo did wear her armor out. Still looks like shit though.

No. 545093

She is not paying. And patreon sends the IRS all the info on how much they have paid out to her. It's only a matter of time. Hey moo, tick tock tick tock. That is what will finally bring her down. Can't wait.

No. 545094


That chestplate is sagging down like no one's business. She couldn't even bother to have it sit a few inches higher up? It's a chestplate, Moo, not a stomachplate.

No. 545095

this armor looks like shit

No. 545098

Press F for Gawain

Our dude probably doesn't want to be there but is too nice to push the whale off him

No. 545102

w h e w

No. 545105

File: 1531190268953.png (316.05 KB, 872x732, bedi returns excalibur.png)

Bring a support Bedi to the Rhon fight.

No. 545106

Vamp looks tragic here. Usually I think her body is great. That top tho…oof.

No. 545108

God they look so uncomfortable in this pic.

No. 545110

Isn't mutual pledges ultra dumb tho? They are just giving Patreon money, not gaining anything.

No. 545115

i thought she said she didnt bring her shitty armour
stupid cow

No. 545116


Remember how Sir Kay rebelled against Lancer Artoria, and that's why he wasn't in Camelot arc?

I relate to Sir Kay looking at Momokun in this cosplay.

No. 545117

It is stupid, but they like to brag about big numbers. So in their mind, omg perfect business decision!

I'm pretty sure Onision used those words about his mutual with Toby rapist Turner.

No. 545119

It's still a show of support, and it's a rather good one at that. It's pretty much their way of telling their patreons that they're recommending that person for Patreon bucks.

It's essentially endorsement.

No. 545121

Boi I didnt vote for her

No. 545122

i'm wheezing it's way past her boobs it looks so damn ridiculous

No. 545125

File: 1531191139897.png (232.51 KB, 548x265, insta.png)


lol look at those chunky jowly cheeks. did the tape melt in the heat?

No. 545126

>>545085 I want to piggyback on the good point you made here.

If she were truly remorseful about her grabby hands and her humiliation of other cosplayers, then she would have made a video instantly. But this is Mariah we're talking about, so she'll purposely procrastinate with the hopes that everything blows over, or that her IG story with the scripted response is enough to trick her loyal followers into believing that this feeble attempt at making a step in the right direction will suffice.

Little does she realize that the damage has been done, and it's already too late to win back the favor of the community, especially upon considering her fireworks video, along with the "vendetta's" (linguistics god) teaser in a recent IG story.

Grab a comfortable chair and watch the milk flow. Stay indoors, because an umbrella isn't going to be enough for a shitstorm of this level.

No. 545129

I'm getting second-hand embarrassment and pain just looking at this. Vamp, girl, what's up with your top?!?

No. 545130


Can't edit a photo in Meitu if you're not the one posting it ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 545135

She's gained weight over the past six or so months. Defending Moo really takes a toll on the body.

No. 545137

Didn't patreon put an end to circular donations because it somehow screwed them out of money? I could have sworn something like that happened. And yea that guys cosplay is excellent. Vamp? Not the worst thing. Moo moo looks like a 1st grader in Halloween costuming

No. 545151

Seriously. Actors read scripts. People who genuinely feel bad speak from the heart.

No. 545152


That might just be a particularly bad angle plus the fact that no filters are applied. But yeah, she's looking pretty rough there.

And I love how awkward everybody looks, especially Vamp. You can tell that she's mentally planning her escape route once AX is over, which is probably true of every person that was there with Moo. So anticipate a lot of shout outs to Colette in the next few weeks as she goes MIA from Moo.

No. 545153

File: 1531193538984.png (2.77 MB, 1920x1080, holyshiiiiiit.png)


I love this so much! and people aren't falling for it based on Twitter posts. I really hope they saw the shit talking stories she had last night about vendettas and behind the scenes bullshit too. Just disappointed we didn't get the video today like expected so we could have trashed it.

No. 545154

That's an overgeneralization. I sometimes need to piece my thoughts and feelings carefully and the best way to do that is to write it all out and arrange it in a manner where it isnt delivered like a jumbled mess.

What you mean though, are spiels.

No. 545155

Yeah this video probably isnt happening hahah

No. 545157

I don't think it's the angles. Check the calves' thread and take a look at her Deathwing Diva.

Do you usually write a script after sexual assaults?

No. 545161

You’d think for once in her life she’d do something she promised (you know, especially NOW?)
Oh well now people are going to tear her apart for not putting out a video
No winning here lmao. She should just give up.

No. 545162

I find it hard to believe she's having good conversations with any of those that came forward, much less even talking to anyone since Susu was literally just making tongue in cheek comments about the whole situation

No. 545163

Not that anon, but I can understand wanting to have an outline of things to go over to stay focused but, as another anon mentioned earlier, people usually don't show their scripts/cue cards.

No. 545166

9pm tick tock Moo

No. 545167

It seems like she's gonna do an apology type video every year now.

No. 545169

Don't link her https://www.hooktube.com/watch?v=W6VmD3PnDxc

And your text implied it was the new one, which is the only reason I did. Shit's from last year.

No. 545170

File: 1531195411170.png (2.13 MB, 2529x1170, Screenshot (126).png)


Another anon pointed this out a few threads back, but you have to remember that Moo's image online is largely bought and fake. We know she bought followers on Twitter based on audits and a very specific and quick growth pattern when she ban evaded and created a second Twitter account. And it's pretty apparent that she's buying followers on Instagram and on Patreon given the activity over the last few days.

Consider that Jannet has only a fraction of the patrons that Moo has, and yet Jannet seems to be able to afford to travel to events like Blizzcon, produce professional quality cosplays, and hire decent photographers to produce photo sets that are actually flattering and well put together (pic related).

Granted, I'm sure budgeting and spending habits play a part in the disparity, but it's awfully suspicious that Moo has all this supposed wealth and yet really has nothing to show for it.


Yeah, it's okay to write out what you want to say, especially for something like this that is a fairly complicated issue. But most people don't really brag about, "ooh, let me show you guys my awesome prepared statement to the recent scandal I'm embroiled in." It's just Moo trying to buy time and make excuses for why there's no video posted yet.


I retract my previous statement.

No. 545174

I understand that, anon. What I'm saying is that it seems disingenuous because of the situation.

No. 545175

I doubt she’s making this much. This was back when she had a lot of high paying patrons because she was promising custom shoots, prints and discord shit. A LOT of them jumped ship - that was what caused her to send out all the prints at once, she was panicking and trying to get them back. She releases more content to the low tiers than she used to because it’s the only people she has left. I’d be surprised if she was making more than 10k right now.

No. 545176

If she was actually smart for once, she'd just do it without some script she's written up and have the words just come naturally. The sad thing about her, however, is that she's so used to using her "you all are so awesome I love you so much I want to hug you all such feelings ____ " it will automatically have a place there. She needs to lay off the scripted bullshit and have an open conversation. Of course it'll just be a hug box, but it's too bad she can't be an adult about something so serious. This keeps happening to her over and over. She'd be better off in cams.

No. 545178

she's been padding her subs and also changing her goal. it's been on 77% for months and doesn't change despite losses or gains of subs.

No. 545180

Honestly I think she'll never do it. She's gonna pretend it never happened. But if she does do it. I suggest reminding her of MyOppa since she's still pretending that never happened.

No. 545182

She might do it just to try and win back sponsorships and fans

No. 545184

I'm shitting in anticipation for her video, it's 11 PM where I'm at now. Better move it the fuck along, Mariah, everyone's waiting!

No. 545186

She seemed to be in a much better mood after showing off the script screenshots. Like there's nothing more to do after that.

No. 545188

The fact that she's taken so long outs her as not actually caring about it anyway.
Anyone involved in any kind of scandal that they're actually sorry for, they drop everything and deeply apologize right then and there over and over for as long as it takes. But with her pride and ego she kept partying on for a few days and then lazes around at home while saying she's working on it lol

Her not stopping and putting up a real apology right away shows not only that she doesnt care but also that she needed more time to figure out how to twist her words and stories so that somehow she's still the victim and people can sympathize with her. If you're not lying or being manipulative you don't need this much time

No. 545191

File: 1531199415661.png (647.93 KB, 750x1334, 1531123825226.png)

But she'll happily record about every second of her goddamn life every other time. She doesn't fucking give a shit about those girls and guys that she molested and she doesn't want to hold herself accountable. We could see that when she said it was all a huge vendetta conspiracy less than 24 hours ago.

No. 545196

Exactly. If anything, she's probably looking at this whole apology thing like a bothersome homework assignment she doesn't wanna do so she's probably looking up other peoples apologies to copy off of in hopes that it works

No. 545197

I hope she copies Kevin Spacey's since she already partially did.

No. 545198

File: 1531200278501.png (107.8 KB, 274x299, Screenshot 2018-07-09 at 10.25…)

added to her Etsy

No. 545200

Bet she'll wear long hair with it so she doesn't "have short hair like a dyke" as she so delicately put it.

No. 545201

she already did it unscripted on instagram lmao

No. 545202

And we got a nice meme from it.

No. 545205

this is the worst cosplay for her for several reasons
But the main one is it only exposes her ham arms

No. 545206

but that doesn't really make any sense.

No. 545211

In Kevin Spacey's apology he said that he's horrified by his victim's story. Mariah said she was shocked that people came out to accuse her of sexual assault. She even pulled the ol' "I don't remember" like he did.

He also said that he owed his victim a sincere apology for his drunken inappropriate behavior. Mariah blamed her ADHD and that she's sad that they felt that way.

Kevin Spacey said that he wanted deal with it openly and honestly and start thinking about his behavior. Mariah said that the sexual assault facts put her on the path to becoming a better person and that she will reflect and truly understand her actions. A lot like Spacey.

Her apology sounds similar to his in these ways so I wouldn't doubt if she did copy some stuff from it.

No. 545213


i would bet real money that she's going to try to garner sympathy like kevin spacey did too saying he was a gay man. she's going to say she's been sexually assaulted too

No. 545214

File: 1531202390675.jpeg (615.8 KB, 1922x1922, E5E0094F-166B-4319-8795-DD39AF…)

Sorry for the awkward cropping and repeat picture at the end (on mobile)
But here are the comments on her most “recent” photo that allows comments.
She really thinks people are just gonna let it go

No. 545218

Shes going the route of ill say im going to apologize but actually im just going to hide and hope this blows over. Issue is this is something that isnt going to blow over. The fact that its actually known about outside of the cosplay community speaks volumes.

No. 545221

That’s the thing that drives me bonkers. On Saturday of AX I took a Lyft back home. My driver commented how he has some interest in AX and seemed to know a little. Then out of no where said ‘it seems wild this year? I heard a girl got banned for sexual harassment, Momo? Momokun?’

I ended up screaming in the car that some random knew about her. He said even though he doesn’t watch much anime, all of his friends are nerds and have been sharing posts about her all weekend. Hell, even a friend who is in the Rooster Teeth community started to complain about her on Friday after one of the RT guys posted on twitter how they were against her for her harassment.

No. 545224

Exactly shes pretty much going to be blackballed from every community now, ive seen it posted in LoL facebook groups and an FGC youtuber did a video on it.

No. 545225

I have friends not even in the anime/cosplay/convention scene that have been talking about it. She's truly infamous for how awful she is. Everybody knows her but nobody likes her.

No. 545228

in a weird way Momo got what she always wanted. Everyone knows her name. Don't know if this is how she wanted to be remembered however

No. 545229

i mean she didn't want to be infamous, she wanted to be jnig.

No. 545231

12 minutes until midnight here in Vegas and still nothing from her.

No. 545232

People across the pond too. Have a friend that works cons in the UK. She's a laughing stock there. They're all talking about the fat cow cosplayer that is banned for grabbing others.

No. 545233

File: 1531205411675.png (476.73 KB, 925x593, Screenshot 2018-07-09 at 11.51…)

I mean, she posted to her cat account? Does that check as an apology?

No. 545236

It's gonna be MyOppa take 2 Ignore until people shut up. Except this time it's not gonna work.

No. 545242

No, if it was homework she'd have released the video two weeks ago.

No. 545243

File: 1531208178975.gif (1.96 MB, 500x265, giphy.gif)

This is the best because "fat cow" is literally her irl and oc.

No. 545244

It's probably hard to try to make something sound genuine when you really just don't give a shit and want to go back to being the moocow you were before she dug this hole. I really can't wait to see how many times that script is revised and also to think if she's making a video for YouTube then how many takes will it take her to get the fake emotions out then blame someone else.

No. 545245

File: 1531208459672.png (68.64 KB, 960x390, Screenshot 2018-07-10 at 12.40…)

slight OT but this chick who hung out with Moo this weekend privatized her instagram. we suspected that she was recording some instastories for Moo

No. 545248

File: 1531208630401.png (325.74 KB, 353x625, Screenshot 2018-07-10 at 12.44…)

No. 545252

who is the dude?

No. 545254


No. 545279

Both Elizabeth and Reagan (who were mentioned in Momos thank you FB post) were liking Momos instagram photos over the weekend at AX and as far as I'm aware both are still following her.

No. 545322

File: 1531223285000.jpg (170.56 KB, 1282x2048, 36901474_2097719443884933_7410…)

I find it hilarious that she'd liked this post on insta, without even realising it was ironic.

No. 545330

Not a simple FOX player, it was fuckin LowTierGod, notorious at being an ass and he outplayed her.
Just search "the brilliant etc community" by Crowbcat.

No. 545332

Another britfag here to confirm this. Even before the recent drama she was a laughing stock. It seems less people here are willing to whiteknight and throw money at cows like her.

Part of me wants her to visit just to see her crash and burn. It really seems like it's over for her, i highly doubt she can pull it back after her video

No. 545334


Many Spanish-speaking people have twitter about her too. Both actual Spaniards and LAtin Americans. 99% of these people are laughing at her and some have mentioned the Peru mess too.

No. 545353

So much stalling for this video! I'm 200% sure she is going to try to use her "I'm just a weeb with a sewing machine. I never said I was a role model or a professional" excuse for the 1 millionth time. Too bad it's like beating a dead horse at this point.

Moo is the first cosplayer I've ever heard of that needed to make an apology for … their apology… Jesus, what a shit show. She's had more drama in the past 3 years than all the cows on this whole damn board put together. But clearly it's just "vendettas" my dudes.

No. 545356

Got caps of all of the Rooster Teeth stuff? She's been trying to ride their collective dicks for years now, so this would be a hard blow for her.

No. 545358

Just saw a thinner version of herself and hit 'like'.

No. 545359

excuse you. moo is a professional linguist and knows when to use apostrophes.

No. 545362

Sorry, I'm clearly not a dual major linguist musician pharmacist with double jointed hands.

No. 545363

Even in Italy we're laughing at her, and a friend from the Philippines was posting on facebook about it as well. It really blew all over the world this time. She's now "the molester cosplayer that blamed it on ADHD", and this kind of brand doesn't fade away with time

No. 545368

Hell, even us Aussies are having a time with it

No. 545370

File: 1531232231204.jpeg (43.08 KB, 640x268, 8288F0A0-5BF0-47AC-A856-5A4953…)

you reminded me of this excellent post from several threads back.

No. 545374

L of the day also did a video of her. It has 26k views already.

No. 545378

File: 1531234193661.jpeg (135.25 KB, 1242x723, 27ADBBE4-E75D-451C-A775-EBE772…)

I’m guessing because Vamp stayed in hotel most of the time, so did Moo. Lap dog needs to be close.

No. 545383

It was linked yesterday.

And all she got was a mention in the tag list and not a shoutout.

No. 545384

File: 1531235260661.png (717.59 KB, 750x1334, D3D58325-9588-4157-A043-52C02E…)

This is all that is left in her tags on Instagram.

No. 545389

Either your Internet sucks or you're not waiting for the page to load because there's hundreds of images still there under the tags

No. 545392

File: 1531236994299.jpg (301.45 KB, 1080x1350, FB_IMG_1531014248942.jpg)

No. 545393

It's like if she thinks that everything in the front is okay everything the back and be spilling out and disgusting and gross and not accurate at all. Not to mention the really shity thigh-high things

No. 545395

She looks like an unkempt, fat jester.

No. 545398

I know she's asleep since it's before noon, but damn I wanna see the shit show that is her new "apology"

she pays her other cunt thousands to be so inaccurate. as for her body, she looks like a chubby midget

No. 545401

i spit out my drink anon thanks lmfao

No. 545407

File: 1531239028815.png (2.34 MB, 750x1334, 3C1A535B-EF43-4FD7-BA3F-60FB78…)

Just wanted to take this screenshot to confirm she did infact like this photo. I am DYING why did she like it?! This is hilarious

No. 545408

It's the same reason she made those godawful moomoo shirts out of that lolcow fanart of her, she wants everyone to know it totally doesnt affect or upset her my dudes

No. 545409

File: 1531239541280.jpg (104.63 KB, 1024x575, wendy-williams-is-sick-of-meto…)

seeing a little Wendy Williams face

No. 545410

File: 1531239780092.jpeg (265.63 KB, 750x530, D55A311F-1480-435E-901A-5A9BD1…)

Found this gem while browsing the momokun hashtag on instagram

No. 545412

I believe this was posted in the previous thread, but it's is pretty fucking great.

No. 545413


No. 545415

“Those thighs aren’t innocent” a la Kanna

No. 545416

not even just that but active interest in weird hentai and lolis.

No. 545417

Yeah she was making references to/liking loli shit for a little while because lol I’m so weeby this is weeby right???

No. 545418

She goes from liking lolis to having a mommy fetish sprinkled with DDLG.

No. 545423

I'm fuckin brazillian and this cow is giving me so many hues bruh.

No. 545428

File: 1531242437710.jpeg (13.98 KB, 493x197, 9A4776FE-3482-4361-90E4-904CD9…)

Saw this on a convention FB group lol

No. 545433

I assumed she was like that for her neckbeard following as they tend to have sick hentai tastes

No. 545439

God her parents must be so disappointed that their daughter is known as a lewd/softcore porn thot with a neckbeard Dorito stained fan base and that she's paraded around as a fat, lying, scamming, abusive bully with zero talent, no life goals or education, and an inability to act responsibly and with common sense.
What did they do to create such a monster? Does Momo have siblings? Are they just as fucked up?

No. 545440

she has a sister, who is also an asshole

No. 545441

She has a sister who strongly believes that her sister is not a whore, would never do anything remotely related to porn and is a pillar of the community.

Her mom is definitely not ashamed of her, we see her with her at cons. Her dad even attended once. She talks badly about her dad when she's not bragging about his former bodybuilding days so I guess he doesn't completely approve.

No. 545442

File: 1531244401372.jpg (221.89 KB, 720x1032, 20180710_123935.jpg)

No. 545443

So basically either her family is in denial and believes her lies and is just as stupid as her OR they think if they just keep telling themselves she a good girl they can sleep easy and not have to picture the fat sacks of shit that jerk off to vein chan.
Got it. I guess it's true that fucked up people often have fucked up families.

No. 545444

Should've censored the @ at the bottom as well lol

No. 545445

She's so fucked, may as well remove comments from all your photos Momo, you can try to silence people but it just makes you look worse and worse. I don't think Momo knows how to do anything right, she's spectacular at failing tho

No. 545447

I think it's a mix of both of those.

No. 545448

it's called money anon.

No. 545450

While that's true, we also only heard that from Moo.

No. 545453

I hate how people actually think she wrote this herself too. Obviously she's getting help and proof read and edits by her "manager" nothing genuine about this.

No. 545454

Woke up and saw this from a YouTuber that I follow.

He's got 23k subscribers and is pretty well known for covering the recent Billy Mitchell cheating scandal, so to me this is kind of a big deal that he made a video about Moo.

No. 545457

this is one of those posts where I can imagine the shitstorm people would have if they saw her liking it, because it shows how much she thinks this whole situation is a joke. she really is a sociopath.

No. 545458

File: 1531246512778.png (320.35 KB, 1179x185, Screenshot_20180710-111315.png)


Just wanted to include the thumbnail that showed up in my alerts because it made me laugh.

No. 545462

Just like this guy said >>544631

No. 545467

My friend got Momokun to message her back yesterday and sent me the screenshots, would it be considered cowtipping to post them? She mentions the my oppa stuff, and the apology
I don’t think my friend knows about lolcow since she gets all the drama from me, but she managed to get some interesting info. Just don’t wanna get in trouble for cowtipping when theyre not my screenshots

No. 545468

Ask your friend if it's okay first. I don't think it's cowtipping if you aren't the one who went out of your way to do it.

No. 545470

it's not leading them here or otherwise making them known of yadda rules, as long as you block out her name for anonymity sake it should be good. It's milk after all.

No. 545472

I think you tagged the wrong anon but I agree

No. 545477

it was my adhd my dude!

No. 545479

File: 1531248434364.png (2.44 MB, 1280x2856, adhd.png)

honestly this meme is the only good thing she's ever contributed to the cosplay community and given the context of it, that's definitely not saying much

No. 545481

File: 1531248627908.jpeg (230.04 KB, 1151x1151, 76D807AE-B3BE-4E59-B4A3-1853F6…)

Okay I got permission to share them with people as long as i make it clear she’s not the one sharing them, dump incoming

No. 545482

File: 1531248644005.jpeg (245.66 KB, 1151x1151, E32E9F73-AD5A-4DE1-BD83-904813…)

No. 545483

File: 1531248655959.jpeg (243.59 KB, 1151x1151, B2DB0EC7-4B6E-4147-8B8D-A8E1F1…)

No. 545484

i like this guy, eloquent with his words

No. 545485

File: 1531248685242.jpeg (240.91 KB, 1151x1151, A5BF3D53-7D84-4FDD-9DB1-B616C3…)

No. 545486

File: 1531248715849.jpeg (246.91 KB, 1151x1151, 98EE4A20-CF9A-4F91-85AE-25F3D7…)

No. 545487

File: 1531248729714.jpeg (211.35 KB, 1151x1151, 82CF3A2E-7431-4A86-9275-E100C7…)

No. 545490

I'm almost like suspicious of these cus they sound rehearsed

No. 545491

"I want to be better. I should be better."

So much for speaking from the heart, this bitch is reading off of that damn script.

No. 545492

Momo really doesn't take this all too seriously and you can just tell by the word structure of her responses.

No. 545493

>turned off comments because of death threats
okay so at least I know she's still lying. anybody who's been following since the beginning knows she never received a single death threat from instagram comments for a whiiiiiile and she's been deleting comments since the beginning.

No. 545494

She's so full of shit. If this is true, why did she still not make a public statement saying "We worked it out"? Even then, why didn't MyOppai, as far as I know, didn't make a post saying the situation has been handled ??
We all know if this were true she would be blasting it from the rooftops with her lackeys in hand defending her. And yet ever since then the only thing they have to say is still "No one owns Red Riding Hood!! It was inspirational uwu."

No. 545496

I wish your friend would have brought up Janet because Mariah had absolutely no right to go after that girl the way that she did just because she was bored.

No. 545497

That just sounds like a lot of deflection. And saying she had to be vague because of things that can't be talked about is a crock of shit. All the girls who came forward put their word on the line by accusing her openly and being adamant about her being made into a pariah. She's just trying to sound like the better person who won't screenshot and reveal people's privacy in this situation.

No. 545498

So fake and condescending. Would you believe this is the same person who just a week ago was screeching "FUCKING AIRHEAD" in an instagram story rant?

No. 545499

File: 1531249401888.gif (973.04 KB, 320x240, One_infinity_later.gif)


so, how many days have passed since everything went down? 5 days? She is still thinking how to make an apology?

No. 545500

Not only that, but she should have apologized publicly to My Oppa since she and her friends attacked her in public. Mariah is a fucking coward and I hope this continues to bite her in her flat ass.

No. 545506

Completely fucking agree. If it was a "vendetta" because of the rapist accusations and death threats then why did friends who were physically with her, also parrot that the victims were only doing this because of a huge vendetta conspiracy? If Mariah's statement about that being the vendetta was true then she would have told her friends that since they were literally right next to her during the whole con. But it's just her trying to save face and look like a victim.

No. 545510

Damn, I hope Mariah never has kids. She is so backwards in her social cues and consequences that she could never maintain the same for children without them being fucked forever.
It'd be different if she NEVER touched someone inappropriately in the first place but who knows.

No. 545517

I would love to hear from MyOppa about whether or not Mariah contacted them
It's such an easy lie to crack, just like whether she contacted her victims

No. 545518

Hoping she is banned from conventions as a whole for being a known moolester.

No. 545520

I'm not too familiar with the MyOppa situation but knowing Momo and her inability to tell the truth, I wouldn't be surprised if things didn't go how she said they did. My theory is MyOppa either just accepting Moo's apology in order to stop receiving hate and abuse from Moo's calves and neckbeard or if it just didn't happen the way Momo remembers it.
She sure seems to have an issue with her memory but only when convenient for her. Get your brain checked Momo, ADHD doesn't cause memory loss.

No. 545521


Yeah, the whole "vendetta" thing is just a way of her trying to play the victim card like she has in the past, but the reason why it's not working this time is because there are actual victims in the equation and most of the cosplay and the general public is siding with them and not Moo.

The "behind the scenes" line is also a total lie. Nothing happened behind the scenes, and if it did and it would explain your behavior or add context to the situation, then you would talk about it instead of making cute little references to "all these things that I wish i could tell you guise."

That entire conversation that anon posted really shows the state of mind that Moo is operating in though. She's been living in her hugbox for years at this point, making sure that nobody can challenge her self-image of, "I'm such a good person and people who don't like me are just jealous or racist or have a problem with thicc cosplayers." And in her real life she's surrounded herself with people that will never challenge that view she has of herself (e.g. Mom).

So now that the truth has come out about her, she's incapable of making a sincere apology because she can only view the situation from the perspective of, "I'm such a good person and I don't know why people would say all these mean things about me."

No. 545535

All that shows is that she still doesn’t get it and more than likely probably never will.

She is still deflecting and trying to make excuses. I’m sure that whole “reaching out” thing is total bullshit. None of the people she has offended so far have made any sort statement or acknowledgement of “Mariah personally reached out to me to apologize”, which would have happened already by now. I’m sure what happened was her sending a shitty half-assed “apology” message that probably went ignored and she said to herself “I’ve done enough and if they don’t respond then they are the bad people”

And as far as My Oppa goes, I’m sure thats bullshit too because they haven’t made any statement reaching any sort of agreement or consolidation with her, which again, would have already come out by now. It’s like she is saying this shit because she thinks that’s what everyone wants to hear right now. And if she still continues to lie and ignore this, what the hell makes her think any will believe any of the bullshit she is about to spew in this video?

Also, bullshit on the “death threats” she was getting. It’s the same basic ass excuse people use whenever they get “harassment” online. Works even better if you’re a woman. The reason she disabled and deleted comments was because she couldn’t handle being called out by everyone.

No. 545536



No. 545537

With papa moo she seems to learn from the best. Even back in high school Mariah's always been about winning without caring how she wins. It's a distorted mentality she completely absorbed from her dad and honestly, I'm really disappointed to see she never learned better. She got banned from that forum for doing the exact same shit she does now, she's never going to learn.

No. 545539

Yep to all of what you said. She's incapable of telling the truth and she lies so often that it's hard to tell when she is being truthful. She's so used to lying her way out of sticky situations that she still thinks that she can.

Within the past month she's had three very big drama incidents and she was the main culprit in all three. With her racist remarks about South America and her witch hunt on Janet, I believe she was riding on a bitch high thinking that she was faultless and that the community would back her no matter what since they did in the two mentioned instances. She's only sorry now because she lost the support of the community that allowed her to get away with her toxic behavior for so long.

And this is just from the last 30 days. She's gotten into so much hot water because of her behavior this year and we're only in the beginning of July. That's without counting the shitstorms that happened last year with her trying to gain popularity using tragic incidents such as the hurricanes and shooting, lying about the blood drive when the shooting happened, promoting her cosplay when the shooting happened, lied about donating to the hurricane charities, pocketing donations and attacking people who asked about them. She didn't even do anything with the save the bees and wolves charities. She used them to get people to buy her prints and then we heard nothing about them ever again.

So much drama happened last year outside of that as well. Running people off and threatening them into hiding(kbbq, nomi and possibly nanabear), stealing designs, taking credit for other people's work, lying to her patrons, not sending out rewards to the people who pay for the roof over her egotistical head, picking fights with people, starting a witch hunt on a person for simply asking for LESS toxicity in the cosplay community because Mariah kicked her prop, attacking people who give her constructive criticism, forcing her "best friend" to move out because Mariah wouldn't take responsibility for her cat's actions and wanted her friend to pay the price instead, and these are just things from the top of my head.

At none of these points did Mariah stop and think, "Maybe I'm the problem". Because she doesn't think that she is the problem. Just like with the sexual assault scandal. She's telling people what they want to hear and hope that it will automatically give her the support of the community like her apologies and fake positivity did in the past. She's not genuinely sorry for a damn thing and she never will be. That's not how she was raised and that's not what she thinks.

No. 545540

She absolutely wanted to make her neckbeards and even the community believe the molestation accusations were some concocted scheme against her. She just realized that it wasn't going to stick as time went on. She probably figured the safe route was apologize, but too bad she already outright said that Bunny (or whoever else she molested) just wanted attention. I wonder when typing up her "essay" she realized that she wouldn't be able to explain away all her accusers and typed up an "I'm sorry" one instead.

Incredibly, it's almost unbelievable she's saying that she's not going to cons so she can account for her actions. She's BEING BANNED, it's not up to her. Despite being dumb as a rock, she's quite opportunistic. I guess there's all types of intelligence.

No. 545541

Tbf you can use a script in case you have nothing to say since it can be hard to say what we want to say. But the main issue is the way she presents it as she was like: "See guys I'm doing my homework so stop bugging me about it." So until we get an official words from those who momo was suppose to talk to like myoppa,sss,bunny, etc. Then she is full of shit in my eyes. Good for the girl who talked to her in those pms for not backing down and got on her ass.

No. 545543

Just like when she said that she would do less lewd cosplays and did it the very next day, we really shouldn't believe her when she says that she won't be attending cons.

No. 545544

I am freaking autisic and I dont fondle or molest people.

No. 545546

It's been what.. almost 24 hours since she stated she was working on her script… I mean "apology" and like almost a week since the shit hit the fan.
Who wants to bet she's not going to go thru with the apology for at least another week?
I bet she's going to fake being sick, fake a tragedy or something to prolong her apology, wait a month and come back pretending nothing happened and (attempt to) continue on with her same old shit.

No. 545550

The longer she works on it the less genuine it seems tbh

No. 545553

File: 1531254653534.png (507.64 KB, 910x918, ripperoni.png)

The longer she takes on it the longer these videos remain in her top search too; and the more the view counts will grow.

No. 545555

went from remembering molesting all those people to "I really don't remember~ I'm soooo innocent"

No. 545556

>>545539 On top of your laundry of Momo's greatest hits, she managed to get banned from Twitter twice, thanks to ban evasion and more death threats. I find this astonishing, considering how much hateful vitriol gets passed around over political and social issues. It just goes to show you that Mariah is so insufferable and abrasive, numerous people from all walks of life are fed up with seeing her shit.

>>545546 This is the same person who used her grandfather's health issues as an excuse to delay or outright refrain from fulfilling cosplay/Patreon commitments once upon a time. This is who she is. This is how she chooses to represent her brand. Thankfully, more and more people are opening their eyes to her despicable behavior.

And yes, that apology should have been posted within 24 hours of everything coming to light. Funny how she can name names when it comes to kissing ass on Facebook after a rough weekend, but she can't name names in regards to publicly apologizing to her increasing list of victims.

Nonetheless, I'm interested in seeing her "apology", even though it's clearly not going to be "from the heart". But judging by her Patreon reviews, it only seems fitting that an apology would be significantly behind schedule as well.

No. 545559

File: 1531255221520.png (327.75 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180710-234029.png)

the full drama came up on my fb feed and this was one of the comments

No. 545561

Mirah only speaks in half truths. Remember how she said that she choose to leave creators guild and the con? That she refused to think she owned her own fucking dress designs? I think My Oppa took legal action and took down all posts with the wolf set and had to pay her damages. That would be the ONLY reason Momo was silent about something, because she had to face punishment for it. She didn't make up with My Oppa

No. 545562

Her first ""apology"" wasn't genuine, she just blamed it on ADHD and played the victim card. To me, that speaks volumes. Even if her next "apology" is better, people will remember her first reaction was to victim blame, play ignorance, blame ADHD and avoid admitting fault. It also comes down to the victims, if they can see past her bullshit and refuse to accept her apology then she's done. There is always the small, small, small mico possibility that they will accept the apology but even if they do I don't see how she can recover from this.

No. 545563

Verified users with a really decent amount of views are commenting on this. I wonder if this will affect her Patreon bucks?

No. 545564

>>545556 samefag who made this post. Forgive me for asking, since it's almost impossible to keep up with the endless array of shitty material Mariah is responsible for…

Didn't it turn out that her grandfather's health scare wasn't as serious as she made it out to be at the time? If so, then that's indicative of how low this woman is willing to go to win by using the victim's playbook.

Also meant to put laundry list* in the first paragraph. Carry on!

No. 545565

Jesus Christ, I didn't even know half of this shit. I'm going to have to go back thru the threads to catch up on Momo's Adventures into Victimhood and Cuntiness.

No. 545566

If I remember her grandfather actually died? And people were weirded out because she didn't seem sad about. She didn't even go to the funeral and just continued making her stupid stories about partying. While he was dying she was complaining about it saying "I can't go to the gym because of this" and came off as whiny

No. 545567

>>545562 If anybody in the cosplay community is stupid enough to accept her apology after everything that took place, then that makes them enablers, and I would hope that this would be a brutal blow to the cosplay community. Therefore, even if Mariah were to deliver the most heartfelt speech in the history of mankind, she has done way too much damage, and those who truly love the hobby and industry would be wise to continue trying to get this cancerous element away, before everyone involved in cosplay is views as irredeemable trash.

No. 545568

She's never going to be able to get more than a minimum wage job, her name is connected to all of this and always will be. I'm so giddy.

No. 545569

Even if her new apology was better, she ruined it already according to the text messages that were posted an hour ago. She still sees herself as the victim because of "behind the scenes stuff that she totes can't talk about". She still claims to not remember molesting anyone which throws her apology right out of the window because in it she claims that she thought she knew the victims well enough to do those things. How could she think she was within bounds if she doesn't remember doing it in the first place?

No. 545570

>>545566 Now that you mention it, I think you may be right, anon. I was under the impression that her grandfather was sick/struggling, but then she went out of state for leisure, and then he passed away not long after her return, thus giving her ammo for the excuse cannon.

No. 545573

I don't remember doing it but if I did we were totally friends the first day we met which means I can touch them as I please… oh but I didn't do it because I don't remember… only because I molested people sooo much I can't remember any single story.
Dude it would make more sense if she blamed it on her alcoholism and drug abuse. But even if she used that it would still mean she is too dangerous to have at cons

No. 545575

She went partying when her grandfather died and felt hassled any time she talked about him except for the one time she used his death to show how totally muslim she was.


You're talking about the Little Red Riding Hood, right?

No. 545576

File: 1531256241428.png (149 KB, 884x428, wolves.png)

Anything else you want to lie about?

No. 545578

kek this should just be used as more ammo against her and further prove everything she says is a filthy lie

No. 545579

The dropbox is in one of the threads too. She's had since January to take these down.

No. 545582

>So much drama happened last year outside of that as well. Running people off and threatening them into hiding(kbbq, nomi and possibly nanabear), stealing designs, taking credit for other people's work, lying to her patrons, not sending out rewards to the people who pay for the roof over her egotistical head, picking fights with people, starting a witch hunt on a person for simply asking for LESS toxicity in the cosplay community because Mariah kicked her prop, attacking people who give her constructive criticism, forcing her "best friend" to move out because Mariah wouldn't take responsibility for her cat's actions and wanted her friend to pay the price instead, and these are just things from the top of my head.

As much as I don't have any sympathy for KBBQ, I genuinely feel bad for the guy. The dude's rep got shit on twice solely because of false sexual harassment allegations levelled against him by popular people and for the stuff he did for Mariah(Beekeeper Mei was his work, no hers, although she's tried to post updates showing she was the one making it), he genuinely didn't deserve the shit he got.

He may have been a thirsty guy, he may have had an FWB with Mariah, but he genuinely didn't deserve what Mariah did to him.

No. 545583

She also stripped the armor that he did for her Sabre, just so she could claim that she did it. My bad, "refurbished" by her.

No. 545586

I will have to get some proof if needed but my daughter sits on the staff of snafucon in reno. They have preemptively banned her from there based on all this. I think sacamine in Sacramento is doing the same thing as well. She doesnt go to northern nevada cali cons much or at all but just the same.

No. 545587

I'm really curious what her 'behind the scenes' comment is that she can't talk about. In what situation can you try to excuse sexual harassment because of something you can't talk about???

No. 545588

it's easy to guess, it was her begging people to stfu.

No. 545592

File: 1531258122951.jpeg (445.61 KB, 2048x2048, 7A1AA06E-26DD-4CE2-A5C1-249F49…)

Says she didn’t post them on Patreon, except she did, and they’re still up

No. 545593

File: 1531258216046.png (514.09 KB, 1440x2712, Capture _2018-07-10-15-10-56.p…)

Came across an article shared by a local news site of mine. Hehe

No. 545595

It's easy to see why she didn't apologize publicly for the MyOppa incident and preferred to, allegedly, solve the issue privately with the creator: apologizing publicly would be admitting that she was in the wrong and that would contradict all her and CC's shit excuses. As things are now she can still pretend that she did nothing wrong.

No. 545597

Oh are you fucking kidding me. 20 says she didn't even truly apologize to MyOppa and just tried to throw money at her to make things better like she usually does.

No. 545599

File: 1531258455828.jpeg (340.06 KB, 1200x1800, 4B3D5802-6049-448B-BE18-B6E3C9…)

She doesn't know im posting these things but it needs to be brought to everyones attention; Im friends with a certain cosplayer she and I go way back. I know for a fact she deleted her accounts because of Mariah being awful to her. Like the fact she missed her wedding cuz she decided to have Lipo the same weekend in a whim when she RSVP and has 2 months notice. She also dealt With Mariah telling her she needed Lipo and to correct herself, she had so many issues!! Being stranded at a grayhound station when she swore she would pick her up made her uber and that was a 60$ uber and she even ditched her at a con when she felt sick… She ended Up passing out and a stranger walked her to her hotel even paid for the uber a stranger had to do it cuz she wouldn't.. I brought all these issues once on my personal facebook and Twitter but i had to delete because it gave her major anxiety thinking shed be burried with the countless people mariah has burned. I think people need to know Mariah bullied someone into leaving the community. Here are some convos i had with her about Mariah. The first person she grabs a boob in the video was her she was not okay with it but played it off. She also had Mariah lift her skirt and pulled her underwear to "snap" it at a party right after she said she was very self concious of her legs. There where several witneses and she left right after that happened because she was incredibly embarassed.

No. 545600

File: 1531258472523.jpeg (236.4 KB, 1200x1800, 8B53E718-20FA-4648-AFC3-515416…)

No. 545601

File: 1531258491419.jpeg (606.75 KB, 2048x2048, 29DF21CD-CD67-4304-8551-E46C43…)

No. 545602

File: 1531258510739.jpeg (705.65 KB, 2048x2048, A173E8BC-029B-4EA3-9EAD-8C4F53…)

No. 545603

File: 1531258531581.jpeg (607.54 KB, 2048x2048, 0ECFF888-4570-4255-A50B-40B58F…)

No. 545604

File: 1531258557528.jpeg (589.06 KB, 2048x2048, 281EDE6F-BB51-4F4D-8F1E-630217…)

No. 545607

File: 1531258576393.jpeg (612.05 KB, 2048x2048, EC7F939C-86B3-4EC4-9A64-5374C7…)

No. 545608

File: 1531258593339.jpeg (613.29 KB, 2048x2048, CA8783CB-729E-4D04-9D30-B79C99…)

No. 545610

yes moo because weddings aren't planned literally months in advanced.

No. 545613

This adds a little bit of credibility to my assumption >>545539 Nanabear did leave because of Mariah.

No. 545615

These messages make me feel so bad for Nana.

No. 545616

Haha we fucking KNEW Nana was talking about Mooriah at last year's AX, it is nice to have that confirmed.

No. 545618

I can’t believe she bailed on her wedding for lipo

What an awful person

No. 545621

no one is important to Momo. Weddings are planned months ahead. She could have done it the day after. But knowing Momo she lied about getting Lipo during the day of the wedding and went sometime that same week.
But man, I love all this new milk. What is happening?! I will jump for joy if Korean BBQ came forward

No. 545622

Yeah, now would be the perfect time for Nana to come back and stand with the others if Mariah really did lift her skirt at a party.

No. 545623

File: 1531260184179.jpeg (751.83 KB, 1242x1594, 6CDF0C86-1A6D-40CC-84A8-DCEF72…)

Moo drama has reached HK and has been shared by people from Philppines and Singapore.

No. 545624

File: 1531260239603.jpeg (736.82 KB, 1242x1534, 8A22AA2F-1D44-4D6B-9384-4112B6…)

No. 545631

i feel awful for her, imagine dealing with this cunt and then her not having your back. moo would deserve everything coming to her if she was just a smalltime cosplayer.

No. 545632

stop reposting this

No. 545635

The way she confronted Nana about it just goes to show how she tries to intimidate people into shutting up. Mariah cares about herself and herself only.

Nana was scared shitless of Mariah for absolutely no reason at all. That bitch ain't scary and the current events show how little power she actually has compared to what she thought she had.

And Bunny or Susu if you're lurking, read the text messages that were posted. That's the kind of person Mariah has always been. Don't let her shitty apology convince you that she's changed cause she hasn't. She's still a lying sack of shit as seen here >>545592

No. 545638

It grinds my gears how she so plainly admits to the lipo here yet multiple times later completely denied it…. lying skank.

No. 545640

Who the fuck bails on their friend's wedding after RSVPing and wasting her time and money FOR A LIPO SESSION!? I feel so bad for Nana!!

Mariah you are LEGIT a horrible selfish person. I'm glad Vamps is quitting cosplay and going to school for a career, because everyone needs to get the FUCK away from you as fast as possible.

No. 545641

holy fucking doormat. how does moo manage to collect so many insecure people to cover her ass? that's a special talent.

I should try be surprised that moo is a shitty enough friend to just impulsively get lipo on the week of someone's wedding she rsvp'd to but that's new levels of low. and Nana doesn't even call her on it, just says she's "butthurt." can any of these bitches just love themselves for 5 seconds?

No. 545642

Can you imagine how she might've act in her hotel room? She probably was indifferent when Nana had any sort of anxiety attack or depression episode. I don't know about you but I'm guessing she didn't even send a wedding present in her stead.

No. 545643

Because narcissists surround themselves with meek people that can enable them and make them feel important.

No. 545644

Fucking exactly. Some of her former friends/lovers and current ones need to get some backbone when it comes to her. What's the worse that she can do? Seriously. Send her incels? Block them or go an internet vacation for a few days until it goes down. She sure as hell does when she's in hot water. They shouldn't let anyone treat them like that, especially some dirty, smelly piece of shit like Mariah.

No. 545646

Silly anon, Vamps will NEVER be able to run away from Moo because she's going to school WITH her.

I'd feel sorry for her but she's been a ride or die through all of her terrible antics, there's no hope for her.

No. 545647

well anon, unlike moo, a lot of girls who actually enjoy this shit are kind of insecure, i'm sure moo knew that since she bullied these types in high school and that's why she's picking them to her advantage. she prolly pushes people from the get go to see how much they can deal with and then if they bounce she moves on, that's why she's friend hopping so much.

if tea spilling anon is still here, till nana that many people have her back and she should speak out and not be scared.

No. 545648

But the thing is, it sounds like Nana was working really hard to get to where she was. It wouldn't surprise me if, and this is just speculation, that given Mariah's habits of shutting down people that she sees Nana as "beneath" her, she sat on Nana as fast as she could. Even before this happened, Nana was an anxious and sounds like a very depressed person, AKA an easy mark for Mariah.

If you can find people who are already shy and
"weak" then it's even easier to get them under your thumb and abuse them. After Nana got the guts to come out about what happened, things got bad for her. It wouldn't surprise me if Moo had people she knew harassing Nana on purpose knowing it would hurt her significantly. THIS is why nobody said anything before the big names called her out a few days ago.

If you think about it, look at all the people around Moo right now. They all have something to lose and a lot to gain. Moo knows that too, and can "ruin" them if she wants to and probably drops hints like that often.

No. 545649

>>545608 Thank you for sharing this. It was disturbing to read. Hopefully you and Nana are doing much better these days. And as much as I love good milk, seeing stories that center around Mariah's tendency to sexual assault and psychologically abuse people makes me wish that these threads and experiences never happened or existed in the first place.

For anyone in the community who lurks here, please do not falter or compromise!

No. 545650

> It wouldn't surprise me if Moo had people she knew harassing Nana on purpose knowing it would hurt her significantly.

I wouldn't doubt this at all. It's what she did to Thornechan.

No. 545651

Super tinfoil, but what if she’s trying to bully most of the other plus size cosplayers out of the community to make her self the “#1 thicc lewd cosplay girl”?

No. 545652

Poor Nana. Things got alot worse for her after she had the audacity to express her feelings after being abandoned by her so called friend. I have depression myself and I couldn't imagine being at her shoes at the time. If you're watching Nana just to let you know that pig's time has finally come and everyone is seeing the truth. No amount of apology will ever fix this.

No. 545653

This tactics is only what movie supervillains do but is perfect for Moo

No. 545656

A bit off topic buuut I bet our moo hasn't left vamps side since they got back. I'm not a fan of either but I reckon that moo is keeping her on a tight leash in case vamps might start spilling milk on our cow.

No. 545658

Yea ive wondered if moocows master plan as it were was to make hell for anyone plus sized or whatever to carve out her own shelf as the only one. Then i realized nah if it was up to her shed be the only cosplayer ever. Fuck that bitch and i agree- Nana shouldn't sweat that bitch or her neckbeards. Seems the whole worlds got your back now.

No. 545660

as shitty as vamp is, it's suuuper obvious from her leaving cosplay post that she's going to run for the hills as soon as she starts school. i still feel a tiny bit of sympathy for her, because she seems to be in a fucked up co-dependant relationship with moo.

No. 545661

Meh, I don't care for Vamp after this. She went through all that trouble to make a video about cosplay is not consent but quickly cast that into a fire when the sexual assault stuff came out about Mariah. Mariah even started a witch hunt after that guy but was molesting people the whole time. It's fucking mind-boggling.

No. 545662

I don't think Vamp leaving cosplay is all to weird. She felt discouraged from cosplay after seeing Moo get popular in just a year. She was never able to simply save money and fix her face and she let her body go to shit as well. Though seeing Momo make fun of Vamp a lot, it must have ruined her self esteem. But I don't feel bad since Vamp seems bitchy anyway

No. 545663

Vamp atleast had talent and put effort into her costumes. Shes an example of why you dont keep bad company

No. 545664

Mariah's lack of support on Vamp's end was obvious from the beginning. For fuck's sake, she smacks Vamp's ass at work infront of customers. She hardly promoted her Patreon.

No. 545665

Thank you all for the support towards nana, she’s doing a lot better sense she’s gone black on social media. She doesn’t plan on coming back but this, this had to be brought up about. She has more but lack of receipts due to switching phones. But I’ve passed the message along to her that you all care so much for her after this. And low key we both feel like a burden has been lifted finally being able to talk about it without the worry of backlash.

No. 545666

And in continuation there was at one point during the kbbq / nana trying to talk last year death threats sent to her personal home address.. this goes deep. Kbbq house was vandalized as well from what I recall.

No. 545667

>Kbbq house was vandalized as well from what I recall.


No. 545668

File: 1531264446698.png (1.29 MB, 1038x1708, 20180710_191351.png)

This was posted in the oppai squad

No. 545669

She also said that Vamp never opened any doors for her even though she's the one who jumpstarted Moo's career.

If that really happened to kbbq I'm 90% sure that Mariah was probably the one who did it. She's the type of cunt to do something so childish. I see why he hasn't spoken out though if his house was vandalized. He probably went black on social media to keep from getting death threats.

No. 545670

I hate how people call this “drama”
It’s much more than that, don’t downplay things that would get any male jail time easily

No. 545671

Jeeze, no wonder her ex friends just vanish. I feel like she tries to destroy them so they don't say anything about her out of fear. What a nasty narcissist

No. 545672


I believe this happened right after she called him out as a snake and posted photos of him crossed out.. someone obtained his address or it was posted online somewhere anonymously and what I remember hearing is the back yard wall by the pool was spray painted.. not sure if retailed to Mariah but his grand mother lives with him.. so as protection to family and himself I don’t blame him for going offline last year and staying out of everything..

But this was all hear say I don’t have caps for it.

No. 545673

That's seriously fucked up. I hope he too gains the courage to come out of hiding and speak out against her.

No. 545674

we don't know if moo isn't going to get jail time though. iirc a rumor was floating around AX that one victim is going to pursue further action. it's not like any dude would get cops knocking down his door for allegations like this and moo's "job" isn't based on having any personal worth, so there's that as well. we can just hope that she does go to court over it because she will be torn a new asshole, especially since i doubt she knows how to act any differently. any judge will see right through her, so she'd either be boned or pay out the ass for a good plea deal.

No. 545676

It's the reason why he's deleted all his social media. I don't doubt Momokun's fanatics in general because they proceeded to hound him not just in social media but iRL too.

It's a shame since this isn't the first time he got victimized by this kind of shit, he was barely recovering from false sexual accusations and despite proving himself innocent, it didn't matter because the person who levelled it against him was someone big in the coscomm.

No. 545677

i mean moo probably did it. he didn't get harassed by many of her 'wks' no one ever has. moo only has 2 or 3 people tops that actually will bully people like that.

No. 545678

File: 1531265407653.jpeg (465.05 KB, 750x1209, 1ADB1710-4DEF-41BA-9CB8-AD4C40…)

Shit person doesn’t give a shit

No. 545679

File: 1531265471361.jpeg (220.64 KB, 750x1173, 022CDF9B-2425-4258-AD5C-5F25B9…)

Working so hard on that apology video

No. 545680

But will still spend nearly $300 for a cheat account because she’s such a big fan my dudes

No. 545681

>upcoming photoshoots


No. 545682


I guess this is how she responds to Aniplex dropping her ass, a counter endorsement

Also tattooing a Command Seal at the wrong side of her hand

No. 545683

she needs to stop making shit posts. People are just getting more pissed at the minute and these posts make it look like she doesn't give a fuck. She should be working on that video she promised days ago. She is going about her daily routine with no worries. No one will believe her because she shows how little fucks she gives.

At this point I hope she gets jail time. I know she wont but it is what she deserves. You can't just hurt all these people and think you can live a lavished life with no consequences.

No. 545685

i take great solace in the fact that i can tell from this pic that moo's gems were glued on with nail glue and will come off in a matter of hours.

No. 545686

Such a pushover? My ass. You're always bullying others into being pushovers. Your nails are now as obnoxious as you are.

No. 545688

We're not going to see that video for a while, she's playing it all too cool in hopes everyone will just stop caring about it.

No. 545689

Yeah, she's already acting like nothing happened.

No. 545690

Just like MyOppa, it isn't happening anymore. If I was to put myself in her shoes, I'd probably assume that anything I'd say about the incident, good or bad, will only make it worse.

No. 545691

I’d be apathetic to my surroundings too if I knew my career was over LMAO

No. 545692

Funny how she's planning more photoshoots and probably more cons like it's no big deal, good luck there as everyone will know what she is and it'll be like AX at every single one of them if she's unwelcome.

No. 545693

File: 1531267278212.jpeg (253.3 KB, 750x838, 774B24D4-9186-4AFE-A973-B2B6E8…)

No. 545695

is this really happening……

No. 545696

oh no…

No. 545697

>>545693 you beat me to it anon, holy fuck

No. 545698

Oh this was only a matter of time, Onion cashing in on another cow? Sounds about right.

No. 545699

Am I in the twilight zone right now??? What the fuck

No. 545700

A molesting rapist judging his former friend Momolester.

No. 545701

This is gonna be a shitstorm…

No. 545702

Well Moo your career did a fine job. Best to start afresh and disappear for a while from now on.

No. 545703

But anon, she just got new nails for photoshoots, she can't leave yet!

No. 545704

When cows collide…

No. 545705

lol, I think she deleted this. God Mariah when will you learn?

No. 545706

Eh he’s still supporting tobuscus though who has also been accused of sexual assault

No. 545707

Oh my God she was planning a shoot with him?? Is this real life??? That cant be real??

No. 545708

File: 1531267671613.png (69.74 KB, 728x148, img.png)

>hooktube link so no one has to give Onion views/attention as it's against the rules


No. 545709

Am I dreaming? Lol

No. 545710

Such a workload to do before exiting this job, oh wait no there's neckbeard bucks to be made…as there're the only ones who care about her existence. Jerking it to a sex pest is worth that money my dudes.

No. 545711

"we were actually planning a photoshoot together, i was gonna be the joker, she was gonna be harley quinn"
damn, we missed out.

No. 545712

Waaaait didn't she show a Harley costume last year?

No. 545713

If only he brought up her charity fraud and doxxing too

No. 545714

Two fucked up characters portrayed by two fucked up narcissists, what a wonderful collab that would have been!

No. 545715

They can still do a photoshoot together! They only have to show up as themselves and title it "Ugly Molester Cosplay™".

No. 545716

Wow couldn't be more copying Shane Dawson on the title of the video. Trying to make money of someone crashing. Fine Bros would be proud

No. 545717

File: 1531268137418.png (4.74 MB, 1920x2160, who killed mariahs career.png)


lmao he used the shitty eric andre meme i made

No. 545718

File: 1531268267612.gif (646.46 KB, 250x195, DhvJyyJ.gif)


No. 545719

Someone please PLEASE make a transcript

No. 545720


i feel the need to dust off this old video again

when cows collide you'll laugh so hard you'll swear you'll die

No. 545721

"Momo-Cun" omg he can't even pronounce her name right

No. 545723


this has been linked like 5 times. READ THE THREADS BEFORE POSTING

No. 545724

File: 1531268545250.jpeg (283.74 KB, 1262x2048, 77E78D84-ABD0-4C41-846A-07A325…)

This one white knight is always on her posts. I got into an argument once cause I cant believe how insanely retarded he is.
This milk is way too much for my bones, but god I truly hope Nana gets better from having this all off of her chest.

No. 545725

This is a lolcow wet dream I think when I saw this my vision blacked out for a second holy shit

No. 545727

File: 1531268620804.jpeg (362 KB, 1254x2048, 0574E4B5-368D-486D-BCBF-4313CC…)

This is is him saying what will happen after Moos “carreer” is finished

No. 545728


While I'm absolutely certain that Moo has threatened to ruin people, I don't think that's why the calves stick around. Take Holly; she has literally nothing to gain by associating with Moo or defending her against accusations. She already had a career and a following without Moo, and I doubt Holly's fans are also fans of Moo. And what did Momo Akuma gain from defending her? The backlash and hate was so bad that she deleted all of her social media except for her lameass tumblr.

The calves flock to her and defend her because trash attracts trash. Girls like Holly and Momo Akuma defend Moo because they've done similar things to cross the line and they don't like the idea that maybe they could be called out for it too. That's why Holly was using the defense, "it's not sexual assault, everybody does it."

Any dirt that Moo has on her calves would have to pale in comparison to what her calves have on her. Sabrina could have absolutely wrecked Moo with what she knew about the lipo.

Yeah, KBBQ was worried that Moo would ruin him when he left her but 1) he had a mixed reputation in cosplay at best and 2) because he'd slept with Moo it make him uniquely vulnerable to any false claims she wanted to make against him. That's why you don't stick your dick in crazy.

Nana falls into the much larger group in the cosplay community that cares about the craft and the art of cosplay and genuinely want to be a part of the community. And those people don't stick around Moo once they find out who she really is. That's the real reason why Moo has never been able to rise above a certain level of cosfame; it's not about the quality of her cosplays or her weight; it's because most of the cosplay community knows that Moo is trash.

So don't give the calves this out of being able to say, "well I had to defend her because otherwise she would ruin me." They're on Moo's side because that's where they want to be, because they're just as trashy as her.

No. 545729

"if only you knew what happened behind the scenes" sounds like her trying to vaguely say "if only you knew how depressed I was now!" or "if only you knew how much personal shit I had to deal with because of this situation" like lmao BooHoooo

No. 545730

Oh no, she'll have a regular life instead of a pampered one riding on somebody else's dime! Will someone think of the children?!

Honestly, I think Nana should return to Twitter and tell her story. Mariah treated her like absolute shit and made Nana feel like she was a mere doormat meant to be beneath her feet. Nana will have a huge support system behind her and will be able to watch Mariah get bitchslapped by karma.

No. 545731

I'd check out reddit user u/landician on her very own subreddit if you want top levels of sadcringe.

Verbatim quotes:

>I've never said she didn't owe them an apology, but its not enough for me to stop looking at her pictures.

>Innocent until proven guilty is a thing
>You BELIEVE that she has sexually assualted people. I do not. I'm not skeptical I am on her side, and no I do not trust your witnesses.

And the best one yet:
>Edit: and you all are back to downvoting me and bitching about how much you dislike Mariah, you sad lonely neckbeards (or whatever you call a female neckbeard…a fembeard?)

No. 545732

But his precious admitted to sexually assaulting people.

No. 545733

tbh I’ve seen narcs pull that tactic to damage a target. Like I’m so hurt/depressed/sad/I am a victim :((((( look at what they did to meeeeeee. Out-victim the actual victims.

No. 545734

Someone actually mentioned that to him LOL, saying that its defo him. But hes denied it. Honestly it makes me punch my head in at how insane some people can be, especially when its about stinky ass cosplay pussy.

No. 545735

There's no cure for being a cunt.

No. 545736

Anon are you still friends with Nana? I get that Mariah needs to be exposed and honestly the milk from these messages is A grade but I can't help but feel like it's wrong you are sharing this after she has mentioned multiple times she just wants to stay out the drama. Nana already seems like she is mentally fragile and something like this may send her deep into anxiety. I wish you could have gotten her permission first.

But anyways there is no way Mariah can possibly play victim now. This is pure proof of the speculation that she harasses other people into leaving the community for her gain and she lies about everything. Honestly if I were Nana or any of these other girls who have been harassed, bullied, assaulted and had their property damaged by her, I would consider filing a civil suit.

No. 545737

> Take Holly; she has literally nothing to gain by associating with Moo or defending her against accusations. She already had a career and a following without Moo, and I doubt Holly's fans are also fans of Moo. And what did Momo Akuma gain from defending her? The backlash and hate was so bad that she deleted all of her social media except for her lameass tumblr.

My base opinion with that is that for the con, she was rooming with Momo the entire time, Momo was her ride too. Can confirm mainly because I saw them leave at 11:32am on Sunday. I can only assume Momo covered everything for her, room, ride, everything. Along with being her friend, there's financial stakes included, hence why she's compelled to defend her.

No. 545738

No. 545739

Ah I missed that message, thanks anon

No. 545740

Thats not even a tinfoil, ThorneChan LITERALLY said that Mariah purposefully tried to ruin TC's reputation because "mariah was probably threatened that we had similar body types" or something like that. I've seen Mariah cut TC out of photos, out of groups, and thats why Mariah always copies cosplays that Gabby, Thorne, Tasha, and Nana are doing. She wants to make them all look bad because she knows they're her only real competition

No. 545741

not anon, but nana is out of the community so it's not as if she's going to be subjected to anything other than moo getting pissy at her.

No. 545742

File: 1531270056551.jpg (91.07 KB, 1000x600, rhUvzZE.jpg)

>be me, checking reddit
>decide to visit the momokun subreddit
>stumble across the drama post
>find the Landician thread and post >>545731
> go lower
>guess you could say she got #MooToo'd

No. 545746

File: 1531270412672.jpeg (312.84 KB, 1438x2048, 4A07D5CC-8E24-41D3-8378-718783…)

I’ve seen him everywhere as well. You can get a really good laugh out of him. You can really tell how bad he wants to be noticed by Momokunt.

No. 545749

Lets play "if moo moo was a man" rules are simple- everything shes ever done apply the consequences to it as if a man did it. Then laugh at the idea.of white knights. Cause there wouldnt be any. If a man pulled any of this shit? Banhammered jailed beaten sued etc etc.

No. 545752

i said it up thread but it's possible she is getting sued. not only that but she doesn't have a job or life that requires her to have any worth as a person, so even if she was a man, she wouldn't get any of the repercussions that men who actually have real jobs and shit get.

No. 545753

>itt people try to take down a young “””beautiful “”” rich girl who made herself before she riches a million dollars through Patreon because Momokun being successful makes her haters realize they’ll never be young making 250k a year without a college degree with all the attention they could ever want

Haha nah seriously her behavior is inexcusable, but some of the posters are going overboard. A 22 year old with a hundred thousand dollars in savings isn’t going to be doomed to flipping burgers forever even if you chase her out of a hobby field completely

No. 545759

File: 1531271965857.jpg (46.72 KB, 412x350, DiWS30Y.jpg)

>she thinks 100k is enough to live off of for more than a few years
>she thinks moo actually has money saved up
>she thinks moo actually makes that much money

No. 545762


think of the beautiful cross-thread-pic this could have provided us with

No. 545763

that's her white knight instagram so she's more comfortable posting there since she gets compliments and barely any of the hate she's getting from her main account.

No. 545764

not a regular in this thread, but just by the looks of it, this girl sure doesn't look like she's spending $10k every month. if she had any brains at all, she would save it considering this is a job that's 100% dependent on her being young and fuckable. it'll soon come to a full stop one way or another.

No. 545766

File: 1531272767559.png (673.96 KB, 720x1114, 20180710_211655.png)

Slightly OT, but I have a few questions about this:

1. Did Vamp actually make it IN at AX? I didn't see any pictures of her inside, nor do I recall seeing a badge on her.

2. On that note, do you suppose Vamp was relying on Mariah to get her in, prior to the CG fallout?

3. How bad were things "behind the scenes" that a cosplayer suddenly announced her upcoming retirement immediately after getting home?(vamp belongs in the snow thread)

No. 545767

just go on her IG and you'll see that you're totally wrong.

No. 545771


She just spent $1k on a jacket, and then $300 dollars for a video game account on a whim. Plus with house bills, probably a car payment (plus psst! She still has student loans not paid off!) I find it very hard to believe shes rolling in it by any means. She buys her own paterons to keep number up. Same thing with instafollowers. She also commisions everything she wears, and her "builds" are usually ~2k commision (semiramis and beekeeper) so yeah… she could be spending 10k a month easy. I wouldnt be surprised if Mariah had no idea how to manage her money. And I would be suprised if she lied to onision about how much she made every month to make her self seem better, lying is one of her fav pass times.

No. 545772

File: 1531273455484.jpg (175.42 KB, 1928x1280, 36926085_411071509299240_57417…)

I laughed more than i should've

This is making the rounds in mexican cosplay groups

No. 545773

of course she's been lying.

No. 545774


I hope that a legal complaint is filed, but it's easier to say than do. One big potential problem is statute of limitations, which for most torts is going to be 1 year from the date of the injury. it might be different for sexual assault though.

There's also a jurisdictional question there as Mariah is a resident of Nevada and I think most of the events occurrred in California, so you have to decide where to file and which state law would be more sympathetic to your case.

There's also a question of damages, because I don't think anybody has claimed a physical injury, and if there's no physical injury, you cannot base an entire case off of suffering emotional distress, generally speaking, unless you're suing for intentional infliction of emotional distress, but that can be a hard claim to make and succeed on.

I think a restraining order would be relatively simple to get and could be effectively used to thwart any of mariah's attempts to attend cons in certain states. And that might be a good basis for forcing her to make a full confession / apology.

All of this is just to say that while i am all for somebody suing her if she harmed them, it's a more complex issue than it appears to be on the surface.

No. 545775

File: 1531273610629.png (728.38 KB, 1242x2208, D0535AB8-0D26-45E4-8EF8-F77233…)

Spanish twitter user tweeted the lipo during wedding post

No. 545776

well no shit but that's what lawyers are for.

No. 545778

File: 1531273778308.jpeg (230.56 KB, 750x736, 3C0BE8EB-2DFE-4EE6-90B0-39F497…)

>signs into YouTube account to like videos
>still no video posted

No. 545779

Fucking stellar

No. 545783


My bad. I guess I should just keep it to trashing moo for her looks and for not posting a video yet. i mean, did you see those shitty fake nails that were falling apart. And it's been like more than a day since she said she was going to post a video. you think she's just going to try and ignore this and hope it goes away?

No. 545784

File: 1531274396222.png (1.22 MB, 1125x2436, 0F8946B8-F4EE-4650-93A3-22345B…)

Bless translate

No. 545785

i wasn't trying to rag on you, but i don't for a second think that anyone going after moo won't have a ton of legal backup. there could already be stuff in the works that we're unaware of.

also, i 100% think moo is trying to ignore this, she seems to think she's untouchable but this shit won't just go away, and it's rehashing all her other shit. moo is never gonna learn or mature or anything.

No. 545790

Sure she has ruined cosplay for some people. Sure she has bullied and humiliated other cosplayers. Sure she is a lying piece of garbage who once threatened to kill her own mother. But c'mon guyz! She broke a nail! Priorities!

No. 545792

I’m wondering if she really broke a nail by dropping a weight on it or was that just a lie to say I’ve totally been working out you guys

small potatoes, though

No. 545793


It's fine anon. i obviously need to learn more about the board culture and just keep my posts to what people want to actually discuss. My point was just that i think legal action would be difficult or impossible in some cases, even with a good lawyer. but i get that nobody curr and that's okay

so her thighs are fucking huge, amirite? what kind of shitty person misses their friend's wedding to get lipo done? wtf is she writing a scripted apology for? did she just copy the kevin spacey apology?

No. 545795

I hope whoever is leaking these from her private account keep doing it. Anything she does that isn't an apology should be posted.

To be honest, I understand her avoiding it and not addressing it right away because the weekend was stressful, so I can see if from that point of view, but she's only making it worse and nothing, not even getting your nails done and acting like a victim because "Boohoo i got bullied into these ridic' nails im such a pushover" is going to make you any less stressed when its time to actually talk about it. The shitstorm hasn't ended and it's gaining speed. Her avoiding it is going to make everything much, much worse because its oportunity for more people to come out and say stories about her before she's able to slam her foot down and be like "stop im sorry".

No. 545796

Stop being a whiny pissbaby
If she was actually at the gym it would be the first time in her life she didn't make a video and prove to everyone she was there

No. 545797

not to mention how much she eats out - several times a week. that shit adds up FAST, especially when it's sushi.

also, at her peak, she made like 15k a month. she's definitely making less than that now.

No. 545798

nah don't worry, discussing it is totally fine.

No. 545801

She was lifting a cake to stuff her fat face with the stress

No. 545803

Idk, as an unbiased anon, that still doesn't make sense. The snowflake Valeria Lukyanova spends $10k a month, and it actually shows with constant world travel, super luxury beach-front hotels, 5 star restaurants, and endless clothes shopping.

a $1k jacket, a $300 account, and eating out "several times a week", is actually very mild for someone that earns what Momo does every single month.

No. 545804

You're not putting into account the amount she drops on her cosplays and her shopping/photoshoot trips with friends, which a unanimous vote agree that is usually her sporting all of it.
She might not be spending 10K all at once but all of her spending adds up real quick.

No. 545805

You're forgetting that she pays for dumb professional chemical peels, her friends to go out to eat, whatever her friends want cause "muh loyalty", tons of stuff from ebay, etsy, amazon and splurges at fabric stores. She also has to commission people for her costumes cause she's a lazy sack of shit.

No. 545806

Remember she also needs to pay her photographers (which must be a lot considering what they stick around through), for travel to/from LA for shooting, for the air bnb, etc. She also eats out basically every meal, and is constantly showing off pointless cosplay purchases that she never follows through with.

I don’t think she’s blowing 10k/mo but it’s so easy to blow 7-8k/mo without realizing, especially when you’re a manic and all over the place as her. I watched a sibling do the same thing (but with her baking hobby instead of cosplay) when she was going through similar terrible mental health swings while her husband was raking in cash.

No. 545808

We honestly do need to factor in bills like her house, the cats, phone, utilities, car insurance.. Like I know she's a shitbag, but I highly doubt she's not paying these and her taxes. She's stupid, but not dumb enough to try and evade paying bills. To be honest, she could wait until tax season to pay off anything she owes through taxes unless she's smart enough to deduct and have a separate account.

No. 545809

it's really easy to rack up atleast a few grand a month on just going out to eat and spending exorbitant amounts on food in general. she said she spends $60 a meal when she goes out to eat, and i believe it, even though she said she goes out less. if she is spending $60+ a few times a week she'll be atleast up to 1k on that alone. and who knows if she pays for vamp or not too.

also, we still don't have any verification of her income, she's never actually posted it at all, which is strange since she shares everything else in detail.

there's also tons of other stuff that she could be spending on. she's said before she pays for her parents' stuff. she also has been speculated she buys likes, patrons etc. she also flies out to cons on her own dime, and flies to california on the regular as well. plus the nails, which probably are 40-70 for the gel extensions. and her blowing 1+k a month on cosplays and random shit, it is not only a little money.

No. 545810

She most definitely avoids taxes, anon. Not bills, but definitely taxes. She already tried faking it this year and only remembered a day or two before tax season ended and she only found out about it after lurking here. It was an obvious lie cause the idiot said that she was doing it by hand. It was just like her school lie.

No. 545811

Wut. Are you talking about moo? You crazy.

No. 545814

Where's the proof she avoids taxes? I get it. She's an asshole, but that's really stupid and anything has ever come up about her not doing them besides other anons freaking out about why isn't she posting that she finished them? A lot of Patreon girls didn't post about it, but doesn't mean they didn't do them. Also turbo tax is a thing. Depending on it, which I'm sure her mom does them or Vamp, she can easily put in all the info depending on how Patreon sends you bill and tax statements. Taxes aren't hard..

We seriously have no proof she doesn't pay for things like bills. She wouldn't be in the place she's in, have water [still speculated though from con attendees saying she smells], and electricity.. Etc. Again, I know she's shit, but she'd be really stupid to not have someone else handle all this because she's lazy and just throws the money at the person who is doing it all for her.

No. 545815

She spends money like a spoiled child who wants everything until she gets it. Then she wants something else. Ten grand doesn't go far. She has got to blow through 2-300 a day easy and that's a low estimate.

No. 545816

Or get stuff like her $1500 bed too. Don't forget that. Some photographers do a minimum of $100 for only 3 photos and she gets way more than that in a set, all edited.

No. 545817

It's moo. She doesn't know the meaning of responsibility. She is literally a dumbass. In order for her to pay taxes she would have to be setting aside money every month. Patreon does not do withholding. If she is really making over a hundred thousand a year we are talking about twenty or thirty thousand dollars she would have to have in an account and not touch. Are you new here? This is Mariah Mallad we are talking about. Giving her the benefit of the doubt about anything is a bad bet.

No. 545819

Again, she said she did them by hand. So bringing up Turbotax is pointless.

We said that she doesn't pay taxes, we didn't say that she didn't pay her bills. She'd be kicked out if that were the case.

You keep talking about how it would be really stupid of her but that is Mariah. Stupid. Really stupid.

No. 545821

Im not new, so calm down. Thats why I said she might also be having her mother, or someone else like Vamp, helping her with this stuff and organizing how to handle her money for the stuff she needs to set aside for.

I get it, but its like throwing around the whole 'she does coke' thing again. By hand could easily be her trying to impress people because we know she goes above and beyond in the shit she says she does, but my guess is H&R or Turbotax with mommy or Vamp helping.

We don't have proof and if she's been avoiding, for someone high profile and making that much, the IRS wouldve caught on two years ago.

No. 545822

exactly, it's easy when you have a lot of money to just blow it on anything you want.

anon, moo doesn't actually have anyone helping her with anything because she's a greedy cunt. she always talked about her "manager" but she had no one mailing her rewards or printing things out for her or anything. she has no experience with anything in life, let alone self-business management.

No. 545823

>the IRS wouldve caught on two years ago.

do you not follow the onion drama? it took years for him to get caught, the IRS doesn't just knock down your door the day after taxes are due to ask you for money.

No. 545824

The only thing that could make this better is if you were john goodmanon but you probably aren’t, either way I love lawfagging so please continue, some of us enjoy it.

No. 545825

I don't because he's boring tbh.

She said her mom was her manager.

No. 545827

No they wouldn't have. The IRS didn't catch Onision, her former friend, until last year. They're getting him on stuff from after his divorce which was years ago.

It's nothing like the coke thing because Mariah is an irresponsible snot and didn't even mention taxes until we brought it up.

No. 545828

She also claimed that a male friend of hers was her manager.

No. 545831

I thought her 'male friend, mike' was her trainer.

No. 545832

I didn't mention a Mike and she has more than one male friend.

No. 545833

Mike is her gym trainer. People claimed she said Emerson was her manager since he's around a l o t.

No. 545834

Im talking about names she has brought up about people who manage stuff for her or work with her on. I've heard a Mike for trainer when she's talked about him back in April in a story. Aside from that, on her Patreon she says someone else 'manages messages' which I highly doubt because just like normal, no one gets a reply, ever, from her. On top of that, In Peru she made a video thanking her mom for being her actual manager.

No. 545836

why is everyone engaging with the person about moo's spending? their OP was a wk post calling everyone jelly bitches cause she makes """15k/month""" and implied she can live off her "savings" the rest of her life.

No. 545837

All of the expenses you guys say she spends just sounds like the normal luxuries a person who earns what she does CAN allow themselves to have. Remember it's not long before the next pay roll comes and refills itself, basically re-starting her free-spending budget. She's had a patreon for 2 years, let's say she's put in a minimum of $4k into savings every month (which would really be the MINIMUM if at one point she earned $15k), then by now she would definitely have $100k in savings.

No. 545838

File: 1531278448033.jpg (52.26 KB, 500x281, Bojack Crossover Episode.jpg)

Oh boy!!

No. 545841

File: 1531278684718.jpg (444.04 KB, 1224x1895, 20180710_201034.jpg)

So a friend just told me about this. Im skeptical but hopeful. Sorry if this sort of thing was already posted

No. 545842

I actually didn't read their original post. Now I feel dumb for arguing with a wk.

I hope they make up and do that photoshoot.

No. 545843

File: 1531278716732.jpg (238.28 KB, 1219x1186, 20180710_201101.jpg)

No. 545844

can we stop arguing about whether or not moo might have savings

No. 545846


According to her, she was never actually kicked out. But knowing her that was probably a lie too.

No. 545848

She arrogant, but no way with all the news about her no one else said anything. This story is too good to be true.

No. 545849

Security wouldn't ask people around the halls if they saw her. There is so many rovers at AX that one of them wouldve seen her. No reason to try to keep it quiet, but youre asking people not involved if they saw her? That's not really how conventions kick people out. Where's the anon who had someone working the con staff to collaborate?

The only thing that MIGHT make it believable is that she said her armor was 'melting' from the sun and maybe that was the excuse, but overall there's no way with her name floating around no one grabbed a video or this got out sooner.

No. 545851

Perhaps more information is needed. Is this grey bubble-chan part of staff?
There was caps of someone saying she did this same shit at Katsucon; she was avoiding staff despite having known metal props are prohibited. Staff was even confronting her and she was rude af. Might be interesting if more con staff anons came through to confirm/deny this.

No. 545853

Can confirm Nicoletters was on Instagram while she was working at Aniplex constantly. My friends working with ACP noticed and were pissed because she was supposed to be working, not using social media.

No. 545854

File: 1531279921872.jpeg (37.17 KB, 543x1199, received_1843549865701281.jpeg)

All i got to say to that = ew

No. 545855

What does this have to do with Nic? Is she the 'friend' begging for a badge because where was any of this happening because Im 100% people wouldve said something about Moo trying to hustle a badge using someone like Nic who is working for a big booth.

No. 545856

She WAS taking a ton of instastories while working. Apparently was stopped for her ita-bag too, which would be hella annoying when the appeal is to take pictures with patrons and promote the brand…not your fucking ita bag lmao

No. 545857

She was on insta but the majority of the clips she posted were her telling people to find her so she could give them a stamp for the Fate event going on.

No. 545859


Well some of us tried to have a discussion about the supposed lawsuit but you saw how well that went…


I'd be skeptical too but I suppose it's possible. Seems odd that nobody on social media posted anything about that though, as some people did post about con attendees chanting "Momokun is cancelled."

No. 545860

File: 1531280091020.jpeg (219.49 KB, 750x993, 3DBCE7F2-E563-437E-96F2-555D30…)

This is so sad.

No. 545861

File: 1531280155719.jpeg (118.29 KB, 750x971, A14B7C83-289A-464F-879C-A794F4…)

She looks so gone in this picture

No. 545865

>implying they said she could live in savings for the rest of her life
It was that she’s likely in a better financial situation for her age than anyone posting in the thread— particularly if you only count self-made wealth— and that she could easily rebound given her youth

No. 545872


No. 545873

God. Whats with her female fanbase being so blind and basically every single one of them, having a max 2 minutes with her, seeing her as a saint? Like come on.. Its like saying this rapist, no just sexual harassment, doesn't effect me because Im not a victim of the person doing it directly. What the fuck mentality do these fans have?

No. 545875

Saint fucking Mariah, I can’t even with these idiots. Why bother blurring the names, we deserve to know who these fools are.

No. 545876

File: 1531281307181.jpeg (174.72 KB, 740x1099, 10AA9554-99BA-4FF8-933C-48D4AE…)

Say no more.

No. 545877

How would she know since she clearly doesn't play?

No. 545879

of course it's always other fatties that can't be bothered to follow lesser known "THICCCCC" cosplayers cus they're not as popular as moo moo. it's really a shame other plus size cosplayers get no attention or credit because they don't sell their tits on patreon

No. 545881

Its because when they see thicc characters its always like a tree trunk or really butch. Otherwise its slightly quishy with no overhang when standing which is what Moo was able to accomplish with lipo on her stomach. She's not naturally thick and is not body positive so I have no idea what these idiots are actually looking up to.

No. 545884

Sweetheart? Moo looks completely out of it. I guess being barely conscious counts as sweet?

No. 545888

People who find that they can relate to a sexual predator should really seek professional help.

No. 545893

Her die hard fans are dumb. They want to wait for her to personally hurt them before they see the light. But that is selfish behavior on their part. They wont listen to the hundreds of accounts of her being a bitch and only believe it when something personally happens to them.

Trash supports trash

No. 545894

They're all minimoos.

No. 545896

File: 1531283320014.jpg (99.52 KB, 500x647, tumblr_n7e1l1P6YP1t3fucio1_500…)

Bless. What an ugly cunt too. Defending a sexual predator as a woman is June-tier levels of bad. She has groped other people (both men and women!) but.. oh no, saint Mariah is there to save the cosplay fandom with her lewdness.

No. 545901

File: 1531283646196.jpeg (579.1 KB, 2014x2015, D0548BFF-02F9-47B7-A72B-986815…)


Is she the one who bought Mariah’s punk Mei cosplay?

No. 545903

No. 545904

…Ew. Who would want to wear anything that Moo wore? The smell alone, man….

No. 545905

a lot of people will apparently. remember punk mei wasn't the only cosplay up for sale on her depop

No. 545906

File: 1531284153067.jpg (34.99 KB, 480x599, 1506396613876.jpg)

I'm guessing the majority were her male fans.

No. 545907

So depressing when there are real body posi cosplayers out there who don’t act like hateful cunts. This girl…she’ll look back on this with embarrassment, I hope.

No. 545908

Unless she photoshopped 100 lbs of her body, no.

If the video apology from Moo is coming it’s coming at like 3am tonight. Otherwise I agree with the other anons that she’s just gonna skirt on by and claim to anyone that asks that she “apologized to the people involved directly”. That’s definitely what she’s going to claim to any of her remaining cosplay friends who have any influence.

No. 545910

It's funny because if you check her facebook that post isn't public. That's to friends only. Which means you're a friend and she must have made her profile private as soon as she posted out of fear of backlash.

No. 545911

She'll gladly defend Moo until her own ass is on the line it seems.

No. 545913

Someone you can relate to? Great, you're a shit person too. Seriously these people sympathizing with her probably do the same shit as her.

No. 545914

File: 1531284985692.png (724.44 KB, 720x1004, Screenshot_2018-07-10-21-52-51…)

This chick used a pic she posted on Instagram trying to be slick ok

No. 545919

It's the shitty part of all of the "friends" she has. Because there have been instances on these threads where people supposedly have come forward claiming they said something to her about reeling in her bullshit but she's disregarded all of it yet they were right since she's gotten to this point of total utter meltdown. She's even posted before that Collette would argue with her about it and supposedly stop being a cunt and listen but it didn't take, obviously. So imo if she really wants to sort out this shit and actually improve she's got to address not only the sexual shit but everything. Because anything short of that is gonna look like half-ass bullshit that shows that if she isn't going to go all out about her career/integrity then she doesn't deserve to have one anyway.

No. 545921

File: 1531286136326.jpeg (223.9 KB, 1151x930, 92AF0C17-8B2C-40AD-8718-303E16…)

She’s active

No. 545927

That was the fastest delete Ive ever watched.

No. 545928

File: 1531286353006.jpeg (99.5 KB, 640x842, 502EC0CC-4D37-4BED-B320-950994…)

Sorry for the multiple posts I am a mess rn

No. 545929

File: 1531286471061.jpeg (130.8 KB, 750x1191, 0E3F7CA7-63D3-4345-ACA9-50D446…)

RIP all the roasts we never get to see because the cow is mowing the grass

No. 545930

File: 1531286605741.jpeg (134.96 KB, 619x1199, 0F89EFCE-A679-45F1-8990-FD15FD…)

Turns out that bitch HelloMomoCastro/MomoAkuma/AndreaRose who tried to white knight Mariah on twitter and nuked all her socials after being called out is a psychopath. Here’s a big call out post with pics and proof. I’d share the pics but there’s 14 of them so the link should be better. https://facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2189886964360462&id=100000175388213(off topic)

No. 545931


this is the momokun thread, not the momoakuma thead. you'll want to refer to the calves thread in /snow/

No. 545932

The audacity of this bitch to say that after dodging as badly as she's been.

No. 545934

She just doesn’t give a fuck what she did. Moo, you fucking cunt, I hope you’re reading here. You are a bad person.

No. 545936

She probably read this and laughed. She has a twisted mentality that will just brush off any criticism and label you as “a hatur” she really is a sack of shit though. But since she doesn’t care she’s just gonna get shittier and shittier and be a laughing stock

No. 545937

There's a calves thread for this, thanks for the milk, anon.

She's a coward. But hey, at least she's going to burn calories with all that running away that she's doing.

No. 545939

There you go folks, she ain't gonna apologize and her rep has been flushed down the toilet.

No. 545940

Hope Holly's feeling extra shitty and disappointed right now cause everyone told her that Mariah wasn't sorry.

No. 545941

Did anyone expect any less?

No. 545942

I honestly think she wasnt this stupid to admit that unlike the MyOppa situation where she didn't admit that she won't make a statement and just move on.

No. 545944

I would be a happy person if someone posted the screenshot to her.

No. 545947

File: 1531288797910.png (365.4 KB, 1142x1651, 3A56D343-924C-4CEB-8045-251846…)

No. 545948

>I've never had a sponsor

Mariah every few months

>It's something I wrote from my heart and fully apologetic
>I'm truly sorry
>The harasser probably felt guilty and didn't want to apologize.

Disingenuous as fuck.

No. 545949


Ya know what, it somehow just wouldn’t be Moomoo where instead of making a heartfelt apology to all the people she has hurt and abused and making steps to become a better person, she chooses to double down and start clapping back at people and run away from any accountability or responsibility. She probably saw all the shit she was still getting despite her showing off her “Super well thought out and best apology ever that she spent all day typing out” and just said to herself, “You know what, fuck it. They all are still going to hate me anyways. Might as well go down swinging”.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what “advice” we give her here. Moomoo is always going to be Moomoo.

No. 545950

File: 1531289141243.jpeg (82.65 KB, 557x276, 428EA6E9-35FC-4C02-8BE7-396058…)

Was just about to post this, here was the response
Her white knights are awful. Luckily it’s mainly just this dude, and the other creep with blonde hair posted earlier

No. 545951

But anon, she strongly believes that people can change!

No. 545952

Mariah you're a trapped rat scraping the inside of a barrel because you got too greedy, ate the bait then plummeted downwards.
Anyways, you wanted to be a irl meme so enjoy the ride girl

No. 545953

When she got called out for lipo didn’t it take her around a week to come out with the video? After everything really died down.. shes doing it again. It’s doesn’t feel as hostile anymore as when she was first called out. I feel like this almost fizzled out faster.. which is so upsetting because there is so much evidence here and yet nothing has changed. I hope the actual lawsuit goes through.

No. 545954

I think this is worse than the lipo thing because of how this spread further and further and all these vidoes

No. 545956

This just shows that she really doesn't feel bad about this at all.

She was only remorseful when she was getting things taken away from her (her partnerships and badge and "fun" during AX). Now that nothing is being directly taken away from her because, let's be honest, she's used to hate comments at this point, she doesn't feel bad about her actions in the slightest. She's like a child that got put in time-out for 5 minutes.

No. 545958

File: 1531290109336.jpg (30.65 KB, 600x375, comeonnow.jpg)

>never had a sponsor
>Patreon is your fucking sponsor

>iiiclothing, grrrl clothing, fit tea, kinfold official, creator's guild, pink city


No. 545959

the lengths her white knights go are pretty appalling. I bet she's loving the defense squad coming to her aid since she's now more focused on this account instead of her main one.

No. 545961

File: 1531290734927.png (27.43 KB, 302x329, Screenshot 2018-07-10 at 11.33…)


No. 545962

>I know you're sorry
>Mariah has already said that she's not sorry

"But I'm not a white knight! You started the lewd crew, it had never existed before, Momo!"

God he's fucking pathetic.

No. 545963

"Please keep taking your clothes off, please keep taking your clothes off-you're helping pressure other cosplayers into taking their clothes off too-please keep taking your clothes off and do more POV shots you're a great person spread ass more in next set"

No. 545965

monika SCAMberger


i'll see myself out

No. 545967

The only time this cunt will apologize is during Neveruary

No. 545968


This is Onision levels of semantic bullshit.


It may not feel as hostile compared to the lipo incident, but that's because she's shut down comments on Instagram, is actively deleting negative comments on Facebook, and is only active on an alt account at the moment. She didn't go to those same lengths with the lipo. She's doing it now because there IS so much hostility and it's so much more intense.

Make no mistake: she's SCARED. That's why she doesn't want to post a video. She thought it was going to be like the lipo, where she'd post a video, play the victim, gush with fake positivity, and get a bunch of asspats for being "so brave" and such an "inspiration" to plus sized girls in cosplay. But the continued hate on Instagram proved that it's not going to be that way. That's why she's delaying posting the video, because she knows that at this point, no matter what she does, it won't be enough to silence the hate and undo the damage.

She's done and she knows it. Like anon said here >>545949 now it's just a question of whether she wants to go away quietly or go down swinging.

No. 545969

Im a guy and this is cringe as fuck.Keep cucking yourself to a whale you dumb white knight(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 545971

She'll try to come up fighting. She's a anime protag afterall, anon uMU

Mariah has done it before: she'll ignore it or address it, try to move on and joke about it like she came out on top then jerk off with her crew of enablists. When the "friends" drop, she'll just reenlist with new naive cosplayers who are infatuated with fame!

No. 545974

iirc some guy asked if the samus suit was unwashed

No. 545975

didn't she say something gross along the lines of "Message me if you want me to wear it before sending it off if you plan on buying"

No. 546036

Yeah, I remember something like that. Gross.

No. 546042

Why do these idiots act like Mariah has any real relevance in the cosplay scene? Tons of people cosplay because they want to. Mariah has zero to do with 'getting women out of their comfort zone.' ??

These assholes really don't care she is a sexual predator at all.

No. 546054

Something I don’t understand is why she still has debt if she’s making so much money
Her “school proof” on livestream was her showing her student loans, which still had a balance
I feel like that right there proves she’s an idiot with her money, letting that debt sit there.
Who knows if she financed her liposuction as well

No. 546058

Which photo was this on?

No. 546063

I just want to say that during Katsucon a cosplayer pulled up my 2b Nier skirt effectively causing me to moon everyone behind me. I turned around and yelled what the fuck but she was already walking away. After seeing the photos of momo circulating I can 100% identify that it was her that did it. I dont care if she apologizes or not she is a pervert and should be perma banned from conventions.

No. 546068

The FGO doujin pic on her xmariahmalladx ig

No. 546075


If this is in fact true, you’re better off coming forward publicly with this than remaining anonymous.

No. 546077

I sent her a message on Instagram about it, I am waiting a response.

No. 546080

calling it: she's gonna say she doesn't remember it but she's soooo sorry about making you feel uncomfortable.

No. 546083

she wont apologize is my bet, or she will generalize it if she actually does make a public apology

No. 546086


Pretty much. She’s going to say she “doesn’t remember” and accuse them of bandwagoning and looking for attention because “It’s so easy to hate her right now”

No. 546090

My bet is it will turn into a " oh that wasn't me it was someone else, but i'm soooo sorry that happened" or "she won't remember"

No. 546092

legit question, why weren't you wearing panties?

No. 546093

luckily for moo it's always been easy to hate her.

No. 546094

File: 1531317665441.jpg (185.67 KB, 1920x1219, raul-barragan-portillo-back-no…)

Have you seen the character

No. 546095

yes but she wears a full skirt until you self destruct. not blaming you but it seems stupid to not wear something under it.

No. 546096

I doubt anon was going commando but even with a thong and dance tights you can still moon a crowd and it can still be embarrassing.

No. 546097

g string thong, it is extremely difficult to find an undergarment that is hidden with that suit

No. 546101

fair enough. i applaud your accuracy, usually i'm too paranoid to not wear safety pants on the con floor, but then that shouldn't be a requirement. that said, moo is going to do this to someone one day who will literally beat her fucking ass then and there because of it.

No. 546104

I believe this. The strange thing is that Momo is trying to play off being hypersexualized and playful, but she did this to a person she didn't know and walked off. Anons were dead on when they said she's insecure and molests/harasses women as a power play. I'm guessing she's just a super jealous cunt and suppresses those feelings by humiliating other women. This is one fucked up individual. Not like it would be better if she did it for sexual gratification, but the level of sinister is pure pathological.

No. 546105

Wasn't there a 2b costume in her etsy list? If we go by the theory of her wanting to overpower people who cosplay as the same character or are also thicc by embarassing them to give herself some power boost this makes totally sense and I don't doubt the anon.

No. 546109

But she also cosplays the flavor of the week too. 2B was super popular for a time and she probably wanted to bank off of that but didn't care enough to pull through. But the 2b fad is starting to die down and we know she doesn't play games. If she still does the cosplay now it's 100% because of a vendetta.

No. 546110

Even if she didblame it on hypersexuality it doesn’t excuse her from touching people. I don’t wanna be one of -those- posters but I have adhd and hypersexual disorder and I keep my fucking hands to myself. She needs to stop blaming other things and man up to her own damn actions. She’s a predator

No. 546112

aheago blankets are more tasteful then she is, but again going full circle will she be banned from any upcoming conventions or will they just brush it off

No. 546113

i don't even get why moo thought she could get away with saying that. there's legit only 2 kinds of people who molest people.

>assholes who want to and do so consciously

>people who are so mentally unwell they have caregivers

there is no in between, and we all know which one of those people moo is.

No. 546116


It's not that deep. She molests and gropes women because Nigri does it and it's all to appeal to neckbeards. She does it so she can pretend she's bisexual and into girls because being gay is popular these days.

>in4 "being gay is popular is so ignorant to say" welp have you seen the internet these days? Every girl is fake gay for popularity points sorry.

It's funny that it's spiralled out of control for her but I'm not complaining. Bottom line is if she is going to pretend shes a super quirky bisexual then maybe she should have stuck to groping people shes friends with and who are comfortable with her doing so - oh wait that only leaves Vamps.

I also firmly believe that she does this with women who are more attractive than she is because she knows she will get more attention that way.

TLDR; she uses other women's bodies to get attention from men. It's sad and gross at the same time.

No. 546120


I'm afraid you were beaten to the punch: >>545693

No. 546121

File: 1531323341594.gif (167.53 KB, 245x160, tumblr_n4vwxqYRw41rmarhyo4_250…)


No. 546122

this is what i think. tbh, as gross as it sounds, exposing other women who are better looking than her will just show people that they do infact look better. regardless of whether the girl is embarrassed. moo doesn't have enough brains to think up trying to sabotage others, that's why she has to claw and buy her way to where she is.

No. 546125

If people want to show their butts though it should be up too them, not because some liposucked wannabee makes them

No. 546126

no shit, the point is that it doesn't make them look bad.

No. 546128

>anon points out something is gross
>REEEE but it's gross!

Anon was not advocating anything you idiot, she was saying that even if moo's trying to be malicious the acts she's doing are infact working against her.

No. 546129

File: 1531325108645.jpg (27.3 KB, 300x407, IajjK.jpg)

2B stuff was only added to her etsy wishlist quite recently, about a month ago I think, but I'm not sure which cosplayer cosplayed her that time that she would have a vendetta with. I think the reason she would harass a 2B cosplayer is that 2B cosplayers would naturally get more attention at cons.


>pic related

No. 546130

File: 1531325146754.jpg (570.42 KB, 1048x1074, 20180711_090101.jpg)

No. 546131

Excuse you anon, commissioned costumes, cons and lipo are more important than school.

No. 546134

moo is probably one of those idiots who thinks that the debt will disappear after 7 years.

No. 546137

You really should come out with your story even if she doesn't admit to it because right now, she's backpedaling hard and thinks the situation is simmering down. I'm curious though, which con was it and what year?

She molests men too.

No. 546138


i agree too. i'd also add she's a thoughtless, spoiled little bitch who doesn't know where to stop and thinks it's "QuIrKy" to have fun at other people's expense, but runs crying to the internet when she's served what she dishes out herself. an overgrown, inappropriate middle school bully.

No. 546140

File: 1531326457809.png (169.68 KB, 573x586, Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 12.2…)

No. 546141

No. 546142

I think she added 2B to her wishlist this year, probably after she did that.

This was already posted and she's lying her ass off. Also water is wet.

No. 546143

But a brand deal is a form of sponsorship? Like not all sponsorships are brand deals, but all brand deals are sponsorships.

11/10 businesswoman right there

No. 546148

In all honesty it just sounds to me like she just wants to argue because she's a stupid narcissistic cunt.

No. 546152

She has zero self awareness. Her bubble is so tight that she pretends to not know she has almost double digit YouTube videos out there condemning her for her behavior, people reporting her left and right, and she is being pummeled with hate everywhere she goes. These overly obnoxious sarcastic replies she’s giving people shows she clearly doesn’t give a shit and thinks things will be fine, hence trying to skip the apology video. I would love to see her freak out if Patreon closed her account and banned her.

No. 546153

can you actually report a pateron?

No. 546155

Yeah but Patreon is pro-creator so don't expect for them to do anything.

No. 546156

You can but Patreon doesn't give two shits about controversy or supporting shitty people. Just as long as they get a cut of your money, they will be fine with you.
However, in this situation, I imagine if enough people made a big stink about it maybe, MAYBE Patreon would do something but I highly doubt it.

No. 546158

Thanks for posting anon, this made my day.

No. 546162

"Moolester" needs to have some kind of play in the next thread title kek

No. 546163

There’s still Patreons up for creators who are documented as using their Patreon-funded work as a tool to lure minors for IRL sexual encounters. Patreon will not do anything to Mariah

No. 546166


It’s the same as when she was like “I never got kicked out of AX” when we eventually learned she was banned from entering.

She will literally argue semantics just because she wants to be right.

No. 546169

In Moo's logic, "Can't get kicked out if you were never let in."

No. 546170

Don't forget all the posts thanking cons/groups/companies for sponsoring her. And all the posts from said companies saying she was sponsored.

No. 546171

someone better send those caps of her thanking her "sponsors" and slap them to her face

No. 546172

She doesn't even take consent seriously in the non-sexual stuff, like going on that ship without permission just because she thought she could.

No. 546173

File: 1531331102203.png (431.77 KB, 809x590, Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 1.45…)

Doesn't this count as a sponsor?

No. 546175


>you can't escape reality nigga

truer words have never been spoken

No. 546176

File: 1531331284745.png (3.38 MB, 750x1334, 21E2F19E-F7F5-45A0-9640-A59DAD…)

Sabrina is weighing in on the whole momocastro thing and had to put in a little disclaimer lmfaooo

No. 546178


Wasn’t this the bitch that was practically acting like Moomoo’s security detail? Fuck out of here with this whole “I’m not a part of it” bullshit.

No. 546179

File: 1531331619033.jpg (181.22 KB, 1273x628, 2018-07-11_13-53-17.jpg)

Usually victims don't want to talk to their molester. God she's retarded.

Also, throwback from the last time Mariah caused a lot of trouble and promised a video. She just needed a few days to get her lie sorted out to make it believable.

No. 546182


Which is why I think the whole “I’ve reached out to the victims” things was total bullshit. I’m sure they aren’t interested in hearing any of her bullshit lies and excuses.

No. 546187

File: 1531332160752.jpg (46.43 KB, 717x210, muhsponsorships.jpg)


She forgot herself there.

No. 546189

File: 1531332199930.jpg (224.54 KB, 1277x772, 2018-07-11_14-00-19.jpg)

And here.

No. 546191

File: 1531332343960.jpg (177.8 KB, 1275x788, 2018-07-11_14-05-39.jpg)

She missed Nana's wedding just so she could look like this.

No. 546192

The smaller your gut looks the bigger your back fat rolls are. Proportions are important.

No. 546194


Me thinks she is about to run back to her “I’m just a weeb with a sewing machine/I NEVER SAID I WAS A PROFESSIONAL” defense.

No. 546195

>>546179 was this post in reference to her lipo/ q and a video she did?

No. 546196

File: 1531332691948.jpg (286.61 KB, 1110x787, 2018-07-11_14-09-16.jpg)

No. 546197

She never answered about everyone reaching out so she isn't going to

No. 546198

File: 1531332824892.jpg (205.11 KB, 1284x770, 2018-07-11_14-09-39.jpg)

Yep, when she went on and on about people lying about her getting lipo and how you "shouldn't believe what you hear on the internet cause people make things up", then Sabrina outed her thinking that people knew already, retracted her statement and then Mariah confessed to lipo but blamed the mean ol' haters for her getting it.

Throwback to when she got lipo and tried to say that people were making it up. It's relevant cause it's a sponsored photo but she's "never been sponsored".

No. 546200

File: 1531332847344.png (496.81 KB, 931x592, Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 2.14…)

>>I've literally never had a sponsor

No. 546201

File: 1531332860122.jpg (123.73 KB, 713x915, positive1.jpg)



No. 546202

File: 1531332923232.jpg (200.29 KB, 1113x782, 2018-07-11_13-51-42.jpg)

I'm glad it's multiple anons getting these screenshots cause going through her feed is a nightmare inducing terror.

No. 546203

File: 1531332976481.png (529.42 KB, 806x595, Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 2.16…)

>>literally never had a sponsor

No. 546205

File: 1531333173963.png (559.27 KB, 927x588, Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 2.19…)

"never had a sponsor ma dudes, except for the many sponsors I have had based around lies!"

No. 546207


. . . It’s like she is literally allergic to telling the truth

No. 546209

File: 1531333279549.png (500.92 KB, 809x591, Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 2.21…)

tots not a sponsor ma dudes

No. 546210

i wonder if anyone tried to use those coupon codes before to see if they are real. Could those be lies as well? You don't know what to believe with this bitch

No. 546217

Not to mention the sponsors also admitted to dropping her ass >>545046

No. 546218


Lmfao she's definitely not bitter about Creators Guild dropping her at all.

No. 546219

File: 1531334304141.jpg (242.64 KB, 1280x1280, positive.jpg)

Her older screenshots are hilarious.
Now she's the most disliked and negative cosplayer in the community, the complete opposite.

No. 546221

Just goes to show how long she's been keeping up this charade of telling people what they want to hear whenever she wants to get out of hot water after being called out for being toxic.

Those tweets were from what, 2015? 2016?

No. 546222

Classy as always

No. 546223

Cosplayer's white knights really are a sight to behold

No. 546224


Her 'Thicc Samus' days so around that time which isn't long ago at all. Fake as fuck.

No. 546225

She has to be the most embarrassing "professional" to be around I swear to god. Not even horny teens that go to cons do this kinda shit.

No. 546226

What the hell is she doing? I honestly don't get why is she lying about that. This cow will always be a cow I guess.

No. 546227

She might have been referring to AX partnerships specifically? Idk

No. 546228

lmaoooooooooo it took me a second until I read the date. I thought this was a legit post for today talking about the video she hasn't delivered on too WOW it's almost like she could use this exact image when she wants.

No. 546230

With the whole sponsorship ordeal, she's probably not lying. I work within an org that relies on sponsorships and some companies are touchy on calling their support a sponsorship. Mostly because they want someone they sponsor to reflect their brand and ideas. But even if they don't sponsor,they will partner and provide free shit and codes and in return still ask for promotion and shout outs. So she may be correct in not having a sponsorship and it being "partnerships", but all in all the difference between them is so minimal and changes nothing, she still lost out on business agreements lol

No. 546232

why all of her calves are dumb like her but specially with A PART?

No. 546233

She called them sponsors.

No. 546236


>anon makes a related point about Moo's behavior only showcasing her own flaws

>anon rightly points out that the main issue is still consent
>fuck you anon! you can't just come in here and post your opinion to a discussion board. now go back to nitpicking Mariah's appearance and arguing about her finances because that's what we do here

This is why PatreonAnon doesn't post here anymore.


Man, this one was the best because people accused her of shooping/wearing a corset and her response was "that's my real body, just totally posing my dude. I just look different when I'm not posing."


Thanks for explaining that. But yeah, the distinction is very minimal and it's kind of ridiculous to argue about it with randos on Facebook. Does kind of help explain why none of these "brand deals" seemed to want to admit a relationship between themselves and Mariah.

No. 546238

File: 1531337023743.jpg (153.18 KB, 1080x1700, 36969124_2082646545141761_7665…)

some of these were posted about 4 days ago

mooriah you sure are busy with that video!

No. 546239

Has anyone ever pointed out that those are two completely different pictures?? I mean look at her hand and the back roll placement. Still totally plausible she is wearing a corset in her first picture.

No. 546240

no one was talking about the main issue, we were tinfoiling about why moo does it in the first place. all i said was the logic of exposing girls bodies who she finds more attractive than her, to make her feel better is retarded.

No. 546242

People were speculating on it back then because her stomach wasn't that flat prior to that but then we found out that it was lipo all along.

No. 546243

Yikes… how much her face has sagged in only a year… moo is a cautionary tale.

No. 546244

Interesting. But as this anon mentioned >>546233 she did refer to some of them as sponsors. She's really enjoying playing semantics, pretty soon she's going to be going to google definitions to justify her lies. Her and Onision are too much alike. If she was 10 years younger and 100 pounds lighter Shreg and Lame would be all over her.

No. 546245

Seriously this bugs me so much lmao

No. 546267

File: 1531344701620.jpeg (460.61 KB, 750x1204, CF0A0FC5-A5FB-4A70-B1AC-B46BA9…)

It never ends

No. 546268

Ah yes, just delete everyone's comments momo, that's gonna help your image. bravo.

No. 546269


She might as well just delete her social media

No. 546271

dya think she's gonna try and make a joke about her adhd meme that's going around now

No. 546272

She always does.

No. 546273

File: 1531345252195.png (430.54 KB, 804x593, Screen Shot 2018-07-11 at 5.38…)

People are even more pissed, this is the last post with comments and EVERYONE is hounding her. I'm glad, momo if you were a man you'd be in jail or going to court or completely shunned by everyone or all of the above.

No. 546277

File: 1531345601013.png (884.72 KB, 720x1195, Screenshot_2018-07-11-14-45-42…)

I shouldnt laugh but look at her fucking cat

No. 546278

File: 1531345632763.png (947.86 KB, 720x1189, Screenshot_2018-07-11-14-46-05…)

No. 546279

poor thing

No. 546281

I wonder if her fur got matted from Mariah not taking care of it.

No. 546282

File: 1531345802411.jpg (294.91 KB, 1080x1841, Dh2wgfDWsAAMUb0.jpg large.jpg)

Gaby finally spoke

No. 546286

Wow, this is some powerful stuff tbh. She straight up calls her a narcissist! I'm glad she mentioned the shitty IG story of Mariah saying ~planned vendettas~ since she's already tried to backtrack on it and make it seem like she wasn't attacking the victims.

Maybe my Mariahistory is hazy, but what happened for them to have their first falling out??

No. 546289

This is very well put and I’m proud of her. I really do think that Mariah’s financial generosity to her calves and narcissist tendencies make it so it’s harder for them to see her for who she is, especially those she only sees in short bursts at cons. Here’s to hoping others will have their eyes opened.

No. 546290

The planes gonna crash! Grab a parachute and jump out! Gaby the first?

No. 546291

That's the only reason you'd get a cat as old as Jada shaved. It's an extremely stressful process and should only be done for a senior cat if it's necessary so she was absolutely matted. I can't imagine Guz is in any better shape or is well behaved for brushing.

No. 546293

THIS is how her friends who say they don't support what Mariah has done should act. This is how a friend truly supports you, not sugarcoating or coddling you for sexually assaulting someone. You can still care about a person without enabling them.

Gabby went about this the right way.

No. 546294

Yeah… I feel like you can't even use the Nevada heat as an excuse since she's an indoor cat and is inside with A/C, I'm assuming. And since she didn't do it to Guzma either… I know senior cats do mat a lot easier than younger cats, but for it to be so bad the whole cat needs shaved???

No. 546295

I seriously wonder if the rest of the calves will jump now that one has done so

No. 546297

Well said. Sad to see people who just at one point associated themselves with Momo are far more responsible and mature towards the situation than anything Momo has done.
Wake up Momo, the ship is sinking and you're both the ship and the iceberg!

No. 546302

It is sad because Mariah must have done some really fucked up shit that we do and don't know about for one of her most ass kissy defenders to no longer pretend like Mariah is a saint.

She does thank Mariah for the good things that she has done but won't pretend to ignore the massive pile of evil shit either. I'm also proud of her for calling her out over bullying Jannet because that seems to have been glossed over in a lot of the videos, articles and posts about what Mariah has done. They mention the My Oppa stuff but not that.

No. 546303


Well said. This is how you help someone who you consider a friend who has done so many shitty things and hurt so many people. You don’t coddle them and blame the victims to make them feel better about themselves. You call them the fuck out on their shit and hold them accountable. Moo’s calves can seriously learn something from this.

No. 546307

Indeed. I truly do hope it gives Nanabear the courage to comes out of hiding and tell her story. She would have a huge support system behind her and Mariah wouldn't dare confront her with so many people watching and ready to pounce if she even tried to attack her, especially fellow cosplayers.

No. 546310

Inb4 Mariah tries to throw Gabby under the bus because "vendettas".

No. 546311

Even if she does, she's nowhere near capable of writing something as mature, compelling, or eloquent as this. It'd be her caveman grunting and vendetta's against someone who can actually speak intelligently. Only the lowest and dumbest would take her word over Gabby's

No. 546312

File: 1531348403550.jpg (456.21 KB, 921x1081, 20180711_193047.jpg)

Throwback to the first thread. It's satisfying to realize that she's just lost everything that was important to her.

No. 546313

holy shit mariah don't deserve gabby. that's exactly how a true friend should act. not that bullshit of defendind her when she is so clearly in the wrong.

No. 546315

When Moo didn't donate to Gabby's husband GFM she should've dropped Moo then and there. She takes but never gives

No. 546316

>People like to work with me
>Now no one wants to work with her

In the end she was her own downfall.

No. 546318

Has she not posted to her IG in 24 hours? Just went to check on if she had anything new, and saw nothing.

No. 546319

She's posted on her other two accounts

No. 546320

File: 1531349124404.jpeg (31.42 KB, 211x205, 08D1D370-9100-4B6D-BA5C-6A0D7F…)

It’s so strange seeing absolutely no stories from her. She’s usually documenting every second of her life and has at least 20 stories of random bullshit.

No. 546321

Any Facebook posts, FB anon?? Patreon posts??

No. 546323

File: 1531349446030.jpeg (144.91 KB, 750x1059, C61B15BB-924C-4E3E-B136-243C94…)

She’s just shared some videos since the manicure/gym post

No. 546324

File: 1531349472969.jpeg (159.95 KB, 750x1029, B6F7537F-C250-4E35-9D12-540B33…)

So she’s been active today

No. 546325

File: 1531349488604.jpeg (140.6 KB, 750x1041, 9C5FF633-86FF-4E88-B28E-B634FA…)

No. 546326

I'm so proud of Gabby as she demonstrates on how a real friend should act. Speaking of narcissism this reminds me alot of my mom as she would give us gifts and everything but if we tried to call out on her wrong doings she would either deny or lash out. I'm so glad she's separating herself from Mariah since you can't help those who refuses to change. I hope for the best for her.

No. 546329

File: 1531349846938.png (96.69 KB, 273x299, Screenshot 2018-07-11 at 3.58.…)

added to her etsy

No. 546330

Has she ever even touched Fallout?
Why is she browsing Etsy instead of working on this apology?

The audacity

No. 546331

She seems to be doing it on purpose. When she does leave a post, comment, video it's to get a rise out of people because she knows that everyone's waiting for an apology and video.

No. 546332

She’s active on ig as we speak. several others left a comment about the situation on her broly post- they’re all gone now. What’s the point of having her main account if she’s not going to post anymore lol.

No. 546333

Well done, Gabby. Hats off to you!

No. 546336

Sorry if I missed it- but where was this statement posted?

No. 546337


No. 546338

She went from "I'm truly sorry from the bottom of my heart" to "I don't want to apologize". Must be her ADHD.

No. 546339

Yes gabby well said. Hopefully you can influence moo but i doubt that

No. 546341

I personally think she's shitting herself. She already knows no matter what she says she's fucked, so she's probably trying to pass the time not looking at her comments and avoiding anything that reminds her her career as she knew it is over.

She's probably come to the realization that with her actual cosplay career down the drain it means she's going to have to rely on selling her body instead, doing more porn looking photoshoots before eventually giving up and doing cam shows or something altogether to keep the income flowing. This is really the end for her. The "professional" side is over. Now all that's left is peddling her lewds because she has no other talent or skill and no one wants to work with her anymore. The crushing reality of that is probably sending her anxiety through the roof. That's what you get moomoo!

No. 546343

I'd agree if she wasn't adding more stuff to her wishlist.

No. 546345

But anon- she’s still a cosplayer you know! A swimsuit cosplay is still a cosplay haha!

That’s the kind of shit she’s going to have on repeat to everyone who mentions something about her cosplay career

No. 546346

And these 7 poses are so hawt thats why i keep doing them now tip me one thousand credits! Cause i know im sexy!

-moomoo on chaturbate in 6 months

No. 546347

I hope with everything that is in me that this forces Moo into shitty porn. I know that’s awful but I don’t care. So much bad karma is coming for her so fast and there isn’t a thing she can do to outrun it.

No. 546348

>>546294 Just wanna throw out there, there are some older senior cats that won't do well in the heat. I had a sixteen year old cat that we did this to every July or so (between 12 and 16). I hated doing it to her, but after a day she would be far less lethargic. I'm not trying to stick up for Moo because it's always looked like Jaeda has knots, but yeah.

No. 546350

Not trying to go too OT, but don’t animals with longer fur specifically regulate their body temperature for warmer weather? Like I know it’s bad to shave a husky dog to “keep it cool” and can actually heat it up even more, wouldn’t the same apply to a cat as well?

No. 546354

Not necessarily. Double coated animals (like my own dog) have an inner layer coat that traps the hot and cold air and it keeps it close to their skin, keeping them warm. Shaving these kinds of animals actually makes them HOTTER, so if you see someone with a husky that has a buzz cut, they’re a fucking idiot. Not sure if cats are double coated though. I’m a dogfag. Sorry for OT

No. 546355

File: 1531353184139.jpg (97.63 KB, 933x715, IMG_1378.JPG)

I'm waiting for the nasty ass questions she'll be answering about sex from her neck beards with the new question feature

No. 546356


Yeah to the extent that she was a "professional" before, that's all over now. Cons are going to blacklist her and other copslayers and photogs are not going to want to work with her. And the rest of her circle is going to do just like Vamp and find ways to distance themselves from Moo, or outright disown her like Gabby has.


That's always been her argument, and I'm so glad that it finally bit her in the ass when she went after Jannet.


She doesn't have the balls to put herself out there on Chaturbate. Literally every girl on there has more to offer than Moo and her ego wouldn't survive knowing that she'll never even rank high enough to be seen by most people.

The cam shows are going to be set up as a tier in her Patreon where it'll be like "For $500 a month, I"ll be your personal cheerleader, including 3 Skype calls a month to chat and put you in a positive mood." She'll deny that she's doing camshows until the videos come out, and then the paranoia of being filmed will crush what's left of her "career"


At this point I don't even think that sentiment is malicious. It's literally just wishing that she would leave cosplay, where nobody wants her, and go do what she's best suited for with her particular fanbase.

She probably could have had a decent career as an "erotic" cosplayer if she didn't think she was too good for that. I mean, not now obviously. But I can't deny that there's still people who would pay for content from her if she just crossed that line.

No. 546357


Her fans really are the worst. But, so is she so I guess it all works out.

No. 546358

File: 1531353298400.png (488.73 KB, 516x760, FO3_super_mutant_behemoth.png)

Bitch is more like a behemoth.
No one would be that fat in a survival situation.

No. 546360


Hey anon, I know a little time has passed, but I'd like to see proof of this if you can get it.

Obviously Moo is going to try and spin her absence at cons as "taking a break" and it would be good to have some proof that she is, in fact, being banned from attending.

No. 546361

If she uses that feature she’ll also get flooded with everything else she has been getting that lead her to shut off comments so, lol…

No. 546362

I think she's either lying and will be at the next big con or waiting it out so people don't try and find her at cons to get her kicked out. Not because she "wants the community to heal". She doesn't fucking care about that.

No. 546363

Finally she's labelled as a narcissist and it's true, trying to get them to see the light is almost impossible. Even better she's cutting her out of her life for good. This was a genuine post, unlike the shit stains standing by Moo like it's no big deal.

No. 546364

No. 546365


I'd guess she's probably waiting it out if AX was any indication. She barely spent any time outside at that con and she knows people are going to come looking for her at whatever next big con she goes to.

A nice unintended consequence of this whole thing is she's not going to be able to use the lie of "I'm an invited guest at this con" anymore, because the minute she says that people are going to tweet the con and cons are definitely going to want to confirm that they didn't invite her and want nothing to do with her.

No. 546366

She's so fucking dense if she thinks this is something that will be brushed under the rug. Unlike everything else she's done this has escalated to every social media website and she's still removing comments or blocking them. Googling her name now brings up far more than it used to, like the YouTube videos for instance. Her cozy convention attention seeking cosplay life has come to an end and she doesn't even realise it.

No. 546367

Someone on instagram found out that momo was dropped by yet another company, this time by Arda Wigs.

No. 546370

File: 1531354796610.jpg (11.08 KB, 612x112, 6854645.jpg)

sure midna, sure

No. 546371

Two faced bitch is lying her ass off.

Nothing is coming up. Is that intentional?

No. 546372

Yup, they removed it. People are saying it was up yesterday and now it's gonzo

No. 546373

She was never sponsored by them. They run contests and applications to allow customers to be on "spotlight" and Moo pretended it was a sponsorship. She was lying

No. 546374

Hahaha this cunt.

No. 546375

I have forwarded gabby’s statement to nana and she is writing up a statement.

No. 546376

Even worse then, they don't even want her as a customer

No. 546377

Yeeeeeeeesssss, I'm glad Nana's found her strength

No. 546378

godspeed anon. it takes a lot of courage to come forth but there's strength in numbers and hopefully, this will help bring to light how much of a monster Momo is and has been.
Exactly, she's like the black plague.

No. 546380

This is an image board for a reason. Cap it before linking next time

No. 546383

File: 1531355468662.png (599.67 KB, 1726x876, Narcisism101.png)

It's still on google cache with date from 07/08/2018

Oh, the egocentric vibe is strong

No. 546387

No. 546390

File: 1531355826739.png (592.44 KB, 1125x2436, 7C334941-797F-47B2-8F4B-CE44F1…)

No. 546391

File: 1531355839034.png (662.1 KB, 1184x542, 34532892.png)

Oh moomoo, being on the customer spotlight is not the same thing as being sponsored.

No. 546393

Good to see her come back again to write her statement.

No. 546394

File: 1531355976730.gif (1.31 MB, 480x270, ezgif.com-gif-maker_1.gif)

Wow, Nana's not getting pushed around anymore.

No. 546398


The Dark Horse rides into battle

No. 546399

In regards to Gabby, it's quite twisted as Moo took advantage of the fact Gabby seems to be down to Earth, she also mentioned her fiancé having cancer. Moo knew full well of how she was manipulating both of them so she's painted to be such an amazing friend and caring person. She'll use these sort of situations to her advantage and that narcissist charm works well with it.

No. 546400

File: 1531356326483.png (42.89 KB, 501x353, 1499384151277.png)

So proud of her! I hope she sheds light on what happened last year at AX in regards to Moo abandoning her when she fainted.

No. 546401

>with the amount of attention and fame i have

No. 546404

Yet Moo is all about being body positive and milks the thicc card. Grade A cunt.

No. 546405

>My favorite part is prop making. I've always been good with my hands

And yet everything she makes looks like a toddler did it.

>It's for those people who want to express their love for nerd culture

Aaaaand yet she constantly says that she's going to ruin what people love just to make them mad.

No. 546406

File: 1531356828098.jpg (864.76 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20180711-205200_Ins…)

Comments are allowed on her Dbz post

No. 546408

Can you be more specific?

No. 546412

File: 1531358016238.jpg (53.82 KB, 800x450, 14608107_1180665285312703_1558…)


>"…has now become a career for me!"

>"I'm not a professional my dudes, I'm just a weeb with a sewing machine!"

No. 546414

Nothing there yet. I hope Nana goes through with it.

No. 546417

It's only been an hour. It takes a little time to write up a decent statement. I don't mean a week like Moo, but at least more than an hour.

No. 546418

The account is gone.

No. 546419

No. 546420

I'm putting together a video and I'm trying to find the tweets where she would essentially brag about being a supposed Muslim.
Remember when she would do this because being a fat white girl wasn't flakey enough?

I am also looking for the tweets where she had a sperg attack when Trump was elected because she thought her family was going to be deported because she doesn't understand how deportation works.

Bonus help would be to share the most embarrassing tweet she made about her mom.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 546421

Go back to threads in 2016/2017.

No. 546423

It's not even a doujin, it's official you stupid cow! So much for being such a big fan!

No. 546424

File: 1531360034769.gif (432.11 KB, 268x180, 6976D7D9-421E-42D2-9D80-0A4977…)

Momo should watch Bojack Horseman. This quote popped up in my dash and she was the first person I thought of.

No. 546426

File: 1531360251305.jpg (185.07 KB, 1200x1200, DNnRpS-VAAAP8aK.jpg)

incoming tweets

No. 546427

File: 1531360324500.jpg (199.57 KB, 1200x1200, DDTi3ZYUMAE1XFN.jpg)

No. 546428

File: 1531360343104.jpg (6.88 KB, 168x300, images.jpg)

No. 546429

File: 1531360435413.jpg (46.98 KB, 478x365, DJxeiPbVoAAN3x1.jpg)

No. 546430

File: 1531360588309.png (381.11 KB, 790x594, 1509637411270.png)

No. 546431

This entire post is hilarious. A devoted praying charity supporting Muslim who pretends to suck dick in her photoshoots and has become toxic waste.

No. 546432

File: 1531360758031.png (376.82 KB, 720x920, 1517331476854.png)

Remember that time she shat on another cosplayer for no reason?

No. 546433

File: 1531360826604.jpeg (122.55 KB, 640x776, 1458338008876.jpeg)

And this one for the lols

No. 546434

Sorry to be whiny, but why not just check the receipt links or previous threads for old milk?

Except for this. This is kind of more relevant since it's all backfiring on her.

No. 546435

I know there’s no milk right now but these are all super old news anon, we’re aware of all of these.

No. 546436

>> practices Ramadan
Yet this year she said absolutely nothing about it and, as far as we can tell, she absolutely did not practice it.

I'm glad more people are noticing she only brings up things to make herself seem more important than she truly is.

And how she twists words about small things at conventions so it seems like she's the most important thing happening for them when in reality she probably begged or signed herself up for things only to /say/ she was an invited guest.

No. 546437

Not screencap anon but another anon was asking for caps of her claiming being muslim and other violent or embarrassing tweets she made for a video

No. 546438


>>546420 asked for some and anon responded with some screenshots from when she was more openly arrogant about what she does.

No. 546439

But there are three links in the OP with what they were asking for.

No. 546440

The narcissism is stomach churning.

No. 546441

This aged so well lol

No. 546444

File: 1531361752592.png (171.05 KB, 1366x548, 1496719365391.png)


Well it wasn't for no reason. Moo hates that her money mostly comes from lewds and that she's not taken seriously as a cosplayer, so she's always put down other girls who do boudoir shoots are lewds as porn models. The argument with Jannet wasn't a new thing, she's done all of this before.

No. 546445

Someone find KBBQ quick! Then we can get the whole story!!

Ah man I so wish..

No. 546446

Mariah has no idea what bullying means. Being corrected is not bullying. Not even when it's in a joking way or is it a terrible thing to say.

She kept arguing too until Meg Turney stepped in.

No. 546447

Sorry, it was a different address than the one shown in this post. >>546390

No. 546448

I hope at this point she realizes that delaying her video just leaves the door open for more and more people to come forward, like nana and gabby and who knows who else at this point
Had she made an official statement the day she got home this would already be squashed, at least to the point that her calves would get back in line and be manipulated by her saccharine “community” bullshit and self-deprecating guilt trips that she doesn’t even believe.

The people defending her can’t even say “oh well she apologized and cleared everything up!!”
And even if she puts the video up tonight, it’s too late.
More videos are being made, the comments aren’t dying down.
No matter how low she lies every peep she makes is going to set people off
As it finally should be

No. 546449

Yeah I noticed it soon after I linked it.

No. 546451

would anyone be interested in a thread archive, like what's been done for onision? i think there are a lot of new people here and a lot of people looking for old information. a thread archive would probably reduce the old clutter in newer threads. i'd be willing to take it on as a project if it's something people want to see

No. 546452

Sounds useful. Go for it

No. 546453

We have two dead tumblrs and some other twitters. if people are willing to UPDATE it without help from others (sometimes) then we should do it

No. 546454


lolcow has been my guilty pleasure for years and i obsessively check it every day. i'll be able to take it upon myself to update the archive with every new thread (provided i'm not on vacation at the time or something). hang tight everyone, it will take awhile to get the archive up to speed. in the meantime since the milk is dry maybe people can suggest some pictures that prominently capture mariah's career to use as the archive thread pic?

No. 546455

She doesn’t hate that her money comes from lewds. It is literally the only way she makes money. Ain’t nobody looking at this bitch for her sewing or builds, please.

No. 546459

I think it would be best to have pictures of her 'main costumes' but candid pictures of them. Samus, Mei, 'OC', Francis. It shows her decline nicely

No. 546461

i don't know nana but holy damn i feel so proud of her.

No. 546462

Anon with the friend who got ahold of Momo here.
Momo claims she’s waiting for 2 more people she “apologized” to to message her back. She said she’ll post the video tomorrow if no one gets back to her.

I don’t have the proper screenshots right now but can get them if I need to, my friend just found out what website I was posting to and didn’t want to be directly associated with lolcow.

No. 546463

unlike mariah

No. 546465

I’m calling bs

Should just ask bunny/jane/Tasha directly if she actually apologized

No. 546467

yea i don't believe her. the only thing she's probably spoken to them about is begging them to forgive her publicly so she doesn't get shat on anymore.

No. 546469

She probably thinks she can bully them into silence like she did with Nana and KBBQ

No. 546471

Still no response about the katsucon incident the message is read as seen

No. 546472

lmao if thats true… in her apology she wrote she had already talked to everyone and everyone made up! so she wrote that before ever even contacting anyone?

i'm interested in who she's getting in contact with. there were three big claims weren't there? so if she contacted those first three, only one person is even giving her the time of the day

No. 546474

god… i would love for him to come out and release shit. i'm hoping the anons here who know him have been in contact. but i have a feeling he seriously wants to stay out of anything to do with her, i'm sure her threats still hang over his head

No. 546475

What a fucking idiot. You shouldn't EXPECT people to get back to you after you apologize, they don't HAVE to forgive her. This is another tactic abusers do.
They do something super fucked up and then stage some big apology to put pressure on victims to say "It's ok everyone!! I know they assaulted me, but they said they're sorry so you can stop being mean to them now!!"

Just leave them alone mariah. You've already done enough to them and you already know for a fact that your first intention was to just claim they were lying vendetta bitches who were just jealous of you. You absolutely would have gone that route if you would have gotten away with it like the other times anyones ever spoken out about you.
You don't deserve an apology, leave them the fuck alone already.

No. 546476

The 2B thing? If so then this makes me doubt that she really did apologize to the victims.

No. 546478

I mean if she can't even 'remember' half the people she harassed or when, I highly doubt she genuinely apologized to the victims.

The hole just keeps getting deeper.

No. 546479

If she did it so often that she can't remember then she should apologize to everyone who confronts her cause she doesn't know if she did actually do it or not.

Also, is Nana's twitter acting weird for anyone?

No. 546481

mte, this is classic abuser behavior. She’s prob trying to see if they’ll go along with ‘forgiving’ her before she bothers to post. So, so scummy.

No. 546482

She doesn't remember doing it but she guesses she did lol from the sounds of that the "apology" must have been spectacular "I'm sorry that you feel that I did something wrong, thank you for letting me know so that I can be a better person"

No. 546483

Yeah, it's acting weird. I thought I was the only one.

No. 546484

She had them blocked everywhere, if she wanted to apologize to them she should do it publicly @ing them and admitting her fault with now bullshit flowery 'I'm sorry I made u feel that way uwu' nonsense.

You dont apologize behind the scenes ESPECIALLY after you claim in a public format 'you dont know what's going on behind the scenes' and 'vendetta'

Also >>546475 THIS She obviously wants it to go away and pretend like 'it's all fine my dudes we're all good now' and ignore the CONSTANT parade of bullshit she's done. She has literally never gone a full month without doing something completely asinine. So if she really only apologizes for the sexual assault then I'm still not gonna be happy because she has SO much more to apologize for.

No. 546485

I hope the victims know that it would be a false apology anyway because she didn't want to apologize in the first place and said so.

No. 546486

I think someone should ask the girls if momo did contact them since she's claiming it. Hell even ask Jane to ask because she knows them personally I think

No. 546487

tbh I hope people tell her that her apology is not accepted. She doesn’t deserve any more forgiveness. Moo is a bully and a pig and she’s old enough that she’s not going to change. She needs to go away.

No. 546488

File: 1531365948905.jpg (165.59 KB, 1000x1414, 4e0b08322feeead122e2cb8c9e8231…)

Bet she's gonna try to do Shadman's Vault Meat, she has no interest in any of the games as usual. She'll wear a shitty contoured spandex suit with her loved corest and a super padded bra,pretending to be thicc and screeching about gatekeeping while trying to get Shad's attention again

No. 546489

Probably this because other cows in snow have done this art and some of them have sucked moos teets

No. 546490

File: 1531366345045.jpg (67.67 KB, 735x702, 1482182265586[1].jpg)

going through old threads and found this picture that i haven't seen posted in recent threads. possibly another sexual assault victim?

No. 546491


this looks like it was for a photoshoot anon

No. 546492

No, this was for a photoshoot.

No. 546493


given mariah's history i wouldn't be surprised if it was mariah's idea and the d.Va cosplayer wasn't into it (based on her face, that looks like genuine disgust)

No. 546494

don't distract from the actual assaults by dragging up shit like this that was so obviously planned/allowed, it cheapens everything

No. 546495

I think it was meant to be a funny photo
What's really a crime is how shit the wig is and the visible wig cap

No. 546496

I think they were trying to be silly like Nigri usually is during her shoots but it's possible.
With things like this unfortunately it might take away from the actual serious and confirmed victims if people keep bringing up things that are consensual like this and the Lucao cosplayer.

No. 546497

Moo doesn't pay attention to anything except lolcow.

No. 546499

What about that Robin cospleyer whose cock and balls she grabbed? Is he going to come forward? He should.

No. 546503

Nah, ThorneChan and Jane said that he's a shy person. It's too bad because his story would show that men are affected by this too, not just women.

No. 546505

Yeah, it would help to show she’s an equal opportunity abuser. Maybe he’ll change his mind yet.

No. 546506

Also he was underage, maybe he doesn't want to get her into more trouble.

No. 546507

They said that he wasn't underage at the time.

No. 546508

The Onision archive is great, are you the one who made it? You do a great job if so.

Here it is for lazy ppl >>>/pt/511709

No. 546509

That's so gross, I know I'm restating what everyone's already said but jeez. No one has to get back to you, no one HAS to tell you "it's okay thank you for apologizing". Apologize cause it's the right thing to do, not so you can get a response and tell everyone "I reached out to all the victims and we're ALL OKAY NOW so it's fine you're welcome :)"

No. 546510

File: 1531367975074.jpg (325.68 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20180711-204938_Ins…)

No. 546511

this has been confirmed before

No. 546512

obviously she doesn't want to apologize, she's probably trying to pressure them into taking it all back or something so she doesn't have to admit she's wrong. tbh though she really can't do anything about this after that ADHD bs.

nta but they were still sending her stuff before, either that or she was buying it on her own and pretending.

No. 546513

>>546510 Mariah reminds me of the reporter Kurt Eichenwald. He pretended he was officially under contract by a number of publications, but he managed to piss off a large number of people, and these people uncovered the truth about Kurt not being associated with the publications he named.

Now Mariah is experiencing something similar. Makes me wonder exactly how many things she's lied about since she decided to become a "professional" cosplayer.

No. 546514

File: 1531368342168.jpeg (147.98 KB, 640x1089, DCDB12D4-BEF4-4FF7-9F26-062DE0…)

Okay got permission to share but my friend asked me to make this clear: she is waiting for the final apology to make a clear judgment of the situation. She is not providing these screenshots out of spite or to incite a witch hunt, but to help give information on what’s going on with the current situation.

No. 546515

Hope those two just block her and move on with their lives peacefully.
She shouldnt be trying to haggle them under the table like that anyway, it's shady. "I want to hear what they have to say about my apology first" Yeah stop making it about you, ya cunt. They don't owe you anything, now go throw yourself at the mercy of the community you claim to be so involved in.

No. 546517

Yet this doesn't prove anything except moo said she apologized to the abused.

Doesn't prove she actually did.

No. 546518

you don't need to use all these disclaimers anon, it's not like we know who your friend is, nor do we have any way to make sure this doesn't get circulated.

No. 546520

File: 1531368769830.png (108.27 KB, 500x397, fascinating-4973818.png)

Why was I not surprised she was trying to take hostages with her in this situation?
Glad no one responded. If they said anything negative, she'd bitch about it. If they said anything positive, she'd still bitch about how they were lying and are GrEat FrIeNdS NaO. Disgusting

No. 546523


People from twitter are on here anyways so there’s nothing much we can do lol

No. 546524

She’s mainly worried about Mariah seeing it and attacking her. I keep telling her she doesn’t need to be afraid of her, especially not now since all her power is gone. But I’m sharing her screenshots so I’m gonna at least respect her wishes with how they’re shared.

No. 546527

yeah it's just the unfortunate side effect of being anon.

moo is 1000% going to see it and know. i've personally shared some screenies between me and her and gotten blocked after. nothing happens though, unless it's a public thing, all she does is try to say some shit to get the last word and then block you before you can really dig into her, cause she's a scared ass bitch.

No. 546528

The fuck does this hoe need to hear their responses for? So she can tailor her bullshit responses accordingly?

I’m so glad these caps are coming out. There is nothing she can do to salvage her rep. She’s an abuser, period, and people will remember it for a long time.

No. 546529

Yeah, this reads more like if they responded to her negatively then she could use that as ammunition to say "well I TRIED to reach out but they told me to fuck off and dont want to fix anything so I hope someday people become more open-minded to fixing things in our cosplay community instead of still fighting uwu" or on the flipside, if they accept the apology, "well they said it was totally ok and it was all one big misunderstanding and im SO glad we can come together as a community again, its all over guys!!"

No. 546530

It's been said 1000 times in these threads but she really can't break this toxic habit of hers. No wonder guys don't want to date her. She'd drive them to suicide.

No. 546533

File: 1531369501009.png (1.52 MB, 1125x2436, 46DE5904-8456-4B85-868E-522753…)

No. 546534

File: 1531369516895.jpg (375.92 KB, 1125x1846, Dh4K45tUcAEDfM8.jpg large.jpg)

Nana Bear statement

No. 546535


Was already posted

No. 546536

No way in hell. She doesn't manage herself well, always looking ugly and in awful looking ill-fitted gym clothes every day and she does nothing but boss others around and harp on about how amazing she has it, spending $100 a day to get fatter and fatter. Poor money management, poor body/appearance management, poor language/manners management-she's a potential mother-in-law's worst nightmare. No one would want their son seriously getting close to a woman as foul mouthed and messy looking as her + she would drive the guy nuts within 3 weeks anyway

No. 546538

No. 546542

I know Nana personally and somehow this is more than I knew of. Holy shit.

No. 546543

I think you’re confused. I’m pretty sure the same anon posted both. One with the tweet, and the picture by itself so it could be seen better.
Anyways I’m really glad she’s finally speaking out.
How hilarious that she finished her statement within a day yet it’s taking Mariah days to post hers.
Now she has even more shit to address in the apology lmao

No. 546545

Holy crap.

No. 546546

Damn, Moomoo more of a piece of shit then I thought.

No. 546547

What I find hypocritical is ThorneChan called Moo out like a month or two ago for sexually assaulting the Robin cosplayer and literally nobody cared. They only care if women get harrassed. Even Jane didn't say anything

No. 546548

What a filthy fucking bully. I’m so glad Nana posted this because now there’s even more for Mariah to address.

No. 546549

i like legit started crying. this is like worse than anything she's ever publicly done to someone.

No. 546550

Damn I feel really bad for Nana. She at least tried to be a good friend and what does she get back in return? Nothing. I can't even begin to imagine all the shit Mariah put Collette through that hasn't been brought to light.

No. 546551

honestly for the older anons following Momo what she did to Nana is no surprise. She treats people like shit and this seems like nothing when she chased girls she didn't like at school away.
It's sick that I'm so numb to Momo's toxic behavior. She's a bully and she doesn't help the community. She just helps herself.

No. 546552

p. fucking satisfying to sit on nana’s page and watch those likes go up and up

No. 546553

i mean it's not a surprise, it's just so painful to read.